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Full text of "The town register Farmington, Milton, Wakefield, Middleton, Brookfield, 1907-8"

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Farmin^ton Milton 

Middleton Brookfield 

1 9 O 7-8 



Augusta, Maine: 

Published by The Mitchell-Cony Co., Inc. 


■, j-it- .;.- ^v YORK 


! TlLCtN FO'."'0A7iaN8. 


I 'a uo L 






Description 15 

Early Settlement 16 

Incorporation 20 

Town Officials 23 

Ecclesiastical Account 26 

Industrial History 30 

Military Account 34 

Professional Men 36 

Farmin^ton in N. H. Senate 39 

Societies and Organizations 39 

School Items 41 

Items of Interest 42 



Description 90 

Early Settlement 91 

Incorporation 94 

Town Officials 95 

Church History 99 

Industries 107 

Military History Ill 

Educational Account 114 

Professional Men 116 

Milton in N. H. Senate 119 

Milton's Centennial 119 




Description 159 

Early Proprietary and Settlement 160 

Incorporation 166 

Town Officials 168 

Churches 172 

Industrial Account 179 

Military History 182 

Educational Account 184 

Petition for Incorporation of Union Library, 1797 186 

Professional Men 186 





Early Settlement 240 

Brookfield Tax List 241 

Representatives to the Legislature 242 

Incorporation 244 

Incorporation of Middleton 244 

Incorporation of Brookfield 246 

Town Officers of Middleton 249 

Town Officers of Brookfield 255 

Military Matters 258 

Facts of Interest 260 



Choice Family Groceries and Flour. Daisy Brand Canned 
Goods. Wood's Boston Coffees and Teas 


N. H, 



Connected with Union Hotel. Telephone Connection 



Grain, Groceries, Meat, Provisions, Wood and 
Lumber. Eastman Kodaks and Supplies 



In presenting this Register to the people of Farmington, 

Milton and Wakefield, we wish to acknowledge our indebtedness 

,1 ' 
for historical data to articles written by Mrs. Adelaide Alley v6 

Waldron and Mr. Ned Parker on Farmington, to Mr. Arthur 
Thad Smith's address at Milton's Centennial Celebration, and 
to the Rev. Albert Thompson's sketch on Wakefield in the His- 
tory of Carroll County ; also to the town records and documents 
kindly furnished by Messrs. White, Avery and Garvin, the clerks 
of these towns, to the clerks and pastors of the different churches, 
and to all the various sources from which our information has 
been obtained. Realizing the limitations of space, it has not 
been possible to deal with minor details, the purpose being to 
put the history in brief form into the great majority of the 
homes in these towns. We wish to thank the people here for 
their cordial encouragement and aid, for their courtesy and good 
wiU, in a word for the way in which they have "stood behind" 
the undertaking. We hope that they will find the Register 
something which is worth while and for the most part authen- 
tic and satisfactory. 


The group of towns included in this work, are located in 
the southeastern section of the State of New Hampshire ; Farm- 
ington and Milton in the County of Strafford, and Wakefield in 
the County of Carroll. 

The region in which they lie is for the most part hilly ?ind 
broken, traversed by mountains which rise to a considerable 
height, and divide it into valley and small plateaus, through 
which flow many beautiful streams, the outlets of the ponds and 
lakes in which this section abounds. 

It is a picturesque region, only a few miles from the majes- 
tic Winnepesaukee, and within sight of the White Mountains, 
whose peaks towering far into the heavens, can be seen by the 
naked eye from the many elevations in these towns, which are 
just far enough removed from the "White Hills" to be outside 
the mountain country on the north. 

Combining the attractions of hill and lake, with stretches 
of low land and valley, this region has many attractions for 
every lover of the beautiful in Nature. Here, centuries ago, the 
Indian hunted and fished, and the wild beast roamed through 
the forest which man and animal shared alike, and which 
extended in unbroken, primeval vastness over upland and low- 
land to the waters of the sea. 

In 1623, the white man came, and made the earliest settle- 
ment in New Hampshire, at Dover, (Cocheco). The conflict 
between the races which so soon after ensued, continued for more 


than a hundred years, and this section was the scene of many a 
terrible and bloody struggle, like that which occurred when 
"The Indian hordes came down 
At midnight on Cocheco town." 

The people of today little realize how great were the hard- 
ships and privations which their forefathers endured, how ter- 
rible were the years of suffering and conflict; first against the 
wild beasts and the Indians ; then the Indians of the North and 
their allies, the French; and finally against England to secure 
the liberty and freedom without which life is not worth while. 

More than one and a quarter centuries have passed since 
our country became a nation, and the changes that have come 
with the years are very great. 

The Indian has gone forever from New Hampshire, swept 
away by the superior strength and numbers of the white con- 
querors, and by the advance of civilization. Sometimes we 
unearth here and there, fragments of pottery, a bit of flint, a 
weapon perhaps, these are all that remain as relics of a departed 
race, and doubtless, they mingle in the earth with the dust of 
their former owners. The wild beasts, too, are gone, the forests 
that sheltered them have melted away. The old Winnepe- 
saukee trail, which the Indian followed in his journeys to and 
from the interior of the State, and the region to the north, is 
traversed by the railroad of modern days; the bridle paths of 
the settlers have given way to roads and drives; the wigwams 
and crude villages of the Indians, and the little clearings of the 
settlers, have been replaced by well-tilled farms, broad meadow 
lands, and villages ; industry and commerce rule where once war 
and bloodshed occupied men's thoughts and stirred them, and 


everywhere is manifest the onward march of Progress. 

The redman is gone, and as he passed away, so we, too, 
shall go, after we have played our part in the great Theatre of 
Life, but always the lordly mountains and the beautiful lakes 
will remain for our descendants, and the Piscataqua, the Salmon 
Falls, the Cocheco, and the other rivers of old New Hampshire 
will flow to meet the sea, and to tell their mother there of the 
men and women who were and are, and how well they per- 
formed their mission. , 


The native tribes of New Hampshire were all of the Abnaki 
nation; but probably had a separate government, and were for 
the most part independent of those who lived in what is now the 
State of Maine. The Indians were divided into several tribes, 
among which were the Pequaquaukes, or Pequawkets, whose ter- 
ritory embraced a part of Maine ; the Ossipees, the Squamscotts, 
the Winnecowetts, and the Piseataquas, all living in the eastern 
section of the State. 

The population of these tribes is not definitely known, in 
fact there is no certainty that any estimate of their numbers was 
ever made by any reliable authority. The population, however, 
was sparse. Here and there at remote distances was located a 
little village ; but of never more than a few hundred inhabitants. 

The Indians in this section probably acknowledged as their 
Great Sagamore, the famous Passaconaway, whose achievements 
and powerful reign have been told many times in song and story. 
He was a powerful warrior, an eloquent orator, a sachem whose 
sagacity, and reputation as a sorcerer were knowTi by all the 
redmen in this part of the country, and a chief whose influence 
and power over his people were remarkable. He was friendly 
toward the settlers in spite of their unjust usurpation of his 
lands, and wished that the Indians and white men might always 
live in friendship, and that the wars might cease. 

The following extract from his farewell address to his war- 
riors in 1660, makes evident his view of the relations between 


the natives and the white men: 

"The oak will soon break before the whirlwind, — it shivers 
and shakes even now ; soon its trunk will be prostrate, — the ant 
and the worm will sport upon it! Then think, my children, of 
what I say! I commune with the Great Spirit. He whispers 
me now: 'Tell your people, Peace — peace, is the only hope of 
your race. I have given fire and thunder to the pale-faces for 
weapons, — I have made them plentier than the leaves of the 
forest; and still shall they increase. These meadows they shall 
turn with the plow, — these forests shall fall by the axe, — the 
pale-faces shall live upon your hunting-grounds and make their 
villages upon your fishing places.' The Great Spirit says this, 
and it must be so! We are few and powerless before them! 
We must bend before the storm! The wind blows hard! The 
old oak trembles, its branches are gone, its sap is frozen, it bends, 
it falls! Peace— peace, with the white man! — is the command 
of the Great Spirit; and the wish — the last wish, of Passacon- 
away. ' ' 

Wonolanset, his son and successor, heeded his advice, and 
when King Philip's war broke out fifteen years later, in spite 
of the fact that practically all the other tribes of New England 
engaged in the war, his followers withdrew to a place remote 
from the scenes of conflict. In 1676, however, four hundred 
Indians who had been invited to Cocheco (Dover) to witness a 
training and sham fight, were seized by the whites, and although 
the Pennacooks were dismissed unharmed, the indignity was too 
great to be endured and disregarding the advice of the dead 
Passaconaway the Pennacooks went on the war path, and became, 
like the other tribes, the bitter foes of the white men. 


The usual route of the Indians from the mountains and lakes 
to the white settlements was by the Cocheco and Newichawannoc 
(Salmon Falls) rivers, and doubtless the territory now compris- 
ing these towns was often visited by them, and the forests that 
covered it often rang with the war-whoop of many a hostile 

Many massacres took place and many battles were fought 
between the redman and the white in this part of the State. 
The massacre at Dover, in which Major Waldron was brutally 
murdered, took place June 27, 1689. 

The Indian war called "Lovewell's War" on account of the 
exploits of Capt. John Lovewell, began in 1722. Many success- 
ful expeditions against the Indians took place under his leader- 
ship. Lovewell 's Pond in Wakefield takes its name from Capt. 
Lovewell, who surprised and killed ten Pequawket Indians at 
that place. He and his men, however, finally were attacked from 
ambush by a powerful force of Indians under the Chief Paugus, 
near the pond, and after a long and bloody fight, he and many 
of his followers were slain. 

After the close of the French and Indian War and the 
increase of population in the settlements, few Indians remained 
in New Hampshire, and the hostilities between the redmen and 
the white men soon ceased. 

History of Fanmington 

The town of Farmington, situated near the center of Straf- 
ford County, New Hampshire, is twenty-five miles from the State 
capital, Concord, and eighteen miles northwest of Dover, the 
county seat of Strafford. It was originally a part of Rochester, 
from which it was set off and incorporated December 1, 1798. 
The area of the township is about 21,000 acres, a large portion 
of which is covered with timber. The surface is broken, and the 
soil difficult to cultivate, though on the margin of the Cocheco 
river, there are tracts that produce excellent crops. 

Extensions of the Blue Hills are included within the town 
boundaries, traversing Farmington from north to south, the most 
important elevations of which are known as Nubble, Hussey, 
Chesley and Blue Job mountains. The last. Blue Job, attains 
a height of 1,400 feet above the sea level, and on a clear day a 
view of the White Mountains, Monadnock, and other mountains 
to the north and west can be seen distinctly, while the shipping 
in and off Portsmouth is visible to the naked eye. The principal 
villages are Farmington, West Farmington and Merrill's Cor- 
ner. The Lake Shore branch of the Boston & Maine Railroad 
passes through the first and most important village. The Cocheco 
and Mad rivers flowing through the town afford abundant water 
power for the manufacturing industries, to which principally 
Farmington owes her prosperity and growth. The population in 
1900 was 2,265, but has increased to more than 3,000 probably 
at the present time. 



Perhaps the earliest settler in what is now the town of Farm- 
ington was a Mr. Berry, who built a log hoase in the south part 
of the town as early as 1770. 

The first frame house erected here was built in 1781, for 
John Roberts, who came to this place the following year from 
Dover Neck, and resided here many years. 

Jonas C. March, a native of Portsmouth, constructed the 
second frame house in the neighborhood, some time prior to 1792. 
He was the son of Clement March, who, tradition has it, was 
a giant in size, and one who commanded the greatest respect 
from his fellow townsmen. It is said that the sight of his cane 
alone, was enough to awe them. Jonas March married Sally, 
daughter of Judge Aaron Wingate, and after her death, her 
sister Lydia. Mr. March was one of the earliest merchants in 
the town. It is very probable that it was because of the swamp 
behind his store, and the unloading of lumber on the platform, 
that the business section of Farmington received the name of 
"The Dock." However, it is thought also, that the name owes 
its origin to the abundant growth of weeds ("dock") in that 
vicinity. The name first occurs in the records in 1792. 

Capt. Richard Waldron, one of the original proprietors of 
Rochester, by his will dated August 26, 1777, bequeathed to his 
sons, John, Joseph, Richard, Samuel and James, certain tracts 
of land and water privileges in this township, and part, at least, 
of the property lay between the March place, and the lands of 
John Ham, another of the early proprietors. The village of 
Farmington is situated on the Ham place. Benjamin Jones 


erected a "half-house" next to Mr. March's place, on the spot 
now occupied by the Congregational Church. Eleazer Pearl built 
his residence on a spot facing Central street, where the Odd 
Fellows Hall now stands. Nearby was the house which Dr. Ben- 
jamin Libby occupied upon his arrival here in 1800. Lemuel 
Rand, too, constructed a house at the village, building it upon 
the site, where, at the present time the beautiful residence of 
Mrs. Arianna P. Davis is situated. John Wingate, Esq., built 
in this place in 1800, a house which is now the residence of Mr. 
and Mrs. Charles H. Berry. "Squire" Wingate was a black- 
smith, and the shop where he carried on his trade, adjoined the 
house. Capt. Josiah Edgerly, a skilled cabinet maker from New 
Durham, who had married a daughter of Col. Thomas Nash, built 
a shop on Main street about the year 1807. 

The Hon. Nathaniel Eastman, a native of Gilmanton, who 
had married a sister of Gov. Levi Woodbury, had a beautiful 
mansion constructed for himself in the village in 1813. Benja- 
min Canney was another early builder in the village. 

Squire Waldron, whose wife was Mary Scott, of Machias, 
Maine, lived in the northern part of the town where he built a 
handsome residence in 1812. Samuel Jones, the Furbers, Ben- 
jamin Chesley, Paul Demeritt and others settled near Merrill's 
Comer long before Farmington became a town. The Leightons, 
who came here from Dover, made a settlement on the Ten Rod 
Road ; Moses Home, Caleb Varney and Aaron Wingate on Chest- 
nut HiU. 

William Tibbetts of England erected the first frame house 
on the New Durham Ridge Road, He died in 1788, and the 
property has come down to Mr. George A. Davis, a descendant. 


Ancient poplar trees, still standing, were brought here by Mr. 

Just below Farmington village is a huge boulder weighing 
twelve tons, which marks the site of the little house where Farm- 
ington 's great statesman, Henry Wilson, was born in 1812, He 
was the son of Winthrop and Abigail Colbath, early residents of 
this town, and was named for another early resident, Jeremiah 
Jones, whose daughter, Mrs. Clara Augusta Trask, has won a 
very high place among American woman writers. When young 
Colbath had gro^\Ti to manhood, he changed his name from 
"Jeremiah Jones Colbath" to the simpler and more easily spoken 
Henry Wilson. He was one of those "self-made men" so typi- 
cally American, and served his country as United States Senator 
from Massachusetts, and as Vice-President of the nation during 
the second administration of President Grant. 

The inventory taken by the selectmen in 1799 gives a com- 
plete, though partly illegible list of the residents in the town, 
and the names copied from this list complete the account of the 
early land holders and residents. In 1830, there were fifteen 
frame dwellings, five stores, one mill, and one tavern in town. 

Inventory op April, 1799. — Mrs. Phebe Austin, Wm. and 
Job Allard, Peter Akerman, Enoch Burnham, Samuel and John 
Beck, Wm. Bennett, Alex. Berry, Sam'l Berry, Barrington, Benj. 
Chesley, Stephen Chapman, Stephen Clark, Richard and John 
Caverly, Daniel, Thomas and Jos. Canney, H. Colbath, Capt. 
John Colomy, N. Dm., Reuben Carr, John and Jas. Downs, 
Joshua and Benj. Downing, Timothy and Simon Dame, Thos. 
Davis, Daniel Durgin, Elisha Davis, N. Dm., Paul Demerit, Jon- 
athan Dame, Samuel Drown, John Downing, Daniel Davis, Jos. 


Emerson, Capt. Sam'l Furber, Benj. Furber, Col. Eicbard Fur- 
ber, Theodore Furber, David, David, Jr., Jas. Jonathan, Gilbert 
and Stephen French, Nath'l Garland, Tristram Garland, Sam'l 
Gray, Winthrop Glidden, Simon Green, Jedediah Hanson, Benj. 
Ham, Sam'l Holmes, Joshua Holmes, Jr., Rochester, Thos. Ham, 
Samuel Hayes, Jeremiah Hodgdon, Jos. Holmes, Wentworth 
Hayes, Eben'r Home, Eph'm Howard, Wm. Horn, Paul Hayes, 
Esq., Alton, Enoch Horn, Daniel Horn, Jos. Horn, Nathan Horn, 
Paul Horn, Ichabod Hayes, Sam'l Hodgdon, Daniel Hayes, Moses 
Hayes, Moses Home, John Ham, Isaac Hanson, Moses Hodgdon, 
Moses Hammet, Rochester, Wm. Ham, Moses Hanson, Richd. 
Hodgdon, Miles Hanson, Capt. Alex. Hodgdon, Rochester, Mica- 
jah Hussey, Ichabod Hayes, Jr., Daniel Hayes, 3d, Nathan Hodg- 
don, Andrew Hayes, Barrington, Jos. Hayes, Rochester, Benj. 
Jones, Sam'l Jones, Joseph Jones, Moses Jennes, Rochester, 
Ephm. Kimball, Ensign Sam'l Knowles, Wm. Knight, Chas. 
Knight, Rob't Knight, Robt. Knight Edward Knight, John, Wm. 
Hatevil, Jas., Jos., Levi, Sam'l, Jr., and George Leighton, John 
Lock, Thos. Leathers, Isaac Libby, Hanson Libby, Jonas C. March, 
John Murry, Elijah Meder, Wm. More, Jos. Meder, Rochester, 
Abraham Nute, Jas. Nutter, Simon Otis, John Pearl, Ichabod 
Pearl, Anthony Peavey, Daniel Pevey, Lt. Eph'm Perkins, 

Place, Sam'l Pinkham, Jos. Plumer, Eleazar Pearl, Jos. 

Rand, Jos. Runnels, Lem'l Richards, Jas. Roberts, David Roberts, 
Ensign Eph'm Roberts, John Roberts, Eph'm Roberts, Jr., Jas. 
Runnels, J. Roberts, Ezek'l Ricker, John Rand, Lemuel Rand, 
Mark Reed, Nath'l Rand, Jos. Runnals, Benj. Runnals, Benj. 
Reed, Richard Rundlet, John Robinson, John Runnals, Morris 
Shannon, Valentine Sergeant, Capt. Thos. Shannon, Rochester, 


Timo. Stevens, Jona, Scruton, John Twombly, of Madbury, 
Lemuel Twombly, Jas. Twombly (estate), J. Thompson, Jr., 
Jb]dmund Tebbets, Samuel Tuttle (Somersworth?), Edward, 
Stephen, Mordecai, Caleb, Moses, Daniel, Samuel, Varney and 
Samuel Varney, Jr., the Wingates, John Walker, the Watsons, 
the Wentworths, Col. John Waldron, of Dover, the Whitehouse 
family, White, Witham, and Joseph Young. 


The town of Farmington was incorporated by act of the 
New Hampshire Legislature, December 1, 1798. Prior to that 
time it had been included in the town of Rochester, of which it 
formed the "North West Parish." 

Rochester, embracing not only its present territory but also 
that which now forms the townships of Farmington and Milton, 
had increased so much in population that it became very diffi- 
cult to assemble the citizens from so large an area for civic 
meetings and the like. This was an important reason for divid- 
ing the town, but the primary object in separating the North- 
west Parish from the parent town was, probably, the attainment 
of greater religious liberty, and freedom from the payment of 
taxes for the support of a ministry, which on account of their 
remoteness from Rochester proper the citizens of Farmington 
were unable to enjoy. 

In 1783, the people of Farmington petitioned to be set off 
by themselves. This request was not granted, however, and no 


division was made. The agitation for a separation continued, 
and after several additional petitions had been dismissed and 
the dissatisfaction had become mutual on the part of the citizens 
of the "First Parish" (Rochester), and the other parishes 
(Farmington and Milton), the consent of the town was finally 
voted in 1798, and Farmington was incorporated as a town. 
The population at that time was about one thousand inhabitants. 

State of New Hampshire. — In the year of our Lord one 
thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight. 

An Act to incorporate that part of the Town of Rochester, 
in the County of Strafford, commonly called the Northwest Par- 
ish into a separate town by the name of Farmington. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
in general court convened, that the lands and inhabitants con- 
tained within the northwesterly part of said Rochester, as 
described within the following lines and boundaries (to wit) : 
Beginning at a stake standing upon Barrington line, twenty-two 
rods northwesterly from the outlet of Pickeral Pond (so called) , 
thence running upon a straight line across lot numbered forty- 
nine in the second division till it strikes the range line between 
lots numbered thirty-six and thirty-seven in said second division, 
thence running upon said range line about northeasterly till it 
strikes the southeast corner of lot numbered fifty-one in the said 
second division, thence turning at right angles with said range 
line and running from said corner about northwest upon the 
westerly side of the four rod range road to the head line of the 
said second division, thence upon the range line which divides 
lots numbered four and six, three and five, and ninety-eight and 


ninety-nine, in the third division, to Middleton line, thence upon 
said Middleton line about southwesterly till it strikes the north- 
easterly corner of Barrington, thence upon the division line of 
said Barrington and the said Towti of Rochester to the bounds 
first mentioned, be and they hereby are incorporated into a sep- 
arate town by the name of Farmington, and the said Town of 
Farmington is hereby invested with all the powers, privileges, 
and immunities to which other to\\Tis in this State are or may 
be entitled, agreeable to the Constitution and Laws of this State, 
to have continuance and succession forever. 

The first town meeting was held March 11, 1799, at the 
house of Simon Dame, in accordance with the notification made 
out to the free holders and inhabitants of the town, February 23, 
1799. Judge Aaron Wingate served as moderator. Jonas C. 
Marsh was elected town clerk; Ichabod Hayes, Lieut. Ephraim 
Kimball, and David Roberts, selectmen. The largest number of 
votes cast at this meeting was 141. 

The total collection of taxes for the year 1799, Farmington 's 
first as a town, amounted to $597.45. The balance of receipts 
over expenditures for the year was $92.47. The selectmen 
received $3.00 each for their services; a Mr. Genu was paid in 
part for preaching, $54.00; Capt. Furber's bill for the use of 
his bam took $1.66 from the funds and William Knight received 
$3.00, the full amount paid for the use of his bam. 



Clebks.— Jonas C. Marsh, 1799-1802; Benj. Jones, 1803; 
Ephraim Kimball, 1804-08; Simon Dame, 1809-10; Thos. 
Plumer, Jr., 1811-26; John Roberts, 1827-36; Jas. N. Jones, 
1837-38; Benj. R. Peavey, 1839-41; Peter Pearl, 1842-49; L. 
Wentworth, 1850-54; E. Pearl, 1856-57; J. P. Richardson, 1858- 
59; J. B. Edgerly, 1860-61; Geo. P. Edgerly, 1862-63; J. B. 
Edgerly, 1863-65; D. C. Mellows, 1866-70; R. B. Foss, 1871-74; 
R. K. Pearl, 1875; Geo. E. Amazeen, 1876; A. W. Shaekford, 
1877-81; Eugene W. Emerson, 1882-83; L. C. Plummer, 1884; 
Patrick Connor, 1885-87; Chas. H. Pitman, 1888-91; W. J. 
Evans, 1892-93; H. S. Davis, 1894-97; W. J. Evans, 1898-99; 
Geo. I. White, 1900-07. 


