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'a.rnily of WTlllr.m Tcwne of Sale^. lAn.ssp'zrvsetts 



ABr.ilEVi.VTlON-s — 4. dfinte-i hnr» : d. died; hap. bapfhcd; n. married ; dau. daiiij'hti'v 
and a + agaiiist the name of an individual, that a notice of the party t'o/Jcios. The Bo- 
man monerah opposite f/ie name of a person at the commencement of a paragraph denote 
the gen'^ration of the individual in this country, commencing with 'iVilhaai Towne of 
Anglii-American origin. -■ 

Thh name of Towne, or Toicn and Towns, as it is sometimes spelt, 
is not one of frequent occurrence. It may ]io"^-ever be found hco and 
there, generally in communities of Anglo-Saxon derivation, andtliougli 
surnames began to be used in England about the time of the Xormaa 
Conquest, and from century to century for three or four centuries 
continued to be adopted till they came into general use, this does not 
seem to ];e one that mot -ft-irh jnuch favor. The earliest exisloLce of 
it known to the writer is A.D. lilJ-, when "Wm. de la Towne, of Alvely, 
a village in tlio county of Shropshire, England, about CO mih^s S. E. 
of Shrewsljury, the capital of tiie coun(-y, was at that time en.;agcd in 
the pro.-ecution of a. suit ai law against one of the oHicers of the par- 
ish, and the following year was on a jury at Astley in the same coun- 
ty. Ihe next we hear of it, is one hundred and tliirty or fuiy j^ears 
later, in the reign of Henry IV., when upon the windows of thi^ church 
in Kennington, Kent co., impaled with that of Ellis of tli^^ same 
place, were the arms of a family by this name, being arL:,cnt, on .t, 
chevron, sable, three cross-croslets, ermine. Tliomas at To'iVmc, who 
at this time possessed much land about Cliariug, and ■'.•hi> b^ire the 
same coat of arms, married Eenedicta, onh^ daugiitcr of John Bramp- 
ton, alias Dctling, of Detling Court, and thereby iidrerited a numor in 
Throwley, where he removed and erected a seat about one fourth of a 
rnile from the church and named it " Towne Place," soon after whicli 
he died, leaving his possessions to three daughters, codiciresses, of 
whom Eleanor married Richard Lewknor of Challock, Bonnet or Eene- 
dicta married Wm. Watfon of Addington, and Elizabeth became the 
wife of Wm. Sondes, of the same parisii. Ilis estate was divided 
about A.D. 1 110, wiien Throwley was allotted to Eleanor the wife 
of Ricliard Lewknor. From the manner of tlio division it is quite 

2 T W N E . 

CTident that ha diod without leaving descendants to tiansiuit his 
name to posterity.* 

The next reference to this name known to tlie writer is in iiif 
county of Lincoln, where it has existed for more than four centaries. 
In A.D. 1459, Wm. Towne, D.D., was collated| at Stow in Lindwcy, 
in this CountyJ— and in A.D. Ii70, was appointed Aimonor to KitiiC 
Henry VI., in accordance with the following commission, the original 
of which is in Latin. 

Concerning the goods of such an commit suicide and the collection of 
iru'vgs given or forfeited to God. 

The King to all, to whom, &c. Greeting. 

Althongli we lefer to it with grief, di-ver? persons of our reaiui, 
unmindful of the salvation of their souls, laying aside the fear of God, 
consenting to diabolical instigation, frequently destroy themselves, as 
well by hanging as by the sword, by drowning or other methods. 

Whose goods and chattels, by right of Our Crown, ought to accrue 
to Our Almonry [or fund for benevolence], as the goods and chattels 
are known to do of those, who, without intenrion, by accident, may 
have unfortunately killed or caused the death of Our subjects, a.=5 
horses, carts, chariots, ships, boats, and such like, commonly culled 

Nevertheless, at the wary suggestion of .^ome of our subjects, goods 
and chattels of this kind are fraudulently withdrawn from our ;aV,re- 
said Almonry, and, as is said, are not at all applied to it,, 

We, considering the premises, have, of our special grace, granted, 
so far as in us lies, to our beloved Clerk [or clergyman] WlUiarii 
Toicne, Our Almoner, in augmentation of our Fund lor Alms, all the 
goods and chattels aforesaid, forfeited (?) by the death of person?;, 
as above, who destroy themselves ; which goods, chattels and Deod- 
ands now belong or ought to belong to Us, in any place within our 
realm of England, from the beginning of our reign to the i)resent timcj 
and for the period in which he has been Our Almoner, 

Moreover, appointing him Our Almoner to make inquiry, from time 
to time, as often as may be necessary, respecting goods, cliattels and 
Deodands of such kind as aforesaid, and to seize on, take and carry 
ofl" the same, by himself, or his deputy, or sufllcient deputies where- 
ver they may be found within our kingdom, as well within the liber- 
ties as without. 

And to distribute them, thus levied and collected, by himself for L'3 
in Alms, wherever he may think it best, 

« Harris, Husteds and Ireland's Histories of Kent, 
t Boranio tlie Cloriryman of the Pavisli. 
X ■Willis's Histop,- of C.'xthedrals. 

T W N K . 3 

Commanding- and prescribing: to all and singular the Viscount.-^, 
Mayors, Baiiitls, Coroners, Kscheators, Constables, and ail other Our 
officers and servants, as well within the liberties as without, and to 
each of them, by the tenor of these presents, that, in the cxccutiou 
of the premises, they be supporters, snperintendors, comforters, aids 
and defenders to Our aforesaid Almoner, and his said deputies, under 
the peril v/hich thrcuiteus them : 

Any statue, resumption, autliority of Parliament, or of Our Coun- 
cil, made or to be made in this behalf, or any other thing, cause or 
matter whatever to the contrary held, done, or perpetrated, notwith- 

In testimony whereof, &c. 

Witness, the King-, at Westminsfer, on the tenth day of December, 
A.D. 1470.* 

In old age he accepted an incomef from the parish, and died 
A.D. 1496. 

In 1470, John Towne, Professor of Divinity, succeeded Alex- 
ander Prowett as Precentor.1; of Lincoln, which place he resigned in 
1473 for the Prebend of Dunholme.§ John Towne of Irbj-, County of 
Lincoln, madr- his will Nov. IS, 1540. To be buried in the Church of 
St. Andrew at Irb}-. Legacies to Anno, Thomas and George Towne, 
his brother Wui. of Ivby being principal heir and executor. This will 
was proved Juno 1, 1541. John Towne of Ludborough, Cou.ity of 
Lincoln, executed his will under date of Jan. 24, 1G3T — sons Leonard, 
John, and Williani, and brother Richard Towne. ]| 

Richard Towne of Braceby, in the same County, m. Ann 

and had children as follows : Richard, who died in 1617, leaving wife 
Alice, son Leonard, and dan. Ilellen not twenty-one years of age ; 
Edward, who had children in 1630 ; Elizabeth, who m. ■ — -^— Phil- 
lips ; Ilellen, who m. Oxman ; Prudence, who m. ■ 

Walton ; Ann, who m. Armestone ; Katherine, bap. Oct. 14, 

1599 ; Mary, bap. April 15, 1601 ; William, bap. May 21, IGOo ; and 

* Rymcr's FcpJora, vol. xi. pp. 66S-9. 

t His income was £6 I3s. -id. per annum, and he was buried in Kings College Chape: 
with this epitaph : 

Hie Jacet Ma^ister 
Will. Towne Doctor in Tlieoloijia quondam 
Socius hujus cuUiixii qui oliilt 11 die 
Mcusis Marti anno Ineamationis 
Dominice MCCCCXCVI. 

J The leader of the Choir in a Cathedral — called also the Chanter or Master of the Choir. 
{ Willis's History of C\nthedral3. 
II Lincoln County Wills. 
H Ibid. 

* T W N E . 

The followin.q: is a copy of t!io ^v•il] of Iiis widow, datoil the tenth 
day of Dec, IGi'?, and proved on the tenth du,y of May, 1C30. As it 
quite fidly enimieratcs tlie household articles then in use in one of the 
better class of Eng-lirih ilunilios, thereby furin'shing' an index to their 
manner of life at that period, it is deemed worthy of preservation. 

