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Full text of "Town records of Salem Massachusetts. [v.1]- 1634-"

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Essejx Inf^titute f*res; 



NOV 1 3 1914 



Vol. JJC. 1808. — Second Series, Vol. I. 


One of the principal ol)jects of the Essex Institute, ns 
defined in its Charter, and in its Constitution, is the col- 
TORY OF THE COUNTY OF EssEX. The publication of the 
Historical Collections of the Essex Institute was 
commenced in April, 1859, with a view to accomplish 
this more fully, and thus to preserve in the most durable 
form, and, at the same time, to render accessible to all 
students of our local history the valuable materials that 
are found in the ancient manuscript Records of Courts, 
Parishes, Churches, and Towns in this county; ab- 
stracts of "Wills, Deeds, and Journals ; records or 
minutes of Births, Marriages, Deaths, Baptisms ; In- 
scriptions on tomb-stones, etc. ; Genealogical tables, 
and Biographical notices. Selections are made by the 
Publication Committee from these sources, and from re^ 
ports and papers of historical interest read at meetings 
of the Institute. 

Eight volumes have now been issued, and it is believed 


tlint a very ooiiiprehonsivo and important collection has 
already been made. jNIiich, however, remains to be 
done ; for hardly another locality in the country possesses 
so many ancient and valua1)le mannscript records. 

"Witli tiie present volume, the ninth, which will com- 
mence a New 8ei;ies, it has been deemed advisa])le to 
adopt the more convenient octavo form. Tlie peculiar 
form heretofore used is explained by the fact that the ar- 
ticles were at first printed in a newspaper, and then the 
type simply arranged in double column for the Collec- 
tions. This method was soon abandoned, but the form of 
the paging was retained. Much inconvenience, delay, 
and expense have been occasioned by the difficulty of pro- 
curing i)aper for such a size ; and l)esides this, in cases 
Avhere a contributor desires to have extra copies of any 
connnunication struck oif in pampldet form, the octavo 
page is generally preferred. 8ubscril)ers have also com- 
plained of the difficulty of keeping the Ijound volumes 
in an ordinary library. For such reasons, the change 
has l)een made, and we hope it will meet the approval of 
our subscribers. 

The Committee would here acknowledge the gratitude 
due to those who have so generously aided in this work, 
l)oth contriljutors and sul)scribers. As the ol)ject of this 
pul)lication is not so much to furnish popular reading, as 
to convey information to those interested in the study of 
the early history of this comnmnity, or in the investiga- 
tion of family genealogies, and to hand down to posterity 
Ihat knowledge which would otherwise l)e lost in olilivion. 


wc are obliged to rely for its support upon tlie piiMic^ 
spirit of those who stand ready to assist every good woi-k, 
as well as upon the few immediately interested. 

The last tAvo volumes have been printed under the 
sijperintendeuce of editors appointed by the Publication 
Committee, and this volume, in accordance with the same 
plan, will be edited by one of the members of the com- 
mittee, appointed for the purpose, who will act under the 
direction of the Committee. 

It is a source of satisfaction to reflect that the Institute, 
Avithout funds, and relying solely upon the contributions 
of individuals, and the encouragement of other Societies, 
has been able to carry on so successfully its appointed 
work. A Library of twenty-four thousand bound vol- 
umes and fifty thousand pamphlets has been gathered 
together. Its very valuable scientiflc collection Avill be 
hereafter kept at the East India Marine Hall, under the 
care of the Trustees of the Peal)ody Fund, together Avith 
the unique, and in many respects unerjualled museum of 
the East India jNIarine Society, and Avill doubtless, Avhen 
ready for inspection and study, attract general attention 
for extensiAT'ness and excellence. Frequent meetings 
have been held ])oth in the field and at the rooms, and 
many courses of lectures have been giA^en, the result of 
Avhich is that our community takes a very high rank for 
general difl'usion of interest' in matters of science and 

Tjie Phoceedings of the Essex Institute, publislied 
from 1848 to the present time, the IIistorioal Collec- 

TioNs, the NATiutALisr, iiiid tlic Natiualist'.s Dikectoiiy, 
all now printed by the Institute at its printina-otfice, 
sntHciently attest the earnestness and activity of those in- 
terested in the Puldieations heretofore. We hope that 
the future will prove as full of success, and that we may 
continue to have the support of the public. 


[ ] Brackets indicate tliat the words enclosed are lost or doubtful. 
[* *] Brackets and stars " " '• " " cancelled in the 

II II Double parallels " " " " " interlined. 

' Apostrophe indicates contraction; thus, gen'al — general. 
— Dash over a word indicates contraction, thus, comou — connnon. 

A Caret indicates an omission in the original, 
y, y*, y, y'", y", signify the, that or it, there or titeir, them,, tlien or t/iau. 
ni", inti', ni, signify itimUh. 

JJ stands for i>er or pur ; thus, p son — person. J) ty — party. 

(J) " " jvoorjio;-; thus, cp p — proper. (J) tion — portion. 

Previous to 17."'>2 the legal year began on the 2oth of Marcli, wliicli 
was called the Jimt month, April tiie second montli. May the thinl 
montli, and so on, January being called the eleventh month, and Felj- 
ruary Wxa tie fifth. Therefore "yiarch 12, IC.ufi," or " ItloH-T," in rec- 
ords previous to 1752, would be in modern reckoning March 12, l(!i57. 
And so of anv date between .Jan. 1st and j\Iarch 25th. 




The earliest records of the Town of Salem now ex- 
tant are contained in tAvo books, namely, the Toavn 
Kecords, beginning Dec. 26, IGoG, and the Book of 
Grants, beginning Oct. 1, 1G34. The latter is pre- 
served entire, as appears by the paging and from the 
Index which is in the handwriting of Jeffry Massey, the 
Clerk from 1649 to 1654. It contains transcripts from 
the Town Records of whatever related to land, and other 
important matters of a general natnre. The first part of 
it is in the handwriting of Emanuel Downing, who came 
here in 1638, and was appointed by the General Court, 
Oct. 7, 1640, "Recorder of Deeds for Salem." An order 
had been passed by the town, March 30, 1640, that "Mr. 
Sharpe shall write the records of all the Towne Lands." 
The work appointed for JNIr. Sharpe seems to have de- 
volved upon Mr. Downing. A grant was made to him 
Nov. 26, 1649, "in consideration of his payncs for tran- 
scribing the l)ookes of the townes records to he kept for 
posteritie." The water-mark of tlie paper of tlie Book 
of Grants, is the same as that of the portion of the Rec- 
ords which covers the jieriod from 1640 to 1649, that of 
the preceding portion being different. 

We may therefore conclude, that Emanuel Downing 
began the Book of Grants al)ont 1640 ; and that it con- 
tains a copy of all the records relating to land, and other 
matters proper to be transciabed, that was in existence at 

that time. On tlio outside fly-leaf is TVTitten in the hand- 
writing of John Ilathorne, the Clerk in IHTO, ''Salem 
Towne Booke, being y° first hook of Records of Land." 

Tlu^ Town Records consisted originally of several small 
books, some of which were subsequently bound together. 
The first, which contained the record from which the first 
five leaves of the Rook of Grants Avr.s transcri))ed, is lost. 
The second, which originally consisted of ten leaves, con- 
tained lists of grants or allotments of land, and was, in 
1637, twice referred to as the ''Book of Calculations." 
Two leaves of it have l)een lost, as appears by the num- 
bering of those still remaining, which was l)y the same 
hand as the record. The third book, which also consisted 
of ten leaves, contains tlie record kept by Ralph Fogg, 
beginning Dec. 2(!, 1630, and is immediately followed by 
the record kept l)y John Ilolgrave, on the first page of 
which is written l)y him "Fourth Book 1(137." 

Other portions of this original Book of Records are 
lost, namel^s from June 1!), to July 12, 1037; from 
IShirch 25, K^l, to July IS, 1643: and from Fel). 3, 
1648, to March <S, 1655. These missing portions can, 
however, be partially supplied from the Book of Grants. 

The interest which attaches to these ancient manuscri[)t 
records is heightened when we consider how few were the 
"plantations" then existing in the Massachusetts Colony. 
In fact, they date l)ack to the very time when towns, as 
sucli, came into existence. On the 3d of September, 
1()34, the General Court appointed a Committee, consist- 
ing of nine meml)ers, to set out the bounds of towns. 
At the same Court leave was granted to "the inhabitants of 
Salem to keepe a markett weekely, on the fourth day of 
y*^ weeke, ccuumonly called Wednesday." On the 4th of 
March, 1635, and the 3d of March, 1636, special com- 

mittocs were appointed to set out the bounds l)etwecn 
Salem and the adjoinini>: towns. 

Previous to this time Salem seems to have had a sort of 
separate or independent government, retaining in some 
respeets the character of a General Court, which properly 
belonged to it prior to the arrival of Wintln'o}). Its lim- 
its were not accurately detined, or even known. As late 
as May 2, 1636, the records si)eak of certain orders as 
passed "at a general Court or towne meeting of Salem." 
In a letter of Edward Howes to John AVinthrop, jr., 
dated at London, jNIarch 25, l()8o, he says, "There Avas 
presented to the Lords lately, about 22 of C. Indicntts* 
lawes." (See Mass. Hist. Coll., od series, vol. *.>, p. 
2r)7.) It is possible that the whole sul)ject of the Juris- 
diction of the Salem government was thus referred to the 
Lords, and that our earliest records, from 1(!2<S to 1G34, 
under the administration of Endicott and his council, 
were carried to England, and may yet be discovered 

At a General Court held March 3, 1635-G, the follow-, 
ing order was passed, which, as it is in fact the origin of 
the various and important powers ever since exercised by 
towns, and Mill serve as an appropriate introduction to 
these records, is here given in full. 

"Whereas particular towns have many things which 
concerne onely themselves, and the ordering of their own 
affairs, and disposing of business in their own town, it is 
therefore ordered, that the freemen of every town, or the 
major part of them, shall onelyf have power to dispose of 
their own lands, and woods, with all the privileges and 
appurtenances of the said towns, to grant lots, and make 
such orders as may concern the well ordering of their 

* Captain Endicott's. t Alone. 

own towns, not repngiiant to the laws and orders here 
esta])li8hed by the General Court ; as also to lay mulcts 
and penalties for the breach of these orders, and to levy 
and distrain the same, not exceeding the smn of xx^ ; 
also to choose their own particular othcers, as constables, 
surveyors for the highways, and the like ; and because 
nmch ])usiness is like to ensue to the constal)les of several 
towns, by reason they are to make distresses, and gather 
tines, therefore that every town shall have two constables, 
where there is need, that so their oltice may not be a 
burthen unto them, and they may attend more carefully 
upon the discharge of their oiiice, for which they shalbe 
liable to give their accompts to this Court Avhen they 
shalbe called thereunto." 

The following copy of the first records of Salem is 
from the original. The spelling, punctuation, &c., Avill 
be strictly preserved, and passages erased or interlined in 
th(! original will be retained, and indicated by being en- 
closed, the former between brackets and stars, and the 
latter l)etween doul)le parallels. 

The missing portion of the Book of Records from Oct. 
1, lli.'U to Dec. 2(), 1(136, is supplied from the Book of 
Ci rants. 

Extract from the Booh of Grants,. 

[Tlie first part of the Hook of Grants, from wliicli tliis extract is 
taken, is iu the handwritiut!; of Emanuel Downing.] 

The tirst of the 8"' moneth 1(534 
One the 4"' day seaventhnight next the IMarket at Salcin 
[is to] begyn, and to continew from 9 a Clock in the 
morning [until] 4 of the Clock after noone. 

10. of the 11'" mcmeth 1(534 
After discourse aI)out deviding of 1(.) aci'e lotts. Its orr- 
dered that the least family shall liaue 10 acres, but «reater 
familyes may [haue] more according to y nombers 

12"> moneth 1G34 
Its agreed that the towncs neck of land shalbe pre- 
served to feed the Catle on the Lords dayes and therefore 
pticular men shall n[ot] feed theirc goates there at other 
tymes, but bring them to the h[*] that grasse may grow 
against the Lords dayes. Its ordered that the high way 
shalbe beyond the swamp on the No[rth] side of iif 
Johnsons Lott. 

6"' day of the 2^ moneth 1G35. 

That Lawrence Leech Richard Ingersoll & others be 
sure to lca[ve] roome for high wayes for Carts to bring 
home wood &c. 

That betweene Lawrence Leach and Richard Ingersoll 
they doe qpmise to make a suffitient Cart way. 

Howse lotts graunted by the towne 
To m"" Towijsend Bishop 2 acres ye 2'^ lott from ye \^^ll end 
To Joshua Verrin 2 acres 

m"" Batter & br. in law 2 acres 
To George Smyth 2 acres 

To Michaell Sallowes 
To James Smyth a smyth 2 acres 
To Richard Ingersoll 2 acres 

Lott next to the end of Captain Endicotts Lott, to be an 
high way of 4 pole broade.f 

M"" Burdet, appoynt the rock to be veiwed for him 

22"> of the sixt moneth 1635 
Its ordered that m"" Burdctt, shall haue a lott upon the 
Rock beyond m'" Endicotts fence set out by the overseers. 

* Hill? This may have been what was afterwards known as "Lawes' 
Hill," now Broad street, which was in the earliest years called "the 

t Washington street? See Hist. Coll. Essex Inst., vol. viii, p. 253. 



Divers speaches about convenient places for shops, for 
w[ork]men, as at the end of the meeting house from 
wiUm [ *] corner fence ; And that m"" Endicot, m"" 
Sharpe, m"" [ f] & m' Alford, should consider of some 
convenient place for shops yt may be w"' the owners 

Its ordered that all the Inhabitants of this towne of 
Salem y^ liaue fearmcs greater or lesse, or any quantity of 
land granted to them, or any ten acre lott medoes or 
marshes be they more or lesse in quantity, shall repaire 
to the men appoynted to lay out bounds & by the last of 
y'' 3. mo : to haue all y'' ten acre lotts bounded, And all 
other that haue fearmes, or meadocs, or marshes : by y*^ 
lirst of y*^ 9. mo : next ensueing, & all y"" lands being 
Ijounded, to make such marks or bounds, either by stones 
or deepe holes, And that euerie mans bounds may be re- 
corded upon y*^ penaltie of x% qpvided that those depu- 
ted to lay out bounds be paid for y'' paynes. 

16. of the U'" moneth 1035 

[La]yers f SCwo^u^J^ ] ^^^^ appoynted overseers & Lay- 
out of ■{ nil- Conuaut )■ ers out of Lotts of irround for 

[LJuiKls I JeflVy Massy | • f +-^ 1 " l f 

LJohii iJalshe J this presmct otbalem, but are 

to haue directions from y^ towne where they shall lay y'" 

out. And in leiwe of y'' paynes they are to haue 4'^ the 

acre for small lotts, and lU*^ the hundred for great lotts 

rightly & exactly laid out and bounded ; Any 3 of these 

may doe the worke. 

30. of the 9*1' moneth 1635 

That m"* Peters and Captaine Endicott are to haue each 

a 2 acre lott at y° West end of the great pen bordering 

vpon Captaine Traske &, ft'ather Woodberyes lotts. Thai- 

* Lords? tFogg? 


all such orders as the towne shall thinke meet to be pul)- 
lished, shalbe published one the next lecture day after the 
towne meeting 

7"' of the 10*" mo : 
Mr Garford havinij ben' here before y*' 2 acre lotts 
were limited to one acre) hath a 2 acre lott grauntcd to 
him vpon the north side of birdlesse Cove,* And his 
daughter m"® An Tiu'land an other 2 acre lott ||both|| 
abutting vpon Michacll Sallowes & James Smyths lotts, 
qpvided they both build vpon them and soe be ready to 
sell his liowse in the towne, at such a rate as y' shall 
stand him in or els to [refer] it to the Arbitration of tooe 
men, he to choose one and the tow[ne] an other 

21. of the 10"> moneth 1635 
That m"" Cole shall haue a farme of three hundreth acres 
in the place where his catle are by Brooksby. And Cap- 
taine Traske & y'^ rest of the Surveyors are to lay it out 
and bound y* according to y"" discretion, (pvidcd in Case 
m'" Cole be disposed to pte w*'' yt by Sale that he make 
his tirst pro[fer] vnto the towne vpon reasonable tcarmes 
before he offer yt vnto any other. 

28*!' of the 10 moneth 1635 
That 10 acre lotts may be graunted to any j^ 
That Abram Warren may haue a 10 acre lott and an 
howse lott. 

Granted vnto Robt Cole his heircs and assignees three 
hundreth acres of land whereof fortye acr[es] is Marshe 
fitt to be mowed lying and being abou[t] 3 myles from 
Salem West ward vpon a frcshe w[ater] brooke called the 
North brooke 

♦This, as Avell as "Biuiey's Cove" afterwards mentioned, was prob- 
ably CoUius' Cove ; the land granted being near Osgood's wharf. 


4'^ of the 11 moneth 1635 
That Leifteuant Johnson shall haue a farme of 20 [0] 
acres at Brooksby on the North side of the river ||high- 
wayes exempted and all rivers free|| and shall maynteyne 
hio-h Avays in y', w*^ the usual (pviso in Case of Sale 

25"' of the ir" moneth 1635 
That Capl" Traske, Jn° Woodbery, nV Counant, Peter 
Palfrey & John Balch are to haue 5 fearmes viz. each 200 
acres a peice to [a] fearme in all a thousand acres of land 
togeather lying- and bei[ng] at the head of Basse River 
124 pole in breadth and soe [to] runne northerly to the 
Eiver by the great pond side, and soe [in] breadth mak- 
ing vp the full quantitye of a thousand acres, theise lymits 
laid out & surveyed by vs 

John Woodbery 

John Balch 

8"' of the 12'" moneth 1635 

„, . . That m^ Burdet may haue a tenne acre lott at 

Tins ijjrant '' 

is void, the vpp end of Basse river 
That Ivichard Bennet may haue a 2 acre lott 
That 11. Ilollingworth may haue halfe an acre in the place 
he desires, Init must take soe much from his 2 acre or 
howse lott else where 

25*" of the 11"' mo: 1635 
Memorandum the lymitts of a farme granted* vnto m'' 
flrancis Johnson of 200 acres of land at Brooksby high 
wayes being exempted for him to mayntayne & the q^viso 
concerning sale to y*^ towne observed, bounded by m"" 
Thorndike on y'' north side and the Comon on the other, 
the ffearme is on y'= North side of the Kiver of Brooksbee 
above 2 myles from Salem westerly 

Roger Connant 
John Balch 


25'" of the 11'" moncth 1G35 
lyjdum ^|jg lyniits of a fcnrmc of ground gi-anted to Hen- 
ery Herick, betwcenc too & three acres of ground lying 
on the North side of Jefliy Massyes Cove bounded by the 
Kock on one side & Woolistons River on the other 
16"' of the 12"> moneth 1635 
After a lardge discourse about a fcarme for m'" Thomas 
Reade & of the mectness or vnmcetncs in regard of the 
townc pasture, It was agreed by tlie maior pte that he 
shoukl haue three hundreth acres of kind hing and being 
North west Northerly from Salem lymcted and bounded 
out by the said Inhabitants in manner following 


The 16'" of the 12'" moncth 1635 
Granted by the freemen of Salem the day and yeare 
a])oue written vnto m"" John Blacklech of the same his 
heires and assignees for ever one fearme conteyning three 
hundreth acres of land scituate lying and being from Salem 
North East and l)eing at lono- Marshe exteudino: from a 
marked tree growing and being ner[e] to the East of the 
Marshe along the Sea Side and conteyning halfe the 
marshe thence Westward, and from the West end of the 
said JNIarshe contcj'neth halfe of the plaync ground be- 
twixt that & the frcshe pond lying nere to the Sea Side in 
all conteyning as before mentioned, the quantitye of three 
hundreth a-cres of land, bounded by the said Inhabitants, 
(pvided always that ||if j] the said m"" Blacklecch shall at 
any ty[me] make sale of y', that the towne shall haue the 
tirst ^fer of y' before any other. 

John Endicott W. Tuaske 

l^iiiLLip Verkin 

TowNSHEND Bishop 

johx holgkave 

Edmond Batteh 

Thomas Gardixer 


A° 1635 

In Salem 1\7 the towue in generall the 15 of the 12"' 

moneth, that who soe ever hath or shall cutt any trees and 

leave ^ in the paths about the towne to the disturbance of 

Carts Catle or passengers not being removed w*''in fiftene 

dayes shall forfeit five shillings for each such offence ; 

Informers w*'' evidence to haue 

halfe of the fynes 

IP" of the 11"» moneth 1635 

Tills is void by Granted by the freemen of Salem r*vnto*l 
the ffi-ant of , ^ "^ . . . "- -• 

an other farm the day and yeare above written vnto m"" 

in Leiwe of Xhomas Scrugs of the same his heires and 

this to ni"^ '^ 

Scrugs assignees for ever a farnie contexliing three 
hundreth acres of land whereof thirty acres are fitt to be 
mowed scituate lying and being in the outmost bounds of 
Salem towards m'" Humphries and is from the Sea where 
the freshe water runs out, West and by North is the 
fearme next to m"" Iium})hryes bounded l)y the Conion 

by the North west end & East end qpvided alwayes 

& in Case of Sale, the towne of Salem haue the fii-st 
(pfer before any other. 

eJoiiN Endicott 
eogeii conxunght 
John Holgrave 
Thomas Gardner 
Edm. Batter 
11 of the 11*" moneth 1635 
Graunted l)y the ffreemen of Salem the day and yeare 
above written vnto m"" Townsen Bishop of the same his 
heires and assignees for ever one fearme conteyning three 
hundreth acres, l)utting vpon m*" Endicotts farme on the 
east, and fowre hundreth pooles in length, and six score 
poles in breadth, that is to say six score and fowre at the 


west end and one hundreth and sixteenc at the East end, 
bounded by the water, betweene the fearmc of the execu- 
tors of m"" Skelton, and him at the North East corner of 
his farme. And hath there allowed, from m"" Endicotts 
tarrae, eight acres for an high Avay. is bounded again at 

the South west Corner by the brooke, (pvided al- 

wayes that in Case of Sale, the towne of Salem to haue 
the first protier of yt before any other. 

John Endicott Roger Conant 

Thomas Gardiner' Jeffry Massy 
Edm. Batter 
By the towne representative 22"' of the 
12"' moncth 1G35 
Richard Bishop having planted his earable pte of his 
ten acre lott. Its ordered that soe much as he leaves of 
his said lott to the towues vse for fire wood & elce, soe 
much more earable ground he may haue for his q)p use. 
Its agreed that Hugh Laskin may haue about ten pole 
to the water side, by that place where the old planters do 

move for. 


By the towne representative viz. the 13 men 

Deputed the 28"' of the first moueth 163G 

John Peach ifisherman and Nicholas Mariott having 

fenced about five acres of gi'ound on Marble Neck (though 

contrarie to the order of the towne) yet Its agreed that 

they ma}^ for present improve the said place for building 

or planting, qDvided alwayes that the q^pricty thereof be 

reserved for the right of the towne of Salem, to dispose 

of in (pcesse of tyme to them or any other tfisher men, 

or others as shalbe thought most meet, yet soe as that 

they may haue reasonable cousideracon for any chardge 

they shalbe at. 


Its airreed that AVillm Lord is to liaue a tooc acre lott 
as nere as may be among the 10 acre lotts, in liew of pte 
of his howse lott that he hath given to the meeting howse. 

By the towne representative the eiteenth of the 
second moneth 1636 
Granted vnto m'' John Holgrave fisherman three quar- 
ters of an acre of land vpon Winter Island for flakes &c. 
And halfe an acre w"'ont Winter Island for his howse lott. 
Item vnto his Sonne Joshua Holgrave is granted an howse 
lott according to the discretion of the towne whither by 
lott or elce. 

At a generall Court or towne meeting of Salem held 
the second of the third moneth called May A" 1636 

Imprimis after the reading of former orders ; In the 
reading of an order for the division of Marble Head 
Neck ; A motion was brought in by Cp. Endicot in be- 
halfe of m"" John Humphries for some land beyond ftbrest 
River, moved by spetiall argumen[ts] one whereof was, 
Least yt should hinder the building of a Col- 
ledge, w*^'' would l)e manie [mens] losse, It was agreed 
vpon this motion that six men should be nominated by 
the towne to view these lands and to consider of the 
premises, and for that end was named 

m'" Thomas Scrugs Cp. Traske 
m" Roger Conant m" Townsen Bishop 
John Woodbery Peter Palfrey 
That these six or any fowrc of them are deputed for this 
business to speake or — ^ 

Item that Benjamin ffelton is to haue a tooe acre lott as 
the layers out thinke meete. 

Item yt was ordered that whereas m'' Scrugs had a farme 
of three hundred acres l)eyond forest River, And that 


Cp. Traske had one of tooe hun(lr[cd] acres beyond 
Basse liiver, The ^ Cp. Traske frclj relincjuishing his 
farnie of tooe hundred acres. It was granted A'nto m"" 
Thomas Scrugs, and he there vpou freely relinquished his 
farme of three hundred acres that soe m"" Humphryes 
might the better be accomodated. 

Item m'" Johnson and m"" Thorndike relinquished their 
farmes, but the towne q^mised first accomodations vnto 

The 27'" of the 4"> moneth 1G3() 

This day was Ijrought into towne and carj'ed up to m'" 
Endicotts these Corsletts following viz. 

eighteene back peices, 18 belly peeces, 18 p"" of Tassys 

18 head peeces of 3 sorts and but 17 gorgets. 

Item 16 pikes & 19 sw^ords. 

The 4 of the 5*" moneth 11)36 
Thomas Goldthwaite being an Inhabitant is granted ten 
acres of land 

At a towne meeting 11*'' of y® 5 moneth 1636 
Its agreed that John Talbee haue one howse lott of an 

acre next to the Marshalls 

It. that Beniamyn ffelton haue one acre lott next to 

John Talbie aforesaid 

That Thomas jNIoore sonne to widow Moore & his wife 

are received for Inhabitants and may haue one fishing lott 

on the neck. 

The 28"> of the 9'" moneth 1636 

By the town representative 

Its ordered that every pson that shall fell any tymber 

or wood trees w"'in the liberties of Salem and take pte 

of yt, for theire vse, and leave the tops and the rest of 

the body of the trees, soe felled, one moneth after vncutt 



out & sett vp togeather shall pay a fync or pcnaltyc of 
five shillings for every such trespas, soe left as aforesaid 
except such trees as grow in their own qip lott or grownde, 
And if any fell any trees w*''in the said limits and lett 
them lye vnoccupied for the space of one moneth, that yt 
shallje lawfull for any other man observing the order 
aforesaid to take the said tree to his owne qpp vse ; 

The Informer to liaue one halfe of the fyne, the other 
to the towne. 

By the towne reprc^sentative the 20*'' of the tenth 
moneth KioG 

Its ordered that m'' Ilathorne shall hane one howse hjtt 
of an acre on this side the Eocks towards the Millf l)eing 
the sixt lott from the jNIarshalls howse and to l)e laid ont 
b}^ the former layers out 

Oviijlnal Record, Dec. 126, 1636 to July 12, 1637 . 

[This, which is the earliest of the original records now in existence, 
is in tlic liandwritiniT of Ealph Fogg, and is called by him the "Waste 
Book." The frequency with which erasures and interlineations, and 
short-hand minutes occur in it, show that it was intended to be more 
fiiirly and correctly copied out into another book, Ijut if such a book 
was used, it is now lost. Ealph Fogg at this same time kept the rec- 
ords of the Quarter Court for Salem, then just established; and there 
he first used a w^aste-book and then copied out the record in a corrected 
form, into another book. (See Essex Inst. Hist. Collections, vol. vii, 
p. 238, Note.) The short-hand minutes have, with some difficulty, 
been deciphered, and their meaning, though as it happens of no special 
importance, will be given as they occur. There may be seen in a let- 
ter from Edward Howes to John Winthrop, jr., Nov. 23, 1032 (Mass. 
Hist. Collections, 4th ser., vol. vi, p. 481) an alphabet of short-hand 
characters, very similar to that used by Ralph Fogg, descriljed as in- 
vented by Mr. (Rev. Thomas) Archisden. The writer of the letter 
remarks that "they are approved of in Cambridge to be the best as yet 

jTliirt was a corn mill owned by Capt. Trask, and was near where the Essex De- 
put is ill South Danvers. Capt. Trask, in 1G40 built another mill about half a mile 
lower down the river, and soon after removed it to a place (now Frye's Mills) a mile 
below the lirst mill. See Essex Registry, book 20, leaf 124. 


invented ; and they are not yet printed nor common." The system of 
short-hand used by John Hull in his Diary, and ascribed to Theophilus 
Metcalfe as the inventor (Am. Antiq. Soc. Col. Ill, p. 279), is evidently 
founded on that of Mr. Archisden ; and this, with some variations con- 
tinued to be used by ministers and others for more than a century. 
Though of course inferior to the modern system, it was, in its original 
form, remarkably simple and ingenious.] 

Ann'l 1G3(; 

M^Koger Coniiaut f.f 

[*Pasca flbote f. 

Jul Wood!)ury f. 

Humphry woodl)nrv *] 

Jn*! Woodbury 

Peter Palfrey f. 

John Balch f. 
po. to fol. 10 [*Cp. W'» Traske fr 

liic;* Norman 

& son Jn° Norman *] 

Jn° Sweet 
po. to foil. 9. [* Jn? Hardy f. 
to 9. W"> Allen f. 

Jn? Gaily *] 

Cp. Endicot f. 
to 9. [*W"^ Walcot f. 

M':Read f. 

[*M'-Gott f. 

Geo : W!"« f. 

Peter woolf f. 

to 10. 
to 9. 
to 9. 
to 10. 
to 9. 
to 10. 

to 10. 
to 10. 


Pic*? RaymF 
Sam : Archer f. 
Pic*? Brakenbury f. 
M^ S. Sharp f. 
[^Jn" Home f. 
Law : Leech f. 
Pobt. Leech 




200 y Granted 
















as p [14] 


[*Samuell More f. 


to 9 

t Freeman. 


Robt. Molton f. 


to 10. 

James Standish 

Hugh La skin f. 


to 10 

Stuckley wcscott 

Geo : Harris 

M': El : 8tilman f. 


to 10 

Elias Stilman 

from GO 

llic'' : waterman f. 


to 10 

Li eft Daiienport f. 


to 10 

Tlio : Laythi'op f. 


to 1)*] 

Lieft : Johusoii f. 


[-*Wm Ao-er f. 


to 9 

John Bbik f. 


to 9 

Jn° More f. 


to 9 

Saro*^ : Dixie f. 


to 10 

Jeli'; Massie f. 


to 10 

from (50. 

Daniel Ray f. 


to 10 

Tho : Eal)orne f. 


to 9 

from <)0. 

Kaph libgg f. 


to 10 

ftrancis weston f. 


to 10 

Roger Morie f. 


to 9 

Jn*? Sanders f. 


to 9 

Tho : Gardener f. 


to 10 

Rio*? Inkersoll 

Mrs. Al : Daniell f. 

W" Bound f. 


to 9 

Henry Herik f. 


to 9 

[Geo : Norton] f. 


to 9 

Ed^^': Giles f. 


to 10 

Ricf Roots 


to 9 

Jacol) Barney f. 


to 10*] 



to 10 

[*M^ Jn? Holgraue f. 



M'-. Robt Coles 

300 -^ 

M'. Blakleech f. 



M"". Towenshen Bp.j f. 

300 " 

M''. Tho : Scruggs f. 


— 11 10 acres nied. 
vide p. 184i| 

t Bishop. 

J This refers 

to a graut which will be found under 

the date of 3d 

2(1 mo. ir.37. 


to 9 

"*Antho : Dike. f. 
VP. Thorndik *] 


jNP. phil. vorrin. f. 

100 G. 

M^ E. Batter. f. 

200 G. 11 

[*M". Daniell. 

to 9 

Tho: Olney f. 


to 9 

Jii^ Sibley f. 
iSP Gerv. Garford 


to 9 

W" King f. 


to 9 

Rol)t. Gotta f. 
Mr Moses Maverik f. 
[*Ric*' Huclienson 
Tho : Gouldthait 


to 9 

Jn° Talbie f. 
w™ Jeggles. 
w"^ Lo'rd*] 
Nath : Porter f . 

-*M"- w™ Comins 

VP S. Sharp 
Jn*^ Bourne 


to 9 

Jo[s] : Grafton f. 



Tho : Browning 

widd Helton 

to 9 

widd Skarlet 


vide 181 



Ite. Mr* Higenson if shee come 150 acres v'' tolO 

Ite m" ffelton 20 acrs to 9 

]^(.|.noud Marshall, m 20 acrs to 9 

Tho : Mores widdow 10 acrs*] to 9 

widdow Turner 

a])one m"" Cole M"^ Jn° Alderman [*50 acres*] 50 acres 


acres vot. 


Thos : Antram [*30 *] 30 acres 

M'' Alford, where it is allotted ") 

to him (pvidcd that In case he dep^'t 1^ 

to Leaiie it desiring noe aduautag j 

by it, J 

Jn'' Abbie 

Kobt Allen 

[*W'" Allen*] 

Edw : Beauchani 

Jn'! Bourne 

W" Bennet 

llic'.' Bp. 20 Acres 

Jn'iBarber 30. 

Jn° Bushnell 

Jn° Bratley 

Jn*? Burton 

Hugh Browne 20 

Tho : Browning 40 

[*m'- W" Browne 20 

m'- Bartholomew 20*] 

[*Eobt Cotta*] 

Tho : Chul)b xx acres 

w'" Comins x acres 

Nich : Gary xx acres 

Jn?Cook 20 acres 

[*Anth: Dike*] 
Nich : Drap 
Isack Dauis 

Sam : Eal)orne 20 acres 

Jn? El ford 25 acres 

Geo : Emerey 40 acres 

"Jeflery Estie xx acres 

Pasco ftbote 40 acres 

Beniamin ll'elton 20 acres 

[*m''^ ffelton vidua*] 
hir sonn Nath ftelton 
nV Gervas Garford 30 acres 


Edw : Gaskell 20 acres 

Edm : Grover 20 acres 

Kobt. Goodell 20 acres 

Jn*^ Gaily 20 acres 

m^ Goose 50 acres 

Tbo : Goldtbwait if an Inbabitant 10 acres 



Geo : Harries 
Roger Hoskall 
Jn^ Harte 
^Tetrin ^,nh ^icf Hucbenson m 

li'ic'} Hollinwortb 
Josiia Holgrave 
Eic;' Inkersell 
W'" James 
in'' Jackson 
W'" Jeofgles 
Robt Jsbell 
Robt. Leecb 
Jn? Luff 
Ricf Lambert 
Jn" Leecb 
Robt. Leamon 
W'" Lord 

Edm : ]\Iar [Jobn Lcacb Jun — 
w"' Marston 
Tbo : Marston 
Jn? Marsb 
widow Mason 
Robt Morgan 
Tbo: More. 

20 acres 
20 acres 
10 acres 
acres vide p. 18 
20 acres 

80 acres 
25 acres 
50 acres 
50 acres 

20 acres 

10 acres 
10 acres 
20 acres 
30 acres f] 
30 acres 

20 acres 
20 acres 
20 acres 
20 acres 


Jn" Norman 

20 acres 

fin another hand \v lit iiu 



Ricf Norman 
llobt Pease 
John Pease 
ffrancis Perry 
Joseph Pope 
m'' w"' Pester 
Jonathan Porter 
John Pikworth 
John Pride 
Geo : Poaps 
Tho : Reade 
Tho : Roots 
Josna Roots 
Tho : Ringe 
James Standish 
James Smith 
John Stone 
John Shcpley 
mi eh : Shaflen 
Elias Stihiian 
widow Smith 
John Symonds 
tfrancis Skerry 
mich : Sallowes 
m"" Smitli 

m"" John Tliorndik 

Abram Temple 

Phillip Virrin 

w™ Vinsent 

Ric;' Waters 10 acres 

m'" Ricf Walker 40 acres 

Stnkley Wescott 

Aliram ^^^arren 20 

Tho: Watson 10 acres 

Humphrey woodbury 40 acres 
































next nir Johnsons 









[*ni'' webbs [house] 200 acres*] 

II memorandum that he may haue 200 acres || 
[*m'' Jn': Wood 50 acres 

III'' tlreemau 200 acres*] 

m*" Ilathorne 200 acres 

||wliere hee hath built, av"' couditicjii that hee be 
dismist from their Church to ours of Sah>m.-f-|| 
Tho : Tuck one 10 acre Lot 

Jn? Deuorixe 10 acres 

W"' Woodbury 40 acres 

m'" Pecters ask him. 


from 4. 
from 3, 

[Tlu'eo blank pages.] 


lf'rreema)i}< land: 2385 

Tho : mores widow 10 Acres at Jeffrys creek 
Tho : Eaborne [*20*] 30. acres next to En- 
sign Dauenports 10 acre lott 
Ric:^ Roots 20 

from ;i. 
abouc nir Cole 

ironi4. \iitho • Dik r*20*1 40 

next iiir Humire ^i^in-HO . 1-/Uv [_ ^u j '±\J 

from 4. 

aboue nir Cole 
from 4. 

|at JetiryCreek^ 

m'" tlelton 

Edm : Marshall 

Samuel 1 Archer 
W" Allen 
Jo : Sibley 
Geo: W'"** 
Jo : jNIoor 
Jo: Black- 
Srgf Wolfe 

from 3. Tho : Laythrop 


370 [ 

tThis was interliued by Gov. Eiidfcott. 
ESSEX ix.ST. HIST. ooLLECTioxs. sER. 2, vor.. I. 4 Feb.. 1868. 


from 4. Robt Cotta 80 a!)oue m'' CV)le 

from 4. JiV: Talbie 30 a])oiie m'' Cole 

from 4. widow Skarlet 30 

from f. 3 o W" Allen [*40*] 'A) 

from 3. AV" AValcott [*40*] 30 

from 3. o (Jeo : AV'"^ 40 

from 3. o Sam : Arcli^' [*40*] GO 

from 3. W" Ao-cr [*40*] 30 

from 3. o Ju'^ Blak [*40*] 30 

from 3. o Ju? jMoro 40 

from 3. lloo-er Morio [*40*] 50 next to m^' Cole 

from 3. John Sanders 40 aboue m'' Cole ^ 

from 3. W"' Bownd * 40 aboue m'" Cole | 

from 3. Henry Herik 40 aboue m'' Cole I 

from 3. Geo : Norton 40 aboue m'' Coki ' 

from 4. Tlio : Olney 40 aboue m'' Cole 

from 4. W" Kiui*- "^ [*40*] 30 al)Oue m' Cole 

from 4. Jo[s.] Grafton [*40*] 30 

from fol. .". John Hardy [*r>n*] CO next to John Woodl^nry 

from o o Sarii't : Woolf "<0 

from 3 Sam: More r*5o*] 40 l^'i-''?' f"i;t?"'f :>''''■'■ '"■• 

'- -J Peters lott is layd nut. 

from 4 o Jno Sibley •">() 

[LarKC blank.] 

from ?.. Ilugih Laskin [*(;0*] 7() next to John Woodbury 

from o. o Sari;: Dixie [*G()^'=] ">(> at Jeffryes Creeke 

from ;>. Edw. Giles (50 next to nir. Coles 

fron) '.'>. Jacob Barney ["(K)*] TiO next to Goodman Leech 

Wm Dodge (JO next to John Woodbury 

from ;]. mr. Gott 7~> next to Goodman Raycs ft'arme 

from :3. IJicd: Brakenliury 7r> at Mackrell Coue 

from 3. ||dd Tifil Jn" llorne 7.") layd out by mr. Blackleech 

from :>. Jetfery Massie 7'> at Mackrell Coue 

from GO, & from 3. IJicd : Waterman 80 next to DanieJl Ray 
from 3. Lieft : Dauenport NO next to mr. Coles 

from GO, & from 3. Ilapll tfogff, SO ^it y^' [*tt<>rcst rUier head wtli. .;; acirs 

' ^ '^^ ol mcdow*] y birch trees necrc [♦Good- 

man Rays his tfarnie as weU*j adioyu- 
iug to Rich: Waterniaus his ftarmeli 

t Delivei'C'd ticket. 




















Jnv Holgruiie [*S0*] (iOatDarbysfortside after mr. Pet. 

lliC' llavment [* 100*1 GO 'if ['^liirWe*] i Darbiesii fort side aiu-r 

nir. I'ctcrs t'uniic is srtt out. 
LaAV : Leach 100 oucr against mrs Daiiiclls faiiiK' witli 

yu marsh iieeri! adioyiiiiig vpoii surrey. 

Eobt. Molton 100 [*to begin*] next to mr. Coles 

ml' Stilman (besides 

yf on Castle Hill 100 llSOIIt next to mr Skeltons adioyning 
" "'^ to mr ,Sllarl)(^s. 

ml- Gardener 100 mi- Gardner next to mr Coles. 

Ci'Trask 100 next to the Long I'ond. 

tfraucis Weston 120 ||30ill i^^'>^^ t<> W Coles 

m'-s lliginson 1.50 next to nf Coles 

from GO, & from 3. Daniell Ray IGO next to Rich. Watermans 

ml- Peters 300 next to m^ llumfries 
[Blank v;iK''.l 

De Lands The 2G'" of X*" mo : 1636 

By the Toweu Rei)resentatiue 
Po. to 7'J -^ ,^ , ^ ^ T . -, 

m'. btephens Keqiiest denied. 

The 2'.'of the 11'" mo: 1636 
i)e Lands. Imprimis it is ordered & agreed that Lieftenant 

^ *" • Daiienport shall haiie a Tenii Aere Lott. 

Also that his Temi acres is appointed him nearc Jefl'eiy 
Massies Lott, y\ w"^" m'' Burditt did desire. V*'^'' [by all 
Init Mr. Bishop and Mr. Balch§] 

Item, it is ordered ||for the better fnrthering of the 
lishing trading & [*that a*] to avoid the inconvenience 
we haue found by granting of [*planting*] land [*to 
plant*] for tishermen to plant || That none Inhabiting at 
]\Iarble Ileud shall haue any other accomodation of land, 
other than such as is vsuallie giuen l)y the Towne to tish- 
ermen viz. a howse lott & a garden lott or grownd for the 
placing of their flakes : according to the company l)clong- 
ino- to their families, to the greatest family not aboue 2 

fllere is inserted in shnrt-hainl — ".John Woodljcry did view it and it Iveth alon;; 
in divers marslies and coves." 

t Against tiiese is entered — "betwixt nir. Bishops I'arnic & mr. Shari)es voted 
the -id. of lirst mo : l(»(j.'' 

§In short-hunil. 


acres: tVc the coiTion of tlie woods iieere adioyniiig for 
their o-oates & their cattle. 

It is o-enerall}^ agreed hy vs That that order w''' was 
formerly [*oTaiinted*] made, to graimt a howse lott tVc x 
acre lott to euery inhal)itant shall be hence forward of noe 
force or eft'ect. But such lotts are to be sett out accord- 
ing to the discretion of the Townc. 

[The last two paragraplis are in Gov. Eiidecotfs handwriting.] 

W" Knight Rec^} for an inhabitant, but noe Lande to 
apropriat vnto him l)ut a 10 acre lott, cV^ conion for his 
cattle grasse c^ hay. 

po. to 7!>. 


De Lauds INIore the 2^? of the 11*'' mo : 1636 

nV Hewlett m*' Vinsent & 2 others of Saugus moueing 
to haue had accomodacons att Marble Head had their an- 
sweres from the order made against planting at ]Marl)le 

John A))bie is Rec'! tfor Inhabitant cV: is to haue one acre 
lott for a house next beyond the Gunsmiths, and 3 acres 
[*of the maids lotts If they shall giue way beyond Castle 
hill*] II of planting ground where the Towne hath ap- 
poiuted l)eyond Castle hill|! 

By the Towen Representatiue the •)"' of 11"' mo: 1()36. 
[* Wherin It was agreed for the auoiding off absurdi- 
ties and for the doing of Justice that Raph tfogg should 
haue ffive acres of the Eight Acres longe since appointed, 
& now latly by m'' Connant & Jn" Woodbuiy measured 
out, as prt of Eight Acres y* they measured wdierof Raph 
ifogg is to let them haue ^ *] 

fHere is interlined by Gov. Ende'cott, and then cancelled, "all pre- 
sedents & evil events of grannting lotts vnto single maidens not dis- 
posed of it is ordered that noe single maiden not disposed of in mar a " 


[*lt is ordered that whereas there was Ibriiierly grauiit- 
ed viito Deborah Pennington ^*] 

Item, there is graunted to Ralph llbgge 5 acres of bind 
pte of his tenne acres, [*neere vnto*] beyond Castle hill 
[*vpon*] neere the South riuer.| 

[Memorandum that this was appointed for him many years before 
this : this [ ] was agreed that I should have some requital for my 
pains J] 

po : to 83 


2G'" of x»' mo: IGSfi 

Orders of the Towne 

Besides Lands. 

It is agreed, That John Stones shall keepe a fierry (to 
begin this day) betwixt his house on the neck vpon the 
North point, and Cape Ann Sycle, & shall giue dilligent 
attendance thervpon, during the space of three years, vn- 
less he shall giue iust occation to the Contrary, and in 
Consideracon therof he is to haue two pence from a 
stranger, and one penny from an inhabitant : moreouer 
the sd. Jn? Stones doth ^mis to givide a convenient boat 
for the sd. purpose betwixt this & the first month next 
coming after the date hereof. 

vtd. to 82. 

to 79. That m''' Keniston is receiued for ^ Inhabitant but 
not to haue land l)ut what she purchaseth, & so hath pur- 
chased Lieft : Dauenports house. 

to 79. Jn*^ Elford to be warned to Q'ter Cort to answer 
the of Parmester 

Concerning the Accompt of Calues & Lambs keeping, 
being not rightlie Audited nor an}' Eowle taken therof, it 
is therfore agreed that R. ffog shall qicure a more iust 

t This paragraph is written by Gov. Endecott. J In short-hand. 

ace': Oc drawc a Ivowlc of them, t^ liaue vii^ (>'' [{p pains] 

to he paid out of tlie moneys to he eolU'cted from the de- 


to 82. To wavne the 2 Liefteiiants to Court ahoiit the 18* 

tSc !)'' Avanting of the 5^ Rate, t^- m'' Stihiian (pmiseth paymt. 

of the Rest. 

Tiie next (! day to meet at <S of Clok. 

^[l' j! ^18. \) po. to .S2 etc. 


The K)"' of 11'^ mo: KKJG 

It is ordered that noe sawcn hoards, elaphoards or other 
Timher or wood he sold en* transported hy any pson or 
psons w"'iu the liherties of Salem from or out of the sd. 
plantation or liherties therof, vpon the paine or penalty 
of ;")* for euery hundred foot of hoard, or hundred of 
claphoard, or other sawen tim1)er, cVc 5"* the load of any 
other wood or tim])er so transported, vnless the said 
l>oards elaphoards or other jjwood or|| timher [*so trans- 
ported vnless*] he tirst oli'ered to sell to the thirteene 
men or ye greater part of y"' that are iutrnsted for ye 
tyme being w^'^ the atlairs of the sd. towen & an answer 
w"'in tifteene days returned l)y the towne whether the ^ 
will ))ye or noe. 

Item, it is further ordered that [*in case*] ||though|| 
the Towne should refuse to hye, t^ thervpon lihertie be 
granted to part w*'' any l)oards, elapl)oards or other tim- 
ber, etc. yet that who so shall sell or transport, any of 
the sd. hoards, clapl)oards or other timher or wood shall 
pay vnto the Towen eighteene pence for euery hundred 
||foot|l of boards ov of sawen timber [*or wood*] or hun- 
dred of clapboard. And for the [*better*] further exe- 
cucon of this order, it is agreed that noe master of any 


sliip or other vcsscll sli:ill take or transport any of the 
premises ])ut shall first giuc notis viito the Toweu what 
quaiiteties they doc take to traiis})ort vpon the penalty of 
5® for eiiery hundred so transported. 

Item, It is agreed, that m"" Tho : Scrua-g-s shall see to 
the execution of these orders abouesaid, & giue notis vnto 
the To wen of what shall be done hcarin, as also deliuer 
a true accompt of av* is l)ought, sould, rec'! or deliuered 
concerning the premises. 

po : to 62 


Dated the xvi'" of the IT'' moncth called January 1(k>(>. 
Wlieras we haue found by experience that the trans- 
porting of boards & clapboards from our plantacon hath 
not ouely bared our woods verie much of the best tymber 
trees of all sorts l)ut bereaued also our inhabitants of 
such boards 6c clapboards whereof they stand in need, 
We haue therefore ordered that |j henceforward || noe saAV- 
yer clapboard cleaner or an}' other psoii whatsoeuer 
shall cutt downe saw or cleaue any boards or tymber 
Copnied ^vithin our lymits & transport them to other 
Vf^'- places, vpon the payne or penaltie of tiue shil- 
lings for euery such hundred of board clapboard ||or 
Tymber II to be paid in to Mr. Scruggs, who is appointed 
to be Treasurer [*for the Towne*] ||in this behalfe|| this 
yeare ensuingc. 

[The last paragraph, and the words interlined in the following, are 
in the handwriting of Gov. Endecott.] 

It is agreed that IJic'? Inkersoll shall hencefoward haue 

one peny [*a tyme to maintaine the ferry*] ||for euery 

pson hee doeth ferry over the north [*ferry*] riuer 

ildureing the Towns pleasure. \^9 po : to 84. 

[*Edw :*] 


By the Towiie represeiitatiiic the 23"^ of the 
11"> mo: Ami? 1G3G 
Imprimis, It is agreed that wee who represent the busi- 
ness of the Towen will underwrite vnto such things as 
are agreed vi^on by vs. 

William James bound in Eecognizans of 20^ The Con- 
dicon is that he appearc att Boston the next quarter Court 
ad Respondendum. 



m'' tt'ranes Weston 
m'' Tlio : Gardener 

Daniell Ray 
ni' Phillip Verrin 


The W of the 11"' mo: 1636 

de Land It is agreed, cSc the Towen representatiues haue 

deputed Jacob Barney to goe unto m'' ffrances Johnson, 

to forewarne him from Iniilding att Brooksbee or any 

other place in the Towens liberties wV'out the Towens 


[Here is Avritten iu short-hand, — Eiidecot de Ed. Beach[anip] -'we 
have made a show of receiving him for an inhabitant.] 

Edw : Beachamp Rd. for an Inhabitant & is to haue 

flower Acres of Land. 

Debora Holmes refused Land |ll)eing a maid|| [lint hath 

four bushels of corn granted her, one by Mr. Endecot, 

one by jNIr. Stileman, one l)}' John Woodl)ury and one by 

Mr. Verrin. f] and would be a bad president to keep hous 


fin short-hand. 


haiie each ^ an Acre of Land 
granted them att Winter Har- 
ber for ffishing trade, & to 
^ build vpon. 

[John Sibley gives nothing to the 
requital, but gave unto ine his alow- 
ance if he come not again. J] 

Rol)t wheaton refused to be Inhabitant. 

m'" Jackson. 

Antho : Dike. 

ni'^ Kajm*. 

Pasca tfoote. 

Jn'? Sibley. 

Kobt. Leech. 

Geo: W•"^ 

& Humphrey woodbury 

po : to 83. 

De Lands or By the Towen representatiue the 23"' of 

rec. in inhabitants the 11*'' mo : Ann** 1G36. 

to 81 ]\Iathew Waller Receiued for an Inhabitant p a Cer- 
tifficate from m"" Atherton haugh. 

to 81 Thomas Trace ship Carpenter reffered to Certifiicat. 

to 81 William Hackford Receiued for an Inhabitant & 
may also haue a ffishing Lott. 

to 81 John Leech the broth*" of Lawrence Leech Rec*! for 
an Inhabitant. 

to 81 Ric*? Lambert, Joyner, Receiued for an Inhabitant 
but to purchase his accomodacon. 
It is agreed that m*" Saniuell Sharpe o*" Elder shall 
haue a farme cont. 300 acres of Land to be Laid 
out & bounded by the Towen to the Southward of 
m*" Skeltons farme and ioyneinge vpon the head of 
the north Riuer. 

It is agreed that forasmuch as that m'' flVancs John- 
son did relinquish a farme formerly granted him at 

to 81 Brooksbie vpon the Towns request, & now de- 
sireing meete accomodacons else where, It is ther- 
fore ordered that he shall haue sixe acres of mcdow 

J In short-hanu. 


ground & fowerteene acres of other Grounds att 
Brookesby aforesaid wher his Cow house now is, 
and nine score Acres more neare the Cedar Pond 
aboiie a mile distant from it. 

to 81 John Shepley and his wyfe now must be Inhabitants. 
Item for as much as m"" Gervas Garford hath built a 
Cowhowse & impaled a portion of ground neere his 
dwelling howse vpou the Townes Coinon to the 

to 81 hindering of it from receaueing of an other inhabi- 
tant That lieinge a place fitt for a dwelling house & 
also it beinge an act not onely done w*.''out order or 
warrant from the Towne but rather ageanst order 
& warneiug. It is therfor agreed That the said m"" 
Garford shall pay to the Towne twentie shillings 
tine : & that he pay anually the Rent of Tenn shil- 
lings vpou demande so longe as the sd. cowehouse 
& impaleing so remaine vpou the said Coinon, vpou 


By the To wen rcpresentatiue the 27"' of the 11"' 
De Lands. -^ ^ * -, .o^ 

mo : An" Ibob 

to 81 That a pcticon be drawne vnto the generall Court 

concerning the Limitts of Salem 

cp. E. It is ordered that all the Land along the shore 

T. B.— ® 

M— on Darbys [*side*] fort side Ijup to [^m"" Humfries 
i^J^- land*! the Hogsties and so to run along towards 

E. S. — JO o 

j;|~ marble liead|| 20 pole into the Land shall be 
D. K.Z| reserued for the Coiiions of the towne to serue 
to 81 [*them*] ||it|| for wood & timber. | 

fCapt. Eudecott, Townsend Bishop, Kob* Molton, Jacob Barney, 
Lawrence Leach, Elias Stilenian, Thomas Scrugs, John Balch, John 
Woodbury, Daniel Kay. 

J This paragraph is in Gov. Endecott's handwriting. 


It is further ordered That aboiic the measure of 

to 81 20 pole into the hmd as abouesaid : The kind shall 
be layed out for 10 acre lotts till the Toiui be sup- 
ply ed-t 
It is ordered that Ricl Brakeiibury, Tho : Laythrop 

to 81 & Ric'! Iluchenson are to view what Inlande their is 
betwixt Jefi'ereys Creeke & Makerell Cove, 4 or 
ffyve miles. 

It is ordered That John woodl)ury & Capt Trask 
II & John Balchll shall lay out 200 acres of land for 
M"" Endecott next adioyning to the land w*^'' was 

to 81. formerly graunted him : f 

Vera Copia of the Surveiors warrant. A president. 
Whereas The towne hath granted to m"" Endicott 
twoe hundred acres of Land to lye next adioyncing 
to the 300 acres formerly granted vuto him & con- 
firmed by a generall Court : 

It is now ordered by vs whose names are hearvnder 
written That Capt. Trask John woodbury lloger 
Connaut Jett'ery Massie & John Balch or any three 
of them shall Lay out and bound the said 200 acres 
granted aforesaid. And this is for their sufficient 

to 81. warrant. [*p me Hapii Aogg*] 

rec.inj Inhabitants. The 6*^ of the 12"' mo : 1636 

Tho : Tayler rec*? for an Inhabitant but must i)ur- 

chase his accomodacon yet may haue planting 


Diners orders vpon some [papers] m"" Endicot hath 

Also m"" Bishop or some oth"" hath w* was agreed 

vpon when I was at Plimoth. 

7"' of 12 mo: 1636 
to 81 Jn? Pickering Carpenter granted to be inhal)itant. 

t These paragraphs are in Gov. Endecott's handwriting. 


to 81 Sai'g : woolf may liaiie a fishing Lott at Wiiif 

The 17"' of 12"' mo : 1636 [vide some more this 

date p contra.] 
That m*" Hathorne may hane 200 Acres Land whcr 
to 86 he hath Iniilt w"' condicon y* lie be dismist from 
th'" Clnirch to o''^ att Salem. 

il O 

i: a 

O N 

C O 

O c3 


6"d. 12". Ami'^ 1636. 
Wheras [*some may plead*] diners orders are 
made & agreed on by the Inhal^itants of [*the*] 
onr Towue of Salem ||for the better subsistence of 
o'selnes and those that shall hereafter Joyne v"' vs|| 
& for want of a })rint howse or some other meanes 
whereby to publish them not only to the present 
Inhal)itants but to others that may heereafter [*in- 
habite*] set downe amongest vs. These are there- 
fore to certitie all whom it may concerne, & for 
thus avoyding of the breach of any of the said or- 
ders & consequently the penaltie of them, [*as also 
that*] That they repaire to Mr. Raph ftbgge Avho 
keepeth the records of the said orders, where they 
may satisfie themselues in euery pticular order as 

to 81. 7"' of 12"' mo : 1636, John Hardy is to haue a 
lishing Lott. 

tTliis paragraph is vvritteu by Gov. Eudecott. 


to 81. 17"' of 12"' mo: 1(]30, xxtor yong Reo*^ for an 
Inhabitant & may ^ half an acre w"' av"' Browne. 

20*" of the 12'" mo: 1636 
to T. The order de not thatching houses revoked. 

A warrant granted & deliiiered Jn? AVoodbnr}^ 
according to the forme of the lirst Avarrant, for the 
Laying out vnto 

Sam : Archer 
to Wm Alleu 
JuV Sibley 
Geo : Wms 
Jn? More 
Jn? Black 

po : to page 
CO acres 81 
50 acres 81 
50 acres 81 
40 acres 81 
40 acres 81 
30 acres 81 

Sarg: Wolf 50 acres 81 
Sarg- : Dixie 50 acres 81 
Widow More 10 acres 81 
Att Jeflerys Creek. 

