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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1921"

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-I Insure with 


" C Bb 

K O 

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Jl ifl f* A 



H*ati, Liability, Automobite, Plato Glace, 
Guarantee, Fire tnsurcne*. 




j| Ask for Catatogue Phone M. 1510 



!Wm. Retinie Co 






King and l^larket Sis. 


Millies Coal Co 

Head Office: 88 KSng St. East 







I in it I 


Icleabsne Hiia 7480-1-3 

as Fixiirss, at( ipaiiances 



Canada Permanent 

Mortgage Corporation 



President - 


Joint General Managers: 

Assistant General Manager, GEORGE H. SMITH 

Paid-up Capital - - $ 6,000,000.00 

Reserve Fund (earned) 6,000,000.00 

Investments 33,065,554.15 



Every Facility is afforded Depositors. Deposits of one dollar and upwards are welcomed. 



per annum is credited and compounded twice a year. 


For sums of one hundred dollars aftd upwards we issue Debentures bearing a special 
rate of interest for which coupons payable half-yearly are attached. They may be made 
payable in one, or more years as desired. They are a 


We shall be pleased to forward a specimen Debenture, copy of Annual Report, and 
full information to anyone whose address we receive. 

Associated with the above Corporation, and under the same direction and management, is 


incorporated by the Dominion ' Parliament. This Trust Company accepts and executes 
trusts of every description, acts as Executor, Administrator, Liquidator, Guardian, Curator 
or Committee of the estate of a person of unsound mind, etc. Any branch of the business 
of a legitimate Trust Company will have careful and prompt attention. We have special 
facilities for the safe and profitable investment of funds, management of property, etc. 
Those who employ this Company in any of the various capacities in which it can be of 
service, will secure for their business the long experience and conservative management 
which have placed the parent Corporation in the front rank of Canadian financial institu- 
tions. Canada Permanent experience, organization and management mean for its clients 
the maximum of profit combined with the maximum of safety. 



(Established over 100 years) 











Board of Directors 

Sir Vincent Meredith, Bart., President. 
Sir Charles Gordon, G.B.E., Vice- President. 

R. B. Angus, Esq. 

H. R. Drummond, Esq. 

Lt.-Col. Herbert Molson, 

C.M.G., M.C. 
G. B. Fraser, Esq. 
E. W. Beatty, Esq. K.C. 

Lord Shaughnessy, K.C.V.O. 
D. Forbes Angus, Esq. 
Harold Kennedy, Esq. 
Col. Henry Cockshutt. 
Sir Lomer Gouin, K.C.M.G. 

C. R. Hosmer, Esq. 
Wm. McMaster, Esq. 
H. W. Beauclerk, Esq. 
J. H. Ashdown, Esq. 
Gen. Sir Arthur Currie, 

G.C.M.G., K.C.B., LL.D. 

Sir Frederick Williams-Taylor, General Manager. 


1. Yonge and Front Streets 

2. Yonge and Wellington Streets 

3. Yonge and Queen Streets 

4. Yonge and Bloor Streets 

5. Yonge Street and Roselawn Avenue (Eglinton) 

6. 488 Yonge Street 

7. King and Bathurst Streets 

8. King and Dufferin Streets 

9. Queen and Portland Streets 

10. Queen Street and Broadview Avenue 

11. Queen Street and Beech Avenue 

12. Queen Street and Elm Grove Avenue (Parkdale) 

13. Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue 

14. Bloor Street and Lansdowne Avenue 

15. Keele and Dundas Streets (West Toronto) 

16. Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue 

17. Dundas Street and Lansdowne Avenue 

18. Cherry and Villiers Streets 

19. 1226 "St. Clair Avenue West (Earlscourt) 

20. Danforth and Carlaw Avenues 

21. Royce and Symington Avenues 

G. G. Adam, Manager 

B. S. Darling, Asst. Manager 
G. F. Laing, Manager 

E. S. Martin, Manager 
A. M. Qua, Manager 
J. J. Bryan, Manager 

C. S. R. Laidlaw, Manager 

D. M. Farmer, Manager 
G. F. Satinders, Manager 
A. E. Hagerman, Manager 

F. C. Carmichael, Manager 
J. Cant, Manager 

W. V. Law, Manager 
F. E. Fisher, Manager 

F. J. McEachren, Manager 
J. W. Spears, Manager 

C. Inglis, Manager 
J. Morris, Manager 
H. D. Suckling, Manager 
C. F. Foster, Manager 

G. E. Moren, Manager 
W. R. Belcher, Manager 


The Dominion Bank 







? 6,000,000 










CLARENCE A. BOGERT, General Manager. 

3O Branches in Toronto 

Head Office and Toronto Branch : 

Avenue Road Branch 
Bloor Street and Runnymede Rd. Branch 
Bloor and Bathurst Sts. Branch 
Broadview Avenue Branch 
City Hall Branch 
Danforth Avenue Branch 
Deer Park Branch 

Dovercourt and Bloor Street Branch 
Dufferin Street Branch 
Dupont and Christie Sts. Branch 
Earlscourt Branch 
East Danforth Branch 
Eastern ITarhour Branch 
Eg] in ton Avenue Branch 
John and Queen Sts. Branch 

Corner King and Yonge . Streets. 

Lee Avenue Branch 

Market Branch 

McCaul Street Branch 

Queen Street and Augusta Avenue Branch 

Queen Street and Ossington Avenue Branch 

Roncesvalles Avenue Branch 

Rosedale Branch 

lerbourne and Queen Sts. Branch 

Spadina Avenue Branch 

Victoria and Queen Sts. Branch 

"West Toronto Branch 

Wychwood Branch 

Yonge and Bloor Sts. Branch 

Yonge and Cottingham Sts. Branch 

Savings Department 



Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued. 

Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold 

Accounts of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, Farmers. Corporations and Individuals 

received on favourable terms. 







King and 

Yonge Streets 



Branches in the Principal Cities of Canada and 

United States 

"Why The R. T. Scott Co. 
Was Founded." 

' The R. T. Scott Company, Limited, 
is an organization at the disposal of the 
small investor, through which he may 
,put his savings to work in the financial 
field, with the assurance of full returns 
and absolute safety, so far as human 
endeavor may make any investment 
absolutely safe." 









King and 

Yonge Streets 



Branches in the Principal Cities of Canada and 

United States 

!..r Bn.'klrt 

"Why The R. T. Scott Cc. 
Was Founded." 
11 find it inlsrestine. 

' The R. T. Scott Company, Limited, 
is an organization at the disposal of the 
small investor, through which he may 
put his savings to work in the financial 
field, with the assurance of full returns 
and absolute safety, so far as human 
endeavor may make any investment 
absolutely safe." 





Imperial Bank of Canada 

Established 1875 

Capital Paid Up $7,000,000 Reserve Fund $7,500,000 





SIR. J. A. M. AIKIXS, K.C, Winnipeg. FRANK ROLPH, 



WM. MOFFAT, General Manager 


A complete Banking Service for Farmers, Grain and Cattle 
Dealers, Merchants, Manufacturers, Municipalities 

DEPOSITS received and Interest allowed at Highest Current Rate 

Prompt attention given to Collections. 

Drafts on New York and Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold. 
Municipal and Other Bonds Bought and Sold. 


Lloyds Bank Limited, and Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, and Branches. 
Agents and Correspondents in all Principal Cities in United States. 


" "n 

;; ; 

11 " i 

i! Mil 
MI n nn mi 
ii n II II n n ii 
H n " 
n " 


Head Office Montreal 

Capital & Reserves :$* 

Total Resources 



'< & 

7 1 6 RranrW 616 in Canada and Nfld ' 

/ Drancnes I00 in Foreign Countries. 


/\ banking service for Business 
and the Home built upon efficient 
personal service to depositors. 

Branches in the City of Toronto 


Avenue Road ............ V. 

Bathurst & Queen ........ J. 

Bloor & Dovercourt ..... E. 

Cedarvale Ave ............ B. 

Church Street ............ W. 

College & Bathurst ....... G. 

Coxwell & Small ......... A. 

Danforth & Dawes ...... R. 

Dundas & Chestnut ...... D. 

Gerrard & Jones ......... T. 

Gerrard & Logan ........ F. 

Harbord & Spadina ..... H. 

D. C. REA, Mgr. 

T. LOWE, Asst. Mgr. 
U. Heming, Mgr. 
E. Bell, Mgr. 
S. Crocker, Mgr. 
C. Stone, Mgr. 
F. Brock, Mgr. 
W. Roberts, Mgr. 
E. Kearney, Mgr. 

0. Darling, Mgr. 

1. Asling, Mgr. 
G. Haslam, Mgr. 
E. London, Mgr. 

M. Robbins, Mgr. 

Keele & St. Clair J. 

King & Spadina C. 

Logan & Danforth R. 

Queen & Broadview G. 

Queen & Close E. 

Runnymede & Bloor B. 

St. Clair & Dufferin A. 

Sherbourne & Queen H. 

Spadina & College Ii. 

Yonge & Bloor R. 

Yonge & College R. 

Yonge & Richmond F. 

P. Denneny, Mgr. 
O. Hodgins, Mgr. 
O. Darling, Mgr. 
M. Baines, Mgr. 
C. Winchester, Mgr. 
N. Britton, Mgr. 
B. Reeve, Mgr. 
R. Day, Mgr. 
V. lAaynard, Mgr. 
P. Sherris, Mgr. 
B. Caldwell, Mgr. 
W. Bain, Mgr. 





PRICE $18.00 


Alphabetical List of ail Business Firms and Private Citizens 

A Classified Buyers' Directory, including Every One in Business 

A Miscellaneous Directory 



A Complete Street Guide of Householders 


Suburban Street Guide 





Might Directories Limited 





Mng. Dir. and Treas. 


Phones Adelaide 3500-1-2-3-4 




laiMliirtiou 27 to 32 

Miscellaneous Directory 39 to 58 

Street r.irt.-tury 127 to 506 

Suburban Streets 59 to 


Addenda 33 to 


Alphabetical List of Names 507 to 1480 

Business Classifications 1546 to 1744 

Suburban Villages 65 to 126 


Birch Cliff . . 
Cedarvale . . . 
Earlscourt . . . 
Humber Bay . 
Lambtun .Mills 


Little York ' 


















Wychwood . 




Ancient Order of United Workmen 53 

Bands 56 

Benevolent. Fratatnal and National Societies ... 48 

Board of Education 31 

Canadian Home Circles 50 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association 53 

Cemeteries 47 

Chosen Friends, Canadian Order 49 

Churches and Ministers 43 

city Government 40 

Clubs 56 

Consuls 40 

Convents 47 

County of Tort, (Council, etc.) 47 

Court House 40 

Customs 39 

Daughters and Maids of England Benevolent Society 53 

Denominational Missions . 46 

Dominion Alliance 54 

Dominion Government 39 

Educational Department 41 

Mural ional Institutions 41 

Fire Department 40 

Foresters, Ancient Order of 49 

Foresters, Canadian Order of 49 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 50 

Forester, Independent Order of 50 

Governor-General and Staff 

Harbor Commissioners 

Hospitals. Asylums and Homes 

Inland Revenue 

Interdenominational Missions 

International Order of Good Templars 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society 

King and Royal Family 

Knights of St. John 

Knights of Pythias 

Knights of Malta 

Legal and Judiciary 


Loyal Orange Order Young Britons 

Maccabees, The 


.Masons. Order of 

Meteorological Office 


Ministry. Federal 

Miscellaneous Societies 


Missionary Training Schools ~. 


Oddfellows, Canadian Order of 

Oddfellows, Independent Order of 

Oddfellows, I. 0. 0. F., Manchester Unity 



Orange Association 52 

Parks and. Squares 47 

Police Department 40 

Post Office 39 

Pounds 41 

Prisons, etc : 40 

Provincial Government 30 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc 47 

Public Schools 41 

Royal Arcanum 52 

St. Andrew's Society 53 

St. David's Society 53 

St. George's Society 53 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 

Separate Schools 42 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Association 

Sons of England Benefit Society 

Sons of Scotland Benevolent Association 

Sons of Temperance 54 

Sons and Daughters of Ireland Protestant Assn. 

Steamboat Inspection 39 

Temperance Societies 54 

Trades and labor Societies 

Water Works 

Women's Christian Temperance Union 

Woodmen of the World, Canadian Order of 53 




A Few Facts and Figures Capital of Ontario. Second largest city in Canada. The city of homes. Hive of manufac- 
turing. Annual production of $300,000,000. Wholesale jobbing centre of Canada. Mecca of trade and com- 
merce. A popular resort for tourists. Centre of lake passenger traffic. The city of 57 parks. Seat of Can- 
ada's largest university (Toronto University). Educational centre of Canada. Legal and judicial centre 
of the Province. Automobile centre of Canada. Home of the largest departmental store in the British 
Empire. Rail connections with three transcontinental railways. A one-night ride from any of the centres 
of population in Central Canada or in the Central and Eastern States. 

Toronto was first settled by the French in 1759, as a fort and trading station, with the name of Fort Rouille, 
in honor of the French Colonial Minister. Later in the same year it was captured by the British after a brisk en- 
counter with its French occupants, who, before abandoning the fort, reduced it to ashes. The British promptly chang- 
ed its name to York, as tribute to the Duke of York, son of George III., by which name it was known until it adopt- 
ed the name of Toronto in 1834, which in the Indian tongue means "A Place of Meeting." The name was a tribute 
to the earliest characteristics of the locality, for in the days prior to the advent of the pale-faces, it had been the 
terminal point of several Indian trails running between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. Toward the close of the 
eighteenth century it became the Capital of Upper Canada, and after Confederation the Capital of Ontario. 

During the war of 1812-14 the town was bombarded by the United States troops and gunboats. The enemy 
landed and burnt the Parliament Buildings, but was soon forced to evacuate. From the conclusion of the war in 
1814 the town grew rapidly, and the progress begun then has never since been halted. When Toronto was incor- 
porated as a city in 1834 its population was given as 9,300; since then it has doubled its population every 15 years 
until recent years, when the increase has been at an even greater ratio. Its inhabitants are more largely Anglo- 
Saxon than those of any other city on the continent of North America. 


By means of judicious annexation of adjoining municipalities Toronto's acreage has increased from 5,297,7 
_ acres at the time of incorporation to 25,500 acres in 1918. The first section to be taken into the new city of Toron- 
-to was Yorkville, in 1883. Three years later North Rosedale was added. In 1888 the section lying north of Bloor 
and west of Bathurst streets, known as Seaton village, was taken in, and Parkdale was included the following year. 
During the next ten years some additions were made to the western extremities of the city and more land was ad- 
ded to North Rosedale. In 1908 the city reached out northward and annexed Deer Park, the Baldwin Estate and 
also added East Toronto. Next year Wychwood and Bracondale, West Toronto, Midway and Balmy Beach were 
included, while the following year saw Dovercourt and Earlscourt within the city limits. Between 1912 and 1914 
the following sections came under the administration of the city: the Helliwell Property, Montclair district, North 
Toronto, Moore Park and the Glebe Estate. 


Given 65,000 men for overseas service. Paid death claims of $1,000 on 3,580 soldier's lives 

Given over 5,000 of her sons in battle. Given for all war purposes total of about $30,000,000. 

Given $3,580,000 in insurance on slain soldiers Incurred civic war obligations of nearly $12,000,000. 

Suffered casualties totalling over 25,000. Made munitions for Allies of about $200,000,000 value. 



As an Industrial and Commercial centre, Toronto stands in the front rank in view of the fact that mainly on 
nt of its geographical location it is the logical distributing point for the Province of C.,turib. 

here are approximately 1,400 manufacturing establishments in the City employing in the neighborhood of 
and * m P lo y ees - The amount of capital invested is about $250,000,000, with an annual payroll of $60,000,000, 
"Vinnual production of approximately $300,000,000. 

ToC manu ^ actures ra nge from the ordinary household pin to trans-Atlantic and lake boats. 

in^ ^ as w ' t ^ 1 ' n ' ts City limits and within a few miles radius of the centre of the City what is recognized 
A tabor market on the American continent. The workers as a whole are an intelligent class of citizens, 
^bove the average in this respect. 

sites for'^'p'ros^ 3 ^ n * Up * r short trne ago P r P el "ly recognized the importance of providing adequate industrial 
other foreign JX tlve industries nor the necessity of instituting a campaign with a view to inducing American and 
dustrial Commit 8 *" 68 to ' Cate branch P' a nts in this City. However, in 1918, the City Council appointed an [fo 
"\ner in the person of Mr. E. L. Cousins, Chief Engineer and Manager of the Toronto Harbor Com- 


missioners, who was given authority to go out into the highways and byways and submit the advantages Toronto 
offer in the way of sites, labor market and distributing and consuming markets for their goods. 

In this connection 'the Toronto Harbor Commissioners as a part of their development scheme are providing 

industrial district within 1% miles of the business centre of the City of approximately 750 acres which district 

when finally completed will be absolutely the most comprehensive of its kind on the continent Both rail and 

water shipping facilities are being provided, the scheme calling for rail connection with the three Canadian trans- 

itmental railroads. There will be no interswitching charges on any shipments into the district. 

The Harbor Commission is providing for the efficient co-ordination of rail and water borne traffic and this 
II provide facilities for any industries locating in the district, unequalled today on the continent Full informa- 
lon can be secured by addressing the Industrial Department of the Toronto Harbor Commissioners or the Indus- 
Lommissioner of the City of Toronto, who will be only too pleased to give information relative to any avail- 
able industrial site in the City. 


In the Toronto City Directory, 1921, there are listed the names and addresses of 224,020 people. Using the 44 
/ , 'multiple of two and two-thirds, which is based on a comparison with the census figures of over 50 years Toronto ha^e 
'an indicated population of 


In the year 1911 Might Directory figures gave Toronto a population of 424,057. During the intervening vears 
our figures show an increase in population of 173,329, or an average of 17,332 people per year, and it will be noticed 
that these figures of increase for the last ten years are almost identical with those given out by the City Assessment 
Department for 1921. 

Toronto contains 1,802 streets and 121,311 buildings of all kinds as shown by the street guide section of this 


Toronto's transportation facilities comprise rail, both steam and electric, water and motor truck The steam 
roads running into Toronto are the Grand Trunk Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Rai 
wys, which roads connect with all the railroads in the eastern and central parts of the United States 

The radial electric railways running into Toronto are the Toronto and York Radial, the Metropolitan and To- 
ronto Suburban Railways. It is expected that within a short time the proposed Hydro Radials will be operating 
into Toronto, covering the western, central and eastern parts of the Province of Ontario.. 

Toronto being a lake port, and with the development scheme being carried out by the Toronto Harbor Com- 
missioners, will have water shipping facilities for handling this class of traffic second to none on the continent. 

The express companies operating in Toronto are the Canadian Express Co. on the Grand Trunk, the Domin- 
ion Express Co. on the Canadian Pacific, and the express service operated by the Canadian National Railways now 
known as the Canadian Northern Express Co. Freight, of course, is handled in ever increasing quantities by all 
the railways and^ the water transportation companies running lines of boats up and down the Great Lakes Like- 
wise His Majesty's Mail is carried by all the steam railways operating into Toronto. 

There are several motor transport companies carrying on business between Hamilton and Toronto and sur- 
rounding towns, which business will no doubt increase considerably when the proposed new Provincial Hiehwavs 
are completed. 



There are located in Toronto at the present time 14 of the chartered banks of Canada, with 174 branches of 
these distributed throughout the city. 

There are also a large number of trust, loan and savings companies in the city who carry on a large bank- 
ing business. 

The yearly clearings of the banks in the city as given by Toronto Clearing l r ouse during the past five years 
were as follows: 1916, $2,571,535,613.00; 1917, $3,004,785,565,00; 1918, $3,379,864,506.00, /H9, $4,251, 64/.303. 00; 1920, $5,- 
410,214.802.00. Showing an increase of $1,158,570,499.00 over 1919. 


ADDENDA Too Late for Regular Insertion 

Abntmoritz Julius, painter, h 153 Augusta av 


K B Graburn Manager, lioora 615-616, 69 Yonge 
(See card Coal Wholesale) 

J C Acton Secretary, 545-549 King w 
Adams Geoffrey W (Johnston, Grant, Dods & Grant), 
Irs 3!)6 Lake Shore rd. Centre Island 

Kobt, lab Russell Gear & Marti Co, h 697 Brock av 

Sarol, tmstr, h 155 Spadina av 

Addison Jas (Liberty Garage & Livery) , h 48 Robert 

Aikens Gordon, staty 1472 Queen w, h same 

Ainsworth Wm B, mgr Huntley Motor Service Co, Its 501 

St Clarens av 
Aird Annie, o]>r Russell Gear & Mach Co, bds 70 


Aitken Chris, hlksmth ,li 113 Draytim av 
Aitkens John, baker, h 21 Seaforth 


T Aked President and Managing Director, Worsted 
Spinners, 1067 Ossington av (See adv Worsted 

Akins Chas E (Beaver Garage) . li 348 Pacific av 
Albertson S Floyd, sec-treas Jones Motors, Ltd, Ivs 163 

High Park av 

Aleck Jas. h 13 Markham 
Alexander Danl, rice-pres United Iron Works & Much 

Co, h 408 Matklwm 

Alexandria Gurico A, cane wkr. h 111 Lightbourne' 
Allan Fredk B, genl mgr Pressed Metals Co, h 6 Welles- 
ley place 

Geo A, h 1211 College 

Allen Harry I!, driver, h 24 Milverton blvd 

Machinery, (iarlock-Walker Machinery Co, Limited, 

Representatives, 32 Front w 
Amodeo Jas, fruits 1422 Queen w, h same 
Andrews Eleanor (wid (!eo) , h 373 Keele 

Heibert, emp John Inglis Co, h 93 Miller av 

Wm, emp W>m Glass Wks, Ivs 93 Miller av 

Wm C. printer, h 99 Milvverton blvd 

Wm R, painter, h 20fi Ashdale av 

Angle Clayboume R, asst mgr No-Vary Products Co, Ltd, 

h 73 Indian rd 

Aimstrong Asa A, farmer, h 193 Bartlett av 
Jas H, btclir 2300 Queen e, h same 

Thus G, painter 377 Windermere av 

Arrow Neckwear Co, Ud, J H Fleming pres, 1188% 

Queen w 
Art Fabrics, Geo C, Wishart msr dra|*ries and coverings, 

1 Hayden 

Engineers' and Architects' Supplies, 14 Temperance 

(Archie Shcldrick. Alfred Harker), 459 Church 

(See card Plating) 
Arts Craft Press (It Noble. G Mitcham) . 234 Glad 

stone avenue 
Art Sign Studio (Leonard B & J Harvey Self), sign 

writers, 105 King w 
AiU it Letters School, A P McKeshnie instructor, 481 

Itoncesvalles av 


Stuck Broker, Room 305, 156 Yonge (See card 

stuck Brokers) 
.Wifi id Wm, mach Russell Gear & Mach Co, h 8 

Kennedy av 
Ashtin Olive 0, stenog Can Aladdin Co, LW, bds 110 

Lansdowne av 
Ml Sales Agencies, Walter G Williams mgr, mfrs 

gtsa. 311. 23 Scott 
Atkins Saml, tmstr. h 383 Ashdale av 
Atkinn Alf J, plshr Russell Gear & Mach Co. li 156 


Ailai-k John, comp. h 212 Bathurst 
Ansiin Herbert C, dist mgr Dunlop Tire, h 214 Beech av 

Thomas .1 Le Cras President and Manager. Orthopedic 

Appliances, 135 Church (See adv Trusses) 
Aiitu Battery i Eleetrir Co. Robert Gardiner & Rudolph 

I' Caulfcrd props, 134 Simcoe 

Autocar Trucks, Dominion Automobile Co, distributors, 
146-150 Bay 


1175 Bathurst, Phone Hill 1884 

180 John 


Time Recording Co, 140 Victoria (See card Watch- 
man's Clocks) 

Manager Standard Bank of Canada, h 256 Rox- 

hi rough east 
Bacon Henry W, cartage contractor 76 Colborne, h 102 


-Vincent, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, Ivs 5 Collahie 
Bailey Chas L, mgr Wm Jessop 4 Sons, Ltd, h 164 

Close av 

John, shipper, rms 91 MoCaul 
Baillie Thos N. trav, h 120 Kenilworth av 
Baker Geo W. porter, h 81 Sydenham 

Awnings. Blinds and Metal Weatherstrip. 7 Shanley 

(See card Weatherstrips) 

Ball Diana Mrs, mlnry 977B Gerrard e. Ivs same 
Ballintine Madeline, assembler Russell Gear i Mach Co, 

bds 346 Crawford 

Kobt. opr Russell Gear Mach Co, h 346 Crawford 


(Dupont and Clinton Branch), Wm Redpath Manager, 
831 Dupont 

tion. Limited. Oland J Brooks President, Roy 

Jackson General Manager, Investments, Securities, 53 

King west 

Bannister Wilson, slsmn Simpson's, Ivs 21 Summerhill av 
Barfoot J H, mgr Safe Cabinet Co of Can, Ltd, Ivs 185 

Westminster av 

Barnelle Norman L, h 2, 50 Standish av 
Barnsley Amy. opr Russell Gear & Mach Co. Ivs 1999 

Davenport rd 

Bartrem Thos, btchr, h 78 Roxborough w 
Baskette John H, slsmgr Parkdale Motors, h 76-80 


Bastian-Morley, Ltd, R E Gunn rep, 2 Temperance 
Bates Wm K, h 104 Bird av 
Bayley Ethel, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, Ivs 675 

Queen w 
Beach Florence, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, bds 52 

Beattie av 

Beaton Maud, Ivs 81 Allen av 
Beaty, Snow & Gash IA J Russell Snow. K.C., Norman 

B Gash, K.C.). barristers, solicitors, etc. 4 

Wellington e 
Beaumont Fredk F. tlr, h 24A Ashdale av 

Solicitor, Etc, Room 3, Equity 
Chambers, 24 Adelaide e, Res 94 

Beaver Garage (C B Akins, L Dyer) , 220 Medland 

Beck Harry, uphlstr 396 Bartlett av 

Beedell Kathleen, packer Eaton's, Ivs 30 Robinson 


Real Estate and Insurance. 1479 Yonge (See card 

Heal Estate) 
Bell Chas, tool mkr Kiissell Gear & Mach, h 15 Gwynne 

Bellingham Wm J, moto mech, li 62 East Lynn av 


R E Bell Manager, 531 Yonge (See card Auto- 
mobile Repairs) 

Benjamin Chas I. acct, h 358 Shaw- 
Bennett Martin V. elect cngnr, h 1428 Queen e 

Nellie (wid Fredk), h 2708 Dundas 

Benson Harry, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, ll 57 
VtiMirurt rd 


(Edwin T Berkinshaw. li Victor Collier). Merchant 

Tailors, 316 Yonge 

Bernard Percy, diamond sir, Ivs 681 Woodbine av 
Best Saml. h 7:i Wiudermere av 

Binder .Jacob, gro 98 Auburn av 

Bishotaiek N Chas, contr, h 122 Milverton blvd 

Bishrp Walton, mfg jwlr, Ivs 144 Day av 

Bissett Chas, Ivs 193 Niagara 

Black Herbert, li 14 Lansdowne av 

Blake Isabell, boots and shoes, 792 Danforth av. h same 

Blaylock Chas A. acct, h 22 Patricia dr 


476 Bloor w (See card Electrical Contrs) 
Buadway Blanche, opr Russell Gear k Mach Co, bds 10 

Lakeview av 

Bolton Ashley, Ivs 107 Spruce Hill av 
Bond Cyrenus A, plshr Russell Gear & Mach Co, h 562 

Concord av 
Bongard Ryerson & Co (E Ross Bongard, Yoris E Ryer- 

son), stock brokers bonds and investments, 3rd fl, 

Toronto (toll Trusts Bldg, 85 Bay 
Booth Cecil, h 101 Bastedo av 

Fred (Pringle & Booth), h 323 Sunnyside if 
Boi row-man Edwin, painter, h 32 Argyle 

Ida M. binder, Ivs 32 Argyle 

Boswmth Krnie, toolmkr Russell Gear & Mach Co. Ivs 104 

Kenwood av 

Botarie Amon, h 725 Gerrard e 

J Leslie Bowes Managing Director, Wholesale Produce, 

58 Wellington e, factory 16 Orillia (See card 

Produce Wholesale ) 
Bowler Orthopedic Appliance, Ltd, The, artificial limbs, 

309-311 King w 
Bowles Alex, h 26, 1621 Queen w 

Newton Rev. li xr> Asquith av 

Boylan Frank, emp Russell Gear & Mach Co. bds 2i Grant 
Bradley Mervyn E. genl mgr Bradley & Lore. Ltd, h B5, 

97 Avenue rd 
Bramwood Harry, real est and steamship tickets, 3 

Danforth av, h same 

Breckenridge Bessie I), elk, h 6, 160 Huron 
Bretney Russell, trimmer RexTailoring, Ivs 44 Ellerbeck 

Brick John, adjuster Russell Gear & Mach Co. bds 28 


L \bramovitz President, Shoddy Wool Stock Manu- 
facturers 299 Adelaide w (See rard Wool Stock) 


Limited, 81 Avenue rd 
Broadbridge Geo. tester Gurney Foundry-, h 112 . 


Livery Wm J Boles Proprietor, 653-655 College 

Carl K Brobst Manager, Tree Experts i:tn- 
Bathurst (See card Tree Surgeons) 
Brodigan Kmina I. (wid John) Ivs 151 Bingham av 

Frank H, elk. li 151 Bingham av 
Brooks John, h 1. 246 Heath w 
Brown Fredk. can), h 284 Coxwell av 

Fredk W btchr HiSO Danforth av, h same 
-Gladys, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co. Ivs 522 Quebec at 

Jas, Ivs 121 Ossington av 

-^Harvey' ^Brownie Candy Co), h 948A Bloor w 
Buck Chas H. drftsmn Can Aladdin Co, Ltd. h 

Bunker " Gerald, vice-pres Can Aladdin Co, Ud ,h 306 

Sunnyside av 


Detective Agency of Canada, Limited. Room n 
Kent Building, 15" Yonge (See adv IMex-tive 

Busy A Bee""loniit Store, n Hyman Isenberg. 4'_>2 lionces- 

valles av. PHONE JUNCTION 2047 
Butler Corcoran (wid Thos). Ivs 1045 Bathurst 

Bverard B, acct, h 136 St George 

Harry, lab. Ivs 118 Booth av 

I Wen h 1045 Bathurst 
-John, lab, Ivs 118 Booth av 
Buttertleld John .brklyr, h 1 


Furniture nil Yonge (See card 1'pliolsterers I 



Cailurneau .Mm, lumber insu, h 32 Spencer av 

Caldw Hubert A, dept mgr Toronto General Trusts Corp, 

h 80 Briar Hill av 

Caldi-ll Wesley s (lienwick & Caldwell), 19 Melinda 
CalU'ii Yerni>'i J, barr, h 428 Bloor w 
Cameron Benj, plshr Russell Gear & Mach To, h 55 


1! Cameron .Manager. Druggists, 54 Adelaide w 


Factories Muntieal. Winnipeg and Toronto, Office and 
Factory 1-33 Leslie 


.".m '- 

J S Bracken General Manager. Financial Appraisers, 
Room 1413 Royal Bank Building (See adv Financial 
A|i!>raiser$. special colored section) 

Bank of Commerce (Oakwuod brj , J Walton acting 

mgr 200 Wtstmnimr av. Kairbank 

supply \- Honey ("LI, Ltd. Solomon C Graeb mgr, 


lege, 757 FAM-eri i ourt rd (See adv Chiropractors) 

Cone To (S Knigel and M Zeldin). 12 Alice 

lier Co. Limited, see also Dominion Rubber System 
(Ontario). Limited. 1 Front e 

Hidl ,1 Wietham, Reginald G Hewitt), 60 Yonge 

(See i-ard Hat Renovate) 


Manufacturers of Leather Purser Etc, 142-144 
n.iii w. Adel 4261 

MainifaetuifT Publishing Co, D McKinnon mgr, 51 

NYllington \v 

National O-mmitttf for Mental Hygiene, Tlie, D* 

( luiciK'f M Hiiirks secretary,, 102 College 


Limited. .lames Louie Representative. Room 312, 

.') Front \v 

Caniiins John, rms l!)5 Northcote 
Caihonated Products Ltd, W J Smith pres, 510, 19 



Office 503 Carlaw Building, 28-30 Wellington w. 

Res 4*iO AselHlt- Iv'iad 

Carlyle John Cn. W J Richardson prop, 51-55 Hayter 
I'jiro]] Ansi'ii M. sec Can Aladdin Co, Ltd, h 3 Dlmbar 


Carter Sophia (wid Richd) , h 68 Lansdowne av 

II.Hniii'n. England), Hanv J Swain Canadian Manager. 
Phones Main .".!i5n and :.!I54, 133 King east (See 


P ...nter and Decorator. 163G Danforth av. Res 

same (Sf-e caul Painters and Paperhangers) 

Sinn Painter, 30 iialhonsie (See card Painters) 

' Frank, h 2111 Queen w 
r.uion Robt 11 hiass mldr, h 640 Aslidale av 

Sa\iii;s Co, K ]l Wood President, G A Morrow Vice- 
President and Managing Director, H C Coj Vice- 
President, A H FNh. i. Assistant Manager, Wm J 
Hastie Secretary. 26 King east, cor Victoria 

Cliartvrick & Wright (Wm A Chadwick, Robt E Wright), 
grocery" brokers. 28 Duke 

Chankin Louis (Canadian Hat Linini! Co), h 1412 


Sheet Metal Worker, 1(15 Richmond e (See card 

Sheet Metal Workers) 

dial" .Mabel, cmp Bell Tel Co, Ivs 1267 King w 
Chesworth Thos. '->lpr Metli Book Room. Ivs 100 St 

Childs Krai, grndr Russell Gear i: Marli Co. h 2080A 

(flu* i 

Cluis Marie (aid John), li (ir.t Richmond w 
Cliris Tony, lab, Ivs 054 Richmond w 
Christw Koht K, rhautT, li 4ii Drayton av 
Chumat Nicholas, lab Childs, h 66 Denison ar 

('hail ^ B I'm <]uii Manager, Mailing, Addressing 
and Multigraphing. 33 Itichmond w 
Clarke Catherine. Ivs 37 Beaty av 


Real Ustate and Insurance, 023 Kingston rd (See 
rani Heal Estate) 

Jas. h 17 Wineva av 

dune Jas F. cutler Robertson Pearee, Ltd, h 30 McAlpine j 


Coglin Agnes ,h 80 Asqnith av 

Cole Wm, mach, h 76 Ghens 

Colgan David, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, bds 121 


Collacci Ignacio, laundrymn, h 79 Bellwoods av 
College Tailoring Co, The (I Kolaezyuski, A Urbonas and 

R Kurtz), 243 Queen w 
Collett Ernest .1, tlr, h 204 Wright av 
Collie David, carp, h 189 Grenadier rd 
Collier .Milton, opr Russell Gear & Mach Co, bds 194 

Fairview av 

Collins John, lab Russell Gear & Mach Co, h 29 Huron 
Colonial Bond Mortgage Corporation, W R Phillips mgr, 


Frank Barton. Ltd, Agents and Distributors of 
Columbia Cars, 415 Queen w. Phone Adel 5258 


A Elton Landon Canadian Manager, 347 Adelaide w, 
Factory 1*244 Dutferin 
Culville Amy Mrs, drsmkr, 78 College, h same 

C-J'.v.-li Eari l>, h 14 East mount av 


malic Arts. Mrs Frank A Morland-Davies Principal, 
596 Sherbourne (See card Colleges) 

Turkish Baths 202-204 King w (See card Turkish 


Cookson Pearl L. h 378A Yonge 
Copp Dutton. uav,' ii '>." Glenhomle av 
Corkins .Nelson (Lil.eity Garage A; Liver}-), h 448 


Cnstelln Tony, lab, Ivs .".1 Henderson ,n 
Coulthard Wm S, trav Wm C Wilson & Co, h 169 

Silver Birch av 

Coutu Mary, Ivs 1547 Bloor w 
Craig Wm (Parker & Craig), Ivs 24 Sword 
Craigic Jas, h 45 Grace 
Crawford Lindsay (Horan, Fisher & Crawford), Ivs 138 

Ashdale av 

Crews Forrest, baker and confy 1274 Queen w, h same 
('roster Jacob, opr, h H2 Beverley 
Crystal Jacob, shoes 326 Queen w, Ivs 243 Spadina av 
dimming Geo (Thompson, dimming & Thompson), res 

Port Credit 
Cunnington Geo W, tohr Dom Business College, h 132 

Garnet av 
dime Jas C (Smart. Currie Co), Ivs 1355 Queen w 

Mary S. (wid Dongal), h 120 Spencer av 
Dahlgren Louis H, h 43 Dunn av 

Dartford Wm, elect Nitro Electric Co. Ivs 330 Rhodes av 
Daii'v John H, mech engnr, h 71 Balsam av 
Davidson Wm, elk, h 271 Pape at 
m\ii-i Alfred, elev opr. h 4 Sawden av 

Wm B. trav. h 179A Balsam av 

Davis Pauline (wid Bernard), h 124 Huron 

S & E, gro 147 Emmerson av, h same 

Wm. gents fnsliRS 1991 Yonge, Ivs 1842 same 
liawci.Klgin, bailer Sheet Metal Products, Ivs 181 

Gerratd e 
Hay X. h 20 Glen Elm av 

R Earle (Mann & Day), rms 78 Hazelton av 

Violet S, slsldy Eaton's, Ivs 20 Glen Elm av 
Diacolf Geo, mach, Ivs 602 Crawford 

CVlt Fredk C, cond, h 41 Starr av 

Denison Gordon C. real est and ins 2, 15 Toronto. 

Ivs 4 Rnsholme rd 

Coiei-ed Buttons. Etc, 750 Yo.nge, h 40 Boswell av 

(See card Buttnis) 

Designer Publishing Co, Inc. 470-472 Wellington w 
Dew Kate Mis. rms 21 Manning ai 
Dew-sherry Jos A, pre-ser Eaton's, h 15 Mountalan av 
Dickinson Danl, h 10, 102 Tyndall av 


Chief Constable, Headquarters City Hall, h ;>2 
lla/elfon av 

Dictaphone Co of America, T R Crayston Canadian sis 
mgr. :!47 Adelaide w 

Dierlamm Arthur W, rms 560 Gladstone av 

Dingee Geo W, h 180 Indian Grove 

Dinsmore Geo H S (Watt S; Watt), h 21-27 Sussex 

Mxon Wm G, mfrs agt, 212, 156 Yonge, h 471 Wood- 
bine avenue 


Robert J Dodds President, Real Estale 514, 69 
Yonge (See card Real Estate) 


elation. Dr D B McLean President, (See adv 
Dominion Electric Supply Co, Ltd. 110 Queen w 


Limited, E Newell Vice-President and Managing 
Director, Herbert Breckenbridge Secretary -Treasurer 
and Manager, 90-98 Ontario and 142-150 Duchess, 
Phone Main 4306 (See card Envelope Manufacturers, 
also Paper Box Manufacturers) 

Phonograph Co. C Lewis prop, 93 Niagara 


The. Peter Mi-Michael Managing Director, 1332 

Donald Stewart F, elk City Architect's Office, h 58A 

Arlington av 

(W Barton Douglas), Electric Contractors, 2525 

Yonge (See card Electrical Contractors) 
ITouglas Robt, mldr, h 15 Ritchie av 
Down Bertha (wid Jos H), h 386 Woodbine i 
Draceys Sylvia, elk C G E, Ivs 407 Huron 
Dunning Ernest W. h 615 Ashdale av 
Dunsheath Ernest, h 38 Mike/ton blvd 
Dymond John, carp, rms 133 Mutual 
Earl Jas S. bkpr Toronto Shirt & Overall Co, Ltd, h 233 

Evelyn av 

Early Arnott. trav .rms 27 Grange av 
Eddy Edgar D. mgr E D Eddy & Co. Ivs 9 Duggan av 
E D & Co, E D Edrty mgr seed cleaners, 104 

Ftont E 

Edmondson May E. stenos, Ivs 60 Margueretta 
Edwards Gordon C, pres Feldspar Quarries, Ltd; h 1 

Warren rd 

Irene ,clk Library Bureau Canada Ltd (statis div) , 

Ivs 409 ttirie 
Egan John, lineman ,h 21 Wascana av 

Marie. Ivs 17 Beatrice 



Using, Limited, William A Robertson Manager, Eler- 
tric. Flasher or Glass Letter Signs, Commercial 
Signs, Specialists in Gold Leaf Work, 36-38 Duke. 
Phone Main 4493 


Physician and Surgeon. Room 112, 2 College, Phone 
North 7923. Res 401 Riishlon id 

Ellams Rcbt. decor, h 25 Herbert av 

Ellis, drug elk. h 138 Heward av 

Lawrence H Holman Manager, Electrical Repairers, 
Equipment and Accessories, 28 Dundas w. Phone 
Adel 3333 

Enrisht C Thos. h (i Burlington cres 

Erskine Robt. h 49 Hillsdale av w 


(Basil W Essery), Barristers. Solicitors, Etc, 105- 
106 Hamilton T-itst Building. "7 Queen w. Phone 
Adelaide 3214 

T H Estabrnoks (St John, N B). President. Whole- 
sale Teas. 18 Front e, Phone Main 1391 
Evans Enoch (Evans & Gordon), h 1271 Lansdowne av 

Harry, h 41 Fort Rouille 

4 Guidon (E Evans. H Gordon), film 1239 St Clair 

avenue w 
Evers Cornelius J, btrhr Wm navies Co, Ltd. h 132 

Greenlaw av 


Registered Architect, 314, 57 Queen w. Res 140 
Beaconsfield av (See adv Architects) 


ed, John M Faircloth President, Harry Winfleld 
Vice-President and Manager. Decorators. 14 Mutual 
Farrell Edwd, engnr, h 237 I!"xtini rd 
Fay Hannah (wid Ernest), h 40 Wnltm 
Fte Lillian (i(I Matthew), li 19 Code}' av 

M E. h 28 Earl 

Fellion Marie, emp John Xoithwav i; Sons, Ivs 50 First av 
Ferguson Bros (Jas and Daiid). sros. 731 Broadview av 

David (Ferguson Bros), h 731 Broadview av 

Jas (Ferguson Bros) . h 731 Broadview av 
Fine David, h 15 Kensington av 

Finklestein David, poultry 8. 238 Queen w 
Fish Saml, painter, h 153 Bingham av 
Fleming Alfred, concrete wkr, h 114 Lappin av 

Louisa (wid Andrew), Ivs 13 Fermanagh av 
Flemming Jos, mgr and sec-treas McNeil Lirpiid Wax Co. 

Limited, Ivs 106 Seaton 
Folinsbee Muriel, rep Mail & Empire, Ivs 1A Hogarth av 
Follett Albert, stmftr, h 848 Queen e 
Ford Louisa (wid Geo), Ivs 73 Westminster av 

Robert T Guild Manager, 117 King w (See adf 

Forster Gertrude, stenog, Ivs 29 Kenning 
Forsvth Arrhd, bkpr, h 2".4 Hiawatha rd 


Foster Archd, prop International Wholesale Grocers Assn, 

1310, 67 Yonge 
Earl E, mgr Gabriel Mfe Co. rms 537 Jams 

R Leigbton (Foster & Lester), h 76 Albany av 

& Lester (R L Foster. A 1 Lester), barrs. 6, 106 

Fox Jos, driver, h 118 Booth av 

Wm, lab. h 727 Lansdowne av 
Francis Arthur M, Its 196 Rowland av 

Gertrude, stenog, Ivs 196 Rowland av 

Nettie. Ivs 86 Wardell 

Fraser Geo A. mgr Singer Sewing Machine Co (246 
Richmond w). h 416 Marion 

Geo E (Montreal), M J Andrews rep, publr 13, 122 

Wellington w 

Hannah (rid John A), Ivs 1258 Lansdowne a? 

Jean, drsmkr, rms 107 St Vincent 

Jessie, Ivs 530 Adelaide w 

John D, elk White Star Dominion Line, Ivs 170 

Gladstone av 

Sarah A, stenog, Ivs 1258 Lansdowne av 
W Jeremiah, cond, h 29 Niagara 

(Robert P Freek), 665 Yonge (See card Hardware) 
Freeman, Moss & Latimer (Chas E H Freeman, Thos 

Moss. Wm H Latimer). barristers, solicitors, etc, 

218-220, 57 Queen w 
Frost J. gro 229 Macdonell av 
Gair Henry W, Ivs 560 Gladstone av 
Carland Chas, dairymn, h 110 Mackay av 
Print Shop S H Allen prop, 1648 Queen w 


(Beaty Snow & Gash), Res 85 Spadina rd, Phone 
Adel 1535-1536 

Gaskdl Saml A, pres Lancashire Kynamo & Motor Co. 
Ltd. h 170 St Leonard av 

Gatehouse John, h 66% Pembroke 

Gelico Jos h 56 Mansfield av 


Samuel Geller Proprietor, 228 Spadina av 

Gennon Wm. assembler Empire Tool Works, Ivs 60 Cox- 
well avenue 

Genais Lome H, elk, Ivs 383 Shaw 

Gibson Archd, lab, h 1062 Queen e 

Harold G, ban- 321-322, 12 Richmond e, h 80 

Walmsley boulevard 

Ontario Land Surveyor ,1851 Ybnge, Res 1853 

same (See adv Surveyors) 

Gilbert Hannibal H. stock kpr Eaton's, h 30o Mam 
Gillespie Bros (David. Edward and Robert), confy 1332 

Danforth av 

David (Gillespie Bros), h 1332 Danforth av 
Edwd (Gillespie Bros), Ivs 1332 Danfortb at 

Robt (Gillespie Bros). Its 1332 Danforth av 
(lladney Edwd M, slsmn h 10, 27 Christie 

Gla*s Kobt S, elk Alkenhead Hardware Co, Ltd. bds It 
McMaster av 

Stuart H, tlr, h 234 Sunny-ide av 


(A J Glazebra.k, B H Cnmyn) , Exchange 
Brokers, 8 Wellington e 
Gletson Jas, driver, li 2 Graham pi 


ada The (Fire Department). J D Simpson Local 

Manager, Rooms 302-305 Excelsior Life Building. 

36 Toronto 
Tailoring Co, Ltd. The (Louis Green, Andrew Fraser), 

283 Queen w 
Cluster B J, with Evening Telegram, h 32 Spnngbank 

av, Birchcliffe 

Glour Jas. mgr J Carlyle Co. h 34 Coulson av 
Gi.iK.-ird Edd. foreran roadways sect Dept of Works, 

City Hall, h 158 George 
Goff John B, sec-treas and mgr Dart Union Co, Ltd, h 4C 

Hillbrovr av 
Goodman Abraham (Jacobs & Goodman), h 46 Lockmx* 


r, tlr, h 343% Markham 
Goodwin Augustus, h 2376 Donate w 

Frank H, btchr, Ivs 2376'Dundas w 

Gordon Henry (Evans & Gordon), h 1271 Lansdowne ay 
Serially Co. The Dr. C H MfNellan, 760 Dovercourt 


Ginlick Jos, gents' furnshgs 580 Danforth av. h same 
Grade Gcurgina. Ivs 95 Oakcrest av 
Graham Allan (br) . li H Graham mgr. hats and caps. 

390 Queen w 


George W C Graham Manager, 1'ndertakers and 
Kmbalmers, 715 Dovercourt rd, Phone Ken 667 
Ju A. mfrs agt 80 Ontario, Ivs 1225 Shaw 

John, carp, h 72 Nairn av 

Itnht H. mgr Allan Graham (br). h 4 McCaul 


(M McKenzie). Locksmiths, Hardware and eGneral 
Repairing 132 York, Phone Adelide 1477 
Grainger Albert, electrot.yper Central Press Agency, h 
198 Langley at 


t. Limited (Mradpl. Israel M and John S), 
New and Old Woollen Rag Dealers 482-488 Wel- 
lington w 

Grant Arthur, gatemn CNR, Ivs 138 Heward av 

Gray Alfred A, h 33 Patricia dr 

Balfmir. h 77 Hayter 

(Montreal), Andrew Blair Manager, Wholesale Dry 

Goods, Room 202, 28 Wellington w 
Greenwood Wm. h 132 Greenlaw av 
Gregory Wm. h 151 Ellsworth av 
Groom Harry E. dk, h 23 Marchmount rd 
Haight Wm A. trav Eby-Blain, Ltd, Ivs 839 Bathurst 
Hands Annie (wid Albert), h 84 Claremont 
Hanwell Chas. plstr, h 335 Coxwell av 


Representative in Canada for Manchester Ship Canal 
Co and Steamship Lines, 28 Wellington e, Res 106 
Springhurst av (See card Steamship Agents and 
Halt Geo H. h 79 Cambridge av 

Jas. elk, Ivs 46 Pacific av 

HAVELOCK PRESS, Commercial and 
Society Printers^ 276 Havelock, 
Phone Kenwood 4737 

Haverson Jas, barr 28 Wellington e, h 592 .larvis 
Haworth Geo, brush mkr, Ivs 286 Major 
Hawtin Arthur, engnr Pr.herty Bldg, h 304 Spadina av 
Hay Emma. Ivs 94 Dupont 

Geurgina, bkpr .rms 47 Lynd av 
Haycock Evelyn, h 30. 160 Huron 
Hayes Elizth, h 38, 160 Huron 

Hazel T Andrew, slsmn Ely, Ltd, (43 King e), h 1433 

Lansdowne av 

Head Allan, lab, h 91 Regent 
Hearst Sir Wm (Hearst & Hearst), h 80 Glen rd 

W Irving (Hearst & Hearst), Ivs 80 Glen rd 

& Hearst (Sir Wm & W I Hearst), barrs, 508, 36 

Hedges Caroline M (wid Geo F), h 17 Patricia dr 

Clara, cost elk United Shoe Machinery Co, Its 17 

Patricia dr 

licit Saul, trav, h 887 College 
Henderson John I, h 377 Markham 

Mary, opr, Ivs 1529 Queen e 

Hermant Percy (Imperial Optical Co), h 16 Cluny cres 

Sarah E, rms 6 Balsam rd 

Hershoran Max, ladies wear 1092 St Clair av w, h 92 


Hewitt Geo (Thwaites-Hewitt Co) h 1161 Dufferin 
lleye.s Lucy (wid Fleming), h 88 Asquith av 

S T & Co. Ltd, S Torrance Heves pres, mfrs agts, 

782 King w 

Hickman R Herbert, bldr, h 944 Shaw 
Hildreth Jas. shipper, h 17 Sherwood av 
Hiley Francis W, h 46 Courcelette rd 

Kathleen, emp Reed Shaw & McNaught, Ivs 46 

Courcelette rd 

Hill ('has. trav. h 59 Milverton blvci 
E Haddon (Jamieson & Hill), h 24 Glenlake av 

Real Estate. 3 Oakwood av. h 124 Davenport rd 

(See card Real Estate) 

Builder and Real E.tate, 7:!H Broadview av (See 

card Contractors Builders) 
Hodgson Geo F. btchr, li 238 River 
Hodnttt Thos, h 1224A St Hair av w 
Hoey Thos. shpr Empire Brass Mfg Co, Ltd, Its 829 

Dovercourt rd 
Hoffman Mas, prop Metropolitan Skirt & Dress Co, 

h 276 Gilmour av 
ll..sanh Edwd C. bkpr Riverdale Garage, Ltd, Ivs 69 

Kingswood rd 

Hogg Jlargt (wid Edwd). h 19 Pape av 
Holeproof Clothing Co (London, Eng), S Wadhams rep, 

487 Bloor w 
Holman Lawrence H, mgr Engineering Services, Ltd, h 

23, 412 Jarvis 

Holmes Geo H, trav, h 179B Balsam av 
Hood Sandham Co, Ltd, The, Fredk C Hood mgr, 10 



Sweeper Co of Canada, Limited, J Skelton District 

Manager, 51 Richmond w, Phone Adel. 3107 (See 

card Vacuum Cleaners) 
Hope Peter G. blksmth, h 111 Coxwell ai 
Homer Reginald, pres Precision Tool Works, Ltd, h 99 

Strathmore blvd 

Hnrsl.y Merle B ,clk. h 29, 160 Huron 

Vi-ta L. stenog. h 2ft. 160 Huron 

Huskinson Lillian, opr Ely Shirt Co, Ltd, Ivs 310^ 


Burton Holland Secretary-Treasurer, Florence J 
Potts Superintendent, s s College, between Laplante 
av and Elizabeth; Nurses' Residence 221-223 Eliza- 
Hossatk Donald R (Corley, Wilkie & Hamilton), Ivs 596 


R F Wrigley Editor and Manager, Publishers Hotel 

Red Book of Canada, 301, 123 Bay (See card 

Hotel Directories) 
Houghton Edwd J, slsmn L'Air Liquide Society. Irs 3, 

50 St Nichqlas 

Hounsell Albert (Archer & Hounsell), h 46 McMurray av 
House Donald S. chief elk J H Ewart & Co, h 76 

Melville av 


Robert Hughes Manager 37,1 Yonge (See card 
Furna.-e Manufacturers) 

Gershara P, dentist 2 Walton, h 47, 197 H'ellesley 

Graham & Co, stock brokers, 26-27, 56 King w 
Howell Jas. elk Brown Bros, Ltd. h 222 Major 

Electrical Wiring & Repairing. 195 Jarvis, Phone 
Main 6370 


Piano Mover 8 Grove av (See adv Piano Movers) 


Manager The Howard Furnace Cv, h 107 Neville 
Park Blvd (See card Electric Wiring) 
Humphries Limited, W R B Humphries mng dir. Real 
Estate and Insurance. 727 Danforth av 

Sarah, Ivs 1228 Lansthmne av 

Wm D, btchr. Ivs 1228 Lansdowne av 

Huntley Elsie M. priv sec I F, Ivs Lloyd George 
Apte. 160 Huron 


S H Chapman President, Washing Machine Manufac- 
turers 413 Yonge (See card Washing Machines) 


Corp, J M McWhinney Manager, 14 King e 
Hynds Helen. Idgrkpr Dora Transport Co, Ivs 126 

Edgewood av 

Imperial Beverige Co, F Manning prop, 42 Amelia 
Imrie Robt (R Imrie Lumber Co), h 221 Jarvis 

Lumber Co (R Imrie, Col E L Thomson), wht.1 lumber 

22. 18 Toronto 


Gray-Doit Service, G E Monk Proprietor, rear 760 

Spadina av. cor Bloor w (See card Automobile 


Ingranj Arthur E. h fi Coady av 
Innes Dorothy M, elk Bank of Nova Scotia (liilii Windas 

w), Ivs' 129 Annette 
International Bible Students Assn (Canada) . Walter F 

Salter genl mgr. 270 Dundas w 
Invicta Welding Co, The (\\'m H Lamb, Jas Stewart), 

131 Crawford 
Ironsides Thos A S, sec-treas Riverdale Tire Corporation, 

Ltd, Ivs 96 Lake Front 
Imn Marguerite B, emp Mono-Lino Typesetting Co, 

Ivs 38 Cowan av 


A M Ivey President and Managing Director. Wholesale 

Millinery, 74 Wellington w 
Jack Canuck. Mrs L Rogers prop, 121 Bay 
Jackson Chas, lab, h 84 Amelia 

James Archibald (A James & Co), Ivs 86 Mardimount rd 
A & Co, A James prop, real est, 967 Dovercoiirt rd 

Clarkson W jr, broker, h 11 Wineva at 

Eliza (wid John J), Ivs 290 Woodbine at 
Jamieson Carrie M. tchr Hillcrest Schl, Its 51 Alberta av 

& Hill (A Jamieson, E H Hill), garage, 6-8 

Macdonell av 

Jarvis Arthur Rev Canon, h 8 Sussex ai 
Jenkins Albert J, mart, h 287 Clinton 

Thos (Jenkins & Hardy), h 139 Tyndall av 
Jennings Garfleld, h 40 Palmerston gdns 
Jewer Alfred, bldr, 509 Concord at 

John Max. pressmn ,h 265 Augusta av 
Johnson 1 & Son, Ltd, I Johnson pres, 153G-154!. '..iindaa 
Johnston Wilfred J, phy 29 Wellesley. h same 
Johnstons Norman, pressman Atwell Fleming Pi, 
186 Scarborough rd 

Robt, steward, rms 15 Hillcrest drive 
Jones David, elk, Ivs 649 Ashdale av 

K Palmer, elk supt of motive power office GTR, (409 

1'nirn Station), h 3, 73 Triller av 




W GiTdon Jones President and Manager, S F Albert- 
son Secretary-Treasurer. Trucks. Automobiles and 
Accessorial, iss King w 

G<id<. PIK and msr Jones Motors Ltd h 96 

Indian rd 


(4 (i Jones, J (i Mai-nab). Clothing. 115 Bay 

.Ionian Fmlfc. fnsbr Can Jewellery Case Co Ltd ll 1 

Stanley terrace 

Ka-c I.ettie. h 17, Kill Huron 

-Minnie ,lvs 17. l(iO Huron 

Pretoria, Ivs 17, Kio Huron 

Keahler Fred (Cullen Jt Keahlerj, 1] i;6 Bellvue av 
Kelly Hugh, tinsrath Prince & Oo. h 35 Earnselifte rd 
JB \, clothes repr. Ivs r.04 Parliament 
John r, dk Home Bank (278 Queen e), Ivs 1582 

King w 

I Katharine, Ivs 412 Huron 
-Tnos H. supt Many & Pettit. Ltd, h 84 Niagara 
-Wm. elk, h 480 Greenwood av 

Wm F, district mgr The Canadian Tungsten Limp Co 

Ltd. lid-- 37 Dundonahl 
Kemp ,1 Norman, elk Wm Mi-Gill & Co, 1220 Yonge <br) 

Ivs 490 Rushton rd 
Kennedy Donald 1 , vocalist. Ivs 113 Balsam av 

K J Arthur, mgr E J A Kennedy Co, res Waterside 
_ stnp it Lake Shore rd 

B J A Co, E J A Kennedy mgr. mfrs agts, 1180 

Queen w 

-Gii-. (-"median, Ivs 113 Balsam ar 
Jean (wid Angus), h 113 Balsam av 

Jean M. bkpr Robertson Bros, Ltd, Ivs 113 Balsam av 
John, acct W F Moon & Co, Ivs 113 Balsam av 

Udilan .M, bkpr Liquid Carbonic Co, Ivs 113 Balaam 


.Maclean, song writer, Ivs 113 Balsam av 

M Mayme. acct Fred P Higgins & Co h 2274 

Queen e 

Sings. Tlie (Mai lean, John, Donald and Gus Kennedy) 

113 Balsam av 

Kenny \Vm, ctr, h 34 Wilson av 
Keys Alex, pressir Eaton's, h ITS Strachan av 
King Gladys. Ivs 112 De Grassi 
In, sdnr. h 3% Summerhill av 

Jas N, prop Park-dale Motors, h 2 Halton 
Kim's Dry Goods (Hyman King), 352-4 Collese 
Kirk Wm, gdnr, h 9 Pearson av 

Painter and Ifccorator. 418 Spadina av, Kes : J ,"II 
it (k'.rge (See card Painters) 


(John Klet-s. E V Kvffer) . Provisions 504 Yonge 
(See card Provisions) 

H W. pres Unnard Mach Tcol Co, Ltd. h 52 Playter 


Jas. shipper The Temple Pattison Co, Ltd, h 33 

Melville av 
Knox Jas E (Liiinsston & Knox), res Dentonia Park, 

East Toronto 

Kubold Laura, elk, Ivs 75 Kingsmount Park rd 
Konner Eric. tlr. h 1S3 Augusta av 
Lambert Elmer F. reporter Daily .Star, h 56 Dorval rd 
Lamont Archd. tiol mkr, h 194 Bellefair av 
Lancashire Dynamo & Motor Co of Canada Ltd Saml \ 

Cifkell pres. 45-47 Niagara ' 


(James R and Mervin), Real Estate, 733 Yonge (See 

card Real Estate) 
I.a I'aloma Sweets. Ltd, Thos George, mgr, confy 19 

Richmond e 

Larkin Harold \V, h 1, 21) Summerhill gdns 
Utimer Wra H (Fieenum. Muss i Latimer), Ivs 34 

424 Jarris 

l.aert,v Jinn A, elect, h 104 Curzon 
Law Frank, ehauff ll S C R, h 441 Dufferiii 

Frank D. mgr Oak Tire & Rubber Co. res Oakville 
Lawrence Nellie (wid John IV), h 1872 St Clair av w 

L Newman .V- Co Proprietors. 21537 Yonge 
Lawiie Margaret, cashier Eaton's, Ivs 1895 Davenport rd 

Wm H. b 10, 431 Sackrille 

Lawson Ja.s E. with Hobinette i Co, h 72 Pacific av 
Laycock Harry, biklyr, h 504 Kingston rd 


Raker and Confectioner 270 Ccllege, h 371 Markham 
(See raid Bakirs) 


EnjMier and Die Sinker 100 Bond, h 99 Galley av 
(See adv Brass Signs) 
Leary Thus, driver. Ivs 29 Strange 
.li-an ,h 73 Wcodlawn av 

Marjurie. Ivs 73 Woodlawn av 

I* Mesurirt Arthur B, phy 310 Blow w. Ivs 59 Spadina 

Lennard Thos. \ice-pres Lennard Mach Tool Co, h 118 

Allon av 

Lenzie Marius (Lcnzie Co), 9 Widmer, h same 
Leo Frank, cond. Ivs 111 Lightbourne 
Leonard Ernest .engnr. rms 116i*> Sherbourne 

Jas, mgr Canadian Guide to Bonded Lawyers. Ltd, Ivs 

29 Fermanagh av 
Le Poidevin Thos. shoe repr, 49 Roncesvalles av, h 

483 Marion 

Lerrell Wm, driver City liaiiy. rms 1213 Dovercourt rd 
Lester Albert J (Foster & Lester), h 555 Sherbourne 
Levinter Dolly, Ivs 420 Palmerston blvd 

Isadore ,studt Hughes & Agar, Ivs 420 Palmerston 


Molle. bkpr. Ivs 420 Palmerston blvd 

Rose, Ivs 420 Palmerstrm blvd 

Saml. turn and stoves 3(iO and 439 Queen w, h 420 

Palmerston blvd 
Liberty Garage & Livery (James Addison, Nelson Corkins) 

466 Hathurst 
Liddiard Flora (wid Edwd), h 50 Pape av 


Plumbers, Electrical Contractors and Builders' Sup- 

plies. 407 Roncesvalles av. Phone Junct 2748 

(See adv Plumbers) 

Ullicrop Luke, lab, h 501 Indian Grove 
Linberg Hilma (wid Fred A), h 484 Brock av 
Linn Geo F, moto, h 74 Wheeler av 
Livingston Fredk J (Livingstone & Knox), h 10 Maynard 



(Fredk J Livingstone. BA, MB, James E Knox) 
Industrial Hospitals Systems Head Office 53 College 
Branches 142 Broadview av, 10 Maynard av cor 
College and Shaw, cor Keele and Dund'as w 

Lobraico Wm. h 628 Ontario 

Loeb Saml, shoe mkr 133 York, h same 


Musical Instruments, 384 Yonge. h 17 High Park 


Plumber 706 Pape av, h same (See card Plumbers) 
Lossing Elmer, foreman Toronto Vinegar Works, h 60 

Coolmine rd 

Lubotsky Harry (Levy & Lllbotsky), h 179 Grange av 
loot Wm F. lumber sealer, h 74 Malvern av 
l.udford Wm A. elk CNR. Us 34 Sidney 
Ludlow Lawrence E. trav Thompson Lace & Veiling Co. 

h 77 Evelyn av 
Lugsdin Chas L, dept mgr Gordon Mackay Co, h 18 

7-19 Nanton av 
Luke Morley F, broker 16, 77 Victoria, h 52, 21 Sussex 

l.iilham Geo. janitor His Masters Voice, Ltd, h 3 

Montclair av 
Lytle Albert, h 632 Rhodes av 


Barrister. 26 Queen e. Res 45 Blow e (See card 



(J A Macdonald and Wm S Ove), Furriers. 807 

Broadview av (See card Furs Wholesale) 
Mai-Lean Williaming T. tchr Alex Muir School, Ivs 464 

Gladstone av 

Macleod M Augusta, tchr Riverdale Coll Inst. Ivs 26 Selby 
Maemahon Jas H. h 18 Elm Grove av 
Manning Frank, emp Imperial Beverage Co, Ivs 30 


Marshall Francis H, jwlr, bds 373 Keele 
Martin Emily, drsmkr ,lvs 546 Brock av 
Maskell Wilbert G, ctr, h 103 Vz Grace 
Mason Emma, candy mkr. Ivs 58 Sydenham 

Thos G. pres Mason & Risen, Ltd. h 8 Binscarth rd 
Massacor Aubrey, h 226, 121 Carltou 

Maxwell Gilbert, elk Wm S Walker, Ivs 49 I.owther av 

Greta, stenog Smith, Denne & Moore, bds 159 Ger- 

rard east 
May Crystal (Mdme and Mdlle May), Ivs 172 Walmer rd 

Johanna (Mdme and Mdlle May), Ivs 172 Walmer rd 

Milmc and Mdlle (Johanna and Crystal), ladies hair 

dressing and beauty parlors, 729A Yonge 

Wm Jr. insp Sun Life Assce Co of Canada, h 1(1!) 

Heath w 
Mayall Evelyn R. slsmgr Riverdale Tire Corporation, Ltd, 

h 75 Ellerbeck av 

Mayne Wm, carp, h 579 Gladstone av 
Mi-Adam Wm. packer, h 92 Hamilton 
McAvny Marguerite, stenog J L Morrison Co, Ivs 76 


(Patrick J and Arthur P), Funeral Service. 222 
Queen e and 268 St Clarens av. Phone Main 2833 
(See card Undertakers) 
McCaffery W> A, pres Ontario Stone Corp, Ltd, h 41 

Whitney av 

McCall Margt, bkpr, h 33 Classic w 
Minnie, bkpr, Ivs 33 Classic av 
McCaul Frances (wid C C), h 2. 78 St Albans 
John G, Ivs 2. 78 St Albans 

Schl. n s Caer Howell cor I'niversity av 
McClelland John, paver. Ivs 210 De Grass! 
MeCourt Geo L, tel CPR, h llo MarcJimount rd 
McCutcheon H. chauff, Ivs 15 Bowman 

l-Fadden Florence, tchr Bedford Park Schl, Irs 94 Isabella 
Mi-Giffin Robt B (McC.iffin & Smith), Res 39 Ellis av 


(Robert B McGirrin. Sandford F Smith), Architects 

Room 315 Hamilton Trust Bldg, 57 Queen w (See 

card Architects) 
Mclntyre Chas C, mach Amer La France Fire Engine Co, 

res Earlscourt 

Kiibt E. cigars 21 Adelaide e, Ivs 194 Jams 


Limited, II G Laiix Treasurer, Mining and Smelting 
Room 603 standard Bank Building, 15 King v 
Mi-Ivor Isobel. stenog Holden & Murdoch. Ivs 1087 


McKay Earle, ins agt, h 20, 160 Huron 
McKay Florence (wid John). Ivs 19 Winchester 

John, rms 301 Logan av 

Lula M. Ivs 105 Coady av 

Margt, elk, rms 27 Sword 
-Nellie (wid Alex), rms 180 Bloor e 


Plumbing and Heating, 784 Broadview are. Res 

same (See card Plumbers) 
McKecbnie Mae, Ivs 110 Farnham av 
McKerihen John E L. h 27 Dorval rd 
McLellan Dugald. emp Peerless Carbon & Ribbon Mfg Co. 

Ltd, h 606 Clinton 
McMillan Dorothy, wage elk Eaton's, Ivs 36 Skipper av 

Hughenna (wid Archd), h 36 Skipper av 
Mc.Mordie Jas A, wireman R A L Gray & Co. h 420 

Gladstone av 

McMurtry Chas, h 212 Hamilton 

McNamara Eva (wid Patk). h 37 Price 

Mi-Xeillie Geo G, h 92 Madison av 

McQuillan Gwendolyn, elk Bank of Montreal (488 
Yonge). Ivs 28 Riverdale av 

Mcltae Donald, chauff. ims 77 Laing 

McSweeney DanI J (Vivid Electric Lamp Co), h 152 
DViwling av 

McTavish Herlwrt ,1. elect engnr, h 30 Cornish rd 

McVittie Thos, gdnr h 334 Walmer rd 

Touring Co. Limited, Rochfort M Melville Presi- 
dent, John M Findlay Secretary-Treasurer, Geo P 
Davis Director. Representing the Principal Ocean 
Steamship Lines, Jamaica Tourist Association, Tele- 
graph Companies, Foreign Exchange, 24 Toronto (See 
card Steamship Agents) 

Menkes Max (Northern Fur Mfg Co), h 201 Palmirston 

(Duprat and Christie Branch). R J Tilsillan Manager, 
659 Dui>nt 

Metralfe Alice (wid Fredk), h 37 Hifihfleld rd 

Arthur, ctr Fashion Waist Co, Ivs 37 Highfleld rd 

Harold, elect, Ivs 87 Highfleld rd 

Metropolitan Skirt & Dress Co (Max Hotapi). 138 


Meyer D Campbell, phy, Ivs 2, 72 Heath w 

--Gen G (Century Press! . 11 42 Beatty av 


Undertaker and Embalmer, 396 College, Res same 
Miller Matst (tchr Pare Schl), Ivs 36 Maitland 

W Miles, h B, 29 Grenville 
Mills Alfred, plmrir Wm J Hall Si Co. h 61 Lavinia av. 


Kathleen, fnshr Thompson Mfg Co, Ivs 94 Major 

Real Estate, 1093 Dovercourt rd. h same (See 
card Real Estate) 
Mitchell A H, Ivs 87 Howard 

John, h 87 Howard 

John jr. Ivs 87 Howard 

-Wm .1. teller The Molson's Bank (2896 Dundas w), 

im< 286 Pacific av 
Morau John E. export sis mgr R N Boxer Co. Ltd, h 234 

Sunnyside av 

Laura H, Its 49 Woodside av 

Morandi Peter, opr Art Statuary & Novelty Co. rms 

219 Berkeley 
Morkin Adaline, mlnry 684 Yonge, h same 




Clenholme School, Glenholme av, Annie Eubank, prin- 
Grace St School, cor Mansfield r, Harold B. Wood, 

Hester HOT School, 182 Elizabeth, Constance M. Hodgert, 

Hillcrest. Kathurst St (Wells Hill), Mathew Holmes. 


Hodgson Scliool, Davisville av, Adda Burner, principal. 
Hospital School, College, s w cor Elizabeth, Florence A. 

Chambers, principal. 
Howard School, Howard Park iv, Thos. J. Hughe*, 

Hughes Public School, 11 Innls at, Ceo. P. Richardson, 

Humevood Public School, ffychwood, William E. Hu>e, 


Huron St School. 541 Huron. Roderick Koddiek. principal. 
Island School, Lila Howse. principal. 
Jesse Ketchum School, Davenport rd, cor Ketchum r, 

ffm. Kirk, principal. 
John Fisher Scheo!, Erskine av, near Yonge, Walter E. 

Hopkins, principal. 
Joseph Workman School, Coolmine rd. Miss B. A. Clark, 

Keele St School, s Keele, cor Glenlake a?, Wm. H. 

Hanvood, principal. 
Kent School, Dufferin and Bloor w, Robt. W. Brennan, 

Kew Beach School, s e cor Klppendavie ar and Queen, 

John T. Tolchard, principal. 
Klmberley St School, cor Kiraberley and Swanwlck ar, 

Thos. Brownlee, principal. 
King Edward School, e s Bathurst, n of College, J. J. 

Evans, principal. 
Kitchener Public School, w t Pape av, Todmorden, Wm. 

N. Colvin, principal. 
l.anstlowne School. s Siitullna cres, Percy G. Might. 


Lee School. 386 Ontario, Laura Currle, principal. 
Leslie St School, w s Leslie, cor Sproatt a?, Alei. C. 

Leitch, principal. 
McCaiil School. Caer Howell. cor University av. Oeo W. 

McGill principal. 
Mc.Minrich School, 1075 Ossington av, Josiah Bennett, 

Manning Av School, cor Robinson, Charles C. Fraser, 


Morse St School, e s Morse, J. H. Markle, principal. 
Niagara St School, cor Defoe. Allan B. Shantz, principal. 
Norway School, Kingston rd, near Heyworth av, J. E. 

Fawcett, principal. 

Ogden School. 33-49 Phoebe, J. L. Leary, principal. 
Orde St School, 18 Orde, Donald D. MacDonald, principal. 
Palmerston ;u School, 730-748 Palmersln a\. J. Albert 

Hill, principal. 
Pape Av School, w s Pape av, cor Ouclph av, Wm. 0. 

Morrison, principal. 

Park School, 105 St David. Saml. Richardson, principal. 
Parkdale School. Marlon, cor Lansdowne av, Mahlon Mc- 

Intosh, principal. 

Pauline Av School, 100 Pauline av, James C. Ruther- 
ford, principal. 

Perth Av School, cor Antler, James R. Bulmer, principal. 
Pyne School. 331 Bartlett av, Kate L. Meen, principal. 
Queen Alexandra School, 181-219 Broadview av. John 

Wallls, principal. 
Queen Victoria School, w s Close av, s of Klne w. 

A. W. Ross I loan, principal. 
Rna! Rd School, s s Regal rd, near Dnfferin, J. Fenton 

Martinson, principal. 

Roden School, 310 Ashdale av, Lewis K. Fallis, rlncipal 
I!"M! Ai Si-hrarl. 130-Hii Rose av. Thomas I. rK 

Rosedale School. Scarth rd, near South Drive, Josephine 

Griffin, principal. 
Rnnnymede School, cor Runnymede rd and Colbeck Wesley 

A Fydell principal. 
liyersim School, Dundas v. cor Rycrson av, Peter F. 

Mmiro, principal. 
Sacklille St. School, cor Eastern av, Jessie McGregor, 

St. Clair Av School. St. Clair av w, cor Symes rd 

Fredk. Pearen, principal. 

it. Patrick School (junior), 202-200 St. Patrick 
Shelter School, L'2 Simcoe. Margl. L. Meston. principal 
Shirley St School, cor St. Clarens av, Arthur A. Mason 

Blmcoe Park School, Fisherman's Island, Annie E. Beers 


Strathcona School. St Johns and Runnymede rds, Melvin 
R. Fydell. principal. 

Virtniu st schuol, near (Junlil. A. Cecil Dodils. prin- 

Wi-Ih>,U>y School, si. Vincent. r St. .\lUnns Wm D 

Hannah, principal. 
West Av. School, e s Western av. near Humberside av, 

Miss M. E. Cherry, principal. 

Wilkinson School, 53 Donlands av. D'Arcy M. Davidson, 

Williamson Rd School, near 24 Williamson rd, H. J. 
Vallentyne. principal. 

Winchester St School, cor Ontario, Harrjr P. Carr, prin- 

Wttbrow Av School, near Broadview av, Thomas J. Wal- 
lace, principal. 

York St School, cor Richmond, Walter G. Frisby, prin- 

Board of Trustees, 1921. 

Ward No. 1 Jos. A. Cooney, Joseph P. Berney. 

Ward No. 2. Very Rev. J. L. Hand, Rer P. La- 

Ward No. 3. David A. Balfour, Kobt. F. Fitzpatrick. 

Ward No. 4--J. J. M. Landy, Frank A. M. Convey 

Ward No 5. James J. O'Hagan, D. A. Carey. 

Ward No. 6 Rei. J. J. McGrand, J. W. Danaher. 
, Ward No. 1- W. J. Uuinn. Albert Hornberger 

Ward No. 8 D. Fitzgerald, Jos. F. Meyers. 

Very Rev. Dean Hand, chairman; Rev. J. J. McGrand, 
sec-treas. ; J. G. Hall, sec.; E. F. Henderson, business 

Provincial Inspectors John F. Power, M.A., 33 
Dalton rd. 

City Inspector Bro. Rogation, 99 St Joseph. 

School Houses. 

Holy Family School, 137-141 Close av. 
Holy Name, 690 Carlaw av. 
Our Lady of Lourdes, 138 Winchester. 
Sacred Heart, 53-59 Sackville. 
St. Anne's, 70 Bolton w, 
St. Anthony, 645 Gladstone av. 
St. Basil's, St. Vincent, cor Breadalbane. 
St. t'ecllia's, 385 Annette. 
St. Charles, 1418 Yonge. 
St. Clare's, 1112 St. Clair a . 
St. Clements, 1497 Dufferin. 
St. Francis', 250 Manning av. 
.St. Helen's, n e cor College and Brock av. 
St. James', 178 Edwin av. 
St. John's, 780 Kingston rd. 
St. Joseph's, 176 Leslie. 

St. Joseph's High School (girls), 471-477 Jarvls. 
St. Mary's, McDonnell sq. 
St. Michael's. 67 Bond. 
St. Monica's, Broadway av. 
St. Patrick's, 202-204 St. Patrick. 
De La Salle Institute 69-79 Bond. 
Sunnyside Orphanage Sunnyside av. 
St. Paul's. 409 Queen e. 
St. Peter's, 781 Bathurst. 

St. Vincent de Paul, cor Roncesvalles and Westminster 


Alexandra Industrial School (for girls). East To- 
ronto, Miss Brooking, matron. 

Victoria Industrial School (for boys), Mlmlco, Chester 
Ferrier, supt. 

Under Roman Catholic Auspices. 

The Roman Catholic Industrial School Association, 
Hon. Hugh T. Kelly, sec. 

St. John's Industrial School. Blantyre a? (for boys). 
Rev. Bro. Urban, supt. 

St. Mary's Industrial School (for girls), 14 West 
Lodje av, under the direction of the Sisters of Our 
Lady of Charity. 


Lonsdale road. 

Mis II. Walsh, principal. 


10 Elm avenue. 
Miss Edith M. Read, principal. 

Peter C. Kennedy, musical director, Alfred Brace, 
business manager; Edmond L. Roberts, sec.-treas., 12 
Spadlna road; Parkdale branch, 174 Wright av. 


Prof. Boris Hambourg. director, 481 Sberbourae. 

350-372 Jams. 

Miss E. M. Knoi. principal. 


Temple Building. 
J. Cusln, principal. 


59-61 St. George. 
Rev. D. B. Macdonald. bead master. 


868 Queen West. 
(Women'j Rejldence for Trinity College). 


144-150 Bloor East. 
Florence M. Neelands, principal. 


12 and 14 Pembroke. 

(In affiliation with the University of Toronto) 
Miss Molna O'Connor, Secretary. 


135 College. 

Dr. A. S. Vogt. musical director; H. 1. Bohmt 


135 College. 
(In connection with Toronto Conservatory of Music). 

Deer Park. 

W. L. (Iv.uU. principal. 



170 University avenue. 
H. Wilberforee Aikins, registrar. 

709 Spadina avenue. 

44 Gerrard East 

(In affiliation with the University of Toronto) 
Wm. B. Graham, 642 Euclid av, see.-treas. 
Charles F. Heebner, Toronto, dean of the faculty. 

110 University avenue. 

110 University avenue, Toronto. 

13 Queen's Park. 

Miss Evelyn Runciman, secretary 1 . 


240-242 College street 

(In affiliation with the University of Toronto) 
Albert E. Webster, dean, Wallace Seceombe, lupt. 



Conducted at the General Hospital. 101 College Jem 
I. Gunn, superintendent. 

(Amalgamated with University of Toronto). 


Aged Men's Home. 51 Belmont. 
Aged Women's Home, 55 Belmont. 
Bamardo's (Dr.) Boys' Home, 50-52 Peter. 
Bellevue House, 87 Bellenie av; Sisters of St. Job* 
the Divine, in charge. 

Bethany Orphanage, 1004 College. 

Boys' Home, 339 George. 

Burnside Lying-in-Hospital In connection with ttM 

Toronto General Hospital, 101 College. 

Central Military Convalescent Hospital, 35 College. 

Cherry St. Emergency Hospital. 90 Mill. 

Children!' Aid Juvenile Detention Home. 226 Stmcoe 




Children's Aid Society's Shelter, 229 Simcoe 
Clumber Hospital, 96 Coxwell aF. 
Convalescent Hume, 1275 Balhurst. 
Coronado Hospital, 71-73 Winchester. 
Cottage Hospital, 84 Wellesley. 
Creche (The). 374 Victoria, 859 Carlaw IT, 28 
River, 197 Euclid at and 1575 Queen e. 

Deaconess' Home, cor St. Clalr av w and Avenue rd. 
Dental Infirmary, 209 Huron, open from 9.30 to 
12.30, from Oclober to April. 

Dispensaries (free), 240 College, 20 Laplante at 
and 143 Simcoe. 

Earlscourt Methodist Children's Home. 46 St. Clalr 

Elm Villa Home for Aged People, 119 Close a? 
Elmliurst Private Hospital, 33 St. Vincent. 
Euclid Hall Convalescent Hospital, 515 Janis 
Evangelia Settlement House, 570 Queen e. 
Fegan Boys' Distributing Home, 295 George. 
Frances E. Willard Home for Girls, 16 Gerrard e 
Girls' Home, 229 Gerrard e. 
Grace Hospital, 200 Huron. 

Gwynneth Osier Memorial Home, The, 78 Oxford 
Sisters of St. John The Divine in charge. 
Haven (The) and Prison Gate Mission, 320 Beaton. 
High Park Sanitarium, 32 Gothic av and 2000-2012 
Bluur w. 

Home for Incurable Children, 152 Bloor e. 
Hospital for Sick Children, College, cor Elizabeth. 
Hospital for the Insane, 999 Queen w. 
Hospital for Women, 65-67 Bloor e. 
House of Industry, Elm. cor Elizabeth. 
House of Providence, 65 Power; under care of the 
Bisters of St. Joseph. 

Infants' Home and Infirmary, 21 St. Mary. 
Isolation Hospital, n s Gerrard e, 1 e of the Don. 
Jarvis Hospital. 17 Winchester. 
Julia Greenshields Home, 178 University at 
King Edward Sanitarium, 225 College. 
Knox Church Rest Home, 626 Spadlna ar. 
Lakeside Home for Little Children (branch of HospiUl 
for Sick Children), 506 Lake Shore av, Toronto Island 
I.yndhurst Hospital, 100 Yorkville at. 
Memorial Cottages tor Clinic Class, Infant and Mother 

-Meyer's (Dr.) Private Hospital, 72 Heath . 
Military Orthopedic Hospital, 352-378 Christie. 
Missionary liest Home, Mimico. 
Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives, Geo. A. 
Reid, sec-treas, office 225 Collete. 

National Sanitarium Association, office 223 College 
Ge. A. Reid, sec-treas. 

Nursing at Home Mission and Dispensary, 76 Hayter. 
Nursing Mission, 55 Beverley. 
Officers Convalescent Hospital, 460 Janis. 
Ontario Oddfellows' Home, 1098 Darenport rd. 
Parkdale Hospital, 169 Cowan av and 71 Melbourne at. 
Presbyterian Home for Girls, 123-125 Yorkvllle a?. 
Presbyterian Woman's Missionary Training Home, 60 

Preventorium (The), Hattie C Fraser, supt, C4 Shel- 
drake blvd. 

Protestant Orphans' Home, 344 Doverconrt rd. < 
Providence Home for Incurables, 58 Sackville. 
Queen Mary Hospital for Consumptive Children, 223 
College and Mount Dennis. 
Rest Mission, 292 Royce av. 
Sacred Heart Orphanage, 1830 Queen w. 
St. House, A. Ethel Dodrls, genl supervisor, 
67 Bellevue pi. 

St. Faith's Home for Girls, Mrs. John L. Innes sirot 
220 Beverley. 

St. John's Hospital, 28 Major. 
St. Mary's Maternity Hospital. 75 Dundas e and 81 

St. Michael's Hospital, 12-40 Bond. 
Salvation Army children's Home, 462 Sherbourne. 
Salvation Army Immigration Hostel, 916 Yonge. 
Salvation Army Receiving Home. 297 George 
Strathcona Private Hospital, 355 Keele. 
Swiss Cottage Hospital (Isolation), end of Winchester, 
Toronto Free Dispensary, 143 Simroe. 
Toronto Free Hospital for Consumptives. Mt. Dennis 
Toronto General Hospital, 101 College; Horace L 
Brittain. superintendent. 

Toronto Hospital for Incurables. 130 Dunn av. 
Toronto Industrial Refuge for Women and Girls, 43 

Toronto Orthopedic Hospital (for treatment of the 
lame), 100 Bloor w. 

Toronto Western Hospital, 395 Batliurst; Henry C. 
Tomlin, medical superintendent. 

Victor Home for Girls (in connection with Fred 
Victor Mission). 341 Janis. 

Victoria Hospital, 54-58 Isabella. 

Wellesley Hospital, 13 Homewood pi. 

Western Hospital Nurses' Home (private). 418 Bath- 

Women's Dispensary. 125 Rusholme rd. 

Women's Welcome Hostel. 52 St. Albans. 
Working Boys' Home, cor Church and Gould, and 378 


Canadian Military Institute Library (military subjects 
only) , 245 Simcoe, about 3,000 volumes. 

Chinese Library, IS Chestnut. 

City Directory Library, 76 Church. Directories of 
nearly all the English-speaking cities and towns in the 
world. Might Directories, Limited, props. 

County of York Law Association Library, Court House. 
City Hall, volume- ;;!> iit \\.'i\~\<.\. .Miss M. A. Fortier, 471 
Spadina rd, librarian. 

Education Department Library, St. James* sq. Gould, 
cor Victoria. Volumes about 30,000. 

Gaelic Librarian (Gaelic language and literature), 67 
IVoodlawn av w. Volumes about 200. Alexander Fraser, 

Library of Academy of Medicine, 13 Queen's Park. 
Volumes about 6,500. 

Library of the Engineers flub of Toronto, 96 King w. 
About 3,000 volumes on Engineering and kindred subjects 

Osgoode Hall Library, Queen w, cor University av 
Volumes about 55,000. 

Provincial Library, Parliament Buildings. Number of 
volumes about 85.000, including sessional papers, statutes, 
etc A T Wilgress, librarian 

Public 'Library Administration Offices and Re- 
ference Library, cor College and St. George. Volumes, 
including branches, about 375,540. The Reference 
Library is open from 10 a.m. ' to 9.30 
p.m. daily (except holidays). The Central 
Reading Room, cor Adelaide and Church, is open from 
8.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. George H. Locke, Chief Librar- 
ian; E. S. Caswell. Secretary-Treasurer. Branches- 
Central Circulating Library Church, cor Adelaide; York- 
ville Ki-ix Yirkvilk' av; ()m-en st. corner Queen 
and Lisgai : follesc st Cor College and St. George; 
Itiverdale Cor Broadview av and Gerrard e; The Beaches 
Kew Gardens, near Lee av; Dovercourt Bloor s w 
cor Gladstone av; Wychwood Bathurst, cor Melgund rd; 
Barlscourt 1 645 Dufferin. Northern cor Yonge anc 
Alheilus av: Western s s Annette, 1 w of Medland; East- 
ern cor Gerrnrd and Main; Deer Park 4-u St Clair av 
w: Ilish I'ark Rdiirmallrs av. s w cor Wright av 
.Municipal Reference Branch City Hall. 

Royal Canadian Institute Library, 198 College, Volumes 
about 10.000. 

University of Toronto Library, Queen's Park. Number 
of volumes, about 140,000. Hugh H. Langton, lib- 



Synod Office, Continental Life Bldg, cor Bay and Rich- 
Rt. Rev. J. F. Sweeny, M.A., D.D., D.C.L., Bishop of 


Rt. Rev. W. D. Rene, D.D.. asst Bishop. 
St. Alban's Cathedral, Howland av, n w cor Barton av, 

Ven. Archdeacon Warren; Ven. Archdeacon Ingles, 

Rev. Canon Greene. Rev. Canon Macnab. Rev. D. H. 

St. James Cathedral, King cor Church. Rev. Canon H. P. 

I'himptree. Rev F J Moore 
All Saints' Sherbonme,' cor Dundas e. Ret. T. W. 


Calvary Church. Silverthorn av. Rev. E. J. McKittrick. 
Christ Church, e s Lavvton av, 1 n Heath, Rev. T. W. 

Paterson. rector; Rev. H. A. Brooke, near. 
Christ Church, Mimico, Rev. H. 0. Tremayne. M.A.. 

Church of Advent, Pritchard av. liunnymede. Rev R 

Church of the 'Ascension, 137-139 Richmond w, Rev. 

John E. Gibson. 
Church of Epiphany, 150 Beats' av. Rev. Dyson Hague. 

Rev. S. Stiles, assistant. 
Church of the Good Shepherd, Mount Dennis, Rev. A. 

J. Arthur, B.A., B.D. 
'hurch of the Messiah, cor Avenue rd and Dupont Rev 

W. R. K Arniitage. M..V 
Church of the Redeemer, Bioo'r w, cor Avenue rd. Rev. 

Canmi Chas J. James, rector; Rev A F Barr, 

Rev. W. F. Wallace, assistants, 
hurch of the Resurrection, after 725 Woodbine ar 

Rev. E. r.Ulman. 

Emmanuel, 702 Lake Shore at (Toronto Island). 
Irace Church, 344 Russell Hill rd. Rev Canon James 

S I!r.iu;liall 

Holy trinity. Trinity sq. Rev. L. Ralph Sherman, rector; 

Rev. E. J Hutson. assistant 
St. Aldan's, s 'w cor Queen e and Silver Birch t, Bt. 

T. H. Cotton, D.D.. rector. 
St. Andrew's, 386 Lake Shore at. Toronto Island Rt 

Rev. Wm. D. Reeve. 

St. Andrew's, Todmorden, Rev. A. A. Bryant. 
St. Anne's, cor Gladstone av and Dundas, Rev. Law- 
rence E. Skey, Rev. G. R. Bracken. 
St. Augustine, 2 Spruce, Rev. Canon F. G. Plummer; 

Rev G C. Clarke, asst. 

St. Barnabas', cor Halton and Uivcns, Rev. Burgess Browne 
St. Barnabas', s e cor Hampton and Danforth avs, Rev. 

F. E. Powell, Rev. F. E. Faracomb, asst. 
St. Bartholomew's, cor Dundas e and Blair av, Rev. Canon 

Mcirley. Rev. C. F. Pashler, asst 

St. Chad's, 1695 Dufferin, Ret. A. 'l. Reid in cnari*. 
St. Clement's, e a Jones av. between Dagmar at and 

Gerrard. Rev. John Bushell. 

St Clement's, Eglington, Rev Canon A J Fidler, rec- 

St. Cuthbert, Leaside, Ret. P. M. Lamb. 
St. Cyprian's, n e cor Manning and Follii ats, Rev. 

Richard Seaborn. 

St. David's. 81 Harcourt at, Rev. H. A. Bracken. 
St. Edmund's cor Dovercourt and Davenport rds. Ret. 

Eustace A. Vesey. 
St. George's, 205 John, Rev. R. J. Moore, rector: Rev. 

P. J. Dykes, vicar. 

St. Hilda's, Fairbank, Ret. H. R. Young. 
St James', Humber Bay, Rev A K Griffin. 
St. John The Baptist, w s Woodbine at, cor Kingston 

rd. Rev. Canon W. L Baynes Reed, rector 
St. John The Evangelist, s w cor Stewart and Portland, 

Rev. J. R. Maclean. 
St. John's, cor St. John's rd and Dundas, Rev. R. 

St John's, Westoii, Rev John H. Jones rector, Rev. G. 

E. liyerson. vicar 

St. John's, York Mills', Rev. R. Ashcroft. 
' St. Jude's, 437 Roncesvalles at. Rev. J. L. Puleston 

Roberts, M.A., rector. 

St Leonard's. Bedford Park. Rev C Carpenter 
St. Luke's, St. Vincent, cor St. Joseph, Ret. G.' F. B. 


Rt Margaret's. New Toronto. Rev. A. S Maiiill. M \ 
St. Mark's. Parkdale, 201 Cowan av. 
St. Mark's, cor Connolly and Ford, Ret. L. B. Vaughan. 
St. Martins-in-tlie-FiHcl. l:,l Glenlake ai I!. i K. 

Mussell-Wright. .MA 

St. Mary Magdalene, cor Ulster and Manning av, Ret. 
Charles B. Darling, rector. Ret. H. G. Hiscocks. 
MA, vicar 
St. Mary The Virgin. :',(; Westmoreland at. Ret. Canon 

A. Hart, rector; Rev J. I) Paterson. curate. 
St. .Matthew's. First av for lie Gr'assi, Rev Canon C A 

Seager, M.A. 
St. Matthias', Bellwoods av, 1 n Robinson Rev. F. H 

St. Michael's and All Angels, s s St. Clair at w, cor 

Bracondale av, Rev Canon W J. Brain 
St. Monica's cor Gerrard e and Ashdale at. Ret. Robt. 

Gay. rector: Rev. w A. cippm, asst 
St. Nicholas. Birchcliffe. Rev w J Taylor 
St. Olave's, Swansea, Rev. W.' H. 'Sparks. 
St. Paul's, between 87 and 115 Bloor e, Ven. Arch- 
deacon H. J. Cody, Rev. G. S. Despard, asst. 
St. Paul's, Runnymede, Rev. Edwd. Morley. 
St. Pi-ter s. I'lU Carltnn. liev. F. Wilkinson. 
St. Phillip's. Spadina av. cor Dundas w, Ret. J. 

Hampton Teney, recti.i : K, i A Robinson, vicar 
St. Saviour's, cor. Kimberley and Swanwick at. Ret. 

G. I. B. Johnson. 

All Hallows Mission. Rev. H R. Mockridge. 
St. Simon's. Howard, opp. Ontario, Bet. Edward C. 

Cayley, Rev F W Clayton, asst 
St. Stephen's, Bellevue at, cor College, Ret. Thos. G. 

Wallace, liev. Roy Melville, asst. 
St. Thomas', Huron, opp. Washington at. Ret. C. Enwr 

Sharp. R,.v. c. 3 S Stuart. M A.. B D 
Trinity East, s s King, between Erin and Trinity, Ret. 
Canon Hilliard C. Dixon. 


Alexander Memorial Church, Weston, Mr. H. E. Winte- 

mute. McMaster University. Toronto. 
Annette Street. West Toronto, Rev. W. J. H. Brown, 22,1 

Quebec at. 

Bedford Park, North Toronto, D. N. Cameron. York Mills, 
ieverley Street, cor Sullivan, Rev. E. Fonle 
Boon Avenue, Earlscourt, Rev. W. F. Roadhouse' 33 St. 

Clair Gardens. 
Bloor Street. , cor Bloor and North, Rev. Wm. A. 

Cameron, pastor, Seltry House, Sherbourne st. 
Calvary, Enderby rd. cor Gerrard e, Rev J. A. Johnst 

McMaster University 
'entury. 12-1G Macphers'on av. 
Christie Street, W. E. Atkinson. 
Wlege Street, cor Palmerston av, Rev. Ben]. CoodBeld. 
Danforth avenue, cor Bowden av. Ret. 0. C. Elliott, 29 

Browning av 
Doiercourt rd, cor Argyle, Ret. A. T. Sowerby, D.D.. 

89 Delaware at. 
Dufferin Street. 



Eastern Arenue, 152 Eastern 11, Ret. Herbert Simmonds, 

24 Broadway av, Eglinton. 
Islington, s s CastleQeld av near Yonge 
Fairbank. Fairbank, Ret. A. C. Riley, 35 Dynover rd. 
rtrst Arenue, cor First and Bolton ats. Ret. Wm. T. 

Graham, D.D., 63 Simpson at. 
First Baptist (colored), cor Edward and University at. 

Ret. Moses Puryear, 142 Edward. 
High Park, Roncestalles at, cor Hewitt, Ret. Albert 

Hughes, 1261 Danforth at. 
H'i't lu-r Bay, Ii(-t. J. R Harris, pastor 
Immamiel. Janis. n w cor Wellesley. Kef J. M. Smith 
Indian Road. 754 Indian rd, Ret. Andrew Imrie, 189' 

Humberside at. 



Cor. Gerrard and Jarvis Sts. 


Services: Sundays, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; 
Sunday School, 3 p.m. ; Prayer Service, 
Wednesday, 8 p.m. 

Car Service: Belt Line and Church to 
Gerrard, one block west and east re- 
spectively : Carlton and Winchester, one 
block south and north, respectively. 
Music Director, Dr. Edward Broome. 

Jartis Street, cor Gerrard e, Rer. Thos. T. Shields, 
Jones Atenue. cor Jones and Englewood ats, Rer. W. E. 

Hodgson, 24 Woodycrest at. 
Long Branch, E. J. Whan. 
Memorial Institute. (Baptist). 682 Richmond w, Rer. 

Mount Dennis, d Rev.' James Hall, 3 New Road Ml. Dennis. ; ^'^""tlJ.?"' 
Oliiet. near ctir Margueretta and College, He\. A Hale, 

13 Muir av 
Ossington Atenue, cor Bloor w., Rev. G. M. Holmes, 41 

Burnfield av. 
Pape Atenne, s w cor Pape ar and Queen, Rer. Andrw 

R. Park. 26 Frizzel at, pastor. 
I'arkilale. Iti20-lft:i8 Queen w, 
Rhodes Avenue, bet 7 and 17 Rhodes at, Rer. A. A. 

Kelley, 197 Davenport rd. 
St. John's Road, Runnymede, Rer. Dixon A. Burns, 79 

Gamble ar. 

Siherthome Avenue. Rev. D. A. Hackett, 65 Alcorn av. 
Swansea. Swansea, Rev. Jiilm Mclntosh. 402 St. Clarens 

Walmer Road, cor Lowther av. Ret. John MacNdll, 

Rer. A. Ward, asst. 

Waverley Road, 129-139 Waterley rd. Rer. J. H. Boyd. 
Wychwood. St. Clair ar cor Wychwood, Rev. James A. 

Grant. 12 Kenwood at. 
York Mills, D. N. Cameron. 


Bond Street, cor Dundas e. Ret. Wm. G. Milarr. 
Broadtiew Avenue, s w cor Mountstephen. 
Northern, s e cor Glen rd and Roxborough drive, Rer. 

Frank J. Day. 
Olivet, Hazelton Avenue, cor Scollard, Rev. Albert 

Western, 327 Spadina Avenue, Ret. R. Bertram Nelles. 


Church of Christ, n w cor St. Clarens av and Paton rd. 

rlipirr-h of Christ (Disciples), 557 Bathurst 

Church of Christ (Disciples), 58 Cecil. 

Church of Christ (Disciples), 98 Main. 

Church of Christ (Disciples), 138 Richmond w, Rer. 

Robt. Brown. 
Church of Christ (Disciples), Vaughan rd, cor Helena 


Fern Avenue Church of Christ (Disciples), 62 Fern ar I 
Keele Street Church of Christ (Disciples), 97 Annette. 


First Church, 116 Bond, Dr. E. Hoffmann pastor, 213 


St. John's Evangelical, Lutheran, 762 Shaw. 
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran, 4-6 Glen Morrii. 


Bathurst Street, cor Lennox, Rer. John J. Ferguson. 

Bedford Park Rev. Philip A. Jourdan. 

Beech Avenue, e s Beech ar, 4 n Pine, Rer. A. P. 

Bellefair Avenue, cor Bellefalr at and Queen e, Rer. 

George R. Turk. 

Berkeley Street, cor Queen e. Rev. J. J. Follett. 
Broadway Tabernacle, Spadina ar, cor College, Ret. 

Salem Bland. 

Carlton Street, 13 Carlton, Rer. G. Norris Grey. 
Carman, Bloor and Pauline ar, Rer. C. W. Watch. 
Centennial, Dovercourt rd, near Bloor w, Rer. R. Cor- 


Central, Bloor, cor Park rd, Rev. Bruce Hunter. 
Clinton Street, 94 Clinton, Rer. B. R. Strangways. 
College Street, cor Sheridan ar, Rer. A. J. Paul. 
Crawford Street, 74 Crawford, Ret. Geo. Purchase. 
Danforth at, n w cor Jackson at, J. J. Coulter. 
Darenport, Davenport rd, opp Perth at, J. R. Aikenhead. 
Davisrille, Ret. C. IV. Reynolds. 

'Donland?," cor Furniss and Donlacds, Ret. David H 

Don Mills Ruad. Todmordni Supply. 

Karlst rt. cur A<cut and Boon avs. Rev E C 

Eglinton, 2527 Yonge, Rev. E. Harold Toye'. 


Bloor Street W., cor. Robert Street 

Services Sunday, 11 a.m. and 7 pm- 
Wednesday, 8 p.m. 

Trinity, s 3 Bloor, bet Major and Robert, Rer. R. 

Newton Powell. 
Wesley, cor Dundas w and Ossington ar Rer W E 

Westmoreland Avenue. Westmoreland av, cor Hallam Rer 

Dr. J. C. Speer. 
Weston, Ret. J. W. Stewart. 
Windermere Avenue. J. J. Wheatley. 
Woodgreen Tabernacle, Queen e, cor Strange Ret E 

B. Lanceley. 
Yonge Street, cor Yonge and SummerhlH ar Rer W J 


Alhambra Atenue, Alhambra ar, cor Bloor w, Rer. J. f. 

Arenue Road, Roxborough w, cor Arenue rd, Rer. R. J. 


Bloor Street, Bloor. cor Huron, Rer. Dr. C Pideeon 
Hunter. Bonar ' " College and Lansdowne ar. Her. Dr. Alei- 
ander MacGUIirray. 

Elm Street, n s Elm, bet Yonge and Teraulay, Rer. E. 

F. Church. 

Epworth, cor Yarmouth and Christie. Rer. A. G. Hudson, 
w, Rer. John E. Hunter. 
Fred Victor Mission, Rev. W. A. Hunnisett. 
Gerrard St, for Kiver. Rev Jas. A. Rankin, D.D. 
Glenmuiint, Gerrard e. cor Golfview av, Rev Benjamin 

Le Gros. 
High Park Avenue, s w cor High Park ar and Annette. 

Rer. R. H. Bell. 

"Hribbs Memorial," Kent rd and Applegrove. Supply. 
Hope, n w cor Dantorth av and Main, Rev. Jos. J 

Ferguson. DP. 
Howard Park Avenue, cor Marmaduke and Sunnyside ar 

Rev. C. T. Scott. D.Ii. 
Htimber Crest. Iie\ A E Black. 
Italian Methodist Missions, 160 Claremont, 1467 Duf 

ferin and 56 Elm. 

Chalmers.^cor Dundas and Dovercourt rd, Rer. M. Scott 
cor Elm and Elizabeth Sts., Rev. 

College Street, "cor Bathurst, Rer. R. B. Cochrane 
Cooke s, Queen e. cor Mutual, Ret. Wm. Patterson ' D D 


Christian Synagogue 
J. I. Mu-Kay. 




Pastor, Eev. W. E. Wilson, Ees 18 Langley 

Ave. Phone Ger. 3564. 

Assistant, Eev. S. H. Greenslade, 445 Broad- 
view Ave., Phone Ger. 4272 
Services: Sundays, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.; 
Sunday School, 3 p.m. ; Monday Evening 
League Services, 7 and 8 p.m. 

King Street. 454-8 King e. Rer. W. E. Wilson. 

I.ambton Mills. To be sullied 

Metropolitan, Queen e, bet Bond and Church, Rer. Trevor 

H. Daties. 

Mimico, Ret. John Morgan. 
Mount Dennis, Ret. W. N. Chantler. 
New Toronto, s s Birmingham. Rev. (;>. W. Robinson 
N'ewtonbrook, Ret. A. Newton St. John. 
North Parkdale. n s Galley av, near Sorauren at, Rer. 

G. C. Balfour. 

- Oakwood. Rev. W. B. Booth. 

Wychwood Park Church of Christ (Disciples), Bathurst. 'Parkdale, Dnnn'ar, cor King , Ret. Dr. W. R. Young. 

j Parliament Street, s e cor Oak. Rer. Geo. Waugh. 
[ Perth Avenue, cur Wallace av. Rev. A. I. Teryberry 
' Prospect, Rev. J. H. Oke. 

cor Vaughan rd. 


Beth Israel Anshy Minsk Synagogue, 10 St. Andrew!. 
Bond Street (Holy Blossom), 119 Bond, Ret. Solomon 

Jacobs, rabbi. 
Centre Atenue Synagogue, 43 Centre at, Samuel Bras, 

Chestnut Street Synagogue. 109 Chestnut, Isaac Halpern, 


Congregation Machziji Hadath, 105 Teraulay. 
Kim Street Synagogue, 17 Elm. 
I.iliovich Synagogue, 91 Uenison at. 
McCanl Street Synagogue (Russian). 
Men of England Synagogue. 222 Simcoe. 
Stashot Synagogue, 1 Foster pi. 

University Arenue Synagogue, 93 Unirersity ar, 

Gordon, rabbi 


Queen Street West, bet Peter and Spadina ar. Ret. J. B. 


Riverdale, cor Gerard and Leslie, Rer. J. A. Long. 
Scarboro. Rev W. 11. Li-aroyd. 

and Rushton rd, Rer. 
Webster ar. Rev. W. H. 

Silverthorne, Rev. W. G. Aldrii 
St. Clair, cor St. Clair ai 

F. L. Barber. 
St. Paul's. Atenue rd, cor 


Scarlett Plains, Runnymede, Rer. Frank Sullivan. 
Sherboume Street, cor Carlton, Rer. Dr. Geo. H. Williami 
Simuson Avenue, Howland rd, s w cor Simpson ar, Rer. 

J. R. Patterson. 
Timothy Eaton Memorial, n s St. Clair ar, bet Dun- 

tegan and Warren rds. Rer. Charles A. Williams. 

Dale. Queen, cor Bellwoods av 

Davenport Road, cor Davenport rd and Delaware ,r, 

net. J. A. rllits. 

Deer Park, cor St Clair 
A. Henry, D D. 


and Foxbar rd. Ret E 

St. Clements at, 
'""' 1 '* "' 

er. W. G Back 

PP - En<lerby rd ' 



573 Queen Street W., one block east of 
Bathurst Street 


Sunday Services: 11 a.m., 7 p.m. Bible 
p.m. Classes for all ages. 
Phone Adelaide 3563. 

School 3 

Erangel Hall. 573 Queen w, Rer. R. J. Koffend 
Fairbank. Ret. H. S. Clugston 
Glebe, n s Bdsize drire. 
Greenwood. Cedartale, Rer. Dr. D. M. Ramsay 
Irosvenor St Grosvenor cor St Vincent, Rer. Daniel Me- 

High Park, cor Wright and RonwsraUes ar, Rer J H 

Kew Beach, w s Wineta ar. nr Queen, Rer J A 


Knox, w s Spadina ar, nr Harbord, Rer. A B Win- 

.limfco. Rev. Wm Fingland 
Morningslde. Swansea, Ret.' J. Gordon Cheyne. 
-IB Broadriew Avenue, De.irbmirne at Ke\ n s 


Oakwood, Rer. Dr. T. Wardlaw Taylor. 
)ld St. Andrew's, Jarvis, cor Carlton, Ret. W. M Auld 
Parkdale, 242-254 Dunn ar, Rer. A. Logan Cattle 
1'ieen street East, cor Carlaw at. Ret. W. H. Andrews 
.hoda Atenue. n w cor Rhodes ar and Gerrard , Rer. 

H. A. Berlis. 
Riverdale, Pape ar, 


iosedale, Huntley cor South Drire, Rer. J B Panlin 
Rnyce Avenue. Royce ar, cor Perth ar, Rer. G. M. Dunn' 
iunnymede, Willard ar, cor Annette, Rer. D. I EIlisoB 
t Andrew's. King w. cor Simcoe, Rer. A Wylie Marion' 
St Columba, cor Vaughan rd and St. Clair av w Rev' 

Wm. A. Mactaggart. 
St. David's, Hartie at, cor St. Clair ar w Rer C A 


St. Enoch's. Winchester, cor Metcalfe, 
St. Giles, n s Oak. near Parliament, Ret. S. H. Pickup. 

w cor Harcourt ar. Rer. L. I. 




St. James' Square, 42 Gcrrard e, Rev. D. N. Morden. 
St. John's. Broadview, n e cor Simpson av, Uet T. A. 

St. I'aul s. Bartun av. iw liathurst. Rev. P. M. Mac- 

Victoria Church, cor Annette and Medland, Re?. Donald 

T. L. McKerroll. 
Welsh, 54 Clinton 

West, Collet, fur .\luntrosi' av. Rev. J A. Turbull, D.D. 
Westminster. 4!i Bloor e, Rev Jas. Little. 
Weston, Rev. W. J. F. Robertson. 
\Veston, Old (Cross st). Rev. W. M. MacKay. 

Archdiocese of Toronto 
Most Rev. Neil McNeil, D.D., Archbishop, head ol 

Wellesley pi. 

Right Kev. Msgr. it. D. Whelan 1 Earl 
KPI Orald Kirby, Chancellor. 
Diocesan Rector Eucharistic ' League. Rev. A O'Leary, 


Director Piocesan Charities, Rev. P. J. Bench, 67 Bond. 
Catholic Church Extension Society, Rev. T. O'Donnell, 

67 Bond. 


Corner Bond and Shuter Sts. 

Rev. D. McBride, D.C.L., Rector 
Rev. J. A. Mogan, B.A., Rev. J. F. Kehoe, 

E.A., Assistants 

200 Church St., Phone Main 1969 
Masses Sunday, 7, 8, 9.30 and 11 o'clock; 
Week Days. A a.m.; Holy Days, 6, 7, 8, 9 
a.m. ; Devotions, Sunday, 7 p.m. ffl 

St. Michaels Cathedral, Bund, cor Shuter. Rev. I). 
McHiide. J.C.D.. Rector; Rev. J. A. Mosan, Ita. 
.1 F. Kfhiie. assistants 

Vssumptlon. 223 Jarvis (Syrian). Rev. P. K. Malouf, 
pastor, res House of Providence. 




Assistant, Rev. J. F. Corrigan 
Sunday Masses, 7.30, 8.30, 9.30 and 11 a.m.; 
Evening Devotions, 7.30 p.m.;. Sunday 
School, 2.30 p.m.; Baptisms, 4.30 p.m.; 
Society Meetings, 3.30 p.m. 
Organist, Miss Evaleen O'Donoghug 

Holy Family, Close ar. cor Kint, Rev. P. J. Coylt, 

pastor; Rev. J Corrigan, asst 
Holy Name, 9 Moscow. Her. M. Cline, p.istor. Rev. 

F Flanigan, asst. 
Holy Rosary, St. Clair and Kendal vs, Rev. J,.me P. 

Player, C.S.B., pastor. 
Our Lady of Lourdes, 1 Earl, Rt. Rer. Msgr. Martin 

I). Whelan, V.G.. rector; Rev H. Kllard, assis- 
tant. Services: Sunday Masses, 7, 9, and 11 a.m.; 

Holy Days, 6, 8 and 9 a.m. Vesrjers and Bene- 
diction, 7 p.m. 
Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Italian), 186 William, 

Rev. A. T. Coughlan, C.S.S.R., pastor; Rev. D. 

Viglianti, C.S.S.R.; Rev. H. Bonomo, C.S.8.R. 
Sacred Heart, 438 King e. Rev. P. Lamarche, pastor. 

Rev. Edward Umarche, assistant. 
St. Agnes', Grace and Dundas sts (Italian), Ret. J. 

Bagnasco, pastor. 
St Ann's, cor Gcrrard e and Rolton av. Rev. T. 

O'Donnell, pastor Rev. T. Manley, Itcv. F. I'enny- 

legion, assistants. 
St. Anthony's, 126 Barlett av. Rev. J. J. McGrand, 

nastiir; Rev. J. McGrath, asst. 
St. Basil's. St. Joseph, in building of St. Michael'i 

College, Rev. T. J. Hayes, pastor; Rev. V. Murphy 



161 Annette Street 

Pastor, Rev. J. P. Treacy, D.D. 

Assistants, Revs. G. J. Culliton, Chas. Eiglin 

Sunday School at St. Cecelia's and St. 
James' Schools at 2.30 p.m. ; Holy Day 
. n, 7, . 9 a in.: Sunday Masses, 7.30, 
9.60, 11 a.m.; Vespers. 7.:)0 p.m. ; Bap- 
tisms, 2 p.m.; Week Day -Masses, 7 and h 
a.m. : Sodality M eetincs. 1st and 3rd Sun- 
days: Altar Society, 1st Sunday, 4 p.m.; 
''hristiiin .Mothers. 2nd Tuesday, 8 p.m. 
Organist, J. T. Hassan: rhoir Leader. Mr. 


St. Cecilia's, Pacific av. cor Annette, Rev. James P. 

TI;U'V, Castor; Htv. (',. CiiHilim, assistant. 


Cor. St. Clair and Westmount Avs. 

Sunday Masses. 8. 9.30. 11: Vespers, 7.20, 

Week Days, 7 to 8, Holy Days, 6 to 8 ; 

Sunday School, 3 p.m. ; Baptisms Sunday, 

2.30 p.m. 
Societies: Sadality. 1st Sunday; Holy Name. 

Jud Sunday: Christian Mothers, 3rd Sun- 

133 Westmount Ave. 

St. Clare. St. Clair ay. Rev. Edwd. McCabe. 
St. Clement's (Italian), Dufferin, Rev. J. Scafuro, pastor. 
St. Francis. Dundas w. Rev. IV. A. McCann. pastor; Rev. 
Wm. Fraser, Rev. A. T. Clancy, assistants. 


1680 Dundas Street West 

Pastor, Rev. James Walsh 
Assistants, Revs. D. O.' Connor and A. Lellia 

Sunday Masses, 7.30, 8.30, 9.45, 11 a.m.; Bap- 
tisms, 2 p.m.; Evening Devotions, 7 p.m.; 
Catechism Class, 3 p.m.; Society Meetings, 
3 p.m. ; Holy Day Masses, 6, 7, 8 and 9 
a.m. ; Week Day Masses, 7 and 8 a.m. 



Helen's, 1688 Uimdas west. Rev. James Walsh, 

pastor; Rev. D. O'Connor, asst. and Rev. Father 

A. Lellies. 

John's, 786 Kingston rd, Rev. G. A. Williams, 

pastor; RCT. W. D. Muckle, asst. Services; Sunday 

Masses, 7.30, 8.30, 9.30 and 11 a.m. Evening 

Service, 7.30 p.m. 
St. John's, Weston, Rev. Arthur J. Staley. 
St. Josaphat's (Ruthonian), Rev. M. Ircharis, 143 

Franklin av, pastor. 
St. Joseph's 172 Leslie, Rev. Arthur 0'I.ear?, pastor; 

ltd. Ed. Canning, asst. 
St. Leo. Mimico. Rev. Geo. E. Doherty. 
St Mary's, ."> McDonnell si). Rev J A. Trayling. pastor; 

Ktv. M. Carroll, Rev. T. Battle, assts. 
Nativity B.V.M. (Polish), 2014 Davenport rd, Rev. B. 

Sperskl, pastor. 
St. Monica's, 40 Broadway av, Ret. J. B. Dollard, pastor. 


141 McCaul St., near Dundas St. 

Redemptorist Fathers 
Rev. A. T. Coughlan, Provincial 

Rev. Edward Walsh, "Rector 
Sunday Masses, 7, 8, 9.30 and 11 a.m.; 
Evening Devotions, 7.30 p.m.; Week Day 
Masses, 6, 7, and 8 a.m.; Holy Day Masses, 
5.30, 6.30, 8 and 9 a.m. 

St. Patrick's. 141 McCaul (Rcdemptorists), Very Rev. 
Patrick Mulhall, provincial; Rev. Arthur T. Cough- 
Ian, rector; Rev. Simon Grojan, Rev. T. 0. Sullivan, 
Rer. Jos. McLaughlin, Rev. Andrew McCann, Rev. 
A. Carney, Rev. J. F. Coghlan, Rev. J. Cloran, and 
Rev. Joseph Sholly, assistants. 

St. Paul's, 83 Power, Very Rev. Dean J. L. Hand, 
pastor; Rev. R. Miller, and Rev. M. O'Farrell, 


Bloor and Markham Sts. 

Conducted by Paulist Fathers. Res. 643 
Markham St. 

Sunday Services Masses 7, 8, 9, 10 and 
11 o'clock A.M. 

Kvening Services 7.30 p.m. 
P>aptisms 4 p.m. 

Bt. Peter's, n e cor Bloor and Markham (Paulist), 
Rev. M. J. Carey, pastor; Rev. J. H. Sullivan. 
Rev. James Noon, Rev. L. O'Hara, assistants. 

St. Sfnislans (Polish). Rev. L Blum, pastor. 


S. E. cor. RoncesvaJles and Westminster 

Rector, Rev. L. Minehan 

Sunday Masses 8.00 and 10.30 a.m. ; Even- 
ing 'Devotions, 7.30 p.m.; Sunday School, 
2.30 p.m.; Baptisms 4 p.m.; Lenten Advent, 
May and October; Devotions, Wednesday 
and Friday evenings, 7.LJO p.m. 

St. Vincent de Paul's, cor Roncesvalles and Westminster 

avs, Rev. L. Minehan, rector. 
Jeanne P'Arc, cor Ed and Dundas west. Rev. R. 

Lussier. pastor. 

St. John Maron, Victoria, Rev. A. Muir, pastor. 
Newman Hall, 97 St. Joseph, Hef. Thw. F. Ryder, 

C.S.P., pastor. 
Corpus Christ! Parish Church, Loekwood av, near Queen e, 

Rev. Fr. McUrath, pastor. 
St. Brigiii's Church, filebemount St.. near Panforth. 

Rev. James Hayes, pastor. 
Christian Church, 693 Bathurst 
New Jerusalem Church, 523 College 


Ascot Avenue Gospel Hall, 2nd north of St. Clair , 

near Dufferin St. 
Lansdowne Avenue Gospel Hall, 704 Lansdowne IT, 

north of Wallace av. 

Maranatha Hall, 783 College st, cor Shaw st. 
Playter's Hall, cor Broadview and Danforth are. 

Communications to 133 Hampton av. Phone 

Gerrard 959. 




St. George St., cor. Lowther Ave. 

Belt Line or Bloor Cars 


11 a.m. and 7 p.m. 
Sunday School 11 a.m. 


Wednesday, 8 p.m. 


1010 Lumsden Blclg., Adelaide & Yonge 
Open 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily 

First Church of Christ, St. (ieorge. cor Lowther av. 


Cor. University Ave. and Caer Howell St. 


Wednesday Service, 8 p.m., includes 

testimonies of healing. 

Convenient Car Lines, Dundas or Carlton. 

9.30 A.M. TO 5.30 P.M. 


Second ChuicU df Christ, tor I'niversity av and Caer 

Advent Christian, n e cor Montrose av and College., Rev. 

Adam II. Kearney. 

African Methodist Episcopal, 183 University T. 
Apostolic Faith Church, 214 Delaware av. 
Catholic Apostolic. 31 Gould, A. J. W. McMichael, 
40 Huntley, pastor. 



Cecil St. Church of Christ, 58 Cecil. 

Christian Synagogue, cor Elm and Elizabeth ts, Her. 

S. B. liohold. 

Christian Workers Church, 276 Bathurst. 
First Chinese Christian Church, 138 Richmond w. 
First Church of Christ (Scientist), St. George, eor 

Lowther av. 
First Church of the Christian Association, 494 Ontario 

near Carlton 

Free Methodist, 224 Broadview at 
Friends, 107-111 Maitland. 
Gospel Tabernacle, Sheridan av, between College and 

Grace Church Evangelical Assn, cor Dundas w aid Con 

dree* Church, 170 Jarvis. 





Cor. Elm Grove and Melbourne Av. 
Pastor, REV. K. E. ALDEN, B.A., B.Tk. 

Sunday Services: Preaching 11 a.m., Sun- 
day School 3 p.m. 

Wednesday Service: Class for the Study 
of Swedenborg's Works, 7.45 p.m. 

Visitors welcome at these services. 

Olivet Church of the New Jerusalem, cor Elm Grote 

and Melbourne av, E. Robert Cronlund, 32 Sprini 

hurst av, pastor. 

Parkdale Tabernacle, 1239-1241 Queen w.. 
Plymouth Brethren, 194 Broadview av and 102 Bird v. 
Protestant Episcopal (Christ Church), College, cor 

Lippincott, Rt. Rev. Willard Brewing, rector. 
Reformed Presbyterian, n s Bloor. near Sherbourne 

Rev. Saml. Dempster. 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 

23-25 Soho and 223 Soudan av 
Russian Orthodox (Resurrection of Christ), 310 Royce v 
Seventh Day Adventists, 1 Awde, cor Dufferin. 
Tabernacle Church, w s Markham, near Bloor w, Ibzan 

R. Dean, pastor. 

Theosophists (See Miscellaneous Societies). 
Third Church of Christ (Scientist), University T. 

s w cor cf Caer Honell. 

Toronto Evangelical Church of the Deaf, 110 Collet* 
Unitarian, 216 Jams. 
Welsh Church. Orange Hall (cor College and Euclid iv) 

D'Donnell, pastor; Rev. John Egaa, Rev. F. 


Baptist Home Missions Office, 223 Church 

Baptist Mission, 34 Bickle av and 114 Pape i 

Baptist Rescue Mission. 124 York. 

Bethel Mennonite. 189 Brunswick av. 

Bible Truth Mission, 120 Brandon av. 

Brock Avenue People's Mission (Independent), 668 Brock 
av., near Bloor. 

Canadian Church Missionary Society, Rev. T R O'Meara 
sec, Wycliffe College. 

Central Gospel Hall, Brunswick and Sussex avs 

Central Mission Hall, 22 Laplante av. 

China Inland Mission, 507 Church F. F. Helmir. 

Christian Workers' Mission, 8 Robert, Rev. Geo E 

Church of Uie Advent Mission, Runnymede, cor St. Cltlr 
av w. 

Church of the Resurrection, Cedarvale. 

Davisville Gospel Mission, 97 Balliol. 

East End Mission. 562 Jones av. 

East Toronto Gospel Hall, n s Swanwick av. 

Evangelia Settlement, n e cor Queen e and River. 

Fred Victor Mission and City Mission, cor Jarvis and 
Queen e. T. W. Neul, suit., Rev. Wesley A. 
Hunnisett, pnstor. 

Qlenmnunt Methodist Mission, cor Gerrard and Golf- 
view av. 

Gospel Hall, 19 Ascot av, Earlscourt. 

Gospel Hall, 934 Gerrard e. 

Grace and Truth Mission, 189 Westmoreland av. 

Haven and Prison Gate Mission. 320 Seaton. 

Holiness Movement Mission, 347 St John's rd 

Homestead Hall, 1010 Pape av. 

Jewish Mission, Rev. D. B. Longford, snpt, 91 Bellerue 

Jewish Synagogue. 48 Centre av, and 93 University av 

King's Mission, The, 193 Queen e. 

l.eper Mission, room 409, 12 Richmond e 

Lighthouse Mission Hall, Richmond w. cor Bathurst 

Macedonian Missions, 162-6 and 250 Parliament. 

Mennonite Brethren in Christ Mission, 562 Jones ar. 

Pentecostal Missions, 375 Parliament and 218 Con- 
cord av. 

People's Gospel Mission. 152 Eglinton av e. 

A Hearty Welcome 
to All. 




HEADQUARTERS Albert St., Lieut.-Col. 
Wm. Morehen, Divisional Commander; 
Staff Capt. Knight, Young People's Sec- 
retary. Phone Main 7920. 

TORONTO No. 1 CORPS Tecumseth and 
Queen St. W.. Capts. Coull and Chivers, 

47 Gore Vale; Coll. 3160. 

TORONTO No. 2 CORPS Lippincott and 
Ulster Sts., Adjutant and Mrs. Galwav, 
77 Ulster; Coll. 5980. 

TORONTO No. 3 CORPS Lisgar and Queen 
St. W., Commandant and .Mrs. Cameron. 

48 Afton Ave.; Parkdale 4784. 

TORONTO No. 4 CORPS 26 Davenport Rd. 
Officer* in Charge Adjutant and Mrs. White. 
Address of Officers' Quarters 103 Cumber- 
land St., Phone North 5497. 

List of Public Meetings Sunday, 11 a.m., 3 
p.m., and 7 p.m. Week night, Wednesday, 
8 p.m.; Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 3 p.m., 
Company Meeting; Monday, 7.30 p.m., Life 
Saving Guards; Friday, 7.30 p.m., Life 
Saving Scouts. 

TORONTO No. 5 CORPS Riverdale, 312 
Broadview Av., Adjutant and Mrs. Snow- 
don, 312 Broadview Ave; Gerrard 7(> 

Albert St. 

Officers in Charge Commandant and Mrs. 

Address of Officers' Quarters 104 Ann St., 
Phone Main 7660. 

List of Public Meetings Sunday, 11 a.m., 3 
p.m., and 7 p.m. Week night, Monday, S 
p.m.; Wednesday, 8 p.m.; Friday, 8 p.m.; 
Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 3 p m., 
Company Meeting; Monday, 7.30 p.m., Life 
Saving Guards. 

TORONTO No. 7 CORPS 859 Dovercourt 
Rd., Ensign and Mrs. Leach, 859 Dover- 
court Rd.; Kenwood 668 

and Dundas St. E. 

Officers in Charge Captain M. Thomas and 
Lieut. Edwards. 

Mailing Address 304 Parliament St., Phone 
Main 5731. 

List of Public Meetings Sunday, 7 a.m., 11 
a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Week night, Wed- 
nesday, 8 p.m. ; Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 2 p.m., 
Company Meeting; Monday, 7.30 p.m., Life 
Saving Scouts; Thursday, 7.30 p.m., Life 
Saving Guards; Friday, 7 p.m.. Band of 

TORONTO No. 9 CORPS West Toronto, 
Keele and Dundas Sts., Captain and Mrs. 
Curry, 96 Annette St. ; Junction 6697. 

TORONTO No. 10 CORPS 2196 Gerrard 
Street E. 

Officers in Charge Captain Gage and Lieut. 

Address of Officers' Quarters 164A Main St 
Phone Beach 4233. 

List of Public Meetings Sunday, 11 a.m., 7 
p.m. Week night, Wednesd'ay, 8 p.m.; 
Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 10 a.m., 
Directory Class; 3 p.m., Company Meet- 
ing; Monday, 7.30 p.m., Life Saving 
Scouts; Tuesday, 6.45 p.m., Band of Love; 
Thursday, 7.45 p.m., Life Saving Guards. 

TORONTO No. 11 CORPS Wychwood, Van- 
ghan Rd., Adjutant and Mrs. Green, IDA 
Vaughan Rd. ; Hillcrest 6378. 

TORONTO No. 12 CORPS 916 Logan Ave 

Officer in Charge Ensign Frank Ham. 

Address of Officers' Quarters 25 Pretoria 
Ave., Phone Gerrard 3852. 

List of Public Meetings Sunday, 11 a.m., 
3.30 p.m., 7 p.m. Week nights, Wednesday' 
8 p.m., Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 10.15 am 
Directory Class; 2.30 p.m., Company Meet- 
ing; Monday, 7.30 p.m., Life Saving 
Scouts ; Tuesday, 7.30 p.m., Life Saving 
Guards; Friday, 7 p.m., Band of Love. 

TORONTO No. 13 CORPS 236 Rhodes Ave. 

Officers in Charge Capt. Walker and Lieut 

Address of Officers' Quarters 31fi Morlev 
Ave., Phone Gerrard 5785. 
List of Public Meetings Sunday, 11 a m , 
and 7 p.m. Week night, Wednesday 8 
p.m.; Saturday, 8 p.m. 

Young People's Meetings Sunday, 3 p m 
Company Meeting; Monday, 8 p.m Life 
Saving Guards; Tuesday, 6.30 p.m. Band 
of Love; Thursday, 8 p.m., Life Savin- 

TORONTO No. 14 CORPS Earlscourt, St 
,Tr Ave ' EDS 'S n and Mrs. Parsons, 
100 Harvie Av.; Kenwood 1958 

TORONTO No. 15 CORPS North Toronto, 
Kgl inton Ave., Ensign and Mrs. Martin! 
55 Holly St.. Helmont 2166. 

TORONTO No. 16 CORPS 666 Brock Ave.. 
Adjutant and Mrs. Forbes, 666 Brork 
Ave.; Kenwood 3700. 

TORONTO No. 17 CORPS Fairbank, Harvi,- 
Ave., Captain Ida Leach, 114 Branston.. 

TORONTO No. 18 CORPS Mimico Ave., Cap- 
tain Wilson and Lieut. Hatton, Mimico 

TORONTO No. 19 CORPS Byng Ave.. Dan- 
forth E., Captain Boblitt and Lieut. 
Peasey, S. A. Hall. Byng Ave., Danforth 

Public Salvation Meeting at each of the 
above Halls Sunday at 11 a.m., 3 p.m.. 7 p.m. 
Sunday School, 10 a.m., 2 p.m. 

Week Night Meetings, see 1". 



Presbyterian Church Home Mission, office Confederation 
Life Building, Rev. John II. Edmison, sec. 

Presbyterian Jewish Mission. 165-167 Elizabeth Her 

S. B. Rohold, supt. 
St. dud's Mission. liiPS Dufferin. 

St. Clement's Mission, 38 Bowood av. 

Salvation Army (for full information see alphabetical 


Brown's Hall, 964 Bloor St. W. 

REV. A. H. KEARNEY, Supt., 675 Shaw St. 

Sunday Services: Sunday School, 10 a.m.; 
Preaching, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Prayer Service at 675 Shaw St., Wednes- 
day. 8 p.m. 

A cordial invitation to all. 

Second Advtntist Mission, 964 Bloor w 

Sudan Interior Mission, 858 College 

Toronto City Mission, Rev. Robt Hall, supt, office 87 


Toronto City Mission, office 87 Howard, A. C. Paull, sec. 
Toronto Mission Union. 22 Laplante at; branch 203 Saci- 


Trinity Pentecostal Mission. 7-1" McOill. 
Union Mission. 399 Merton. 
United Brethren (Earlscourt) . 
Welcome Mission, 343 King w, J. S. Cresswell Wtlcol, 


Yonge Street Mission. 381 Yonge; John C. Dails, supt. 
Zenana Bible Medical Mission, 14 Selby. 

179 Gerrard East 
Miss T. A. Connell, head deaconess. 

Jean McDonald, superintendent, 60 Grosvenor. 



St. Clair Ave. W., Cor. Avenue Rd. 
Hiram Hull, supt. 

ilanlan's Point, Toronto Island. 

High Park, n s Queen w, w of city limits. 

Island Park, Island, opp foot of Yonge. 

Ketchum Park, w s Ketchum av. 

Kew Gardens. 1993-2161 Queen e. 

Leslie Grove Park, n s Queen e, cor Jones ar. 

Memorial Park, after 708 Lake Shore av, Toronto Island. 

Moss Park, w s Sherbourne, bet Queen and Shuter. 

North Toronto Water Works Park, head of Sherwood ar. 

O'Neill Playgrounds, St. David, s w cor Regent. 

Osier Playgrounds for Boys and Girls, 78-90 Humbert, 

and 109-121 Argyle. 

Perth Avenue Square, cor Perth av and Antler. 
Queen's Park, hd University av. 

Ramsden Park, t s Yonge, bet Wadsworth pi and Townsley. 
Reservoir Park, n s Summertiill av. 
Riverdale Park, bounded by Winchester, Sumach, Carlton, 

Gerrard e and Broadview at. 
Chester and Sumach. 

Main entrance Win- 

Rosedale Ravine Drive, entrance n of 935 Yonje and 
head of Winchester. 

St. James' Square, bounded by Church, Gerrard e, Gould 
and Victoria streets. 

St. Lawrence Square, s I Eastern at, bet Cherry and 
Worts av. 

Scarboro Beach, s of Queen e. bet Leuty and Maclean an 

Simcoe Park, ft of Cherry, e of Fisherman's Island 

Stanley Park, bet 858 and 910 King w. 

University of Toronto Athletic Field, Bloor w and Devon- 
shire pi. 

Uttley Park, n s Glenlake, bet Keele and Oakmount dr 

Victoria Square, bet Bathurst, Portland, Stewart and 



Loretto, 140 Wellesley. 

Loretto Abbey, 403 Wellington w. 

Precious Blood, 113 St. Joseph. 

St. John the Divine, Sisters of (Anglican). 36-38 Major. 

St. Joseph. St. Albans. cor Surrey pi. 

St. Mary, 142-48 Bathurst . 


Monastery of Our Lady of Charity, 14 West Lodge av. 
Monastery of Redemptorist Fathers, 141 McCaul. 


Garrison, e s Strachan av, near foot. 

Humbervale. s of Bloor, near the Humber. 

Jewish. 317 Papc av, 462-478 Jones av, and Rose- 
lawn av. west of Avenue rd. 

Mount Hope, hd Erskine at. office 200 Church. 

Mount Pleasant. 1645 Yonge 

Necropolis. Winchester, cor Sumach. 

Prospect. Tififi-Hlif; St. Clair av west. 

St. James, e s Parliament, bet Wellesley and Howard. 

st John's. Woodbine av and Kingston road. 

St. Michael's, 1418 Yonge; Patrick Crean, supt; offlce 
200 Church. 


Alexandra Park, e s Bathurst, bet Queen w and Dundas w 
Allan Gardens, bounded by Carlton, Sherbourne, Gerrard 

east and Horticultural av. 
Baird Park, Keele and Humberside. 
Balmy Beach Park, ft of Beech av and Lake Front. 
Bellwoods Park, s s Dundas w, bet Bellwoods it and 


Carleton Park, e s Edwin, cor Edith at. 
Cborley Park, Provincial Government Grounds, head of 

Douglas and Roiborough drives, Rosedale. 
City Park. Lake, bet Yonge and Bay. 
Clarence Sq, e s Spadina at, i of King west. 

s s Denison sq, bet Augusta and Belle- 

Denison Park, 

vue avs. 
Dovercourt Park, bet Westmoreland and Bartlett an 

of Hallam. 

Dufferin Park, 880 DufTertn. 
Exhibition Park, foot of Dufferin. 


Walmer Park. Walmer rd, cor Lowther at. 
Willowvale Park, Bloor w, between Christie and Crawford 
Withrow Park, bet Logan and Carlaw avs, n of Baia tt. 


Academy Hall. 124S Bloor it- 
Adelaide Building. 119 Adelaide w. 

Adelaide Chambers, 60% Adelaide e 

Administration Building, 155 College. 

Advertising Building, 74-76 Church. 

Aladdin Building. 2UX-2KI King w 

Albert Hall, 221 Broadview av. 

Alexander Memorial Hall, 190 Dovercourt rd 

Alexandria Block, 281-291 College. 

Alhambra Hall, 450 Spadina av. 

Allan Building, 51-55 Bay. 

Anderson Building. 284 King w. 

Ansley-Dineen Bids., 108 Wellington w. 

Ardell Building. 29 Temperance. 

Arlington Chambers, 60 Yonge. 

Armouries, University av, n Osgoode Hall. 

Armstrong's Hall, 269 Pape av. 

Art Gallery of Toronto, 341-343 Dundas w 

Athena Building, 163^-165% Church. ' 

Auto Strop Bldg., 91 Duke. 

Avenue Chambers, 274 College . 

Bank of British North America Bldg., 2-4 Wellington i 
Bank of Commerce Bldg.. 21-25 King w. 

Bank of Hamilton Apartments, 18 Heiutzman 
Bank of Hamilton Bldg., 61-67 Yonge I 
Bank of Hamilton Chambers, 378-80 Queen w 

Bankers Bind Bldg., 60 King w. 
Biological Museum, w s Queen's Park. 
Board of Trade Bldg., 31 Yonge. 
Bon Accord Building 42 Church. 
Bond Building, 68 Temperance. 
Bowles Building, Bay, s e cor Queen. 
British America Assurance Building, 28 Scott 
Broadway Hall. 450 Spadina at. 
Brown's Hall, 962 Bloor w. 
Burgess Building. 33-39 Adelaide w. 
Burnside Building, 9 Wellington e 
Brunswick Block, 356-370 College.' 
Burk Buildings, 87 Richmond w. 
Canada Life Building. 42-46 King w. 
Canada Permanent Building, 14-20 Toronto 
Canadian Building, 84 Victoria. 
Canadian Foresters Building. 22 College 
Canadian Mortgage Investment Bldg, 10 Adelaide & 
Canadian Northern Building, 1 Toronto 
C. P. R. Building, 69 Yonge. 
Canadian Savings Chambers, 41-45 Adelaide e 
Carlaw Buiding, 28-30 Welington w. 
Carlton Chambers, 1 Carlton 
Carrick Building, 64 Temperance 
Carty Building, 4 Albert. 
Central Gospel Hall, Brunswick at and Sussex at 
Central Mission Hall, 22 Laplante av. 
City Hall, Queen w, opp Bay. 

City Lavatories, Dundas cor Lansdowne av. Queen e eoi 
Broadview at. Queen e cor Parliament, Queen w cor 
Spadina at, Toronto at Adelaide e, and 948 Keele 
City Registry Office, 90-106 Albert. 
Clarendon Building, 25-27 Richmond w 
Clover Hill Hall. 40 St. Joseph. 

Cobalt Bldg., 145 Wellington w. 

Colonial Building, 47-51 King w. 

Colvln Hall, 2875 Dundas w. 

Commercial Tratellers' Building, 51 Yonge 

Comstock Building, 73-77 Victoria. 

Confederation Life Building, 4 and 12 Richmond e 

Confederation Life Building (Annex), 7 Queen e 

Confederation Life Chambers, 17 Queen e 

Continental Building, 259 Spadina at 

Continental Life Bulldine, 157 Bay 

Cosgrave Building, 167 Yonge. 

County of York Municipal Hall, 57 Adelaide e 

County Orange Hall, 10 Berti. 

Cowan Building, 298 Richmond w. 

Cronyn Building, 71 Bay. 

Crown Life Building, 59 Yonge. 

Crown Office Building, 26 Queen e 

Crowther Building, 166 Bay. 

Cumberland Hall, Cumberland, cor Yonge 

Curry Block, 269 College. 

Custom House Buildings, Front.sw cor Vonje and 90S Keel* 

Customs Examining Warehouse. Esplanade a w eor Yonge. 

Cuthbertson Building, 282-284 Yonge. 

Daniel Building, 8-10 Wellington e 

Darling Building, 96-104 Spadina at. 

Jignum Building, 20-22 Wellington w. 

lineen Building, 4 Temperance. 

Jinnick Building, 10-12 King e. 

)oherty Building, 310-316 Spadina at. 

Dominion Bank Building, 2 Melinda and 66-74 Yonse 

Dominion Building, 70 Victoria. 

)ominion Chambers, 449 Spadina at. 
tomlnioo Hall, 1000 Queen w. 
)overcourt Citadel (S.A.), 789 Dovercourt rd 
Dovercourt Hall, 962% Bloor w. 
lunlop Building. 12-14 Adelaide w 
impire Building, 58-64 Wellington w 
Equity Chambers, 22-24 Adelaide e 
Evangel Hall, 573 Queen w 

Excelsior Life Building, 36 Toronto and 59-61 Victoria 
Exchange Building, Union Stock Yards, w I Keele 
Federal Block, 65-67 Victoria 
Finland Society Hall, 44 Mitchell av. 
Finnish Hall, 214 Adelaide w. 
Fitzgerald Building, 122 Richmond w. 
Foresters' Temple (I.O.F.), Bay, n w cor Richmond . 
Foy Building, 32-34 Front w. 
Franklin Chambers, 31 Queen w. 
Freemasons' Hall Ltd, 491-493 College 
Fremes Building, 333 Adelaide w. 
Frontwell Building. 45-47 Wellington e and 50 Front e 
Gage Bids., 58 Front v. 
Gelber Building, 221-22 Richmond 
Globe Building, 64 Yonge. 
Gooderham Building, 49 Wellington e 
Goodyear Building, 154 Simcoe. 
Government House, head of Douglas and Roxborough 

drives, Rosedale. 

Grace and Truth Mission Hall, 189 Westmoreland av 
Graphic Art Building, 71-75 Richmond w 
Gray Building, 24 Wellington w. 
Hamilton Trust Building, 57-65 Queen w 
Hargraft Building. 43 Scott. 
Hees Building, 52 Bay. 
Heintzman Building. 195 Yonge. 
Henry Building. 240-246 Richmond w. 
Hermant Building, 21 Dundas e. 
Hermant Annex, 254-258 Victoria 
Hillcrest Hall. 801 Yonge. 
Hobberlin Building. 366-378 Adelaide w 
Hotlinrake Building, 100-102 Church. 
Home Bank Building. 8-10 King w, Queen w n e cor 

Bathurst, and 530 Bloor w. 
Household Science Building (Tor Univ), i i Bloor 

cor Queen's Park. 
Hyland Building, 39 Queen w. 
Imperial Bank Bldg, 2 Leader la. 
Imperial Bank Chambers, Queen w, cor Roncemllei a'v 
Imperial Chambers. 32-34 Adelaide . 
Imperial Life Building, 16-22 Victoria 
Imperial Loan Building, 37 Yonge 
Imperial Oil Bldg, 56-60 Church. 
Imperial Trusts Building, 15 Richmond w 
Industrial Exhibition Buildings, Dufferin i of King 
Inland Revenue Building, 10-12 Toronto 
lackson Hall, 731 Yonge. 
larvls Building. 99-103 Bay 
Kenllworth Hall, 109 Kenilworth at. 
Cent Building. 156-158 Yonge. 
Cenwood Hall, 1651 Dufferin 
Cetchum Hall. 39-43 Datenport rd. 
Ceystone Building. 96 King w. 
(ing Building. 122-130 Wellington w. 
ling's Halls, 106 Dovercourt rd and 1092 Queen w 
Cnights of Columbus Hall, cor Sherbonrne and Linden 
Knoi Building, 84-86 Wellington w. 
,abor Temple. 167-9 Church. 

.and Security Chambers, 34 Victoria and 23 Adelaide i. 
>"der Lane Chambers, 14 Leader la. 



Locksley Hall, 1268 King w. 

Lombard Building, 70 Lombard. 

London & Lancashiie BIdg., 61-65 Adelaide e. 

Lowes Building, 90 Sherbotirae. 

Lumsden Building, 6 Adelaide e. 

Maclean Building, 345-349 Adelaide w. 

MacMlllan Building, 70 Bond. 

Mall Building. 106-110 Bay. 

Manchester Building, 29-33 Melinda. 

Manning Arcade. 24-28 King w. 

Manning Building, 59-61 Wellington w. 

Manning Chambers, 68-78 Queen w. 

Marantha Hall, 783 College. 

Masonic Halls, Temple Building. 4 Bolton a, 2 Glouces- 
ter, 491-493 College, 888 and 2253 Yonge, 51-53 
. Balsam av, Gerrard cor Main, and 793 Gerrard e. 
Massey Music Hall, cor Shuter and Victoria. 
McCormlck's Hall, 163 Brock av. 
McGee Building, 93 Yonge. 
McKinnon Building, 17-23 Melinda. 
McLelland Buildng, 81 Victoiia. 
McMaster Hall, s s Bloor, w of Avenue rd. 
Merchants' Bank Chambers, 15 Wellington w. 
Merchants' Fire Building, 86 Adelaide e. 
Merrill Building, 93 Church. 
Metropolitan Assembly Rooms, 245-249 College. 
Miln BIdg., 6-10 Johnson. 
Monarch Building. 26-28 Adelaide w. 
Mullins Hall, 1284 Bloor w. 
Murray Building, 192-194 Spadina av 
Museum Building (Tor Univ), s s Bloor w, cor Queen's PI 
Musicians' Building, 24 University a?. 
National Life Chambers, 25 Toronto. 
National Trust Building, 18-22 King e. 
Newell Building, 90 Ontario. 
Nicholls Building, 220 King w. 
Nicholson Block, 97 Pape at. 
Nordheimer Building 4 Albert and 75-77 York. 
Normal School Buildings, St. James' sq. 
North American Life Building, 112-118 King w. 
North British and Mercantile Chambers, 26 Wellington . 
North Chambers, 65 Bloor w. 
Northern Crown Bank Building, 34 King w. 
Norwich Union Building, 12-14 Wellington e. 
Occident Building, 175 Bathurst. 
Ocean Insurance Building, 2-6 King w. 
Oddfellows' Buildings, 229 College, 404 Bathurst, 125 
Broadview av, Gerrard e cor Main, and 186A Wal- 
lace av. 

Ogilvie Building, 63 Bay. 
O'Neill's Societies' BIdg., 184-186 Parliament. 
Orange Halls, Euclid ay, n w cor College, 182 Rhodes 

av, and 2512 Yonge. 
Osgoode Hall, Queen w. cor University ay. 
Pacific Building, 23 Scott and 26-28 Front e. 
Page Buildings, 1(>; J > Kin^ e. 
Parkdale Assembly Hall, 4 Lansdowne av. 
I'arkdale Tabernacle, 12S9-1241 Queen w. 
Parliament Buildings. Queen's Park. 
Paul Building, 72-74 Bay. 
Pearson Chambers, 17% Adelaide e. 
Peterkin Building, 152-154 Bay. 
Phoenix Building, 43 Victoria. 
Playter's Society Hall. 3 Danforth ay. 
Post Office Building, 36-42 Adelaide e. 
I'0'.ilton's Hall, Queen e, cor Bolton ay. 
Prince George Block, King, s e cor York. 
Public Library Bldgs., see Libraries 
Pullan Building 69 Bay. 
I'urman Building, 263 Adelaide w. 
Quebec B*nk Chambers, 2 Toronto. 
Queen City Chambers, 32 Church. 
Registry Office (City). 90-106 Albert 
Reid l.uiiding, 266-268 King w 
Reliance Building, 7S-8S Kins e. 
Richmond Bldgs., 29-37 Richmond . 
Richmond Chambers. 11 Richmond w. 
Riverdale Masonic Hall, 793-795 Gerrard e. 
Rocklantl Building. 18-22 Duncan. 
Rogers Building, 63-71 Wellington . 
Remain Building, 83-93 King w 
Royal Bank Building, 2-8 King t. 
Royal Bank Chambers, 79 Spadina ay. 
Itoyal Canadian Institute BIdg., 198 College. 
Royal Insurance Building, 27-29 Wellington e 
Royal Templars' Hall, 1087 Queen w. 
Ryrie Building, 225-229 Yonge. 
St. Andrew's Hall, s s Richmond w, opp Augusta ty 
St. Anne's Parish Hall, 651 Dufferln 
St. George's Hall. 14-16 Elm. 
St. James' Chambers, C9-79 Adelaide e. 
St. James' Hall, 2971 Dundas w 
St. James' Parish Hall, 65 Church. 
St. Lawrence Market, between Jarvis and West Market, 

n and s of Front east. 

St. Ledger Hall, Queen w, cor Denison ay. 
St. Patrick's Market, 236-238 Queen w 
St. Paul's Hall. 858 Yonge. 
Sf. Paul's Parish Hall, 412 Queen e 

St. Stephen's Men's Building, 359 College. 

St. Vincent's Hall, 25 Shuter. 

Samuel Building, 425-439 King . 

Samuel & Benjamin Building, 468-474 King w. 

Security Life BIdg., 37 Yonge. 

Silverthorn Hall. 330 Silverthorn av 

Slocum Building, 193 Spadina a. 

Snell's Hall, cor Gerrard e and Main. 

Sons of England Hall, 58 Richmond e, and 108 

Bowood av. 

Stair Building, 123 Bay 
Standard Bank Building, 15-19 King w. 
standard Bank Chambers, 155 King e. 
Standard Reliance Building, 80-88 King e. 
Standard Stock Exchange Building, 56 King . 
Star Building, 18-20 King w. 
Stevenson Building, 110-112 Church. 
Strathy Chambers, 125 Simcoe. 
Summerfeldt Hall, 1076 Dovercourt rd. 
Sun Insurance Building, 15 Wellington e. 
Sun Life Building, 54-56 Victoria. 
Tanner-Gates Building, 26-28 Adelaide w 
Telegram Building, 81 Bay. 
Telegraph Building, 17 Wellington e. 
Telephone Building, 76 Adelaide w. 
Temple Building, 62-76 Richmond w. 
Temple Chambers, 21-23 Toronto. 
Temple-Paulson Building, 243 College. 
Teraulay Chambers, 10% Teraulay. 
Textile Building, w s Mincing lane. 
Tip Top Tailors Building, 256 Richmond w. 
Toronto Arcade, 135 Yonge and 74 Victoria. 
Toronto General Trusts Building, 85-93 Bay. 
Toronto Mortgage Co, Chambers, 15 Toronto. 
Toronto Railway Chambers, 92 King e. 
Traders Bank Annex, 6-8 Colborne. 
Trusts and Guarantee Building, 16 King w. 
Truth Building, 73 Adelaide w. 
Tyrrell Building, 95-97 King e. 
Underwood Building. 135 Victoria. 
Union Bank Chambers, 53 King w. 
Union Station, s s Front, between York and Simcoe. 
University of Toronto, Queen's Park 
Victoria Hall, 53-59 Queen e. 
Webster Building, 53 Yonge. 
Western Buildings. 16-20 Wellington e 
White Building, 83-87 Duke 
Willard Hall, 16 'Gerrard e. 
Wills Building, 90 Bay. 

Wilson Building, 67-71 Adelaide w and 707 Yonge. 
Wilson Warehouse Building, The, 00-62 Front w 
Winchester Hall, 55 Winchester. 
Williamson's Hall, 1388 Queen w. 
Y .M. C. A. Building, 40 College. 
Yonge Street Arcade (See Toronto Arcade). 
York Chambers, 9 Toronto. 


Boy Scouts Council for Ontario, 238 Bloor e, H. G. 
Hammond sec. 


Dominion Council Canada Girl Guides. 505, 22 College, 
Edith M. Mairs. sec. 


ciation, F N Stapleford, 189 Church, 
Phone Main 4075 



Grand Lodge of The Ancient, Free and Accepted 
Masons of Canada, in the Province of Ontario, meets 
at Toronto, Ont., on Wednesday, July 21st, 1920. 
M. \V. Bro. F. W. Harcourt, Toronto, G.M.; R W. 
Bro. W. N. Ponton. Belleville, D.O.M.; M. W Bro. E. T. 
Malone, Toronto, G. Treas.; K. W. Bro. W. M. Logan 
Hamilton. G. Sec. 

Toronto Lodges 

Acacia Lodge No. 430, G.R.C., meets In Masonic 
Hall, 2191 Gerrard e, third Monday. 

Antiquity, U.D., meets 2nd Wednesday. 888 Yonge. 

Alpha Lodge, No. 384, G.R.C., meets at Freemasons' 
Hall, College st. first Thursday, except July and August. 

Ashlar Lodge, No. 247, G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge, fourth Tuesday, except July and 

Beaches Lodge, The, No. 473 G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 51-53 Balsam av, second Friday. 

Canada Lodge, No. 532, G.R.C.. meets first Friday 
I Masonic Temple. 791 Gerrard e. 

Corinthian Lodge, No. 481, G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, fourth Monday. 

Coronati Lodge, No. 520, G.R.C., meets in Maosnie 
Temple, 791 Gerrard e, second Tuesday, except July 
and August. 

Doric Lodge, No. 316, G.B.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge st, third Thursday, except July 
and August. 

Dufferin Lodge, U.D., meets 2nd Thursdays, 888 
Yonge St 

Fidelity Lodge, meets 4th Monday, 888 Yonge St. 

General Mercer Lodge, No. 548, G.R.C., meets at 
Masonic Temple, Annette st, second Friday. 

Gcorgina Lodge, No. 343, G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge, first Saturday, except July and 

Harmony Lodge, No. 438, G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge st, fourth Monday. 

High Park Lodge, No. 531, G.R.C., meets third 
Thursday in Freemasons' Hall, College and Markham. 

Imperial Lodge, G. R. C., every fourth Monday, ex- 
cept July and August in Riverdale Masonic Hall, 7!)3- 
795 Gerrard e. 

Ionic Lodge, No. 25, G.R.C., meets in Masonic Temple, 
888 Yonge st, first Tuesday, except July, August and 

John Ross Robertson Lodge, No. 545, G.R.C., every 
third Tuesday except July and August in Masonic Temple, 
51 Balsam av. 

Kilwinning Lodge, No. 565, meets rird Tuesday, College 
and Markham. 

King Hiram Lodge, No. 556, meets 3rd Wednesday. 
College and Markham. 

King Solomon Lodge, No. 22, G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge st, second Thursday, except July and 

Metropolitan Lodge, No. 542, G.R.C., meets in York 
Masonic Hall every fourth Wednesday, except July and 

Mt. Sinai Lodge, No. 522 G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College St. second Tuesday, except July 
and August. 
Mimosa Lodge, U.D.. No. 2491, Gerrard e. 

Oakwood Lodge, U.D., G.R.C., meets second Monday, 
Masonic Hall, 2253 Yonge. 

Occident Lodge, No. 346, G.R.C., meets at Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, second Friday. 

Orient Lodge, No. 339, G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 791 Gerrard e, first Tuesday except July and 

Palestine Lodge, U.D., G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Temple, 888 Yonge, fourth Wednesday. 

Parkdale Lodge, No. 510, G.R.C.. meets second Friday 
in Merchants Bank Chambers, 1400 Queen w. 

Queen City Lodge, U.D., G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Hall, 793 Gerrard e, first Wednesday. 

Rehoboam Lodge, No. 65, G.R.C., meets in Temple 
BIdg., 888 Yonge st, first Thursday, except July and 

Riverdale Lodge, No. 494, G.R.C., meet in Masonic 
Temple, 793-795 Gerrard e, fourth Friday. 

St. Alban's Lodge, No. 514, G.C.R., meets In 
Temple BIdg., 888 Yonge st, third Monday. 

St. Andrew's Lodge, No. 16, G.R.C., meets in 
Temple BIdg., 888 Yonge st, second Tuesday, except 
July and August. 

St. Clair Lodge, U.D., Annette St. 
St Aidens Lodge, meets 3rd Thursday, Balsam ai 

St. George Lodge, No. 367, G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, first Friday, except July 
and August. 

St. John's Lodge. No. 75, G.R.C., meets in Temple 
BIdg., 888 Yonge st, first Monday 

Shamrock Lodge, No. 533, G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, third Tuesday, except July 
and August. 

Stanley Lodge, No. 426, G.R.C., meets at Mjsnnic 
Temple, Annette st, West Toronto, first Tuesday. 

Stevenson Lodge, No. 218, G.R.C., meets in Temple 
BIdg., 888 Yonge st, second Monday. 

Temple Lodge No. 525, G.R.C., meets fourth Tues- 
day in Masonic Temple, Annette st. 

Tuscan Lodge. No. 541, G.R.C., meets third Friday 
in Freemasons' Hall, College st. 

Ulster Lodge, No. 537, G.R.C., 'meets first Monday, 
except July and August, in Freemasons' Hall. College st. 

University Lodge, No. 496, G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, second Thursday. 

Victoria Lodge, No. 474, G.R.C.. Meets at Masonic 
Temple, Annette st, Third Tuesday, except June, July 
and August. 

Victory Lodge, The, No. 547, G.R.C.. meets in 
Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge st, second Wednesday. 

Wilson Lodge. No. 86, G.R.C., meets in Temple 
BIdg.,, 888 Yonge st, third Tuesday, except July 
and August. 

York Lodge, No. 156. G.R.C., meets in Masonic 
Hall. -22.13 Yonge st. third Friday. 




Zeta Lodge. No. 410, G.R.C., meets in Freemasons' 
Hall, College st, fourth Friday. 

Zetland Lodge. No. 326, G.R.C.. meets in Tempi* 
Building, 888 Yonge st, fourth Friday, except June, 
July and August. 


.Masonic Board of Relief, Bro. J. D. Keachie, sec- 
treas. Office 97 George St.. meets there at fall of the 

Past Masters' Association of the three Toronto 
districts meets four times a year, on dates arranged 
by the executive, in Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge 
st. V. W. Bro. Frank Sannders. 358 Concord av, Presi- 
dent; K. W. Bro. Henry T. Smith, 204 Montrose av, sec- 


Grand Ciiai'iir of I;. A. .Masuns nf Canada meets at 
London. Ont.. Feb. 23, 1921. 

M. Ex. Comp. IV. X. Punton, K.C., Belleville, Out. 
Grand Z. 

M. Ex. Comp A. S. Gorrell, M.D., Regini, Sask, 
I. P. Grand Z. 

R. Ex. Comp. H. S. Giffin, M.D., Hamilton. Ont., 
Grand 1! 

R. Ex. Corop. R. H. Spencer, Trenton, Ont., 
Grand J. 

M. Kx. Comp. George Moore, Hamilton, Ont., Grand 

li. Kx. Comp. Henry T. Smith, Toronto, Ont. Grand 
Scribe E. 

R. Ex. Comp. W. J. Wadsworth, Toronto, Ont., Grand 
Scribe X. 

8. Ex. Comp. T. F. Campbell, Gait, Out., Grand 
Principal Sojourner. 

R. Ex. Corop. D. R. Gibson, Hamilton, Ont., 
Grand Kegistw 

Ex. Comp. E. B. Brown, Toronto, Out., G. Hist. 

Antiquity R. A. C., No. 91, meets in Freemasons' 
Hall. Colleee st. fourth Wednesday. 

BeiwUfs R. A. C., No. 163, G.K.C., meets at Masonic 
Temple. Til -53 Balsam av, first Monday. 

King Solomon R. A. C., No. 8, G.R.C., meets in 
new Masonic Temple, 888 Yonee st, fourth Thursday. 

Mt Sinai R.A.M. No. 212. G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st, first Tuesday except July and 
August . 

Occident R. A. M., No. 77, meets in Freemasons' 
Hall, College st, first Kiiday. 

Orient R. A. C.. No. 79, meets at Riverdale Masonic 
Temple, 793 Gerrard e, second Thursday. 

St. Andrew's and St. John's R. A. C., No. 4, G.R.C., 
mwts in new Masonic Temple. 888 Yonge st, third Friday. 

St. Paul's R. A. C., No. 65, G.K.C., meets in new 
Masonic Temple, 888 Yonge st, second Wednesday. 

St. Patrick's R. A. C., No. 145. G.R.C., meets in 
new Masonic Temple, third Saturday. 

Shekinah R. A. C., No. 138. O.R.C., meets In 
Masonic Temple, Annette st. second Tuesday. 

Toronto, R. A. C., No. 185, G.R.C., meets in Free- 
masons' Hall, College st. third Monday. 

York R. A. C., No. 62, G.R.C., meets at Masonic 
Hall. 2233 Ynnje st, first Friday. 


Meets in Calgary Sovcreien Great Priory of Canada, 
1920. M. E. Sir Kt., Abraham Shaw, Kingston, S.O.M.; 
I!. E Sir Kt l. <;. li. Kuster. I'rov. Prior TnnilUn 

Cyrene Preeeptory No. 29, meets Masonic Temple, 
xSS Vun;c. first Wednesday; E. Sir lir. F. C. Becker, 
:!:m Ratlmrsr St.. Presiding Preceptor 

Geoffrey Dr. St Aldemar. No. 2. "meets at Masonic 
Temple. 888 Yonge St. second Friday; E. Sir Kt. 
W A ('!':](>, lit; Dongas Drive, Presiding Preceptor. 

Toronto Lodge of Perfection, meets Yonge, cor Glou- 
cester, second Monday. 



Meets in Masonic Hall. Temple Building, at call of 
III. Potentate. 


W. i;. i;.,H..w' 112 King St. West. Potentate: A. 
Ma.-uomh. Hi Jotinson. Toronto Recorder 


Directory of Toronto Councils 

No. IS Oddfellows' Hall, 404 Bathurst, fourth Mon- 

No. 44 Oddfellows' Hall. 404 Bathurst, first and 
third Thursday. Wm. Benson. 881 Queen w; C. C.. 

Miss C. E. Musgrove, 412 Brock ar, Recorder. 

No. 72 Orange Hall, cor Euclid av and College, 
first Friday. 

No. 83 Playters Hall, Danforth and Boviden, first and 
third Thursdays. 

No. 84 East Toronto, second and fourth Thursday. 

No. 86 Forum Hall, Yonge and Cerrard, first 

No. 102 Masonic Temple, Balsam at, first Tuesday. 

No 10::- T W. Cflnlan. Recorder, 270 Avenue rd. 

No! 168 Royal Templars' Building, cor Queen and 
Dovercourt rd, first and third Tuesday. 

No. 1T8 Orange Hall, Euclid av and College, lecond 
and fourth Monday. 

No. 202 O'Neill's Hall, Parliament and Queen e. 
first and third Friday. 

No. 205 Wardell Hall, Spadina av, second and 
fourth Tuesday. 

No. 214 Playters' Hall, Danforth and Bowden, first 
and third Tuesdays. 

No. 304 24 Alcina av; E. G. Walhara, recorder. 

No. 323 St. James Hall, Dundas st, first Tuesday. 

No. 333 Sovereign Hall, 805 Dovercourt rd, first 

No. 345 Dovercourt rd and Van Home, second 

No. 352 Parliament Buildings, first and third Mon- 

No. 368 Orange Hall, cor. Euclid & College, Room 
1, first Monday. 

No. 382 Little's Hall, Earlscourt, last Tuesday. 

No. 432 Masonic Hall, North Toronto, fourth Wed- 

No. 443 Dovercourt Hall, first Wednesday. 

No. 535 Toronto, first and third Sundays, 406 

No. 547 Parkdale Assembly Hall, 2 Lansdowne v, 
fourth Tuesday. 

To. 552 Orange Hall, Euclid & College, second 

Xo. 554 Knyal 'IVmoiars Hall, cor (Jneen w, and 
Oovemiurt, '2nd \VediH's.i:i> . 

No. 610 Dovercourt Hall, 962% Bloor w. first 

(Subsidiary High Court of Canada) 
Head Office 80 Chureh, Archie Martin, High Court 

Toronto Courts 

Abstinence, No. 7135, meets at Orange Hall, cor 
Euclid av and College, third Wednesday. F. G. 
Butt, sec. 

Brunswick. No. 7043, meets new Orange Hall, tor 
Euclid av and College, first and third Thursdays. T. P. 
Wood, sec. 

Cosmopolitan. -No. : > (;s ~- meets S.O.K. Hall, 1st and 
3rd Wednesdays. X It. Taylor, sec. 

Chester. -No. "Xlii. meets Plavter's Hall. 1st and 3rd 
Tuesdays. <!. Parsons, set'. 

Uovercourt, No. 7581, meets at I.O.O.F. Hall, Bath- 
urst st. first, and third Thursdays. W. G. Carter, sec. 

Harmony, No. 7045, meets at 58 Richmond e, second 
and Fourth Tuesdays, ('has. Saunders. sec 

Hope of Canada. Xo 5I1IM. meets SILK. Hall, 2nd 
and 4th Fridays, r. K. \Vintdstitev., sec. 

Jubilee, No. 7335, meets at I.O.O.F. Hall, cor Bath- 
mst ami (Jiii'rn, riisi and tritril Wednesdays. W. Hitch- 
mall, SIT 

Queen 'of the West. No. 7679, meets St. James' Hsll, 
West Toronto, second and fourth Wednesdays. A. H. 
Hounsell, sec. 

Robin Hood, No. 5693, meets I.O.O.F. Temple. Bath- 
urst St.. 2nd and 4th Thursdays, W. Murchison, sec. 

Star of the East, No. 5833, meets at Oddfellowi' 
Temple. Broadview av, 2nd and 4th Thursdays. A. S. 
Skinner, sec. 

Star of the West, No. 6896, meets at I.O.O.F. Hall, 
cor Queen and Northcote av, second Thursday. P. Bach, 

Toronto. Xo. n:;ii. meets S ( E Hall, Room D. 1st 
anil 3rd Tni-ilais. K. J. Min'tyi 'sec. 

York, No. 7336, meets at Snell's Hall, Main and 
Gerrard e, first and third Wednesdays. A. H. Powell, 

Yorkville, No. 5775, meets at Ketchum Hall, Daven- 
port rd, 2nd and 4th Mondays. F N. Stephenson. sec 

King George, No. 9215. meets at Summerfeldt's Hall,' 
cor Dove/court rd and Van Home, first Friday. J. 
W.'s. Benson, SIT 

King of the .North. .No. 9217, meets at Oddfellows 
Hail, VauiUian id. 2i\d niid 4th Fridays. H. George, sec. 

Oakwond, No. 963", third Friday at Oakwood HalL 
W. T. Hogben, sec. 

Glenwood, No. 9224, second and fourth Tuesdays at 
Orange Hall, North Toronto. W. H. Hitchman, sec. 

Alpha. No. 8848. A. Martin, sec. 


Juvenile Branches 

Lansdowne, No. fi, meets in Masonic Hall, Logan and 
Gerrard Sts., first Monday. 

Excelsior, No. 7. meets at Ketchum Hall, 4th Wed- 

Harmony, No. 12, meets at O'Neill's Hall, 2nd Monday. 

Dovercourt, No. 28, meets in Summerfeldt Hall, 1st 

Yorkville, No. 5. second Monday, Ketchum Hall, Daven- 
port rd. 

Maple Leaf, No. 73, second and fourth Tuesday, St. 
Clair av and Boon av. 

Hope of Mlmico, No. 75, fourth Tuesday, Harrison's 
Hall, Mimico. 

Humber, No. 77, third Wednesday, Marshall's Hall, 
Weston . 

Prince Arthur, No 85. second Tuesday, Masonic Hall, 
Main St. 

Silverthorn. No. 105, 2nd Tuesday, Silverthorn Hall. 

West Toronto, No. 112, second Wednesday, Queen and 


Supreme Circle of the Companions of the Forest of 

High Circle Officers Mrs. M. Clurtey, H.C.C., St. 
Thomas: Mrs Stoneman, H S.C . Dundas; Mrs. Malcolm, 
H.M.; Mrs Painter, H.I.S'. ; Sirs. McC.overn, H.S 

Toronto Circles 

CisnwpjilitMi. Xo. 11:',, meets at Victoria Hall. 53 
Queen St. e. 1st and 3rd Thursdays. 

Lady Brunswick, No. 122, meets at Orange Hall, cor 
College and Euclid, second and fourth Friday. 

Maid Hopo of Canada, No. 83, meets at Odd- 
fellows' Temple, College st. second and fourth Tuesdays. 

.Maid Marion. No. 72, meets Temple Building, first 
and third Wednesdays. 

Mayflower. No. 100, meets at Cumberland Hall, third 
Wednesday each month. 

Pridn of Toronto, No. 85, meets at Albert Hall, 
3rd Tuesday. 

Star of the East, No. 102, meets at Riverdale Hall, 
second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Pride of Chester, No. 140, meets t Danforth Hall. 
first Mondays. 

Lady Dovercourt, No. 141, meets Orange Hall, cor 
College and Euclid av, second and fourth Fridays. 