In the name of God. Amen I, Ann Towue, of 13raceliie in y" 
Countie of Lincoln, widdowe. ;~)cke in bodyc but whole Sc p'foete of 
mind &, memorye thanks bf-e uuto God, doe make this my last will 
& Testara' in mann'"' and fn-mo followynge. farst I comitt mysolfe 
to the mercy of Alrai,ditie g-od, my Creato'', redemer cl: sa- 
vicure, in tt by whome I liuope for resurrection to cternall life, &; 
my bodye to be b'ljiicd in ye uieane time in y'' Chapcll of Bracebie 
aforesaid. Ite"\ I g-ive to y'' poore of Bracebie fyve siiilling-s. Ite'". 
I give to my sonne Edward Towne, one silver salte pcell gilte, one 
poece of g-old of xj% one pe of lyning-e sheets. Ite'". I give to my daugh- 
ter Elisabeth Fhiilip xx*. 6r, one linaing-e bordcloth. Ite'". I give to 
my daua;htcr Bollen Oxmrin, one linninge bordclotli & xx'. to buye her 
afeathe"^ bead ticke & one licrtle. Ite'". I give to my dangiitcr Pru- 
dence Walton, xx". & one linninge bordcloth. Ite'". I give to my 
daughter Ann Irmsione, xx". the best Coveringe but one, one sheete 
w'" a black seameinge, one longe bordcloth, i:wo pillowe brares of y" 
same, one pe. of harden sheets, one pe. curtens. Ite™. I give my 
daughter Kathen'ne Towne, one bedstead w"^ featherbed Sc matris, 
one tarlinge boulster, one tycke boulstsr, two fustiue pillowes, one 
pe. of blancketts w'" broad yellowe lists, two Coverings, one blacke & 
yellowe, y*^ oth'' the Ijest, one pe. curfins of my own makinge, 
oue lyuen bordcloth, one fla\ harden bordcloth, one brended Cov.-e, 
three jjc. henipen sheets, three pe. Lynea sheets, oiie ^h.ert v.-"* a 
seamingc of my owne makinge, twoe pillowe beares of y*-' same, halfe a 
dozen of hemp midlaie napkins, one litle putr dishe, one brassc pann, 
one charger, halfe a dozen of pewter spoones, one lynen towell and xx'. 
in monye. Ite™. I give to my daughter Mary Towne, one matteress, 
one ticke boulster, one bedstead, twoe tariliiige pillowes, twoe cover- 
ings, one blacke & white, the oth'' white, one pe. tartlinge blancketts, 
two pe. of hempen sheets, one pe. Lynen sheets, one pe. harden sheets, 
oue Lynen towell, halfe a dozeu napkins, one pyde Cowe, one Ciiargcr, 
one litle pewter dishe, one sauser, one brasse pott and xx*. in money. 
Ite™. I give to my daughter Margery Towne, one silke apron. Ite"'. 
I give to my grand child Ellen Towne, one ewe. Ite™. I give to every 
godchild xij''. Ite™. I give to every grandchild ij^ v/. Ite™. I give 
to my grandchild Katheren Piiillip one pe. hempen sheets. Ite'". I 
give to my sonne Edward's children Twoe sheepe. Ite'". I give to 
my daughter Elizabeth her children Twoe sheepe. Ite'". I give to my 
daughter Ellen her children Twoe sheepe. Ite'". I give to my daughter 

T W N" E . 5 

PrudencG lior chiMron Twoe shccpo. Ite'". I p:ive to my sisfer Ellcr. 
Parker, one siikc douMet. lU'"'. 1 f;ivo to my graiidciii'id Lcouai'l 
Tou'uo, 0!io ch'-stc staii'liiig at y" bodds lec^c in the cliambor. Itf''\ 
I give to llichaid Chapman ij'. vj'^. All t!ie rest of my goods cc chat- 
ties, my dol.'ts it legacies boingc payde, my fiinerall & tcstamt ex- 
pences discliaigcd. I gi^o tiieni to my sonne Will"' To'.viie, my soiine 
whomo I -.Tiakc it ordayiio full executo' of this my last will Sc tes- 
tam". In ^vitaoss -wlieicof I have hereunto sett my hand the xth 
daye of Decemb'', 1G20. 

Redd, published & delivered as my will in the presence of Kathe- 
rino Towne, Afarye Townc. 

The earliest wc find the name iii this country is 1C35, when Wm. 
Towne was an inhabitant of Cambridge. On the 18th of the '2(1 month, 
[April] 16oT, ho appeared before the General Court and took the re- 
quisite oath to become a freeman or voter. 

The following is a copy of the oath as then administered, and in- 
dicates the importance our fathers attached to the right of suflrago, 
and the care and vigilance used to preserve, protect and perpetuate 
the government they had so recently established. 

" I being, by Gods providence, an inhabitaiU Sz ffreeman 

within the jurisdiccon of this common^'eale, doe freely acknowledge 
my selfe to be subject to the governm' therenf, & therelore doe hcere 
sweare, by the greatc & drcadfull name of the euerlyveing God, that 
I wilbo true iC faithful to the same I'v.. will accordingly yeilde as- 
sistance & support thcrcvnto, with my pson il' estate as in ei:juity 
I am bound, A: will also truely indeav'' to maiuetaine & preserue 
all the libertyes & previlidges thereof, stibmitting my sclfe to the 
wholesome lawes & orders made Sc established by the same; and 
furth', that I will notplott nor practise any e\ iU against it, nor consent 
to any that shall soe doe, but will timely discover <to reveale the same 
tolawfull aucthority nowe here established, for the speedy preventing 
thereof. Moreouer, I doe solemnely bynde m;/ myselfe in the sight of 
God, that when I slialbe called to giue my voice touching* any such 
matter of this state, wherein tiVeemon are to dcale, I will giue my vote 
& suffrage, as I shall iudge in myne owne conscience may best con- 
duce & tend to the publique weale of the bodj', without respect of 
psons or fav'' of any man. Soe helpe mee God, in the Lord Jesus 

ITe was Town Clerk in 1639, purchased land at Cambridge in 1053, 
of David Stone and Thomas Danforth, and in 1G55 of Edmund Gofle, 
was tythingman in IGSO, and died April i!0, 1GS5, aged 80 j^ears. 
Amount of his Estate, XI IS 13s. 6d. The name of his wife was 
Martha, and she died in Jan., IGT 1. Their children were : Peter, boru 

b TO WNE. 

in England about the bcginnin;:^ nf the year 16^3 : and Mary, born r.t 
Cambridge in 1037. Tcter married, firrft, Joauna ; second, K!izalH;th, 
who was living and was of Braintroe in n2i. lie was Adn"iiHistvi.tor 
of the Estate of liis fatlier, and from its settlement appears to have been 
an only son ; was a constable at Cambridge, in ICGS, 'TG, '90, 'PI 
and '"O-i,, selectman in 1G9,). an'l died Nov. '2, ITOo, aged 72 ys. J(> 
mos. His name maj" be i'onnd npon a Tomb.stone at Cambridj,^o, with 
the inscription partially obliterated. The foUowin.c; is a copy of iiis 
Will,* and the final settlement of his estate indicates that he left no 
one to transmit his name to posterity, and that with the death of his 
widow th.e name became extinct so far as it relates to this I'aniily at 

