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Full text of "Town records, Warwick, R. I"

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C^ ;V/ 

■e)ff<\ re. Cord ^ . f^'rj^ 'ocjoi 

This transcript from the original in the office 
of the Town Clerk of Warv^ok was made for the RHODE 
ISLA^TD HISTORICAL GOCIETy in the year 1911 hy Louise 
Prosser Bates and typed in 191ii lay Elsie Burgess Dana. 

Matter appearing in red is not a part of the 
original record Tout is introduced as explanatory. 
Numbers in red in the left hand margin refer to a con- 
tinuous page notation added to the original in x'snoil 
for the purijoses of the transcription. 

A portion of each of the first ninety-eight pj^es 
of the original "book is devoted to shorthand notes 
which, api)arently, were made before its dedication to 
public use and, so far as deciphered, have no connec- 
tion with the later purposes of the volume. 


- :? f, 



Half pa[;G shorthaad. 

Kr Holiraan 

Mr »/arner 

Henry Towns end 

Mr Houlden 

Mr Weekes 

Mr Gorton 

are chosen for tlie 

Tovme Coiinsell 

J 'J? 

R T 
"r Sraitli 


Henry Tovmsen 
Po Gr 
K H 
J D 
S W 

W Tod 
B Ga 
J Q 
V B 
R ?ot 
J s 

John Greene 

2 Half pags shor'ohand 

llathan Peircc Sannark is 
a Crop on the Right oar 
and aelit in ye same 
and a half pemiey under 
the Left Rooordod ye 
g7th of June 1741 

John lip 
Hen '20X1 
Mr 1?od 
Pet Buz 
Jolin Tovm 
John S-wcete 

Benjamin Porcc Earmark is 
a Small Crop on each 3ar 
and aslit imdei* each 
Sntred ye 10th of May 1737 

Eicli "^ovm 

1^ War 
"r ^oli 
Mr liou 
■Stu TJestcot 
^o"b '■'est 
Hi Gil ilar 
Tho Green 
Jaiaos Qreene 
■Jolin Cooke 

Mr Warner & Mr Potter are to helpe lay out a piece of 
land against o^-ir lotts ends 

I.Ir Holliman 
Mr Potter 
Mr Tod 

Henry ToT??nsond 
Richard TovTiisond 
Richard Earcut 
Peter Greene 
Btukly -"estcote 
John Sweet e 
John Cooke 
John Lippit, sr 

Itr Greenes© cart 
one day 

P.ichard rcstcot 
cart one day 
T^ioh: Harcutt 
one day for Rich 

Hich '"^'^''"T'sond 
one day oe halfe 
Henry Tox^send 
three da;^7'ee 

John Ho re 
Kichard Carder 
Jolm DovTnlnge 

llT Smiths tccriG one 
day more 

Eich: HaroTitt fov/er dayes 

John more one day 

Ohris. Unthanke 

one dj&-y 

Mr Warner ffower 

day OS 

Aaaoc estoot 

three dayes and halfe 

SairaiGll Gorton one day 

George Bauldin £ daye 

Geo: Bauldin one day 

for Mr Eoaldon 

Mr Smiths tvro t 'torn) 

one day 



Half page shorthand 

Mr Holliraan 
ISr Potter 

Eichard Carder 

Henry TowriBcnd 

John ToT/nsond 

Stiikly '"estcote 

Peter Greene 

John Sweeto 

Jolm lippet 

John Cooke 

The verdict of the Jury 
wee find for the plai- 
ntive : f'- the defendant 
to pay unto him 
for damadgec one 
and cost 

This is concerning 
Richard Harcutts 
action against Sachary Rode 

Jolm Downinge 
John More 

'^hr^. c^'f^t "• (illegible) 

6 Hfilf page shorthand 

Tlioinas Greene witnosseth "beinge engaged mtnessetli that 
his hrother James aeniauncled 10 shillings of Stu^ly WaEcote 
or 2 "biishollB and a halfe of Indian Gome 5: Stnlr:!-^ -^scotc 
ansi;7ered he Tv-ode spoake With Mr Weekee and then he shoiild 
know v/hat to doc the time was the last Tomie meeting 
Peter Greene vatnesseth that at the eaine tiiae hee heard the 
same only mentioninge the note 


Half pag'=! shorthand 

1ST Holiman 
Mr Potter 

Richard Carder 

Hi chard Towns end 

Hichard Harcutt 

■JoIwl So-wnson 
Henry Tovmsend 

John Coolre 

John Dovmingo 

John I To re 

John TiT)T>ott sr 

•The verdict is 

■wee find for 

the defena.ant 

cost So danage 

in the suit hetv;een 

StiLlfly Was cote 

defendant & {*a8hary-Sede 


Jaraos Greene 

Jolm bv/eot 

Benjamin Tiffenoys mark is aforlr in the Right lilar and 
a halpennoy over an.d under the same ontred ye 4th of feh- 
nzary 1737/8 

8 Half page shorfhand 

To fhe Sergeant or Ms Deputy 
You are herby required in Ms maiesties name to Suraons : 
A 3: Inhabitant of this Towne of V'arwicke to apeare at the 
next Court of Tryalls to hoe holden in this Tovme of War- 
wicke the Tuesday in next there to answer C D: in 
an action of 

hearing date the of 166i thcrofe fayle 
not given under my hand this of 1661 . 

By raee clarke 


9 Half page shorth^.nd 

You A B are laerhj required Suhpena to 

You A B are herhy required in his inaiesties name Sub- 
poena to make your apearance at the nest Court of Trialls 
to (blottea.) holden in this Towne of V/arwick the 
Tuesday in nest there to give in evidence in a case 
Depondinge betT/ist A B: and C Drtherofe faile not given un- 
der lay hand this da^r of 166i 

By mee dark 

Thomas Hills Sarmark is a Crop on ye left ear and a hole in 
the sariie and a slit in the top of the Right entred the 8th 
of April 17S8 

10 Half page sliortliand 

Samiiel V'hitman Ear raarl: is a laind Gad in ye Left 
Ear and a half perDiy imdor ye lUght Bintrod ye 15 of I-arch 
17E6 or 7 

George '"'hiirman Sarmark is a Crop on. ye left ear and a 
hole in ye Saroe iiar Kecorded ye 19th of March 1724/5 

t'illiara Tippitts Earmark is a fork in Each Bare and a 
halpenney imder ye Loft entered ye 10th of Kay 17E5 pr 
John "rickes Clerk 

Ahrah-am Locl-rwood Jur takes hi? rsarl-r 

hem's- i'ippits /iarniark a fork in iiach 3ar and a half 
pGnn.ey over and tmder ye tho Eight Recorded ye £7th of 
Decemhr 1725 

10a Half page shorthand 

The Brand Llark of Capt Peter Greens Creatures is 
on ye near Bnttooi: in this figiier Hecorded yc 5th 
of -Time 1722 pr John 7,ickeG Clerk 

3dv;ard Gortons Ear mark is a Crop on ye left Ear 
Sqiiar of and a halpeny under side of yo Right 

hie son Edv7ard takes this mark 

Kocorded ye 8th of June 17E4 pr John sickoG Glerk 

Tho Sarmark of John Green son of ye ahove sd Peter 
Green in a '^•litt rrc t:ndor 3ido of -to Right ear Out 
Square i?-. jveoux-aed yc H-itJ: of jjecorabr 1724 

11 Half pag;e shorthand 

V/illiam Iloldens Banaark of his Creatures Is a Crop 
on je Right Ear Cut Square off and two Slits in ye Left 
ye one Right on ye t--'-' '^-' -'■- other on ye under ?.ide 
Slanting towards ye Roote ox sd Ear in this figuer 
Recorded ye 15th of aprill 17EB 

John Rice 7/e third Sarmarh of hir "-••oatureG is a forlr 
in ye Right i^ar and halpeny ye upor Side of ye Left 
Recorded ye 29th of January 1725/4 

Joseph Clarke Earmark of his Creatures is a Crop in ye 
left oar and two Slits in yo top of the Sarae Entred ye 
7th of Juno 1725 

12 Half I age shorthand 

Samuel Gorton son of I.!r Samuel Gorton his lOar mark of 
hiB Creatures is^ «, i-^ni-r- ,-.f^i-,T mit out ■^'"^ mider side of 
Each Sare Trhich was Capt Benjamin Gortons Sar mark 
Recorded ye 31 day of Octoher 1720 

per ne George V.'eastgeato 
ToT/n Clerk 

August ye 22nd 1739 Benjamin Barl takes ye mark of ye 
sd Sanmel Gorton which was Benia Gortons 

The Earmark of Josiah Colvins Croat-uros is a fork in 
ye Right and a Slitt in ye Left into ye top of sd 
ear 5; a half penney under the saine iintred ye 18 of T^ay 1726 


13 Half page short liand 

Hobort V'asGote Tootifioth that he of a friday after 
af4;e=? he saw the v/ritinge 'Tenderod at Hicliard Harciitts 
house In his fathers hd'alfo & James droene rofuoed 

It 5- sayd he vrould sue the "bond & he bid John Bojmet "beare 
v/itnesEo "- '^-^"'''^ r^-,.-r^--:-.^. f-^-d hero tvas Hathanoell 
could "bearo v/itnosa likov;ise 

Jonathan l?s>Ger8 3ar marck of his Creatuers is a hole 
ciit out of the Eight "j^are ItGOorded the eleventh day of 
October 1720 -per me George ^'eastgeate 

(Torm ClGrlt 

14 ialf page shorthprd 

Israel Arnold Junr the ear© jnark of his cattell is 
a crop on the top of the right earo and a hole in the 
left eare* 

■Recorded the 20th of March 1711/lS 

Benjamin Smith Jiinr his .■5are mark of ?ais oattell and 
other C creatuers is a slitt cut into the top of ICach :?.are 
in the nidel of ye top dor^-n toards the Hoate ©hout half 
dovin ye earo l.ocorded the 85 th of "ay 1V13 

John Hoadco Jtmr Faro Iilarko is a forke in ye left ?,ar 
and a halpemij;' under ye Eight Eooorded ye 21st Bay of 
Augxxst 171G 

Zachariali HodeG is Ear nark is a Crop on ye iiight ::;ar 
and invo Slits in it and a slit under ye left 3ar June ye 
1st 1728 

Steplion Groone Son of Jolm takes P-hodos .iterk 

Robert "Qstgeat ICai-rnark is a Crop on ye Right ear 
and two holes in the same 

IS Half page shorthand 

Peter Greene Jimer the llare mark of his CattelLis a 
Slitt on the tuider Gidc the right eare and a hole above 
the Slitt in the Baine care 

Recorded y:ar. IC, 1711/12 
The Earmark of Thomas ^^ ickes is a fork in the loft and 
a halpenney over the Hight ear entred ye 5th of Jime 17S8 

John Batty ;:iareraarke of his Creatures is a Crop of ye 
Left Har & afore Gadd in ye Hlght Recorded ye 28th Day of 

Aprill 1718 

Entred to Jonathan iillles 
John Garard aarmark is a Crop on ye Eight lilar and afore 
Gad on ye Loft Recorded ye l5th of April 1724 

16 Half pags shorthand 

Adun Casey the eare mark of l-is Cattell is a foregad 
on the right eare and a hinde gaO. on the loft oarc 
this raa,rk is taken up Record the 4th of Aprill 1712 

Phillup Lv;eet the Care mark of -■i'- cattell is a fore 
gad in Each Sare 

Recorded the 5th of Jontiary 1712 or 13 


John holcLon the ^are mark of - -■ -ttel ±b a fork in the 
left ^are ana a Blitt rite up one "che imder side of the erne 
Earc Be cor dc a tlie 16th: of Jiily 1715. 

17 Half page shortliana 

BtGphen Arnold the oare irarlr of his cattell for hogs 
Sh-eep or Cattell of any i^ort is a crop on the right care and 
a i=^lit in the Crop and a halpeny ye undereldc of ye sawc Hare 

"tooorded ffehruary SI. 1711 


Stephen Low mark ic ye sar, o of rtephen Anid with a hole in 
ye Left ear entred y© 19th of Decemher 1729 

•; llli;^^ He-einton the F.are laarke of his Cattell and other 
Creatures is a fore gad in tho left Eare and a half penney 

over and under the Right Eare 

Recorded ffehruary January the first 

1712 or IS 

18 Half page shorthand 

Benjamin Green iare mark of his Oreatiiors is a slit in 
Each side of ye Kight Eare Ms hrand mark is B:G on ye near 
huttock P.ocorded ye 24th Day of Deccjiher 1716 pr John 

rickes Clerk 

^.Tillia^T Greens ^are mark of his Great-uers is tv70 slits 
in yo under side of ye Ilight Ear Cut srniare into ye Ear 
Secordod ye S: Day of Juno 1717 pr Jolm .iokes ^^ovm Clerk 


The Sarmarli of Samuel Gahoons Creaimers is a Gad on ye 
Tinder side of ye Riglit Ear and a halpennoy yc uper Bid of 
ye Left Eecorded ye 27tli of July 1723 

IQ Half page F5Aortha:ad 

IJatliaiiiel Cahoone tlie care mark of his Cattoll ie a Glit 
on tlio upper sido of the right care slanting, according to 
the forme of this fig^ire Recorded June 7th 1711 

311:anah Johnson the eare mark of his Cattoll is a gad 
on the fore cido of each and a halfe peny trader the 
loft eare 

Hecorded June 7th 1711 
John Green of Potowonet Son of Fir Thoraao Green Late of 
"'arwick 33eceased he holds ye Same i2are mark of ye ahove 
sd Cahoon which is a Slit in ye uper side of ye Right Hlar 
Slanting tOT/ards ye Roote v/hich his father o-nd he hath 
marked with upwards of thirty years Recorded June 1720 
John V/ickos Clerk 

2C Half pa£;e shorthand 

Y/illiam Utter the eare mark of his Cattell is a Crop 
on tiic loft eare and a halfe peny cut out on each Side the 
Same eare; 

Recorded this 4th off ffehr: 17^1 
Ahiah Carpenter .iar mark of his Creatuers is a fore gad 
on ye Right Ear and a halpony in yo uper side of ye left 
3ar & a slit Right in to yc top of ye same Eare Recorded 


ye 24tli Daj of I-iarch 1715/6 pr John Wiokes Town Clerk 

She Eaiinai-k of Giles SlociiiTi ie a Crop of.t of ye Bight 
Sar and a halpon^r -onder je Sairie and a slit in jo Left and 
a halpeny under ye Sane rvocorded ye 4th of Ilarch 1725/4 
pr John V'icliGG Cleric 

Talien. up hy John Rejmolds 

SI Half page shorthand 

1!h2 Ear inarl: of Saraiel '"arnora Creatuors is a hind Gad 
on ye left ear and a half pcnney over the Bight Sntred 
ye 18th of I'ay 1731 

James B^.'/eet. 

Rich 5?omiG 

AmoD Waskoto 

nenry Be6.duoke • 

Bich Harcutt 
Thonas Grreene 
..ioh carder. . 
John V^eekos. . . 
Stu Waskote 
I.Ir Sinith 
Thomaa Erinton 
John Sweet. 
Rohort '.mskote. 
John r/hitnan Ear mark is a fork in ye Bight Eare and a 
Slit in ye top of ye left 3ntred ye 2'}th of lIoveMfoer 1723 


■niomas Tippitts iiar mavlz is a fork in Eacii -lar and a 
halponj" ye aper side ox yo I^ight :":ecordocL ye £Oth of 
IIovQDl)er 17Ei5 


William Gorton '^lax isark a Crop on the Right ear and a 
lialpemiy ,mder each l-ntred ye 10th of May 1737 

-YJilliara Green son of Capt Barauell Green Beseast hiD Zaxe 
mark oi his Crcatorc ic a Sr/allows taile in yc Left >":are 
and a halfpeny upon the fore side of ye same Sare 
Hocorded may yo 9th Day 1721 

per mo George 'eastgeate Town Clerk 
Saniicl Bennito Earmark is a Crop on ye Eight 3s.t and 
txvo GlitG in yc- top of ye Saaie 3ntred ye 15th of I'arch 

Randall Bice his Earmark is a fork in ye Right -lar 
v-hich v/ae hiB fatherr, mark lintred yo lli;h of Januaiy 

85 Half page shorthand 

The arnall lotte in Qninipilcoto 
Peter Greene the 1 

Richard To^msend the S 

":- 'lolliinan the 3 

Thomas 'T'ho mi craft 4 

llrs llelmes the 5 


Stiokly Was cote tho 6 

James Greene the V 

Ceorgc Baldin the 8 

VJalter .odd fhe 9 

John Greene Jr the 10 

John T'eekGS the 11 

Eonry Tovmsend the 12 

Peter Biisicott the 13 

Robert Potter tho 14 

Jolin 'Jore the 10 

Kt Hart tho 16 

John Lippet the 17 

T'homas ffreene the 18 

Richard Harcutt the 19 

Richard Waterman the SO 

24 Half page shorthand 


John Smith the 21 

Samuel Gorton the 22 

Jolin Tovmsond the £S 

Jnh?:' Crocne i-'r the PA 

John arncr Ziie i.'6 

John Co Giro tho 26 

■^r-rdnll irrrnl r!nr 27 

;.:ichara Carder the 28 


■The eannark of Thomas Stafford Creatures Son of Thomas 
Stafford is a Gad on ye imaer Sido of ye Right oar Recorded 
ye 18th of Ifoverahor 1723 

The marh of Joseph Reraingtons Creaturec in a foro Gad on 
yc Right ear a:ad a halpeimy over ajid under ye Left 
Recorded ye 23rd of llarch 1723/4 

25 Half page shorthand 


Y/arwicke the 26th oft October 1667 
J'/jemorandum that one the day and yeare above said there 
was a letter Attoimey Sygncd and Sealed of lawrenco Rlra- 
noclcB unto Edmond Calvalrie Keeper of the house Ion- 
don before and in presence of the Tov/ne Clerl-- besides oth- 
ers of the To\Tn.e officers siibscribing the yaid letter of 


Amos laelT'^JOOd '^ar mark is a feyk is a fort in ^ach lilar 
Recorded ye 4th llarch 1728/9 

2G Half page shorthand 

Records of liquors 

Mr. Todd 9 An3£ers 16 of hme 1655 

Itfiy father S: brothers 2 Anlsiors ^.i a hogshead of wine 
iJrs Coraerd 5 Anhers of liqi:iors 
Richard Harcatt — 2 iinkcrs of liquors 


ay brother Jatnes 1 Anlrer of liouors 

the 19 01 Jimc 1655 
Kobert Waskote ono A.n]£er of wine July 

Richard Haroutt a most a aiiartor cask of wine 

li ankers & halfo of run 

October 14 
Mr. Potter 7 ankers and halfo of liquors 
I torn a hogehoad ": halfe of wine 
Mrs Colos S /Inkors & halfo of liquors 
John ToT/nscmd 3 anlccrs 

Eonry ICTvnser.d 1 aiid halfo 

.. . K^ 

Stnkly Waskote S ani3:erG of liquors 
one pipe of vdne one ruarter Caske 
Jaraeo Greon 2 ankers of liouors 
I^ichard Haroutt at Court 4 Ankore 
More 2 Ankcrc 

Robert ?/a£i:oto thie 31 of A.prll 
1656 oloven Ankers of liouors 

27 Half page shorthand 


Jnno the 25 1656 "tii-kly ''.■•"tkoto 
5 iaikerc of liqiiors 

entered for ntuJcly :Gstkott 
July 2 1656 ..^ 9 Ankers of liquors 


August the 7 1G56 eiitered for 
Mr Smith and Mr Houiaen 3 
rnT.-.rf-^r '^af?lrp of Brandy 3 pipe 
of ZaoltiQ 

Entered for Tar John Greeno Junior 
3 guarter Casks of Brtmdy and. 
3 plpcE of Sacke 
Bntered for Jojncs rrcGno one 
quarter Oaske of Itxajidj and one 
pipe of wine 

August 14 1656 B-t:a5lrly V/estkote one 
Anker of liquors and Hohert West 
lioto 12 Anlcers of liguors 
Decciabor 17 IG^nj -.oliert 
Westkote 6 Ankers of liquors 
Jarn^ary the ES 1656 Z't John Greene 
Jxinlor 2 Anicers of peach liqn.orG 
stilled at Providence 

28 Half page shorthand 

Februar;^,' the IE 1656 Jaaiea 
Groeno one Ankor of li'^uors 
March the .81 1556 T-^athla? Harvy 
one ■ ''^-::' '"■•■" liquorc 
April the 14 1657 for James 
Greene 2 Ankers of liquors 


April 15 1657 entered for Mr 

v;ccks 4 Ankers of Llnuors 

April the 19 1657 entered for Stirkly 

"'estkotc 3 ilnlcors of liquorn and 

a half G, I.^ay tho 16 1657 

Snterod for llr Tod 2 Aiacers 

of liqtiors 

SntGrod for Robert iTestlcote Ilay 

the 16fh 57, 5 Ankers of liquors 

Entered for George :a,l»iier the 

S oft July 57. one Anker of 

lirjuors July the 7 one /aiker 

July the lOth 57 oEterod for r.Ir 

V/eeks^ one cagke of liquors 

Entered for Mr Low the 12 of July 

57 5 .Ankers of li triors 

29 Half pc-r/e shorthaiic. 

A B G ]) iS F H I K L- M ¥> P Q R S S 1? U \7 X Y .?; A 

Old English Alphaljot 
July the 10th 57 
iintored for ¥r Todd 8 Ankors 
of licuore / July the 28 5? 
iintered for George ••'almor halfe 
one Aiiker of liouor 


AugiiGt the first 57 
Enter i3d for ThOTnas? "tafford orxG 
oil :'■'■'''■*;!"!"■' r^arV?^ (tP "^ "^ ■ v ^ "■■ " 

Gptei.iber the iirst t37 
Snterod for I* Haivy 4 Ankers 
of liguors Septowier the 1 57 
Entered for Sttikly Testkotc 4 
ATiker:- of llouar^ 
moro f03: Amos Weptkote 4 /ijOrors 
of liquors T-e-gt the 25: 57 
Entered for }!bc Todd 3 -^\3iker8 
of liquors 

30 Half page shorthand 

Octoher 14 57 
Bntored for Ja.Tnes Oroene S An- 
kertJ of Liquors 

Uovcj-nber tho £5, 57 
Snterod for l&x- John Groe^ie "onior 
S Alike rs of liqiiors 
Entered for T/Tr John Ore en Jimior 
2 ('^jjlcers of liquors 
Idaroh the 6 57 entered for JaineG 
Greene 4 Anl:ers and a. half of liquors 


Sdsreh the 6:57: entered for Hr 

Low S Ankers of liquors 

Llaroh the 6:57: entered for Y.r 

^^odd 6 Ankers of llcaiors 

Aprill the first. 58- Entered for 

U¥ T'eeks one An]ter of liq-aors 

Aprill the first: 57. 3ntered for 

lU chard Carder one ;'vnker of 
liQTiora Aprill the flr«t.57 'wintered 
for William Burton one Anker of 
liquors Aprill tiie 2:58 .Entered for 
Mr Eolliman o .inicors of liquors 
The S of Aprill 58 i'ntored for 
W:T reeks 2 Ankers of Liquors 

i31 Half page shorthand 

Aprill the S5 58 .Entered for 
Robert v estkote 2 Anlcers liquors 
Aprill the S 58 ■Entered for 
John Sweet one Anker of liquors 
Aprill the 27 1658 entered for 
^•'r "r^rvy 2 Anlcerc of liquors 
and £ AnJrorG for Daniel 
excised at Pode Ila:ad 

liay the 13, 1658 
Entered for ur Todd 3 ilnkers of liquors 


iUnterod for Mr Ioy/ 2 /iiikers! 
of liquors « Z Anlroro of eaoke 

l.a^' the 10, 1058 
antorod for lUohard ardor 

5 ''likoXB of Ti(m.oro 
■•Entered for t^onxi, ..woo I' 
GiTlsor of Ilquorr, 
iinterod for JamcE: Bweot 
ono .iVnJcer of liquorc 

tlie tvro l&st G5tci;:-6d 


32 Half page shorthand 

-j_7 J-ino the 6, 165B 

Entered for .-i: --ov «-'.^:- .:^«£or of 

*>.e-w4t>- ^.o u-iflor --rltt-:;?! r-anicl Oreene hath altered 
hie mark hy ^outti^o "ci^.i. ^xit in the Hight ear 

Ohristophor Gree-iio (5 O ta^ee l^aBiel Groenmarls: 

Goodrntm vcrdcr h inkers ice payd 

Daniol r^reen ^.arciarlt ir a h^^lf onney yo undor cido 

of yo Tr.-ft cp.r .^- a flit ye ii.per side of yc Game f:lantine 

July S0:1V51 



Mr Hoiilden one quart or Oaake 

of liriTiors aHke?p-e-?-?3L«ue2?B 
Samuel Perce his Earmark is a Crop In lHacli ^'lar and a slitt 
In I^acli Crop !?iglit Dovrn 

Tleoorded. 7/e let of August 
17£7 Joseph Harder Har mark is a Crop on jj-e T^lght Tilar and 
a halpeny over and under ye same and a i?lit in ye top of 
ye Left Septera'ber ye EOth 1727 

33 Half page shorthand 

Juno the 11th 

Mr Smith on© anker of liquors 

One quarter Cacke of liquors 

One anker of liquors 

Jimc the 11th 
Mr WeekcG one anker of liquors 
more One hogshead of liquors 

June the 11 th 
Mr Harvy one anker of liquorc 
Phillip Oreen Ear mark is a half penny under the Lef Bar 
and a slit under the Right June ye 8nd 17SE 


34 Half page sliortha:od 

June the 13 
for John Greene -Tu 3 anl-erc of liqr 
excise payd to Lir Todd 
Thorias Greene 3 anlcorG of liqr 

JiuiG the 13 

as above sayd 
for John Greene Her one ajiker 2 l/2 payd 

Jmie the 
Sir Woekos a hogshead of liquors 
for v;hich hec engadged for excieo to JohJi Cason 

Rohort \7a53kote a quarter Caske of V7ino 

4 Quarter Caske of liquors 

ffranccs Dorbo one ejiker of liquors 

3r> Half pa2:e shorthand 

!.!r Todd in August 58 

4 Quarter Caske of linuors 

Pr. one Quarter Caske of v-ine 
Benjamin Barton the eare mark of his Cattell is a halfe 
pony cut out of each side the left earc: 

Entred upon record 

Scratched out 


JanKJS Greene Pept 58 
2 AxikoTS of liquors 
the above sd TDenjamin barton has held the above sd mfxr'k of 
£ half ponce over a iindrc the left Ear from yo 
6 daj/- of March 1666 

Rafiis Barton ye oaro mark of his Catel ?? other Creaturs 
is fotir halfe pennys one over Fn tinder Each Bare his brand 
mark H B upon ye left buttock Sntred upon Record ye 8 Day 
of Decembr 1715 

36 Half page shorthand 

Potor Greene S qua,rtor Caske 

of T.'ine and one of liquors 
The Bar "'nrl- of Wm foster is a hind gad of each Ear 
Recorded ye 11th of Kay 1734 

November the 18 58 

Kobert ^"astkote 5 quarter Gaske 

of vilne S quarter Caske of liquors 

excise engadged at Newport 
closes lippitt Junr ;':armark is a hind gad in oaoh ear and 
halpenney uper side ye Right 

Recorded ye 12 of June 1734 
The mark of Robert '.'.estgates Oattell is a Crop on the left 
eare and a half peny on the under si do of the same oaro 
and a hole out in the Sane eare Recorded this 24 of 

ffebruary ^^T^ 


57 Hall' page shorthand 

ffch the 0th 58 
ffranoes Dorhy f5 anlrsrs of liq 
QT.c" .. yu ~^\: ort 

Richard C ardor 5 aiikers 

Deccrober yc 12th 166S Entred 
for goo dTiian Burton £3 gallonc of lienors 
ye 12 iintered for Mr Saimiel Gorton 
Junior 6 aiikers of liquors 
JO IE ;5ntred for Kr Todd E ankers 
of "fiquors all oamo frora 
Jaauax^ ye 4th IGGS: :ntred for '"r 
Thcaias Green© on anlcer stilled at 
Sntrod for James Greene on anivcr 

i Camo from Hewport rJKSleB payd there 

^ t 

and (P-! for Tamnp "r/oct ±. Garic at 

ye BasBti time lixsioG payd at i.iovrport 
January ye 6th Sntred for V'illiam 
■Rurton tv;o •'ankers — Caiine froBi Pehohoth 

38 I-Ialf page shorthand 

June ye SOth 1664 Entred for ;*r 
Thomas Greene on hO£;Bhead of Tlchars 

Saraul Gorton of Gowesit son of Capt Bonjaroin Gorton 
(deceased) the care mark of Ms Cattell is a halfe peny 
cut out one ye underside of each care and the top of the 
right ear© crept off also: 

And the Brand r-arh of his horse kind is S. G. ii-oon the 

right But tool: 

Recorded ffohr: 3d IIP^ 


Sanll Gorton son of John Gorton the Brand aaric of his 
horse kind is S G upon the left Buttock: 

59 Half page shorthand 

Rohert Davis the earo nark of his Cattell is a fori: cut 
out of tlie to-n of the right earo and a halfe -pen-r cut out 
on the under side the same eare. 

Recorded this IRth of octobr 1707 
Ahrahara Loclcr/ood the eare mark of his Cattell is the 
top of the right eare cut off and a slit cut into the un- 
der side the left eare: 

Recorded this 16th of ffebr. 17oZ 
\7illiani Arnolds eare mark of his Cattell is a crop on 

the right eare cut off sqare and a fore gade in ye the 

f ei'asure) 
left care dewnward. 
( erafjure ) 

Recorded the 18th of Aprill 1708 
Wllm Arnolds Sarmark a crop ye right 3ar and a fore Gade 
in ye left. 


The marke of Ro'bert Davis Is now taken up by Thomas 
Eicc ye 4th of January 1725 or 4 

?he sd Thonae Eico nov/ adds a Blit in ye top of the 
left ear may ye 21st 1731 

4C Half page shorthand 

Saraael Barton takes ye some marko that vzas hiB fathers. 
Bntred ye 22d of July 1755. 

And.vQvr Bartons eare mark of his cattell is a Crop on the 
left earo, ahout the Kidlo of the .:are cat off Square, and 
a forck out out of the top of the right care 
Bntred this 15th of ITOTemhr 1705 

Samuel Gorton eon of John Oorton Senior, the eare mark 

of his Cattell is a halfe peny ant out on the underside ye 

left eare, and a slitt in the top of the right Eare. 

Recorded January the 5th 1705 


Samuel Gorton son of sd Samuel Gorton Deceast takes ye 

same mark that v/as his fathers which is a halpenny yo un- 
der side ye left IDar and a 31it in ye Bight 3ntered ye 
13th of Novemher 1728 

ffrancis Hattisons eare mark of his Cattell is tl'e top 
cut off the right eare with a slit in it and a halfo peny 
cut out on the fore side the same eare 

this mark is taken 
Recorded Eiay 31, 1707 up hy Wm Rice 

son of Thos. 


William Arnolds 3areraarlr of hie Creatuers is a Crop on 
tlie Right Sare and a fore gadd in ye Lef Recorded yc lOtli 
of ffeliruary 1719 or 20 

41 E?il.f page shorthand 

Hugh Stones "iare r/iark of his Cattell is a halfe pony out 
out of each side of the right eare and a crop cut off the 
top of the same earo. John Dexter taJces the nark of Hugh 
Stone Jime yo 12 1741 

Ephraim Arnolds Ear marlc is a Crop cut square of ye top 
of each oar v?hich was y© mark of Oliver Carpenter entred 
ye EOth of April 1733 

Janies Carders eare marlc of his Cattell is a piece Sloped 
out from the middle of the top of the right eare unto the 
-tipp thereof, which v/as exactly the same his father ino-rked 
his Cattell withall as appears "by Record: 

Amos .Staffords oare marlc of his Cattell is a pcice cut 
of the top of the left care and a halfe pony cut out on the 
upper side the same oare: 

Jolm Hiee his eare mark of his Cattell is a fork or Sv;al- 
lov; taile on the right eare and a halfo peny cut out on the 

under side the left eare: 


Entred this third of ffohruary 



42 Half page shorthand 

Records of the Cattells Earc marks ■belonging to the In- 
liatitantB of the I'omxe of V'anjriclke the 18 of february 1656 

Bichard Carders Cattells eare raarke is a peioe slopt out 
from the middle of the top of the right eare tmto the tippe 

Christopher Haukshurst Cattells eare narkc ie a slitt on 
the side of each eare which make a flure Deltice 

Kenry Euddoeks Cattells earo marko is two slitts in the up- 
per side of the right eare 

rloiiry I'JiolOvS Cattells eare marke a hole out of the right 
eare and a half penny out of the upper side of the left eare 

43 Half pa£:e shorthand 


John lippott Junior his Cattells :';are mark if3 a slitt of 
each eare on the under aide of each care the noare eare is a 
little deeper than the other 

John Greene Junior his Cattells eare inarke is a slitt in 
the fore part of the acarc care 

Jaiiiea Crreene his Cattella eare marke is a Crop on the top 
of the neare earo 

Mathias Harves Cattells eare marko the topp of each eare 
oropt off and withall a slitt dovme the right eare 


[Thonas Staffords Cattells eare niarke a cropp on the 
left care and a halfe penny ciitt out of the underside of 
the same care 

John Philp his Cattells eare marie is tv;o slitts in the 

upper side of the right eare: 
recorded Jtaio 9th 1705 

44 Half page shorthand 

SttOcoly Westcotts Cattells eare laarke is the top cut 
off the right eare and a slitt cut into the under side of 

the left eare 

John Sraith the masons Cattells eare marke is a Croppe 
on the right eare and a half penny cut out of the outside 

of the left eare 


Amos Westkots Cattells eare marke is a hole cutt (erased'' 
each eare 

Mr Weeks his Cattells eare marke is a forke in the 
neare eare in this forme 

'Thomas Bradlycs Cattells eare narke is a cut into the 
outside of each eare 

George Falmors Cattells earenark is a slitt dovmc the 
midlc of each care 


John lippett Senior Cattolls care tiark is a outt dovme 
from tli8 Tipp of the neare oare and see Giitt out about tlie 
midlc there off 

45 Half page shorthand 


Mr John Grcone Senior Oattells eare narkc is a slitt in- 
to the aidle of the right eare on the backe side 

Jaraes Sweet Oatelells yoare siarke is a slitt of each 
side of the neare ycare 

John Sweet hie yeare marfcc is a Slitt of Each Side of 
the fur yearo 

Thomas Relph his yeare narii-e is a cut out of the from 
the root of each yeare and so up to the topp 

William Burton his yeare markc is a gadd of the hidder 
parte of the ncre yoare and the tope of ye right yeare cut 

Thomas Greene Catclls :/eare marko is a slitt on the fore 
Parte of Each yeare ahoute ye ciidell of ye yeare a litcll 
a slant dov^nevrctrds 

Hr Richard Green son of ye above sd Thomas Green took 
and marked viltTa. his fathers n\8.yfk Richard Green son of ye 
above sd Hichard marked v/ith his fathers mark 


47 Half page shorthand 
begin Decernher 1659 

P.obert Waskote - 3 ankers of liqr 
8 ankers r.ore the 'begl-/n.inge of Jajinary 
Peter Levclle Sarmarfc tv:> a Square :?eoo Gut out of je Rig^t 
Ear (erased) In this Basmer and a half penney oyer and 

Tjmder yo Loft Recorded ye 10th of Llaroli 1728/9 

Dooojnlier the 24 : 59 
Samuell Gorton - S aiikci'fi of lifir 
excise payd 
the Barmaric of John Xco is a clit in the top of ye Right 
oar and a halpeiiy over th® left P.ocorded ye 3d of August 1V34 

Janufiry 59 
Anthoay 3:.oe 5 barrolls of licr 
ofset upon the acomit of the Ordinarie 

Aprill 60 
3 ban-clla of liquors more 
I.iarch 59:60 
!Dhoiaas Greono 2 Atikcrs 

47 Half T'^'S^ chor':hand 

f f el) : 50 
Janes Greene tv;o barrolln ez-coise 
payd Aprill 60 
tKO hsxlfo Ames of liciuors 


Aprill 60 
Mr Hatliias Harvy 
halfo an anirar of liquors 
Capt Joseph Stafford iiar ma-rk is a Crop on ye left ear 
and a halpenney ye uperside yc sar.e and aslit in ye top 

Sntred yc 1st of IIoveEiljor 1736 
May 60 
Mr YTalter Todd 
9 ankerc of liquors 
in this The Ear mark of Theophilas Ellis is 

flguer "two slits on ye left lilar ovor and under 




which makes a flo^«rer Deluce and a hind 

Gad on ye P.ight 

Jan yc 2£ 1735/4 
Kr John Sndth 7 ankers of liquors 
Usal Green Ear mark is a hind Gad in ye left and a 
hole in yc Bight Entred yc 1st of July 1729 



Ordred that for Divers considerations raoving tho TOT?me 
therrmto they havo accepted of Mrs Helmes to bee an In- 
hatitant & to have equall priviledge vrlth the rest of the 
Inha"bitants notrithstanding any former order to the con- 


Dramatica Eistorica Logica Arithraet- 
ica KTzsioa 

These 5 are apointed to lay out those 
raeddOTres at ^'attisret 

John Atv700d 

John Greene 

Honjry Tovmsend 
John Greene Jr. 
Peter Greene 
Rohrt Waskote 
?heBRp -• ^""^i ?!¥■?) a e a?af% 
John Sweet 

Peter Greene 
Stu Y/est 
Mr Holi 
Jo Tow 
H Tow 
I? Wes 
R Har 

49 Shoi-thand 

50 Half page shorthand 

Mr Smith 


Mr Houlden 

Mr Greene Jr 

Mr Veekes 

Mr T;amer 

Hr. Snith 



J G 

J G 


John Greene 

Ag 8: 1647 

51 Half paga shorthand 

ordered that John Tov^msonds pay for the keepinge of his 
Cattell is taken into Consideration tovyardc the latter end 
of keepinge acoording to hie-feehevieua? John Oookos behav- 
iour and then if the Tovme sec fit so shall have ftcrn) 
Ordered tliat if any cattell be found trospassinge either 
in Come Heddov; or other places vrhere they ought not to 
come that if the party Do "but Drive the cattell vrhere 


he can bn.t have vritnesse that they are such cattle it is 
as sufficient ae if they vGve poimded and the partie that 
finds tiio cattle shall have lew c-o well as thou^jh they 
vrQve po'iinded matil c. (torn) bee 


52 Half page shorthand 

John Greeno John Orocno 


Ordered that v^hero as there was an order concerninge 

the goats to pay 12 a ^-ont if they v7ore tahcn rrithin the 

potmd it in no^^; ordered that it bee T^poaled and onely v/hat 
damage they doe to bee payd by the ovmer and go for any oth- 
er cattell 

Ordered that Mr Potter be in Mr Helmeo rome to be a 
layer out of the hoiise lots and they shall have half a 
orowne ap (torn) 

Ordered that Mr* ?»'arner be jn his roorr.e for a Surveyor 
for the bridge and in cas-ii after suffioient v/aininge they 
come not he may hyer a man ana malro the absent party pay 
halfe a eroirme (torn) 

53 half page shorthand 

Ordered that who soever in twontie dayes shall be foimd 
thrustinge downe or aside fcncinge or climinge over 


so as to "brGake domie he sliall pay 1 a time 7?hether he 
Doe english or Indian 

Jolrn Greene is to see to get a paire of Stockes with 
all convenient speed. 

Orderly agreed by yoat — ^ Heoorder "being chosen an- 

ually Hoe is to "oee Assistant v/itho y other tv;o tovme of- 
ficers in all courts of Judicature in this tovmo anny 

order f orinorly notT.dthstanding 

54 Half page shorthand 


Kr Oonigravc Foreman 
Stukly V/ascot 
Mr Tod 
R Harcutt 
Sichard Carder, 
Peter Greene 


Ja. Creene 

Thomas Greene 
John Lippett 
John I-lore 
John Cooke . 
I'Jobort Vfeskote . . . 

John Cooke 

Thomas '^lomicraft 

Gweet. . . 


56 Hr.7-f page shorthand 

Tho 18 Of Jamrary 'oeing tlio 2 friaa?jr after the ntonth 
day Rober-b Wescoto \vas at liiohard Eai-a-utts 

The 12 of January being the Saturday after the afore- 
sayd Tovme mee tinge 


John To?/ 

Mr Gorton . . . 

liT Triclcs . . . 
Mr HoliirvLin • • 
Mr Warner . . • 
Sjnik Wlsl:oot 
John Ooofee . 
Mr Hculden . 

Hich Cjird . . 

• •■•«(•« 

Joiin C-roono Ju 
Hen Towns. 
JohJi Lippett . . 
Mr Potter .... 
Hich Harciit . . 
James Greene 
John Bwoete 
Potor Greene 

Hoh Wast. 

56 Half page shorthand 
Oorarnitee rjon 
Ut holiman 
Mr Wiofce 
Mr houldon 
Ur tfeKior 
Mr Potter 

Jury raon 

John Greene Junior (Rich '?o?msond 


(Stutly Westcot 
(John ToTTnsend 


I?i9fe-¥evra8 . . . • 
Stut V.eBtc • . . 
John Lippott . 
John CooKe . . • • 
JoLn ^•0TOi£« • 
Rio?i Carder 
Mr Pottsr . 
Jolm Greene Ju. 
Peter Greene . 

Jaoob-aB rex ordered tlist all 
uoneyes tliab are due "by rates or 

fincG or laiids graxited 

Ordered that 3 men be chosen to make 
rates for the to\-jne this present yearc 
Ur Tjo:i.iman I'r ueets Mr Houiden 

57 Half pa.-'e shcithand 

An action of Trespasoe ontrsd hy William ffield plaintive 
against lUchard Chasmore Defendant for tho next Court 
Warwick© the 6 of Aiigust 

An action of Trespas also hy Jameo Greene against Stukly 
the 1^ of August V/ar\vic3ce 

An action of the case cntrcsd "by Eichard Haroutt plaintive 
against Sachary Rode to he anaworod thie next tousday in ffehruary 
anno 1649 Wai^icko 



58 Hair page shorthand 

The declaration of James Greene plaintive Against 
Stiikly I'Jascoto dofendant in an accion of treepae is 
that ivnereaB the above sayd Plaintive had put his Indian 
Come in his "brother John G-reenes dv?olling house at "Prov- 
idenco a great Company of the defendants fz-iends violent- 
ly hroke open the sayd house and eat & spoiled much corne 
for Y/hich the plaintive hath layd his action of sis pound 
"by inco John Oreo-no Ju 

T7art7ioko this 14th of August 1649 


59 Half page .shorthand 
Mr Holiinan 
Mr v,'icks 
Mr Smith 
Mr Houlde 

»Vast . . . 
Buz i cot 
West cot 

Mr Greene Sr D 

Ut Holiinan A 

John Greene Clar 

Thomas Srinton Const 

Abos VAiskote S erjeant 

The three that Ri Tow 

Mr reeJces 
Mr Potter 


60 Half page shorthand 

JelJB-Qeelie ''erased) 7011 are iDOund "bj the authority of 
thla Collony to answer at; the nerst Conrt held in Warwiclce 
being the first tusday in 'C^s-j to answer tlioeo complaints 
that are layd against joa in 'broach of the lav; cstahlishod 
in this law tov.iio S? also in the Collony 

Booko Aiiicn 
Booke Araen 
for Tovme niGctinges 4 

for v/ritinge letters and other 

wri tinges £ 

for piibliquo or Genii Reeordes 

61 Half page shorthand 

Warv/ict' the 'illegi^ole) of Aprill 1656 

An action of tregpase entered "by Seorgo Palmer of 'Jar- 
wick agct ThomaB ?)tafford of tho Tovnie aforesaid. 

'Yarv/ick tho 5th of ?!aroh 57 

An action of the case entered hy John Gereardy of ^''ar- 
wike plaintive against ADlraelecke ano Indian defendant. 

62 Half page shorthand 

Ordered that no man shall have real possession of any 
land that is laid out to them untill they pay the Treasurer. 


Ordorod that John To\-msend Peter Greene Richard Tovm- 
send Thomas Greono Rohert V/ascote John Sr/eotc "^^eter Biizi- 


Ordered th-at henceforth any Inhabitant that shall here- 
after bee receaved shall not have any land according to 
any former order hut eo imich onoly as the Totme shall by 
particular order grant them and v;here the Tovme shall see 
fit any order formerly notr-ithetanding 


63 Half page s-'iorthand 

Mr Greene 

^etor Greene . . 
Kenr;/ Tovmsend . . 
Mr Holiman .... 
Mr Weelrs . . • • 
John Coolr.e . . 
John Pjovminge .... 
John Sweet 
Potter . . . 
Kr Warner . 
John Greene 
Mr Tod. 

Harcutt . ^ I'ow 

S T'estcoto . Jo '^ov 


64 Half page shortliand 

Jolrn Groene Junior 
(7) Jeames Greene Clerie-os amon 

John C-roGne Ju. 
An action of Trespas entored "by George Palmer Plaintive 
agst Thoraas Stafford defendant April tlie 18 1657 Warvaclte 
Warv/icke the 6t]i of Hay 1667 
An Action of slander and defamation entered liy Robert 
Herington (riariner and master of the Barke DoDora nov; ryd- 
ing in the harbor of Warwicke) Plaintive against Clem Lal- 
lin Seaman Defendjant 

The 9 of Kay 57 the action of dander (?! defamation enter- 
ed by Hobort Eerrington Plaintive agr>t Cleir. Dolling Defen- 
dant ia not drawen before the raagistrato of "larvTlolxQ v;here- 
Tipon hiD confession 

65 Half page shorthand 

tms to be upon record and the above said Robert Herrington 
is to have a copy thereof if he depire it 

Whereas there vas an action of Defamation entered by 
Robert Herrington Mariner and Ivlaster of the Barke Debora 
agst Clement Dolling seaman belonging to the said Barke 
this 6th of May 57. in consideration that t>c said Glcnent 
Dolling had charged the said master ffor keeping a v;onan 
aboard the said Barke as his whore and noT7 confesseth it 
was in his hast and that he hath done the said master v/rong 


in soe diarging him this "being done "before the magistrate 
the action Ib vlthdravm only the said Clement Dolling is to 
"bo the charge of the Action. 

66 Half page shorthand 

^h© Sarmarlr of John "Bndlong is a hind Cad in ye left oar 
and slit ye -under side ye goho and a fork in the Right 
cntrod the 14th of TTovGm"ber 1754 and hath had yc same mark 
upi:7ard3 of thirty years past 

the Earmark of MoBes Budlong Eon of ye sd John Budlong 
is a hind Gad in yo left ear and slit ye tmdercide ye same 
and a fork in the Right and a slit ye uporcido yc same en- 
tered the 15th of ^fovombr 1754 

HiG Son I.Tosen "Btidlonr: taken the uper T'ark of his Father 
Entered the 10th of J^mo 1790 hy 

James Jerauld Clk. 

67 Half page shorthand 

Warwick ye 3 of Deoemher 1657 
Ane action of doht entered "by William 
of Warwick plaintive agst Mr John Smith Senior of the same 
IToxvno defendant 

Mlliam "'■'■attoy's Ear mark ffor hi? Cattle anci other 
Creatures is, a Crop on the end of each ear, and and half 
-perm^r on the underside of the Right ?>ar 

Recorded Apr £3d, 1751 

By J lippett Clerk 


68 Half page shorthand 

Mr Smith 

Henry Tov/nsend (8 

Mr V'eokes 

John Sweet 

Jamee G-roene 


Hicliard Harcutt 
'rhe£?e are the men that are spointed to ran the line and 
they are to have each roan an acre of raeddow for tlieir painos 
in the place where Henry To-prnsend viewed 

69 Half page shorthand 

Warwick the 12 of Aufmct 57 

Ane Action of i^reepas entered oy John SainjTion of "/arrricko 
Plaintive agst lir. John Greene Senior defendant of the same 

Warr/icke the 10th of October 1657 

Ane Action of deht entered by Mr 3zekiel Holliraan of 
"^Varrricko plaintive agst Peter Busieot blacksmith of the 
same 'Sonne . 

Warvricke ye 3 Decerabor 1657 

.Ane Action of Slander (erased) entered by Thomas "Dradly 
of 7?arv;icko '-laintive aget ?etcr Busicut blacksmith of ye 
same tovmo Defendant 


Ane acttion of Trcspas eritorca "by A.bigaile "vrent o-f '"c.r- 
wicke Plaintive uj . - - ■ -.i. r^.iziou'. lalacksmith oi i,::e g^kc 
Tovvne Uofendant 

Ane Action of slander entered h;/ Ablnaile T?;adln of '"ar- 
viicke (erasure] agst eter Buaicut of the came Townc dcfondrm- 

70 Half page shorthand; lov;er half of page out out. 

71 Half page shorthand; lower half of page cut out. 

72 Half page shorthand 

■'■arv7lcke the 5 of ■Eloveraber 57 
A donure granted iintn T:1r Creene Senior in ye case he- 
t^vixt him and John Saraon upon the consideration both agree- 
ing to put tho bussnes to Arbitration 

Wsrwicke the 17 of Doeernber 1657 
Ano Action of debt upon the case entered by Vr John 
Smith of ■"arwicke Plaintive agst John Tinlth raason of the 
sare "-rnie 'Hefondant 

January the 4 1657 
Ane action of Slander entered b;/ Peter Busicutt Black- 
smith of '.Tnrr/i ckc ''laintive agst Thornar, Bradly of the same 
Tovme Defendant 

no Action of Debi entered by Petor BuTilcut Blaclcsnith 
of T'arwi elm I^lnintlVG agalnnt Tho-ar '^■,rni'.l_^- -f tho oamo 
[L"o\7no .•^cfcnuant. 


73 Half page shorttLand 

The Earmark of Jonathan Mckalg con of IticJiard Is a Crop 
on the Rigiit :iar and a filit in tho top of tlio same and a 
silt the tinderside tlie same Sntred -jo 14tli of March 1758 

James Ocv&er son of Joh-i Carder Takes ye sacie os-rk that 
did belong to his Great Uncle James Carder Deoeaet v;hich is 
a slanting Crop on ye Loft ear Recorded ye 29th of Decera- 
"ber 1739 

74 Half page shorthand 

An Action of trespas ontred by James Greene Plaintiff of 
Warrricke against thornas Stafard senior defendant of the sane 


An Action of trespas ontred by Mr Randall houldon of V.'ar- 
wicke Tlaintifo Against Thornas Stafard defendant of the same 

An Action of trespas entered by Mr Randall houlaen of 
Wai-vficke Plaintifo against he^iry loiowles defendfint of the 
9aE30 Tovme 

An Action of trespase 3ntred by Mr Randall houiaon of 
War\7icke Plaintife against Jolm T.ippett Senior of the "aiae 

Mr houlden aaid Jack Llpett arc agred and the Action Is 
v/ithdrav/ne January ye 31st 1661 


75 Half page shortliand 

The Rariiiark of ITathan v/estcot is a Crop on ye Eight Ear 
and tv.-o half pcnneys mider the Left ordred yc EO of July 

The- 3ar ra£.Tk of PranciB Kattecon Jirnr is a Crop on yo 
lieft oar and a clit Right into ye Top and a half ponnoy 
OTer ye saroo entred yo 
2nd of Jrme 1740 

76 Half page shorthand 

Othinel G-ortons Saiinark is a halpeny on the fore sido 
the Right ear a slit under ye Left -Tb.ich y;9.s his fathers 
mark (This mark is taken up 

entred ye 4th of June 1740 (hy Hufus C. Spencer 

Israel Gihhs liar mark a Crop on ye Left Bar square of 
and a slit yo under side ye Eight 
Recorded ye 16 of June 1740 
Stephen Arnold's Ear mark is a Orop on the left ear a 
Slit in the Crop & a fore gad in the Fight 

Sntered Decemhr 4th 1754 
By Jere Lippitt 

77 Half page shorthand 


Peter Greene 


John Gr .... 


■' arner . 

Sw3et • 
S V/escot 
Houldon . 
J ToTTnsend . 
"by J. Jerauld 
ToT?n Clk 
Thonnas Pry, the 3ar Mark of his Creatures is a Crop on 
the left :^ar a slit in the Crop & a ha'i^ penny on the fore 

e-ido of the Sight Ear 

Hecordcd T-ay IG, 174V 
Joseph Arnold son of Jos. Ear mark is a Crop on the 
left 2qx a Slit in the Crop and a half penney the upper 
sia.e of the Ri^ht '-^ar 

Entered the 10th day of .I.lay 1790 

78 Half page shorthand 

ilartin Salshorrys Carrnark of his Creatures is a Crop 
of of the lof 13ar and a hole in ye sane E-. a hind gad in 
th.- '^'irftit car Feccrded T.'iay 9th 1744 


Jere I.ippitt 

Tovm Clerk 


Wm Woods Earmark of his croatiiros is a three Square 
ps ciit o-at of the voider Side of Each ear Hear the head 
Eocordod July 16th 1744 pr 

Jero : lippitt To^ni CI 
Abrahan Chaees Bar !Iark of his Creatures is a Square 
pelce cut out of the under side of the Right 3are 
Hecordod June 4, 1745 

per Jere. lippitt T 01. 

79 Half page shorthand 

Joseph Wintons 3ar msrk of Creatxxres is a Crop Cut 
Square of of the end of each Ear 
Recorded June 12, 1745 

"^"^ Je^e Tippitt ?ov; C ler 
The ear]j: of the Cattle and other Oreaturee of 
John C'Ortcn is a 3"ork in the Right ii^ar and a Slit in 
the ujider Side of the Same and a Crop on the left i3are 
Hecorded Jan 22d 1747 

pr Jere Lippitt Town Clerk 

80 Half page shorthand 

The Coimsell helr^gc raett this 26th of August 1658 con- 
cerning deptc required of the Testate of Rohert Potter 



Ooncemin£' Mr Trxroclanortons Accnnnts it is ordered by 
the Counsoll that .;*r -hroctonorton -ioorj have the remainder 
of his soo^es provided he send for it, being it is -Evident 
for ourht as appeares to us they were not sould, but left 
to bo t^ouj.ii for hiia 

It is fa3;-ther Oi-dered that James Greene for what mon- 
eyes hn hath or shall Disburse upon John. Potter for cloath- 
ing of hiai shall either have so much tiine in the house and 
land or bo much rent as it chal bee let for in the first 

81 Half page shorthand 

other l^ebts that present thcEKelves beinge discharged 

It is ordered that James Greene by reason of the pay- 
ment of some depts v/hioh are required is appointed to 
make sale of that parcel of land bolonf-lng to the house 
of "'r "'otter Diccssed boii-is sittuate on the other side of 
the streotc and bounded by the land of William Burton and 
Henry Knoles and by vortuo hereofo hoc is Authorised to 
EiaJce a deed of it to tir^r that shall buy it 


82 Half p^,:e shorthand 

Know All Eien "oj thos presents, that I: Cauhanacuanack, 
aleas TasaoonaJoitt, In Consideration of Dyvers curtesies 


& Zindneses, recoived ffroni Captaine Bandall Eotaden & 
Sarauell Gorton senior, Tjoth of ?'arv;iolre, 11 ev; 3nGland, And 
in considcratior. of ^:rent JoBen, <'; Damages Suffered, in 
refferoncG to a parsell of land, formerly piirchased of ray 
deaeased "brother, "bj then, I say, In consideration of ye 
premises, I doc oy tlies presents, V7ittnes, testyfie, ."^ Af- 
firm, unto all men. That I have ffreely, and voliintarily, 
heGtovred, given, and niaid, a ffnll Donation, & present de- 
livery, to my t'ood ffreinds, ahove nairied, To them and 
their heiroc for ever. One persoll of land, knovme hy ye 
naime of IJanaquakesett, heing a iTecke of Land, sytuate, <^^ 
"being, upon IJanlis'gansett hay, over against ye mi die of 
Quonanooiitt Hand or ther ahouts, and over against a (eras- 
ed) Sraale Roclcie Hand, In yo hay. Lying hetT^'i3it Quonanacutt 
Hand, and the ahove said necke of 

83 Half paf-e shorthand 

of Land, Called Arolrananossott, I say I have freely given 
ye ahovosaid parsell, or neoke, of land, unto my Loving 
freinds, the Ahove nalir.ed, I^andall Hoiilden, and Ssaauol 
Gorton, to them & their heires forever, rrlth free leave to 
feed their Cattell, tipon nry land, lying ahou.t ye same ITeche, 
provided, they vrrong not ye Indeano Come, in the Soimner 
tirae, from the time of ye plantingc of ye Come, till It he 
gathered In. 



And I am greatly provoked to this ejst freo Aott So deed, 
with respect, tmto that great sachim of old TJngland, In 
regard of that great fame I hoar off himo, t^hich makes iny 
hart to hov; T/ith imich Affection to?;ards himo, when I hear 
of hinc, '^'o vrhora I perceive, thes ray freinds arc faithfull, 
servants, which doeth not a litle, draw my heart imto them. 

In Wittnes wherof I have hoer unto sett my hand and 
scale this present May the 27th l^ay and and in ye yeer Ac- 
cording to the English acompt 1659. 

84 Half page shorthand 
Signed And sealed 
In the presents off 
Hewcom his mark- 


The marke of 
Awashouse Indian 
Walter Tod: Amos TVestcott 


his (scalp) marke 

Eldest sonn 
to ye a'bovesaid sachem 

ffor as much as the litle Hand, sittuato fc being in the 
P.iver, or bay, which Hand Is called by the naino of Arook- 
quonassett.In ye Indean language, is not specified, in the 
within v/ritten deed, whor in that voluntary ^ift Id mention- 
ed, of a persall of land lying Tsetween ye eald river, or 
bay, and that common path 





85 Half page shorthand 

path or highway'-, In ye Coxmtry of yo ITanMghganssott, 
T/hich gift, had a beeing, hefore, in a trow senoe, and 
Consideration, hy vertn.e of a proraise naid, by rny ^Inces- 
to-rs, dyvers yeers agoe, r/ith respect unto ye within men- 
tioned losses, tov,rard ye reparation of them to ye \7ithin 
naimed men Randall (erasure' Roulden & Samuell Gorton, I 
say in regard of ye neglect ^ forgetf-ullnos, to specific 
ye eaid smale Hand, In ye r/ithin mritten deed, of gift, 
I doe heerby, Aolmowledge, that it vxac intended, and came 
within ye oaid deed, being freely given, together v;ith yo 
said hecko, or tract of land, unto jq men above nained, to 
them & their heiroc, or Asignes for ever, which tract of 
land, lyeth as is portrattirde, in a Certain I^Iapp, dravme 
out, by penn ^j Inlce, And the at)ovc nained men, have free 
leave to falc, & carry away tenber in any part of yc coii- 
mon, in yo ITanhighganssett together 

86 Half page shorthand 

together with ye ffeeding of their cattell vritnes riy hand, 
or eigne ye day & yeor vrithin ra-itten 

Cachanequeneoke hie marke 

Alias Tosseronohutt 
Wittnes English Samuel Gorton Junior 

Wittnes Indean I.Iantatanamitt 


Know All Lien tliat I posicns. Alias llaTrsupp of ye 
ITanhyganssett , -iiougli I T;as not present at ye wright- 
ing of this deed of gift, penned on "both Bids of this 
paper, yett did I give mj- free a full consent, in the 
first acting thor of as, hath hcene puhlished declared, 
and Kiaid manyfest, and doe novr f further manifest, it hy 
w^ hand 8c eealc always 

87 Half pa-;e r-hortliand . 

alwayos provided that yo partyes within naimed to whom 
it is laaid, fullfil king. Charles his Hoyall, (erasure) 
pleasure heerin, if the^ he called to an Acompt Concern- 
ing itt 

Kossup alias BucQuauno 

Testes Ms marine & soalo 

John Greene lanaquoteott 

Phillip Green Arockquanasset 
Ciuoanoke his marke 

Caleh Arnold's Ear mark of his Creatures is a Crop on 
the Right ear & a slit in the Top of the same and a fore 
gad in the left ear 

Entered the Gth June 1753 

pr J. lippett Clk 
Taken up "by Caleh Green 

June 14, 1814 


88 Bull :pag.3 shorthand 

John Carder Jirnr Eare J!ark of Ms Cattle is a fore Gad 
in ye Right Sare a Crop in the left ?c a half penny under ye 


Reed: Iiarch 22 1741/2 

pr Jore Lippitt T. Clr. 
Lfr. Rohert Wickes Ear Hark of his Cattle 2: other creat- 
iiros is a Pork in the left lilaro afore Oadd in ye Rig:ht 

Reod Apr: 9th 1742 
pr Jere Idppitt T. C. 
Entered to Richard 
T?7. Green Fehy 22d 

89 Half pa^^re shorthand 

Peter Caiamett The Bar Jlark of his Cattle and Other Creat- 
ures is a half penny on the upersido and under Sides of the 
Right ear and a Slit in the Top of the left ear. Recorded 
Juae 3. 1747 

pr Jere Lippitt Towne Clerk 

The Ear liark of Thomas Green Son of John for his Cattle 
and other Creatures is tho Same Jilark that Ben: Y/eaver took 
vrhich is tv/o holes in the Right car and one in the left: 

Recorded Deoe::^r 29, 1747 

pr Jere: Lippitt Town Clerk 


90 Half page ohortl-ancl 

John Green son of Majr Potor Green the 3ar I5arli of hia 
Creatures is a fork in ye loft year and a Slit in the upper 
Side of ye Right Cut Slanting towards yc P.oot of ye Ear 
Recorded I.Iay Slst. 174E 

pr Jere: lippitt Tow Cler 
This mark 
Taken up "by his son Vto Greene 

Thomas Whaley the liare Hark of his Creatures is a Crop 
of ye left Bar and afore Gad of ye the same 

L!ay 31, 174E 

pr Jere: Lippitt T: Clr. 
Benjo^in "eavers }3ar Mark of his Cattle Cattle and oth- 
er Creatures in two holes in the Right Year and one in ye 
left and his Brand Mark is 3 W on ye Right side of his 

June ye 26, 1742 
pr J: Lippitt T. G. 

91 Half page shorthand 

James Araold Jimr Earmark of his Creatures is a hind 
Gad in the Right ^ar. 

Rec: ye 15th ;.!arch 1742/s 
George Arnold Jr taken the ahove aark 
Entered the 15th dajr of Deer. 1785 
altered to Joseph Burlir^arae 


Jameo Ore en Son of V'Tn '^ar War& of l^lc CroaturoB are a 
Crot> r-Ti the Filf'ijht Ear and tw^ f^lltB on the imdcr nide of the 
Es-mo. .vecd: ye 5th of Jiinc 1749 

John. WigTrfeieffi jxmr -Jiar Mark of his CreatiireB are a hind 
Cadd on ye Bifrht :"ai* and a ?lit on the top of the left. 
r.oou ye 5th Juno 1749 

92 Half pago ghorthand 

Job Briee» hio Ear raark of Creatures is one hole in the 

left ^sr. AtiOT^t' ^-G, 17-1^ 

pr Jorc. T/ixypttt Tovm CI oris. 

John Jolmeon's :^a3' iiark of his Gi-eatiiros is a Crop of of 
the Sight ear .<md a alit in top of the oaKC. 

Hoccrd. Dechrt goth 174J5 pr J. Tdppitt Tov;. CI. 
Johnson's raarlf is talten iip hy ?ho. -tone 1751 

Solomon HorniiiTd's ^'.ar Hark is a elit In the top of each 
:;aro. Hecorded !my 16th 1740 pr: Jeret T.lppitt 7. C. 

Joseph Burlingame 3ar Mtirk is a hind Gad in the Ivight 


antred yo 15 April IBOl hy Jas. Jerauld ";. Clk. 

03 Half page shoriihand 

Williarn Gorton* s ''^arvnark of his Oattle is a Crop of of 
the Right f^ar and a half ponr.-' nnrir-r each I'Jar 

Recorded Octr. £lnt, lV4i^ Jero. Tippltt Tor/ Clr 



John Gorton son ox the above cd ra. takes the above 
jnark for hie Cattle Sjc :-::-itered the 7th of Jime 1791 by 

J. Jerauld. Clk. 
Joseph Hix. Sarmftri: of hiii CreaturoE is a hind gad in 
the r.ight Bar and a slit in the sarao a» is here belov/ sot 

Hecordod the 29th Angst: 1744 
pr Jore: T^ippitt T. C. 

94 E&lf pagre shorthand 

Henry Kice's Sar IEsltIc is a fork in the Bight "'jar Sa afor© 
gad in the left. 

Kecorded April 3d 1747 
Thojjaas Rice Son of John Rice ^war deed: ear ".'ark is a 
fork in tl^e Right oar, and a half penny on the uppers ide of 
the left, botng the Same oar mark that vras his Father's. 

Recorded April 3d 1747 


Daniel Budlong, the 28.T mark of CreaturoD is a hind r:ad 
in the Right ICar and a fork in the loft 

■■:c corded ilovcrabr 174G 
7hiR Esark is taken up by Anthony Aborn 

Andrev; Barton's '^ar I'ark of hio Oreatnrs is, a fork in 
the Eight Ear ? Crop on the ~.cft oar and a half penny on the 
under Side 



Hocorded Janry: 27th 1746 
Talcen up by Philip Arnold Jxmr 

I^owland Barton's Bar Harfc is a half poimy under and over 
thG left iBX t'c Brand :.'ark is 
;^ecordod April S4th 1747. 

9 6 Half page shorthand 

Nathaniel Arnold, 3ar Hark for hio Creaturoo is a hind 
gad in the left :3ar & a slit in yc upper side of the Hi^ht 
Recorded laarch 18th 1740 
Jeremiah Bandal, Ear Mark for his Oreatiires is a hole in 
each ;2ar a Crop rrn tho :^?irht and a half ponyi^r In the tinder 

side of the left. 

Kccorded June 20th 1746 
Joseph :^driunds "^nr "nrk cf his Creatures ic a Crop on the 
Right ear and a Sqiiare half penny cut out on the under oldc 
of the left Sar 

Recorded "arch 11th 1746 

97 Half page chorthand 

The car ''ark of '^liezcr hippie Cattle ^^ other Creatures 
is a fork in the ..cxt. ear and - ^'- If penny on the upper i-ide 

of the sarce 

I^ecorded Hovr 25th 1745 



The iCar "'r^.T'k nf T'hoy ".rr.oldr Creatures is a Crop of 
ye Kight ear cc a sxxt in ye Unaeraide of the left 
P.ocorded ye 16th Jaiiy 1745 

pr Jero : lippitt To-vm Clork 
The ear mark ex .;.j.aezer hipploG Creatures is a Crcp on 
the loft car and a slit in tho Crop 

Reed June 6, 1750 

98 Pour lines shorthand 

C-ahrioll 5!ilre harin;': obtained the good will and approba- 
tion . iiiia;u ^i.rnold tOij,uoiit;r v;ith the noighbourfi of 
patirsit for the takoing of Kary Percy for his v^oflded wife 
they beinr in r?tcad of parents unto her as also bestowing 
a portiozi iiiio.' aiui with her (did desire :r.e Eenry Reddocke 
Towne Gierke of "'arwieke they being both in tovme > to pub- 
lishc them which I accordingly did tv/ise in the Tovme meet- 
ing the first of r.arch 57 and 3 of Llarch 57 divers neighbours 
being at the wedr7ing house I the Clerk was sent for and 
there in tho audience of t^^enty or thirty persons T publish- 
ed them the 3d time and in -^f tlir n.fcrc:sald r.oighbors 
the said Gabriel hike did take xmto nir. the ai;.rci3aid Mary 
Percy for his wedded vrlfe 

The oar ^'^ark of SQishr. ""rovmc'n; Creatures is a half pen- 
ny on tho upper 'ide of each .ar 

Recorded Dec. 18, 1749 
ri-,r> n>to'7o ''.-!---k in talcon by Jos. BroTni. :^so. 



Peoorded the 3d of llarch 1800 

Andrcn? odrcimds eax i~^^: is a Crop on the T:ight earo and 
a Square half penny the fore Side of ye left 

Recorded Jtme £d: 1752 

concrutionc in yo page 

proper to all Inhabitants 1 1 

hoYi,' Inhabitants shall he rosoavod 2 1 

Tiovf purohaSGerQ are to hec adrnited 3 1 

*iwes-#'9r-teviTSie-weetiHgs 4 es loe 

Hamoe of purchassers 5 2 

Clarke S- sargante wages ; 6-- 3 

times for towne juGetings ) 

the use & fencing Conirnicol: 7 2> 

Thomas Dtones "ar ;,!ark for his Creatures is a Crop on 
the Right ear "■- a alit in the Crop Cut Pight in to^'jardp. tl'o 

Hecordod Sopt 11th 1751 
this mark is taken up hy Caleb ?>ently anri ">ntored tho 1'^ day 
of Kay 1790 

by J. Jerauld "ToYm Clk. 
ThiG Teafe vw-c torne o\it by ^rdor '"f yo tovmo this 29th 
of Jime 1667 it being yo Rubmition iv ^c >tat of i^Jigland wit:*- 
out ye kings majisty it being yo 13th page 


Joeopf-' "'rait'f: '^.nr T.-ark for his Creatures ic a Slit in 
the top wx eaob aar 

Entered July Slct 1754 by J. Lippitt 

'^'O^-rvi Clk. 
100 Leaf torn 

er or 

shall suhscribo 

other jurisdicti 

soever and if aimy 
ye Liberty, in y act 

have no rito titoll 

mcrly posest is to return 

T/holy disfranol'dst, and his 

able to ye sensur of the. tovme 

eer in 

Confimiod this SJ54 xTanuarj^ 1648 

Jn- Smyth 

Sornucll Gorton 

joiixi ^-rocnc 

Johaa. ':71ckos 

John '"??.rner 

Stiikl- cL'tkott 

Riohard Carder 

Richard 2p Ilarkctt 

10 Kovr 

V.' Todd 

Hichard Tovmsond 
Petor Groene 
Jaraos Ore one 


ThOEias /Greene 

Thomaa Y Thornecraft 

Jo : X Lipet 

JO: £Q Cooke 




ChriGtopher Heine 
Szekioll ITc3.1yi7ian 

Henry ^r)vr'^ri^r'.c\ 

'Salter ^. Gonigrave 

Christopher Onthankt 
John Creeno Junior 
T-Iohert '"es Irot 
John _r Townsond 
?etor 'TTh Buslcott 



.To : Thr 
Thomas Ore 
Amos Wsstkot 
Randall Hoiilden 
John X Swectc 
Jan CreraerdsT 
Henry Heddoke 
Henry Enoles 

Jolm J^ 2 '-'^^^^^ 

T'homnr^ "Rolf 
ihoxna-E .'iradicy 

Hobort (torn) 

The marlcG of Thomas / Sci-anton 

John_y 3ennot 

Sdv/ard q iindro\7n 

'/illiaK c:>J Bakor 

Anthony low Thomas /^ Layton 

T.^atthlan ^-^nrvj Janes "knox 

the Eiarl- y — ^^^ Thos: Hedgor "'illiara 

Jonathan h ' Hill 


his marke 






Tovmo Orders 

The purahaaoris of the plantation doe order and (tnml 

first, that we keep© the disposall of Lands in or one hands 

2 2: J none shall inioyanny land in the lleok called IvtBhoamot 


3 "but hy grant from ye onore and purchasers: 3: y every aker 

Ox iaedo\7 in ye IJeok ehall he at 4 shillings per aker and cv- 


4 ery aker of upland at 2 ohillinge per aker: 4 y every aker 

of Tr.odo77 E?lmll have its proportion cf upland an the Heck will 


5 aford: B y v;ee ay out hie ivaies into the ITeck in the raoet 

, t 

6 convenient places as wee think fiting: 6. y no man shall eitl- 

er directly, or Indirectly, a^?^ take in anny Oattel to Com- 


7 Bon hut only riilch eatlo Jj I.ahoring Catlo: 7. y vThomsoover 
is granted a lot if heo doe not fence and build a dT/clliEg 

house upon it within 6 Monthec or in forvmrdness thereto: 

for ye neglect his lot is to retume to y to dispose of 

2 "^rder 

'Iliat for tlie ?ovme proper to all Inhabitants is to bee 
from y f front fence, of the Heck into the Coontrio fov/or 

miles £: that no pt of this GoiaiiiOTi shalbe aproproatod to anny 

e t 

by the maior pt of all y Inhabitants and y every Inhabitant 

is to have eix akers to hia house lott for wh hoe is to pay 

to ye Trooerj- 1£ .=;; this 4 iriilos Common ie anexrd to everjr 

mans lot 

3 Order 

'.T'hat Inhabitants after they are propovoided sh (oblit.^r- 
ated) rcceaved or rejected by papers or beanos 



4 Order 
That if anny InhaTsitant mil have eqiiall share of jq 
plantation "hee nay have equall Bharo the pnrchis 


( t o m ) purchas o r 
That every man receaved into rite in the whole purchis for 
an eqnall share shall pay into tho Treser;r tenn pounds eith- 
er in Cash laid in or in Go^iEiOerationG equivalent, in yo 
Judgment of yo Maior pt of tho first purchasers & for the 
Heck to "bo stinted according to perportion of Land equally, 

& if anny shall ourches more then is laid out to each 

for proper rite hy eouallitie y land so purchased hath no 

Conon to hee considered for such land hut it is to hee com- 
mon to feed eattole till it bee fenced from ye rest. And 
if ye aforesaid ten poundes will not sufiee to defray 
Charges for ye regaining of yo land then so that land is 
not laid out shall still be for that end 

ITanes of ye Purobeeers 
ffirst Seeeaved Purchescrs 

Samuoll Gorton Szekicll Holirien 

John "eeks Hendry Tovmsend 

Randall Houlden Kr John Snith 20 s 

Pichard Carder Kickolas Hai-t 


Robert Potter 
Jolm Greene 
John ^amor 
Riciiard V.atterman 
ffranois V.ossonn 

SttOcly vi'estoot 

Rufus Barton 

Jon Greene Jimeor 



Eaveinf- nor; receaved our ortlers (this 8th of Atiftast^ 
from ye {roncrall recorder vroo havo Chosen for onr T'o^vne 
Coxmsill being a generall aasombliec order 

Ritfns Barton ) 

I.r. Jo: v;iches) 

Jo: "'amor: Town Clark 
Hen Towns end: Constahle 

) Tovme !v!,-|trats 

( Jo : Oreeno 


i'^ze: i:oliaan 


fJo: \7arner 


(Rnftis I^arton 


( Jo : wicks 


(Randall Houldon 

Cliri Ilcliaes: Sargant 

Ord. 6 V.'ee conclude o 'Uovme Ileeting to "bee held the first T.'on- 

do.y in ever:/ moonth and that the .. ov;ne Clarke is to have 

s d s 

E: 6 for each day of meeting ^.^ the sargant to have 2 for 

v?aming & tending "upon the meeting and if other ocations 

fall out they are to he resonaoly considered for thore 

sorviso therin 

Ord 7 

That Coniraecok ic to hee fenced hy the generall towne 


and it is proper only for Calves and lambes till forder 

order "bee concluded concerning it. 