Item Another warrant ibid 

ddrd to Lay out to 
Roger Morie 50 acres to 81 
Edw: Giles 60 acres 81 

Ric'.' Dauenport 80 acres 81 
Robt Moltou 100 acres 81 
Tho : Gardener 100 acres 81 
fl'rancs Weston 120 acres 81 
Mrs Iliireusou 150 acres 81 

[*that these resorting vnto mee & paying that 
they owe in the Towns book & vpon my tiket tliey 
may Lay them forth, to 81. 

Wlieras widow more had x acres*] 
Item p Another warrant of 17'" of 12'" mo : 1636 
for ye laying out to Law : Leach 100 acres l|vpland|l 
& sixe acres marsh ou'' ag' m""! Daniells & Jacob 
to 81. Barney 50 acres w"' y*^ marsh before y*^ ground. 

The 20"' of y« 12'" moneth 1636. 
It is ordered by the freemen of Salem y* m'' 
Ralph ffogg in consideracon of his paines in en- 
to 81 fringe the lands y* are granted to ye inhabitants 
into ye towne booke for recording of them shall 
hauc for eu'y 20 acr. O^ for 30 acr. 12^^ for 40. l^-^ 
for 50 & soe vp wards 1^ 6'J 

[This last paragraph is in a difl'erent hand.] 


Item 20"' of 12"' mo : 1036 
A warrant dtl') Ju? woodliury aeorcling to the con- 
to 81 tents, That Jefi'ery Massy & ll'ic^ Brakenlniry each 
haue threescore & tifteene acres a ps. att Mackerell 
Coue clischariifino; first their arreraiijes in the Towns 
book. And that Cp. Trask Jn? woodbnry Rogc'' 
Connant & Jn? Balch or any three of them may 
Lay them ont. 
to 81 It is ordered that Mathew Waller shall haue flyve 

acres of land upon the North necke. 
to 81 It is ordered that Christopher yong shall haue be- 
sides half an acre for a hous lott, the qnantety of 
tenn acres vpon Darbie fort syde. 
to 81 It is ordered that Thomas Goldthwait shall haue a 
tenn acre Lott vpon the neck of the North Syde of 
the Kiuer, qjvided that if in case y* he be not dis- 
missed vnto the Church att Salem y* then hee Leaue 
it vnto the Towne, elce to be his owne. ||it was 
granted 4"' of 5"' mo : 163(3 before now.|| 
to 81 That Tho : Eaborne may haue three acres next to 
Ensigne Dauenports x acre Lott, laid out w"'ont 

By the Towne represent. 2'^ of first mo : 1636-7 

After much discourse about the equitie of the 
T. v.. , , 1 

P V (pportions of Land to be Laid out to these Inhab- 
'l^ ^^j- itants. It is agreed that wherin we haue not 
!i'ii. walked by order & Rule in the (pportioning of 
^" ^'^ Land, that it should be rectified. 

In the agitacon of matters w*"' concerne y^ 

tTownsend Eisliop, Thos. Scrugs, riiilip Verin, Jolm Woodbury, 
Robt. Molten, Elias Stileman, Jacob Baruey, Lawrence Leach. 


Its agreed that the neatheard shall begin the charg 
^fpo!^ of the keeping of the great catle vpon the fifth day 
of the second month. 

And further that the catle that are turned Ijefore 
the neat heard the [*first of the third month an" 
1636*] shall pay for keeping the whole tyme, y* 
the neatherd is couenanted Av*''all. 
That W"' woodburie in consideration of laying 
downe a twoe acre Lott in the Towne, is to haue a 
pcell of marsh lying before his x acre Lott, & so 
much of vpland ground att the other end as to mak 
him leuell w"' other men these not exceeding three 
acres, & it being averred not to be preiudiciall vuto 

M"" Garfords demand of 11^ for a twoe acre Lott is 
thought but cquall. 

That those who had Rams of their owne [*&c*] 
ought not to pay q? fetching Rams. 
That y° orders for hay grase & paym*f to y'^ penn 
ought to be obseruecL 

Its thought meet for present that w"' walker, shall 
be kept w"' m"" B^ both for his owne preservaco & 
also [*for*] towards the [*further*] satisfiing of 
m*" B" in part of his debt, [if he can earn any- 

agreed to*-. /.-i-, nr • n 

qppositions of Roger Morie nrst not to keepe y™ 
any Lo : day 2'^' to haue 40^ qp 8 mo : & [*haue 
2 men Ingaged for it*} ||to gather it himselfe but|| 
always to haue 1 (j^'ter before hand. 3''' the num- 
ber not to exceed ^ score & all Catle to be reconed 
agreed alike as well stears &c. as cows & that a pen be 
made. Its denied now. 

J In sliort-liaud. 


to 81 Tho : Trace, Rec*? for Inhal)itaiit vpon a Certificate 
from cliuers of watter Towue. 

And is to haue 5 acres of Land. [Avhicli he may 
have hiid out when he hath a ticket from me that he 
hath paid mef] 

to 81 James Standisli, haueing Leaue from the snrveiors 
for the [inclose] of some part of the Coiuon next 
to the pcnn, w"' this Causion that if the Towne re- 
quire it he shall allow so much out of his house 
Lott on the other end. 

to 81 Thomas Chadwell Eec'} for an Inhabitant : & y' he 
may haue a tenn acre Lott vpon C' Ann Side, near 
Sedar Stand. 

20"' of ffirst mo: 1()3(3. 
Its ordered that all o"" tfences ftbrmerly made shalbe 
sutBcientlie repaired by the Last of this first 
moneth, w*'' either post and raile or bound av"' 
poles or laths on each sydc w"'in a foote & a halt 
of the Topp, or some other way so sufKcientlie, as 
the surveiors shall approue of, and to be accom- 
plished before the first day of the next montl*, or 
elce shall not only stand to y*^ damadges done 
(throw the neglect of such snfticient fences) but 
to n also shalbe fined half a crowne for the first offence, 
& twelne pence a week so long as they shall alnde 
insufficient (strictlie to be leuied). And the Sur- 
veiors to bee, Jacob Barney & Jeffery Massie for 
all the fences borderiug from John Talbies Lott 
allong the North Riuer to Jn" Symonds house. 
And Sargeaut Dixie & broth"" Raym* to survey all 
the fencs betwixt the [*neck on the*] South side 

fill .sliort-liaiid. 


neck & the meeting honse. And Thomas Olney & 
Tlionias Gardener to sin-vey all the fl'encs l)etwixt 
the meeting house, all Avestward of the ToAvnc. 
That an}^ of these shall [*distraine*] view & dis- 
traine vpon the dollicients, vpon foifett of 5^ a 

to D It. That the order Last y';'" ageanst poultree, & 
Doijo's shall stand. 

to 86 Jn? Tompkins is qmiised to l)e Reel for Inhabitant 
in case he qieure free dismision. 

to SG Sargeant Lockwood ihidem is (j)mised to be Rec'! 
Inhabitant in case he cpcurc a tiree dismision. 

to 86 Anthony Pearce is g)miscd to be Rec'! Inhabitant in 
case he (pcure a tiree dismision. 

to 86 Ric*} Graves Refused to be an Inhabitant. 

to 86 Jn"? Pride hath granted i an acre on Winter harbor 
by their house cVc 5 acres on Darlne forte side. 
Its agreed \v"' Roger Morie Neatherd that he shall 
begin the keeping of all this Towns Catle, the fifth 
day of the second month next, & to continew his 
help w"' the help of another sufficient man, dureing 
the space of Eight months Compleat And that 
euery twoe Catle shall find one for the Carfull 
Looking vnto them on the Lords days, And that 
the neatherd shall be ready att the penn gate an 
liower after sunn rise each morning, to lake all the 
Towne Catle to feed, & who so shall not haue their 
Catle ready att that tyme are either to bring them 
after the heard i e to the heard or elce (the loss y' 
acrews to their Catle throw such neglect) to lye 
vpon themselncs & in case the neatherds fade on 
either of their prts in not taking them forth bring- 
ing them home or carfull Looking vnto them, that 



y" the sd. Eoger Morie is liable to further exami- 
nacon (& being found faltie) to the scnsuro of the 
Towne. And in Liew of their service the said 
Roger is to haue seaven shillings p head of all 
exepting bulls to be paid them by fower equal por- 
tions, always one quarter before hand. And what 

to n. Catle shall be put to the neatheard shall pay for the 
whole tyme, except in case any should miscary, & 
then y** loss ynough. 

agreed to allowe a goatherd for keeping a whole 
year, 2^ a milch goat 1* a wether one shilHng an ew 
Lamb after they are wayued & 6*^ a y"" a wether 

to g. Lambe. 

to 80. Edw : Beaucham may haue his 4 or 5 acres granted 
before ou Darbie forte side. 

By the Towne Reprcscntatiue the third 

day of the second mo : 1637 
The order concerning repairing vnto me Raph ifogg 
for the viewing of Towne orders is repetded. 
[*It is ordered y* wheras*] [our brother Barney 
moved concerning my allowance, and not to hinder 
my planting. I ] 

[*Wheras m" Ralph ffogg hath heretofore been 
taken of his owne imploym*^ especially in planting 
time to attende vpon the towne occasions to his 
great preiudice. It was agreed y* w' I did for y'' 
Towne y*^ I should be paid & it being so formerly 
ordered this prcseding order is needless*] 
That m'' Scruggs may haue tenn acres of mcdow 
ground in the north sydc of the water y* runns out 

fin short-hand. 


of the great Ponud. rec"? Vide page 4 of this wast 

That wheras diuers inconveiiieiiscs haue acrewed, 
by a pticuler Laying out of cuery pticuler mans 
^portion of Land intirc to himself, & bounding the 
same out at the same instant, by reason of the ine- 
quallity of grounds, some therby may haue all 
good, & some none good, Its therfor ordered that 
so many as are appointed in one warrant shall be 

to 86 laid out in one intier bound, & [*the survciors*] 
make subdiuitions according to the nature of the 

to f It is ordered y* m*" Ralph ffogg shall haue for 

euerie warrant 2"^ of euery pticular pson contained 
in y® warrant for laying out lauds in consideracon 
of his paines. 

That m'" Batter shall haue Tenn acres of marsh 

to 86 wher it may convenientlie be laid out for him in 
liew of Twenty Acres w*^''- he should surcuder out 
of his farnie for his brother Antram. 

That Ric*! Huchenson shall haue twenty acres 
more aboue the sixtie acres mentioned in the book 

to 86 of Calculations & to be laid out next to [*the war- 
rant Granted unto*] Rich : waterman D. R. & R. 
fi". too-ether w"' m'" Thorndike who is to haue his 
hundred Acres (w°'' was fi)rmerlie mentioned to bee 
next m"" Johnsons & is disliked of by himselfe) 

to 86 Granted a warrant to Dan. Ray, for 160, to Ric-? 
Waterman 80, & R. ff 80 acres. 

to 86 It. Another to Hugh Laskin 70. w"^ Dodg 60. Jn'! 
Hardy 60. & will, woodbury 40 acres. & 10 Acres 
m"" Scruggs as aboue. 


[Mr. Bishop and myself often moved that we 
might [ ] f] 

By the ToAvne representatiues x"' of 2 mo : 1G37 
J p^ to 8G Ricf Graues Rec'.' for an Inhabitant 
P V t '^ ^^'^y hane the twoe or 3 Acres of land if 

n. Moi. there l)e so mnch next beyond Eaph ffoggs 5 

I)', h!'' Acre Lolt, the av*='' Avas -was agcane measured 

J. Bar. -.^ ^, 

p m' Roger Lonnant. 

to S6 Tho : Read acknowledged an Inhal)itant. 

It is ordered that all the marsh ground a])out the 
Towne that hath formerlie bcene L:iid out for hay 
ffrass shall be measured out whether it hath been 
mowed or vnmowed, whether salt or fresh marsh 

to SG It shall all be measured by the Last day of this 
week iSL- a tiaie accompt brought in vnto the Towne 
both w* it is, iSc how it Lyeth.) And to be layed 
out or measured by the ffive Layers out C'! Trask 
nV Connaut Jn? woodbury Jn'? Balch & Jeiicny 
Massy or any three of them : tSc are to haue in liew 
of their paius sixe pence an acre if 4'' an acre be 
not good wadges. 

Jn? Sweet 2^ to meeting house ought 
[to that account p. 18 — and they will not give m"" 
Sharpe's 4^ nowf ] 

order to discont w"^ or brother Ager 4^ more for 
former servis to the Towne. [Besides [what they 
gave] before as p. 73 f] 
' '§That [*Edw : Giles*] Ric!' Inkersell c^ pasca ffoot 
shall haue such qiportions as is nominated for them : 
l)y the frost tish brook next to Goodma Barney if 

fill short-liaiid. 

J Here is iihserted in sliort-liand — "I was there too but did uot as- 
sent to his receiving." 

§ Here is inserted — "We whose hands are nnderwritdoe witnes the 
lawfull causelliug of Ed. Giles. J. W. (John Woodbury)." 


to 8C) their be so much or else pasca flbot to be left out. 
giuen a ticket [according to the grant and granted 
a war rant f] 
to 86 m'" Smith [Junio''] may purchas that 2 acre Lott 

from m"" Burditt att 7^J 
to 87 m'" Moses Maverik request to Towne granted if he 

bring his dismission, 
xtii of the "^^^^^ same da}^ before this business aboue writ, 
second mo : was done, the Town in o-enerall did meet & 
Chose for Deputies C? Traske 
to D. Lieft Dauenport 

& Robt. Molton 

By the Towne representatiue the 17"' of 2 mo : 1G37 
P'-e|:?»it It is ordered that 
^^l- m'' Scrugs & o"" Ijro : Ray tined C a ps to be dis- 
wood trained for disorderlie standing & ueglecting to 
K^ si)ek to T. busines to ft'. 

&Kayt It is ordered That if any qiportions of Land so 
fall out that it will afford || little or|| noe marsh or 
medow ground, then shall the Layers out allott 
to 8G such qpportions of marsh or medow ground, (ac- 
cording to the quantety of such g)portioiis granted) 
in such places next adioyning as may be most titt 
& equall for each & to returne w* quantetys, & 
wher each qiportion is, vpon the l^ack of the war- 
rants, that so they may be registred. 

fin short-hand. 

jilie Kev. George Burdct is stated by Felt to have preached at Sa- 
lem from 1(!35 to lii'ST. This h)t was probably the one j^ranted to him 
Au'j^. 22, 1(535 "upon the Eock beyond Mr. Endicott's fence," (see paye 
9) and I conjecture that it was on the east side of the northern end of 
Washington street. John Smith owned a house antl land there in 
IHuO, and sold it in 1058, bmindinn; south "by the house and land of 
Mr. Endecott" and extending noriheiiy to the bank of the river. The 
word "Kock" may have meant the steep or rocky bank of ihe river. 

t Viriu, Bishop, Leech, Stilenmn, Woodbury, Kalph Eogg, Scruggs 
& Ray. 


^ r^ 






^0 O 



a <=« 

>. 9 





H g 

1—1 C/2 


-hid i-i ^^ 

P^ s 






ci .a 




rin K* „ 

O V 

1= K 


m'" ffrancs Weston hath Tcnii acres added to his 
to 86 hundred & twenty mentioned in Calcul : p. 10. | 

More 17'" of 2 mo: 1037 

Item It is agreed tliat in case Kic'.' Huchenson shall 
to 86 sett vp plowing within 2 years he may hauc 20 

acres more to bee added to his apportion. 

Item It is agreed that m"" ftrancis weston may haue 
to 86 20 Acres of Land more to the 130 formerlie g)por- 

tioned and to be laid out vp woolistons Riuer : 

Item y* nV Verrin shall haue lil)ertic to Cult 3 Load 
to h of hay gras neare to Lawrence Leeches g^vided that 

he burne all the marshes therabout 

It. That m'' Smith shall haue his cpportion of 150 
to 86 Acres beyond the ould planters farmes. 

[*It. y* E. Hogg may*] 
to 48 Item That m'" W" Browne may haue x Acres added 

to his Twenty in steed of a x Acre Lott ; 
to 86 That Beniamin Parmiter though he sd he would 

ffollow his trade yet may haue 5 Acres Land, 
to 86 Sarg. Lockwood refused the hous Lott beyond his 

father Normans, 
to 86 Tho : Read refused his request he mad for a little 

land to be changed by his x Acre Lott. 
to 86 Robt. Baker refused to be acknowledged inhabitant 

to 81 Shepley et vxor acknowlcdg Inhabitants 

to 86. Geo : Roaps cannot yet be rec'! because he hath a 
p. yf to serue. 

By the Towne [repre]senta[ ] 

There being present m'' B'.' nV Scrugs [ 
] Jn*^ Woodbury L. Leech. 

t See page 27. 


It is ai^reed That ffiith'' Moltou & m' Ed : [ ar]e 

appointed Auditors to take acconipt of me Rapli fibgg 
Treasurer &] there vpon giue discharges in the name of 
the Towne, to aquit the same. Notwithstanding tlie order 
long since made de m'" Bhickleech & m"" Gardner. 

Vide wast not on tile it may be was about the Clioys of 

By virtue of a warant d! 19*'' of 2 m? 1G37 (published in 
a general Towne meeting) for tlie 

Some of 63f 4^-7'^ for w*=" y^ Towne is Rated 

& for 31-12-3 for Salem, 31-07-2 

& (p Marble head. 4-00-0 

Tot. 94-1 G-10 

both 35-07-2 

14-lS-O & 35-07-2 

13-15-2 & 35-07-2 

28-13-2 10()-01-G 

4-00-0 94-1 ()-10 

32-13-2 11-04-8 


1 00 1- 
43 acres ^ & 23 pole m'' Connant h[ath] 

Att a generall Towne meeting of fireemen the 15"' of 

3 mo : 1G37 
Avas dd vp & scald vnto m'" En[decott] for Gou''nor 
Dep. Gour & diners of Assistants besids one for standing 
Counsell to ye othf & y*' names of y^ fireemen present (y"- 
did not goe into Bay) but sent gixes) wear taken by m"" 


Eudicot. Ite[m the ajssistants viito y^ maiestrates ou 

quarter Courts for Salem mr Bisiiop Chos. 

mr Hathoriie Chos. 

M-" Sharpe hath remitted freely l)y ""' ^loiton Chos. 

^ T. "'!■ Holgniue Chos. 

the 1 o wne y® 4^ he did vud'writ mr Conaut. 

for meeting house. But Jn': S^veet ""-Batter. 
2^ is not remitted 

Ed : Giles [said unto me [ ] said I was 

the strangest troublesome man a falling out and quarrel- 
[The 19]"' of 3 m? 1637 was a warrant d['! for] 6 men 

more for the expedico ag' the Pequiots. Vide a note 

on file wher is a List of the names of the Souldicrs 

who went vpon the sd expedico. 

By the To wne in general 1 the 19"' of 4 mo : 1637 
Granted m'' Thorndike 185 acres in the place w'^'' the 
To wne apointed him 100 acres. 

Vide the seuerall discourses this meeting about diners 
things in y*' waste. 

That men shall l)e chosen for manadging the aflairs of the 
Towne. Voted. 

Agreed that m'^ Clark shall haue 200 acres by the Sedar 
pound not exeeding 20 acres medow ; to be Laid out 
acording to the discretion of the Layers out. 
That one of the 12 men shall enter all the orders that the 
12 [*shall*] II doe II make for the Towne gratis 
m'" Johnson is granted that Smale quantety of medow 
ground before his house on the oth'" side the Eiuer be- 
twixt 2 & 3 acres. 

An order w* power is coiiiitted to the 12 & who are Cho- 
sen, & fo'' 6 months. Vide a note in the waste & p Contra. 

fill short-haud. 


[Here a portion of the record is lost, but the Book of Grants ena- 
bles us to partially supply the defect. As stated before, this part of 
the Book of Grants is written by Emanuel Downing.] 

Extract from the Boole of Grants. 

The 20"' of the 4"^ moneth 1637 
A towne meeting of the 12 men appoynted for the 
busines thereof whose names are here vnder written 

Mr. Hathorne Daniell l\ay 

Mr. Bishop Robt. Moulton 

Mr. Counanght Mr. Scruggs 

Mr. Gardiner Jefl'ry Massy 

John Woodl)ery John Balch 

Peter Palfrey John Holgrave 

Its ordered that Richard Johnson is received an Inhali- 
itant and is appoynted halfe an acre of land for an house 
lott nere vnto Richard Ilollingworths works 

Its ordered that Richard Roots is appoynted halfe an 
acre of land for his howse lott next vnto our brother Mar- 
shall, saving the high way 

A Towne meeting the 4"' of the 5"' moneth 1637 

Mr. Hathorne Robt. Moulton 

Mr. Connant Daniel Ray 

John Woodbery Peter Palfrey 

Mr. Scruggs Townshend Bishop 

Mr. Gardiner Jetfry Massy 

George Harris is to haue his lott made vp at the Great 

Willm Plaise requested a tenne acre lott and it is 

Mr. Burdett is to haue a tenn acre lott adjoyniug to the 
fort next jNIarljle head. 

[The following again is from the original record-book. The hand- 
writing will be indicated as it changes from time to time. Tlie first 
part is in the handwriting of John Holgrave, who signs it.] 

Robt. Moul[ton] 
mr Gardi[n('r] 
Rich. Walker 
Wm Bouude 


A Towuc mooting 12["'] of the 5'.' m[o : 1G37] 
mr Bisliopp 
rur Counont 
nil" Skriiggs 

brothr woodbiry ffoiirth Book t 1 ()37 

broth niarsy 
brothr Kay 
brothr inoiilton 
Juo. Holgraue. 

M'' Jii° ffisk hau[e] aq^bation into this Jurisdiction [*of or 

Patent*] and the towne do Receiue hime for a Inhabetant. 

Jn? Browne & Jeames hynds, Thomas Sponer in like 

maner or admitted Inhabetants. 

It is allso ^ y^ Jeames hynds & John browne desier acomo- 


m*; Jn? ffisk the like Thomas Sponer the like. 

Jn" Tomkins is Rec. a Inhabitant and hane granted fine 

acres of land. 

m"" Philip Vorine his request for hay grounds to his fearme. 

m'' Edmund Batter his request for a fearme w"' 20 acres 

of medow if it be next to m"" Sharp. 

brother m'sy & Jn? Holgraue appointed to acompt w"' m"" 


willyam vinson his request for acomodation. 

Thomas Edwards Henery Skiry Robai-t Codnam and 

Thomas venner ar Pec. into this Jurisdiction and the 

Towne haue red them for Inhabitants. 

Thomas Edwards Henery Skiry haue granted eyther of 

them 10 akres planten ground. 

Robert Codnam granted fine akres for hime selfe & tine 

akres for his mother ^vided she be rec*! for a Inhabitant. 

Joseph Grafftin is ^mised planten ground. 

Thomas Venner haue granted 10 ackrs planting ground. 

these are all voted by these psent meeting 

Jno : Holgraue. 

[Blauk page.] 
t See page C. 


Salem The 18"' of 5"' moiieth 

The Towue meetiug Ther is granted to W" wake 5 acres of 

the mens names -ni j^* i 

mr liishop Planting- ground. 

mr Scrugs Robert Baker is rec'} inhabitante w"> vs. 

Kobert Moltou . 

bro. Woodbury and IS granted 5 acres ot Planting 

Peeter Palfry m./^imrl 

Jeefiy messy giomid. 

William Hathornef W™ Williams is Rec'I inhabitante w"' 

vs and is granted one acre of ground for a house lot l)y 

our Brother Barney and 10 acres for a great Lot. 

M^' Verens Req. for the alteration of his farme. 

]VP Straton Req. for a farme beyond Ipswich pond. 

Richard Lambert hath granted to him 5 acres of land for 

a great Lot on Derby s fort side. 

It is ordered that all men that haue Rams shall carry 
them away by the 25*'' of tliis 5"' moiieth, and if any Ram 
rcmaine after that day it shall l)e lawfull for any man to 
pound them and to haue 2^^ 6*^ for his paiiies 

It is ordered that w'" Lord shall haue a pcell of ground 
lying by M^' Garfard, and abuting vpon Richard watter- 
man and Daniell Reay to the som of 3 || score || acres & 

10 : and of meadow seven acres. 

It is ordered that Tho. Garner |1 Junor|| shall haue 5 

11 acres II of laud for a great Lot. 

A towue meeting y^ 30"' of the 5"' moneth being present 
mr Hawthorne m'" Batters is granted a flarme next to 

mr Conant ^^ brother Ray Northward & it is to 

John Woodbury niim yp to the o-reat meadow r*North- 

broth : Moulton ^ "- 

Peter Palfrey ward*] \v estward & it IS to be laid 

Jeffrey MaJsie ^ut by f Surveiors not exceeding y« 

Townshend Byshopp. number of 20 acres of meadow. 

fThe record of this meetiug appears to have been written by 
William Hathorne, and that of the next two by Townsend Bishop. 


Nich : Lissten desireth to be <an inha[l)itant &] to 
keepe y® fFerry between j'^ towne [and] Darbies tfort & is 
refered to next meeting f 

John Cooke desireth to be inhabitant & is referred to 
y° next meeting. 

Job Swinerton is admitted for inhabitant & is granted 

a halfe [acre] neere o'' ])rother Marshall for a house lot. 

M*" Stephen "Winthropp maketh request for a ffarme & is 


M"" Endicott requesteth 10 iVcres of meadow & it is 

granted, in y' great meadow northward of m'" Sharpes 


W™ Huson desireth a houslot in y*^ nccke ) 

r, ^^ T • ji „ c tliev are referred 

iJryan Grange desireth y*^ same > 

Tho : Chadwell & Roger desire y" same. 

A towne meeting y*^ 7*'' of G*'' moneth l)eing present 

nir Holgraue nir Garner 

mr Hawthorne Daiiiell Rea 

mr Scruggs Kobert Moulton 

mr Bishop .Tefry Massy 

John Woodbury John Balch 

Augustin Kellham is admitted for inhal)itaut & is to haue 

a q'ter of an acre before Esties bouse 

Marmaduke Percie, James Moulton, John Gedney, are 

admitted for inhabitants. 

John Harbert is likwisc admitted & is to haue half an 

acre in ye neck, 

"yym Yincent desireth 5 ackers c^ it is grantee! him. 

John Cooke is admited for inhabitant & granted 5 acres. 

m"" Blackleech & m"" Holgraue request for meadow, 

Ezekiell Knights is admitted for inhabitant. 

Nich Carey desireth to haue accoiiiodatiou of land as 

other neighbours haue. 

tThe last two paragraplis appear to be cancelled in the record. 


It is granted to m'' Stepliens to haue 18 poole of ground 
hy y*^ waters side in length & 12 poole in bredtli ||in ye 
narrow of y^ neck|| for the building of Shipps, ^vided, 
y* it shalbe imployed for y*^ ende. 

W" Huson Tho : Chadwell & Roger ^ shall haue each of 
them halfe an acre of grouncle at But poynte neere where 
Hollinwood buil[ds.] 

At Towne meeting the 14"' of 6"' iiionth 1G37 

inr B Bf broth, balcli 

inr Hathorne broth. Talfry 

mr Skrugs broth Masey 

broth. Moulton Jiio. HolgraueJ 
broth. Woodbiry 

Jno : Home is alowed a pece of grownd for a Avinde mill 
vpon or nere the buriall place. 

M'" Blaklech apointed the pece of meadow y' was ap- 
pointed o'" broth. Gott y*^ lyeth nere to m'' blaklechs 

m*" Jn? Youngs is Reed, a Inhabetant. 
Thomas Oliuer is Reed, a Inhabetant. 
Samuell Greenfeild reed, a Inhabetant & alowed 10 

Jn? Borows reed, a Inhabetant & is alowed hue Acres, 
m'' Youngs is appointed Ben feltons 10 acres in Base 
rever. & Ben felton to haue anoth"" on the south sid Dar- 
l)ys fort. 

Tho. oliuer request for lancle & is alowed 10 Acres 
flrancis ffelmingham reed a Inhabetant. 
mathcAV Smith reed a Inhabetant & is alowed a quarter 
Roger Mory rec]. for a spott of ground ||l)y Estyes|| for 

t Bishop. 

X The record of this meeting-, and of the next, is written by John 


leuedg to his ^ to be vewecl by m'' Ilathonie & Robert 


[*Robert Cottie appointed a spott of ground for a shop*] 

Sariant wolfe alowcd halfe a acre kiude at winter 

[*Iland*] II Harbor II 

Henry Skery alowed quarter of a acre nere to Estycs. 

m'» yt m"" John Holgraue at y*" earnest request of the 

towne hath undertaken to keepe an ordinary for the en- 

tertainmt of strangers. f 

[Blauk page] 

A Towne meeting this 21"' of the G'" month 1637 

mr. B B brotlir. woodbery 

mr. Hathorne broth. Massay 

mr. Connoiit Juo : Holgraue. 
brothr. Palfrye 

Thomas : Payen reed, a Inhabetant amonge vs. 
Jeams : vuderwood reed, a Inhal)etant as afore. 
Thomas Dixy reed, a Inliabetant amonge vs. 
•it John Gatshell is fyend tenn shillings for building 
head vpon the Towne ground w*'' out leaue. and in case 
he shall cutt of his lonng bar of his head in to a 
seuill frame || in the mean time || shall haue abated 
fiue shillings, his fien to be paid in to the Towne 
meeting w"' in too monthes from this time and haue 
leave to go on in his belding in the meane time. 
Jn" Dcverex request for a house lott. 
broth"" Palfty. request in the name of A])ram Tem- 
pell & is alowcd a Inhabetant. 
its ordered y* m"" Connonts house, ground, and half acre 
of corne standing on the same ||Joyning|| next vuto m' 
Jn° fSsk, shalbe bought by the Towne for ould m'" Wil- 
liam Plase and the Towne to mak payment thereof. 

fThis entry is iu the same hand as the record of the preceding 


its ordered that the house of m^' Connonts setuated next 
vnto in'' Jn" iEsk w"' halfe acre ground w"' the Corne now 
standing theron, is apointed ])y this meeting for the use 
of william Plase & his wife y* now is, to them for the 
time of ther life & what costs the said w'" Plase shall)e att 
for his use & liehouefe the Towne at tlie end of ther life 
shalbe willing to allow his eyers executors or Asigns the 
value that the same shalbe worth [*mor than it shall 
stand the towne for*] voted. 
Anthony Dike his request for meadow for 2 or 3 Cows 



Salem the 2S of y^ 6"' moneth 1(337 being present 

im- Scruggs mr Conant 

John Wocibury llobt Moulton 

Peter Palfrey Dauiell Kay 

John Balch Townsheud Byshoppf 

Jetlry Massie mr Gardiner 

M'' John Hall is admitted for inhabitant being first ap- 

proued by Authority to be in y*" Jurisdiction. 

John Pickworth requesteth for a pcell of land at Jeliries 


Willm Bennet the like 

John Gaily maketh y" like request 

John Norman requesteth for land next Jeftrey Massie. 

Goodwife Graftin requesteth a pcell of land for hir 

mother at y*' ende of hir husbands lott & it is granted to 

be laid out at y*^ discretion of the surueiors. 

Joshua Tidd is admitted for an Inhaljitant qjvided he 

fThe record of this meeting appears to be written by Towuseud 


bringeth a certificate from y" magistrates for bis ap(pba- 
tioii ill y*^ Jurisdiction, 

Joscpb Bacbelor is admitted for Inbal)itant. 
Tbo Payne recjuestetb a little pcell of land next bis bouse 
to be laide out at y*^ discretion of y*' suruaiors 
m"" Conant requestetb for a garden [*l()t*] plot at y^ Cor- 
ner of bis lot to be vewed and set out by tbe surueyers 
an ammunition bouse put out to Sam : Arcber & W" Al- 
lin to be made & finisbed by y*^ last of tbe eigbt 

Tbe 11'" of 7"' montb 

mr holf2:raue Peter Palfry 

John Woodberry John Balch 

Daniell Ray Eoger Couaut t 
Jeffery Marcy 

William Allen & 

Ricbard Singletary 

m"" Verrin is to bane bis farme of 160 akers next to m"" 

Clarke on tbe nortb side, laying down bis former. 

Liftenant Dauen^t is to bauc bis farme [of 120 akers 

wber m'' Verrins] was first graunted & 5 akers medo 

[ by mr. Hatbornes] 

Jobn Marsb is granted for bis great lot 20 akers ioyning 

to Liftenant Dauenport : 

Eaters Chosen Cboscu for tbe making of a countiy rate 

John Woodbury of 45^-1 2 --00' and also 10^ for a towne 

V^i^*^ li'^*'^ rate sucb wbose names folio 

Jeflrv Massy 

mr disk mr Holgraue John Balch 

mr Batter John vvoodbery Roger Conant 

mr Blackleech Jeffery Massy Richard Raymont 

Luient Dauenport Peter Palfry Thomas Browning 

Goodma LeechJ Daniel Ray 

admitted for inbabitants 

tThe record of this and the next meeting is written by Roger 

J This marginal entry is in a different handwriting. 



The 25"' of the 7"' month 

Jo : woorlhery Daniell Ray 

I'oter Palfry Robert Moulton 

Jc'tiery Mafssy Roger Couaut 
John Ealch 

M*" flViend desires to be admitted an inha1)itant w"' other 

accomodations conuenient. 

Isal)lc Babson desires admittance to be an inhal)itant 

Kichard Addams demands 5' due from Isack Davis, and 

also desires some house ground 

George wright is granted halfc an aker vpon the neck to 

build on and 5 akers in the forest side for phiuting and to 

keep a ferry twixt Butt point & Darby fort. 

Captain TraslvC requests 5 akers meado at Brooksl>y and 

100 akers on the east side of Sagus path l)y the pond. 

iirancis ffihningam desires accoiliodation for a farm lot. 

m"" Browne a sopemaker desireth admittance to tlie 

towne and is accepted. 

A Towne mitting this 9th of the 8"' month 1637 

mr bisliopp petter Palfry 

mr Ilathoriue Jettry Massie 

mr Connoutt Robart iiioultou 

Juo : bak'li Jno woodbiry 

Dauell Ray Jno: Holgrauef 

m"" Batter is alowed 100 acres vplande & 12 acres meadow 
or therabout : (pvided the towne att ther next mitting do 
agre ther onto as we do. at Bioksbye 

q?vided that if m*" batter shall remoue out of towne then 
the towne do resarue the lande to themselues. 
Capt Trask is alowed fine acres of medow ner to m'' John- 
sons farme and is agreed vpon the former termes. 
Erasnms : James is alowed to be a Inhabitant w*'' them 
att Marl)ill head : and allso 2 acres for planting ground : 
Necblas : Icstin : is alowed to be a Inhabittant att Marbell 
head : and is alowed 2 acres for planting : 

fTlie record of this meeting and of the ucxt is writteu by John 


Richard : Grciiaway : is alowod to l)o a Inliabitant at 

Marbill head : and is alowed 2 acres : for planting!: : 

Philip Bore is alowed a Inhabitant att marbill head and is 

alowed 2 acres for planting ground : 

m"" Joseph : Hull : request to be a Inliabitant 

mr tfriend is alowed a Inhabitant w"' vs and alowed hime 

10 Acres for planting ground. 

[*firancis ffelmengham is alowed 200 Acres of laude for a 

farme in some conveneant place.*] 

Towme mitting this 8"' of the 9"> month 16^7 

mr Coiiant broth. Massy 

mr Gardiner bioth. Kaye 

broth, wodbiry Jiio : Holi^rane 

broth, moultou brothr. Skruggs 

ffrancis laws request for a ferder portion of lande 
Joseph Pop request for the like. 

gth 9th month 1037 
Thomas Tuke request for leauen acres laud of w*^'' one 
quarter acre in the Towne & is granted. 
Jn? Hart & william Charles request for 5 acres seucrally 
and is granted, and to make vp ther house lott that is be- 
twine them halfe a acre : at m'bell head. 
Jn? Deverikxe granted halfe acre for a house lott. 
William Beman request for a lott and is qimised to haue a 
lott in due time 

Anthony Buxton is reed a Inhabitant and alowed hime 
5 acres. 

It is agreed that the Counstabell shall leiiey a ratt for 
ToAvne ocationes to the value of eightine pounds tenn 

Alixsander Higgines reed a Inhabittaut and is alowed 
hime 5 acres. 

Thomas Gardiner and George Gardiner bretherin haue 
eyther of them tenn acres land alowed 


Thomas haueiiig 5 acres allredy granted and tberfore is 

to liaue 5 more to make it 10. 

Margret brightf is alowcd next to Jnf Holgraue 3 or 4 

acres lande. 

Jno : borowes is alowed 10 acres of lande w"' bis 

[* other*] former 5 acres. 

Eichard Cliiismor alowed 10 acres land for a lott. 

Itt is order y* m'' Petter Jn? Holgraue Kichard Rayment & 

Samuell Mor ar to rec. ther farmes layd out by Jn"* wood- 

biry, Jefery Masye m'" Connott & ye rest. 

Ju? Pikwod, Jn? Gaily Jn'' Norman & w™ Benitt haue 

•alowed these fower eyther of them 25 acres a man ||att 

Jetfer^^es Creeke|| 

nn-s. Alls Danill is alowed 50 acres lande 

Josna Holgraue is aloAved a 10 acre lott. 

Jeames hynes granted 5 acres mor to bis former grant 


[4» Die mensis [*9*] 10 1637 
It is agreed Ijy the whole towne being mett that there 
shall forthw"' a faire book be Q^curcd & all the lawes & 
orders or other records w*^'' are written in the Court booke 
shall be fairely written out at the cost & chardgcs of the 
Samuell Archer chosen Constable for this yeare:^] 

[Ehmk page.] 
[A Hate Rated for the Countrey of 120f this : 5"' of 
lO*'' 1637: I say Rated. §] 

t Against this in the margin is written " mr Holgraucs sister." 

I Written by Gov. Eudecott. 

§ Written l)y Ilicharcl Davciipoi't. 


At a meeting the 25"' of the 10"' moiicth being present 

mr Endicot Peeter Palfry 

nir Connant Jefry iiiassie 

John Woodbury "VViliiani llathornet 
John balch 

There was deliuered in an aquittance of m"" Connants of 

7^-15* Y>iiyd to him by m"" Verine. w*^'' hec heere acknowl- 

edgeth vnder his hand. Roger Conant 

I John Coolve request 5 acres of land more to be added 
to the 5 acres hee hath already granted vnto him. 

It is agreed that the marsh & meadow Lands that hane 
formerly layed in coiiinn to this Towne shall now be ap- 
propriated to the Inhal)itants of Salem, proportioned out 
vnto them according to the heads of their families. To 
those that haue the greatest number an acre thereof & to 
those that haue least not aboue haue an acre, & to those 
that are ))ctweene both o q''tei's of an acre, alwaies pro- 
vided & it is so agreed that none shall sell away their 
proportions of meadow, more or lesse, nor lease them out 
to any aboue 3 y cares, vnlesse they sell or lease out their 
howses w^^ their meadow. 

It is agreed That M"" Johnson be sent for to giue ac- 
count of the Pouder comitted to his chardge. 

There is graunted to Liuetennt. Dauenport a portion of 
meadow lying of the south side of Brooke! )y riuer being 
[*about*] 5 or 6 acres, or thereabouts. [*Also There is 
gi-aunted vnto him all that meadow that is left remayning 
of that w*^'' Avas mo wen by M"" ffreeman, except 12 acres 
to M'' Thorndike, 8 acres to liichard Hutchinson & 6 
acres betweene ftrancis Weston & M"" Stileman & M"" 
Ilathorne his 4 acres already layed out. As also a slip of 

tThe first part of the record of this meetiug is written by Wm. 

t From here the record is written by Gov. Endecott, except occa- 
sional entries, until the end of the year 1646. 


land betweene JVP Coles & that land w*^'' was grannted 
formerly to the said Liuetennt. cont. aljont 20 aeres.*] 

It is agreed that whereas there was formerly graunted 
some meadow at Brookeby to Edmond Batter, yet it was 
l)y the layers ont forborne to l)e [deliuered] till JNI"" 
Thorndikc gane consent, it being formerly granted to 
him : Therefore the [said] f meadow l)eing consented 
vnto by M'" Thorndikc that the said Edmond Batter shall 
enioy it. The Towne hath now conhrmed it vnto him. 
Item. There is grannted to Echnond Batter ||thirtie|| [ ] 
acres of land adioying to his llarme. 

There is graunted to Eichard Granes : half an acre of 
land vpon the neck for the setting of his howse, hee 
promising to follow lishinge. 

Richard Granes requests 5 acres of land to plant in. 
John Hardy doeth propound for a 10 acre lott for his 
eldest Sonne : w*^'' was graunted to him about the Basse 

There is granted to Ralph flbgge 8 acres of meadow lying 
in the great marsh : And that the same may be layed out 
w"' the rest of the land granted vnto him. 
GoodiTia Gedney desires accomodation of Land. 
Rich : Bartholomew, desires a [*housplott or*] tenne 
acre Lott. 

Thurstone Carpenter desires accomodation of a tenne 
acre lott. 

The Widow Greene desires accomodation 
M'" Ilolgraue moued for meadow, &c. 

At a meeting vpon the first day of the 11*'' moneth 1G37. 

Jo : Endecott Wm Hathonie 

Mr Conaut John Balch. 

Johu Woodbury Jett'ery Massy. 

t Here is a blank leaf. 



Tliouias (iray 



,]()llll DolRTUX 




Nicliolas Moriott 




Abraliaiu Wliiteluiire 




(ieoriio Vicary 




Joliii IJiisscU 




Nicholas Listin 




riiillip licare 












Inhabitants of Marblehead to l)c rated vpon the rate of 
120^ whcrof for tlicm 8^ 

140 Mosos Mauerlck 
150 Will ytet'plit'iis 

40 Archebald Tomson 

20 Wm Charles 

20 Jolin Heart 

50 John Peach 

10 John Lyon 

20 Anthony Thetebcr 

30 John Goite 

20 llicliard Secres 

10 IJichard Greeneway 

20 John Gatchell 

20 Sanniel Gatchell 

15 John Ecnnett 

15 John Wakefield 

10 Erasmus James 

Graunted to John Gedney 80 acres of land whereof six 
acres of it are medow. lying necre to M' Gardner & is to 
be layed out according to former order. 

Richard moore is Rec. Inhabitant and is granted halfe 
an acre one [*Darb*] the neck. 

Robt. Gooch granted halfe an acre by his father ||IIol~ 
graue|| nerc Winter Harbor. 

At a meeting the 8"' of the 11"' moneth being present 

John Woodbury Jefry Massay 

mr Couant Peter Palfry 

John Balch Willhim Hathornef 

Ther was acci the Rec. of 3^-1 ''-8'' by m"" Conant paid 

vnto him by Samuell Archer in witness Avherof he hath 

put to his hand. Rogek Conajjt 

m'" Ilolgraue request ^ 

at a meetinge 15'" the 11"' moneth 1G37 

John Endecott John Balch 

Roger Conant Jeflry JMassy 

Peter Palfry John Woodbury. 

t The record of this meeting is writteu by William llathorue. 














Mr Verin his accompt 

Pair! to Mr Poter, for weights & beame & scoales 

I'aid to Adams for daubing- of the meeting: house 

Paid to Kich : Graues for couveyiuge a prisoner to Sagust ) 

als Lyn 5 

Paid to Jolin Buslniell towards the ghissiug of the Aviu- ) 

dows iu the meeting house 3 

» Sume is 7£ 3s 8d 

Samiicll Archers account 

Paid to Adams more for daubing ilic meeting house 00 15 Cd 

[*Md. desired to vnderstand liow it is wth some poorc persons & to 
make a rate for them*] 

Grauutcd to Htlr. || ftchningan 200 acres of hmd aJ)out 
the great pond or out that way as shall be layd out l)y the 
surveyors in the springe. 

Graunted, 200 acres to Mr. Steephen Winthrop towards 
Ipswich, when it is surveyed, to l)e layd out for him. 

The 29"> day of the 11"^ moneth present 

mr. Conant Peeter Palfry 

John Balch Jefry Massy 

John Woodbury Will, llathorue f 

Ther is granted to Rich Thruston a 10 acre lote. 

Eich. Bartholomew is liec'* Inhabitant and granted 10 
acres of land. 

Granted 5 acres of laud to Widow Greene. 

JNI"" Bacheller desiers accomodation of a farme. 

IJobert Moulton Jun. desiers ace. of a farme. 

It is determined that all home fences for cornefields and 
gardens l)e suffitiently made vp by the 15"' of the tirst 
month vpon the penalty of forfeting tenn shillings in case 
of neglect. 

It is determined that all swine be kept Tp or else the 
penalty of the generall court to be stricktly g^secuted w*^'' 
is 10^ for each swine for euery time it is found w"'out a 

t The record of this meeting, and the cue following it, is written by 
William Hathorne. 


Granted vnto Edmoiid Marshall, Kicliard Rootos, Kich- 
ard Norman, Joseph Pope, m'"'* ffelton, william lioberson, 
James Standich & George harris 20 acres a pcece that was 
m"" Thorndecks. 

There is granted to John Tomkins 5 acres of land more 
Ij'ing by his other 5 acres. 

m"" Stilman reqnests inlargment for himself and accom- 
odation likewise for his sonne. 

John Wel)ster baker is llec : Inhabitant & granted 5 
acres of land. 

Ther is granted to willm Hathornc a 10 acre lote neere 
the Mille 

Ther is granted to m'* garford & Wm Lord 50 acres 

Ther is granted to m"" Emery 40 acres ueere mackrill 

Ther is granted to NichoUas Woodbnry a 10 acre 

[*M'" Hull is Rec. Inhabitant and is granted 200 acres 
of land.*] 

Ther is "-ranted to Robert Mor<>'aine 25 acres of land 

Acknoledged to be payd by Samuell Archer more to 
John Bratly 4% lent to Adams 24% to John Bushnell H 9^ 
for the Raters diner H 4% to Jobe Swinerton If. 10% to 
Isack Danis 5% for a paire of stocks 11*^-0**, for his charges 
into the bay 8^ 

Ther is granted to Thom. Lothrop 50 acres of land. 

Ther is granted to Humphry Woodbury 40 acres of 

Ther is granted to Tho. Browneing 60 acres of land. 

The 24^*^ day of the 12*'* moneth being present 

Mr Conaut Teeter Palfry 

John Woodbury JeflVy Massy 

John Balch "VYilliam Hathorne 

ESSEX INST. HIST. coi.LECTioxs, SEE. 2, VOL. I. 9 March, 1868. 


Ther is ^rantotl vuto INI'" Gamer an adicion of laud to 
his farinc to make it vsct'ull not exceeding 20 acres. 

Leu. Daueuport is agreed w*'' to kcepe the Cowes ||or 
great Cattle 11 7 raoueths to begiue the first of the 2"^ 

Oil O 

nioueth, and is to haue 36* for the same he to keepe his 
man constantly aliout the same and to put in an other man 
such as the towne shall aproue of, his payment to ^ made 
in mony Corne or such other Cofnoditics as he shall 
accept of, the first pa3'ment to be made the 10"' of the 4"' 
moneth and the other payment to be the 10"' of the 7"' 
moneth. he the said Leu. Danenport not to take any new 
Cattle w"'ont the townes consent, and if any man shall 
put his Cattle to the keeper the first weeke of any quarter 
he to pay for the whole qnarter. he to take the Cattle at 
the pen at sun halfc an howcr and to bring them in the 
Snn halfc an liower highe and what Cattle are not brought 
into the pen or to the ^^ before they goe out they to driuc 
them after the keeper and what harme any snch Cattell 
shall doe ther owners to make it good : and what harme 
through the neglect of the keeper he to make it good 

Leu. Daueuport deliuereth vp his fiirme into the toAvnes 
hand againe and is to seeke out another place. Hw*^'' being 
found the towne docth graunt to him.||f 

M'" Pester desireth accodatiou of a farme. 200 or 300 

[*j\Iichell Laml)ert hath granted to him halfe an acre 
II in winter harbor || if he Inhabite here.*] 

fluterliuod by Gov. Eudecott. 


Riclid. Adams hath his 5 aci-os rhaiiired and to haiio it 
at the mill and to haiic a pr()[)orti()ii to set a house neere 
Leu. Dauenports. 

Ther is granted to m'" liiskc 1.30 acres of kind for a 

Ther is granted to m*" Stileman 20 acres of land neere 
the meadow w^'' m"" Weston & he hath. 

To m'" Stilenians son 30 acres of land neare his father. 

granted to m'' Bacheller 60 acres of land for a farme. 

[*this was put in 60 acres by consent of the 7 men : 
being before but 50 granted.*] 

granted to liobert Moulton Jun. 40 acres of land for a 

[*granted to firancis Dent halfe an acre of land in win- 
ter harbor*] 

whcr as the measurers of the marsh lands banc for- 
merly taken paynes, and not yet payd, that they shall 
measuer the same againe and be paid out of the townc 
stock for both togeather. 

The 3*^ day of the first moncth 1637 being present 

mr Euclecott John Balch 

mr Conant Peter Palfry 

John Woodbuiy Jefl'ry Glassy 

There was a warrant graunted out vnder o"" hands for 
the mending of high wayes. euery working man vpon the 
7"' day of [*the*] this moneth vnder the penaltie of 3% 
for eu'; one that is defectiue. There are appointed 3 men 
for overseers, viz. Thomas Gardner, Richard Bracken- 
bury, John Balch. 

Widow Moore desireth a howseloote [*vpon*] neere 
vuto the Winter Hand among the fiishermens lotts. 

[*Edward Calcott desireth to be an Inhabitant & to 
haue a tenne acre lott.*] 

There was granted to JeiTry Massy & Richard ]>rack- 

68 . 

onlniry 50 acres of land adioyning to the land formerly 
grauuted cfc it is in consideration that they had 50 acres of 
rocks granted them fbrnierly m*^'' is not of any vse. 

It was agreed that 30'* be lent to Joab Swinnerton. 

There was lent to Eicliard Addanis by agreemt of the 
towne [*one hog*] six bushells of Corne. 

The 31"' day of the first moncth 1638 present 

mr Connaiit Peeter Palfry 

John Woodbury JetlVy Massy 

Johu Balcli " Willin Hatliornef 

m'" iiske desiereth inlargement to his farme. ^^-^ 

nV Connant and nV Bartellmew are apointed to take 
both the constable accounts that are behind vnto this time. 

Ther is granted to nV Straton 100 acres of land for a 
farnie to be layd out at the discretion of the Layers out. 

It is ordred that all Swine shall goe vnder keepers : or 
be kept vp, and that all swine taken abroad w"'out a 
keeper it shall be lawfull for any man to pouude them and 
to haue for euery swine 2- 6'^ before they l)e taken out of 
the pound and all damages. 

Item, ther is an adition of land to Elias Stillmans 30 
acres, al)out 16 acres ajoyneing to the same. 

Item it is agreed that nV Hathorne shall haue ||all|| the 
marsh ground lying & being before the gunsmithes house 
or k)tt as alsoe the medow or marsh along [*fro*] to the 
litle brooke betwixt the 2 hills, in Consideraco of his 
many imploynts for towne & Countrie soe long as he is 
Continued in such affayres, or the like. 

23 of the 2'^ moneth 1638 
present t , i i /■ xi i i ^ 

Jolm Eniiecott Cxrauntcd l)y the vote ot the wlioie towne 

j^fi/wooclburv l^^i'^o mett for the sending of their proxies 
John Baich for election of magestrates to W*" Hath- 

JertVv Massy 4 n ^i ^ o ii 1 i • i ^1 

Mr Conant orne. All that halt marsh lying along the 

jTlie reeord of tliis meeting is written l)y Wm. Hathorne. 


South riuer on the west side from the liowse of Richard 
Waters, to the little l)rooke called the frost fish hrooke 
coming forth betweene the twoe hills, being about 3 or 
4 acres & this was graunted to him & his heirs for euer. 

Graunted to Samuell Corning one acre of ffrouud next 
adiovnino-e to M'" Hawthorne. 

ft'urther graunted vnto him a ffiue acre lott neerc the 
water-mill bee resigning vp his 5 acre lott on the flbrrest 
riuer side in exchange of it. 

[*Graunted to John Pease the fEue acre lott in the for- 
rest riuer w*'^ was formerly graunted to ||next adioyning 
to II Sam. Corninge*] 

Graunted to John Pease ffiue acres of land next adioyn- 
ing to Samuell Corninge neere vnto the watermill 

It is ordered that jNP Johnson his meadow at Brookesby 
& the Luetenants meadow there be both layd out w"'in 
tenne dayes. 

Graunted to Samuell Smith twoe hundred acres of land 
being 50 more added to his former graunt & the former 
graunt disanulled. 

Samuell Archer paid 3** to Goodman Agur for warning 
of the towne. 

It is agreed that William Allyn shall haue an acre of 
Salt marsh at the end of his Lott or neere thereabouts if 
the whole towne l)eing mett doe consent there vnto. 

Itni There is graunted to George Emery halfe an acre 
of marsh land over against M"" Endecotts fiarme if the 
whole Towne doe consent there vnto. 

Videf a Reconing (w°'' should Come in heare) 7*'' of 3 
mV 1638 vide vnder writ 23 of x^" m*^ 1639 Aboute 

tThis is written by Kalph Fogg, and refers to a part of the record 
which will be found under the date of Dec. 23, 1639. 


Jolm Endocntt The 25"' day of the 4"' moneth 
Jc-ff.VMassy''''''' It is ordered that Ananas Conkelhi and 

AViiiiaiu iiutiioniet William Osljonrne shall hane an acre of 
land apeeee for a honse lot. 

and William Woode lialfe an acre, all lying ncere 
stronge watter l)rooke or mille [end] brooke to be hiyd 
out at the ouersitc of John woodbury and Capt Traske 

And Ananias Conkclin shall haue that 10 acres of land 
w*^'' was killams Lot he haucino- it exchanged for another 
on Cap An Side. 

And that william Osborne shall hane 10 acres 

Item granntcd 10 acres to william woode. 

Item that Thom. Heed shall haue halfe an acre of land 
lying ])y his other lot. 

Item ther is graunted to John Home 2 acres of marsh 
ground vntill the Towne do furder dispose of the same. 

Item to Cliarles Gott 2 acres of marsh ground vpon the 
same conditiones, and that the said Charles Gott shall 
haue 1 acre more if ther be any in the Townes hands 
when other men are provided for. 

Item it is ordred that [Rich] Adams, widdow Smith, 
Sam. Cornish and Joseph Graftens mother in law all w*^'' 
were forgotten in the devision shall haue ther halfe acres 
apeeee of marsh land. 

Item graunted to m'' Clarke 1 acre, to Moses Maverick 
1 acre, to Jeffry Easty 3 qnarters of an acre, to John 
ILirt o quarters, all of marsh ground 

Item to m"" Garford and John Stone ther proportions of 
marsh meadow if they continew w"' vs. 

Item ther is granted to M'' John Winthrop Jim. liberty 
to set a Salt house vpon Ryalls side w"' wood for his oc- 

fTlie record of this niectiug except the hist entry, is by WiUiiun 


casions al)out the same lioiise, and CoiTion for 2 Cows to 
})astiire in. 

Graunted to Roger Maury a stripe of meadow contain- 
ing 2 acres & halfc or tbereebouts & one acre & a halfe or 
thereabouts of vpland lyinge betAvcene the llarnies of 
Robt Moulton & John Gedney. 

[Blank page.] 

The 1(V" of the 5''^ moneth 1G38. 

John Eiuk'cott John Woodbury 

William Hawthorne John Balch 

Roger Coiiant Jeffry Ma.ssj' 

Graunted to jM'" Emanuell Downinge one hundred acres 
of bind next adioyninge to M'" Coles farnie w°'' be pur- 
chased lyinge on the south ||west|| side of his said farme : 
next vnto Roger jNIaury his farme. 

Also graunted to the said M"" Emanuell Downinge 
ffowrc hundred acres of laud whereof libwre score acres 
of meadow or thereabouts, next adioyning to ]\P [*Hum- 
fry*] II Bishops II his farme : to the north [* west*] ||east|l 
side thereof. 

Thomas Edwards being 6 in family desires an acre of 
salt marsh accordingly as others haue. 

M"" John ti'riend desires to bane 200 acres of land. 

M"" Pester demaunds a : 10 : acre lott & a flarme as 
also the exchange of Parmiter his 10 acre lott w"^'' bee 
purchased of him. 

[*|jThe towne hath graunted M"" Pester a 10 Jicre Lott 
& a ffarme of one hundred & fiftie acres for a farme to be 
sett out by discretion of y*^ towne ||*] 

W"' Gault desireth to be an Inhabitant amongst vs. 

Graunted to William Lord about an acre & halfe of 
vpland lying next to his marsh lott giuing 5'' an acre to 
the towne. If the whole Towne agree to it. 

Dauiell Baxter propoundcth himselfe to be an Inhab- 


John Ilarbert desires further {iccomodation. 

John Mar ^ 

Graiinted to M'" Pester a 10 acre Lott & a ffiirme of one 
hundred & fHftie acres to ])e sett out by the discretion of 
the towne : vpon this condition that w">in a twehie 
nioneth or thereabouts hee returne psoiially & giue satis- 
faccoii to the towne for the improving of it. 

W° tfisk desireth a tenne acre Lott. 

It is ordred that Sam ^ 

Robert Page desiers accomodat. of 60 acres of land 
neare the old planters 

William Gault Rec tior an inhabitant and graunted a 
10 Acres of planting ground. 


The 17"' day of the S'" moneth 1(338 
John Endecott Whereas there was graunted to ]\P Eman- 
Peter\wry "'^ iicll Downinge one hund. acres of land ad- 
Johu I3alcli ioyning to M"" Coles fiirme w*''^ hee pur- 

chased lyitig on the Southwest side of the said H'arme, 
next vnto Roger jNIaury his ffarme. The towne hath 
thouo-ht o-ood to oraunt to the said M"" Emanuell Down- 
ino;e one hund. acres of land one the north side of the 
said tiarme formerly purchased of M'' Coles, next adioyn- 
ing to the said farme whereby the tiarme may be coiuo- 
dious to him. And the former Graunt of one hund. 
acres is reversed. 