In y*^ name of God. Amen. I, Peter Town, of Cambridg in New 
England, being Weak in Bodj', but of sound mind, do make this my 
last Will and Testam'. Impr. I com'nd my Soul to y-' mercy of God 
in Jesus Christ, and my body to y'= Grave decently to be buryed with- 
out profuseness according to y" discretion of those Avhom 1 shall con- 
stitute y" Overseers of this my Last Will and Testam' ; aTid as to my 
Temporall Estat' my Will is that it bo thus disposed of: First of all, 
I Will and bequeath to my Dear Wife the whole of ray Real Estate, 
to bo quietly enjoyed and possessed by her so Long as she shall con. 
tinuc my Widow. It. I will and bequeath to my dear Wife, the sum 
of one hundred pounds money, to be disposed of by her as she shall 
see meet. Item. I will an^l bequeath to my Dear Wife, my silver 
Cnps, my beds and bedding, all my Fewter and brass, ami all my 
other household stufl' to her and her heirs forever. Item. I will and 
bequeath to my Dear Wife y" three Gold Rings as also y*" ilirce poniid j 
odd money mainly French money, W'' is in a small purse, to her and 
lier heirs forever. Item. I Will and bequeath to mj' Brother Samuel 
Pain, of Brantrey, y''sum of three pounds ininiey to be paid w"'in six 
months after my decease. Iteni. ]My Will is with respect to my Xegro 
Servants, That Mingo shall liave liis freedom when he gains his hcaltli 
as soon as lie pleases, and y' intlic mean tim'' ho be carefnlly bjok'd 
after and nraintained out of my estate : Tliat Charles sliail faithfidly 
Serve my Wife y" full term of four years after ray deceas", and that tlieu 
he have his Freedom : Only in cas'' my Wife marryes before y" Torrn 
of four years be expired, then Charles upon her marriage have his 
freedom : That Fidelia live w"' my Wife and serve her faithfully y" 
space of seven years after my decease, and in case mj'' wife coniinue 
my Widow three years more than thes*" seven years and need Fidelia's 
help, then Fidelia shall Live three j'ears longer with mj' wife and then 
have lier freedom ; And if my Wife dyes before Fidelia comes to y" 
age of twenty years, tlien my will is that Fidelia shall be put into 

* Inventory of liis estate, £787. Hs. 

T W N E . 7 

Bome sober Religious family at y'^ discretion and according to the 
direction of rny Overseers, to live there as a servant till she corne to 
be tv/enty years (/id, and Fidelia to have y' benefit and advantage of 
w' should be allowed her for her service in y' said time, then to have 
her Freedom. Item. ]\Iy Will is, that as my servants come to have 
their freedom Tliey shall cacli luxve tea pounds money paid them by 
my Executrix : And if eithei dyes before y" time of their freedom their 
Legacye to go to y" surviving, and bi.' equally divided among y"'. 
Item. My Will is, That when my wife dy''s or ceases to be my Widow, 
Then the whole of my Real Estate shall be divided among my five lirst 
cousins living at Bridgewatcr, viz. : my cousin John Howard, my cou- 
sin Nathaniel Iloward, my cousin Joseph Howard, my cousin Elisha 
Howard, and ni}' cousin Mary Mitchell, to be unto theui and their 
heirs forever. Provided, however, aiid it is my Will, tiuit in case my 
cousin Joseph Howard will give to Stephen his Negro servant his 
freedom, wheji he comes to be six and t^'.-enty years old, then he shall 
have twent}^ pounds more of this my Real Estate when it comes to be 
Divided, than my other cousins, and that otherwise he shall have no 
interest therein. Item. My Will is, that my once negro servant 
Jane, who lives at Boston, shall have 3'^ sum of five pounds paid her 
w'''iu six months after my decease : Also, I will and bequeath to my 
wife's mother (Hannah Vrillbur) the sum of three pounds money, to 
be paid in three months after my deceas' : — And if so much of my 
estate shall after all this remain undisposed of by mo my Will is. that 
thirty pounds shall be paid to y-' easing of y' poorer sort of people in 
Cambridg.;;, y' shall be rated to y"^ building a new mooting house at 
y" discretion and ordering of my Overseers, Deacon Hastings and 
Sam'l Cooper being joyned w"^ them ; Provided and it being still my 
Will, y' the Town w"'in y"" space of throe months after my decease do 
meet and by a Publick Vote agree upon y' new building io be begun, 
and sot about forthwith, as also y' they do not put my Dear Wlic or 
any part of her estate into y'' Rate for the said building when they 
come to make the rate : Otherwise, Avliat I have Willed wiih respect 
to the New Meeting house shall be altogether Void and insigniticant. 
And as to w' shall yet remain undisposed of by mo, I will and be- 
queath y*^ Improvement and use of it to my Dear Wife so long as slie 
shall continue my Widow, to be improved by her for her comfort and 
support, It being provided y' she does not run y^ hazzard of loosing 
y^ money by letting it to one person or another, and at her deatii 
or marriage w' remains shall be equally disposed of and divided 
among my five cousins aforementioned. Ite. My Will is, that my 
loving and trusty friends Nath' Hancock, sen., Solomon Prentiss, sen., 
and Nicholas Fossendcn, sen., be y" Overseers of y' my Last Will and 

8 TO WN E . 

Testament, (iv.d that they bo each allowed y'' sum of T'.venty shillings 
money. Finally I do constitute and appoint my Dear Wife y' sole 
execntrix of this my Will. 

In Witness to all wch I hereby ."^ct my hand and seal this Twenty- 
eighth day of IMay, in y" year of Our Lord On" Thousand Seven hun- 
dred and five. A me;norandum before signing. That it is my desire 
y' my Dear Wife do let Mr. Nicholas Fessenden, School ninstcr, have 
five pounds as a token of iny respect to him, unless rny v/ife shall 
want it for her own comibrt — she to be judge. Peter Town' [l.s.] 

Signed, eealed and i)ubUshed in presence of William Brattle, Nath'i 
Hancock, sen., Owen AVarlaiid. 

Wc aov.' come to William Towxe, the Anglo-American pirogenitor 
of descendants who have settled in a majority of the States of the 
American Union. Of his Ijirth-place or parentage wo know nothing 
positively, though he may have come from the County of Lincoln in 
England, and may have been tlie son of Richard and Ann Tovrne, of 

The earliest positive information we have relative to him is at Yar- 
mouth, Xorfilk Co., a city of considerable maritime importance, situa- 
ted on the coast of England, one hundred and eiglit miles in 
a direct line, and 120 miles by railroad northeast of London. 

The origin and early history of this place, like many others in the 
British Kingdom, is quite obscure. The lionians, in the first century 
of the Christian Era. had a frontier military post"*-' near here, v.n\ later 
it was called Cerdick's sand, or Cerdick's shore, deriving its imrne from 
Cerdick, a warlike Saxon, who, A.l). JOG, with his son Cenrick, and a 
fleet of five ships, invaded the country at this point, entered the 
mouth of the river Yare, fought a battle, put the Britons to llight, 
and founded a colony. It being a low marshy neighborhood, the 
location proved nnhealthj', the settlement was finally abandoned, and 
the colony took up their residence with the West Saxons. f Uenry 

* Tlic foitificntion is aViout thrc(; miles west of tlie city, and was erected liy Puhlitis Osto- 
rius alioiit the middle of the fii>t cciiniry. This noble iiioiuiment cf Koinan Ait, the 
most con.-ideralile, and perhaps the most ])ei-fect to he fonnd in Britain, is bni'.t upon the 
brow of the hills whieh skirt the eastern hank of the river 'Wavcney at its confluence with 
the Yarc. Quadrilateral in its fonn, it makes an almo-t repnlar paralleloitrani, its lcrf;tU being 
640 feet and its brcadtli 370 feet, the space within the walls oi the eamp comprising ncarl/ 
six ncres. The walls are about 10 feet in heii,'ht, about 9 feet in thickness, and arc construct- 
ed of rublile masonry, faced with flint, interlaced in regular courses of about 21 inches ly 
three layers of tiles or bricks about 2 inches apart. Tlie bricks aic red, of a fine close texture, 
nnd as they lay in the wall a surface is exposed 1.^ by 9 inches, and so solid and enduring is 
the masonry that the writer found it ditlicult, without the aid of tools, to procure on the 
premises a piece of the flint and brick an inch square, as a sample of the n'aterial of whieh 
the wall was built, and a memento of a visit to this inteiesting locality. 
t Blomcfield and Parkin's History of Norfolk, and SwimUn's History of Yarmouth. 