Queen of the West. No 152. meets 1st and 3rd 
Fridays. 2834 Dimdas St. 'west 

Toronto Conclave Knights of Sherwood Forest No. 3 
second and fourth Mondays, S.O.E. Hall, Richmond and 


Head Office BrantWd, Ontario. 
Toronto Office 22 Cclleoe 

E. J. Freyseng, Member Executive Committee, 90 
Roxborougtl e, Phone Xorth 2140. 

F. Rose, 46 Munro St., D.D.H.C.R., Toronto Eastern 

K. C. Townsend. 358 Pacific av. Phone Junct. 5349 
IMUI.C.K. Toronto Western District. 

W. It. Partridge. 200 Macplierson av.. Phone North 
6971, D.D.H.C.R. Toronto Central District. 
Eastern District 

Court Queen City, No. 81, meets first and third Wed- 
nesday, Foresters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court Eureka, No. 127, meets third Thursday, Sons 
of England Hall, Berti st. 

Court Davis, No. 187, meets fourth Wednesday, For- 
esters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court Concord, No. 420. meets first and third Tues- 
day, Foresters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court National, No. 442, meets first and third Thurs- 
day. Oddfellows' Hall, 123 Broadview av. 

Court Eglintim No. 842, meets first Friday, Orange 
Hall, Stop 16. Yonge St. 

Court Pon Valley, No. 1015, meets fourth Thursday, 
Playter's Haii, Broadview and Danforth avs. 

Court Beaches, No. 1402, meets first and third Wed- 
nesday, Masonic Hall, 51 Balsam av. 

Central District 

Court Rose. Xo. 18. meets first and third Friday. 
Foresters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court Toronto City, No. 109, meets first and third 
Monday, Foresters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court North Toronto, No. 167, meets first and third 
Monday, Foresters Hall, 22 College. 

Court Ivanhoe, No. 168, meets first and third Thurs- 
day, Foresters' Hall, 22 College. 

Court Equity. No. 170, meets first Thursday. For- 
esters' Hall. 22 College. 

Court Broadway, No. 447, meets first and third Tues- 
day, St. Ledger's Hall, Queen w and Denlson av. 

Court Queen Victoria, No. 695. meet* first Thursday, 
Foresters' Hall. 22 College. 



Court Symphony, No. 786, meets first and third Mon- 
day, Occident Hall, Queen and Bathurst. 

Court Epress No. SOI meets 3rd Tuesday, Occident Hall, 
Oneen and Bathurst. 

Western District 

Court Capitol, No. 161, meets second and fourth Friday, 
eddfellows' Hall, Queen and Northcote. i 

Court Toronto Junction Xo. 166 meets 3rd Wednes- 
day. St. James Hall, Dundas and Pacific. 

Court Dominion, No. 202, meets flrst and third Friday, 
Orange Hall. Euclid and College. 

Court Confidence. No. 437, meets first and third Fri- 
day, Parkdale Assembly Hall, 4 Lansdowne av. 

Court Bathurst No. 479 meets first and third Wednes- 
day, Bloor w and St Clarens av. 

Court Ossington, No. 490, meets second and fourth 
Friday, Brown's Hall, 962 Bloor w. 

Court Parkview, No. 1331, meets second Wednesday, 
Pirkdale Assembly Hall, 4 Lansdowne ar. 


ProTincial Chief Ranger, L. V. Dusseau, 67 Bond; 
Provincial Secretary and Organizer, J. J. Nightingale; 
Provincial Court Office, 67 Bond. 

Toronto Courts 

Sacred Heart, No. 201, meets at C.O.F. office, 67 
Bond st, third Thursday. 

St. Joseph's, No. 370, meets at I.C.B.U. Club Rooms, 
2 Bertmonnt av, second and fourth Thursdays. 

sr. Phillip's. No. 426. meets at Sacred Heart Church, 
King e, second and fourth Mondays. 

St. Leo. No. 581. meets at St Mary's Hall. Bathurst 
and Adelaide, third Thursdays. 

St. Helen's. No. 1181. meets cor Ossington av and 
Queen w, second and fourth Tuesdays. 

St. Baviiv. No. 1226, meets at i>7 Bund, fourth 

St. Paul's. N". 1320. meets at Winchester Hall, cor 
Winchester ami Parliament, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Sr. Leo's Omit Mimini, Nu. 141.j. meets at Mimico 
second Tuesday. 

St. Peter's. No. 1510, meets at Douglas Hall, Bloor 
and Bathurst. first Sunday and third Mondays. 

St. Anthony's. No. 1650, meets in Brown's Hall, 964 
Bloor w, first and third Mondays. 

St. Cecelia's. No. 1749, meets in St. Cecelia's Hall, 
cor Annette and Paciflc av, second Tuesdays and fourth 

Huly Name, No. 1810, meets in Community Hall, 
Cm law HI. front and fourth Thursdays. 

Conference Board meets in C.O.F. office. <i7 Bond st. 
st'i'ond \VtjdiieMiiiv. 


Head Office, Temple Building, n. w. cor. Bay and 

The Executive Council W. H. Hunter, B.A., Toronto, 
Canada, Supreme Chi/' Ranger; Victor Morin, B.A., 
L.L.D., N.P., Montreal Past Supreme Chief Ranger; 
Frank B. Hand, Los Angeles, Cal., Supreme Vice Chief 
Hanger: R. Mathison, Toronto, Can. Supreme Secretary; 
0. R. Cottrelle. Toronto, Can., Supreme Treasurer; T. Mill- 
man, M.D., M.R.C.S.E., Toronto, Can., Supreme Physi- 
cian; J. D. Clark, Dayton, Ohio, Supreme Counsellor; 
M. N. Corkburn, K.C.. St. Andrew's, N.B., Supreme 
Councilman; Hon. W. W. Bent, Bridgeport, Conn., Supreme 

Courts and Nights of Meetings 

Argyle, No. 251, meets in Oddfellows' Hall, 2 Lans- 
downe av, first Monday of each month. 

Beaches. Nu. 3885. meets in Masonic Hall, Balsam 
av, fourth Knotty of each month, 

Brock. No. 242, meets at Temple BIdg., Room 2, 
lecond Thursday of each month. 

Craiglea, No. 4834, meets at Orange Hall, Euclid 
and College, third Friday of each month. 

F,glinton. No. 258, meets in Masonic Hall, 2259 
Yonge st, tl*e last Tuesday of each month. 

Altone, No. 3731, meets Orange Hall. Euclid and 
College, second Friday of each month. 

Broadview, No. 1303, meets in Playter's Hall, 
Broadview and Danforth avs, fourth Wednesday of 
each month. 

Dement, No. 3976, meets in Council Chambers, New 
Toronto, last Wednesday of each month. 

Doric, No. 3009, meets in Occident Hall, corner 
llucen w and P.athmst .third Wednesday of each month. 

Home Office. No. 1590. meets at the call of Chief 

Israelite, No. 3329, meets in Orange Hall, cor 
< .dirge st and Kuclid av, second Tuesday of each month.. 

Johns, No. 4942, meets in the Canadian Foresters' 
Bldg., 2. 22 College, fourth Monday of each month. 

Ahavas Achern. No. 3443, meets Orange Hall, Euclid 
and College, second Sunday of each month. 

Loch Lomond, No. 4795, meets in Sovereign Hall, 805 
Dovercourt rd, third Wednesday. 

Lord Aberdeen, No. 1802, meets in Temple Bide., 
at call of Chief Ranger. 

McCaul, No. 3290. meets at Temple Bids., Room 2, 
fourth Thursday of each month. 

Prosperity, No. 668, meets in Canadian Foresters' 
Bldg., 22 College, fourth Thursday of each month. 

Press, No. 3497, meets in Mail Bldg., at call of 
Chief Ranger. 

Queen City, No. 66, meets in Temple Bldg., fourth 
Wednesday of each month. 

Rarenswood. No. 4960, meets at Cumberland Hall, cor 
Cumberland and Yonge its, third Friday of each month. 

Riverdale, No. 450, meets in Playter's Hall, Danforth 
and Broadview, third Monday of each month. 

Sherwood Forest, No. 3105, meets In Temple Bldt., 
Room 1, fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Somerset, No. 344, meets in Temple Bldg., fourth 
Wednesday of each month. 

Toronto, No. 21. meets the fourth Friday of each 
month in Temple Bldg. 

Trinity, No. 1806, meets in Canadian Foresters' Hall, 
22 College st, second Wednesday of each month. 

Wellesley, No. 3103, meets in Temple Bdg., fourth 
Monday of each month. 

York, No. 120, meets in Snell's Hall, Main and 
Gerrard. fourth Monday of each month. 

Senefelder, No. 1500, meets 201 Carlaw Ave, first 
and third Mondays. 

Companion Court W. H., No. 100, meets in I. 0. F. 
Temple Bldg., at call of Chief Ranger. 

Sherwood (Sen, No. 4235. meets in Temple Bldg., 
fourth Friday of each month. 

Bell, No. 4186, meets in O.W.V.A. Hall, fourth 
Friday of each mouth. 

West Toronto, No. 82, meets in St James Hall, Dundas 
\\pst. fmnth Tuesday of each month. 

United, No. 674, meets in Temple Bldg., fourth Wed- 
ne-day of each month. 


Office, 623-624, 12 Richmond e. 

Supreme Secretary, J. M. Foster. 12 Richmond e. 

Toronto Circles 

No. 5, meets Orange Hall, Euclid and College, 
third Friday. 

No. 12, meets at Orange Hall, Euclid and College, 
fourth Tuesday. 

No. 37, meets at Canadian Foresters' Hall, 22 
College, second Monday. 

No. 57, meets at Orange Hall, cor College and 
Kuclid av. first Wednesday. 

No. 62, meets S. 0. E. Hall, 58 Richmond e, 
third Tuesday. 

No. 98, meets Orange Hall, Euclid and College, 
fourth Thursday. 

No. na, meets cor Queen and uovercourt rd, nrst 

No. 132 meets In Masonic Hall, cor Egllnton av. and 
Yonge, last Thursday. 

No. 308. meets in Playter's Hall, cor Broadview 
and Danforth, second Friday. 


Supreme Executive Officers D. D. Aitken, Past Sup 
Corn., Detroit, Mich.; Hon. D. P. Markey, Sup. Com., 
Detroit, Mich.; Hon. D. D. Aitken, Sup. Councillor, 
Detroit, Mich; The*. Watson, Sup. Record Keeper, Detroit, 
Mich.; F. K. Edmistw. M.D., Sup. Medical Examiner, 
I.Wrnit. .Mich.; .las. S Green, Prov. Com., Toronto, 
(Int.; E. H. Woolley. Deputy Supreme Commander, 
Office n.r Atlantic and Manila avs. Phone I'ark 100; 
lic.idHire 72 Keatiice st, Phone College 383. 

Toronto Tents 

Metruui litan Tent. No. 12, meets at Victoria Hall, 
Unmi and Kcrti, si nil Tuesday. 

Fidelity Tent, No. 13, meets at Oddfellows Temple, 
22!l College, nrst and third Tuesdays. 

Star of Bethlehem Tent, No. 19, meets at Oddfellows' 
Hall. Bathurst st. first Monday. 

Maldi- l.raf 'IVnt, No. ."i". no fixed place of meeting. 

St. Stephen's Tent, No. 71, meets at Orange Hall, 
College and Euclid av, first Monday. 

Trinity Tent, No. 87, meets Orange Hall, College and 
Kuclid av. third Wednesday. 

King Solomon Tent, No. 127. meets at Occident Hall, 
first and third Sundays. 

Star of the East Tent, No. 223, meets at Bolton v, 
cor Queen, second Friday. 

Star of the West Tent, No. 159, meets Orange Hall, 
College and Euclid av, fourth Monday. 

Queen City Tent. No. 274, meets at 1597 Dundas, 
first and third Tuesdays. 

Bethsura Tent, No. 279, meets at Oddfellows' Hall, 
Queen w and Northcote av. second and fourth Thursdays. 

Harmony Hive, No. 298, meets first and third Tues- 
days. Orange Hall, College and Euclid av. 

Temple Hive, No. 306, no fixed night or plan of 


Grand Lodge of Ontario Alei.' Coulter, Boi 2, Tt- 
ronto, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal. 
J. F. Tilley, D.G.C.. 40 Brunswick av. 

Toronto Lodges 

Mystic, No. 1, meets first Wednesday at 58 Richmond 

Riverdale, No. 7, meets lecond and fourth Thursdays 
at 58 Richmond e. 

Amicus, No. 20, meets first and third Tuesdays, at 58 
Richmond e. 

Toronto, No. 30, meets first and third Fridays at 
Temple Building. 

Insurance Department 

Geo. E. Batnes, General Organizer for Ontario, 96 
Langley av. 

Section No. 4153, W. F. Daniel pres.; A. Coulter, 

Section No. 4159, J. G. Wilson, sec. 

Section No. 6348, B. E. Armstrong, secretary. 


Toronto Commanderies. 

St. Ann's, No. 122, meets second and fourth Sun- 
days in O'Neill's Hall. R. E. King, sec. 

Ladies' Auxiliaries. 

St. Hilda's, No. 148, meets flrst an* third Tuesdays 
In O'Neill's Hall. Miss Gilmore. sec. 

St. Michael's, No. 2, meets first and third Wednes- 
day in O'Neill's Hall. Mrs. Reddall, sec. 


The Chapter General of Canada meets at Brantford. in 
June, 1921. 

M. E. Sir Knight W. K. Glortling, 206 Macdonell 
av, Toronto. Grand Master; V. E. Sir Knight H. J. Bent- 
ley. 576 Jane st, Toronto. Grand Chancellor. 

Toronto Commanderies. 

St. John's, No. 1, meets first and third 'Wednesday 
each month at Victoria Hall. 

Beaver, No. 2, meets first and third Mondays in 
Occident Hall, 175 Bathurst. 

Sir Robert Land, No. 3, meets second and fourth 
Mondays at St. James' Hall, West Toronto. 

Sir Sandilands, No. 7, meets cor Broadview and 
Danforth avs, second and fourth Tuesdays. 

District Council of the Red Cross and Sepulchre, meets 


The medical agency of the above Society meets every 
second Monday at S. 0. E. Hall, 58 Richmond e. 


Head Office, Manning Chambers, 72 Queen w. Robert 
Fleming, 134 Carlaw av, Grand Secretary. 

Next meeting will be held in Toronto, Ont., in March. 

D.D.G.M., Toronto District No. 1, Geo. H. Leef. 

Toronto District Lodges. 

Dominion, No. 56. meets Temple Bldg, second Monday. 

Dovercomt. No. 1^4, meets College, cor Euclid av, 
fourth Wednesday. 

Excelsior, No. 90, meets cor Cumberland and Yonge, 
flrst Monday. 

Parkdale, No. 74, meets Woodman's Hall, 1388 Queen 
w, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Pride of the East, No. 4, meets Playter's Hall, cor 
Danforth and Broadview avs, third Wednesday. 

Winchester, No. 73, meets Playter's Hall, cor Dan- 
forth and Broadview avs, flrst Wednesday. 

Head Office, Oddfellows' Temple, 229 College, Wm. 
Brooks, Grand Secretary. 

Executive Officers of Grand Lodge of Ontario, 1!'20 
1921 H. 0. Robertson, Barrie, Grand Master; W. J. 
Hamilton, Fort William, Deputy Grand Master; T. A. 
Shaip, Midland. Grand Warden; Wm. Brooks, Toronto, 
Grand Secretary; Dr. P. T. Ccupland, St. Marys. Grand 

The next session of the Grand Lodge will be held 
in Brantford. Ont., on the third Thursday in June. 1921. 



Toronto Subordinate Lodge Districts. 

NIL :U- Tiros. Robertson. D.D.G.M. 
No. :{"> Jnlin Baird, D.D.G.M. 
No. 3(1 II. K. Lee. D.D.G.M. 
No. 37 \Ym. Marshall. D.D.G.M. 
No, 38 H. .W. Taylor. D.D.G.M. 

(Toronto Subordinate Lodges). 

Canada Lodge, No. 49, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, second and fourth Fridays. 

Covenant Lodge, No. 52. meets In Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, second and fourth Tusedays. 

Queen City Lodge of Ontario, No. 50, meets In Odd- 
fellows' Temple, 229 College, 2nd and 4th Mondays. 

Toronto Lodge, No. 71, meets In Oddfellows' Temple. 
229 College, every Monday. 

Laurel Lodge, No. 110, meets In Oddfellows' Hall, 
404 Bathurst. second and fourth Mondays. 

Albert Lodge, No. 14, fi.eets in Albert Hall, 404 
Bathurst, every Friday. 

Prince of Wale!; Lodge, No. 230, meets cor. Queen 
and Northcote av, every Tuesday. 

Wilton Lodge, No. 242 meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, every Tuesday. 

Floral Lodge, No. 252, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, every Friday. 

East Toronto Lodge, No. 263, meets in Society Hall, 
1610 Danforth a?, second and fourth Tuesday. 

Lakeview Lodge, No. 272, meets in St. James' Hall, 
2971 Pundas. every Friday. 

Broadview Lodge, No. 294. meets in Broadview Hal], 
125 Broadview av, every Monday. 

Prospect Lodge, No. 314, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, every Tuesday. 

Central Lodge, No. 322, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, first and third Wednesday. 

Social Lodge, No. 333, meels in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, every Wednesday. 

Riierdale Lodge, No. 350, meets in Oddfellows' Hall, 
125 Broadview av, every Tuesday. 

Rosedale Lodge, No. 357, meets in C.O.F. Hall, 2 
College, every Tuesday. 

Integrity Lodge. No. 373, meets at cor. of St. 
Clarens and Bloor sts every Friday. 

Parkdale Lodge, No. 365. meets in Parkdale Assembly 
Hall, 2 Lansdowne av, every Monday. 

York Lodge, No. 381, meets in Oddfellows' Hll, 
125 Brr.advievv av, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Imperial Lodge, No. 391, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, first and third Tuesdays. 

Loyalty Lodge, No. 393, meets in Albert Hall, 404 
Bathurst, first and third Tuesdays. 

Sovereign Lodge, No. 401, meets in Sovereign Hall, 
805 Dovercourt rd, every Thursday. 

Northview Lodge, No. 403. meets in Masonic Hall, 
Eglinton, Wednesdays. 

Brunswick Lodge No. 407, meets in Oddfellowi' 
Temple, 229 College, every Monday. 

High Park Lodse, No. 408, meets in Parkdale 
Assembly Hall, 2 Lansdowne av, every Friday. 

Danforth Lodge, No. 413, meets in Hall, cor. Broad- 
view and Danforth avs, every Wednesday. 

Primrose Lodge, No. 414. meets in Sovereign Hall, 
805 Dovercourt rd, every Monday. 

United Lodge, No. 415, meets cor Lansdowne av and 
Bloor, every Monday. 

Gerrard Lodge, No. 424. meets in Masonic Temple, 
791 Gerrard e, every Friday. 

Wychwood Lodge, No. 427, meets at 1356 Bathurst, 
every Monday. 

Glendale Lodge, No. 437, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, every Wednesday. 

J. B. King Lodge, No. 439, meets cor Lansdowne 
and Bloor every Tuesday. 

Fairview Lodge, No. 446. meets 1797 Dundas, 
every Monday 

Ionic Lodge. No. 447, meets in Cumberland Hall, 
Yonge st, first and third Tuesdays. 

Sunnyside Lodge. No. 449, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple. 229 College, every Wednesday. 

Greenwood Lodge. No. 450, meets in i<tw,e Hail, 
Rhodes av, every Tuesday. 

Oakwood Lodge, No. 456, meets in Wychwood Assem- 
bly Hall, 1356 Battrarst, first and third Wednesdays. 

St. Julien Lodge, No. 457, meets in Oddfellows' 
Tempie, 229 College, second and fourth Fridays. 

Hercules Lodge No. 460, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College st, first and third Mondays. 

The Beaches Lodge, No. 462, meets in Broadview Hall, 
12." Broadview av, first and third Thursdays. 

Metropolitan Degree Lodge, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple. 229 College, first and third Thursdays. 

Veteran Oddfellows' Association of Toronto, meets 
in Oddfellows' Temple, 229 College, every (bird Wed- 

Toronto Triple Link Club, meets Jn Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, every third Friday. 

Toronto General Relief Committee, meets in Odd- 

fellows' Temple, 229 College, every tUrd Thursday, 
\Vm. McCullough, 190 Grenadier rd, Secretary. 

The Triple Link First Aid Association, affiliated with 
St. John Ambulance Association, Malcolm Sinclair Pre- 
sident, 47 Pleasant boulevard. 

Toronto Encampment Districts. 

Xn. HIAAllm Clark. D.r.'.G.P. 
No. 1(1 B J. W. Turner, D.D.G.P. 

Subordinate Encampments. 

Toronto Encampment, No. 8, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, second Thursday in month. 

Rehoboth Encampment, No. 50, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, second and fourth Fridays. 

Sovereign Encampment, No. 86, meets in Sovereign 
Hall, 805 Dovercourt rd. first and third Fridays. 

Excelsior Encampment. No. 88, meets in Oddfellows' 
Hall, 125 Broadview av, every first Wednesday. 

Imperial Encampment, No. 97, meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, first and third Thursdays. 

Crescent Encampment, No. 98, meets in Albert Hall, 
404 Bathurst, first and third Wednesdays. 

Nikator Encampment, No. 101, meets in Oddfellows' 
Hall, cor. Lansdowne and Wallace avs, second and 
fourth Fridays. 

Premier Encampment, No. 103, meets in Oddfellows' 
Hall, cor. Queen w and Northcote av, second and fourth 

Peerless Encampment, No. 104, meets in Colvin's 
Hall, West Toronto, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Coalesce Encampment, No. 105. meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, on fourth Thursdays. 

Albion Encampment No. 106, meets in Wychwood As- 
sembly Hall 1356 Bathurst, second and fourth Thurs- 

Toronto Rebecca Districts. 

Toronto East, Mrs. J Ayres. 

Tin ntn Centre, Miss Hazel Thornton. 

Ti ruuM \\nt. Miss A. Sedore. 

Rebekah Lodges. 

Viola Lodge, No. 53, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Princess Lodge, No. 76, meets in Prince of Wales' 
Hall. cor. Queen w and Nc-rlhcote av, first and third 

Leona Lodge, No. 83, meets in Oddfellows' Hall, 125 
Broadview av, first and third Fridays. 

Alexandra Lodge, No. 93, meets Sovereign Hall, first 
and third Friday, 805 Dovercourt rd. 

Friendship Lodge, No. 95, meets in Oddfellows' Hall, 
404 Bathurst, second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Mystic Link Lodge, No. 102. meets in Oddfellows' 
Temple, 229 College, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Oriole Lodge. No. 104, meets in Orange Hall, Eglinton, 
first and third Thursdays. 

Parkview Lodge, No. 105, meets in Parkdale Assembly 
Hall, 2 Lansdowne av, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Arcadia Lodge, No. 119. meets in United Hall, cor. 
Lansdowne and Wallace avs, every Monday. 

Patricia Lodge, No. 122. meets in Masonic Temple, 
791 Gerrard e. second and fourth Thursdays. 

Itavina Lodge, No. 124, meets in Colvin Hall, Dundaj 
', second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Wisteria Lodge, No. 127, meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, first and third Thursdays. 

Prosperity Lodge, No. 141. meets in Oddfellow' 
Temple, 229 College, second and fourth Wednesday. 

Hawthorne Lodge No. 154, meets in Cumberland Hall 
Yonge st. first and third Tuesdays. 

Goodwill Lodge, No. 191, meets at Lansdowne av and 
Bloor w, second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Jessie Thompson Lodge, No. 193, meets in Wychwood 
Assembly Hall, 1356 Bathurst, second and fourth Tues- 


Canton Toronto. No. 7. meets in Oddfellows' Temple, 
229 College, first and third Friday. 

Queen City, No. 10, rnwts in Oddfellows' Hall, 12S 
Broadview av, every third Wednesday. 


Ontario District Officers Prov. Grand Master, T. 
Hastings, 590 Manning av; Prov. Cor. Secretary, W. C. 
Schuncb, 43 Bellevue place, Toronto; Prov. Treasurer, 
Dominion Bank. 

Lodges in Toronto and Vicinity. 

Canada, No. 6968, meets at St. James' Hall, Weil 
Toronto, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Uovercourt, No. 8052, meets at Dovercourt and Dupont 
streets, first and third Wednesdays. 

James Mitchell. No. 6578, meets at 1002 Queen w 
"t and third Mondays. 

Lambton, No. 6608, meets at Maltby's Hall, toi Bt. 
Clair av w and Boon av. first and third Thursdays. 

Maple Leaf, No. 7075, meets Room C, S.O.E. Hall, 
cor Richmond and Berti, first and third Wednesdays. 

Lord Stanley, No. 6858, meets at S. 0. E. Hall, first 
and third Fridays. 

Toronto, meets in Masonic Hall, Gerrard e. first aid 
third Wednesdays. 

Todmorden, meets at Playter's Hall, cor Broadview and 
Danforth avs, second and fourth Mondays. 

Alexandra, No. 8143, meets in Room C, S. 0. E. Hall, 
cor Richmond and Berti, first and third Wednesdays. 

Loyal Northern, meets in Orange Hall, North Toronto, 
first and third Wednesdays. 

Lady Alexandra, meets S. 0. E. Hall, second anif 
fourth Wednesdays. 

Lady Canada, meets St. James' Hall, West Toronto, 
second and fourth Fridays, cor Dovercourt and Dupont. 

Lady Dovercourt, meets Snmmerfeldt Hall, fourth 


Grand Lodge of British North America, meets annually. 

Officers M. W. Bro. H. C. Hocken. Toronto, Grand 

Master; M. ft. Bro. Wm. Lee, 55 Queen e. Gran* 



Grand Lodge of Ontario West, meets annually. 
Officers It. W. Bro. Major Donald Sharpe, Welland, 
Ont,, Grand Master; R. W. Bro. W. M. Fitegerald, 39 
Brownins av, Grand Secretary. 

County Lodge. 

Loyal Orange County Lodge, Toronto, meets in County 

Orange Hall, 53 Queen e, quarterly on the fourth 

Wednesday in January, April, July and October. Annual 

meeting first Tuesday in February. Wm. Lee, County 
Secretary, 53 Queen e. 

Toronto District Lodges. 

District Lodge of Centre Toronto meets at 53 Queen 
e, quarterly on fourth Wednesday in March, June, Sep- 
tember and December. 

North Toronto, meets in place arranged, second Tues- 
day in January, April, July and October. 

West Toronto, meets at 273 Euclid av on the second 
Tuesday in January and fourth Monday in March, June 
and September. 

East Toronto, meets at 53 Queen e on the second 
Tuesday in the months of January, April, July and 


I'nion Scarlet Council for Toronto and the Yorks meets 
at time and place selected by the Executive Committee. 

Centre Toronto meets on the fourteenth day of each 
niiinth, at. 53 Queen e. Annual meeting second Tuesday 
in January. 

East Toronto meets at 53 Queen e on the fourteenth 
day of each month. 

North Tcionto, meets on the fourteenth day of each 

West Toronto,, meets Western District Orange Hall on 
the fourteenth day of each month. 

Toronto Centre District. 

All in this district except Northern Star meets in 
County Orange Hall. 

Armstrong, No. 137, second Tuesday. 

Boyne, No. 173, fourth Friday. 

Brunswick, No. 404, fourth Thursday. 

Cameron, No. 613, second Monday. 

Cavan Black Red, No. 657, third Tuesday. 

Cumberland, No. 621, first Friday. 

Duke of York. No. 396, first Thursday. 

Ebenezer, No. 157, first Tuesday. 

Eldon, No. 136. first Tuesday. 

Enniskillen, No. 387, second Wednesday. 

Joshua, No. 154, second Wednesday. 

McKinley. No. 275, third Friday. 

Nassau, No. 4, first Monday. 

Northern Star, No. 778, meets at 731 Yonge, first 
and third Wednesdays. 

Royal Canadian, No. 212, second Tuesday. 

Temperance, No. 301, second Monday. 

Victoria, No. 588 third Monday. 

William Johnston, No. 127, fourth Monday. 

William III., No. 140, first Wednesday. 

York, No. 375, third Thursday. 

Eastern District. 

Aughrim Rose - of Berry, No. 2159, meets County 
Orange Hall, second Thursday. 

Beaver, No. 911, meets at County Hall, flrst Thurs- 

Dian. No. 2054, meets Dian Orange Hall, 182 
Rhodes av, second and fourth Fridays. 

Enniskillen Purple Star, No. 711, meets at County 
Orange Hall, fourth Thursday. 




Ionic, No. 1693, meets at County Orange Hall, second 

Maple Leaf, No. 455, mefts at Oddfellows' Hall, 
Queen and Broadview av, fourth Friday. 

Medcalf, No. 781, meets at County Hall, fourth Mon- 

Prince of Orange, No. Ill, meets at Masonic Hall, 
Gerrard and Logan, third Tuesday. 

Queen City, No. 857, meets at County Hall, first 

Torbay, No. 361, meets at Playter's Hall, Danforth 
ay, second and fourth Thursday. 

Riverdale, No. 2097, meets Armstrong's Hall, Pape and 
Badgerow avs, first Friday. 

Sproule, No. 2253, meets first and third Thursday 
at Dion Orange Hall, 182 Rhodes av 

Beaches, No. 2274, meets fourth Tuesday, Masonic 
Temple, Balsam av. 

Lt. Col. J. H. Scott, No. 2416, meets second Mon- 
day, Masonic Hall, cor Gerrard and Logan av. 
Broadview. .No. 2474, meets second and fourth Thursday 
IMnyter's Hall. 

Duke of Abercom, No. 2477, meets first Wednesday, 
County Orange Hall. 

Northern District. 

Britannia, No. 1388, meets County Hall, second 

Bey. George Walker, No. 791, meets Western District 
Hall, third Friday. 

Dreadnought, No. 954, meets at County Hall, third 

Mm i,l the Empire, No. 880, meets County Hall, 
third Monday. 

Diamond, No. 255, meets at Murray's Hall, cor Queen 
and Northcote av, third Monday. 

Stanley, No. 560, meets at Orange Hall, Euclid a? 
and College, second Tuesday. 

Star of Bethlehem Total Abstinence, No. 2052 meets 
New Western District Hall, third Monday. 

City Grand. No. 2067, meets Cumberland Hall, fourth 

Clarke Wallace. No. 961, meets in Summerfeldt's 
Hall, cor Van Home and Dovercourt, first and third 

Londonderry. No. 2145, meets at Heron's Hall, 
Wychvrood. first Thursday. 

Martin Luther. \u. 2417, meets Western District Hall, 
third Thursday. 

Royal George, No. 2340. meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays, cor Lansdowne and Bloor. 

Royal Alexander, No. 2459, meets second Tuesday, cor 
Harvie and St. Clair avs. 

St. AnnX No. 247S. meets fourth Thursday, Western 
riistiirt Hall. 

Sir Edward Carson, No. 2488. meets second Tuesday 
Sovereign Hall, Dovercourt rd. 

Earl Roberts. No. 2614, meets second and fourth 
Monday, Summerfeldt's Hall. 

Canada, No. 2710, meets second Thursday Parkdale 
Assembly Hall. 

Western District. 

Belfast Purple Star, No. 875, meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, first Wednesday. 

Cock o' the North, No. 2214. meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, fourth Friday. 

Diamond Jubilee No. 913, meets fourth Wednesday 
Western District Hall. 

E. F. Clarke. No. 1684, meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, first Wednesday. 

Excelsior. No. 3018, meets at New Western District 
Hall, first Mondaj. 

Gideon's Chosen Few, No. 342. meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, second Thursday. 

Lansdovtne, No. 469, meets at Western District Hall, 
fourth Tuesday. 

Lord Erne. No. 804, meets Western District Orange 
Hall, second Tuesday. 

Luther Western Pioneer, No. 479, meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, second Wednesday. 

McLeod, No. 821, meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, second Monday. 

Magherafelt Purple Star, No. 864, meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, third Friday. 

Mountjoy, No. 1212, meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, third Monday. 

Ontario, No. 142. meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, third Monday. 

Partdale. No. 207, meets at R. T. Hall, Queen w 
:inil Dovercourt rd, third Tuesday. 

Prince Alfred. No. 501, meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, third Wednesday. 

Sons of Portadown, No. 919, meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, fourth Tuesday. 

Star of the East, No. 412. meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, second Wednesday. 

Toronto, No. 800, meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, second Tuesday. 

lister Black Watch, No. 075, meets at Western 
District Orange Hall, first Thursday. 

Verral, No. 1691, meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, fourth Friday. 

Toronto True Blue, No. 551, meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, first Friday. 

Wycliffe, No. 585, meets at Western District Orange 
Hall, third Tuesday. 

The Degree Club of West Toronto, meets in Euclid 
Hall, first Monday. 

Dalton McCarthy, No. 1084, meets at Western District 
Orange Hall, second Tuesday. 

Tobermore, No. 2391, meets Western District Orange 
Hall, fourth Wednesday. 

St. Stephen, No. 2395, meets Western District Orange 
Hall, fourth Monday. 

Covenanters, No. 2438, meets Western District Orange 
Hall, first Tuesday. 

Imperial, No. 2767, meets Parkdale Assembly Hall, 
third Wednesday. 


W. Geo. Farley, Supreme Grand Master, 144 Mac- 
phtrson av, Toronto; Miles S. Plumley, Supreme Grand 
Secretary, 15 Queenston st, St. Catharines; Geo. F. 
Burnett. Supreme Grand Treasurer, 30 Foxley st, Toronto. 

Toronto Lodges. 

Victoria Coronation, No. 1, meets first and third 
Wednesday, at Western District Orange Hall, Mrs. W. 
Taylor, Secretary, 951 Lansdowne at. 

Lady Erne, No. 5, meets first and third Wednesday at 
County Orange Hall, Miss L. V. Connor Secretary. 

Eldon, No. 9, first Friday, Western District Orange 
Hall, Mr. Black W.M. 

Verner. No. 11, first Thursday, Masonic Hall, cor 
Gerrard and Logan av, Mrs. Broomer Secretary, 277 
Bain ay. 

Ontario, No. 23, second and fourth Friday, Odd- 
fellows' Hall, Bathurst St., Miss L. Thorpe Secretary, 
115 Lisgar. 

Rose of Sharon, second Tuesday, County Orange Hall, 
Mrs. Bradley Secretary, Motley Apartments. 

Uuke of York, No. 31, third Monday, St. James Hall, 
West Toronto, Mr. C'addell Secretary, 126 Northcote av. 

Salisbury, No. 36, third Monday, County Orange Hall, 
Mr. Hannah Secretary. 113 Brooklyn av. 

Duchess of York, No. 38, second Wednesday, St. James 
Hall, West Toronto, Mrs. Ford Secretary, 73 West- 
minster av. 

Lord Erne No. 40, fourth Wednesday, County Orange 
Hall A. H. Sutherland Secretary, 160 Swanwick av. 

Magherafeldt Purple Star No. 02, second and fourth 
Monday. Western District Orange Hall, Miss M. Currie 
Secretary, 40 Rosedale Heights. 

Florence Nightingale, No. 106, first Wednesday, 
Vaughan rd above St. Clair av. Mrs. McBeth Secretary, 
05 KenwiKid av. 

Eglinton, N'o. 347, first and third Monday, Orange 
Hall, Stop 16, Yonge st North, Mrs. Geo. Hodgson 
Secretary, 53 Sherwood av. 

Maple Leaf, No. 363, third Thursday, McCormick's 
Hall, Silverthorne av, Mrs. Hayball Secretary, 37 Dunraven 
Drive, Silverthorne. 

Golden Lion No. 371, second and fourth Tuesday, 
Sons of England Hall, 221 Broadview av, Mrs. Johnson, 

Secretary. 42 Sullivan. 

District of York. 

Meets in February. May, August and November. 

A E. Hayward, District Master. 62 Lakeview av; 
Mrs. Forrest, District Secretary, 111!) Sheldrake Boulevard. 


Provincial Grand Council Offices, Royal Templars' 
Bldg., Queen w and Dovercourt rd. W. M. McMillan, 
Grand Secretary. 

Toronto District Officers District Councilor, ttm. KODD, 
(ill Markham St.; District Council meets second Wed- 
nesday of each month in Royal Templars' Bldg, Queen w 
and Dovercourt rd. 

Toronto District Councils. 

Dovercourt, No. 49, meets at Queen w and Dovercourt 
'very Friday 

Euclid, No. 480, meets at 404 Bathurst, second and 
fourth Tuesdays. 

Harmony. No. 376. meets at Queen w and Dovercourt 
rd, first and third Thursdays. 

New Era Council, No. 8. meets every Thursday at 
Royal Templars' Bldg., Queen w and Dovercourt rd. 

Northern Star. No. 281, meets at 404 Bathurst, 
second and fourth Thursday. 

North Toronto, No. 104. meets at Jesse Ketchum Hall, 
second and fourth Fridays. 

Parkdale, No. 11, meets Queen w and Dovercourt rd, 
second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Queen City, No. 156, Royal Templar Hall. Queen 
w and Dovercourt rd, second and fourth Thursday. 

Riverside, No. 50. meets at Albert Hall. Broadview 
av, first Tuesday 

Toronto City, No. 2. meets at Royal Templar Bide., 
Queen w and Dovercourt rd, fourth Thursday. 

Toronto Junction, No. 299, meets Colvin's Hall, 2875 
Dimdas st, first and third Fridays. 

Austin, No. 4, meets Summerfeldt's Hall. 1078 
Dovercourt rd, second and fourth Friday. 


Grand Lodge of Canada P. C. T. M. Brown, 14 
Howland av, Toronto; A. H. Lyle 0. Sec., 206 West 
av, north, Hamilton; Thos. MacNanghton, 474 James st, 
north, Hamilton. 

Subordinate Lodges. 

Hope of Earlscourt, No. 139 Meets Wednesday nllht, 
cor Earlscourt and Ascot avs. C.T., J. Black, 108 
Greenlaw av; T. Drummond. Sec., 43 Hayden st. 

Trinity Star, No. 140 Meets Tuesday night at 122 
Ferrier av. C.T., A. J. Carey, 122 Ferrier ay; M. 
Bowman, Sec., 21 Alhambra av. 


Grand Officers!!. Hardy-Small, 176c Gillard av. 
Grand Master; C. M. Hurst, 115 McGill, Grand sec. 

Toronto Lodges. 

King Edward VII. Lodge, No. 97, meets cor Dover- 
court rd and Van Home, third Wednesday. 

Mizpah Lodge, No. 40, meets Royal Templars' Hall, 
cor. Queen and Dovercourt rd, fourth Friday. 

Toronto Lodge, No. 116, meets Orange Hall, Euclid 
av, fourth Wednesday. 

Victoria Lodge, No. 87, meets at Shell's Hall, East 
Toronto, second Friday. 

Wallace Lodge, No. 92, meets St. James' Hall. West 
Toronto, second Monday. 

Kiverdale Lodge, No. 292, meets Armstrong's Hall, 
Pape av, third Friday. 

Hackett, No Surrender Lodge, No. 123, meets cor. 
Broadview av and Dundas e. second Thursday. 

St. John's Lodge, No. 299, meets in Harrison's Hall. 
Mimico, fourth Monday. 

No. 111. meets Royal Templars Hall, corner Queen 
and liovercourt rd. 3rd Thursday. 

No. 271, meets Playter's Hall, Broadview & Danforth 
avs, 2nd Wednesday. 

No. 291. meets Royal Templars Hall, Queen and 
Dovercourt. 1st Wednesday. 

No. 295. meets Playter's Hall, Broadview and Dan- 
forth avs. 4th Friday. 

Xo :K2. meets Marshall's Hall, Mt Dennis. 2nd 


MWG.M.. Mrs. Danl Alton, Edmonton, Alta ; Pro- 
vincial Grand Sec. Ontario West. Mrs L. Roe, 62 West- 
wood av. Todmorden: Sec. Mrs. R. Gordon, 25 Beaty 
avenue, Toronto, Out. 

Ladysmith Lodge. No. 6, meets in Western District 
Orange Hall, Euclid ay and College st, second Wednesday. 

Mizpah Lodge, No. 29, meets in Western District 
Orange Hall, Euclid ay and College st, third Wednesday 

Unity Lodge, No. 80, meets in Playter's Hall, Danforth 
av, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Excelsior Lodge, No. 162, meets in the Western 
Orange Hall, Euclid av an? 'Allege St., second Thursday. 

Clark Wallace Lodge, No. 183, meets in Suramerfeldt 
Hall, Dovercourt and Vanhome, fourth Thursday. 

McCormack Lodge, No. 191, meets in Colvln Hall, 
2875 Dundas st, first Tuesday. 

Lady Russell Lodge, No. 190, meets In Dian Orange 
Hall, Rhodes ay, second and fourth Wednesday. 

Daughters of Portodown, No. 212, meets in Western 
Orange Hall, Euclid ay and College St., third M.icday. 

Victory Lodge. No. 263. meets in Western Orange 
Hall. Euclid av and College St . first Monday 

Centenary, No. 272, meets ' at New Toronto, third 

No Surrender Lodge, No. :i:iO, meets Y W C.A., St. 
Jami's Hall. 2971 Dundas w. 2nd Wednesday 


Grand Council of Ontario Grand Regent. John Mac- 
pherson. London, Out.; Grand Vice-Regent. W. M. Brandon. 
Hamilton. Ont.; Grand Secretary. ("has. H. Caulfeild. 
94 Queen St.. Ottawa; Grand Treasurer. J. W. Hickson. 
3 Palmerstim Apts., Toronto. 

Toronto Councils. 

Canada, No. 612, meets Sons of England Hall, 2 Bertl 
econd and fourth Thursdays. 

Maiiln Leaf. No. 867, meets 327 Church st., first 
and third Thursdays. 




Head Office, Rooms 536-537, Confederation Life Buildino 

12 Richmond East. 
F. G. Inwood, G. Rdr-Treasurer. 
Toronto Lodges. 

Capital l..d;i. X,,. .-,o. meets at S. 0. E. Hall 
Richmond e, sfnuid Wednesday. 

Civic Lodge, No. 354, mwts at Queen w cor Ossing- 
ton av, second Monday. 

Danforth Lodge, No. 256, meets at cor Danforth and 
Bioadview are. second and fourth Thursdays. 

Hominion Lodge, No. 342, meets at Queen w, eor 
Ossington av. fourth Thursday. 

Eastbourne Lodge, No. 243, meets at East Toronto, 
third Friday. 

Eglinton Lodge, No. 112, meets at Masonic Hall, 
Xiirth Toronto, first Tuesday. 

Farnham Lodge, No. 286. meets at Orange Hall, cor 
Kuclid at and College, third Wednesday. 

Granite Lodge. Xo. r>3. meets at Victoria Hall. Queen 
i.i-t. first and third Thursdass. 

Inwood Lodge, No. 369, meets at C.O.F. Hall, College, 
second and fourth Fridays. 

Lady Minto Lodge. .Xo. 470, meets at cor College and 
Euclid, third Saturday. 

Pacific Lodge, No. 283, meets at Toronto Junction, cor 
Pacific af and Dundas w, first and third Mondays. 

Parkdale Lodge, No. 169, meets cor Queen w and 
Lansdtiwne av, third .Monday. 

Queen City Lodge. No. 225. meets at Orange Hall, 
cor College and Euclid, first and third Tuesdays. 

Seaton Lodge, No. 338, meets cor Euclid av and 
College, third Wednesday. 

Toronto Lodge. No. 51. 'meets cnr Queen w and 
Denison av, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Trinity Lodge, No. 278, meets Victoria Hall, Queen e. 
third Friday. 

Weston Lodge, No. 240, meets at Weston, first Friday. 
York Lodge, No. 57. meets Yonge, cor Cumberland, 
second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Meeting held second Monday in each month in Boar 
Room. 327 Church. 


Grand Lodge, E. Herbert Adams. M.D., Toront 
Supreme Grand President, 325 College; A. E. Hacker 
Deputy Supreme Grand Master. 


Head Office: 58 Richmond East. 
Supreme Lodge T. II. Carter, St. John, N.B., Suprem. 
Pres.; T. J. Roussel 78 .Nightingale si., Hamilton Su 
preme Vice-Pres.; D. J. Proctor, 58 Richmond s't. e 
Toronto, Supreme Secretary. 


F. C. Hooper, head clerk. 

Toronto Camps. 

Queen City, No. 19, meets second and fourth Wed- 
nesdays, Orange Hall, cor Euclid av and College. 

Toronto, No. 43, meets second and fourth Wednes- 
days, 22 College. 

Orient, No. 115. meets at Masonic Hall, Cerrard e and 
Logan av, flrst Monday. 

Centre of Toronto, No. 149, meets at Brunswick Hall, 
cor College and Brunswick at, flrst and third Monday. 

Seaton, No. 264, meets at 450 Spadina at, second 

Excelsior, No. 173, meets cor Dundas and Pacific tv, 
West Toronto, first and third Tuesdays. 

Prosperity Camp, No. 194, meets in Mullen's Hall, 
cor Bloor and Lansdowne av, every Thursday. 

Northern Camp, No. 297, meets cor St. Clair and 
Boon avs, fourth Monday 

Eastern Star Camp, No. 300, meets in Masonic Temple, 
Balsam at, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Port Credit Camp, No. 299, meets in Orange Hall, 
Port Credit, third Monday. 

Alexandra Camp. No. 298, meets at Orange Hall, 
Eglinton, second Tuesday. 

North Riterdale, No. -zi. meets at Playter's Hall 
Broadtiew and Danforth avs, flrst and Third Fridays. 

Toronto District Camp, meets at Broadway Hall, 450 
Spadina at, third Wednesday. 


Head Office Kingston, Ont. 

Grand Deputies, Toronto A. J. Hefferman, Joseph 
Weaver, C. C. MacNamara. 

Secretary to Board of Deputies C. C. MacXamara, 45 
Elgin at. 

Toronto Branches. 

No. 15, meets at 67 Bond, first and third Mondays 
No. 49. meets at St. Mary's Hall, Bathurst st. first 

No. Ill meets at 418 Margueretta. second and fourth 

No. 387 meets at 67 Bond, flrst and third Mondays 
No. 4' r l meets at 67 Bond, first and third Mondays. 
No. 517 meets at 1 Bertmount, third Thursday. 

J. A. McElroy, tires.; Insp. R. Gregory, vice-ores.- R 
J. Clarke, 2nd vice-pris. ; I!. II. CosMe. treas.; F. Todd 
sec.: R. C .Hamilton, rhaiiiiian SoHal Service Committee' 

Toronto Lodges. 

Albion Lodge, No. 1, meets first and third Thursdays 
at 58 Richmond e. 

Birmingham Lodge, No. 69, meets first and third 
Tuesdays at Orange Hall. College and Euclid ais. 

Bradford Lodge, Xo. ill, Lambton Mills, meets second 
md rYuith Wednesdays at Masonic Hall 

Brighton Lodge, No. 7. meets first and third Mon- 
days at 58 Richmond e 

Bristol Lodge, No. 90. meets first and third Mon- 
days, 58 Richmond e. 

Cambridge Lodge, No. 54, meets first and third 
Thursdays at Snell's Hall. cor. Gerrard e and Main. 
| Chatham laOge, NO. 142. meets second and fourth 
Satin days at St. Julian's Hall, Lansdowne and Bloor 
Cheltenham Lodge, No. 178, meets second and fourth 
Tuesdays at 58 Richmond e. 

Clifton Lodge, No. 163, meets second and fourth 
Fridays at Forester's Hall, 22 College st 

Commercial Lodge, No. 200, meets first and third 
Saturdays at 58 Richmond e. 

Earlscourt. No. 306, meets first and third Tuesdays 
at Crtber's Building, 1335 St. Clair av w 

Eastbourne, No. 307, meets second and fourth Mon- 
days, at Orange Hall. 182 Rhodes av. 

Hammersmith Lodge, No. 18-3, meets second and 
fourth Thursdays at 58 Richmond e. 

Hull Lodge, No. 104, meets second and fourth 
Thursdays at St. .Stephen's Hall. 

. ^ t o''S dge ' J No ' 3 ' meets first and tnird Mondays 
ai oa Richmond e. 

Launceton Lodge, No. 154, meets second and fourth 
Thursdays at Jesse Ketchum Hall. 

Lichfield Lodge. No. 146, meets second and fourth 
Thursdays at Albert Hall, 221 Broadview av Lodge, .Xo. 31, meets first and third 'Thursdays 
at Albeit Hall. 221 Broadview av. 

Manchester Lodge, No. 14, meets first and third 
Mondays Winchester, cor. Parliament. 

Middlesex Lodge, No. 2, meets 'second and fourth 
Thursdays at Orange Hall, cor. College and Euclid at. 

i *S? S?* 6 ; flrst and thild -Mondays at Enuerdalo 
rd Baptist Church. Fairbank. 

Norfolk Lodge. Xo. 57, meets flrst and third Wednes- 
days, Royal Templar Bldg., Queen and Dovercourt rd 

Portsmouth Lodge, No. 45, meets second and fourth 
Fridays at Sovereign Hall, Dotercourfc rd. 

Preston Lodge, No. 67, meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays at 58 Richmond e. 

Richmond Lodge, No. 65, meets second and fourth 
Mondays at 58 Richmond e. 

Robin Hood, No. 346, meets second and fourtn J'on- 
days at S.O.E. Hall, 108 Bowood av 

Rugby Lodge, No. 80. meets first and third Thursdays 
at 58 Richmond e. 

St. Alban Lodge, No. 76, meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays at 58 Richmond e. 

St. George's Lodge. .Xo. 27, meets first and third 
Wednesdays at. Playter's Hall. 

Sherwood Lodge, No. 70. meets second and fourth 
Tuesdays in Masonic Hall, North Toronto 

Shrewsbury Lodge, Xo. ir,8. meets first and third 
Tuesdays at Jesse Krtchum Hall. 

Somerset Lodge. No. 10, meets first and third 
Wednesdays at Oddfellows Hall, cor of Northcote av and 
Queen st w. 

Stafford Lodge. Xo. 32, meets first and third Fridays 
it I'layter s Hall. 

Surrey Lodge, No. 11, meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays at Oddfellows' Hall, Bathurst, below College 

Todmorden, No. 298, meets second and fourth Mon- 
days at Playter's Hall, 3 Danforth at 

Warwick Lodge. No. 13, meets 'second and fourth 
Tuesdays, at Jesse Ketchum Hall. 

Windsor Lodge, Xo. 3-i. mee's first and third Wed- 
it Occident Hall 

Worcester Lodge, No. 47, meets first and third Thurs- 
days at St. James' Hall. West Toronto 

n...!. ; T L . od f, e - N- 107- meets first and third 
> I.O.O.J 1 . Hall. 2 Vaughin rd. Uramidali. 
o. C, meets first and third Tuesdays at St. 


Head Office: 49 Victor Ave., Toronto. 

Grand President, Miss M. Lee, Hamilton; Grand Vi,-e- 
ii'snitin. Mis, M. Pin-rants, Toronto: Past Grand Presi- 
dent. Mrs. E. Xi'bes, Toronto; Grand Secretary Leonard 
OK. Cross, il Ellcrbeck av. Toronto- f.nivi Tre-Lsurer 
Mr. F. H. Revell. Hamilton. 

Toronto Lodges. 

Lodge Princess Alberta, No. 7, meets in Masonic Hall, 
Gerrard e and Logan av, first and third Tuesdays 

Lodge Lady Warwick, .No. 9. meets in Jesse Ketchum 
Hall. Daraport rd. Hist and third Wednesdays 

I.odsi. (lid England, Xo. Ill, meets at. County Orange 
Hall. Queen St. i>, second Thlirsdavs. 

Lodge Duchess of Kent, Xo. 13, meets in Crete's 
Hall, St. Clair av- w, tllird Wednesdays. 

Lodge Queen City, No. 15, meets in Orange Hall Col- 
lege St. first Thursday. 

Lfldge Mistletoe, No. 16, meets in Playter's Hall, 
second and fourth Friday. 

Liaise (tare Darling, No. 19, meets in St. Stephen's 
Men's Club Rooms, second and fourth Wninesdays. 

Lodge Lady Beresford, No. 65, meets in Orange Hall, 
North Toronto, second and fourth Thursdays. 

Lodge Rose of Kent, No. 21. meets in James' Hall 
:or. Dundas and Pacific at, first Wednesday. 

Lodge Lloyd, No. 47, meets cor. Queen w and 
Batlmrst, second and fourth Tuesdays. 

Lodge Minto meeting in Church of the Resurrection 
second and fourth Thursdays. 

Lodge Lady Beatty, meeting in S.O.E. Hail Bowond 
av, second and fourth Wednesdays. 

Juvenile Lodges. 

Lodge Lily of the Valley, No. 4 meets in Masonic 
Hall, Gerrard st e, third Tuesday. 

Lodge Rosebud, No. 9, meets in Jesse Ketchum Hall 
tavenport rd, fourth Wednesday. 

Lodge Snowdrop, No. 6, meets at Occident Hall third 

Lodge Bluebell, Xo. !l. runts in St. James' Hall i-<r 
uindas and Pacific av. fourth Saturday. 


Regular meetings of the members are held at 16 Elm 
t the first Friday in every month at 8.30 p m The 
ommittee meets every Friday at 8 o'clock p.m. J W. 
amble Boyd, Secretary. 


J. Stewart Skeaff, Bank of Toronto, Secretary Meets 
cond Thursday of February, May, August and October. 

{Cymdeithas Dewi Sant). 

Toronto Season 1920-1921. 

A. I!. Chambers, President: Thomas Hughes Vice-Presi- 
dent; J. Wynne- Jones, Secretary. The society meeting! 
will be held at 8 p.m. in Orange Hall, cor Euclid at. 
and College. 


A social and beneficial organization on the assessment 
plan. James Steele, 32 Foxley, Grand Secretary. 

Toronto Lodges. 

Ulster, No. 1, meets at Euclid at Orange Hall, first 

Enniskillen. No. 2, meets at Dominion Hall 1000 
Queen w. first Friday. 

Fiiiuaiiagli, Xo. 3, meets at Victoria Hall fourth 

Gilmore, No. 4, meets in Western District Orange 
Hall, cor College and Euclid at, first Monday 

Catan. No. 5, meets at Victoria Hall, fourth Monday 

Sir Edward Carson. No. 7, meets in Playter's Hall 3 
Danforth at, first Tuesday. 


Head Office 38, 60 Victoria. 

John Tytler, Grand Chief; Fiank S. Mearas Grand 
Secretary; Dr. Alex. Fraser, Grand Treasurer. 
Toronto Camps. 

Robert Burns, Xo. I, meets fourth Wednesday C F 
Hall, -2-2 Colle 

Robert de Bruce. No. 2, meets third Thursdays 
C. 0. F. Hall, 22 College. 

St. Andrew's. No. 3. meets third Friday at Victoria 

strathdyde. Xo. 17. imrts first and third Mnnd.iv 
Oddfellows' Hall. KM Kathllist. 

Waverley, No. 19. meets first Thursday in Masonic 
Hall. Gerrard e, near Logan at. 




Lord Aberdeen, No. 20, West Toronto, meets fourth 
Thursday in St. James' Hall. 

Christie. No. 13, meets first and third Fridays in 
Playter's Hall. 

Alexander Fraser, No. 179, meets second Wednesday 
In C. 0. F. Hall, 22 College. 

Wauchope, No. 8, at call of chief. In Foresters' Hall. 

Wingfteld, No. 206, meets third Thursday, 94 Yaughan 

Hall, SO Bond. 

This society is a religious, charitable organization, 
founded by young Roman Catholics of Paris, France, In 
1833. It Is divided Into Superior Councils, Central 
Councils, Particular Councils and Conferences. 

Particular Council for Toronto meets second Wed- 
at 8 p.m.; 1. J. Murphy, Pres. 

Bureau of Information, 0. O'Boyle, agent. 

Twenty Toronto Conferences, which meet weekly, and 
a Hospital Board. 

The St. Vincent de Paul Children's Aid Society of j 
Toronto, 80 Bond. W. T. Kernahan, Pres.; J. F. 
Boland, Secretary. 


For the- Suppression of the Liquor Traffic. Office, ! 
Room 705, 6 Adelaide e. 

Dominion Council Miles Yokes, Toronto, Presi- 
dent; W. H. Orr, Toronto, Treasurer. 

Ontario Branch Chas. E. Steele, Port Colborne, Prc^ 
sident; ReF. Ben. H. Spence, Secretary. 

Grand Division of Ontario. 

W. A. Tice, 172 Roxton vd, Toronto, O.W.P.; Theo. 
N. Willmot, Orillia, Grand Scribe. 

Benefit Department, Assessment System F. C. Ward, 
95 Spadina rd, Toronto, Pres.; J. M. Walton, Aurora, Sec. 

Jutenile Branch. Cadets of Temperance Wm. Mees. 
20 Hammersmith Ave.. Ton.iito. Grand Patron; Cadet 
Council meets in conjunction with Grand Division, Mrs. 
W. H. Tice, Council Secretary. 

A Special Sessicn. of the Grand Division will be held 
in Toronto in May, and the Annual Session November 30th 
anil December 1st. 

Tlie National Divisim of America meet this year at 
(Pecan Grove, N. J., July 12th, 13th and 14th. 

Toronto Divisions. 

Coldstream, No. 212. meets at W. C. T. U. Hall, 16 
Gerrard e, every Monday at 8 p.m. 

Excelsior, No. 28, meets at Orange Hall, cor College 
and Euclid av, every Thursday at 8 p.m. 

Ontario, No. 26, meets in the W.C.T.U. Hall, 16 
Gerrard e, every Monday at 8 p.m. 

Orient, No. 213, meets at W.C.T.D. Hall, 18 Gerrard 
e. every Tuesday at 8 p.m. 

Primrose meets at 439 Concord av, every Wednesday 
it 8 p.m. 


District Headquarters 16-22 Gerrard e. 

Toronto District Officers Mrs. F. C. Ward, Pres.; 
Vice-Pres., Mrs. M. E. Widner; Rec. Sec. Mrs. Go. 
B. Toye; Cor. Sec.. Mis. Timmins; Treas.. Mrs. .1. M. 
Redmond; "Y" Sec., Miss Zella Shaver. 

Local Unions 

Annex, meets in Trinity Methodist Church, first 
Tuesday at 3 p.m. 

Bathurst. meets first Monday in Broadway Tabernacle 
cor College and Spadina av. 

Bascom, meets third Thursday at 8 p.m. in King St. E. 
Methodist Church. 

Beai-hes, meets third Monday in homes of members. 

Brucestraith, meets second Wednesday at 8 p.m., in 
Wilhud Hall, 20 Gerrard e. 

Central, meets third Friday in Wtllard Hall. 

Davenport, meets flrst Tuesday in Davenport MuhodM 

Deer Park, meets second Wednesday at Yonge Street 
Methodist Church at 2.30 p.m. 

Eastern, meets in Simpson Avenue Methodist Church 
on fourth Thursday. 

Earlscourt, meets first Monday at the home of Mrs. 
Pidgeon, 45 Nairn av. 

East Toronto, meets first Tuesday at Public Library, 
Main and Gerrard e. 

Gordon, meets in Mi'mlx-rs home, sec-mid Monday at 
:'. p.m. 

Howard Park, meets in Roncesvalles Avenue Baptist 
Church first Wednesday at 3 p.m. 

Lytic 1 . meets second Monday in Timothy Eaton Mem- 
orial Church, St. Clair av, at 3 p.m. 

Northern, meets second Wednesday in Central Meth- 
odist Church. 

Brue-Straith meets second Wednesday, Willard's Hall. 

Northern, meets second Wednesday at 3 p.m., Central 
Methodist Church, Bloor e. 

North Toronto, meets fourth Friday in Orange Hall. 

Parkdale, meets flrst Friday at 3 p.m. in the parlors 
of Parkdale Methodist Church, cor King and Dunn av. 

Rutherford, meets third Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. in 
Victoria Presbyterian Church, cor Medland and Annette. 

liiverdale, meets Third Tuesday. 

Shcrboume, meets in the Ladies' Parlor of the Sher- 
bourne Street Methodist Church, first Tuesday at 3 p.m. 

Stevens, meets third Friday at 3 p.m. in parlors of 
Meiiilns home. 

Western, meets second Tuesday at 3 p.m. in West 
End Y.M.C.A. Building, cor Dovercourt rd and College. 

Willard. meets second Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. in the 
Ladies' Parlor Bathurst Street Methodist Church. 

Wychwood, meets every second Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. 
in St. Clair av Methodist Church. 

Youmans-Paull, meets second Tuesday in Disciples' 
Church, cor Paton rd and St. Clarens av. 

Bathurst Barbara "Y", meets second Wednesday. 

Cynthia "Y". meets third Wednesday. 

Hezzelwood "Y". meets first Monday in Wiilard's 

Parkdale "Y", meets second Tuesday at the different 

West India "Y", meets in Willard Hall, second Thurs- 
day. at 8 p.m. 

Dominion Woman's Christian Temperance Union De- 
pc.-itoiy of W.C.T.U. literature. London, Out. 

Wychwood. meets second Tuesday in Zion Methodist 

Silvery "Y", meets sei-nncl Wednesday at members' 

Youmans' "Y", meets third Wednesday at members' 

Bathnrst "Y", meets first Wednesday at home of 

College "Y", meets second Tuesday in West End 
Y. M. C. A. 

Beaches "Y", meets first Tuesday at members' home. 

Eastern "Y", meets second Thursday at members' 

Northern "Y", meets second Tuesday at members 

Kmniale "Y". first Thursday at Members home. 



Meets first and third Thursday each month at Labor 
Temple. James Watt. sec. 

Board of Business Agents Bartenders, A. E. O'Leary; 
Boot and Shoe Workers, W. Brown; Brewery Workers, 
John D. Corcoran; Bricklayers, John T. Vick; Carpenters 
(Brotherhood), J. Doggett, J. R. Nicholls; Electrical 
Workers, Thos. Crawford; Engineers, No. 152, T. D. Reed; 
Engineers (Portables). W. R. Banks; Machinists, W. C. 
Hagen; Milk Wagon Drivers, Geo. Lee; Painters and De- 
corators, J. Hopkins; Plumbers and Steamfltters, W. J. 
Storey and S. Williams; Sheet Metal Workers, H. McKay; 
Stonemasons, J. McLeod; Street Railwaymen, Joseph Gib- 
bons: Structural Iron Workers, L. Bowering. 

Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butchers Workmen, Local 
No. 188, J. Menzics. sec, Room 20, 163% Church. 

Bakery and Confectionery Workers Int. Union No. 181, 
meets first and third Fridays, J. Glick, sec. 

Barbers' International Journeymen's Union. Local No. 
517, meets second Thursdays, Labor Temple, Geo. Lewis, 
Sec.. 135 Rose av. 

Bartenders' International League of America, L. 280, 
meets fourth Sunday, 2.30 p.m.. Labor Temple, A. E. 
O'Leary, 248 Havelock, Sec. 

Blacksmiths' and Helpers' International Brotherhood 
of, Loral No. 318. Meets first and third Fridays 
every month, Labor Temple, A. Sanderson, Sec., 604 
Harvie av. 

Boilermakers' and Iron Ship Builders' and Helpers' 
International Brotherhood. Local No. 128, meets first 
and third Fridays, Labor Temple, J. V. Gormly, 84 
Alton av, sec. 

Boilermakers'. Iron Shipbuilders and Helpers' Int. 
Brotherhood, No. 5 IS (Railroad Shop), meets second 
and fourth Tuesdays, Dominion Hall, W. H. Spaul, sec. 
Boilermakeis', Iron Shipbuilders and Helpers' Int. 
Brotherhood, No. 637 (Contract Shop), meets second and 
fourth Fridays, A. E. Pattu, sec. 

Bookbinders' International Brotherhood, local 28, 
meet second Monday, Labor Temple, W. H. Smith, 44 
Mackay av, sec. 

Boot and Shoe Workers' International Union, Local 
2.'!?.. meets each Monday, Labor Temple, Albert Headlcy, 
101 Essex, sec. 

Brass Moulders' Lncal 207. I.M.U. of A., meets 
third Thursday, Labor Temple, W. G. Jones, 324 Bain av, 

Brewery Workmens' International Union. Local S04 

(I.U. of U.B.W.), meets second and fourth Fridays, 
Labor Temple, John D. Corcoran, sec. and bus. agent. 
Bricklayers' International Union, Local 2, ol Ontario, 
meets every Tuesday, Labor Temple, E. Trenwith, 
sec.. Labor Temple. 

Bridge Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers' In- 
ternational Association. Local 4, meets first and third 
Tuesdays. Labor Temple, L. Bowering, sec, Labor Temple. 
Carpenters' District Council meets first Tuesday. John 
Cottam, sec, Room 5, Labor Temple. 

Carpenters' and Joiners' U. B. Local 27, meets every 
Tuesday, Labor Temple, W. Cordwell, 39 Adams av, sec. 
Carpenters' and Jouiers' U. B. Mill Hands and 
Cabinet Makers, Loral No. 1820, meets every Tuesday, 
Labor Temple, T. Jackson, 029 Pape av, pres.; Chas. 
Jarvis, sec. 

Carpenters' and Joiners' U. B., Local No. 2639. 
meets alternate Mondays, Labor Temple, E. Gregory, 431 
Leslie, sec. 

Carpenters' and Joiners' U. B., Local No. 2641, 
meets second and fourth Fridays, McBreen's Hall. Geu. 
Thompson, sec. 

Carpenters' and Joiners' U. B., Local No. 2642, 
meets alternate Mondays, Labor Temple. Fred Adshead, 

Carpenters' and Joiners' U. B., Local No. 2643, 
meets alternate Mondays, Cumberland Hall, H. Day, 
122 Egliriton av e., sec. 

Carpenters' and loiners" U. B., Local No. 2644, 
meets first and third Tuesdays. Playter's Hall, cor 
Oanforth and Broadview avs, Wm. Mills, sec, 123 Ar- 
undel av. 

Cement Workers' P.C.F.I.A., Local No. 598, meets 
second and fourth Wednesdays every month, Labor 
Temple, Wra. Burleigh. 56 Denison av, sec. 

Cigarmakers' International U., Local 27f meets third 
Monday, Labor Temple, John Pamphilion, room 106, 88 
Church, sec. 

Ciiic Employees U., No. 43, meets first Fridaj. Labor 
Temple, R. J. Reid, 144 Northcote av. sec. 

Clerks', Retail, International Protective Association, 
Local No. 540, meets first Tuesday and third Sunday, 
Labor Temple, Harry Cowell, 214 Macpherson av, sec. 

Electrical Workers (Inside Wiremen and Linemen), 
International B., L. 353 meets every Thursday, Labor 
Temple, Thos. Crawford, sew. 

Engineers (Steam) International Association, L 152, 
meets second and fourth Wednesday, Labor Temple, 
W. Anderson, 154 Cedarvale av, sec. 

Engineers' International Union of Steam, Local No. 
793, meets first and third Wednesdays, Labor Temple, 
P. J. Kelly sec. 

Engineers, Machinists, MiHwrights, Smiths and Pat- 
ternmakers, Branch No. 1084, meets second and fourth 
Fridays, Occident Hall, cor Queen w and Bathurst; Jchn 
M. Clements, 650 Shaw, sec. 

Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths and Pat- 
ternmakers, Branch No. 1088, meets alternate Fridays. 
St. James' Hall, Dundas and Pacific av. West Toronto, 
John M Clements, sec. 

Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths and Pat- 
ternmakers, Branch No. 1089, meets second and fourth 
Thursdays in Maltby Chambers, cor St. Clair and Boon 
avs, D. Sime, 119 Bristol av, sec. 

Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths and Pat- 
tern Makers, Branch No. 1090, meets second and fourth 
Thursdays in Masonic Hall, Gerrard e, and Logan av. 
J. Hobson, 407 Erie Terrace, sec. 

Firemen, Helpers' and Oilers' (I.E. of S.F.), Local 
No. 300. meets second and fourth Mondays, Labor Temple, 
J. J. Walsh, sec. 

Fire Fighters' Int. Association, No. 113, meets first 
Monday, Labor Temple, Geo. A. Allen, sec. 

Fur Workers' I.U. of U. S. and Canada, Local No. 
35, meets second Monday every month Labor Temple, 
J. A. McEwan 12. 152 Bay, sec. 

Fur Workers I.U. of U. S. and Canada, Local No. 
40 (Yiddish), meets second and fourth Tuesdays 104 
Beverley st. 

Fur Workers' International Union of C. S. and 
Canada, Local No. 65 (Female), meets fourth Monday 
every month, Foresters' Hall, 22 College st. J. A. Mc- 
Kwan. lioom 12, 152 Bay st, sec. 

Garment Workers', Local No. 185 (Cutters and Trim- 
mers), U.G.W. of A., meets second and fourth Fridays 
Foiuin Hall, 387 Yonge, Hudson Dicks, sec. 

Garment Workers', Local No. 202 (Female). U.G.W. 
of A., meets every second Monday Forum Hall, 387 
Yonge, Mrs. Nellie Anderson, sec. 

Garment Workers' Ladies' I.U., Local No. 14, meets 
every Monday, cor Cecil and Beverley, M. Yanpolsky, 194 
Spadina av, sec. 

Garment Workers', Ladies' I.U.. Local No. 70 (Dress 
and Skirt Makers), meets every Tuesday, 194 Spadini 
av, Miss F. Tobins, sec. 

Garment Workers Ladies' I.U., Local No. 83 (Cutters', 
meets every Monday Labor Temple, C. Drummond, 132 
Ferrier av. sec. 




Garment Workers. Ladies' I.U., Local No. 92 
'Yiddish), (Cloak and Skirt Pressers), meets tvery 
Thursday. 194 Spadina av, B. Woolbendler, 251 Augusta 
ii. sec. 

Glass Bottle Blowers' International Association, B. 
66. meets first and third Saturday at 7 p.m., Queen 
w and .Northcote at, Geo. Kincaid, sec, 126 McRoberts av 

Glass Workers (B. of P. & D. of A.). Local 575 
meets first and third Friday it Labor Temple, B. J 
Bnb, 92 Jones at, sec. 

Glass Worker" American Flint, International Union 
Local No. 45, meets first Saturday, 793 Gerrard e W 
Phillips. 388 Carlaw av, sec. 

Glove Workers' I. U.. Local No. 8, meets second and 
fourth Mondays, Labor Temple, C. Haddleton, 79 Empire 

at, sec. 

Rranite Cutters I. 

A., Toronto Branch, meets fourth 

Wednesday, Labor Temple, Geo. Rae, sec, 119 V 2 Marl- 
borough at. 

Iron Moulders' International Union, Local 28, meets 
first and third Wednesdays, Labor Temple, H Webber 
227 Munro. sec. . 

Jewelry Workers' International Union, Local No. 33. 
meets first and third Mondays, Labor Temple, Miss F. 
Airmv-mith. sec, 299 Huron. 

Laborers' Builders' Union, Local Union, No. 1, meets 
every Tuesday. 80 Nelson, A. Wnitley, 80 Nelson, sec. 
Laborers' (Plasterers) L. U., meets third Tuesday, Labor 
Temple, J. Fidler, 17 Hughes av, sec. 

Lathers' U. (Wood. Wire and Metal), Local No. 
97. meets alternate Tuesdays, 80 Nelson. F. Taylor, sec. 

Leather Workers' United Int. Union, Branch No. 100, 

third Fridays, Labor Temple, L. J. 

meets first and 
Kussell, sec. 

Letter Carriers' Br. No. 1, F. A. of L. C meets 
third FrMay. 58 Richmond e, R. H. Cox, 790 Markham 

Lithographers' Amalgamated, Local 12, meets third 
Wednesday. 58 Richmond e, James H. Christie, sec, 32 
Wuyland av. 

Machinists' Int. Assn, Local 371. meets first and 
third Thursdays. Dundas and Pacific av, West Toronto 
R. Brown. 207 Fairview at, sec. 

Machinists' Int. Assn. Local 235, meets second and 
fourth Wednesdays, Labor Temple, Geo. E. Grossman 
G4 Helena ar. 

Machinists' I. A.. Locnl No. 438, meets every Mon- 
day, 1248 Bloor w, ir. Kins, sec. 

Auto Workers, No. 772, meets second and fourth 
Wednesdays. C. A. Campbell, sec, 39 Alhambra av. 

Leaside Lodse, No. 1252, meets every Thursday Wm 
Barrow, sec, 29 Chester u. 

Brass Workers. No. 1301, meets first and third Tues- 
day?. J. H. Partridge, sec, 255 Clinton. 

Special Lodge, No. 1005, meets first and third Tues- 

Police Toronto Federal Union, Local No. 68, (T. 
L. C. of C.), meets on call Victoria Hall, David H. 
Gordon, sec, 14 St. Marys. 

Printing Pressmen and Assistants Int. Union, Local No. 
10, meets second Monday, Labor Temple, Wm. A. Tooke, 
sec, 4 Nevvsliam. 

Sheet Metal Workers' Int. Assn., Local No. 30, meets 
first and third Fridays, Labor Temple, H. W. MacKay, 21 
Graham at. Mount Dennis, sec. 

Silver Workers, Local No. 40 (J. W. I. U.), meets 
second and fourth Tuesdays, J. Smith, sec, 250' Church 

Slate and Tile Roofers' Int. Union, Local No. 39 
meets first Tuesday, Labor Temple, Thos. Macpherson, 
296 Hartie at, sec. 

Stage Clearers, Local No. 488 meets first Sunday 
Labor Temple, Laurence Bogart, sec, 8 Rose av. 

Steam Shovel and Dredgemen, Int. Brotherhood of 
Local No. 46, meets third Sunday, Labor Temple R. A, 
Jarman. 144 Herman at. 

Stenographers', Typists', Bookkeepers and Assistants' 
Federal Union, No. 16431 (A. F. of L) meets second 
and fourth Fridays, S. 0. E. Hall, Miss E. E Cook 
sec, 811 Euclid at. 

Stereotypes' and Elec. Union, Local No. 21 meet* 
first Sunday, Labor Temple, H. Perkins, sec. 

Stonecutters' Int. Union of N. A., Toronto Lodge 
meets second and fourth Fridays, Labor Temple Robert 
Leggatt, sec, 54 Helena av. 

Stonemasons' No. 26, B. M. &. P. I. u., meeta first 
and third Thursdays, Labor Temple, W. Robb, 10 Bovr- 

man, sec. 

Street Railway 

days, H. B. de la Matte, sec, Mt. Dennis. 

Toronto District Lodge, No. 46, meets first 
Wednesdays, F. A. Storud, sec, 163% Church. 

Mailers' Int. Union. Local 5. meets first Sunday, 
Labor Temple, Robt. Gardiner, 11 Cherrynoolc Gdns. 

Metal Polishers', Buffers', and Platers' Int. Union 
Local No. 21 (M. P.. B., P. and B. W.), meets second 
and fourth Wednesdays, Occident Hall, Queen and 
Hathurst, A. E. Yorke, 94 Sussex av, sec. 

.Metal Spinners and Soft Metal Workers' Local, No. 106, 
meets second and fourth Tuesdays, Labor Temple, A. M'. 
Baker, sec. 102 Eaton av. 

Milk Wagon Drivers, Local No. 191, meets second 
Wednesday, Labor Temple, Fred Scott, sec. 

Moving Picture and Projecting Machine Operators' Pro- 
tective Union. Local No. 173. meets first Sunday Labor 
Temple, 2.30 p.m.. G. H. Jones, 513 Jones av sec 

Painters' and Decorators' Brotherhood. Local No 151 
(Amalgamated Locals Nos. 3, 219, 737 and 1059), 
meets second and fourth Tuesdays, Labor Temple Edwd 
R. Reeve. 44 Lippincott. 

Painters' and Decorators' International, Local No. 1099 
(Ship Painters), meets second and fourth Fridays John 
T. Tilley. sec. 

Painters', Sign and Pictorial, Local No. 1113, (B. of 
A. and D. of A.), meets first and third Wednesdays F 
Crossland. sec, 66 Shaw 

Patternmakers' International Association meets Occident 
Hall, Queen and Bathurst, second and fourth Mondays 
Alex. Hamilton, 5 Columbui, sec. 

Photo Engravers', Local 35 (I.T.U.). meets flnt 
Friday, 22 College, Wm. C. Golby, 111 Auburn at, sec. 

Plasterers' and Cement Finishers' International As- 
sociation. Local No. 48, meets second and fourth Thurs- 
days, Labor Temple, Wm. J. Hamilton, sec. 307 Salem ai. 

Plumbers'. Steam and Gas Fitters' United Assn. of 
Jnur.. Local 46. meets second and fourth Fridays, Labor 
Temple, A. McBain, sec, 17 Arlington av. 

Plumbers' and Stearantters', Local No. 731 (Marine 
local), meets first and third Thursdays, P. C. Dobbin 
*er, 773 Pupont. 

. Employees' International Union and 
Benefit Society, Local No. 113, meets first Tuesday at 
8 p.m. third Sunday at 2 p.m., Labor Temple, Jos. 
Gibbons, Labor Temple, sec. 

Tailors' Int. Jour. Union, Local 132, meets second 
and fourth Mondays, Labor Temple, A. Nicholson 88 
\\oolfrey av, sec. 

Telegraphers' Commercial U. of Am., Dif. No. 1 
(Canadian Pacific System), Ontario District, meets third 
Sunday at 22 College, C. E. Hill, 362 Brock at, sec.- 

Telegraphers' Commercial U. of Am., Dit. No. 43 (0. 
N. W. System), meets on call of local chairman W R 
Wheatley, 299 St Helens at, sec. 

Telegraphers' Commercial U. of Am., Div. No. 52, 
leasde wires, meets on call of general chairman, L. M. 
Vogal, Winnipeg, sec. 

Telephone Operators, Local 83A (I. B. of E. W.), 
meets second and fourth Mondays, Miss L. T. Miller' 
sec, 34 Honson rd. 

Textile Workers' United of America, Local No. 1063 
meets second Wednesday and fourth Thursojiy 8pm 
Labor Temple, Miss Cushin, see, 684A College. 

Theatrical Stage Employees' Int. Union, Toronto Lodge 
meets second Sunday, Labor Temple, 1. Elmer Ferris, 
345 Huron, sec. 

Tile Layers' and Helpers' Int. Union, Local No. 37, 
nd third | meets first Friday, Labor Temple, Andrew Inglis, 52 
Yarmouth rd, sec. 

Tobacco Workers' Int. U., Local No. 63, meets second 
Tuesday, 30 McAlpine, Armand Lapointe, lee. 

Toronto Musical Protective Assn., Local 149, A. F. 
of M., meets first Sunday, 2.15 p.m., Musicians' Temple, 
University av., Jos. Weatherton, sec, Musicians Temple. 

Typographical Int. Cnion, Local 91, meets first Sat- 
urday, Labor Temple, Saml. Hadden, sec. 

Upholsterers' and Trimmers' Int. Union Local 30 
meets second and fourth Wednesdays, 22 College, F. W. 
Prior. 370 Margueretta, sec. 

Waiters' and Cooks' Local No. 300, meets second and 
third Thursdays 10.30 a.m., Club Boom, 301 Dineen 
Bldg., H. W. Brooker, sec, 88 Prust av. 

Waitresses' Local, No. 434, meets every Monday, Mrs. 
Jean Johns, sec, Room 300, Dineen Bldg. 

Web Printing Pressmen's Int. Union, Local 1, meets 
third Monday. Labor Temple, John J. Bromley. S3 
Brookmount rd, sec. 


Carmen, Brotherhood of Railway, Dominion Lodge, No. 
511, meets fourth Monday, Occident Hall, Queen and 
Bathurst sts, Chas. Sadler. 105 Sussex at, sec. 

Carmen. Brotherhood of Railway, Beater Lodge, No. 
258. meets third Wednesday at St. James' Hall, West 
Toronto, Robert Boyd, sec, 753 Indian rd. 

Carmen, Brotherhood of Railway of America, liosedale 
Lodge No. 79, meets fourth Friday, Playter's Hall, Wm. 
Green, sec, 495 King e. 

Carmen, Brotherhood of Railway of America, Ontario 
Lodge, No. 619, meets third Thursday, Occident Hall J 
Cratney, sec, 4 Manchester av. 

Clerks, Freight Handlers and Station Employees 
Brotherhood of Local No. 493, meets first and third 
Wednesdays, Labor Temple, i. E. Miller, 46 Murray, see. 

Conductors' Railroad, Toronto Lodge, No. 17, meets 
first and third Sundays at Occident Hall, A. Riley 708 
Markham. sec. 

Conductors, Railroad. West Toronto Division. No. 345, 
meets second and fourth Sundays, St Janes' Ball. Wot 
Timmto, E. G. Chapman. -142 Medland, sec. 

Conductors, Railroad, Enterprise Road, Dir. No. 531, 
meets first and third Sundays, Labor Temple, T. A. 
Anderson, sec, 113 Pauline av. 

Engineers, Locomotive, Toronto Division, No. 70. 
meets second and fourth Sundays at Oddfellows' Hall 404 
Bathurst, Parker Little 21S fieoffrej, sec. 

Ensineers, Locomotive, Parkdale Div., No. 295, meets 
first and third Sundays at Colvin's Hall 2875 Dundu 
W. D. Donaldson, 302 Evelyn av, sec. 

Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive, Don Valley 
Division, No. 852, meets second and fourth Sundays, 
Playter's Hall, John Shaw, sec. 

Engineers, Brotherhood of Locomotive, Shamrock Mimico 
Division, No. 747, meets first Tuesday and third Sun- 
day, New Toronto Hall, W. A. Edwards, sec. 

Firemen, Locomotive, Dominion Lodge. No. 67, meets 
first Monday and third Sunday at Oddfellows' Hall, 404 
Bathurst, James Pratt, 218 Fern av, see. 

Firemen, Locomotive. Queen City Lodge, No 262, 
meets first Tuesday and second and fourth Sundays, St. 
James' Hall, Dundas w and Pacific at, 0. Bond 151 
Quebec av, sec. 

Firemen and Enginemen, Rosedale Lodge, No. 269, 
meets first and third Sundays, Playter's Hall, J. Stacey. 
sec. 75 Moscow av. 

Firemen and Enginemen Locomotive, No. 596 meetJ 
on call, Harry Schaefer, 38 Lyall at, sc. 

Firemen and Enginemen, Brotherhood of, Etoblcoke 
Lodge, No. 756, meets first and Third Thursdays, Mimico. 
Thos Hueston, New Toronto, sec. 

Maintenance of Ways Employees, Int. Brotherhood of 
Toronto Terminals, No. 33, meets third Saturday, New 
Toronto, F. E. Hallivvell, sec, 308 Sackville. 

Maintenance of Ways Employees' International Brother- 
hood of, Toronto Terminals, No. 419, meets fourth Sun- 
day, Labor Temple, V. Saunders, sec, 2607 Dundas w. 

Street Railway Employees International Union and 
Benefit Society, Local No. 113, meets third Sunday. 
Labor Temple, Jos. Gibbons, sec. 

Telegraphers, Order of Railroad, Dit. No. 1. covers 
the G.T.K. system, meets subject to call of chairman, D. 
' Shaw, London, Ont., sec. 

Telegraphers, Order of Railroad, Dlt. No. 7, coteri 
;he C.P.R. system, meets subject to call of chairman, 
R. C. Wilson, Kcnora. Ont., see. 

Telegraphers, Order of Railroad, No. 43, covers C.N.K. 
ystems, meets subject to call of chairman, 0. H. Palmer, 
Dauphin, Man., sec. 

Trainmen, Brotherhood of Railroad, East Toronto 
Lodge, No. 108, meets second and fourth Wednesdays, at 
7.30 p.m.. Engineers' Hall, Pine St., Bellerilte, Ont., 
D. W. Riser, 62 Pine St., Belleville, Ont., sec. 

Trainmen, Railroad, West Toronto, No. 255, meet! 
second and fifth Sundays at 7.30 p.m.. fourth Sunday. 
2 p.m., at Colvin's Hall, 2875 Dundas w, J. H. Davison 
168 St. John's rd.. sec. 

Trainmen. Railroad, Queen City Lodge, No. 322. meeU 
first and third Sundays at Oddfellows' Hall, 404 Bath- 
urst, J. 0. Cameron. 29 Ridley gdns., sec. 

Trainmen, Brotherhood of Railroad, Northern Ontario 
Lodge, No. 759, meets first and third Sundays, Occi- 
dent Hall, cor Queen w and Bathurst, F. E. Kins. 
606 Delaware at., sec. 


Unless otherwise stated all meetings will take place 
at 8 p.m. 

Machinists' I. A., Maple Leaf Lodge, No. 32, meets 
second and fourth Tuesday Orange Hall, cor College and 
Euclid av, Mrs. R. A. Armstrong, ser. 112 Coxwell ;u. 

Engineers, Locomotive, Maple Leaf Lodge No. 181, 
meets first and third Wednesdays at 2 p.m., Oddfellows' 
Hall, 404 Bathurst, Mrs. J. Ross, 216 Pearson at, sec. 

Engineers' Locomotive, Canadian Pacific Lodge No. 
368. meets second Friday. 2.30 p.m.. fourth Friday 
8 p.m., Colvin's Hall, 1693 Dundas w, Mrs. W. B. Car- 
ruthers. 73 Laws. sec. 

Firemen and Enginemen, Locomotive, Maple Leaf Lodge 
No. 161. meets on call, Margaret Bourne, 17 Barber av, 

Telegraphers, Order of Railroad. Local No. 17. meet! 
subject to call of chairman, Mrs. S. S. Campbell, Verona, 
Ont., sec. 

Trainmen, Eallroad, Maple Leaf Lodge. No. 9. meets 
first Friday, 7.30 p.m., third Thursday, 2.30 p.m., 
Oddfellows' Hall, 404 Bathurst, Mary Cusack. ec. 

Typographical I. U.. Auxiliary 42, meets third Monday. 
Labor Temple, Mrs. J. English, sec, R9 Summerhill av. 

Conductors, Railroad, Ladies' Auxiliary No. 78. meet! 
second and fourth Thursdays at 2.30 p.m.. Oddfellows' 
Hall. 404 Bathurst, Mrs. R. A. Purdon,, 72 Gladstone 
at., secretary. 

Engineers, Stationary, Auxiliary No. 12. meets sectuul 
and fourth Wednesdays, Labor Temple, Mrs. W. Anderson, 
er. Ififi Cedarvale av. 




Governor-General's Body Guard, F. Parker bandmaster. 

Highlanders' Band, John Slatter, bandmaster. 

4S!li Highlanders' Pipe Band, James K. Fraser, band- 
ma<ter, the Armouries. 

Queen's Own Brass Band, C. W. Hubbard, bandmaster, 
The Armouries 

Queen's Own Bugle Band, Chas. Swift, Jams, s w coi 
King, bugle major. 

Royal Grenadiers, John Waldron, 376 Berkeley St., 

Royal Grenadiers' Fife and Drum Band, T Morrison, 
133 Greenwood ave.. The Armouries. 

1st Canadian Machine Gun Brigade Band, A. E. Zealley, 

Ontario Mounted Rifles, J. Douglas, bandmaster. 


(See also "Miscellaneous Societies"). 
Aero Club of Canada (Inc.), rapt. Jas. P. Beaty, pres 
and hon. treas, 34 Ypnge. 

Albany Club, 91 King e, Hon. J. D. Reid, pres; 
Stair Dick Lauder, sec-treas; Thomas V. Lithgow, 

Mi'xandrs Bowling Club. Alexandra Gardens. 
Alexandra Yacht Club, Ward's Point, Toronto Island. 
Amateur Athletic Union of Canada, 204, 22 College. 
Argonaut Rowing Club, s s Lake, w of York st bridge, 
Leslie Ferguson, sec. 23 Toronto. 

Arts and Letters Club. A. Bradley, sec, 57 Adelaide e. 
Athenaeum Bowling Club, 57 Adelaide w., Edwd E. 
Sutherland, sec. 

Aura Lee Athletic Club. 205 Avenue road. 
Balmy Beach Club, 360 Lake Front (Balmy Beach) 
Baraca Club, n s Bancroft at. 
Beaches Athletic Association. Ltd., 2175 Queen e. 
Beaver Recreations Club, James Hoyle, sec, 290 Yonge. 
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, 126 St. George. 
Board of Trade Young Peoples Club. 
Boy Scouts Meeting House. 12 Boydell pi. 
Broadway Social Club, Ltd, Alfred T Smith, pres, I 
Brunswick av. 

Canada Lawn Bowling Club, Ltd., 163 Avenne rd. 
Canadian Business Women's Club, 199 Yonge, meets 

first Tuesday. 

Canadian Club. C. F. Leonard, sec, 18 Toronto. 
Canadian Kennel Club. Inc., Jas. D. Strachan, sec- 
tieas., 3, 774% Yonge. 

Canadian Military Institute, 245 Simcoe and 96 
University av (See under "Military"). 

Canadian Travel Club, L. W. Clemens, pres, 109 
Bloor w. 

Chinese Club. 14'A Elizabeth and 76 Louisa. 
Classic Athletic Club. Chas. E. Patrick, 728 Queen 
e, pres. 

Commercial Club, 32 Kin; w. 
Commonwealth Club and Institute. The, 56-58 Yonge. 
Danforth Club, Ltd, 352 Danforth av. 
Don Rowing Club, 1017-21 Eastern av, Thos. A. 
Murphy, 30 Balsam av, vice-pres. 

Dufferin Driving Club, W. A. McCullough. 119 
Dovercourt rd, sec. 

East Riterdale Boys' Club, Wm. H. Hodgson, supt., 
1511 Queen e. 

Eaton's Club Rooms, Frank Dean caietakrr, 44-48 Alice. 
Empire Club of Canada, Dr. A. H. Abbott, sec, 104 
Temple Bldg. 

Engineers' Club nf Toronto. R. B. Wolsey, sec., 96 
King w. 

Ex-Officers Club. Rev. F. W. Clayton pres., H. R. 
Hay Sec-Treas, 460 .Jarvis. 
Girl's Club. The. 21 Carlton. 
Granite Club, 519 Church. 
Cripliic Arts Club, Ivor R. Lewis, 89 Stibbard. 
Harvard Club of Toronto, 64 King e. 
Heliconian Club, 801 Yonge. 

High Park Curling and Lawn Bowling Club, Ltd., 138- 
150 Indian rd. 

Hong Kong Club, 115% Queen w. 
Jewish Girls Club, Adelaide Cohen, supt., 254 McCaul. 
Kappa Alpha Society, n s Hoskin av. 
Kennel Club, 450 Spadina av. 
Kew Beach Club, 154 Lake Front (Kew Beach). 
Kiwanis Club, Chas. Milk, sec, meets every IVed- 
nrsday at the King Edward Hotel. 

Knichfs of Columbus, tt'm. W. Petlej', fln-treas., 582 

Lake Shore Country Club. Ltd. 10(> Bay. 
Lakeview Curling Club. Hugh Spence, 146 Harrison, 

Lakeriew Golf Country Club, Ltd.. Lake Sh'ire rd. 
Lambfon Golf and Country Club, office Lambton Mills, 
Ernest Mason, ragr. and sec. 

Lansshan Poultry Society of Canada, The, D. J. 
McLean. 93 Erskine av, Sec-Treas. 

Lawrence Park Bowling Club, Earl S. Ball, Glen Grove 
av e. Northern Br. 

Le Club Franchise, meets every Monday evening from 
Nov. to April. 336 Jarvis, F. M. Bell-Smith, pres. 

Mimico Bowling Club, Lake Shore rd, Stop 15, Mimico, 
E. 1. Hutchins, sec. 

Mnose Club Rooms, The, 4 Alexander. 
National Club, 109 Bay, R. P. Lord, sec-treas. 
National Yacht and Sailing Skiff Club, foot of 

Newman Hall Club, Rev. John E. Burke, Pres., 97 St. 

North Toronto Bowling Club, Alexandra Gardens. 
North Toronto Rifle Club, 24 Montgomery av. 
Oaklands Lawn Bowling Club, 149 Alcorn av, Chas. 
n. Mitchell, sec. 

Oakwood Bowling Club, 181 Oakwood av. 
Ontario Club, L. V. Wright, sec-treas., 16 Welling- 
ton west. 

Ontario Curling Association, G. S. Pearcy, 22 Scott, 

Ontario Jen-key Club, 6 Leader Lane, W. P. Fraser, 

Ontario Motor League, W. G. Robertson, sec-treas, 
606-607, 6 Adelaide e. 

Original Club, W. E. Lane, Sec, 441 Jarvis. 
Parkdale Athletic Club, 1458 Queen w. 
Parkdale Canoe Club, s s King w, between Wilson 
and Triller avs. 

Parkdale Curling Club, w s Cowan av, near King. 
Parkdale Lawn Bowling Club, W. R. Jackson, vice- 
prts.. 1310 Kin? w. 

Phi Sigma Tau Fraternity (Students Club), 138 St. 

Police Athletic Society, supported by members. 
Primrose Club, 41 Willcocks. 

Queen City Bowling Club, R. B. Rice, sec, 80-86 

Queen City Curling Club, 90-94 Hayden, R. B. Rice, 

Queen City Yacht Club of Toronto, Ltd., s- s Lake, 
opp. York st bridge, Chas M. Hanney, steward. 

Red Triangle Club, Y.M.C.A., F. G. Pratt, 97 111 
Victoria, ec. 

Rosedale Golf Club, office Bedford Park P. 0., D. 
\\. K:i\ifr, Genl mgr. 

Rosedale Travel Club, Miss Annie Starr. 134 Winchester, 

Rotary Club of Toronto, Norman Tovell, hon. treas., 
King Edward Hotel. 

Royal Canadian Bicycle Club. 131 Broadview av. 
Royal Canadian Yacht Club, club house Centre 
Island; winter quarters, 19 Melinda, Donald G. Bremner, 

llii-iholme Lawn Bowling Club, W. T. Wylie, pres., 
375 Dovercourt cd. 

Rusholme Lawn Tennis Club, Old Orchard Rink. 
Dovercourt Road, John R. McNair, pres., 375 Dovercourt 

St. Andrews Business Girls' Club, fierriiiii.-i IVyrlip 
deaconess. 74 Simcoe. 

St. Francis Club, Arthur D. Carey, sec, 3 Bellwoods 

St. James' Cathedral Men's Club. 65 Church. Rev. 
Francis J. Moore, sec. 

St. James' Cathedral Men's Rifle Club. 65 Church. 
St. Mary's Club. A. C. Carton, pres.. 558 Adelaide w. 
St. Matthew's Lawn Bowling Club. Harry G. Salisbury, 
pro';., before 550 (lemrd e. 
St Peter's Cnurch Club, 789 Bathurst 
St. Vincent's Literary & Athletic Club. Westminster 
and Roncesvalles av, p .J. Mefabe. sec, 2263 Duniias . 
Samaritan Club, 223 College. 
Scarboro Golf and Country Club, Ltd., Scarboro P.O. 

y-Fifth Battalion Assn. Club. 257 Shaw. 
Sherbourne House Club, Mary L. Bollert, supt, 439 

Simcoe Club, 83Q Toronto Arcade. 
Sixty Club, Finley Weaver. 57 Queen w, sec. 
Spanish Club,. Chevalier J. Enoch Thompson, pres.. 
weets every second Tuesday at Harbord St. Collegiate. 

Strollers' Club, James W. Barry, 54 Yonce, sec. 
' Summit Golf and Country Club. Ltd., E. G. Good- 
win, office 120 Bay. sec. 

Templar Kliaki Club, 1089-91 Queen w. 
Tenelx Club, 7 Pawnee av, Toronto Island. 
Thistle Lawn Bowling Club, Ltd., 723 Bathurst John 
Marlatt. caretkr. 

Toronto Athletic Club, 304, 156 Yonge. 
Toronto Baseball Club, J. J. McCaffery, pres.; L. 
Solman, 119 Bay, sec-treas. 

Toronto Bowling Club, Ltd., T. F. Ryan, 68 Tem- 
perance, sec-treas. 

Toronto Camera Club, 35, 2 Grtild. 
Toronto Canoe Club, s s Lake w of York st bridge. 
Ernest E. McColm, sec, 43 Scott. 
Toronto Checker Club. Ltd., 177% Yonge. 
Toronto Chess Club, 65 Church. 
Toronto Club, 107-9 Wellington w., W. K. Langstone. 

Toronto Curling Club, C. D. Clarke, sec, 259 Huron. 
Toronto Golf Club. Long Branch. Chas. H. Little, sec. 
Toronto Graduate Nurses Club, 295 Sherbourne. 
Toronto Hunt Club, J. V. Trowell, sec.; club house 
and kennels, 1143 Kingston rd, Stop 15, Birchcliffe. 

Toronto Ladies' Club, Nellie Goldie, sec-treas. Suite G, 
Toronto Arcade, sec. 

Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price. 
Toronto Motor Boat Club, s s Lake, w York, Cecil 
R. Allison, sec. 

Toronto Motor Cycle Club, 5 Brunswick t. 
Toronto Musicians Club, 197-199 Simcoe. 
Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association, Insp. 
Saml J. Dickson. sec-treas. 

Toronto Racquet Club, G. Campbell, sec, 132 St. 

Toronto Skating Club, every Saturday Afternoon at 
Arena, H. A. Locke, 32 Howland av, sec. 
Toronto Temple Club (Inc.), 121% Church. 
Toronto Travel Club, 801 Yonge. 
Toronto Whist Club, J. W. JacobsOn, sec, Prince 
George Hotel. 

University Club of Toronto, Sadie McConnell, 82 King 
w, sec. 

Victoria Bowling Club, 271 Huron . 
Victoria Church House Presbyterian Club, 190 Med- 

Victoria Skating and Curling Association, 259 Huron, 
L. Yeo, sec-treas. 

Waiters' and Cooks' Club, 75 Toronto Arcade. 
Waverley Club, 2922 Dundas w. 
Weston Golf Club, Weston, Leslie Young, pres. 
Weston Lawn Bowling Club, Thos. J. Magtiire, pres. 

IViiMfcrmeie Golf i ("nunlr.v Club. J. Stanley- Living- 
stone, sec. 43 Sontt. 

Woodbino Yacht Club, Ernest Rutland, sec., 22 Wood- 
bine Beach. 

Woodcraft and Invention Club, Alex. R. M. Griffin. 
11 Sultan, sec. 

Young .Men's Club of the Board of Trade, C. F. 
B. Tippett, C.L., 311 King e, P. G. Cherry, 76 Church, 
Hon. Sec. 

York Club, W. P. Frazer, sec., 135 St. George. 

Yiuk Ciiunty Athletic Club. Id Melinda. 

Zeta Psi Fraternity, 118 St. George. 


See also Clubs and note that many organizations are 
distinguished as the "Canadian," the "Dominion," the 
"Ontario," the "Toronto," etc. 

Aberdeen Association. The, for the distribution of good 
literature to settlers in Canada, Mrs. Angus MacMurchy, 
pres.. 67 Chestnut Park; Mrs. F. Kenrick, 77 Lonsdale 
rd., hon-sec. Literature should be sent to Parliament 

Alpha Kappa Fraternity, 12 Madison av. 

American Commerce Assnmtii-ri. 1 Adelaide e. 

Armenian Relief Association, 108. 19 Melinda. 

Associated Hebrew Charities of Toronto, Jos. Singer. 
iies., 218 Simcoe. 
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, 96 King w. 

Authors & Composers Assoc of Canada, Gordon V. 
Thompson, pres., 73% Bay. 

Big Brother Movement, Juvenile Court. City Hall. 
Freer 0. St George, sec. 

Big Sister Association, Juvenile Court, City Hall, Mr ; . 
Mary E. Loughton, sec. 

Boy Scouts Council for Ontario, 238 Blocr e. ; H. G. 
Hammond, sec. 

Brotherhood of Domininn Express Employees. 114-11'i 

Builders' Exchange of Toronto, David Davidge. 34 
Victoria, sec. 

Kuuaii nf Municipal Research, .It- K. H" 1 ' 
ISiH. fhurrli. 

Butchers Section, Retail Merchants' Assn., Stuart 
Harris, sec., 2 College. 

Caledonian Society of Toronto, R. J. Gray, sec., 185 

Caithness Association, The Toronto. 22 College, meets 
third Thursday, D. W. Ross, sec, 34 Wellington w. 

Canadian Aviation Fund, 60 Victoria. 

Canadian Bar Assn., 156 Yonge. 

Canadian Bible Society, Rev. W. B. Cooper, genl. 
sec.. 16 College. 

Canadian Bureau for the Advancement if Music. 177 

Canadian Defence League, 77, 60 Victoria, Edward 
Wodson, sec. 

Canadian Domestic Guild, Mrs. Sarah McArthur, pres., 
65 Sorauren av. 

Canadian Electric Railway Assn., Acton Burrows, sec, 
70 Bond. 

Canadian Electrical Assn., Wm. Volkman, sec-treas. . 
12 Adelaide e. 




Canadian Embalmers' Assn., Fredk. W. Matthews, lee., 
66f> S|iadina av. 

Canadian Cas ASMI. i;i. \V. Allen, sec, 19 Toronto. 

Canadian Girl Guides, 22 College. 

Canadian Me All Assn, (Auxiliary to the McAH Mission 
of France), Rev. W. H. Brokenshire, Broadview Y.M. 
C.A., Held secretary; Mrs. Wn. Hamilton, 28 Beaty av, 
cones secretary. 

Canadian Manufacturers' Awn, Hugh Macdonald, sec., 
1404-142(1, fil-fiT Yonge. 

Canadian National Exhibition Assn., J. G. Kent, jenl. 
mir., 38 King e. 

Canadian Optical Assn, John C. McLean, sec-treas, 
435 Spadina av. 

Canadian Pony Society, G. de VI. Green, sec-treas.. 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Canadian Press Assn.. Room 902, 36 Toronto. 

Canadian Racing Assn., W. P. Fraser, sec., 6 Leader 

Canadian "Red Cross Six'iety," 410 Sherbourne. 

Canadian .Sheep Breeders' Assn., R. W. Wade, dir., 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Canadian Shire Horse Assn.. G. de W. Green, sec-treai., 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, W. S. Harver, 
324 Glen rd, we. 

Canadian Swine BtH'iii'ts' Assn., It. W. Wade, dir.. 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Canadian Wholesale Grocers' Assn, Arthur C. Pyke, 
sec, at Yonge. 

Women's Auxili;uy for the C;m<i<li;tv> National Institute 
for the Blind. Mrs .1. C. Breckenridge, 142 College, 

Catholic Big Brothers Movement, 67 Bond. 

Catholic Big Sisters Assn, 80 Bond. 

Catholic Charities, Rev. P. J. Bench, supt.. 67 

Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada, Rer. 
Thos. O'Donnell, pres., 67 Bond. 

Catholic Truth Society of Canada, James P. Murray, 
pres., 67 Bond. 

Central Liberal-Conservative Assn., G. Tyrrell, organ- 
izing sec, 308, 229 Yonge. 

Chartered Accountants, Institute of, W. J. Valleau, 
registrar. 518. 157 Bay. 

Chief Cnnstables Assn. of Canada, office City Hall, 
Chief Inspector Kobt. McClelland, sec-treas. 

Children's Aid Society, 229 Simcoe, Wm. Duncan, 
Insp and supt and sec of the Board. 

ritmt-sc Clirislian Assm'iation. 124 I'nhersity ai 

Chinese Freemasons, 192 York. 

Christadelphian Esslesia, meets every Lord's Day at 
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in Harmony Hall, Room 30, Forum 
Bldg., cor Yonge and Gerrard e. 

Christian Commercial Travellers' Assn. (The Gideons), 
Thos. S. Cole, genl sec., room 408. 12 Richmond e. 

Christian SriHicr Ke.-uling Knnm, l'^!( Vun^e arid 6 
Adelaide e. 

"in .nj Missionary Alitalia 1 . ".'.:', Hichmond w. 

Cluirch Bible and Prayer Book Society, Rev. H. 0. 
Tremayne, sec. 25 Dundas e. 

Church of England Women's Missionary Society, 
Diocese of Toronto; Miss Violet Summerhayes, 651 Broad- 
view av., hon. sec. 

Coal Section. Retail Merchant' Assn., H. A. Har- 
rington, sec., 2 College. 

Coit Alber Dom Clutausuas, Norman Plass mgr, 6 
Adelaide e. 

Commercial Travellers' Association of Canada, 51 
Y' use, incotin uteri 1S74. 

Commercial Travellers' Mutual Benefit Society, 51 Yonge 
Uichcl. I\es, secretary. 

Community Institute (Social Service). Margt. Fer- 
guson, supt, 393 Spadina av. 

Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. P. Hermant, 16 Cluny 

Comity Children's Aid Society. .",7 Adelaide e. 

County of York Law Assn, City Hall, W. J. Mc- 
Callnm, sec. 

Danfwth Day Nursery, 104 Terrier av, Martha 
McKinley, supt. 

Daughters and Maids of England Benevolent Society, 
r.. Oeo. Cross, trim! sec., 9 Ellerbeck av. 

Helta 1'i-siion Fraternity, Manwell Kerrnish. secietary- 
treasurer, 142 Blnor w 

Dickens Fellowship (Toronto Branch), Miss May Ben- 
gough, 66 Charles e, hon. sec.-treas. 

Dominion Alliance for the Suppression of the Liquor 
Traffic (Ontario br), 705, 6 Adelaide e. 

Dominion Cattle Breeders' Assn . I!. W. Wade, dir- 
r>dor, Parliament Buildings. 

Dominion Millers' Assn., C .B, Watts, 6 King e. 
Toronto, sec. 

l>nmii)ii>n Traffic Assn. 240, 17 Queen e 

Down Town Church Workers' Assn., (Ang), Harriet 
I). McCallum, directress, 344 Dundas v. 

Electrical Employers Assn of Ontario, Wra. Volkmann, 
sec-treas, 12 Adelaide e. 

Federation for Community Service. M 0. MacLean, 
sec . 229 Yonge. 

Finnish Society, 214 Adelaide w. 

Florence Nightingale Assn., Miss Jean Wardell, 1258H 
Pundas w, sec. 

Fur Workers Union, Frank A. Currie, sec, 152 Bay. 

Furniture Mfrs. Assn., rm 701, 67 Yonge, W. 
Cawkell, sec. 

Gardeners' and Florists' Assn., meets at 16 Elm, third 

Garrett Anglo-Israel Association, meets alternate Fri- 
days at 264 Clinton. 

General Board of Sunday Schools and Young People's 
Societies, Rer. John C. Robertson, genl sec, 299 Queen w. 

Gidious The, (Christian Com. Food Assoc.), 408, 
4 Richmond e. 

(iirl Guides (br). :(32 Bloor w 

Great War Veterans' Assn., 72 Carlton, 895 Bloor w, 
1091 Queen w, 1215 St Clair av w, 156 Yonge, 3 Carl- 
ton, 348 Broadview and 705 Yonge. 

Health Eitension Assn. of Canada (Inc.), 2 College. 

Hebrew Sick Benefit Society. H. Korenblum. pres . 
.'i50 Dundas w. 

Home for Homeless Children, Carmelite Sisters In 
charge, 312-314 Ossington av. 

Imperial British Israel Association (Toronto br), C. 
L. Bedson, sec., meets every Thursday at St James' Par- 
ish House. 

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, St. George's 
Chapter, Mrs. F. E. Hodgins. 9 Dale av, sec. 

Industrial School Association, C. Ferrier, supt., 

International Bible Students' Assn., 270 Dundas w. 

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, W. J. 
Valleau, registrar, 518-519, 157 Bay. 

Irish Catholic Benevolent Society, 1140 Queen e. 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society, office 327 Church. 

Jewish Day Nursery and Dispensary, 218 Simcoe, Mrs. 
N. Smith, pres. 

Kappa Alpha Society, n s Hoskin r. 

Kingston Old Boys' Association, J. J. Donnell, sec. 
8 Millbrook cres, meets last Thursday at room 1, 22 

Local Council of Women, 439 Sherbourne. 

Laymen's Missionary Movement (Church of England), 
131, 17 Queen e. 

Liberal-Conservative Assn. of the City of Toronto, Gar- 
rett Tyrrell, Ryrie Bldg., organizing sec. 

Lord's Day Alliance of Canada. The. 632-634, 12. 
Richmond e. 

Loyal Order of Moose, Norman Heyd, sec, 2 Alexander. 

Lnj-al Order of Moose, Wm. Riddell, sec, 2834 
Tiimdas w. 

.Master Painters' Association, 3 Davenport rd. 

Master Plasterers' Association, 34 Victoria. 

Master Stonecutters' Association, 34 Victoria. 

Mendelssohn Choir, H. A. Flicker, 11, 91 Wellesley. 

Methodist Church Educational Society, Rev. J. W. 
Graham, B.A., 17 Wells, genl. sec. 

Methodist Social Union, C. D. Daniel, sec, 45 
Maple av. 

Methodist Viiicin of Toronto, Ref. Thos. W. NeaL, 
^t'nl. H'!'.. 141 Janis. 

Missionary Education Movement, Rev. H. C. Prieit. 
sec., 17 Queen e. 

.Mural and Social Reform Dept. of the Church of 
England, Rev. R. L. Brydges, sec.. 17 Queen e. 

Motion Picture Exhibitors Protective Assn., 141 Yonge. 

Mi'sknka Lakes' Assuriatitiii. Hnsh Neilsmi. sec, 1-V;. 

National Chorus, Dr. A. Ham, 561 Jarvis. conductor. 

National Sanitarium Association, Geo. A. Reid, sec., 
223 College. 

Xatinnal Waterways Association of Canada, 123 Bay 

.Navy League of Canada, Toronto Branch. E. Tanner i 
sec-treas., 34 King w. 

Neighborhood Workers Assn.. F N. Stapleford, sec 

North Toronto Women's Patriotic League, Maude Kel- 
logg, Deaconess, 2695 Yonge. 

Oddfellows' Relief Assn., E. M. Clapp, sec-treas., 229 

Ontario Association of Architects, R. B. Wolsey, sec., 
M King w. 

Ontario Civil Service Assn.. N. H. Crowe. 40 Hazel- 
ton av , sec 

Ontario Historical Society, A. F. Hunter, Normal 
School, sec. 

Ontario Horse Breeders' Association, R. W. Wad, 
sec.. Parliament Bldgs. 

Ontario Licensed and Allied Trades Association, Wa. 
E. Allen, sec., 28 Wellington . 
. Ontario Lumber Dealers' Assn., H. Boultbee, sec, 26 
Queen e. 

Ontario Motor League, W. 0. Robertson, sec-treas., 
B Adelaide e. 

Ontario Prosthetic Dental Assn., The, Wm. M. Floyd, 
22 College, sec-treas. 

Ontario Provincial Winter Fair, R. W. Wade, ec., 
Parliament Bides. 

Ontario Pulp & Paper Makers' Safety Assn., 305, 68 
Yonge. A P. Costigan, sec. 

Ontario Rose Society, Miss M. Armour, sec., 103 
Avenue rd. 

Ontario Safety League. 1609, 6 King e, B. B. Morley, 

Ontario Sheep Breeders' Assn., R. W. Wade, see., 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Ontario Society of Artists, 707 Yonge, Robt. F. 
dagen, sec. 

Ontario Society of Domestic Sanitary, Heating En- 
gineers. 22 College. 

Ontario Religious Education Council, 299 Queen v., 
Rev. T. A. Halpenny, genl. supt 

Ontario Swine Breeder!' Assn., R. W. Wade, fee,, 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Optometrists Society, John L. Rawbon, 51 Adelaide e, 
sec., meets at 22 College. 

Organization of Resources Committee, Orange Hall, 
25, 12 Yonge. Dr. A. H. Abbott, 43 King w, sec. 

Peoples' Social Research Inst., John I. Sntdiffe, hon. 
sec., 813, 67 Yonge. 

Pioneer and Historical Society of York County, meet* 
first Tuesday In each month In Royal Canadian Institute 
Bldg., 198 College. 

Poultry Society, Occident Bldg., 175 Bathurst. 

Presbyterian Church Assn., 36 Toronto. 

Presbyterian Church Evangelism, 17 Queen e. 

Presbyterian Board of Sabbath Schools and Young 
People's Societies, 411, 12 Richmond e, John C. Rob- 
ertson, sec. 

Presbyterian Foreign Missions. Ref R. P. MacKin, 
D D.. sec, 17 Queen e 

Presbyterian Institute "for non English-Speaking People, 
173 Bathurst. 

Presbyterian Social Service, 435-436, 17 Queen e, 
Rev. J. 0. Shearer, supt.; Rev. F. A. Robinson, sec. 

Presbyterian Woman's Missionary Society, 628, IT 
Queen e, Jessie Parsons, sec. 

Reform Association for Toronto (General), W. H. 
Adams, genl. see., 314, 38 Toronto. 

Retail Merchants Association of Canada, Wm. C. 
Miller, sec., 2 College. 

Royal Canadian Institute, 198 College, D. R. Keys, 
hon. librarian. 

St. Mary's C. L & A. Assn , 125 Bathurst. 

St. Vincent do Paul Children's Aid Society, 80 Bond. 

Shantymen'8 Christian Assn., 103 St. Clair a. w. 

Single Tax Assn., 37, 33 Richmond w. 

Social Democratic Party, Exec, headquarters, 208 Spa- 
dina av., Isaac Bainbridge, sec. 

Social Service Council of Canada, 12 Richmond e. 

.Socialist Party of North America, IH.iMi Queen \v. 

Society of Graphic Art, 70 Lombard, Ivor R. Lewis, 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Assn., Dr. E. Herbert 
Adams, Supreme Grand pres., 325 College. 

Sunday School Commission (Church of England), 133. 
17 Queen e, Rev. Robt. A. Hiltz, see. 

Temperance Colonization Society, Ltd., 340 Spadina 
av, C. B. Powell, pres. 

Theosophical Society, 501-502, 22 College. 

Theta Delta Chi Fraternity, Cant. Allan M Thomas, 
pres., 80 Bloor w. 

Toronto Baptist Assn., Mrs. N. L. Kingdon, ISO 
Lander av, pres. 

Toronto Board of Trade. 19th floor. Royal Bank 
Bldg., F. G. Morley, sec. 

Toronto Chauffeurs Protective Assn., meets 244 Church 
second and fourth Mondays. 

Toronto Humane Society, 197 McCaul. Organized Feb. 
! 18S7, for the prevention of cruelty to animals. R. C. 
Craven, sec. 

Toronto Insurance Conference, Jos. H. King, sec-treas, 
8 Colborne. 

Toronto Letter Carriers' Benefit Association, Sons of 
England Hall, 58 Richmond e. 

Toronto .Musical Protective Assn., Jweph Weather- 
borirn, sec., 24 University av. 

Toronto Playgrounds Assn., 115 St Clements av. 

Toronto Public Library Assn., regular meetings are 
held at 8.30 p.m., on third Wednesday each month at 
College st Library. 

Toronto Secular Society, Chas. Faessler. ec.. 312 
Wright av. 

Toronto Stock Exchange, 86 Bay. 

Toronto Typographical Union, 33 Richmond w., Saml. 
Hadden, sec. 

Toroto Women's Liberal Assn., Mrs. J. W. Bundy, 
pres., 495 Yonge. 

Toronto Women's Medical Assn., Dr. Elizth Stewart, 
12 Bloor e. sec. 

Toronto York & Patriotic Assn., Chas D. Cower, sec., 
106 Albert. 

Travellers Aid Society, Union Station. 

University of Toronto Y.M.C.A., D. 0. Arnold, sec.. 
Queen's Park. 

University of Toronto Athletic Assn., J. W. Barton. 
318 Palmerston blvd., sec. 




University of Toronto Women's Union, Margt Wrong, 
head resident, 85 St Georje 

United Empire Assn., Mrs. Norman Allen, 108 Carlton, 
i icc-pres. 

Upper Canada Bible Society, 14 College, Rer. Jesse 
Gibson, sec. 

Upper Canada Tract Society, 2 Richmond e, Janes 
M. Robertson, depositary. 

Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 
Walter F. Sailer, Canadian genl. m;r . 270 Dundas w 

Wellesley School Old Boys' Assn., Dr. E. Herbert 
Adams, 325 College. 

Wellington Old Boys' ud Clrli' Assn., Dr. E. H. 
Adams, 325 College. 

Western Ontario Poultry Assn., R. W. Wade, sec., 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Western Ontario Seed Growers' Assn., R. W. Wade, see., 
Parliament Bldgs. 

Wholesale Grocers of Ontario, 31 Yonge. 

Women's Auxiliary Diocesan House, Mrs. Annie Oakley 
suiit., 34(i Pundas w. 

Women's Art Association of Canada, Mrs. J. Horn* 
Cameron, pres., 25 Prince Arthur at. 

Women's Baptist Home and Foreign Mission Boards 
of Toronto, Mrs. Darwin C. Jones, 155 Albertus av, 
corres sec. 

Women's Canadian Historical Society of Toronto, Mrs. 
J. W. Seymour Corley. sec., 46 Dunvegan rd. 

Women's Christian Temperance Union, 16 Gerrard e. 

Women"s Patriotic League, Mrs. F. B. Fetherstonaugh, 
Lake Shore rd, Mimico, sec. 

York Pioneers' Historical Society, 198 College. 

Young Men's Christian Assn. (Railway br.), New 

Young Men's Christian Association, Central Bid?., 40 
College ; West End Bldg., 961 College, 275 Broad- 
view av., 22 Albertus av and cor Main and Gerrard e. 

Y.M.I'.A. National Council, 120 Bay. 

Y.M.C.A. (Railway br.), Robt. M. Cochnne, see., Ne 

Young People's Forward Movement for Missions, 299 
Queen w., Rei. F. C. Stephenson, M.O., see. 

Young Women's Christian Association, 18 Elm, Clara 
Lugsdln, supt.; 76 Pembroke; J. I. Hanson, siipt.; 698 
Ontario, Mrs. M. E. Henderson, supt, 180 Simcoe; 
Mrs. Annie Hill, nipt.; 248 Dufferin: Mrs. Dunham, 
supt.; Club Rooms, 674 and 2971 Dundas w. Cafeteria 
12 Adelaide w. 

Young Women's Christian Association (Dominion 
Council), 604 Jams, Uan Saunders, genl. sec. 

Young Women's Christian Association (br). 674 TJHia- 
das wt. 

Young Women's Christian Association, (Educations! 
Department), 21 McGill, Mrs. J. M. Petrce, teal. see. 

Zionist Institute, 206 Bererley. 


Blossom Home Orphanage (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Canadian McAll Mission, Mrs. W. Hamilton, 28 Beaty Ave. 

Central American Mission (Central America) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Ceylon and India General Mission (India and Ceylon) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

China Inland Mission Mr. F. F. Helmer, Secretary, 507 Church St. 

Christian and Missionary Alliance A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Ebenezer Mission (China) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Evangelical Unidn of South America Rev. George Smith, 135 Isabella St. 

Inland-South America Missionary Union (Argentine, Paraguay and Brazil) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 
Richmond St. West. 

India Christian Mission Miss Annie Moffat, 11 Sorauren Ave. 

Japan Interior Mission (Japan) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Lee Memorial. Mission (India) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Nyasaland Mission of Central Africa (British Nyasaland, Portuguese East Africa) (under the direction of the Dutch Re 
formed Church of S. A.) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. West. 

Mission to Lepers Miss Lila Watt, Confederation Life Bldg., 

San Pedro Mission to the Indians (Argentine and Bolivia) Secretary R. V. Bingham, 858 College St. 

Sudan Interior Mission Rev. R. V. Bingham, Secretary, 858 College St. 

South Africa General Mission (Cape Provinces and Rhodesia) Canadian Headquarters, A. W. Roffe, 33 Richmond St. W. 

Tibetan Mission (Kansu, China). 

Women's Christian Medical College of Ludhiana, India (Toronto Committee) Dr. L. S. M. Hamilton, Secretary, 68 Mac- 
pherson Ave. 

YW.C.A. of Canada (Foreign Dept.) Miss Rose Beatty, Secretary, 332 Bloor St. West, Toronto. 
Zenana Bible and Medical Mission 14 Selby St. 


Board of Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church in Canada Rev. R. P. Mackay, D.D., Secretary, 439 Confederation Life 


Canadian Baptist Foreign Mission Board Rev. Harry E. Stillwell, Secretary, 223 Church St. 
Canadian Congregational Foreign Missionary Society Rev. T. W. Gunn, 33 Victor Ave. 

Canadian Congregational Women's Board of Missions Miss Jamieson, Secretary, 137 Confederation Life Building. 
Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada Rev. Canon S. Gould, Secretary, 131 Confederation Life Bldg., 

Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, Canada Secretary Foreign Department, Rev. James Endicott, D.D.; Home 

Department. Rev. Chas. E. Manning, D.D., 299 Queen St. West. 

Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, Canada Mrs. A. M. Philips, Secretary, 299 Queen St. West. 
Women's Auxiliary to the Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada Miss Mary R. Bogert, Secretary, 196 

Osgoode St., Ottawa. 
Women's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of Ontario (West) Miss Martha Rogers, Secretary, 33 Hawthorne Are., 

Women's Missionary Society, Presbyterian Church in Canada Miss Jessie MacMurchy, Secretary, 628 Confederation Life 



Suburban Street Directory 


ADRIEN AV (Scarboro Township) 

East from Victoria Park av to Pharmacy av, flrst 
north of Massey Farm. 
AGNES AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

West from Kennedy rd to Danforth a?, second north 
of Q T R tracks. 
AILEEN AV (Silverthom) 

West from G T R tracks to beyond Chambers a, 

first south of Dunraren drive 

ALAMEDA AV (Fairbank) 

North from Vaughan rd to Eglinton av, first east 

r>t Oali'wood av 

ALBANI (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwight ar, flrst north of 
Lake Shore rd 
ALBERT (Cedarvale) 
East from St Stephen's to Cedarvale v, fourth north 
of Danforth av 
ALBERT AV (Lambton Mills and Mintico) 

West from Jane and north from Lake Shore rd to 
ALBERTA AV (Mimico and Lambton Mills) 

West from Jane 
ALBION (Scarboro) 

Kast from !ir, Maih'Iine av to Pharmacy av 
ALDWYCH AV (Todmorden) 

(Old Queensdale av), east from 1039 Pape at to Leslie 
ALECO (Mount Dennis) 

North from 27 Porter av to Humber blvd 
ALEXANDER (Cedarvale) 

West from 46 Gledhill ai to King Edward av, 
first north of Danforth av 

North from Lake Shore rd to Victoria, second vest 
of Mimico Creek 
ALGOMA (Mimico) 

East from Church to Grand av 
ALGONQUIN RD (Birch Cliff) 

East from Eastwood av to Birchmount rd, first north 
of Kingston rd 
ALICE (Wychwood) 

West from 4 Markham n to Rushton rd 
ALLAN AV (Fairbank) 

South from Vaughan rd, first west of Oakwood ar 
AMBROSE AV (Wychwood) 

North fiom Normanna av to Bursting av (continuation 
nortl] (if Arlington av 
AMELIA (Humber Bay) 

A small street between Oliver and Frederica (not 
cut through) 
AMHERST AV (Fairbank) 

West from 430 Oakwood av to Lander av 
APPLETON AV (Oakwood) 

North from St. Clair ar. flrst west of Oakwood av 
ARCHBOLD AV (Birch Cliff) 

Xirrth from Kingston rcl, first west of Birchmount rd 
ARNOLD AV (Birch Cliff) 

Ni'iili fri.m Diiidge rd to Fowler rd 
ARNOLD AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from Lambton av, second west of Weston rd 
ASHBURY AV (Fairbank) 

(Old Empire ar), west from 400 Oakwood av 
ASQUITH AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from Weston rd. first south of Lambton av 
ASTORIA AV (Mount Dennis) 

Southwest from Guestville av to Lambton av, first 
south of Eglinton av 
ATLAS AV (Wychwood) 

.North from 804 St flair av vest to Vaughan rd 
AUDLEY (Mimico) 

North from head of Newcastle it G T R tracks to 
AUDLEY AV (Birth Cliff), 

\orlli Irom Kingston rd to Fowler rd. first east of 
Ouetnsbiiry a\ 

AUGUST AV (Scarboro Tnp) 
North from G T R tracks to Danforth rd, flrst west 
if Mansion Hotel 

AYLESWORTH AV (Birch Cliff) 

North from Pinegrove av to north of Hlghview av, 

first east of Birchmount rd 

South from Baby Point rd, fourth west of Jane 
BALA AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from Jane to Bartonville av, flrst west of Wes- 
ton rd 
BALDWIN AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

South from Danforth av, second east of school house 
BALFOUR AV (Fairbank) 

North from Egliiitnii av w to Schell av, sixth west of 

BANNON AV (Lambtun Mills) 

West from Millwood av to Lambton rd 
BANSLEY AV (Fairbank) 

South from Vaughan rd, first west of Oakwood av 
BARKER AV (Cedarvale) 

East from St Stephen's to King Edward av, fourth 

north of Danforth av 
BARR AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 985 Weston rd to Brownsville av, flrst south 

of Eglinton av 
BARRIE AV (Oakwood) 

West from 20 Atlas av, flrst north of St Clair av w 
BARTONVILLE AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from Weston rd to Ranne 
BATAVIA AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2570 St Clair av w to 32 Prltchard av 
BATER (Todmorden) 

E-ist from 1121 Broadview av to Burleigh av 
BATHGATE AV (Cedarvale) 

North from Samrnon av to Mortimer av, seventh east 

of Leslie 
BAYLISS AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from Lambton av to Glendale cres, second 

west of Weston rd 
BEE (Todmorden) 

East from llfiO Broadview av to Leslie 
BEECH (Weston) 

East from ft of Church to town limits 
BEECHVIEW AV (Scarboro) 

F.ast from 135 Victoria Park av to Blantyie av 
BEECHWOOD AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 203 Larabton v to Ravine, seventh west 

of Weston rd 
BELVIDERE AV (Fairbank) 

East from Oakwood av to Alameda av, flrst north 

of Vaughan rd 


East from Lake Shore rd (Stop 15) 
BERESFORD AV (Swansea and Runnymede) 

North from 24 Morningside av to Dundas west, 

flrst west of Runnymede rd 
BERNICE CRES (Lambton Mills) 

East and west from Scarlet rd, flrst north of St Clair av 
BETH (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd, second south of St. Clair av 
BEXHILL AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Dentonia Park Farm to St Clair av east, 

fourth east of Victoria Park av 
BIRCH AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from Buttonwood av, flrst west of Weston rd 

West from Jane to East Drive, flrst south of Eglinton 

av west 

BIRCH CLIFF AV (Birch Cliff) 

South from Stop 19 Kingston rd, to the lake 
BIRCHMOUNT RD (Birch Cliff) 

North from the lake to Danforth av. Intersecting 
Kingston rd it Stop 20 
BIRMINGHAM (New Toronto) 
East from First to Ninth, first north of Lake Shore 


BLACK CREEK BOUL (Mount Dennis) 
West from Black Creek Bridge, Weston rd, second 
south of Lambton av 
BLANDFORD (Fairbank) 

North from 11 Rogers rd, flrst west of Oakwood IT 
BLOEM AV (Fairbank) 

West from 2000 Dufferin to Boon av, first south 
of Eversfleld av 

BOLSTER AV (Scarboro Township) 
East from Dawes rd to town line, third south of St 
Clair av 

BONNINGTON AV NORTH (Birch Cliff Heights) 
North from T R tracks to Danforth av, third 
east of Birchmount rd 

BONNINGTON AV SOUTH (Birch Cliff Heights) 
North from Maxwell av to Ellington av, third east 
of Birchmount rd 
BOWIE AV (Fairbank) . 

West from Dufferin to Bramley rd. flrst north of 
Eglinton av 

East from Woodbine av to Cedarvale av, second south 
of C N R tracks 
BRADLEY AV (Lambton Mills) 

West from Jane to Watson av, second south of Dundas 
BRADSHAW AV (Fairtank) 

North from Vaughan rd to Eglinton av 

North from Eglinton av opposite Caledonia rd 
BRANSTONE RD (Fairbank) 

West and north from Ennerdale rd. opposite Dynevor rd 
BRENTON (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line, opposite to wind- 
mill on Dawes rd 
BRIARHILL AV (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin, fourth north of old Belt Line 
BROOKE AV (Runnymede) 

West from Jane to Florence cres, second north of St 
Clair av west 

BROOKSIDE AV (Lambton Mills) 
North from 40 St Marks rd to Dundas west, second 
west of Jane 

BROWNSVILLE AV (Mount Dennis) 
South from Eglinton av to Barr av, flrst east of Wes- 
ton rd 
BRUMELL AV (Lambton Mills) 

North from Baby Point rd to St Mark's rd, second 
west of Jane 

BRUNSWICK RD (Wychwood) 
North from U C College Grounds to Rowlatt av, 
third west of Spadlna rd 

North from Newcastle to Portland 
BUDE (Fairbank) 

Fast from Oakwood av, second north of Vaughan rd 
BURGESS AV (Humber Bay) 

Continuation of Salisbury, known by both names 
BURLEIGH AV (Todmorden) 

North from opposite 7 Westwood av to WiUlam. 
flrst east of Don Mills rd 

North from Stop 13 Lake Shore rd, third west of 
Mimico Creek 
BURTON RD (Wychwood) 

West from Spadina rd to Elton av, fourth north 
of Lonsdale rd 
BUSHY AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from Cliff, first south of Lambton ar 
BUTTERWORTH AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

East from Warden av to G T R tracks, flrst south 
of Danforth av 
BUTTONWOOD AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 1238 Weston rd, flrst north of Jane 
BYNG AV, (Scarboro) 

(Old Eastbourne av) North from Danforth av tu 
(' N U tracks, third east of Pharmacy av 

CAESAR AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from head of Freejainma av to Southport av. 

fourth south of Lambton av 
CALEDONIA AV (Fan-bank) 

North from St Clair av west to Eglinton av, second 

west of Prospect Cemetery 
CALFORD AV (Cedarvale) 

North from 46 Sajnraon av to Mortimer av, second 

east of Leslie 
CAMERON AV (Silwrthom) 

West from G T R tracks to Keele, first south of Eg- 
linton av 
CANNON RD (Lambton Mills) 

East from Salisbury av, second north of Queen 

East from Harvle a? to Falrbank ar, second south 

of Eglinton av 

East from Dufferin, second north of Old Belt Line 
CASTLETON AV (Rurmymede) 

North from 2544 St Clair av west to Corbett av, fret 

west of Runnymcde rd 
CAVELL (Mimico) 

East from Station rd to Burlington, second north 

of Lake Shore rd 
CEDRIC AV (Fairbank) 

North from Holland Park rd, second east of Oak- 
wood av 
CENTRAL AV (Mimico) 

West from Robert to Church 
CHADWICK AV (Wychwood) 

West from Spadina rd to Kendal av, flrst south of 

Eglinton av 

North from Eglinton av west to old Belt Line, south 

from nufferin 
CHAMBERS AV (Silverthom) 

.North from Rowntree, first west of Rosethorn av 
CHESTER AV (Todmorden) 

South from Westwood av, flrst west of Don Mills rd 
CHIPPEWAN (Fairbank) 

North from Roselaivn to Hillhurst second west of Bath- 


First North of Harrington av, east side Westlake at 
CHORLEY AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhill av to Chisholm av, seventh north 

of Danforth av 
CHRYESSA AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 205 Lambton av to ravine, eighth west 

of Weston rd 
CHUDLEIGH AV (Fairbank) 

West from Ennerdale rd to Harvle av, second north 

of Hatherley rd 
CHURCH (Mimico) 

North from Stop 18 Lake Shore rd to Queen 
CHURCH (Weston) 

(Including old Beech), East from Main, fifth north of 

Eagle av 

East from 1545 Bathurst to Westmount drive, 

first north of St Clair av west 

North from Kingston rd (Stop 25) 
CLARK (Wychwood) 

West from Huron north to Madison av, Orst south of 

Forest Hill rd 
CLARKE (Kennedy Heights) Birchcliff 

North from Malta to Preston, first west of Kennedy rd 
CLIFF (Mount Dennis) 

South from 28 Lambton av to ravine, first west ol 

Weston rd 
CLOVELLY AV (Fairbank) 

East from Oakwood av, fourth north of Vaughan rd 

\\Vst from Lauder av to Dufferin, first north of St 

Clair av west 
COBALT AV (Mount Dennis) 

Southeast from 9 Fifth av to C P R track*, first 

east of Weston rd 
COCKBURN (Number Bay) 

North from Queen, sixth west of Humber River 
COLEMAN AV (Little York) 

East from Sibley av to Ethel av. first north of 

Danforth av 
COLERIDGE AV (Ccdarult) 

North from Danforth av to Poulton av, first west 

of Cedarvale av 
COLLEGE AV (Weston) 

South from William, second east of Main 
COMMODORE AV (Silverthom) 

East from Haverson blvd to Silverthorn av, second 

south of Eglinton av 
CONNAUGHT AV (Wychwood) 

West and north from Bathurst opposite Lonsdale rd 

to Eglinton av. first north of St Clair av 

Head of Wychwood a? 

CONRON PL (Weston) 

East from Main, first north of Church 
CONROY AV (Scamoro Township; 

East from Victoria Park av to Pharmacy av, flrst 

north of Wyatt av 
CONWAY AV (Oakwood) 

West from Oakwood av, flrst north of St Clair av west 
CORBETT AV (Runnymede) 

West from 55 Castleto.i av to 705 Jane 
CORBY AV (Fairbank) 

East from Gilbert av to Prospect Cemetery, first 

south of Summit av 
CORNELL AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

North from Doidge rd to Fowler rd, second west of 

Warden av; and west from Edgeley av north to Birch- 
mount rd, first south of Danforth av 
CORRY AV (Fairbank) 

West from McRoberts opposite Prospect Cemetery to 

west of Chambers av 
COSBURN AV (Todmorden) 

East from Leslie to Woodbine av 
COULSON AV (Wychwood) 

East from 433 Spadina rd to Hussell Hill rd 
COULTER AV (Weston) 

East from Main norta to King George rd, first north 

of Church 

See Vimy Ridge av 
CRAYDEN (Mount Dennis) 

East from opposite 1182 Weston rd to G T R tracks 

West from 430 Main north 
CREWE AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Meagher av to Chisholm av ninth north 

of Danforth av 
CRISCO (Runnymede) 

North from Henrietta to township limit, second east 

of Runnymede rd 
CROHAN (Fairbank) 

North from Eglinton av second east of G T R tracks 
CRONYN (Todmorden) 

East from 1063 Pape av to Leslie, fifth north of 

Danforth av 
CROSS (Weston) 

North from Church to Coulter av, first east of Main n 
CROYDEN AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from opposite 1182 Weston rd to G T R tracks 
CROYDON AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Meagher av to Chisholm av second south 

of C P R tracks 
CROYNE AV (Todmorden) 

See Cronyn av 
CUNARD AV (Cedarvale) 

(Old Gresham av) East from Meagher av to Westlake 

av, flrst south of C N R tracks 
DAISY AV (Runnymede) 

West from 545 Windermere av to 500 Willard av, sec- 
ond south of Dundas west 

West from Eastbourne cres 
DAVIDSON AV (Scarboro) 

South from Danforth av flrst west of Kennedy rd 
DAY AV (Earlscourt) 

North from Morrison av, second west of Dufferin. 
DEAN (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwlght av, eighth north of 

Lake Shore rd 

East from Bathurst to Forest Hill rd, flrst north 

of Eglinton av 
DENARD AV (Mount Dermis) 

East from opposite 1088 Weston rd to G T R tracks, 

flrst south of Ray av 
DEN ISDN AV (Weston) 

East and west from Main, second north of St 

John's rd 
DENNIS AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 972 Weston rd to Guestville av; also 

known as School rd 
DENTON AV (Little York) 

West, from Pharmacy av to Massey Farm, second 

south of C N R tracks 
DENTONIA PARK (Little York) 

North end of Midland av 

East from 81 Palmer av to Dentonla Park, second 

north of I>anforth av 
DENTONIA RD (Little York) 

North and east from Wyatt, flrst east of Dawes rd 
DEWHURST AV (Wychwood) 

West from Forest Hill rd, flrst south of Eglinton av 
DEWOURD AV (Wychwoed) 

West from Ba'liiirst to Hilltop, second south of Eglin- 
ton av w 
DITCHLING RD (Earlscourt) 

North We<t fn;m Inifferin to Ennerdale rd 
DIVER (Little York) 

North from end of Secord av to C N R tracks, flrst 

west of Dawes rd 

DOBLE (Fairbank) 

East from Seneca south of Vaughan rd 
DOIDGE RD (Birch Cliff) 

West from Warden av to Red Deer av, first north of 

Stop 17 Kingston rd 
DON MILLS RD (Todmorden) 

Name changed to Broadview av 
DON VALLEY RD (Todmorden) 

West from Don Mills rd, opp Todmorden Hotel . to 

Bay View rd 
DONALD AV (Silverthom) 

West from G T R tracks to beyond Silverthora av. 

flrst north of Dunraven drive 
DONALD CRES (Silverthom) 

West from Silverthorn av to tracks 
DONCASTER (Cedanale) 

East from Gledhill av, fifth north of Danforth av 
DUFFERIN (Weston) 

West from Main, first south of Little av 
DRUMMOND (Mimico) 

West from Church, first south of G T R tricks 
DUGGAN AV (Wychwood) 

West from Spadina rd to Kendal av 
DUNDURN AV (Oakwood) 

North from McNab av, flrst west of Atlas av 
DUNRAVEN DRIVE (Silverthom) 

West from G T R tracks to beyond Silverthorn av, 

fourth north of city limits 
DURHAM AV (Wychwood) 

West from Ravine drive to Mulberry av, third north 

of Vaughan rd 
DURIE AV (Fairbank) 

West from Dufferin, first north of Eglinton av i 
DWIGHT AV (Mimico) 

North from Lake Shore rd to G T R tracks 
DYNEVOR RD (Fairbank) 

East and north from Ennerdale rd to Eglinton av. 

flrst west of Dufferin 
EAGLE AV (Weston) 

East and west from Main 
EARLSCOURT AV (Earlscourt) 

North from opposite 1279 St Clair av to Hatherley 

rd. third west of Dufferin 

West from 34 Mulberry av to Glenholne av 

West from Oakwood av, second north of St Clair av 
EAST AV (Silverthom) 

East from Prescott av 
EAST DRIVE (Weston) 

West from Jane, third south of Eglinton av 
EASTBOURNE AV (Little York and Scarboro Twp) 

East from 101 Dawes rd to St Clair av, second north 

of Danforth av 

East from Church, flrst north of Lake Shore rd 

West from Pellatt cres to Connaught av 
EASTWOOD AV (Birch Cliff) 

North from Kingston rd, flrst east of Stop 18 

North from G T R tracks to Danforth av, second 

east of Birchmount rd 

North from Pinegrove av to Ellington av, third 

east of Birchmount rd 
EDMOND AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from Weston rd, flrst south of St John's rd 
EDWARD (Cedarvale) 

West from 199 Cedarvale av to St Stephen's, second 

north of Danforth av 
EDYTH AV (Mimico) 

South from Lake Shore rd (Stop 15) 
EIGHTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Stop 24 Lake Shore rd te G T R tricks 
EIGHTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore rd 
EILEEN AV (Lambton Mills) 

West from 720 Jane to Scarlett rd. second north of 

Dundas west 
ELEVENTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore rd 
ELIZABETH AV (Fairbank) 

North from Eglinton av west to Old Belt Line, seventh 

west of Dufferin 

North from Mimico av to Stanley av 
ELLINGTON AV (Birch Cliff) 

Northeast from Edgeley av South to Kennedy rd. 

fourth north of Kingston rd at Stop 20. 
ELLIOTT AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Government rd, first west of Fisher'i rd 
ELLIS AV (Swansea) 

North from Stop 3 Lake Shore rd to Park rd. Ursi 

west of High Park 
ELM (Weston) 

North from William, first east of Rosemount av 
ELMA (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwlght av, siith north of 

Lake Shore rd 


ELMIRA (Mount Dennis) 

West from opposite 15 Souttiport av to Gray af, ttrst 

snmh of Lambton av 
ELORA AV (Mount Dennis) 

North frcim Banomille av to Jane, first west of Bala av 
ELSMERE AV (Weston) 

East fmm Main, second north of Eagle 
ELTON AV (Wychwood) 

South from Dearbourne av to Burton rd, second 

cast of Bathnrst 
EMERALD CRES (New Toronto) 

West fmm Fifth to Ninth 
ENNERDALE RD (Fairbank) 

West and north from 52 Hatherley rd to Eglinton at w 
EPSOM AV (Little York) 

East from Gledhill ar to Chisholm ar, seventh north 

of Danforth ar 
ESTHER AV (Fairbank) 

East from Aimi-ila iv tn Mulberry av, fourth south 

of Kglinl'in av 
ESTHER AV (Wychwcod) 

East from Mulberry av to Roach, second north of 

Vaughan av 
ETHEL AV (Little York) 

North from Danforth ai to Massey Farm, second 

east of Dawes rd 
EVANS AV (Mimicc) 

West from Church, intersecting Howland v 
EVERETT AV (Little York) 

North from Wallington to Hampstead ar, first west 

of West lake av 
EVERSFIELD RD (Earlscourt) 

West from DufTerin to Earlsconrt ar, first loath of 

Hatherley rd 
EWART AV (Silverthom) 

West from Silverthom av to Keele, third south of 

Eglinton av west 
EXARD (Scarborourjh) 

East and west from Kennedy rd, first north Kingston 

rd at Stop 26 
FAIRBANK AV (Fairbank) 

North from Rochdale a? to Eglinton a, second 

east of Prosiiert Cemetery 
FIFE AV (Fairhank) 

East from Caledonia rd to McRoberts av 
FIFTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to T R tracks 
FIFTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to New Toronto 
FIFTH AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 1237 Weston rd, ttrst south of St. John's rd 
FIRST AV (Fairbank) 

East from linlTerin to Fourth, second north of Kglin- 

t'tti av 
FIRST (New Toronto) 

South from Lake Shore rd to lake front, first 

west of Stop 18 
FISHER'S RD (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dundas to Humber River, first west of 

Humber Bridge 
FLORENCE AV (Fairbank) 

West from 316 Mulberry av, second south of Egllnton 
FLORENCE CRES (Lambton Mills) 

West from Jane south of Bernice cres 
FLORENS AV (Scarboro Township) 

East from Victoria Park av to Pharmacy av, sec- 
ond north of Wyatt ar 
FLOYD AV (Todmorden) 

East from Bnrleieh av. first north of Westwood av 
FOURTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to T R tracks 
FOURTH (Fairbank) 

North from Eslinton av to Old Belt Line 
FOURTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to New Toronto 
FOURTH AV (New Toronto) 

North from Stop 25 Lake Shore rd to railway 

FOWLER RD (Scarbcro Twp) 

(Old lion anil Danforth rd) East from Blantyre av to 

Wa:iien ai. first north of KinKston rd 
FRANKLIN AV (Cedarvale) 

South from Samroon av, third east of Leslie 
FREDERICA (Humber Bay) 

North from Queen, fifth west of Humber River 
FREJAMA AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 113 Lambton av. fourth west Weston rd 
FREJAMA PLACE (Mount Dermis) 

Rear of 28 Frejama av 
FREEMAN (Birch Cliff) 

K;ct frum Wardui a\ tu ht'yoml Eastwood av, first 

north of Kingston rd at Stop 18 
FRENCH AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2584 St Clair av to 88 Prltchard av 
FROST AV (Birch Cliff) 

\'-<-\ from Kirriimonnt rd. first north of Kingston rd 

GALENA AV (Little York) 

(Old Prospect ai) East from Dawes rd, Bret south of 

GAMBLE AV (Todmorden) 

East from 1 1 !>S Broadview av to Leslie, first, south of 

Todmorden Hotel 
GARDINER AV (Todmorden) 

East from Broadview av to Leslie, first north of city 

GATW'CK AV (Cedanale) 

East from Gledhill av to Chisholm av fourth north of 

Danforth av 
GEORGE (Cedarvale) 

South from Sammon av to Poulton av, second west of 

Woodbine av 
GEORGE (Mimico) 

South from Mimico a to Hillside 
GEORGE (Weston) 

North from King, Orst east of Mala 
GIBSON (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin to Seneca av 
GILSON AV (Runnymede) 

West from 580 Windermere ai to 90 Priscilla i 

first south of Dundas 
GLANVILLE AV (Wychwood) 

North from Vaughan rd to Guy, first west of 

Rushton rd 
GLASGOW AV (Birchtliff Heights) 

West from Kennedy rd, first north of G T R trach 

\Vest from Woodbine av. third north of Danforth av 

North from 1036 St Clair av west, fourth east of 


East from Oakwood av to Alameda av, second south 

of Egllnton av 
GODFREY AV (Birch Cliff) 

East from Kalmar av to Eastwood av, first south 

of G T R tracks 
GODSON RD (Humber Bay) 

North from Queen, first west of Humber River 
GOLDEN AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from Jane, second west of Weston rd 
GOOCH AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dvmrlas, first west of Lanerauir IT 

West from 142 Dawes rd to Diver, first south of 

CNR tracks 
GOVERNMENT RD (Lambton Mills) 

West from Fisher's rd to Church, second south of 

GOWAN AV (Todmorden) 

East from Logan av north to Leslie, first north of 

Gardiner av 
GOWER (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line, opposite York Mills 

briek yard 
GOYDER AV (Cedarvale) 

North from opposite 151 Sammon av 
GRAHAM AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 14 Jane, first west of Weston rd 
GRAHAM RD (Wychwood) 

East from Atlas av, second north of St Clair av west 
GRAND AV (Mimico) 

North from G T R tracks to Queen, third east of 

GRANDVIEW AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 245 Lambton av to ravine, first west 

of Chryessa av 
GRATTON (Weston) 

North from Joseph, first east of Rosemount av 
GRAY AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 185 Lambton av, sixth west of Weston rd 
GRESHAM AV (Kennedy Heithts Birch Cliff) 

West frcm Kennedy rd to Clarke, third north of King- 
ston rd 

Kat fn.m M Atlas av, first north of St (lair av west 
GUESTHOLM AV (Cedanale and Todmorden) 

East from 937 Greenwood av, first south of 

Sammon av 
GUESTVILLE AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from Lambton av to Egllnton av, first west of 

Weston rd 
GUY (Wychwood) 

South from Egllnton av to Durham av seventh west 

of Bathurst 
HADDON AV (Birch Cliff) 

East from Edgeley av South to Woodrow boul South, 

first north of Highview v 
HAIG AV (Birch Cliff) 

(Old Harvey av) South from Kinsston rd to lake. 

fVst west of Stop 17 
HAMPSTEAD AV (Cedanale) 

East from Meagher av to Westlake av, first north of 

Walllngton av 
HANLEY AV (Runnymede) 

West from 430 Willard av to Jane, second north of 

HANSON RD (Fairbank) 

West from 364 Oakwood av 

HARDING AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from 11 Elmira av. first west of Southport av 
HARDING BOUL (Birth Cliff) 

South from Kingston rd to lake, first west of Bireh- 

mount rd (Stop 20) 
HAROLD AV (Mimico) 

South from Simpson av to Main, first west of Church 
HARRIS' ROAD (Fairbank) 

East from 423 Lauder av 
HARTLEY AV (Fairhank) 

North from Eglinton av w to Old Belt Line, second 

west of Dufferin 
HARVIE AV (Earlscourt and Fairbank) 

North from St Clair and west to Egllnton av, nr 

Prospect Cemetery 
HATHERLEY RD (Earlscourt) 

North and west from Eversfleld rd to Protpect Cemetery, 

first west of Dufferin 
HAVERSON BLVD (Silverthom) 

Northwest from Dunraven drive to Blackthorn v, 

second west ol G T R tracks 
HAWTHORN AV (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin. third north of Old Belt Lint 
HAWTHORN ROW (Todmorden) 

South from Don Mills rd to WoodviHe av, first 

west of Pape av 
HAZELTON RD (Oakwood) 

East from Oakwood av to Robina av 
HECTOR AV (Birch Cliff Heights) from Leyton to Baldwin first south of Danforth av 
HECTOR AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 51 Southport av to Freejamma av, third 

south of Lambton ar 
HELEN AV (Silverthom) 

East from Blackthorn av to railway tracks, first north 

of Rowntree av 
HENRIETTA (Runnymede) 

West from 749 Runnymede rd te- 43 Castleton v, 

second north of C P R tracks 
HERMAN (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwlght av. second north of Lake 

Shore rd 
HERON AV (Scarboro Township) 

East and north from Pharmacy av to St Clair av, 

first south of Fame 
HERTFORD (Runnymede) 

North from Henrietta to township limit 
HICKSON AV (Little York) 

Name ehanged to Victoria Park av 
HIGH (Wychwood) 

West from 102 Raglan av to Ambrose af, first norti 

of St Clair av 
HIGHVIEW AV (Birch Cliff) 

Stop 20 Kingston rd radial car line 
HILLARY AV (Silverthom) 

East from Sllverthom av to G T R tracks 
HILLBROW AV (Wychwood) 

West from opposite 1597 Bathurst to Ravine drive, 

South from Mill, first west of Main 
HILLSIDE (Mimico) 

East from Chureh. intersecting Robert 
HILLTOP RD (Wychwood) 

North from Strathearn rd to Belt Line Ry, first west 

of Bathurst 
HOLBORNE AV (Cedanale) 

East from Woodbine av to Gledhill av. seventh 

north of Panforth av 

K><* from 309 Oakwood av to Mulberry av 
HOLLIS AV (Mount Dennis) 

East frnm 1041 Weston rd, first north of Egllnton av 
HOLLY AV (Weston) 

South from Park av to Rectory rd, first east of Main 
HOMER AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 43 Southport av, second south of Lambton av 

Nirth and west from Homtsdale rd to Ennerdale rd, 

first* west of Dufferin 
HOMESDALE RD (Frirb.-nk) 

Northwest from Dufferin to Ennerdale rd, first south 

of Preston rd 
HOPE AV (Earlscourt) 

West from 1902 Dufferin 
HOWICK AV (Silverthom) 

West from Blackthorn av to Chambers av, first north 

of St Clair av west 
HOWLAND AV (Mimico) 

North from Main to Evans av, fourth west of Chan* 
HUDSON AV (Scarboro Township) 

East from Pharmacy av, first south of C P R trieta 
HUMBER (Weston) 

West from Main to the river 
HUMBER AV (Humber Bay) 

West from Oliver to Frederto 
HUMBER CREST BOUL (Lambton Mills) 

North from 69 St Mark's rd to 2507 Pandas, third 

west of Jane 

HUMBERVIEW (Lambton Mills) 

West from Fisher's rd 
HUMBOLT AV (Cedanale) 

East from Woodbine at to Cedirvale at, fourth ontl- 

of C P R tracks 
HUNTER (Fairbank) 

West from Dufferin to Dynetor rd, flrst sooth of 

Eglinton at 
HURON NORTH (Wychwood) 

North from 20 Coulson at to Forest Hill rd 
HURSTING AV (Wychwood) 

East from Atlas at to Ambrose at, fourth north of St 

Clair at south 
HUTCHINSON AV (Birch Cliff Height!) 

North from Fianforth av, second west of Warden av 
INNES AV (Earlscourt) 

East from McRoberts at. third north of St Clair at 

East from Edyth at, first south of Lake Shore rd 
JAMES AV (Fairbank) 

West fmm Mulberry av to Alameda av, third south 

of Eglinton av 
JASPER AV (Mount Dennis) 

UVst from Cliff, second south of Lambton av 
JESMOND AV (Fairbank) 

West from Oakwood at to Glenholme at, third south of 

Vaughan rd 
JILLSON AV (Runnymede) 

West from Windermere at to Willard at, first south 

of Dundas 
JOHN (Weston) 

East from Main, first north of Eagle at 
JOSEPH (Weston) 

East from Rostmount at, first south f Church 
XALMAR (Birch Cliff) 

North from Stop 18 Kingston rd to G T R tricli 
KANE AV (Silterthom) 

Smith from Eglinton at to Ewart IT, flrst wtst of 

Laoey at 
KEENE (Cedanrale) 

North from 4 Sammon at to Mortimer at, flrst east of 

KEITH (Birch Cliff) 

East from Val Halla boul to Lakesdie at, first south 

of Kingston rd 
KEITH AV (Fairbank) 

(Old Banff av) West from McRoberts av to Gilbert at, 

Srst south of Eglinton at West 
XENMORE AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

East from Edgeley at North to Woodrow boul, first 

south of Danforth at 
KENNEDY AV (Swansea) 

North from 4 Morniagside it to Bloor rat 
KENNEDY RD (Scarboro) 

North from Kingston rd at Stop 26 
KENORA CRES (Silterthom) 

Northeast from Silverthorn at to T R tracks, first 

west of Blackthorn it 
KENWOOD AV (Wychwood) 

North from 544 St Clair av west 
KENWORTHY AV (Scarboro Township) 

South from Danforth at to G T R tracks, first west 

of Pharmacy av 
KERSDALE AV (Silterthom) 

West from Silverthorn at to Chambers at, flrst south 

of Aileen av 
KILBARRY RD (Wychwood) 

West from Forest Hill rd to Russell Hill rd, second 

north of Lonsdale rd 

South from Kingston rd at Stop 18 to the lake 
KILMARNOCK AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

North from Warwick av to Davidson at. first west of 

Kennedy rd 
KING (Weston) 

East from Main, third north of Eagle at 

North from rear of school grounds between Cedarvale 

av and (ilcdhill av 

North from Church to Coulter at, flrst west of rail- 
way tracks 

East from Lakeside at, flrst south of Kingston rd 
KITCHENER AV (Fairbank) 

West from Fairbank at to beyond Hartle at, flrst 

south of Tiedhill at 
LACEY AV (Silterthom) 

Northwest from Ewart at to Cameron at, flrst west 

of Silverthorn at 
LAKE CRES (Mimico) 

East from Church, second north of Lake Shore rd 

West from First to Seventh on lake front 
LAKESIDE AV (Birch Cliff) 

South from Kingston rd between Stops 18 and 19 

to the lake 
LAMBTON AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from opp 949 Weston rd to Jane 

LAMBTON RD (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dundas to township limits, first east 

of Church 
LANARK AV (Fairbank) 

East from McDonald cres to Mulberry at, flrst south 

"f Eglinton av 
LANDRY AV (Scarboro) 

North from Danforth av. flrst west of Wardin at 
LANGDON AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from head of Cliff to ratine 
LANGFORD AV (Todmorden) 

North from Toronto city limit to Aldwych at, fourth 

east of Pape av 
LANGMUIR AV (Lambton Mills) 

North from 60 St Marks rd to Dundas west 
LANGSIDE AV (Silverthorn) 

North from Kenora cres to Aileen at, first east of 

Silterthom at 
LAUDER AV (Oakwood) 

North from 1081 St Clair at west to Vaughan rd 
LAUDER RD (Wychwood) 

We^t from Batbtirst to Hilltop rd, third south of 

Eelinton nv 
LAVINIA (Swansea) 

North from Swansea Public School grounds to Park 

rd. flrst east of Windermere at 
LEMAIRE AV (Weston) 

East from Main, first north of King 
LEROY AV (Fairbank) 

West from Lauder av to Dnfferln, flrst south of 

Vaughan rd 
LESLIE (Todmorden) 

A continuation northerly of Donlands at, in the city 
LEYTON AV (Scarboro) 

South from Fowler rd second west of Warden av 
LIILINGTON AV (Birch Cliff) 

North from Pinegrove av to beyond Hightlew at, second 

east of Birchmount rd 

E;tst :ind wt^t friim Main, first north of St John's rd 
LITTLE AV (Weston) 

West from Main, flrst north of Eagle at 
LIVERPOOL (Runnymede) 

West from 684 Rnnnymede rd to 21 Castleton t 

West from Fourth, first north of Eglinton av 
LOCUST AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 1057 Westnn rd 
LOGAN AV NORTH (Todmorden) 

North from opposite 7 Gowan av to Gamble at, first 

east of Don Mills rd 
LOUISA (Mimico) 

North from Stop 12 Lake Shore rd to Victoria, first 

west of Mimico Creek 
LOUISE AV (Wychwood) 

West from 114 Vaughan rd to Wychwood at 
LUCY AV (Little York) 

West from Scarborough av to Victoria Park av, flrst 

south of Danforth av 
LUMSDEN AV (Cedanale) 

West from opposite 205 Gledhill it 
LYDIN AV (Lambton Mills) 

East from Scarlett rd 

West from Church to Dwight at, ninth north of 

Lake Shore rd 
MACDONALD AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

North from Danforth av, first west of Warden at 
MACDONALD AV (Humber Bay) 

North from Queen, second west of Humber Riter 

East from Rosemount at 
MACK AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

West from Birchmount rd, first south of Danforth at 
MACKIE AV (Wychwood) 

South from ERlinton at to Strathearn rd, fourth west 

of Bathurst 
MADELINE AV (Scarboro Townshio) 

North from Danforth at to C N R tracks, first west 

of Pharmacy av 
MADISON AV (Wychwood) 

South from Forest Hill rd to Clark, flrst east of 

Spadina rd 
MAIN (Mimico) 

West from Church to western limits, flrst north of 

G T R tracks 
MAIN (Weston) 

North from St John's rd 
MALTA AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

West from Kennedy rd. first north of Kingston rd 

East from Church, flrst south of G T R tricks 
MANITOBA (Mimico) 

East from Church to Grand it 
MAPLE AV (Weston) 

W.'-t from head of Main north 
MARIA (Weston) 

East from Rosemount it 

MARIE AV (Wychwood) 

South from Eglinton at to Pitrlcit it, second 

west of Bathurst 
MARINOSA AV (Runnymede) 

Name changed to Winfleld av 
MARIPOSA AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2572 St Clair at w to 6 Pritchard at 
MARKDALE AV (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Kendal at, siith north of 

St Clair at west 
MARSDEN (Mount Dennis) 

South from Denard at 
MAXWELL AV (Birch Cliff Heiohts) 

East from Woodrow Boul south to Bonnington at 

South, flrst north of Hightiew at 
MAYBOURNE AV (Scarboro Twp) 

North from Dentonia Park Farm to St Clair at oat, 

second east of Victoria Park at 
MAYFIELD AV (Runnymede) 

West from 87 Durie av to Windermere at, second 

south of Bloor west 
McCOSH AV (Cedanale) 

East from Leslie to Mount Royal at, first south of 

Cosburn at 
McDONALD AV (Fairbank) 

East from McDonald cres to Oakwood at 


North from Vaughan rd to Eglinton it 
McNAB AV (Oakwood) 

West fmm 76 Atlas av to Dundurn av, third north 

of St Clair ar west 
McROBERTS AV (Fairbank) 

North from 1478 St Clair it west to Eglinton 

MEADOW AV (Scarboro) 

Kast from f!5 Victoria Park av to Blantyre at 
MEAGHER AV (Cedartale) 

North from Danforth at to C P R track, third 

west of Main 
MEDFORD AV (Birch Cliff) 

East from Mystic at. flrst south of G T R tracks 
MEDHURST RD (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line, first north of 

Massey Trout Ponds 
MEDWAY AV (Fairbank) 

East from 367 Lauder at 
MELROSE AV (Mimico) 

East from Church to Grand at, third north of G T R 

MEYERS AV (Weston) 

West from Main, first north of Syies at 
MIDLAND AV (Little York) 

East from 113 Dawes rd to Dentonia Park Finn, 

flrst south of C N R tracks 
MILDRED AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Eileen av to Bernice cres, second east 

of Scnrlett rd 
MILL (Weston) 

West from Main flrst north of Myres it 

West from 230 Glenholme at to Lauder it 
MILLWOOD AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Government rd, third west of Fisher's rd 
MILTON (Mimico) 

North from Portland to Queen, second east of Church 

\VM<! from Wnixliiim 1 ;tv, fourth north of Danforth at 
MIMICO AV (Mimico) 

West from Stop 15 Lake Shore rd to Church 
MINNETT AV (Wychwood) 

North from Normanna at to Bursting at, flrst east 

of Atlas at 
MITCHELL BOUL (Birch Cliff) 

South from Kingston rd between Stops 19 and 20 

to the lake, first west of Birchmount rd 
MOIRA AV (Birch Cliff Heights). 