1799-1802— Ichabod Hayes, Ephraim Kimball, David Roberts. 
1803 — James Roberts, Jeremiah Waldron, David Roberts. 
1804 — James Roberts, Levi Leighton, Anthony Peavey. 
1805 — James Roberts, Levi Leighton, Ephraim Kimball. 
1806 — Levi Leighton, Ephraim Kimball, James Downs. 
1807 — Benj. Canney, Jas. Downs, James Nutter. 
1808 — Ephraim Roberts, Benj. Canney, James Downs. 
1809 — Jeremiah Waldron, Jas. Downs, Ephraim Kimball. 
1810 — Jas. Downs, Ephraim Kimball, Jeremiah Waldron. 
1811 — Jas. Downs, Levi Leighton, Stephen French. 
1812 — Levi Leighton, Jas. Downs, Jos. Jones, Jr. 
1813 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Levi Leighton, Jas. Downs. 
1814 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Levi Leighton, Anthony Peavey. 


1815 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Levi Leighton, Jas. Davis, 

1816 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Levi Leighton, Jas. Davis. 

1817 — Jas. Davis, Jos. Ham, Wentworth Hayes. 

1818 — Jos. Ham, Jas. Davis, Wentworth Hayes. 

1819 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Levi Leighton, Jeremiah Waldron. 

1820 — Jas. Davis, W. Hayes, Mark Demerit. 

1821 — Jas. Davis, Jos. Jones, Jr., Mark Demerit, 

1822 — Ephraim Roberts, W, Hayes, Jos, Hammons, 

1823 — Jos. Jones, Jr., Job Varney, J. D, Roberts. 

1824 — Ephraim Roberts, Job Varney, W, Hayes, 

1825 — Ephraim Roberts, Levi Hayes, Thos. Plumer. 

1826 — Ephraim Roberts, Levi Hayes, Mark Demerit. 

1827 — Jos. Hammons, John H. Nutter, Nehemiah Eastman. 

1828— T. H. Nutter, Wm. Varney, I. B. Edgerly. 

1829 — Mark Demerit, Benj. Reed, Jeremiah Dame. 

1830-31 — J. D, Roberts, Nicholas Rieker, Edmund Canney, 

1832— W, Hayes, P, W, Home, Jos. Jones. 

1833— Jos, Jones, P, W, Home, N, Rieker, 

1834 — N, Eastman, Levi Hayes, Miles Scruton, 

1835 — T, T, Edgerly, Miles Scruton, Edmund Canney, 

1836 — Levi Hayes, N, Eastman, Miles Scruton, 

1837— Ira V, Hayes, Thos, Cook, P. W, Home. 

1838— T, T. Edgerly, Mark Demerit, Thos, Cook. 

1839— Mark Demerit, John W, Varney, J, W. Waldron, 

1840 — Geo, L. Whitehouse, John Walker, Isaac Merrill, 

1841 — Jeremiah Dame, Jos, Leighton, J, M, W, Downs, 

1842 — Isaac Merrill, Edmond Canney, Jeremiah Roberts, 

1843 — Isaac Merrill, B, R. Peavey, S, F, Hayes, 

1844 — Jeremiah Roberts, Levi Pearl, J, W, Nutter, 


1845 — Jeremiah Dame, Benj. Downing, Jr., Sam'l Jones. 
1846 — Jeremy Wingate, Benj. Downing, Jr., J. F. Demeritt. 
1847-48— Hiram Barker, Peter M. Home, J. M. W. Downs. 
1849— Geo. W. Whiteliouse, J. M. W. Downs, C. M. Demeritt. 
1850— B. R. Peavey, C. M. Demeritt, Benj. Chesley. 
1851 — S. F. Hayes, Jos. R. Jones, Ivory Varney. 
1852 — G. N. Eastman, Benj. Downing, Edmund Canney. 
1853 — G. A. Edgerly, Benj. Downing, W. H. Parmenter. 
1854 — W. H. Parmenter, Jos. A. Roberts, Benj. Chesley. 
1855 — Reuben H. Copp, Aaron Hayes, Jos. Hayes. 
1856— E. C. Colbath, Emerson Furber, C. M. Demeritt. 
1857— E. C. Colbath, C. M. Demeritt, Emerson Furber. 
1858^. H. Plumer, G. L. Whitehouse, P. M. Home. 
1859-60— R. H. Copp, Isaac Merrill, Parker W. Home. 
1861-62— R. H. Copp, Daniel Pearl, John I. Huckins. 
1863-64 — R. H. Copp, John Hurd, John G. Johnson. 
1865-66— R. H. Copp, J. G. Johnson, Albert Varney. 
1867-68— J. G. Johnson, C. W. Wingate, Daniel Pearl. 
1869 — J. G. Johnson, Daniel Pearl, A. W. Dame. 
1870-71— C. W. Talpey, Daniel Pearl, A. W. Dame. 
1872— C. W. Talpey, J. 0. Nute, Levi Pearl. 
1873— C. W. Talpey, Levi Pearl, A. L. Tibbetts. 
1874 — Jas. E. Fernald, D. C. Mellows, Chas. Emerson. 
1875— J. A. Roberts, J. C. Herring, J. P. Tibbetts. 
1876 — Israel Hayes, A. A. Hall, 0. Varney. 
1877-79— S. S. Amazeen, P. M. Home, J. L. Demeritt. 
1880-81 — S. S. Amazeen, J. L. Demeritt, Benj. Roberts. 
1882-83— S. S. Amazeen, J. F. Hall, J. F. Hussey. 
1884— S. S. Amazeen, G. H. Smith, W. W. Fuller. 


1885-86— S. S. Amazeen, E. F. Cloutman, J. F. Hussey. 
1887— D. C. Mellows, J. S. Roberts, J. E. Hayes. 
1888-89— S. S. Amazeen, J. L. Demeritt, F. G. Tebbetts. 
1890— F. G. Tebbetts, J. L. Demeritt, Albert Garland. 
1891— A. I. Nute, J. L. Demeritt, Albert Garland. 
1892— D. E. Edgerly, J. F. Hall, F. A. Home. 
1893— J. F. Hall, F. A. Home, J. B. Brown. 
1894-95— D. W. KimbaU, Geo. W. Gray, Wm. T. Hayes. 
1896-97— D. W. KimbaU, J. E. S. Hall, J. T. Bickford. 
1898-99— J. F. Hall, S. S. Amazeen, R. E. Davis. 
1900— S. S. Amazeen, R. E. Davis, F. A. Home. 
1901— J. E. S. Hall, F. J. Smith, H. J. Noyes. 
1902-04— F. J. Smith, C. T. Fall, J. I. Gray. 
1905— F. J. Smith, V. S. Knox, J. W. Foss. 
1906— J. E. S. Hall, V. S. Knox, J. W. Foss. 
1907— F. J. Smith, C. F. Nute, Jos. L. Bennett. 

Other Officers for 1907. 

Treasurer, Geo. L. Perkins; Tax Collector, A. H. Hanseom; 
School Board, Chairman, A. H. Wiggin, Lizzie M. Carter, Dr. 
W. C. Chandler; Board of Health, Chairman, F. B. Wedgwood, 
C. C. Ricker, Geo. V. Card; Road Commissioner, W. L. Gil- 


Religious services were held in Farmington as early as 1797, 
and conducted in barns by Benj. Green, then preceptor of Ber- 
wick Academy, afterwards a lawyer and judge. He was a very 


eloquent preacher, it is said, and people flocked from all the 
country round to hear him. No church was formed, however, 
until 1819, when James Walker from Concord preached alter- 
nately at Farmington and Milton. 

The first meetinghouse in this town stood on "Meeting- 
house Hill," south of the village, and near the centre of the 
town. It remained unfinished about fifty years, when it was 
removed to Rochester. 

In 1834, a meetinghouse was built a short distance below the 
village by several denominations, who united in the undertak- 
ing, but no regular preaching was maintained till six years 
later, at which time the people received aid from the New Hamp- 
shire Missionary Society. 

First Congregational Church. 

This church was organized in 1819, with the Rev. James 
Walker as pastor, and a membership of eight persons. In 1844, 
a Congregational church was dedicated in Farmington. It had 
been erected on Central Street on land given in trust by the Hon. 
G. L. Whitehouse, to be held by the parish so long as used for 
religious purposes. This structure becoming too small for the 
membership of the church, a larger edifice was built in 1870, on 
Main street. It was a beautiful church, and cost, when com- 
pletely furnished, about $25,000. It was destroyed by the great 
fire of 1875, and was replaced by the present commodious brick 
edifice in the tower of which is the town clock. The steeple, 
towering fifty feet above the clock tower, contains a fine toned 
bell which weighs more than a ton. The church was dedicated 
March 8, 1876. The pastors who remained longest at the church 


were the Revs. James Walker, D, D. Tappan, D.D., "Walter E. 
Darling, who came in 1877, and remained many years, and Roger 
M. Sargent. Other pastors have been, the Revs. Clement Par- 
ker, who succeeded Mr. "Walker, the first pastor of the church; 
S. H. Goodwin, who came in 1893 ; I. W. Sweet, whose pastorate 
began about 1897, to continue throughout a period of many 
years; Arthur L. Golder, who was here in 1901; and Edward 
D. Disbrow, who remained until the fall of 1907. 

Free Baptist Church. 

The first Free Baptist Church was organized in 1854, with 
the Rev. Dexter Waterman as pastor. Meetings were held in 
the meetinghouse on Peavey Hill, where the Congregationalists 
worshipped. During the pastorate of j\Ir. Waterman the church 
membership increased to thirty-two. He resigned in 1856, and 
was succeeded by Rev. J. M. L. Babcock, who remained until 
1858. A new church was erected in 1857, and dedicated in 
October of the same year. The Rev. D. P. Cilley, who was the 
next pastor of the church, remained until 1861, when he was 
appointed Chaplain of Eighth New Hampshire Vols. The Rev. 
Ezekiel True succeeded Mr, Cilley and remained until 1866. 

The Rev. S. N. Tufts, the next pastor, closed his pastorate in 
1870, and the Rev. G. M. Parks, now of Presque Isle, Maine, 
became pastor of the church. The church was enlarged in 1871, 
and the next year a bell tower and steeple were constructed. 
The Rev. Mr. Parks remained until Nov. 1, 1874, when he closed 
his pastorate, leaving the church free from debt, and with the 
knowledge of faithful service attested by the ninety-two persons 
who joined the church and the seventy-four baptisms among that 


number. The Rev. David H. Adams was the next to take this 
pastorate, entering upon his labors Jan. 1, 1875. During his 
ministry here he solemnized 74 marriages, and was called to 
attend 216 funerals. Mr. Adams' successor, the Rev. C. A. 
Bickford, D.D., who afterwards became editor of the "Morning 
Star," came in the fall of 1878, and remained two years, at the 
end of which time the Rev. Mr. Adams returned to the church. 
He remained two and a half years. From August, 1883, to May, 
1884, the society was without a pastor. At the end of this time, 
the Rev. Thomas Spooner came to begin a pastorate which con- 
tinued for four years. Extensive repairs and renovations cost- 
ing about $2,500 were made during the ministry of the Rev. 
Mr. Spooner. The Rev. Geo. L. White, enjoyed four years of 
endeavor and success here, after which he accepted a call to the 
church at New Hampton. The Rev. J. S. Harrington, an able 
man, came next. He remained seven years, when he was suc- 
ceeded by the Rev. Frank Pearson, a very worthy successor, who 
remained four years. 

Following Mr. Pearson's pastorate, the Rev. J. H. Wilkins 
came in May, 1903. This gentleman is the present able pastor 
of the church, which, with a large and active membership, enjoys 
a prosperity which compares excellently with that of the most 
prosperous of the Free Baptist denomination. 

Advent Church. 

This society, the members of which worship in the chapel 
on Union street, has held regular meetings here for many years, 
but had no regular pastor until recent years. Among its mem- 
bers are one or two of the leaders in the movement that estab- 


lished the campground at Alton Bay, where many largely 
attended and successful meetings have been held. 

The Rev. B. J. Glazier was pastor for several years, and was 
succeeded by Elder Joy, the present pastor of the church. The 
society, though not enjoying so large a membership as its sister 
churches in Farmington, is in a very prosperous condition and 
exerts a very great and very worthy influence for the spiritual 
and moral welfare of the people of this town. 

There was a Quaker meeting house in the early days of the 
town, but services are not held here now as the number of Friends 

in Farmington is small. 


Farmington was a pioneer town of New Hampshire in the 
manufacture of boots and shoes, and this has been the principal 
industry of the town for many years. Though not so fortunate 
as many other towns of this section of the State in the possession 
of great water power, the manufacturing industries of the town, 
through the indormitable purpose and perseverance of the early 
manufacturers, have been and still are among the most important 
in this State. 

In the early part of the last century, Hon. Geo. L. "White- 
house dug a canal nearly a mile long, and in 1839 erected a fac- 
tory in which he combined the manufacture of cotton yarn, with 


that of shingles and clapboards, and operated a grist mill. The 
mill afterwards came into the possession of J, W. Waldron, and 
was, a few years ago, transformed by the owner, J. F. Cloutman, 
into an electric light station. 

Even prior to the construction of the Whitehouse canal, and 
as early as 1830, there was a mill in the village, and Elijah H. 
Badger was engaged in the manufacture of shoes. Farmington 
had attained some little prominence as a shoe town even before 
the Civil War, the "brogans," being made by many of the towns- 
people by hand. With the close of the war and the introduction 
of machinery, conditions changed, but the citizens of the town 
met the new aspect of affairs, erected factories, filled them with 
machinery, and continued to make shoes, and a large quantity of 
them, with the result that a hustling manufacturing centre was 
formed. Seventeen factories were in operation at one time, and 
the production has been well kept up. 

Elijah Badger's venture as a shoe man was one of fair suc- 
cess, and Martin L. Hayes, a native of Farmington, determined 
to undertake the business, and was very successful in the enter- 
prise. G. M. Herring of Framingham, Mass., began to manu- 
facture shoes here at about the same time (1837). Other early 
manufacturers were : The Roberts Brothers, Alonzo, Jeremy and 
C. W. Nute, Jas. B. Edgerly, Luther Wentworth, H. B. Edgerly, 
Israel Hayes, Wm. Johnson, N. T. Kimball and John L. Pratt, 
John H. Hurd, C. W. Thurston, Geo. A. and Edwin F. Jones, 
E. 0. Curtis, E. C. Kinnear, John M. Berry, John F. Cloutman, 
A. E. Putnam and D. W. Kimball. 

In 1874, the wooden factory of Alonzo Nute, opened in 1849 
by Nute Bros., was destroyed by fire; but with the energy and 


determination for which he was noted, ]\Ir. Nute began the con- 
struction of a new factory, with the result that a large brick 
building, 32x185 feet, four stories high, was erected in a very 
short time, on the site of the factory which had been burned. 
After 1875, Eugene P. and A. Irving Nute became their father's 

Many of the shoe firms which had enjoyed the greatest pros- 
perity prior to the panic of 1893, not long afterward, for one 
reason or another, suspended operations, among them those of 
G. A. Jones, I. Hayes & Sons, A. Nute & Sons, Cloutman & 
Bingham, and Wallace, Elliott & Co. Following the closing of 
these factories, Drew's underwear mill was burned, leaving only 
two large manufacturing concerns in Farmington, the pro- 
prietors of the Edgerly factory, and J. F. Cloutman & Co. 

The people of Farmington did not lose courage, however, 
and soon started several industries to replace those which had 
been lost. Through the co-operation of the Farmnigton Improve- 
ment Association and the local Board of Trade a corporation 
which had purchased the Nute factory, the Farmington Shoe 
Co. was organized and with its two factories has become one of 
the largest and most important, as well as one of the most suc- 
cessful industries in town.. 

The factories in which the company are located were pur- 
chased of the Wallace, Elliott & Co. shoe firm of New York. 
They were erected by the late Hon. John F. Cloutman, who sold 
them to Wallace, Elliott & Co. The first and larger one was 
built in 1877; and the second in 1884. Each factory is four 
stories high. They are connected by a large inclosed passage 
and really form a big double factory. The firm does a very large 


business, and employs about 250 persons at present, with a 
weekly pay roll of nearly $2,500. The average weekly produc- 
tion of shoes is about 600 dozen pairs, valued at about $25 a 
dozen. The firm's Boston office is at 165 Lincoln Street. The 
officers are: President, Elisha James, Jr.; Treasurer, E. W. Cox; 
General Manager, E. 0. Teague; Superintendent, W. S. Eraser. 

The large H. B. Edgerly factory has been in successful 
operation for many years, and is now the property of F. E. 
Edgerly, only son of the original proprietor, and his partner, 
C. E. Aldrich of Boston. 

The Berry factory and the Nute factory on Main Street, 
which are occupied by J. F. Cloutman, Jr., and by the Thayer, 
Osborne Shoe Co., are in constant operation. 

On the site of the old Hayes mill just below the village, is 
the two-story factory where John R. Hayes manufactures shook 
and lumber. A number of men are employed at the mill, and 
the business has become extensive. In close proximity to this 
mill is the knife factory of F. W. Coburn, Jr. Here a pros- 
perous business in the manufacture of knives is carried on, and 
the products of the factory have a wide reputation for their 

Charles W. Jenness, who began the manufacture of shook 
about 1880, conducts a large and successful carton business, and 
manufactures shook at his mill on East Grove Street, which 
originally one of small size, is now among the largest of the 
kind in this section of the State. John H. Jenness is connected 
with his brother in manufacturing interests. 

On the same street is the last factory of the late A. W. 
Flanders, where that gentleman once conducted an excellent 



The M. L. Hayes building on Central Street, occupied suc- 
cessively by J. R. Hayes, and the heel business of J. E. Hayes 
& Son, is now the brush factory of F. W. Brown. In the Jones 
factory on Main Street the Nutter Co. carries on an extensive 
business in the manufacture of heels. 

The carriage and sleigh factory and repository of B. F. 
Perkins is on the comer of High and Central Streets, on the 
site of the late Alvin Tibbetts' lath and woodwork mill. 

The Mortimer Shoe Co. began the manufacture of shoes in 
the Nute factory, about four years ago, but remained in this 
town only a short time. 

It is worth while in passing, to mention the fact that the 
first wax-thread sewing machine used in New Hampshire was 
brought to Farmington by the late Hon. J. F. Cloutman, who 
began the manufacture of shoes in 1854. 

With this account of Farmington 's industries, the subject 
may be closed. This town may well be proud of her growth 
and prosperity as a manufacturing village, and of the splendid 
way in which her citizens have met and triumphed over reverses 
and vicissitudes in the upbuilding of an industrial centre. 



General Richard Furber, by whom the town of Farmington 
was named, acted as adjutant or aide-de-camp at the surrender 
of Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777, later rose to the rank of gen- 


eral. He lived at Merrill's Corner where he died in 1848, at 
the age of ninety-five years. Several other Farmington men 
served during the war, but as this town was a part of Rochester 
at that time it is very difficult to ascertain who they were. 
Enoch Burnham was a sergeant in Capt. John Brewster's com- 
pany of Col. Pierre Long's regiment stationed at Newcastle from 
Aug. 7, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777. Members of this company, in 
which Isaac Libby and several other Farmington soldiers were 
enlisted, joined the Northern Army in January, 1777, and were 
stationed at Fort Independence near Ticonderoga. 

Daniel Horn, Ebenezer Home, Lieut. John Ham, Jonathan 
French, Joseph Plummer, Samuel Jones and Benj. Furber ( ?) 
are names found on the records which indicate that Farmington 
sent many men into the service during the seven long years of 
the war. 

In the wars that followed the War for Independence, 
Farmington had many representatives who upheld the military 
record of the town, but it is in the War of the Rebellion that 
she, like her sister town, Milton, has won the greatest glory, and 
secured the most renown. 

Farmington in the Rebellion. 

When in April, 1861, Fort Sumpter fell, and the great 
struggle of the War of the Rebellion began, the patriotism and 
loyalty of the citizens of Farmington responded nobly to the 
President's call to arms for the preservation of the Union. 

The records show that 232 men responded and are credited 
to this town, most of whom belonged here. In this list will be 


found the names of many who are numbered with the dead, for 
very many of them lost their lives in the service of their country. 
It is not necessary here to recount in detail the services which 
these men rendered in the four long years of suffering and con- 
flict. It is all familiar to the people of this town, sons and 
daughters, of the noble men who left their homes and loved ones 
to do their share for the cause of Liberty and Right, and the 
people of this town knowing that record, glory in the fact that 
Farmington's response was ready and loyal, and that their 
fathers were not afraid to go forth to battle and if necessary 
to die. Let us but remember as we read the roll, that we owe 
all that we possess to them, and, let us linger a moment over 
the roll of the brave and true soldiers whose names are recorded 

The Roll Call. 

Col. Ralph Carlton, killed July 17, 1862 ; Capt. A. W. Hayes ; 
Capt. G. H. Richardson; Capt. G. B. Johnson; Capt. G. H. 
Smith; Rev. Daniel P. Cilley, chaplain from 1861 to 1865; 
Quartermaster-Gen. Alonzo Nute, Sixth N. H. Vols., served also 
on Gen. Hawkins' staff of the Ninth N. Y. Zouaves. 



The first resident physician in Farmington was Dr. Benja- 
min Libby, who located here in 1800, setting up an office in 
the store which afterwards was made into a dwelling house for 


Lemuel Rand. Dr. Libby entered the army in 1812. He left 
Farmington in 1816. 

Dr. David T. Parker was another of Farmington 's early 
physicians. His practice continued in this town more than fifty 
years. Dr. Parker's wife, too, was very skillful, and was called 
by the whole community "Mother Parker." Dr. Parker, the 
senior doctor's son, was a physician here also. 

Other physicians have been: A. M. Winn, 0. B. Hanson, 
W. A. Hersom, Rufus B. Foss, W. H. Nute of Exeter, Warren 
P. Blake, who removed to Springfield, Mass., John P. Elkins, 
who died Sept. 7, 1895, his brother, J. S. Elkins, Preston B. 
and John Young, John S. Parker of Lebanon, Me., brother of 
David T. and his elder son, John C. Parker, now of Providence, 
R. I., who was succeeded by Dr. Frank W. Blair of Boothbay 
Harbor, Me., and Dr. H. P. Wheatley, who has been here many 
years. Dr. G. H. Gray of Lynn, Mass., Dr. E. P. Huntress of 
Derry, Drs. Alvin and Roger S. York, Dr. Daniel P. Cilley now 
at Westboro, Mass., were formerly of this town. 

The father of the brothers Elkins was also a physician. It 
is indeed remarkable that a town should have so many instances 
of brothers following the same profession and of sons taking 
up that of their fathers. 

Dr. Geo. W, Ellison, who came here from Providence, R. I., 
about a year ago; Dr. CO. Rogers, who came here from Union 
several years ago; Dr. E. C. Perkins, who came from Maine 
about four or five years ago; Dr. R. H. Greeley, a native of 
Swanville, Me., and a Bowdoin graduate, who has been in prac- 
tice about nine or ten years in this town, and Dr. CO. Smith, 
who came in the fall of 1907, complete the list of able physicians 
who have practised here. 


Lawyers and Statesmen. 

In the list of statesmen which Farmington has given to the 
State and Nation, the names of four men, perhaps, stand forth 
most prominently: Nehemiah Eastman, Joseph Hammons, Alonzo 
Nute, and Henry Wilson. Hon. Nehemiah Eastman was a dis- 
tinguished lawyer of Strafford County, State Senator from 1820 
to 1824, and representative in Congress during the years 1825-27. 

Dr. Joseph Hammons, who was the only physician in this 
town for many years, was in Congress 1829-33. 

Hon. Alonzo Nute, a manufacturer, was an officer in the 
Civil War, in which he rendered distinguished service. State 
Senator in 1867-68, and later, was a Representative in Congress 
from this State. 

Hon. Henry Wilson, born a poor farmer lad in 1812, through 
his individual enterprise and great natural ability, rose to the 
office of United States Senator from Massachusetts, and later 
to the second highest office in the gift of the Nation, Vice- 
President of the United States, during the second administra- 
tion of President Grant. 