Mausliip, Sen,, a mcrcluipt in IGGO, tho reputed author of a very relia- 
ble and carerully prepared inanuscript history of liic phice, who telis 
us he was here " brodd and borne," thus speaks of its oric^in. " First 
of the Antiquitye of the Towne and Burroug-he of Greate Ycrmonlhe. 
The verye seatc of that Towno, that ys to saye, the ph^ce and 
grounde whereuppon the Tovv'nc is buyhhjd, and iiowe dothe stand, 
was percell of a greate sando lyinge within the mayno sea, at the 
mouthe of the fludd or ryver called Iliorus, beinge contyuuallyo under 
water and overfiowii withe the sea, of which ryver the name of tlie 
same Towne was derived when it was firste named, vidz. ITierniouth, or 
otherwise without aspiration it was called Yermouth. And the tyme 
that y' was a sand in the sea was when Kynge Canutus reigned in 
Englande and longe before, whiche was aboute theyere of our Savior 
Jesus Christe, his Incarnacion, One Thousvand, as by auncycnte 
recordcs thereof y' doetli appeare." 

He further says, that " In the tyme of the Keigne of Kinge Edwarde 
the Confessor, the saide sand beganne to growe into sight at the lowe 
water, and in the tymes of the Keygnos of Kinge Harrokle and Kinge 
William y° Conquerror, the saide sande did growe to be drye, and was 
not overllowen by the Sea, but waxed in heighte, and also in great- 
ness, in so muche as greate store of people of tho Counties of Norfl'. 
and Sutlblke didresorte thither, and did pitche Tabernacles and Boothes 
for the entertaynonge of such Seafaringe men and Fishermen and Aler- 
chants as wold resorte unto that place, either to sell their I leninges,* 
fish and other comodotics, and for providoiige suche things as th.ose 
Seamen did neede and wante. Thn which things caused greate store 
of Seafaringe men to resorte thitlier; but especiallie the Fishermen 
of this Laud ; as also greate nombers of the Fishermen of Fraunce, 
Flaunders, and of Holland, Zealande, and all the lowe Couutryed. 
And in the tyme of the Rcigne of Kinge William Eufus, Kingo 
of this Piealmo, one Herbertus, Bishopp of the see of Nor\\'ich,"j' per- 
ceyveuge greate resorte and concourse of people to be daylie and 
yerelie uppon the said Sande, and intcndinge to provide for there 
sowles hcalthe, did foundo and buylde uppon the said Sande a certen 
Chappell for the devotion of tho people resorting thither, and therein 
did place a Chappelayne of his owne to say and read divine service." 

* Celcliniti'J at the piw^i-iit time for its HoiTincr Fisheries, tlierc having licen exported to 
Foreign Ports from Yarmoutli, ill isr.n, 51.r,S4 bbis. ; in ISGl, 3.5,819 blils.; 1S(;2, ■^+,736 
libls. ; 18G3, -lt,317 l>lils. ; and in IsG!-, oS,o22 ; in addiiion to which, large quantities are 
forwarded to Litiidon by rail for e\|iortation from tliat port. 

t Herbert de Lossing, Bishop in' Xonvicli, eaiiie from Xonnandy mth William Rufus, 
and fur his skill in ailulation, says William of Malinesbnry, ■\v;is surnained the flatterer. 
He was eited before Pope Pascal II. at Rome in 101)3. for simoniacal practices, and according 
to the Sa.ron C/ironicle, was dciaivcil of Ins pastoral stalf in ll)9t ; liiit this rc-^ton'd on 
his undertaking to employ hU wcalili in the building of churches ; in fulfilincut of whicli, 
the one under consideration was founded. lie was a man of great learning and eloquence, 
■was at one [icriod Lord Chancellor of Kuglaud, died in llli.', and \vas buried iu the Cathe- 
dral at Norwich. 



In this cliiirrli, fountlod in A.D. 1123, dedicated to St.. Nidiolns ia 
1261,* and still retaining tiic name, \^-eie married, March 25, 1020^ 

Chukcii of St. Nicholas. 

* The cxtvcnio length of this stiiictiire is -2.10 fnt, its ^Tciitc-t width 1.51 feif. Tlie 
lot, upon which the cluivcli stands, (■(mt;iiiis ii]. wards of ciulit aeit's, and tiie r.Titer norirni 
the followin;,' New ]",ni;l.ind names imuu t!u' ronili-toues, vi/. : liailev, Ihii^L^s, Bowles, 
Cobb, Clai-l;o, Collins, Carr, Uaws.m, Fdli-, Edward-, Fi-ke, Fowler, Forster, Fuller, 
Francis, Giles, Grav, Godd.ird, H.-ut, Hevl'ert, ,h)hn,-^on, Kenip, Lowe, Lawrence, Lee, 
Mar^ton, Mav.-liall, Mn,,io, Ma.-on, Nichols, IVarson, riuninicr, Pcaree, Keed, Head, .Slie|iard, 
Symonds, Sinijison, Seaniaus, Slireve, Tliorntiin, Tlionii.r-on, AVri.-iit, Wales and Wil.-on ; 
also the name of Matthew Chainiiion, wlio died Oct. S, 17i);i, aged 111 years; and the Ibl- 
lowius sugt'i^stivo inseriplion upon the tonibstono of a m;uiner : 
" Tliis life's ii voyairc, the wovid'a a sea, 
Will re men are sinui_'tly teis'O iilmut, 
Heaven's our P'.rt, ?tei.r dii.u that way ; 
There thou sball auclior safe, no iluubt." 

TOWNE. 11 

William Towno n.nd Joanna BleR=^inp;', and hore their six first chiMrcD. 
were baptiz(>(l. Tiie next ^70 hear of this family is at Salem, Essex 
Oounty,. M^.ssaclrii:ctts, where in tlie book of early grants appears the 
following- : " 11. 8 mo., 1610, Granted to Wni. Towne, a little neck of 
Land right over igaiust his Louse on the other side of the river." lie 
is also referred to in the Court Records of the same year thus : " 11"^ 
Qt., last cf 4"^ mo. and 1. 5'" mo. IGIO. Wm. Towne pi. agt. Jn" Cook 
dof. in act. of debt, Jury find for i)l. some to be deputed to measure 
John Cook's land and what is remaining to make up Goodman Town's 
land and if it be fl.y ve acres to pay Towne ffyvc marks and w' is want- 
ing of ilyve acres to abate I'Ss. 'id. p. acre : And costs 4s.: 0." Wm. 
Towne's residence was in that part of Salem known as the " ISiortii- 
fields," and he remained at this place till 1651, the year following the 
incorporation of the town of Topsfield, when he purchased a tract of 
land in the latter place of Wm. Paine, of Ipswich, " containing forty 
acres of ground or thereabouts, whereof six acres is by the seliar 
v>'hich Wm. Howard of Topsfield built, and about thirty-two acres 
joining up to the sayd six acrc-^ eastward of it, part of which is plow 
ground, a.nother part is meadJow, another part is upland unplowcd, all 
lying together, having the meadow and the plow ground of the said 
Wm. Howard towards the cast and the ground of Walter Eoper 
towards the North and a Sertaine lliver towards the South or Sotith 
West. Also a little piece of mcddow of about two acres lying on the 
South side of the river directly against the plains of the said Wm. 
Uoward, having y' grounds of the said Wm. Howard towards y"-' East 
and the said River towards 3'" North and upland towards the 

In 1G52, he sold his property in Salem to Harry Bullock, in 1656 
purchased additional land in Topsfield, and in 1(103. " in consideration 
of natural aflection and the contemplated marriage of their souti Jo- 
seph Towne, Avith PLebe Perkins, the dan. of Thomas Perkins," he and 
his wife conveyed to their said sun Joseph, two-thirds "of the home 
wherein they then did dwell, with Barne, out houses, yard, gardens, 
orchards, lying situate and being in Topsfield, together with a parcel 
of broken upland by the meddow side, only a cartway reserved bctvv-eea 
the said land and the meadow towards the South, and the land of 
Jacob Towne towards the East, and the land of Jacob Towne and 
Edmund Towne towards the North, and the lands of Isaac Estie 
towards the West — also another parcell of land broke up and uTibro- 
ken, containing by estimation thirty acres, bounded by the way 
towards the South-East and North-East, and a way also towards the 
South-Wcst ; the land of Zachcus Gould and Edmund Towne towards 
the North-West, and the land of Edmund Towne and Isaac Estie 

12 TOWNE. 

towards tlic North. Also, a parcel! of mcrUlow lyirg on tho Nortrs 
side of tlio river, having the river for the bounds to^vards Ihe Scith, 
a highway towards the AVcst, and a v.t.j' towards the Nortli, and uicd- 
dow of Jacob Towne towards the East, containing by ostinnation foar- 
teen acres." 