East from Bonnington av north to G T R tracks, 

first south of Danforth at 
MONTCLAIR AV (Wychwood) 

West from 388 Spadina rd. second north of St 

Clair av west 
MONTYE AV (Runnymede) 

West from 414 Willard at to Jane, first north of 


West from Ellis at to Windermere at, fourth south 

of Bloor west 
MORRISON (New Toronto) 

West from Third to Eletenth, flrst south of Lake 

Shore rd 
MORTIMER AV (Cedanale) 

Kmt from Leslie to Mount Royal av, flrst north 

of Sammon av 
MOSSON RD (Swansea) 

Northwest from Jane 
MOULD AV (Runnymede) 

North from 2540 St Clair at w to Corbett it 
MOUNT ROYAL AV (Cedanrale) 

North from Mortimer at to MeCosn at. fourth eist 

of Leslie av 


MULBERRY AV (Oakwood) 

West from Atlas av, third north of St Clair av 
MURRIE (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwlght av, third north of 

Lake Shore rd 
MYSTIC AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

North from G T R tracks to Danforth ar third east 

of Warden av 
NEW RD (Mount Dennis) 

Kast from Wpston rd, first north of Ray av 

East from Church to Audley first north of T K 

NEWMAN (Little York) 

North from opp 15 Rosetear av to Secord av 
NEWMARKET AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Gledhill ar to Chlsholm av, first north 

of Danforth av 
NICKEL AV (Mount Dennis) 

Southeast from Fifth at to G T R tacks first east 

of Weston rd 
NINETEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to Birmingham 
NINTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore rd 
NORTHVIEW AV (Scarboro Twp) 

East from 129 Victoria Park av to Blantyre av 
NORMANNA AV (Wychwood) 

East from Atlas av to Arlington ai, third north of 

St Clair av west 
NORVAL (Runnymede) 

North from Henrietta to township limit 
OAK (Weston) 

East from Main, first north of Subway 
OAKVIEW AV (Lamnton Mills) 

East from Perry av to Millwood av, 
O'BRIEN AV (Fairbank) 

South from 540 Vaughan rd 
O'HARA AV (Fairbank) 

See Lanark at 
O'LEARY AV (Oakwood) 

West from 284 Oakwood ai to Glenholme ? 
OLIVER (Humber Bay) 

North from Queen, third west of Humber River 
ORMSKIRK (Swansea) 

West from Windermere av to Old Belt Line tracks, 

second north of Queen west 
ORVILLE (Mount Dennis) 

South from Lambton av to ravine, third west of 

Weston rd 
OSTEND AV (Runnymede) 

West from 112 Durie av to Windermere sv. first south 

of Bloor w 
OUTLOOK AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from Bcechwood av to Chryessa av 
PALMER AV (Little York) 

North from Balfour av to Secord av, first west of 

Dawes rd 
PARK AV (Weston) 

East from Main, first south of the subway 
PARK RD (Swansea) 

West from Ellis av to Windermere av, third south 

of Bloor west 
PARKER'S ROW (Mimico) 

North from Queen, first west of Mimico Creek 
PATRICIA AV (Wychwood) 

West from Bathnrst to Connaught at, first south of 

Eglinton av west 
PATTERSON AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

North from Danforth av, third west of Warden av 
PEAREN AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from EKlinton av west, first south of Weaton rd 
PELLATT CRES (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst, thence north, thence northeast 

back to same, forming a crescent, eighth north of St 

Clair av w 
PERRY AV (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dundas to Government rd, third west of 

Fisher's rd 
PHARMACY AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Danforth av opposite Mansion Hotel to 

St Clair av east 
PINE (Weston) 

North 'from William to Church, first east of College 
PINEGROVE AV (Birch Cliff) 

East from Birchmount rd to beyond Woodrow boul 

South, first north of Kingston rd at Stop 20 
PINEHILL CRES (Mount Dennis) 

North from Jane to ravine, first west of Golden av 
PINEWOOD RD (Wychwood) 

North from 628 St Clair av west to Hillbrow ar, fifth 

west of Bitharst 
PLAINS RD (Todmorden) 

An Easterly extension of Broadview at from John 

H Taylor's corner to Woodbine av 
PORTER AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from near 854 Weston rd, third south of 

Lamnton av 

PORTLAND (Mimico) 

East from Church to Grand av, second north of 

G T R tracks 
POULTON AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Coxwell av, first north of Danforth T 
PRESTHOLM AV (Cedanrale) 

North from Strathcona Gardens to Cosburn av, third 

east of Leslie 
PRESTON (Kennedy Heights Birch Cliff) 

North and east from Malta to Kennedy rd, second 

west of same 
PRESTON RD (Fairbank) 

South and west from Dufferin to Holmesdale em, 

first north of Holmesdale rd 

North from Stop 15 Lake Shore rd to Queen's av 
PRISCILLA AV (Runnymede) 

North from 39 Hanley av to Dunnas West. Dm 

east of Jane 
PRITCHARD AV (Runnymede) 

West from 46 Castleton av to 657 Jane 
PRYOR AV (SiUerthom) 

West from Sllverthom av to Cloverdale av, first 

north of St Clair av 
QUEEN (Humber Bay) 

West from Lake Shore rd to Lambton rd 
QUEEN WEST (Swansea) 

West from Ellis av to Old Belt Line, first north of 

Lake Shore rd 
QUEEN'S AV (Mimico) 

North from Mimico av to Superior av 

North from Kingston rd at Stop 16 to Fowler rd 
QUEENSDALE AV (Cedarvale) 

West from Woodbine av, first south of Sammon av 
RAVENAL (Runnymede) 

North from Henrietta, third east of Runnymede rd 
RAVINE DRIVE (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Esther at. third north of St 

Clair av west 
RAY AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from opposite 1100 Weston rd to T R 

RAYBOULD AV (Runnymede) 

West from Runnymede rd Subway parallel with 

C P R tracks, first north of Dundas 
RECTORY RD (Weston) 

North from Coulter av to Main north 
RED DEER AV (Birch Cliff) 

North from Doidge rd to Fowler rd 
REDHILL AV (Fairbank) 

West from Fairbank at to Harvle af, third south 

of Eglinton av 
REED CRES (Silverthom) 

East from Silverthorn av to Haverson boul. first 

north of Donald av 
REID AV (Wychwood) 

East from Bathurst to Kendal av, third south of 

Eglinton av 
REN HOLD AV (Oakwood) 

North from 1114 St Clair av w to Vaughan rd 
RHYDWEN AV (Birch Cliff) 

(Old Algonquin av) west from Birchmount rd to 

Eastwood at, second north of Kinglrton rd 
RIPON RD (Little York) 

East from Dentonia rd, first east of Dawes rd. 

opposite York Mills brick yard 
RIXLADE AV (Cedarvale) 

North from 60 St Stephens at. first north of Savoy av 
ROACH AV (Wychwood) 

North from 134 High to Hillbrow av, sixth west of 

ROBERT (Mimico) 

North from Eastbourne cres to Mimico at 
ROBERT (Weston) 

East from Gratton, first north of Church 

ROBINA AV (Oakwood) 

North from St Clair at, first east of Oakwood av 
ROBINSON AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Danforth av to C N R tracks, first east 

of the school house 
ROCHDALE AV (Fairbank) 

East from Hartie av to 45 Ennerdale rd 
ROCKVALE AV (Fairbank) 

North from 35 Rogers rd, second north of Oakwood av 
ROGERS RD (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin to Oakwood av 
RONALD AV (Fairbank) 

North from Eslinton av west to Old Belt Line, fifth 

west of ItufTerin - 
ROSE AV (Mimico) 

North from G T R tracks, first west of Rowland av 
ROSELAWN AV (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin, first north of Old Belt Lint 

North from William, first east of railway tracks 

ROSETHORN AV (Silverthom) 

North from Rowntrce av to Kersdale av, first west 

of Silverthorn av 
ROSEVEAR AV (Little York) 

West from 112 Diwes rd to Palmer sv. third south 

nf C N R tracks 
ROWLATT AV (Wychwood) 

West from Bathurst to Hilltop rd, fourth south of 

Eclinton av 
ROYAL (Runnymede) 

North from 21 Henrietta to Corbett av, first etl 

of Runnymede rd 
RUPERT (Wychwood) 

West from Marie av to Mackle av, first south of 

Eglinton av 
RUSH AV (Humber Bay) 

West from Salisbury av, first north of Queen 
RUSHTON RD (Wychwood) 

North and west from St Clair av w to GlanvOIe w, 

first west of Hnmewood av 
RUTH RD (Little York) 

North from Danlorth av to C N R tracks, second 

west of Pharmacy av 
RUTHERFORD AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from 1171 Weston rd to G T R tracks 
RUTHVEN PL (Mount Dennis) 

East from 15 Soutbport av, first south of Lambton at 
ST ALBANS AV (Weston) 

West from Main north, first north of Crescent rd 
ST GEORGE (Mimico) 

North from Main to Simpson av, second west of 

ST JAMES (Cedarvale) 

North from Edward to Cosbura av, first west cf 

Woodbine av 
ST JOHN'S RD (Runnymede) 

West from 507 Jane to 39 Langmuir av 
ST JOHN'S RD (Weston) 

East and west from Main south 
ST MARKS RD (Runnymede) 

West from 450 Jane to Old Belt Line Rallw 
ST STEPHEN'S (Cedarvale) 

North from Edward to Cosbura av, second west of 

Woodbine at 
SALISBURY AV (Humber Bay) 

North from Stop 10 Lake Shore rd to Bloor west, 

first east of Mimico Creek 
SAMMON AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Leslie to Cedarvale av, second north of 

Danforth av 
SANDERS AV (Mount Dennis) 

East from opposite 1182 Weston rd to G T K 


North frum Eslinton av, opposite Gilbert av 
SAVOY AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Woodbine av to Cedarvale av. third north 

of C N R tracks 
SCARBOROUGH AV (Scarboro Township) 

East from Danforth av at W J Elliott comer to 

G T R tracks 
SCARLETT RD (Lambton Mills) 

North from Dundas to township limits, second west of 

SCHELL AV (Fairbank) 

West from Dufferin, second north of Eglinton av 
SCOTIA AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

South from Danforth av, first east of Warden av 
SCOTT (Silverthom) 

South from Strathcona av to Ewart av. first west 

of Kane av 
SECOND (New Toronto) 

South from Lake Shore rd to Lake Shore drive, 
SECOND AV (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin to Fourth, third north of Eglinton 

SECOND AV (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to G T R tracks, second 

west of Stop 18 
SECORD (Little York) 

East from opposite 186 Harrington av to Palmer av. 

second north of Danforth av 
SELLERS AV (Earlscourt) 

North from Morrison av, first west of Dufferin 
SENECA (Fairbank) 

First east of Dufferin, running north and south from 

Rogers rd 
SEVENTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from the lake to G T R tracks, Intersecting Lakt 

Shore rd at Stop 21 
SEVENTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to New Toronto 

North from Mortimer av to McCosh av. second east 

of Leslie 
SHAW (Scarboro) 

North from Kingston rd at Stop 25 
SHORT AV (Fairbank) 

North from Eglinton at. first west of Duferin 


SIBLEY (Little York) 

North from Danforth M to Massey Farm, first east 

of Dawes rd 
SIDNEY AV (Fairbank) 

North from Eglinton av to Old Belt Line, third west 

of Pufferin 
SIMPSON AV (Mimico) 

West from Church to Howland av. second north of 

G T R tracks 
SIXTEENTH AV (New Toronto) 

North from Lake Shore rd to T R tracks 
SIXTH (New Toronto) 

North from like front to Nevr Toronto, Intersecting 

Lake Shore rd at Stop 20 
SNIDER AV (Fairbank) 

North from Eglinton av to Schell av. eighth west of 


Nortb from Eagle av. first east of Main 

See Cavell 
SOUTHPORT AV (Mount Dennis) 

Sooth from 145 Lambton at, fifth west of Weston rd 

North from Queen w to Ormskirk av, first west of 

Windermere av 

Southwesterly from Spadina rd, first north of Lons- 

dale rd 
SPRINGBANK AV (Birch Cliff) 

East and North from .Birchmount rd to Kingston 

rd at Stop 21. 
STANLEY AV (Mimico) 

East from Church to Alexander 
STATION RD (Mimico) 

Nortb from Mimico ar to Cavell 
STEWART AV (Fairtank) 

West from 490 Oakwood av, first north of Vaughan rd 
STRADER AV (Fairbank) 

East from Oakwood av, Orst north of Vaughan rd 
STRATHCONA AV (Silerthom) 

West from Kane a? to Keele, first south of Cam- 
eron av 


North from Mortimer av -to McCosh av, fourth east 
of Leslie 

STRATH EARN AV (Wycnwood) 

Northwesterly from Bathurst to Esther av, fourth 

north of St flair av west 

Ui-: from Woodbine av, first north of Danforth av 
STRATTON AV (Fairbank) 

East from McDonald cres to Oakwood av, second south 

of Eglinton av 

West from Church to Dwight av, seventh north of 

Lake Shore rd 
STUBBINS AV (Runnymede) 

West from 550 Windermere av to 480 Willard av. 

first north of St John's rd 

South from Lake Shore rd 
SUMMERVILLE AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 1092 Weston rd 
SUMMIT AV (Fairbank) 

East from Gilbert av to McRoberts av, first north 

of Corby av 
SUNDEL AV (Silverthoni) 

North from Cameron av to Eelinton av first west of 

Blackthorn av 

SUNNYBRAE CRES (Mount Dennis) 

West from 1115 Weston rd to BartonvlUe av 

North from Stop 14 Lake Shore rd to Carell 

East from Mulberry av to Connaught av, third 

north of Vaughan rd 
SYKES (Weston) 

West from Main, third north of St John's rd 
SYMONS (Mimico) 

West from Stop 17 Lake Shore rd to Dwight av, fifth 

north of Lake Shore rd 
SYNDICATE AV (Mount Dennis) 

North from 38 Dennis av to York av 
TALBOT AV (Little York) 

East from Cledhill av to Palmer av. eishth north of 

Panfurtti a 

TAY AV (Wychwood) 

North from 260 Vaughan rd to ravine, second west 
of Rushton rd 

TEIGNMOUTH AV (Earlscourt) 

West from Boon av to Prospect Cemetery, first south of 

Eversfield rd 
TENTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore rd 
THELMA AV (Wychwood) 

East from Spadina rd, first north of Lonsdale rd 
THIRD (New Toronto) 

South from Lake Shore rd (Stop 19) to Lake 

Shore drive 
THIRD AV (Fairbank) 

East from Dufferin, fourth north of Eslinton at 
THIRTEENTH (New Toronto) 

North from Birmingham to G T R tracks 
THORNHILL AV (Runnymede) 

North from Baby Point rd to St Mark's rd, first 

west of Jane 
THORNTON AV (Fairbank) 

Bast from Hanrie av to Branstone rd, first onth 

of Eglinton av 
THYRA AV (Little York) 

North from Danforth av to Massey Farm, third est 

of Dawes rd 
TORRENS AV (Todmorden) 

Bast fium 12:-i."> Broad' ic- av to Leslie, ninth north of 

Danforth av 
TRENTON AV (Cedanrale) 

East from Woodbine av to Cedarvale av, first south 

of C P R tracks 
TWELFTH (New Toronto) 

North from lake front to Lake Shore rd 

TWENTY-SECOND (New Toronto) 

North from Stop 25 Lake Shore rd to G T R tracto 
VAL HALLA BOUL (Birch Cliff) 

South from Kingston rd at Stop 18 
VALLEY AV (Wychwood) 

West from Wychwood av to Rushton rd, first south 

of Vaughan rd 
VALLEY RD (Little York) 

East from Chisholrn a? to C P R tracks, first west 

of Main 
VANEVERY (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwight av, tenth north of 

Lake Shore rd 
VERONA AV (Mount Dennis) 

South from Buttonwood av 
VICTOR AV (Mimico) 

North from Stanley av to Cavell 

East from Burlington to township limit, second 

north from Lake Shore rd 

East from Main opposite Meyers av 
VICTORIA BLVD (Mount Dennis) 

East from Weston rd to G T R tracks 
VIMY AV (Weston) 

North from Eagle av to Macdonald av, first west of 

Fifth av 
VIMY RIDGE AV (Oakwood) 

(Old Clans ;i\J Ea.-t ami West from 203 Oakwoud av 
VIRGINIA AV (Cedarvale) 

East from Woodbine av to Cedarvale av, third south 

of C P R tracks 
WALLINGTON AV (Little York) 

East from Gledhill to Chisholm av, first south of 

C P R tracks 
WAN STEAD AV (Scarboro Twp) 

North from Panfurth av to (' N R tracks, first east 

of Mansion House Hotel 
WARDEN (Mimico) 

West from Church to Dwight av, fourth north of 

Lake Shore rd 
WARDEN AV (Birch Cliff) 

North from the lake, crossing Kini'ston rd at Stop 17 

to Danforth av 
WARREN CRES (Lambton Mills) 

South from Dundas, first east of Humber River 
WARWICK AV (Birch Cliff Heights) 

East from Birchmount rd, first south of Danforth tv 

WARWICK AV (Wychwood) 

West from Batburst to Connaught av, seventh north 

of St Clair ar west 
WATFORD AV (Oakwood) 

\\Vst fium Atlas ;u, siYomi rmrtll uf St I'laii 

WATSON AV (Fairbank) 

North from Old Belt Line, third east of Duffertn 

WATSON AV (Lambton Mills) 

North from 20 St Mark's rd to Dundas west 

WELLWOOD AV (Wychwood) 

East from Rushton rd to Humewood av, second north 
of St Clair av west 

WESLEY (Mimico) 

North from Portland to Queen, first east of Church 
WESTBOURNE AV (Scarboro Township) 

North from Dentonia Park Farm to St Clair av east, 

third east of Victoria Part av 
WESTBROOK AV (Cedamale) 

(Old Talbot av) East from Gledhill av to Chisholm av, 

eighth north of Danforth av 


East and south from Bathurst, third north of St 

Clair av w 
WESTWOOD AV (TodmorrJen) 

East from Todmorden Hotel, Don Mills rd. to Logan 

av north 
WHITE AV (Lambton Mills) 

West from Jane to Florence <res, first north of St 

Clair av 
WILCOX (Todmorden) 

North from Conrad Mueller's, Sammon av, to Mor- 
timer av 
WILEY AV (Cedanale) 

South from opp 46 Sammon av to Ponlton av, first 

east of Leslie 
WILLARD AV (Runnymede) 

North from 700 Annette to Dundas west, fourth w 

of Runnymede rd 

WILLIAM (Todmorden) 

See Eater 
WILLIAM (Westor.) 

East from Rosemoimt at 

WILLIS (Wychwood) 

South from Eglinton av to Durham av. eighth west 
of Bathurst 

WILMINGTON (Fairbank) 
West from Oakwood av, first south of Vaughan rd 


North from Stop 4 Lake Shore rd to Bloor west 

West from Windermere av, third north of Lake 

Shore rd 

WINDSOR (Mimico) 

North from G T R Station to Portland 
WINFIELD AV (Rnrmymede old Marinosa a) 

West of Willard ar, first south of St John's rd 

WINNETT AV (Wychwood) 

North form Normanna av to llur-ting av. first east of 
Kennedy av 

WINSTON (Wychwood) 

West from Roach to Rushton rd. first north at 

Vaughan rd 
WINSTON AV (Scarboro Twp) 

East from 147 Victoria Park av to Blantyre av 

WOLCOTT AV (Scarboro) 

North from Butterworth av to Danforth rd. fourth etat 
pf Wanien av 


West from Woodbine av. <fcunii ncrth of !.*mforth a? 

North and west iiorn Hatlierley rd to Ennerdale rd 


North and east from Hatherley rd to Ennerdale rd 

WOODMOUNT AV (Cedanale) 

South from 238 Sammon av to Poulton av, first wt 
of Woodbine av 

WOODROW BOUL NORTH (Birch Cliff Heiohts) 

North from G T R track to Danforth av, fourth 
east of Birchmount rd 

WOODROW BLVD SOUTH (Birch Cliff Heidtits) 

North from Pinegrove av to Ellington av. fourth 
east of Birchmount rd 

WOODVILLE AV (Todmorden) 

Hast fnim 1253 Brnailiii'w :n to Li'slie. first south 
of same 

WYATT (Little York) 

East from Dawes rd to town line opp Chapman's 
brick yard 

YEATMAN'S RD (Mount Dennis) 

East from opp 1070 Weston rd to G T R traeki 
YORK AV (Mount Dennis) 

West from 989 Weston rd to Guntvllle av. firit north 

of Dennis av 



utt. ucomUnt 

adr. advertisement 

act. agent 

trl Impts, agricultural Implement* 

app. apprentice 

arch, architect 

assce, assurance 

assn, association 

asst, assistant 

attdt, attendant 

av. avenue 

tigemn. baggageman 

barr. barrister 

bds. boards 

bdc. boardini 

bet. between 

blksmth. blicksaltn 

blrmkr. boiler maker 

bkbndr. bookbinder 

bkpr. bookkeeper 

btlr, bottler 

br. branch 

brklyr. bricklayer 

brkmn. brakeraan 

bldr. builder 

bldg. buildinc 

btchr. butcher 

cabt mkr. cabinet maker 

earp. tarpenttt 

cbkr. checker 

elk. elerk 

eoll. collector 

con. mer. commission aerenaat 

comp. compositor 

eomr. commissioner 

tend, conductor 

eonir. confectioner 

eotfy. confectionery 

eofitr. contractor 

cor. corner 

corp. corporatioB 

co. county 

cres. crescent 

ctr. cutter 

dlr. dealer 

dept. department 

Dora. Dominion 

drsmkr. dressmaker 

e. east 

e.s. east side 

elect, electrician 

electro, electrotyper 

elev. opr. elevator operator 

emp. employee 

engnr, engineer 

eiamr. examiner 

fnshr. finisher 

ft. foot of 

fum. furniture 

gdnr. gardener 

genl. general 

hdwre, hardware 

hlpr. helper 

h. house 

hsekpr. housekeeper 

Inl. RCT. Inland Rerne 

ins. insurance 

insp. inspector 

iwlr. jeweller 

lab. laborer 

la. lane 

Indrs. laundress 

Indry. laundry 

ltd. limited 

lith. lithographer 

In. lives 

roach, machinist 

mach. hd. machine hand 

mkr. maker 

mgr. manager 

mng. dir. managing director 

mfr. manufacturer 

mfg. manufacturing 

mkt. gdnr. market gardener 

messr. messenger 

mlnr. milliner 

moto. motorman 

mldr. moulder 

nntr. mounter 

us. tchr. music teacher 

n. north 

n. e. north east 

n.s. north side 

n.w. northwest 

nr. near 

opp. opposite 

opr. operator 

Parlt. Parliament 

pdlr. peddler 

photo, photographer 

phy. physician 

pi. place 

plmbr. plumber 

plstr. plasterer 

p.c. police constable 

plshr. polisher 

pres. president 

prin. principal 

prop, proprietor 

provs. provisions 

publr. publisher 

rep. reporter 

repr. repairer 

res. resides 

rest, restaurant 

ry. railway 

ret. retail 

rms. rooms 

sdlr, saddler 

slsldy. saleslady 

slsmn. talesman 

smstrs, aeamstnu 

s.e. south east 

e.s. south side 

l.w. south west 

sec hd gds. second hand goods 

tee. secretary 

sew. mach. sewing machines 

sq. square 

stn. station 

stnry. stationery 

Itenog. stenographer 

stereo, stereotyper 

studt. student 

supt. superintendent 

tlr. tailor 

tlrs. tailoress 

tchr. teacher 

tmstr. teamster 

tel. telegraph or telephoew 

ter. terrace 

tp. township 

trav. traveller 

treas. treasurer 

sphol. upholsterer 

vet. surg. veterinary rerj 

wtr. waiter 

w. west 

w.s. vest side 

whol. wholesale 

wld. widow 

wks. works 

wd. vkr. wood worker 


jlfM lei Bell Telephone Co. 

C. G. E Canadian General Electric Co. 

CPU Canadian Pacific Railway 

rj H ) Custom House 

TJunlop Tire Dunlop Tire 4 Rubber Goods C 

Eaton's T. Eaton Co., Ltd. 

Electric Light Toronto Electric Light Co. 

(Toronto & Niagara Power Co.) 

Fairweather's Fairweathers, Ltd. 

(j u Co Consumers' Gas Co.. Ltd. 

Hjjro Hydro Electric Power Commission 

Ungmuir'i Langmuir Mfg. Co. 

Meth. Book Room Methodist Book & Publishing Home 

Mldiie's Michie & Co. 

Murray-Kay Murray-Kay, Ltd. 

Na Drn Co National Drug 4 Chemical Co. 

Neilson's ^' m - Neilson, Ltd. 

Nordheimer's Nordheiaer Piano Music Co.. Ltd. 

O'Keefe's O'Keefe Brewery, Ltd. 

Otto Higel Otto Higel Co., Ltd. 

Parker's Parker's Dye Works. Ltd. 

Poison's Poison Iron Works 

p o Post Office 

gy M g Railway Mail Service 

K c Roman Catholic 

BCD Royl Canadian Dragoon* 

Ryrie's Ryrte Bros., Ltd. 

g A Salvation Army 

Simpson's RoM. Simpson Co., Ltd. 

Steele-Briggs Steele Briggs Seed Co. 

Tor. Carpet Toronto Carpet Mfg. Co. 

T w W Toronto Water Works 


.Warwick Bros, ft Butter, Ltd 


Members Toronto Stock Exchange 

Stocks Bought Tnd Sold on all the Leading 
Exchanges. Prompt Attention Given to Orders 

Royal Bank Building. Phone Adei. 6250 





(Included In City) 


(See Wychood) 


(See Little York) 



(Included In City) 



(Included In City) 



(See Runnymede) 







A settlement in Scarboro Township between Kingston 
Rrad and Danforth Avenue, Post Office Birch Cliff. 
Take Kingston Road radial line to Stop 20. 
Adams Walter G, elk, h 2 Eastwood av 
Adamson Jos, lab, h 103 Edgeley av n 
Alden John R, painter, h 21 Eastwood av 
Allen Bros (Thos E & Wm G), contrs, n s Kingston rd. 

Stop 19 
Allen Tims E (Allen Bros), h e s Birch Cliff av, 1st n 

of Kingston rd 

Allen Thos E, driver, h 8 Fowler rd 
Allen Wm G (Allen Bros), res Wexford, Ont 
Allen Wm G, h 67 Queensbury at 
Alridge Albert, jwlr, h 16 Birchmount rd 
Amos John, carp, h 89 Eastwood av 
Amos Wm. carp, h 38 Kalmar av 
Anderson Albert, iron wkr, h 22 Haig av 
Anderson Campbell, nailer, h 22 Freeman av 
Anderson John, ptrn mkr li 298 Edgeley av s 
Anderson Thos, fish dlr, h 526 Birchmount rd 
Andrews Thos, lab, h 23B Woodrow blvd s 
Appleyard Alf W. h 14 Kalmar av 
Armstrong Gen H, coppersmith, h 40 Val Halla blvd 
Arnold Frederic, bldr, h 28 Red Deer av 
Atkins Ernest, slsmn, li 57 Eastwiod av 
Atkinson Harold, plmbr, h 240 Hadden av 
Attridge Claydon, press fdr, Ivs 1143 Kingston rd, 

stop 15 

Attridge Edwd, caretkr Toronto Hunt Club, h 1143 King- 
ston rd, stop 15 

Attridge Fredk, stmrtr, hs 1143 Kingston rd, stop 15 
Bailey Harry, moulder, h 225 Warwick ar 
Baird John, slsmn, h 19 Queensbury av 
Baker John, carp, h 47 Cornell av 
Baldwin John, maeli h 25 Eastwood av 
Ball Saml, porter, h 305 Edgeley av i 
Bambridge Annie M (wid Frank), h 2 Springbank av 
Barabridga Edna, stenog, Ivs 2 Springbank av 
Bambridge Nellie, sttnog, hs 2 Springbank av 
Bannister Jas B, letter cr, h 76 Eastwood av 
Barbara Joe, lab, h 17 Woodrow blvd s 
Barchard Geo E, h 25 Birch Cliff av 
Barker Wm It, carp, h 9(i Bonnington av s 
Bath Thos, carp, h 44 Eastwood av 
Baxter Arthur, mach, h 67 Bonnington av s 
Beardmore Geo W, master of Hounds Toronto Hunt Club, 

h 1S6 Beverley 

Beasley Egbert, lab. li :i 14 Edgelry av s 
Beattie Wm, slsmn, h 10 Kalmar av 
Beattie Wm R, li It; Lakeside av 
Bell Edwin T W, farmer, h 24 Birchmount rd 

Bell Lionel, litho artist, h '1 Val Halla blvd 

Ml Neil, h 323 Edgeley av s 

Bennett Geo, elk, h 406 Pinegrove av 

Bernard Alfred E, h 41 Kalmar av 

Berry Geo, h 48 Haig av 

Beswick Amy, "Falling Brook," Ivs s s Kingston rd, 

stop 14 

Birch Cliff Heights Methodist Church, s s Maxwell av 
Birch Cliff Post Office, A H Mitchell postmaster, 1439 

Kingston rd. Stop 20 

Birch Cliff Public School, n s Kingston rd. Stop 19 
Blarkey Hy P. "Bon Air." h 1276 Kingston rd 
Blair Wm. lab, h 175 Bonnington av s 
Bolton Arthur, contr, h 371 Edgeley av s 
Bolton Archd, chauffeur, h 370 Edgeley av s 
Bones Sidney H, bkpr, h 74 Bonnington av s 
Bones Wm A. acct, Ivs 74 Bonnington av s 
Booth Ingol W, h 9 Kingsbury cres 
Boreham Alfred G, lab, h 376 Edgeley av s 
Bottle Sylvester, carp, h 18 Kingsbury cres 
Bowie John, h 1475 Kingston rd 
Bowmont Walter, lab, h s s Highview av, 1st e o' 

Birchmount rd 

Bowthorpe Benj, h 13 Kalmar av 
Bradbury Arthur W, slsmn, h 1355 Kingston rd 
Brady Jas. hs 85 <hieen?bury av 
liras'!; Tiros E, lab. h 204 Woodrow blvd s 
Branch Arthur J, lab, h 463 Highview av 
Brtnnan John II. cnntr, h 50 Birchmount rd 
Brickell Elie, driver, 1st h n of GTR, Birchmount rd 
Brierley Edgar, h 52 Val Halla blvd 
Brown Albert V, press feeder, h 434 Lillington av 
Biown Fredk W, blrmkr, h 43 Queensbury av 
Brown Geo E, driver, h 435 Lillington av 
Brown Hiram, currier, h 233 Woodrow blvd s 
Brown John, poiiltryman, h 427 Lillington av 
Brown John, slsmn, h 69 Queensbury av 
Brown Montague, carp, h 1278 Kingston rd 
Brown ffm J, stock kpr, h 40 Woodrow boul s 
Bryson Jos, h 26 Freeman av 
Budd Chas, carp, h 53 Queensbury av 
Bullock Albert E, opr. h 3 Fowler rd 
Bullock Herbert, chauffeur, h 181 Bonnington av s 
Bullock Montague W, printer, h 9 Fowler rd 
Bunner Gladys C, tchr, Ivs 44 Lakeside av 
Bunner Kelvin, sttidt, h 44 Lakeside av 
Bunner Muriel, tchr, Ivs 44 Lakeside av 
Burgess Benj J, carp, 3rd h n of GTR, Birchmount rd 
Burgess John F G, lecisr kpr Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, Birch Cliff br, res Toronto 

Thos E, lather, h 70 Bonnington av s 
Burke Albert, printer, h 'M Itliyilwen av 

Burland Arthur H, mgr Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Birch Cliff br, Ivs 358 Bloor \v, Toronto 
Burman Thos H. lab, h 10 Fowler rd 
Butchers Harry J, baker, h 490 Aylesworth av 
Butler Fredk, bkpr, Ivs 42 Woodrow blvd s 
Butler Geo C, h 52 Woodrow blvd s 
Butler Harold, elk, Ivs 42 Woojrov,- blvd s 
Butler Jas S, carp, h 52 Woodrow blvd s 
Cable Robt W, lab, h 110 Ellington av 
Canadian Bank of Commerce. Birch Cliff br, Arthur H 

Burland mgr, 1433 Kingston rd 
Car Bams Tor and York Radial, s s Kingston rd. Stop IS 
Carroll Christopher J, presser. h 9 Woodrow blvd s 
Carroll Thos, lab, h 189 Bonnington av s 
Carter Harold, arch, h 25 Cornell av 
Carvcth J Alva, h s s Kingston rd Stop 21 
Carveth Walter, Ivs J A Carveth 
Charlton Walter, gdnr R W McClain. h s s Kingston rd, 

stop 22 

Cheevers Watson, bkpr, h 18 Freeman av 
Chilton Lila (wid Wm), Ivs 486 Lillington av 
Chilton Wm W, musician, h 4titi Lillington av 
Cliov.-en Wilbur F, h 22 Ka<tond av 
Churchill Thos F, trav, h 54 Val Halla blvd 
Clague Alex J, h 18 Queensbury :u 
Clark Geo, carp, h 55 Edgeley av n 
Clift Wm C. carp, h 10 Eastwood iv 
Clinch Harry, ctr, h 567 Pinegrove av 
Colina Fredk, opr, h 16 Freeman av 
Colley John R, lab, h 4 Fowler rd 
Collingwood Arthur, li 133 Val Halla blvd 
Collins Jas R, mach, h 78 Bonnington av s 
Colquhoun Adam, stmftr, h 7 WooJrow blvd s 
Conejbeare Bros (Birch Cliff br), Wm A Coneybeare, 

mgr, 1436 Kingston rd 
Coneybeare Wm A, real est (Coneybeare Bros), h 529 

Birchmount rd 

Cowan Margt, h 120 Queensbury av 
Cowling Maria (wid Wm), h 49 Kildonan dr 
Cox Francis II, shipper, h 49 Kalmar av 
Crawley Wm C, metal wkr, h 9 Freeman av 
Croft Percy H, wtr Toronto Hunt Club, Ivs 1143 

Kingston rd, stop 15 
Crown Horace, h 63 Lakeside av 
Crown Horace F, Ivs 63 Lakeside av 
Crump Wm, brkmkr, li 130 Cornell av 
Cinty Wm. lab, h 37 Birch Cliff av 
Curzon John II, civil engr, h 96 Queensbury av 

:ank, moto, h 95 Queensbury av 
Daniels Percy, steward Toronto Hunt Club, Irs 1143 

Kingston rd, Stop 15 
Darling Jas, lab, h 33 Fowler rd 
Davis Rev Douglas. Ivs 38 Kalmar av 


82-88 King 


St. East, 




Phones: Office, M. 856 & 857; Res., Belmont 1148. Agents Wanted 


Builders' Hardware and Supplies 



Phones Main 94, 95, 3585 


T.tiiii Rubt. macli. h ">r,5 Pinegnive av 

Iiaiison A Ross, county constable, h s s Birclimount rii 

cor Danforth av 

Day Annie A, drsmkr. 1431 Kingston rd, h same 
Deadman Thos, lab, h 10 Eastwood av 
Delaney John B, carp, h 44 Archibald at 
Deu-nUh Peter J. bookbndr. h 430 Aylesworth av 
Ponohue Peter, tmstr, h 41 Fowler rd 
Donson Ji-hn \V. miitr, h 1152 Kingston rd 
Douglas Wm. carp, h 362 Edgeley av s 
Pownham Gladys, studt, Ivs 400 Edgeley at s 
Downham Irene, studt. Ivs 400 Kik'-Itjy av s 
Downham Thos T. stmftr, h 400 Edgeley at s 
Dreyer Rev Wm G G, "Woodford", s s Kingston rd. 

Stop 23 

TVuke Rev Riehd. h 25 Springbank av 
Dye Wm G, lab, h 34 lihydvven av 
Eaton John, gdnr. h 208 Woodrow blvd s 
Edmonds Gordon, slsmn. h 419 lillington a? 
Edwards Jas, elk. h 38 Archibald a? 
KImore Franklin H. agt. h 36 Springhank av 
Emmel Wm Fredk. m'aeh, h 111 Queensbury av 
Farrell Michl. lab, h 100 Kalmar av 
Feltmate Chas. macli, h e s Lillington av, cor High- 
view av 

Finlay Mary, opr, h 524 Pinegrove at 
Pitt Edwd H, ll 23 Birch Cliff av 
Flear Walter, h 288 Pinegrove av 
Poster Amelia L, h 59 Maxwell av 
Foster Fredk, carp, h 214 Warwick ay 
Foster Jas, hlksmth, h 45 Queensbury av 
Foster Jas jr, Ivs 45 Queensbury av 
Foster Levi, carp, Ivs 214 Warwick at 
Foi Harry, floor layer, h 94 Kalmar a 
Fox Reginald, trav, 1st h e s Woodrow blvd n 
Frame Chas, h 1150 Kingston rd 
Ftamriton Ceo H, math, h 54 Queensbury av 
Frederiksen Matthew L, mach, h 14 Eastwood av 
Freeland Edwd B, stock broker, h 25 Springbank av 
Frost Fredk G, h 422 Lillington av 
Frost Ifichd, brklyr, h 394 Edgeley av s 
Fulton Robt, cond, 2nd h n of GTR, Birchmount rd 
Furmston Jas H, carp, h 522 Pinegrote ar 
Galloway Dobson, art brass wkr, h 432 Lillington av 
Gardiner John C, wood wkr, h 407 Pinegrove av 
Gardner Clarence, contr, h -19 Haig av 
Gardner Wm, lab, h 225 Woodrow blvd s 
Garratt Graham L, draftsmn, h 16 Queensbury av 
Geen Ethel. Ivs 124 Cornell av 
Geen Jennie, bkpr, Ivs 124 Cornell av 
Geen Jos, sheet metal wkr, h 124 Cornell av 
(iommell Alex G, h 22 Springbank av 
Gerred Mary (wid Edwd), h 156 Ellington at 
Gibbons Jas, mach, h 107 Queenshury av 
Gill Jos, carp, h 21 Woodrow boul s 
Gillam Walter, mach. h 440 Aylesworth av 
Gloster Bernard J, artist, h 32 Springbank av 
Goddard Sidney, carp, h 538 Birclimount id 
Gooding Geo, carp, h 73 Kalmar av 
Gordon. Arthur E, brklyr. h 23 Queensbury av 
Gordon Christina A, elk, Ivs 23 Queensbury av 
Gordon David D, moto mach, h 374 Edgeley av s 
Govan Jas, archt, h 64 Queensbury at 
Graham Clifford, h 54 Kalmar av 
Graham Doris, slsldy, Ivs 442 Aylesworth av 
Graham Geo, h 69 Lakeside av 
Graham John, elect, h 442 Aylesworth av 
Graham John G, painter, h 68 Queensbury av 
Graham Thos H, tmslr, hs 142 Ayle-iworth av 
Grainger Geo W, cng-elert, h 1276 Kingston rd 
Gray Chas, tm-tr. h 106 Bonnington av s 
dray Mm \V. lab. h 19 Woodrow blvd s 
Gray Robt W. tmstr, li 168 Bonnington av s 
Green Fredk E, painter, h 20 Quecn.sbury av 
Green Geo, mgr Scarboro hr Hydro Elect, h 50 Haig av 
Green Jas G, bkpr, hs 50 Haig av 
Green Marjory E, stenog. Ivs 50 Haig at 
Green \im ll, bkpr, Ivs 50 Haig av 
Gregory Herbert, shipper, h 77 Queensbury av 
Greig Chas. plmbr. h 557% Pinegrove av 
Grundy Arlhur, printer, h w s Woodrow boul n 
Grundy Jas, shipper, h w s Woodrow boul n 
Gurney Arthur, printer, h 162 Ellington av 
Haffey Frank M. drugs n s Kingston rd cor Archibald av 

stop 20. h same 

Hamilton Th. elk, h 464 Ullinet.m av 
Hammond John C, moto, h 26 Birchmount rd 
Hammond Wm G, Ivs 26 Birchmount rd 
Hands Fredk C, barber 1441 Kingston rd res Toronto 
Hannigan John P, car repr, h 64 Haig av 
Haidijig Arthur, carp, h e s Bonnington av n 
Harper Harold E, customs officer, h 459 Highview av 
Harris Arthur E, acct, h 16 Haig av 
Harris John J E, h 53 Kildonan dr 
Harrison Ernest G, tmstr, h 4(iS Ullington av n 

Harrison Fredk. Its R W Harrison 

Harrison Robt W, h s s Kingston rd, Stop 21 

Hart Chas H, slsmn, h 100 Queensbury av 

llaslen Jas, opr. h 102 Edgeley av n 

Hawker Albert E, h 55 Kildonan dr 

llawley Geo E, tmstr, h 81 Eastwood at 

Haydcm Wm. ll 14 Snringbank av 

Hazelton Walter, firemn, h 10 Birchmount rd 

Healey Frank, rtr, h 22 Kildonan dr 

Heron Mary J, h 20 Kildonan dr 

Keys Thos, mach. h 246 Woodrow blvd s 

Hndkinson Frank, mach, h 29 Eastwood av 

Holley Geo, meat packer, h 20 Birchmount rd 

Holloway Harry F, h 12 Queensbury av 

Holly John, lab, h 338 Edgeley av s 

Horrox Harry, litho, h 38 Queensbury a 

Horrox Nellie, stenog, Ivs 38 Queensbury av 

Howard John, eng, h 17 Kalmar at 

Howdin John, h 339 Edgeley av s 

Howe Wilbert, wocdwkr, h 405 Pinegrove av 

Hough Oliver, engr, h 1481 Kingston rd 

Hudson Walter G, carp, h 47 Queensbury at 

Huguemin Harry, chef Toronto Hunt Club, Ivs 64 Haig av 

Hurd Burt, slsmn, h 62 Lakeside av 

Hntclriiison Oscar E, acct, h 1284 Kingston rd 

Hutt Harriett. "Falling Brook", Ivs ss Kingston rd 

stop 14 

Ingleson Robt A, carp, h 228 Warwick av 
Jackson Jas bkpr. hs 32 Queensbury av 
Jeavons Wm, gdnr. h s s Highview av s e cor Edgeley av 
.lenvey Jos, gdnr, Ivs 73 Qneensbury av 
Je-.--up Edwd, carp, h 62 Kalmar av 
Johns Thos. h 65 Eastwood av 
Jolly Cecil E, acct Can Bank of Commerce (Birch Cliff 

hr), res Toronto 

Jones John, elk, h 21 Cornell at 
Jones John, lab, h 8 Kalmar av 
Jones Wm F R, ptrn mlrr, h 295 Edgeley av s 
Jo^elin Wm II. contr. h 1 Lakeside at 
Juild Thos W, car repr, h 60 Val Halla bltd 
Kearns Mary, h 35 Eastwood at 
Kearns Raymond, shipper, Ivs 35 Eastwood at 
Kearns Walter, shoe mkr, Its 35 Eastwood av 
Keeler Frances (wid Jos), h 57 Edgeley at n 
Keene Jntrn. h 56 Kalmar av 
Kennedy John R. perfumer, h 1357 Kingston rd 
Kennedy J Fredk N, pltry farmer 1358 Kingston rd, h 


Kenni'y John, gdnr, h 40 Eastwnml av 
Kenny Walter, h 4 Val Halla blvd 
Kenny Wm, real est, h 1 Doidge rd 
Kent S'aml E, brklyr, h 27 Queensbury av 
Kesteven-Balshaw Mary, h 46 Val Halla Boul 
Killey Jas. lab, Ivs 42 Fowler rd 
Killey John A, lab, h 42 Fowler rd 
Kimmins Jos, lab, Its 68 Haig av 
Kirby Ambrose A, h 1487 Kingston rd 
Kirby Jos T, h 61 Eastwood av 
Kirwin Harry, mach, h 492 Aylesworth at 
Knight Thos J, carp, h 227 Warwick av 
Lambert Frank E, h 5 Freeman av 
Langford Alex, lab, h 183 Bonninjton'av s 
Lanigan Nathaniel, oxy-welder, h 350 Bonnington av n 
Lasound Harry, driver, h 28 Archibald av , 
Latirur Jackson, h 68 Haig av 
Lawrence Herbert J, eng, h 285 Pinegrove av 
Lawson Wm J, lab, h 75 Warwick at 
Layzell Arthur J, acct, h 32 Birchmount rd 
Lecuyer Geo, elect, h 26 Cornell at 
Ledgers John, h w s Harding blvd 
Lee Milton C, h 2 Kingsbury cres 
Lesueur Edwd, collar mkr, h 84 Cornell at 
Lewis Edwd. h 26 Springbank at 
Little Wm. lab, h 563 Pinegrmc av 
Littler Irene, Ivs 2 Queensbury av 
Littler John, h 2 Queensbury av 
Lockwootl Mortimer H, printer, h 397 Edgeley av s 
Lowe Sidney, lab, h 222 Warwick at 
Lowrey Harold C, adt agt, h 37 Springbank av 
Lusted Austin, gdnr to Sir Donald Mann, stop 14 

Kingston rd - 

Lusted Geo F, decorator, h 73 Haig av 
Macfariane Alex comp, h 472 Lillington av 
MacKenzie Geo D, granite dlr, h 76 Birchmount rd 
MacKenzie Jas. contr. h 7ii Birelmionnt rd 
M.-icI.achlin Grace A, slsldy, Ivs 42 Val Halla blvd 
MacLachlan John, carp, h 42 Val Halla blvd 
Mallett Harry, mach engr, h 56 Queensbury av 
Mallett Henry H, vinegar mkr, h 305 Edgeley av s 
Maltby Henry J, lab. h 244 Haddon at 
Mann Sir Donald, "Falling Brook,' h s s Kingston rd. 

Stop 14 

Manning Jas. h s s Birchmount rd, 2nd s of Danforth av 
.Manning Jos, poultrymn J Russell, h 560 Birchmount rd 

Manning Thos W, farmer, h s s Kingston rd. Stop 23 
Markham J Henry, painter, h 97 Edgeley av n 

Martin Gordon, mach. Ivs 9 Freeman av 

Martin Nora, opr, Ivs 9 Freeman av 

Martin Wm T. h 18 Lakeside av 

Mason Jas, lab, h 217 Warwick av 

Mason Thos, lab. h 19 Birch Cliff av 

Mason Thos J, custom broker, ll 550 Pinegrove at 

Mather Wm, elect, h 350 Edgeley av s 

Matthews Daniel, brk mkr, h 59 Edgeley av n 

Mawer Wm, contr, h 1477 Kingston rd 

Maynard Geo F, baker, h 481 Pinegrove it 

McBride Jas, mach, h 49 Queensbury av 

McBride Robt. boiler mkr, h 51 Queensbury av 

McCartney Alice (wid Albert), h 38 Red Deer av 

McClain R Watson, h s s Kingston rd, Stop 22 

McCombe Mary, Ivs 1 Archibald av 

McDonald Angus, mach. h 532 Birchmount rd 

MeRougal Donald, h 24 Val Halla blvd 

McFarlane Donald, mach, h 15 Woodrow blvd s 

McGregor Alex, moto, h 50 Queensbury av 

MrKeu Wilson II, gro, 1286 Kingston rd h same 

McKeown Chas K, elk, h 52 Kildonan dr 

McKis-hnie Anna, h 1 Springbank av 

McKnight Andrew W, ctr, h 26 Kildonan dr 

Md.aggan Alex, carp, h 303 Edgeley at s 

Mckiuchlan Jas B, bkpr, Its 20 Eastwood av 

Mcl.aiichlan Wm. painter, h 20 Eastwood av 

McMaster Peter, carp, h e s Bonnington av n, cor Moira at 

McMillin John K, Ivs n s Kingston rd cor Wardin at 

McMillin Roht A. Ivs n s Kingston rd cor Wardin at 

Md'herson Harold, carp, h 307 Highview av 

McSayre Albert, slsmn, h w s Bonnington av n, 1st s of 

Danforth rd 

Mee Jas. huntsman Toronto Hunt Club, Ivs 1143 King- 
ston rd stop 15 

Mellor Emily, h 203 Woodrow blvd s 
Melluish Alex, brklyr, h e s Kildonan, 3 n of like 
Merrett Chas, h 10 Birch Cliff av 
Middleton Edith, h 115 Warden av 
Miles Arthur, h 346 Edgeley av s 
Miles Edwd, painter, Ivs 346 Edgeley av s 
Miller Tlios, carp h 313 Highview av 
Mitchell Arthur H, general store and P 0, 14.39 Kineslon 

rd, h 1425 same 

Mitchell Geo A, h 1361 Kingston rd 
Mitchell G A Nimmo, studt, Ivs 1361 Kingston id 
Mitchell Jas, engr. h 46 Eastwood av 
Mitchell John F, decorator, h 42 Eastwood av 
Mitchell Richd, Ivs 1361 Kingston rd 
Mitchell Sidney G, mach, Ivs 408 Pinegrove av 
Mitchell Wm, bicycle mkr, h 47 Woodrow boul s 
Moir Gordon, elk, Ivs 38 Yal Halla blvd 
Moir Kenneth, elk, Ivs 3 Val Halla blvd 
Moir Margt. (Wid Louis),- h 38 Val Halla blvd 
Moir Win. lab. h 34 Archibald av 
Montgomery Wm, carp, h 215 Warwick av 
Moore Jas C, mach, h 1 Aylesworth av 
Moore Marjory (wid Warren), Its 120 Queensbury at 
Morley Constance, elk, hs 31 Eastwood at 
Morley Edwd, carp, h 31 Eastwood av 
Morris Herbert, elk, h 12 Lakeside av 
Mouldey Isaac, shipper, h 30 Cornell av 
Mull ins Sidney, customs elk, h 11 Queensbury av 
Mumford Ernest, mach, h 96 Kalmar av 
Munro Lome. trav. h 80 Kalmar av 
Murdock Archd, lab, h 189 Bonnington av s 
Murray John, copper fnshr, h 134 Cornel' av 
Murray John, mach, h 71 Eastwood av 
Murray John J, h 6 Springhank av 
Myatt Arthur iron wkr, h 47 Kildonan dr 
Myers John T, elk, h 44 Queensbury av 
Needham John, lab, h 557 Pinesrove av 
Neil Wm. caretkr, h 309 Highview av 
Nettleton Wm, h 242 Haddon at 
Newton Bernicc <:, h The Cliffs 
N'ishtineale Arthur R, slsmn, h 30 Birchmount rd 
Nolan Thos, driver, h 89 Queensbury at 
Nr.rman Arthur W. elk, Ivs 12 Val Halla blvd 
Xiirman Ernest, lab, h 16 Val Malla blvd 
Xorris John W. lab, h 192 Maxwell av 
Nye John, lab, h 206 Woodrow blvd s 
O'Leary Jos, lab, h 49 Eastwood av 
Oliver Thos, btchr, h 7 Doidge rd 
Ovens Duncan, painter, h 22 Woodrow boul s 
Page Albert E, baker, h 518 Aylesworth av 
Parker Ernest, carp, h 3 Kalmar av 
Parkes Wm J. slsmn, h 4 Woodrow blvd s 
Partington Basil, carp, h 72 Eastwood av 
Paterson Peter, h 120 Queensbury av 
Patterson Wm. dairy mn, last h w s Edgeley av n 
Payne Edith I, stenog, Ivs 89 Eastwood av 
Peacock Russell, stm ftr, h 483 Pinegrove av 
Pennington Jas, carp, h 48 Eastwood av 
Pepper Chas R, mjr, h 115 Queensbury av 
Perkins John R, engr, h 36 Kalmar av 
Perkins Wm J, dectr. h n s Frost av 
Peterson Jens, carp, h 21 Kalmar av 




Fraser Ave. 






PhonaADELAIDE 1962 


Pherrill Arthur, h 120 Warden av 

Plierrill Chas F, elect, h 124 Warden av 

Then-ill Jos 0, farmer, h 120 Warden av 

Phillips Richd, h 104 Qneensbury av 

Pickard Saml, plmbr, h 121 Queensbury a? 

Pidgeon Henry, lab, h 353 Edgeley av s 

Pigeon Fredk G, lab, h n s Highview av 

Pittis Alfred E, bkpr. h 41 Lakeside av 

Pooley Frank, h 14 Haig av 

Preston Jas, farmer, h w s Woodrow boul n 

Price Frank- II, ti The Cliffs 

Price Percy, mach, h 42 Qiieensbury av 

Priestley Thos, engr, h 14 Qiieensbury av 

Prior Clarence W, h 470 Lillington av 

Pritrhard Howard, acrt, h 35 Lakeside av 

Prosser Albert, tmstr, h 72 Bonnington av s 

Prosser Edwd, contr, h 39 Queensbury av 

Purchase Ceo F, brkiyr, h 314 Higtiview av 

Ramsell Chas F, firemn, h 360 Edgeley av s 

Ranger Percy T, mach ftr, h 242 Woodrow blvd s 

Reading Henry H, mach, h 548 Birchmount rd 

Reading Robt, pdlr, h 104 Edgeley av n 

Redman Edwin H, Ivs 2 Birchmount rd 

Redman Henry E, h 2 Birchmount rd 

Reece Benj, tent mkr, h 67 Lakeside av 

Reece Ellen, tchr, Ivs 67 Lakeside av 

Reeves Albert R, mach, h 542 Birchmount rd 

Rh}den Caradog, shipper, h 36 Birchmount rd 

Rica Harry, boots & shoes. 1439 Kingston rd 

Richardson Frank E, gdnr, h 1A Fowler rd 

Richold Wilson J, mach, h 502 Aylesworth av 

Roberts Edgar i, mach, h 124 Queensbury av 

Roberts Edwd. carp, h e s Kildonan dr 2nd u of lake 

Roberts John, appraiser, h 559 Pinegrove av 

Robertson Ales F, "acct, h 20 Warden av 

Robcsim Herbert, trav. h 203 Woodrow blvd n 

Robinson Harold, ins agt, h 55 Eastwood av 

Robinson Jas, gro, 237 Warwick av h 238 same 

Robinson Norman H. h 341 Edgeley av s 

Robson Harry, farmer, 2nd h on side line e of Stop 22 

Kingston rd 

Rofe Chas, boxmkr, Ivs 40 Kalmar av 
Roseboroush Alfred, lab, h 145 Ellington av 
Ross lleniy. h 8 Birch Cliff 
Rumley Clyde, h 69 Kalmar av 
Rush Thus M, rartkr, h 30 Val Halla bird 
Russell Edwd. shipper, Ivs 330 Haddon av 
Russell Jos. h e s Birchmount rd 
Russell Maude, opr, Ivs 330 Haddon av 
Rutherford John W, auto mach, h e s 1st s of GTR 

UlUngton av 

Ruttier Frank E, slsmn. h 35 Fowler rd 
RutiiHr Marie L, Ivs 35 Fowler rd 
Itj-an .Arthur, contr, h 10 Springbank ar 
Ryan Ellen, Ivs 10 Springbank av 
Ryan Michl, lab, 3rd h side line east of Stop 22 

Kingston rd 

St Hair Wra C, linfmn. h 16 Kildonan dr 
St Nicholas Church (Ang) Rev .Wm J Taylor pastor 

1272 Kingston rd, Stop 18 

Salmon Sidney (Salmon & Co), h 59 Kildonan dr 
Salmon & Co, real est, Sidney Salmon mgr, 1288 

Kingston rd 
Samuels Sidney, gdnr J M West, h s s Kingston rd Stop 

Sam.dcrs Harry, ran', h 26 Archibald av 

Saunders Harry, carp, h 310 Highview av 

Scales Harold E. painter, h 558 Birchmount rd 

Scanlon Wm, conf 1440 Kingston rd h same 

Schirley Thos, mach, h 461 Hi B lm av 

Seals Ceo, btchr, 3rd h e s Arrfiilial,] at 

Seaman Howard E, trav, h 28 Kildonan dr 

Seccir Alex C, gro, h 17 Queensbury av 

Seddon Jas W, Ivs 85 Queensbury av 

Shaier Helen, h 24 Birch Cliff av 

Shaw Chas, carp, h 566 Pinegrove av 

fihepheard Mary A (wid Harry), h 1215 Kingston rd 

Shepheard Percival J, stm ftr, h 72 Haig av 

Sherratt Walter, h 4 Queensbury av 

Shields Thos, brass mldr. h 114 Ellington av 

Sigston Benj J, gro, 1196 Kingston rd h same 

Simons Wm, tmstr, h 62 Maxwell av 

Blopeon Wm, mach, h 28 Woodrow blvd s 

Sivil Tins H, ins agt, h 1280 Kingston rd 

Smalley Wm II. foreman, h 287 Pinegrove av 

Smith Edwin, Iai>, h 60 Edgeley av n 

Smith, Frank, trav, h 1473 Kingston rd 

Smith Ceo. slsmn, h s s Kenmore av _ 

Smith Geo W, h 36 Val Halla bltd 

Smith Harry C, mach, h 511 Aylesworth av 

Smith Jas H, shipper, h 83 Queensbury av 

Smith John A, phy, 1442 Kingston rd 

Smith Julia (wid, Win), h llfi Ellington av 

Smith Oscar, multigraphCT, h 38 Eastwood av 

Smith Ru-sell. cond. h 32 Val Halla boul 

Smith Wm, agt, h 24 Kildonan dr 
Smith Wm H, carp, h 564 Birchmount id 
Snell Wra A. h 1 Kingsbury cres 
Stacey John M, stmftr, h 131 Ellington av 
Stack Wm, auto mach, h 55 Queensbury 
Staley Stanley A. photo engr, h 35 Cornell av 
Stanfield Harry, bkpr, h 281 Pinegrove av 
Stapleton Walter, leather wkr, h 59 Eastwood av 
Stark Annie (wid John), Ivs 25 Springbank av 
Stark Harry L, broker, h 25 Springbank av 
Startup Henry, h 39 Kalmar av 
Steadman Saml, h 39 Lakeside av 
Stevens John, h e s Eastwood av, 1st s of G T R tracks 
Stevenson Alice (wid Albert), h 24 Red Deer av 
Stevenson Annie, opr, Ivs 75 Haig av 
Stevenson Constance, auditor, Ivs 75 Haig av 
Stevenson Edwd, shoe mkr, h 75 Haig av 
Stevenson Emery, slsmn, Ivs 24 Red Deer av 
Stevenson Geo, shipper, h 546 Birchmount rd 
Stevenson Horace E, stmftr, Ivs 75 Haig av 
Stevenson Oscar A, h 25 Kingsbury cres 
Stewart Fredk S, slsmn, h 141 Ellington av 
Stockton John, lab, h 513 Aylesworth av 
Storm Henry, brkiyr, h 174 Bonnington av s 
Stoner John F, shipper, h 28 Birch Cliff av 
Stowe Albert, tmstr, h 1 Fowler rd 
Stroud Fredk, wtr Toronto Hunt Club, Ivs 1143 King- 
ston rd, Stop 15 

Sweetland Geo C, h 99 Bonnington av s 
Sweetland Wm, h 104 Bonnington av a 
Sweetman Wm, plmbr, h 40 Queensburv 
Sykes David, litho, h 426 Lillington av 
Syrett Walter, carelkr. h 183 Kenmore ar 
Taylor Andrew, brkiyr, h 31 Lakeside av 
Taylor Chas, mach, Ivs 20 Queensbury av 
Taylor Chas, slsmn, h 75 Kalmar av 
T.-IJ-IIT David, madi, h 32 Haig av 
Taylor Ernest, h 79 Kalmar av 
Taylor Fredk, mach, h n s Kingston rd. Stop IT 
Taylor Geo, mach, Ivs 20 Queensbury av 
Taylor Jas, marl), li 20 Queensbury av 
Taylor John F, h 40 Birch Cliff av 
Taylor Thos J, lab. h 1 Archibald av 
Taylor Thos J, lab, Ivs 74 Birchmount rd 
Taylor Wm J Rev, Pastor St Nicholas Church, h 1270 

Kingston rd 

Teil Johan, printer, h e s Kildonan dr cor Keith 
Thompson Ilobt, tlr, h 48 Kalmar av 
Thomson Wm L, rfectr welder, h 63 Cornell av 
Thrussell Henry, brkiyr. h 47 Lakeside av 
Thwaites Theo, mach, h 231 Woodrow blvd s 
Tijou Noah E, (Tijou i Walker), h 82 Walmsley blvd 
Tijou & Walker (N E Tijou and A P Walker), real est 

1438 Kingston rd- 

Tode Henry, alb, h e s Cornell av. 1st n of Kingston rd 
Tomllnson Alfred, mach, h 417 Lillington av 
Tonks Lambroch S, bldr, h 531 Birchmount rd 
Toppin Albert, adv agt, h 74 Birchmount rd 
Toronto Hunt Club. Geo W Beardmore master of hounds 

Capt John V Trowell sec-treas. 1143 Kingston rd 

Stop 15 

Towgood Chas H, h 8 Queensbury av 
Toyne IVm (J, elk. li 11 Freeman ar 
Trendell Ruth (wid Alfred), h 58 Val Halla blvd 
Tresidder Herbert, h The Cliffs 
Trim Herbert, mach. h 500 Aylesworth av 
Trowell Capt John V, sec-treas Toronto Hunt Club, h 81 

Balsam av, Toronto 

Turk Chas, concrete wkr, h 216 Warwick av 
Vernon Jas H, h The Cliffs 
Vick John W, h 26 Val Halla blvd 
Vidler Jesse, h 424 Lillington av 
Virtue Eliza J, (wid Jas J), h w s Kildonan dr, cor Keith 
Virtue Kate, stenog, Ivs 30 Kildonan dr 
Virtue Nora. Ivs 30 Kildonan dr 
Virtue Pliylina. bkpr. Ivs 30 Kildonan dr 
Visheuu Wm D, printer, h 56 Val Halla blvd 
Waddington Joe, elk, h 63 Eastwood av 
Walker Annie E. h 35 Springbank av 
Walker Arthur P (Tijou & Walker), h 283 Pinegrove av 
Wallis Arthur, rubber wkr, h 1st s of GTR Ayleswoth av 
Walsh Geo E, elect, h 57 Kildunan dr 
Ware Jas C, supt Sir Donald Mann, h s s Kingston rd 

Stop 14 

Watson John, lab, h 274 Woodrow boul s 
Watson Martha (wid Chas J), h 35 Kalmar av 
Wdi-u-r Fraud's, Ivs 46 Birchmount rd 
Webster Frank, painter, h 46 Birchmount rd 
West Jos M. u s s Kingston rd. Stop 22 
West Wm H, h s s Kingston rd, Stop 22 
Westdyk Harry, piano tuner, h 39 Red Dm av 
Westren John, h s s Kingston rd, Stop 23 
Westren J Harvey, Ivs John Westren 
White Arthur, sheet metal wkr. h 431% Lillington av 
Whiteley Jabez, warehouscmn, h 75 Bonnington av s 
Whiting Fredk P, carp, li 55 Lakeside av 

Wiginton John W. stmftr, h 87 Queensbury av 

Wihi Wm. carp, h 5 Kalmar av 

Wilde John, opr, h 41 Kildonan dr 

Wilde John T, porter, h 43 Kildonan dr 

Wilkins Fredk D, tea blender, h 28 Val Halla blvd 

Williams Frank, can), h 272 Woodrow -blvd s 

Williams John, sJieet metal wkr, h 509 Aylesworth av 

Williams Thos A, bldr, h 277 Woodrow boul s 

Williams Thos P, slsmn, h 91 Kalmar av 

Willis Ernest H, dry gds 1431 Kingston rd, Ivs 931 


Wilson Alex, caretkr, h 390 Edjeley av s 
Wilson Chas S, driver, h 83 Bonnington av s 
Wilson Lowell, gro & btchr, 1442 Kingston rd, h same 
Wintrip John, paper rlr, h 52 Queensbury av 
Wood John R, h 1483 Kingston rd 
Woodcock Alfred, brk mkr, h 40 Haig av 
Woodcock Elizth A (wid Jas), Ivs 40 Haig av 
Woodhams Harry, concrete fnshr, h 28 Eastwood av 
iVray Alex, h 23 Birciimount rd 
Wright John, carp, h 352 Bonnington av n 
Wright Wm, carp, h 70 Eastwood av 
Young Henry T S, patent solr, h 83 Haig av 
Young John, carp,' h 398 Edgeley av s 


A suburb north of Danforth ay and east of Don Mill! 
rd, three and a half miles northeast of City Hall. Post 
offices, Coleman and Todmorden. Take Broadview at 
car and thence civic car east on Danforth av. 

Abbott John H, foremn, h 43 Keene 

Aikins John, lab, h 2 Poulton av 

Alcock Albert E, noodwkr, b 1047 Woodbine av 

Aldcroft Jas H, artificial limb mkr, h 35 Keene at 

Anderson Chas B, h 7 Barker av 

Anderson Jas, carp, h 6 Barker av 

Anderson John, carp, h 5 Barker av 

Anderson Richd J, gro cor Woodbine and Lumsden avs, h 


Andrew Peter B, engr, h 1052 Woodbine av 
Annand Andrew, tmstr, h 171 Sammon av 
Annis Chas H, elk, h 31 George 
Armstrong Stanley F, presshd, h 55 Savoy av 
Armstrong Wm, contr, h 38 Prestholm av 
Arthur Kiedk A. gatemn, h 47 Kerne 
Arthur Fredk J, mach, Ivs 47 Keene ar 
Ashbury John F, stock kpr. h s s Virgin; 
Ashcroft Alice, h 251 Cedarvale av 
Ashmore Geo F, rubber wkr, h 7 Sammon a'v 
Askin Clias W, draftsmn, h 120 Virginia cres 
Aston Sidney, mach, h 74 Savoy av 
Austin Wm, insur at, h 101 Coleridge av 
Avis Frank, wood wkr, h 7 Keene av 
Ayres Fredk W, elk, h 79 Coleridge av 
Back Herbert, carp, h 172 Coleridge av 
Badcock Thos J, driver, h 28 Coleridge av 
Bagc Frances, carp, h 72 Lumsden 
Bailey Albert lab, h 75 Barker av 
Bailey Geo F, bldr, h 10 Mortimer av 
Baird Andrew, brass wkr, Ivs 257 Cedarvale av 
Baird Hubert L, stmftr, h 15 Guestholme av 
Baker Edwin, h 139 Sammon av 
Baldwin Albert, barber, h 13 Calford av 
Baldwin Alfred J, carp, h 167 Coleridge av 
Baldwin Herbert, slsmn, Ivs 153 Coleridge av 
Baptist Mission, n e cor Woodbine and Sammon avs 
Barnaby Wm, h 49 Keene av 
Barnes Jas, h 333 Cedarvale av 
Barron Angus, h 69 Coleridge av 
Hany John, h 165 Sammon av 
Earth Chas, decor, h 22 Mortimer av 
Earth Chas W, decor, h 37 Prestholm av 
Bath Wm jr, decor, h 28 Prestholm av 
Kissinger Emily h 53 Coleridge av 
Bates Richd, elk, h 18 Wylie av 
Bath Geo C, plstr, h 27 Prestholm av 
Beaumont Wallace, chauff, h 122 Coleridge a? 
Beckett Chas, bricklyr, h 20 Frankland av 
Bee Geo H, h 26 Frankland av 
Bell Alex, elect, Ivs 256 Cedarvale av 
Bell Hugh, cond, h 13 Mortimer av 
Bell Thos H, lab, h 256 Cedarvale av 
Bell Thos H jr, lab, Ivs 256 Cedarvale av 
Bennett Alfred J, lab, h 126 Holborne av 
Bennett Chas W, slsmn. h 193 Barker av 
Benneworth Fredk tlr, h 95 Coleridge av 
Bentley Thos, glazier, h 819 Woodbine av 
Benus Michl, flremn, h 181 Sammon av 
Berry Jas, chauff, h 129 Coleridge av 
Berry Wm H. carp, h 331 Cedarvale av 
Beverley Wm I, toulmkr, h 184 Lumsden av 
Billings Chas E. decor, h 29 St Stephens 





M. 1889 

Analyses of all Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgical Tests of Ores and Metals 





123 BAY 
ADEL 6440 


Billiiies Harry B, ' engr, h 266 Cedarvale av 

Binks Walter C. carp, h 22 Keene av 

Bird Henry, tile ftr, h 33 Keene 

Bird John, tmstr, h 243 Cedarvale av 

Bishop Albert, stock kpr, h 42 Keene av 

Blackburn Harry, elk. h 849 Woodbine av 

Blackwell Wm T. slsmn. h 12 Guestholm av 

Bland Percy, elk. h 89 Guestholm av 

Bleakley Albert, btchr, h 80 Savoy av 

Bleakley Geo. htchr, h 59 Savoy av 

Bloye Wm H, tlr.. Ivs 9 Coleridge av 

Bollens Jos, carp, h n s Barker av. 2 w of King Edward 


Bone Walter, lab, h 26 Sammon av 
Boome Geo, carp, h Sammon av 
Rowland Geo, surveyor, h 65 Lumsden av 
Bowman Jas, upholstr, h 85 Guestholm av 
Bowman Wm, tel opr, h 12i/i Mortimer av 
Boyles Ernest A, lab, h 252 Cedarvale av 
Bradley Wm, gro, h 169 Cedan-ale av 
Bray Archd, h 208 Coleridge av 
Brennan Gen E. carp, h 19 Woodmount av 
Brew Alfred, carp, h 317 Poulton av 
Breward John, boot laster. h 187 Barker av 
Brewster Thos. slsmn, h 1054 Woodbine av 
Bright Sarah Mrs. h 32 Wylie av 
Brindle Gilbert, shipper, h 206 Coleridge av 
Brooks Alfred, h 60 Coleridge av 
Brooks Jas E. plmbr. h 15 Wylie av 
Brown Edmund J. plstr, h 293 Sammon av 
Brmvn Emma (wid Geo), Ivs 5 Poulton av 
Brown Frank, cloth examnr. h 233 Cedarvale av 
liniwn >s \V. elk. h 46 Keene 
Brown Thos. decor, h 47 Woodmount av 
Bruce Wm. mkt gdnr. h 26 Mortimer av 
Bryan Thos. carp, h 9 Woodmount Tiv 
Buckner Chas K. draughtsmn h 172 Holborn av 
Budd Hemy J. piano mkr. h 20 Mt Royal av 
Burgess Jas M. rubber wkr, Ivs 255 Cedarvale av 
Burgess John. lab. h 185 Sammon av 
Riirccss Mildred, elk. Ivs 255 Cedarvale av 
Burrell Albert, painter, h 1 Mortimer av 
Butler F.-ic I. riimn. h 5V 2 Rammon av 
By'ord AlfrM. film oor. h 4 St, Stenhens av 
Byrne Chas W. emp Bell Tel, h 17 Ponlton av 
Cadn-allader Arthur, tlr. h 191 Lnmsden av 
Cadwallader Ida F elk, Iv? 191 Lumsden av 
Cadwallarter John C. elk. Ivs 191 Lumsden av 
Campbell Alex F, janitor. Ivs 1008 Woodbine a 
Camnbell Douclns. elertr. h ions Woodbine av 
Campbell John, brassfnshr. h 200 Barker av 
Canlett Thos, lab. h 13 Snauehnessy av 
Cantle Wm. tinsmth. h 1056 Woodbine av 
Carey Henry, lab, h 227 Cedarvale av 
Carey Jas. lab Gas Co. h 833 Woodbine av 
Cardwell Thos. gro 19 Barker av, h same 
Cardy Jas. tmstr. h 14 St Stephens 
Carefoote Sheldon F. druz rlk. h 34 Keene av 
Carson Wm W. h 171 Cedarvale av 
Carter Al'r-d. rVHvr. h 8 Frankland av 
Carter Arthur, brklyr. h 26 v, Frankland av 
Carter Fred C. postman, h 343 Poulton ar 
Carter Robt W ohanff. h 3 Keene av 
Cattle Wm. b ion Woodbine av 
Cedarvale Dairy. Wm Dunn prop. 525 Cedarvale av 
Chapman Ernest, elk. h 201 Cedarvale av 
Chapman Fredk. plmbr, h 83 Coleridge av 
Chapman Wm. bldr, h 203 Ccdarvale av 
Chesney Hugh, bkbndr, h 237 Cedarvale av 
Chancy The*, railway mail elk. h 49 Coleridge av 
Chidlow Herbert, sheet metal wkr. h 325 Sammon av 
Chmn Thos. mach. h 204 Coleridge av 
Church of the R^irrection (Ang) e s Woodbine av 
Clark Jas. h 50 C.oyder av 
Clarke Fred, mach, h 182 Lumsden av 
Clarke Jas. trav. h 369 Sammon av 
Clarke Jos. brklyr h 70 r.mnyden av 
Clemens Harry, robber wkr. h 2R5 Ccdarvale av 
Clements Chas. brass fnshr, h 199 Barker av 
Clements Harry, lab, h 345 Poulton av 
Cleverly Geo. slsmn, h 14 Sammon av 
Clewes Jas D, engr, h 183 Holhorne av 
Cliff Danl W. tmstr. h 11 Sammon av 
Close Edwd. lab. h 17 Keene 
Clo-e OPO K bb. b 2' Keene 
Cochrane Alfred W, elk, h 15 Lumsden av 
Cockle John, brtlyr. h 7 Lumsden av 
Cody Chas A, h 91 Guestholm av 
Coghill David, mach. h 147 Coleridge av 
Coleman Allan V, h 197 Barker av 
Coles Arthur, bgemn, h 178 Coleridge av 
Collings Ralph, lab. h 16 Ponlton av 
Ceilings Robt. J, lab, h 22 Barker av 
Collins Chas H, mach, h 52 Keene av 
Collins Clarence, stockpr. h 225 Coleridge av 

Collins Jos A, plmbr, h 36 Coleridge av 

Colton Matthew, rubber wkr, h 11 Frankland av 

Consaul Herman, brass fnshr, h 221 Cedarvale av 

Cook John V, lather, h 124 Coleridge av 

("nuper Enoch, brklyr, h 58 Barker av 

Cooper Sidney H, engr, h 187 Barker av 

Cootes Alfred, caretkr, h 45 Prestholm av 

Copley Wm, engr, h 30 Keene av 

Coughlan Jeremiah, dairymn, h 196 Ilumbolt av 

Coulter Jas, lab, h 1018 Woodbine av 

Courtney Saml A, elk, h 88 Coleridge av 

Coutes John, lab, h 217 St James 

Cowthard Wm C, rubber wkr, h 166 Coleridge av 

Cracknell Esther, h 7 Poulton av 

Craig Anson, millwright, h 12 Mortimer av 

Craig Austin, lab, Ivs 12 Mortimer av 

Craig Hugh, h 25 Keene av 

Craig Iva, cabtmkr, Ivs 12 Mortimer av 

Crawford Jas, cond, h 168 Sammon av 

Crawford John, h 297 Cedarvale av 

Crawford John, glazier, h S Prestholm av 

Creese John, h 21 Wylie av 

Creighton Wm, h 70 Barker av 

Crockett Bert, bldr, h 6 Mt Royal av 

Croft A, opr, h 58 Holborne av 

Croft Jas R, dyer h 24 Guestholm av 

Crowe John 3, chaiuT, .h 10 Prestholm av 

Clippies Benj, ship bldr, Ivs 9 Poulton av 

Cupples Geo A. ship bldr. h 9 Poulton av 

Curtis Arthur W. plstr. h 74 Coleridge av 

Daligan Wm G, shipper, h 27 St Stephens 

Daniels Ernest J. mach, h 24 Mortimer av 

Darby Wm, lab. h 12 Prestholm av 

Davidson Andrew, flremn, Ivs 17 Barker av 

Davidson Christopher, tool mkr, h 387 Poulton av 

Davidson Jas, flremn, Ivs 17 Barker av 

Davidson Nathaniel, diver, h 17 Barker av 

Davis Wm, lab. h 361 Cedarvale av 

Deacon Geo D, carp, h 33 Barker av 

Deblair Vincent, fruiter, h 14 Guestholm av 

Dclavisne Herbert V V, elk P 0, h 31 St Stephens av 

Derrick Fredk J, plmbr, h 248 Cedarvale av 

Dcwis Walter, mach, h 249 Cedarvale av 

Dillon Fred, tlr, h 133 Coleridge av 

Dixon Jas H, btchr, h 159 Cedarvale av 

Dobson Chas, plstr. h 18 Sammon av 

Dodson Mrs, h 151 Coleridge av 

Donner Wm H. mach, Ivs 6 Prestholm av 

llowber Robt, presser, h 29% Frankland av 

Downs Jas. h 18 Lumsden av 

Drage Arthur, h 18 Guestholm av 

Drinkwatcr Albert, brklyr, h 252 Coleridge av 

Driver T H. papethangr, h 309 Cedarvale av 

Duckworth Geo, leatherwkr, h 257 Cedarvale av 

Dunn Geo A. elk. h 6 Wiley av 

Dunn Peter, lah, h 40 Prestholm av 

Dunn Wm, prop Cedarvale Dairy, h 525 Cedarvale av 

Dnnstan Norman, mach, h 178 Lumsden av 

Durest Fredk, lab. h 15 Prestholm av 

Dysart Saml. h 170 Coleridge av 

Ede Florence (wid Arthur), h 61 BarWr av 

Edwards John A, tmstr, h 168 Coleridge av 

Edwards Walter, h 132 Holborne av 

Elliott John, painter, h 56 Holborne av 

Ellis Edwd, driver, h 41 Keene av 

England Wm H, ensr h 28 Keene av 

Essam Frank, gdnr 121 Sammon av 

Evenoff Rteve, cond, h 5 McCosh av 

Everitt Arthur W, leather wkr, h 85 Coleridge av 

Ewers Frank T, harness mkr, h 11 Poulton av 

Fallers Walter, carp, h 1003 Woodbine av 

Farmer Andrew, engr. h 65 Savoy av 

Farn Frank, carp, h 49 St Stephens 

Farrar Herbert, glazier, h 99 Coleridge av 

Fawkes Saml, bklyr, h 300 Cedarvale av 

Ferguson Dougal. carp, h 11 Strathcona gdns 

Fineham Chas. lab, h 349 Poulton av 

Finlayson Jas, letter car. h 24 Sammon av 

Findlay Wm D, h 262 Cedarvale av 

Fish Walter, brklyr, h 35 Coleridge av 

Fisher David, btchr, h 169 Lumsden av 

Fisher Fred, silversmith, h 239 Holborne av 

Fletcher Jas. carp, h 66 Holborne av 

Fletcher John W, elk, h 263 Cedarvale av 

Fletcher Rendell N, opr, h 263 Cedarvale av 

Forbes Alex, shipper, h 267 Cedarvale av 

Ford liankin, h 16 Frankland av 

Ford Henry, lab, h 354 Cedarvale av 

Fordham Gen F. action mkr, h 40 Keene av 

Forest Frank, elev opr, h 245 Cedarvale av 

Foster Edwd, lab, h 166 Sammon av 

Foster Frwlk. carp, h 72 Coleridge av 

Foster Geo, painter, h 12 Frankland av 

Fowler Philip, slsmn, h 30 Coleridge av 

Fowler Jesse, elect, Ivs 30 Coleridge av 
Franks David, elk, h 46 Sammon av 

French Wm G, painter, h 14 Lumsden av 
Friar John A. carp, h 198 Barker av 
Friend Jas, lab, h 13 Frankland av 
Friend Edgar, lab, Ivs 13 Frankland av 
Froggatt Wm, window elnr, h 353 Cedarvale av 
Fuller Fredk W, packer, h 48 Keene ay- 
Fulton Geo, elk, h 240 Holborne av 
Furlong John M shipper, h 307 Cedarvale av 
Gager Lionel, lab, h 76 Savoy av 
Galbraith Henry L. bartender, h 161 Simmon av 
Gamble Cecil, elk. Ivs 21 Barker av 
Gamble Lilly (wid John), h 21 Barker av 
Gamble Thos. slsmn. Ivs 21 Barker av 
Gardner Frank, painter h 31 Wiley av 
Gardner Henry, h 18% Frankland av 
Gardner Stanley J, lab, h 9 Franklin av 
Garvin John F chauff, h 121 Shaughnessy av 
Gatenby Thos, painter, h 02 Savoy av 
Gazey Harry, cond, h 34 Barker av 
Oddes Ceo. mnlte opr, h 130 Holborne av 
(leer Harold, slsmn, h 36 Keene av 
Geeson Geo R, tmstr. h 13 Poulton av 
German John W, carp, h 159 Sammon av 
C.ibhinss Alfred E, dk. h 248 Coleridge av 
Gibbings Georgiiia, dry gds 8V 2 St Stephens av 
GibbiiMs Henry, h 8% St Stephens 
Gibbs Wm F, shipper, h 15 Barker av 
Gibson Henry, shipper, h 303 Cedarvale av 
Gillman Edwin Rev, h 761 Woodbine av 
Glendenning John, cngr, h 59 Holborne av 
Godwin Leonard, mach, Ivs 3 Frankland av 
Goldsmith Percy X. trav, h 47 St Stephens 
Goldsmith Wm, carp, h 25 Coleridge av 
Goodhead Arthur J, lab, h 32 Coleridge av 
Goodrick Wm H, printer, h 356 Cedarvale av 
Goodwin Albert, painter Ivs Guestholm av 
Gourlay Robt. glass mkr, h 11 Calford av 
Goyne Fredk I!, carp, h 803 Woodbine av 
Grace Walter, wtr, h 160 Holborne av 
Grant David M, warehsemn, h 4 Rislade av 
Oration Chas, wool curler, h 241 Cedaivale av 
Grattan Horatio, btchr, h 315 Sammon av 
Gray Wm H, engr, h 23 Keene av 
Graziano Geo. mkt gdnr. h 4 Mortimer av 
Graziano Gus. mkt gdnr, 4 Mortimer av, Ivs same 
Graziano Saml, mkt gdnr. h 14 Mortimer av 
Green Edwd, warehousemn, h 8 Rislade av 
Green Percy W, mach, h 1020 Woodbine av 
Greenwood John, lab, h 66 Barker av 
Gregg Wm, mach, h 355 Cedarvale av 
Gregory Ernest A, carp, h 11 McCosh av 
Gregory Jas, lab, h 9 Shaughnessy av 
Gregory Wm, printer, h 124 Holborne av 
Griffin Chas E, plstr, h 16 Sammon av 
Griffiths Henry, carp, h 82 Savoy av 
Griffiths Thos, lab, h 42 Coleridge av 
Grime Robt. tmstr, h 30 Wiley av 
Grindle Sidney, metal spinner, h 322 Cedarvale av 
Gnwcnor Wm. brklyr, h 22 Frankland av 
Guthrie David P, jewlr, h 170 Coleridge av 
Guthrie John, gdnr, h 20 Guestholm av 
Guthrie Robt, gdnr, h 3 Prestholm av 
Guy Rosina (wid Saml), h 200 Cedarvale av 
Haberle Henry, enameller, h 216 St James 
Hall Robt, elk, h 309 Sammon av 
Hallam Walter, mach. h 329 Sammon av 
Ham Fredk, brklyr, h 240 Cedarvale av 
Hanson Geo E, elk , h 173 Lumsden av 
Harding Chas, fireman, h 18 Mortimer av 
Hardman Fredk S, bldr & cc.ntr, h 262 Coleridge av 
Hargreave Robt I, trav, h 6 Guestholm av 
Harper Chas. carp, 1st h s s Humbolt av 
Harris Alfred, elk, h 13 Keene av 
Harris Benj, elk, h 1033 Woodbine av 
Harris Creswick A, elect engr, h 327 Sammon a 
Harris Edwd, brklyr, h 18 Frankland av 
Harrison Aubrey, carp, h 6 Sammon av 
Harrison Jas, brklyr, h 13 Lumsden av 
Harrison John K, mach, h 81 Savoy av 
Hartley Annie, Ivs 328 Cedarvale av 
Hartley Alack, carp, h 328 Cedarvale av 
Hartley Sarah, oprrtr, Ivs 328 Cedarvale av 
Harwood John, wtr, h 809 Woodbine av 
Hathaway John, carp, h 79 Holborne av 
Ilayward Cecil, mailer, h 196 Lumsden av 
Heath W, carp, h 89 Coleridge av 
Heather Harry G, slsmn. h 8 St Stephens 
Heaton Arthur, h 20 St Stephens 
Hemer Jas, lab, h 247 Holborne av 
Hewett Harold T, carp, h 47 Lumsden av 
[lewett Herbert, engnr, h 41 Lumsden av 
Heidman Walter, granite ctr, h 26 Guestholm av 
Hibbs Wm, printer, h 21 Frankland av 
Ilickey Mary J (wid Thos), h 123 Saramon av 
Hickey Wm, shpr, Ivs 123 Sammon av 
111U Edwd, lab, h 41 Prestholm ar 
[ill Leslie, furnace man. h 76 Barker av 





18,451,526 USED IN 1916 
54,000,000 USED IN 1917 

Bound to Be the Universal Packing Case 



Phone Gerrard 2100 



Qover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adei. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Ilillii-r Stanley, carp, h 220 St James 

Hiltz Geo H, bldr. h 825 Woodbine av 

Hiltz Herbert 0. bldr, h 811 Woodbine av 

Hingley John, mach, h 49 Barker av 

Histock Annie (wid John), h 223 Cedarvale av 

Hodkinson Louis slsmn, h 20 Keene av 

Hogan John, carp, h 164 Holbora av 

Hogg Geo, facty foreman, h 57 Coleridge av 

Holden Harry, assembler, h 38 Keene av 

Hole Henry, postman, h 721 Woodbine av 

Holloway Fredk, h 73 Savoy av 

Hollowell Ernest W, steel wkr, h 743 Woodbine av 

Holtham Arthur, printer, h 60 St Stephens av 

Hopes Isaac, lab, h 26 Barker av 

Hopkins Carrie, stock kpr, h Ifl5 Lumsden av 

Homer John H, farmer, h 1040 Woodbine av 

Howarth Albert, mach, h 24 Barker av 

Howe Fredk, elect Bell T Co, h 157 Cedarvale av 

Humphrey Fredk W, carp, h 295 Sammon av 

Humphries Cecil, Ivs 19 Keene av 

Humphries Chas M, h 51 Keene av 

Hunt Arthur, ins agt, h 16 Keene av 

Hunt Hilda, opr, Ivs 16 Keene av 

Hunt Jas, lab, h 12 Coleridge av 

Kurd Thos, mldr, h 49 Savoy av 

Hurst Albert, painter, h 5 Lumsden av 

Hutchison Geo, h 52 Sammon av 

Hutchison Newton, elk, h 61 Holborne av 

Hutson Edwd, h 69 Savoy av 

Hutton Ernest, h 54 Sammon av 

Ibsen Jas, ship carp, h 29 Frankland av 

ngham Geo H, painter, h 19 Frankland av 

nnes Jas, tlr, h 75 Poulton av 

nward Wm, ink gdnr, h 14 Keene av 

rons Alice, packer, Ivs 118 Virginia cres 

rons Jas, plmbr, h 2 Lumsden av 

rons Thos, lab, h 118 Virginia cres 

rving Andrew, sleel heater, h 73 Cedarvale av 
James Fredk T, gro 12 Sammon av, h same 
Jameson Saml, messr, h 805 Woodbine av 
Jennings Albert, postman, h 44 Coleridge av 
Jennings Fredk, mach, h 2 Sammon av 
Jessop Geo, metal wkr, h 337 Cedarvale av 
Johnson Albert, elk, h 13 St Stephens 
Johnson Albert C, slsmn, h 26 Keene av 
Johnston Geo, chauft, h 220 Cedarvale av 
Johnston Robt M, mldr, h 22 Guestholm av 
Johnstone Andrew, decor, h 2 Barker a? 
Johnstone Jas, decor, h 4 Barker av 
Jolly Geo W, elk, h 193 Lumsden av 
Jones Albert, farmer, end h e s Cedarvale av 
Jones Arthur, plstr. h 242 Holborne av 
Jones Dorothy L, elk, Ivs 264 Cedarvale av 
Jones Ernest A, elk, Ivs 264 Cedarvale av 
Jones fleo, lab, h 264 Cedarvale av 
Jones Harry porter, h 292 Cedarvale av 
Jones Jos A, warehsemn, h 72 Holborne av 
Jones Robt, gro 937 Greenwood av, h same 
Jones Rhadiiraek. dairymn, 2nd h n end Cedarvale av 
Jordan Albert J. postman, h 254 Coleridge av 
Jowett Ernest, shipper, h 69 Lumsden av 
Joyce Matilda, h 333 Poulton av 
Jukes Arthur, lab, Ivs 15 Frankland av 
Justice John, slsmn, h 20 Mortimer av 
Kahler Henry, mill opr, h 81 Coleridge av 
Karnish Peter, lab, h 187 Sammon av 
Ke;ir Thos. carp, h 92 Guestholm av 
Keedwcll Annie (wid Walter), h 51 Savoy av 
Kelly Adam, chauff, h 183 Sammon av 
Kennedy Christopher J, elk, Ivs 9 Frankland av 
Kennedy Christopher J, lab, h 9 Frankland av 
Kenward Henry, carp, h 36 Lumsden av 

Kerr Guy L. musician, h 5A Poulton av 

Kirkwond Matthew, brklyr, h 275 Cedarvale av 
Kwint Itnss. brklyr, h 71 Holborne av 

Knapp Howard, h 6 Frankland av 

Knight Harry, h 183 Cedarvale av 

Kookman Alfred, decor, h 45 Coleridge av 

Knowles Jos. lab, h 56 Barker av 

Laird, Jos, carp, h 1 Keene 

Lake Sidney, chauff, h 23% Frankland av 

Lake Wm, gdnr, h 33 Frankland av 

Lambert Jos. h 725 Woodbine av 

Langston John T, elect, h 296 Cedarvale av 

Large Geo W, h 70 Holborne av 

Lask B L, engr, h 291 Sammon av 

Laurie Wm. lab, h 25 Wylie av 

Lavender Albert E, brklyr, h 15 Poulton av 

Lavender Geo, painter, h 311 Sammon av 

Lavender Pnlly, sro s w cor Poulton and Coleridge ar 

Lawlor John J, harnessmkr, h 312 Cedarvale av 

Lawrence Alfred, insp, h 29 Prestholm av 

Leach Walter, driver, h 12 Strathcona Gdns 

Lee Arthur, gdnr. h 11 Wylle av 

Lee Cnas H, mach, h 20 Sammon ai 

Lee Chas I! jr, Ivs 20 Sammon av 

Lee John, engr, h 15% Frankland av 

Leech John W, lab, h 145 Coleridge av 

Lees Wm A, elk, h 226 Cedarvale av 

Leonard John, lab, h 26 Wylie av 

Letcher Thos, cement wkr, h 51 Coleridge av 

Lewis Aired, earp, h 114 St James 

Lewis Reginald, gro 801 Woodbine av, h same 

Lewis Wm J, lifho, h 28 Guestholm av 

Lindsay Jas, h 173 Cedarvale av 

Littlehales Harry, silversmth, Ivs 821 Woodbine av 

Loades Richd, brklyr, h 723 Woodbine av 

Loblaw Margt, opr,, h 155 Coleridge av 

Long Jos C, lab, h 853 Woodbine av 

Long Wm, brickmkr, h 285 Cedarvale av 

Loos Paul, h 277 Sammon av 

Lord Bertram, bldr, h 210 Coleridge av 

Lord Chas J, plmbr, h 355 Poulton av 

Loucks Oscar, pipe ftr, h 350 Poulton av 

Lowe John, gro 10 Sammon av, h same 

Lummis Allen, slsmn, h 15 Poulton av 

Mabson Arthur, mach, h 301 Sammon av 

Mace Ernest W, carp, h 177 Lumsden av 

Machel Wm, plstr, h 3 Lumsden av 

MacKay Jos, piano mkr, h 9 Sammon av 

MacKenzie Wm, bldr. h 173 Sammon av 

Madderer John, h 151 Sammon av 

Magee Arthur, mach, h 116 Mortimer av 

Magney John, tmstr, h 14 Calford av 

Malby Richd, gro, h 2 Strathcona fidns 

Mallion Caleb, concrete wkr, h 793 Woodbine av 

Mallion Elizth, gro 793 Woodbine av, Ivs same 

Manlove Harry, h 2 Woodmount av 

Manser Nelson, h 29 Coleridge av 

Mantle Ernest, locksmth, h 9 St Stephens 

Marden Geo, carp, h 9 Wiley av 

Marks Thos W, grainer, h 813 Woodbine av 

Marsh Henry, bldr, h 171 Lumsden av 

Marshall Chas, driver, h 8 Morlimer av 

Marshall Geo, express, h 9 Lumsden av 

Martin Saml, brklyr, h 17 Calford av 

Marvin Frank, btchr, h 155 Cedarvale av 

Mason John W, slsmn. h 258 Cedarvale av 

Matthews Geo R, slsmn, h 48 Sammon av 

Matthews John, h 817 Woodbine av 

Matthews Wm T, chauff. h 10 Mortimer av 

May Frank, lab, h.1016 Woodbine av 

McCarney Jas, lab, h 28 Frankland av 

McCauley R Irene (wid Jas), Ivs 2 Mortimer av 

MeConnell Blayney, h 360 Cedarvale av 

McEwen Geo, carp^ h 219 Cedarvale av 

McGill Warren, elk, h 44 Keene 

McGregor Robt, mkt gdnr Sammon av, res Mortimer av 

Mcllween Archd, lab, h 24 St Stephens 

McKay John J, mkt gdnr, h 160 Sammon av 

McKay Thos C, mkt gdnr 925 Greenwood av, h same 

McKenzie Hugh, tlr, h 164 Coleridge av 

McKittrick Irwin, chauff, h 323 Sammon av 

McLaughlin Edwd T, driver, h 294 Cedarvale av 

McLeod Mary, cutter, h 299 Cedarvale av 

McLeod Wm, moto, h 57 Coleridge av 

McSporran Maurice, mach, h 14 Frankland av 

McVicker Geo, box mkr, h 1032 Woodbine av 

Meggs Arthur H. h 5 Poulton av 

Mennie David, storekpr GTR, h 10 Barker av 

Michael Jas, plstr, h 48 Barker av 

Miller Jas, mkt gdnr, h 295 Cedarvale av 

Miller John, mach, Ivs 2 Sammon av 

Miller Wm. printer, h 1034 Woodbine av 

Mills Edwd, mach, h 23 Frankland av 

Milne Alex, cement contr, h 141 Coleridge av 

Milner Fred, cartage, Ivs 331 Cedarvale av 

Mitchell Ambrose, carp, h 1004 Woodbine av 

Mitchell Chas, brass fnshr, h 167 Lumsden av 

Mitchell Chas G, draper, h 186 Lumsden av 

Mitchell Geo, brklyr, h 52 Coleridge av 

Mitchell Jos, lab, h 67 Lumsden av 

Mitchell Wm J, concrete fnshr, h 43 St Stephens av 

Mockridge Edwd, shipper, Ivs 289 Sammon av 

Moir Ceo w, ship bldr, h 1022 Woodbine av 

Molson Seth, printer, h 238 Holborne av 

Monkman Harry, elk, h 72 Woodmount av 

Montgomery Geo, firemn, h 181 Lumsden av 

Miindy Jnhn. blksmth, h 195 Cedarvale av 

Mooney Geo F, fitter, h 191 Cedarvale av 

Monney Riibt, lab, h 5 Sammon av 

Moore Alex, blksmth, li 13 Coleridge av 

Moore John, decor, h 4 Lumsden av 

Morn- Thus, tlr, h 162 Sammon av 

Morgan Arthur, exp, h 879 Woodbine av 

Mornaii Mary, gro 897 Woodbine av, Ivs same 

Morgan Rosetta (wid Percy), Ivs 226 Cedarvale av 

Morris Herbert, tinsmth, h 255 Cedarvale av 

Morris Jas I, carp, h 32 Barker av 

Morris Richd H, news agt, h 27 Wiley av 

Morrison Geo, gro n w cor Barker and King Edward avs 

Morrison Jos, lab, h 24 Wiley av 

Mortimer Catherine, h 2 Mortimer av 

Mortimer Emily, stenog, Ivs 2 Mortimer av 
Mortimer Jas, mkt gdnr 2 Mortimer av, h <ame 
Mortimer Jas jr, mkt gdnr, h 2 Mortimer av 
Moses Florence, h 103 Cedarvale av 
Mothersdale Robt, h 250 Coleridge av 
Mueller Conrad, iron wkr, h 180 Sammon av 
Muir Liza J, h 101 Cedarvale av 
Mulock Herbert W, mailer Tor World, h 201 Barker av 
Mulock Walter, gdnr, h 176 Sammon av 
Murray David M, lumber inspr. h 50 'St Stephens av 
Murray Robt, linemn. h 86 Guestholm av 
Myers Arthur, mach h 264 Coleridge av 
Myles Geo A, oxy acety welder, h 237 Holborne av 
Myring Ernest, brklyr, h 55 Coleridge av 
Neilly Jas, chauff, h 305 Cedarvale av 
Nelson Geo, insp Hydro, h 3 Frankland av 
Newell Geo A, elk, h 3 McCosh av 
Newman Alfred, lab, h 995 Woodbine av 
Newman Ellen A (wid Chas), h 10 Guestholm av 
Nicholls Douglas T, pattern mkr, h 63 Lumsden av 
Nichols Thos, mach, h 55 Barker av 
Nicholson Ernest, lab, h 37 Coleridge av 
Nightingale Ernest F, moto, h 32 Keene 
Nightingale Wm, lab. Ivs 32 Keene 
Norman Percy J, decor, h 191 Barker av 
Norris Jos, bkbndr, h 90 Coleridge av 
Nunn Wm, carp, h 855 Woodbine av 
Nursey Norman, h 141 Sammon av 
Nutter Thos. painter, h 1 Lumsden av 
Oakley Geo, carp, h 199 Cedarvale av 
Oakley Wm, lab, h 998 Woodbine av 
Oliver Fredk. carp, h 27 Frankland av 
Ossler Wm, Ivs 173 Cedarvale av 
Ovenden Fredk P. (tiano plshr. h 289 Sammon av 
Owen Ernest J, real est, h 358 Cedarvale av 
Pacey Frank, glove mkr, h 80 Holborne av 
Padfield Arthur, engr, h 2 Guestholm av 
Pagdin Albert, btchr, h 34 Coleridge av 
Page Frank, mach, h 11 Keene av 
Palferman Major, blksmth. h 1038 Woodbine av 
Palmer Jas C. plmbr, h 21 Coleridge av 
Parker Fredk, slsmn, h 179 Lumsden av 
Parker Jas, lab, h 35 Prestholm av 
Parsley Hurry blksmth. h 219 St James 
Pathetbridge Fredk C, postman, h 76 Guestholm av 
Partridge Leonard, tel opr, h 33 George 
Pattemore Walter, lab, h 9% Lumsden av 
Patterson Henry, h 15 Shaughnessj- av 
Payne Chas, gdnr, h 56 Savoy av 
Payne Edwd, presser, h 50 Holborne av 
Payne Edmond, presser, h 50 Savoy av 
Payne Geo, presser, h 52 Savoy av 
Peden Wm. tool mkr, h 10 Wiley av 
Penfold Edwin, plmbr, h 53 Lumsden av 
Penney Albert E, tar fnshr, h 46 Barker av 
Penny Geo, lab, h 43 Lumsden av 
Penny Sidney, slsmn, h 221 St James 
Penny Wm, carp, h 1031 Woodbine av 
Percira Mary (wid John) h 1026 Woodbine av 
Perley Jas, driver, h 39 Keene av 
Perry Geo, carp, h 87 Guestholm av 
Phillips Matthew cabt mkr, h 314 Cedarvale a 
I'hilpott Robt, iron mldr. h 1005 Woodbine av 
Pierce Henry, h 757 Woodbine av 
Pierce Julia, h 1191 Holborne av 
Pimbley Gordon, painter, h 31 Coleridge at 
Pipher John, tmstr, h 173 Sammon av 
Plnmn Henry, tlr, h 201 Lumsden av 
Plummer Alfred H, painter, h 23 Prestholm av 
Poison Geo, pressmn, h 11 Coleridge av 
Pools Annie, gro 19 Coleridge av, h same 
Pope Alfred G, h 131 Cedarvale av 
Porter Wm H, lab, h 22 Prestholm av 
Powell John, painter, h 173 Sammon av 
Power Wm, lab, h 8 Sammon av 
Prentice John, plmbr. h 18 Keene 
Preston Fredk, mach, h 847 Woodbine av 
Prior Fredk. driver, h 33 Mt Royal av 
Prior Wm, brklyr. h 41 Coleridge av 
Pritchard W. plstr. h 174 Lumsden av 
Proule Hugh, flremn, h 6 Woodmount av 
Pyke Albert, h 15 Calford av 
I'yke Wm H. bldr, h 42 Sammon av 
Racey Leslie T. chauff. h 781 Woodbine av 
Rae Jas D, plstr. h 10 Calford av 
Raggett Fredk, carp, h 60 Barker av 
Raggett Percy, ilriier. h 25 St James 
Ralph Mitchell T. h 170 Holborne av 
Ralph Walter J. firemn h 18 Prestholm av 
Kalston Harry P carp, h 741 Woodbine av 
It.-ipley John, engr h 224 Cedanale av 
K i, i'ii Christopher J, cabtmkr, h (12 1Mb" 
Keesby Wm E, tinsmth, h 1S:1 Lumsden av 
\rinie (iil John T), h 9 Keene av 
Reid Augustus, marble ctr, h 35 Barker av 
Reid (wid ( ' Coleridge av 








West Toronto Garage 

Junction 511. 3030 Dundas St. W. 



M c Coll Bros. Limited 

Head Office - - Toronto 



Reid Edwd barber, h 260 Coleridge ay 

Reid Geo, elk, h 241 Holborne av 

Rewington Oeo W, pressmn, h 821 Woodbine av 

Rew Saml. carpet weaver, h 316 Cedanale av 

Reynolds Robt, h 198 Cedarvale av 

Richard Gwilym. gro, h 19 Barker av 

Richardson Edwd. lab, h 20 % Frankland av 

Richardson Jas lab, h 17 Barker a? 

Roberts fhas. exp, h 24 Keene 

Roberts Chas, harnessmkr, h 19 Frankland av 

Roberts Fredk A, h 45 Lumsden av 

Roberts Geo, bgemn, Ivs 345 Poulton av 

Roberts Harry, cartage agt, h 58 Savoy av 

Roberts John E, opr, h 192 Lumsden av 

Roberts Wm, h 195 Barker av 

Roberts Wm H, carp, ITS 47 Lnmsden ay 

Robertson Alex, elk, h 77 Holborne ay 

Robertson Frank, mach, h 149 Coleridge av 

Robertson Jas, brass fnshr. h 202 Barker av 

Robertson Thos P, ftr, h 29 Keene ay 

Robins Albert, elect, h 1028 Woodbine av 

Robinson Allen, slsmn. h 950 Greenwood ay 

Robinson Mary A smstrs, h 54 Lumsden av 

Rogers Albert, blksmth, h 17 Wiley av 

Rogers Walter, painter, Ivs 24 Frankland ay 

Rolstone Thos H, draftsmn, h 815 Woodbine ay 

Roper Beni, sheet metal wkr. h 187 Holborne ay 

Rosevear Chas A, mach, h 247 Cedarvale ay 

Rovve Henry, box mkr, h 18 Barker ay 

Rudling Beni C, porter, h 43 Coleridge av 

Ruff Albert, saddler, h 8 Shaughnessy av 

Rnshton Percy, h 174 Coleridge av 

Ryan Justin, sheet metal wkr, h 87 Coleridge ay 

Sanders Edwd. carp, h 151 Holborn* av 

Sanderson Wm. carp, h 1007 Woodbine av 

Sargent Thos E, gro, cor Holborne & Savoy avs 

Saunders Harry, mach, h 307 Sammon av 

Savage Edgar W, barber, h 31 Prestholm av 

Savoy Gospel Hall (Savov), 71 Savoy ay 

Sayers Thos, elk, h 78 Coleridge av 

Scales Cecil G. elect 17 Frankland av 

Scott Fredk A, h 139 Ccdavvate av 

Scotting John, shoe mkr. h Pre<tholm ay 

Seal Cecil, paper slicer, h 26 Lumsden av 

Sean-ay Norman, purchs agt hydro, h 180 Lumsden av 

Segriff Irene, box mkr, Ivs w s Greenwood ay cor Sammon 

Segriff John R, tmstr, h w s Greenwood av cor Sammon 


Segriff Jlirie, opr, Ivs w s Greenwood av cor '-'aininon av 
Segriff May. opr. Ivs w 3 Greenwood av, cor Sammon av 
Segriff Thos, mkr gdnr 169 Coleridge av 
Segriff Victor, mach, Ivs w s Greenwood av, cor Sammon 


Sharp I P, elk prov housing com, h 143 Coleridge av 
Shaw Albert, safemkr, h 266 Coleridge av 
Shaw II. flrenm, h 335 Poulton av 
Shaw Wm, shipper, h 827 Woodbine av 
Shepherd Wm F. ptrn mkr, h 299 Sammon av 
Shepherd Wm T. shipper, h 297 Sammon av 
Sherwood Robt, lab. h 9 Prestholm av 
Shields Harry, h 175 Sammon av 
Shirley Geo S, brklyr, h 28 Barker av 
Sibthorpe Alice (wid Josiah J) . h 25 Frankland av 
Silver Wm H. glass wkr, h 29 Barker av 
Simmonds Doris, opr. Ivs 33 St Stephens 
Simmnnds Douglas, elk, Ivs 33 St Stephens 
Simmonds Ivy, examiner, Ivs 33 St Stephens ay 
Siromonds Jos H, mach, h 33 St Stephens av 
Simpson Albert C, mach, Ivs 211 George 
Simpson Barbara (wid John), h 211 George 
Simpson Jas, lab, h 53 Holborne av 
Simpson John, carp, h 242 Cedarvale av 
Sinclair Robt, granite ctr, h 54 Keene ay 
Sleeth Fredk E. h 187 Cedarvale av 
Slosson Geo, baker, h 719 Woodbine av 
Smith Alex, blksmth, h 119 Virginia cms 
Smith Arthur H, brklyr, 20 Prestholm av 
Smith Chas A, carp, h 6 Mortimer av 
Smith Edwd, mkt gdnr, h 49 Prestholm ay 
Smith Farrar, stmftr, h 249 Coleridge ay 
Smith Frank, mfrs agt," Ivs 84 Savoy av 
Smith Frank, h 172 Sammon av 
Smith Frank, engnr, h 14 Wiley av 
Smith Fred, elev opr, h 220 George 
Smith Geo, vulcanizer, h 198 Coleridge av 
Smith Geo A, mfrs agt, h 84 Savoy av 
Smith Harry, leather ctr, h 24 Frankland ay 
Smith Jas, elect, h 283 Sammon av 
Smith Jas H, h 157 Coleridge av 
Smith John H, lab, h 42 Prestholm av 
Smith Robt, patternmkr, h 91 Coleridge av 
Smith Sidney G, elect, h 254 Cedarvale ay 
Smith Wilfrid, patrn mkr, h 260 Cedarvale ay 
Smith Wm I, leather ctr, n 131 Coleridge av 
Smithurst John H, lab, h 39 Lumsden a? 
Somers Alfred, brklyr, h 46 Coleridge av 

Sorrell Geo, lab, li 49 Woodmount av 

Speller Wilfred, slsmn, h 75 Guestholm av 

Spencer Jas L S. ptrnmkr, h 261 Coleridge av 

Sprat John, plmbr, h 19 Coleridge ay 

Squires Bert, lab, h 7 Stratheona Gdns 

Squires Wm, drvr. h 3 Sammon av 

Staeey Claude, can mkr, h 134 Holborm av 

Stallin Ernest, rub wkr, h 170 Sammon av 

Staples Henry, boots & shoes, 759 Woodbine av, h same 

Stapley Robt F, mkt gdnr 250 Sammon av, h same 

Stark Wm, ear]), h 997 Woodbine av 

Starkey Jos, boiler mkr, h 33 Coleridge av 

Starling Frank H, cabt mkr. h 62 Barker av 

Steer Louis, chauff. h 103 Coleridge av 

Stephany Harry, mfg optician, h 337 Poulton av 

Stevens Albert H, emp Eaton's, h 4 Woodmount av 

Stevens <!eo, stoker, h 84 Guestholm av 

Stevens John, plshi, h 185 Lumsden av 

Stewart Wm. lab, li 7li I.umsilen av 

Stowe Geo, lab, h 116 St James 

Strang Walter, slsmn R J Richardson 

Sturch John, engnr, h 259 Cedarvale ay 

Stryker Chas R, tire mkr, h 119 Coleridge ay 

Stryker Elizth (wid Reuben B), h 117 Coleridge av 

Sutcliffe Emily (wid Herbt), h 10 Keene 

Sutherland Alex, lorry driver, h 206 Lumsden ay 

Swain Marst (will Frank), h 27 Keene 

Swain Lilly, wtis, Ivs 27 Keene av 

Swain Walter, hell boy, Ivs 27 Keene av 

Tandy Ernest, drvr. h 136 Holborne av 

Tamblyn Richd F, confy Tamblyn, 1050 Woodbine av, 

h same 

Taylor Arthur \Vray.. shpr, h 27 Coleridge av 
Taylor Frank C, carp, h 43 Prestholm av 
Taylor Geo, driver, li 315 Poulton av 
Taylor Lionel, carp, h 29 Wiley av 
Telling Lmiis. lab. h 363 Cedarvale av 
Thomas Gordon, brklyr, h 188 Lumsden av 
Tliomason Ernest, h 45 Keene 
Thompson -las. jwlr, h 2?1 George 
Thompson Jas R, trav, h 34 George 
Thompson Andrew lumberman h 1 Poulton av 
Thornton Chas, h 23 Coleridge av 
Thornton Chas B, drvr, h 199 Lumsden av 
Tilley Jos, lab, h 373 Sammon av 
Treasure Fredk, lab, Ivs 10 Coleridge av 
Treasure Wm. h 10 Coleridge av 
Tuckf-r Walter F, plmbr, h 235 Cedarvale ay 
Ttlrnblill Geo, elk, h 16 Guestholm av 
Turner Thos. h 197 Lumsden av 
Turner Wilfrid, chauffeur,, h 79 Guestholm av 
Tustin Mary J (wid Jas), h 178 Sammon ay 
Tvveem-y John, blr mkr, h 64 Barker av 
TVelN Jos. candy mkr, h 49 Holborne av 
Upfold Albert C, carp, h 45 St Stephens ay 
Varkjy Arthur L, plastr, h 23 Wiley av 
Varley Fred, gnl dlr, h 44 Sammon av 
V'arley Fred, h 44 Sammon av 
Veenman Fredk, plstr, h 253 Cedarvale av 
Vickers Wm, lab, h 9 McCosh av 
Vincent Thos W, lab, h 38 Coleridge av 
Wade Chas, tmstr, h Sammon av 
Wainwright Frank, exp, h 20 Calford av 
Walden Alfred, lab, h 189 Sammon av 
Walker Allen, h Goyder av 
Walker Jesse S, bootmkr.. h fi Keene 
Walker John M, elk, h 851 Woodbine ay 
Wallace Jas, police, h 164 Sammon ay 
Walsh Horace, elect, h 5 Frankland ay 
WaWi John W, wtr, h 175 Holborne av 
Walsh Wm, mach, h 5 Frankland av 
Walter Robt, lab, h 2 Sammon av 
Walters Roy F, opr, h 326 Cedanale av 
Walton Thos, lab, h 77 Savoy av 
Ward Geo & Geo E, Albany Kennels, 301 Cedanale av, 

h same 

Ward Geo, Albany Kennels 301 Cedarvale av, h same 
Ward Geo E, Albany Kennels, 301 Cedarvale av, h same 
Ward Henry W, lab, h 15 Frankland av 
Ward Kichd, mkt gdnr 4 Sammon av. h same 
Warren Jas. stock kpr, h 287 Sammon av 
Washington Frank,, engnr, h 163 Sammon av 
Watson Alex, mining, h 76 Coleridge av 
Watson Arthur, engr, h 128 Holborne ay 
Watson Geo. baker, h 303 Sammon av 
Watts Firnley, driver, h 48 St Stephens 
Waylen Fredk J, druggist, h 6 Poulton ay 
Webb Geo, h 8 Wiley av 
Weeks Edwd L, baker, h 5 Calford av 
Weidman Roy, cond, h 246 Cedarvale ay 
Wellington John N, paint rakr, h 23 Barker ay 
Wells Chas, cartage, h 13 Wiley av 
Wells Chas, brkmkr, h 77 Guestholm av 
Westcorcker Mrs. opr, h 60 Holborne av 
Wheeler Henry, h 332 Cedarvale av 
White Chas G, auto mech, h 9 Coleridge av 
White Chas R, letter carr. h 46 St Stephens av 
White Sanil, lab, h 22 St Stephens 

White Walter G, plstr, h 285 Sammon av 

Whitsnn David, painter, h 39 Coleridge ar 

Whittaker Jas. wdwkr, h 15 Keene av 

Whittaker Olive, h 74 Woodmount av 

Wickett Norman W. slsmn, h 202 Lumsden av 

Wild Phoebe, h 3 Guestholm ay 

Wiley Thos, lab, h 18 Lumsden av 

Wilkinson Jas K, lab, 3 McCosh av 

Williamson Robt, lab, h 156 Holborne ar 

Willis Ernest S, dairyman, h 62 Coleridge ay 

Willis John, blksmth. h 19 Wiley av 

Willis Saml H. dairyman, h 66 Coleridge ay 

Willison liupert, despatcher. h 200 Coleridge av 

Wills Arthur, h 83 Guestholm av 

Wilson Robt, lab, h 47 Savoy av 

Wiltshire Danl A, elk, h 37 Keene av 

Winn Edwd chauf, h 158 Queensdale av 

Wintering Chas, porter, h 198 Lumsden av 

Wi--e Chas. lab, h 831 Woodbine av 

Wood Geo, telegr, h 88 Guestholm av 

Wood Jas, macli, h 1058 Woodbine av 

Wood John J. sales mgr h 1006 Woodbine at 

Wood Robt D, carp, h 324 Cedarvale av 

Wood Walter H. fireman, h 57 Holborne av 

Wood Wm, lab, h 239 Cedarvale ay 

Woodruff Arthur, gro & prov dlr, 375 Sammon av. h 


Woodruff Geo, fireman, h 1036 Woodbine av 
Woods Jas, emp Eaton's, h 97 Coleridge av 
Woodward Alfred, tile ftr, h 11 Prestholm av 
Wooley Geo, mach, h 20 Barker av 
Wren Thos, brkmkr, h 176 Lumsden av 
Wright John, refiner, h 156 Queensdale av 
Wrislit Sydney, ins agt, h 137 Coleridge at 
Wright Wm J, chef, h 1000 Woodbine av 
Yates Peter E, contr, h 12 St Stephens av 
Yuill Jas, shipper, h 1002 Woodbine av 

- 4 - 

Post Office name of Little Ywk. 


A suburb north west of St Clair ay west, three and a 
half miles north west of City Hall. Post Office, 
Earlscourt. Take Ayenue rd car; thence civic car on 
St Clair av. 

Abram Isabella, gro 78 Teignmouth av, h same 

Addison .Margt (wid Tims E), h 313 Boon av 

Aitken John M, moto, h 4 Teignmouth av 

Aldridge Robt, h 325 Boon av 

Anderson Ronald G, painter, h 279 Earlscourt ay 

Armstrong Albert C, strait!, h 257 Nairn av 

Ashley Frank, tmstr, h 303 Earlscourt av 

Ashworth Jos, shpr, h 278 Boon av 

Austin Alfred, shpr, h 349 Boon av 

Banarino Camilo, lab, h 369 Boon af 

Banks John, h 253 Nairn av 

Barr Arthur, acct, h 297 Harvie av 

Barr John, tnsmth, h 243 Nairn av 

Barnin Fredk, gro 64 Teignmouth av, h same 

Baxter Tnos. lab, h 261 Nairn av 

Beadle Frank, elk, h 312 Earlscourt av 

Beare Rhoda (vid John H), h 280 Boon ay 

Becalick Louisa ('id Albert), h 153 Day ay 

Beck Wm, h 327 Nairn av 

Bell John, h 242 Earlscourt av 

Bell Thos, plmbr, h 212 Nairn av 

Bennett Alfred, lather. h 280 Nairn av 

Bennett Wm, h 56 Teignmouth av 

Bennett Wm G, lab. h 56 Teignmouth av 

Berry John, h 319a Harvie ay 

Best Saml, gro 222 Nairn av, h same 

Billson Riehd, baker, h 276 Boon ay 

Birch Edwd, contr, h 306 Earlscourt av 

Birch Jos, tire bldr, h 42 Teignmouth av 

Birch Leonard, brklyr, h 228 Nairn av 

Birch Wm, brklyr, h 271 Nairn av 

Bloom J Shepherd, h 310 Boon av 

Boden Benj, lab, h 345 Nairn av 

Bond Herbert, elk, h 272 Harvie av 

Boulain Geo H, h 5 Teignmouth av 

Bradley Catherine (wid Jos), h 323 Nairn av 

Bradley John G. flremn, h 291 Boon av 

Bradley Wm, lab, h 289 Boon av 

Hradwell John, h 314 Earlscourt ay 

Brett John A, h 328 Boon av 

Briggs Saml, lab, h 154 Day ay 

Briggs Walter, decorator, h 218 Naiin av 

Bright Wm J, h 250 Nairn av 

Broadhurst Rolit G, elk, h 314 Boon av 

Brockbank Arnold, m;ti-!i li 2")5 -Harvie av 

Brooks Ernest, hs 136 Day ay 


Special Canadian Representatives of the Electric Storage Battery Co. Philadelphia 


Phone Main 4047 


n n linn 1C1 9C9 Pnllano Q 

MOTOR and TEAM VANS College 1200. 251-253 College St. 


Brooks John, h 136 Day av 

Brooks Vim, lab frit, h 333 Nairn a.v 

Brown Edith, h 275 Boon av 

Brown Jos, hit), h 28 Teignmouth av 

Bruce John, granite otr, h 88 Teignmouth av 

Budgi'ii Jas. li 140 Day av 

Bullock .las. h 302 Nairn av 

Bunting John V. shipper, h 234 Earlscourt av 

Burns TJavid. lab, h 333 Boon av 

Calder Geo, printer, h 145 Sellers av 

Callinghan Albert, lab. h 25 Teignmouth av 

Camp Arthur, carp, h 298 Nairn av 

Carter John, tmstr, h 319 Harvle av 

Cates Ellen (wid Benj) . h 275 Harvie av 

Chalk IV fhas, h 54 Teignmouth av 

Chandler N'ed. tlr. h 90 Teignmouth av 

Chapman Eliza S (aid Anthony), h 37 Teignmouth av 

Chapman Herbt, lab. Ivs 37 Teignmouth av 

Chiddenton Leonard F. rubber wkr, h 310 Earlscourt av 

Churchward J"hn, concrete wkr, h 287 Harvie av 

Clark Catherine (wid Matthew) . h 278 Earlscourt av 

Clarke Grover. elect, h 355 Boon av 

Clinsworth Thos, cement wkr, h 213 Earlscourt av 

Cliffen Chas, carp, h 8 Teignmonth av 

Cockflfld John J. mldr, h 251 Nairn av 

Collier Geo F, mach, h 137 Day av 

Collins Ephraim. carp, h 287 Nairn av 

Collins Isaac, carp, h 141 Day av 

Collinson John W, spinner, h 312A Harvie av 

Cook Edwd T, steel wkr, li 207 Harvie av 

Cooper Danl. dm I'inehill Dairy, h 240 Earlscourt av 

Coots Albert, lab, h 333 Boon av 

Cordery Esther (wid Albert), h 237 Earlscourt av 

Cormack Jas J, carp, h 270 Harvie av 

Cowdy Herald, mach, h 330 Boon av 

Crawford Jos H, h 294 Boon av 

Crosby Chas W. barber, h 148 Sellers av 

Crow Wm J, hkpr. h 1990 Dufferin 

Cuthbert Thos, h 30 Teignmouth av 

Daniels Fredk, btchr, h 230 Nairn av 

Daultrey Albert, acct. h 59 Teignmouth av 

Davidson John, elk, h 152 Day av 

Davis Fred, h 285 Harvie av 

Dickenson Bert, carp, h 256 Earlscourt av 

Dickery Victor, h 323 Boon av 

T>>bson John F, drftsmn. h 347 Bcon av 

Dod.wn Eliza (wid Thos) . h 237 Harvie av 

Dodson Geo, elk. Ivs 237 Harvie av 

Doig David. Ivs 39 Teignmouth av 

Doig Jessie. Ivs 39 Teignmouth av 

Doig John, h 39 Teignmouth av 

Doig Sophia. Ivs 39 Teignmouth av 

Douglas Wm, h 25C Harvie av 

Draper Geo, boxmkr. h 294 Harvie av 

Drew Jas B. elk. h 41 Teignmouth av 

Duncan Wm (', h 155 Ray av 

Durrani .Ins, h 55 Teigrimunili av 

Earlscourt Bakery. A E Smitherson, prop, 48, 50, 52 

Teignmouth av 

Edgar Ernest, ship bldr, h 151 Day av 
Egley Chas, h 298 Earlscourt av 
Elliott Albert, mach, h 299 Earlscnurt av 
Ellis John, lab. h 252 Nairn av 
Emery Albert, carp, h 320 Harvie av 
Emmett Edwd. dnr. h 210 Nairn av 
Essex Bros, J Ii i L P, bldrs. 277 Harvie av 
Kss.-x John R (J R & L P Essex), h 277 Harvie av 

I.iu/elot P (J li & L P Essex), Ivs 277 Hanie at 
Fielding Walter I,, mach, h 153 Sellers av 
Finch Frcdk, painter, h 244 Earlscourt av 
Finch Fredk jr, slsmn. Ivs 244 Earlscourt av 
Firth Ernest, tool mkr, h 282 Earlscourt av 
Ford Henry, acct. h 334 Boon av 
Forham Thos, elk, h 279 Boon av 
Forteath Stanley, slsmn. h 316 Harvie av 
Fowler Annie (wid Richd). Ivs 275 Hanie av 
Francis Albeit, lab. h 18 Trignmmith av 
Franklin Gco E. cabt mkr, h 12 Terenmouth av 
Frey Frank, tool mkr. h 151 Sellers av 
Frobe John, tnsmth, h 2 Teisnmouth av 
Fryer Emily (aid Win), h 335 Nairn av 
Fryer Muriel, elk. hs 335 Nairn av 
Fiillerton Robt. boiler insp. li 147 Sellers av 
Kunston Editli. hs 274 Boon av 
Kuiiston flliu'. Us L74 l!i, nn av 
Funston Richd. lab. h L'71 Boon av 
Gardiner ,la>. pattern mkr, h 351 Boon av 
Garner Thos, plstr. h 13 Teignmnuth av 
Garwonil Jas W. car repr. h 24 ii N'aim av 

taoo liicbd, chef CPR. h 3(11 Boon av 
Gilehrist John, h 347 Nairn av 
<;h/.u Unity, jwlr. h 157 Day av 
Good Walter H. gas ftr. h 2!ifl Nairn av 
Gorman Lincoln J, telesrphr. h 15(1 Sellers av 
Gow Neil, ear cbkr (ill!, h 3S Teignmouth av 
Graham Sidney E, stmftr, h 332 Boon av 
Grant Marat (wid Fred), h 300 Harvie av 

Gray Akx, carp, h 211 Earlscourt av 
Gregory Harry, h 305 Boon av 
Griffiths Alfred, produce dlr, h 315 Harvie av 
Hall Edmund W, brass mldr. li 259 Harvie av 
Hall Jas, elect, h 234 Nairn av 
Hall Jos. carp, h 309 Earlscourt av 
Hallam Geo, plstr, h 273 Harvie av 
Hamilton Jas, blksmth, h 34 Teignmouth av 
Hamilton Robt, Ironwkr, h 27fi Nairn av 
Hammond Geo, upholstr, h 293 Earlscourt av 
Harcourt Reginald, maeh. h 292 Nairn av 
Hardy Alex, lab, h 270 Earlscourt av 
Hardy John, plmbr, h 255 Nairn av 
Harvie Jas A. h 336 Boon av 
llaynes Harry, bank elk. h 143 Sellers av 
Hayward Hubert, optician, h 144 Sellers av 
Hernstein Alfred, Ivs 84 Teignmouth av 
Hernstein Jos, h 84 Teignmcmth av 
Higgins Wm, brklyr. h 331 Nairn av 
Hill Baron, elk, h 1986 Dufferin 
Hindle Wm, brklyr. h 264 Boon av 
Hogg Arthur Sgt Major, h 316 Earlscourt av 
Holloway Ernest, tmstr. h 241 Nairn av 
Holloway Geo. excavator, h 294 Nairn av 
Holloway Wm. fruits 44-46 Teignmouth av. h same 
Holmes Geo, drvr Ideal Bread Co, h 316 Boon av 
Holmes Wm, auto insp, h 263 Hanie av 
Hopper Albert, hlpr CPR, h 254 Nairn av 
Houlston Fredk, mldr. h 230 Earlscourt av 
Howard Chas, mach, h 1 Teignmouth av 
Howell Ivor, h 311 Nairn av 
Hughes Richd. h 269 Harvie av 
Hughes Wm, brass fnshr. h 261 Harvie av 
Hunt Thos W, carpet wvr. h 308 Harvie a? 
I'lurrell Geo, lab, h 139 Day av 
Huston John, auto mech, h 312 Harvie av 
Hutson Geo, lab, Ivs 246 Earlscourt av 
Hutson lab, h 246 Earlscourt av 
Hutson Wm. ITS 246 Earlseourt av 
Hyde Fred, h 267 Boon av 
Inkpen Eli, carp, h 133 Day av 
Invin Wm T. pckr Gunn's Ltd. h 223 Earlscourt av 
Jackman Frank, emp Neilson's, h 313 Harvie av 
Jacques Earnest H, designer, h 293 Boon av 
Jones Saml, mach, h 51 Teignmouth av 
Jones Thos, carp, h 292 Boon ar 
Jones Wm, moto Met R R. h 286 Earlscourt av 
Kaemlein Oscar, cond, h 92 Teignmouth av 
Kabila John, tlr, h 277 Boon av 
Keefe Daisy, Ivs' 247 Harvie av 
Keefe Wm, cond, h 247 Harvie av 
Keefe Wm jr, lab, Ivs 247 Hanie av 
Kent Jas T, lab. Ivs 284 Nairn av 
Kent John, lab. h 284 Nairn ay- 
Kent Jos C, lab, Ivs 284 Nairn av 
Kent Thos. carp, h 281 Nairn av 
Kerr Hugh, h 299 Harvie av 
Kinchin Peter, lab CPR, h 300 Earlscourt av 
King Herbert L, lab, h 283 Nairn ar 
Kirkland John, painter, h 253 Harvie av 
Kyte Ambrose, mattress mkr, h 278 Nairn av'ry Alfred, lab, h 68 Teignmouth av 
Latimer Andrew, trav, h 157 Sellers av 
Lauder Elmer, elk, h 135 Day av 
Leakey Edwd, elevtr opr, h 247 Nairn av 
Lewis Oliver W. auto me?h, h 238 Eailscourt av 
Ley Jas. carp, h 289 Harvie av 
Low Barbara (wid Geo). h 24 Teignmouth av 
Macitonald Reginald, stmftr, h 154 Sellers av 
Maefatlane W A, h 149 Sellers av 
Mallinson Wm, cartage 212 Earlscourt, h same 
Manson Robt, pttrn mkr, li 345 Boon av 
Mawson Geo E, brush mkr, h 23 Teignmouth av 
Martin Jas, h 286 Harvie av 
Martin Robt H, mach, Ivs 286 Harvie av 
Martin Tims W, tool mkr. Ivs 286 llarvie av 
Matthews Suml S. mach, h 301 Earlscourt av 
Maybee Thos J. gdnr. h 152 Sellers M 
Ma^vnard Cha.s. carp, h 2SS Boon av 
McDonald Allan, h 27 TVinumoutll av 
Mi-Ewan May. Ivs 233 Hanie av 
McKwan Thos. brklyr, h 288 Earlscourt av 
McEwan Tlios, painter, h 233 Harvie av 
Melntosh John, lab, h 40 Teignmouth av 
MeKetm;: \Vm. confy 308 Boon av. h same 
McKenzie Gavin !', car]!, h '_'52 Eirlsrourt av 
Mel^u-litan Andrew C, gro 20 Teignmouth av, h same 
MeXiikle Andrew C, chauff. li 2S4 Earlscourt av 
HcPherson Thos. slater, h 296 Harvie av 
Mee^an Jus. mldr. h 30(j Harvie av 
Merem Peter. Ivs 306 Hanie ai 
.Merirleyy- Chas. dnr .h 3(11 Boon av 
Middleton Catherine (wid Richd). Ivs 254 Harvie av 
Middleton Geo, blksmth. h 216 llarvie av 
Middleton Ida M. cashier. Ivs 254 Harvie av 
Middlet liiehd D. engr. h 254 Hanie ay- 
Miles Elsie (wid Frcdk lit. h 235 Earlscourt av 
Miller Geo. bkpr, Ivs 252 Hanie av 

Miller Thos, brklyr, Ivs 252 Harvie av 
Miller Wm. brklyr. h 252 Harvie ay- 
Miller Wm J. mldr. Ivs 252 Harvie av 
Miller Walter W, eng. h 150 Day av 
Millimott Sidney, prssr. h 6 Teignmouth at 
Mills Allen, h 2S1 Earlscourt av 
Mills Emily (wid John), h 249 Harvie ay- 
Mills John E. elk. Ivs 249 Harvie av 
Mitchell Alex, carp, h 65 Teignmouth av 
Monk Bros. I & E Monk, cartage agts, 274 Nairn av 
Monk Chas, can), h 274 Nairn av 
Monk Earl. Monk Bros, Ivs 274 Nairn av 
Monk Ivor, Monk Bros, hs 274 Nairn av 
Morriss Fred, h 60 Teignmouth ay- 
Morrow Hugh, foremn Columbia Gramapnone, h J.SU 

Nairn av 

Morrow Hugh jr, Ivs 236 Nairn av 
Murphy Gustave, elk PO, h 286 Boon av 
Nevins John, cond TSR. h 268 Earlscourt av 
Nicholls Arthur, h 53 Teignmouth av 
Niddrie Jos, lab. h 224 Nairn av 
Noakes Amos, eng, h 281 Boon av 
Norman Geo. elect, h 318 Boon av 
Nunn Geo S, lab, h 260 Harvie av 
O'Connor Albert, sodder. h 29 Teignmouth av 
Ormesher John, pckr, h 357 Boon av 
Ormesher Thos. elect, Ivs 357 Boon av 
Page Henry, lab. h 82 Teignmouth ay- 
Parker Geo, h 288 Harvie av 
Parkin Geo.W. gro 251 EarLscourt av, h same 
Partridge Wm H, painter, h 266 Earlscourt av 
Paseoo Henry M, painter, h 237 Earlscourt av 
Patterson Danl. painter, h 245 Nairn av 
Patterson Thos, brklyr, h 258 Nairn av 
Patton Oscar J. carp, h 314 Harvie av 
Pearee Lillian, rubber wkr. h 264 Earlscourt av 
Pearce Thos, millwright, h 264 Earlscourt av 
Perkins Albert W, mssgr Imperial Bank, h 232 Earls- 
court av 

Petrie Adam, h 132 Day av 
Phillips Geo J. printer, h 146 Sellers av 
Pilley Wm. bkbndr. h 273 Boon av 
Porter Ernest, carp, h 320 Boon ay- 
Proctor Chas A. carp, h 289'/ 2 Harvie av 
Purdon John, shipper, h 143 Day av 
Rankin Geo A, cond TSR. h 273 Nairn av 
Rayner Fredk, elk. Ivs 305 Boon av 
Rayner Wm. car clnr, b 305 Boon av 
Reid Geo. stn msn. h 338 Boon av 
Reid Jenkins Y. chauff, h 225 Earlscourt av 
Reynolds Jos, tmstr. h 296 Nairn av 
Ridd John. lab. h 21 Teignmnuth av 
Rider Jos J, mldr. h 242 Harvie av 
Riley Saml, lab, h 268 Hanie ay- 
Rivers Robt, blrmkr, h 258 Harvie av 
Robbins Jas, btchr. h 2S3 Boon ay 
Roberts Fredk. masseur, h 256 Nairn av 
Robertson Alex, shedmn T S R. h 248 Harvie av 
Robinson Jas, trav, h 140 Sellers av 
Roots Arthur, dry gds 342 Boon av, h same 
Rowf! Walter, real est 1246 St Clair av, h 272 

Nairn av 

Rugg Christina (wid Wm J). h 324 Harvie av 
St George Emily (wid Henry E). h 1988 Dufferin 
St George Gertrude, Ivs 1988 Dufferin 
St George Rose typist. Ivs 1988 Dufferin 
St George Violet, stenog. Ivs 1988 Dufferin 
Sanders Isaac, lab, h 329 Boen ay 
Saunders Fred, brklyr. h 33 Teignmouth ay- 
Scott Robt. plstr, h 321 Bum av 
Scrivens Albert, h 145 Sellers av 
Semnis Ruse, mach opr. Ivs 145 Day av 
Shapland Wm H. h 133 Sellers av 
Sh.-ue, Herbert, ftr, h 142 r<ay ay- 
Shaw Arrhd F. earn, ll 2Sil Nairn av 
Sibley Ceo. h 321 Harvie av 
Simmons Harry, staty engnr, h 130 Day ay- 
Simmons Thos, linemn, h 309 Boon av 
Simpson Jas, cond, h 274 Harvie av 
Simpson Wm, lab. Ii 272 Boon av 
Sinclair Jane (wid Alex), h 242 Harvie av 
Singleton Wm J. tea slsmn, h 149 Day av 
Skinner Bert, cement wkr, h 70 Teignmoutli av 
Skinner Chas F, h 251 Harvie ay- 
Slack Geo, lah. h 300 Nairn av 
Smarrow Dominick, lab. h 298 Bonn av 
Smarrtiw John, lab. hs 29S Boon av 
Smarrow Theresa. Ivs 2''S I; 
Small Thus, eleet. ivs 1986 Dufferin 
Smedley Geo A, shipper, h 304 Harvie av 
Smith Alex, elect, h .'!]:! Nairn ay- 
Smith Harry B. btchr 226 Nairn av. h same 
Smiili John T. lirklyr. h 26 Teignmouth ai 
Smith Robt. lab, ll 67 Teignmouth av 
Smitherson Arthur E, prop Earlscourt Bakiyy. h 50 
Teignmonth av 

Chas, eleet. h 2S:', Ma- 
I Spidle Olirney. n nd TSK, h 279 Hanie av 


Guaranteed by Eagle Star and British Dominions Insurance Company, Limited, of London, England and HAIL INSURANCE 

Head Office for Canada : Bank of Hamilton Building. Phone Main 1 75 


J. H. RIDDEL, Manager 

E. C. G. JOHNSON. Ai. Manager 



Beach Properties a Specialty. Phone Beach 1675 
QUEEN EAST and BALSAM. Open Evenings 


Squires Robt, rubber wkr, h T2 Teignmouth av 

Stanfleld Edmond A, postal dk, h 138 Day av 

Street Chas H, road constructor, h 291 Home ar 

Stewart Frank, plsir, )i 257 Harvie ay 

Stewart Malcolm, plmbr, h 325 Nairn ar 

Stewart Robt, brklyr, h 295 Harvie av 

Stoke Herbert, lab, h 31 Teignmouth av 

Styles Edvvd, can 1 , h 80 Teignmouth av 

Sunnucks Ernest, ironvvkr. h 86 Teignmouth av 

Sutherland Danl, millwright, h 244 Harvie av 

Swan Henry, marble ctr, h 285 Nairn av 

Snell Arthur, elect, h 2I>4 Harvie av 

Thatcher Richd, brklyr. h 22 Teignmonth av 

Thomson Jas, receiver Telfer Bros, h 310 Harrie av 

Tillock John, h 232 Nairn av 

Titus Wm J, mldr, h 271 Harrie. ar 

Todd John, slsmn Robt Simpson Co, h 353 Boon av 

Tomlinson Horace, plstr. h 142 Sellers av 

Tuff Rupert, brkmkr. h 32 Teignmonth av 

Tuff Wra, lab, h 301 Harrie av 

Tugwell Chas. caretkr, h 266 Harvie av 

Turner Xathan, blrmkr, h 266 Boon av 

Vailette MicliI, lab, h 367 Boon av 

leld Ernest, Ivs 58 Teignmouth av 
Wakefield Ceo. h 58 Teisnmouth iv 
Ward Thos, decorator, h 255 Harvie av 
Watson John, lab Gunn's Abattoir, h 322 Harvie av 
Watson John, h 318 Earlscourt av 

n Peter E, tlr, h 363 Boon av 
Webb Geo, sash mkr, h 281 Harvie av 
Westley John, lab. h 35 Teignmouth av 
White Jas, candy mkr, h 315 Boon av 
White Hose (wid Jas), h 236 Earlscourt av 
White Wm, carp, li 258 Karlscourt at 
Wild Albert, h 153 Day av 
Williams Chas G, piano wkr. Ivs 135 Sellers av 
Williams Norman, elk, Ivs 135 Sellers av 
Williams Wm, trav, h 135 Sellers av 
Williamson Rebecca, h 359 Boon av 
Willis Chas, painter, h 19 Teignmouth av 
Wilson Arthur, h 287 Harvie av 
Wilson Frank, barber 335 Boon av. h 337 Gerard e 
Wilson Fred, h 291 Nairn av 
Wood Geo, dk Dom Exp, h 322 Boon av 
Wood Jas, mach, h 279 Nairn av 
Wood Jos, examiner Eaton's, h 312 Boon av 
Worr Thos, metal mxr, h 276 Harvie av 
Would Harry, auto meeh, h 317 Boon av 
Yetman Frank, carp, h 280 Earlscourt av 
Young Allan, messenger, h 148 Day ar 
Yule Robt, mailer Daily Star, h 146 Day av 



A suburb north of Earlscourt and northwest of the 
city, four miles northwest of City Hall. Post office 
Fairbank. Take Avenue rd car; thence civic car on 
St Clair av. 

Abel Keith, lab, h Balfour av 

Abram Thos, lab, h Livingstone av 

Abram Walter, engr, h s s Livingstone av 

Adams Alex, auto mech, h 25 Strader av 

Adams Alfred J, foreran Consolidated Glass Co. h 

Second av 

Adams Reuben J, carp, h 15 Amherst av 
Adams Robt, carp, h 54 Bloem av 
Adamthwaite Jos R. firemn, h 126 Dynevor rd 
Aitken Jos, emp Eaton's, h 337 Caledonia rd 
Alden Thos, lab, h 38 Banff rd 
AldoiB Edwd, lab, h 23 Eversfleld it 
Aldridge Alfred G, prssmn, h 134 Day av 
Aldridge Jas, mldr, h 21 Eversfleld rd 
Alexander Edwin J, elk, h 37 Blandford 
Alexander Geo T, carp, h 9 Ashbury av 
Allen Fredk A, elk. h 1 Rockvale a.v 
Allen Percy W, stmflr, h 121 Robina av 
Allen Thos, elk, h 82 Hatherley rd 
Alsop Jas, studt, h 41 Hatherley rd 
Alton Geo, adjstr Eaton's, h Livingstone av 
Ambrose Fredk, gdnr, h 641 Northcliffe blvd 
Amos Edwin J, brklyr, h 83 Briarhill av 
Anach Lorenzo, lab, h 295 Caledonia rd 
Anderson Wm, lab, h Roselawn av 
Anderson Wm, driver, h 16 Homesdale cres 
Andrews David, tmstr, h 154 Cedric av 
Andrews Henry, driver, Ivs 455 Lander av 
Andrews John F, carp, h 192 Cedric av 
Andrews Mary, Ivs 455 Lander av 
Andrews Thos, painter, h 455 Lauder av 
Anthony John, elev opr, h 459 Westmount av 
Aplin Wm, stone ctr, h 284 McRoberts av 
Archer Jas, emp Can Kodak, h 519 Gilbert av 
Armes Edith (wid Fredk G), h 48 Ennerdale rd 
Armes Herbert, plmbr, Iva 48 Ennerdale rd 
Armitage Ernest, fnshr, h 100 Hatherley rd 

Armstrong Fredk, ehauff, h 107 Mulberry av 
Armstrong Harold G, phy 629 Vaughan rd, h same 
Armstrong Wm, plmbr, 574 Lauder av 
Armstrong Wm G, drags 627 Vaughan rd, h 41 Alberta 


Amott Jas, core maker, h 43 Fairbank av 
Artibello Frank, lab, h 315 Caledonia rd 
Arthur Alex, carp, h 536 Oakwood av 
Aselstine Harry, chanff, h 5 Preston rd 
Ash Wm, elect, h 6 Hatherley rd 
Ashton Edwd B, elect, h 470 Caledonia rd 
Atherley Geo, tmstr, h 42 Hanson rd 
Atherley Richd, boots & shoes 667-669 Northcliffe blvd, 

h same 

Atkins Jos 0. pntr. h 13A Branstone 
Austen Saml H, lab, h 27 Briar Hill av 
Austin Jas, mach. h 4 Rochdale av 
Avery Geo A, mkt gdnr, h 1995 Dufferin 
Avery Olive, elk, Ivs 1995 PufTerin 
Aylward Henry, lab, h 343 Caledonia rd 
Ayr John, elect, Ivs 54 Branstone rd 
Babcock Ashel, carp, h 37 Bloem av 
Bailey Francis J, packer, h 287 McRoberts av 
Bailey Saml, plstr, h 93 Mulberry av 
Baillie Saml, Ivs 2059 Dufferin 

Baillie Wm J, btchr and gro 2059-61 Dufferin, h same 
Bain David, carp, h 56 Eversfleld rd 
Baker Geo, plmbr. h 19 Eversfleld rd 
Bakewell Fred, florist, h 445 Oakwood av 
Baldwin Allen, gdnr, h 566 Vaughan rd 
Bamford Jas, mach, h 411 Caledonia rd 
Bandy Arthur W, drvr Can Bread Co, h 325 Gilbert av 
Banger Frank W G, stckpr Dom Bridge Co, h 22 

Bloem av 

Banks Wm T, rhpr, h 60S Harvie av 
Bansley Chas, carp, h 8 Bansley av 
Bansley Norman, plmbr, h 21 Bansley av 
Barclay Reginald, h 541 McRoberts av 
Bargent Henry, decorator, h 30 Preston rrl 
Barker Arthur, mach, h 551 Northcliffe blvd 
Barnes Ernest W, emp Con Gas Co, h 716 Vaughan rd 
Manics .Ins, lab, h 574 Oakwood av 
Barnes Wm H, well digger, h 22 Blandford 
Baron Thos, h 48 Homesdale rd 
Barrett Jas, blrmkrs hlpr, h 157 Robina av 
Barron Alfred, chauff. h 459 McRoberts av 
Batchelor C R, confy 619 Vaughan rd 
Bates Jos, h 21 Fairbank av 
Batt A W, carp, h 523 Lauder av . 
Bavington Geo E, painter, h 324 McRoberts av 
Baxter Francis, presser. h 27 Bramley Grove 
Bayer Geo, lai, h 303 Gilbert av 
Bayley Jas W. ca:p. h 4"-3 Olenholme av 
Baylis Edwd F, gro 28 Eversfleld rd, h same 
Beal Henry, gro 30 Corby av, h same 
Bean Arthur, lah, h 23 Blandford 
Bean John J, lab. h 201 Robina av 
Beardwood Thos, lab, h 17 Rochdale av 
Beaumont Jas, real est, h tj Bramlpy grove 
Beck Martha (wid liichd E), h 735 Vaughan rd 
Heck liichd. Ivs 735 Vaughan rd 
Beerlang Walter J, mach, h 445 McRoberts av 
Belcher John, gro 20 Rochdale av, h *same 
Bell Geo, fttr, h 13 Rochvale av 
Bell Jas, bldr, h 44B McRoberts av 
Bell Jas W, carp, h 72 Hatherley rd 
Boll Saml, lab, h <i Clmelly av 
Bell Wm, lab, h 339 Harvie av 
Bellamy .Emily (wid Jos), h 9 Redhill av 
Benford Wm S, shoemkr, h 16 Hatherley rd 
Bennett Arthur, brklyr, h 414 Oakwood av 
Benney John, mach, h 121 Fairbank av 
Benson Wm, lab, h 24 Ashbury av 
Bentham John, lab, h 117 Mulberry av 
Berry Edwd, cartage, h 187 Ronald av 
Best Chas, ins agt, h 15 Homesdale rd 
Beynon Lancelot, lab, h 466 Westmount av 
Beynon Richd, h 470 Westmount av 
Biddle Harry, carp, h 3 Clovelly av 
Bigwood Alfred, gro- 143 Ennerdale rd, h same 
Binns Alice, Ivs 544 Glenholme av 
Birch Chas W, stablemn, h 4 Chudleigh av 
Birse Andrew, lab, h 28 Gloucester gr 
Bishop Albert E, silver plshr, h 41 Amherst av 
Bishop Walter, mfr, h 144 Day av 
Black Andrew, pntr, h 116 Ennerdale rd 
Blackman Ernest, carp, h 414 Gilbert av 
Blackmore Richd A, hdwre 1 Hathetley rd, h same 
Blain Robt, lab, h 49 Ennerdale rd 
Blair Robt, carp, h 36 Fairbank av 
Blenkin Joseph, carp, h 538 McRoberts av 
Blough Alfred, h Elizabeth av 
Blowes Alfred W, cement, h Elizabeth av 
Bluxam Herbert R, sign writer, h 37 Ennerdale rd 
Bloxam Wm H, millwright h 117 Hatherley rd 
Blue John, elk, h 42 Branstone rd 
Blythe Alex, arch, h 7 Strader av 

Boag Ambrose, lumbermn. h 4 Coroy av 

Boag Theo, carp, h 186 Cedric av 

Board Wm, drvr, h Gl First av 

Boardman Peter, cond TSR, h 10 Le Roy av 

Boddis Wm, lab, h 2234 Dtifferin 

Bodiam Clifford, millwright, h 53 Branstone rd 

Bogie David R, h 34 Jesmond av 

Bolton Chas, h 28 Ashbury av 

Bond Geo, h 31 Stratton av 

Bonham Cecil, shpr Dom Evel Co. h 431 McRoberts av 

Bonham John, lab, h 385 McRoberts av 

Booth W B Rev, pastor Oakwood Meth Church, h 1 

Belvidere av 

Sorlnnd John, carp, h 26 Hanson rd 
Boultbee Wm T, Can Bank of Commerce (Oakwood br), 

Ivs 27 Isabella 

Bowen Percy, studt, h 16 Thornton av 
Bower Geo, h 398 Caledonia rd 
Bowers Geo, mkt gdnr, w s Dulterin, h same 
Bowles Chas, h 95 Mulberry av 
Bowles Thos, lab, h 227 Caledonia rd 
Boyce Chas. lab, h 501 Westmount av 
Boxes Fredk, painter, h 9 Blandford 
Boyle Henry, flremn, h 645 Northcliffe blvd 
Brader Daniel, brklyr, h 32 Jesmond av 
Bradley John, h 652 Northcliffe blvd 
Bradshaw Nathaniel, engnr, h 470 Glenholme av 
Brankston John, painter, Ivs 24 Gloucester grove 
Brass John, freight chkr, h 401 Westmount av 
Bratt Albert, painter, h 18 Blandford 
Bray Rcht W, linotype opr, h 11 Ashbury av 
Brierley Edmund, mach, h 105 Hatherley rd 
Brigand! Pasquale, lab, h 2095 Dufferin 
Briggs Richd H, mach, h 9A Woodcroft cres 
Briggs Thos, painter, h 16 Hanson rd 
Brighton Arthur, baker, h 33 Gilbert av 
Brill W, lab, h 34 Ennerdale rd 
Broadley Jos, drvr, h 496 Caledonia rd 
Broadley Walter, lab, h 494 Caledonia rd 
Brockman Herbert, mach, h 81 Homesdale rd 
Brookhank Walter, h 153 Cedric av 
Rronker Harry, plstr, h 45 Homesdale cres 
Bromley Richd, chkr, h 108 Ennerdalo rd 
Brompton Edwd, h 5 Jesmond av 
Brookes David W, lab, h 2025 Dufferin 
Brooks Jos, h 207 Ennerdale rd 
I'.ronn ('has C, phy 1978 Dnfferin, h same 
Brown Charlotte, confy 2011 Dufferiu, h 2013 same 
Itn.wn Jesse, wagon wshr, h 102 Ennerdale rd 
Brown Jas, lab, h 43 Mulberry av 
Brown Jos, lab, h 23 Bansley 
Brown Jos, h 115 Fairbank av 
Brown Rowland S, hdwre 705 Vaughan rd, h same 
Brown Thos, jnach, h 70 Hatherley rd 
Brown Thos, gro 71 Homesdale rd, h same 
Brown Thos, wool picker, h Eglinton av opp Caledonia rd 
Brown Wm, elev opr, h 44 Hanson rd 
Browning John, carp, h 16 Rockvale av 
Bruce Albert, gdnr, h 2316 Dnfferin 
Bruce Gilroy A, photo, h 88 First av 
Brummell Geo J, tlr, h 17 Holland Pk av 
Buchan John, carp, h 28 Blandford 
Buchanan Alex, btchr, h 187 Cedric av 
Buchanan Chas, h 8 Amherst av 
Buchanan Wm, elk, h 24 Gloucester gr 
Buck Harold E, carp, h 8 Jesmond av 
Buck Timothy, mach, h 614 Northcliffe blvd 
Buckley Roy C, slsmn, h 1980 Dufferin 
Buckley Thos, foremn TSR, h 431 Caledonia rd 
Budgen Harry, bkpr, h 239 Caledonia rd 
Bull John, cabt mkr, h 15 Bansley av 
Bulline Jos, fis 59 Hatherley rd 
Bulline Thos, h 61 Hatherley rd 
Bullock Robt, h 59 Hatherley rd 
Bunker Geo, pressmn, h 7 Rochdale av 
Burgess Geo, pckr, h 527 Oakwood av 
Burgess Henry, lab, h 55 Hatherley rd 
Burgess Herbert, h 26 Mulberry av 
Burgess Herbert J, painter, h 50 Homesdale rd 
Burk Robt, gro, 43 Eversfleld td, h 217 Sheldrake 
Burns Frank, car insp, h 22 Bloem av 
Burns Henry, brklyr, h 145 Ennerdale rd 
Burns Wm A, h 181 Gilbert av 
Bums Wm H, car clnr, rms 2019 Dufferin 
Burrows Charles, pntr, h 9 Hatherley rd 
Burrows Harry, decorator, h 4 Hatherley rd 
Burroughs John W, cretkr Memoriam Schl, h 32 Fair- 
bank av 

Bussel Edwd, h 46 Hanson rd 
Butler Saml W, lab, h 409 Gilbert av 
Butterworth Geo, plmbr, h 155 Robina av 
Rutterworth Jas, plmbr, h 129 Robina av 
Bryan Wm H, moto TSR, h 39 Etersfleld rd 
Bryant Harry, mach, h 325 Caledonia rd 
Bryden Jas, emp Con Gas Co, h 49 Dynevor rd 
Caden John, foremn CPR, h 474 Vaughan rd 
Caffin Alfred G, mach, h Bowie av 
Caffin Frank, china rivetter, h Bowie av 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents 12 Wellington St. E. Phone Main 1790 






Victory Bonds Bought and*Sold 

Yielding from 5 per cent. up. 

BANK BUILDING. Phone Adel. 6250 

Caffin Frank jr, elect, h Bowie av 

Cairns Wm, lab, h 28 Jesmond av 

Calaghan Mary (wid Jos), h 25 .McDonald av 

Calder Chas, h 7 McDonald cres 

I'aldor Fredk. mach. h 514 Westmount a? 

Calladine Saml, carp, h 195 Gilbert av 

Calvert Jas, storekpr, h 32 Rockvale 

Calvert Thos, shppr, h 2 Rockvale av 

Cameron Arthur, driver Farmers Dairy, h 26 Amherst a 1 

Cameron Kobt, stocikpr. h 48 Holland Part ar 

Cameron Wm, carp, h 89 Mulberry av 

Camplin Reginald J, btchr, h 250 Cedric a? 

Canadian Bank of Commerce (Oakwood br), J L Walton 
mgr, 635 Vaughan rd 

Carr Alex, belt mkr, h Fairbank ave 

Carr Harry, lab. h Fairbank ay 

Carton Arthur, bldr, h 171 Livingstone at 

Carroll John, lab, h 427 Caledonia rd 

Carruthers Thos L, secy Citizens Liberty League, h 455 
Glenholme av 

Cartwright Roy, bakers hlpr, h 1 Jesmond av 

Caskin Jas, lab, h 2127 ttofferto 

Casson Edwd, stained glass artist, h 432 Westmore- 
land av 
Chadwiek Owen, carp, h 21 Rodgers rd 

Challicom David, elect, h 89 Hatherley rd 

Chalmers Jas, brklyr, h 54 Branstone rd 
Chaplin Albert E, chkr CPK, h 82 First av 
Chapman Harry, brklyr, h 47 Mulberry av 
Chappell Henry J, h 25 Ashbury av 
Charlwood Fred, cond TSR, h 131 Cedric av 
Chart Arthur, lab, b 321 Gilbert ar 
Chatterley Fredk, tmstr, h 68 First av 
Chelto Marian, gro 2143 Dufferin. h same 
Christie Alex, chauf, h 35 Blandford av 
Christie Chas \V, pressmn, h 73 Mulberry av 
Christie David, tmstr, h 54 Summit av 
Christie Robt, tile lyr. h 66 Mulberry a 
Clark Albert, lab, h 435 Lander av 
Clark David, instlr, h 453 Westmount av 
Clark Edwd J, cement fnshr, h 455 Westmount av 
Clark Henry, slsmn, h 113 Robina av 
Clark James, carp, h 63 First av 
Clark Nelson, lather, h 523 Oakwood av 
Clark Sarah, slsldy. In 435 Lauder av 
Clark John, car insp, h 443 Westmount av 
Clay Walter, painter, h 197 Ennerdale rd 
Clegg Edgar, insp Ideal Bread Co, h 3 Belridere av 
Clements Alfred, h 244 Cedric av 
Clewlow Harry, h 18 Holland Pk av 
Clissold Gilbert, mach, h 1(31 Dynevor rd 
Clist Juhn, carp, h 71 Mulberry av 
Close J, exp, h 91 Homesdale rd 
Clow \Vm. lab, h 32 Banff rd 

Clucas Frank, receiver Willy's Overland, h 35 Fair- 
bank ;u 
Clugston H S Rev, pastor Fairbank Presby Ch, h 100 

Eglinton av 

Coates Walter, h 27 Blandford 
Cobban Frank, h 25 Blandlord 
Coburn Geo, in>n wkr, h 72U Vaughan rd 
Coburn Jas R, cement fnshr, h 250 Almeda av 
Codner John, shpr, h 50 Eversfleld rd 
Coffey Jas, flremn, h 444 Westraount 
Coker Geo, brklyr, h 47 Holland Pk av 
Colborne Ralph, ftremn, h 366 Caledonia rd 
Colder John, h 59 Branstone rd 
Coldran Harry, h 278 McRoberts av 
Cole Wm. (Mud TSR. n 4 Summit av 
Coleman Arthur, shipper, h 20 Hanson rd 
Collict Jas H, furn plshr, h 145 Cedric av 
Collier Geo, lab. Its 97 Hatherley rd 
Collier John, painter, h 411 IVestmount av 
Collins John, shppr. h 7 Hatht-rley rd 
Collins Jw. h 327 Caledonia td 
Collins Thos, brklyr, h 9 Rogers rd 
Comnson Jas mach, h 12 Cor by av 
Comsiive John, btchr, h 6 Ashbury av 

ine \Vm It. gdnr, h 4 Eversfleld rd 
Constantino Ji-s. mkt gdnr, h 4. 17 Vaugban rd 
Conti Tony, lab, h 434 Westmount 
Coot Albert, mach Massey Harris Co, h 3 Rodgers rd 

nj J B, btchr 1242 Bloor w, h 145 Dynevor rd 
Cnnk Chas II, tm.-tr. h 51 Branstone rd 

-id, mach, h 437 Westmount av 
Cok Thos H. mach, h 23 Hr.uiitone rd 
Cooling Henrj', stckkpr, h 7 Jesnv-nd av 
Coombes Irene, elk, Ivs 3 Homesdale cres 
Coorabes Wm H, wood fnshr, h 3 Homesdale cres 
Cooper Jas. lab, h 83 Dynevor rd 

ihtthew, gdnr, h 107 Almeda av 
Ilichd, boot rpr, h 71 linmtone rd 
'nsnr. h :-!1 ];,,,i-.ers rd 
Wm. nibtr, li i;r,8 Vaushan rd 
Wm. carp, h 5 Kockvale av 
Coppin; Kdwin. plstr's lab, h 44 Branstone rd 
Corduvenu A .1. carp, h 330 Harvie av 

Corlett Thos A, tlr, h 444 .McRoberts av 

Corney Lawtence A, lab Hydro Elect, h 272 Mulberry av 

Cornford Alfred, h 551 McRoberts av 

Cornhill Louis, h 138 Robina av 

Cornish Henry, drug elk, h 64 Fairbank av 

Cornish John, h 9 Clovelly av 

Corp Jas, lab, h 10 Corby av 

Corrah Edwin, h 24 Rockvale av 

Cottrfcll Reginald, shppr, h 1 Rodgers rd 

Co-an Fredk A, gasoline stn, 2052 Dafferin, D 15 

Wallace av 

Cowan Fredk A jr. flour 4 feed 2062 Dufferin, h same 
Cowe Thos, mach, h 90 Homesdale rd 
Cowell C Arthur, brass mldr, h 22 Strader av 
Cowper Emily, h 69 Branstone rd 
Cox Albert H, record mkr (Columbia), h 33 Rockvale av 
Cor Geo, plstr, h 210 Livingstone av 
Cox Jas R, paper wkr Can Kodak, h 67 Croham rd 
Cox Jos, clnr, h 534 McRofcerts av 
Cox Robt. plstr, h 109 .Mulberry av 
Cox Wm R, confy cor Eglinton and Caledonia avs, h same 
Cozens Reginald, h Roselawn av 
Craig Allen, baker, h 119 Robina v 
Craig Wm J, lab, h 34 Preston rd 
Crapper Edgar D, Ivs 51 Eglinton, av 
Crapper Jos E, pntr, h 51 Eglinton av 
Creamer Harry, lab, h 28 Mulberry av 
Creber Wm J, b 48 Amherst av 
Critchell Walter G, lab, h 65 Holland Pk av 
Crock Frank, lab, b 10S Hatherley rd 
Crockford Jas, auto meca, h 105 Ennerdale rd 
Croft Roy, elk Dora Exp, h 529 Oakwood av 
Crompton John, h 28 Branstone rd 
Cross Ernest E, pntr, h 52 Fairbank av 
Crow John, bkpr, h 1990 Dufferin 
Crowther Wm, plmbr, h 649 Nortbcliffe blvd 
Crozier Thos, h 28 Stratton ar 

Cratcher Jas, shpr Hydro Elect, h 656 Northcliffe blvd 
Cudmore Louis G, printer, h 648 Northcliffe blvd 
Cudworth Sam!, carp, h 435 Oakwood av 
Cuming Richd, bkpr, h 44 Ashbury av 
Cummings Jas, city milk slsmn. h 454 Oakwood av 
Cummings John, mach, h 412 Westmount av 
Cummins Harry, cartage, Ivs lot 187 Ronald av 
Currell Edwd, boot rpr, h 4 Hanson rd 
Currell Thos, h 391 .McRoberts ar 
Curtin Vincent, mldr, h 475 McRoberts av 
Curtis Chas, florist, h 466 Oakwood av 
Cusiti Alex, carp, h 40 Branstone rd 
Dancy John, lab, h 411 Gilbert av 
Daniel Jos E, tel opr, h 612 Harvie av 
Daniels James, pckr, h 213 Gilbert av 
Darby Wm G, saddler, h 67 Homesdale rd 
Darlison Elizabeth (wid Alfred R). h 25 Fairbank av 
Darlison ElizHi, tel opr, Ivs 25 Fairbanlc ar 
Darlison Geo A, lab, Ivs 25 Fairbank av 
Darlison Jos J. lab, Ivs ,25 Fairbank av 
Daiey Alfred H, blksmths hlpr. h 10 Woodcroft cres 
Davey Chas, carp, h 15 Mulberry av 
Davey John, lab, h 52 Holland Pk av 
Davey Wm. mach, h 313 Caledonia rd 
Davies Arthur, sawyer, h 20 Kitchener av 
Davies David, pr.-sr, h 662 Xorthcliffe blvd 
Danes Fred, mach, h 10 Hanson r<i 

ies Roland, prssr, h 77 Mulberry av 
[lawe Chas. blr mkr, h 3 Rockvale av 

wis G, prssmn. h Third av cor Fourth 
Dawe Sarah (wid Geo). h 544 Westmount av 
Dawe Wm, lab, h 41 Bloem av 
Dawe Wm, blrmkr, h 242 Cedric av 
Daxon Jas. fitter, h 586 Lander av , 
Deacoff Douglas, carp, Ivs e s Dufferin, near Vaughan 
Deacoff Wm D, lab, h e s DuSeria near Vaughan 
Daa John, btchr. h 41 Eversfield rd 

n T, ftr, h 40 Homesdale cres 
leanlen Louisa (wid Henry), h n s Hawthorne av 
nemmery Hugh, mldr, h 215 Gilbert av 
lenholm Wm, lab, h 27 McDonald av 
Dennahower J J, Fair Banks Flour & Feed, e s tAifferin 
near Vaughan, h same 
enny Herbert, gro, 45 Mulberry av, h same 
)eproflo Tito, Or, h I', 
esrocher Leo, carp, h : !) Huckvale av 
iu Val ulares Harold, caip, h 09 F.nnerdale rd 
IB V'lhdarrs Leonard, brklyr. Ivs (in Ennerdale rd 
i Arthur, tlr, h 21S3 Dufferin 
'.i Wm. lab. I] 5ij Ennrrdale rd 
lillon '.Vaiid, carp, h 5(^ Bi 
limnock (iilbert, shipper, h 113 Cedric av 

St.-uili.y, b 121 .Mulberry av 
>imn Hairy, lab, h Thin) av 
> -liliin Percy C, trunk mkr, h McDonald av 
Jollery Isaac, h w s Dufferin 
)onaldson John, mach, h 17 Rockvale av 
>one John, lab, h :is Bomesdile cres 

Ik. h II Amherst av 

: Wm, cmp Harris Abattoir Co, h 28 Fairbank av 
tuiighty Bert, blksmths hlpr, h 111 Hatherley rd 

Albert, elk, h 35 Eversfleld rd 
Douglas Herman, polshr, h 160 Ennerdale rd 
Donley Wm, plstr, h 6 Rockvale av 
Downes Edith, pkt bk mkr, Ivs 467 Westmount av 
Downes Phillips W, mldr, h 467 Westmount av 
Downing Wallace, carp, h 278 Gilbert av 
Downton Edwd J, moto TSR, b 58 Eversfleld rd 
Dressel Danl, carp, h 4 Florence av 
Duck John, lab, h Livingstone av 
Dudley Archd, lathe band, h 569 Northdiffe av 
Kidman Robt. shppr, h 531 Westmount av 
Duff Wm, ctkr, h 29 Strader av 
Duffton John, shppr, h 422 McRoberts av 
Duffy Joseph, mach, h 21 Blandford av 
Dumbleton Thos, carp, h 126 Dynevor rd 
Duncan Alex, cabt mkr, h 22 Mulberry av 
Duncan John L, paintr, h 41 Rockvale av 
Durbin Fredk, barber, h 23 McDonald av 
Durbin Thos, h 37 McDonald av 
Durham Geo. carp, h 553 Northcliffe blvd 
Durrani Herbert, lab, h 371 Caledonia av 
Dyson B, brass fnshr, Ivs 526 Lauder av 
Dyson Geo, h 26 Jesmond av 
Dyson J E, brass fnshr. h 526 Lauder av 
Eadie Wm, lab, h 379 Caledonia rd 
Earle Alfred, stockpr, h 42 Amherst av 
Earle Chas, h 7 Dynevor rd 
Earle Lot, elect, h 12 Preston rd 
Earle Thos, elect, h 246 Cedric av 
Easton Thos, foremn Gunns Abattoir, h 236 Caledonia rd 
Ede John, gdnr, h 405 Westmount av 
Edgar George, lab, h 4 Clovelly av 
Edgeworth Maurice, chauff, h 15 Kitchener av 
Edwards Arthur R, lab, h 33 Homesdale cres 
Edwards Fredk, brklyr, h 9 Woodcroft cres 
Edwards Fredk, brklyr, h 12 Jesmond av 
Edwards John, ship bldr, h 5 Amherst av 
Edwards Horace, hdware 482 Vaughan rd, h 36 Millicent 
Edwards Wm A, (irs.-mn, h 415 Oakwood av 
Elbourn Fredk, cttr, h 7 Ashbury av 
Eldridge Albert, dairyman, h 9 Bude 
Eldridge Chas. driver, h 474 Westmount av 
Ellen John R, painter, h 38 Fairbank av 
Elles Leonard, plmbr, h 2 Blandford 
Elliott Chas, plstr, h 6 Ennerdale rd 
Elliott Chas Jr, lab, Ivs 6 Ennerdale rd 
Elliott Wm B, carp, h 52 Bloem av 
Elliott Wm, carp, h 16 Dynevor rd 
Elliott Winifred, opr, Ivs 16 Dynevor rd 
Ellis Chas, painter, h 570 Harvie ar 
Ellis Robt, btchr 625 Vaughan rd 
Ellis Walter, painter, h 99 Ennerdale rd 
Ellison Andrew, lab, h 459 Caledonia rd 
Elliston Sarah M (wid Herman), h Bowie av 
Else Walter, h 131 Ennerdale rd 
Elvin Fredk, h 653 Northcliffe blvd 
Elwell Wm S, teller Dora Bank (Fairbank Br) Ivs 232 

Davenport rd 

Embleton Thos H, elev opr, h 20 Hatherley rd 
England Geo, lab, Ivs Mulberry av 
Esther John, h 119 Ennerdale rd 
Evans rarid. bkpr, h 57 Eversfleld rd 
Evans Thos, btchr, h e s Fourth 
Evans Wm, wtchmn, h 312 Gilbert av 
Eve Thos. lab, h 206 Livingstone av 
Everatt Alfred J, piano mkr, h 1!) Ashbury av 
Evison Clarence, wd wkr, h 35 Hanson rd 
Evison Sam], candy mkr, b 45 Jesmond ar 
Fagents Henry, plstr, h 43 Homesdale cres 
Fairbank Baptist Church, Rev C Arthur Riley pastor 

137 Ennerdale rd 

Fairbank Dairy, T W Sharp prop, Sixth cor Hawthorne av 
Fairbank Garage, R I Hall prop, cor Dufferin and Eglinton 


Fairbank L L 2261, (Wilcox Hall), 658 Vaughan rd 
Fairbank- Lumber & Coal Co, J Watson, Dufferin n of 

Belt Line 

Fairbank Methodist Church, e s Dufferin n of Hawthorne av 
Fairbank P 0. w s Dufferin, n of Vaughan rd 
Fairbank Presbyterian Church, Rev Harold S Clugston, 

r. cor Vaushan rd and Dufferin 

Fairbank Public School. Duncan B Smith prin, 3 s 
Vaughan rd near Dufferin 

Flour and Feed (J J Dennsbower and P A 
Priest), e s Dufferin near Vaughan 

nil"*, )i 11 lilnem 

Farmer Fred, shipper, h 52 Eversfield rd 
Farmer Wm T, tmstr. h 441 Westmoimt av 
Farr Emma E, dry gds 2056 Dufferin, h same 

Iral W, ire, 2ii4:i-r,i 'AnTerin. h same 
Fan-ell Geo, ll 17!) Gilbnt av 
FanHl Co", hs 2o;!7 Dufferin 
Farrell Minnie, gro, 21137 Huffiii. i 
Farrell \Vm, carp, h 22 Aln: 

'ii JiwjJi. ;n ctr, h 11 Jesmond *r 
J, tmstr, h 215 Livingstune av 

Heintzman & Co. Piano 


"The greatest piano in the 
world," is the written testimony 
of De Pachmann, the world's great 
pianist. See this piano at 

193-195-197 YONGE ST. 


Offices Winnipeg Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. Connections Principal Cities United States, Great Britain and France. 
Toronto 217-218-219 McUlland Bldg., 81 Victoria St 



Res. Phone Ger. 6625. 
Office Phone Adel. 1583 


Ferguson Jas, lab, li 279 Caledonia rd 

Ferrare Jos, lab. h 2129 Dufferin 

Field Geo, h 316 Gilbert av 

Fielder Vim, elect, h 40 Rockvale a? 