Farmington has had and still has many lawyers of ability 
no less great. On the records we find the names of George N. 
Eastman, Col. Louis Bell, E. F. Cloutman, Weeks of Ossipee, 
E. H. Shannon of Laconia, G. E. Cochrane of Rochester, Frank 
Emerson, Charles Leighton of Lynn, Mass., A. H. Wiggin, I. E. 
Pearl, H. C. Waldron, now superintendent of schools in West- 
boro, Mass., and S. S. Parker. 

E. B. Hayes of Farmington practised law in Manchester 
several years ago. 


Farmington in New Hampshire Senate. 

Nehemiah Eastman, 1820-24 ; Jeremiah Dame, 1848-49 ; Geo. 
M. Herring, 1855-56 ; Alonzo Nute, 1867-68 ; John F. Cloutman, 
1876-77; Chas. W. Talpey, 1881-82; E. T. Wilson, 1889-90; Jas. 
F. Safford, 1899-1900. 


Wilson Guards. — The former local military organization, 
Company F, Second Regt., N. H. N. G., first went into camp at 
Concord under the command of Capt. Joseph B. Cilley, who at 
his death in 18B6, was succeeded by Lieut. E. W. Emerson. 
Capt. Chas. H. Pitman, the next commander, after a long period 
of leadership, was succeeded by Capt. Herman J. Pike in 1895, 
who remained in that office until the company disbanded. 

Carlton Post, G. A. R., was organized May 24, 1882, replac- 
ing one which had been formed shortly after the war. The 
membership has never been large, as so many veterans of the 
great struggle of the Rebellion have passed to the Great Beyond, 
but the ' ' old soldiers ' ' have always taken a great interest in this 
little branch of the Grand Army, and the Post has enjoyed a 
very flourishing period of activity. 

The fraternal and social organizations of Farmington are 
many, and we regret that limited space prevents a complete his- 
tory of each, and a list of all the officers. An alphabetical list 
is as follows : — 


Checorua Tribe, No. 6, I. 0. of R. M. 
Cocheco Lodge, A. 0. U. W. 

Columbian Chapter, No. 18, R. A. M., constituted May 17, 
1870. Membership about 100. 

Fraternal Chapter, No. 24, 0. E. S., constituted Nov. 23, 
1897, with Mrs. Emma C. FuUerton as chief officer. Membership 
about 75. 

Fraternal Lodge, Masonic, constituted June 12, 1861, with 
A. M. Winn as master. Membership about 250. 

Harmony Lodge, No. 11, K. of P., instituted June 11, 1871, 
with 15 members. Daniel W. Edgerly, first C. C. Membership 
more than 200. 

Henry Wilson Colony, U. 0. P. F. 

Henry Wilson Grange, P. of H., Norman L. Otis, Master. 

Minnehaha Rebekah Lodge, organized July 30, 1875. Mem- 
bership more than 250. 

Minneola Council, No. 1, D. of P. 

Montauk Club, Pres., Leroy Elkin; Sec, W. C. Chandler; 
Treas., H. P. Wheatley. 
Rathbone Sisters. 
Security Lodge, K. of H. 
Sons of Veterans. 
Woman's Relief Corps. 

Woodbine Lodge, Mad River Encampment, I. O. 0. F., 
Noble Grand, Fred Nelson; Rec. Sec, A. R. Jones. Membership 
more than 200. 


Harry S. Parker Co., No. 7, U. R. K. P., Capt., H. J. Pike; 
1st Lieut., Jos. F. Nutter; 2d Lieut., Wm. T. Hayes; Treas., Geo. 
I. White; Chaplain, John Waldron; Recorder, I. S. Curtis. 
Organized Nov. 11, 1902. 

Hercules Fire Association, No. 1, Foreman, D. W. Cate; 
Treas., John Waldron ; Clerk, H. B. Pearl. 

Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1, Foreman, A. W. Card; Treas., 
Geo. I. White; Clerk, John F. Corson. 

Woodbine Lodge, No. 41, I. O. 0. F., instituted Aug. 16, 
1853, and reinstated April 5, 1871. Membership more than 200. 

Mad River Encampment, No. 22, I. O. 0. F., organized Aug. 
26, 1874, with W. W. Roberts, C. P. Membership about 100. 


The first schoolhouse in this town was built in 1791, at Mer- 
rill's Corner, but schools were held frequently in private houses. 

In 1799 there were thirteen school districts; in 1815, six- 
teen. The taxes for the support of the schools in 1900, were: 
Regular school tax, $2,720 ; special tax for school district No. 9, 
$1,500; for the "town school district," $150. In 1902-03, the 
taxes were: $3,264, school; $1,900 for No. 9; $200 for the town 
district. In 1904 : $3,162, school ; $1,000, No. 9 ; $150 town dis- 
trict. 1905 : $3,952.50, school; $1,500, No. 9 ; $150, town district. 
The principal of the Farmington High School is Mr. W. B. 
Howard ; the assistant teachers, Misses McLean and Saunders. 



Farmington Public Library. — The first library association 
in this town was organized in 1853. On January 1, 1891, a pub- 
lic library and reading room was opened by an association here, 
and has its present location in the Opera House. The first pres- 
ident of the association was Isaac E. Pearl, Esq. The library 
contains several thousand volumes, which are free to the people 
of the town, and in constant circulation. It is open every secular 
evening in the week from 7 to 9 ; Saturday from 2 to 5 and 7 to 
9.30 P.M., and is under the careful and efficient supervision of 
the librarian, Miss Emily Goodwin. 

Farmington News. — This bright local newspaper was first 
issued, March 14, 1879, by the firm of J. E. Fernald & Son. It 
has a large circulation in this town and throughout this section 
of the State. It is printed in the Fernald Block at the corner of 
Central and Main Streets, and is issued every week. E. H. 
Thomas is the publisher. 

Opera House. — This theatre was opened in 1881, $20,000 
having been appropriated for its construction, and has been the 
scene of many a successful engagement, since the opening night, 
when Sol Smith Russell in "Edgewood Folks," was the attrac- 
tion. Lectures and speeches have been given here by distin- 
guished men and women, and many important civic and social 
meetings have been held here. 



A State bank was in operation in Farmington before and 
during the Civil War, the Hon. John D. Lyman acting as treas- 

Farmington Savings Bank was incorporated in 1868, with 
G. M. Herring as president and T. F. Cook as treasurer. The 
present officers are : Frank E. Edgerly, President, and Dwight E, 
Edgerly, Cashier and Treasurer. The banking quarters are 
located on Central Street. 

Farmington National Bank, on Central Street, was incor- 
porated in July, 1872. The officers are : John H. Barker, Pres- 
ident; James B. Edgerly, Cashier. 


The population of the towns of Farraington, Milton, 
Wakefield, Middleton and Brookfield has been arranged in 
families where that arrangement has been possible In ad- 
dition to the resident living members, the names of the non- 
resident members are included. It should be borne in mind 
that this plan does not include the names of all former resi- 
dents of this town, as the names of the non-residents appear 
only when one or both of the parents are still living in the 
town. After the name of each non-resident will be found 
the present address, when such address has been given to us. 
Non-residents are indicated by the (*). 

When a daughter in a family has married, her name 
taken in marriage appears after her given name in parenthe- 
sis, the name preceded by a small m, thus: (m ). 

Following the names of the population is the occupations. 
To designate these we have used the more common abbre- 
viations and contractions, as follows: Farmer — far; car- 
penter — car; railroad service — R R ser; student, a member 
of an advanced institution of learning — stu; pupil, a member 
of a lower grade of schools (including all who have reached 
the age of five years)— pi; housework — ho; laborer — lab; 
physician and surgeon — phy & sur; clergyman— clerg; mer- 
chant — mer; teacher— tr; blacksmith — blk; clerk — cl; book- 
keeper— bk kpr; lawyer — law; mechanic mech; machinist— 
mach; engineer— eng; maker — mkr; worker — wkr; work — wk; 
shoe shop operative — s sop; cotton or woolen mill operatives 
— mill op; weaver — weav; spinner — spin; electrician — elec; 
painter — ptr; carriage work — car wk; dress maker — dr mkr; 
insurance— ins; traveling salesman, or commercial traveler — 
sales, or coml trav; music teacher — mus tr; teamster — team; 
generalwork — genlwk; mariner — mar; employ — emp; retired 
— retd; telephone operative — tel op; telegraph operative— 
teleg op. 

This Census was compiled by a thorough canvass from 
house to house during the fall and winter of 1907-8, by Rev. 
BY. Davis, of Kents Hill, Me., and A. J. Bryant of Auburn, 

Census of Fattmington 

Note— The folio wiDg is a list of post ofBce abbreviatioos 
used in the Census of the town of Farmington, N. H. Roch- 
ester— Roch; North Rochester— N Roch; Milton Mills— M Mills; 
East Rochester— E Roch. R. F. D. routes are indicated by the 
number of the route following the post office name from which 
they emanate. Where no post office address is given, Farm- 
ington, N. H., is understood. 


Abbott, Eugene 

night watch 

Laura A (Abbott 

Grace H 


Abbott, James F 

far Roch 2 

Emma F (Jordan 


Nellie F 


Hylas T 


Abbott, May A 


Adams, Eugene 




Adams, Frank A 

8 8 


Rachel K (Lei 


Bernice L 


Adams, Flora L (Bellamy 


Roch RED 

Akin, Edwin J 

far & s s op 

Mary A (m McKenelley 

Oscar S 

Aldrich, Ernest W s s 


Lester E pl 

Jennie H (Clement ho 

Allen, Lillian F (Johnson 

bk kpr 
Winn if red E tr 

Allen, Myra P (Gerry 

Allen, W D 

mgr Elect. Lt & Power Co 

Nellie A (Cloudman 

Ruth E pl 

Amazeen, Rufus far 

R Alden tinsmith 

Martha A (Lydecker 

Amazeen, Geo E s s op 

Clara A (Merrill 

*Harry E druggist 

392 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

*Clarence A bk kpr 

W Lynn, Mass 

Amazeen, Rev. Elvin 
Rhoda A (Shaw 



Amazeen, Emilj ho 

Amazeen, S S far 

Maria E (Peavey ho 

*Carrie M (m Mills 

Brookline, Mass 

Andrews, Joseph R R ser 

Kate pi 

James pi 

Armstrong, Chas M s s op 

Alice E (Martin 

*Harry W s s op E Roch 

*Cha8 W s s op 

St Louis, Mo 

•Mortimer R s s op 


*John M cl Manchester 

*Grace V s s op 


Roy s 8 op 

Avery, Frank L janitor 

Sarah S (Perry 
•Grace L (m Emerson 

N Abbington, Mass 
Everett P s s op 

*Clara M s s op 

Lynn, Mass 
Georgie I box factory 

Frank electrician 

Winnifred M (m Benson 
Ruby A s s op 

Avery, E T retd 

Avery, James s s op 

Lizzie (Leigh ton 

Averill, Benj G bk kpr 

Lizzie N (Hutchinson 
*Wm H draftsman 

Dorchester, Mass 
*John H pat mkr 

Boston, Mass 
Flora M (m Haynes 
Ayers, John O watchman 

Addie A (Pettigrew 
*John S lum New Durham 
•Florence I (m Monteith 
75 Comstock, Providence, R I 
Chas E asst P M 

•Harry C wood turner 
Hancock, Mass 


Babb, Martha A (Emerson 
Solomon H lab 

•Geo M lab Laconia 
•Sarah A (m Willey 

•Chas H lab Roch 

John K s s op 

Babb, Solomon H lab 

Mary (Coates ho 

Lilla E (m Nutter 
•Horatio N undertaker 
Boston, Mass 
Mark W s s op 

Bailej^ Everett s s op 

Barker, John H mer 

John H Jr clerk 



•Helen (m Winn 

New Durham 

Emma M clerk 

Ethel clerk 

Barker, Hiram H retd 

Ella (Peavey ho 

William T . lab 

Eda F pi 

Barber, Lucy J (Hudson 

mfg toilet articles 
Barnes, Nellie I (White ho 

Arland S 8 s op 

Barnes, Arland S s s op 

Pamelia (Gelouge ho 

Ethel C 

Ernest E 
Barnett, Lura S (Philbrick 

ho Roch 

Edna E pi 

Boston, B W marble business 

Belle (Neal ho 

Clara B stu 

Batchelder, E K clerk 

Inez A (Hussey 

Grace clerk 

Bernice pi 

Batchelder, Albert M s s op 

Laura M (Harrington 

Ralph M 
Batchelder, Betsey E ho 

Bean, Chas. F. s s op 

Ida M (Hyde 
Bean, L L retd 

Hannah W (Ham 

*J H Somersworth 

Bean, IN far Roch 2 

Ida M (Wyatt ho 

Joseph D 

Beers, Alfred stu Places 

Bennett, John P mer 

Flora E (Hamlin 

*Hamlin P phy 

26 Ocean, Lynn, Mass 

Lucy B (m Nutter 

Bennett, Stephen M team 

Bennett, Ida (Lowell ho 

*Florence ho Kittery, Me 

Bennett, Parker D far Roch 2 

Grace M (Leigh ton ho 

Bennett, Emily M (Leighton 

ho Roch 2 

Emma M (m Leighton 

*Geo W lar New Durham 

Joseph L far 

John L far 

Parker D far 

*CIara P (m Howard Roch 

Benson, Horace T s s op 

Berry, Eliza S (Emery ho 

*Chas H retd 

Mary E (m Gray 

Franklin P s s op 

Berry, Franklin P s s op 

Emma I (Davis ho 

Elverton C stu 

Eliza E stu 

Franklin G stu 

Berry, Lucy N (Chesley ho 



*Lyman E far Gilmanton 

Percy C lab 

Berry, Edna H (Huckins ho 

Ralph L far 

Berry, Chas H far 

Clara B (Barker ho 

Elsie M 
Berry, Nancy M ( ho 

*Georgia L (m Huckins 


Abbie J (m Lougee 

Elsie E (m Marston 

Edna B (m Willey 
Berry, Nathaniel H retd 

Breckenridge, Joseph mill op 
Bickford, J T far Roch RED 

*Horace A far Roch 

Lizzie M (m York 

*Ida G (m Vickery 

Walter H far 

Ella N (m Tripp 
Bickford, W H far Roch 

Mary A (Yarney ho 

Stella P pi 

Bishop, Everett J far 

Lizzie H (Page ho 

Bishop, Robert C far 

Hannah F (Kimball ho 

Everett J far 

Gertie E (m Stead man 
Blaisdell, Arthie M s s op 

Blaisdell, O M s s op 

Ada E (Jones ho 

Clarence L s s op 

*Esther M (m Swinerton 

Ernest O stu 

Bernice G pi 

Blaisdell, Clarence L s s op 
Ella F (Swinerton 
Lena F pi 

Clarence L pi 

Ruth A 

Blanchard, E J 

grain & wood dlr 
Etta S (Chase ho 

Jennie E stenog & bk kpr 
Hat tie A tr 

Carl C pi 

Boies, Jack S s s op 

May M (Stowell ho 

Bossier, Harold pi 

Boudreay, Lafayette lab 

Eva (Drew ho 

Earl L pi 

Curtis C pi 

Raymond C 

Bourne, Andrew S fish dlr 

Mary A ( 

Andrew s s op 

William H pi 

Bowley, Fred E s s op 

Edith M (Swinerton ho 
Richard E pi 

Brackett, Wm brush mkr 

Bertha A (Hayes ho 

*E Emma milliner 

Leominster, Mass 



*Rena W mus tr 

Biddeford, Me 

Brackett, Nellie P s s op 

Hattie M s s op 

Bradbury, Geo W far 

Josie A (Downing- ho 

Bradshaw, Frank mill op 

Braynard, Gusta (Fletcher 

*Mainie N (m Roberts 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Alice M milliner Dover 
Brooks, Chas R iar 

*Lena P (m Twitchell 

Warren, Mass 
Brown, John W far RFD 

Augusta D (Dorr ho 

Brown, Nellie R ho R F D 
Brown, Chas H s s op 

Almeda S (Sanborn ho 

*Lindley R sales 

Brown, Henry A express 

Ethel y (Card ho 

Brown, Leander F far Roch 2 

*Horace F s s op 

Richmond, Me 

Jennie M (Richards ho 
Brown, John L far 

Mary E (Twombley ho 

*John H 8 s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

*L B 8 s op Lynn, Mass 

Walter I s s op 

Brown, Josephine ho 

Brown, Mary A ho 

Brown, Fred W brush mkr 

Jennie B ( 

Norma D 
Brown, John B s s op 

Fred W 

Herbert D druggist 

Henry A express 

Ella J (m Chandler 
Breen, Timothy far & milk dlr 

Ardena (Berry ho & s s op 
Bryant, Emma A (Paine ho 

* Alice M (ra Airdsley 
Bunker, Cyrus S far 

Sadie E (Whitehouse 

Forest W s s op 

Bunker, Henry far 

Ann F (Rollins ho 

Burnham, Betsey ho 

*R D druggist Roch 

Florence A 

Alice C 
Burnham, Lucinda F ho 

*Horace H painter 

Ballard Vale, Mass 

Burnham, Jas M s s op 

Abbie M (Twombly ho 

*Henry M R R ser 

32 Richfield, Roch 

Burnham, Frank s s boss 

Grace C (Smart ho 

Burnham, Geo H s s op 

Addie (Scruton ho 

Ralph H pi 

Burnham, Robert T s s op 



Melvin H 

*Flora (m Dore Milton 

Geo H 8 8 op 

Frank s s boss 

Alice L (Hurlburt-Kelley 

Burrows, Mercy s s op 

Burleigh, Albert 8 s op 

Burleigh, Harry A s s op 

Estella M (Tuttle ho 

Lucy C s 8 op 

Harry A s s op 

Dean R pi 

Ray C pi 

Elsie E pi 

Bushmont, Nelson blk 

Butler. Frank piano tuner 

Buzzell, Sam H retd 

Josie M (Fernald 

Canney, Thos H retd 

Belle R (Dolby 

*Henry J Gilmanton 

cattle dlr & iron wk 

Ina B (m Pearl 

Canney, Ralph W Roch RED 

Canney, A J far Roch RED 

Caroline (Ham ho 

*Edgar E far Roch 

*Geo W box shop op Roch 

Canney, Cora B pi Roch 

Canney, Mabel pi Roch 

Canney, Laban L far Roch 2 

Rachel H (Andrews ho 
*Isaac A mill op Roch 
Daniel J far 

Lizzie E ho 

Card, Geo V s s op 

Nancy J (Sampson 
Gertrude (ra Hurd 
*Lizzie B Attleboro, Mass 
Edward F grist mill 

*Faith (m Miller 

Lowell, Mass 

Card, Jas W s s op 

Ellen M (Tibbetts ho 

Leonora E s s op 

Alvin W R R ser 

Doris M 

Card, B B el 

Mamie A (Haines ho 

Estella M 

Card, OH s s op 

Mary E (Yeaton ho 

Ralph pi 

William L pi 

Card, William W s s op 

Caroline J (Gilson ho 

Lillian E ho kpr 

Olion H 8 8 op 

Ethel V (m Brown 

Card, Edward F cl 

Prue A (Colbath-Morris 

Carlton, CF far RED 
*Edith M (m Cook 

New Durham 



*Etta (m Pope 
Newton HighlaDds, Mass 
Carter, Wm stone mason 

*Joseph lab N Conway 
William s s op 

Lelia B (m Adams-Carter 
Carter, Annie M pi 

Caswell, Laura A (Young 
Jennie M (m Marston 
*Elwin M far Barnstead 


8 S op 


Maud L 

*Orland L 
Cates, Chas A 

Lena ( 

Hattie F 

Charlie A 
Chamberlain, S Adelia 
Chandler, Willis C 

Ella (Brown 
Cheney, William 
Cheney, Arnold Jas H 
Cheney, Hiram W 

Marguerite M (Higgins 
Chesley, Delphina ho kpr 

Etta M (m Tibbetts 

*Georgia (m Holmes 

Lynn, Mass 
Chesley, Irving J cl 

Emma J (Berry ho 

Bessie M ( m Dickey 

Harry M stu 

Harold J stu 

Chesley, Ada B ho kpr 

Chesley, Frank B far Roch 2 

box factory 





s s op 

Louise A (m Wyatt ho 
Mabel F pl 

Ralph J pl 

Chesley, Herbert J cl 

Annie M (Kimball ho 

Myrtie E pl 

Fred H pl 

Nettie E 

Child, James E far 

Ruth A (King ho 

*Cha8 E elec & el 

11 Stickney, Lynn, Mass 

Churchill, Amanda ( 

Agnes M pl 

Marjorie C pl 

Cilley, Daniel P phy & sur 

Velma A (Waldron ho 


Clancey, Ardella 

*Frank W stenog & typ 
Fall River, Mass 

Clark, Jas F retd 

Lydia J (Tuttle ho 

Edith M (m Kelley 

Clark, Frank mill op 

Fannie (Smith 
Clarence B ptr 

*Gertie M (m Patch 

M Mills 
Ida B ho kpr 

Hattie E (m Rollins 
Florence E (m Connor 
Bertha E 



Clark, Clarence ptr 

Grace M (Davis 
Cloutman, John F shoe mfg 

Bessie E (Wentvvorth ho 

Ellen E 

Richard F 
Cobiirn, Frank W J knife mfg; 