Graunted vnto William Woodbury 20 acres of land 
lying on the East side of Jelfery Massy his ground at 
Macrell Coue. 

The 29"' of the 8"' moneth 1638. 
John Endecott George Curwyn desireth accomodation. 

]llhn wJS^y" Mario. Vermais is admitted to be an In- 
Jetiry Massy habitant amongest vs at Salem. & doeth 

desire to be accoiHodated amongest vs w*^ land. 


Ellis Vermais widow desircth accomodation of land at 

Rol)ert Penn is admitted to be an Inlia1)itant liecrc at . 

Joshua Verin desireth to banc a tcnnc acre I^ott. 

Thomas Truslar desireth to haue a tenne acre liott. 

Henry Cooke desireth to be an Inhabitant w*''in this 

Robert Buffam desiereth accomadacion. 

Richard Dodo- receaued Inhabitant and desiereth accom- 


[Blank page] 

The 29^'^ of the 8*" moneth 1638 

John Eiidecott John Woodbury 

•William Hathorne JoflVy Ma.ssy. 

Mr fflslv 

assembled about the Village by a Gencrall Townes ap- 


The 12"' of the 9"' moneth 1638 

John Endecott Granted to M'" Hugh Peter o*" present 

Jo " wSodbuiV Pastor a ffiirme contayninge Two hundred 

Teter Paifry acrcs of Upland lying neere to the head of 

ffrost tish Riuer. & Twentic acres of fresh marsh next to 

M"" Endecotts Tenne acres in the great marsh neere jNP" 

Sharpcs fi'arme. 

Agreed that there be a rate raised of fhftie pownd 
vppon the Towne for the dischardging of debts & for the 
defra3^ing of diners publique chardges of pul)lique works 
about the towne. 

It is agreed that INP Conant Robert Moulton &, Plenry 
Bartholomew shall ||tak &|1 examine [*the account of*] 
both the Constables accounts viz. J\P' Verins & Samuell 

It is agreed that Nathaniell Porter shall haue for the 



sweeping of the meeting house & ringing of the Bell 
ffiftie shillings p annum. 

It is agreed that Marke Vermais Eobert [*Vei'mais*] 
Penny Joshua Verin, Thomas Truslar & Richard Dodge 
& Robert Addams, shall each of them haue a Tenn acre 

It. that Ilcnry Bayley shall also haue a tenne acre lot. 

It. that William Nicholls shall haue a teuue acre lott. 
[Blank page.] 

Itm. It is agreed that such as haue land formerly 
graunted them, ||& the quantum of itexprest|| shalbe layd 
out according to the discretion of such as are deputed 

At A Towne meeting the 26"' of the 9"' m° 

present The scverall proportions of Land laid 

mr Coiiant out at ]\Iarble head this 14"' of the 

John Woodbury ijtu moneth 1638 being formerly grant- 
John Balch o '' ^ 
William liathornef cd. 

To Mr Walton on the maine 8 Acres 
To Moses Maverickc at the same place 10 Acres 
To John Coitt one the Necke 3 Acres 

To Will Keene & Nich. Liston on John Peaches neck 3 Acres, more 
to them on the great neck 5 Acres 

To Rich. Sears 4 Acres wher he had planted formerly ^ 

To John Wakfield 4 Acres on the Necke. 

To John Gachell & Samuell Gachell 6 Acres on the Necke. 

To Tho Sams 3 Acres on the Necke 

To John Lion 4 Acres near his house 

To the Widow Blaucher 6 Aci-es on the Necke 

To IJalph Warrin 2 Acres on the Necke 

To George Ching 3 Acres on the Necke 

To Phillip Beare 3 Acres neare the Widow Tomsons 

To John Bennet 4 Acres vpon John Peaches Necke 

To Rosamond James 4 Acres vpon the maine. 

|To Robert Wheadeu graunted x acres of Land. 

t The tirst part of the record of this meeting is by William Hathorue. 
I From here the record is written by John Endecott. 


Also jjraunted to Richard Stackbouse ten acres of Land. 

Also to [Blank] a gurdncr granted ten 


John Cook desires 5 acres more to be added to 20 acres 
formerly graunted him. 

There is grannted to Liuetennt. Dancnport (w^'' the 
towne desired him to seek out, as before) : Two hundred 
acres of vpland & twentie of meadow lying in the east 
side of the great meadow where INI'' Endecott hath his 
tenne acres of meadow. 

Tenne acres or more of land is graunted to INP Veryn 
if the tenne acres all ready promised to others doc not 
hinder in that place, being that land w*"'' formerly was M"" 
Thorndiks : || as also graunted to M"" Vcrin the hay that 
groweth vpon a slope of grounde neere to the pound 
which jNP Clarke hath the halfe thereof & it is about 2 
acres of medow. vntill the land be disposed of to some 
other man. II 

[*Sam^ Archer desireth a*] 

[Blank page.] 

Graunted to Samuell Archer one neck of Land lying 
out against the sea neere vnto Jeffry Creeke Hand con- 
tayuing twentie acres of land ||or thereabouts || & 8 acres 
of meadow to be layd him out in Kettle Island Cone. 

Graunted to Henry Harwood : a tenne acre Lot. & 
halfe an acre lot, w'''' was formerly granted to Michaell 
Lambert [*vpon*] neere Winter Island. 

Graunted to John Ilolgraue [*100*] ||one hundred 
acres|| acres of Land next vnto M'' Peters tfarme, And 
tenne acres of meadow lying in the great meadow, hee 
resyning vp his former Land graunted him in Marble 

It is ordered that the meadow that is in coinon amongst 


some of o'" Brethren j\P' Conaiit & othei-s shall be fenced 
in the ffirst day of A})ril, c^ left comon againe the hist of 
September enery yeare. 

Graimted to John Leech a tenne acre Lott vpon the 
_o:rcat north neck to lie Layd out vnto him by such as are 
appointed to that seruice. 

Graunted to William & Richard Dodsre tfower score 
acres of Land lying on the Easter end of i\['' Conant & 
John Woodbury & John Balche their iiarmes, whereof 12 
acres of meadow. 

27*" of the 10"' moueth 1638 
John Eiulceot Wlicreas there were former graimts of Land 
lZL7va\i\-^y^' *^ ^^'' Emanuel Downinge of ffiue hundred 
John Bak-h acres nccre vnto M'' [*numfryes*] || Bish- 
ops |1 li'arme, «& one hundred thereof taken in exchange 
of one hundred acres to be added to that llarnie w'"'' hee 
purchased of M'" Coles, ilic said ]M'' Downing tinding the 
said tfarme vntitt for husbandry in regard of want of plow 
land, Ave haue vpon his request graunted vnto him one 
hundred acres more to l)e adioyned to the said tfarme 
whereby hee ma}^ l)e encouraged to plowing, for w*^*' hun- 
dred acres hee doth hereby resigne vp vnto the toAvne one 
hund. acres more of his tHrst graunt of oOO acres so that 
there is now remayning vnto M'' Downing but 300 acres 

^ Prior is admitted an Inhabitant w*''in this towne. And 
there is graunted vnto him six acres of land to be layd 
out vnto him by those appointed of the towne, & halfe an 
acre of land vpon or neere vnto Winter Harber. 

Graunted vnto Edward Ingram six acres of land to be 
layd out [*as aboue*] b}' the towne. 

Graunted to Henry Cooke six acres of land to be layd 
out l)y the towne. 


(rraunted to ^ who was John Pi('k(>rings 

man six acres of land to be layd out by the towiie. 

Also graunted to John Hardy 40 acres of vpland & 6 
acres of meadow, [*next*] to the Eastward of that laud 
■w*^'' is gnuuited to W" ^Sc Eichard Dodiix;. 

The XXXI*." day of the 10'" moneth ICSS 

At a generall towne meetinge. 

Agreed and voted that there should be a Village graun- 
ted to M^" Phillips & his company vppon such conditions 
as the 7 men appointed [*l).y the*] for the towne ati'aires 
should agree on : 

There were Chosen 7 men for the managing of the af- 
feires of the towne for a twelue moneths, viz M"" Endecott 
M'" Ilathorne Mr Conant »John Woodl)ury Laurence Leech 
Jeffry Massy &, John Balch. 

Agreed that there should fortlnv"' an addition to the 
meeting howse be builded & that there should be a rate 
made &. lenied for the payment thereof, the 7 men to see 
it eliected & to pay for it. 

Katers chosen for this yeare viz. Phillip Verin, the two 
Deacons, Samuell Archer & Jacol) Barney. 

Samuel Archer & William Allyn are appointed to re- 
ceaue such debts & to sell such comodities as were Isaack 
Daiues, & to pay such debts as were owing by him so 
farre as the estate will extend as also to pay for the 
charclge of his passage. 

The 2P" of IP" moneth 1G38. 
Mr Endecott Gi'auntcd to Jefi'ery Eastie tenne acres 

JohnW?"dbury of [^planting*] ground to be added to tl.e 
John Balch xx*'" formerly graunted being in all thirtie 

acres to be laycd out by the towne. 

Graunted to Roljert Goodale 20 acres more to be added 


to the 20 already grauntod in all 40 acres to be laved out 
by the towue, 

Graunted to John Marsh 10 acres more of land to be 
added to the 20 formerly graunted in all 30 acres to be 
layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to John Stone [*fFor*] 30 acres more to be 
added to the 10 acres formerly graunted him in all 40 
acres to be layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to ]Mathew Waller 20 acres to be [*added to 
the 10*] layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to Thomas Read 20 acres of land to be layd 
out by the towne. 

Graunted to Thomas Truslar 100 acres of ground to be 
layd out by the towne. 

Gi'aunted to Al)raham Temple 5 acres of land to be ad- 
ded to the 5 acres he had before for a 10 acre lott. 

Whereas M^' John Blackleech desireth 50 acres of land 
to be graunted him as an addition to his former graunt ot 
300 acres, vppon exchange of 50 acres of his rock ground 
for it, alleadging, that hee hath not sufEcent ground to 
niaintayne a plow. The towne therefore for the further- 
ing of his endeauo*"® in plowing & for his incouragcmt 
therein hath freely graunted vnto him w"'out exchange 
[*iiftie acres of ground or thereabouts*] ||such land as 
Mas formerly graunted to M'" Gott vppon the playne|| 
neere adioyning to his said farnie conditionally that hee 
will be at the charge of plowing of it or the greatest pt 
of it. 

Graunted to John Robinson a lott of tenne acres ot 
planting ground to be sett out by the towne. 

Graunted to Nicholas Pac}' a 10 acre lott to be layd out 
by the towne. 

Graunted to John Browne an halfe acre lott for a iiish- 
iuiif lott neere to Winter Harbor. 


Graunted to John Abbey 5 acres of land to be layed 
out by the townc. 

The xxvij"^ day of the 11*^ moneth 1638. 

John Eiulecott Lauraiire Leech 

Wm Hathorue JeflVy Massy 

Roger Conant Johu Balch 
Johu Woodbury 

Whereas there was a difierence betwecne Edmond Giles 
& Edward Harnett alwut eight acres of hmd w'^'' the said 
Edmond Giles sould him : The towne w"' the jrood likino- 
of the said pties ended the controu''sie betwecne them as 
ffollowcth viz. that Edmoud Giles is to giue tfortie shil- 
lings an acre for the breaking vp of so much ground as 
comes short of 4 acres & to pay it before the last day of 
the last moneth vnto the said Edward Harnett. And the 
towne hath giuen 6 acres of land next adioyning to John 
Bornes his 10 acre lott w*^'' was supposed to be found in 
that place where Edmond Giles built but was [*n()t*] 
mistaken by the layers out, & therefore the towne hath 
gi-atifyed the said Edward Harnett w"' 10 acres overplus 
to be added to his great lott of 20 acres which heereby 
the towne doeth graunt vnto him : that is to say 20 acres 
for his OTcat lott & 10 acres in the former consideration in 
all XXX acres. 

Thomas >Yatson desires a lott. 

James Smith requires the like. 

George Ingersoll desires a lott. 

Joseph Younge is admitted an Inhabitant w^'^in o"" 
towne of Salem. 

Joseph Younge desires accommodation of land. 

Sergeant Dixy desires some hay ground about Jcffryes 

Grauuted to Edward Ingram [*desires*] a pcell of land 
al)()ut 5 or G acres at the head of the 10 acre 
lotts in the oreat Coue. 


Joseph Youngc & Christopher Yonnire desire eneli halfe 
an acre of land at AVinter Ilarho'' or thereabouts for their 
fishing- affaires. 

Daniell Jio-gles desires an halfe acre lott neere about 
Winter Harbo'" for their fishing atfaires. 

Graunted to Obediah Hullme one acre of land for a 
howse lott neere to the glass bowse f & 10 acres more to be 
\i\yd out by the towne. 

Thomas tiiyar desires some planting ground on the north 

The 4"' day of the 12"^ moneth 
WnU?."llm-n" ^^'" ^^'"'^S desires to haue his proportion 
lingev C'ouaiit ginen him to l)e lavd out at the head of 
Laurence J.eech i3asse nuer. llie iowne hath graunted hun 
30 acres at the head of Basse riuer. 

George Roppes is to haue xx acres of land to be laj'd 
out for him at his returne from old England. 

Graunted to Daniel Baxter & Henry Cook tine acres a 
peece to l)e layd out l)y the towne. 

Graunted to Ro])ert Allyn 25 acres of land : lyiuge be- 
twcene the land of W" Bennett & Samuel 1 Archer [*their 
land*] at Jetfrys Creeke. 

Graunted to Hugh Browne half an acre of land neere 
about winter harbo'' for to further his fishing, w'^'" if hce 
follow it not, hee is to surrender it againe to the 

There is graunted to Daniell Jeggles halfe an acre of 
land neere aboute Winter harbo'' for fishing, vppon the 
like termes as Hugh Browne hath his. 

Henr}^ l^:i^3dy desires a little nooke of land next M'' 
Conants howse at Catt Coue. 

t The inauiifucture of i;la,ss wa.s earned ou uear where Aboru street 
now is. 


Siimiiell Archer his account lor Iho tinio hoc was Con- 
stable, taken by M'' Conant & Henry Bartholomew. 

Imin'ins roc : by liim for the vse of the tonne 23. 4. 5 

pd (ortli lor the vise of the towiie iis !ip|)e:iRl by particulars 23. 8. 9 
So there rest due to Sa : Archer of this accompt 00-4-4. 

Rec. further in Rates for the Countries vse 211-13-0 

pd out of this to tlie Countries vse 210-17-10 

Due from Sa : Archer vpon tiiis account 00-ir)-02 

more pd to the Countrys vse, cast to short iu one paymt 00-11-02 

So there rested due upon all accounts to S. A. 00-00-04 

of this rate remitted by ye towue 03-01-00 

£ s d 

So that there is due in all to S. Archer 03-01-04 

John Boren desires a lott. 

There is graunted to iNIr Keniston a tenne acre Lott ly- 
ing l)etweene Mr Downings ffarnie & Mr Endecotts. 

Also graunted a farnie of 200 acres to be layd out by 
the towne. 

The agreem' betweene the towne & John Pickeringe the 
4"' day of the 12»'> moneth 1038. 
ffirst bee is to build a meetingc howse of 25 foote longe, 
the breadth of the old buildinge w"' a gallerie answej-able 
to the former: One Catted Chimney of 12 foote longe & 
4 foote ill height al)()ue the top of the buildinge. The 
back whereof is to be of brick or stone. This building 
is to haue six sutiicient windcjwes, 2 on each side & 2 at 
the end, & a paire of staires to ascend the galleries sute- 
able to the former. This l)nilding is to be couercd w"' 
inch & halfe planck & inch board vpon that to meetc 
close : And all this to be sufBcientlie finished w"' danb- 
inge & glasse & vnderi)inninge w*"' stone or brick w*** 
cariadoe & all thinas necessary by t"ie said John Pick- 
eringe : In consideration Avhercof the said »)ohn Pickering 
is to haue (33^ in money to be paid at 3 paym"-. The tirst 



pa^'mcnt 21^ at the beginiiige of the worke. The 2'^ 
paymt. 21^ when the frame is reared The 3*^ paymt. is 
21^ ^ych jg ^^^ Ijq pj^jj ^^ ijjQ tinisliinir of it. And it is 
agreed That if it be found by indifferent men that the 
said John Pickeringe hath deserued 3^ more, Then the 
towne is to pay it him. If it be found the said John hath 
deserued 3^ lesse, hee is to abate it : And the said John 
Pickeringe doeth Couennt to finish it hy the 15"' day of 
the 4*'' moneth next ensuinge the date hereof. 

In witness whereof both pties haue suliscribed heere- 

'^ i^^^eS-y- 

Graunted to George Ingersoll a tenne acre lott or 
thereabouts, more or lesse beinge the land formerly of 
Mr Gardner John I^arber & Richard Bishoppe w°'' they 
resigned for other land vp to the Towne. 

Graunted to James Smith, 80 acres of land next to Mr 
tisk & INIr Smith, to be layd out l)y the towne. 


Graunted to Samiicll Ebornc 30 acres of laud iieere 
about James Smith his ffarmc. 

Grauuted to Tho)nas James a 10 acre Lott. 

Grauted to Thouias Watsou, 10 acres to be added to 
his former 10 acres. 

Grauuted to Joseph Youuge, an halfc acre lot neere the 
winter harbor for tishiuge. also a 10 acre lott neere to Mr 
Downiuges farme. 

Grauuted to Christopher Youngc halfe an acre of laud 
for tishing neere winter harbor. 

Grauuted to Thomas tl'ryar 5 acres of land & a halfe 
acre lott neere winter harlior for lishinge. 

Graunted to George Curwyn. ^ 

Grauuted to Widow Vermais : 50 acres of land to be 
layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to John ti'riend 100 acres of land 

Henry Swan requesteth some accomodation for his set- 
linge together w*'' admittance into the plantation. 

The 11 day of the 12'" moneth 
Bein- present ^^^^ • ^^'^7"^ desires accomodation. 

mr Endeeott Phileuiou Dickcrsou desireth the like 

John Woodbury 

Mr Conant acc. 

.JeflVy Massy Robert Goodall desireth an inlargment of 

Lawrence Leech ° 

Will Hathorue land. 

Beniamin Parminster desireth accomodation. 

Mr lluck desireth accomodation of land. 

Graunted to Luietenut Dauenport a pcell of meadow 
land being 2 Acres or therabout, lying on the West side 
of the but brooke not far from the place that the Way 
goeth ouer to Lin, if the Towne consent. 

Graunted to John Boren, 30 acres of land to be layd 
out by the towne. 


Graiinted to Tlioinas Paj-iie, 40 acres of land to be laytl 
Gilt l)y the towne. 

Gmmited to Phlemon Dickersoii 20 acres to be layd 
out by the towne. 

Graunted to Henry S^van halt'e an acre of land neere to 
Winter harljor for lishinge as also a 10 acre lott, neere to 
the Pond by Mr Blackleech his farnie. 

The 18'" day of the 12'" m" 

Boino- present «Tohn Best admited Inhabitant & desireth 

mr EmUeott accomodation. 

Joiiii Wooflbury William Davis ||is admited Inhabitant 

Jettry Massy ^ i, hath lira ntcd him 10 acres of Plantini'- 

Lawrence Leach . 

Will Hathorne ground ncarc j\Ir Downings farme. 

Paid by Thomas Gardner to John Pickering six poAvnds. 

Borrowed of Mr Ilumfries twentie pownds w'^" also was 
paid to John Pickeringe. 

Paid to Mr Humfrics the said twentie i)ownds. 

Granted to Ensigne Eeed a hill of land ioyneing to his 
owne fai-me w'" the brook. Provided y^ the wood shall 
be preserued for the maintaineing of the fence from the 
mill to the [*marsh of*] ||riuer that pts|l Mr Endecotts 
farme & the 10 acre lotts 

xxv'" of the 12'" moneth 
Mr John Endecott Esdras Bead is receaued to he an In- 

Jo: Woodbur.v hattant at the t(jwne of Salem. 

Laurance Leech 

Jetfry Massy tl'orasmuch as diu's of o'' towne are re- 

solucd to sowe English grainc this spring, It is || there- 
fore |1 ordered that all comon & pticular |lhome|l fiences 
|!al)ont the to\vne|| shall be sufficientlie made vp, before 
the twentieth day of the flirst moneth next vppon the 
payne or i)enaltie of 5' cucrie day || after that|| any 
[*man*] one is defcctiue therein. 


Grauiited to Edniond Marshall three acres of lii-oiiiul 
or thereabouts neere vnto the teiiiie acre lott of Ananias 

A generall Towne nieetinire 
the 2G"' of the 12"' moneth ICBcS. 

Agreed that the drle Cattle shall)e put out to tl>e 
itarmes round about & that none shall goe w"' the milch 
Cowes in the Comon, this yeare. 

Also agreed that eu'ie man shall prouidc; for their ownc 
Calues this yeare. 

Agreed also that the 7 men shall prouide and agree for 
keeps of the milch kine. 

Agreed that all the kine that are kept vppon the Cow 
pastures shalbe paid for b}^ the owners of them to the 
keeps of the heard. And that if ariy farmers doe put 
tlieir Cowes to eat vp the Cow pastures, then they also 
shalbe lyable to pay for their kine to the keep of the heard 
according to the tyme they keepe them there. & that if 
the Townes heard be brought vpon the ti'armes they are to 
pay for it. 

Agreed that Mr Bishop shall haue land to be layd him 
out according to the discretion of the 7 men. 

Chosen Deputies JNIr Hathorne Jo : Woodbury Jetiry 

Granted to Mr Bishop 150 acres of land : wherof 40 to 
be meadow. 

Granted to Henry Bartholmew 50 acres of land wherof 
5 meadoAv. 

Will Cantilbury is Receiued Inhabitant & is granted a 
X acre lot. 

25"^ of the thrst moneth 1G39. 
John Endecott Ordered that all swine shall either be 
M^Conanr""" ^^^P^ vp or else to provide a keeper for 
Laurance Leech them if they goe abroad ; vpon the payne 


or penaltie of 2% for cirie hoggo or swine or piggc that 
shall goo a l)road w"\)ut a keeper. [*This to*] Ami the 
cwiiers of such swine Iioggs or piggs to be l3'al)le to pay 
all damages that shall be made by them, according as shall 
1)6 found eqnall l)y the Judgm' of the Jury that shall trye 
such cases, ifurther it is ordered that the penaltie of 2'' 
before specified, shall be equallie deuided twelue pence 
thereof to be to the vse of the towne, & the other twelue 
pence to the vse of him that shall impound the said swine. 
And this order to stand till the Countrie [*prouide other- 
waies for the swine*] ||take further order in this pticular.|| 

iiid Mr Winthrop. 

It is ordered y*^ John Ilorne shall desist from his in- 
closure in y^ bury all place : and y* y*^ towne shall pay 
for a quarter of an acre Avhcn he hath bought y*^ same. 
excei)t the Towne when they shall hauc changed the bury- 
all place shall alow him a portion of the same. 

The 15. of the 2'" moneth 1639. 
John Endeeott tiraucis Bushuell is admitted into the 

S WoXu-y towne to be an Inhabitant amongest vs. 
John Bulch John Bachelor desires to be an Inhab- 

itant & is admitted & desires accomodation. 

Thomas Weeks is admitted to be an Inhal)itant w"'in 
this towne & desireth accomodation. 

Charles Glouer is admitted to be an Inhal)itant w"'in 
this towne. ^ desires the place betweene Hollingwo"' c*c 
Mr Steephens at Catcoue, as also for planting grownd. 

eloseph Kedgerer desires accomodation. 

Mr Allerton desires accomodation ncere his sonne in 
law at Marl)lehead. 

Mr AYalton desires accomodation of 3 acres to build 
vppon at Marblehead. 


Graiintecl to John Abby 5 acres nccrc to !Mr Throg- 
mortoiis Iloggebovvse. 

Rol)ert Baker bath grauiitcd to him 10 acres to tlic 
■westward of [*the*] ||mr Tlirogm()rtons|| hoggeliowse. 

Grauntctl for the yeare to rar Ifisk & Mr ffogge the bay 
grasse of the ||salt|| marsh meclow, at the side of the oUl 
Phmters fields. 

Grauntcd to Henry Bayliefe a little peece of ground at 
[*the C*] Burleyes Couef about 3 q'"ters of an acre to be 
laycd out by the towne. 

At a meeting the 17'" of the 2^' moneth 1G39 
John Endecott Agreed w"' Austen Calem & ^Xm Browne 
]^?" Woodbury ^^^' ^^'^ keeping of all the goates of the 
JettVy Massy townc for this ycarc ensuinge for the some 
of Twoe & Thirtie pownds, to l)e paid quarterly that is to 
say: 8^ the l(i"' of July & 8^ more the IG"' of October, 
& 8^ more the 16*" of January & the last paym* wdien the 
yeare is expired : The goates are to be driuen out an 
bower after the sun is vp & brought in to the penj neere 
the pownd an bower afore sun settinge. The chardges of 
the pen to be borne by the owners of the goates. 

Granted to Lawrence Sowthwicke balfe an akcr of 
grownd adioyninge vnto his other halfe aker, and to Oba- 
diah Ilulme a spot of grownd to build vpon, vnlesse the 
towne in generall do denie the same. 

At a meeting being the 15"' day of the 3 mo, present 

Mr Coniiant. John Balcli 

John Woodbury Jeffry Massy 

Lawrence Leach Will. Hathorne 

John Pickering request a farme at the South end of the 
long pond going to Linn. 

t See page 11, note. 

X Now the Common. The pound was in what is now Brown street. 


Grantod to Tho Smith 80 acres of land. 

Granted to Lawrence Leachs two Sons 70 acres of land, 
wlierof 7 acres of meadow. They ])oth relinquishing ther 
former grants of 20 & oO acres 

Granted to Tho. gardner a banke of vpland ncre the 
strongwatter broock ||to his marsh || paying 5* p acre as 
goodman Lord hatii it. 

Granted to Will. liathorne a pcell of Eockey ground 
being 3 acres mcjro or lesse lying l)y his marsh formerly 
granted vpon the the condicion that Tho Gardner hath. 
II w*^'' is payd|| 

Granted to Joseph [*chich*] Kitcherill halfe an acre at 
Winter harbor if he imply it in thshing. 

Ezechell Knight desireth accommodation. 

liec. of Tho Gardner Cunstable 3^ : 1^ 2*' to John 
Woodl)ury 1^ to AVilliam liathorne and IG* to Jeflry 
Massy for ther expence at the Court in the lirst moneth 
1(538, & C)*^ to INIr Connant & 6^' to Lawrence Leach. 

2*" 10'' Ivcm. in AVilliam Hathornes hands 

paid to John Pickeringe 4^-5*. besids the 2 first pay- 
ments for the building of the meeting howse : the 8^'' day 
of the 5"' moneth : 1039 . 

8^" of the G'" moneth 1G39 

It is ordered at a publiq meetinge, That if the whole 
towne be lawfully warned & the spetiall occasions mani- 
fested together w"^ the warninge : [*hauinge such warn- 
inge*] a day before the meetinge, that it shall l)e in the 
power of such as meete being aboue the numl.)er of Six 
psons to transact all such occasions & make such orders 
therein as they shall Judge me [etc] & the said orders & 
determinations to be as authentical as if the whole Towne 
met. prouided that the said psons haue beeiie together or 
haue staid an hower after the tyme ||tirst|| appointed : 


8"' of the G"' monetli lGo9 at a priuate towiic meeting 
John Endocott Gniiintecl to John Pickcringe 50 acres ot 

John Woodbnry ^'^"'^^ beyond tlic VV est ponnd lying next to 
Launince LeoITii Lin bownds, to l)c layed out by the towne. 

Graunted to AVilliani iiisk one hundred acres of vpland 
& tcnne acres of meadow : 

25"' day of the 5'" moneth 1G39 

John Endecott Laurance Leech 

Wni Hatliorne Mr Conunt 

John Woodbury John Balch. 

Graunted to Thomas Pickton a tennc acre Lott & a 
house h)t of half an acre vpon the neck neerc Catt Cone. 

Graunted to Bemamyn Parmiter [*a te*] one acre of 
land vpon the north side of the neck next to Henry 

Graunted to Nathaniell Pitman a proportion of land, 
iieere about 20 acres lying next A^ito the Widow Diks 
land on the South side of tlie fibrrest Riuer. 

George Dill is receaued an Inha))itant & there is giuen 
him halfe an acre of land for an howsc Plott. 

Samuell Edson is intertayncd to be an inhabitant within 
this towne. and halfe an acre of ground is grainited him 
neere Catt Cone. & 5 acres more for plantinge ground. 

Thomas Dauenish is receaued to be an Inhabitant within 
this Towne, & there is graunted vnto him tenue acres of 
land for planting ground 

Henry |lSillsby|| mr Sharpes man is receaued an Inhab- 
itant within this Jurisdicion & ther is graimted to him 
halfe an acre of laud neere the Cat Coue for a bowse 

Philemon Dickersou hath graunted to him 4 pole of 

land neere Ric. Hutchiusons bowse, this land is graunted 

him to niak tan pitts & to dresse goates skines & hides. 

Avch trade if bee foUow not & vsc that place to that pur- 

EssKX ixsT. HIST. coi.i.RC Tioxs, SEK. 2, VOL. I. 12 March, l.SGS. 


pose, the towne is to [*receaue*] haue it returned agaiue 
to their vse. 

Nicholas Patch is receaiied to he an Inhabitant within 
this towne. & there is grannted 40 acres of kind to hira 
neere Macrell Cone. 

John White is receaned an Inhabitant in this towne & 
there is grannted to him GO acres of land to he layd out 
by the towne neere ]\lr Smiths tfarme. 

John Lonett is receaned to be an Inhabitant within this 
Jurisdiction. & there is grannted vnto him 10 acres of 
land neere Macrell Cone. 

Edmond Patch is receaned an Inhal)itant within this 
Jurisdiction & there is grannted vnto him 10 acres of land 
neere the ]\lacrell Cone. 

Grannted to Mr ||Wm|| Ilathorne 50 acres of plowed 
land neere or adioyning to his farme to be layd out by 
the towne. 

The 19'" day of the G"' moneth 1G39. 
at a generall towne meetiuge. 

Grannted to John Winthrop Esq'' Junior a little neck 
of land adioyniuge to the salthowse built by the said Mr 
Winthrop conta3'ninge al)out 16 acres or thereal)outs, 
more or lesse. lying betweene a cone w*^'* is on the north 
side of his said bowse & a little ])rooke lying to the west 
of the said howse. 

Grannted to Ananias Concline one acre of land neere 
vnto his dwelling howse to l>e layd out by the towne. 

Grannted to Edmond Giles eight pole of gro[und] 
lyinge in the coiiion oucr against his ten acre lott to be 
layd out l)y the towne. it is to build him a howse 

Thomas Gardner & Jarvais Garford are the surveyo" 
for this yeare for the mending of the high wayes. 


Granted to mr Pecters the marsh lyinge over against 
his now dwelling containinge about an aker & halfe or 
thcrabout on the other side of the water, | 

The 16"^ of the 7"' moncth 1G39 
.Tohii Endt'cott Jolin Wootlbury 

Will Ilathorne Laurance Leech 

lioger Coiiaut 

John Mousar is admitted to be an Inhabitant within this 

John Mousar desireth land to plant 

MathcAV Nixon is admitted to be an Inhabitant Avithin 
this Towne. 

There is graunted to Mathew Nixon a house Lott at 
Cat cone & a plott for a garden of about a quarter of an 

Richard Ingersoll desireth to haue some meadow. 

The 18'" of the 9"> moneth 1639. 

Mr Endecott Jo : Woodbury 

Mr Hathorue Laurauce Leech 

Mr Couaut 

Richard Prince is receaued an Inhabitant within this 
towne of Salem. 

John ifairefield desires accomodation. 

Robert fluller desires accomodation. 5 acres to plant 

Mr ffiske desires an addition of 50 acres more to be 
added to his farme. 

The widow Kinge desires accomodation. 

Mr Ruck desires a howse lott in Cat Cone & there is 
graunted to him one acre in that place to be layd out l^y 
the towne. 

Thomas Weekes desireth a 10 acre Lott heere or 20 
acres at the Village. 

There is graunted to John Shipley wood for firinge & 

t This paragraph is written by Roger Conaut. 


fencing in the high way that shalbe layd c/iit adioyning to 
his 20 acre lott. 

Edmond Tompson [*de*] hath graunted him halfe an 
acre of hind at winter harbo'" or thereabouts for a iishing 

Grannted to Henry Hayward an halfe acre of land for 
a fishing lott about winter harbor. 

It is pmitted that such as haue tishing lotts al)out Win- 
ter Harbo'" & the Hand shall haue libertie to fence in their 
lotts to keepe of the swine & goates from their tish, soc 
that they Icaue it open after harvest is in. 

Graunted to [*lvichard*] ||William|| IMoore an halfe 
acre of land for a hsher lott, near about winter harbor. 

Graunted to Mathew Nicks lisherman 5 acres of land 
by the hogstyes in the forrest next to Ezekiell Knights 
ten ac]*e Lott. 

The 20*'^ day 9'" m° 

Mr Eiulecott Lawrance Leach 

Mr C'oiiaut Jcft'ry Ma^sy 

John Woodbury AVilliam Uathonie 

Granted to Kich. Bishop al)out an acre & a halfe of land 
l)y his other 5 acres, abnting one Austin Killams Lot. 

AVidow jMoore desireth a ti'arme. 

Joshua Ilollgraue desireth a liarmc. 

Richard Moore desireth halfe an acre on the necke. 

f [*Grannted to Eichard IngersoU 10 aci'es of meadow 
in the great meadow.*] |]this was put out vppon a latter 
graunt in the same })lace.|| 

James Standish is graunted 40 acres of land ncere Jcf- 
fry Creeke. 

Graunted to John Pick worth 3 or 4 acres of meadow 
to the land formerly grannted him. 

fThe preceding part of the record of this meeting, and the wliole 
of tlie record of the next meeting is written by William Hatliorne. 
Tlic rest of the record of this meeting is written by Jolin Endecott. 


Graunted halfe an acre to Charles Glouor an acre of 
ground for a liowse lott neere Mr Rucks, i)rouided the 
wayes be left broade as also prouidcd that hee resign vp 
his howslott (formerly graunted) to the towne. 

Thomas Buxton is allowed an inhabitant within this 

William Broock is allowed to be an Inhabitant within 
this towne of Salem. 

John Browne desires accoinodation. 

Graunted 3* 10* a yeare to Brother Porter for making 
cleane the meeting howse. 

Granted to John Batcheler 20 acres of ground [*qote 
of what*] Ij neere vnto that w^''|| was formerly layd out to 
[*Truslar*] jNIr Bishop. 

Granted to Joshua Holgraue 50 acres. 

At a meeting the 9"' of the 10*'' m" present 

Mr Eiulecott Lawrence Loach 

Mr Couaut Willm Hathorue 

John Woodbury 

Graunted to lienery Bartholmew 100 acres of land of 
w*^'' 10 acres shall be meadow. 

Granted to James Molton 80 acres Avhercof 8 acres to 
be meadow. 

William Geare desireth to be an Inhabitant and to haue 

[* Granted to Lawrence Leach 10 acres of meadow*] 

Joseph Boys desireth to be an Inhabitaute and to haue 

At a generall towne meetinge held the 11"' day 
of the 10'" moneth 1639. 
There was a voluntarie towne contribution toward the 
maintenance of the ministry, quarterly to ])e i)aid. 
The note thereof remaincth w"' the Deacons. 


(xrauntecl to the Glassemen seuercdl acres of ground ad- 
ioi/nlng to their howses, viz. one acre more to Antmias 
Coiicline & 2 acres a peece to the other twoe, viz. Laii- 
raiice Southick & Obcdiah Hohiies, each of them 2 acres 
to be added to their former howse Lotts. 

Graunted 4 acres ueere to the old Cowhowses necre the 
head of the South riuer, to John Mowser, to be [*forth- 
with*] hiyd out by the towne. 

The fierrie at the North Point w"^^* formerly was John 
Stones is now graunted to William Dixy for three yeares 
& hee is to keepe a horse boat. Hee is to haue for stran- 
gers passage 2^' a peece, for Townsemeu or Towneclwel- 
lers 1*^ a peece. flbr Mares, Horses, & great other beasts, 
six pence a peece. fi'or goates calues & swine 2'' a peece. 

John Gedney is called by the towne to keepe an Inne, 
& John Holgraue layeth his downe. 

That the fence w*^'' was intended to be sett vp [*was*] 
by John Holgraue at AVintcr Island & the neck arc for- 
bidden & eu'ie one to fence their owne ground. 
The 231" of the lOl" moneth 1638. 

John Endecott John Woodbury 

Mr Hatliorue Lauraiice Leecli 

Mr Couaut 

j\Ir Steepheus requires land. 

llobert Gutch is reccaued an Inhabitant within this 
towne of Salem. 

It is ordered that Mr Hawthorne shall rcceaue INlr 
Gardners account. 

Graunted to Richard Ingersoll 20 acres of meadow in 
the greate medow, to be layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to John fiairetield 80 acres of land for a 
farme whei-eof 10 acres of meadow. 

Graunted to Richard Prince 30 acres of land whereof 
4 of them to be meadow : 


Gniiuited to liicliard Leech 4 acres of land lying next 
to John Leech his 10 acre lott. 

Grannted to Robert Adams 3 acres and a q''ter neere 
vnto John Cooke. 

Grannted to Arthnr Sanders of Marblehcad 2 acres 
of land to plant in, as also 

Grannted to Wm Barbar 2 acres, both tliese lotts to 
be layd out by Mr Walthaui & Mr Maucrick of Mar- 
ble head 

fSalem the 7«> of the 3*'> moneth 1638. 

A Rate made (by Mr ffiske J\Ir Batter Mv Ilolgrane 

Jo" Woodbery Jcflerey jNIassey Peeter Palfrey Laurence 

Leech Richard Dauenport) 1)eing of 172^: 10'''* for the 

Conntrey vse : w*''' Rate wee make to anioiuit vnto 187^ 

2® : 8*^ in manner following. 

the Remander of a formor Rate of 120£ I say Resting Ifi :00 :00 

marble head Charged wth 11£ : 10s of this Rate 11 : 10 : UO 

Soe that the ouerplus of these Rates aboue said ainountoth 
vnto the some of 14£: 12": 8d : vpon the Constables account: 

A Rate made of 23£ for the Conntrey and wee find vpon tlie former 
Kates of 120£ and the abouesd 172£: 10s: togetiier wth tliis amount- 
ing to 1S£ : 14ss : 3d that there is in the Constables hand 30£ : 8s : ] Id 
and marble head to pay librtye shillings 2 : 00 : 00 

MR tfisKE Jo^ Woodbery : Peeter Palfrey Laurence 
Leech Jeffrey Masse y Richard Dauenport. 

Grannted to Abraham AVhiteeare 2 acres of land to 
plant in & a q''ter of an acre for a howse lott, to be layd 
out by Mr Waltham & Mr Mauerick. 

Grannted that John Shepley shall hane 4 acres neere 
his twentie acres in exchange for 4 acres of the 20 
whereby hee may w"* more ease plant his corne. 

Grannted to [*William*] ||John|| fiisk to be added to 

fThis account is in the handwriting of Richard Davenport. See 
p. Gi), note. 


his former land 30 acres of ground whereof 4 acres to be 

Graunted to Josep Batchelor & Thomas Browning 
twentie acres of hind neere adioyning to the former 
grant tt 2 acres a peece of meadow to be layd out by 
the towne. 

Graunted to John Endecott all that swamp that run- 
neth in the line of his flarme next to Goodman Chickcr- 
ings & of the other side to the land that is layd out in 
small lotts sometimes Mr Batters. 

Graunted to William Geere twentie acres of land to be 
layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to Allyn Convcrs flbrty acres of land 
[*whereof*] & 4 acres of meadow to be layd out 1)y 
the towne. 

Graunted to John Woodbur}^ & John Balch & Mr Co- 
nant, 5 acres of meadow a peece in some convenient 

Graunted to Laurance Leech 15 acres more of meadow. 

Graunted to [*Mr*] ||Wm|! Steephens 30 acres of land 
vppon the ftbrest side if hee stay at Marble head, if hee 
remoue to Salem hee is to haue 50 acres there. 

p. G5. 

jAtt a generall Towne meeting in "^ 11"' month 1(J31) 

Imprimis after the Reading & pvseing of the or- 

Votoii tiers of y^ Generall Courts, It was ordered that 

Uapli H'ogg Receiue such goods as none doe owne 

& send a note of them to the marshall att Boston. 

It. ]Mr Gervas Garford Chose Constable. 

Jn° Woodbury & Ilaph Hogg Chose to see to ye 

fTlie record of this meetiug is by Ralph Fogg, and that of the next 
by William llathorue. 


Vot. order about Swiiio to heuiii the tirst day of the first 
m'! 1639 & end the day of tlie eio-ht in': 1(;4(). 
Vot. Yong mr Norris Chose by this assemblie to teach 


Mr Holgraue Jii*; Woodlniry mr Henry liartholo- 
mew Mr Gardener & Daniel Kay Chosen Katters. 

That tlie Rand Caied Winter Hand may be fenced 
Inn for the saftie of the tiishing trade & so to Con- 
tinue vntill the prim, of the third month Caled may 
vnless such as haue (ioats doe fence in the tlaks for 
the saftie of [*the*] ffish. 

That the (V' day morning to meet about fencs. 

The ould Seauen men Continewed still. 

The sd Seauen men are to see the Gunsmiths 
fence satisfied for. 

Mr Holgraue Chose ageane to keepe the ordenary 
& the drawing of wine referred till next meeting 
till Mr Holgraue & j\Ir Gott haue Conferred ther- 

At a meet[ing the 21"' of the 11"'] moneth present 
John Woodbury Granted to Mr Norris 100 acres of 

wfiiiamTlalhqme U'^^^^^ ^ov a famie with 16 acres of 
Mr Conaut ' meadow. 

Granted to Jacob Barny, Avill. Doge [and Rich.] 
Brackenbery 5 acres of meadow apeece. 

Granted to John Browne & Edmond Tom [son] 30 
acres of laud apeece. 

Granted to William Woodbury 10 acres of vpland 
[and] 5 acres of meadow. 

Granted to Josua Verin 40 acres of land. 

Granted to Widow Bryan 2 acres of meadow. 

Granted to Jeffry INIassy 20 acres of vpland & 5 of 



*CTrantea to Hugh Stacy, John Thurston, Tho. West & 
w[idow] Payne 20 acres of hmd apeece 

Granted to Austen Killhani, Nichohis Pacy, Philemon 
I)[ickenson] & Joseph Yongs 30 acres of hmd apeece 

Granted to Henry Chickeriug & John Yongs 50 acres 
of [land] apeece. 

Granted to M"® Ames 40 acres of land. 

Granted to William Browne Shopkeeper 80 acres of 

Granted to Mr Phillips to be an Inhabitant & to haue 
80 acres of land 

Provided y* these 6 last grants from this m'ke* is w"' 
the condicion that they continew in the Plantation to vse 
the same. 

Granted to the widdow Helton 30 acres of land. 

Granted to the widdow Scarlet 20 acres of land. 

Mr Ruck desireth a tl'arme. 

Granted to Beniamiu Parniinster 10 acres of land at 
Jeff[ryes] Creeke when the former grants are made good. 

Granted to Esdras Reed 10 acres of laud more to his 
fformer 10 acres in the whole 20 acres. 

Granted to Richard Laml)ert 20 acres of land bc- 
tw[een] Jeftry Easty & Henry Swan. 

Mr Gerford desireth an Enlargment to his 50 acres for- 
m[erly] granted of 50 more. 
[ ] desireth to be an Inhabitant. 

John Luvet Daniel Rays servant desireth accomoda- 

Mr fiVend desireth accomodation of meadow to his 

-Granted to Roger Conant the son of Roger Connant 
being the first borne Child in Salem the soni of 20 acres. 

Granted to Joseph Doliber the som of 20 acres of land. 


W of the 1. moncth 1040. 
[At] a senerall * i i . , 

towne meeting Agreed at tlie generall towne meeting that 

Laurance South wecke & William Woodbury shall keepe 
the milch cattell & heifers that are like to calue this 
suiiier, & such hulls as are uecessarie for the heard : ex- 
cluding all other dry cattell : They arc to hauc for their 
£, labo" [*therefore*] Thirtie & [*tvvoe*] ||six|| pownds. 
to be paid in equall portions the first paym' to be paid 
the 10"^ day of the tfourth moneth |lnext|l & the latter 
paymt to l)e made the 10"' day of the seauenth moneth 
follow Inge. They are to begui to keepQ them, the G"' 
day of the 2'^ moneth. And their tyme of keeping of 
them to end, the 15"' day of the 9"' moneth. They are 
to drine out the Cattell when the Sun is halfe an hower 
high, & to bring them in when the sun is halfe an hower 
hiofh. The Cattle are to be brouo;ht out in the mornini): 
into the pen neere to Mr Downings pale. And the keeps 
are to drive them & bring such cattle into the Pen as they 
doe receaue from thence. And such as doe not bringe 
their cattle in due tyme into the Pen are to keepe them 
that day themselues <&. pay such damages as their cattle 
shall make. 

Agreed that Mr Hathornes Bull & Rol)ert Moltons Bull 
& Thomas Gardners Bull shall goe w"' the heard & they 
shall haue each owner xx^ a peece for the use of their 
bulls this season. And the Same to [be] raised & gath- 
ered w"' the heardsmens wages. 

Whereas There was a fibrmer order That the scan [en 
men] w*^'' were chosen for the orderinge of the aflaires of 
the t[owne] That six of them w"'out a Magestrate & any 
flbwre w"' the magestrate might doe any thing or act, & 
had power [soe] to doe as fully as if all were together. 
And whereas afterwards it was agreed &, consented vnto, 


That [If] ai\y ffowre, though no Mngestrate one of them, 
yet [they] should huuc power [*all*] as fully as if all 
"were tog[ether] av'"' order seeing it was not recorded : It 
is n[ow therefor] agreed that what graunts or other or- 
ders haue [been] made by the greater pte of the 7 men 
That they [shall] stand tirme & this present towne meet- 
ing doeth w*'' one consent contirme them. 

Ordered That Henry Cooke & Edward Ingram shall 
keepe the swine of the Towne. And it is agreed that 
they shall haue 61 a peece for the keeping of [them.] 
And if the heard be so great & the swine so many th[at] 
they twoe cannot well keepe them, Then they the said 
[Henry] & Edward shall gett more lielpe for the better 
keeping [them] And if there be any that haue [*not*] 
swine that doe [not] })ut them to these keeps, That then 
it is ordered they shall [keep] them vp or prouide keeps 
for them themselues. And if [any] swine be found to 
goe at libertie w*''out any keeps. That then It shalbe lau- 
fidl for any man to impound them [c^] to be paid 2^ for 
his jjaynes. They are to keepe [them] from the Sixth 
day of the 2'' moneth till the [ ] day of the ninth mon- 
eth. [*The place is in a yard [ ] ]\Ir Brownes neer to 
Mr Pesters howse*] They [are] to blow their home, and 
the Townsemen to brin[g their] swine out to them, |]as 
they goe alonge l)y their bowses. || They are to driue 
them out abo [ ] of the clock in tlie morninge c^ they 
are to driue them hom[e at] sunset. And euery one is to 
receaue his owne swine [& to] keepe them in all night. 
Add the keeps shall be [responsible] for any swine that 
are lost, but for such swine as [may 1)e] kild by wilde 
beast & they bring home [*a pte of*] the f[lesh]| 

fThe rest of tlie .sentence is worn ofl". 


And because that the Lords day may lie improued by 
such as are the keeps, It is aureed, That the said keeps 
shall one one Lords day & the other the other Ijords day 
shall by turnes keepe them. And it is ai>reed that euery 
such 2 families as are warned by the said keeps shall i)ro- 
uide one man for the helping one of the keeps to keepe 
swine vppon the Lords day. 

It is ordered That Mr Sharpe shall write the records of 
all the Towne Lands. f 

That the Seauen men shall take some order for the 
keeping of Hthe towne || Goates. 

Captaine Trask hath leaue to set vp a ||tide|l iSIill vp- 
pon the North Iviuer, prouided hee make passage for a 
Shallope from halfe flood to full sea.| 

Edmond Giles is fined xx' for taking in of the townes 

Comons l)y the generall towne meetinge. 

[The following list occupies two leaves of the original, and appears 
to have been niisplacecl in binding the book. It is in the handwriting 
of Roger Conant, and relates, as I suppose, to the division of "the 
marsh & meadow lands," see page Gl. The tigure before each name 
gives the number of the persons in the family ; if six or more the 
head of the family was entitled to one acre; if four or five to three 
quarters of an acre; and if less to half an acre. Families of three 
persons appear to have been allowed at first three quarters of an acre, 
but afterwards only a half acre, as in such cases the 3 is cancelled and 
2 substituted. In the first part of the list the J is probably a mistake 
for 3, meaning three quarters. When the list was written by Roger 
Conant he placed first the figure denoting the number in the family, 
and then the name of the head of the family, and when there were six 
or more in the family he wrote against the name, to the right, " 1" or 
" 1 acre." All the figures on the right of the names, denoting the al- 
lotment, except where "1 acre" was allotted, are in -,}. ditterent, though 
ancient, handwriting. See page 71, a grant to Thomas Edwards.] 

1. .Jo: Sibly 1-i • 1. Tho : Tracy 2 

— (J. Geor : wins 1 acre '2. Math : Waller 3 

.'). nir IJattcr 1-.'} 3. Jo : Hart [*:5*1 •> 

5. Hen : Hemcke !-:{ 8. inr Yong 1 

tSee page (>. X See page IS, note. 


3. widd: Scarlet 

[*3*] 2 

2. Tho: Wiitsou 


1. ffr: Skery 


— i. Edw : GaskUl 


5. Jo: Porter 


2. Tho: Chub 


7. Dan: Key 1 acre 

— 7. Kic : AVattermau 1 

2. mr Comiiis 


1. Jo : Bourne 


1. Xic : Draper 


3. Jo : March 

[*3*] 2 

5. Jo : Eltbrd 


3. Tho: Head 

[*3*] 2 

— 1. Robt Allen 


3. Jo : Norman 

[*3*] 2 

1. Jo: Brittell 


5. mr Enuy 


2. Ed: Grouer 


— 10. M'ill. Woodbeiy 


3. Horn Woodbery 

[*3*] 2 

3. Jeffr: Massy 

[*3*] 2 

4. Rich: Blackenbury 


4. James Smith 


— 7. inichell Salloes 


2. Sam : P^burne 


3. Will : Bennet 

[*3*] 2 

1. Jo: Lnfle 


1. Jo : Burton 


7. Jo: Stone 


2. Raph Elwood 


1. Roger Haskell 



4. Robt: Lemon 


4. Jo : Jackson 


— 5. Will: Dixie 


4. Jo : Blacke 


5. Wm\ : more 


4. Tho : more 


— 7. Jos : Graften 


5. Jo: more 


5. Tho: Browning 


fi. mr Smith 


— 6. mr Scrngs 


2. Abr: Temple 


5. mr Holgi-aue 


6. Rich Raymond 


1. Jos: Holgraue 


4. Ben: ITelton 


— 6. Jo: Ilirdy 


1. Jo: Hardy Jun. 


8. will Jeggels 


— 3. nu-Gatrort 

2. Wm Vincent 

1. Vincents mother 

1. ViucetsCosen Autho: 

1. Tho: Lothrope 

7. Robt. Goodell 

4. Pet: wolfe 

3. Ben: Parmister 

— 2. Jo : Cooke 

5. Geo: Norton 
[*4*] 3. Rich : Lambt 

4. Jefl'ery Esty 

6. Nicho : Cary 

— 6. Jacob Bania 

5. mr Thorudicke 

2. Will: .Tames 

3. Jo: Gaily 

5. .Jo: Pickworth 

— 2. Ja : Standish 

8. Richard Hutchinson 

7. mr Goose 

— 7. Rich : Holingsworth 
2. Widd: mason 

1. Tho: Rootes 

1. Jos: Rootes 
[*2*] o Robt. Morgan 
[*2*] 4 Jo : Pride 

1. Jo : Lech 

.'). Hugh Browne 

2. Jo: Burroes 
2. .John Deuericks 

— G. Tho : Paine 
[*4. mr Steuens*] 

2. Tho: Dixey 

3. John Browne 
2. Edm : Tom son 

2. James Hines 

3. Tho : Venner 

1. Roger Aimedowne 

— 5. Jam : moiilton 
7. Jo : Gidney 

— 11. mr flVend 

1. Rich Barthelmew 

4. mr Bachelor 
goodm. Thurston 

1. mr Higgins 

1. Sam: C'olbunie 

1. Geo : Ropes 


Bucstone 2 


[*3*] 2 



[*3*] 2 




[*3*] 2 


[*3*] 2 


— 6. inr Gott 

1. Nath : ffelton 

2. Wicldo: ffelton 
5. Sam : Archer 

5. WiU: Allen 
1. Henry Bartholmew 

1. WUl : ffiske 

— 5. Jo : Home 
4. mr Johnson 

mr webb 
C. Anth: Dike 

2. Christo : Yong 
1. will: Hackford 
2< Kich : Johnson 

4. Kobt Codman 

— 2, widdo Greene 

6. Tho: J:dwards 

1. John Harbert 
6. llobt Paj?e 

5. Henry Skeriy 
[10 ?] Will : Hathorne 
^«- 5. mr waters 

2. Will Plais 
4. Rich : Nonnan 

4. Ro : JMoulton 
2. mr Alderman 

— 5. Will : Dodge 

5. Will : marston 

1. Tho: marston 

4. Robt Pease 

2. Jo : Pease 

5. Ro : mawiy 

— 4. will, walcot 

6. fran : Perry 
[ ] Jo : Pope 

5. Tho: Anthom 

7. Tho: Gardner 

6. Rich: Bisshop 
5. Rich : walker 

— 7. Jo : Barber 
5. Will: Boiind 

3. Jo : Sanders 

7. Leiftenant Dauenport 1. 
3. Tho: Goldthwait 

— 2. mris Kenniston 
5. Jo: Talby 
3. Jo: Abby 
5. Lawr : Leech 
1. Robt Leech 

— 9. Rich : Ingersall 

3. Hugh Laskin 

4. Rich: Rootes 

[*3.*] 2 

1. Rob : Baker 
2 4 [*Tho*] Will: Williams 

2 [*3*] 4. Leeds plaisterer 

3 — (1. Jo: Balch 1. 
3 9. mr Endicot 1. 
2 3. Tho: Reed 

2 — 9. Roger Conant 1. 

3 2. Edw: Beacham 2. 
3 8. mr Cole 1. 

2 — G. mr flbgg i. 

9. Mill : Jving 1. 

2 — 10. mr Bisshop 1. 

2 5. Tho: Ohiy 3 

2 4. mich: Shaflin 3. 

3 4. Rob : Cotty 3. 
2 4. Edin : Marshall 3. 

2. Jo: Shepley 2. 

2 lU 

5. [MrStillman ] 

3 1. Elias Stillman 2. 
[0.] Mr AVeston 1. 


— 10. Mr Allbrd 


6. John Woodbury 


2. Mr Pestor 


— 9. Mr Blackleach 


6. Mr Verine 


1. Phillip Verine 



7. Captaiiie Trask 


— 8. Stiikly Wesket 


II 7. Mr Sharpe 



1. John Bushnell 



1. Abraham Warain 



6. George Harris 


7. Jo : Symons 



1. Robt Isbell 



— fi. Peter I'alfry 


5. Will: [Auger] 



7. Sam: moi-e 


— G. Wm Lord 



2. Will : Browne 



2. mr Stratton 




9. mr Clarke 



[*2. goodni : Skudder 



— 5. mr fliske 




4. ffrau: Laws 



4. ffranc : flilmingam 




3. marmad : Peircy 
2. Jo : Pickring 

[*3*] 2 



3. Ri<h : Graues 

[*3*] 2 


— 8. Tho : Smith 



[*o*] G. Eilw: Giles 

1. mris Daniell 

2. John Tomkins 

4. Tho: Spooncr 


5. K/ekiell Knight 


3. Tho. lllatman 

[*3*] 2. 

1. Tho. Gardner 


— 1. George Gardner 


3. Geo: wright 

[*3*] 2. 

4. widdo Sweet 


4. Wilham Kobison 


G. niris Amies 


2. mris l{o bison 


f goodnian II(jlinian 


[lialf]-; goodwit'e Scarlet 


(l [ ] Danenport 


[*17S*] 181 
[Blauk page.] 

t At a Gencrall Townc meeting the IT". 9. 48 

John Kitching was chosen Ciinstal)le in the j^hicc of 

John Ivobinson tor the yeare llbnowing t^ till a new be 


Chosen for GranJuiymen 

nir Verriii ^ mr Alderman 

nil- Batter I 

Tiioiiias Trusler j 
Kick rrinee J 

It was agreed that theire should bee a Townc Rate of 

19" of the 10 mo : 1(348 

At a meeting of the townsmen the day & yeare aboue 
written ^ 

Captcn hatborue, inr Curwyn 

"Win King 
Thomas Putmaa*^' 
Juo Neale. 

mr Batter, 
mr Downyiu 

mr Bartholmevv 

tibr the pety Jury 

[*mr Willm Browne.*] Joseph Pope. 

Thomas Gardiner Senr. George Gardiner 

Peter Palfrey John Kobinson 

[*JettVy Massy*] Henery Herrick 

[*John" Hardye*] [*Will Dodge*] 

lliehard Bishop John Hathorue. 