Ord 8. 

Tliat ^'.^r. Greens lott is to runn from the Coraon fence of 

Coninecok Homzc to the nn.lT- ne^rt 'beyond tlie Creek which is 

at his front, and hoc to have the point of land within his 

fence unon consideration hee is to fence his land rotund 

snfitiently and to "bo po fence 3 h-- tr-o tiae y the front in 

general is fenced and that there is to "boe a foot jjath 

through it to ConimGcok 

Ord 9 
That noe land is to bee granted to anny within six rod 
of the front throxigh the whole Tovme wh is to he for a 
street ray 

Ord 10 

That Rich Carder Hufus Barton, Randall Eouldon Robert 

?o(torn) Pc Jo: ' icks is granted y Ifjjid hetween tho Hiev?ay 

(torn) tho street ^c the hrook beyond and thor ic to boe a 

lane to the hrooko to goe oyer against tho lane by ;.:r 




That -Jo: V.'an'ier is granted tv;o a]: era F.: 1/2 of land 
against his lot on tho othorsid tho street and Christopher 


Unthank to have one alier in lik rnaner against his lot ono 
the otheraid the street 

Ord 11 

•Ib^t hv liaior Consent ox the v/holo ToTme it is ordered 


y if 12 Townsr.en neet one tho day apointod for To\7no meet- 

in.ipc they shall Ijbvo pov/er to act in Tovme afairos ae though 

all ware preesent 

Crd IS 

OTiat thare is tc heo three ^ayos into the Heck the one 
between Mr \Yloks S; l^ i-otter, another hotr/een T'r Holir/tan 
.?c H'ho Thomecraft another betrreen r-eter Crreon & ".■ich ^f/ator~ 
mans lot orer the fading place 

Ord 15 

That Kzekiel I'oliraan P-afuse Barton Jo: Warner .^; Christo- 
pher Hclmes are ^.pointed to lay out lots o; hiovyayes conven- 
ient for the Tovme 

''rd 14 

That no man in the tov^me is to sell stron,-:; lickers or 
sack to the Indeans for to drink in there houoes 5^ if it 
ho proved hoe that so hroaks this order shall pay to the 
treeerie five shillinpc for each offense 


Crd 15 hy y "HircheserB 

That wee lay out 6 i\lrers of land for each nan y hath 
Interect in y Neck for plantiiig in the most Convenient 

places to o.Liaer c-.oh mans ocation 


' Ord 16 
That 'Tr sticks is to delivor the goon to Hr Browne -wh 
hee tool: from the Inaean vvigv/ara and to give his rcsonc for 
his act therein 

Orel 17 
That no nan is to tiinie swine into the woods hotweon 
planting time and Harvest v/ithout stifitient keepers; to pre- 
vent dangler f- of In deans and Inglish Corne 


Inho,hitants rcooaved in order as they caine first 


?aifu3 Barton -^tr Hohert Coles 

Hcnd TowoFend roceaved a TovmsEan 

Chri: rnthaiik ^olm Potter 

3s ck: HolTaan 

Jo: lipet ) 

) Eich: 'iQ-PDiacnd 

Peeter Crreene ) 
The: ^homecraft 
•Janes Greene 
Tho : Greene 
Stouk "estcot 
Mr Jo: Sir^;-th 
Mr ITlc: Heart 
Mr V'alter Tod 
Jo: Coohe 


Jon Greene Jtmer 

RoTDert '"est cot 

John Sv7eet: 

John ToY.'n£ond 

Poter Buzicott 

John TJov/ninge 

:i; award Irjnari 

Jaaes Sv/ecte 

Jo Tin 

Thomas Si-lngton 

George Tamer 

Arr.os 'Vasoote 

John Coraerd 

John Ha den 

The mill Ovmcrv- 

Thc TenaHent one Cuininiicotc 


James Arnold Son of T.^ajrr Jaraes Arno^ "= ''^r Mai'li: of his 
Creaturos is a Crop on the top of each -iar and a hole in 

each Year 

Becd: June l£th 1749 
Capt F-ilas Coclc'e Ear V.ark is a Slit in the right liar a 
Crop on the left ep.r and a half penny nndor tho same 

■■ccordod 'i^y- ?"(\ 1776 
Taken up "by Christo. Hice "■arch 30 181S 


Slizalicth Stafford Vidow of Capt: Jolri Stafford Junr 

ear Mark of lier croatureB iD a lorogad in the Right oar 

and a hind gad in the left. 

entered thie 8th day of Jaiiy 

J: Lippitt 01k 

ThiB mark nor Son John Stafford takes for his CreaturoB 
entered L'o^ the 18th 1778 

Joseph Eeynold's ,:-ar mark of his cattle is a Crop on the 
Right ear and a Slit in the uperSide of the left 
il'ntered Aug' 6th 1757 t:: T. Ilppitt T Clk 


June 5th 1648 

r e 

woo make Ghoyce for o ToTmc offisers for y yere 

;.ir Jo: Wicke ) ) 

) Tovnie lilagistrats ) 
llr i^nr-i: Hnrton ) ) 

Jo: V'arner To^rae Clarke ) (go) 

EichHarkct: Counstahlo ) 

Pioh Tovmsend Sargant ) 

Mr Randall Eouldon Tre sorer 
& y hee is not to dishurst anny Eonny hut hy the order of 

the :?-ior pt of the Tov-Tae -"■ it boingjs recc"-'^'-"'^ •^'■'- r''-':^lbeo 

his discharge Ord. 17. Agust 21: 1648 

That Randall Houldon and John V'arner is ordered to goo 


to -nllr.ofh to i-»-!fnnHO t>G n^r.^oi i-i n:'-:o:';r <■?" -'■ tt,^-,-^-^/i -^olonios 

r ,: 

GoncexTiing the v/h o Tov/ne : eceavod froT7i y state of Ingland 


tfeb 5tli 1648 Ord 18 

That in Coneidoration of the great Inconvenience th?.t 

oon;es by the Indeane being: drank and the dangers that is 

thereby, "ee think good that no nan shall cither directly 

or indirectly/ sell, or convay, to anny Indeans within the 

hmindn o:f this towr.0, other strong liokeT vine or sack, hut 

upon proof e herof , hec sha.ll for each offense pay to tho 

Tresery tv7sntie shillings and this to hec by T^-arant from 

an offlser of the ToiTcie to the sargarit to attach, and so 

. r 
deliver it into the tresorie and that this o Girder for to 

bee in force and efeot xxpon the firat day of Aprill next 
and from that time evei"?/ man lioB liable to anser for de- 
feet heerin 


Feb 5 J 1648 (Sl; 

r^hat y Towno doth b:/ this order licenso Robert Potter 

to keep an Crdcnary and hee doth by this order ingo-ge iiiirj- 

self e in s bond of t 10 to kepo the orders of auoh a house 

r,.nr-r>Tr']_n.QQ t'" '^f^."''!OTall Cor.^-t metier 

by y purchoGors 

That Mr Jolan Srayth for laying do^me anncthcr ^ 10 is 

to hpvr^ a flnhlo r.h'i""o o'f Tr.rd a^d 1"^ ho"''Gaftor it bee 

thought fit •;;o roceavc annothez- purchoacr ?>-. his ^ 10 bee 

pd him againe ho io to soronder hie second share into the 

dicposall of y purcheoers 

C, \ 


ffeT) E6 1648 

Tliat wee agree to send to tho Genorall assernl^ly for y 

wliolG Colonio sl-xe men for o torme of warrTick I'r Jo: Sinyth 

Mr Sanniel Gorton Mr Jo: V.'icks llr ?:anclall Iioiildon tc Jo: V/am- 

er Mr Jo Greene 

t c 
And fortlicr wee Agree y thof^c of y To-wne vh send the nen 

aforsaid are to ppy there charge expended to liee lovied "by 

Mr Jo: Smyth Mr. Randall Eonldon & Jo: Warner 


By y Piirchesers 

"That Hen: Townsend Richard Harket S: Mr Potter and Mr Hoi- 

iman are chosen to lay out medow and upland In the Feck 

egnall shares to the Purchesers a: vm thay liave done y wee 

lot for the shares 

That !.Ir Gorton is chose for one of y Tovme Counsell to 
supply y Roome of him departed 

Ap: E: 1649 That wee agree to grant to Christopher 
t t 
TTntharik all y laedov/ y may hoe rao\7ed upon Conimecot point 

* ^ 1 , ^ 

y is to say all beyond y Creek y comes I erasure) to Mr Gor- 
tons { erasure )T;her his old lot is hee paiing as others doe 
for tlier land according to Tovme order 


By y Purchesers (22) 

Jon More is granted 10 akers of land in y iTcck where it 

is not yet laid out in y most convenient place 

e e 

?liat J front fence ic to "bee siif iticntly set up "by y 

6 of Aprill "; ^^pon ye Hext day iDeing- Sattcrday y all nen 

are to r.oet to cot up Oonirr.ecot fence as A comon fence 
That J ITeck ii= to bee cleared of 3\vine by ye 8th of 

Aprill & not to corn in but at there d£«nage 

e o 

That y front fence ic to bee naintained for y fntiire 

somer & \7inter 2o that no sv;ine is to cone into y iieck but 

e o 

at y danage of y oners ther of 

Aprill gth 1649 

e e 

1'hat Jon 'Jook Covenants vrith y Tov;ne for y Jrecpingo of 
e t 

y catle Govros « cirio catle within tv/o yeres oiild y are serv- 
ed & to hay© for his r/ork 13 poundc, for sis: monthee keep- 

ing Si to begixio at y first of I'ay & give them up the last 

t e 
of October Se y y tovme ie to tak turnes to pervide a keep- 

er for Sabath-dayes Sj for y time not to got anny n\a.n to 

koep but hiaselfe or A eufitien Bian as hir;iselfe i- for one 

halfe of his pay to bee paid at y end of 3 months time ft 
e e 

y other halfc of his pay at y end of his tlso of kecpincre 

& y rr Holiman ^-5 Stutly r/egtcot is to gather up the Ronnv 

for y Raid keeper &> eo hoe to e;oe to thee; for his pay 

■Phat Uo Cook is grartod y pece of land joyning to y 

poece of land hoe leit ox JJr Potter & go dovm to y Htme 

t e 

by Jon Lipets onely pervldea y ho leave six pole to v 

front al3 to y said Eun 

May y 7th 1649 
y Kr Green son Vx Hollmans & Mr Tod are to attend ye 



Goiirt of trialls for ye Oon e©«.¥* y 23 of Vl:?:v- hold at 



at it is agreed lor j layers out of lots are to view 

y po;7nt oi" upland at Akopaetuxet Cove S^ if in case the5'^ se 

~ r e 

it convenient in y Jud£:;montri to lay out to Jon Oreono y 

Younger "c this is the Townefi conclTition 

June 4th 1649 

r e 

That upon sercoiise Consideration of o Charter & y T7ay 

of operation of Justisse thsrh^/, wee first crdayne one 

Tovme de'bety & two Aseistantp to nit in seat of Justise & 

c r 

to have y saiie povver for e::recution thcrof as o Generall 

offisers have in Court of Trialls or upon anny other oca- 

X e e 

tion y Justise is require? in y verges or persinkts of y 

tovmc foi- y Conservation o:t peace -Amongst us 

_t e e e 

Also y ye Clark of j Tovme shall have y offisse for y 

7,'rits /v.' executions' ^? to Atend y Cotirt of 1'ri.nlls 

Jl ■'■ 

A.11S0 7/ all cases tried &(illegi'ble)in o Court of Trialls 

e e 

shall "beo hj y vardit of 18 men ac a Jurie, an in y Oener- 

all Court of Trialls is exersisod 


Mr Eandall Houlden Deputy 

Ti'Ir Jon Oreon se ARsiGtant 

Mr Jon "i'eeks Assistant 

Jon C'reen Jun Clerl-: ) for y yere Ensuing 





•Eichard Earlret 


Th ones Tho r xie e tbS t d e, i' i a;at 

ilr Eouldcn 


( lir Houlden Gaotnine 
Military ( 

( Mr Wamor Loi'tonnant 

OfflOCTD ( 

( ]\ieliard ToTOTisencL Ensighne 

for the yearo r^nsu 


Jtine the 11, 1649 

It Ig ordi'cd tluvt Fr V.'eclcos lioiiiKe the head officei' is 
Eioderatoiir for the proec-nt asser.biy fox' thit- day 

It is. ordered that the fonce at ' uinlinicoke v/hich is de- 
fectivo shall hoc mended "bofcre fiaturday night next "by those 
vrhoGe sT^ares ai'e dcfcci-ive upon vuc forfiturc of 5 s fine 
in case it ts not done acoordinge to order: 

CrCrcal yt ".'r Veol-GS and 1't Greone uro chosen, to vlev; the 
fences whoti^or xhc^ occ su.i.yioxeiit toa^orrov; and havinge 
viev/ed them they fchall give 'nctice to tho parties tor.iorrov/ 
night and they shall rnckc it foUfficiont by Saturda^' nig-ht 
or else xorxoix -• a aua. for every day lollov/ingo that it is 
not Kioiided they sh/ill forfeit d ^Bhillings a da;^' and after- 
ward if tlic f-oate ret-i- in f'^o omerc of tlie goats shall pay 
tweivc pence a ae<ud sor i^^e 

Ordred tho 2 of July that the Clarke In the Behalf© of 
the Tovme slall give their officers their "ngae-enicnt : 



Ordred that this slialhee the engageiaent You A B bcinge 
called & chosen -unto lAihlique aad the office of 

by the free Voato -^ consent of the InhahitantB of 

the Tovmc oi varv.icke (nov/ orderly) met A doe in the pres- 
ent Assecibljr ongago yourselfo faithfully 5: truly to exe- 
cute the Conriission coraited unto ijou « do hor"by promise to 
do (obliterated) or lease in that respect (ohliterated) 

Towne have or shall authorise you to doe aocordingo to 
th© best of "yo^'i^- understandinge 


The Reciprocal! Sngageroont of the Tovme to the Officers 
' o the Inhfibitctntir- of the T'ov/ne of ',?arv;icke ooing 

here orderly sett S; having by free vote chose you 

to publique office ' r:''-'"-" -:■-", for the dei« adcanistr-ation 
of Justice & the elocution thereof thre?»' out the -whole 
Tovme do hereby engage our selves to the utiaoet of our 
power to support p,nd uphold you in your faithfull perform- 
ance tlierofo 

It is orderod that ^'-'^r PandalJ. Houlden being the choife 

'The gcnerall our col J are chosen 

i;r John Smith ) 


''r -'".nuell C-ortc- ) 

iir R^indall Fioulden ) for y yoare 
LIr John Orecne se ) onsuinge 

79 John '^"eckcs ) 

Mr '."^arner ) 

Ordered that after the Treasurer & I^ Gorton are satis- 
fied out 0? ^■^•' treasury tl-pt ^'r "'arner and Peter Greene 
shall in the next place be satisfied 

26 Ordrod thet wheras there was an order coneerninge the 
goats to pa.7 1 n a go ate if they were taken ^.Tithin the 
foncc.iy iis now ordrod -'aiat it 'ocr. repealed, and oncly 
\/ha.t dmiage they doe to he payd hy the owners t so for any 
othoT cattell 

Ordrod that ilr Jotter hce in ..4' .i^oliiiians roorne to hee a 
layer out of the house lotts .'i thoy shall he\^e haife a 
crowne a loot rcr laying out 

Ordred that Tir Warner bee in hit, fathers roon??. for a 
surveyor for the bridge & in case other rjen are s^ifficient- 
ly mimed they coji^e not go may higher a man & make the ab- 
sent party pay halfe a erof.'ne Oay- 

Ordred th^'.t John Tovmeends pay for his CatteJ.l keepinge 
bee taken into coneidoratlon till tov.-ards the latter end of 
keeping© and acordinge to John Cooker: behaviotir, If the 
Tormo sec fitt, to bestor: it on him. 

Ordred that if any cattcll bee found trespaeinge either 
in Come "-.'leddOT? or other pieces where thoy ought not to 
cone that if tlio party doe but drive the oattell where he 



can imve vitnecce that they are such a inane cattcll it is 
as sufficient as though they were pounded & the party that 
so finds the cattoll & hcingo offended shall have lav; as 
well as though they v/ere pounded. 

Ordred tliat r"r Gorton Riohard Harciitt 

& Peter Creene shall (obliterated; 

The £6 of July (Ji?) 

Ordered tliat a letter should he dra\7cn up & sent to the 
MaBsathusota to the Gomaiseioners nov; sitting 

V.r Potter hath proiaised to inaintaino the whole fence 
against his lott in t}:c lane and 14 Rodd on the eide of his 
lott in the street .hesginninoo next the lane and so on- 
wards t\nd Hr Snith hath promised to doe the rert in the 
street (erasure) and thoy have mutually promised thug to 

maintaino it; 

Ordered that the smith roter Busicott chall have a lott 
over against Mr Holimana lott and that in ease he huild 
upon another raans lott he shall not forfeit his o^jm for 
want of "oxiildinge on it not v/ithstandingo any farther ord- 
er to the contrary and this to bee no persident and the 
siirve-yers have- the poiver to order that lott ?-. other lotts 
that have nut heon regularly layd out -.vith rorpect to the 
highwayes in the Tovmos hehalfe 


Agreed tliat the le'ttcr drav/en np by (erasure) the 
Preoident and Gorton shall boe fayrly written by the 
Clarke ano sent 

Tlie 6 of August 

Agreed by the 'lovme CounselTi of '."•arwiolre for the trans- 
action of causes in Courts of Triall 


(28)firet Ordred that wee have 4 Court g of Triall in the yeare 
except upon speclall occation & the occasioners videlicet 
that denirc to call a court on purpose for the suit to bee 
tried, to pay double charges of ordena-ry apointed Courts: 

The times ajiointed for Courts of Triall arc fower in the 
yearc the first to hoe tae first I'uesday in liay the 2 to 
bee the 5 ^Ytosday in August & the S third to bee the first 
Tuesday in IToveinber, ^c the fourth to bee the first Tuesday 
in ffebruary, L so annually. 

Ord; That anj' msm shall Imve liberty to ploado his 
o-fTOO caunc but if heo can £:ett an Atarney his foe may not 
OTtccod 2 E aJiillings 6 d pence 

Or That the Jury shall have 6 d pence a uan for ev- 
erj^ action 

■jr: ihat tjic -Clarke shall have for givinge a writ & 
entringe the action: 6 d pence: 

Or That the Declaration bee filed 6 dayes before ye 



Co-art, 8: the anEmer to hee filed 3 dayes ■before ye Court, 
and the Clrvr1-o chr.ll ha-^re for flllnge the declaration 4 d 
pence, and Iot lillnge the answer 4 d pence, for the Cop- 
pie of the declaration & the Coppie of the Ansv;er, 1 s 
shilling for each Iten, for a Suppoine 2 pence: Item for 
entringe a ITihil Bicit 6 ponce Item for a t/ritt of Inquire 
G pc Itea for ye execution 6 d for puhlishlnge marriage 016 

The Sargeants ffoes 
Ord: for Servinge the v-TTitt 1 shillinge: 6 pence, Iten 
for evei^^ action 4 pence Item for the servingc ye ercou- 
tion 1 ohillinge per pound for his tsndingo on the Jury for 
ever^'' action 5 d ponce for ^Sargeants fees; in Case of Coia- 
mitraent ?o takinge to .layle 1 s chilling & if he goc to 
prison, H s; 6 d; ": in case hoe attend upon the priconer till 
hoe £ett haile then hee shall agree t/ith the Pargeant for 
hie time f/) charge 

Ordi-ed that the Clarke is to have one shillinge oix 
pence per day for attendinge the Towne nieo tinge everie meet- 
inge any order formerly notwithstanc.inge 

Ordred that Mr. Houlden & A'.r ' oelcs shall agree v/ith 
Goodman I.ipet ahout the cuttinge the narrow Cut and what 
they agree fne Tovvcao v;ill t?tanO to 


The 1 of October (SO) 

OroL tliat any man shall have 20 s for a v;oolfe kil- 
lingo for every woolfo tliat sls&ll hee killed and tie r-.nny 
shalbeo raysod on all sorts of cattell 

Oi'd That Kiehard Tovmsond Is to have that peece of 
land that lies on the front of his lott to the highv/ay, 
■' and that in case John Tovrnsend doe biiild on nis brother 
Richard Tovmsends lott it shall excuse hiri for buildingo 
on his ovmo lott 

Or: That John Domiingc Ss 'Mrrai'^ Inman shall have their 
lotts next the Indian f field oncly a payth shall bee left be- 
tY;is:t the Indian field and their lots this Inditm field is 
over against Mr Ho^ildens 


on the other side the brocke 

Or: Tliat all laiids that are layd out in this Plantation 
nieddov/oG or upland shalbee entred into the tof/ne booke by 
the Clarke as also the Clarke shall [^Iyq every man a coppic 
of it and ho to have 8 s - 6 d for each deed 

Or 2.'hat lix Smith & I'dr "arnor shall procure a workman 
or T7orkmon to build a prison house & pound by the lott 
that was layd out to Peter BTisicot ?c they have po-s-rer to 
order any thine:c conocminGO it, the length is to bee 

20 foote the breadth 12 footc 


The 7 of Jamiar:;- 1649 

Ordred that all lands that are or shalhee laid out 
v;ithin th.e boimds of this plantation cither ^^pland or med- 
do\7es when it ie granted they shall pay after the rate of 
2 shillingoG an acre for irpland & 4 shilllngee an acre for 
meddowes except those that have already 

Ordred that John Greene Ju & Peter shall have the 
gro'md -".rpon the front ineasurlnge 4 pole holow the bridge 
upon a streight line a pole r/ithout a white oak sttunpe 
that lies the neorest the fence 

Ordred that those rneddov/cs that have hsen viewed on 
Pati<:s:et river ffall by Henry ToTOioend Tfiohard Harci.itt ^ 
James Greene slialbee lai5 out tc cver:^; inhabitant eqiial- 
ly that is to f obliterated) will f'-lc v.-ithin 4 (blotted^ 

31 Ordred that when those meddOT-res are layd out they 
shall all pay each for his share to the Treasurer but 
if any one doth not pay his share or thelrc shall bee in 
the treasurers hands for S ireaxec; and in case they pay 
not at the 2 yeares end i'he Treasiirer riay sell it F-: re- 
turn then the overplus 

The 4 of March 

Ordred that the front lonco before every mans lott 


and the Iiigh wayec 'hee up tlio 15 of i:arch and tho ponaltio 
for the defect to l^ec tv*-elve pence a day for every day 

Ordrod that the Becke shall "bee cleared of hoggs "by 
the 2:"' til of Ivlarch 

Ordred that the land :7ithin tho fence of Cuinimicoto 
to the narro\7 Cutt shalhee laid oat to every me.n as also 
his fenoingo ans-worable to every r:^'^ ^■v.r.i- hath ri^"'-'-'- tr^r-e 

Ordred that this land at C'ulniiaioote hee devided by 
the layers out to every raan "betwixt this and the next to\7ne 
laeetinge and 'c'/iu fence Ij'j 

Joiin Gooke is chosen sergeant from this day nntill the 
next choice 

Ordz'ou I. :-at the curveiors for layinge out of the land 
vyithin the hedge at Quinimiooke shall have 4 pence an acker 
Thomas Tho moc raft Btill remaines Sargoant 


Ordred that John Tovrnsend shall' have 5 akers of ined- 

dov?e iayd out ahout liacGapagc pound 
(32) Ordred that James Greene chJill have that peeco of med- 

dowe neijct his hrothor John Greene hy Occupesuati-ocet point 
in the Hollowo 

Ordred that Jolrn Cooke shall have 2 akors of neddow 
holor; the path vrhere he mov/ed tho last yearo 


Ordred that the layers out of tho lotts shall lay- 
out the neddowcG about Liassapage pond and have 6 pence an 
aker for laying it out 

Ore red at a lueetlng the & of Iferch hy the TomiSTr.en 
of Wsn-^Ticl^.o that thoy giro and grant unto Thomas Thomi- 
craft 3 akors of land on Cuinimcoko to bee layd out upon 
a square that is to eay 36 polo fror.T Mr John Groens lott 
tOT7ardG the sea and 56 pole dcvme into the nocke upon con- 
dition as followeth that iE tiat hee shall jr.aintaino a suf- 
ficient fence, frow upon his front as also ©aire a sufficient 
fence froro highvjater raarlre to lovie v/ater marke at spring 
tides and these to bee maintained from the 20th of ''arch 
untill the last of October annually and this to bee the 
Temire of this housolot upon which <jrant is to him or his 


Ordrod that Henry ¥ownsend s}iall have a corner of 
land in the front joi^ecL to Bichard '^ovmsend. and the sur- 
veyors arc to boujid it 


^rhe 6 of !;ay 1650 35 

33 Ordrod that 7'r John Greene sr I.Ir. John T'eelcea & T.Tr 
Holiaian bcinge now chosen for Jury men for the Monorail 
Court are to scrvn on the ^cr.iteo at the gonerall Court 
Mr Jolm Smith ...r \.aiter -oa and Peter Greene are 


for the yeare 

chosen for the other three of the Committee for the nozt 
Gene rail Cotii-t: 

Oraored that the highway into Cuininicofee heo layd 
out 2 pole v/ide next the sea that tho v;astc land betwi:-:t 
it and the side of Thoraas •'.Jhornicraxtn lott hoe added to 
his lott and hec to nsaintainc the fence thorrowly from his 
front a oroese the high v/aj' into the water 

( '^he Z of June officers choeen ) 

(l.Tr Holimon Towne Deputy 

(llr V/amer Asistant 


fHenr;^* Tovmsend Asistant 

f J ohn r^r e en o Jr CI arke 


( r!i'-5©a- gewH- elarke 


fTohn ToTmGond CJonstahlo 


(John Gooice 


( SheHae- S'feos'Biea?a** Sargoant 

Ordred that !'r Holiman heinge the head officer ic mod- 
erator for the yeare ensuing. 

These are choson for the tovme counsel 

Hr fioliKan 

¥jr Varner 

Henry Towns end 

Kr '>'eekes 

Ivir Gorton 

ytr Houldon 


34 Ordred that The nov; Treasurer v;ith tho Hecorder shall 
receive the accotmts of the old treasurer, and record thorn 

Ordered by a iHianiEons consent of the 'Jl'OY.'nsinen of "i^ar- 
wiclce that from henceforth no goat or goats heo hept upon 
any of the sayd Tovmec Conraons they "being bo die tractive to 
Orchards but in case any such cattcl ac aforesaid shalbeo 
fotmd upon tl:e CoWons of this To\vne it shalbee lav/efiill for 
any person or persons to destroj'- the sayd goat or goates? and 
this order to hoc in force untill by as unaniraoue a consent 
the Tov?ne see oaus© to alter it and tho Inhabitant ee to have 
due notis of the sayd racetinge for such an end 

Ordred that Richard To^OTiscnd is to have six akers of 
land to plant upon up tho brooke above hie brotber Johns 

Ordred that John T'oro is to have some ground botwisct 
the highway and his front 
Henr^!' Townsend and heo egreeinge 

Ordred that Mr Barnes sliall have 3 ahers of land aore 
or loss adiojTiinge to his other land above tho bridge 

•>rdrecl that !"r Hollinan Warner & Honry Tov/nsond are 
to draw up a forme for rcnordingc of lands and Kakinge each 
nan a deed and apoint \7hat the Clarke shall have for his 
painea and so raon are to repaire to the Clarke and he to 
doc it 



The 1 of Jiily (35) 

Ordred that a letter "bee drawen up and sent to the bay 
and that Johjn Greene Ju hee the messenger 
The 26 of July 

Crdrcd by the forme that wheras 3 stuarnmc were left 
at John Greenes house by Eichard Chacraore to Binmxm Mm to 
the Court in the IlaGsaolrasctts to bee holden at Boston the 
last of July it ie Ordred by voate of the Tovme that John 
Greene Ju aboveeayd shall not goe dovme to the Court ^7ith 
respect to the suninuns 

Ordred that ?'r. Gorton I'r ^Veekes Kr Foulden Vlr ^'amer 
are chosen to dra-/ up a letter to cond to the T^ay 

Ordred that ;:!r Gorton Mr Houlden S: Mr Warner arc chos- 
en to the OoBiittee to meet at Port;;^^outh the Cojnmittoes of 
each Sorme about tho sunmiuns 
The 27 of July 

Ordred that tho letter that T!r (Norton hath dravm up 
be signed by r.!r ''feekes in the behalfc of the Tovme of -"ar- 
wioke and sent to the Court at Boston to boo delivered in 
case the Conitteo chosen now for the Collonio doe not send 
any letter 

36 The 5 of Au^.8t 

Ordrod that tho Highway betv/ixt John Gookcs lott and 


Mr Tods Lott that now is George Baldlns "bee added to Jolm 
Cooken house lott 
IHo-c 17 0-1 Auguet 

Ordered that Peter GreenG is towiie Clarke for this 
yoare encuinge 

Ordered that tho Comma tteo ehall rrrite a letter to the 

Ordered that IjIx Snith si;all be tho inQSser>B:or to carry 
the letter to ye President Fi to inforrnc him vrliat issue 
there was ooncerning the letter sent loy the Oollony to the 

Sept the 7th 1650 

Ordered that a letter he sent to the Generall Court at 

Ordered that the Propositions presented to the toTTne 
may he presoTitecl to the Oomnittcc general to ooneidor and 

Sept the S5th 1650 

Ordej'ed that the i-'ronldent shall have power to coripor-n 
and order auout the sending of letter in due ic;eason 

Ordered that if the President thinko meete 


some two or three v.'ords raay he altered in the letter P.: a 
little Addition to it f?7) 


Octo'bGr Yth 

Ordered that 6 Lion "oc chose for a coBmittee to noete 
at Portsmouth 4 dayos before the genorall court of trialls 

Ordered that if any of thera refuyo to coe hoc shall 
pay to the tovmo treasurer E shillings 6 ponce a day all 
the time the corarnittee is iinployed 

Ordered that if tiiey shall neglect to pay it that then 

the tov/ne deputy shall issue his warrant unto the Sergeant 

to destraine it & hringe it to y Treasurer 

Ordered that if any ref-ace to goe that then the town 

deputies shall appointe anot:ier in his roome and see him 


Oct oh or the 15 

Oonimittee raen choccn for the Representative genorall 

Mr Eoliriian 

Mr Wicks 

Mr Houlden 

Jtr Warner 

Mr Potter 

Mr Joh-n Greene Sr 

Jury men chose for the gene rail 

Richard Tovmsend 

Jolm Tovmeend 

Stulcly V'estoot 

Ordered tiis.t three men he choee to rarxke rates for the 

toiTne this yeere onrjuinge 


llx John '"icks "r Holiman !'r Houldcn are chooe for the 
sane ptirtpose 


S8 OrcieTed that all moneys that are or mav he due hy rates 

or fines or lands graimtod y x^lthin cionthos after denannd 

38 all sTich rBcne-jes are to he hroiight in to the tovme treasurer 
hilt if they faylc to hringe in theyer raonoys in ye time ap- 
poynted the tovme T/enxitv . shall graunt oait his v7S,rrant to the 
towne llcrgeant to taltc a c trees on his goods or cattolls & 
the Sergeant shall gett trro tormsmen to prize that which is 
des trained 8: return tho overplus to the ovnicr the '-ergeant 
talcing 2 shillings for hie paines 

The 15 of January 
Ordered th^it tho greatc pointe helng tho third pninte 
frora the end of tho toirnie Southwest is graunted to such as 
hare horsos 5: grcate cattcll as followeth that they shall 
have liherty to fence it in and to Iceope the salde horses 
& draught cattell in durlnre the time of the Indian oome 
heinge in danger ?-i this to he yoer3.y unto such time as tho 
tcv.Tio shall see cau!?o to give the sayd lands unto perticu- 
lars & alv/ayos provided that an;;,' inhahitant that hereafter 
ahall have arjy horses or greate cattell which at present 
have not hcaringc eouall charge of fence accoruinge to pro- 
portion of cattcll shall htive oquall right 



Ordered that John Oreeno Junior shall have an nore 
of land or more on the top ox the hill at his raodcv? to cot 
lip hiD fence .straight at Occupostiatuset core 

Ordered that every man shall have six acres of land 
laid out hoforG his lot if convonioncy will affoi'd or in 
the most convenient place otherwise 


Ordered that in case there bo not tv/enty (39) 

acres in the Heche for I'r V<icks that it shall be made up in 
the coiimon to the aforcsayd order 

ffobruary the 3d 

Ordered that there is SO acres of land f;ra-unted tmto 
Mr Kouldor and the rest of the undertahers in lew of Ilr Gor- 
tons lott "7hich the [Tovme graimtc to the mill 7 or 8 aoree 
therof is to be layd out on the Eorth side of the Brooke tl;at 
runneth, o.o-rne by Edward Inrnans lott tov/8.rd the head of it and 
the other ten acres to be layd out by the raeadow of John 
Greene Junior at Occai-)acutu:Ket and the {Tov/ne resei-veth a 
high way of three Pole v;ido dov^T^o to the v;atcr side by the 
Mill and if any one shall doe any daramaeo by driving cattell 
or otherwise liee f'hall give full satisfaction 

The Agreoncnt between the "^ovme of VJo.rv:lch v;ith 'T John 
•/'ioks Mr Randall Houlden Ivir \.altor Tod John '.reeno Junior as 
undertakers to build a mill in the aforesaide Totme at their 


oxrae cost & charges ?c to grindo the Tovmes come for two 
qtiarts in a buEhell in consideration of vThich the Tov/ne 
doth give &: graunt to the said undertakers for thoyr en- 
co-aragr^ent that lott that v;as fomerly Vj: Gorton's with a 
Township and six acres of meadov; for the present to bee 
layd out in the laost convenient place not yet grauntod "by 
the Tov-iio & this to ho ^YxnoT.ed to the Kill that if the nill 
"be built & maintained then this aforesaide accor.Hnodations 
to rcraaine as aforesayde if otherv/ifse (illegible) that the 
raill bee not built or cease to bee servisablc to the to\7ne 
beingo built that the aecornmodationB aforesaid to xotwimc 
to the tovme againe as 

40 also the purchasers graunt all the land in the ncche aga^-nst 
the sayd lott aforesayci bcinee bounded vrith land of P.ichard 
40 Harcutts on the one side I'onry Tovmsend on the other p,idc & 
the v/atcr aboiit the other part of the sayde land & this to 
be coniinned to the imdertaters upon the gro\mds promised in 
the fonaor by the towne 

Ordered that ViT T.'amer, Kichord Harcutt and -John ':'ot.ti- 
send are to lay out the si^c acre lotts for the tovme. 

March the 18 
Ordered that Jolin Cooke is put oiit of hio office from 
beinge r^ergeant beingo called in question for his nisdemoan- 


Or: Peter Buzicot is chosen Sergeant in the roone of 
John Cooke and also engaged 

Ord: that I'r Holiraan « Mr Y/arner arc chosen to hoc ciir- 
voyors ahoiit inendinge the highvra.yes and that thcjr shall have 
pot;er to appointc a day for the doinge of it and if any nan 
after vmi-nin;g.€ refuce to core tc worko that another he hired 
in his roome also if any man refuse to pay these that are 
hired in his roocie that the stirveyors hare pov7er to graiint 
forth thcyor v,'s,rrants to the ;3ergeant and to the Sergeant 
to destraine for it ^; the Bergeant to hoe payd for his painet 

Ord: tliat all gene rail fences 'bee made up hy the 25 


of March I: the lecke to bee cleared of oattell "by that tine 

May the 5th 1651 

Coai'iltteo men chosen for th.e gene rail 

( Henry 


f Johji 


( Peter 


f John 


( James 

C re one 

f F.oher 

t ■'•'estcot 

•Jur;:;^ Ken for the generall 
•John To\'msond 
Henry To-vmsend 
James Greene 

Ord: that the nndertakerr? of the nill have liberty to 
danmc up the froRh rivei- for theyer nne any where ahove the 
lott !.>r Holiinan purchased of Peter Buz;icot 



Ord: that the ditch r/hicii Peter Btisicot nade by the 
Side of hio lot r.hall etand allthough some part of It nay 
not hoe on his OT.iie ].a-nd, he fivlTifrc sisrteene shilllnf^s 
toward the irnkinge the high way oTcr the rune into the neck 
hy his lot 

Ord: that the dltoh I-r Stiitly ^'cstcot made upon the 
etreete way shi^ll stand bcinerc about throe or forer pole 
having© payd his fine to the to\Tne r^hloh he ttss fined 

-Time the Sd 51 

Ord: that Kr Houldon it; moderator for this present 
isee tinge 

Ord: Thnt the Pecortler hoinr-e chosen anrupill— he ic 
to bee Aecistant \7ith the other 1^o TotTne Officers in all 
Courts of Judicature In this Tov/ne anj'' Order formerly not- 

Ord: that T.'r Houldon is chosen to bo Tovnie Deputy for 
this yeore 


Ord: '!'hat T.'r Tfarnor Is chos^en to bee Assistant this 
(4:2) present yecre for this Tot.T.e 

Ord: That JohJa Greene -unior is Tovme Clarhc for tiio 
yeero ensuing and ascictant 

"rd: That T^lchard Haroutt is chosen Constlble for tide 
yecre onsuine 



Ord: ?.'.r Houldon is Tovme Treasiimr this yeere 

Ord: That Peter Busicott is choseii iiorgeant this yeore 

Ord: That I.Ir VJloks hath a peoce of land granntod to 

hira by tho landingo place "by his lot vrhntssoever is ahove 

fewer pole wide 

Ord: that Wr John •Throclatiorton is receaved to he a 

tormsnan among tis 

Ord 'Th&t the neclcc of land nes:t to Hichard Carders is 
graunted to Mr Throckmorton for a house lot- :.'r Eoiildon 
Mr Tod I'.r ioks tc Mr Potter goinge to Tier it and to order 
a high way to a landinge placo in the same necke where they 
see it fittinge 

Ord: O^hat if any man he rooeaved an Snhahitant into 
the tovme that ho shall have no privilidge in the towno irn- 
till he huildeth upon hia lot & inhahiteth in it 

Ord: that tho lot v/hich vvas given to Robert """estoot 
beinge forfeited is returned to the tovrne beinge the lot 
he should have built on 

The tovmc Officers are all engaged 

Ord: Tbat John Greene Janior & U.r Houldon 5: Mr ""amor 
arc to tal:© the aooounts of the Tresxiry 

•7hc Tovmc ordcreth that in case Richard Harcxitts med- 
ovi bee spoiled by tho dacaming'e the water at the nill hco 
shall have 2 akers for one in the raost convenient plaoe not 
graimtod for all so daiTinified 


43 The 1 of September 1651 

Orderod that the letter that J.Ir Gorton presented to 
the Tovme hee forth with dravjeii up si^hned and sente to 
the CcramiscionerG 

Ordered that the 'iowno of Varwicko are to meet Prov- 
idence men at patvjcet when they shall appoint 

Ordered that John ; Vv-eet ns.-j have a plot of gromid to 
hulld on before hio lotts, at the discretion of the Pur- 
veyors the highT;ayo being ooncidered of 

Ordered that I^'r ?mith and TJr Houlden arc apointed to 
gather up the monej for the wesssenger that la to goe for 
England vTlth all speed 

The 6 of October 1651 
Ordered that our Tovme of '"an^dclte shall ci^ro "t'^ie 
Torme of Providence a raeetlnge next T;ednsday beinge the 
8th of October to conEult and conclude of things that in 
generall concernoG thetn 

Ordered that !ir Swith ohall have that Purchasers 
share '.7hich he lajd oiit ten pounds for upon terries made 
nov7 sure to hir. to hold perpetually notrithstanding any 
former order with the priviledge of purchasers 

The 2 of November 
Ordered that :Jr ?:eekos '^Tr Smith Mr Potter and Thom- 
as Thomeoraft are chosen to vicv; the ground next the 



svmKp "by Mr Greene seniors^ lott and accordinge as they 
shal'! -'-•'•••'^■'•■7- ■f'it to aiov or disaloT? of It 


Ordored that a rate of ten poiuids "bee raade equally 
aecordinge to each Kane estate to adde to the money which 
■ndlDce due for the lands already grauntod to pay the Tovmcs 

Ordered that Mr Houldon Hr Weol^ros and T'r areonc cenior 
are to set tho rate: tmd. ceo to the rathcringe in of it in 
Bin v/oel'ieG tit'ic , and in case cax^i rexiiut; iu x^ay the^' eliall 
grant forth a warrant to the Constable to distraine 

7he 2 of January 1651 

Ordered that John ^-"oY/naend is to have five akors of 
raeddowe v;here he likes in any plaeo that Is undevided ex- 
cel:* tinge that parcel of neddowo at the upper end of the 
pond nor,' excepted against onelv :.o it; to iv.ako choice of it 
hetv/ixt thiG and the next monthly meeting and the '-urvoy- 
oz'G rii-c to lay it out conYeniently Vrith respect to hici and 

the -j'OY.'ne 

Ordered that Mr ■■"arner "Richard TTarcutt and Jolin '^ovm- 
sond are "'urvoyors for the layin^e out of all lands in the 
Coi^imon botho uplmid and mcddoT-c- "-^-^-'ll nev? bee chosen 

Ordered that the mee tinges be vfarned by t-u3'nc and 


that Thoniae ?]:ornicraft in to begin 

Ordered that John Cocke is to have his six akcr lotto 
and a Ilocke of land at the upper end of his lott and his 
present rate given him tor satisfaction in full of v;hat the 
Tovme oweth him alEJo that Thomas ':^hornicraft ie to have his 
six al'er lott nnr! rrtn rivcm hin in fnll saticfaotior, of 
\7hat the rovrae ov;gs nin: 


The tv.'entiG fourth of April 1652 
At the rovme meetinge or lav; makinge Assembly ordered 
that John "arner for his isisderReanureE; undor annexed, is 
degraded by the unanimous oonssent of the Tovnao froia boaringe 
any office in the To^ie, and that hoe io holly disinabled for- 
CTor horaftor "hon.-^l-n.'^'o n-ivr office In ti:o '^ovme nr,tMl Tioo 
give tho Tovaio satisfaction It is further ordered that th.e 
aboveoayd John '"arner is put out froiu havinge any vote In the 

'j?ho cLargGS against Joim ' arner are these first for call- 
inge tho officers of tho ?ov/'ne rogues and thoeves v/ith re- 
spect to their office 

Item for callinge t]:ie vrtiole "ovme ropraes "• thecves 
Iten for threatninge the lives of men 
Iter for thrcctninp'c to hill all the mares in ""or-n 
IbCiii for hiK coiitcnp':. in not apcaringe before t.iie ov.tic 



no\7 rnett "beinge laii^'fully setnlDled "by a oiiEiinons from the 
office T/itli t?;o waioBtrates hands to it 

Itei:. fox- throatninge an OxficGr of the Collonie in open 
Court that if hee had hiin ot'ierwhere he \70uld heate oiit hio 
brajrnes as also callinge hiin rogao 

Item for hie irnployinge an agent in his "behalfu .u v/rite 
to the j.laseachuEetts therehy goinge ahout to inthrale the 
liherties of tho ''."owne conl-rary to the priviledges of ye 
Torme <*'■; to tho ^rreet indignitie of the honorable Stat of 
Enfrlarxd ^ho granted the sayd priviledgos tmto us 


It is ordered that another hoc Iniodiately chooe for 
Assistant to suply Johii arners place v?hile the ne:ct choice 

Mr Johin Iimith is chosen Asistant in Mr "'arners roone 
while the nc:rt choice 

Ordered that ^eter Btiijicot npori his reciucct to the 
Tovme hoinge tal^en into eeriouse Consideration they have 
ansv;ered hir request and freed hir; from beinge Tarient and 
have chosen John 'v/Gct in hie ro, ne 

Ordered in all caees that arc aotionall in this To*>vne 
that for a ^o^vncraan or Inhabitant a ^^umiaons shall serve in- 
stead of a vritt and that if it bee but tendered the partio 
or left at his house or lod£;inge notice being© civon to 
soKC of the faF-ily it beinge done ten dayes before tho 


Court it rliall ctand in force to cause liie apoaranco in- 
Etea.A Ox V. v;ritt -mu "jccordingly the Court may proceed, 
and after the Gorvinge cf the "ttranons no fraudulent inaklnge 
over of estate Phsll st^nd In force any order to the con- 
trary nctrlthstandinge as alBO the Sarient shall hare for 
a SumnonG as for a writt 

As -xl^o that if arrr nan shall require a BuaonB that hoe 
shall put in Sufficient hond to prosecute as the officer 
shall require, 

Ordrod that ^''r Bandall IToulden havinge purchased the 
Indian f fields against his house shall freely enjoy it oy 
vertue of thiR order 

47 It is ordained and decreed hy this present assenhly 
that in case of hinding-e a mn to the peace, eood behaviour 
or •'JO anr>v;er any cauL-e or matter at another "ourt, that his 
recoenistance hoingc read in the audience of the partic he- 
foro rhora hoc ic, ehalheo a 'jufficient ingadgrr.ent for the 
hreach v/herofc it chalhec lav/full to recover of the r.nrtio 
the \7hole pcnaltie in v/hich he wae hound, vAother the par- 
tie hiraselfeansv/er or hee silent in the act of his hlndlncf 
over the Jitdgr;ient of the hench w-ere the case is brought 
in pas singe upon 

3 03 


The 1^'th of I'lBj 1658 
The Tovmo beinge orderly isott have chosen these Cora- 
iesioners for the Generall AeRorahly now at hand 

( Mr Samuell Gorton 
Kr Kandall Hoiildon 
Mr '"eelros 
?.'r John Smith 
T'r John i^-reone Jxlt 
■ r 32ekiell Holliman 
( lUx Robert Potter 
iitutly Ti'ascote 
John ■Tov>'nscnd 
Henry Tovmsend 
'Richard '^OTmsend 
''otcr ^'^-roone 
Ordred that no taan of this Tovme v;hethcr Inhabitant 

or other shall either Direotly or Indirectly sell either 
fitrongc llcmorr. tiackc or beorc to an.y Indian or Indians to 
drink -within the limits of onr -Townshipp and in caco any 
man bee fonnd out to coll as aboTesayd, the Testimonie of 
one Indian, if ^^'-'^ -"'nrie bee satisfied therv;ith shall cast 
hiin, and the 

These are chosen 
for Jurymen 


penaltie ahalbee tvrenty gjhillingcs a time, which shalboe 


payd to the treasury, aiad the Indian being-e drmike to "boo 
dealt v/ith accordinge to the Cenerall lav.'e for Snglish, 

Ordred that any porcon that shall keepe Alehouse or 
Tictnallinge h.ou'je vrithcut lieenes within the precincts of 
17ai-nvicke after the f irct of -hmo next shaloee liahlc to pay 
accordinge to the Gonerall lawe provided in such case for 
the Collonie 

Ordi'ed that if any stranger brings liquors v/ine or 
strongedrinke to this Tovnic of ■ari-vicke and bee found sell- 
ingo or to have aould to any Indian ^7ithin the liriits of 
this To^vne of warvriclce heo shall pay t-vronty shlllingee and 
forfeit v/liat liouors cr stronce drinks is fo-^md v;ith hira and 
that the '^estiraony of an Indian if hee desire the Travosso 
of it the Jury bcinge convinced shall cast hin, and the head 
officer shall grant forth his vrarrant to the Constable to 
distrayno and in case he will Travisse hee shall pay the 
charges of the Court if oast and what T^^nglish v/it?dn our 
ToTOie or other shall Ini'orine the officers hee shall halfe 
the prohibited goodos scazed upon and the Informer in case 
the meji oee cleared shall pay the charges of the Court 

Ordred that John Cooke Is to ho.vo an aher or tr:© of up- 
land by his meddowo to fence in with it 


John ladd's ^ilar mark for his Cattle S:o is a Crop on the 
left Sar a ;:iit in the Crop and a half penn^' on the upper 


side of the left ear 

Hecorded PeTa. 2d 1757 

By Jer. Lippitt To\7n Clk 
Jol) Ladd takes the ahovo mark for his Cattle, Hheep & 

Entered the 10th day of Pehruary 1790 by 

J. Joraiald, Clk. 
Thomas Sfimmids iiax iiarl: for his Cattle .^:c is a Crop on 
the left ear a fork in the Eight and a hole in the eane 

Recorded the 2d Peby 1757 

By Jer. J.ippitt Town Clk 
Susannah Arnold V/ido-; of Philip Arnold Bsq the ear nark 
of her cattle ^-c is a hind gad in the left '.ar a ''lit in the 
top of the Right and half penny over the left 
Recorded l^oh. 2d, 1757 

J. Lippitt Tovm Clk 


The 7th of Jtine (52) (49) 

It heinge the day for choice of officers these are 
chosen by the Tovnie 

"T ■^.andall }Ioxxldon Totme Deputy 
Llr John ■.'.eekcs Asistant 
llano ly ( John Greene Jur AsiGtant and Tovrae Clerk 

"Ir Fvar.dall Hoiilden Treacarer 
Richard Towns end Constable 

ThG '!'orme n.-Tmnoll 


Ordi-ed that the Carient shall performc the office of 
a uaterhayley John Swoet is ohocen 3arient 

Mr Saiauel Gorton 
I'r Randall Houlden 
Lir Jolm Veeikos 
■•^r John Greene Junior 
lir iizokiell Hollinan 
John Tovmaend 

It iG ordred that Kichard Karcutt shall keopc a vic- 
tusilinge house and shall have libertie to soil hoore 
liquors or saoke and shall repayer to tho head officer for 
a license 

Ordred that T.'heras ThOEias .-"tafford hath hought a house 
of Christopher Unthanke v/hich -vras foraerlie given to '."r 
Salter Todd hj the To^oti and liath subscrihed the Tovme hath 
likewise receaved him into vote and so hee ie "bocomc a 

Ordred that Kohert Vaetcote is to have three quarters 
of an aker of hoggy meddov/e lyinge hclow 


50 John Coolcea share hGlOTj the pond and the surveyors are at 
their discretion to nako it up a share 

John "o'vTnsend Stutly "aFicote John '^n "i o f\re apolntod to 
lay oiit bho meddowee about tiio Tov.Tie, thursday nort for the 



Inhabitants T.'hich are yot not provided for and so it is to 
bee cast lott for 

Ordrsd that John T.l-ppitts fine for sellinge of a gun 
helnge five pound shall hance upon the file and hee requir- 
ed when the Torme see fltt and the officers are not liable 
to censure for not calllnrro for the fine 

It is ordred that llr xoniicr and Goodman Carder bee 
joyned to the Tovmc Gounsoll to dra'w up conclusions in an- 
swer to the hill of Ilr Bandall Houlden I.^r John reehes and 

John Greene Junior concerning© of law© and T;hat they 

doe if consented to in a To-wne meotingc to bee of force and 

they are to doo it within 8 da,yes 

Ordred that Thomas Stafford shalbeo licensed to kcepe 

a victuallinge house 

51 Janes Greene and Robert '.'ascote are apointed Surveyors 
for the bridgcr ^"^i'^ "^''ey arc to seo it done in 3 v/eekos 

Ordred tliat the Tovmo Deputy Ib niodorator of the Tovme 
for this yeare onsuinge 

''I'dre-'' ■^ ' ' ■' ■^•'(^ r^inrT'o n^ail rivo the Constable his en- 
gadgetnent "bcintx- now absent 

Ordred that John Cooke hath llbertle to make a highway 
Ijetwixt hiB Uncle ' 'ascote ar.'" '-"'" hclov; the pr^s-int rm^r and 
he is to fence it fron cattell 



Ordred that the ansv/er read hy Kjc Sa Gorton in tho 
Towne meetiii^^e to the laotions of tho Towrie of Providence 
-with reepoct to John ""amor hoe forth with drawon forth 
and sighned hy the Clarke and sent to the To-vvnc of Provi- 
denoe fcrthrith 

Ordred that the declaration that hath heen dra^ren up 
in the Totme conoorninge John "amsr and the Dutch men v/hich 
hath hocn vSent to the Bay as also to Providence tliat a coppy 
of it hee drav/en forth and sic;hned hy the Clarke and sent to 
Mr Roger Uilliains, 


(52) Ordrod that Mr Sannioll Gorton is to T.7rite a lottor to 

Mr Ilosor V/illiaras in the 'I'o^rnoc hehalfe and to give him In- 
formation eonceminge the 'Hovme o,nd Collonies procoedinge 
with John '"'arner and his wife, 

Ordred that the Inhabitants being provided for at this 
tine for home shares of laeddowe In the next place Mr Holli- 
rnan and John More and the Purchasers are to bee served before 
anj more Inhabitants nou to be received, this order was made 
before Amos T'/ascoto and Geoi'ge Pamer were reocaved 

Ordred in a Tovme Tr^eetingo irett in VJarwicke this 28 of 
June 16Cg that tne house and land of John "amer soituate 
and boingo In the sayd Tovme bee atached forthwith, upon 
susplstlon of unsufferablc Troactierie, against tbe Tomo, 
to the forfeiture of tho sayd house and land to t}:c sayd 


Tovriie, end that notice may heo given his; of the Atachnent 
therofe, that so hee loj himsclft or Atumcy n^ay ans-\7er at 
the next Coiirt of Trialls to hee held in Wand. eke the 3 
Tuesday in Aiigrust nert ensuingo the date herofo, 

53 It ic also Ordrod thr.t all persons are herhy prohibit- 
ed from layingc aryj claine or Titell -auto it, or any part 
therofe hy hargaine & sale or otherwise, untill hee hath an- 
swered the latre, and bee cleared by order of the Coxxrt held 
as aforsayd, but resaaines in the hand and Castodie of the 
ToTvne in the ncane tirae 

Ordred that the ;?aricnt shall have a copnie of this 
Order and shall cett it up upon the doore of the house 

Ordred that the Clarke shall give Jolm '"■arncr notice 
in a fev lines tiiat his house and land is atached 

The 5th of July (52) 

Ordred that the vrri tinges sent to the Tormo of ?rovi- 
dence and "'aiT'icke beo kept in the T^ecorderK office nnd thnt 
it bee kept private till tho next ehippe beo gon for ^ngland 
namely the vnritinges sent fron Mr Roger Williar.e to us 

Or'^rn'' that the Treasurer is to pay John Greene Junior 
v;hat ohG woY;nc is Indebted to him, 

It is ordred that John Tovmsond Henry Tovrasend and 
Richard nhall view the acoiuits of John Oreene, Jur 
and the Treasiirie 



54 Ordrod "by the ToTmo of ' arwiclce that the house and 
land of John ' arnor scitmite in the sayd To-cto o" '".nrr/icke 
boinge of late atachod upon suspistion of the "broach of 
the Grand lawe of thie Collonic is resigned up to the sayd 
John ■■.ar no. r again 

v/ee r.'Zaose names are hoere underv/ritten boinge unsatis- 
fied with the above TOate upon the resighninge of the abovo- 
sayd house of Jol-sn Warner v;hich was Atacned upon suffpiGtion 
of the breach of the Grand lav; of tlie Tovme doe herby enter 
our protest against the act as witneese our hand 

Handall Houlden 
John, '"iclres 
John Greene Junr 
Samuel Gorton 
Robert Potter 


(55) Ordred that if heraftor John '"amer or any for hin 
shall sell that house and land abovesayd any part or par- 
cel of it to any but such as shall subccribc to our Order 
it shall as befoi^c boe wholly forfeit to the Towne 

Ordrod that horaftor anj.- percon that shalbee receiv- 
ed in to the Tovme as Inhjabitant shall not Imodiatoly have 
vote but aocordinge ae the Tovmo shall see fitt upon triall 
Ordrod that all r.onthly meetingec boe v/ainod three 



dayes Tacforo tho Court end that the pertie that is to wamc 
shall not doo it without notice frosi the Tovme officer and 
that S.11 raeetinges upon spccinll occasion bee TTarned "by a 
v/arrant to the Sarieant frori one of the officers 

The 29th of July (1652) 
Ordred in answer to Providence letter desiringe a com- 
ffiitteo of equal mm'ber to v/ritc to l!r Williams, and V'arriclie 
Asistant to call and apoint tine and place that it hee go, 
and that there hee fovnre chosen in our Tovme tho Conirission- 
ors chosen are chose for Warwicke 

ilaffiely ( "'-3: Samuell Gorton 
I.^r Handall Houlden 
)lr Ezekioll Holliman 
:.!r Hohert Potter 


56 Ordred that v/ee conend to Providence our mindes to 
have conference v/ith tho Hand concerninge a Joynt send- 
inge If). F.ngland with rcEooct to the charter, and in case 
that ProvidBnco doe alcwc of it, then v;ce doe herby author- 
ize our Connriieeioncrf to doe as aforesayd, and to this end 
it is Ordred tlmt the socretarie vrrito a letter to the 
Tovrae of Providence hO Inforrne them herofo 

The 26th of October 1652 
Ordrod by the '"'ovme that these arc CorauiisGionerG for 
the Cronerall Court at Providence 


Mr John Snith 

Mr Sarauell Horton 

l!r John '"ickoB 


jar Randall Houlden • 

1:^ Robert Potter 
John Greene Jr 
At a meotinge in "'arwiclre this 19th of Dcoeciher 1652 
Tho oorniOGioncrs chosen for the next Generall AsGeia- 
hly heingc to heo hold in this Tomio of "axviio'ke the 20th 
of this raonth are those 

lisekiell ilolli^nan 
John ToTOisend 

Richard ''"■ovmsend 


Stiikly as cote 

"alter Todd 

John. Oreene Jr 


57 The 3d of Janiiarie 1652 

Ordred that Saekiell Kolliman Henry ToTO\sond Richard 
Tovrasend and John Greene Junior arc chosen to draw up an 
ansT7or to the mritinge novr presented to the Tovvne by Jlr 
John Smith Presedent and lir Samuell Gorton Generall Assis- 
tant betT.'ist this and the next monthly neetinGo and so to 
present it to the 't}o\mo for their aprobation 

"^rdred that rrhosoevcr c]:o.ll hecpo r--^- "oatos in the 


limitte ol' this 'J'O'.Tne to T\xn upon tho 'Jomon after ton da--es 
of the date herofc shall forfeit ten nhillinges to tho Tovm 
for each goate, 

Ordred that any Inliahltant of this 1}ownG that falles 
any trees upon tho Ooraon either for timber or fev;ell, and 
doth not out out tho fev;ell and elcavo or aquare the tiisber 
or fetch it home uncleaft xvithin tho space of three aonthes 
it shalhoe coiaon for any Inliahitant to talte except epruse 
and that is to bee forfeit or comon in a yearc as abovEJavd 

February the 7, 52 

Ordred that tho result of [Usekiell Holliman John Greene 
Jur Henry Toi;msend and Richard Tovmsend is3 referred to tho 
Determination of the Townc the second Munday in !.:arch next 
ensuingo the date herofe and that two aen shalbce chosen to 
conferr with The Tovmc of Providence about this matter be- 
cause it concemes both Tormec The men deputed are "these 
Jolm Greene Jur Richard Tovniscnd 

58 Ordred in ans\7er to Peter Buziootts bill for pay duo 
to hin for his Ber^/icc done to the Towne tv^it hee shall hrwe 
six akers of land in nome place v/here it raay not bceproiu- 
distiall at the disci'eSGion of the layers out T/hich hee is 
to have in full satief action, 

Ordred that at the discrestion of the layers out ::ob- 
ert T/ascote is granted a small poooe of upland on the front 



like as Ms fa the 3" and John Sweet Imtli 

In anSTze?.- to John rvrecme Jiirs "bill concerning v? 
hee have pOY;er to frs^rmt forth vvanrants or to act as the 
Asistant trhoso place hee tuipplior.hy order the Tovme hy 
Order conclude that hoc hath go, 

Drrlred tliat John GGracrd "by vote hath a vote given him 

in the Tovrnc 

Ordred the 15 day of 52 that the letter that 
lUr "illiam Dier "brought to ottt Tovme heinc:o like-.7ise di- 
rected to Providence Subsorihed hy John l-^unphod rilliaE Jef- 
fery and VJilliara Bansstone an Jolm Potter "bee opened hy the 


It is Ordred that the letter that the Clarke hath 
dravmn forth to nend to ■Providence "bee subscribed by the 
Clarke and sent by ''^r ■"illian Dyre 


"hie Z2 (jf. ?ebi-.iary 52 (59) 

At a full ©Gctinso accordinG;6 to order of the Tov.tio 
I;!r Randall Houldon beinge absent •'.sokiell Holliman is chos- 
en nod orator fov the -ore sent day 

Ordre-3 that the letter cent from :^rovidonoe to t^:is 
Tot=mc of Warwicke bee forthwith oponod and read, 

Ordred to c.d,^c\xrne the meotlnge and forthv/ithc to rc- 
paire to the house of JohJti "'amor where n-iomaB Arington 
dwellos, and there beinge raet oz'derly. 


It xjns ordrcd "b:' the. Tovmo that henceforth their 
place o:r ineetiio^ "boe at tlic houco of Joixn V;arncr cIoxQuajd. 
Thomas Arington oonscnting therunto and tho sayd Thomas Ar- 
ington iG to have twolvo penoe per day for t;ic \ine of the 
house, and this to bee mitll the ']?o^^:ie see cv.uae to alter 

Ordrod hy the Tovnio that the CoimiEaiorLers of this 
To-sTne ox Varr/ieke that Assembled last in ■.^arv7icl:e, avid ad- 
journed ttntill the day "before the ne^tt Court of Slection 
(the Tovaie seing-e cauro '-•. vrrll as the Tovme of ■providence, 
for their nov? "speedy Eioctinge) shall meet the OommisGi oners 
of Providence at raturot or else v;here accordinge as the 
Cocimisc loners of each '^-— •>- -'' -1' agree both of time and 
place, and vrhen the Cct«miscioner£; have thus agreed notice 
shalheo j?:ivcn to 

60 the clai-he of "'a^*v7iclcc , th-^.t oo the Towne officers and all 
may bee infonaed of tiaug anti place, and it in ordred that 
the sayd Oorirr-issioners shall have po\7er to adviso and ord- 
er toitohinrre the letter and natter therin contairaed which 
waB pent to both rovmes aforeayd subscribed per John San- 
phord and Uillian Baulstone -■^.^c. 

Also to order for the peace and cafty of tho v.-holo 
Colloncy by romiti:in(^'^ f" ^ ■^■•"- ''■'■'^ ""^-^vTies upon t^^o Xland to 


us when they trnderstand the mind of the right honorahle 
the Councell of State, (anthorlaed "by the Giipreaine Author- 
itie of the conontjealth of Elngland) if? such, or otherTr^.sc 
accordin^e to tholr j/lsdones doe to the hect of their tm- 
dorrstandingop for the preservation of each nans la^rftill 
right and lihortie glvinge nil tliie suhmission and recpoct 
unto the right honorahle rtatc above mentioned 

(Phis 8th of March 52 
SzeJciell Holliman raederal^or 

ordered at a ■'se'tinge orderly met and aanadged 

It Y/as maniKously agreed to euhocriho to an EngadsEiont 
the forme \vherofe is ao fnllov/eth 

I doe declare and proTnlso that I wilheo true and faith- 
full to the GomionTrealth of ^.neland as it is now estahliehed 
^7l a Icinge or hotaGe of lords. 


(61) It iG Ordred thnt any free Inhabitant shall have liber- 
ty to rcpayre to ^ohn Greene '^ONTne Olarhe ^ho hath pov^or to 
talro it though not in a ^^owne metinGC 

Ordrel that Ceorgo ^aldin beinge an Inhabitant hath 
now his freodom to voate as a Tov.-nsimn 

Ordred that John Fadon nor; beinge gicanted a Tovmshippo 
^Tith hiE Voate hee havinge allrcady built nay not forfeit 
his lott for TOnt of buildinge theroon any former order to 
the Gontrar^/ not\7i thstandlnnre 



Ordred that John Creer.o C^ov^iio Clarke shall keepe the 
TowttQ recordo In his Custodj and shall not deliver them to 
any man either Tovmsnan or officer, hut onely to the Tovme 
"beinge latTfiill^'- mett and orderly nannadecd 

The 2E of '.'arch 1652 
At a rneetingo orderl:; rnctt Esekiell Holliman is ohosen 
moderator for the day. 

It Is ordrcd that the Clarke shall receive and keepe 
the Ooppiec of the Order of Parliair.ent or letters v/hioh 
Mr Benedick Arnold hoinge sent hy the Tovnie of "EevrnoTt hath 
hroucht and heere presented, 

It ie ordered hzr the Totrac that our sis: GoEmissionors 
shall meet vrifih providence Coraralssioners to give a renilt 
to the propofslstlonp sent from TTeiroort Tovme- and to that end 
there helng- a letter clraren up to r^eri(}. to Prov.idonce it is 
ordred yt the Olarke shall Elf;ne it and send it, 

gg the 4 of April 53 

ordi-ed that Mchard Tovmfsend is chosen moderator for 

to put to voato -vvhethcr woe shall adioume to the sol-.oolc 

house and there helnge net I!r Houlden is to hee i^oderator 

according to order It holnro m^t to voatc it is agreed iipon 

for tile present day vjoo heinpe trere net It is ordred that 

there hee a watch of forer persons in a night and that this 

v.'atch shalhco continued until farther Order and that tvra of 



them shall vrettoh at ono end and trro at the other end. of 
the Tov;ne anC nieot at the mi die and the Eiidle is conclud- 
ed to Dee at the "bridge hy V.r. HolliEians and that every 
man that is ahle to bearc amies ahalhee l.i.mhle to this 
V7atch, and in case any zoan refuse, the Constable shall 
hier one in his roome, and the partie that roftiseth shall 
pay tr/o nhillinges to him that cupplicG his, place, vrhich 

■■■■ " t 

if hee refiiee to pay it shalbeo talien by distraint, and 
they that -patch shall the same night give waminge to \7hoin 
the Constable shall apoint the next night, and the virp-tch 
shalbee ectt halfe an ho-^e after siinsot smd to continue 
while Eunrise, and that the charge the Constable shall give 
is thr-.t if ano' man drav/o noore upon the watch, they shall 
bidd him stand three times deliberately and at the third 
time to bidd him stand upon his life but if ho refuse after 
the third 

63 tine they shall diec]:arri-e at hin first one and then hee 

chargins's the other sloall give fier which shall bee an alc:.r' 
uai, and so the other U'^o shall answer ajid so the dixm forth 
T5?ith to bee bcato ana men to repaire 

Ordred that every raan forthv/ith provide himself v/ith 
arraes convenient and that evcrie man bee provided with tv7o 
pound of porder anO bullets 

Ordred that all oiiii bearo armes meet on ?.:unday next 



on the Conon oyer agaynst Thowvas r^-taffords to chuso milli- 
tario orficorc, and arty man thate alisont raay cend in his 
voato, and the i i;;ie to beo aliout eight a cloclx in the 
nominge , 

OrdTed that her\cefr.rt>i wee tneet at Thottas Erentons 
house tmtill farthex o^u;;i and. that Thoraas IJ^renton shall 
hayo one shillinge a day for meetingo in it. 