Leona (Smith 
Colbath, EC s s op 

Lucinda F (Hunt 

*George F lab Gilmanton 

Ida B (m Whitehouse 

Mary E (m Horn 
Colbath, Irving E car 

Olie (Dudley 
Colbath, LA s s op 

Zaphano M 

*Will L far & car 

New Durham 

Clarence E s s op 

Irving car 

Colbath, Bert D s s op 

Angle E (Tuffts 
Colbath, Clarence E lumber 
Colbath, Lizzie S ( 

Bessie M s s op 

Colbath, Elizabeth J 

(Pickering ho kpr 
Colbath, Dorothy ho kpr 

Lizzie E (m Downing 
Colbath, M E (Downing 

Fred E s s op 

Colbath, Fred E s s op 

Elizabeth S (Pray 

Helen P pi 

Colbath, Prue A (Morris 

Guy S lab 

Colbath, John L far & s s op 
Colbath, Mary C ho kpr 

Cole, Geo F s s op 

Emily W (Woodward 

John W 
Coleman, Jos W retd 

Abbie H (Hall 
Coleman, C D far, ins & R est 


Helen C (Kingsbury 

Chas D Jr 
Colomy, Wm H W s s op 

Matilda E W (Wakeham 
Colomy, Alice J (Curtis 

Alphonso lab 

*Cora S (m Remick 

Lynn, Mass 

*Annie M (m Goodwin 

Colomy, Clara B (Kimball 

s s op 

John F s s op 

Jennie (m Ricker 
Colomy, Alphonso far 

Sarah G (Dudley 
Colomy, Jonas H retd 

Maria A (Pinkham 

*Oscar L s s op Haverhill 

Harry I s s op 

Collins, Stephen lab 

Mary E (Tufts 



Florence H 
Cook, Royal 
Rose ( 

s s op 



Fannie E 

Cookson, Geo W car & ptr 
Lizzie A (Connor 

Connor, Mary S (Gilman 

Chas E fore cutting room 
*Ida E (m Hayes 

Beachmont, Mass 
Fred C s s op 

Connor, C E 

boss cutting room 
Florence A (Miller s s op 
Georgia M tr 

Edith F (m Roberts 
Lillian M s s op 

Ida F pl 

Connor, Patrick P janitor 

Connor, Abbie M (Richardson 
John F s s op 

Chas E s 8 op 

Geo W s s op 

Wilber H s s op 

Connor, Chas E s s op 

Florence E (Clark 

Copp, Frank R car 

Laura H (Butler 

Copp, Chas far 

Corson, John F cl 

Minnie A (Dow 

Altice M 

Merle A pl 

Corson, John S s s op 

Lorana (Duntley 

Corson, Chas E s s op 

Melissa F (Durgin 

Corson, Mary J (Gilbert ho 

*William A team Roch 
*Irving E team 

Haverhill, Mass 
Chas H lab 

Geo A lab 

Fred lab 

Grace D ho 

*Ada L (m Gonic 

John D US Navy 

Bessie M ho 

Cote, D W steam fit & plumb 
Belle V(Huckin8 

Cotton, Phoebe L ( ho 

Abbie T pl 

Harry E pl 

Cove, John J s cutter Roch 2 
Georgia A (Downing 
Gordon L stu 

Clinton J stu 

Byron A pl 

Winnie F pl 

Coverley, Sarah F P tr 

Crissell, John pl 

Crockett, John retd 

Crosby, Melissa A ho 

Chas M s 8 op 



Anna M 
Currier, Geo E far 

Burns A 

Abbie A 

*Geo W s 8 op 

Chas V 

*John T s 8 op 

Currier, Chas V 

Mary E (Ring- 
Mary C 

Currier, Fred E far 

Abbie L (Willey 

Alfred a M 
Currier, Augusta B 

Sadie A (Lary 

Annie B 

Bay B 

Curtis, Sylvester R 

Fannie E (Webster 
Curtis, Nellie C (Leighto 



Eric P 
Curtis, Fred 

Carrie E (Howard 

Chester F 

Norman W 
Curtis, Henry B 

Lizzie (Runnells 

ho & 
Curtis, Wm B 

s e op 


s s op 



8 8 op 



8 s op 


s s op 




s s op 



8 S op 

s s op 
s s op 

8 8 op 
8 S op 


Bessie G (Gilman 

Doris B 

Curtis, Edward A far 

Juua (Rollins 

Perley C lab 

Curtis, William A far 

Melissa S (Pinkham 

IrviDg F far 

*Addie M (m Lucas 


William B far 

Curtis, Irving F far 

Hattie B (Amazeen 
Curtis, Richard E pl 


Dame, Abbie H (Plummer ho 
Edwin F far 

*Isabelle D (m Billings 

Maiden, Mass 

Dame, Edwin F far 

Emeline L (Williams 


Chas L 


Isabelle M 
Dame, Walter S 

Ethel M (Young 

Nettie E 

John F C 
Davis, Amanda F (Richardson 

Timothy lab 

John F car 

8 8 op 



*Sadie (m Glennen 

14 Templeton 

Dorchester, Mass 

Davis, Timothy lab 

Ebba A (Nelson 
Davis, Chas F bk kpr 

Clara B (Leighton dr mkr 

Earle R s s op 

Davis, Alonzo I car & s s op 

Effie C (Goodwin 

Elizabeth G pi 

Albert M 
Davis, Angela A ( 

Hester E (m Pinkham 

*Abbie A (m Berry 

Boston, Mass 

Lelia B (m Carter 
Davis, Arrie M ho 

Davis, Fred A box shop 

Emma ( 

Davis, Ruby pi 

Davis, Geo F s s op 

Davis, Henry S cl 

Nellie M (Lucas 
Davis, Geo N retd 

Davis, Chas E lab 

Ella A (Bunker 

Edna M 

Chas S 8 s op 

Harry W pi 

Fred M pi 

Norman G 
Davis, Geo A far 

Eliza (Davis 

Hazel stu 

Ruth E pi 

Albert H pi 

Anna P 
Davis, Sadie L (Shortridge 

s s op 

Mildred F pi 

Davis, Ella A (Roberts s s op 
Davis, Ira lab 

Davis, Ariana P (Hayes 

Eliza (m Davis 

*Minnie P (m Barker 

Boston, Mass 

*G H agent Boston, Mass 
Davis, Earl s s op 

Bessie (Haddock 


Davis, Elizabeth ( 

*Melissa F (m 

Somerville, Mass 

*George F , car 

*H S hotel Newburg, N C 

Alonzo I car 

Davis, John lab 

Dawkins, Fannie A (Card 

Deland, Hannah ho kpr 

DeMerritt, J L far Roch 2 
DeMerritt, Carrie E 
Dexter, Margie ( 

Jas R s s op 

Dexter, Jennie ( s s op 

Frank L s s op 





Ernest F 

Owen S 
Dickie, Howard A 

Bessie W (Cheslej 

Ralph I 
Dixon, Willie A 

Emma J (Leio;hton 

*Myrta L (m Putnam 

West Peru, Me 

Eva J tr 

Winfield B lab 

Dixon, Elmore H s s op 

Annie L (Towle 
Dixon, Alvin car 

Alta M s s op 

Dodge, Herbert A team 

Alice M (Richardson 

Florence G pl 

Harry I 

Raymond E 
Dore, Chas W far 

Nellie E (Adams 

Nellie E (m Lee 

*C fl RR ser Lynn, Mass 

*lda M cap mkr 


Dore, Ernest photog 

Inez B (Clough 

Eunice I 
Dore, Henry stone cutter 

Daniel C s s op 

Sarah A (m Roberts 

Mary E ho kpr 

Clara A ho kpr 

*Cora E (m Rogers 

Doty, Benj F s s op 

Nellie V s s op 

Douglass, Jas mill op 

Sarah (Clark 
Downing, Benton el 

Lizzie (Colbath 

Perley el 

Downing, Geo T far Roch 2 

*Geo A sec fore Milton 

*Grace M (m Mclntire 


Frank A mill op Roch 2 

Etta A (Chamberlain ho 

Anna A stu 

Downing, E J far Roch 2 

Katie C (Miller 

Pearl M pl 

Downs, Lewis F far Roch 2 

Hannah M (Home 

L M (m Henderson 
Drapo, Chas mill op 

Minnie M (Stone 
Drew, Sarah E (Hall ho kpr 
Drew, Joseph far 

*Abbie J (m Clark 

Lynn, Mass 

*Frank J horse dlr 

209 Belmont, Everett, Mass 

*Emma (m Clapp 

75 E Ave, Lynn, Mass 

Annie (McCascle 
Drew, Lizzie C ( dr mkr 



L Maude tr 

Ethel M ho kpr 

*Cha8 E cl 

11 Stickney, Lynn, Mass 

Drew, Chas E lab 

Lizzie M (Whittier 

Drew, Geo F s s op 

Lizzie W (Warren 

Dudley, Lydia A (Tibbetts 
Oscar S lab 

Sarah G (m Colomy 
Ellen (m Whitehouse 
AE far 

Horace I s s op 

Viola J (m Colbath 
*Geo A jeweler Derry 
Fred A car 

Dudley, Oscar S s s op 

Laura A (Bunker 
*NellieE (m Earle 

52 Friend, Lynn, Mass 

Dudley, Horace I s s op 

Martha J (Whitehouse 

Dufresne, Fred s s op 

Nellie (Cota 

*Eva E (m Smith Derry 
*Julia E e s op Pittsfield 
*Emma J (m Foster 

Marlborough, Mass 
Harry D s s op 

Franklin pi 

Marie E pi 

Celia R pi 

Theodore J 

Dunn, Jerry L s s op 

Delia M 

*Mamie E s s op 

Newburyport, Mass 
Nellie M s s op 

Lily T pi 

William L pi 

Fred E pi 

Kenneth L 

Duquette, Joseph far Roch 
Caroline (Carvion 
*Wilhelmiua M (m Roukey 
*Henry box shop op Roch 
*Mary (m Carter Gonic 
*Joseph mill op Milton 
Lewis spinner 

Marianna pi 

Edgerly, Walter C mill op 

Ellen (Rice 

Earl R pi 

Roland R 
Edgerly, J B cashier Nat'l Bk 
Edgerly, Hannah M ho kpr 

Frank E shoe mfg 

Edgerly, Frank E shoe mfg 

Janet A (Ricker 

Beatrice J stu 

Edgerly, Mary E (Robinson 

D wight E treas S Bank 
Edgerly, D E treas S Bank 



Myra L (Price 
Edgerly, Carry M (Quint 

Clyde H cl 

Earl M brush mkr 

Edgerly, Willie H s s op 

Mattie A (Corson 

George H s s op 

Alta M pi 

Ida F pi 

Lula M 

Marion L 
Edgerly, EM far RED 

Leroy M pi 

Minnie E (Cates ho 

Elkins, Georgia A (Bartlett 
Elkins, Geo s s op 

Laura I (Hoyt 

Roy T 8 s op 

Elkins, Leroy s s op 

Maud (Littlefield 
Elkins, Ira s s op 

Caroline A (Lewis 

*Chas s s op 

Stoneham, Mass 

*Cora B (m Harrison 

Haverhill, Mass 

Bert H s s op 

Eliott, Rosetta S (Otis 

William A mach 

Eliott, William A mach 

Florence E (Holmes 

Norman A 

William J 

Florence E 

Eliott, Chas H far RED 
Frank H team 

Fred H team 

*India M ho kpr Warren 
*Hattie M ho kpr Warren 
*Ruth M pi New Durham 

Eliott, Frank H team 

Minnie D (Graton 
Cora M pi 

Florence H 
Nellie I 

Ellison, Geo W phy 

Adah G (Goldsmith 
*Geo W L dentist 

Boston, Mass 
*D J phy Boston, Mass 
Marguerite stu 

W H stu 

Arthur T stu 

Emerson, Mary E (Sumner 
William I pi 

Everett W pi 

Emerson, Chas far Roch 2 
Vienna F (Dolby 
Geo R far 

*Julia E (m Thompson 

New Durham 1 

Emerson, Geo R far 

Elizabeth Q (Quint 

Emerson, F far & law R F D 

Emery, Fannie s s op 

Emery, Edwin A team 

Ella F (Kenniston 



*Clifton T s s op Dover 

Grace B (ra Gibbs 

Viola A (Edgerly 

George E pi 

Ericson, Otto s s op 

Matilda (Parsons 

Esther M 
Ettenger, Sarah B 

Evans, James I sec foreman 

Sarah A (Moulton 

Gertrude M (m Hackett 

*Mary A (m Went worth 


*Isaac C R R ser Roch 

William R pi 

Everett, Ida O (Smith ho 

*Winfred H printer 

Lynn, Mass 

*Vena M cl Roch 

Florence M (m Maddocks 

Farwell, Fred T s s op 

Angie W (Walker 

Fall, Rodney E s s op 

Capitola (Runnells 
*BlancheE(m Gillmet 


Fall, Louise ho 

Fernald, Laura A 

(Whitehouse ho 

Ferretti, R A mer 

Fannie (Casassa 
Teresa I stu 

Fred G stu 

Johnnie R stu 

Louise E 
Field, Geo V R R ser 

Ethel M (Bod well 
Vernon B 
Fiffefleld, Albert F mech 

Jennie (Kelley 
Albert D stu 

Flanders, Marcia A (Brown 
*Hellie A (m Bennett 

Houston, Tex 
*Arthur L druggist 

6 Pearl, Salem, Mass 
Hermon T s s op 

*Harry L leather mer 

238 Lake, Chicago, 111 
*Eugenia M (m Wessell 

Beverly, Mass 
Flanders, Eliza A ho 


Fletcher, Emily F (Benson ho 

*Ira E s s op 

19 Douglass, Montello, Mass 

*Henry A s s op 

176 Summer, Auburn, Me 

*Lizzie M (m Childs 

Hallowell, Me 
*N Susie (m Childs 
11 Stickney, Lynn, Mass 
Fletcher, Jas A 

Elizabeth P (Miller 



Fred P plumber 

*Ora A (m Tying 

Pittsfield 4 

Carolyn M mus tr 

Fletcher, Fred P plumber 

Gusta A (Thayer 

•Ira M stu Plymouth 
Forbes, Geo E lab 

Ada A (Nutter 

*Leon F far Alton 

Will E painter 

Maud ho 

John C pi 

Fose, Chas A lab 

Fobs, Sarah F (Foss ho 

Foss, Adelaide (Hanson ho 

*Mildred (m Hamlin 

Lexington, Mass 
Foss, Melvin W blk 

Addie (Maxfield s s op 
Foes, Mattie L (Jones ho 

*Lizzie E (m Drew 

Sanborn ville 

Henry E US Navy 

Foss, James W far Roch 2 

Katie M (Hobbs 

Wilbur E far 

Harold J stu 

Amy L stu 

Henry T pi 

Foss, B Frank far 

Mary E (Chamberlain 
Foster, Lyman B mer 

A P (Wyman 

Foster, Chas W s s op 

Bessie M (Welch 

Kenneth R 
Fraser, William 
French, Lizzie M s s op 

French, Alden C team 

Laurentine E ( 

Ardena E pi 

Wilford A 
French, Frank livery stable 

French, J P H 

supt steam heat plant 

Laura E (Deland 

John L 

baggage el & teleg op 
French, J L 

baggage cl & teleg op 

Alice N (Beecher 
French, Chas H lab 

Martha J (Wentworth 

Bertin L lab 

E Luella (m Leighton 

s s op 

*Chas C s s op 

Newburyport, Mass 

*Irving s s op 

Roxbury, Mass 

French, Leander team 

Nettie (Tufts 

Fuller, Ella A (Wiggin s s op 

Herbert s s op 

Fullerton, Chas E s s op 



Emma C (Cotton 
Furlong, Harriet L (Wingate 

Garey, Susie s s op 

Garland, John W s s op 

Garland, Eliza J (Hopkins 

Roch RED 
Chas L far 

John F far 

*Clarence I baker Roch 
Elmer E far 

*Mary E (m Lewis Roch 
*Sarah E (mHussey Roch 
Frank R far 

Garland, Chas L far Roch 2 
Mary E (Sullivan 
Geo F far 

Alice M (m Dodge 
Chas H far 

*Eliza G (m Palmer Roch 
Wilfred E far 

Garland, Wm L lab Roch 2 
*C W far & 8 s op Derry 
*Lizzie J (ra Abbott 

Haverhill, Mass 
Garland, Geo A s s op 

Ida F (Babb 
Garland, John lab 

Garland, Eli s s op 

Abagail F (Kimball 
Nettie A pi 

Dewey G pi 

Arthama P pi 

Harvey E pi 

Wilbur E 

Carlton H 
Garland, Ann (Pinkham ho 

*Llewellyn far Milton 
Gerrish, Elisha P retd 

Lizzie M (Hersom 

Georgia A (m Wentworth 

* Jennie F (m Libby 

St Louis, Mo 
Gibbs, Ralph P s s op 

Grace B (Emery 

Marshall F pi 

Arlene F 
Giles, Fred A far No 1 

Amanda (Kimball 

*C Inez cl 

Pearle N stu 

Evelyn M pi 

Gilkerson, William s s op 

Gilkerson, Cora E s s op 

Gilman, Byron C ptr 

Abbie B (Stevens 

Leo D ptr 

Bernice bk kpr 

Gilman, F I ptr & pap hgr 

Melissa E (Moore 

Gladys L stu 

Lloyd M stu 

Gilman, John M mer 

Gladys M (Sanborn 
Gilman, Warren L far 

Annie B (Avery 



*Leon E mill op N Roch 

*Beatrice M (m Gilmau 
Flushing, LoDg Island, N Y 

*Ermon F cl 

Flushing:, Long Island, N Y 

Yertal P pi 

Gilson, F baggage master 

Clara (Jones 

Lewis train dispatcher 
Gilson, Levi H s s op 

Alice S (Downing 
Glidden, Grace M s s op 

Glidden, Mary M (Spence 
Glidden, Ira W s s op 

Nellie A (Watson 

manicure & shampooing 

Hazel M stu 

Glidden, E Louise (Wyatt 


Geo W pi 

Goodwin, H O mer 

Susan C (Smith 

Alice M s s op 

*Emma F (m West 

Goodwin, Emily librarian 

Goodwin, Alice M ho kpr 

Goodrich, Geo bk kpr 

Gordon, L A ( ho kpr 

Ruth T pi 

Gordon, F Jennie (Sumner 
Gordon, Frank pi 

Grace, Irvin S s s op 

Alice A (Home 

Grace, Ben] far 

Lydia A (Frost 

Irvin S s s op 

Gray, Mary E (Berry ho kpr 
Gray, Francis E mach 

Adeliza (Dickey 

Marion E pi 

Dorothy H 
Gray, Diantha V 


*Geo H phy & sur 

26 Ocean, Lynn, Mass 

*Otis E jeweler 

Gettysburg, Iowa 

Adelaide C nurse 

^Herbert F 

supt Jordan & Marsh 

130 W Newton, Boston, Mass 

Gray, Geo H s s op 

Ina M (Downs ho «&; s s op 

Pearle G (m Ham 
Gray, Geo W far Roch 2 

Patience K (Scruton 

Edith M ho kpr 

Ralph H pi 

Gray, Samuel M far Roch 2 

Sarah E (Blake 

*J F police Everett, Mass 

Chas H lab 

John I farmer 

*Willie E far Roch 

*Ida M (m Bishop 

Everett, Mass 



Gray, John I far Roch 2 

Ellen F (Yarney 

Alice M ho kpr 

Fred C stu 

Arthur M pi 

John I Jr 
Gray, Eliza J ho kpr Roch 2 
Gray, Jerry far Roch 2 

Mary (Pinkham 
Gray, Everett S Central house 

Lizzie (Leahy 

hotel hostess 
Grey, Ellis S s s op 

Edith G (Butler 

Alfred R 
Gray, William S lab 

Greeley, P H phy 

Nina G (Vose 

Henry P pi 

Arthur V 
Griffith, Newell P Keene 

Guptill, AM s 8 op 

AbbieF (Peaks 


Hackett, Wesley sec hand 

Gertrude M (Evans 
Raymond W pi 

Geo E pi 

Fred I 

Haddock, Howard R s s op 
Luella B (Tibbetts 

Hector R 

8 8 op 

Lura B (m Cathcart 

Bessie S (m Davis 

Herbert R 


Hagan, Edward F 


Haines, Harriet P 

ho kpr 

Haynes, Frank H 


Mabel F (Averill 

Haines, Roland W 

8 8 op 

Nellies (Place 

Hall, Asa A car & lumb dlr 

John E S 

mill op 

Hall, J F 


Minnie F 

bk kpr 

Ham, Hannah W ( 

ho kpr 

Clarence M 


*Luella H (m With 


196 Belmont, Manchester 


8 8 op 

Irvin L 

s s op 

Ham, Elwin 

s 8 op 



Ham, Clarence M 


Mary E (Peavey 


8 8 op 

Edith M (m Moulton 

Irvin C 

s 8 op 

Herbert G 


Everett A 

8 8 op 


8 8 op 

Mary E 


Ham, Alice M ( 

8 8 op 


8 8 op 

Ham, Geo W 

8 8 op 



Mabel pi 

Ham, Jacob H retd 

Sarah (Wiley 
Ham, William 8 s op 

Celia (Moulton 

Everett s s op 

Sarah (m Holland 

Hazel H pi 

Ham, Jas W wood worker 
Ham, Mary (Clough Roeh 2 

*Eliza C (m Varney Roch 

*Malinda (m Hobbs Roch 

Caroline (m Canuey 
Ham, Irvingj C s s op 

Pearle G (Gray 
Ham, James wheel wright 
Hanscom, F J braes moulder 

Julia O (Reed 

Minerva s s op 

Gladys pi 

Ellen E 
Hanson, Fannie B (Jones 

Julian R s s op 

Maud J bk kpr 

Hanson, Fred J shoe mfg 

Edna M (Smith 
Harmon, John H s s op 

Cinda (Granville 
Harmon, Chas A s s op 

Clara A (Card 

*Jessie H (m Sargent 

Lawrence, Mass 
Harmon, Chas boss shoe shop 
Harmon, John s s op 

Hatch, Clara A (Roberts ho 
Chas R far 

*Gertrude E bk kpr 

205 Lincoln, Boston, Mass 

Harrison, James s s op 

Mary A (Monathan 
William J s s op 

Lulu 1 pi 

Louis D pi 

Hart, Dana B far & s s op 

Mattie J (Stevens 
Bernice M s s op 

Abbie B pi 

Althea M pi 

Donald B 

Hartfield, Ray s s op 

Ruth E (Tufts 
Norman R 

Hartford, Nelson P sexton 
M J (Downing s s op 

Mattie C tr 

Nellie E saleslady 

Hayes, John R mill op 

Lura S (Johnson 
Leon R 

Hayes, W T cl & county com 
Inez R (Roberts 
Ruhama K 

Hayes, E W far 

Georgia A (Howe 
*R E sales Boston, Mass 
*N H sales Boston, Mass 
Morris W stu 

Hayes, Seth C s s op 



Lizzie M (Perkins 
Hayes, Rebecca P (Gooch 

Fannie E s s op 

Harry I s s op 

Hayes, Arthur G s s op 

Ethel M (Brooks 

Marion E 

Fred A 
Hayes, Hannah E (Lord 

*Mary I (m Jarvis 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Hanuah S Cm Trafton 

Berwick, Me 

*NemeF (m Hull Roch 

*John O boss box factorj- 

*Sadie E (m Emerson 

Haverhill, Mass 
Hayes, Ira C trav sales 

Mary E (Everett 

Everett F pi 

Hayes, Jas E lumb 

Mary E (Peavey 

Eug;ene B law 

John R box shop 

Hayes, Jas B s s op 

Hattie N (Tash 

*Grace B (m Hurd 

Alton Bay 
Hayes, Winfield S s s op 

EttaK (Davis 
Hayes, Laura E pi 

Hayes, Ralph E pi 

Hayes, Nehemiah B s s op 
Herbert brush rakr 

Bertha (ra Brackett 
Allie A bar tender 

Jennie (m Brown 
Katie A (Sullivan ho 

Margie E 

Hayes, Augusta A (Willey 
Ira C agt United Shoe Co 
*Ida M (m Carlisle Exeter 

Hayes, Eugene B law 

Maude L (Lovejoy 
Richard L pi 

Blanch I pi 

Hayes, Lillian A (Rollins 

Hayes, J R retd far 

Henderson, G F mill op Roch 
L M (Downs 

Herbert J mill man 

*NellaM (m Otis Roch 
*Rose M (m Lee 

Groveland, Mass 
* Jessie L (m Tibbetts 

Groveland, Mass 
Harvey G mill man 

Mildred J ho 

Lewis S pi 

Hill, John S surveyor 

Loring S lab 

Addie M (m Huckins 
*Jas W mill op Belmont 
Nelson E pi 

Maud H (Kimball 

Hill, Loring S mill op 



S 8 op 



Ada (Colburn 
Hill, Edwin E 

Sarah J (Reed 


Carroll C 
Hill, Chas K 

Nellie (Curren 

Annie M (m Kimball 

*Fred L mill op Alton 
Hobbs, Justin H far & mas 


E Louise (Glidden 
Hodgdon, W G s s op 

Ellen A (Colbath 

*Nellie G (m Burbank 
40 Alison, Revere, Mass 

*Maud E (H McMullen 

Wallaston, Mass 
Holmes, Chas L pl 

Holmes, Sarah T (Berry ho 
Holmes, Henry H far 

*Herbert E R R ser 

Bowlino; Green, Ky 

*FloraM (m Meader 


Emma A (Bryant ho 

Holmes, Celia E (Trefethen 
Holt, Alice L (Hayes nurse 

Roy D s s op 

*8am J dentist 

Baltimore, Md 

Home, C E coal & wood 

A^nes L (Moore 

Leora F (m Otis 


8 S op 

s s op 



Edna M 
Horn, Fred I 

Mary (Grimes 
Irvin J 
Oscar R 
Pearle E 
Horn, Irvin E 

Lena G ( Lucas 
Earle E 
Blanchard R 
Home, I A livery & hack 

Ida M (Holmes 

Home, Fred A far RED 

Home, Eva ho 

Home, John W far RED 

Lizzie M (Wiggins 

Fred A far 

Eva C ho 

*Agnes G (m Bean Dover 

Home, Wm H s s op 

Mary E (Colby 

Willie H s s op 

Chas A s 8 op 

Home, Clarence W pl 

Home, Isaiah N far Roch 2 

Howard, Hannah M ho 

Chas F lab 

Herbert s s op 

*William H lab Roch 

*E C s s op Maiden, Mass 

Arthur P s s op 

*Mary E (m Williams 

Marlboro, Mass 
Carrie E (m Curtis 



Howard, Herbert F s s op 
Lizzie T (Miller 
Herbert F Jr pi 

Mardel E pi 

Lizzie T pi 

Alta M pi 

Everett E 

Hubbard, John W far 

Huckins, J I lar Roch R F I) 
Hannah E (m Peavey 
John A far 

*Laura S (m 

Boston, Mass 

Huckins, John A far Roch 
Ethel M (Scruton 
E Guy lab 

Laura E tr 

M Esther tr 

Alden D stu 

John L pi 

Abbie S 

Huckins, Mary A dr mkr 

Huckins, John B retd 

*Austin E s s op 

16 Federal, Salem, Mass 

Belle V (m Gate 

Mary A dr mkr 

Hudson, Lucy J (Bell ho 

*Annie M (m Cassety 

Cambrido^e, Mass 
*Geo E harness mkr Roch 
Clara M (m Laselle 

Hull, Arthur S mill op 

Lillian M (Parshley 

Arthur H pi 

Doris M pi 

Hurd, Wm G team 

Nellie A (Varney 

*Clara E Milton 

JG pi 

Bernice T pi 

Hurd, Hiram E meat cutter 

Gertrude E (Card 
Hurd, Geo H s s op 

Margie ( 

Arthur M pi 

Lena M pi 

Hurd, Delta C s s op 

Minnie E (Knox 

Bessie B stu 

Hurd, Thomas s s op 

Cassandra T (Tibbetts 

Marjorie E 
Hurd, J R far Places 

Sarah E (Place 

Harry W far 

Hurd, Harry W far Places 

Cora P (Canney 

Florence E pi 

Hurlburt, Alice S (Kelley ho 

Charlie W type setter 

Hussey, OrenN boots & shoes 

Lucy A (Goodwin 
Huseey, James F retd 

Sarah A (Edgerly 

Mary A (m Parker 
Hutchins, Frank ptr 



Alice M (Wig^in 

Norman C pi 

Hutchins, Maurice B vet 

Alice C (Walker 

Emma L 


Hyland, Nelson S 8 s op 

Lola M (Hill ho & s s op 

Irving, Joseph M s s op 

Sarah E (Traftou 


Jackson, Chas retd soldier 
Jackson, G A boot & shoe rep 
Jackue, Etinne team Places 