Jetiery JNIasccy is Chosen Clarke of the market 
for this yeare next insuinge and till a new be 

t The record of these two meetings is iu a diflereut liaudwritiuj 


[Att a piil)lik TowiiG meeting at Salem 
y° ir" of 3 m-^ 1G40 
Its aoreed that mr Ilolgruuo 


Its agreed at a generall Towne meeting y* y*' order 
agred on [ ] hoggs shall be executed by such pi>ons as 
Mr Endecott shall appoint namlyf ] 


$ At a meeting the 30"' of the 1 moncth 1640. 

Mr Eudecott Laurance Leech 

John Woodbury Jetfry Massy 

Mr Coiiaut 

Graunted to ^ 


William Comins is fined xx* for taking in ||pte of || the 
high way next to his howslott. And for ev^'y weeke that 
hee continew*'' the fencing in of the high way, hee is to 
be fined 5*. 

Graunted to John Beaumont 5 acres of planting grownd 
to be layd out by the Towne. 

Graunted to John Lovett 5 acres \\of ground || w"""' was 
pte of the land exchanged by Jeflry Massy & Richard 
Brackenbury neere Mackrell Coue. 

At a meeting the 15"' Day of the 5"' moneth 1040. 
Mr Eudecott Graunted to Joseph Boys, 10 acres of 

Mr iiathoriie j^.^j^j ^^ ],^, |,jyj „y|- j^^ Q^pe Annes side at 

Joliu \V oodbury -^ ^ 

Jeflry Massy the discretion of the Towne Layers out. 

[*It is agreed that there shall be 40 acres of land*] 

fThis is written by Kalph Fogg, and at the bottom of the same 
page is also written in short-hand "Here certain papers pinned on 
here under Mr. Endecot's hand." 

J Here the writing of the record is again resumed by John Ende- 
cott, and continues to be written by him till the end of the year 1G4G, 
except a few entries. 



Mr "William Yassall dosireth a ffarnie where the towne 
thiiiketli meete. 

Miles AVard [*desiretli*] hath 2 or 3 acres more or 
lesse grauuted him over at Stage point, not formerly 

Mr Jo'l Ilarbert requesteth a flarme. 

Jo° Bushnell desireth a portion of land. 

Tho : Smith desireth a peece of vpland Joyiiing to his 
meddow al)out 12 acres that soe lice may make vse of the 
townes former grant. 

the 14"' of the 7"> moneth 1640. 

At a general! [*Conrt*] towne meetinge, held the day 

It is ordered that Mr Wm Hathorne, Mv Ealph tfogg & 
Jert'ry Massy shall be Audito'* to snrvey all the books of 
records for the towne, & to take notice of all sncli suiTies 
of money that (vppon those records or other accounts) 
are due vnto the towne & to call for them in. And that 
they shall hane helpe from the ^Magistrate to straine for 
such sumes as are behinde. As also to take accom[)ts of 
all the towne rates & to bring in an account how they 
liaue bene layd out. That the whole towne may receaue 
satisfaccon therein, And this to be l)rought in at the next 
q'^ter Court at Salem being the 2D"' of this moneth. 

That o'" Brother Gedney & o'' brother Balch tSc o'" l)r()ther 
ft'ogg doe enquire about fustean spinsters & to informe the 
towne the next 2'* day. 

That there shall a rate of 15^ be raised &. gathered for 
the paym* of the bookes of records & for the keeping of 
the meeting howse 3^-15^ to o'' brother Xath : Porter, & 
2^-10^ to o'" broth'*^ Home &c. 

It is ordered that all the iiences [*vpp*] about the 
towne in the seuerall ffields shall be continewed &. main- 


tiiyiicd as well winter as sunier. And that such as doe 
leaue open any pte of then- fence shall pa^^ for eu'ie day 
so left open, 2*. And in the mcanc tymo to pay such 
daina,2:e as comes throuijh his default ||to the ptio|l 
[*such*] dain[*ages*] ||nitied|] as the l|next|| Court shall 
Judge V. him. And tfor such as [*doe*] are kuowen to 
haue pulled downe any fences w"'out the owners consent, 
shall pay the penaltie of 20'' or if tlie ptie be not able to 
pay it to be whipt the next Court if the Court see no 
cause to the contrarie. 

John Concline receaued an Inhabitant of Salem. 

Graunted to John Concline ffiue acres of ground neerc 
the glasse howse. 

Graunted halfe an acre of land for the said John Con- 
cline, neere the glasse howse. 

Ordered that if Any man w"'in the towne of Salem 
shall [*kill*] ||take|| any wolfe w*''in the precincts of Sa- 
lem, And bring him to the meeting howse aliue he shall 
haue foa eu*"y such wolfe 15-. And for eu'ie wolfe that lice 
killeth hee shall haue lO** to l)e paid vnto him ))y the 

[Mr Stephens saith hee dd. to Daniell Ray 3^ or ther 
abouts a Kate fo*" marble head & hath an acquittance. 

bro : Porter had the money.] f 

At a generall towne meeting the 11*'' of the 
[8*"] moneth 1640 
Ordered that such as haue felled timl)er trees w"'in 
twoe miles of the towne of Salem, & any timber trees 
w*''in one mile of Marblehead that are litt for shippinge, 
That such as haue felled them shall be p;iid for their labo"" 
either for their felling w*'*' is done already or for sawinge 

t Written by Ralph Fogg. 


if they will bestow that labo"" vppon them for plank for 
shippinge, to be paid by such Shipeari^euters as are wil- 
ling to imploy them for that vse. And that none shall 
cleaue such trees vp to c]apbo[ards] or pipestaues. And 
if the Shipcarpenters shall refuse the said plank so sawed 
at the rate of the Countric, Then it shall be lawfuU for 
them to sell them to any other. 

Graunted to Captaine Traske halfe an acre of land to 
be Joyned to the new mill to be layd out l)y the towno. 

Graunted to AVilliam Townde [*te*] a little neck of 
land right over against his howse on the other side of the 
riuer to lie sett out by the towne 

Ordered that Phillip Vcrin ||()r an}^ other || shall make 
the tience that leadeth to the bridge of one side from the 
bridge to the high way that is by Eichard Normans howse 
& that the towne will pay him. 

Ordered that Mr Stilcman shall haue the q'^ter of acre 
of marsh w*^'' Mr Emery should haue had & 3 q'ters more 
lying in the flaggue marsh at the vpp end. 

Graunted to John Saunders & to Ralph ffogge each ot 
them a q'ter of acre (over against their Lotts) as you goe 
to the old ^lill : to l)e layd out by the towne. 

It is ordered that ]\lr ffogge & Eobert Cotty shall look 
to the tfences heere about the towne, & that such orders 
as haue bene made in that l)ehalfe & the penalties in them 
shalbe ol)serued iS: taken by the said Mr fibgge & Kobert 
Cotty. The halfe of the penaltie to take vnto themselues 
& the other halfe to be paid vnto the towne, & that the 
execution thereof shall begin the second day of the next 
week, ct what dainage hath l)enc to be paid to such as 
haue had damage. 

Ordered that none of the coiTion within the Cattle 
range shalbe graunted hencefor^\•ard, to any man for any 


pticiilar vse. And the range of the cattle at the forrest 
riucr head Avhere the fresh water falls in & where the salt 
water floweth at high water mark shalhe a line South- 
ward, vp to Mr Ilunifrys fiarnie & from thence to the 
pond, and so about to Brookesby. & ^ 

At a meeting the 20"' of the 11'" moneth 
]\lr Endecott Grauuted to Allyn Conv^ers 20 acres ot 

Joiiu Womibury P^^^^ting ground next to Mr Endecotts 
JettVy Massy tfarme lying by that Lott w*='' Avas Kiehard 
Normans neere Iho head of the riuer, & it is in exchana'e 
of XX acres w*^'' was formerly graunted vnto him. 

Graunted to John Putnam, [*ffiftie*] one hundred 
acres of land at the head of Mr Skeltons ffarmc betweenc 
it & Elias Stileman the elder his fiarme, if there be an 
hundred acres of it. Antl it is in exchange of one hun- 
dred acres w*'" was graunted to the said John Putnam for— 
merl}'. & if it fall out that there be not so much there then 
to be made vp neere to Liuetennt Dauenports hill, to be 
layd out by the towne. And tenne acres of meadow in 
the meadow called the pine meadow if it be not there for- 
merly graunted to others. 

Graunted tiiftie acres of land vnto Thomas [Putnam] - 
and ffiue acres of meadow both to be layed [out by] the 

At a meeting the 25"' day of the first moneth llUl 

John Woodbury It was agreed y' Roger mory & Law- 

Lawraiice Leach o i-i • i a i j^i /*i • n 

Ji'iiVy Masjsv rcuce buthwich to keepe the Cows in all 

William Hathornet things according to the agreement the 

o o o 

last year : except in the wages w*^'' is to be 5** a head. 
And the 3 bulls that went w"' the heard the last 

fTlic record of this meeting is written by William llathorue. 


y[caro] at 15^ a bead to be gatbcrecl by tbe beardsmen to 
be G'^ a bead on tbe Cattle. 

Granted to Tbo : Buxston a poell of gronnd lying by 
tbe Raylcs on tbe insid at tbe end of tbe tcnn Acre lots 
in tbe Nortb Side, l)eing 3 Acres or tberabont. 

At a gcnerall towne meetinge, beld tbe 4*'^ day 
of tbe 2 monetb 1G40. 

It is ordered tbat All fences ||as well generall as ptic- 
nlar|l about tbe towne sball>e [*continucd*] ||sutiicientlie 
made it maintained II all tbe yeare as well in winter as 
suiiier. And if any [*man*] pson be defectine in tbcir 
fences, Tbey are to pay twoe sbillings for euery day it is 
proned tbey are defectiue, twelne pence tbereof to l)e 
ginen to tbe surveyer tbat finds it out ct gines notice of it 
to tbe ptie so defectine &, twelne j] pence || to tbe towne. 
And fnrtber tbe said ptie sbalbe lyal)le to pay all dam- 
ages besides, tbat sball be don l)y any cattle or swine by 
reason of tbat defect. Voted. 

In tbe tield next to tbe ferry tbat leads to Tpsw*''', Tbere 
are appointed l)y tbe towne [*Ralpb Elwood & goodman 
Bulfincb*] II William Bennett & George Ivoppes|| to sur- 
vey tbe fences in tbat tielde. 

In tbe tield next to it wbere Jeftery ]\Iassys bowse is, 
Jacob Barney & Jeliry Massy [are] a})pointed Sur- 
vey crs. 

In tbe next tield Avliere Goodman AVatben batb a bowse 
and lott & in tbe tield next to Mr Gartord, we doe ap- 
point iSlr Garford & George ^yatben Surveyors. 

In tbe tfield wbere Mr Norris dwells, Jolm Gidney & 
Tbomas weeks are ap[)ointed Surveyers. 

In tbe ttield next to tbe meeting bowse, Peter Palfry 
& [*Tbomas Lotbrop*] || Henry Bartbolomew|| are ap- 


In the ffiekl where j\Ir Shtirpes urrownd is & Mr Peters 
his tiekl, Mr ftbgge & Goodman Adtlains arc aj)pointed. 

In the licld where Mr Williams howsef is, Mr kcnni- 
stonc & John Sanders are ai)[)ointed. 

In the next field Avhere Mr Gardner is, Mr Gardner & 
Goodman Spooner are appointed. 

In the next lieldc wher Mr Bacon lines, Mr Alderman 
& Mr [ ] arc appointed. 

I[n m]ans Held where Mr Hathornc lined, 

Goodman [ ] are appointed. 

[Here a portion of the record is missing. The following extract 
from the Book of Grants covers this lost record so far as relates to 
laud. It is in the hanthvritiug of Emanuel Dovvuing.] 

Extract from the Booh of Grants. 

Granted to Ananias Conclyne a yard conteyning 20 
pole of ground to he layd ont before his dore. 

Granted to jVIarble head Inhabitants all sncli lands nere 
adjoyning to them as hane not ben' form'ly granted to 
other men. And the said lands thus granted to jNIarblc 
head men are to l)e disposed of l)y them-sclves cpvided it 
be done with the consent of one of our Seavcn men ap- 
poynted for the afayres of our towne, who shalbe hclpfnll 
& ready to joyne with them in the disposing of it, & 
therefore the towne hath chosen Jetiry Massy to be 
joyned vnto them for the p'sent.| 

At a gen'll towne meeting the last day 
of the 7'" moneth 1641 
Granted to Samwell Cornhill an acre of land more or 
lesse for the sowing of liempe. 

fSee Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vol. viii, p. 2."')7. 

X Against this in the margin is written '• Marblehead to lay out their 
owne lauds." 


At a gcn'all towne meetino; the 22^'' day 

of the «"> moncth 1G41 


At a meeting the o'^ day of the 10"^ moiieth 1G41 

Mr Jolm Eiullcott John Woodbury' 

Kogcr Coiiaiit^ Joliu Ealslie 

Granted to Wilhn Dodge [*20 acres*] 

Granted to Jolni Ward 20 acres of hind to be laid out 
by the towne. 

Granted to Phyneas ffiske 20 acres more at the viUage 
nere the pond to be hiid out by those that are deputed by 
the towne. 

Granted to Richard Dodge 40 acres more to be added 
to his former forty acres. 

Granted to Hcliard verrin 40 acres of hmd to be hiid 
out by the towne. 

At a gen'all towne meeting the 2*^ day 
of the 3^' moneth 1(;42. 

Ordered that tliere shall noe more trees be felled by 
any man Avithin the lymitts of Salem vnlcs it be in mens 
g)prietyes vppon the payne or penalty of 20* for everie 
such tree felled ])y any man whither Inhabitant or stran- 
ger and that this order 1)c p'scntly published iSc notice 
given to such as sett them on worke, q^vided that this 
order extend not to any that shall fell any tymber for 
his owne building or fencing or building of ships here 
within the lymitts t)f our towne without spetiall lycence 
from a Magistrate. 

Henry lieignolds is to haue a 10 acre lott amongst the 
rest of those that are to haue theire land nere to Willm 

Granted to Oljadiah Holmes a quarter of an acre nere 
to his irarden. 


At a ofciril towne mcetini^ hold 
the 10*" of C*" inoneth 1(542. 

Granted to o-oodniau Devenishe an Inhirijfcm* to be sett 
out to his kind nere tlie Mill by Captaiue Traskc & Jefiiy 

It is ordered that Jeflry ]\Iassy & Peter Palfrey shall 
right the 2 five acre lotts w*"'' are on Darl)ycs fort side & 
that they haue power to measure out the lotts nere ad- 
joining, whereby the 5 acre lotts may be found according 
to the townes grant. 

At a pticular meeting of the 7 men 

Mr. EncUcott Jcffry Massy 

Mr. Gardiner Lawrence Leech 

Willm Lord Peter Palfrey 

Granted to Henery Bartholmew 100 acres of vpland c't 
10 acres of medow to be laid out by the towne a litlc 
beyond Mr Bishops land. 

Granted to Samwell Edson 25 acres of land joyning to 
Humphry Woodl)urys farme in Mackrell Cove & 2 acres 
of medow where he can fynd y* there a]>out to be laid out 
by the towne. 

Granted to John Scudder a peicc of ground conteyning 
halfe an acre to build an howse & for other vses nere to 
his 10 acre lott in Kings Cove to be laid out by the 

At a (ifen'll towne meeting held the 29*" of 
the i)"' moneth 1(342. 
Granted to John Pickering 4 pole of ground nere to his 
howse to be laid out by the towne. 

Its ordered that the high way by the bridge shalbe laid 
out through the lotts of goodnian Moulton cScc not round 



At a j)tic'iilai' towne moetinii" the 20*'' 
ot the II"' moiieth 1042. 

Mr. Eiidic'ott Lawrence Leech 

Mr. Ilatliorne Mr. (Tardiiier 

.letlVy Massy Willui Lord 
reter Palfrey 

Its ordered that an hi_<j,h way be hiid out [*throiiiih*] 
by the towne throuiili Daniell Eay his lott & he to haue 
the old way hiid before, over in the 10 aere h)tts on tht^ 
North feihl. 

Sohl to Ileneiy Skerry an aere (jf hind that was Nieho- 
las Drapers for 12'^, 

Granted to Goodman Lawes 16 poles of marshe around 
or thereabout by the water next to his tenne acre lott. 

Granted to Leiftenn* Davenport & Thomas Lathi-op 80 
acres of land w*^'' was ^ivcn Ibrni'ly to Richard Waterman 
& he deserted it, to be equallie devided betweene them 
both in regard of quantity ^<: (|nality. 

Granted to Alexander tleild 25 acres of laixl w'"'' was 
granted to Tiiomas Lathrop resigned to the said Alexan- 
der tfeild in leiw of the former grant of 40 acres. 

Gi'anted to Richard Pettingall 10 acres of land for a 
lott at Euon to be laid (jut by the towne. 

Granted to Henery llaggett the Cow keep at Enon a 
10 acre lott there. 

Granted to George IngersoU 20 acres of land to be laid 
out b\- tlie towuc as uere his otlier land at Enon as it may. 

At a pticular towne meeting 
23"' of the 11"' moneth 1(J42 

.Tolni Eudicott Willm Lord 

Tiioiiias Gardner JeflVy Massy 

Peter Palfrey 

Granted to Willm Sawyer 20 acres of land to be laid 
out at EncMi c*c 2 acres of medow if y* may be had 


( I ranted to Esdras Road 10 acres of land 

(Jraiited to l)rotlicr lUdlincli 10 aci-cs 

Granted to old goodinan Scndder 10 acres 

Granted to [*brotlicr*] |lKal[)licl| Tompkins 10 

Granted to John Kitchen 10 acres ^1 

Granted to Theophilns Downinge y^ ilishernian 10 

Granted to Nicliolas Ileyward a lisherman 10 acres 

Granted to Willin Bowdishe 10 acres 

Granted to John Abby 10 acres 

Granted to Henery Bullock 30 acres of land to be laid 
out by the towne. 

Granted to Richard Gardiner ct John Gardner each of 
them a 10 acre lott nere jNIackrell Cove next to Mr. 
Thorndiks playiie to be laid by the towne. 

Granted to Mr. Emery 4 or 5 acres of medow if there 
be soe manie lying there next to the Leiftenant Damports 
farme to be laid out by the towne. 

At a pticular towne meeting 
25'" of the 11*" m;)neth HU2 

Willui Hathoine Willin Lord 

Tlioin' Gardner Jetfry Massy- 

Peter Palfrey 

Granted to goodm. Weekes 10 acres this to lye with 
the last 10 acres mentioned. 

Granted to EdAvard Beachamp 10 acres at Basse River 
if it be there. 

Granted to John Small 10 acres at Enon on the Avest 
side of the great pond. 

Granted to Robt. [Tuke:}:] 5 acres at the great pond. 

fliere is written in tlie margin "all these lU acre lotts are to be 
laid out nere to brotlier Kings lott." 

J This name, in the index to the Book of Grants, is spelt Tyke. 


Its ordered tliJit Mr Gott shall haiie his medow with 
the tirst in the iji'PJit meadow. 

Granted to John Collins 10 acres in the L^'eat pond. 

It is ordered that all those that hane land granted at 
the great pond shall fence with the rest or els leave theire 
lands, and all that hane lotts at Basse river are bound to 
the like conditions. 

Granted to Henery Reignolds 5 acres at the great pond. 

Granted to John Boorne 5 acres at the great pond. 

It is ordered that Jeltiy jNlassy shall hane his 20 acres 
forni'ly granted, at the great pond. 

Granted to Willm Allin & Robt. Allin 10 acres a peicc 
at the great pond. 

Granted to Thomas Pattin 15 acres where the layers 
out can fjnde it. 

Granted to Thom' West 10 acres at the great pond. 

Granted to ]Michaell Sallowes 10 acres at the great 
pond if yt l)e there wlien the rest are laid out. 

Granted to John Ilathornc 50 acres of land toward the 
great river. 

At a meeting the 13 of the 12 moneth 1612 

Mr Endicott Peter PaltVey 

Mr Hathoriie JettVy Massy 

Granted to \Mllni Clarke GO acres of land in leiw of 
that land w*^'^ ^ hath lost l)y the laying out of Lyn l)ounds 
being witiiin the Lyniitts of Lyn thougli laid out by Sa- 
lem. The sixty acres are to be laid out by the towne ot 
that land that Iveth South from Mr. Downynjjs "reat 
medow towards Mr. Johnsons land. 

Granted to John Reeves 10 acres of ground ncre to 
jNIr. Blackleech his farme to be laid out by the towne. 

Granted to Ryce Edwards 10 acres nere to Mr Black- 
leech his farme to be laid out by the towne. 

It is ordered that the 20 acres of land granted to xYllvn 


Convors in exchange of 20 acres granted to him elswhere 
shalbe laid out by the towne to Mr Endicott. 

Granted to Edinond Grover 2 litk; jx-clls of frcshc 
medow ground coutcyning al)out an aci'e and an halfc 
uere bevour pond by Hugh Laskins niedow. 

At a meeting the 20 of the 12 moneth 1042 

Mr Endicott Willm Lord 

Mr Giirdiner retcr rnlfrcy 

Granted to Thomas Skclling 15 acres of hind to be laid 
out by the towne, at Enon. 

Granted to John Cook a portion of land conteyiiing 
about 3 quarters of an acre lying before his dore at his 
10 acre lott in the North fcild reserving alwaies to the 
towne 2 pole of land in breadth through the said land, 
for a Cart way to & from the towne of Salem. f 

Granted to Mr Thomas Gardner and to Obadiah Holmes 
a pcell of land lying within the Kayk's nere the gate that 
leades to and from the old mill nere to the lotts of IVIr 
Gardiner & Obadiah Holmes, the land is nere about 3 
quarters of an acre w*^'' is to be devided betwen them 

At a gen'all towne meeting the 27"' of the 
12'" month 1642. 
Granted to old George Wright a quarter of an acre or 
more to he laid out by Jeffry Massy and Mr Gardner nere 
to Edmond Giles his lott vpon the Comon. 

Granted to Mr Batter halfe an acre of land or there- 
al)out or nere about an acre for his streight setting of 
his fence if vpon veiwe it be not p'iuditiall to the 
towne paying according to the order of the toMue in 
that behalfe after 5'' the acre to be veiwed and laid 
out by Obadiah Holmes & Wilhn Osborne. 

t Against this iu the margin is writteu "Highway through ye 


Its QTmised l)y the towuc that the .S^ that hath l)on' lent 
hy the Court by the request of the towue to Ananias ( Jon- 
clyne & other poore j)eople shalhe repa^x'd tlie Court at 
the next Indian Corne Harvest. 

Granted to brother John Gedney that quarter of an 
aerc of ground form'ly s>ranted vnto old George WrioJit 
& laid out or bounded if the said Wright be otherwise 

At a ptieular tonne meeting the 15 of the 
12 moneth 1*;42. 

Mr Eiulicott Jetfry Massy 

Mr Gardner Win Lortl 

I'eter rallVy 

Granted to Iliehard Prinee 10 aeres of land to l)e laid 
out at Enon l)y the towne q)vided if the said Riehard 
Prinee shall not "within 12 nioneths remove thither his 
habitation that then yt shall )e in the power of the towne 
to dispose of yt. 

Granted to Hugh Staey a 10 aerc lott at Enon and 10 
acres more further of there vpon the same tearmes that 
Richai'd Prince hath it. 

Granted to Christopher ^^onges a 10 acres lott & 10 
acres more further of vpon the same tearmes the former 
2 are granted. 

Granted to John AVhite G acres of medow at Enon, 
That medow w*^'' John \\'oo<lbury did appoynt him to 
raowe, w*"'' he hath mowed these 2 or o yeares last 

Granted more to John White 40 acres of vpland to be 
added to his former land and 4 acres of medow to l)e laid 
out nere tiie former bv the towne. 

Ordered that John Abl)y shall hane 10 acres of land at 
Enon in exchange of 10 acres of land bounded out nere 
Basse liiver. 

The 27 of tlie first moncth 1043. 

At a nn'('tiiii:e of v.s whoso iinnics arc 

Ipswich & Snlem ^"^'^» ^\ uttcn Chosrii hy the townes ot 

SjUein cSc I})swich & haviiio- full ])o\ver 

from either towiie to agree & determyne of the hounds 

hetwene the said townes, doe in the hehalle of each towne 

agree and determyne as foUoweth 

Impr'is wee coneeive that the meeting howses of tlic 2 

townes stand from each other North North East, halfe a 

poynt Easterly & South South West halfe a poynt Avest- 

erly whither yt he exactlie soe or noe Wee arc fully 

ao-reed that the Lvne hetwene the 2 townes shall runne as 

followeth viz. from the bound tree nere John tlairefeilds 

howse West North West halfe a poynt [* Westerly*] 

Northerly & East South East halfe a poynt Southerly as 

the trees arc m'ked both wayes from the said hounde tree 

W. Hul)bert JetlVy Massy TJioin' Houiet 

Joliii Tiitle Roiit-r C'ouaiiti-^^ Joli Gaiics 

Josc'pli Yongs Jolui Balcli in'ke 

At a gen'll tonne meeting held the 
8*" day of the 5«" moneth 1(U3. 
Its ordered that seeing John Stratton is absent & hath 
left noe order for the fencing of the 10 acre lott in Darby 
fort side, that John Moore shall haiie it for 10 yeares 
vpon the same tearmes that Thomas West hath his, 
namely, sufiitiently to fence it by the same tyme. 

[The following- again is from the original book of records.] 

To Chrystopher Hcrsonne graunted 10 acres of land at 

To Richard ]More, halfe an acre Joyned to his howse as 
a tisherman. 

To Charles Turner a small peece of ground to be layd 
out by the towne over against Tucks, for him to sett a 
howse on. 


At a pticular Towne Meetini? the 18*'' of the 5"'." 1048. 
,To: Emlecott ordered that a warrant he grauntcd & 
Avmiaiu'Lord directed to Mr tibgge for the i;'atherhig vp 
jeiiVy Miissy of the ffiiies w^'' are due for not making vp 
their fences on Darhy forts side, & therefore that by ver- 
tue thereof Mr fibgge doe attach their goods to the Valew 
of XX® euery one that is defectiue in tlieir fences. 

Agreed that whereas Mr Ilathoine allowed to the Cnn- 
stahles 40^ to make vp there account to the Treasurer w'^'' 
was due vnto him vppon account from the towne, in this 
last account, That Therefore theise Cunstables would 
forth w"' \yAy vnto Mr Hawthorne the said 40® out of the 
rate they are now gatheriuge 

At a generall towne meetinge, held the 9*'' of the 
8"' mo: 1743. 

It is agreed that John Moore shall haue halfe a peck of 
corne from euery [*[)er*] familie |!and all such as are at 
their ovvne [ fj||, & such as are better able to bestow 

more according as God shall inable them. And that Mr 
Garford Mr. Gardner Thomas Edwards, c'i [*liichar*J 
Henr}' I^artholomew, shall receaue it heere in the towne. 
& John Balch tor the Basse riuer & William Woodl)ury 
for the Mackrell Cone. And [*the*] Captaine Trask to 
receaue it of the farmers & all theise to bring in the name 
of such as haue paid & what they haue paid. And the 
Corne to be brought in w*''in six weekes. And [*Jo*] 
Mr Batchelo'' for Enon. 

At a Generall Towne meetinge, held the 4"' 

of the 10 moneth 1(543. 

Chosen for the Grand Jury, 

Thomas Gardner William Woodbury"^ 

Jacob Barney Jett'ry Massy. 

John Alderman. lioyer Conant--^ 

Henry Bartholomew Moses Manerick 

fThe word here is obsenre, but looks like " head" or -'hand." 

flbr the Jury of tiyjiUs. 

William Lord. Mr John Blackleecli. 

John Bulfiuch. 'I'lio I.othrop. 

William Osboriio. (icrvais (iarf'ord. 

Mr Townseiul Bishop [*\ViIl*J yTliomasH Voiiner. 

The Scaueu men chosen for the ycare ensuinge 

John Endocott. Peter Talfry. 

William Hawthorne. Thomas Gardner. 

William Lord. Henry Bartholomew. 
JetlVy Massy. 

It is ordered that the seaiien men chosen for the man- 

aguig of the afiaires of the towne or the greater number 

of them shall meete together monethlie one the second 

day of the weeke in the moruinge. to begin the second 

day of the weeke next being the 11"^ of the lO'r 1643, 

vpon the penaltie of teime shillings to be leauied one the 

whole or vpon such of them as are absent w'^''out Just 


Mr Downino- ~) 

-_-._, ^ > Chosen Deputies for the next Court of election. 

Mr Hathorne 5 

William Lord Peter Palfry 

Jarvais Garl'ord John Geduey 

Ralph flbgg 

or the greater numl)er of them are appointed as a coiiiitee 

to prouide for William Plaise, a convenient roome to 

worke in, & to sett vp a forge for him & wood & other 

necessaries for him, to the Valew of [*xP*] 4^ to be paid 

out of this [*last*] rate, w*^*^ is to be made of xxv^ & 

forthwith leavyed. 

Chosen, raters for this yeare, 

Henry Bartholomew Thomas Lothrop 

Gervas Garford & William Osborne. 

JetlVy Massy 

At a meetinge of the 7 men, on the ll'*" day 

of the 10"' moneth, 1643. 

Mr John Endecott. William Lord. 

Mr William Hathorne Henry Bartholomew 

Mr Thomas Gardner. Peter Paltry. 
Jellry Massy. 



John Hardy desires a tenne acre lott for his sonne 
Joseph, about the basse riuer. bounded by the towne. 

His tfurther request is in the behalfe of Roger Haskall 
for some medow Land to l)e graunted vnto him. 

It is ordered tliat those that are appointed to laye out 
the hind at Salem shall lay out Joshua Verins lot of oO 
acres at Enon. bounded by the towne. 

It is ordered that Peter Palfry & Henry Bartholomew 
shall view the ground that John Symonds desires to haue 
neere [to] Goldsmiths 10 acre lott & to report it back the 
next meeting to the 7 men. And to take notice of Oli- 
uers taking in of ground w"'out order. 

flcjlm Jarrctt is receaued an Inhabitant amongest vs : 

His request is for a 10 acre L(jtt 

The twoe acres of meadow that were formerlie graun- 
ted to Samuell Edson are ordered to l)e layed out, in the 
pine meadow neere Mr Kennistons farme. 

There is graunted to Thomas Moore, liue acres of land 
to be layed out by the Towne on Darby es fort side. 

It is ordered that Samuell Coruey shall haue his ffiue 
acres w*^'' was formerly graunted to him on Darbycs fort 

Graunted to John Kitchen a little peece of ground con- 
tayning about an acre neere to Edward Gaskills 10 acre 
lott, in the great Coue. If the said acre be not already 
appropriated to any one [*else*] before. 

Marke Lothrop is receaued an Inha1)itant. And hath 
a request for some ground neere to his kinsman, Tho : 

Thomas Lothrop desires some meadow if there be any 
vndisposed of. 

Graunted to Joseph Hardy tenne acres of land if there 
be so much neere to Mr Alfords farme, adioyuing vpon 
the old planters farmes to be layd out hy the towne. 


Grauntecl to Roger Haskall, 6 acres of meadow if it ))g 
to be had in the great meadow. 

At a meeting of the 7 men on the 8"' of the 
11'" m« 1G43 

Win llatliorne Win Lord 

Tho Gardner Henry Bartholraew 

Jeflry Massy Peeter Pidfry 

Granted to Tho Gooklsmith all the Waste land ])c- 
tweene the AVatter side & his ten acre lot one the north 
side, reserveing the Way 

Granted to John Simonds all the Waste land betweene 
the Lots of Hughe Laskinc & Stukly Wesket & the 
Watter side, excepting the high Way, [*w*^'' it notwth- 
standing he may vse any man havein libertic to goe 
through at all tims*] 

Agreed w^" Tho : Goodsmith that he shall haue Georiie 
Harris, a child about 8 yeares of age, as an aprintice, 
from 12 yeares fr[om] this day, to teach him his trade, 
to find him meate drinke & cl[oathing] & to alow him 
[*2*] 3^ at the end of the tearme. 

Granted to Wni Lord 4 acres of land more or lesse as 
it is now layd out, lying neere the swamp in the South 
feild, and aioyning to Mr flreinds 3 acres bought of 
llichard Graues, and Fetter Palfry & Henry Bartholmew 
are chosen to iudg what Mr flreind is worthey of for som 
of this land w*^" liee hath cleared and broken. 

Granted to John [*G*] Jarret a ten acre lot formerly 
Esdras Reeds ioyning to Ryalls side 

Also granted to Michiall Sallows a ten acre lot in the 
same place itbrmerly John Abys. 

Granted to JNlr Tho Gardner a pcell of land to set a 
house vpon neere the old mill on the ten acre lot sid, 
[*to be vewed by the C"- & Potter Palfry*] 

Granted to Mr flrancis Johnson to exchang 6 or 7 acres 
of land or therabout of his farme vpon the playnes : and 



the O Traskc & Tho. Gardner are desired to lay it out, 
and Ijto see II that ther bee a Convenient Cart way to the 

At a towne meeting of the 7 men the 5^^ 
12"' moneth 43 present 

Mr Jo : Endecott Jeffrv Massy- 

Peter Paltry Will'iain Lord. 

Thomas Gardner. Henry Bartholomew. 

It is ordered that the Lotts that are layd out next to 
Goodman Leeches, at the great hill as namely Jacol) Bar- 
neyes & Ricliard Ingersolls, shall determyn [*all three*] 
vf^^ a streight lyne, at the top of the hill at the marked 
tree where [*Go*] Laurance Leeches lot doeth end. pro- 
uided it comes not w"'in any mans proprietie. 

llrancis Skcrrie desires some accomodation and Henry 
Skerry desires to hauc some land layd out for him w'^'^ 
was formerly graunted. 

It is ordered that jNIargarett Page shall [be sent] to 
Boston Goale as a lazy idle & loytering psou. where slice 
may be sett to work for her liuinge. 

It is ordered Joseph Harris the son of George deceased 
shall dwell w"' Mr Thorndeck, both of Salem, from the 
tirst day of the sixt moneth last 43 for scucn yeares find- 
ing him meate drink & Aparrell : & alowing to him hue 
pounds, two pounds being already payd, ;ind the said 
John Thorndeck to alow to the sd. Joseph three pounds 
at the end of his tearme. 

Ordered that tenne shillings shall>e paid out of the last 
towne rate vnto William Lord w*^'' was pte of a fiine layd 
vpo"^ the towne. 

Graunted to Raph flbgge the swampc next to William 
Lords Ground excepting that pte of it w°'' is graunted to 
otiier men. 

Graunted to Mr John Endecott the Land at the head of 
the riuer betweene Mr Reads & Mr Endccotts tfarmes, 


excepting the salt marsh grannted to Mr Road, & being 

that land w*='^ was graiinted to Richard Norman & others 

whose proprieties the said Mr Endecott hath Ijought 

At a generall Towne meetinge, held the 2G*'* 

of the 12"!° 1G43. 

It is ordered that all the Inhabitants of this Towne that 
know not the bounds either of their ffarmcs, Tenne acre 
Lotts or the bounds of their mcadowcs or marshes, be 
they more or lesse in quantitie, or such as hauo had their 
bounds remoued & therel)}^ are wronged. 

That all such shall repaire to the brethren (appointed 
to lay out bounds) before the [*xxiiij*''*] ||ffirst|| day of 
the [*fiburth*] || third || moneth next, to haue their tenne 
acre Lotts & lesse quantities hiyd out, & before the fhrst 
day of the IBrst moneth w*^'' shall be in the yeare 1644, 
ffor all their flarmes, to haue their bounds rectified, vpou 
the payne or penaltie of x^ And Ijall their bounds || 
being layd out to make such marks or bounds either by 
stones or deepe holes w*''' may continew. And that euery 
mans bounds may be accordinglie recorded. 

Mr Downing & Mr Hathorne chosen Deputies for the 
next |! generall II Court before the day of election. 

C Liuctennt Daueuport 1 muskett. 

The Countrie musketts ) ^^^;;- ^i^^Z 7 

( Mr Endecott 2 

That the high way be mended betweene [*Ipswich*] 
Wenham & the head of the riuer & Mr Conant & John 
Balch are to call others to doe it [& are] to be allowed 
for it in other work or abated in [monc}'] 

Thomas Edwards is chosen Constable this yeare. 

The 4*^' of the ffirst moneth 1643, at a pticular meeting 

of the 7 men 

Mr Endecott Peter Talfry 

Mr Eartlioloniew Jefl'ry Massy 

William Lord 


Grauntcd to Michacll SbaHiii a little spot of ground 
])cfore the dore of bis dwelling house, towards the 
swampe, al)out 3 or 4 pole, to be layd out by Mr 

Graunted to John Moore a little pcell of Marsh al)out 
a q^'ter of an acre neere to Darbycs fort. If it be not 
granted to any other forraerlie. 

Ordered tliat Jetfry ]\Iassy & Peter Palfry shall view 
the ground that l\ichard Ilolliugworth desires, to set a 
workhowse vpon & at the next meeting it may be con- 
sidered of. 

—* Granted to Henry Ilarwood, at the end of his tenne 
acre Lott, an [*ac*] litle neck of land, about 3 q'ters of 
an acre, to be layd out by the towne. 

Graunted to Daniell Ivumbell llbwre score acres of land 
to be layd out by the towne. 

ml to speake of the nonmembcrs paying their Dues to 
the ministers. 

Graunted to Henry Bartholomew betweene 8 or tenne 
acres of Land if there be so much, next to Joseph Boys 
his Lott neere the basse riuer head to be layd out by the 

Graunted to Richard Gardncj- at Jelfryes Creeke 20, 
twentie acres of Land : to l)e layd out by the Town. 

Graunted to liobert Ifuller 20 acres of Land at Jelfryes 
Creeke to be layd out by the ToAvne, if hee dwell there, 
otherwise to desert the land. 


At a generall Towne meeting, held the xxv^'' 

of the tirst moneth 1644. 

The Towne sent their Votes to Ipsw^'' for the choice of 
Sergeant jMaio"" ||to be|l chosen for a yeare. 

It is ordered tliat whosoeuer shall take any wolfe by 


trapes or falls, w"'iii the lymitts of Salem, shall haue for 
euery such wolfe so taken, tliirtic shillings. And for euery 
Wolfe that is killed by gunnes or pecces it is ordered that 
there shalbe fEfteene shillings paid vnto him that kilh'th 
any wolfe w*^ his peece. 

Dauid Cnrwithen is chosen & sworne Constable of 
Marble head ffor this yeare ensuinge. 

It is ordered & agreed w"^ the consent of John Pick- 
eringe that the Bridge shall be kept in repaire by John 
Pickeringe for sixteene yeares to come, for w*^'' the Towne 
is to giue him twentie shillings a yeare. excepting the 
finding of the planke or new planking thereof w*^'' is to 
be done at the chardge of the towne. but for the mending 
of any planks to sett in a plank twoe or three Ijas neede 
shall require II, that is to l)e done at the chardge of John 
Pickeringe. And ||it is ordered || that he shall be paid 
out of the rates yearly or allowed in his owne rate. 

It is ordered that euerie [ones] |lgenerall|| fence shall 
be made vp sutficientlie in the towne by the last day of 
this moneth vpon the pcnaltie of tenne shillings to l)e 
layd vpon euerie one that is defcctiue therein. And that 
the said fine shall be levyed by Mr libgge, vpon the testi- 
monie of 2 witnesses. 

It is ordered that Theophilus Dowaiing shalbe the 
pound keeper & shall haue 2*^ a head for hoggs & goates, 
& great Cattle. 

It is ordered that Thomas West & Thomas Goldsmith 
shall be survayers of the field in the room of Jefi'ry 
Massy & Henry Skerry. 

It is ordered that euery Inhabitant in the towne shall 
procure a ladder for his howse, before the xxiiij"' day of 
the 4"' moneth next vpon the paine or pcnaltie of ffiue 
shillinjrs for defect heereof. 


It is ordered that Samiiell Archer, & William [* Arch- 
er*] ||Allin|| shall be Survayers of the ffeuces in the mill 

It is ordered that John Burroughs shall 1)e Survayer 
for the fences in the field where George Williams is : to 
be in the roome of Thomas weekes. 

At a towne meeting of the 7 men 1 day 
of the 2" moneth 1G44. 

Jolin EiKlecott Dop. Gr Peter Palfry 

Mr William Hatliorue William Lord 

Tlio Gardner Henry Bartholomew 
Jeffry Massy 

Robert Wheadon desireth some ground at the great 

John Webster desireth accomodation at the Creeke. 

[*irrancis*] [Henry] Skerry desires some land. 

Ordered that all thtit haue Lotts one darby fforts side 
shall w"'in tenne dayes, make vp sufBciently their fences 
& the fences of the wast ground that will secure them 
vpo" the penaltie of xx® each man neglect to be forth w^** 
leavyed vpon their estates. 

Graunted to Robert Wheadon xx acres of land neere 
to the marsh at Mr Bishopps ffarme, to be layd out l)y tlie 
towne. conditionallie that if hee depte from the towne 
before hee improues it it shall returne to the towne. 

At a pticula"" towne meeting the 15^'* day of the 
2 moneth 1044 

Mr John Endecott W^illiam Lord 

Mr Gardener Peter Palfry 

JeHry Massy 

There is leaue graunted to George Emery to flence in 
the highway leaning a stile or gate to goe to the water, 
betweenc Rol)ert Goodale & John Bornes Lotts : Till the 
trenerall towne meetiniie further take order therein. 


The Lott that was giueii to John Jarrctt is rosined to 
the towne agaiue. & ^ 

Tho : Goldthwite desires some land. 

At a pticidar towne meetinge the 29"' 
of the 2"^ mo. 1044. 

Mr Jo : Endecott Peter Palfry 

JettVy Massy Heury Bartholomew 

William Lord 

Ordered that 4 men expressed in the order viz. Henry 
Bartholomew, Tho : Lothrop "William Dixy & George 
Emery shall lay out the places where the ficnces are to l)e 
made by such as haue Lotts at Cape Ann Side : And the 
fences to l)e sufficientlie made before the tirst day of the 
ffourth nioneth next vpon payne of xx*. 

Ordered tiiat Guido Bayly shall haue so nuich of the 
swamp that lyes alonge by his Lott over at Cape Amies 
Side as hoe can ridde w"'in three yeares next ensuinge. 

At a generall towne meetinge, held the 13 
of the 4"' moneth 1G44. 
Ordered tliat William Lord Peter Palfry & Henry Bul- 
lock shall mecte one the second day next about 8 of the 
clock in the morninge at Richard jNIoore his howse : 
where such as haue lotts there shall allso be suiiioned to 
appeare by Richard Moore & Thdmas Dixy, to shew there 
fences vnto those abouesaid appointed to view their fences 
& to proportion out their pte in the generall ||side|| fence, 
according to their Lotts. And that such as are already 
defect iue in making vp their end Lotts according to 
former order that their names be returned that their tine s 
may be levyed, & that such as shalbe defectiue in making 
vp their side fences as they shalbe proportioned w"'in 
tenne dayes after they arc layed out shall also I)e lined 




Ordered [*also*] that the kSouth field shall also be suf- 
fieientlie fenced in according to the order abouesaid & 
vppon the same fine, before the same men, AYilliam Lord, 
Peter Paltry & Henry Bullock, to be warned b}^ A^'illianl 
Agur, The third day of the next weeke b}^ 8 of the Clock 
in the morning at the meeting howse. 

Ordered that John Pride shall be forbidden to fence in 
the halfe acre Lotts at Winter neck. And John Ilolgrane 
doeth promise to acquaint him w"' this order. And that 
the doggs at [winter] neck shall be tyed vp in the day 
tyme & if any doggs there spoile fish, That they also 
shall either l>e sent away or killed. 

Ordered that all the swine that [*goe*] arc kept a])road 
in the Comons, & all the towne heards of swine or those 
that runn at libertie shall all Ijc ||sulficiGntlie|| ringed 
w"'in tenne dayes, vpon the })enaltie of twoe shillings for 
euery swine little or great ||aboue the age of 10 weekes|| 
that shall so l:)e foinid the halfe thereof to him that finds 
it t*c, complaynes the other halfe is to [l)e] taken by the 
officer for the townes vse. 

Ordered that Mr Downing & Mr Batter [*shalbe 
appo*] shall be Survayers of the high way towards the 
mill c^ the fiarmes that wayes, & That Goodman Scruggs 
& Mr Conant shalbe Survayers of the highwayes towards 
Wenham & that wayes. 

Mr Downing Mr Ilathorne jMr Batter Mr Bishop are 
the llbure chosen to be Associates for this [*next*] yeare 
to be presented to the generall Courte. 

It is agreed geuerallie w"'out any contradictio" that the 
Drumer shall haue Seauen poM'nd yearely, to bo paid l)y 
a rate made l)y the towne at liarvest Avlien corne is mar- 
chantal)le. & it is agreed that Mr Bartholomew c^ Mr 
(iarford shall gather it vp. 


At a gciierall towne meetingc held the 7"' day 

of the 5"' moneth 1G44. 

Theise whose names are heerevnder written are chosen 

to be of the Juric of trialls viz. of o'" towne. 

John Hardie : riiillip Verin Senior : Thomas Lothrop : 

Kicliard Bishop: Walter Price: Thomas Spoouer : 

Allyn Kennision : Iliehard Trince : Peter Palfrie : 

Ordered that a rate of 50f shalbe leavied fovthw"' to 

dischardge the disbnrsem*^ about 

1 the great Guunes cariatliies 20£ 00s 

2 the Coueriug of the meeting howse 07 00 

3 Goodman Cole his weakncs & wants 05 00 

4 Goodman Porter his wages 03 15 

5 Hbr the Driimer his wages 07 00 

AYilliam Lord is chosen one of the Raters in the Roome 
of William Osborne. 

Ordered that twoe be appointed enery Lords day to 
walke forth in the time of Gods wo'shippe, to take notice 
of such as cither lye about the meeting howse Av"'out at- 
tending to the word or ordinances, or that \ye at home or 
in the tields, w*''out giuing good account thereof, and 
[*ask*] to take the names of such psons & to present 
them to the Magistrate, whereb}^ they may be accord- 
inglie q^^ceeded against. The names of such as are or- 
dered to doe this seruice are 

for the ( Mr Stileman ., , , ^ Philip Verin Senior 

Itirst day { Phillip Verin Junior "' ^ '^^ ( Uelier Verin 

.. C Mr Patter ... C Mr Johnson 

'^- i Joshua Verin ^^^ { Mr Clark 

.., C Mr Downing ,., C Robert Molton Junior 

''"^ i Kobert Molton Senr "^'' ( Richard Ingersoll 

^ Joint Ingersoll „ 5 ^Villiam Haynes 

'■ I Richard Pettiugall ( Richard Hntciiinsou 

John Putnam--' ,„ C Towusend Bishop 

John Ilathorue ( Daniel Ray 
, , ( John Porter 
I Jacob Barney 

Then to begin w*'^ goodman Porter next the meeting 

howse & so to goe through the towne, according to the 


order of tlic watch. And the tirst 2 to "iue the next 2 
warning of it & so from tyme to tjme. 

It is agreed that John Barl)er & ffrancis Perrie shall 
forthw"' make all the cariadges for the great ordinance & 
they are to make them at the same prices that the 
cariadges of the like sizes arc made at Boston, l)y good 
CuUimore. And the towne is to pay them some Corne in 
hand viz. 20 Inishells of Indcan. And their Avhole paym* 
to l)e made in Corne, one third pte in Indcan & 2 thirds 
in English graine, Wheat or Rye or barly or pease. And 
the said cariadges to be forthw"' made vp w^'oiit any 
delay, the prices of tlie senerall graines arc to be as fol- 


Wheat at 4s Cd ■^ 

pease at 3 6d | 

barley at 4 )> the bushell. 

llye at 4 

ludeau Corne at 3s J 

At a townc meeting of the 7 men. 

Mr Jolm Endecott Peter Palfry 

JettVy Massy Richard Bartliolomevv 

William Lord 

At a generall towne meeting held the 30*^'' 
of the 7*" moneth 1G44. 

Ordered that a note be pnblished one the next Lecture 
day that snch as hane cliildren to l)e ke})t at schoole 
wonld bring in their names & what they will giue for one 
Avhole yearo & Also That if any poore l)ody hath children 
or a childc to be put to schoole & not able to pay for their 
schooling That the Towne will pay it by a rate. 

It is agreed that Richard Temple Henry Ilar^vood & 
the Widow jMoore the midwicfe & Jolm Jackson, shall 
each of them hane so much of the wett marsh or swampe 
as lyes before their grownd according as it l)uts vppon it. 
conditionallie that they fence it in ct Icaue a good, way as 
the Townesmcn shall appoint. 


It is agreed that William Robinson shall haue [a] little 
spott of grownd about a q'ter of an acre that lyes before 
his lioAvse w*'*' is now in bnildiuge dovvne to the mill 
brooke, a little abone the bridge that leads to the way to 
Mr Gardners new buildinge. 

It is ordered that the high way from ffrancis Lawes his 
II 10 acre II lott may be viewed by Jeffry jNIassy & Peter 
Paltry [*leading*] and layd out most convenientlie for 

[*firancis Lawes*] 

Ilichard Bishop is chosen Constable for this ycarc en- 

Chosen for the Seruice of the Grand Jurie, such whose 
names are heere vnder written are chosen viz. 

William Lord, Thomas Lothrop, John Balch, 

John Gedney, Jervais Garlbrd, Jacob Barney, 

Allyn Kenni.ston, Jeffry Massy, Moses Mauerick. 

Allowed to Mr Clark S" out of his rate for killino- of a 

William Plaise is ordered to haue out of the last rate 
of 53^ the soiiie of the librtie shillings to buy him some 

It is ordered that Goodman Augur shall haue [*six*] 
II nine II shillings for 2 warnings of the Towne, being 4 
dayes & a halfe. 

Ordered that both o'" Elders be convenientlie provided 
w"' wood sufficient for them and tliat Brother Neale [*be 
appointed*] & Henry Ilerick be appointed to see Mr 
Norrice his wood in & Thomas Gardner the y[()unger] & 
Obadiah Holmes for ]Slr Sharpe & [ according] 

to former custome. 

Ordered that Thomas Gardner shall sett vp a ffence 
from the ||end of the|l bridge called Mr Reades bridge 
downe to the fence at the mill, if no man ells can Liy 


claynic to it. And that it be sett out hy Jeffry JNIassy & 
01)adiali Hiilme if they like of it : to be la3'd out vnto 
him. And that jNIr Garford shall also be a third man to 
sett it out. 

Ordered that Thomas Tuck shall make the Iron worke 
for the Cariadges of the peeces, at 3'' [of] a pownd we 
finding Iron & hee is contented to reccaue the like pay as 
the wheelwrights haue. 

Ordered that the Constaldes of Salem shall pay vnto 
John Tucker [*tenn*] six bushclls of Indean Corne in 
pte of paymt. for the Ijoards that are sawen for the meet- 
ing howse. or any grayne else for w*^'' the said John 
Tucker will giue them a dischardge. This is to be paid 
out of the [*rate*] Towne rate of 53^. 

At a gencrall Towne meeting the IG"' of the 

Tenth moneth 1644:. 

Graunted to Thomas Dixy the fferry at Darby fforts 

side. Tlie orders are published w*^'' Avere made at the last 

gencrall Court. Also att the sd Towne meeting was 


Peter Palfrey. .John Ivitclieu flVancs Lawes & 

Henry Bartholomew. Pieliard Prence Mr Roger Couant 

Ubadiah Holme. Kobert Moulton Senior 

to scrue vpon the Jurie of Trial Is. 

At a Towne meeting of the 7 men 13"' of the 

11"> moneth 1(344. 

.loll : Endecott. Go'". Mr Gardner 

Mr Ilathorne Peter Palfry 

Goodman Lord [*Piehard*j UllenryU Bartholomew 

JeH'ry Massy. 

Graunted to Thomas Tuck, 4 or 5 pole of gr. 

Ordered' that all such as haue houses & lotts next the 
waters side in any phtce of this lo\vne shall maintayne a 
good way both for horse tSc man of eight foote broad at 
least, vppon payne of presentm^ & such a fine as the 


lowne or Court shall impose vpou such as arc dcfectiuo. 
[*Aud that all such defects shall be made good before the 
lirst day of the 3 monetli next.*] 

Thomas Edwards doeth desire a I'aiine. 

At a geuerall Towne meeting the 3'' of the 
12"' moneth 1044. 

Ordered & Agreed that all such as God stirres vp their 
hearts to contribute to the [^maintenance*] |laduancemt.|| 
of learning tibr the maintayninge of poore skollers at the 
Colledge at Caml)ridge, that they bringe in to ]\Ir Price 
||wtliiu one moneth || what they please to giue & to enter 
their names w"' Mr tibgge & Avhat they giue or contribute. 

Ordered that vpon the lecture day fortniight there may 
be a generall towne meeting to consider of publiquo 
tradiuii'e & the Election of mauistrates it other things. 

It is ordered that IjMr Hathorne|| Henry Bartholomew 
& Mr Moses Mauerick, Captaine Trask & Goodman 
Lord : or any flbwre of them : [*shall*] be intrcated to 
view the Ground & marsh at winter Hand & to rcturne to 
the next generall towne meeting the true estate of things 
how they stand concerning the seuerall lotts there. 

[*Goo*] Henry BurtsoU is chosen to keepe the meet- 
ing house to sweepe it & keepe it cleane vpon all occa- 
sions of pul:)li(iue meeting & is to hane 3'earely, three 
pounds & 15^ to be paid proportionablie eu'y [*quarter*] 
halfe yeare : The time hee began his work is [ ■ from*] 
the tirst day of the 11 month called Januarie. 

At a Towne meeting of the 7 men 

Mr Eudecott Mr Gardner 

Mr Haihorne Peter PaltVy 

Goodman Lord Henry Bartholomew 

Jetl'ry Massy 
M'! to enquire of goodman Codman for 7^ due for the 

pte of the barke given to the Towne. 


It is graunted that Rol^crt Cotta should hauc the |1 first || 
ffiiie pownd giiien by Mr Androes of London to be layd 
out in a Cow or heifer. & this was so disposed of w*'' the 
Consent of the Elders of Salem. 

Granted to Thomas Edwards Threescoi'e acres of land 
to be layd out l)y the Towne neere to INIr Rucks farme 
beyond Goodman Putmans. 

M*! to prouide for a ordinarie keep. 

At a o'enerall Towne meetinii" the 7"' of the 
2'' moncth 1(U5. 

Agreed that IVIr Hathorne Mr Gardner & Jeflry Massy, 
shall agree Avith a Cowkeep or a heardsman to keepe the 
Cattle tliis yeare. 

Mr Chirke is chosen to keepe the ordinarie in Salem. 

Mr William Hathorne t^ Mr Henry Bartholomew are 
chosen Deputies for the next general 1 Court. 

Henry Harwood is chosen Constable for this yeare en- 
suing or vntill a new be chosen. 

Capt. Trask, Peter Palfry & JoftYy INIassy are ap- 
pointed by the towne to sett out the way neere Mr Hol- 
graues howse into winter Hand. 

John Geddney & Tho : Watson are appointed ouerscers 
of the fences in Mr Norrice his field this yeare. 

Henry Skerry & John Borne are appointed overseers 
of the fences in the 2 fields next to Jeliry jSIassy, this 

My Curwyn & Jeftry Massy are appointed overseers of 
the Hences in the flield next the meeting howse for this 

It is ordered that all such as doe not make vp their 
tfenccs of the home Lotts by the latter end of this wecke 
shall be fined 5% iSo it is agreed also that Mr fibgii'e shall 
levye the fine v[)on the goods of such as are defectiue 
vpon the testimonie of twoc witnesses. 


Richard Prince & Thomas Edwards shalbc overseers of 
the fences of the fHeld where Richard Prince dwells. 

Tliat all swine aboue a q'^ter old shall he yoaked before 
the ffirst day of the third moneth next vpou the penaltie 
of tweliie pence a day for ||eucry daycs|| neglect alter 
that tyme, & pay all daiiiages. 

William Waller is chosen to be overseer av*'' George 
Ropes in the plac of William Bennett. 

At a gcncrall towne meetinge the 22^'' of the 
7 '"'^ 1645. 
The same 7 men chosen formerly are chosen againe for 
this yeare or vntill new be chosen viz. 

John Eiidecott Peter Palfry 

dipt. Hathorue' Tlio Gai'Lhicr 

Will Lord Henry Bartholomew 
Jetlry Massy 

There are diners hane vnderwritten for sheepe at 40 a 
head. The note thereof hath bene dd to Capt. Hathorne, 
& Henry Bartholomew. 

Liuetenn' Clark, Ralph fibgge & Jeffry INlassy are ap- 
pointed to be audito'"^ of the Cunstables accounts that are 

[*.Tohn Hardy*] I\Og:er Conant 

llUichard Priiice|| .Turvais Garford 

Liueteniit. Clark Mlchaell SliatViyn 

are chosen Raters for this yeare. 

Tho : Lothrop & John Neale arc appointed to procure 
wood for o"" Teacher. 

John Kitchen & Tho: Spooner appointed for to pro- 
cure wood for o'" Elder Mr Sharpe. 

[*Graunted*] ||contirmed|l to Obadiah Holmes the land 
w'^'^ was added to his former ground layd out by ]Mr 
Hathorne, w"'' is about a dozen pole or thereabouts : w*^'' 
hee hath sold to Philemon Dikerson & was formerly 
graunted to him. 



It is ajireed that the rates & other pticular occasions 
^.cii y^^jYQ presented to the generall towiie mcetinge, shall 
be ordered by the 7 men c^ they will stand to their order. 

21)"' of the 8"' nioneth. At a meetinge of the 

Elders & Townsenien 

They considered that the poorest man or at least hec 

that most was in Avant Avas fb)hn Batehclo'' tt therefore 

they hane disposed of the second Cow vnto him w*^'' was 

giueu by Mr AndrcAves of London. 