The 5th of Aprill 165S 
Petor Oreene is chosen clarlre for the day the Clarlro 
hcinfjo ah sent 

Mr 5;raith "^r Gorton "Richard Towisend and Joh-n Greene 
Jimeor are chosen to moet v/ith fov/er of Providence for ccn- 
aiiltation ahout writinge to the '.'assachusetts concerning 
the newes ViThich vee have frora Kcv/port or any thin,- else of 
like concernjf'ent 

Ordred that V7hat Indian gxms are in this Tovme shalheo 
reserved, in the Tovme until! the liklihoodc of thic trouble 
he past conceiTiing the Indians 

Ordred that T'ohert Potters houtie and John "ovmsende 
shalheo the tv;o hoiiees, rhere the Coirrt of Guard Ehalhce 


64 Ordred t"! r<,t rio rnan ehall elioote of & gam after sun- 

sett untill iiiin rismge, unieeec it hoe upon a oeuEe 



of an ') lamia vjpQn the forfeiture of t\7enty slTillinges to' 
"bee pi-osontly taken "by diBtroose, 

Ordred that tv70 laon shall ward everio day till they 
see ocoasion to alter it, 

Ordred th?^t the v/atoh shall consist of eight men any 
order formorly notwithstandinge 

Aprill tho 10 1553 

-rdred that no person either stranger or Inhabitant 
in this Tome of '^'arriclcc c-hall huy sell for tranc-n^^rtation 
or transport any provisions for viotualls or v/arr oiit of 
this ToTme as aforoayd for the supply of either ";)utoh or 
frenoh cither dircotl-r or Indirectly n-oon the forfeiture 
of the douhle value therofe, 

Ordred that neither Inhabitant or n:o,1ourner shall de- 
part this '^ov/ne to goc to tho Eutch or french hy sea or 
land without license from two of the magistrates at least 
upon the forfoltiire of <£ 50 starlinge, and this to hee tak- 
en "by distresse, 

Ordred that the Clarke shall coppie out Wr Brownes 
letter and attest it and send it to the ToTTne of Providence 
as also to tho '^otmes of ^'Ortsiiiouth and ITov.'port as also to 
signific that oux* ToTme hath taken some course for thom- 
solves at proc-out concomin^je the prcTnises 

Ordred that John Cooke is chosen watorhayley for the 
ToTme on this sio.e the Chnnncll from Patxixot to tho head of 


Corcosct Cove as alr;c to Gnpply tho plnco of 

65 a oei*ieant Jolui ::■■'''A^^t "bcinge absent, u-ntlll the next choice 
Ordred that :.'r Knuiaen hath llhertic to advcr.ce one 
corner of hi? fenco three or forrre yarden and so tovreirdes - 
Mr '"'eekcG to hrin{;:e it to nothingc proYided he leave ont so 
imieh of his ground on the other Esido the highTmy that it 
hee not damnified therhj, 

Ordred that the Tovmo officers draT?© up a significate 
of these orders and ncnd to the CoraGaiSBionors of the Col- 

J.!ay the 2 53 
Ordrod that the Corarnissioners that now are shall serve 
to attend the G-cnerall Asserahly vrhich is to hee at the Court 
of 'Election nor/ at hand, 

Ordred that Mr Greene sr is granted to remove his fence 
upon his front helore tho "bridge a^jainst his doore on tho 
other side the dirty place, at the apointraent of the layers 
out as also three polo square, upon tho knap for a Cov;- 
yard joyninge thorunto 

Ordi'ed that John Greene Clarke is to vrrite a few lines 
to the Hand to kno-v? their riindes concerningo the Generall 
asserahly and Court of Election 

Ordrod that Jolin Greene Jur is to have fovTre aj;erc; oi 
land at tho further end of his six aker lott adjoyninge 



thcrunto ^lilch sis aker lott lyeth over against his house 
lott, onely Tiee is to lay dov.Tic fov/re ahors of his ten 
whioh v.'as due to him ana to "beo layd "bj hie raoddov? at Oc- 

Ordrod that these >rien naniolj" Randall Kouldcn I'lchard 
To\7rieond f'ti&ly T'ascoto Jaraes oweoto Christopher Haiixhurst 
and John Cole are appointed to agree with tho Indians about 
lawBaiicut -and there av;ay about foncingc in their fields 

Ordrod that certain© Instructions now dravren forth are 
apointod for the ConffiiissionGrs abovesayd, 

66 The 6th of Ma.y 1653 in a Tovme L^eotinge 

■' of late Mr Randall Rouldon To^ne Deputy and Mr 
John V.Qekes Asistant have Itept a Court of I.'iaiestrates them- 
selves onely and by vertue therofe havo granted lir Smith a 
exhibition and already sent it to Providence which exhibi- 
tion is to prohibiteoji lilxecution granted by the Court of 
Providenoo for ISx ■.Villiam Alray of Rode Hand against Kr 
John Smith of 'rarwicke that tho Genorali "arieant rna-r not 
serve it in this Corporation, Uee rvhoec na::2os are liccrc u.i- 
der writen ooncoavinge such a Court to boo Gontrar;' unto 
law and v.o accordingly V7hat acts they did to bee unlavrfull 
and conceavinge the privelcdf^oc of the Towne to bee horby 
Infringed doe enter oiir protest against it 

John Greene Junior 

Szckiell Ilolliraan 



Memorandtim That for asOTach ae ther is noc rooaG In ye 
14th page of this to^vne book© for ECLEimcl Calverley to siih- 
Rorib to that grr.aid order of yc tovme therfore I have hoer 
iinto subscribed' ray nairae in obedience to yo said order maid 
ye 23d of January 1648. 3dmi-md Calverley 

Allso I Lu35:e broaloy doe as Ilr ISdm: Calverley hath done 
in persuanco of ye forsd order 

Luke /) broriley 
hiE aarke 

67 ^'he 9 of May 165S 

■The TDon that \?ere deputed to agrreo with the Indians for 
fcncij^g-e havingo roade their agreo'aiiortt it ia assented to 

Ordred that there be a rate of c£l2 - 10 s to to boe 
taken for to pay the Indians for foneinge at Wav/saucut, and 
therabout accordingc to their teriries that thoce dopiited by 
the Tov/no have agreed, Ordred that this rate bee tv?o parts 
on the cattcll and a third part on the Tenoaents 

Ordred that Mr ''Tnlth and Mr Kolliraan are apointed to 
rate the Cattoll and everie raan havingo notice is to bring© 
in his rate to "It Houlden, but if any refuGc it r-halbeo tak- 
en by flistresse and the feos, 

Ordred. that Mr Holliman dra^e up a deed concerningo the 
aforscyd ag-reoRont 




The 14 of May 1653 

Mr Houlden roiusing to put thinces to voate that con- 
Gornes the "owne a 1)111 beinge put -ap: upon his departure 
Ezeklell Ilolliman is chosen raoderator 

Orclred that soinge v;hatsoevor acts ars drawen tip and 
concluded on bj any Court of Oonmlsoionsrs in this Collonie 
are to "oe reado in each ToYmG and the Inhabitants of each 
?ovme h.9,Ye lihcrtie to voate for the repealinge of any act 
they misslilco, that therforc the CoEraisi-; loners that are de- 
puted to the Generall Assenihly before the Court of Election 
at Providence shall goe v/ithout any Instiiiotions an;; order 
formerly notv.'l thstan dingo 

Ordred that in case the tv,'0 Tovmes of the Hand doc not 
attend the ne3:t General Court of Trialls 


68 to Doe holdcn at Providonce that v/hcras three of the Con- 
KisGioners xiex-o chosen to heo Jur;:?- ncn that if it so fall 
out as aforsayd in caae thei'o bee any '^ryalls the other 
three CoirHniG^ionerr? shall likr/ir^c c^erve- 

The 25 of i-my 1653 
Ordred i;hat the raen that v;oro formerly choeen to bar- 
gaine v;ith the Indiana at ITavreac'jt about fcneinc shall to- 
gether the TOTrne Clarke iiiako tlio deoda and aoe the bvis- 
mess finic3hed in behalf e of ye Tovmo 



iTho 83t> of Hp.7 1653 
..'.t a i:o\uio neetin^-u oraoxx^~ laet tlie Tovrne Deputy "be- 
ing© absent It ir. ordred that liisekiGll Holliman is chosen 
Koderator .f r the nrecjcnt day. It is ordred upon the read- 
ings o:; the -reseuc-UuL; warrant that CoKiRiosionerc forthwith 
hee choGon to attend the Goncrall AGseBhly vrhich is to hee 
held at rrovidence ths B of June next the 

( Esekiell Holliraan 


f Stukly Was cot 

( Konry Tovmsend 
CoB-riissioners chosen are ( 

( joiin Greene Jur 


{ John Cooke 


( James P;veete 

Ordrod that Christophor Unthanlc is granted a aDall 

peece of ground upon his front of his house lott at the 

diccression of tho layers out so ay the highv/ay heo not 



59 The llt^-> ■'■P \U£r>-ist 1653 

The Tovme hoinee net at the Tovme house I^sckiell I'ol- 
lima-n is chosen rioderatour of tho Aoccnihly for the rneetinge 
John C'reenc Jv' "'r- r^.^rr^r) (inarl'c untill farther order 
, Ordred that tlio JottoriJ that arc preeontod to the Tovme 

he forth-v7ith roado 



The 12th of August 1653 
At a full Kieetingo cf the Tovaisraen 
Ordred that .•::sekicll Ecllinaa ie chosen aodcratour of 
the Asscmhly 

Ordred th:?.t the letter rcndo hy the clarlsre to hec sent 
to the Iiasaachupietts hoinge iinaiiifflously aprovcd on raay hoe 
sor.t, it heinge an answer to a letter received hy the Tovme 

the former meetinge 

The EE of Aligns t 5? 
The Tovmo heinge laett Hr Hollirnan is chosen raodoratour 
of the Assembly for the present day 

TheraG there v;aG a lavro formerly oiade that the rnodera- 
tours place is annexed to the Tomie Deptityes office. It is 
ordred that henceforth the Doderator.r bee chosen overy Torme 
meetinsc any lawe fonaeri:/ notY-dthstandinge 

70 Ordred that the :.?^rieant bee \vGterbayley. 

Szekiell Eolliraan Tov/ne Deputy 
-Iter Todd Aslstant He Treasurer 
John Greene /nistant 5j Toivne Clarke 
Thomas I^rington Constable 
P.obort '"ascote Tiorieant 

Ordred that bocauee tho To\7ne arc but ict; i:i irj-rbcr 
th^t they choose for cjillitary cfficere onely a liftennant 

Torme officero chos- 
en to stand v.hllc 
the next choice in 
Juno are these 



and druiamGr, and theeo officers are to "boe chosen the 
first second da:/ in tho nesrt nonth of Septcrroer 

Ordrod that John Tovmsend Stiikly Wascoto and .John 
Cooke who v/ero surveyors last yeare are chosen accordinge 
as the other officers to sci'vo for this yearc ensuinge, 

The S of October 1653 
Mr rolliraan is chosen liioderator for the prec , . cot- 

The CoEEissioners chosen for the Generall Assembly to 
vTTite an answer to Hr TTilllams and to order for the peace 
of the Collonie r-hich Aesernhly ie to hee held at Providence 
the 4th of this Eonoth 

EzeMell Hollinan 
Stukly V'aBCoto 
'iTalter Todd 
ITaraoly John Greene Jr 

John Tovmsend 
Richard Tovmsend 
^he loth ;->•" y:&j 54 

71 Esolrioll TTolllrnan in ohn^rn moderator for the day 

The Coirmisaionors choGon for tho next Court Generall 
ensuin'~e are these 

namely jlzokicll T'Ol llKan 
ntukly ' as cote 




^,valter '^odd 
John Greeno, Jr. 
Henry Tovmsend 
Bichard To\7nsend 
The mon proposed for the Generall Aasictants "by the 
Tov/ne arc these namely 
azekiel HollijEian 
Stiikly v?a800te 
The Jury men arc these John Town send 

Henry To\mscnd 
John Sweet 
Robert '"aslroto 
Amos ■ aekoto 
James Dweete 
Wheras it liath heon fomcrly nnanirnoiisly agreed upon 
that that neoke of land ^oyninge to the creelce noxt that 
lott granted !.Ir Holines should never bee impropriated and 
wee find the Reeordes defective herin, therfore we doe now 
order that it shall never bee impropriated but left for a 
placo for landinge for the T;holc Townc 

the (illegible) of lAay 1654 
It beinge the day for choice of Towic officers the 
Tov.'no beinge orderly mett at v'arners house '::zokiell 
Holliman is chosen moderator of the assonbly for the day 
Ordred to adjournc to the house of Stukly \7acl:otc. 


The To'wne 1)61516:6 there mett the;/ proceed to choice of 
Towne officers 


The Tovme officers 
chosen and engadgod 
for the yaaro en- 

Eaeklell Holliraan Towne Dt 
V-'altor '^odd Aslv'^tant 

Johjn Greene Jr Aslstant & Clarice 

John Cooke Constahle 

Axaos Tacliote "aterhayley and -'argoant 

?ho 10th of June 1654 

The '?ovme belngc raett upon Mr Williams coraminee: Eze- 
liiell Holliraan Is chosen raodorator. 

Ordred that a note bee drawen forth by the Clarke to 
request Mr ?/illiams his presoenoo to see vrhat heo hath to 
impart to the To^;me and tho-t John Cooke bee the neEcenger 

The 21 of Tune 54 

Ssekiell Eolliman is chosen moderator for the present 
me e tinge 

Ordered that the proposifetions tliat aro nov; reade 
which Providence Tormc have sent unto ug directed to Ports- 
mouth 5j lIev;port and ..x .•.x-nold to bee tiic nesceiigcr bee 
sighned by the Tovmo Clarke and a coppie of the same to 



Tho Ed of July 54 

The Towne bolnge orderly/ met Ezeklell Hollician is ohos- 
on moderator 

Ordered that the Answer drawen forth and siglmed by .r 
Hester in tho "bohalfo of ProTidcnce hoe lilroTTise sighned "by 
the ToTme Clarke in the hehalfe of tho Tovme sent to '!^ode 

Ord "hat wheras John Hadon hath sett up a house on tho 
Coraon contrary to the Tor^oies order, that Jolm Coolrc and 
Christopher TTanxhiirst sliall to morrov? goe to hira and v/ame 
him to remove it thence in a reeks time after the date herofe 
hut in case hee doth not remove it from the Common vTifhin the 
time aforsayd It is farther Ordered tliat the forme officers 
shall have power rfhcn they see fltt to r.'amo the Tnhahit'^.ntes 
to asist them to orerturne it, take it in i^cccec or rcf^ovc 
it as they shall meet 

Tho 4th of Septemhor 
The To"i7nc 'beingo met together unanimously for to Cor.rposo 
former differences 

ordrod that T.'r Orcene ser hoc moderator and that a let- 
ter "bco drav;en forth and sl^hned hy Jolui Greono Jur to de- 
sire the trro "ovmos of the Hand to give us together with 
Providence a meetinge for a Generall Court at Providence the 



of (illegible) and tliat !.Ir P.o'bert Potter and Jolin Greene Jur 
"bee the ir.essengerB to cary the letter and to see it offered 
and the Tomie are to satisfio thera 

Oyaered forthwith to chuse Conmissioners 


(74) The 19 of P^eptemher 1654 

I'T Walter Todd is chosen IToderator of the Asjseahly for 
the present day 

"heras there have "been differences and ohstructions in 
this ToT/ne touchinge the GoTerment thorofe and no-w they arc 

unanimously agreed 

It is ordered for the better setlenent of this Tovme, 
forthvrith to proceed to oholce of Tovme officerG, and that 
the officers chosen shall stand till the accustomed tine ac- 
cordinge to the charter 

I'r John Greene ser Torme Deputy & 

Mr 'A'altor Todd Asistant 
John Greene Jur };ecorder Sc Assista 
Thomas i^rinton Constable 
It is ordered that the Deputy and the tv^-o Asistants arc 
to bee three of the Counsell, the other three are Ilr John 
Wiclces Jolm Tovnisond Henry Tovmsend 

The officers chosen 



( John L'ovnisend 
the surroyers arc ( Konxy Tovmsend 

( Thoiaas Stafford 

Tho Tovmo havingo ohosen their ofiiCGrG it is ordered 
that Fachard Tovmsend and Hiohard Harcutt shall goe to r.r 
Randall Houlden and demaund the ^?0Tme Charter of him 

Ordered that hlr Henry Riddulro in ansvrer to his hill 
shalbee, roceaved a To\7nEman « have a tovmshipp 

Ordered txiat the deed of Thomas Thornicraft hetwist 
hiiD pncl CrQOT^Q Pajnor presented hee confirrjed to him and en- 
tered in the Tovmo booke 


f75) She Tovmo havinfje chosen their officers it is ordered 
that Richard Tovmsend and Richard Harcutt shall goe to lir 
Samuell Gorton and dcnaund the Charter of hin, 

The reason of this order is hecaixse the raessenfsor re- 
tuminge frore Itr Honlden his answer v;as that IJr Snmnell Gor- 
ton hath the Charter in keepinge 

Upon the retume of the messengers froa Mr Ssmuell Gor- 
ton It is ordered v/heras hee desireth time for the delivorie 
of the ?ov;ne Charter or give his reasons It is ordered that 
Mr Greene senior shall have power to demaund it and to re- 
ceive it and in case hee receive it hee shall deliver it to 
the '?o\7ne at the no^rb time of their wcctinge. 



It is order ed that John Coolrc shall have a pare ell of 
upland ad^olnincG to his moddovzG runinge in the range at 
the discrestlon of the layers out, two ahers more or loss 
as they shall thinke fitt, 

Ordered tliat wheras the Colloney have ordered prlsone 
to T;eo made in each Tovme that v;herac some men in this raeot- 
inge have freely profered pay tov/ardG the buildinge of a 
prison that P.ohert Potter shall goe to everie nan and set 
dovme that they are rillinoe to give and hringo in acoimt to 
the Tovme the next tine of their neetinge 

It is ordered that l.^r John ^eekes John '^ovmsend. "- iTen- 
ry ToTOisend are apointed to take acoimt of llr I^andall Hould- 
en concemingc the troasurie and hringe in the acount to the 
1!ovm.e the first Ilonday in Octohcr 


76 It iG ordered that the r;ioderator shall engadge the 
Clarke and the Clarko the rest of the officers 

The 2d Of Aprill 1655 (76) 
It ic: ordered that '-oter Greene ifi chosen recorder for 
this present day 

It is ordered that I.'r ^"icks & Llr Holliman arc chosen to 
talre an acco^impt of "V "^Toulden that riono- in in the treas-ary 
and to hringe ye accotunpt into ye Tovnie in a fortnight 

It is ordered that all gcnerall foneen shall hoe nado 



up uy the 5th of. Aprill h if any man "bee defective ho shall 
forfeit halfc a crovme for each day after the tine appoint- 

It is ordered that F.iohard Carder is to have two or 
three pole wide from his fence ^i^ the creeke at the head of 
hie houselot .fc eo it is to ntrme upon a straight line to his 
fence on the other side, of his lot 

It is ordered that Goodman Edv/ard Andrev;s hath comr.on- 
idge granted to him for three yoares as a ToT/nsnan he dls- 
charginge all duties of a Tovmsman for yt tine 

It is ordered that John Haden hath the peoce of ground 
wheron his house stands confixned unto him with the township 
& conaaon annexed to it 

It is ordered that "r John Oroene senior shall have the 
lev; marsh ground hy his lot from Kr Coles fence up to the 
stake formerly pitched L from the stake athvrart to his oth- 
er fence 


(77) It is ordered that F.ichard Rarcut hath the peecc of 
ground graunted to him from the stake next to the mill gate 
formerly set up unto John Greenes Junior fence in a yard of 
his gate no\7 set hy. 

It is ordered that T£r Smith h Goodman Vestcot are to 
take the nurjiher of the youtigc cattcll in the Tovme ?; to do- 



vide the raonoy tliat the Indians are to have upon every head 

The 7th of :iay 1655 
At a Tovme neetinge it is ordered that CoranissionerG 
bee fortlivTlth cl'.oson for the Generall Court as also -Turynen 

( Mr Randall Koulden 


( Mr John Greene se 


( ilr John '^.eekes 
(The ConisGioncrs ( 

( Tir Eolliman 

( JohJi Greene Jtir 


f Eich Townsend 

( ntiikly \7aslrote 

The Jury ( r?ich Earoutt 

( James ?:vreet 

Ordered that the hill presented by John Greene Jiir V7ith 
respect to land betwixt Richard Harcxitt and hirisclfe in dif- 
ference bee road and conKidcrod 

Ordered that V'illiam B;a3:er }uive the right of an Inhab- 
itant and that I'r John '''oekes Vjt Gzekioll Kolliman and John 
Grenc Jur are depnted to lay out land for a Tovme house and 
prison and to apoint the highway up into the woods and tlion 
they are to apoint ground for Goodman B;alcQr to build on 
which beinge layd out heo it; to biiild on it 




78 Ordered that lilt "rjith and Stukly VTaskotc aro to oast 
up T/laat daBidge is due to the Indians and place every mans 
share acoi'din^je to proportion anfi gather it up and in case 
any man refuse to pay upon dcDand thon it shalhce taken "by 
distresse hy a TTarrant froD the ?o-wne Deputy 

Ordered that T'r Kolliraan & Christopher Hauxhurst are 
Go'Sissioners in the Rooine of TTr (Todd and Richard Tovn-send: 
and John Sweet is chosen Juryman in the rtoome of Janes 

Ordered that Amos T/aslcote shall goe to each Inhabitant 
for their voate for the Gonerall Co^^rt of ::icction 

The 4th of Juno 1655 
The Oenorall lavres hoinge readc It in ordered to pro- 
ceed to choice of Towne officers 

lIlT Cfreono Ser Dep 
T'r TTolliman Arlrtant Pn TrcaGxirer 
John Greene Jur ''oxme Clarke f.; Asis 
Thomas Erinton Constable 
AmoB 'Tascote Berieant 
It is ordered that ^.!r John '"eekes I'r Robert Potter and 
Richard ToTmsend are to boo added to those chosen by ye 
Oenerall for a rate for the prison 

Ordereci that Kichard Uarcutt is apointed to bee an ordi4 
nary keeper togothor vjith Stukly V/ascote 

The officers chosen 





T.lieras tliore hath teen great Inconvenience v:ith reBpcct 
to the Indians beinge drunk and the late Generall Court hath 
referred to the parti ciilar 



ToTOiee to take a stricter Course Ovoncerningc scllinge of 
liquors if they see cause, therforo T;ec have thought aeet to 
order farther tho.t no man ohall soil liquors wine or stronge 
drinke hy v/holesale to the Indians either directly or Indi- 
rectly and this to hee of force 10 dayos after the date her- 


Ordered that Gtulcly Vascote and Richard Hareutt arc a- 
pointed to hound the fence at Cuinirsicokc and to sec that 
Peter Bunicot to doe i.. .. ill' ic lent ly 

Ordered that J'tukly VTaskote P.ichard Townsend and Rich- 
ard Hareutt are Surveyors for the yeare ensuing© 

"'r eckes John '"ovmsend and Henry Tovmsend are chosen to 
hee of the Councell v;ith the three officers 

Ordered that the litle Ilooke of land next Richard Car- 
der'^- ■•' kI on the other side tho '"-^eeke bee reserved for a 
landinge place for hay frora lotaoLtot or for landinge of any 
thinge else, and that it shall not for the future be (viven 
to an;^' person or perrons 

ahe-Sea?-r:!a5ek-e* Thomas Son of Thomas •ilar L'ark for 


his Creatures is A fork in the Right Ear and a half penny tin- 
der 3ach. 

Recorded I^oy Elet 1776 ) 

) By James Jerauld Tovm Clx. 


The 3 of July 55 80 

Goodman 3rinton rofusinge to sexre as Constable "by reas- 
on of the scrupls cf his nind It is ordered th-at there hoc a 
oonstaole chose. -Jarics Greene is chosen to bee him 

Ordered that "t Keddiiche iiavc his voate to act in Towne 
affayres beinge formerly proposed 

It is Ordered by reason of the great Inconvenience that 
hath been by moanes of allovinge no Tovvne meetinges virithout 
twelve men la-wfiG-ly aaot that henceforth eight Tovmsmon beinge 
laTfe fully aet by lawefull wamingo have fiill authoritic to 
act as if the -whole ~o\me Tjere present 

It is farther Ordered that no land shalbe© granted by 
the sayd number of eight unlesse the ^Tarrant give notice 
therofe and so the Inhabitants loavo due notice of it any 
f omer Order notwithstandingo 

Ordered that the ToTvne lav-'es about sellinge of liquors 
bee repealed and onl" -"• ~ Gene rail lavre "'■f "^oe of force 

Ordered that any one of the laaiestratoa have aiithoritle 
to constitute either Confitable or sargeant in case of neces- 



(81) The 8th of March 

Tlie Tov/ne procoedinge to clioice of Jurymen 

Those that are ohosen are 
to attend yo Generall Court at 
hand to hee holden in thlo Tovmc 

LIr Jolrn Vfeekes 
IJT Henry I^edaucke 
S i c hard ^ otms end 

( "r C-reenc Ser 


( Holllman 

The Comiseion- ( L:r Gorton 
ers chosen are ( Mr T'ickes 

( John Greene Jvx 


( BjGliBrd 'rpTmsend 

Ordered that those that are apointed to cialce the rates 
for the prison are apointed with fiai Authoritio to agrco 
■with James ftv/eote and any other worlceaen for the huildinge 

of the prison and tho proportion of it 

Ordered that all the 'Hoxmo hoth of Inliahitantcs and all 
that can bearc a-rmoD nect a T'lmday next: hy eleven of the 
clocico in the laoraingc to thoir military officers 

Ordered that Oliristophcr Hairshurst hath a oomor of 
land granted hiei on front ne:ct lir Sodds land if Richard 
Carder consent 

Ordered that whoras there v/as an anlcoi- of liciuors taken 
fron George Sargeant for ncgloctinge the rocordinee of it 
and hee hath nado it apoare that it v/as throuc-h Iijnorance 


tliat the sayd George Sargoant sliall have tlmt part due to 
txie Tovme Q'^.yq'a nin againe 

Ordered that Stukly Ivo.slj:ote sliall have that part due 
to the ?o\7ne of the liall'e anirer liqiioro v/hieh wae taken fron 
him hy returned to hin againe 

82 May the 15th 1656 

Mr Jolm Greene Senior is chosen moderator of the Assem- 
bly for the- pre cent day 

It is ordered hy this asserahly present that Henry be 
chosen recorder pro teiaporo 

It i3 ordei"ed that the OoEiiSRioners for the generall 
Court of Election next to be held at Portsmouth be these l/Ir 
Gorton Mr Houlden ¥iX Holliman Hr Todd Mr Greene Senior I'r 

Ordered that John Snith shall have the parooll of Ground 
granted unto him by the '2ovme in liew of his six aero lott 
lying betv/ixt his home lott and ''t Kouldene 20 acre lott pro- 
vided he leaves a convenient passage into Mr Houldens lott 

ordered tliat Henry Reddocke and Christopher Hatixhurst 
be added unto Stuckly "escot for stirveyerc untill the next 

ordered that forty shillings be sent of the Treasu- 
ry unto i/Ir Kogor V'illiaras and a pair of Indian Brecohs for 
his Indian at seven shillings six pence at 6 per pennj'' as 



also a horsG for Ms Jomcy imto Boston and "backu cit^aino 

83 85 

ordered that /'mthony Lov; and Jamea Enape are adinlttod 
and receaTod in n.s frenen to act in totTne affaires 

It is ordorod "by thif? present aspenljly that the sale 
of all strong liquors and strong hocre vrithin the confines 
of this Tovrne of Tarwioke is ahsolutely prohihitod to bo 
GOiild to all or any Indian \7lio,tPoevoz- and if any person or 
persona shalhe fo-und selling or to have soulde any strong 
driiike as aforesaid vrithin tho hcTindP of tho aforesaid Tovme 
to any Indian it beinf proved be^^ore enj of the cfficerr of 
the said ?ox7ne by the TeBtiiony of one In^jlich man and one 
Indian the party see selling contrary to this present order 
in true intent thereof Ghall forfeit all t}ie liquors or 
strong drinlre then foimd in Custody of the Transgressor as 
also five poxnids sterling the one halfo of the said for- 
feiture shalbe due iinto the said Tovmo and the other halfe 
to the party giving inforraation thereof which forfeiture 
shall bo taken by dostraint upon a warrant from any of the 
officers of the Tovmo to the Constable or -argeant And in 
case ho don^'- to perfonrio his office no urgent nooessitie be- 
ing \ipon him he shalbe lyablc to pajr to the Towno the valiie 
of the forfeiture as alco if shall fynd any liquor or strong 
drinio in the hands of any Indian henoo for^vard v;ithin 




tlio said TowTie it shalbo lavvl'ull for thcit party to take 
the liniior or strong from the Indian together with the 
vessexlt u,..d coiivert thor; to their oim only it is order- 
ed that he take this strong drinke in the hands of any In- 
dian within the To\vne as aforesaid he shall "before he take 
it from the Indian bring hid heforo ov.e of the offieerc of 
the Tovmo that ho may pee the lav/ prosecuted to the true in- 
tent thereof: 

V/arwicke the 17 of LTay 1656 

At a meetins of tho Tovrnsinen of \7arwicko it is ordered 
that the wedows at Patooraot o.nd '-at-iutit that arc nor.' lotted 
out to t'le inJiahltaiats shall remain unto each raan appropriat- 
ed hut for thiG yearc and to he allot ed the nest yeare if the 
Tovm.e shall sec cause 

It is ordered that the Treacurer of the 'Hovmo shall iin- 
ploy v)on for the naking of the fence hetv/oonetho Indians and 
our Cosion on this side CoisGit and the Treasurer shall pay 
theia for their pains and this noix^ ehalhe raised hy rate 
upon every raans chattolls aocnrding as his nu:nher shall ap- 
pcare it is further ordered that IHt Kol- 


8b liraan 'Tr t'oulden :tukl37- I7astkoto shall aake the rate upon the 
ohattoll for the making the fence ahovesaid 


' 143 

It is ordered t3;at ,Tolra Svroet shall have two akers 
01 modov; for himself and ^eiiry "ownsend in any place where 
he can find it that ic yet imdevided for some pains he has 
taken i:a aiirveying the ?jedow at -atuxit '"iver within the 
"bounds of the Tovnie And the like liucrtie Janes Greene and 
Eichard Haroutt shall have as John Sweet hath granted hin 

Jirr.G the 2 1656 
Mr John V-eeks Senior is Chosen moderator for this 
present day 

Henry Seddocke is chosen recorder for this ensue ing 

Ordered by this asaemtily that if the P.ecords 
of the Tov/ne "be not deljnrered hy Anno C-reene unto 
Eenry Richard Carder and Hohert 7"ostkote oont hy the 
P.eddeoke T:ovme that then John Greene Jtrnior shall forfeit 
and pay imto the To\7ne Treasury the fiill sune of 
twenty sMllings 6 per penny for retarding the 
lovme this day 
It is ordereo f'".t it shalbe ho in the Tovrasraen pov/er 
vrhensoover they shall meet to proceed upon choice for riod- 
erator not^ any order to the Contrary 

86 The To\7ne proceeding to choyoe of To\'7no officers those 
that are chosen for the ensixeing yearo are these 



144 lvar.dall Ilouldon Depxity 

Mr E?xMoll Holliman As Is tout 

Janes Fweet '^n-nrtt'-'blc 

It 12 oi'derecL that Richard Carder Stuokly •"estkotG and 
Eenrj Heddocfcc "be added Tmto officers of the Totme for tov/no 


ordered that Btuokly -estkot, HeniT Peddocke and Ohrls- 

tophor Haukohurct .-stand for surreyorc this yeare 

It Is ordered for the repairing of Bridges for the 
■bridge no^rt to wlr Greene the inhahitantB are to rcpalre it 
as far as Hrs Cole and ioithony lo\7eD tho :jiidle hridgc fron 
John Swecte unto Tho: Ralphs and Tho: Greens tho bridge at 
Staff ords Vr G-orton Mr Smith Mr V'eeks J.Tr Tod Itr Potter I'r 
Honlden and Richard Carder froK Tho: Or cons for Lippets 
■bridf!;c all the rest of that end of the To-wne unto John Sr.iths 
the masons and thi« to be performed by the first of July upon 
the forfeiture of tv?enty shillings off of each brid'^e unfinis 
ished and for surveyors of this rrorlr I!r Crreene senior '-.t 
T'eeks llr Holliraan and Heniy Redocko and these bridges to be 
nade of planko or halfc trcec 

ordered that there be ato\7ne meeting on the first ?'onday 
in July next cnsuoing and this meeting to bo called vrithout 
further warrant by -! ■i'^ '-orgeant 


ordered for the Transcription of ovary daycs worke dur- 
ing tile delyatnour of tlies records Henry P.eddocko shall have 
fivo Qhillingc tc "bG talton "by destrefs fron John Greono Jiinior 
"by B warrant fron any of tho Conservat:rv<3 of tho peace of 
this 'HoxmQ 

ordored tliat it shall bo nnlavrfnll for any person or 
persons trhatsoever inha'oiting v;ithin the bounds of tho Tov/ne 
of "anvicko to lot any Ilpggs goe abroad upon the Coianon af- 
ter tho firat of I.lcroh next onsnoing and if any Hoee or pigg 
above a moneth ciild be found abroad out of tho ovmers ground 
after the upaoo of Z> da^yeB together th?.t then it shalbc lav?- 
full for s.ixii of tho inhabitantc of tho tovmo to lay hould 
upon then and convert -f-'v--^) to thoir orm proper use 


88 June the IS 1656 

Mr Randall Eoulden Chosen moderator for this present day 

It is ordered that for this Court of •rr;!,'alls to be held 
at Prc-idence t}ic 25 of this instant t"e,t "r Gorton f^cnr "r 
John Greene Senio:: vx^a i;tuckly "^ostkotc are Chosen to ofti- 
oiate as Jurjoacn 

October the G 1656 

It is ordered tliat I'ac Walter Tod bo recoracr for this 
present day the Clcx-?; being absent 

At a inootine of the Tomismen of V/arwioko it is ordered 




!'r Gorton I!r John TTeeks Ivir Randall Houlden Mr rlzekiell Holl- 
laan l.Tr John Greene Senior •'r John C-reeno Junior "boing chosen 
by the ^ovmc of '■arvvicko i'oi' CoraniB si oners they are to atend 
the nert Gonerall Court at Portsir.outh there to Transact the 
affaire of the CollonTr ipith the ComssionorG of the other 3 
' accordiiig to u:,iu ,/i(joj..Iont3 \7arrant 


89 It is ordered that Henry Jrnolee Henry Pvcddocke and Tho : 

Str'.fford are by the Tewne of ■'arr/icke ordered Jursnacn for 
tho Generall Court next snGueing at Portcraouth 

December the 5, 1656 

Mr ^selriell nolliman Olioscn Eodorator for this precent 

It is ordered that Henrjr Roddocko being; To^7nc Olerk 
Bhnll have the Townc records in his cuotody 

It is ordered that Tho: Bradley have hie vote to act 
in Tov/ne affairs. 

ordered that Ooorgo Palmer h/ave his vote to act in Tovtt 
affairs • 

It is ordered that tho Treasurer shall X)c:r '.into T'r Johi 
Greene Junior seven pound foure shillinp.s beinc due to hin 
for his Olorks office 

It is ordered that Jan^os Greo-:e torethcr v;ith .'.eios 
"Ivesficote ..cj.'joaj. u axo aut]iori:;od by ohe '^ovm.e as j'onrierly t' 



gathei' tip and in case of refuDall tc destrnine for tho rato 
v?hicli vras rated for the prioon. 

90 90 

At a aiGeting o±" tlie Tovmsiaen of Warvslcko they voltmtar- 
ily agrcod to accept and pay for their proportion of powder 
and "ballots sent from ould 3npland vvheroupon it is ordered 
that each frecnpji of the To-me shall bring in to Ifr Honlden 
within 5 dayes after the date hereof in good and well order- 
ed peage at eight per penny v/hite and 4 per penny hlacko to 
pay for the T>ov/der & bulletts in the presidents hands and 
it "being orou^yht into xho : ovme it s}io,l"be equally shared in 
atovme neeting and entered in the reoord what each man hath 
and in case afterwards upon cearch it "bo found that they 
have not such a cuantitio off eaoh "by them they shalhe -x-yn- 
ed forty Dhillings and in case any faile of their pay thoy 
shall loose their r.hare 

fieorixaiy tho 5th 1656-7 
Mr Randall Holden is chosen moderator for this present 

Ordered that Ilathiae ilarvy have his vote to act in 
Tov/nc affairs 

Ordered that John mansion shall have a houselot Given un- 
to him v/here the 'xOT,7ne shall think fittest for his aocoKoda- 



91 93. 

Ordered that Tho: Bradley shall have the h-yway removed 
to the outride of his six acre lott and the surveyors are are 
orderecl to veev/ that it be done with convenience/ -^Tith re- 
spect to tr.s hyvray 

it is ordered th«.t Christopher Haiii:shurst shall repair 
for his pajTEient to the inhabitants vrhich had tlieir raedowcs 

layd out 

Ordered that Janes Swoet shall have his Houslot inlarg- 
ed S rod into the Oorcon 

Ordered that T'r Plolliman and Mr T'eekc are appoynted to 
writ imto the president in behalfo of the Tovme Concerning 
Richard Chasrcores re quest for a spedy Tryall if ho sees no 
other inconvenience in it it is further ordered that they 
give notice to Richard Chasnore that they have talcen his 
case into consideration. 

Ordered that John Smith siasori shall have a poece of 
Boggie nedow at tho cud of the 3 pounds going to Tosheiuilco 
in lew of a share due to him 

92 92 

Ordered that Janes Oroono and Tho : Greene shall each 
of them haVG a 6 acre lott •"•rerc they can fynd thera rrith 
convonioncy and respect to hywayes 


\79 3V 



Ordered that Anthony Lev: shall have a 6 acre lott v/horc 
it shaloe inost convenient 

Ordered that 'lathias Harvy shall have a 6 acre lott due 
to h±v. for the nill 

Ordered that Peter Biizicot smith shall have a 6 acre lott 
Jojming to his ovm "birchen fficld 

Ordered that Konry Roddocke be payd oxit of the "reasury 
of the Tovmc eighteen shillings 6 per penny \?hite or 3 per 
penny h la eke 

Ordered that every inhabitant of the Towno of T7arTrf.cko 
that is rated for the prison do bring in to the Treaciirer in 
what they can make payment for their Rate botv/ixt this and 
the 15 of this instant or else to expect a distres to follow 



93 ".Theroas the Tovmosmon of ^7arvrf.oke haveing' taken into 
consideration that it cannot stand rath the constitution of 
the place to contimie tvrelvo non -Tor the trying of causes 

It is therefore ordered that t; ere be ostabliehed 6 Jurors 
for the tryall of Causes and to have 1 sh 6 d a man for each 
cause and for Cotinsollellcrc fees 3 Ghilllii{^ 4 ponce and 
thin to be of force not withctandinG any lav; loirioily to the 



Ordered that Hr John Ore one Junior "be in tho Tioome of 
Stuclily Vcstkote a surveyor for tho laying out of land 

f forasmuch as Indians are ouch fraudulent persons that 
their Testiraony cannot "bo tolcen mid although there hath 
heene a strict lavr for suppressing soiling of liquors to 
thera hy the Inglish yet notv/ithstanding some few Ingllsh to- 
gother with then dealc so fraudulently that they are as much 

furnished as he fore 


94 Therefore we ox'der that any nan in this Townc shall 
have liberty to sell liquors to the Indians to cary away 
hut in case he sell or give him any to drinlie in his house 
the Inglish man soe dooing shall forfeito five pounds and 
ho debarred for selling any more liquors or strong drinie 
for a t\7elvo month and it shalho latrfull to take the said 
fine upon sufficient proofs v/ithout anj' wages of lav; no 

further • 

order that in case any Indians he found v/ith any li- 
quors or strong drinko v/ithin a mile of the 7ovme without 
ano Snglichjnan to holpe him Convey it away it shalbc lawful: 
for any man to cease it and Iceepc it for Mnnclfc r-nd in 
case any Indian be foimd drunl^e in the lir.dtc oi xiic Towne 
we shall oziocute accordinge to the generall law in that caa 
provided And in case any Indians bo found drinking liquors 



within the Unite aforesaid it siiall ho ImTfull for any per- 
son not only to take a^vay their liquors Vat to roako thoin pay 
five shilllngG apeece alec or 


or plunder then and have the pay to themselves and this to 
"be of force any law forrierly notwithstanding 

fforasimich as the g-eneralitie of the inhabitants of the 
Tovme of Warvdcke does plead that there is no Guhsistin{j hy 
keeping- up of hoggs in their ponns It is therefore ordered 
that swyne goe ahroed upon the Coonon with this proviso that 
those that constantly haunt at home and are found apt to tres- 
pas in hreakeinp of fences they are to be iockt after the 
first of May next ensuoing and if any take up a hogg that has 
dropt his ioke he shall have tv/elve pence for his paines and 
if any Trf-llfully neglect such trespaesing hogs to have them 
iokt he or they sliall pay five shillings for each trer^pas to 
the Treasury and this to be of force an^,' law foinr.erly 

It is farther ordered that erery Inliabitant of the ToTOie 
of Warv7ick doo bring in to the To-!.-me Clarke the earo marke of 
his Cattoll to be recorded betwixt this and this day fort- 




It is IjkvriBe ordered that the TOT/ne Clerlro shall have 
6 pence of each nan for entering the eare mark of their Cat- 

It is ordered that Lift: Fobert '■estkoto doe civc notic 
■unto the Indians and espeshally to Pornham that he nor they 
marke no Svrlna after the first of Ilay next cnsueing and thos 
that they have already marked they doe keep them up or els 
the Inf-lieh will seaze thern 

ffebruary the 28 1666 

Mr Handa.ll Holdon chosen moderator for this present day 

The of the Jurymen chosen "by the Tovmsraen of Y7ar- 
wiclre to attend the General! Court of Tryalls to he j^eld at 
Kewport the 2 Tuesday in T'aroh next onsueing ar these llr Wal 
tor Todd ¥x Mathias Earvy and Ilr John Greene Junior 


Ordered that Mr John Greene Junior shall have the raed- 
ow at the northwest side of the pond oalled hy the Indians 
Cacotmoke lying by a "brooke that runs into the aforesaid 

Ordered that concornine; the pa^naent of Richard :f^nic-ht 
Generall Bergeant Tve referrc it to our GonisGloners v;hioh 


arc next chosen for the Genorall Court to examine his Ao- 
oonptB and v/liat they Allow oft vq promise to satiofie 
It heing conplainod of tliat the Tole dish is too higg; 
Ordered that I^r Holliman doo gett a pair of skailla 
for tlie nill by tlio first of Tiay next ensueing 

April the 8 1657 
ITr Holliman is chosen moderator for the day- 
Ordered that T'r Holliman doo write irnto Willian Harris 
to signifie imto pattDrct men that the Tovmesnien of '"arr/icke 
are free to put it unto arbitration concerning any Claine or 
difference in respect of the line and Coiaon /uad as for pertic 
iilar mens entorosts they vrill not medle with hut thoy must 
ishue the matter with the pertiouler persons 

Ordered that William Burton have his vote to act in '?o;-m 

Ordered that Thomas Hcdger have his vote to act in Towne 

Ordered that Trilliam Burton have a lott granted where it 
may ho --ost convenient for him And not to he hound to huild 
on it selng he "builds in towne clswliere 


At a meeting in ^arvnclie this £2 of Aprill 1657 Nr Hould 
en chosen Moderator 


That -John Groene Jtmioi- he Clarice for the present the 
Glerlie heing absent 

Ordered that this be added to the forr.ier order last 
nade oonccnaine selling liqiiorc to the Indians that in ease 
any person or persons sell liquors to the Indians they chal- 
bo bonnd to Convoy them halfe a mile foorth of Tovme at least 
and in case ho or they neglect and doe it not they shall pay 
halfe as much as the liquors is worth to the Treasury being 
lawfully Convict but the Testimony of a Housholdor absolute- 
ly affirming that he or she did send one halfe a mile in In- 
glish Contey with them shalbe sui'ficiont to Cloare then in 
case there bo not two Inglish \7itnosses to wit:aes<^e the Con- 

May the 9th 1657. 
l^ix Houldcn Chosen 'loderator for this present day 

It Is ordered Hr John Greene Senior T'r John Greono Jnn- 
ior Mr Randall noiilden ?:!r Sarauell Gorton Mr John t'eolcs T!r Wal 
tor Todd bcinp chosen by the Tovme of Warwicicc for Gomission- 
ers they arc to attend the nojct Generall Court at ITewport 
there to Transact the affairs of the Affairs of the Collony 
Tvi-th the Goniissionors of the other S Tov-nes according to the 
Generall Sargoants T7arrant 




99 Jimc the first 57 

Mr Kandall Iloulden ohoscn jaoderator for tJie present laeet- 


The Tomio being crcLerly they did proceode to choyce 

of To\me officers 

( Mr ?.r.ekiell hollitaan Deputy 
The officers chos^ ur ■..ulter Todd asistant 

en and ingadged for ( and Trcasin-er 

the ensueing- yeare ( John Sweet Sergeant 

are those f -lio: Tialph Constahle 

It is ordered that Hr Gorton Mr Weeks and Richard Card- 
er "be for Tovme Counsoll with the To^ime officers 

It is ordered that Janes Sweet Richard Carder and Een- 
3ry Eeddoclce "be surveyers for the ensueing yeare 

It io ordered that John Coles ho receaved in as To\7ns- 
Eian haveing a Tovmship eranted unto him as also to vote in 
Totme Affairs 

It is ordersd that the Gierke ingadge the The: Ralph 
Constable ho hoing absent at the Choyce 

Ordered that any inhabitant of this Towno that falls 
any trees upon the Comon cither for Timber or fev/ell and 
doth not cut out; tho fev;ell and clcavo or square the Titibor 
or fetch it home uncleft within the space of nyne noneths 
it shalbe Comon for an,y inhabitant to take the same and Con- 
vert it to his or their ovm use 

: J- 



100 ordered that 3£r Eoulden and L'r '^/eeks doe meet the Ar- 
bitrators at Patuxit and to give then ane ilnsvrer ae they sec 
cause conduceing to the good of the 'fovme in generall 

ordered that Kichard Carder and Henry Redoolr he added -on- 
to Ilr "^odd to rcceave the Aocompt of the Treasui'er and report 
it Tintc the TovTne 

ordered that Sweet he AllOTved tv/o shillings for ev- 
ory the Totoio meets in his house 

Ordered that Anthony Lor- doe take the 6 acre lott layd 
out for ' eter Buzicot and to pay for laying out a 6 Acre lott 

for him 

ordered that AiTiOO Vestlrotc he payd out of the 'treasury 
£ pounds ten j?"hlllingn In pcage pay for his service done to 
the Tcwne a 5? Sergeant 

June tho £4 57 
Mr Ezekloll Holliman Chosen L'oderator for t>e present day 
Ordered that Mr Smith Mr T.'eeks and Thomas Stafford doe at- 
tend the generall Court of Tryalls the last of this Instant at 
TTarivioke and to officiate as Jurymen 

ordered that Tlr Ssekieli Hollinan he a Comiocioner in the 
jl;oone of l'r Jolin Greene Junior ho heing eh sent 

October the 10th 57 
Mr Szckioll Ilolliraan Chosen I^oderator ffor this present 



101 Ordered that lUchard Carder !'-atliias Harvy and Amos rest 
l:otc doG attend the genorall Court of Tryalls at Providence 
as Jurymen 

Ordered that Thomas Scranton he roccaved in a Tovmsman 
and have his vote 

Ordered that John Saiamon shall have a pare ell of Gro^md 
oontayning sis: acres raorc or lesse as convenioncy will pormii 
ffronting along the Cartxray leavinc: a vraterins place for Cat- 
tell eight pole wid het^isrt him and John Smith 

Ordered that James Greene Thomas Stafford James Sweet 
Thomas Greene and Thomas Bradly doe serve for Jurycjen at the 
next '.'.'ovrne Court of Tryallo the first Tuesday in llovcmber 

ffcbriiary the 8th day 1657 
Mr Ssekiell Holliraon Chosen "oderator for the present 

The Tovme underntandinf^ at present (that T^iary Porcie 
widdow and inhabitant of Patuxit in ^^rovicTonce beino in this 
ToTTne destitute of any setled bcinf; as also taking notice 
that no Inhabitant Trill undertake to seciu'c the Tovme of her 
and ho,r cliild Therefore It ifi ordered that an;'/ on of the 
magistrates shall give order tu the Constable to rctume her 
to Patuzlt in Providence in case she doth not depart of her 
own acord vrithin a fortnight 




It is ftirthor ordered that if any percon \7it3iin tlio 
ToT.TiQ shall Intcrtayno in to their family or house any in 
like manor as aforesayd that the (TormG officers in generall 
shall not aprove of or T.-ithout the Tovrnes consent refuscing 
to give security then any magiptrat shall cause the party 
intertaining to retume the party intcrtayned and if ho re- 
fuse then he shall pay five poundes and the officer shall 
apoynt the Constahle to doe it 

It in ordered that a parcell of land adjoyning to I.'bs- 
sapage pond westward he for a horse pasture for the Tovmes 
use aCGording as may "be most conveniently mad use of for to 
save fcnceinp: that the horses may he there kept dureinge the 
time they arc apt to daranific the Coi-nc 

Ordered that Thomas Ralph sh-jill have the two hranches 
of medov/ at Tueskctuchet 

Orderea that Thomas Hedger shall have a siz acre lot 
adioyning to his home tott or so much as convenienoy T/ill 
permltt v/ith respect to the hy^va^'- and other mens Xotts 

r;he 'jor.iic being at present Infornied that ''uckationon 
Sachem of ^attisrct hath of late tendered such land to sell 
as he 



fon2orl:7 eneadgcd to '^he 'Povme have therefore thought raeot 
to order that l.'r Ezekiell Eollir.ian and Mr Randall Houldon 
shall aereo Tdth the said Tuckamonon for all such modov7 or 
iipland as wao eneadg:ed anfl every Tormsriian shall hrine in 
their pay to the said feffecG rithin six dayee after demand 
or loose their share and the said PlseMell Holliman or Ran- 
dall Ho^ildeu layin,r do^Tn the pay shall in joy the said sharo 
or shares as their or.?n by vertue hoeroft and for that end the 
Clorl: is to sett up a Coppic oft this order upon the treo for 
puhlick veiw 

May the 1: 1658 
!'t 32ekiell Folliirian chonen moderator for this present day 
At a meeting of the '^^ovmaiacn of T'arfriclre It is orderefl 
that f'T Crorton I't '"eeks "ir ?Ioulden ilr Groene Junior '^cter 
Greene and l.!r 'Todd heing chosen "oy the Tovme for ConimlSBion- 
ora they are to attend the Oenerall Court nest at ^ 
there to trans^act the affaire of the Collony with the Comis- 
sionerc of the other S Tovmcn accordinc to the Cronerall Ser- 
g;eant5 warrant 

It is ordered lyln^at^c that Jaices STireet Peter Greene and 
Amos Y/estkote doc attend the next Oenerall Court of "^ryalls 
at Portsmouth for Jury men 



It Is ordered that the "roasuror shall satisfie the Coin- 
issioners ;vhat is their 6x\e hy law out of the excise frora 
the Court in October :56 tmto this tim: and for future tine 
in the first place what debts soever else nay to payable 

Ordered tho.t the suinreyors do vee^;' Thoiaas Staffords front 
fence and stake it along- according to the order in the gprant 

In answer to John Creone senior his bill it in ordered 
that the "utvqjotb do© at their discretion reew the land and 
in Case they find it bcnoficiall for the Hywoy at their dis- 
cretion they are to lay it out but the land shall not be nade 
use of untill the Swaarp be dresmed 

The first of i^y 1658 
Ordered that the Tovme Deputy be moderator for the pres- 
ent day 

Ordered that Jolih Oreono Junior be Gierke for the Assem- 
bly because the Gierke is absent 

p Ordered to chose Jurj^men for the ToTOie Court of Tr^^alls 
this present month 

The Jurymen chosen to Attend the Totme Court arc Llathias 
Harvy Fwichard Or.rder Thonas Hedger Thomas Ralph •■'illian ^.nr- 
ton Thomas Stafford 

Ordered that the Conissionors last chosen by the Towno 
to Attend the Gcnerall Court arc to attend the coiiorall .A.caen- 
bly in Ilay nest 




105 Ordored that the houoc of TnomsB Greono "bo for the use 
of the GoJaissioncTG end Court of lilection and that the Treas- 
urer cliall pay five c-illingG per day to Thoiaas Greene 

Ordered for the future aioy person that dcoiros to he rc- 
eeavcd into the Tovme shall in the first plaoo liave tho aproh- 
ation of the Tcvme Couauell and in he hath their aproha- 
tion, then "being presented to the Tovme "by tho CoTincell at 
the first meeting he tpxtt he rcccaved if the Tovme hy vote go 
order' it any lavr to the Oonurar;/ nu uvriti^standinge 

June the 9th 1658 
Er Saekiell is chosen moderator for tho present 


Ordered to proceed to choice of Tovme officers 
( Mr John Greene ser Dept 
( l!r Waltor Todd Asistant . 

The officers 
chosen are 

Kr ?/Iathias Harre Recorder 
Ilr John Smith Treasurer 
Thonas P.clph Ooncstahle 
John Sweet ^r'argoant 
Order-od that I,!r Tiseld-ell Eollinan Mr Johjn Smith and For 
JohJi Vi'eekos bee added to tlic loxmo officorc for the To^vneg] 


Ordered that Richard Carder James Greon and Jaraes '^vreot 

"bee Bxirveyora for tho yeare cncuinge 



106 Ordered that Richard Carder Jaraos Greene and Thomas 

Greene bee Jxirymen to at end the Oenerall Court of Trialls 
to hoe hold at ITe-nport the last Tuesday of this Instant mon- 
oth of June 

Ordered that Richard Carder and Thomas Bradley hcince 

chosen searchers for the Tovme of Warwlcke, they are to act 
acoordingo to their Coinisrdon made hy the Court of Coralsslon- 
ers in the 12th order at a Court held at Portsmouth ICax'ch 
the 10th 1657 
Ordered heingc I.Ir Harve refuseth to bee Tovme Clarte and 
Mr Ttedd to bee Ac-istant That John Greene Jur bee both Asis- 
tant and Clarice boinge engadged 

Ordered that beinge Mr John Greene ser refuseth to take 
his eiigadgiicnt that Mr Essekiell Holliman continue Totme De- 
puty while the next Tovme ?£cctinge and in the mcane time 
the Hccorder is to tender him namely I'r Greene ser his en- 

It is ordered that the former rate that Tvas made for the 
prison in this Tovme bee forthrrith gathered up V7hat remaines 
un^thered and if any refuse to pay yt it bee taken by dis- 
traint, that so the money or cattell bo brourht into the 
Tresury that the Treasurer may malco payment to lIef;i:!ort Tovme 
tOT/ards a prison there accordinge to agreement made the last 




Court of GomiGOionors and tlio 1!o\m.e Deputy and Asistant have 
power to take what course the thinio fitt for the expediting 
the matter It is farther Ordered that the overplus shalboe 
to satisfie those that have formerly la;^^d o\it their moneys 
for the car:/ingQ an ond of the worlco 

196 107 

It is oi'derod that Ivlr Heddocko bee payd out of the Treas- 
ury for his soi-vice duringo the time of his heinge Clarke 

The 10th of October 
Mr EzeldLell Hollirnan is chosen moderator for the Assembly 
in ans^,7er to the Presedents vrarant the Jurymen chosen to atcnd 
the Court of Tryalls in this Instant noneth to bee holdon in 
'Tarwicke are Thomas Relph Hichard Carder and John Lippitt 
senior Mr Gorton JohJi Greene Jur retor Crreeno are apointod 
are apointed to take the acount of all the Treasurer 

It is ordered that if any one kill the groat gray woolfe 
that hath done so mucji nischeife in the Tovmo hee shall have 
five pound for his painos and for any other woolfo fewer 
pounc' and if any Indian kill a woolfe within the confines of 
the Tovnio hee shall h^vo forty s]>illinges for his painos and 
these payments shalbee made out of the treasury 

Ordered th-at heinge lir Jolin Greene ser still refuseth 
to tal-ie his engadgement that l!r 3zekioll Holliman hco ^ov.Tie 
Deputy for the yearc onsuingc and that Llr John Greene scr 


bee annexed to fb-e Councell 

OotolDer the 18th 
Mr Ezekicll Holliman moderator of the Asercbly 

Ordered in answer to the Presedcntc v/arant that Com- 
issioners bee choeon to atend the court of Comiscioners to hoe 
holden in Y/arr/iclie the 2d of ilovemher nezt cnsuinge, namely 

Mr Randall Hoiilden 

Mr BzeMell Holliman 

Hr Sanuoll Gorton 

15r John V eekes 

John Greene Jur 

Mr John Snith 


108 ?he 22d of IToTomber 58 

The To-»7ne Deputy is chosen moderator 
Ordered that the Lawos bee published 

Ordered that John Greene Jur Janes Sweet and John Colos 
bee Joyned to llr Szekioll Holliman and T,!r Randall Houlden to 
acorapplich the piirchaso of all such meddov/os in Tuokomonons 
right, as are already enGad{:cd to the Tovme, and that it bee 
not delayed beinc alreadjr treated on and bee satisfied for 
theire paines 

The 29 th of January 1658 
The moderator bcinge chosen it is ordered to goe to 
choice of Jursmcn for the Tome Court of Trialls namely 




I^thias Earvy, Thomas Bradley Hichard Carder Vlllltm Burton 
Jolin Braith the mason John Ilppett sr 

George Typpctt "belncc presented by the Coimcell order 
is voted to bee an Inhabitant 

Ordered that T.'Ir Samnell Gorton Jolin Greene and Peter 
Greene arc farther apointcd to take an acoiint of all rates 
or depts that concemco the Tovme and setlo matters in the 
ToTjmes behalf e 

Jan the 29th 58 
Richard Carder chosen moderator 

Jury men chosen to atend the Towne Court of Trialls 
namely Richard Carder Mathias Ilarvy Thomas Bradley "William 
Burton John Snith mason 

John Lippet senior, Georso Tippetn boinge presented to 
the To^rme by the Coimcells order is voted to be an Inhabi- 

Ordered that those men formerly chosen to take acount 
of the ?roasui-cr shall likov/ise have pov/er to take acount of 
all rates !>: cetera and sotle all matters of 


that nature 109 

Ordered that by the si^iteenth of Aprill all hoggesbee 
kept up and none suffered to goe abroad upon the Comon after 
the sayd time 


The 10th of Kay 1659 
Mr Ezckioll Hollinan ohoson moderator 
Ordered that Mr Randall Houlden ilr Jolin Smith Llr Sam- 
uell Gorton John Greene Kichard Carder and P.ichard Tovmsend 
beinge chosen Conissionors arc to atend the Gonerall Apen- 
bly at Providenoo the 17th of llay next there to transact 
the affar/ors of the Oollony with the Comiseionors of the 
other three 'i^ovmes 

June the 6th 
The ToTOie beinge met Hr Randall Foiilden is chosen mod- 
erator of the Aserably 

Ordered that from henceforth there boo but tr^o I'ovm 
Maiestrates chosen yearly in our To\me of War\vicko namely 
one Deputy and one Asistant and that the Clarke is not to 
boe Asistant except heo by vote cliosen therunto, and this 
to boe of force any lavre to the contrary notwlthstanding-o 

Ordered to proceede to choice of officers the genorall 
lawoB beinge published; the officers chosen arc as folloTroth 

Mr John Smith Deputy and Treasurer 
John Greene Asistant and ToTmo Clarke 
Thomas T^elph Constable 
Thomas ..radley Sergeant 
Ur Samucll Gorton Mr Jolan Wickes Ricj:ard Carder are 
added to the 3 maiestrates to mr.ko up the Toymo Counscll 

Richard Carder JaraoB Greene and James Cweet are chosen 
su3rveyors for the yeare ensuing 




110 Orderod that Mr Riuidall Iloulden ±g granted that parcel 
of laJid boinge eight pole •\7idG, nezt Jolrn Braith the mason 
r/hich xr&Q left fomorly for a \7ateri11ge place hut proves 
very inconvenient for that use 

Ordered that upon the request of John Greene the high- 
way hetv,'ixt him and Anthony Loc oeo layd to John Greene and 
Thomas Scran 'oons land and that the highway he layd out of 
their land on the northeast rjide onely the Sunreyors are to 
discourse v/ith tho noighhours therahoiits to see v/hethor 
there heo any Inconvenience vrith respect to then 

Ordered that James Greene is to liave three alters of 
upland ins teed of his tv;o afeers of ineddowe granted to Rich- 
ard Haroutt and hira hy the Torme in the most convenient 
place hee can find not already disposed of 

Ordered that the Clarke is to engadge Mr. John Smith 
and Thomas Eelph hcingo ahsent the rest heinge already en- 
gadge d 

June the 22 

Ordered that Hemry Knolcs have the six akcr lott form- 
erly granted to Thomas Hedger V7hich was to joyne to the 
house lott hought of Stafford, and that Thomas Hedger have 
a six akor lott granted h±n in the roomo of it in ^omc con- 
venient place to htiild on 

Ordered that the Clarke forthwith coppio out the 'rowne 
charter in the To'vTne booke 


OrdorGd that from hcncoforth the Tovmes raeoting 1)60 kopi 
at Thomas Groonos house and hee to have six chillinges per dc 
for that end 


Calet) Hathevra,y*8 Saniiark of hin Creaturos is a fork in the 
right ear and a Crop on tho left vrith tvTO Blits in tho top of 
the Same Juno the 21st 1760 Jer. Lippitt Clk 

Abraham Lockvjood Jjp Ear k of his Creaturer. is a fork in 
3aeh Bar and a half penny the underside of the left 3ar 

Decehr 26th 1771 
This 19 of Auguot 59 

Mr Jolm Smith is chosen moderator 

Mathias Harvy chosen Clarke for the present meetinge 
the Recorder hcingo ahsent 

Ordered "by tho Tovme forthwith to goe to the choice of 

Iflr Sairrucll Gorton Senior 
The ComisGi oners chosen Kr Ezckiell Holliman 

are Vr Ifethlas Farvy 
T/ho are to atend the no3:t Kichf>rd Tormsend 
Court at Portcmouth James Sweot 

Robert Weetkote 




The 22d of Au^ist 1659 

112 Ordered t^.at the Court of Tryalls to 1100 holden in 
this To\7ne of Warmcko to raorrowe hoincc Tuecday "bo pro- 
roged untill to morrowo seimlght and all bondoe to hoe aa 
firm "UJito that day as tinto tlio former time and the reason 
of it is because of the Genei^all Court of Con Intorferingo 

Ordered hy the Tovmo hooa-ase of the allegations of 
Richard TOTmsend of hiB not heingo Tvarnod to atend the Tovme 
meetinge neither heinge warned to atend the Generall Court 
as Comiscioner in duo season therfore to proceed to a 
choice of another in his rooiae the party chosen is John 


Phc 16th of Septeir:her 1659 

Mr Houldon moderator 

Ordered tliat the lav7GS hoe published £; a rate of Thir- 
ty poxmd bee gathered up forthwith the men chosen to levy 
the rate are lir Jolm Smith Hr Walter Todd & John Groono 

Ordered that the vSergeant shall have ten crillingaa 

for gathering it 

IThe 3d of October 1659 
llr John Ssiith is choson nodorator 

Ordered by the Towne that Jolm Greene and William 
Burton beinge chosen by the Tovrae have liberty granted to 
sell r.-inc or liquors in their li^unon by rotale to oithor 
Tovmemon or strimgcrs, and the:- arc at their liberty to 


koepe entertainment for strangers if tliey please, and all 
other persons are prolill)ite3 to sell "by re talc any vrine or 
liquors, tliat is to say, ozccpt they sell a gallon to "be 
caried away at once, and in case they offend they are lya- 
Dle to pay the tT7enty ehillinges fine provided "by tl:e Cen- 
erall layc, wee likevrise declare that Jolin Greene and YJll- 
lian Burton aforesayd arc responsahle aocordinge as laxre 
provides for Ordinary Iteopers in all cases only they are 
not forced to give entertainment, and this license they 


lis : are to have untill some Ordinaric keepers that the Tovme 
shall aprove of hee constituted, it is also provided that 
no Indians are Intended "by the premises "but the Genorall 
lawe to "be wholly ohserved v/ith respect to them 

The Jury men chosen to atend the Generall Court of 
?ryall6 to hee holden at '"oi'tsnouth the 11th of Octohcr 
next arc Janes Creene T?lc]ia.rd Carder and TTllllari "niirton 
By reason of the often absoimce of Sergeant Pradley 
froTH the ?0'.7no together with his desier of release it is 
Ordered that hoe is freed and Thomas Tledgor is ohoscn and 
ongadged in his roome 

?ho 51 of Octohor 1659 
Ordered hy t'lo ToTOie that iTlieras Anthony I:Oe hath 
proposed to lioepe an Ordinar;r, it is granted unto I'ln upon 
these teamos that hee is to keepe Ordinaric tv:o yearos If 


]i6G please, but for one yoare hec hath encadced to Ireope 
it and in ccso at the ycares end hce goc caiieo to lay it 
domio hee ie to give the 2o\vne a quarters wamlngo hee lilce- onoadgeth to provide against springe next t\vo hcddc for 
strangers wherofc hee hath one hodd already. The ^ovrne her- 
upon engadgc to give him the excise of what wine or liqiiors 
hee rotalcth during the torrnc oi liis IvGcpingo Ordiriary and 
so heo io to recoave a licefnsc from the Tovme Deputy 

Ordered t'^at v/heras Anthony loe is Indebted to the 
treasury excise for a barroll of liquors that theTOT/no give 
hira halfo the excise fjiorofe 


The 14th of ffchruarj' 1659 
114 Tilx Smith is chosen moderator 

Ordered that whoras V.r Smith Treasurer is ares tod in 
the n?ot7nos "behalf e in an action of trespasne in an action 
of trespasse upon the case "by "Jilliann ffield willlan Kar- 
ris V/illiam CarpGnter and rJaoharioJi ^hoades all of Provi- 
dence that the Tovme are resojved to ansvrer the suit and 
vrhat charges is dlEhursod to pay and secure Ilr Smith afor- 
sayd from any damadge "by the sayd suite 

Ordered that L!r Jolm T7ick30 hoe the Atumoy in the 
Tovmes hohalfo to jiaannadgc the sayd suite 

Ordered that those T!?iich have not their six aker lots 
layd out gott them layd out hetvdst this and the first of 
May next and that for all lands that have boon or shalbee 



layd out In tlio Tovmslilpp botwixt thin and the first of T.lay 
next bee payd for by tliat time npon forfeiture of ye l?md 

Tlie Vtb of ffeb 1659 
Elr John Smith moderator 

It is ordered that Mr 7/alter ?odd IKt Mathias Harry 
Anthony 'Loxte Richard Carder '"illiam Burton and John lippctt 
ser heinge ohonen Jurymen are to atend the ?OTOie Court of 


The 10th of I'larch 1659:60 

Hr Smith chosen moderator 

Tho Jurymen chosen to atend the G-enerall Court of 

Thomas "tafford 
Trialls at Uev^port tho 13th of jlarch ncy:t are Mr-Antheny 

i,9& YiT Mathias Harvy T'r Tliome-S Bradley 

Ordered that vrhoras the choice of millitary officers 

is to bee the aame day that the Court of Trialls 


is at Newport and tho Towne bcinpe not in a capacity to a- 

115 tend It by reason of the Court have therfore deferred the 
choice untill the next tuesday follov/inge Ordered that Thom- 
as Bradley shalbee payd by tho Treasurer for beinge 


Ordered tbat wheras James Sweet hat!) p.ado it apcare 
that hee hath payd for his house lott that it bee recorded 


Tho 4tli of Ai^rill 1660 
Mr Smith is ehocen raodcrator i'or the present raoetingc 

Ordered hy the 'rornic t'-at "hcrac Capti\ine rtandall Hotxl- 
den if! to goe to Tanton upon -i;he Golloncyes "buisnesso he- 
inge otir Tovmos Comissioner to inect with the CorTlss loners 
of ''limouth, tlmt for the crpcnce of hlraselfe and horse they 
will satisfic it provided hco doe goe nhither as aforesayd 

Ordered that the Jury men chosen to atend the last Tovme 
Court of 'i?ryalls doe Btill stand untill those matters are re- 
hoard in this To-^me and go Iscued 

Ordered that with rospeot to the discharge that Mr Jolin 
Smith Treacurer had at the Hand vrith !<!r Peter Tollman oon- 
ceminge Careingc of Slisaheth Ilegcr 


That is to say that if the Tovme v/ould take course to pro- 
vide her a place in Portsmouth to "board in for a moneths 
tine then the sayd Tollman v^ould try what efcct he coTild 
T;orlce xjpon her in that time, and in case hoe cannot mire 
her hce will have nothingo for his paines But in ciico hee 
see cause at the nonthes end, hoc the sayd Tollman will take 
her homo to hit; Jiovr.r >r)f' if >no Cure hor then the sayd '"oil- 
man is to have tr.'o ycarcc corvioe, or jf her freedomc hee 
desired then they that desire it are to pay Ton poundos and 
the Tovme for the accompliGhingc of the matter doe authorize 
Mr Jolm Smith Treasurer to encadge in their hehalfe accord- 


inge to the prcmiaos a-i-ii"' • n^oc ro^ponsatle to Mm or hie 
order Lcrin 

Orderod "by tlic Tovnio tliat wlieras there was foimcrly an 
agreemoEt "bot^/ixt Anthons'- Tom-; ar.r"! the ?OTme oonceminge keep- 
inge Ordinaric and the sayd Anthony Icvro hath not yet taken 
license and farther some have oonplalnefl. that they could not 
have entertainment at his house Thorfore the Tovme doe re- 
peall that order laade hct-VTlist him and the Tovme, and doe de- 
sier the Recorder to give notis therofe 


117 ilr Smith raoderntor this 9th of Aprill 1660 

Ordered thrit the formes men forthwith doe goe Towards 
the horcpastor to riev/ a place to lay ow'g 6 alior lottc, up- 
on the returne T.'r John Sraith heinge ahsent Kr John VZiches 
is chosen moderator 

Ordered that the suirvoyors doe C'oe on v;ith laying out 
of the lotts aocordingc to the forme proscrihod unto tliem 
"by the Townemon leavinge the horse pasture open 

Ordered hy the t^.at Anthony low hath that sir ak- 
er lott oonfirmcd to him that was layd out on tho hacko sido 
of that house lott that Peter Busicott now dv;elletli in and 
that the sayd Anthony t,ov?o nncl "^eter Buzicott have liherty 
granted to eschangc their C aixr lottn and Comonidges with 
this proviso that Petor Buaioott in case they exchange is 
to hoald Anthony'- Lowes upon the same tenure as before hee 
held his ovrne 


Ordorecl tliat henceforth any Inhabitant that shall her- 
aftor hoc receaved sliall not have any land accordlnf^e to any 
former Ordor hi-'.t so tuioh oncly aa the Tovaie chall by partic- 
■ular order grant thon trhorc the 'Hovm.o Bhall seo fitt any 
order fomcrly not^Tlthstcndinge 


118 The 50th of Aprlll 1660 

Iv'r Jo]-m. Smith Deputy is choycn moderator 

Ordered tliat the vrritinge proposed to the To-wne Con- 
corninge land abont Acitildneslt by the PrcBcdent and the rest 
apointed to buj/ land for the Colloney oeo read 
John "Potter receaved freeraan 

Ordered that Mr John ?flckes Richard Carder and Jaraos 
vSweet doe betwixt this and the iioxt meetinge vlcv? 'I'aimicll 
Staffords front and the front of John Greene ad^oyning thor- 
to and see rhether they find the highTray dar:nifled and setle 
it as also they arc to viev the foote rmy into Quinir.lcoke 
upon the Lott of John C-recne Henlor and sotlc it, as also 
they are to lay out the hlrrhray throu£:h the mill lot and to 
raaJce retumc of the matter to the next Tovmc nectinge 

The ISth of Hey 1660 
Mr John Sraith in oho pen moderator 

Ordered in answer to the Preeedontc warrant that Con- 
issioners fortlivrith bo chosen 

The Coraisslonors chosen in answer to the '^roscdonts 



warrant aro these nnmolj Capt r^cjidall Houlden Mr Samuel C-or- 
ton 3er Mr Jol-ji Sraitli Ilr Jolm ^ickeo John Greene & Richard 
Garder vfho arc to atond tlio Gon.rt of Sleotion at Portsmouth 
together -.dth tho Comlssionorf: of the other ToxmoG there to 
transaot all matters that oonoerne the vjelfare of the Collo- 
ney aooordin^::o to the Artiolos of union 

Ordered that the Olarka do vvx-itc any i'reei.iins voat of 
this SoTmo that cannot write himgelfe and that hee 


call upon persons for their voates 
119 The 4th of June 1660 

John Greene ic chosen mo dors. tor for the day 
Ordered to goe to choice of Tovme officers 

Kr John S?i:ith Deputy ?■: Treasurer 
Ur Wal-Der Todd Aaistant 
rir Mathiaa Earv^/ Olarlre 
'rhonaa Hclph Constable 
"iinnar, "fTodger 
Tho 3 choGon to joc o:' the oottnGoll to hoe Joyned to 
the three raaiectratcs are IHt Si^riiuel Gorton aor Hr Randall 
Eoulden ar,d T.Ir Jolui V'-ie''rGE 

■jTha aurT'eyort chc^-su for the year© encuineo are T^iolmrd 
Garder Jameo Gi'oene JarnfyS Sweet 

Ordered that Jolm Greene hoe payd forthwith what Is due 
to him hy tho Treasurer 



Orfiorod tliat Mr John Priith Troamirer and Vt Eondall 
EOTilden lioc apointed to "hler rcn to renc' tlie fence out "bj 
the pond next TooltotinL'o mid that they "boo r^atlsfied oait of 
the TreaciXTT.'- for tholr psilnes 

Ordered that from henceforth the Constable hee payd for 
each warront Gervinge 2 s 6 d hesidos the time hee spends a- 
ho\it it T7Viich ehalhee at the diecresBlon of the inalestrate 
or maiectrates 

Ordered that Janes f-rreet hee granted to run his fence 
froK his pate ncorc t?ie corner of the hridg-e over the dirty 
place at the dlccrosslon of the other surveyors 

Ordered that on T-!un9.av next the Inhahitants doe meet 
to chusc their millitary officers 


120 Ordered the Deputy and Asistant at the def:,ier of John 
Greene take notice of the r;urrender of the T^ocordes 

'.Phe 17th of August 1660 
Mr Jolin Smith is Chosen TTodtr: for this present day 
Jtirynen Chosen to otten ye nert cort of Tryells are those 
•Richard Carder - ^'m Burton - Anthony Lov;e - John lipodo 
Senior - Hiel:)^.rd TOTrnsend James STvecte - Ordered by ye "'orme 
yt the paper yt JfiraeE Qreono put in, in ye hohalfe of his 
Bro John Greene it is Roferod till ye ne:-ct to-wne jneoting 

August 1660 
Ordered by ye Courte yt ye Jxirey shall have thare mony. 



by Roason Lieut "Rdh. Wescott ie wciitting 

2E Augrusl; 16G0 
VIee Joremiah YTescott & 'j:!h.o. Bmdly have r.{.rreecL & pivcn 
full poT/cr unto IJatthias Harvjr & Richard I'owneond to Ixid nil 
difforenceG t)GtT7eeri us in caee depending in ye oorto ^^ if yt 
Ganiiot agree, to ohiise ane Uupiei', uliercunto, wee "bind nnr- 
sgIxS Sach to other in tv;ontie potmds Bond, to stand to yc 
Detoraination: of ye above said parties 

Order "by ye Cortc yt the prnscntTient of ffrancis T)erTDy 
"be Hcffered uxitilT yc ne^^te Cortc of 7ryells to he held in 
this Tor/ne: Kr John Greene l/.oderator 

Reed by Mr John Smith of Ocorge Tipetts for hie fine 
in ye hehalfe of ye iJtate fortie ehillinss 

Juerie men chosen for ye Eight Corte of Trj'-ells the £8 
of Septer.oer 1660 are these 

?'ich : A ovms e nd 
Sioh: Carder 
Jainos Greene 


lEl Cmnishonere oho son are to attend yc next genorall Corte 

of Ory ."; ty: L!r Kolrli'n^ ''r rtorton T.r "'eckeG ITr John Creene: 
Kr Sraith: Kich Oardor: 

Ordered yt Llr John Smith Depev;tie & Kir Walter Todd ae- 
siRtant shall appoynt a house for yc Oorte to set in 

Ordered yt Kr Jolru Smith Mr Jolm Y«oe>f and ytiikly Ves- 
oott are appointed, 7ith ye ocrviaorE to vow all fences 

• r ' -1- 


throngli out ye wliole to\7ne coe yt yo highv/ay or Streote may 
Tdc not Infrin/red 

Ordered yt Mr John GroenG Ghall hayc, as rtuch land at 
his medo cacavronck, Fnowen "by ye English nano oooset pond, 
for to fence his medo in, he leaveing out soe nuch of his 
land at Occapasat-osict 

ThiB 16th of TJooemher 1660 

Mr John Greene Chosen Tlodorator for this present day: 

Ordered yt !ir John Smith Trecner shall sent to ye ?.o- 
corder of llerrport T7heathor any Xiclrers be "Jntred and Excipe 
paid rithin this twelfe monnth, according to ye Gennerall 
Order of ye Collony, and if any \7hose lickers, upon ye "Re- 
tumc of ye answer if not paid Kr Smith hath llhertle to Dis 
traine : 

Ordered yt James Sweeto and Richard Carder 1p A.ppointec 
to loolre afte'j:*, wlio hath paid, towards yc 'bnlldinc of Hood- 
nan Balrsrs houee, & they yt have not those trro men are ap- 
pointed to tal-e up ye Rsinalnder, S yt fovror pouncls rhall he 
added to it out of ye Ticclnc to huy him llesooarlec, vdthall 

Ordered yt IJr ^oekes Bill Concerning: timher be Rofcred 
untill yc llcsrt TOTme ITeeting. 


ye 3 of I."rrch 1660 The verdict of yo prand Inqulst 

rZee vTho are Enp-alfr-ed to see tiiie dead Indian, doe find 
hy dilligent sarch, yt he was "beaten which v/as ye cause of 



his Death 

Stuckly TTescott fformtm 

AmoE "oGcott Jolm otter 

John Xlpodo lenr 

\7m: Burton 

Tho: Pelphe 

Rich: Oohume 

Sam: Stafford 
Foimo ry : Fno\7l o a 
[Hie : Qroone 
\7ta: :^ton 
Jorcno: T/oscott 
Tho 11 liaroh T.'r John ?-i7!ith is Chosen lloderat: 
Grad Juorionen Chosen to ctond, yo Gonorall Corte of ^ryr-llG 
held at Providence . & Pette Jurleinen: 
Grad Jurioinen Chosen 

Wra Burton 
Hatthias Harvy 
John: Swoote. 