Figures John, chanff, h 440 Oakwood av 

Filyer Win, carp, h 23 Strader av 

Finch Jesse, lab. h 34 Banff rd 

Findlay John, lab, h 26 Ashbury av 

Finlay Wm It. btohr. h 572 Lander av 

Fisher Frank W, gale kpr, h 153 Knnerdale rd 

Fisher Ira, painter, h 112 Branstone rd 

Fisher John G, pntr. h 19 Homesdale cres 

Fisher John J, h 5 Bloem av 

Fitzpatrick Francis, brklyr. h 4 Jesmond av 

Fitzpatrick Marjorie (wid Edwd), h 469 Vaughan rd 

Flaherty Albert, cartage, 20n'8 Dufferin, h same 

Flaherty Thos, rubber wkr, h 98 Hatherley rd 

Flanagan \Vinnifred (wid Lewis), h Fourth 

Flwtwood John, bldr, h 392 Gilbert av 

Fleming Jas, caetkr, h 58 Holland Park av 

Fletcher Saml, h 52 Hatherley rd 

Flint Walter G, h 79 Mulberry av 

Floyd Arthur, carp, h 310 McRoberts av 

Flynn Geo, mach T Eaton Co, h 2 LeRoy av 

Plynn Oliver, carp, h 135 Robina av 

Flynn Wm, lab, h 494 Vaughan rd 

Forbes Robt, baker, h 47 Ennerdale rd 

Forbes Walter, sign wrtr, h 44 Eversneld rd 

Forbes Vim. lab, h 81 Dynevor rd 

Ford Wm, Indrymn, h 116 Cedric av 

Foreman Onslow, brklyr, h 102 Hatherley rd 

Fnirt-t Andrew, grndr, h 6 Corby av 

Forsey Chas H, elect, h Fourth 

Forster Armstrong, painter, h 59 Ennerdale rd 

Foster Alfred E, carp, h 368 Caledonia rd 

Foster Klizlh (wid John), h 39 McDonald av 
Gw>, printer, h 54 Holland Pk av 

Foster Herbert, boat bldr, h 40 Banff rd 

FI.OH- Uirhd. madi insp, h i:{ Ennerdale rd 

Fotherby John, shipper, h cor Eglinton and Mulberry ara 

Fowler Albert, lab, h 2 Bloem av 

Fowler Alfred, lab, h 8 O'Brien av 

Fowler Wm, lab, h 54 Amherst av 

FowM'tt John, shppr, Ivs 192 Ronald av 

Fox Fredk, cttr, h 298 Gilbert av 

Fox John, brklyr, h 45 Holland Pk av 
Frampton Mark, carp, h 41 Holland Pk av 
Francis John, h 72 Dynevor rd 

Franks Alfred, sawyer, h 3 Hatherley rd 
Fraser Hugh, wool grrlr, h 417 Westraount av 
Fraser Janie, dom, Ivs 417 Westmount av 
Frasir liichd, lab, h 349 Caledonia rd 
Fredericks Dougall, btchr Gunns Abattoir, h 47 Fair- 
bank av 

Freeman Grace (wid Douglas), h 28 Hatherley rd 
Freeman Lurna, emp Canadian Kodak, Ivs 28 Hatherley rd 
Freeman Lawrence Ivs 28 Hatherley rd 
Freeman Raymond, studt, Ivs 28 Hatherley rd 
French Henry H, sculptor, Ivs 383 McRoberts av 
Frost Jos, lab, h 114 Ennerdale rd 
Fry Geo, lab, h 26 Rochdale av 
Fudge Ambrose, carp, h 138 Dynevor rd 
Furness Geo, pntr, h Chamberlain av 
Fysh Chas, groom, h 456 McRoberts av 
Gairns John, h 14 Rochdale a? 
Galway Wm, elk, h 56 Holland Pk av 
Garbutt Mary (wid Percy), h 567 Northcliffe blvd 
Gardiner Margt, Ivs 39 Egiuiton av 
Gardner Chas, moto mech, h Fourth 
Gardner Geo, foremn, h 3 Redhill av 
Garratt Saml, plshr, h 12 Hatherley rd 
Gately Lawrence, brklyr. h 115 Robina av 
Gaunt Saml, plstr, h 535 Westmount av 
Gaunt Wm R, plstr, h 19 Rogers rd 
Gaz/ard Harry, h 5 .Dynevor rd 
Geach Edwd, h n e cor Dufferin & Hawthorne av 
Geary Jos H, carp, h 60 Mulberry av 
Gee Joe, lab, h 456 Oakwood av 
Geggie Richd B, stone ctr, h 554 Oakwood av 
Geggie Thos, carp, h 29 Jesmound av 
George Stephen, lab, h 39 Corby av 
Gibbard Thos, shppr, h 650 Northcliffe Blvd 
Gibbon Wm H, lab, h 553 Lauder av 
Giblin Ernest, elk, h 3114 Mulberry av 
Gibson John, h Third av 
Gibson Leonard, pntr, h 525 Oakwood av 
Gibson Kobi. tlr, h 1 Florence av 
Gibson Thos, rivetter, h 71 Ennerdale rd 
Giesche liirhd, lab, h 22 Amherst av 
Gill Jos, stuckmn, h 38 Amherst av 
Gillam Frank, carpet layer, h 57 Dynevor rd 
Gillaji Thos, shipper, h 97 Ennerdale rd 
Gilbert John, h 45 Fail bank av 
Giles Ernest, elk, h 11 Rodgers rd 
Gilmour Arthur M, tinsmth, h 36 Briar Hill ay 
Glandfleld Frank, h 36 Banff rd 

Glenton Jos, leather wkr, h 119 Hatherley rd 

Goddard Walter, h 10 Ashbury av 

Goddard Wm, tmstr, h 21 Fife av 

Godfred Alex, postman, h 247 Cedric av 

Godfrey Ellen, Ivs 2167 Dufferin 

Godfrey Fredk J, h 2167 Dufferin 

Gflldthorpe John W, mail carrier, h 600 Oakwood av 

Goldsworthy Wm, cabt mkr, h 197 Gilbert av 

Goodman Herbert, cond, h 14 Rockvale av 

Googe Fredk, lab, h 90 Ennerdale rd 

Googe Fredk jr, lab, Ivs 90 Ennerdale rd 

Gordon Robt, plstr, Ivs 2059 Dufferin 

Gould A 11 J, mach, h 2 Kitchener av 

Gould John, lab, h 173 Ennerdale rd 

Gonld John C, drugs cor Dufferin and Eglinton av, 1 

Gould Wm, wood wkr, h 35 Hatherley rd 

Gower Fredk, enameller, h 27 Eversneld id 

Gower Geo, h 629 Vaughan rd 

Graoey Thos, elect, ii 153 Fairbank av 

Graham Arthur, lab, h 12 Holland Park av 

Graham Bernard, mkt gdnr 3 Mulberry av, h same 

Graham Bertram, painter, h Howie av 

Graham Gregory, gdnr, Ivs 3 Mulberry av 

Graham Irene, opr, Ivs 3 Mulberry av 

Graham Mary, Ivs 3 Mulberry av 

Graham .Matthew, tmstr. h 102 Mulberry av 

Graham Patk D, gro 467 Vaughan rd, h same 

Graham Robt, h 2224 Dufferin 

Graham Thos C, painter, h First av 

Graham Walter, lab, h 42 Mulberry av 

Grant Geo, (Grant & Morrison) 2351 Dufferin, h 8 
Glanville av 

Grant Jas, lab, h 10 Holland Park av 

Grant & Morrison, blksmths 2351 Dufferin 

Gratton Herbert, h 16 Blandford 

Gray Alex, carp, h 14 Eversfleld rd 

Gray Andrew, mach, h 34 Rockvale av 

Gray Harry, mach, h 9 Dynevor rd 

Gray Jas, h 17 Branstone rd 

Gray Robt, driver, h 457 Westmount av 

Gray Thos. h 13 Homesdale rd 

Green Chas, decor, h 116 Hatherley rd 

Green Geo, lumber dlr, h Watson av 

Green Hugh, coremkr, h 550 Harvie av 

Green John W, .stockpr, h 319 McRoberts av 

Green Jos F, oremn Hinde Dauch, h 276 McRoberts av 

Greer Jas, coremkr, h 9 Strader av 

Gregory Geo, baker, h 54 Fairbank av 

Greig Robt. lab, h Snyder av 

Griffiths Albert, baker, h 2222 Dufferin 

Griffiths Walter A, h 17A Blandford 

Griffiths Wm H, pressmn, h 135 Cedric av 

Grimble Fred, h 11 Fife av 

Groundsell Henry, brklyr, h 392 Glenholme av 

Grundy Edwin emp Can Kodak, h 308 Gilbert av 

Gurney Chas, carp, h 59 Mulberry av 

Gurney Thos, painter, h 135 Mulberry av 

Gurr Wm, millwright, h 222 Gilbert av 

Hadlow Fredk G, h 64 Mulberry av 

Haines Henry, brklyr, h 75 Homesdate rd 

Hales Geo, fnshr, h 65 Mulberry av 

Hall Frank, lab, h 15 Bramley Grove 

Hall Geo. lab, h 136 Hatherley rd 

Hall Margt R (wid Saml), h 505 Lauder av 

Hall Robt I, prop Fairbank Garage cor Dufferin and 

Eglinton av, h Short av 

Hall Stanley R, leather wkr, h 101 Hatherley rd 
Halstead Arthur, carp, h 132 Robina av 
Hambley Harry, lab, h 34 Branstone rd 
Hame Wm H, trav, h 115 Mulberry av 
Hamilton Burnham, stmftr, h 105 Mulberry av 
Hammond Wm. lab, h 118 Cedric av 
Hamon Peter C, h 2 Dynevor rd 
Hampton Saml A. bldr, Ivs 2151 Dufferin 
Hancock John, h 482 McRoberts av 
Hancock Morris, lab, h 343 Harvie av 
Hanna Edwd, driver, h 4 Bloem av 
Hannaby Simeon, lab, h 509 Westmount av 
llardacre Richd, painter, h 39 Homesdale cres 
Harding Henry C, h 92 Ennerdale rd 
Harding Murray, mach, h 3 Fairbank v 
Hardy Isaac, wood wkr, h 511 McRoberts av 
Harland Harry, mach, Ivs 90 Homesdale rd 
Harman Albert, lab, h 544 Harvie av 
Ilairiman Clara (wid Jos), h 161 Robina av 
"larrington Francis, Utter, h 8* Bude 
larris Albert, h 407 Glenholme av 
lairis Geo, lab, h 40 Amherst av 
larris Henry, h 501 Lauder av 
Harris John C, lab, h 40 Fairbank av 
larris Jos, ctr Cully Warner Co, h 651 Northcliffe blvd 
lairis Sydney D, h 42 Ennerdale rd 
Harrison F W, carp, h 574 Harvie av 
larrison John, piano wkr, h 51 Mulberry av 
Harryman Fredk, lab, h 12 Chndleigh av 

Hart Fredk W, emp T S R, h 14 Hanson rd 

lUrt Geo, chauff, h 27 Hatherley rd 

Hart Jas. carp, h 17 Clovelly av 

Hailing Jas, lab, h 28 Rochdale av 

llartle Wm, lab, h 133 Ennerdale rd 

Hartt Albert E, engr, h 2 Rochdale av 

Harvey Alex, printer, h 2220 Dufferin 

Harvey Alex jr, h 2208 Dufferin 

Harvey Fred, carp, h 6 Blandford 

Harvey Fredk, stone ctr, h 40 Jesraond av 

Harvey Thos, lab, h 2192 Dufferin 

llaslam ( laience, driver, h 71A Homesdale rd 

Hatcher Cecil, emp City Dairy Co, h 464 Vaughan rd 

Hathaway Myrtle, drsmkr 45 Eversfleld rd, Ivs same 

Hathaway Russell, mach, h 45 Eversneld rd 

Hatton Geo H, slsmn, h 330 Caledonia rd 

Mauley Harry, hdware 2067 Dufferin, h same 

Hay J Gordon, lab, h 29 Eversneld rd 

Hayes Albert, boots and shoes 78 Ennerdale rd, h same 

Hayes Edwd, florist, li 50 Hanson rd 

Hayward Albert E, slsmn, h Third av 

Heath Allan, litho artist, Ivs 120 Mulberry av 

Heath Frank, pattern mkr, h 126 Mulberry av 

Heath Fredk W, elect, h Snyder av 

Heathsield Saml, chkr CPR, h 7 Fife av 

lleaton Chas E, carpet weaver, h 104 'Ennerdale rd 

Hedges Chas, plstr, h 15 O'Brien av 

Heideman Wm, slsmn, h 270 Mulberry av 

Helston John R, gro 633 Vaughan rd, h same 

Heming Florence (wid Frank), h 14 Dynevor rd 

Hems Richd. h 3 Bloem av 

Hendeson Geo, tlr, h 433 Westmount av 

Hendrick Michl J, florist, h 133 Mulberry av 

Hennessey Geo, h 33 Eversneld rd 

Herbert Wm, brklyr, h 13 Blandford rd 

Herring Fred C, h 25 Ennerdale rd 

Hewitt Alfred, h 18 Bloem av 

Hewitt Chas, h First av 

Hewitt Edith (wid Alfred)', h 254 Caledonia rd 

Hey Clifford, h 134 Hatherley rd 

Heywood Francis R, opr, h 25 Thornton av 

Heywood John B, btchr, h 2 Clovelly av 

Hicken Frank, h 155 Cedric av 

Hickey Thos, emp Parkers Dye Wks, h 56 Lanark av e 

Hickman John, mldr, h 2055 Dnfferin 

Hicks Saml, h 12 Amherst av 

Hider A E, Ivs 177 Ronald av 

Hider J R S, h 175 Ronald av 

Higgs Albert J, h 23 Woodcroft cres 

Hill Edwd, comp, h 408 Westmount av 

Hill Geo lab, h 93 Homesdale rd 

Hill Harvey, shipper, h 38 Holland Park av 

Hill Jas C. cement wkr, h 417 Oakwood av 

Hill John H. painter, h 51 Hatherley rd 

Hill Sidney T, h 36 Homesdale rd 

Hill Wm, lab, h 119 Fairbank av 

Hinbest Peicy J, carp, h 64 Lanark av e 

Hiorns Chas, plstr, h 101 Fairbank av 

Hoad Edgar A, mech engr, h 191 Gilbert av 

Hocker Cornelius, lab, h 178 Livingstone av 

Hodder Ernest, h 48 Dynevor rd 

Hodges Henry, elect, h 26 Rockvale av 

Hodson M, h 619 Vaughan rd 

Hogben John, baker, h 447 Glenholme av 

Hogben John emp CPR, h 9 Jesmond av 

Hogben Wm T, carp, h 44 Jesmond av 

Hogg Herbert, lab, h 58 Summit av 

Hoi brook Harold, mldr, h 2 Hatherley rd 

Holder John h 137 Dynevor rd 

Holgate Fred, lab, h 22 Lvingstone av 

llnlliday Annie, opr. Ivs 7 Bloem av 

Holliday Edwd, shocmkr, Ivs 7 Bloem av 

Holliday John C, wtr, Ivs .7 Bloem av 

Hollis Frank. . lab, h 510 McRoberts ai 

Holman Jos, laundrymn, h 94 Mulbeiry av 

ilolman Wm. carp, h 17 Homesdale rd 

Holmes John, h 54 Eversfleld rd 

Holt Isaac B, btchr. h 29 McDonald Cres 

Hones ford Emily (wid Henry), h cor Glenholme av and 
Vauglian rd 

Hood Duncan B, proofrdr, h 2175 Dnfferin 

ilope Geo F G, treas Hope Mfg Co, h 503 Caledonia rd 

Hope Harry h 93 Eglinton av 

Hope Harry W, mfr h 490 Gilbert av 

Hope Lorraine, h 159 Dynevor rd 

Hope Mfg Co, Ltd, Harry W Hope pres and mgr, Geo F 
G Hope trcas, sash and door mfrs 456-490 Gilbert ai 

lorner Albert, carp, h 504 Caledonia rd 

lorsepool Frank, h 520 Westmount av 

lorsepool John, tinsmth, Ivs 520 Westmount av 

iorsepool Mildred, elk, Ivs 520 Westmount ay 

lorsepoole Roland, btchr, h 489 Lauder av 

lorsley Wm, tmstr, h 615 Northcliffe blvd 
Hossack John, lab, h 17 Rodgers rd 
Hossack Wm, lab, h 15 Rodgers rd 
Houghton John, btchr, b 331 Caledonia rd 

Waste Paper Rag Cuttings 




Efectrical Supplies 
Motors and Fans 



PtioneADtlAIDt 1962 


Hoult Edwin, carp, h 17 Bansley 
Howard Robt, baker, h 33 Gloucester Grove 
Howard Rose Us 1 Hatherley rd 
' Howse Wm, cam. h 409 Glenholme av 
Hoyle Geo, h 282 Gilbert av 
Hubbard Wm. motor meoh, h 3 Lanark av w 
Hugeett Edwd, shoe repr, h 24 Hatherley rd 
Huggins Danl. bank messr, h 29 Briar Hill av 
Hughes Chas L, cashier, h 9 Bloem at 
Hughes John, painter, h 11 Woodycroft ores 
Hughes Mitchell, shipwright, h 023 Harvie av 
Hull Selina (wid Wm), h 60 Summit av 
Hull Wm, h 62 Summit av 
Humphrey Jas, mkt gdnr, h Glenholme av near Vaughan rd 
Hunt Wm J. painter, h 103 Mulberry av 
Hunter Bruce (Hunter & Son), h 124 Morrison av 
Hunter Jas V (Hunter & Son), h 124 Morrison av 
Hunter & Son (J V Hunter, B Hunter), coal and wood 

Fourth av 

Huntington Arthur, tmstr, h 327 Gilbert av 
Huntley John, lab, h 220 Balfour av 
Kurd Robt. shipper, h 326 McRoberts av 
Hurst Edwd. ins aet. h 169 Robina av 
Hutchinson Patton S. carp, h 37 Rodgers rd 
Hutchison Allan, tmstr, h 20 Corby av 
Iddison Chas, gdnr, h Livingstone av 
Ingram Alex, h 23 Rodgers rd 
Ingram Fredk W. cliautf, h Hawthorne av 
Ingram Geo, btchr, h 452 McRoberts av 
Innanen Alex, carp, h Second ay 
Irvcn Fredk, carp, h 29 Blandford 
Irwin Jas. lab. h 15 Stradcr av 
Jackman Christian, blrmkr, h 133 Dynevor rd 
Jackman Reginald, color mixer, h 5 Homesdale cres 
Jackson Saml, h 87 Hatherley rd 
Jackson Wm C, trav, h 19 Strader av 
Jago Chas, gdnr. h 11 Holland Park av 
Javin Florence (wid Edwd H), h 66 Hatherley rd 
Jarvis John, brklyr, h 7 Rodgers rd 

Jeffery Burton, h 24 Stratton av 

Jeffries Benj F, tmstr, h 646 Northcliffe blvd 

Jennings Francis, roofer, h 38 James av 

Jessop Doris, dim examnr. Ivs 58 Fairbank av 

Jessop Walter, lab, h 58 Fairbank av 

J<* Frank, cabt mkr, h 99 Mulberry av 

Jnel Albert E. slsmn, h 2 McDonald cres 

Joel Willis, timekpr Sheet Metal Products Co h 2 
McDonald cres 

Johnson Albert, tool mkr, h 412 Gilbert av 

Johnson Fred, carp, h 191 Cedric av 

Johnson Jas, driver, Ivs 14 Kitchener av 

Johnson Ralph, driver, h 57 Hatherley rd 

Johnson Thos, lab, h 154 Robina av 

Johnson Young, btchr, h 23 Hatherley rd 

Johnston Chas, slsmn, h 33 Jesmond av 

Johnston Chas H, plmbr, K 68 Mulberry av 

Johnston Walter, slater, h 2100 Dulterin 

Jones Allan, carp, h 54 Mulberry aj 

Jones Amanda, Ivs 104 Hatherley rd 

Jones Benj, postman," h 453 Lander av 

Jones Corbet!, carp, h 114 Mulberry av 

Jones Edwd. h 300 Gilbert av 

Jones Elizth (wid Jas), h 101 Hatherley rd 

Jones Fred, checker Harris Abattoir Co, h 82 Homesdale 

Jones Fred, brklyr. h 13 Woodcroft cres 

Jones Fred, tinsmth 2047 Dufferin h same 

Jones Henry B, elect, h 527 Westmount av 

Junes John, tmstr, Ivs 2059 Dufferin 

Jones Leonard, h 4(5 Hatherley rd 

Jones Lionel, lab. h 57 Homesdale rd 

Jones Tims, well dicser, h Castlefield av 

Jones Walter E, carpet sewer, h 27 Woodcroft cres 

Jones Wm, lab, h 240 Briar Hill av 

Jordan Wm, foremn Bowles Lunch Co. h 256 Caledonia rd 

Jom Martin, artificial limb mkr, h Fourth 

Juniper Alfred, h 61 Holland Park av 

Kaye Louis, slsmn. h 5RO Lander av 

Keddie Geo, lab, h 378 Caledonia rd 
. Kceber Geo W, elk. h 612 Lander av 

Keele Albert, h 463 Caledonia rd 

KVHir S H, shipper, h 100 Ennerdale rd 

K'vn Luke. lab. h Briar Hill av 

Keith Gen. stmftr, h 127 Fairbank av 

Kejlett Friend, packer, h 394 Glenholme av 

Kellett Irwin, m 2 r Standard Furt Co (Weston rd br), 
h 390 Glenholnfe av 

Kelloy Jas. earn, h 35 Bloom at 

Kemp Annie, oik. Ivs 2015 Dllfferin 

Komp Clias mach, Ivs 2015 Dufferin 

Kemp Duncan, carp, h ir.3 Dynevor rd 

K-nip Elsie, elk. Ivs 2015 Dufferin 

Komp Ernest, dairymn. Ivs 2015 Dufferin 

k>mp i;,.o, tinsmth, h 2015 Duffeiin 

Kendall Bob! painter, h 8 Corby av 

Kennedy Bert E, mach, h 250 Cedric av 

Kent Ernest, painter, h 15 Blandford 

Kent Wm G, h 42 Blandford 

Kemvrick Harry, paint mixer, h 143A Cedric av 

Kermath Jas, photo engraver, h 626 Lauder av 

Kerr Geo, mach, h 36 Blandford 

Kidd Catherine (wid Wm), h 285 Caledonia rd 

Kidd Wm J, blrmkr, h 20 Blandford 

Kidman Wm G, lab, h 45 Ennerdale rd 

Kilbum Jas, h 27 Rockvale av 

King Albert E, gdnr, h 29 Ashbury av 

King Chas, plstr, h 237 Caledonia rd 

King Jas A, lab, h 334 Caledonia rd 

King Jas, painter, h 413 Caledonia rd 

King Jas, carp, h 3 Ashbury av 

Kinsman Alfred, moto T S R, h 363 McRoberts av 

Kirby David W, lab, h 150 Dynevor rd 

Kirk Fredk, cond T S It, h 292 Gilbert av 

Knight Albert, tmstr, h 347 Caledonia rd 

Knight Dorothy A, opr, Ivs 194 Ronald av 

Knight F C, brklyr, h 194 Ronald av 

Knight Robt, elect, h 4 Livingstone av 

Knowles Wm, lab, h 655 Northcliffe blvd 

Krawczyk John, brklyr, h 80 Hatherley rd 

Krawczyk John jr, brklyr, h 80 Hatherley rd 

Krawczyk Jos hrklyr, h 80 Hutherley rd 

Kuper Michl, steel wkr, h 14 Bramley Grove 

Labrecque Frank, elk, h 17 Ennerdale rd 

Lacey Mr, h 65 Hatherley rd 

Lacey Ivan, elect, Ivs 427 Westmount av 

Laing Dunoan, blrmkr, h 454 Glenholme av 

Lalla Rocco, lab, h 1972 Dnfferin 

Lamalfa Thos, moto T S R, h 511 Westmount av 

Lamb Fredk, carp, h 285 McRoberts av 

Lambie Guy, postman, h 22 Corby av 

Lamey Chas, mach, h 23 Amherst av 

Lane Fred, h 1 O'Brien av 

Langdon Walter J. brklyr, h 91 Mulberry av 

Langlen Geo, h 12 Rockvale av 

Lattimer John, carp C P R, h 19 Lanark av w 

Law A B, real est Eglinton av near Short av 

Lawlor Frenton A, foremn TSR, h 3 Thornton av 

Lawrence John, slsmn, h 10 Hatherley rd 

Lawrence Oliver J L, boot repr 106 Branstone rd, h same 

Lawton Jas. mach. h 235 Caledonia rd 

Lazcnby Geo, foremn Prospect Cemetery, h 48 Hatherley 


r,eadbetter Thos, painter, h 11 McDonald av 
Leary Thos, emp Harris Abattoir, h 220 Gilbert av 
Le Bar Llewellyn baker, h 480 Lauder av 
L*e Ernest, lab, h 416 Gilbert av 
Lee Harry, dry gds 356 Caledonia rd, h same Herbert, tmstr. h 3 Branstone rd 
Lee Herbert jr, elk J E Wicks, Ivs 3 Branstone rd 
Lee Jas, lab. h 502 McRoberts av 
Lee Wm. shoemkr, h 425 Westmount av 
Lee Wm, excavator, h 267 Caledonia rd 
Leech John, lab, h 2214 Dufferin 
~,cech Leslie, lab, h 325 McRoberts av 
'.ees Geo, h 31 Ennerdale rd 
Leggott Herbert, blksmth 753 Vaughan rd. h 35 Mc- 
Donald cres 

-CKrow Levy, emp Water \Vorks Dept, h 5 Hanson rd 
.e'Maitre Florence (wid Walter), h 654 Northcliffe blvd 
*wis Arthur, shoe repr. h 37 Rockvale av 
Lewis Chas, mach, Ivs 2019 Dufferin 

wis Francis J, lab, h 2019 Dufferin 
.civis John W, btchr, h 94 Ennerdale rd 
.ewis Jus, carmn, Ivs 2019 Dufferin 

is jns G, driver, h 121 Eglinton av 
.ewis Thos C, shipper, Ivs 94 Ennerdale rd 
rfwis Thos H, moto, h 5 Hatherley rd 
ndsay Geo. btchr Wm Davies Co h 128 Mulberry av 
ilndsay Thos, film fnshr, h 3fl Holland Pk av 
.ines Arthur E, confy Eglinton av opp Gilbert h same 
ilnfortb Chas II. mach, h 67 Hatherley rd 
dnfird Frank, h 42 Eversfield rd 
iciuorice Fredk, shoe repr, h 126 Robina av 
.isle Chas W, gro. -IIMi Calr.lunia rd 
ittfli John J, Postmaster (Fairbank), w s Dufferm n of 

Vuishan rd, h same 

ittlc fl J, phy Davisvilie Iinsp. h 635 Vauchan rd 
Jttlewood Herbert, carp, h 27 Ashbury av 
rlnvil Albert, lab. h 793 Vauslian rd 
Lobb Thos H, bldr, h 2151 DutTerin 
J."ok Silas II. cimd T S li, h 2IHI9 Dllfferin 
Losan Sidney, sian wrtr, h 1 Fairbank av 
l.umux John, iron mldr, h 290 McRoberts av 

lliza (wid aJs), Us Hi Homesdale cres 
Lovott Ernest, florist .Miller & Sons h 2 O'Brien -iv 
l.o\ott lab, h !i itohi,: 
Low Thus, ctr. h 317 Molioberts av 
Lowe John J, h 244 Almeda av 
Low-son James, pntr, h 2 Florence av 

Luchord Stephen, emp TSR, h 362 Caledonia rd 
Lundy Cm, b Sinnid av 

f.ynham \Vra A, drill hnd, h Roselawn av 
Lynns Robt, mldr, h 43 Branstone rd 
MacFarlane Andrew H. carp, h 5 Holland Pk av 
MacGregor Wm, hrdwre, 86 Ennerdale rd, h same 
Maclllveen Frank, dspnsr, h 13 Bloem av 
MacKenzie Alex, carp, h 333 Harvle av 
MacLean John 0, h 20 Preston rd 
MacLennan Colin, carp, Ivs 11 McDonald av 
MacMahon John, brass fnshr, h 00 Fairbank av 
MacMUlan Geo A, teller Can Bank of Commerce (Oakwood 

br), Ivs Port Perry 

MacNamara Donald, gdnr, h 389 Lauder av 
MacNamara Ellen, Ivs 389 Lauder av 
MacNaughton Roderick, trav, h 13 Strader av 
MacPherson Alex, stn mason, h 2? Tesmond av 
Maddock Sidney, chauff, b 19 Wiodcroft cres_ 
Maguire Chas, carp, h 436 Oakwood av 
Main ffm, painter, h 12 Eversfield rd 
Maken John, carp, h 340 Caledonia rd 
Malfolinson Geo B, st kpr, h 190 Cedric av 
Male Chas C, car rpr, h 15 Dynevor rd 
Maltby Fredk, mach, h 44 Homesdale cres 
Maltby Thos, mach, h 31 Homesdale cres 
Manes Edwd F, elk G T R, h 428 Mcltoberts av 
Mann Albert 0, contr, Ivs 493 Lauder 
Mann Geo, gdnr, h" 8 Hanson rd 
Mann Ivy G, Ivs 493 Lauder av 
Mann Wallace A, contr, h 493 Lauder av 
Manning Thos A, plstr, h 135 Dynevor rd 
Manock Jas, mach, h 373 McRoberts av 
.Marks Geo, h 558 Oakwood av 
Marks Rubin, piano mkr, h 540 Harvie av 
Marks Walter, lab, h 103M: Second av 
Marlatt John, mach, h 34 Homesdale rd 
Marroni Dominick, lab, h 433 Caledonia rd 
Marshall Jas J, engnr, h 442 McRoberts av 
Marshall John J, painter, h 335 Harvie av 
Martin Arthur, uphol, h 121 Cedric av 
Martin Chas, D, elect, h 517 McRoberts av 
Martin C W, warehsmn, h 13 Redhill av 
Martin Thos W, tool mkr, h 401 Glenholme av 
Masher Wm R, lab, h 19 Kitchener av 
Mason Edwd A, blksmth, h 31 Blandford 
Mason Fredk, barber, h Elizabeth av 
Mason John, h (53 Hatherley rd 
Mason Sam], shoe rpr, 2040 Dufferin, h same 
Massey \Vin. mach, h 12 Bloem av 
Massie Peter, emp Harris Abattoir, h 147 Cedric av 
Masson Jas carp, h 20 Strader av 
Masters Geo, h 463 Vauhan rd 
Masters Thos, driver Farmers Dairy-, h 5 Mulberry av 
Matthews Chas, confy 2142 Dufferin, h same 
Matthews Geo, carp, h 20 Rockvale av 
Maxted Harry T (staff sgt), h 83 Mulberry av 
Mayo Albert, h 21 Rwkvale av 
Mayor Harry, mach. h 460 Vaughan rd 
McAllister Rubt, elk custom house, h 16 Eversfleld rd 
McBride Robt, mach. h 31 Hatherley rd 
McCann Thos, h Livingstone av 
McCarten John, h 12 Stratum av 
McCartney .\orman. plslr, 1? 402 filenholme .IF 
McCarthy Alfred, bldg mover, Ivs 3 Belvidere av 
McCIennan Wm, pntr, h 10 Rochvale av 
McClymont Jas, h cor Eglinton & McDonald cres 
McCosh John T, phy, 1978 Dufferin. h same 
McCracken David, brklyr, h 141 Cedric av 
McDermott Patk, stmsn, h 505 Westmount av 
McDonald Alex, sweeper T Eaton Co, h 32 I'reston rd 
McD.inald Alex, emp Farmers Tiiiiry Co, h 30 Faiihaiik av 
McDonald Geo, mach, h 30 Rockvale av 
McDonald Jas, mkt gdnr, h 641 Vaughan rd 
McDoiiRal Wm, mgr Office Toilet Supply, h 4 Ashhury av 
McGaitcr Wm J. cartaee fiiio Xortncliffe blvd. h same 
McGeaehie Jas, lab, h 31 .McDonald cres 
McGeehan Jos, h 36 Holland Pk av 
.MrtJowan Geo. li 19 Hstherley rd 
McGregor David, carp, h 68 Lanark av e 
McGregor Jas, tnsmth, h 427 Westmount av 
Mdiurk Jos. auto mach, h 35 Holland Pk av 
Mcllarrie John, brklyr h 2242 Dufferin 
Mclntnsh ('has. h 15 Clovelly av 
Molnlyie Chas C. mach. h C4 Hatherley rd 
McKarnan I lush, decor, h 43 Holland Pk av 
Mi Kay Umiahl (,', phy, loo Ejlinton av, h same 
McKcan Thus, weldi r. h .".in Caledonia rd Frank, shpr. h 153 Fairbank av 
MoKoii/io Daiiil. hawixemn c P It. h 447 McRoberts ar 
McKenzle .las. carp, h 4(1 IlomcsJale cres 
McKenzle Wm. painter, li 429 Caledonia rd 

, Frnlk, h 27 Jesmund av 
Mi-Kie Cm. srndr, h 9 Fife av 
Mel. can Mil. fiiniarram, h :;x Eversftcld rd HnrJi. mach. h .".4 Ilatlierlr v v id 
McMlnn Jus. carp, h 2117 Hiifferin 
Mc.Nab John, mach. li L'51 Calnlc nia rcl 
McXaiiRhton Artlmr, monotypist. Ivs :, n; Westmount 
McXaunhion Cecilia (id Wm), h .l-lii Westmount 
Mcl'liail Hector J. mcial kr. h 31 Amhe- 

. W. EADES Fire Insurance, Rents Collected 

Dundas West, Phone Jet. 47 1 3. Res. 429 Qyebec Av., Phone Jet. 6 I 5. 


F. J. SMITH & CO. 

36 Toronto Street 



MePherson John D, bank mssngr, h 28 Briar Hill rd 

McQueen Robt, baker, h 84 Homesdale rd 

McQueen Thos, carp, h 36 Preston rd 

Meadows Geo, lab, h 293 Caledonia rd 

Meadows Saml, carriage painter, h 141 Dynevor rd 

Meek las, decortr, h 315 McRoberts av 

Melbourne Thos, lab, h 47 Homesdale cres 

Mdlur Alfred, plmbr, h 21 Jesmond av 

Melvin Geo, pntr, h 19 Mullberry av 

Menzies Walter, cashier, h 433 Lauder av 

Meredith Wm J, h 11 Dynevor rd 

Meridew John, carp, h 500 McRoberts ay 

Merridew Wm, slsmn, h 32 Briar Hill av 

Merriman Alfred, driver, h 83 Homesdale rd 

Micheal Wm, hdwre. -h 8 Rockvale av 

Micliell Sidney J, elk, h 151 Dynevor rd 

Middleton Walter, eng, h 14 Holland Pk si 

Middleweek Fred, plmbr, h 66 Hatherley rd 

Mlddleweek John, lab, Ivs 66 Hatherley rd 

Mildon Albert G, bkpr, h 7 Branstone rd 

Miles Fredk J, driver Ideal Bread Co, h 5 Clovelly av 

Miller Chas, florist, h 415 Lauder av 

Miller Edwd. h 343 Caledonia rd 

Miller Jeremiah, Patrol srgt Tor Police Force, h 1982 


Miller Robt, emp Gimn's Abattoir, h 6 Eversfleld rd 
Miller Russell, h 46 Eversfleld rd 
Miller Walter F, bkpr, h 415 Glenholme av 
Miller Wm. cablemn Bell Tel Co, h 34 Hanson rd 
Mllley Willis, carp, h 20 Jesmmd av 
Mills Chas, h 11 Clovelly av 
Mills Geo, weaver, h 121 Ennerdale rd 
Minister Jas, mach, h 85 Dynevor rd 
Mitchell Arthur, tmstr, h 304 Gilbert av 
Mitchell Cecil R, ledger Can Bk of Commerce (Oakwood) 

Ivs 37 Hazelwood av 
Mitchell Harry, carp, h Third av 
Mitchell Jas R, mldr, h 426 McRoberts av 
Moir David, btchr, 10 Eversfleld rd, h same 
Mnir Gilbert, plshr, h 410 Westmount av 
Monk Albert, lab, h 37 Amherst a? 
Monk Henri 1 C, lather, h Hawthorne av 
Mgody Wm, gdnr, h 210 Mulberry av 
Moon Phillip W, slsmn, h 36 McDonald ar 
Moore Claude, mach, h 491 Lander av 
Moorehouse Wm. painter, h 21 Ashbury av 
Morley Albert, brklyr, h 551 Lauder av 
Morris Chas, lab, h 178 Gilbert av 
Morris Emily, Ivs 178 Gilbert av 
Morrison Isabelle, stenog,, Ivs 472 Lauder av 
Morrison Jas (Grant & Morrison), 2351 Dufferin, h 143 

Dynevor rd 

Morrison Jas, lab, h 420 McRobcris av 
Morrison Jas, blcksmth, h 143 tiynevor rd 
.Morrison John S, tmstr, h 20 Gilbert av 
Murison John, h Crohan rd 
Morrison Saml, stn msn, h 472 Lauder av 
Morton Francis, boiler mkr, h 13 Rochdale av 
Mosey Rictid, pntr, h 10 Fife av 
Mounsey John, lab, h 103 Hatherley rd 
Moycr Lottie, opr, Ivs 2013 Dufferin 
Mitggs John, h 29 Rodgers rd 
Mularkey Mary (wid Thos), h 333 McRoberts av 
Mullen John, lab, h 37 Ashbury av 
Mumford Archie, linemn, h 26 Eversfleld rd 
Munns Albert, mach, h snyder av 
Munnoch Andrew, carp, h 32 Holland Pk ar 
Munro Elizth (wid Robt), h 425 Gilbert av 
Munro Gilbert, carp, h 39 Bloetn av 
.Munro Wm, h 423 Gilbert av 
Murray Alex, gro, 73 Dynevor rd, h same 
Murray Arthur A, carp, h 2230 Dufferin 
Murray Jos, tool mkr, h 60 Lanark av e 
Myers Richd, elk, h 401 Oakwood 
Nc-iidham Wm, lab, h 532 Westmount av 
Nesbit Ellen (wid John), Ivs 417 Oakwood av 
Xewham John, shppr, h 125 Hatherley rd 
Newton Wm T, carp, h 449 Westmount av 
Nicholls Harry, janitor, h 339 Caledonia rd 
Nicholls Hebert C, engnr, h 40 Holland Pk av 
Nichols Wm, h 44 Holland Pk av 
Nicholson Jas I, purchasing agt Gunns Ltd, h 1984 


Nicholson W. gmt opr, b 52 Branstone rd 
Xidd Amos R, reed wkr, h 472 Westmount av 
Nisbet Jas, opr, h 110 Ennerdale rd 
Nisbet Marry, opr. Ivs 417 Oakwood av 
Xisbet Robt cement wkr, Ivs 417 Oakwood av 
Nixon Alex, shade mkr, h 40 Blandford 
Xoakes Richd, porter, h 12 Bude 
Nolson Walter, pntr, h 12 Ennerdale rd 
Norman Frank T, contr, h 24 Blandford 
Norrington Norman, leather wkr, h 49 Mulberry av 
Xorris Frank, carp, h 480 Vaughan rd 
North Earlscourt (.Mcth Church), Dynevor rd near Dufferin 
Norton Geo, drvr Robt Simpson Co, h 439 Caledonia rd 

John, plstr. h 14 Strader av 
Xudd John, carp, h 459 Gilbert av 

Nulls Geo, wood wkr, h 446 Gilbert av 

Nunn John 0, bkpr, h 571 Harvie av 

Nunno Jos. gro, h 80 Hatherley rd 

Oakwood Methodist Church, Rev W B Booth, Vaughan rd 

near Oakwood av 

flats Morton, shipper, h 162 Ennerdale rd 
O'Brien Chas, lab, h 2325 Dufferin 
O'Brien John, house mover, h 577 Lauder av 
O'Brien Louisa, Ivs 596 Vaughan rd 
O'Brien Michl, h 707 Vaughan rd 
O'Brien Wm, mkt gdnr, h 672 Vaughan rd 
O'Connor Allan, h 29 Teignmouth av 
O'Grady Jas, carp, h 63 Mulberry av 
fl'Hara Elizth (wid Jas), h James av 
O'Hara Geo, mkt gdnr, Ivs 529 Vaughan rd 
O'Hara John, mkt gdnr, h 529 Vaughan rd 
O'Hara Kate (wid John), h 42 Fairbank v 
O'Hara Michl, mkt gdnr, h 491 Vaughan rd 
Oldfleld Chas, carp, h 529 Lauder av 
Oliphant John, painter, h 521 Lauder av 
O'Neill Wm, core mkr, h 19 Blandford 
Orr Wm, trav, h 497 Lauder av 
Osborne John, baker, h 367 McRoberts av 
OtUway Walter K, slsmn, h 81 Mulberry av 
Owen Thos, stone mason, h 448 Caledonia rd 
Owens Wm, stockpr, h 63 Homesdale rd 
Owles Edgar, core mkr, h 400 Caledonia rd 
Pace Jos, lab, h 540 Westmount av 
Padbury Frank, welder, h 241 Caledonia rd 
Paddle Louis, lather, h 2 Tay av 
Padgett Geo, h 151 Almeda av 
Page Geo C, h 20 Clovelly av 
Pace Geo, cattle drover, h 41 Homesdale crea 
Palm Bertram J, elk CNR, h 45$ Westmount av 
Palmer Ernest, mach, h 460 Westmount av 
Palmer Walter, lense mkr Con Optical Co, h 33 McDonald 


Pantry Alfred, elect, h 150 Robina av 
Park Wm, elk, h 636 Lauder av 
Parker Arthur, h 484 McRoberts av 
Parker Jas, shoe repr Harvie av, h 78 Branstone av 
Parker Sarah A (wid Arthur), h 130 Hatherley rd 
Parker Wm. Ivs 130 Hatherley rd 
Parkinson Richd, lab TSR, h 22 Holland Pk av 
Partington Jas, mldr, h 26 Clovelly av 
Partridge Alfred, painter, h 75 Ennerdale rd 
Partridge Jos, lab GTR, h 115 Cedric av 
Passant Richd, driver, h 9 Rockvale av 
Passfleld Alfred, marble wkr, h 114 Hatherley rd 
Patrickson Howard, iab, h 14 Sanderstead av 
Patterson Geo, h 25 Woodcraft cres 
Patterson John, electrotyper, h 51 Dynevor rd 
Patterson Keith B, shipper, h 80 Crohan rd 

Patterson Wm C, real est, h 69 Mulberry av 
Patton Jos, h 34 Holland Park av 

Paul Oliver, concrete wkr, h 24 Bloem av 

Paul Wm, tmstr, h 35 McDonald av 

Paynter Richd, acct, h 63 Holland Park Hi 

Pearce Geo, emp TSR, h 48 Hanson rd 

Pearce Lewis, lab. h 36 Rockvale av 

Pearse Wm J, carp, h 52 Amherst av 

Pearse Wm T, leather wkr, Ivs 52 Anherst av 

Pearson Alfred, rubber wkr, h 72 Mulberry av 

Pearson Chas, lab, h 151 Mulberry av 

Pearson Geo, moto TSR, h 2 Corby av 

Pearson Harry, shipper, h 27 Rodgers rd 

Pearson Harry, rubber wkr, h 17 Lanark av e 

Pearson John, mach, h 13 Rodgers rd 

Pedwell Ashford E, coal and wood Third av, h same 

Pegler Saml. mach, h 508 McRoberts av 

Pelty Archd painter, h Snyder av 

Penprase Albert, gro 765 Vaughan rd, h same 

Peneycad Alfred, carp, h 106 Ennerdale rd 

Percino John, lab, h 724 Vauehan rd 

Perkins Chas W, core mkr, h 16 Ennerdale rd 

Perraton John, lab, h 22 Homesdale cres 

Perry Edwin, watchmn, h 468 Westmount av 

Perry Fredk, tmstr, h 213 Ennerdale rd 

Perry Thos, lab, h 2111 Dufferin 

Perry Wm, h 517 Oakwood av 

1'eterman Reuben, h 24 Livingstone av 

Peters Fred, lab, h 35 Amherst av 

Peterson Ostin, carp, h 4 Sidney av 

Phillips Anthony, lab, h 33 Corby av 

Phillips Francis, lab, h 316 Mulberry av 

Phinnemore Frank, emp Dunlop Tire Co, h 17 Blandford 

Philips Geo. h 43 Jesmond av 

Phyllis Wm, brklyr, h 242 Caledonia rd 

Piccolo Saml, gro 2125 Dufferin, h same 

Pierre Jos, lab, h 435 Westmount av 

Pike Golden T, piano mkr, h 72 Briar Hill av 

Pinnington A F, gro 2345 Dufferin, h same 

Pitman Wm. emp Ford Auto Co, h 4 Blandford 

Plaicdo Clement lab, h 101 Dynevor rd 

Pollard Bert G, carp, h 197 Cedric av 

Postnra Jas, btchr, h 52 Ennerdale rd 

Poston Albert, chauff, h 13 Dynevor rd 

Povey Thos, cooper, h 369 McRoberts av 

Povey Wm, emp Fairbanks-Morse, h 2 Eversfleld rd 

Powell Arthur, btchr, h 24 Rochdale rd 

Powell Arthur W carp, h 43 Bloem av 

Powell Frank, emp Dom Bridge Co, h 30 Jesmond av 

Pratlett Oliver, chauff, h 39 Dynevor rd 

Pratt Chas, printer, h 336 Harvie av 

Pratt Jesse lino mach, h 336 Harvie av 

Pratt Lillian, typist, Ivs 336 Harvie av 

Preston Edwd, btchr, h 219 Gilbert av 

Preston Jos M, brklyr, h 37 Mulberry av 

Price Geo, engr, h 2236 Dufferin 

Price Wm. h 44 Hatherley rd 

Price Wm E, shipper, h 33 Hatherley rd 

Priest P A, flour and feed e s Dufferin near Vaughan rd, 
h same 

Pritchard Wm, lab, h 140 Hathcrley rd 

Pring Alfred, inspr, h 4 Le Roy 

Procter Parker, lab, h 161 Ennerdale rd 

Proctor Roy, h 3 Rochdale av 

Purkis Wm G, contr, h 426 Lauder av 

Purkis Wm G jr, bldr, h 424 Lauder av 

Putsy Albert, elect, h 560 Harvie av 

Pyle Ernest H, studt, h 18 Preston rd 

RacMiff Florence (wid Albert H), h 204 Livingstone V 

Radford Luther, glass ctr, h 436 Westmount av 

Raisbeck Geo, exp 468 Vaughan rd, h same 

Raisbeck Geo, lab, h 468 Vaughan rd 

Ralph Geo, carp, h First av 

Ramsay Andrew, plstr, h 138 Hatherley rd 

Ramsden Henry E, stn msn, h 286 McRoberts av 

Rayner Cecil, dspnsr, h 88 Ennerdale rd 

Rearden Ernest R, carp, 434 Oakwood av 

Reeves Wm, h 166 Ennerdale rd 

Reid Frank, tlr, h 14 Clovelly av 

Reid Jas, lab, h 123 Fairbank av 

Reid Kenneth H, teller Can Bank of Commerce (Oakwood 
Br), Ivs 50 Wells 

Reid Robt, motormn TSR, h 9 Gloucester Grove 

Reid Wm. h 26 Blandford 

Reynolds Jos H, cattleman, h 722 Vaughan rd 
Reynolds Leslie, lab, h Bowie av 

Reynolds Thos, stmfttr, h ii Hatherley rd 

Rice Albert, piano mkr, h 187 Ennerdale rd 

Rice Frank G, dairyman, h 21 Ennerdale rd 

Rice Walter, steel wkr, h 665 Northcliffe 

Richard Fredk, shoe repr, h 548 McRoberts av 

Richard Jas, mldr. h 2 Lanark av e 

Riches Edwd, pntr, h 424 McRoberts av 

Rickett Wm, turn 2053 Dufferin, h same 

Riddell David, enenr Fairbank Coal & Lumber Co h e 

s Dufferin 1st n Belt Line 
Rider Harry, elect, h 61 Mulberry av 
Rider Richd, gdnr, h 124 Robina av 
Rider Walter, brass fnshr, h 125 Robina av 
Ridings Wm, signalmn GTR, h 16 Kitchener av 
Rigby Arthur H, shoe rpr, h 133 Cedric av 
Riley C Arthur Rev, Pastor Fairbank Baptist Church, 

h 35 Dvnevor rd 

Ripingill Edwd, h 41 Fairbank av 
Risk Wm, lab, h 68 Branstone rd 
Ritchie Jas, h 429 McRoberts av 
Ritchie Robt, rubber wkr, h Snyder av 
Robb Robt, messenger Royal Bk, h 50 Holland Pk a 
Roberts Harry, h 2A Bloem av 
Roberts John, h 28 Rochvale av 
Roberts Thos, h 11 Ennerdale rd 
Robertson Alfred J, elk, h 10 Lanark av w 
Robertson Jas, carp, h 118 Robina av 
Robertson Lawrence, h 20 Dynevor rd 
Robertson Peter, carp, h 35 Jesmond av 
Robertson Robt, h 70 Ennerdale rd 
Robertson Wm, emp Can Kodak, h 437 Caledonia rd 
Rollins Wm, emp T Eaton Co, h Watson 
Robinson Alfred C, carp, h 52 Hanson rd 
Robinson Geo W, stn cttr. h 13 Thornton av 
Robinson Mark, brklyr, h 55 Branstone rd 
liobson John W, brkbyr, h 41 Rodgers rd 
Hock Wm, shoe rpr, h 330 Gilbert av 
Rodbard Ernest J, studt, h 16 Amherst av 
Rodgi-rs David, Ivs 36 Mulberry av 
Rodgers Esther Mrs, gro 36 Mulberry av, h same 
Rogers Alfred J, tmstr, h 358 Caledonia rd 
Rollinson Arthur, cartage, h 207 Mulberry' av 
liollinson Fredk, h 9 Mulberry av 
Rollinson Geo, tmstr. h 164 Robina av 
Rookes Chas, tinsmith, h 804 Vaughan rd 
Routs Albert C, hdwre cor Dufferin & Eglinton, h same 
Roots Chas, tinsmith, h 804 Vaughan rd 

Fredk, firemn, h 241 Cedric av 
Rose Fred, glass wkr, li 2 Holland Pk av 
Ross Edwd C. bldr, h 329 Caledonia rd 
Joss Geo R, lab, h Roselawn av 
loss Jas, h 45 Dynevor rd 
ioth Wm. dairymn, h 92 First av 






Clover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adel. 1020 

137 KING L 

Rothnie Jas, h 37 Brimstone rd 

Rothnie John, elect, Ivs 54 Branstone rd 

Rothwell Richd, tmstr, h 659 Northdiffe bird 

Rowan Jas, lab, h 2240 Dufferin 

Bowatt Alex, mach, h 31 Dynevor rd 

Budge Caleb, carp, h Roselawn av 

Rulderman Clias, furrier, h 474 Oakwood av 

Russell Arthur G, lab, h 643 Northdiffe blvd 

Russell Wm A, bklyr, h 38 Homesdale rd 

Rutherford Harold, pianist, h 6 Branstone rd 

St George Emily J (wid Henry E), h 1988 Dufferin 

St George Violet, stenog, h 1988 >BWfferin 

St George Rose, h 1988 Dufferin 

St Hilda's (Anglican), Rev Harry R Young, cor Dufferin 

and Vaughan rd 

Sales Douglas J, acct, Ivs 26 Gloucester gr 
Sales Jas, elk, h 26 Gloucester Grove 
Salt Chas, lab, h 182 Ennnerdale rd 
Salt John, lab, Ivs 182 Ennerdale rd 
Sawbddge Grace (wid Saml), h 1 Clovelly a? 
Sampson Harry, brklyr, h 109 Hatherley rd 
Samuels Albert E plstr, h 442 Westmount av 
Sanderson Andrew, blksmth, h 604 Harvie av 
Sanderson Mathew, mach, h 2017 Dufferin 
Sanderson Rosie, bk bndr, Ivs 2017 Dufferin 
Sands Alfred, carp, h 8 Eversfleld rd . 

Sansom Jas E, h 74 Briar Hill av 
Sapsead \Vm, lab, h 006 Harvie av 
Saunders Harry, gro, 478 Oakwood av, h same 
Saxon Arnold, farmer, h 800 Vaughan rd 
Scan-hard Robt, grinder, h 446 Caledonia rd 
Scheid Henry S, carp, h 301 Gilbert av 
Schofleld Albert, carpet byr, h 13 Livingstone av 
Schreuder H M, baker, h 10 Bansley av Arnold W, blksmth, h 32 Branstone rd 
Scott Benj, carp, h 35 Rochvale av 
Scott Jas, mach, h Schell av 
Scott Walter E, mgr IXim Bank (Fail hank Br), h 254 

Glenholme av 

Scott Wm, lab, h 2212 Dufferin 
Scott Wm, stone ctr, h 421 Caledonia rd 
Seal Richd T, lab, h 22 Ashbury av 
Sear Kate (wid Benj), h 513 McRoberts av 
Searle Fredk G, lib, h 147 Ennerdale rd 
Searle John, h 169 Ennerdale rd 
Searle Thos, iron ftr, h 33 Homesdale rd 
Scars Henry J, brklyr, h 68 Summit av 
Seggie David, stone mason, h 99 Hatherley rd 
Settle Saml, core mkr, h 546 Harvie av 
Severwright John, printer, h 7 Belvidere av 
Seymour Fredk, painter, h 56 Fairbank 
Sharp Thos W, prop Fairbank Dairy, cor Hawthorne av 

and Sixth, h same 
Sharp Wm, slsmn, h 85 Mulberry av 
Sfcarpe Ernest A, brkmn GTR, h 39 Eglinton av 
Sharpe Geo, messr Bank of Commerce (Vaughan & St 

Clair Br), h 14 Lanark av e 
Sharpe Thos, tinsmth, h 38 Hockvale av 
Shaw Chas, boxmkr, h 413 Gilbert av 
Shaw Ethel, opr, Ivs 77 Dynevor rd 
Shaw Jas H, mldr, h 78 Almeda av 
Shaw Ralph, h 77 Dynevor rd 
Shaw Wade, painter, h 594 Lauder at 
Shea Gillion, h 32 Hatherley rd 
Shcirs C Jas, plshr, h 36 Jesmond av 
Shepheard Wm, h 11 Redhill av 
Shepherd John, hldr, h 10 Amherst av 
Shepherd Percy, mach, h 151 Robina av 
Shepherd Wm, h 11 Redhill av 
Sheppard Edgar J, cabtmkr, h 35 Homesdale cres 
Shepperd Mary (wid John), Ivs 40 Amherst av 
Sherriff Wm, ctr, h 31 Eversfleld rd 
Shipman Jos, choc mixer, h 355 Harvie av 
Shorrock Robt, blksmth, h 211 Ennerdale rd 
Shorten Jos, elev opr, h 258 Caledonia' rd 
Sim Alex, stone mason, h Snyder av 
Sim Jas, h 581 Northdiffe blvd 
Sim Jas, stone mason, h Snyder av 
Sime Harry, h 19 Homesdale rd 
Simons Gladstone, lab, h 413 Oakwood av 
Simpson Danl, drill hd, h 54 Dynevor rd 
Simpson Robt, h First av 
Sims Wm C, lab, h 799 Vaughan rd 
Sinclair Frank, emp P 0, h 16 Bloem av 
Sinclair John J, elk, Ivs 572 Lauder av 
SiiiRlelnii Gen W, cmp Western Hosp, h 123 Robina av 
Skclton Edmund, painter, h 18 Clovelly av 
SkilU'ii Frank, emp Can Kodak, h 339 McRoberts av 
slaile Archd, carp, h 36 Corby av 
Slater Walter, lab, h 136 Mulberry av 
Small Geo, rubber wkr, h 39 Hatherley rd 
Small Aubrey W, reptr Osgoode Hall, h 73 Homesdale rd 
Smallridge Wm, brklyr, h 30A Hatherley rd 
Smart Thos J, elect, h 1986 Dufferin 
Smith Arthur, driver, h 8 Dynevor rd 
Smith Chas, driver, h 125 Cedric av 
Smith David, plstr lab, h 3 Bude 

Smith Geo H, blrmkr, h 125 Dynevor rd 

Smith Harry, mach, h 28 Hatherley rd 

Smith Jas, elk, h 510 Westmount av 

Smith John, driver, h 562 Harvie av 

Smith John, tinsmth, h 1 Bloem av 

Smith John W, tool mkr, h Hawthorne av 

Smith Jos, box mkr, h 11 Rockvale av 

Smith Robt S, stmftrs hlpr, h 10 Strader av 

Smith Saml, rivetter, h 648 Vaughan rd 

Smith Thos B, millwright, h 456 Glenholme av 

Smith Victor G, draftsmn, h Glenholme av cor Vaughan rd 

Smith Walter, iron wkr, h 47 Eversfleld rd 

Smith Wm, carver, h 283 McRoberts av 

Smith Wm, lab, h 11 Rochdale av 

Sraithson Chas btchr 58 Mulberry av, h same 

Snaith Edwd, brklyr, h 600 Oakwood av 

Snedden Robt, elev opr, h 56 Summit av 

Snell Alfred H, hdware 621 Vaughan rd h same 

Snow Azariah carp, h 536 Westmount av 

Snow Frank, shipper, h 87 Mulberry av 

Sohier Walter, lab, h 1 Amherst av 

Sone Harriett (wid John), h 127 Dynevor rd 

Southam Sydney J, shipper, h 38 Branstone rd 

Sowden Geo W, mldr, h 76 Homesdale rd 

Sowden Sarah (wid Walter), h 88 Homesdale rd 

Spanichi Louis, lab, h 257 Caledonia rd 

Sparrow Herbert, driver, h 31 Jesmond av 

Speers Adam, blrmkr GTR, h 117 Robina av 

Speight Henry W, hdware 354 Caledonia rd, h same 

Spence Vernon, h 34 Eversfleld rd 

Spencer Fred, h 55 Eversfleld rd 

Spiegelhalter Jas, fnshr, h 179 Ennerdale rd 

Sporer Paul, steel wkr, h 14 Bramley Grov 

Spraggett Albert, lab, h 14 Hatherley rd 

Spraggett Henry, lab, h 63 Eversfleld rd 

Stabler Norman H, slsmn, h 437 McRoberts ar 

Stainton Herbert, hdware, h 118 Mulberry av 

Stanmore Alfred, lab, h 468 Caledonia rd 

Starkcy Benj, lab, h 14 Bude 

Stearne John, insp Nasmiths, h 12 Ashbury av 

Steve Piccolo, barber 2119 Dufferin, h same 

Stevens Edwd, bkpr, h 617 Harvie av 

Stevenson Eunice (wid Jas), h 37 Dynevor rd 

Stevenson Wm, h 515 McRoberts av 

Stewart Agnes (wid John), h 30 Blom av 

Stewart Andrew H, carp, h 68 Amherst av 

Stewart Chas J, janitor, h 229 Caledonia rd 

Stewart Geo, h Bowie av cor Snyder av 

Stewart Jas, carp, h 188 Cedric av 

Stewart Jas. stmftr. Ivs 30 Bloem av 

Stewart John, studt, Ivs 30 Bloem 

Stewart John S, can),, h 3 Blandford 

Stewart Jos M, h 47 Jesmond av 

Siewart Wm, mldr, h 33 Jesmond av 

Stewart Wm Me, mach, h 583 Northdiffe blvd 

Stiles Wm, h 4 Dynevor rd 

Stinson Arthur, driver, h 22 Jesmond av 

Stockley Geo, carp, h 7 Hanson rd 

Stockley Saul, carp, h 39 Hanson rd 

Stocks Richd, .carp, h 17 Jesmond av 

Stole Herbert H, h 31 Teignmouth av 

Strader John G, bldr, h 27 Strader av 

Strang Thos, tmstr, h 114 Cedric av 

Strang Walter M, painter, 2133 Dufferin 

Strathdee Jessie (wid John), h 11 Gloucester rd 

Stretton John, elect, h 642 Vaughan rd 

Struth Geo, dm, h 6 Homesdale cres 

Stubbins Jas, emp Ford Auto Co, h 4 Blandford 

Suden Aluna, confy e s Dufferin near Vaughan rd, h 


Sues Edwd A, ins agt, h 34 Mulberry- av 
Sullivan Bertram J, moto TSR, h 41 Jesmond av 
Surman Alfred, lab, h Briar Hill av 
Slithers Frank, dk, h 37 Hanson rd 
Suttie Isaac, tlr, h 18 Hatherley rd 
Suttle Walter, iron wkr, h 37 Eversflcld rd 
Sutton Alfred, elk, h 280 Gilbert av 
Swaiey Henry, cabt mkr, h 103 Knnerdale rd 
Swain Arthur, ins agt, h 128 Hatherley rd 
Swift Fredk J, driver, h 29 Ennerdale rd 
Sylvester Michl, drain dr. h 97 llatlierlty rd 
Taddeo Tony, lab, h 2216 Dufferin 
Tail Emily J, elk, Ivs 45 Bloem 
Tail Geo, comp, h 50 Evcrsfleld rd 
Tait Geo, elk, Ivs 45 Bloem 
Tait Wm, contr, h 45 Bloem 
Tasker Archd, maeh Ivs 68 Hatherley rd 
Tasker Opal, mlnr 68 Hatherley rd 
Tatton Chas H, auto mech, h 321 McRoberts av 
Taylor Albert H, elect, h 82 Dynevor rd 
Taylor Alf, elev opr, li 610 Harvie av 
Taylor Bertie, carp, h 9 I* Roy 
Taylor Danl. dnr, h 7 Mulberry av 
Taylor Kthul. eirp, h 262 Almeda av 
Taylor Elizth (wid Jas), h 515 Gilbert av 
Taylor Kredk, fnshr, h 39 Amherst av 
Taylor Geo. slsmn. h 40 Hanson rd 

Taylor Gladys, h 53 Hatherley 

Taylor Harry, lab, h 148 Cedric av 

Taylor Henry M, chauff, h 41 Mulberry av 

Taylor Jas, tnsmth, h 451 Westmount av 

Taylor Thos R, carp, h 30 Ashbnry av 

Temple Hubert V. shppr, h 67 Mulberry av 

Temple Jas J, brklyr, h Sixth 

Thorn Robt A, carp, h 14 Blandford 

Thomas Edwd, lab, h 2 Sidney av 

Thomas Wm. painter, h 36 Hathcrley rd 

Thomason Thos H, opr, Ivs 12 Kitchener av 

Thompson Alfred E de S V, Idgr Dom Bank, Ivs 182 

Evelyn av 
Thompson Gordon R, supt township wtrwkrs, h 57 

Holland Pk av 

Thompson John, varnish mkr, h 556 Harvie av 
Thompson Wm, h 16 Ashbury av 
Thompson Wm J, blksmth. h 47 Bloem 
Thorn John, opr, h 19 Rockvale av 
Thorn Katherine. elk. Ivs 127 Robina av 
Thorn Mildred, elk, Ivs 127 Robina av 
Thorn Susanna (wid Chas), h 127 Robina av 
Thorn Wm, slsmn, h 107 Hatherley rd 
Thornhill John P, carp, h 23 Jesmond av 
Thurmer Jas, exj> 21 Thornton, h same 
Tiers Jas, gro cor Eglinton & Ennerdale rd 
Tinker Stanley, elect opr, h 53 Mulberry av 
Tite Valentine, h 663 Northdiffe blvd 
Todd Robt, h 75 Mulberry av 

Tomkinson Albert, cabt mkr, h 20 Holland Pk av 
Tomkinson Harry, h 19 Holland Park av 
Toms Ernest, carp, h 78 Summit av 
Tonkin Sidney H B, bldr, h 542 Oakwood av 
Toole Annie, smstrs, Ivs 560 Lauder av 
Toole Thos, stone mason, h 560 Luuder av 
Tooze Wm, elk, h 13 Mulberry av 
Torrison Geo, lab, h 122 Ennerdale rd 
Torrison John, bkr, h 62 Ennerdale rd 
Towner Sidney J, lab, h 29 Fairbank av 
Trail John D, gro 527 Lauder av, h same 
Trevelyan Edwd, tmstr, h 474 Caledonia rd 
Tromans Reuben lab, h 281 McRoberts av 
Trotter Thos, lab, h 49 Homesdale cres 
Truman Wm T, btdir, h 58 Hatherley rd 
Tucker Fredk, mach, Ivs 471 Westmount av 
Tucker Geo. lab, h 36 Bloem at 
Tucker Herbert, ctr, h 333 Caledonia rd 
Tucker Horace, lab, h 161 Cedric av 
Tucker Jessie (wid Geo), h 471 Westmount av 
Tugwell Edwd, lab, h 36 Dynevor 
Tulett Henry C, gro w s Dufferin near Vaughan rd, h 


Turk John, h 2058 Dufferin 
Turnbull John, mach, h 552 Harvie av 
Turner Alfred, mach, h 41 Hanson rd 
Turner Herbert A, h 101 Mulberry av 
Turner Jas, iron wkr, h 22 Hatherley rd 
Turpett Geo, painter, h 36 Ashbury av 
Twitchin Michl, lai, h 478 Vaughan rd 
Tyler Arthur, stmftr. h 30 Blandford 
Ty-rell Wm, car repr, h 51 Ennerdale rd 
I'nderdown Wm, mach, h 211 Gilbert av 
Unitt Archd, Ivs 6 Hatherley rd 
Upton John A, li 17 McDonald cres 
Urquhart Archd, engnr, h 90 Briar Hill av 
Urquhart Robt, h 111 Mulberry av 
Urwin John, carp, h 418 Westmount av 
Urwin Thos, Ivs 418 Westmount av 
Vale Fredk C, carp, h 159 Robina av 
Vale Saml, wood turner, h 149 Robina av 
Vanderwater Alton, far ctr, h 582 Lauder av 
Vandersluys Fredk, prtr Can Bank of Commerce h 67 

Holland Pk av 

Vanzant Fannie (wid Wm A G), h 2 Mulberry av 
Vanzant Wm, h 2 Mulberry av 
Varley Thos, millwright, h 32 Homesdale rd 
Vasey Wm, gro 456 Caledonia rd, h same 
Veale Gordon, painter, h 41 Ashbury av 
Verity Oswald, trav, h 4 McDonald av 
Voice John, btchr, h 55 Ennerdale rd 
Voice John jr, lab, Ivs 55 Ennerdale rd 
Vork-y Jas, h 17 Dynevor rd 
Vose John, lab, h 46 Amherst av 
Wade Arehd, mldr, h 450 Westmount av 
Wlimrrlgbt Arthur L, h 20 Woodcroft cres 
Wainwright Gerald, piano wkr, h 13 Jesmond av 
Wane Adolphus, carp, h 116 Mulberry av 
Wakefleld John, pkr Robt Simpson Co, h 449 Glenlmlme 


Walker ('has E, blksmth, h 120 Ennerdale rd 
Walker Geo, carp, h 430 Westmount av 
Walker Geo, drvr Daily Star, h 181 Cedrie av 
Walker Peter, blksmth, h 429 Westmount av 
Walker Wm E, brklyr, h Bowie av 
Walker Rhoda, tel opr, Ivs 120 Ennerdale id 
Wall F, elk, h 8 Rochdale av 
Wallin (ieo H, carp, h 3 Jesmond av 
Walls Geo, -imftr. h 41 liraiKti'iie rd 


Suite: 511 C.P.R. 



H. J. Campbell 


Phones: Office. Adelaide 4597 
Night Res.. Main 1661 


For the HOME BUILDER, Easy Terms MAIN 2524 

Sole Agents COX & BEST, Limited MAIN 472 

Canada Life Bldg. and 2134 Queen E. (BEACH 629 


Walmsley Thos, carp, h 480 Vaughan rd 

Walsh John, stonectr, h 6 Bude 

Walsh John \V. carp,, h 13 Brimstone rd 

Walsh Thos, lab. h 341 McRoberts at 

Walton David 11, lab. h Briar Hill av 

Walton Harry, lab. li 123 Cedric av 

Walton John L, mgr Can Bank of Commerce (Oakwood 

br), h 200 Westmoimt av 
Ward Albert, mfr, h 248 Cedric av 
Ward Arthur, painter, Ivs 400 Oakwood av 
Ward Bertram H, trav, h 495 Uuder av 
Ward Chas, brklyr, h Third av 
Ward Chas, h 442 Oakwood av 
Ward Chas. plstr, h 87 Mulberry a? 
Wind Ethel, Ivs 400 Oakwood av 
Ward Geo, gro 48 Fairbank av, h same 
Ward John W, mach, h 364 Caledonia rd 
Warden Alex, steward, h 32 Blandford 
Wardrop David, brkLvr. Ivs 46 Homesdale ores 
Warhan Jas. h 28 Corby av 
Warling John E, h 6 Rochdale av 
Warren Alfred E, h 6 Bloem av 
Warren Herbert G, opr, h 23 Fairbank av 
Warriner R Predk, tmstr, h 11 Hatherley rd 
Warwick Wm, rubber wkr, h 74 Mulberry av 
Waterman Ernest, gdnr, h 555 Oakwood av 
Watktas Fred, acct, h 19 Bansley av 
Watling Alfred, dm City Dairy, h 152 Dynevor rd 
Watllng Arthur, carp, h 12 Bansley av 
Watson Frank, box mkr. h 40 Ennerdale rd 
Watson John, prop Fairbank Lumber & Coal Co, b 


Watson John T. farmer, h Dufferin & Hawthorne av 
Watt Andrew, h w s DulTerin near Vaughan 
Watt Chas, coll, h 1 Blandford 
Watt Geo A, elect h 8% Rockvale av 
Watts Jos, studt, h 47 Dynevor rd 
Watts Wm, locksmth, h 31 Rockvale av 
Waugh Richd, soap mkr, h 11 Preston rd 
Way Albert E, gro 424 Oakwood av 
Weale Geo. brklyr, h 252 Caledonia rd 
Weallans Robt, pipe ftr, h 41 Ennerdale rd 
Weaver John P, porter Bank of Commerce, h 44 Holland 

Park at 

Webb Chas, emp Fairbank Lumber Co, h Sixth 
Webb David, h 284 Almeda 
Webb Wm R, mach, h 18 Eversfleld rd 
Webb Wm. tnsmth, h 194 Cedric av 
Webster Ceo H, tmstr, h 32 Eversfleld rd 
Weedon Jos, warehsemn, h 4 Rockvale av 
Weese Sadie (wid Xulton), h 60 Holland Park av 
Weir A, pckr, h 10 Rochdale av 
Wells John H, leather ctr, h 17 Mulberry av 
Welsh John, pntr, h 2 Chndlrigh at 
Wenham Fred, moto TSR, h 375 McRoberts av 
West Cecil. Ivs 60 Holland Park av 
West Ernest, eng, h 25 Mulberry av 
West Thos, painter, h 61 Eversfleld rd 
Whalen Jos, blr mkr's hlpr, h 120 Cedric av 
Wheatley John, lab, h 129 Cedric av 
Whoi'ton Jas, h Bowie av 
\Vhelan John, carp, h 25 Rockvale av 
Whelan Silas, bridge wkr, h 29 Rockvale av 
White Chas, cabt mkr, h Hawthorne av 
White Cyril E, painter, h Third av 
White Herbert, wood wkr, h 2 Thornton av 
White Horace E, lab, h 45 Third av 
White Jas C, h 2 Stratton av 
White Robt, tmstr, h Eglinton av 
White Walter E, mach, h 8 Blandford 
White Wm S, lab, h 661 Northclilfe bird 
White Wm T, lab, h 139 Dynevor rd 
Whitfheail Kiank. lis 1 I Slratton av 
Whitehead Frank, lab, h 8 Fife av 
Whitehead Geo, brklyr, h 181 Ennerdale rd 
WhitehMd Thos, mkt gdnr, h 14 Stratum av 
Whitehead Walter C, Ivs 14 St/atton av 
Whitehorn Harris, carp, h Livinjstone av 
Whitely Eli, carp, h 57 Mulberry av 
Whitford Ernest, mach, h 1 Fairbank av 
Whitin; Artlrar f!, elk, h 596 Lander av 
Whitmorc Artlrar, h 24 Hanson rd 
Whitmore Sidney, brklyr, h 43 Ashbury av 
Whittle Horace, ctr, h 710 Vaughan rd 
Whittlesay Alice (wid \Vm G), h 29 Gloucester gr 
Whyte Arthur, ftr, h 614 Harvie av 
Wickcn Henry, lab, h Suyder av 
Wirkham liupert, slsmn, h 39 Blandford 
Wicks .1 Mwci, gro 1 Branslone rd, h same 
Wicks Tires, chaufr, h 5 Woodrroft cres 
Wiggins Jos, plmbr, h 2031 Dufferin 
Wiggins Matthew L, elk, Ivs 2031 Dufferin 
Wikox Ernest J, florist, h 80 Lanark av e 
Wilrux Hall, 658 Vaughan rd 

haiali, linemn Bell Tel Co, h 458 McRoberts av 
Wilcox John R, gdnr h 609 Oakwood av 

Wilcox Thos R, gdnr, h 525 Oakwood av 

Wilcox Wm H. florist, h 592 Oakwood av 

Wildins Jas, lab, h 30 Mulberry av 

Wiles Harry, lab, h 19 Kitchener av 

Wiles Ross, h 43 Hatherley rd 

Wilkins Edwin, iron wkr, h 289 McRoberts av 

Wilkinson Alex, stat engnr, h 540 Oakwood av 

Williams Herbert E, leather wkr, h 47 Hatherley rd 

Williams John, swtchmn, h 539 Westmount av 

Williams John, h 377 McRoberts av 

Williams Robins, h 20 Ashbury av 

Williams Wm A, carp, h 443 McRoberts av 

Williams Wm W, btchr 465 Vaughan rd, h same 

Williamson Fredk, brklyr, h 160 Cedric av 

Williamson Saml, silversmith, h 564 Lander av 

Willmore Geo, music tctir 16 Hatherely rd, h snme 

Wilmore Jos, h 21 Woodcroft cres 

Wilson Chas H, stne ctr, h 7 Blandford 

Wilson Darid, ew 27 Eversfleld rd, h same 

Wilson Harry, h 539 Westmount av 

Wilson John, stn msn, h 172 Gilbert av 

Wilton Helen (wid Wm H), h Fourth 

Wilton Francis C, lab, h 595 Oakwood 

Windley Wm, studt, h 1064 Ossington av 

Windsor Harry, plstr, h 30 Holland Pk av 

Winskell Chas, glazier, h 6 Stratton av 

Winter Henry W, lab, h 35 Homesdale rd 

Witt Edwd, plstr, h 2057 Dufferin 

Wixon John, carp, h 137 Robina av 

Wolchok Peter tlr, h 51 Bloem av 

Wood Chas, lab, h 34 Rochdale av 

Wood Frank, lab Ivs 34 Rochdale av 

Wood Fred, lab, h 15 Branstone rd 

Wood Geo J, leather wkr, h 454 McRoberts av 

Wood Jas T, plstr, h 50 Branstone rd 

Woodhead Cyril, mssngr, h 201 Mulberry av 

Woodin Dennis, fttrs hlpr, h 6 Clovelly av 

Woodland Wm, h 22 Eversfleld rel 

Woods Arthur, elk PO, h 2 McDonald av 

Woodward Frank, carp, h 77 Homesdale rd 

Woodward Lancelot, drvr, h Bowie av 

Wootten Frank, tlr, h 159 Ennerdale rd 

Worr Ernest, cote mkr, h 280 McRoberts av 

Worth Walter, paint mixer, h 1143 Cedric av 

Worthington Frank, lab, h 147 Mulberry av 

Worton Wm, cons supt Dom Realty Co h 19 Lanark 

av e 

Wressell Arthur I, h 657 Northcliffe blvd 
Wretham Percy, lab h 127 Cedric av 
Wright C li car clnr, h 4 Kitchener av 
Wright Jos, lab, h 516 Vaughan rd 
Wright Robt, painter, h 24 Mulberry av 
Wyer Arthur, plshr, h Fourth 
Wyer Herbert, brass plshr, h 39 Jesmond av 
Yaunitzz Tony, lab, h 410 McRoberts av 
Young Ales, lather, h 19 Rochdale av 
Yoaiis David, lab, h 619 Harvie av 
Young Harry R Rev, rector St Hilda's Anglican Church, 

h n s Eglinton av w 
Young Henry, h 3 Hanson rd 
Young Margt, dom h 22 Rochdale av 



A suburb west of city, four and one half miles from 
City Hall. Post Office Number Bay. Take King or 
Queen cars to Sunnyside, thence Metropolitan line. 

Aldons Phillip R, . ins agt, h w s Macdonald av 

Allworth Geo, leather wkr, h n s Humber av 

Anderson Sherman, cond, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Aymer Chas, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd 

Aymer Chas H, rubber wkr, h e s Cockburn av 

Aymer Geo, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd 

Aymer Thos K, mkt gdnr, Queen cor Salisbury av 

Baldwin Chas, lab, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Barker Fred, carp, h n s Queen 

Kate Wm J, elect, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Bates Geo, mach, h n s Mclntosh av 

Blackmore Danl, h w s Salisbury 

Blackwall Wesley, Ivs Mrs Elizth Hicks 

Blake Chas G, dm, h e s Oliver 

Boniface Ernest L, lab, h w s Amelia 

Bnnifuce Geo A, tmstr, h 11 s a Queen 

Buyce Frank, rubber wkr, h e s Birch av 

Bracey Thos, rubber wkr, h w s Salisbury av 

Bradley Louis, tire bldr, h n s Orchard av 

Bragg Frank, rubber wkr, h s s Cannon rd 

Bragg, Fred, rubber wkr, h n s College 

Brodcrick Annie (wid Patk), h w s Salisbury av 

Broderick Jas, cond, h w s Salisbury av 

Broderick Mary, opr, Ivs Mrs Annie Broderiek 

Brooker Edwd A, prop Edgecliff Bath House, h s s Lake 

Shore rd 
Brooker Olive Mrs, gro s s Lake Shore rrl 

Brown Fredk, blr mkr, h 8 Davidson cres 

Brown Geo S, postmstr and gro Queen cor Davidson 


Brown Frank J, studt, Ivs J G Brown 
Brown H Stanley, uphol, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brown John G, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Brown Nicholas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brown Robt J, moto, h w s Macdonald av 
Brown Robt R, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brown Walter E, gdnr, Ivs J G Brown 
Brown Wm J, uphol, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Burford Jas D, gdnr. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Butterworth Fredk, weaver, h w s Macdonald av 
Butwell Benj, tmstr, h e s Salisbury v 
Butwell Caleb, brkmkr, Ivs Mark Butwell 
Butwell Henry, brick mfr, n s Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Mark, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Reginald N, tel opr, h e s Salisbury ai 
Campbell Arthur, barber h w s Frederica 
Cardwell Henry, ivory wkr, h e s Cockburn 
Carson Robt T, carp, h e s Oliver 
Chapman Mary, (wid Geo), h s s Queen 
Charlebois May, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Cherry Frank J, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Chounds Richard, fireman, h e s Cockburn 
Chowns Fredk J, kiln setter, h 6 Davidson cres 
Churchward Alfred, mach, h w s Frederica 
Churchward Robt. tool mkr, h e s Frederica 
Clark Wm H, mach, h e s Oliver 
Clough Paul, meter rdr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Colberry Thos, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Cole Frank, vulcanier, h s s Cannon rd 
Collins Harold, gdnr, Ivs James Collins 
Collins Jas, mkt gdnr n s Queen 
Cook Frank, mach, h s s Queen 
Copeland Robt .G. elk, h w s Salisbury av 
Couzens Airlie, bkpr, h s s Waniska 
Cox Thos, lab, h e s Godson rd 
Crawford Jos, plmbr, Ivs w 8 Frederica 
Cripps Jos B, blksmth s s Queen 
Ciossman Wm, jwlr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Crowe Catherine H (wid Stewart), h s s Lake Shore rd Agnes M, Ivs David Culnan 
Culnan David, h w s Salisbury av 
dimming Rutherford (Price & Gumming), res Toronto 
Cunningwood Herbert, engnr, h w s Daniel 
liandridge James, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Dandrige Edwd, gdnr, h e s Orchard a 
Daniels Francis, h w s Salisbury av 
Darby Dudley, tool mkr, h n s Queen 
liarby Kenelin H. ctiauff, h w s Orchard av 
Davis Jos, lab, h e s Godson rd 
Davis Lewis, rubber wkr, h e s Oliver 
Dawe Henry W, steel wkr, h w s Birch av 
Devins Isaac N, boat house and rest, n s Lake Shore id, 

res Toronto 

Dewsbury Franklin H. mach, h e s Frederica 
Dewsbury John, shipper, Ivs F II Dewsbury 
Dewsbury Sheridan, Ivs G Whitworth jr 
Dickenson Wm J, macb, h w s Frederica 
Dodds Owen, gro n s Queen 
Donovan Ellen S (wid Patk), h s s Queen 
Donovan John G. confy s s Queen 
I'onovan Patk J, h s s Queen 
Doyle Danl, lab, h w s Amelia 
Durkin Patk, lab, Ivs Patk McDermott 
Durrani Wm R, brkmkr, h e s Salisbury av 
Dutnall John, mldr, h e s Cockburn 
Dutnall Robt, tile mkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Imtnall Walter, trav, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Dutnall Wm, flremn, Ivs Robt Dutnall 
Eckersley Abraham, h s s Queen 
Egles Chas J, Ivs Wm Eg'ies 
Egles Geo, mach, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Etlea Harold, Ivs Geo Egles 
Egles Win, pntr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Dldridge Ada, gro s e cor Queen & Church 
Elliott Frank, h e s Cockburn 
Fax Jas, humorist vocalist, h w s Salisbury av 
Fletcher Wm, barber, h s s Queen 
Fordyce John, brass wkr, h e s Oliver 
Forsythe James, mkt gdnr, n s Lake Shore rd 
Forsythe James C, Ivs James Forsythe 
Forsythe John W. Ivs Jas Forsythe 
Foster Chas, h e s Salisbury av 
Franklin Alfred, rubber wkr, Ivs A Franklin 
Franklin Arthur, h w s Macdonald av 
Gair Jos, printer, h e s Cockburn 
Gibbs Arthur, elect, h w s Frederica 
Oilman Chas E, lab, h e s Oliver 
Gilman Ceo jr, lab, h w s .Macdonald av 
Oilman Sarah (wid Geo). Ivs Chas E Gilman 
Godward John, h s s Queen 

Gray Carrie M (wid James), Ivs Mrs Caroline Johnstone 
Gray Lucy (wi'I Oco) , h w s Salisbury av 
Greenfield Saml F, h e s Oliver 

F. J. SMITH & CO. 

Properties For Sale in all parts of the 
City and Suburbs. Insurance. Rents 
Collected. 36 TORONTO STREET 


" Specialists In 

Home Furnishing 


Greenfield Thos G, brkrakr, ti e s Oliver 

Grigsby Win. mVt gilnr, n s Queen 

Gwilliam Bertram W, chauff, h w 9 Macdonald a? 

Handley Saml mkt gdnr, n s Queen 

Harpell Albert, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Harris Geo, mkt gdnr s s College 

Harris Mary L, rubber wkr, Its Wm Harris 

Harris Rev Roy, h w s Frederica 

Harris Wm, gdnr, h e s Frederica 

Harris Wm G. h s s Lake Shore rd 

Harrison Jos H, tmstr, h w s Salisbury av 

Haslan Bethel, lab, h w s Oliver 

Haughton Geo, fttr, h n s Daniel 

Hewitt Wm A, slsmn, h e s Frederica 

Hicks Elizth (wid Thos L), h s s Queen 

Hicks Fredk J, hotel, s s Lake Shore rd 

Hicks Octavius L, prop Hicks Boat House, h s s Lak 

Shor" road 

Hicks Octavius L, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hii-k-i Wm J. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Higman Frank, lab, h e s Frederica 
Hockney Ernest, fttr, h w s Orchard #v 
Hodgkinson Albert E, photo, Ivs L A Hoclgkinson 
Hodgkinson Levi A, tile mkr, h w s Macdonald av 
Hodgkinson May, opr. Ivs I, A Hodgkinscn 
Holmes Henry, carp, h n s Queen 
Holmes Wm, gdnr, h e s Salisbury av 
Horwood Geo, bolt mkr, h e s Cockburn 
Kuffma". Benj B, well drlr, h n s Cannon rd 
Huffman Wm, well drlr, h s s Cannon rd 
Humber Bay Baptist Church, Rev Wm Miller pastor, n s 

Humber Bay Post Office, Geo S Brown postmaster 

Queen cor Davidson cres 
Humber Bay Public School, e s Cockburn 
Humber Beach Inn, Fredk J Hicks, prop, s s Lake Shore 


Humber Coal & Simply Co, Saml Wright, mgr, s s Queen 
Humber Valley Garage, John W Orr, prop, s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Ilrnur Annie, Ivs Grace Hunter 
Hunter Grace H, h w s Salisbury av 
Hustler Jas, h e s Salisbury a? 
James Eli2th, elk, h s s Cannon rd 
Jarvis Douglas M, elk, h e s Orchard at 
Jecks Tobias, boats, s s Lake Shore rd 
Jeffreys Jas, gdnr, h w s Salisbury at 
Jennings Robt. h 4 Davidson cres 
Jessnn Shadrach, shoemkr s s Queen, h same 
Johnstone Carrie, elk, Ivs Edwd Winger 
Jdlmsuuie Caroline (wid Jas K), h s s Lake Shore rd 
Jones Wm H, brkmkr, h n s Daniel 
Kelly Robt, h w s Birch av 
Kemp Alfred, gdnr, h 7 Davidson cres 
Kemp Sidney T, mach, h w s Macdonald av 
Kennedy E J Arthur, Ivs Mrs C Johnstone 
Kent Wm. mfct gdnr. w s Salisbury av 
Knight John II, much, h s s Queen 
Laurin Philip, brklyr, h n s Queen 
Laron Chas, lab, h n s Daniel 
Leach E Price, gdnr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Legg Archd M, photo engraver, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Legg Clarence L, Ivs Geo F Legg 
Legg Geo F. photo engr. h s s Lake Shore rd 
LeHiman Ihvid, blksmth, h e s Frederica 
Lindsay Fredk, cond, h 5 Davidson cres 
Li[ikoi Frank, lab. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Ltimas Wm G, horse dlr, h n s Queen 
Lyons Frank, brkmkr. h s s Queen 
Lyttle Andrew, carp, h w s Oliver 
MacQuarrie Donald, brkmkr, Its H MacQuarrie 
MacQuarrle Harvey, stmfttr, h s s . Queen 
MacQuarrie Jas, firemn. Its II MacQuarrie 
Madill Harry, drvr, h s s Daniel 
Mageehan John, elect, h w s Frederica 
Uahr Geo, jwlr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Majur Rupert K, mkt gdnr, w s Salisbury av 
Manifold Ernest, h s s Lake Shore rd 
McAllister John, mldr, h s s Queen 
Mcllermott Palk. marh, h e s Oliver 
McDonald Louis, h e s Godson rd 
McDonald Wm, agt, Ivs Fred McGraw 
Mrparlane Arthur E. journalist, h w s Salisbury av 
McKarlane Margt, tchr. Its A E McFarlane 
McGrath Jas, mkt gdnr, s s Queen 
McGrath Ji'hn, mkt gdnr, s e cor Wesley & Queen 
JlrGraw l-'reilk (Orr i: MrGraw), h w s Godson rd 
McKee Saml, h w s Salisbury av 
MrL.ntriy Wm. elk, h n s Queen 
McLellan Jas A, h e s Salisbury av 
Milding Charlotte, bkbndr. Its Margt Milding 
MildiiiR Margt, h w s Salisbury av 
Mitchell John, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Munteith John, slsmn, h n s Queen 
Montgomery Wm. conlr. s s Lake Shore rd, h same 

.Morrison Wm J, esp, h n s Daniel 

Saylor Thos S, rubber \vkr, h e s Cockburn av 

Needier Arthur, carp, h s s Cannon rd 

Neil Jas S, trav, h e s Orchard av 

Newham John A, moto, h w s Macdonald av 

Newport Ciias W, gdnr, h w s Salisbury av 

Newton A H, gdnr, h s s Queen 

Noble Wm J, elk, bus Waniska av 

North Beatrice M (wid Wm), h e s Salisbury av 

North Harry, mkt gdnr, n s Cannon rd 

Norton John C. elk, h n s Lake Shore id 

Orr Arthur. (Orr & McGraw) , res Swansea 

Orr & McGraw (Arthur Orr, Fredk McGraw), pleasure 

linats, n s Lake Shore rd 
Orr Gladys, Ivs Fred McGraw 
Orr Gordon, mach, Ivs Fred .McGraw 
Orr Jas, bkpr Ivs Fred McGraw 
Orr Nellie, Ivs Fred McGraw 
Orr Robt, mach, h w s Oliver 
Paekett Walter, bolt mkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Palen Henry, brklyr, h n s Queen 
Parker Chas, gdnr, h n s Queen 
Passmore John, h n s Cannon rd 
Patullo Thos, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Paul Emily M (wid Norman), h e s Orchard av 
Payne Chas D, painter, h n s Humber av 
Payne Simon, lab, Ivs 30 Frederica 
Pearce Geo G, chauff, Its F H Dewsbury 
Pearson Nellie, lv* Mrs Lucy Gray 
I'ennall Henry D, elk, h w s Salisbury at 
Percy Bennett, motor, h w s Oliver 
Phillips James M, brkmkr, h w s Salisbury av 
Piper Frank, Its Patk McDermott 
Pollard Fredk, lab, h e s Frederica 
Pomfret Luther, wtchmn, h n s Queen 
I'ressley Alfred, wtchmn, h w s Oliver 
Pressley Annie L, mus tchr. Ivs Alfred Pressley 
Pressley Florence, mus tchr, Ivs Alfred Pressley 
Pressley Louise, Ivs Alfred Pressley 
Pressley Thos, bolt mkr, h s s Queen 
Prewett Albert A, mkt gdnr w s Salisbury av 
Prewett Frank J, studt, Ivs Albert Prewett 
Price John R (Price & Cumming), h w s Salisbury av 
Price & Cumming (John R Price, Rutherford Cum- 
ming), brick mfrs, e s Salisbury at 
Pycock Jas jr, minister, h e s Salisbury at 
Quinn Frank H, mach, h n s Queen 
Itsmsperger August, piano tuner, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Reeves Egerton, gdnr, h e s Frederica 
Hceies Frank, mkt gam n s College 
Reeves Harry, h s s Cannon rd 
Reid Ralph L, gdnr, h e s Salisbuty av 
Reynolds Herbert, carp, h s s Queen 
Robinson Richd G, barber, h e s Cockburn 
liockliff Arthur, stock kpr, h e s Salisbury av 
Rciwett Ernest, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Rowett Geo H, gdnr h w s Grand at 
Runnalls Joseph, carp, h w s Macdonald av 
Runnalls Wm, carp, Ivs Joseph Runnalls 
Rush Chas, stl wkr, h 4 Davidson cres 
liush Geo W, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Rush Harry, blksmth, h w s Frederica 
Sagaskoi Michl, lab. h n s Lake Shore rd 
St James Mission, e s Frederica 
Sampson Jos, rubber wkr, h e s Cockburn 
Savage Chas E, brkmkr, h w s Macdonald at 
Seymour Henry J, slsmn. h w s Orchard av 
Sliarpe Herbert A, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Sher Morris, earn, h e s Cockburn 
Sibley Harry, bldr, h s s Cannon rd 
Simpson Geo, constable, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Skidmore Beatrice (wid Richd D), h w s Fredeiica 
Sloe Reginald, elk, Ivs Richd Slee 
Slee Richd. engraver, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Small Henry, gdnr, h s s Queen 
Smith Henry S. mkt ndnr, w s Salisbury av 
Smith Jas E, decorator, h e s Berl 
Smith Robt C, lab, h w s Frederica 
Smith Wm, leather wkr. h n s Lake Shore rd 
Smyth Jos, mach, h w s Oliver 
Spirer Fredk W, bldr, h e s Cockburn 
Stell Geo G. mach. Ivs Mrs Lucy Gray 
Stevens John H, wdwkr, h e s Orchard av 
Sturker John G, mkt gdnr, s s Cannon rd 
Stone Albert, carp, h s s Daniel 
Sturgess Albert E, baker, h e s Orchard av 
Sturtim Alfred E, carp, h e s Frederica 
Sutherland Angus, contr, h s s Daniel 
Sutherland Fredk W, artist, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Taverner Carrie (wid Edwd), h w s Macdonald av 
Taverner Heniy, mach, h w s Macdonald av 
Taverner John, chauff, Ivs Mrs C Taverner 
Tice Lewis F, trav, h w s Salisbury av 
Tiffin Dalton A, mkt gdnr, h s s Queen 
Todd Joseph, mkt gdnr, e s Salisbury av 
Tomlinson Geo. slsmn, h s s Cannon rd 

Tovey Fredk C, rubber wkr, h s s Queen 

Trevethan Mary J (wid Michl), Ivs P B Trevethan 

Trevethan Philip B, mach, h w s Macdonald av 

Varney James, mach. Ivs 7 Davidson . cres 

Verrall Wm A, slsmn, h e s Salisbury at 

Vigar Rose (wid Walter), Ivs Arthur Gibbs 

Walsh Janet (wid John), Its L Pomfret 

Weller Geo, farmer, h s s Cannon rd 

Whalen Arthur J, carp, h w s Birch av 

Wheeler Jos, lab, h w s Salisbuty av 

Whitehead Jas J, car repr, h e s Oliver 

Whitehead John W, mach, h e s Oliver 

Whitehead Russell, leather wkr, Ivs L Davis 

Whitworth Edwd. mkt gdnr n s College 

Whitworth Ethel, Ivs Geo Whitworth 

Whitworth Geo, mkt gdnr, s s Queen, h same 

Whitworth Geo Jr, mach, h w s Frederica 

Whitworth Wm H, gdnr, Ivs Geo Whitworth 

Wilkins Robt, constable, h s s Cannon rd 

Wilson Gertrude, bulb tester, h s s Cannon rd 

Winger Edwd, carp, h e s Oliver 

Winters Sidney, trav. h s s Lake Shore id 

Wright Saml, mgr Humber Coal & Supply Co. h s s 


Yates Albert, lab, h e. s Cockburn av 
Yewer Wm. gdnr, h n s Cannon rd 
Young Edmund T G, elk. h w s Salisbury av 


A suburb on the west bank of the Humber River., four 
and one half miles west of the City Hall. Post Offix 
Lambton Mills. Take Dundas car to end of line, 
thence Lambton car. 

Adams Chas P, stmftr. h 41 Eileen av 
Adams Fredk, h 168 Eileen av 
Adams Jas, hairdresser, h 87 Watson av 
Agar Elizth, elk, Ivs 7 Baby Point Crest 
Agar Gilbert Rev, h 7 Baby Point Crest 
Alleway Harry, h 26 Harshaw 
Allison Thus, carp, h 40 Methuen av 
Anthony Fredk, tinsmth, Ivs Robt Anthony- 
Anthony Robt, tinsmth, h s s Government rd 
Anthony Wm, tinsmth, Ivs" Robt Anthony 
Armitage Herbert, drvr, h 108 Brookside av 
Armstrong Robt, blksmth, h s s Dundas w 
Armstrong Thos, opr, h e s Warren cres 
Arnott Alex W, elect, h 63 Beniice cres 
Arnott Wm J, rubber wkr, h 103 Bernice cres 
Ashman Arthur W, Ivs 48 Watson at 
Ashman Gladys E, Ivs 48 Watson av 
Ashman Horace L, Ivs 48 Watson av 
Ashman Ina E, Ivs 48 Watson av 
Ashman Jas, pdlr, h 3579 Dundas w 
Ashman Walter E, caretkr Humber Cres Schl, h 48 

Watson av 

Ashman Walter K, Ivs 48 Watson av 
Atkinson Percy W, teller Molson's Bank, n s Dundas w, 

res Toronto 

Atkinson Robt W, lab, h 45 Harshaw 
Bagley Walter, lab, h 69 Bemice cres 
Bailey Walter, plstr. h 74 Humber cres blvd 
Baillie Caroline, Ivs 23 St Marks rd 
Baillie Thos, meter insp, h 23 St Marks rd 
Bainbridge John, -mach, h 562 Jane 
Baker Wm J, trackmn, h n s Dundas w 
Ball Wm, car repr, h 25 Harsh at 
Balmer Chas J, shpr h 26 Brookside av 
Palmer Gordon, messr, Ivs 26 Brookside av 
Banham Wm E, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas w 
Banks Sidney A, Ivs 566 Jane 
Bannatyne Alex, plstr, h 112 Watson at 
Bannen Fred B, bar tndr. Its n s Dundas w 
Bannen John H. mkt gdnr, h n s Dundas w 
Bannister Saml E, brklyr, h 58 Watson av 
Bannim Ann (uid Patk), h w s Fishers rd 
[tamimi Kli/ili. ]vs Mrs Ann Bannon 
Bannon Jas J, carp, h w s Fishers rd 
Bannon .los F, chkr, ll w s Fishers rd 
Bannon John P, mach, h w s Fishers rd 
Barker Edwd W, engnr, h 61 Bernice cres 
Barker Edwd, mach, h s s Bannon av 
Barker Jefferson, porter, h 716 Jane 
Barker Mattie, opr, Its 716 Jane 
Barnard Thus, h 5 St Marks rd 
Barran Arthur R, Its Milner Barran 
B.trran Milner, tool rakr, h w s Millwood av 
Barrett Ethel, stcnog, Its Fredk Barrett 
Barrett Fred, contr, h s s Government rd 
Barrett Geo S, elk, Ivs Fredk Barrett 
Marrett Saml. h n s Dundas w 
Bathman Jacob, coremkr, h 84 Eileen av 
Beacler Elsie, Its 45 Bcrnice cres 




Telephone Adelaide 6610 







Beacler Wm, macb, h 45 Bernicc cres 

Beamish Albert, mach, ITS 123 Watson av 

Beckett Hiram, tinsmtb, h 664 Jane 

Begley Emile. piano action fnshr, h 21 Watson a? 

Bell Elsie, stenog, ITS Robt J Bell 

Bell Fredk John silversmth, h 40 Harshaw 

Bell Gertrude V, stenog, Ivs Thos Bell 

Bell Geo, lab, Ivs Robt i Bell 

Bell Helen, typist, Its Robt J Bell 

Bell Jean, stenog, Ivs Robt J Bell 

Bell Jos J, brklyr, ITS Robt J Bell 

Bell Jobn J, lab, h 61 Methuen a? 

Bell Marion G, elk, ITS Thos Bell 

Bell Norman, studt, Its Robt J Bell 

Bell Robt J, horse dlr, h n s Dundas 

Bell Thos mach, h n s Dundas w 

Bell Wm H, furrier, h 64 Baby Point rd 

Bell Wm T, carp, h 78 Eileen Hi 

Bennett Gordon, mailer, h 17 Eileen at 

Bennett Vim H, carp, h 566 Jane 

Benny Arthur J, elect, h 18 Bernice cres 

Bentley Herbert J, bkpr, h 576 Jane 

Bentley Man' A (wid John), Ivs 576 Jane 

Berry John R, h e s Fishers rd 

Bessant Robt, ITS John J MUligan 

Best Annie (wid Ales), h s s Dundas w 

Biggs Mae biscuit pckr, ITS Frank Cornish 

Bignall Ellis, h 104 Watson av 

Bignall Harry B, firemn, h 67 Bernice cies 

Binns Alfred, wdwkr, h 46 Foxwell 

Binns May. Its 46 Foswell 

Binns Nellie, ITS 46 Foxwell 

Birch Jas, h 164 Eileen av 

Birch Wm G, h w s Warren cres 

Birrell Wm E. manfrs agt, h 29 Baby Point cres 

Black Alfred E, pastor Humber Crest Meth Ch, h 1. 

Thornhill av 

Black Ernest, h 148 Eileen av 
Black John, farmer, ITS Fredk Mercer 
Black Wm, h 56 Harshaw 
Blackwell Jas, lab, h 13 Harshaw 
Bland John, h 478 Jane 
Boak Marion (wid Wm), h s s Dundas w 
Bogie Duncan H, lab, h 142 Brookside av 
Bogie Hector, appr, Ivs 142 Brookside a? 
Bolton John, mgr Old Mill Tea Garden, Mosson rd, 

ITS same 

Bolton John M, painter, h 3 Baby Point rd 
Boos Wm A, coal & wood office s s Dundas w, yard 

e s Church, h s s Dundas w 
Bowler Thos, lab, h e s Fishers rd 
Bradfleld Wm, h 56 Eileen at 
Bradfleld Wm jr, Ivs 56 Eileen av 
Brandon Ernest, shoemkr, h 10 Lessard 
Breen Jas, slsnra stockyds, h e s Warren cres. 
Bridges Joe, mldr, h 86 Eileen av 
Briggs John, bkpr, h 748 Jane 
Brighty Jane, tchr Lambton Pk Public Schl, res Toronto 
Bristow Alfred, h 37 Eileen aT 
Bristow Fredk. btchr, h 7 Florence cres 
Britnell Gordon, tel man, h 54 Harshaw 
Brooks Austin H, h w s Lambton rd 
Brooks Irene, tchr, ITS Austin H Brooks 
Brooks Jos, trav, h 584 Jane 
Brooks Minnie, opr, ITS Austin H Brooks 
Brough Thos. plmbr, h 24 White av 
Drown Harold C, optometrist, h w s Fishers rd 
Brown Wm F, h 4 White av 
Brownless Edwd, lab, h 101 Bernice cres 
Braning Rudolph, h 6 Bradley av 
Bryans John II, harness rnfr n s Dundas w, h same 
Bull Eliza G, Ivs Emerson Bull 
Bull Emerson, phy s s Dundas w cor Lambton rd, h 


Burns Thos H jr, brkmn, b 72 Watson ar 
Burns Thos, Ivs 72 Watson aT 
Burton Howard T, trav, h e s Lambton rd 
Bush Albert W, btchr, h 37 Harshaw 
Butler Harry, emp Hydro, h 140 Brookside av 
Buttevant Walter C, shppr, h 19 Lydon M 
Byne Fredk, painter, h 170 Eileen av 
Caldwell Wm R, h 126 Watson ar 
Callar Chas, h &% Eileen av 
Campbell Benj. shppr, h 282 Jane . 
Campbell John, latber, h 8 Bradley av 
Canning Edna, ITS 60 Humber Crest blvd 
Canning Fannie R, stenog, Ivs 60 Humber Crest blvd 
Canning Frank, dm, Ivs John S Graham 
Canning Herman, hydro, h w s Lambton ar 
Canning John E, h 74 Humber Crest blvd 
Capper Geo, cabt mkr, h 72 Harshaw 
Carlton Arthur, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas w, h same 
Carlton Arthur jr, elk, ITS Arthur Carlton 
Carruthers David, emp Swift's, h s s Dundas w 
Carruthers Ceo, firemn CPR, h 148 Brookside ar 
Carson Jas. exp, h 144 Eileen av 

Carson Thos, h 24 Brookside av 

Carter Harold, h 90 Eileen aT 

Carter Herbert, plstr, h 94 Eileen av 

Castle Perdval, wks Gutta Percha Rubber Co, h 30 

Methuen av 

Chapman Alfred, cond Met rly, h 498 Jane 
Chapman John, pdlr, h 588 Jane 
Charboneau Danl, ydmn, h 8 St Marks rd 
Chard Elsie, elk, ITS Leo Chard 
Chard Leo, cattle dlr, w s Church cor Dundas w, h stme 
Chard Matilda, elk, ITS Leo Chard 
Chard Thos, ITS Leo Chard 
Chase Alfred, orderly Western Hospital, h w s Warren 


Chater John, blksmth, h 154 Brookside av 
Cheesman Fredk, action mkr, ITS Geo Toms 
Chowns Thos, h 7 Brooke av 
Christee Jas, swthmn CPR, h 106 Brookside av 
Christie Jas A, wiremn, ITS 106 Brookside av 
Clapliam John, chkr, h e s Fisher rd 
Clark Saml, car repr, h 123 Berniee ores 
Clark Stephen, car repr CPR, h 52 Methuen aT 
Clark Wm, lab, h s s Dundas w 
Clarke Evelyn, drsmkr, h 35 Brookside aT 
Clarke Jessie, bkpr, ITS 35 Brookside aT 
Clarke Wm C h 35 Brookside aT 
Clarke Winnifred, stenog, ITS 35 Brookside aT 
Clarridge John V, reprmn Grafonola, h e s Fishers rd 
Clayton Fredk E, btchr, h e s Lambton rd 
Clayton Fredk, h e s Lambton rd 
Clayton Geo. sawyer, h w s Perry ar 
Clayton Margt (wid Wm), ITS Hairy Phillips, s s 

Dundas w 

Clayton Thos, btchr, h s s Dundas w 
Clayton Thos L, slsmn, h n s Dundas w 
Clayton Wm B, btchr n s Dundas w, h same 
Cockeram John, h 30 Harshaw 
Cole Benj R jr, lab, ITS 32 Scarlett rd 
Cole Benj R. h 32 Scarlett rd 
Cole Blake, tinsmth, h 22 Bemice cres 
Cole Eunice,, Ivs 32 Scarlett rd 
Coleman Frank, eng, h 572 Jane 
Collett Annie, elk, ITS 56 Watson aT 
Collett Augustus G, night wtchmn, h 56 Watson ar 
Collins Jas, lab, h s s Government rd 
Colton Thos, blksmth, h n s Dundas w 
Conforzi Dominic, h s s Dundas w 
Conforzi Pete, Ivs s s Dundas w 
Cook Ida, h 7 Watson ar 
Cook Thos E. knitter, h w s Warren cres 
Cooper Alfred G, h 107 Humber cres blvd 
Cooper Lee, h 105 Humber cres blvd 
Copeland Josephine, genl store 190 Brookside aT 
Cordell Edwd, lab, h 97 Eileen av 
Cornish Allan, Ivs s s Dundas 
Cornish Frank, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas w, h same 
Cornish Frank jr, gdnr, Ivs Frank Cornish 
Cornish Fredk A, gdnr, Ivs Frank- Cornish 
Cornish Harry H, stenog, Ivs Frank Cornish 
Cornish Helen, stenog, Ivs Frank Cornish 
Cornish Ida, ledgr kpr, Ivs Frank Cornish 
Cornish Lavinia, mus tchr, ITS Frank Cofhish 
Cornish Wm L, gdnr, ITS Frank Cornish 
Cottam Maria (wid Jas), Ivs Thos Dobbin 
Coulson Annie, h 29 Humber cres blvd 
Omit Eliza (wid Itichd), Its G A Court 
Court Geo A, acct, h s s dmdas w 
Court Teca, Irs Geo A Court 
Cousins Maurice, h 6 Brook ar 
Coutts John, carp, h 3 Florence cres 
Cowley James, elk, Ivs Wm Cosley 
Cowley Wm, gdnr, h s s Dundas w 
Cos Chas, gdnr, Ivs 46 Watson av 
Cox Ernest, erector CPR, ITS 46 Watson ar 
Cos Edwd W, shipper, h 122 Watson av 
Cramp Arthur, eng C P R, h 568 Jane 
Crane Ellen, examiner, ITS Wm Crane 
Crane Wm T, blksmth, h e s Perry av 
Creech Jos, trav, h s s Inmdas w 
Creech Josephine, rous tchr, ITS Jos Creech 
Creech Nellie, stenog, Ivs Jos Creech 
Creech Wm M, Ivs Jos Cwh 
Crisp Harold, elk, ITS Thos J Crisp 
Crisp Norman, elk, Ivs Thos J Crisp 
Crisp lieta, stenog, Ivs Thos J Crisp 
Crisp Thos J, painter, h n s Dundas w 
Crittendon Mary (wid Frank), ITS 477 St John's rd 
Croft Albert E, carp, h 8 Bernice cres 
Crookall John, carp, h 22 Watson av 
Culver Jas, driver, Ivs 54 Florence cres 
Cuming Walter, Ivs Thos Bowler 
Cumminss Wm, nickel plater, h e s Elliott M 
Cunningham John, harness mkr. has Dundas v 
Dalgleish Fredk, lab, h 44 Florence cres 
Dall Agnes, conf, n s Dundas w 
Dall Agnes Mrs, confy n s Dundas w, h 574 Jane 
Pall Cecilia. Ivs 574 Jane 

Dall David, Ivs 574 Jane 

Dall Harry, Ivs 574 Jane 

Dall Lena, stenog, Ivs 574 Jane 

Dall Wm. elk, Ivs 574 Jane 

Daniels Emma, Ivs 62 Harshaw 

Daniels Fred, tmstr, h 22 Eileen av 

Daniels Geo, foremn York Township, h 62 Harshaw 

Darling Geo, trav, h 106 Watson av 

Davenport Harriett- (wid Edwd C) . Ivs Mrs Marion Boak 

Davidson David R, action fnshr, Ivs Wm O Davidson 

Davidson Frank, h 70 Watson av 

Davidson Honor, ITS Wm D Davidson 

Davidson Jas T, cond, h 182 Brookside aT 

Davidson Wm D, carp, h e s Millwood av 

Ravies Edwin M, bldr, h 105 Brookside av 

Davis L & A, drug store 313 Jane 

Davis Shelrick, elk, Ivs John Lawrence 

Dawson Ralph, mach, h 24 Florence cres 

Debling Alfred, mach, Ivs 158 Brookside ar 

Dempster Geo, h 68 Watson av 

Dickens Herbert, h 43 Eileen av 

Dilworth Robt i, acct, h 47 Baby Point cres 

Dobbin Thos, piano fnshr, h s s Oakvicw aT 

Dobson Chas E, porter, h s s Dundas v 

Dodge Roy C, elk, h s s Government rd 

Dods Bertram A, ITS 64 Humber Crest blvd 

Dods Geo R, carp, h 64 Humber Crest blvd 

Donaldson Wallace, draughtsmn, h 13 Methuen ar 

Donegan John, h 61 Harshaw 

Dormer Alfred, bldr, h 87 Brookside ar 

Dorney Arthur J, carp, h 564 Jane 

Doubleday Gordon, Lambton Garage, s s Dundas w h 474 

Durie Runnymede 

Douglas Thos N, elk, h 15 Floernce cres 
Downey Catherine N, stenog, ITS Peter F Downey 
Downey Peter F, prop Lambton Hotel, n s Dundas w 

h same 

Doyle Patk J, mach, h s s Dundas w 
Dungey Chas, h 69 Methuen ar 
Dunk .Mary A (wid Wm), Ivs 18 Lydon av 
Dunlop Jas T. mach, h n s Dundas w 
Durling Alfred, h 570 Jane 
Diirling Gladys M, Ivs 570 Jane 
Durling Mabel, tchr, Ivs 570 Jane 
I'yer Albert, brklyr, h 137 Bernice cres 
Eason Chas E, shipper, h 150 Eileen ar 
Ellins Fredk H, bkpr, ITS J Wesley Ellins 
Ellins J Wesley, tmstr, 1st h e s Scarlett rd 
Ellins Russell, contr, h 167 Brookside aT 
Ellins Susan. Ivs Wesley Ellins 
Elliott Alfred, landscape gdnr, h w s Fishers rd 
Elliott Jas, Irs Alfred Elliott 
Elliott Kate, ITS Alfred Elliott 
Elliott Thos, Ivs Norman Winter 
Elliott Walter, carp, h s s Oakview ar 
Ellis Edwd C, tmstr, h 72 Florence cres 
Emmett Annie E (wid Jos), h 2 Florence cres 
Emmett Walter, elect, Ivs 2 Florence cres 
Emmett Jos, ITS 2 Florence cres 
Errington Bessie, knitter, Ivs 119 Bemice cres 
Evans Wm, blr mkr blpr, h 25 Methuen ar 
Evers Harry, carp. Ivs 97 Pritchard aT 
Falconer Geo, postmn, h 48 Florence cres 
Farrell Geo, Ivs 115 Humber cres blvd 
Farrell John, h 115 Humber cres blvd 
Fenwick Jas. p c, Irs 499 St Johns rd 
Findlay Saml, lab, h n s Dundas w 
Fitzgibbons Bernard, ITS John Fitzgibbons 
Fitzgibbons John, lab, h Old Belt Line Station G T R 
Fitzgibbons Bernard, Ivs John Fitzgibbons 
Flay Clias, h 133 Brniite cres 
Fleming Harriett (aid Jas), Ivs 588 Jane 
Fleming Robt, h 19 St Marks rd 
Firming Robt, postmn, h 544 Jane 
Finny Arthur jr, Ivs 34 Scarlett rd 
Florry Arthur, h 34 Scarlett rd 
Florry Alice, ITS 34 Scarlett rd 
Flowers Arthur F, pressmn, h 13 Brook ar 
Fluck Herbert J, slsmn. h s s Bannon aT 
Fogg Thos, brklyr, h 58 Harshaw 
Fogg Wm, brklyr, h 51 Methuen ar 
Forrest John W, Ivs 20 Bernice cres 
Forse Wm, hlpr, h 37 Florence cres 
Freear Edwin, wheelwright, h 242 Jane 
Freeman Christopher W, h 129 Bernice eres 
Freeman Wm, h 8 Scarlett rd 
Fuller Wm, lab. Its 108 Broofeide av 
Henry J, lab, h 84 Bernice cres 
George Fredk, h 48 Eileen av 
Gilbert Cyril, driver, ITS 20 Bernice cres 
Gilbert Geo J, carp, h 20 Bernice cres 
Gilbert Norman. Ivs 20 Bernice cres 
Gilbert Percy, h 85 Bernice cres 
Gingell Wm, lab, h e s Warren cres 
Giles Jos H, brklyr, h 111 Bernice cres 
Gilson Chas H, gdnr, h 146 Eileen ar 
Glasbey Ernest, driver, h 118 Watson ar 

R. W. EADES, Real Estate Farm ; City Properties 

3033 Dundas West, Phone Jet. 4713. Res. 429 Quebec Av. Phone Jet. 615. 





Good Ri>bt, lab. h 13 St Marks rd 

Good Tims, h 12 Harshaw 

Goodison Thos E. slsmn, h n s Dundas w 

Graham Andrcir T, pdlr, h s s Dundas w 

Graham Bernard. pdlr. Ivs Andrew T Graham 

Graham Godfrey, Ivs Andrew Graham 

Graham John S, lab, h s s Dundas w 

Graham Lloyd 0, driver, Ivs John Graham 

Graham Viola, asst, Ivs John S Graham 

Gray Jas C, carp,, h 99 Eileen av 

Greatwood G C, h 103 Brookside av 

Greaves Wm H, prof Victoria College, h 17 Baby Point 


Green David, nremn, h 500 Jane 
Greenwood Alfred, btchr, h 26 White ap 
Greis Georgina, packer, Ivs 25 Brookside av 
Greie John, turn packer, Ivs 25 Brookside av 
Grey Wilfred, carp, h 27 Harshaw 
Grimsditch Archd, postman, h 144 Brookside a? 
Grosart Walter M, decor, h 138 Eileen av 
Grout Arthur, elk, Ivs 160 Brookside ay 
Haines Arthur carp, h n s Bannon ay 
Haines Arthur jr, Ivs Arthur Haines 
Haines Cyril, Ivs Arthur Haines 
Haines Wm, knitter, Ivs Arthur Haines 
Hales Victor, h 26 Eileen av 
Haley Richd J, baker, h 54 Florence ores 
Hallitt Gordon, turn dlr, h w s Lambton rd 
Hallsworth Wm H. h 244 Jane 
Hamer John W, stmftr, h 490 St Johns rd 
Hamilton Jas, cond, h 113 Humber Crest blvd 
Hamilton trias C, mgr Charcoal Supply, h 19 Baby 

Point cres 

Haney Edwd, driver, h 160 Brookside av 
Hannah Mary A (wid John R), Ivs Chas Ralston 
Hanson Wm M, h 150 Watson a? 
Hargrave Jane (wid Jas), h 26 Metbuen ay 
Margrave John, ITS 26 Methuen av 
Hargrave Thos, emn Eaton's, Ivs 26 Methuen av 
Harpies' John, carp, b 145 Bernice cres 
Harrison Geo, emp Gunns, h 65 Beraice cres 
Harvey Geo, gdnr, h 60 Warren cres 
Hawkrigg Michl, stone mason, h w s Lambton rd 
Hawkrigg Nellie, tel opr, Ivs Michl Hawkrigg 
Hay John, plmbr, h 68 Brookside sy 
Hayes John, h 476 Jane 
Haynes Fredk, gdnr, h 46 Watson a? 
Hedges Henry W, tmstr. h e s Lambton rd 
Hewitt Geo, car repr CPR, h 19 Methuen av 
Hickey Adrian, h 3999 Dundas w 
Hickey Annie Mrs, rest 3999 Dundas w, Ivs same 
Hickey Helen, slsldy, Ivs Adrian Ilickey 
Hickey Susan (wid Patk), Ivs 3985 Dundas w 
Hickman Percy, trav, h 11 Watson ay 
Hicks Chas, elk, h n s Dundas w 
Hickson Alex P, h 160 Eileen ay 
Hill Jas, warehsemn, h 131 Bemice cres 
Hill Jos, lab. h 11 Florence cres 
Hill Russell, moto mech Lambton Garage 
Hind Sidney J, vulcanizer, h 8 Lessard 
Hinton Henry W. h 6 Harshaw 
Hodge Fredk, driver, h 112 Brookside ay 
Hodge Henry, h 120 Watson av 
Hogben Jos, lab, h 9 Florence cres 
Hogg Geo, tool mkr, h 109 Humber cres blvd 
Hogg Geo A jr, Ivs 109 Humber cres blvd 
Hogg Simon J, merch, h 3985 Dundas w 
Hollinsby Henry, h 128 Eileen ay 
Holmes John, tmstr, h 29 Bernice cres 
Holmes Maurice, tmstr, Ivs 29 Bernice cres 
Holmes Wilfred, tmstr, h 27 Bernice cres 
Holt Ernest, h e s Elliott ay 
Hoolahan Geo, plstr, h 3 St Marks rd 
Hopkins Bert. Mdir, h 78 Florence cres 
Houghting Thos H B. lab, h 118 Eileen av 
Houghting Wm J, blrmkr, h 122 Eileen av 
Howard Karl, suitchmn, Ivs 148 Watson ay 
Howe Thos W, yardmn, h 6 St Marks rd 
Hoyle Annie, Ivs 110 Watson av 
floyle Clement, btchr, Ivs 110 Watson ar 
Hoyle Elizth (wid Thos), h 110 Watson ay 
Hoyle Florence, weaver. Ivs 110 Watson ay 
Hoyle Leonard. Ivs 110 Watson at 
Hunter Wm D, h 142 Pritchard ay 
Humbcr Crest Public School, n s St Marks rd 
Humber Crest Methodist Church, Alfred E Black pastor, 

m Thurnliill av and Baby Point rd 
Hussey Thus, li 159 Watson av 

11 Thos, lab. h e- s Fishers rd 
Hyland Nelson A, msr, Ivs Mabel McKinnon 
Jllingvrortli Riclid. blksmth, h 138 Pritrllard ar 
Ingram Fredk, hrklyr, h 101 Pritchard av 
Ineson Albert E. Ivs Sarah E Ineson 
Ineson ("TIS. elk. Ivs Sarah E Ineson 
Ineson Geo, h 64 Warren cres 
Ineson Sarah E, h w s Lambton rd 

Iri.-h King, elk, Ivs 7 Mildred av 

Irish Opal, elk, Ivs 7 Mildred av 

Irish Wm D, h 7 Mildred ai 

Irwin Alma, driller, h n s Dundas w 

Irwin Arch, locker H M Customs, h 156 Watson af 

Invin Jas, toolmkr, h e s Lambton rd 

i has, h 62 Eileen av 

Jackson Jas, eng dispatcher, h 99 Humber cres blvd 
Jackson Eobt P, piano mkr, h 118 Brookside ay 
Jacob Harry G, contr eng, h w s Mosson rd 
Jamieson Agnes, Ivs 138 Eileen av 
Jamieson H'm, mach, h 127 Bernice cres 
Jardine John B, Ivs Roy C Dodge 
Jeffrey Harold H, h e s 76 Warren cres 
Jemmett Thos, lab, h 30 Scarlett rd 
Jennings Morley, h 34 Florence cres 
Jerry Chas, h 4 St Marks rd 
Joel Geo, flremn CPR, Ivs 148 Brookside av 
Johnson Elizth (wid Saml), gro 499 St John's rd 
Johnston Harry, mldr, h 12 Bernice cres- 
Jones Harold J, h 45 St Marks rd 
Jordon Elizth (wid Thos), Ivs Peter F Downey 
Jordon Thos, tlr. Ivs Peter F Downey 
Kay Wm R, Ivs 120 Watson av 
Kelley Tbos E, Powell Kelley Shoe Store, h 8 Eaymond 


Kendall Harry G, stenog C N R, h 25 Watson ay 
Kennedy Emma (wid Robt), h 33 Methuen ay 
Kennedy Juliet, pckr, Ivs 81 Brookside av 
Kent Walter, helper, h 50 Florence cres 
Kerr Thos M, plstr, h 87 Pritchard ay 
Kimbell Chas, moto mech, h w s Perrv ay 
Kipping Ellen (wid John), h 1 Mildred ay 
Kirby Wm, h 106 Eileen ay 
Kirkwood Jas, wheel pressmn CPE, h 10 Eileen ay 
Knell Fredk, lab, h 83 Eileen av 
Knibbs Annie G (wid Alfred), h n s Government rd 
Knight Fredk, real est, 3517 Dundas w 
Knight Fredk W, piano works, h 130 Watson ay 
Lamb Annie, h s s Dundas W 
Lambton Golf & Country Club, Ernest Mason mgr and 

sec, w s Scarlett rd 
Lambton Mills Methodist Church, Bey Geo E Bott pastor, 

n s Dundas w 
Lambton Mills Post Office, Harry Phillips, postmaster, 

s s Dundas w 
Lambton Mills Public School, s e cor Lambton and Gov- 

ernment roads 

Lambton Park Public School, n s Bernice cres 
Lambton Park, n s Dundas w, w C P R tracks 
Lambton Station CPR, Thos Rutledge agt, n s Dundas 

w Scarlett rd 

Lane Chas E, carp, h 138 Brookside ay 
Langston Jas, h 131 Brookside av 
Laphan Herbert, h 76 Bernice cres 
Lapine Andrew, artist, h e s Mosson rd 
Laurie Harry, chkr Gunns, Ivs Sarah E Ineson 
Lawrence John, gen store, n s Dundas w, h same 
Lawrenson John, h 20 Eileen av 
Laybourae Wm E, h 21 Page ay 
Leece Wm, swtchmn, h 686 Jane 
Leggett Golden T, lab, h 126 Eileen av 
Lem Jhan, mkt gdnr w s Scarlett rd, h same 
Lwidreville John, plmbr, h e s May 
Irfppiriton Frances, slenog, Ivs Mark Leppington 
Liippington Mark, lab. h s s Dundas w 
Leppington Vivian, Ivs Mark Lexington 
Leverington Harold, lab, h 3 Brooke ay 
Levick John, switchmn C P R, h 165 Brookside ay 
Lewis Ethel, emp Eaton Co, Ivs Robt J Bell 
Lewis Ho[)kin, h w s Fishers rd 
Lewis Thos S, pntr, h e s Church 
Ley Wm S, lab, h 99 Bernice cres 
Lindfleld Chas A, h 83 Watson ay 
Litchfleld Wm, h 43 Bernice cres 
Little Reginald W, trav, Ivs Andrew Graham, s s Dundas 
Longwotth Herbert, pattn mkr, h e 3 Fishers rd 
Lotto Albert, driver, Ivs 96 Watson ay 
Lotto Clare, Ivs 96 Watson av 
Lotto Russell, Ivs 96 Watson ay 
Lou.. Wallace, Ivs 96 Watson av 
Lotto Walter, h 96 Watson ay 
I.on'11 Gw>, piano mkr, h 598 Jane 
Luckttt Chas, chauff, h 89 Brookside ay 
Lurki-tt li'-iiiy. h 130 Pritchard ay 
Luddington Fredk, postmn, h 15 Harshaw 
Lush I-mlk, btchr, h 9 Eileen av 
MacDonaht Colin, lab. h 140 Pritchard av 

!-..ld Jas, hlksmtli, h 477 St Johns rd 
1 nald Jas E Jr, mach, Ivs 477 St Johns rd 

Mad il'l Nicholas, h 28 Florence cres 

Mack Raymond F, acrt, h s s Government rd 
Madill Wright, tmstr, h 29 Jane 
Magee Jennie Ivs 48 Methuen ay 

Wm J, en;r liutta 1'crcha, h 43 Methuen ay 
Mainland David A, acct, h w s Fishers rd 
Maldicr l-Vdk W. lab. li i;5 Eilen ay 

Mann Walter, h 488 St Johns rd 

Marlow Chas Ivs 104 Eileen av 

Marrett Edwd, blrmkr, h 47 Bernice cres 

Marrett Violet, tel opr, Us 47 Bernice cres 

Marshall Geo H, h 1 Eileen av 

Martin Olive stenog, Ivs Wm R Martin 

Martin Thos G, elect, h 5 Florence cres 

Martin Wm R, mkt gdnr, h n s Dundas w 

Marx Karl, mkt gdnr, s s Dundas w 

Mason Ernest, mgr and sec Lambton Golf & County 
Club, h w s Scarlett rd 

Mason Henry, grinder, h 3991 Dundas w 

Mason Irene, Ivs 3991 Dundas w 

Mason John, Ivs 3991 Dundas w 

MaSon Thos, brklyr, h 6 Lessard 

Mason Wilbert, mldr, Irs 3991 Dundas w 

Mason Wilbert Mrs, gro, 619 Dundas w 

Massey Anne F Mrs, h 596 Jane 

Massey Arthur, vardmn MorraU's, Ivs 596 Jane 

Massey Saml, Ivs 596 Jane 

Mathers Fredk, asst H Phillips, h s s Government rd 

Mathers J T, plstr, h s s Bannon ay 

Mathers Jas R Jr, Ivs Jas T Mathers 

Mavety Albert F, phy, h 1 Baby Point rd 

Maxwell Wm K, firemn, h 121 Watson av 

May Augustus, carp, h 43 St Marks rd 

McCallum Whitney, elk, h 124 Watson ay 

McClinchy Elizth, h n s Goverment rd 

McClure Annie, tchr Lambton Park Public School, res 

McCormacfc Albert, mach, Ivs 154 Eileen ar 

McCormack Christopher, pntr, h 154 Eileen ay 

McCutchen Frank J, h s s Dundas w, cor Lambton rd 

McDevitt Danl J, mach, h 163 Brookside ay 

McElroy Jas, mach, h 3619 Dundas w 

McFaxland Geo, machine hand C P R, h w s Fishers rd 

McGiffin Clare V, arch, h s Mosson rd 

McGraw Jos, painter, h 156 Brookside ay 

McGrow Wm C, carp, h w s Wairen cres 

Mcllhargey Jos, h 14 Lessard 

McKay Alex, carp, h 18 White av 

McKenzie Beatrice (wid Danl M), h 72 Humber cres 

MeKira Herbert A, h 5 Baby Point cres 

McKinley Jas, shpr, h 63 Methuen av 

McKinnon Fredk, carp, h 114 Brookside ay 

McKinnon Mabel (wid John) , h w s Lambton rd 

McLaughlin John, lab, h 60 Harshaw 

Mt-Laiighlin Robt, moto dvr, Ivs John Rhodes 

McLean Jas, h 82 Eileen av 

Menzies Malcolm, btchr, h 4 Florence cres 

Mercer Fredk M, carp, h w s Lambton rd 

Merrall Alex, cond, h 95 Eileen ay 

Metcalfe Thos. rubber wrkr, h 20 Harshaw 

Miller Albert E, bakery 485 St Johns rd 

Miller Wm. h 61 Florence cres 

Milligan Ernest, florist, Ivs J J Milligan a s Dundas 

Milligan John J, florist, s s Dundas w 

Milner Arthur, lab, h e s Fishers rd 

.Minimi Wesley D. h 144 Broolrside ar 

Mimico Lodge No 369. A F & A N, H Durrani WOT 
Master. A T Phillips Secty, Masonic Hall n s Dun- 
das west 

Mitchell Birnie, Ivs 479 St Johns rd 

Mitchell Georgina (wid Harry), h 479 St Johns rd 

Molsons Bank (br), Wm T Douglas mgr, n s Dundas w 

M')'>re Geo. pc, h 119 Brookside ay 

Morgan Marcel T, h 33 Baby Point cres 

Morley Jas A, boiler mkr, h 3 Eileen av 

Morley John, stenog, h 161 Brookside ay 

.Morley Reta C, fnshr, Ivs 161 Brookside ar 

M'.rtim'Te Andrew G, h 26 Scarlett rd 

Mortimore Bessie A Mrs, gro 26 Scarlett rd 

Mortimore Ellen G, elk, Ivs 26 Scarlett rd 

Mortimore Rosa E, stenog, Ivs 26 Scarlett rd 

Mortimore Vera, tele opr, Ivs 26 Scarlett rd 

Mortimore Winnifred, slsldy, Ivs 26 Scarlett rd 

Mnrton Edvfd J, h 35 Raymond a? 

Morton Ethel, slsldy, Ivs 63 Methuen ay 

Mosdell Chas W. proof reader, h 150 Broolside av 

Moss Arnold, h 154 Watson av 

Mountford Geo, plstr, h 134 Pritchard at 

Moyle Arthur, shoe repr 3519 Dundas w, h 105 Bernice 

Moyle Ernest, h 116 Eileen at 

Napier Wilhelmina, h 158 Eileen av rhas, shpr, h s s Mills 

Ncal Geo, carp, h 16 Bernice cres 

Neville Raul. C I' I! rarmn. h lnr. Pritehard ar 

Neville Henry, brklyr, h 18 Mildred av 

\i-ulmc Oeo, carp, h w s Perry ay 

Newton John, h n s ntimias w 

Nicoll <:;, I) 57 Warren cres 

Nichols Walter, optician, h 530 Jane 

n Fredk W, pntr, h 15 Thornhill av 

ii'Hearn Jos, shpr, h 42 Mrthuen ay 
j Owen Wm J, painter, h s s Dundas ff 



>ueen*8 Hotel 

Ad. 2080 

F.H. GOOCH, Phone N.I 243 


26 Wellington St. E. 




Machinists 1 and Carpenters' Tools 



PHONES MAIN 94. 95, 3585 

Packe Alfred, Ivs 30 Watson av 
Pate Henry J, carmn CPR. h 38 Methuen av 
Painter Geo, btchr, h 134 Eileen av 
Patrick Edwin, roofer, li 35 Harshaw 
Parrott Geo, shoemkr, h n s Goveraraent rd 
Parsons Chas. leather ctr. h 582 Jane 
Patterson Henry, lab, h 82 Bernice ores 
Patterson Wm, Ivs Henry Patterson 
Peplow John A, stmftr, h 93 Bernice cies 
Pepper Moses, h 73 Bernice cres 
Perrin Bessie, pckr, Ivs 74 Florence cres 
Perrin Jos, h 74 Florence cres 
Pliillips Harry, gro. s s Dundas w , h w s Fisher rd 
Phillips Harry, h n s Government rd cor Fisher rd 
Phillips Jas T, elk, Us Mrs Rebecca Phillips 
Phillips llebecca 'vrirl Wm), h n s Government rd 
Pickard Jean, Its 24 Eileen av 
Pickard Rose, Ivs 24 Eileen av 
Pickard Sidney, lab, h 24 Eileen av 
Pickering Oscar R. elect, h s s Dundas w 
Pidgeon Arthur, pntr, h e s Fisher rd 
Piggott Alfred, carp, h 70 Florence Cres 
Pimlott llichd. lab, h e s Millwood av 
Plow ('has. tool mkr, h 6 Eileen av 
Podgers Harold, carp, h 93 Eileen av 
Pi.wcll Arthur W. lab, h s s Dundas v 
Powell (Jeo, pntr Ford Auto, h 52 Harshaw 
Prentice Robt, h 13 Bernice cres 
Pressley Thos. mkt gdnr. h 3.177 Dundas w 
Pi ice Ernest, lab, h 79 Hrookside av 
Pritchard Frank, h 171 Broiikside av 
Procter Jas, tmstr, h 100 Eileen av 
Quarrington Eudice, mus tchr, Ivs 130 Eileen av 
Quarrington \Vm, lab, li 130 Eileen av 
Quin Wm H, lab, h 41 St Marks rd 
'liadford Chas H, rarp, h 32 Methuen av 
Radford Elsie, Ivs 32 Methuen av 
Radford Lillian, mlnr, Ivs 32 Methuen av 
Ralph Cyril, h 712 Jane 
Ralston Chas, agt. h e s Lambton rd 
Ralston Leonard C, dvr, Ivs Chas Kalston 
Ramsay John A. mldr, h 169 Brookside av 
Kaiisuni Leonard J. plstr, h 39 Eileen av 
Rashleigh Florence M, confr, 317 Jane 
Rayner Augustus L, carp, li 117 Bernice ores 
Rayner Dorothy, stenog, Ivs 117 Bernice cres 
Reed J, h 130 Watson av 
Reidford Jas, carp, h 25 Brookside av 
Renahan Wm J, tmstr, Ivs 109 Brookside av 
Rhodes Arthur, piano tuner, h e s Elliott av 
Rhodes John, !i w s Fishers rd 
Rice Frank A, pntr, h 70 Warren cres 
Richards John, h 17 Brook av 
Riddell Clara, Ivs 31 Brookside av 
Riddell Evien, blksmth, h 8 Florence cres 
Riddell Ewen jr blksmth, h 10 Florence cies 
Riddell Philip, carp, h El Brookside av 
Roadhouse Anson, shpr, h c s Fishers rd 
Ilohtrts Frank A, rivetter, h 104 Brookside av 
Robins Harry, carp, h 156 Eileen av 
Robinson Chas, painter, h 487 St Johns rd 
Robinson Elizth, Ivs 487 St Johns rd 
Robinson Geo, Ivs 80 Bernice cres 
Ki binson Geo II, moto, h 80 Bernice cres 
Robinson Thos, engr, h 39 Methuen av 
Rogers Evelyn G, slsldy Harry Phillips, Ivs J G Rogers 
Rogers Fred H, florist, Ivs John G Rogers 
Rogers John G, harness mkr, n s Dundas w, h same 
Rothwell Jos H. carp, h 5 Mildred av 
Roulston Iva, crop Swifts Co, h e s Church 
R*land Ceo, assembler, h 173 Brookside av 
Rass Bernard J, tmstr, h 101 Brookside av 
Russell Geo H, h 12 Florence cres 
Rtistcn Geo, moto, h 132 Watson av 
Rutledge Thos, sheet metal vfkr, h n s Dundas w 
!!\rif Wm, bldr, h 15 Methuen av 
Sai-kt-tt Gordon, mach, Ivs Wm Strong 
Saffrey Bert, plstr, Ivs 113 Humber cres blvd 
Sanderson Wm J, h 41 Thornhill av 
Saunders Edwin P, mkt gdnr s s Dundas w 
Schofleld John, Ivs 140 Brookside av 
Schofteld Jos. carp, h 28 White av 
Schofleld Richd J, h ~> Haishaw 
Schrier Ernest G, tool mkr, h w s Lambton rd 
Scott Addie (wid Harry), h s s Government rd 
9tott Isaac, geul contr, h e s Fishers rd 
Scott Laura, stenog, Ivs Isaac Scott 
Scott Margt, Ivs Issac Scott 
Scott Thos, stkpr, h 30 Wats av 
Scott Wm J, mach, h 3979 Dundas w 
Seabrook Arthur F, Ivs 2 Eileen av 
Seabrook Chas N, Ivs 2 Eileen av 
Seabrook Jas, brklyr, h 2 Eileen av 
Seager John It, plmbr, h 288 Jane 
Self Jas E. shpr, h ins Watson av 
Selvage Donald, h 8 Eileen av 
Shannon Chas, h 66 Eileen av 

Shan) Jos, gro, 315 Jane 

Shaw Alfred, pdlr, h 89 Eileen av 

Sheffield Edwd, draughtsman, h s s Government rd 

Sheppard Wm, h 146 Brookside av 

Slieppard Wm E, carp, h 83 Berniee cres 

Sheniff Kllen (will Wm), h 38 Harshaw 

Sherriff Martha, drsmkr, Ivs 38 Harshaw 

Sherrilt Robt, glass ctr,, Ivs 38 Harshaw 

Shilling Florence (wid Lewis) , h e s Lambton rd 

Shipton Ernest, engr, h 71 Eileen av 

Shultz Josephine, steuog, Ivs Robt Shnltz 

.Shultz Robt Jr. elk, Ivs Robt Shultz 

Shiiltz Robt, messgr, h w s Millwood av 

Siebelink Garrot, draughtsmn, Ivs 97 Pritchard av 

Siebelink Geo T, baker, h 97 Pritchard av 

Simpson Ernest G, gro 2 Bernice cres, h same 

Simpson Hector, hkpr, Ivs Jas A Simpson 

Simpson Jas A, acct, has Fergus av off Lambton rd 

Sims Ernest, Ivs 39 Humber Crest blvd 

Sims Harold N, h 35 Humber Crest blvd 

Sims Thos A, Ivs 39 Humber Crest blvd 

Sims Wm, h 39 Humber Crest blvd 

Sims Wm P, h 71 Humber Crest blvd 

Skippen Albert, v>ks Canada Cycle Co, Ivs 95 Bernice cres 

Skippen Jas, carp, h 95 Bernice cres 

Skippen Olive, opr, Ivs 95 Bemice cres 

Sfcippen Wilfred J, carp, h 149 Bernice cres 

Small Henrietta, packer, Ivs 136 Eileen av 

Small llichd, vratchmn, h 136 Eileer. a 

Small Richd jr, Ivs 136 Eileen av 

Smith Chas W arch, h 602 Jane 

Smith Euphemia (wid Robt), h 606 Jane 

Smith Fredk W, lab, h 604 Jane 

Smith Fredk J, painter, h 10 Harshaw 

Smith Herbert H, Ivs 606 Jane 

Smith Loftus R (Smith's Planing Mill), Ivs 606 Jane 

Smith Peter, bkbndr, h 107 Brookside av 

Smith Walter, h 66 Watson av 

Smith Wilbert, emp Hydro, h w s Church 

Smith's Planing Mill (Chas W, Heibert H, Loftus R and 

Freilk Smith), 606 Jane 
Smyth Neil A. h s s Government rd 
Snyder Catherine, sfenog, Ivs John Newton 
Snyder Genevieve, studt, Ivs John Newton 
Spence Thos, tlr, h 50 Methuen av 
Spencer John A, h 60 Eileen av 
Spencely Wm E, h 158 Biookside av 
Springett Hany, h 58 Eileen av 
Springett Wm, h 11 Bernice cres 

Sproule C J, prin Lambton Park Public Schl, res Toronto 
Stagg Fredk G, h 16 Scarlett rd 
Stainsby Annie (wid Jos), Ivs 8 Raymond av 
Stainsl'.v Isaac W, carp, h s s Dundas w 
Stallwoithy Wm, h 5 Baby Point cres 
Stantial Emily, h 54 Lessard 
Stevenson Peter, h 3993 Dundas w 
Stewart John, h 2 St Marks rd 
Stewart Pearl, Ivs Wm Stewart 
Stewart Wm R. gdnr, h w s Fishers rd 
Stiff Danl, elect, h 39 Harshaw 
Still Ernest E, plstr, Ivs S White av 
Still Harold T, lab, Ivs 8 White av 
Still Thos, lab, h 8 White av 
Stocks Geo, carp, 'h 47 Harshaw 
Stokes Horace S, elk Can Exp Co, h 13 Florence cres 
Strong Henry F, brklyr, h n s Dundas w 
Strong Wm, painter, h s s Government rd 
Studley Walter, cond, h 3983 Dundas w 
Sturrock Margt (wid Patk), Ivs Annie Best 
Styles Alex, yardmn, h 166 Watson av 
Suggett Geo, carp, h n s Dundas w 
Suggett Geo jr. Ivs Geo Suegett 
Suggett Jas E, constable, Ivs Mrs Janet Suggett 
Suggett Janet (wid Wm), h n s Dundas w 
Summerfteld Richd, h 126 Eileen av 
Swanwicfc Saml, postman, h 11 Harshaw 
Talbot Harry, stmftr Gunns, h 119 Watson av 
Taylor Ales, lab, h 123 Watson av 
Taylor Ernest, printer, h 181 Watson av 
Taylor Herbert, yardmn, h 119 Bernice cres 
Taylor Janet, Ivs 123 Watson av 
Taylor Lionel, stablemn, h 1 St Marks rd 
Taylor Saml, uphol, Ivs 123 Watson av 
Taylor Wm E, elk, Us 160 Brookside av 
Thompson Alfred, lab, h 9 Watson av 
Thomson Hotit, bldr, h n s Dundas w 
Tier Thos. gdnr, h 3977 Dundas w 
Tims Jas, elk, Ivs 7 St Marks rd 
Tims Louisa (wid Chas), h 7 St Marks rd 
Tims Wm, chauff, Ivs 7 St Marks rd 
Tipper Harold, Ivs 69 Florence cres 
Tipper Herbert, h 69 Florence cres 
Todd Doris, packer Ivs Robt Todd 
Todd Robt, h e s Warren cres 
Tumlin Edwd, yardmn, h 148 Watson a 
Tom] in Richd W, piano mkr. h 532 Jane 

Toms Edith, emu Kodak Co, Ivs Geo Toms 
Toms Geo, toolmkr, h s s Oakview av 
Tonkin Edwd R, piano regulator, h 481 St Johns rd 
Tonkin Wm C, plshr, h 5 Watson at 
Toionto Suburban Ry, 4006 Dundas w 
Townley Sidney, assemblr, h 21 St Marks rd 
Traplin Eliza (wid John). Ivs John R Berry 
Traplin Tessie, elk, Ivs 3981 Dundas w 
Tiaplin Wm J, painter, h 3981 Dundas w 
Tricker David, lab, h 64 Bernice cres 
Trimbee Ernest J, gdnr, h s s Dundas w 
Trimbee Evelyn, bkbndr, Ivs Ernest J Trimbee 
Trinkwon Wm, driver, h 146 Watson av 
Tunbridge Clifford, carp, h 24 Watson av 
Turner Geo, carp, h 29 Florence cres 
Turner Wm, lab, h 135 Brookside av 
Tye Harold H, blksmth n s Dundas w, h e s Lambton td 
Tyler Hany, lab, h s s Dundas w 
Tyler Lilly, tel opr, Ivs s s Dundas w 
Tyndall Wm T, stockpr Willys Overland, h 86 Brook- 
side av 

rslwr Norman, h 22 White av 
Valentine FJsie, bkpr, Ivs Annie Knibbs 
Valentine John, Ivs Annie Knibbs 
Vauirhan Jos, plmbr, h 26 Florence cres 
Vintelli Herman, h 3565 Dundas w 
Vintelli Tony, lab, Ivs 3565 Dundas w 
Waddington Jeremiah, mldr, h 81 Brookside av 
Wanstaff Jas, lab, h 152 Watson av 
Walker John H, cahtmkr, h 143 Bernice cres 
Walker Richd, h w s Lambton rd 
Walmsley Jos, bkpr, h 116 Brookside av 
Walters Geo. h 69 Harshaw 
Wanstall Jos B, h 18 Lydon av 
Ward Wm, pdlr, h 590 Jane 
Warren Josiah, wdwkr Kodak Co, h 70 Warren cres 
Watkins John W, plstr, h s s Dundas w 
Watkins John jr, plstr, h s s Dundas w 
Watts Wm, wire drawer, h 39 Florence cres 
Watson Eleanor, Ivs Gordon Morgan 
Watson Fredk H, carp, h 135 Bernice cres 
Watson Hazel, Ivs Gordon Worgan 
Waiigh Harry, h 58 Methuen av 
Webb Wm, h s s Bannon av 
Webster Harry, brklyr, h 180 Eileen av 
Weed Geo H, carp, h 16 Methuen av 
Weegnun Fredk, h 8 Mettraen av 
Wells Laura, Ivs Wm Wells 
Wells Wm, gdnr, h s Lambton rd 
Welsh John, brklyr, Ivs 19 St Marks rd 
Wharton John, flremn CPR. h 74 Watson av 
White Annie, opr, Ivs 41 Florence cres 
White Fredk G, carp, h 4 Eileen av 
White Jas, painter, h 50 Watson av 
White Morley stereo, h 10 Bradley av 
White Wm. carp, h 41 Florence cres 
Wilbpe Victor, h 77 Brookside av 
Wildash Albert, brklyr, h 115 Bernice cres 
Wilkinson Thos, Ivs 109 Humber Crest blvd 
Wilson Emma (wid Fredk), h 3613 Dundas w 
Wilson Geo. barber 3521 Dundas w, Ivs 3613 same 
Wilson .Matthew, gdnr, Ire 3613 Dundas w 
Wilson Owen, packer, h 47 St Marks rd 
Wilson Pell, tinsmth, Ivs 3613 Dundas w 
Wilson Thos A, lab. Ivs Henry F Strong 
Winson Arthur, Ivs 17 White av 
Winson Krnest, Ivs 17 White av 
Winson Frank, plstr, h 20 White av 
Winson Fredk W. h 67 Florence cres 
Winson Jos, plstr. h 17 White av 
Winter Norman, bkpr, h s s Government rd 
Wixson Jacob, h 85 Watson av 
Wixson Jas. Ivs 85 Watson av 
Wixson Lydia Ivs 85 Watson av 
Wogden Thos, btchr, h 78 Bernice cres 
Woodard Clifford, hlpr, Ivs 119 Humber Crest blvd 
Woodard Harry, slsmn, Ivs 119 Humber Crest blvd 
Woodard Jas. driver Ehy Blain. h 119 Humber Crest blvd 
Wordcock Allen .E, storekpr, h 3617 Dundas w 
Wood,- Albert, mkt gdnr w s Gooch av, h same 
Woods Chas, Ivs Albert Woods 
Woods Wm, flremn CPR, h 14 Watson av 
Worgan Chas, gdnr, Ivs Jeanette Worgan 
Worgan Gordon, opr Hydro, h s s Dundas w 
Worgan Jeanette (wid Henry),' h e s Church 
Worgan Ralph, gdnr, h e s Church 
Wright Henry slsmn, h n s Government rd 
Wright Herbert E, cavp, h 72 Bernice cres 
Wiinht Percy R, arch, h 52 .Baby Point cres 
Wright Thos P, bldr, h 50 Baby Point cres 
Wrinch Warwick, h e s Fishers rd 
Wyatt John, lab, Ivs 46 Watson av 
Wyllic Wm G. moto. h 14 Bernlce cres 
Vates Thos. carp, h 75 Eileen av 
Younger Thos, h 15 Brook av 




Fraser Avenue - Toronto 




lit" 1 

PhoneADELAIDE 1962 



(Including adjoining settlement in Scarbofo twp). A 
suburb north east of Danforth ay, free miles from 
the City Hall. Post Office Coleman. Take Broadview 
car to end of line, theme civic car on Danforth at 
to end of line (Dawes rd). 

Abraham Gladys, elk, Ivs 143 Gledhill av 

Abraham John, carp, h 143 Gledhill at 

Abraham John, lab, h 394 Meagher av 

Addison Walter, brklyr, h 10 Secord av 

Agnew Alex, firemn. h 208 Gledhill av 

Agnew Jas, mach, h 477 Main 

Aitkins Wm, carp, h 404 Main 

Akenfeldt Carl, gdnr, h 478 Main 

Albert Wm, carp, h 103 Gledhill av 

Aldborough Wm, confy & tobac, 228 Gledhill av h same 

Aldridge John, moto, h 370 Main 

Allen Harry R, drvr. h 27 Rosevear av 

Allen Henry, h 15 Croydon 

Allen Henry, carp, h 41 Eastbourne av off Dawes rd 

Anderson Alfred, stockpr, h 45 King Edward av 

Anderson Rnbt, eng, h 191 Harrington av 

Anderson Wm, brklyr, h 167 King Edward at 

Andrews Chas. oper. h 145 King Edward av 

Andrews M Roy. elk, h 100 Harrington av 

Andrews Ralph, ell, h 157 fiarrington at 

Anstiss Richd, elect, h 129 Gledhill av 

Antill Frank, plstr, Ivs 34 Palmer av 

Anthony Harold, tool mkr, h 243 Gledhill av 

Appleby Trios, driver, h 26 Ethel av 

Armstrong John, lab. h 110 Harrington av 

Armstrong John T, rhaiiff. h 108 Harrington av 

Ashby Albert E, tmstr, h 448 Meagher av 

Atkin Albert J V. carp, h 411 Westlake af 

Atkinson Chas I. baker, h 145 Gledhill av 

Atkinson Jas. pkr. h 323 Gledhill av 

Atkinson John W. wood tur, h 175 King Edward iv 

Avis Fred G, elk. h 51 Eastdale av 

Bailey John B. slsmn h fiO BwringtW av 

Baillie Wm, plstr, h 147 Harrington av 

Bain Ainslee L, chef, h 116- Barrington av 

Baker Plus, slsmn h 32 Gledliill av 

Biker Harry, mach, h 146 Gledhill av 

Baldry Alfred, deeortr, h 1720 Danforth av 

Ball Childs, mach. h 181 Gledhill av 

Baldwin Harold, tmtsr, h 107 Dawes rd 

Baldwin John T. plmbr h 218 Gledhill av 

Balmer Jos. h 151 Gledhill av 

Bamber Riehd. brklyr, h 24 Eastdale av- 

Bangay Alfred, nail mkr, h 14 Rosevear av 
Bangay Percy, tmstr, h 14 Rosevear av 

Banks Stephen, tmstr, b 55 Valley rd 

Banning Pmval E, bkpr, h 20 Kins Edward av 

Bannister Frank E, h 78 Kng Edward ar 

Bannister Tims, chemist, h 121 King Edward av 

Barber Lawrence J, mach, h 19 Palmer av 

Bardtll Edwd. jeweller, h 07 Gledhill av 

Bartiam Eliztli (wid Wm), h 209 Cliisholm av 

Barium auto maeh, h 273 Chisholm av 

Barham Harold, auto mech, h 269 Chisholm av 

Barnes Allen, h 44 Dentonia Park av 

Barrett Fredk, tmstr. h 75 Barrinst.m av 

Barrett Helen (wid Jas), h 6 Midland av 

Barrnw Thos W. engnr, h 54 Everett av 

Bartholomew Wm J, slsmn, h 11 Walnut av 

Bartlett Ralph elect mech, Ivs 243 Gledhill av 

Basset t Anna E Ivs 3% Main 

Bates Caleb, h 377 Wallingt av 

Bates Herbert E, engr, h 70 Barrington av 

Baxter Archd, lab, h 20 Eastbourne av off Dawes rd 

Baxter John, lab, h 14 Eastbourne av off Dawes rd 

Beadle Tims. drvr. h 305 Glcilhill av 

Beattie Alice, nurse, h 2A Newman av 

Realty May Mr-, maeh, h 265 Gledhill av 

Beokford G Wm, fnremn, h 86 King Edward av 

Bcllum Geo II, stm ftr, h 69 Barrington av 

Bell Walter, h 1 Hampstead av 

Hell Wm, ;'Pi Kit' IK li 417 Main 

Benson Harry, gro, h 29 l;oseve;ir av 

Bentley Thos, lab, h 416 Westlake av 

Berkinsliaw Geo. mach, av 

Botswnrth Geo, packer, h 239 Gledhill av 

Bishop Ernest C, ?\<mn. h 72 Barrington av 

Black Wm. h M Gle.lH- 

Blackburn Percy D, chauff. h 27 Secnrd av 

Blackloek Wm. trimmer, h 464 Main 

Bland Thos, mach, h 50 Eastdale av 

Bloom John, farmer, h 32 King Edward av 

Blowing Stanley P. tmstr. h ri'i Vallej rJ 

Bongartz Cris. li ~ Ro*<n 

Botmer Geo H, h 42 Doncaster av 

Bott Cha< W. stenog, Ivs 419 Main .h< II. lab. h 419 Main 

l! (lei), drtr, li 22C, Gledliill av 

Brads-haw Hi'ibi'rt. earp, h 38fl Main 

Brady John A, carp, h 162 Barrington av 

Branson Wm E, carp, h 132 Gledhill av 

Brazier Jas W, brtlyr, h 289 Gledhill av 

Brazier Thos, brklyr, h 291 Gledhill av 

Breen Thos. lab. h 427 Main 

Brekdale Gertrude, nurse, 100 Gledhill av 

Briggs Fredk G. jwl polshr, h 38 Eastdale av 

Briggs Fredk G jr, plmbr, Ivs 38 Eastdale av 

Briggs Ivy E, opr, Ivs 38 Eastdale ar 

Brisbin Harold V, eng, h 16 Rosevear av 

Brittain Wm, brklvr, h 151 King Edward av 

Britton Fredk C, plmbr, h 266 Gledhill av 

Britton Thos F, brklyr, h 497 Main 

Brown Albert, porter, h 13 Midland av 

Brown Aler, carp, h 83 Gledhill av 

Brown Arnold, slsmn, Ivs 9 Walnut av 

Brown Arthur, carp, h 487 Main 

Brown Chas A. steam ftr, h 224 Gledhill av 

Brown Charlotte, Ivs 9 Walnut av 

Brown Harvey I, action mkr, h 40 King Edward av 

Brown John T, ins agt, h 12 Eastdale av 

Brownell Geo, ins agt, h 339 Main 

Bryant Fredk J, h 16 Ethel av 

Buehan John, carp, h 1 King Edward av 

Buchanan Thos, Ivs 237 Gledhill av 

Budd Jas H, h 157 Chisholm av 

Burdett John C, gro, 225 Gledhill av h same 

Burford Henry A, carp, h 317 Crewe av 

Burford Winnifred, opr, Ivs 317 Crewe av 

Burgess Paul, h 17 Sibley av 

Burrows Harry, elk, h 18 Midland av 

Burrous John I!, lab. li 154 Kins Edward av 

Cady John, earp, h 97 Gledhill av 

Campbell Allen, tmstr, h 3 Midland av 

Campbell David, tmstr, h 15 Midland av 

Campbell Ernest J, lab, h 1 Valley rd 

Campbell Hector, night \jatchmn, h 136 Bamngton av 

Campbell Jas, firemn GTR, h 97 Barrington av 

Campbell John, elk P 0, h 261 Chisholm av 

CantriU Jas, lab, h S3 King Edward av 

Cantrill John, lab. h 93 King Edward av 
Capper Saml, plmbr. h 173 GledhiU av 

Care Caroline (wid Wm), Ivs 337 Main 

Care Thos B, maeh, h 337 Main 

Care T Henry, slsmn, Ivs 337 Main 

Carey Geo F, h 18 Dentonia Park av 

Carey Henry, lab, Ivs 28 Palmer av 

Carey John, driver, h 28 Palmer av 

Carey Walter, blksmth. h 1 Sibley av 

Carlisle Jas A, cabtmkr, h 460 Cunard av 

Carriek Wm. ydmn. h 41 Thyra av 

Carswell Ethel, h 190 Gledhill av 

Carter Bertram, carp, h 455 Main 

Cartwright John, chkr GTR. h 7 Talhot av 

Caton Geo F, drvr. h 8 Palmer av 

Caton Walter, h 96 Palmer av 

Caunce Alfred, Ivs lf>0 Barrington av 

Caunce Edwd, grdnr, h 160 Barrington av 

Caunce Edwd Jr, Ivs 160 Bamngton av 

Caunce Herbert, Ivs 160 Barrington av 

Caunce Wm. grdnr, Ivs 160 Barrington av 

Chapman Chas H (Chapman Bros), h 104 Dawes rd 

Chapman Halsey W (Chapman Bros), h 102 Dawes rd 

Chapman Harry, carp, h 30 King Edward av 

Charleton Ernest, safe bldr, h 4 Eastdale av 

Charlrtnn Richd J, furrier, h 122 Chisholm av 

Chei-sman Alfred J, carp, h 4 .".3 Main 

Chezzie Ernest, Ivs 4 Dentonia Park av 

Chiprierneld Arthur E. plmbr, h 414 Main 

Clark Chas, elk, Ivs 237 Gledhill av 

Clark Malcolm, ens, h 72 King Edward av 

Clark Peter, carp, h 237 Gledhill av 

Clark Richd H, btehr, h 67 King Edward av 

Clarke Albert, porter GPO, h 33 King Edward av 

Clarke Benj. lab, h 18 Second av 

Clarke Geo M, cond, h 29 Palmer av 

Clarke Henry E, lab. h Palmer av 

Claiki' Jas. lab, h 450 Measher av 

Clarke Wm. lab, h 53 Eastdale av 

(Tijti.ii Ri.l.t. brklyr, h 57 Eastdale av 

Cleaver John, gilnr. li 177 Barrington av 

dealer Kate, sro 175 Barrington av. Ivs 177 same 

Cleavo John, brklyr, h 148 King Edward a? 

decs ('has E. lab. h 28 Ethel av 

Cleghorn John, tool mkr, h 7A Rosevear av 

Arthur B. elk, h 4fi Dentonia Park av 

Cobb John W, elk. h 174 Chishnlm av 

Cockburn Wm, gro 335 Main, h 333 same 

Cocking Bert, maeh, h B Newman av 

Clicking Stephen, earp. h fil Deiit..nia Park a? 

Cole Jas A. h 8 King Edward av 

her av 

C.'lwell Alfred, auto marl), li 8 Secord av 

Conk Mi.: h '1\ Ii.iit..nia Park av 

Cooke Arthur, elk. h 97 Chisholm at 

\l, ship earp. h 21 Ethel av 

1. clr, h 173 Chisholm av 

Cooper Thos, elk, h 1 Midland av 

Cope H, ctr, h 446 Main 

Cotbett Alf, carp, h 47 Dentonia Park av 

Cordingley Wm F, chauff, h 17 Midland av 

Corlett Ernest, gro 421 Westlake av, h same 

Cornutt Edwd, h 71 Gledhill av 

Cortelli Ernest, elk, h 25 Palmer av 

Coshall Geo, lab, h 205 Barrington av 

Cosser Robt, mach, h 171 King Edward av 

Cotton Albert E, dk, h 46 Eastdale av 

Cottrill Walter, ink maker, h 8J Gledhill aT 

Cowling Arthur, blksmth, h 6 Rosevear av 

Craig Lloyd W, auto mech, h 47 Eastdale av 

Craig Marian (wid John), h 169 Barrington av 

Craig Murray, Ivs 169 Barrington av 

Crandell Annie, h 4 Newman av 

Cranton Susan, h 486 Cuoard av 

Creek Peter, btchr & gro, 83 Palmer av, h same 

Crews Geo, hatter, Ivs 6 Seeord av 

Cripps Wm. eomm artist, h 131 Gledhill av 

Crook Wm T. stone ctr, h 426 Main 

Cruieksliank Wm G, pntr, h 1'48 Barrington av 

Craickshanks Ceo, gro 1690 Danforth at, h same 

Cummings Walter, carp, h 315 GledhUl av 

Cutler Albert, h 486 Cunard ai 

Cutting Percy H, carp, h 56 Eastdale av 

Dainty Frank, elect, h 21 Dentonia Park av 

Dalby Edwd J, mach, h 1 Epsom av 

Dane Alfred J, seaman, h 70 Gledhill av 

Darby Ernest, slsmn. h 41 Sibley av 

Darby Mary J (wid Wm), h 1686 Danforth av 

Darey Midil, pntr, h 2 Secord av 

Darwin Louis, mach, h 80 C.atwiek av 
Datchlor Fredk G, slsmn, h 174 Barrington av 
David Jas J, barber, h 4 Midland av 
Davis Albert E, confy, 104 Harrington av, h same 
Davis Alfred, J, blksmth, h 494 Westlake a? 

Davis Loton, blksmth, h 53 Sibley av 

Davis Saml, glove mkr. h 130 Dawes rd 

Davy Herbert, upholsterer, h 141 Gledhill av 

Day Thos, bootmkr. h 91 Gledhill av 

Deans Jos B, jwlr, h 33 Palmer av 

Death Geo, mach, h 382 Meagher 

Delatigne Herbert, elk, h 45 Sibley a? 

Dell Robt J, painter, h 27 Palmer av 

De Sallis H N, gro, h 89 GledhUl a? 

Dickinson Horace J, cab driver, h 149 King Edward at 

Diggle Henry R, elk, h 26 King Edward at 

Dobson Fredk, tmstr, Ivs 89 Gledhill av 

Dobson John R, mach, h 33 Rosevear av 

Doggrell Noah, carp, h 430 Main 

Doggrell Wm A, switchmn, h 174 Epsom av 

Donaldson Saml, lab, h 49 King Edward at 

Donson Bernard, sign painter Eaton's, h 83 Westlake av 

Douglas Thos H, printer, h 182 Barrington at 

Dowey Jas, elk P 0, h 2 Eastdale av 

Downham Frank, plstr, h 69 Valley rd 

Downs Chas W, leather wkr. h 52 King Edward at 

Duckworth Harry, carp, h 411 Main 

Dunn John, h 23 Sibley av 

Durant Roht D, tile setter, h 407 Westlake av 

Duthoit Jas A, mach, h 53 Dentonia Park at 

Dutton Geo, car repr, li 385 Main 

Edgeler Hanley, carp, h 110 Westlake av 

Easun Lily, fur opr, Ivs 241 Gledhill at 

Eason Victor, packer, h 241 Gledhill av 

Eastaugh Herbert J, driver, h 287 Chisholm at 

Easton Walter, timekpr. h 94 Palmer av 

Eby John A A, lab, h 16 Eastbourne av 

Edge Fredk E, printer, h 80 Hampstead ar 

Edwards Chas H, tmstr, h 94 King Edward at 
i >edk J, brklj-r, h 79 Westlake av 

Edwrda Wm, h 111 Dawes rd 

Ellis Albert, h 381 Main 

Emhletoii Wm, elect, h 37 Thyra av 

English Robt gro Dawes rd 

Eriksen Louis, tool mkr, h 33 Ethel ar 

Evans Harry, lab, Ivs 134 Barrington at 

Evans Harry, tmstr, h 417 Main 

Evans Hy C, hrklyr. h 134 Barrington av 

Evans John J. ]vs 134 Barrimt": 

Eians Wm H, elect, h S3 Barrington it- 
Ernest E. h 496 Westlake av 

Eierett Jos, h 199 Barrington av Andrew, lab. h 458 Cunard av 

Exley Christopher, garment ctr. h 1704 Danforth at 

Eyre John W, bldr. li 40 

Fair R Russell, ensr CNR. h 64 Barrington at 

Fairbank Harry, lab, li 31 Rosev. 

Farquhar Wm J, carp, h 402 Main 

Farrow Henry, lab, h 188 Barrington av 

Faulkner Geo, slsmn. h 23 Ethel at 

(has J, mach, h 16 Dentonia Park av 

Feeney Howard J, brkmkr, Ivs 494 Main 

Fecney Wm J, tmstr. h 494 Main 

Fell Thus, h 375 Main 





Homes Furnished Complete. 36-38 QUEEN ST. EAST. Phone Main 1993. Open Evenings 


Fenson Geo, bldr, h 92 Gledhill af 

Ferguson Frank, mach. h 1 Dentonia Park av 

Ferguson Hector X. blrmkr. h 2 Newman at 

Fick Robt, cond, h 419 Meagher av 

Fick Wm. collr. h II'T Coleman at 

Field Edwd, plmbr, h 105 Palmer av 

Field Wm. brklyr, h 3 Dentonia Park av 

Finbow Horace G, h 407A Main 

Finch Thos J, road inspr, h 264 rhisholm av 

Findlay Fredk, carp, h 106 Harrington at 

Finley Richd. elect, h 37 Sibley av 

Fisher Ernest J. iron wkr, h 83% Palmer sv 

Fisher Fredk. timekpr, h 22 Dentonia Park at 

Fletcher Albert, driver, h 211 Chisbolm at 

Fletcher Jas, Its 58 Gledhill av 

Fletcher Norman, tlr, h 2 Croydon at 

Fletcher Norman, mason, Its 58 Gledhill av 

Fletcher Robt, mason, h 58 Gledhill av 

Flint Edgar E, police, h 3 Thyra av 

Koote Geo J, driver, h 188 Gledhill at 

Forman Geo, miller, h 422 Main 

Forsh Chas. mach, h 65 King Edward at 

Fossey Jos W, engr, h 217 Westlake at 

Foster Ernest H, lab GTR. h 137 Chisholm at 

Foster John, elk, h 249 Chisholm av 

Foster Jos J lab, h 122 Kins Edward at 

Foster Richd, lab, h 202 Gledhill af 

Foster Wm. mach, h 32 Palmer at 

Fowler Alex, shipper, h 110 Gledhill af 

Fox Ambrose, firemn, Its 33^ King Edward at 

Foxcroft Fredk. express, h 28 Sibley at 

Francis Wm. tinsmth, h 1736 Danforth if 

Frankish Thos. bldr. h 1 Walnut at 

Fraser Donald B, baker, h 6 Sibley at 

Fraser Walter W, mfrs agt, h 2 Midland at 

Frazer John G. elk, h 76 Chisholm at 
Furber Geo, dairyman, h 113 Dawes rd 
Fyfe Alex V R, exp, h 105 Dawes rd 

Gale Richd S, ctr. h 148 Gledhill av 

Gambell John W, elk, h 197 Harrington av 

Garbutt Mary A (wid Fredk W), h 231 Chisholm at 

Gardiner Geo, elk, h 29 Sibley av 

Gardiner Wm F, carp, h 82 Harrington av 

Gibbs John E, baker, h B7 Harrington av 

Gibbs Roht W, elect, h 184 Harrington av 

Gibsan Doris, mlnr, Ivs 43 King Edward if 

Gibson John, lab, h 441 Main 

Gibson Thos J. carp, h 43 King Edward at 

Gilbey Geo, webber, h 8 Newman at 

Gilding Geo, carp, h 95 Harrington av 

Giles Frank S, slsmn, h 31 Ethel av 

Giles Fredk, driver, h 56 Gledhill av 

Giles Jesse, shedmn, h 26 Palmer at 

Cillespie Edwd, Inland Rev officer, h 191 Gledhill av 

Gillespie G H, garage, h 7 King Edward av 

Gilpin Jas vV, postman, h 63 Harrington av 

Ginin Arohd M, h 343 Main 

Girvin Eliza, Its 343 Main 

Gledhill Thos, painter, h 37 Rosevear at 

Glillander Geo K, btchr, h 122 Gledhill w 

Godley Arthur, brklyr, h 272 Gledhill at 

Goodman John A, lab, h 6 King Edward at 

Goodman John II, express, h 1 Thyra av 

Goss Ernest, carp, Its 167 Gledhill at 

Goss Walter H. Wksmth, h 167 Gledhill av 

Gongh Wm E, vet surg, h 10 Sibley av 

Gough Wm E jr, florist, Ivs 10 Sibley if 

Gould Elva M, elk, Its 111 Gledhill at 

Gould Marvin, elk, h 90 Meagher 

Grant Andrew, farmer, h 140 Dawes rd 

Grant Jas, lab, h 101 Dawes rd 

Grant John, farmer hs 140 Dawes rd 

Grant Margt (wid Jas'J), Its 140 Dawes rd 

Grant Norman, elk, h lOl'/i Dawes rd 

Grasley John, exp elk, h 140 Chisholm av 

Green Ceo H, caretkr, h 35 Sibley av 

Green Jas ,carp, h 86 Harrington av 

Green Wm T. night watchmn, h 8 Eastdale av 

Greenhalgh Jas. h 65 Harrington at 

Greer Clare, elk, h 150 King Edward av 

Grey Albert, lab, h 3 Rosevear av 

firice Fredk S. chaulf, h 172 Gledhill av 

Griffin Thos, lab h 175 Chisholm av 

Grow Gilbert, cabtmkr, h 392 Meagher av 

Gunn Jas, carp, h 59 King Edward at 

Gurney Geo, shipper, h 401 Main 

Guyatt Thos, carder, h 382 Main 

Hade Harry S, carp, h 258 Gledhill at 

Hade Henry A, carp, h 10 Croydon 

Hague Thos A, carp, h 87 Harrington at 

Hainswortb Wm E, chautT, h 42 King Edward at 

Hall Geo, cabtmkr, h 23 Rosevear av 

Hall Joan, packer, h 39 King Edward av 

Hall Janet B, opr, Its 27 Ethel av 

Hall John F, packer, h 29 Ethel at 

Hall Joan S, stmftr, Ivs 27 Ethel av 

Hall Robt IV, carp, h 27 Ethel at 

Hall Wm. storekpr h 31) Kin;; Edward at 

Hull Wm B. carp, h 15 Ethel av 

Hallsday Francis, driver, h 51 Dentonia Park at 

Hamilton John, h 284 Westlake at 

Hamilton Saml, harness mkr, h 13 Rosevear av 

Hampson John, emp Con Gas Co, h 516 Main 

Hancock Walter, lab, h 285 Chisholm av 

Hardacre Wm. h 61 Dentonia Park av 

Harding Ernest, lab, h 414 Westlake av 

Hardman Harry H, lens grinder, h 237 Chisholm av 

Hardy Elizth (wid Harry), h 203 Chisholm av 

Harland John, shipper, h 11 Kins Edward av 

Harley Horace, lab, h 178 Harrington av 

Harman John, btcnr, h 50 King Edward at 

Harris Arthur L, letter carrier, h 155 King Edward av 

Harris David, lab, h 12 Secord 

Harrison Albert W, shoe ctr, h 458 Main 

Harrod Jos J, emp Can Wood Products, Ivs 231 Chisholm 


Harvey A Chas. brklyr, h 25 Sibley av 
Harvey Frank G, painter, h 88 Palmer av 
Hatch John P, postman, h 371 Main 
Hawkesworth Geo T, cabtmkr, h 268 Gledhill at 
Hayward Henry C E, carp, h 19 Ethel av 
Head Edwd, slsmn, h 387 Meagher 
Heal Chas E, stockpr, h 22 King Edward av 
Heard Arthur, h 247 Chisholm av 
Hebb Ernest W, h 73 Chisholm Gdns 
Henderson Jas, engr GTR, h 61 Harrington at 
Henry Walter, toolmkr, h 193 Harrington av 
Henon Andrew, cement tnshr, h 427 Cunard at 
Hickman Jos, h 8 Valley rd 
Higgins Geo F. baker, h 254 Gledhill av 
Higgins Thos B W, elk, h 288 Westlake av 
HigEins Thos W, baker, h 462 Cunard av 
Higginson John, lab. h 4 King Edward at 
Hill Chas, carp, h 63 Gledhill at 
Hill Fredk, elk, Its 65 Gledhill av 
Hill- John, mach, Its 138 Harrington at 
Hill Saml, driver, h 150 Harrington at 

! Hill Wm E. carp, h 65 Gledhill av 

I Hill Wm H, slsmn, Ivs 65 Gledhill av 

I Hillier Jos D, chauff, h 16 Seeord av 
Hinde John W, lab, h 493 Westlake av 
Hinds John, lab. h 93 Chisholm at 
Hinds Walker, driver, h 62 Meagher 
Hipper Reuben, carp, h 4 Palmer av 
Hnifekinson Francis, elect engr, h 406 Main 
Hoflirk Albert, carp, h 423 Meagher av 
Holloway Fredk J, engr, h 84 Palmer av 
Holmes Wm, h 42 Rosevear av 
Holt Alex, elk, h 4 Doncaster av 
Holt David J, stmftr, h 425 Main 
Holt Emily, mus tchr, h 37 King Edward av 
Holt Harry, shppr, h 37 King Edward av 
Hood Andrew, lab C N R, h 140 Gledhill av 
Hooker Harry, firemn, Ivs 335 Main 
Hooper H Wm, comp, h 221 Gledhill av 
Hopkins Edmond L, elk, h 403 Main 
Home Wm J, carp, h 38A Qentonia Park av 
Homer John W. lab, h 130 Harrington av 
Houston Hannah, stenog, Ivs 99 GledhM at 
Houston Jas, porter watchmn, h 99 Gledhill av 
Hmiston Mary, elk. Its 99 Gledhill av 
Howe Jos, firemn, h 160 Gledhill av 
Howe Ralph, ctr, h 176 Coleman av 
Howe Wm J, elk, h 48 Dentonia Park at 
Hindi Wm, lab, h 88 Gledhill at 
Howson Saml, lab, h 24 TJWitonia Park at 
Hoyland Agnes, opr. Its 66 Valley rd 
Hoyhnd Alice, drsmkr, Its 66 Valley rd 
Hoyland Annie (wid RobtJ . h 66 Valley rd 
Hoyland Ernest, carp, Its 66 Valley rd 
Hughes Arthur, lab h 442 Main 
Hughes Arthur, mach, h 399 Main 
Hughes John, bkpr, Its 98 Dawes rd 
Humphries Datid C, h 5 Walnut av 
Humphries Ernest G, mach, h 164 Gledhill av 
Hunt John, glass beveller, h 7 Walnut av 
Hnntington John, lab, h 87 Palmer av 
Hurrell Wm, car repr, h 193 Coleman at 
IliiMin Fredk, emp Gas Dept, h 21 King Edward at 
Hutchison Percy, chauff. h 64 Meagher 
Button Ceo, carp, h 1730 Danforth av 
Hutton Robt, shipper, h 1728 Danforth at 
Hyde Rcnj, Its 23 liosetear av 
Illing\vorth Angus, shipper,, h 161 King Edward at 
Imber Edmond, lab, h 32 Eastdale at 
Ingledew Courtney, slsmn, h 36 Secord av 
Ings Herbert, nv.u-h. h 20 Seencrd av 
Iiuram John, mach, h 410 Main 
Irvine Wm. h 12 Midland av 
Irving Benj, h 183 Gledhill av 
Jack Geo, lab, h 9 Valley rd 
Jackson Alfred, cement wkr, h 98 Palmer at 
Jackson Fredk S, elev opr, h 31 King Edward at 

JaJfray Fredk W, mfrs ajt, h 475 Main 

Jamison Wm J, ins agt, h 11 Rosevear at 

Jenkins Henry, carp, h 17 Ethel at 

Johnson Jay, sheet metal wkr, h 452 Meagher at 

Johnson Wm J, mach, h 94 Gledhill av 

Johnston Jas. mach h 10 Doncaster av 

Johnston Wm, elect, h 1738 Danforth at 

Jones Arthur, lab, h 42 Eastdale av 

Jones Geo, carp, h 430 Main 

Jones John S, shipper, h 256 Gledhill at 

Jones Saml, lab, h 48 Eastdale av 

Jones Wm, mach, h 13 King Edward at 

Jones. Wm J, h 185 Harrington at 

Jones Wm J, plstr, h 372 .Main 

Joyner Alfred W. jvvlr, h 187 Harrington at 

Judges Henry G, bank mgr, h 409 Main 

Kehler Wm. carp, li 106 Meagher av 

Kelly Wm, lab, h 17 Palmer av 

Kennedy Alex, carp, h 54 Valley rd 

Kennedy Alfred, elk, h 386 Meagher av 

Kennedy Gordon, drvr Eaton's, h 201 Harrington f 

Kennedy John, h 92 King Edward at 

Kennedy Peter, baker, h 120 Chisholm av 

Kent Henry, mach, h 184 Gledhill av 

Kent Wm, letter carrier, h 449 Main 

Kerrigan John, carp, h 287 Gledhill at- 

Kerrigan Sidney, drvr, h 285 Gledhill at 

Kew Thos H, scorer, h 203 Gledhill at 

Key Walter W, emp Hydro Com, h 10 Eastdale ai 

Kilpatrick Wm A, letter carrier, h 162 Gledhill av 

King Fredk, mach, h 149 Gledhill av 

King Fredk C, taxi dm, Its 149 Gledhill at 

King Sydney, h 55 Dentonia Park av 
King Thos, mach, Its 149 Gledhill av 

Kinnear Jas, h 146 Chisholm at 

Kissack Jas H. earn, h 388 Wellington av 

Klenorwich John, lab, h 277 Crewe av 

Koopman Alfred, decorator, h 54 Gledhill av 

Lake Frank, lab, h 17 Roseteai av 

i.aker Sidney, lab. h 24 Sibley av 

Lane Albert E, lab, h 12 Rosevear av 

Lane (has, watchmn. h 415 Main 

Lane Hy J, decorator, h 264 Gledhill av 

Lane Mary (wid John). Its 4 Newman av 

Lang Geo, mach, h 411 Meagher av 

Large Wm, h 470 Main 

Larkin Reginald, elk, h 144 Chisholm av 

Lartin Jas A, checker, h 82 Palmer at 

Laugher Jas, candy mkr, h 25 Ethel av 

Law Peter, sht mtl wkr, h 454 Meagher av 

I.awes Edwin J, h SOD Meagher av 

Lawrence Margt (wid Jas), h 36 Eastdale av 

Lawrence Thos, tinsnvth, h 1712 Danforth at 

Law-son Wilfrid H, auto mach, h 1706 Dauforth av 

I/azazzera Donato, ndlr, h 170 Gledhill av 

Leaman Wm J, letter carrier, h 40 Dentonk Park a 

Lee Alfred, mach, h 391 Main 

Lee Alfred, lather, h 38 Palmer av 

Lee Arthur, moto mech, h 1001 Woodbine av 

Leckes Alt J, carp, h 126 Gledhill av 

Leekes Benj A, box mkr, h 128 Gledhill av 

Legg Chas, h 120 Harrington at 

Legge Amos A, fnshr. Its 142 Harrington av 

Legge Emma (wid Michl), h 142 Harrington av 

Legge Emma J, drsmkr, Ivs 142 Harrington a\ 

Legge Eva B, stenog, Ivs 142 Harrington at 

Legge Wm, elk, h 8 Doncaster av 

Lemastirier John P, carp, h 246 Gledhill av 

Lesarge Frank, h 38 Doncaster av 

Leslie Frank, h 317 Gledhill av 

Leslie Mary, h 319 Gledhill av 

Lester Alfred, brklyr, h 508 Main 

Lester Erntst, bldr, h 454 Main 

Lesueur Joshua, carp, h 248 Gledhill av 

Levett Wm. slsmn. h 13 K'isevear av 

Lewis Annie (wid Thos), h 1710 Danforth a? 