At a Tow^ne meetinge of the Seanen men 
the 3. day of the 9"' moneth 1(345. 

Mr Eiulecott Joffry Massy 

Mr Burtlioloinew A\'illi;un Lord 

Air (iardner 

ordered that William tllint & Alice shall be 

appointed to come before the ToAvnesmen the next second 
day to take conrse for the tcnne pownds in jNIr Ubides his 
hand for secnring of the toAvne il'rom the |]chardges of|| 
keeping of the Child. And Goodman Bullock to be i)aid 
out of it for the Chardgcs lice hath layd out for the avoc- 
man & child. 

Ordered that the Ordenance shall be all mounted, & 
paid for out of the last rate. 

Ordered that a bill of 4^ to be paid to ]Mr Henry Bar- 
tholomcAv, for the drumes Mr Endecott bought for the 

Granted to John Lovet 2 acres of mai-sh ground lying 
neere to the Old Planters medoAv Unecre Avenham coinonl) 
prouided it l)e not formerl}' granted to an}' other. 

At a meeting of the 7 men the tenth of the 

i)"' moneth 1G45. 

John Endecott There is a bill of 4*^ d' to be paid to Sam- 

juttVy Massy. ^^q|[ E))orne directed to the Cunstablcs to 

Tlio : (iardiicr. i • • t i 

I'dcr raUVy. pay him 111 Indean Corne or other grame. 


At a gcncrall towiio nicctino;, held the IG dny of the 9™"- 

Voted that the Chardo-e.s of halfe ;i do/cii or I braclies 
or hounds shall be brought out of Enaland tSc the chardgcs 
borne l^y the towne. 

Voted that the l)ridu(! l)e sufficient lie mended w"'in 
tenne dayes otherwise that hce appeare at the next Court 
to be held at Salem. 

Agreed that jl Joseph || the Druilier shall hauc 10'' a day 
for the trayning dayes. 

Ordered that there shall be layd out 4 bushells ot 
wheate for 8 bushells of coales to good : flranklin, & the 
Towne ingageth theniselnes to pay it to Capt. llatliorne 
if hee shall layc it out. 

At a Towne mcetingc the 18"> of 9'V' 1G45. 

Ml- Eiulecott Win Lord 

Mr llatliorne JetlVy Massy 

Mr Ijartliolomew Peter Paltry 

Granted a Bill of 7^ to Joseph Eootes, to be paid by 

the Cunstal)les out of the rate. 

& A Bill of a^-15« to good Burcham 

& to Wm Lord 0-4^-G'! 

& to Captaine Ilathornc a l)ill of ^ 

& a bill of 4^ to goodman Cole 

& a Bill of 20^ to the Deacons 

& a Bill of 5^ to good : Plaise. 

At a geuerall towne meetinge, lield the 15"' of the 

10'" moneth 1G45. 

Chosen for the Grand Jury. 

Eichard Prince Ensigne Dixy 

Daniel Kay Win Dodge 

Tliomas Edwards mose.s Mauerick 

Walter Price Laurance Leech 

Chosen for the Jury of tryalls 

Jeffry Massy John Jackson 

Jacob Barney John Alderman 

Wm Lord Sam Archer 

Peter Palfry Hen : IJarthoIoraew 


Agreed that if Brother Browning doe accept of 50*^ for 
]\Iargarct Page to keepe her at worke tliis yeare, tlien 
shee shall not be sent to tlie Prison c^ the towne is wil- 
ling to giue it : otherwise it is agreed shee shall be sent 
to prison. 

Ordered & agreed that the nonemembers of this con- 
gregation shall l)e rated for the [*pul)l*] helping & y" 
supporting of some of the publique ordinances in the 
Church : as namel}^ the preaching of the word. 

23 of the 11"* mo 1(!4:5, at a meeting of the 7 men 

,7olm Endecott Jeflry Massy 

Capt Ilatliorne reter Pallry 

Will Lord Henry Bartholomew 

Granted to William Ager, a liill to receaue 3*^ of the 
Cunstable, for warning the toAvne to meete. 

Granted to Samuel 1 Eborne & Henry Skerry the soihe 
of xxv"* for sawing of 240 foote of 2 inch plank for the 
bridge & carying them to the water side. 

Inioyned John Pickering forthw"' to repay re the l)ridge. 

At a generall Towne meetinge held the 26"* 
of the 11 mo. 1(j45. 

Ordered \\& agreed |1 that all the Townes men & free- 
men of the towne shall mecte euery [*mo*] second day 
for 4 weeks together, now following after this to consider 
of the publique good of the Towne. 

Michaell Shaliin chosen Cunstable & sworne. 

m'! to consider of the liridge 

a Towne Stock of Cotton woll 

an agent at Barliados. 

to sow hemp & Hax 

to liaue an howse of correction. 

a l)ride\vell. 

The 7 men to survay all the fences & to fine such as are 
defectiue according to order. 


Thomas Aiiery & [*p]d\var(l Harnett*] desire u little 
mcdow before [*tlieir*] his dorc 

At a geiierall towiie meeting IH. 12"'" 1045 
It is generally agreed by the tlreemen & townesmen of 
Salem, That the Timber bridge at tlio Townesend shalbe 
pulled downe, or so much of it as shall l)e needfull Avlien 
the Causeway is begun to Ije made w*^'' is vpon tlie last 
second day of the 3 moneth & that the Timber of the 
said bridge shall serue to pile & plank as farre as it will 
goe the Causeway next to the sea. And it is further 
agreed that for the better expediting of the Avorke, That 
all the hands of the towne that are titt to worke in tliat 
kinde shalbe imployed as the}^ are called forth l)y the 
overseeres. And therefore power is heereby giuen to 
such as are heereafter named, to appoint the said psons 
that are to worke & to proportion their wages, according 
to their worke. And it is further agreed that the 
chardges of all shalbe borne by a rate of one hundred 
powuds w°'' is to be rated equallie according to mens 
estates by the raters chosen for the ratinge of the 
Countrie rates. 

The men chosen overseeres are Emanuel Downinge 
Esq'', Capt William Hawthorne, Capt Trask, Mr Sharpe, 
Mr Henry BartholomcAv, AVm Lord, Mr Garford, who 
also haue power to distreyne by the Cunstables, 3% vpon 
the head of euery one that shall faile to come forth at his 
worke after due warninge & likewise 3® for euery beast. 
And the said distresses shalbe gathred w"'in tenne dayes 
after the seuerall neglects. 

At a ffenerall towne meeting the IG. 12. 1G45 
Jefiry Massy is chosen Cunstable. 


At a meeting of the 7 men 

Mr Jo : Eiulocott Win Lord 

Cap. Will Ilathorne Henry Iiartlioloinew 

Mr (iardiier Peter Talfry 
Jeffry iNIassy 

Granted to Daniell Baxter a little peell of Salt marsh 
lying at the end of his ten aere lott lying in the South 

Granted to Rol)ert Gnteh a little pcell of salt marsh 
lying to the end of his ten acre lott lying in the South- 

Granted to Daniell Baxter a little salt marsh lying 
before Mr Gott tSc Mr Buttons land neere the mouth of 
the Iforrest riuer. 

Granted to John Robinson, 3 q'ters of an acre or there- 
abouts, of salt marsh lying at the head of the clay 

It is aoTeed & ordered that there shall)e a rate fortlnv*'' 
of tenne pounds to be added to the last rate of 22^ for 
the Towne for the Dischardge of seuerall ingagem*'' c^ 
other necessarie works for the Towne. 

Granted to [*William*] Tliomas Browninge a bill of 
fliftie shillings w*^'' is for the keeping of Margarett Page 
for twelue monethes. 

At a towne meeting of the ffreemen the 8*'^ day of the 
2'' moneth l()4(j. 

Capt. TItithorne & Henry Bartholomew are chosen Dep- 
uties for the next generall Court. 

Also ordered that the way w*^'' was formerly vsed to be 
gon through neere the end of [*the*] INIr Reades ifarme, 
that the gate shall be sett there & the way run as it did 

II 15"' 2'"° At a generall Towne meeting Magestrates 
chosen & JeflVy Massy Sworue Cunstable. 

John Borne was leaue o-raunted to sell beare.|| 


At .1 mcotiiiiz: of the 7 iiuMi 20. 2"\" IfMC. 

Mr Endecott Mr (Janliior 

Capt Ilatlioriie Goodman Lord 

Jlr Bartholomew IVter rall'ry. 

Job Swinnerton desires some meadow. 

Ordered That the little strip of jjroiind that is hetweene 
Eyalls Side, & the 10 acre lotts of John Batchelo'" & John 
INIarston & before the lot of John Scudder "svhcr he dwell- 
eth, shall i)e giuen to the said 3 men John Batehelo"" & 
John Marston & John Scudder to be di aided amonji'st 
them as they shall agree. 

Mr Bartholomew & Peter Palfry are to prise the goods 
of William Plaise. 

Ordered that the towne is to beare 29* of the chardges 
towards ^Villiam Plais his keeping in his sickness & his 
buriall, & the rest is to l)e paid by Richard \^'aters. The 
whole amounting to 2''-19^-6'^ 

Ordei-ed that all swine ||aboue 8 weeks old|| that goc at 
libertie neere about the towne shall be all |lsufiicientlie|| 
ringed before the ffirst of the third moncth, vpon the 
penaltic of 12*^ for euery tyme they shall be so taken the 
one halfe to be paid to the Towne & the other halfe to 
him that shall impound them. And it shall be lawfull for 
any man to impound the said swine that shall be taken 
vnringed : And the 7 men desire Robert Adams that hec 
Avill execute this law to the best of his skill. 

Granted to William Dodge that ground that lycth bc- 
tweene Hugh Laskins lott & his, being about an acre to 
be layd out by Henry Bartholomew. 


At a o-enerall Towne meeting the 29"' of the 

4"' moneth 1G46. 

Chosen for the Jurie of trialls 

1. Ilciirie Bartholomew. 0. Peter Palfry. 

2. [*Joseijh Graflou*] KLtcheu 7. Jarvais Garford. 



3. Liiictennt. Lothrop. 8. Joliii Portor. 

4. Kogei Coiiaiit. John Kitchen 

5. Jacob Bivruey. 

Ordered that there shall be no huriall w"^in the 
towne but that there shall be [*notice*] ||word|l giueii 
to the keep of the meeting bowse to ring the l)ell 
whereby notice may be giuen to the towne thereof, a 
little l)efore the buriall. And the said keep to haue 
three pence for [*their*] his paj^nes. 
Ordered that eucry one shall l)ring in their waights & 
measures to the INIarshall [*l)efore*] the 15"' day of the 
5"' moueth next to be sealed according to the order of the 
generall Court vpon the paine or penaltie of S"" for neg- 

It is ordered that Capt Trask shall bring iu the barrell 
of powder w*^'' hee owes vnto the Towne w"'in 15 dayes, 
vpon the payne or penaltie [*that*] ||of such damage as|l 
shall fall vpon the Towne for the default of the said pow- 

At a generall towne meeting held the 2G*'> day 
of the 8*^ moneth 
It is ordered by the Towne that the eight pound & 
fowre shillings due from John Pickering in regard of his 
defect in l)uilding the old bridge & his agreemt vnder his 
hand to pay it to the building of the last bridge for w*^'' 
hee hath giuen sccuritie A l)ull & a Cow, The Towne 
doeth agree that the said Bull & Cow shall be sould forth- 
with II unless hee giue other satisfaction || to l)e prized l)y 
?> indiil'erent men. The one to be chosen l)y the said Jo : 
Pickering iSc an other l)y the Towne & the tiiird to be the 
marshall Ijto prize them.|! & if the said Jo: Pickering 
refuseth to choose any, the Marshall is to choose one for 
him, & the Cattle to be deliuered into the hands of Mr 
Garford & j\Ir lib<i£]re. 


It is agTccd that Thomas A\'hcelcr shall Avoi-kc at the 

bridge worke av'''' hee is contented to dot^ & hee is to 

haue 2! (V! a day till the bridge Avorke be ended if hee 

work so long. But the said Tho : Wheeler doelh binde 

hiniselfe to worke there 10 dayes together if wether will 

pmit & to begin vpon the sixth day of this weeke : & is 

to be paid in corne or cattle at the jNI'chants })rice. 

Grandiury men 
Mr Henry Bartholomew. Jolin Gedney. 

Mr Roger Coiiaiit. Wm Lord. 

Liiietennt Lothrop. Win Allyii. 

Jarvius Garford. Mr Moses Mauorick. 

Mr Keiiiston. 

Ordered that William Woodburie c*c Eichard I'lracken- 
burie Ensigne Dixy iNlr Conant & Liuetemit Lothro[) \\& 
Laurance Leech || shall forthw"' lay out a way betweene 
the tfei-ry at Salem & the head of Jelliyes Creeke & that 
it be such a Avay as men may trauell on horse l)ack & 
driue cattle. & if such a May may not be fonnd then to 
take speedy Course to sett vp a footebridge at Mackrell 

Ordered that Roger Ilaskall & William Dodge doe call 
vpon the neighbo'"^ about Basse riuer head to mend the 
twoe bridges w*^'' are decayed being the country way. & 
the way av*^"' was formerly made leading from Jo : Porters 
fiarme to W^enham. 

AVhereas ]\Ir Clarke j\Ir ffogge & Jeffry Massy were 
appointed to take acconnts of the old Cunstables, The 
Towne doeth order that they shall also take the acconipts 
of those [*also*] that are indel)ted to the Towne. 

AValter Price is chosen & sworne Cunstable, for the 
yeare ensuinge. 

At a general! ToAvne meeting the second day 
of the 1)'" motieth 1(;4G 

It is agreed by the towne that there shall be rate of 



tenne pounds to l)e 2:atherocl by the Ciiiistaljles for tlie 
})rocui'ini>' of wood for the Eldei'S for this ycare. 

Ordered that if Mr Eudeeott doe agree w"' Mv Allen & 
Mr Dunster for the morter pecce w'^'' is mounted vpou the 
Cariadge that the Towne will see the same satisfyed. 

There is granted to Zacheus Cin-tis about an ac}'e of 
Land neere vnto the howse heo bought of Joshua Vei'in 
neere l)rooksl)y to be layd out l)y the Layers of land. 

At a meeting of the 7 men, 28"' of the 10*'' mo. 1G4G. 

Mr John Eiidecott Win Lfu'd 

Capt. natlioriic Peter raltVy 

Mr Heury Bartholomew Jetl'ry Massy 

for Jury of tryalls were chosen 

Eich : Prince Jacol) Barney 

Tho : Ethvards Tho : Gardner Senr 

Peter Paltry Edniond Batter 

Jo : Alderman HVancis ISkerry. 
Pichard Bishop 

Granted to Edward Bishop fortie acres of land lying 
neere to the ffiirmes at Basse riuer head near to Nicholas 
Howards lott, to be layed out by such as are appointed to 
laye out lotts. 

Granted to Hunifrie "Woodburie halfe an acre ot 
meadow, adiovning to his meadow w*^'' is granted vnto 
him alrcadie lying beyond ^Mackrell Cone. 

At a towne meeting of y*' : 8 men : 23-12 : 164(3 
being present, 

Capt Ilawthrone Serg. Porter 

Wm Lord Sam. Archer 

Jno Hardey Ed: Batter t 
Mr Corwine 

Its agreed y* : Capt Hawthron & INJr Corwine & Wm 
Lord shall take Care for litting vp of the Cariags for the 
great Gunns, & to speak w"' liran : Pery & Tho : Tuck 
about linishing of it : 

fThe record of this meeting is written by Edmond Batter. 


Its agreed for tlio gathering in of the towues Powder 
being Dispersed in Some ptienlar mens hands, Serg. 
Porter & Jn" Ilarde to goe to Mr ffogge for halfe a Bar- 
rell of Powder & Samu' Areher to goe to Mr Jn"s()n : & 
Edm : Batter to Capt. Trask for a Barrel 1 of Powder: & 
Capt. Hawthron is to Pronide a Barrell of powder for 
Capt. Tho : Read. 

Capt. Hawthron & ^Ir Corwine being appointed to 
make an agreement w"' Goodwife Olin'" : fen- y** : enter- 
tayning of Marg. Page haue mad this agreement vidz : 
the said G. Oliii'" is to gine margaret Page : house roome 
& to keep her to work for vi'' p week : & hath sold a l)ed 
& l)oulster for vP vi*^ 6c 2 blankets of Cotton ch)ath to 
cou'" her at 3^ p yard : & this to be pd in Indian Corne at 
i'f : viij'' p bushell & in Case Mar : Page be remoned 
from thence the beding to be remoued as beinsr tho 
townes. Capt. Hawthrone & Mr Corwine haue Ingaged 
y™sehies for y® : payment of [it] & the towue is to pay 
ym againe. 

Capt. [*Trask*] Hawthrone & Mr Corwine hauing 
^misetl to qjvid nailes for the couering of ye meeting 
house the first optimity are to be paid in Corne at money 

Its agreed y' : two blackstauos of sixe foot long or 
therabout be ^vided for ye : Constables, & Ed : Batter 
to speak to ffraa : Perry to haue them made. 

[Att a generall Towne meeting held in Salem, 
prim. 3'"." 47 
John Jackson is Chose Constable f 

t Written by Ralph Fogg. The rest of the record of this meeting 
and that of the next is written by a different hand, perhaps by William 
Gierke (Clarke). 


Cnpt ILnvthorn mr Clarke mr Corwiu banc powci\i>iiioii 
tlicni to aoTce w"' mr Emiy about ciirinu'e Cloody Lam- 
IxTtc iSc for dyett iSc what thoy shall doe the Towiie q?m- 
isetli to repay them l)y the tirst of the 9*'' month next. 

Att A meeteing of the 7 men the 17"^ day of May 1G47. 
lieeinge p'sente 

Ciipt. Hawthorn George Corwinn 

■\Villi;mi Lord John Porter 

John Hardy Samuell Archard 

Ednumd Batter WiUiani Ch'ike 

Granted vnto Eobt Cotta that pte of Land & salt Avater 
thatch that lyeth beefore his lott that nowe bee hath in 
possession : bee hath nothinge to doe w*'' that pt of his 
Lott bee hath sonld to Jcti'ery Eastye nor the salt Avater 
thatch beefore the same : 

A Reqnest of Jn" Baly for a pcell of Land Lyinge in 
the South tiield neare AVm Giggles his Lott: av*^'' [*8am- 
nell Archard*] tSc Peeter Paltry are appoynted to veAvc : 
& to make retorne to the Towne. 

That William Anger shall take notice of Births & 
deaths & mardges accord inge to an agreement of Conrt 
conferrd A^p})(ni Ea})h Fogge of Salem Avho nowe Avee 
conceane [*Aaicapable*] ||vntitt|l for that phice. 

That SanuicU Archard shall bee Marshall of the Court 
of Salem. 

That Jeffery Massey is chosen Gierke of the AAritts 

The Decons as mr Peet" Agents beeing demanded an 
accompt of snch moneyes as is due to the ToAvne 
thay bane ginen an acknoAvledii'ment of Eicht PoAvnds 
[*tAA^ebie*] ||tiifteene|| shillings due to the ToAvne, in 
there hands : av*^'' thay Pec'! of R()])t Coddman for g^ffitts 
of a j)t of his Barke (bie to the ToAA^ne. 

John Balcb t^ William Dodge are Chosen to see the 
Two BridiTcs bceiuiie neare theire hoAvses made sufficient : 


'Nv'''' arc to be finished w"'in on month : Thcisc bridires 
are presented : 

Serjxeant Porter & Mv : Kennyston are Chosen to sec 
the fin[ishing] of the Strong Wat'' Firidge iSc the l')iitts 
Bridge and on Brid[ge] att the Great Toiid all to l»ee 
conipleated w"'hi [on moneth] & sueli detectiue hygh 
"svayes al)out the Towne. 

At a Towne meeting, of the 7 men, the 29"' of the 
4"' moneth KUT f 

present Mr Curwin 

Capt Ilatliorne Sauuiell Archer 

Will Lord 

Jury of Tryalls 

Jeffry Massy Sanuiell Archer ") 

Thomas Scriii^gs flVancis Skery | 

"William Dodg Joseph Pope )■ Jurymen for Tryalls. 

John Balch George Gardner 

Ilobert molton J 3.S-ll-[4] 




At a Towne meeting of the : seauen men : 
the 30"' of 7"' mo. 1G47 : 
[*where*] p'sent 

Capt. Hawthrone Serg Porter 

Win: Lord: Georg Corwine 

Jno. Hardey Edino : Batter J 

mr Georg Corwine & Will Lord hane vndertaken to 
qiuide stones & Clay for the repaire of the meeting house 
iSc. to bring it or Cause it to be brought in place the next 

mr Corwine hath (pmised to q^nide speedylj" for the 
Cou'iuge of the meeting : tiue hundred uailes : & is q)m- 
ised to be payd for y'" to his Content. 

fThe record of this meeting is in a dirt'erent handwriting. 
J The record of this meeting is by Edmond Batter. 


Wee doe as^ree y*^ : for the transportiiiu; of mni-o^aret 
Page into England the towne is to pay hy Rate : 5* : & 
mr Corwine hath qiniised to Endenn' to qicnre her pas- 
sage either by mr : Wiiloughl)ys ship or the next after 
y* : goes & the towne doth (pmise to see mr Corwine 
l^ayd again. 

Its Ordered y^ Samnell Archer shall take out an atach"?'^ 
vpon the goods of mr Hngh Peters to the value of: 'J*: 
10?: for a de])t due to the towne concerning pt of a 
Barque y' : Robt Codman hath. 

Its ordered y* : Capt Hawthrone & mr Corwine shall 
hauc power to sell the pt of y* : Barque y*^ : Robt Cod- 
man goes in to y^ : townes aduantage (or either of y'" :) 

Vpon y^ : request of Sergeant Porter for pasture for 
his Cattell : wee haue graunted to him two lumdred acres 
of: feeding ground lying: neare vnto y*^ : farm y*^ : was 
mr Bishops : to be layd : ont by the layers out of 
laud : 

A towne mee[ting in] Gen'all to be vpon the 2 day 
fortnight [warning l)y the Constable] Sam Archer vpon 
the next lecture day. 

At a geuerall Towne meeting holdeu the 18*'' 
8 mo. lG47.t 
It was agreed that there should be a Towne Rate of 
sixt[ie] pounds levyed for the pticulars then expressed 

John Ro1)iuson is chosen Cunstable in mr Prices place 
for a yeare, & till a new be chosen & sworne. 

Chosen for Gran Jury men this yeare 

Mr Price mr Scrufjs 

[*Jell'ry Massy*] Wm Woodbury 

Peter I'alfry Joliu Porter. 
Jno Kitchiu 

flu a difl'ereut haudwriting. 


At a meetiiig'of y*" : Seauon moii : moucth : 12 
day : 3 : 1647 where ])'sent : 

Capt Hawtlu-one Jiio Ilardc 

nir: Coiwine Sam: Arc-hard 

Serjjeaiit Porter Ed Baiter t 
Win Lord 

Boards : lent out to scu^'all men y^ : belong to y^ : 

Capt Hawtlu'on 4 boards, extant 

Jn" : Ilorne hane some of y"' : 

Phillip Cromwell som of y'" : 

Ivich Stilman some of y*" 

AV^ill Jigles some of y™ 

vlt : at mr H : mr Barto : Backh[ ] Xath Pitman 

Its ordered : that : the : two : eldest Children of Ru- 
ben Guppey are to be placed out according to order : 
vidz: the [*Girle*] Daughter to [*Phill Verin*] ||J()hn 
Porterll & the son to [*Serg Porter*] llobcrt Lemmon|l. 
The boy till the age of: 21 : yeares & the maid till the 
age of: 18 : yeares. 

Its ordered that : Ed : Batter shall haue power to 
gather vp for the townes vse all the plancks & timb[er] 
y' [*was*] did belong to the new bridge to be sold to 
him & measured & priced by Sam. [Archer] 

Bill payd out of y^ towne Rate 

£ s d 

1. Bill: to Capt Ilawthrou 01-10-09 

2. to mr Corwiue 0(J-02-00 

3. to Will Lord 00-12-00 

4. to Ed : Batter 10-UG-OO 

5. to mr Emory 05-00-00 
G. to the Treasurer 05-00-00 

7. to mr Clearke 02-14-OG ^.^-^^ 

8. to Good Bird^^hall 03-17-00 /' 

9. to Joshua IJoots 04-10-00 

10. to Jiio ravne 01-00-00 

11. to [*ye*] mr Price & Jeffry Massic 04-08-00 


t The record of this meeting is by Edmoud Batter. 



to Ram. Archavd 



to the Constables 



to Tho : Tuck 



to Sain. Arcliard 



to .Tno Hart 



to nir Norice 



to liieli Ailanis 



to Wni Woodbury ) 
& Kieh Braekenbury ) 



to Jno Uridguiau 



to nir Sliarpe 



to S. Vale 



to r. C[romwell] 



to K. Gup]iy 



to C. Ilawtlirone 



for foxes 



to N. riknian 



Ed : Wilson mad a request for a ^ of acre of land in 
the neck near his house : left to Capt. Ilawthron & to mr 
Corwine to view it. 

Mr Corwine & Sam. Archard & "Will Lord ar Deputed 
to tak the townes Iron from Good : Kinnlxdl &, the 
townes Bords fcu" y'^ meeting house tt to call to accompt 
(& to transact the whole busines al)out : the Cariages 
about the Great Guims) v llran : Pery & Tuck. 

Its Ordered y* Capt Ilawthron & Will Lord be deputed 
to agree w"' Ben : Banly about y® keeping of y*^ : towiie 
heard of cowes this next yeare : 

Ite : its agreed y*^ all swine shall ])e ringed by the first 
day of the first monetli & so to be kept ringed all the 
suiner till the last day of ninth moneth c^c if any swine 
shalbe tbund not so ringed ||the owners of the swine || 
shall forfiete one shillinge to any man y* : shall so take 
them : for eu'^y tymc. 

[The next date in the Book of Kecords is March 8, 1G54-5, and the 
only record for the intervening time is that to be found in the Book of 
Grants. As the record in the Book of Grants for this period seems to 
relate to other matters besides grants of land, and as the record for 
the subsequent period, viz., after March 8, 1G55, is, except a few miu- 


utes, only found in tho Book of Tlocords, it may be that the Book of 
Grants contains all the record that there was for this period of time, 
viz., from March 3, 1G47-8, to March 8. lcr>-l-5. The following extract 
from the Book of Grants is therefore inserted here to complete 
the record. The first part of it is in the handwriting of Emanuel 

Extract from (he Book of Grants. 

The 28»" of the 12"> moiicth 1G47 

At a towne meeting- the clay & ycarc above written yt 
was fullie agreed and voted that hcuicetbrward there 
should l)e but one Deputye chosen for the Gencrall 

Its alsoe odred that whosoever shalbe warned to the 
mending of any bridge or high way & make default shall 
allow the Surveyors ^^ a day to qpcure an other in his 
place & take the 3^ by distresse. 

Jts ordered that mr Corwyn and Jetiry INIassy shall 
take the account of the rate given to build the towne 
bridge, that the towne ma}^ know what remayues vnspent. 

Granted to Thomas AVheeler too pcells of meadow 
lying nere the great hill by mr Ilumphryes fearme the 
one called noe mans meadow 8 acres or thereabout cpvided 
it be in noe mans (ppriety. 

Granted to John Ilathorne one pcell of meadow ad- 
joyning to Jacob Barney & one pcell of meadow adjoyn- 
ing to mr Bartholomews & one other pcell lying on the 
great River all 3 conteyning 5 acres or thereabouts 

The 20"' of the first moneth 1647 
At a meeting of the townsmen there being p'seiit 

Captaine Hathorne Henry Bartholmew 

George Corwyn JetlVy Mass^^ 

Edmond Batter Eniauuell Dowuynge 

Its ordered that Captane Ilathorne and mr Batter shall 
veiw and consider the ground demanded l)y Philemon 


1 r)4 

Diccenson and make i-elatioii thereof at our next meeting: 
that order may be taken therein aeeordinglie 

Item that mr Barthohiiew and Jeti'ry Massy shall veiw 
the land desired l)y Willm Towne and tiraneis Nurse and 
make relation thereof at oni- next mcetinir 

Item mr Downyng" and mr Corwyn shall see and con- 
sider the recjuest of Thom' Wheeler of a pcell of meadow 
between mr Ilnmphrycs and Rol)t Moultons farms to In- 
formc the townsmen at there next mcetinii' what is titt to 
be done therein 

Item that Kol)t Cole shall liaue lil)'tye to mow the 
grasse yearly vppon the high way 1)etween Henery Iler- 
ricks Ivoek and the west end of Lawrence Leeches lott, 
qjvided he hinders noe passadge through the said way 

Item that mr Connunght Jol) S^vynerton & Iiichard 
Adams give an account of the monie they received of 
Sam : Archer recorded in the towne booke the 3'' of the 
tirst monetli 1637 

Daniell Kay CV»nstal)le for the yeare 1630 paid foure 
pounds eleaven shillings & 2'' in full of his account t*i is 

Paid mr liartholmew eight shillings for a del)t dew to 

him from the towne out of Daniell Key his monie & rests 

4£ OS 2^1 

Item the 4^ 3^ 2^ av*^'' Daniell Ray paid is delivered to 
Captane Hathornc for the vse of the towne where of he 
layd out 3' 2'^ 

23"' of the first moneth 1647 

To the Constables of Salem 

I\y vertue of an order of the gen'all Court made the 

9"' moneth last you are required to call y*^ Inhabitants of 

your towne togeather the sixt moneth next ensuing the 

date hereof who are to choose one of your freemen to 


Joyiie w*^'' your select townsmen, who arc to take a list 
of your males above sixteene ^^earcs old And likewise the 
Just valewation of the estates of eu'ie of your Inhabi- 
tants reall and prsonall, accordino- as is more fnllie ex- 
jircssed in that order &c on each head tooc shillings six 
pence, And one pennye on each })ounde estate ratal)lc 
The which some you are to returne vnto the Treasurer 
then being, that order may thereon yssue forth for paymt 
to be made the nj'nth moneth following Dated the 23^' of 
the lirst moneth 1647 

By me Ivichard Russell Treasure"" 

Att a gen'll towne meeting the 24*'' of the 
4"' moneth 1(548 
Thoinas Scudder making request to the towne to ex- 
change a plott of grounde nere his now dwelling howse, 
it is granted, and Ca[)taine Traske & Thomas Spooner are 
appoynted to lay it out 

Att a meeting of the 7 men the 21"' day of the 
sixt moneth 1(348 

Captaue Hathorne JeflVy Massy 

mr Batter mr IJartliolinevv 

mr Corvvyn nir Downyiige 

A grant of a farme to mr Corwyn 
Granted vnto mr George Corwyn a farme of tooe liun- 
dretli and tiftye acres of land with meadow g)portionable 
therevuto if yt may be found e within the bounds of Sa- 
lem, II w^'' being found is granted twenty live acres of 

Granted vnto John Pigkett a pcell of land form'ly 
granted vnto Leiftenant Lathrop, he having surrendred 
the same vnto the towne, the said land being nere Daniell 
Rayes farme 

Granted vnto ffraucis Perry a small pcice of medow or 


pond lying' nere the great pond towards l^yn ypon the left 
hand of the pond contemning an acre or therea])out 

Att a meeting of the 7 men the 9"' day 
of the 8"' moneth 1648 

Emll Downy nge mr Corwyn 

Will Hathonie nir IJartholraew 

mr Batter Jeilry Ma^sy 

Granted to Leift Thomas Lawthrop an acre of vphmd 
or there abont lying within his medow and if it be aliove 
an acre then to pay 5** the acre to the towne 

The 20'!' of the 9"' moneth 1648 
At a meeting of the townes men there being p'sent 

Captaiie Hathonie John Porter 

George Corwyn Henery Bartholiiiew 

Edmoiul Batter EiiiU i-)ownynge 
Jettry Massy 

Whereas the way laid betwene goodm. Eay and goodm. 
Porter vpon the hill is now made through goodm. Porters 
land ; Its ordered that goodm. Porter shall haue the other 
way as his owue land to inclose and improve to his l)est 

Att a meeting of the 7 men the 29"' 
of the 11"' moneth 1(548 

Captane lltithorue mr Bartholmew 

JeUVy Massy Ed : Batter 

mr Corwyn 

Granted to liaph Tompkins a small peice of medoAV ly- 
ing nere ]\Iaior gen'all Endicotts last grant, in a Corner 
by a small brooke & a great swampe (pvided it doe not 
lye in any form' grant 

At a ijen'll towne meeting the 

12'" day of the first moneth 1648 

Its ordered that Marl)le Head, with the allowance ot 

the gcn'all Court, shalbe a towne, and the liounds to be 

the vtmost extent of that laud which was mr Humphries 

IT) 7 

fiirmc and sould to Marble Head, and poe all the neek to 
the Sea, reserving the disposing of the flerry and ap- 
poynting of the ti'erry man to Salem 

Ordered that the high way he brought from Edmond 
Grovcrs through Jonathan Pcjrters and nn- Garfords 
ground to Drapers poynt, if the gen'U Court shall con- 
sent thereto 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 13"' of the tirst moneth 1()48 

Ciipt Hiithorne Hcneiy Barthohncw 

Jffliy Massy Ed : Batter 

George Corvvyn Einll. Downynge 

Granted to John Hardee lib'tye to make a danmie to 
drowne his salt medoAV at the head of ti'orest river in the 
place where the old bridge was, for the tearme of 7 
yeares, & at the end of that tearme either to be contin- 
ewed or to be lett downe according as the towne shall see 

Granted to Ilenery Bartholmew that pte of mcdow 
that remayneth al)ove tenne acres in the same medow 
where his 10 acres lyetli 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 25*'' of the second moneth 1649 

JeflVy Massy mr ]Jartliolraevv 

nir Batter mr Dowuyuge 

Its ordered that George, Thomas, Samuell & Joseph 
(iardiner shall survey and measure from the meeting 
howse to a pcell of medow vpon the great river Westerly 
from Salem and give an account thereof at our next 
meeting, for w*''' they shall haue allowance in pte of the 
medow for theire paynes if any shalbe found Avithin our 
bounds where they runne the lyne. 

Whereas goodm. Canterbury hath enclosed a way for 
his vse whereby divers men are forced to goe farr about 


to thciro lotts Its ordered that mr Batter mr Gardiner & 
Jeft'rye Massy shall veiw and lay out the wa}", And to 
consider what allowance is to be made to mr Reade for 
the way 

At a meeting of the 7 men the 30"' day 
of the o'^ moneth 1649 

Capt Ilatlionie mr Batter 

JcrtVy Massy Sert. Porter 

uir Corwyu Einll Dowiiynge » 

Granted vnto goodni. Giggles, Joshua Grafton, good- 
man Jackson and others (who had eleaven hundreth acres 
of vpland) tifty acres of mcdow to be devided among 
them, lying pte betwene goodman Moultons ))r()oke & 
Ipswich river, and the other pte lying on the South Side 
of the River betwene mr iS'orris and mr Corwyns farmes 

Granted vnto goodman Sowthwick fowre acres of 
medow whereof tooe in recompence of his medow spo_yled 
in di<iii::ini>' turfe for the new bridire, this medow to be laid 
out nere mr Corwyns fjirme 

Granted to Thomas Gardiner Jun' George Gardiner 
and Hilliard Verryn 4 acres of medow to each of them at 
the 7 mens l>ounds, if there l)e soe much there and to 
each of the Gardiners 40 acres a peice of vpland to l)e 
laid out nere theire medow, and 40 acres of vpland to 
Ililiard Verrin in leiwe of 40 acres fornfly granted vnto 
the said Hilliard Verrin ; 

Granted more to George Gardiner 4 acres of medow 
on the North side of I[)swich River, nere above mr Coi*- 
wyns vpland on the South side and to Thomas Gardiner 
2 acres in the same place & to Samucll & Joseph Gar- 
diner 4 acres of medow a peice and to Joseph Pope 4 
acres of medow in the same place 

Granted vnto John Burton Thomas Roots & Nathaniell 
Helton three acres of mcdow a peice nere mr Corwyns 


Granted to Thomas Scudder Sen' six acres of medow 
in the niedow aforesaid 

Granted vnto ni''^ tfelton & Christopher Waller fonrc 
aci'es of medow in the place aforesaid 

Granted vnto John Reeves three acres of medow & 20 
acres of vpland towards mr Corwyns farme 

Granted vnto elohn Conclyne Ananias Conclync & 
Thomas Scudder to each of them 4 acres a peice to be 
laid ont in the medow aforesaid 

Granted to Philemon Dickenson 2 acres of medow in 
the place aforesaid 

Granted to mr Price 10 acres of medow & 100 acres of 
vpland to be hud out nerc mr Corwyns farme if it l)c 
there to be had 

Granted to Ser* Porter 10 acres of meadow by the 
great river if it may be there had I 

At a meeting of the Select men 3P'' of G^" m" 1049 

Prosont John Porter 

mr Dowiiiug mr Corwiii 

Capt. Ihithorne mr Burtholmew 

Jefferie Massey mr Palter 

Granted to mr Gardner a small peece of medow Con- 
tayning about an acre lying vpon the north side of his 
farme adioyning to it 

II Powder due to the towne remayning in the hands of 
theise psous viz Capt. Hathorne for himselfe 1 barell for 
mr Kead 1 barrell nn- Corwin 1 barell Capt Traske 1 
barell mr Johnson 1 barell || 

Granted to tirauces Skcrie a litle [spot] of ground be- 
tweene the sea and his field wch was formerlie Goodels 

Granted to John Marston twoo litle spots of marsh ly- 
ing against mr Scrugg by goodie Kings land 

tHere the record ceases to be in the handwriting? of Emanuel 
Downing ; the rest of tliis extract from the Boole of Grants is in the 
handwriting of JetlVy Massey. 


The 13"' of the 8'" m*^ 1G49 
At a meeting of the Select men 

Capt Hathonie Jcfterie Massey 

inr Bartliulmew uu- Downing 

Granted to Richard Stileraan the medow wch mr Verin 
had the Cutting of the grassc g:)vided if he remoues his 
dwelling out of the towne that then the medow shall re- 
torne to the towne and be disposed or granted to some 

Granted vnto thcise 5 men next vnderwritten and 5 
acres of medow to l)e laid out after former grants 
||neare goodman Moultons farme|| 

mr Herbert liftie Acres 

goodman Robinson fiftie acres 

goodman Bullock [*tifty*] |1401| acres 

o'oodnian Buffum fourtie acres 

ii'oodman Bowdish thirtic acres 

Granted vnto mr Gedncy the land and medow wch was 

taken from mr Clarkes H'arme by the men of the towne of 


19 9 1049 

Jeflerie Massey nir Batter 

mr Co[rvvin] mr Downing 


James Tliomas flbr some planting ground graunlecl 20 Acres 

Jolm Ingersall for land to plant granted 40 acres 

.John Biidgnian lor land granted 30 acres 

Thomas Smith for land and meadow graunted [*40*] ||30|| acres 

Elias Mason for metlow and vpland graunted 40 acres 

John IJohinson for vpland and medow graunted 40 acres 

John Kitchen for vpland and medow graunted 40 acres 

Thomas Watson for medow and vpland graunted 30 acres 

Thomas Pio-den hath oraunted him twoo acres of medow 
neare Wenlmm to l)e laid out 

Graunted vnto ffrances Perrie thirtie acres of vpland 
with the thirtie acres formerlie granted to be laid out in 
all sixtie neare to the medowes graimtcd vnto mr Gard- 
ners sonnes and also oraunted vnto the said iirances the 


ou'plus of the 12 Acres of medow grauiited viito the 
gardnei-s iiearc the line of Sakmi 

2(1'" of 1)'" mo: KUO 

At a meting of the Select men the da}^ and 3'eare ahoiie 
written, Capt. Hathorne Jefferie Massey Serge iit Porter 
mr Batter mr Downing 

Its agreed that the twoo hundred Acres of vphmd w'^'^ 
Avas taken trom mr Downings ffarme hy the greate medow 
towards Wenham shalbe graunted againe to him in Con- 
sideration of his paynes for transcribing the ])()okes of 
the townes records to be kept for posteritie soe the said 
farme to be live hundred acres acording to his former 

Graunted vnto George Williams a little spot of ground 
about a quarter of an acre more or less lying betweene 
his medow and tlrances Skeries land 

Graunted to Nathanael Putnam iEftie acres of land 
lying beyond Elias Stilemans li'arme bounding upon mr 
Thorndicke & soe vpon Captaine Hathornes ffarmcs 

Giles Gorey request for some land graunted 20 acres 

Thomas James request for land and medow granted 40 

At a meetiui;: of the Select men the 3 10 1G49 
being p'sent 

Capt Hathorne Henerio Bartholmew 

Jeflerie Massey Edmoud Butter 

mr Corvviu 

Richard Greaves request for land Graunted 30 acres 

more graunted to Richard Greaves 10 acres to be laid 
out to the 30 

Graunted to Thomas Antrum 50 acres of land whereof 
20 was before graunted 

Graunted to Zacheus Curtes all that medoAV that lyeth 



al)ouo mr Clarkcs mcdowo and lying on the South of mr 
Ilnnifreyes Itarme and on the North of mr Chirkes playne 
that lyeth next to dog pond if it doe not lie in mr Ilum- 
frcyes farme 

Gvaunted to Peter Palfrey fiyve acres of medow in 
Wcnham medow 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 17"' 10"' ni° 1G49 being p'sent 

Capt Hatliorne Henerie Bartliolmew 

Jetterie Mtissey Edrmnul Butter 

Jolm Porter Mr. Corwin 

Henerie Trew doth request for land granted 40 acres of 

Graunted to mr Bacon pt of that swamp lying in the 
north neck next adioyning to Edmond Gyles his 10 acre 
lott on the South side and mr Bacons lott wch he pur- 
chased from Captaine Trask not exceeding one acre 

Graunted to Ensigne Dixey and to James Stand [ish] 
that high way that lieth on the South syde of James 
Standish his lott to be pted betweene them two 

Graunted to Ensigne Dixey l|in recompence of his 
way II a litle spot of land or Ell)ow that lyeth on the 
Northwest side of that lott that was mr Bartholmewes 
and a small peece of swamp that lieth from the high way 
that is the out lett to Guido Baylies Bound |]its ordered 
in yt way of exchange of this land in the form' part of 
this order that he shall haue twenty acres of land next 
vnto Nicli Patch farm|| 

Thomas Cole request for land granted 40 acres and 4 
ackers of medow 

Wheras goodman Pickerin left some pt of his fiarme 
l)y running of liu lyne it is ordered that the layers out 
sliall lay out soe much as neare as they can adioyning to 
the rest of his land 



Grauntccl to Phillip Crouiwcll one hundred Acres of 
land and to haue 10 Acres of medovv if he can find it in 
our bounds 

Eobert Prince his request for land granted fortie acres 
beyond the Riuer 

Graunted to iirances Skcrie sixtic acres with what was 
fornierlie giuen him 

Graunted to Henerie Skerie fortie acres of land with 
what was fornierlie giuen him 

Ordered that mr Gidney shall take in the high way 
adioyning to the ground he bought of mr P^merie and to 
leaue a way through the [mijdst of the next Held and a 
way to the w^atring place 

21th iith jj^o 1(^,49 

Capt Hathorne mr Bartliolniew 

Jetlei'ie Massey mr Batter 

mr Corwiu 

Grannted to William Robinson GO ackers wch Avas for- 
merlie graunted and his soune 20 acres 

Granted to John Tucker 40 acres of land 

Granted to Josia Roots about 2 acres of land adioyniuir 
to his owne lott at one end and to Robert INIorgans at the 
other end 

Grannted William Scuder 30 acres hy mr Bartholmews 

Graunted mr Bacon one hundred acres beyond the 
greate riuer 

Graunted John Lovett 20 acres more in the swamp and 

Graunted James Patch 40 acres 

Granted Edmond Grover 40 acres 

Granted Henerie Cooke 40 acrcss l)cyond the riuer or 
on this side by Henerie Bartholmew not Avronging any 
other grant 

Graunted to John Hill 40 acres 

Graunted to»Phillip Verin 40 acres 


At a meeting of the 7 men the 21'" 12 mo : 16 [49] 

Capt Hathorne iiir Bartliolmow 

mr Corwiu Jert'erie Massey 

nir Batter nir Downing 

Granted to Eobert jNIolton Jun' the 30 acres formcrlie 
laid ont be alegiug it was formerlie grannted vnto him 

Agreed that those wch haue land grannted to hane it 
laid ont towards the great liiner as far as it will honld ont 
and those wch cannot haue it there to hane it laid out on 
Cape An : Syde 

At a gonerall towne meeting the 16"' of the 
first mo. 164'J-50 

Ordered that all the land lying on Cnpc An : Syde from 
nn- Blackliech his tlarmc vnto lvich[ard] Dodg his tfarmo 
and all l)etweene the onld pl;in[ters] farme and Makerell 
Cove and soe to the head of the ten acre lots on Cnpc 
Ann : Syde that is vndisposed of and lyeth in Comon 
shall )e resenied for Comon and none of it disposed qivi- 
ded such grants as haue beene made before this order to 
perticular psons shall be made good vnto them 

Ordered that for all pnl)lique meetings that Conccrne 
the towne in generall or the tlreemen of the towne warn- 
ing being giuen on a lecture day l)y the Constal)lc of the 
day and tyme of meeting shallje a legall w^arning 

At a meeting of the 7 men the 10"' 5"' mo. 1650 

Capt Hathorne Lient Lathrop 

mr Gardner Henerie Bartholmew 

nir Connaut 

Abram Warin haueing fenced in about 8 or 10 acres by- 
estimation of the Towne Comon without leave from the 
towne and haueing broken vp a pt of it and planted it 
Ifor wch act of his he is lined 20^ and is inioyned to lay 
it open to the Comon againe by the end of the 8"' month 


Granted vnto Job Swincrloii that strii)p of iiiodow 
sonietymc in the hands of mr Phillip Vcriii and latolie 
iXranntcd to Richard Stileman vntill he slionld reniono his 
dwelling well Ave coneeauc Kichard Stileman hath done 
bnt if he Continnc with vs then he is still to enioy it 
acording to his grant otherwise Job Swincrton is to 
enioy it 

William Dodg Jacob Barney and Nathanell Pntnam arc 
apoynted to lay out the hie way tirom the liiirther syde ot 
that Ifarme that Avas mr Bishops now in the hands of John 
Porter vnto Crane Eiuer 

At a meeting of the 7 men the 12^'' ('>"' mo : 1050 
Granted to firanees Skerrie a litle spott of ground at 
the end of his 10 acre lott Ij'ing at the grcate Cove be- 
tweeue his lott and John Small his marsh 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 22"' G"' mo. 1G50 : non liquett. 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 9"' 9"' mo. 1G50 p'sent 

Capt Hathorne mr Coiinaiit 

mr Browne Henorie Bartholmew , 

mr Gardner 

Vpon request of Robert Hiberd for a parcell of land at 
the vper end of william Dodg and Rodger Ilaskals 
ground next to the swamp it is ordered that mr Connant 
and william Dodg doe view the said land and make re- 
torne to the Select men at there next meeting 

By information of mr Connant there being noc excep- 
tion twentie acres is granted to Rol)ert Iliberd for Com- 
onage and wood in the place he requested 

At a generall towne meeting the 11*'' 9"' mo. 1050 
There was delinked to Richard Greaves and Zacheus 
Cortes to each of them a Corslett of the towncs the wch 


two Corslets arc deliired viito tliein in cfood repayre and 
tliey are soe to mentaine them and to retorne them in like 
good repairc vnto the towne againe vpon demand 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 12'!' 1)'" mo. 1650 being p'sent 

Capt Hathoi'iie mr Gardner 

mr Browne mr r.artholincw 

uir Coiiuaiit John Porter 

Grannted to mr AV^illiam Browne 250 Acres of v[)land 
and 25 acres of medow to l)e laid ont neare Ipswich 
liiuer in the most convenient place 

II At a meting of the Select men 21"' 10 mo. 
1(351 [1G50?] 
Granted to Lawrence Sothwick a litle spott of medow 
of abont a qnarter of an acre joyning to his 4 acres || 

At a meeting of the Select men the 2S^^ 
10"' mo. 1G50 p'sent 

Capt Ilatliorne mr Coiniant 

mr Browne 'Serg Porter 

mr Gardner Hen : Bartholmew 

Jacob Barney made reqnest for a pcell of land at Long 
Hill that joyneth to the liarmc that was nn- Alfords 

Graunted to Jacob Barney 50 Acres of land to be laid 
ont of that land next adioyning vnto that well was mr 
Alfords tfarme or in any other Convenient place at the 
discression of the layers out 

Thomas Rolnns maketh request for 3 acres of medow 
in the greate medow beyond Wenham of that medow that 
was suposed to be mr Paynes 

Graunted to Thomas Robins his request g^vided there 
be soe much recouercd from Ipswich of that medow 

Graunted to Job Swinertou 40 Acres of land neare 
Richard Pluchisson in liew of 20 acres formerlie graunted 
to him if it can be found there and not p'iudiciall to any 
f(jrmer jiraunt 


At a meeting of the Select men 
the 8"' 12'" mo. 1G50 p'sent 

rnr William Browne Scrgent Porter 

inr (iardiicr Heiierio Bartholnicw 

mv Connant 

John Batchellor making request for libertic to fence in 
a litle nccke of land to sane a pecll of marsh of his on 
Kialls neck 

his request is graunted q3vided he leave bars in the 
midcst of it for any to cart downe to the water and re- 
signe againc the land to the townc when they shall de- 
mand it 

At a gencrall towne meeting the 24*" first mo. 1650-51 
Capt Hathorne and Jetferie Massey are apoynted to run 
the lyne and pfcct it betweene Ipswich and Salem and 
haue libertie to choose such as they judg meete to assist 
them in it and the towne to beare the Charg 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 21"' 2^ mo. 1651 p'sent 

Capt Kathorne Jefferie Massey 

mr Browne nir Price 

nir Connant Heuerie Bartholniew 

Ordered that the 50 and 30 acres of land formerlie 
graunted to mr Garford shalbe laid out in some con- 
venient place neare Burchen Plaine at the discressiou of 
the layers out or any twoo of them and mr Connant & Jef- 
ferie Massey are apoynted to lay it out 

Graunted to Thomas Oliuer Jnn' to cutt the grass 
growing on the high way betwene his fathers lott and the 
lott of Thomas Watson sometyme the lot of Thomas 

Graunted to Edmund Grover that spott of ground [*on 
the high way syde*] lying betweene his owne ten acre 
lott he liueth on and Ilenerie Herickes lott being al)out 


f of ail acre in rccompeiice of some land taken from him 
for high wayes throngh his lott 

Ordered that 40 acres of hmd and 4 acres of medow 
fornierlie grannted to Thomas Spooner and nott recorded 
being long since laid ont to him that the said land is by 
this record confirmed vnto him 

The [*29*'» 2*^ mo. 1G51*] ||3<^ 3" mo : 51 1| p'sent 

[*Capt Hathorne*] mr Price 

||inr Downiuyll Jefferie Massey 

iiir Corvviu llejaerie Bartliolmew 

Grannted to Nathanell Pntnam*^ acres of medow near 
Ipswich Itiner 

Att a oeneral towne meeting IG"' 4*'' mo. 1G51 
Vpon a petition of Nicholas Howard John Batchellor 
and others that they might hane libertie of Comon in that 
land lying neare there honses and that it might not be 
impropriated to any 

It is ordered by the towne that all that land that lieth 
within Ipswich way flrom the new ]>ridg vnto the head of 
frost fish brooke vndisposed of shall )e reserued for Comon 
and nou of it granted in proprietie to any 

At a meeting of the select men 
IG"' 4"' mo 1651 
Granted to Eice- Edwards 20 acres of land lying neare 
adioyning to Richard Dodg his land in consideration of 
20 acres of land he doth resigne to the towne lying Ijelow 
makerill Cove towards the Cricke that he l)ought of mr 
Thornedick well was fornierlie granted to Richard Lam- 

Att a meeting of the Select men 
the 10"» 9*" mo. 1G51 p'sent 

l|mr Downingll Jetlerie JNIassey 

[*iiir C'orwiu*] AV alter Price 

Capt Hathorue Heuerie BartliolmeAV 

Vpon complaint l)y Edward Wharton of a strip of 
ground betweene his house and that weh was latclic nu" 
Kcnistons now" in the possession of Simon Groce that it 
was a grcatc anoyance to him : the Select men doe vpon 
liis request graunt the said strip of land vnto Edward 

William Bajlie is graunted to cutt what grass he can 
hnd at the great pound on this syde mr Blackliech his 
farme that is uot in any mans proprietie vntill the towne 
take further order 

At a generall towne meeting 15"' 9"' mo. 1G51 

Beniamin Felton Chosen to take care of the meeting- 
house in Bircharas roome and to haue the same wages 
Bircham had and to gyve warning of meetings & Inu'ialls 
bye the bell &c. 