?ettoe Jaeriemon 
Hich: To\7nsend 
ISr P\idock 
Rich: Carder 

ffor ye preventing of Sutee in lavr. Ordered yt if any man Ig- 
norently, shall fall any Timber one any mans Itmd unfenced 
granted hy this ?ovme, yo partie which ones ye land, sh^ll 
pay those person or person, or let hin have yo timber. 

Ordered yt I.Ir Jolm "Jeekes slrnll ho allovrod 4 s "• 6 d per 
day for as long time ho Is inployed ahout TuskoTmok nedoe, in 

land or in mony 

Ordered yt ye Choyco of '"illatcrie Offioors ho ^oferod 
till yo 26 March.: hocase many of ye ^oxme vrill he at yo Corte, 
iTjhich is yo tino appointed 


125 Ordered tltat Hoges shall goe one ye Cocion L if any mans 
hogcs trosspes or doe any damage, ye onors of yo hoges shall 
shall pay yc dariage or loeo thare hoges, provided, yt thare 
fence he Judged Suffistient, by yo Surveors, any order form- 
erly not withstanding - 

Tlie 1 of Aprrill, Ilr John Smith Chocon Moderator ffor 
this present day: 1G61 

Ordered in ronswer to lir Iloldena Bill, yt forthwith those 
yt are free to pay thare monies for Aqueadnesicke doe enter 
thare names, t: yt tenn dayes time be appointed for those yt 
are absent, to Report to ye Clarke to iinter thare names also: 
and bring in thare monies 

lir John Smith Chosen Moderator, this 16th of May 1661 

Cumishoncrs is ch.oscn to attend ye nest cort of 311co- 
tion, I'r Gorton: I.!r Holden Mr John Smith, Mr V/ John 
Greene James Greene: 

Ordered V7hare as this ToTTne cuffereth abues, about Ex- 
cise by Eeasln of licquers landinge at lIoiTporte, yt pay noe 
excise, although entred at both places, yt tharefor our Caim- 
ishoner, doe motion ye mater to ye gonerall Corte at Ilevf- 
porte: by petiction and Receaive thare Dctcrmcnation 

This 3 of Jxme 1661 John Smith Chosen Tov/ne depevrtle, 
Mr John V/eekec , assistant, Mr Smith Tresurcr; Wm: Burton 
Ounstablo: Thomas Heger Sargent James Greene Tovme Clarke 

Ordered yt good Heger, and llatthiaa Harvy shall be paid 
by Mr John Smith Tresuer, for thare last years Sarvis 



1S4 The Tovmc Coimsell are Mr Holding Mr Gorton Rich: Card- 
er: V.x Smith Mr \7eekes John Greene: Surueaors chosen are 
these, Rich Carder: James Sweoto: James Greene: 

Hsccisemen Chosen are these: Richard Carder thomas hrad- 


It is declared "by this Tovmo that wee take notice that 
the Generall lawe made at Warvrioke at the time of the Proc- 
lamation of the kinge conceminge all -warrants ot cetera to 
bee Issued fortl' in his maiesties name wholly concemec this 
Towne for all their Transactiones as well as the Oolloney 
and it ic likewise ordered that all officers that are hence- 
forth engadged in this To-wne "bee Ingadged in his maiesties 

Ordered that Mr John Greene and IJr John 7/ickes are 
forth'with to demaund and receave all the 'Pownes Recordes of 
IJ!r Mathias Harry and deliver them to the present Clarke 

Augixst the 24 day Mr John Smith Deputy chosen modera- 
tor for this present day 

Ordered "by the tovme forthwith to goe to Choyce of Com- 

The Comisenores Chosen 
to at end the next Cort 
held at "-ortsmouth 
August the 27 are 

Mr John Smyth 
i;r John Weeks 
Mr Gorton Senior 
Mr John Greene 
Mr Randall Houldon 
' Wr Tflchar* Oarfter 



125 September the 30tli day 1661: at a towne meting Mr 
Smyfch Chosen moderator for this present day 

Ordred to goe to ohoyes of Jury men to at end the Genrall 
Court held at Portsmouth the 2d Cheusday of October next 

Jury men Chosen are Mr Mathias harvi Mr Antony Lowe and 
John Swett 

Mr Edimmd Callverle Presented by the Tovme Councell to 
the Tovme to heave his vote to Acte in Govemient which the 
!?owne dido grant by a free vooate 

Ordred that all ye free Inhabitants of this Tovme that 
Will Send in thior vooates to nullific the Taction Presented 
By Mr William Vahan John Cogshall and the rest doe bring in 
thlar vooates to the Gierke and he to send them to tho Gen- 
erall Recorder 

The Tovme of Warwioke Protest Against the CopeySent by 
the Gonerall Recorder of the Actes of the Court hexd at 
Portsmouth the 27th of Augiist 1661 ordered that the Clarke 
Shall Send the Genrall Recorder a Copey hereof 

Ordred that the Soulders all mete in thier Arraes the 
first day of Hoveraber next at the Captaines if the Season 
hinder not 

At a Tovme meting held at \7arv7io>:e the 2d of November, 

Mr Smyth Chosen Moderator 

The Townc taclcLng it into Serious Consideration the 
repieration of the breach of the mill damo and being it oanot 


j^ j.i.od t-xjjoo 

. v'..'V ;. -^.tAJnJ 

-■-10 ij ...'.J 

-, r--v. 


"bee don imtill tl-io Inhabitants doe Genrally asist in the 

At a To-.Tao nee ting held at wf.rrrlcko the fid of IT oven her 
1661: !.ir STuyth Chosen moderator 

The 'roTOie tackin/? It into Connldenrtlon the 3epayeratlon 
of the hreaoh of the rrd.!! 


126 dame and being it cantst he done imlec? the Inhabitants f^enrnl- 
ly asist in the r-orclc hence therfor thought fite to order that 
all the Inhabitants Shall asdrst ^n the vforclre and those that 
rcquicr satisfaction for thier ti'^ie I'r harvi doth enga,';;e to 
pay then and for the bettor ofocting of the mater t/ie Torme 
dothe apoynt l!te YJccIzqs llr Joiin Greene to give order xrhcn and 
T7hoe Shall cone in as Ocation reoaiiers as allso vrhen all the 
Inhabitants 3hcll ccnc in and if bttj refucs vTliar f3nch vramin/j 
fron the deputed ncn above Saj/d they Shall be lyaboll to pay 
a fine at the descrectlon of the Tov.oie acording as the damage 
Shall apeare for thier neglect 

January ye 6th at a to-iTnc noting vxr Smyth Chosen modera- 
tor for this precpnt day 

Ordrcd that ?;?r Prayth T.!r John TTeokec I'r Houldon T:r John 
Greene llr Todld and Thomas Greene and Jair;es Greene are Chosen 
to ve'cr the plas for the hors pasture Ordrocl yt Jolrn Sv:ett is 
to heave fivo pound for thp rrolfo ho hath hilled in ^^oaug 8 
pr pcny 


0710 TOW 

a IS 


Orclred that Mr Jolin Creene iG apoyntod to write to the 
President and Asistants about the Indians Prosing in upon our 
lands and spoylir'" our timber deslering thior Asistants to 
Supres thlcr violenc 

January I'o 27 day at a To\me meiting Mr Sn^th Chosen mod- 

Ordred to Chouse Juryrrion for ye Coiirt of Tryalls held ye 
first Chusday in lebruary ne?:t 


127 The Jui^/Tnen Chose are namely Thomas Relph T/illiarc Burton 
John Sweete John lipett henry laiov;les James Sweete 

Ordred wheras at a Tov/ne meeting the 3th of ffebruary in 
the year ( 1657 ) there ims granted a place for a horse pasture 
for the TownoE use it is noxj ordered that all those free Inhab- 
itants that are nov? v/illino to fence in a pasture for horses 
heave liberty granted by the Tovmc to tacke in Either three 
quarters of a mile or a mile sqxiare more or lesse on the west 
side of Llassapago pond and tliat the sayd Pasture Shall bee 
onely proper to them that fence and farther in Case any per- 
son that vTill not Joyne in fencing the sayd pasture shall pre- 
sume to put in any of thier Cattell in the sayd pasture with- 
out the leave of those free Inhabitants that shall fence the 
same hoe or they shall bee liabell to trcspase as well as 
though it v/ere a particiilar mans propeirty any former order 
notvjith standing 




At a To\7ne meting I.laroh yo 5th 1661 LIr Smyth Chosen mod- 
erator for ye Present day 

Ordred to goe to choyes of Jurymen to atend ye Gonorall 
Court of ti::/-alls to hee held at ITewport ye second tusday of 
this Instant i.laroh 9 

Jury men Chosen are namely Mr V/allter Todd Mr Edmund Cal- 
verly lUx Hat hies harvi for ye grand Jury and ye Choyes for ye 
Pet-y Jury are Mr Antony Lov; Richard Carder thomae Relph 


1£8 Ordred yt ye hill Presented hy Llr Calverly and I'r Woekes 
bee propiyated hy those men v/hose names arc suhscribed and 
ther bee aded to them Mr John Greene and Jolin Swett and to 
make a returno of it to ye tovme 

Ordrod yt Mr Weekee is to keepe Laratmc Plnnock and to 
bee blameles v/ith Respect to ye lav/ and yt ye magistrates bee 
Authorised to tacke an acoumpt of ilr Lov/e and others Consem- 
ing ye Sayd Lauranc 

Ordred yt ye Indian yt killed ye v/olfe is to have forty 
shillings in poeug 8 a peny of ye treasurer 

Ordred jt ye Choyes of military Of iccrs bee l^t of till 
wensday Come fortnight because of yo Generall Courte 

Aprell ye 12th 1662 At a Towne meting Iv'r 'Jeokes Chosen 

mo drat or 

Ordred yt Jolin Smyi;h Treasurer is apoynted to demand 

all ye mony yt is due on acount to ye tov/ne of "'nTriclr from 



all ye Inhabitants therof and in oaso they doo not come in 
and acotuapt and pay all yt is due, betvrlxt fhis and yo 16th 
of May ne3:t yt Mr Smyth Treasurer is Reqiiird :;o dietraine 
on thos ?orosn8 yt shall "bee defective horin and and he 
as is said to give notice to ye Inhabitants 


129 Ordered that every Leaj^ull tenament yt is not Plased to 
any bridge as yet ye Surveyors are Authorized to place them 
to such bridges as they Shall See fiting and iipon lafull 
notis herof thoy not apearinr and doeing such \7orolro as 
they shall bee Apoynted to doe that then ye Survayers shall 
put men on vrorcl!: and ye defective person or persons Sail 
paye yt by a distraint from ye Towne Debuty or asistant 

it is Ordred on ye Request of John Sweett yt he shall 
have ye land yt is above six rod now lying to ye highway 
beefore ye front of his lot upon this Condistion yt hee sliall 
maintaine A good footo weye so long as hee hotildes his lote 

May yo 10th 1662 at a towne meeting Mr Smyth chosen 
moderator for ye present day 

Ordred to r-oc to Choyos of Comrnisionero to atend ye 
Courtc of ^loo-'-tlon yt is to bee holf' ye 20: of this Instant 


The Conihisiniors Chosen ar namly Mr Smyth !,!r Jolin 
Greene Wr Jolm V7ecl:es Mr Samuell Gorton LIr Randall Houlden 
Jsunes Greene 



Ordrcd that Goodmon hogcr is apoynted to c:ive notis to 
ye Inhabitants of ye To"wno to Kepayer ye fenc at ToBke-onck 
and hee to oversee the v7orok 


130 And to heeging on ye worcko next liundoy being ye 12th 
of May 1662 and to bring in ye acompt of thos tliat doe V70rok 
st ye fonc to ye Towne and hee shall bee satisfied for his 
paines by yc Tresuer 

Jane 1662 Mr Smyth Chosen I'odrator 

Ordred by ye tovme yt ye oficcrs yt whore Chosen ye 
last yeare shall stand for ye yeare insuing being Engadgod 

June ye SOth: 1662 Wr Smyth Chosen I'odrator for ye 
present day 

Ordred by ye tovme yt in Case our neighbors yt are 
arested by llr ffilled Generall asistant are sent to prison 
yt a lotor be drawen up and Sent to ye ..'risedent 

The men chosen to drawe up ye letor are Mr Samuell Gor- 
ton and Iv'r Jolm Greene 

Ordred by yc tov/nc yt ye letcr drawne up by IJr Gorton 
and Llr John Greene bee Tranescribod by ye Clarke in behalfo 
and apoympent of ye Tovmo of V/arwick 

August ye 12 day at a tov.-ne meting Mr Ueokes Chosen 
modrator for ye present day 






151 Ordred yt ye lawes made at ye Genrall Court of Conriish- 
onores be read 

Ordred yt Evry mans Share of Heddow at Patovroraet and 
papepieset alias Toskenk "be Ttecorded "by ye clarlic in ye Towne 
Bocko and yt wlaeras thor is a raistacke in record iDeeing 2 
Shares entred 26: it is ordred yt ye first share 26 shall 
stand and ye other 26 to hee entred 29 hecauos thor is not 
ens'" of yt nnmhred entred 

Ordred to goo to ohoes men to macl^c ye rate for to gath- 
er ye mony yt is ordred by ye G-enrall Court to hee sent to 
I5r Jolm Clark our Agent 

The men Chosen are Mr John Oroene Mr Srayth Mr SaEraoll 

Jev/ry men Chosen for to atond ye Courte of Triyalls ye 
3d Thuesday of this Instant augiist are I'r Earvi Thomas 
Relph John Swott ^7illiari Buorton Amos ?/ascott John Lipett 

October ye first day 1662 at a Towno meting Kr Smyth 
Chosen moderator for ye present day 

Ordred to goe to Choyes of Jewry men for ye Genrall 
Gort of trialls to he held ye 2d theusday in October at 

Grand Jewry men Chosen are Mr Thomas Groeno Mr Mathlas 
Harvi James Greene 

ye Potty Jevrcy are Mr Calvorly Richard Carder John Lip- 
ett Senior 




132 Ordred yt Mr John Groeno Shall have 7 s: 6 d in peang 16 a 
peny for 7 s: 6 d layd out in Silver for drurae heados and Line 
for ye Tovmos uos 

Ordred yt thoe men yt did watch ye Indians cliall have 2 s 
6 d pr day in pag 8 a peny 

Ordred yt to nen he Choescn to Sifjnifie to each Inhahitant 
what theior rate ic and to tack thier answer concerning Payment 
and mack retiiren therof to ye deputy 

Ye men chosen are Llr Edmund Calvcrly and Richard Tovaisend 
Ordred yt they shall "be ten shillings in Curant pay for theyor 
Paions Payd hy ye ^reasuerer 

Desembor yo 51 th: 1662 

LIr Smyth Chosen Modrator for yo present day 

Ordred to [;oc to Choyea for men to mack yo rate Orddred "by 
ye Genrall Corte yo men Chosen are T.'r Johji Smyth !'r Samuell 
Oorton irir Jolin Greene 

Ordred yt ye rate Shall ho by ye Inhabitants of Tov-Tie 
broTxght in to Mr Jolin Smyth treasurer 

Ordred yt Ulr Smyth Mr T'ickes 1"t John Greene shall tacke ye 
Acompt of V/illiam Burton for ye charge for keeping ye Indians 
yt 7;a8 aprohend 

Ordred yt Amos V/escott ie Chosen to vew yc fence of ye 
horse pasteure and In case of defect to give notis to ye do- 
fecktive person and upon notis given he or they neglecting he 
hath pOT/er to sot men on the worcke on thcier fenc and in case 
they deni to pay it Shall bo tackon by destrainte 






133 January 70 30tli 

at a mctint^ Mr Sraytli Chosen modertator for ye day 

Ordrcd to goe to Choyes of Jewry men to atond ye Towne 
Coerte ye 3d day of february nest enseuing 

Ye Jewry men Chosen are Mr Sdraund Calaevly Richard Card- 
er tyilllan Burton Thomas Relph John Ilppctt senior Amos tyas- 

Ordrcd yt all Marl ages heo He corded as allso hlrth of 
Chilldren and death of persons yt so Orfanes 7Bay know when to 
Clalrao theiere Inharltances hy recorde 

Ordrod yt ye Clarke Shall heave for recording maridge 
- 1 s - d and for recording yo "birth of a Childe 
6 d and for ye recording yo death of a person 6 d 

Ordred yt ye "bill prcfcred "by Mr Calverly and Willlara hu: 
ton Consemlng ye Straightening of thiere fenc from goodman 
Earcntons fenc it is left to the Simreyers to doc as they sha! 
see caues provided they doe not DaHnlfic ye hie vrayes 

fehniary ye (blotted) at a [["owne Kccting llr John Smyth 

Llr John Greene is desiered by ye Towne to supley his 
brothers rome being absent as Clarke 

The Jewr:/ men Chosen to at end the Genrall Couert of Tria 
next to beo houlcn at T'rovldenco yo 2d Tcusdav of naroh next 
ensheuing yc date herof arc thes nanly ?.'r ■Rdmind Calverly Mr 
Richard Carder Mr Richard ToTmescnd and for yo petty Jer/ry ar 




Mr Tohamos Groene Jamos Greone AnoG Wastcoate 

Ordrod jrfc Jolin Lippet senior hath in ansv/cr to his hill 
lihorty granted hira to layo dovmo 


the six aker lott which hee hath hought of John Gerardy and 
to take it up in another place in ye rome of it adio;minr;:e 
to his o^mc six aker lott and adjoyeningc to ye end of Jolm 
Warners si^: aker lott hee having agreed rdth ye Tov/ne and sat- 
isfied for the Ssohanging ye Survayorc; being to layc out ye 

Hay ye 7th 1665: i!r 7/ickoE chosen liodrator 
Ordred to goe to Choyes of CoKunlsiniores ye Comisioners 
Chosen to atend ye Genrall Corto to bee holld ye 12 of this 
Instant May arc namely Mr Sanuell Gorton Kr John Smyth Mr John 
T^ickes IJr John Groene LIr Walter Todd Mr Randall Houlden 

Ordred yt Jaraes Greene is apoynted to rooicve all ye 
vocatesfor ye Court of Slection and thoc that doc not hringe 
them in he is to goe to theier houses to knov/ Wliether they 
v/ill send thier vocatcs and V:0 to recievc theni and deliver 
thorn to any of ye Comisioers 

Ordred yt all Kcasexires for Corn Shall bee made by ye 
standard of ye Colone;/- and all yt have measeuree shall then 
bringe to ye Clax'ke of ye Tovmo and he shall iDoaseure them 
and seal those yt arc time and sealc them vdth a VV which 
Shc^ll bee ye tovmo s mark for yo soalinn each measheure ye 



Clar!l:e shall heave 4 d and this to bee anexed to ye Clarlres 
duties and they arc foarlThrlth to repaier to yc ofiee 

Crdred yt Fr Lo\r hath to Ectt up a feriCe on ye Eldo of 
yt dormc to his house , and ye Sxirrayers arc to ve-a it and to 
mack report o± it to yc Totoio and if ye Tovme see oauce to 
grant it to him 

L^ay yo 2,5th at a Towne meeting Vr Smyth chosen TTcdera- 


Ordred yt 20 men of ye Inhabitants of this Tovme of "Jar- 
wicls: shall goe forth\rith to se ';t up ye fence in ye place where 
it was formerly sett up from ye head of Coave goeing to Apon- 
achack and rainprlnp: do^me to ye fresh river to tocskeuncke 
ye 27 of this Instant maye 

Ordred yt Hr John Greene is apoynted to Surveaye yc vrorke 
and upon ye fnshine: of yo woroke thos men yt doe yo worok 
shall heo satisfied tov7?.-rds thicr painos hy thof yt poe not 
acorcling as yc Siirvayer Shall Jud?; resonahell and j.n ccce any 
nan Shall doney to pay upon notice pivon it shall hoe tnoken 
hy dertrainte 

Ordred yt Ilr Lovze is granted a parsel of Low ground on 
yo southvjost Cido of ye hrocke yt runs dovmc to his house up- 
on th-ii? consideration ji, hoe shall layo flotmc so much of his 
ovrne land in yc roomo of it and it nhall ho layd out hy ye 




Jtine ye first 1663 
Mr Smyth. Chosen inodderator 

Ordred to poe to Choyes of Tovme offisers yc ofiRers 
Chosen for ye yearo eneheuing arc llamoly 

Mr John Smyth Deputy and Tresuror 
Mr Jolm T/iokes Aslstant 
James Greene Clark 
Mr Edmund Calverly Constahell 
Kr Richard Tovmsend Const aoell 
Amos iVastcot Sargant 
Ordrod yt tvro Oonstahells he ohoeen for the ?ovme of 
Warvz-icke yo one dv/clling in yc Tovme and ye other tlv/elllng 
on this side yo river called Pautueketuxot river vrithin ye 
limits of this Totme of Warr/ick 


1S6 Jime ye 12th at a Towne IJeeting Mr Smyth Chosen Koddra- 

TJherao at a Towne meeting yo first of June 1661? it vjac 
Ordred yt those yt would not fence thier proportions of ye 
horse pastoure rhould forfeit thiere shares and ye sayd Ord- 
er heoinfr not ii;ntred in ye Boocke it heeing not thoufrht So 
Convenient it is repealed and so not to hee entred and in 
Case any person doe nov/e refuse to fence his or thier share 
or proportion forthwith, then Amos Waetkote in to sett per- 
sons a worckc at such rates as hee can procure them Immediat-- 




ley and they pay shall hoc tackon hy Destrainte hy a v/arante 
from ye Hovme niajestrate to ye ^jowne Sargent It "beeing agre- 
abell to forner order 

June 'JO 29th at a Tovme meeting I'r Sinyth modclrator 

Yoatod yt ye lavres made at ye Court of Commishnoros 
shell hoe read 

Jeuley ye 31 Day at a tovmo meeting Mr ^7eckes Chosen 

\7heras It is ordred hy ye Towne yt those yt where of yo 
Toime Cotmsell last yeare namely lUi Sarcnicll Gorton Senior 
Mr Randall Houlden and Eiohard Carder shall serve for this 
yeare ensheuing allso together \Tlth ye nmjestratec and Mr 
John Siiiyth deptiiy beingo one ox yo Counsell is dieessed 
therf ore it is Father ordred yt Mr John T;'icks ir; to Guply 
ye plase of depeutoy for this yeare ensheninrro and !.!r Janos 
Greene to hee Asistant onely I.Tr Y/alltcr Todd ie a Tovme Coun- in ye roae of Llr Jolin Srayth 


137 and this order to hee of i'oroe for this yeare ensheuinge any 
former order notwithstanding it is oi-dred yt ye Towne Coiin- 
soll doc tacho ye acoimt of yo Troaseurer as coone as they 
with Convoniency Judge it raoete and yt I'r James Greene hee- 
Ing Towne Clarke shall recleve such duos as shall heolong 
to JO Treaseucr and to bee acountahell for what hoe shall 



Jeuroy men Clioeon to atend yo Cortc of Trialls ye third 
teusday in August next ar nomley Thomas Eolph T.'r Thonas 
Greene Ricliard Carder v:illinm Eurton Jolm r3T?7eet John Llppett 

September ye first 1663 T'r Wecl-os I.!oddrator 
Ordred yt all ye TnliaT">itanto3 ox this Totme yt liavo shares 
of meddowe at PataTOraet Shall hringe thler peaug that Ic due 
for each Share r/hich is in poaug 6 a peny 4 P: 2 d ntrnge 
peaug yt is fillegihle) xmto Amos wastco'ket Sergant hy ye 7th 
of September in 1663 and in Oase yt ancy perones doe not 
hrin^,' it to yc Sargaiit hy yo day sposifiod yt Amos V/astcoket 
Sa.rgant is to lioave 8 d 6 a pcny for t'.-oelng to deinant it of 
each person yt 6oeth not hrlnp It in vrhithln yo tine for named 
and in Cace any person doth doniey to pay for his proportion 
yt then yc sargtmt shall heave a rarant fron yo dopeutoy and 
taoko it by destraint and too bee satisfiled for hie paincs 
acordin?; to Law 

October 12 day 1563 Llr T7icVes Chosen Moddrator 

Ordred in regard yt ther is a Tjrritlng directed to ye 

warden or deputy ■'.mrdon of yo ^ovme of V7arwiok bearing date 

ye 2Sd: of September 1665 and subscribed James 1 r\ loggers 

his nark 
and not ye titell of any offies ano3ccd so 


139 ye Tovme doe thcrfor protest against it as beelng Contrary to 
law and Order yt report boo made herof to yo nozt Coert of 



Comishenors It is farther orcloi-cd yt yc Tov^ac "bocing scnci-r 
■boll of uaters yt doe dcpoiiu v.iiicli conseron our Agont Ilr John 
Clarke doe Xlierfor eonyleud to ohnse CoKaiehenore to atend yo 
Court notv/lthBtsuding Illefalaty ox yo sayd m-i tinge and yt 
Justlec may prosed notTrithstanding; ye eayd neglect doe liv/ies 
order uo Ohcus Jurymen to atond ye Courte of Trialls 

Ye Comraishoners Chosen ar naraly Llr Jolm Greene llr John 
^Jickes senior Llr llandall Eouldon Llr Richard Carder and Janes 

UoveEber ye 2d day 1663 at a [L'OTOie meeting Mr Wickes Chos- 
en Kodderatcr 

Jeury mon ohosan to atond ye Courte of Trialls to cee 
houlden for this '2ovmQ of v;ar\'ack y© 3d Teusday of IToveiaher 
ar namly Mr Thomas G-xoene T]:omas P.elph Thomas Bradley Hioh- 
ard. Caruer John 3wott John Lippett Senior 

Ordred yt laon ar chosen to mack a rate for ye paying of 
Mr Jolm Clarke our ag-ont 

Yo men choHcn to i:aack ye roate ar namly Mr John Greene 
Hr John '."icks Ur "iTallter ^odd 


140 Ordered yt ye roatc hee twenty foner poundes in Ilew 
ongland Silver and yt ye roate naokors doe finesh yo reato 
hy ye .'Eleventh o:: thio Inot?.nt month and farther it is Ord- 
rod that ye sayd rate inackers heave power to cheuso tv/o per- 
sons to aoaquaint evrey one v;hat thier reatc Is and so to a- 
hato them five shillings a pioc of thlror reate for thiror 



paiens eoid in case any person doe noelGCto to pay Silver as 
a for sayd then he is to payo a quarter part more accordinge 
to yc speoies Intred in lir John Cl^rkes hill 

Hovoniher .ye 20th 1663 at a Towne meeting- L'r Johai ■ulckos 
senr i'^hosen L'odrator 

Ordred to goe to Choyes of Coiaishcnors to at end ye Courte 
to heo held for this Collony ye 24th of this Instant ye Com- 
mishenors Chosen ar namely l'r Jolin V/ioks Llr Jolin Greene Mr Saire- 
uell Gorton Senior Mr Randall houlden Mr Richard Carder and 
James Greene 

Ordred yt Richard Carder is to receave from ye Tovme ton 
Shillings in peauge 8 a pens?- of yt vjhich is deu to James I^od- 
peres Genrall Sargent from this Tovme of Warr/icke 

It is farther Ordred yt James Greene and Uichard Carder 
ar Chosen hy ye Tovme to taoke ye Genrall Sargantes eco-unt and 
to rnacke roturao therof to yo TOTTne 

Deeemher ye first 1G6£ 

Mr EdEiund Calverly Constahell rengaged acording to ye 
Counsells order hy ye Charter 

James Greene Clarice Hengaged according to ye Counnell ord- 
er hy ye Charter 

Amos 7/asooket rengaged acordinr; to ye Counsolls order 


141 At a Towne moetinge of ye free Inhabitants of tl is Tovme 
of v;arv.'icko ye 15 day of Desemher 1663 l!r Sameuell Gorton 



Benior Chosen moddrator for this present mcetinge 

Ordred by ye TOTme yt James Greene is Ciiosen to re- 
ceive yc rate yt is raado hy i'r Jolm Greene Llr John 'r/ickes 
and I,ir V/allter ::oad smcl and jc other fornorly inade which is 
not yet gathered 

Ordred yt it it; re-rored to ye Tovme Coimsell to apoyent 
yc time of yo payment of ye sayd rates as allso what maner 
It shall l;ce done for ye hotter Efectingo of it it is also 
Ordred yt \7hat charge shtill fall upon I'r Janes Greene afor- 
sayd in roacoavinge and Keeping yo sayd reate untill it hce 
disposed 01 Sliall hee acordinp to theier diescrostion doiily 
Satlesf ied 

Ordred hy ye Tovrae yt ye pnrcheGers Shall hetrrixt this 
and ye later end of Harcji next taoke up theier noddowe shares 
7/hithin ye vorg of this Hoxmo and In Case any pursharo sliall 
neglect to taelre his Share hy yc time speoeficd yt then yo 
rest of ye Inhabitants heave not theier raedow shares yt is 
duo to then may tacke it \vp in Such places as it can hoe found 
not yet dicpoeed of 


January ye : 26: th 63 

142 Ordrod hy yo Gounsell yt hoath rates Last made shall 

aoordlngo to yc spesho hce hrought in to James Greene hetwixt 
thi£ and ye 29th of Seoteciher next Snsheulnc ye date herofe 
hut in Case any person neglect to rmcko payment accordinge to 



ye mamier of ye sayd rates by rorKcr Order prescribed as 
allso acordlnge to ye time above cayd then it shalboc tack- 
en by distraint by A warwaiit from one oi ye AslotantB with 
an alowanco foi' ye distres and shall be© dclivrd into ye 
hands of Jamos Greene afore sayd and ye sayd Jamos Greone 
shall bee satiGfied out of ya reato for hie paiens tlierin 
it is allso agred v/ltii respecte to ye flrr:t of ye sayd tro 
reates yt in Case anoy pernon t?111 pay money in steade of 
ye provlsiones neo shall bee abated A qtiarter parte of yt 

februeary ye 20th: 1663 at a toTmo meeting Mr John 
Greene Chosen uoddrator 

Leputioys Ohccen to atcnd ye Genrell Corto ar namely 
Mr Saiauell Gorton Senior Fr Jolm Greene Mr John wlckes Vr 
lionlden Mr Edi-iiund Calve rly Grand Jiirynan ITr HeniT" Reddncke 
Hr Richard Cardder hcncry IQtiOvvles •"'otty Joury ar Thomas 
Kelph Amos ;7askott Sammxell Staford 


143 Ordred by ye Towne yt ye deputies together V7lth Mr 
John Greene Aslstant doe present to ye Gonrall Asemblj ye 
desior of thi^ '.?07mc for 'i?rialls of small matters liero apon 
yo maine as allco cone Course for of trialls of Indians In 
pottoy natters as also yt ye Oourtos of Election nay bee 
held by tumes 

Ordrod yt LIi* Edimmd Galvcrly and poodman 'Vaatoott bee 



added to yo samiayerr to lay out I'etter nusicotts land 
and yo Xand ''nr a Totme lioucc and a 'btirringe plaso for ye 
Tome r.nd yo heigh TO,y and vfhat they doc agro \ipon shall stand 
for an o:*dcr 

Ordred yt a rate oi' tv:elve pounds hoe made forthwith to 
pay ye "'ottice; dcptf? ye men Chosen to raackc ye roate are nem- 
ly L'r 7/alter Todd Mr Hldiaund Calverly and Amos Wastkott It is 
ordred and ipgroed hy thoE yt whre apoyntcd by ye tovme to 
lay out ?etter Buzekots Acker of Land which is for a tena- 
Djont ±B laycl out 8 poles -ddo on ye front and je side ad- 
ioyenin{T to ye northeren End of groodman waskotts hous lott 
"beeing twenty on pole in lenth and ye other sid hut nlng- 
toone polen in Lonth Joyenin{7 to ye Lott I/:yd out for ye 
Tovme hous vrhioh sayd Lott is six pole wide on ye fomt yt 
is to snj to ye way yt Leadeth throue;h ye Toxme it heelnp 


144 frou ye front of yt sayd tovme Lott and ye Lenth of ye s.iyd 
Lott to hco nlnton poles on yt sid next to ?cttor Buzekotes 
and ye other I^A fov/er poles and half vrlde next to ye Com- 
mon and yo otlior ride hounded hy yc "hi^hxmj yt Leadeth in- 
to ye CoTTcr.on hy James Swetos house Lott vAiich sayd lii.ftiT7ay 
is fillegihle) pole ^7ide at yo Least and ye huringe pleace 
Layd out for ye ToTme is Hinht polles Square Joycninp to ye 
westren end of Petter Bunekotts aker of Land Layd oxit ad- 


.j^tQH. lo ane nsirf-oavT- 


ioyoninc to g-oournan 'Jaslcottes hoiia lott '>7l:icl) in yo South- 
eren "boundoG of ye 'burring plaee and. on yo weot "by ye Cora- 
inon and northerly "by Ooiiaaion 

Aprell ye 28tli at; a "'ovdio ra rnetinge l^x John Greene Chos- 
en aoddrator 

Ordred to Ghoes Deputcys to atond yo Gonrall Gonrte to 
bo held in siay nc:ct for this Collonoy ye men ChoGon ar. nati- 
ly Mr John v-ioLcG ooriior i,.i V/ciltcr .odd ia.' Joniund Galverly 
and Hr Riohard. Cax'der 

Ordred by yo "^ovme yt ye Tirct thrc ^esteard 
from Kichard Cardej.t. iiO\3.3c j,ott sliall no l; huiT.-JTter bee. Layd 
out to aney pertiokylar person imloo ye To'rme by Consent 
see caues to dispose oi' it, it beoing iunied to ye Purchash- 
ers by ye Tovme 

Ordred by ye Torme yt ye Purch^shers are granted each 
man sis Ackers of upland in rornc of racddowe shares deu to 
them yo places nontionod are namly 


145 Ye head of ye bronT-r -t nine1:h do\r/iG by Antony Lo^7es 

house and yo hoed of yc rivor yt xuneth dcvme by James STvetes 
house and ye head of tosl:etuo]:et broclco and Tor Sdrnund Cal- 
verly Is to liavc six ackers of upland vdth then by ye Tovmos 

Ordred yt Mr John Greene is to heave his six ackers ad- 
ioyening to his Lnnd alreadoy I.ayd out to hlni on this sid nf 
OooOTsaBhuatiTxet Ooave and Samrmjall Rtaford and "^eter ■^n::c'''ott 

•+ axtrrhaxrxf a .«•'< <"> •'■i n n 


and Job AllKy le to licavc siic ackers on yo acoiint of John 
Mores Lett 

At a I'ouen riot1;lnG' in May yo IGth 
Hi' Walltor iOdcl ClioBon riOddrator 

vooatod yt ya Lavrcc nad at yo Gcnrall Courte "bo read 
Williar, lOaton JoscpV; Hovrard and ThomsG Hcdger beelne 
proposed to yo T07rne "by tlie Coiinsell to "bee recoaved In to 
ye Tovvue as lolov/etli to heave each of them twelve akerc of 
Land for Luildiiige and for v.ieddov; and not to exceed rith each 
of theia Coiimionidge provided the.Y huild vipon Gorne part of ye 
sayd Land acordinge to former Ordor and maintaine or els for- 
fite yo Coi;inoii Onc-ly wii:.lain 2aton ia alovrecl. to huild on soiae 
Land allroadoy bought of ilr Jolm Crreone in ctead of ye other 
and Lo maiutaine it as boeine ye fences; of his CoLiiriO nidge 


146 It is ordred yt this bee Aded to yo fomiorc Order abotit 

ye hors passtucre yt and if sucy person doeth not sett up his 
fenc according to ye fonr.or order yt upon notis given thera 
by ye survayors Mr Randall Houldon lac Jolm Greene /uaos "Jast- 
kott or an;,- of thera and they nogloetinfe' to doe it yt then ye 
oaz-vayers c-re Itipovrere? -'•'■ 1 eior men "■■•'* -^'■-•i- -'--.?•- -"• they 
can prociixo tiiem and ye defective- person or persons shall pay 
it lij dicitraint "by a warant from on of yo asiatantes for yt 

Ordred yt all yo Inliabit.-nntG from Job Allmy to Lippett 
Tsrld^-e dee goe forth to i^et up ye yt goetheth to ye grat 

BY, q:xr 


pond to ye liead of ye dam "hj aponahack ye 21 of this In- 
stant and L^r John Greono is ye Curvoyer of thora and yo 23d 
of ye Game Mr Ednund Calverly is to Led forth all ye rest 
of ye Inliahitants to finish ye fonc 

June ye 6th 1664 At A Towne Metting of ye Tovme of -war- 
wick Captain John Greene Chosen Llodrator for yo present day 

Yoaated to goe to Choyec of men to fill up ye To-roie 
Coimsell for yo yeare Ensheuing- yo men Chosen ar naraly Cap- 
tain John Greene Mr Sameuell Gorton senior Mr John \7ickes 
Mr Richard Carder, for ye 'Hovme Clarke Mr Sdmnnd Calve rly 
for Constabell ansighen Relph for sargeant Amos wactkotte 
ye survayors are Richard Carder and Jaxios Qreene 

Ordred yt Edward Marshall is granted groimd for a med- 
dow sliar on ye South Side of ye hers Pastoure at ye deoction 
of ye surx''ayers 


147 The Bar Llark of Simeon Arnold's Cattle S:,o is a Slit in 
tho upcr and under side of Bach Ear Slanting dovra towards 
the head. Entered tho 1st day of July 1760 

By J Lippett Clk. 
The Earmark of Danl Hills Creatures is a fork in the left 
Ear a half penny the upperslde the same and a Crop on the 
Right Ear 

Entered tho 16th day of J^iny 1762 

By Jer. Ilppltt Clk 




Ilatliaji Budlonc'D 3amarlc of his Croaturos Is a fork in 
tho Right and a elit and onclde of the sarae, and a Crop on 
the loft ^ar 

Y/arwick Apl. 16th day 1763 

Jer Lippltt Tovm Clk 



July ye 2d 1664 At a townc rneGtiug ye Clarke hclng A"b- 
sent at ye beeining of ye meeting I.Ir. Jams Green was desired 
to eiiply his place 

Mr Randall Holden Chosen nodorator 

Voated 7hat yh letter sent from ye Governor directed to 
Mr Handall Holden 8^ to llr V/alter Todd Aslstants of ye tovme 
of warr/icke. And to yo rest of ye Coimcell &c to ho road, 

Voated ye Answer therunto dravme by Mr Sam: Gorton, be 
road allGo 

Voated That ye said Answer be transcrlbod by Yx. John 
Green &. subscribed by yc tovme Gierke in ye behalfe of ye 

Yoatcd That Capt: Jolm Green "; irjc John "■ickoe be de- 
sired to goc vath .caimind Calverlcy ye present towno Gierke 
& receive ye records of y^ tovme of vrcirvrlcke from Er. Jamos 
Green late clerke of ye tormn r.forepaid, !>„ deliver them to 
ye present tome Clerke who ic authorized by yo towne po to 
deliver thora as aforesaid 




Voated That l-fjc James Groen late towne clorke be paid out 
of ye tovme tresury what raony is dev/ to him for his ffonncr ser- 
vis as towne Gierke &c. 

Voated That ye letter sent by ye Governor to Fjr. Randall 
Hoiden & Mr Walter Todd: &c:dated ye 23d of June 1664: be kecpt 
Tippon record amongst ye tov?no records 

Voated That Sdn: Calverley be chosen Constable ffor ye yeor 

Voated That Capt. John Green Llr John V/ickes ¥ir Jaiaos Groen 
& John Sweet bo desired to nmn a west llnnc, one 
Towne line yc llorth sid of V/arr.'icke purchase, no ffar as they 
to be runn cann in one day conveniently Spare time 

ye 8th 64 
Grand Jury 


for yc towne 

Rate for ye 

Iilr Todd Chosen moderator. 
Grand jurjTncn Chosen to servo at ye next Cort of 
tryalls, ye 19th instant at Ilev^ort is T3dn. Cal- 
verley Fc Jajnes Green 

Mr Eliza Collins & John Sweet 

Capt John Grcon 
Kr John' \7ickos 
Mr Jacies Green 
Ii^dinund Calverley 

Voated that such as doe not bring in ye 
rate Asocod to pay ye recorder & Gonorall 
Sargent in soavcn days after yc date hocrof 
or agree with -^c tresuror ijr Walter Todd 



'■f'Trrc ocf ot 


thoy shall "be destrayned one "by a warrant 
that must 


A petition 
to ye next 


to pattixet 

issue from ye mages trat to ye tovme sargent 
for that puorpose 

Voated that Capt: John Green & Zdniund 
Calverley ho desired to draw up a petition 
in ye name of ye towne of v/arwicke to ye 
next Gene rail Asemhly for ye debutj^es to sit 
apart by them selves, & that ye said peti- 
tion be produced one Monday next in ye even- 
ing at Mr Stukley Westcots to ye end that 
all that will may se ye same 

that ye town Gierke doe certyfy or - neibors 
at patuxett that in Case ther monyes for 
ye rate to pay ye Generall recorder J^ Sar- 
gent & for ye rcleife of ye poor as goodnan 
baker &c nor agree with ye tresurer in 
7 days they shall be distrayned one 


151ffryday ye 2d of December 1664 

Att a towne meeting in warwicke in ye Collony of Road 
iland & providence plantations in Hew England 



llT Walter Todd olioscn moderator 
Ordered that the gGnerall lavrs ho read 

Protest of 

Oapt: Jolm 
Green piit 
uppon fyle 

Voated That Captainc Jolin Greene protest uppon ye 

proceeds of ye generall aeerahly against Ed- 
mund Calvorley dehuty of vrarTTicke, & offered 
in ye said asemhly yo 26th of octoher 1664 
hut refused hy them, and nov/ heing presented 
under his hand, in Trrichting to yc to\'me , he 
put ixpon fyle in ?■ amonj^st yo to-'mo records 
Cs that the to^jmo take themselves conoernGd in 
ye said protest 

That ye mattorc relating to ye rates now 
rate in octoh: specifyod in yo Asemhlys orders dated ye 26th 

of Octoher 1664 he rofered to ye torme coixn- 
coll to report their opinion yo nest tomxe 
meet inf.: 





Monday ye 12th DeceDiher 1664 
At a tovme meeting in T/arwicke in ye Collony of road iland 
lie providenco plantations in Hew I^ngland 
Ordered That Mr Walter Tod he raodorator this tovmo 

Ordered That ye retumc of ye oounocll produced this 

day in percuance of an order of yo tovme 



Letter "^o yo 
Governor .::C 
at out 


dated ye Ed instant In anEvror to ye rates 
levied one ye tovaic oi v/arv7ici:c yo Z&fh of 
Octo'ber last, "be revolved into a leter tran- 
scribed Sz si(piGd by yo tormc olarlre !^: sent to 
ye honored Oovorncr dobuty Governor ': ye Goun- 
coll of ye Collony of road iland ?r, providence 
plantations In llevr i;:ngland none deccnting 

That uppon desir of John lippett senior 
Ther be one Acer of Land lying neer his lot 
behind Jams Sweets lot laid out to ye said 
Lippett provided ye surveyorc take Care tliat 
ther bo no dainage to ye tOTme done by ye said 
allov;a!ice so as to spoile any propriety of 
other lotts 

Wednesday ye 22th fobr 1664 
At a totmo meeting in warwicke in ye Collons'" of Road iland & 
providence plantations in How T]ngland 


That I.Ir \7alter Todd be Chosen moderator 


153 Ordered 

That the letter signed by the governor and the 
debuty Governor be read in order to chiise de- 
biitys for a generall aserably ye 23d of febru- 
ary 1664 


That Ivir Samicll Gorton senior T.'jt John ",7iokes 




C onstablc 




Hedger Tho: 

Lov/ Anthony 

senior Capt JoTin green & Edmund Calverley "be 
Chosen for to serve as dchutya for this tomie 
of warTricko in ye nc^^t gonerall asemhly sit 
nev.-port ye 23th of fcbniary 1664 

!?hat Sdvrard "arshall s/iall "bo ye Consta'bleB 
dchuty to officiate as constable In ye absence 
of ye said oficer till fiirl^ier order rhlch of- 
fice the said Edward imrshall doeth accpt of 
in ye towno meeting w hath talcen his onf-adg- 
ment to porfom ye same 

That !Jr Walter Todd trosiirer of ye tovme of 
v;ar\7iclro be decired to agToo with some v/orke- 
man to nalr a pair of stoclres for ye use of ye 
towne S; ye same to be delivered into ye con- 
stables cos tody, v/ho is heerby ordered to sett 
them up in some convenient place of ye tome 
of ytrarxriclze 

That T7hat nony is doxrr to Thomas Hedfrer late 
sargent of this tovme shall be paid to nant 
John Green for ye use of ye said Thor.ias TTedgor 
That Wr .AJithony lovr who carried ye Indians to 

prison tlint Inirncd ffrnno doorblcc honr--, be 
paid out Ox yo urccury oi yc ■uov^-ne, :itr iiis 
voyage to ye Hand 




That tho tvo wittnessee that were Eupcniod 
In the tovns tr;^/^all abont towDkconko meadovrs 
"bo padd out of ye tresury of ye toTme Mr YIll- 
liaxia hcing ye one & Mr V/lggenton yc otther 

Ordered Tliat yc survoyors doc lay out all f^ucli landc 

that ar allready ordered to he layd out to 
lands to he aioy percons in yc tovme and to mahe rotumr 
Laid out of thcr surveys hetwixt this S: ye I-act of may 
nest ensuing ye date heerof & ye persons that 
have any right of Claiinc to any Icoide as aforesaid ar order- 
ered to at end ye Bd surveyors for that purpose or else to 
lose ther riaht of claimo to sd lands 


155 Att a tovm noeting ye 2Sth Ivlarch 1664 
Ordered that Mr Tod he Choson moderator 

Ordered That IJr St\i]cley Uostcott Mr Anthony Toe 

Richard oarder & Henr^r lmo^7les ho Athoris- 
ed to ]-:eep Ordinary for ye entertainment of 
strangers during ye time the kings Comition- 
ers keep ther Coxirt in vmrvrlcko vrhich will 
hoginn on ye 5d day of aprill nor-' -^suing 
ye date heorof 

At a to\7ne meeting ye 27th of aprill 1665 
Voatod That I'r waiter Tod he moderator 

": ;i 




The delDutycG Chosen for ye next Asson"bly are 

Mr Samuell Norton 

I.Ir John "'iolres 

Mr Richard Carder 

and Edmund Calverloy 
Tlie grand jury men Chosen for the ye nes:t Cort 
of tryalla at IleYrport ■beginning ye 8th of Hay 
next ar Mr James Green and 'Hichard TovTnsend 


156 pety jurors THio {preen 8: John potter 

Ordered That for ye future thos tovmcmen that shall he 

chosen jurymen either one ye Grand juiy or 
jury of tryalls if they have been ye last Court 
upon service ac jury men that then If such per- 
sons sliall exept against ye said Cholse that 
then ye next in Cholse shall serve « that thos 
men novr chosen shall have ye "benofltt of this 

r/arrant to Delivered by Cdrnund Calverloy tov.iie clerko a 
Amos 7;estcott warant to warne ye dohatyes P-: jurymen to apeer 
to warne det- at Newport acording to order of law v/hich war- 
utyes <'?3 jurors rant bcarcth date ye 27th of aprill 1665 Mr 
to apeer Tod C: ye tov.^isKen being present 

June ye 5th being ITonday 1665 at a towne meeting Mr Tod 




TTiat In ;or4r£nirjice of tlio Laws maid at ye Jest 
AGembly yo Sd off T.'ay instant ye sd laws were 


157 Ordered 

Choyco of 



14 daya 

That in pursutmoe of a Law maid ye Last May in 
ye Generall asemTDly inioyning all persons Cap- 
aVilo to talro an !]ngadgement of alleadeance to 
his magistlc ^cc As allso this being yc day 
usually upon ?/hich ye towno did formerly chuse 
tlicr Ofisors for ye tovme whicli v/orkos Could 
not v;ell bo done by reason that Capt John 
Green rho is ongadged in ye office of goner- 
all Asistant in nov: at boston, and Capt Ran- 
dall houlden if not yet engadged thcrforo ye 
townc have Adiorned this present meeting till 
yo 19th instant And that ye towne Clerl:c doe 
acquaint Capt Green with ye same when he corns 
ffrom -"Poston And deairo himo to ierue forth 
a warrant for tl^at purpose 


158 June ye 19th 1665 At a ""ovme meeting Aoordlng to an 
Order 14 days since tovme oficers were now Chosen 

C ounce 11 

Capt: Green chosen moderator 
Mr Samucll Gorton senior 
Mr John T'lckes senior 





Towno Gierke 


Mr ilichard Carder 

l-Hr Walter Tod 

Cap*"/ Randall houlden and 

Gapt Jolin Green ar ye other "by Law 

Edmund Calverley 

Edrmmd Calverley 

Ediffund Calvcrly 

Kicliard Carder 

James Greene 

Tofme sergeant EdvTard Llarsliall 


159 Tresta-er 




Debutys for 
October Cort 
1665 ar 

Hr \7alter Todd 

Tliat Edward Marshall have a perportion of 
meadow Laid out In TTassakott in Lev; in Lew 
of 3±T. Aoers all i-eady allowed hine And 
that at ye discretion of ye surveyors 
That Mr V/ikes be desired to take ye "^rcs- 
urers Acoumpt for ye Last yeer Mr Walter 
Tod being now Chosen againe Tresnrer 

October yo 2d, 1665 at a Towne meeting to 

chuse debut;^''s & jurrors for to f:oc to TTcwport 

yo 18th of this instant 

( Capt Jolm Green 
Llr John Wikes 
Ediffund Calverly 
P.i chard Carder 





160 Grand 

petty Jurrors 

Green Tiio: 

Bridge by 
Ja: Sweets 

Henry Ruddocke & 
Amos Festcott 
Boniaminc Smith 
A'biaJi Carpenter 

voatod oliat (PlioEjas Green shall have Liherty 
uo Cliange the six Acoor lot that lyeth be- 
hind hie now d-welling house in yo "birjh 
Swacip for Six Ac ere of land Lying "by John 
Lippett Juniors Ms land if ye Surveyors 
Se io Conv anient 

voated that John lippett Junior he Added 
to ye hx-idge neer Jams Sweets house And 
that ye said bridge be forth with mended 
at ye diecresion of ye surveyors vath one 
Grose tresle at ye least Ajad that *\7illiam 
Eaton Joseph Hov/ard S: Thomas Hedger be ail- 
so Added to ye said bridge for the present 
And to worhe ther att v/hen ye Surveyors warn 
( thern to mend ye same 



( voated That Gerratt Dollys bill for some 
( land k to be received Into ye towne be re- 

( ferrcd to ye tov/no ccunccll acording to ye 


( tovme orders 




L yoimc: "nore pigc taii:on up by Edm: Calvorley 
Rich: Carder "had it 
Cryod AIIgo a i^iortiaing Ax loot "by Edm; Calverloy 

(fo^md) a^vT-ine 

A warrant deliYered yo Sd of October 1665 
Warrant to j^dw: Marshall sargent to warne ye debutys 

& Ju..rrorB for yo nes:t Corte Fc Asonibly gcnerall 
At Atovme meeting the 16th of Jtuiiiary 1665 Captaine Johji 
Greon chosen moderator 

It ic ordered that vrhereas ther T/as a ffortior 
Grant from ye tovme for a horse paBture one 
yo v^ost side of Mashepage pond And dyvers per- 
horce sons of thin Tovme that had horses did set up 
pasture a pearportion of fence thereon, But they flnd- 
Toyd ing yt they T?Gre dicapointed of there intont 
And ye tovmcs horses Could not bee secured 
therein. Therefore it is not7 ordered by a 
uncninose oonsont of ye partyes 


162 That they will & doe heerby freely rolinoulsh 

their porticular share ^: Claimes therein And 
doc leave it for ye Common as before /aid each 
party e hath liberty to remove his or ther por- 
portion of fence if they please Any fforncr 
Order to the Contrary/ ITotv.rith standing 


& Agreed 

Torme Lyno 
to be rimn 

3 Hooks to 

That Hr John '.■iokos senior and llr Jamoo 
Green f erasure) in the bohalfe of ye pur- 
chasers Ox the (erasure) towne of \7arv.d0k And 
llr Edrrund Calverly ^-i Amos Westcott in hohalfo 
of yo tovmsncn of \7arv7ickc doe ono or before 
the lact of februairt^ Hext Runn the lynne of 
ye tovrne bounds of war\vic3c Ac or dine "to '^ 
fforrAor Grant of ye percl^ascrs to this tov/nc 
And tliat one ye day before ye saidLj-ne is 
ran they Cause ye druLi to beat throu£~h the 
tcT.Tio to yo end that all yo inhabitants vrhoe 
ar willing may goe alone: with them 
That ye purchasers hare Liberty to run a 
f fence along ye ends of the three necks that 
lye betwist Richard Carders house lott 5: Hau- 


165 Ordered 


That PdvTard nsrshall have a share of moadovz 
granted to himo in tho swamp laitly called ye 
horse pasture consisting of throe .'.ckors if 
thor bo so imi.oh And if tlier be not so much 
that then ye r^urvcyors doc Lay him out such a 
proportion of ye saiu sv/amp vjs way bo oquiv- 
olont to make up a siiare acording to Antiant 



AllBO It ±8 further Ordered That yo said Edward ilar- 
shall shall have six Aokora of I/and Laid out to liim "by y© 
Surveyors for himo to plant one in such a convenient plaoe 
vjhore the surveyors shall see it meet 


That lar EdETund Calverloy Ac or ding to his 
desire have liherty if h© pleaoe, to I,ay 
his t-v7clve AokerG of land neer ye lltle pond 
downe to yo CoEnon, As allso sir Aoker more 
formerly granted to him hy this tovmo, amongst 
ye purchaeere shars in Xew of laeadow Share, 
not yot layd oixt "by ye Surveyors, And tliat the 
said ilr 3c»i2cmd Calve rley doe talio up oychtoen 
Aokers in Lew thorof in the horse nccl:e noer 
ys Banu;/ point point at ye mouth of yo Cove 
Corning in from ye sea at ye west end of ye 
tomic And ye surveyors at his request ar de- 
sired to l43y it out acordingly 


164 Ordered 

Water hay- 
ly & Dcaroh- 
er So ther 

That ther he a Constant Y«ter hayly or oearch- 
ers office sotled in thio tovrae in order to ye 
going ahroad of any chiping or vccells that 
may come into any harbour within ye procinokB 
of thic tovme of vrarwiko in vrhich ther cKJy "bo 
olthcr 'VTinc or ctron/j liquor that ie lyalilo 
to pay Excise, whioh office of water "boyly 



or soarcher ic hoer'by Anexed to yo Constable 
or Constables that now ar or hoeraftor shall 
be Chosen for ye tovmo off V/arvzicke, And it 
is further ordred that all persons who, bring 
any Xlquors into this (erasure) towno liable 
to pay Exiso doc not fniTo to give notice ther- 
of to ye said ira-terbayly or searcher to ye 
end that ye tovm treasury be not defrauded. 
And this to be observed for ye future upon ye 
pcnalltye provided in ye lav7e of this Collony 
The searchers dew is si?:penoo an ancor as 
RioKt- Carder afemied 
Ordered That wheras Jobe '\yliaey moved to have the tcn- 
neur of his land altered from ye hoA"ld form- 
erly granted to Thomas Thomicraft r-: his suok- 
sesors unto free hould The townes Answer is 
that they cannot Alter ye teneure of that land 


165 At a toT/ne meeting yo £Oth of february 1665 

Capt John Green Chosen Moderator 
Ordered That Hr Roger Williams Letter bo read 
Ordered That upon ye reading Roger v.'illians his 

leter to ye tovme one !.!r Johja Clarkos behalfe 
ye towne Clarice sh-all as an answer ther unto 
transcribe a Gopie of ye tovms letter direct- 






IS.T Willir-tris 
Letter Ig 


ed to ye Governor & Cotmcell ox ye Collony 
of Road iland &; providence plantations Joo 
dated ye 12th of December 1664 ?; inolose ye 
Bamc in a. letter to ye townesmon of provi- 
dence & inclose tliem in another letter di- 
rected to Ivir Eoger 7illiaras, in order to cleer 
this tOTOTie from ye aspertion that soeno to he 
layd one thlr toune for their not lcvyin£: ye 
said rates on this toTme, ye Copies of ye said 
Letter "being kecpt uppon ye fyle, vrhich is 
done under ye tovmc Clerlces hand acording: to 

That upon a hill presented by Mr 31yza collins 
hiimhly desiring ye to-wne to grant hime leave 
to change his fower o: t^7enty acker lot that 
Lyeth neer ye little pond for fewer co twenty 
ackers of land in ye horse ITeck to ^oync to 
"'r Edmund Calverleyc oyghteen Ackore laitly 
allowed hlme to he Layd out ther in lew of his 
twelve acker lott, that lay by yo litle pond 
^- Ms six acker lott Lately allowed by ye 
towne anongr ' ye purchasers Shares of meadoe 
not yet Layed out,v*ich desire of Kr Sliza 
Ceilings is hereby granted by ye to\'m.o"nn-n r- 
acordingly ordered Icavclng ye raattcr i;o yo 
surveyors to lay it out as they in ther wis- 
doms shall see meet 





166 Ordered That rpon a "bill preeented by T!r Sdmund Cal- 

roTlj tovmo Clerko touching yo oad c: trouh- 
loas condition of yo inhcMtantc of this tovzne 
of Y/arT>'ic3co hy reason of yo nills hein^ out 
of repair that it cannot grind ye toTmeRmens 
come hut that thoy rauct ho C: ar forced to 
carry ther Corne to pattizet mill to grind and John ^woot 
ye present miller heing Called in question ahout the same, 
\7hoso Answer was that except he hjxd all yo lands & raoado\78 
Tfliich was antiontly anexed hy thio LoTOie to yo said mill in 
order to yc huilding ye same and keeping it in a continuall 
re-pairo ho \7ac not able to keep it up any longer And the 
towne inquirclng into yo lands & meadows bolonfing to yc said 
mill doc find that ?Ir StrOcly r/eetcott of ye same to^me hath 
impropriated yc meBdov7S lying in llasawkett to hlmeselfe .with- 
out an7/ leave or order of ye tovmesmen of Warwiko, ther fore 
this present asemhly \vlth ye Subraition of Jolrn Sv;eot who 
saith he is ^Tilling to submit to ye tov/nes meroy have taken 
ye forfeiture of all yc foresaid lands f- meadows into ther 
one Custociy, untill some person or i)orsons cann bo found 
out whoo Y/ill cither build a Hew mill upon ye same ground 
or put ye present mill into suoh good repaire as that it 
may doe the service for v.hich yo towno did anticntly grant 
yo lands Sc Meadows, but for as muoh as John Sweet hath dio- 


"buTsed one hxindred and fifty poimds in currant ppy for ye 
mill Sc housinf- l-)ullt upon yo tovmec land The tcv.Tie have 
thoiight fltt to refero ye matter to ye tovmo coujicell not 
only to Inqiiire horr yo towno may for ye future "bo aooraodat- 
ed hut allso to tx-eat with any jjerson or perconc ahout ye 
tovmes future acomodation heerin ^■: to report ye matter with 
what convenient speed they cann to ye tovme 


167 Ordered (That upon a hill presented hy Saaucll Staford 
it i;5 granted tliat yo share tliat Lyeth hetweon Thomas P.elfes 
and PiOhert Woetcotts share of meadoo at toTTSkoyonke he al- 
lOT/ed ^ stand upon record as ye share of Saimicll Staford 

Ordered TQiat all ye sharec of meadows at Toushoonl-ie so 
soon as ye surveyors can ho Hev; laid out & suoh hoiuiders re- 
turned upon record as may for ye future continue peace 

amon£;st the Inhahitants of this towne ther hcing yet noe 
hounders of ye same returned upon record hy thos who antient- 
ly did survey them 

Ordered That upon a hill x^rescnted hy Stuhly Tostcott 
demanding- o^ 4: 18 s: that tlic same he referod to Captaine 
green I.!r Johji Wickes &c to exardne ye acoumpt S: to make 
retume therof to the towne next tovme meeting 

Ordered That upon a hill presented hy ilmos Westcott 
demanding of ye towne one pound soaventeen shillings for 


liis vradgos as saix'ent to tMs to-'reie the oamo "bo referred 
to Capt: John Groon & l.'.r '.Ydkes 5;0 to Sxsmlnc r: report the 
nest totme rnootlng 

Ordered That yc to\'nae Coimcell doe take it into ConGid- 
eration hoT? ther may "be a tovme house raisod S: finech for 
ye tovaies uso upon ye land allready layd out for that pur- 
pose 8c what ye charge may amount to As allso 


168 hovr ye land lays d out for a burying place for yo doad may 
he fenced in a at vhat charge ther hoinfr nuoh need to 
have yo sarac oorrpleated. 