!,> H Knot, sheet metal wkr. ll 11 Ethel a* 

Lewis Thos J, lab, h 34 Rosevear av 

Lilley Harry R, btchr, h 408 Main 

Lintner Chas h 9 Walnut av 

Lister Wm, stone ctr, h 270 Gledhill at 

Little John W, carp, h 15 King Edward av 

Loach Geo, engr, h 81 Hampstead av 

Loch Stev, barber, h 165 Gledhill at 

Lwkhart Fralk, lab, h 77 Everett at 

Lotkhart John, lab, Ivs 53 Everett at 

Lockyer Alfred, carp, h 25 Eastdale av 

Lockyer Fredk, carp, h e s Eastdale at 

Lodge Alfred, brklyr. h 471 

Lodge Chas, foreman, h 98 Harrington av 

Lomas John, brklyr, li 90 King Edward at 

Longley Geo, stmftr, Ivs 278 Gledhill av 

Longley Mary E (wid Geo A) h 278 Gledhill av 

Longley Saml, elect, Ivs 278 Gledhill av 

l.oicll Thos, lab, b 172 King Edward av 

Lowe Alfred, cement fnshr, Its 47 Dentonia Park a 

Lowe Ernest, lab, h e s Westlake av 





Their Strength Is Measured in Terms of Steel Not Wood 




Phone Gerrard 2100 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adei. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Lowther Jos, pkr, h 212 Gledhill av 

Lusty Ernest S, carp, h 41 Dentonia Park av 

Lynrjen Thos H, carp. Its 1706 Danforth av 

Lyon Alex, carp, h 172 Chisholm ay 

Macdonald Murdoch, h 70 King Edward av 

Madden Chas. sawyer Firstbrook's, h 32 Rosevear at 

Main Thos B, elk, h 18 King Edward av 

Mansell Arthur, carp, h 4 Valley rd 

Manuel Saml, h 90 Harrington av 

Marchant David, slsmn, h 27 Sibley av 

Markham Howard, mach, h 452 Main 

Marks Jacob M, tmstr, h 62 Gledhill av 

Marriott Elizth (wid Abraham), hs 36 Palmer av 

Marriott Ronald, tmstr, Ivs 36 Palmer av 

Marriott Saml, brklyr, h 36 Palmer av 

Marriott Wm. h 57 Sibley av 

Marshall Lawrence, drug elk, li 124 Gledhill ar 

Martin Geo, lab, h 120 King Edward av 

Martin Herbert C, packer, h 203 Harrington av 

Martin .las, elk. h 10 Dentonia Park av 

Martin John A, elk, h 255 Chisholm av 

Martin Nelson B, minister, h 85 Gledhill av 

Martin Robt J, lab, h 439 Main 

Martindale Wm I, carp, h 409 Meagher av 

Martingale Arthur J. btchr. h 10 Valley rd 

Masdorp Wm, brass fnshr, h 35 Ethel av 

Mason Chas H, shipper, h 16 King Edward av 

Mason Roy. printer, h 40 Rosevear av 

Mas<i-y Susan D (wid Walter E H), h Dentonia Park, 

Dawes rd 

Matten Bert, carp, h 153 King Edward av 
Matthews Fredk W, warehsemn, h 196 Chisholm av 
Matthews Sidney, carp, h 24 Palmer av 
Matts Peter, Ivs 165 Oledhill av 
Maxwell Garage, R J Woolley prop, 48 Rosevear av 
Maxwell Wm. mach, h 78 Gatwick av 
May Chester C. carp, h 498 Main 
Msy Ernest, woodwkr, h 399 Meagher av 
May John, drvr, h 85 Palmer av 
Maybee Alfred, engr, h 378 Wallington av 
Maybee John, engr, h 380 Wlllintton av 
Maynard John T, mach, h 400 Main 
McBain Saml, slsmn, h 263 Chisholm av 
McBride Jos, mach, h 455 Cunard av 
McCalden Wm J, gro n e cor Main and Doncaster av 

h same 

McCarthy Dennis, sheet metal wkr. h 418 Westlake n 
McClintock Thos, carp, h 78 Chisholm av 
McConnell Edwd, drvr, h 6 Valley rd 
McGowan John, elk, h 233 Chisholm a 
JIfGuey Jas, sht mil wkr, h 59 Gledhill av 
Melmnsh Hugh, trav. h 30 Rosevear av 
McKennzie Kenneth, elk, h 195 Barrington av 
McKim Robt, plstr, h e s King Edward av 
Mrl/iniMilin John himbermn. h 8 Midland av 
Mct.ean Danl, lab, h 252 Gledhill av 
McLean Ernest 0, elk, Ivs 80 Hampstead av 
MeMaster Jas. earn, h 100 Kinc Edward av 
McMaster John, carp, h 176 Chisholm av 
McMillan Wm I, ins elk, h 207 Gledhill av 
McMullen Fanny, opr, Ivs 335 Main 
McMullen Louisa, h 335 Main 
McMullen Vincent, prop York Sht Mtl Wks, h 197 

Chisholra av 

McNaul Robt, lab, h 429 Main 
McNeil! llrnry C. painter, h 37 Palmer av 
McNichol Geo, drvr, h 76 King Edward av 

McNivin Jas, civil engnr, h 128 Barrington av 
McQuillan Saml, carp, h 186 Chisholm av 

McQuillan Wm, carp, h 245 Chisholm 

McVeigh Thos, lab, h 9 Rosevear av 

Meek Harry, drvr, h 450 Main 

Meighan Hy, pckr, h 152 Meagher av 

Mellor John E, h 55 Sibley av 

Melton Robt J, carp, h 299 Gledhill av 

Mercer I W, plstr, h 305 Meagher av 

Mercer .fas, F'lslr, 1' 89 Barrington ar 

Men-er J;is W, driver. Ivs 89 Barrington av 

Merner Walter, tool mkr, Ivs 399 Main 

Merrett Chas, lab, h 41 Rn-eu-ar a\ 

Mi Hard Albert, btchr. h 177 Chisholm av 

Miller Sydney, carp, h 18 Valley rd 

Miller Wm, h 6 Eastdale av 

Mills Chas. drugs, h 38 Secord av 

Milne Chas. lab. Ivs 142 Gledhill av 

Milne Isabelle, h 142 Gledhill av 

Milne Jessie, opr, Ivs 142 Gledhill av 

Milne John, carp, h 10S Westlake av 

Milne Jos. carp, h 40 Doncaster av 

Minnett Fredk E, brass fnshr, h 44 Eastdale av 

Mitchell Chas W, mach, h 76 Barrington av 

Mitchell Neil, decorator, h 31 Palmn 

Monkman Albert, presser, h 192 Gledhill av 

Monks Thos, lab, h 70 Valley rd 

Moore Arthur, h 7 Valley rd 

Moore Chas. h 10 Ethel av 

Mooie Fredk W, letter carrier, h 3 Walnut av 

Morley Harold G. jwlr, h 12 Newman av 

Morley Walker, brk mfr w s Dawes rd.h 114 Greenwood 


Morris John, elk, h 95 King Edward av 
Morris John J, porter, h 207 Chisholm av 
Morris Robt, drattsmn, h 9 Eastdale av 
Morrison Chas A, carp, h 11 Midland av 
Moss Albert, brklyr, h 159 Gledhill av 
Moss Cyril, real est, h 161 Gledhill av 
Miiultcm Frank, lab, h 412 Main 
Miii^e Wm. bootmkr. h 23 Eastdale av 
Muir John, drvr, Ivs 85 King Edward av 
Mulholland John, mach, h 118 Chisholm av 
Murray Ales 0, carp, h 390 Wallington av 
Murray John. carp, h 392 Wallington av 
Murray Lewis, elect, h 321 Gledhill av 
Musgrove Saml E, dry gds 413 Main, h same 
Muzzell Alex, lab, h 500 Main 
Myers Geo, lab, h 416 Main 
Myers Jos, lab. h 109 Dawes rd 
Myers May, stenog, Ivs 109 Dawes rd 
Myers Ruth, stenog, Ivs 109 Dawes rd 
Neaves Louise (wid Wm), h 88 King Edward av 
Needham Thos, lab, Ivs 18 Rosevear av 
Xeilson Harry, rifle gallery 1692 Danforth av, h same 
Newell John, lab, h 25 Rosevear av 
Newman Wm, h 112 Dawes rd 
Nicholl Wm, bkpr, h 35 Palmer av 
Nicholls Chas, brklyr, h 421 Main 
Nicholls Geo H, slsmn, Ivs 59 Dentonia Park av 
Nichols Albert, btchr, h 101 King Edward av 
Nixon John, elk, h 19 Rosevear av 
Noakes Bertram, rubber wkr, h 14 Wallington av 
Noble Thos, iat>, h 167 Chisholm av 
Norburn H Yorke, artist, h 146 Barrington av 
Noyes Fred Walter, Ivs 141 Gledhill av 
dates Albert E, nightwtchmn, h 103 Palmer av 
O'Dell Bertram, elk, h 259 Chisholm av 
O'Keefe Philip F, ins agt, h 7 Midland av 
Olis Henry, h 1708 Danforth av 
Oliver Edwd. tmstr. h 89 Palmer av 
Oliver John H, acct, h 96 Barrington av 
Olivo Peter, brk mkr, h 518 Main 
Osborne Ernest A, firemn, 10 Midland av 
Oswald Wm, shipper, h 8 Sibley av 
Page Albert, plstr, h 4 Newman av 
Page Geo, polisher, h 84 Chisholm av 
Page Thos W, carp, h 82 Chisholm av 
Page Wm E, plstr, h. 120 Meagher av 
Painter Saml, iron wkr, h 86 Chisholm av 
Palmateer Karl L, rubber wkr, h 10 King Edward av 
Palmer Stephen, lab, h 83 Hampstead av 
Palmer Wm, plstr, h 35 Dentonia Park av 
Pape Thos. Ivs 174 King Edward av 
Parker Ceo E. moto, h 86 Palmer av 
Parry Saml, Ivs 66 Barrington av 
Parsons Arehd J, despatches, h 48 King Edward av 
Partington John, bldr, h 286 Westlake av 
Partridge Robt, brklyr, h 34 Dentonia Park av 
I'ashley Chas, drvr, h 99 King Edward av 
Pate Erving, C G Co, ' Ivs 63 King Edward av 
Pate Sarah Ann (wid Jas), h 63 King Edward av 
Patterson Edwin, lab, h 96 King Edward av 
Patron .Martin, firemn, h 18 Ethel av 
Paul Jas A, elk C N R, h 51 Rosevear av 
Payne John H, btchr, h 21 Sibley av 
Peacock (wid Wm), Ivs 102 King Edward av 
Pearee Chas, stockpr, h 374 Main 
Pearce John, slsmn, h 72 Valley rd 
Peckitt Harry H, flremn, h 38 Rosevear av 
Peeree Percy H hairdrssr, h 80 Barrington av 
Feet Wm J, elk, h 5 Midland av 
Pengilley Rfchd G, landscape gdnr Dentonia Park, h 21 

Midland av 

Pennells Thos, lard refnr, h 89% Palmer av 
Pentney Chas E, lab, h 98 Westlake av 
Ferris Wm. painter, Ivs 275 Gledhill 
Perrott Herbert, elk, h 6 Secord av 
Perry Robt W, printer opr, h 197 Gledhill av 
Pe=ne Eugene, brass fnshr, h e s Meagher av 
Phillips Alfred Wm carp, h 72 Chisholm av 
Phlpps Fredk, h 1722 Danforth av 
Pickett Cicily Mrs, h 223 Gledhill av 
Pickett John C, elk, Ivs 223 Gledhill av 
Pickles Ernest, draujhtcmn. h 101 Gledhill av 
Pickles Ernest, eip. h 81 Gledhill av 
Pickles Wm, mgr, h 85 Gledhill av 
Pitchford Robt, elect, h -37i> Main 
Pitt Arthur I, shipper, h 74 King Edward av 
Pivnick Andrew, gro 1688 Danforth av, h 2 Sibley av 
Pollard Chas E, maeh, h 154 Chisholm av 
Poole Ernest, brklyr, h 94 Barrington av 
Porter Ada. elk, Ivs 93 Gledhill av 
Porter Frank, slsmn, h 1042 Woodbine r 
Porter Geo Wm. paper mkr, h 93 Gledhill av 
Porter Jos. printer, h 39 Rosevear av 

Potter Chas, lab, h 45 Dentonia Park av 
Potter Geo, car insptr, h 7 Newman av 
Purvis Jas, mach. h 79 Barrington av 
Pye Fredk, mach, h 73 Everett av 
Quarrfcr Benj, carp, h 34 Ethel ar 
Ralph Harold E F, decorator, h 1718 Danforth av 
Ramsby Ann (wid John), h 85 Westlake av 
Raybould Jas H, gro Eaton's, h 251 Chisholm av 
Read Chas, carp, h 52 Eastdale av 
Hedsell Wm, mach, h 19 Sibley av 
Reed John, letter carrier, h 401 Meagher av 
Reed John G, h 112 Gledhill av 
Reiman Herman E, prssmn, h 15 Sibley av 
Reynolds Wm. brklyr, h 506 Main 
Rhodes Lillian (wid John), h 4 Croydon av 
Ribble Fredk W, leather wkr, h 71 Barrington av 
Ribchester Jeremiah, eng, h 41 Dentonia Park av 
Richards Saml. shipper, i 458 Meagher *r 
Richardson Arthur, cond. h 38 Dentonia Park av 
Richardson Thos J, contr, h 495 Westlake ar 
Richardson Wm, h 144 Gledhill 
Richer Beatrice, bkbndr. Ivs 136 Dawes rd 
Richer Olive, packer, Ivs 136 Dawes rd 
Richer Robt, baker, h 189 Chisholm av 
Riches Harry, plstr, h 136 Dawes rd 
Riddell Geo, carp, h 124 King Edward av 
Riddiford Arthur, sectionmn, Ivs 6 Midland av 
Riding Arthur, driver. Ivs 4 Dentonia Park ar 
Ridout Arthur G, drvr, h 9A Rosevear av 
Rinehart Geo, linemn, h 434 Main 
Rishworth Arthur, mach, h 172 Barrington av 
Risley Christopher, carp, h 1714 Danforth ar 
Rivers Wm G. lather, h 34 Eastdale av 
Rizza Kate, opr. Ivs 171 Barrington av 
Ri2z.i MicH, lab, h 171 Barrington av 
Roach Robt, baker, h 99 Chisholm av 
Roberts Oliver, tool mkr, h 279 Crewe av 
Robinson Jas, shipper, h 460 Main 
Robinson Walter, carp, h 53 Everett av 
Rogers Chas, emp CNR, h 150 Gledhill av 
Rogers Ivan (wid Robt), h 42 Dentonia Park av 
' Rogers John H M, carp, h 448 Main 
Rogers Robt, emp B T C, h 174 GledhUl av 
Root Geo. h 2 Goodwood Park cres 
Ross Alfred, elect, h 102 Gledhill av 
Ross John S M, carp, h 253 Chisholm av 
Rowberry Wm. engnr, h 68 Barrington av 
Rowe Septimus, gro 161 Barrington av, b same 
Rowland Harry, auto mech, h 260 Gledhill av 
Roxboro John McD, carp, h 94 Westlake av 
Ruse Percy, drvr, h 176 Barrington av 
Ryan Peter, china rivetter, h 4 Secord av 
Sage Roland, lab. h 57 Dentonia Park av 
Sanderson John, contr, h 18 Newman av 
Sardner Walter, car repr, h 3 Newman av 
Sargeant Bert, caretkr, h 49 Rosevear av 
Saunders -Thos, carp, h 147 Gledhill av 
Savage Geo, painter, h 61 King Edward av 
Scott Saml. barber, h 92 Barrington av 
Seal Geo T, drvr, h 437 Main 
Seaward Hj>, lab, h 20 Dentonia Park ar 
Seden Fredk, slsmn. Ivs 43 Sibley av 
Seden Henry G, lab, h 43 Sibley av 
Semmer Francis J, h 144 Barrington av 
Servant Wm, gro 383 Main, h same 
Seymour Francis C, woodwkr, h 90 Hampstead av 
Shackleton John T, elev opr, Ivs 101 GledhUl av 
Shank Alf. barber 23 King Edward ar 
Sharland Thos, brkmkr, h 19 Eastbourne av, off Dawes 


Sharpe Walter I, ear repr. h 51 King Edward av 
Shaw Arthur, carp, h 72 Barker av 
Sheath Albert, maeh, h 167 Barrington av 
Shenherd Thos B. hydro insp, h 45 Rosevear ar 
Shlllincworth Frank, btchr. h 5 Dentonia Park ar 
Short Wm H, carp, h 1 McCosh av 
Simpson Jas H, timekpr, rear h 217 Westlake av 
Simpson Saml, slsmn, Ivs 203 Chisholm av 
Sinclair Thos, flremn, h 443 Main 
Skelly Alex W, supt, h 2 Dentonia Park av 
SmaJe C, printer, h 9 King Edward av 
Small Anna (wid Wm). Ivs 91 Barrington av 
Small Jas A. slsmn. h 91 Barrington av 
Smart Albert, lab, h 95 Chisholm av 
Smith c C G, mult opr, h 79 Gledhill av 
Smith Edwd J, engnr, h 373 Main 
Smith Enoch, dimrator, h 1!0 fhisnnlm av 
Smith Frank, painter, h 14 Dentonia Park av 
Smith Frank, presser, h 192 Chisholm av 
Smith Harold, brklyr, Ivs 174 King Edward av 
Smith John. lab. h 492 Main 
Smith John, lab, h 258 Chisholm av 
Smith John W. carp, h 73 King Edward sv 
Smith Thos A, emp GTR, h 69 King Edward av 
Smith Wilfred B, carp, h 46 Hampstead av 
Smithers Jos, carp, h 91 Chisholm av 
Smyth Sarah (wid Marshall), h 267 Chisholm av 






Junction 511. 




M c Coll Bros. Limited 

Head Office - - Toronto 



Snelgrove Jas A, lab, h 35 Hampstead a? 

Sott Walter, dk, h 122 Harrington av 

Southsate Alfred, lab, h 2 Iloni'aster av 

Southwell Arthur \\, opr, h 67 Valley rd 

Southwell Jos. gdnr. h 13 Valley rd 

Spearpoint Philip H, decorator, h 18 Rosevear at 

Spence Jos \V, lab, h 176 Epsom av 

Spencer John E, carp, h 104 Chisholm av 

Spencer Rowland, h 77 Gledhill av 

Spicw Wm, bldr, h 19 Eastdale av 

Sriley Francis 11, moto, h 15 Bosevear av 

Srigley Robt I, cabt mkr, h 102 King Edward av 

Stacey Emily, h 174 King Edward av 

Stafford TIios, h 39 Palmer av 

Stamp Jas. lab, h 2A Kosevear av 

Stanford Geo, slsmn, li 106 Barrington at 

Starmer Albert, painter, Ivs 275 Gledhill av 

Starr John, h 462 Main 

Start Wm J, mach, h 12 Dentonia Park ay 

Stephens John, acct, h 147 Chisholm at 

Stephenson Fredk. moto, h 12 Wellington av 

Stephenson Geo Bobt, elk, h 275 Gledhill av 

Stevens Wm, lab, h 423 Main 

Stewart David, chaulf, h 510 Main 

Stimmons Clarence, shocmkr, Ivs 169 King Edward av 

Stimmons Jean, stenog, Ivs 169 King Edward av 

Stimmons Bobt I, carp, h 169 King Edward av 

Stowe Wm H, lather, h 40 Hampstead a? 

Stoyle Edwd, plshr, b 418 Main 

Stoyle Elizth (wid Edwd), Ivs 418 Main 

Strain John, carp, h 58 Everett av 

Street Wm, caretkr, h 66 Gledhill av 

Strutt Alex, chauff, h 265 Chisholm ai 

Studholm Wm, lab, h 62 Everett av 

Sudd Albert, lab. h 43 Dentonia Park av 

Swan Jas A, lab, h 2 King Edward ar 

Swift Annie (wid Wm), h 21 Dentonia Park at 

Swift Frank, furnacemn "Dentonia Park", Ivs 21 

Dentonia Park av 

Tadman Jabez R, carp, h 36 Ethel av 
Taft Jas, chauff, h 19 King Edward at 
Tapley Wm, carp, h 52 Everett av 
Tapp Jas, moto, h 35 King Edward av 
Tapp Jos, printer, Its 35 King Edward av 
Tasker Benj, brklyr, h 15 Valley rd 
Tasker John A, elk, h 152 Barrington at 
Taylor Henry road foremn h 39 Ethel av 
Taylor Isaac J. brklyr. h 103 Dawes rd 
Taylor Ricnd, shipper, h 114 Barrington av 
Taylor Wainwright, bldr. h 1 Bosevear av 
Taylor Walter, mach, h 140 Barrington av 
Tetley Sidney, mach. n 38 Ethel av 
Thair Albert, h 17 Valley rd 
Theobald Wm. h 187 Coleman av 
Tlicmcr Frank, cigar mkr. Its 466 Main 
Thomas John A, plstr, h 131 Chisholm at 
Thompson Chas B, harness mkr, h 239 Chisholm av 
Thompson Boss, carp, h 325 Main 
Thompson Walter D, h 179 Chisholm at 
Thompson W J, emp Con Gas Co, h 1 King Edward av 
Thornton mas, rtr, h 446 Main 
Thornton Gilbert, elk, h 3 Valley rd 
Tillotson Frank M, carp, h 92 Palmer av 
Timewell Thos V, carp, h 110 Chisholm av 
Tlndale Harry, lab, h 159 Chisholm av 
Toms Chas, tmstr, h 146 Goodwood Park cres 
Toms John, trarkmn. Ivs 146 Goodwood Park cres 
Toms Saml, lab, Ivs 146 Goodwood Park cres 
Tordoff Geo, mach, h 68 Vallry rd 
Torrens David A, fnsh, h 405 Main 
Townsi-nd David, gro 128 Dawes rd, h same 
Trotter John, letter carrier, h SO Chisholm av 
Trotter Thos E. engnr. h 111 Gledhill av 
Turff Thos, carp, h 201 Gledhill av 
Usher John, sectionmn, h 193 Chisholm av 
I'sher Sidney, chauff, Ivs 193 Chisholm av 
Varder Saml B, ins agt, h 144 Goodwood Park cres 
War Jas. boot mkr. h 47 linsevear av 
Vibert Harry, h 82 Gledhill at 
Walker A W, flremn, h 33% King Edward at 
Walker Jas F, elect, h 187 Barrington ai 
Wall Wm, mach, h 165 Chisholm av 
Wallace Albert D, mgr, h 202 Chisholm av 
Waller Edwd, letter carrier, h 61 Valley rd 
Waller Geo II, rainier, h 5 Valley rd 
Waller Thos. lab, h 424 Main 
Walsh John T, brklyr, h 500 Westlakc av 
Walton Alfred F. concrete wkr. h 21 liosevcar av 
Walton Chas W, h 180 Coleman av 
Waid Fredk C, dk OPO. h 24 King Edward av 
Ward Geo A, lab. h 47 Hampstead av 
Wardell Arthur W, brklyr, h 14 Seeord av 
Warren Arthur E, h 74 Chisholm Gdns 
Warren Arthur J, carp, h 505 Hampstead av 
Walters Bartholomew, elk, h 59 Barrington av 
Geo. basket wkr. h 466 Main 

Watts John, engr, h 6 Dentonia Park av 
Webb Wm, dikr GTB, h 5 Talbot at 
ffcbley Fred, bldg supt, h 127 Gledhill av 
Webster Henry C, slsmn. h 153 Barrington at 
Weeks Thos, carp, h 51 Everett av 
Weller Alma E, slsldy, h 100 GledhiU at 
Weller Gertrude, stenog, Its 100 Gledhill at 
Weller Rose, Ivs 100 Gledhill at 
Wells Reginald B, foremn GTB, h 396 Main 
Westlake Alfred, liverymn, h 118 Barrington at 
Wharrick John, lab, h 10 Newman av 
Wheeler John J, opr, Ivs 195 Gledhill av 
Wheeler Jos, carp, h 195 Gledhill at 
White Chas F, mach, Its 120 King Edward av 
Whittiker Frcdk, lab, h 13 Ethel at 
Wigley John, btchr, h 341 Main 
Wilken Geo, lab, Its 35 Bosevear at 
Wilken Mary (wid John), Its 35 Rosevear av 
Wilken Wm, constable, h 4 Dentonia Park av 
Wilkinson Albert, moto mech, h 10 Wallington av 
Wilkinson Arthur, carp, h 39 Thyra av 
Wilks Geo W, tmstr, h 48 Everett at 
Willford Alfred, driter, h 1 Eastdale at 
Williams Chas, packer, h 142 Chisholm at 
Williams Ellas G, carp, h 96 Chisholm av 
Williams John V, elk, h 474 Main 
Williamson Howard C, slsmn, Its 327 Main 
Williamson Sarah (wid Wm), h 327 Main 
Williamson Violet, opr. Its 327 Main 
Wilson Robt,. elk, h 74 Chisholm av 
Wilson Walter, slsmn, h 20 King Edward av 
Wilson Wm, brklyr, h 73 Barrington at 
Wingrote Wm F, carp, h 28 Eastdale at 
Winstone Thos. plshr. h n s Talbot av 
Winstone Walter, plstr, h 78 Barrington av 
Wood Agnes, elk, Ivs 176 King Edward av 
Wood Chas, slsmn, h 176 King Edward at 
Wood Ernest, moto, b 319 Crewe at 
Wood Frank, eng, h 49 Dentonia Park at 
Wood Jas, sculptor, h 59 Dentonia Park av 
Wood Wm, janitor, h 267 Gledhill av 
Woodward Thos, wtr, h 7 Palmer at 
j Woolley Robt J. prop Maxwell Garage, h 44 Rosevear at 
W'oolman A, wood carter, h 73 Gledhill at 
Worley John, emp PO, h 139 GMhill at 
Worth Arthur, granite ctr. h 23 Palmer at 
Worthington Arthur, slsmn. h 99 Barrington at 
Wright Geo, lab, h 97 King Edward at 
Wright Wm, carp, Its 2 Palmer av 
Wyer Beatrice, opr, Ivs 58 Valley id 
Wycr Harry, mach. Ivs 58 Valley rd 
Wyer Joshua, h 58 Valley rd 
Young Albert E, carp, h 74 Gledhill av 
Young Albert E, mach, h 9 Midland at 
Young Ernest, plstr. h 7 Kosevear at 
Young Herbert, shoemkr, h 23 Dentonia Park at 
Young Jas. barrel mkr, h 71 Chisholm Gdns 
Ziemann Bernard, mach "The Priory", h 2 Palmer av 
Zingan Wm T. lab. h 473 Main 
Zinzan Jas, brklyr, h 84 Barrington at 


A suburb seven miles from the City Hall. Post office 
Mimic/!. Take King or Queen west can, going west 
to Sunnyside, then Toronto and York radials to stop 
14 or Grand Trunk Railway (main line). 

Acourt Wm, millwright, h s s Struthers 

Adair Frank G, carp, h n s Mimico av 

Adams Allan G, slsmn, h e s Victor av 

Adams Clifton H, slsmn, Its A G Adams 

Adams Frederic W, car dnr, h e s Harold 

Adams Jos A, policenw GTR, h s s Vanevery 

Ainsworth Robt, packer h n s Portland 

Alcroft Francis J, chef Victoria Industrial School, h s s 

Mdrose av 

Alderton Geo N, gdnr, h w s Burlington 
Allan Fredk B, elk, h n s Victoria 
Allan Harold, night wtchmn Victoria Industrial Schl 
Allrroft Francis, chef, h n s Melrose 
Allen Cecil, farmer, Victoria Industrial Schl 
Allin Wm, farmer, Ivs Percy Bailey 
Anderson Fredk C, piano mkr, h n s Victoria 
Anderson Geo, mach. h s s Hay av 
Anderson Jas, h e s Albert av 
Anderson John T, carp, h n s Melrose 
Anderson Nicholas S, rubber wkr, h n s Melrose 
Angst. Wm B, elk, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Applesath Jess, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Ann> Walter H. (IrLiightsmn, h e s Victor av 
Armstrong John W, eng, h n s Mimico av 
Armstrong Wm H, litter, h s s Alguma 
Armstrong Wm, eng, h e s Station rd 

Arnold Jas, lab, h n s Simpson at 

Arnstein Jos H, real est, h w s Eastborne cres 

Atcherly Chas, conslable, h n s Macdonald 

Atkinson Albert E. barber, h e s Robert 

Atkinson Milford J, real est s s Symons, h same 

Atkinson Saml G, rubber wkr, h s s Symons 

Austen Geo W, journalist, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Austin John B, eng, h n s Stanley at 

Aymer Wm, mach, h n s Albani 

Baby Geo B, garage, h s s Island View blvd 

Badger Wm E, hatter, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Badgerow Jas, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Badman Joel R, cond, h n s Main 

Bagley Mrs Mary, h e s Church 

Bailey Chas, pipe fttr, h e s Elizabeth 

Bailey Herbert T, carp, h n s Drummond 

Bailey Percy L, ins broker, h n s Lake Shore rd 

(stop 11) 
Bailey Walter, gro & btchr s w cor Church & Hay av, 

h same 

Bailey Walter, rubber wkr, h s s Oxford 
Baillie Wm, slsmn, h Symons cor Robert 
Baker Alice, matron Victoria Industrial School 
Baker Chas J, lab, h s s Algoma 
Baker Fredk, contr, h n s Warden 
Baker Fredk, arch, h w s Robert 
Baker Pearl A, tchr Victoria Industrial School 
Ballard Ben), supt Hartford Fire Ins Co, h e s Church 
Banks Jas D, lab, h w s Burlington 
Barker Leonard P, cond, h n s Victoria 
Barlow Allan, car. repr, h n s Vanevery 
Barlow Fred L, dk. h e s Belvidere av 
Barlow Robt, carp, h n s Mimico av 
Barlow Saml, Its Robt Barlow 
Barnum Jas, painter, h n s Stanley av 
Bamum Lorenzo D, eng, h n s Stanley av 
Barnum Sophia (wid Lorenzo), Its L D Barnum 
Barrett Lawrence P, h w s Robert 
Barrow John, gdnr, h w s Church 
Barton John, rubber wkr, h s s Hay av 
Bates Geo, gro Louisa cor Victoria, h same 
Bayne Ross, mach, h n s Albani 
Beamish John R, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Beaton Lachlan, h s s Vanevery 
Beatty Jas, printer, h e s Burlington 
Beaver Andrew H, mach. h s s Eastbourne cres 
Beckwith Thos W, chauff, h n s Hay av 
Beetham Frank, foremn, h s s Vanevery 
Behan Julia (wid Geo), h w s Buckingham 
Bell Annie, Its S J H Johnston 
Bennett Fred, rubber wkr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Belts Robt I, engr, h e s Alexander 
Beynon Albert J. elect, h e s Eastbourne cres 
Bickerstaff Arthur, ins agt, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Bickerstaff Harold W, ins agt, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Bickmore Fredk, mach, h n s Warden 
Bickmore Louisa M, Ivs Fredk Bickmore 
Bird John, shoemkr, h n s Hay av 
Black Allister, brass mldr, Ivs J H Black 
Black Jas H, mach, h n s Victoria 
Blackburn Alice, tchr Mimico Pub Schl, res Toronto 
Blair Edwd J, plstr, h e s Burlington 
Blake Geo, carp, h n s Victoria 
Bletsoe Thos L, cond GTR, h w s Milton 
Bliley Edwd W, rubber wkr h e s Albert av 
BIyth Walter, chauff, h n s Main 
Blyth Geo (Mimico Beach Garage), Its 54 Main 
BIyth Walter (Mimico Beach Garage), h 54 Main 
Boldt Wm, painter, h n s Oxford 
Booker Albert, carp, h n s Melrose 
Bosonnet Albert E, tmrtr, h s s Hay av 
Botsford C Wallace. Idgrkpr .Merchants Bank. Ivs Mrs 

Mary Stock 

Boulter A Wm, driver, h n s Mimico at 
Boulter Thos I, section forcmn, h s s Maedonald 
Boulton Fredk C, rubber wkr, h n s Simpson av 
Boivard Harold S, dk, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Boivard Laura E Mrs, Its Harold S Boivard 
Bowles Albert, opr, h n s Hay av 
Bowman Annie, tchr Victoria Industrial School 
Bowman Wm J, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Borvd John, h e s Burlington 
Boydell Thos, lab, h s s Macdonald 
Bozzard Wm, shipper, h n s Murrie 
Brady Roland B, ydmn, h w s Victor at 
Brander Arthur P, color mixer, h s s Dartmouth cres 
Hranclow Geo A, elk. Ivs A W Boulter 
Krann Harry L, mgr Automatic Scale Co, h w s East- 
bourne cres 

Brann Thos J, tmstr, h w s Church 
Hre:iks|ieare Jesse E, brklyr, h n s Symons 
Brennan Jos, car repr, h w s Station rd 
Brodie Lillian V, matron Victoria Industrial School 
Brooks Jas L, cond, h s s Stanley av 
Brooks Thos, eng, h s s Newcastle 
Brooks Thos, eng, h s s Melrose av 
Brotherston Wm. fttr. h n s Mardonald 


"Exide" Storage Batteries for All Purposes. Industrial Trucks 

Phone Main 4047 



MOTOR and TEAM VANS College 1200. 251-253 College^ 


Brown Agnes D Mrs, matron Victoria Industrial School 

Brown Albert, elk, Ivs Mrs Christina Brown 

Brown Chas M, elk, h n s Hillside 

Brown Christina (wid Wm), h w s Robert 

Brown Geo L, carp, h w s Victor av 

Brown Gust, lab, h s s Hay av 

Brown Jas, coppersmith, h w s Dartmouth cres 

Brown Letitia, tchr Victoria Industrial School 

Browning John, boiler mkr GTR, h s s Macdonald 

Bruce Alvin E, bldr, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Bruce Geo, flremn, h s s Melrose av 

Bryan Geo draftsmn, h n s Hay av 

Brydson Edith, elk, Ivs Mrs Margt Brydson 

Boydson Eva, stenog, Ivs Mrs Margt Brydson 

Brysdon Florence E, stenog, Ivs Mrs Margt Brydson 

Brydson Margt (wid John), h n s Lake cres 

Bryer Geo, bldr, h n s Hillside 

Bryer Geo E, carp, Ivs Newman Bryer 

Bryer Newman, carp, h e s Station rd 

Buchanan Geo, tool mkr, h e s Burlington 

Buchanan Walter, ship joiner, h n s Elma 

Bucharde Rebecca M, chief matron Victoria Industrial 


Budd Frank E mach, h n s Garden av 
Bunting Kobt, carp, h n s Oxford 
Burgess Alice C. stenog. Ivs W W Burgess 
Burgess Nellie C, bkpr, Ivs W W Burgess 
Burgess Walter W, h n s Cavell 
Burn Eva, h n s Maccfonald 
Burnett Alvah H, elect, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Burns Alex jr, chkr, h w s Burlington 
Burns Alex, fireman, h w s Burlington 
Burns Geo E, car insp, h w s Burlington 
Burns Harry, cond, h w s Superior av 
Burns Jessie, elk P 0, Ivs G E Burns 
Burns Robt. tmstr, Ivs Geo E Burns 
Bui rows Herbert, carp, h s s Evans av 
Burrows John F, trav, Ivs Chas W Cann 
Burt Wm H, h e s Albert av 
Bush Herbert, linemn, h n s Melrose av 
Bush Thos A, chauff, h e s Allan av 
Bushell Thos, blksmtli, h w s Albert av 
Butler Sidney W, carp, h w s Grand av 
Butterlield Wm, rubber wkr, h s s Dean 
Byrne Michl, brkmkr, h w s Louisa 
Caldwcll Lewis H. night wtchmn Victoria Industrial 


Callins Alex F, h n e Portland 

Cameron John, stmfttr, h e s Burlington 

Campbell Duncan, eng, h n s Heman 

Campbell GUI. h s s Vanevery 

Campbell Geo H, rubber wkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Cann Chas W, mgr Merchants Bank, h w s Eastbourne 


Cannon Ellen, Ivs Emma Cannon 
Cannon Emma, stenog, h w s Church 
Carey Henry, rubber wkr, h n s Hillside 
Carlisle Robt, flremn, h n s Hillside 
Carr Arthur, engnr, h e s Church 
Carroll John, flremn, h s s Melrose av 
Carruthers Wm, lao, h n s Drummond 
Cates Chas M, kiln wkr, h n s Victoria 
Cattel Fredk W, tchr Victoria Industrial SelU 
C-itto David, carp, h n s Warden 
Cavanagh John, tmstr, h n s Cavell 
Chamberlain Arthur T, plmbr, h s s Mimico av 
Chambers Alfred, pressmn, h s s Syraons 
Chantler Ernest W. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Chappie Thos, carp, h s s Macdonald 
Cherry McFarlaml A. cmid. h e s Primrose av 
Chisholm James W, bkpr, h w s Robert 
Christ Church (Ang), Rev Herbert Tremayne rector 

e s Church 

Christiansen Jens, gdnr, h n s Portland 
Clark Catherine, tel opr, Ivs Robt Thomas 
Clark Chas A, printer, h e s Church 
Clark Roy, tmstr, Ivs Jacob Giles 
Clark Thos, rubber wkr, h s s Melrose 
Clark Wm, tmstr, h s s Manitoba 
Clark Wm II, bra-ss wkr, h w s Burlington 
Clarke Archd, shoe wkr, h n s Melrose av 
Clarke Sli.iilur L, tool mkr, h w s Robert 
Cleeton Robt A, mach, h s s Elma 
('nates Bert E, brkmn GTR, h 60 Main 
Cochrane Eliza M, Ivs Jas E Cochrane 
Cochrane Jas E. mach, h n s Heman 
t'ocliraiie Kobt M, gro n s Lake Shore rd 
Cochrane Saml II. Ivs James E Cochrane 
Coi-hrane Wm A, Ivs James E Cochrane 
Cockcroft Herbert, organ bldr. h w s Burlington 

Fredk, carp, h n s Hay av 
ColliH Jas W, newspaper mgr, h e s Belvidere blvd 
Collett Martin A, drugs, s s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Colling Wm J, flremn, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Collins Hichd, florist, h n s Cavell 
Conn Hartley R, phy Lake Shore rd cor Bclvidere blvd 
h same 

Conn Chas W, mgr Merchants Bank of Canada (Mimico 
br) h s s Lake Shore rd 
naught Lodge (A F & A M) , Geo S Brown Sec, e s 


Superior av 
Connaught Theatre, Harvey H Sheppard mgr, e s Super- 

ior av 

Connor WUmot, tmstr, h s s Heman 
Cook Frank, mach, h n s Cavell 
Cooper Albert, tinsmth, h n s Dean 
Copper Wm G, mach, h s s Symons 
Cork J Milton, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Cork Sidney, lab, h s s Hay av 
Coulton Ada, stenog, Ivs Herbert Coultoo 
Coulton Chas E, Ivs Herbert Coulton 
Coulton Herbert, gro, e s Church, h same 
Coulton Herbert jr. Ivs Herbert Coultoii 
Coulton Jowet, genl store n s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Coulton Lily, (wid Arthur), h w s Robert 
Coulton Percy V, clk, s Ivs Jowet Coulton 
Cox Thos, lab, h e s Church 
Cox Thos A, driver, h n s Portland 
Cox Wm J, lab, h w s Church 
Coxhead Arthur C, bldr, h e s Superior av 
foxhead Caesar, bldr. h Stanley av cor Superior av 
Coxhead Ernest C, bldr, ITS Caesar Coxhead 
Coxhead Richd. carp, h w s Superior av 
Coyne John, slsmn, h s s Oxford 
Crawley Edith, gro s w cor Simpson & Church, h sami 
Cieamer Reginald J. mach, h e s Station rd 
Crewe Catherine (wid Richd H), gro n s Cavell, h same 
Crisp Kenneth C. slsmn, h e s Church 
Cross Ellis, sheet mtl wkr, h n s Heman 
Cross Herbert, Ivs F G Adair 
Cross Hilda V, Ivs F G Adair 
Crowe Andrew, contr, h w s Milton 
Crowhurst Wesley, elect contr e s Superior av, h 


Crux Minnie (wid Wm), h e s Elizabeth 
Cunningham Edwd. elk, h n s Victoria 
Cunningham Ferris, rubber wkr, Ivs Edwd Cunningham 
Hale Arthur, mach. h Lake Shore rd, cor Dwight av 
Jalton Wm, paper wkr, Ivs J B McWilliam 
)anter Fredk H, carp, h w s Queens av 
Danter Walter H, elk, h s s Hay av 
lath Fredk G. rubber wkr. h e s Wesley 
Dath Fredk W, lab, h n s Newcastle 
)avey James jr, gdnr, Ivs James Davey 
)ave'y Jas, mkt gdnr Main cor Howland av 
lavidson Douglas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Davidson Jos E, engnr, h s s Symons 
Davies Sarah, h e s Lake Shore rd 
lavis John J, elk, h n s Symons 
Davis Walter, rubber wkr, h s s Murrie 
Dawson Wm, h w s Victor av 
Deadcy Jas F, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Dear Arthur, tmstr, .h n s Simpson af 
Dear John H, mach, h e s Albert av 
Delue.a Fred. gro. h e s Wesley 
Deluea Thos, insp air brake GTR, h s s Manitoba 
Dennis Wm J, ydman. h s s Symons 
Derbyshire Edwd, tmstr, h n s Portland 
Devins Bernard J, trav, h n s Stanley av 
Dicks Geo, lab, h s s Evans av 
Mckson Wm, rubber wkr, h n s Hillside 
Dixon Albert S, wire wkr, h e s Station rd 
Dixon Emma (wid John), h s s Eastbourne eres 
Dixon John, gdnr, h e s Grand av 
Dodds Thos, carp, h n s Warden 
Roils Andrew, uenl mtr Out Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, o Stan- 

ley av. cor Victor av 
Doherty Geo E Rev, rector St Leo (R C) Church, n w 

Station rd 

Doherty Sarah, operator, Ivs Hugh Doherty 
Dominion Abrasive VVheel Co. Ltd, Erwin W Sawyer, 

genl mgr, s s Main 
Donaldson Arch, h n s Victoria 
Donnelly Chas, brkmn, h n s Main 
Donville W J, musician, h w s Milton ' 
Dnian John, lab, h s s Hay av 
Dougherty Ann, Ivs Hugh Dougherty 
Dougherty Hugh. rubber wkr. h n s Simpson av 
Doimhi'ity l;\f (Mimico Battery & Tire Co), h n s 

Simpson a? 
Doughty John H, plmbr, s s Stanley av, h e s Primrose 


Douglas Danl, gdnr, h w s Louisa 
Douglas Thos T. postman, h e s Burlington 
Douglas Wm. lab. h w s Albert av 
Douglas Wm, sergt elk Military Hdqrs, h s s Hay av 
Dowilall Susan (wid Henry), h 1 Lake Shore Mansions 
linwdcll Robt J, ydman, h e s Superior av 
Downcs Fredk J, trav, h Island View blvd 
[irummond Eli/th, h w s Church 
Dudley Caleb A, cond, h w s Burlington 
Ininn .las <;. t'li'^r, h w s Station rd 

Dutnall Robt W, foremn Steel Co of Canada, h 

Lake Shore rd 
Dymenr, Thos H. eng, h e s Church 

Dynes Edwd. carp, 


h w s St George 

. , 

L'arl Eramerson, mach, h s s Symons 
Earl Minor, mach, h s s Warden 
Eaton Levi E, rubber wkr, h 62 Main 
Eaton Wm, brklyr, h n s Manitoba 
Edgar Gordon H (Mimico Beach Hardware Co), h n s 

Lake Shore rd 

Edgar James, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Edwards Edwd G, carp, h n s Hay av 
Edwards Richard, rlremaii, h n s Victoria 
Edwards Wm A, engr, h e s Church 
Egkan Richd J, mach, h e s Louisa 
Eland Doris A, opr, Ivs Mrs Emily Eland 
Eland Edwin, carp, h s s Mimico av 
Eland Emily (wid Matthew), h e s Superior av 
Eland Frank H, draughtsmn, Ivs Mrs Emily Eland 
Eland Herbert, carp, Ivj Mrs Emily Eland 
Eland Irene, slsldy, Ivs Mrs Emily Eland 
Elliott Alex, bldr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Elliott Geo, coal foremn GTR, h s s Maedonald 
Elliott John B, h e s Church 
Klliiitt Roy, emery wkr, h n s Main 
Ellis Bert, carp, h s s Hay av 
Ellis David C, engnr, h n s Stanley av 
Ellis John, mach, Ivs 15 Superior av 
Elmes Jas, bkpr, h e s Robert 
England Albert, paper wkr, Ivs Wm Redding 
Emilish John W, prin Mimieo Public School, h Robert, 

cor Hillside 

Krnshaw Wm, trav, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Ettridge Clifford, Ivs David H Lowry 
Eustace Jas H, blksmtli, h s s_ Struthers 
Eviuis Abraham, stmftr, h n s Hillside 
Everett Edwd J. eng. b s s Symons 
Ewles Arthur, shoemkr. Victoria Industrial School 
Ewles Elfath, head wtrs, Victoria Industrial School 
Farley Harold, postman, h s s Manitoba 
Farr Wm, carp, h s s Simpson av 
Farrington Ernest, moto. h n s Symons 
Faulkner Jos, lab, h n s Hay av 
Faulkner Percy, cabt mkr, h n s Hay av 
Fenney Joseph, mach, h e s Alexander 
Feirier Chester, snpt Victoria Industrial School, h n s 


Fessy Edwd. mach GTR, h s s Macdonald 
'elherstonlnugh Fredk K. pat barr. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Fiddy Margt M, relief instrs Victoria Industrial School 
'inch Albert, tile mkr, h e s Superior av 
'inch Arthur, h w s Church 
finch Henry, coal n s Cavell, h w s Albert av 
Finch Isabel H, nurse. Ivs Arthur Finch 
Findley David, h n s Warden 
Finlay Robt L, engnr, h s s Symons 
Finley Pursey, paper mkr, h n s Vanevery 
Fisher Edwin, rubber wkr, h s s Dean 
Fisk Alex, hatter, h n s Oxford 
Fisk Jas, drvr, h n s Oxford 
Fitton Joshua, dyer, h w s Burlington 
Fleming John M. mlilr, h w s Burlington 
Fletcher Thos, painter, h s s Oxford 
Flood E J, prop Windsor Hotel, Manchester cor Vincent 
Flowers Eva, our, Ivs John Flowers 
Flowers John, h s s Mimieo av 
Flowers Percy, slsmn, Ivs John Flowers 
Foley Wm P, rubber wkr, h s s Hay av 
Ford Jas, real est, h e s Burlington 
Ford Jas (Ford & McLintoek), h e s Burlington 
Ford & McLintoek (Jas Ford. Wm J McLintock), real, 

est, stop 17 Lake Shore rd 
Foigii- Wm J. h n s Main 
Forgie Wm, lab, h w s St George 
Foster Rose, h n s Vanevery 
Fox Harriet D, Ivs Arthur Finch 
Kram Jos, shipper, h s s Hi-man 
Eraser Donald, tire mkr, h n s Symons 
Free Alex, carp, h e s Alexander 
Free Alex, carp, h w s Alexander 
'roe James, (Mimico Planing Mill), h e s Victor ai 
Freo Jas, lumber dlr, w s Church 
Fur Marjorie, bkpr, Ivs Jas Free 
Free Wm J. c;ir|i. Ivs James Free 
Freeman Fredk M, elev opr. h n s Warden 
Fugy Paul, opr, h n w cor Dearborn & Garden avs 
Fuller Geo. engnr, h n s Mimir.< 
Fulton Jas. ear repr GTR, li n s Vanevery 
Fulton Mary, h s s Vanevery 

Fursman Annie Mrs. matron Victoria Industrial School 
Fursman John D, farm instr Victoria Industrial School 
GatTni'y Wm, slsmn. h u s Simpson Av 
(iagnon Jos R, designer, li e s Harold 
Gair Mary (wid Alex) . h n s Cavell 
Gair Wm, tmstr, h w s Station rd 
Gall J;LS, brklyr, h n s Mimico av 
Gall Janet, hs Jas Gall 
CallingiT Wm. fireum, h s < M ' 


1. H. RIDDEL, Manager E. C. G. JOHNSON, AMI. Manager 

llTniinc r n jnll ASSETS EXCEED $93,OOO,OOO 

AUIUMUDlLt and HAIL Head Office for Canada : BANK OF HAMILTON BUILDING. Phone Main 1175 

Fire, Marine, 


Egerton R. Case 

Chartered Patent Attorney & Solicitor 

27 Yews Experience Booklet on request 

Canadian Mortgage 

Bldg., 10 Adelaide E. 

Phone Main 3737 


Garmaly Jas A, real est, h e s Church 

G-irnett Albert W, acct, h e s Church 

Gates Wm, pipe ftr, h e s George 

Gauld Agnes, tchr Mimico Public School, Its Geo B 

Gauld W G, barr, e s Superior ' av 

Gauld Geo R, Dept Supt Victoria Industrial School, b 
Holland av, cor Evans av 

Gauld Janet, stenog, Ivs Geo R Gauld 

Gauld John G, Ivs Geo R Gauld 

Gauld Marion, stenog. Ire Geo R Gauld 

Gauld Ross L, elk, Ivs Geo R Gauld 

Gawthrop John \V, tire mkr, h n s Heman 

Gee Fredk M, tmstr. Ivs S F Gee 

Gee Peter J, lab, Ivs S F Gee 

Gee Saml F, tmstr, h c s Church 

Gibson Ellen, (wid John), h n .s Symons 

Gibson John, mach, Ira Mrs Ellen Gibson 

Giles Jacob, gdnr, h w s Louisa 

Giles Jas C, carp, h n s Symons 

Giles Mathew H, elect, Ivs B J Devins 

Gillett Arthur, prntr, h cor Dartmouth cres & Church 

Gloster Nellie, rubber wkr, Ivs Wm H Gloster 

Gloster Stephen, lab, h s s Melrose 

Gloster Wm H, emery wkr, h n s Victoria 

Godfrey Forbes, phy, Stanley a?, cor Albert av 

Godfrey Roland, lab, h s s Hay ar 

Godward Chas T, eng, h w s Burlington 

Gogo Jas I!, contr, h cor Dartmouth & Lake crests 

Goldie Arthur, foreran, h n s Portland 

Goldring Thos H, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Gordon Andrew, carp Victoria Industrial School 
Cordon Anoabella, tchr Victoria Industrial School 
Cordon Annie Mrs, dining room instr Victoria Industrial 


Gordon Beaumont A, mfr, Ivs Julia Behan 
Gordon Fredk, rubber wkr, h e s Church 
Gordon Marie, relief instr Victoria Industrial School 
Gordon Ralph, relief officer Victoria Industrial School 
Gordon Wm E, h 23 Victoria av 
Gormaly Jas A, real est, stop 15 Lake Shore rd 
Grabba Karl, florist, h cor Portland & Buckingham 
Graham Robt T, stmftr, h n s Dean 
Graham Wm A, engnr, h n s Portland 
Graham Wm H, shppr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Grainger John, blrmkr, h n s Hillside 
Grant John, rubber \vkr, h e s Robert 
Gray Arthur W, ptnmkr, h w s Robert 
Gray Wm G, stmftr, h w s Robert 
Graydon John C, brklyr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Green Henry, color mixer, h w s Burlington 
Green Jas, h e s George 
Green SamI, firemn G T R, h n s Vanevery 
Greenaway Geo. emery wkr, h w s Albert av 
Griffin Thos E, mach C P R, h w s Grand av 
Gunn Wm, rubber wkr, h s s MacDonald 
Gush Wm L, eng, h 15 Victor av 
Haggart Wm, lab, h s s Symons 
Haldenby Mabel, bkpr, Ivs Geo Haldenby 
Haldenby Madeline, elk, Ivs Geo Haldenby 
Hildenby Ge \V, postmstr, h s s Mimico av 
Hall Fredk M, acct, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hallett Frank, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hallett Wm J, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hamblin Geo, jmtr, h n s MacDonald 
Hamilton John, tmstr, h s s Hay ar 
Hamilton Wm, fireman, h e s Wesley 
Human Ernest J, carp, h w s George 
Harding John S, carp, h s s Heman 
Hare Walter, asst foremn G T R, h s s. o!ain 
Harsreaves Jas E, paper wkr, h n s Symons 
Harlock Albert E, trainmn GTR, h s s Vanevery 
Harlock Geo C, mach, h n s Urummond 
Harlirt Walter, elk, h s Queens av 
Hainiblow Alfred, carp, h e s Harold 
Harper Walter T, eng, h e s Superior av 
Harris Wm E, eng, GTR, h s w cor Harold & Simpson 
Harrison Bros (John J & Edward T), billiards Mimico 

av cor Elizabeth 

Hamsun Arthur, printer, Ivs E J Harrison 
Harrison Chas, supt Dom Clay Products, h n s Luke rd 
Harrison Edwd T (Harrison Bros), h s s Macdonald 
Harrison Ernest J, tel opr, h n s Stanley av 
Harrison John J, (Harrison Bros), h w s Station rd 
Hasking Wm, carmn, h n s Elma 
Hastings Wm E, eng, h n s Murrie 
Hastings Alfied E. rublierwkr, h 15 Belvidere blvd 
Hatton Thos, mach, h w s Queens av 

ne Ernest B, ydman, h w s Albert av 
Halves Wm R, baggage man GTR, h n s Evans av 
Smith, cond, h w s Station rd 
R'ibt. em-ry wkr, Ivs Richd Coxhead' 
Walter, boot rpr, h s s Evans av 
i;n, lab, h s s Melrose a 
Heath Thos, lab, h s s .Melrose av 
Heather i er, h w 8 Mimico av 

Heather Harriet (wid Herbert) , h s s Lake Shore rd 

| Heather Wilton, elk, Ivs Ms Harriet Heather 
Hedley Wm H, ctr, h n s Heman 
Hfle Carol C, h n s Stanley av 
Hele Jennie C (wid Wm), Ivs Forbs Godfrey 
Henderson Jas, bldr, h e s Robevt 
Henderson Jas B, bldr, h 11 Robert 
llnidry Donald, h e s Church 
Uendry James, gdnr, Ivs Donald Hendry 
Hendry Lillian, Ivs Ralph Hendry 
Hendry Ralph, h n s Lake Shore rd 
ilendry Wm, Ivs Ralph Hendry 
Henry Chas, plmbr, h n s Algoma av 
Henry Edwd J, elk, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Herod Archd. (Herod Bros), h w s Queens av 
Herod Bros (Herbert & Archd) , btchrs, s s Lake Shore rd 
Herod Herbert (Herod Bros), Ivs Robt M Herod 
Flerod Robt M, brklyr, h w s Queens av 
Hewitt Fredk, weaver, h e s Burlington 
Hewton Wm, brass roller, h s s Manitoba 
Hick-man Wm, lab, h s w cor Church & Queen 
Hill Stephen, plstr, h s s Hay av 
Hill Wm C. h w s Station rd 
Hilton Ernest, carmn GTR. h s s MacDonald 
Hobson Chas, fireman G T R, h cor Melrose av & Wesley 
Hobson Warwick, rubber wkr, Ivs Wilmot Connor 
Hockney Jane, (wid John) , h n s Symons 
Hockney Wm, carp, h s s Heman 
Hodgson Mark, brklyr, h n s Hillside 
Hodson Leonard, eng, h e s Superior av 
Hoebner, Theodore H, flremn, h s s Symons 
Hojg Thos R, h w s Queens av 
Holdenby Elma, elk, Ivs G W Holdenby 
Holdenby Geo W, postmstr Mimico P 0, h s s Mimico av 
Holdenby Madeline, elk, Ivs G W Holdenby 
Holland Thos, ens, h e s Burlington 
Hollingsworth John, rubber wkr, h n s Melrose 
Holloway Jos, paint mkr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Holmes Wm H. bldr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hopton Walter, mach, h e s Carnarvon av 
Hornell Agnes, Ivs H A Hornell 
Hornell David W, h n s Eastbourne cres 
Ilornell Elizth D, Ivs H A Hornell 
Hornell Gertrude E twid John H), h n s Mimico av 
Hornell Harry A, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Houde Jos A, h e s Church 
Houlahan John, tmstr, h n s Simpson at 
Howard Geo, mach, h n s Portland 
HoJen Philip, florist, h e s Louisa 
Howe Henry D, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Howells Edwd, bldr, h s s Eastbourne cres 
Huffman Earl C,, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Hughes Chester M, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hughes Frank J, eng, h n s Main 
Hughes Saml R, contr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Humble John, carp, h e s Church 
Humphreys Wm H, drvr, h n s Portland 
Hunt John, fitter, h n s MacDonald 
Hunter Joseph, mach, h n s Cave!) 
Hunter Wm, rubber \vkr, h s s MacDonald 
Huntley John, tool mkr, h n s Symons 
Hurley John B, cabinet mkr, h s s Hay av 
IJiilchi.ns Edwd J, h n s Lake Shore rj 
Hyde Rosvrell, h e s Siimmerhill rd 
liislis Wm S, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Ingram Wm C, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Ironside Findlay, lab G T R, h s s Heman 
Irvine John A, tire mkr, h n s Symons 
Jackson Arthur, h Queens av, cor Stanley av 
James Alfred, brklyr, h s s Algoma 
Jamieson Lucy, opr, h s s Symons 
Jarvis Chas, rubber wkr, h w s Summerhill rd 
Jarvis Fredk, engr. h n s Victoria 
Jarvis John W, blr mkr, h w s Queens av 
Jeffries Albert, rubber wkr, h n s Hillside 
Jeffrey Wm B, plater, h e s Allan av 
Jepson John, carman G T R, h s s Symons 
Jewell Geo, fireman G T R. h s s MacDonald 
Johnson Ales R, dairy, e s Elizabeth, h same 
Johnson Cecil, driver, Ivs A R Johnson 
Johnson Ernest, drvr, Ivs A li Johnson 
Johnson Erla, Ivs A R Johnson 
Johnson Isaac., carp, h w s Harold 
Johnson Miry Mrs. h n s Mtirrie 
Johnston Ellen (wid Wm), h n s Warden 
Johnston John E, h e s Station rd 

n Stafford J, asst supt Missionary Rest Home, 
h s s Lake Shore rd 
Johnston Warden, ensnr, h e s Church 
John-ton Wm II, lineman, h w s Louisa 
Jones Henry, h e s .Sujurior av 
Junes Stanley, elk Rubber Co, h w s Dartmouth cres 

t, h s s .Mai-Donald 

Junes Wm J, rubber wkr, h s s Lake Shore rd. 
Jones Wm J, lab, h s s Macdonald 
Kay John W. ins adjuster, h w s Victor tr 
Kay Realty Co. (Wm F Kay, Frank Marrin), Lake Shore 
road, cor Primose av 

Kay Mavvd Mrs. h Hillside, cor Central av 

Kay Wm F, (Kay Realty Co), h e s Albert av 

Kay Wm T, ins agt. h n s Lake Shore rd 

Kcilney Henry, cabinet mkr. h cor Milton & Cambridge 

Kelly John, mach, h e s Albert av 

Kemp .las, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Kemp Jas, brk mkr, h e s Burlington 

Kempson John, pdlr, h cor Milton & Oxford 

Kenalay Patk, tmstr, h s s Heman 

Kenned) 1 Andrew W, ydmn, h e s Superior av 

Kennedy Ethel M, opr, Ivs Ivs Wm E Kennedy 

Kennedy Harold G, painter, Ivs Wm E Kennedy 

Kennedy Olive, Ivs Wm E Kennedy 

Kennedy Laura E, hs Wm E Kennedy 

Kennedy Wm E, tile mkr, h e s Superior av 

Ken Adam J, tool & die mkr, h w s Grand av 

Kerr John, eng, h 5 Superior av 

Kettlewell Richd, paper wkr, h w s Station rd 

Kettlewell Rirhd, paper wkr, h s s Dartmouth cres 

King Chas E, h w s Elizabeth 

King Chas, rivetter, h n s Oxford 

Kins Gilbert, carp, h n s Vanevery 

Kirkham Wm, lab, h w s George 

Kitson Percy, h 8 Lake Shore Mansions 

Knowles Benj, tire bldr, h w s Grand av 

Knox Hugh, fireman, Ivs Wm G Knox 

Knox Wm G, cond, h n s Mimico av 

Kusiar Ethel, elk, hs Mrs Jas Kusiar 

Kusiar Chas, slsmn, h w s Eastbourne cres 

Kusiar Jane (wid Chas), h n s Lake Shore rd 

Lake Shore Mansions, Stop 14 Lak Shore rd 

Lambert Wallace, lab, h s s Melrose 

Lamerse Gerrard, pntr, Ivs Jacob Lamerse 

Lamerse Jacob, pntr, h e s Elizabeth 

Landy Mary I (wid Albert) , h s s Melrose 

Lane Geo, carp, h w s Station rd 

Langley John B, lather, h s s Simpson av 

Langridge Geo, mach hd, h v s Robert 

Langridge Michl J, rubber wkr, h w s Milton 

Langridge Walter A, h e s Elizabeth 

Landale Jas. painter, h n s Macitonald 

Larkin Frank A, acct, h n s Manitoba 

Larry FranJc, lab, h s s Melrose 

Lanchberry Horace, h s s Symons 

Launchberry Ernest C, mach, h s s Struthers 

Launchbury Percy A, mach G T R, h s s MacTJonald 

Laurent P & Son (Paul & Robt Laurent), gro, w s 


Laurent Paul (P Laurent & Son), h w s Church 
Laurent Robt (P Laurent & Son), Ivs Paul Laurent 
Law Wm H, yard foremn G T R. h n s Main 
LeClair Jos S, genl store, n s Lake Shore rd 
Lee Edwd D, tmstr, Ivs Jas Lee 
Lee Geo H, mach, h w s Burlington 
Lee Harry, slsmn, h e s Robert 
Lee Jas T, railway inspector, h n s MaeDonald 
Lee John T, elk, h e s Alexander 
Leed Archd, flremn, h e s Distant av 
Leggett Wm, carman, h n s MacDonald 

Leigh James, tile mkr, h w s Burlington 

Lem Chas, Indry, n s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Lisle John J, rubber wkr, h n s Warden av 
Little Herbert W, trav, h w s Albert av 

Unyd Arthur T, lab, h s s Newcastle 

Locke Jas F, bkpr, h n s Algoma av 

Lomas Chas, tmstr, Ivs L J Lamas 

Lomas Louisa J. (Mimico Battery & Tire Co), h n 9 
Lake Shore rd 

London Jas A, mach, h n s Stanley av 

Lowe Chas, carman GTR, h n s Vanevery 

Lmvir Hairy C, h s s Lake Shore rcl 

Lowry David H, millwright, h e s Eastbourne cres 

Lublock Harold J. Ivs Wm E Lublock 

Lublock John W, elk, Ivs Wm E Lublock 

Lublock Wm E, mach, h w s Victor av 

Lucas Frank L, cngnr, h e s Church 

MacDonald Fred, pntr, h w s Dartmouth cres 

MacDonald Jane Mrs, h w s Mimico av 

MacDonald Patk, lab, h s s Algoma 

MacKcnzie John, dairy, h e s Church 

MacKenzie John & Son (John & Percy MacKenzie), 
dairy, n s Mimico av 

MacKenzie John (John MacKenzie & Son), h e s Church 

MacKenzie Percy (John MacKenzie & Son), Ivs John 

MacKenzie Reta, stenog, Ivs John MacKenzie 

MacKinder John, carp, h .Melrose av, cor Wesley 

MacXeill Allan (.Miniiro Heath Hardware Co), res Toronto 

Madison Wm, engnr, h e s Superior av 

Major Edwd, pntr, h n s Melrose av 

Makepeace Thos, eng, h e s Burlington 

Malloch Robt II, mach, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Malone llargr (wid Wm), h w s Station rd 

Maloney Fredk T, tile mkr, Ivs Mrs Mary A Maloney 

Maloney .Mary A. (wid Timothy), h w s Station rd 

Maiming Eilwd B. h s s Lake Shore rd 

Marett Reginald, carp, h n s Struthers 

Marlatt Ileniy, fireman, h n e cor Simpson & Howland avs 

Marquis Kdwd J, robber wkr, h 79 Heman 


Guaranteed by Union Assurance Society, Limited, London, Eng. , 

LISS & Sweatman, Limited, General Aqents 12 Wellington St. E. Phone Main 1790 




- t. J i 1^1 ^y I JF^IlLfX O 
^^ ^^ 

BWIr>Hrianp> lvloney to Loan 
IVIOrigageS Mon ey invested 

Large or Small Amounts Invested Carefully 
ROYAL BANK BUILDING. Phone Adel. 6250 

Marrin Frank (Kay Realty Co), h w s Church 

Marrow Jas, lab. h w s Grand av 

Marshall Jas, gdnr, h s s Symons 

Mason Wm, carp, h n s Simpson av 

McAllister Thos J, fruit-dealer, h s s Hay av 

McAree J V'ernon, journalist, h n s Cavell 

McBride Peter, h n s Mimico at 

McCarthy D J, h 7 Lake Shore Mansions 

McCarthy John J, act, h 10 Superior av 

McCausland Oliver, tmstr, h s s Mimico av 

McClelland Harold, phy, n s Lake Shore rd 

McClement Henry J, ydmn, h n s Symons 

McClement Thos, h 58 Main 

McClintock Wm J, bldr, h 3 Robert 

McClintock Wm J, carp, h e s Robert 

MeComb Andrew, blksmth, h s s Newcastle 

McCuady Howard A, brklyr, h w s Summerhill ay 

Mcfulloiigh Wm, h e s Primrose av 

McDonald Ellen (wid Jas) , h e s Church 

McDonald Geo, fireman Ivs Mrs Ellen McDonald 

McDonald Jas, elk. Ivs Mrs Ellen McDonald 

McDonald Wm, bldr, h w s Canarvon av 

McElroy Patk, real est, h n s Portland 

McEwen Alfred, h s s Eastbourne cres 

McFadyen Duncan, h s s Eastbourne cres 

McFarland Margt, tchr, Victoria Industrial School 

McGee Harry, h s s Lake Shore rd 

McGilrlirist Henry, h n s Lake Shore rd 

McGinnis Patk J, mach, h n s Main 

McGivern Edwin, driver, Ivs Chas McGee 

Mclli-iiry Walter, switchman, h w s Harold ai 

McKay Edwd, flremn, Ivs Jacob Giles 

McKav Geo C. Ivs 11 Victor av 

McKay Ceo J, Rev. h 11 Victor av 

McK.y, Mary, nurse, Ivs 11 Victor av 

McKay Kelson K, mach, h n s Heman 

McKav W Martin, dentist e s Superior av, Ivs 11 Victor 


McKechnie Henrietta (wid Archd), h e s Robert 
McLaren Jas W, slsmn, h s s Manitoba 
MrLintfick Wm J (Ford & McLintock), h e s Robert 
McMahon Peter, storekpr, h s s Newcastle 
McNabb Jas, engr, h n s Hay av 
McPhail John, firemn, h s s Hay at 
McPherson Alex C, shipper, h w s Siimmerhill rd 
McPherson Stanley S, elk, h w s Robert 
McQueen James, real est. Albert av, cor Lake Shore rd, 

h same 

McRae Duncan D, carp, h n s Cavell 
McWilliam Jas B, trav, h e s Alexander 
Mercer Geo, ydmn, h n s Warden 
Merchants Bank of Canada (Mimico br) , Chas W Conn, 

manager, n s Lake Shore rd 

Miles Arthur W, undertaker, h Stop 17 Lake Shore rd 
Miller Edwd, carp, h s s Oxford 
Miller Wm. elk. Ivs Fredk Downes 
Millson Wm, oil refiner, h n s Manitoba 
Milnps Coal Co, Ltd. coal and wood e s Church 
Milton Cecil. Ivs Edwin Fisher 

Mimico Battery & Tire Co (Louis J Lomas, Jas Dough- 
erty) , n s Lake Shore rd 
Mimico Beach Garage (Geo and Walter Blyth), Stop 

15 Lake Shore rd 
Mimico Beach Hardware Co (Gordon H Edgar, Allan Mc- 

Nfill), n s Lake Shore rd 
Mimico Beach Post Office, archd D Norris P M, Stop 14 

Lake Shore rd 
Mimico Methodist Church, Rev J W Morgan, pastor, e s 

Mimico Planing Mill, (James Free), Windsor, cor New- 

MIMICO POST OFFICE, George W Holdttiby Postmaster, 

e s Clrarcb 

Mimico Presbyterian Church. Church cor Mimico av 
Mimico Public Library, Nellie C Burgess librarian, e s 

Station rd 

Mimico Public School, John W English, prin, e s Church 
MIMICO STATION. Thomas H Sunnier Station Master, 
Church St Subway 

iry Rest Home, Rev Alfred W Roffe, supt, t s 
Lake Shore rd 

Mitchell Alex, en?, h w g Victor av 
Mitchell Ben] E, lab, h s s Hay a 
Mitchell Geo, tmstr, Ivs Jacob Giles 
Mitchell James, eir^. li n s War.ii'n 
Mitchell John, painter, h n s Newcastle 
Mitchell John G, emery wheel mkr, h e s' Robert 
Mitchell Squire, driver, h s s Vanevery 
Monery Wm. lab. h s s Vanevery 
Monk Geo, paper mkr. h e s Burlington 
Montgomery Andrew G, rubber wkr, h e s Louisa 

' M, car inspr, h e s Burlington 
Allivrt w, dk. h s s Cavell 
Moore Fredk W. carp, h n s Main 
\Vm. h n F Stanley av 
i Flura, Ivs It*'; J W Morgan 
.:: Cr.-ice. li< Rev J W Morgan 

Morgan Joy C. Ivs Rev J W Morgan 

Morgan John W, Rev, pastor Mimico Methodist Church, 

b s 8 Mimico av 
Morgan Mary, tchr Mimico Public School, Ivs Rev J W 


Motion Hudon V, piano tuner, h w s Church 
Moyer Harry R A, h 3 Lake Shore Mansions 
Murgatroyd Jos H, lab, h s s Symons 
Murphy Maurice J, tinsmth, h s s Murrie 
Myers Wm J, constable, h s s Stanley av 
Nelson Harry, tel opr, h n s Manitoba 
Nevin Jos, bldr, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Newdick Geo, rubber wkr, h w s Milton 
Newton John, glass wkr, h s s Heman 
Newton T N, elk, Ivs Walter Bailey 
Norris Archd D, postmaster and genl store n s Lake Shore 

road, h same 

Oatt Frank S. h s s Algoma 
O'Connell John, elect, h n s Simpson a? 
0'Honnell Catherine (wid Chas), h w s Station rd 
O'Donnell James, elk, Ivs Mrs Catherine O'Donnell 
O'Donnell Jas J, tel opr, Ivs Thos O'Donnell 
O'Donnell Thos, contr, h w s Harold 
Of.rlen Albert, barr. h s s Lake Shore rd 
O'Neill Arthur, rubber wkr, h w s Robert 
Ontario Sewer Pipe & Clay Products Co, Ltd, Andre* 

Dods genl mgr, Burlington and Cavell 
Orange Hall, Chas E Kins, sec. n s Mimico av 
Ormsby Albert R, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Orr James A, bkpr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, res Humbei 


On-ill Wm W. shipper, h 17 Victor av 
Outwater J Malcolm, h s s Queens av 
Outwater Meta, Ivs J M Outwater 
Owens Elizth (wid John), h e s Queens av 
Owens Carlotta, coat mkr, Ivs Mis Elizth Owens 
Owens J Jos, paper wkr, Ivs Mrs Elizth Owens 
Pace Wm, brklyr, h n s Melrose 
Palk Grace, Ivs Wm H Palk 
Palk Jessie A, stenog, Ivs Wm H Palk 
Palk Mildred A, bkpr. Ivs Wm II Palk 
Talk Wm H, gilder, h n s Stanley av 
Palmer Dorc.thy, Ivs Mrs Eliztli Palmer 
Palmer Elizth, (wid Fredk). h e s Church 
Palmer Geo, elk, Ivs Mrs Elizth Palmer 
Palmer Gladys, elk, Ivs Mrs Elizth Palmer 
Parish Arthur, mach, h w s Alexander 
Parkinson Geo, car repr GTR, h s s Vanevery 
Parkinson John, elk, h e s Albert av 
1-arks Nina, tchr Mimico Public School, Ivs J W CMshoIrt 
Parmalee Fredk H, h 5 Lake Shore Mansions 
Parsons Geo, mach, h n s Melrose 
Passmore Albert, lab, h s s Hay av 
Patterson David, moto, h s s Victoria 
Pattison Geoffrey, shipper, h s s Eastbourne cres 
Paylar Edwd. stmftr, h n s Warden 
Payne Thos W. bridle bldr, li w s Albert av 
Pearce Fredk W. elk, h n s Simpson av 
Pearice Victor, driver, h s s Hay av 
Pearson John, plmbr, h s s Iferan 
Peneycad John, lab, h s s Hay av 
Perry Walter, printer, h n s Warden 
Peters Matthew, brass mldr, h e s Church 
riiillips C Leonard, h e s Church 
Phillips Martha Mrs, h w s St George 
Pike Thos, h e s Summerhill rd 
Pinchin Robt, h w s Elizabeth 
Pinnock Harry, lah, h n s Symons 
Pleasants Percy, h n s Hillside 
Porter Wm, rubber wkr, h n s Cavell 
Porter Wm J, rubber wkr, Ivs Wm Porter 
Pownall Geo T, engr, h s s Dartmouth cres 
Preston Geo J, btchr w s Church, h e s Church 
Price Richd, yardmn, h n s Cavell 
Pike-Greene Catherine, bkpr,, Ivs Chas Price-Greene 
Price-Greene Chas. agt. h e s Superior av 
Purdy Lewis carp, h n s Hay av 
Purdy Richd G, carp, b s s Hay av 
Purvis Lloyd, elk Merchants Bank (Mimico br) , b Mrs 

Mary Stock 

Putnam Alfred, brklyr, h e s Burlington 
Quinn J-inies, gro. n s Mimico av, h same 
Radmore Jas, mach, h s s Mimico av 
Rankin Thos A, h 6 Lake Shore Mansions 
Rayner John, car foremn GTR, h n s Main 
Reddan John, engr, h s s Heman 
Redding David W paper mkr, Ivs Wm Redding 
Redding Wm. brklyr. h e s George 
Redman Lewis K, color mixer, h e s Superior av 
Redmond Geo D, arch, b Stop 18 Lake Shore rd 
Kedshaw Wm, shipper, h w s Queens av 
Renton Thos. florist, h n s Simpson av 
Rich Fredk J, gro, n s Cavell, h same 
Richardson Robt S, phy, s s Lake Shore rd 
Riding Edwd, lab. h s s Melrose 
Riding Thos. mach, h n s V 

h s s Lake Shore rd 

Tuples' Hattie relief instrs, Victoria Industrial School 

Ritchie Herbert P, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Rivers Henry W. rubber wkr. h n s Victoria 

Koach Joseph S, mldr. h e s Station rd 

Roberts Alice, labeller, Ivs John Roberts 

Roberts Evelyn, labeller, Ivs John Rnberts 

Roberts John, elect, h w s Queens av 

Robertson Johnathan, mach, h n s Simpson av 

Robertson Josephine (wid Frank), h s s Lake Shore rd 

Robertson Wm. h n s Lake Shore rd 

Robinson Thos, paper n>kr, h n s Dean 

Roffe Alfred W. Rev, supt Missionary Rest Home 

Rogers Frcdk J, h 17 Belvidere blvd 

Rose Henry, h n s Symons 

Rotondo Chas, florist, s s Melrose 

Rowe Ernest G, rubber tire bldr, h w s Milton 

Rowe Wm H, mach, h e s Creemore 

Royce Dora A, bkpr, Ivs I W Royce 

Koyce Isaac W, real est, w s Church, h same 

Royce Fredk W, elk, Ivs I W Royce 

Royce Vernie L, Ivs I W Royce 

Rubles Eben E. can. h e s Robert 

Rumball Wm H. hdware. Stop 14 Lake Shore rd 

Russell Geo, lab, h n s Vanevery 

Ryan Minnie, tchr Mimico Public School, res Toronto 

Sabiston Geo, pntr, h w s Wesley 

Salmon Fredk. baker, n n s Melrose av 

Salvation Army Hall, s s Mimico av 

Sarson Arthur, ens, h e s Superior av 

Saulter Jennie L. matron Victoria Industrial School 

Saulter Theodore L, carp, Instr Victoria Industrial School 

Saunders John, lab, h s s Heman 

Savage Wm E. h n s Mimico av 

Sawyer Erwin W, genl mgr Dom Abrasive Wheel Co. Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Sayce Geo, brklyr, h w s Milton 
Sayyae Annie M (wid F J) , Ivs Patk Macllonald 
Miarbach Frank, cook, h n s Hay av 
Schiedel Israel, carpet weaver, h n s Hay av 
Schwalm Danl, contr, h n s Simpson av 
Scott Thomas, lab, h n s Melrose 
Scruton Thos, lab. h s s Evans av 
Seaman Wm, rubber wkr, h s s Cavell 
Sears Fredk, car checker GTR, h e s Church 
Serson John R. phy, e s Superior av, h same 
Sewell Robt, h e s Wesley 
Shafer Mary (wid James) . h n s Stanley av 
Shafer Mary (wid Jas), Ivs 1 Lake Shore mansions 
Shannon Patk, night watchman, h s s Melrose 
Sharpen Melville, lab, h n s Oxford 
shaw Alex, eng, h 21 Victor av 
Shaw Chas, mech eng, h w s Victor av 
Shaw Wm, leather wkr, h e s Church 
Shepherd Harvey H, mfr,h stop 14 Lake Shore rd 
Sheppard Wellington W. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sherlock Robt J, tire bldr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sherman Cecil, dm. h w s Church 
Shibley Shirley S H, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Shipway Wm E, iron wkr, h n s Victoria 
Shirley Geo W, engnr, h n s Dean 
Shobert Harry, h e s Church 
Shosenberg Chas W, h 2 Lake Shore Mansions 
Siddall Hugh, grdnr, h n s Vanevery 
Sifton Henry F, h w s Victor m 
Stmon John P, Lieut C C, h e s Robert 
Simone Peter, fruit, Mimico av cor Queens av, h same 
Sisson Geo S, bolt mkr, b e s Church 
Skelton Franklin C, elk, h e s Church 
Skelton Harold, elk, Ivs Mrs J M Skelton 
Skelton Janet, Ivs Mrs J M Skelton 
Skelton Jennie M (wid Robt H) , h w s Victor a? 
Skinner Reginald, bldr, h n s Heman 
Skirrow Homer G, h s s Eastbourne eres 
Skittcrall Edwd J, leather wkr, h n s Symons 
Slevanato Saml, brk mkr, h e s Church 
Small Jas W, btchr, h n s Symons 
Smart Ada C, bkpr, Ivs Mrs Mary Smart 
Sn art Mary (wid John), h v. s Burlington 
Mason, barrs, n s Lake Shore rd 
Smith Chas. weaver, h n s Simpson av 
Smith Earl 0. journalist, h w s Robert 
Srrith Eric. elk. Ivs Frcdk Smith 
Smith Fredk, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Smith Geoffrey, elk, lv: Fredk Smith 
Smith Geo T, carp, h n s Albani 
Smith Harry, ran', h n s Hay av 
Smith Orland. shppr, h e s Robert 
Smith Thos, rubber wkr. h cor Windsor & Newcastle 
Smith Walter L, carp, h n s Heman 
Snyder >', ' it; mouth cres 

Soanes Saml. mach, h n s Symons 
Songer Percy, marh. h v>- s Albert av 
Southwood Harry, lab, Ivs Geo Greenaway 
Sparham B Tranherg, sub mgr Vninn of Can (Mimico Br) 

h s s Lake Shore rd 
S|iaiiWinj James, h n s Symons 

K, ydmn, h . 
S|in'afllrnw Henry, florist h n s Portland 


The Player-Piano that is trouble-proof 

and weather-proof the Player-Piano 

with an Aluminum Action. 

193-195-197 YONGE STREET. 




217-21S-219 McLelland Bldg., 81 Victoria St., Toronto. Offices Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. 

Representative* Principal Cities United States, Great Britain, and France, 
W. P. FETTERLY, Ontario District Manager, Office Phone Add. 1583; Res. Phone Ger. 6625. 


Steel Ja.s C, slsmn. h e s Louisa 

Steel Mary (wirl Joseph), h n s Victoria 

Stephens Kmer-i>n, li n s Symnns 

Sterling Albert, h n s Ward 

si, -wart Arthur, rubber wkr, h n s Portland 

steward .Mm F. h n s Warden 

StiOTis K<iw<l IV, prntr. Victoria Industrial School 

>tirk Joseph, ins agt, h e s Burlington 

St Leo (R C) Church, Rev Geo E Doherty rector 

w s Church 
Stock James 1), elk. h w s Station rd 

Kathleen, Ivs Mr? Mary Stock 
Stock Mary (wid Edwd). h n s Lake Shore rd 
Slock Wilfred, Ivs Mrs .Mary Stuck 
Stoot Emily, h e s Church 
Stratum Geo W, dye mixer, h n s Warden 
Street James, h w s Ch'trch 
Stronsman Wm A. decorator, h e s Robert 
Stubbs Daniel C, btchr & gro, cor Church & Newcastle 
Stucld Ernest F, mach. h s s Manitoba 
Suli'y David, dnr, h n s Mimicu av 
Sullivan Wm, carp, h n s Melrose 
SUMNER THOS H, Station Master Mimico Station, h 

w s Victor av 

Sutherland Roy. Ivs Mrs Victoria Warner 
Swain Bernice, opr. Ivs Edvvd T Swain 
Swain Edwd T, chkr, h e s Church 
Swain Isabel, opr. Ivs Edwd T Swain 
Swanton Ray. elk, Ivs 15 Belvidere blvd 
Swanson Alex, carp, h n s Simpson av 
Sweet Thos 0, tlr, h w s Albert av 
Svme Ceo. stmftr, h e s Summerhill rd 
Tanner John, lah, h n s Simpson av 
Tarbett Frank, shoemkr, h s s Macdonald 
Taverner Alfred, brass wkr, h n s Ileman 
Taylor Alfred H, photo supply, h 65 Heman 
Taylor Walter J. foremn, h s s Heman 
Taylor Bert, lab, h n s Oxford 
Telford Richd. lah, h n s Maedonald 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr, h e s Church 
Thomas Robt, blksmth, h n s Victoria 
Thompson .Alfred, shoemkr Mimico av cor Queens av, h 


Ti-omson Ales, florist, h s s Simpson av 
Thorley Danl J, car inspr, h n s Victoria 
Thornborough John plstr, h s s Heman 
Thornton Nellie, bkpr. h e s Burlington 
Thorpe Thos, rubberwkr, h n s Simpson av 
Thi'rman Wm. brkman, bus Heman 
Timms Ralph E. h w s Church 
Todd Ales, ennr. h w s Dartmouth cres 
Todd Wm, expressman, h n s Evans av 
Tomlinsun .las. carp, h w s Dartmouth cres 
Towndniw Harry, shipper, h s s Vanevery 
Tnwnsend Fred, shipper, h e s Milton 
Townsend Wm. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Trafford Ralph, stmftr, h w s Milton 
Traffor'l Walter J. one. h n s Portland 
Tranch Arthur, maoh tender, h n s Dean 
Tif-mayne Helen I, Ivs Rev H Tremayne 
Tremayne Herbert 0. Rev. rector Christ Church, h 


Turley Chester. Ivs Peter McBride 
Turner Bert, h e s Burlington 
Turner Elizth (wid John), h n s Oxford 
Tyler John, h n s Late Shore rd 
1'nrlerMll Norman M. cond. h s s Stanley av 
t'nion Bank of Canada (Mimico br), B Tranberg Sparham 

sub mgr. Lake Shore rd opp Mimico av 
Vnshall John, rubber wkr. h n s Vanevery 
Vrquhart Kate, sec Victoria Industrial School 
Valette Chester J, barber cor Church and Stanley av h 


Vandyke Edwd C, rubber wkr, Ivs C L Phillips 
V.-.ughan Geo E. tlr. h n s Warden 
Vaughan Geo E, clothes repr n s Mimico av. h n s 


Veall Edgar, lab, h n s Simpson av 
Vezina Thos R, in? agt, h n s Lake Shore rd 

n s Main cor Howland av 
Vint Christine Mrs. h e s Victor av 
Voices Wm M, eontr, h e s Lake Shore rd 
Waites Alex, tmstr. h n s Simpson av 
Waites Amos H, elk, h n s Stanley av 
Waites Geo, lab, h n s Symons 
Marj'Tic. ]\< It J Waites 
Waites Robt J. blilr. h n s Stanley av 
Walker Geo, rubber wkr, h n s Vanevery 
Walker G Hawiey, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Walker John IJ, car inspr, h s s Vanevery 
Wall Michl J. lab. h e s Louisa 
Wallace David H. driver, h n s Maedonald 
Wanner Bros (Geo 11 & David M), gros, w s Church cor 

Wanner David M (Wanner Bros), h w s Church 

Wanner Geo II (Wanner Bros), h ,s Church 

Ward Robt. car inspr GTR. h s s Vanevery 

Warner Victoria (wid Russell S), h s s Cavell 

Watson Wm G, bldr, h e s Harold 

Watts .las C, engr GTR, h s s Vanevery 

Watts Stephen, engr, h w s Albert 

Webster Jas G. rubber wkr. h n s take Shore rd 

Webster Wm S, elk, Ivs J G Webster 

Weise Florence M, mus tchr, Ivs Percy Weise 

Weise Nellie (wid Chas A). Ivs Percy Weise 

Weise Percy, trav. h n s Lake Shore r<! 

Wells Jas J, contr, Ivs Patk Maedonald 

Wensley Mary (wid Wm), h e s Alexander 

fferden Elizth A, h e s Church 

Werden Wm A, Ivs Elizth A Werden 

West Alfrea. cor,d, h n s Vanevery 

West Louis J, stock broker, h Albert av cor Stanley av 

West Walter J, lab, h e s Elizabeth 

Weston Jos. elk, Ivs Mrs Jennie M Skelton 

Wheeler Saml, tmstr, Ivs Jacob Giles 

White Clyde, cond, h w s Queens av 

White Frank, lab, h w # s Creemore av 

Whitaker Geo L, engr, h n s Maedonald 

Whittaker Chas, bkpr, h s s Mimico av 

Wi'.;g Win G, emery wkr. h w s Albert av 

Wilcocks John, 'ab, h " s. Symons 

Wild Thos, freight handler, h s s Mimico av 

Wild Thos, dry Eds Mimico av cor George, h same 

Wilkie Peter, mach, h s s Ileman 

Wilkinson Lillian, relief instrs Victoria Industrial School 

Williams rredk. lab h s s M'-oma 

Williams Geo, tmstr, h s s Oxford 

Williams Richd, carp, h s s Maedonald 

Willoughby John A, ydmn GTR, h s s Maedonald 

Wilson Geo J. ^INT'?. h t s Primrose av 

Wilson Harold P. ens. h e s Station rd 

Wilson Thos, bolt mkr. Ivs Roht Thomas 

Wilson Walter, engr. Ivs Geo Monk 

Wiltshire Annie (wid W J), h w s Church 

Winekworth Trevnr E. h n s Maedonald 

Windsor Hotel, E J Flood prop. Manchester cor Vincent 

Winter Robt. elk, h w s Albert av 

Witmer Wm, carp, h n s Portland 

Wivon Thos, h n s Mii"ico av 

Wood Clarence B. elk G T R. h n s Vanevery 

Wood Edgar, bkpr. h e s Church 

Wood Enoch, engnr, h n s Portland 

Wood Matilda, h s s Mar-Donald 

Wood Wm J. dentist, h Superior av cor Stanley av 

Woodford Wm H, shoe mkr, n s Cavell, h same 

Woodman Arthur, ens instr Victoria Industrial School 

h s c Melrose av 

Woodward Bert, storekpr. h n s Garden ar 
Woods James M, mach, Ivs Patk S Woods 
Woods Patk A. cond. h w s Victor av 
Woods Patk J. h w s Victor av 
Wooley Chas. Mr mkr, h e s Milton 
Wonley Harold, stock kpr, h n s Oxord 
Wonlley Josenh W, h s s Hillside 
Wright David, gdnr, h n s Manitoba 
Wright Edna, tchr Mimico" Pub School, Ivs Arthur Finch 
Wrirht Thos, carp, h n s Vanevery 
WrL'M WTI C. eng. li 13 Svmo'is 
Wright Wm T. h e s Superior av 
Yark Geo, grdnr, h cor Wesley & Melrose 
Yarwoml Harold, tlr. h n s Simpson 
Yates Gladys, b w s Grand av 
Vates Jas. tanner, h n s Oxford 
Young Henry W. lab. h s s Hay av 
Young Wm F. b s s Lake Shore rd 

Seven miles northwest of the City Hall. Post Office 

Mount Dennis. Take Dundas car to Keele, thence 

north on radial car line. 
\bbott Alfred, engnr, Ivs 1 New rd 
Alitiett Bessie, opr, Ivs 10 Nickel av 
Abbott Walter L. pntr. h 16 Nickel av 
Abernethy Jos. lab. h ft", Asnnith :u 
Adkins Thos. slsmn. Ivs IS Dennis av 
Agin Wm A. barber. 1113 We<ton rd. h same 
Ainsworth Louisa, silk winder. ]vs 23 Buttonwood av 
Air Henry, lab, Ivs (17 Glcudale cres 
Air Jeane Ivs 67 Glendale cres 
Air M.-ria. Ivs <;? Glemhle av 
Air Roht. Ivs (!7 Glendale cres 
Ailken Jean, gro 27 Lambton av, h same 
Aktns Thos H, gdnr, h 51 Buttonwrod M 
Aldridge Bertram, Ivs 14 Harding av 
Aldridge Hubert, miller, h 14 Harding av 
Alexander Saml, pres Bettys Ltd, h 53 Sunnybrae cres 
Allan Dora, Ivs 30 Golden av 
Allan Walter A, brkmkr, Ivs 30 Golden av 
Allan Wm. pntr. h 30 Golden av 

Allport Herbert, mach, Ivs 21 Nickel av 

Amos Maud, trimmer, Ivs Ofl St Johns rd 

Amos Percy. Ivs ti!t St Johns rd 

Amos Winifred, trimmer, Ivs 69 St Johns rd 

Amshaiy Wm N. wood wkr. h fi Gray av 

Anderson David, h n cliff 

Andeison Lily, opr, Ivs !> Elora av 

Andrew Wm. sorter, h 28 Buttonwood av 

Andrews Arthur G, trav, h 16 Elmira av 

Armstrong Bessie, packer, Ivs 26 Eglinton av vv 

Armstrong Frank, studt, Ivs 26 Eglinton av w 

Armstrong Irving, car sealer, h 5 Haiding av 

Armstrong Irving, elk, h 20 Gray av 

Armstrong Jas, h S Graham av 

Armstrong Margt, soap mkr, Ivs ri Harding av 

Armstrong Mima, box mkr, Ivs 5 Harding av 

Armstrong Saml, stableman, Ivs 26 Eglinton av w 

Arnnlil Morris, film mkr, h 10 Homer av 

Arthur A J Rev. rector Church of the Good Shepherd, 
h 70 Guestville av 

Ashman Chas, farmer. Ivs 1323 Fifth av 

Ashton Ellen L, switch bd opr, Ivs 17 Arnold av 

Ashton John N, btchr. Ivs 17 Arnold av 

Ashton Jos, metal plshr, h 17 Arnold av 

Ashton Jos Jr. mach, Ivs 17 Arnold av 

Ashton Lawrence, vvtchmn, h 102 Porter av 

Ashton Lilly, switch bd opr, Ivs 102 Porter av 

Ashton Mary A (wid Lawrence), h 30 Porter av 

Asino Henry, lah, Ivs 10 Dennis av 

Aspeden Harry, h 23 Rayliss av 

Aiidsley Albert E, h 7 Summerville av 

Audsley Ethel M. Ivs 7 Summerville av 

Audsley Henry W. Ivs 7 Summerville av 

Audsley Laura (wid Thos), Ivs 7 Snmnterville av 

Auld Wm J. elk, Ivs 57 Buttnnwfid av 

Avis Chas W, btchr 1370 Weston rd, h same 

Avis Wm H, printer, h 23 Nickel ai 

Ayling John, h 885 Weston rd 

Ayling John W, Ivs 885 Weston rd 

Babcock NeLson, carp, h 69 Glendale cres 

Bagg Norman, stenog. Ivs 08 Guestville av 

Bagg John, engnr, h 08 Guestvilie av 

Bailey Alice, opr, Ivs 10 Syndicate av 

Bailey Edwd, lab, Ivs 16 Syndicate av 

Baker Albert E, county coastable, h 107 Lambton av 

Baker Geo. auto assmblr, h 82 Bcechwood av 

Baker Walter D W, mach, h 2 Beechwood av 

Baker Wm. lab, h 20 Frejama av 

Bala av Public School. Jas C Wagg prinl. w s Bala av 

Ball Earl, elk J H Ball & Sons, Ivs 54 Guestville a> 

Ball Jos H (J H Ball & Sons), h 54 Guestville av 

Ball J H & Sons (Jas H Ball), btchrs, 1140 ffeston rd 

Ball Leonard T. carp, h 10 Orla av 

Hills Albert, pdlr. h 41 Nickd av 

Balls Oliver, lab, Ivs 44 Nickel av 

Bank of Nova Scotia (Mount Dennis Br), Jas W Mac- 
Donald mgr. 1128 Weston rd 

Barber Freak J lab, h 20 Elmira av 

Barber Jas, lab, h 18 Lambton av 

Barber John, carp, h 16 Lambton av 

Barber Stanley, auto wkr Ctas Finney, h 15 Elmira av 

Barber Stephen, h 39 Lambton av 

Barker Helen, elk, Ivs 36 Cravden av 

Barker Norman, elk, Ivs 30 Cravden av 

Barker Richd R, inspector, h 36 Crayden av 

Barnes Herbert H, cartage a?t. 33 Kouthport av h same 

Barnes John J. h 19 Hollis av 

Barnett Harold, Ivs 24 Orla av 

Barnett Jane. Ivs 3." Ray av 

Barnett Robt, h 24 Orla av 

Barnett Wm J. lab. h 35 Ray av 

Barrett Clarence, engnr, h 4 Locust av 

Barrett Loyal, h 26 Eglinton av w 

Barrett Oliver, h 24 Eglinton av w 

Barrett Wm R, engnr, hs 1119 Weston rd 

Barrow Melville W, barber, h 51 Hnmber blvd 

Bartlett Albert, h 51 Lambton av 

Barton Edna, Ivs 130(1 Weston rd 

Barton Edwd. pdiir, h 1306 West rd 

Barton Jas II, lab, h 179 Lambton av 

Bath Amelia E, opr. Ivs 47 Sunnybrae cres 

Bath Wm, lab, h 47 Sunnybrae cres 

Bath Wm M, elk, Ivs 47 Sunnybrae cres 

Rayliss John A, elect, h 24 Bayliss av 

Bayliss John P, h 122 Lamhton av 

Hayliss Thos jr. mach. Ivs 4 Bayliss av 

Bayliss Wm. piairo tuner. Ivs 1098 Weston rd 

Bean A J Milton, prop Maple Leaf Theatre, h 97 Lamb- 
ton av 

Beattie Thos. stockpr. h 22 Fieiama av 

Beatty Jabez, h 05 St John's rd 

Beck Chas, mach, h 105 Humber blvd 

Beck Geo, lab, h 75 Fiejinia ai 

Beck Walter, btchr, h 75 Frejama av 

Reckwith Helen, Ivs 14 Cliff 

Beckwith Henry S, office mgr Can Kodak Co, Ltd, res 

Scrap Leather. Cotton Waste. 




Electrical Supplies 
Motors and Fans 


PhoneADEUIDE 1962 


Beech Geo B, millwright, h 9 Rutherford av 

Be/Tort Frank, Ivs 11 Pearen av 

Beffort Nicholas, millwright, h 11 Pearen av 

Bell Jas, driller, h 2 Brownsville av 

Bell Jas, lab, h 72 Beechwood av 

Bell Jonan I, opr, Ivs 2 Brownsville av 

Bennett Albert, case hdnr, h 21 Brownsville av 

Bennett Harold W, elect, h 4 Cobalt av 

Benson Beatrice E, elk, Ivs 2 Locust av 

Benson Thos W, engr, h 2 Locust av 

Bettes Annie (wid Jas K), Ivs 21 Bartonville av 

Bettys, Ltd, Saml Alexander pres, jams and jellies, s w 
cor York and Syndicate avs 

Biffen Herbert, mach, h 88 Humber blvd 

Billington Wm, porter, Ivs 135 Lambton av 

Bishop Wm J. mach, h 52 Cliff 

Black Alfred lab, h 1196 Jane 

Black Annie E (wid Alfred), Ivs 1196 Jane 

Black David, watchmn, h 27 Victoria blvd 

Black Ernest (Obee & Black), res Toronto 

Black r;eo, lab. h 27 Humber blvd 

Black Mary, opr, Ivs 27 Victoria blvd 

Black Minnie, bds 1299 Weston rd 

Black Thelma, bds 1299 Weston rd 

Blackburn Arthur, steel wkr, h 164 Lambton av 

Blackburn Caroline C, spooler, Ivs 164 Lambton av 

Blackburn Eugene, plstr, h 2 Bayliss av 

Blackburn Herbert, paper cutter, h 10 Locust av 

Blackman Alfred, lab, h 61 Chryessa av 

Blackstone Fred, mldr, h 7 Lambton av 

Blair Thos, lab, h 1 Southport av 

Blake Henry, carp, h 8 Eglinton av e 

Blake Henry, millwright, h 1 Homer av 

Blake Geo, Ivs 8 Eglinton av e 

Blake Saml, mach, Ivs 5 Bayliss av 

Boadway Wm, brklyr, h 17 Hollis av 

Boag Archd. h 26 Orla av 

Bodger L Alfred, painter, h 11 Hollis av 

Bodian Albert, lab, Ivs 65 Chryessa av 

Bodian Helen. Ivs 65 Chryessa av 

Bodian Stephen, h 65 Chryessa av 

Boicey Wm, sheet mtl wkr John H Kidd, res Toronto 

Roland Jas, assemblr, h 3 Rutherford av 

Boland Ruth, opr, Ivs 3 Rutherford av 

Bolder Walter, expressmn, h 18 Jasper av 

Bond Chas E, house phy Toronto Free Hospital for Con- 
sumptives, Ivs same 

Boot David, carp, h 32 Frejama av 

Booth John, barber, h 11 Gray av 

Bonham Chas R, trav, li 3 Crayden av 

Boham Clara, stenog, Ivs 3 Crayden av 

Borland John, carp, h 28 Cobalt av 

Boustead Isabella (wid Robt C), h 1384 Weston rd 

Bowerbank Jas, lab, h 69 Beechwood av 

Bowerman Reginald, cabt mkr, h 29 Cliff 

Bowman Agnes, tchr, Ivs 5 Nickel av 

Bowman David, h 5 Nickel av 

Bowmin Francis R, engr, h 13 Victoria av 

Bowman Margueretta, nurse, Ivs 5 Nickel av 

Bowrine Leonard E. agt, h 47 Nickel av 

Boyd Elsie, stenog, Ivs 26 Pearen av 

Boyd Harry, carp, h 26 Pearen av 

Boyle Lawrence B, slsmn, h 25 Summerville av 

Boylen Benj, h 1283 Fifth av 

Boylen John N, elk, h 11 Orla av 

Boylen Nelson, Ivs 1283 Fifth av 

Boyling Ernest, lab, h 17 M. Humber blvd 

Brandel Florence, Ivs 11 Glendale cres 

Brayshaw Percy, rms 8 Frejama av 

Brennan Annie, elk, Ivs 20 Brownsville av 

Brennan John. mach. h 3 Chryessa av 

Briggs Arthur, iiliry super Tor Free Hospital for Con- 
smiiptiu-s, IPS Weston 

Bright Harry, postman, h 19 Frejama av 

Bristow Chas, Ivs 111 Lambton av 

Bristow Fredk T, lab, Ivs 111 Lambton av 

Bristow Geo, lab, h 111 Lambton av 

Bristow Henry, lab, Ivs 111 Lambton av 

Bristow Jos, lab, h 50 Southport av 

Britton Albert, lab. h w s Lambton av 

Brittun Henry, bkpr, h 5 Chryessa av 

Broadfleld Thoe. h 856 Weston rd 

Bromno (leo, lab, h 25 Brownsville av 

Brooks Alfred, maoh. h 135 Lamhtirn av 

Brooks Annie, Ivs 133 Lambert av 

Broom Herbert, pattern mkr. h 78 Porter av 

Broughton Edwd ,mach, h 29 Chryessa av 

Broughton Ernest, bkpr, Ivs 29 Chrvessa av 

Brown Albert E, chauff, h 1005 Weston rd 

Brown Eva A, elk. Ivs 1005 Weston rd 

Brown E Russell, elk, Ivs 1005 Weston rd 

Brown Fredk, brklyr. h 66 Beechwood av 

Brown Geo, editor, li 2!) Gulden av 

Brown Geo, harness mkr, 1208 Weston rd, h same 

Kriiwn Hrnry, film mkr, h 33 Beechwood av 

Bruun Jrilin. lab. Win Maker, h 5il ]>,,rt,. r av 

Brown John. lab. h 58 Porter av 

Brown John A, driver, Ivs 995 Weston rd 

Brown Jos, h 999 Weston rd 

Brown Jos N, h 20 Guest ville av 

Brown Jos W, lab, h 4 Dennis av 

Brown Maude V, elk. Ivs 1005 Weston rd 

Brown Peter, elk, W F Moon & Co, res Toronto 

Brm Wilbert. as<t Walter Vaughan, Ivs 4 Ray av 

Brown Wm, maph. Ivs 5 Frejama av 

Bryant Albert, elev opr, h 3 Harding av 

Brj'son Leonard S, mach, h 1321 Fifth av 

Buck Frank W, car insptr, h 5 Gray av 

Buck Fredk C. bench hd, Ivs 5 Gray av 

Buck Wm G, bench hd, Ivs 5 Gray av 

Buckler Wm H, mach, h 60 Gray av 

Buckle}- John W, carp, h 7 Victoria blvd 

Buckley Sydney, Ivs 7 Victoria blvd 

Budgen Edith, packer, Ivs 18 Bayliss av 

Budgen Jas, elk, Ivs IS Baylies av 

Budgen Wm J, cement wkr, h 18 Bayliss ai 

Burden Walter, waiter, h 49 Humber blvd 

Burgess K Ainslev, eng, h 13 Summerville av 

Burlington Albert, Ivs 25 Graham av 

Burlington Jas R, h 25 Graham av 

Burlington Rose, Ivs 25 Graham av 

Burrows Alfred, lab, h rear 116 Lambton av 

Burton Fredk J, carp, h 50 Brownsville av 

Burton John, lab, Ivs 50 Browasville av 

Butchart Cora, insptr, Ivs 55 Buttonwood av 

Butchart Danl, wool wkr, Ivs 55 Buttonwood av 

Butler Florence, Ivs 44 Brownsville av 

Butler Leo, lab, h 44 Brownsville av 

Butter Geo W, engnr, h 66 Porter av 

Butterflll Jane, Ivs 40 Brownsville av 

Butterflll Thos, steel wkr, h 40 Brownsville av 

Buyers Grace, Ivs 25 Victoria blvd 

Buyeis John, Ivs 25 Victoria blvd 

Buyers Wm, mach, li 25 Victoria blvd 

Caine Patk, mach, h 10 Rutherford 

Callow Geo, lab, h 25 Cliff 

Campbell Albert, elk, h 44 Victoria blvd 

Campbell Bert, dm, h 43 Humber blvd 

Campbell Danl, patternmkr, h 19 Graham av 

Campbell Isabella, Ivs 44 Victoria blvd 

Campbell Jas, confy 1343 Weston rd, h same 

Campbell Jean, Ivs 114S Weston rd 

Campbell John D, pressmn, h 23 Gialiam av 

Campbell Marion M (wid Neil B), h 23 Hollis av 

Campbell Neil, carp, h 1 Summerville av 

Campbell Norman, mach, h 1 'Nickel av 

Campbell Theodore, lab, Ivs 44 Victoria blvd 

Campbell Wm T, shoes 1148 Weston rd, h same 

Canadian Kodak Co Ltd, John G Palmer pres, photo sup- 
plies, n s Eglinton av w 

Cansdale Arthur J, h 58 Southport av 

( arlaw Douglas M. Idgr kpr Bank of Nova Scotia 
(Mount Dennis Br), res Toronto 

('arlaw Thos, bldr, h 10 Lambton av 

Carr John H, dm, h 5 Hollis av 

Carrick- John, insp, h n e cor Locust av & Weston rd 

Carter Walter, cement wkr h 30 Buttonwood av 

Chadwick John M, shppr, h 7 Dennis av 

Chadwick Meaie, elk, Ivs 7 Dennis av 

Chadwick Willis, tinsmth, Ivs 7 Dennis av 

Chambers Saml R, wheel turner, h 103 Lambton av 

Champlin Harry, chemical wkr, h 36 Chryessa ai 

Cliantler Annie, Ivs 10 Summerville av 

Chantler Gladys, Ivs 10 Summerville av 

Chantler Howard, Ivs 10 Summerville av 

Chantler Wm, 10 Summerville av 

Chantler Wm N RCT, pastor .Mt Dennis Methodist Church, 
h 10 Summerville av 

Chapell Emma (wid John), h 11 Frejama av 

Chapel! Ethel L, Ivs 11 Frejama av 

Chapell Geo T, carter, Ivs 1 1 Frejama av 

Chaplin Jas, h 89 Asquitli av 

Chaplin Jas jr, Ivs 89 Asquith av 

Chapman Henry, painter, h 9 Dennis av 

Chappell Alfred S. tool mkr, Ivs 29 York av 

('happen Alfred T, ruler, h 29 York av 

Charlesworth Albert, silversmth, h 89 Humber blvd 

Charlesworth Jos, h 58 Gray av 

Charlton Clara. Ivs 16 Pine Hill cres 

Charlton Edwd, h 16 Pine Hill cres 

Clurlton Helen, Ivs 116 Pine Hill cres 

Chilvers Ada, elk, Ivs 5 Elora av 

Chillers Allan, lab. h 5 Elora av 

Chilvers Dora, Ivs 5 Elora av 

Chilvers Ralph, lab, Ivs 5 Elora av 

Chisholm Wm, bds 24 Orla av 

Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican), Rev A J 
Arthur, rector, s e cor Weston rd 4 Eglinton av e 

Clancy Susie, Ivs 59 St Johns rd 

Clancy Tin*, lab. li 59 St John's rd 

Clark Alfred J, h 24 Buttonwood av 

Clarke Chas. wool wkr, h 21 Graham av 

Clarke Christopher, h 8 Cliff 

Clarke David, lab. h 152 Lambton av 

Clarke David, lab, h 33 Ray av 

Clarke Emily, Ivs 13 Pearen av 

Clarke Ernest, elk, h 13 Pearen av 

Clarke Florence, opr, Ivs 33 Ray av 

Clarke Fredk W, carp, h 14 Victoria blvd 

Clarke Geo, lab, Ivs 31 Golden av 

Clarke Henry, carp, h 8 Locust av 

Clarke Ivy, pckr, Ivs 14 Victoria blvd 

Clarke John, h 21 Cliff 

Clarke John, elk, Ivs 14 Victoria blvd 

Clarke Lilly, Ivs 8 Locust av 

Clarke Saml. wool wkr. Ivs 21 Graham av 

Clarke Wm W, lab. h 12 Beechwood av 

Clegg Edwd. carp, h 42 Beechwooj av 

Clegg Jos.dbostman, h 5 Dennis av 

Cleland Aflfie, dry gds 1119 Weston rd, h same 

Cleland Archd, gdnr, Ivs 1119 Weston rd 

Cleland Wm, Ivs 1119 Weston rd 

Cliff Chas H. elk, h 58 Lambton av 

Clifford Florence (wid Edwd J), Ivs 7 Summerville av 

Clough John, lab, h 35 Beechwood av 

Codd Richd H, lab, Ivs Wm Codd 

Codd Robt H J, lab, Ivs Wm Codd 

Codd Wm, bldr, h w s Alco 

Codd Wm, carp, h 76 Porter av 

Coe Wm, wood wkr, h 14 Cliff 

Coffler Benj, gro 1121 Weston rd, b same 

Cole Lilly, tchr, Bala av Public Schl, res Toronto 

Cole Ruth, hsekpr, Ivs 1 New rd 

Collard Wm, lab, Ivs 29 Ray av 

Collings Jas, h 19 Elmira av 

Collins Duncan, mach, h 6 Ray av 

Collins Harry, opr, Ivs 868 Weston rd ' 

Collins Jean, Ivs 6 Ray av 

Collins Wm T, tlr, h 43 Beechwood av 

Conacher Alister, carp, bds 44 Gray av 

Connaught Home fnr Nurses, Edith McP Dickson supt. 

n s Buttonwood av 

Connor John, elk Michl J Connor, Ivs 1201 Weston rd 
Connor Laura, elk .Michl J Connor, Ivs 1201 Weston rd 
Connor May. elk Michl J Connor, Ivs 1201 Weston rd 
Connor Michl J, gro 1201 Weston rd, h same 
Conquer Wm, mach, h 23 Glendale cres 
Conway May Mrs, confy 1210 Weston rd, rms UTS 


Cook Gladys, Ivs 26 Brownsville av 
Cook Leonard, lab, h 138 Lambton av 
Cook Wm 11. h 2(i Brownsville av 
Cooke Frank G, opr, li 14 Nickel av 
Cooke Lillie, Ivs 14 Nickel av 
Coomber Frank, lab, h 6 Elmira av 
Cooper Geo, lab, Ivs 7 Locust av 
Cooper Harry, rms 1186 Jane 
Cooper Herbert, leather wkr, bds 4 Homer av 
Cooper John, elk, Ivs 7 Locust av 
Cooper Wilmot H, jwlr. h 7 Locust av 
Copeland Geo, cabt mkr, h 13 Jasper av 
Copping Wm, h 54 Frejama av 
Cordell Edwd, packer, h 20 Louvain 
Cordick John, shipper, h 55 Buttonwood av 
Cornell Stephen B, genl mgr Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd. 

res Toronto 

Cornwith John, insp, h 15 Summerville av 
Cotterill Martha, elk, Ivs 12 Mahoney av 
Cotterill Saml, h 12 Mahoney av 
Cottrell Arthur S, btchr, h 46 Cliff 
fowan Jas, carp, h 15 Chryessa av 
Cox Clus E, moto, b 14 Pine Hill cres 
Crane Nellie (wid Walter), b 70 Gray av 
Crane Winnifred, Ivs 70 Gray av 
Crayden Alice, nurse, Ivs 17 Nickel av 
Crayden Bert, postman, li 17 Nickel av 
Creighton Ewart, elk, Ivs 174 Lambton av 
Creighton Mehin B, insp. h 174 Lambton av 
Crisp Thos J, gro 1297 Weston rd, res Lambton Mills 
Crocker Alex, mach, h 32 Porter av 
Crocker Alex, pckr, Ivs 20 Bayliss av 
Crocker Alpheaus, can', h 80 Porter av 
Crocker Chas L J, elect, h 3 Hector av 
Crocker Geo W, lab, b 20 Bayliss av 
Crocker Percy A, Ivs 32 Porter av 
Crocker Reta, Ivs 32 Porter av 
Crocker Wm, h 32 Porter av 
Crockett Gertrude, Ivs 1207 Weston rd 
Crompton Abraham, mach, h 47 Frejama av 
Crompton Ethel, Ivs 47 Frejama av 
Cross Edwd C, mach, h 18 Elmira av 
CnKs Edwd J, auto repr, h 18 Elmira av 
Crossley John H, gro 1154 Weston rd, h same 
('mniin;J:am Jas B. mach, h 14 Klmira a 1 
Currell Ernest, boots & shoes 102 Lambton av, h same 
Currie Thos, mach, h 40 Frejama av 
Curiy Margt S, Ivs 978 Weston rd 
Curry Mary K. Ivs 978 Weston rd 
Curry Thos L. h 978 Weston rd 

The Greatest 
in Typewriters 






F. J. SMITH & CO. 

36 Toronto Street 



Curtis Jas, police, h 7 Bushy av 

Cuthbert Saml, foreran, h 18 Nickel av 

Cuthbertson Alice, Ivs 23 Victoria blvd 

Cuthbertson John (', lab, h. 41 Glendale ores 

futhbertson Nelson, bldr ,!i 23 Victoria bltd 

Pale Edwd, assembler, h 16 Denard 

Darling Andrew, lab, h 7 Elora a? 

Davidson Edith, opr, Ivs 1 Locust at 

Davidson Robt, lab. h 53 Brownsville av 

Davies John L, watchmkr. h 38 Brownsville av 

Davis Albert, mkt gdnr 78 Buttonwood av, h same 

Davis Albert R, auto wkr. Ivs 78 Buttonwood av 

Davis Arthur C. stove mntr, Ivs 78 Buttonwood av 

Davis Ivy R, elk, Ivs 78 Buttonwood av 

Day Arthnr, press hd, Ivs 23 Golden av 

Day Dennis, press hd, Ivs 23 Golden 

Day Florence, wrapper, Ivs 23 Golden av 

Day Henry, h 23 Golden av 

Day \Vm, crane opr. Ivs 23 Golden av 

Deakin Bert. bldr. h 8 Guestville av 

Dean Sidney, h 13 Harding av 

Delamatter Harry, much, h 5 Bushy av 

Dennis Av Public School, Harper David, prin, s s 
Dennis av 

Desmond Russell, mach. rms 68 Edmond ai 

Detheridse Saml mach. h 1 Gray av 

Dew Patk. lab, h 71 Hnmber blvd 

Devine Frank, h 44 Beechwood av 

Dicker John M. baker, h 37 Brownsville av 

Dicker Lambert, baker, h 74 Gray av 

Dickson Edith McP, supt Toronto Free Hospital for 
Consumptives, Ivs Connaueht Home 

Oixon Alfred, carp, h 50 Porter av 

Dixon Marjorie. stenog Toronto Free Hospital for Con- 
sumptives, res Toronto 

Dobbie Wm J, phy in chief Tor Free Hospital for 
Consumptives, Ivs same 

Dndds Henry G, blksmth, h 3 Golden av 

Podwn Albert, cattle driver. Ivs 23 Freiama av 

Podson Lillian B. parte'. Ivs 23 Frejama av 

Dodson Mark, mldr, h 23 Frejama av 

Podson XYm, btchr. Ivs 23 Frejama av 

Donn Robt. lab, h 4 Mahoney av 

Donnelly Tiros, mach, h 30 Beechwood av 

Doubtfire Robt, lab, h 18 Gray av 

Dover Henry, mach. h 59 Buttonwood av 

Dowle Wm. elk, h 99 Asnuith av 

Powler Wm .1. lab. Ivs 37 Golden av 

Pownham Thos. mldr, h 60 Frejama av 

Downs Alice (wid Edwd), Ivs 76 Chryessa av 

DOWSP Fredk W. mach. h 25 Bartnnville v 

Praper T,iura. domestic. Ivs 26 Brownsville av 

Prugan Wm S, lab. h 78 Beechwood a* 

fTynan JNin. tlr 1(104 ttvtnn rd, h 12 Lambton av 

Ducker Jos. elect, n 1 Eglinton av e 

Pucker Laura. Ivs 1 Eglinton av e 

Duckworth Saml. h 18 Buttonwood ay 

Duckworth Thos, lab. Ivs 18 Buttonwood av 

Puffleld Wallace, gro 115 Lambton av, h same 

Dunk Jas, lab. h 47 Sotithport av 

Dunk Richd, mach, h 1 Cliff 

Dunn Benj. h 63 Buttonwood av 

Dunn Phillips H E. gro 1508 Weston rd, h same 

Dunn Wm. mach, h If* Golden av 

Diirlinro Sydney P. h M St Johns rd 

Dusty Benj. lab, Ivs 7 Cobalt av 

Dusty Harriet, h 7 Cobalt av 

Eadie John 11. gro 1376 Weston rd, h same 

Eaglestone Alfred. Ivs 33 Humber hlvd 

Eaglestone Richd. h 33 Humher blvd 

Earsman Ales. lab. h 57 Humlier blvd 

Easson John, shoemkr, h 5 Eglinton av e 

Eastow Gco. carp, h 27 York av 

Eck Wm. rubber wkr, h 31 Graham av 

Edgar Acnes (wid David), h 7 Humber blvd 

Edgar Sarah, Ivs 7 Humber blvd 

Edwards Jas. stove mntr, h 1382 Weston rd 

Edward Jas F. h 16 Pennis av 

Edwards Jane (wid Henry), h 21 Summerville av 

Edwards Mabel F, Ivs 21 Summerville av 

Edwards Thos, wood fnshr, h 52 Southport av 

Elliott Jane, h 10 Denard 

Elliott John, engnr, h 2 Louvain 

Elliott Margt, h 10 Penard 

Elliott Mary, h 10 Denard 

Eilis John, lab, h 31 Crayden av 

England Arthur, bldr, h 21 Nickel av 

England Arthur, lab, h 3 New rd 

England John, lab, Ivs 3 New rd 

England Julia, opr, Ivs 3 New rd 

English Alfred P, h 11 Locust av 

English Bros & Mould (Fredk & Geo English, Harold 
Moifld), hardware, 1150 Weston rd 

English Fredi (English Bros & Mould), Ivs Alfred 

English Geo (English Bros & Mould) Ivs Alfred English 

Evans Albert, lab, h 22 Baylis- ;n 

Evans Arthur, drvr, h 28 Nickel av . 

Evans Chas R, plstr, h 34 Rutherford at 

Kvans Harold, btchr, Ivs tj3 Frejama av 

Evans Percy, lab, Ivs 63 Frejama av 

Evans Robt h 6 Pine Hill cres 

Bvans Waller, bldr, h 63 Frejaraa av 

Everall Thos, pdlr, h 1 Golden av 

Extence Reginald, btchr, h 5 Rutherford av 

Farrow Geo E, engnr, h 17 Victoria blvd 

Feather John, mach, h 9 Chryessa av 

Featherstone Stewart, stmftr, Ivs 1293 Fifth av 

Fellowes John, Ivs 984 Weston rd 

Fellowes Mary, Ivs 984 Weston rd 

Fellowes Sarah (wid Jas), h 984. Weston rd 

Fellowes Winnifred, Ivs 984 Weston rd 

Fern Edgar, tmstr, h 1339 Weston rd 

Ferguson Alex, h 8 Orla av 

Ferguson Catherine (wid Geo), Ivs 8 Orla a? 

Ferguson Geo, Ivs 8 Orla av 

Ferguson Mary, Ivs 8 Orla av 

Field Albert E, decorator, Ivs 1333 Fifth av 

Fielding Haworth, brklyr, h 25 Nickel av 

Fife Henry A, caretkr. h 50% Brownsville av 

Fife Percy, lab, Ivs 50 ^ Brownsville av 

Findlay Jas, cabt mkr, h 15 Bayliss av 

Finncy Chas, garage 1263 Weston rd, h n s Ray av 

Finnie Jas, mldr, h 28 Southport av 

Fisher Alfred, millwright, h 9 Cliff 

Kiusmald Wm P, h 71 Beechwood av 

Flanagan Edwd C, elk, h 66 Guestville av 

Fleming Alwyn W, slsmn, h 22 Nickel av 

Fletcher John, lab, h 86 Beechwood ar 

Fletcher John, lab, Ivs 11 Eglinton av w 

Flood Patk, h 5fl Frejama av 

Foggo .lean (wid Alex), confy 1127 Weston rd, h same 

Font Wm, Ivs 26 Golden av 

Fordham Grace, Ivs 9 Brownsville av 

Fordham Leonard, engnr, h 13 Brownsville av 

Fortin Louis, gro 1107 Weston rd, h same 

Foster Ernest, sec hd gds 1109 Weston rd, h same 

Foster Jas, Ivs 1109 Weston rd 

Foster Reginald, Ivs 1109 Weston rd 

Fox Albert H, h 22 Summerville av 

Fox Geo J, lab, Ivs 10 Bayliss av 

Foy Geo, elk, Ivs 10 Victoria blvd 

Frame Saml, gro 23 Humber blvd, h same 

France Chas, mach, h 55 Humber blvd 

''Mure John, millwright, h 30 Cliff 

Franks John, elk. Ivs 9 Rutherford at 

Fraser Chas R, elect, Ivs 29 Graham av 

Fraser Magnus, wtchmn, Ivs 73 Frejama av 

Freshwater Walter, h 3 Jasper av 

Fricker Joseph, storekpr, h 24 Nickel av 

Fricker Wm, elk, Ivs 24 Nickel av 

Frogley Jas, lab, h 197 Lambton av 

Fryer Chas, h 68 Gray av 

Fryer Henry, storemn, h 11 Jasper av 

Fuller Annie (wid Kdwin J), h 24 Gray a' 

Fuller Harold S, auto repr, Ivs 24 Gray av 

Fursey Nellie, Ivs 9 Pearen av 

Fursey Kichd A, carp, h 9 Pearen av 

Gage Jos, eonfy 39 Southport av, h same 

Gambell Albert, lab, h 24 Dennis av 

Gambell Norman, lab, Ivs 24 Dennis av 

Gambell Pearle, elk, h 24 Dennis av 

Gandy Annie. Ivs 43 Southport av 

Gandy Geo H T, plshr, h 43 Southport av 

Gandy Jas W, app, Ivs 43 Southport av 

Gandy Geo T, mach, h 8 Brownsville av 

Garbutt Ernest W, mach, Ivs 1308 Weston rd 

Garbutt Robt, mach, Ivs 1308 Weston rd 

Garbutt Rose Mrs, dry gds 1308 Weston rd, Ivs same 

Garbutt Wm, mach, h 1308 Weston rd 

Card Wm T, carp, h 20 Rutherford av 

Gardner Chas, carp, h 34 Brownsville iv 

Gastrell Frank, chemical wkr, h 32 Southport av 

Gawley Jos. carp, h 9 Lambton av 

GITOW Karuld XV, elk, h 61 Southport av 

Gilbert Albert, musical instruments 1152 Weston rd, 

h same 

Gilbert Elsie, opr, Ivs 1 Dennis av 
Gilbert Jack, printer, Ivs 1 Dennis av 
Gilbert Matilda, stenog, Ivs 1 Dennis av 
Gilbert \Vm, lab, h 1 Dennis av 
Gibney John, studt, Ivs 4 Brownsville av 
Gillespie John, carp, Ivs 110 Lambton av 
Gillespie Thos, lab, Ivs 110 Lambton av 
Oillespie Thos L, lab, h 110 Lambton av 
Glen John F, lab, to 3 Southport av 
Glover John H, presser, h 14 Locust av 
Glover Pearl, Ivs 3'.) Nickel av 
Guddard Thos (Goddard & Marshall), h 1220 Weston 


Goddard & Marshall (Thos Goddard, John A Marshall), 
' real est 1195 Weston rd 
Goodridge Geo, sawyer, 'h e s Grandview av 
Gordon Thos, mldr, h 12 Gray av 
Gorman Geo. trackman, h 27 Frejama av 
Goss Alice (wid Henry H), h 5 Humber blvd 
Gough Fredk, auto wkr, h 8 Pine Hill cres 
Gowans Clarence A Rev, h 1311 Fifth av 
Gower Chas, Ivs 14 Svndicate av 
Gower Emma, elk Ivs 14 Syndicate aT 
Gowland Frank, elk, h 31 Cobalt av 
GrafTy Allan, elect, Ivs 23 Brownsville av 
Oraffv (Mtie-ine. Ivs 23 Bro-ns'-i'le av 
Graffy Edmund, elect. Ivs 23 Brownsville av 
Graffy John, h 23 Brownsville av 
Graffy Marrt A. elk. Ivs 23 Brownsville av 
Graham Ernest M, cond, rms 70 Edmond av 
Graham Ivy. staty 10S Lamhton av, h same 
Graham Malcolm. Ivs 1230 Jane 
Grant John F. lab, Ivs 172 Lamhton av 
Grave John, confr. h 50 Gray av 
Gray Allan, elk. Ivs S Lansdon av 
Gray Gifford. millwright, h 8 T<ngdon av 
Gray G Howard, birr 1212 Weston rd 
Gray John, buffer, Ivs 8 Langdnn av 
Gray Robt, millwright, h 36 Cliff 
Greayer John XV. tool niVr. h 17 Penard 
Green John H. piano action wkr, h 12 Chryessa av 
Green Jos, elk. h 18 Orla av 
Greenwood Harold, cutter. Ivs 18 Dennis av 
Greenwood Lawrence H, btchr 19 Lambton av, h 18 

Dennis av 

Greenwood Saml. wtchmn, h 24 Lambton av 
Griffith Cleveland, toolmkr. Ivs 08 Guestville av 
Grinyer Ernest G. btchr. h in Harding av 
Guest XVm F. baker, h 9 Guestville av 
Gunstone E B, asst supt Toronto Free Hospital for 

Consumptives. Ivs Connaught Home 
Gurr Edwd. elect. Ivs 24 Bartonville av 
Gtirr Herbert, shipper, Ivs 24 Bartonville av 
Gurr Wm mach. Ivs 24 Bartonville av 
Gun- XVm C. engnr. h 24 Bartonville av 
Hall Albert E. mach, h 43 Birttonwood av 
Hall Annie Mrs, Ivs 25 Graham av 
Hall Geo, carp, h 1 Langdon av 
Hall Jas Rev, pastor Mount Dennis Baptist Church 
Hamhlin Jos J, elev opr h 80 Beechwood av 
Hamblin Oliver C A mach, Ivs 80 Beechwood av 
Hamilton Ezra, Ivs RS Gray av 
Hamilton XVm, farm hd, b 38 Gray av 
Hancey XX'm G. carp, h 93 Humber blvd 
Hanmett Albert E, btchr, h 41 Humber hlvd 
Hannah XVm, pressmn, h 5 Brownsville av 
Hannen John W, cabt mkr, h 103 Humber hlvd 
Harden Alfred, elk. h 5 (Vlnlt av 
Harden Edwd, elk, h 2 Dennis av 
Harden Kate, Ivs 5 Cobalt av 
Harden Robt Wm, lab, Ivs 5 Cobalt av 
Hardy David, lab, b 61 St Johns rd 
Hardy Emma, stenog, Ivs 61 St Johns rd 
Hargreaves Louis, mach, h n s Eglinton av w 
Harereaves XX'm. painter, h 36 Gray av 
Harley Wm. lab, Ivs 33 Rutherford av 
Harper David, tchr, h 22 Cobalt av 
Harper Gladys, stenog, Ivs 22 Cobalt av 
Harper Howard, studt, Ivs 22 Cobalt av 
Harper Stanley, elk, Ivs 22 Cobalt ar 
Harper Thos, elk, Ivs 22 Cobalt av 
Harris Chas J, h 57 Frejaim av 
Harris Clifford, Ivs 57 Frejama av 
Harris Lester, Ivs 57 Frejama av 
Harrison Albert, stock krrr, h 10 Hardine 
Harrison A Crawford, h 5 Lambton av 
Harrison Penis, Ivs 6 Cobalt av 
Harrison Oliver, gdnr, h 6 Cobalt av 
Harrison Richd. lab, h 10 Golden av 
Harrison XVm G. pattern mkr. h 35 Summerville av 
Harrison Wm J, chauff, Ivs 10 Golden av 
Hart Percy, rms 57 Beechwood av 
Harvey Clara. Ivs 15 Victoria blvd 
Harvey .Ins. car bldr, h 15 Victoria blvd 
Hasted Benj, Ivs 1343 XVeston rd 
Hastings Wm H, h 1333 Fifth av 
Haulks Edgar C, baker. Ivs 35 Graham av 
llaydon Wm, btchr, h 6 Asauith av 
Headley Geo, mkt gdnr 33 Sunnybrae cres, h same 
Heard Frank J, htchr, h 34 Porter av 
Hedley Thos, carp, Ivs 57 Brownsville av 
Helcy Margt (wid Fredk), Ivs (59 Beechwood av 
Helliker Annie (wid Henry J), h 55 Southport av 
Henders&n Herbert, lab, h n e cor Weston rd & Fifth av 
Hendry Jas, lab, h 166 Lambton av 
Henry Georgina (wid Fredk), rest 994 Weston rd, b 

Henry Gordon. Ivs 994 Weston rd 



Room 1105 Royal Bank Bldg. 





Qover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adei. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Henry Jas, Ivs 994 Weston rd 

Henry Jos B, elect 1129 Western rd, h same 

Herbertson Jos, carp, h 4 Bushy av 

Heron Blanche, elk. Ivs 63 Glendale cres 

Heron F.dwd J. elk. Ivs 63 Glendale cres 

Heron Fredk J, plstr, h 63 Glendale cres 

Heron Wm, auto wkr, h 5 Elrnira av 

Hess Chas H, cement wkr, h 10 Louvain 

Hicken Edwin H, engnr, h 9 Arnold av 

Higgins Doris, opr, Ivs 12 Southport av 

Higgins Wm lab, h 12 Southport av 

Higham Ernest, h 12 Cliff 

Hill Arthur, painter, h 4 Crayden av 

Hill Geo, elect, h 17 Gray av 

Hill Helen (wid Eobt), h 14 Orla av 

Hill John, Ivs 4 Crayden av 

Hill Richd, shipper, h 40 Lambton av 

Hill Rowland tool mkr, h 78 Edraond av 

Hillmer Wm B. lab h 14 Denard 

Hilton John, lab. Ivs 10 Rutherford av 

Hindle Alfred, plshr. h 56 Beechwood av 

Hinds Carrie Mrs, h 8 Ray av 

Hirons Eleanor, Ivs 1341 Weston rd 

Hirons Gladys A B, opr. Ivs 1341 Weston rd 

Hirons John H, gro 1341 Weston rd, h same 

Hisey CM, h 100 Lambton av 

Hoare Bert, rubber wkr, h 1190 Jane 

Bobbins Jos, tmstr. h 100 Porter av 

Hodses Walter, linemn, h 9 Elora av 

Hodgson Wm H. lab, h 41 Southport av 

HoRg Andrew, piano wkr, h 6 Caesar av 

Hogg Cecil, chauff, Ivs 6 Caesar av 

Hogg Chas A. carp, h 4 Caesar av 

Hogg Geo, piano wkr. Ivs 6 Caesar av 

Hogg May (wid Robt), Ivs 885 Weston rd 

Holbrnok Charlotte, candies 4 Guestville av, h same 

Holder Geo. lab. h 23 Southport av 

Holder G Stanley, mach opr. Ivs 23 Southport av 

Holder Ruth P. Ivs 23 Southport av 

Holder Violet W. its 3 Sonthport av 

Holland Fredk G, chaulf. h IS Summerulle av 

Holliday Fredk S. carp, h 13 Orla av 

Hollyer Edear. sign writer, Ivs 23 Brownsville av 

Hopper Annie Mrs. h w s Birch av 

Hopper Wm, h 15 Arnold av 

Home Louis, painter, h 77 Glendale cres 

Horrocks Thos, cond, h 10 Gray av 

Horton Jas J, lab. h 66 Frejama av 

Howett John, auto wkr, h 41 Beechwood av 

Howse Wm R, lab, h 172 Lambton av 

Hoy Andrew, tobacconist & hairdresser Guestville av 

h same 

Hoyle John II. b.ix mkr, h 10 Cliff 
Hudson Frank, oik, Ivs 1 Dennis av 
Hnll Ernest J, h 50 Glendale cres 
Hull Headley E. slsmn, Ivs 50 Glendale cres 
Hull Rodney, shipper, Ivs 50 Glendale cres 
Humphrey Chas, lab, h 60 Southport av 
Hunkin Wm D, chemical wkr, h 38 Golden av 
Hunsnereer Norman, carp, h 2" Golden av 
Hunsberry Earl, btrhr, bds 10 Langdon av 
Hunt Fredk. Ivs 8fi2 Weston rd 
Hunter Alex, tinsmth, h 9 Humber blvd 
Hnrlburt Wm C. mach, h 40 Victoria blvd 
Hurling Carl E, musician, h 70 Southport av 
Hurran ('has, brklyr. h 15 Lambton av 
Hurran Gladys. Ivs 15 Lambton av 
Hurran Rupert , Ivs 1 5 Lambton av 
Busted \Vrn A, elk, Ivs 22 Itutherford av 
Hutchinson Leonard, mach. h 33 Rutherford av 
Hutchinsm Wm J, omk Queen Marv Hosptl for Con- 
sumptive Children, Ivs same 
Hutton Geo H, film coaler, h 5 Frejama av 
Hutton John, lab, Ivs 6 Yeatman's rd 
Hyde Alfred, stock kpr, h 24 Summerville av 
Inch Geo, Ivs 22 Bartonville av 
Inch Wra, Ivs 22 Bartonville v 
Inch Wm H. mldr. h 22 Bartonville av 
Ind Arthur E, h 83 Asquith ar 
Ineson Jos, varnisher h 10 Frejama at 
Ingram Frank, lab, h fi8 Frejama av 
Irons Geo. shipper, h 203 Lambton av 
Irons Hairy, elk, h 35 Guestville av 
Irvine May, tchr Bala av Public Sehl. res Weston 
Irving Agnes II, dry goods 2 Lambton av, h same 
Islip Edwd. meral wkr, rms 24 Buttonwood av 
Jackson Bernard, lab, h 9 Gray av 
Jackson Kdwd H. mach, Ivs 16 Victoria blvd 
Jackson Fred, photo, Ivs 28 Golden av 
Jackson Fredk, grinder, h 15 Glendale cres 
Jackson Henry, lab, Ivs 15 Glendale cres 
Jackson .!<.<, h 55 Simnybrae cres 
Jackson Sidney, h 4 Orla av 
Jackson Sydney, lab, h 16 Victoria blvd 
Jackson Thus, studt, h 2 Pine Hill cres 
Jamiesm Kdil. lab, Ivs 11 Victoria blvd 
Jajrtii- kar, h 42 Brownsville av 

Jamieson John, mach, Ivs 11 Victoria 

Jarrett Gordon, btchr, h 2 Victoria blvd 

Jarrett Harry', Ivs 2 Victoria blvd 

Jefferson Saml, Ivs 9 Sonthport av 

Jeflkinson Horace, plmbr 1 Arnold av, h same 

Jennett Alfred, lab, h 16 Syndicate av 

Jennett Lome B, slsmn. h 73 St John's rd 

Johnson Allan, lab, h 3 Dennis av 

Johnson Arthur E, mach. Ivs 1 Nickel av 

Johnson Constance, Ivs 62 Frejama av 

Johnson Edgar J, jam mkr, Ivs 62 Frejama av 

Johnson Elsie A, stenog, h 1 Nickel av 

Johnson Ernest H, tool, mkr, Ivs 1 Nickel av 

Johnson Harold, Ivs 23 Lippincott e 

Johnson Harold W, carpet weaver, h 4 Homer av 

Johnson Wm. jam mkr, h 62 Frejama av 

Johnson Wm T, carp, h 1 Nickel av 

Johnston Caroline (wid Andrew), h 29 Frejama av 

Johnston David, receiver, h 109 Humber blvd 

Johnston Jane, h 87 Frejama av 

Johnston Margt, Ivs 87 Frejama av 

Johnston Milow, Ivs 29 Fiejama av 

Johnston Norma, tchr Bala av Public Schl, Ivs 87 

Frejama av 

Johnston Sadie, Ivs 29 Frejama. av 
Jones Benj, cond, h 101 Humber blvd 
Jones David, lab, h 17 Cliff 
Jones Ernest E, carp, ll 35 Graham av 
Jones John, elect, h 51 Cbryessa av 
Jones Riehd, h 13 Lambton av 
Jordan Albert, app, Ivs 80 Gray av 
Jordan Arthur, elect, Ivs 80 Gray av 
Jordan Harry, carp, h 80 Gray av 
Jordan Louis A, auto wkr, h 70 Beechwood av 
Jossa Chas, btchr. h 86 Humber blvd 
Jourard Albert, dry gds 1131-33 Weston rd, h same 
Jow Wm, Indryrrm, h 92 number blvd 
Judd Beryl, elk, h 20 Summerville av 
Judges Walter F K, chemical wkr, h 2 Gray av 
Kara Carl M, chemist, h 41 Bartonville av 
Keating Olive (wid Jas), h 4 Yeatman's rd 
Keech Ernest F, lab, Ivs 14 Dennis av 
Keech Frances M, elk, Ivs 14 Dennis av 
Keech Hy G, btchr, Ivs 14 Dennis av 
Keech John H, blksmth, h 14 Dennis av 
Kemp Annie, Ivs 61 Buttonwood av 
Kemp C Maude, drsmkr, Ivs 61 Buttonwood av 
Kemp Geo F, elk, Ivs 63 Buttonwood av 
Kemp Jos T, paper coater, h 42 Golden av 
Kemp Pearl, furrier, Ivs 61 Buttonwood av 
Kemp Percival, bldr, Ivs 61 Buttonwood av 
Kemp Percy, elk, h 32 Chryessa av 
Kemp Playter, contr, h 61 Buttonwood av 
Kendall Eleanor, opr, Ivs 45 Golden av 
Kendall Fredk, bldr, Ivs 45 Golden av 
Kendall Louisa (wid Fredk), h 45 Golden av 
Kendall Rose, Ivs 45 Golden av 
Kendall Wm, farmer, 'Ivs 45 Golden a? 
Kennedy Clinton C, brklyr, h 82 Chryessa av 
Kent Cleveland, brklyr, h 55 Brownsville av 
Kent Jos J, car insp, h 26 Gray av 
Kent Lillian E, Ivs 26 Gray av 
Kent Thos G, Ivs 26 Gray av 
Kent Wm E, Ivs 20 Gray av 
Kent Wm S, carp, h 1 Rutherford av 
Kenyon Robt W, slsmn, h e s Grandview av 
Kerr Lucinda Mrs, h rear 27 Golden av 
Kerr Matthew, drvr. h 97 Humber blvd 
Kessell Edmund J, cabt mkr, h 20 Clnyessa av 
Kettwingham Beatrice, Ivs 1 Humber blvd 
Ketteringham Edwd M, chauff, h 1 IIimilxT blvd 
Ketteringham Mabel, Ivs 1 Humber blvd 
Ketteringham Violet, Ivs 1 number blvd 
Kettlewell Herbert, h 26 Buttonwood av 
Kidd Frank W, tinsmth 14 Golden av, li same 
Kidd John H, sin mil wkr, 1177 Weston rd 
Kilburn Alfred F, carp, Ivs 13 Victoria blvd 
Kilhurn Edith, slsldy, Ivs 86 Lambton av 
Kilburn Herbert II, drvr, Ivs 86 Lambton av 
Kilburn Lily, slsldy, Ivs 86 Lambton av 
Kilburn Squire, gro 86 Lambton av, h same 
King Edward Sanatorium, Edith McP Dickson supt, hd of 

Buttonwood av 

King Chas, elk, h 8 Mahoney av 
King Fred, lab, Ivs 8 Mahoney av 
Kinu Robt A, tinsmth 12 Orla av, h same 
Kinrade Thos H, btchr, h 21 Ilollis av 
Kirkham Robt E, macli. h 3 (it, 
Kniitl Frwlk, lab, Ivs 15 Biowusville av 
Kilns Christopher, auto repr, h 30 Gray av 
Laberge H, Ivs 17 Pea: 
Lick Goo N, wtchmn, h 32 Buttonwood av 
Lambert John T, lab, h 70 Porter av 
Lane Jack, wtchmn, Ivs 8 Asqnith av 
Lane John T, storer, h 8 Asquith av 
Lane Thos B, farm lab, Ivs 8 Asquith av 
Langdon Arthur F, lab, h 4 Rutherford av 
l.atlirili i. . ti : J ,.S F:t-j inia av 

Langdon Jos, foreman Burroughes & Watts. Ivs 29 Victoria 


Langdon Mina. Ivs 29 Victoria blvd 
Lanedon Norman. Ivs 29 Victoria blvd 
Langley Sidney H, studt, Ivs 14 Eglinton av e 
Langley Sidney T, bldr, h 14 Eglinton av e 
Large 'Louisa (wid Jos A), h 37 Lambton av 
Larman Stanley J, gro 33 Southport av, h same 
Larose Harvey, engnr, h 50 Chryessa av 
Lascelles Fredk, coal & wood yard GTR tracks, Ray av, 

h 4 Ray av 

Lascelle Oliver. Ivs 4 Ray av 
Utter Ernest B, lab, h 7 Gray av 
Latter Gladys, switch bd opr, Ivs 7 Gray av 
Lavelle Alice (wid Michl), h 13 Cliff 
Lavis John, elk, Ivs 55 St John's rd 
Law Abraham, brklyr, h 3 Langdon av 
Lm-ery John, plmbr, Ivs 21 Dennis av 
Lawrence Harry, lab, h 39 Humber blvd 
Leach Emest W, mach, h 33 Cliff 
Leat Sidney W. cond, h 183 Lambton av 
Lee Geo, Ivs 90 Humber blvd 
Lee John H, brklyr, h 35 Brownsville av 
Lee Thos, carp, h 90 Humber blvd 
Letson Hilton, elk. Ivs 30 T/ennis av 
Legg Gordon, engnr, h 8 .Elmira av 
Legrow Mayme, Ivs 46 Bartonville av 
Legrow Wm, decorator, h 46 Bartonville av 
Levoir Wm, letter carrier, h n w cor Lambton S; Browns- 
ville avs 

Lewin Wm. lab, Ivs 17 Victoria blvd 
Lewis Herbert E, elk, h 31 Rutherford av 
Lewis Radford, h 1098 Weston rd 
Lincoln Fredk, carp, h 36 Porter av 
Linforth Harry, lab, h 53 Humber blvd 
Lister Jas, btchr, bds 22 Orla av 
Little Norman E, carp, h 33 Cobalt av 
Loades Geo. mach, h 46 Lambt av 
Lockhart Wm. lab, Ivs 68 Porter av 
Lodge Geo A, paper coater, rms 1 Cliff 
Lodge Herbert, h 3 Elmira av 
Logan Matilda (wid Alex), h 11 Lambton av 
Logan Rossell A. Ivs 11 Lambton av 
Longley Fredk, lab, Ivs 48 Victoria blvd 
Longley Robt, moulder, h 48 Victoria blvd 
Lovell Leonard, mach , h 12 Eglinton ar e 
Lowe Alfred, insp, h 181 Lambton av 
Lowther Thelma, elk, Ivs 1337 Weston rd 
Lowther Thos, carp, h 1337 Weston rd 
Liimley Elizth (wid Wm). 1221 Weston rd 
Lynn Archd C, mach, h 48 Chryessa av 
Lynn Herman B, slsmn, h 50 Grandview av 
Lyons Clara (wid J Wesley), Ivs 37 Lambton av 
MacDonald 'Elizth. h 5 Crayden av 
Macdonald Jas W, mgr Bank of Nova Scotia (Mount 

Dennis br), h 1207 We;ton rd 
Mac Ewan John W, h 8 Homer ar 
MacFarlane Ina, Ivs 11 Cliff 
MacFarlane Victor, Ivs 11 Cliff 
MacGregor Marion, Ivs 1127 Weston rd 
Mackenzie Malcolm, elk, Ivs 1283 Weston rd 
Mackenzie Roberta (wid Roderick), Ivs 1283 Weston rd 
MacKie Jas, lab. h 3 Ray av 
MacXeil Wm, lab, h 48 Porter av 
Madden Thos, flremn, h 22 Orla av 
Mahony Alice, bkpr, Ivs 1349 Weston rd 
Mahimy Alice (wid Patk) . h 1349 Weston rd 
Mahony Anna, bkpr, Ivs 1349 Weston rd 
Malmny Edwd, Ivs 1349 Weston rd 
Mahuny Margt. Ivs 134ft We.--ton rd 
Mahony May, bkpr, Ivs 1349 Weston rd 
Main Saml, pattern mkr. h 33 Summerville av 
Maker Wm, sand w s Weston rd, res Toronto 
Mann Claude L. elk, h 1(1 Rutherford av 
Mann Harry, elk. Ivs 16 Rutherford av 
Mansfield Stephen F, auto repr, h 51 Southport av 
Maple Leaf Theatre, A J Milton Bean prop, 1006 Weston 


Marcella Saml, lab, h s s Buttonwood av 
Margurmum Lucy, opr, Ivs 34 Brownsville av 
Margurmum Nelly, opr. Ivs 34 Brownsville av 
Marsden Harry, elk. h 90 Porter av 
Maish Frank E, mach, h 56 Frejama av 
Mai<h Ralph, drill hd, h 29 Lambton av 
Marshall Arnold, Ivs 8 Arnold av 
Marshall Bruce, Ivs 33 Lambt av 
Marshall Chas, mkt gdnr 8 Arnold av, h same 
Marshall Geo, lab, Ivs 145 Lambton av 
Marshall Harold, Ivs 33 Lambton av 
Marshall John, gro 145 LamhlMt av, h same 
Marshall John, lab, Ivs 145 Lamhlni] av 
Marshall John A (Go'ddard & Marshall), h 51 Sunny- 
brae cres 

Marshall John A. h 51 Sunnybrae cres 
Marshall Jos A, cabt mkr. h > Eglinton 
Marshall Mai.le. [n 998 \V,>;T,,,I r ,| 
Marshall Olive, Ivs 145 Lamtjtun av 
Martin Alex. In M;U ttu'on rd 


W ^^^ ^^^ M M^k /IWPfiRpnRATFn A n * fl33 ) TTTH * -* rtT^T^Tn w r% <ra T* x% *.-! m * -KTT-*. r* s\mm omn m f\ n s\ *.v m r 


Fire. Hail. Automobile and Marine Insurance 



For Attractive HOME SITES 
COX & BEST, Limited 


MAIN 2524 
MAIN 472 
BEACH 629 


Martin Harry R, wiremn. h 68 Soutliport av 

Martin Stanley, h H4 Htimber blvd 

Martin Thos. trackman, li 50 Frejama av 

Maskell Emma M Mrs, dry gds 9 Soutliport av, Ivs same 

Maskell Mark A E. carp, li !l Southport av 

M;:'ii Alfred, mkt gdnr s s Eglinton av w, h same 

Mason Geo, mach, h 37 Soutlipnrt av 

Massey Alfred, tool mkr, h 85 Hnmber blvd 

Matthews Wm R, shipper, h 68 Edmund av 

Malts Jas L, carp, h 30 Dennis av 

Matts Lilly, elk. Ivs 30 Dennis av 

Maiirh Gordon, much, li 1 New rd 

Masted Albert G, lab, h 1214 Jane 

Masted Ivy. opr, Ivs 1 Locust 

Maxted Thos, lab, h 33 Lambton av 

Masted Wm, flremn. h 1 Locust a? 

Maxwell Gordon, h 12 Elmira av 

Maxwell liirhd S, piano mkr, h 23 Dennis 

Maxwell Wm C, lab, h 32 Golden av 

Maynard Arthur, wood fnshr, h 26 Frejama av 

McAlhone Jas, blksmth, h 10 Beeehwood av 

McAlhone Jas P. elect, Ivs 10 Beeehwood av 

McArthur Wm, elect, h 58 Frejama av 

Mcrahe Lewis, elk, h 107 Humber blvd 

Mcrallion John, paint miser, h 18 Lomain 

MrCallum Annie, elk. Ivs 10 Brownsville av 

McCallum Mildred, bds 1289 Weston rd 

McCann Herbert J, dentist n e cor Hollis av and Weston 

rd, res Toronto 

Mrt'aulty Jane, Ivs 10 Brownsville av 
McClelland Peter, mach. h 49 Southport av 
McConnell Andrew, tipblstr, h w s Marsden rd 
MeConnell Nina, clfe, Ivs Andrew McConnell 
McConmb Ellerv, gro 996 Weston rd, h same 
McCoy Melville C. elk, h 868 Weston rd 
MeCutchexm Andrew, mkt ednr 48 Buttonwood av, Ivs 


Mcl'iiteheon Frank, elect wkr, Ivs 1388 Weston rd 
McCutcheon Henry, bldr, Ivs 48 Bvittonwoorl av 
MiTiitcheon Isabella (wid Henry), h 48 Buttonwood av 
McCutcheon Isabella, Ivs 48 Buttonwood av 
McCntcheon Nelson, auto wkr, Ivs 1388 Weston rd 
McCutcheon Thos C, elect wkr, Ivs 1388 Weston rd 
McCutcheon Thos J, plshr, h 8 Buttonwood av 
McDermott, h 16 Locust av 
Mcli'.usal Root, lab ,h 21 Glendale cres 
McDowell Robt, h 46 Beeehwood 'a? 
McEachern Eestelle, bds 10 Frejama av 
McEachern Marion, Ivs 1 Kay av 
McEachcrn, tmstr, h 1 Ray av 
McEachein Two', lab, Ivs 1 Ray av 
MrGaman Terence, h 9 Golden av 
Mediums Isabella (will Robt). h 50 Cliff 
MeCiimis John. Ivs 50 Cliff 
Mdlowan Saml, h 20 Bartonville av 
McGraw Robt. h 13 Humber blvd 
McGuigan Thos, plmbr 33 Frejama av, h same 
McGuire Geo, elk, Ivs 2 Orla av 
Mclntosh Harry, bkbndr. h 3(i Golden av 
Mclntosh John II. mach hd, Ivs 36 Golden av 
McKechan Henry, tmstr, h 6 Yeatman's rd 
Mck'eehnie Harry, lab, Ivs 24 Dennis av 
McKenclrick Jas, film coater, Ivs 17 Gray av 
McKenna John. Ms 4 Elmira av 
McKinley Albert, lab. h 12 Homer av 
Mc-Clean Alex, lai, h 36 Brownsville av 
Mr.Clean Allen, carp, h . 5 Cliff 
McLean Alex X, lab. Ivs 36 Brownsville av 
McLean Cyril. Ivs 2 Rutherford av 
McLean Danl, Ivs 36 Brownsville av 
McLean Ina, egg candler, Ivs 36 Brownsville av 
McLean Jas, bookpr, h 2 Rutherford av 
McLean Ray, elk, Ivs 36 Brownsville av 
Mrl.ian Susan (wid Archd), h 68 Beeehwood av 
Mc.Master ('has J, bldr, h 2 Asquith av 
McMillan Chas M, hs 64 Edmund av 
McMillan Duncan, tmstr, h 64 Edmund av 
McMillan John J, tmstr, Ivs 64 Edmond av 
McNtely Oscar E, yardmn, h 7 Brownsville av 
Mcl'liail Geo M, h 3 Lambton av 
McPhee Wm, h 29 Humber blvd 
McSlie*; John, m;wh, h 7 Bayliss av 
McVeigh Patk, bkpr. h 3 Eglinton av e 
Meakins John, haker, h w s Birch av 
Meehan Arthur, Ivs 7 Langdon av 
Meehan Horace, Ivs 7 Langdon av 
Meehan John J, mach, h 1 Bushy av 
Meehan Martin, bldr, h 7 Langdon av 
Mercer Benalla, Ivs 49 Golden av 
Mercer Jane E (wid Jas J), h 49 Golden av 
Mercer Madge, Ivs 49 Golden av , 
Merritt Wm, mach, bds 1 summerville av 
Mi-,ley Wm F, studt, h 15 Hollis av 
Middleton Chas, lab, h 79 Glendale cres 
Midffleton Grace E, packer, Ivs 79 Glendale cres 
Millar Andrew, mach, h 1283 Weston rd 
Millar Amln-v M. cartage agt. 1283 Weston rd, Ivs same 

Millard Chas W, welder, h 70 Edmond av 

Miller Adelaide Mrs. confy 1000 Weston rd, Ivs same 

Miller Alfred, painter, h 1216 Jane 

Miller Alfred G, mach, h 17 Golden av 

Miller Beatrice, skate mkr, Ivs 1216 Jane 

Miller Emily, paper paster, Ivs 1216 Jane 

Miller Grace, studt, Ivs 205 Lambton av 

Miller Harold, elk, Ivs 205 Lambton at 

Miller Jas C, carp, h 11 Arnold av 

Miller Mack, barber Wm A Agin, bds 11 Lambton av 

Miller Mary, Ivs 11 Arnold av 

Miller Thos, contr, h 205 Lambton av 

Miller Wm J, lab. h 1000 Wston rd 

Mills Allwrt, tinsmth, h 2 Orla av 

Mills Andrew, mach, h 87 Humber blvd 

Mills Henry, shoemkr 1A Lambton av, res Toronto 

Mills Wm A. sawyer, li 4 Pine Hill cres 

Mintern Ross N, painter, h 36 Dennis av 

Minton Roy, fireman, Ivs 166 Lambton av 

Mitchell Fredk J, elect, h 1192 Jane 

Monnel Geo, painter, h 11 Rutherford av 

Moody Geo, lab, h 84 Chryessa av 

Moon Wm F (W F Moon & C<0 . res Toronto 

Moon W F & Co (\Vm F Mixm). lulwre 1191 Weston rd, 

h same 

Moore Ada, stenog, Ivs 17 Summerville av 
Moore Albert, carp, Ivs 17 Summerville av 
Moore Archie, mach, Ivs 101 Lambton av 
Moore Jos, tool mkr, Ivs 101 Lambton av 
Moore Maud E (wid John T), h 17 Summerville av 
Mora i- Stephen, mach, h 101 Lambton av 
Mi">:e Stephen, auto wkr, h 76 Chryessa av 
Moore Thos H, carp, Ivs 17 Summmille av 
Moorey Herbert, lab, h 49 Brownsville av 
Morrell Arthur, lab, h 112 Lambton av 
Morrell Ida, elk, Ivs 112 Lambton av 
.Morris Duncan, rivetter, h 5 Jasper av 
Morris Geo F, oiler, h 67 Beechwoftd av 
Morris Albert C, nwto, h 91 Humber blvd 
Morrison Jas. bds 38 Cliff 
Mortimer Edwd, lab, h 9 Jasper av 
Murtloek Alfred, auto repr, h 11 Hnmber blvd 
Mortlock Earl, cabt mkr, h 10 Elmira av 
MiKsman Arthur, h 1 Hollis av 
Mould Harold (English Bros & Mould), Ivs 1150 Weston 


Mount Dennis Baptist Church, Rev Jas Hall pastor, 1214 

West on rd 
Mount Dennis Methodist Church, Rev Wm N Chantler 

pastor, n s Eglinton av w cor Pearen 
Mount, Dennis Presbyterian Church, Rev Clarence A 

C*wan pastor, s e eor Dennis & Guestville av 
Mountsteven Celia, opr, Ivs 13 Pearen av 
Mountsteven Geo, firemn. Ivs 13 Pearen av 
Mountsteven Ja, bicycle assembler, h 995 Weston rd 
Mugford Benj, lather, Ivs 17 Humber blvd 
Mugford Frank, varnish, mkr, li 19 Humber blvd 
Mugford Fred, gro 15 Humber blvd. h same 
Mugford John, carp, h 17 Humber blvd 
Muir Allen J, insp, h 3 Beechwood av 
Mtiimie Roy. candy mkr, h 7 lied 
Murphy Elizth, Ivs 54 Gray av 
Murplly Martin, lab, h 54 Gray av 
Nelhams Jas H, painter, h 16 Louvain 
Nesbitt Jas H, phy 1339 Weston rd, rms same 
Nevins Phillip, slsmn, h 4 Asquith av 
Newman Alice Mrs, h 28 Golden av 
Newman Harry J, Ivs 28 Golden av 
Xewton Edwin, auto repr, Ivs 45 Southport av 
Newton Evelyn, switch lird opr, Ivs 45 Southport av 
Newton John, lab, h 45 Southport av 
Nichol Eleanor (wid Danl), Ivs Geo Nichol 
Xichol Geo, tinsmth, h w s Birch av 
Nichol Jos, elk, Ivs Geo Nichol 
Nii'hol Wm, h w s. Birch av 
Nicholls Allen, foreman, h 116 Lambton av 
NiclioIIs Jas R, piano wkr, h 25 Bayliss av 
Nightingale Alfred, shipper, Ivs 56 Lambton av 
Nightingale Ivy G, opr, Ivs 56 Lambton av 
Nightingale Sydney A, marble setter, h 56 Lamhton av 
Xisbitt Andrew, bkbndr, Ivs 17 Dennis av 
Nixon R Hervey, druggist 1130 Weston rd, h same 
Xoah Elizth, h 7 Eglinton av e 
Noah Jessie, Ivs 7 Eglinton av e 
Norris Wm A, car insp, rms 2 Cliff 
Nottingham Alfred, Ivs 20 Dennis av 
Nottingham Edna. Ivs 20 Dennis av 
Nottingham Geo, can), h 20 Dennis av 
Nugford Albert, lab. Ivs 26 Perter av 
Nye Henry J, h 66 Gray av 
Oakley Thos, mach h 4 Bayliss av 
Obee Harvey (Obee & Black), res Toronto 
Obee & Black (Harvey Obee and Ernest Black), barrs n w 

cor Dennis av & Weston rd 
(Inlander Wm, policeman, h 6 Mahoney av 
O'Brien Harry, stove rpr, h 63 number blvd 
orficdi Delia. Ivs G Krejama av 
OMredi Fredk. auto rpr, Ivs 6 Frejama av 

Offredi Jos M, carp, h 6 Frejama av 

Offredi Peter, mach, Ivs 6 Frejama av 

Oke Frank, elk, h 46 Southport av 

Old Ernest G, lab, h 37 Graham av 

Old Wm H, flremn, h 39 Graham av 

Olive Geo, lab, h 3 Frejama av 

Oliver Wm J, jwlr, h 40 Beeehwood av 

Olsen John, plmbr, h 98 Humber blvd 

Ontonio Jos, gdnr, h 35 Buttonwood av 

Ontonio Louis, elect, h 2 Verona av 

Osborne Geo R, h 82 Porter av 

Othen Wm E, elect, h 48 Bartonville av 

Overton Edwd, lab ,h 84 Beechwood av 

Owen Hubert, lab, h 12 Jasper av 

Pack Evelyn, switch bd opr, Ivs 9 Elmira av 

Park Grace A, Ivs 9 Elmira av 

Park Jas H, h 9 Elmira av 

Pack Sidney J, Ivs 9 Elmira av 

Palmer John, pres Can Kodak Co Ltd, res Toronto 

I'alimr Mary E, elk, Ivs 28 Dennis av 

Palmer Thos, blksmth, Ivs 28 Dennis av 

Parker Agustus C, baker, 104 Lambton av, h same 

Parker Florence, elk, Ivs 104 Lambton av 

Parker Walter, cabt mkr, Ivs 1 Rutherford ta 

Parks Kenneth, lab, h 14 Lambton av 

Parkwick Walter R, plmbr. h 26 Dennis av 

Parmeitter Jnlm, v,1chmn, h rear, w s Birch av 

Parrett Victor H. elk, h 168 Lambton av 

Parsens Chas M. carp," h 13 Denard 

fartridse Robt, h 21 Humber blvd 

Partridge Robt E, mach opr, h 91 Asquitb av 

Pascoe John A. land agt, h 17 Sunnybrae cres 

Paskin Jos, lab, Ivs 21 Victoria blvd 

Passfield Harry, engnr, h 80 Buttonwood av 

Patching Chas, h 10 Ituthven pi 

Paterson Alex, checker, h 11 Victoria av 

Paterson Elizth, news agt, 17 iDennis av, Ivs same 

Patterson Ethel, Ivs 1299 Weston rd 

Patterson Evelyn, Ivs 1299 Weston rd 

Patterson Mary Mrs, confy 1299 Weston rd, Ivs same 

Patterson Robt A, mldr, h 1299 Weston rd 

Patterson Thos, electro typer, h 17 Dennis av 

Patterson Wilfred A, elk, h 50 Bartonville av 

Paul Clarence M, pattn mkr, h 12 Nickel av 

Paul Geo A, brklyr, h 12 Cobalt av 

Paul Sarah, opr, Ivs 12 Nickel av 

Payne H J, lab, h 17 Glendale cres 

Pearce Wm, elk, Ivs 54 Guestville av 

Pearfwarfe, elk, Ivs 21 Bayltss av 

Pease Percy W, shppr, h 44 Gray av 

Pearsnn Wm E, phy, -1184 Weston rd, h same 

Peck Fredk W, baggage man, h 90 Lambton av 

Peck Geo A, elk, h 12 'Denard 

Peck Lome, lab, Ivs 90 Lambton av 

Peirce Wm, elk J H Ball & Sons, Ivs 54 Guestville av 

Pelletier Geo, lab. h 93 Humber blvd 

Fellow Chas, btchr. h 11 Cliff 

Penn Danl, Ivs 37 Humber blvd 

Penn Frank, rms 37 Humber blvd 

Pepperdene Frank, h 82 Buttonwood av 

Pepperdene Frank S, radiographer Tronto Free HospiUl 
for Consumptives, h 82 Buttonwood av 

Perrins Jos, pensioner, Ivs 58 Lambton av 

Peters Amelia (wid John), Ivs 21 Bartonville av 

Peters Jean, Ivs 21 Bartonville av 

Peters John, h 47 Brownsville av 

Peters Mary L, h 21 Bartonville av 

Peters Nial, insp, h 31 Southport av 

Petrie Herbert W, drvr, h 15 Rutherford av 

Petrie John, drvr, h 6 Denard 

Petrie John F, confy n s Dennis av, h G Denard a? 