At a meeting of 7 men 
the 15"^ D"' mo. 1651 p'sent 

Capt Hatliorue nir Price 

mr Counant uir Dovvniug 

Jeft'crie Massey 

Granted vnto Jefterie Massey 4 acres of medow for- 
merlie granted pt to be the pond beyond the greate riuer 
the rest to lie by the riuer syde 

It is granted that Jefferie Massey haueing made Choyce 

of this (juantitie of medowe aboue expressed that he shall 

mow the same this sumer not being a1)Ie to lay it out 

vntill after the hay should be taken of provided he exceed 

not the quantitie nor take any forraerUc granted to other 


At a meeting of the 7 men 

the W lb'" mo. 1651 

Granted to mr Brett 60 acres of land in the place he 

desyreth if it be there and not p'iudiciall to former 




and if wlicii former grants l)e made good there be any 
land remayning mr Brett is qimised to ho ffurther con- 
sidered to haue some more added 

At a meeting of the 7 men 

the 5"' ir'^ mo. 1()51 p'sent 

Capt Hathonie mr Conuant 

mr Dovvniug mr Price 

mr Corwiu lleneric Bartholmew 

Jetterie Massey 

The 4 barrells of powder and a half barrell of powder 
weh is mentioned ])efore to be in the hands of sen'all men 
and is the Countries store powder Counted to the towne 
is now in the hands of Capta^nie Hathorne whoe is to l)e 
acountable for it vpon all demands || farther there is 1 
bar'' of powder of the Countrie store wth weh the towne 
standeth charged in tlie hands of maior Sedgwicke the 
well the towne neu' receued|| 

There is deliuered to Captaine Ilathorne for the Com- 
pany as there store of amunition according to lawe 3 bar- 
rells of powder 500 of Icade 3 (jnarters of a hundred of 
match for all weh he is to be accountable vpon all 

At a meeting of the 7 men the 7*'' 11"' mo. 1651 

Granted to Osmond Traske in consideration of a hie 
way layd out through his [*ground*] ten acre lott thii'tie 
acres of land to he laid out neare liichard Dodg his 

Graunted to Nicholas Woodberie 40 acres of land 20 
acres of it to be that weh was late in the possession of 
mr Thorndicke and the other 20 acres to be laid out 
where it may be found most convenient 

At a meeting of the 7 men 
the 13*" 12"' mo. 1651 p'sent 

Capt Hathorne Jetferie Massey 

mr Dovvniug mr Price 

mr Covwin Henerie Bartholmew 


Granted to John Swascy 40 acres of land to be laid out 
neare Henerie Bartholniew his tlarmc 

Robert Goodell haneinu' 40 acres of land granted long 
since by the towne and he haueini>- l)ou<>ht land of seu'all 
others that had land granted to them viz. Joseph Grafton 
30 acres John Sanders 40 acres Henerie Ilerick 40 acres 
William Bound 40 acres Robert Pease & his brother 30 
acres Robert Cotta 30 acres William Walcott 30 acres 
Edmund Marshall 20 acres Thomas Antrum 20 acres 
jNlichall Shaflin 20 acres mr Venor 40 acres John Barber 
thirtie acres Philemon Dickenson 20 acres mr Goose 50 
acres in the whole 480 it is ordered that the said Robert 
Goodell shall enioy the said 480 ||acrcs|| of land being pt 
of the eleven hundred acres [*of*] he disharging the 
towne of the aboue said grant and he is allowed to said 
480 acres of vpland 24 acres of medow prouided that the 
medow laid out within his vpland be a pt of it 

The 5'" 2^ mo. 1652 p'sent 

Capt Hathorne Jefl'erie Massey 

Joliu Poi'ter Heuerie Eartholinew 

Grauntecl to Jacob Barney Jun' 30 acres of land to be 

laid out with 50 acres formerlie granted to his father to 

be laid out at the discression of the layers out of land 

At a meeting of the Select men 

the tirst 3'^ mo. 1652 present 

Capt Hathorne Jett'erie Massey 

nir C(jniKiiit Henry Bartholmcw 

Sergeant Porter 

Granted to Samuel 1 Corney that land that was left for 
a hie way at the end of his 10 acre lott next the riuer on 
Cape An Syde wch is for soe much land as is taken out 
of his lott by the Countrie way the wch he doth accept of 
for satisfaction for the said hie way 

Granted to James Standish the litle spruce swamp 


lying ncare his house qivided it shiilbc free for any Inli.-il)- 
itant to make vse of any of the wood or trees in it while 
any doe remayne groAving there 

Granted to Joseph Houghton 30 acres of land to be 
layd out where it can l)e found most convenient for him 
prouided all former graunts be first made good 

At a meeting of the Select men the 17*^'' 3'^ mo. 1652 

Capt Hatboriie John Poi'ter 

inr Browne Jetferie Massey 

mr C'orwin Ilea : Eartliolniew 

Graunted to John Ruck libertie to inclose the hie way 
betweenc mr Emerie it his land vntill the end of the 7"' 
month q)vided he leaue barrs to be drawne at each end for 
any that may haue ocation to make vse of the Avay in the 
meane tyme 

There beins: formerlie ^-raunted vnto Josia Rootes a 
litlc stripp of land [*and complaint being made*] con- 
tayning al)0ut 2 acres liing next his 10 acre lott on Cape 
An Syde on the northeast syde and it being nott found 
cwtred in the towne booke we doe by theise presents con- 
firme the said-sirant vnto him > 

There beino- formerlie graunted vnto John Putnam Sen' 
50 acres of land and complaint being made that the said 
land laid out to him is not soe much it is ordered that the 
layers out of land shall make vp what the said laud shall 
want of his grant in land lying betweene his sonne 
Nathanaells laud and Richard Iluchisson 

Ordered that Ensigne Dixey shall make a gate and 
alsoe barrs to lie taken downe as ocation is in the gen- 
erall fence on Cape An Syde at the further syde of the 
field on the way laid out to Manchester and what his 
charg shalbe thereb}' more then is his Q^portion to fence 
shalbe alowed him by the qiprietors of that field and he 
hath 14 dayes alowed him to doe it 


Granted to Iliigli AVoodhcric Marko Latlirop and 
Thomas Picton a spot of medoe lying betweene Beniamiu 
ffeltons mcdoc and the great SAvanip neare Weiiliain to ])c 
diuided e(]uallic betweene them 

At a jrenerall townc mcetin": the 27"' 9"' mo. HM')2 
At the desire of Ensigne Dixey it is ordered [that] the 
Countrie way shalbe eontinned that goeth [from] the 
Iferie to Ipswich before Ensigne Dixey his h[ousc] 
g)vided he keep it in snificient repayre for h[orse] and 
carts the wch he dotli promise to doe 

At a meeting of the Select men the 21"' 12"' mo. 1G52 
Sould vnto Samncll El)ron al)ont 4 acres [of] hind 
more or less being all the land belonging [to the] towne 
that he hath inclosed within his fence with [his] owne 
land lying to his oAvnc honse ffor wch land he is to pay 
betweene this and the end of the 7"' month next three 
ponnds for the vsc of the t[owne] 

There being formerlie a grant of 10 acres of medow to 
Sergeant John Porter there is now granted vnto hmf 50 
acres of vpland ground in liew of the said 10 acres of 
medow to be laid ont at the discression of the layers out 
of land and the former grant to be voyd 

lithe 2'^ first 53 

Granted to the inhabitants on cape an syde halfe an 
acre more or less laying on the hill abutting vpon Pobert 
Morgan & Tho : Roots his lot on cape an syde givided it 
be nott gr [anted] before to any other || 

Granted vnto John Pemont 50 ackrcs of l[and] hing 
next that fiarme that Avas mr Alfords gpvided that whereas 
the said land was formerlie gr[anted] vnto Jacob Barney 
if the said Jacob Barney doe quietlie possess and enioy 
that 50 acres laid out to h[ini] in liew of it otherwise he 


the said Jacob Barney is to enioy the aboue said 

At a gencrall townc meeting 30"' of aprill 1[G53] 
II 6"' 4 mo. 53 II 

llrances Skerie made request for the comon land lying 
before his 10 acre lot next Thomas Watsons and it is 
ordered that if the laud be giuen to [any] it shalbe giuen 
to flrauces Skerie l)ut at p'sent the towne doth reserue it 
in th[eir] owne hands vndisposed [of] 

Its ordered that IJiehard Stackhouse for the reliefe of 
his Ifamillie shall liaue the benefit of the keeping of the 
Iferrie towards Ipswich he qividing a sufficient boate and 
men to attend it and to enter on it the last day of 

At a meeting of the 7 men 20*" 4"' mo. 1G53 
Jefferie Massey Lieutenant Lathrop and Sergeant Por- 
ter chosen to meete wth Ipswich men for the pfecting of 
o'" bounds betweene them and vs towards topstield vpon 
the next 6"' day of the wecke 

Job Swinerton hath granted him [*10 acres*] ten acres 
of land at the east end of his 40 acres formerlie laid out 
in Hew of his 2 acres wanting in his 10 acre lott in the 
North tield 

At a meeting of the towne the 5"' 7"' mo. 1053 
Ordered that any pson that shall at any tyme be im- 
ployed to worke for the repayring of the hie wayes in any 
pt of the towne shalbe paid what shall be foimd due out 
of the next towne rate they bringing a note vnder the 
surveyors hand 

II [ ]8;'^3_ 

Granted to Thomas [ er] libcrtie [to ha]ue 6 acres 
[of] medow in any [place] he can tind prouided it come 
£not] within any former [gr]ant|| 


At a moetinii' of tho select men 
the 20'" 12"' mo. lGr);3 i)re8eiit 

William Ilathorne Walter Price 

KoiitT Coiinant Jacob IJanioy 

John Porter [inrj Corwin 

Granted to John Pntnam ,Juu 20 or 30 acres of hind if 
it be adioyning to Capt Ilatliornes tfarme in consideracon 
of 12* due for bridg worke and in regard he had none 
formerlie granted 

Granted to Humfrey Woodl)eric a pcell of swamp lying 
betAveene his owne land on both syds not exceeding ten 
acres and the wood is reserued to the inhabitants to fell 
as they please at all seasons the land on the one syde was 
Gnido Baylcyes 

Graunted to Henerie Skerie a litle hill incompased 
about by his owne marsh neare mr tfreuds Mill if it be 
not formerlie granted 

At a general! towne meeting 
the 6*" of the first mo. l(J5o-54 

Granted to John Browne all that land inclosed as well 
medow as vpland well was latelie in the possession of mr 
Garford to all intents and purposes to him and his heyres 
for euer 

Granted to mr Georg Emerie the herbidge of that pcell 
of land well was John Woodberies in the onld planters 
marsh and all right of Comonage the towne might haue 
claymed to him and his heyres for euer 

Granted to John Kitchen soe much land as will nesses- 
sarilie make a seller neare vnto goodman Truslers fence 
oner amiinst the house of the said John Kitchen 

At a meeting of the Select men the 21"' of 
the second mo. 1G54 being p'scnt 

John Porter Walter Pi'ice 

mr Counaut Edmoud Batter 


AVhcras the 24"' of this Instant mo. there is by apoint- 
ment some of Ipswich men and some of Salem men to 
atend the pfecting of the lyne betwixt them and vs Ave 
desire that Lienetenant Lathropp John Porter and Jef- 
ferie JNlassey to mecte Ipswich men at the tyme apojaited 
& we giue them power to act & linish the worke together 
Avith Ipswich men 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 27'" 2« m'^ 1654 p'sent 

mr Corwin Jcfterie Massey 

Capt Hathonie mr Price 

mr Connant Edmoiid Batter 
Joliii Porter 

mr Gardner re<|uest for himselfe and those that now 
doe or hereafter shall line at tiiose ten acre lots ends or 
syde that they may haue the Comon land granted to them 
that lyes' at the tibote of mr Reads Hill to lye as Comon 
for theire Joynt vse 
this request is grannted 

Vpon the request of Sergeant Georg Gardner for a 
small playne of vpland contayning about six acres lying 
and scituato neare to E()l)ert Moultons Jun' his medow & 
to the round hill neare nu' Ilumfres fiarme and soe to that 
land that is grannted to lirances Perries : Accordinglie it 
is grannted 

Granted to John Symons libertie to tience his ground 
well was fornierlie William Comins in the towne of Salem 
round liome to the Ijanke prouidcd that he make twoo 
sufficient styles for a foote Avay through the said ground 

Granted to liichard Bishop foure acres of medow 
ground lying and scituate at the further end of Salem 
bounds next to mr Richard Saltingtall llarme qovidcd it 
lie within Salem bounds otherwise the said bishop to 
l(jose it bein«i" a former urant 


Granted to Ilenerie Skorie two ackers of medow 
ground in the same place vpon the same condition of 
Richard Bishops l)ein2: a fformer graunt 

Granted to Richard Bralveuberie three acres of medow 
in the same place and vpon the same condition of Richard 
Bishops being a ftbrmer grant 

Granted to Henerie Skerie all that vpland lying within 
the fence of John Batchellor that doth fence in his salt 
marsh on Ryalls Syde q^vided it must lye in comon when 
the cropp is taken of fl'rom it 

At a meeting of the Select men 
the 8"' of 3*^ mo. 1654 

mr Corwiu Jeflerie Massej^ 

Ser2:eant Porter mr Price 

nir Connant^i— Eclmoud Batter 

Granted to Thomas Picden three acres of medow 
ground in the same place and vpon the same condicon of 
the grant of Richard Bishopp Avch was a former graunt 

Granted to John Batchellor twoo ackres of medow land 
in the same place and vpon the same terms of the grant 
of Richard Bishop W' ch was a former graunt 

Wheras there was a spott of medow lying neare mr 
Downings ii'arme on the northwest and on the west to a 
tiirme that was granted to Phillipp Verin at the head of 
the Cow house riuer in the jeare 1G48 graunted to Raphe 
Tomkins it is now^ againe confirmed to him (pvided it Avas 
nott within any mans bounds before the said graunt 

Granted to John Pickett twoo acres of medow land in 
the same place and vpon the same tearms of the grant of 
Richard Bishop wch was a former grant 

Vpon a difference arising betwecne Humfrey Wood- 
berie and the inhabitants of Cape An Syde about a 
swamp latelie graunted to the said Humfrey ; the said 
Woodberie is content to allowe to the said inlia])itants as 



much of other of his land iieare adioynino- there viito to 
the full value to be laid out hy foure indifferent men 
e(]uallie chosen viz : Captaine Hathorne nu* Batter Ser- 
jeant Porter and William Dodo* 

Granted to Charles Gott three acres of medow ground 
in the same place and vpon the same terms of the graunt 
of Hi chard Bishopp 

At a meeting of the Select men the 15'^* 
3^ mo. 1G54 p'scnt 

mi- Corwin Walter Price 

Sergeant Porter Ediiioiid Batter 

Jett'erie Massey 

Granted to Thomas Watson three acres of medoAV 
ground in the place of the graunt of Eichard Bishop his 
medow and vpon the same termes l)eing an antient graunt 

Granted to ffrances Skerie a small spot of v})land lying 
neare to his ten acre lott vpon the north nccko by the 
water syde wch is [free] H'rom Georg Williams his salt 

Lieutenant Lathrop and Sergeant Porter vpon the 24"' 
day of the 3'^ mo. to pfect the lyne betweene Ipswich and 
Salem are desyred to meete Ipswich men 
accordinglie they mctt with them the day aforesaid 

Lieutenant Lathrop his former grant of eight acres of 
medow land to he laid out in the same place of the grant 
of Richard Bishopp his grant of medow and vpon the 
same termes and twoo acres more if it l)e there to be had 

At the gcncrall towne meeting the 27"' 3'^ mo. 1(154 

Georg Williams and Bcniamin Helton bound to pay the 
100*^ out of the Countrie rate or the remayner towards o"" 

tibrti [ticacon] witnes their hands f 

Georg Williaims 
Beniamin ffelton 

flu the margin is ''.vrittcu "ptl by tliem." Tlie siguatures iu tlic 
record ai'c not original. 


rnr Coniiaut Sergeant l^orter and Lientcnant Lathro[) 
arc apoyuted to measure out the nicdoAV land that lieth 
within o'" l)onnds next adioj'ning to mr Saltonshall 
farme » 

mr Thomas Rucke Senio'' haveing formerlie a grant of 
one hundred acres of vpland and we not finding of it en- 
tred acording to the grant doe now enter it that he 
Jiath it granted in the same place that it was formerlie 
measured out to him by Captaine Traske Jefferie Massey 
and Peter Palfre 

Granted to mr Ruck five acres of medow land in the 
same place of Richard Bishops grant of medow ground 
and vpon the same termes 

It is ordered that all those psons that shall not seasou- 
ablie ateud towne meetings either by there psons or g:)xes 
for eu'y such oifence or delinquencie after due warning 
according to order shall pay eighteene pence to be levied 
by the Constables flrom tyme to tyme and they to haue 
twoo thirds of it for theire paynes and the other third to 
the towne of Salem ^vided it shall be first demanded and 
if any that can or shall make any excuse for his none 
attendance he may repayre to the Select men and a 
release flrom the maior pt of them within a weeke after 
the demand of those llines the ptic or pties shall be fl'reed 
from those fiine, or flines 

At a meeting of the Select men 
to S'' of October 1G54 p'sent 

Capt Hatborne Jetlerie Massey 

Serg Porter mr Price 

mr Coniuuit Edmund Batter 

Granted to Jonathan Porter in consideracou of a hie 
way 10 acres of vpland on Cape An sydc to be laid out 
bv mr Connant 


At a meting of the Select men 
the 26'^' of the 12'" mo. 1654-55 p'sent 

mr Corwiii mr Geduey 

iiir Coniiaut Ikifliard Prince 

John Porter ^ Jeflerie Massej' 

Granted to John Pntnam Jnn' 30 acres of vphmd ncare 
adioyning to the tiarmes of Cnptayne Hathorne John 
Rucke and AVilliam Nicols, l)eing in exchang of the 30 
acres he should haue had at the end of Captaine Hathorne 
his flarme and farther we doe apoint that the surplus of 
the land contayned within the aforsaid bounds shall aper- 
taine and belong to Richard Greaves in consideration ot 
40 acres formerlie granted vnto him the said Greaves 

Ordered that Avheras there is a small portion of ||rockie|| 
land adioyning vnto the flarme latelie in the possession 
of Captaine Hathorne but now possest by John Putnam 
Sen' Richard Huchisson Daniell Ray and John Hathorne 
vpon the request of the said pties the said Rockie land is 
graunted vnto them vpon consideration of the suiiie of 
twentie shillings to ha paid to the select men for the vse 
of the towne of Salem and to l)e kept in stock to answcre 
[some man] for some small lott formerlie granted 

Ordered that for as nnich as Jeflerie IMassey hath tran- 
scribed the towne booke or soe much as remayned vnj)- 
fected b}^ mr Downing that the said Jeflerie JNIassey shall 
haue flburtie acres of vpland in some convenient place 
for his paynes 

The 4^'^ IP" mo. 54 p'sent 

mr Corwiii mr Gedney 

Jefferie Massey Edmo : Batter 

Thomas Rix being indebted to the towne of Salem the 
sniue of seaven pounds and foure shillings for paymt 
wherof he the said Rix hath soidd his sliopp and house 
neare the meeting house for Eleven pounds and the re- 
mainder of the said 7^ 4'^ is to be paid him out of the 


townc rate well is o^ IG* for well he hath a bill giueii him 

to the Constable Thomas Rix -j- 

[The following record in tlie Book of Grants seems to have been 
intended to supply omissions of the original record. It is in the hand- 
writing of Edmond Batter.] 

Graiinted vnto Rieh Rayment one hundred Aeres of 

vpland and ten Aeres of meadow ground whieh land is 

layd out in Wenham bounds buttinge vppon Pleasant 

Pond and the great swampe and the ten Acres of meadow 

in the great meadow, this was a former graunt omited to 

be entered 

Kich huchenson hauinge a graunt of a peell of land not 
form'ly entered seituate and lyinge betweene mr Jn" 
Thorndike and mr Elias Stilemaus larmes, its conhrmed 
to him not exceedinge twenty Acres of vpland 

laid out 30"' ll"" 1643 
Accordinge to former s^raunts to Richard Prince, Sarah 
the now wife of Daniell Rumbull in the Right of Georg 
Norton and John White is layd out twelue Acres of 
meadow land in the great Meadow at Wenham to each 
of them foure Acres which Meadow then was in the pos- 
session of Mr William Payne, lyinge between the vpland 
and Mr Dudlys meadow being parted by a Creek from 
mr Dudlys meadow 

[The following is the remainder of the original Book of Eecords. 
The record of the first seven meetings is written by Edmond Batter.] 

Att a meetinge of [the Select men] 
8 : (1) 1G54-5 beinge present 

mr Corwine mr Gardn' 

iSerg : Bortr : Juo. Gidney : 

Jacob Barney Edmo : Baiter 
Jeflery Massy 

t Not an original signature. 


mr CorwiiiG is desired to got an Arti[st] to come to 
Salem to Run the Line between Topstiel[d] and vs and 
to agree witli him for his payns as he can. 

mr Corwine Leiftenant Lawthrop Jefiery Massy and 
Edmo : Batter bceinge desired to Treat with Ip[swich] 
men aboute tlie perfectinge the Line betweene them and 
vs : according to o'' : Letter sent to the select men of Ips- 
wich dated this present day they the aboue named are to 
giue them a meeting vpon the 23 day of this instant mo, 
with power to pfecte the Line as [aljoncsaid] 

M'*^ : the former Order for swine made in the [year] 
1()53 to 1)0 in force this yearo following 

Jeffrey Massey and Edmond B [after are appointed] to 
make vp the accompt with [ ] and Jn" Wil- 

liams for the his[t ] for Country : and towno. 

and full [power is given to] them to Reconcr out of their 
hands what [part] of the hundred ponnds for the fort [or 
whatever] elce is due to the towno from them. 

[At a m]ectinge of the towno 31 : 1'" 1G55 
It was agreed }'t Thomas Si)ooner and others one yt 

pt : of the Towno haue Liberty to heard their (Jattell 

thomsolues : with a keep of their owne hiringe : for this 

3'eare, voted. 

It is agreed that the select men shonld aoree with a 

heardsman for the heardinge of the Residue of the towno 

Cattell for this yearo : voted. 

At a meetingo of the Select men 
31 : (2) 1G55 becinge p'sont 

[Mr.] Corwine [Jeflery Ma]scy 

[Mr. Gjarchir [Edmoud] Batter 

Agreed with Robt Pease for koopinge of part of the 

towne heard : for tifteene pounds to the nunil)'' of 100 

Cowes : if a few more [to] such a quautitie yt ho can 


wcl] kccpo to 1)0 payd accord ini;-o to the qiportioii [of] 
15f p Centum: if soe many more [as that] he the sd 
Pease cannot well keep, [to] Hire a hoy, and still to 
make good 15^ [to] llohert Pease : and to begine to 
heard them and to goe forth with y'." vpon the 12"' of the 
next moneth and the said Pease to haue helpe to keep the 
Cowes till the tirst of 3 : moneth : and he the said Pease 
to keep 2 Lords days, and liberty to come to moetingc 
the third, &, to he payd accordiuge to Cnstomc l>otli for 
tyme and man*" of Payment : & to keep them the vsuall 

At a meetinge of the firccmen 28"' : 2 : [mo : 1655] 
Jacob Barney is Chossen Depnty for [the] first Ses- 
sions of the next Gen'all Court : v^jon Jacob Barne3's 
RefFusall Edmond Batter is Chossen for the first Sessions. 

At a Gen'all Towne meetinge 17 : 3 : l[r)55] 

Its : Ordered that the fort vpon winter [Hand] shall be 
finished with all speed: Mr: Corwin[c :] Leift : Law- 
thrope : Edmo : Batter : ar apoynted [to] order the work 
aboute the forte together Avith those form'ly apoynted. 

Its : Ordered yt : the Hand where the [fort] is : is- 
apropriated for the vse and [ ] <jf the mayntaininge 

the fort, voted. 

Its Ordered yt those men apoynted for the ordering of 
the fort : haue power to warne men to work abou[te] the 
fort to the finishinge of it, according to the (ppor[tion] of 
each mans Rate : and vpon the neglecte of any [ ] tlic 
penality of 3* : p clay accordinge to a [for]mer order to 
be destrayned vpon them, voted. 

Its Ordered that there shall be a l)uriall pla[ce on J the: 
hill aboue lirancis Lawcs hous€'. voted. 


At a meetinge of the Selectmen 
17 : o : 1655 beeing p'seiit 

[Mr Corjwiue [John] Gidiiey 

[Mr G]ardur [Ja]cob Barney 

Jefl'ery Mascy : [EJdnio : Batter 

Mv : Corwine & ]Mr Gidney ar apoynted : to gett mate- 
rialls & workmen to repaire the towne house for the 
scoole & watch. 

At a meeting of ye freemen the 13'^ : 4 m'^ : 1655 
Chosen to seme one Jury of trialls this Court ensueing 

viz* : 

Capt. Tho : Lothrop Jlilliard Vearin 

nirTlio: Gardner: -^ NatluiU [*11^] putuam ^ 

John Kitchin IJoger Ilaskall : 

At a Meeting of the select men the 21"> 5"> m^ [1655] 
lieing present 

mr Corwiu John Porter 

nir Batter Jacolj Barney 

mr Gardner Jeflerie Massey f 

We finding Captaine Ilathorne debtor to the towne 1 
barell and a halfe of poude[r2 doe entreate mr Corwin to 
make dema[nd] of Captaine hathorue by letter of the 
said barell & halfe of ponder or satisfaction for it. 

It is agreed that mr Corwin & mr G[edney] doe carie 
on the worke for the ffinishing of the towne house & 
mounting of the [great] Guns and to be paid q^portion- 
ably l)y the select men in such considerable pay as may 
satistie the s:iid mr Corwin & n\v Geclney & the said 
select men [to] l)e paid out of the towne rate, the 
wo[rke] to be finished l)y the end of the [ month] 

At a generall toAvnc meeting the [17]*'' 6 m? [1655] 
Chosen for Constables for tliis ensuing yeare f[or] the 

t The record of this meeting, and of the two following, is in tlie 
handwriting of Jell'ery Massey. 


towiic of Salem mv William Browiio & [William] Jegles. 
& for Cape Ane Side John Stone. 

Chosen for to seme vpon tlic grand Jurie for the 
ensuing yearc 

m Rodger Counaut [*rhiU*] Josephs Boyse 

Thomas Putraan Heuerie Skerio 

Sargeant George Gardner Thomas Rootes 
Jacob Baruey 

Chosen for Comishioner Lievftenant Thomas Lathrop. 

Ordered that all the inhabitants of this towne that haue 
Eam or Rams shall soc dispose of them that the said Hani 
or Rams may not l^e preiudiciall to themselues or otlier 
of their neighbors betwixt this and the next sixt day 
vpon the penaltie that all such Rams as are found abroad 
after the day & tyrae preflixt shall be taken vp and kild 
reseruing onelie the meate for the owner 

f At a generall Towne meeting the 17"' of the 8*'' m" 55 
mr Edmond Batter Cliosen Deputie to attend the next 
Session of the Generall Court. 

At a meetinge of the Select men 
7'.'' of Nouemly 1G55, beeinge p'sent. 

Jacol) Barney mr Gidney 

mr Gardener Edmond Batter 

Jetfery Masey 

Ordered that the townes Cowe beeinge killed by the 
Bucher, one of the Select ^ is to care to p'serue the flesh 
& hide for the townes use : 

Ordered that Edmond Batter shall haue the townes 
sheep that was paj'd by Jn'' Williams in pt of his debt 
due to the towne to the value of flue pounds 11** : and to 
be responsall for it for such vses as the towne stands in 
need of or wheat & pease. 

fFrom here to the meeting of the 24th 12 mo., 1656, the record is 
written by Edmond Batter. 



At A Gen] townc Mectingc 10 : Noiieml)^' 1055 

Chosen for Jury of Tryall for the next County Court, 

Jeflery Mascy Juo. Putnam Ju' 

Tho : Gardner Sen' Eusigne Dixie 

Joseph : Pope Nath tfeltou. 

llbr the Raising of a towue Rate 

mr Novice his wood 07-00-00 

Josiah Roots 02-00-00 

Beu: flelton 05-00-00 

for Kepayringe towne house 05-00-00 

for llepayringe of hiyhwaye 05-00-00 

Bro. Gidney O-t-05-OO 

mr Tho. Gardner 00-02-00 

[*Tho: Spooner 00-08-00*] 

To pay for 1111) ponder 01-06-00 

ToChard-esforthe ) os-00-00 

Deputy lor Gen 11 Court ) 

To Ed*: Batter 02-00-00 

Mr Corwine 02-00-00 

]Meuding-e Meetingc house 02-00-00 

tfor Euuinge of Line 05-00-00 

Voted 48-13-00 

to be payd one halfe in Indian Come & the otlier halfe in wheat l)utter 
l)ease barly porke at price Curante : 

10: Nouembcr: 1655 

Its Ordered yt : the 17 of this instant moneth is 
apoyntcd a gen'all townc nieetinge to confer with o^" 
brothers of Cape An Side al)out their Rates : and what 
other bussines may then apear to be ncedfull to be 

Its Ordered that Jn" jMarsh & Jn" Kitchin are chosen 
searchers & sealers of leather for the : yearc insueinge. 

Capt Ilawthrone Chosen to marry psons & to ho 
p'sented to Gen'all Court for Confirmacon. Voted. 

Capt Ilawthrone, Mr Will. Browne and Edmund Bat- 
ter are chosen Comision''' for the endinge of small causes 
for the year cnsueing. Voted. 


At a meetingc of the Select incu 

3 : lO'y 1G55 becinge p'seiit 

Jno : Porter Jacol:) I5arne 

Jeflery Mascy [Jno. Gklnjey 

Mr Gardnr. [Eclinond I5]atter 
Mr Corwiue 

Mr Jn" Giduey hath bought the townes horse, at ten 

pounds 14'* : to be payd in 

vidz. in wheat at 4s-Gd per busli 

pease 4-0 

Barly at 4-6 

Porke at 3d per lb 

Bealle at 20s per C. 
in these or any of these 

At A Gen all Towne meetinge 10"' : 10'" 1G55 
Thomas Putnani Chosen Constalile for the cnsuino- year 
in the Roome of jNIr : William Browne. 

At a meetinge of the Select men : 
24«i iQino 1055 ijcjjjg p'sent 

Mr Gardner Jeffrey Mascy 

Sergt : Porter inr Gidney 

Mr Corwine Ed : Batter 

Its Ordered that mr Corwine Jeffery Massy Mr: Gid- 
uey & Edmo : Batter : or any two of them : shall haue 
power to treat with : Robt : Morgan or any other man 
for the placing of Jn'.* Talbey for one yeare : and loft to 
their discreacous to alowe somwhat for the disposing : of 
the said Talbey : to be payd out of the towne Bate. 

Graunted to Gregory Gibbs liberty to h[aue] haife a 
acre of land ueare Clay l)rook [ ] to inclose to mak 
brick, and when the [said] Gibbs shall leaue of makinge 
brick the said land : to be left to the towne as before : 
a[nd] to be viewed : and layd out to the said Gib])s by 
Jeffrery Mascy mr Gidney & Ed : Batter or any two of 

Edmond Batter Plantiffe airainst Jn". Soutliwick l)e- 


feiulaiit aeon for a dcl)t of 24' due hy l)ook & for a bridle 
wee liud t\)v the playntitic damages 26- & Costs 

To the ataclimt and serving - 2-9 
To entry of acou 0-3-4 

: 1: : 12: 1 

Grauntcd to Edward AVliarton liberty to build a Porch 
before his doore to be apo3aited : how far it shalbe l)uilt 
out upon the towne ground l)y j\Ir Corwine & Edmond 

25-10-55 Bills graunted 

To : My : Nonce 07-00-00 

To Beui flelton ^ 05-00-00 
To .Serii Porter Tlio Putnam & C „, „_ ,,„ 

Pich Hucl.en.son { Ol-Oo-OO 

To: Will Dodge 03-17-00 

To Josiali Poots 02-00-00 

To : IMr Corwine 04-01-08 

To : uir : Gidney 05-13-00 

To Edraond Patter 05-10-06 

To INIr Gardner 00-02-00 

Att a meetinge of the Selecte men 14 : 11 : 55 

]\Ir Corwine Jefl'ery mascy 

Jacob Barney [John] Gidney 

Serg. Porter Ednio : Batter 
mr Gardner ^ 

Agred with Consta]>le Thomas Putnam to gather such 
a part of the : towne Rate as is coinited to him & do 
Autliorize him soe to doe & for his paynes wee doe alowe 
him twenty shillings. 

Benjamin Helton beeinge spoken to by the Select men 
to Gather his part of the Castle Pate : his Answer is he 
will not gather it. 

A bill granted to Georg Popes 00-07- 

To Pich Bishops bill for the highways 01-07- 

To Eel : Gaskell a bill for killinge fo'xes 0-05- 

To Ensigne Wm : Dixie 1 bill for foxes 0-(»5- 

To Mr Gidney for expences 1-14-7 

To Jno : Southwick for niakinge a l^ridge l-02-(> 

To will Cautelbury for soe nnich due to (j o-o-^-S 

him for ou' payiuge in planke I 


Att A meetingo of the Select men 
16 : ll'V" 1655 beiiige p'sent : 

Mr Corwiiie Jiio. Gidney 

Mr Gardner Eiliiio : IJat tcr 

Jellery Mascy Scrg : Porter 

Its Ordered vpon the Request of Ensigue Dixie ther 
l)ecin2:e some diference betweene : himsehic & Rich Slack- 
house aboute the bouuds of there Lotts : that mr : Co- 
nant : and Jeftery Mascy are apoynted within one moneth : 
to end that diference, beeinge payd for their paynes : 

Mr Tho : Gardner : apoynted to Ou'see the nicndingc 
of the high way by his owne house & so to the brook. 

Vpon Information of some, that pt of the Cowe comon 
l>eeing Inclosed [*by*] ncarc Capt Hawthornes house 
where wni : iHinte nowe dw^elleth : wee apoyute ]\Ir Cor- 
wine Mr Gidney & Jeifery Mascy & Ed : Batter or any 3 
of them to view it & to make returnc to the Select men 
their next meetinge. 

Sold the Ijeaffe of the townes Cowe y* remayneth to 
Mr Corwine at twenty seaucn shillings. 

Agreed w^ith Henry Cooke : that Jn" Talljy shallje his 
servant for one whole yearc : and the towne to giuide 
aparrell sueta])lc for him : and the said Cooke accord- 
inge as Talbey hath need to come to tlie townes men for 
suply : in the meane tyme to (puide to shirts & cloath to 
make him a Coat : & a cou'inge for a bed & som things 
to make a bed & the said Cooke to haue 8 bush'.' of Indian 
Cornc : y* : he is indebted to Jn? Talbey, for his care ou' : 
him, Henery Cooke 

At x^ [*Towue"*] meetinge of Select : men 
20 : 12 : 1655 beinge p'sent 

mr Tlio : Gardner Jno : Porter 

Jacob Paruey Pd : Batter 

Jetlery Ma.scy 


Its Ordered y*^ : Jeifery Mascy & Edmond Batter shall 
agree with Henry Skery or any other for the. gatherhiiic 
of part of the towne Rate. 

Satisfaction giueu to Ensign Dixie about his high way 
as apearcth in Leager 85 

At a Gen'll Towne meetinge 20"' Noubris 1G56 


Att A Gen'll Towne Meetinge : 1 1'." 1655-56 

Chossen for the Selecte men for the : yeare : followinge, 

Maioi-: Will. Hawthorne :Sei-g: Jno : Porter 

]iir TIio : Gardner Jefl'ery : Mascy 

inr: Will Browne Edmo : Butter 
mr : Corwinc 

The petticon of Will : Poole in Reference to bo an In- 
ha))itante of this towne, Answered in the Negatiue. 

The : l)elringere is to digge the granes to intorr the 
dead & to haue for his payns 18'' : p grane for digginge : 

Thomas 01 in' is Chossen for the bellringer for the year 
followinge. voted 

The Complaynts against Maio'' Hawthorne & francis 
Lawes in buildinge & taking in of towne comon : vpon 
the hearing of it, Jetfery Mascy & mr Gardner apoynted 
to view ct make returne to the next towne meetinge. 

Att A meetinge of the Select men 

13!!^ 1 : 5 [5-56] becinge p'sent 

Maior : Hawthorne Serg : Jno Porter 

nu" wni Browne Jettery : Mascy 

Mr: Gardner Edmo: Battr: 
nir : Corwine 

Graunted vnto nn- Jn" Thorndcke Joshua Roots and to 

the Rest of the q)prictors yt haue mcdow land neare : 

Reau' Pond near Richard Dodii'cs farmc That what Land 


l)y tlrayniiige the pond slialbc gained : shalbc theirs ac- 
cording as it shall joync vnto each of their qiprietys qpui- 
ded they be at equal Chardge in the worke, otherwise 
they yt beare the chardge to haue the benefit. 

Its Ordered that Maio"" Will Hawthronc nir Corwino & 
Serg Jn° : Porter : ar apoyntcd to meet Ips^vich men 
vpon the ^ day of next moneth for the pfectinge of the 
Line betweene th[em] and vs. 

Its Ordered that Serg Jn" Porter Mr Gardner Jacob 
Barney & Thomas Piitnum^ir apoyuted to Lay out high- 
way es thro : mr Jn" Endecots forme [&] others farmes 
there abouts as may l)e most conucnient for the towne & 
the Iuhal)itants theraboutes : extendin2:e to the "Teat 

Graunted vnto Nich Woodbury foure Acres of [jthe 
meadow [*at the west end*] joyning to|| the Pond neare 
Mr Blackleeches farme. 

Its Ordered that Thomas Spoon' and lvich[ard] Bishop 
ar apoynted to ||see the|| Pepayeringe of the bridge \_*& 
the Raylinge*] and other higheways in the towne. 

Hiliard Veren is apojaited to be Gager & Packer of 
Beaiie Porke Mackraell &c. 

13 : 1 55-6 

Tho : Spoon' Chossen to be Cleark of the JNIarket for 
this yeare insueinge. 

Its agreed yt : all the Cowes from the bridge & so 
downewards & one the great neck shall be kept in one 
heard, and the owners of the Cowes to pay to those 
keep? hired for yt : end : to bcgine aboute the midle of 
next moneth : & to continue till the [*end*J 20'^ of Oc- 
toly : and yt : the keepers shall take the Cowes in the 
morninge in the Pen & so deliu' them, at night : the 
keep*'' to ^ 16^ a peece 


Its Ordered yt mr Browne & mr Cor wine shall tak care 
to see the great gnns speedyly mounted & the scoole 
house Eepayred. 

The Order made aboute hoggs in year 1G53 : to be 
published this yeare. 

At a Generall Towne meeting of all the freemen 
the 20 : 2 : 5G : 
major William Ilathorne is chosen dep*f for the first 
Sessions of ye gen\^ Court. 

Att a mecti nge of the Select men 

the: 7 (3) 1056 bceing p'sent : 

Maioi" will : Hawthorne Siit Jno Porter 

nir: Will 15rowiie Edino : Bittter 

Jeffrey Mascy 

Ordered That Jefiery jMascy & Edmond Batter shall 
speedyly Remouc the Plankes of the towne yt ly now in 
North Neck to the ffort vpon winter Hand. 

Its Ord'ed That all the Gen'all Hcnces both against 
North Neck & South fficld l)e made vp accordinge to Law 
as may secure against great Cattell or Cowes & Oxen, 
wee : apoynte Phillip Cromwell : and : Ednio : Batter to 
be the view*'^ of those fences for this yeare. 

Its Ord'ed That AVilliam tiiint & Henry Scery ar 
apoynted to ou'see the fences in tow[ne.] 

The : Ord'' : about Dry C^attell Renewed 5' : p day one 
half to the informer & the other to towne. 

At a generall Towne meeting held in Salem 
ye 20'^: 4 m" : 1050 
Chosen to serue on ye Jury of Trialls ye next Countie 

Left : Tho : Lotlirop IMchanl Leach : 

mr Henry rjarthollmew Jo: Neale. 

Saiiill (/ Nicholas Potter. 


A M gen'all Towno iiioctinge held 4" : G : 1('>5(), 
William Dodge chosen to Joyne with the Select ^ to 

make the Country Rate, voted . 

Henry Skery Nathaniell Putnam and Henry Hericke 

chosen Constables for the ensuinge ycare. voted 

Chosen for the Grandiury 

Jeffery : Mascy : Sunill Ebonnio 

Ricli : Brackeubury 'JMio Watson 

Koger Iloskall S : Jiio rortei" 

Vpon the request of Giles Corey to be taken of from 

Cow keepinge : [Ansr] if he the sd Corey can q)curc 

either Dan" Rumbals |ll)oy|l or any other yt : will giue 

Henry Iveyney Content. 

4 : 6-1656 at a gen'all towne meeting 
Its Ordered that mr ||Will|! Browne shall make a foote 

Bridge at the head or near the head of forest Riuer wher 

mr Humphreys Bridge stood & mayntayne the same : for 

a coiiion foote bridge, voted 

Its Graunted that ther shalbe fourty shillings alowed 

from the towne for repayringe of Epharim Hunt : house : 

for the p'sent. 

Att a meetinge of the Select men 
4-6-1656 beeinge p'sent 

Maior William Hawthorne Ser : Jno. Porter 

Mr Corwine Edmo : Batter 

Mr Gardner 

Its Ordered that Jn" Tall)ey being comonly noted for a 
pson spendinge his tyme Idle & Vnproffitably : wee 
thinke it meet that he should be sent to the next Magis- 
trate to be Imployed accordingely (q?uided for such 
psons) . 

3 : 7 : 56 : p'sent 

"Wm Hathorne Sargt Porter 

mr Browne mr Batter 

mr Gardner Jeflry massy 



It is ordered yt mr Batter hath power to call all the 
former Coiinstables to aeeouiit & to take into his hand 
what shall be due to the towiie either by siite or other- 

Itiii that he take care to send in mr Norris wood so 
that he ma}^ not want, till further order l)e taken : 

At A Gen'all meetinge of the freemen, 111'' 8'" : 165(3. 

jNlaio^' Hawthorne Chosen Deputy the llemayn'' of the 
yeare followinge : 

Will, fflinte Chossen to asist Rich Bishop to ov'sce : & 
take Care for mendinge o*" Cayseway neare the mille. 

Att A Gen'all Towne meetinge held 20*'' Noubris 1(;5G 
Chosen lor the Jury of Trialls. 

Walter Price tlVan : Skery 

Ensiiiiie Dixie Micball Sbaffliuc 

W' illlttiinte Will Dodge voted 

llicli Bishop 

Capt Will Hawthorne mr will Browne and Edmond 
Batter Chossen to end small Causes for the yeare follow- 
inge. voted 

Att a meetinge of the Select men 
27 of Noub'' 1(I5() beinge p'sent. 

Mr Will Browne Jettery Mascy 

Mr Tho : Gardner Edmo : Batter 

Its Ordered that Mr Symon Bradstreet shall liaue finety 
Acres of vpland ground in Consideration of ten Acres of 
Meadow that should haue been layd out with the hundred 
Acres of land forufly Graunted to Jn'.' Stratton as con- 
neniently as may be for Serg. Jn'! Porter. 

At a meetinge of the Select men 
29 : Dec.bris. 1(J5G. beeing p'sent 

Mr Will Browne Mr : Tho : Gardner 

Serg : Juo : Porter Ed : Batter 

Its Ordered that Lawrence Southwicke shall haue two 


shillings p weeke for keci^iuge of Jii". Talbey till the 
towne take further Course. 

Thcr beinge due to the Cowe keep'-^ two poundcs 19! 
for what they came short of their pay"." agreed vpon : 
its Ordered that ther shalbe soe much payd them out of 
the townes Treasury for the p'sent : & the next j^eare to 
be raised vpon the towne cowes for the Repay"'' : 

At a Gen'all Towne meetingo the 16 January 1()5G 

it is agred that thear shall be Kate of 50"" : for the re- 
pairing of ye meeting house, voted. 

Its agreed : that ]Mr : Will : Browne shall haue the 
sole maneginge of the Ivcpayringe of the meetinge house 
& to haue the Rate pd to him : & to disburse it for the 
vse abouesd : & the Rate soe to be leuied that he the sd 
Mr Browne may be noe looser in the disbursmts. voted 

Its agreed that ther shalbe three shillings p weeke : 
untill the towne take further order : alowed vnto the 
widow Jackson, voted. 

Ed : Batter chosen to cary the qixies to the Shire 
Comissioners & to atcnd that bussines according to Law : 

16: 11 : 16r)6 

Helliard Veren chosen Clerke of the writts. 

Att a meetinge of the Select men 
16-11 : 56 beeinge p'sent : 

Mr AVill. Browue Mr Corwiue 

Serg Jno : Porter Jetfer}' Mascy 

Mr TIio : Gardner Eiliuo: Batter. 

vpon the Request of Lieft Tho : Lawthrope fibr some 

Recompence conceruinge Damage to him aboute the 

Country highway, its agreed : that Jetfery Mascy & jNIr 

Connant shall view and ar impowered to lay out to ^ sixe 

acres of vpland about the long Ilaiii so it be not preiudi- 

ciall to any highway or graunt of any land. 


At a meeting of y*^ Select men 
24 : 12 : 1G5G : being p'sent 

Mr Corwiu Mr INIassey 

Mr Batter Wm Browue t 

Mr Gardner 

Chosen for the Chirlc of ye marlvett for ye year insuing 
Thomas Goolthwait. 

At ye request of marke haskall Jaftrey Marsey and Mr 
Conant are desired to sett at reight the land that is in dif- 
fe ranee Ijetwen him & liiehard haines : iSc haiie power to 
Issue it. 

Memorandum that [*it*] there Avas form'ly Graunted 
to Sam^^ Corninge 20 acres of vpland neare to the land of 
Jn*' Ilardinge [*Jun*] Sen*" deceased which was forgott to 
be Kecorded its now Ordered that the said graunt be con- 

[Blank page.] 

At a generall towne meeting 

heald the 3"> : 12"' : 1G56 : 1G57 

Chosen for Select men for this yeare ensuing. 

Mr William Browne Kicliard Prince 

Mr George Corweu JellVey Massy 

flarraer Porter Walter Price J 
Jacol) Barney 

Whearas ther are greate spoyle made by cutting downe 
of the timber in the towne Coilion : [*it is*] it being 
Contrary to an order agreede vppou by a generall towne 
meeting : made in the year 1G42 it is Agreed that the 
Select men shall haue the fidl power to (psecute any delin- 
quents : that haue made a breach vp})on that Order liy 
Cutting downe the timl)er : and that the sayed order stdl 
stand in force : & that noe pson shall Cutt downe any 
timb' w"'out leaue from the Select men : Voted. 

fTlic record of this meeting is by William Browne. 

J The record of this meeting appears to be written by Walter Price. 


It is voted II and Agreed |1 by the Towiic : tluit they 
voluutaryly yeald vpp them sealues to be Hated : by 
those whome they shalle choose for the llaysing of inayii- 
tenaiice for the ministry : when need shall Reqnier. 

It is Agreed that Joshua Roots shall haue ifortty shil- 
lings p Annum for beating the Drum to the trayne l)and 
when ever they haue occation : and this to contiuew : till 
the towne see Case to the contrary. 

I Thomas Oliuer Chosen to continue his imployrat in 
Rinijino' the bell and looking to the meeting house for this 
ensuino- veare and vntill the towne take further order. 

At a towne meeting the 24*'' first m" 56-57 

mr C'orwiu llichard Prince 

Seargeaut Poi-t(?r Jefferie Massey 

mr Price 

It is Agreed that Beniamin Pawlcy shall keepe all the 
Cowe heard during the tyme of this ensuing sommer and 
to haue for his paynes the suilie of 24^ he providing a 
sufficient boy or man to assist him in the said imploymt 
during the said sommer & pay him out of the aforesaid 
24^ as alsoe forw"' to burne the woods, his paymt to l)e 
acording to former Costome viz : the first fourth pt in 
butter the second in wheate the rest in Indian he the said 
Beniamin to take Cattell "in the pen at halfe an ^ after 
sunne rising in the morning and to retorne the said herd 
halfe an hour before suiie sett his tyme to begin his ser- 
vice the 14*'' of the second mon[th] & expire the 20"' of 
of the 8*" month it is farther agreed that from the 14"^ of 
aprill aforesaid vntill the first of may next ensuing the 
said Benjamin shall haue 2^ a day to procure a man to 

t From liere till tlie meetiug of 17tb 12tli mo., 1657, the record is 
written by Jeffry Massey. 


goo alonge w"' him for the beter securing of the Cattell 
& ill case he viidertake to doe the work hiui selfe that all 
damages shall be required of him w°'' come through his 

At a meeting of the select men the 25"' of the first m" 57 

Sera;ent Porter Richard Prince 

mr Walter Price Jett'erie Massey 

Jacob Baniey 

Whoras Thomas Gouldthwite being a delinquent \)y 
felling diners timber trees vpon the towne Comon Con- 
trarie to an order made at a generall towne meting at 
Salem the 2'^ of the 3^^ mo : 1G42 we doe therefore award 
the said Thomas Gouldthwite to pay for 40 trees soe 
felled by him at 18'' p tree = 3^ and in case the said 
Gouldthwite shall refuse to pay t^e said sohie of 18'' p 
tree that then the said Gouldthwite to be further qisecutd 
l)y order of Law acording to the penaltie cxp'st in the 
order made in 42 as aforsaid. 

Isaack Estie & Richard Sibley being delinquents vpon 
the same acount for felling twentic trees A^pon the Towne 
Comon Contrarie to the order al)oue writen shall pay for 
eu'y tree 18'' or be prosecuted as aforsaid. 

John Williams & Samuell Williams for felling 12 trees 
vpon the towne Comon Coutrarie to the order formerlie 
cxp'st to pay 18'' for eu'y tree or to l)e prosecuted as 

Ordered that Maior hathorne jNIr Corwin Ijjohn Por- 
[ter] II cQ; Jelferie Massey shall meete w"' Topstild men the 
9"' 2*^ m" next to treate w"' them about the bounds of 
both the townes. 

At A meeting of y'^ freemen the 22'" : 2'^ m" 1657 
JNIaior Hathorne is Chosen for depetie for y*^ tirst ses- 
sions of y*^ generall Courte. 

1 !)!» 

At a meeting' of the select men 

the 23"' of the 2^ m" 57 p'seiit 

mv William Browue Jcfferie massey 

mr Georg Corwin John rorter 

mr Price [*Jc'fl"*] Jacob Barney 

l\ich : Prince 

Wheras there is a diflerenee l)etwixt william Cantle- 
berie & the ueighbors dwelling at the liayles al)out a 
restraint of Coiliou ffenced by the said Cantleberie to the 
prciudicc of the neibors aforsaid it is therefore ordered 
that dificrences shall be viewed by mr Georg Corwin & 
Jetferie Massey and they to make report whatt the ditier- 
ences are [*& report the same*] to the select men at 
their next meeting. 

Samuell xVrchard & Nathaneell Pickman haiie vnder- 
taken betwixt ^ and th^next Court to make the stockes 
sufiicientlie and to sett vp the whiping post and to be paid 
by mr Corwin when the worke is done. 

INIr Price is apoynted to see the worke al>out the greatc 
guns to be speeclillic done as alsoe to gett them mounted. 

[*It is ordered that all fences w"'in the limits of Salem 
shall be made sufficient betwixt this and the first of the 
third month next vpon the penaltie of 2* 6'^ for euerie rod 
that shall be defectiue Hone weeke|| after the said day 
prefixt & 5^ for euerie rod yt shall be defectiue for euerie 
W'Ceke afterwards ; & it is further ordered that theise 
psons hereafter exprest shall be ouerseers of the said 
tfences in the seuerall precincts as followeth*] 

Its ordered that the order made the 20"' 12 m'' : 53 
about fences shall Ije in force for this present yeare and 
for surveyers we apoint 

for the south field fences William fiiint & Richard 

for the north field J\Ir Thomas Gardner & John Porter. 


fi-oin mr William Bro[wnse] to the bridg mv Batter & 

John Nayle 

from mr Brownes to the neck & soe to the fterie 
Tliomas Roots & Daniell RiimboU 

Its ordered that the meeting of the select men shall 
henceforth be the second Monda}^ in enerie month and to 
meete at [9] a Clock in the morning 

At a meeting of the select men 
the 11"' of the 3'' m." : 57 p'sent 

mr Browue Jacob Barney 

mr Corwin IJichard Prince 

John Porter Jett'crie Massey 

Grannted to Thomas Rol)ins the thirtie Acres former- 
[lie] grannted to his [predesesor] Thomas west & to 
l)e bounded betwixt Elias niaso»s 40 acres & Osbone 
Traskes his 30 acres neare Rise Edwards his land. 

Delinered to mr Corwin l)y eletierie massey & henerie 
Skerie Constables the 3 barrells of towne ponder w*^'' 
latelie stood in the litle house oner the deacons seller 

At a meeting of the select men the <S"' of the 4"' m" : 57 

mr Corwin Eicliard Prince 

Sergeant Porter Jetlerie Massie 

Jacob Barney mr Price 

John Stone debtor to the towne vpon acount of rates 
7^ 7'^ 9 J to l)e paid I)}' the last of September next. 

Ordered that John Porter and Thomas Putnam'^hall 
forthw"' make such repayre of a highway leading from 
mr John Endicots his farme to goodman huchissons house 
as in their discressions the}^ shall Judg meete & to be 
paid by the towne* 

Its agreed that the way through Daniell Ray his 10 
acre lot in the North Neck 1)e exactelie bounded l)y Jef- 
ferie Massey & tirances Skerie betwixt this and the last 
of this month. 


Its agreed that Joliii Porter Jaco]) Barney & Jetleric 
Massey liaiie herby full power and authoritie to heare and 
determyne a Certaine Dillerencc depending- betwixt AVil- 
liani King John BatchcUor Nieholas heaward &c. on the 
one ptie & Ensigne Dixey elosia Roots & Samuell Corning 
on the oth[er] ptie concerning a drift way from the head 
of bass riuer into lioyalls neck & the pties are hereby 
required to meete together at the house of William Kings 
the 16"' of thiij p'sent month w*"' will be on the third day 
Come seavenight at 8 a clock in the morning. 

ffor ordering the seats in the meetino- house to continue 
during the townes pleasure. 

Impr. it is agreed that rar william Browne & mr Georg 
Corwin shall l)e seated w"' Maior hathorne in that w*^'' is 
Called the magistrate seate. 

that [*mrs Price*] the seate of mrs Endicot being en- 
largd we agree that mrs hathorne & mrs Corwin shalbe 
there seated. 

that nn"s Price sister Elizabeth Browne the wife of 
John Browne & sister Grafton & the wife of Sergent 
Porter, we agree thev shalbe seated in the second seate 
where Mrs hathorne & JNIrs Corwin latelie sate. 

that Sargent hale his wife & [*the*] tirances Skerie 
his wife are to sitt in the seates of mrs Price & sister 

that mrs Norris shall be seated w"* mrs Browne. 

that sister Prince to be seated where Sergent Porters 
his wife latelie sate 

that Sergent Porter shall sitt in the seate w"' Capt 

It is ordered that if any inhabitant w^'in this Juris- 
dicon of Salem shall at any time after the date here of 
receiue or take in any fforayner vpon any pretence what- 



vsocu'' w*''oiit aprol)fition of the select men sliall pay for 
ciierie weekes Continuance twentie shillings p weeke. 

This order was Consented to att the generall towiie 
meeting w'^'' was the 20"' of the 4"' m'' 57 

I At A II generall II towne meeting 

held the 20"' of the 4"' mo : 1G57 

Chosen for Jury of tryalls : for this next sestion. 

mv Joliu Browne John Millard 

mr Tlio : Gardner John Kaymond 

Thomas : Heale William Gonlt. 
Joseph Boyce 

Chosen for the 8"' man to Joyne w"' the select men for 
this yeare : nn- Tho : Lawthrop. 

James Rising is Rec. an Inhabitant Into this towne. 

Granted to Thomas Heale a small portion of ground : 
by the water side for his trade : not exceeding two : 
poule & a halfe ||sqnare|| and to be layed out by the 
discrstion : of John Neale and francis Scery : soe it may 
not be to the prediudise of the hiewayes : 
[Blank iiage.] 

At a meeting of the select men the 13"' of the 5"' m" : 57 

mr Browne Jacob Barney 

nir t'orwin Kichard I'rince 

mr Price Jetierie Massey. 
John Porter 

tfor this yeare the Cowkecp is* to be paid after the rate 
of 4^^ p head. 

It is agreed that wheras widow Jackson by consent of 
the towne hath alowed her for her maynetenance 3" p 
weeke pt being paid & some remayning due to her that 
what is due or may grow due to her shall be paid c^ dis- 
burst by nu" William Browne mr Corwin & John Porter 
II & mr Price II the said John Porter to send in his Corne 
or other Comodities to the house of nn- Price where she 
may receiue the [*same*] the other 3'' pt. 

fThe record of this meeting is l>y Walter Price. 


At a meeting of the select men the 10*'' G"' m" 1(557 

mr Corwin Richard Prince 

mr Price John Porter 

Jacob Barney Jeflorie Massey 

Whereas mr Corwiu vpoii the request of the select men 
for the acomodating- of mr Whitiug did vndertake to pro- 
cure the now dwelling house of John Millerd w"'' he 
haueing effected & doth engage himselfc to p;iy vnto the 
said John Miller the suiiie of fiftie pounds vpon demand 
the condicon betwixt mr Corwin & the select men is that 
he the said mr Corwin if the town acept of the said 
house for the vse aflbrsd that he is willing to take his 
paymt out of the next towne rate prouided it be paid in 
the like species as he receaues for goods sould to other 
men & vpon the same prises Indian Corne excepted. 

t The 22"' of the G»' mo : 1657. 
At a ji'enerall Towne meeting tliere are Chosen for 
Constables for this Yeare Ensuing, 
James Vnderwood : for the towne 
Roger Haskall for Cape Ann Syde 
Nathaniell flelton for the lotts & farmes. 

Chosen for the Grand Jury for this ycavc ensuing 

mr Geo : Corwen George Norton 

Jolin Symonds Sam : Corning 

mr John Kuck William Kinge 

Chosen for an Eight man to Joyne w"' the select men 
for the making of the Rates mr Henery Bartholemew 

The Towne haue Consented and Voted : that mr Cor- 
win shalbe payed owt of the next Rate the some of ffiftie 
pounds towards the house he bought of John JNIillerd for 
a minister : according to the contract ])etwixt mr Corwen 
& the select men. 

fTlie record of this meeting is written by AValter Price. 


Voted to A towne Rate as followcth 

£ s a 

for the meeting house 50 : 00 : 00 

for a house for a minister 50 : 00 : 00 

for iiir Noris his wood 07 : 00 : 00 

for Kinging the bell 05 : 00 : 00 

for the Drumer 02 : nO : 00 

for a new l)ell & hanging IS : 00 : 00 

for the poore & mr Gidnej^ 25 : 00 : 00 

for prouigou for mr Whyting 20 : 00 : 00 


It is Voted and agreed by the towne y' the select men 
shalle take Care to q>iiide such nessessai-ies for entertayn- 
meiit of uir Whyting : vntill he resohies to stay w"^ a"s : 
or the towne shall take further, order. 

It is Voted that mr Geo : Corwin : and Jacob Barney 
are to apeare at Ipswedg CVnirt to Inform the Court of 
the Condition of John Talbc : and to aduise al)out his 
1)cing putt in the house of corection at Ipswedg. 

Tho : Gouldthayt having pettitioned for the Rcmiting 
of his fyne for Cutting downe of the timl^er in the towne 
Comon : it is Reliered : vntell there be a fuller Towne 

At a meeting of the select men the 14*'' of tlie 7"' m" 57 

mr Corwin Jefierie Massey 

John Porter liich : Prince 

Jacob 15arney 

It is ordered b}" the select men that mr Coiiant tS^ mr 
Gardner be intreated to l)Ound out <S() acres of Land 
formcrlie graunted & bounded to mr Garford in some 
convenient tyme betwixt this & the last of the 8*^ m" : 
next they being paid for their paynes. 

It is ordered for the setling of a high way betwixt 
Salem & Reding that [*williain tHint*] || John Porter || & 
Nathaneel Putman be intreated to mecte m"' some of the 
inhaljitants of Reding in some convenient tyme betwixt 


tliis ct the last of this p'scnt month ^Sc liauc poAvcr giucii 
them to setle & conhrme the said way. 

Wheras there is a dillerence l)et\vixt AVilliaiii King & 
other neighbors & Rodger haskell about a high Avay to 
the mill & meeting house it is ordered that Jacob Barney 
& Jefferie jNIassey shall view the said way and make 
retorne thereof to the select men at their n[ext] meeting 
warning the plaintiff'e & deffents to meete wth the said 
Jacob Barney & Jetierie Massey tlu; last day of this 
instant month at the JNIill by uiene of the Clock the same 

At a meeting of the select men the 22"' 7 ml 57 

mr Corwiii John Porter 

nir Price Jetierie Massey 

It is ordered that maior Hathorne mr Corwin & Jacob 

Barney are entreated to meete wth some of the inhal)- 

itants of Topsfild to treate w*'' them about the bounding 

of theire seuerall townes & soe fl'ar as in theire wisdomes 

they II see meete || are to Issue the same. 

At a mcetin2: of the select men the 12"' of the 8"' m" : 57 

mr Browne nir Price 

uir Corwin lUchard Prince 

Joliu Porter Jetierie Massey 

A bill came to hand to make a rate for the Colcdg for 

5^ G^ bearing date the ID"' 7 m*^ 57 : 

alsoe a bill for the Countie 07 15 00 

alsoe a bill from maior hathorne 02 : 09 : [ ] 

a bill from Tho : Barnes [10] 17 [ ] 

^ pt of a single Country Rate 13-5 [ J 

the Deputys Chardges 03 

At a meeting of the select men the 9"' of the U"' m" : 57 

mr Browne Jacob Barney 

Jolin Porter Jetierie Massey 

Ordered that the ditference betwixt John Porter & 

20 (J 

John Piittnain about a high way oner mr Sharpcs hill 
shall be determined by Captaine Traske soniet^aue Ije- 
twixt this and the last day of this month. 