Ordered That ye tovme Clerke doc record potawomott 
deed in ye tovTno hooke v/hich ic done aoordingly 
March yo 17th 1G65 att Stnkly ^ostcotts house 

Ordered That Gaptaino <Tolin C'reen shall he moderator for 
thlEi tormc meeting 

Ordered Ihat ye Ghereifo vrarrant for Calling a gonerall 
Ascmhly ye 27: inctr.nt he read which vrcrrnnt hoarcth date 
ye 7tl\ of rarch 1665 

3y ye Tomic Councoll ye 15th of T.!arch Ordered That in 
pursuance of ye order of ye to-vme dated yo 20th of fehruary 
1665, touching huilding a tovme house uppon yo Land laid 
out hy peoter husecotts hoi;se lott, woo dec unanimously a- 
greo that ovory wan in this tovme that hath not a teeme, 
shall give a dayoc v/orlco at digging l^: loading of stones 





etc 5; every nan that hath a t.-'.-;,n chall r-llo\7 a dayos worke 
v7itli hie teenc to draw ye said ctoiiG into place at suoh tine 
\>1ion tlioy Qliall be warned ther unto by yo "beat of drrun or oth- 
er Vvfays, v/hich vrnrlro will be .- "ood p:-eT>r."atlvo toward build- 
ing ye said houoc 

Calverley Gierke 
Ordered, That ye foresaid order be ratified "■ co-nflrm- 
ed S, it is referred to yc survoyora to apoint ye tiEo \.'jici. ye 
workG about ye tovnne house shall be done acording as ye tovme 
Councell have proposed in ther order bearing date ye 15 of 
I.larch 1&65 


febi-uary 1665 

By ye Gounooll of yo towne of v/arwlke 

In persuanco of yc to-wns order to us directed ye 20th 
instant aboiit ye mill in yo tovme, which is now out of re- 
paire, & no man appearing to undertake ye sotting up of ye 
said mill, but Jolrn 3-;70ot, and yo tov.Tie being in nesesitio to 
have ye mill f orth^vi th rrr^.-ilrGd. v/c doc order ar? folloiveth 
1th That John r;.v;eet, i:aving ingadie:ed for yc future to ropaire 
ye said mill & make her serviceable for yo tovme, to grind 
thoTCorne acording to ye grant t:nat ye ±o-rmo r&i upon ]^ 
first founding yo said mill. And allso 4,i.vo securyty for 
so doeing, such as ye to-.vno shall axcpt that All ye lands 
Si neadovjs (erasure) & other priviledges thorto Ano:^ed, shall 



"bo gi'anted to 70 said Jolm Sv/eot, >!3ccopt Any other person 
or porsono, shall appearo to 70 tomie ootuioell, vn.thln three 
vjeekes after yo date hecrof, ."; propose to ye tovme coiincoll, 
liov7 yo toTTno nay "be bettor Accomodated vjhlch If no such prop- 
osition he maid, Then we thirf^ it nesesorary /v doe aoordln^- 
ly order, That John Sweet shall have tine allov,^ed hime till 
ye 29th of Septewhor nest enstiin^ ye date heerof to pcrf ome 
the same. Also we doe inioyne ye said John Pweet forthvrith 
to doo hlH utteriaopt indoavore to -ont to said m-'ll into a 
oapacity: forthwith to grind yc tOTOie oome, ,\nd lastly ye 
tovme GO-iinooll doe order, that for ye future, neither John 
Svreot, Ilor any other into v.'hose hands ye sd will shall core 
Ghal]. either sell or asifrno over, ye said mill or any part 
or paroell of yo lands or iiieadov/s foncerly allor/ed "by yo 


167 for ye maintanance of ye said mill, without the tovmes T.eave 
o: '\iDrohation V/ee ye Oounooll have apointed ou.r next meeting 
to be on the 15th of I.^arch next 

3dra: Calverley Gierke 
By ye Counccll of yc tovv-no of Warvricl: Taroh yo 15th 1665 

V»eo yo Councell of ye tovme of 77arvdke being this day 
mott a Sd time to se if any other person or persons beside 
John S?;eet vrould apearo before us to -oroposo thonselven to 


imdcrtalrc ye repairing of ye mill in this tovme of V/arwike 
so as that it inay "bo maid serTicea.T3le to grina yo oome 
that ye IrJiahitants of thic tormc chonld frora time to tiTBO 
hring thereto inr ye future Azid finding no other then John 
S-weet aforesaid to apeare v/hoe did tender himesclfe to tm- 
dertal-e ?■; ncrfomie ye sane As allco yo said John .";;eet did 
tender Itiohard Carder & ;:dtaund Calverley of ye to^Tne afore- 
said to "be hoxmd vrith h.irne in a "bond of one hundred pound 
for ye perforraanoe tlicrof , ^herfore tre doe order that upon 
their giving- "bond to "r Walter '^odf" Treasurer ... ,/e tov^T^e 
& his suclcseGors in a tov/ne meeting All ye lands Sj mea(30T?E3 
£: other priveledgce ancxed to ye said mill "oj ye to7/ne 
aforesaid shall Le delivered up into ye posesion of ~<^'rn 
S"Vfeet for ye use aforesaid 

Edm: Calverly Gierke 
The Tov/ne having; heard ye ordcrG of ye tovmo Coimsell 
road in this tovme mooting touching ye mill doe aprove of 
ye said orders Tc AIIgo doe Axept of ye socuryty f erasure) 
that is produced "by John ^,r>rv.-.t 'LnlniT "?1n^^_ard "in.rdor ""■ ■Ed- 


171 Calverley to oo uouiiu with liitio i^ :-ime troacurer for 
ye tovTns use & ye toxme doe further Order that Edvrard :'ar- 
shall tovme sargent S: ye Constahle of ye towne shall forth- 


77ith enter one yo toyras 'beLjE.lfe xipon ye lo.nde P.- meadows 
«c /oi-tlcntly aaozed to yc rAll g; dollvcr ye oamo to John 
ST,feet one ye ucmiure mentioned at yc first founding ye said 
nill aoording to ye records of this tovme <;-delive:-t-:-fe-8&we 
te-jQkri-Swee* Aa allRO on yo tenure further added in the 
towne counoellti orders thifi &b.y read and confirmed & ye crdd 
Edward Jvlarsliall is hereby ordered to make rcturnc in vrritlng 
to yo tov.Tie Gierke who is heerhy ordered to record ye Bamo 
Ordered that L£r Eichard Carder Mr i^dxiund Calvcrlcy Mr 
Jaraes Greon & Kr Amos v.estcott be Chosen debutye for this 
tovme of vrarwike to goe 1'0 road iland at ye nezt Oenor'all 
aneiLbly to be held yo 2Vth of Inarch 1G65 & 
debxitys to transackt ye afairs of the Collony in yc caid 
Genorall Asernbly one ye bchalfc of thie tOTmo 


172 At a aonerall Trayninc yo 26 of I-.Iarch 1666 :ir V.illiams 

his lettor being read at ye head of ye Oorapany it was voat- 
ed tjiut ye said lottor yjaa A poi'niaoious Letter and that 
what vTas tjiorin contoyTied tondod to stirr up strife dovision 
£3 contention in ye T0T,vno of V/anvikc &o And that yo Tovme 
Gierke doe record this voat f:c send I>i5r r/illiams a Copple off 
ye saii-'C as yo To;7ncE /%nsv;Gv t^. yo same Letter noo man dlr- 
entinfi fron; this voat 

Signod by Order & Apointmont 

of ye Tovmo of VJarvrlko 

Bdmrnd nalverley '" i^Tlerlf© 

■:"fin bn- 


Aprlll yo 24th 1666 A towne tnoeting 
Capt: John Greon ohoeon modorator 

VoatocT. Tliat ye Letter sent to this tovTno from ye Gen- 
erall Ascnhly V' i,-'< r-atc at i;ev/port ye 27th of ^.larch Taot 
1)0 opened a: read, wiiich when ye tov/nEmen understood that it 
did concerno yo paying oi' mony forthwith to ye f::en9rall 
troOTrer at road iland lor I^i" Joiin Glarlzps use to'TChing hiB 
agency lor ye Colloiij- in old rcngland etc yc tovme did order 
that Capt: Jolm Green sho-ald he desired to draw up an An- 
swer ther unto (tv/o) 

The next gonerall Aseiahly to bo liold in T.'ay follov;ing. 
And to present ye same ono raonday next it heing trayning 


173 At ye head of ye Gompan^'r by 8 of yo clock in ye aborn- 

ing whor all ye tovmsraen ar deoirod to apearo, .^d if they 
doe aprovc of yc sd letter then yo Gierke if5 heorby 
ordered to sij^ne ye sarac in the nairne of ye r/hole tovmc ^c 
Cause ye oanc to bo delivered to ye nest Ascnbly 

Debutys cljoscn for ye next Gonerall asoably ar thee 
7r John V'iekes rcnior 
I.'^ Richard Carder 
:.r Janii? Green 
■ 'r Sdwund Calverley 

vj I -i- 


Grand ( Thomas Smith 

Jurors ( Jo soph OaxTpentor 

Jury of ( John Potter 
Aryans ( V'illiaiii Sat on 
Voated That IJix 3cLraxmd Calverley Consta'ble "dward "ar- 
shall sargent Samuel Gorton junior So Jereiay 'Vestcott he ord- 
ered to goe to yo Indeanc in ITatisaket f: 


174 GoesEitt And elsewhere within the bounds of ye toTmc of V'ar- 
V7ike And rarno thoiri all to forhoare planting any laoor uppon 
ye toT;ns CorimonE hut that they doe quietly depart I'rop;. any 
part or parcell of land hroken up by them or any of theB for 
planting grotmd 5: maid use therof T/ith.out leave of ye tov.*no. 
And that their Answer be retiimod ye next nonday to ye tovme 
it beinp: trayning day And it furtlicr orclcred That ye afore 
naimed men ordered to warne ye sd Indoan::. of froin planting 
vrlthin ye tovme bounds etc shall bo paid for ther palnes by 
ye towne 

The Indoans did promise on trayning day folloing to 
reraooTre , though ye Day before they sd they woiild' not but 
afterward they procured a letter viritt to Capt Oreon by 
Gapt ■"•illo-tt v.'hich maid thee bould to Continue *: pl"-i"f- ft ill 
on ye tov/ns land 




175 At ye roqucst of yo purchasors of yo tov/n of ^"arwiclco 
ye 24 of Aprill 1666 they having T-nyed out 17 shares In yc 
nocko of land fitt to ho planted one this yoer formerly not 
devided And lots boing Cast by then to wi.'.owc by order thoy 
fell this record Spocifieth 

Capt: Randall houlden ----- 1 th 

loft: ^lisa Collins ----- 2 

Capt: John Greon __.--. _3_4-.5 
Mr Walter 7od 6 

.•'jr.105 Y'estcot --- ___-_7 
Johji Potter --- ___.. ..g 

I.oft: ?.li«a Collins ----- 9 

!'r Samuel Gorton ^on 10 

Vx Jams Creen ------ 11 

Mr Walter "od ------ ig 

..-_ :^ioh: "FttGrinan - - - - is 

TTr r.ich: Carder - - - - 14 

Loft: 7:112a ColllnG - - - 15 

!.'j: John "'ickes _ - - _ 15 

Sara Stafford - _ _ _ 17 


176 Jiuie yo 4th 1666 being Konday oiia the day that yo 
tovme Orficere use to bo Chosen one in a Towie meeting 
Captaine John Croon Chosen moderator 

]'T Benianinc (^.irdth being ongadg-ed as nagiBtrat S: 

53 S 

20 i^'U 0^ 


Hr Kiohard Uarder Cliooen ina£-isi.'rat "bnt not onc^.dpod yet by 

V. Genero,ll Law Inloynlr.,'- yc too magl- 
To\mo strats of yo tOTme to b© Oa ye Gounooll 

Coimooll yo tovmc though it not to pnt them to a 

O^olso "s-n^-f- v.'n/e Chosen thes fovjor per- 
sons follovrinj;; to add to tliera to maCre tip yo munlier of elx 

!<lr Saimiell Gorton 

Capt: John Croon 

Capt: ?:anda7Ll liOiiluon 

IW Johii ■.-ickeR 
ToTvnc Gierke "'driw.c'. (^rlsvr^rl.^' 
nonstable ' disunu. Cnlverjo" 

Tovme Sarg-ont ^dvmrd '.'arsl^all 


177 Surveyors 

■?-r Richard Oordor 
i.:r Jairas ■nreen 
T'r Sdmind Oalverlcy 

That the lav.'oe maid in ?i genorall Asemhly at ".^vr,n--t 
ye 25th of Ootolior 1GG5, Ab Also ye Laws maid at a Gencrall 
Asorahly ye 27th ol' T.'arch 1666, shoxild ho road thoy holne 
delivorod ■tr. -n To-rmr Glarke In yo (erasure) rrnrrrill *roT:i- 
hly held in 'S:.vj [.act at Uev/port And this holnc: yo j. irct 
C?owno v.eeting after yc receipt of them, Theriore yo tovme 
£3av7 Cr.iTGC to rmko this T.nsuinc order That ^oras ys T^aws 

maid at Eev/port (erasure) 27th of I'arch ( In ye yeer 
1666 were thie daj^ read In our "^oTiiio meotinj,;, , ^/.. u : w, -■'■:- 
ceiving That sono porsone TThoreof ye said Asenhly did ConGiot 
v7ore incapable to Act doe ■rherei'ore declare that They Carmot 
cwne any of Thes^ee "^'??'^'*' •'•■'"■'-- r••^n^■■^r nn-fiT)- ■?i-r-,-?-v' oT/ror— t-jqq 


178 To his Tna{;i8'i-ie And ^^n-^-. p i^n-.^-^.o .'^v ■'-li^r vor'-f-.- 1io (T-'-nrmr. ??n ,^ 

oent to yo Concrall .; yc uaauU Ox v :rko, 

in ye nairie oi" yo tovme 

Voatnrl '^■'-.p.t fl'or -"n -•■V:t--T- ,r-!i-.- "rhrpo of jc: noimcoll of 
this townc ocin^}- frocucn ox xjiic iovniic civall h^vyc power And is 
hereby Authorised for ye future, to give order to ye towno nar- 
gont to v/ai'no a tovmc rncctlnr of tc -^rc- Inh'i'bltr.ntn of this 
tovme ■^-' ..£itato C: .rdcx" ther .vi-uirij m _::zs rc^^iie 

June ye 24th 1666 at a Tomie necting soininoned "by yo Coun- 

Capt. Randall houlden ChoBon moderator 

Voatcd That a pound Sis foot ^-i a halfe hyo bo r.eld at ye 
Charge of ye Torme To pound all eorts of Gatlo in naicly horses 
nayres Coults ■b--llG oxen steorc, (er.':.::are ) yeerlings -'--■■- "• onok- 
ing calves 


179 Ooats.S; ther Iridds sheep " 1 eorts. of 3wlne, 
In Case they or any of them shall bo found trospaoing, upon 


any Come, raeadov.'s, pastureB, feeding or CoEionidgG, That 
lye rj! thin ye hotma.s of This townc of warriclr vis \Tithin ye 
"boundn of yc v.ccl-c Called nlBhr^.vTor.ett or '"arv/loke r.o^VG And 
That thin pouna, be sett up one-, yc hyghV/T.y, afraiuct or .icj-n- 
InfT to hona'y Imov.'les hiK tott, Lr.ttirxS against ye tome gate, 
or Ilr John Potters, IllrevTise The toi-me doe further ord- 
er, that this poimd he finished v;ithin seayen days after ye 
date heerof, with a gate, loclre & key ther unto, v^ich shall 
he delivered to Sdrnmd Calverlcy, rho li? hecrhy deolred taJce 
Care therof for one jeer And as? A provider to act therin. In 
hringlnc or causing to he hrot^j^ht to y© towno po-unrl, v.-n^ 
horv'jes mayers ccnltc hnllB oren ptecrn yeerlings Govts snck- 
ing Ca!'"'- ■■---^-- pro>.ihited by Lav/ ahccp "- •^- svrinc of all 
sorts In Casse they or an;/ of thcsi ehall for ye fntrre he 
foxind coritlnr a trospasc or trej^pason, upon st^ of ye rlphts 
or "cropi-yotyG, that hclong to my of yc tormsr^cn of .TCrrvlke 


180 to any of ye propryetore of ye necke Comot-ly Called or 

Imn-pmo hy ye naiii^c of Tnlsf:?har:or^et or T7arrr!.kc nock?, nhioh 
iG ye trew intc'-'- ^-^ iseani-n' "■''^ f:-.-.-. —esont ^rder ; .;^rco- 
rjent of ye toTmODen heer AEemhlecI, .'.nd lastly ye Tot.tiett'.cii 
of rarwicke doe order And Agree That Edmund Calverlcy afore- 
Gaid, sliall pound all oxioh horse or horec kind, hullc , Cov/ 

o A' 

23 4 

or Cow kind Ooats Slaeep or svjine yt he ahall find trospas- 
ing- or that eViall 130 "brour^t to hime ^or trorrpocc done rrifh- 
in ye propriety of any of yo Inhabitants afore mentioned. 
And for his fees it Bhall he lawfiai for ye said ^.dmund Cal- 
verly to deraanc of every ovner of hoi-se or horse Irind ye 
eoae of fower penco & for all other sorbs of Creatures afore 
nalned ye sone of t^o pence. And that he be paid ye said 
dewe before he deliver yo horses etc Covrs etc out of the 
porjfid If the owners therof have or shall observe yo law or 
Laws of this Collony or for want therof ye law or Laws of 
England as ye ye lawe of tbis Collony doeth provide which 
ye said Edimind Galverlcy if^ hereby desired to inqrdre into 
& observe so near as he Cann 

Voated That T'illiam -^aton & William layney ft John Read 
be sent for to ye councell (torn) ye fyle for what 


181 July ye 20 1666 

Att a towne meeting s onioned by throe of ye Councell 
Kr John vrioks Chosen noderator 

Ordered that one Fnelishtaan oi^t c.r rvmT fanyly In t-e 
to^Tne doe on yo third instant goe to iioip yo Indeans to 
raalce up ye tovmo fonoo fewer r.iyls ofi" And that they doe 
meet to morrow inorninf: at yo trn-'mln?r troc upon yc Comon 
when yo drum beatoth 

•f!^ C; 



Ordered That John '^arTjarO-j rrho hath Oonroaed him- 
selfe to "bo a '^hlorCc Pr. Gtandr; Convict In a Court of record 
for frtealln^ "be not for yo fr.tiire Admitted to have any 
thing to doe in ye tovmo vieetlngp biit ie by this order .x- 
ptmged ye Pocyedy of honert nen T3iich oi-der did pace uppon 
a hill presented hy Sdmuid Cttlverley Tovme Gierke 


182 August ye S8th 1665 at a "^OTme nieoting "beforo an Asem- 
hly gonerpll ye 4th of l^eptsrher: 6G: 

Mr Beniamine Pinith nodf;rc.i.-or 

Iiir Sajruell Gorton ) 

Mr Randall houldcn ) Chosen 


T'^r John riclcs ) Dohutys 

I'T ?j6imm&. Calverley ) 
ordered That OaptPano John Treen -l": r,drdund Oalverloy ye 
Tovme Clerlco is heerby Authorised to talre the Aoo-cuapts of 
lir vJalter Tod treasiirer to ye torme of Warvrf-cke Aiid If they 
find mony enough in ye han!re t-i.?.t then thoy forthwith pay 
^iDios ■■'estoot ''.' T.lones Llppot for ye atockec & caui3G thenj to 
"be delivered to yo Oonst^.hlo aeording to former order 


183 Ordered That Edward 'larRhall shall havo yo tv/elvc aoerc 
of land formerly granted hlnc "by ye torme, Ijfiid out by ye 
surveyors by ?;^c old of yo {rrcat T^ond, Only V.T Stukley ""eGt- 

'* f 



cot did dGOcnt he desiring it night stay wl^rlo another Tovmc 
rne-etin(^ wriioh the tovmsenen v7erG not v.-illing to yoild unto 

Denjaj!iin Green Son of Benjamin Green Late of Potowomet 
deo. '^■'■"-' ""n-r '-ark of his Cattle and Othor Creatnres i3 a 
Crop on tlie ?.i£^lit Bar P.eoorded I-'arch 11th 1761 

By Jcrc Tippet t Clk 
Col -Tohji '."'ellc Taker ^•'\^r .ohovc Kark for hie CreatiiroE 
which is a Crop on tho Bight Ear 

April 2Sth 1775 


184 Septenher ye EOth 1666 

At a TOTmo mootlnr in rnw^c.l-.B 

That a raitc of forty pornd bo maid towards satizfying 
Mr Dean in old 8nf:le,nd for t'O h.iindrcid '': fort-^' pouiid ho lent 
Mr John Clarke ah out procu.ri/i?.: yo Chiir-cer .m- ti:ar ye othor 
forty pcTuid Charged on ye tovme of Wervri-Cko he detc77ned in 
yo -rovmoa liands till the;/ arc hotter eatisfyod how ye reepec- 
tive poreonG that did disburse monys for llr Koger ^'illiai-ns 
hiG .coing for England, ehall be paid by ye Collony of Road- 
iland etc. And at If further ordored That ?1r Janen Oreen -.'r 
Slysa Collins « llr Aziioe 'eotcote doo fortlw;ith wake ye said 
raite And Th^t iidrjiuid Calverley slmll aquaint every peroon 
so raited v/]mt their particular Haito in And Laetly ye tovmo 
doeth order that yo said raite niakers ?: lildriund Calverley 




shGll be paid for their paines 

Ordered Thtxt Sdvmrd ^'arshall doe pay xower & 'trvTenty 
shilling dew to ye tresury for hio twelve acerc of Land, to 
ye Tovme Clarke "ddmund Calverley who is now conetahle who 
shall Inploy ye said mony towards parj-lnc- for ye stockes & 
that ye isaid Tormc clerkes aqultanoo shall ho T.dward T'arnhallf 


Monday ye 15th of Octoher 1666 

at a tovme meeting in T7arwd eke 

In order to prepaire for the generall asenhly ^r. a Court 

of tr;',''alls this month at Tfewport 

(The dehutys that ar Ohoson ar 

(T^r Sar.xioll Corton V.r T^andall 
Dehutys ( 

(hoTilfle-^ ""T '"Ickee "r :?]dmind 


Grand f!.Ir Thomas Green 

■Tnrors f"r John '^'.70 ot 

^nry of (rir .Tar:;os Ore en 

Tryalls (Vr nilna Collins 
Ordered That '^r Jane I'^reon "'r "nillza Collins ?L- ;^ Ajiios 
..cGtcote TTho ar apointed to r:ai:e ye presant rate for I'x John 
Olarkes raony that is to goe for IDneland, doe enlarge ye rate 
of forty pound oo as that ye thirty Bhilling T?hioh was raited 
one otooven arnoJ d v/hen ye last raon;; was sent to :ir John 



Clarke in Snglanc!., nay be paid "by ye to\-«-nc, in consl deration 
that the said ^.teeven ^iX-nolL: deuyed to 


185 pay ye said thirty shilling aleadging that he had noo '.^^ctate 
in our to-^rae And that yo said thirty ehilling "bo paid to lir 
Gorton and ye rest of those personis that did dishurse yo said 
thirty chillinc throe years agoe and hath heen vrf.thoii.t ye 
sauio ever since 

Upon ye desire of Gaptaine P.ajidall houlden to ye tovme 
of T^ar^vicl: to grant riinc to take up his sis ackers of 
Land Latly gx-antod hirae for a purchasere siaare of iiieadow Inn 
ye swaiffp neer Gaptaine greens Cove and ye lildge of mirvricfce 
hounds The tovnie dO'-- '^-;-'''er ■<-■"•-. o-f- ye said desire of his be 
granted, provided jrt Gaptaine John Creon he with ye Gurvciore 
when ye same is I-aid out in order to ye Laying out a hyghmiy 
to pase to Gaptaine greens house at ocupasytuxett And allso 
for yo taking Care that ye Said 3wamp be Vidthin ye bounds of 
ye tOTOie of warwike 

Ordered that Richard Carder be continued thio yoor as 
one of yc tovme Counooll in regard that Gaptaine green is 
choeen aagiatrat in hio rooTOo who r/as one of yc Councoll 
chose by the tovme 


187 Lccember yo 22th 166G at a Towne inocting Gaptaine John 


Green Ghosson Hodera-fcor 

Yoated That yo lawen piaid by ye CenGrall AceinTDlys the 
4tli of r-e-ntcm'ber And the 31th of ootohor "^act pTould 
he road 

V,'ith ye loave cf yo raodorator John Harrude h Elizahoth 
Cooke V7Gre published they havcinf: been "Dtiblished ye Saboth 
day before after e::ercise ther being present the honorable 
Sir Kobort Carr Gaptaine John n-reen Tlr Samuoll Gorton Capt 
Randall hov-lden « a great number of tho inhabitants both Eon 
h v/ornen 

Ordered That nil pereions v-'ho have pnt forth Any Ev/ino 
to yc Indeanr; belonpin to an?;^ "^ovniErion with ther ^aremarke 
one thera that they doe forthwith retii.rne yc nurrher of them 
fib the Indeans nainc to whom they ar pnt to ye towne Glarko 
to be recorded & t};at they pay ye towne Clarke for record- 
In-:; '""lie oame The roar'On cf this order in because aiaongct ye 
Asemblye laws this day read v;e find a law forbiding: any In- 
deans to keep or put to sale any swine with markeB in thor 


188 Ordered '."hat T.'r Walter '^od doe deliver up the bond g'iv- 
en by John Sweot Richard Carder & Edmund Galvorley touching 
the making ye mill in this towne to be in a Condition to 
grind ye towns Corne by nlckaellrnaso day laot \7hlch was ye 
29th day of Soptewber 1666 ther being proofe that the oondi- 

-, T- r.-r^ 


:li .1.. 


tlon mxB porformecl And Tor !Ir waiter Tods 20 docing this 
order shall tic his discharge 

Ordered 'rhat Mr Sfimund Calverley heing one of ye Comit- 
toe Epoyntod hy ye genorall asomhly for ye raising ^^ony to 
pay Hr Richard deane in old Gno:la.nd Boe And Is Apolnted to 
recelTe ye last ralto of forty ^: odd ponnds {granted hy tills 
tovmo for yc ptirpose aforesaid vrhioh raonys Jr> Intended to- 
TTardB IJr Glarkes dlshurstments aho-ut procuring a Chaa-ter 
froEs his maylGty In old engiand >S: v/as hy ye said I-r John 
Clarke procured And sent over to road Hand k is now in ye 
hand of yc precent governor i.!r Tfilliam Brenton Also It fur- 
ther ordered that ye said Ivlr Sdmund Calverly shall he paid 
"by this tov/nc for hlr- -nra'r.eE that he Rhn.ll ta!!-e thcrln 


(189) ITarwicke ye 12th of fehr^mry 16G5:67 
Capt John Groon moderator 

Ordered That A letter In ye nalme of the Tovme (he) hy 
The ToTTne Clorke m-itten f: Piglmed, 1-o Captalno Thomas ril- 
Ict of wanomoscott, rouching tho Indoans ^hat plant within 
yo TOTme honnds ?>-. allroady fenced in hy tho IPovmo T7hich In- 
deanc hoth in Ilassakett & at GoosEott pond wore ye last yeer 
TTamed of yc towne lands before pluntlnr:; timo soiae of the 
said Indeane then promising: that they vronld tate away ther 
wigwams ^s depart pcasahlely, htit afterwards yc said Tndeans 
did procure a Letter from Captaine Thonae T/illct aforocaid 
directed to Captaine John Green Gone rail Asistant & gave the 


sane to ye Tndoans to deliver as aforosd And imder C oiler 
tlierof presiirainG tbat Qaptaino Tiiojuas rillct T/ould with his 
"brothorinlaw i.'r Jaises toovmc defend thora against yc tovme 
have dT7clt theron & plantct?. on ye tovms land over since 
whether the Townsmen woi:lci or noe. And this very month on 
ye 6th & 7th days, they yo said indeans (were) I5y vertuo of 
a warrant tmdor ye hiind of ye honorable Sir Hoher Oarr darn- 
ed to 


(190)dopart, jukj. voite noe moor one the tovmc landr^, to plant or 
inhahit. The Constahle Mr Edmund Calverley, vrith his Asos- 
lats delivering thera a trow Coppie of hie honnors \7arrant, 
Taut ye said Indeans did per crip torj-ly aver that they would 
take no notice therof , some of thera throv;ing ye Copie avmy, 
/md ahotit for'cy indeans suroxma.ed ye Constahle ?,; his aoos- 
iats that "'■"-■■' ^:ool'--- to ^-^ •■-'^ ■'-»-> eses of yc delivery 01 the 
-sTrlghting, xlnd did stop, some of them from Comine away threat- 
nlng that they would malce them Carry the oaid Copie hake a- 
galne ''■".■"^ f'1'^- "'^•^''•'"V''' • .•i-rcG very ryctunly "-. in 'i :''.ccrn- 
full laamior did derjr'd yo kings Athoryty rcprcscutcd in yo Con- 
stahle T^rhon ho Charged them to keep ye kings peace. And not 
to Adhear to Any that did deny to yeeld ohedyence ther imto, 
porahaia & his Company hoing at yo sam.e tyne amongst them (on- 
ly) ATTashkooke ther protended saohlrnc did Comand thera To let 
us goe, '^~' t ho sai'"^ that Cspt: '^honas "rillctt had taken order 


O'j- ba 

:5 V 


vTltli Capi.- : John green allready aliout ye matter in v/rlghting 
wlilch wfiphting was this day read by Capt: Green; in whose 
hand it ic 'ind ocasions a loving lettor to "be sent to 

(191)Capt; ThOEas willett tod delivered hy the hand of Edmund 
Calverley Toi^me Gierke in ye presence of Capt: John Green 
one the 14th day of this Instant fehriiary they heing both 
ordered by ye towne to Atend Capt- Willott to Imo"^ his An- 
swer, v7ho did tell ye tovms agents That ho would .Uisv/er ye 
Tovme in one of the t-wo desirR mentioned in ther letter, A 
Copic v/heroof is f"led amongst the records of the to^me 

The narneo of yc persons that v/ae v/ith yo Constable when 
ye Copies of Six Robert Carrs warrant was delivered was Sam- 
ucll Gorton Tnnior Aiaos Westcott F^dward I.Tarchall ^<! V.'illlam 
Moor On vallentinB day 

Ordered C^hnt upon ye doliveDry of sundi'y bills in this 
towne raeeting And severall Clairaes maid by dyvors inhabi- 
tants of ye tov/ne for wonys dew from yc towne to them some 
for TTages dew to ther: And some having disbnrsted inony for 
tovms serviB nairaely Capt; John Green 


(192) Mr SdiEiaid Calverley Mr John Wikes Edward rnarGhall Amos "est- 
cot and his father r.r Stuckioj/ ' estcot, Jolin Sweet for hill- 
ing a woolfo And sundry others. That is is heerby refferod 




to Capt: John Green Riohard Cardei* And Ednnjid Calvorloy Tovnie 
Gierke to Auditt ye Ao s of yo Aforenairaed per£3ons As 
Also jc aooiir-"pts of m\y other person or porcona That Oann 
lav/fully ClariiG any deT:)ts de\v hy or from ye to^rae of v/arvrloko 
And that ye rofferees doo malsie ther report co soono as they 
Cama in a to\7ne nee ting 

Ordoroil ?hat uppon A bill presented by Sdmund Calverloy, 
Mr Elysa Collins &■ jUnos "''estoott toixching the mailing good ,«: 
siif itiont fonooG , by any pornons tliat Improvo any landr with- 
in this tovme of v;ar\7iolre, Itt la heorby reforrod to yc por- 
Gons above nalned to brinr i^i a report to thiG tovme, in a 
to-vmo moetinp, hov yo name nay bo AoornpllGhed in order to yo 
setllng of poace amongst ye neiborhood, & inhabitants of this 
tomie, 9he toTOiEiaen being resolved to pursue ye same 

Ordered That ye diference between Thomas hTtmpbry F- John 
fiweet they ooncenting at yo request of yc tovmesinon to be 
reforrod to Arbytration I,Ir Collins boing Atornoy for Thomas 


(193) Consenting Allco ?her is thiv^ day chosen T!r Bandall houlden 
arbytrator for John Sweet Vr "altor Tod Arbytrator for Thom- 
as huiaphroy And in case they tv70 cannot agree that thon by 
Eutuall consent ::r John V/ickn is to bo yo umpicr And that 
their award if it be decirod shall bee, (by ye tovme Olorko) 

-V; t.X 

.<„.., t>.., ,..^^.,,,v ,. r-rf-J- .rrh 


...... 38 




recordocl In ye tovmo "boolce they paying for ye sane who de- 
sire a record to "be maid therof 'lacli party promislnf: to 
abide by yo same rather then to Call a CoTirt about ye same 
"beinr both ye two tovraes on ye p.ayn© nalraoly warwiclce fc 
providonco must be I'orood to meet ye second tusday In March 
nest, ther being an action of defamation brought by Thomas 
huiaphrey plaintife against John Sweet defendant. 

^'^arvacke the 14th of february 1G06 

Wheras ther wac an ,\ction of defamation ComGncod by 
Thoinas huinphroyo plaintive a^-alnst John Sweet defendant both 
of -warwlckQ ocatloned by Jolin Sweets boy Calling a maid 
Thomas humphreys his vjhoro the which act O"^ """""bd^'the said 
John Sweet seeiaod to the said 


(194)h"arrphi'eys to Justify In that he ■^vou:ld not be content without 
satisfaction froirj ye maid when she being so abusively urged 
fell upon the lad 5? beat hline is also being spoken to Aboixt 
the natter liimesolfe further saia his boy might well say so 
Inteinating as though l-Hr Loe had spalre very suspitlouslsj- to 
himself e to that effect V7horforc yo said humphreys Comenced 
his Rult for zre vindeoation of his nalme And the noibourhood 
perceiving it to be an Immateryall rangllng buslnes perswaid- 
ed humphrey to refer "o rn^ttGr to /Vrbitration ye which he 
willingly condescended unto And therupon they have mutually 
Chosen us Randall houlden Walter Tod and John V/ickes whos 


.' y N n r ^ 


f. rr'r-.' 


determynation & conclution is as Tolloweth vydeleset that 
in asciuch as ye natter of offence is one we conclude £: de- 
termine That John Sweet defendant shall pay unto Thomas 
humphreys plaintife tenn sliillings for so mr'"'^ ''-e hath all- 
ready received upon ye matter And this pur determynation 


195 3e recorded The which shall he the withdrawing of ye action 
And A fynall one this matter 

John '"iolrs senior 
Walter Todd 
Randall houlden 
Att A Towne meeting ye 20th pf Aprill 1667 
Gapt: John Green moderator 

Chosen i'for dehutys for the next Generall Asomhly which 
will he one May day ffolov/ing ye date hcerof 

Mr John T/ickcs Senior 
Mr Richard Carder 
Mr James Oreen 
T.!r Edmirnd Calverley 
Chosen ffor Grand Jurym.en 

"r Richard Carder 
L'ir iidmund Calverley 
Chosen ffor pettey Jiiryraen 

Mr Walter Tod 
Mr John Read 


58 S 

to'l't xigaouO 



196" Voated That John r/amcrs share in Shawomett neclce 

shoirld ho lett to plant this yeer to him or them That -iTOiild 
give raoet for ye same ^•. peeter hiisocott hidding 13 hiishells 
of good marcliantahle indean Come at Harvest or Koone after 
it "being laoor than any on:; eloe would give it vras hy Capt; 
Green ordered to hirae he glveing A note under his hand to 
ye overseers that he would pay ye sanie 

Monday yo 3d of June 1667 At a tovme neetlng for 
Choice of towne officers 

Capt Jolm Green asistant moderator 

T!r Beniamlne ^r^^fJ^ .,,--^^-..,„+. +..^^ ;,olne- hy lavj sotled 
to he two of the Councell, and ye rest that V7ere Chose ar 

Mr Samuell Gorton senior ) 

I^r -nndall houlden ) 7o\7nc 

ivlr John Wickes ) Coimcell 

j'lr Ei chard Carder ) 

Edmund Calverley TOTvne Clerke 
Edmimd Calverley ConRtahle 
Joseph Caip enter Constable 


197 Tod TreGxircr 

T.dward ''arnhall "ovme sarf^ent 

Richard Carder ) 

James Croon ) eurvcyors 

Sdriund Qalrcrloj j 


Thcr "being a question put vrhethor T.dward I'arshall 
Job Alny: Can Stafford ?; fund?';/ otherc houGc keepers of 
this towne (erasure) who have had yo liherty to voat in 
Choyce of ofioorG or to tio chosen into office S: service 
"both to ye liings mayestie T; allso to ye Collony they having 
talvon the oath of alGaoanoe etc. though ther naimes be not 
ontrod in ye tov;nc hoote. And the voat Carryed it, that they 


(198) Ordered That I'r \7altcr 7od v/ho v;as this da:/ Chosen 
Tresurer fo refuseth to tal:e his engadgment , That the said 
l&r Walter Tod doe stand in ye office of tov/ne tresurer till 
another he Chosen "by ye tovme the tovaio heing- not v;illing 
at present to Chuse another 

Voatod That upon a hill presented by Sain: 5:tafford de- 
siring Leave to fence in tr.'O pole of ground hofoi'e his 
house one the Coinmon to sett his hay upon. The Towne doe 
grant himo leave at present till they se cause to recall ye 
same In Case it prove preiuditiall to yo hyghway 


(199) Salerday (erasure) yo 29th of June 1667, at A towae 
meeting for Choise of dohutys for an aceitihly prociired hy 
v/illiam Harris complaint against Arthur ffenner ^c ye 
(erasure) naior part of the to^vno of providence 

\ Ou 


Orderod That Captainc John Oroen Tdg I.'odorator for this 
Clovmo mo© ting 

iir -John V/ickoe ) l^ebiitys for the 

; .!■ ilichard Carder ) Oenorall Asenhly 

LiX James Green ) held ye first tiisday 

m: iidimnd CJilvorley ) in July being yo 2d day 

Vo&ted TTiat yo i'.aws metid yo lae-b Monorail Aoomhly shall 

he road 

Toatod That Tomio doe Aprove of ther dooutye 

protoGt Against '."illiam EaTvir h'/" "''CGing: lilngadg-cd as iriagic- 

trat to sitt in ye last Asoinhly oto till he had Cleerod The 

Cliarge Sxhihited against hirae hy Boniamlne Hearnden of The 

Tovme of f-rovidence (Hoo nan decanting) And the 7ovnic doe 

Order TJiat a Coppie heerof (erasure) he sent to ye next Gen- 

erall Asemhly signed under The hand of ye 7-o-smo Gierke 


(EOo) Voated Tlmt tho remonstrance sent from yo tovme of 

Providence, Ten:)od the li.yehrancl rlincovnred, xfr.crc. they 
ITaiwe T/illiara h'arris ho ffylod up aiAongat tJiic tov;ncc rec- 

Voated ?hat ther he (erasure) A petition dravTiC wo now 
presently in yo jjatio of thic tovaio of War".7ic^:e inuywicu. 
Tho huwhlo petition of tla© said totme, to ye Genorall Aaora- 
hly held ye 2d j^usclay in July 1GG7, And clgnod hy The Tovmo 





Clerko in the nar.e of The Tovme of VJarvdoke, T/hich Is done 
aooordingly A Coppie whorof is on yc fyle mnongst ye reoords 
wMch ooncoaras sorae proceeds of V/ill liarris & Vcc Arthur 
ffeniier of Providonoe 

Voa-Lod That the tovmo doe Graunt liherty to John Sweet 
to soil ye nill to Sarnucll Stafford ^o TjUc1:g hroinley provid- 
ed the to\7ne Orders he Ohserved 

Job Aymey his Saro narlro ic a Gquare Cut out of ye loft 
Hare at ye top 8: a slit do\'mQ to ye hecge vrard se yo figure 


201 ^7arwlcke 

We Sarnuell Stafford c? :':dward llarshall of ye same towne 
of T.'arwick doe in pursTiance of ye {prand order of ye toT/ne 
entered ye 14th page of ye tovme hooke Guhfjorihe to ye said 
order hut we know not of ye same T?hen we h ought our land in 
yo townc Else wo should have done yo same hefore 

30th of September 1667 Samuel Stafford 

in a towne meeting 3d\vard O I^iiarshall 

his rsarke 
SOth of Goptor.-ber 1G67. In a tovme meeting for Choise 
of debutys for to prepare for ye Corto of tryall <«c gcnerall 
Aserably in October follov/ing 

Captttino Jolin Green n'^-- '^■-■"' moderator 




voated that ye lawec maid Last generall aseisbly sliould Tdo 
read whicli was done acordingly which asemhly yja.s held the 
second of July 1667 

Captalne Randall houldon) 

llT adauaid Calycrley ) 

) Chosen for dohiitys 
Mr Jolm Potter ) 


I£r Thomas Croen ) 


£02 Hr Amos V/eetcott and ) Chosen for ye 

Mr Abyah Carpenter ) jnry of tryalls 
Ordered that Lucke bromley the present miller should be 
received into ye towne he being one of ye purchasers of ye 
mill with Samuell Stafford whoo did both of them promise to 
submitt to ye orderc of yc tovme & had this day leave to sett 
their hands to ye towne booke which they did doc in this tovme 
meeting as allso 5:dward ilarshall 

Ordered that Itx Edmond Searle brother in law to Mr Edmuno 
Calverloy now soiorning in ye house of ye said Mr Edmund Cal- 
vorley should be received into ye towne as an inhabytant 
Saterday ye 11th of January 1667 At A towne meeting- 
Captainc Jolm Greene choson moderator 
The towne doc Order that A raito of fifteen pound be 
maid towards killing two woolvcc lately presented by Jolm 
Geryardy As allso that ye charge of making ye said raite 
be considered Captainc John Green Captaine Randall houlden 



' -'■TCflfB 



Richard Cardor & Slysa Colline or ye naior part or tlicm 
Ar chosen "by 


203 Tho tovme men to make ye said raite v?ithin 14 days After 
ye date Of thie order, v/hicli raite shall be paid into ye 
tovme tresurer by ye 14th day of febraary next Also ye 
tovme doc order Edmimd Calverley conetahle of ye tov/ne to 
give notice to all persons T>r}iat tlieir raite is a peecc And 
In case that Any person ro raited or Asosed shall neglect 
or refuse to pay ther respective goko to ye tovaie tref:;nrer 
as aforesaid That then ye tresurer shall present ther naims 
to a magistrato of this tovme And desire his warrant direct- 
ed to l3dT7ard Tiarshall ye to-wne eargont to distrain upon his 
or ther g^oods or chattells that so neglect or rcfiise to pay 
as aforesaid And deliver ye saiae to ye tovme tresurer afore- 
said who shall take to men of ye to-me to praise saoh. dis- 
trcses And shall pay ye said praisers for ther paines out 
of ye said die treses 

Also ye towne sargent shall ho paid 2 s 6 d out of 
every distreES for his paines And yo over plus to bo re- 
stored to ye o\7ner ther of 


204 Ordered 

That Captalno Handall houlden he desired in regard 

rA + 


— J J. 

ntS f[ 


Hr Wiclres Is lalme to siiply hie roome in rmininjj the lyne 
of ye tovmc acording to a former order And that Monday 
next If It he poslhle he ye day h that they ineot At ri ch- 
ard cardors fence end And that Ed\7ard loarBhall doe heat ye 
dniiii to give notice 

That upon ye deolre of heni'y sal tor vfho ovmeth himself e 
to he an Inlmhltant of oharlestovm neer 3oEton the tovm© doe 
{?ive himo leave to coioume in this tovme till ye winter 
season he a litlc over 5; Ab soone as he Cann to retnrne to 
his Tidfe ,'^ children 

Here the hoolt is reversed, i-cige 5d93 heginning at the 
other end of the hook. 

293 Half pHge shorthand. 

Richard Carder 
Mr Tod 

I?ohort Potter 
John Tiippett 
Peter "Rusicott 
JohJi Coolrc 
Mr Ilolir.Tan 
Kr Warner 
John T-,:ore 

Jawes Greene 
Thonas Cfroene 

Eonry Towns en A 
Richard Earcott 
John Greone 
Reoeived ye 21st of Jtme 17r;7 tTio Bar marlr of (erasure) 
Jolm Roberts con of Fotor a Crop on ye Kight and t\70 nllts 
in ye sarae slanting to ye Root© 

Benjamin Gorton con of John Sar nark is a hal ponny 
tmdor the Right oar and a hal peny over ye left 
Eeoorded ye 7th of Juno 1751 
Charles Diokinsons "ar mark is a Crop on the Right Sar 
and afore G-ad in yo same and a hal pony "under the Loft 
ordrod jq 29th of August 1735 


Octoher ye 51 day 1663 

.'ilntred for IvTr Todd 6 ankers of liokyors 
Malachi Rodes his Earmark is a fork in ye Right Bar and 
a slit in yo loft which ??ac his fathers mark 
Recorded ye 23d of Octoher 1735 
Josiah Arnold 3ar mark is a Crop of ye Ripht 'vir Out 
square of and a halpeny ye uper ?■- undor Side of ye left 
Rooordod yo 26th of I,!ay 1724 

pr John V'iokGS Clerk 
Christopher Smiths Bar mark la a Crop of ye Right r3ar 
Cut Square of and a hal ponny ye under Side of ye Left 
Recorded ye 2d of Juno 1724 

rr,5: fis-Ti 


a ::j 



I'O i; 


per -John WiokeB Clert 
Eis son JolD Smith tQ3<:es the ll^ark. of "hie S'ather 
Half page shorth--:;.nd 


the Ear mark of Caleh Carr of ?'arvdck is a Crop on the 

left Ear and aclit over and under the Right Recorded 

fe 10th of Kay 1756 

Mr Pot tor 
Mr Tod 

John T 017ns end 
P.ichard Carder 
Riohard Harctitt 
StTikly Y/ectcoat 
Thomas Thomicraft 
-John Sweet 
■petor Oreene 
James Greene 
Thomas Greene 
Peter Btisloot 
John Lot?: Jur i:ar: mark is a Crop: of: ye Left Ear Cut 
Square of and a hole in ye I^lght Ear Recorded in Warwick 
yo Sth Day of May 173S 

per Jolm Lo\7 Jur Clcark 

Entred to Bentt Low ITov. 21, 1820 

Bamit Hill Earmark a hole in the Left ear and aslit 

bo:.' d^xtu'S os-i- -, 


(f&lBC "'^ f-raci TE«2 v... 

:^ £;: 


.rc... './O:! ;y7ni;a 


in ye top of jg ?.lg'ht Dorm Into yo Tnidle of sd Har 

Hflcordod yo g2d of October 1733 
Falf page shorthand 


Bntred for ?.!r Lor on ancor of Liclcaor 

BIntrod for .'joodTnan Burton 6 ancors of Llokyors 

Sntred for Samxell Gorton ten Ancors of Llc3ryors 

Octohor ye 6 day 

3ntred for Mr 'rod 7 ancors Idclrrs 

Octoher yo 26 day entred for p-oodTnan Imovrles 25 gallons 

llovGiaber yo 4 day ^ntred for ffranois dorhy 5 nncors of 


June yc 20th Ilr Todd a.n ancor of Llckyors 
Jraie Thonas Oreeno on Ancor of ^.■±r^'k^roTS 
?v!r Tlionas Greene ontred 5 Ancors and l/2 of licltyors ye 
24th of July 
July ye 24 i^ntred for frnnclee TJslintonrK aneorE and 1/2 

of LiclsyorE! 

!>!r Thomas Greeno hath payd all his ilxsicc to ye 50th of 

Karch 1663: to T"r John Smyth ^lYeasurer 

Augrust ye 14th, entred for Willian Burton on hoe:shead of 


Half page shorthand 

a c Ci 



The iGiiuo is not aullty 46 

The verdict of the Jury and find i'or the -^lalntive 
& give hiHi CoEt of Ooxirt and damaf^e Ton poiinds at peage 
I'light per penny 

Mt John Gereardy and f franc is Darby heing hoth agreed 
the execution is stopped the said ffrancis Darby have sat- 
isfied the damage and nothing to bo recalled here after on 
neither side upon the Acompt of the Tobacco 

March the 4/658 

Ordered that a warrant be sent for Jolin Samon and his 

John Samon being Indytcd for collinp of povrder and shot 
to ye Indeans and ye bill being found billa vera by the 
grand .TUry he being demand "I gilty or not gilty he AncYrer- 
ed he V7as gilty and referrs himselfe to the bench i'or Try- 
all now ye Judge 

47 ment of the bench is that he is indebted to the Tovme five 
pound untill they shall call for it 

An action of debt entred by James Sweet of 'iTarv/icke 
plaintive against TJiomas Stafford of the same Towne Defen- 
dant bearing date January the 26th 58 

The Defendant is taken upon a niliill dicit they hav- 
inge agreed the action is withdrawen 




.>.oI alor ■'-"-''• ^'■ 

? -oiI^I;o; 




, r ". it, , 


r.T'fTf f:. 

•^ -.■I'.- ~ 

-, "•<-.''■ 'r.-.'' T■■,^ r r 

r-.r' f;,-^ 




April the 21 Anno 1659 
The Carkac of a dead Indian T^oince foimd dead in the 
linits of this '20^10 of v7arv;T.ol:e Imedistoly a warrant vao 
granted forth hy the Deputy to produce forthvrith a Gorron- 
er Inquest which forthvdth -was done, tho naraoG of them are 
as foil owe th 

Stuiay T.-askote foreman Saoiuell Stafford 
l!r Walter Todd John Sweet 

Mr I.'athias Harvy ^aioiaaB Groene 

Christopher Onthanico Jolin '"iokes Jur 
James Street Edward Marshall 

JoIin Ccracrdy John Her?,'ood 

The verdict ■Ha.rwio'kQ the 20th of Aprill 1659 That wher- 
as John Gweet goinge out to looke aftor his cattoll found 
an Indian dead within the precincts of tho Towne of TJar- 
wioko, aliaoBt oaten up with vdlde beastee and by '"ennea- 
chickes Infomiation it is conceaved it is his brother which 
sor,etiines lived with mr Paine of Seacun>e wee being: the 
grand Inquest called to \mko Inquiry have made what enquiery 
or eearoh wee can, and cannot find what s:aould bee the oc- 
casion of his death 


These are to testify that I Christopher TlGlinc doe bind 
ray selfe to answer all damages yt nay Arise by the ocation 

■:,'•,"> '..;, 

o1 8a 





of Hecoavlug Rotort AnareT7eG Againe into my Custody adfter th© 
tovme had sent him hack to his roaster ^c ho escaped from ye mes- 
senger which 8d Andrews I ohall Ingage my selfe to havo him 
forth coming and to anser anny damage yt shall come hy it to yo 
towne wher unto I set my hand & hind my estate to raak good to 
ye utmost 

At A tovme raetteingc Chr: Holme 

Janu: 25th 1648 
n?ho Ear xa&xlz of William Hiokols son of Johji is a Crop in ye 
Right square and a half penny over & under yo same and a slit 
in the top of left. !-;intred ye 4th of September 1735. 
Half page shorthand 

300 Half page shorthand (33) 

June ye 9 day 1661 

f Erasure ' Amos Wasoott 4 ancors and. halfe of liclryor 

June ye 30 day Y/illiam Burton 3 ancors of lickyors 

July ye 9 day James Groene E ancors l/2 

Samuell Gorton ten Ancors of lickyors 

July ye 22 day Sntrcd for Joh-n Gerardy 6 ancors of liclcyors 


August ye 14 day Sntred for Mr todd 4 Ancors of Lickyors 

for frances Darby 2 Ancors iiatred 

August ye 19 day Entred for Frances Derby 22 galons of 
wine broaght from ner.-port: Augrzst yc 22d I^ntred for Goodnan 
Wascottes 5 gallons of Licliyors 

September yc 15 day lilntred for I'r Lo\7e on Ancor of Xiclcyor 

16 day (blotted)halfe an Ancor of Liclcyors Entred for 

'^S:::'.' i: 


'±IbH oc 



Mr Lo\ve 259 

20 lintred for Mr Lowe 3 Ancors of Licljyors 

for Mr garycLy on Ancor liclryor 

42 An action of the case entred "by Benedict Arnold of 

I'^rovldencc '^lalntlve againnt John Harde defendant July fhe 
3: 1651 

The Issue not Giiilty 

The verdict of the Jury is YJoe find for the defendant 
not fjuilty and the cost of the Court to he payd hy the 

It ip. ordered and agreed hjr Mr Hanclall Ho^ilden and 
my selfe namely John Greene Ju hoinge Tovmc officers upon 
the request of Hurmanus Eartoch Jan Gereard S:C that there 
bee a court of Trialls held on v/ednesday next I'ollowinge 
the date herof v.hich is concluded to bee the 17 day of 
March this present moneth 1651 

The action of John Gareard being an action of the case 
agst John Warner defendant is entered 

The ansT/er of Mr John rTamcr to the action of John 
Garuard in the action of the case is nildl dlcit the Petty 
Jury havinge brought in their verdict it is this 

Wee all agree to give the plaintive ten pounds for 
daiaadges the cost of the court together with the damadges 
and the sorvingc the Execution being sused up araountes to 
28 pound 9 shillings The goods levied by the Genii Sarieant 


for the dleoharge >.Grof is one yoxiiise mare vrith a stare In 
lier i'orhead prised by Jolin TOT/ncend & Kichard Carder at 
tv;entie poxtnd I ton 


43 Illegible 

An action ox the oase of defamation enter "by Mr Saimell 
Gorton plaintive against ':r V/alter Todd defendant the of 
April 52 

John Lippet Or is indetted to the Towne five poundes 
for selling a gmi to the Indians thie 4th of May (1652) 

Dated this S of October 1652 

John Geraerd stands bound in a bond of forty pound to 
answer his rcisdemeanures and breach of the peace ^gainst Tfr 
Randall Honlden Tovme Deputy to the ne:vt Court of Trialls to 
be hoi den the 1 '?iioGda.y in llovenbcr ne>:t in WarcTicke, to 
the Indignity of the state 

Robert Wascote stands bound over in a bond of Ten pound 
to answer for hie misdemeanures and broach of the peace 
against Hr Randall Houlden To\me Deputy at the nest Court of 
TriallB to bee holdon in the Tovnio of r/arv/icke the 1 Tuesday 
in llovember ne:ct ensuinge 

The Coui-t is adiourned while the first tueG(?ay in -Jan- 
uary next onsulnge 

The tv70 bonds beinge v/ithdravmc the matter is ended. 

( OQ 



48 EnoT.' all racn by these precents that I Peter Busioott 
tlacke smith Inhabitant of the Tov/ne of \7arv/icl-:e in the ITan- 
hlganset hay in new England have sould and passed over my 
full right and Interest in trie house lott and all the priv- 
iledgos themnto holonginge which I bought of Thomas Thom- 
icraft, unto John Bennet dwellinee in the sayd ?ovme, I 

say I have sould him the sayd Lott \7ith all the housinge 
both the dv/ellinge house and other out howsinge together 
with the fOiioinge and Goaonige and all other landes devld- 
ed or undevided ther unto bolonginge for satisfaction al- 
reaia^'' received I say I have sould the abovesayd Lott and 
housing together rdth all the apurtenancos therunto bolong- 
inge unto the sayd John Bennet to liim and his heires for- 
ever, without the molestation or hinderanco of nee my 
heires or AGighnes, or any other by or under nee, and for 
the true and faythfull performance horofe I have herunto 
sett rny hand and aeale this 5 of ITovember 1654 

Sighnod sealed and Peter 777" Busjioott 

delivered in the presence 

Ricliard Towns end 

John Greene Jur 


49 Know all men by those presents that I George }3aldin of 


tliG ToTTiiG of V/arv/iokc in the Colloney of rrovidencc ""lan- 
tatlonee have Donld nn-fco -eteT Biisicott of the same "^ovme 
all that by dwellinge house anfl other housing:© bvA land 
that I bought of Thomas r^hornicrar t , part of rhlch vms plv- 
en tmto Thomas 'Phomicraft hy the Tovme of Warwlcl-:e for the 
maMnge and maintayniiigo of a water fence to secure fuln- 
nimico'Ire and War^-dcke ITeckc, and "by this proe^cnt deed doe 
uiake OTer unto Peter Busioott all n^ right and Interest of 
all the housing:e and land, with all the prlviledges and 
apurtcnancer- therto bclonr:lno:e, as I had it of the sayd 
7horaas -Tjiorni craft to have and to hould to hlni and his 
hoires forever rathout the hindernnee of molestation of mec 
or any other by or under moe 

Sealed and delivered in 

the presence of ug the 10th The raarkeotJ 

of December 1654 of George Ealdin. 

Ssokiell Holliraan 

Henry r.oddockc 
Oapt Jociah Arnold '^larc F.ark 1g a cnuare Crop of ye loft 
Eare atid aslit Right in under ye Gam& , and a half penoy yo 
fore side yo P:if:ht 

Recorded the first Day of July Anno d 1740 

505 Half pag9 shortTiand 


Aujrv-st yo 6 day 1661 iilntrcd for Fir Jolm nreene on bar- 


rell of pOT/der and 2 Itarrellc of Shoate : : Octoljer tho 12 
■]ntred i'or ,\iaos wascott 2 Aiikorv'3 of liclcyour noveKlicr yo 
7 day Sntrod for Mr wecl^ott6 ancors of liclniors ISntred for 
Jerimiay V/asoott 5 anoors intred for ffrancis Derby 10 An- 
cors of Llok:>rors noveiabor ye 6 day 3ntrod 6 ancors of liclc- 
yors for Mr Todd 

for i.'r John "reone 6 ancoro of llckyors 
for vrilllaK! Burton 6 ancors of liokyorr^ all T?hloh 
out of Bale- tons 

12 for Amos Wasco tt 4 ancorn of liol^ors 
25 "untred for Goodman Imowells 34 gallons of run'bc 
April ye 22 day 1662 Entred for Mr Walter Todd 6 an- 
cors of licker 

Mr TvGCkos 2 ancors and l/S of llckors 
Roger burlinghain on ancor and 4 

306 Half -pag-e shorthand 


Tho Court of ?ryall8 held at 7/arwlckc the 30th of 
AuguBt 1659 

Mr Smith Deputy; John Greene Asistant and Clarke "by 
reason of the ahsoence of the Sargeant l»illiara :3aton is 
made tho Sargeants Deputy during Sosoiona 

'Tlio Jury men are Jaaca Greene John Sinlth nason 7/llllar 
Burton John Lippett ar Hichard Carder John Goreerdy 

Hlohard Carder and John Geraordy heln^ absent l^e 

'•yi f' 


Sargeant is apointed to warno in some TovmGinen to f^uply the 

These are oho sen to fill xx-p the (lir Harvey foreman 

Jury in the roorae of those ahsent (Thoroas nedfjer 

ffrancis Dorhy being-e Indicted for hreach of larre "by 
sollinee liquors to tho Indians the verdict of the Jury is: 

Benoney Watortoan Sanr.ark of his Creatiiros ia a fork in ye 
Right Bar and a half penney ye underside of the sarao. Enter- 
ed ye 3d of 'lay 1731 


(52) Kno^ all men hy these presents that I Thomas (omission) 
of the To^-i-ne of "ar'.vicko in the C611ony of ^rov( omission) 
"'lantationes have sould unto Thomas Bradly of same To^me 
all that my dwellinge house and other housinge and land that 
I "bought of reter Busioott part of whioh formorly xi&s given 
unto Thomas Thomicraft hy the Tovmo of wartJicke for the 
makinge and maintayning of a v;ater fence to s( erasure) 
Quinimicoke and ;Yarwicke neoke and hy this present deed 
doe make over imto Thomas Bradly all my right and lutorcGt 
of all the housingo and land with all the priveledges and 
apurtonances therto helonginge, as I had it of the sayd "ot- 
or Busioott to have and to hould to him and hie he ires for- 
ever without the hindoranoe or molestation of moe or any 


other "by or imder moe, 

Ootobcr 8th 1655 

S inline (^ ■^•n''' GoalGd Thonas 'Rolph 

in pro so once of lis 

Henry Leddoolro 

P.ichard Gardor 
Peleg Sponcer aatk 1g tr-o hall' pennoys under yo Left ear 
and one over the Right 

iilntrod. tho 14th of UovGrnher 1740 
Gooro Jlnlls Earmark is a Flit in the top of the Right ear 
and a Slit over and imdor the left Slanting to\7ard!? the 
Rooto of sd "ar 

.jntrod yo 24th of iiovonber 1740 

53 ?etor Groone beinge rccoaved a free InhaMtont to the 
tovme of i^arvricke the firct of May 1647 and havingc a peece 
of land gratmted him for a honse lot and also confirmed 
containinge six acres more or Ioggc ''^•■"^■ded northeast by a 
high t^reiy into the Ilecke S-. a freeh (illegible) on the south 
west B.B also a highv.'S.y on (illegible) one end Southeast and 
the front iiorthv/est against the comnon as also a pecce of 
ground grauntod him upon the front of his lot containing 
(illegible) acrec more or Iopbo af? the record specofies alsc 
a peece of land grounted i. o- riininiraocul-!: containinge 




an acre nore or lesse 'ocingo ye first lott by order 

Shoraas Greene TDcinge recoaved a free inhabitant to the 
tovme o± Vaxvd.G'kQ ye 3d of December 1647 havinge a peeco of 
land gratinted .<:; confirmed to Mm for a house lot oontaininge 
siz acres more or lessc "boxinded northeast upon Thomas Thome- 
crafts hoiisG lot & aouthr-vost upon John Lippott conior, south- 
east "by a highway the front northwoGt upon the oomon. 

JamcG Greene belnge rooeaved a free Inhabitant into the 
toi:7no of TTarwlcke the 3d of December 1647 & having a pooce 
of land graur'f^ro " oo-nflrmed to hira for a housolot contain- 
ing sis acres more or lesse boundod northeast upon Jolm Lip- 
pett senior c: southv7est upon Robert letter « southeast upon 
a highway and the front ITorth^Te^t upon the coriKion. 


54 54 

RcccordG of Lands 
John Greene Ju bein^'o rooeaved into tlie Townc of V/ar- 
wicko the 1 of May 16 ( ] as a Townsman is granted and by 
the (ille^l")le) coni'irnicd unto him ono paroeli of land for 
a house Lott Contayningo slxe akerc xaoro or losse lyingo 
ne2:t to the ford on the (illacible) east sido runnlngo a 
high\my on the South fillegibTe) on the front tv;ont-y r;odd 
in bredth northerly bounded by the Conaon boingc northxvest 
and P.ichard Earcutts housolott on the Horthoast: runinge 

lo ocmoir 


into tno lTocX:e Southeast ?orjidcd "by the Hig3iT!-s.y ar? also a 
peeoe of land grsjitod him fcy tho Tovmo on tho I'roTit as the 
Hecords specifies, as alco a sharo in Quinimicoke 

Kichard Carder hGin0e tm Inhabitant o'^ ^-'-q tovme of 
Yl8.rvri.Gke & havinge his lott graunted to hiir. heinge ahout 
tliree acres raoro or loose hounding Southwest upon Chrlsto- 
phor Heine & northeast upo-'-' *'i-!f-i3 "^arton, tho r--'^v'.- ->rth- 
west upon yc coinmon Pc the other end southeast tiie com (illeg- 
ible) having also all privllcdgGS of a free Inhabitant 
annerod to it; also an acre of land upon Quinnlmraoculc jnore 
or Icsso grauntod hinv "by "the tovme hoinge lot the EO accord- 
ing to order 

Petor Biinicott hcinge receaved a free Inhabitant into 
the Totmc of ':7ar^7ieke ?o havings a parcel of land grauntod 
to hln for an house lot & also confirmed containing six 

55 more or Iccse hoinge bounded northeast upon a fresh river 
Soiithqast upon i:]jc highway over against Szokioll Eoliiiians^ 
Southwest upon the coT.TOon (illegible) Stulrly '"estcot ^o 
ITorth\7ent unto the coniron alco a pooce of land grauntod hira 
Ujpon Quinnimocii]-: ocntaining an acre mere or loese being tho 
ISth lott acoordinge to order. 

Thoinas Thornooraft bcinge receaved a free Inhabitant 
into the 'Dorme of V/arvTioko & having a parcel of land graunt- 






ed to Mm for an houselot &: also confirmed nix acres more 
or lecGo "bclncG 'bounded northeast tLpOTi iUzokloll Eollinan 
Soiitlieast upon a highway in the necke, Soiithv/est tipon Thon- 
as Greene the front heinoe northwest against ye conwion also 
an acre of land more or Iggsc upon '"iiinnlraociik graunted him 
he Inge the 4th lott 

Christopher Helme bcinge roceaved a free inhabitant 
of the T'OTOie of "TarTrlcke F- havin^pa parcell of land c^^annt- 
ed « confirined for an hoiise lott oontaininp.e sis: acres more 
or lesse "belngc hoxinded ITortheact upon Richard Carder South- 
east upon the Cove also a croeke on the South^^ost the front 
lorthv/est upon the common also a parcel of land grs.untcd her 
upon Qulnnimocuk heingo the fift lott 

January ESth 1648 TJarvrick 
Chrl : Holme: having thretenod the '"ovme in general 
for goeing ahout to undermine the Toirme his Act tentifies 
the tnith of his threats: 

^ee helng orderly ciet In a torme meting doe agroe and 
Conclude yt the said Chrl: Hclmo is v7holy deprived of all 
rite and Intrest In this plantation hut only yt vfh hee hath 
in present posetion apropreated, hut only yt wh the Tovmo 
doth freely condoscnd to, hy pennition till hce ca,ne laak 
forther provltion vh woo conolud to hce hy the first day 


of May 1649 and after that day prefi:-:ecL lioe is not to inalre 
tiGc of cnny conon priviligo biit as a transproaer lia"ble to 
anoor for contonpt therein 


Christopher Ilolme you are hoinid to (illegihle) in ye 
some of 50 to hoc levied in lands goods f: chattclls to an- 
swer nt oi;r next Ooiirt of trialls held in this Collony to 
such tilings as shall thon and there hoc charged upon you & 
in the monnc time to stand to A-ood hchavior tov/ards all hie 
raaety Leage people this 30th of Jan 1648 

You arc to hocono hound to the State 

of 'Sng-land in the Asumset of tonn pon.nd, to hringe forth 
the Boddy of Cohort V/ascote to perconall apearancc at the 
neixt court hold at 'Yarvviclvo 


Dated the 26 of July 1649 

You Richard Carder do acknov;ledge yourcclf indebted 
to the "tate of iJngland in the erco. of tcnn pounds the Con- 
dition v/herof to hringo In the Boddy of I?o"bert 1??ascot to 
apoare at the next Court hold at '^arra cl-e and thore to an- 
swer to T7hat ohall be layd to hje charge 

An action of Trespass entred by Jsjncs Creene ac.ainst 
Stulrly V/astcott the 13 of August 

An action of the Oaco entred by iiichard Earcutt plain- 
tive against Sachaiy Hode Defendant 




An action of the Case entred by James Greene Plaintive 
agaynst Stukly Wascote Defendant the 2d of January to "be an- 
swered the next Court 

The Ans of Saohary Rode ie to deny the action of I?ich- 
ard Harcutt 

William field witnessed that Richard Harcutt forhad 
Sachary Rode 

The Ansor of Stulcly Wasoote not Guilty 

Samuel Bayleys raai-k a Crop on the Right and a for egad 
in ye left i^.ar and a halpenney under yo gad Recorded 2lBt of 
June 1737 

313 Half page shorthand 

Goodiaan Dickons Teatifieth that Eohert \7ascote cane & 

of hand broiicht 
John Green the son of I2r Jams Green deseaced his i^are 
mark© of his Creatures ie a Crop one the left 3ar and a half 
pony on the upper sido of the Sight Ear Hecordcd the 20th 
day of august 1720 pr George Weastgcate Torai Clerk 

Anthony Lows iCare laarok of his Creatures is a hole cute 
out of ?]ach Zlare Recorded tho 23 day of Aug-ust 17E0 per 
George T/eastgeate Town Clerk 

Stephen Low takes tho above ?nark for his Cattle SoO 
Entered the 6th day of July 1789 By Janes Jerauld '::'ovm Clk 
3ntered to 7/m Green (S G 

^^^ T-f: 



■±L6H Sle 





314 Half page sT-orthand 

Phillip Arnold Ear mark Is a Slit into ye Kiidel of ye 
left nar Cut In half way Doi'm to ye P.oote and a slit in ye 
under Side of ye Pight Cut r^qiiare into sd ■'::ar Recorded ye 
20th Day of stprill 1719 

ffones Oreen ^'lar mark Is a Crop on yo top of ye Loft Eare 

Cut sciiare of 

Pecordod ye first Day of July 1719 
ye ahovo sd Phillip amoldj? wark is now altred and his 
nark U no^r a slit in ye loft oar as above ?c a Slit in ye 
Tiper eide ye Bight Ear 

Recorded ye 15th of fehniary 1723/4 

316 Ealf page shorthand 

John Earner the eare mark of hie Cattoll is a hindc f::ad 

on the left care : 

Recorded August 16, 1712 
Entered to John Warner ITovr 21, 1820 

Saiiiuell Stafford son of j\rnos Stafford the Eare mark of 
his Cattle and other Creatures is a Crop on ye left Tiare and 
a h^lpeny on ye uper side ye same T::are and a halpeny in ye 
upcrsido ye Hight Reeordod ye second Day of Jtme 1718 

James Colyins r:ar mark is a fork in ye Right Ear and a 
Glit in ye Sane in ye top of ed l^nr Entred ye 5th of Docon- 
hor 1721 


s nl 


'x in 


:..'j.j; ::•. u-l; 

' ttO 

ei ec 

--..v £r«« ©I*!^^'j oj..> 


!516 Half page shorthand 

Mr Green £r 

John Grocne Jr 

Mr Tiolliman 

StxH' V'a::-liOtc . . 

Rich Towneend 

Mr TZickes 

Mr Gorton 

James Crocnc 
Henery Hod. . . 
Jam Street 

John Bennet leaves 
out the slit underside 

Jolm Greens son of Jnroos 
Green his ::i:armark is novr alter- 
ed and is a Crop on ye Left car 
and a hind Gad on ye undor oide 
of ye Right 5? a hal penny ye 
uper Side of yo Oamo 

'ilntred npon Record yc 13th 
of ffehriiary 1725/4 and is alter- 
ed hy Reason his "brothers Sen 
named Ehneazer Green hath a De- 
sire to take ye marke v?hich he 
formerly marked on it heing his 
fathers mark 

John Bennit son of Samuel 
Ear mark Is a Crop in yo Right 
ear and two olits in ye same 
and a slit ye under side ye same 

44 Ane Action of deht entered hy St\iokly ^^estkot of V'ar- 
wioke plaintive arainet Peter Buzicot c:mith of the same 
TOTOio Defendant IJoveinher the 27th 1656 As also Ane Action of 
doht and Treepao entered hy Roter Buzloot smith in v;ai^:dcke 
plaintive ag/rinst S'Uikly v/ostkoto defendant ITovemhor the 
30th 1656. Soe hoth the parties heing agreed "both the Ac- 

•rfj-Tori'" 5-,r:'r J.L 




tions are rrithdravTen the second of febniary 1656/7 

Ane Action of debt entorod "by •:ttickly westkote of 

T.'arv;icke plaintive ajrst John Goroardy' of the Menadoos in 

the new llethcrlandG defendant 

Hay the 6th 1657 

Ane Action of debt entered hy Robert rcetkoto of tTsr- 

rlcke plaintive against V/illiam Sanders of tlie same llovme 

defendant January the 27th 1656 So© both the parties being 

agreed the Action is withdrar/en the eecond of februaiy 1656. 
Ane Action of a hxindred pound upon neglect entered by 

Robert Hearngton mariner and rnaster of the Barko Bobora 

plaintive agst Rogor Anadovm ship Carpenter Defendant v;ar- 

moke the 3 of June 1657 


'Tarwicke the 2 8th 1657 
45 Ane Atachnent served upon the house and land of Thomao 
Erington late deceased of V/arwicke 'b:/ Mr Szekiell Holliinan 
of the aforesaid tovmo to be foorth coining to Ans^rer him in 
ane Action of debt upon divers bills 

The above reocrd is scratched out. 

T7arr;icke the 80th 1657 
Ane Attatohmont served by Mr Saokiell Holliraan plain- 
tive upon the house and land of Thomas Crington late deceas- 
ed defendant both inhabitants of the tovmo of warrricke the 

T> A 


:v XO 

ovx ji^xii£(j 




:toa 8± .6"xo©si 9T0da ©rlT 

■■•'-'■■ ^ri:;t ac-' -■■^^.i 



aforesaid house and land mth App^irtonnnces thereunto "bo- 
loncing are to he foorth Corning to Ansv7or the aforesaid 
SzoMcl Holliman in ane Action of debt upon divers hills 

Warwiolte Apr ill the 3 50 
Ane Action of the case I-Dntered hy Joh-n Geraordy of 
mtrwioke plaintive agst ffrancis Darby Sojourner of the sam< 
towne defdt. 

Warwioke the 2 of I'ay 58 
A niMll Dixit entered "by John Groen Junior Atrxmey 
for John Geraerdy agst ffrancis Darby 

Warv^dcke the E of May 58 
The AnsT7or of ffrancis Darby defendant cojourner in 
warvTicke to the declaration of Mr John Gercardy plaintive 
Inhabitant of the came tovmo i3 that he is not gilty of 
any thing contayned in the declaration and is tilling to 
Answer tho Action according to lav; 


50 Henry Toroisend having purchased the I.Illl at Warwicke 

with all the apurtinances thereunto beloneing ^hc Tovme of 
T7arwicke havingo formerly e^ranted doe by thio act confirme 
to the abovesayd Heniy six akorn of ''eddowo raore or lecsc, 
lying iipon the east side of the Crceke called by the Indiane 
Y/awooncke bounded by the sea on the south, tho Crecke on 
the v7Gst side and on the Ilecke by a v/hitc Oake betAvixt John 
Townsend and hin as also on the easteme side by the ris- 

5 i:BE^'^:0 .;.... y..;.: 'iOWSXi;' 

/■. • ( -T ><■ ■•f«*i »^ ' 

■':• ■■- sti.t, ,.i..^ 

itrfol ""jcf fio 

r,- .-X •)• ty" 

O dOitJ-o/. 

1 " .-, c^ 


•"-< "i- -■•'. 




r f- 


• ■''^r'rrT 




.,T-..--rn -nrr-'- Trt .■^'^f■;^' 



inge of tho hills, ae alc3o part of It lyinge over the oth- 
er 8ido of the hill torderinge on "both sides of a small 
Oreelre being next to the aforsayd Croeko oastv/ard and call- 
ed Woothungornott: This moddov/e is confirKod to him upon 
tho tenure as the record npocifies in the Grant therofe: 
John ToTOisend heinge rcceaved an Inhabitant in this 
Towne of Warwicke the Sd of -July (49) and havinge a house 
lott granted him hounded hy tho highway on the South and 
3ast as also on the northwest by a six skor lott of Rich- 
ard :rov;nsends as also on the '^fost by another six aker lott 
of the sayd Hichards vrheron aIe now dwellingo house stands 
the sayd Jolins lott containing© six akers more or losse, 
as also beinge granted another six aker lott up the same 
brooke bounded on the f^o-'Tf^'if^nr'-^ r■r^,l''• ^ l-,y "-ichard vovmsends 
six aker lott l^-j the highvmy northeast by the Comon Horth- 
v/est and Idj the brooke soutliwest as also 

51 beinge grauntcd five akors of n^eddo^7 more or lesse lyinge 
on the v;ost side of tho Creekc called by tho Indians Fa- 
■v70onku bounded about the head of the Oroeko at on end by a 
white Oake tree vrhioh is the bounder betwixt his brother 
Henry Tor.nsond and him, on the oast side by the Greeke on 
the north and V/est by the rising of the hills and on the 
south by the sea, which sayd paroells of land are by this 

•-rf 03- 

c. — 

■■■■i^" •..-,r,.r S^ee gx£^ 

'■' '. f" ■■»■, r -. --r 


aot oonfirmed unto liin; 

Kay the 12:1654 
I hearby make taiowen unto all tj^ott. this may conoom 
that I Heniy ^ovmscnd of warv/icke one of 'Tovldenoe ?lanta- 
tlonos In Hew "Zlngland Planter have fiilly and really eotild 
•unto iny "brother Johja '.'•oTmeond of the aforsayd place his helre 
Exequltours administrators or aeignes for satisfaction al- 
ready received eeverall parce,lls oi land as folloT;7eth, one 
parcel part of what was ray house lott and part of that ifshich 
was our brother Richards is boiinded thus, Joh-n i.'ores ho^ise 
lott on the vreat, Peter Greenes lott on the East, the Croelre 
on the v3o^^th and it reaches short of the hlghv/ay on the north 
tr/enty pole and my neddow sliare as I vras a purchasor of Flsh- 
a^7omett necko of land this meddowe share lyeth on the South 
of the aforsayd necke bounded rith the sea on the South and 
rny right as I was a p^^rchaser of all the lands in the aforsayd 
Hecke that are at present undevided, and ray purchashippe 
beyond what is slowed to bee the ToiTnes due by grant sell 
iny right and Interest of the foronentioned land I say I hive 
soxild and delivered, and for the duo and true performance 
hereof I bind niee ray heiros Exequitoiirs administrators or As- 
sigiics from claymine or molestinge ony of this abovecayd 
landes in witnesse wherofe I sett ray hand the day and ycare 
first above vrritten sealed signed and delivered in presence 
of us 

John Greene, Jr. Henry Townscnd 

Richard Towns end 




■ Oil? 'ro 


."■rr. "'f'iT. 