Phillips Martha, opr, Ivs 38 Brownsville av 

Phillips Nathan, harr, n w cor Dennis av & Weston rd 
res Toronto 

Phillips Ormah, tel opr, Ivs 38 Brownsville av 

Phillips Roy, lab. Us 38 Brownsville av 

Phipps Fredk, contr, 80 Buttonwood av, h same 

1'ickard Jack E, elk, Ivs 65 Glendale cres 

Pickard John, piano mkf, h 65 Glendale eres 

Pickering Geo S, lab, h 51 Brownsville av 

Pickering Henry, lab, Ivs 51 Brownsville av 

Piggott Edwin, mach, h 37 Cobalt av 

Pike Wm, mach, h 5 Bayliss av 

Piirie John, ship bldr, h 37 Frejama av 

Pitney Chas, ear repr, h 1186 Jane 

Pitney Fitzgerald, lab, h 2 Ruthven pi 

Pittman Ernest, carp, h 60 Glendale cres 

Place Annie, Ivs 30 Porter av 

Place Christopher, Ivs 30 Porter av 

Platt Ada, Ivs 135 Lambton av 

Pnllett Kreilk, Ivs Walter J Pollett 

Pollen Walter J, h n s Edmond av 

Pollett Wm J, fon-mn Toronto Free Hospital for Con- 
sumptives, res Wes-ton 

Polwarth Alice (wid David), h 16 Southport av 

Polwarth Arthur, printer, h 12 Asiiuith av 

Polwarth Elsie. Ivs 16 Sonthiwl av 

F. J. SMITH & CO. 

Properties For Sale in all parts of the 
City and Suburbs. Insurance. Rents 
Collected. 36 TORONTO STREET 

Furniture, Rugs, 01 1 01 Q VnnnP 
Electric Fixtures, Etc. ^ I I m L \ I UlllJG 

Polwarth Sidney, stock kpr, h 18 Southport av 

Polwarth Win, grinder, h 9 Bayliss av 

Poole Alex G, carp, h 52 Brownsrille av 

Pordage Edwd G, mkt gdnr, h 3!) Eglinlon av w 

Pordage John, mkt grdnr, 11 Eglinton av w 

Portage John, lab, h 13% Denard 

Porter Albert W, brklyr, h 24 Golden av 

Porter Alice. Ivs 30 Porter av 

Porter Hedley H. tirnekpr. h 7 Rutherford av 

Porter Jennie. Ivs 886 West rd 

Porter SamL brklyr, Ivs 24 Golden av 

Porter Thompson, h 866 Weston rd 

Post Geo. lab, Ivs 13% Denard 

Ponlton Jas, polisher, h 45 Glendale cres 

Powell Alfred, lab, h 28 Porter av 

Prentice Merton W, car rppr. h 3 Bushy av 

Price Angus, cement wkr, h 79 Humber blvd 

Price Chas, gro 63 Beechwood av, li same 

Price Harry, car repr, h 12 Pine Hill cres 

Price Wm. lab, h 28 Lambton av 

Pridmore Thos. rms 47 Frejama av 

Prince Albert E. chemist, h 26 Summerville a? 

Proctor Oswald, auto repr. h 45 Uimbton av 

Proctor Thus X, lab, h 46 Brownsville av 

Pugh Bnrothy, mlnr. Ivs 1310 Weston rd 

Pugh Elsie, stenog, Ivs 1310 Weston rd 

Pngh Wm J. baker. 1310 Weston rd 

Queen Mary Hospital for Consumptive Children, Edith 
M Dickson snpt, hd of Buttonwood av 

Quennell Emma. opr. Ivs 3 Victoria blvd 

Quennell John elk. Ivs 3 Victoria bird 

Quennell Walter E. trav. h 3 Victoria blvd 

Radburn Walter J. elect, h 2 Rutherford av 

Radbiirn. piano plshr, h 42 Frejama av 

Ralph Luke. carp, h 48 Cliff 

Ramsden Albert E, postman, h 1 Elmira av 

Ramsden Clarence S, storekpr. Ivs 150 Lambton av 

Ramsden Wm T, b 14 Southport av 

Ramsdin Agnet. hrtvue 150 Lambton av, h same 

Ramshaw Chas A, lab, b 22 Buttonwood av 

Ranesbottom ('has lab. Ivs 11 Ray av 

Ranesbottom Jas, blksmth. 1263 Weston rd, li 11 Ray av 

Ranesbottom Jas A. bldr, h 1178 Weston rd 

Rayner Emily (wid Jas). h 31 Golden av 

Read Chas, mach. h 170 Lambton in- 
Read Chas. elect, Ivs 17 Victoria blvd 

Reaney Jas. Ivs 13 Gray av 

Reaney John, shoemkr, h 13 Gray ;u 

Reaney John boots & shoes 99 Lambton av, h 13 
Gray av 

Redfearn Lome, teller Bank of Nova Scotia (Mount Den- 
nis br), res Toronto 

Reddin Elmer, elk, Ivs 1 Summerville av 

Redpath Irene R (wid Thos R), h 37 Golden av 

Reed Albert, lab, Ivs 17 Victoria blvd 

Reed Florence, packer. Ivs 17 Victoria blvd 

Reed John, elk, Ivs 15 Nickel av 

Reed Wm. bldr, h 15 Nickel av 

Reeves Arthur J, rubber wkr, h 27 Graham av 

Reeves Ernest A, press hd, h 41 Golden av 

Relf Ernest, h 3 Humber blvd 

Rennie Jas. mkt gdnr. w s Jane, h same 

Rennie Robina W, Ivs Jas Rennie 

Reynolds Alex, lab, h 47 Humber blvd 

Reynolds Henry, mach, h 48 Lambton av 

Reynolds Stephen R, mach. h 9 Summerville av 

Richards Wm If, Ivs 3 Harding av 

Richardson John C, bursar Tor Free Hospital for Con- 
sumptives, res Weston 

Richardson Stanley, elect, h 2 Mahoney av 

Richardson Wm. lab, Ivs 2 Mahoney av 

Riddell Emmett C, insp. h 1194 Weston rd 

Riddell Evelyn. Ivs 11P4 Weston rd 

Riddell Geo, Ivs 1194 \Veston rd 

Ridouf Lewis, painter, b 14 Homer av 

Riggs Annie (wid Richd). b 1230 Jane 

Ricgs Annie B. Ivs 1230 Jane 

Riggs Edwd. druggist. Ivs 1230 Jane 

Riggs Mary, tchr, Ivs 1230 Jane 

Rings Myrtle, tchr, Ivs 1230 Jane 

RiEgs Wm. piano tuner. Ivs 1230 Jane 

Rigby Sarah J Mrs. Ivs IS Porter av 

Rigglesford Wm T. mkt g.lnr s s Buttonwood av h same 

Riley Henry S. miner, b 7fi lleechwood av 

Rimnington OM II. carp, h 33 Graham av 

Rimmington Stanley C. clothes repr, Ivs 33 Graham av 

Ringlan John A. Ivs 1281 Weston rd 

Ringlan John A, tmstr, h 1281 Weston rd 

Ringlan Louisa P, Ivs 1281 Weston rd 

Ringlan Wm S, hs 1281 Weston rd 

Roach Jas, tool mkr, h 83 Humber blvd 

Roach Thos, tinsmth. h 6 Jasper av 

Roberts Albert, mach. h 12% Guestville av 

Roberts Edwil F. mach, h 10 Victoria blvd 

Roberts Wm T, elk. h 7 Hollis av 

Robert-son Wm, h 7 Arnold av 

Bobinson Haul, ermine repr. b 1303 Fifth av 

Kobinson Edwd, elect, Ivs John Robinson 

Robinson Jesse !>'. mach, Ivs 2 Brownsville av . 

Robinson John, slsmn, h w s Birch av 

Robinson Jos, moto, h 1 Beechwood av 

ISobson Geo W, mach, h 185 Lambton av 

liaison John, gro 27 Gray av, h same 

Robson Walter, Ivs 27 Gray av 

Rodwell Bertha, tchr Bala av Public Schl, res Weston 

Rose Chas, tool mkr, Ivs 2 Mahoney av 

Rise Frank, mach, h 10 Langdon av 

Rose John, h 1301 Fifth av 

Rose Ralph C, mach, h 34 Cliff 

Ross Margt, Ivs 4 Brownsville av 

Ro-s May. winder, Ivs 4 Brownsville av 

Ross Wm, blksmth, h 4 Brownsville av 

Row Arthur, h 7 Orla av 

Uowan Jas, lab, Ivs 72 Beechwood av 

Rowe Cieo H, blrmkr, h 57 Buttonwood av 

Roy Geo, lab, Ivs 35 Ray av 

Ruffell Wm J, lab, h 18 Frejama pi 

Rush John W, h 16 Homer av 

Rusbbrook Leonard, driver. Ivs 37 Beechwood av 

Rushbrook Viola. Ivs 37 Beechwood av 

Rushbrook Wm A, carp, h 37 Beechwood av 

Rushton Alice, Ivs 55 Lambton av 

Rushton Geo, mkt gdnr 55 Lambton av, h same 

Rushton Kathleen, Ivs 55 Lambton av 

Rushton Geo A, Ivs 55 Lambton av 

IjH.-sfll Arthur J, painter, h 16 Gray av 

Russell Chas, lab, h 8 Jasper av 

Russell Ralph, h 1190 Weston rd 

Russell Ralph (Russell & Russell), h w s Weston rd 

Russell i: Russell (Ralph Russell), real est 998 Weston rd 

Ruttle Geo N, elk, h 7 Crayden av 

Ruttle Mary, opr, Ivs 7 Crayden av 

Ryan Edwd P. bkpr, Ivs 13 Victoria 

Rycroft David M, elk, h 195 Lambton av 

adler Chas. wtchmn, h 15 Chryessa av 

Baser Wm F, kodak assmblr, h 1293 Fifth av 

Sainsbury Alfred H, ftr, h 72 Edmond av 

Sainsbury Doris M, elk, Ivs 72 Edmond av 

Salisbury Edith A, stenog, Ivs 72 Edmond av 

Sainsbury Grace A, stenog, Ivs 72 Edmond av 

Saker Geo, 'rackmn, bds 3 Southport av 

Salter Sadie, stenog, Ivs 26 Brownsville av 

Bandiford Richd, mach, Ivs 17 Pearen av 

Samlland Thos, plstr, h 2 Hector av 

Sanfotd Jos E, tinsmth, h 13 Arnold av 

Sansom Lyle, lab, Ivs 3 Brownsville av 

Sansom Wm A, caretkr Bala av Pub Schl, h 3 Brownsville 


Saiell Jesse C, h 48 Southport av 
Saville Albert, h 14 Gray av 
SaviMe Edwd. lab, h 4 Cliff 
Saville Ernest, car man, h 2 Cliff 
Saville Geo, Ivs 4 Cliff 
Saville Mabel, Ivs 4 Cliff 
Schaefer Geo, h 1 Crayden av 
Schaefer Henry, elk, hs 1 Craydon av 
Scboonmaker Leon J, h 4 Summerville av 
Scully Wm C, toolmkr, b 13 Glendale cres 
Se.-iner Geo, sis dk, h 52 Lambton av 
Seckington Jas, trav, h 17 Brownsville av 
Severs Chas, brklyr, h 3 Cliff 
Shannon Kathleen Ivs 16 Ray av 
shannon Robt, Ivs 16 Ray av 
Shannon Wm K, bkpr, h l(i Ray av 
Shaw Henry J, mariner, h 35 Nickel av 
Shaw Robt, h 6 Hector av 
Shaw Roy, Ivs 6 Hector av 
Shaw Thos C, cutter, h 105 Lambton av 
Shaw Wm J. firemn. b 6 Locust av 
Sheardown Colin, carp, bds 1 Summerville av 

! Denis A. shoemkr, h 38 Dennis av 
Sherrick Sarah. Ivs 13 Rutherford av 
Shore Wm, chauf, h 10 Orla av 
Shorter Thos. mach hlpr. h 11 Lansdon av 
.Shropshire Gordon, garment mkr. h 9 Locust av 
Khllert Nelson, mach, h 2(1 Golden av 
Simard Paul E, vet siirg. h 15 Pearen av 
Simpson Fredk. musician, h 8 Caesar av 
Sinips..ii Saml V. janitor, h 109 Lambton av 
Sinclair Haul, Ivs 27 Lambton av 
Sinclair Jean. Ivs 8 ('.ray av 
Sinclair Wm. eond, h 8 Gray av 
Sinclair Wm, couch bldr, h 30 Guestville av 
Sfciltnn Alfred, rms 49 Southi 
.slaughter Fredk J, carp, h 6 Southport av 
Slipper ('has, lab, h 7(1 Gray av 
Slipper Violet, stenog, Ivs 76 Gray av 
Smart Albert E. carp, b 7 Chryessa av 
Smart Doris, stenog, Ivs 7 Chryessa av 
Smith Alfred, lab, h 43 Brownsville av 
Smith David. Ivs 14 *'rcjama av 
Smith Dora. Ivs 74 Chryessa av 
Smith Dorothy, tchr, Ivs 12 Ray av 

Smith Edwd, h 1373 Weston rd 

Smith Elizth, opr, Ivs 43 Brownsville av 

Smith Fredk, lab, h 12 Ray av 

Smith Harry, mldr. Ivs 74 Chryessa av 

Smith Harry, sawyer, h 29 Graham av 

Smith Henry J, h 42 Gray av 

Smith John T, elk, h 55 St Johns rd 

Smith Jos W, watchmn, h 14 Frejama av 

Smith Mondo W, tinsmth, h 11 Glendale cres 

Smith Norman I G, lab, Ivs 36 Lambton av 

Smith Roy F. gro 1373 Weston rd, Ivs same 

Smith Saml W, mach, h 31 Cliff 

Smith Thos, elk. Ivs 26 Nickel av 

Smith Thos W, h Ifi Frejama av 

Smith Thos W, Ivs 74 Chryessa av 

Smith Wm A, lab, h 36 Lambton av 

Smith Wm F, h 7 Cliff 

Smith Wm W. bed mkr, h 74 Chryessa av 

Smithson Gilbert J, h 8 Victoria blvd 

Smithson Percy, lab, h 12 Rutherford av 

Smyth Hewton, stmftr, h 4 Hector av 

Snashall Chas H, lab. h 28 Frejama av 

Snashall Isabella (wid Chas II), Ivs 28 Frejama av 

Sncddon Annie, stenog, Ivs 23 Bartonville av 

Sneddon John, elk, Ivs 23 Bartonville av 

Sneddon Robt W, h 23 Bartonville av 

Snelling Wm H, lab, h 6 Orla av 

Snider Annie (wid Edwd) , h 37 Humber blvd 

Snider Arthur, Ivs 37 Humber blvd 

Snider May, Ivs 37 Humber blvd 

Snyder Wm. shoemkr, 1335 Weston rd, b same 

Soan Edwd, mldr, Ivs 57 Brownsville av 

Soan Frank, mldr, Ivs 57 Brownsville av 

Soan Geo, lab, h 57 Brownsville av 

Solway Jas, lab, h 60 Porter av 

Somerset Jas W, lab, h 12 Frejama pi 

Soper Edmond, lab, Ivs 40 Lambton av 

Soules Guy, elk, h 17 Pearen av 

Southby Harry, h 51 Golden av 

Southorn Alfred, mach. h 26 Lambton av 

Spall Arthur J, carp, h 31 Summerville av 

Sparks Chas H, florist, 27 Sunnvbrae cres, h same 

Spencer Chas H, mach, h 21 Dennis av 

Spencer Richd R, engnr, h 24 Beechwood av 

Spring Edwd W. h 84 Frejama av 

Spring Frank, asst foremn, h 10 Eglinton av e 

Sproule Herman F, phy 1200 Weston rd, h same 

Spurling Madeline, opr, Ivs 1510 Weston rd 

Spurting Robt, gro, 1510 Weston rd. h same 

Staley Earl, mach, h 6 Brownsville av 

Steggall John P, h 70 Frejama av 

Stephenson Wm, carp, b 33 Eglinton av 

Stevens Wm, h 11 Elmira av 

Stevenson Elizth (wid Wm), Ivs 21 Golden av 

Stevenson Wm G, mach, h 21 Golden av 

Stewart Archd, Ivs 12 Summerville av 

Stewart Jas, Ivs 12 Summerville av 

Stewart John, Ivs 12 Summervilli 

Stewart Wm, h 12 Summerville av 

Stewart Wm. tmstr, Ivs G Ray av 

Stokes Edwd A, Ivs 8 Harding av 

Stokes Herbert, h 8 Harding av 

Stokes Herbert jr, Ivs 8 Harding av 

Stonehouse Albert J, tmstr, h 19 Dennis av 

Stovell Arthur II, photo wkr, h 10 Hollis av 

Strand Alfred F, engnr, h 10 Pine Hill cres 

Strand Geo, blr tnntr, h w s Birch av 

Strong Allan, macb, h 32 Guestville av 

Stroud Edwd, lab, Ivs 2 Caesar av 

Stroud Henry, c^irp, h 2 Caesar av 

Stroud Henry F, btchr. h 17 Orla av 

Stroud Henry W, Ivs 2 Caesar av 

Stutt Andrew, wtchmn, h 26 Chryessa av 

Stint ('has, tmstr, h 43 Golden av 

Sullivan Harry, painter, h 13 Rutherford av 

Swales ('has T, carp, h 14 Louvain 

Swayze Arthur, contr 19 Bartonville av, h same 

Sweetman Geo. silver plater, Ivs 1206 Jane 

Swcetman John, silver plater, Ivs 1206 Jane 

Swift Ileaton. elk. h S Ij.uv.iin 

Sye Jos, bicycle wkr, li .". Golden av 

Sye Wm H, oiler, h f> Golden av 

Syme Allan J, gdnr, Ivs 38 Southport av 

Syme Edna, stenog. Ivs 38 Southiwrt av 

Svmt 1 Jas A. mkt jidnr. 38 Southport av, h same 

sum- Jessie I, stenog. Ivs 38 Southport av 

Syme M Viola, Ivs 38 Southport av 

Taylor Albert E. h 5 Locust av 

Taylor ('has. ciincnt wkr. h 15 cliff 

Taylor Edwd B, elect, h !)!< number blvd 

Taylor Elizth, opr, Ivs 31 Victoria blvd 

Taylor Esther, h 2 Summerville av 

Taylor Gladys, elk, Ivs 5 Locust av 

Taylor Geo, steel wkr, h 96 Humber blvd 

Taylor Henry B, marh, h 31 Victoria blvd 

Taylor Horace, lab. Ivs 31 Victoria blvd 

Taylor Robt, h S Rilthven pi 

Taylor Thos. lab. Ivs l'> liayliss av 


" IK/ \* *%A*11 V/l^ an IflMn QTDPFT WCCT Tfi cPiinMv A n r i ri me cc i n 









Taylor Wm G, mart], Ivs 31 Victoria blvd 

Temple Clara, nurse. Ivs 46 Victoria bhd 

Templet Fredk, lab, h 88 Lambton av 

Ten-ill Edgar A, dry gds. llflS Weston rd, h same 

Terry Jas, wood wkr, h 21 Victoria blvd 

Tliain Fredk, r:\rp, Ivs 2 Crayden av 

Thain Win, studt, Ivs 2 Crayden av 

Thomas -las H, cond, h 15 Brownsville av 

Thomas Alex, wood fnshr, h 4 Louvain av 

Thompson Douglas R, Ivs 16 Summmille av 

Thompson Gen lab, h 32 Brownsville av 

Thompson Herbert G, wtchmn. h lf> Snmmerville av 

Thompson Lillian P, mlnr. Ivs Ifi Sumroerville av 

Tliompson Mary,' Ivs 32 Brownsville a? 

Thompson Robt, brklyr, h 38 Cliff 

Thompson \Vm, lab, h 43 Freiama av 

Thomson Mary Mrs, h !) Bushy av 

Thornback Henry, frt hd, h 16 Jasper av 

Thornhill Blanche, Ivs 854 VVeston rd 

Thornhill Joseph, tmstr, h 854 Weston rd 

Thornhill Ray, Ivs 854 Weston rd 

Thornton Wesley, lab, Ivs 6 Brownsville ar 

Tibbetts Vera, stenog. Ivs 45 Lambtcn a? 

Tippett Ada (wid Edwin J>, h 1210 Jane 

Todd Clias R, printer, Ivs 8 Frejama av 

Todd Henry, h 8 Frejama at 

Tomlin Fredk R, lab, h 27 Brownsville av 

Tomlin Margt M, opr, Ivs 27 Brownsville av 

Toronto Free Hospital for Consumptives, Wm J Dobble 

phy-in-chicf, hd ot Bnttonwood av 
Tosh Jas McG. cashier, h 7 Beechwood av 
Tossell Fredk, pdlr.h 77 Frejaina av 
Tottle Fredk, shppr. h 34 Golden av 
Townshtnd John, brklyr. h 54 Brownsville ar 
Trimbee Jas W, gdnr, h 1 4 Chryessa av 
Trimble Lorne, h 71 St John's rd 
Tripp John E, tinsmth. h 39 Nickel av 
Tuffs F.mest R, confy 1215 Weston rd, h same 
Turner Chas T, steel \vkr. h 29 Ray av 
Turner Frank, lab, Ivs 31 Crayden av 
Turner Wm H, carp, h 6 Summenille av 
Van do Waal John, packer, h 26 Nickel av 
Van Esterick Giiysbert. carmn. h 72 Gray av 
Vawlian Walter A. h Lambton av 
Vaughan Walter, garage 080 Weston rd, h 6 Lambton av 
Vervoorn Otto, elk, h .97 Asqiiith av 
Viney John, farmer, h 1323 Fifth av 
Vipond Roy W. h 15 Denard 
Wade Geo F, mach, h 57 Beerhwood av 
Wa;s Jas C. prin Bala av Public School, h 1313 

Fifth avenue 

W^inwri'Alit Alfred, shipper, Ivs 10 Ray av 
Wainwright Alfred T. meter rdr, h 6 Bushy av 
W-.iinwright Francis, lab, h 11 Bayliss av 
Wainwright Phillip, lab. h 10 Ray ar 
Waiivwright Walter, auto wkr, li 37 Bartonville av 
Walford Geo, mach, h 77 Humber blvd 
Walford Geo, lab, Ivs 77 Hnmber blvd 
Walford Mary, elk, Ivs 77 Humber blvd 
Walker Albert E, painter, h 25 Frejama av 
Walker Clara, Ivs 29 Dennis av 
Walker Jas, Ivs 43 Bartonville av 
Walker Mabel, Ivs 29 Dennis av 
Walker Saml G, caretaker, h 29 Dennis av 
Walker Thos W, h 43 Bartonville av 
Walker Wm, h 11 Bushy av 
Wall Arthur G, shppr, h rear 1388 Weston rd 
Wallace Ales, blksmth, h 1231 Jane 
Wallace Fredfc, lab. h 15 Golden av 
Wallace Fredk II B, Ivs 15 Golden av - 
Wallace Margt L, Ivs 1231 Jane 
Walmsley John II. baker, h 2 Graham av 
Walters J Fredk, mach opr, h 1 Hector av 
Waruoys Mary, Ivs 32 Lambert av 
Warboys Wm Jr. lab, Ivs 32 Lambton av 
Warboys Wm, mill wright. h 32 Lambton av 
Warburton Edith, Ivs 18 Nickel av 
Warburtnn John, carp, h 16 Eglinton av e 
Ward Harry, Ivs 4 Elmira av 
Wan! Jas, brklyr, h 4 Chryessa av 
Ward Sarah (wid Harry), h 4 Elmira av 
Warft- Alice, h 21 Bayliss av 
Waring Richd, mldr, h 45 Humber blvd 
Wain Edgar S, bldr, h 3 Locust a? 
Warnes Arthur, stockpr, h 28 Guestville av 
Warnes Chas, acct, h 37 Guestville av 
Warnes Chas, lab, h 6 Hollis av 
Warnes Jas, elk, Ivs 6 Hollis av 
Warren Harry G, stock kpr. h 15 Jasper av 
Warwick Wm, carp, h 67 Frejama av 
Watson Cbas. h 864 Weston rd 
Watson Edwd J, motor driver, h 6 Louvain 
Watson Geo 0, painter, h 3 Hollis av 
Watson John, elk, Ivs 25 Ray av 
Watson Stella, opr, Ivs 25 Ray av : 

Watson Wm H, trav h 25 Ray av 
Watt Alex, tinsmth h 23 Cliff 

Wearn Ernest R, mach, h 58 Glendale cres 

H'eirn Norman, mach, Ivs 58 Glendale cres 

Webb Harry, mach, h 182 Lambton av 

Webster Annie. Ivs 24 Bayliss av 

Webster Chas E, printer, h 49 Guestville av 

Weeks Jas W, elk W F Moon ft Co, res Toronto 

Welch Alfred C, btchr, h 54 Southport av 

Welch Bertram, btchr. h 82 Frejama av 

Wensley Arthur G, h 5 Hector av 

Wenthorne Ernest, h 16 Cliff 

Wessel August, insp, h 1201 Jane 

West Cerbert, tmstr, h 2 Bay av 

West Elvin, lab, h 83 Asquith av 

West Fred, bds 15 Arnold av 

West Lillian, opr, Ivs 2 Ray av 

West Thos. oiler, h 12 Caesar av 

Whinton Arthur L, engr, h 33 Crayden av 

White Christopher, lab, Ivs 27 Nickel av 

White Saml, press hand, h 862 Weston rd 

White Wm, h 83 St Johns rd 

White Wm J. slsmn, h 27 Nickel av 

\Vhitehead Henry, btchr, h 5 Orla av 

Whitehead Wm, Ivs 5 Orla av 

Whitty Lawrence, shipper, h 11 Hector av 

Wilcos Eva, bds 10 Frejama av 

Wiles Cecil, fruit 988 Weston rd, h same 

Wiles Frank, rubber wkr, Ivs 1190 Jane 

Wiles Harold, lab, h 13 Elmira av 

W r iles Horace, fruit 1 Frejama av. h same 

Wilkins Alfred, chkr, h 14 Asquith av 

Wilkins Christopher, elect, Ivs 35 Nickel av 

Wilkins Lydia, Ivs 14 Asqnith av 

Wilkins Stanley Ivs 35 Nickel av 

Wilkinson David, shoemkr, h 48 Beechwood av 

Wilkinson Jas, clothes repr, Ivs 48 Beechwood av 

Willey Geo A. btchr, h 34 Lambton at 

Willey I.eon W, lah. Ivs 34 Lambton av 

Williams Elsie, Ivs 16 Frejama pi 

Williams Ernest H V, lab. h 29 Sonthport av 

Williams Fredk J. track man. h 65 Beechwood av 

Williams Jas. carp, h 16 Frejama av 

Williams Wm II, lab, Ivs 17 Brownsville av 

Williams Winnifred, opr. Ivs 1 Locust av 

Williamson John W, mach, h 49 Lambton av 

Williamson Murray, elk Russell & Russell, bds 65 St 

Johns rd 

Williamson Neil, h 10 Frejama pi 
Williamson Robt, blksmth, h 11 Chryessa av 
Williamson Wm R. carp, h 8 Frejama pi 
Willinton Chas, lab, h 6 Crayden av 
Willinton Rhoda A, stenog. Ivs 6 Crayden av 
Willis John R. h n s number blvd 
Wilmott. Wm. painter, h 71 Frejama ar 
Wilson Alex, mach, Ivs in Rayliss av 
Wilson Alfred, lab. h 69 St Johns rd 
Wilson Arthur, h 58% Frejama av 
Wilson Clarence, porter, h 50 Lnmbton av 
Wilson Danl J, barber, h 27 Cliff 
Wilson Jos. mason, h 58 Beechwocxl av 
WiNon Linton, mach. h 14 Cobalt av 
Wil-f.n Wm. h in B-ivliss av 
Wiltshire Eva, switchhd opr. Ivs (50 BdmoniJ av 
Wiltshire Geo lab. h 60 Edmond av 
Wiltshire Reginald, Ivs 66 Edmond av 
Windeatt Rirhd J, painter, Ivs 19 Nickel av 
Windeatt Robt. painter 19 Nickel av, h same 
Wink-worth Arthur J. bkpr. h 25 Dennis av 
Winkworth Dorothy M, sterna. Ivs 13C> Lambton av 
Winkworth Geo. studt, Ivs 136 Lambton av 
Winkworth Myrtle J. stenog. Ivs 136 Lambton av 
Winkworth Walter G, stove mntr, h 136 Lambton av 
Wi-'eman Alex, fireman, h 73 Freiama av 
Wifncy Eliza (wid Jas), h 9 Hollis av 
Witney Irene, Ivs 9 Hollis av 
Wixim John D, painter, h 12 Pennis av 
Wtson Martha E, Ivs 12 Bennis av 
Wood Chas E. baker, h 4 Giay av 
Wood Geo, elk, Ivs 57 St Johns rd 
Wood Harry, switchmn, h 57 St Johns rd 
Wood Sarah (wid Geo), h 59 Hnmber blvd 
Wood Wm. shoemkr, h 15 Harding av 
Worahll Harold, packer, h 13 Dennis av 
Woodcock Everett, mach. h 61 Humber blvd 
Woodcock Murney, billiards 992 Weston rd, h same 
Woodcock Wesley, driver, h 77 Asquith av 
Woods Allan, Ivs 20 Pine Hill cres 
Woods Daisy, Ivs 31 Humber blvd 
Woods Geo, h 20 Pine Hill cres 
Woods Robt, btchr, h 31 Humber blvd 
Woodworth Edwd H, supt Tan Kodak Co, Ltd, res 


Wooldridge Henry, mkt gdnr w s Jane, h same 
u Volley John, bds 24 Orla av 
Worley Fredk, lab, Its 12 Victoria blvd 
Worley Myrtle, opr, Ivs 12 Victoria blvd 
Worley Roy. lab. h 12 Victoria hlvd 

Worrall Geo, lab, h 45 Freiama av 

Worrall Thos, gro 1202 Jane, h same 

Wraieht Albert, h 17 Elmira av 

Wright Annie, Ivs 25 Humber blvd 

Wright Arthur, painter, h 25 Humber blvd 

Wright Ernest, tmstr, h 860 Weston rd 

Wrisht Geo W, lab, h 9 Brownsville ai 

Wright Norman, Ivs 25 Humber blvd 

Wright Wm G, moto, h 71 Glendale cres 

Wyer Henry E, lab, Ivs 34 Rutherford av 

Wylie Jas D, mach, h 20 Cobalt av 

Wylie Wm A, frt chkr, h 13 Hollis av 

Yeatman Chas, mach, h 29 Bayliss av 

Yeatman Chas, h 39 Ray av 

Yeatman Eliza (wid Richd), Ivs 1221 Weston rd 

Yeatman Emma, Ivs 8 Denard 

Yeatman Fredk, tmstr, h 8 Denard 

Yeatman Fredk J, lab, Ivs 39 Ray av 

Yeatman Henry M, gdnr, h 1221 Weston rd 

Yeatman Walter, carp, Ivs 39 Ray av 

Yeoman Richd H, mach. h w s Birch av 

York Alfred E jr, Ivs 7 Golden av 

York Alfred E, metal plshr, h 7 Golden av 

Young Hugh, carp, h 30 Cobalt av 


Seven miles west of City Hall. Port office, New Toronto. 
Take King Of Queen west car to Sunnyside, thenct 
Toronto and York Radial line to stop 14. 

Abbott Jas, blksmth, h w s Sixth North 

Adam Jas, enenr, h w s Third 

Adams Benj W, rubber wkr. h e s Elenth 

Adams Jos. lab, h e s Twenty Second 

Adamson Methven. btchr, cor Lake Shore Drive & Fourth 

AnMisnn David W, mach, h e s Fith 

Allies Pa-oy. printer, h r s Twenty Second 

Allen Chas. rubber wkr. Ms Alfred Oilman 

Allen Leslie, flremn Ontario Hospital 

Anderson David, pay master, h n s Sixth n 

Ansoll Hilda, steno;. Ivs Mrs Louisa Ansell 

Ansell -Lillian, opr, Ivs Mrs Louisa Ansell 

Ansell Louisa (wid Chas), h w s Fith 

Ansell Percy, paper mkr, Ivs Mrs Lii<a Ansell 

Appleton Edgar, printer h e s Eighth 

Archer Harold, lab. h w s Eighth 

Archer Lorne, attdt Ontario Hospital 

Armand Isabel, nurse Ontario Hospital 

Armstrong Albert (Armstrong Bros), res Toronto 

Armstrong Beatrice, nurse Ontario Hospital 

Armstrong Bros (John &' Albert) . barbers e s Fifth 

t David, car repr, h e s Twenty Second 
Armstrong Edwd, brass wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Armstrong John (Armstrong Bros) . res Long Branch 
Atkinson Allen, mach, h w s Sixth 
Aiichinclcss John, brass wkr, h 51 Sixth n 
Badger Arthur H. h w s First 
Badger Wm, hatter, h w s First 
Baker Geo.h e s Second 
Baker Wm, gdnr. h n s Birmingham 
Bank of Nova Scotia (New Toronto br), Percy R Mc- 

Ma=ter mgr, s w cor Lake Shore td & Sixth 
Bantillier Geo, rubber wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Barclay Saml, mach, h w s Sixth s 
Barnes Clifford, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Barnhardt Jos, carp, h e s Seventh 
Barrelle Norman G. engr. h e s Fifth 
Barrett Fred W. paper wkr. h \v s Fifth 
Barrett Leslie T, paper wkr, Ivs F W Barrett 
Barrett Reginald, rubber wkr, h w s Third 
Barrett Thos C, designer, h e s Fiftli 
Barton Mary, stem* Ontavio Hospital 
Bastedo Geo, supt Dupont Fabrikoid Co, h e s Ninth 
Rates Wm H, rubber wkr, h w s Eighth 
Baxter Herbert, contr. Lake Shore rd cor Eighth, h w s 


Raves Jason, acct. h e s Sixth 
Beaver Garage (Lewis E & Clarence E ptosser), n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Reemer Neuron H, nwd supt Ontario Hospital 
Beetham H Frank, elect, h w s Seventh n 
Bell Telephone Co of Canada Ltd (New Toronto Br), 

e s Fifth 

Bennett Wm J. robber wkr, h w s Fourth 
Berry Thos, rubber mkr, h e s Twenty Second 
Rest Lloyd, rubber wkr, Ivs Albert Emblem 
Bibeau Jos, btchr, e s Seventh, h same 
Biggs Alfred, brass wkr, h 43 Sixth n 
Bil Ixi Jos, rubber wkr, h e s Seventh 
Billedeau Chas, carp, h e s Seventh 
Black John X. mach, h e s Sixth 
Blackburn Edwd (Campbell Bros), h s s Lake Shore rd 
Blay Ernest, h w s Fifth s 
Blewett, rubber wkr, 1\ w s Sixth n 
Blizzard Thos. carp, h "w s Seventeenth 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. 



GEO. R. HARGRAFT& CO., Agents 


Members Toronto Stock Exchange 

Stocks Bought and Sold on all the Leading 
Exchanges. Prompt Attention Given to Orders 

Royal Bank Building. Phone Adel. 6250 

Blyth Jessie, matron Ontario Hospital 

Booth Frank, carp, h w s Fourth 

Booth Margt (wid Alex), ITS Frank Booth 

Bourdeau Victor, paper mkr, h e s Eighteenth 

Bowen Harry, at tilt Ontario Hospital 

Bowyer Wm, rubber wkr, h w s Eighth 

Boyd Jean, nurse Ontario Hospital 

Boye Jas W, color miser, h w s Fifth 

Boyle Wesley, flremn, h n s Lake Shore blvd 

Boxer Reginald N, pres and mgr Reg N Boxer Co, Ltd, 
res Toronto 

President and Manager. Frederick G Hanson Vice-Pro- 
sident, Frank M Hulblg Secretary-Treasurer, Manufac- 
turers and Importers of Paper Hangings. s Seventh 

Brant Emma (wid Wm), h w s Seventh 

Breakey Wm H, bldr, h e s Twenty Second 

Brear Frank H, h w s Eighth 

Bresley Edd, rubber rtr, Ivs Adam Dyer 

Bresley Harold, rubber wkr, Ivs Adam Dyer 

Briggs Chas, carp, h w s Seventh 

Brighouse Saml E, blksmth, h 53 Sixth n 

Brock Christina, chief female attdt Ontario Hospital 

Brimmer Edgar, fireman, h e s Ninth 

Broun Cynthia, stenog Keg N Boxer Co Ltd, Ivs Jas F 

Brown Gto. wtchmn. h e s Fifth 

Brown Jas, cond GTR. h w s Fifth 

Brown Jas F, tmstr. h w s Third 

Brown John F. pres i; mgr Browns Copper & Brass Rol- 
ling Mills Ltd, res Toronto 

Brown Minnie, nurse Ontario Hospital 

Browns' Copper & Brass Rolling Mills, Ltd, John F 
Brown pres and mgr, s s Lake Shore rd, factory w s 

Bryant A Wm, attdt Ont Hospital 

Budd Annie, Indry maid Ontario Hospital 

Budreo Jos, mach, h e s Seventh 

Bunn Geo, lab, h w s Sixth n 

Burbridge Geo, lab, h e s Twenty Second 

Bums Saml F, gdnr, h w s Fifth 

Burridge Edward, rubber wkr, h e s Twenty Second 

Buyers John A, mgr Highway Hardware Co, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Caldwell Sherman R, opr GTR, h w s Twenty Second 

Calvert Edwin, carp, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Cambray Albert H, carp, h e s Sixteenth 

Cameron Elizth (wid Donald), h e s Fourteenth 

Cameron John, h w s Ninth 

Campbell Albert E, printer, h s s Lake Shore rd 

Campbell Bros (John, Percy H & Fredk Campbell, & 
Edwd Blackburn), cartage, s s Lake Shore rd 

Campbell Fredk (Campbell Bros), h s s Lake Shore rd 

Campbll John (Campbell Bros), h e s Fifth 

Campbell John A, carter, h e s Fifth s 

Campbell Percy H (Campbell Bros), h e s Seventh 

Campbell H'm A., h w s Third 

Campion Wm, carp, h e s Seventh 

Canadian Bank of Commerce (New Toronto Br), Wm 
It Lawson mgr. Lake Shore rd cor Seventh 

Canty Jas T, construction wkr, h e s Eighth 

Carey Alan D, rubber wkr, h w s Seventeenth 

Cargill Saml, lab, h e s Fifth 

Carleton Edmund A, phy, n s Lake Shore rd 

Carleton Jas, rubber wkr, h w s Sixth n 

Carleton John !>, bkpr, Ivs Edmund A Carleton 

Carpenter Ernest, sec YMCA (Railway br) 

Carpenter Myra, stenog. Ivs C H Martin 

Carr Albert, farm hd Ontario Hospital 

Carrick Chas, janitor YMCA (Railway Br) 

Carrington Ernest, mason Ont Hospital 

Carruthers Robt, rubber wkr, h w s Fourth 

(inter, asst Sec Y M C A (Railway Br) 

Carter Wm, shipper, h w s Eighth 

Carty Edwd, mgr Ont Lime Co, Ivs George Edwards 

Caskie Thos, fireman, h w s Twenty Second 

Charles Harold, rubber wkr, h w s Fifteenth 

Cherbott Peter, engr. h e s Twenty-Second 

Chesterton Nellie, kitchen maid Ontario Hospital 

Churchill Fredk. rubber wkr, h w s Twenty Second 

Clark Cedric, rubber wkr, h e s Fifth 

Clark Frank, mach, h e s Fifteenth 

Clark Geo C, vnlcanizer, h s Sixth 

Clark Robt, lab, Its John Rettie 

Clark Vincent, mach, h w s Sixth n 

Clare Gordon, mach, h w s Sixth n 

Clarke Hugh D, rubber wkr, h w s Fifth 

Cleman Otto L, hair & scalp specialist, h s s Lake Shore 

Clements Saml, lab, h e s Seventh 

Clemet Jos A, stmftr, h e s Sixth 

n.rkcrnft Esther (wid Wm H), h e s Seventh 

Coe E E, waitress YMCA (railway Br) 

Collrtt Harold J, engnr, GTR, h w s Fifth 

Colombo Heniy. mach, Ivs Adam Dyer 

Colston Alice M. nurse Ontario Hospital 

Conn Chas W, mgr Merchants Bank of Canada (New 

Toronto br), res .Mimico 
Cook David, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Conk Frank, elect, h w s Third 
Cook John W, supt New Toronto Hydro Station, h e s 


Cooper Albert M, paper wkr, h e s Sixth 
Cooper Amos, shoes, n s Lake Shore rd 
Cooper Geo, ptrn mkr, h e s Seventh 
Cooper John, n w s Sixth s 
Cornish Arthur, mach, h w s Seventh 
Cose Eli. Indrynm Ontario Hospital 
Costello Herbert, h w s Ninth 
Coward Andrew, carp, h e s Fourteenth 
Craib Andrew, road com New Toronto, h w s Twenty 

Craib Bella, Idgr kpr Bank of Nova Scotia (New Toronto 

Branch), Ivs Andrew Craib 
Craig Wm G, mach Ivs Frank Weech 
Crane Henry, carmn, h e s Twenty Second 
Crause Alma, nurse Ont Hospital 
Crause Wilhelmina, supervisor Ontario Hopsital 
Crawford Henry A, blksmth, h w s Fifteenth 
Cronshaw Walter, rubber wkr, h n s Birmingham 
Crook Frank A, farm hd Ontario Hospital 
Crosson Geo J, mach, h w s Fifth 
Crozier Thos, h s 3 Lake Shore rd 
Cullin&ton Mark W, elk, h e s Eighth 
Culnan David, tmstr, h w s Seventh 
Cummings John, tel opr, h w s Twenty-Second 
Cunningham John H, rubber wkr, h e s Fifth 
Cunningham Norman, brass wkr, Ivs Jas McComb 
Curtis Chas A, carp, h e s Fifteenth 
Curtis Wm B, elk, h e s Eighth 
Cusson Wm D, rubber wkr. h w s Sixth n 
Dadson Fredk J, stock kpr, h e s Fifteenth 
Dagg Treva, stenog Ontario Hospital 
Dance Harry, Ivs Thos Webber 
Davie Andrew, millwright, h e s Sixth 
Davis Geo H, gro cor Sixth and Birmingham, h same 
Davis Howell, attdt Ontario Hospital 
litividson Margt, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Davison Wm E, genl mgr Can Fabrikoid, h e s Eighth 
Dea Geo, baker Ontario Hospital, h w s Nineteenth 
Dea John, Ivs Geo Dea 
Dea May, stenog, Ivs Geo Dea 
Dea Ruth, stenog, Ivs Geo Dea 
Dea Thos, Ivs Geo Dea 
Debelle Osro J, cond, h n s Birmingham 
Denenny Robt, carp, h w s Fourteenth 
Denike Geo M, rubber wkr, h e s Eighth 
Dennis Harry G, eng. h e s Eighteenth 
Desmond John, comp, h w s Fifth 
Dester Walter, bkpr, h w s Fifth 
Devere Leon, engr GTR, h w s Eighth 
Doane Robt, engr, h w s Eighth 
Doberstein Frank, lab, h e s Seventh 
Douglas Dan], gdnr Ontario Hospital 
Downer Cecil E, mach, h w s Sixth n 
Downer Geo, blksmth, h w s Sixth n 
Downer Gerald, mach, h w s Sixth n 
Downey Hector, rubber wkr. h e s Sixth 
Drinkwater Cecil, rubber wkr, bds Albert Emblem 
Dumleiy Jos. painter, h w s Twenty-Second 
Duncan Levi, brass wkr, h w s Ninth 
Dunn Fred, paper mkr, h e s First 
Dunn Jas jr, eoal n s Lake Shore rd, h e s Seventh 
Dunn Jas, coal and wood e s Fourth s 
Dunn Jas, h e s Sixth 
Dunn Jos, brass wkr. h 58 Sixth n 
Diiiin Mabel, dry gds w s Twenty-Second 
Dunn Robt, core mkr, h e s Sixth 
Dunn Thos, customs officer, h w s Twenty-Second 
Dunn Thos H, dry gds n s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Dunston John, brass wkr, h 58 Sixth n 
Durham John, paper mkr, h w s Fifth 
Dupimt Fabrikoid Co, Geo Bastedo supt, e s Fifteentli 
Durkin Jas P, brass mldr, h e s Seventh 
IlyiT Allan!, rarp, ll i l s Sixtll 
Dyer Alfred, brtclyr, h w s Sixth 
Kile F.rnest, lab. h 25 Ninth 
Edwards Geo. turner, h w s Sixth n 
Elkin Hobt. sture kpr Ontario Hospital 
Ellin Jos, mach, h n s Birmingham 
Elliott Lumber Co, Ltd, Wm M Patterson sec-treas, e s 


Emblem Albert, rubber wkr, h e s Fifth 
Emery Ruth, Ivs Wyatt Emery 
Emery Wyatt, guard, h e s Twenty-Second 
Eians Ellis, gdnr. h e s Sixth 
Eians 1'ercy E, rubber wkr, h 50 Sixth n 
Ewen John H, gro e s Twenty-Second, h same 
Fair Elizth (wid David) , h w s Third 
Fard Jos, constable, h 29 Ninth 
Farewell Moody J. mgr. h w s sixtli 
Farrant Fred C, druggist, Ivs Dr Ingram 
Farrow llany M. ruhln'i \*kr, h o s Fifth 

Favro John, h e s Eighteenth 

Fisher Arthur W. engr. h w s Fifth 

Fountain Thos H, lab. h e s Thud 

Fowler Jas B, catetkr Bank of Commerce, h w s 

Fraser John, color mixer, h w s Fifth 

Frazer Chas E, rubber wkr, bds J Wylie 

Frenette Alfred, lab, h e s Seventh 

Galadi Roger, rubber wkr, bds Herbert Costello 

Galloway Wm. carp, h e s Fifteenth 

Gamble Beynon, cond GTR, h e s Second 

Gamble Wilson, attdt Ontario Hospital 

Garello Alex, btchr e s Seventh, h same 

Gatt Clara (wid Jas), h rear w s Third 

George Wm, engr, h w s Twenty-Second 

Gibson John W, carp, h w s Sixth 

Gilmour Alfred, h w s Ninth 

Gilroy Chas, tmstr, h w s Twenty-Second 

Gladman Alfred F, color mixer, h e s Seventh 

Godfrey Foibes, phy n s Lake Shore rd, les Mimico 

Colt Albert, brass wkr, h 19 Sixth n 

Golding Wm H, farmer, h w s Third 

Gongelme Margt elk, Ivs Albert Emblem 

Gonthier Alex, mach, h e s Tenth 

Goodkey Martin H, rubber wkr. h w s Sixth 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of Canada Ltd (factory). 

Edwd H Kokcn factory supt, n s Lake Shore rd 
Gormaly Realty Co (Jas A Gormaly) Lake Shore rd cor 


Gormaly Jas A (Gormaly Realty Co), res Mimico 
Gould Albertina, laundry maid Ontario Hospital 
Gould Mary, house maid Ontario Hospital 
Gour Jas, rubber wkr, h e s Seventh 
Gourlay John, engr Ontario Hospital 
Graves Harry, brass fnshr, n w s Sixth n 
Gray Frank, brass wkr, h 42 Sixth n 
Green Harry, paper mkr h w s Third 
Greenlee W, lab YMCA (Railway br) 
Greet Albert, brass wkr, h w s Ninth 
Gregory Reuben J, paper mkr, h w s Eighth 
Griffin Geo, rubber wkr, h w s Fifth 
Griffin John W, carp, h w s Fourth 
Griffith Jas, carp, h w s Ninth 
Grimshaw Josiah, bldr. h e s Third 
Griser Wm mach, h n s Birmingham 
Grubb Helen, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Hacker Norman 0, confy n s Late Shore rd, res Toronto 
Hadden Percy H, slsmn, h e s Second 
Hadley Thos, btchr, h e s Seventh 
Haigh Chas, driver, h w s Seventh 
Haigh Wm, trav, h w s Eighteenth 
Hainge Wm, plstr, h e s Twenty-Second 
Halle Paul, engr, h e s Fifth 
Hamilton John, ins agt, ITS Jos H Lawrence 
Hannon Edwd, gro, h w s Fifteenth 
Hanson Fredk C, vice-pres Reg N Boxer Co, Ltd, res 


Hanson Leonard E, brass wkr, h e s Eighteenth 
Hardy Fred, rubber wkr, h w s Eighth 
Harris Alex S, mach, h w s Seventh 
Harris Peter, confy s s Lake Shore rd 
Harrison Pauline Mrs, h w s Sixth 
Harvey Geo, engr, bds Jos Earnhardt 
Hatch Wm, brass wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Hawley Frank, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Hay tVm G, gents furngs n w cor Lake Shore rd and 

Fifth, h same 

Henahen Edwd J, engr, h 23 Ninth 
Henderson Henry, chief attdt, Ontario Hospital 
Henderson Wm R, yard master, h e s Twenty Second 
Hennessey Wm. dairy, h w s Sixth n 
Henry Ann, studt, Ivs Thos Henry 
Henry Thos, box mkr, h w s Eighth 
llerkimer Wm N, rubber wkr, h e s Fifth 
Highway Hardware Co, John A Byers mgr, n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Holberg Max, leather wkr, Ivs Harry Watson 
Hollingworth Wm 0, blksmth. h w s Sixth 
H'Mii Thus, elect, h e s Eighteenth 
Hooey Russell H, rubber wkr, h w s Fifth 
Hooper Alfred, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Hopcroft Elsie, nurse, Ontario Hospital 
Hornby Arthur, brass wkr, h e s Fifth 
Howard Douglas, rubber wkr, h w s Fifteentli 
Hiiward Jas, lab, h w s Fourteenth 
llulbig Frank M, sec-treas Reg N Boxer Co, Ltd, res 


Humphries, rubber wkr, h 21 Ninth 
Hutching* Carl, rubber wkr, h e s Eighth 
llutchinson Norman, blr mfcr, h e s Twenty Setimd 
Ingram Abel, plmbr, h e s Third 
Ingram Dr, dentist, h w s Eighth 
Ingram Jas W, dentist, Lake Shore rd cer Seventh, 

res Toronto 

Ironside Geo, carp Ritchie 4 Ramsay Ltd. h w s Fifth 
Irwin Bruct'. brick masrn, h w s Third 


lah. h n s Birmingham 

. . 
Jackson Wm G. h s s Lake Shore ril 




Phones: Office, M.856 & 857; Residence, Belmont 1148 






Builders' Hardware and Supplies 46 *R"it. J 


.lacksi'ii A: I'unK. bans, s s L-ike Shore rd 

Jacobs Harold, fleet, h vr s Sixth s n 

Jamieson Janet C, nurse Ontario Huspita 1 

Jams (iiii K. yaiil master, h e s Third 

Jenkins Ernest, shipper, h w s Fnurth 

Jenkins \\m. printer, h w s Third 

Johnson E B, waititss Y M C A (Railway Br) 

Johnson John A, ensnr C T R, h w s Third 

Johnston John, elk Ontario Hospital 

Johnston Jos, elk. li West Point dr 

Jones Ernest, rubber wkr, h w s Fourteenth 

Jems Melroy K, rubbiT wkr, h s Fifth 

Jones Walter, jwlr. h e s Fifth 

Kaniey Jas, brick burner, h e s Twenty Second 

Kassack Peter, eng, h e s Seventh 

Kay Jos. brass wkr, h w s Sixth n 

Kearsley Albeit E, car insp, h w s Sixth n 

Kelley Richd, carp, h e s Tenth 

Kelly Jos, rubber wkr, li n s Birmingham 

Kelusky Clara E. opr, Its J Wylie 

Kelusky Susiui, o]>r. Ivs J Wylie 

Kemsley Clifford, rubber wkr, h 19 Ninth 

Kennedy Jas, shppr, h e s Sixtli 

Kennedy Lloyd, rubber wkr. Ivs Albert Emblem 

Keiizora Miclil, lab, h 56 Sixth n 

Kester Jesse, carp, h e s Third 

Kingston Saml J, brknm, h w s Sixth 

Kirch Harold E. cashier Cudahv Co, h e s Eighth 

Kirkaldy Madge, stenog, Ontario Hospital 

Kline Jos, h n s Lake Shore rd 

Koken Edwd H, fact supt Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 

of Canada, Ltd, res Toronto 
Krabuik Frank, mldr, h w s Sixth 
Krause Ceo, mldr. h w s Fifth 
Krause Win J, well drlr, Ivs fleo Krause 
Krause Zelma. opr, Ivs Geo Krause 
Kuesee Tna M (wid Franklin P), h w s Eighteenth 
Kyle Anna, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Lccey John H, carp, h e s Ninth 
I.acey Thos W. rubber wkr, h e s Sixth 
Lacombe Ovelo, copper wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Laforce Arthur, eng, h w s Sixth n 
Lafthouse Vim, rubber wkr, h e s Sixth 
Ukrniew Hotel, n s Lake Shore rd 
Lamb Willard V, slsmn, h e s Eighth 
Lambert Ceo. rubber wkr, Ivs Alfred Gilmour 
Lambert Wm, rubber wkr, Ivs Alfred Gilmour 
I.andry Albert, brass wkr h w s Sixth n 
Langley Chas, rubber wkr , h w s Fourth 
Lanestone Wm H. supervisor P 0, h e s Tliird 
Larkin John, litho, h w s Seventeenth 
Larkin Wm J, lab, h * s Seventh 
Lawrence Jos H, fireman, h e s Third 
Liwrnia' Lindsay P, cond, h w s Third 
Lawson Wm I), mgr Canadian Bank of Commerce ( New 

Toronto Br) , h s Seventh 
Legge Jos, h w s Seventeenth 
Ledbury Wm. lab, h e s Sixth 
Leech Ernest, chauff. h s s Morrison 
Leonard Hoy B, foremn Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of 

Can Ltd, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Lester Harold, time kpr, h 60 Sixth n 
Lewis Howard, rubber wkr , h w s Tenth 
Linermare Albert A, engnr, h w s Eighth 
Littleton Wm, gro, h w s Fifth 
Littleton Wm H, gro, Lake Shore rd cor Sixth 
Livingstone Laura, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Lloyd Napoleon, confy, w s Sixth, h same 
Locke Laura, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Longley Chas W, rubber wkr, h w s Fourth 
Longstaff Frank, bkpr, h w s Fourth 
Lovjoy Chas, bldr, w s Twenty Second 
Lucas Bertram H, rubber wkr, h e s Seventh 
Lucas Claud J, rubber wkr, h e s Sixth s 
Lumley Edwd, elk, h e s Seventh 
Lund Wm. elect, h n s Birmingham 
MacDonald Wm. rubber wkr, h w s Sixth s 
MacLennan D Stirling, phy, w s Ninth 
Mandar Chas A, frt GTR, h w s Fourth s 
Manklow Herbert H, chaufT. h e s Sixth 
Mann .May, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Manning Ernest, rubber wkr, h w s Fifteenth 
Mara Frank, brass wkr. h 47 Sixth n 
Marquand Alfred J, brass wkr, h 61 Sixth 
Marsh Wm. yard foreman, h e s Twenty Second 
Marshall Fredlt, fireman, h w s Fourteenth 
Marshall Herbert, mach, h w s Sixth 
Minhfleld Fredk music, s s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Martin ('has II, |>rass mldr, h w s Ninth 
Martisou Win. engnr G T K h w s Third 
Matheson Saml, gdnr Ontario Hospital 
Mathews Alex, brass wkr, h 41 Sixth n 
Maxwell Robt, carp, Ontario Hospital 
Maxwell Wm, rubber wkr, h e s Fifteenth 
McArthur Annie (wid Archd), h w s Fifth 
McArthur Lome, soap mkr, h w s Sixth 
McBride Albert, jwlr, h e s Ninth 

McCalliim Emily, nurse Ontario Hospital 

McClenahan Claude H, asst medical supt Ontario Hospital 

res Mimieo 

McCleney Saml, lab, h w s Twenty-Second 
McClung Chas, rubber wkr. h e s Eighth 
McCluskey Nellie, nurse Ontario Hospital 
McComb Jas, brass wkr, h 56 Sixth n 
McConnell Adam J, rubber wkr, h e s Twenty-Second 
McCulliim John J, h e s Seventh 
McDevitt John, elk, h w s Second 
McDonald Wm J, paper coater, h e s Sixth 
McGuire Edmund, foremn h w s Fifteenth 
Mcllwaine Ceo W, slsmn, h e s Fifth 
McKay Jean, nurse Ontario Hospital 
McKay Michl, brass wkr, h 37 Sixth n 
McKenna. Chas E, rubber wkr, h e s Eighth 
McKnight Edwin T, supervisor Ontario Hospital 
McLean Alfred F, flremn, h n s Birmingham 
McLean Wm L, eng. h e s Seventh 
McLennan Alex, cook, h s s Birmingham 
McMaster Percy R mgr Bank of Nova Scotia (New Tor- 
onto br) , res Toronto 
McMaster Saml, tel opr, h e s Fifth 
McMullen , flremn, h s Sixth n 
McNally Mary E (wid Hugh), h e s Sixth n 
McNertsey Stephen, supervisor Ontario Hospital 
Merchant John, rubber wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Merchants Bank of Canada (New Toronto Branch), Cha; 

W Conn, mgr, n s Lake Shore rd 
Might Geo W, enzr. h e s Fifth 
Millard Wm H C, town oik, h w s Eighth 
Miller Clarence, rubber wkr, h e s Tenth 
Miller David E ins inspr, li w s Eighth 
Miller Ralph, brklyr, h w s Eighth 
Miller Virgil, brass wkr, h 46 Sixth n 
Mills Alfred, rubber wkr, h w s Eighth 
Mills Ernest A, shipper, h n s Birmingham 
Mills Henry, shipper, h e s Eighth 
Mitchell Jas, carp, h w s Fifth 
Mocru N, brass wkr, h 36 Sixth n 
Moher Danl J, carp, h e s Eighth 
Moher Wm J, robber wkr, h e s Eighth 
Mole Wm H, prin New Toronto Public School, res Toronto 
Montgomery Saml, cost elk Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, res 


Moore Geo, porter, h e s Seventh 
Moore Stewart E, mach, h e s Fifth 
Moriarty John J, foreman Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, res 


Morrissette Emile, painter, h e s Seventh 
Mosseau Wilfred, rubber wkr, h e s Seventh 
Muirhead Robt, engr GTR, h e s Eighth 
Munns Rose, maid YilCA (Railway br) 
Murphy Joseph, rubber wkr, Ivs Harry Watson 
Murphy Lyle, rubber wkr. h e s Eighth 
Murray Alex M. bursar Ontario Hospital 
Needham Byron W, rubber wkr, h e s Eighteenth 
Neil Sarah (wid John), h e s Fifth 
Neill Jas, attdt Ontario Hospital 
New Toronto Hydro Commission Office, John R Slack sec, 

n s Lake Shore rd 
New Toronto Hydro Station, John W Cook, supt, w s 

New Toronto Post Office, J Henry Whitlam Postmaster 

e s Sixth 
New Toronto Public School, Wm H Mole prin, e s 


N'ewlands Wm, carp, h w s Eighth 
Newman Wm J, rubber wkr, h e s Sixth 
Newton Robt K, sis mgr Brown's Copper & Brass Rolling 

Mills, Ltd, res Toronto 
Nicholson Peter, gdnr Ontario Hospital 
N'iekachuk Wm, lab, h e s Seventh 
Northcotc Chas, h w s Second 
Northcote Ernest, tmstr. h w s Second 
Nunn Jos, press hd, h e s Fourteenth 
O'Connor John, attdt Ontario Hospital 
O'Dell Jesse A, rubber wkr. h e s Fifth 
O'Neill James, attdt Ontario Hospital 
ONTARIO HOSPITAL, THE, Dr N H Beemer, Medical 

Superintendent, s s Lake Shore rd 
Orr Jane Mrs, head Indrs Ontario Hospital 
Paddington Geo, paper wkr, rms J J McCalltim 
Palmer Alex, elk Bank of Nova Scotia (New Toronto br), 

res Mimieo 

Palmer Milton, tire bldr, h e s Fifth 
Palmer Ralph, shoemkr. Ivs Milton Palmer 
Parish Delbert F, rubber wkr, h e s Tenth 
Parker Mary, h 17 Ninth 
Pastime Theatre, Norman Hacker, mgr, n s Lake Shore 


Patterson Geo F, painter, h e s Fifth 
Patterson Thos, asst farmer Ontario Hospital 
Patterson Wm. tmstr, h e s Twenty-Second 
Patterson Wm M, bkpr, h e s Twenty-Second 

Patterson Wm M, sec-tteas Elliott Lumber Co, Ltd, h 

e s Twenty-Second 
Paveling Peter S, eng, li e s Seventh 
Pearce Chas R, hostler, h w s Fourth 
Penny Frank, moto, h w s Sixth 
Peters Lyman, ydmn, h e s Twenty-Second 
Pinnell Thos, h w s Fourteenth 
Piper Chas R. oik. h e s Eighth 
Pitts Albert E. rubber wkr, h e s Ninth 
Platt Sfanley W, auto meeh, h e s Eighth 
Pogue Wm, h e s Fifth 
Pollard Walter S, real est Lake Shore rd cor Eighth, h 

e s Ninth 

Pollock Michl, lab, Ivs Edmund White 
Poro Harold, firemn, h e s Eighteenth 
Potter Melvin, lineman, h cor First & Lake Shore blvd 
Pratt Geo, paper wkr, Ivs Albert Emblem 
Prevost Arthur, linemn, h e s Seventh 
Price John, dental wkr, h w s Seventh 
Price Jos, engnr, h w s Sixth n 
Price Jos, rubber wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Priestley Edwd. slippr, h w s Twenty Second 
Primo Leon, lab, h e s Eighteenth 
Prosser Clarence E (Beaver Garage) , Ivs L E Prosser 
Prosser Lewis E (Beaver Garage), h e s Eighth 
Ralph Jessie, (wid Harry), h w s Fourteenth 
Ramsay Chas N, vice-pres Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, res 


Redding David, brklyr, h 49 Sixth n 
Reddy May F. cook Ontario Hospital 
Redick Agnes, tlrs, Ontario Hospital 
Reid Gwendolyn, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Reid Jas, brass fnshr, h w s Sixth 
Reid Orrie, brass wkr, h 44 Sixth n 
Religa John, brass wkr, h 39 Sixth n 
Rettie John, mbber wkr, h e s Sixth 
Reveley Frank I (Reveley & Son), Ivs Wm H Reveley 
Reveley Wm H (Reveley & Son), h s s Lake Shore rd 
Reveley & Son (Wm H & Frank I), hdwre, s s Lake 

Shore rd 

Rice Elizth (wid Jas), h w s Ninth 
Rice Jas M, leather wkr, Ivs Mrs Elizth Rice 
Ridge Jas, rubber wkr, h e s Eighth 
Ridge Thos. rubber wkr. h e s Eighth 
Kigby Richd, shoemkr, h w s Fourteenth 
Ritchie Fredk A, pres Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, res Toronto 
Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, Fredk A Ritchie, pres, paper 

mfrs, n s Lake Shore rd 
Roberts John, lab, h e s Sixth 
Roberts John E, lab, h e s Sixth 
Robertson Mark W, opr, h w s Seventh 
Robinson Harold R, rubber wkr, b e s Fifteenth 
Robinson Saml. billiards, h e s Fifth 
Robinson Saml, barber s s Lake Shore rd, h e s Fifth 
Robinson Rev, Pastor Methodist Chch, h e s Fifth 
Robinson Wm J, dairyman, h e s Fifteenth 
Robinson Winnifred, kitchen maid Ontario Hospital 
Roblock Michl. confy w s Sixth, h same 
Rodie Jas, lab, h w s Twenty-Second 
Rogers Chas W. blksmth's hlpr, h e s Sixth 
Romanchuek Nikola, lab, h e s Seventh 
Rooney G F, barr Lake Shore rd cor Sixth 
Uussell Eugenie, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Russell Wm J, pipe ftr, h e s Sixth 
Ruttan Jacob W, pntr Ontario Hospital, h n s Lake 

Shore rd 

Rutter Henry \V. barber, h e s Fourth 
HyfkT Festus, rubber wkr. h 27 Ninth 
St Margarets Church (Ans), w s Sixth 
Ste Pierre David, brass wkr, h 40 Sixth n 
Sandford Edwd, farmer, "h n s Lake Shore rd 
Sandford Ellen H, bkpr, Ivs Edwd Sandford 
Sandford Fredk J, bkpr, Us Edwd Sandford 
Sandford Henry, h e s Sixth 
Sandfonl Madeline G, Idgr kpr Can Bank of Commerce 

(New Toronto br) , Ivs Edwd Sandford 
Sandford Norman J. cartage aet, Ivs Edwd Sandford 
Sargeson John, brass wkr, h e s Sixth n 
Saunders Alex B, engnr, h w s Eighth cor Morrison 
Saunders John, h s Sixth 
.Saville Harris, elk, h w s Fourth 
Sawtell Alfred, trav. h Wist Point Drive 
Scanlon Michl T, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Scott Geo D, town treasurer, h e s Sixth 
Scott Geo S, h e s Sixth 
Scott John, carp, h w s Sixth n 
Scott Thos, color mixer, h n s Birmingham 
Scully A A Ltd (yards i works), Wm T Scully supt, 

head of Seventh 

Seawright Newman, slsmn, h e s Fourth 
Secrest Chris brakcmn, h e s Eighth 
Sbackleton Fred, painter, b w s Third 
Sharpe Richd, supervisor Ontario Hospital 
Shaw John, leather wkr, Ivs Mrs Sarah Shaw 
Shaw Sarah (wid Jos) , h e s Seventh 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 


The Canada Metal Co., Ltd. 

Fraser Avenue, Toronto 





PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Sheekey Bobt, cond, h w s Ninth 

Sheffield John W, confy, n s Lake Shore rd, h same 

Shields Geo, rubber wkr, h w s Seventeenth 

Slmttlcworth Robt. lab. h e s Sixth s 

Sibbitt Geo, foreman floods-ear Tire Co, h e s Fifteenth 

Sisler Burdette A, rub wkr, h n s Lake Shore drive 

Slack John, entertainer, h e s Twenty-Second 

Small Wm J, tire bldr, h e s Fourth 

Smith Alfred, elect Ontario Hospital, res Toronto 

Smith Gordon R. foreman, h w s Fourth 

Smith Harry, mach. Its Virgie Miller 

Smith Thos, slsmn, h e s Third 

Stansfteld Horace, carp, bds Mrs Esther Cockeroft 

Starkey Don C, supt Sheet Metal Brown's Mills, h e s 


Staunton Thos, elect mgr. h n s Lake Shore blvd 
Steiner Alfred, brass wkr, h 59 Sixth n 
Stephens Danl, brass wkr, h e s Fifteenth 
Stevenson Jas C, h e s Sixteenth 
Stewart Robt C, carp, h w s Seventh 
Stone Lawrence C, teller Can Bank of Commerce (New 

Toronto br), res Toronto 
Stubbs Geo, btchr, Ontario Hospital 
Stutchbury Percy, plmbr, h w s Eighth 
Sullivan Patk, rubber wkr, h e s Eighteenth 
Swain John W, rubber wkr, h e s Seventh 
Swan Albert, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Swaton Herbert, lab, h 55 Sixtli n 
Sydenham Geo, carp, h s s Lake Shore blvd 
Sylvester Chas, rubber wkr, h w s Sixth n 
Tait Robt, ens, h w s Ninth 
Taylor Alfred, foreman, h w s Eighth 
Taylor Chas, constable, h w- s Fourth 
Taylor Lawrence, engnr, h e s Twenty Second 
Taylor Mary A (wid Geo), h e s Sixth 
Taylor Rose, cook Ontario Hospital 
Taylor Robt, rubber wkr, h e s Eighth 
Tebworth Grace, paper wkr, bds Albert Emblem 
Terry Lindsay H, cond GTR, h w s Fifth 
Terry Wm J, eng h w s Ninth 
Theobold Jos, roofer, h w s Fifteenth 
Thomas Alfred H, supt Town, h w s Twenty Second 
Thorley Harold, rubber wkr, h w s Fifth 
Thornton, bank elk, h e s Sixth 
Tiffan Fredk, elect, Ivs G F Patterson 
Tilsun Cm, attdt Ontario Hospital 
Timmings Jos, janitor, h e s Eighteenth 
Todd Isaac, elect, h e s Twenty Second 
Trable Chas, raretkr. h w s Seventh 
Treble Chas. caretkr, h e s Sixth 
Treble John, Ivs Chas Treble 
Tucker Saml J, mgr R Simpson Co, h e s Eighth 
Turner Wm, lab, h 45 Sixth n 
Tutton Arthur, elect, h e s Seventh 
Twaites Wm J, tmstr, h e s Seventh 
Van Home Merton L. comp, h e s Eighth 
Venner Hubert, rubber wkr. h w s Fifth 
Walker John C, engnr, h e s Fifth 
Wallace Bruce, mach, h e s Seventh 
Wallace Burell, rubber wkr, h w s Twenty Second 
Wallace James H, btchr, s s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Walton Harold, mach, h w s Eighth 
Walton Leighton, rnldr, h w s Eighth 
Wands Robt. engnr, h e s Sixth 
Warner Geo C, slsmn, h w s Fifth 
Watson Harry, leather wkr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Watson Jennie Mrs, confy s s Lake Shore rd, Ivs same 
Watts Albert, brass wkr, h 52 Sixth n 
Watts Arthur, elk, li n s Lake Shore blvd 
Webb Wm H, elect, h w s Fourth s 
Webber Thos, plstr, h e s Twenty Second 
Weech Frank, carp, h w s Fifth 
Weech Wm J, elk, Ivs Frank Weech 
Wells Gideon W, vice-prcs Elliott Lumber Co, Ltd, h 

n s Lake Shore rd 

West Frank, asst mgr Ritchie & Ramsay Ltd, res Toronto 
Wheatley Ardvn. mach. h s s Birmingham 
Whiffen Eiiwin. mach, h e s Eighteenth 
White Albert S. blksmth, h e s Sixth 
White Chas R. rubber wkr, h e s Sixteenth 
White Edmund, millwright, h e s Seventh n 
White Edwd, mach, h e s Seventh 
Whitlam Isalielle, Ivs J H Whitlam 
Wltitlam J Henry, gro and postmaster, e s Sixth, h iam 
Whin (Miwell M, druggist, h e s Twenty Second 
Whittle, Krni-st w, brass wkr, li 51 Sixth n 
Wiggins Hanid, rubber wkr, h w s Third 
Wih-ox Wm A, brass mldr, h e s Sixth 
Wilkinson Wm B, asst eng, Ontario Hospital 
Willcrton Mathew, eng, h w s Fifth 
Williams FannU- (wid Jas), h w s Eighth 
Williams Philip, rubber wkr. h w s Fourteenth 
Williams Wm. gm w s Sixth, h same 
Wilson D W Hunter, drugs, s s Lake Shore rd, h same 
Wilson Kits, nurse Ontario Hospital 
Wilson Leo H, h e s Sixteenth 
Winuardrn Maurice, attdt Ontario Hospital 

Winslow Richd, engr, h e s Eighteenth 

Wong Hong, chef YMCA (railway br) , 

Wood Chas L, h e s Twenty-Second 

Wood Herbert F, mach, h w s Sixth 

Woodward Geo. attdt Ontario Hospital 

Woolmer Wm, color mixer, h e s Eighth 

Wright Flora, cook Ontario Hospital 

Wright Mungo, rubber wkr, bds Herbert Costello 

Wylie John, mach, h e s Seventh 

Yerex David T, firemn, h e s Sixth 

Yerex Nathaniel, engnr. h e s Sixth 

Yerex Wilfred, slsman, Ivs Nathaniel Yerex 

Youne John V. flremn, h n s Bimingham 

Young Mens' Christian Assn (Railway br) , Ernest Car- 

penter sec, n s New Toronto 
Yuill Jas, rubber wkr, h e s Sixth 


Four and a half miles northwest of the City Hall. Post 
Office Sub-station 36. Take Avenue rd car, thence 
Civic line on St. Clair av west. 

Abbott Jas, chaiiff, h 22 O'Leary av 

Allan A Elliott, h 5 Barrie av 

Allan Jas. printer, h 1S2 Lauder av 

Allen Elizth, elk, Ivs 210 Oakwood af 

Allen Leona. Ivs 210 Oakwood av 

Allen Saml I, h 210 Oakwood av 

Anderson Henry, h 41 Conway av 

Anderson Hillard, gro 319 Oakwood av, h same 

Anderson Jas A, elk Bank of Nova Scotia, h 171 Oakwood 

Anderson Richd, Ivs 319 Oakwood av 

Anderson Wm, trav, h 149 Glenholme av 

Andrews Jos W, mach. h DO Robina av 

Archer Fred, carp, h 48 Conway av 

Archer Ross S, jwlr, h 19 Watford av 

Armstrong Wm P, h 194 Glenholme av 

Arnold Isaac, steward Can S S Co, h 26 Appleton av 

Ashdown Jean (wid Chas). h 178 Lauder av 

Aspinwall Joseph, pntr, h 73 Earlsdale av 

Aston J Fredk, carp, h 283 Oakwood av 

Atherton Chas, plstr, h 82 Robina av 

Atkinson ('has. mgr Consolidated Optical Co, h 151 

Northcliffe blvd 

Atkinson Geo A, gro h 253 Lauder av 
Attack Herbert, comp. h 42 O'Leary av 
Ayhearst John, h 41C Oakwood av 
Aziz I*ib A, trav. h 170 Oakwood av 
Bailey Ethel M. h 188 Oakwood av 
Baird Hugh, bldr, h 177 Glenholme av 
Bairstow Edwin J, elk Hydro Elect Co, Ivs 232 Oakwood 


Bairstow Firth I, mach, h 232 Oakwood av 
Bairstow Mary N, stenog, Ivs 232 Oakwood av 
Barber Frank, shippr, h 175 Westmount av 
Barber Wm H, elk T Eaton Co, h 169 Glenholme av 
Barbour Wm, office mgr T Kinnear Co, h 202 Lauder av 
Barker Ernest, ornamental iron wkr, h 104 Robina av 
Barrington Wilford. acct, h 149 Westmount av 
Barren Geo, blksmth, h 56 Kohina av 
Bartlett Fred, carp, h 67 Earlsdale av 
Bartlett Wm, h 53 Appleton av 
Bastone Robt, gro 355 Oakwood av, h same 
Bateman Wm H, lab. h 203 Oakwood av 
Beadle Archd. dyer, Ivs 347 Lauder av 
Beadle Ernest G, florist Miller & Son's, h 347 Lauder 


Beare Jos G, estimator, h 250 Glenholme av 
Beckett Wm J, barber 163 Lauder av. h 57 Bir dav 
Bedlington Henry C, mfrs agt, -h 154 Glenholme av 
Bet'mcr Giiy M, foremn Gutta Percha Rubber Co, h 246 

Clrnholme av 

Kelfn-y Fredk A, drugs 314 Oakwood av. h same 
Bell Geo A, acct. h 3 Mi-Nab av 
Bell Thos, lab, h 222 Oakwood av 
Bell Wm L jr, h 331 Lauder av 
Bennett James, h 58 Earlsdale av 
Bennett John, brklyr, h 26 Conway av 
Benson Leonard M. furrier, h 183 Glenholme av 
Berry EnHTson G, dentist 161 Lander av, h same 
Beti.s Saml W, painter, h 2 Conway av 
Bilbrinigh Walter, acct, h 29 Earnscliffe rd 
Billings Geo, elk I'nion Depot, h 227 Lauder av 
Binnie Alex W, mfr, h 9 Barrie av 
Birch Arthur, h 309 Oakwood av 
Itishop John, carp, h 196 Oakwood av 
liisiell Dwight, rep Burroughs Adding .Mach Co, Ivs 172 

Oakwood av 

Black .lolin F, acct, h 23S Lander av 
Black Kolit. h 168 Lauder av 
Biackley Altord G, trav. h 8 Barrie a? 
Rlai-kvn-11 Hani F, tel insp, h 267% Glenholme av 
RlacUi'll Ivor, chief opr B T C. Ivs 72 Earlsdale av 

Blackwell Jas A. tinsmth, Ivs 72 Earlsdale av 

Blackrell Wm J, lab, h 72 Earlsdale av 

Blain Jas A, h 248 Glenholme av 

Blair Fred J, h IfiO Westmount av 

Blunt Jesse A, carp, h 219 Oakwood av 

Bonney Robt. dept mgr T Eaton Co, h 166 Lauder av 

Bounsall Harold, h 161 Glenholme av 

Bowe Vivian, shppr, rms 288 Glenholme M 

Bowers Harry, tile sttr, h 20 Conway av 

Bowman Gwshon. mech engnr, h 158 Westmount av 

Bowman James (MP), h 131 Northcliffe blvd 

Box Harold K, h 206 Oakwood av 

Boyle Robin, mfrs agt, h 4 Watford av 

Braid Harry R, trav, h 168 Glenholme av 

Brazier Wm J, h 49 Earlsdale av 

Brennan Martin J, local mgr Imperial Tobacco, h Lauder 


Brereton Chas H, phy 313 Oakwood av, h same 
Brierley Harold, cigars 317 Oakwood av, h same 
Broadbent John, gro 366 Oakwood av, h same 
Bromley Benj, h 270 Glenholme av 
Bromwich Sidney H, refiner, h 92 Earlsdale av 
Brooks Herbert H, timckpr CNR, h 3 Earlsdale av 
Brown ('has, emp Gutta Percha Rubber Co, Ivs 273 

Lauder av 

Brown Charlotte (wid Wm), h 273 Lauder av 
Brown Jas, stn mason, h 260 Glenholme av 
Brown Jeremiah, h 25 Appleton av 
Brown Lucy A (wid Dr C W), h 158 Glenholme av 
Brown Martha (wid Thos), h 311 Lauder av 
Brown Nicholas C, real est, h 5 Earascliffe rd 
Brown Vera, elk Dom Exp, Ivs 311 Lander av 
Browning Horace, iron wkr, h 14 Conway av 
Brudenell Saml R, carp, h 28 Conway av 
Bryson Lome, bkpr, h 289 Lauder av 
Bryson Roy M, trav, h 289 Lander av 
Buckley C D, mgr Can Carbonate Ltd, h 210 Glenholme 


Buddo Donald, h 211 Oakwood av 
Bute Herbert, bldr, h 185 Glenholme av 
Buie John, h 42 Appleton av 
Bumsted Wm F, chemist, h 16 Conway av 
Burden John M, barr, h 55 Appleton av 
Burke Jas, shipper T Eaton Co, h 37 Earlsdale av 
Burnham Daniel H, arch, 260 Lauder av, h same 
Burton Valentine (wid Sidney), h 376 Oakwood av 
Burton Wm, h 159 Northcliffe blvd 
Byers Albert E, trav, h 150 Glenholme av 
Cam Henry C, h 159 Westmount av 
Caine Eric, mach, h 160 Glenholme av 
Cairns Wm, tmstr, h 238 Oakwood av 
Calverley Mary (wid John), Ivs 224 Oakwood av 
Cameron Jas, stn ctr, h 398 Oakwood av 
Campbell Harry C. mgr Bank of Commerce (St Clair & 

Lansdowne br) , h 199 Glenholme av 

Campbell John, dept mgr T Eaton Co, h 185 Glenholme 


Campbell Oscar M, afct, h 6 Barrie av 
Campbell Thos B, dept mgr Simpson's Mail Order, h 

141 Glenholme av 

Campbell Wm, mach. h 52 O'Leary av 
Carder Lillian, li 38 Conway 
Carlton Nellie, opr, rms 288 Glenholme av 
Carr Freeman J, trav, h 124 Glenhoune av 
Can- John, emp Harris Abattoir, h 110 Robina av 
Carrick James, h 197 Lauder av 
Carte Wm G. mcssr Parliament Bldgs, h 167 West- 
Carter Hairy W. lab. h 25(1 Oakwood av 
Carter James, elev opr, h 36 Robina av 
Carter John H. elk, h 244 Glenholme av- 
Carter Wm G, messr Parliament Bldg, h 167 Westmount av 
Caswell Wm A. wtr insp, h 3D Cnnway av 
Cavalier Arthur, Ivs 10 O'Leary av 
Cavalier Bertram. Ivs 10 O'Leary av 
Cavalier Harold, Ivs 10 O'Leary av 
CavalifT Mediaue (wid Edwin), h 10 O'Leary av 
Caverly Chas H, bldr, h 20(1 Glenholme av 
Chamberlain Thos B A, h 210 Lauder av 
Chambers Foster, h 172 Glenhnlitie av 
Chambers Wm J, phy 2S.") louder av. h same 
(happell Fredk, h (I EarnsclirTe rd 
Chappell Fredk jr, dry gds & boots & shoes 318 Oak- 
wood av, Ivs same 

Charily Chas, emp Miller & Sons, h 302 Lauder av 
Chick Elizth M (wid Arthur M) . h liil Northcliffe blvd 
Chiveitim Henry, box mkr, h 383 Oakwood av 
Clark Frank, h 232 Lauder av 
Clark- l!i A, h liil Laiulii 
Clark Louisa (wid Hobt), h 186 Westmount av 
Clark Sarah (wid Jas). h 44 Earlsdale av 
Clark Thos W, mach, h 27H (lakwood av 
Clarke Alfred li. li li Ccnay a> 
I'l.-irkn Catherine (wid Wm), h 183 Lauder av 
Clayton A W, h 156 Wreimotint av 
("legg Thos, h 200 Oakwood av 
Clemens Chas J, trav, h 248 Lauder av 
Clement Stephen, elect Hydro Elect, h 2U5 Westmount 







M. 1889 

Analyses of all Commercial 
Products. Assay and Metal- 
lurgical Tests of Ores and Metals 



123 BAY ST. ADEL. 6440 


Clifford Walker, li 1H Earlsdale av 

Clyde H 1!. li 1 l>> Westmount av 

Coates Henry \V. concrete wkr, h 64 Earlsdale av 

(Vhiane Russell, h 26 Robina av 

Cole Frank L. dentist 432 St Clarens at, h 209 Oakwood 


Cole Thos H, eng, h 198 VVestmount av 
Coleridge Jas II, tchr, h 184 Lander av 
Comstive Richd, pltry dresser, h .'i(i Earlsdale av 
Iwh H:ii,ilil A. '<lm iiig. li 2112 Glenholme av 
Cook Jas L. chkr GTR, h 218 Oakwood av 
Coulier Ernest, lab, h 106 Dundurn av 
("nrmack John, trav Gordon Mai-Kay Co, h 5 Robina ai 
Cosgrave Jas, plstr. li 51 Earlsdale av 
CouNon Laura A (wid John H), h 104 Dundurn at 
Cowan Arnold, dentist, h 199 Lander av 
Cowan Norman, jwlr, h 7 Earnscliffe rd 
Cos Geo J, plstr. h 66 Earlsdale av 
Crane James, mgr Oakwood Theatre, h 3 Robina av 
Crang Jethro, bldr, h 202 Oakwood av 
Crawford Arclid, farmer, h 51 Appleton av 
Crawford Geo H (Crawford's Garage), h 271 Glen- 
holme av 

Crawford 1 Allan Mrs, Ivs 30 Atlas 
Crawford Wm H, Crawford's Garage, h 1955 Dufferin 
Crawford's Garage, W H & G II Crawford, props, 260 

Oakwood av 

Cressman Geo, custom agt, h 189 Lauder av 
Ori]i[)s John, gdnr, h 341 Lander av 
Crocker Mark S, h 55 Appleton av 
Crumb Geo. carp, li 108 Dundurn av 
Crorab Geo jr, elk GTR, Ivs 8 Dundurn av 
Crumb Wm, Ivs 8 Dundum av 
( Gordon T, elk PO, h 84 Earlsdale av 
CrosircH Albert, foreran, h 14 O'Leaty av 
Cunningham Geo, plshr, h 153 Westmount av 
Curran Robt N, paper ruler, h 3 Barrie av 
Curry Ernest H, acct, h 220 Glenholme av 
Cutler Harry, supt Tor Plate Glass Co, h 128 Glen- 
holme av 

Daly John, fruit dlr, h 191 Lauder av 
Daniels Chas, h 82 Earlsdale av 
Parrarh Amos, drvr, li 54 Robina av 
Davenport Elizth A, drsmkr 165 Lauder, h same 
Davey Louis, h 97 Robina av 
Oavidge Archd, elect, h 75 Earlsdale av 
Daviea Ernest S, trav pass agt CNR, h 18 Barrie av 
Deering Richd, foreman American Watch Case Co, h 3 

Conwaj- av 

De Long Arra, trainmn CNR, h 117 Northcliffe blvd 
Denix.n Jas, mldr, h 382 Oakwood av 
De-war Geo T, agt British American Ins Co, h 204 

Oakwood 'av 

Deuar John J, lumber mercht, h 204 Oakwood av 
Dillon Richd J. wiie wkr. h 10 Conway av 
Dodds Ernest, slsmgr T Eaton Co. h 146 Glenholme 


Honohue Jnlm. weaver, h 40 Earlsdale av 
Drury Ernest A, elect contr 154 Oakwood av, h 174 


Dryden Thos C, h 251 Lauder av 
Dunkley John B, civil eng, h 111 Northcliffe blfd 
Durnan Arthur, plmbr, h 88 Cloverlawn av 
Eagleson Ernest, acet, Ivs 64 Atlas av 
Eby Lloyd Rev, pastor United Brethren Church, li 378 

Lauder av 

Edmonds Edwd A, trav, h 32 Appleton av 
Edmunds Vim, elect, h 331 Oakwood av 
Edwards Chas. slaty eng. h 20 O'Leary av 
Edwards Daniel, Govt meat insp, b 169 Westmount av 
Edwards Fredk, druggist, h 240 Glenholme av 
Edwards Reta, Idgr kpr Bank of Montreal, Ivs 82 Atlas 


Elder Donald, elk, h 273 Lauder av 
Entwisle Thos, arct. h 166 Northcliffe blvd 
Enwright. Thos J, elk. Ivs 252 Glenholme av 
Ethei ington Geo, h 378 Lauder av 
Fares W Clifford, h 161 Lauder av 
Farmer Harry J, credit dept Willy's Overland Co, h 170 

Westmount av 

Faulkner Phillip J, CHEW, h 242 Glenholme av 
Field Ivy, opr, rms 288 Glenholme av 
Field John H. coal slsmn, I) 212 Oakwood av 
Fielding Carrie, masseuse, Ivs 49 Appleton av 
Fielding Jos W, mfr, h 49 Appleton av 
Fincham Albert, sLsmn h 188 Glenholme av 
Finley Isabella (wid Kami W), h 267 Glenholme av 
Fisher Francis, pntr, h 175 Glenholme av 
Fitzgerald Ernest R, acct, h 190- Lauder av 
Fletcher Wm T Rev, h 162 Westmount av 
Flett Donald M dentist 691 Spadina av Ivs 217 West- 
mount ar 

Flett Douglas li, studt, Ivs 217 Westmount av 
Fluker Albert D, emp Molson's Bank, h 41 Dundurn av 
Foord Stephen M, shw/r, h 267 Lauder av 
Forty Fred, elect, h 243 Oakwood av 
Foster Burton, printer, h 339 Lauder av 

FotherinKliam Clifford, slsmn, h 239 Lander av 

Fox Chas J. bank insp, h 188 Lauder aj 

Foxcroft Thos P, mfr, h 28 Robina av 

Freeman Kenneth J, lab, h 399 Oakwood av 

Frisby Walter, i.rin York St Schl, h 170 Glenholme av 

Fryers Louis W, lab, h 10 Robina av 

Fullarton David B, pntr, h 31 Earlsdale av 

Fuller John, h 157 Glenholme av 

Fullerton Jos, dept mgr T Eaton Co, h 143 Glenholme 


Furnival John W, Ivs 68 Earlsdale av 
Furnival \Vm J, pntr & decorator, 68 Earlsdale av, h 


Galbraith Wm J, h 9 Earnscliffe rd 
Gallo Tony, designer, h 188 Westmount av 
Gammon Ernest J, florist Miller & Son's, h 278 Lauder 


Garrett Jos, customs elk, Ivs 224 Oakwoud av 
Garrett Wm, slsmn, h 224 Oakwood av 
Gavin John, lab, h 32 Earlsdale av y 
George Kobt C, mgr P W Ellis Co, h 139 Westmount av 
Gibbs Chas F, elk Con Gas Co, h 263 Oakwood a 
Gilchrist Norman, h 158A Westmmmt av 
Gladstone Wm B, h 145 Glenholme av 
filassey John I, moto, h 229 Lauder av 
Glassey Mary J (wid Wm J), Ivs 229 Lauder av 
Glenister Jas H, brklyr, h 28 O'Leary av 
Godfrey Chester, electro pltr, h 380 Lauder av 
Godfrey John, elect eng T Eaton Co, b 154 Atlas av 
Gnldey Hurley B, comp Telegram, h 325 Lauder av 
Goldwin Wm E, carp, h 47 Earlsdale av 
Gould Ernest E. brklyr. li H7B Oakwood av 
Goy Fredk B, h 165 Westmount av 
Graham Fred T, secy YMCA, h 47 Appleton av 
Graham John J, bldr, h 334 Oakwood av 
Graham Jos H, h 212 Lauder av 
Graham Jos P, tmstr, h 10 Earlsdale av 
Graham Roy W, studt, Ivs 184 Oakwood av 
Graham Thos S, h 184 Oakwood av 
Graham Walter H, gdnr, h 50 Atlas av 
Graham Wm E, h 305 Lauder av 
Grant Hannah J (wid Rev Jas), h 21 Appleton av 
Gray Arthur, h 170 Lauder av 
Green John, caretkr, h 40 Appleton av 
Greig Arthur, h 4 Earlsdale av 
Grey Ellas G. lab, h 63 Earlsdale av 
Griffiths F J Lieut, h 161 Lauder av 
Grooms Harry E, elk, h 19 Barrie av 
Grooms Raymond, elk, Ivs 19 Barrie av 
Grosskwith Guss A, carp, h 179 Westmount av 
Groves Chas, mkt gdnr, h 112 Atlas av 
Habbershaw Wm, sign pntr, h 114 Robina av 
Haddy Byron, acct, h 309 Lauder av 
Hadler Richd P, brklyr, h 239 Oakwood av 
Hadley Albert, merchant, h 129 Northcliffe blvd 
Hadlow Chas, slsmn, h 349 Lauder av 
Hadlow Earl, insp City Dairy Co, h 302 Glenholme av 
Hadlow Geo, h 355 Lauder av 
Hagerman John P, emp YMCA. h 221 Lauder av 
Haker Otto, stamp dlr 3 Crang av, h 24 Vimy Ridge 


Haldenby Saml, elk T Eaton Co, h 39 Conway at 
Hale Frank, insp Ideal Bread Co, h ^5 Earnscliffe rd 
Hall Fredk, elk R Bastone, 355 Oakwood av, Ivs same 
Hall Fredk W, bkpr, h 333 Lauder av 
Hallett Alice E, nurse, 241 Oakwood av, Ivs same 
Hallett Leonard, mach, Ivs 241 Oakwood av 
Hallett Walter J. h 241 Oakwood av 
Hamilton Alex S Maj, h 1 Robina av 
Hamilton Sarah (wid Jas), h 76 Robina av 
Hamiman Laura (vtid Alfred L) , h 180 Westmount av 
Harrington Jas, shppr, h 309 Oakwood av 
Hart Emily, confy 315 Oakwood av, h same 
Hart E Thos. hdwre, h 3 Watford av 
.Hart Henry, Ivs 315 Oakwood av 
Harvey Edith (wid W Harry), h 41 Appleton av 
Haslett Arthur, tool mkr, h 269 Oakwood av 
Hatchworth John, h 216 Lauder av 
Hawkins Stonewall J, h 165 Glenholme av 
Haycock Albert E, foreran Harris Abattoir, h 57 

Earlsdale av 

Heacock Thos F. h 162 Glenholme av 
Heideman Louis H, Oakwood Hardware Co, Ivs 270 

Mulberry av 
Heideman Wm F, Oakwood Hardware Co, h 270 

Mulberry av 

Heins Herbert, sht mtl wkr, h 16 Robina av 
Helliker, Joseph J, mach, h 219 Lauder av 
Ilelliwell Maurice R, phy 130 Glenholme av, h same 
Henders Newton 0, tool mkr, h 180 Northcliffe blvd 
Herron Alfred S, act Imperial Life, h 329 Lauder av 
Hewitson Robt W, sporting editor Telegram, h 195 

Glenholme av 

Heywood Evelyn, tchr, Ivs 194 Oakwood av 
Heywimd John, bldr, h 1!>4 Oakwood av 
Heywood Percy, Ivs 194 Oakwnod av 
Hick Ettie M (wid F S), h 13 Barrie av 

Hicks Thos D. emp Farmers Dairy Co. h 242 Lander av 

Higgins Berkeley C. ins agt, h 208 Glenholme av 

Hilhis Vincent, roach, h 2X5 Oakwood av 

Hiltz Eugene, iron wkr, h 181 Westmount av 

Hoad Percy R, mfrs agt, h 208 Lauder av 

Hodgson Wm, blksmth, h 30 Robina av 

Holder Geo H, plstr, h 14 Earlsdale av 

Holland H H, h 171 Glenlmlme av 

Hood Walter A, ll 129 Glenholme av 

Horming R Maxwell, bkpr Armour & Mickle-, h 194 

Lauder av 

Hoisfleld Stanley, auto mech, h 204 Westmount av 
Housten Wm, h lit O'Leary av 

Howard Gersham, dentist 372 Yonge. h 39 Earnscliffe rd 
How-croft Richd, lab, h 102 Robina av 
Hubbard Nellie, Ivs 93 Robini av 
Hubbard Thos, lab, h 93 Robina av 
Huffman Hobt, moto mech, h 21 Earlsdale av 
Huggett Geo T, wire wkr, h 245 Oakwood av 
Hughes Hugh, supt York Township Waterworks, h 317 

Lauder av 

Hughes S Stewart, printer, h 281 Oakwood av 
Hunt Wm, chauff, h 86 Robina av 
Hunter Richd J, bkpr, h 24 O'Leary av 
Hunter Uussdl G. acrt Ford Motor Co, h 127 (ilen- 

holme av 

Hurd Albert J, elk. h 265 Glenholme av 
Hussey Nathaniel, bldr, h 17 Earnscliffe rd 
Hyoe Wm J. exp 174 Glenholme av, h same 
Imric Stirling, auto mech, h 397 Oakwood av 
Imrie Wm G, merchant, h 323 Lauder av 
Ireland Sydney, civil engnr, h 3 Millerson av 
Jackson Edwd A, porter, h 88 Earlsdale av 
Jackson Edwd E, h 197 Glenholme av 
Jagger Chas H. mfr. h 3UO Lauder av 
Jamiescn Frank S, brklyr, h 251 Oakwood av 
Jane Chas, h 148 Westmount av 
Jarvis Wm, brklyr, h 32 Conway av 
Jewell Leonard, elect, h 193 Glenholme av 
Johnson Jas sr, Ivs 252 Glenholme av 
Johnson James B, carp, h 252 Glenholme ar 
Johnson Robt S, lab, h 92 Robina av 
Johnston John W, elk GTR, h 57 Appleton av 
Jones Douglas C, mach, h 44 O'Leary av 
Jones Wm, trav, h 257 Lander av 
Jones Wm A, elect, h 220 Westmount av 
Kaake John, bldr, h 176 Westmount av 
Kearsley E*vd, h 230 Oakwood av 
Keay Adam S. woodwkr, h 5 Conway av 
Keay Elizth, Ivs 5 Conway av 
Keay Helen, bkpr, Ivs 5 Conway av 
Keay Mariorie, pianist, Ivs 5 Conway av 
Kelly Hugh, h 33 Earnscliffe av 
Kelly Patk J, govt meat' insp, h 293 Lauder av 
Kelly Robt. wtch case mkr, h 22 Conway av 
Kelsey Allan, elect, h 25 Earnscliffe rd 
Kemp Alison, opr, bds 258 Glenholme av 
Kenwell Anna, elk, Ivs 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kenwell Beth, nurse, Ivs 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kenwell Florence, Ivs 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kenwell Jos, h 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kenwell Tina, elk, Ivs 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kenwell Wm, carp, Ivs 207 Northcliffe blvd 
Kerr Robt, mercht 290 Western rd. h 231 Lauder av 
Kerslake Chas W. opr h 18 Conway av 
Kettle Geo I), brklyr, h 366 Lauder av 
King Chas H, gdnr, h 225 Oakwood av 
King Jos F, boot & shoe repr 250 Oikwood av, h 76 

Earlsdale av 

Kingdon Kenneth H, Ivs 186 Lauder at 
Kingdon Wm L, acct, h 186 Lauder av 
Kirby Harold J, ins agt. h 167 Lauder av 
Kirby Ralph, barber 341 Oakwood, h samp 
Kirkwood Arthur L C, acct, h 231 Glenholme av 
Klees John, h 46 Conway av 
Knechtcl Bertram 0. Oakwood Re-tread & Vulcanizing 

Co, 226 Oakwood av, h 215 same 
Lamb Thos B, h 299 Lauder av 
Langdon Ralph, trav, h 113 Northcliffe blvd 
Large Wilbert, mach, h 272 Glenholme av 
Laver Henry, pckr, h 396 Oakwood av 
Law Andrew B, real est, h 133 Northcliffe blvd 
Leese Noah, tool mkr, h 94 Earlsdale av 
Leitch Robt, h 95 Robina av 
Le Miere Arthur J, lab, h 28 Earlsdale av 
Lemon Alex, leather ctr, h 225 Lauder av 
Leslie Danl, hair-brush wkr, h 78 Earlsdale av 
Lines John C. h M74 Lander av 
l.m-khart John, h 298 Glenholme av 
Lofting Chas L, h 312 Atlas av 
Logan Danl R, mgr Sunbeam Lamp Co, h 247 Lander 

Loney Fredk P, acct. h 294 Glenholme av 

I gbottom Francis, h 34 Earlsdale av 

Longworth Zacariah, h 50 Conway a\ 

Love John, carp, h 42 Earlsdale av 
Low ('has, elk. li 12 Earlsdale av 





Lighter, Stronger, Cheaper 



Phone Gerrard 2100 



Clover, Grasses. Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adel. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Lucas Wm R. prntr. h 281 Under av 

Lucas Walter J. bkpr, h 144 Glenholme av 

Lurk Xorville. sec Central YMCA, h 178 Northcliffe 


Luck-lick Richd. glass beveller, h 131 Glenholme av 
Lyon Keith, insp. h 11 Eamscliffe rd 
Lynn James, ctr, h 217 Lander av 
MacFarlane ('has. h 151 Westmount av 
Maclntyre Frank, tmstr. h 18 Robina av 
Mackay Donald, acct. h 100 Dundurn av 
MooLa'dilan John P, h 141 Westmount av 
MacLean Norman C', trav, h 207 Lauder av 
MacMilan Robt J, whol btchr civic Abattoir, h 163 

Westmount av 

Maltby Saml C. trav. h 27 Applet av 
Mannering Frank, h 123 Northcliffe blvd 
Manwaring Harry, btchr 390 Oakwood av, h 442 same 
Mariette Frank, purchasing agt, h 317A Oakwood av 
Marnoch Jas L. tlr, h 45 Earlsdale av 
Marshall John I, h 179 Oakwood av 
Marshall Wm, h 161 Glenholme av 
Marshall Wm. plmbr. h 267 Oakwood av 
Marshall Wallace, h 236 Oakwood av 
Martin Wm, lab. h 32 O'Leary av 
Mason Wm C, door ckr GTR. h 18 O'Leary av 
Massen Wm. btchr 336 Oakwood av, h same 
Mathieson Archd, h 33 Appleton av 
Maude Fred, h 127 Northcliffe blvd 
Maj Ceo A, elect, h 35 Conway av 
Maynard Bertha E, elk T Eaton Cn. Ivs 86 Cloverlawn 

Maynard (lias A. Can Nat Carbon Co. Ivs 86 Cloverlawn 


Maynard Ellen (wid Rodger), h 86 Cloverlawn av 
Mayiiard Jessie, elk Bob Long Co, Ivs 86 Cloverlawn av 
Mayor Fred, h 36 O'Leary av 

McAfee Irene, tchr Regal rd Schl, Ivs 230 Lauder av 
McAfee Isabella (wid Chas), h 230 Lauder av 
McAllister Anna, Ivs 2 Barrie av 
McAllister Margt, Ivs 2 Barrie av 
McAllister John, h 2 Barrie av 
McAllister Margt, h 2 Barrie av 
McAllister Mary, Ivs 2 Barrie av 
McCabe Rev Father, St Clare's RC Church, h 133 

Westmount av 

McCabe Wm. govt meat Insp, h 24 Vimy Ridge av 
McCandlish John J, plmbr, h 337 Lander av 
McCartney Edith, opr, Ivs 56 Earlsdale av 
McCartney Edgar, Ivs 56 Earlsdale av 
McCartney John, plstr, h 56 Earlsdale av 
McClemens Geo, lab, h 247 Oakwood av 
McClure Jesse, bldr, h 75 Atlas av 
McCormack Robt J, h 185 Glenholme av 
McDermid Geo G, dyer, h 45 Conway av 
McDonald A G, Ivs 200 Oakwood av 
McTAmald Chas J, auto accessories, h 178 Westmount av 
MrKlwain S Herbert, h 90 Cloverlawn av 
MrKwan Norman, elk. h 173 Westmount av 
McGee Douglas, h 283 Lauder av 
McGee Mildred, Ivs 283 Lauder av 
McCrath Albert, h 291 Lauder av 
McGinnis Edythe, stenoz, Ivs 223 Lauder a 
McGinnis Saml. h 223 Lauder av 
McGinnis Saml L, broker, Ivs 223 Lauder av 
Melntyre John R. h 166 Glenholme av 
McKeown John, trav, h 47 Conway av 
McLarty Jas, h 43 Appleton av 
McMaster Wm A, broker, h 61 Appleton av 
McMeeken Geo E, barber 330 Oakwood, Ivs 38 O'Leary 


McMullen Arthur W, slsman, h 27 Earnscliffe rd 
McMullen Clarence, tmstr, h 7 Earlsdale av 
McMullen Herbert E. acct, h 193 Lauder av 
McMullen Robt, h 277 Lauder av 
McNally Susie, h 217 Westmount av 
McNeill Russell J, Oakwood Retread & Vulcanizing Co, 

226 Oakwood av, h same 
McPherson Thos G, emp Willy's Overland Co. li 215 

Lauder av 

McTaggart Janet (wid Hugh), h 133 Glenholme av 
McTaggart Margt, tchr, Ivs 133 Glenholme av 
Martin Elmore S. h 15 Barrie av 
Meadows Isaac, h 148 Glenholme at 
Mecn Arthur, ins brkr, h 101 Iiundurn av 
Mendizabal A Kanulfo. civil engnr, h 196 Glenholme av 
Mercer Cecil, insp artificial limbs, li 269 Glenholme ay- 
Meyers E W Mrs, h 167 Lauder av 
Miatt Wm Herbert, ctr, h 11 Watford av 
Michael Wm A. Oakwood Hardware Co, h 8 Rockvale av 
Middlemass John, carp, h 30 O'Leary av 
Misener W Osmer, chief elk Bell Tel Co, h 46 Appleton 


Middleton Richd N. h 172 Westmount av 
Milner Harcourt, barber, h 292 Glenholme av 
Miller K.htd T (Miller & >>, li -J'.ir, Lander w 
Miller & Sons (E T k V 11 Miller), florists 324 Lauder 

Miller Fredk H (Miller & Sons), h 2 Millerson av 
Milligan Wm, underwriter, h 137 Glenholme av 
Mitchell Douglas M, clothing 1178 St Clair av, h 17 

Olenholme av 

Mitchell Robt J, stockbuyer, h 234 Oakwood av 
Mitchell Sim, h 30 Appleton av 
Mitchell Wm H, office supplies 95 Church, h 164 Glen- 
holme av 

Minton Wm E. trav, h 185 Lauder av 
Moir Jas A, elk Grand & Toy Co, h 232 Glenholme av 
Moles Wm J Capt, h 134 Glenholme av 
Monk Ed\vd, gro 228 Oakwood av, h same- 
Montgomery Walter, carp, h 38 Appleton av 
Moore Frank, lab, h 34 O'Leary av 
Moote Ermina (wid Alanson), h 262 Glenholme av 
Mure David J, sht mtl wkr, h 220 Westmount av 
Morctte Frank, contr plstr. h 21 Watford av 
Morgan Chas J, brklyr, h 59 Earlsdale av 
Morris Gordon F, tchr, Ivs 180 Oakwood av 
Morris Joshua C, pntr, h 33 Earlsdale av 
Morris Mary J, h 180 Oakwood av 
Morris P, h 190 Oakwood av 
Morris Pearl, bkpr, Ivs 180 Oakwood av 
Morrison John B, drftsmn, h 122 Glenholme av 
Morrison Saml A, bond dlr, h 201 Oakwood av 
Moulton Emma, stenog, Ivs 233 Oakwood av 
Moulton Herbert E, bkpr White & Co, Ivs 233 Oakwood 


Moulton Jessie (wid Henry G), h 233 Oakwood av 
Moulton M Beatrice, stenog, Ivs 233 Oakwood av 
Mulholland John, h 135 Glenholme av 
Murison Geo, mgr staty dept Imperial Bank, h 147 

Westmount av 

Murray John, chauff, h 21 Earnscliffe rd 
Murray Myrah, h 237 Lauder av 
Nash Arthur, drvr, Ivs 37 Earnsclifft rd 
Nash Ernest, driver, Ivs 37 Earnscliffe rd 
Nash Geo, lab, h 37 Earnscliffe rd 
Nash Geo jr, elect, Ivs 37 Earnscliffe rd 
Neale Horace 0, acct Ideal Bread Co, h 301 Lauder av 
Neil David, h 37 Appleton av 
Newman Wm S, merchant, h 23 Appleton av 
Nichol Ethel, Ivs 46 O'Leary av 
Nichol Wm, engnr. Ivs 46 O'Leary av 
Xicholls Walter C, carp, h 80 Earlsdale av 
Nichols Herbert P. mgr Benson Johnston, Ltd. h 222 

West mount av 

Nii'huls Kate, opr, Ivs 277 Oakwood av 
Nichols Roland, carp, h 277 Oakwood av 
Nichols Vt'ra, slsldy, Ivs 277 Oakwood av 
Nixon Wm J. mach, h 40 O'Leary av 
Noble Frank, chef, h 196 Westmount av 
Noble John W, elk, h 153 Northcliffe blvd 
Nolan Thos, h 194 Westmnunt av 
Norman Chas, lab, h 74 Earlsdale av 
Norris Geo. barber, h 293 Oakwood av 
Nott Richd. supt W G Gage & Co, h 136 Glenholme av 
Nutt Fredk, shoe repr 362 Oakwood av, res Toronto 
Oakwood Bowling Club, 181 Oakwood av 
Oakwood Hardware Co, W A Michael, W F Heideman & 

L H Heideman, 352-354 Oakwood av 
Oaktt'ood Presby Church, s cor Oakwood & Earlsdale avs 
Oakwood Retread & Vulcanizing Co, R J McNeill and 

B Knechtel props, 226 Oakwood av 
Oakwood Theatre, e s Oakwood av cor St Clair w 
O'Hagan Shamus, h 24 Vimy Ridge av 
O'Hara Chas, tmstr, h 426 Oakwood av 
O'Hara Geo, gdnr, h 50 Earlsdale av 
O'Leary Jas, bldr, h 328 .Oakwood av 
O'Leary Jos. elect, Ivs 328 Oakwood av 
Olmsted Earle L, trav, h 156A Westmount u\ 
('Mara Danl, h 106 Dundurn av 
Osier Flora (wid Arthur), h 46 O'Leary av 
Osman Henry, dk, h 191 Glenholme av 
Overing Lillian, h 12 Robina av 
Owen Geo, brklyr, h 24 Conway av 
Owen John S. h 115 Northcliffe blvd 
Paa|> Fiedk W Rev, pastor Seventh Day Advent Church, 

li 267 Lauder av 

Paisley Robt N, Us 57 Appleton av 
Paisley Walter E, custom elk Gordon MacKay Co, Ivs 

57 Appleton av ier Percy, h 362 Atlas av 
Palmer Arthur C, mach, h 109 Robina av 
Palmer Edwd S. cabt mkr. h 23 Eamscliffe av 
Pantry Henry, gdnr, h 371 Oakwood av 
Parker Geo. car rpr CPU. Ivs 376 Oakwood av 
Paikes Lily (wid Harry) , h 7 Conway av 
I'arrish Arthur, brklyr. li 27 Conway ai 
Parrish Herbert V, lab, Ivs 27 Conway av 
Parsons Albert, decor, h 62 Earlsdale av 
1'aterson Danl. com artist, h 165 Northcliffe blvd 
Paxton Peter E. carp, h 245 Lauder av 
Peck Arthur, slsman T Eaton Co, Ivs 290 Glenholme av 
Perk Geo II, carp, h 290 Glenholme av 
Peck Maud, parceller Batons, Ivs 200 Glrnholme av 
Peck Nellie, slsldy Simpson's, lis 2IKI Glenholmi- av 

Penfold Henry J, h 1 Earnscliffe rd 

Percival John, h 36 Appleton av 

Perry Chas W, opr, h 11 !i Northcliffe blvd 

Perry Wallace, h 121 Northcliffe blvd 

Pelman Robt, h 196 Lauder av 

Pfrimmer Geo B, h 161 Northcliffe blvd 

Phillips Ftedk R. civil engnr, h 112 Wundurn av 

Piekett Fredk. carp, h 157 Westmount av 

Pither Jas, lab. h 37 Thelma av 

Pook Elizth P, Ivs 214 Lauder av 

Pook Gordon P, Ivs 214 Lauder av 

Pook Oliver C. carp, h 214 Lauder ap 

Pope Alan W, jwlr Ryrie Bros, h 160A Westmount av 

Potts David, Ivs 35 Earnscliffe rd 

Potts Jos, poultry btchr, h 35 Eamscliffe rd 

Potts Wm, Ivs 35 Earnscliffe rd 

Prentice Arthur J, phy 208 Oakwood av, h same 

Probert John, h 313 Lauder av 

Prothero Fredk A, h 77 Earlsdale av 

Proudfoot Rolf M, tchr, h 5 Millerson av 

Pullen Florence, Ivs 255 Oakwood av 

Piillen John. Ivs 255 Oakwood av 

Pullen Wm, engnr. h 255 Oakwood av 

Quirk Jas. h 175 Lauder av 

Rae Alex, wtchmkr, h 112 Robina a> 

Hanney Louise (wid Alex), h 205 Lauder av 

Ransom John T, h 182 Westmount av 

Hay Frank, elk Gunns Ltd, h 286 Glenholme av 

Held Harry E, trav, h 236 Lauder av 

Reid John, lab, h 98 Earlsdale av 

Reid J B, h 29 Appleton av 

Reid Wm. confy 322 Oakwood av, h same 

Reveleiy Wm B, h 35 Appleton av 

Reynolds Ernest, chauff, h 96 Earlsdale av 

Richards Thos H, vet insp Dom Govt, h 218 Glenholme 


Richardson Winnifred (wid Wm) , h 44 Conway av 
Richmond J H, h 269 Lauder av 
Rickett Ales, elk, Ivs 24 Earlsdale av 
Rickett John, cooper, h 24 Earlsdale av 
Ricketts Jos, cooper, h 111 Robina av 
Riley Fredk, barr, h 45 Appleton av 
Ritchie F Ernest, elect eng, h 204 Olenholme a 
Roberts Wm F, brkmkr, h 221 Oakwood av 
Robertson Adam Rev, h 223 Oakwood av 
Robertson Alex, carp, h 271 Oakwood av 
Robertson Archd. Ivs 108 Robina av 
Robertson Christina (wid Archd), h 108 Robina av 
PiObertson Nellie, Ivs 108 Robina av 
Robertson Nina, Ivs 108 Robina av 
Robertson Wm, Ivs 223 Oakwood av 
Robinson Thos A, bkpr, h 35 Earlsdale av 
Rocks John H, foreman TSR, h 159 Glenholme av 
Roddick Roderick, tchr, h 4 Crang av 
Rodger* Mabel N, h 62 Appleton av 
Rogers Wm I, carp, h 4 Conway av 
Rose John H, carp, h 39 Earlsdale av 
Rubbra Alfred, h 54 O'Leary av 
Rush Wm. plstr, Ivs 46 O'Leary av 
Sangster Arthur, blksmth hlnr,_ h 311 Oakwood av 
Sangster Mars'. Ivs 311 Oakwood av 
Sannigan Claude, advtg mgr Overland Willy's, h 2 

Watford av 

Schrciner Ferdinand J, acct, h 206 Lauder at 
Schutterop Jacob, elk, Simpsons, h 50 O'Leary av 
Schwertscharf Ernest, florist Miller & Son, h 364 Lauder 


Scott Chas G, carp, h 40 Conway at 
Scott Walter E, mgr Dominion Bank (Fairbank br). h 

254 Glenholme av 

Seback Geo, mgr Ely's Tie Factory, h 206 Glenholme av 
Sedgewick Geo, archt City Hall, h 214 Glenholme av 
Sellers Archd, h 31 Earnscliffe rd 
Sharp Jonas, pattern mkr. h 261 Oakwood av 
Sharp Wm, elk, Ivs 261 Oakwood av 
Shaw Lucy H (wid Wm), h 177 Lauder av 
Shaw Martha V, bkpr, Ivs 177 Lauder av 
Shaw Wm J jr, trav, h 177 Lauder at 
Shenfleld Mark, carp, h 185 Westmount av 
Sheppard Thos, carp, h 80 Robina at 
Shipman Geo, mgr, h 238 Glenholme av 
Shipman John, auditor YWCA, h 236 Glenholme av 
Shoebridge John, h 287 Oakwood av 
Shortt Jas B, dairymn, h 265 Lauder av 
Shrive Wallace J. btchr, 316 Oakwood av, h same 
Sibbick Alice, elk, Ivs 235 Lauder av 
Sibbick Elsie, cpr, Ivs 235 Lander av 
Sibbick Eva, opr, Ivs 235 Lauder av 
Sibbick Geo H, gdnr. h 235 Lauder av 
Sibley Harry M, stkmn Ford Motor Co. h 127 Glrnli.ilme 


Simniiins Alfred, bkpr, h 40 Robina at 
Simpson Jnltn. slsmti, h 16X Westmount av 
Sinclair Norman A, acct Harris Abattoir Cn, 

Appleton av 

Skinner John \V. printer, h 182 Lander av 
Sloan Thus R, rani, h 3SO Oakwood at 

Service Cars 




West Toronto Garage 

Junction 511. 

3030 Dundas St. W. 




M c Coll Bros. Limited 

Head Office - - Toronto 



Sioane Algtis J, elk, h 17 Barrie av 

Smillie Wm H, gro 954 SI Clair av \v, h 273 Glenholme 


Smith Arthur W, fleet, h 183 Westmount a? 
Smith A Lloyd Rev, h 169 Lander av 
Smith Guy W, auditor, h 152 Glenholme at 
Smith Horace E F, imp Willy's Overland Co, h 173 

Glenholme av 

Smith Jean It (wid N'elsnn B), h 298 Lander av 
Smith J Dumaresq, Irs 298 Lander av 
Smith Kenneth M, prop Sovereign Cut Glass Co, Ivs 298 

Lander 'a? 

Smith Laurier T, cond Civic RR, h 167 Lander av 
Smith N Perry, elk Can CenI Elect, Ivs 298 Lauder av 
Smith Shirley, h 213 Lauder av 
Smith Wm, carp, Ivs 223 Oakwood av 
Smyth W Everett, tchr Glenholme Schl, h 327 Lander 


Smythe John B, gro, h 9 Conway av 
Snarr Harold, trar, h 202 Westmount av 
Sneath Geo, h 43 Conway av 
Snider John H, slsmn, h 44 Appleton av 
Snow Freda, opr, Ivs 84 O'Leary av 
Somers Arthur, baker, h 180 Lauder av 
Speirs Geo, elk Bank of Nova Scotia, h 24 Appleton av 
Spiller Fredk G, printer, h 65 Earlsdale av 
Spradbrmv Chas, gdnr, h 172 Oakwood av 
Spradbrow Elma E, stenog, Ivs 198 Oakwood av 
Spradbrow Norman, mech drftsmn, Ivs 198 Oakwood av 
Spradbrow Wm, carp, h 198 Oakwood av 
Sprott John, h 172 Lauder av 
.Spry Albert ), (nshr Otto Higel Co, h 215 Westmount 


Steele Jas F, maeh, h 258 Glenholme av 
Stenow Wm, h 8 O'Leary av 
Stephens John, gdnr. h 226 Lander av 
Stephenson Mary A (wid John), h 50 Appleton av 
Stewart David G, engnr, h 200 Lauder av 
Stewart Fredk, trav, h 20fi Westmount av 
Stewart Thos. adv slsmn, h 137 Westmount av 
Stinson Lambert, whol produce, h 151 Glenholme av 
Stooe Henry W, gro, 262 Lauder av, h same 
Stonge Harvey E, mfr, h 178 Oakwood av 
Storr John R, furrier, h 22 Appleton av 
Strachan Neill, acct, h 339 Lauder av 
Sugden John A, insp, h 321 Lauder av 
Surgey Wm, chaulT, h 4 Karlsdale av 
Sweetman E Osborne, scale insp GTR, h 214 Oakwood av 
Sweetman Kirby, emp T Eaton Co, Ivs 214 Oakwood av 
Sweetman Lillian, stenog, Ivs 214 Oakwood av 
Switzer Albert E, bldr, h 263 Glenholme av 
Tait Chas, h 18(i Glenholme av 
Tanner Chas H, ban-, h 240 Lander av 
Tansley Geo, mach. h 12 Conway av 
Tasker Harry W. bkpr.. h 14 Barrie av 
Taylor Arthur, h 1 Earlsdale av 
Taylor John, lab, h 307 Oakwood av 
Taylor S Pearl, elk, Ivs 180 Northcliffe blvd 
Taylor T W Rev, pastor Oakwood Presby Church, h 19 

Barngdiffe rd 

Taylor Wm H Jr, slsmn, Ivs 44 Atlas av 
Taylor Wm S, mach, Ivs 258 Glenholme av 
Tee Wm A, mgr Childs Co, h 10 Barrie av 
Terry Jas W, mgr Wm Davies Co (Brock & Dundas br), 

h 58 Appleton av 

Thompson Christina (wid Jas), h 163 Glenholme av 
Thompson Herbert A, h 139 Glenholme av 
Thompson Jos H, mach, h 71 Earlsdale av 
Thompson Wm, barber, h 275 Lauder av 
Thompson Wm R, elk Robt Simpson Co, Ivs 163 Glen- 
holme av 

Thomson Albeit M, ins agt, h"3l3 Lauder av 
Thomson Jas W, slsmn, h 296 Glenholme av 
Thornton Thus, carp, h 62 Itubina av 
Thurlwell Irene, opr, rms 288 Glenholme av 
Thurlwell Mabel, opr. rms 288 Glenholme av 
Tilbmy Alfred, lab, h 84 Robina av 
Tolfree Harry, lab, h 79 Earlsdale av 
Tomlin Harold, mgr Tomlin's Garage 791 St Clait iv w 

h 201 Glenholme av 
Toronto ('imseivatiuy of Music (Oakwood br) Mary B 

Widner prin, 198 Lauder av 
Traiit Emery P, trav, h 46 Appleton av 
Trenehard Fredk. carp, h 14 Robina av 
Trower Ernest, mgr VY il Cooper & Co, h 166 West- 
mount av 

Tuck E Herbert, h 4 Barrie av 
Tuck Harold E, Ivs 4 Barrie av 
Tuck Irene, opr Bel Tel Co. Ivs 4 Barrie av 
Tucker Wm, cement wkr, h 116 Robina av 
Turntrall Donald, upliol, h 179 Lauder av 
Turner Harry, mldr, h 38 Earlsdale av 
Turner Melvin D, bldr, h 212 Glenholme av 
Turpin May (wid Edwd), h 288 Glenholme av 
Tyler Harry, trav, h 178 Glenholme av 
Tytler Alex D, h 31 Conway av 
Underbill Henry T, spinner, h 42 Conway av 

1'nger Lester D, h 144 Westmount av 

Witkefield Horace, slsmn. h 159 Northcliffe blvd 

Wallace Colin C, h 192 Lauder av 

Wallbank Robt, rubber wkr, h 106 Robina av 

Walsh Geo, wtch case mkr, h 1 Conway av 

Walsh John, h 146 Westnuwnt nv 

Walter Wm C, etr, h 174 Lander av 

Walton Rolph. mach, h 48 O'Leary av 

Wiilty Percival D, mgr Fruit Despatch Co, h 16 Barrie 


Ward Fredk R, h 190 Westmount av 
Ward Gordon, furrier, h 300 Glenholme av 
Ward John W. engr, h 135 Westmount av 
Wutsnn Ford, slsmn, h 179 Glenholme av 
Watson Geo, h 181 Glenholme av 
Watsnn Kate, elk, Ivs 174 Westmount av 
Watson Wm, porter Robt Simpson Co, h 174 Westmount 


Waugh Wm, trav, h 184 Glenholme av 
Way Albert E, gro, 424 Oakwood av, h same 
Way Crfo A, h 271 Lauder av 
Weaver, vet surg, h 318 Glenholme av 
Weaier Herbert, h 222 Gtenholme av 
Webster John P, slsmn, h 164 Westmount av 
Wedd M, h 60 Appleton av 

Weil Theodore ,supt Harris Abattoir, h 233 Lauder av 
Weiland Charlotte (wid John F), Ivs 158 Glenholme av 
Weis Jos. mgr Miller & Son, h 324 Lauder av 
Wells Felix J, brklyr, h 266 Glenholme av 
Wemyss Jas E, h 25 Conway av 
Werrin Nelson, h 320 Glenholme av 
Wheadon Wm E trav, h 259 Lauder av 
Whelan Benj, carp, h 37 Conway av 
White Elsie T, elk Imperial Oil Co, h 279 Lauder av 
White Frank W, h 156 Glenholme 'av 
White Mary J, h 137 Westmount av 
White Robt S, optician, h 12 Barrie av 
Wii-kett John A, elect, h 176 Glenholme av 
Widner Mary B, prin Toronto Cons cf Music (Oakwood 

Br) 198 Lauder av, h same 
Widner Reva L, music tchr, Ivs 198 Lauder ar' 
Wilkinson Walter, auto mech, h 1 Barrie av 
Williams rapt Geo, h 96 Robina av 
Williams Geo, bldr. h 163 Northcliffe blvd 
Williams Geo N, arch, h 234 Lauder av 
Williams Harry R, ctept mgr T Eaton Co, h 297 Lauder 

avenue / 

Williams Walter H, teacher, h 198 Glenholme av 
Williams Wm. wtch mkr, h 190 Glanville av 
Williams Wm M, trar, h 209 Lauder av 
Willows Clarence E, ins agt, h 161 Lauder av 
Windsor Albert, eond, h 176 Lauder av 
Winterfleld Jonathan, action mkr, h 15 Conway av 
Wood Thos, vinegar mkr, h 61 Earlsdale av 
Woodburn Jacob, wood wkr, h 15 Earlsdale ar 
Woodburn Thos, foremn wood wkr, h 17 Earlsdale av 
Woodward Geo A. lab, h 9 EarLsdale av 
Woodward Wm H, acct, h 56 Appleton av 
Wright Clark, carp, h 46 Earlsdale av 
Wright Danl, h 142 Glenholme av 
Voting Elsie, mus tchr, Ivs 43 Conway av 
Young Frank, h 228 Lauder av 
Young Gilbert, trav, h 192 Glenlwlme av 
Zimmerman Wm W, printer, h 161 Lauder av 



Five miles west of City Hall. Post Office, sub-station 
71, 32 Pritchard rd. Take Dundas car to Keene; 
thence Civic car to Runnymede rd. 

Aliram Chas E, bkpr, h 459 St John's rd 

Abram Hugh W, cond TSR, h 429 Willard av 

Abrams John W, h 16 Royal 

Ackroyd Wm. clnr. h 526 Willard av 

Adams Wm. h 523 Jane 

Adamson Ellen (wid Wm), h 78 Priscilla av 

Agg Henry, steel wkr. h 15 Priscilla av 

Agg Thos, Ivs 15 Priscilla av 

Agg Wilfred, rubber wkr, h 13 Priscilla av 

Agg Winnifred, Ivs 15 Priscilla av 

Aitken Jas G, stock kpr, h 518 Durie av 

Alexander Andrew, appr, Ivs 369 St Johns rd 

Alexander Elizth, tel opr, Ivs 369 St John's rd 

Alexander Jas, mldr. h 369 St John's rd 

Alexander Margt, tcl opr, Ivs 369 St John's rd 

Alexander Mary, tel opr, Ivs 369 St John's rd 

Alexander Wm, blksmth, Ivs 369 St Johs's rd 

Allbrieht Alfred, elk, h 47 Priscilla av 

Allen Fredk, carp, h 31 Henrietta 

Allen Geo, brklyr, h 25 Castleton av 

Amato Antonio, h 482 Willard av 

Amies Harry, gdnr, h 527 Jane 

Amory Herbert, decorator, h 24 Royal 

Anderson Alex, lab, h 9 Corbett av 

Anderson Wm, tinsmth, h 7 Corbett av 

Anderson Wm, brksmn, h 508 Curie av 

Anstey Fredk C, h 687 Jane 

Arbour Jas, scale foremn Stock Yards, Ivs 21 Gilson av 

\rbour Lena (wid Louis), h 21 Gilson av 

Archer Harry, let car. h 49 French av 

Archer John, Ivs 25 Priscilla av 

Archibald Edwd, btchr, 656 Annette 

Armitage Annie, slsldy, Ivs 664 Annette 

Armitage Robt, baker, Ivs 664 Annette 

Armitage Thos, baker. Irs 664 Annette 

Armitage Thos W, confy, 664 Annette, h same 

Armstrong Edwd, lab. h 677. Jane 

Armstrong Thos, h 27 Corbett av 

Arnott Ernest, gro 43 Batavia av 

Arthur Thos, lab, h 442 Beresford av 

Ashwood David, mach, h 478 Runnymede rd 

Ashwood Harry, tmstr, Ivs 91 Priscilla av 

Ashwood John, tmstr, h 91 Priscilla av 

Ashwood Wm, lab, Ivs 91 Priscilla av 

Askin Saml, h 14 Hanley av 

Atkins Frank, h 27 Batavia av 

Auchincloss Wm J, slsmn, h 51 Priscilla av 

Averill Bessie (wid Wm), h 12 Winfleld 'av 

Aylmar Edwd H, cook, h 757 Runnymede rd 

Baby Frank, contr, h 447 Jane 

Baby F Englebert, Ivs 447 Jane 

Bailey Thos, mach CPR, h 413 Beresford av 

Bailey Wm H. h 15 Raybould av 

Baillie Emma (wid John), h 495 Beresford av 

Baillie Ethel, Ivs 495 Beresford av 

Baillie John, Ivs 495 Beresford av 

Baird Charlotte (wid John), h 10 Priscilla av 

Baker Arthur C, carp, h 607 Jane 

Bales Horace, eng CPR. h 13 Pritchard av 

Ball Ernest, elk, h 5 Gibson ar 

Balmforth Elizth (wid Jas), h 424 Windermere a 

Balson Thos, pdlr, h 351! st John's rd 

Banks Thos R, eng, h 490 Willard av 

Bannerman Donald, blksmth, h 43 Castleton a* 

Banneimiin Wm, carp, h 25 Royal 

Bannister Albert, flremn CPR, h 329 St John's rd 

Bannon David J, brkmn CPR, h 535 Jane 

Banting Ernest, trav, h 14 

Barber J Alex, h 11 Hertford 

Barr John, brksmn CPR, h 684 Runnymede rd 

Batr Saml, florist, h 432 Beresford av 

Barras Jos, lab, h 63 Kaybould av 

Barrie Donald, Ivs 476 Runnymede rd 

Barrow Harry, painter, Ivs 325 St John's rd 

Bartolo Jos, h 13 Mariposa av 

Bath Wilbert, h 37 Henrietta 

Bathgate Wm, h 328 St John's rd 

Baj-ne Alfred, truck drvr, h 368 St John's rd 

Beal Fredk C, chauff, h 494 Willard av 

Beamish Jas H, prin King George School, n s St 

John's rd 

Beattie John, moto, h 540 Beresford av 
Beatty Thos, carp, h 443 Beresford av 
Beaumont Albert, h 431 Willard av 
Beaumont Harold S, h 17 Raybould av 
Beaumont Wm A, fnshr, h 488 Willard av 
Bedford Albert, Ivs (i Winfield av 
Bedford Fredk, shipper Salada Tea. h 372 St John's rd 
Bedford Jas, plshr, Ivs 6 Winfield av 
Bedford Jane (wid Arthur), h 6 Winfield av 
Beech Geo W, printer, h 16 Winfield av 
Begley John E, h 427 Durie ar 
Belcher Geo, rubber wkr, h 27 Royal 
Belfall Geo, mach, h 495 Willard av 
Bell Geo, gro 52 Pritchard av, h same 
Bell Matthew, h 69 Pritchard av 
Bell .Noel, h 16 friscoe 
Bennett Alfred, h 58 Mould av 
Bennett Gladys E, Irs 36 Mariposa av 
Bennett Ri*t C. bkpr, h 494 Beresford av 
Bennett Wm, lab, h 36 Mariposa ar 
Bensley Fredk, lab, h 2488 St Clair av w 
Bfiisun ,1,'i.s, h 68^ Runnymede rd 
Bentley Chas, Ivs 38 Corbett av 
Bentley Chas H, contr, h 38 Coibett av 
Bentley Frank, Ivs 38 Corbett ar 
Bentley Harry. Ivs 38 Corbett ar 
Eentley Thos, Ivs 38 Corbett ar 
Berfield Wm, h 45 Priscilla ar 
Berry Chas S, shipper Cmialn's, h 14 Gilson ar 
Biddell Leonard H, trav Can Cloak Co, b 648 Annette 
Billing Florence, Irs 18 Hertford 
Billing Robt, eng, h 18 Hertford 
Billing Wm, Irs 18 Hertford 
Birch Thos, h 98 Priscilla av 
Bishenden Lewis, h 19 Mariposa av 
Bishop Herbert W, cond sub rly, h 6 Batavia av 
Black Margt. h 3 Liverpool 
Blackstock John, mach, h 511 Beresford ar 
Blackstoek Martha (\vid John), Ivs 511 Beresford av 
Blow Thos, piano fnshr, h 42 Pritchard av 


Special Canadian Representatives of the Electric Storage Battery Co. Philadelphia 


Phone Main 4047 


MOTOR and TEAM VANS College 1200. 251-253 College St. 


BIyth Ceo H. cond fPR, h 42fi Beresford av 

BoardBan Jeffrey, j, o ster, h 30 Priscilla av 

Bogora John, lab, h 669 Runnymede rd 

Bolilho Richd, cond, h 27 Castleton a? 

Bolt Geo A, h 55 Mariposa av 

Bond Alfred, eng, h 538 Beresford av 

Boniface David, tmstr. Ivs 461 St John's rd 

Boorman Albert, blksmths hlpr, h 49 Batavla av 

Boorman Edwd, Ivs 49 Batavia av 

Booth John T, painter and decorator, h 2556 St Clalr 11 

Bosworth Walter W, !i 413 Jane 

Bowden Chas, plshr, h 330 St John's rd 

Bowering John jr, Ivs 12 Castleton av 

Bowering John J, shipper, h 12 Castleton av 

Bowering Wilfred I>, printer Rous & Mann, h 49] 

Willard av 

Bowes Fredk, h 43 Gilson av 
Bown Walter, carp, h 6 Montye av 
Brace Ernest, h 33 Mariposa av 
Bradley Fredk, lab, h 14 Batavia av 
Bradley Geo E, foremn Simmons Ltd, h 1 Priscilla av 
Bradley Lottie. wks Simmons Ltd, Ivs 1 Priscilla av 
Bradley Mabel, Ivs 1 Pii-cilla av 
Breda John, mldr Dominion Radiators, h 13 Mould av 
Breen Ferris J, trainmn, h 13 Ravenal 
Bremner Fredk, mach, h 516 Beresford av 
Brewer Henry, firemn Gunn's, h 41 Batavia av 
Brewin Everett, lab, h 435 Durie av 
Brewin Percy, pipe fttr, h 372 St John's rd 
Brewster Harry, h 18 French av 
Bier Wm J, barber, h 437 Durie av 
Bristow James, diiver. h 4 Daisy av 
Britton Chas. car repr, h 28 Daisy av 
Britton Louis, brkmn, h 3434 Dundas w 
Broadbent Jos, h 38 Batavia av 
Brockelbank Mabel, elk, Ivs 445 Durie av 
Brockelbank Marvin, lab, Ivs 3381 Dundas w 
Brockelbank Wm H, h 445 Durie ay 
Brooks Harold, lai Liquid Air La France, h 466 St 

John's rd 

Brown Alma C, tchr King George Schl, res Toronto 
Brown Bessie, opr, Ivs 1 Gilson av 
Brown Geo, btchr 568 Annette, h same 
Brown Jas I. slater, h 1 Gilson av 
Brown Lewis E, h 498 Jane 
Brown Wm, h 462 Runnymede rd 
Brown Wilmot, lab Harris Abattoir, h 502 Beresford av 
Browning Allison, shoemkr, h 479 Durie av 
Brownlie Archd. carp, h 15 Norval 
Brure Sydney, Ivs 526 Willard av 
Bryer Wm A R, auto repr. h 514 Durie av 
Buchan Wm, acct, h 438 Runnymede rd 
Buchanan Mary K, tchr King George Schl, res Toronto 
Buchanan Wm B, elect, h 470 Windermere av 
Buck Jos S, uphol 347 St John's rd. h same 
Bulger Gertrude, stenog, h 466 Runnymede rd 
Bulger Margt (wid Jas), h 466 Runnymede rd 
Bulger Thus, slsmn, Ivs 466 Runnymede rd 
Bull Annie, Ivs 405 Beresford av 
Bull Fredk, dm, h 405 Beresford av 
Bull Wm. shoe repr 332 St John's rd, h same 
Bullock Emma (wid Arthur), h 119 Corbett ay 
Bunney Geo H, stkkpr CPR, h 333 St John's rd 
Burke Jos J, h 11 Ravenal 
Burton Jos, lab. h i!53i; St flair av w 
Burton Nancy, Ivs 2530 St flair av w 
Bushell Margt, Ivs 684 Runnymede rd 
Butler Wm Y, carp, h 507 Jane 
Butterworth Wm, car repr, Ivs 576 Windermere av 
Byers Annie (wid Hugh) , h 52 Priscilla a> 
Byers Edwin, brksmn. h 478 Durie av 
Byers Jas R. Ivs 52 Priscilla av 
Byers John D, mach, Ivs 52 Priscilla av 
Byers Laura E, opr, Ivs 52 Primula av 
Byers Martha, opr, Ivs 52 Priscilla av 
Byers Matilda, glove mkr, Ivs 52 1'iiscilla av 
Byers M Elizth, Ivs 52 Priscilla av 
Byford Henry H. concrete wkr, Ivs 4B3 Willard av 
Caesar Stephen E. photo 'engraver, h 429 Windermere ay 
Cairns Herbert, bolt wks. h 703 Jane 
falsy Robt W, mach. h 473 Durie ay 
falhoun fhas, metal wkr, h 43 Mariposa av 
Callaghan Patk, janitor, h 2!) Henrietta 
tameron Alex S, stkpr Willys Overland, h 451 Beresford 


Campbell Untie, wks Neilson's. Ivs 450 Willard av 
Campbell Jas, lab fPR, h 450 Willard ay 
Campbell Jus, Ivs 450 Willard av 
I in Albert, chauff, h 597 Jane 
Canham Walter, chauff, h 6 Ravenal 
Cannell Benj, Ivs 12 Ravenal 
Capell Jos. h 42 Prise-ilia av 
Carless Edmund E. tmstr, h 18 Hanley av 
Carr K.-IV. li S3 fastleton Ay 
Carr Wm. gro 662 Annette, h same 
Carson Wm, h 3475 Rundas w 
Carter Arthur, h 487 Durie av 

Carter Carwin, btchr, h 5 Criscoe 

farter Evelyn, opr tel, Ivs 752 Runnymede rd 

Carter Forrest, timekpr, Ivs 752 Runnymede rd 

farter Geo. carp, h rear 417 Willanl av 

farter Iva T (wid Wm), h 752 Runnjmede rd 

farter Lillian, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 752 Runnymede rd 

fasey Jas, h 756 Runnymede rd 

Caterine Emma J, dry gds 358 St John's rd, h same 

Cave Edwd, shipper Eaton's, Ivs 333 St John's rd 

Cave Wm. tmstr, h 689 Runnymede rd 

Chalmers Stanley, cook, h 46 Priscilla av 

fhambers D Moreland. brkmn. h 650 Annette 

fhambers Robt S, horseshoeing, n wy cor Runnymede rd 

and Dundas w, res Toronto 

fhambers Wm J, poultrymn, h 431 Windermere av 
fhapel Lydia (wid Wm J) , h 463 Willard av 
Chapman John E, carp, h 521 Beresford ay 
Chapman Leonard, mach, Ivs 521 Beresford ay 
Chapman Lily, mus tchr. Ivs 521 Beresford ay 
Chapman Norman, Ivs 521 Beresford ay 
Chaytur Geo, carp, Ivs 416 Windermere av 
Chaytor Henry, carp, Ivs 416 Windermere av 
Chaytor Jane (wid Gen), h 416 Windermere av 
Cheal Ernest F, h 11 Hanley av 
Chilvers Alfred, Ivs 7 Mould av 
fhilvers Fredk, Ivs 7 Mould av 
fhilvers Wm. h 7 Mould av 
Christie John R, tel opr, h 774 Annette 
flaffey Herbert, mgr Construction & Paving Co, 3446 

Dundas w, res Toronto 
Clare Edgar, tmstr, Ivs 439 St John's rd 
Clare Gertrude, Ivs 439 St John's rd 
Clara Jesse, packer, h 439 St John's rd 
Clare Oliver, packer, h 5 Mould ay 
flare Phyllis, Ivs 439 St John's rd 
Clark Arthur E, civil ensnr. h 436 Runnymede td 
flark Wm C. elk. h 419 Willard ay 
Clark Wm H, gro 323 St John's rd, h same 
fleavley John. Ivs 98 Pritchard av 
Holland Archd G. sheet metal wkr, h 463 Beresford av 
flelland Isabel, opr, Ivs 463 Beresford ay 
flelland Jas, plmbr, h 4(il Beresford av 
flough Jos, soap boiler, h 31 Royal 
Houston Alma, stenog, Ivs 406 Beresford av 
Houston Bessie, stenog, Ivs 406 Beresford ay 
Clouston Ellen, stenog. Ivs 406 Beresford. av 
Houston John S. bldr. Ivs 406 Beresford av 
Houston Marion, mlnr, Ivs 406 Beresford rd 
Clouston Saml, bldr, h 406 Beresford ay 
Clyde Geo S. ydmn, h 432 Durie av 
fobum Howard, moto, h rear 326 St John's rd 
foe Bertha, typist. Ivs 327 St John's rd 
foe Emma (wid Chas). h 327 St John's rd 
foe Ernest, messr. Ivs 327 St John's rd 
foe Fredk W, linotype opr, h 16 Norval 
foe Henry, presser, Ivs 327 St John's rd 
foe Louisa, opr. Ivs 327 St John's rd 
foffin John, h 49 tastleton ay 
foggins Alfred, lab, Ivs 750 Runnymede rd 
fohen Morris, tlr 317 St John's rd, h same 
fole Corvin L, lumbermn, h 05 Priscilla av 
Cole Fay. slsldy, Ivs 95 Priscilla ay 
Cole John. Ivs 95 Priscilla av 
oledge Saml, lab, h 2550 St Clair av w 
Coleman Frank, h 23 Castleton av 
Colledge Jas, porter, h 405 Willard av 
folley Herbert, flremn, h l v Raybould av 
tollins Albert, rubber ctr Gutta Percha, h 459 Willard 


follins Florence, slsldy, Ivs 475 Beresford av 
follins Harry, chauff, Ivs 475 Beresford av 
follins Richd, caretkr King George Schl, h 475 Beres- 
ford av 

Collinson Alice Mrs. gro 22 Gilson av. Ivs same 
Collinson Thos. pdlr, h 22 Gilson ay 
foils Geo, mach, h 493 Willard av 
foils Mary (wid Thos), Ivs 493 Willard av 
fonley Geo, mldr, h 2538 St flair av w 
fonnors John, h 30 Royal 
Ciinstrac-tini! .V I'ating Co, Ltd (br) . Albert Claffey 

mgr 3446 Dundas w 
Cook Get. W, Ivs 325 St John's rd 
Cook John, tobacconist 325 St John's rd, Ivs same Silby J. mach, h 34 Royil 
Cooper Reginald, slkpr, h -Jl Montye av 
Copt-man Rirh'l, drir Irvin Lumber, h 114 Pritchard ay 
Copp Fredk, Ivs 10 Batavia av 
Corbett Richd, h 17 French av 
forbt-tt Wm. mason, h 12 Gilson av 
Cusford W HiTbert. tchr piano, h 4 !i; Wiinh'imtTe av 
Coulter Almeda (id Albert II). h 518 Bcresford av 
Coulter David L. studt. Ivs 472 Runnymede rd 
Coulter Dai ill W, h 472 Runnymede rd 
Coulter Ernest D, h 430 Durie av 
Coupe Wm H. h 45 Mould ai 
Coupland Geo, ctr, h 33 Batavia av 

\ Chas, opr Hydro, iis !'i; Prisrilla M 

Course Evelyn A, stenog, Ivs 96 Priscilla av 
Course Rodney W, opr Hydro, Ivs 96 Priscilla ay 

\\'m, h 93 Priscilla av 
Court Peres, stckpr Willys Overland, h 314 St Johns 


Courtman Herbert, h 30 Castleton av 
Cowie Henri'. Ivs 11 C,ilson av 
Cowie Jas, plstr, h 11 Gilson av 
Cowie Robina. Ivs 11 Gilson av 
Cox Chas, h 646 Annette 
Cox Wm, flremn, h 8 Montye av 
Coyne Jas. h 472 Windermere av 
Cragg Wm, h 85 Priscilla av 
Crawford Florence, elk, Ivs 466 Durie ay 
Crawford Frank, bldr, h 466 Durie ay 
frawford Lillian, mlnr. Ivs 466 Durie av 
Crawford Lloyd, Ivs 466 Durie ay 
Crawford Robt. Ivs 466 Durie av 
Crawley Geo J, veenerman, h 409 Willard av 
Crisp John J, elev opr, h 15 Winfield av 
Crone Percy, trainmn CPR, h 7 Criscoe 
Crookall Fredk, staty engnr, h 19 Montye av 
Crosxley Kredk. Ivs 505 Durie av 
fubbidge Sampson, h 25H2 St Clair av w 
fure Herbert flremn fPR. h 304 St John's rd 
furrie John, hlpr Hydro Elect, h 28 Pritchard ay 
turrie Wm E, h 61 Castleton av 
futtress Richd, h 18 Norval 
Daintree Arthur T, gro 4 tastlelon av. h same 
DBlton Warwick C, gdnr, h 36 Priscilla av . 
Dance Geo. lab, Ivs 24SS St flair av - 
Daniels Edwd. car repr, h s s Stubbins ay 
Daniels Wm 0, lab, h 470 St John's rd 
Dartnell Alfred, stmftr, h fi70 Runnymede rd 
Darwin Henry, lab. h 482 Durie av 
Daughton Arthur B, blrmkr, Ivs 401 Willard av 
Daughton Sophia (wid Arthur), h 401 Willard ay 
Daughton Thos B, Ivs 401 Willard av 
Davidge Wm. mach, h 2530 St flair av w 
Davies Henry, pipe coverer, h 2480 St flair ay w 
Davies Herbert, h 671 Jane 
Davies Wm J, eng, h 106 Priscilla ay 
Davies Wm J, lab, h 5 Hanley av 
Davis Alfred R. h 5 Winrield av 
Davis Wm. h 760 Runnymede rd 
Dawes Jas, eng, h 470 Durie ay 
Dean Albert G, Ivs 539 Windermere av 
Deans Jas, carp, h 7 Hanley ay 
Deans Jas jr, btchr, Ivs 7 Hanley av 
Defoe Arsene, h 484 Runnymede rd 
De Foe Frank, h 30 Daisy av 
De Forest Oscar S, nremn, h 462 St John's rd 
de la Mora Frank, h 17 Norval 
Delaney Ernest, h 75 tastleton ay 
Dempster Jas E. stmftr, h 47 Batavia av 
Dempster Jas H. trav Ivs 3401 Dwndas w 
Dempster John W. tmstr, h 3401 Dundas w 
Dempster Louisa (wid Hugh). Ivs 3401 Dundas w 
nwmis Clarence, confr, h 38 French ay 
Desborough Herbert, shoe mkr, h 591 Jane 
Dezell Wilfred, flremn, Ivs 11 friscoe 
Dillon Wm J. elect, h 14 Hertford 
Dinon* Milan, bu-hr, h 74 Prill-hard av 
Dinwoody Wm J, cond. h 534 Willard av 
Dixon Jos, carp, h 26 Daisy av 
Dolan John, shipper Hungerford Smith, h 4 Batavia av 
Doubleday John, lab, h 474 Durie at 
Doughton Wm, mach, h 21 Royal 
Dover Maurice F, blrmkr, h 80 Pritchard av 
Dirwney Alfred J, h 9 Ravenal 
lAiwns Saml G, lab, h 27 Mariposa av 
Doyley Jos 0. carp, h 456 Durie av 
tlrury John F, painter, h 16 Priscilla ay 
Dniry Robt, carp, h 10 Batavia av 
Dudgeon Henry P. expmn. h 514 Beresford av 
Dunbar Robt, carp, h 33 French ay 
IMuKMiisoii Ah-x. tinsmth, h 404 Windermere av 
Dunkling Henry, pdlr, h 5S5 Jane 
Dunn Alex, elect, h 5^0 IMirie av 
limrant Harry, elk customs, h 420 Windermere av 
Dutton Harry, carp, h 33 Henrietta 

\lfred, h 28 Mariposa av 
Dyer Eli, h 21 Henrietta 
Dyer Fredk, lab. h 40 Batavia av 
Dyett fh:ts. car n-pr, Ivs 512 Beresford av 
Hyett Jas, stm ftr, h 512 Beresford ay 
East Arthur, mach, h 25 Henrietta 
KihaMl.-: Franris. mach, h 3 Batavia av 
Edwards R.ibt. li 52 Maiip- 
Eilw.-nd-i I! Wm, brklyr. li 325 St John's rd 
Edwards \Vm T. mi'tn nu'ch. h 5i| H.itir 
Kintmdni Fredk. elect, h -IS Krcnch av 
Eli'j-idge Thurza, stkpr Xeilsim's, Ivs 21 Priscilla av 
Eldridga Wm M, tuck pointer, h 21 Prlscillt ay 
Ellinlt Geo, h 11 I'ri-icilla av 
Elliott Geo, lab, h 50 Mariposa av 
Elliott Walt IT G, opr, h H9ii Willard av 
Kills Kichil. h T:i av 


Guaranteed by Eagle Star and British Dominions Insurance Company, Limited, of London, England 

Mana^r Head Office for Canada . Bank of Hamilton Building. 


Phone Main 1 1 75 


Valuatlng Beaches Real Estate My Specialty 
Estates Managed. Arbitrator. Phone Beach 1675 
Queen East and Balsam. Open Evenings 


Ellis Thos, mach, h 428 Durie av 

Else; Mark, rtns 5 Mould av 

Elsey Wm. Ivs 1 Mould av 

Erstine David, h 454 Durie av 

Erwin Elizth, Ivs 685 Runnymede rd 

Kians Jesse, h 21 French av 

Eians Wm, foremn Harris Abattoir, h 10 French av 

Everett Jesse, moto, h 20 Mould av 

Ewles Harry F, chauff, h 501 Durie T 

Farquhar Maxwell, carp, h 436 Windermere av 

Farrow Geo, h 2 Mould av 

Farrow Thos. lab, Ivs 19 Raybould av 

Farthing Francis P, carp, h 446 Willard av 

Fawcett Ernest, carp, h 4 Criscoe 

Felton Cbas, h 8 Royal 

Fenwick Frank, h 468 Windermere av 

Ferguson H Ross, bldr, 436 Durie av 

Fields Henry, blrmkrs hlpr, h 517 Beresford av 

Finch Roy, shoemkr, 600 Annette 

Firth Walter, h 9 Hertford 

Fisher John, chef, h 14 Priscilla av 

Fitkin Albert E, tmstr, h 86 Prisdlli H 

Fleming Augusta, drsmkr, Ivs rear 397 Beresford av 

Fleming \Vm. tmstr, h rear 397 Beresford av 

Fleming Wm D, -driver Swifts, Ivs rear 397 Beresford 


Flett Wm J, plmbr, h 479 Bereslord a 
Flower Harry, stmfttr, h 444 Willard av 
Forbes Duncan F, estimator Page & Co, h 640 Annette 
Ford Edgar, m o Simpson's, Ivs 14 Norval 
Ford Ezra A, h 14 Norval 
Ford May, elk T Eaton Co, Ivs 14 Norval 
Forker Harry, switchmn, h 16 Ravenal 
Fort Richd, h 20 Priscilla av 
Foster Christopher, slsmn, h 3473 Dundas w 
Fowles Caroline (wid Geo), h 503 Willard IT 
Fox Geo, blksmth hip, h 516A Beresford av 
Foy Russell C, trav, h 397 Beresford av 
Francis Emily (wid Isaac), h 483 Willard av 
Francis Jas, trav, h 504 Durie av 
Francis Wm, action fnshr, Ivs 483 Willard av 
Fraser Geo, h Hertford 
Fraser Thos, plmbr 484 Rnnnymede rd. h same 
Fraular Frank, tinsmth, h 3471 Dundas w 
Freeland Jean Mrs, h 13 Batavia av 
French Robt, carp, h 35 French ar 
Fryer Geo W. brklyr, h 57 Castleton av 
Fullager Albert, staty engnr, h 14 ',4 Priscilla av 
Furse H Walter, h 457 Willard av 
Fyfe Forest L, cbt mkr, h 415 Windermere av 
GafTney Elizth, Ivs 65 Castleton at 
Gaffney Fredk, Ivs 65 Castleton av 
Gaffney Mary (wid Peter), h 65 Castleton ai 
Gage Wm, blrmkr, h 312 St John's rd 
Gainer Wm, elk, h 22 Norval 
Cainley Alex, flremn, h 34 Castleton av 
Gallon Andrew, Indrymn, h 761 Runnymede rd 
Garbutt Susan, h 3436 Dundas w 
Gaibutt Truman, Ivs 343(i Dundas w 
Garbutt Wm, h 38 Daisy av 
Garth Geo H, bkbndr, li 400 Willard av 
Garth Louise H Mrs, dress exchange 2574 St Clair 

av w, h same 

Garth Saml, h 2574 St Clair av w 
Gearman Richd H, ftrs hLpr, h 25 Batavia av 
Geddes Theresa (wid Wm B), h 352 St John's rd 
Gemmell David, btchr, h 78 Pritchard av 
George Syme Public School, Miss Evans prin, e s 

French av 

Gilbert Cecil Jas, wks Gunn's, h 46 Pritchard av 
Gilbert Fredk F, h 23 Mariposa av 
Gilchrist Arcrid, florist, h 424 Runnymede rd 
Gill Gladys, opr, Ivs 308 St John's rd 
Gill Maria (wid Thos), h 308 St John's rd 
Gilmour John, packer, h 506 Beresford at 
Gilmour John jr, driver, Ivs 506 Beresford av 
Gilson Thos. lab, h 580 Windermere av 
Glassey John, chkr, h 475 Durie av 
Gledhill Spencer, elect, h 83 Priscilla at 
Godden Ellen, Ivs 4X5 Willard av 
Godden Henry, Ivs 485 Willard av 
Godden Walter, h 485 Willard av 
Godfrey Thos, carp, h 39 Henrietta 
Goodfellow Wm, lab, h 26 Batavia av 
Gordon Paul M, druggist 658 Annette, h same 
Gordon Robt, wdwkr, h 22 Royal 
Gordon Wm, h 679 Runnymede rd 
Gorham Percy, car repr CNR, h 42 French av 
Gornall Wm, h 59 Castleton av 
Gould John jr, Ivs 64 Pritchard at 
Gould John T, h 90 Pritchard av 
Graham David, baker, h 3 Criscoe 
Graham Gordon T, mach, h 476 Willard av 
Graham Thoe G, lab. h 478 Willard av 
Grainger Chas, painter, h 536 Beresford at 
Gray Alex, Its 10 Mould at 
Gray Christina, Ivs 476 Durie av 
Gray Jas, Ivs 34 Priscilla av 

Gray Janet, opr, Its 476 Durie at 

Gray Jemima, Ivs 476 Durie av 

Gray John, lab, h 10 Mould at 

Gray John, mason, h 470 Durie av 

Gray Margt, Ivs 476 Durie av 

Gray Percy, Ivs 10 Mould av 

Gray Rubt, plmbr, Ivs 476 Durie av 

Gray Robt, plstr, h 34 Priscilla at 

day Rcbt jr, app. Ivs 34 Priscilla av 

Gregory Susan E (wid Geo), h 5 Raybonld av 

Greig Alex, lab, h 2 Batavia av 

Griffin Eleanor (wirt Albert W), h 39 Batavia av 

Griffin Frank, h 87 Priscilla av 

Grifflth Evan J, eng, h 470 Runnymede rd 

Grigg Adelaide M (wid Alfred), h 502 Runnymede rd 

Gritten Albert, h 475 St John's rd 

Gritlen Gladys, opr, Ivs 475 St John's rd 

Gritten Laura, opr. Ivs 475 St John's rd 

Gritten Percy, umbrella mkr, Ivs 475 St John's rd 

Grivel Danl A, flremn, h 518 Willard at 

Gross Hetliert, h 7 Kavenal 

Gunn Geo, h 518 Runnymede rd 

Giuin John A, carriage painter, h 23 Priscilla av 

Haggcrt I Gurney, gro 572 Annette, h same 

Hailwood Jos, h 497 Willard av 

Hale Chas, h 8 Norval 

Hall Alice M (wid Robt), h 26 Priscilla at 

Hall Edwd, lab, h 29 Batavia av 

Hall Fredk W, lab, h 430 Beresford av 

Hall John, Ivs 26 Priscilla at 

Hallett Harry, h 14 Montye av 

Hamilton Ellen Mrs, h 11 Batavia av 

Hamilton Jas, Ivs 3fi9 St John's rd 

Hamilton Jas, lab, h 52 Mould av 

Hammond John, gro 467 St John's rd, h same 

Handel Albert, lab, h 13 Criscoe 

Handel Sarah (wid Geo), h 542 Beresford av 

Haney Edwd, h 605 Jane 

Hardy John, h 127 Priscilla at 

Harper Eliza (wid Richd), Ivs 520 Durie av 

Harper Wm, h 480 Durie av 

Harrington Frank S, h 32 Royal 

Harrington Ruby, opr Kodak, Ivs 471 Beresford av 

Harrington Wm J, tinsmth 3357 Dundas w, h 471 

Beresford av 

Harris Ernest, carp, h 46 Batavia av 
Harris Marjorie, Ivs 46 Batavia av 
Harris Redvers, fireman CPR, h 411 Durie av 
Harris Roy, h 17 Mariposa at 
Harrison John D, elev opr, h 53 Priscilla av 
Harrison Marvin, mach, h 13 Winfield av 
Hartley Jos H, elk, h 413 Windermere av 
Hartrick Mary (wid Henry), h 492 Beresford av 
Hartup Bessie, opr, Ivs 506 Runnymede rd 
Hartup Geo, rigger, h 506 Runnymede rd 
Harwood Wm J. painter, h 460 Durie av 
Haslam Thos W, wtchmn, h 121 Corbett av 
Haslam Ethel, Ivs 121 Corbett av 
Haslam Violet, Ivs 121 Corbett av 
Hasted Chas, piano action mkr, h 23 Batavia av 
Hastings Thos, engnr CPU, h 434 Windermere av 
Hathway Wm J, btchr 418 Runnymederd, h same 
Haughton Minnie (wid Jos), h 3400 Dundas w 
Hawkins Wm, h 593 Jane 
Hawkins Wm, h 81 Corbett av 
Hay John D, h 675 Jane 
Healy John E, lab, h 13 Royal 
Heard Alfred, lab, h 3480A Dundas w 
Hemming Fredk, slsmn, Ivs 3434 Dundas w 
Hendricks Adrian, btchr, h 72 Pritchard av 
Hendry Wm, elect, h 22 Pritchard av 
Heslop John K, h 36 Batavia av 
Hiam Wm, tlr, h 763 Runnymede rd 
Hilditch Thos, h 20 French av 
Hill Horace, cabtmkr, h 481 Willard av 
Hill Jacob, pdlr, h 3487 Dundas w 
Hill Jos B, h 515 Durie av 
Hiney Eva M, opr, Ivs 3460 Dundas w 
Hiney Eva M ,opr, Ivs 3460 Dundas w 
Hiney Thos. lab, h 3460 Dundas w 
Hirons Arthur T, btchr 289 St John's rd, h 440 

Runnvmede rd 

Hobbs Fredk W, h 32 Castleton av 
Holland Fanny, Ivs 370 St John's rd 
Holland Fredk E, h 370 St John's rd 
Hnfland Robt W, shipper, Ivs 14 Winfield at 
Hf.ldtn Emma (wid Wesley), h 579 Jane 
Holden Harold T, Ivs 579 Jane 
Holdcn Viola, slsldy, Ivs 579 Jane 
Holland Geo, h 415 Beresford av 
Holman Clias II, printer, Ivs 472 Willard av 
Holman Henry, ins agt, h 472 Willard av 
[lolness Albert, h 39 Mariposa av 
Holness Sophia (wid Albert), Ivs 39 Mariposa av 
Howard Frank, h 751 Runnj-mede rd 
Howe Ernest, shoeirkr, Ivs 591 Jane 
Hughes W Gordon, brkmn, h 508 Beresford it 

Humphries Wm, boot repr 2544 St Clair av w, res 


Hunt Herbert, h 13 Xorval 
Hunter Arthur, Ivs 4fifi Willard av 
Hunter John, driver, h 496 Willard av 
Hussey Jas, gro 638 Annette, h same 
Hutchinson Clarence E, engr, h 500 Beresford av 
Button Robt, h 9 Hanley av 
Hyatt Percival S, mach, h 483 Willard av 
Ineson Fredk, carp, h 125 Corbett av 
Ineson Fredk V. Ivs 125 Corbett av 
Ineson Walter B, Ivs 125 Corbett av 
Ingham Wilfred, musician, h 491V4 Durie av 
Irvin Hamilton, lab, h 523 Beresford av 
Irvin Lumber Co, Ltd (br vd S), Alex McLean mgr, 

3534 Dundas w 

Invin Robt J, millwright, h 6 Daisy av 
Jackson Doris, tel opr, Ivs 445 Beresford av 
Jackson Peter jr, lab, Ivs 445 Beresford av 
Jackson Peter J, lab, h 445 Beresford av 
Jackson Robt, stereo, h 92 Pritchard av 
James Arthur, engnr, h 3413 Piindas w 
Jameson Robt, mldr, h 547 Jane 
Jarvis Chas C, drugs 480 Runnymede rd, h same 
Jay Walter, carp, h 678 Runnymede rd 
Jeanes Leonard, h 55 Castleton av 
Jeckells Reginald, painter, h 399 Willard av 
Jefferson Walter H, staty 291 St John's rd, h same 
Jmner Alan. Ivs 41 Priscilla av 
Jenner Dorothy, mlnr, Ivs 41 Priscilla av 
Jenner Thos W, h 41 Priscilla av 
Jennings Geo, h 569 Jane 
Jevons Philip H, h 5 Hertford 
Johnson Franklin, painter, h 123 Corbett av 
Johnson Fredk J, storekpr, h 41 Gilson av 
Johnson Milton, Ivs 123 Corbett av 
Johnston Chas A, ydmn CPR, h 510 Runnymede rd 
Johnstone Jessie (wid Wm), h 492 Willard av 
Johnstone Stephen, messngr, Ivs 492 Willard av 
Jolliffe Alfred, h 2546 St Clair av w 
Jones Geo, carp, h 86 Pritchard av 
Jones Lily, tel opr, Ivs 48 Priscilla av 
Jones Noreen (wid Jas A), Ivs 455 Willard av 
Jones Rosa (wid Jos), h 48 Priscilla av 
Jones Sarah (wid Thos) . h 440 Beresford av 
Jones Wm H, bldr, h 16 Daisy av 
Jones Wm T, mach, Ivs 440 Beresford av 
Jordan Harold, h 29 Corbett av 
Josslin Thos, sheet metal wkr. h 450 Durie av 
Karkeck Richd, h 56 Mariposa av 
Keem Chas R, lab, h 4 Norval 
Kellett Allan B, trnmn, h 17 Ravenal 
Kells Arthur, ctr Eaton's, 'Ivs 455 Willard av 
KelLs Chas, Ivs 455 Willard av 
Kells Wm J. mach, h 455 Willard av 
Kemp Harold D, btchr, h 499 Durie av 
Kemp Marvyn T, chauff. Its 491 Durie av 
Kemp Robt, bldr, h 491 Durie av 
Kennedy Harvey C, vice-pres & mngr Kennedy Spring 

Wheel Mfg Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
Kennedy Spring Wheel Mfg Co, Ltd, Harvey C Kennedy 

vice-pres & mgr, 15-17 Daisy av 
Kennedy Thos-M. plater, h 436 Beresford av 
Kent Wm, h 71 Pritchard av 
Kerr Wm J Russell, engnr, h 47 Mariposa av 
Key John, carp, h 411 Beresford av 
Kidd Robt, h 14 French av 
King Chas E, mach. h 505 Durie av 
King Jrank. Ivs 505 Durie av 
King Wm J, c o constable, h 695 Jane 
Kirk Wm, blrmkr, h 25 Mariposa av 
Knight Bert R, mgr Runnymede Garage, 295 St John's 

rd, h 753 Keele 
Knight Elizth, Ivs 609 Jane 
Knight Fredk, h 609 Jane 
Knight Jas, firemn, h 356 St John's rd 
Knight Levy, h 4 Ravenal 
Knowles Chas, h 63 Castleton av 
Knox Wm, tmstr, h 9 Winfleld av 
Laing Wm, h 6 Priscilla av 
Lainson John, boxmkr Salada, h 7 Winfield av 
Lainson John W, h 5 Royal 
Lane Geo, plstr, h 416 Beresford av 
Lang Robt, Ivs 23 Daisy av 
Lang Sarah, h 23 Daisy av 
Langdon Wm J, shipper, h 2586 St Clair av w 
Langley Geo, h 45 Mariposa av 
Lavery Ormond, firemn, h 520 Willard av 
Lawrie Ales, carp, h 9 Batavia av 
Lawrie Margt, Ivs 9 Batavia av 
Lawrie Mary, Ivs 9 Batavia av 
Laws Alex, Ivs 9 Gilson av 
Laws Wm, carp, h 9 Gilson av 
Lawson Rubin, h 477 Willard av 
Lea Wm G. engr, h 496 Beresford av 
Leadbeater Albert, brklyr, h 413 Willard av 
Leadbealer Arthur, carp, Ivs 413 Willard av 


BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited, General Agents 12 Wellington St. . Phone Main 1790 






Victory Bonds Bought and Sold 

Yielding from 5 per cent. up. 