May C (Jackue 
Jenkins, Dana E s s op 

Jenkins, Emma F s s op 

Ralph C tr 

Jenkins, Mary A (Pinkham 
Jenness, Lydia E ho 

Jenness, John H mill op 

Jenness, Chas W mill op 

V S (Weymouth 
Johnson, Jos W s s op 

Sophia J (Tibbetts 

*G F s s op Boston, Mass 
Johnson, Freeman mill op 

Carrie M (Churchill 

Lura S (m Hayes 
Johnson, Angle P ho 

*Rev Geo H 7 Rockland 
Swampscott, Mass 

*Edith M (m Hodgdon 

Johnson, John C far 

Ida S (Meserve 
Johnson, Sarah tailoress 

Johnson, Chas W s s op 

Johnson, Joseph G far Roch 2 
Johnson, Geo S far Roch 2 
Johnson, Carrie (Willey ho 

Jones, Arthur R cl 

Lucy A (Worster 

Evelyn M 
Jones, J W 8 s op 

Annie E (Corson 
Jones, Geo A bus mgr 

Emma A (Amazeen 
Jones, Geo A cl & bk kpr 

Jones, Lewis F retd soldier 

Ada (m Blaisdell 
Jones, Silence (Lord ho 

Belle L (ra Colomy 

Loie J (m Knox 
Jones, Lewis F retd soldier 

Georgia A (Lawrence 

*Ethel B (m Wentworth 
Haverhill, Mass 

George F s s op 

*Maude (m Smith Roch 
Jones, William car 



Clara E (Emerson 

John F box mkr 

Jones, John F box mkr 

Florence M (Fernald 

Jordan, Lydia A (Thompson 

Koch 2 
Sarah J ho 

Chas E far 

Joy, Rev Edwin 

*Fred C poultry Pittsfield 
*H C s s op Pittsfield 
*A W 8 s op Pittsfield 
*Harry F U S ser 

Ft Andrew, Boston, Mass 
Angle M (Palmer 


Kelley, Sarah A (Home ho 
*Mary E (m Tibbetts 

Maiden, Mass 

Jennie P (m Fifefield 

*Everett B station agt 


Albert A s s op 

Kimball, Anna M (Hayes ho 

Ralph M s s op 

*Geo A cashier bank 

S Pines, N C 

Kimball, Maurice D stu 

Kimball, C A far Union 
Clara F (Tripp ho 

Ella F S stu 

Chas A pi 

Lydia E pi 

Clarence A pi 

Kimball, Ralph s s op 

Carrie (Willey ho 

Annie (m Freeman 
Walter pi 

Kingston, Nellie (Sullivan 

ho N Roch 

John W R R ser 

*Jerry D mill op 

Millinocket, Me 

George s s op 

Elizabeth C bk kpr 

Mary E mill op 

Nellie F pi 

Knight, Wilber C s s op 

Sadie B (Maddox ho 

Lawrence H pi 

Knight, Elbridge G 

cigars & tobacco 
Knox, Ira S lab 

Susan A (Pinkham ho 
*Ella J (m Hayes 

Lynn, Mass 
*AIta M (m Durgin 

Eliot, Me 
Knox, Forest E R R ser 

Knox, Sadie L ho 

Knowles, Hattie M (Kimball 

ho Union 
Kelley, James far 

Abbie B (Cloutman- 




Kelley, James R 

cottage boarding house 

Ella D (Nason 
Kelley, Albert A s s op 

Edith M (Kelley 
Kelley, Arthur I mill op 

Cora M (Gault 

Harold U 
Keyes, Augustus s s op 

Kimball, Chas H mill op 

Augusta (Davis 
Kimball, Oscar F lum 

Lenora A (Haj'es 

Chas H s s op 

Carroll H cl 

Harry B team 

AlmaF (m Littlefield 
Kimball, Harry B team 

Mabel M (Dixon 

Norman L pi 

Edna M pi 

Harold S pi 

Helen N 
Kimball, S W s s op 

Maud H (m Hill 

John V mill op 

Edith B ho 

Florence E pi 

Kimball, M Florence nurse 
Kimball, Frank B s s op 

Annie M ( Hill 

Frank G pi 

Kimball, Daniel s s op 

Mary A ( Wingate 

*Clara E s s op 

76 Emerson, Haverhill, Mass 
B Frank s s op 

Mary E mus tf 

Ernest E s s op 

Kingsbury, James A far 

Georgia A (Thomas 
*Jeunie A (m Cleveland 
Helen C (m Colman 

Knox, Simeon P car 

Sarah E (Bickford 
*Horatio B tr 

Creighton, Providence, E, I 
Ulysses S ear 

Knox, Ulysses S car 

Addie (Whitehouse 
John E pi 

Harry pi 

Mildred pi 

Knox, J R s 8 op 

Annette (Durgin 
Fred L cl 

Annie M s s op 

Knox, Leon E s s op 

Loie (Jones 

Knox, Mary E (Kenney 

Elmer S s s op 

Leon E s s op 

*Jesse L painter 

Haverhill, Mass 
*Grace I (m Gray 

Jamaica Plain, Mass 



Lang, William J 


Nina E (Dennett 


Maxine G 

Langley, Alonzo D 

far & truckman 

Laselle, Jos I 


Clara (Hudson 

Hudson A 


Irene F 


Leahy, Nora (Connor 

ho kpr 

Frank C 

s s op 


s s op 


ho kpr 

Elizabeth (m Gray ' 

Hotel Central 
I^eahy, Joseph P s shop boss 

Alice J (Teague 

James F pl 

Leavitt, Almon retd 

Nellie S (Jones 

*S A mer Wells River, Vt 

Alice E (m Peavey 
Leighton, Chas W 

Nellie A (Fuller 
Leighton, Marguerite ( 


Rachael (m Adams 

George F 


Lizzie (m Tibbetts 

Nellie M (m Ware 
Leighton, John H cl 

s s op 

s s op 

s s op 

Annie L (Perkins 

Blanche E pl 

Hazel M pl 

Doris A 
Leighton, Chas s s op 

Georgia M (Rines 

Lizzie (m Avery 
Leighton, John B far Roch 2 

Susan I (Berry 
Leighton, Fred M liv 

Leigbton, Jessie G ho kpr 

Leighton, Guy F s s op 

LeightoD, Alice O ( ho kpr 

*Edgar A bank cashier 

*Warren E mfg Auburn 

Clara R dr mkr 

Leighton, Francena C (Brown 

Chas I s s op 

Bessie E (m White 
Leighton, Chas I s s op 

Earle D stu 

Leighton, Mark F s s op 

Fannie M (Lord 
Leighton, Freeman A s s op 

Emma M (Bennett - 

Millie B music 

LeightoD, John W s s op 

Jennie N (Tibbetts 

*Alta F (m Barker 

Worcester, Mass 
Leighton, Clara (Smith 
LeGro, Edwin jeweler 

Alice A (McClellan 



James stu 

LeGro, Albert W s s op 

Lydia A (Drew 
Lepene, Peter far 

Lena ( 

Augustus 8 s op 

John s s op 

*Delia (m Baker 

Salem, Mass 
Lewis, Geo M s s op 

Annie E (Akin 

*Etta(ra Elkins 

Schnectady, N Y 
Libby, B A s s op 

Leon E (Main 
Libby, Emma J (Berry 

*I J phy Cranston, R I 

Libby, Irving A phy & sur 

Cranston, R, I 

Littlefield, Fred A blk 

Alma F (Kimball 

Ethel B pi 

Gladys E pi 

Alta F pi 

Bertha A 
Lobont, Albert far 

Crissa A (Boody 

*Bertha A Boston, Mass 

Labina C (m Nedeau 

Adolphus G s 8 op 

Locke, J W mill op 

Ellen C (Thayer 
Lord, Jas J ptr 

Ella (Roberts 

*Marion G (m 

W Manchester 
Lord, John H 

Hattie B (Smith 

William C stu 

Lougee, Walter S s s op 

Lilla H (Cook 
Lougee, Neheraiah s s op 

Julia E (Place 

Jacob A 8 8 op 

Walter S s s op 

Allie A 8 s op 

Orrin H s s op 

Martha E ho kpr 

Herbert C pi 

Lougee, R P horse trader 

Cecil R team 

Celia R (m Willey 
Lougee, Clara ho kpr 

Lougee, Jacob A s s op 

Hattie M (Dyer 

Walter J 
Lovering, Geo E el 

Irma L (Davis 

Lovering, Etta G 
Lucas, Freeman D s s op 

' Emma F (Whitehouse 

*Abbie E (m Emmond 


Lena G (m Horn 

Mertie M (m Perkins 




Mack, Michael s s op 

Clara E (Smith 
Macomber, Oscar pi 

Manchester, Harriet E ho kpr 
Manson, Geo e s op 

Marcoux, Jos E s s op 

Annie D (m Woods 

Walter J 

Harry T 
Marston, Frank s s op 

Nellie (Berry 
Marston, Chas W mach 

Jennie M (Caswell 

Edith E (m Lang 
Matthews, Sumner F lab 

Gertrude (Cloud man 

Earl J pi 

Matthews, Frank s s op 

McCusker, Hugh G lab 

McDonald, Addie S stu 

McDonald, Florence E stu 
McDuffee, Frank team 

McGibbon, James barber 

Cora (Tibbetts s s op 

McGibbon, Andrew J mech 

Florence M (Willis 

Koger W pi 

Mabel L 
McLee, J B s s op & lunch cart 

Lena L (Richards 
Meader, William far Roch 2 
Mellows, Frank s s op 

8 8 op 

Meserve, Sam Y retd 

Julia S (Gilman 

Susan R (m Otis 

Carl G 
Miller, Jos B 

Mary A 
Miller, Henry B mill op 

Angle D (Lowell 
Milliner, Jas W team 

Mills, Chas E ptr 

S Josephine (Davi8 
Milne, Agnes M ho kpr 

Mooney, Herman far 

Myra S (Granville 
Mooney, F E coal & wood 

Ina B (Bennett 

T A ho kpr 

Montgomery, Fred E s s op 

Emma T (Hackett 

William P 8 s op 

Gertrude I pi 

Mabel S pi 

Morgan, Lois I (Durgin 

Harry D pi 

Beatrice P pi 

Morrill, Clarence J fireman 

Nellie M (Whitehouse 
Moulton, Jos J P retd 

Harriet N (Remick 

*W S s 8 op Lynn, Mass 

Amy E ho kpr 

Irving H s s op 

Moulton, Sidney 8 s op 

Moulton, Moses P far 



Laura S (Witham 
John P far 

Moulton, John P far 

Martha A (Babb 
Doris J pi 

Herbert J 


Nason, Abbie M dr mkr 

Ethel B tr 

Leslie I ptr 

Nedeau, Emma J (Corson 

s 8 op 

Walter S s s op 

Nedeau, Walter S s s op 

Celia B (Labont 

Harold G 

Ralph I pi 

Nedeau, John F s s op 

Amelia (St Pierre 
Nelson, Fred W s s op 

Charlotte S (Burleigh 
Noyes, Henry J lab 

Mary A (Home 
Noyes, (^has F s s op 

Alice E (Nelson 

*Blanche E (m Pereival 

S Portland, Me 

Everett N s s op 

Leroy W brush mkr 

Noyes, Everett N s s op 

H Etta (Johnson s s op 

Noyes, W A F 

retd soldier 13th Mass 

*Charlotte A 

(m Fairbanks 
Haverhill, Mass 

*Chester S s s op 

Brockton, Mass 

Chas F s s op 

Nute, Chas W s s op 

Clara M (Varney 
Nute, Mary P (Pearl 

E P US Marshal 

A J far 

Nute, E P US Marshal 

Nellie S P (Parker 

*Stanley P stu Hanover 

Harry A pi 

Molly pi 

Nute, Chas F e s op 

Alcena M (Marshall 
Nute, Byron P R R ser 

Nettie (Pickering 
Nute, E F butcher 

Nutter, Linwood A stu 

Nutter, Frank team 

Sarah W (Pike 

Mary (m Butler 

Chas C s s op 

Nutter, Sarah E (Roberts 

Wesley I heel mfg 

Nutter, W^esley I heel mfg 

Florence E (Bryant 
Nutter, Lizzie s s op 

Nutter, Henry C far Roch 2 



Arabella M (Leighton 
Nutter, Joseph F fore s s 

Lilla E (Babb 
Hazel I p] 

Zelma pi 

Ralph A 

Kate (Carroll 
Parker, Jennie M 


Osborne, Downing shoe mfg 

Abbie M (Tuttle 
Otis, Albert J el 

Leora F (Home 
Otis, Sarah A (Garland 

*Frank J far Gonic 
Rosetta S (m Eliott 
Mary E (m Jones 
*Herbert K fore s s Dover 
Geo E far 

Otis, Geo E far Roch 2 
Naomi M (Babb 
Everett E pi 

Otis. Alonzo A s s op 

Carrie M (Edgerly 
Otis, Susan B (Pitman 

box shop op 

*H L cook Boston, Mass 

John C student 

Otis, Geo W painter 

Page, Geo 
Parker, Frank S 

s s op 

8 8 op 

W Derrj 

Lauren E pi 

Parker, H S retd shoe mfg 

Samuel S law 

Nellies (m Nute 

*P F raer Spokane, Wash 

Ned L mer 

Parker, Samuel S law 

Mary E (Home 
Parker, N L mgr groc store 
Mary A (Hussey 
Harry F 
Parsons, Zella A stu 

Paulson, John A far 

Peabody, Chas A mill op 

Addie M (Davis 

Pearl, Sophrona ( 

Hollis B 8 s op 

Pearl, H painter 

Ina B (Canney 
Harold H pi 

Pearl, Fred L painter 

Pearl, Mattie P (Kearney 
Mildred L pi 

Preston L pi 

Pearl, Chas L s s op 

Pear], Frank far 

IdaM (McDuffie 

Ann B (m Goodwin 
*Helen H (m Thompson 
Ironwood, Mich 



Pearsons, Edward L s s op 

Mary J (Henderson 
Pearsons, Frank M s s op 

Ida F (Bailey 
Peavey, W L mer 

Merton stu 

Peavey, Paul U far 

Edna I H (Berry 
Peavey, Mary E (Richardson 

Carrie C(m Downs 

Peavey, Ernest F s s op 

Pansy E (Wallace 

Carroll W 
Pendexter, Geo W far R F D 
Perkins, Cyrus B s s op 

Mary A (Kimball 

Nellie S (m Sanders 

*Jas N s s op Dover 

Perkins, Llewellyn C s s op 

Mary A (Fiunigan 

Ralph L pi 

Nellie F 
Perkins, Everett phy 

Louise M (m Todd 

Beatrice L pi 

Clifton T pi 

Alice M 
Perkins, John F e s op 

CoraE (Witham 
Perkins, Chas M s s op 

Sarah A (Abbott 

Llewellyn C s s op 

Alton M s s op 

Perkins, Alton M s e op 

Mertie M (Lucas s s op 
Marion E pi 

Perkins, Willie L far 

Perkins, Mary A (Connoly 
*Forrest E carg trim 

Amesbury, Mass 
*Susan M (Browuell 

Dove Neck 
Thomas lab 

James lab 

Perkins, Chas H s s op 

Lillie G (Allen 
Forest A pi 

Perkins, Geo L meat dlr 

Mamie R (Roberts 

Perkins, Chas E far 

Mary M (Jordan 
Everett A 

Perkins, Sarah R (Deland 

Perkins, B F carriage mfg 
Lucy A (Stiles 
Ardena B tr 

Peterson, E L mach 

Sarah M (McDonald 
*01iver C clerk Roch 
Hildred C s s op 

Jas G pi 

Mabel pi 

Alice J pi 

Clayton pi 

Lindsay V 

Pickard, Bertha ho 



Pike, Jacob H retd 

Pike, Herman J s s op 

Amanda E (Place 
Pike, John C s s op 

Alice M (Arnold 

*John C 8 s op Milton 

Grace E (m Sheehan 

Bertha C (m Dexter 

Viola M pi 

Alice E 
Pike, Edwin E s s op 

Etta M (Pearl 

Irvin s 8 op 

Elva s s op 

Pike, Harris elec mgr 

Adele M (Bishop 

Harry pi 

Pike, Edgar E bar tender 

Maude E (Kennej 

Wilber E pi 

Mildred I pi 

Kenneth B 
Pinkham, Abigail ho 

Pinkham. Sophronia 8 s op 

Minnie E bk kpr 

Vellie J stenog 
Pinkham, Hester E ( 

*El8ie M (m Home Roch 

John A pi 

Pinkham, Fred lab 

Clifton S s 8 op 

Pinkham, Mary (Hussey Roch 

*Cha8 far Strafford 
Pitman, Chas H ins 

Carrie L (Pearl 
Pitman, Frank D s s op 

Lizzie S (Lucas 
Place, Wm B far 

*Carrie (m Wentworth 


Amanda (m Pike 

Inez (m Wiggin 

*Percy mill op Union 

*John bill cl Lynn, Mass 

Eva s s op 

Dean s s op 

Place, Albert J car 

Mary J (Austin 

*Mabel (m Garley Dover 

*Jennie E a s op 

49 Church, Lynn, Mass 

*Lizzie D (m Swallow 


Nellie S (m Haines 

Frank A pi 

Evelyn M 

Plummer, William H lab 

Plummer, Chas painter 

Pray, William H team 

Fannie V (Pickard 
Prescott, H J ( ho 

*Carrie A (Burnham 

New Durham, R F D 

*Grace H (m Putnam 

Pride, Joshua T retd soldier 

*Henry W elec conductor 



Worcester, Mass 

*John P Leicester, En^ 
agt United Shoe Co 

Lucy J (Smith ho 

Proctor, Nathan L s s op 

Catherine L (Hoppers 

*Mar.y (m Waugh 
48 Lexington, Everett, Mass 
Pulsifer, Walter H sales 

Helen L (Lovering 
Pulsifer, Hattie I tr 

Harry H R R ser 

John L 8 s op 

Putnam, Albert E mer 

Abbie E (Wingate 

Quint, Ira A 

Sophia A (Leighton 
Carrie M (m Otis 
Addie M (m Ricker 



mill op 

Rand, Ray 
Rand, David E 

cobbler & harness repr 

*Alta L pi Norway, Me 

Rank, Stephen B mech 

D E cobbler & harness repr 

Maurice W car 

Long Beach, Calif 

*Dannie M truck 

Mechanic Fall, Me 
Alvertia A (m Griffin 

milliner Bartlett 
*Ethel M (m Chase 

Norway, Me 

*Geo D mech Berwick, Me 

Leroy B lab 

Rand, Louisa (Peavey ho 

Randall, Will I s s op 

Ella F (Trafton 
Randall, Nettie A ( Page Union 
Raymond, Chas S dentist 

Mary L ( 

Reed, Herbert D lab 

Annie (Glidden 
Reed, Earl C teleg op 

Remick, Nathaniel P s s op 
Mary E (Sprague 
Joseph F s s op 

Geo P pi 

Nathaniel P pi 

Vera M pi 

Ruth E pi 

William L pi 

Clayton S 
Remick, Chas E far R F D 
Edgar B pi 

Fred W pi 

*Lizzie pi Manchester 
Rhines, Geneva C s s op 

Richardson, A mason 

Richardson, Gertrude E (Card 




Battleship Maine U S N 
Vera E ho 

Nina V s s op 

Richardson, Leslie 

Richardson, Alice M (Garland 
Ernest A team 

Lizzie L pi 

Albert C pi 

Richardson, A mason 

Lydia A (Holden 
lona B (m Smith 
Olive D ho 

Alfred J L pi 

Annie L M pi 

Richardson, Mary E (Lougee 
Abbie M (m Connor 

Richards, Jennie M (Ford 

*Albert L cl Sanbornville 
*Marjorie E (m Brogue 

Ernest W far 

Ralph P pi 

Ricker, Stella E ho 

Ricker, Chas H Concord 

Mary A (Cloutman 
Mabel pi 

Ricker, G B s s op 

Ricker, HE s s op 

Mattie P (Pearl 

Ricker, Jas E s s op 

Helen M (Currier 
Chester C s s op 

Burtred s s op 

*I J mus Lynn, Mass 
Ricker, Mary H ho 

Ricker, William H cl 

Adelaide M (Quint 

James L 
Ricker, Oscar lab 

Lilla (Proctor 
Ricker, Chester C s s op 

Jennie S (Colomy 
Ring, Dennis blk 

Annie M (Connor 

Mary E (m Currier 

Terence F s s op 

Roberts, Nat F post master 

Helen A (Murch 
Roberts, Sarah E (Wiley 
Roberts, W W druggist 

George cl 

Helen stu 

Roberts, Gertrude L E pi 

Roberts, Anna M ho 

John P B saloon 

*Ida A (m Trefethen 

Roberts, H far & car Places 

*Fred H mill op Roch 

M B (m Perkins 

Geo H mill op 

*Nellie A (m Allender 

West Va 

*Edith V (m Howard 

Brockton, Mass 

I E (m Hayes 



Alice I type setter 

*Ernest L fireman 

Boston, Mass 

Edo^ar S far 

Roberts, Mary E (Place 


*John P far 

Horace H far 

*Henry B s s op 

30, 17th Ave, Haverhill, Mass 
Roberts, Harry F R R ser 

Edith F (Connor 

Roberts, Chas W s s op 

Alice N (Nute 

♦Elizabeth F 

(m Washburn 

33 High, Springfield, Mass 
Roberts, Ella (Pearl 
Roberts, H H far Places 

Mary E (Noyes 

Carl N lab 

Perley J stu 

Roberts, David S far 

Ellen (m Varney 

Winfield S s s op 

•Augusta (m Wentworth 
New Durham 

*Henry S tr Wolfboro 
Roberts, Winfield S s s op 

Ocanna (Fall 

Rosella (m Jones 
Robinson, A far Places 

Clara A (Walker 

Rockwell, Frank s s op 

Rogers, Ann G ho Roch 2 

Rogers, C C phy Central Ho 

Roylins, John A cl 

Ruth L (Towle 

Lillian M cl 

Harold C bk kpr 

Rollins, John L s s op 

Eva M (Berry 
Romie, Jas mill op 

Myra (Roberts 
Rowe, Estella I ho 

Russell, Annie E ho 

Russell, Geo F bakery 

Lottie A (m Chamberlain 
Annie cl 

Russell, Frank S s s op 

Nellie E (Wells 
*Eugene S s s op Milton 
*H W s s op Lynn, Mass 
*Lenora (m Morley 