321 naif page shorthand 

Jaly ye 3d, 155£ 

IDntrod for Jerlaciiah Wascott half an anlrer of llclkyors 
yc 6; 3ntred for TTsleton on ancor 
ye 13 Entred for v/illlaTn Btirton 12 gallonB 
ye 29 Entred for William Burton 24 g-alons lickyors 

August ye 20 Entrod for James Greene on barrell 
ye 28: Entred for Hr Todd 2 ancores of lickyors 

for gootoan wasoott on hogshead of liolqrors 
Sntred for Jeriaroiah 2 ancore 

ye 29 Entred for Mr John C-reeno on hogshead of liclvyors 

September ye 24 Entrod for Thoaae Greene 2 hogsheads 

for i;r Todd six ancors licfe 

for Wasoott 8 ancors liclryors 

Entred for Kr Sinyth 6 Ancors liok^'-or 

322 Half rage shorthand 

39 Mr John Garady Cattellef! ye are marl-e is a Round in 
hole in ye left years 

Hr Smiyth Catelles yeare tnarkc is a orope of ye rifhto 
yeare and a halfe peny tuider it 

Goodman hogers yc Catell yeare raarkc is a Grope of ye 
right yearo and a Slite in ye Grope and a Slitt under ye 
left yeare 


John 'otters Catcllee yeare Harlre is a fore ^d on ye 
neare yeare and a hinder gad on yo right yeare 

Majr Randall Koldon '^anmrk of hia Croatuers Is a Slant- 
ing Slitt In ye underside of ye loft :.':ar tovra-rds ye Hoot 
of sd Ear in this figuer which hath "bin held by bin and 
hie father upwards of Seventy years '^.ntred ye 6 of Deccr'.her 

58 Christopher Unthanke hoinge receaved an Inhabitant in 
this Tov/ne of ?/ar'?\lclro and havinge a house lott granted him 
"bounded "by the streete Horth on the southvrest side by John 
^7amore houeelott on the Hortheast side by John Mores houso- 
lott on the sc^ith end by a highynay on the great ITecke as 
also a share of raeddowe on Q,ulniiniooke vidolioet all the 
meddow tliat is noT/able accordinge as the ?o-wno order spcoi- 
fies as also a six alter lott bounded on the front by the 
street on the other end beingo north by the Oomon the Sast 
side b:/ a highway, on the west side 'by John v/amers six 
ai:er lott, these sayd pareells of land are by these presents 
confirmed unto him 

IJiohard Toimend beingo receayod an Inhabitant hath been 
granted unto him 4 gi:n: sOccr lotts the first boinge on the 
south side of the Street whoron hoe firet built bounded Hlast- 
erly by the sr;TS.ll brooke betwixt Peter Greene and him vjest- 


\ .1 




wara "by Honry Tofmsonds Lot-'- •witli two akers of land in 
the Heclre "bcinge part therol'e, also layd out to him 12 
akoTG moro on v.'liich lio luiilt on the ITorthwost ^jidc of the 
Street wheron he huilt hoimded "actorly hy John Totynsond 
land Westerly and Northerly hy the Gomon as alsso six akero 
raore on the other Bide the hrooke hounded ^.asterly hy the 
high way T'estcrly hy the Coiabn Southerly and Northerly hy 
two six alter lotts of Johji Tovmecnd as al.?o a share of Med- 
dowc hoinge S al:ers more or lesac layd out to hira in ITau- 
caucut Uecke 

59 Enow all men hy these presentes that I John ?ownsend 

Inliahitant of the 'Hovm.e of \7ar\7iGke in the Hanhigansett Bay 
and Collonoy of Providence Plantations in How F.ngland have 
sould and passed over to Edward .'Indrevres Inliahitant of 
Rhoade Hand in the ahovosayd Colloney cy full right title 
and Interest in the groat !7ecko called !,!if;haoiT5ct or ^.Tar- 
wiclre lecke as namely on share of raeddowe lyinge at the 
far end of the sayd nccte on the south side neer the sea 
side heinge already, hounded, as also all my right in the 
sayd Beck of land undevided, as also I the sayd Jolna Tovm- 
sond have sould unto the sayd !3dward /Jidrowes, three six 
akor lotts Jo^minge together lyinge in the sayd To^mo of 
War^vioke heinge bounded "by Kichard T'ov/nsend hotxee lott on 
the v;cst side hy the highway on the south, and heinge the 

:t *>^:-^ 

3 otrd" ''■' 

Yl... , 

.•i> T rx^^v ■• . r-y-r 

liroO o-if;/ ^cr 




afront, and by a Mgiivray on the Zas"^. side, by the Comon at 
the north end, beinge tho valuation of elebteon alrers raore 
or lesse: I say I the sayd John TOTmsend have oould for sat- 
isfaction in brand reoeaved, and doe by this aot pass over 
all the abovesayd land tri th all priveledges thorin oontayn- 
ed ±'ron race my he Ires Sxequitoii.rB Adminietrators to the 
sayd Edward .lnttre\'«es his heires Bxeqtiitours AdrainiBtrators 
or Assignee to Enjoy tdthout molestation from moe or any 
by mee in v.-itnesse wherofe I have hsrxmto sett my hand and 
scale this 18th of Kerch 1654/5 

Sighnod Sealed and delivered John / Tor-TiBend 

In presence of iis ' 

?;illiaia Lytherland 
John oroone Jr. 
Richard Harcutt 


(60) October the 29 - 1650 

Tjior? all men by these preeonts that I Peter Busicott 
of TfarTTiclrc blaclieoiaith have eould and sott over unto "sg- 
telell Holliman of tho same 'J.'ovme all that my Lett {^ranted 
iinto mee by the Tovmeemen bcinge six ators lyingo by the 
brooke that comes from tlie greate pond bjr the land of John 
Warner on the Sorth, and upon the highway in the East and 
upon tho Comon on the South vfith all the ApTirtenancos and 
privcledges granted unto moe by the T0Ymsi:ien o:ir v/arryiclre 




wlfh tho aayd lott, to liavc and to houlcl from thip day 
forvjard to lilm and his hclros forever vrithout tho molo sta- 
tion or jhinderance of any my iheires or Aselgnes or any otTi- 
or "by or midcr moe horunto I have sett -a^ "hr.nO. 
In presoonce of the marke of 

Thoiaas Thomicraft ?eter 77T Euzioott 

■Jolm Xippott ser 'bcino;c reoeaved a "■'o-vmfiman Into this 
Torjne of War\7i eke havlnge a hoiisolott C'^antou. unto Mm 
botmded by the houselott of Thomas Or-eeno Horthoast "by the 
great llecke Southeast, hjr James CreencG' honeo lott couth- 
wost frontinge on the street ITorttwostorly T7ith tho right 
of a TOTmshipp thcrto belonging is by this aot confinned 
unto him 


(51) Jtily the 11 1652 

Know all racn by thes presentes that I John T/amor of 
T7arwic3:e in tho Uanhigansett Bay in ITgtt England bcinge by 
the Providence of God bound for Ould England and as provi- 
dence orders it am necessitated to leave a younge child be- 
hind mee, namely Kachell V.'arner, vrhich child io at this 
present, -with the yjifc of John Smith, mason, in Providenco 
to nurse, and as care and concienco bindeth mee to take care 
for the T7oll ordering of my child in my absence, I doe by 
this Intreato and also betrust my, lovlnge friondes the 'Tovra© 
of Providence ^Tith the care thorofo, and because the season 


10 ou-CDoaaiq; xil 

\VV 'Si 

-! aj 

^0 4> ^ 


"-A ;-. .'-.'•-I^'" 

. id 

.-TO "■^^li-rf'rfO'r'.t J-bgw 

fnijf o-J-nir 


Tfi' •jrnrr^T 

."!■(-'-' > .'itr.?*.'- ' o 


r- mp, ;^j: 

,0 312 jxrxa 



of the sroare is very difficult (\vlth respect of 111118110806) 
to gctt tlio TomiG together, to acquaint then vdth ray de- 
sire, I doe more particulary Intreat my falthfull and 
TTorthy fricndes, l!r Rohert Williams Thomas Olnej'- and Thom- 
as Harris of Provedence to^rethor with Mr Walter Todd and 
Eeni"y ToT?nSGnd of Warv/ioke (with their good likinge) to 
boe as fevees in the "behalf e of itigc and the Tomie of ~rov- 
idence, and aocordince to the Judgment of m^ aforsaid 
friends to ord-er and dinpose of my child as they see co^^^ 
ocoaslon either for the continuation of the child where it 
is at present or to remove it to another place, as in their 
Jlidgssents noceSGity sh-all rocrairo, and for the future sup- 
ply, or defrayinge any charge that may arise hy ray child, 
I doe hy this signe sealc and passe over to the Towne of 
Providence, and these iny fevees in trust for that purpose 
as aforsayd (llr Robert WilllanB Thomas Olney Thomas Har- 
ris of Providence together with Walter Todd and 

62 and Henry Tovmsend of Warvrf.clce) all my housing and landes, 
rite and Interest of Purchas which I the sayd John T:^anior 
have in the To\mshippe "Purchase of VJarwiolte, with some 
goodes in the house, as also wliat rite is yet beloncinge 
to moe in Providence all which hoiises goodes and landes 
both in Warwioko and Providence as aforsaydo, to bee in 

■-:■ I :.JL .1. V' 


■^:c =-y 

0* -xovo saasq i?. 0OJ3 I 

•■rF- fs^fij'.rrt'r ■^•wr o 

• ,. fv'' ^ r,--/..-..--/^''-,. 

•, 8£ 


the disposistion of my forsayd frienacs as iny child iG, 
with no lec-se authritie then I the eayd John V/amor have 
in the saine, cither to lett tiee or sell, as thoy shall see 
Jast occasion, and what ever they shall doe is of as pood 
authritie as though I tlie sayd John '.Tamer had done and 
performed it, imtill wy returno againe froxn Snglajid, in 
mine ovmo person, or hy my Aei^-nes bnt if it please pod so 
to order it, to prevent mj rctume in perron, or T>y ray 
Aslgnes, by death, then doe I Intreat my friendes, the 
Tovmc of Providence, ray frienderj specified in this 
wri tinge, namely Ilr. Williains, llhomas Olney, Tiiomae Harris 
of Providence & IJr Todd J: Henry To^meend, of mirvriclie (not 
onely to he friendes "but fathers to my eayd child, ^: the 
estate aforsayd to hee for the hringingo of it up, all 
charges defrayed, what rcraaines to hee as a small portion 
for it, or to Convey the child to England, if it bee desir- 
ed by any friendec there, and you my friends Intrusted see 
good reaoon for it, and this to bee rqy act, sighned and 
sealed, witnesseth my hand the day & yeare abovesayd 
Sighned Sealed 8: 

delivered in presconce of John T/amer 

ye marke of Johji J^ Smith mason 

Bdward Inman 

James Ashton 


Providonoe 24:6:55 (so caled) 
Whorece Jolrn Warner late of VJarwicke departynge this 
land, "bctrusted the Toxmc of -rovidcnoe vrith. Me dauehtor 
Pachell and loft mito tho sayd Totttlg his hoiiDc and land at 
Y/arv.lcke for tho cliildec use: Che Sovaic o± .rovidonce (vrLth 
the consent of the late Gonll Court of Providenoe doth 
traneferr & coEimltt the sayd Pachcll unto I.Ir Holllinan of 
Warwicke her Grandfather together v/ith the sayd house and 
land So priveledges & apurtenances & right of purchase, as 
also v;hat Interest and right may iDolonsc to hira the sayd 
John V/amer in Urovidonco for the use and bonef itt of the 
eayd chJ.ld, as also all other depts and dues coisminee to 
the sayd chi3.d upon the acount aforsayd 

Witnesse John Saj/los To-sTne Clark© 

Roger v/lllia2/is -resident 

SaEuel Pinny's lilar mark of his Creatures is a Slit in 
the top of the Right ear and a half penny under the Same 
Recorded T.'arch 20th 1755 

3y J. Lippitt Clerk 
Stephen Arnold's Car mark is a Crop on the left ear a 
slit in the Crop ^ a fore gad in the Right 
Recorded the 20th March 1755 

By Jere Lippett Clk 

■c-r'-{ !to 'jrr.TO" 

^\ 1-71 rf 



3f 10 



64 ThiQ Doede nado 'bearinee date this 19 day Decenber In 
the yeare of our lord Christ (56) V/itnesseth that I MGrgo.rot 
Helae wldoT; of \7arv7icke by iny Atumey P^alph Earle senr of 
T'ortsnoxith on Poad Hand liave sould to P.ichard Cardor of 
Y/ari!7lo3ie that houBo & lot containinge six acres more or 
lesse lyinge :<!; "beinge in the foresayd totme of uarwickc Ad- 
iosmingo to the house lot of tho foresayd Richard Carder 
Southwest to liavc & to houlde the sayd house & lot ;7ith all 
the fcncingc stiiffe thoron F: wee tho foresaydo Ilargarett 

& Halph doe acquit our c elves of all our right & title ther- 
in both of us our Aires or A-Ssigncc for ever I cay woe the 
foresayd Margaret & Halph have could & delivered the fore- 
sayd house & lot unto Richard Carder to bee unto him ?o his 
heires for ever finae v;ithout molestation in witnesse wher- 
of wee the sayd Ralph & Margaret doe set to our hands & 

Sealed and Delivered in the 

Present of Ralph Sarell 

Randall Kouldon Hargot Helme 

Richard Osbo?-'ne 

9he we3?de Seuth West was Snterliaed before the Sealing 


65 The Ear mark of the Cattle and other Creatures of 
Charles Iloldon Junr ic tv/o Slits in tlie left Ear one being 




Right in the top and the other a little on the imdor Side 
and a half poniiy on the under Side of the Bight "^ar 
Recorded Octoher t]:o 5th day 1757 

By Jer lippitt Tovm OTk 
Silas Bakers Ear Mart of his Creattires is a Crop of the 
Right 3ar and a Slit -under the eame 
Dechr the 2d, 1758 
This mark is taken up hy Moses Baker 

Jere lippett Clk 
Arnold Trolls : Earnark of his Cattle is a Crop on the 
Right Ear & a half penny on the upper and underside of the 
sare 3ar 

Recorded ilov. the lOth 1763 

By Jer. lippitt Clk 

66 Fjiow all men by those presents that I John Terms end 
Inhabitant of the Towne of V/arwicke in the Collony of "^rov- 
idonoe Plantationes, in ITevf I^ngland, have sould unto Thomas 
Stafford Inhabitant of the same Tovme, all my housinge to- 
gether vd-th the land enclosed, adioyningo thorunto boinge 
boxmded Eastward by the SBall brookc, and v/estv7ard by Joim 
Moores lott, on the front part by the coSbn, and partly by 
some land of Richard To^Tnsends and Henry 'Povmsends, at the 
South end by the Hill Creeke, as also five akers of med- 
dowe more or lescc, layinge on the wost side of the Creeke, 


'10 I iad& 




called ^jy the Indians Wawetrnko, at or beyond Uaxxeauciitt 
■boiindcd atout the head of the Creeke at on end by a white 
Oake tree, which is the boimder bet-wixt meo and my brother 
Henry abovesayd one the '"ast side by the Creeke, on the 
north and \7est by the riv^ingc of the hillE and on the South 
by the sea as also my \7hole right in the meddowes at ?os- 
keunke apointod to bee layd ont to the Inhabitantes, togeth- 
er V/ith my Cornon and all priveledges therto belonginge vri th- 
in the boundes of the sayd Towno, all which housinge and 
landes I the above sayd John To^-msond have sould unto TTaora- 
as Stafford o.bovesayd, for thirty poiondes money pay in hand 
receaved, and doc by this act passo it over together vrith 
the privelodges ana apurtonanoes therto belonginge to the 
sayd Thomas Stafford his heires .Hxequitors Administrators 


from mee my heires axevjuitors Administrators quietly to en- 
Joy without molestation from mee or or any by moe, in T7itnesse 
T;herofG, I have herunto sett my hand, and scale, this 21 of 
January 1655 

Sigh-ned sealed marke 

and delivered in the John / ffovmsend 

precconco of us 
Johii Greene Jur 
Christopher Almy 

Mr Benjamin ITichols takes the sam.e Ear I'lark for his Cattle 

(r^'\- r 


Shoep and hogs v/hich was Mr Thomas T/lckee* s, TDeing a fork 
In the left, and a half penny on the upper Side of the 
Right Ear. Entered the 10th day of April Pjxno Dora. 1771 

By Jor:Iippitt Town Clt 

68 ITheras I ae:roed "before the Tovoic Cotinscll to recoave 
four score pound and a isarc of my mother in lav? of my por- 
tion and acordlnf;ly it is ratified by -.Tritinge bearinge 
date the 25 of Octoher 1655 therfore Be it Iniowen unto all 
men "by these presents that I John Coles Inhahi tinge in the 
Tovme of TZarvrlcko in the Colloney of "'rovidenoe ^lantationes 
in lew Sngland, for Considerationes roovingo mee herunto doe 
resigne and make over all ray right Title Interest unto any 
of ray Disceased fathers Estate housinge or landes helonginge 
to mee in lev; England I say I doe passe it over to ray said 
mother her Hcires. Sxequitors, Administrators, for ever to 
have and to hould without molestation from raoe or any hy 
mee, ^tnesse my hand and scale this 5th of Deccraher 1655. 

Sighned, Sealed <i- delivered John Coles , 

in pro CO once of us 

3ohn Greene Jur 

Henry Tovmscnd 

jlnthony Loo 

Abraham Lipp: tt Mark for his Cattle &c is a hind Gad in 


ax or' 


the Right Ear and a half penny on the upper side of the 
Same and a Crop of the Loft Saro Recordoa June 7th 17755 
The ahove nark is taken up hy Anthony Arnold 

69 Know all raen hy these prosentes that I llary Coles inhab- 
itant of this Tovme of V/ar-wioke and Collonie of Providence 
Plantationes, v;idoT/e of Robert Coles late dicoeasod, v;hers,a 
my husband before his death sould unto my son in lavve Hen 
ry Tovmsend a certaine parccll of meddowe bcingo 3 akers at 
the hither end of his longe meddowo called by the Indians 
Ochiiiamomunkanet as also it is to lay next a parcell of 
meddowe given to Richard Tovmsend by my sayd husband as al- 
so the longe pond called by the Indians Quaoonahippaulct 
layinge Viestv/ard from the hither end of the sayd meddovfe, 
and my eayd husband, having;© receaved full Svatisfaction for 
the sayd meddowe and pond, The To\m Counsell havinge apoint- 
ed raee to give deeds of lands in ?iis behalf c 'Therforc I t/io 
abovesayd I^ary Golcs doe by this aot passe over and confirm© 
the sayd meddowe &c unto the sayd Heniy ■iovmsund his heires, 
iijcecLuitors Administrators, from moe my heiree iis:equitors Ad- 
ministrators both the meddowe and pond abovesayd to have and 
to hould forever without moloetation from ncc or any by inco 
witnesse my hand this 20th of Jaxiuaiy 1665 marke 
Sighned sealed and Ij!ary M Coles 




'& rr. 


delivered in preseence 
of us 

John Greene Jur 
Iliohai'd Harcutt 


(70) April the 19 56 

Znow all men by these presents that I Henary Tovmsend of 
Y/arrdckc in the Colloncy of l-rovidence ?lantationos ha.vo 
sould xrnto John Sweet of the same Toiivne all that lay dv7ollin{je 
house and other housinge scituatod and heinge in Warvdolto 
with ray hone lott it stands upon hcinge fov/re akers more or 
lesse, and niy orcliard on the other side of the way oeinge 
tv/o Alters norc or lesse, and three Alters of ineddo\70 lyinge 
in Mr Eohert Coles great ineddcwe and the duclie T^ond layinge 
on the \7est side of the sayd raeddowe, and all ray right of 
meddo\7e layinge on I'atuxet river at Toskounlce and the upper 
end of my six aker lott that layd next unto the mill lott as 
it is now devidod, T7ith ray rif/nt in the Comon and all other 
priveledges and apurtenances belonginge unto mee as a Tovjns- 
man I say I have sould all these above mentioned parcells 
unto John Sweet and his hoires : to have and to hould from 
this time forth forcvermore, v/ithout any molestation or 
hinderance of mee my heires or Asighnes and herunto I 
sett m^ hand 

In the prcsoonce of Henry Tovmsend 

T?in."ha.rd To\7nsend • 







(71) Know all men t)y these presents that I ■ild'mircL Ancirev/eB 
Inhabitant of the Tovme of Warwlcke in the Collonie of Prov- 
idence rlantationes in Her England have sould and passed 
over to Mr Walter Todd Inhabitant of the same Tomie my full 
right title and Interest in the great IJecke co.lled Kishaomet 
both meddowe and upland, the meddowe layinge at the far end 
of the sayd necke one the South side neere the Sea side be- 
inge bounded by the 3oa, and otherwayes by upland yet undo- 
vided and the upland aforsayd beinge yet undevided, I say I 
have could the sayd ineddov/e and upland vrf-th all the prive- 
lodgec therto belongingo to the sayd V/alter Todd, for full 
satisfaction in h-and received, and doe by this act passe ov- 
er all the abovesayd landes from nee loy heiros Bxequitors 
Administrators to enjoy T/ithout raolestation from mee or any 
by mee, in witnosse wherofo I have herunto sett my hand and 
seale this S of -January 1655 

Sighned sealed and rJdward Q Andrewes 

delivered in prcscence of us his marlce 

John Greene Jur 
Caleb Kinricko 

1 72) Enow all men by these presentc that I Joiin Smith F.ason 
Inlxabitant of the Townc of Vvarwicke in the Collonie of 
Providence rlantationes have sould unto llr Walter Todd In- 


j--j:.i y.d 


habitant of the same Tovrne all my right title and Interest 
in those neddov/es at or about Potaoraet with all maner of 
privoledgos and apurtenances therto "belonrinee, heingo yet 
undevided I say I have sould it to the sayd waiter Todd for 
satisfaction in hand receavod and doe hy this act passe it 
over frorn ineo ray heirefs Sxeqnitors Adrainiatratoro for over 
peaceably to onjoy ?n.thout nolestation from mee or any by 
mce in \7itnosDe wherofo I have herunto sett rsy hand and scale 
this ninteenth of Aprill 1656 his mark 

Sighned sealed and <7ohn Smith 

delivered in prescence of us 

Thomas Babcoclc the ear marfe of hie Creatures is a Crop 
on the Right ear and a half penny the upper side of the left 


May 14th 1775 

Whitman Sweet takes the above mark for his Cattle 

Snterod the 2d day of September 1790 
Benjamin Babcook Sarmark of his Creatures is a fork in 
the right Sar and Slit the upper Side of the Same May 24,1775 
This mark is taken up 3y John Reynolds 


(75) Dated in Warv/icke the 1 of l!arch 52 Ane agrement and 
bargane made and confirmed betv/ixt Stuckly Wostkote and John 
Geraerdy both of V/arwicke in the Collony of Providence 



Plantations in Hew iCngland, tliat is to cay the said John 
Geraordy being authoriried by Hurmanas Hartoch of the Ilena- 
doos in the Kew Uetherlands to sel or dispose of oertaine 
landes being of late Joh-n Warners of V-arv/icko lying in the 
ilGckc called Mishav/oiaott being his great Lott contayning 
thirtie Acres more or leSGc one six acre Lott more or Iosco 
his modow share being six acres more or lesse as those par- 
cells are now layd out, and v;ero in the possession and use 
of the said John Warnor, but nov; taken by execution by suite 
of law for certain arreadgos and dues belonging unto Her- 
manus Kartooh aforesaid, the said John G-oraerdy being thus 
authorised as aforesaid doth sell and set over unto Stuokly 
Wostkote all that rite and Interest belonging unto Hurmanus 
Hartoch and doth in his name authorize the said Stuckly \7est- 
kot to make use of the said execution in the Gencrall Re- 
corders office and to record thivS; bargaine and sale to have 
and Injoy the said parcells oi land vjith all the priviledg 


(74)belonging thereunto to him and his heirs forever r/ithout 

the hinderancc or disturbance of the said Hurmanus Hartoch 

or any by or under him in witnesse v/heroof I have herunto set mj 

hand the day and yeare aboveeaid 

Sygnod Sealed & delivered 

in the presence of us 

John Greene Junior 

John / Cooke Jan Goracrdy 





Datoci. at warvvicke the 2 of fe"braaiy 1655 

These presents declaroth that I Henry Tov/nscnd of T7ar- 
wicko in ths nanaganset bay in Hew ;2nfrlaiid haye fully and 
really aould all ray right title and enterost of the six 
Acres of modo'7 layd ont hy the To7mc to the .Mille on a ten- 
ner which the Tovrnc records doth shew, it lyeth at llaasacut 
in tv;o parcells in Indian the one- ir; called ilanoomilie and 


the other and also my right at Pataomot iinto 
Stuckly Westkote of the fores5aid place for satisfaction al- 
ready rcceaved I sey I have Gonld and by these presents de- 
livered imto the foresaid Stuckly V.eatkote the forecaid 
premiSBOc to him his heirs executors Administrators and A- 
signs to have and to hould acorc!in{? to the tenner given by 
the Tovme as aforesaid and to in joy it Tvithoutm-^lestation 
by me or any from me 

3ygned Sealed Henry Tovmsend 

and delivered 
in the pret-enoo of us 
the marke of (O Joh-n Bonnet 
the rnarko of Mrs. Margaret Smith 


(76) iTnow all men by these presents thiat I Edward Andre-nes 





Inhabitant of the To\me oft \\'&TV±ctc in the Oollonie of 
Providcnoe Plantations in Hot? iilngland havo sould unto 
Peter BusDicott Inhabitant of the eame Tov.-ne all my Hous- 
ing together with 5 six xYcre Lotts adioyning therto with 
all the privilodges belonfcing to mo in this Tomo of V/ar- 
v;icke I say I have Bould the said Housing one Lov;er floore 
"beins lay^ and I am to leave seaconed hoords enuft to lay 
the floore of the Louver Chamber and not to take away any 
hoords that are either nailed or pinned I say I have sould 
unto the said Peter Bussicott my said housing and land for 
twenty pound mony pay to be payd as followeth videlicet one 
Cow which is nov; in being on Roade Hand at Hr John Cogshalls 
which Co\7 is to "be there delivered to the said Edward An- 
drewes or his Asignes betwixt this and the first of May next 
upon all demands and is to be prised by two indifferent men 
Item tliree pounds good peage at mony pay 


(77)pay to be payd at or before the 14 oft ffebruary next also 
to make it up, namely, the Cowe and three pound foresaid 
ten pounds mony pay by I^iohalmao next in good merchantable 
peage as aforesaid Item ten pound more to be payd in good 
merchantable peage the 29 oft September in the yeare 1657 
at mony pay and the said ^etcr Bussicott is to pay at the 
same time twenty five shillings mony pay for the forbear- 



anoe of this last paycisnt Itoin the said Peter Bussicott is 
to have possession of the Housingc and Ifinds aforesaid the 
15 day of October next ensuing and in the meane tirae I Ed- 
ward Andrewes grant free liberty to the said Peter Bussicott 
to movj the C-rasse in the feelds next the House and in case he 
secure the grasse in the hurrying feold ho is to mow that 
likeiivise or feed it, also to sow two Acres of ground T?hich 
was last year plowed to Indian corn lying at the far end of 
the foeld next 

78 next the inedow I say I HldTv-ard Andrews have sould and past 

over the said housing and landes to Peter Bussicott his he ires 
exequitors Administrators from me my heirs ozcquitors Admin- 
istrators forever to hould without molestation from me or any 
by me witnesse my hand this 8th of January 1655 

John Greene Jur 
Esekiel Holliman 
Christopher Unthani: 

Memorandum 'eter Bussicot is to have tho feed of both 
feelds by Michaelmas next and neither of us to feed it be- 

Edward Andrewes 

At a towne meeting in warvdoke tho 5 off february 1656 
the Townesmcn granted to be layd out unto Ireter Buzicot smith 





a 6 acre lott on the south side 1)01121(1601 vrith his ovrin i^.iroh- 
in ffeeld on the West side hy the Brooke on the north vSid hy 
the Comon and on the East by tho Coinon also And lykv/ise they 
did grant and give unto hici half oji Aero of ground to sot a 
smiths shop upon 

79 On the South sid hounded hy Stukly Westkotc fonoo on tho 
west sid hounded hy tho Coraon on the northside hounded hy a 
hyway hetv7i3ct him and James Sweet and on the East hy the^ 
Coraon Eyway that loads throw the To^vne 

Know all men hy these presents that whereas Henry Town- 
send Inhabitant of Geomeca in the ITew Hetherlands have for- 
merly about tho yeare of our Lord 1648 Bould unto Johxn lip- 
pett Senior Inhabitant of the Towne of \7arwicke in the Col- 
lony of Providence Plantations in Hew Sngland a cortaine 
parcell of land lyinge in LTishownett ITecke within the pre- 
cincts of the said Towne of warwicke being a sixty Acre Lot 
bounded northerly by land layd out to John -Jamer South by 
a great Lott belone;ine to Samuel Gorton Eastward by the sea 
&c westward by a hyway I say I the said Henry Townsend have 
as aforesaid sould it unto him the said John Lippett for 
due satiafaotion in hand receavod and doe by these precentc 
flrmely passe over and confirmo the said land with all prii 
Hedges and Iirnininities thereto pertaining to him his heirs 
Executors Administrators 

iiOfnoO c 

o " 


. '.>Ui 






80 firracly to in Joy T/ithout molestation from ne or any by me 
\7itnesGe ray hand & Sealo this 3th of May; 1657: 

Sygned Sealed Henry Tovmsend 

& Delyvered to James 
Greene in the hchalfe 
of John Lippett Senior 

I confirme this deed of force provyded the former deed 
I gave "be left in presence of 
James Greene 
Sanruoll Androi;7S 

Daniel Snell Earmark of his Crcatxiret3 is a Slit in the 
top of the left ear and a half peTiny imder side of the same 
& a Crop on the Hight Ltoy 26th 1775 

54 6 

81 I'ary Fullers Earmark of her Creatures is Two si its in the 
underside the left ^are 

Recorded Jcny the 26th 17 6E 

By Jer lippitt Clk 
Renew Budlong's Sarmart of her Creatures is a Crop on the 
left Ear and a hind Gad on the left '^ar, and a Slit under 

the same 

Recorded April the 26th day 1765 

By Jer lippett Tovm Oil 




Thie Indenture nade this tenth of January Anno Doirdni 
82 165 (torn) witnesseth that I William Baker of V/arv/icke in 
the Collonej- of Providence i-lantations in Jlev iingland doe 
put out my child and sonne V/illlaro Baker, heingc of the adge 
of six yeares the first of Jime lost un-^.o Thoriias Bradley of 
the same Tovme, to hringe up as his ovme c'oilcl, foz* wliioh 
end I passe over iriy fatherly Authority unto him the aayd 
Thomas Bradley to use him like a child, in providinge hira, 
convenient meat drinke and aparrcl, and. to teach him to 
reade the Znglish tongue, and ae- hee growes to abillity, to 
teach him about such huisnecso, and occasions as hee seeth 
fitt, Therfore I the sayd William Baker doe with the good 
likeinge and free consent of my conno "/illiam Baker hind 
him unto Thomas Bradley of the same Tovme of warv.lclre afore- 
sayd his heires Sxcoutors Administrators & Assighnes to 
dwell and abide with him as a child or Aprentice, all his 
lawefull comaundes i.o obey and that heo sliall doe no hurt 
or darnadge, o.r consent or suffer to bee done unto his sayd 
master, but shall perform good and faythfull sex-vice unto 
his master aforesayd untill hee cor.e to the adge of twenty- 
one yearos ould eomplo'at. In consideration whereof e I Thom- 
as Bradley aforesayd doe bind my selfe my heires Executors 
Administrators & Aaiglmes unto V/illiam Taker the father of 
the sayd chilri, to bringe his sonno up as my owne findinge 


fl9I S8 

:J- Jo 



him meat & drinke and aparrol fittinge for him, accordinge 
as the oonstitution of this place v/ill aford, and to teach 
hiiB to reade the onglieh tongue, as alGO to teach hiia any 
art or trade that I can Instruct hira in, and to sett him 
free at tv/enty one yeares oulcl, finding him two suits of 
aparrell, one suite all nev/. In witnesse whereof e vroehave 
enterchangeahly sett to our handos and seales the day and 
yeare abovesayd his merke 

aighned sealed and William y* Baker the fathe: 

delivered in presocnce of his marke 

Ezekiell Holliman Deb William _^ Baker the sonne 

Jolin Greene Asistant 

There is another of the same verbatim unto v/hich Thomas 
Bradley hath eighned 5; sealed 

Atested "by Mr Jolm Greene Senior 


Know all men by these presents that I Christopher Un- 
83 thanko Inhabitant of the Tovme of -Jarvdckc in the Colloncy of 
Providence Plantationes have sould xmto Eaokiell Hollinan of 
the sane Tov/ne of Y/ar\vlGl:e (for full satisfaction in hand re- 
ceaved) all that my six aker lott beinge of the last grant, 
vrfLth one aker more formerly, granted unto mee by the Tov.7is- 
men of V/arwicke beinge layd out together V7ith the sayd six 
akers, layinge over against my house now situate in Warv.dcke 
bounded westerly by land belonginge to the sayd Ezeklell 

o-t b' 


oxij "xc:..,:,;:: 



XUXi •: -- 



south east 'bj the street, and noi'therly "by a Mgliway lead- 
inge into the noodes; as also a lltle elipe of my home lott, 
next adioyninge iinto the homo lott and house of the sayd 
Ssokicll all those sayd paroclls of land the six alcors, the 
one aker, and the litle slipe I the sayd Christopher TJn- 
thanke doe aclmowledge to have sould, unto Ezekiell Holli- 
man aforcsayd, and I doe hy this act pasee It over from mee 
my heirec :izecutors Administrators unto the sayd BseMell 
his holres Executors Administrators, for ever quietly to 
posesse and enjoyc, v/ithout Liolestation from mec or any by 
meo in v/itnesse wherofe I have hcrunto sett ray hand and 
scale this 20th of Kovemher 1658 

Sighned Sealed and hlG marlre 

delivered in presence of Christopher TTnthanhe 

John Greene Jur 
William Carpenter 


Know all men by these presents that I Slizabeth More 
84 widdOT/e, the late wife of Joh-n More Inhabitant of the Tovmo 
of Warr/ioke in the Collonoy of Providence Plantationes in 
Uev; 2nppuS.n6. have sould unto Ghristophor Unthankc Inhabi- 
tant of the same Tovmo of Warvdcke my dwelllnge house, and 
house lott together v;ith the outhoucingo, fencinge, as also 
the priveledges of trees, grasse, and water therln contain- 

>X0 Jij. 



ed as al8o the right of Comonldge together ^vith one six 
aker lott already layd out, layinge over against the sayd 
house lott wpon the sayd Conon, the sayd hoiisc lott helng 
hounded on the front by the highway, on the pouthv/ect side 
by the house lott of Ohrletopher Unthanke ahovesayd, on the 
northeast by land belongingo to John Sweete, at the Bouth- 
east end by a highway in the great Nookc, the other six aker 
lott ahovesayd boinge bounded on the front by the highway, 
on the Gouthwoot by a highway that leades towardes ^atuxot, 
on the northeast by John Sweete land his house stands on, 
on the Ilorthv/est by the CoSbh, I say I the sayd Elizabeth 
More have sould the sayd house and land to Christopher Un- 
thanke abovesayd for ten poundos in hand receavcd, and I 
doe by vertue hereof e passe it over from niee, ray heires. 
Executors Administrators to the abovesayd Christopher Un- 
thanke his heires rbcecTitors Adninistratore, forever to en- 
joy v;ithout molestation from rnee or any by race in v/itnesse 
whereofe I have horunto sett ciy hand and scale this first 
of March Anno 1657 Elizabeth )\ Ilore 

Sighned sealed and her csarke 

delivered in presoence of 
Samuell Gorton 
Richard Carder 

85 Know all men by these presents tliat I Thomas Stafford 

pf r» 






Inhabitant of the Torme of I7ar\vicke in the Collonoy of 
ProYidenoe Plantationee in Hov/ Sngland have sould xmto 
Anthony loe Inhabitant of the same Towne my share of ~'at- 
aomet of moddowe "beinge the t-;7elfth share, with all rip:htes 
and priviledgea therto helon£:inge, I say I Thomas Stafford 
aforsayd have sould all ny sayd right unto Anthony loe 
aforesayd for full satisfaction in hand recoaved and doe 
hy this act passo it over from mee my hclres Sxecutors Ad- 
ministrate r £5 unto the sayd Anthony hiB he ires 3xecutors 
AdffiinistratorE for ever peaceahly to enjoy without moles- 
tation from raee or any "by mee in v/itnesse wherofc I have 

herunto sett ny hand and sealc this second of J^arch 1658 

Sighned sealed and his marke 

delivered in prescence of Thomas Stafford 

John Greene 

his marke 

Henry H\ Enoles 

Philip Wightman Esq. 3armark of his Creatures is a fork 

in the right ear a half penny upperside of the same and a 

Slit the underside the left ear 

Othniel IVightman take the above mark for his Creatures 

Entered the 10th of June 1789 

by J. Jerauld T.Clk 



86 Dated at Warv/icke this lOtb of Aprill 1652 

Know all men "by theee procents that I, Goorge Baldv;in 
Inhabitant of the Tovmo of Wari^icke for consideration nioveinge 
raee heronto have sould and made over to Christopher Unthanke 
Inhabitant of the Towne of warwicke my dwellinge house with 
all maner of out housingo Joynod to it vdth all the hoardes 
that may he moveable in it, or any other thinges therunto 
belonginge save onely the abovesayd Georges personal goodos, 
and also I the abovesayd George Baldwin have sould to the 
abovesayd Christopher Unthanke the house lott on v?hioh the 
abovesayd house standes vrifh all the apurtennnoes therunto 
belonginge as foncinge as also a six aker lott Jojnainge to 
it on the northwest ao also all landes therunto belonginge 
either devided or undevided, the sayd houselott beinge 
bounded by land of i^r John Wickes on the front, beinge 
eastward: by the lott of Jolin Cooke northv/ard, and by a 
highway on the south side, I say I the abovesayd George 
BaldvTin have sould, and for satisfaction already reoeaved, 
have nade over my full right and Interest to the abovesayd 
Christopher Unthanke of my house and lotts above sayd \7ith 
all the apurtenances therunto belonginge unto him, his heires 
Executors Administrators or Aeighnes, and to the true and 
faithfull poriorraanoe horofo I bind moe ray heires ixcoutors 
Administrators and Aeighnes in witness wherofe I have her- 
unto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare abovesayd 

' u J.. . I JJJ*.. 



no i-i 



Siglmod soalod and delivered 
in the prosenoe of us 
John Smith 
Jolm Greene, Junior 

his marke 
Geo rge Baldvri. n 



Dated the first of Llarch 1653 
Knov all men by these presents that I Christopher Un- 
thanke Inhahitant of the ToTmo of '/iarvrichc in the Colloney 
of Providence "lantationes in IJew ^^.ngland have sould and 
made over unto Thonas Stafford of the sar^e Toi;mc of Warv^icko 
my dwellinge house ^hich I hought of George Baldwin together 
vith the house lott, xvhoron the sayd house standes. as also 
a six aker lott adiojaiingo to tho s-.yd houselott at the 
north ^7eBt end. the sayd house lott heinge hounded hy land 
of Mr Joim vrickes on ths front oa8tN7ard, hy the house lott 
of John Coovc ilcrthv^'ar-I, and hy a highway southward. I say 
I the ahovesayd Christopher Unthanlce have nould the af orcsayd 
house and "i^ind ton-ether r;ith all the privilodges and apur- 
tenanoes therto bclonginge unto ^homas Stafford aforsayd 
for satisfaction in hand reoeaved. and doc hy this act passe 
it over fro^a -.-.en mr heirer Rxocutors Administrators unto the 
sayd ThoiBas Staixcru his heire3 Executors Adr^inistrators 
forever peaoeahly to en^oy .;ithout molestation fron, mee or 
any hy mee v;itnesse my hand and scale the day and ycare 

rriTrSI-c-" 93T09O 



Siglmed sealed and Christopher 

delivered in presence of Onthanke 


John Greene 

Ane Greene 

88 Enow all men by these iDresents that I Thomas Stafford 
Inhal^itant of the Tov-tic of ?/arvdcke in the Colloney of Prov- 
idence ''lantatlonos in Hew England have sould and made over 
•unto Eonry Knoles of the same Tomie my house and houselott 
that I bought of Christopher Unthanke together vri-th a six 
akers adioyninge thorto, the sayd house lott heinge hoxinded 
by land of Williara Burton vjhich was formerly Mr Vlee'kes his 
land on the front iiastward, by the land of the sayd Henry 
Knoles north and by a highway south\7ard, by the six aker 
lott aforsayd northwestward, as also one share of meddowe 
layingc at the lov/er end of Kassapage pond and adioynlngo 
to Christopher Hauxhurst share, I s£^ I Thomas Stafford 
aforesayd have sould all the aforsayd house and landes iinto 
Henry Znoles abovesayd together v/ith all rightcs and priv- 
cledges therto apertaininge for full satisfaction in hand 
receaved, and therefore doe by this act passe it over from 
mec EQT heircs Executors Administrators unto the sayd Eoniy 
Enoles his heires lisecutors Administrators forovor peaceably 
to enjoy without molestation from mee or any by mee in wit- 




ncpse Trherofe I have herunto sott iny hand nrd Boale this 

cocond of llarch 1658 Kis marke 

Si,5:hnGd sealed and Thomas Stafford 

delivered in prcsocncc of 


John Greene 

Anthony Lo\7 

89 Knovr all men whom it may concern that I John Cooke In- 
halJitant of the Tovrne of V/arvdckc in the Colloney of Prov- 
idence Plsjdtationes in Hew England have sould unto Henry 
Knoles Inhabitant of the Tov/ne of Portsmouth on Rhoade I- 
land in the saj-c! Colloney n-y dv/olline houGc and lott 7/ith 
the out houning-e and all aptii-tenancof? thorunto helon£rinf:e 
together vrith the ho\7cn timher and Claphoards which I have 
provided towardes another roome, as alGO a srnall peece of 
land layincje on the front of the sayd lott the sayd lott 
heinge hounded on the west side by Thomas Stuffords hotise 
lott, on the Eact side by a small brooke , and on the north 
end by John Sv7oetL- lott and Thomas Staff ords lott, as also 
a si::: aker lott botmded by Robert YZaskotes six akor lott 
on the southeast side and by the oornon on the northwest 
side and by the Coraon on the northwest side as also a chare 
of meddowe v/ith some upland adioynin^e to it, beinge on the 
brooke runninpe out of Maseapege pond, as also I the sayd 

-irt- I 08lJ3 as 


John Cooke, have sould to the eayd Hoiiry Znoles all my 
right title and Interest In those raedaoT/es at lotaoraet or 
thereabouts hoinse yet 'unclevidod, together -with my share 
in those meddowes layinge at Patincet river neero TOGkeunke 
lately piir chased "by the ToT-ne of Vtarr/lcke I soy I the cayd 
John Cooke have sould to the aayd Henry Knoles, all my 
right title & Interest helonginge to Eee in the sayd Tovme 
Of V/arrricke for satisfaction ir hand reccaved, and doe hy 
this act passe It over to him tlv, heires Bxecutore Adminis- 
trators to enloy without any molestation 


100 from mee or any by mee I say I passe it over to him his 
Heires Sxecttors, from mee 3Ey helrec in Confirciation v;her- 
ofe I have hortmto set my hand and seale this tenth of 
March 1654 his marke 

Slp^hned sealed and Jolin I Cooke 

delivered in preRccr.oe of 
William Aliay 
John Greene Jr 

Know all men "by those presents that I Christopher Un- 
thanke Inha.bltant of the Tovme of \7arv.rlcke in the Collonoy 
of Providence I'lantationes in Hew England have sould unto 
Henry Knoles Inhabitant of the same Tovme all my right ti- 
tell and Intorect in those raeddcwos at Toskeunlce, mine be- 
inge the share bounded on the East by Wc liollimans sh*are 

r_ r. 


on tlae T/ost by Mr Smiths share on the north hy the river, 
on the South by the Swanrp, vrith all prlveledgec and. apurto- 
nances thcrto belongingo, I say I have eonld it to the sayd 
Henry J'noles Tor oatis±"3ction in hand receaved, and doo by 
this act passe it over from mee ir^y hoiros, Sxecutors Admin- 
istrators for ever peaceably to In Joy without molestation 
from mee or any by moo, in witnesse whorofe I have heninto 
set my hand and seale this 2d of ilay 1658 
Sighned Sealed & Christopher Onthanke 

delivered in prescenec of us 
Richard TOT/Hsend 
Henry Pveddocl'ie 


101 "iVheras I Janes Greene am Authorized by the Goimscll of 
this ToT/ne am authorized by the Counsell of this Tovme of 
Warv^;icke to raa^e sale of a cortaine parcell of land that be- 
longed to my fatherinlaw Mr Robert ■-otter of late disoeseed 
for the answoringc of depts, the sayd parcell of land being 
over against the house lott of the aforesayd ?;obert Potter, 
on the other side the high v/ay, bomuled southv;ect by V/illiam 
Burtons house lott northwest and northoast by the land of 
Henry Knoles and southeast by the highway or street, Tlier- 
fore teuow all men by those presents that I James Greene 
aforesayd Inhabitant of the To\7ne of Warwioke in the Ool- 
loney of Providence Plantationes have souid the aforesayd 


parcell of land accordinge to the "botmdos therofe unto 
Henry Knoles of the same Tovme of YlarvriclzQ for six pound 
after the rate of peagre white at six per pony in hand ro- 
coaved, and I doe hy vertne of the Authoritie aforeeayd 
passo ovor the rite of the af orsayd paroell of land with 
all prlvoledges therin contajmed from the heires of Ho'oert 
Potter aforegayd tmto the aforsaya Henry Knoles his Heires 
SzGcutors Administrators forever peaceahly to Inioy with- 
out DOlestaticn of eny the Keiree of the sayd Robert -ot- 
ter in vrltnesso vrtierofe I have horxmto sett my hand and 
seale this £Ed of October 1658. 

Sighned sealed and James Oreeno 

delivered in prescencc of xlb 
Bandall Houlden 
John Greene Jur 


lOE Knov7 all men by these presents that I Thomas Greene 
Inhabitant of the Tovme of Warmcko in the Collony of 
Providence Plantationoe in Nev/ l^ngland have sould unto 
Jonathan Hill dvrollingc in the Bawe Tov;Tie a six aker lott 
given imto nee by my fathers will , la?7inf;e neere Mr Brad- 
loys now dv7cllin£:e house, bounded by a high T7ay that Icades 
into Quinimieoko nccke on the south cide next the sea, on 
the oast by a high^way, by a six aker lott of Richard Water- 
mans on the ilorth, at the (torn) end by the Comon, I say I 



Thomas Groene aforesayd have sould the sayd parcoll of land 
according to the houndes Item) with all privi ledges ther- 
in contaynod unto Jonatlotm Hill aforosayd., for full satis- 
faction in hand reoeaved, and doe by this act paese it over 
from mee my hoirea Sxecutors, Administrators to the sayd 
Jonathan Hill hie heiros :3xGcutors Administrators for ever 
poaoeahly to enioy without molestation from mee or any hy 
mee in v/itnesso TTherofe I have herunto sett my liand and seale 

this Becond of I'aroh Anno Domini: 1668 

Sighjiod sealed and Thomas Greene 

delivered in prescence of us 

John Greene 

James G-reene 

Samuel Sweet's iilar mark of his Cattle &c is a fore gad in 

Bach iiar. 

Entered the 2d day of September 1790. 

toy J. Jer fluid 01k. 


Know all men by these presents that I John Lippet 3er 
Inliabitant of the Tovaio of Warwioke in the Colloney of Prov- 
idence Plantationes in liev hln^land have sould unto John Greene 
of the same Tovme tliree paroells of land, one paroell boingc 
my right in Quinimlooko Seoke namely the seavonteenth share, 
as also one share of Meddowe at Toskeunlce beinge the twenty 
second share, as also one share of meddowe at Potaomet be- 






inge the fifteenth sharo, I say I have sould unto John 

Greene aforcayd all the sayd parcells of upland and med- 

do\7e together with all maner of priveledses and apux'tenan- 

ces therto helon£,inge for fiill satisfaction in hand receav- 

ed and thorfore doe by this act pasdc it over from raoe ray 

helrec^GCutorG Adninistrators unto the aforsayd John 

Greene his hoirea Executors Administrators forever peaceably 

to enjoy without molestation from meo or any by moe in v/it- 

nesse vmoreof I have her unto sett my hand and scale this 

7th of June 1660 hie marke 

Siglmod Sealed and John < Lippet Sea 

delivered in prescence of us 

hip rivirke 
John / ^ Sv/eet 

his narke 
Thomas Q7 Stafford 


104 Know all men by these presents that I John V/ickes Scr 
Inhabitant of the To'wne of 7/arvacko in the Colloney of 
Providence Plantationes, have sould unto John Greene Junior 
Inhabitant of the sayd Tovme of '.Varvslckc my share belong- 
inge to moe ox upland in Quinimicoko beingo the eleventh 
share, with all privilcdges and apurtenancec therto belong- 
ing, I say I have sould it him for due satisfaction in hand 
reoeaved, and doe by this act passe it over froin mee my 
heires iixcoutors Administrators, to the sayd John Greene 
his heires Executors Administrators alv/ayes to enioy with- 




out molestation from mee or any "by r.oe, Td-tnosse ny hand and 

seale this twenty eight of ffeh: 1656 

Siglmea sealed and Jolin Y,'iokes 

delivered in proGocncc of tig 

Amos Westkote 

Eenry Reddocke 

Enov7 all men hy these presents that I Richard Earciitt 
Inliahitant of Jasialca in the IJov Netherlands havinge in the 
yeare of our lord 1653 eould unto John Oreone Jur of TTarwlclre 
in the Colloncy of Providence -lantatlones in ITew 'ilngland all 
my right title and Intex'eet in the ITecke of Quinimicoke V7ith 
all prlvolodges and iBunitiec, for satisfaction in hand re- 
ceaved I doe therforo "by this act confirme it to him the sayd 
John Greene Jur his heires iixeoutors Administrators forever 
to onioy \7ith0ut molestation from mee or any hy mee y/itnesse 
my hand this 3 of l-ay 1657 lUchard Karcutt 

Sighned sealed and 
delivered to James Greene 
he Inge deputed in hehalfe 
of John Greene Jur 

Samuel Andrev;es 
James Greene 


105 Know all men by these presents that I Henry Tovmsend Tn- 
hahitant of Jamaica in the llov/neitherlands havinge in the 

e.d^ Hi e-gxxivsri sba&L'zod&l 


yearc of our lord 1653 sould unto John Greene Jur of 'Tcr- 
wicke t\vo Rliares in Quinimicoclre one TDeloncinge to moo "by 
my house lott, the other which I hought of P.ichard Tovm- 
send xny brother, I say I havingc- receaved satisfaction for 
thora of the sayd JohJi Greene Jur of warvidcho in the Gol- 
loney of Irovidence Plantationos doe hy this act confirme 
it to him his hcires executors Adciinletratore with all priv- 
eledges Sr. Irranities forever to enioy udthout molestation 
from mas or any by moe v;itnesse my hand and seale this 3d 
of T^y 1657 lienry [I'owiBend 

Sighned Sealed and delivered to 
James Greene beinge deputed 
in behalf of Joh-n Gireene Jur 
in xjrcscencG of 
James Greene 
Samuel Andrews 

Enov; all men by these presents that I Elizabeth TJore 
V7idd0"570 the late v/ife ol Jolm "ore Iniiabitant of the To\me 
of V/arvdcke in the Colloney of rrovidcnoe ?lantationos in 
Ilev; Sngland have could x-mto Johh Greene Junior Inhabitant 
of the same Townc of Warwicke all my right titell and In- 
terest of land to mee bolonginge in the Hecko or leches 
jknov/en by the name of ' uinimicohe together •<;7lth the priv- 
cledges of grasse water and trees or ought else in the 
sayd ITeckes of Quinimiooke contayned I say I the sayd I'lliz- 
abeth I'ore. have sould all my right aforesayd to John 


-«I '■•• 


Greene Jur a"bovesayd for ten shillinges in hand receaved 
and tlierfore I doe by vertue herofe passe over all my sayd 
right from race my ^oires Zxec-ators Administrators unto tho 
sayd John Greene Jur his hoires 7oi:ecutors Administrators 
for ever pcaoeahly to enioy without molestation frorn raee 
or any hy mee in v;itnesse wherofe I have horunto, cett my 
hand and seale this last of f f eb Anno 1657 . 

Elisabeth I.Iore hir marke 
Sighned sealed « delivered in 
prescence of 
Samuel Gorton Ivicliard Carder 


106 Kjaov; all men by these presents yt I John Gennett of 

Warwioke in Providence Plantationes in the ilarragansett Bay 
in lev? lilngland doe upon good consideration of heveinge suf- 
fistient maintenance duringo life vis yt after my discesso, 
I doe Eiake over all my right ana leave unto Stuirly vV'askote 
his heiree iibcooutors Administrators or Asighnes, all the 
landes houooinge goods and cattells, duringe the life of 
the aforesayd John Bennett, onely roccrvingo unto himself e 
yt power duringe life as to have five poundes to dispose, to 
whom or as hoe shall thinko fitt, and if god should bee pleas- 
ed to call atukly V/askotc out of thic life before Jolm Ben- 
nett yt then his snicossorc shall and are herby boimd for 
the performance of the premises and I ye aforsayd John Ben- 

■- r r : 


^o-b I 


nett for ye finner performanco of yc premises I have her- 
Tinto sett to my hand and sealo ye 27th of Hovemher 1656 

I Stukly Waskott Inhabitant of ye Tovmc of WarvTlcke 
doo achnov7led£re to have recoaved of John Gonnott of the 
same Tov/no Sight head of cattoll nlntoene potmdes at peage 
eight per penny and a hoxtse and land adioyninge to it, and 
doe engadge ray selfe my heiros or asighnec to maintiaine the 
Gayd Jolm Bennett for his life time meato and drlnlce and 
aparrell, in wltnesse wherofe I have herunto sett my hand 
this 14th of Jxme 165 

MatMas Earvy per me SttOrly Wastkoto 

George Amost 


107 Enow all men by these presents that I John Eisith mason 
Inhabitant of the 'rownc of ''arv;ioke in the Oolloncy of 
Providence Plantationcs in llev/ i-^ngland have could unto Mr 
Walter Todd of the eamc Tovme of T.'arwicke my dwcllinge 
house and house lott together vith a six aker lott adioyn- 
inge at the llorthv/ost end of the sayd house lott, the cayd 
house lott heinge hounded Northeast by a lott now bolonginge 
to William Ward Southeast by the highway, and ITorthv/oGtorly 
by a way that loades to a vmteringe place a." also tr/o 
shares of aeddowe one bcinge at or about Toskeunke bcinge 
the last share of the niunber which were layd out on the 
northwest side of Pat-uxett river, as also a share of med- 



dO"we lajringe at the west part of the three pondes coinbnly 

80 called, I say I have sould the sayd house and landes 

together T/ith the conbnidge fencinge, trees and all raaner 

of apurtenances therto bolonglnge for ftill satisfaction in 

hand receaved, I say I have made over all my rlfrht In the 

Tovme of T/arv/lcke auto Mr V/alter Todd aforsayd and doc hy 

this act paese it over from mee ray hclres 'jixecutors Adnin- 

istratorr;, unto the sayd V/alter Todd hir? hcires SxocutorB 

Administrators to poeesse and enioy quietly forever without 

any molestation "by meo or any under pretence of any fomor 

right "by me in witnesoe of the preaieet' I have hemnto sett 

ray hand and ocale this tenth of Septerihcr Anno Donini 1659 

Sighned, Sealed and his laarlce 

delivered in prosconoe of us John j Smith 

John Greene 

hiB mai'ke 

Henry hF ffo\7ler 

hir isarke 
Sliaaheth <" Smith 


A Coppic of the 'I)o\'me Charter 
"iVheras hy vortuo of a free and abcolute charter of 
Oivill Incorporation granted to the free Inhabitant? of 
this Golloncy or province, oy the right honourahlos, Robert 
Slarlo of WarA7lGke Govemour in Choifo, v;lth the rent of the 
Honourable Comisaioncrs, boaringe date the fourteenth day 
of llarch, in the yeare one thov/sand six hundredth forty- 
three, givinge and grantinge full power and Authority tinto 

\ rf'ioL 



the sayd Inha'bitants to governc themselves end Guoh others 
as shall come amonge them: As also to make constitute and 
ordeync ouch lawes ordoi's and Constitutionen, and to Inflict 
such pimiGhmcntG, and penalties, as ic conformable to the 
lawes of Lilnpland, so noaro as the nature and constitution 
of the place will admitt: and v/hich may host suite the es- 
tate and condition therofe, and wheras the aayd T0T?nes of 
Providence, Portsmouth, lev/port, and r'arv?icke, arefer re- 
mote eaoh froE other, wherhy ao often and free Intercourse 
of helpe in desidinge of differencee and tryingo of causes 
and the like, cannot easily and at all times heo had and 
procured, as in this kind is requisitt, 

Therfore and upon the petition and humble request of 
the freemen of the Towno of "Jarvdcke exhibited unto this 
present sessions of Generall Assenibly, ?/herin they desier 
freedome and liberty to Incorporate thcnsclves into a boddy 
polliticke et: Wee the oayd Asei^ibly havingo duely wolphed 
and seriously considered the promises, And boinge wllllnge 
and ready to provide for the oase and liberty of the people: 
liave thought fltt and by the authorltle aforeeayd, and by 
these presents doc s^ve, r-rant, Gonslphnc, and Oonfirmo, 
this present Charter, to the sayd Inliabitants of the Towne 
of Warwicke, Allovjinge, Orderingo and horby Authorizlnge 
them or the Ixlaior part of them, from tiro to time, to T'rans- 
aot all such Tovme afayres, as shall fall rithln the verge, 
liberties , and precincts of the sayd Tov^ne As also to make 
and constitute such particular orders - 




Orders, penalties, and officers, as may best suite 
witli the Constitution of the sayd Towne and Tovmshlppe, for 
the well orderlnge and Governlngc thorofc, provided the sayd 
lawes Const Itutlonee and punislnaents for the Clvlll Gover- 
ment therofe hec oonforraahle to the lawes of Sngland so farr 
as the nature and constitution of that ?o\vne v/ill Adraitt: Pja 
to that end wee doe Authorize them to erect a Court of Jus- 
tice, and doe give them power to execute such particular 
orders and penalties, and so many of the Conon lav/es agreed 
in the G-onerall, and their penalties, as are not annozed al- 
ready to the Generall Court of Tiyalls; And ffarther wee 
doe herhy order the sayd Towne to elect and Ingadge all 
such officers as shalhee necessary for the propogation of 
Justice and Judgement therln, upon the first munday in the 
moneth of Juno Anually forever heraftor: Shall Ingadge them 
in fidelity to raaintaino the honour Grovme and dignity of 
the State of England as loyall sublects therofe to the ut- 
most of their power: The liherties and freodoiTie of this 
Collony, And the priviledges of the Tovme wherln they hoare 
office, x\nd farther woe doe herhy Invest and Authorise the 
sayd officers so elected and Ingadged, with ftill power to 
Transact in the promises and in so doinge shalheo herhy 
secured and Indemnified: 

Given at Portsmouth at the Gonerall Asembly: There 



hold this 14th of I.ixrch ilnno 1G48: 

John v7arner Clorkc of the Asembly 

Copia vera slcnt ater^tat Johs-imee Gfrecne Seoretarius 
ex civitatc 7/arvricke 

The charter is in the keepings of I!r Samuoll Gorton Sor 


Aprill 1660 

HE Laycl ont for T-'r l^thias Harvy pAx akers upon the laill 

acotmt as also t^Tolve akers to John Colon all the sayd clght- 
eone akerf! layinge tof^ether upon the north sildo of the hrooke 
that Tvoap. dOw-n hy Janes Sweete the sayd brooke "belnge the 
Southtrard hoimdcr and "botrnded on the East hy 'i7illiam T^xirtons 
lott on the north side "by tho Cojnbn and on the west hy the Coin- 
on: Aprill 1660 

Layd out to Kichard Carder Bi:?: akers of land roore or 
loBso apertaininge to his house lott tho sayd six alcer? lay- 
inge at the head of tho occond ^ecke frontlngre IJorthv7est on 
tho highway that leadcth into ?o\^nc, "bounded southwest hy 
JajTios Greenec land, on the noDrbhoact hy a highway that leadcs 
into the neclcoc on the r>outhoast hy a anall Creeke. 

Layd out to Mr John Oroono aer six akers of land more 
or lease houndod i^asterly hy the hiijhway that leades into 
Quiniraicoke ITesterly hi; Richard ^"atoriTt^ns land northerly by 
a highway by the ocasido woutherly by tho Cofnbn. 

Layd out tc Kichard T/aterman 12 akers of land for a 


house lott and bIt. aker lott "bounded Eanterl?/ by John 
Greenes 2er six aker lott V/csterly "by Peter Greenes elx 
aker lott northerly hy the highway by the seaside southerly 
"by the CoSbn and highwa7/ 

LaycT out to "eter Crccne six akers of land hounded 
easterly hy Richard Waterimns land r.'esterly hy the Conbn 
northerly Tsy the hirrhway hy the seaside southerly 


113 Southerly hy the highway r^r nlso r\ nhare of meddowe at the 
north west end of Hasslpage Pond 

Layd out to Thonas Bradley sis akcrr. of land upon the 
acor.nt o:" t'^y^- -ercne'nt of "uinimicolre , hounded easterly hy 
hin one land, westerly hy the hi£;:h^7ay that leades into 
Qujlninicolce & westerly hy the same way and Sou.therly hy an 
aditlon rranted to the lott of T'r John Greene "^icr. 

layd out to Hichard Harcutt a six aker lott frontinge 
OTor againct his o-Tie house lott the highwayes heinge he- 
twi3:t hounded jilasterl;- "h--^ Iflud layd out to John Hadon '"est- 
er ly hy John Greonerj land Northerly hy the CoSbn 

La3?d out to John Greene Jur a Gi:n: aker lott together 
with some adition of land formerly /fronted hy hi? point of 
Mcddowe on the south Bide of Oocupessuatniset Gove there 
heinge 3 marked trees ranglng'e on the south eaot and south- 
west partly on a triangle and to rune from the trees do\7n 
to the sea for ease of fencinge as also layd out more to 
him ton akers of land over against his house lott on the 




Other side of the hlgh\7ay heinge the Southorward ■bomidor, 
as also bounded Westerly hy a hiplimiy that Icadeth into 
the woodes northerly hy a houeelott layd out to Thomas 
Scranton 3acterly hy the CoEion, as also is layd out to him 
a peeoe of rieddov/e all that nay bee ir.ade mov.'able at the 
Korth side of the pond called by the Indians Caoounke lay- 
inge about a sinall brooko that nines into the aforsayd pond 
accordinge as the grant CT>eoi-ries 


114 layd out at the request of Anthony low the 3 six aker 
lottG formerly layd out to JohJi Tovmsend and Eichard Town- 
send hy tho brooke the sayd land being now in the posses- 
sion of Anthony Lo-w together with six akors more which was 
layd out to Peter Busicott it beinge 24 akors in all and 
given in by tho survey thus bounded in the front at tho 
Soiithv/est coi-ncr by a sturap in tho glitter ranginge on a 
straight lino to the northeast corner post of his fence 
bouiided Uorthorly by a high way loadinge into the woodes 
belnge betwixt hirj land and John Greenes at the ITorthv-est 
and bounded o-y a mapell tree on the IJorthwost comer and 
by a white Oake next the brook 

Layd out to George Tippet 18 akors of land for a house 
lott etcetera boimded by Anthony Lowes land on tho South- 
oast: iJorthwest by tho Conon, Horthcast by Thonas ■"rrocnos 
land and Southward by tho Brooke 

I.ayd out to Peter Bunlcott elx alicrs of land upon the 
acount of his last grant, "bounded South by his land he 
"bought of Sdi.-Tard Andrev?es, east by the C onion at the Berth- 
west end by a maple tree at the one comer and a I'shite Oake 
tree at the othor comer. 

Layd out to Thoriao Greene five alters of land against 
the front of the Lott that vms formerly granted Jar;»es Sweet 
the sayd house and land beinge now in the possession of 
Thomas Grreone, the sayd five akers raorc or losse beinge on 
the south 


115 side of the street bounded upon the I^ast side by the CoEfon, 
on the south by the highway that leadoth into the small 
neokes, on the v/est by ;.!r 'Jalter Todds land on the Ilorth 
by the hiph"way that leadeth tJirough the Towne, vdth a litle 
of vreist land throvme in betv/ist Y/alter Todd and him also 
layd out to Thomas Greeno upon the aoount of his ovrae graunt 
eight akers land more or lesse bounded upon the south east 
by the Great swarip ne::t Bakers land on the northeast side by 
the highway goingeto Occuppessuatuxet on the front northwest 
on the southwest by the footeway 

layd out for John Swoete six akrers of land bounded 
southward by his lott his now dv/ollingc house stands on, 
the eastv/ard side by Peter Busiootts land, on the v/ost and 
north, by the Cofnon. 


Layd out for Jaraes Greone nine akors of land bound- 
inge on the Southwest side by the horso nockc on the South- 
east by tho head of the Crecke on the Korthcaot by P.iohard 
Carders lott on the front boinge northv/eat over a£,'ainst 
Jolin GacTono lott the highvjay boince betwixt 

Jjayd out to Richard Carder for Llr Ho linos his children 
six akers layingc on a little noclce beyond the horse nooke 
bounded easterly by the sayd Horse ilecl:e on the south by a 
litle necke beyond the horse necke vveet and north by the 
C ofKon 


116 Layd out for llr Randall Houlden six akern of land 

frontinge over against Jolin Samonc houce on the north end, 
on the v/eet cide bounded by a high way leadinge to the 
snail neckcs on the southeast end by a highway, on the 
northeast by Mr waiter Todds lott 

Layd out to IJr John Smith fovvor six aker lotts bound- 
inge southward by lir Houldens 20 aker lott ilr Somuell Gor- 
tons ser lott and by Thomas Eedgers lott, northv/ard by a 
highway goinge frop. V/illian Burtonc to tho litlo ^jond :::ast- 
ward by the Coraon and vvoGt^r^ard by a way, by the pond 

Layd out to }!jr Samuell Gorton Ser one oix aker lott 
boundinge iSstward by Houldens 20 aker lott, '.'eetward by 
ThOEias Hedgere lott, fronting southv/ard upon tho Co&:m, and 
by Mr Smiths lott IJorthward. 



Laycl ont to Mr Henry Heddiicke and to Christoplier 
HaxDdiurst each of them tv;elve aters of land in all tv/enty 
fower akcrs -ootrndGd upon the highway goingo to V/illiam Bur- 
tons Southerly hy the end westerly next the litle pond on 
the other side northerly and on the end easterly 

layd out for Wllliara Burton twelve akors of land hound- 
ingo upon the South by the river on the ITorth Side hy the 
hrooke which runcn dovmc to James Sweetec on the 'ilast hy 
Jamec Sweetca lott on the north by the CoiiTbn on the vrest 
side by llr. Harvycs land. 


117 Layd out twelve akern of land to Thoriae nedgor bound- 
inge :^stT,'ard upon ?,Ir Samuell Gortons lott, ^'ectrard by a 
•way to the litle pond iJorthv;ard by part of Mr Smiths lott 
and part by the Comon Southward frontingo on the Comon. 

Layd out to Jaraos 'v/eet a six akei' lott layinge south- 
ward by thj3 river that runes doiTne by hiv^j houeclott the 
fjouthoast comer bounded by a tshite Oake, Sastv^ard bound- 
ed by the CorTon, the Hortheaot corner bounded by a Chest- 
nutt tree bcinge also against the Coirion the UorthT7ect cor- 
ner by a -yrhite Qake sturap, and vrest'.Tard by William Burtons 

Layd out to John Llppett eer six airers of land lay- 
Inge on the Northwest side of tho brooko that ranee- dormo 
by James Sweets bounded Southeast by land formerly layd out 


to John Warner llorthoaeterly and lIorth\70sterly t)y the Comon 
and S-wsmpc and SouthwoGtorly by James Sweets land 

Layd out to Anthony Lowe six akers of land more or 
lesGo on the "backG aide of his house lott he bought of Rich- 
ard Townsend bomidod Kortheantorly by Peter Buzicotts land 
lIorthT/est and 3outhv;ost by tho Ooinon 

Layd out to l&r Walter Xodd six akers of land bounded 
on tho north by tho highway that leaden through the Tovme 
on the South buttinge upon tho second llooke, on the Y^est 
by Mr Houldeno lott, on the 2ast by Thonvis GreencG lott 


118 layd out six alrers of land to Mr John Geraerdy upon 
the acount of hio house lott bought of Mr Szekicll Holli- 
nian bounded "istward by John V7amers land, and Southward by 
a lott formerly layd out to Chrictopher Unthanke, ^'estward 
and northward on the G onion 

Layd out to Kr John ■■"ickos a six aker lott bounded on 
tho Southeast by Mr I^andall Houldens field on vrhioh tho 
Indians formerly plantod, on the Hortheast by tho hi^h way, 
-on the Horthwect by John Potterc six ahor lott, on the Scuth- 
cact to^vards the buroh S\7arjp 

Layd out to John Potter a six al:er lott bounded South- 
v;est by Llr Jolin 'Jickec his lott Northeast by tho hit:hway 
Westerly and Northerly by the C onion and burch s-waiTip 

Layd out to Henry Knowles a six aker lott bounded 


r VI ? 