BANK BUILDING. Phone Ariel. 6250 

Leadbeater Lome, mach, h 446 Durie av 

Leadbetter Wm, gdnr, h 599 Jane 

Leake Albert, h 755 Runnymede rd 

Leigh Edwd, h 8 Mould av 

Leonard Ernest, Ivs 763 Runnymede rd 

Lawin Alfred, lab, h 22 Prisdlla av 

Lewis Albert W, h 31 Mould av 

Lewis Arthur, baker 570 Annette, h same 

Lewis Chas, elk, h 36 Stubblns av 

Ley Herbert E, h 652 Annette 

Libby Arthur J, btchr 513 Jane, res Toronto 

Liddard Annie, h 484 Durie av 

Liddell Thos D, h 245 Jane 

Lillew Isabella, Ivs 513 Durie av 

Lillew Margt (wid Wm), h 513 Durie af 

Lillew Victor, Ivs 513 Durie av 

Linton Robt E H, mach, h 35 Priscilla av 

Little Sidney, pdlr, h 3542 Dundas w 

Lockett Fredk, cbtmkr, h 2 Daisy av 

Longhurst Elizth Mrs, dry gds 660 Annette, Ivs same 

Longhurst Wm A, h 660 Annette 

Lothian T>avid B, gro. h 3 Gilson av 

Lothian Percy, Ivs 3 Gilson av 

Loucks Reginald, bkpr, h 102 Pritchard av 

Love John, ydmn, h 90 Prisdlla av 

Love Mildred, Ivs 90 Priscilla av 

Lowe Arnold L, welder Liquid Air Co, h 2488% St 

Clair av w 

Lowe Geo, brass fnshr, h 7 Hertford 
Lowry Alfred, brklyr, h 411 Windermere av 
Lucas Frank, cond Sub Rly, Ivs 20 Winfleld av 
Lucas Jas, lab, h 499 Willafd av 
Luckhurst Geo, h 509 Durie av 
Lucibell Andrew, h 2 Castleton av 
Ludlow Edwd, opr, h 10 Hertford 
Limit) Harry, lab, h 680 Runnymede rd 
Luxton John, pattern mkr, h 310 St John's rd 
Lynch Wm J, cond, h 404 Durie av 
Lyon John M, h 44 Ratavla av 
Maby Jesse, h 501 Willard av 
MacCartncy Robt, carp, h 51 Batavia av 
MacColeman Norman, slit mtl wkr, Ivs 308 St John's 


Mardunald Edwd A, carp, h 517 Durie av 
MacDonald Elizth (wid Donald), Ivs 451 Beresford av 
MacDonald Mabel M, Ivs 517 Durie av 
MacDonald Marjorie E, Ivs 517 Durie av 
Mac-Donald Wm A, Ivs 517 Wurie av 
Mackie Alex, plstr, h 083 Jane 
Mackie Alex, h 31 Batavia av 
Macland Wm, h 3 Raybould av 
MacLean Ann (will Lachlin), h 7 Royal 
MacLean Jas, Ivs 7 Royal 
MacPherson Stanley B, elk Paul Gordon drug store, 658 


Maddox Gladys, opr, Ivs 25 Daisy 87 
.Maddux Mary (wid Robt), h 25 Daisy a? 
Madgett Alfred, Ivs 443 Durie av 
Madgett Graham, Ivs 443 Durie av 
Madgett Thos V, mach, h 443 Durie ar 
Mahoney Mathew, lab, h 504 Beresford av 
Mainprize Gordon, carp, h 476 Runnymede rd 
Malcher Eli. painter, h 413 Durie av 
Manning John T, lab, h 117 Corbett af 
Mantell Amos, h 682 Runnymede rd 
Mantell John, shipper Gunn's, b 16 Batavia av 
Mantell Ruby, Ivs 682 Runnymede rd 
Marrham Arthur, h 54 Batavia av 
Marples Alfred, carp, h 510 Durie av 
Mai-pies Edith, opr, Ivs 510 Durie av 
Marples Elsie, wks Neilson's, Ivs 510 Durie av 
Marples Ida, pckr Xeilson's Ivs 510 Durie av 
Marples Win, boxtnkr, Neilson's, Ivs 510 Durie av 
Marra Thos, eng, h 20 Royal 
Marshall David, eng, h 498 Beresford ar 
Marshall (iarfield, engnr, h 403 Beresford av 
Mar-hall Geo, carp, h 15 Royal 

II Wm J. h 22 Castleton av 
Martin Geo F. h 50 Pritchard av 
Martin Jas, horseshoer 528 Runnymede rd, h 500 Willard 


Martin Jas. horseshoer, h 500 Willard av 
Martin John, gro 749 Kunnymede rd, h same 
Martin Richd, h 475 Willard ay 
Mashinter Albert, trastr, h 509 Beresford ar 
Mason Robt, moto, h 14 Daisy av 

John, fish dlr 326 St John's rd, h same 
Mattless John R, h 455 Durie af 
Mi-Afce John C, h 18 Ravenal 
McAfee Robt, Ivs 18 Ravenal 
Mcliiide Frank, tmstr. h 59 Mould av 
MH-abe Herbert S, gro 3485 Dundas w, h same 

M John, flreran. h 762 Runnymede rd 
McClelland Alex, pdlr, h 3428 Dundas w 
McClelland Andrew, lab, Ivs 3428 Dundas w 
Md'lt'lland Jas, pdlr, h 3428 Dundas w 
McCollum Christy, elect, Ivs 44 Priscilla ar 
Mci'iillum Justus C, stureman CPU, h 44 Priscilla av 

McCormac Bernard, barber 2466 St Clair av w 

McCormack Frank, decorator, Ivs 35 Henrietta 

McCormack Jas, carp, h 35 Henrietta 

McCormack Jos, mldr, h 3424 Dundas w 

Mcl'ruden John, Ivs 3400 Dundas w 

McDonald Helen, opr Sunbeam Lamp, Ivs 437 St John's 


McDonald Henry, h 437 St John's rd 
McDonald John, gro 581 Jane, h same 
McFAmald Kathleen, drsmkr, Ivs 437 St John's rd 
McDonald Margt, bkbndr MacLean's, Ivs 437 St John's 


McDonald Wm J, lab, h 22 Mould av 
McDougall Adam, h 434 Runnymede rd 
McDougall Andrew, foremn La France's Co, h 434 

Itumiymede rd 

McDougall Thos, vdmn, h 503 A Durie av 
McDowell Robt, eng, h 468 Durie at 
McFarlane Frank, sht mtl wkr, h 3381 Dundas w 
McGhie Thos, collr CPR, h 452 Windermere av 
McGill Geo, collr, h 107 Priscilla av 
McGill Greta, opr, Ivs 470 Runnymede rd 
McGillivary Donald, h 45 Castleton av 
McGuire Lindsay, firemn, Ivs 11 Criscoe 
Mrllearney Bernard, hlpr CPR, h 26 Royal 
Mclntyre Christina, Ivs 543 Windermere av 
MrlnUre .Malcolm, h 543 Windermere av 
Mclntyre Margt, Ivs 543 Windermere af 
Mclntyre Sarah, Ivs 543 Windermere av 
Mclver Nellie (wid Jas) , b 486 Durie av 
McKay Fredk, mldr, h 430 Willard ai 
McKee Christopher, h 415 lAirie av 
McKee Wm, h 15 French av 
McKenzie Wm, painter & decorator, h 28 French av 
McKenzie Wm jr, Ivs 28 French av 
McKinnon Stewart T, Ivs 10 Norval 
McKinnon Wm, barber, h 10 Norval 
McLaren Mary (wid Jas), h 76 Pritchard av 
McLaren Kami, h 9 Priscilla av 
McLean Wm, Ivs 7 Royal 
Mi-Maninian Eliza, h 31 Corbett av 
McMillan Archd, h 574 Windermere av 
McMulkin Wm, elk, h 8 Criscoe 
McN'air John, grinder Imp Optical, Ivs 642 Annette 
MoWatters Thos, mason, h 44 Pritchard av 
Mi-Williams Jas, h 4 Hertford 
Meaton Wm, painter, h 50 Priscilla av 
Mellin Arnold, btchr, h 30 Pritchard av 
Menzies Geo, h 12 Hertford 
Mercer Harmon, Ivs 457 St Johns rd 
Mercer Lillie (wid Seneca), h 457 St John's rd 
Michell Archd A, moto, h 16 Hertford 
Middlebrook Arnot, h 449 Windermere af 
Middleton Frank, flremn, h 62 Mould av 
Middleton Geo, mach, Ivs 62 Mould av 
Miller Warwick, shipper, h 448 Willard av 
Milligan Harry, h 26 Norval 
Mills Thos P, painter, h 432 Windermere av 
Milne Agnes, Ivs 39 French af 
Milne Campbell, Ivs 39 French av 
Milne Celina (wid David), h 39 French av 
Milne Wm, Ivs 39 French av 
Mitchell Chas, h 434 Beresford af 
Mitchell Geo, mgr, h 497 Beresford af 
Mitchell Thclma, typist, Ivs 497 Beresford af 
Mockford Philip, cutter, Ivs 9 Montye av 
Monger Wra G, mach, h 477 Durie af 
Montgomery May Mrs, h 3 Winfield af 
Moore Fredk, lab, h 351 St John's rd 
Moore Geo, h 18 Castleton av 
Mootz Wm H, h 11 Royal 
Morey Howard J, Ivs 12 Hertford 
Morgan Frank, gdnr, h 425 Willard af 
Morrall Percy F, prop Morrall Coal Co (3402 Dundas w), 

IL-S Toronto 

Morris Arthur, tinsmth, li 2i> Pritchard av 
Morris Fredk T, chauff, h 51 Mariposa av 
Morrow Wm, carp, h 13% Gilson af 
Mi.rmw Wm J jr. Ivs 1M T L . (liNun u 
Moseley Henry, mach, h 39 Priscilla af 
Moss Alfred J, carp, h 53 French af 
Mould Alfred, elk Willys Overland Co, ll 66 Mould af 
Mould Annie, Ivs i;9 .Mould a\ 
Mould .li'-sc h (18 Mould av 
Mould John H, Ivs ti Mould av 
Mould Tim-.-, ca.-ctakor Ceo Symos School, h 69 Mould 


Mountjoy Thos, carp, h 404 Runnymede rd 
Mowatt John, postman, h 439 Durie af 
Mirabray Kiibin. brklyr, h 539 Jane 
Muir Wm G, h 24 Castleton av 
Mundier Mark, h 67 Castleton av 
Munshaw Annie. Ivs 17 Crisi-oe 
Mlinshaw Hany, Ivs 17 Critic 
Mmishaw Wm H, packer, h 17 Criscoe 
Murphy Allen, h 21 Corbett av 
Newliolil Arthur, coll, h 433 Willard av 
Ni-ubold Stanford, elk, h 106 Pritchard av 

Nicholls Wm G, driver, h 539 Windermere af 
Nichols Leonard, shoe repr 576 Windermere av, h same 
Nisbet Jas, mach, h 28 Royal 
Noble John, h 15 Batavia av 
Noble Wm F. h 129 Corbett av 
Norman John W, pdlr, Ivs 503 Jane 
Nutt Ben], lab, h 23 Royal 
O'Brien Edwd, btchr, h 115 Priscilla af 
Ouden Colin, elect, h 473 Willard av 
Oke Keith S, action mkr, h 478% Runnymede rd 
Omer Wm E, stock kpr, h 36 Daisy af 
O'Neil Jas, tmstr, h 523 Durie av 
O'Neil Harland, elk, Ivs 516 Runnymede rd 
O'Neill Jas. tmstr, h 516 Runnymede rd 
O'Reilly Alice Mrs, h 16 Gilson af 
Osborne Peter, lab, h 503 Jane 
Owen Albert, expressmn, h 10 W'infleld av 
Owen Edith (wid Thos), h 4 Winfield av 
Owen I/eonard, engraver, Ivs 4 Winfield af 
Page Albert, fitter, Ivs 27 Mariposa av 
Palmateer Marshall H, staty engr, h 407 Willard af 
Paquette Peter, h 17 Hertford 
Paris Jas, lab, h 447 Durie av 
Parker Edwin, h 669 Jane 
Parker Jas F, coremkr, h 754 Runnymede rd 
Parker Jos H, h 460 Windermere af 
Parkin Chas, trainmn, h 470 Willard af 
Patrick Fredk, h 18 Winfleld av 
Parry Ernest H, h 433 Durie av 
Parry Geo, btchr, h 40 Mariposa if 
Partlett Alfred, stablemn, h 324 St John's rd 
Parton Thos, lab. h 42 Montye af 
Pate Walter, stationer 2408 St Clair av w, h 51 Castle- 
ton av 

Paterson Walter S, Ivs 12 Criscoe 
Patterson Fredk W, h 12 Royal 
Patterson Walter, Ivs 593 Jane 
Paxton Edwd, emp Bell Tel, h 3 Hertord 
Payne Jas, Ivs 468 Runnymede rd 
Payne Wm R, carp, h 4(18 Runnymede rd 
Peacock Kenneth, painter, h 11 Criscoe 
Pearson Arthur W, chaun", h 102 Priscilla af 
Peckover Wm, driver Richd Sendall, h 453 Willard a 
Peeler John, gdnr, h 3482 Dundas w 
Pekiski Francis, Ivs 435 St John's rd 
Pekeski Julia, Ifs 435 St John's rd 
Pekeski Mary, Ivs 435 St John's rd 
Pekeski Paul, h 435 St John's rd 
Pender Wm, engr, h 490 Beresford af 
Perrins John, carpet weaver, h 34 Daisy av 
Perry John, dairymn, h 19 Gilson af 
Pezet Richd, car repr, h 516 Willard av 
Phillips Frank R, sash mkr, h 603 Jane 
Phillips Nelson, h 12 Mould av 
Phillips Wm, grinder, h 758 Runnymede rd 
Pilcher Bert, elk, h 36 French af 
Pinkney Orville, painter, Ivs 19 Raybould af 
Pipe Ernest W, mach hd. h 44 Castleton av 
Pitchford Albert, ptrnmkr, h 481 Durie u 
Pittam Alfred, h 467 Durle af 
Playford Herbert, comp. h 21 Batavia av 
Plumley Albert, h 98 Pritchsrd af 
Pollard Alex F, carp, h 434 Durie av 
Porter Harry, Its 12 Criscoe 
Porter Joshua lab, h 43 Raybould af 
Postal Station Sub 69, 382 St John's rd 
Postal Station Sub 71, 54 Pritchard av 
Paste Fanny N. stenog. Ivs 382 St John's rd 
i'oste Henry T, staty 382 St John's id. h same 
Poste Ruth, stcnog. Ivs 382 St John's rd 
Prain David, h 107 Corbett af 
Pratt Wm, Utter CPR, h 39 Gilson af 
Prattis Geo, elk, Ivs 3378 Dundas w 
I'rattis Wm J, coll, h 3378 Dundas w 
Prattis Wm J jr, elk Can Exp, Its 3378 Dundas 
Preston Wm, h 14 Criscoe 
Pringle Ella (wid Harold), h 522 Willard af 
Pritchard Chas, car repr, h 37 Mariposa av 
Pritchard Mary (wid Chas), h 62 Batavia af 
Proctor Mary A (wid Wm), h 18 Gilson at 
Purcell Albeit, h :' llanley av 
Purcell John, brkmn, Ivs 5 Criscoe 
Pyke Jas, lab, h 522 Durie af 
Pyke Wm T, brklyr, h 44 Castleton av 
Ouin Seymour, Ivs 486 Durie av 
(!iiin Walter, Ivs 4S6 Durie av 
Rae Helen, Ivs 408 Windermere af 
Rae John, bkbndr, b 408 Windermere av 
Itallcy Win, lab, h 695 Jane 
Ralph Win. lab, h 1 Liverpool 
liainsay John, ll 11 Norval 
Kanishaw Leslie, shipper, h 3442 Dundas w 
ItapU>y Fredk, stmftr, h 672 Runnymede rd 
Kashleiuli Fannie (wid Gcu), Ivs 317 Jane 
liashleigh Geo, elk Gutta Percha, Ivs 317 Jane 
Kashlciuh Violet, bklindr. Ivs 317 Jane 

Heintzman & Co. Piano 

"The greatest puno in the 
world," is the written testimony 
of De Pachmann, the world's great 
pianist. See this piano at 

193-195-197 YONGE ST. 



- TIT 
Ontano 217 

Connections Principal Cities United States, 

Great Britain and France. 
Office Phone Adel. 1583; Res. Phone Ger, 6625. 
transacted for Corporations and Private .ndi.idua.s. 


Bashleigh Wm J, cond, li 317 Jane 

Raven Arthur IV, h 462 Durie av 

Raw John, h 410 Winder-mere at 

Raw Jos. mach. h 410 Windermere a? 

Ray Geo, lab, h 28 Prtscilla ay 

Raybould Perry, h 410 Durie av 

Read Chas. h 25S4 St flair av w 

Redmond Hannali (id Edwd). h 49 Raybould av 

Regan John F, mach CPR, h 60 Pritehard av 

Reid Geo K, tmstr, h 515 Beresford av 

Reid Jas L, mach, h 9 Norval 

Reid Jeremiah, lab, h 3540 Dundas w 

Reid Jonathan, staty igr, h 2558 St Clair ai 

Reid Louise, stenog, Ivs 515 Beresford av 

Renton Vim (i, elect, h 400 Windermere av 

Revel Thos, car insp, h 54 Batavia av 

Reville Daisy E, tel our. Ivs 3478 Dundas w 

Reville Freda M. tel opr, Ivs 3478 Dundas w 

Reville Fredk, staty engnr. h 3478 Dundas w 

Reynolds Jas W, iiaper ruler, h 485 Beresford at 

Rice Ernest, moto TSR, Its 484 Runnymede rd 

Richards Herbert, lab, h 45 Raybould av 

Richards Martha (wid Geo), h 12 French av 

Rigby Henry, fitter, h 18 Batavia a? 

Rigby Jas H, porter, Ivs 18 Batavia at 

Rigby Richd, btchr, Ivs 18 Batavia av 

Rigden Jas, Its 3 Mould av 

Rigden Steven, h 1 Mould av 

fiitchie Jas hdware 720 Annette, h same 

Itittcr Edwd J. gro 320 St John's rd, h same 

Roub Jas, lab, h 412 Runnymede rd 

Robertson Jas. elect, h 505A Durie av 

Robson Edmund, lab, h 50 Batavia av 

Robson Ceo, lab, h 48 Batavia av 

Robson Jas. h 63 Mould av 

Rogers Frank, checker, h 460 St John's rd 

Rogers Jas, messr, h 12 Norval 

Rose fhas, h 679 Jane 

Rose Stanley M. mach, h 306 St John's id 

Ross Donald, blksmth, h 4 Royal 

Ross John, decor, h 20' Norval 

Ross liobt, carp, h 451 Durie av 

Rostron Ernest, car insp tPR, h 506% Doric av 

Rns/ell Benj W, plmbr, h 465 \Villard av 

Rowland Jas, h 510 Befesford av 

Rowlandson Thos, engr, h 448 Durie av 

Rowntree Amand (wid David), Ivs 377 St John's rd 

Rowntree Sheridan \V. gro 377 St Johns rd h same 

Runnymede Presbyterian Church, Rev D I Ellison pastor, 

670 Annette 
Runnymede Public Library, Harry Durrani librarian, 40S 

Willard av 

Russell Annie (wid Thos), h 11 Mariposa at 
Russell Elizth, Its 11 Mariposa av 
Russell Jenny, Ivs 11 Mariposa av 
Russell John, brklyr, h 17 Royal 
Russell Louis, Ivs 11 Mariposa at 
Russell Peter, plmbr, h 4 Mould at 
Russell Peter jr, app, Ivs 4 Mould av 
Ryan Anthony, firemn, Ivs 11 Criscoe 
Ryrie Donald, packer Eaton's, h 412 Windermere av 
Ryrie Geo A R. bkpr, h 439 Windermere at 
St John's Rd Baptist Church, Rev Dixon Burns pastor. 

St John's rd 
St Paul's Church (Ang), Rev Edward Morfey pastor. 

n s Annette 

Sage Emest, lab, h 24 Mould av 
Sage \Vm, janitor, h 10 Daisy at 
Sampson Stephen, lab, It 1 Batavia av 
Sanders Albert, h 14 Castleton av 
Sanderson Geo. tmstr, h 10 Ravenal 
Scales Chas, h 41 Mariposa at 
Scarlett Plains Methodist Church, Rev Frank Sullivan 

pastor, s s Prtochard av 
Schneider Anthony, h 38 Mariposa av 
Scholes Jas, h 29 Royal 
Scott Catherine. Ivs 3442 Dnndas w 
Scott Edwd, elk Eaton's, h "64 Runnymede rd 
Scott John, h 524 Wiliard at 
Scott Wm, tmstr, h 129 Priscilla at 
Scott Wm, wtchmn, h 30 Batavia a? 
Scriien Edith, wks Toronto Carpet Co, Ivs 474 St John's 

Scriven Florence, wks Toronto Carpet Co, Its 474 St 

John's rd 

Scriven Jos T, janitor, h 474 St John's rd 
Seabrook John, gro, 54 Pritehard av 
Seeley Jessie Mrs, h 12 Criscoe 
Sellers John, lab Comfort Soap, h 461 St John's rd 
Senrkll Richd, genl store 368 St John's rd, Ivs 302 

Spears av 

Seward Perry, firemn CPR. h 414 Windermere av 
Wm T, h 108 Corbett at 
Geo, engnr, h 479 Wiliard at 
Shaw Wm, carp, h 468 St John's rd' 
Shearer Thos. plmbr, h 6 Mould at 
Sheldon Xoble. flremn. h 499 Beresford at 

Shepheard Thos B, millwright. Ivs 465 Wiliard av 

Sheppird Ada E, h 26 Maiiimsa av 

Sheppard Arthur C, cooper, h 117 Priscilla av 

Slu'ppard Fiedk. h 26 Mariposa av 

Sheppai'd Mildred E, Ivs 26 Mariposa av 

Shunk Edwd, carp. Its 410 Runnymede rd 

Shunk Eveiton, studt, Ivs 398 Runnymede rd 

ShimX Nathaniel, carp, h 410 Runnymede rd 

Shunk Reginald, mach, Ivs 410 Runnymede rd 

Shunk Simon, h 3H8 liunnymedo rd 

Shuttleworth Jos, gro 5 Mariposa av, h same 

Sills Albert, Ivs 12 Priscilla av 

Sills Frank, Ivs 12 Priscilla av 

Sills Harry, Ivs 12 Piisdlla av 

Sills Minnie (wid John W). h 12 Priscilla at 

Simmonds Wm. btchr Gram's, h 2478 St Clair av w 

Simmons Leslie, h 428 Beresford av 

Simpson Alex, lab, h 12 Ravenal 

Simpson Jennie, wks Gutta Percha, Ivs 331 St John's rd 

Simpson John, h 427 Windermere av 

Simiwn John, furnaceran, h 331 St John's rd 

Simpson Lillian, stenog, Ivs 331 St John's rd 

Skells Walter, lab. h 17 Batavia av 

Skidmure Jas, h 9 Mariposa av 

Slade Fredk. wtchmn. h 2490 St Clair av w 

Slater Herbert, driller, Ivs 10 Gilson av 

Slater Ivy, map mkr, Ivs 10 Gilson at 

Slater Wm jr. Ivs 10 Gilson av 

Slater Wm R J, carp, h 10 Gilson av 

Slowgrove Bertram T, brklyr. h 16 Hanlej 1 av 

Smith Ales, tailor, h 13 Criscoe 

Smith Cornelius, lab, h 19 French av 

Smith Edith C, Ivs 2 Priscilla av 

Smith Edwd G, h 5 Corbett av 

Smith Edwin W, h 2 Priscilla av 

Smith Ernest, lab, Ivs 2534 St Clair av w 

Smith Geo. Ivs 41 Batavia av 

Smith Harold G, h 87 Corbett av 

Smith Hugh, eng, h 336 St John's rd 

Smith Jas, painter, h 5 Norval 

Smith John, Its 755 Runnymede rd 

Smith Thos, carp, h 40 French av 

Smith Wm, gro 482 Runnymede rd, h same 

Smylie Saml, eng, h 488 Beresforff at 

fimyth Atox, h 398 Windermere av 

Snazel Wm H, elk, h 464 Durie at 

Snell Chas T, h 461 Wiliard at 

Soanes George, carp, h 531 Jane 

Sollway Harry, Ivs 30 Priscilla av 

Southall Ezra, emp Canada Cycle Co, h 414 Wiliard av 

Southern Geo, flremn, Ivs 652 Annette 

Southern Roy, fireman, Ivs 652 Annette 

Sucncw Wm, li 11 Pritehard av 

Spicer Cora, Ivs 522 Runnymede rd 

Spicer Harry, tmstr, h 522 Runnymede rd 

Spicer Lloyd, elk, its 522 Runnymede rd 

Spicer Wm F, Its 438 Windermere at 

Spicer Wm H, tmstr, h 438 Windermere at 
Spickett Ernest H, mach, h 341 St John's rd 

Staveley John H, lab, h 418 Windermere av 

Steel Robt ,lab, h 603 Rmmymede rd 
Steen Ephriam, h 458 Windermen 

Stephens Winnie, opr, Ivs 455 St John's rd 

Stephens Wm, h 455 St John's rd 

Su-vms Herbert, brkmn, h 319 St John's rd 

Stevenson John, h 528 Wiliard av 

Steward Wm. lab, h 503 Jane 

Stewart Allen, h 17 Priscilla av 

Stewart Chas, h 3 Kavenal 

Stewart Harold, elk. Ivs 17 Priscilla av 

Stewart Irvin, elect, h 82 Pritehard at 

Stewart John W. pttrn mkr, h 17 Hanley av 

Stewart Sadie B. elk Pension Commn, Ivs 17 Hanley av 

Stiles Maitin, lab. h 17 Gilson av 

Stocks Martha (wid Robt), h 25 Raybould av 

Stocks Robt, Ivs 25 Raybould av 

Stockton Florence (wid John), h 70 Pritchard av 

Stokis Chas, ctr, h 417 Jane 

Stone Edwin, Ivs 486 Durie av 

Stone Fredk, lab, h 2534 St Clair av w 

Stoneham Elizth, opr, Ivs 483 Beresford av 

Stoneham Ethel, opr, Ivs 483 Beresford at 

Stoneham Gertrude, opr. Its 483 Beresford at 

Stoneham John, musician, h 61 Raybould at 

Stoneham John A, action mkr, h 483 Beresfwd at 

Stoneham Jos, piano mkr, Ivs 483 Beresford at 

Stonehouse Ross, chauff, h 21 Raybould at 

Stow Edwin, h 431 Durie av 

Strachan Maxwell, firemn CPR, h 2A Daisy av 

Stremble John, postman, h 24 Batavia av 

Stubbins Timothy J, gdnr, h 40 Stnbbins at 

Stunell Horace, lab, h 100 Pritchard av 

Sturdy Louisa, Ivs 646 Annette 

Styles Jane (wid Thos), h rear 511 Jane 

Sullivan Danl, mldr, h 43 Priscilla av 

Sullivan Frank Rev, pastor Scarlett Plains Methodist 

Church, b 52 Batavia av 
Sullivan Thos, yardmn, h 23 Henrietta 

Svanefelt Gerda, Ivs 417 Durie av 

Svanefelt IiiKeboie (wid Peder), h 417 Durie av 

Svanefelt Kaj, elk Sub Ry, Ivs 417 Dune av 

Swarbrick Geo, h 25 French av 

Talbot Fredk, h 54 Ptiscilla v 

Talbot Jos h rear 58 Priscilla av 

Tallboys Reginald W, bldr, h 406 Wiliard av 

Tailing Jane (wid Geo), Ivs 485 Beresford av 

Tanenbaum Abraham, h 577 Clendenan av 

Tapp Geo. h 21 Mariposa av 

Taylor Alton I, carp, h 15 Hanley av 

Taylor Edwd M, gro 22 Batavia av, h same 

Taylor Ernest, car rpr, h 458 Darie at 

Taylor Geo H, elk. h 31 Daisy at 

Taylor Gertrude (wid Frank R), h 18 Criscoe 

Taylor Harold. Ivs 22 Batavia at 

Taylor Kenneth, Its 22 Batavia av 

Taylor Wm G, ear insp CPR, h 478 Windecmere av 

Taylor Wm H, emp Eaton's, h 444 Windermere at 

Tempest Arthur, h 6 Royal 

Tench Wm J, cB, h n s Stubbins av 

Terry Herbert, h 37 French av 

Thacker Fredk, cooper, h 13 Hertford 

Thomas Albert A, h 407 Jane 

Thomas Allen A, mach. h 473 St John's rd 

Thomas Arthur G C, buffer, h 64 PriscilU at 

Thomas Colombus elk Eaton's, h 335 St John's rd 

Thomas Wm, emp C G E, Its 341 St John's rd 

Thomas Wm, carp, Its 335 St John's rd 

Thompson Albert J, cond Sub Ry, h 2540 St. Clair av 

Thompson Edmund H, painter, h 321 St John's rd 

Thompson Ralph, sawyer, h 507 Durie at 

Thompson Thos, car repr, h 7 Norval 

Thomson Thos, lather, h 1 Hanley av 

Thorold Fredk 0, driver, h 452 Durie at 

Tod Henry H, mach, 1) 537 Windermere at 

Tomlin Geo, driver, h 4G7 Wiliard av 

Tonham Henry A, engr, h 491 Beresford at 

Tora Ernest, wks Canvpell Mining Co, Ivs 13 Mould av 

Trantnr Wm. h 127 Corbett av 

Tiew Hair}', h 13 Daisy av 
Troughton Geo jr, Ivs 13 Raybould av 

Trmishton Geo A, pdlr. h 13 Raybould av 

Troughton Nancy. Ivs 13 Raybould av 

Trueman Wm, shipper, h 7 Gilson av 

Tucker Richd, btchr, h 106 Corbett at 

Tudor Chas, firemn, Ivs 11 Criscoe 
Turner Chas, h 46 Montye av 

Turner Wm, lab, Its 5 Raybould av 

Tushingham Wm J, h 411 Jane 

Tyers Edwd C, acct CPR, h 404 Runnymede rd 

Tyndall Herbert V. ehkr, h .516 Durie av 

Tymlall Wm A. h 516 Durie av 

Van Brussels Herman J, piano mkr, h 483 Durie av 

Vaughan Alice, Ivs 43 French av 

Vaughan Benj H jr. Ivs 23 French av 

Vaughan Clara, Ivs 43 French av 

Vaughan Fredk, lather, h 43 French av 

Vaughan Geo, gro 64 French av, h same 

Vaughan John R, painter, h 441 Durie av 

Vaughan Lena, Ivs 23 French av 

Vaughan Leonard, h 84 Pritchard av 

Veal Edmund, tmstr, Ivs 5 Batavia av 

Veal Geo, Ivs 416 Runnymede rd 

Veal Jessie E, stenog. Its 416 Runnymede rd 

Veal John H, lab, h 5 Batavia at 

Veal Wm G, contr, h 416 Runnymede rd 

Vedehave Waldimar, h 480 Windermere av 

Voile Regis, emp Stiffs, h 642 Annette 

Wadsworth John, car rpr, h 485 Durie at 

Wagstaff ('has. packet, h 32 Daisy av 

Wales Wm R, btchr Harris Abattoir, h 2482 St Clair at 

Walker Fredk. staty engr, h 438 Beresford av 

Walker Herbert J, chauff, h 489 Durie av 

Walker Robt, Ivs 512 Beresford av 

Walker Wm II, firemn CPR, h 24 Norval 

Wall is Geo, h 765 Runnymede rd 

Walters Wm G, elect, h 52 Castleton av 

Ward Edgar, auto mech, h 33 Priscilla av 

Ward Enoch. J P, h 402 Windermere at 

Ward Fredk E, engr, h 14 Winfleld av 

Ward Geo W, h 33 Royal 

Ward John H, kodak mkr, h 402% Windermere av 

Ward Wm E, Ivs 402 Windermere at 

Wardell Herbert, car repr, h 451 Wiliard av 

Warne Saml, flremn, h 13 Hanley av 

Warren Geo. gdnr, Ivs 530 Wiliard av 

Warren Gertrude (wid Fredk), Ivs 530 Wiliard av 

Warren Jane (wid Moses), h 530 Wiliard av 

Waters Ernest, h 89 Corbett av 

Waters Frank, carp, h 520 Runnymede rd 

Watkin Wm H, h 35 Muntye av 

WaMni Geo, gro 2542 St Clair av, h same 

Watsnn Lyman, h 422 Runnymede rd 

Wai -i ni Robt G, coach rpr CPR. h 8 Ravenal 

Walters Geo, tmstr. h 419 Durie av 

Walters John, lis 419 Durie av 

Waste Paper Rag Cuttings 



Electrical Supplies 
Motors and Fans 


PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Walters Lily, Ivs 419 Durie ar 

Walter* Stanley, barber, h 32 Priscilla ar 

Watts Jas, h 435 Willard ar 

Weame Arthur T, blrmkr, h 302 St John's rd 

Weaver Chas, flremn CPR, Ivs 15 Mould at 

Weir Albert, engnr CPU, h 23 Mould at 

Weller David, night wtchmn, h 56 Priscilla at 

Wells Herbert C, rnach, h 484 Willard a? 

West Thos, ftr, h 402 Runnymede rd 

West Jas, gro, 431 St John's rd 

Whale Chas H, lab, h 750 Runnymede rd 

Whalley Maud (wid Wra), h 665 Jane 

Whalley Russell, flremn, Ivs 665 Jane 

Wharton Freeland, lab, Ivs G Batavia ar 

Wheeler Ernest, gas ftr, h 20 Winfleld at 

Whelman Geo, tmstr, h 22 Mariposa av 

Whiles Geo, lab Kodak Co, h 8 Batavia av 

White Blanche, wks Kodak Co, Ivs 2486 St Clair ar 

White Fredk, h 47 Castleton av 

White Jas, h 532 Willard ar 

White Jas J, weaver, h 465 Durie ar 

White John Y, (Simmons Ltd) , h 673 Jane 

White Richd, elev opr, h 2486 St Clair ar 

White Wm, driver, h 18 Priscilla av 

Whitehead John R. carp, h 29 French av 

Whitehead Nathaniel, mach, h 518 Beresford ar 

Whitehouse Wm', slmftr, Ivs 2550 St Clair av 

Whiteworth John W, gdnr, h 29 Mariposa ar 

Wliyles Jos, flremn, h 454 Windermere av 

Wiggins Beatrice, stenog, Ivs 337 St John's rd' 

Wiggins Florence, elk, Steel Brigg's, Ivs 337 St John's rd 

Wiggins Harold, mach, Ivs 337 St John's rd 

Wiggins Nicholas, pdlr, h 503 Durie ar 

Wiggins Robt, mach, h 337 St John's rd 

Wllcos Elmer, mldr, h 15 Ravenal 

Wilkins Carrie, gro, 710 Annette 

Wilkins Wm H, painter, h 710 Annette 

Wilkinson Geo, tool mkr, Ivs 5 Daisy av 

Wilkinson Geo T, foreman, h 5 Daisy av 

Wilkinson Wm, flremn, h 42 Batavia ar 

Willey Thos, packer. Ivs 439 St John's rd 

Williams Emma, Ivs 352 St John's rd 

Williams Fredk, postman, h 45 French ar 

Williams Harry, engr, h 9 Criscoe 

Williams Hugh, stero typer, h 9 Montye ar 

Williams Martha A Mrs. h 352 St John's rd 

Williams Geo, h 759 Runnymede rd 

Williamson Sidney, lab, Ivs 351 St John's rd 

Willis Wm F, chauff, h 406 Windermere ar 

Willmore Wm H, flremn CPR, h 49 Mould av 

Wilson Albert, cond, h 17 Winfleld ar 

Wilson Maud, Ivs 480 Runnymede rd 

Wilsun Walter J, cond, h 340 St John's id 

W'ilton Geo R. shipper, h 47 Raybould ar 

Wilton Neil, lab, h 420 Runnymede rd 

Winesanker Saml, driver, h 412 Durie ar 

Wodhams Sidney J, Ivs 11 Daisy av 

Wodhams Sidney L, h 11 Daisj av 

Wood Alfred, chauff, h 33 Daisy av 

Wood Ernest W, elk, h 71 Castleton ar 

Woodhouse Sam! H, mach, h 15 Gilson ar 

Woods Albert E, tire bldr, h 29 Priscilla ar 

Woods Percy, Ivs 479 Durie av 

Woolhouse Thos H, piano mkr. h 15 Mould a? 

Woolner Elvera, Ivs 316 St John's rd 

Woolner Isaac C, confy 318 St John's rd, h same 

Workman Jas, h 502 Durie ar 

Workman May, elk Eaton's. Ivs 502 Durie ar 

Workman Pearl, tchr Geo Syme School. Ivs 502 Durie ar 

Wren John, brklyr, h 437 Willard ar 

Yates Thos, h 3 Mould ar 

Yelland John, h 64 Mould ar 

Yelland Margt, Ivs 64 Mould av 


A settlement in Scarboro Township, 10 miles northeast 
of the City Hall. Post Office, Scarboro. Take Kino. 
car going east to Kingston rd, thence radial line to 
Stop 26 "or G T Ry to Scarboro station. 

Adam Ernest, shipper, h 24 Northview ar 

Adams Jos. letter carrier, h 1 Winston av 

Adamson John, farmer, h n s Danforth rd 

Aikins Edwin, engr, h 74 Robinson av 

Alexandra Industrial School (for Girls), Miss Brooking 

matron, e s Blantyre ar 
Allbright Wm, carp, h 24 Ruth rd 
Allen Ernest W, packer, h 2 Robinson ar 
Allen Wm C, bkbndr, h 111 Victoria Park ar 
Anderson Geo, ship carp, h 20 Mack ar 
Andrews Walter, jwlr, h 211 Maybourne ar 
Ashbourne Frank V, opr, h 125 Victoria Park ar 
Asquiih Gco. tchr, h 148 Eastbourne av 
Ausman Jesse elect, h n s Exard av 

Avery Edwd W, driver h 10 Robinson av 

Ayers Jos M, lab, h 94 Byng av 

Ayres Nellie F (wid Albert), h 15 Baldwin av 

Bagg Edwin D, galvanizer, h e s Shaw av 1st s of GTR 


Bain Angus, installer Bell Tel, h 40 Layton av 
Baker Thos, plstr, h 74 Pharmacy av 
Baldwin Danl, h 2115 Danforth av 
Baldwin Wilfrid J, h 2119 Danforth av 
Ball John, slsmn, h 3 Winston ar 
Balloch Albert, chef, h 93 Pharmacy ar 
Balloch Alex, printer, h 20 Hudson av 
Bangay Saml, painter, h 84 Wanstead at 
Banks Wm C, shipper, h 81 Pharmacy av 
Barnard Wm, contr, h 426 Victoria Park av 
Barrans Harry, h 45 August av 
Barron Bros (Jas & Jos) , mkt gdnrs e s Pharmacy av 

2nd s of St Clair av e 
Barron Jas (Barron Bros), h e s Pharmacy at 2nd s of 

St Clair av e 
Barron Jos (Barron Bros), h e s Pahrmacy ar 2nd s 

of St Clair av e 

Barton Arthur H, btchr, h 37 Byng av 
Bassett Mabel, opr, Ivs 95 Madeline av 
Beckett Geo. elev opr. h 55 Pharmacy av 
Bell Geo, farmer, h n s Danforth rd 
Bell Margt (wid Wm), h s s Danforth rd s e cor Bon- 

nington av n 

Benson Richd, gro 485 Victoria Park av, h same 
Bentley Bert, slsmn, h 428 Victoria Park av 
Bishop Allen, carp, h 7 Baldwin av 
Black Chas, elk, h 387 Warren ar 
Blacklock John, lab, h 16 August av 
Blagg Jas, gdnr, h 203 Exard 
Bland llenty, watehmn, h 13 August av 
Blenkin Frank J, lab, h 105 August ar 
Blenkin Jas T, oiler GTR, h 66 Byng ar 
Blew Stanley H, chauff. h 24 Winston av 
Blomberg Canute J, lab, h w s Pharmacy ar 1st n CNR 


Bonnell Ernest E, sodder, h 137 Victoria Park ar 
Bonner Jesse, brklyr, h 53 Wanstead ar 
Bennett Saville, wood fibre mkr, h 62 Madeline ar 
Bothwell David, packer, h 11 Patterson av 
Bourne John, contr, h 1080 Kingston rd 
Bourne John jr, contr, h 1078 Kingston id 
Breckell John, mach, h 178 Danforth rd 
Breckles Arthur, carp, h 60 Madeline av 
Brickies Charlotte (wid Isaac), h 2021 Danforth ar 
Britnell Albert, h 178 Danforth rd 
Brooker Robt H, brklyr, h 67 Patterson av 
Brown Arthur, caretkr. Ivs 1821 Danforth ar 
Brown Jas, blksmth, h 22 Winston av 
Brown John, slsmn, Ivs 1821 Danforth av 
Brown Mary A (wid Wm), h 1821 Danforth ar 
Brown Sidney J, sign writer, h 91 August av 
Brown Wm S, printer, h 14 Mack ar 
Bruce John, lab, h 35 Winston ar 
Buchanan Wm, h 6 Winston ar 
Buchel Augustus, mach, h 1861 Danforth ar 
Budd Chas. concrete fnshr, h 78 McDonald ar 
Budd Ostenbury, lab, h e s Kennedy rd 1 n of T R 


Budd Wm, lab, h 58 Wanstead ar 
Burchall Maurce, slsmn, h 1859 Danforth ar 
Buttrey Wm J. chauff, h 1851 Danforth ar 
Bylow Susan (wid Michl), h 115 Pharmacy ar 
faddy Wm, sheet metal kr, h 27 Robinson ar 
Cairns Geo, trav, h 454 Victoria Park ar 
Campbell Geo, slsmn, h 18 Mack ar 
Campbell Wm, lab, h 16 Mack av 
Carolynn Tea Rooms, Anton Wurm prop, 1965 Danforth ar 
Catton Jas, mkt gdnr s s Danforth rd 
Cawood Jas W. glazier, h 24 Layton ar 
Challacombe Dorothy M, drsmkr, Ivs 113 Victoria Park ar 
Challacombe Henry P, carp, h 113 Victoria Park ar 
Challacombe Rose, slsldy. Its 113 Victoria Park ar 
('heron John A, h 91 Madeline av 
Chesman Fredk. h 1052 Kingston rd 
Clark lly C, driver, h 36 Butterworth av 
Clarke Thos, mach, h 25 Winston ar 
Clarke Wm, slsmn, h 17 Winston ar 
Clayton John H, jwlr, h 518 Victoria Park ar 
Clejg Wm, lab, h 143 Blantyre ar 
Crates llciliert, slsmn, h 505 Victoria Park ar 
Coates Lillian V, slsldy, Ivs 505 Virtoiia Park av 

Mile K. slsldy, Ivs 505 Victoria Park ar 
Ilichd, slsmn. h 505 Victoria Park ar 
Coates R Henry, mach, In 505 Victoria Park av 
Coker Ralph, carp, h 51 August av 
Colbourne Walter H lab, h 93 Patterson av 
Coleman Robt H. trav, h 418 Victoria Park av 
Coles Ernest, plater, h 66 August ar 
Conroy John J, brklyr, h 163 Eastbourne ar 
Conroy Michl J, lab, h 155 Eastbourne av 
Cooke Chas W. marh. h 75 Madeline ar 

Cooke Edwin, watch case mkr. h 11 Winston ar 

Cooke Wm, h 476 Victoria Park ar 

Cooper Felix, shipper, h 107 August ar 

Cooper Reginald, warehsemn, Ivs 450 Victoria Park av 

Copping Geo, bldr, h e s Claremount at 1st n of 

Kingston rd 
Craig Robt, farmer, h n s Danforth rd cor Bonnington ar 


Craig Wm, farmer, h n s Danforth rd 
Cresswell Alfred J, h 23 Hector ar 
Crocker John W, mach, h 39 Winston av 
Crowe David, Ivs 2107 Danforth at 
Crowe John B, carp, h 101 August av 
Crowe Margt A, gro 2107 Danforth ar, h same 
Crummey Enoch, carp, h 19 Winston ar 
Curtis Wm A, tinsmth, h 106 Malta 
Danforth Av Public Sen, Sec 12, 2053 Danforth ar 
Daniel Ellis, elk. Ivs 448 Victoria Park at 
Daniel Jas, inspr, h 448 Victoria Park av 
Daniels Wm, lab, h 52 Ruth rd 
Davey John, h 135 Victoria Park av 
Davey Roland H, opr, h 43 Winston ar 
Davidson Ales, farmer, h n s Danforth rd cor Birchmotmt 


Davidson Wm, carp, h 3 Hector av 
Daubney Wm H, carp, h 19 Robinson av 
Davis Henry, h 481 Victoria Park at 
Dawson Hugh, h 129 Victoria Park ar 
DeLorme Wm, elect, h 12 Northtiew av 
Dempster Jas P, tlr, h 34 Meadow ar 
Denton Mission 42 Wanstead av 
Devitt Jos, real est, h 30 Northview av 
Dewdney Athelstone J, farmer, h e s Pharmacy av 1 s of 

St Clair av e 

Dewdney Edith, stenog, Ivs A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Elizth H, Ivs A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Grace, stenog, Ivs A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Robt E, Ivs A J Dewdney 
Dewdney Thos W, Irs A J Dewdney 
Dickason Robt R, slsmn, h 149 Victoria Park ar 
.Dixon Ernest J, cond, h 76 Preston 
Doherty Geo, blksmth, h 15 Winston ar 
Dolly Eleanor. Indrs, h 1 Ruth rd 
Don Peter, tinsmth, h 104 Malta 
Douglas John A, h 2 Kenworthy ar 
Dowell Walter, elk, h 151 Eastbourne ar 
Draycock Valentine T, porter, h 133 Malta 
Drew Robt, mach, h 66 Butterworth ar 
Drew Thos, mach, h 20 August at 
Duff John, h 47 August ar 
Duffort Fredk, h 41 Patterson ar 
Duffort Henry, plmbr, h 33 Patterson ar 
Duggan Matilda (wid Timothy), h w s Preston 
Dytor Wm G, carp, h 57 Madeline at 
Easton Albert E, elk, h 140 Blantyre at 
Edward Thos, lab, h 76 Butterworth ar 
Edwards Arthur T, secdsmn, h 117 Victoria Park at 
Edwards Cbas H, plstr, h 91 Preston 
Elliott Norman R. tmstr, h 3 Kenworthy ar 
Elliott Percy E, tmstr, h 5 Kenworthy at 
Elliott Wm E, tmstr, Ivs 1849 Danforth av 
Elliott Wm H, jwlr, h 1034 Kingston rd 
Elliott Wm J, contr, h 1849 Danforth av 
Ellis Gordon, plstr, h 105 Victoria Park ar 
Ellis John J, lab, h 135 Malta 
Elsworth Wm J, plstr, h 38 Landry at 
Eterdige Wm. stock dlr, h 9 Pharmacy av 
Evans Wm, lab. h 150 Eastbourne at 
Eyden Percy . farmer, h 69 Pharmacy at 
Fait Frank, tmstr, h 32 Layton av 
Farmer John, lab, h 2 Scotia ar 
Fazackerley Robt, presser, h 26 Ruth rd 
Ferguson Geo E. cabt mkr, h 42 Layton ar 
Ferguson Saml T, wood wkr, h 34 Layton ar 
Field Fredk H, sawyer, h 10 August ar 
Field Geo, wood wkr, h 8 Baldwin ar 
Foord Harry A, mkh gdnr, 16 Patterson ar 
Forrest Albert, tlr, h 28 Scotia av 
For John. trav. h 47 Wiaston av 
Francis Richd. tinsmth. h 29 Hector ar 
Francis Wm, decorator, h 33 Hectoor av 
Fry Arthur H. shipper h cor Malta i Preston 
Funston David, gro, h w s Kenned)- rd, 5th n of Kinc- 

ston rd 

Garbett Richd T, lab, h 51 Butterworth av 
Gayford Herbert E, harness mkr, h 57 Wanstead at 
Gee Jas. lab, h 25 Landry av 
Genno Robt, chauff. h 73 Byng av 
Gibson Wm, h 375 Warden av 
Giles Walter, carp, h IM; Wanstrad av 
Glass .Win, calit mkr. h 11 Madeline ar 
Giiililanl Marel. weaier, Ivs IS 4.1 Danforth at 
Guff Frank, engnr, h 22 Rubins..]. 
(Tough Saml. elev opr, h 142 Blantjre ar 
Cough Wm E. pdlr, h 29 Kuth rd 
Graham Robt, lab. h 28 Winston ar 
Greaves Thos, lab, h 32 Scarboro av 

R. W. EADES Fire Insurance, Rents Collected 

3033 Dundas West, Phone Jet. 47 1 3. Res. 429 Quebec Av., Phone Jet. 6 I 5. 



36 Toronto Street 



Garnett L, insp, h 478 Victoria Park av 
Green .las W. receiving elk. h 89 Preston 
Greenwood Km, catp, h 71 August av 
Grice Edwin, gro 379 Warden av, h same 

::h Hemy, slsmn, h 25 Ruth rd 
Grundy Ins, fanner, h s s Ilanfortli rd cor Woodtow blvd n 
Hall John, carp, h 14 Robinson av 
Hamshar David J, btclir & gro e s Victoiia Park av 

cur Winston av, h same 
Hamshar Fanny, h 450 Victoria Park av 
Hancock Ernest 0. slsmn. h 29 Meadow av 
Handliy Wm F, carp, h 9 Hector av 
Hands Lawrence, wicker wkr, h s s Danforth td s w cor 

Bonnington a? n 

Harburn Geo, carp, b 71 Robinson av 
Harburn \Vm, carp, h 69 Robinson av 
Hardy Fredk. lab, h 61 liobinson av 
Hardy Wm, lab, h 29 Northview av 
Harris Saml, emp Con Gas Co, h 2 Eastbourne av 
Harrison Henry, carp, h 249 Maybourne av 
Harrison Stanley, carp, h 3 Baldwin av 
Hart Fredk, lab, h 95 Patterson av 
Hartles' Neil, carp, h 165 Eastbourne av 
Hartnager Andrew, mad], h 50 Butterworth av 
Harvey John, h s s Danforth rd, 2nd e- of Bonnington ar 


Hathway Arthur W. shipper, h 212 Exard 
Haydock lota, tmstr, h 53 Pharmacy av 
Haywoid Wilbur, carder, h w s Claremount av 1st n of 

Kingston rd 

Henn Wm, carp, h 139 Victoria Park av 
Hennessy Jas, soap mkr, h 113 August av 
Heyes Henry, brklyr, h 16 Mystic av 
Heys Trios E, elect, h 49 Winston a? 
Hicks Frank G, carp, h 97 Wanstead av 
Hickton Saml F, painter, h 194 Exard 
Hill Geo, h 39 liobinson ar 
Hill Jas, pedler, h 39 Robinson av 
Hill Peter, math, h 32 Northview av 
Hill Wm, h 472 Victoria Park av 
Hill Wm G, lumbermn, h 153 Eastbourne ar 
Ililtslme Wm U, carp, h w s Kennedy rd 2 n of 

Kingston rd 

Hodges Geo, shoemkr, h 51 Winston av 
Hodsi n Walter, poultry farmer, h n s Glasgow av 
Holder Edwin W, lab, h 147 Eastbourne av 
Holland Wm F, ctr plate-glass, h 17 August av 
Holt David E, meter reader, h 47 Ruth rd 
Holtom Ross, mach, h 23 Madeline av 
Holtom Wm, mach, h 21 Madeline av 
Hough Watson C, blksmth, h 88 Danforth rd 
Hum Thos, carp, h 29 Winston av 
Hurst Neil, carp, h 71 Madeline av 
Hutchinson Km J, btchr, h 7 Patterson av 
Button Robt, cabnt mkr, h 86 Wanstead av 
Inglebe Henry, h 12 Kenworthy av 
Irish Gladys, box mkr, Ivs 14 Lucy av 
Irish Howard, mach, Ivs 14 Lucy av 
Irish Wm, moto, Ivs 14 Lucy av 
Ivers Richd, spinner, h 18 Mystic av 
Jackson C John, meat ctr, h 88 Pharmacy ar 
Jackson John, gdnr, h 20G4 TJfcnforth av 
Jackson Thos R, lab, h s s Heron av 
Jeffrey Leonard, emp GTR, h 65 Wanstead ai 
Jenkins Robt, brklyr, h 60 August av 
Johansen August W, carp, h 274 Eastbourne av 
Johansen Carl, elect, Ivs 274 Maybourne ar 
Johansen Signard. stenog, Ivs 274 Maybourne av 
Johnson Augustus S, plstr, h 61 Madeline u 
Jnlmson Wm. metal wkr, h 13 Kenworthy av 
Jolly Thos E, moto exp 1807 Danforth av, h same 
Jones Arthur, brklyr, h 17 Beachview av 
Jones Jos J, farmer, h 471 Victoria Park ar 
Jones Jos W, gdnr, Ivs 471 Victoria Park av 
Jones Wm J, plstr, h 146 Blantyre av 
Jordan Saml J, stock kpr, h 41 Winston ar 
Kay John H, h 1050 Kingston rd 
Kelley Jas, lab, Ivs U4 Byng av 
Kenyon Albert, h 98 Wanstead av 
Keys John, lab, h 2151 Danforth ar 
King Henry G. tel u|ir, h 382 Ward av 
Knight Albert, slsmn, h 17 Wanstead av 
Knight John. II, slsmn h 42 Albion ar 
Knowles Harold, gdnr, h 87 Preston 
Labow Edgar, blr mkr, h 114 August av 
Lane Albert, painter, h 11 Kenworthy av 
Lawrie Robt, farmer, h s s Dantorth rd. 1st e of 

Kennedy rd 
Lax-mi Arthur, elk mail order Simpsons, Ivs 115 Victoria 

Park av 

Laxon Elizth (wid Arthur), h 115 Victoria Park av 
Laxon Florence, stenog. Ivs 115 Victoria Park av 

Mudys. steins, Ivs 115 Victoria Park av 
Lear Sidney G, trav, h 40 Victoria Park av 
Lee Frank, groom, h 33 Winston av 
l.t-panl Herbert, h 17 Ik'ntmi av 
Lewis Jas, mach, h 148 Blantvre av 
Liptrol Ja.s, concrete fnshr, h 1857 Danforth av 

LJttlejohn Arthur, lab, h 8 Layton ar 

LmTt-y Jas. btchr, h 138 Eastbourne av 

Long-button* .las T. contr, h fi Northview av 

Longworth Wm, brklyr, h 62 Mystic ar 

Lusted Bros (Walter H & Thos J) , gros 1074 Kingston 

Lusted Helen M. slsldy. Ivs 1074 Kingston rd 

Lusted John C, decor, h 1074 Kingston rd 

Lusted Thos J (Lusted Bros). Ivs 1074 Kingston rd 

Lusted Walter H (Lusted Bros), Ivs 1074 Kingston rd 

Lyli- Wm. slsmn, h 8 Winston av 

Macdonald Wm F, decor, h 103 August ar 

Miickey Jas F. carp, 25 Robinson ar 

Mackie Robt B. lab, h 48 Madeline ar 

Mahoney Hector, ptrn mkr, Ivs 123 Victoria Park av 

Mahuney Henry, decorator, h 14 Beachview ar 

Mahoney John, plmbr, h 123 Victoria Park av 

Mahoney Wm J, carp, h 16 Beachview ar 

Mann Thos D, carp, h 21 Winston av 

Manning John, farmer, h s s Danforth rd s e cor Wood- 
row bhd n 

Marquand John, woodwkr, h 36 Layton av 

Marsh Alex, shipper, h 10 Northview av 

Martin Arthur J, insp, h 483 Victoria Park ar 

Massey Henry, h 385 Warden av 

Mather Chadwick. acct. h 510 Victoiia Park av 

Mathews Martha, h 9 Robinson av 

May Reginald, ctr, h 1048 Kingston rd 

Mayhew Wm, lab. h w s 2nd n of CPR tracks Pharmacy 

Mrt'ahm Wm J, mach, h 18 Robinson av 

McCaldon Robt, mach, h 12 Winston av 

McCarthy Arthur, lab, h 86 Byng av 

Mclntyre Alex, carp, h 8 Northview av 

McKay Albert R, gro 2009 Danforth av, h same 

McKay Murdoch, carp, h e s Maybourne 

McKinnon Murdock, brk mkr, b 15 Kenworthy av 

McLaren Florence, elk, Ivs 452 Victoria Park av 

.McLaren John J, elk. Ivs 452 Victoria Park av 

McLaren Richd, asst mach stipt Can Steam Ship Lines, 
h 452 Victoiia Park av 

McLaren Richd T, elk. Ivs 452 Victoria Park av 

McLean Lionel, h 143 Victoria Park av 

McMillan Edwd, lab, h 86 August av 

Meldrum John C, egg candler, h w s Kennedy rd 1 n of 
Kingston rd 

Merrifleld Thos E, slsmn, h 1 Northview av 

Miller John B, plmbr, h 114 Malta 

Milloy Hugh, seedsman, h 7 Winston av 

Mills Frank G, mach, h 99 Wanstead av 

Milton Edwd T, decor, h 242 Danforth rd 

Mitchell Wm, h 119 Pharmacy av 

Mirans Robt I, photo eng, h 10 Kenworthy ar 

Moffatt Duncan H, tmstr, h 145 Blantvre ar 

Montgomery Thos, carp, h 12 Robinson av 

Moody Jas. lab, h 45 Winston ar 

Moore Frank, lab, h 56 Ruth rd 

Moore Pauline, opr, Ivs 1849 Danforth av 

Morecroft Mary Mrs, h 10 Winston av 

Morris Albert, engnr, h 13 Robinson av 

Mosher David, brklyr, h 2 Meadow av 

Munro Mary, opr, Ivs 1845 Danforth av 

Munro Neil, photo eng, h 2 Win>to .n 

Munro Km, elk, h 147 Victoria Park av 

Murdock Geo T, h 1922 Danforth av 

Murdock, Wm G, tmstr, Ivs 1922 Danforth ar 

Murray Alex, h 65 Byng av 

Newton Aaron, Mchr, b 68 McDonald ar 

Nichol Chas E, baker, h 46 Layton ar 

Nichol Susie, candy mkr. Ivs 46 Layton ar 

Nixon John L, jwlr, b 177 Clarke 

Nolan Fredk, h 1855 Danforth av 

Oakley Tbos, carp, h 58 August av 

Offord John, slsmn, Ivs 418 Victoria Park av 

Oldon Wm (',. slsmn, h w s Kennedy rd 2nd n of King- 
ston rd 

O'Neil Wm, lab, h 60 Byng av 

Owen Jos, math, h w s Kennedy rd, 3rd n of Kingston 

Paine Ernest 0, brklyr, h 66 Albion ar 

Palmer Theresa, (wid Richd), b s s Danforth rd, 3rd e 
of Birchmount rd 

Pannett Arthur, h 7 Hector av 

Parflt Henry J, h 48 August av 

Parkinson Henry, shipper, h 13 Winston av 

I'atii-i-nn Wm, farmer, h n s Danforth rd 

ration David C, acct. h 488 Victoria Park av 

I'atti.n Wm, h 4SS Victoria Park av 

Peacock Wm H, watchmn, h 7 Madeline av 

Perkins Jabez H, dry goods 2011 Danforth ar, h same 

Perry Jos, pntr, h 209 Maybourne av 

Perry Wm C, lab, h 57 Patterson av 

Peters Fredk R, brkmkr, h 26 Layton av 

Phipps Fredk, foremn, h 44 August ar 

Pink Sidney, lab, h 23 Robinson av 

I'lotT Philip, lab, h 1 Hector av 

Plummer Emma, laundress, h 1 Ruth rd 

Pollard Harry, carp, h 23 Ruth rd 

Pond Frank J, adv agt, h 456 Victoria Park ar 
Porter Sidney 0, mgr, h 28 Butterworth av 
Powell Geo, farmer, h 245 Danforth rd 
Priest Herbert, trav, h 37 Winston av 
Priestman Chas R, wood tnr, h 18 Winston ar 
Quinn Ann (wid Richd), h 3 Scarborough av 
tluinn James, tiackmn, Ivs 3 Scarborough av 
(juinn Sarah, opr, Ivs 3 Scarborough av 
Ramsay Duncan, chef, h 23 Winston av 
Ittid James, plstr, h 31 Beachview av 
Reid John, h 119 Victoria Park av 
Reid Thos B, engr, h 175 Clarke 
Rennie Alex, shipper, h 17 Kenworthy ar 
Richardson Edwin A, plstr, h 18 Denton ar 
Richardson John T W, shipper, h 79 Wanstead av 
Richardson Nesbet A, h 20 Denton ar 
Rido-ell Wm, lab, h 90 August av 
Riddle Wm, lab, h 34 Byng av 
Ritchie Geo H, elk, h 27 Meadow ay- 
Roberts Thos, h 31 Winston av 
Robertson Hubert J, decor, h 32 Patterson av 
Robinson Alfred E, tinsmth, h 177 Clarke 
Robinson Wm. mach. h 19 Madeline av 
Roddick Thjs, blksmtb, h 20 Winston av 
Roder Wm T, elk, h 27 Winston av 
Rcdway Harold V, emp TEL, h 63 Mystic av 
Roper Snelling, mach, h 59 Pharmacy av 
Rose Chas, lab, h 140 Eastbourne av 
liowe Harry, supt, h 19 Baldwin av 
liumbles Albert W, carp, h 65 Madeline ar 
Rutherford Fredk, carp, h 43 August av 
Sanders Thos H, brklyr, h 31 Northview av 
Sanders Wm. carp, h 22 Ruth rd 
Saunders Alfred N, elk, h 31 Northview ar 
Saunders Chas B, plstr. h 30 Ruth rd 
Scarboro Cemetery (Presbyterian), n e cor Pharmacy and 

St Clair av e 
Scarborough Junction Public School No 10, s s Kenned/ 

road, s of Danforth td 
Scott Ernest, mach, h 44 Layton av 
Scott John, carp, b 1845 Danforth ar 
Senecal Fredk, gro and btchr n s Highview ar, h same 
Shawyer Saml A W, lab, h 94 Preston 
Sheard Chas, florist, 25 Patterson av, h same 
Sheen Patk, h 19 Kenworthy av 
Shields Geo, h e s Shaw av 2nd s of GTR tracks 
Shuker Danl. painter, h 7 Scotia av 
Simmons \Vm, printer, h 5 August ar 
Simpson Fredk, decor, h 153 Victoria Park ar 
Simpson Robt emp GTR, h 21 Waleott av 
Sims Albert, lab, h 66 Maybourne av 
Sims Arthur J T, bench hand, h 32 Ruth rd 
Sims Fredk, carp, h 162 Eastbourne av 
Sivertir David, lab, h 50 Scotia av 
Sivey Arthur, stmftr, h 65 Pharmacy av 
Skeddon Peter, h 127 Victoria Park av 
Skelton Sidney H, plriibr, h 95 Victoria Park av 
Slade Benj, mach, h 1853 Danforth av 
Sleed Geo, carp, h 22 Beachview av 
Sleeth David, exp, h s s Danfort'i rd 
Smale Hugh J, slsmn, h 35 Hector av 
Smith Arthur, printer, h 60 Mystic a\ 
Smith Arthur J, lab, h 95 Madeline av 
Smith Harvey, lab, h 69 Byng av 
Smith Henry, slsmn, h 6 Hudson av 
Smith Henry, lab, h 109 August av 
Smith Israel, shoe fnshr, h 25 Meadow av 
Smith John H, tmstr, h 4 Robinson av 
Smith Wm, lab, h 13 Wanstead ar 
Sneddon David L, h 486 Victoria Park av 
Soutar Wm W, carp, h 52 August av 
Squirrel! Hy, exp, h 103 Victoria Prk av 
Stevens John, lab, h 2150 Danforth av 
Stevens John, lab. h 30 Northview av 
Stewart David M, flremn, h 9 Winston av 
Stewart John H, audit elk, h 392 Warden av 
SummergUl Lillian, Ivs 123 Victoria Park av 
Sweet Robt, driver, h 1 1 Scarboro av 
Sylvester Edwin, lab. h 4!) Iluth rd 
Symonds Walter C, painter, h 149 Eastbourne ar 
Taylor David, lab, h 3 Ruth rd 
Taylor Francis, plmbr, h 52 Butterworth av 
Taylor Wm, surgical instrument mkr. h 52 Ruth rd 
Terry Edwin J, photo engr, h 4 Winston av 
Theyers Geo W, shipper, n 47 Wanstead ar 
Thomas Arthur J, boot mfr, h 151 Victoria Park ar 
Thompson Ernest, brklyr, h 29 Robinson av 
Todd John, mkt gdnr 2021 Danforth av, h same 
Tong Edwd, lab, h 80 August av 
Toyne Jos, elev opr, h 493 Victoria Park ar 
Toyne Wm, ins agt, Irs 493 Victoria Park av 
Tracey Wm, plscr, h 6 Madeline av 
Turnbull Chas, btchr 2101 Danforth av, 
Turner Geo R, h 475 Victoria Park av 
Twiggs Wm G, last h w s Claremount av 
I'mh-iwood Jos, slsmn, h 68 Albion ar 
t.'nsvrorth Walter W, mach, h 62 Butterworth ar 


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Clover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adel. 1020 

137 KING E. 

I'pton Fredk, tinsm'.h, !i 33 Pharmacy av 
' Vandenbery John, lab, h s s Heton at 

Vaughan Ceo H, elect, h 32 Butterwortb av 

Vinall Frank W, lab, h 205 Exard 

Vise Albert. F, h 157 Victoria Park av 

Wade Fredk R, elect, h 22 Northview at 

Wake Frank, driver, h 44 Butterworth av 

Walden Alfred, lab, h 48 Byng av 

Waldon Thos, h 133 Victoria Park av 

Walsh Patk T, brass fnshr, h 54 Butterworth at 

Walsh P, Major, gas ttr, h w s Westbourne at 

Wandland Carl, carp, h 1833 Danforth at 

Wardell Albert, brklyr, h 11 Scotia av 

Wardle Kdwd, brklyr, h 10 Mystic av 

Warren Cyril, Its 205 Exard 

Watson Philip, slsmn, h 1038 Kingston rd 

Way Sidney T, mach, h 155 Victoria Park at 

Webb Clias, brklyr, h 35 Pharmacy av 

\Vehstw Geo T, carp, h 78 Preston 

Webster Herbert A. h n s Danforth rd 

Wi-lister John, h 62 Byng at 

Wenting Arthur, cement fnshr, h 7 August at 

West Geo, lab, h 92 Byng at 
West Saml, printer, b 63 Pharmacy at 

West Wm. mus tchr, h 2 Madeline av 

Whalley Ihos, h 65% Wanstead av 

White & Son (Geo & Robt), mkt gdnrs 94 Danforth 

White Geo W (White & Son), h 94 Danforth rd 

White Robt (White & Son), h 404 Warden av 

Whitehoiise Noah, lab, h 90 Wanstead av 

Whiting Jul'ii E, signalmn GTR, h P01 Warden av 

\Vhyte Ernest, carp, h 35 Beachview at 

Wilkinson Jos, brass trn. h 5 Winston av 

Williams Richard, moto, h 9 Kenworthy av 

Williams Thos, lab. h 3? Pharmacy av 

Williamson Saml R. carp, h 37 Patterson at 

vYttlingtuia Alex, It 21 Hector av 

Wilsi n Cecil, postman, h 14 Winston av 

Wilson John W, gramophone mkr, h 4 Kenworthy at 

Wilson Norman, carp, h 380 Warden av 

Wood Alfred, packer, h 15 Madeline av 

Wcicid Ernest, slsmn, h 131 Victoria Park av 

Workman Jas G, tchr, h n s Exard cor Shaw av 

Worters Clarence, chauff, h n s Exard 2nd e of Ken- 
nedy rd 

Wright Harry, stock knr, h e s Kennedy rd 2nd e of 
GTR tracks 

Wurm Anton, prop Carolynn Tea Rooms, h 1965 Danfortb 
avenue . 

Vales John F, emp GTR, h 56 Robinson av 



A suburb five miles north west of the City Hall. Post 
Office Silver-thorn. Take Avenue rd car and transfer 
west on Dupont, or take Civic cars on St Clair av. 

Adams Harry, mach, li 36 Rowntree av 

Aldridge W f) Rev, pastor Silverthorn Meth Church, b 

38 Rowntree at 

Allan John, mach, h 45 Dunraven dr 
Allan Win, carp, h 457 Silverthorn av 
Alley James, brklyr, h 19 Haverson blvd 
Ames Albert, slsmn. h 4 Donald av 
Appleton Alex, mach, h 7 Strathcona at 
Archer Sarah (wid Alfred), h 59 Dunraven dr 
Armstrong Henry, h 54 Alleen av 
Ashton Robt. h in Hillary at 
Astle Harry, gro 28 Rowntree av, h same 
Atkins Herbert, h 334 Blackthorne av 
A.vies Ceo, h 14 Reed cres 
Baker Geo, bkbndr, h 28 Kersdale av 
Ball Jas, Ivs l(i!i lioselhorn av 
Ball Wm, marh, h 169 Rosethorn av 
Ballantyne Robt, janitor Silverthorn Pub Schl, h 518 

Silverthorn av 

Burden Wm. h ii:i Hunraven dr 
Bardsley Alfred, h 4 Sundel av 
Barnes Fredk, h 51 Lacey av 
Barraeluirgh Jos, h 24 Commodore av 

n Albert, h 8 Hillary av 
Mariolacci Alex, much., h 62 Rowntree av 
llauer Arch, carp, h 298 Silverthorn av 

Edgar C, fotemn, h 171 Chambers av 
"alter, mach, h 182 Chambers av 
Beaney Herbert H, repairmn Bell Tel, h 351 Silverthorn 


Keanlwoor] Mary (wid Wilfred), h 297 Silverthorn av 
Hnr Harold E, elk CPR, h 1 Helen at 
Bell Julin. lab, h 27 Cameron at 

Fred w, wood vvkr, h 17 Donald at 
Berry Wm A. Iructe GTR, h 307 Silverthorn at 

Bird Wm, dyer, h 382 Silverthorn at 

Birks Wm, carp, h 13 Strathcona av 

Blackmore Wm T, hdwre, 42 Rowntree av, h same 

Blackwell Walter H D, h 4 Hillary av 

Blocksage Wm, carp, h 33 Rowntree av 

Bould Chas. h 39 Rowntree av 

Bowyer Edwd J, rubber wkr, h 303 Silverthorn at 

Boyfield Percy, h 196 Chambers av 

Bradley Geo, insp Hydro, h 7 Aileen at 

Brady Frank C, car repr CPR, Its 467 Silverthorn av 

Brain Geo, btchr, h 21 Dunraven dr 

Bridgen Saml, carp, h 12 Aileen av 

Brierley Benj, carp, h 467 Silverthorn av 

Brooks Arthur, carp, h 8 Helen av 

Brooks Bernard J, can), h 220 Rosethorn av 

Brown Herbert, n o^ Lacey av 

Brown Wm, elect, h 59 Donald av 

Buckley Gilbert, musician, h 310 Silverthorn at 

Bulgin Fredk, carp, h 329 Blackthorn at 

Bulgin Geo, carp, h 24 Kenora at 

Bullock Thos, h 243 Rosethorn at 

Butler Geo S, brkmkr, h 15 Cameron av 

Butler John, lab, h 198 Rosethorn av 

Butterwick Geo, shipper h 30 Cameron av 

Campbell Robt, lab, h 5 Langside av 

Cannon Harry, h 433 Silverthorn av 

Carr Robt, carp, h 359 Blackthorn av 

Carter Albert G, tmstr, h 320 Silverthorn at 

Cave Thos. tmstr, h 208 Chambers av 

Chapman Fred, cond TSR, h 10 Helen av 

Chart Arthur, shoe repr 354 Silverthorn av 

Chatwood Harry, Ivs 407 Blackthorn av 

Chatwood Wm, shipper, h 407 Blackthorn av 

Choyce B & M, dry gds 31 Rowntree av 

Choyce Blanche (B & M Choyce), h 31 Rowntree av 

Choyce Julian, ptrn mkr, Ivs 31 Rownttee av 

Choyce Mabel (B 4 M Choyce). h 31 Rowntree av 

Choyce Reginald, h 31 Rowntree av 

Clark Frank W, elect, h 12 Chambers av 

Clarke Harold, h 180 Rosethorn av 

Clarke John, emp CPR. h 419 Blackthorn av 

(lews Thos J, h 14 Kersdale av 

Cockwell Beatrice, .'older, Ivs 195 Chambers av 

Cockwell Ernest, insp, h 195 Chambers at 

Culbourne Egbert J, carp, h 8 Rowntree at 

Ccnnor Catherine (wid Wm) , h 16 Commodore av 

Ci/nnor Frank, h 18 Commodore at 

Corner Matthew, h 463 Silverthorn at 

Cook Wm B, plstr, h 26 Aileen av 

Coombs James F, toolmkr, h 54 Rowntree av 

Cooper Christopher, Ivs 200 Rosethorn av 

Cooper Emma (wid Nathaniel W), h 200 Rosethorn av 

Cooper Fredk, Its 22 Donald at 

Cooper Lloyd, pdlr, h 12 Strathcona at 

Cooper Seth E. h 22 Donald av 

Corby Sarah (wid Jos), h 461 Silverthorn at 

Cox Wm F, engr, h 504 Silverthorn av 

Crabtree Frank, lab, h 187 Rosethorn av 

Cramp Chas V, tinsmth, h 178 Chambers av 

Crawford Daniel C, shipper, h 28 Kenora cres 

Crawford James, millwright, h 254 Chambers av 

fmss Alfred J. mach. h 48 Rowntree av 

Cross Henry W, brklyr, h 58 Dunraven dr 

Cudmore Herbert, h 214 Chambers av 

Curton Walter, painter, h 299 Silverthorn av 

Davis Verner, plstr, h 496 Silverthorn av 

Denman Jas A, h 18 Lacey av 

Pofgart Agnes (wid Wm), h 4 Commodore av 

Donaldson Archd, mach. h 201 Chambers av 

Donaldson Robt, h 173 Chambers av 

Donnelly Thos, foremn Dom Radiator, h 304 Silverthorn 


Down John W H, h 2fi Strathcona av 
Downing Geo, h 60 Aileen av 
Drover Robt M, lab, h 232 Chambers av 
Duck Albert, tile mkr, h 240 Rosethorn av 
Duncan Andrew, contr, h 12 Hillary av 
Duncan John, auto painter, h 302 Silverthorn av 
Duncan Walter J, car repr, h 23 Langside av 
Dupris Albert, chef, h 35 Reed cres 
Durcisc Ethel, Its 202 Rosethorn av 
Durose Saml, tire mkr. h 202 Rosethorn av 
Edwards Dorothy, slsldy, Ivs 19 Langside av 
Edwards Wm, btdir, h 19 Langside av 
Ellis Jos. h 240 Chambers av 
Ellison Edwd C, tmstr, h 5C8 Blackthorn av 
Eyre Reginald F, h 9 Kersdale av 
Kairbrass Win, lab, h 56 Aileen at 
Farmer Albert, lab, h 3 Hillary av 
Findley John, carp, h 9 Strathcona at 
Ki-hiT Alfred J, h 61 Aileen av 
Fisher Alfred J, dry cds 344 Silverthorn av, h same 
lord James, lab. h 2:i2 Rosetliorn av 
Fountain Ernest, h 32 Donald at 

in Jos. h 30 Donald at 
Fountain Thos. Jab, h 34 Donald av 

Fowler Norman A, real est, 312 Silverthorn av, h same 

Fiance Wm, mach, h 206 Rosethorn at 

Fraser Donald, plstr, h 233 Rosethorn av 

Fieeman Eversley C. mach, h 322 Silverthorn av 

Fuzzen Alfred, picture framer, h 208 Rosethorn av 

Fyfe Ceo, lab, h 7 Helen av 

Gammank Robt, h 481 Silverthorn av 

Garlick Geo K, h 26 Commodore av 

Gainett Richd, painter, h 65 Aileen av 

Garratt Wm, h 445 Silvertliorn av 

Gibbard Percy, lab, h 46 Rowntree av 

Gifford Leonard, lab, h 435 Silverthorn av 

Millions John, h 443 Silvertborn av 

Girvan Fredk, mach, h 412 Silverthorn av 

Glover John, baker, h 12 Langside av 

Glover Jos, wood wkr, h 22 Kenora av 

Gmilding Wm J, brklyr, h 530 Silverthorn av 

Graham John, caretkr Annette St Sehl, h 35 Aileel av 

Gray Alfred, h 204 Rosethorn av 

Gray Alfred, lab, h 185 RosetJiorn av 

Grice Wm, carp, h 29 Kenora cres 

Hails Benj. h 18 Reed Cres 

Hall Robt, h 221 Rosethorn av 

Hall Wm J, miller, h 8 Aileen av 

Halse Harry, driver, h 415 Blackthorn av 

Halton Chas, h 43 Donald av 

Halton Mary E (wid Thos), h 29 Latey a? 

Halton Thos. h 2 Sundel av 

Hammond Arthur, lab. h 522 Silverthorn av 

Harding Chas H, stmftr, h 370 Silverthorn av 

Harding Thos, mach, h 31 Aileen av 

Harper Chas, carp, h 373 Silverthorn av 

Harper Elizth. Ivs 373 Silverthorn av 

Harper John, carp, Iss 373 Silverthorn av 

Hurt Harry, lab, h 45 Donald av 

Hartley Wm, h 318 Silverthorn av 

Harvey Doris, Ivs 174 Chambeis av 

Harvey Lily, Ivs 174 Chambers av 

Harvey May, Ivs 174 Chambers av 

Harvey Robt S, carp, h 174 Chambers av 

Hatfleld Rupert, wood wkr, h 223 Rosethorn 

llayball Wm. lab, h 37 Dunraven Drive 

Hayes Harry, h 167 Rosethorn av 

Hayes Olive. Ivs 167 Rosethorn av 

Hayes Violet, Its 167 Rosethorn av 

Herder John, chauff, h 386 Silverthorn av 

HtTder Richd, carp, h 50 Aileen av 

Hewitt John, baker, h 222 Rosethorn av ' 

Higgins Albert, elk, h 2 IVonald av 

Hinton Minnie (wid Herbert 0), h 17 Lar 

Holmes Oo, cabt mkr. h 18 Rowntree av 

Hooper Phillip, insp, h 39 Dunraven drive 

Hougham Edwd H, brklyr. h 343 Silverthorn av 

Huider Aletta (wid Johannas P G), h 38 Dunraven di 

Hunt Robt, shipper, h 526 Silverthorn av 

Hunter Adam, h 15 Haverson blvd 

Insham Thos, h 43 Laoey av 

Ireland Francis. utchmn, h 45C Silverthorn av 

Jackman Walter, h 68 Aileen at 

Jackson Francis, slsmn, h 1 Aileen at 

Jacobs Percy E, h 454 Silverthorn av 

James F.dwin T, wood wkr, h 381 Silverthorn av 

Johnson Jus H, lab. h 431 Silverthorn av 

Jiiniiw Ernest, lab, h 2 Rowntree av 

Kearns Jas S, shipper, li 40 Donald at 

Kimber Wm G, gro 51 Reed cres, h 39 same 

Kirkpatrick John, night rtchmn, h 45 Kane av 

Knox Jas, emp T Eaton Co, h 189 Rosethorn at 

Lafferty Robt. h 288 Silverthorn av 

Lambert Harold, lab, h 58 Lacey av 

Larkman John, carp, h 314 Siherthoni av 

Lashbrook Richd. h 354 Silverthorn av 

Lawrence Wilfred, carp, h 44 Rowntree av 

'. caip, h 4 Rowntree av 
Leeder Harry, lab, h 183 Rosethorn av 
Leeds David, mldr, h 9 Helen at 
Leeds John, blksmth. h 305 Blackthorn av 
Leeds Peter, core mkr, h 4 Helen at 
Leeson Wm K, elect, h 40 Laoey av 
I.i'ith Hamilton, sien painter, h Iti Ker-il 
Little Wm, elect, h 10 Aileen av 
Livsey Fred, driver, h 37 Ilowntw av 
Loader Hugh, h wtchmn. h 63 Aileen av 
Lowe Robt, h 183 Chambers av 
Loviry Jos, elk, h 50 Rcwntree av 
Lm-klmrst Fred, h 550 Blackthorn av 
Lum<den Jas, elk. Ivs 182 Rosethorn av 
Lumsden Mary, gro 180 Rosethorn av li -ame 
Madgett Gordon F, brk mkr, h 192 Chan 1 
M.idgett Perry, acti-n mkr, Ivs 1H4 Cham! 
Madgrtt Wm. lab, h 194 Chambeis av 
Makiuson John, lab, h 193 Chambers av 
Mansell Albert, lab, h 202 Chamli. 
Marnock David, drvr, h-lti!) Chanl>. 
Marnock Wm, h :i4'! Blackthorn av 
.M.L-.sam Hi-rbert C. mach, h ill Dniaven dr 

Kiih' l K. car rpr ITR. h Hi Umiiavni dr 

:>'. h ::i2 Silvnthorn av 



Suite: 511 C.P.R. BUILDING, YONCE ST. Pbone$ SV. W n lee, 



For the HOME BUILDER, Easy Terms 

Sole Agents COX & BEST, Limited 
Canada Life Bldg. and 2134 Queen E. 

MAIN 2524 
MAIN 472 
BEACH 629 


Maxstead Arthur, btohr, h 341 Silverthorn av 

May Gordon, wood kr, h 190 Chambers av 

Mcl'ann Jos, mldr, li 345 Blackthorn av 

McDonald Frank, concrete wkr, h 37 Alleen av 

McGuire James, h 345 Silverthoro ay 

McGuire James jr. Ivs 345 Silverlhorn at 

McKay Wm. h 25 Dunraien dr 

Mi'I.rai Ales, h 21 Langside a? 

McLeod Geo, farmer, h w s Scott 

McKereher Walter, fertilizer, h 187 Chambers av 

Mead Helen M, rubber wkr, Ivs 241 Chambers av 

Mead Leonard C. Ivs 241 Chambers av 

Mead Tlios S, roofer, h 241 Chambers av 

Meikle James, h 43 Cameron av 

Mellor Jos, h 305 Silverthom av 

Messick Chas T, gro 359 Silverthom av, h same ' 

Millimn Mary A. h 17 Cameron an 

Milligan Alex, tmstr. h 30 Aileen av 

Mitchell Andrew, mldr, h 171 Rosethom av 

Moffatt John B, shppr, h 438 iiilverthorn av 

Monell Daisy (wid Chas), h 490 Sllverthorn av 

Monk Morris, boot repr 350 Silverthorn av. h 19 Donald 


Moore Jos, glass plshr, h 186 Chambers av 
Neil Stewart S, confy 321 SUverthorn av, h same 
Neville Ales, h 180 Chambers av 
Newton Mathew, car insp, h 12 Rowntree av 
Norton John A, shipper, h 5 Helen av 
Nules Ceo, P M Silverthorn P & Coal & Wood dlr, 

330 Silverthom av, h same 
O'Dell John W, mach, h 172 Chambers av 
Oldfleld Richd, brklyr. h 16 Lacey av 
Orchard Alfred, h 40 Strathcona av 
Owcrs Geo, lab, h 34 Haverson blvd 
Owers Gordon J, shppr, Ivs 34 Haverson blvd 
Packer Geo, lab, h 21 Haversoo blvd 
Palmer Chas A, brklyr, h 16 Donald av 
Palmer Geo, brklyr, h 8 Donald av 
Parrott Arthur J, elk, h 307 Blackthorn af 
Partinston James H, carp, h 192 Rosethorn ai 
Paul Leonard, lab, h 231 Rosethorn av 
Payne Harry S, carp, h 361 Blackthorn af 
Peer Stephen L, h 10 Rowntree av 
Pelley Edwd H. carp, h 331 Blackthorn af 
Penhill Jas, h 173 Chambers av 
Percy Andrew, slsmn, h 326 Blackthorn av 
Perry Saml. h 30 Lacey av 
Petherick Richd, lab. h 311 Silverthom av 
Petherick ffm, lab, li 313 Silverthom av 
Phipps Fredk W, h 20 Commodore av > 
Pixton lice (wid Harry), h 41 Cameron av 
Pocock John, h 318 Blackthorn av 
Porter Jas, emp Gunn's Abattoir, h 288 Silverthom t 
Potter Harold, h 41 Lacey av 
Poulton Norman B, jwlr, h 532 Sllverthorn av 
Presley Albert, lab, h 6 Reed cres 
Punshou Ralph, tax insp, h 300 Silverthorn av 
Purdou Chas, emp Worn Paper Box Co. h 38 Donald av 
rnrfield Oscar, h 11 Kcnora Cres 
Pye Chas, lab, h 25 Lacey av 
Rackham Fred, boot rpr, h 41 Reed cres 
Ratcliff Albert, h 22 Commodore av 
Reeves Edwin, btchr, h 38 Strathcona av 
Reid Harry, chauff, h 363 Blackthorn av 
Rice Wm, carp, h 6 Rowntree av 
Richardson David, h 38 Aileen av 
Richardson Jas, wood wkr, h 38 Aileen av 
Richardson Wm, staty eng, h 309 Blackthorn av 
Hide \Vm H. lab, h 234 Chambers av 
Ridgard Harold, lab, h 1 Hillary av 
Riley Thos, mldr, h 48 Aileen av 
Robertson Herbert S, shipper h 444 Silvertnorn av 
Robinson Moses W, lab, h 210 Rosethorn av 
Rollinson Albert, rubber wkr, Ivs 33 Dunraven dr 
Rollinson Geo, wood turner, h 33 Dunraven dr 
Ross James F, eng, h 16 Reed cres 
Ross John, tmstr, h 427 Silverthoro av 
Rout Chas, brklyr, h 293 Blackthorn av 
Rout Constance, Ivs 293 Blackthorn av 
Rout Florence, Ivs 293 Blackthorn av 
Royle Thos, mach, h 364 Silverthorn av 
Russell Henry, h 319 Blackthorn av 
Salt Ernest, h 33 Lacey av 
Sanderson John, mach, h 16 Rowntree av 
Sands Wm 11, cits., h 547 Blackthorn av 
Sargent Geo, h 10 Strathcona av 
Sears Alfred E. rubber wkr, h 292 Silverthom ai 
Seymour Carl, tmstr, h 396 Silverthorn av 
Shaw Wm H, lab, h 219 Chambers av 
Sheard Wm, lab, h 36 Strathcona av 
Sheldon Bertram, car inspr CPR, h 3 Helen av 
Sheldrick Robt, engr, h 524 Sllverthorn av 
Shewing Fredk J, pork pkr, h 322 Blackthorn av 
Sibthorne Chas F, h 43 Reed cres 
Silver Walter, mach, h 316 Sllverthorn av 
Siherson Thos, lah, h 446 Silverthorn av 

Silverthorn Baptist Church, cor Silvertborn and Rown- 
tree avs 

Silverthorn Episcopalian Church, cor SUverthorn av and 
Kenora cres 

Silvertlwrn Methodist Church, W G Aldridge pastor, c 
Hillary and Rosethorn av 

Silverthorn Post Office Sub 72, 330 Silverthom av 

SUverthorn Public School, e s Scott cor Ewart 

Silverthorn Mission, 54 Lacey av 

Silvester Ernest H, lab, h 176 Chambers av 

Simpson Sam], tmstr, h 185 Chambers av 

Smallwood David, Ivs 393 Silvertiiorn av 

Smallwood Jos, Ivs 393 Silverthorn av 

Smallwood Wm. blksmth, h 393 Silverthorn a 

Smart Henry K F, presser Simpson's, h Reed cres 

Smith Alfred, carp, h 241 Rosethorn av 

Smith Andrew, h 54 Dunraven dr 

Smith Frank, decor, h 41 Eileen av 

Smith Harry, rubber wkr, h 2 Strathcona av 

Smith Leonard, brklyr, h 20 Aileen av 

Smith Wm, h 6 Kersdale av 

Southworth Harry, brklyr, li 46 Lacey av 

Spanton Helena (wid Edwd), h 341 Blackthorn av 

Sparks Jos, lab, h 440 Silverthorn av 

Sprange Chas. h 540 Silverthorn av 

Squire Harriett (wid Walter), h 400 Silverthom av 

Staples Alex, h 408 Blackthorn av 

Steele' Jas H. county constable, h 45 Lacey av 

Stevens Wm B, cond TSR, h 19 Strathcona av 

Stittle Bert, stone ctr, h 549 Blackthorn av 

Stones Hairy, metal plshr, h 227 Chambers av 

Stormont Geo, fertilizer, h 216 Rosethorn av 

Sumner Titus H, iron mldr, h 20 Rowntrre av 

Sweezie Ernest, h 12 Heed cres 

Taylor Edmund J, painter, h 284 Silverthorn av 

Templeman Robt, h 556 Silverthorn av 

Thibert Louis, h 347 Blackthorn av 

Thomson Danl, btchr, h 5 Aileen av 

Tindale Leonard, painter, h 420 Silverthorn av 

Tippett Fredk C, tmstr, h 67 Aileen av 

Tinkler John W, brklyr. h 59 Kane av 

Titus Robt, h 7 Kersdale av 

Tomlinson Robt, h 224 Chambers av 

Tracey Wm J, ctr, h 505 Silverthorn av 

Trott Albert J, presstnn, h 4 Reed cres 

Turner Jos, h 436 Blackthorn av 

Tyson Thos, lab, h 28 Aileen av 

Varnian Henry, blksmth, h 303 Blackthorn av 

Varty John W, mach, h 56 Rowntree av 

Vennell John, slater, h 65 Dunraven dr 

Waldron Wm J, truck driver, h 400 Blackburn av 

Walters Harry J, elk, h 24 Aileen av 

Ward Everett, stn ctr. h 9 Commodore av 

Watson John, tmstr, h 184 Chambers av 

Weeden Wm, welder, h 442 Silverthorn av 

Wells Wm T, elect, h 66 Aileen av 

Wells Wm, h 199 Chambers av 

West Emma, stenog, h 220 Chambers av 

West Gertrude, bkbndr, h 220 Chambers av 

Westbury Ernest C, gro 324 Silverthorn av, h same 

Whibley Fredk, slsmn, h 18 Kenora cres 

Whitthead Geo, lab, h 23 Dunraven rlr 

Whitehead Wm, lab, h 56 Dunraven dr 

Whiteley Kezia, Ivs 33 Cameron av 

Whiteley Saml, h 33 Cameron v 

Whiteley Thos H, Irs 33 Cameron av 

Whitworth Geo, elk, h 280 Silverthorn av 

WMtwortti Matilda, gro, 280 Silverthorn av 

Wilbee Edwd, painter, h 23 Kenora cres 

Wilcox Henry, h 10 Langside av 

Wilcox Ira, (wid Chas), h 15 Langside av 

Wild Harry, h 22 Reed cres 

Wild Walter, millwright, h 20 Reed cres 

Williams David, lab, h 60 Lacey av 

Williamson Alfred, shppr, h 18 Hillary av 

Willis Walter, tmstr, h 396 Silverthorn av 

Wilson Edith A, opr, Ivs 18 Rowntree av 

Wilson Edwd, lab, h 569 Blackthorn av 

Wilson Mary J (wid Geo), h 18 Rowntree af 

Wilson Thos H, brklyr, h 47 Kane av 

Windsor Edwd h 21 Donald av 

Windsor Stephen, lab, h 211 Chambers av 

Withey Henry E, mattress mkr, h 4 Strathcona af 

Woodard Russell, h 6 Commodore av 

Woodcock Chas, brklyr, h 18 Donald av 

Woolfrey Alfred, carp, h 14 Rowntree av 

Wort Geo J, carp, h 5 Commodore av 

Wray Augustus, h 7 Commodore av 

Wright Reginald, moto mecli, h 22 Rowntree av 

Yates Jos, emp Crown Cork Co, h 69 Cameron av 

Yellop Edgar, car repr, h 71 Cameron av 


Four and a half miles west of 'City Hall nr Sunnvside. 
Post Office Swansea. Take King or Queen cars to 
end of line, or Dundas car to Bloor w, thence Civic car 

Abbott John, lub, li 11 Mai-Held av 

Abraham Wm G, Ivs 16 Ellis av 

Adamsiui Alev, bkpr, h 57 Beresford av 

Adamson Alex jr, Ivs 57 Berestord av 

Aikins Robt J, supt Grenadier Ice & Coal Co. h< ' 
I tenth e 

Mshford Jos J, mach. li 38 Durie av Maud, opr, Ivs 8 Kennedy av 

Aishford Wm, mach, h 8 Kennedy av 

Allen Annie (wid Thos), Ivs 4 Berestord av 

Allen Jos, shipper, h 75 Mnrningside av 

Aiidertou Catherine, opr, Ivs 83 nunnymede rd 

Anderton Mary A (wid Edwin), h 83 Runnymede rd 

Anderton Theresa, Ivs 83 Runnymede rd 

Anderton Wm D, shppr, Ivs 83 Runnymede rd 

\ndrews Arthur P, drvr, h 93 Durie av 

Anguish Hazel, tclir Swansea Public School, res Toronto 

Antonia Wosik, gro 12 Windermere av 

Apted Edwd. printer, h 82 Jane 

Apted Geraldine, stenog, Ivs 82 Jane 

Archer Alfred J, carp, h 347 Windermere af 

Armstrong Chas E, trav, h 149 Beresford av 

Armstrong Geo, h 55 Southport rd 

Arnold Alvin, weaver, h 73 Park rd 

Arntfleld Alice Ivs 51 Ellis av 

Arntfleld Fredk S. h 51 Ellis av 

ArntSeld Glenna E, Ivs 51 Ellis av 

Arntfleld Raymond V. Ivs 51 Ellis av 

Ashby Geo H, mldr, h 14 Mayneld av 

Ashworth Wm, elk, h 88 Lavinia av 

Attridge Edwd J, h 42 Momingside av 

Aubrey Alfred, mach, h 67 Beresford av 

Augustus Wm, h 24 Durie av 

Balfour Martyn D, cleaner & presser 107 Runnymede rd, 
res Toronto 

Ball Fredk G, moto, h 70 Bwestord av 

Ball James W, h 116 Runnymede rd 

Hanks Alexander, carp, h 58 Beresford av 

Barker Albert, elk, h 112 Durie av 

Barker Arthur, carp, h 112 Durie av 

Barker Wm, umbrella mkr, Ivs 112 Durie av 

Barrett Chas E, mach, h 54 Lavinia av 

Barton John, weaver, h 41 Windermere av 

Barton Winifred, elk Imp Oil Co, Ivs 41 Windermere av 

Bater Chas, brklyr, h 47 Kennedy av 

Baxter Henry, lab, h 122 Windermere av 

Baxter Richd, lab, Ivs '122 Windermere av 

Beacroft Wm A, elk, b 64 Ellis av 

Bcattie Fredk, pntr. h 22 Morningsloe av 

Beatty Harvey, bldr, h 100 Beresford av 

Bell Helen, stenog, Ivs 36 Kennedy av 

Bell Jas, lab, h 36 Kennedy av 

Bell Julia, elk, Ivs S6 Kennedy av 

Bell Sarah A, stenog, Ivs 36 Kennedy av 

Berry Daniel, plstr, h 197 Windermere av 

Binning Jos, mach, h 67 Southport rd 

Blackwell Martha (wid Frank), Ivs 17 Beresford av 

Blair Mary (wid David), h 61 Kennedy av 

Blair Wm G, bkpr, b 59 Kennedy av 

Blake Albert, chauff, Ivs 6 Windermere pi 

Blake Jos, driver, Ivs G Windermere pi 

Blake Lillian Mrs, h 6 Windwmere pi 

Blatchford John, h 1 Durie av 

Bolton Margt (wid Geo), Ivs 51 Lavinia av 

Boorman Geo E, mach Steel Co of Canada, h. 53 Sduth- 
port rd 

Booth Henry H, carp, h 285 Windermere af 

Boulter Chas, mach, h 22 Windermere av 

Bowles Chas, inach. li 189 Windermere av 

Bowles John, mach Steel Co of Canada, h 293 Winder- 
mere av 

Brack Kdwd, h 112 Runnymede rd 

Brack Jas E, Ivs 112 Runnymede rd 

Brady James G, pipe ftr, b 45 Durl at 

Bridge John E, h 35 Kennedy av 

Bridgewater Clarence, supt Postal Pillars, h 60 Lavinia at 

Bridgewater Wm, sheet metal wkr, h 64 Lavinia af 

Hromwicli Thos D, elect, h 20 Ellis af 

Brooks Harvey, Ivs 102 Runnymede rd 

Brooks John, h 102 Runnymede rd 

Brooks Wm, mach, Ivs 102 Runnymede rd 

Brown Wm, moto, h 2 Durie av 

Brydson David, trav, h 3 Morninsside av 

Brj'dson Jas, blksmth, h 80 Windermere av 

Brydson Sarah (wid James) , Ivs 4 Ellis av 

Ruckley Saml, carp, h 47 Durie av 

Bullock Gertrude H, (wid Wilfred), 'h 115 Runnymede it 

Byles Wm J, shoes, 271 Windermere av, h same 

Byron Mary (wid Geo), Ivs 2331 Bloor w 

Bynin Winnifred, nurse, h 2331 Bloor w 

Caljle Ihrry, painter, h 95 Beresford av 

F. J. SMITH & CO. 

Properties For Sale in all parts of the 
City and Suburbs. Insurance. Rents 
Collected. 36 TORONTO STREET 

' Specialists In 

Home Furnishing" 



Calder John 0, carp, h (>5 Kennedy av 

Cameron Wm K. marh Steel Co of Canada, Ivs 60 

MoMiingside av 

Campbell Agnes A, elk Fred Fish foal Co, Ivs 43 Ellis av 
Cannon Catherine (wid TliosJ, h 42 Beresford av 
Cannon Dora, Its 42 Beresford av 
Cannon Edith, Ivs 42 Beresford av 
Carles Albert, madi. ll 85 Dltrie av 
Carless Edmond L, lab, h 111 Rimnymede rd 
Carless Henry, elect, h 55 Beresford av 
Carr Handd, blr mkr. h 52 Queen w 
Carr John, driver Steel Co of Canada, h 4 Windermere pi 
Carr John, iron wkr, h 42 Queen w 
Carrothers ?;idon T, dentist 2221 Bloor w, res Toronto 
Cavell Edwd, h 31 Park rd 
Chalmers James, lab, h 42 */ Morningside a? 
Chamberlain Stephen H, diiver, h 51 Durie av 
Chapman Chas, h 30 Morningside av 
Cheyne J Gordon, pastor Morningside Presbyterian Church 

h 38 Kennedy av 

Chili-ott Albert. E, Ivs 91 Rimnymede rd 
Chilcott Clifford, Ivs 91 Runnvmede rd 
Chilcott Dorothy, Ivs 91 Rimnymede rd 
Chilcott Georgina (wid Edwd) . h 91 Rimnymede rd 
Clayton Alfred C, plmbr, h 3 Park rd 
Clayton Fanny, Ivs 90 Windermere av 
Clayton Fannie G (wid Jos), Ivs 7 Ellis av 
Clayton Fredk w, plmbr, h 90 Witidermere av 
Coalcs Herbert, Ivs 166 Windermere av 
Coates Martha C (wid Wm), h 106 Windermere av 
Coates Wm E, brklvr. h 172 Windermere av 
Coe Frcdk, li 287 Windermere av 
Coe Zachariah S, tmstr, h 17 Lavinia av 
Cule I'hilii). h 32 Kennedy av 
Collins Geo E, moto, h 80 Runnymede rd 
Collison Wm, emp Eaton's, h 56 Lavina av 
Conner Alfred, eond, h 4 [Vurie av 
Cook Wm T, carp, h 39 Dnrie av . 

Coombs Caroline (wid Tlios), h 02 Ellis av 
Coombs Florence, Ivs 62 Ellis av 
Cooper Wm D, Ivs 17 Ostend av 
Craig John, stonemason, h 51 Sonthport rd 
Crilly Wm, tmstr, h 36 Park rd 
Crofimt Cbauncey W, li 153 BiTesford av 
Crombie Agnes (wid Mitchell), h 49 Lavinia a> 
Croiii'h Wm, lab, h 20 Durie av 
Cummines Alfred E, h in; Beresford av 
Cummins Louise, Ivs 96 Beresford av 
Dancy Arthur H, contr. h 55 Ellis ?,v 
Daucy Harold, Ivs 55 Ellis av 
Dancy Roderick, can., Ivs 55 Ellis av 
Dath Jas, gro 39 Windermere av, h same 
'Davidson Alfred, mach, h 01 Morningside av 
Davidson Isabella (wid Abcrcrombie) , Ivs 89 Durie av 
Davidson James, elk, h 89 Uurie av 
Davidson Kdbt H. tile mkr, h 10 Windermere pi 
Davis Harry L, drug elk, h 2271 Bloor w 
Davis Hobt. carp, h 100 Runnymede rd 
Davis Wm H jr, lab, h 44 Beresford av 
Dearden Ark, Ivs 35 Beresford av 
Dearden Emma Mrs. h 35 Beresford av 
Dearden Gladys, opr, Ivs 50 Lavinia av 
Dearden John, lab, h 21 May-field av 
Dearden John, gdnr, h 50 Lavinia av 
Deirdcn Waiter, elk. Ivs 50 Lavinia av 
Oearle Bergin T, exp messr. h 129 Durie av 
De Foe Arthur B, emp Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, h 

68 Ellis av 

De Foe Doris L, Ivs 68 Ellis av 
Degoey Henry, cond, h 64 Runnymede rd 
Dennis Pauline Mrs, h 63 Morningside av 
Diplock Frank, lab, h 105 Runnymede rd 
Ditchburn Stanley, lab, h 18 Runnymede rd 
Donaldson Frank, lab, h 79 Park rd 
Downey Wm, tool mkr, h 145 Beresford av 
Drew John G, Ivs 52 Beresford av 
Drew Riohd, h 52 Beresford av 
Drew Kichd jr, h 48 Beresford av 
Drew Violet. Ivs 52 Beresford av 
l/iii'kwurth Alfred, flremn, h 43 Durie av 
Dunn Wyman. chauff, Ivs 26 Morningside av 
Eason Wm 0, grinder, h 47 Morningside av 

! !)!. lis r, Beresfi>rd av 
Edse Harold, h 13 Beresford av 
Edee Jos, h 5 Beresford av 
Edge Walter, elk, Ivs 5 Beresford av 
Edmunds Wilfred, Ivs 44 Lavinia av 
Edmunds Alfred, h 44 Lavinia av 
Edmunds Alfred jr, elect, Ivs 44 Lavinia a? 
Edmunds Geo. lab, h (is Durie av 
Edwards Frwlk L. elk, Ivs 43 Lavinia av 
Edwards John, elk Simpsons, h 43 Lavinia av 
Edwards Minnie (wid John) , h 43 Lavinia av 
Ellis John, h 7 Ellis av 
Essex Marion (wid Jas L), h 46 Lavinia av 
Everdeen Beatrice, opr, Ivs 27 Mayfleld av 

ii Thns E. candy mkr, h 27 Mayneld av 

Everdeen Violet, opr. lv.; 27 Mayneld av 
Fawcett Robt, elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 
Feast Arthur R. plstr, h 66 Runnymede rd 
Feast Herbert N, plstr, h 68 Runnymede rd 
Fenton John E, mach, h 97 Sotithport rd 
Fenton Lome E, mach Steel Co of Canada, h 60 Morn- 
ingside av 

Fenton Robl, oik, Ivs 97 Southport rd 
Ferguson John, packer. Ivs 24 Beresford av 
Ferguson Wm T, mach, h 24 Beresford av 
Fife Kenneth E, elect, h 114 Runnymcde av 
Fish Fredk A, h 43 Ellis av 
Fish John, sorter P terminal, h 23 Park rd 
Fish Lena, Ivs 23 Park rd 
Fish Mabel, Ivs 23 Park rd 
Foman Henry, driver Eaton's, h 80 Park rd 
Foreman Alfred V, h 95 Southport rd 
Foreman Edwd, Ivs 95 Southport rd 
Foreman Frank, weighmstr, h 93 Southport rd 
Foreman Louis, elect, Ivs 95 Southport rd 
Fowler Doris, elk, Ivs 16 Ellis av 
Fowler Henry, inspr Brown's Rolling Mills, h 16 Ellis 


Foyle Chas, h 56 Beresford av 
Freeman Trios H, mach, h 31 Kennedy av 
Frost Geo W, switchman, h 263 Windermere av 
Garland Gerald, toolmkr, h 61 Runnymede rd 
Gemmell Amelia, h 31 Ellis av 
Gerow Frank, trav, h 147 Beresford av 
Gibbons Jos, h 12 Kennedy av 
Giles Frank J, mldr, h 20 Lavinia av 
Glenney James, elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 
Goldring Ida, tchr Swansea Public School, res Toronto 
Holding W D, trav, h 151 Beresford av 
Goodenough Chas A, brklyr, h 53 Beresford av 
Goodenough Geo E, painter, h 76 Lavinia av 
Goodison Geo, (Goodison & Trelford), h 74 Runnymede 


Goodison & Trelford, dairymen 74 Runnymede rd 
Goudy Jas, h 302 Windermere av 
Gouinlock James, ins agt, h 47 Ellis av 
Gould John B, jwlr, h 53 Lavinia av 
Graham James J, comp, Ivs 221 Windermere av 
Graham John C, trav, h 221 \Vidermere av 
Graham Lillian, stenog, Ivs 221 Windermere av 
Gray Chas A. lab, h 69 Beresford av 
Gray Geo. lab, h 35 Park rd 
Gray Hairy, mach, h 73 Morningside av 
Gray Jean, dresmkr, Ivs 84 Runnymede rd 
Gray liicliil, mach, h 84 Runnymede rd 
Green Alex G, mach, h 16 Kennedy av 
Green Alex G jr, Ivs 16 Kennedy av 
Green Duncan, elk, Ivs 16 Kennedy av 
Gict-n Wm, elk, Ivs 16 Kennedy av 
Greenwood Thos, weaver, h 94 Lavinia av 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, Robt J Aiklns supt, depot and 

yards 1 Ellis av 

Griffin Ernest, metal plshr, h 94 Beresford av 
Haines Wm F, barber 2221A Bloor w. res Toronto 
Hall Gertrude, stenog, Ivs 37 Ellis av 
Hall Gladys, Ivs 37 Ellis av 
Hall Muriel, tchr, Ivs 37 Ellis av 
Hall Wm H, msr Can Surety Co, h 37 Ellis m 
Hall Wm F, elk Eaton's, h 106 Beresford av 
Hamilton Wm S, trav, h 90 Runnymede rd 
Hancock Arthur J, painter, h 40 Morningside av 
Hancock Dorothy, opr, Ivs 40 Morningside av 
Harris Albert, dry gds 267 Windermere av, h same 
Harrison Arthur h 20 Beresford av 
Harrison Chas A, supt Dom Sewer Pipe & Clay Indus- 
tries, res Mimico 
Harrison John, h 60 Beresford av 
Harrison John jr, Ivs 60 Beresford av 
Harrison John J, elk Dom Sewer Pipe & Clay Industries. 

res Mimico 

Hartley Albert, Ivs 80 Lavinia av 
Haslam Alice, stenog, Ivs 269 Windermere av 
Haslam Bertha, stenog, Ivs 269 Windermere av 
Haslam Saml, carp h 269 Windermere av 
Haslam Wm, C. Ivs 269 Windermere av 
Hastie Hugh K, stone ctr, h 6 Ostend av 
HastiiiKs- Wm A, carp, h 103 Runnymede rd 
llavvkc Jason B, elk, h 28 Kennedy av 
ll.irtins Mwinda J Mrs, h 73 Windermere av 
Hayes John, brklyr, h 10 Durie av 
He.ilil Edwd, carp, Ivs 41 Furniss av 
Heblies Alfred G, lab, h 114 Durie av 
Helilics Archd J, Ivs 114 Durie av 
Henderson John, elk Eaton's, h 16 Windermere av 
Henderson Wm R, trav, h 141 Beresford av 
Henry Wm J, mach, h 101 Runnymede rd 
Hill Chas. tmstr, h 68 Beresford av 
Hill Henry, mach, Ivs 68 Beresford av 
Hill John, lab, h 88 Park rd 
Hiiitmi Alfred, gdnr, h 339 Windcrmere av 
Hinton Matilda, (wid Wm), Ivs 339 Windermere av 

Hislop John H, brass mldr, h 58 Durie av 
Hiscox John, h 54 Queen w 
Hodgson Walter F, elk, h 121 Durie av 
Holmes Eleanor, opr, Ivs 64 Windermere av 
Holmes Elizth (wid W G), h 64 Windermere av 
Holroyd Jas A, elk Wilkinson's, Ivs 2203 Bloor w 
Hor.eywill Ernest C, gro. 29 Park rd, h same 
Hood Garfield G, sis dcpt Steel Co of Can Ltd, res To- 

Hooey Wilbert, h 33 Ellis av 
Houldsworth John H, mach, h 18 Lavinia av 
Howard Abner A, gro. 33 Lavinia av, h same 
Howard Esther (wid Alfred), Ivs 172 Windermere av 
Howard Francis A (wid Alfred II), h 99 Runnymede rd 
Howard Lome A, mach, h 88 Windermere av 
Howard Norman V, florist 9 Morningside av, h same 
Howard Sidney H, journalist, h 41 Ellis av 
Howard Wm, lab, h 66 Windermere av 
Howarth Geo. elev opr, h 92 Windermere av 
Howarth Hilda, opr, Ivs 92 Windermere av 
Howarth John, driver, h 42 Lavinia av 
Howarth John W, driver, h 42 Lavinia av 
Howell Melbourne, lab, h 92 Beresford av 
Howse Byron, supt YMCA (West End br), h e s Jane 
Hoyle Charlotte (tfid Jabez), li 21 Durie av 
Hoyle Lucy, Ivs 21 Durie av 
Hudson Ernest, sign writer, h 121 Runnymede rd 
Hughes Jas, carp, h 44 Ellis av 
Hughes Lottie, mlnr, Ivs 44 Ellis av 
Hughes Maud, tel opr. Ivs 44 Ellis av 
Hunt Agnes, slsldy. Ivs 51 Morningside av 
Hunt Arthur, Ivs 51 Morningside av 
Hunt Hamilton, driver, h 51 Morningside av 
Hunt Jas P, carp, Ivs 37 Durie av 
Hunt John, lab, h 41 Durie av 
Hunt Thos, lab, Ivs 41 Durie av 
Hunt Wm, Ivs 37 Durie av 
Hunt Wm, carp, h 37 Durie av 
Hutchison Alex B, brklyr, h 23 Kennedj av 
Hutchison David, mach, h 21 Kennedy av 
Ivory Muriel, stenog Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 
Jecks Clarence E, flremn, h 199 Windermere av 
Jecks Irene, Ivs 199 Windermere av 
Jenkins Peter, shppr, h 223 Windermere ar 
Jennings Robt, lab, h 68 Windermere av 
Jennings Wm, lab, Ivs 68 Windermere av 
Johns Ernest, elk P 0, h 80 Lavinia av 
Junes Lyle. timekpr. Ivs e s Jane 
Jones Wesley, mnfr. h e s Jane 
Jones Wm. postman, h 10 Kennedy av 
Jolliffe Fredk, draughtsmn, h 283 Windermere av 
Kaye Wm, plstr, h 16 Runnymede rd 
Kemp John, mach, h 71 Morningside av 
Kendrigan Geo, lab, Ivs 57 Lavinia av 
Kent Allen, Ivs 54 Kennedy av 
Kent John A, contr, h 54 Kennedy av 
Kent 1 Irwin, h 56 Kennedy av 
Kennedy Thos, vice-pres and mng dir Dom Sewer Pipe 

& Clay Industries, Ltd, res Toronto 
Kerfoot Thos, h 253 Windermere av 
Kerr Jas, saw mkr, h 87 Durie av 
Knowles Geo, carp, h e s Mosson rd 
Land Geo J, Ivs 14 Riiiinymede rd 
Land Thos P, tmstr, h 14 Runnymede rd 
Lauder John, h 14 Durie av 
Lecdham Edwd lab. h 61 Southport rd 
l.eedham Fredk A, mldr, h 69 Southport rd 
Leedham John E, eng, h 73 Southport rd 
Leedham John E jr, lab, Ivs 73 Southport rd 
Leedham John, mach Steel Co of Canada, h 343 Winder- 
mere av 

I/eedham Jos, Ivs 61 Southport rd 
Leedham Thos, mach. Ivs 61 Southport rd 
Leek Ernest, ydmn CTR. h 12 Windermere pi 
Leek Watson, Ivs 59 Southport rd 
Leigltton Jas W, porter h 5 Runnymede rd 
Le'.Mottee Fredk, elk, h 92 Runnymede rd 
Leslie Albert J, bldr, h 308 Windermere av 
Leslie Roy C, Ivs 308 Windermere av 
Leushner Fredk P. eng, h 51 Beresford av 
Lev-is Howard, Ivs 67 Durie av 
Levis Jos, h 67 Durie av 
Levis Walter, Ivs 67 Durie av 
Lindsay Arthur V, rubber wkr, h 98 Runnymede rd 
Lloyd Alfred T, elect, h 70 Lavinia av 
Lloyd Ernest, Ivs 92 Lavinia av 
Lloyd Mary (wid Wm), h 92 Lavinia av 
Lloyd Wilfred T, moto, h 65 Beresford av 
Long Geo, mgr Wm Rennie Co, Ltd, h 11 Ellis av 
Long Violet, Ivs 11 Ellis av 
Longhurst Albert E, mach. h 59 Beresford av 
Lutkin Wm, steel wkr, h 17 Uurie av 
Lynn Jas, mach, h 33 Lavinia av 
Lyons Dennis, gdnr, Ivs 29 Mayneld av 
Lyons James H. mldr, h 29 Mayneld av 
Macliniiald John E, tmstr, h 79 Beresford av 
Main Geo. carp, h 55 Lavinia av 




Telephone Adelaide 6610 


COLOR COMPANY, Limited iS&tm. 





Mansell Edwd, stockpr Lowney's. h 83 Durie av 

Mark Mary (wid Alex), h 86 Runnymede rd 

Mark Vim M, engr. h 86 Runnymede rd 

Markle John, Ivs 14 Kennedy av 

Martin Albert, mach, h 58 Kennedy M 

Martin B Wm, carp, b 94 Runnymede rd 

Martin Chas \V. carp, li 07 Bunnymede rd 

Martin Henry G. Ivs 09 Runnymede rd 

Martin Thns G. adjuster, Ivs 94 Kunnymede rd 

Mason Geo H. draftsmn, h 62 Windermere av 

Misters Job, h 51 Lavinia a? 

Ma>es Albert, bolt mkr, h 15 Dune av 

Miylott Albert, mach, h 30 Kennedy av 

Maylott Leslie, elect Ivs 30 Kennedy av 

Mayoli John T, h 71 Beresford ar 

Maynard Fredk, stmftr, h e s Kennedy av 

McArthur Arctid C, roach, h 32 Beresford a? 

McBeth David G, h 28 Mayfleld av 

McBeth DonaM J, carp, h 29 Ostend av 

McCormack Wm, coll, h 7 Beresford av 

McCreary Richd, mach, h 53 Kennedy ar 

McCrindle Hugh, h 68 Lavinia av 

McCrindle Marion (wid Andrew), Ivs 46 Lavinia av 

McCulla Annie, nurse, Ivs 233 Windermere av 

McCulla Mary J, h 233 Windermere ar 

McCulla Wm 11. h 233 Winctermere av 

McGiffin Anna B (wid John S), Ivs 39 Ellis av 

McGiffin Robt B, arch h 39 Ellis av 

McGuinn Jos, Ivs 2331 Bloor w 

Mclnnes Donald h 288 Windermere av 

Mclnnes Mary, Ivs 288 Windermere av 

Mclnnes Sarah Mrs, h 20 Windermere av 

McKee Fredk, Ivs 24 Morningside av 

McKee Robt, rubber wkr, h 33 Ostend av 

McKee Saml E, pressr, h 24 Morningside av 

McKissoek Percy K, real est 2227 Bloor w, h 2G Run- 
nymede rd 

Mclaughlin John, lab, h 36 Windermere ar 

McLean Fanny (wid Wm G), h 14 Kennedy av 

McLean Fredk, shipper, Ivs 14 Kennedy av 

McLean Edwd. Ivs 14 Kennedy av 

McLean Wm, motor mech. h 34 Windermere av 

McLeod Jennie, tchr Swansea Pub Schl. res Toronto 

Mear Chas E, mach, h 78 Lavinia av 

Medland Fredk C, trav CGE, h 9 Ellis av 

Mills Alfred plmbr, h 61 Lavinia av 

Mills Mortimer stmftr, h 125 Durie av 

Mills Saml, lab, h 279 Windermere av 

Mintboro Geo, bolt mkr, h 48 Lavinia av 

Mitchell Albert, bkpr, h 4 Ellis ar 

Mitchell John, h 72 Windermere ar 
-Monckton Chas. h 66 Lavinia av 

Morant Fredk G, emp P 0, h 57 Durie av 

Morgan Alice, h 9 Park rd 

Morningside Presbyterian Church, Rev J Gordon Cheyne, 
pastor, n s Morningside av cor Kennedy ar 

Mortenson Harold, furrier, h 143 Beresford av 

Morton Emiinuel, carp, h 70 Windermere av 

Morton J Arthur, Ivs 70 Windermere av 

Moses Myra, tchr Swansea Pub Schl res Toronto 

Mottershaw Wm, Ivs 199 Windermere av 

Mouland Arthur, h 17 Beresford av 

Muir Jas G journalist, h 35 Ellis ar 

Muirhead Grace, elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Mundy Alex, chauff, h 69 Morningside ar 

Mnnd'y Elgin, cabt mkr, h 44 Morninsside av 

Murray Roxie. Ivs 57 Southport rd 

Nash Gordon. Ivs 70 Ellis av 

Nash P Marvin, pattern mkr, h 70 Ellis ar 

Neal Roland, printer, h 34 Morningside ar 

Neave Edwd J. h 57 Southport rd 

Nelson Bcatiice. tel opr, Irs 97 Park rd 

Nelson Betsy, Ivs 97 Park td 

Nelson Harry, mldr, Ivs 74 Lavinia ar 

Nelson James, mach, h 97 Park rd 

Nelson Rose (wid Walter S), h 34 Kennedy ar 

Nicholls Geo. optician Eaton's, h 5 Park rd 

Norton Fredk R, sheet metal wkr, h 18 Beresford ar 

O'Brien James, real est agt, h 2281 Bloor w 

O'Brien Margt, Ivs 2281 Bloor w 

O'Brien Mary E (wid Edwd J), h 57 Lavinia ar 

O'Brien Wm J, Ivs 2281 Bloor w 

Ogram Jennie, tchr Swansea Pub Schl res Toronto 

Oliver Wm 0, asst sujit Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Olsen Stana, h 18 Ellis av 

Orlowjki Geo, lab, h 77 Windermere ar 

Orr Arthur B. nnat bldr, h 40 Queen w 

Or Jos, caretkr Swansea Pub Schl. h 301 Windermere ar 

Oughton Wm J, carp, h 75 Park rd 

Oxley Leonard, h 22 Durie ar 
Palmer Herbert A, arch, h 1 Park rd 
Parker Wm H, cond, h 62 Kennedy ar 
Paterson Annie H, slsldy, Ivs 86 Beresford ar 
PatiTsnn Elizth (wid Thos), h 36 Beresford ar 
Paterson Thos G, cond, h 52 Durie ar 
Patterson Jessie, drsmkr, Ivs 36 Beresford ar 

Pearl Ida, elk, Ivs 172 Windermere av 

Pegg Kichd .J, btchr 69 Park rd, h same 

Pellatt Sir Henry M, pres Dom Sewer Pipe & Clay Indus- 
tries. Ltd, res Toronto 

Peres John, miller Campbell Flour Mills, h 13 Mayfleld av 

Perry Arthur R, acct, h 79 Runnymede rd 

Perry Wm jr, lab, h IS Windermere ar 

Perry Wm, lab, h 18 Windermere ar 

Peterson Chas, h 48 Durie av 

Phillips Edwd, elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Pinkney Hector, lab, h 91 Park rd 

Pittaway Francis, lab, h 25 Beresford av 

Pizzariello Mark, granite ctr, h 108 Runnymede rd 

Plumb Leonard, mldr, h 74 Lavinia ar 

Priestley Beatrice, tel opr, Ivs 161 Jane 

Priestley Edmund, mach, Irs 161 Jane 

Priestley Gordon, Ivs 161 Jane 

Priestley Wm, carp, h 161 Jane 

Price Allan N, wood wkr, h 247 Windermere ar 

Prossar Edna, Ivs 26 Windermere av 

Prosser Saml, mach, h 26 Windermere av 

Purvey Ernest, brklyr, h 67 Kennedy ar 

Putt Ella, elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Putt Wm F, chief elk Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Kabjohn Albert, mldr. h 46 Morningside ar 

Babjohn Anna (wid Richd), Irs 46 Morningside ar 

Kabjohn Arthur R, pressman, h 52 Morningside ar 

Rabjohn Earl, driver, Ivs 52 Morningside ar 

Rabjohn Jos W, prntr, h 18 Kennedy ar 

Race Edith, Ivs 120 Windermere ar 

Race Gladys, Ivs 120 Windermere av 

Race Harry, h 120 Windermere av 

Race Richd H, night wtchmn, h fi Beresford av 

Raison Arthur, h 55 Kennedy ar 

Raymond Percy, carp, h 79 Southport rd 

Reburn Lome, bldr, h 108 Durie av 

Rennie Sarah (wid Wm), h 11 Ellis ar 

Rew Arthur II, h 98 Lavinia av 

Rich Richd, h 21 Beresford ar 

Rich Thos, h 21 Beresford av 

Richards Doris, Ivs 92 Park rd 

Richards Florence, opr Sunbeam Lamp Co, Ivs 92 Park rd 

Richards Gilbert, lab, Ivs 92 Park td 

Richards Thos, plstr, h 92 Park rd 

Riley Harry, lab, Ivs 11 Ostend av 

Riley John, lab. h 11 Ostend ar 

Robe Millie (wid Albert), h 74 Ellis ar 

Roberts Benj, lab, h 19 Durie ar 

Roberts Margt A (wid John), h 26 Morningside ar 

Roberts Thos, slsmn, h 1 Morningside av 

Robinson David H, h 38 Morningside ar 

Robinson John, eler opr, h 20 Durie ar 

Robinson John G, h 2259 Bloor w 

Robson Wm R, slsman, h 25 Ostend ar 

Ross Garnet, purch agt Steel Co of Can Ltd, res Toronto 

Ross Geo C, h 13 Kennedy av 

Ross Geo S jr, elk Can Express, Ivs 13 Kennedy av 

Ross Norman C, h 127 Durie av 

Rowan David E. btchr Harris Abattoir, h 106 Durie av 

Rowan Wm, bldr, h 89 Runnymede rd 

Rowland Wm A', mgr Steel Co of Canada, h 277 Indian rd 

Rule John, foremn Grenadier Ice & Coal Co. res Toronto 

Rush Aaron D, elk Bank of Toront* Ivs 33 Mayfleld av 

Rush John, lab, h 33 Mayfleld av 

Rush John G, elk Bank of Hamilton, Ivs 33 Mayfleld av 

Rusk John A, tmstr, h 50 Runnymede rd 

Rusk Wm L, brklyr, h 52 Runnymede rd 

Russell Annie E, emp Sunbeam Lamp Co, Irs 251 Winder- 
mere avenue 

Russell Henry, h 251 Windcrmere ar 

Russell Hettie, emp Batons, Ivs 251 Windermere av 

Russell Jos V, Ivs 251 Windermere ar 

Ruthven Frank, pressman, h 15 Morningside av 

Rhyme Wm T, carp, h 48 Runnymede td 

St Glares Church (Ang) Rev Wm H H Sparks rector, 43 
Windermere av, res Toronto 

Sala Casimer, h 75 Windermere ar 

Salisbury Saml R, carp, h rear 101 Runnymede rd 

Siilv.vtion Army Hall Swansea, cor Lavinia av Morn- 
ingside ar, E W Smith, C Envoy 

Schiller .Donald D, carp, h 3 Ostend av 

Sharpies Alfred, lab, h 32 Durie ar 

Sharpies Rita, stenog, Ivs 32 Durie av 

Sharpies Theresa, opr, Ivs 32 Durie av 

Sliaw Chas B, carp, h 15 Beresford ar 

Shaw Geo E, fur tnshr, Ivs 19 Beresford ar 

Shelley Wm H, h 57 Kennedy av 

Sheppard John, carp, h 15 Mayfleld ar 

Short Gladys H, stenog, Ivs 66 Kennedy ar 

Short John A, principal Swansea Pub Schl, h 66 
Kennedy av 

Shred Albert E, h 53 Durie ar 

Simons Albert E, driver, h 7 Durie av 

Simons Alfred, Ivs 9 Durie av 

Simons Chas, mach, Ivs 9 Durie av 

Simons Florence E, opr, Ivs 9 Durie ar 

Simons Frek J, mach, h 11 Durie ar 

Simons Mabel C, opr Sunbeam Lamp Co. Ivs 9 Durie av 

Simons Wm J. mach, h 4 Beresford ar 

Sinclair Alice E, tchr Swansea Pub Schl, res Toronto 

Sinclair Jas L, rubber wkr, h 16 Lavinia av 

Sinclair Simon D, gro 2269 Bloor w, h same 

Sinclair Walter, mason, h 23 Ostend av 

Sinclair Walter A, carp, h 349 Windermere ar 

Sinclair Wm L, elk, hs 23 Ostend av 

Smith Adam F, adr agt, h 45 Ellis ar 

Smith Agnes H, Ivs 10 Morningside ar 

Smith Chas F, h 87 Lavinia av 

Smith Dorothy, opr, Ivs 104 Runnymede rd 

Smith Ella, h 17 Ostend av 

Smith Ernest K, carp, h 104 Runnymede rd 

Smith Frank, elect, Ivs 104 Runnvmede rd 

Smith Frank, limb mkr, h 46 Kennedy av 

Smith Geo, contr, h 62 Durie av 

Smith Harold, carp, h 76 Runnymede rd 

Smith Helen M, Ivs 10 Morningsirie av 

Smith John, slsmn. h 1(18 Windermere av 

Smith Jos D. lab Tor Brick Works, h 164 Windermere ar 

Smith Jos H, mach, Ivs 164 Windermere av 

Smith Robt C, adv ast, h 10 Morningside av 

Smith May. nurse Ivs 92 Betesford av 

Smith Thomas F, h 19 Ostenfl av 

Smith Wallace, driver, h 2 Runnymede rd 

Smith Wm, driver, h 54 Runnvmede rd 

Smith Wm, Ivs 20 Park rd 

Smyth Jas, h 32 Windermere av 

Snarr Percy, trav, h 119 I'mrie av 

Soanes John M, rubber wkr. h 137 Beresford ar 

-Soanes Mack, secty Boys Naval Brigade, h 135 Beresford 


Soper Geo 11, hdware 275 Windermere av, h same 
Sparks Wm H H Rev, rector St Olaves Ans Church 
Specksnyder Wm, mach, h 93 Durie ar 
Spry Albert J, elk, h 155 Beresford ar 
Spuffard Alfred, h 2 Windermere ar 
Spuffard Queenie, opr, Ivs 2 Windermere av 
Stanton rubber wkr, Ivs 44 Ellis av 
Stark Gordon, flremn GTR, Ivs 59 Southport rd 
Stark John, stuct iron wkr, h 59 Southport rd 
Steel Co of Canada, head Office Hamilton, Wm A Row- 
land mgr, e s Windermwe av, factory w 3 Windtrmere 

Stephens John, supt Steel Co of Canada Ltd, res Toronto 
I Stephens Walter J, druggist 2221 Bloor w, h same 
I Stevens Janet (wid Chas), Ivs 47 Morningside av 
j Stinson Maud, Irs 25 Durie ar 
I Stinson Robt, silver wkr, h 25 Durie av 
Stokes Wm, mach, h 34 Mayfield ar 
Suggett Marshall, h 28 Windermere ar 
Sullivan Wm, lab, Ivs 55 Southport rd 
Swansea Public School, John- A Short principal, e 9 

U'indermere av 

Sykes John H, tmstr, h 29 Lavinia ar 
Thistlethwaite Jeffrey, bldr, h 18 Mayfleld ar 
Thompson Sarah J Mrs, h 58 Lavinia ar 
Todd Clive, h rear 115 Runnymede rd 
Todd Cyril, Irs rear 115 Runnymede rd 
Tran Thos D, shipper Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, h 12 

Ellis av 

Trelford Homer (Goodison & Trelford), Irs 74 Runny- 
mede rd 

Urquhart Fredk, elk Eaton's, h 59 Morningside av 
Vaughan Arthur H, Ivs 14 Lavinia ar 
Vaughan Evelyn, stenog, Ivs 14 Lavinia av 
Vaughan Geo, plstr, h 23 Durie ar 
Vaughan Olive, Ivs 14 Lavinia ar 
Vaughan Philip H, mach Steel Co of Canada, h 14 La 

vinia ar 

Vertigan Arthur, lab, h 15 Ostend av 
Waddington Wra, mldr, h 82 Windermere av 
Waddington Wm jr, opr, Ivs 82 Windermere av 
Waddington Robt, dye setter, Irs 82 Windermere av 
Wade It S, h 104 Duie ar 
Wakelin Fredk C, ptrn mkr. h 11 Lavinia ar 
Walker Geo, h 74 Windermere av 
Walker J.ts, cond, h 15 Kennedy av 
Wallace Hazel, cashier, Ivs 100 Runnymede rd 
Wallace Lloyd acct, h 100 Runnymede rd 
Wallace Margery, tchr, Ivs 100 Runnymede rd 
Wiillis Albert, lab, h 19 Mayfleld av 
Wallis Harry, lab, h 8 Windermere pi 
Wallis Thos K, sec Dom Sewer Pipe & Clay Industries, 

Ltd tes Toronto 

Walterhouse Ernest C, lab Harris Abattoir, h 49 Ken- 
nedy av 

Ward Geo, watchmn, h 20 Lavinia av 
Wasson David, lab, h 14 Ellis ar 
Watson Lillian, Ivs 23 Beresford av 
Watson Rita, Ivs 23 Beresford av 
Wat.-un Stanley, tchr, h 93 Runnymede rd 
Watson Wm, driver, h 23 Beresford ar 
',Vatterorth Maude, tchr Swansea Pub Schl. res Toronto 
Weir Emily (wid Geo). h 21 Windermcre av 

Weir Lyall, elk, Ivs 21 Windermere av 

Wells Florence A (wid Jas D), h 110 Runnymede rd 

R. W. EADES, Real Estate Farm City Properties 

3033 Dundas West, Phone Jet. 4713. Res. 429 Quebec Av. 


Phone Jet. 615. 





Wells John, time kpr, h 259 Windermere av 

Wells Ruth A, Ivs 110 Runnvmede rd 

West Ellen A (wid Wra J), h 30 Morningside av 

Westover Chas, weaver, h 265 Windermere av 

Westover John, lab, h 277 Windermere ar 

Westover Thos, lab, h 89 Park rd 

Wheatley J J Rev, pastor Windermere Are Meth Church 

Whillans Jas A, phy. 20 Park rd. h same 

White Margt A (wid Wm), Ivs 80 Ellis av 

Wick Fredk, Ivs 338 Windermere av 

Wick Oscar, lab, h 338 Windermere av 

Wick Oscar jr, Ivs 338 Windermere av 

Wicks Alice, tel opr, Ivs 104 Beresford av 

Wicks Mabel, tel opr, Ivs 104 Beresford av 

Wicks Saml S jr. elect, Ivs 104 Beresford av 

Wicks Saml S, elect, h 104 Beresford av 

Wilkinson Ralph, gro 2203 Bloor w, h same 

Willis Kathleen (wid Henry), h 90 Beresford av 

Willis Walter H, moto, Ivs 90 Beresford av 

Willmott Norman E, shipper, h 78 Runnymede rd 

Wilson Elmer, Ivs 66 Ellis av 

Wilson Harold, elk, Ivs 66 Ellis av 

Wilson H Morley, h 123 Durie av 

Wilson Jas, paper ruler, h 72 Ellis av 

Wilson John, tool mkr, Ivs 46 Kennedy av 

Wilson John A, h 66 Ellis av 

Wilson J Gordon, elk, Ivs 72 Ellis av 

Wilson Malcolm J, carp, h 33 Beresford av 

Wilson Robt timekpr Swift's, Ivs 72 Ellis av 

Wilson Thos, bolt mkr, h 92 Lavinia a? 

Windermere Av Methodist Church, Rev J J Wheatley 

pastor, w s Windermere av 
Winkworth Evelina (wid Wm), Ivs 88 Park rd 
Winkworth Frank, tmstr, h 63 Beresford av 
Winkworth Mabel, Ivs 63 Beresford ar 
Winkworth Ruby, Ivs 88 Park rd 
Winn Chas D, h 88 Runnymede rd 
Wolfe Chas W, hairdresser h 49 Ellis av 
Wolstenholme Chas W, lab, Ivs 38 Lavinia av 
IVolstenholme Mary (wid Jas), h 38 Lavinla av 
Woodley Mark, hardware 26 Park rd, cor Runnymede rd, 

It same 

Woods Geo, elk, h 64 Kennedy av 
Woods Percy, carp, h 48 Kennedy av 
Woods Wm J, h 139 Beresford av 
Wosik Antonio, gro, h 12 Windermere av 
Wright John H, uro 76 Windermere av, h same 
Vemen Fyfe H, carp, h 80 Ellis av 
Ziegler Jas H, tool mkr, h 59 Lavinia av 
Zurhorst Chas F, Ivs 141 Beresford av 


Four and a half miles east of City Hall. Post Office 
Todmorden. Take Broadview ay car to end of line. 

Adam Arch, slsmn, h 1017 Leslie 

Adam Walter, tmstr. h 19 Cronyn av 

Adams Henry G, warehsemn, h 34 Aldwych av 

Adams Wm, h 130% Bee 

Adams Wm, mach, h 8 Gowan av 

Agland Wm. lab, Ivs 34 Westwood av 

Aitchison TVavid. road foreran Tp York, h 129 Bee 

Airkiiis Peter, h 1121 Don Mills rd 

Allan John, h 1226 Leslie 

Allcroft Edwin H, lab, h 847 Pape av 

Allen Saml, sign writer, h 46% Bee 

Allen Wm D, artist, h 1091 Don Mills rd 

Alley Herbert, enamel wkr, Ivs 78 Muriel av 

Allinsham Arthur H, dept mgr Eaton's, h 1099 Don 

Mills rd 

Allinson Geo A, plmbr, h 6 Westwood av 
Allpress Amos, gro 1238 Pape av, h same 
Amos Geo, elk, h 21 Westwood av 
Anchor Chas driver, Ivs 7 Woodville av 
Anchor Edwin, lab, h 7 Woodville a? 
Anchterlonie Wm, slsmn, h 93 Muriel av 
Anderson Jos, h 91 Bee 
Andrews Albert 1 , brkmkr, h 51 Torrens av 
Andrews Chas, lab, Ivs 224 Woodville av 
Andrews <;*.' If, tm.-tr. fi 15 UVstwood ar 
Andrews Harry, lab, h 224 Woodville av 
Andrews Harry jr, lab, Ivs 224 Woodville av 
Andrews Win, studt, Ivs 11 Gamble av 
Anning Jessie (wid Chas), Ivs 46% Bee 
Archer Arthur H, lab, h 4 Plains rd 
Archer Ifenry W, gas wkr, h 7 Plains rd 
Arlott Sidney, driver, Ivs 16 Torrens av 
Armstrong Andrew, watrhmn, h 125 Cronyn av 
Arnold Harry, lab, h 118 Bee 
Arnold Thos. brkmkr, Ivs 135 Cronyn av 
Ash Kills, elk, h G Burleigh av 
Ash Ernest, elect, h 1093 Don Mills rd 
Ashdown Wm J, mach, h 180 Woodville av 
:'-k Herbert, express, h 28 Aldwych ar 

Athersick Wm, mkt gdnr, h 104 Aldwych a? 
Aumont Eugene, emp Can Transfer Co, h 184 Bee 
Badger Henry J, carp, h 113 Woodycrest ar 
Bailey Benj, lab, h 220 Gowan av 
Bailey Frank, tmstr, h 62 Bee 
Bain Jas brkmkr, h 1030 Pape av 
Bain Robt S, multigraph opr, h 135% Bee 
Baker Stewart H, painter, Ivs 38 Bate av 
Baldwin Edmund R, carp, Ivs 49 Westwood av 
Baldwin Ernest, brklyr, h 189 Gamble av 
Baldwin Naomi (wid Alfred), h 185 Gamble av 
Ball Reuben brklyr, h 73 Westwood av 
Bamford Saml, mgr Walnut Club, h 151 Gowan av 
Barrow Wm, plstr, h 147% Gowan' av 
Barrett Chas, shipper, h 39 Gowan av 
Barrett Henry, h 98 Aldwych av 
Barrett Richd driver, h 14 Torrens av 
Barrett Robt J, mach, h 160 Bee 
Barren Wm, flremn, h 57 Cronyn av 
Barton Jas, h 230 Torrens av 
Barton Thos, tmstr, h 88 Muriel av 
Bassant Sidney, lab, h 116 Bee 
Bates Frances, packer, Ivs 137 Cronyn av 
Bates Frank G, gro 1129 Don Mills rd 
Bates Henry J, slsmn, h 137 Cronyn av 
Bites Louise (wid Geo), Ivs 1022 Don Mills rd 
Bavidge Jolin, moto, h 121 Bee 
Baxter Ernest, brklyr, h 69 Aldwych av 
Baxter Geo W, chauff, h 1253 Don Mills rd 
Bays Hubert C, lab, h 133 Cronyn a? 
Beale Ernest, carp, h 160 Langford ar 
Beard John P, flremn, h 61 Gamble av 
Bee Edwd, mkt gdnr 299 Gardeners la, h same 
Bee Wm, mkt gdnr 115 Gardeners la, h same 
Beer Frank, chief elk CNR, h 34 Torrens av 
Beer Jacob jr, lab, h 34 Westwood av 
Beer John, brkmkr, h 1220 Leslie 
Bell Chas, stmftr hlpr, Ivs 1139 Leslie 
Bell Jas, h 150 Bee 
Bell Richd, mldr, h 8 Bee 
Bell Robt, elk, h 1139 Leslie 
Bellamy Geo H, stable boss, h w s Don Valley rd 
Bennett Alfred W, brklyr, h 128 Bee 
Bennett Chas, mldr, h 94 Bee 
Bennett Harry, elect, h 84 Muriel av 
Bennett Thos, h 128% Eaton av 
Bennett Thos H, painter, h 94 Muriel av 
Benson David, glass desgnr, h 132 Gowan ar 
Bentley Arthur C. carp, h 215 Bee 
Beprests John, carp, h 1 Aldwych av 
Beresford Hannah, elk, Ivs 51 Gowan av 
Berry Chas S, waiter, h 90 Westwood ar 
Beswick Herbert W, carp, h 160 Langford ar 
Beverley John H, flremn, h 223 Bee 
Bewey Saml, lab, h 31 Westwood av 
Biles Fred (Worthing &. Son), h 1008 Don Mills rd 
1 Kirch Wm, h 12 Gowan av 
Bird Alfred, eng, h 128 Gowan av 
Bird Wm, leather wkr, h 124 Eaton av 
Bisbee Kbenezer A, elk, h 223 Woodville ar 
Bishee Mary, opr, Ivs 223 Woodville ar 
Black Isaac, plstr, h 221 Gamble av 
Blake Wm, emp Nukol Co, h 27 Westwood av 
Blenkhorn John, brkmkr, h 31A Westwood ar 
Blockley Wm, lab. Ivs 124 Gamble ar 
Boak John, h 55 Woodville av 
Bockmaster Wm, elev opr, Ivs 146 Bee 
Bohn John, mach, h 85 Muriel av 
Bolan Arthur, tmstr, h 20 Westwood ar 
Bond Robt F. furrier, h 1254 Don Mills rd 
Bondfleld Alfred H. proof engraver, h 15 Bater ar 
Booker Edwin, h 111 Gowan ar 
Booker Mary, opr, Irs 111 Gowan av 
Bottoms Alfred J. carp, h 76 Milrial av 
Boucher Wilfrid, lab, h 1206 Leslie 
Boulton Henry J, carp, h 22 Aldwych ar 
Boulton John, brkmkr, h 121 Torrens av 
Konlton I^onard. stock kpr, h 123 Torrens av 
Knwins Reilly, elect, h 40 Torrens av 
Bowles Wm G lab, h 15 Hawthorne Row 
Bowman ('has E, cartage and coal agt, h 125 Gamble av 
Boyd Edwin 0, elect, h 45% Bee 
H<>yd Jas. l;.li. h 16n Gowan av 
Boycs Wm F, lab, h 70 Aldwych ar 
Bradbury Matthew, carp, h 227 Bee 
Braiibuiy Wm, brklyr, h 114 Bee 
Bradley Alfred, shoemkr and gro 937 Greenwood ar, h 


Bradley Geo, engr, h 167A Gowan av 
Bradley Geo C, opr, h 177 Bee 
Bramble Ernest, elk, h 61 Aldwych av 
Bramhall Harry, printer, Ivs I! West wood av 
Bramwell Herbert, gro, h 121 Gamble ar 
Bramwell Peter S, brkmkr. h 171 Woodville ar 
Brecklcs Gro, carp, h 187 Gowan av 
Breeze Ben) chanff, h 23 Gamble ar 

Brennan Chas, h 133% Bee 

Brennan Jas, janitor Bell Tel, h 100 Bee 

Bridgeman Ernest J, presser, h 20 Aldwych ar 

Bridson Thos, lab, h 49 Torrens ar 

Briggs Edwd C T, slsmn. h 102 Woody Crest ar 

Brindley Fredk, gas mech, h 150 Cowan ar 

Brindley Mary, gro 150 Gowan av, h same 

Brittain Wm, emp P 0, h 221 Bee 

Brooks Edwin, piano tuner, h 851 Pape ar 

Broomhead Thos V, shoemkr, h 147B Gamble ar 

Brown Andrew, gas wkr, h 74 Muriel av 

Brown Fredk, slsmn, h 13 Aldwych av 

Brown Geo, lab, Irs 27 Westwood ar 

Brown Henry 0, glasswkr. h 104 Bee 

Brown Jos, papermkr, h 27 Woodville ar 

Brown Wm E, mach h 24 Aldwych ar 

Browning Geo T, expressmn, h 81 Muriel av 

Browning Geo W, mach, Ivs 81 Muriel av 

Brumsia Jacob, pdlr, h 5 Hawthorne av 

Bryan Augustus E, pastor St Andrews Church, h 17 

Langford av 

Buchanan Donald, tmstr, h 93 Cronyn av 
Buckles Harry C, flremn, h 41 Torrens av 
Budd Leonard, tmstr, h 40 Cockburn ar 
Budd Stanley, carp, h 205 Woodville av 
Bull Jas, brklyr, h 72 Westwood av 
Bull John, brklyr, h 161 Gamble av 
Bullick John, tlr, h 108 Bee 
Burgess A, lather, h 227 Gamble av 
Burgess Richd V, elk Dom Bank (Queen and Broadview 

br), h 10 Bee 

Burgess Walter M, mgr, h 40 Logan n 
Burgess Wm, acct Marsh Bros, h 40 Bee 
Burningham Leonard, insp rubber work, h 137 Bell 
Bums Jas, gro 1057 Pape av, h same 
Burt Frank, truck driver, h 64 Westwood ar 
Burton Arnold, slsmn, h 123 Don Mills rd 
Burton Frank, lab, h 156 Be? 
Burton Jas, soap mkr. h 1210 Leslie 
Burton John, tinsmth. Ivs 1264 Leslie 
Burton Jos, soap mkr, h 1264 Donlands ar 
Burton Jos jr, mach, h 201 Gamble ar 
Bussell Robt, gro 16 Torrens av, h same 
Byers John, tmstr, h 17 Torrens av 
Cain John. Ivs 4 Gowan av 
Call Ernest, chauff, h 91 Torrens av 
Cameron, h 55 Westwood av 
Campbell Henry, lab, h 17 Cronyn av 
Campbell Jas A, mach, h 4 Hawthorn Row 
Carey Arthur B, porter, h 32 Floyd ar 
Carey Edwd J, btchr, h 13 IB Bee 
Carey Lottie (wid Danl), h 71 Woodville ar 
Carey May, Ivs 71 Woodville av 
Carter Albert, driver, Ivs 251 Fulton ar 
Carter Robt W, rubber wkr, h 251 Fulton av 
Cartledee Jos, brkmkr, h 15 Cronyn av 
Carwardine Alfred R. gdnr, h 1200 Pape av 
Carwardine Harry, gdnr, Ivs 1200 Pape av 
Cary Chas J, bldr. h 145 Gamble av 
Cathcart Richd, brklvr, h 70 Aldwych av 
Chalmers Alex, slsmn, h 95 Cronyn av 
Chamberlain Alfred, shoemkr, h 1042 Pape ar 
Chambers Robt, lab, h 57 Woodvilie ar 
Chandler Geo, lab. h 29 Burleigh ar 
Chapman Geo, h 137 Eaton ar 
Chapman Thos, lab, Ivs 38 Westvrood ar 
Charlton Chas H, elk, h 53 Bee 
Charltori Leonard, messr, Ivs 53 Bee 
Cheesman John G, engr, h 1004 Don Mills rd 
Chester School, 968 Don Mills rd 
nunnery Wm, lab, h 1127 Leslie 
Olivers Thos, brkmkr, h e s Doon Valley rd 
Clark Fredk, auto painter, h 42 Bee 
Clarke Campbell Ivs 978 Don Mills rd 
Clarke Geo. gas stoker, h 38 Aldwych ar 
Clarke Jas H, tmstr, Ivs 17 Westwood av 
Clarke John, wood fnshr. 'ivs 6 Gowan ar 
Clarke Saml, elk, h 138 Eaton at 
Clarke Wilfrid, lab, Ivs 97S Don Mills rd 
Cleland Jane, h 177 Gamble av 
Clelland Saml, brick mkr. Ivs 177 Gamble ar 
Clements Wm, lab, h 153 Gamble at 
Clements tV, h 26A Aldwych av 
Clows Percy, lab, h 131 Gowan ar 
Clifford Ella, elk, Ivs 22 Gowan av 
Clifford Margt, elk, h 22 Gowan ar 
Clifford Thos E, Ivs 190 Gowan av 
Clift Arthur, painter, h 82 Muriel av 
Clink Win, trav. h 213 Gamble av 
Clinton MichI 3, chauff. h 111 Cronyn ar 
Close Arthur, lab, Ivs 13 Logan ar n 
Close Cyril, brklyr, Ivs 13 Logan av 
Close Edwin, lab. h 13 Logan av n 
Cl'Ki! Frank, lab, hs i:i l/ian av n 
Close Wm. lab, h 12 Gamble av 
Co;dale Albert, eiienr, h 34 Bee 
Colt clia<. tinsmth H Junes, h 11(1 Walnole ar 


26 Wellington St. E. 


Td n 208o tel F.H.GOOCH, Phone N.I 243 





Agents BROWN & SHARPENS Precision Tools, 
WHITMAN & BARNES' Carbon and High Speed Drills 


Phones Main 94, 95, 3585 


IVnj. opr. h til! T'i[' 
Coleman Wm J, elk, h 867 Pape av 
Collins Fred J. mkt e<lnr, 643 Don Mills rd 
Collins Jos, gdnr. h 1224 Leslie 
Collins \Vm, ctr, h 35 Gowan av 

Ciiok Cili) E. coll. h 2ii Kluyd av 
Cook Gen H. fiteman, li 195 Gamble av 

iile Al>-x. lab, h 236 Fulton av 
Constable Morden, robber wkr, Ivs 230 Fulton av 
Constable Thos. gdnr. h 230 Fulton av 
Cook Fredk (;, insp, h 211 Oowan av 
Coomer Fred, elk, h 117 Torrens av 
Cooper , saddler, h 54 Aldwych av 
Cooper Alfred H, h 303 Torrens av 
Cooper Percy T. trav. h 21 Cronyn av 
t'lwpw Robt. upholsterer, h 10 Westwood av 
Cooper T Rex, emp P 0, h 71 Aldwych av 
Cooper \Vm. night wtchmn. Ivs 1231 Pape av 
Copeland Wm It. trav, Ivs 2nd floor 1010 Pape av 
Copping Wm. sheet mil wkr, h 141 Bee 
Cordingley Harry, h 101 Cronyn av 
Cordingley John, lab, h 99 Cronyn at 
Cornell Harry. ' al) . h 70 Torrens av 
Cosbum Chas, mkt gdnr 1161 Leslie, h same 
Cosburn Edwd, elk, Ivs 1161 Leslie 
Ci -burn Florence, elk, Ivs 1161 Leslie 
Cosbum Henry, gdnr, h 198 Bee 
Cosbum Maud, elk, Ivs 1161 Leslie 
Cosburn Kobt, mkt gdnr. h 196 Bee 
Costen Albert J, lab, h 23 Woodville av 
Cottril Jas, h 73 Gowan av 
Cox Harry, h 23 Gamble av 
Co.v Wm H. engnr, h 223 Gamble av 
Crane Florence A, dry goods 1246 Pape av. h same 
Crease Fredk, h 20 Gowan av 
Crease Rose, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 20 Cowan av 
Crook Mary, h 10 Burleigh av 
Crouch Jas, btchr 1058 Pape ay, h same 
Crowe Robt, mac-h, h 111 Cronyn av 
Culver .May (wid John H), h 40 Gowan at 
Cummings Jas A, lab, Ivs 41 Cosburn av 
Cummings Jas R, lab, h 7 Hawthorne rd 
Cummings Edna, slsld'y, Ivs 41 Cosburn av 
rurfimings Richd, lab, h 41 Cosburn av 
Cunliffe Geo. lab, h 82 Gamble av 
Curli-w Arthur, watch mkr. Ivs 11U7 Pape av 
Curlew Eva, garment wkr, h 1107 Pape av 
Curlew Fredk, postman, h 99 Gowan av 
Curlew Ida, opr, Ivs 1167 Pape av 
Curlew Isaac, carp, h 1167 Pape aY 
Curlew Walter, paper rtr, Ivs 1167 Pape av 
Curtis Geo H, mkt gdnr 85 Woodrille av, h same 
Dadswell Edwd, rubber wkr, h 119 Gowan av 
riallimore Edwd, btchr, h 183 Woodville av 
Dallimore John, gdnr, h 199 Woodville av 
Dalrymple Daisy, pareeller, Ivs 127 Gowan av 
Dalrymple Jas, paperhngr, h 127 Gowan av 
Dalrymple Nellie, opr, Ivs 127 Gowan av 
Daniels Herbert A, foremn, h 99 Muriel av 
Daniels \Vm, mkt gdnr Cosburn av 
Darbyshire Wm, plstr, h, 12 Torrens av 
Dart Geo, mkt gdnr 2 Plains rd, Ivs same 
Dart Harriet J, opr, Ivs 17 Floyd av 
Dart John jr, gdnr, h 160 Gamble at 
Dart Jos, gdnr, h 19 Plains rd 
Dart Jos, mkt gdnr 13 Plains rd, Ivs same 
Dart John, mkt gdnr 8 Plains rd, h same 
Dart Stephen, tanner, h 17 Floyd ay 
Darwin Edwd R, acct, h 169 Bee 
Davenport Wm, gro 55 Cronyn av, h same 
Davie Robt J, brkmkr, h 198 Gamble av 
Davies Albert, tmstr, h 19 Westwood av 
Davies Margt (wid Robt), h 1132 Don Mills rd 
Davies Robt, cork mkr, Ivs 77 Gamble av 
Davies Wilfrid, h 1102 Don Mills rd 
Davis Heman, h 125 Muriel av 
Davis Jos, bldg inspr, b 50 Aldwych av 
Davison Jas, lab, h 75 Gamble av 
Daw W, h 179 Bee 

Dawson Geo, lab, h 1280 Don Mills rd 
Decks Ernest, firemn, h 170 Gamble av 
Deeks Herbert, Bremn, h 1379 Don Mills rd 
Delavigne Laura, hsekpr, h 167% Gowan av 
Denholm Andrew, gro 172 Gamble av, h same 
lit Nike Chas R, ships carp, h 1278 Dem .Mills rd 
Dennis Claude, h 56% Aldwych av 
Dennis Herbert, lab, h 64 Aldwych av 
Dennis Jos, painter, Ivs 56 Aldwych av 
Dibben Wallace R, mach, h 119 Bee 
Dibble Thos, lab, h 240 Fulton av 
Dixon Wm H, engr, h 135 Bee 
Dobson Wm, lab. h 169 Woodville av 
Dodge Chas W, roach, h 302 Torrens a? 
Don Mills Methodist Church, n s Don Mills rd 
Don Valley Paper .Mills, paper mfrs, Don Valley rd 
Dooley Arthur Edwd, pressmn. h 3 Gowan av 
Dowlins! Jane (wid Jos), In 1143 Leslie 

Howling Jos, Ivs 1143 Leslie 
!>O\VM> Oliver, carp, h 83 Gamble av 
Draper Wm. tmstr, h 57 Westwood av 
Drohan Walter A, plstr, h 187 Woodward av 
Duder Willis, emp Harbour Comm, h 23 Torrens av 
Dudley Gilford, wtr, h 7 Logan av n 
Duncan Alice, emp Eaton's, Ivs 146 Bee 
Duncan Gilbert, multigraph opr, h 154 Bee 
Dundas Jas H, bkpr, h 1231 Pape av 
Dunn Geo, lab, h 79% A Gamble av 
Dunn Walter, elev opr, h 149 Gamble av 
Dunn Wm. mkt gdnr 206 Gardeners la 
Durrant Fredk, mach. h 131 Eaton av 
Dymond Wm H, gro 49 Bee 
Dyson Edvvd, bldr, h 157 Bee 
Dyson Arthur, plmbr, Ivs 157 Bee 
Dyson John, brushmkr. Ivs 157 Bee 
East \Vm, lab. h 1218 Leslie 
Eaton Wm, brklyr, h 203 Gamble av 
Eats Frank, mkt gdnr 144 Torrens av, h same 
Edge Jos, engr, h 71 Gowan av 
Edmunds Chas. burner, h S3 Conn av 
Ellam Jas, plstr, h 169 Gowan av 
Ellen Jas, packer, h 140% Gowan av 
Ellerhy Henry, elev opr, h 1137 Leslie 
Elliott Stead, eomp, h 139 Cronyn av 
Ellis Percy, decor, h 43 Westwood av 
Ellis Robt, carp, h 21% Cronyn av 
Ellison Percy C, carp, h 35 Gamble at 
Elwell Harry, baker, h 47 Cronyn av 
England Ernest, h 1083 Don Mills rd 
Euston Ernest, mkt gdnr 17 Plains rd lis same 
Evans Geo, dairyman, h 162 Woodville av 
Eyles Mary A (wid Chas), h 79% Gamble av 
Faiers Phyllis, mail order Eaton's, Ivs 3 Woodville a> 
Faiers Walter S, Ivs 3 Woodville av 
Fairhead Arthur, chauff, h 159 Bee 
Farrow Geo, rubber wkr, h 12 Aldwych av 
Ferguard Jas V, plstr, h 63 Cronyn av 
Fielding Jas H, marh, h 146 Langford av 
Finch Alfred E, silver stamper, h 84 Westwood av 
Firth Alplmnse. painter, h 117 Cronyn av 
Firth Fredk, paper fnshr, h 180 Bee 
Flannatian David, tmstr, Ivs 299 Torrens av 
Flannigan Geo E, paper mkr, Ivs 91 Cronyn av 
Fleming Anna M, nurse, Ivs 1105 Pon Mills rd 
Fleming Harloe A, studt, Ivs 1105 Don Mills rd 
Fleming liobt II jr. Ivs 1105 Don Mills rd 
FLEMING ROBERT H, BA, MB, B Ch (Dublin Uni- 
versity), "Member Phy & Surg, Ont."' late Gynaeco- 
logist to Royal College Dublin Hospital and late 
Assistant Physician Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, Ire- 
land, Office and Residence 1105 Broadview av 
Fletcher Doris, glove mkr, Ivs 219 Bee 
Fletcher Ernest E, stenog, Ivs 219 Bee 
Fletcher Ethel, glove mkr, Ivs 219 Bee 
Fletcher Eihrd, iron wkr, h 219 Bee 
Fletcher Geo E, lab, h 17 Gowan av 
Fletcher Nellie, glove mkr, Ivs 219 Bee 
Flett Oliver, druggist (E G West & Co), h 92 Gamble 
Flook Albert, brklyr, h 245 Fulton av 
Flook Geo, Ivs 245 Fulton av 
Fcrster Chas, brklyr, h 32 Gowan 11 
Francis Saml. tannery wkr, Ivs 48 Torrens av 
Freeman Albert, leather wkr, h 11 Gowan av 
French Thos. lab. h 78 Muriel av 
Fromow Elisa (wid Steven), Ivs 53 Westwood av 
Fromow Sydney R, artist, Ivs 53 Westwood av 
Fry Wm A, plstr, h 50 Bee 
Fudge Saul B, car bldr, h 98 Muriel av 
Fuller Alfred C, piano mkr, h 139 Eaton av 
Fuller Wm, wks T Eaton Co, h 162 Bee 
Fulton Wm A, can), h 859 Pape av 
Furcher Fredk, lab, h 7 Westwood av 
Galhraith John, mfr pat medicines, h 91 Cronyn av 
Gardiner Gen, lab, h 161 Bee 
Garlick John, caretkr, h 105 Woodville av 
Garwood Wm, plstr, h 978 Don Mills rd 
Gazeley Geo, elk, h 1089 Don Mills rd 
Gazeley Reynold, h 1237 Don Mills rd 
Gazeley Sarah (wid Sam), Ivs 1089 Don Mills rd 
German Wm, blksmth, h 1173 Don Mills rd 
Gibson Bert, collar mkr, h 159 Cronyn av 
Giddins Emma L, gro 163 Gowan av, Ivs same 
C.illespie Wm, mkt gdnr. Gardeners Lane 
Gilbert Frank. Dim hooker, h 861A Pape av 
Gill Alfred, lab, Ivs 192 Bee 
Gilmour Adam S, mach, h 135 Eaton av 
Gobey Arthur, tlr, Ivs 217 Bee 
Golf Robt, mach, Ivs 127 Torrens av 
Goff Wm, mach, h 127 Torrens av 
Goldsmith Jas, tmstr, h e s Don Valley rd 
Goodall Andrew, metal wkr, Ivs 103 Gowan av 
Goodines Walter, slsmn, h 16 Gowan av 
Goodman Jas, masseur, h 28 Floyd av 
Gosden Henry, blksmth, h 1S4 Gowan av 
Gould Dennis, elk, Irs 5 Aldwych av ' 
Graham Alfred, printer. Ivs 1024 Dun Mills rd 

Graham Minnie (wid Robt)'. Ivs 17S Bee 
Gray Joan, opr, Ivs 1210 Leslie 
Gregory Wm, tiie mkr. h 131A Bee 

Mfred. bldr. h 86 Westwood av 
Green Chas. lab. Ivs 30 Torrens av 
Gneu Isabella (wid Sam), h 10S7 Urn Mills rd 
Gm'n John, motor mech, h 27 Cowan av 
Green Lilly, opr, Ivs 1087 Don Mills rd 
iiu"n Maiy A (wid John), h 30 Tonens av 
Green Pimmila, pu Ivs 10S7 D Mills rd 
Green Saml J. elk. Ivs 1087 Don .Mills rd 
Grieve Jas. mach. h 77 TOUCH- II 
Gull Thos. leather wkr, h 85 Gamble av 
GUIT Albert, h 73 Aldwych av 
Haden Arthur, lab. h !)6 Bee 
Hainsworth John, emp I* 0. fi 1'il Gowan av 
Hall Alf, cotton, Ivs 217 Cowan av 
Hall John. lab. h 5 Baler av 
Hall Victor Edwd. rubber wkr. Ivs 115 Bee 
Hall Wm E. rubber wkr, h 115 Bee 
Hallam Elijah, lab. Ivs 175 Gamble av 
llallam Elizth (wid Geo), h 175 Gamble av 
Hallam Elizth, weaver. Ivs 175 Gamble av 
Hallam Geo, mkt gdnr 1247 Leslie, h same 
Hallam Mary, boxmkr, Ivs 175 Gamble av 
Hallam Thos, carp, h 209 Bee 
HallicL 1 Alice, soap wkr. Ivs 175 Gamble av 
Halliday Wm. carp, Ivs 103 Woodycrest av 
Hamilton John, shoemkr, Ivs 242 Fulton av 
Hamilton Saml, lab, n 1036 Pape av 
Hammond Kphraim. tinsmth, h 1137% Leslie 
Hammond Herbert, wtchmn, h 117 Guvran av 
Ilamnett Harold John, tlr's cttr, h 136 Eaton at 
Hands Perry L. carp, h 27 \Vestood av 
Handson Aithm W, brklyr, h 1043 Pape av 
Handson Violet, confy 1047 Pape av, Ivs 1043 same 
Harding Saml, carp, h 112 Bee 
llardwick Chas, slsmn, h 18 Gowan av 
Hardwiek Eric A, shipper, Ivs IS Gowan av 

Hardwiek Leonard S, decor, h 179 Woodville av 

Hare Geo J, elect, h 133 Eaton ai 

Hare Thos, mkt gdnr, Don Valley 
Harley Geo, lab, Ivs 1240 Pape av 

Harman Stanley, elk CNR, Ivs 45 Bee 

Harris Henry J, carp, h 56 Gamble av 

Harris, h 51 Westwood av 

Hairison Albert, elect, h 142 Gowan av 

Harrison Geo, expressmn, h 122 Gamble ai 

Harrison Ralph, brklyr, h 115 Cronyn av 

Harrod Frank, lab, h 4 Burleigh av , 

Hart Wm, emp CPR, h 153 Bee 

Hartley Jas M, boxmkr, h 1119 Leslie 

Harvey Alf, printer, Ivs 159 Gowan av 

Harvey Jas G, real est slsmn,' h 1193 Don Mills rd 

Harnood Albert E, foremn, h 60 Aldwych av 

Hatton Thos L, h 31 Gamble av 

Hawkins Edwd, lab, h 1226 Don Mills rd 

Hayden Henry, elev opr, h 79 %B Gamble av 

Hazel Ernest J, slsmn, h 36 Aldwych av 

Hazleton Albert H St George, Ivs 13 Bee 

Hazleton Fred, stockpr, h 29 Gowan av 

Haxleton Jos, lumbermn, h 7 Gowan av 

Hazleton Robt, lab, h 13 Bee 

Head David, real est slsmn, h 124A Bee 

Head Thos, h 59 Bee 

Heaton Walter F, brkmkr, h 51 Gowan av 

Heaton Wm, lab, h 31 Logan av 

Helendale Dairy, Jos A Smith prop, 1 Cosburn av 

Hems Arthur, motor mech, h 301 Torrens av 

Henderson Caroline (wid Arthur) , h n s Don Mills id 

Hibbert Harry, h 47 Gamble av 

Hibbert Jos R, shipper, h 1153 Leslie 

Hibbert Wm Hy, btchr, h 37 Gamble av 

Hibbet Geo, lab, h 68 Torrens av 

Hickman Percival, slsmn, h 78 Westwood av 

lliggin Hichd, stkkpr, h 247 Fulton av 

Higgins Anthony, tmstr, h 299 Torrens av 

Hill Albert, printer, h 46 Westwood av 

Hill Alex, rubber wkr, h 139% Gowan ai 

Hill Alfred, tinsmth h 63 Aldwych av 

Hill Henry, tmstr, h e s Don Valley rd 

Hill Lorenzo, h 1161 Don Mills rd 

Hill Thos. coremkr, h 130 Bee 

Hinder Wm, ins insp, Ivs 21 Gamble at 

Hinsley Arthur, tmstr. h 217 Gowan av 

Hitchen Frank, engnr, h 79 Bee 

Hoare Harrison, furrier, Ivs 21 Woodville av 

Hodgson Geo, lab, h 177 Woodville ai 

Hodgson Robt H, h 988 Don Mills rd 

Hogarth Wm, florist, h 225 Gowan av 

Holmes Frank, mach, h 46A Bee 

Holmes Fredk, slsmn, h 207 Woodville av 

Holmes John \V. painter, h 46 Bee 

Hopkins Bert E, exp 1010 Pape av, h same 

Hopkins John, lab, h 139 Bee 

piT Benj, printer, Ivs 105!o Cronyn av 

Hopper Clara, bkbndr, Ivs 105% Ctonyn av 


The CANADA METAL CO., Limited 
Ingot Metals Fraser Avenue, Toronto 







PhoneADELAIDE 1962 


Hopper Edith, bkbndr, Irs 105% Cronyn av 
Hopper Mary H (wid John), h 105% Cronyn at 
Horner Geo R, car wkr, h 77 Muriel av 
Horton John, carp, h 41 Woudville av 
Hotchkiss John W, h 1049 Pape av 
Hough Ales, h 1 Plains rd 
Hough Cecil, lab, h 215 Gamble av 
Hough David L, trai, h 3 Plains rd 
Hough Thos E, dispatcher, h 9 Plains rd 
Howe Albert, rest, h 105 Bee 
Howe Geo, paper mkr, h 147 Bee 
Howe Jas A, gro 171 Bee, h same 
Howe John, slsran, h 175 Bee 
Howe Wm. raoto, h 123 Bee 
-Howlett Robt, pressman, h 136 Gowan < 
Hoyle Albert M, car opr, ti 33- Gamble ar 
Hoj-le Ernest E, lab, h 81 Cronyn av 
Hubert Walter (Millard & Hubert), Ivs 47 Bee 
Hudson Fredk, presser T Eaton Co, h 158 Gowan av 
Hughes Alex, sht nrtl wkr, Its 215 Gowan av 
Hughes John, slsmn, Ivs 215 Gowan av 
Hughes Peter, painter, h 215 Gowan av 
Hughes P jr, paper cutter, Ivs 215 Gowan av 
Hughes Wm H, engnr, h 51 Gamble av 
Hughey John, lab, h 97 Muriel av 
Hull Geo, brass mldr, h 10 Gowan av 
Hulton Chas, dyer, h 1117 Leslie 
Humphreys Vim, lab, h 43 Gowan av 
Hunter Mary (wid John), h 1119 Don Mills rd 
Hunter Wm John, mach, h 125 Torrens av 
Hurst Walter, lab, Ivs 2 Gowan av 
Hurst Wm, driver, h 132 Gamble a? 
Inwad Geo. mkt ednr 1075 Leslie, Ivs same 
Jackson Geo, bosmkr, h 38 Eater av 
Jardine Wm, cooper, h 44 Gowan av 
Jeanes Chas F, chauff, h 73 Woodrille av 
Jeans Ernest, garage, Ivs 44 Baler av 
Jeans Frank, garage, h 44 Bater av 
Jeans Garage, Frank and Ernest Jeans props, 44 Bater av 
Jeffrey Albert, herdsmn, li e s Don Mills rd 
Jenkins Jas, h 29 Logan av n 
Jenkins Jos W", candy mfr, h 243 Fulton ar 
Jenkins Judson, plant supt Farmer's dairy, h 35 Logan av 
Jenkins Rolph, city insp of milk, h 29 Logan av n 
Jennings Bros (Wm H & Joe), mkt gdnrs n s Sammon av 
Jennings Jos (Jennings Bros), h 5 Sammon av 
Jennings Wm H (Jennings Bros), h 1135 Leslie 
Jessop Fredk, h 1150 Gamble av 
Job Henry, gro 1224 Don Mills rd, Ivs same 
Jobin Alfred, tinsmth, Ivs 112 Aldwych av 
Johnson Chas H B, slsmn, h 1273 Don Mills rd 
Jolly Ernest, chauff, h 182 Bee 
Jones Geo, lab, h 147A Gamble av 
Jones Geo, tmstr, h 232 Torrens av 
Jones Harry, shipper, h 59 Westwood av 
Jones Henry, elk Gas Co, h 225 Bee 
Jones Henry, tinsmth 1052 Pape av, h 109 Eaton av 
Jones Mary (wid David), h 192 Bee 
Jones Thos, gro, 305 Torrens av 
Jones Tnos, stonecutter h 305 Torrens av 

Jones Wm I, billposting, h 1377 Don Mills rd 
Jones Wm, eng, h 9 Logan ar n 
Johnston Alf, h 1050 Pape av 

Jordan Edwd, stoneworker, h 126 Eaton av 

Joslin Jas, cashier "Star", b 21 Gamble av 

Jowett Edwd, lab Ivs 201 Gowan av 

Jowett Fred, lab, h 201 Gowan a? 