Ordered a towne meeting to be the last day come — 
seavenight to be warned by goodman Oliuer. 

f agreed with Joseph Miles for keepinge of [*90*] 
Cowes for [*18^*] ||4! 6" p Cow|| to take them in the 
lane by the Gou'nors house in the morninge at one houre 
l)y sun & to deliu"" y™ in the same place ^ houre bef. sun 
goe down for paymt. in kind as the Custom bef(jre tyms 

Ordered that Samuell Archard shall take out an 
ataeh'V' against John Stone Sen^". in action of de))t of 7^ 
7- O'* being the balance of an acount due to the towne 
since the tyme of his Constableship at the Complaint of 
the select men on the behalfe of the towne. mr Browne 
mr Corwin & mr Price or any one of tliem to prosecute 
the said iStone. 

Ordered that Urances Skerie doe forthw"' remoue his 
fl'ence that is ncare John Luffes to the enlargmt. of the 
Countrie way one pole into his ground as he the said 
Skerie will answere all damages that may Come to the 
towne through his neglect. 

At a generall towne meeting the 18 0"' m" 57 
Chosen for Jurie of trialls 

mr Couant liobert Leinou 

mr Price John Putraan .' 

Samuel Gardner William Dodge 

Voted that onld goodie Neves shall haue releafe from 
the towne c*t the suilie & ordering of it refi'erd to the 
select men w°'' hy the agremt of the select men is 5"^ Itbr 
this ensuing yeare. 

I Agreed with Joseph Miles to keep the towne Cowes 

t These paragraphs are both in the handwriting of Edmond Batter, 
and are entered on pages that had been left ))lank. 


this siiilicr 1659 viclz. to k(>epc them to the 20"' of Octo- 
ber next tit 416'^ p head only for Cowes, to l)e paytl in 
butter & wheat & Indian Corne as in former yeares : to 
giuide helpe himself to begin ^ of may & to be ehardged 
vppon the psons that hane Cowes to be kept, 

Jeflerj^ Mascy Cowes 4 Eioli liaymt 2 

H. Skew 3 Eobt. Gray 1 

Kich. Bishop 1 X. Waller 1 

Juo. Synions 2 Tho. Cole & mr Price 4 

Samll Archard 1 Job Helyard 1 

George lioops 2 ]{iunl)ull 2 

Nath Pickmaa 3 Tho Barnes 2 

H. Veren 2 flr. Nurce 

At a meeting of tho select men the 20"' of the 0"' m" : 57 

mr Browne Jacob Barney 

nir Corwine Richard Prince 

John Porter Jefleric Massey 

It is ordered that that way from the meeting house on 
Cape an syde to Lawrence Leach his mill shall be directlic 
in the Couutrie way to Edmund grovers and from thence 
to the way lying betwixt the said grouers land & the land 
of Osmau Traske & Soe forward throngh the Land of 
henerie hericke. 

Itm, it is further ordered that Avheras some of the 
neighbors on Cape an s^'de doe desyre a way from the 
said meeting house to the mill through the proprieties of 
Roger ^ & others that thayre desyres are graunted pro- 
vided that before they shall make any Claym thervnto 
there shall be paid vnto the said Rodger Haskells & the 
rest of the proprieters full satisfaction as 2 men Chosen 
by the select men shall apoint the said way not exceeding 
4 [*poalc*] tibote in any pt of it and to be made and 
mentayned by those that make vse therof. 
[Blank page.] 

The 24"' 9"' m" : 57 
John Stone seni'! debtor to tho towne vpon the l)allance 
of acount 7^ 7*" 9'^ besyds the Charges of an atchmt. doe 


liercl)y promis to pay the foresaid some betwixt this and 
the 24"' day of the 10"' m'^ next prouided that what he 
said John Stone hath ah-cadic paid be deducted and wliat 
is vnpaid by pticuler psons being tendred shall be like- 
wise taken of if acepted either l)y mr Corwin mr Browne 
or mr Price 

witness John Stone 

Jeffekie Massey 

Richard Piiince 

lleced by mr Corwin OG 10 00 

Remitted to John Stone 01 00 00 

At a meeting of the select 11 1157 

mr Browne Jacob Barney 

mr Corwin Jiiciuird Prince 

John Porter Jetterie Ma.ssey 
mr Price 

Nathaneel Putnam acounting w"' the towne in refler 
ence to his Constableship the towne was debitor vpon the 
ballanee [*one pound sixteene shillings for w''''*] 10® 
there was deliu'ed him a l)ill he engaging to pay to these 
psons herafter exprest for work they did at the bridg viz. 

to Edward Beachani 10 
to Thomas Brockett 
to John Small 
to Heu : Traske 
to Edward Gaskell 
to Captaine Traske 
to John Pease 
John flbstor 

[Blank page.] 

It is agreed with Ilenery Ilereck that he is to keep 

Richard Lambarts Daughter from y" lirst of y^ 10"' m*' 

1()57 to the tirst of the 2'^ m'' 1658 and he is to haue 

allowed him in C'lothes & othes waies the Jnst Snme of 

Jiue pownd A year:: pd him 5=^: 1<? : 3'': rest to him 

this 4"' 2 mo: lG5i) IT^'-l''. acounted with Hen. Ilerik 

for keepinge of Lamberts daughter pd him the foil, p 

Roger Haske'1-2'^-3-1'^' & remayn'" p Ed. Batter the whole 

is:^2M0^[ ] 










Wliems William Sergeant luith latelie remoued liim- 
selfe and fainillie to this towne vnder p'teiice of some 
worke lie hath taken to doe and by the select men not 
aproned of to be an inhabitant amongst vs therefore the 
said Sergeant being reqnired eitlier to dej)t or secnre the 
towne by some suflicient man, he the said Sergent did 
prodnce henerie herick''whoe doth promis that he the said 
Sargent his wife and children shall not any of them by 
any meanes be Chargable to the said towne. [*Vpon 
aconnt w"' henerie herickc-we lind him dettor to the 
Countrie 16^ 3'*.*] 

Henerie Skerie l)eing de])ter Cf G'^ he the said Skeric 
l)ronght a note from mr Batter of whomc the towne is to 
receiue of 

[Blank page.] 

At A meeting of y*^ Selecto men 8"> : 12 m"- 1(357 

mr Corwin Jacob Barney 

Sert Porter Eichard rrince 

nir Price William Browne f 
mr Massey 

Granted vnto Roljart Lemon in Consideration of A 
Coutrie way laid onte through his 5 akre lott & a fott 
l)ath through it thear is granted vnto him 30 akers of 
land to be laid oute to him at Cape ann Side next the sea 
near that which was william Balies Lott : 

Maior hathorne & mr Price are desyred to view a dif- 
ference betwixt Robert Leman and mathew nickson in 
reference to a Certayne ffence w°'' is betwixt them & haue 
power to determine the said dilierence acording to lawe. 

mr Corwin Creditor from the towne 

Vpon all acounts the sume of 07 10 00 

paid by John Stone latelie Constable the sume of OG 10 00 
Kest due to mr Corwin 01 00 00 

fThe first part of the record of this meeting is w'ritteu by WiHiaia 



f At a Genorall Towiie Meeting of the Inhabitants of 
Salem the 17 : 12"m° 1657 
Voted that there should l)e but hue Select men for the 
ordering of Towne affaires for the yeare ensuing : 

Chosen ffor the select men 

Maior Wm : Hathorne nir : Edm : Batter 

nil" Eo<ir : Conant _ Jos : Boice 

Left : Tho : Lothropp 

Its agreed that the Elders mayntcnance shalbc Indeau- 
oured to be raised by sul)scribcon. voted. 

Its agreed yt mr Norice shall liaue eighty pounds & nir 
Whitinge seauenty pounds the yeare ensuing & ther wood 
from the towne besides, voted. 

Maior Hathorne & Edmond Batter for the pt of the 
towne from the l)ridge downewards to Mordechai Creuet, 
Serg. Porter & Thomas Putname*^or the ffarmes, Tho : 
Antrum & Serg. Stileman for the ten Acre lots & from 
the bridge to michell Shaflins house are apoynted to take 
care for the subscribcon Ijfor ministers nia^'ntenanccH & 
to pfect it ])etwecn this & the next towne meeting & then 
to bring it to the meeting, voted. 

Its ordered that Mrs Sharpe shall haue ten pounds 
giuen her for her Relcafe out of the towne rate : for the 
3^eare ensuing, voted. 

Maior Hauthron Leift : Lawthrope &, Edmond Batter 
are Authorized to [*take*] Audite the acompts of the 
Selecte men the last yeare : & what elce is to be acompted 
for the towne use. voted. 

Att a meetingc of the Select men 
24: 12: 1057 being p'sent 

Maior Hauthorne Joseph Boyse 

Iveut Lawtliope Ed : Batter 

nir Couiiaut 

t The rest of the Book of Eecords is written by Edmond Batter. 


Its Ordered that all fences within the towue of Salem 
& the Limits of the same (except those farmes excepted 
by law) he sufficiently rcpayred accordinge as shall 
be thought sufficient by the surueiors : thcrunto to be 
apoyuted for securinge of all such fields against great 
Cattell : and that all swine aboue the affe of three 
moneths be all well and sufficiently Ringed by the latter 
end of the first [*moneth*] weeke the next moncth : as 
also to be all yoked by the first day of third moneth next 
ensuinge vpon the penalty of twelue pence p weeke for 
eu'y swine not Ringed and Yoked accordinge to tliis 
Ord'" : & thus to Continue till ther be further Order 

Salem Dr 1657 

To what was agreed by the towne to be raised flbr ) ,„„ ^^ ^^ 

seu'all paymts 5 ' 

To what is the towne part for the Coledge 005 06 00 

To the County 007 15 00 

To the Deputyes expences 005 09 00 

To i part of Country Hate to be aded 013 05 00 

208 15 00 


rest to Ball : 

35 11 07 

To Mr Gidney 

To mr Browne 

To seu'all Bills graunted 

To what is added as abouesd 

001 08 00 
003 03 00 
189 13 04 
031 15 00 

225 19 04 

Rest to Ball is 

To wt was Charged vpon Constable Feltons Rate & ) 
also vpon James Vnd'woods > 

To wt was Charged twice vpon James vnd'woods & } 
John Marshs Rate 3 

To a [*Bill of [Turners] of Boston forgot*] 

To James vnd'woods ou'charged 

To seu'all disbursrats by Ed. Batter 

[*To wt mr Corwin has pd per bills 

029 13 -G 

00 12 08 
00 16 00 

03 18 07 
23 12 00 
05 02 00"^] 

28 19 03 


Salem p Contra Cr : 1G57 

Per the Towne Eate 244 06 07 

Rest to Ball 035 11 07 

Per Mr Corwiiic what he oweth 005 02 00 

Tho : Gouklthaight for his flue 003 00 00 

Isaac Easty } ^^, ,„ „„ 

■^,. 1 o-i 1 1" 001 10 00 

Kich Sil)lv 3 

Jiio. Vv'ilfiams aud SaniU Williams 000 IS 00 

Henry Ilerick 000 IG 03 

40 17 10 

^iio Piitiiaiue &c 

p Contra ( ^i-eclit 

Per towiie Rate 244 06 07 

other debts as aboucsd Oil 06 03 

255 12 10 

Rest to Rail is 29£ 13s 6d 

Per wt is Rec. per Tho Gouklthaight <>3 00 00 

Rich Sibly " no 15 on 

Juo Williiuus & Sauill oo is oO 

I fliude in the towncs Leaji'er pa,a:e 70: tliat Maior^ 

Will llauthorne haue in his hands 4£ dd to him lor the V 04 00 00 

townes vse Anno 20th of marcli 1047 ) 

Ther is moreov' due to the towue from Ralpli Ehvood 03 00 00 

Att a Gcncrall Townc meetinge the <S"> of Vl' 1(157-8 

vpon a Request of Topstield men al)out setling of the 
Line 1)etweene them and vs, Its Ordered that ]\Iaior Will 
Hanthorn [*shall*] is apo_ynted to ['"treat of the Avith*] 
||mone|| the Gen'all Court to giue the sence of the seu'all 
Grants of the Bounds of the seu'all townes of Salem & 
Topstield. voted. 

:\laior Will Hauthorn & ||mr|| Will Browne & Edmo : 
Batter are Chosen Comissioners for small Causes the 
yeare enstiinge. voted. 

Edmo : ]>atter Chosen & apoynted to meet with the 
County Comission''* for the Caring of the voats. voted. 

Its ao-reed that the select men in Ijeeinge shall haue full 
power to act in all prudeutiall Matters of the towne of 


Salem as form'ly vntill tlie townc take further order, 

Its agreed that Jii" Gidne}^ shall haue the Lane that is 
between his fields iii ^ neck as yon ^ downe to Ipswich- 
ward : payiuge to the towne forty shillings ^nided there 
be a foot way thro those fieldes. voted. 

Its Ordered vpon a llequest of James Patch about the 
[exchange] of some land [on] Cape Ann Side is refered 
to mr Connant & Saml Corninge to view it t^ to make re- 
port to the towne the next Gen'all towne mcctinge. voted. 

Its Ordered yt Mr Connant & Samll Corninge are 
apoynted to Lay out Ensigne Dixies land in Cape Ann 
Side according to his graunt 

22 (1:) 57-8 

Att a mcetinge of the Select men beeinge p'sent Maior 
Will Hauthorne Leift Lawthrop and Edmo : Batter, 
Joseph Boyes : Mr : Roger Conant 

Serg : Tho : Hale is apoynted to be Clark of the INIar- 
ket for the ensuinge yeare : 

Agreed with Beniamin Pauly to keep the Convcs for 
the Towne of Salem the yeare ensuinge accord) nge to the 
last years agreement : beegining vpon the 12"' of the 
second moneth : and to end accordinge to the last yeare. 

Agreed that INIr. Jn" : Gardner Will iHint and Henry 
Skery : shall be disiered to Joyne with Liu men to goe a 
pambulacon beii'ining at the sea & soe to the o-reat Pond 
by the Road towards Lin [*togcther*] as also Thomas 
Putnamc and Joseph Pope and Jn" Putnamd^ from the 
pond to the seauen mens bounds & so on : : vpon the 15 
day of second Moneth next ensuinge which will be tlie 5 
day of the weeke. 

Suruerors apoynted to to : suruey the seu'all fences 
accordinge to Law aboute the Lymits of the same 


Imp'' : for Cape Ann Side for the Geii'all field from the 
base Riu' to Mackrell Coue : Roger : Hoscall & Jn" Ray- 
meut : & Joseph Harris togeather with all other fences 
one Riols Side or elce were belonging to Cape Ann Side : 
that are to be viewed according to Law : by the 17 : day 
of April next. 

22: 1 57-8 

Snrneio'- from mr Will Brownes to the bridge Rich 
Bishop & Jn" Neale : from mr Will Brownes to ]\Ior- 
dechai Crenats Jeffery : Massey & Daniell Ruml)nll 

for the Southlield Sam" Archard & Rich Adams for the 
Northneck and the glassehonse fences and the Lotts from 
Tho Gouldthaites to Michell Shafflins Mr Tho. Gardner 
& Sam" Ebonrne. Its agreed that the fore seat in the 
Sonth Gallery shall be set apt, for these persons to be 
seated in, vidz : 

Alex : Seeres [*Josepli Graftou Jur*] 

Tbo : Biirucs SaiiiU Porter -^ 

Job : Heliard Tho : Sallowes 

l^icli Leech Andrew Woodbury 

I\ich Adams Arthur Kippen 

Mordechai Crauat Tho : Kobbins 
Will Trask 

Helliarcl Veren being form'ly Chossen Gierke of the 
writs is now to lie p'sented to the Court next houlden at 
Ipswich to be conformed. 

At a Gen'all towne meetinge of the inhabitants of 
Salem 26-2-1658. 
Its Ordered that accordinge to the desire of Topsfield 
men that two men should be apoynted with full power to 
ao-itate and aoree : of o'selues : with them in the Matter 
in difference between vs & them : and haue therfor made 
Choise of Maior Will Ilauthorne & mr Henry Barthol- 
omew : accordingly to haue full power to agitate & 
ao-ree with them : & to Conclude, voted 


Its Ordered that all those psoiis that will not subscribe 
nor Contribut towards the ISIayntenance of the ministry 
shalbe rated & the select men to rate ym. voted. 

Its Ordered that the Select men shall take Care of 
[*Sister Chister*] will Chichesters family till the next 
Gen'all Towne meeting, voted. 

Lawr : Southwickes bussines about pay"'*^ for Jn*^ Tal- 
bey is refered to the Select men to make pay'"*^ to him 
according to what they shall find in equity to be due to 
him. voted. 

Surueio''® apoyntcd for highe wayes Cape An Side. Will 
Dixe & Jeames Patch, voted. 

Surueio'** apoynted for the towne highewayes Jn" Neale 
will fflint & to Strong Avater brooke and at Tho Jamess & 
at jNIr Gardners for the yeare ensuing, voted. 

Suruei''"'' for the bridges about the Gou'nors ftirm arc 
Jacob Barne and Tho. Putnam 

Its agred that two Deputys shall be chosen for the next 
Gen'all Court & if Maj'; Hauthorne should be sent as one 
&, chossen afterwards Magestr[ate] then the other to 
serue alone : 

2G: 2: 58 

Chosen for Deputys Mai'" : Will Hauthorne & mr Hen. 

Mr Bartholmew Chosen Deputy doth accpt of it for the 
first Sessions. 

Mr Corwine haue Ingaged to satisfie the Treasurer the 
Eemaynd'' : of the Eate that is behind of 56 : & Mai"" : 
Ilauthrone & Edmond Batter in the behalfe of the towne 
haue ^omised to satisfie Mr Corwine the same value 

Lawrence Southwicke by an agreem* of ]Maio'" Hau- 
throne Joseph Boyse & Ed. Batter is to haue twenty shil- 


liiiiis for kcepinge of Jn': Talbey & IT"* : for other things 
hiyd out a])()ut him. 

At a Gon'all towiie mcotinge held 20"' : 4 : 58 
Chosson for Jmy for Tryalls 

Mr Rich More Daiiid Corwithen , 

Jno : Garduer Robt Gray 

Jacob Barney Heii : Skery 
Tlio : Garduer seiir. 

Vppon Information of scifall Incroachments by ^V^^ 

Lord sen'' & seu'all other men vppon the townes Cohions : 

by the liemouing of ther fences : Its ordered that the 

select men shall Inqnire into all the defaults of that kind 

t^ reforme it 1)}^ pullinge downe the fence or otherwise as 

they shall see meet, voted. 

Att a meetinge of the Select men 30^' S^'' 1658 

beeinge p'sent : Mai'" : Will Hanthorne Joseph Boyse 
& Edmond Batter : Its Ordered that the Constal)les shall 
pa}' the Hates for y jMayntenaiice of the Msty to : Ednio : 
Batter : & he to be accomptable to the towne for it. 

Its ordered that ther shalbe a towne meetinge warned 
vpon the next lecture da}' for the towne to meet vpon the 
fourth day following for the chusinge of a man to Joyne 
with the Select men to make the Country rate c'i for the 
towne to ])ringe in their estates in order to the rate : c^ 
wt elce shall p'sent : as the makinge of a towne rate &, 
to consider about tlie sending away of Alice Chichester. 

Its ordered that ]Mai'" : Will Ilauthorne mr Connant & 
Edmond Batter are desired to end the diference between 
Jno. Bachelor & Al)raham Warren aljout the way in 
diference : vpon the second day of the Aveeke beinge the 
10"' : of August next. 

Accordingly the psons abouenamed did attend the 
bussynes & brought it to this Isue : that the way for drift 
of Cattell for the vse of Aljraham Warren from his house 


&c : to the. Comoii through the ground of Jn° liacliclour 
to the Comon shall be about two Roads wide accordinge 
as it is now bounded the great Roeke on the North to bo 
the vper side of the way & the breadth downewards 
towards the house of Jn° Bachclour : & Abraham Warren 
to make crosse fence from the broock to the Hckl fence & 
a gate in it for passage of the sd l>achch)urs Cattell from 
one pt of the ground to the other, t.^ furthermore wee the 
abouesaid apoynted by the towne : for the setlingc of the 
bouudes between the abouesd ptys Order as foUoweth 
that after three yeares tyme after the day of the date 
hearof Abraham Warren is to rcmoue his ticld fence 
which standeth now bowiuge into the s^round of Jno. 
Bachelour & set it straight from a post marked with a 
W neare the well & from thence to run straight to the 
ashe tree that standeth without the fence in a litle peec 
of ^leadow, abouc the Avay now layd out by vs for the 
vse of Abraham Warren. 

Att A Gen'all Towne meetingc held 18*^> G"?'' 1G58 
Chosen for the Graniur}^ 

Ser : Porter Nick : Potter 

Tho : Putname ^ Jno : Kitchin 

Will : Dodge Edmo : Batter voted. 

mr : Henry Bartholmew Chosen to ioyne with the Se- 
lect men to make Countrye Rates c^ towne Rates c^ Jacob 
Barney to ioyne to make the towne Rats, voted. 

Pliill Cromwell ^ 

Kich Hucheuson > Constables, voted. 

Samll : Coruinge ) 

Its ordered that the wife of William : Chichcsters shall 
haue J Bush*' of Indian Corne p weeke for releafe of her 
& family till towne take further order : voted. 

Its ordered that pt of the house that Mr : whittinge 
dwelleth in shall be made [tight] either l)y shingling or 


wt : elcG may be thought meet with wt : speed it may be. 

Its orderd that the select men sliall dispose of Alice 
Chichester accordinge to their discretion in poynt of 
chardge. voted, 

Att a meetinge of the Select men 

23 : 0-58 : bcinge p'sent 

jSlai'" Will Hauthorne : Joseph Boyse & Ed : Hatter 

Accordinge to a law made p the towne of Salem 2:3: 

42 wee find that iiVancis Nurce & Rich Sibly hatic without 

leaue of the Select men taken two trees out of the towne 

Common : for the w*^'^ they are fined 20* p tree, rcmited. 

Att a meetinge of Select men 31"' : (!"' : 58 
being p'sent Mai^' Willam Hauthorne ]Mr Eoger Con- 
nant Leift Lawthrope Edmond Batter c*c Joseph Bo3'se 

Too'cther with mr jMoses Mau'ick in the ))ehalfe of the 
towne of ]Marl>lhead. 

Wheras at the same p'sent before tlie psons as abouesd 
Eddward Harnet Tajdor beeinge now to remoue out of 
the towne, for in the Consideracon that he the sd Harnet 
haueing been at Chardge of keepinge of Alice Chichester 
II & her child II since o'' Court at Salem last [Jun] 30 : 58 
& for the securinge of Salem & Marblhead for eu' from 
any further Chardge of the sd child wee doe hear l)y giue 
eight pounds sterlinge to the said Harnet, and tor the 
further securing of the townes he the said Harnet doth 
])ind himselue heires executors Admistrators firmly by 
these p'sents [*as Avitncs his hand*] in a l)ond of six- 
teene pounds for the true pformance of the same. 

EinvAUD Hai;nett 

Its Ordered and agreed l\y the Select men of Salem 
toii'eather with the Select men of marblhead that Jere- 


miali, the son of Alice Chichester shalbe and is hc^irliy 
bound to Edward Haruet Taylor as an aprentice vntill the 
age of twenty one years beeing now about 3 moncths old : 

Att a Gen'all Townc meetiuiic 21 : 9-58 
Chossen for Jm-y of Tr3'alls 

Mr Price Geor|? Gardner 

Kick Prince Eil : Woolen 

Serg Tho : Hale ► Natli : Putname>^ 

[*Samll*] Nath : Pickniau Juo Gardner 

The seii'all pticulars for a townc Rate for y'' year ensuing. 

ffor mr Whitings house 13-00-00 

flbr Kepaverinii' of high ways 17-10-00 

flbr Elders wood ' 20-00-00 

X flbr mrs : Sharpe 07-10-00 

flbr Alice Chichester's sending away 07-00-00 

flbr the Drumer ' 02-00-00 

flbr the mending of meeting house 00-12-00 

flbr the bel ringer 05-00-00 

AVid. Dense 08-00-00 

80-1 2-00 

X To Dauid Thomas 05-00-00 

To The Chardges of Deputys 11-00-00 

voted 9G-12-00 

To be paid in kind & price according to 
ordr of Country Hate. 

Its Ordered that the house & ground that mr Whittinge 
liueth in be now giuen to him & his heires for eu' qDvided 
lie line in towne three yeares ||morc|j after this, voted. 

llraucis Nurce lined twenty shillings for his abusiue 
Cariage in the towne meeting, voted. 


Its ordered that were wood is cutt vjion the towne 
Common for the townes use ||for firing || that those that 
cutt wood should cutt all trees as they goe except timber 
trees vpou payne & penalty of ten shillings for cu'y 
offence the one halfe to the Informer & the other to the 
towne. voted. 

Its Ordered that JNIai"" Will Hauthorn haue Graunted to 



him : the townes Eight & priiielcges in the Phinters 
Marsh, voted 

Graunted to Mai'' Will Ilaiithorne a pcell of ground 
near iiish brook to straytne his fence to y*^ valew of 
tiuetene or 20 acres of land & ni'' Walter Price & Ed- 
niond liatter are apo3aited to lay it out. votetl. 

Its Ordered that that Comon || ground || lyinge between 
Tho : James & Eob Moultons farmes shalbe layed out to 
those of o^ neiboiu'S that haue land form'ly Graunted. 

Jn*^ Patch Chossen Surveiour Cape Aun Sid in the 
lloom of his r)rother. 

Att a meetiuge of Select men 27*'' 9 mo. 1658 

beeinge p'sent mai"" willani Ilauthorne Edmond Batter 
and Joseph Boyse. 

Its ordered that the layers out of land shall with the 
first og:)tunity lay out the scu'all q^cons of land form'ly 
Graunted to Phillip Veren Henry Cooke & Jn" Hill vidz : 
fourty Acres to each of them : in that C omon land aboue 
Thomas James House l^ togeather with it to lay out to 
each of them foure Acres of that meadow hiyd out to 
Jn" : Hill before for vpland : Jn" : Hill to haue the tirst 
of it. 

Item y^ Richard Bishoji, Elias mason, Thomas Robins 
for West, [*John Bachiler*] ||Joseph Boyse|l John 
Kichin, & Henry Renalls, shall haue the Remainder of 
the meadow abouesd, to the suili of fower Acres apeece 
if it hold out, or else to be devided equally btwixt them, 
& if they take som pte in the swampe then to haue so 
nuich the more (as make vp the value of those that haue 
4 Acres apeece aboue granted) if it be there to l)e had. 

This wee doe declare as o'' minds that the nine psons 
aboue specified shall haue that meadow abouesd : to be 


equally dcuided amongst them [*togeather with the 
swampe that riiueth vp iieare to Nicholas Phelps farinc] 

Memorandum jNIr Jn" Gidney hauo pd vpon ace" : forty 
shillings for the lane between his two iields. 
At a meetinge of the Select men 
7 10 mo. 1658 beeinge p'sent 

mr "Willain llauthorue Ed : Batter. 

Leuit. Lowthrop Josepli Boise 

mr Connaiit 

Graunted to Jn" Bachelour & Thomas Piekden a swampy 

brushy meadow in the great swampe near Wenham to the 

value of eight acres not exceeding, to be equally deuidcd 

between them guided it be not formerly Graunted, & if 

any (^t of it be graunted the Remayd"" to them equally 

deuided, ^:)uided if any form"" graunte of any pt l^e of that 

meadow : the pty doe apear & lay clayme to it within the 

tearme of two years. 

Graunted to Anth P)Uxston 4 acres of meadow next to 

that Graunted to liich Bishop & Company. 

Anth Buxston request for vpland not hauing any yet 

giuen him. 

Ordered that whereas ther is graunted to the Widow 

felton 30 acres of land, That Xath. ffelton shall haue the 

two spotts of land l^'ing neare the great swampe : ad- 

ioyning to Nath. Putnames not exceedinge 12 acres in 

pt of the 30 acres : & the remayn'" that X toper AValler 

shall haue layd out in the Diuidend abou Tho ; James 


Graunted to Nath Helton fourc Acres of meadow to- 

geather with Antho Buxston if it be to be hade, this is 


Graunted to Hen : Skery foure Acres of meadow to- 

gea[ther] with Antho Buxston if it be there to be hade. 

Jn° Williams Hequests for land, 

Jn° ^Nlason alowed to be an Inhabitant. 


Ordered that Thomas Watson Shall haue his 4 acres of 
meadow layd togeather with Aiitho Buxston if it be ther 
to be hade 

Bills Grauntcd 14 

To mrs Sliarpe 

To Josiali Hoots 

To Tho : Oliuer 

To Dauid Tliomas 

To Maior Will Hautliorne 

To Surueiors of Cape An Sid 

To Surueiors of Salem 

To Rieli Adams 

To Mr Whittinge 

To Ed : Batter 

To mr Norice 

To Wid Deuis 

To mr Gidney 

To Hen Sker_y abatmt for men 

& Chardge to goe & eary goo( 
To Saml Corning for Chardges 
To Joseph Hucliensous chardge 

Att a Geii'all townc meotinge held 15 : 6-59 
Lieft Thomas Lowthrope chosseii for a Comissiou' to 
Joync with select men to make Coiintr}^ rates. 

Tho : Roots 'i 

Tho : Gouldtwaight > Constables : 
Jno Raynient ^ 


mr Walter Price Tho. Spoon' 

Lent Lowthrope 'J'ho Antrum 

Nath Putuame Rich Bishop 
fl'r. Skery 

Mai'" Wm : Hauthorne & the select men & mr Barthol- 
omew & Jeft'ery INIascy ar Chosen to meet with o'' Breth- 
eren of Cap An Sid the next second day to Consider & 
draw vp some oppositions to ansAver the desires of o'" 
Bretheren ther & to present it at the next towne 

10 mo : 1058 


10 00 


00 00 


00 00 


00 00 


05 00 


10 00 


00 00 


12 00 


00 00 


00 00 


00 00 


00 00 


17 00 


03 00 

3 the Treasurer 3 


11 6 


19 4: 


07 4 


18 2 


At a meetiDgc of the Select men 29 : 11 mo. 1(558 
being p'sent Mai*" Will Hautliorue mr Koger Connant 
Leift Tho : Lawthrope : Edm : Batter & Joseph Boyse 
Its agreed that Jefferey ]\lassey, Thomas Putname Nath 
Putnam6 & Joseph : Iluchcnson are ImpoAvered Ijor any 
three of them|| to Joyne with Topstield men aboute the 
[*setling &] Eimiuge & setlinge & full endinge of our 
sixe mile line in the extent of it in so many places as 
they shall see meet, for a full conclusion of the worke : 

Tho : Tucke Pequests for land. 

Vpon the request of Joseph Ilardinge about the bounds 
of his ten acre lott on Cape Ann Side : mr lioger Conant 
Will Dodge and Hen : Ilericke ar apoynted to setle the 
bounds giuing notice to the next (pprietors 

Whereas vpon the desire of the towue to Inlardgc the 
high way goinge to Rich Stackhouse his fery flrancis 
Skery layd out ||for the lulardgmt of it|| about forty 
Road of his ground ther : in Recompence wherof wee 
alowe him twelue Acres of vpland ground to be layd out 
about Thomas Jameses farme : 

Att a Gen'all Towne meeting May 2 : 1659 
Its ordered that when god shall take mr Norrice to rest 

out of this worlde to himselv : that the toAvne shall l)e at 

the chardge for his buriall. 

Graunted to Helyard Yeren Roome l^efore his now 

dwellinge || house |1 to make a Porch. 

Graunted to W™ Robinson ^ pt of an acre of land he- 

tweene the old Mill and his house. 

^^''w^T,"4 "''""''''■" \ Dci)utyes for the yeare. 
mr Will Browue ) "^ 

Att a Gen'all towne : meetinge 
houlden 8*" march 1658-9 : 
Hen Skery Sam'^ Cornige & Joseph Huchenson p'sent 
Constables are fined each of them •I^'-^G'^ to ye tonnes use 


for not apoariiig at meeting and not makiuge return of 
ther warrants. 

C Mair Will Hantliorue mr Will Browne 

Selectmen / mr : Georii,- Corwiue Ed : Batter 

(f mr : Walter Price. 

Ordered that the Select men shall take care that the 
last yeare pay for the ministry l)e inquired into wheather 
it be pd : c^ take care for to see men pay it. voted. 

Its ordered that mr Ed : Norice Sen' shall haue soe 
much [*in pmt of] ||for|| Mayntenance as he hade the last 
yeare & mr Whittinge as much as mr Norice hade the 
same yeare for the yeare folio winge. 

Its Ordered that those suiTies for the ministry shall be 
Eaised vppon the towne by way of Kate : voted. 

Voted that the Select men now in Ijeeinge Shall make 
this l\ate. voted. 

Ordered that the Select men together w^ith the Deacons 
& mr Gidney are desired before ye next Ch : meetinge to 
Treat with mr Whittinge to know his mind about staying 
with vs. voted. 

Ordered : that the towne haue giuen to the Select men 
the same power to act in all prudenciall afaires as tbrm'ly : 
^ mr Will Browne Chosen to meet with County Commis- 
sion'" about the Yoates. voted. 

Mai'- Will [*Br*] Ilauthorn mr Will Browne" & Ed. 
Batter Chossen Comissioners for small Causes the yeare 

Att a meetinge of Select men 4th : 2 mo. 1G59 
beeing p'sent Mai^ Will Ilauthorne mr Will Browne 
mr CorW'ine mr Price Ed : Batter : 

nn- Jn" Ruck Chossen Clerk of market. 

for fences 
Chossen for surueio'"" for Cape An Side -J ;I'i'^\'' pi^X^' 

2 2') 

Surueio'"*' for Xortli Neck \\& glass house field || 
mr Tho. Gardner Joseph 

Siinieio-'^ for South lun-k ^ ;|,V" V>"''''''''"- 

( 1 ho JJanies 

Surueio'"'* for tlio toimo from lh(^ liridac to nir AVm 
]>r()wiies Orchard 
Phill. \'ereii Tho. Kobins 

Surucio''' for tlic other \)t of towue downeuards to ferys 
& Creiiets 
Tho : Roots llVaiieis Skerj- 

[*Surueiors for the glass house Sm*'] 
Ordered that the ord'- about iioggs tjie last [year] to 
stand for the next yeare. / 

Ordered that Tho : Putnanie shall haue 20^ alowed him 
for entertayninge of the men that run the line l)etween 
Topstield & vs : & Joseph Gardner 30'' : 

The Countr}^ Rate made 30 : H : 08 

Constable Huchersons part is 
Constable Comings part is 
Constable Skerys part is 

The Addieon 

To Hen : Skerys part 
To Rich Hnchensous 
To SaniU Corninge 

The towne Hate 

Samll Corninge part 
Rich llnchenson part 
Constable Skery part 

SO 13 3 
Roger rioskall Dr for Country & Townes Rates 
Anno K!;")! 

To his Rates 50 00 OS 

Accompt 23: 11 : 59 
rest to Ball is 'JL: 3s: Id 

ESSEX INST. HIST. COLLECTION'S, SER. '2, VOL. 1. 2!) Juiie, J8()8. 




'. 4 






























p Contra Crd'' 1G57 

jHT ,Iiio Leech 00 1.") 00 

Josinh lioots 02 on 00 

wlial lie pel to liiiihway worke 02 07 00 

To Ma' Will Hantliorne 02 01) 07 

To Sanill Coniiuge 00 0!) 0-t 

To Hen Ilerick 01 OS 00 

per nir Corwiue 2.> 07 08 

Trof.pers 01 Or, 00 

iiir Browne for Stone & Jno Sallowes 01 04 04 

nir Corwin more 07 17 10 

nir Batter 00 18 00 

iibatenient of S. morgan 00 0(1 10 

4G o;» 01 

A Kittell (js: Ocl } ,,,, ^^ q2 
Dane Tomas 11:85 

: Warning towne meeting 00 02 00 

Avhat i,s remitted of .Marke llaskoll Kate 00 (is 04 

47 17 07 
to Hen : Ilericke 02 03 01 

50 (.)0 08 

Nath. tVelton Dr Anno 1657 

To soc mnch vpon his JJate 12!i 17 05 

per Contra Cr. 

IJccd per Mr Corwine 
per more to mr Corwine 

more to mr Corwine 

mr "Will Browne 

Jno Neale 

Joshna lioots 

Tlio. Spooner 

Jno Kitchin 

Kath Tntname 

Tho Spooner 

Jno Porter 

Jacob Barney Sen. 

Tho : Oliner 

Mr Corwine 

Thill Veren 

Antho Bnxstoii 

Ed: Batter 

more to Ed : Batter 

what chardged to Tho. Gardner & Wm Lord twice 

what I pd to senerall workemen 

soe mnch to Trooprs 

Will Nichols 

Henry Traske Eeraited (JO Ki 00 














































00 03 
















( )0 





ZtM'ubabcl Eiulecot Kate pd to Edinond Batter 02 12 00 

warniiiy meetings 3 days 00 0(! 00 

100 Olabbord for the lueeliiige lioutic 00 05 00 

128 01 00 
allowance iu gatheriui? \'e Rate 00 1(> 0."{ 

12.S 17 03 

Rest he is Dr to ye towiie 01 00 02 

17 0.1 


accounted this 23th 11th mo. l')h., 

Towne Rate w"' the Coimtie vMc & pt of the 
Couutrie rate made 20"' 7"' in" : 57 

to Constable haslcell his part amounting to 
to Constable Vnderwood his part 
to Constable fteltou his part 
added to Constable tteltons Rate 
more added to tl'eltons Rate 
more atlded to Vnderwixxls Rate 
Added more : to Roger liaskall for the towne lis : pe 
Contrey Os 8d 

The 14"' 10"" mo : 57 

A bill grannted to mr Corvvin for mr whitin^js house 
per a bill to Tho Barnes for work to ye towne 

a bill to Good : OUyver for ringinij; the l)ell 

a bill to Joshna Roots the Druiner 40s 

a bill to mr Corwin for seuerall disbursmts ) 
for mr whiting for wood &c 3 

a bill to mr Corwin for the bell & mrs Goose 

a bill to mr Browne for repayering meeting house 

a bill to mr Browne for mr Noris his wood 

a bill to mr Browne for mrs Goose 

a bill to mr Browne for Raysing the bell 

a bill to maior Hawthorne 

a Ijill to tiVancis Skery. o.Ss, 

a bill to mr Gidney for two years expences : 

a l)ili to farmer Porter for a l)ridg 

a bill to the Widdow Neanes 

a bill to mr Price for mr Whitings provition 

a l)ill to John Neale for wood for mr Noris 

a bill to Thomas Spooner 

a bill to henerie herick for Laml)erts dangiiter 

a bill to John Leach Junr for killing a woolfe 

a bill to John Porter for Mrs Goose 

a bill to John kiching 

a 1)111 to Samuell Corning for a mistake 

a bill to Josia Rootes for his wages in 5(J 













!. 11.00 


. 4 

00. 1 7 

. 8 

244. G 

. 7 










































































a I. ill lo riiillip Vereu for 2 foxos 00 02 oo 

a bill to iiir Trife lor chardjies to iiir Wliitiugs house oi 04^ 10 

a bill to Kuuible [for Pavvle Gibs] 00 10 oO 

189 [IG 05] 

Remember to gett ord'' al)out jNlorde cravat taken in 
the [pond] 

for land Samll ( 'iitier 
Jno Bacheloiir 

Bills Graunted 9-3-58 

To Phill Vercn for 3 tlbxes OO :', 00 

To Spoon' for vvorke about the bridiics oo 7 01) 

To nirs Sharpe for her pension lo oo oo 

Att a meetiiige of th(> Select men 
7-0—1(151) beeiiige p'sent 

m:i'.' Will Ilantliorne mr l^rowne rar Corwine nn* Price 
& Ed : Batter 

Ordered tliat the foot bridge on" the marsh at N. Pnt- 
mans farme ))e speedyly mended : AVill tHiiit & Sandl Cnt- 
ler are apoynted to do the worke. 

AVill Dodge & Jn" Ivaynient ar Chosen to mend the 
[bridge] c*c highway lietween frost tish Riu'" : & AVenham. 

Hen : Skery & Isack Williams ar chosen to seal t[he 

Deacons Eate for the ^Minister is 120 - 8 - C 

Joseph Ilnchcnson Bate 65-11-10 


24'" 12'" mo: ir)5() 

Item Dr to the Towne of Salem per mr liatter 00 : Ifi : 11 

llarmer Porter is Dr 0") : 14 : 00 

John Beckett 02:00:01 

Thomas Putnam 10:0!): 00 

John Stone Senior 10£ 00 04d 10 : 00 : 04 

Henrv Skerv 04 : 00 : 00 

mr Corwin i)r 02:0'.): 11 

Kalphe Elwooil 03:00:00 

Will Browne Dr per liis bill S-l-r,S-'.» ) 1 _ 3 _ 4 
tl'or Stone & Jno Sallowes 5 

Country Pate is Oit-2 

Tresrs warrut 00-8 


At A goncrall Towiu^ nicetinii' held the 

7''' of Noveiub. Ki"):) : 

Ch()s(Mi tor the flury of trvnlls 

inr Ediiuiiul Hatter William tlliiil 

llt'iRTv Skcry iiir liartliolinevv 

Joseph Boyce .lefery Glassy 

[*John Gardner*] Jiio IJrowne 

Humphrey Woodbery Gcor Norton 

Sam: Corniii;;' Tho Eoots 

John Puttniun H [Herick] 

it is voted tlisit Geo : Gardner & Hilliard Vcren foorth 

Av''' take care to mend the Cas[eway] & alsoe : the way 

by maygr [Hawthorn : & betwixt the [ ] 

Accompted with Tho : Putnam 24 : 0-5G 
Dr vpon towne Rate 37-11-7 

Reed by Bills mr Ed : Norce 07 00 00 

per mr Gidney 05 18 00 

mr Cor wine 04 01 01) 

]5eni ttelton 05 00 00 

Ed : Gaskell 00 05 00 

Jobe Swiuertou 00 07 01 

Tho : James 00 04 00 

Will Cantelbury 00 02 08 

Ser- Porter 00 10 00 

lik-ii lluchenson 00 05 00 

Tho riitnanie 00 10 00 

Jno Sonthwicke 01 02 00 

Nich Phelps 00 0(5 00 

mr Gardner 00 02 00 

Pich Pishop for hi_2;hway worlcc ol 07 00 

warninge of men to bringe measures '^O 04 00 

3 foxes •"' <"» 

27 2 « 

what I pd mr Wm Browne 01 3 8 

what was remitted to senerall persons 00 12 01 

what allowed for gathering towne rate 02 00 00 

what the Comissioners spent at mr Gednys 01 l.s 00 

what is paid by mr Corwiu to Tho : Oliur 02 If. 02.i 

]iaid by mr Batter to Tho : Oliuer 01 13 00 

37 : 05 : 5h 

Accompted with Jn" Stone his Country lititc 24-0-56 
Dr 21^-12^-3*' 


Jn" Stone Constable bis towne Kate 
Di—lCi 2^-4" 
licmaynder Debt 10^ : 0^-4^' 
[*pd nn- Gidney 05 : 10 : 

llest 04 : 10 : 04*] 

p Contra Credit 

per 1 l)ill to En.signe dixie 
AVm ])()d<ie 
Jo.sliua lioots 

Iicinitc'd IJobert Ilibbert paid to the constable 

I (em win mappey 

Item Natb Masters 

Ite ,Iosluia Turhuid 

Ite oner ehardyed vpon his towne Kate 

Ite IJobert IMorii'an 

lie i)er what [*1*J he pd to Ed : Batter 

Kest debtor 07 05 i)?> 

debtor for liobert hil)erd I's Gd 

Accompted witb Will Gigles 24: O-oO about [bis] 
Country [Eate] 
Del, 1—20'^ :-07^-3'' : 

]) Contra Credit 

per nir Corwine i;» li; ul 

oner chardged i' o 

abatenit 10 






•2 fi 

1 G 






•2,0 8 

Ilenr^' Sker,y Dr: I'or the towne Kate 15 lo 2 

Kec. by Bills To Edmo : I'atter 
Kec. by Jno : Williams Bill 
per mr Gidney 

per lur Corwin whoe is Dr for senerall men 

Kest dne is 

Gatlieriiiij; ye towne Kate 00 : 15 : 00 

Goo Horns mending ye meting house 00 : OG : 02 

05 10 


01 OG 


01 14 


S 11 


02 : OM : 


11 :01 : 


04 : ( IS : 



wariiini;: ye towiic iiictin^- 00 : 05 : 00 

Keiiiittiiig Tho : ])avis IJate >S. Ed : wilsou 00 : 03 : 00 

Hcckoiid : 24 : 12 : 5G : ]{c8t l)r to hall is 02 : 1!) : 02 

per Georii' williaius oner pd ol : 17 : of) 

IJest 01 : 01 : 08 

24: 12: 5G: 

[ ] allowance began 2i^ 10 50 

To h[er per inr :] Corwin & others 57 7 10 

To li[ir] per James Viidervvood as per his acco 5 3 11 

12 i;; 11 
till 2!) 9 51) 

11 8 8 

rest to }'e townc 15 3 

Memorandum, at a meeting' of Select men o : 0-59 : 
beeing p'seiit mv George Corwine mr Walter Price & 
Edmo : Batter : 

Leaue was giueii to Richard Harue Tajdour to mend vp 
the little house Joyniug to the meeting || house j] & make 
vse of it for a shopp at the Towues pleasure. 


m. below 

Clerke of market 
Take Care about poor 
Surueirs for fences 

ffor Select men 1059 

Mai'" Hauthorn 110 

Mr Corwin 040 

S.' Porter 034 

Jos. Bo vse 035 

Tho: Gardn'- 032 

Ed Batter 070 

Mr Price 04S 

MrWill Brown 001 

2;] 2 

: 9'" nr 1(557 
Ec'C a hill from ye Cleark of the Genei-all ) 

.£ sli. fl. 

Coiirte for y" deputie his expenees I'or this ^- Oo : 14 : 00 
year come to 


Wm Torrey Cleric 

inr price [1] Inquire for the frms for the yr. ij;iins 

[*Xatli : Picl<ui;iii^] 2 tlie ]<ey of ineetiiii>- hous 

mv Conant 3 llie tovviies LuddL'r 

William ])od,i>; 4 the townes beanies & weights 

IJohert Lenian 5 Jury for Trialls 

=r-,Tolin Putnam new Con[stal)lej 

[*John Kitchen*] (irnndiury 

Samnell Gardner Comissioi-s for Country Leuy 

To\\iies Kate 

Cai)t P. Moore Alice Chichester 

Jno: Gardnr Tho Putnam 

li. Gray .Tiio [Kitchen] 

Jacoli Barney [Metfery Rlascy*] 

Dauid Corwitlien Ser. P[orter] 

H. Skery Nich. P[otter] 

Mr Tho! Gardner Ed : [Batter] 

[Will (io[ose] 

Jno iNIarsh is indebted npon the last : in a trew l)allance 

pd to mr Corwin by Sanill Archards JIate 

pd to Edmo : Batter 

pil to my sehie for goiuiie to Treasr 

])d to Elmond Batter more 

per Tho : [Creuet] Pcmitcd liis Rate 

per what was pd to Edmoiid Batter by Jno Brown 

[*mr Corwin Dr to what you Kec of Jno Marsh 

At o'' next meeting 


Surueyrs for fences 
ciiuse a Clerk of market 

wood & stones abont mcetiniie liouse 
[ Chardged] to the Piitnams 






















1 (!*] 

[Here ends the first Book of ]{ecords, the last pages being much torn and de- 
faced. The next volume of Records begins Nov. iit, 1(;.')<I. All the records of the 
town up to that date, that are now in existciu'e, either in the Book of Records or 
tlic liook ol' Grants, will be found in the preceding pages. It should, however, be 
stated that there is ou the page of the Book of Records referred to ;is a "blank 
page" (see p. lOt) a very obscure and rudely drawn plan, without date or explan- 
ation, but having some connection with the bounds betwe('n Salcui and Ipswich, 
whicli, at the tiiiie that portion of the reroi-d was printed, \vas concealed by a blank 
leai pasted over it when the book was bound.] 


[For the purpose of more convenient reference, where the same 
name is written, bj- tlie different writers of tlie record, with various 
spelling or titles, that form most commonl,y used, and most likely to 
*)e looked for, is adopted in this Index.] 

\ bbie, John, 22, 28, 79, 87, 103, 115, 118, 123. 
Sccoimts, 29, 31, 44, 64, 08, 73,81, 88, 95, 
K)(;, 120, 137, 139, 145, 148, 154, 180, 188, 
Adaiii!?, Goodniau, 04, 05, 111. 
Adams, Richard, .58, 67, 68, 70, 1.52, 154, 

19'.i, 214, 222. 
Vdanis, lidbert, 74, 95, 143. 
Ai^ur (Aiimir), Wm., 20, 20, 44, 09, 103, 

130, 133, 140, 148. 
\iii]('downe, Roger, 102. 
Mdcrmau, John, 21, 103, 104, 111, 120,139, 

Alford, Mr., 10, 22, 103, 122, 100, 173. 
Allen, Mr., 140. 
Allen, Robert, 22, 80, 102, 116. 
Allen, Wui., 19, 22, 25, 20, 37, .57. 09, 77, 

103, 116, 128, 145. 
Mkutou, Mr., 86. 
Anu's (Amies), Mns.,98, 104. 
Andrews, Mr. (of Loudon), 130, 138. 
Antram i Anthoni), Thomas, 22, 43, 103, 

101, 171, 21(1, 222. 
Apinenticed chiklrcn, 123, 124, 151, 219. 
Archer, Samuel, 19, 25, 20, 37, 57, GO, 63, 
64, 65, 69, 73, 75, 77, 80, 81,103, 128, 139, 
140-1.52, 154, 199, 200, 207, 214, 232. 
Archisden, Mr., 18. 
\nus, ammunition, &c., 17, 57, 01, 144, 

147, 159, 105, 170, 184, 18G, 200. 
Auditors, 29, 48, 137, 210. 
Avexy, Thomas, 141. 


IJabsou, Isabel, .58. 

Bachellor, John, 86, 93, 138, 143. 107, 168, 
177, 201, 210, 217, 220, 221, 228. 

Bachellor, Joseph, .57, 9(i. 

Bachellor, Mr., 64, 07, 102, 120. 

na<on, Mr., Ill, 102, 163. 

r.akcr, Robert, 47, .52, 87, 103. 

l;alcli,,John,10,12, 19, 27, 34, 35, 38, 44, 50, 
:>:>,, 54, 50, 57, 58, 61-79, 80, 87, 89, 9(i, 103, 
](»;, 112, 119, 120, 125, 133, 148, 149. 

BarbaVlocs, ageut at, 140. 

Barber, John, 22, 82, 103, 132, 171. 

Barber, Wm., 95. 

Barnes, Thomas, 205, 207, 214, 225, 227. 

I'.aruey, Jacob, 20, 26, 32, 34, 37, 38,40,42, 
44, .52, 77, 97, 102, 110, 120, 124, 131, 133, 
139, 144, 140, 153, 165, 166, 173, 174, 175, 
181-191, 196, 198-209, 215, 210, 217, 220, 

Baniey, Jacob, Jr., 171. 

Bartholomew, iSlr. (Ilenrv), 22, 08, 73, 81, 

85, 93, 97, 103, 104, ]10, 113, 120-130, 134- 

143, 145, 140, 1,53-172, li)2, 203, 214, 215, 

217, 222, 229. 
Bartholomew, Richard, 02, 04, 102, 132, 

Bass River, 12, 17, 54, (i2, 80, 115, 116, 118, 

120, 122, 120, 145, 146, 201, 214. 
Batter, Edmiuid, 9, 13, 14, 15,21,43,49,51, 

.52, 57, 5S, 02, 95, 96, 101, 104, 117, 130, 131, 

146-149, 151, 1,53, 15.5-104, 17.5-190, 200, 

206, 208-232. 
Bay, 48, 65. 

Bavley, Guido, 129, 162, 175. 
Baylev, Heurv, 74, 80, 87. 89. 
Bayley, John, 148. 
Baylev, Wm., 169,209. 
Baxter, Daniel, 71, 80. 142. 
Beare, Philip, 59, 03, 74. 
Beaucham (Burcham), Edward, 22, 32, 

42, 103, 115, 139, 169,208. 
Beaumont, John, 105. 
Beaver Pond, 117, 190. 
Beckett, John, 228. 
Bell, 74, 144, 109, 190, 197, 204, 219, 227. 
Bclh'iuger to dig the graves, 190. 
Benian, \Vm., 59. 
Bennett, John, 03, 74. 
liennett, Richard, 12. 
Bennett, Wm., 22, .50, (;rt, 80, 102, 110, 137. 
Best, John, 84. 
Biich Plain, 107. 
Birdlcss Cove, 11. 
Bishop, Edward, 140. 
Bishop}, Richard, 15, 22, 82, 92, 103, 104, 

131, 133, 140, 170-179, 188, 191, 194, 207, 

214,220, 221, 222,229. 
Bishop, Townscnd, 9, 13, 14, 16, 20.27,34, 

35, 38, 39, 44-47, 49-.5(;, .58, 71, 70, 85, 93, 

103, 113, 121, 128, 13(1, 131, 1.50, 1(,5. 
Black, John, 20, 25, 20, 37. 102. 
Blackleech, John, 13. 20, 20, 48. 53, 54, .57, 

78, 84, 103, ll(i,121, 104, 109, IS.l. 
Blackstavcs, 147. 
Blancher, Widow, 74. 
Borne (Bourne), John, 21, 22, 79,81,8.3, 

102,110, 128. 136, 142. 
Borrows, sec Burroughs. 
Boston, 33, 96, 124, 132, 211. 
Bound, AVin., 20, 26, 50, 103, 17] 
Bounds of fanns and lots, 10, 125. 
Bounds of Salem, 116, 119, 15 ^ 157, 101, 

l(i2, 1(J7, 174, 176, 178, 179, 182, 180, 191, 

198, 205, 212-214, 223, 225, 232. 

ESSEX INST. HIST. COLLECTIONS, SEH. 2, VOL. I. "'0 July. 18(18. 


i;>'.t-141, 144, 

1<;S, 175, 188, 

(;.'), '.«;, \in 

Bowdisfie, Wm., II.O, KiO. 

iJovse, Joseph, 93, 10.j, 1'2G, 185, -iOi, -210, 

213, '215, 21t;, '218, •220, -221, 223, '225, '229, 

Brackenbui-)', Richard, 19, '20, 35, 38, 07, 

97, 102, 105, 145, 152, 177, 193. 
Bradstreet, (Symou, 194. 
Ijratley, John, '22, 05. 

Brett, Mr., 109, 170. 
Brickmakhig, 187. 
Bridewell, 140. 
Bridge, 108, 113, 127, i: 

148, 149, 151, 153, 15 

193, -200, 303,210,214,21." 
Bright, Margaret, (iO. 
ItritteU, Jo., 102. 
Brockett, Thomas, -208. 
Broock, Wm., 93. 
Brooksbv, 11, 12, :i2, 33, 34, .")8, t,2. 09 

Brooksby River, HI. 
Browne, Elizabeth, '201. 
Browne, Hugh, -22, 80, 102. 
Browne, John, .50,78,93,97. 102. 175 

202, '229, 232. 
Browne, Mrs., 201. 
Browne, Mr. (William), -22, 37. 47, ."i; 

98, 100, 103, 104, 105. 100. I(i7, 172, 
180, 187, 1!K), 192-190. 199,-202. •20.") 
•2-2:i-2^29, ^231. 

Browning, Thomas, 21 

140, 142. 
Bryan, Widow, 97. 
Buffam, Robert, 73. 
Buflani, Goodman, 100. 
Multiuch, John, 110,121. 
Bullinch Brother, 115. 
Bullock, Goodman, 138, KiO. 
liullock, Henry, 115, 1'29, l.'.O. 
Iturcham, see Beaucham. 
Burdett, Mr., 9, 12, 27, 45,. 'JO. 
Burial-place, 54, 80, 183. 
Burials, 143, 144, 109, -223. 
Barley's Cove, 11, 87. 
Burroughs (Barrowsj. .John. 54, oo. 102. 

Burton, John, '22, 102, 15s. 
Burtsoll(Birdshall), Henry, 135, 151. 
BushneU. Francis, 8(). 
Bushnell, John,-22, (>4. 05, 103, Km;. 
Butt Bridge, 149. 
Hutt Brook, 83. 
Butt Point, .54, 58. 
Button, Mr., 142. 

Buxton, Anthony, .59, 102, 221, 222, -220. 
Bu.xton, Thomas, 9;!, 110. 
Byshop, see Bishop. 


Calcott, Edward, (>7. 

C'alem, see Kelhani. 

Calves and lambs, '29, 36, .85. 

Cambridge, 1.35. 

Cautlebun-, Wm., 85, 157, la^, liiii, 2-29. 

Cape Ann Side, '23, 40, 70, 105, 129, 104, 
171, 172, 173, 177, 179, 185, 1.80, '203, -207, 
■209, 213, 214, 215, •2'20, 2'22, -i-i:',. '224. 

Carpenter, Thurstone, 02. 

Caiv, Nicholas, '22,. 53, 102. 

(.a.stlc Hill, 27, '28, -29. 

Cattle, 9, 11, ^28, 39, 41, 00, .-^o, 99, 108, 110, 
127, 130, 1.50, 182, 1!>2, 198. 

Cat Cove, 80, .si;, so, 91. 

Causeway, 141, 194, •2-29. 

Cedar Pond, 34, 49. 

Cedar Stand, 40. 

Chadwell, Thomas, 40, 53. 54. 

Charles, Wm., .59, 03. 

Chichester, Alice, 21(), 218, 219, 2;}2. 

Chichester, Jeremiah, 219. 

Chichester, Wm., 215, 217. 

Chickering, Goodman (Henry), 90, 9s. 

Ching, (ieovii-e, 74. 

Chul)b,'rhonias,^22, 102. 

Chusuicir. Kichard, 00. 

Clapboards, .'Jo, 31, 108. 