All these conveyances being made with the desire that their eaid 
son Joseph should have the first refusal of the remaining third when 
the same should be for sale. He died about 1012, and from the final 
eettlement of the estate of his widow, she seems to have survived 
him about ten years. Their children, baptized at Yarmouth, were : 

1. Rebecca,* Feb. 21, 1621 ; m. Francis Nurse. 

2. John, Feb. 16, 102-3. 

3. Susanna, Oct. 20, 1625. 
-|-4. Fdnumd, Juno 2S, 1628. 
4-5. Jacob, March 11, 16S2. 

6. Mary,* Aug. 2-1, lOoi ; n. Isaac Esty. 

And baptized at Salem : 

I. Saiah,* m.lst, Jan. 11, 1060, Edward Bridges ; 2d, Feter Cloyes. 
-}-8. Joseph, b. about 1639. f 

Second Geneeation. 

II. Edmund Towne, eldest son of William and Joanna Towne, was 
baptij-.ed at Yarmouth, Norfolk Co., PJngland, June 28, 1628; ni. 
Wary, dau. of Thomas P)rowning; v/as a member of a conjuiittec from 
the town of Top.sficld, who, in 1675, presented a petition to the Gen- 
eral Court for leave to form military companies to protect the inliabi- 
tants from the Indians while at work, and d. betv.-een tlio date of the 
presentation of the petition and INiay 3, 1678, the date of the inven- 
tory of his estate. The will of his widow is dated Feb. 1, 1710, and 
in it she is said to be aged. It was proved Dec. 10, 1717. Joseph 
was named as administrator, but he d. before his mother, and Tliomas 
and William were appointed. 

« These sibtcrs suffered tciTilil)' durinp the AVitilicr;ift delusion at Salem in lG92-~lie'icr- 
ca and Mary being executed, and Sarali barely cseaiiinp with iicr lift. Kote A, api^endix, at 
the cud of the volume. 

t At a County Court lield at Salem in 16G0, in the case of Henry Baitholomcw plaintilT, 
Jacob To-n-nc defendant ; William, Edmund and Joseph Towne were witnesses, and in their 
evidence William stated tliat he was three score years old, Edmund that he was thirty-one 
years of age, and Joseph that he was about one and twenty ; and in the case of Norman vp. 
Ornc, at Ipswich, in 168.5. Jacol) Towne, Sen., aged aliout .54 years, tcstilieth and saith that 
he lived in Salem in the North fields, that he was there an inhabitant near twelve years, and 
that he had been absent from tlierc tliis four and tiiirty years. 









b. April 


165T ; 1 


b. .Alarch 




b. ;-opt. 




b. Aug. 


1664 ; ij 


b. May 




b. Feb. 


1668 ; I 


b. Nov. 


1669 ; I 

Dec. Ill 

', WXi. 


b. Feb. 






11. Sarah. b. April 26, 165T ; m. • PritcheU. 

14. Abip-ail, b. Aug. 6,1664; m. Jacob Pcabody, Jan. 12, 16S6. 

16. Rebecca, b. Feb. 2, 1668 ; in. Knig'}! 

n. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1669 ; in. Thomas Wilkins, of Salem, 



II. Jacob Towne, son of William and Joanna Towne, was baptized 
at Yarmouth, Norfolk Co., England, March 11, 1632, resided at Salem, 
Essex Co., Mass., in the " North Fields," with his father about twelve 
years ; m., June 26, 1657, Catharine, dau. of John Symoiid?:, of Salens ; 
made his will at Tojjsfield, Nov. 2-4, 1704, and d. the third day follow- 
ing, aged about 73 years. His will was proved Jan. 1, 1704-5, sou 
John, executor. 

Children : 

4-19. John, b. April 2, 1658. 

-|-20. Jacob. b. Feb. 13, 1660. 

21. Cath;irine, b. Feb. 25, 1662 ; m. Elisha Perkins, Feb. 23, 16S0. 

22. Deliverance,), . ■■ Trri ( m. John Stiles. 

23. Ruth, '|b. Aug. ^,1604; | 

24. Edmund, b. July 21, 1666. 

II. JosEFiT TowxE, youngest son of \\''illiam and Joanna Toivno, was 
b. about 1639, and in. Phebe, dau. of Dea. Thomas Perkins, of Topi=- 
field. lie accompanied his father in his removal from Salem to Tops- 
field ; was made a freeman, March 22, 1690 ; was a member of tho 
church at the latter place, and d. 1713, aged 74 years. 

Children : 

25. Phebe, b. May 4, 1666. 

26. Joanna, b. Jan. 22, 166S ; m. Thomas Nichols, Dec. 15, 1694. 

27. Mary, b. March 27, 1670. 

28. Susannah, b. Dee. 24, 1671. 
+29. Joseph, b. March 22, 1673. 

30. Sarah, b. Dec. 30, 1675. 

+31. John, b. Feb. 20, 167S. 

32. Martha, b. May 19, 1680. 

14 TOWNE. 

Third Generation'. 
III. Thomas Towne, sou of EdmuiiJ aiul Mury (Browning-) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield in 1655, and Marcli 17, 1GS5, rn. Saiah French. 
He was iu Captain Lothrop's company at Hatfield, Aug. 12, 16t5, 
and may have been one of the -very few of that company, numbering 
eighty-eight men, who escaped fiom the fatal encounter with the Indians 
on the memorable eighteenth of September following, at the battle of 
Bloody Brook. He was at this time about twenty years of age, and an 
historian of that period remarks, that " the company was made up of 
young men, the flower of Essex County, who were not afraid to speak 
to the enemy within the gate."* lie d. in the early part of 1120, aged 
65 years. Ilis sons Edmund and Thomas were his executors. 

Children : 

+33. Edmund, b. Jan. 28, 1686. 

34. Experience, bap. Juno 24, 16^3. 

35. Thomas, bap. Oct. IS, 1091. 

36. Sarah, b. May 8, 1694. 

37. Edna, b. Dec. 23, 1096. 
-f38. Richard, b. July 10, 1700. 

39. Mercy, b. July 7, 1703. ■ 

III. WiLi.iAM TowxE, son of Edmund and i\[ary (Browning) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, March 13, 1059 ; m., 1st, Eliza, who became the 
mother of several children, all of whom d. in infancy ; 2d, Aug. 22, 
1694, Margaret, widow of John Willard, he having been executed 
at Salem about two years previous, during the witchcraft delusion. 

Children : 

40. Mary, b. July 3, 1695. 

41. Will'iam, b. Nov. 22, 1097 ; d. Dec. 23, 1G97, aged 31 days. 

42. William, b. Feb. 25, 1699. 
-j-43. Isaac, b. April 10, 1701. 

44. Ichabod, b. Feb. IS, 1703. 
+45. Jeremiah, b. Jlay 27, 1705. 

46. Deborah, b. Aug. 16, 1707 : m. J. Kenny, of Topsfield, May 

1, 1.729. 

47. Mercy, b. Sept. 19, 1709; m. John Towne, Jr., April 22, 1729. 

48. Kcziah, b. Feb. 9, 1715; m. Kobert Fitz, of Sutton, Nov. 

9, 1739. 

III. Joseph To-U'NE, sou of Edmund and Mary (Browning) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, Sept. 2, 1661 ; m. Amy, dau. of Robert Smitli, Aug. 

* Hubbard's Indian "Wars. 