Jowett Fredk, motor driver, Ivs 201 Gowan av 

Jowett Walter, elk, Ivs 201 Gowan av 

Joyce Wm E, h 19 Woodville av 

Keeler Wm, carp, h 5 Aldwych av 

Keith Geo. presser, h 1015 Leslie 

Kelly Thos, mach, h 90 Bee 

Kemp Frank, lab, Ivs 190 Bee 

Kemp John, lab, Irs 190 Bee 

Kemp Jos sr, lab, h 190 Bee 

Kemp Jos jr, lab, Ivs 190 Bee 

Kemp Thos, elk, Ivs 190 Bee 

Kettle A W, h 72 Aldwych av 

Kettle Thos. lab, Ivs 1049 Pape av 

Kimberley Arthur H sht mtl wkr, h 79 Gamble ar 

Kimberley Horace, cork mkr, h 77 Gamble av 

Kimberley John A, hdwre & gro 1254 Pape av, Ivs 

King Chas, lab GTR, Ivs 215 Gowan av 

King Robt, lab, h 27 BurleiEh av 

Kippen John, picture mldr, h 194 Bee 

Kirk Richd, carp, h 105 Cronyn av 

Kirton Wm J, lab, h 9 Floyd av 

Kitchener School, * s Pape af 

Knight Geo, emp leather works, h 101 Gowan av 

Knowles Wm H, glass cutter, h 22B Aldwych av 

Lacey Thos, paper box mkr, h 14 Westwood ar 

Lake Harry, flremn, h 48 Torrens av 

Lambert Geo, flremn, h 74 Aldwych ar 

Lancaster Harry, mach . h 24 Gowan av 

Lane Harold, mach, h 154 Gamble av 
/ing Alex, harness collar mkr, h 4 Gowan av 
Latham Harold, lab. h 222 Gowan av 
Lawrence Benj J, lab, h 50 Westwood av 
Lawrence Wm, lab, h 205 Gowan av 
Lawson David, paper mir, Ivs 1201 Don Mills rd 
Laycock Sarah I, emp United Drug Co, Ivs 81 Gamble 

Laycock Thos, rubber wkr, h 81 Gamble av 

a John G, lab, h 197 Gowan av 
jach John, herdsmn, h e s Don valley rd 
Leaman Chris, mkt gdnr, 298 Gardeners la 
Ledsham John, barber, h 115 Gowan av 
,ee Wm T, esp & cartage 147B Gamble av 
Leggett Geo, elect, h 47 Bee 
Lemon Chas, brtakr, h 18 Westwood av 
,e Poidevin Alfred, letter carrier, h 1051 Pape av 
Le Poidevin Margt, slsldy, Ivs 1051 Pape av 
Le Poideiin Miriam, studt, Ivs 1051 Pape av 
Lester Wra L, decor, h 2 Westwood av 
Lethbridge Wm T, brkmkr, h 141 Gowan av 
Levitt Geo E, carp, h 149 Cronyn av 
Lewis Arthur J, lab, h 135 Gowan av 
Lewis Christine, candy mkr, Ivs 135 Gowan av 
Lewis Fredk W, mach, b 128 Aldwych av 
Lewis Jos. brass mldr, Ivs 135 Gowan av 
Lewis Percy, truck driver, Ivs 135 Gowan av 
Lindin Dairy, Arthur & Herbert Warner props, 970 

Don Mills rd 

Lindsay Duncan, tmstr, h 15 Westwood av 
Linton ('lias B, bosratr, Ivs 129 Cronyn av 
Lintun John C, concrete fnshr, h 129 Cronyn av 
Linton John S, lab, Ivs 129 Cronyn av 
Liscomb John, gas wkr, h 10HA Bee 
Livingstone Thos, decor, h 25 Woodville av 
Lockhardt Reginald McC. h 990 Don Mills rd 
Loney Jas, brklyr, h 31 Burleigh av 
Long Frank, Ivs 867 Pape av 
Lovatt Alfred E, cabt mkr, h 186 Gowan av 
Love Allan, varnisher, h Gowan av 
Lovegrove Wm. h 100 Aldwych av 
Low David, tinsmth, h 199 Gowan ar 
Lowe Jos, lab, Ivs 12 Torrens av 
Lowther-Dove Adolphus, farmer, h 1036 Don Mills rd 
Lowther-Dove Beatrice, switch brd opr, Ivs 1036 Don 

Mills rd 

Lowther-Dove Mary, Ivs 1036 Don Mills rd 
I.mvther-Dove Margt, Ivs 1036 Don Mills d 
Lunham Ashley, elk, h 102 Bee 
Lustin Wm, h 146 Gamble av 
Lusty Annie, opr, Ivs 119 Torrens av 
Lusty John paper mtr, Ivs 119 Torrens av 
Lusty Nimrod, emp Eaton's, h 217 Bee 
Lusty Wm, paper wkr, h 119 Torrens av 
Lyford Alfred, lab, Ira 49 Woodville av 
Lyford Henry, lab, Ivs 49 Woodville av 
Lyford Harry J, wire wkr, h 49 Woodville av 
Macdonald Clarence, studt, Ivs 107 Bee 
MacDonald Duncan, carp, h 44 Westwood av 
Macdonald John A, furrier, h 107 Bee 
Macdonald Wm, cli, h 1038 Pape at 
Machin Emily, opr, hs 90 Westwood av 
Machin Jas, driver, Ivs 90 Westwood av 
Mackenzie John, supt, h 1216 Don Mills rd 
Mackenzie Russell elk, Ivs 194 Bee 
MacKenzie Wm, tel opr, Ivs 194 Bee 
MacKenzie Wm J, lab, Ivs 1st door 1010 Pape av 
Mackintosh Adeline, Ivs 196 Bee 
Mackwatters John, lab, h 3 Cosburn av 
Mackwatters-Robt, btchr, Ivs 3 Cosburn av 
Macpherson Sidney shipwright, h 257 Fulton av 
Madley Arthur P, elk P 0, h 7 Bater av 
Magee Earl E, mkt gdnr 1063 Pape av, h same 
Magee Harold, mkt gdnr 648 Don Mills rd Ivs same 
Mander Harry, enameler, h 110 Aldwych av 
Marett Wm D, gra, 972 Don Mills rd 
Mark Amos J, rubber wkr, h 8 Hawthorne row 
Mark Howard, printer, Ivs 8 Hawthorne row 
Mark Josie. parceller, Ivs 8 Hawthorne row 
Markham Wm. h 79 Westwood av 
Martin Arthur J, slsmn, h 80 Westwood av 
Martin Fredk I fireman, h 125 Bee 
Martin John, jewlr, h 222 Gamble av 
Masters Wm. penman, h 11 Hawthorne row 
MattUon Annie (wid Alfred), h e s Don Valley rd 
MaUlson Annie, slsldy, Ivs e s Don Valley rd 
Mattison Lilly, upr. Ivs c s lion Valley rd 
M:tltis.:)i slsldy. Ivs e s I)..n Mills rd 
Hanoa John, emp TSK, h 9 Aldwych av 
May <;en. jwlr, h 58 AJdwyrli av 
McArthur, Matthew, chkr. h 45 Gowan av 
McBride John, carp, h 44 Bee 
McBride Robt, lab, h 41 Westwood av 
McBurney Isaac, shipper, h 183 Gamble av 
McCaffrey Wm, bkbndr, h 130 Eaton av 
Mrt'.inn Thos. constable, h 181 Gamble av 

McCauley Cecelia, stem* McCall Co, Ivs 1221 Leslie 

McCauley Francis, Ivs 1221 Leslie 

McCauley Jas, mkt gdnr 1221 Leslie, h same 

McCauley Lillian, regalia mkr, Ivs 1221 Leslie 

McCauley Richd, gdnr, Ivs 1221 Leslie 

McComb Annie (wid Wm) h 1230 Don Mills rd 

McCoy Robt, retail gro, h 70 Westwood av 

McCuig Bert, mach, Ivs 45 Gowan av 

McCulloch A,, brkmkr, h 1228 Don Mills rd 

MeCurtis Jas, gdnr, h 1284 Don Mills rd 

McDermid Malcolm, lab, h 91 Muriel av 

McDonald Chas, assessor, h 194 Gamble av 

McEnaney Bernard, painter, h 1225 Pape av 

McFadyen Bernard, elev opr, h 14 Hawthorne row 

McGee Harold, mkt gdnr 94 Aldwych av, Ivs same 

McGee John, asst supt Christies, h 219 Gowan av 

McGilvray John, porter, h 60 Bee 

McGivern Jas, blksmth, h 2 Gowan av 

McGowan Jos J. plmbr. h 31 Torrens av 

McGregor Norman, gdnr & hog raiser, h 197 Bee 

McGregor Robt H, mkt gdnr, 2 Cosburn av 

McGuire Jas M, lab. h 10 Hawthorn Row 

McKay Chas, packer, h 300 Torrens av 

McKechnie Ales, lab, h 8 Torrens av 

McKetrick Thos, lab, Ivs 46 Westwood av 

McLain Wm, tmstr, h 55 Torrens av 

McLaughlin Geo, gro pckr T Eaton Co, h 164 Bee 

McLean Donald, carp, h 843 Pape av 

McLean Peter, plmbr, Ivs 843 Pape av 

Mcleary Edwd, elk. h 107 Gowan av 

Mc.Menemy Robt, lab, b 8 Westwood av 

McN'eill Hugh, postman, h 85 Torrens av 

McWatters Isaac, btchr, Ivs 3 Cosburn av 

McWatters Robt, btchr, Ivs 3 Cosburn av 

Merrick Arthur, plmbr. h 79 Torrens av 

Middleton Andrew, rubber wkr, h 49 Westwood av 

Millard, h 39 Gamble av 

Miller Annie (wid Robt), h 1204 Leslie 

Miller Frank, carp, h 1134 Don Mills rd 

Miller Fred J, h 253 Fulton av 

Miller Laura, h 19 Aldwych av 

Mills Geo, engnr, h 146 Bee 

Milliard Sidney (Millward i Hubert), h 92 Bee 

Millward & Hubert (Sidney Millward & Walter Hubert), 

flour & feed, 1242 Pape av 
Mitchell Wm J, lab, Irs 1 Woodville av 
Mitchell Wm R, carp, h 128 Eaton av 
Mitten Edwd, printer, h 52 Bee 
Mockridge Albert, lab, h 140 Gowan av 
Monfltt Thos, trav, h 51 Cronyn av 
Mooney John J, collector, h 89 Muriel a? 
Moore Adelia, tchr Brant Schl, Ivs 1280 Don Mills rd 
Moorp Chas J, lab, h 30 Westwood av 
Moore Fred, lab, h 4 Westwood av 
Moore Herman Rev, pastor Don Mills Methodist Church. 

h 1260 Don Mills rd 
Moore Nellie, tchr Duke St Public Schl, h 1260 Don 

Mills rd 

Moore Wm J, mach, h 68 Aldwych ar 
Morgan Danl Mrs, h 00 Torrens av 
Morgan Francis J, waiter, h 121 Gowan av 
Morgan Matthew, flremn, h 87 Cronyn av 
Morrell Herbert W, emp CPR, h 60 Westwood av 
Mortram Fredk, h 140 Bee 
Moses Arthur J, plmbr, h 29 Gamble av 
Moses Edwd, brklyr, h 106 Bee 
Moses Geo A, contr, h 43 Bee 
Moses Geo H, bldr, h 02 Gamble av 
Moses Jos A, bldr & contr, h 46 Gowan ar 
Moss John, presser, h 324 Torrens ar 
Mulholland Wm, letter carrier, h 287 Torrens ar 
Munroe Wm R, eng, h 138 Gamble av 
Murison John, agt, h 1143 Leslie 
Murrell Fred W, lab, h 9 Woodville av 
Mutch Ales, stock kpr, h 65 Cronyn av 
Myles Frank, fish slsmn, h 14 Aldwych av 
Myles Peter, lab, h 162 Gowan ar 
Xaish Francis, slsmn. h M C.iwan av 
Needham Fred, gro dept T Eaton Co, h 36 Gowan av 
Nelson Thos, h 29 Cronyn av 
Newman Albert, carp, h 1242 Don Mills rd 
Newman Geo, lather, h 107A Cronyn av 
Newman Wm F, btchr, h 123 Cronyn av 
Nifhoils. Alfred, stable hand, h 90 Gamble av 
Nichols Wm, lab, h 168 Bee 
Nicholson Abel, carp, h 163 Woodville av 
Norley Albert C, decor, h 1230 Pape av 
NiTman Percy, deer, h 39 Westwood av 
Nowell Mary A (wid Henry), h 90 Muriel av 
Nurse Elizth (wid r ieo ) , Ivs 1119 Leslie 
Nutt Wm, contr. h 129 Gamble av 
Oltphant Percy, brklyr, h 167 Woodville ar 
Oliver Steven, rubber wkr, h 139 Gowan av 
Osoorn Reginald, asbestos wkr, h 133 Bee 

Paine Ernest F, lab, h 62 Torrens av 
Palmer John, lab, h 1125 Leslie 



* NTO 






Homes Furnished Complete. 36-38 QUEEN ST. EAST. Phone Main 1993. Open Evenings 


Pankhurst Edwd. eilg Gas Co. h 157 Gowaji a? 

Papi Emilio, fruit, h 1151 Leslie 

Parker Alfred jr. lab, Ivs 1145 Leslie 

Parker Alfred, lab, h 1145 Leslie 

Parker Annie stenog, Ivs 1145 Leslie 

Parker May., stenog. Ivs 1145 Leslie 

Parker Robt, mkt gdnr, 43 Cosbmn av 

Parsons Alfred, carp, h 32 Aldwych av 

Parsons Arthur R, mach, h 88 Westwood av 

Parsons Geo, lab, h 13 Hawthorn row 

Parsonson Wm, presshand, h 144 Woodville a? 

Partridge Edwd 11, blksmth, h 109 Cronyn av 

Partridge Edwin, last mkr. h 151 Bee 

Patterson I H Legge. h 2394 Don Mills rd 

Payne Thos, emp GTR, ll 131 Bee 

Pearoe John, pattern mkr. h 73 Gamble av 

Pearce Thos, flremn. h 1208 Leslie 

Peek Walter, chauff, h IfiG Bee 

Pedlar Chas. brkmkr, h 41 Gamble av 

Pedlar Gordon K, Pedlar & Sons, Ivs 21 Torrens av 

Pedlar Jane (wid John), Ivs 46 Gowan a? 

Pedlar Phillip, bus driver, h 21 Torrens av 

Pedlar Philip S (Pedlar & Son?), Ivs 21 Torrens av 

Peebles Alex C, carp, h 66 Aldwych av 

Peebles Jane (wid Chas), Ivs 66 Aldwych av 

Peers Vim, bldr, h 126 Gowan av 

Pemberton Cyril, elk. h 67 Aldwych av 

Penford Mary (wid Richd), h 164 Gowan at 

Penrice Basil, rubber wkr. Ivs 115 Bee 

Percy Wm E, mach, h 31 Gowan av 

Perkins John A, decor, h 203 Woodville ai 

Perry Ambrose, lab, h 81 Bee 

Perry Wm. shipper, h 95 Bee 

Pesme Vim. brass inst repr, h 14 Gowan av 

Peterson Alex, lab, Ivs 154 Gamble av 

Pettipierre Ernest, letter carrier, Ivs 146 Langford tv 

Phelph Leonard W, tool nrt, h 157 Woodville av 

Phillips Albert, press hand. Ivs 188 Bee 

Phillips Lillie (wid Wm C), h 144 Gamble av 

Pillow Alex, auto mech, h 43 Woodville av 

Pitman John, lab, h 14fi Ton ens av 

Pledger Walter, carp, h 153 Gowan at 

Pollard Fredk, enameller, h 242 Fulton av 

Polston Henrietta, opr, Ivs 17 Floyd av 

Pope Percy Henry, engraver, h 165 Gowan av 

Potter Alex R, cond, h 22 A Aldwych av 

Potter Chas, btchr, h 27 Cronyn av 

Potter Harry, h 186 Bee 

Potts David, messr Dom Exp Co, h 45 Bee 

Powell Alfred, lab, h 75 Muriel av 

Powell Arnold, emp GTR, h 29A Westwood at 

Powell Frank, cattle dlr, s s Cosburn at 

Prestidge Danl, lab, h 177 Gowan at 

Price Harry, lab, h 95 Muriel av 

Prichard Wm. h 62 Aldwych at 

Prince Jas W, perfher, h 155 Gamble av 

Pritchard Ectwd, callendar wkr. h 89 Torrens av 

Pritchard Solomon F, lab, h 53% Bee 

Proctor Anthony, car opr, h 129 Muriel av 

Proudloot Robt, bank messr, h 145 Bee 

Pugh Wm, brklyr, h 127 Gamble at 

Purvis Jos R, bkpr, h 14 Gamble at 

Purvis Richd, h 20 Torrens at 

Rainbow Saml, brklyr, h 19 Torrens av 

Ramsden John, city emp, h 54 Bee 

Raper Geo, lab, h 11 Aldwych av 

Ratcliire Ernest, elect, h 23 Westwood at 

Reader Chas, printer h 43 Gamble av 

Redfern Chas, carp, h 136 Gamble av 

Reeve Peter, elk, h 3 Bee 

Rice Charlotte, h 1169 Don Mills id 

Rice Jesse, insp Daity Co, h 21 Gowan av 

Ridgway Wm, tmstr, h 176 Bee 

Ritchie Alex, h 123 Gowm av 

Roberts Chas J, gro 167 Gamble at, h same 

Roberts Emile, cloth shrinker Eaton's, h 184 Bee 

Roberts Jas W, glass bvlr, h 1222 Leslie 

Roberts Robt, fnshr, h 105 Gowan 'av 

Robinson Ada, emp Bell Tel Co, Ivs 133 Gamble ai 

Robinson Dawson, mldr, h 59 Cronyn av 

Robinson Florence, emp Bell Tel Co, Ivs 133 Gamble at 

Robinson Fredk, brkmkr, h 133 Gamble iv 

Robinson Fredk, steel wkr, h 98 Bee 

Ui'hijKiin Geo, lab, h 131 Cronyn av 

Ki-binson Geo, CPR messgr, Ivs 168 Gowan av 

Robinson Gertrude, bag mkr, Ivs 133 Gamble av 

Robinson Wm F, Idgr keeper Bank of .\ova Scotia, Ivs 26 

Millbrook cres 

Rockwell Thos, h 1079 Don Mills rd 
Roe Wm. lab, h 62 Westwood at 
Rogers Alice M (wid John), h 855 Pape at 
Rogers Clarence, stereotyper, h 197 Gowan at 
Rogers Geo, ctr, h 15 Woodville at 
Rogers John, sht mil wkr, Ivs 855 Pape at 
Rogers Walter, die mkr, h 165 Gamble av 
Roper Ernest, baker, 23 Aldwych av 

liossiter Geo, h 45 Totrens av 

Itousby Arthur II, elk, h 1229 Pape av 

Rouxel Harold, lab, h 184% Bee 

Rowell Ernest, concrete wrkr, h 58 Gamble av 

Rowley Wesley, elk, h 147 Gamble av 

Rutter John E, retail gro, 26 Westwood at 

Ryan John, wire wkr, h 156 Gamble av 

St Andrews Church (Ang), e s Pape av cor Bee 

Salmon John, cloth fnshr, h 57 Bee 

Sandbrook Geo, plshr, h 191 Gowan av 

Sargent Horace, rubber wkr, h 195 Gowan av 

Saunders Jas J, chauff, h 1240 Pape av 

Saunders Percy, elk, h 124 Aldwych av 

Schofleld Frank, h 108 Aldwych av 

Scott Frank, painter, h 151 Gamble av 

Scott Geo W, lab, h 236 Torrens av 

Scott John, h 36 Westwood av 

Scott John, engnr, h 127 Muriel at 

Scott Wm C, bldr, h 52 Westwood av 

Scully Henry, baker, h 112% Aldwych av 

Scutchings Leonard, wdwkr, h 137 V z Bee 

Selby Reginald, tailors cutter, h 213 Gowan av 

Self Gilbert, caretaker, h 191 Gamble av 

Sellers Arthur, W emp CPR, h 84 Gamble av 

Sellers Geo % carp, h 23 Gowan av 

Sellers Robt J, elk, h 124% Bee 

Sellwood Edward J, painter, h 148 Gowan av 

Sharp Robt, stone mason, h 158 Langford at 

Sheather Herbert E, pickle mkr, h 167% Gowan av 

Sheeran Mirhl, brick setter, h 106% Bee 

Shepherd Saml J, car wshr, h 59 Torrens av 

SHERK MICHAEL G, Drugoist 315 Broadview av, h 


Sherwood David, printer, Ivs 47 Westwood av 
Sherwood Geo, tmstr, h 47 Westwood av 
She; wood Reginald, printer, Its 47 Westwood av 
Shields Wm, h 10 Torrens ay- 
Shirt Jas, gro 1220 Pape av, h same 
Shirt Joshua, gro 2319 Pape av, h same 
Short Hugh, barber, h 7 Bee 
Sigsworth Elizth, gro 45 Aldwych av. Ivs same 
Silvester David, h 241 Fulton av 
Simmons Chas, paper mkr, Ivs 45 Woodville av 
Simmons Lilly, opr, Ivs 45 Woodvillc av 
Simmons Sarah A (wid Albert), h 45 Woodville at 
Simmons Rose, wrapper, Ivs 45 Woodville av 
Simmons Violet, opr, Ivs 45 Woodville av 
Simone Louie, elet opr, h 42 Westwood at 
Simons Fredk. truck driver, h 225 Gamble av 
Simpson Louisa I (wid Geo), h 1022 Don Mills rd 
Simpson Louise, post master Todmorden P Ivs 1022 

Don Mills rd 

Skarott Harold, baker, h 38 Westwood av 
Skinner Gertrude, packer, Ivs 37 Woodville av 
Skinner John, tmstr, h 37 Woodville av 
Skinner Wm J, lab, h 11 Logan av n 
Skirrow Wm, poultry, h 130 Gowan av 
Smeed Edwd, coal, h 36 Westwood av 
Smith Annie (wid Arthur E), h 103 Bee 
Smith Arthur F, sht mtl wkr h 61 Cronyn av 
Smith Arthur Wm, truck driver, h 124 Bee 
Smith Benj J, engnr, h 12 Hawthorn Jtow 
Smith Bertram P, tool mkr, Ivs 103 Bee 
Smith Edwd, lab, h 14 Plains rd 
Smith Florence, slsldy, Ivs 45 Torrens av 
Smith Frank, gdnr, h 1216 Leslie 
Smith Fredk C, cond, h 1276 Cronyn av 
Smith Geo C, painter, h 48 Westwood av 
Smith Harold T, publisher, n s Don Mills rd 
Smith Henry, elect, h 96 Muriel av . 
Smith Isaac, lab, h 56 Bee 
Smith Jas, printer, h 112 Aldwych av 
Smith Jos A, prop Helendale Dairy, h 1 Cosburn av 
Smith Nellie, elk, Ivs 103 Bee 
Smith Norman, h 168 Gamble av 
Smith Saml J, stock kpr, h 132 Eaton a 
Smith Thos, firemn, h 646 Don Mills rd 
Smith Thos K, litho, h 96 Muriel av 
Smith Wm, jwlr, h 92 Bee 
Smitli Wm, shipping dept Rennie Seeds, h 166 Gamble 


Smith Wm J, gro, h 1235 Don Mills rd 
Suaiy Frank, lab, h 71 Westwood at 
Snooks Philip L, welder, h 6 Torrens at 
Snndden Thos, h 43 Torrens av 
Southern, h 77 Torrens av . 
Southern Fred, uphlstr, h 58 Westwood av 
Southern Harold, cond TSR, Its 60 Torrens av 
Sparkes Herbert, carp, h 83 Torrens av 
Spence Herbert 3, florist, h 79 Muriel av 
Spence Thus H, elect, h 41 Bee 
Spencer Chas S, electrical supplies 83 Bee, h same 
Spencer Geo, lab, h 158 Bee 
Spencer John, btchr 1222 Pape av, h same 
Spencer \Vm, brick burner, h 110 Bee 
Spittal Wm A, carp, h 65 Aldwych av 
Stables Clarence, engnr, h 106 Aldwych av 

Staden Ellis, elk, h 17 Aldwych av 

Staden John, gro 5 Aldwych av, Ivs same 

Staden John E, elect, h 15 Aldwych av 

Stallan Muriel, order office Eaton's, Ivs 1002 Don 

Mills rd 

Stallan Walter B. h 1002 Don Mills rd 
Stephenson Wm, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd. Ivs same 
Stevens Frank R, leather wkr, h 31 Cronyn av 
Stevenson Robt, boot cutter, n- 169 Gamble av 
Steward, h 171 Gowan av 
Stewart Harry, brkmkr, h 53 Westwood av 
Stewart Isabel (wid Jas), h 1024 Don Mills rd 
Stewart John W, tmstr, h 23 Cronyn av 
Stirman Jos, chauff, h 1149 Leslie 
Stock llany. lab, h 30 Floyd at 
Stone Fredk C, carp, h 44% Bee 
Stover Jacob, car repr, h 14% Torrens Av 
Strachan David, fireman, h 79 Cronyn av 
Strickland Wilfrid A, elk, h 42 Bater av 
Stringer Wm V, elev opr. Ivs 106% Bee 
Strong Gabriel, Ivs 25 Gowan av 
Sullivan Jas, lab, h 158 Gamble av 
Sullivan Wm, carp, h 75 Woodville at 
Summerhayes Samuel M, gro 26 Westwood av 
Sun Brick Co, Don Valley 

Satellite Jane (wid Edmund), ti 994 Don Mills rd 
Sutherland Wm, printer, h 25 Aldwych av 
Button Jas, brklyr, h 159 Woodville av 
Swaine Chas, gdnr, h 857 Pape av 
Swaine Chas, shipper. Its 857 Pape av 
Swaine Gladys, opr ETC. Ivs 857 Pape av 
Swaine Mary, opr ETC, Ivs 857 Pape av 
Swift Herbert, engnr, h 6 Bee 
Swift Jos J, engr, h 168 Gowan av 
Taber Arthur, bldr, h 196 Gamble av 
Tapsell Richard, engur, h 123 Eaton av 
Tattle C Richd, acct, h 1081 Dmi Mills rd 
Taylor Amos, met! spinner, h 13 Bater av 
Taylor Arthur, shoemkr, h 19 Gowan av 
Taylor Caleb N, projectionist, h 61% Cronyn at 
Taylor Chas driver, Ivs 9 Hawthorn row 
Taylor Geo G, Ivs 1068 Don Mills rd 
Taylor Henry A, gdnr, h 9 Hawthorn row 
Taylor Jas, engnr, h 27 Gamble av 
Taylor Lawrence L, Its 1068 Don Mills rd 
Taylor Norman, plmbr, h 93 Bee 
Taylor Robt F, cattle dlr, n s Plains id. Ivs same 
Taylor Tessie, opr, Ivs 9 Hawthorn row- 
Taylor Wm T, h 1068 Don Mills rd 
Terry R J, h 29 Torrens av 
Thompson Elizth (wid John), h 1044 Pape av 
Thompson Garnet, gdnr, Ivs 1044 Pape av 
Thompson Jas, bricksetter, l\ 131% Bee 
Thompson John, express, 16 Aldwych av 
Thompson Martha, embosser, Ivs 1044 Pape at 
Thompson Wilfrid, expressmn, h 18 Aldwych av 
Thorn Sidney, shoe repr, h 183 Gowan av 
Thrush Chas engnr, h 11 Gowan av 
Tiffin Geo. gro, 1046 Pape av, h same 
Timms Lee, Ivs 248 Fulton av 
Timms Maria, h 248 Fulton av 
Tindall Chas, elk, h 13 Gowan at 
Tiplock Ernest, Utter, h 125 Gowan av 
Todmorden Hotel, Wm E Draper prop, 1067 Don Mills 

Todmorden Post Office, Louise Simpson P M, 1229 Don 

Mills rd 

Tomlin Cortland R, elk, h 255 Fulton at 
Trim Wm C. city policemn, h 1147 Leslie 
Trowbridge Walter, porter, h 80 Muriel av 
Trowell Ernest, mach, h 1077 Don Mills, rd 
Tucker Arthur, opr, Ivs 48 Bee 
Tucker Chas, h 15 Gowan av 
Tucker Edgar C, lab, h 87 .Muriel av 
Tucker Geo, h 48 Bee 
Tucker Wm, carp, h 64 Gamble av 
Tiilly Robt, carp, h 162 Langford av 
Tnlly Wm. lab, h 5 Gowan av 
Turner Geo, tannery wkr, h 146 Gowan av 
Turner Herbert, mach h 164 Torrens av 
Turner John, street car cond, h 180 Gowin at 
Turner John J, h 51 Bee 
Turtes Antone, carp, h 9 Aldwych av 
Turtle Arthur E, lab, h 2 Hawthorn row 
Turton Ernest, plstr, h 178 Bee 
Turton Sydney, plstr, h 3 Logan av n 
Tustin Wm jr, mtl wkr, Its 146 Gamble av 
Tutton Rollins, ship carp, h 8 Burleigh av 
nihorn Axel B, mgr, h 845 Pape av 

li'rwnod Jos chauff, h 167 Gowan av 

iT ('has. millwright, h 107 Cronyn at 
Vaughan Erna (wid Edgar), h 76 Westwuod av 
Vivian Harold K, marine engnr, Ivs 81 Muriel at 
Vogel Paul, engr, h 199 Gamble at 
Waddell John A, carp, h 113 Cronyn av 
Wade Thos H, lather, h 57 Torrens at 





Are as Easily Stored as Shocks 



Phone Gerrard 2100 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adel. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Waff Ernest, h 80 Muriel av 

Wainer Arthur, 1) i'72 Don Mills rd 

Waines Albert, elk, Ivs 5 Westwood av 

Waines Geo H, elk. Ivs 5 Westwood av 

Waines John W, h 5 Westwood av 

Walker Alt Campbell, steam Utter, li 185 Gowan av 

Walker Harold, lather, h 77 Aldwych av 

Walker Saml, ran), h 38 Gamble av 

Walker Th<*, h 66 Gamble av 

Walkinshaw Richard M, carp, h 221 Gowan av 

Wallace Jas, elk, h 5 Bee 

Wallis Harry, farmer, h 1219 Leslie 

Walmrr Arthur, tlr, h 138 Gowan av 

Walnut Club, Saml Bamford dog breeder 151 Gowan av, 

lv> same 

Walsh Geo, h 32 Westwood av 
Walters Archd, elect, h 94 Mi Bee 
Walton Cyril, h 251 Torrens av 
Walton Herbert, concrete wkr, h 60 Gamble av 
Waltra Leonard, lab. h 25 Cronyn av 
Ward Leonard, lab, h 152 Gamble av 
Ward Mary (wid Chas W), h 163 Bee 
Ward Wm, mkt gdnr, 110 Aldwych av, h same 
Waring Susan '(wid David), h 120 Bee 
Warner Geo A. driver, h 25 Burleigh av 
Warner Geo \V, dairymn, h 1109 Don Mills rd 
Warner Herbert, emp Linden dairy 1109 Don Mills rd 
Warren John, barber 1223 Pape av, h same 
Water:- Geo, mach, Ivs 25 Gowan av 
Waters Hamilton, driver, h 25 Gowan av 
WatMai Geo. can), h 77 Gowan av 
Watson Henry, shipper, h 69 Gowan av 
Watson John, foremn h 24 Westwood av 
Watson Wm L, mgr Bank of Nova Scotia, h 22 Dear- 
bourne av 

Watt Saml, lab, h 135 Gamble av 
Waygood Harry, brkmkr. h 89 Cronyn av 
Webb Fred, emp Gas Works, h 223 Gowan av 
Webber Alfred J, lab. h 6 Hawthorn Row 
W(bley Albert F. pckr, h 1227 Pape av 
\Vebley Dorothy, opr ETC, Ivs 976 Don Mills rd 
Webley Evelyn, opr ETC, Ivs 976 Don Mills rd 
Webley Frank G, Ivs 976 Don Mills rd 
Webley Frank L, elect, Ivs 976 Don Mills rd 
Webley Ruth Mrs, h 976 Don Mills rd 
Webley Wm F, jwlr, Ivs 976 Don Mills rd 
Webster Ernest, carp, h 155 Woodville av 
Weeks Wm, lab, h 70 Gowan av 
Weir Jas W, elk, h 1085 Don Mills rd 
Weir Velma, opr, Ivs 1085 Don Mills rd 
Weller Henry G, shipper, h 6 Gowan av 
Wells Aaron, caretaking T Eaton Co. Ivs 162 Bee 
Wells Wm T, brickburner, h 1 Westwood av 
West cot t Gertrude (wid Wm), h 1260 Leslie 
Wi^twood John. Ivs 1008 Don Mills rd 
Westwiiod IVn-y. gdnr, h 992 Don Mills rd 
Wheeler Beatrice, tel opr, Ivs 26 Torrens av 
Wheeler Mary (wid Thos) h 1263 Don Mills rd 
Mii'ii-r Wm G, warehsemn, h 26 Torrens ar 
Whiston Thos W, rubber wkr, h 113 Gowan av 
Whiston Wm, lab, h 124 Gamble av 
White Frank E, tmstr, h w s Don Valley 
White Herbert, painter, h 1048 Pape av 
White Norman J, acct, Ivs 1099 Don Mills rd 
Whitehouse Isaiah, carp, h 3 Hawthorn Row 
Whiteworth Robt, gdnr. h 1 Hawthorn Ro 
Whitmore W F, brickmkr, h 37 Torrens av 
Whitworth Fred G, printer, h 1256 Leslie 
Wicken Geo, plstr, h 149 Bee 
Wighterspoon Wm. vulcanizer, h 100 Woodycrest av 
Wild Arthur, carp, h 86 Bee 
Wild Fred, carp, Ivs 14 Gowan av 
Wild Wm H. lab. Ivs 86 Bee 
Wilkins, fireman, h 134 Gamble av 
Williams Walker, emp CNR h 1109 Gowan av 
Williamson Jos lab, h 103 Cronyn av 
Williamson Robt, lab, h 53 Cronyn av 
Willis Archd, baker, h 81 Westwood av 
Willis Walter S, car cond. h 182 Gowan av 
Wilmot Herbert, gdnr, h 1218 Don Mills rd 
Wilson Albert, warehsemn, h 1220 Don Mills rd 
Wilson Geo R, cond, h 135 Cronyn av 
Wilson Jas, cnenr, h 53 Torrens av 
Wilson John, lab, h 17 Westwood av 
Wilson Matthew, h 87 Gamble av 
Wilson Wm. painter, h 83 Muriel av 
Wiltshire Geo hod carrier, h Gowan av 
Winchester Jas, cond. h 33 Burleigh av 
Withy Jos, lab, h 93 Torrens av 
IViml \riMe, iis 248 Fulton av 
Wood Thos, emp CPR, Ivs 248 Fulton av 
Wood Walter, collector, h 5 Gowan av 
Woodward Herbert, lab, Ivs 85 Gamble av 
H"iilin Ceo, presser, h 1248 Don Mills rd 
\\oolley Arthur, emp Eaton's, h 47 Torrens av 
Woollvin Wm, lab, h 132 Bee 

orrell Wm, lab. h 23 Burleigh av 

right Geo, exp & cartage 26 Aldwych av, Ivs sam 

right Walter, mtg Jwlr, h 5 Logan av n 

'rigley Albert, gas wkr, Ivs 10 Burleigh av 

yatt Arthur, lab, h 7 Gamble av 

yatt David, lab, h 202 Woodville av 

yatt Deborah (wid John), h 11 Gamble av 

jatt Wm II, contr, 1) 5 Gamble av 


suburb eight and one half miles northwest of City 
Hall, on the G T R old main line and C P R main 
line Toronto subway. Post office Weston. Tate 
Dundas car to end of line; thence Weston car. 

ckrow Herbert, h 14 Lemaire av 
ckrow Jane (wid Johnathan), h 122 Rosemount av 
ckrow John W, h 12 Lemaire av 
ckrow Minetta, Ivs 122 Rosemount av 
dams Algeron, lab, Ivs 74 Coulter av 
damson Ada, stenog, Ivs 11 Sykes av 
damson Adele. Ivs 11 Sykes av 
.damson John B, h 11 Sykes av 
\damson Nelson, insp, Ivs 11 Sykes av 
Utcheson Jas, h 15 Sykes av 
Utchison David, Ivs 150 Main 3 
Utchison Margt, Ivs 150 Main s 
Utchison Mary A, Ivs 150 Main s 
Utchison Robt, Ivs 150 Main s 
Aitchison Wm, h 150 Main s 

Alexander Harry T, prin Weston Pub Schl, h 165 Rose- 
mount av 

lexander Memorial Church, H E Wintemute pastor 
11-13 Main s 
Ulan John P. h 156 Maria 
Ulan Mona L Mrs, Ivs 156 Maria 
Allen Jeremiah, h 226 Main n 
Allen Jos, carp, h 211 Main s 
Ulcn Wm J, Ivs 17 Main s 
Ansell Richard, lab, Ivs 25 Holly av 
Appleby Henry A, lab, rms 185 Rosemount av 
Armstrong Gladys M, Ivs 154 Rosemount av 
Armstrong Robt, h 154 Rosemount av 
Badgero Hazel, mlnr, Ivs 154 William 
Bagnell John, h 130 Rosemount av 
Bailey John, letter carrier, h 39 South Station 
iailey Reuben, Ivs 39 South Station 
Baldock Geo, lab, Ivs 8 Lemaire av 
Baldock Mabel, Ivs 8 Lemaire av 
Btldock Thos. h 8 Lemaire av 
Baldwin Wm H. trav, h n s Vimy Gdns 
Sail Sidney, tmstr, h 10 Vimy av 
Bank of Montreal (Weston br). Nelson J McEwen mgr 

4." Main n 
Bank of Nova Scotia (Weston br), Alfred E Melllsb 

mgr. 1 Main s 

Banks Ella, stenog, Ivs 57 George 
Banks Wm, trav, h 57 George 
Barber Mary Mrs. Ivs 68 Maria 
Barker Aaron J. postmaster \Veston P 0, h 34 Maria 
Barker Gordon, h 124 Maria 
Barker Gordon A (Baker & Co), h n s Maria 
Barker Joe, real est & ins 38 Maria, h same 
Barker John, postmaster, h 34 Maria 
Barker & Co (Gordon A Barker), garage 14 Main n 
Barrett Percy, prof Weston Golt and Country Club, re* 


Barron Geo. btchr, 368 Main n 
Barron Geo, steward Weston Golf and Country Club 

res same 
Barron Jessie Mrs, matron Weston Golf and Count 1 

Club, Ivs same 
Bartlctt Lome R. turn 31 Main n. undertaker 2 

Main n, h same 
Barton Alex, chauff, h 26 Dennison av e 

Barton Alfred M. florist 137 Main n, h 22 George 

Barton Arthur, florist 189 Main s, h same 

Barton Eli F Prof, h 224 Maria 

Bartim Elwood, florist, Ivs 22 George 

Barton Norman, florist Alfred M Barton, Ivs 22 George 

Barton Norman, florist, Ivs 22 George 

Barton Wm, gdnr, Ivs 189 Main s 

Bath Chas, cashier, h 282 Church 

Reach Edwd 1'. barber, h 29 Lippincott e 

Beamish Richard, lab, h 71 Coulter av 

Beardall Fred G. acct, h 69 John 

Beatty Willard R, sec Canada Lumber Co, Ltd r 

Beech Edwd P. barber 9 Main s. h 29 Lippincott 

Bell Agnes, Ivs 58 King 

Bell Alfred, mach, Ivs 370 Main n 

Bell Caroline M (wid Wm H), h IS Ilillcre.-t rd 

,11 Cecil elect, Ivs 58 King 
ell Elizth (wid Thos), h 49 Main s 
ell Ellen (wid Edwd), Ivs 218 Main n 
ell Esther (wid Robt A), h 4 Park av 
:11 Florence, Ivs 58 King 
.11 Gertrude, Ivs 58 King 
ell Henry G, h 97 John 
ell Herbert, elect, Ivs 257 Main n 
ell Jas E, insp, h 218 Main n 
11 Jos, driver Alex M Oldham, h 102 Maria 
.-11 Marjorie. stenoe, Ivs 58 King 
ell Mary (wid R T). h 58 King 
ell Richd. mach h 257 Main n 
ell Richd T h 14 George 
-11 Robt, mach. Ivs 257 Main n 
-11 Roy. driver Weston Coal & Lumber Co, n n s 
Conoron pi 

ell Stella, Ivs 49 Main s 

ell Telephone Co, Ltd. (Weston br), Saml J Totten, 
mgr 5 Main s, operating dept 15 Main n, plant 
dept 8 same 

,ell Wm R, Ivs 49 Main s 
-ennett Jas, h 29 Little av 
eno Frank, h 404 Main n 
eno Freda, Ivs 404 Main n 
Sent Jas, presser, h 35 Holly av 
Jest Thos L, shipper, h 10 St John's rd e 
Silton Geo E, h 70 Main s 

Jirchwood Ellen (wid John), Ivs Irvin B Watson 
Jlain Jean, studt, Ivs 25 Lippincott e 
Jlair Wm. wtchmn, h 12 Mill 
lake James. Ivs 22 Church 
lake Nellie (wid Robt), h 22 Church 
Slaney Alexander, cutter, h 19 Dennison av w 
Slaney Thos, lab, Ivs 19 Dennison av w 
{levins Wm H airbrake insp CPR, h 116 King 
Boake Bartholomew J, h 186 King 
Boake Clarence, Ivs 186 King 
Boake Olive, Ivs 186 King 
Boake Vernon, Ivs 186 King 
inddy Eliza, tchr, h 149 Main n 
Boddy Frances, tchr. Ivs 149 Main n 
Bohuncn Chas, lab, h 92 Main s 
Bolton Robt, stock elk Massey-Harris Co, Ltd (Weston 

br). Ivs 153 Maria 
Bolton Wm, h n s Conron pi 
Bothan T Norman, trav. h 39 Price 
Bottom Sarah J Mrs, Ivs 1 Rectory rd 
Bowen Henry, photographer 2 John, h same 
Braiden Robt, grain dlr, h 48 Church 
Breck Wm. elk. h w s Fifth av 
Bridger Alice, h w s Vimy av 

Bridgeman Fred (Bridgeman & Simpson), h 4 Main n 
Bridgeman & Simpson (Fred Bridgeman, Fred Simpson), 

butchers, 6 Main n 
Briggs Alice M, Ivs 43 King 
Briggs Arthur A, elect, h 43 King 
Bright David, shipper, h 127 Rosemount av 
Bri?ht Elsie M. Ivs 127 Rosemount av 
Bright Eric, insp. Ivs 127 Rosemount av 
Brookbanks Christopher, painter & decorator 25 Church, 

h same 

Brookes Abel, h 113 Maria 
Brookes Bernard L. bldr, h 141 Maria 
Brookes John, carp, h 221 Rosemount av 
Brofkes Wilfrid C, carp, h 145 Maiia 
Broom .Arthur, elk Walter J Button, res Toronto 
Broomhead Albert, driver. Ivs 83 Main n 
Brown Cecil. Ivs 2 Elsmere av 
Brown Dorothy B, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), Ivs 

2 Elsmere av 

Brcran Fiedk W. stock kpr, h 2 Elsmere av 
Brown John, lab. h 5 Vimy av 
Brown Marjorie, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), Ivs 

2 Elsmere av 
Brown Rhoda, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), Ivs 

2 Elsmere av 

Brown Victor, elk, Ivs 2 Elsmere av 
Biichan Michael, lab. h 155 Main s 
Bull Alice M. Ivs 14 John 
Bull Carrie J, h 36 Church 
Bull Clifford. Ivs 88 King 
Bull Edwd W, h 309 Main n 
Bull Fannie A, Ivs 36 Church 
Bull Florence, Ivs 14 John 
Bull Frank, Ivs 88 King 
Bull Fred, l\s 88 King 
Bull Jackson. Ivs 88 King 
Bull Jacob, h 14 John 
Bull Jean. tchr. Ivs S8 King 
Bull Olive (wid John), h 159 Rosemount a.1 
Bull Rhcta. Ivs 159 Rosemount av 
Bull Robt J. pres Reliable Bedding Co Ltd, h 88 King 
I;: ndy Bert, ero 4 John, h same 
Burgess Alfred J (Burgess Bros), h IS Dennison av 

Bros (Alfred J & Jehill W), tinsmtlis 33 Main n 
Ivs -i 1 ~> M-siu n - 





West Toronto Garage 

303O Dundas St. W. 

Junction 511 




M c Coll Bros. Limited 

Head Office - - Toronto 



Bursess Georgina, Ivs 20 Church 

Burgess Jehill W (Burgess Bros), h 20 _ Church 

Burgess Jos. wtchmn, h 5 Meyer av 

Burgess Mary, Ivs 20 Church 

Burnett Ella, stenog, Ivs Jas Burnett 

Burnett Jas, insp. h n s MacDonald a? 

Burnett Jas M, acct, Ivs Jis Burnett 

Burnett Kathleen, elk, Ivs Jas Burnett 

Burns Reynold, elk, Ivs 213 Rosemount av 

Burrage Wm C, contr 106 Rosemount av, h same 

Burrage Wm R, mfrs agt 21 Main n. Its 106 Rosemount 


Burslera Chas F, h 255 Church 
Burslem Gladys, opr Bell Tel Co ltd (Western br), In 

Fred Burlsem 

Burton Mary (wid Wm T). h s s Vimy gdns 
Burton \Vm C, Ivs Mrs Mary Burton 
Bushell Geo, lab, h 108 Main n 
Buttom Margt Mrs, h 31 Cross 
Cairns Archd, h 104 William 
Cairns Florence, studt, Ivs 104 William 
Cairns Janet, Ivs 104 William 
Caldwell Clarence, Ivs 18 Main s 
Caldwell Florence, steaog K & S Tire & Rubber Goods 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Caldwell Isabella (wid Henry), h 18 Main s 
Caldwell Percival, Ivs 18 Main s 
Calhoun Chas E, garage 3 little av. h 176 Rosemount 


Calhoun Margt (wid Jos), h n s lemaire av 
Calhoun Wm N, druggist, h 25 Maria 
Cameron Angus, elk, h n s Vimy gdns 
Cameron James A, h 109 King 
Cameron Jean, Ivs 109 King 
Campbell Annie, Ivs 104 William 
Campbell Archd 1. h 39 Church 
Campbell Donald W, sec-treas Reliable Bedding Co Ltd, 

h 26 Maria 

Campbell Irene, Irs 153 Maria 
Campbell Isabelle, Ivs 153 Maria 
Campbell Kate W, Ivs 39 Church 
Campbell Wm M, Chief Constable Weston Township, h 

153 Maria 
Canada Clothes Pin Co, Benj & Harry 1 McCallum, 149 

Main s 

Canada lumber Co ltd. Willard R Beatty sec, 86 Church 
Canadian Bank of Commerce (Weston br) , Chas B Millar 

mgr, 28 Main n 
Canadian Paciflc Railway (Weston Station), Alfred J 

Pritchard agt, n s John 
Capner Lulu, bkpr, Ivs 189 John 
Capner Wm, caretkr, h 189 John 
Carl Mathews, Its 163 Main n 
Carr Edwd S, h 447 Main n 
Carrington Arthur, Ub, Ivs 47 Church 
Carson Thos, cement fnshr, h w s Fifth ay 
Carter Msrgt, Ivs 21 Rectory rd 
Carton Jos A (Graham & Carton), res Toronto 
Cathcart Everard 0, studt, Ivs 37 Church 
Cathcart Robt A, h 37 Church 
Central Hotel, J W Howell prop, 83 Main n 
Chadwell Fredk C, lab, Ivs 8 Dennison a w 
Chadwell John, elk, Ivs 8 Dennison av w 
Chambers Florence, stenog, Ivs 426 Main n 
Chambers Harry, elect, Ivs- 426 Main n 
Chambers Orlo. carp, h 426 Main n 
Chandler Dorothy, Ivs 76 Rosemount av < 

Chandler Gladys. Ivs 70 Rosemount a? 
Chandler Wm T, h 76 Rosemount av 
Chapman Alma, stenog, Ivs 152 Main n 
Chapman John, garage 122 Main n. h 152 Same 
Chapman Jos, lab, h 44 Eagle a? w 
Chapman Stanley, elk, Ivs 152 Main n 
Charbonneau Albert E, gdnr, Ivs 136 William 
Charbonneau Robt J, gdnr. Its 136 William 
Charbonneau Wm C, btchr, h 136 William 
Charbonneau Wm C jr, elk Griffith Bros, h 136 William 
Chard Kate, Ivs 459 Main n 
Chard Ross, Ivs 459 Main n 
Charlesworth Wm G, trav, h 1 Sykes at 
Charlton Dorothy I, Ivs 89 Rosemount ar 
Charlton Howard, Ivs 89 Rosemount av 
Charlton Wm J, phy 89 Rosemount av, h same 
Charters Robt M, painter, Ivs 146 Main n 
Charters R M, pressmn SamI Wilson, Ivs 146 Main n 
Cheele Dudley, Ivs 12 Church 
Chilton Wro, Ivs 156 Main s 
Chuckley Wesley, painter, h 8 King George rd 
Churck Herbert J, engnr, h 3~>8 Slain n 
Clark Arthur, roach, h n s Maple ar 
Clark Nelson, h 45 Main n 

Clark Robt. hlksmth John A Sounders, li 144 Main n 
Clark Walter, tinsmth, Irs 167 Main s 
Clark Wm, lab, h 16 King George rd 
Clarke Hortense, Ivs 175 Rosemount av 
Clarke James C, h 175 Rosemount ar 
Clarke Nelson, trar, h 79 John 
Clayton Sidney J. mfrs agt, h 96 William 

Cobb Frank, carp, h s s Vimy gdns 

Cobb Frank jr, stock kpr, Ivs Frank Cobb 

Cockburn Kenneth A, h 28 Joseph 

Coe Dorothy, Ivs 233 Main s 

Coe Harry, h 233 Main s 

Colbourne Fredk T. contr 43 South Station, h same 

Colboume leslie, Ivs 43 South Station 

Coleman Saml, carp, h 40 St John's rd 

Coleman Thelma, Ivs 16 Main s 

Coleman Wm E, gents turns 16 Main s, h same 

Colhoun Wm L. elk Wm J Inch, b 25 Maria 

Collounge Fredk, trav, h 96 Maria 

Combs Chas H, gro 166 Main s confy 164 same, h 

164 Main s 

Conner Ethel D, bkpr. Ivs 43 Holly ar 
Conron Jas. btchr Geo Barren, h 95 Church 
Cook Ernest R. eng, h 16 Mill 
Cook Mary A, Ivs 35 Holly av 
Cook Wm, Ivs 35 Holly av 
Coon Hcrvey, h 240 Church 
Cooper Ernest 0,- h 116 Rosemount av 
Corbett Arthur T, auto wkr, h 15 Meyer ar 
Corell Glen, In 225 Rosemount av 
Corell Henry C, Ivs 225 Rosemount ar 
Corell Jas W, trav, h 225 Rosemount ar 
CottriU Beatrice M, Ivs SI Main s 
Cottrill Christina (wid John G), h 31 Main s 
Coulter Andrew, decor, h 212 Main n 
Coulter Andrew 1, h 172 Church 
Coulter Clarence I, painter, Ivs 212 Main n 
Coulter Geo W, vet sure 340 Main n, h same 
Coulter Georgia, Ivs 340 Main n 
Coulter Gordon, mach. Ivs 286 Main n 
Coulter Harold, mach, Ivs Arthur E Mallabv 
Coulter Jas, mach, Ivs 286 Main n 
Coulter Jas W, h 63 George 
Coulter Lev! L (Weston Foundry & Machine Co), h 286 

Main a 
Coulter Mamie A, teller Bank of Montreal (Weston br), 

Ivs 340 Main n 

Coulter Roy L, elk, Ivs 340 Main n 
Coulter Vera, Ivs 286 Main n 
Coulter Wm. mach, Ivs 286 Main n 
Coulton Chas, firemn, Ivs 74 Coulter av 
Courtney John A, elk Can Paciflc Railway Western station, 

h 43 Holly av 

Cousins Elsie, Ivs 3 Eagle av w 
Cousins Harry, h 3 Eagle av w 
Cousins Harry jr, h 2 Eagle ar w 
Cousins Harry 0, gramophones 19 Main n, h 23 same 
Cousins Henry G, agrt implements 19% Main n, h 3 


Coverly Danl C, h 24 Church 

Cowie John, mach, h n s Crescent rd ^ 

Cox Geo, btchr 6 John, h 8 same 
Cox Wm J, ydron, h 16 St John's rd e 
Craig Chas, h 38 Coulter av 
Craven Elizth (wid Jas), h 25 Mala s 
Craven Gertrude. Ivs 25 Main s 
Crawford Robt L, Ivs 32 Main s 
Creswick Morris, elk Bank of Montreal (Weston br), Ivs 

45 Main n - 

Crisp John, mkt gdnr 50 Main s, n same 
Crookes John, gdnr, Ivs 74 Coulter ar 
Crookes Wm H, lab, h 74 Coulter av 
Cross John R, lathe hand, h 209 Rosemount ar 
Cruickshank Ales, Ivs 188 Main n 
Cruickshank Fredk, Ivs 188 Main n 
Cruickshank J & Son (Wallace J Cruickshank), carriage 

mfr 118 Main n, h 188 same 
Cruickshank Mary B, bkpr Can Lumber Co Ltd, res 


Cruickshank Wallace J, h 188 Main n - 
Culhain Fannie (wid Henry), Ivs 158 Rosemount ar 
Cunningham Archie S, elk Griffith Bros, Irs Eagle House 
Curtis Jas, gateman, h 81 Coulter av 
Currey Edwina, tchr Weston Pub SchI, res Newmarket 


Daines Fredk, h 185 Main n 
Dalby Geo W, mach, h 34 Cross 
Dale Sarah J, h 79 King 
Dalton Kmma C, Ivs 21 Rectory rd 
Dalton F Keith, elect engnr, Ivs 21 Rectory rd 
Dalton John J, surveyor, h 21 Rectory rd 
Dalton Muriel, Ivs 21 Rectory rd 
Dalton Winnifred. Ivs 21 Rectory rd 
Dancey Henry J. h 20 Holly av 
Dankirt Chas H, h 249 Main n 
Dankirt Clyde, Ivs 249 Main n 
Oavidge Geo 1, studt, Ivs 28 Sykes ar 
Iiaiidge Minnie, tchr, Ivs 28 Sykes ar 
Davidge Percy I, studt, Ivs 28 Sykes ar 
Davidge Wm J, h 28 Sykes av 
Davidson Emit R, carp, h 6 Meyer ar 
Daiies Percy G, acct K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Daris Ada L (wid Arnold J), Ivs John Gardhouse 
Davis Thas. baker, h 110 John 

Davis Wesley. Ivs V2 Mill 

Uivis Wilbert. wool wkr, Ivs 12 Mill 

Dav Bessie, elk, Irs 191 John 

'. '.i.v chas W, carp, h 191 John 

Day Stanley, Ivs 191 John 

Dcchert Edwd, mach hd. h 184 John 

De Long Jas C. tlr Can Bank of Commerce (Weston 

br), Ivs Central Hotel 
Dennis Arthur, rubber wkr, h 17 Maria 
Dennis Jas R. h 14 Joseph, 
Dent Edith, h 168 Rosemount av 
Dennisnn 3 Edwd, engnr, h s s Vimy gdns 
Devins Alfred V, prop Ye Gray- Dort Inn, h 370 Main n 
Dick Bertha, Ivs 2 Park av 
Dick John, Irs 2 Park av 
Dick Wm G, well driller, h 2 Park av 
Dickin Annie, elk Saml Wilson, Ivs 157 Main n 
Dickin Geo, elk Bank of Nova Scotia (Weston br), Ivs 

57 Main s 

Dickin Gordon, elect. Ivs 57 Main s 

Dickin John, supt Weston Town Park & Recreation Grounds 
h 157 Main n 

Dickin Russell, elk, Ivs 57 Main s 

Dickin Verna, elk, Ivs 57 Main s 

Dickin Wm A, elect, h 57 Main s 

Dickson Robt E, lather, h s s Vimy gdns 

Dixon David, gdnr, h 16 Meyer av 

Dixon Deborah (wid John), h 153 Rosemount av 

Dixon Emma, h 158 Rosemount av 

Dixon Florence A, tchr Weston Pub Schl, Ivs 153 Rose- 
mount av 

Dixon James R, eng, h 37 Cross 

Dobson Edwd, plshr, h 219 Main s 

Oodd Edwd G, triv, h 350 Main n 

Dodgson Robt, plstr, Ivs 307 Main n 

Dollery Lewis E, printer, h 2 St John's rd- e 

Donnell John, elk. h 124 King 

Douglas Adam, lab, h 12 King George rd 

Douglas Chas M. lab, Ivs 12 King George rd 

Houglas Merritt K, acting supt Massey-Harris Co Ltd 
(Weston br), res Toronto 

Douglas Robt R, lab, Ivs 12 King George rd 

Draper Isaac N, Vocational Instructor, h 43 Pine 

Drinkwater Ina, stenog, Ivs 93 King 

Drinkvrater Wm, h 93 King 

Duffy Eliza (wid Jas T), h 149 Rosemount ar 

Dufton lena, tchr Weston High Schl, res Toronto 

Dunlop Alice M Mrs, h 286 Church 

Dunlop Jas, mach, Ivs 286 Church 

Dunmore Harry W, brklyr. h 66 Wennison av w 

Dunnett Wm H, lab, h 117 Main s 

Eagle Amelia (wid John R), prop Eagle House, h 5 
Main n 

Eagle Chas E, mkt gdnr n s MacDonald av, h same 

Eagle Edwd, Ivs Chas E Eagle 

Eagle Eliza (wid Frank), Ivs Eagle House 

Eagle House, Mrs Amelia Eagle prop, 3 Main n 

Eakin Jas G. trav, h 106 Maria 

Eastwell Fredk, metal wkr, h 66 George 

Echlin Nellie (wid J Frank), Ivs. 433 Main n 

Elder Jas, h 406 Main n 

Ella Ernest, h 416 Main n 

Ellerby Mary A (wid Wm), Irs 110 Rosemount av 

Elliott Geo, h 143 John 

Ellis F Geo, lab, .h 35 Pine 

Ellis Olive, tel opr, Ivs 218 Church 

Ellis Olive I, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), Irs 

58 Church 

Ellis Wm, h 30-St John's rd e 

Emberson Dorothy, studt, Ivs 13 Joseph 

Emberson Hester (wid Robt), h 13 Joseph 

Emberson Marjory A, Ivs 13 Joseph 

Enskott Wm, bds 110 Rosemount av 

Espey Lester, gro 415 Main n, h same 

Evans Geo B, elk, h 184 Main n 

Evans Geo W, Ivs 184 Main n 

Evans Geraldine, elk, Ivs 184 Main n 

Evans Mabel, studt, Ivs 184 Main n 

Ewing Edwin, janitor, h 217 Main n 

Ewing Edwin, lab, Ivs 217 Main n 

firing Ina, Ivs 217 Main n 

Ewing Lillian, opr, Ivs 217 Main n 

Faidmie May, elk, Ivs 211 Rosemount ar 

Faichnie Wm, mldr, h 211 Rosemount ar 

Farck'll Harry, stove mkr, h 180 Main n 

Farley Harold W, barber Wesley S Farley, res Toronto 

Farley Wesley S, barber, 11 Main n, h 11 George 

Farr Charlotte (wid Edwd M), h 148 Rosemount ar 

Farr G Clark, h 138 Main n 

Farwell Jas E, h 44 Cross 

Favitr John, mach, h n s Crescent rd 

Feltis Stewart, h 37 Holly av 

Fenoin John. lab. h 50 Church 

Fentun Chas, shipper, h 205 Main s 

Fido Fredk, stone ctr, h 158 Main n 

Finegan Harold, elk, Irs 206 Main n 

Finegan Jas, fro 202-204 Main n. h 206 same 

Finegan laura. elk, Ivs 206 Main n 


"Exide" Storage Batteries for All Purposes. Industrial Trucks 


Phone Main 4047 


MOTOR and TEAM VANS College 1200. 251-253 College St. 


Finesan Ma/ion, typist, Its 206 Main n 

Fisher Geo, h 18 Cross 

Fisher Geo, elk Alex M Oldham, Ivs 18 Cross 

Fisher Gladys, Ivs 18 Cross 

Fleming Elizth (wid Saml), h 93 Church 

Fleming Vim L, Its 10 Church 

Fletcher Blanche, elk, Ivs 358 Main n 

Fletcher Evelyn, Ivs 232 Main n 

Fletcher Kathleen, elk. Ivs 252 Main n 

Fletcher Itichd, opr, Ivs 252 Main n 

Fleury J & Sons (Aurora Ont), Geo Mashinter agt, agrl 

implements s s Eagle av w 
Flynn Robt J, h 81 Main n 
Foley Chiis, lab, bds 140 William 
Forrester John VV, acct, h 21 Holly av 
Forsyth Annie, Ivs 230 Main n 
Forsyth Chas, h 230 Main n 
Forsyth Mabel, Ivs 236 Main n 
Forsyth Maxst, music tchr, Ivs 2S6 Main n 
Fortune Geo A (Weston Coal & Lumber Co) , h 120 Maria 
Foster Mary A (wid Wm), h 8 Church 
France Arnold, rnarli. Ivs 32 Main n 
France Arthur, mad], Ivs 32 Main n 
France Fredk, lab, h 32 Main n 
Fraser Catherine, Ivs 06 William 
Fraser C Lome, barr 7 Main s, res Rosemount 
Fraser Elizth M (wid Alex R), h 66 William 
Fraser Margt M, Ivs 60 William 
Fredgett Oswald J, h 02 Church 
Fretz Clarence E, confy 4 Main s, h same 
Frey Fred R, jwlr 10 Main s. h same 
Frey Josephine (wid J EJ, Ivs 10 Main s 
Fryo Ernest, elk Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), res 


Fudge Chas W. tliiver. h ii St John's rd e 
Gale Ernest, baker, h 2 Mill 
Garbutt Dorothy, Ivs 35 Church 
Garbutt Harry J, h 235 Church 
Garhouse Clara, elk, Ivs John Gardhouse 
GardlH use .las. road agt, h 1 Little av 
Gardhouse .las M, farmer, h 79 Rosemount av 
Gardli'iiist! John. Mayor Weslun Township, h n s Lemaire av 
Ganlhiise F Myrtle, Ivs 7!i Itosemount av 
Gardhouse Viola, Ivs 79 Rosemount a? 
Gardhnnsi! \ViIlieit. elk, Ivs 79 Rosemount av 
Garratt Archd (!. ctr, h 52 Eagle av w 
Garrett Geo, shipper, h 176 Main n 
Gibney John A, lab, h 27 Lippineott e 
Gibson Margt A, Ivs 39 Dennison av w 
Gibson Ralph E, pres Irvin Lumber Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Gilford Lawrence A, shipper Massey-Harris Co Ltd (West 

on br), res Toronto 

Gillette Mary It, music tchr 87 Maria, h same 
Gillies Inis, tchr Weston High School, res Toronto 
Cillis Chas, mach, Ivs 370 Main n ' 
Oillis John, mach, Ivs 370 Main n 
Golding Jas, driver, Ivs 350 Church 
Gomm Edith M, Ivs 156 Main s 
Gomm Frank, h 156 Main s 
Gomm Geo, Ivs 156 Maiji s 
Gordon Alice, stenog, Ivs 41 Dennison av w 
Gordon Blanche, Ivs 299 Main n 
Gordon Emma J (wid Geo), h 299 Main n 
Gordon John, shipper, h 41 Dennison av w 
Gordon Rella, stenog, Ivs 299 Main n 
Gowland John, tmstr, h 13 Cross 
Graeb Mabel, tchr Weston High School, res Toronto 
Graham Chas A (Graham & Carton), h 120 liosemoimt av 
Graham Frank H, h 134 Main n 
Graham Hugh T, bicycle assembler, h 8 Victoria av 
Graham & Carton '(Chas A Graham, Jos A Carton), 

garage 89 Main n 

Grand Trunk Rly Station, Fredk T Hill agt, s s John 
Gray Alex, h 229 King 
Gray Elizth K (wid John W), Ivs 24 William 
Gray G Howard, barr, h 78 Rosemount at 
Gray H Kennedy, trav. h 24 William 
Greaves Arthur, contr 30 Rectory rd, h same 
Greenwood Percy, h Park 
Greenwood Wm E, real est 251 Maria, h same 
Greer Robt, elect, h 103 Main n 
Gregg Frank, mach, h s s St Albans av 
Gregory Wm C, h n s Robert 
Griffith Annie, Ivs 420 Main n 

Griffith Bros (Francis W jr) , gro & btchr, 39 Main n 
Griffith Clark, Ivs 144 Rosemount av 
Griffith Francis W jr (Griffith Bros) , h 91 Rosemount av 
Griffith Fredk S, elk Griffith Bros. Ivs 91 Rosemount av 
Griffith F Wm, btehr, h 91 Rosemount a? 
Griffith Fredk W, h 54 John 
Griffith Jane, Ivs 420 Main n 
Griffith Jos, h 420 Main n 
Griffith Jos A, Ivs 54 John 
Griffith Marat E, Ivs 54 John 
Griffith Stanley F, Ivs 91 Kosemount av 
Griffith Thos, h 144 Rosemount av 
Grlmoldby Andrew, h 17 Dennison av 
Hacked John T. dentist 12 Main s. h same 

Halford Bertram H, real est, h 216 King 

Hill Kthel M, tchr, Ivs 104 King 

Hall Sarah A (wid Wm) . h 104 King 

Hall Wm T, elk, h 198 Church 

Hamilton Alex F, driver, Ivs 93 Church 

Hamilton Alex F, baker, h 11 Meyer av 

Hammell Frank, photo, Ivs 260 Main n 

Hampton John S, tool designer, h 120 King 

Hamilton John S. draughtsmn Mimey-Hinll Co Ltd 

(Weston br), h 04 King 
Hand Ceo H, acct, Ivs 45 Dennison av w 
Hand Henry, mach, li 45 Dennison av w 
Hands Fred, h 80 Main s 
Hanito.n Mathew S, mgr K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Harrington Edmund, Ivs 141 King 
Harrington Frank. Ivs 141 King 
Harrington John J. gro 141 King, h same 
Harrington Wm. smelter, h 34 Coulter av 
Harris Albert P, elect, Ivs Patk Harris 
llairis Anna, Ivs 57 Dennison av w 
Harris Annie I. opr Bell Tel Co (Weston br), Ivs 22 

St John's rd 

Harris Clifton, Ivs 22 St John's rd e 
Harris Dorothy, Ivs 22 St John's rd e 
Hurls Gladys H, insp, Ivs Patk Harris 
Harris Gordon, auto wkr, Ivs 45 South Station 
Harris Irene, Ivs 22 St John's rd e 
Harris John, elk, h 57 Dennison av w 
Harris John H, painter, h 121 Main s 
Harris Mary E, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), Ivs 

22 St John's rd 

Harris Maud, Ivs 45 South Station 
Harris Michl J, elect, h 45 South Station 
Harris Patk, letter carrier, h s s Lippineott w 
llani.s Percy, elk. h 127 John 
Harris Percy, chief elk Massey-Harris Co Ltd (Weston 

br), h 127 John 
Ihiiis Ruby, Ivs 22 St John's rd e 
Harris Thos, lab, h 219 King 
Harrison Thos, inventor, h 20 Meyer av 

lait Albert A. brklyr, Ivs 99 King 

lart Hector, brklyr, h 99 King 

larvey Edward, Ivs 129 Main n 

lassunl Elizth (wid John), Ivs 184 Rosemount av 
Hassard Eric, Ivs 100 King 

llassard F Jason, h 184 Rosemount av 

tliissard Jessie. Ivs 184 Rosemount av 
Hassard Minnie (wid Wm), h 100 King 

Katton Thos, shoe mkr 4ii Main n. h 142 same 

Haugliie Walter, blksmth, h s s Crescent rd 

llawke Fred, draughtsman Massey-Harris Co Ltd (Weston 
br), Ivs 64 King 

Hayes Htrald S, trav, h 9 Mill 

Hcaley Geo A, Ivs 44 Holly av 

Healcy Geo, bgemn, h 236 Church 

Healer Harland, rubber wkr, h 44 Holly av 

Htmmingway Elroy, ticket agt Can Pacific Railway 
(Weston Station), Ivs 31 John 

Henderson David G, shoes 13 Main n, h 61 John 

Henderson David G, Ivs 61 John 

Hendry Annie, Ivs 89 Rosemount av 

Hendry Berte, carp, h 1 Rectory rd 

Htnslej- Jane (wid Fredk), h w s Vimy gdns 

Herron Chas A, btchr, h 10 King George rd 

Herron Saml W, tool mkr, Ivs 10 King George rd 

Henon Wm H, slsmn, h 285 Church 

Hcslop Erma, elk, Ivs li St John's rd 

Heslop John H, carp, h 18 St John's rd e 

Heslop Lilu, elk, Ivs 18 St John's rd 

Heslop Muriel, bkpr, Ivs 18 St John's rd 

Heslop Rolph J, trav, Ivs 18 St John's rd 

Hicks Jas, Ivs 130 Rosemount av 

Hicks Jas B, elk Geo A McClure, Ivs 130 Rosemount av 

Hicks .Mary A, Ivs 130 Riisernount av 

Iliggins Hubert C. acct, h 27 Holly av 

Hill Arthur I, asst agt GTR (Weston Station), h 186 

Hill Bessie C, Ivs 108 William 

Hill Clarke R, mg, Ivs 20 HiUcrest rd 

Hill Frances, Ivs 20 Hillcrest rd 

Hill Fred T. station agt GTR (Weston St), h 108 

Hill Gertrude M. Ivs 108 William 

Hill Helen J, Ivs 20 Hillcrest rd 

Hill Reginald, insp, h 188 John 

Hill Stephen H (Hill & Shiells), h 20 Hillcrest rd 

Hill Thos, bldr, h 13 Wiliam 

Hill *c Shiells (Stephen II Hill & Wm Shiells) gro 61 
Main n 

Hillman Edwd, Him dresser, h 96 John 

Hillman Ceo. dim opr, Ivs 96 John 

Hillman Horace, film opr, Ivs 96 John 

Hin.sley .Marie, Ivs 42 Holly av 

Hodson Ronald W, cattle dlr, h 01 Eagle av w 

Hearth Fredk, bds 31 John 

n..l.di:m Nan .Mrs (IIolah;m & McLean), h 14 Main s 

Holahan & McLean (Mrs Nan Holahan, Bertha McLean), 

mlnrs 14 Main s 
Holley Jas, opr, Ivs 139 Main n 
Holley Jos, gateman, h 139 Main n 
Holley J Ellerton, rubber wkr, h 123 John 
Holley Milton, tinsmth. h 141 Main n 
Holley Thos, carp, h 200 Church 
Holley Wm. mach, h 204 Church 
Hollingsworth Edith. Ivs 101 Maria 
Hollingsworth Edwd, Ivs 161 Maria 
Ilollinssworth Harry, h 101 Maria 
Holloway Lilly, opr, Ivs 160 Main n 
Holly Danl, elk, Ivs 139 Main n 
Holme Gordon W, purchasing agt K & S Tire & Rubber 

Goods Ltd, res Toronto 
Hooker Wm. rubber wkr. h 79 Coulter av 
Howard Chas R, h 59 Church 
Howatt Jas E, carp, h 229 Main n 
Howell Jos W, prop Central Hotel, h 83 Main n 
Hewlett Wm A, acct, h 326 Main n 
Hugill Edwd. mach, h n s St Alban's av 
Hugill Jas, plmbr, h 110 Rosemount av 
Hugill Nora M, opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), res 

Woodbridge ont 

Hugill Oscar, Ivs 110 Rosemount av 
Humber Home Development Co, Frank A Pearson sec- 

treas 7 Main s 

Humphries Annie, elk, Ivs 165 Main s 
Humphries John, gro 165 Main s, h same 
Hutchinson Bessie, bkpr, Ivs 22 Eagle av 
Hutchinson Isobel, ledger kpr Bank of Montreal (Weston 

br), Ivs 23 Eagle av 
Hutchinson Jean, tchr, Ivs 22 Eagle av 
Hutchinson Minnie (wid Wm) . h 22 Eagle av w 
Hutchison Alex, millwright, h 6 King George rd 
Hutchison Margt, Ivs King George rd 
Hutty Elizth (wid Jas E), rms 108 Rosemount av 
Inch Wm J, drugs 41 Main n, eonfy 43 same, h 27 


I of F Hall 30 Church 
Ingle Wm H, tool mkr, h 98 Main s 
. International Harvester Co Ltd, Geo Mashinter agt, agrl 

implements s s Eagle av w 
Ireland Hattie M (wid Jas) , Ivs 219 Rosemount av 
[rvin Chas, sec Irvin Lumber Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Irvin John C, local mgr Irvin Lumber Co Ltd. h 39 

Dennison av w 
Irvin Lumber Co Ltd, Ralph E Gibson pres 139 Main s 
Irvin May A. tchr, Ivs 5 John 
Irvin Wm C, treas & vice pres Irvin Lumber Co Ltd, 

res Toronto 
Irvine Harry F, elk, Ivs 45 John 
Irvine Jas, h 5 John 
Irvine Mary J, h 129 Main n 
Irvine Melville A, elk. lis 5 John 
Irvine M Alex, elk Can Bank of Commerce (Weston br), 

Ivs 9 John 

Irwin Eli F, pliy 48 Main n. h 19 Little av 
Irwin Fredk H M, h 117 Rosemount av 
Irwin Herbert L, real est agt, h 5 Little av 
Irwin Jared, h 48 Main n 
Irwin .May. Ivs 19 Little av 
Irwin Vera, Ivs 19 Little av 
Jackson Alfred, h s s Conoron pi 
James Alice, Ivs 50 Main n 
James Arthur, Ivs 50 Main n 
James Edith, stenog, Ivs 50 Main n 
James Nellie, stenog, Ivs 50 Main n 
James Thos, h 410 Main n 
James Thos, shipper, h 50 Main n 
Jeffrey H (1 Sterling, mathematic tchr Weston High 

School, h 200 Church 
Jenkinson Frank E. slsmn, h 200 William 
Jennings Godfrey, studt. Ivs 322 Church 
Jennings Henry F, florist 322 Church, h same 
Jennings Rhea, studt, Ivs 322 Church 
Jobsoii Ada. hs I2!i John 
.lohson Emma, h 129 John 

Johnson Alfred B, pattn mkr, h 23 Lippineott e 
Johnson Frank, mach, Ivs 23 Lippineott e 
Johnson Harold, Ivs 23 Lippineott e 
Johnson Robt, contr gnl 90 Church, h same 
Johnstonc Jas, elect, h 43 Main s 
Jobntone Stanley F, elect insp, h 285 Main n 
Jones Charles, Ivs 415 Main n 
Jones Dalton, Ivs 60 Church 
Jones Eva, Ivs 60 Church 
Jones Jane, hs 415 Main n 
Jones J Hughes Rev, h 135 Rosemount av 
Jones Mary (wid Phillip), h 60 Church 
Jones Nellie, Ivs 00 Church 
Kaake Elizth (id Andrew), h 232 Main n 
Karigas Ilrlia. opr Bell Tel Co Ltd (Weston br), res 

Mount Dennis 

Kaufman Wm, ens, h 173 King 
Kavanagh Clara, Ivs 21!^ Maria 
Kaun.-tnh [''rank, hs 2:!l Maria 
Kai'ana^h .Iiiliri, hs 219 Maria 

Fire, Marine, 


] . H. RIDDEL. Manager E. C. G. JOHNSON, A^t. Manage. 


AUIUMUDILt dRU nftIL Head Office for Canada : BANK OF HAMILTON BUILDING. Phone Main 1175 



Egerton R. Case 

Chartered Patent Attorney & Solicitor 

27 Years Experience Booklet on request 

Canadian Mortgage 

Bldg., 10 Adelaide E. 

Phone Main 3737 


Kavanagh Mary (wid John), Ivs 219 Maria 

Kavanagh May, Ivs 219 Maria 

Kivanagh Peter, h 219 Maria 

Kay Albert, shipper, h 22 Dennison av w 

Kay Francis, lab, Ivs 22 Dennison av 

Kellam Annie, hs 89 King 

Kellam Jas, h 81 King 

Kellam Wm. h 89 King 

Kelloway Wm, lab, h 24 Cross 

Kelman Chas, plant chief Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs 

23 Main n 

Kempffer Chas, trimmer, h 42 St John's rd 
KemplTer Henry, lab. Its 42 St John's rd 
Kennedy Mary (wid Ceo), h 162 Main s 
Kersey Thos, h 271 Main n 
Keyes Geo, plmbr, h 54 Main.n 
Keyts Marjorie, hs 70 John 
Keyes Sarah (wid Henry), h 70 John 
Keyes Wm J, elk, Ivs 70 John 
Kllroy Harold A, chief elk Bell tel (Weston br) main 

office, Ivs 110 Rosemount av 
King Horace, btchr, h 8 Vimy av 
Kingdon Edgar, maeh, h 73 Coulter av 
Kinnard John W, Ivs 404 Main n 
Knicely Norman, h s s Conoron pi 
Knight Percy, timekpr, h 66 Rosemount a 
Knight Victor F, teller Bank of Nova Scotia (Weston 

br), Ivs 2 Main s 

Kiinuskl Frank, mldr, rms 19 Bennison av e 
K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, Tiros H Sheppard pres, 

Joseph O'Mara treas, J A Thompson sec, n s Oak 
Laidler John W, h e s Vimy av 
Lamb Frank, rubber wkr, Ivs 17 Maria 
Lambertus Albert, elk Can Pacific Railway (Weston br), 

bds Eagle House 
Lamont Alex B, h 31 Little ar 
Lane John P, carp, h 160 Main s 
Lane John P, lab, h 29 Dennison av w 
Lanktree John H, h 219 Rosemount av 
Larose Oliver E, cartage agt 165 John, h same 
Larose Russell, garage 425 Main n, h 156 same 
Larose Wm, lab, Ivs 71 Coulter av 
Law Sarah (wid J \V), Ivs 116 King 
Lawrence David, metal wkr, h 174 Main n 
Lawrence Wm J, elk, h 160 Main n 
Lawson Wm J L, real eat agt, h 279 Church 
Leask Ella, Ivs 31 John 
Leask Grace (wid Jobn S), h 31 John 
Leask Margt J, Ivs 31 John 

Lee Bros (Harry & Maurice), gros 7 Dennison av e 
Lee Edith M, tchr, h 31 Church 
Lee Florence, Ivs 31 Church 
Lee Geo, carp, Ivs 31 Church 
Lee Henry (Lee Bros) , h 7 Dennison av e 
Lee Maurice (Lee Bros), Ivs 7 Dennison av e 
Legate Benj, plmbr, h 42 George 
Legate Leah, Ivs 42 George 
Legate Marion, Ivs 42 George 
Legate Robt, gro, Ivs 42 George 
Legate Russell, lab, Ivs 42 George 
LeGrand George, Ivs 6 Main s 
Lellrand John, harness rnkr 6 Main n, h same 
LeGrand Mabel, Ivs 6 Main s 
Lenehan Harry, carp, Ivs 85 Church 
Lenehan John, printer, h 43 Church 
Lennox Emma, Ivs 185 King 
Lennox John, h 185 King 
Lepage Augustine, painter, h 18 Hollv av 
Lepage Louis, lab, Ivs 18 Holly av 
Lindsay Ella, stenog, Ivs 31 Rectory rd 
Lindsay Harold, Ivs 27 Holly av 
Lindsay John, mlrs agt, h 28 William 
Lindsay .Martin, h W s Elm 
Lindsay Thos, studt, lv 31 Rectory rd 
Lindsay Wm K, bkpv, h 31 Rectory rd 
Lithgow Albert, brklyr, h 6 George 
Lithgow Rachel (wid Alex), Ivs 110 Rosemount av 
Livingstone H D, phy, Ivs 68 Maria 
Livingstone Jas A, mfr, h w s Fifth av 
Livingstone .Neil .M, h 68 Maria 
Lloyd Hubert, shoe mkr, h 185 Rosemount av 
Longstaff Pump Works, Walter Longstaff 42 Main n 
Longstaff Walter (Longstaff Pump Works), h 42 Main n 
Loose Albert B, mach, Ivs 15 Joseph 
Loose Wm 11, bkpr, h 15 Joseph 
Lousley Reginald, elk K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd 

res Toronto 

Lowe Jas A, driver, h 25 Dennison av w 
Lowe John, lab, hs 25 Mnnison av w 
Luckett Thos E, tmstr, h 1UO John 
LiinJ Alfred F, im-p We. ton dairv, res Thistleton 
Lund Chas, coal driver, li 2 Main s 
Lund Raymond, driver. Its 2 Main s 
Lunn Chas, driver IV&ti.n Coal i Lumber Co, Ivs 2 Main 


Lunn Kay, driver Weston (val iu.Lumber Co Ivs 2 Main s 
Lunnon Ernest, contr 28 St J i's rd e, h same 
Lyons Dorothy, Ivs 18 Mail) 

Lyons Genevie, music tchr, Ivs 18 Main n 
Lyons Geo M, dry goods 20 Main n, h 18 same 
Lyons Laurence, studt, Ivs 18 Main n 
Lyons MaoDonald, banker. Ivs 18 Main n 
Lywood Bertha (wid Jos), h 84 Main s 
MacArthur Doris, Ivs 203 Main s 
MaeArthur Hugh, barber, h 203 Main s 
MacDonald Donald, h 153 Main n 
MacDonald Mary E, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs Rose- 
mount av 

Maclnnes Angus C (Maclnnes Bros), h 25 Little av 
Maclnnes Bros (Robt H & Angus C), elects 75 Main n 
Maelnnes Geo, Ivs 25 Little av 
Madness Jas, h 25 Little av 
Maclnnes Rena, Ivs 25 Little av 
Maclnnes Robt H (Maclnnes Bros), Ivs 25 Little av 
MacKay Norman, lab, Ivs 9 Sykes av 
MacKay Phillip J, trav, h 9 Sykes av 
MacKay Wm M Rev, pastor Old Presbyterian Church, res 

Scarlett rd 

Mackie Wm, h 14 Dennison av w 
Mack! in Bessie, Ivs 184 King 
MacXlin Cecilia, Ivs 184 King 
M.icklin Edwd R, pay master, h 178 King 
Macklin Marietta, Ivs 184 King 
Macklin Sidney, h 184 King 
MacMurchy Agnes, Ivs 108 Church 
MacMurchy Bertha, Ivs 108 Church 
MacMurchy Thos, h 108 Church 
MacNicol Geo A, drftsmn, Ivs 1 Meyer av 
MacNicol Wm, h 1 Meyer av 
Madget Henry, h 174 Rosemount av 
Maguire Thos J, h 235 Main 
MUlaby Isabella Mrs, gro, Ivs Arthur E Mallaby 
Mallaby Arthur E, ins agt, h n s Humber 
Mallaby Isabella Mrs, gro 366 Main n. Ivs n s Humber 
Mallaby Lorne H, elect, Ivs Arthur E Mallaby 
Malverie Jacob, h 29 Main s 
Marriott Chas, rms 110 Rosemount m 
Marriott Chas J, mgr Barker & Co, h w s Rosemount av 
Martin Grace, Ivs 193 John 
Martin Grace (wid. Wm) , h 193 John 
Martin Irene, bkpr, Ivs 193 John 
Martin Jean, tchr, Ivs 193 John 
Martin Laura, elk Bank of Montreal (Weston br), Ivs 

180 Maria 

Martin Lucy, Ivs 81 Maria 
Martin Mary, Ivs 81 Maria 
Martin Olive, elk, Ivs 180 Maria 
Martin Thos W, tchr, Ivs 193 John 
Martin Wm. ll SI Maria 
Marzetti Frank, blksmth, h 26 South Station 
Marzetti Henry, blksmth, h 26 South Station 
Mashinter Geo, agt J F Fleury Sons (Aurora Ont) & 

Intl Harvester Co Ltd, h 147 Main n 
Mason Chas F, tool mkr, h 70 Coulter av 
Mason Jos, h 19 Main s 
Massey Alex, carp, h 4 Maple av 
Massey-Harris Co Ltd, Merritt K Douglas acting supt 

of tractor & gas engine dept, head Main n 
Master Margt, Ivs 180 Maria 
Master Oliver, ins broker, h 180 Mia 
Mather Alex T, h 49 Maria 
Matthews Wm 0, h 112 Church 
Mattison Edith, elk, Ivs 56 Eagle av w 
Mattison John, caretkr, h 56 Eagle av w 
Mattison John, elk Bank of Montreal (Weston br). h 

23 Eagle av 

Alattison John jr, buffer, Ivs 56 Eagle av w 
Mattison Olive, elk, Ivs 56 Eagle av w 
Mattison Olive 0, asst Post Master Weston Post Office, 

Ivs 56 Eagle av 

Maveety Elizth A (wid John D), Ivs 165 John 
Maveety Kathleen, Ivs 165 John 
Maxwell Sarah (wid John), h e s Elm 
Maxwell Violet, Ivs Mrs Sarah Maxwell 
May Chas W. tyre fnshr, h n s Vimy gdns 
McCachman Mary E, Ivs Eagle House 
McCallan ttouglas, h 47 Dennison av vf 
Mcl'allan Jessie, elk, Ivs 47 Dennison av w 
MeCalhim Benj (Canada Clothes Pin Co), h 147 Main s 
McCallum Harry L (Canada Clothes Pin Co), Ivs 147 

Main s 

McCaim John E, purch agt, Ivs 14 Church 
McCarthy Fred, elk, h 68 Coulter av 
Mct'lure Geo A, hadwe 5 Main n, h 2J8 Church 
McConnell Mary (wid John) , h n s Lemaire av 
McCormack MichI, h 109 John 
McCormack Itiehd, lab, Ivs 109 John 
McDonald Bernard, tool mkr, h 83 Coulter av 
McDonald Bertram jr, tool mkr, Ivs 83 Coulter av 
McDonald Clarence, elk, Ivs 83 . Coulter av 
McDonald Victor, mach, Ivs 83 Coulter av 
McDooling Jas, h 255 Maria 
McEIwain Robt J, lumber piler, h 17 Cross 
McEwan Addison, rms 18 Hillcrest rd 
McEwen Lome, cattle dlr, 44 Main n, h same 
McKvu'n Nelson J. Ivs 21 Eagle av w 

McEwen Nelson J, mgr Bank of Montreal (Weston br), 

h 21 Eagle av 

McFarland Louisa (wid Matthew), h 132 William 
McFarland Martha L, tchr, Ivs 132 William 
McFarland Wm E, elk, Ivs 132 William 
McGinnis Ernest, Ivs 34 King 
McGinnis Irene, stenog, Ivs 34 King 
McGinnis Jennie Mrs, Ivs 34 King 
McGinnis Vera, Ivs 34 King 
McGrady Edwd, carp, h n s Lemaire av 
Mclnnes Angus, Ivs 25 Little av 
Mclntosh Norman A, asst supt Massey-Harris Co Ltd 

(Weston br), res Toronto 
McKay Angus, h 145 John 
McKendry Wm B, elk K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

McKinley Susan R (wid John), h 307 Main n 
McKissock Elgin, studt, Ivs 190 Church 
McKissock Mary E Mrs, h 150 Church 
McKissock Thos, contr bldr, h 190 Church 
McKitterick Donald, Ivs 227 King 
McKitteriek Gordon, Ivs 227 King 
McKitterick Kenneth, Ivs 227 King 
McKitterick Thora (wid W J), h 227 King 
McLaughlin Minnie, Ivs 112 Church 
McLean Andrew, buyer, h 34 Rectory rd 
McLean Bertha (Holahan & McLean), Ivs 14 Main I 
McLean Hector A, h 53 Main s 
McLean Jennie, h 6 Maria 
McLean John, mach, h s s St Albans av 
McLean John A, tchr, h 430 Main n 
McLean Lilly, Ivs 53 Main s 
McLellan Jas C, h 32 Main s 
McLennan Donald N, civ eng, h 102 John 
McLitz Martin, mach, h s s Maple av 
McRae Andrew C, h 248 Main n 
McRae Cameron, Ivs 248 Main n 
McRae Gwendolyn, Ivs 248 Main n 
McRae Malcolm D C, time kpr K 8; S Tire & Rubber 

Goods Ltd, Ivs 248 Main n 
McVean Elizth Ivs 271 Main n 
McVean Isabella, Ivs 271 Main n 
Meldrum John A, phy 125 Rosemount av, h same 
Meldrum Kathleen, Ivs 125 Rosemount av 
Mellish Alfred E, mgr Bank of Nova Scotia (Weston br), 

h 332 Main n 

Mellock Jos, driver Weston Coal & Lumber Co, res Toronto 
Mercer Elmore, Ivs 47 Church 
Mercer Margt E Mrs, h 47 Church 
Merrill Jos, mach, Ivs 370 Main n 
Merton Clifford, studt, Ivs 104 Church 
Merton Frank W, factory hand, h 104 Church 
Merton Fred, drug elk, Ivs 104 Church 
Meyers Eliza, h 82 Kint 
Meyers Kate. Ivs 82 King 
Middlebrook Geo T, carp, h 42 r*nnison av w 
Middlebrook Thos, lab, Ivs 42 Dennison av w 
Miller Chas B, mgr Bank of Commerce (Weston br), b 

86 Rosemount av 

Millikin Geo H, wtchmn, h 5 Eagle av w 
Mills Alice (wid Arthur), h 28 Rectory rd 
Mills Lee, driver Weston Coal & Lumber Co, res County 

of York 

Mitchell Alfred W, agt, h 48 George 
Mitchell Geo, shipper, h 14 Vimy av 
Mitchell Mary G, h 108 King 
Mitchell Mathew, lab, h 1 Maria 
Moiv Isabelle, tchr Weston High School, res Toronto 
Moffat Alfred B, real est & insurance 3 Main s, h 128 


Moffat Beatrice, Ivs 31 King 
Moffat Chas L, asst mgr Moffat's Ltd, Ivs 31 King 
Moffat Dorothy, Ivs 31 King 
Moffat Frances, Ivs 128 Church 
Moffat Frank, elk, Ivs 32 Dennison av w 
Moffat Frederick W, Ivs 32 Dennison av w 
Moffat John K, pres Moffat's Ltd, h 11 Dennison av e 
Moffat Thos L, sec-treas Moffat's Ltd, h 31 King 
Moffats Ltd, John K Moffat pres s s Dennison av e 
Moffatt Gordon, studt, hs 2 Dennison av e 
Moffatt John K, h 11 Dennison av e 
Monkman Flossie, Ivs 120 Church 
Monkman Wm H, h 120 Church 
Moodj- Bros (Duncan D & Edward), flour & feed 51 

Main n 

Moody Duncan D (Moody Bros), h 92 King 
Moody Edward (Moody Bros) , res Toronto 
Moody John, Ivs 92 King 
Moody Martin, h Church 
Moody Susanna (wid Thos), h 41 Cross 
Moogk Geo B, contr. Sll Main n, h same 
Moore Ann (wid Patk), Irs 44 King 

ink X, billiards 7 Main n. bds Eagle House 
Moore Gladys, stenog, Ivs 20 Sykes av 
Moore Thos. chairman Weston Separate School Board, 

h 44 King 

Moore Wm B, express 223 Main n, h same 
Moore Wm H. trav, h 20 Sykes av 





Phone Main 1790 




to Loan 

_ _ .Joney Invested 

Large or Small Amounts Invested Carefully 
ROYAL BANK BUILDING. Phone A del. 6250 

Motley Chas. mach, h 252 Main n 

Murky Leonard, cabt mkr, Ivs 252 Main n 

.Morris Louis H, acct, h 23 Main s 

Morrises' Edwin, shoe mkr David G Henderson, Ivs 38 

St John's rd w 

Morrison Alex, rubber wkr. Its 38 Maria 
Morrison Thos, lab, Ivs 247 Main n 
Morrow John H, h 10 Meyer at 
Mortson Dorothy, stenog, Ivs 260 Main n 
Moss Frank, mach, h n s Maple a? 
Moss John, elk, Ivs 20 Sykes at 
Muir Andrew, h 16 Church 
Muir Ktirrie, h 178 Maria 
Munro Jas J, Its 148 Rosemount w 
Mimshaw Carl \V, oik. Ivs 28 Hillcrest rd 
Munshaw Frank, contr 28 Hillcrest rd, h same 
MurLshaw Lynne, elect, Ivs 28 Hillcrest rd 
Murray Walter, mach, h 433 Main n 
Murray Walter A, blolr, h 58 Church 
Mussclwhite Constance, elk, Ivs 191 Main n 
Musselwliitc Edith (wid Albert), h 191 Main n 
Musson Edvvd J, ins agt, h 3 Elsmere av 
Naisbitt Ceo, h 27 Little aT 
Nash Jas, lumber slsmn, h 32 Rectory rd 
Nattress Eva W, Ivs 104 Main-n 
Nattress Florence, tchr Weston Public Schl, res Boltoi 
Nattress Thos, h 104 Main n 
Xeusome Edwin, pblshr, h 17 Joseph 
Newsome Edwin jr. Ivs 17 Joseph 
Newsome Margt C, Ivs 17 Joseph 
Newsome Wm S, Ivs 17 Joseph 
Newton Dean, h 43 Maria 

Nicholls Andrew T, vulranizer 38 Main n, res Toronto 
Nicholls Frank, carp Weston Coal & Lumber Co, res 


Nicholls Lucas, tool mkr, h 223 Rosemount av 
Noble Clifford, mach, Ivs 21 Dennison ay e 
Noble Thos, h 21 Dennison at e 
Noble Viola, stenog, Ivs 21 Dennison av e 
Norman Sidney J, bicycle expert, Ivs 79 King 
North Annie, packer, Ivs 2 Lippiucott e 
O'Brien Buckley T, mach, h head St Albans av 
Oblkk Michl, plshr, h 19 Dennison ai e 
O'Gorman Thos C, contr Ry 38 King, h same 
O'Keefe Sarah, house kpr Rev Arthur J Staley, ITS 47 


Old Piesbyterian Church, Rev Wm Mackay pastor 5 Cross 
Oldliam Alex M, hardware 33 Main n, h s s King 
O'Mara Jos, treas i genl mgr K & S Tire & Rubber 

Goods Ltd, res Toronto 
Packard Walter J, wool sorter, h 85 Church 
Packham Clara, Ivs 62 John 
Packhara Geo W, mgr Reliable Bedding Co Ltd, h 62 

Packham Helen A, elk Bank of Montreal (Weston br) 

Ivs 62 John 

Patterson Harvey, h 97 Rosemount av 
Pattison Mina, stenog, Ivs 239 Church 
Paulett Maude (wid Emlvn), Ivs 248 Main n 
Pearce Alph, tool mkr, h 27 Dennison a? w 
Pearce Fredk, h 412 Main n 
Pearce Perezel, studt, Ivs 27 Dennison av w 
Pearen H Earle, tchr, Ivs 14 William 
Pearen Jabez M, h 14 William 
Pearson Alex, prln Weston High School, h 107 King 
Pearson Arthur W, h 37 Maria 
Pearson Dorothy, stenog, Ivs 107 King 
Pearson Frank A, sec-treas Humber Home Development 

Co, res w s Scarlett rd 
Pearson Grace, studt. Ivs 107 Kins 
Pearson Henry, h 76 John 
Pedrick Hedley. flremn, h 48 Holly av 
Peirson Allan G, supt Weston Water Power & Light 

Comm, h 14 Church 
Peirson John H, elect, h 21 Church 
Prirson Sarah C G (wid Thos), li 2 Lemaire av 
Penny Chas, elk, Ivs 230 Church 
Phillips Bernard L, tool mkr, h 5 Holly av 
Phillips Helen, Ivs 187 King 
Phillips Henry A, farmer, h 187 King 
Phillips Leonard, carp, h n s Maple av 
Piggott Agnes, Ivs 10 Dennison av w 
Piggott Jas, plstr, Ivs 10 '.Ajnnisun av w 
Piggott Jas, lab, h 10 Dennison av w 
Pollard Geo, blksmth 36 Main s, h 38 same 
Pollard Norval, Ivs 38 Main s 
Pollard Stanley, Ivs 38 Main s 
Pope Wm A, h s s Conoron pi 
Porter Beulah, stenog. Ivs 3S Dennison av w 
Porter Jas H. foreman, h 38 Dennison av w 
Porter Laurence, mach. !i 35 Maria 
Powell Stanley W, drttsmn, h w s Fifth av 
Pritchaid Albert J, treas Wist Township, h n s Eagle 

au-niii 1 w 

Pritrhard Alfred J, agt Canadian Pacific Railway (Weston 
n), res i nnty of York 

Pritchard Phyllis I, Idgr kpr Bank of Nota Scotia 

(Weston br), hs n s Eagle av w 
Proctor Marie, stenog Massey-Harris Co Ltd (Weston br), 

res Toronto 

Pubragon Peter, lab, h 82 Main s 
Pugsley Thompson A, acct Can Bank of Commerce (Weston 

br) , res Toronto 

Purkis Norman, dairyman 15 Holly av, h same 
Pusey John, h 189 Main n 
Pyke Grace (wid Frank) Ivs 433 Main n 
Pyke Gladys, stenog, Ivs 433 Main n 
Quirie Robt G, lab, h 145 King 
fjuirie Victoria, studt. Ivs 145 King 
Reaburn Wm J, tool mkr, h 56 King 
Redmond Edwd J, plstr, h 169 Main n 
Redmond Michl. lab, h 167 Maria 
Redmond Thos, h 231 Maria 
Reed-Lewis Ellis W, civ engnr, h 195 John 
Reed Rhoda, opr, Ivs 20 Holly av 
Rees Wm, elk, Ivs 135 Rosemount av 
Reesor Norman H, h 101 John 
Reitis Emile, mach, h n s St Albans av 
Reliable Bedding Co Ltd, Donald W Campbell sec-treas, 

41 Main s 

Rice May, Ivs 65 Main 
Rice Thos G, shoes 65 Main n, h same 
Richards John, marh, h 70 Maria 
Richardson Grace E, Ivs 196 John 
Richardson Harry L, mach, Ivs 196 John 
Richardson John C, bursar, h 196 John 
Rickaty Frank B, supt K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Ritchie Herbert E, lab, h 213 Rosemount av 
Kiti-liie Wilfrid C. Ivs 213 Rosemount av 
Roach Louis M, elk GTR Weston Station, bds King 
Bobbins Elmer, h 64 Coulter av 
Robertson Forbes Rev, pastor Westminster Presbyterian 

Church, h 141 John 
Robertson Frank Rev, pastor St Phillip's Church of 

England, h 10 Lemaire av 
Robertson Wm J Rev, h 141 John 
Robinson Geo E A, prop Weston Pump Works, h 48 Eagle 

avenue w 

Rodwell Bertha, Ivs 212 King 
Rodwell Gertrude A, Ivs 212 King 
Rodwell Wm A Rev, h 212 King 
Rodwell Wm J, Ivs 212 King 
Rollings Alice M, opr Bell Tel (Weston br)), res Malton 


Rollings Geo W, tel opr G T R station, h 185 John 
Rollinson John, painter, h 61 John 
Ross Alex, cement wkr, h 24 King George rd 
[ioss Donald W, h 163 Rosemount av 
lioss Harrison C, dentist 45 Main n. h same 
Rothery Elie (wid Jesse C), h 128 Maria 
Rothery Ruth, Librarian Weston Public Library, Ivs 

128 Maria 

Rowland Morris J, h 239 Church 
Rowland Wm A, h 16 Maria 
Rowntree David, h 21 Eagle av w 
Kowntree David jr, h 136 John 
Rowntree D Gilbert, Ivs 136 John 
liowntree Emily, Ivs 75 King 
Rowntree Ernest C, elect, h 2a4 Main n 
Rowntree Frank, messr, h 6 Lemaire av 
RiJwntreo Foster, studt, Ivs 258 Main n 
Rowntree Fredk, elect, h 258 Main n 
Rowntree Garnet L, cattle dlr. Ivs 21 Eagle av w 
Ituwntree Gertrude, Ivs 75 King 
liowntree Robt, Ivs 21 Eagle av w 
liowntree Stella V. music tchr 7 Main s, Ivs 7.". Kin; 
Rowntree Vernon W, cattle dlr, h 57 Eagle av w 
Rowntree Wm H, h 75 King 

liuddy Eleanor T, tchr Weston Public School, Ivs 75 King 
Rudolph Herbert II, (Weston Coal & Lumber Co), h 116 


Rumney Jas, elect engr, h 75 Coulter av 
Rush Fred, camera fnshr, h 4 Lemaire av 
Rush Jane (wid David), Ivs 104 Church 
Rushworth Arthur, lab, h s s Conron pi 
Rushworth Hubert, mach, h s s Conron pi 
Rushworth Wm, Ivs Arthur Rushworth 
Russell Frank, contr 194 Main s, h same 
Huston Fannie, Ivs 39 Pine 
Ryerton Egerton Rev, vicar St John's Anglican Church, 

h 35 St Joseph 

Sainsbury Bros (Geo & Fredk), gcnl contrs 207 Main n 
Sainsbury Fredk (Sainsbury Bros), h 207 Main n 
Sainsbury Geo (Sainsbnry Bros), h 50 Coulter av 
Sainsbury Jos, Ivs 189 Main n 
St John's Anglican Church, Rev Egerton Ryerton Vicar 

e s Main n 
St John's R C Church, Rev Arthur J Staley rector e s 

St John's R C School, Rev Arthur J Staley in charge 

e s George 

Sanders Kate (wid Arthur W). hs 459 Main n 
Sanford Ethel, elk. Ivs :>!> Main n 

Sanford Stanley B, elk, Ivs 59 Main n 

Sanford Thos J, fund, h 59 Main n 

Sanford Violet, elk Wm J Inch, Ivs 59 Main n 

Ransom Alfred, h 60 George 

Sansom Marguerite, Ivs 60 George 

Sartell Jos, carp, h 5 Rectory rd 

Saunders John A, blksmth 40 South Station, h 27 


Savage Ethel Y, h 199 Main n 
Say Alex, Ivs 412 Main n 
Scadding Margt, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs Eagle 


Scadding Mary (wid Fredk), b Eagle House 
Scott Annie M, stenog, Ivs 402 Main n 
Scott Christina G, studt, Ivs 402 Main n 
Scott Ebenezer, raach, h 402 Main n 
Scott Ella W, typist. Ivs 402 Main 
Scott Mary E (wid W H), gro 196 Main n, h same 
Scott Thos W, cost elk K & S Tire & Rubber Goods 

Ltd, res Toronto 

Scythes Albert E, ins agt, h 179 King 
Scythes Geo, h 194 King 
Scythes Harvey L, h w s Gratton av 
Scythes Laura F, Ivs 194 King 

Seal Norman J, real est 2 J ,i Main s, res Rosemount 
Shambrook Elmer A. h 12 Church 
Shannon Bert, plshr, h 25 Lippincott e 
Sharkey Chas, st engnr, h 34 King 
Sharp Edna, music tchr, Ivs 158 Rosemount av 
Shaw Constance E, stenog. Ivs 8 William 
Shaw Edna E, Ivs 8 William 
Shaw Florence M, elk C Lome Fraser, Ivs 8 William 
Shaw Jas J. h 8 William 
Shaw Jas R, painter, Ivs 8 William 
Sh:ni- Martha M, Ivs 149 Rosemount av 
Shaw Tillie, asst Town elk (Weston Town Hall), Ivs 

194 Rosemount av 
Shepheard Henry, lab, h 78 Main s 
Shepherd Thos, elk, h 162 Rosemount av 
Sheppard Thos H, pres K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Sheward Albert E, steel wkr, Ivs 24 Eagle av w 
Sheward Alma E, opr, Ivs 24 Eagle av w 
Sheward Doris, Ivs 24 Eagle av w 
Sheward Jos, h 24 Eagle av w 
Shiells Wm (Hill & Shiells), h 75 Rosemount av 
Shorney Frank H, h 20 St John's rd e 
Shuttleworth Velletia A, h 216 Main n 
Silvester Geo, lab, h 196 Main s 
Silvester Victoria, ITS 196 Main s 
Simpson Fred (Bridgeman & Simpson), h 164 Rose- 
mount av 

Simpson Margt H, Ivs 164 Rosemount av 
Simpson Myrtle, Ivs 164 Rosemount av 
Simpson Ray T, Ivs 164 Rosemount av 
Simpson Thos, rubber wkr, h 121 John 
Simpson Thos H, carp, h 164 Rosemonnt av 
Simpson Wm, Mm mkr, Ivs 121 John 
Sissons Gordon L, lab, h w s Fifth av 
Skelton Wm, acct, h 7 Meyer aT 
Slack Donald, raach, h s s St Albans av 
Smart John, bds 110 Rosemount av 
Smillie Chas H, bldr, h 166 John 
Smillie Chas R, trav, Ivs 166 John 
Smillie Queenie, dressmkr, Ivs 166 John 
Smillie Winnifred. stenog, Its 166 John 
Smith Alfred, lab, h 20 King George rd 
Smith Alvin E, trav, h 35 Rectory rd 
Smith Arnold R. h 15 Dennison av e 
Smith Arthur, h 22 St John's rd 
Smith Arthur, elk, Ivs 15 T*nnison av e 
Smith Bessie, h 159 King 
Smith David, mach, h 30 South Station 
Smith Ethel, Deputy Post Master Weston Post Office. Its 

17 Main n 

Smith Geo W, studt. Ivs 22 St John's rd 
Smith Ida, Ivs 339 Church 
Smith Ha, Ivs 15 Dennison aT e 
Smith Isobel V, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Its 339 


Smith Jean, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs 339 Church 
Smith Jas, h 17 Main s 
Smith John F. tmstr, h 356 Church 
Smith Lillian G, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs 356 


Smith Lome, elk, Ivs 22 St John's rd 
Smith Mabel, Ivs 339 Church 
Smith Mildred, Ivs 15 Dennison av e 
Smith Stanley, elect, Ivs 22 St John's rd 
Smith Wm. ensnr, h 15 Pine 
Smith Wm A, h 339 Church 
Smm-k Stanley N. slsmn, Ivs 44 Main n 
Soper Jos, h 83 King 
Soroski Carl, mldr, h 2 Lippincott e 
ky Agnes, Ivs 131 King 
ky Clara, Ivs 131 King 
Siwnonsky Flora, Its 131 King 
Sinmvsk.v Martha, Ivs 131 King 


The Player-Piano that is trouble-proof 

and weather-proof the Player-Piano 

with an Aluminum Action. 

193-195-197 YONGE STREET. 


Loyal, Confidential 
Detective Service 


217-218-219 McLelland Building. 81 VICTORIA STREET, TORONTO 


Representatives Principal Cities Great Britain, France and United States. 
Office Phone Atlel. 1583; Res. Phone Ger. 6625. A telephone call brings a representative to you. 


Sosnowsky .Mary (wid Marinus), h 131 King 

Souks Cora (\vid Maurice), Us Hi Church 

Southwell John Q W. mach, h 157 Join 

Sparls Chas, fireman, h 409 Main n 

Stales Aitlmr J Jiev, rector St John's R C Church, h 

47 (Jewge 

Stanfield John, rms 174 Rosemount av 
Stanley Edith M, Ivs 39 llnlly at 
Stanley Harry B, photo, h 39 Holly av 
Stwlnun Edwin J, timekpr Massey-Harris Co Ltd (\Veston 

br), h 400 Main n 
Steven Win, engnr, h 3 Oak 
Stewart Jas, elect, h 51 Main s 
Stewart Jas A, h 54 Coulter av 
Stewart Jas A, h 4 .Maria 
Stewart J Wallace Rev, pastor Weston .Methodist Church, 

h 35 King 

Sticklei 1 Fredk, painter, Ivs 3 Sykes at 
SticHey Jane, h 3 Sykes at 
Stokes Douglas, kodak wkr, Ivs 242 Main n 
Stokes Geo, mach, h 2-12 Main n 
Stokes Geo jr, kodak kr, Ivs 242 Main n 
Stokes Mabel, Ivs 242 Main n 
Stone Thus, emp Bell Tel Co, h 139 Maria 
Stratapka. .Mike, lab, h 4 King George rd 
Strong Annie (wid Alf) , h s s Conron pi 
Strong Fredk, Ivs Mrs Annie Strong 
Strong Gordon, Ivs Mrs Annie Strong 
Strong Percy, Ivs Mis Annie Strong 
Summerhayes Jas, h 34 William 
Sutcliffe Allan L, acct Bank of Montreal (Weston br), 

Its 45 Main 11 

Sutherland .Maiianne (wid Wm), Ivs 149 Main n 
Sutton Richd, tnistr, h 39 John 
Sutton Walter J. hardware 12 Main s, res Toronto 
Swann Chas, Ivs 38 Dennison at w 
Sylapotta Alex, lab, h 90 Main 8 
Sjitnms Leslie, rubber wkr, Ivs 17 Maria 
Symons Wm, h 225 Main s 
Symons Wm i!, driver, b s s Vimy gdns 
Tapscott Harry B, tchr, h 201 King 
TAYLOR JAMES H, Tcwn Clerk, h 96 King 
Taylor Matllcvr, fleet, Ivs 26 Maria 
Taylor May, Ivs 216 King 
Taylor Perdval, Ivs 90 King 
Teasdale Clara, Ivs 73 King 
Teasdale Geo, Ivs 73 King 
Teasdale Jane (wid Thos), h 73 King 
Templeton Jos, stove mntr, h 10 Victoria av 
Terrell Wm J, contr 36 South Station, h same 
Theobald Chas, mach, Ivs 1 Sykes av 
Thomas Richd H, ijlstr, h 260 Main n 
Thompson Annie, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), Ivs 217 

Rosemuunt av 

Thompson Clayton, studt, Ivs 154 William 
Thompson Geo S, tool mkr, h 7 Maria 
Thompson Helen, Ivs 7 Maria 
Thompson John R, insp, h 154 William 
Thompson J A, sec K & S Tire & Rubber Goods Ltd, 

res Toronto 

Thompson Leda, studt, Ivs 154 William 
Thompson Lois, tchr, Ivs 154 William 
Thompson Mary", opr. Its 5 Sykes at 
Thompson Wm, h 5 Sykes av 

Thomson S John, confy & baker 71 Main n, h same 
Thurluw Claude, lab, Ivs 66 Dennison av w 
Times & Guide (weekly), Saml Wilson prop 128 Main n 
Timpson J Harry, mach, h a Victoria av 
Timpson Percy V, app, Ivs 6 Victoria av 
Tinker Wm, gdnr, Ivs 4 Maple av 
Todd Thos, elect, h 88 Main s 
Totten Margt, elk, Ivs 64 .Maria 
Totten Marion, elk, Ivs 64 Maria 
Tutten Saml J, msr Bell Tel (Weston br), h 64 Maria 
Tremaine Saml, bds 110 Rosemount av 
Trim Mary S (wid Jas), h 140 William 
Trinkwon Albert, trackman CPR, Its 42 Holly av 
Trinkwon Chas H, trackman CPR. h 42 Holly av 
Trinkwon Harriett (wid Wm), Ivs 42 Holly ar 
Ttinkvon Violet, Ivs 42 Holly av 
Truman Wm, h -iJ'J .Main n 
Turcott Cordelia (wid Ernest), Ivs 18 Holly av 
Tyrwhitt St A P, sec-tteis Westun Golf & Country Club, 

h 5 Main s 

Tynvliitt St Jean, Ivs .1 Main s 
Upton Harry, letter carrier, h s s Vimy gdns 
Van lilarh'imi Abraham, mldr, h 183 John 
Vati'leihart Maurice, lather, h s s Vimy gdns 
Varco* J Arthur, tool mkr, h 9 George 
Varcoe Lester, elk. Ivs 9 George 
Vass John, lab, h 28 South Station 
Vaughan Lewis li, gro 204 Main n. h same 
Vaughn! Lewis L, elk Canadian Bank of Commerce 

(Weston br), Ivs 264 Main n 
Veale Elva, elk K 4 S Tire & Rubber Co Ltd, res 


Veales Wm H, shipper, h 37 Pine 
Wacey Alfred, elk, Ivs 34 St John's rd 

: as F. assembler. 1) : J .4 St John's rd 
Wadt Hilda, elk Wm J Inch, res Toronto 
Wade Robt C, Ivs 144 Church 
Wade Robt W, h 144 Church 
Wanner Frank, elk, Ivs 22 Sykes av 
Wanner Herbert, h 180 John 
Wagner Heibert. h 22 Svkes av 

Wain Gwendoline, opr Bell Tel (Weston br), res Thistle- 
ton Ont 

Walker Albert E, elect, h 142 Main s 
Walker Dorothy. Ivs 72 Maria 
Walker Peter, section hd, h 72 Maria 
Wall Wm, lab, h 61 Main s 
Wai I is Annie, Ivs 19 Meyer av 
Wallis Ernest, h 19 Meyer av 
Ward Herbert, gro 2 Main n, n 2 Eagle av w 
Ward Lindsay, elk, Ivs 119 Main n 
Ward Wm J, undertkr 119 Main n, h same 
Wardlaw Julia, h 247 Main n 
Wardlaw Luella, Its 247 Main n 
Wardlaw Robt, h n s Robert 
Watson Fred, mach, h 198 Main n 
Watson Irvin B, bicycle mkr, h s s Vimy Gdns 
Watson Irvin V, shipper, h s s Vimy Gdns 
Watts John, elk Herbert Ward, Ivs 2 Eagle av w 
Webb .Maine, elk, Ivs 41 Holly av 
Webb Jas, btchr, h 41 Holly av 
Webster >uglas, h 100 Maria 
Webster Gordon, decorator, Ivs 136 Rosemount av 
Webster Gertrude, tchr Weston Public School, Ivs n s 


Webster Walter, de.'orator, h 136 Rosemount av 
Wellcr Geo, bds 97 Rosemount av 
Wellun Geo, lab, Ivs 61 Main s 
West Harry, lab, h 73 Main n . 
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Rev Forbes Robertson 

pastor, 30 Main s 
Weston Coal & Lumber Co (Geo A Fortune, Herbert 

H Rudolph), s s Eagle at 

Weston Firemen's Hall, Geo Pollard chief, 8 Little at 
Weston Foundry & Machine Co (Letl L Coulter), w s 

Main n 
Weston Golf & Country Club, Leslie R Young pres, w s 

Main n 
Weston Lawn Bowling Club, Lome R Bartlett sec, 137 

Main n 
Weston Methodist Church, Rer J Wallace Stewart pastor, 

1 King 

Weston Police Station, Wm Campbell Chief Constable, 

6 Little av 
Weston Post Office, Aaron J Barker Postmaster, Ethel 

Smith Deputy, Olive Mattison Assistant, 1 Main n 
Weston Public Library, Ruth Rothery Librarian, 2 King 
Weston Public School, Harry J Alexander prin, n s King 
Weston Public School, Harry T Alexander prin, s s Maria 
Western Pump Works. Geo E A Itubinson prop, 48 Eagle 

avenue w 
Weston Separate School Board, Thos Moore Chairman, 

e s George 
Weston Town Hall, Jas H Taylor Town elk, w s Main 

n cor Little av 
Weston Town Park & Recreation Ground, John Dickin 

supt, s s Eagle av 
Weston Water Power & Light Co, Allen G Peirson supt, 

2 Little av, Sub Station 10 Same 
We-t[ihal Celia, opr, Ivs 72 Coulter av 
Westphal Edwd, Its 74 Coulter at 
Westphal Edwd G, mldr, h 14 St John's rd e 
Westphal Harry, mach, Its 72 Coulter at 
Westphal John H, auto wkr. Its 14 St John's rd e 
Westphal Laura, fnshr, Its 72 Coulter at 
Westphal Valentine, mldr, h 72 Coulter at 
White Elizth, bds 110 Knsemoant av 

White Mary E, opr Bell Tel (Weston br). res Wood- 
bridge Ont 

Whyte Dora, stenog Xorman J Seal, Ivs S Main s 

White Wm, bicycle repr, 8 Main s 

Wiener Elizth (wid John W) . Ivs 224 Maria 

Widdup Georgianna M (wid Sutcliffe N), Its 101 John 

Wilby Amelia (witl Wilson), Its 3 Elsmere at 

Wilby Edwd W, Its 3 Elsmere at 

Wiley Clara .1, Ivs 23.1 Mam s 

Wiley Wm D, h 235 Main s 

Williams Elda. Its 167 Main s 

Williams Emaline (wid Thos), h 316 Main n 

Williams Kred, elk, h 55 Main s 

Williams Hugh, Its 316 Main n 

Williams Inine, tmstr, 1] 167 Main s ' 

Williams Mildred, Its 316 Main n 

Williams Thos, mach, li n s Maple at 

Williams Walter, muto, Ivs 167 Main s 

Willis John, elk K & S Tire 4: Rubber Goods Ltd, res 
Mt Dennis 

Willis Wilbert, h 160 William 

Willis Win D, h 15S William 

Willis Gordon, trav, Its 184 John 

Wilson Henry, btchr 168 Main n, h same 

Wilson Saml, (Times & Guide) publr, h 146 Main n 

Winder Cecil. tool mkr. Its 4 Park av 

Wintcmute H E. pastor Alexander Memorial Baptist 

Church, Ivs 216 King 
Winter Audrey, Its 30 Main n 
Winter Hurron (wid Chas), Ivs 30 Main n 
Winter Irene. Its 30 Main n 
Winter Wm G, h 30 Main n 
Witt Ellen, drsmkr, Ivs 121 Main s 
Witty Harry N. barber 77 Main n, h s s Elsmere at 
Wood Jas H, can), h 33 Holly at 
Wood Robt, gal iron wkr, h 73 Church 
Wood Wm G. h !'2 William 
Wooodend John T. linman, rms 2 Eagle av w 
Woods Wilbur, slsmn, h 10 Cross 
Wright Henry, mach, h 2 Maple av 
Wright Robt, trav, h 120 King 
Wynne Robt, mldr, Ivs 162 Main n 
Ye Gray-Dort Inn, A V Devins prop, 370 Main n 
Young Elizabeth (wid Wm) . Ivs 167 Maria 
Yuimg Gordon N, drftsmn, h 215 Rosemount av 
Young Leslie R. pres Weston Golf & Country Club, res 



Fiw miles northwest of City Hall. Post Offices Wych- 
wood Park and sub station of city. Take Avenue rd 
car to St Clair ax; thence ciic car to Bathurst 

Aitken W'm. lab, h 33 Kenwood 

Allan Gerald G. Ivs 222 Wychwood at 

Allan Kate, stenog. Its 222 Wychwood av 

Allan Lawrence. Ivs 222 Wychwood av 

Allan Wm G, h 222 Wychwood av 

Allard Henry J, h 56 Glanville av 

Alley Fredk C, Its 199 Wvchwond av 

Alley Geo J, chauff, h 199 Wychwood av 

Alley Geo J jr. Ivs 199 Wychwood at 

Alley Walter J, its 199 Wychwood at 

Allin Arthur E. h a 11 Pinewood rd 

Alston Chas N, city trav W J Gage Co, h 88 Pine- 

wood rd 

Ambrose Jos, lab, Ivs 266 Vaughan rd 
Amsden Stewart G, h w s Burton rd 
Anderson Frank, lab, h 4 Thelma at 
Anderson Henry C, h 25 Tay at 
Anderson John C, h 32 Tay at 
Andrews Gen W, contr. h 131 High 
Angus Wm H. trat. h 17 Atlas av 
Ante Irvin H. dentist,, h 404 Rushton rd 
Anzier John B, dairymn. h 74 Kenwood av 
Appleyard Chas, wool buyer, h 144 Vaughan rd 
Archer Waldeck, acct, h 12 Huron n 
Armstrong Bvron, sis mgr Ideal Bread Co. h 166 Atlas at 
Armstrong Geo H, Its Mary Armstrong 
Armstrong Mary (wid Jas) . h n s Forest Hill rd 
Armstrong Marion, Ivs Mary Armstrong 
Armstrong Wm. lab, h 250 Vaughan rd 
Arnold Ada (wid Thos), Its 1 Pinewood rd 
Arthur Oeo C. h 236 WVchwood at 
Ashby Wilfred, brklvr. Its 232 Vaughan rd 
Aylward Harry, bkpr, h 207 Wychwood av 
Bailey Annie, h 32 Kenwood av 
Baillie Wm. phy 320 Rushton rd, h same 
Baird T>avid F mfrs agt. h 162 Wychwood at 
Baker Ellis, h 45 Atlas av 
Raker Frank N', bldr. h 187 Wychwood at 
Baker Richd A, tel opr, h 21 Kenwood at 
Bakewell Clarence, furrier, h 247 Wychwood at 
Baldwin Bessie, h 120 Duntegan rd 
Baldwin Edith. Its Lawrence H Baldwin 
Baldwin Edwd, Ivs Lawrence H Baldwin 
Baldwin Lawrence H, h w s Dunvegan rd cor Forrest 

Hill rd 

Baldwin Martin, h 9 Humewood dr 
Balfour John tlr. h 113 Kenwood at 
Ball Albert T, lab, h 1593 Bathurst 
Ball Geo, tmstr. Its 1593 Bathurst 
Ball Gertrude M, Its 1503 Bathurst 
Ball Harry, moto. Its 1593 Bathurst 
Bambridge Jas. polici-mari. h 11 Kenwood a\ 
Banting Chas J R. trav International Harvester Co, b 

224 Wychwood av 

Banting Robt T. acct T Eaton Co. Ivs 224 Wyrhwood at 
Barnes Wm J, btchr. b 444 Vaughan rd 

Thos. gdnr, Ivs 12S Vaughan rd 
Barrowman Allan, gro son Wychwmid av, h same 
Bartlett Chas F, gdnr. b 124 Kenwood av 
Bartlett Mary, confy 2H-I Vaughan rd, h same 
Bartlett Wm H, gdnr, h 12 Thelm at 
Bartlett Wm J, gdnr, h 13 Thelma aT 
Baxter Georgia (wid John), h 15 Kenwood av 
Baxter Grace V, tchr, Ivs 74 Atlas ar 
Baxter Meri E (wid Jas B), h 74 Atlas at 
Baxter. Sarah L. nurse. Ivs 15 Kenwood av _ 


6 Maud St. 


Phone Adelaide 6470. 

Electrical Supplies 
Motors and Fans 


PhoneADUAlDE 1962 


Beal Fredk. elk, ll 61 Raglan av 

Beal Geo, piano rtr, h 80 Raglan av 

Beal Sydney A, chauff, h B 155 Vaughan rd 

Beattie Thos. bk bndr, h 94 Pinewood rd 

Beale Join II, slsmn, h 176 Wydnrood av 

Beattie \Vm, stone mason, li 244 Atlas ay 

Beatty Harry, slsmn. h 81 Pinewood rd 

Beatty Henry A, phy, h 122 Dunvegan rd 

Beaty Jas P Capt, h Connaught Circle 

Beers Edmond. h 93 Vaughan rd 

Beestcm Chas P, h 106 Raglan av 

Bell John, express, h 1520 Bathurst 

Bell Wm I, trav, h 16" Wychwood av 

Bellyea V Ross, sanitary engnr 1002 Bathurst, h 6. 

Pinewood av 

Belyea Roy E, plmhr. h 77 Atlas av 
Bendall Arthur, lab, h 27% Tay av 
Bennetts Henry. me<sr Dora Bank, h 22 Glanville av 
Berger Annie (wid Danl J), h 73 Kenwood av 
Bertram Melville, h n w cor Westmount dr & Bathurst 
Biddle Bertie, litho, h 86 Glanville av 
Bilbrough Norman H, acct. h 104 Humewood dr 
BUlett Edgar C, driver, h 91 High 
Bingley Walter H, chaufl, h 60 Montdalr av 
Binnie Amy, Ivs 6 Wellwood av 
Binnie John L. Ivs 6 Wellwood av 
Bird Jas, h 433 Spadina rd 
Black Fredk W, gro n e cor Spadina rd & Lonsdale, h 


Black Jas, h 91 Kenwood ar 
Black John, stock kpr, h 118 Kenwood av 
Black Peter, carp, h 102 Kenwood av 
Black Wm. emp T Eaton Co, Ivs 102 Kenwood ar 
Blackmore Albert A, baker, h 68 Kenwood av 
Blathtrwick Irene, Ivs 230 Wychwood av 
Blatherwkk Mabel, mint, Ivs 230 Wychwood av 
Blatherwiek Walter, patn mkr, h 230 Wychwood a? 
Boag Wm G. sdnr, h 1522 Bathurst 
Boddy Francis E, slsmn. h 49 Pinewood rd 
Boge Angus, carp, h 93 Kenwood at 
Boggis Edwin, ins agt. h 228 Wychwood av 
Bond Robt B, produce brkr, h s s Burton rd 
Bonham Albert R, h 115 Vaughan rd 
Boot John, lab, h 34 Glanville av 
Boswell Ernest, lab, h 40 Thelma a? 
Bosworth Ernest W. tool mkr, h 104 Kenwood av 
Bottle David, h 31 Glanville av 
Bouchard Nicholas P, mach, h 341% Londsdale rd 
Bowell Wm. chautr. h 13fi Kenwood av 
Boyd Wm B, civil engnr, h s s Stratheam rd 
Boyle Ernest E, h 215 Wychwood av 
Bradley Catherine (wid Francis J) . h 86 Pinewood rd 
Bradley Catherine, opr, Ivs 86 Pinewood rd 
Bradley John, printer, Ivs 86 Pinewood rd 
Bradley John, h 145 Pinewood rd 
Bradshaw Elizth (wid Jos), h 39 Kenwood av 
Brady Ales, gdnr, Ivs 31 Thelma av 
Brady Saral, gdnr, h 31 Thelma av 
Braund Wm D, stereo opr, h 53 Pinewood rd 
Brayley Lionel L, mfrs agt, h 178 Wychwood av 
Breadner Edgar, carp, h 422 Spadina rd 
Breakey Edwd. caretkr High St School, h 98 Hume- 

wuod dr 

Bret-n Jeremiah, presser, h 128 Vaughan rd 
Breen Mary, opr, Ivs 128 Vaughan rd 
Bremntr Geo. slsmn Wm navies Co. h 119 Firewood rd 
Brennan Talk, gdnr, li 357 Lonsdale rd 
Bridges Chas R, h 69 Glanville av 
Brimarnmbe Wm, county constable, h 108 Kenwood a 
Brobst Bruce K, tree expert, h 1">S Wyclioi.d av 
Brobst Carl K, tree expert, h 175 Wychwood av 
Brock John, h 15 Glanville av 
Knid/.i:ik liiiniett. acct, h 93 Pinewood rd 
Brooks Mathew .plstr, h 236 Vaughan rd 
Brookshaw Bertram A, printer, h 203 Wychwood av 
Brown Alex G, painter, h 26 Tay a 
Brown Edwd, Ivs 40 Kenwood av 
Brown Edwd, mkt gdnr 1603 Bathurst, h same 
Brown Henry, carp, h 64 Raglan av 
Brown Herbert W. painter, h 223 Wychwood av 
Brown John, drvr. h 410 Spadina rd 
Brown John C, trav, h 38 Atlas av 
Brown Stanley R, mus tchr, h 1 Humewood dr 
Brown Walter T Major, h !i Wellwood av 
Brown Wm. wtr, h 87 Vaughan rd 
Brownell John, h 26 Glanville av 
Browning John, rash CNR, h 2.">1 Wychwood av 
Browning Percy, chauff. h 20H Vaughan rd 
Bruff Henry, rap. h 242 Atlas av 

:i Milton Prof. University of Toronto, h 75 

Hillbrow av 

Buck Alfred J, brklyr, h 157 Pinewood rd 
Buckley I>i ,u;.]:is (I, ins, h 22 Atlas av 
ButTey Walter, gro 441 Vaughan rd, h same 
Bnnn John, lab, h 194 Vaughan rd 
Bunnett John, lab, h 80 Kenwood av 
Burliiilge Benj, driver, h 21 Raglan av 
Burbidse May, Ivs 21 Raglan av 

Burch Jeremiah, lab, h 344 Atlas av 

Burke Harold, Ivs 408 Spadina rd 

Burke Howard, driver, Ivs 408 Spadina rd 

Burke Madaline, opr. Ivs 408 Spadina rd 

Burke Margt (wid Robt), h 408 Spadina rd 

Burke Percy, metal roofer, Ivs 408 Spadina rd 

Burke Wm F, h 296 Rushton rd 

Burkitt Fredk, fnremn, h 59 Glanville av 

Bin-ley Chas S B, mfr agt, h 14 Grimthorpe rd 

Burns Harry, carp, h 67 Kenwood av 

Burt Henry A. shipper, h 292 Atlas av 

Butcher Reg M, reporter, h 83 Vaughan rd 

Bryam Edgar 0, h 335A Lonsdale rd 

Cairley John, h 192 Vaughan rd 

Calms Jas, h 138 Kenwood av 

Cain* John, brklyr. h 310 Wychwood av 

Cameron Colin, brklyr, h 89 Raglan av 

Cameron Dougal, Ivs 222 Wychwood av 

Cameron Geo 0, trav, h 24 Atlas av 

Campbell Edwin, lab, h 62 Glanville ai 

Campbell Jas. tinsmth. h 320 Atlas av 

Campbell John, h 217 Wychwood av 

Campbell Mabel (wid Donald), h 64 Atlas av 

Carlton Ernest J, carp, h 21 Tay av 

Carmichael Archd, auto mech. h 276 Wychwood a? 

Carmichael A Luella, Ivs 226 Wychwood av 

Carmichael Duncan A. chaufl. Ivs 226 Wychwood av 

Carmichael John D, lab, h 226 Wychwood av 

Carmichael John G, elk, Ivs 226 Wychwood av 

Carrick Jas W, barr, h 165 Arlington av 

Carruthers Chas W, h 76 Kenwood av 

Carruthers Jas A, h 315 Lonsdale rd 

Carter Alice (wid Herbert), h 87 Wychwood av 

Casselden Albert H, opr, h 159 Vaughan rd 

Cator Thos, driver, h 204 Vaughan rd 

Chamberlain Chas, lab, h 6 Glanville av 

Chandler Wilfred, auto mech, b 248 Vaughan rd 

Chapman Fredk N, h s w cor Forrest Hill rd and Huron 

Chappels Gilbert W, chauff, h C 157 Vaughan rd 

Charles Geo A, artist, h 188 Atlas av 

Charlton Thos M, h 1490 Bathurst 

Charlwood Fredk, h 238 Vaughan rd 

Charteris Jas, brkmn CNR, Ivs 232 Vaughan rd 

Cheatley Jas P, Ivs 165 Vaughan rd 

Che,-.tley Patterson, h 165 Vaughan rd 

Childs Wm A, lab, h 81 Glanville ay 

Chillman John E, lab. h 213 Wychwood av 

Chisholni John A, driver, h 42 Glanville av 

Christian Bert, brklyr, h 58 Atlas av 

Christie Wm. insp City Dairy, h 98 Kenwood av 

Churly Geo, bttsmth, h 27% Tay av 

Clark Chas, moto mech, h 300 Atlas av 

Clark Frank, mfrs agt, h 406 Rushton rd 

Clark Fredk, letter carrier, h 112 Raglan av 

Clarke Arthur R, chkr Union Depot, h 346 Atlas av 

Clarke Geo A, Ivs 342 Atlas av 

Clarke Wm H, boot i shoe rpr 429 Vaughan rd, h same 

Claydon Alfred, carp, h 184 Atlas ai 

Clayson Wm H, trav, h 42 Atlas av 

Clayton Geo, presser, h 149 Arlington av 

Clyde John, gdnr Lawrence H Baldwin, Ivs same 

Coates Saml, carp, h 210 Atlas av 

Cochrane Edwin M, h 22 Pinewood rd 

Cochrane Jas, carp, h 65 Glanville av 

Cole Harry W, h 15 Tay av 

Coles Emily, gro 212 Vaughan rd, h same 

Collett Walter ,emp Harris Abattoir Co, h 166 Arlington 


Collier Albert J, gdnr. h 210 Vaughan rd 
Constantino Jos, pdlr, h 266 Vaughan rd 
Cook Hiram A, teal est, h 97 Pinewood rd 
Cook Wm, h 119 Kenwood av 
Coon Wilbur H, dentist, h 50 Hillbrow av 
Cooper Arthur A, h 212 Atlas av 
Cooper Sidney, bldr, h 85 Roach av 
Cormack Henry W. trav. h 153 Arlington av 
Cormack Jas. tlr. li 22(i Atlas av 
I'Miiiniey John, mail transferer, h 166 Vaughan rd 
Cork Ceo E. h 17 Humewood dr 
Corner John. mach. h 84 Montclair av 
Corner Jos W. h 18 Thelma a\ 
Coulter Robt, lab, h 7(i."i Rushton rd 
Coward Fred. lith'>. Il 32 Glanville av 
Cos Alice (id Frank), h 163 Vaughan rd 
Cox Sydney, hrklyr, h 39 Glinril 
Craig Jnhn B, night apt Union llrpt. h flu' Kenwood av 
Cranston Thos I., coiitr. li 72 Pinewood rd 
i s Hume, h 8, 9 Humewood dr 
t'rawfurii \Vnt. printer, h 32 Thelma av 
Crawford Wm H, elk Northern Elect Co, h 83 Atlas 


Crerar A J, h (i. !> Humewood dr 
Crippen E A, papiT dlr Tn Spadina av. h 4 Wellwood av 
Crooks J Herbert, gro 195 Wychwood av, h same 

i in av 

Cross Beitram F. Him opr. h ''I V 
Cross Hnbert. landscape cilnr. h !i:i Vauglian rd 
Cn.ucher John (!. foremn X P Elect Co, h 16 Atlas a 

Croucher Walter, jwlr, h 92 Pinewood rd 

Crozier Major John A, h d 315 Lonsdale rd 

Cummings Herbert, acct, h 306 Atlas av 

Cunnane Patk J, gdnr, h 364 Lonsdale rd 

Currie John C, carp, h 53 Kenwood av 

Curry Richard, h 92 Raglan av 

Curry Walter R, comp. h 42 Raglan av 

Curtis Emily, opr T Eaton Co. Ivs 116 Kenwood av 

Curtis Saml. carpet lyr, h 116 Kenwood av 

Curtis Saml F E, Ivs 116 Kenwood av 

Cuthbertson Francis A (wid Thos), h 28 Pinewood rd 

Cuthbertson Thos D, tinsmth, h 9 Watford av 

Dampier Wm T. lab, h 36 Raglan av 

Dampier Wm T. wood wkr, h 291 Wychwood av 

Dandrea Chas, h 49 Atlas av 

Pavey Alfred, paper ctr. h 50 Kenwood av 

Davey Geo W, adv agt, h 21 Pinewood rd 

Davidge Wm J, bldr, h 204 Wychwood av 

Davidson Frank, trav, h 182 Arlington av 

Davidson John W, elk, h 30 Raglan av 

Davidson Robt D, asst mgr Goodyear Rubber Co, h 184 

Arlington av 

Pavidson Violet, stenog, bds 48 Kenwood av 
Pavis Ammon, jwlr, h 8 Pinewood rd 
Davis Henry W, painter, h 43 Raglan at 
Davis John J, h 12 Humewood dr 
Davis Percy, mach, h 708 Rushton rd 
Dawe Wm A, emp Govt Income Tax Dept, h 87 Atlas 


Day Geo, stove mntr, h 14 Tay av 
Day Henry W, elect, h 28 Atlas av 
Dean Saml, lab, h 702 Rushton rd 
Dearsley Nathaniel, blksmth, h 11 Tay av 
De Board Horace, drvr, h 240 Vaughan rd 
OTnyes Wm A, h 312 Rushton rd 
Devenport Wm, baker, h 145 Vaughan rd 
Dever Wm, contr. h 118 Raglan av 
Dew John W, mkt gdnr, h s w cor Forrest Hill rd and 

Eglinton av w 

Dewar Thos, mining eng, h 1486 Bathurst 
DeyeU J H, h 5, 9 Humewood dr 
Dickson John, stone mason, h 214 Vaughan rd 
fAJcherty Isaac, driver, h 153 B Vaughan rd 
Dolmar Henry, h 92 Kenwood av 
Doncaster Leonard W, chemist, h 107 Vaughan .d 
Doolan Geo F. mach, h 23 Roach av 
Douglas Henry, stmftr. h 406 Spadina rd 
Douglas J Harvey, mfr. h 57 Hillbrow av 
Downer Wm A, pattern mkr, h 17 Raglan av 
Drage Jas, carp, h 293 Wychwood av 
Draper Geo, elk, h 147 Pinewood rd 
Duggan E Sydney, bldr, h s s Burton rd 
Duncan John, Ivs 65 Kenwood av 
Duncan Reginald S, h 17 Humewood dr 
Dunton Harvie, trav, h 16 Raglan av 
Dwan Dennis, h 343 Lonsdale rd 
Dwan Patk, h 340 Lonsdale rd 
Earnshaw Harry, lab, h 1 Durham av 
Ecclestone Alfred E. slsmn, h 401 Rushton rd 
Edward Wm, h 35 Thelma 
Edwards Chas, lab, h 412 Spadina rd 
Edwards Henry S, millwright, h 82 Atlas av 
Edwards II Percy, h 5 Hillbrow av 
Edwaids Wm, h 295 Wychwood av 
Edwards Wm J, contr, h 160 Pinewood rd 
Elford Sydney, h 3 Glanville av 
Ellaby Thos, h 298 Atlas av 
Elliott Geo H, engr, h 1 Thelma av 
Elmslie Peter, carp, h 94 Raglan av 
English John, h 98 High 
Ennis John J, tinsmth, h 358 Lonsdale rd 
Era-sinuson John, lab GTR, h 404 Spadina rd 
Kvans Jn!m W, comp, h 73 Pinewood rd 
Everton Ernest, farmer, Ivs w s Forrest Hill rd 
Evi-iton John, h w s Forrest Hill rd 
Evert John, h 3r,rt Lonsdale rd 
Kwinns Percy, moto meeh, h 126 Kenwood ar 
i'iios. lab. h 16 Huron n 

m P, elk I'd. h 29 Coulson av 
Fanning Dan'1, Ivs 148 Kenwood av 
Fanning Elizth. Ivs 148 Kenwood av 
Fanning Matilda, opr. Ivs 148 Kenwood av 
Fanning Wm J jr, Ivs 148 Kenwood av 
Fanning Wm J jr, 148 Kenwood av 
Fawcett Wm J. h 8% Glanville av 

:.[".ul W. tr.iv. h II 3d Pinewood rd 
Fenning Austin (i. elk. Ivs l<;ii Wyrliwood av 
F.-nnin; GIII S, ai-ct. li Hill Wychwood av 
Fennins Jas, Ivs liin \\vrhwood av 
I'im-wiKid 'd 
IVnwirk John, h 90 Pinewood ra 

I'Ynwirk May. lis 90 Pinrwood nl 

D Allan, gdnr, h 63 Glanville av 
Ferguson Thos, h 179 Wvchwood av 
Ferris Jas, bkpr. h .23 Atlas av 
Field Claud, h 13 Durban. 
Kindlay John, bkpr, h 160 Wychwood av 
Fisher Fredk, paper box mkr, h 140 Kenwood av 




Standard Visible Typewriter 

Field, Love & House 
41 Richmond St. W. 

F. J. SMITH & CO. 

36 Toronto Street 



rltzakerley Mm. lab ll 13 Tay av 

Kitzaktrley Wm. Ivs 13 Tay av 

Flaxman Frrd, h 10!.' Vaughan rd 

Flemington Alfred E, gdnr, h 402 Spadina rd 

Flett Walter E. contr. h s s Burton rd 

Follett Jas. h 19 Pinewood rd 

Fiirbes John, h 12 Glanville av 

Forham Austin A. real est, h 81 Atlas av 

Foriter Henry F. real est, h 471 Spadina rd 

Forrest Hill (Presby) Church, cor Thelma av & Spadina 


Fursey Jos B, h 139 Wychwood av 
Foulds Wm C. civil engnr, h 60 Hillbrow av 
Fouse Chas JI, pres Can Landscapes Architects, Ltd, h 

185 Wychwood av 

Fowler J Herbert, contr, h 1550 Battrarst 
Fox Chas H. dept mar Can Life Assce Co, h 134 High 
Fox Lewis R. bkpr, Ivs 38 Atlas av 
Fox Reginald, trav, Ivs 150 Pinewood rd 
Foy John, driver, h 254 Atlas av 
French Ernest R, night wtchmn, h 86 Kenwood av 
French Harold, cnaufT. Ivs 86 Kenwood av 
Fretts Harry, carp, h 302 Lonsdale rd 
Frost. Alfred, gas fitter, h 3 Tay av 
Frost Harold H, elk, Ivs 90 Atlas av 
Frost Herbert, painter, h 90 Atlas av 
Frost Stanley C, elect, Ivs 90 Atlas av 
Fruen Thos, tmstr, h 55 Glanville av 
Fry Stanley L, optician, h 69 Roach av 
Fullerton Thos, studt, Ivs 206 Wychwood av 
Gaby Fredk A, chief engnr Hydro Elect Co, h 480 

Spadina rd 

Gale Wm J. gro 308 Spadina rd. h same 
Gardner Ralph J, elk, h 149 Pinewood rd 
Garland Sylvania, brklyr. h 80 Huron n 
Gaskin Adallne, stenog, Ivs 162 Atlas av 
Gaskin Jas, gdnr, h 162 Atlas av 
Gaskin Saml, baker, Ivs 162 Atlas at 
Oaymer Wm. h 75 Montclair av 
Geary Ambrose K, carp, h 261 Wychwood av 
Gear}' Jessie, opr. h 88 Vaughan rd 
Geary Mary, tel opr, Ivs 88 Vaughan rd 
Geddes John W, Ivs 236 Wychwood av 
Geldard Esther J, h 37 Kenwood av 
George Ernest, cond, h 55 Kenwood av 
Gilchrlst Jas S, h 463 Spadina rd 
Giles Robt, h 210 Wychwood av 
Giles Wesley, Ivs 210 Wychwood av 
Gill Geo H, carp, h 246 Vaughan rd 
Girvan John P, elk PO, h 62 Atlas at 
Gladstone Matthew, driver, h 17 Thelma av 
Glover Jas. mach, h 34 Coulson av 
Gof John B, h 40 Hillbrow av 
Gomme Fredk. linemn. h 98 Raglan av 
Goodchild Geo E, leather opr, h 269 Wychwood at 
Goodenough Fredk C, driver, h 703 Rushton rd 
Goodings Robt, lab. h 05 Vaughan rd 
Goodwin Arthur, painter, h 5 Kenwood av 
Gottschalk Geo, concrete wkr, h 34 Kenwood at 
Gould Fredk. shipper, h 63 Raglan av 
Cow John, brklyr, h 469 Spadina rd 
Graham A C, h 3, 9 Humewood dr 
Graham Delia, slsldy, Ivs 25 Atlas av 
Graham Elizth, Ivs 25 Atlas av 
Graham Evelene, stenog, Ivs 9 Glanville av 
Graham Fredk P, pdlr, h 54 Atlas av 
Graham Lavenia, slsldy, Ivs 25 Atlas at 
Graham Mary (wid Thos), h 25 Atlas av 
Graham Patk D, gro 270 Vaughan rd, h same 
Graham Reginald M, h 315 Wychwood av 
Graham Wm M, tmstr, h 48 Atlas at 
Grange John T, plmbr, h 282 Atlas at 
Grant Geo, blksmth, h 8 Glanville av 
Grant Jas A. Rev, pastor St Clair Baptist Church, b 

18 Kenwood av 

Grant Peter C, h 2 Grimthorpe rd 
Grant Richd H, mach, h 8 Kenwood av 
Grant Wm, cond, h 1504 Bathurst 
Grant Wm H. h 4, 9 Humewood dr 
Gravlin R B, slsmn, h 41 Pinewood rd 
Gray Chas, lab, h 23 Glanville av 
Gray Chas i, moto mech, h 46 Glanville av 
Gray Geo, btchr Harris Abattoir, h 81 Kenwood av 
Gray Jas, tile setter, h 230 Vaughan rd 
Gtay Ji, mach, h 280 Atlas av 
Gray Thos S. auto mech. li 332 Atlas av 
Greatiex Wm K, civil engnr, h 85 Atlas av 
Green Harriette T, li 19. "A Wychwond av 
Greenway Ernest J, shipper, h 1 Glanville av 
Greer John, h B 11 Pinewood rd 
Gregory Harry E, lab, h 271 Wychwood av 
Gresham Geo E, ins agt, h 19 Humewood dr 
Griffin Arthur K Rev. h 1545 Bathurst 
Griffin Stanley, concrete contr, h 218 Arlington at 
Griffith Thos E, h f 315 Lonsdale rd 
Grimley Howard J, h 7 Thelma at 
Grosskerth. h 20(> Wychwood at 
Groves Walter, decorator iifl Itaslan at 

Gunn Douglas W (Gunn's Ltd), h cor Burton rd and 

Spadina rd 

Hall Alfred, land-rape archt, h 4 Hillbrow at 
Hall Chas D. deputy supt Metropolitan Life, h 47 

Kenwood av 

Hall Elizth (wid John N), h 103 Kenwood at 
Hall Lillian, slsldy. Ivs 108 Vaughan rd 
Hall Mary, slsldy. Ivs 108 Vaughan rd 
Hall Sarah C (wid John W) , h 108 Vaughan rd 
Hall Wm, lab, h 27 Glanville at 
Hullett Renj, carp, h 313 Wychwood av 
HallmJn J Riley. sLsmn, h 26 Atlas av 
Hally Robt, bkpr T Eaton Co, h 51 Pinewod id 
Hamel Herbert J A, photo engr. h 3 Kenwood av 
Hancock J Sidney, carp, h 347 Lonsdale rd 
H:inip (!eo, wtr, h 61 Huron n 
Hann Geo, tmstr. h 354 Atlas av 
Ilargrave Wm J, h 188 Wyc.hwod at 
Harmer Robt, pres Can Finn Co, h Connaught Circle 
Harper Jas, tile sttr, h 85 Kenwood at 
Harris Geo C, prop Lonsdale Garage 335 Lonsdale rd, 

h same 

Harrison Alfred, lab,, h 16 Glanville av 
Harrison Arthur, barber, h 120 Kenwood at 
Hartison R Lytle, h B 30 Pinewood rd 
Hart. Alfred, elect, h 38 Kenwood av 
Hart Francis letter carrier, h 11 Glajiville av 
Hart Geo P, elk T Eaton Co. h 74 Pinewood rd 
Hart Wm, painter, h 36 Glanville av 
Harvey \Vm. chauff, h 31 Tay av 
Hawkins Wm, gdnr, h 43 Thelma 
Hawtrey Ralph 0, h 289 Wychwood av 
Hay Ruthven, slsmn, h w s Brunswick rd 
Head Ernest J, brklyr, h 197 Wychwood at 
Heenahan Jas J, trav, h 1 Wellwood av 
Helliwell Grant, h w s Burton rd 
Helm kay Jos, carp, h 1576 Bathurst 
Henderson H A, h 301 Rushton rd 
Henderson Jas, elk United Cigar Co, h 305 Wychwood 


Henderson John B. brklyr, h 200 Atlas at 
Henderson Robt H. h w s Westmount dr 
Hendrick Irene, Its 15 Atlas av 
Hendrick Miles, studt, Ivs 15 Atlas av 
Hendrick Wm, gdnr, h 15 Atlas av 
Henley Geo, janitor, h 315 Lonsdale rd 
Henry Chas, emp T Eaton Co, b 30 Glanville av 
Henry Irvine, driver, h 171 Wychwood at 
Henry John, Its 8 Louise 
Henry Mabel, Ivs 8 Louise 
Henry Thos, h 8 Louise 
Henwood Geo, lab, h 259 Wychwood av 
Herring Geo, silver solderer, h 50 Glanville av 
Hewett Alvin W, Its 33 Thelma at 
Hewett Henry A, lab, h 33 Thelma at 
Hewett Myrtle I, drsmkr, Its 33 Thelma av 
Hewett Vera A, opr. Ivs 33 Thelma av 
Hewines Arthur, pkr T Eaton Co, h 296 Atlas a 
Heywnrth Frank, h 10 Humewood dr 
Hickey Francis, h 287 Wychwood av 
Hickey Fredk, printer T Eaton Co, Its 174 Wychwood 


Higbee John, btchr, h 11 Atlas f> 
Higbee Wm G, btchr. h 201 Wychwood av 
Hlggins Arthur, h 24 Glantllle at 
Hlggs Arthur, paper ctr, h 160 Atlas a\ 
High St Public School, High cor Humewood dr 
Hill Geo. mach, h 115 Kenwood av 
Hill Gertrude, h Humewood dr cor Wellwood at 
Hill Henry, lab, h 1558 Bathurst 
Hill Victor R, mach, h 182 Atlas at 
Hilton Irene, Its 220 Vaughan rd 
Hilton John, tmstr, h 220 Vaughan rd 
Hilton Lillian, slsldy, Its 220 Vaughan rd 
Hilton Thos, letter carrier, h 101 Raglan av 
Hitchman Edwd F, h 253 Wychwood at 
Hitchman Mary F, opr. Its 253 Wychwood at 
Hitchman May, opr, Its 253 Wychwood av 
Hcbson Ernest, sign writer, h 131 Pinewood rd 
Hobson Boy, foremn Bell Tel Co, h 102 Raglan av 
Hodges John C, acct, h 86 Vaughan rd 
Hodgins Wm J, mach, h 24 Raglan av 
Hogarth David, tmstr, h 82 Kenwood av 
Hogfith Geo, elk, Its 196 Atlas at 
Hogarth Wm, lab. h 196 Atlas av 
Hoeg Thos, h 257 Wychwood av 
Holder Jas, painter, h 10^ Glanville av 
lloldiT Margt, opr, Ivs 10% Glanville av 
Holland Doris, Ivs 142 Vaughan rd 
Holland Kdna, slsldy, Ivs 142 Vaughan rd 
Holland Eileen, Ivs 142 Vaughan rd 
Holland Ellen (wid Albert), h 180 Atlas at 
Holland Fredk G, driver, h 142 Vaughan rd 
Holland Geo E, driver, Ivs 142 Vaughan rd 
Holmes Arthur, baker, h 184 Vaughan rd 
Holmes Ellen H (wid David G). h 11 Humewood dr 
Holmes Fred C, ins agt, Ivs 11 Humewood dr 
Holmes Thos. bldr, h 17 Hillbrow av 

Hookey Jas H, h 7S Kenwood av 

Hiinper Agnes, stenog, Ivs 170 Atlas av 

Hooper Kate, packer. Its 170 Atlas at 

Hooper Louisa (wid Henry) . h 170 Atlas av 

Hope Ernest H, brklyr, h 52 Glanville at 

Hopkins Thos, lab Dom Ship Bide Co, h 19 Kenan, d 


Horton Chas B, studt, Ivs 41 Humewood dr 
Horton Chas W, tchr, h 41 Humewood dr 
Horton John, plstr, h 13 Glanville av 
Honess Basil, painter, h 100 Kenwood at 
Honldsworth Arthur, slsmn, h 240 High 
Houle Wm, tmstr, h 509 Spadina rd 
Howat Jas, elect, h 42 Kenwood av 
Howe Chas A, elect, h 87 Raglan at 
Howland Fredk W, moto mech, h 2 Glanville at 
Howsam Saml, billiards, h 36 Kenwood at 
Hozack Martha (wid Robt), h 202 Wychwood av 
Hubbard Henry, mach, h 23 Roach av 
Hughes Cora (wid Alfred), h 170 Wychwood av 
Hughes Frank L, h a 315 Lonsdale rd 
Hughes Henry, carp, h 174 Wychwood av 
Hughes Robt E, jwlr, h 77 Pinewood rd 
Hughes Wm J, glass ctr, h 212 Wychwood av 
Hume Peter, plstr, h 235 Wychwood av 
Humphries Jos W, police, h 294 Atlas av 
Hurley Sarah (wid Wm), h 8 Thelma av 
Huron North Public Schol, 90 Huron n 
Hurrell Alfred, h 63 Huron n 
Hutchlnson Thos, stage hand Royal Alexandra Theatre, 

h 99 High 

Hutt E DeWitt. editor MacLean Pub Co, h 98 Pine- 
wood rd 

Isaac Wm J, real est 673 St Clair. h 15 Pinewood rd 
Jackson Frank, chauff, h 99 Vaughan rd 
Jackson Geo, jwlr, h 108 Pinewood rd 
Jackson Jacob, h 11 Wellwood at 
Jackson Robt F, pattern mkr, h 160 Arlington av 
Jackson Thos, h 57 Kenwood av 
Jacobs Annie, tel opr, Ivs 103 High 
Jacobs Edwd, brklyr, h 103 High 
Jacobs John, brklyr, h 141 High 
Jacobs Mary E, tel opr, Ivs 103 High 
Jessop John, emp Ford Car Co, Ivs 215 Wychwood av 
Johnson Chauncey E. mgr Can Bank of Commerce (Earls- 
court br), h 140 Raglan av 
Johnson Fredk A, h 57 Glanville av 
Johnson John, gro 170 Vaughan rd, h same 
Johnson Saml. moto, h 162 Vaughan rd 
Johnston David, boot & shoe repr, h 97 Kenwood av 
Johnston Jas. tmstr, h 34 Raglan av 
Johnston Jeremiah H, marine engnr, Ivs 1506 Bathurst 

Jones Chas E. elk CNR. h 731 Spadina rd 

Jones Chas F, janitor, n A 157 Vaughan rd 

Junes David S, carp, h 83 Pinewood rd 

Jones John, h 294 Rushton rd 

Jones Richd, trav, h 163 Pinewood rd 

Joyce Jas, carp, h 61 Glanville av 

Jury Wm S, trav, h 14 Westmount dr 

Keefer Norman G, h 303 Lonsdale rd 

Keenan Andrew, cabt mkr, h 111 Kenwood av 

Keith D Forbes Major, h s s Stratheam rd 

Keith Forbes, Ivs 33 Pinewood rd 

Keith G Alan, mfr, h 33 Pinewood rd 

Kemp Norman, elk, h 490 Rushton rd 

Kennedy John, h 107 Vaughan rd 

Keir Rnbt, slsmn, h 38 Glanville av 

Kcrr Robt, trav, h 29 Pinewood rd 

King Ernest W, carp, h 53 Glanville av 

King John, comp, h 330 Atlas at 

Knell Jos, metal turner, h 182 Vaughan rd 

Knight Duncan A. h e s Brunswick rd 

Kilsby Albert, plstr, h 40 Kenwood av 

Kirby Walter, h 44 Glanville av 

Laing Aileen, Ivs 30 Pinewood rd 

Ladng Jean C, h 30 Pinewood rd 

Laing Pansy, Ivs 30 Pinewood rd 

Laird Frank M, slsmn, h 22 Barrie av 

Lamb John J, slsmn, h 409 Rushton rd 

Landsky Louis, tool designer, h 92 High 

Langford Chas, h 314 Atlas av 

Langland Wm, plater, h 134 Kenwood av 

Langley Geo A W, box mkr, h 422 Rushton rd 

Langton Laura (wid Thos), h 105 Dunvcgan rd 

Lark Henry C, gro 176 Vaughan rd, h same 

Latimer Thos, h 20 Tay at 

Lavirflle Emile, btchr, Ivs 6 Louise 

[.avicille Emily, opr, Ivs 6 Louise 

i.aiieille Eugene, Its 6 Louise 

'le Gaston, Its 6 Louise 

:.avieille Marie (wid Edmond). h 6 Louise at 

Lavieille Peter, btchr 121 Vaughan rd, h same 

.awne John B, lab, h 117 Kenwood av 

'.awther Jas, trav. h 8 Hillbrow av 

Yarmouth John, Ivs 275 Wychwood av 

".earmuulh Robt, emp Ford Car Co, Ivs 275 Wychwood 

iver Geo, h 44 Pinewood id 


Real Estate and Finance 


Room 11O5 
Royal Bank Bldg. 
Telephone Adelaide 244 




Clover, Grasses, Grain 

Steele, Briggs' Seeds 

Phone : 

Adel. 1020 

137 KING E. 

Leaver Geo F, acct. Ivs 44 Pinewood rd 

Leaver Grace A, tvs 44 Pineivood rd 

Leaver Lloyd II. stndl, Ivs 44 Pinweood rd 

Leaver Ross I., studt, Ivs 44 Pinewood rd 

Lee Patk E. sht mil wkr, h. 64 Montelair av 

Leitch Elmer ''. carp, h 183 Wychwood av 

Lendon H, h 2 Grimthorpe rd 

Leslie Wm H. advtg writer T Eaton Co, h 25 Kenwood 


Levengston Fredk J, h 211 Raglan a? 
Lewis Fredk. shipper, h 130 Higli 
Lewis Fredk J. carp, li 92 Pinewood rd 
Lightfoot Chas H, stove ftr. h 8 Tay av 
Linklater Harold, h 109 Kenwood av 
Linklatcr Mary E (wid Chas P), h 109 Kenwood av 
Linstead Geo H, lab, h 1A Tay av 
Lippett Jas D, btchr 258 Vaughan rd, h same 
Lipsett Jas, gdnr, h 337 Lonsdale rd 
Little Elsie M, stenog, Ivs 122 Kenwood av 
Little Geo, gdnr. h 42 Thelma av 
Little Jas. h 122 Kenwood av 
Lloyd Frank, surveyor, Ivs 305 Lonsdale rd 
Lloyd Jos, surveyor, h 305 Lonsdale rd 
Long Albert W, plstr. h 9 Tay av 
Long Geo G, cabt mkr, h 279 Wychwood av 
Long John, Ivs 9 Tay av 

Lonsdale Garage, Geo C Harris prop, 335 Lonsdale rd 
Lotz Henry J. genl mgr Andrew Wilson To, h 291 

Rushton rd 

Lourey Wm, bkpr. ti 30 Huron n 
Luckhurst John, h 141 Vaughan rd 
Lugger Ellen (wid John). Ivs 47 Kenwood ar 
Lulham Geo, lab, h 53 Montclair av 
Lundy Jas, gro 119 Vaughan rd, h same 
Luxton Wm J. gro 41 Kenwood av, h same 
Lynn Harry, farp, h 180 Vaughan rd 
Lynn Percy J. otr. h 59 Kaglan av 
MacDermid Archd, butter mkr Farmers Dairy, h 51 

Pinewood rd 

MacDonald Donald, carp, h 5 Thelma ar 
Macdonald Duncan M, h e s Bathurst 
Machon Ellis R, carp, h 89 Pinewood rd 
Mackay \Vm C. h 9 Atlas av 
MacKinnon John A. tlr, h 20 Raglan av 
Mactaggart Wm A Rev, pastor Wychwood Presby Church, 

h 12 Westmount Drive 
Madgett Alex, lab, h 11 Thelma av 
Madgutt Danl. lab, h 24 Thelma a? 
Madgett Richd. driver, h 9 Thelma av 
Madill John L, insp Ocean Accident Ins Co, h 36 

Atlas av 

Madill Wm. driver, h 23 Huron n 
Magsori Wm, plstr. h 184 Atlas av 
Mahoney Richd D, h 30 Pinewood rd 
Majury Alfred, engnr, h 40 Raglan av 
Malloy Jas T, color mixer, h 181 Wychwood av 
Manning , Albert, agt, h 192 Wychwood av 
Manning Thos, ydmn, h 29 Raglan av 
Mark Arthur, stn ctr, h 186 Atlas av 
Markham Emily E (wid Thos), h 48 Kenwood av 
Marks Ernest A, tmstr, h 44 Raglan av 
Marlow Thos, chaulf, h 128 Kenwood at 
Marshall Geo F. water insp, h 218 Atlas av 
Marshall Jas, shipper, h 1518 Bathurst 
Marshall Kenrick (I. trav. h 194 Arlington av 
Martin Norman, assignee, h e s Westmount Drive 
Mason Walter, h 59 Huron n 
Mason Wm J. brklyr, h 05 Huron n 
Massie Peter, tlr, h 110 Raglan av 
Masters deo. mkt gdnr, Ii 2C8 Vaughan rd 
Matthews Arthur, die mkr, h 185 Wychwood av 
Maxwell Jas. chauir, h c 11 Pinewood rd 
May Geo H, silver engraver, h 74 Glanville av 
May Thos L. h 290 Hushton rd 
McArthur Archd, lab, h 288 Atlas av 
McArthur Hugh, moto, h 717 Spadina rd 
McBeth John J. assessor, h 05 Kenwood av 
McBride Wm J. lab. h 1570 Bathurst 
McCabe John W, mail elk, h 115 Vaughan Td 
McClay Forrest, mach, h 272 Wychwood av 
McClymont Herbert, elect engnr, li 153 Pinewood rd 
Mcfonncll Fred N, mfr, h 8 Humewood dr 
McCracken ('has S, real est, h 30 Atlas av 
Mr.Cuaig Alex P, emp CNR, h 68 Atlas av 
McDowell Jos, h 2, 9 Humewoud ilr 
McEachern IV 11 Carleton, h e s Forrest Hill rd 1 s of 

Eglinton av w 

McFarlaml ('has 0, elk. h 101 Vaughan rd 
McFarlane Arclid. wtchmkr, h 273 Wychwood av 
McCeerhie Hamilton, h ir,04 Bathurst 
McGill Allan, rmp T Kati.n Co, Ivs 102 Kenwood av 
McGill Jas D. I'haiifT. h 19IJ Wychwood av 
McGown JHS W. acet. h I! Hi RtLshton rd 
McGuiie Ninman. 1) 73 Atlas at 
Mclntyre Jas. lab, li 27 Tay av 
Mclntyre John, h 198 Vaughan rd 
MrK;ty Aniirew. chauff. h 15 Tlielma av 

McK :y Jas contr. h 45 Thelma av 

McKay Tnos, groom, h 10 Thelma av 

McKay Thos, lab, h 309 Lonsdale rd 

McKee Ales, spice grinder, h 297 Wychwood av 

McKenzie Kenneth D, barr, h 498 Rushton rd 

MrKim Joshua, elk, h 238 Wychwood av 

McKinley J Nathan, phy, h H, 315 Lonsdale rd 

McKnight Wm R. bkpr, h 61 Kenwood av 

McLachlan John R. bldr. h 23 Pinewood rd 

McLaren Kenneth B, h 62 Hillbrow av 

McLaren Peter, lab, h 9V 2 Glanville av 

Mcl.aughlin A Gordon, slsmgr, h 36 Hillbrow av 

McLean Allan E, h 78 Pinewood rd 

McLean Norman J, mgr prov dept Harris Abattoir Co, h 

95 Pinewood rd 

McLeod Gordon, elect, h 277 Wychwood av 
McMann Geo, chaufT, h 352 Lonsdale rd 
McMaster Minnie H, h 12 Pinewood rd 
McMullen Fredk, leather wkr, h 132 High 
McMullen Jas B, county constable, h 85 Vaughan rd 
McMullen Percy, presser, h 63 Kenwood av 
McNamara Elizth (wid Patk), h 224 N'atighan rd 
McXair fassie (wid Malcolm) , Ivs Capt J P Beaty 
McNeice Wm, lab, h 6 Thelma av 
McNie John, rubber wkr, h 95 Kenwood av 
McPhee Danl, h 222 Atlas av 
McWhinnie Hugh, bkpr, h 205 Wychwood av 
McWhorter Thos A, tchr, h 180 Arlington av 
Mead Wm, h 8 TAirham av 
Mear Frank, driver, h 94 Kenwood av 
Measures Chas E, plstr, h 30 Tay av 
Meddings John, plstr, h 48 Glanville ar 
Meharg Kenneth, elk Dom Bank CMcCaul & Dundas), 

h 122 Humewood dr 
Meredith Chas H, h 36 Pinewood rd 
Messer Wm F, carp, h 104 Raglan av 
Metcalfe Bessie H (wid Arthur E) , h 303 Wychwood av 
Metcalfe Wm. labeller, h 89 Kenwood av 
Mews Lucilla, h C, 155 Vaughan rd 
Middleton Horace, h 1564 Bathurst 
Middleton Horace A, Ivs 1564 Bathurst 
Midgle.y John, carp, h 4 Coulson a? 
Miller Chas, lab, h 81 Raglan av 
Miller Edgar D. h C, 315 Lonsdale rd 
Miller Henry W, h 72 Glanville av 
Milne David, lab, h 55 Montclair av 
Mockler Herbert H. h 181 Arlington av 
Moody Fredk W, bldr, h 332 Atlas av 
Moorcroft Henry H, h 245 Wychwood av 
Moore Clarence, stmfitter, h 12 Raglan av 
Moore Graham B, bldr, h 243 Wychwood av 
Moore Harry, elect, h 31 Raglan av 
Moore Henry, h 161 Wychwood av 
Moore John, paper cutter, h 4 Glanville av 
Moore John, weather stripper, h 106 Kenwood av 
Moore J H, assoc editor Canadian Machinery, h 30 

Pinewood rd 

Moore Marjorie, stenog, Ivs 4 Glanville av 
Moore Wesley G, Ivs 4 Glanville av 
Morgan Francis E, elect, Ivs 202 Vaughan rd 
Morgan J Eleek, h 202 Vaughan rd 
Morgan Morgan A, gro 138 Vaughan rd, h same 
Morrison John G, chemist Board of Health dept h 2 

Orimthorpe rd 

Mortimer Wm, lab, h 234 Atlas av 
Mortimore. Geo. auto mech, h 1512 Bathurst 
Moss F Jos, mach. h 706 Rushton rd 
Moulds Stuart W, slsmn, h 20 Kenwood av 
Moule Robt E, carp, h 500 Rushton rd 
Mowat Douglas, porter, h 31 Coulson av 
Munday Md. carp, h 1574 Bathurst 
Mtmro Florence, slsldy, h A, 155 Vaughan rd 
Mnnro Wm, lab, h A, 133 Vaughan rd 
Murphy Geo S, tool mkr, h 169 Vaughan rd 
Musselwhite Reginald, chauir, h 49 Raglan av 
Musselwhite Wm. auto mech, h 9 Kenwood av 
Myers Harry, mkt gdnr 227 Vaughan rd, h same 
Nairn Lawrenw, ivs M Grimtliorpe rd 
Niurns Sophia (wid Jas). h 14 Grimthorpe rd 
Nash Victor, h 391 Rushton rd 
.Nation J S I