Lynn, Mass 
Warren B s s op 

Chester C pi 

V W pi 

Sanborn, John E peddler 

*Cha8 8 s op Lynn, Mass 
*Will lab Scituate, Mass 
*Harry P s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 
Emma B (Wentworth 



Sanborn, Guy R pi Roch 
Sanborn, N C far Roch 2 

Hannah M (Varney 

*Geo A mer Roch 

*Ada B (m Tanner Roch 
Sanders, William M 

cigars & tobacco 

Nellie S (Perkins s s op 
Sargent, Henry S far Roch 2 
Scott, Jos W s s op 

Adeline D ( 

Violet M pi 

Chester L pi 


Joseph A 
Schlenker, Agatha ho 

Schlenker, Jacob s s op 

Schoch, Mary C (Snovell 

William S elec 

*Blanche N (m Van Vleck 
New Durham 

Maud G ho 

*Flos8ie L (m Beck 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Edgar J lab 

Scruton, E J s s op 

Lovey E (Otis 

Bessie L (m Coleman 
Scruton, J Irving lab 

Lizzie F (Preston 

Gerald F pi 

Gilbert P pi 

Scruton, John F far Roch 2 

*Lewis lab Dover 

Addie L Cm Burnham 
*Frank restaurant 

Lynn, Mass 
Lydia (Varney ho 

*Sarah E (m Meader Roch 
Arthur G far 

Sheehan, D D Wilson House 
*Ellen L (m Johnson 

Roxbury, Mass 
*John T druggist 

Boston, Mass 
Henry H cl 

*Mary A cl 

Roxbury, Mass 
Daniel D lab 

Thomas pi 

Margaret (O'Connell 

hotel hostess 
Sheehan, Henry H hotel cl 

Grace A (Pike 
Shackford, A W photog 

Clara A (Lougee 
Slinker, Jacob s s op 

Small, Mrs Nellie C 

*I H dentist 

140 W^arren, Roxbury, Mass 
*Jennie A (m Babb 

44 Kennil worth, 

Roxbury, Mass 

Sraallwood, M Ellen ho 

Smart, Wm lab 

Lizzie (Seymore 
Smart, Joel far 



Mary A (Smith 
William s s op 

Grace C (m Burnham 
*Johii W far Antrim 
*Joel mach Antrim 
Maud R ho 

Minnie F tr 

Gertrude M ho 

Jennie E pi 

Smith, Frank J far & s s op 
Ada E (Cookeon 

Smith, Elbridge s s op 

Sarah (Curry 

Smith, W E box mill op 

lona B (Knights 
Albert M 
Lena A 
Edmond L 

Smith, Jos W s s op 

Abbie (Smith 
Walter R 

Smith, Frank J s s op 

Smith, Ann (Rogers 

Smith, Horace blk 

Mamie (Card 

Smith, Simon T liv stable 

Clara A (Leighton 
*Bessie M (m Young 


Smith, J W liv stable 

Hamy (m Stevens E Roch 

Simonds, E F mer 

Cynthia (Davis 

Stanley, Helen L (Blethen ho 

E Percival pi 

Helen P pi 

Frances E pi 

Stanley, Samuel S mill op 

Elvira E (Oakes 
*A R team Meredith 
Leonard T s s op 

Hazel G pi 

Samuel S Jr pi 

Mabel M pi 

Mary E 

Steadman, Gertie E (Bishop 

Stevens, Edgar N mill op 

Annie M (Cleveland 
Guy E box shop 

Winnie E ho 

Chester A pi 

Stevens, J os E s s op 

EttaE (Everett 
*P E s s op Lynn, Mass 
Carroll C 

Stevens, Hiram H retd 

Charlotte A (Wallace 
Abbie B (m Gilraan 

Stevens, W R mill & mech 

Roch, Box 37 
Lura S (Barrett 

Stevens, John B phy Roch 2 
*Geo G motorman 

Carrie E (Canney ho 

Willis R mill wright 

Ronella L far 

Stevens, Lydia A (Roberts 

Stevens, R J s s op 



Dean L stu 

Stoddard, Guy H s s op 

Ethel G (Roberts 
Sutherland, Bessie A tr 

Swinerton, Chas F 

Henrietta (Hepworth 
Swinerton, Wm M s s op 

Grace L (Durgin 

Alice L pi 

Talpey, Mrs Chas W ho 

Tanner, Geo W s s op 

Ellen F (Young 

*Adella G (m 

Biddeford, Me 

Everett C mech 

Cressie B s s op 

Tanner, Angela L ho 

Tanner, Henry H far R F D 

*Ralph G mech 

13 Hancock, Roch 

*Lincoln G fireman 

39 Austin, Portsmouth 

Tanner, Martha A (Giles RF D 

*Grace L (m Allen 
155 W Newton, Boston, Mass 

*Lizzie M (m Piercy 
155 W Newton, Boston, Mass 

Geo I s s op 

Tanner, Herbert far 

New Durham 

Marie A ( 

Waldo P 
Tanner, Chas R pi Roch 2 
Tanner, Irving s s op 

Teague, Edward shoe mfg 

Nellie B (Douglass 

Wendell A pi 

Tetherly, Edgar pi 

Thayer, W F 

Ida B (Whitehouse 

Fred I elec 

Thayer, Fred I elec 

Lillian A (Hayes 
Thayer, Elmer F shoe mfg 

Annie E (Edgerly 

Jas E 
Thayer, Walter H harness dlr 

Susan A (Lord 

Harry E pool room 

Hattie A stu 

Thayer, Harry E pool room 

Ellen M (Babb 
Thomas, E H editor 

Jennie I (Shipman 

Carl S ofl^ce 

Guy E stu 

Thompson, Hannah E 
Thompson, Jas H s s op 

Hattie M (Dow 

*Rayraond C stu Tilton 
Thompson, Chas W s s op 

Jennie L (Emmonds 

Agnes M pi 

Thompson, J W^ far Roch 2 



Dorothy J (Hall 

Winelow P far 

Thompson, P far Roch 2 

Georgia I (Colomy 
Thompson, Stillman B 

far & milk dlr 

Louisa M (Chesley 
Thompson, Joseph P far 

Hervey J far 

Stillman far & milk 

Chas W s s op 

Thompson, H J tar 

Florence J (Foss 

Marion W pi 

Esther E pi 

Stillman J pi 

Thompson, Geo L far Roch 2 

Hattie J (Chesley 

Eugene H far 

Thorpe, Henry T s s op 

Alfreda (Leighton 
Thurston, Chas H far 

Ubie B (Leighton 

Blanche W pi 

Tibbetts, Grace M s s op 

Tibbetts, Henry s s op 

Bertena J (Smith 
Tibbetts, Chas W lab 

Tibbetts, Nora (Jordan ho 

*Gladys M pi Manchester 

*FlorenceH pi Manchester 

Goldie M 
Tibbetts, Hattie Howe s s op 
Tibbetts, Inez J (Ham ho 

Zelma B pi 

Tibbetts, Abbie D (Pinkham 
Fred N painter 

*Frank C team Alton 

Tneesy, Geo lab 

Edith M (Ricker 
Urban E pi 

Vinton E pi 

Melvina E pi 

Mildred E 

Towle, Emily M (Fletcher 

mer & bdg ho 
T F ptr & 8 8 op 

Towle, Phoebe E (Leighton 
Bernice P pi 

Towle, T F painter 

Katie E (Earner 
Ruth B stu 

Harold J pi 

Georgia A pi 

Beatrice G 

Trafton, Mark retd 

Ella F (m Randall 
*Ida E (m Abbott Roch 

Trafton, Sarah E (Gray ho 
*Mabel F (m Hurd Dover 

Trask, Lyman W mill op 

Ida E (Whitehouse 
Nellie M stu 

Ralph C stu 

Trask, Sarah A ho 

Tremen, Tom R s s op 

Mary O (Hardwood 
Wilfred pi 



Edgar pi 

Eva A 

Tripp, Chas H far Roch 2 

Clara A (Pierce 

*Edwin P s 8 op Roch 

ChasH Jr 
Tripp, Chas HJr Roch 2 

Ella N (Bickford 

J Thornton pi 

Louise E pi 

Tuttle, Levi W lab 

Joan L (Lord 

Mabel F pi 

Blanchie E 
Tuttle, Shurl s s op 

Viola (Cuttin 

Earl pi 

Fred s s op 

Tuttle, Chas I s s op 

Abbie (Furber 
Tuttle, John car & far 

*Allison E tr 

Bellows Falls, Vt 

Tufts, S S woodsman 

Katie J (Hogan 
Twombley, Susan A 
Twombley, L F far 

Carrie M (Thompson 
Tyler, Olive A (Edson Places 

Varney, Ellen E 


*Albert D far Alton 

*T S mech W Canaan 

*0 team Alton 

*Sabrina trained nurse 

Staton, Vose Hall, 

Boston, Mass 

*Guy cl Alton 

Varney, Alfred s s op 

Eva A (Blake 

*El8ie M (m Horn E Roch 

Mildred G 

Bernice C pi 

Varney, Hannah L ho 

Fred L s s op 

Leon R teamster 

Varney, Fred L lab 

Florence M (Kendall 
Varney, Elvin V s s op 

Eldora B (Brown 

Linnie V pi 

Harold C 
Varney, Fred s s op 

Angle (Corson 

Rosie E pi 

Vianna pi 

Walter E pi 

Varney, B P far R F D 

Lewis M far 

Nellie A (m Hurd 
Varney, Esther S ho RED 
Varney, A L team Roch 2 
Varney, Sarah M Roch 2 

Varney, Owen M far Roch 2 

Lillian B (Downing 



Etta G ho 

Belle stu 

Marjorie pi 

Varney, Daniel R s s op & far 

Fred s s op 

Vincent, Ella (Louther Roch 
George G W H 


WaldroD, John 

justice, police & insurance 
Adelaide^HC (Cilley 
*Adelaide C (m Looner 
46 White, Haverhill, Mass 

Waldron, Arthur F lura 

Donald H 
Grace H (Herring 

Waldron, Augustus S harness 
Sarah H (Mullen 
Emma D tr 

J R stu 

W^aldron, Abigal J 

Waldron, Eliza A ho 

Waldron, M P drawing tr 

Waldron, Mary A milliner 

Waldron, Samuel H far 

Margaret H (Worster 
Harrison G far 

Wallace, Walter s s op 

Etta (Drew 

Wallace, Albert S s s op 

Elvira E (Whitehouse 
*Lilhan B (m Sager 

32 Summit Ave, Salem, Mass 

Pansy E ( m Peavey 
Wallace, Geo M s s op 

Belle E( Went wojth 

Berton M lab 

Ware, Arthur A s s op 

Nellie (Leighton 

Thelma E 

Marguerite A 
Ware, Alfred F far R F D 

Hannah E (Varney 

William V far 

Ware, William V far RED 

Lizzie J (Varney 
Watson, Lydia (Robertson 

Harriet D elocutionist 

Daniel W s s op 

Watson, Mary E (Peavey 

Watson, Lydia B (Rhines 

Chas H far 

Webster, Irvin s s op 

Lizzie E (Twombley 
Webster, E retd 

Ruth E (Henderson 
Webster, Jos F retd 

*Edwin L grain & prov 
Maiden, Mass 

Irvin s s op 

Frank E 

Fannie E (m Curtis 
Webster, C L s s foreman 

Annie M (Gray 

Geo A pi 



Arthur G pi 

Chas W 
Wedgewood, Forest far 

Fannie (Patterson 
Wedgewood, Georgia dr mkr 
Welch, John saloon 

Elizabeth (Kennedy 
Welch, Harold H s s op 

Ethel G (Pry or 

Ralph H 
Wentworth, Blanche s s op 

Gladj's s s op 

Wentworth, Luther sales 

Flora N (Nelson 

Wentworth, Geo G bar tender 

Lillian ( 

Leon pi 

Wentworth, Henry H s s op 

Hannah E (Howard 

* Alice M (m White 

Boston, Mass 
Wentworth, Nettie ho 

Wentworth, David W s s op 

Mary L (Colbath 

Albert W pi 

Wentworth, Loring G s s op 

Nellie F (Randall 

Reginald R pi 

W^entworth,G E meat market 

Lillian M (Maddox 

Hazel F pi 

Edison H p] 

Wentworth, Carrie (Laskey 

Nancy F pi 

Gladys BE pi 

W^eymouth, Harold mill op 
Weymouth, Edwin L s s op 
Wheatley, H P phy & sur 

White, Josie E (Averill 

Jennie A pi 

White, Geo I express 

Bessie E (Leighton 
White, Harley C far 

*Melvin J tr 

208 N Brook, Madison, Wis 

*Ralph C Antrim 

Reta M ho 

Hattie A s s op 

Eunice L (Dudley-Rand 
White, H B s s op 

Emma J (Wingate 

Carl P cl 

White, Jas W s s op 

Lizzie H (Reed 
Whitehouse, John W lab 

Whitehouse, Chas s s op 

Annie A (Averill 
Whitehouse, Fred s s op 

Laura W (Ham 

Jennie M pi 

Whitehouse, LydiaM (Ranson 

Emma F (Lucas 

Ida E (m Trask 

*Frank J elec Lynn, Mass 
Whitehouse, John car 

Ellen (Dudley 
Whitehouse, Chas M far 



Ida N (Colbath s s op 

Chas C 8 s op 

Whitehouse, C Walter mach 
Whitehouse, Harry D s s op 

Carrie M (Johnson 
Whitehouse, Daniel P s s op 

M J (Howard ho 

Chas W fruit dlr 

Frank I cl 

Perlej E s s op 

Whitney, W W 

Julia (Pinkham 

*Ora (m McGregor 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Will Haverhill, Mass 

Whitney, Clarence T s s op 

Mary E (Corson 
Whitten, Jas mason 

Etta A (Wentworth 
Whittier, Cora B 
Wiggin, Mrs Sarah 

*Chas E Roch 

Wiggin, Geo H meat cutter 

Jane (Rand 
Wiggin, Mrs Martha A 

Fred N s s op 

Alice (m Hutchins 

Archie C 
Wiggin, A H lawyer 

Harriet B (Bradeen 
Wiggin, Mrs Abbie S ho 

*Clara ho Roch 

*Harry exp agt Exeter 
Wiggin, Geo E s s op 

Georgia (Page 
Wiggin, Bertha (Ricker 

Bernice E pi 

Wilkins, Rev John 

Laura M (McLain 

*Lula (m Emerson 


Percy D pi 

Ernest P pi 

Willey, Chas R 

Nellie (Smith 
Willey, John D team 

Celia R (Lougee 

Chas D 
Willey, Herbert A moulder 

Emma L (Montee 
Willey, Carrie (Corson 

Herbert A moulder 

Willey, Angelina ho Places 
Wilson, Edw T store 

Jessie H (Havens-Nelson 

Edw T Jr pi 

Wilson, Chas W T cl 

Nellie J (Joy 
Wilson, Henry C cl 

Wilson, H far Roch R F D 

Lucy A (Whitehouse 

Mary E (m Canney 

*Joseph W mill wright 
Winslow, Levi clerg 

Mary J (Peabody 

Melvina tr 

Wingate, Eliza (Wiugate ho 

Emma J (White 



*Lilliaii M (m Brown 
3,995 Drexel, Chicago, 111 
Witham, Jno W 
street lighter & pumping sta 

Ada E (Ellis 

Carrie B s s op 

Witham, Susan P (Place 

*C C hotel prop Pittsfield 

John W street lighter 

Laura L (m Moultou 

*Lizzie B (m Bean 

Wood, Sarah F ho 

Wood, Geo W station agt 

Lucy J (Jones 

Lizzie M (m Carter 

Lucy I tr 

Woodman, W eng 

Ida B (Temple 
Woodward, Melvina 
Woodward, Elvira J (Stevens 
Waburton, Clara A (Shory 

Mary C tel op 

Wyatt, GA far Roch R F D 
Wyatt, Asa far Roch 2 

Louise E (m Hobbs 

*Grace C (m Wentworth 


Edith L ho 

*Edward far N Roch 
Wyatt, John far Roch R F D 
W^yatt, Henry I far Roch 2 

Clara A (Varney 
Wyatt, Lyman far Roch 2 



Henry I 


Ida M (m Bean 



Wyatt, Geo H team 

Roch 2 









Wvatt, William S 


Wyatt, Chas F far 

Roch 2 

Louisa A (Chesley 

York, Chas F team 

Lizzie M (Bickford 
Fannie I 

York, C E supt gas works 

Frances (Leighton 
Nellie M s s op 

Young, J H eng 

Jennie M (McKay 
*Henry S trav sales 

Maiden, Mass 

Young, Mina A (Brackett 

Malcolm pl 

Young, Lizzie A (Foss s s op 

Young, Frank V far 

Mary E (Varney 
Sarah A ho 

Grace O ho 

Grover C team 

Ella M s s op 

Fred team 

Roy stu 

Nellie F pl 

Raymond pl 

Young, Nathaniel H far 

Histoity of mnton 

Milton, in the north-eastern section of Strafford County, 
is an irregular township of 27,000 acres, forty miles from the 
State capital, Concord, and twenty miles north-west from Dover, 
the county seat. It is the youngest town, except RoUinsford in 
the county of Strafford, having been originally a portion of the 
town of Rochester, from which it was set off and incorporated 
June 11, 1802. 

The surface is comparatively level, except that section of 
the town traversed by Teneriffe Mountain, and the soil is good 
for pasturage. Milton is an agricultural, as well as a manu- 
facturing community, and a large percentage of the inhabitants 
are engaged in farming, while stock, too, is raised to some 

Milton Three Ponds are the principal bodies of water, 
forming with the Salmon Falls river a chain of lakes. The 
river itself runs along the whole eastern boundary, uniting 
near the centre of the town line with one of its branches which 
crosses from the south part of the town of Wakefield. 

The principal villages are Milton and Milton Mills; both 
are on the boundary line of New Hampshire and Maine, . and 
are important industrial centres. Milton is on the North Con- 
way branch of the Boston & Maine Railroad; Milton Mills is 
connected by a stage line with the railroad at Union Village 
in Wakefield. The population in 1900 was 1625. 



The original settlers in Milton came principally from 
Dover, Madbury, Rochester and to^vns in that vicinity, and 
were a sturdy, industrious, and intelligent people, who even 
in the earliest days of the town manifested an interest in the 
education and religious welfare of themselves and their children. 

Jonathan Twombly, who took up a residence in the south 
part of the town about the year 1760, and Richard Walker, 
who came, probably, about the same time, share the honor of 
being the earliest white settlers in Milton. 

About ten or a dozen years later, in 1771 or 1772, John 
Twombly established himself in the so-called Varney neigh- 
borhood. His nearest neighbor, a man named Jenkins, lived 
upon Groodwin Hill at the time. Benjamin Scates was, perhaps, 
the next to make a home in town, settling on Plumer's Ridge 
about 1772 or 1773. Beard and Joseph Plumer, sons of John 
Plumer of Rochester, also settled at the Ridge, and may have 
been residents here even prior to the arrival of Mr. Scates. 
James C. Hayes, David Wallingford, Wm. Palmer, Elijah 
Home, and Moses Chamberlain were also among the pioneers. 

Paul Jewett, Amos Witham, Reuben Jones and others were 
the first settlers of the section near the West Branch river. 
They came probably about 1785 or 1786. 

At Milton Three Ponds, Samuel Palmer, Levi Bergen, John 
Fish, Paul Jewett, Pelatiah Hanscom, and Robert McGeoch were 
among the earliest settlers. 

Levi Jones, a native of Lebanon, Me., married Betsey 
Plumer of this town and settled here about the time of Milton's 



Wm. Jones of Berwick, Me., married Charlotte Gushing of 
Dover in 1798, and settled here probably at about that time. 

John Remick, Jr., son of Wm. and Lydia Remick, was born 
at Kittery (Eliot) in 1771, married Mary, daughter of Capt. 
Edward and Eliza Butler of Portsmouth and settled here prob- 
ably in the early part of the year 1795. Thos. Remick of Kit- 
tery was here a number of years later. 

John Witham of Kittery (Eliot), too, was an early settler. 
Josiah Witham, Jones' junior by three years, married Mehitable 
Jones of Berwick and came here not long after 1790. 

Isaac Brackett of Berwick married Priscilla Jones, and 
came here prior to May, 1789. 

Tristram Goodwin, son of James and Sarah Goodwin, was 
born in Lebanon, June 14, 1781; married Susanna Mitchell, 
daughter of John and Abigail Mitchell of Durham, and came 
here to reside in the early days of the settlement. 

Robert Mathes, a native of Lee, N. H., was a settler here 
in 1797. The Mathes family came to this place, probably from 
Durham, settling at West Milton. 

Pelatiah Hanseom, Jr., son of Pelatiah and Susanna Han- 
scom, was born at Kittery (Eliot), Dec. 28, 1777, married Betsey 
Tibbetts at Berwick in 1803, and settled here prior to the win- 
ter of 1804. Ephraim Plumer, of Rochester, married Nancy 
McDuffee of the same town, and came here with the early set- 
tlers. The Roberts and Drew families, too, were among the 


Signers of Petition for Incorporation. 

Rochester, May 28th, 1802. 
Benjamin Scate, Francis Drew, James Berry, James C. 
Hayes, Paul Jewett, Jeremiah Goodwin, Elijah Horn, John 
Witham, Hanry Rollins, Thomas Nutter, Humphrey Goodwin, 
Henery Rollings, Joseph Plumer, John Remick, Jr., Wm. Cor- 
son, Moses Chamberlain, Sam'l Chapman, Nath'l Jewett, James 
McGeoch, Isaac Brackett, Nat. Pinkham, John Hanson, Abra- 
ham Dearborn, William W. Lord, Richard Miller, Joseph Dear- 
born, Nathaniel Dearborn, Benjamin Jones, Shadraeh Hard, 
William Berry, Samuel Twombly, Nathaniel Gilman, James 
Berry, Jr., Jotham Ham, Benjamin Haggins, Dudley Burnham, 
Joseph Cook, Samuel >»is><^mark Wentworth, Jr., Shubel Roberts, 
John Twombly, Gilman Jewett, Stephen Jennes, Ernest Corson, 
Lias Ricker, Francis Berry, Otis Pinkham, Ebenezer Ricker, 
Joseph Berry, Francis Nute, Daniel Dore, James Merrow, Josiah 
Willey, Obadiah Witham, Samuel Nute, Jr., Robert McGeoch, 
Gershom Wentworth, William Tuttle, Nicholas Hartford, Ruben 
Jones, Robert Mathes, Samuel Nute, John Jones, Clement Hayes, 
John Ricker, Josiah Witham, Wm. Palmer, Wentworth Cook, 
Amos Witham, John Palmer, Gershom Downs, Samuel J. Went- 
worth, Dudley Palmer, Samuel Palmer, David Wentworth, 
Ephraim Drew, Peltiah Hanscom, Timothy Roberts, John 
Scates, Levi Jones, John Wentworth, Ephraim Twombly, 
Richard Walker, Jerediah Ricker, John Remick, John Twombly, 
Lemuel Ricker, David Corson, Ichabod Hayes, William Hatch, 
Frederick Cate, Caleb Wingate, John Downs, John Fifield, 
Daniel Hayes, Jr., Stephen Wentworth, Jr., Robert Heart, 
Jotham Nute, Samuel Twombly, Jr., William Jones, Ezekiel 
Hays, Joshua Corson, Joseph Walker, Richard Horn, Jonathan 



State of New Hampshire, in the year of our Lord one 
thousand eight hundred and two. 