TOWNE. 15 

10, 1687, and d. in ITH, acjcd 56 years. She was b. Aug. 16, 1GG8, 
and d. Feb. 22, 1756, aged 87 years. 

Children : 

+49. Benjamin, b. May 10, 1691. 18y38l.2 

--50. Nathan, b. 1693. 

--51. Daniel, b. Aug. 22, 1695. 

--52. Jesse, b. Dec. 5, 1697. 

--53. Nathaniel, b. June 1, 1700. 

54. Amy, b. Feb. 3, 1701. 

-f-55. Amos, b. July 2,1709. 

III. Samuel Towne, son of Edmund and Mary (F.rovruing) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, Feb. 11, 1673 ; m. Elizabeth Knight, Oct. 20, 
1696, and d. in 1714, aged 41 years. 

Children : 

56. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1, 1607. 

57. Rebecca, b. Feb. 8, 1700. 
4-58. Samuel, b. July 5,1702. 
-|-59. Philip, b. June 22, 1707. 

III. Jonx TowN'E,* son of Jacob and Catherine (Symonds) Townn, 
was b. at Topsfield, April 2, 1658, and Feb. 2, 1680, m. Mary Smith.- 
lie was an efficient man in town affairs at Topsfield, and administered 
upon the estate of his father tlicre in 1 704. Framingham was incorporat- 
ed in 1700, and at tlie first town meeting, holdeu on the fifth of August, 
of that year, ho was chosen Selectman, and several subsequent years 
was elected to the same office. He resided at Framingham till 1712, 
when ho removed to Oxford, where he and his sons Israel and Lpliraim 
were proprietors. At tlie first town meeting holdeu there, on the 22d 
of July, 1713, ho was chosen Town Clerk and Selectman, and continued 
to enjoy the confidence of his fellow townsmen for many years, lie 
was one of four persons who met at an early period to deliberate upon 
the matter of the formation of a churcli, and at its organization, Jan. 
21, 1721, was chosen deacon, which office he held to the close of his 
life, and was then succeeded by his son Jonathan. • Ills estate was 
administered upon in 1740. f 

Children : 
60: Mary, b. June 23, 1681. 
61. John, b. Nov. 25, 16S2 ; d. Sept. 29, 1683. 

-}-62. Israel, b. Nov. IS, 1684. 

* The first of tliis fuiiily, in tliis country, wlio spelt liis name Town, omittiiii; tlio c. 
t Topsfield Town Rceords. E>sex rrulmte Keconls. I?.iny's His. of Fniiniiiilinm. 
Barber's His. Col. of Mass. Oxford Town aiul Chiux'li Records. ^Vorccstc^ TruLiate Reeorda. 

16 TOWNE. 

m. Simon Mcllen. 






1686 ; 






, b. 


























III. Jacob Towne, son of Jacob and Catherine (Symonds) Towne, 
was b. at Topsficld, Feb. 13, 1660, and Juno 24, 16S4, ra. Phebe, dau. 
of Robert Smith. She was b. Auj. 26, 1661, and d. Jan. U, 1740, 
aged 79 years. He was admitted to the church Sept. 1, 1717, and d. 
Oct. A, 1741, ag'od 81 years. 

Children : 

70. Joshua. b. Nov. 13, 1684. 

-]-71. John, b. Feb. 2, IGSG. 

72. Abigail, b. Dec. 10, 16S7. 

73. Catharine, b. Jan. 2, 1690. 
-f74. Jacob, b. 1693. 
-|-75. Gideon, b. Feb. 4, 1696. 

76. Kuth, b. March 25, 1G98. 

77. Stephen, b. Nov. 2, 1700. 
4-78. Jal)ez, b. June 15, 1704. 
4-79. Elisha, b. Oct. 25,1706. 

III. Joseph Towne, son of Joseph and Phebe (Perkins) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, :March 22, 1673, and Nov. 9, 1699, m. Margaret 
Case, of Salem. 


I : 



h. Aug. 





b. Dec. 





b. Aug. 





b. March 





b. Sept. 





, b. Mav 





b. Feb. 





b. Feb. 





b. May 





b. May 





b. Feb. 





b. Aug. 





b. April 





b. Sept. 



in. John Towne, son of Joseph and Phebe (Perkins) Towne, was 
b. at Topsficld, Feb. 20, 1678, and in Jan., 1708, m. Elizabeth Pae, who 

T W N E . 


d. Dec. 11, nil. July 12, 1T12, hem. Abigail Stanley, and d. March 
2S, 171-1, a-cd 3G years. 

CJdldren : 

+91. John, b. Feb. 1?,, 1109. 

95. Eli;:abetli. b. Xov. 22, 1711. ■• -■ 

+9ij. Bartholuiiicv.-, b. April 4, 1713. i 

Fourth Generation. 


IV. Edmund To^nc, son of Thomas and Sarah (French) Towno, 

was b. atTopsfi^ld, Jan. 2S, 1GS6, andd. there unmarried in 1741, aged 

55 years, leaving his property to his four sisters. Experience, Sarah, 

Edna and Mercy. 

IV, RicnAED ToiTNE, son of Tliomas and Sarah (French) Towno, 
was b. atTopsfield, July 16, 1700, and ni. 1st, Elizabeth Bixby ; 2d, 
Hannah Bixby. He was Town Clerk at Topsficld from 1 749 to Feb. 21, 
1765, the date of Iiis death. 

Children : 

97. Thomas, b. Dec. 28, 1727. 

98.' Mary, b. Feb. 21, 1729. 

99. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 30, 1732. 

100. Sarah, b. Dec. 1734. 

101. Eicliard, b. 1737. 

102. Hannah, b. 1739. 

IV. Isaac Towne, son of William and Sfargaret Towne, was b. aL 
Topsfield, April 10, 1701, m. Lydia Esley, Jan. 7, 173S, and d. at 
Sutton, where the estate of his widow was settled in 179u. 

ra. Robert Fitz, June 2, 17G7. 

IV. Jeremiah Towne, son of V/illiam and Margaret Towne, M-as 
b. at TopsHeld, May 27, 1705, and m. Elizabeth . 

Children : 

107. Jeremiah, b. Sept. G, 1743. 

108. Susannah, b. July 8, 1745. 
+109. Nehemiah. b. Oct. 15, 1718. 

110, William, ' b. Jan. IG, 1751. 

Children : 



b. April 5, 1739 ; 



b. Aug. 4, 1711. 



b. Dec. 2, 1743. 



18 TOWNE, 

IV. Bekjamix Tot/xe, son of JoEOph and Amy (Smith) Torrnc, war; 
b. at Topsfitkl, May 10, 1G91 ; m. let, Catharine, dau. of Jacob 
Towne, Jr., l)y whom he had two chiUlren, both of whom died iu 
infixncy ; 2d, April 12, 1122, Susannah Wildes, who d. July 5, ITCG, 
and who about two months before her death became the mother of 
three healthy male children, all of whom arc known to have lived be- 
yond the meridian of manhood ; 3d, .Ijlay 2, 1738, Mary Perkins ; niid 
4th, April 15, 1701, Mrs. Mary Clark. lie acquired a largo estate for 
the time in which he lived, and from the records seems to have been a 
prominent man in town affairs, frequently ofGciating as Town Clerk, 
Selectman, Assessor of Taxes, &c. &c., and d. Feb. 11, 1772, aL;cd 
81 years. 

Children : 

+111. Benjamin, b. May 12, 1723. 

4-112. Kphraim, b. July 10, 1725. 

-|-113. Jacob, b. 

11-1. Joseph, b. :\rarch 7, 172S. 

+115. Eli, b. March 3, 1731. 

IIG. Susannali, b. Sept. 6, 1733. 

+117. Edmund, b. 

+118. Ezra, b. 

119. Elijah, b. April 30, 173G. 

IV. Nathan Towxe, son of Joseph and Amy (Smith) Townc, was b. 

at Topsfield in 1693 ; m. Phebe , resided at Boxford for a time, 

and then removed to Andover, wlierc she d. Jan. 5, 17G2, aged G2 
years, and he soon after, aged about 70 years. 