Southward tj the highway betwixt it and Mr Ho ul dens Indian 
f field and Mr Wickes his sis aker lott. boiinded lortheast- 
erly on the other side next a small hrooke, Southeasterly 
by his ovme land and Northwesterly by the Combn 

Laid out to Lieut Robert Y/escott 2 siz akers of land 
lying one ye south side of Janes Sweete runn: and bounded 
one ye Uorth side by ye Brooke one south by ye Comon: on 
ye East side by a Six aker lote of Amos \7escott, & on West 
side a Mapell: by ye Brooke side, & Y;ith a stake or a 
poole from ye I^pell Sutherd: which Lyeth one both sides 
of a peece of laedo which was formerly granted to ye said 
Lieut: Robert V'escott, in parte of his share, these 2 lots 
one belongeth to his house lott a ye other hee bought of 
Peeter Busecott Senyor 


119 Layd out to ffrancies Derby on six acker lott Joiyen- 
ing to ye v/esterend of ye lott yt was granted to John Sara- 
mon ye side next ye highway goeing- to Toskotinck Southerly 
on ye westend by ye Ooramon on ye northeast by Mr houlden 
and Mr G our ton 

ITwo akers of land more or lesse layd out round the 
meddowe of John Greene layinge by the pond called Cacounke 
bounded by a small red Oako on the Sfortheast on the South 
west by a white Oake nee re the run, and from thence north- 
westerly to a white Oake, and from thence to a blacke 
Oake Northerly and from thence to a stake Easterly 



beinge at the upper end of the meddowe 

The 9th of Kovemher 1660 James Greene 

his marke 
James jT Sweet 

Richard Oarder 


lEO Know all men hy these presents that I John Sweet of '7ar- 
wiclro in the Colloney of rrovidenoo I- Ian tat i ones have sould 
unto John Cooke oi the Baino Tovme all that my house scituated 
and heinge in Warwlclce, with a six alrer lott granted unto mee 
by the Tovmsinen of TiTarwiclre for a hoane lott with all the 
apurtenanceo and priveledges thorunto belonginge laylnge next 
unto the land of Robert Waskote on the jiast, the way that 
cocies dO'.Tae betv/l::t Stukly y/askote and Henry Enoles bcinge 
on the South, as also another six aker lott next adioyninge 
xinto the former on the V.'est as also one other six akcr lott 
I purchased of leter Buaicott next adlojiTainge unto that on 
the West: as also one slipo of land wheron my house stands, 
layinge betwixt the litle brookc and the way over against 
c?y other lotts : also all ray shares of meddowe already layd 
out in the Combn and all my right of meddowo in Potaomott 
and Tosketmko - All which houcoinge l?aiides and raeddowes 
with all the apurtenances and privoledger; therunto belong- 
ing I doe now malco over unto John Cooke and his hcires for- 
ever and doc give hiu present and quiet pososcion therto this 
20th of June 1655 

■ '.•■ r 


\VitnesBe herofe 

Ezetlell Holliman the marke £ of Jolm Sweet 

Janes J // Sweet 


121 TJilbore Carpenter's -Darmarlj: 03? IiIg Creatures is a 
Crop of the Right Ear and a half penny under side of the 

Deohr 7th day 1765 
Thoinas Wood llarke his Creaturs with a Crop of the Right 
3ar and a slit the under Side of the same 
Decbr 7th day 1765 

Silas Bakers nark 


122 Know all men by those presents that I Anthony lowo 
Inliahitant of the Town© of "STairdcko in the Colloncy of Prov- 
idence Plantationes in ITew England, have sould unto *^eter 
Buzicott Inhabitant of the sane Toraie my dwellinge house 
and outhousinge together with the house lott and two akors 
or therabouts on the backe side of John Sweets land his 
now dwellinge house standee on, also another parcell of 
ground adioyninge to Thomas Staf fords house lott being© 
about an alcer an halfo more or lesse on which land Richard 
Townsend first built in this Towne of Warwicke, as also one 
six aker lott adioyninge to the sayd lott the dv;cllinfte 

S L 


houBc stands on, the boundoG of it iDeinGe Eortheastorly by 
land v;hich beloneed to the eayd Peter Buaicott, Soiithward- 
ly "by Jolm Swcots land, northwest "by the Comon, as also 
three alcerc of meddov/c in the longc meddowe called "by the 
Indians Oohinamonimkanett v/hich formerly ■bclon(red unto 
Robert Coles, I say I the sayd Anthony Lo\7c have Sould un- 
to Peter Buzicott aforesayd all the r'.foro mentioned hous- 
inge and land together with my Comonidgo and all prive- 
ledges and apurtcnancea therto belonginge for full satis- 
faction in hand receaved, And therfore I doe by this act 
paeso it over from mee my heires iilxeoutors Administrators, 
unto the sayd Peter Buzicott his heires 2xooutors Admin- 
istrators forever peaceably to onioy vdthout molestation 
from race, or any by meo in ^'dtnesse whorofe I have herunto 
sett ray hand and soale this fowerth of Kiaroh Anno Domini 

Sighned Sealed and delivered 

in the preeccnce of us Anthony lowe 

John Greene 

Ane Greene 


125 Knovr all men by these presents that I Peter Buzicott 
Inhabitant of the Tovnae of Warv/icke in the Golloncy of 
Providence riantationos in How England have sould unto An- 




thony Lowe of the satao 'Hoyme ray dwellingo house vrhich I 
bouglit of zi^Yjara Andrewes as also u^y uiioy, cogether wltli a 
six aker Lott the awellinge house Standoa on, together vdth 
three six aker lotts thcrto adioyninfrc trc sayd land heing 
thus hounded, in V/arvrioi:e, On the fro n't. at the Southwest 
comer hy a Stumpe in the gutter, r?-aigeinse on a streight 
line to the Eortheast corner post of his front fence "bound- 
ed northerly by a highway leadlnge into the \voodes beinge 
betwixt the sayd land and the land of John Greene at the 
northwest comer bounded by a i.Io.plo i;reo miC. by a white Oake 
next the broolre, as also V/esterly by land bolongingo to the 
Sayd Anthony lowe I say I Potei" Buaioott aforosayd have 
Gould the aforesayd housing and land, together with iny Com- 
onidge, and all Bumer of priveledges and apart enances ther- 
to apertaininge for full Satisfaction in hand roceaved, and 
doe 'b-j this act pas?ie it over froci njce ry heiree Usccutors 
Adninicitratorc unto the sayd ^Inthony Lowe hie lie ires .isecu- 
tors Administrators forever peaceably to enioy without 
mole 3 tat ion fror. moo or any by mee in witnesse wherofe I 
have herunto sett niy hand and soalc -jiiit; fo^^orth of ''iarch 

Anno Domini 1658 

Sighnod Sealed and his marko 

delivored in prooconoe of tie Teter '777> Buzioott 

John Greene 

Ane Greene 





124 Bee it know unto ell men by these presents yt I Jaine 
Sweet in habetant ox ye Tovmc ox "Jarwick in ye Collony of 
Providence Plantations, have sold unto John lipode Junyor, 
of ye seme Tovme, a six acre lote, lying one Jolm Warners 
Brooke & boimded one ye west side by Wm Burtons lote: one 
ye east by ye Corion: one ye northeast bounded v/ith a Chast- 
net tree <"- one ye South by ye River: I say I have sold un- 
to John lipod Junyor: all ray right of of this six acre 
lote, above bounded: from Kee 3^7- heires or assines, I have 
sold unto ye bove said John Lipode hiB heires S: assines: 
for full s atisf action alrcdie noceived, quietly to Inioy 
T/ithout truble or nolietation: In v9itness v/hare of I have 
heere unto set to roy had & Seale this 0th October 1660 
Signed Sealed & delivered James / ^// Sv;ecte 

in presents of ub hie narko 

John J ^ Sv/eete 

his raarko 
Matthias Harvye 

Laid out to Amos "fescott his home lott, is bounded on 
ye East end, with a mapeell tree at one comer 5: a black 
oako at ye other corner, & at ye west end a T.hite Oake at 
Each comer: being bounded vdLth ye Brooke one ye Ilorth side 
& his sii: aJ'cr loto is boujided v/ith Thoinas Relfe one ye 
East side & one ye V/eet side a blacke oake at on Corner & 
a vrhito oalce at ye Other Comer, v;hich are ray f fathers 


'C \ 


■bound trees, one the liast side Sc one ye West side: a black 
oako at one Comer, which ie thence west, & a stacke at ye 
other Comer: 


125 llathon Gorton's 3ar mark of his Creatures is tv/o Slits 
on the forepart of the Sight Bar 

etored June the 4th day 1762 "oy Jor Lippitt Clk 
Caleb Gorton's i::ar mark of his Creatures is a Crop on 
the left 3ar, and a half penny xmder each i^iar 
Entered Juno the 7th day 1763 

By Jer Lippitt Tovm Clk 
Holdon Rice's Zaiiaark of his Creatures is a hole in 
Bach Ear. Entered June the 7th day 1763 

By Jer. Lippett Tovm Clk 
Waterraan Tibbitt: the '^ar Llark of his Croat^ires is a 
fork in aach Sar and a half penny the imdersido of the 
Right Ear 

Entered May the 20th Day 1765 

By Jer. lippett Tovm Clk 


126 This Indenture made thic eleventh of Aprill Anno 

Domini 1661 v-dtnesseth, yt I Josepii Stafford, Sonn of Thom- 
as Stafford Inhabetant of yo Tovme of 'Warwick, in ye Col- 
loney of Providence Plantationes, in Hewenglend Miller, 


of ye one partio, doc "bind my Selfe Apr entice, unto llr: 
Ihoraas Smith Taylor: Inlialsetant of PawtitKOt: in ra^nriclr: 
in ye aforsaiu Colloney, flu.ringft yo terom of Sight yeares, 
from yc twentie first of liarch last past: I cay I ye said 
Joeeph Stafford, doe "by ye Cunsent of niy f father Thomas 
Stafford ahovGsaid bind ny selfe during ye Torem of Sight 
yeares, as aforsaid, unto ye said Thomas Sn;ith, his Reires 
executors AdiT.inietrators, to doe hiix faythfull service: 
heinge att his lavrfull Cocands: kccpfeinr his Cecrets; and 
doe proTiiise according to my "best endeavor: not to ncgloct 
any thinge, yt I ought to doe, for sij'- !5aid I^asters best 
advantage as become th a Somant in Consideration \7hare of 
I ye said ThOLiac Smith, doc one ye other parte, Couenant 
to 5: with ye aforsaid Joseph Stafford, to Iceepe him with 
Cunuenyent Meate, drinke aparrell and, Lodgolngc, duringe 
ye tercn of ;:]ight yeares, ac abovosaid, and I doe Ingaigo 
to teach or cause him to bee taught, yo trade ralstery and 
Occupation of a Taylor, to 70 utnost of my Sndoavor, Pr to 
oarrie ■oiyselfe tOA7ardes him in all points, as a Ilantcr, 
ought to doe to hie Soruant, «- I doe ftirther promise at 
yo end of Eight yeares, an? above said, to rset him free: 
givcinge of hin, one new suit of clothee bonldes his: other 
aparrell & to ye ti*ue performanoo hcereof T bind me Tny 
heires 3xecutor adrdnistrtitorc, in: Trritneoe, triharc of, v;ee 
have, L]ntercha,ngeably net to otir hands S: ccales , yo day S: 
yeare above said his marlce 

Joooph O Stafford 



Slprhned Sealed imd 

127 delivered in preEoenco of Thomas -^ Stafford 
Jolin, Greene Gennorall Aslstant Ms ciarke 

his mark© 
ffrancis Derhy Si{;mifinge his cuncent 

Israel Arnold Son of aiishn Ear Mark of his Creatures is 
a half penny imdor the Right oar ft a half penny over the Left 

Recorded, Jany 15th. 1745 
This narke is taken up hy Benj. Hemineton 

Charles Ilhoades I]ar y;ark of his Creatures is a fork in the 
Left Ear & a Slit in the Top of the Bight oar 

Recorded April 9th, 1746 
Aaron Davis 3ar niarke of his Creature is a Crop on the 
left Ear & a Slit in the fore side the sarae 

Entered Sept. 10th day 17G0 


T7itnes thes presens that I Williom Backer of 'iVarv-iok 

128 in the Colony of Haragancot doe give and deliver iny Sone 
John Backer Aged five years unto Thomas 13radly of Warv.lck 
to be brought up and raaintained with moate drinke and ap- 
rell as Shall boe fitlng and Conuenicnt untill the Sayd John 
Backer do© come unto the Age of on and twenty years in Con- 
sideration whereof I the Sayd Thoraae Bradly doue binde my 
Self ay ayres Sxsecutore and Aoings to teach hime to read 
English toung and to learen hine doe booath by Sea and land 


what I my Solfe am called to doc for that I tho Sayd V/il- 
ham Baclter doo grlvo full lawc unto Thoir.ue Bradly if in case 
tlic I'or cayd Jolin Backer lihould bee Invogled or defcaynod "oj 
any person or porBOiiE to fetch him or Ca^iee him to bee fetch 
ed to the CtLetoclie of the Sayc Ttooina-G untill the tine bo ex- 
pired in vltnes v/herof I doc herunto iiet ray hand 
WariTvicke Aprcll the: 14th /mo dorilny:1661 
Wltnon^t, by the E^irko of 

John ??iayth "illiain ^^ I'eaokcr 

Slijazer Coliens Thoraaa '^racily 

Anthony Abcrn takes the same Sanr.ark for hin Croatiires 
T/hich belonged to Lanicl Budlonf;; which was a hind Gad In the 
Sight Bar and a fork in the left 
Entered £4th IJay 1773 


129 This Iiid-ontuie inade this 29th of October An- lop.iny 

1661: Tritneeseth a Contract or Covenent botweono John Greene 
01 the Tovmo of ivarwickc in the Collony of Providence Plfin- 
tationc in llexj iinglend, of tho one arty and f^rnncic neltoi 
of Providence in the Sayd Collony of the other party, vide- 
licet, that I John Greene aforGayc doc let and -ett unto 
frraneifl unolton aforsay*-! ' Hartnino parsell of upland lay- 
Inge next tho upper end of the Couve of Occuposuatuxet and 
ranginge from the fronto of tho necko onn a itr^iplit line 
T/ith the north vrest oidc of ::iy -^lov/ed land tlie floldr that 
the Indians plant hesvinf;e breacke up boint by the nea and 

3 re: 



SO on =jtrai£;lit line dowiic to the salt v/ater as Allso I doc 
let uEto hiK) all the mocidowe from the Incilan fcric that no^v 
runec 0.07.710 -^o Ocoirpeeiiatiocet Coiive dovniowardG so fare bs 
the Poynt holov;' the firt^t round oouve all tho caytl upland 
and fficdclovj- to hee for his use during tho terrac of fov/er 
yoares after the date hcrooi allt.;o I doe -.Ongadgo to breti-ko 
-ap fov,'er aksrs more of the sayd l.r;.n.d betwiict thiti and tlio 
first of in&i; nerA: neero •'■>• mcdc.owe ao alli'O J. doe cngadgo 
to huilde f. houoft fltte to dewell in drad vrith poetes in 
th^ {-.rounno) trrenty foote lonf e »nd foiirteon i'oote vn'de and 
to riacke it in eom& liGCBivre haliltabje -f dov'cll in ap allsc 
I SOQ onc-sdge to feno the whole front of the eeyd nec'te of 
OcoopPBUctuyet v-'lth a sufflelnt fence of postes ?.nd three 
raylof 'r-.^- the rater so fare as may bee eo'nveriicnt to 
keepc oi Oo.toll I doe let;; unto hliE freo llherty for Com- 
r.onldge for siich n^ttell fis ho nowc hath or Shall heave of 
laino together v?ith thicr Incroiico frorn tho head of Occuppo- 
suatujivot Oouvo to tho hoac^ of ?atiun«© Coave dov; wcet to 
feed at 3arge ee nllro 13hi?rty of feed for : ..ttell afor- 

sayd. after In;"'';- - "• '-"•■*■ r--— --:; -"-»''- '--f -"'•^r- v':c-'-r> that 

I shall not portioularly Impropriate {ilit'o 


(torn) the suyd ffrtircic ftom) Cov^n in oo?fc at Prseent 
that shall not under three ycaroc o-ali: nor he coven I doc 
(torn) engage tv/o cov/es more of the, adge a "orsayd and a 


payer of Oxon to bo delivered Into hie »'torn) dy vithin a 
yeare of the date herof I sey I John Greene aforeayd doe let 
all the land aforsayd as ir; specified together with the 
housings v;ith priyledgo of wood water tiKbor for fencingc 
or building upon the sayd land I say I doc let it together 
withe the Catoll cforoayd duringe the tcrrao of fewer ycarcG 
after the date horof to hin hie hoires l^^xecutcrc Adininietra- 
torc and ware^it it xx'om (any) poreon wlmteocvor In Gonnidor- 
ation v/herof I tho abovesayd ffrtmcies ueelton doe engadgo 
to pay oi£:ht pound for the first yearo :;ent cevon of it in 
seven eoore pole of the sayd front fence at ftorn) penc the 
rod and twenty shillings in f uorn) ^hioh I do© ongadge to 
finiah upon that acount I doe lickewino engadge to fir,,Bh 
all the rornaindor of the oayd front fonc at twelve peno the 
rod only the eayd John Oreene io to filleglole) it in place 
and the sayd fenc to be sett up betivixt this and the 
twelfth of vleptember Ensuing the date herof In Considera- 
tion wherof the sayd John Greene is to pay forty shillings 
in linen of priae ourant upon (torn) r-;nd tho rest in a fntt 
hogge at throe penc throe farthings pr and the rest in In- 
dian Com oood and marchantable at three Shillings pr 
bushell at or before the first of Ktiroh no>:t i{;n!;-hcuingo 
the date herofe and I francles usletorn doe Engage to Ireop 
the eayd housing and fcncingo in gooa repayer deurlng the 
sayd lease aforsayd and Carfolly to keepc tho sayd Cattcll 
and if any of them doe miocary through ay negloct to make 



thenie goodo and I doe engadgc my eelfc my hoiro8 exeoiitors 
Adminiati'ators unto the sayd John Greon^ or his hclres Ad- 
ministrators or 

(torn) last yearoo Annualy twelve pound starlinpo in corn 
or goodes at priso Curant and at the end of yo te:iTnc to 
Eesighno up all the premisos Poocaved (torn) .my thing 
through Casualty laisoary and to deliver two loads of hay 
Instead of (ij.le; ihle) v/hich I reeoavod in witnos v/hcreof 
wee hoavc interchangreahly Sett to our hands and Seales the 
day and yeare Ahovesayd jnomorandum • havingo the upwards in- 
terlined "befor cighning i.'jOffiorandtJjr! tlio day of payment Anualy 
is to heo the day of the dato of this writing and that ffran- 
ciG seton iu granted liberty of feedo for 6 hoad of Catell 
more (torn) more then the writing mentions and that John 
Greene is to defend the sayd ffranois usleton for(torn)inbcr 
for the fonc montionod vd.thin (torn) of the sayd ( illegible) 
and the place of payment to hoc at the sayd house spesified 
in the writing for Kent Slghnod sealed and delivered in 
prescnc of us hie marlce 

Jan:os Greene ffrancels X uclton 

his marlre John Greene 

Henry AVC i'nowls 




Tho 11th of Ilovonber 1661 
132 V?ee the Counsell beinc raett to Afjitatc aboute the 
estate of Mr Robort Potter disoeasGd dyinjve IntoDtato ancl 
Examine all ciept?- rVnt vree vrec can lieare heave "oeoTi denand- 
8d from the time of his death antill now do only finde a 
Considerahle s-um of f if tie Scaven poandes Soavcnteene Shil- 
ling and ten pone deu to '•■ Jaince Oreene as allso that the 
housing and landes of -^obert Totter aforsadic by former 
order of the Coimsoll vrere ^.npadgod to Janec. Greene afor- 
sajrd to maol: hin Gatiocfaction and John Potter Konnc of 
the sayd Robert rottcr being now of age and Presenting 
himsGlfe before ns \7oe do AuthoriKO Jfrnoe Greene aforsayd 
in the Councolls bohalfe to make sale of all the hon^inge 
and land in mir77lcko that was the Eight of Kobort Potter 
af orsayd as a Grand Purchaser or othorvTiEe and heaving 
satisfied himaclfe out of it and if ought Heaaino to deliv- 
er it to John Potter ae a legacy froir. the CounGcll he is 
lickev7ies Authorised to give decdos upon Salle 

( JoJm "rayth deputye 

Samuell Gorton Ser 
By the ( Johji ''■ickos Aejstant 

Gounscll ( John 'reene Gcll Asit 

Randall houldon 

P.icharde Carder 




Warwicke tMs twelvth of lloven'bcr: 1661: I James 

133 Greene In}labit^-lnt of the Towne of MTarvioy^- ■^'■'- "f-^i^ ^'-ollony 
of Providenoe Plantations in Hew i^gland licinge authorized 
to macke Scale of all the hoxiGingo and land in ws-TxriGKc that 
belonged to i.r r.obcrt Potter of the sayd Tox-nic hy the Coun- 
solls Order as upon r.coord more at large may Apoare for the 
payment of fifty ceyen pound seavonteen nhlllings and teen 
pcnc ..herlorQ Lnov; all wen by thos rrocente t]iat I Jamec 
Greene aforsayd heave Bargained for and sould unto John Pot- 
ter Oonno of the cayd I^obert Potter all his fathers housing 
and land that belonged to lilm in v/arwiok as a Grand Purchos- 
er or othorv;iso I say all the land as t.'ell upland as meddov; 
^7ith all r:.nncr of privcledroc and ap^irtenanccG thorto be- 
longing :.;3:oopting only a cinall parvoi;!. ol land laying over 
against the cayci houoelott bounded by "'illiam BurtonR land 
anrl the land cf hnry KnoT^leo ':7hich sayd i'arssll of land is 
allroady souia unto henry j'.nOT.ioc I say 1 Jaxice Greene afor 
sayd heave freely sould it unto John irottor aforsayd all 
the sayd housring or.d, landes (is:ceptinf; only v/hat before iG 
lixcepted together vrith the rrivelodgoc and ImruniticG therto 
aportaining) in ag ample manor as it was his f fathers being 
a Craand Purchaser or othor's^rlec for and in Concidcrstion of 
fifty seavon pouna seavontocn i;hillingE and ten penc 



in hand Payd and Tiooeaved and therfore I doc "by thifj free- 

134 ly pac it over from neo ray heires Ezeoutors Adrilnlstrators 
"imto the sayd John Potter his:' helrcs :il-:ecutorr! Aani-nlr-tra- 
tore forever Pcaoably to : osesoe and Inioy vrhlthoiu zaolec- 
tation from tnec or any hj and In v/ltnes of this my Aot 
and deed I heave horunto oett Tuy hvs;.nd and :":ealc the day and 
Yeare ahove Sayd Signed Scaled and delivered in Pro cone of 

Sai^niell Sanl'ord Jartios ^-recne 

Joh Alcjy This -was done before me 

John Greene Oencrall Asltent 
Know all men by thee proEcnt that I Ooorgo Baldvrln 
Inhabitant of the Tovnac of \Varwicko in the Colony of Prov- 
idenc Plantations heave eould and made Over to James Greene 
Inhabitant of the samo Towne my small dovision in r;iiini3:ti~ 
coke necko beinpe the Eightc lott -with all Priveledg-s and 
Ap-arto7iancef; therunto belons^lnge I say I heave eonld It for 
satesf fiction in hanv' roceaved and doe by this act ConfiTne 
to hin his heierc SxciitorE AdEilnef-trators to enioy it iieac- 
ably i^hithout cllf?tr.rbanc by ne or any for TTiee in Testimony 
vrherof I beavc hereunto Gctt my hand and sealo this 6th of 
Aprell 1651 hie marke 

Slghned eealod and Gkjorce (^ ' N''B&ld.v:in 

delivered in Toresconcc of us 



Ms marke 

James / O 3v7ctte 

135 Thomas ~[~ Thornicraft 

his warke 

Kaow all men "by thes presents thnt I Randall lioiildcn 
Inhabitant of the Tovmo of vfarvrial-o in the Colon;/ of Provi- 
deneo Plantations in nov.' inel^^<i heavo bar^^ained aor and 
aould unto Jamco Greono Inhahitant of the Towic of iTarvvicko 
aforsayd all my sliare allredy layd out in ^uinlnlcokc helnr: 
the twenty seavcnth share containgo three craartcrs of an 
acker more or loose for ten shillin^^s payd in hand and ro- 
ceaved I say I Randall houlden aforsayd hoavo ;"^nuld tho 
eayd share with all priviledgec whatsoever Xiiorin Contain- 
ed unto JaTTiGs areone aforsayd and thorfor doo hy this Aot 
pasc it over from ray hiers i^lxeotors AdininGStrators un- 
to the sayd James Greone his heiers 'ixeoutors Adminestra- 
tors for Sver Peasably to poses and enioy whlthout molesta- 
tion from r>e or any hy in witnos wherof I heave hc-ninto 
set Ti^ hand and soale this 6th of January 1661 6£ 
Sighned sealed and doliverod in Eandall houlden 

presono of us 
John Sngrth deputy 
John Greene Gell asistat 
Edmtind Calvcrly 




Tliis Indenture made Vain twenty second of Octo'ber Ano 
136 Dominy 1661 witnessoth that I r/illiarn Knowles Sonne of henry 
Knowles of tlic Tovme of v;arvdck in the Collony of Providence 
PlantationB in Hew Sneland with the GonGcnt of ray f father 
doc bindc iny Selfo an Aprontioe unto :'jc ThOEas Smith Inhah- 
itant of Patirset in the carae 7ov^m.e of v;arwick Taylor for tho 
terme of Five years ulnsuingo the date herofe to doe h±n trne 
and faythfull eervis and to obey all hie lavrfrai Cornands to 
koepe his Secretn and not to hannte tauvens or Alle houses 
fecpt ahout r.^- I.'.astei-s "buseneBc ' "•- '-■■- '^'^-'^'-"^ '^iiliara 
KnoT?/les doe promise to booheavo ray sclfe in all poynts as 
an Aprentlcc ouglii to doc darlnge the sayd tonDe of five 
ycarcs In Consideration .,;.u..of I the abovesayd Thomas Smyth 
doe Covenant to and with the sayd v/illiam Fnowlee to teach 
or oe.ues hiiTic to be© taught the Art© mistry and OccupatiOTi 
of ;. taylor to the utciost of what I can teach hire as allso 
to keepe hir. duringe the Sayd tcrrrie with Convenient aparcll 
meat drinke and lod£;inee and and I doe ar^^agc too behave 
my Self towardca him as a nasjter r.-.Mr'r.f. tc <-'.or> v.-nfc his rer- 
vant and at the F.nd of tho Sayd -librae 1 doe covenant to set 
him free giving one new suit of aprell borides his ordiiiarj'- 
Y/oaring aparrell in v-'itnese Vfherof v^eo hnave honmto '■inter- 
changeably :^ott to our hands and GealeB the day and yeare 
above Sayd Sichned sealed ern^ delivered in Prescence of us: 
John Greene Coll Acistant Ti-o-nr ;^Tr.yth 

Janes Crcono Clarke ''"-i- marke 



This Indenture niade ye 13th day of January: 1661: in 

137 the 13th yeare of ye Raine of our Souvraine lord Ghareles 
the Second of England Scotland ffranoe and Ireland king &g 
witneseth that I Wllliain llelmos of warwioke in the Colony 
of Providenc .Plantations in new ongland being Eldest Sonn 
and heire to Christ of er Eclmes and Ilargret He lacs late of 
The Towne of warwick in the Colony afornamed nowe deceased 
I doe hy thio Present Ratifie Confirrse and alov/e of A. Ger- 
taine Purchase made "by Richard Carder now of v/arwicke in 
the Towne and Collony aforenfimed from iry lovinge mother 
Margrett Kelmos late of warv;icke afere eayd-deeeased Some 
Bight yeares Since or ther abouts, allso I doe herby Rati- 
fie and allow of ye deed of Sale made by my Mother Margrett 
Helmes aforsayd and her cartine Aturny Halfe Sarle ye elder 
of Poritsmouth in the Colony of Providenc Plantations a- 
forsayd, \7hich beareth date ye nineteeth day of Deseaber: 
1650: father more I doc I doe actaiowledg my selfe welle sat- 
isfied Contented and Payd by Richard Carder aforsayd for the 
six acors of land more or lese in the fore sayd deed mention- 
ed together with tlie house and all apurtenancec in the fore 
sayd deed mentioned, and I doe herby thes present for me my 
heires Executors 


Administrators and Asignos warant the for 3ayd deed of ?ur- 
138 chase together with the Purchase it selfe to Richard Carder 

•r ,-: r 



aforcr^rned hie hciree Executors Administrators and Asigncs 
i'or ever in witncs v/her oi" I heave her unto Set oy hand and 
Seale the day and yearo firtst above written 

^'Caled and delivered in the : 
Present of us whoso nanos: 
are underwritcn the word 
Lnc over the 24th line heing 
Placed there before the 
Lunsealing herof 
Sdjnund Calve rly 
Handall Houlden 
John HiGs 

•The Eiarke of 
V.illiam -j 3 IIqIecs 


139 This Indenture made tbls 27th of Scptcnher Ano Dojnlni 

1661 witneseth iinto all whome it may Conscm that I Chris- 
topher Hau:ch-arst Inhabitant of wai'wick in ye Colony of 
Provideno Plantations in nov; en^land by reason by reason 
of ry afectionatc love I beare to Kiy lovinge ffathcrinlar/e 
1^ henry itodducke of the Same Towne and Colony afore Sayd 
have freely t'ivcn and graunted unto him five alters and. 
halfc of Irjid on which my ffatherinlar/e hath bxiilt a dv/ill- 
ing house ye Sayd lott being bounded Southward by ye r:treet 
being ye front v/cctward by a hoiiae lott layd out formerly 
to Thomas Srin^jenton north^7ard by ye Gomonon eaet^^rrd by 
halfe an akor of land v;hich I have roGcrved to my Oclfe 

P c 



froTTi the sayd lott I say I hoavc fully given and gr&untod 
ye sayd Parsell of laiod acording to yo boundes Aoove sayd 
Specified wlthrill PrlTilodeot? of wood rasters & ston in yo 
Sayd laiid Contayned unto n^y "bloved fatherin lav/e Kenry Eod- 
v-cte afore Savd and passo it oover freely from© weo nay 
helres Sxectitorf? atelnlstrs.tors? imto Tny Sayd fatlierlnlavje 
henry Heddnckc hie hicrcj; .^xcciitors administrators fDrcver 
Peasatl:/ to Snioy w>;ltnOTit raolestatlon or any Tjy mee witnes 
my hand and ?eale tho day and yearc aboveayd Christopher 
Sighned Scaled and and hJixixhuret 


140 in preeenc of as 
Richard Towneoend 
Beniawin Smith 

This Indenture wltneseth that I henry Beddv.oke of Pa- 
tuxltt in wfirv/icke In the Coloiiy of i'rovldGno Plantations 
have by thes Preconts given Cratinted bargained and Sonld 
unto fSdznund Calverly of ye Towne of warwioke af oroeayd and 
Coloney afor.'-.Bayd all ray I'ight '.T'itcll and intrest that I ye 
oa7/d heni~y /.edduckc heave to five akers and halfo of gronnd 
\7ith a house and Orchard in the ToTmo aforcayd topethor ^vlth 
a ch^-re of T-iOaaow at Papyaosctt withall ye ?rlvli dr-ni- .and a-i- 

purtenfinccG ther \mto blonclngo Allso a Towneship bclnc 



twelYG Acliers of upland more or leose linge nere ye litell 
Pond in waitdcke & foresaid together v^ith. all jo Kightes 
titclls PrivlidgGG and apurtenancec in any wise therrunto bc- 
lonring an ffiodoi:70Q TasturoB feedings. Groves vrooder under 
v?oodes fences &o How This Indenture further witneccth that 
I henry Redducke of yo Towne and Colony afore sayd doe ae- 
knoTBledg to heave Eeccavod the sumie of twenty five pound 
in English Cloth linen and woollen to ineo in hand Payd hee- 
for ye Encesline herof by 


141 the above naned r^driund Calverly trlth ■!:7hich I ye above ssayd 
henry F.edducke am y/oll Contented and Satiefied for ye afore- 
sayd houfi and l?5na above naded ';Nhich is ye Chife raovinge 
Cnuoe ?;hr:rforc I ro nayd henry lledducke heave bargihed my 
3c t ate aicrsaycl to ye T^aJ^. Sdnund Calverly af or sayd and I 
doe by this presents warant this -ay sale to ye foresayd Ed- 
inund Calverly bin: heires f?..n6. a '^'if^rhenec! for ever against 
all Persons Claning-e any Hieht and tiytoll therunto fron 
or under mee ye Sayd heni^y P^edduck My heires Bxeutorr- ad- 
ininiEtratorG and asishnec dated ye S7th day of September 
1661 and in ye thirteenth yeare of hie Llagistiea Rainge 
that noF is bceing Charles ye '."econd of '':ngland Scotland 

franc o.nd Klnge cfco 

henry Redducke 



Sealed and delivrd in 

ye Presences of us \?hose 

namee are herunto eul)- 

Ecribed quiot posesion 

beeing delivered of ye pren- 

isee "beofor ye ij^nsealing 


Saiauell Gorton 

John Sisytii 

James Greene 


Znov/ all rjen by these Presentee that w?iorao I iiary 

142 ColeR T.ddclowe of Robert Colon late alr-:o.nrod Inh-abitinr in 
this Tovme of war%vloko in ye Golonoy of Providcnoo Planta- 
tionos in new england becing Apoynted by ye Towie Ccunsell 
to give dccdes of such laiinda ae ray husband during the time 
ox his life had either Sould or given, therfore I ::jary Coles 
doe by this Act give and graunt unto ray Soninlav^e Hichard 
Townaend 8 akerc of cieddowe roore or lesso at the south end 
of ye greate aeddowe: Called by yo Indians OchinainonaTikanctt 
and doe by this act passe over Sotablish and Confirrae the 
sayde Med-jovrc with the Apurtinances therin Gontayncd to hime 
his hcircB irsecutcrs AdrQinistrators from race try heircc lilxeou- 
tors Adtninictrators forever f.'uietly to heave and to hould 
T7ithout molestation from sec or any by wee witnci-Go lay hrmd 
this 5th of Aproll 1656 laarke 

,iaiy /'Vi Coles 



Sighncd Sealed and delivered 
in Prosenc of as 
John Greene; Jimior 

TTnoT/ all men "by these Presents; yt I Peter Buaicott 
Blao>:e orrdth Inhabitant of ye To-wno cf rarr-lcke in yc Colons^ 
of PTOvideno Plant.... i "^"nj^l'md hearc ^mild unto 

John Sweet Inhi^'bit.^it ol ye san:o I'cv.^nc three akcrs of ned- 
dov7e vfMch v/a£3 layd out by :ir Lovr Called "by yc Indians llcck- 
inaiTJOfr^onkanott -■■:•' <^y: >t - -■•-.-■! --eaao'-'e 'bocin,: Ijotindecl south- 
erly by i3iedov7e beloagiug ta ye sayd Anthony Lowe and north- 
erly by yc sayd John Cwetos r^edvlowe and othorwaycs 'bountlcd 
by yc hlllE trees being ........... -^^st ^=^^ --^Pt I say _ .tor 

Buzioott heave 3oald ye gayd aeddov; wiuli all ye 


rriviledgeis therln Contained for and in Consideration of 

143 parte of a si:-: acor lott that wag formerly l.aya out to Henry 
i'ownscnd in liand Hecea.ved yc ...;../.. Lneddowe being throe A.kerr, 
and therefore I Peter buaicott doe pase it over fromc me my 
hiers and unto John Sweet aforsayd hie heires iixcutors Ad- 
ministrators for over .Poaacably to ;::nioy vrhit^-o^i-t- molesta- 
tion from nee or any by or under mee and in wivnes of this 
my act and deed I heave herunto Sett ray hand and Scale this 
13: of february; 16G1 hie mrlce 

Peter fiy^Tizichr^tt 


Sighned Sealed and 
delivred in Prescno of 

Johji Greene 

Ano Crecnc 

Kno?; all men "by Thee Presents yt I John Sv/oet Inliabi- 
tant of ye Tovme of vrarwiolc in ye Colony ox Trovidenc Plan- 
tations in now en^rland heave GOUld unto Richard To\Tnsond of 
Pav;tnxot oix akore of r.:ed(?.owe heing more or lecc hounded on 
ye South by LIr Lowe :.'edowe and on ye north hy Stephen ■\r- 
noldca and boundon on yo east and ye v/est by ye Coimnon I say 
I , John !-'Trott af orsayd heave Hould unto Richard ToTmescnd 
yo Sayd pcrsoll of nedov; T.hich lioth in ye largo neddo^70 vrith 
all PrivilldgeG therin Contained for and in Consideration of 
tcnn poundc in haund allroady Roceaved by sioe yo aforsayd 
John Swett I John Sr/ette doe hjr thiG proeants i-as oier unto 
ye aforsayd Kichard Towiecend 


All ray Right in ye aforsayd meddovre from ineo my heires '^- 

144 cutorp Administratorc and Asighenc for ever unto yo aforsayd 
Richard Townesend hie hcirea and aeighens for ever to hold 
and Inioy v/hithout Ictt or jpolootation from mee or any by moe 
in nitnes wherof I have herunto Get to my hand and 3oale this 

10 of March: 1661 

^ C 
Sighened Sealed and Jolm J» oweote 

delivered in Preseno of us his raarlce 




Antlioiiy low 
Matiiiae Karvy 

Wa.ovr all laj theo preconts yt I Randall Ho-urlden of the 
Tovme Wartdcke in ye Colony ox' Provldeiic Plantations in lievi 
iingland doe give gramit bargine and sell irnto ffrtmcis Dorby 
of the [Doxmo smd Colony aforoayd all ray Right tytill and 
introet yt I ye forsaid iiandall Eonlden heave to a Cartine 
Pars oil of land Containyin^ six acero of groimd more or 
IcsBe liying in in ye !Dov»'nG of warc?iolce af oresayc! and Col- 
ony aforsayd togethor with all ye Privledgec and apoiirtantin- 
cas theiianto belonging as Coiamonons woodes pastures feedinges 
and InJclosiiers if any bee, t3ie boxmdB theroi' ar a£5 ffolo"?;'eth 
yt is to say froiae ye fro-untc of ye houGo when ye fforsayd 
ffroneies Derby now liveth in ye to^-me of warvsricke aforsayd 
north or northweDt and upon the 


145 southwest boimdod by a laine and soiithv.-ard bomided by ye 
CoHffnon and iiortheaet or oast bounded by A Certaine i^arsell 
of Mr Walter Todd land and it iy fixthore acknowledgd by 
thes Presents that I ye said Randall Iloulden of ye Sowne 
and Colony aforsayd heave Hecived ye Just Sumc of nine 
pound in peaug at eight a peny whioh is a graund Cause 
wherfore I ye foraayd Randall Houldon heave bargined and 
Sould niy laund aforesayd being six ackers mor or lose as 
aforesayd and for ye true Porformanc of this lay sale to 




JO foroayd ffrancio J)orl>y I ye foresayd Randall Houlden 
doe Ts-araiit tliir. ny scle to yo forsayc" ffrancies Dar'by his 
hciers ExcuoorL; adMnstrators and asignos againat all per- 
sons wiiatcocver Claiming from and under mee Randall Hoiilden 
afore named or my heiers Jiscxitors Adrainostratoros or asi^- 
oneo in vjitnos vsiierof I hcavo ilit to ray hand and Seale y© 
first day of Deeemher: 1661: and in yo thirteenth yoerc of 
hie maioisti^s Eaine that nov; ie Charles ye Second King of 
Greate Brlttaino ffraiiince and Irland Viith all ye dominions 
and texitoryes t^xertmto bee longing: 
Signed Sealed and Per mee 

delivered in ye prcaene Handall Honlden 

of us 

Wallteer i'odd 
Edmimd Galverly 


2hiG Indenture raade thie sixteenth of ffehmary in the 

146 ydare (1661) vrfLtnesseth that iTheras I Y.llliam f field in the 
yeare 1649 "bought of John Greene of V.arwicke a certaine par- 
cell ox meddov; layingo on the tjouthwcet side of Patnxet 
ffalles conteiningG fov/er aJi:erG more or lease bovaidod on 
the coT^^th cmd viect by the Indioji fioldes and on the other 
sides by the river belowo the fales, as by a mcjiuBci'ipt more 
at large apearcs Therfore know all men by these presents 
that I r.illiam f field of Providence axoresayd, for and in 

ilX uOIiO 



Gonnidoration o? Ten pomdeD in Iif^cl received, cloo rackc T:>ar- 
gaino and srle tmto tho sr^^a Jolm Greene of all the ceyd 
meddoTTO accordinsrc; i-o the -boimdcn specified vdth all priY- 
eledges and apurtenancos, and doe therforo freely rer:ir:hne 

up Bll w I'iS^'fc ^-^^^ '^^■^-'•^ ^°^^ ^"^^^ "° '^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ heires 
forever miietly to posease Tdt?iont aolGBt.".tion from raee, or 
any by or midGr mee, and in v/itncrsco of this w act and deed 
have herto sett my hand So seaic thia Gi:sth of ffehruary 1661: 
Sighned sealed and William ffiold 

delivered in precoence of tis 
Fionas Harris 

his inar'tee 
Uathnniel ^ Lippett 


'ShlB present writin^e deel.-oreth mito all men hefore whom 

147 these presents shall come that I 3neqnons alis Hoosup ho- 

inf?s trJAoly Informed that w brother and r-redcceDSor in 

Sachimshippe laontonom In Ootoher the lirst onno Domini 

164S Sonld a neckc of land both upland and moddowe tmto lie 

John Greene of new Providence honnded hy OccuppeDsnatnxit 

Cove and Patience Cove on each side, together xrith free 

liberty to fecdo hie cattell at large froa Patience to Oc- 

cuppeiniatnxet point ^ooti/yard. and the aforesayd Mipjitonom 

and John Greene beinge disce<jced and John Greene of V-ar^vlcke 



hie eldest conne "bcinge dGsirous least any EnfiNLlsh chould 
fratidv-lently step in to ptirchasc the saycl land T7heron the 
Gayd Oomonldge is aarl so raise contention I Bay beinge de- 
sirous to inalce a farther A-^roement vrith meo therfore know- 
all men t-y thoee presents that I Sucqitanc alls iloossup 
cheife Sachim of the Nturraganset cotintrey Jind parte therto 
'bolonginf;^G anC. f^izccesGor of the sayd Miantonorao ^ doe in Con- 
sideration 0.1? farther satisfaction in fnll rcceavcd Oonfirme 
give grant fiill and a'byolirbo title of the oayd land "bcunded 
]:]asterly "by the front of Occuppessuatuxet iiecke as now it is 
fenced 8: Botitherly by v.'arTrlcko line "eoterly hy the f^reat 
river that rxines dov/ne to I'atuxet, and iiortherly "by a due 
WoGt line from the head of Patience Cove to the sayd river 
of Pattacet imto Jo>in Creono novr of '/"'arTTicke ai'oreoayd I say 
I have confirmcG zrceiy given ana graiitod irnto 


him all the land both upland ftorn) privoleci£:e!3 ajid apiirte- 
naneeo therto apertaininge to impropriate all or any part 
thereof if hoe r>ee cauBO and thorfore 1' Sucouans alia^ ?Ioos- 
Gup doc disclaime all Interest therin and doe passe it over 
freely from moe my helres and succesBors forever icito the 
sayd John Greene his Heires Executors adininistr:\torc and 
Asighnes, acJmoxvledginge that accordinc^G to the true Intent 
of the first Parchaso of his forsayd father it is his for- 
ever to en,joy without molestation from mee or any by or under 


mee by aaay pretence wiiatooevor and in wltnecse of this 
E^r reall act aad deed I have freely sett to Toy hand and 
Goale the Gixfceenth of Jtine Anno Pominl 1662 in the four- 
teenth yoarc of the reighno of or Soverain lord Kxago Charles 
the oecond kinge of Brittain franco & Ireland 
Sighned sealed and whom wae enterlined 

delivered in presence of ns before eighnin^-e 

his m<'rkG his warke 

James / j iiweet Sncguans CI77 alias moosup 

his mark© 
ffroneis O J^orhy 

Aohiniamlt C-"^ ^-^ mar Ire Indian 
Gvrashos -"'"^^ his mfirke Indian 

James Swoete and ffrancis Dor by cam© before meo and testi- 
fied this deed to bee a true deed upon their Ingadgement 

John Smith Popiity 


(Torn) men by thes presents yt I John ftorn) of ye 
ajovmie of warxTicke in ye fchliteratei) Providence Plantations 
(obliterated) 'to John Lippett senior of ye same toTOTe six 
Af obliterated) Phieh ;vas layd out to laee f obliterated) dew 
to (obliterated) boizght of Llr Holyeman as (obliterate!) record 
(obliterated) boiinded Eastward by John V.araer (obliterated) 
southward by a lott layd ov.t to CJiristopher Unthanke westward 
and northward ye CoBaaon I say I ye abovosayd John fforaedey 



for goode Conci deration movinge moe therimto heave Barf^ain- 
ed and so-uld ye land alcove named vdthall Right and Priveled^e 
thorto bolongliige for oatisf action Heceaved and doe By this 
act passe it over from mee my Heires Executors Adrainestra- 
tors xrnto ye sayd John Lippett senior his heiors ICxecutors 
and Administrators forever peascahly to enioy whithout moles- 
tation from mee or any by meo in v/itness \*erofe I have her- 
xoito sett ray hand and seal this tenth of ffehruar?/ 1662 
Si^ined sealed and John Creraedoy 

delivered in pcreGento of us 
Stiilcley ?/estcott 
James Greene ffovm Clark 


152 Benjamin Stone's Ear mark for his Creatures is a poioe 
Gut out on the under h'ide of the Right Ear in Shape of a 
Consonant You as is hereunder described 

Entered June 14, 1773 
Taken up by Stukely Wood 
May 4th 1815 

22 Mr (Dhomas Greene 31 

George Baldwin 11 

51 Richard TOTOisend 17 

25 Christopher Unthanke 3 

9 Hr John Geraerdy 35 

2 James Swoote 1 

V-C G- 

: .c:^ 




8 John SwGOte 25 

81 John Cooke 8 

29 ?ilr Honry Roddiiclrc S3 

13 Ghristoplier Hatixhiirst 19 
28 John Moore 9 
19 Thomas lj]rin^"ton 16 
16 Sir Saiiro.oll Gorton 26 
15 John Lyppett 22 

14 Peter Buzicott 14 
11 Hi chard 'Jatornian 26 


153 !I?hls Indenture made this 3d of Aprill .Anno Domini 
1663 in ye feifeteenth yoare of ye reighon of or soiivrain 
Lord Kinge Clmrles 2d Elngo of England Scotland ffronce and 
Ireland Etcra declarcth unto all men to v/home theu proaentes 
shall Come :/t I Llathias Ilarvy Inhabitant of ye Towne of -war- 
TTlcJce in ye Colloney of Providonc Plantations in ITov;england 
nnd coTv-ner of the '"^111 oittiiate upon yc river or Cove in ye 
sayd Tovrae of V;arv.'ick laiovm by ye Indian nazm Pasipicham- 
nnokQ doe sell itnto John Sweet Inhabitant of ye aforsayd 
[Bovme of warwieke my aforsayd Mil together vath all ye 
Apartenances and Priveledges thex'xuito belonginge Esoopting 
ono sisv aker lott laying Tip ye brooke above Jamoc Sweet© 
in yc -lOome wherof I doe put ye six acker lott Adioyang 
to ye mill land in the Great Hecke sonthwcstcrly as allao 


I ozcept a share of Keddowe laying at or beyond IJauBaiiket 
which wao granted oy ye Tovaic to ye sayd Mil as not 'boeij-ig 
in ray power to sell, -UIgo I yo sayd '.iathias Harvy doe maclce 
sale of my dewillinge house whcrin I now dewcll together 
\'jith yo sayd mill and apurteminces ae fencing freut trees 
etc for one himdred and fiftey poimdes money pay in hand He- 
cioved I likevricG passe over togetner with ye premises ye 
treu Ilngadgemonts acording as laysclf and ye first Ovvners 
wore onffadfred 'UJito yo sayd Towne of wax'wiclr as ye Towne 
-tecordei; oposciilcs hearing 
Date ye 2 of february 1660 


In Consideration of landes worlcc mony (torn) Courtesies 
and Privledges given by ye sayd (torn) I say I ye sayd Llath- 
ias Harvy doe by vertuc of (cott) Presentes fiaiy give Grant 
laaclce Bargine and (torn) of all ye af or sayd houesing Hill 
land and Apnrteaancos tinto ye sayd John ^weet his hierors 
lisecntors ftorr) minstrators wi*heHt-ia?e¥id-e»-de«ie%-sea? 
(torn) doe herby Binde myself firmley by thes (torn) ibso- 
lutley to free yo sayd Jolm Sweet (torn) Glaime of raine or 
any l^y or tinder mee (corn/ jx-ccutores Adminstrators v;hithout 
Item) deceitt witnesse my hand and seale ye day (torn) 
above sayd 

Sighned sealed and delivered Mathias Harvy 

in proseno of lis 


John trreone Oenrall Ap.istant 
i'JcLrauna. Calverley 


(Torn) Bay 10th of ye six month 1663 ftorn) all men hy 
thes precontes yt "ee John J'Ovvnesencl ftorn) Henery Tovniesend 
booth of Ostcr Bay on Long (torn) land doe hcrbey ffiilley 
and fiermley give raaclce over and Beaueeve all onre Hight 
tittllo and Interest ftorn) cth holonge to on or "botch of 
XLS of all ye lecnd ftorn) lieth on ye woct of wart7ie!ce 'Towne 
boimdes yt is to ftorn) Purchiesers Hi^t TTlthout ye 'Hoime 
■boiuideB ftorn) imto our brother Hichard To'wnensond at ftorn) 
in 3^8 provenc of JProvidenc Ilnntations Tree ftorn) halfe of 
yo cayd Right of land, and to and to heave ye ftorn) other 
halfe Tintill onr Cosc:enes Dinah ftorn) bee eighteono yeares 
OTild as they Cone to ftorn) are each of them to heave A 
quarter parte ftorn) sayd land wee say vee doe by this ffree- 
ley (torn) and maclr Over all oviX riprht tittoll imfl Introst 
ftorn) bove sayd land nnto our Brother Riohard Tovmeftorn) 
and hlB tTso daughters Dinah and Loah our ftoi-n) ^tenos on ye 
terines abovesayd from us our hoires ftorn) cutors and asip^hnes 
forever to jvnioy whith ftorn) raolestat ion by us or aney from 
us Joyent ftorn) Confirmed under our handes and seales 
ftorn) preconc of us *^Q marke 

ftorn) h Sutton of John -j- Townosend 

(torn) omaa ToTmesend Hencrey Tovmosend 





156 TMs Indentetire "bincleth me Gorge Cese vrlth my free 
Consent aprentia imto Ifeirey Holjrnian of her hoieros 
or asGOTitors or asignes v/ith her to d swell from ye day of 
ye date herof tinto ye end of and terme thre yoares and elev- 
en raoiith then next enGhuoing mid holey to hee Complete and 
ended by all ■rabich cayd terme ye sayd gorge Cesse aprentis 
to ye sayd Karey holesrman his miBtris well and faithfiLlley 
shall serve, her secretes shall keep her Comandes Lawfiily 
and oneot oavry where hee shall doe noo fornication in ye 
hous of his Ivlistris, he chall not doe nor Consent to be done 
of others, but hee to his porter shall hiG Mistris vrarne tlier- 
of , Tavemes or Alehouses he shall not hante or frequent 
but if it bee about his raistx'ls bisinee ther to beo done, 
at ye dise Gardes or tiney other unlatrfiill gamos he shall not 
play, ye goodes of his laistris inordinatly hoe cho-11 not 
•wast nor them to any lend vrlthout his mictris Llsonc inatri- 
inony with -j^ woinnian vvithin ye sayd terme he shall not Con- 
tracte nor espoijse himself, nor from his mlstris servis by 
day or night absent or prolonnje himself, but as a true and 
fayethfull servant ort to beeheave himself as well in words 
as in deeds: And I oayd ?'larey Holeyman unto ye sayd gorg 
apentris in ye mater of hiisbandry viiioh is Commonly used 
for sarventee in Ifev? england shall set him to ye woroko ac- 
cordinge unto ye Costome of ye Contrey and in f illegible) 
manner to fillegitile)him finding unto him mente drinke and 
aparell duerlng ye sayd terme: and at ye end of yc eayd 


terme shall give tinto her prenties such nessaries ae ye 

Controy alo\;es, in v/itnes vtierof ye parties above eayu to 

theB Indentures enterch;;inga'bly ther sever all seals heave 

cett ye 27 doyo of November /\no dommini 1660 GorgG Cese 

sealed and delivered in proeene of us 

Christopher On thank 

John G-ereirdey 

ye raarlce o± 

JameB P J: 3v/Get 


157 Know all men "by thes preocntos yt I Thoraas Eedger senior 

Inhabitant of ye Toxme of ■vTarvdok in ye Coloney of providonc 
plantationes in Hew englfnad doe Give grant hargaine and sale 
imto Edtjard IlarGhall Inhabitant of ye same 5?owne of Warv/icfee 
of all TQ^ land granted irnto raee by ye Toxme of Warwick vidis- 
alesit tTvelve akres all ready Layd out beeing bomided eact- 
ward upon Fir Sanmell txortones lott westward by a vitsy to ye 
Litell pond northtrard by part of lilr Smithes Lott and part 
by yo CoEKion southvTard fronting on ye Oomon togcthor vrith ye 
Comonidge and Landc yet uiidevided thorauato apertaienginge 
I say I Thomas Kedger aforstayd heave BOiild all niy sayd Landos 
"With yo foncinge and all manor of priveledgcs and apurrtunen- 
ces therunto beelongingo unto ye sayd Edward ruirshall for 
full Satieof action in hand rcceaved and therfor doo by this 
act freely passe it over from moe ^yheieres executors Adinin- 

X e 


ies-tratores ■onto ye stiyd Edward ilarshall Mg heleres exceu- 
toros Adiainietratores Tor ever Feacaliley to Jjaoj -v^ithout 
molestation froa mee or sney "by or Tinder raee throiif^h aney 
pretence whatsoever and in IVitnesso of this rjy Reall act rjfid 
deed IJioave Jioreimto Sett ray hand and seallo this: 12th of 
Bcpteia1)er 166S yo fifteenth yoare of ye Heighen of oiir sov- 
eraighen Lord iCinge Charclle ye aecond kinge of Groat Brit- 
tan ffrance and lerland etcetera 

his marke 
IlhomaG ^j-Z^ Hodgcr 
Sigheued sealled and delivered 
in preeene of us 
John Greene Genii Asistant 
Jaiaec Greene Asistant of ye Eov^ie 


V/arv?ick this 11th of Au^^st: 1665 
1G8 Im Inventory of ye g-oodea aiid Chattclls of Ur John 
Siaith deputey of warwic]: Late discoGsed 

Inpriinia in Plate one beaker one solt halfe a doaen of 
Spones / s d 

2 feather heds and furniture 10-00-00 

2 diaper tahcll Cloathee and a dosen of nat- 

kinee 01 - 10 - 00 
16 pieceB of pov/eter ------------03-00-00 

2 Brasse Gandell ctickes a morter and pestlo 00 - 10 - 00 

"9 hi 




1 great Icetle --------------- 01-10-00 

£ emaller ketlen ----.-_---.___ 00-10-00 

1 iDrae tii-illot -__- -.. 00-OC-OO 

1 Iron Jcetcll one ;juii v/ith powoder and siiott 01 - 10 - 00 
S brass e pane J/lteli oneo - - - - ----- - Oo - 10 - 00 

1 spit - .--.-__--._.. „. - _ 00 - 01^ - Oo 

2 payer of AncLieron fire ahovell aiid tonges 00 - 10 - 00 

1 pa^rer ox i>ott iiaagero 1 pa^yer o±" pott hookesOO- OG - 08 
A Ciibord one romid. talij.c 4-iicl 4'^oi.-ao 3i;ool€iS 00 - 10 - 00 

2 Chaiercs --------- 00-05-00 

21 yardos of OsOi.'birges 10 yards of dov/les - 02 - IS - 00 
10 yards of Cotton .a iiatt and 2 barellciS of 

GOlt 03 - 11 - 06 

20 li of vrooll Qx- tlioraboutc 00 - 15 - 00 

for eiatey Caske Li.^a ut bee - - - - ----- 01 - 00 - 00 

A payer of ^7lleeles - - - ~ - — _-..._ oi - 10 - 00 
Cliaines tmCi plow lerones - - ------- 01 - 00 - 00 

A tumbrell - -- -----00-10-00 

ffhe Oat ell 
£ fcreedinr mivroc and tTvo miiTo Coltcs - - - - 5g - 00 - 00 
<,: -yi^cxQ exid vtuitadgG liorse ColtD ------ 18 - 00 - 00 

12 CowGS _--.--- r>8 - 00 - 00 

2 tlu'ee yeare and vantadge storeu- ----- 11 - 00 - 00 

t t\70 yoare ould and -vantadge itcroG - - - - 08 - 00 - 00 

01 - 





159 6 1 yearlings ■- 1? - 10 - 00 

4 Calvea -.___-_ 04-00-00 

2 yearlinges and 5 Calves ye halfo of thoia 

as yet not devioded ----- _ - - - 03 - 15 - 00 
26 Ewes andaHainbe and fifteen Laiobes - - - 12-05-00 

25 Brine 20-00-00 

4 hives of bees ----- - - -- 02-00-00 

one dewellinge liouse one stone hotise vritli 

three prjrrcliease shares Tritli ye orchard 

Ooren Land fenced snd other Apurtenan- 

ces _------_-- -- 300 - 00 - 00 

4-40 - 18 - 08 

As for ye Credit and dept tor<-ether ^tii 
ye estate heyoncl aea "beelnge not yet Cleare 
wee decierc to refer it to yo Counsoll 
By us Joim Greene llandoll Ploulden 

\^eRraG John Smith Dcpiitoy of -warrdclr in ye Coloney of 
iTOTTidence Pl??nitationes in Eevr enj^land Late discessed died 
Inteetate and ye TotvOie Ootmsell being hy Lawc of ye Collney 
apoyontod in Such OaoeB to inaeke a will in beehslf of ye 
diseased Partey Therl'ore Vee ye ToTme Cotmoell of vmirnic'k 
heei^ifj AsembJ'^''' ^>.is fo-c.rtcenth of Soptemher Ano: 1665 ojid 
in the fiftenth yearo of ye Relghne of Our SoTeraif^rline lord 


King© ChGj'les aiid hoavinp tiikri eng ye matter into serious 
Consideration Vee doe Constitute and Apoyont Mrs Axmo Smith 
\7iddow of Joiin Smitli AiToroaayo., oolo eiKiGcutrix into v*los 


160 l"ee "becueatii and p\;t all liir sayd Imsbandos estate both in 
warwlclc and else vliere, and wherae it doeth apeare yt her 
sonn Ivlr Elisar Colincs, hath deu to him t\70 himdred poimdes 
as alegacey forinerly given imto him and hio si£)ter Aime 
Collines.trhich oister heeing dead ye vrhole sume is dou to 
ye F.ayd aiizar Oollincs and oxight to bee payd out of ye es- 
tate ----- 

HJherfore otir onler i« j,'t ye sayd .kane Swith executor 
doe macke over all ye housing and Loiides Lixs'^g in varv/icke 
of John Sijoyth aiorsayd unto her sayd sonne Elisa Colins for 
securitoy yt thin oayd portion may hee duely satisfied, all- 
v;ays provided yt ye sayd .'ume bmith sjiall Inioy ye cayd houD- 
inge and Landes deuring her life. In ye next place In Case 
aney person or pereono of kin to John P.mith aforsayd hee Llv- 
inge and present themcolveo vioe "bequeath mito him or them ye 
valev7 of five sliillinges apies iff demanded as a legarey or 
gratuity f father v;ee Apoyent ye sayd Anne omith execrtrix to 
take yo v/hole estate of her sayd hiisband into her hand and to 
recieve all doptos duo and to macke payment, as deptos shall 

-55i -' 


bee made to apoare 

and for yo 'better eiectinge of ye prcmioses wee lieavo 
Chosen and deputed ty/o of ye Coxuisell namley l&x Saimicll Gor- 
ton benior aad Mr Randall Hotildon to bee Overseers yt ye 
sayd v/ill bee deiily perfonaed Acordinge to oxxx Order as rdt- 
ness our handes and sealles ye day and yeare abovesayd dated 
in wa2rf;dek 

Sainuoll Gorton fcanior 
5}hiG is a treu Goppey John V/icIree Senior 

taken out of ye Origlnall John Greene 

as atestes Handfill Houelden 

James Greene ^-alter 2)odd 

ToTivne Clarke Hiohard Carder 


October ye first 1662 
IGl QJhis present wrif^htxng JUiaiod botwie John Garrardey of 

ye So^ne of T»arwiclr in ye Golloney of providence planta- 
tionec in I?ew england one yo one part aiid ffrancios Dorbeby 
a3.iar5 Darby of yo ^OTTno and Coloney af or sayd one ye other 
parte, '.Yitneseth yt I John Garrardey airorosayd for find in 
Conaiderauion of fouer poiind Starli:a^- oo mee in hand payed 
by ffrsmoies j)oo!rbey allias Darby aforeayd doe Give grant 
bargin and sell unto f f ranges Dorbcy alias Darbey al'orsayd 
his jieiereo and asighenc for ever, All ye ri£;ht tiytell and 
Intreot yt I heave imto too Shares of ileddow Liying at [I'oy/o- 


skeoncke in ye Collonoy aforonyd, To hoavo and to hould 
unto ye foreeayd frpncios Poortey allias Darby aforsayd 
his heieres SsrctitoreB Administratoree and Aoigliens for Ever 
wMtliOut aney Lett troizbell hindrojtioe iSxpiiltion of nee John 
G-arrardoy af orsayd or enej Claiining form or trnder moe my 
heieres Sxcutores Administrc/uorec or AEighnes, and lastley 
I doe heroy warant this ray seale against all porGonc trhatso- 
ever, T:'itness ray hr^nd and sealo ye daye and yeare firct a- 
bove written John Qerrardey 

Sig'hened sealed and 
delivered in ye prescnc 
IThe roarke of Memorandum it is 

acknoT/lodged hy all 
per cons ahove mention- 

William vC^ Eaton 
Edmond Calverley 

Randall Hotilden 

ed yt ye vjord to"V7e- 
skoimck ic intended 
Papoeset meddowes 


162 !l?his Indentonre made thir; Gcavonth day of Aprill Anno 
domlni: 1663 in yc fifteenth yearo of yo reighcn of our 
sever einghnc Lord Klnge Charles ye Second kinge of England 
frjmce and lerland o;c declaroth nnto all men hofore 'rib.ome 
thee presents shall come yt I John .'Jweet Iahabitr:ni; Oj. yc 
Tovmc of warwicke in ye Colloney of providence plantatione£ 
in New England heave Indented bargained for and GOiild imto 



unto ffriiinces I^erbey Inhanltonl; of yo same Toxmo of war- 
TTick H(y dOT/elling: house and hotioe lott Miioh I bought of 
Eenery Townesond with ye out housinge and Apurtenimcee ye 
Bayd lot beeinge hoimded on ye front by ye street easterly 
by a highway apertaingo to m^ selfe and Peter Busicott, 
westerly by land beelonf^-inge to Christopher Ilnthonke ojid. 
Northerly by a six alter lott apertaininge to ye sayd house- 
lott which I hoave Mlso sould unto hira as Allso a Parsell 
of land over a^^ainst yo sayd houos lott on ye other side ye 
stroetc, boimded on ye front by y© Street couthwestv/ard by a 
high\vay and olswhere by ye land of ThomxB Staford I say I 
John Sv/eet al'orsayd have Boulcl imto francies Dorbey aforsayd 
all ye sayd houesinge and land together with all privledges 
a2id Apurtenences either of CoBsaonidge or otheartyayes for for- 
tey five poundee Curant pay in hiind payd and Heceaved and 
5?herfore I doe by this act freeley passe it over froiu mee iny 
heieres escutores attoinstratores forever unto ye sayd fran- 
cis Darby his heieres exeotores adminiGtratores peaseably to 
Inioy whithout molestation from raee or any by or under me© 
witho-wt fraude or deceit and in •witnesse of this ray reall act 
and deed I heave horunto oett ray hand jmd scale yo day and 
yoare abovesayd 

Sighcned sealed and his marke 

delivered in presono of us John / J) Sv/eet 

John Greene 
Randall Iiouldon 
Mathies harvey 



'-ino\7 all men l)y thos prosjentcs yt this IndentiiTe laade 

163 tMs Eleaventh oi' October Axmo Domini one thoiiaand Gix him- 
dred sixfej* three in tho ffifeenth yeare of ye reighne of OTir 
souoreiglme Lord Einge Oliarells v-dtneceth yt I thomas Brad- 
ley Inhal)ita2it of ye (DOTOie of TiTarracke in ye Collenoy of 
Provideiice ELontationes in nex: England heave Indented "bar- 
gained for and sould imto Job /^Jray Inhabitant ox jc Game 
!?0T3ne of war-;ac3?: eight Afeers of land more or losse Layinge 
in Quinlmcocke v/hich was forraerley granted to Thomac Thorn- 
icraft upon the 5?eneiire irt ye Hocordes specifies as allso 

a six acker lott C5onteinge six akerec of Land mor or less 
together vdth n^ dwelling house and fencing ye sayd sis: alcer 
Lett beeinge boimdod ev9-sterly by ray ov/iie land T7cctcrly by ye 
"STay yfc ledes into QuiniiaicuJce and northerly by ye same T;7ay 
and southerly by an Adition to ye lot of lir John Greene Ser 
as Allso on share of meddowe at feraeure) Potaoraet beinge 
ye twenty f ouerth share as Also a share of meddow at ffos- 
keunclco alias papiasset beeinge ye thirty seaventh share as 
also on share of meddOTv Galled Crafteo meddo\"e laying wost- 
trard from ye horse Pacteure 


I say I Thomas Bradley aforeseyd heave sould all ye 

164 aforesayd hoiiesinge and Landos togetlior v;lth yo Coramonidge '■ 
amd all mjiner of Privilidges and apurtenances therunto be- 


longingo ior twenty eif;ht poiaides in hand pt^yd and reoeay- 
Gd 01 Job i^ULiay aforaayd and tlioriore I ye aforsayd thonas 
Bradley heavinge so^^ld all lay Hight title or Intront unto 
Jol) /limy in ao ample raaiior ac I had iw xi^om !I?hOEiai: iiielph or 
noT7 ovght to heave doo freoly paseo over and P.ODighen up all 
ye aforsayd houeaingo and land from race my heieres excutoree 
AdininiatraGoroo di.sclaimingo all iUght and IntrcGt therin 
luito Job Allrny his heires oiccutoreo jiminictratores for ever 
peaoahly to Inoy whithout laolectation from meo or any by or 
under nee \v5iithoixt i>aude or uecict as also J^ Consent of my 
\7ife and in witnos of this lay Reall act and doed heave her- 
imto sett my hand and eeale ye day and yearo above sayd In 

Si^-hned sealed and delivered IPlioraaE 

in ye presonc oi' ns Bradley 

John Greene genrall Aaistant hiy marine 

Henery Heddocke Johazia j— Bradley 


0?hia Indonturo maide ye twelfe day of October: 1663: 

165 V/itneseth that I Fiilliari Burton Inhabitant of ye Tovmo of 
V/arwick in ye Colloncy of Pro vi done Plantations in Hew iiig- 
land for and in Consideration of twenty poxind of Ctirant pay 
vriLth ye moj: chant by nee all read^^^ received of Jolm Lippett 
Jiuiior of yc 2oTaie (cr:\3voce) ojid Collonoy aiorosayd doe by 
this presontes bargino and soil iinto John Lippett afore sayd 


his heieres Excutores Admijiotratores and aGlgehoneB for 
ever fotrer and twenty Ac]?:oreG of Land Rett lying and "beinge 
in ye Q?0T7nc and Colloney aforosayd 'borinded h-j ye Conaraon on 
ye north side, and ye brooke on ye south side and hy a lott 
of my OTOtie one ye west side novi tmsould and hy a lott of Jolm 
LippettcE aforcsayd one ye eaot eidc nov/ in hia pocecion, all 
which together Virith a I'ovme Ship belonging to ye preraiees 
aforenamed I doe frome laeo iny heieres eseontores Adminlstra- 
toroD AGif^Iioiia frely sell uato John Lippett aforsayd his 
hoiers ejcoutorcs AdMnistratoree and Asi^ens forever for ye 
Considerations tifora named, and Lastly I doe for race iny heieres 
Adminiatr.atoroo and Asighens Covenant -ivith and to John Lippett 
aforesayd his heieres Adminictratores and Aaig-henes yt in Case 
ye Tovme of \raTvriek& afor named or any ono theicr heehalfo 
shall any xtg^ raolost or {joe ahov.te to hinder Joiin Lippet a- 
forsayd or his asighens from yo peasahcll Inoyment of ye i\ir- 
chised J?reiiiieDeo as afore naaed, or any part therof , so as 
that he ye sayd John Lippett or his asighens shall stiiataine 
any darinnadge thorhy yt then I William Burton or rm^ heieres 
8bo shall and will 


naclre fix3.1 satisfaction unto ye foreaayd John Lippett or his 
166 ^iUithenB acordinge to ye Judgment of indefrent noiboures, 

\7itnoss my hand and scale ye day and ye arc first ahove named 
signed sealed and delivered V/illian Burton 


in proeenc of vs 
John wicfees deputy 
Ednmna Calverley 

Beo it imowen unto all men ^7 tlics Presentes yt I Mat- 
thias Har-/y Inhabitant of yc Towig of wirvTicke in ye Oollon- 
ey of I^ovidonc Hantationc in ITct7 anc^land I heave sould pji- 
to ■illi-im mirton Inhahitant of ye Towie of tTP-rrrf. clr in ye 
Collonoy of providenc pltvntationa. Gighteene A.vers of Land 
LyingG one ye north side of ye wm. or l^rooke v,iiieh Riineth 
dome hy James Bvmete house ond boimdcd as follor/eth, one ye 
one ye east heeing boimcled v;ith 12 alters of ye ahove sayd 
williames ]3tirtons, yo Common on ye north, and on ye west ye 
Common, and on ye soi^.th ye brooke. above mentioned yo above 
sayd lands I say I heave could imto ye Boyd William Burtton 
v/ith Cormnonage beelon,-ing to it thereof. 12 alters of this 
land which I ye sayd lifetthias Ho^rvy doe cell mto ye sayd 
William: ">.urton did foinnerly bolon^rre unto John Gollec. and 
ye other: 6: alters did belonge tmto yo mill 


ffor ^ilch I ye above said !te.tthiaG Harvy did exchange aix 

167 Ajsrcrc of Lr^d, in yo neck Joyeninr: irnto ye mill Land, in 
consideration of full Datisfaction all ready rccaaved I doe 
lay vertou herof maclce and passe ovor all my ripir;. of thes 
landes abovosaid. fro:n mee my heieres or asijrheneB f erasure) 
unto ye above sayd V;illi.un ^^ton his heaieres or Assighens 


for ever to Inoye wihotit trouljle lot or molictation from 
raee or ony by raee, or ye above sayd Jolm Colleo I doo macke 
over all ray Right and priveledf^os: of ye Above sayd Londes, 
xmto yo above sayd William Bxirton for ever to Inioy T;7}iitli0Tit 
let or molestation in \dtnoQ tflaerof I heavo here imto sett 
to my hand and oealc this seventeene day of Augrust: 1665 
Sighened sealed and Ifethiae Haarvy 

delivered in ye presenc of Tie 
Randall Ko-nlden 
Jerimisih Wasoteott 

I Jolm Collev3 doo one and Agree to ye salle of theo above 
speGciofied as \7itnes this 10 of Seeptoiaber: 1665 

John Coles 


ShOTT all men by these presents that I Jemes; ST7eet In- 

168 habitant of the Cowie of \.arv;icfce have soiild •unto iTioraas 

Crreene Inhabitant of the same ToTOie that my lott g-ranted mee 
by the Townsemen of 'VarvTlcke boujnded by the Street south by 
Mr WaJ-ter Sodde lott bon^'-ht of John Smith West by Thomas EJriu- 
ton Bast and Northorljr by a small pcice of Icmd layd out to 
[Thomas Crxoene al'orsayd together vdth tho honsinpe tlieron by 
the consent of iVilliam V.ard as by the Bubsoription of his 
hand v/ill apeare, as also I James Sweet have ;-.oulcl unto Thom- 
as Greene aforeoayd one share of meddov7e layinge at tho West 
of the Spmee Swanrp but I doc except the sis aJcer lott the 


raeddowe at Potaoreet and Toskexuilce tlierto apertaininge I)nt 
all other priTelcdges and apttrtonfmcoE tlierto b olonfi:in{?e I 
dOG "by those presents malre over aiid oonfirmG imto him, xxill 
Gatiofaction "bcini^e already receavcd and therfore I together 
TTith '.Villiam V/ard doe pasce over cnr -fxill right and title of 
the sayd hoiisinge and land accordinge to the prenioes from 
us oiir Heires Es:ecxttors AdEiiniGtrators imto him tho eayd 
Ehomas Groene his HeireG TbcecutorB Administrators forever 
peaceably to Inioy vatiaoTit molcGtation from uc or any hy lis 
as witnesse oxir liojides the 30th of yepternter 1660 
Sighned, Sealed and his marko 

delivered in presence of us; Jtanee z CL Sweet 

Walter 2odd his marlre 

John Greene Willipjn \X/ Ward 


Willitan Potter's Mark is a hjjid Gad on the Right Ear 
169 and a Crop on the left ear 

Accorded Decembr 16, 1755 
By Jer. Ilppitt Tov.m Clk 
'i!homaa Stafford Oon of Samuel Stafford yiuq doceauod his 
ear i!ark of hie Gautlc .:]heep find hogc ic. a Crop on the left 
ear and a half penny ovor the Bsjtie and a Flit tmder the Right 

December the 2d 1758 

Jar. lippitt Clk 




Sannicl Budlonf** b Ear Llark of Me Creatiiros is a forlr in 
the Riglit ?lar aad a hind Gad in tao lef and a slit on the 
Tmder sido the left i;«.r boinr' the saKie iiark that waa his 
Orandfathers John Budlong 

.Feor. 27th 1763 

Jex, Lippitt Clk 
iJntered to Janes Bu.dlong 


Xiiow all men hy these presents that I John Greono In- 

169 hahit;3nt of the To^?ne of \var^vlclrG in the Colloney of l^oade 
Hand and ProTidence Plant ationes in Ifaw England have Indent- 
ed h.argsined >?or and Bould unto ijoy brother Jasaes Greene In- 
habiti^nt of the Tovme of i7ar\7icke aforesayd a certaine par- 
cel! of meddowe or lovje land beiuge part of ii^y aharc of med- 
dov/ apointed unto raee "by the ParchaaerB of Miclxaoiaet in the 
sjiyd Uecke alis IVai'vdcka Seoke lainge on the south side of 
the sayd IJocko "boimded IJort'ierly by a pu'cell of moddowe 
layd out for the n.ei:cer, of Samp&on Shottejx Southerly by the 
Sea and other;?ays boimdod by the hills I say I have Gould 
the sayd parcel of meddowe aoor.iinge i:o the boitndes specified 
with all priveledgos and apnrtonances taoi-ein oonteined unto 
James (Jreene aforsayd for fn.ll satisfaction in hand receaved 
aiid therforo T John Q-recma af or sayd aoo freely passe it over 
from nee my hoires Executors Administrators unto Jaoies Greene 
aforsayd his Heires F-xocutors Admijiietrators forever to havo 


■, n 


hoxiia aiicl peacably to Injoy vrilthout any molectntion Tjy nee 
or any "by or under mee as v/itnesse ray hsjid & sealc this 
firet of Ifey Anno Doinini 1664 3iia_ in the Pirtecnth yeare of 
the reijThne of or SoTerp-iphne lord TGLne-e Charles the Second 
of England Scotland ffrance & Ireland S: lange 
Sighned sealed and John Greene 

delivered in presence of ns 
Thomas Greene 
John Potter 


The Ear mark of John Budlong's Cattle wc in a fork in 
170 the Bight Ear a hind Gad in the left oar and a slit tindor 
Each ear 

Recevd in Monday the 16th day of April 1763 

By Jer Lippitt Clk 
ThoEiaG Remington the third EarraarV of his Creatures is 
a Crop on the ;-:i^ht Ear and a slit in the Crop and a half 
i[?omij upper aide of the Jie#fe 

Recorded July 17, 1774 
The Ear Llark of 7/illian Kicc son of TliomaG Creatures is 
a fore Gad in EaoJi -Oar hoinp: the Ear ?ferk that waa formerly 
Mr Philip S'.7eeta 

Recorded 4th June 1770 
the abovesd V.ta Rice lays dov.n this nark and niarkc nov; 
marks his Creatures T/ith a Crop of the RiP:ht 3ar a rlit in 
the top of tho Crop and a half ponnv the fore side of the 




The Ear Mark of James Carder Jimr Creatures is the arine 
Eiark that was his Orand J'n.thers Vis. a Crop on the Right a 
slit Tinder side the same and half penny imder the left Ear 

Recorded Llarch 4th 177.? 

per Jer. Lippitt C13r 
taken up hy John Carder 

Khow all men hy these presents that I Joices Greene In- 
171 hahittmt of the Totoig of V/airdoke in the Colloney of I^oade 
Hand find Providence Plantationes in ITe^v England hcnre In- 
dented hargrJ.ned for & could unto ray brother John Greene 
Inhabitant of the sayd Tovme of Warvdcke a cortaine parcell 
of meddowe layd out to raee by the order of the Tovmo of 
Warrd-cke for a part share It^yinge neere the Gove of Oc- 
cuppossuatxLxit over against a litle Hand the sayd raeddov/e 
beinge bounded I'^astorly by the sea and otherwayes by the 
hillcs apertainingG to iny sayd brother John Greene, I say 
I James Greene ;if orsayd have soiild the sayd mcddow share 
unto John Greene af orsayd for full satisfaction in hj-nd re- 
ceaved and therfore doc by this act passe it over with all 
privclodgcs and apurtenancos thorin conteined from nee ncr 
heires Executors Administrators unto John Greene aforsayd 
his Hoires Executors Administrators for ever to have hould 
and Inioy without any molestation from mee or any by or 


TtndGr Kioe as fvltnosse ray hand & sealo this first of Llay 
iirtno Domini 1664 and in the sixteenth ycoro of the reip;luie 
of or Soveralgn lord Gliarlee tho iJooond of England Scotland 
ffrance « Irclrond &c 'KingB 

Bighnecl coaled and Jamos Greene 

delivered in the precconce of 12a 
Thomas Greene 
Jolm Potter 


17£ Mr Amos lockvrood Junr t^Jiies a IJark for his Croattire as 
Cattle Sheep £: hogs ?iz. a Crop on the PdLght ear & a hind 
gad in the left June 11, 1770 

Thomas Heimington the 3d Ear mark of his Creatures iE a 
crop on the lUght ear and a slit in the Crop and a half 
penny tipper aide of the Left 

Decebr let 1774 
Mr. Job Smith tcikea the same ear mark that iiyas his 
Palmer's lie Christopher Smith dec. vjhioli vras a Crop 021 the 
Right and a half penny imder side the left. 