Clark, Wm., 49,.57, 70, 75, 103, 110, 131, 133, 

130, 137, 145, 147, 148, 151, 100, 102. 
Clark's Plain, l(i2. 
Clay brook, 142, 187. 
Clerk of Market. 104, 191, 19(;, 213, -221. 231 . 

Clerk of Writs, 148, 195, 214. 

Codmau, Robert, 51, 103, 135, lis, i.->(». 

Coitt, see Goite. 

Cole, Goodman, 131, 139. 

Cole, Robert, 11, '20, 21, '25, '2(i. 27, 02. 71. 

72, 70, 103, 154. 
Cole, Thomas, 102. '2(17. 
Colbunie, .'Samuel, 102. 
College, 10, 135, '205, 211. 
Collins, John, 110. 
Collins Cove, II. 

Comins, Wm., 21, '22, 102, 105, 170. 
Commissioners for small causes, 185, 180. 

194, 212, '224. 
Common land, 9, 12, 14, 34,40,01,75,85, 

90, 101. 108, 117, l;!0, 104, 108, 174, 170. 

177. 189. 190, 190, 198, 199. '204, 210-'22(I. 
Coucline, Ananias, TO, 85, 90. 94, 111, 118, 

Concline, John. 107, 1.59. 
Conaut, Roger, 10, 12, 14, 15, 10, 19, -IX, 35. 

:!S, 44. 48-.52, .5.5-!;8, 71-98, 101, 1(»3, 105, 

112, 119, 1'20, 1-25, l:!0, 1;U, 1.'.7, 144, 145. 

1.54. 104-171, I7.')-180, 18.5. 189, 195, 190, 

•200, 210, 213, 210, 218, -221, '2-23, 232. 
Conant, Roger, jr., 98. 
Constable, .59, (;0, 08, 73, 81, 95, 90, 104, 120. 

1^25, 1'27. i;53-142, 145, 140, 147. 1.50, 1.52, 

1.54, 104, 179, 181, 184, 187, 188,193,194, 

'200, '203, '20(i, '208, ■209. 211, 210, 217, •2^22, 

•2'23, •2'25, '227, 230, '232. 
Controversies, 79, 189, 19(i. 199, '201, 205, 

•207, 209, 214. 
Convers, Allyn, 90, 109, 117. 
Cook, Henry, 73, 70, 80, 100, 103, 1.89, •2'20. 
Cook, John," ^22, .53, 01, 75, 95, 102, 117. 
Corey, Ciiles, 101, 193. 
Cornliill, Samuel, 111. 
Corning (Cornish or Corney), Samuel, 09, 

70, 1-I-2, 171, 1'.I2, 190, '201, '203, 213,214, 

2'22, ■2'23, ■l■i'^, ^220, '227, •2'29. 
Corwiu (Curwen), George, 72, S3, 104, 130, 

140-104, 108, 170, 172, 17.5-212, 215, •2^24, 

Corwiu, Mrs., ■201. 
Corwithen, David, 127, 216, -232. 
Cotta, Robert, 21, '22, '20, .55, 103, 108, 130, 

148, 171. 


Court, 4«, (iO, 88, 10(>, 107, lis, 13.^, 139, US, 

184, liK), 21S. 
Court, Countv. isi;, 102, 304, 214. 
Court, General, ;U, .J.".. (U, !«, 12.i, i;W. 184, 

13(i, 142, 144, l.').S, l.")4, lofi, 157, 183, 1S.^>, 

ISO, li)2, lOS, 212, 21."), 2.{2. 
Court, Quarter, is, 2!l, 30, 32,49, Mi. 
Court of Election. 121. 
Cows, .'»(>, «U, S,), IOl>, 114, 1.3(), 1,38, ir)2, 1S3, 

IS.'J, ISi), liH, 11)2. l'J3, \'X>, 197, 202, 20(i, 

207, 213. 
Cow Houses, .34, !)4. 
Cow House River, 177. 
Crane River, 1(>."). 

Crevett, Mordecai, 210, 214, 22,i. 22S. 
Crevett, Thomas, 232. 
Cromwell, Philip, l.")l, I.V2. l(;3, l'.»2, 217. 
CuUimore, GooUmaii, 1.32. 
Curtis, Zaccheus, Uii, IGl, la"). 
Curwen, see Corwin. 
Curwithen, see Corwithen. 
Cutler, Samuel, 22S. 

Dauiell, Mrs. Alee, 30, 21, 27, 37, 60, 104. 
Darbv Fort, .'54, .58, 13(;. 
Darby Fort Side, 26, 27, 34, .38. 41, 42, .52. 

113, Hit, 120, 122, 128. 134. 
Davenish, (ioodman, 113. 
Daveuish, Thomas. 8!). 
Davenport. Richard, 20, 35, 20, 27, 29, 37, 

38, 45, 57, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 75, 83, 95, 103, 

109, 114, 115, 135. 
Davenport, L., 104. 
Davis, l.'<aac, 23, .58. 65, 77. 
Davis, Thomas, 331. 
Davis, Wm., 84. 

Deacons, 77, 93, 1.39, 148, 300, 224, 228. 
Dennis (Dense), Widow, 219, 233. 
Dent, Francis, 67. 
Deputies, 45,48, 85, 121, 135. 136. 143, 1.53, 

183, 185. 186, 1!>2, 194, 198, 305, 311, 215, 

319,233. 332. 
Deverixe. John, 25, .55, 59, 63, 102. 
Dickenson, Philemon, 83, 84, 89, 98, 1.37, 

154, 159, 171. 
Dike, Anthonv, 21, 22.25, .33, .56, 103. 
Dike, Widow," 89. 
Dill, George, 89. 
Division of land. 8, 16, 27, 28, 38, 4:3,4.5,46, 

61, 70,71, 74,101. 
Dixie, Wm., 20, 25, 26, 37, 40, 79, 94, 102, 

129, 1,39, 145, 162, 172, 173, 186, 188-U)0, 

Dixie. Thomas, .55, 102, 129, 134. 
Dodge, Richard, 73-77, 112, l(>4,168,170,l}KJ. 
Dodge, Wm., 26, 4:3, 76, 77,97, 103, 104, 112. j 

139, 143, 145, 148, 149, 165, 178, 188, 193, I 

194,206,217,223.333. i 

Dogs, 41,130. 
Dog Pond, 162. 
Doliber, Joseph, 98. 
Downing, Emanuel, 5, 8, .50, 71, 72, 76, 81, j 

83,.84, 99, 104, 111, 116, 131, 135, 130, 131, 

141, 1,53-161, 164, 168, 169, 170, 177, 180. 
Downing, Theophilus, 115, 137. 
Draper, Nicholas, 33, 103, 114. 
Drapers Point, 157. 
Drums, 13S, 197. 
Drummer, 130, 131, 139, 197, 304, 319, 227. 

Dudley, Mr., 181. 
Dunster, Mr., 14(>. 


Eaborne, Thomas, 20, 35, 3s. 
Eaborne, Samuel, 'ii, 83. 103, 138, 140, 

Edson, .Samuel, 89, 113, 122. 
Edwards, Rice, 116, 168, 2<M). 
Kdward.f, Thomas, 51, 71, loi, 103, 

125, 1,3.5-137, 139, 146. 
Eight Men, 146, 202. 303. 
Elders, 1.33, I3li-l,is. 146, 210, 319. 
Elt'ord, John. 32, 29, 103. 
Elwood(Elliuwood), Ralph, 103. Ilii, 

Emerv, George, 22, 65, 69, 103, 108. 

13S,"l39, 148, 151, KiJJ, 173, 175. 
Encroachments, .34, 46. .55, KM. 105, 

1()4, 189, 190,306,316. 
Endicott, John, 7, 9, 10, 13-17, 19. 35, 

35, 4-5, 48, 49, 53, ()0-i;3, 6(i-94, 96, 

105, 109, 113-121, 124, 125, 128. 129. 

143, 146, 1.56, 191, 200. 
Endicott, Mrs., 201. 
Endicott, Zerubbabel, 327. 
England, 80, 1,39, 150. 
English grain, 84, 133. 
Enon (Wenham), 114, 115, I17-I3(i. 133 
E.states, 77, !Mi, 143. 

Estie, , .53-55. 

Estie, Isaac. 198,313. 
Estie, JeflVv, -l-l, 70, : 





98, 103. 148. 

Fairlicid, John. 91, 94, 119. 
Families, list of. 101-104. 
Felmiiigliaiii, Francis, 54. 58, .59, 64, 103. 
Fclton, r.enjaniin, 16, 17, 23, 54. 103, 169. 

173, 178, 186, 188, 339. 
Felton, Nathaniel. 33, 103, 1.58, 186, 303, 

211, 231,336,337. 
Felton. Mrs., 31, 25, 65, 1.59. 
Fclton, Widow, 31, -ii, 98, 103, 331. 
Fences, 40, (>4, 76, 84, !»2. 94, 97, KHi, lOS, 
110,116,117,119, 120, 127— l.'W, 1.36, 1.37. 
140, 172, 193, 199, 30(i, 309, 211,214,216, 
Pence, Surveyors of, 4(i, lio, 137, 13S, l.3(), 

1.37, 199, 313, 314. 334,335, 331, 333. 
Ferrv, Ipswich (Beverlv), 39, 94, 110, 14.5, 

17.3, 174, 300, 203, 223, 225. 
Ferrv, Darbv Fort (Marblehcad), .53, .5,«i. 

134, 157. 
Ferry, North River, 31. 
Field, Alexander, 114. 
Fines, 45, 46.55, 105, 130, 131, 114, UU, 198. 

304, 318, 319, 333. 
First born child in Salem, 98. 
Fish Brook, OS, 330. 
Fishing affairs, 1.5—17. 37, 33, 36, 63, 67. 7s. 

,S0, 83, 81, 88, 93. 97, 119, 1.30. 
Fisk, John, 51, .55, .5(), 95. 
Fisk, Mr., 57, (i7, 68, 73, 83, 87, 91, 95, 103., Phineas, 113. 
Fisk, Wm., 73, 89, 95, 103. 
Flatman, Thomas, 104. 
Flint, Wm., 138, 189, li^3, 194, 199, 3(44, 313. 

315, -lis, 339. 
Fogg, Ralph, (>, 10, 18, 30, 36, -If^. 39, ;{.5,.36, 


37. 4-2— tS, (i-2, 09, S7, !«>, 10:?, 105—108, 111, 

120, 1-21, 124, 127, i;?5, 13t>, 137, 144, 14.'), 

147, 14S. 
Poote, Piisch;i, 111, 22, .'K, 44, 4o. 
Foreijjners, 201. 
Forrest, !I2. 

Forrest River, 10, 20, Wi, 100, 142, ir)7, 10;j. 
Forrest Kiver Bridge, 157, 103. 
Forrest Kiver .Side, 58, 00, 00. 
Fort, 17S, 182. 

Fort at jNIarblehead, 50. See Darbj- Fort. 
Fort at Winter Island, 183, 102. 
Foster, John, 208. 
Fonle, jMr.,l;iS. 
Franklin, Good, 130. 
Freeman, Mr., 25, (il. 
Friend, Mr. (John), .58, .50, 71, s:!, os, 102. 

123, 175. 
Frost Fish Brook, 44, 108. 
Frost Fisli Kiver, 73, 228. 
Fryar, Thomas, 80. 83. 
Frye's Mills, 18. 
Fuller, Kobert, 01, 12(!. 
Fustian Spinsters, l(t(i. 

Goldsmith, Thomas, 122, 123, 127, 167. 

Goose, Mrs., 227. 

Goose, William, 23, 103, 171, 232. 

Gorey, see Corey. 

Gott, Charles, 10, 20, 54, 70, 78, 97, 103, 

110, 142, 178. 
Gouldthwaite, Thomas, 17, 21, 23, 38, 103, 

120, 10(i, 108, 204, 212, 214, 222. 
Goult (Gault), Wm., 71, 202. 
Governor's Farm, 215. 
Governor's House, 200. 
Grafton, Goodwife, 50. 
Grafton, Joseph, 21, 20, 51. 70, 102 143, 

171, 214. 
Grafton, Joshua, 158. 
Grafton, Sister, 201 
Granf!:e, Brvan, 53. . 
Grants, List of, 19—27, 74. 
Graves, Richard, 41, 44, 02, 04, 103, 123. 

101, 105, 180. 
Gray, Robert, 207, 216, 232. 
Gray, Thomas, 63. 
Great Cove, .50, 79, 122, 105. 
Great Hill, 124. 
Great Neck, 191. 

Great Pond, 12, 43, 04, 115, IKi, 149. 
Great River, 11(>, 153, 157, 159, 103, 104, 

100, 191. 
(Jreene, Widow, 02, 64, 103. 
Greenaway, Richard, .59, 03. 
Greenfield, Samuel, 51. 
Groce, Simon, l(i9. 
Grover, Edmund, 23, 102, 117, 157, 103. 

107, 207. 
(Juns and Carriages, 1.31, 132, 134,138, 140. 

1.52, 184, 192, 199,232. 
Gunsmith, 28, 08, 97. 
Gujjpy, Reuben, 151, 152. 

(iage, .John, 119. 

(iallev, John, 19. 23, 50, 60, 102. 

(Jardner, George, .59, 104, 149,157, 158, 170. 

1S5, 219, 229. 
(iardner, John, 115. 213, 21li, 219, 22!t, 2.32. 
(iardner. .Joseph, 157, 1.58. 225. 
Gardner, Hichard. 115, 120. 
(iardner. Samuel, 157, 158. 200, 2.32. 
Gardner, Thomas, jr., .52, 104, 133, 1.58. 
(iardner, Mr. (Thomas), 13, 14, 15, 20, 27, 

32, .37, 41, 48. .50, 53, .50, .59, 00, 03, 00, 07, 

82, S4, 88, 90, 94, 97, 99, 103, 104, 111, 113, 

114, 115, 117. I l.s, 120. 121, 123, 124, 12(), 

128. 1.3.3—1.38, 142. 143, 140. 157—100. 104 

—107, 170, IM, 182, 18t— lOli, 199. 202,204, 

214, 215, 210, 225, 220. 229. 
(Jarford Gervas. 11,21. 22, .34, 39, 52, 65, 

70. 90. 90, 9.S, 1(12, 110, 120, 121, 130, 133, ! Hall, .Idlin. .")6. 

1.34. 1.37,141, 143, 114, 145, 157, 1()7, 175. j llarl.ert, .!ohn, 53, 72, 103, 106. 

204. I Hardinge, John, 19(>. 

(iaskell. Edward, 23, 102. 122. iss. 20.'^, ' HardiBge, Joseph, 223. 

229. , Hardv, John, 19, 26, 36, 43, 02, 77, 102, 104, 

Gatchell. John, .55. 03. 74. I 122," 131, 137, 146—149, 151, 1.57. 

Gatchell, Samuel, 03, 74. ' Hardy, John, jr., 102. 

Gault, see (ioult, 72. Hardy, Joseph, 122. 

(ieare, Wm., 93. 90. ' Harnett, Edward, 79, 141, 218, 219. 

Gednev, John, .53, (12. (i3. 71. 94. |(i2. 100, Harris, George, 20,23, .50, 05, 103, 123, 124. 

110. U.S. 121, 1.33. 1.30, 145. 100. pi.!, m\. i Harris, Joseph, 124, 214. 

181, ]S|_189, 204. 211. 213. 221. 222. 224. ! Harte (Heart), John, 23. 59. 03, 70, 101. 


Hackford, Wm.. 33, 103. 

Hacnott, Henr^^ 114. 

Hale ( Ilcale), Thomas, 201, 202, 213, 219. 

;9. 230, 
(iibbs, Gregory, 187. 
(iibbs, I'aule. 22s. 
Gidnc}-, see Gedney. 
("iiggles, see Jegglcs. 
(iiles, Edward. 20. 20. .;'. 44. 49. 104. 
(iiles, Edmund, 79, 90, lol, 117, H;2. 
(ilass Hou-^e. .^d. 107, 214. 
(ilass House Field, 225. 
(ilassnien, 94. 
Glover, Charles, ^<0. 93. 
Goats, 9,28, 42, 87, 92, 97, 101, 127. 
(ioite (Coitt). John, 03, 74. 
(iooch ((iutch), Robert, (i3, 94, 142 


Harvey, Ricliard, 231. 

Hai-wood (Hayward), Henry. 75, 92, 120. 
132, 136. 

Haskall (Hoskall), Mark, 190, 220. 
'^'Tlaskall, Royer. 23. 102, 122. 123, 145, l<i5, 
184, 193, 203, 2(J5, 207, 20.^, 214, 225, 227. 

Hathorne, Jehu, )!. 104, 110, 131, 153, 180. 

Hathorne, Wm.. 18, 25, .3(;, 49—74, 77, 79, 
80, 82—97, 99. 103—100, 109, 111, 114. 115, 
116, 120, 121, 125, 128, 130, 134— 14:i, 146— 
172, 175, 17(), 178, 179, 180, 184, 180, 189— 
194, 198, 201. 205, 209, 210, 212—223, 220— 

Goodell. Robert, 23, 77, )^3. P>2. 12.'-. 1.59. 171. Hathorne. Mrs.. 201. 


Haugh, Atherton. Xi. 

Haynes (Haines), Richard, KKJ. 

Haynes, Wm., Kil. 

Hayward, see Harwood and Howard. 

Heale, see Hale. 

Henii), 111, 140. 

Herbert, Mr., 100. 

Ilerrick, Henrv, 13, 20, •-'(!, 101. 104, l.K, 

1.54, 107, 171, m, 207, 208, 20!», 212, 22:i, 

22ti, 227. 229. 
Hersonne, Christopher, Il!». 
Hewlett, Mr., 28. 
Hibbcrt, Robert, 16.5, 230. 
Higftens. Alexander, 5!). 
Higgens, Mr., 102. 
Higginson, Mrs., 21, 27, 37. 
Highways, 9, 12, 14, V, .50, (17, 83, 92, 93, 

105, 108, 113, 114, 117, 123—125, 128, 130, 

132, 133, 1.34, 136, 142, 14.5, 149, 153, 1.54, 

1.56, 157, 162, 163, 165, 1(;7, 168, 170—174, 

176, 179, 186, 188-191, 195, 200, 201, 202, 

204—207, 209, 213, 216, 219, 223, 226, 228, 

Highways, Surveyors of, 67, 90, 130, 1.53, 

174, 2l"5, 220. 
Hill, John, 163, 220. 
Hilliard, Job, 207, 214. 
Hines, see Hynds. 
Holgrave, John, 6, 13, 14, 16, 20, 23, 27, 

49—33, 75, 94, 95, 97, 102, 105, 125, 130, 

Holgrave, Joshua, 16, 60, 92, 93, 102. 
Holiman. Goodman, 104. 
Holliugworth, Richard, 12, 23, .50, 54, 86, 

102, 126. 
Holmes (Hulme), Deborah, 32. 
Holmes, Obadiah, 80, 87, 94, 112, 117, 133, 

134, 137. 
Home, John, 19, 26, 54, 70, 86, 103, 106, 

Houghton, Joseph, 172. 
Hounds, 139. 

House of Correction, 140, 204. 
House lots, 9, 11, 28, 33, .34, 38. 
Howard, Nicholas, 115, 146, 168, 201. 
Howlet, Thomas, 119. 
Howes, Edward, 7, 18. 

Ilubbert, W , 119. 

Hull, John, 19. 

Hull, Mr., 65. 

Hull, Joseph, .59. 

Hulme, see Holmes. 

Humphrey, John, 14, 16, 17, 25, 27, 34, 71, 

76. 84, 109, 1.53, 154, 1.56, 162, 170, 193. 
Hunt, Ephraim, 193. 
Huson, Wm., .53, 54. 
Hntcliinson, Joseph, 222, 223, 225, 228. 
Hutchinson, Goodman, 200. 
Hutchinson, Richard, 21, 23, 35, 43, 47, 61, 

89, 102, 131, 1(J6, 172, 180, 181, 188,217,229. 
Hynds, James, 51, 60, 102. 


Ingram, Edward, 76, 100. 

Ingei-soll, George, 79, 82, 114. 

IngersoU, Jonn, 131, 160. 

Ingersoll, Richard, 9, 20, 23, 31, 44, 91, 92, 

94, 103, 124, 131. 
Ipswich, 64, 119, 125, 126, 166, 167, 174, 176, 

178, 182, 191,204,213,214. 


Ipswich River, 158, 166, 168. 
Isbell, Robert, 23, 103. 

Jackson, John, 102, 1.32, 139, 147, 1.58. 
Jackson, Mr., ;J3, 33. 
Jackson, Widow, 195, 202. ,^ 
James, Eniemus, .58, 63. 
James, Rosamond, 74. 
James, Thomas, 83, 161, 215, 220. 221, 223, 

James, Wm., 23, 32, 102. 
Jarrett, John, 122, 123, 129. 
Jeffries Creek, 25, 26, :{,5, 37, 56, 60, 79, 80, 

92, 98, 126, 128, 145. 
Jeffries Creek Island, 75. 
Jeggles (Giggles), Daniel, 80. 
Jeggles, Wm., 21, 23, 102, 148, 151, 1.58, ia5, 

Johnson, Francis, 12, 20, 32, .33, 123. 
Johnson, Mr., 9, 17, 24, 43, 49, 58, 61, 69, 

Johnson, Richard, 50, 103. 
Jury, Grand, 104, 120, 133, 139, 145. 150, 

185, 193, 203, 217, 222, 232. 
Jury of Trials, 104, 121, 131, 134, 139, 143, 

146, 149, 184, 186, 192, 194, 202, 206, 216, 

219, 229, 232. 


Keene, Wm., 74. 

Kedgerer (Kicherell), Joseph, 86, 88. 

Kenniston, Allen, 81, 111, 122, 131, 133, 

145, 149, 169. 
Kenniston, Mris., 29, 103. 
Keyney, Henry, 193. 
Keihaiii (Calem), Augustin, .53, 70, 87, !I2, 

Kettle Island Cove, 75. 
Kippen, Arthur, 214. 
Kinir. (ioody, 1.59. 
King, Widow, 91 . 
King, Wm., 21, 26, 80, 103, 104, 112, 115, 

201, 203, '205. 
King's Cove, 113. 
Kitchen, John, 104, 115, 122, 134, 137, 144, 

1.50, KiO, 175, 184, 186, 217. 220, 226, 227, 

Knight, Wm., 28. 
Knights, Ezekiel, .53, 88, <.I2, 104. 

Ladders, 127, 2.32. 

Lambert, Goody, 148. 

Lambert, Michael, 75. 

Lambert, Richard, 23, 33, .52, 98, 102, 

208, 227. 
Laskin, Hugh, 15, 20, 26, 4;}, 103, 117, 

Lathrop, see Lothrop. 
Lawes, Francis, ."^O, 103, 114, 133, 1.34, 

Lawes' Hill, 9, 183. 

Layers out of land, 10, 18, 35, 38, 44. 

49, 62, 68, 79, 105, 113, 122, 125, 146, 

Leach, Goodman, 26, .57, 124. 
Leach, John, 23, 33, 76, 95, 102, 22<;. 
Leach, John, jr., 23, 227. 
Leach, Lawrence, 9, 19, 27, 33, :M, 37, 



f4— IT, 77, 70, iSO, 82—9.5, 90, 10;!, 10.5, 

114, 1-24, i;», 145, 154, 207. 
Leach, Kichard, 95, li>2, 214. 
Leacli, Robert, 19,23,:W, 103. 
Leach's Mill, 207. 

Lcamon, Robert, 23, 102, 151,200,209, 
Leather, 180. 

Lecture day, 11, 132, 135, 150, VA, 210. 
Ledger, 190, 212. 

Leeds, , 103. 

License to sell beer, 142. 

Listen, Nicholas, ,53, 58, 03, 74. 

Lockwood, Sergeant, 41, 47. 

Long hair, .55. 

Long Hill, 100. 

Long Marsh, 13. 

Long Pond, 27, 87. 

Longhani, 195. 

Lord, Wm., 10, 10, 21, 23, .52, 05, 71,88, 

113-125, 128-152, 210, 220. 
Lord's day, 9, 39, 41, 101, 131, 183. 
Lothrop, Marke, 122, 173. 
Lothrop, Thomas, 20, 25, 35, 05, 102, 110, 

114, 121, 122, 125, 129, 131, 133, 137, 144, 

145, 1,55, 1.50, 104, 174, 176, 178, 179, 182- 

185, 192, 195, 202, 210, 213, 218, 221, 222, 

Lovett, (Luvet) John, tK), 98, 105, 138, 103. 
Luir, John, 23, 102, 200. 
Lynn (Saxigus), 110, 1.50, 100, 1<;2, 213. 
Lyon, .John, 63, 74. 

Mackerell Cove, 20, 35, .38, 05, 72, 90, 105, 

113. 115, 120, 145, 146, UU, 108, 214. 
Magi.strates, 49, 68, 99, 100, 112, 130, 131, 

135, 142, 193, '201, 215. 
Manchester, 172. 
JNlappev, Wm., 230. 
Marblehead, 27, 28, 34,48, 50, 55, 58,59,63, 

74, 80, 95, 90, 107, 111, 127, 1.56, 157, 218. 
ISIarblebead Neck, 15, 16, 74, 75, 1.57. 
Mariott (Meviott), Nicholas, 15. 
Market at Salem, 8. 

31arket, Clerk of. 104, 191, l!«i, 213, 231,232. 
Marsh (March), -John, 23, 78, 102, 186, 211, 

Mar'sh land, 44, 45, 47, 57, 61, 07, 08, 70, 71, 

101, 108. 
Marshall, Brother, 50, 53. 
/Marshall, Edmund, 21, 23, 25, 05, 85, 10.3, 

Marshalls', 17, 18. 
Marsters, Nathaniel, 230. 
Marston, .John, 143, 159. 
Marston, Thomas, 23, 103. 
Marston, Wm., 23, 103. 
Mason, Elias, 100, 200, 220. 
Mason, .John, 221. 
Mason, Widow, 23, 102. 
Massey, Jeflfiy, 5, 10, 13, 15, 20, 26, 27, 35, 

38, 40, 44, 50-73, 77, 79, 83, 84, &5, 87, 88, 

92, 95, 97, 102, 104, 105, 106, 109-129, 1.32- 

142, 14.5-164, 167-172, 174, 176-209, 214, '222, 

223, 229, 232. 
Massey's Cove, 13. 
Maurv, see Morie. 
Maverick, Moses, 21, 45, 6;i, 70, 74, 95, 1'20, 

1.33, i;i5. 139, 145, 218. 
Meeting House, 41, 44, 49, M, 74,81,88,93, 

100, 107, 110, 119, 130, 131, 134, 135, l:;o. 

144, 147, 149, 152, 157, 169, l.SO, 186, 195. 

197, 204, 209, 219, '227, '230, 232. 
Meeting House, Shops near, 10, 180, 231. 
Meeting lloiise, Wm. Lord's house-lot 

given for, 10. 
Meeting House, addition to, 77, 81. 
Meeting House, seats in, '201, 214. 
Meeting House (at Cape Ann Side), 20.5. 

INIeriott, see ^Mariott, 03. 
JNIetcalfe, Theophilus, 19. 
Mill, 18, (», 07, (;9, 84, 101, 113, 130, l;;;!, 17.5. 

194, '205, 207. 
Mill, New, 108. 
Mill, Old, 108,117, 1'2.3, •2-23. 
Mill, Wind, 54. 
Mill Brook, 70, l.!3. 
Mill Field, 128. 
Miles, .Joseph, '200. 
Jlillard, .John, 202, '203. 
Ministry, 93, 1'20, 140, 197, '20.;, '204, 210, 21.5 

216, '2'2"4, '2'28. 
Moore (More), -John, '20, '25, '26,37, 102, 119. 

120, 1'26. 
Moore, Richard, 63, <t2, 119, 129, 210, •2;;2. 
Moore, Samuel, 19, 20,00, 103. 
Moore, Thomas, 17, 21, 23, 25, 102, 1'22. 
Moore, Widow, 17,21, 25, 37, 07, !>2, 102, 

Moore, William, 92. 
Morgan, Robert, '23, 65, 102, 103, 173, 187 


Morgan, S , 2'20. 

Morie (Maun-), '20, '2(i, 37, 39, 41, 42, .54, 71- 

72, 103, 109." 
Moulton, Father, 48. 
Moulton, Goodman, 113, 158, 100. 
Moulton, .James, 53, 93, 102. 
Moulton, Mr., 49. 
Moulton, Robert, 20, 27, 34, .37, 38, 44, 4.5. 

50—50, 58, 59, 70, 73, 99, 103, 131, 134, 149. 

154, 2-20. 
Moulton, Robert, jr., 04, (i7, 131, 164, 

Moulton's Brook, 1.58. 
Mousar, .John, 91, 94. 
Muskets, 125. 


Neale, Brother, 133. 

Neale, .John, 104, 137, 192, '200, '202, 214, 215. 

'2'26, '227. 
Neck, 9, 17, 29, 38, 40, 53, .54, 58, 02, 03. .89. 

94, 153, 191, 200, 213, '2'25. 
Neves, Goody, '206, '227. 
Nichols, Wm., 74, ISO, '22(;. 
Nixon (Nicks), Matthew, 91, !L>, 209. 
Non members, 120, 140. 

Norman, , 47. 

Norman, .John, 19, '23, 50, (iO, 102. 
Norman, Richard, 19, 24, 05, 103, 108, 109, 

Norris, Edward, 97, 110, 133, 136, 152, 158, 

ISO, 188, 194, '204, 210, 2'22, 223, '2'24, '227. 

Norris, Edward, .ir., 97. 
Norris, Mrs., 201. 
North Brook, 11. 
North Field, 114, 117, 174, 199. 


liTorth Neck, .3s, "G, l(i2, 178, l»2, 200, 214, 

North Pdiiit, 29. 
N.ntli River. ;«, .-58, 40, 101. 
Nortli .Side, 38, 80, 110, 12:{. 
Norton, (ieorsre, 20, 26, 102, 181, 20:i, 22it. 
Nurse, Fraucis, 154, 207, 218, 21!t.^ 


Old England, 80. 

Old Phmters, 12, 1.5, 47, 7'i, 70, 87, 1^2, 138, 

1(>4, 175. 
Oliver, Goodwife,, 147. 
Oliver, Thomas, 54, 122, 100, 107, 20(5, 222., 

22(> 227 229. 
Oliver, Thomas, jr., 167. 
Olnev, Thomas, 21, 26, 41, 103. 
Ordinaries, .W, 94, 97, 1.3(i. 
Osborne, Wm., 70. 117. 121, 131. 
Osgood's AMiaif, 11. 


Pacy, Nicholas, 78, 98. 

Vn'Jie. Margaret. 124, 140, 142, 147. 150. 

Page, K'oliert, 72, 103. 

I'aine iPavne), John, 151. 

Paine, Mr.. J66. 

I'aine, Thomas, .55, 57, S3, 84, 102. 

Paine, AVidow, 98. 

Paine, AVilliam, 181. 

Palfrev, Peter, 12, 16, 19, 50, .52,54—58, 61, 

(!3— 'i8, 72, 73, 7(i, 95, 103, 104, 110, 113— 

118, 121—140, 142, 143, 146, 148, 150, 162, 


Parmester (Parminter), , 39, 71. 

I'armester, Benjamin, 47, 83, 89, 98, 102. 

Pastures, 9, 13, 8.5, 189. 

Patch, Edmund, 90. 

Patch, James, 163, 2J3, 215. 

Patch, John, 220. 

Patch, Nicholas, !)0, 162. -^ 

Pattiu, Thomas, 116. 

Pauly, Benjamin, 1.52, 197, 213. 

Peach, John, 15, 63, 74. 

Peach's Neck, 74. 

Pearce, Anthony, 41. 

Pease, John, 24, 69, 103, 208. 

Pease, Robert, 24, 103, 171, 182, 183. 

Pen, 10, 39, 40, 41, 66, 87, 99, 191, 197. 

Pennington, Deborah, 29. 

Penn (Penny), Robert, 73, 74. 

Pequots, 49. 

Percie, jNIarmaduke, .53, 103. 

Perry, Francis, 24, 103, 132, 146, 147, 1.52, 

1.55, 160, 176. 
Pester, Wm., 24, 66, 71, 72, 100, 103. 
Peters, Hugh, 10, 25, 26, 27, 60, 64, 73, 75, 

91, 111, 148, 150. 
Pettingall, Richard, 114, 131. 
Phelps, Nicholas, 221, 229. 
Phillips, Mr., 77, 98. 
Pickering, John, .35, 46, 77, 81, 82, 84, 87, 

88, 89, 103, 113, 127, 140, 144, 162, 225. 
Pickett, John, 155, 177. 
Pickmau (Pitman), Nathaniel, 89, 151, 152, 

199, 207, 219, 232. 
Pickton, Thomas, 89, 160, 173, 177, 221, 

Pikworth (Pikwood), John, 24, 56, 60, 92, 

102. ' 

Pine Meadow, 109, 122. 

IMain, 78, 123. 

Planter's Marsh, 220. 

Plase, Wm., 50, .55, .56, 103, 121, 1.!:!. 139, 14;>. 

Pleasant Pond, 181. 

Ploughing, 47, 76, 78, SK). 

J'lymoiitli, .35. 

Ponds, 12, 13, 27, 43, .^sJ, .58, 64, 7.5, 84, 87. 

89, 109, 112, 115, 156, ItiO, 191, 213. 
Poole, Wm., 190. 
Pope, Joseph, 24, .59, (B, 103, 104, 149, 1.5.->, 

186, 213. 
Poor persons provided for, 64, 118, 120. 

121, 124, 131, 133, 136, 138, 139, 140, 142. 

143, 147, 148, 1.50, 174, 187, 189, 195, 202. 

204, 206, 208, 209, 210, 21.5—218, 231. 
Porter, Brother, 93, 107. 
Porter, Goodman, 131, 1.56. 
Porter, Jo., 102. 
Porter, John, 131, 144—151, 1.58, 1.59. 161. 

162,165,166,167, 171—181, 184, 187—210. 

217, 226—232. 
Porter, Jonathan, 24, 1.57, 179. 
Porter, NathanieJ, 21, 73, 106. 
Porter, Samuel, 214. 
Potter, Nicholas, li)2, 217, 232. 
Poultrjs 41. 

Pound, .52, 68, 86, 87, lOO, 127, 14.>. 
Price, Mrs., 201. 
Price, Walter, 131 , 13.5, 139, 145, 1.50, 151. 

1,59, 167—170, 17.5—179, 194—209, 219, 220. 

222, 224, 227, 228, 231, 2.32. 
Prices of grain, &c., 132, 187. 
Pride, John, 24, 41, 102, 130. 
Prince, Richard, 91, 94, 104, 118, 131, l.Sl. 

137, 139, 146, 180, 181, 19C^— 209, 219. 
Prince, Robert, KKJ. 
Prince, Si.ster, 201. 

Prior, , 76. 

Putnam, Goodman, 136. 

Putnam, John, 109, 131, 172, 180. 206, 212. 

213, 229, 2.32. 
Putnam, John, jr., 175, 180, 186. 
Putnam, Nathaniel, 161, 165, 168, 172, 184, 

193, 204,208, 219, 221, 222, 223, 226, 228. 
Putnam, Thomas, 104, 109, ia5, 187, 188. 

191, 200, 210, 213, 215, 217, 223, 225, 228, 

229, 232. 


Rams, 39, 52, ia5. 

Rates, 30, 48, 57, 59, 60, 63, 64, 69, 7:3, 77, 8^ 
i>5, 97, 104, 10(J, 107, 120, 121, 124, 127, 130 
—134, 137—142, 145, 1.50, 151, 153, 178, 181, 
183, 184, 186, 187, 188, 190, 193, 195, 197, 
200, 203, 204, 205, 210, 211, 215, 216, 217. 
219, 222, 224—232. 

Rav, see Rea. 

Rayles, 110, 117, 191, 199. 

Rayment (Raymond), Brother, 40. 

Rayment, John, 173, 202, 214, 222, 22s. 

Rayment, Mr., ;i3. 

Rayment, Richard, 19,27,57,60,102,181,207. 

Rea, Daniel, 20, 26, 27, :«, 34, 43, 44, 45, 
50— 53, .56— 59, 97, 98, 102, 107, 114, 131, 
139, 154, 1.55, 156, 180, 200. 

Read, Esdras, 84, 98, 115, 123. 

Read, Thomas, 13, 19, 24, 44,47, 70, 78, 8J, 
102, 103, 124, 125, 142, 147, 1.58, 159. 

Read's Bridge, 133. 


Read's Hill, f<i, 17<i. 

Reading, '201. 

Reeves, John, IIG, 159. 

Reignolds (Renalls), Henry, 112, 110, -220. 

Ringe, Thomas, 24. 

Rising, James, 202. 

Rivers and highwavs to be free, 12, 101, 

123, 134. 
Ri.x, Thomas, 180, 181. 
Robins, Thomas, KiO, 200, 214, 220, 2ii. 
Robinson, Goodman, Kio. 
Robinson, John, 78, 104, 142, 1.50, 100. 
Robinson, Mrs., 104. 
Robinson, Wm., 05, 104, 133, 103, 223. 
Rook, 9, 13, 18, i.% 1.54, 217. 
Roots, Joseph, 139, 224. 
Roots, Joshua, 24, 102, r.l, 190, 197, 220, 

227, 230. 
Roots, Josiah, 103, 172, lS(i, 188, 201, 222, 

Rciots, Riohard, 20, 25, 50, 0.5, 103. 
R.Mils, Thomas, 24, 102, 1.58, 173, 185, 200, 

RopeKGeorge, 24, 47, 80, 102. 110, 1.37, 188, 

Royall, see Ryalls. 
Ruck, John, 172, 180, 203, 224. 
Rn.'k, Mr., 83, 91, 92, 98, 130. 
Ruck, Thomas, 179. 
Rumboll, Daniel, 120, isl, 193, 200, 207, 

214, 228. 
Rumboll, Good, 1.52. 
Rumboll, Sarah, isl. 
Russell, John, 03. 
Russell, Richard, 1.55. 
Ryall's Neck, 107, 201. 
Ryall's Side, 70, 123, 143, 177, 214. 

Salem Church, 25, 30, 38. 
Sallowes, John, 22i, 22S. 
Sallowes, Michael, 9, 11, 24, 102, 110, 123, 
Sallowes, Thomas, 214. 
Salt House, 70, 90. 
Saltonstall, Richard, 170, 179. 
Sams, Thomas, 74. 
Sanders, Arthur, 95. 
Sanders, John, 20, 20, 103, 108, 111, 171. 
Saugus (l>ynn), 28, 04, 83, 87, 89. 
Saugus path, 58. 
Sawyer, Wm., 114. 
Sawyers, 31. 
Scarlett, Goodwife, 104. 
Scarlett, Widow, 21, 20, 98, 102. 
School House, 184, 192. 
Schools, 97, 132. 
Scruggs, Thomas, 14, 10, 17,20, 31, 34, 38, 

42—47, 50—54, 50, .59, 102, 130, 149, 1.50, 

Scudder, Goodman, 103, 115. 
Scudder, John, 113, 143. 
Scudder, Thomas, 1.55, 1.59. 
Scudder, Wm., 103. 
Sedgwicke, Major, 170. 
Seeres, Alexander, 214. 
Scares, Richard, 03, 74. 
Select Men, 157, 1.59-102, 10.5—109, 171, 173, 

IT.-j— 1S2, 184, 18.5, 187— litO, 1!>2— 19(5, 198, 

199, 200, 202—210, 212, 213, 21,5—218, 220 

—224, 228, 231. 

Sergeant Major, 126. 
Sergeant, Wm., 209. 
Seven Men, 07, 77, 85, 97, 99, 101, 111, 113, 

121—125, 128, 132, l;i4, 137, i:i8, 140, 142, 

143, 140, 147, 149, 151, 155, 150, 1.58, 1(J4, 

105, 109, 170, 172, 174. 
Seven Men's Bounds, 1.58, 213. 
Shaflin, Michael, 24, 103, 120, 137, 140, 171, 

194, 210, 214. 
Sharpe, Mrs., 210, 219, 222, 228. 
Sharpe, Samuel, 5, 10, 19, 21, 27, :«, 44, 49, 

51, 53, 73, 89, 101, 103, 111, 133, 137, 141, 
152, 200. 
Sharpe's Hill, 20(!. 
Sheplev, John, 24, 34, 47, 91, 95, 103. 
Shipbuilding, 54, 107, 112. 
Shire Commissioners, 195. 
Shops, 10, .55, 180, 231. 
Sibley, John, 21, 25, 20, :«, 37, 101. 
Siblev, Richard, 198, 212, 218. 
Sillsby, Heniy, 89. 
Simons, see Symonds. 
Singletary, Richard, .57. 
Skelling, "Thomas, 117. 
Skelton, Samuel, 15, 27, 32, 109. 
Skerry, Francis, 24, 102, 124, 128, 140, 149, 
159, 101, 103, 105, 174, 178, 194, 200, 201, 
202, 200, 222, 223, 225, 227. 
Skerry, Heni-y, 51, .55, 103, 114, 124, 127, 
128, 130, 140,' 103, 175, 177, 185, 190, 192, 
193, 200, 207, 209, 213, 210, 221, 222, 223, 
225, 228, 229, 2.30, 2.32. 
Small, John, 115, 105, 208. 
Small lots, m. 
Smith, George, 9. 

Smith, James, 9, 11, 24, 79, 82, 83, 102. 
Smith, John, 45. 
Smith, Mathew, 54. 
Smith, Mr., 24, 45, 47, 82, 90, 102. 
Smith, Samuel, 09. 
Smith, Thomas, 88, 103, 100, ItiO. 

Smith, Widow, 24, 70. 

South Field, 123, 130, 142, 148, 192, 199,214. 

South River, 29, 09, W. 

Soiithwicke, Goodman, 158. 

Southwicke, John, 187, 188, 229. 

Southwicke, Lawrence, 87, 94, 99, 109, 100, 
194, 215. 

spooner, Goodman, 111. 

Spooner, Thomas, 51, 104, 131, 137, 155, 
108, 182, 180, 191, 222, 220, 227, 228. 

Stackhouse, Richard, 75, 174, 189, 203. > 

Stacy, Hugh, 98, 118. 

Stage Point, 100. 

Standish, James, 20, 24, 40, 05, 92, 102, 102, 

Stephens, Mr., 27, .54, 80, 94, 9<i, 102, 107. 

Stephens, Wm., 03, ito. 

Stileman, Elias, 20, 24, 27, U, 38, 44, 45, 08, 
103, 109, 101,181. 

Stileman, Mr., 30, .32, 01, 05, 07, 103, 108, 

Stileman, Richard, 151, 100, 105. 

Stileman, Sergeant, 210. 

Stocks, <)5, 199. 

Stone, John, 24, 29, 70, 78, 94, 102, 185, 200, 
200—209, 220, 228, 229, 230. 

Stratton, John, 52, 08, 103, 119, 194. 

Sti-ong Water Brook, 70, 88, 215. 

Strong Water Bridge, 149. 

.Surveyors, II, ;;.'>, Jii, i:i, .VJ, .v;, (il. 

Swan," Ilt'iirv , ,s:5, si, '.i!<. 

Swiisey, .Jolin, 171. 

Sweet, John, lit, U, Ji). 

Sweet, Widow, 104. 

Swine, :U, (4, (iS, S."., s7, !C2,'.t7, Itm, KU, H 

1-27, l:i(), l:!7, U:!, I'rl, 18-2, ML', 21 1 , •2-2."i. 
Swinuerton, Job, .'iS, (ir), (is, ll.j, |.")l, 1^ 

Kid, 174, 2-2!t. 
Svnionds (Simons), John, '21, 4(), lu:;, I 
"l->:!, 17<i, 20:{, '207. 


'ralbio, John, 17, 21, ^(i, 40, lo.i, l.s7, IS'.I, 

li),!, 19.'), 204, '21.5, '210. 
Tan pits, S9. 
Tavlor, Thomas, .S.5. 
Teinp]e, Aliv.iliam, '21, .'>."), 7s, 102. 
Temiilt', l!i<liai'd, l:>2. 
Thatcher, Anthony, O.'S. 
Tliatching housesi .57. 
Thirteen iMen, 30. 
Thomas, David, 21'.), ■2-22. 22<;. 
Thomas, .James. KiO. 
Thorndike, John, 12, 17, 21, 21. i:i l'.», (il, 

tj2,(;,j, 7."), 102,1-24, 101, lOS, 170, ISl, 100. 
Thorndike's Plain, 11.'). 
Throgmortou, Mr., S7. 
Thurston, Goodman, 102. 
Thur.ston, .John, OS. 
Thurston, Kichard, 04. 
Tidd, .loshiia, 50. 
Tide .Mill, 101. 
Timber trees, 14, 17, .JO, ;>1, .14, lo7, 112, 

100, 108, '204, -218,210. 
Tomkins, .John, 41, .')1, ().'>, 104. 
Tonikins, IJalph, 11.'), l.')(), 177. 
Tompson, Archibald, o;i. 
Tompson, Edmund. '.12, 07, 102. 
Tompson, Widow, 74. 
Topsfield, 174, 182, lOS, 20.j, 212, 214, 2-23, 

Torrev, Wm., '232. 
Town House, 184, 18(). 
Town iNIeetings, 11, 10, 15, S8, 00, i:!;;, 140, 

10-1, KiO, 170, -206, 210, -2-20, -227, -2;!1. 
Town Records, 5, (i, s, 10, 18, .'iO, ;!7,.iS,42, 

4;!, 47— .")0, 00, 101, 100, 111. II.'), no, iis, 

152, 154, Kil, 172, 180, 181, -2;!2. 
Towne, Wm., 108, 154. 
Tracy, Tliomas, :5;5, 40, 101. 
Training, 13!t, 107. 
Trask, Henry, -208, '2-2(i. 
Tr:i;-k, Osman, 170, 200, -2(»7. 
Trask, Wm. (Captain), 10— l.i, 10—10, 27. 
■ a, 45, .')S, 70, 101, 10.'!, lOS, 113, 1-20, 
., !',(!, 141, 144, 147, l.')5, 1.50, 102, 

■^('i;, -208, 214. 
. 111'.-, Ui2. 
■• ; Thomas, 73, 74, 78, 03, 104, 175. 

I ■, . iiOmas, '25, :>'.), 110, l:J4, 140, 1.52, 

1, ' vcr, John, 134, 103. 
Tuke, Uoljert, 115. 
T'nrland, Ann, 11. 
Turland, .Joshua, 23o. 
Turner, Charles, Ho. 
Turner, Widow, 21. 
I'uttlc, John, 110. 

Twelve Men, 4o. .Vi 
Tyke, se(^ Tuke. 


Underwood, James, 

Vale, ,S , l.-)2. 

Vassall, Wm., 100. 

Venner, Mr., 171. 

\'enner, Thomas, 51, 102, 121. 

Verniais. >rark, 72, 74. 

N'eruiais, Widow (Ellis), 73, 83.- 

Verren, Hilliard. 112, 131, 1.58, 181, 101, 

195, '207, 214, '2-23, 'liih 
Verren, Joshua, 0, 73. 74, 07, 122, 131, 140. 
Verren, Mr., 32, 52, .57, 01, 04, 73, 75, 103, 

104, 100. 
Verren, Philip, 13, 21 , 24, 32, 38, 44—47, 51 , 

77, 103, 108, 131, 151, h)3, 105, 177, 2'20, 

Verren, Pliilip,jr., 1,31. 
Vickerv, (ieorge, (>3. 
Village, 73, 77, 01, 112. 
\insent, Mr., 'IH. 
Vinsent, Wm., '24, 51, .53, iiH. 
Votes and proxies, 48, 08, 1-20, 170, 105.212. 

Wake, Wm., .52. 
Wakelield, Jonn, 0;i, 74. 
Walcott, Wm., 10, 20, 10.3, 171. 
Walker, Richard, -24, .50, 10.;. 
Walker, Wm., .30. 
Waller, Christopher, 1.50, -207, 221. 
Waller, Matthew, 33, 38, 78, 101. 
Waller, Wm., 1:57. 
Waltham, .^Ir., 05. 
Walton, Mr., 74, 80. 
Ward, .John, 112. 
Ward, Miles, 100. 
Warrant, form of, ;i5, ;;7, t.!, 1.5. 
Warren, Abraham, U, 21, 1(»3, 101, 210, 

Warren, Ralph, 74. 
Waterman, Richard, '20, 2(i, 27, 43, .52, l(t2, 


Watertown, 40. 

Watcli, 132, 184. 

Waters, Mr., 10:!. 

Waters, Richard, 24, 00, 11:!. 

Watheu, (Jeorgc, lio. 

Watson, Thomas, 21, 70, s:;, 102, 130, 100, 

107, 174, 178, 103, '2-22. 
Ways, see highways. 
AVebb, Mr., -25, 103. 
Webster, John, &5, 128. 
Weeks, Thomas, 86, 01, llo, 115, 1-28. 
Weights and measures, 04, 144, 101, -2-28, 

220 2:52. 
Wenham"(Euon), 1-25, i:{0, 145, KiO, 101, 

102, 160, 173,181,221,-2-28. 
Wenham Common, 1:58. 
Wenham Swamp, 173, 181. 
Wescott, Stuckley, -20, '24, lo:!, 1'23. 
West, Thomas, 08, 110, 1 10, l'27, "200, '2-20. 
Weston, Francis, -20, 27, 32, .37, 47, 01, 07. 




Wharton, Kdwara, 1(1!), 18S. 
Wheatoii, Kobei-t, .«, 74, I'.'S. 
Wheeler, Thomas, 14r), 153, 1.54. 
Whiiipinjj post, lit'.). 
Whiting, Mr., 203, 204, 210, 217, 219, 222, 

224, 227. 
White, John, (to, US, ISl. 
Whitehaire ( Whiteeare), Abraham, (13, !)5. 
Williams, George, 19, 25, 26, 33, 37, 101, 

12S, 161, 178,231. 
Williams, Isaac, 228. 

Williams, John, 182, lai, lil8, 212, 221, 230. 
Williams, Mr., 111. 
Williams, Samuel, 198, 212. 
Williams, William, .52, 103. 
Willoughli\ , .Mr., 150. 
Wilson, Ed., 152. 
Windmill, .54. 
Wmter Harbor, 33, 36, 41, .55, r<3, (ifi, 07, 7<>, 

78, 80, 83, 84, 88, 92. 
Winter, Island, 16, 55, 67, 75, 92, 94, 97, 

Hi."), 1.36, 183. 
Winter Neck, 130. 
Winthrop, John, jr., 7, 18, 70, 90. 
Winthrop, Mr., 86. 
Winthroii, Stephen, 53, 64. 

Wood, John, 25. 
Wood, Wm., 70. 
'.Voodbury, Andrew, 214. 
\"oodbxiry, Father, 10. 
Voodbury, Hugh, 173. 
Woodbury, Humphrey, 19, 24, 33, 65, 102, 

1^3, 146, 175, 177, 229. 
Woodbury, John, 10, 12, 16, 19, 2(i, 27, 28, 

32, 34, :«, .37, 38, 44—47, 50—97, 103, 105, 

109, 112, 175. 
Woodbury, Nicholas, ()5, 170, 191. 
Woodbury, AVm., 25, 39, iS, T2, 97, 99, 102, 

120, 145, 1.50, 1.52. 
Woolf, I'eter, 19, 25, 20, 36, 37, .55, 102. 
Woolen, Edward, 219. 
Wooliston's Kiver, 13, 47. 
Wolves, 107, 126, 133, 227. 
Wright, George, 58, 104, 117, 118. 

Young (Yongs), Christopher, 37, 38, ,80, 

83, 103, 118. 
Young, John, ,54, 98. 
Young, Josepli, 79, 80, ,83, 98, 119. 
Young, Mr., 101. 




Esses: Institute, fe^aleiii, 3Ia s s . 

JOURNAL of the Essex County Natural History Society. 8vo, 1836—1852, $ 50 
PROCEEDINGS of the Essex Institute. 8vo: — 

Vol. I. 1848 — 1856 2 00 

" II. 1856 — 1858, 2 00 

" III. 1858 — 1863, 2 00 

" rv. 1864—1865, (Quarterly) with fifteen plates 5 00 

" V. 1866 — 1867, " " plates, 6 00 


Part I. North America and the West Indies. Alphabetical ar- 
rangement. Pamphlet, 12mo, 1865, 75 

Part II. North America and the West Indies. Systematical "l Being 

arrangement, 1 issued 

Part III. North America and the West Indies. Geograph- f Proceed- 
ical arrangement, J lngs,vol 5. 

HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS of tlie Essex Institute. Small 4to : — 

Vol. I. (Bi-monthly) 1839, 2 00 

" II. " 1860, 2 00 

III. " 1861, 2 00 

" IV. " 1862, 2 00 

" V. " 1863, 2 00 

" VI. " 1864, 2 00 

" VII. " 1865, 2 00 

" VIII. (Quarterly) 1868, 2 00 

Second Series, 8vo", Vol. I, 1868, 3 00 

COLE'S Infusoria of Salem. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1853,* 50 

ALLEN'S Victoria Regia, or the Great Water Lily of America. Royal folio, 

six colored plates, 1854, 10 00 

WHITE'S Covenant of the First Church. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1856,* . . . 10 
STREETER'S Account of the Newspapers and other Periodicals published 

in Salem. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1856,* 15 

ENTDICOTT'S Account of Leslie's Retreat. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1856,* . . 25 
FOWLER'S Account of the Life, Character, &c., of the Rev. Samuel Parris, 

and of his connection with the Witchcraft Delusion of 16U2. 

Pamphlet, 8vo, 1857,* 15 

WHITE'S Memoir of the Plummer Family. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1857, . . 15 

DEDICATION of Plummer Hall. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1857, 30 

WEINLAND'S Egg Tooth of Snakes and Lizards. Pamplilet, 8vo, with a 

plate, 1857,* 15 

EKDICOTT'S Account of the Piracy of the ship Friendship of Salem in 

1831. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1858,* .,..-.... 15 

THE WEAL-RE AF, a Record of the Essex Institute Fair. Pamph., 8vo, 1860, 30 

WHITE'S New-England Congregationalism. 1 Vol. 8vo, 1861. . . . 1 00 
UPHAM'S Memoir of Gen. John Glover, of Marblehead. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1863,* 50 

BRIGGS' Memoir of D. A. White. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1864.* 30 

PACKARD'S Notes on the Family Zygsenidse. Pamphlet, 8vo, with two 

plates, 1864,* . ■ 75 

PUTNAJVI'S AND PACKARD'S Notes on Humble Bees, &c. Wild Bees of 

New England, their Parasites, &c., with a plate. Pamph., 8vo, 1865,* 75 
McIL WRAITH'S List of Birds of Hamilton, C. W. Pamphlet, 8vo, 1866,* , 0.15 
HISTORICAL NOTICE of the Essex Institute, with the Constitution, By- 
Laws and lists of the Officers and Members. Pamph., Svo, 1866, . 25 
THE A3IERICAN NATURALIST, a Popular Illusti-ated Monthly Magazine 

of Natural History. One volume a year, 8vo. Vol. 1. 1867, . . 3 00 
Vol. n, March, 1868-February, 1869. (Published by the Peabody Academy 

of Science), 3 00 

HYATT'S Observations on Fresh-water Polyzoa.* 103 pages, 9 Plates and 

21 Cuts, 8vo, 1868, 2 50 

PACKARD'S Guide to the Study of Insects, Svo, with Cuts. Published in 

parts at 50 cents each. Part I, June, 1868, now ready, . . . 50 

TO^VN RECORDS OF SALEM, 1634 to 1659,* 3 00 

•Extra copies from the Proceedings and Histokical Collections. 

Price of a complete set of the above Publications, not 
including extras, $49 50. 



Containing the llecords of the Meetings ; Quarterly Lists of atUli- 
tioiis to tlie Museum and Library ; Communications read before the 
Institute on Natural History and Horticulture, illustrated with plates 
and wood-cuts ; and the Natukalists' Diuectoky, are now issued in 
Quarterly Numbers, at $3.00 a ycmr. 8vo. Two years to a volume. The 
hfth volume now pul)lishing. Communications for publication in the 
Proceedings received by H. AViieatland, Secretari/,ov F. W.Putnam, 
Editor; Salem, Mass. Additions, corrections, etc., for the Naturalists' 
Directory received ):>y F. W. Putnajm, Editor, Salem, Mass. 



Containing all papers of an IHstorical Character read before or 
submitted to the Institute. One volume published each year. Vols. 
1-8 small 4to, at $2.00 a volume. The ninth volume (the first of the 
second series), 8vo, now publishing. Price, $3.00. Communications 
received by H. Wheatland, Secretary, or W. P. Upiiam, Editor, Salem, 

the nine volumes for eighteen LK^LLARS. 


Contains, papers of a popular character, antl is inteniled to foster a 
love for the study of Natural History. It is issued in monthly num- 
bers of fifty-six or more pages each, with many plates and wood- 
cuts, 8vo. Commenced in March, 1867. Subscription price , $3.00 a ijear. 
Vol. II. commenced March, 1868. 

Editors, A. S. Packard, Jr., Alpheus Hyatt, Edavard S. Morse, 
anil E. W. Putnam, Salem, Mass. With a large corps of contributors, 
embracing the best scientific talent in the country. 

Papers for publication in the Ameri(;an Naturalist should be ad- 
dressed to Dr. A. S. Packard, Jr., Salem, Jlass. Business comnuini- 
cations to Editors American Naturalist, Salem, 3Iusti. 

SuiiSCRH'TiONS to the several publications received ))y H. Wheat- 
land, Treasurer, E. W.Putnam, Superintendent, or by the respective 
Editors, and by the Agents of the Institute. Back volumes of all the 
publications can be furnished. Q ^ 

J^^=°A11 remittances, when possible, should be made in Post-office 


payable to order, or in Registered letters. Money sent through the 
mail is at the risk of the sender, unless the letter containing it is reg- 

AD7.a -^ 

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