Children : 

■ Farnuni. 




April 11, 





April 25, 

















Aug. 25, 





; m 




July 25, 






IV. Daniel Towne, son of Joseph and Amy (Smith) Towne, was 
. at Topsfield, Aug. 22, 1695, and m. Dorothy. 

Children : 

129. Daniel, b. Aug. 11, 1722. 

130. Amos, b. June 18, 1721. 

T O W N E . 19 

131. Juditli, b. Aug. 2G, 1725. 

132. Dorotliy, b. Feb. 8, 172S. ■ 

133. Thomas, b. Aug. 18, 1729. 

lo-i. Prudence, b. Nov. 16, 1732. 

135. A una, b. Jlarch, 9, 1735. 

-fl36. Francis, b. July 27, 1737. 

IV. Jesse, son of Joseph aud Amy (Smitli) Townc, was b. ac 
Topsfield, Doc. 5, 1697, and removed to Arundel, now Kcnnebunk- 
port, Maine, where, in 1725, he was a proprietor. ]lc iinally settled at 
Wells, near the " Upper Falls," where he built a house in 1740, and 
in 1754, when crossing the river, broke through the ice and was 
drowned, lie was a member of the church at Wells in 1750, and 
from the records seems to have been active in parish afiairs : be- 
yond this, but little is known of him. JJe, however, had a descendant, 
residing near the original homestead, who was Selectman in Keune- 
bunk in 1847. In 1750 he had sons Joseph and Thomas, who were 
taxed ; and the house which he built was standing iu 1770. 

Children : 
+137. Joseph. 
4-138. Thomas. 

IV. Natitanif.l To'^vxe, son of Joseph and Amy (Smith) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, June 1, 1700, and m. Jemima . 

Children : 
139. Jemima, b. May 20, r.24. 
110. Nathaniel, b. Sept. IG, 1725. 

141. Eunice, b. Feb. 4, 1727. 

142. Sarah, b. 1729. 

IV. Amos Towne, son of Joseph and Amy (Smith) Towno, wtisb. at 
Topsfield, July 2, 1709 ; m. Mary Smith, May 30, 1732, and removed to 
Arundel, now Kcuuebunk-port, Me. lie was one of the hardy men who, 
under Sir William Pepperroll, captured Louisburg, and, in 1747, was 
wrecked on Mount Desert aud drowned, at the age of about 38 years. 
Children : 

143. Samuel. 

4-144. Amos, b. Oct., 1737. 
145. Daniel, b. Oct. 28, 1742. 

IV. Samuel, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Knight) Towne, 
was b. at Topsfield, July 5, 1702; m. Elizabeth Allen, Dec. 21, 1722, 
and was drowned. May IS, 1771, aged 69 years. 

20 T W N B . 

ChilJren : 

146. ]\rarv, b. July 19, 1T23. 

U1. Eliz,'il-cth, 1). Nov. 10. 1721:. 

-1-148. Sauiuol, b- Aug. 8, 1727. 

140. naiiuab, b. Sept. 24, IVo.^. 


IV. PHTur TowxE, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Knig-lit) Towno, 
was b. at TopstJelJ, Jane 22, 1707, and July 30, 1728, m., at Salem, 
Dinah Ilobbs. 

Children : 

150. Eneas, b. Nov. 18, 1729. 

151. Diuali, b. Feb. 14, 1734. 

152. Daniel, b. Aug-. 22, 1730. 


IV. Israel Toy/xe, son of John and Mavy (Smith) Towno, was b. at 
Topsfield, Nov. 18, 1GS4, and m. Susannah, dau. of Dea. Moses Ilavcn, 
of Ei-aming-liam. Oxford, Mass., was first permanently settled in 
1712. lie was a proprietor, and his family vv'as one of the thirty 
families who then went there to reside. The germ of llio first 
church in this place consisted of four persons, and their first meeting 
to consult upon the matter was holden at his house. Ho d. at Oxford, 
Oct. 29, 1771, aged nearly S7 years, and his widow at Belchcrt'jwn, 
in 1787, aged 9U years. 

Children : 

153. Mary, b. at F. Nov. 16, 1709; m. Theodore McKinstry, 

Jan. 30, 1732. 

154. Susannali, b. at F. Sept. 11, 1711 ; d. in inQ:incy. 

155. Joseph, b. Jan. 20, 17i3 ; d. Oct. 2S, 1733, aged 20 ycnr^. 
15G. Susannah, b. Feb. 17, 17 17 ; m. John Haven, Oct. 2.3, 1739, 

and d. at Sutton, in 1S06, aged S9 years. 

-f-157. Elijah, b. Feb. IG, 1719. 

-I-15S. Moses, b. Aug-. 14, 1721. 

159. Esther, b. March 14, 1724. 

-j-lGO. Israel, b. Feb. 12, 1727. 

161. Lois, b. May 18, 1729; m. John Wilson, 1749. 

162. Mehitablc, b. Dec. 23, 1731. 


IV. Ei-HRAiii ToAvxE, son of John and I\[ary (Smith) Towno, was 
b. at Topsfield, in 1688 ; resided for a time at Framingham ; was v. 
proprietor of the town of Oxford, and one of thirty who first made a 
permanent settlement at that place. 

Children : 

163. Paul, 1 1 Ar 11(1 -o.i 
,,,., c-1 / b. March 11, 1 (22. 

T W N E . 


+105. Edmund, b. Aug:. 19, 17-21. 
1C6. Thomas, b. April 1, 1727. 

lY. JoxATOAN- TowNE, son of Jolm find Mary (Smith) Townc, 
was b. at Topsficld, March 11, IGOl, and in 171! resided at Oxlbrd, 
whero he was deacon of the church, and wlicrc he d. in 1771. 

Children : 

-f 107. Jacob, b. Oct. 20, 1720. 

IGS. Tamar, b. Feb. 10, 1722. 

109. Simon, b. March 20, 1721. 

170. Jonathan, b. April 20, 1727. 

171. John, 

172. iAfary, 
-f 173. Josiali, 

174. Uuldah, 

b. Dec. 
b. Juno 
b. Aug'. 
b. Nov. 

15, 1723. 

4, 1731 ; m 
10, 1734. 

2, 1737 


m. Israel Phillips. 


7, 1719; d. Dec. 21, 1729. 
1, 1720. 

IV. David Towxe, son of John and Mary (Smith) Towuo, was b. 
at Topsficld in 1093, and, for ins third wife, m. Priscilla Ilovry, Avho 
d. at Oxford in 1741. He d. at Bcldicrtowu, Sept. 20, 17S1, aged S7 

Children : 

175. Francis, b. Marcl 

170. Hannah, b. Sept. 

177. Deliverance, b. July, 1720. 

17S. Susannah, b. Aug-. 30, 173G. 

179. Priscilla, b. March 7, 1740. 


IV. Samuel Toti-xe, son of John and JMary (Smith) Towno, was 
b. at Topsficld, Jan. 25, 1G95, and April 10, 1722, m. Sarah Laiub, 
of Oxford. They had one son : 

-f-180. James, b. Oct. 11, 17-22. 

IV. Jonx ToTv-XE, son of John and Mary (Srnitli) Towno, vv'as b. at 
Framing-ham, jMarch 31, 1702, and March 0, 172S, m. Lj-Jia Iluiiki;?--. 
Children, b. at Oxford, wore : 

181. Thomas, b. May 2G, 1729. 

182. Abncr, b. March 21, 1731. 
--1S3. Isaac, b. Aug. 17, 1733. 

184. Phebc, b. Juno 10, 1737. 

185. Lydia, b. May S, 1740. 
ISG. Kachcl, b. Nov. 9, 1742. 

187. Hannah, b. Sept. 24, 1744; m. Collins Moore. 
-j-188. Simnn, b. Feb. 25,1718. 

189. Lydia, b. Sept. 23, 1752; m. William Collins. 

22 TOWNE. 


IV. Jo^^; Totwve, son of Jucob and Phcbe (Smith) Towiie, was b. at 
Topsficld, Feb. 2, iG^u, and May 11, 1715, m. Abigail, widow of John 
Townc, tho son of Joseph, her maiden name having been Stauloj'. 
Greenwich was called Qnabbin previous to its incorporation in 1751, 
and he settled at the latter place in 1748. His wife was killed by fall- 
ing down stairs, Sept. 1, 1743. 