An Act to incorporate that part of the Town of Rochester 
in the County of Strafford commonly called the Northeast 
Parish, into a separate town by the name of Milton. 

Wliereas, a petition has been presented to the General Court 
by the inhabitants of that part of the Town of Rochester in 
the County of Strafford commonly called the Northeast Parish 
setting forth that some time prior to the year one thousand 
seven hundred and ninety-four the Town of Rochester at a 
legal meeting warned for that purpose, voted unanimously that 
said town should be divided into three towns, and a committee 
was chosen to run out and describe the lines of the same, that 
said committee accordingly made division of said Town of 
Rochester into three parts, that afterwards in the year one 
thousand seven hundred and ninety-four the said Town of 
Rochester appointed another committee who were not inhabit- 
ants of said Rochester to examine the lines aforesaid and make 
such alterations therein as they shall judge proper, that said 
committee on the twenty-eighth day of August in the same year 
made their report to said Town of Rochester that the former 
lines and boundaries of the proposed towns be established which 
report was at a legal meeting of said town unanimously accepted 
that the said Towti of Rochester in its present form was so 
large and the inhabitants so numerous as rendered it very 
inconvenient for them to transact business at their town meet- 


Wherefore, they pray that that part of the Town of 
Rochester commonly called the Northeast Parish within the 
bounds hereafter described, be incorporated into a separate 
town, the principal facts set forth in said petition being sub- 
stantiated and the prayer thereof appearing reasonable. 

Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- 
resentatives in General Court convened, that the lands and 
inhabitants contained within the northeasterly parish of said 
Rochester as described within the following bounds, viz. : Begin- 
ning at the south-easterly corner of the Town of Farmington 
and running north forty-six degrees east to Salmon Falls river 
and contain all the land between Farmington line and the 
eastern line or boundary of said State which is Salmon Falls 
river, be and they hereby are incorporated into a separate town 
by the name of Milton. 

And the said Town of Milton is hereby vested with all the 
powers, privileges and immunities to which other towns in this 
State are or may be entitled to agreeably to the Constitution 
and the laws of this State to have continuance and succession 



Oilman Jewett, 1802-06; John Fish, 1807-10; Levi Jones, 
1811-22 ; Stephen M. Mathes, 1823-39 ; Jas. M. Twombly, 1840 ; 
Robert Mathes, 1841-51; D. E. Palmer, 1852-53; E. H. Twombly, 


1854-56; Jos. Mathes, 1857-58; Geo. W. Tasker, 1869; Jos. 
Mathes, 1870-74; Chas. H. Looney, 1875-88; Chas. D. Jones, 
1889-96 (Nov.) ; Harry L. Avery, Nov., 1896-1907. 


1802— Will Palmer, John Fish, John Remick, Jr. 
1803— Will Palmer, John Fish, Ezekiel Hayes. 
1804 — Wm. Palmer, Jotham Nute, John Remick, Jr. 
1805 — Wm. Palmer, Eben Twombly, John Remick, Jr. 
1806 — Levi Jones, S. L. Wentworth, Lt. Jotham Nute. 
1807-08— Wm. Palmer, John Remick, Jr., Wm. Tuttle. 
1809-10 — Wm. Palmer, John Remick, Jr., Isaac Worster. 
1811 — Beard Plumer, Wm. Palmer, John Remick, Jr. 
1812-13 — Ichabod Hayes, Jas. Roberts, Josiah Witham. 
1814 — Isaac Worster, T. C. Lyman, Isaac Scates, 
1815-17 — Jas. Roberts, Josiah Witham, Jos. Walker. 
1818— Jas. Roberts, W. S. Nutter, Hopley Meserve. 
1819-20 — Hanson Hayes, H. Meserve, John Remick, Jr. 
1821 — Jas. Roberts, H. Hayes, H. Meserve. 
1822 — H. Hayes, Jas. Roberts, H. Meserve. 
1823 — H. Hayes, H. Meserve, Jos. Plumer. 
1824— H. Hayes, H. Meserve, I. H. Wentworth. 
1825 — Jas. Hayes, Jr., I. H. Wentworth, Thos. Chapman. 
1826 — Jas. Hayes, Jr., Jas. Roberts, Thos. Chapman. 
1827 — Jas. Hayes, Jr., Thos. Chapman, H. Meserve. 
1828— Stephen Drew, W. B. Wiggin, I. H. Wentworth. 
1829— W. B. Wiggin, H. Meserve, J. M. Twombly. 
1830 — John Nutter, T. C. Lyman, Chas. Swasey. 
1831-^. M. Twombly, Thos. Chapman, H. Meserve. 


1832— J. M. Twombly, Thos. Chapman, J. H. Vamey. 

1833— J. M. Twombly, W. S. Nutter, H. Meserve. 

1834-35 — J. H. Varney, Jas. Berry, Israel Nute. 

1836— J. M. Twombly, Jas. Berry, Jos. Cook. 

1837 — Jas. Berry, Jos. Cook, J. H. Varney. 

1838— Jas. Berry, J. H. Varney, J. Y. Pinkham. 

1839 — J. H. Varney, J. Y. Pinkham, Chas. Swasey. 

1840 — J. M. Twombly, Chas. Swasey, Ephm. Hayes. 

1841— J. M. Twombly, R. J. Witham, Ephm. Hayes. 

1842— J. M. Twombly, R. J. Witham, Enoch Banfield. 

1843 — Jas. Hayes, Jr., I, H. Wentworth, Asa Fox. 

1844 — Jas. Hayes, Jr., Asa Fox, I. H. Wentworth. 

1845 — Asa Fox, I. H. Wentworth, David Wallingford. 

1846— Asa Fox, D. Wallingford, J. C. Varney. 

1847— D. P. Warren, Chas. Swasey, J. C. Varney. 

1848 — Asa Jewett, Jos. Cook, Jos. Mathes. 

1849— Jos. Mathes, C. C. Hayes, Jos. Cook. 

1850— Jos. Mathes, C. C. Hayes, Asa M. Durrell. 

1851. — Asa Fox, D. P. Warren, Ichabod Hayes. 

1852 — Asa Fox, Eli Wentworth, Ichabod Hayes. 

1853— Eli Wentworth, J. S. Hersey, J. N. Witham. 

1854 — J. S. Hersey, J. N. Witham, Lewis Plummer. 

1855 — Jos. Sayward, Lewis Plummer, J. C. Wentworth. 

1856 — Jos. Sayward, J. C. Wentworth, D. Wallingford, Jr. 

1857— D. Wallingford, Jr., C. C. Hayes, S. S. Wakeham. 

1858— Asa Fox, S. S. Wakeham, J. F. Hart. 

1859— C. C. Hayes, J. F. Hart, C. H. Goodwin. 

I860— C. H. Goodwin, Jos. Plumer, M. W. Shapleigh. 

1861— Jos. Plumer, M. W. Shapleigh, Jos. Cook. 


1862 — Jos. Cook, Geo, Lyman, J. N. Witham, 
1863— Geo. Lyman, J. N. Witham, T. H. Roberts. 
1864 — T. H. Roberts, Jos. Sayward, D. B. Goodwin. 
1865 — Jos. Hayward, J. U. Simes, Ebenezer Wentworth. 
1866 — J. U. Simes, E. Wentworth, Chas. Jones. 
1867— Chas. Jones, Geo. Lyman, E. W. Fox. 
1868 — Geo. Lyman, E. W. Fox, Chas. Hayes. 
1869— E. W. Fox, Chas. Hayes, H. B. Scates. 
1870— Chas. Hayes, D. Wallingford, Jr., T. H. Roberts. 
1871 — Geo. Lyman, John Lucas, G. H. Plumer. 
1872-73— Geo. Lyman, Geo. H. Plumer, T. H. Roberts. 
1874-77 — Geo. Lyman, Geo. H. Plumer, J. U. Simes. 
1878-79— C. C. Hayes, Asa F. Fox, M. V. B. Cook. 
1880— A. A. Fox, H. B. Scates, D. Wallingford. 
1881— H. B. Scates, D. Wallingford, E. W. Fox. 
1882-83— Geo. Lyman, W. H. H. Pinkham, J. U. Simes. 
1884— Geo. Lyman, W. H. H. Pinkham, C. T. Haines. 
1885-86— C. A. Jones, C. T. Haines, Chas. Hayes. 
1887— J. H. Avery, C. T. Haines, Chas. Hayes. 
1888— J. H. Avery, Chas. Hayes, C. C. Hayes. 
1889 — C. C. Hayes, Chas. Hayes, C. A. Jones. 
1890— 0. F. Marsh, L. F. Corson, C. A. Jones. 
1891—0. F. Marsh, L. F. Corson, F. P. Jones. 
1892— F. P. Jones, C. W. Gross, W. T. Wallace. 
1893-94— Geo. Lyman, G. H. Plummer, C. W. Lowe. 
1895 — Geo. Lyman, G. H. Plummer, J. U. Simes. 
1896-97— S. W. Wallingford, J. H. Avery, F. H. Lowd. 
1898— S. W. Wallingford, G. E. Nute, F. H. Lowd. 
1899— F. H. Lowd, G. E. Nute, E. L. Leighton. 


1900-01— F. H. Lowd, W. F. Mills, W. T. Wallace. 
1902-03— H. R. Jewett, J. H. Avery, F. B. Roberts. 
1904-05— H. R. Jewett, J. H. Avery, C. A. Jones. 
1906— J. H. Avery, B. B. Plummer, E. A. Wentworth. 
1907— B. B. Plummer, E. A. Wentworth, H. Plummer. 


During the early years of Milton's history, when the town 
was the Northeast Parish of Rochester, the religious instruction 
of the people here was inadequate in proportion to the taxes 
which they paid, and as early as 1774, a vote was passed to 
the effect that preaching be furnished them. 

The amount appropriated for the purpose, however, was 
not large enough to give entire satisfaction, and to accomplish 
that end, and in 1780 the voters in the Northeast Parish objected 
to paying the tax for the erection of a new meetinghouse at 
Norway Plains, although the old one at Haven's Hill was unfit 
for use, and many absolutely refused to pay the tax for the 
minister's support. 

As it was too great a distance for the people living in the 
remote sections of the parish to go to the Haven Hill meeting- 
house for divine worship, the injustice of taxation without any 
benefit received soon became apparent to all with the result that 
the Northeast Parish was set off from Rochester and incorporated 
as a separate town, the religious instruction of the people here 
thus falling to their own personal supervision and care. Before 


Milton had become a separate town from Rochester, the Rev. 
Joseph Haven of Rochester Hill had ministered to their spiritual 
needs, continuing to do so from 1776 to 1798. The first religious 
services known to have been held here were at the house of 
Lieut. Elijah Home on Plummer's Ridge. 

The first minister employed by the town after its incorpora- 
tion was Rev. Reuben Nayson, from Wakefield, who preached 
during the year 1801, receiving a salary of $82 for his services. 

The first meetinghouse in Milton was erected on the Ridge 
in accordance with a vote passed at the annual meeting in 1802. 
John Fish, Beard Plumer and Gilman Jewett, were the execu- 
tive committee. The lot on which the building was erected was 
purchased of Thomas and Aaron Downies for $26. The meeting- 
house was completed at a cost of about $2,400, by Caleb Win- 
gate, Capt. Daniel Hayes, and Gilman Jewett. The net cost of 
the church, however, was not so large, as the pews were sold for 
nearly $2,000. The first service was held in 1804, and from 
that time until after 1830, the meetinghouse was constantly in 
use. The first preachers to occupy the pulpit were Rev. Gideon 
Burt and Rev. Christopher Page, both of whom were here in 

After 1838, no regular services were held at the house on 
the Ridge, but the Rev. M. Willey preached there once a month 
during the j'ear (except during the winter when the church was 
closed) until 1845, shortly after which the building went out 
of use. It was sold to the to'wn in 1855, and was, not long after- 
ward, converted into a town house, which purpose the venerable 
building has served down to the present time. 


First Congregational Church. 

The ''First Church of Christ" of Milton was organized at 
the old meetinghouse on Plummer's Ridge, Sept. 8, 1815, with 
the following members: Barnabus Palmer, Hatuel Nute, Benja- 
min Scates, Abigail Scates, Deborah Wentworth, Mary Cham- 
berlain, Achsah Plumer and Mrs. Nutter. The record 

of the institution of the church is signed by Curtis Coe, mis- 

The village at the ' ' Three Ponds ' ' having increased in popu- 
lation, the people there desired a nearer place of worship. A 
"Union" meetinghouse was erected in the village, and dedicated 
Nov. 19, 1835. Here the Congregationalists and members of 
other denominations held services. 

During the pastorate of the Rev. Mr. Willey, — in 1841 — 
a parish house, which, with subsequent renovations, is the pres- 
ent parsonage, was erected on a lot purchased of Isaac Worster. 

In 1860, the remainder of the Worster lot was purchased, 
and soon after the present meetinghouse was built. It was ded- 
icated Jan. 9, 1862. In 1886 repairs, the expense of which was 
$1,000, were made on the meetinghouse and parsonage. In 1895, 
the interior was remodelled, and renovations made, the whole 
expense amounting to $1,200. 

Mr. Lewis Worster Nute, whose mother was born where 
the present church now stands, bequeathed $10,000 to the church, 
making the present funds about $11,000. 

The following is the list of pastors, both acting and resident : 

Revs. Curtis Coe, 1815; Dyer Burge; James Walker, 1819- 
1826 (Sept.) ; Benj. G. Willey, 1832 (Dec.) -1846; E. F. Abbott, 


1846 (Aug.) -1848 (May); James Doldt, 1848 (May) -1870 
(Jan.); Frank Haley, 1870 (Feb.)-1874 (April); John N. 
Lowell, 1875 (Aug.) ; S. W. Clarke, 1876 (April) -1877 (April) ; 
John N. Lowell, 1877 (Nov.) -1881 (June) ; Geo. Sterling, 1881 
(Nov.)-1884 (April) ; Frank Haley, 1885 (June)-1891 (June); 
Robert T. Osgood, 1891 (June) -1893 (Jan.) ; Myron P. Dickey, 
1893 (April), present pastor of the church. Between 1826 and 
1832, the church was supplied by Revs. Clement Parker, E. S. 
Anderson, and by missionaries. 

The total number of people admitted to membership in the 
church has been about 350. The present membership is about 

Free Baptist Church. 

For a number of years previous to 1860, meetings were 
held by the townspeople of the Free Baptist profession. The 
deed of the land for the first meetinghouse was given May 21, 
1859, and the church was built that year. 

The Free Baptist Church of Milton was organized May 
17, 1860, and the Rev. D. P. Cilley, chairman of the council, 
gave the right hand of fellowship. The following persons on 
examination had been found "in fellowship and eligible to 
church membership": 

Rev. E. Tuttle, Bro. Luther Hayes, Fred H. Tuttle, Frances 
Jones, Samuel Jones, E. G. Downs, Martha A. Varney, Benj. 
Scates, Mary H. Tuttle, Mary Jones, N. B. Varney, Elinor 

Luther Hayes was chosen Clerk of the church; Samuel 
Jones, Deacon; and Rev. E. Tuttle, Pastor, all by a unanimous 


vote. Rev. E. Tuttle and Benj. Scates were appointed delegates 
to the New Durham Q. M., to ask for admission to that body. 
Rev. Ezra Tuttle, first pastor of the church, was given a 
dismissal April 30, 1863, and was succeeded by Rev. S. P. 
Fernald, who remained several months. Rev. J. M. Bedell was 
received June 30, 1864, dismissed May 4, 1865; Rev. N. C. 
Lothrop, Jan. 5, 1866-Dec. 2, 1867; Rev. I. C. Guptill, May 2, 
1868-April 3, 1869 ; Rev. Ezra Tuttle, who came from Wisconsin 
for a second pastorate, April 30, 1870-Jan. 6, 1872; Rev. Jos. 
F. Joy, Aug. 31, 1872-June 6, 1874; Rev. E. Owen, April, 1876- 
Dec. 30, 1877; Rev. E. G. York, Sept. 28, 1878-April 5, 1879; 
Rev. C. L. Plummer, Aug. 12, 1879-July 2, 1881; Rev. Wm. 
Waldron — remained about two and a half years, closing his 
period of service about June 21, 1885 ; Rev. C. E. Mason of the 
Cobb Divinity School, came July 18, 1885, and was, after a suc- 
cessful pastorate, succeeded by Rev. E. R. Chadwick, also of 
the Cobb Divinity School, who remained less than two years 
because of ill health. Rev. G. F. Durgin supplied the church 
until Rev. John Manter came to begin a pastorate which con- 
tinued more than seven years. During Mr. Manter 's residence 
here, the meetinghouse was destroyed by fire, and rebuilt on 
the same site shortly afterward. Mr. Manter closed his pas- 
torate here to accept one at Springvale, Maine. His successor, 
Rev. F. E. Carver, remained three and a half years, at the end 
of which time he went to Fort Fairfield, Maine. Rev. C. B. 
Osborne came in January, 1900, for a pastorate which he closed 
October 27, 1907, when he went to Franeonia. Since that time 
the church has been supplied by visiting clergymen. 


Catholic Church, Milton, 

The Catholics of Milton began to hold services at the vil- 
lage about a dozen or fifteen years ago. Clergymen from the 
churches at Rochester and Gonic have supplied the church, which 
is a mission station and has not j^et had any resident pastor. 
Among the clergymen who have ministered to the church here 
have been the Rev. Fr. Lemie, Rev. Fr. Laplante, now of Berlin, 
Rev. Fr. Laroque, Rev. Fr. Lesard, Rev. Fr. Melancon, and 
Rev. Fr. Godin, who comes from Gonic every fortnight, or as 
often as he is able, to say mass and to administer to the spiritual 
wants of the people. 

The first Catholic Church here was built about ten years 
ago. It was burned about two years ago, and was replaced by 
the neat little chapel on Charles Street. About thirty-five fam- 
ilies attend the church. Mass is said at eight o'clock A.M. every 
fortnight, when very stormy weather does not prevent Father 
Godin 's coming up from Gonic. 

Congregational Church of IVIilton Mills. 

Previous to 1871, the Calvin Baptists and Congregationalists 
of Milton Mills united in maintaining public worship in the old 
"Union" meetinghouse erected in 1834. 

Theological students supplied the pulpit here until the Con- 
gregational Church was organized Sept. 26, 1871. The church, 
at its formation, had a membership of about twenty people. 
Ebenezer Osgood and Benjamin G. Adams were the first deacons,- 
William McGibbon, the first clerk. 

The first settled pastor was Rev. Darius B. Scott, who came 
to the church in 1872. After a pastorate of several years ' dura- 


tion, he was succeeded by Rev. Geo. Michael, who remained two 
or three years. Rev. Chas. F. Goldsmith came next, and 
remained until May 22, 1881. Rev. G. S. Butler came Aug. 1, 
1882, and preached here during a period of four of five years, 
part of which time he supplied the church at Union. Rev. H. 
S. Ives came in the fall or winter of 1887 and remained two or 
three years. Rev. E. J. Akin supplied here for several months 
during a time when the society had no settled pastor. Rev. I. 
B. Short was the last resident preacher at the church, coming 
here in 1891, and remaining until about 1894. Since that time 
the church has depended upon theological students or visiting 
ministers for preaching and public worship. 

First Free Baptist Church. 

The First Free Baptist Church was reorganized by Rev. 
Gershom Lord, in 1802, and consisted of eight members. Sam- 
uel Runnells and Bart. Miller were first deacons, and Elder Lord 
was clerk. Rev. Gershom Lord was the first preacher, and was 
succeeded by Humphrey Goodwin, who was ordained in 1807, 
and continued to preach until his removal to Hollis, in 1814. 
Elder David Blaisclell supplied from 1815 to 1830. 

A house of worship was built in 1818, in the west part of 
the town, near Milton Mills, and replaced by a new one on the 
same ground, in 1840. 

Theodore Stevens became pastor in 1834, left in 1836, 
returned in 1839, and was succeeded, in 1843, by Elder J. Fuller- 
ton; by Horace Stanton, in 1847; and subsequently by Z. Jor- 
dan, Wm. Hurlin, Seth Perkins, Aaron Ayer, Dexter Waterman, 
James Potter ; Rev. Mr. McLain, in 1872 ; Hosea Quimby, 1875 ; 


and at Mr. Qiiimby's death, in October, 1878, by Rev. B. F 
Sherwood, who remained until about 1880, when Rev. H. P. 
Mansur came. He remained until about 1885. The following 
have been pastors since that time : Revs. G. A. Anderson, 1887 ; 
C. E. Hurd, 1888-93; E. W. Fernald, 1894-7; R. W. Churchill, 

Methodist Episcopal Church, Milton Mills. 

Methodist meetings were held at Milton Mills as early as 
1870, in Fox's Hall. The church was organized about 1871, and 
a meetinghouse erected the following year. 

The present parsonage was purchased during the pastorate 
of the Rev. A. M. Markey, 1899-1902. 

The following clergjnnen have been pastors of the church: 

Revs. I. J. Tibbetts, 1870-73; James Crowley, 1873-75; 
N. H. McDaniels, 1875-76; A. B. Carter, 1876-79; J. M. Bean, 
1879-81; N. C. Bartlett, 1881-82; J. P. Frye, 1882-83; J. J. 
Davis, 1883-84; H. E. Allen, 1884-87; G. J. Lowe, 1887-88; 
I. J. Tibbetts, 1888-89; M. H. Evans, 1889; G. F. Durgin, 
1889-90; B. F. Estes, 1890-92; G. S. CoUer, 1892-95; Wm. 
Thompson, 1895-97; E. J. Dean, 1897-99; A. M. Markey, 1899- 
1902; S. E. Quimby, 1902-04; Willis Hohnes, 1904. 

The present membership is forty-six. The recording secretary 
is Mr. Fred L. Mudgett. 

Nute Chapel, Nute Ridge. 

The Nute Chapel was built about 1891 or 1892, to be used 
for "Union" meetings, from a fund left by the late Hon. Lewis 
W. Nute, of this town, to whom Milton owes so much. The first 


pastor was Rev. Wm. A. Bacon, who remained several years. 
The present pastor of the church is Rev. Robert M. Peacock, 
who bar \een here about ten years. 

Thejre was a Christian Church at West Milton about fifty 
years ago, but no services have been held there by that society 
for many years. 


There are very few towns on the Atlantic slope which possess 
such excellent facilities for the development of water power as 
the town of Milton. The Salmon Falls river, which, with its 
tributaries traverses and bounds the township, is superior in 
available water power to all but one of the rivers of a similar 
size flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The declivity of the river 
from its source (East Pond) to the sea is 499 feet, and more 
than half of this total fall (275 feet) is within the limits of 
Milton, giving this town the greatest water power on the river. 

The Cocheco Manufacturing Company of Dover have an 
available water power of 1,000 horse power; and a fall of 36 
feet; the Great Falls Manufacturing Company of Somersworth, 
one of 2,500 horse power occasioned by a fall of 62 feet. 

It is interesting to compare the facilities of these important 
corporations with those of the town of Milton. 