Seoorded Oct; 29th, 1770- 
the Ear Mark of John Card's Creatures is a half penny 
under and over the left Ear mid a half penny under Side of 
the iUght Ear 

Recorded October the 29th 1770 




January yo f ouertli 1CG4, thic fiaed vras entered 

175 laiow all men hj thes preDoiita that I Saimiell Gorton 
senior of ye toxme of V-arvriLcke In yc Gollony of x^o^f^iland 
& providence plantations in Ilewengland , for & in coneidor- 
ation of sir- poimd Ourrent pay v/ith ye mr chant to me In 
haiid paid hy Edv/ard marshall inhaoitant of yc tomie & Col- 
loney aforesaid doe for me my heires Executors Adminestra- 
tors & asignes, Give grant hargaine & sell unto Bdvvard mar- 
shall afores^iid, his heires i::2:ecutors Adminostrators & A- 
signos forever ray sis acer lott set lying £^ oeins neer ye 
litlc pond in yo ;:^foresaid toiTne of TTariiidoke. hounded east- 
ward by i!r Rajidall houldens t-^Tcnty acker lott. v/estr/ard hy 
Thomas hedgors lott. f fronting southward upon ye Common 
& by Mr Smiths lott north";ard. So have & to hould unto ye 
said Edward mrahall his heires & asie'nes forever, vrithout 
any lett. or hinderimce of or from me my heires & Asignes 
for ever in \7ittness %*ierof I have heenaito sett my hand 
& scale ye second day of January oxxq thousajid six hundred 
sixty and fouer & in ye sirfceenth yeer of ye Raig-ne of ovx 
fecveralgne Lord Charles yo second of limgland Scotland france 
8: Ireland king £.c Samuell Gorton 

signed sealed Sc 
delivered in ye 
presents of ub 
Rajtidall Hoiildon 
Edmund Calvcrley 



EQtred ye 4th Jr^Tia2ry:1664 

174 Yiaxxrioko this twenty eirfc of September 16G1 

laiow all men by thes presents that I •?:obert V.estcott of war- 
wiclTG doe OYsne and aolmowlodge, that I have could unto my 
brotiier itoos westcott of ye same tovmo all my Hight 5: tytle, 
in & eoncomin,^; ray Sovrneship v/ith vc^ orchard & house Lott & 
all the privolodges & Appurtonanceo ther iinto belonging for 
a good & valuable considero.tion C: doe by this actt pase it 
over to hime hie heires executors AdEJinistrators or asignes, 
from mee iTQr heires Executors Adrainestrators or asignes for 
ever without Lett or molestation from moe or any by my meanes 
as wltnoB my hand ye yeer & day above written 
Signed sealed & delivered Hobert V/cstcott 

in ye presents of us 
Stuckley Westcott 
the raarke of Jolin 


January yo 5th 1564 

175 ifliow all men by thes presents that I C/iristoplier Ihi- 
thanlce in habitant of ye tov/ne of Jarvdcke in yc Collony of 
providence pliintations have sould Tinto Amo3 vroetcott inhab- of yc of v/arvdoke in ye Collony of providence 
plantations One share of modov/e at potav/oraett rhich former- 


ly was rnyne for full satisfaction all ready reoclvod, I oay 
I ye said Christopher Unthankc have sould yo ahovcsaid share 
of meadov; tmto ye ahovosaid Amos wescott for ever to hould ?c 
inioy without trouble or molestation & doe hy thes presents 
pase ye ahove said meadow from me my heires or asignes unto 
ye said Amos Wocoott his heires or Asignes for ever to in- 
ioy and pososc v7ithout any molestation from me or any lay mee 
in V7ittness v/herof I have heerunto sett to my hand !]: scale 
this 10th of Jantiary 1661 

the Interlining was "before it tras either signed or seal- 

Signed sealed & Christopher 

delivered in ye (j? Unthanke 

sonts of us 
mathyas Harvey 
stiikley wescott 
Richard Oshorne 

ye enterlining I have marked hy lynes dravmo 


176 January ye 27th 1664 

layd out to Mr John Green six ackers off land moor or 
lese in Lev/ of a share of raoador? land fformcrly laid out one 
this aid occupatituTcott Cove "bounded northerly hy his fore- 
said land and rresterly hy ye end of his said land vrith a 


hyghn^ay of fower polo v^ide boxinding northerly one ye said 
Gix aokers 

Eflm: CalTorleyf 
Jajn: Green ( Gurveyors 
P.icli: Carder ( 
January ye 27 th 1664 

Laid out to Joseph howard twelve ackers of Land raoor or 
lese hounding northerly one Captaine John Greens land easter- 
ly upon ye sea v/esterly by ye hyghway leading to Captaine 
John Greens land one ye noutherly sid of ocupatuxet cove & 
southerly "by ye common 

Sdn: Calverleyl 

Jain: Green { surveyors 

Rich: Carder 


177 Januaiy ye 27th 1664 

Laid o\it to Jolm T.lppctt senior one Acker of Land 
noor or lese oji ye northeasterly side of a maple tree at 
ye end of Jolm GarjrardyB late Lott now in poses ion of ye 
said Lippett oygh pole from ye said TBaple tree to a stump 
easterly l-. from thence uppon a straight Lyno Northerly to 
a T7hite oake ■which is ye hound tree of ye aforesaid Jolin 
Lippetts lot 

3din: Calverleyf 

Jam: Green ( surveyors 

Rich: Carder ( 



Jairaai^y yo 27 1664 

Laid out to pootcr iDUEecott twelve aokers of Land moor 
or iGGe being in Lentil si^cty & two pole Loimcled easterly "by 
ye hygliway Leading to Captaine John Greens Land v/ldch lyeth 
one ye southerly Bide of ociipatit-uxet Cove and northerly one 
ye foresaid Captaine John Green's land heing thirty :oo1g vride 
l>oiinded westerly "by Sajnuol Btafords land & southerly hounded 
by ye Goianon 

Edniund Calverley f 

Jtunes Green ( surveyors 

Richard Carder ( 


178 January yo 27th: 1664 

Laid out to Joh ilylraey six Ackers of Land raoor or lose 
in lew of a share of meadow uppon John Moors acoumpt vrho 
was a purchaser ye said six Ackers being in Icnth sixty two 
pole & in breadth fifteen nolo bounded northerly by Gapt: 
John Greens land Lying- on ye southerly side of ocupatituxct 
Cove westerly bounded by ye Coiamon bounded easterly by Sara- 
uell Staforde six Acer lott ^: bounded sroutherly by ye Coromon 

Ednrund Galverlcy 
Jaras Green ( surveyors 

Ki chard C^irdcr 
January ye 27th: 1664 
Laid out to lUr Anthony Log by order of ye tovme three 



Ackers d' land moor or lese it being swanrpy land botinded 
T/eoterly uppon ye conmon & one yo easterly side boimfled by ye 
brooke riminp; through his ye said Anthony Loes land ye south- 
erly bounder being ye land he bought of peeter busecott & yo 
northerly boiuider is ye land formerly laid out to George Tip- 
pett ye said Hr Anthony Loe being to Laye do-wne three ackers 
of land in Low therof to ye Coamon for ye convenicncy of ye 

ISdnrand Calverley ( 

Jams Green ( surveyor j 

Hi chard Carder f 


179 January ye 27th 1664 

Laid out to Sarauell Stafford sis Ackers of Land moor or 
lese in Lew of a sharo of meadow ye Icnth of ye said six 
Ackers is sixty & tv;0 pole & ye breadth ic fifteen pole bound- 
ed northerly uppon Captaine John Greens Land Jjying on ye 
southerly side of ocupatitu^rett Cove ye Easterly side bounder 
is by peeter busecotts twolvc Acker lott ye westerly bounder 
is by Job Aylmey his six Acker lott and ye southerly bounder 
is by ye Coramon 

Edmund Calverley ( 

Janis Green ( Purveyor s 

Richard Carder ( 

June ye 29th 1666 

Laid out to Edward marshall six Ackers of upland in 


Haesaket Hocke in Lew of A share of meadow t)elon{?iiv:: to ye 
tovmoship of Shoraas hodger senior being twenty pole rdde Ea 
forty eyght pole in Lonth 

( Edrmmd Galverley 
BurveyorG ( Richard Carder 
( Jarne^ Green 

Vfalter Todd ( pd 
Treaiirer ( 


180 May ye first 1660 

Theo presents vTittnec that wee Hiehard Carder and John 
Wickes have laid o-ut to Thomas Scranton 6 Accers John V/ickes 
being decired by Jains Sweet he not being 7/ell being boimded 
as followeth yt is one ye sowest boimd on IiJr John Greens 
lott, & ye southeast end one Samuell Stafford which is aoiLLd 
to Arm Joyes & ye ITortheast to ye Goiaroon to ye sea \^ard & 
one ye north west one ye Coumon to~ardo pasxiatiixett 

By us John V.'iclces 

Hidiard Carder 
Entred ye 13th of October 1665 ye note being produced 
•under Mr wiks ojid Hich: Carders hmide 

Pomhan, you ar heerby required in his raagistics naime 
forth with to make yor peroonall appevorance at yc house of 
Mr Randall houldens before mo to Ansv/er to what may be pro- 
posed unto you / 




Warwick ye Robert Oarr 

21: 1665: 


101 Sir Hoi): Cars Tv.'ii'ant. 

You Iflr Scmuell Gorton junior Lor John potter and Sax- 
gent Edward marsliall ar "by vortue heerof Athorised forth- 
TTith to jroe to pianhain smd render the 20 in peage at 3yght 
per penny now produced hy Sainuell Gorton senior in answer 
to ye Order of his magisties Comitioners to inakc returne 
whether he expects to he provided for hy pesecus in ye 
kings province Etc 
Warmck ye Robert Carr 

22th 1665 

Wxiovr all men hy thes presents that I dericlce tomiocGll 
doe Covenant to & -with I'Hx Anthony loe of mirMoke to serve 
ye said itr Anthony Loe from ye day of ye date heerof till 
the fifteenth da^ of octoher Next enaeuing woh will be in 
ye yeer 1666. And doe hoar by proraioe to doe my said mster 
trow and faithftill service, And not absent my solfe out of 
his house Mtho-ut my said master or raistrese Loaves cjid 
vrlll obey all my masters & mistress lavrf-ull 


182 Comjmds during ye foresaid time of my service, and I ye 

Q\ :. 


aforesaid ilr Antliony Loe doe covenant & promiije to pay or 
cau.00 to t»e payed to ye said derioke totaisall my servant 
ye some of twelve potmds of cijrrant pay for ye time yo said 
derioke hath all ready served & for ye tiine tliat ic to come 
above mentioned as sllso to find my said corvant lueat drintoe 
lodging imtill hie time bo expired in v/itnes heereof wo have 
hoerimto set our hejids tliiB twelft day of february 1665 
Shomas hunrphrey Derioke Tondssell 

Edmund C'ilverley Anthony Low 

This indenture vras aclcnowledgod and signed the day of 
the date hereof before me 

John Green acistant 
18th of f ebmary 1665 

Mary Ssmbn daughter of John & Arm Samon aged 9 yeers 
or ther about was fouaid drowned in y© brooko by llx Anthony 
Loes, & ye ninteenth of f ebmary Capt John Green being Crovr- 
ner or Corroner -vrlth a Juiy of 12 men did inqiiir into ye 
ocation of her death by drov/Tiing ye jury mens naimeo heer 
folloeth. Rich: Carder foreman Jams Sv/oet 

Eliza Collins Amos V/estcott 

John Lippett senior Sam: Gorton Jur 

Jojin Potter John V.'ickes Jur 

John 3weet Jerojior V/estcott 

Sam: Staford Williajm Eaton 




183 SvidencG to ye Jury 

5!lioraas Soranton adgred 35: yeers or ther aoout boin^- en- 
gadged did testyi'y before ye Crowner and Jury that on ye 18th 
of fehruar 1665 three hoiires vrithin ITight John Read fatherin- 
law to Maa:y SanKnon came to J!aithony loes hotise to deelre 
hirac ye said ThoraaB Scranton to light hime ye said John Head 
TTith a Isnthome ^'^ cs»nclle, to seekc for his dsaighterinlav; 
Mary Samon who v/bs sent to fetch water at ye hrooke & came 
not againe whon they oame to ye hrooke they foxmd ye said 
Mary Samon droTmed in ye midlo of ye brooke and Mr Anthony 
loe testyfVeth that it was three hoitreL; v/ithin Uyght when 
John Head aforesaid came to borrow a Lfuithorne & candle which 
waD Heady ly lent 

Verdict of ye Jiixy 

The Verdict of ye Jury febrtiary ye 19th 1665 
V^"e ye Grand Inquest doe find that mary sainmon bcin,o: about 
eyght or n-friQ yeers of age v;as sont by her raother in a very 
darke nyght alone to a brooke by Mr Logs to fetch water B: 
Tms found in yo brooke drovmed 

ISaov! all men by thes jpreBonts that I Hiciiard Ilarcutt 
being one of ye trow & Lawfull purchasers of a tract of Land 
Galled in the grs-nd deed by ye Haine of Shavi^onett being 
twenty Eiyles in Lenth & ye boimdert; ff or ye breadth therof 
seaven Kngrlish royleo wyde or thor aboutc moor or lose doe 


heerty sell maico over & "by thos present confirrae all ray 
Riglit So Intrest in ye abovesaid plantation, Allways provid- 
ed that I reDerve imto luy sclfe iny whole right & intrest in 
the tovv-neship of warvriLcke 


184 ac allso all w Higlit & Intrest in that necke of land Lying 
south from ye said Tovme bordering uppon Shawomet bay. 
Unto rjteeven paino senior of Kehoboth his Heiree I^cciitorc 
AdiainistratorB or Asignes for yo fiill & ^ust Boiae of twen- 
ty poimds already received, and doe hearby promise to free 
ye said Steeven paine from all claimes of mo me ray he ires 
executors adminestrators & asigiies for ever 

A Seal©eL-aHd-del4vea?et aiefeayd-Kareut 

mistake Seaaviell-GeyteH 

ye deed Saa^Lsll-MewldeH 

is one fiirthermooro I doe heerby rjell & make over luito 

6s signed Steeven paine as abovesaid all ray Hight & tytle 

at ye in a tract of Land called la-y ye naimie of potav/o- 

botom mett & doe heerby promise to discharge all ingadg- 

ments concerning ye said potat/omet unto this day of ye dr.te 

heerof being ye fowerteenth day of October 1653, in tritnes 

T7hereof I have heer tuito sett m^ hand &•. seale 

Sealed & delivered Hichea-d I-k'-rcutt 

in yo presence off 

Sarauell Gorton 

Randall Hoiilden 


Show all non before whome thes presents shaJ.l come 
that whereas I Steeven paiiie senior bonght of Richard har- 
cixtt Laite of warwiclce, all his Right in that purchase Call- 
ed in yo Grand deed, Shawomett, heisig tr^cnty myles in Lenth 
&c excepting hie right in Xiojmlc'ke ITeclcc, & ye tovmship, and 
fiirther having 


185 having purcht^sed all his Right in potawomett Soelre, all trhich 
Lands ar e^rpresod in a deed imder ye said Richard Harcntts 
hand, Ec seale he,aidng date yc fowerteenth of octoTier 1653 
I say by vcrtue of thes presents that I Steeven paine afore- 
said doe sell all ray Right tytle 6; Intrest TJnto all ye affore- 
said lands imto Jaines Green Inhabitant of ye tovme of -srar- 
wiclre, for ffull s^.ticfaction in hsmd received and the rf ore 
doe ffroely asigne So pase over, all my Right & Intrest imto 
aay of ye said lands together vrith the priveledgea, from me 
lay heires, executors aaministratorc. Unto James Green his 
heires ezeeutors Administrators or asignes, forever To have 
hoiad & Inioy, Tdthout any molestation, from mo or any claim- 
eing by or imdor mo. In Tdtnes Thereof I have sett to my 
hand & scale, this fifteenth of January -Anno dominy 1665 And 
in ye sixteenth yeer of ye Raigne of our TJoveraigne Lord, 
King Charles the 2d Eeighne of was 

signed sealed ?c delivered entorlyned before 


in yo presence of us sigliiiig 

John Green Steeven I-aine 

IJathaniell paino 


186 iOiow all men "by thes presents yt I (Uaccoraanan right 

OTOier of all ye meadows & moable land upon a IJeck of groimd 
Goinnonly ceiled by yo English by ye naime of potox7omett 
Oitiated fi: being upon yc great river c/olled by ye ITalme of 
ye ilanJiyganset bay. Lying over against ye couth end of that 
necke of Land called shavjomett, which bay ic ye east bounder 
a that river comonly called by the l^glish potaworaat river 
being ye aoiithward bounder and. Goesoct bay being ye HorvTard 
bounder for yo space or lenth of fois'er myles acording to ye 
English acGompt up lo-y ye oaid potav^rommctt river westvvard, 
from ye said Nanliygansett bay, which paroell of Land as above 
oaid, with all ye rifjht & privolodges therto appertaining by 
water land T700d or I doe hoerby, Eo by thcG presents, 
freely 3,o3mo'.7l edge to have loagaLly & trewly Gould, maid ov- 
er and by thea presonts doe forever quitcloJLme unto Handall 
houldon & Ezekell hollyraan, both of v;ar^vlcke for themselves 
& ye rest of ye inhabitants of ye aboVesaid tovvne of warv.lke, 
to them Bn their heiroa, to have So to hould for ever, for ye 
just some of fifteen pounds dewly paid & received allready 
in wampum, peage only I am to receive ye valine of one Coate 


Of e-iich Cloth as ye indeane doe now comonly lis e to wear, An- 
nually, as a gratuity lieera:?ter & I doc hoerby bind & In- 
gadge myself, that nether I nor any in ray naimc nor on my 
■bchtafe shal forever heerafter dicturhe or molest them or 
any of them, in ye cmiett & peaoahle pospsession, ■?; inioy- 
ment of this their proper right & inhei-itance, moor over I 
doe "by thes presents ftirther "bind & engadge ray oelfe & ail- 
so my heires £; suclcseaors, & that in consideration of ye 
above said some of mony or payment, received, never heer- 
after to sell morgadge 


187 Let or make over any moor meadot/ or pioxmhle land fd-thin w 

right tytle or claimo xaito any \7hat or whomsoever "but only 

to ye parties above naimed their heires or asignes, in mt- 

ness wherof I have hoare unto eett my hand & seal acording 

to ye costorae of ye English 

Dated ye thirteenth day of July 

Anno 1654: 5}accoraaaoji K^,^ iTLis mark© 

Sealed & delivered 

in ye presence off 

Jereriiy V/estcott 

William 2 Baker 

Saimiell 2. '^sall Awash ocnss ""^^^ his marke 

eldest sonn to hime above 

wawanoclceshan » his marke 

another sonn 

Vrrn ^^ -r^ r» r^ 




imeras Mr Ezekell Ilollyman of late deiscesBcd in ye 
time oi: Ms life soxao. vinto John Garyardy a dwelling lioiifie 
\71ieroin John GarryarOy nov? dr^ellEJ together vilth. ye house 
lott & tov;aaechip: therto aperteyning & we lilr Walter Todd & 
John Green "being apointed to give deeds in "behalf e of ye 
Children, Therfore know all men "by thes presents that we 
Y/alter Tod & John Green both of warwicke doe rat if ye & con- 
ffirme ye sale of ye said house Lott hounded by ye river 
runing to ye mill northeastward hy ye street northwectv^ard 
"by a hyghway southweetward that Leads into ye necke as all- 
ao his share at potawomett hoinge yo ninth as allso his 
share at Towskeounlce heing ye 37th unto John Garrytirdy to- 
gether with ye house theron ajid oJ.1 privoledj^es & appurte- 
nances therin contoyned as allso ye privcledge of Conimon as 
G towneship therto apportoining hut not as a purchaser 


188 uee say yc said Joim Garriardy having maid ffiai satisfac- 
tion in hand received by the said Ezekell hollynan in ye 
time of his life Therefore 7/ee yo afforesaid Walter Todd 
& John Greene doe ffrooly pase over all right tytle & in- 
trest of ye aforesaid house 5; land vdthall manner of priv- 
eledgec there-too aperteining excepting ye right of a pur- 
chaser only unto John G^j^riardy his hoires esocutors ad- 
mi2iistrators from ye Children of John wamer or any 



claiming "by or xrndor thom as vritnes otir hcmds & seales tiie 
6th of Aprill anno 1665 in ye 15 th ycer of ye raigne oi ovx 
soveraigno Lord .King Charles lang of IJngland Scotland f ranee 
& Irland etcetera Walter Tod 

Signed sealed & Jolrn Green 

delivered in ye 
presents of 

his raarke 
Jams -T {/Sweet 

hie marke 
henry /H knov.les 

IQiow all men by thee pre cents that I Johai Garriardy 
of warwicke doe hy thee presents make & sell all my right 
& tytle of this parsoll of Lande So house under ^Titten hy 
ISx Walter Todd £; Mr John Groen 'lo tlrs llary hollymaji to her 
8t her aoignes for ever for fiill satisfaction in hand recoiv- 
Qd as tdtnes my hand this 12th of Aprill 1663 
Signed in ye presents John Garriardy 

of us, 
Shomas rclf e 

her marke 
raary .'Vl relfe 


189 Warwicke 

wh.eroas Sarah i^shie aged six yeero next Ulij is left 


i c 



by her parents William & Sarah Risbie formerly inhabittints 
in the tovme of v/arrrioke & yo toTOie is lyable to be Charge- 
able vrith ye said eliilcl the ffather & mother being rtmn away 
from ye said child \iho was this day presented to ye toTcne 
Coimeell by Job Mmy rJho hath keept ye said cliild two yeors 
past or ther about and none being foimd that was xvilling to 
pay ye said Job Almy for keeping ye said (3hild & take her 
from him, Chierefore this indentrsj-e vritneseth G? I Jolin 
Green G-onerall af^istant of ye Oollony of roadilaaid & prov- 
idence plantations &0 By ye Consent of ye xovme Comcell 
doe bind ye fforeoaid child Qexoh Risbie an aprentia to ye 
foresaid Job Almy & liai-y his wife to serve them twelve 
yeors from ye first day of may nerfc ensuing ye date heer- 
of except ye said Child IJary ivisbie shall hapen to marry 
before ye e^rpiration of ye said terme v/hich, iff she doe 
then this indenture to be void & of none effect S; I doe 
ffiirther inioyne ye said Job iamy & iiary his v^ife to doe 
ther utmost indeavor to teach ye said Child to read English 
S; to bring her up in all manner of houswifery used in this 
Collony as allno to find there said aprentis meat drinke & 
clothes &( all other nesesaryes therto belong;ine B: iff it 
shall hapen that ye said aprentis shall serve out ye terme 
of twelve yeers then Job Almy or Mary his wife shall give 
ther said 



190 scrvaait duble ap.arrell and Lastly I doe order that yo fore- 
said JoTd .iVlBiy nor Ilary his vdfe shall not dispose of the 
said chilu to any other person or persons trithoxit ye con- 
cent of ye Conncell of ye tovme of T7arv?ike all which Cove- 
nants & Clanses heerin mentionoa I ye said Joh Aliay doe 
agree unto i7ith John Green abovesaid Vvltnes ovr hands & 
seales this fist day of Aprill 1665 

Sygned sealed ^ohn Green Asistont 

& .dcliverod in pres- Joh .Uray 

ence of us 
John Wickes 
Walter 2odd 
Edmund Galvorley 

This Indenture inaid ye 14th day of May in ye yoer of 
our Lord 1666, V-itneseth that I hugh stone late servajit to 
Jflr Jolin Paine of Boston, marohsmt by & with ye Consent of 
HQT foresaid master doe Covenant & agree v.lth l&c Randall 
Houlden of warv/icke in ye Collony of road Ilpud & provi- 
dence plantations in ITetr englond, 20 servo ye said Mr Ran- 
d-all houlden from ye day of ye date heerof untill ye full 
torme of three yeers he Compleat and ended and doe promise 
to doe ray i^resent master above naimed trew & faithiCull ser- 
vice all ye foresaid terme of three yeers and shall not ab- 
sent my selfe 



191 out of 13^ masters sorvis clay nor lilrcht without iny masters 
leave and I Handall hotilden a"bove mentioned doc Covenant & 
agree with rt^ said servant Hew stone to find hinie meat 
ajrinke & Gloathecs & all other nesesaryec all the tixie of 
his foresaid servis, and at the expiration o- his said ser- 
vis I doo promise to give hiKo douhle apparell mth all 
nesosarys therto "bolon'rln'" to ye trew perfonnance of thes 
Covenants & Indojiture botn partys have heerujito sett ther 
hands & seales ye day & yeer first ahove vnritten 
Signed & sealed The nsarke of 

in ye presence of hew stone 

us ye inarlre of Rand.all houlden 

Thomas hedger *ke-al30veeaM-iadeH%Ha?e 

Sdnnnid Galverley 4B--^^J:3;y-psift-aaa~d4e- 


6th of ijarch 1666 Eare marlres 

Beniamin Sartons Eare marliro is both j5s,rQ Crept 

about ye laidlo of the Sare hut he doeth resolve to cJiange 
it to this follov/lng 

honiamine harton doeth now give for his eare mark is 
Too BiitG one each side of ye neer Eare neer ye top v\5ilch 
malces a flo?>/er doliice 

The above sd mark is not hold by ye sd benjamin barton 
his mar is 2 hiilponnys over ^; under the left car 



192 Aprill ye SOth 1667 

Itt is ordred by yo purcliasers of sha^TOiactt neck that a 
hygh way of tT7o rodde v/"ide "be Layd out A Crose ye Lotts In 
ye IJocke so fare as ye land layed out to Cliriatopher hclmos 
his ehildren one ye west side of ye swampe at ye discrcsion 
of ye surveyors and that no man he hindred off eonvenint 
pasage to his land in mij part of yc nocke 

The same day abovesaid thee Lotts heerafter mentioned 
T7ere cast they being ye second devision in ye necke conteyn- 
ing 18 acers a peece moor or lese 

lir Samuell Gorton senior - - - 1 
Capt: Randall houlden - - - - 2 
Jolm V/amor ---- -----3-9 

layza collns for L!rs Smith 4-5-6 

Richard Carder - - -----7 

Samuel Stafford - - - ~ - - 8 

Amos Vvestcott for his father -10 Surveyors 

Capt John green ------ 11 Lir John v/ickes 

Mr John Wicks --- ---- 12 llr Richard Carder 

Mr John potter - - - - ~ - 13 ivir Jams green 

JSx PJLchard waterman - - - - 14 Edmund Calverley 

Mr Jams Green --- ---- 15 

Mr Y/alter ^odd 16 

I<Ir beniamia barton - - - - 17 


445 This leaf is "badly torn. 

19S To all people to v/home thie present Ta-ighting shall come 

I Anna Diiiitii T7ldclo\? of LIr John omith laytly deceased with the 
consent of her sonn Eliza Collins totb noi^ inhab^iting in ye 
tovme of War^i/icke in ye Collony of ftorn) & providence plan- 
tations in HeT7 england send greeting ' jSiow ye that viee Aims. 
Smith and ftorn) Collins afioresald, ffor & in conaideration 
of ye (torn) eetion v/ee beare imto our Lo-ving ffreind ftorn) 
CalTcrloy of ye said toi^no & Colloney respecting ftorn) his 
love & kindness readyly manefested taito us and for dyvers & 
sTindry good Caiieec Sa considerations (torn) thermite espetial- 
ly mooveing have Griven Granted & eoixffirmed ffiaiy & Gleerly, 
unto ye aaid Edciund Calverley his heires £c asignes for ever 
all that tract of Land holonging unto ui;; or either of u&, 
our heires or assigaes Oommonly Called a fower & twenty aeer 
lott f formerly Lying neer yc Litlo pond in ye said tovaie of 
•i?;ar«7iG]re out not; by a late order of yc said tot^^ne bearing 
date ye sixteenth of Jantiary one thousand sis hundred sixty 
So five ye .jurvGyors of ye said tovrne ar desired to lay ye 
said fewer & twenty aokerc of land out in ye IJecke Coraonly 
Called ye horse necke ;vithin yo said tovrne of vrarvTicke 
be ;)oyned T/ith eyghteen ackers of ftorn) longin-g to ye said 
Sdimmd Calverley ftorn) ye foresaid order, 'So have and ftorn) 
said fower & tv/enty acers off ftorn) granted by its or either 
of (torn) muid Calverley his heires (torn) one or cither of 


''^ 9"v'i i ci 


(-toyj,) tions of hime ye 

(•torn] eirec & aslgneB 

(torn) aning that 


194 shall have hotad & inioy yc said tract of l^JiO. a{^alnst lis 
or cither of us our helres exGcntors administrators or 
acignes for ever (torn) all & ovory p croon or perDonc Clalia- 
ing (tern) from £; imaer nc or cither of ud (torn) vaieroiito 
we have sett to our (oor-) seales ye sis and twenty day of 
la(to--n) thonsand six himdrcd & sirby Si sir. and in ye seaven- 
teonth yeer of yo Raigne of our soveraigne Lord Charlec ye 
second of England Scotland franco E: Irelaiid King &c 

Signed scaled Anna Smith 

&: delivered in ye ^^J-lyza Collins 

jxresence of us 
John Gorton 
Bcnlaiaine Gorton 

saiow all men hcfore v*orae then presents nhall come Txiat 
I Lciftenant Plliza Collins doe ingadge forth i^ith to raend 
up tv/enty rodd of fence uppon ftora) Mr John potters Lott 
all Tdftorn) posts ?c snply it \-dth vfh (torn) 

TTonting and pay to (torn) 

or his asignos Tw (torn) 


Indean f*"^^^ 

thirty f*°^^^ 

date f^^^^'^ 

J (torn) 


194 Covenant fforever afterwards to mainttaine ye said ffence & 
to cleer lArs Aima, Smitii leif tenant Elyza Collins tlier heiers 
executors administrators or acifpiea of the said feno and bind 
me my hoires executors adminestratore heer mito irith reference 
to a totvnc order "bearing date ye 25th of Jully 1650 
As, XTitnes oiir hands 
Hie sixth of October 1666 

Jolm potter Eliza Collins 


John Green acistant 

Samuel Gorton serir 
Biow all men by thes presents that I IJichard Tomisend of 
pauttixett in ye Collony of Roadlland & providence plantations 
&o ffor and in consideration of ye some of seaven poimd to 
raee in hand paid at price currant , have Bargained & soxad to 
my Loving father I.Ir John vdckes of -waCTTicke in ye Collonj^ af- 
foresaid ray two viiole chares off raoadov/ G?he one Lying in llas- 
sakett boTinded by ye sea one ye south being three acers moore 


or Leee Sett I^ins & being witliin ye boiindss of ye totme of 
TrarMcko as appeareth by ye rocorclB of ye said toT,iie & The 
other ahare of meadow Lyeth at pottaxvomett In the Collony 
aforesaid and Is Called the one & thirty share as doeth 
apeare By 


196 By ye fforesaid Tovaie records both viiich shares of raeadowe 
Together with all manner off priveledges & aptirtenances in 
any wise there xtnto belonging I the said Richard Tovmsend 
upon ye Consideration ffirst above written, doe for raee 
ray he ires earecntors adminestrators & asignes warrant sell 
asigno & sett over iinto ray foresaid father Mr John VTickes 
his heirec execittoros adminectrators and asignes ffor ever. 
The same to have & to hould quietly & peaceably vdthout any 
Lett molestation or expution of lae the said Rioliard ToTrn- 
eend or aiay other percon or persons claimeing by fron or 
under mee To ye trew intent & laeaning v/hereof I heer- 
unto put ray hand & seale ye tenth day of October 1666 and 
in ye eyghteenth yeer of ye Baigne of otir soveraigne Lord 
Charles ye second off England Scotland france & Irland 
;ging &c Richard Tovmsend 

Signed sealed So 
delivered in yo 
presents of us 
John liice 
Eduiund Crlverley tovme Gierke 




197 Laid out to Edward maxcliall by order of ye tovno of 

warv/icke twelve acoro of land in a swar^) one ye ITortliwost 

Sid of ye great pond iDOimded one ye soiithv/est side "by a 

blacico oafce tree S: runetli dotme to a twisted "birch tree 

standing "by ye pond and along ye pond side to a CheBtnut 

tree UorthoaGterly & from thence upon a straight Lyno from 

yc pond to a pignut tree standing upon a hill northv;ost & 

from tiienoe ur-on a straight lyne to ye first "bounder 

Dated ye si:.,\ day of octoher 1666 

Edmund Colverley f 

( surveyors 
Richard Carder ( 

March ye S8th 1666/7 In porsu:ance of sm order and agree- 
ment of ye purchaoers of shawomet neolce maid ye 2th instant 
the fewer great Lotts called, SO acker lotts lying in ye said 
necko "belonging to Mr ELyza Collins heniamine hart on John 
Warner & Jams Green the outsid hounds anticntly sett, & by 
them formerly inioyed were all agreed to stand by ye maior 
part of ye purchasers that were then ther & ye hyghway Into 
ye said necke was then agreed of layedout fower pole from l&r 
Collinc comer of his ditch oast, As allso fower pole east 
from iir Jams Greens comer tree that stands on ye end of ye 
said fower lotts faceing to the then undevidod londs, [Dhe 
surveyors were Mr John Wicfccs senior Richard Carder Jams 
Green & Edmund Galvorley 



198 felsntary ye 20 1656 

tnovj all men hir thee presents 5:hat I saiauell Stafford 
of ye to\'jne of warwicke in ye Collony of roadiland & provi- 
dence plantations or kings i^rovince etc ffor & in consider- 
ation of ye Goae of f oner pound Ciirrojat pay of this collony 
to me in hand psld hj Greirory Gibts of the toTTne af orsaid 
Have ffor me my heires executors Adminestrators And. Asignes 
Given granted bargained & .sould Asigned and sett over unto 
ye afforsaid Gregory Gibbs his heires esrecntors Adminestra- 
tors & Assignes for ever All my right tytle & Intrest that 
I either have or of right oiight to have In six Acers of land 
laitly gTiEuited imto me by ye tovmesmen of vyarrrtLcke And layed 
out to me by ye surveyors of ye said tov;ne one ye 27th of 
January 1664 as may Appeare moor at Largo in ye records of 
ye said tovrne The Trords of ye record ar thes Layed out to 
oamaell Stafford six ackers of Land moor or lesc in Lew of 
a share of meadow 13io length of ye said six. aoers is sixty 
& two pole And ye breadth is fifteen pole bounded northerly 
upon Captaine John Greens Land Lying on ye southerly side 
of Ocupatittixet Cove The easterly side bounder is by poeter 
busecots twelve Acer lott The westerly bounder is by Job 
.'MW^ six aoer lott and the southerly bounder is by ye Com- 
mon all whioh lands with all ye rights C: priveledges 



199 a?liier unto lieloneing I doo heer"by warrant ratyfy & confirrao 
nnto yo aforGsaid Gregory GiblDB his hoires executors Admiii- 
estrators « jisignes for over In vTltnos v/horof I ha^e lieenmto 
put Ely hand gj seale ye ISth day of fe^bruory 1666 :67; 
Signed sealed ond Saiaica Sta &c (Seal) 

delivered in the Samuell St.:):ford his 

presentG of v.b hand VTrlshting 

Walter (Dode 

Edmund Calverley 

ff ehruary ye EOth 1666 

laicrw all men hy thes presents that I Joh Alray of ye 
tOTvne of warwicke in ye Collony of road iland & providence 
plantations or kings province ffor and in Consideration of 
'i!hree potind 8: twelve shilling Currant pay of this Collony 
to rae in hand paid "by Gregoiy Gihhs of ye tovme aforesd have 
ffor me rriy hoires esocutors Adiainestrators and Asignee Given 
granted bargained fi; sould Asigned & sett over unto The affore- 
said Gregoiy Gihhs hi a heiros executors Adminestrators & 
Aslgnes for ever, all loy right tytle & Intrect i'hat I either 
have or of right oughtto have in six acers of land laitly 
Granted imto rac hy the to^msraen of TTarvTicIre and layd out to 
me hy the i^vjcvcyors of ye said 



EOO said to7:Tie ono ye 27th day of Jsnuoxj 1664 as mtxj apcare 
moor, at largo in ye rocordc of yo said tovnc The rorde of 
ye record ar thes, Layd out to Job Alm^ Qix acors of Land 
raoor or loas in Lew of a ohare of meaflov; upon John moors 
aconpt v/ho -was a purchacor The said six acers being in length 
sixty tTst) pole and in breadth fifteen pole bounded northerly 
by Gaptnlne John greens land Lying on ye cm^therly Bid of 
oeupatitiixett Cove fTrestorly boimded) by ye cornmon bounded 
easterly by caiouell ctaforde six acer lott and bounded- aouth- 
erly v.lth the coranon all 'i^hich lands vrithfill the righto and 
privclodges ther unto belontf^ing I doe heerby vyarrant ratyfy 
So confirme unto the aforsaid Gregory Sibbs his heirs execu- 
tors administrators 5: asignes forever 

In witnea tiSieroof I have heerunto put ray hand and sealo the 
13th day off february 16GG ;G7; Job cC ^arj^^ (Seal) 

Signed sealed and His marlce 

delivered in the 
presents of us 
Walter Tod 
Edmund Calverley 


201 Layd out to Edmund Calverley in poreuance of the orders 

of the to-wne off warvdcke, forty 5; tr/o acers of land moor or 
lese» In the horse necke, bounded by a Creeko that Cometh 



out of ye sea 2; roneth up to John Swoets meadov;, and from the 
said Creelre along by the sea, to the candy point that lyeth 
eaot or oasterly, fifty pole in breadth, rhich sandy point is 
ye second hotmder, and is at ye moitth of ye Cove that iruneth 
OTit of ye sea up to &Ir Sainuell g^ortons house, and from ye said 
sandy point eyght score pole, moor or lese, in lenth, runing 
north or northerly hy ye side of ye said Cove, to a ^roat pyne 
tree, and frora thence west or v.'estorly, to a black oake tree, 
lastly froiTi ye said hlacke oake troo uppon a straight lync, 
it runeth six score & tenn pole in Lenth moor or lese south 
or southerly till it como to the loviror end of the foresaid 


208 vihich is ye first bounder. 

Given imder our hands the 18th day of March 16G6 ;67; It is 

deternined by us that hogs shall have free es^crese and grese 

to the sea and frora It 

(Jajns Green 
surveyors (Richard Carder 

(Edimmd Calvorley 
March ye 18 1666 

loyd out to John Sweet in ye horse neck in pursuance of 
an order of yo to'.7ne of v*ar;vicke tiw acers of loeadov; moor or 
lese boimded by an old stump of a tree standing on ye west- 
erly side of lie Galverleys t'wO and forty acer lot & runeth 



upon a Gtrai;^ht lyno over ye Creek that runeth ov.t of ye 
sea to a lltle black stimm wet^torly one ye other aid of ye 
said Creelce .■iad from ye said two stumps trnto a v-tiite oalro 
tree that otandeth 


203 northeast of a litlc ncc/;© and snother white oa"'e tree that 
stsudoth iiorthv;est; of ye said litlc noc-'te againfit one another, 

Jams Greon 

Hi chard Carder } sxtrveyors 

iidnrand Calverley! 
Aiagust ye ii2th 1667 

V/arvdoke ye S6th of September 1661 
loiow all men hy thes prcesentB uJhat whoras I Amos \"estcott of 
v/ar^vicke doe one & conffes wherao I have Ibou^t of ray brother 
Hobort westcott hiG tovTnoahip & what belongs -into itt as in 
a deed it apears yet notwihstanding he have reserved halfe 
ye aples yearly for ye space of seaven yeers aflTter' ye date 
heerof that shall grov^- in thia orchard that was formerly hie 
orchard which in loiovm being it Lyess next his fathers or- 
chard and farther if mj "brother P.obert west cot have a mind to 
buy it againo of mo v^thin si:-: or soaven jeoTG paying of me 
as much as 7/e above 



204 ilaimod Atnos aoc now §lvo I'or It It shall be resigned Tip to 
hino apralne this pay is as follo^^eth One halfe mare of five 
yeers old, tv/o steerc? of :Co7;er yoers old, One yovng horse . 
of tM> yeerc old F.-, ten po^md in peag. at eyght per penny I 
oay, if my brother above nentioned, doo pay me in ye eanie 
pay, or mcny or goods eqvivolent, imto ye Game valltie, of 
thoe Creat-urs £; inonys above mentioned. Caen I ye above men- 
tioned, Amos \7estcott, Bhall recigne vp tmto ray brother 
Robert wectcott. all my :dght. & tytle in ye abovo mentioned 
i^ot;noship, & orchard, and what I bought of hime, witnes ray 
jjg^^ Amoe \7GGtcott (Seal) 

Slghned sealed & 

delivered in rjresonts 

of us 

Stuckley wectcott 

The mark© of 

John '\7 J^cnnett 


205 12th of Sopteinber 1667 

Richard Cfirder hath right fc propriety in ye first devl- 
sion to a lott of thirty acors of Lend, moor or lese, T^ing 
in warwicke necke, bounded att ye one end, easterly by the 
laidle hyghway goinc into yo said necko, the other end, r.^ooter- 
ly, by ye Cove, and yo southerly side by Richard v.atormsjis 
thirty acer Lott, and at yo northerly side, by a }^g-hway that 


rxuis at ye heado of ye Eix aoer lotts, 

Allso Richard Carder liatli right & propriety in ye first 
devioion to another trackt of Land lying in ye said warv.lcke 
nocke amongst ye six accr lotto, conteyning Hyne acers moor 
or lose, bounded at ye southerly end of ye said lott, hy his 
thirty acer lott, and all ye reet boxinded by ye Cove, u'hich 
nyne acers, was a3.1owed hime to make up his hoiisolott twelve 

Allso PJLchard Carder hath right & propriety in yo f irot 
dovision, to a share of meadow in V.ainslcke neoke, Coiamonly 
Called ye roimd meadow, boimded northerly by a Creeke or Gut- 
ter, that ruans through yo rneadovTB betwixrfc Lir Saauoll Gortons 
meadow & itt, and one yo west side by a hyghwtiy that runns 
at y© bottome of ye hill southerly h-y a hyghwsiy that runns 
betv/ixt it and a slip of raeadow belonging to ye said Jir Sara- 
uell Grorton easterly by the 3^, 


206 12th of .September 1667 

The bounds of lUchard C^ii'dera share of raeadov; at touB- 
keyonke ar an followeth it being the 18th ehare nortlierly 
boxmded by Christopher haulcshursts ah^-re being the 19th and 
westerly by the brooke that numo do\7ne from roaahantotat 
into pavTtuxet river then east bounded by the upland 

i'ho bounds of Hiohard CarderG last great Lott layd out 
in tho second dovicion in ?/arv/ioko nooke the 30th of Aprill 
1667 the lots were cast, and his lot fell to bo the soavcnth 


and is ■boimded by Iilr Collina on yo north side beijjg ye 
sixt share and one ye eouth boimdod by iiamuell Gtaford 
v/hieh is the Eyght the oast bottnder is yo midle hyghway 
iuid the woct Its the Cove 

She boxmds of rioJiard Carders litle lot in the eeoond 
devlsion in warvvicke nooke wiiich lot v.-as drawen ye IVth day 
of iilay 1667 txad fell to be the 9th otitire on ye nonth side 
lyeth I,ii' Collins his oygiit share and Mr iiandall houldens 
tenth share is ono ye north side one ye west end lyeth ye 
hyghway & ye east end io iir Gortons ineadov/ 


207 Septcnher ye 16, 1667: this was rooorded 

Know all people to Avhome thic present v;righting ehall 
come, that I John cweet of ye tovTno ox warwicke in ye Col- 
loay of roadiland a- providence plantations in Kewengland have 
given grannted bargained & soiild, iinto oajmiell Stafford of 
the towne aforesaid and Lxicke broroley of ye Collony aforesaid 
lailler their £: either of ther heirs executor;: admine^-tratorc 
& asignes all ye right tytle & intrest that I have or of 
right ought to have in a certaine traol-.t of Land conteyning 
twenty ackers inoor or loce Lying in ye towno of warwicke 
ai^:orosd Corarnonly Called ye mill lott together v.lth all man- 
ner of buildings ther uppon erected Sett or ai'f ixed (vide- 
lesot) j?he raill & all such buildin,^s ther xmto ane:ted as all- 
GO the dwelling house & all tilings ther unto belonging late 


in yo occupation of mathyas harvey ac allso all manner of 
privolea^-eo as woods meadovvB paeture feedings and Coiamon of 
pasture for any Gattoll that I Ctuin a^iy wayee clairae in pur- 
suance oi ye antiont graunt or graunts maid by yo toraasmen 
of v/arc?iyko boforo ye day of ye date lioerof in order to ye 
building \iphoulding So inainteyning ye sp-id mill for ye uses 
bpecifiod in ye tOTuio records 'i'oo have B: to hould unto yo 
said tiyimcll iitafiord & Luke bromly Slier or either of their 
heiros axocutors adinineetratorE & asignee for ovor ffor and 
in Oonai deration of ye some of one hundred & t-vveaty pounds 
Currant pay of this collony, to be paid to aee or to i%- 
asighnee by ye said Samuell .'Jtafford & Luke broiEly 


208 or ther or cither of their heires adminoatratorG or aoigneo 
in manner & foriae following? i'hat it; to oay Att f ivo Goverall 
poymenta & uppon yo conditions heerafter mentioned That ie to 
say i'he first pay^ient is to be tenn i^oundc at ye leaat one ye 
■n^rne & tf7onty dfiy of :;iept ember next ciis-suing yc date heerof 
'jjlie second payment ie to be thirty pound one or before yo 
nyne and twenty day of Heptember next ensuing wliicJi will be 
in ye yeer one thousand six hujidrod sixty & eight The third 
payriont to be thirty pound moor wiiich vdll be one or bofore 
ye nyne and tv/enty day of Septtsnbor one thousand six hundred 
sixty nyne I'he fowerth pt^rment to be I'liirty pound moor one Or 
before ye nyne « twenty day of September wliich will be in ye 



yeer one thousend siz hundred & seavcnty and ye fift & last 
pasmiont is to be twenty poimd one or 'boforo ye nyne & tvjenty 
day of ^jepteraber vrliich will uo in ye yeor one ttouBond six 
hutidrod and eoaventy &. ono all vrliich p&snnents ar to bo well 
& trcv7ly raaid & paid in Gattell oome or other gooda at suoh 
prises as ye in!:a*c}iants will take them at , by ye af f orcaid 
SGiuuell ^taf ord and Iticke broinly or ther asignee iinto ye 
aforesaid Joim oweet his heires & asignee att yo noxi dwell- 
ing houco of ye said John Sweet in sucli raanner & forroe aa is 
baforo e:cproa£3od always provided that it oliall & may be lav- 
full for me the said John Stveet to inhabit & live in njy now 
dTTOlling house with one acker of land 


209 Land r,fiiich I intend to fence in jojuing to my houDe, so long 
as any part or par coll of ye afforsaid payments remaino xm- 
paid which is intended by all partys above naimed to be as a 
trew tostyinony of niy being lawfully reposeHst of all ye above- 
said premiees in Case any of yo afforesaid payment s shall x-e- 
maine impaid fAocording) as is aff ore mentioned Sj as a tirow 
tostyraoiiy of r.iy rc.ull cb trew intent & me :jiing by &; v.lth yo 
consent of ye tovaiesmen of v«arwick I doe heer'oy deliver up 
Uiito ye aforesaid S^saruell L^tafford £: Luoke bromley the poseo- 
ion of ye mill tmd mill house v/ith all i^ivjnner of raattorialls 
unto it belonging as allso v;ith itt all lavids meadows pas- 
tiiTG ffeedings inclosiors & Comraon of pasture & whatsoever 


privelcdges doe thor tunto apperteine rocerving to niy selfo 
only ye fri^it <!;: 'bcnefitt of thic aonorc grov7oth of Come & 
era£sc to be fed vath Calves Sco and j-autly I doe hoorby war- 
rant this lay bargaine f: sale in manner £; forme as aforesaid 
to yo said Saiauell Stafford S- luelce broraly tber heiroG exec- 
ntorn adrainiatrators & aoignes for over agaisTDt me m^r Iioires 
esGGxitoro adrninestirators & asii'rnes or any claiMng "by froK 
or Hiider me vd. tries our hands & scales yo one and ti;7enty day 
of Jtuie one thousand six hundred sixty C: eeven 
Signed sealed & delivered yo marke of 

in yo presents of ue X S 

Edinnnd Calverley John Sweet fseal) 

Edjnond Searle Sainuell Staford (seal) 

Luckc^ hromly fseal) 
hiG marke 


210 September yc 16th 1667 

Att a meeting of yo purchaeers tJiis geavonteenth of rasy 
ono tiioueand six hundred sixty & seaven Itt is agreed by a 
unaniiaouD concent of the piirchasers 'Ihat a Hooko of Lnnd at 
yo south end of ye neclcG bo^mded by LIr J^^raea Greene great 
Lott & so by yo sea conteyning soavcn akero moor or lese is 
grauntod to Air ii'diaund Galvorloy ffor uli: iJ.:J.nes in helping 
lay out ye land in ye necke etc Called Shavromott 

Oarauell Gorton senr 

'. \ 


Slnickly vresteott 

Joliia Green f in beha,lfo of our selves 

Welter Cod ( £: John V.arner as griardirjriB 

John vilckes, senr 

Randall lionlden 

Ely a a Collins 

Jams Green 

Richard Cardor 

Sacniell Tite-ford 

John potter 

Beniemine "barton 

Nathan i ell Vtaterman 


211 Septemher ye 16th 1667 

WarvTicV© in ye Collony o£ roadiland & providGiioe plan- 
tations etc this 14th of Septem'ber 1667 3mow all men by tiios 
presents That I williara hacker & Llaiy my Tdfe have Ec doe hy 
this presentG Give graimt 8-. asipno over imto Ahiah Carpenter 
Tliee koeping Cos tody and odiication of oixr dHiightcr laary "back- 
er agred oeaven yeers in Jantiary next or thor ahoiit to the in- 
tent that ye said Abia & hie rafe & thoir asignes njay doe & 
deale kindly & Curteotisly by out said obild, for f^^t^^^e time 
So eduoat So instruct our said c3^ild in all things that per- 
toyneth to housTdfery acordinrr to yo costome of this Country 
And I Abiali Carpenter afore named doe heorby proniice for ne 


Ely hoires exGcutore administrators & acignoo to acopt y© 
9fore said child mary "backer dati^hter of oillican & If^iry 
■bacicer acording to yo toarmes above mentioned & to provide 
for her meat drinlre tr. clothing for so long time as Dhc shall 
dwell with mec and allao I doe flu'ther promise to give to 
her father or mother or ther asignes a Gov; oalfw ye next 
spring come twelve month which T?ill he one yo 25th of Llarch 
in ye yeer 1669 for ye only use & hehoofe of ye said child 
mary hacker ye said oo\7 calfe to he of one yeer old and to 
this agreement v/ee mlliam hacker tmd Maxy ny v/ife 6b Ahia 
carpenter aforesaid of patnixet have set ni^r hands ye day & 
yoor abovesd 

ye raarke "W^of V.illiam hacker 
T/itnes francos Loe c; Edm: Calverloy 

ye raarke of llary ^/^7/" hacker 
Ahyah Carpenter 


212 This present wrighting m^xid ye 18th day of October in ye 

yeer 1667 hetvTixt Thomas fflxmdorG of ye Collony o:" road 
iland and providence plantations or kings province in yo 
llarrog^^insett Country of ye ojie part and John ford of V;ar- 
wicfce in yo Collony aforesaid one ye other part, V/itneseth 
that John ford aforesaid doeth heer hy covenant &-. agree xvith 
ye foresaid Thomas flrjidere to serve hirae dewly as a servant 

r ' r 

T < 


fron ye 14th ox novomber noxt onsuiug ye date heerof untlll 
ye laat daj/- o±' marcsla. following and doeth heerby promise dur- 
ing ye Baid time to obey his said oast ere QOiaands so Tfarr 
as hee is able or as lav/fully he may in doeing SDOh ■©■orke as 
hie i^iid master ic or slioll bo eserciaod aoOTit and ye fore- 
said Txiomas flxinders doeth heerby proeiiGe to find for his 
said servant meat drinJce Lodging and waciiiji^ all yo foresaid 
tenae off his servis and to pay or cause to be paid To his 
said servant John ford or hii:- asignes for his said servis Too 
ferkins of march aait able butter and five shillings in peago at 
16 per penny one or before the nyne S: tv.enteth day of Septem- 
ber next v/htich vrill be in ye yeer 1668 only 


213 Only yc said Johai ford is to pay for the tv70 Oaske \*.ich ye 
butter shall bo putt up in which v/ill anoiint to five chilling 
Currant pay with ye mardiant to ye truth of which Covenants 
& agreements both partys have heermito sett their hands the 
day & yeer first above v/ritton Thomas flunders 

Viitness John ford 

Ye marke of 
Edward Tuarshall 
Ednmnd Calve r ley 

liocember ye: 18th: 1667 
WarTTicko yo 17th 1G67 



IQiovr all men "by thet> iTreoents that I John Hvreet of war- 
T7ioke in ye Collony of road Hand, & providence plantations 
in ITew ongland, Have sonld to Edward narshiai, of ye toraie & 
Gollony afforoeaid, one peece of meadow, fonaerly Given me, 
^7 ye tov/ne of \m2rwiclce lying© in that necke. Called ye horee 
necke yc raeadov/ is hoimded, one ye east, by llr Calverloys 
Land, south hy ye river, west 5; north, by tivo white oafce trees, 
I say I have sonld ye above said meadov;, for eatisf action al- 
ready received & doe pase itt to yo abovesaid inarshall, from 
raee & lay eares, forever withoiTt molestation 

Signed sealed in yo pres- 
Elyza Collins ents of us 

Walter 'J^odd John Sweet 

his /^ <^ mark 

214 Lotts cast for ye sraale Letts in ye necko called ;-:havro- 

mett it being a third devioion may ye 17th 1667 "with this re- 
membrance that ther is a hyghway fov/er pole ivldo doxme to ye 
sea betv/ixt ri chard carders meadotr & Mr Samuell Gortons mead- 
ovf in order to preserve a landing place for ye nse of yo jnir- 
chasers beginini? from Shottons suthem stake one ye sonth 
side therof fowor pole rido botv7J.xt ye said Phottcns lott & 
y© 17th share 

Mr Jam Croen - - 1 

Mir Samuell (rorton - 2 


(llix IClyza Collins ffor ) 

( ) 5:4:8 

(Mrs Ann Smith - ) 

Capt. Jolin Grean - 5 

John i.amer - 6-12 

iii chard Carder - 9 

Capt liandall houldon - 10 

Mr Wa3.t0r Todd - 11 

iilchard .Vaterraan - 13 

lir John i'Ottor - - 14 

i&e John ■>.icIreo - - 15 

Samii.oll Stafford - - 16 

Stukley Westcott - - 17 

Ben; Barton - - 7 

Jolm v/ickec senior ) 

Richard ardor ) siu'voyors 

Jams Green ) 

Edimmd Calverley ) 


215 Aprill ye 2d 1668 

Khovi' all mon before T/horao thoc proeento shall come, 
that I fohn Green inJiabitant of ye tovme of v/arwiclre in ye 
Collony of roac! iland £; providenoe plantations in IJev? eng- 
land, Have sotild imto Hi chard Carder of ye same Tovme & Col- 
lony Ono share of niGdow Layd cnt to me by ye towno of vmx- 
wicko, commonly knovron by ye naime of toGlroonke rneadovr bee- 


in^ 'boiindecL by yc great rivor tliat rtums dovaio to pattixett 
northerly and easterly, by a Imowle of upland southerly, and 
by a shore of meadow belonging to henry kaovrles westerly by 
a ea^eat walnut G?roe being ye Corner boxmder The eaid ahare 
being: recorded to bo of nonibor ye eeavcnth share I Day I 
John Greon afforesaid have bargainod for S: freely soviet ye 
said aharo of meadov? with all roanner of privoledgec ob apur- 
tenances therin conteynod imto richiird Carder afforesaid for 
fov?or potmdB in haad paid & rocQived & therefore I doe by 
thic act ii'eely paso it over from rae my hoires executoroc 
administratores iinto yo said richard Carder his heires ex- 
ecutors adiainestrators freely to poses & peaeeably to inioy 
forever vdthout any lett trouble or molestation by mee or 
any claiiaing by or tmdor me and in wittnes of This 


216 Kiis niy reall actt £c deed I have heerunto sett wy hend C: 
seale this 29th off march aimo doraini - 1668/9 in ye nine- 
teenth yeer of ye raigno of our ^:overaigne Lord !CLng Charles 
the Ed: memoratidiim for ever was enterlyned before cighning 
Wari/5ioke ye John Green (Seal) 

29th of Ilarch 
1668 Bighned 
sealed Sc delivered in 
yo presents of 

Joh-n iChowles 

Edmund Calverloy Towne Clerlco 



Lact meadow shares of je purchasers: sc page: 141:144 
ffebr^.^ary yc 28th. 1667 

Laid out to richard Carder of. warvdcSce one six accjor 
lott in Lev; of a Bhsre of meadow by order of ye tovsie of 
T7arv?j. oVe Lying: Ilcxt John Trarnorc. first sis accer lott rsJig- 
ing west & hy ITorthvrest c^rghteon pole vd&s & in length rang- 
eth over ye swamp Norlih Sc hy east: East .North east fifty & 
fovrer pole lon^ & is called /.; Kiarlrefl for yc second Lott 

He corded ye 3d Edsrand Calvcrley f 

of Aprill 1668 Jams Creon ( suryeyorg 

Ri chore? Carder ( 


217 ffebriaary ye 28: 1667 

Layd OTit to Mr T7altor Todd of warvri.cke one ye right of 
Henry To^msend one sis accer lott in Low of a share of 
meadow by order of ye to-raie of warv-icke afforesaid Lying 
next llr Pacniell Gortons six accer lott Called ye third Lott 
& rangeth west So by northwest oyghtoen pole vdcle also in 
Length it r;in«Teth over jc swamp Iforth & by oast: east north- 
east fifty fov;cr pole in length & if; Called ye fowerth lott 
S: is so nark-ed 

f "i^drrojid Grilvcrley 

uecorded yo 3d of ( Jyjns tiroen 


Aprill 1668 ( Richaraer 



ffe\>rxxary y© 28 th 1667 

Laid out to Mr Slyza CollinD in ye right of h'crQ Mm 
Buiith oi' Tv^arwick three six scoer lotte in Lew of three 
shares of rne&aovj hy order of ye tovme off warvjiolre afi'o re- 
said Lying next that Lott that was oalled {?eorge tippetts 
Lott heginino: from tippette corner tree one ye nortornoot 
corner of ye v/eet cide of ye hrooke advancing three pole 
west & by fso-uth hoing both -nhite oalree from thence one that 
Bide oeaventy jiole to a blacke oake standing fovrer loot 
v.lthin ye Lync from tlience to a ;>-reat maple which is ye 
Corner bounder from thence south & by east fifty pole to 
a tree that wis marked for george tippett by ye rockes 

Aprill ye 3d 1668 ( Edmund Calvorleyf 

( ( 

this was recorded ( Jams Green (surveyors 

( f 

( Hi chard Carder f 


218 ffebniary yo 28th 1667 

Laid out to John read upon ye right of Captaino randall 
houlden of warvjioke one six accer lott in Lew of a share of 
meadow by order of ye tOT?ne afforesaid Lying at ye head of 
ye fowerth lott --c is cornonly c.-.dlod tlie holes from thence 
rfinging- west & by south, west eouthv.-est, forty pole to a 
stake » oc from ye said stake rjmging woGt & by north T;est 
twenty fov/or pol©* *o o, viiite oake and from thence east & 



"by northeast forty polo, to a vshito oalce 

Apr ill yo third 

1668: recoded } EdamHid Calverleyj 

, „ „^ ( Jams Green ( surveyors 

Dy roe > r 

Edm: Calverley ( i^i^^^^ ^^^^"^ ^ 

Tovme Clerk© 

ffehruary ye 28; 1667 

Laid out to h'a^ Samuell Gorton of v/armcke one sis: accer 
lott in Lew of a share of meadow hy ye order of yo tovme 
afforesaid Lying nest richaxd Carders six acoer lott rang- 
ing vJBst & by north west eyghteen pole & in Leagtl^ 
over yo swaiap ranging North & by i?^t: East northeast fifty 
fo^ver pole & is Ci^led yo third Lott and soe marked 
recorded ye Sd of ( Bdnnmd Calverleyj 

Apr ill 1668: hy me ( J^^ ^'^^^^ } B^^veyors 

Sdimmd Calverley ( Hich^ird Carder ( 

SoTi-ne Gierke 


219 ff ehruary ye 28th 1667 

Wee ye surveyors off yo tovme off war.Mcke have Left 
ye Lott Ciaied George .i.opetts fxor a vratring place for 
cattell itt Lyins very Convenient ffor that pi.rpose ffor 
the To^^xes use ^Omm^ Calverley' 

Jymes Greene ( CTx-veyors 

lU chard Carder 


Ihe Ear ilark of Thomas Green: Son Pones Creatures, 
XB a Croi:) on the left !^ar and tro Slits in the top of the 
Same . 

Entered, Jvlj 27th, 1759 

Jor Lippitt Tovm Clk 
The Ear laark of IJathaniel Cole's Creatures is a Crop on 
the left ear and a Slit in the under Side of the Right ear 

:'3iterGd 3:m ye 28th, 1760 

J. Lippitt Glk 



Heuhen .vightroan takes the ftom) Ear mark that was Thom- 
as Greene son of John v;hich was two holes in the Right i<:ar 
and one in tho left 

Recorded tho 7th Dechr 1765 

By Jer Lippitt Clk 
Recordes of the Shares of Potaomet and TocVeonV or 

Potaoraet Papiasit 

35 Mr Randall Houldcn 5 

34:3:5 Fir John Smith 12:24:4: 

17 Mr John '.Tlckes 23 

23 Vbc Rohort Potter 30 
30 Mr James Greene 10 
33 Richard Carder 18 

24 Thomas u^horni craft 37 



'■< ,i. 




24 Thomac Choral craft 37 

36 Mr V, alter 2^0 dd 21 

4 LIr John ..amer 2 

12 Thomao bt afford 32 

6 Ihomae Sradloy 36 
18 i;tukly Westkote 28 

7 iiobert IVestkote 20 
1 Amos Uestkote 6 

10 lilr Ezekiell Kollinian 27 

26 Henry rownsead 13 
32 I'.lr Johri Greene Ser 34 
20 Llr John Greene Jur 7 

27 Mr Peter Greene 15 

473 This page is almost ouliterated 

i'his Indenture imde this 6th of (obliterated) in the 
fifteenth yeare of ye i"ieign of our Covereifpi klnge Gliarles 
jre second of Great '":!ritain fohliterated) declare th unto 
f obliterated) tliee presents shall come yt I John Gereardy 
Inhabitant of ye Towne of warvacke in ye Collonoy of prov- 
idenc planta-tiones in ITew england Cobliterated) iionery 
ifiiOTvles of ye same iTovaio tT;o shares of {'obliterated) at 
Potaomet one of ye said shares being' obliterated) V7as laid 
out to eseljiell i-oliiaan (oblii;e2'ated) ehare and \7a3 laid 
out to laee ("obliterated) bargained for and eould ye two 
aforsayd sJiarec of (obliterated) Henery i2iov;los ai"or sayd 
for seven pound in hand (ol-litex-'&ted) currant pay (obliter- 


-Xi 'i&i-' orte-^- 

^^ia-xo^iLdc'-gated aexeda Lx^s 

c i.j;/.\Jv.iv) 



ated) over all ny Right unto ye saycl two shares of meaaow 

vdth all PrivelcdgoB (oclltsrated) from mee my heirec ex- 

ecutores administratorea imto Henery laiowles his heirec ex- 

ocutores & administratores for ever peaceably to enioy vdth- 

out molestation frone noo or any by or uiidor raoe ac v/itnes 

lay hand and oealo th day and ycEire above sayd 

Si^hned eealed and John Gercardy 

dclivorod in prescence of 


Walter 'i'odd 

John Greene 


(50) laiow all mon by those prreeents that I Thomas l^omicraft 

Inhabitant of tihe ToTOie of V»arwiclro in the Gollonie of iroT- 
idonce Ilontationeo have sould -unto John Smith late liihabi- 
tant of the 'I'ovmo of I'rovidence in the sayd Collonio lay dv/ell- 
inge house and house lott, bo-uncled on the Saat oide by a lott 
layd out to Jojnes 3weet, and also where by the Coranon I bs.j 
I have sould him the sayd house and lott with all priveledges 
therto belongin{?:e , I say with all the meddor/es undevided 
either at Potaomet Pat\5j:et or in the sayd Tovmo of Warwicke, 
as also all ms' right in the Cornoji togetlier V7ith what upland 
belongcth unto mee yet undevided, for satisfaction in hand 
receaved and doe by this act pasoe it over to him his heires 
exeoiiitors Administrators peaceably to ejiioy v/ithout any 

lO 90II90. 

(,';.' i JV i...:.- 

'•-' XV ii-i.'j ''t 



molostation from raee ray helres exeotiitors in vdtnesse vrher- 

of I have hertmto nett my hand and seale this 10th of Jilay 


Sighned cealed and 

deliveroft in prcBence of us 

Johii Greene Jiir 

Edward "^^ jUi(3TOT/e8 

JoGerai !,!atteRonB I';arr\'?.r> is a slit in ye Top of y© loft 
oar and a half pennoy ye upcr side tho BaBie i'iitered ye 29th 
of A^-sril 1741 

aaow all men by these preaontes that I Peter lifusicott 
of the Towns of WfrrvrLcTce in the Collonic of Providenoe Plan- 
tationes have aoulci imto '.;.'hoinas Holph of the same i'OTOie lill 
that ray dwelling© house and hotieing-e and landoEs that I bon^^ht 
of Croorpe T^r,ldin, part of vrhich vras given for tTio n.\intain- 
inge of a trater fence to secriro Ouinimieoko and warvvioke 
i?ecke and by this present deed doe make over mito Thomas 
Relph all my right and Interest of houBino-c and Irmdes, x^ith 
all the jQPivelodp:eB and apurtenances belonging therimto as I 
had it of tho sayd George Baldin, to have and to hotild to 
him and his hoires for ever vjithoi7t the hinderance or moles- 
tation of moG, or any other by or under mee 

October 13 1655 Peter Buzicot: y\ hie raarke 

Sealed & delivered 

X^'' ^0 A*. v.- . -— . 

.'-.;. .r" 




iXYOT'X ^'.: 

'705) Bd't 





in the pre s one G of us 
Richard Hare-att 
John Had on 

The car Tnj.irk cf Janes Cri'een son of John Deceact is a hole 
111 ye -iigri;, e^ur and analD" peney under the Left hie oraad i3 a 
Ur on ye iiight Buttuclr I5ntrod yo 14th of Novemhr 1740 

•The Ear roark of Christ o-i;hor Cfreeno ('ilon of Clirie) 1g a 
half i)enKy the -unrier aide oi ziic lozz .,ar and a 81it the up- 
per side of the Hlght, Slanting toward the Hoot of the Ear. 
Kritercd yc rth July 1800~ 


OotCoor 4 Anno Domini 1642 

ivhow a3.1 220x1 oiiat I laiantonoraii chiefe sachim of the ilan- 
hlganaeta have soiild xcito John Greene of ITow Pixjvldence all 
that nooIcG or'' ln:ii=! torrother vsith a litle Island (torn) inge 
tiieriuitc on ti.c cac'w cide vrith the sea compased about T/ith 
all the rig:hto8 and Priveledgea therofe whatcoever T?ith all 
that rfiedttowe ground that xa oallod, OccnppeBuat'uxet Cove, It 
heingc the houndec o-r.' tho Heclce of land on tho couth side, 
and the '^ray that leadeth from Patuxet and Ititiimoe Cove to 
OcciipoEDuattacot CoYf-: It fringe the hoiindoc on the V.'eot, and 
Patiuiico Cove hsinge the hoiindoa on the north, and the cea 
on the East as also the saj'^d John Greene Eshall have free 
lihorty for timber and Comonidge to foede hie- oattell at 
lioxge from Patlunco to OccuppoBCuatuxet point V.'estuard, for- 




ever, all this I say I have sotlLcL to the aboveaayd John 

Greene, hia Heires and executors, to have hould and Inioy 

in as ample Kumer as I irdantonomii did, before the cale 3ier« 

ofc, for and in Consideration of thirty fathora of I^arnpom- 

pcagne al.ready payd in hand and receaved from the abovesayd 

John Greene by mee "liantonoimi in vdtneaso v/herofe I have cett 

to my hand the day end yeare abover.'rittGn in the prosconce of 

these "wli-neoses 

Roiidall Hoiaden MtaitonoiTius j/ raarlce 

Awashea ^ imrlce 

Ah so Ions ^ marko Ms rarlre 

SocVo / — T — % nonoclro 
ThesB presents testifie that viioras abotrt ©leaven ycaros 
hefore the date herafe I Sockononociro Saohim of i-attrfret Bould 
to John Greene senior now Inhabitant of the Cotme of Vvarivicke 
to him his heires executors etc. all tjie grass aor/ahle on 
both sides the Cove of OccTippessuattixet and aboiit the Island 
together the upland « ineddow 


on the ziecke i^id the Island adjacont, I havijige this present 

day receaved fiill satisfaction in peague to the value of 
six fathom besides dotl'i f onnerly rocoaved in Td.tnesE vsher- 
ofe I have heminto sett aiy hand this present day beinge taie 
25th of Ji)ly 1663 





John Greene Jnr Sockononocko ^ — ^ Ms raarke 

Anne Crreene Kelrotoweekot "^ his mark© 

This present writinge v^ae delivered hefore mee the 27th 
of Jonuary 58 thus STihcerihed 
witnesee iBy hand .Ezekill Eollirnan .Depxity 

rated the 1 of May Anno 1649 

Kiiow all aen by these presents that I John Greene Jxir 
Inhabitant of the Tomie of V/ar'.Tieke in the Kanhiganset 3ay 
in Hevx J<5i|?land for Conci deration movinge raeo herunto have 
sould irnto ;;illian ff ield Inhabitsx^t of the Sovmo of }?rovi- 
dcnco Tanner, fortj^ akers of meddowe more or lease laj/inge 
at PatxDcet ffallee, boxjnded on the south and Tl'est, by the 
Indian ff ieldes s-nd on the other cides by the river bclov/e 
the ffales, the which moddov/e 'jrafi formex-ly peaceably posest 
by ray father John Greene cer and since posest by mee I aay 
for satisfaction recoaved, I h.-.ive sould and given him poses- 
sion of the aforesayd parcell of mcddov;e in witnesse vrherofe 
I have herttnto sett my hand the day & yoare abovecayd 
Slghned sealed tmd By mee John Groeno Jur (Seal) 

delivered in the 
prescenco of 
Peter Greene 
Hichard Hiirciitt 



■'■^ rao."..