Children : 
-flOO. Samuel, b. 1717. 

-j-lOl. Jonathan, b. May 25, 1710. 

192. Abigail, b. Sept. 29, 1721. 

193. Catharine, b. Dec. 11, 1725. 
4-194. John, b. Dec. 5, 1729. 

IV. Jacob Towne, son of Jacob and Phebc (Smith) Towne, was b. 
at Topslicld, in 1G93, and m. Susannah . 

Cldldreii : . • 

195. Faith, b. Sept. 6, 1719. 
4-19G. Joshua, b. S<))t. 3, 1721. 
197. Jacob., b. June 30, 1724. 

IV. Gideon Tovxe, son of Jacob and Phcbe (Smith) Towno, wasb. 

at Topsfield, Feb. 4, 1696, and m. Hannah , who d. at Topsflold, 

March 25, 173S. He removed to Quabbin, now Greenwich, Vv'here ho 
purchased land of Andrew Powers, in 1748. lis lived to be aged. 

Children : 
+198. Abner, b. Feb. 5, 1722. 
4-199. Gideon, b. Fel). 21, 1724. 

200. Hannah, b. Au'-,''. 5,1727. 

201. Phcbe, b. Aug. 22, 1729. 

202. Abishoi, b. March 1, 1732. 

IV. Jaee7, To'u-xe, son of Jacob and Phebe (Smith) Tovrno, was b. 
ill Topsfield, June 15, 1704, and March 30, 1730, m. Tryphcnia Dwia- 
ncll, who d. April 10, 1785. lie d. at Londonderry., N. 11., April 1, 
1783, aged 79 years. 

Children : 
-|-203. Jabcz, b. March 4, 1732. 

204. iMary, b. Oct. 30, 173 t; m. Joshua Foster, of Boxford. 

205. IJebecca, b. June 9, 1737 ; m. Samuel Smith, of Topsfield. 
-I-20G. Jacob, b. Sept. 25, 173S. 

4-207. Elijah, b. Sept. 11, 1740. 

20S. Abigail, b. Dec. 7, 1743; m. Asa Smith, of Vcrshirc, Vt. 

TOWNE. 23 

200. Ruth, b. Oct. 122, IMC; m. Jacob TTalo. 

210. Sus.itniah, b. Nov. 19, 17-1'J : m. DaviJ Torter. 


IV. Eu?[iA ToTVNE, son of Jacob and Plicbc (Smith) Towne, was b. 
at Topsfickl, Oct. 25, ITGG ; in. Sarah raiodos, Feb. 16, 113S, and re- 
moved to Boxford. 

Children : 

211. Sarah, b. Jan. 7,1739; ni. Elijah Dwinncll. 
-[-_^12. John, b. Sept. 22, 17-10. 

213. Mcliitable, b. Sept. 2:], 17 1-2 ; m. Jacob Dwinnell. 
4-214. Absah,i:i, b. Sept. 21, 17-11. 
215. 'Bathslicba, b. Oct. 18, 1747 ; d. July 25, 1S30. 


IV. Joseph Totvxk, son of Joseph 'and Marg-aret (Case) Townc, 
was b. at Topsfiehi, Dec. 26, 1701, and m. Jemima Eixby. They 
resided at Tupsfield in 1732, Tv-herc tiieir two first children were 
born. April G, 1733, he purcliased two hundred and thirty acres of 
land of John Ilallowell, in the parish of Thompson, town of Killingly 
and State of Conn., for £400, New England currency, and in 174:-; 
made an additional purchase. His wife was dismissed from the 
church in Topsficld and rcconmicndrd to tlie second cimrch in .Kil- 
lingly, Oct. 22, 1738. He d. in March, 1786, aged S4 years, and his 
widov.' in 1700. 

Children : 
-J-21G. Archclans, b. Feb. 26, 17S0. 

21V. Jemima, b. Fob. G, 1732. 
-|-21S. Joscpii, b. Oct. S, 1735. 

219. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 27, 1738. 

220. Margaret, b. May 17, 1739. 

IV. Israel To-n-XE, son of Joseph and Margaret (Case) Towrin, 
was b. at Topsficld, March 24, 1705, and May 23, 1729, m. Grace Gard- 
ner, of Middleton. lie was one of the early settlers of Narragansett 
No. C, afterwards named Souliegan "West, ayd in 1760 incorporated by 
New Hampshire, and called Amherst. Tradition says his was the fourl h 
family. The first settlement was made in 1734, and Sept. 22, 1741, 
at the organization of the church, the plantation contained Iburtocn 
families, and amongst the number was that of Capt. Israel Tow:io. 
The origin of the Narragansett townships was as follows : — Bctwi.'n 
1728 and 1733, the General Court of Massachusetts granted seven 
townships of land, each of the contents of six milca square, l^ 
and Iho descendants of those who v/cre in the war of 1G75, for I'ao 

24 T W N E . 

subjiifjalion of Pliilip llio colcbrr.tcd Narragansctt Saclioni, tlic tov> n- 
sliips to be selected irom the nuappropriatcd lands of ilio rrovi!iCO, 
each townsliip being- tlic property of 120 claimants. Aft'-r a gvcat 
nunilicr of rucetiii.^'s and adjoranmcuts of tlic gi-aiuecs, the townsiiip.s 
M-cre located thuu : — Xarraganwett No. 1, where Buxton in Zdaiiie 
is now situated ; Narrag-ansett No. 2, at A^estrainstcr, Mass. ; No. ?i, 
at Amherst, N. 11. ; No. 4, at Golfstown, N. U. ; No. 5, at Ecdlbrd, 
N. ir. ; No. G, at Templeton, Mass. ; and No. '7, at Gorham, Me., this 
territory then being under the jurisdiction of 3lassachusctts. Israel 
Towne d. at Amlierst, iN . H., in 1791, aged SG years, and Grace, his 
widow, in 1803, aged 06. 

Chilflren : 

4--2L'l. Thomas, b. 1T82. 

4-222. Archolaus, b. 1T34. 

■^" ' " b. Nov. IC, 1736. 

b. 1738. -- 

b. Juno 6, nil. 

b. Jan. 30, 1745 ; d. July 16, 1791. a. 1'.) vrs. 

b. Tilfy 2S, 1748 ; m. Tiuiothy Nicholi^ Oct. 2. 

b. April 20, 1751. [1773. 


IV. Ei.isn.v Towne, pon of Joseph and Marp-arct (Oaf^c) Towno, 
M-as b. at TopsGeld, Sept. 5, 1708 ; ra. Mercy Foster, of 1-oxfovd, Juno 
11, 1738, removed from Topsfiold to Monson, now IJiiford, N. I!., 
wljcre, Dec. 2.', 1718, he and bis brother Israel, for £1000, p.nrcliar.ed 
the Taylor faim, consisting of 300 acres, of Widow Abigail T. ylor, 
of Boston. JJis house was npo'i tljc opposite side of the river fror,:. 
that of ]iTS l-rolhor, was located upon an cniiricnce o^erkioking tlio 
valley of the Souhegan, aflbrding one of the most picturesque views 
in the neighborhood. It stood about fifty rods north of tlio yirescnt 
East Milford Rail lload Flag Station, and the spot is niai-l<cd by au 
old nearly fdled cellar, surrounded by locust trees. lie died about 
1791, was buried in afield about one third of a mile cast of wlicrc 
the above described house was located, a spot used by the e:.rly set- 
tlers for a place of burial, but v.-hich has not been thus U':;ed since 
about the close of the last century. 













Children , 









April 8, 





Feb. 8, 





Feb. 15, 

, 1745. 




Nov. 20, 


d. in infiincy. 

^r> *\ ^^ {■'• 

2363 I