It is possible for one plant to utilize, from the pond to and 
including the flume privilege, a fall of 140 feet, which with a 
run of 12,000 or more cubic feet of water per minute, will 


develop from 2,500 to 3,000 horse power. One horse power being 
the rate of doing 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute, the 
total power available would be from at least 82,500,000 to 99,- 
000,000 foot-pounds of work a minute. As the foot-pound is 
the work done in lifting a mass of one pound through one foot, 
it can readily be seen that the potential energy of the water fall 
in Milton is indeed enormous. 

This does not include the fall of 47 feet at Milton Mills, 
with 231 horse power, nor that of Spaulding's upper mill with 
a fall of 21 feet and a horse power of 375. 

The first dam in town was built on the site of the present 
main dam at Milton Village, by Samuel Palmer about the year 
1784. Saw mills and grist mills were built on each side. At the 
flume about that time was the old Jones saw and grist mill, 
washed away by the freshet of 1786. The Leighton privilege 
was located near the present upper leather board mill, and was 
one of the earliest in town. At this place in 1816, Thomas 
Leighton erected a cotton mill which he operated more than 
twenty years. The other privileges on the river were also utilized 
at an early date. 

Among the industries at Milton Mills in the early days of 
the town were several saw mills, a crude woolen mill, and a 
distillery where Stephen Watson manufactured whiskey from 

Gibnan Jewett, Nathaniel Jewett, Asa Jewett and a Mr. 
Wedgewood transformed the old woolen mill into a lathe and 
turning mill about sixty-five or seventy years ago, after which 
it was operated more or less irregularly up to the year 1847, 
when it was purchased by John Townsend, who used the machin- 


ery for the manufacture of fine flannels, until 1861, when the 
mill was burned. Mr. Townsend was a wonderfully astute buyer, 
and manufacturer, and one who understood the art of selling 
the manufactured goods. As a result, he was very successful. 
In June, 1863, he opened a much larger factory which replaced 
the mill that had been burned, and after continuing the manu- 
facture of flannels for some time, sold the mill to Mudge, Saw- 
yer & Co., of Boston, Mass. This firm, after occupying it for 
about six years, disposed of it to the Waumbeck Company, a 
stock corporation, of which John D. Sturtevant of Boston was 
the managing agent. Geo. W. Olney was the first superintendent 
under the Waumbeck Company, and was succeeded by Benj. J. 
Adams. During the management of John A. Buguey, a differ- 
ent concern assumed control of the mill, the Waumbeck Woolen 
Co. The mill was burned in 1898. 

The Miltonia Mills were built by Henry H. Townsend in 
1872. Operations were begun in 1873, Mr. Townsend and his 
partner, Mr. S. H. Atkins, carrying on the manufacture of felt 
under the firm name of Townsend & Co. Felt was the principal 
output of the mill up to the year 1881, when it was replaced by 
blankets, and the plant called the Miltonia Mills. The original 
mill with the new factory and additions, make up the present 

Mr. Henry Townsend died June 25, 1904, and was succeeded 
by his son, Mr. John E. Townsend, the present owner. Sixty- 
five hands are employed, and the industry has grown to exten- 
sive proportions. 

On the site of the shoe factory occupied by Andrews Bros., 
Edward Brierly erected a felt mill about forty years ago, where 


he carried on a large business, employing a fair number of hands 
until it was burned in the spring or early part of the summer 
of 1873. He rebuilt the mill soon afterward, and the property 
later came into the possession of David H. Buffum of Somers- 
worth. After Mr. Buffum's death, his son, Harry Buffum, sold 
it to Varney & Lane, who began the manufacture of shoes. The 
next owners of the factory were the Gale Shoe Co., of Haverhill, 
who, after several years of successful operation, leased the prop- 
erty to Andrews & Co., of Everett, Mass., who, under the name 
of the Boynton Shoe Co., carry on the industry successfully at 
the present time. 

At West Milton, formerly called Good win ville, John E. 
and Chas. Goodwin built and operated a shoe factory which soon 
made that village a prosperous place. After the business had 
been carried on with success for a dozen or fifteen years, the 
factory was closed, John E. Goodwin going to Dover to take 
charge of a factory there, and Charles to become a traveling 
salesman for a Boston firm. 

At South Milton, in the forties or fifties, Eli and Hiram 
Wentworth had a factory but their business was discontinued 
many years ago. 

Milton Village with the excellent facilities for the utiliza- 
tion of water power which she is so fortunate to possess, has 
become a prosperous and active industrial community, like her 
sister village, Milton Mills. With her great shoe factory, leather- 
board and paper mills, and other industries, all enjoying an 
extensive and growing business, and employing many hands, 
she presents to the visitor, as she nestles between the mountain 
and the river and pond, the appearance of a perfect little hive 


of industry and activity. 

Were it not for the law suits and grasping methods of the 
owners of water privileges here in the early days of the town 
by which the Great Falls Manufacturing Company, about the 
year 1820, were prevented from utilizing the water power and 
establishing a plant, Milton probably would be an important 
city. The tremendous natural and artificial advantages still 
remain, however, and are being utilized more and more. Milton 
is constantly growing in prosperity and wealth, and the time 
seems not far distant when this town, increasing and developing 
her industrial activity, will become one of the most important 
manufacturing centres in eastern New Hampshire. 


There is nothing in the history of the town of Milton, which 
is more worthy of a detailed and comprehensive account, noth- 
ing which confers more honor and glory upon her people, noth- 
ing which gives her so noble a right to one of the highest places 
among the towns and cities of New Hampshire as her military 
record, and the sympathy, assistance, and steadfast, self-sacrific- 
ing loyalty she has given to our country whenever the Nation 
was in peril or in need of aid. To do her military history jus- 
tice is a task which should be attempted only by one familiar 
with the men and ideals of her earlier days, one who has inherited 
a love for her and for all that is hers, for no one who does not 
truly know and love the town could do it well. 


The military history of IMilton antedates that of the town 
itself, for it was almost a quarter century after the Revolution 
closed that the ''Northeast Parish" of Rochester became a town. 
It is recorded that manj^ citizens of this part of Rochester left 
their homes to join the Continental Army and to do their share 
toward the winning of the independence of the colonies. One 
of the first men who enlisted from Rochester was John Bergin 
of ]\Iilton Three Ponds, who signed the roll on the second day 
of June, in 1775. He was a sergeant in Capt. Titcomb's Com- 
pany. Timothj'^ Ricker, too, was in the American service, a man 
who possessed so magnificent a physique, that he served as one 
of the body guards of General Washington. 

Samuel Nute, sergeant in Capt. Wentworth's Company of 
New Hampshire volunteers, was promoted to the rank of second 
lieutenant in the regiment Nov. 11, 1776, and served until Sept. 
16, 1777. Daniel Cook, too, was a sergeant, a member of Capt. 
Benj. Ellis' Company in Col. Scammel's regiment. Joseph Pearl 
was in Capt. Rowell 's Company of Col. Nathan Hale 's Battalion, 
and William Palmer served in the Second N. H. Regiment in 
1780. At the battle of Bunker Hill where so many New Hamp- 
shire men were engaged, jMilton was represented by William 
Warren, who was wounded during that famous fight. 

Milton's record in the War of 1812 is no less glorious. 
This was the first struggle in which she as an incorporate town 
sent men into the service of the Nation. Fifty-four men were 
furnished from Milton alone, for the army and the navy, more 
than a third of those able to bear arms going to the front! 
Milton indeed had just cause to rejoice at the outcome, and the 
final and lasting establishment of American independence, and 


the famous celebration held in the old T. C. Lyman tavern, April 
15, 1815, was one which fitly manifested the joy and satisfac- 
tion of the people here over the outcome of the war. 

New England, being far removed from the seat of war 
between Mexico and the United States, and opposed to the 
policy which brought on the conflict, took little part in the 
Mexican War, and it was carried on and brought to a successful 
close, for the most part, by the men of the South and West, 
though New England, indeed, was well represented and by no 
means played the part of the shirk. 

The great struggle of the Rebellion, however, was the true 
test of the spirit and patriotism of the people of the towns in 
this section of the North, and as in all the former struggles the 
citizens of Milton were not found wanting. They took a strong 
and emphatic stand against slavery and dis-union, and strong 
resolutions were passed in opposition to both. But they did not 
stop there. Believing that deeds and not words are the true 
indication to character and sincerity they made active prepara- 
tions to assist in the prosecution of the war. Scarcely had Fort 
Sumpter capitulated and the President's call for volunteers been 
received throughout the North than the names of men of Milton 
were on the enlistment rolls, and the soldiers were ready to 
march to the front. "Their acts of bravery were recorded on 
nearly every field during the four years' struggle." 

There were approximately 355 able bodied voters in the 
town at the outbreak of the war, and of this number 150 enlisted, 
almost one-half of the male population going to the front! 

In response to the quota of 91 men demanded from Milton 
by the drafts, this town sent 103. This record is one of which 


every Miltonian is and may be justly proud, for it is indeed 
a worthy one. From a financial standpoint, too, Milton's record 
does not suffer. Milton, with a population of 1,862 people, 
should have given for the support of the war, about $55,000, 
in proportion per capita to the population of New Hampshire, 
and the total amount furnished by the State. 

This proportion of $55,000 was exceeded by almost $30,000, 
the town voting the sum of $79,500 for the use of the Nation. 

This is the record then of the town of Milton in the great 
crises of our country. It is not necessary to recount in detail 
the individual services of the soldiers of the town, for the events 
and struggles in which they distinguished themselves are familiar 
to all. Their courage and pluck were unbounded; they fought 
and suffered, yes, and died with that indomitable will, that love 
of liberty, and that heroism which characterized their fathers 
and is still the legacy of their sons, handed down since the days 
of Sullivan and Stark and Hale, as their most priceless heritage 
to be preserved unsullied and undimmed from generation to 
generation, so long as the Republic exists. 


The first teacher employed by the to-mi of Milton was James 
F. Maston, who kept the winter term of 1803 in a school build- 
ing erected on the Ridge. He received as wages a sum equivalent 
to about $25 or $26, and was "boarded around." 

Miss Mary Walbridge, the first woman teacher engaged by 


the town, taught the summer term of 1804, receiving two pounds 
eight shillings (about $12) as compensation for her services. 
The schoolhouse at the foot of Silver Street, one of the "little 
red" buildings so common years ago, was constructed in 1827. 
It was renovated, and made a two-story structure in 1853, and 
continued in use as a school building until about 1890, when 
it was sold. 

In 1891, the present grammar school building was erected, 
and is the "proud possessor" of the bell which was formerly in 
the old schoolhouse, and which still performs its function effi- 
ciently and well. The central school building at Milton Mills 
has, for a number of years, been used by both the higher gram- 
mar and lower high school grades there. 

The first attempt at the establishment of a high school in 
Milton was made by the Rev. Ezra S. Anderson, in 1832. The 
most successful of the earlier institutions, however, was the 
Classical Institute, classes being held in the old Union meeting- 
house, remodeled in 1866, for that purpose. Many men of prom- 
inence in the community and State, today, point with pride and 
satisfaction to the early training they received there. 

The Nute High School was founded in 1889, as was the 
Nute Library, in accordance with the provisions of the will of 
Lewis Worster Nute, a native of Milton who died in 1888. 
Among the many worthy benefactions which Mr. Nute 
bequeathed to his townsmen were the $125,000 for the institu- 
tion which bears his name, and $50,000 for the public schools. 
As a result of Mr. Nute's generosity and the praiseworthy 
interest which Milton people have always had in education, this 
town has splendid educational facilities, which are second to 
those of no town of a similar size in New Hampshire. 




Perhaps the earliest resident physician at Milton Village 
was Dr. Stephen Drew, a native of Newfield, Me., who came in 
the early days of the to^vn, about the year 1820, and practised 
until 1873, a long period of more than fifty years of activity. 

Dr. D. E. Palmer came some time in the latter part of the 
decade 1850-1860, and remained until about 1865, when he went 
to Tuftonborough. Dr. G. W. Peavey, who came here from 
Ossipee, carried on the practice which Dr. Palmer had left, and 
remained about four years, at the end of which time he removed 
to Somersworth, where he died. Dr. Nute succeeded Dr. Peavey, 
but stayed only a short time. For several years there was no 
resident physician at the village until Dr. H. F. Pitcher came 
in 1879. Dr. Pitcher, after continuing in practice here about 
four years, went to Haverhill, where he still carries on the 
practice of his profession. - 

The Rev, Frank Haley, M.D., who acted as pastor of the 
Congregational Church, was also a practising physician here 
about the middle of the seventies. 

Dr. W. F. Wallace, Milton's next physician, came in 1883. 
After about four years of practice here, he went to Bradford 
in 1887, in which year Dr. C. D. Jones, a native of Milton, and 
a graduate of Harvard, began practice here. Dr. Jones gave 
up his practice about the year 1891. 

Dr. J. Dearborn was here a short time in the latter eighties. 

Dr. M. A. H. Hart, like Dr. Jones, a Milton man, came here 
the same year (1891). After graduating at the University of 


the City of New York, Dr. Hart practised about three years in 
Fall River, Mass., at the end of which time he came to his 
native town, to begin a practice which has now grown to exten- 
sive proportions. 

Dr. W. F. Wallace returned to Milton in 1893, and practised 
until his removal to Plaistow four years later. Dr. John Wal- 
lace, a native of Ireland, came here in 1897. Three years later 
he removed to Roxbury, Mass. 

At Milton Mills, the first physician to carry on an extensive 
practice was Dr. Reuben Buck, a native of Massachusetts, who 
lived in Acton, and visited patients in this village as early as 
1830, and continued to reside here until his death. Prior to Dr. 
Buck's practice here, ,Dr. Powers of Acton and Dr. Russell of 
Wakefield, attended sick calls. 

Dr. Jonathan S. Calef, who came from Maine, married one 
of Dr. Buck's daughters and settled here not many years after 
the latter 's arrival. He remained for some time, going from 
Milton to Manchester, later to Boston, Mass., and finally to San 
Francisco, Cal., where he died. 

Dr. John L. Swinerton, from Newfield, Maine, was in prac- 
tice in this village, contemporary with Dr. Buck, remaining 
here about twenty-five years. At the end of that time he went 
to Union where, later, he died. 

Dr. Jeremiah Crosby Buck, a son of Dr. Reuben, began 
practice here during the latter years of his father's residence 
in this locality, and continued in active practice almost up to 
the time of his death, which occurred about the year 1890. 

Dr. Chas. E. Swasey, who had been an army surgeon dur- 
ing the Civil War, married another of Dr. Reuben Buck 's daugh- 


ters, and began the practice of his profession shortly after the 
close of the war. He remained here about five years, removing, 
at the end of that time, to Rochester, from which place he went 
to Somersworth, where he died May 30, 1907. His remains were 
brought to his native town and buried in the Roadside Cemetery 
just outside the village. 

Dr. Wm. E. Pillsbury, a native of Shapleigh, Me., came 
sometime during the latter part of the decade 1860-1870, and 
remained until February, 1907. 

Dr. Charles W. Gross came at about the same time, and 
has enjoyed a long and successful practice which he still carries 
on at the present time. 

Dr. Frank Weeks, a graduate of the Baltimore Medical 
College, came to this village in March, 1902, and is one of the 
present resident physicians. 

Dr. L. B. Bradford came here about the month of June, 
1907, but remained only a short time. 

Dr. Hugh D. Grant, like Dr. Weeks, an alumnus of the 
Baltimore Medical College, began practice at this place during 
the latter part of the summer of 1907, and has resided here 
since that time. 


Ichabod Jordan practised law in Milton Mills nearly sixty- 
five or seventy years ago. He remained several years, going 
at the end of that time to Great Falls (Somersworth), where he 
continued to practice until his death. Wm. A. Kimball was 
the next lawyer here. He remained a few years, and then went 
to Rochester, where, later, he died. Frank Weeks, the next 


practitioner, resided here several years, subsequently removing 
to West Buxton, Maine, where he died. 

Edwin Cloutman practised here several years, until his 
removal to Farmington, where he practised until his death. 

Forrest L. March commenced the practice of law here about 
the year 1900, after having been admitted to the bar of Maine. 
He is still in practice at the village. 

Milton Village has had but one resident attorney, Harry 
B. Amey, who came in 1897. He removed several years later 
to Island Pond, Vt. 

Milton in New Hampshire Senate. 

Beard Plumer, 1809-10-11-12-16. 
Eli Wentworth, 1860-61. 
Luther Hayes, 1879-80. 
Chas. H. Looney, 1887-88. 
Elbridge W. Fox, 1899-1901. 


Events of the Day. 
"The centennial celebration of the town of Milton, held 
August 30, 1902, was in honor of the one hundredth anniver- 
sary of the first town meeting. This meeting convened at the 
tavern of Lieut. Elijah Home, August 30, 1802, only a short time 
after the charter, which gave Milton its independent existence, 
had been signed by Governor Oilman. This instrument had 


been granted at the June session of the legislature of New 
Hampshire at the petition and largely through the efforts of 
Capt. Beard Plumer, one of the representatives from Rochester, 
who, with others, felt that the time had come for Milton to sever 
the ties which bound her to the mother town. 

"At the annual meeting held in March, 1902, it was voted 
to celebrate in an appropriate manner the closing of the first 
century of the town's existence. An appropriation was made 
and a general committee selected. As a result of the able and 
painstaking efforts of this committee, together with those chosen 
to assist, the observance of the centennial was made eminently 
fitting to mark the close of the first century of Milton's history. 

"Saturday, August 30, 1902, was a beautiful day; there was 
scarcely a cloud in the sky and the temperature was ideal for 
the purposes of the occasion. Sunrise was accompanied with 
the ringing of bells and a cannon salute of thirty-three guns. 
One hundred guns were fired during the day, a second thirty- 
three at noon and the remainder at sunset. Although the cele- 
bration had practically begun on Friday night with the huge 
bonfire on the summit of the historic Mt. Teneriffe, it was not 
until Saturday morning that the guests commenced to arrive 
in large numbers. 

"Every incoming train was heavily laden and hundreds 
came in teams from surrounding towns. It was the largest 
crowd that Milton ever saw, being variously estimated by the 
press at from seven to ten thousand. 

"From 8.30 to 10 o'clock field and water sports were held; 
from 9 to 10 o'clock the Hanson American band of Rochester 
gave a concert on the Upper square. Then came the street 


parade. This was a fine feature of the day, including many 
beautifully trimmed floats and private teams, bicycles, and not 
a few grotesque and humorous make-ups. The marshal was 
Major Charles J. Berry, Milton Mills, N. H. ; assistant marshal, 
James F. Reynolds, Wakefield, Mass. ; aides, Clifford A. Berry 
and Charles Manser, Milton Mills; Walter Holden, Wakefield, 
Mass.; Scott Ramsdell, Samuel E. Drew, and Fred S. Hartford, 

"Following the parade a good old-fashioned New England 
dinner was served in large tents, on the Nute High School 
grounds, to over two thousand people. It was at high noon, 
also, that the new town clock in the Congregational Church 
was officially started. This was presented to the town of Milton 
by Mr. Albert 0. Mathes of Dover, N. H., as a memorial to the 
Rev. James Doldt, who was pastor of the Congregational Church 
from 1850 to 1871. 

' ' Promptly at two o 'clock the commemorative exercises 
began in the grove, on the Nute High School grounds, Hon. 
Elbridge W. Fox, of Milton Mills, Ex-Senator from this district, 
presiding as President of the day. In addition to those upon the 
official programme, Mayor Bradley of Rochester spoke in behalf 
of the mother town and Mr. Edward P. Nichols, of Lexington, 
Mass., treasurer of the Great Falls Manufacturing Company, 
delivered a short address. The violin used as an accompani- 
ment to the singing was played by Miss Annie B. Kimball, of 
Milton, while the old violincello, which took the place of the 
church organ in the early days of the town, was restrung and 
played by Mr. Sumner Hodsdon of Dover, N. H. 

' ' One of the most attractive and appropriate features of the 


day was the collection of antiquities in the old "Worcester House, 
itself past one hundred years in age. These rare and valuable 
articles, from 75 to 200 or more years old and gathered from 
many sources, by Mr. Albert 0. Mathes, of Dover, N. H., were 
intimately connected with the early history of the town. Many 
of the interesting buildings in the village had placards placed 
upon them, giving the date of their erection and other matters 
of interest. Among these were the following: The home of Dr. 
Stephen Drew, 1820-1873, built by John Bergin in 1773; the 
house in which Lewis W. Nute was born; the building formerly 
the Union meetinghouse, 1838-1859; John Fish's house, 1794, 
where was located the first post-office in 1818; the site of the 
first tavern built in 1787 by Benjamin Palmer; the house of 
Thomas Leighton, 1810-1860; the site of the house of Oilman 
Jewett, first town clerk, 1800; the site of the first tannery, 
owned by John Bergin, 1773. 

"The celebration was, in every respect, an unqualified suc- 
cess, and reflected the greatest credit upon all concerned. All 
of those present, whether natives of the town or friends, felt 
that the observance was in every way worthy of the occasion 
and of Milton." 

Census of rnilton* 

Note— The following is the list of Post Office abbrevia- 
tions used in the Census of the town of Milton, N. H. Milton 
Mills — Mills; Farmington— Farm; East Rochester— E Roch; 
South Wakefield— S Wake; North Rochester— N Rorh; Spring- 
vale — Spr'vle. R. F. D. routes are indicated by number of the 
route following the post office name from which they ema- 
nate. Where no post office address is given, Milton, N. H. is 


Allen, Henry G fireman 

Maud D (Dearborn ho 

Leon M 
Applebee, Chas H far Mills 

Sarah E (Pinkhara ho 

Archibald, J F Mills 

boss card & spin 

Hannah H (Greenleaf ho 

Bernice M (m Cloutman 


Emma S s s op 

Avery, Brackett F far 

Harry L 

Sallie C 

John W 
Avery, Harry L 

Hattie L (Pinkham 

Theron W 


s s op 

town cl 



Louise P pl 

Avery, Jno W shoe cutter 

Emma B (Getchell ho 

Avery, Jos H post master 

Emma C (Hanscom ho 

Ayer, Harry C ptr Mills 

Charlotte H (Hanscom ho 

Richard E sta 

Willie R mail car 

Frances E pl 

Gladys H pl 



Bachelder, Frank lab 

*Ira real est Nashua 
*Vial (m Beverly, Mass 

Banfield, Elizabeth L (Place 




Batch, Joseph mill op 

Baxton, J H plumber & far 

Alvina M (Downs ho 

Bean, Stephen retd 

Martha J (Abbott ho 

Ida M (m Smith ho 

*Chas S far Ossipee 
Herbert L mill op 

*Fred E far Ossipee 
*Dana H far Chester 

Bean, Herbert L mill op 

lantha E (Knowles ho 
Alger S stu 

Dana S stu 

Fred E pi 

Alice L pi 

Beaton, H A sta agt 

Myrtle F (Hartshorn ho 
lone E pi 

Gladys M pi 

Bellemen, Chas mill op 

Celina (m Murray ho 

Mike mill op 

Lucy M (Gostlin ho 

William far 

Nellie pi 

Belleville, F R R ser No Roch 
Exelia (Seymen ho 

Vena E stu 

Arthur A pi 

Frank G pi 

Ernest L pi 

William E 

Alice L 
Belleville, Louise (Provencher 
No Roch 

Fred R R ser 

Berrymau, Geo mill op 

Berry, Chas J far Mills 

Rosabell (Farnsworth 

* Arthur L sales 

183 Coyle, Portland, Me 

*Antoinette R (m Burnell 
19 Lawrence Road, 
Matapan, Mass 

*C A ptr Lewiston, Me 
Berry, Florentine A (Elkins 

Anna F (Nute ho & tr 

Berry, Mary A ho Mills 
Berry, Mary E ho Mills 
Berry, Hiram H far Mills 

Mar}' J (Hanson ho 

Geo E lab 

Arthur H stu 

*Berry, Jesse W s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

Mabel M (Bod well ho 

Chas L pi 

Leona M pi 

Berry, Anna F tr 

Blaisdell, Chas L mer 

Minnie M (Page ho 

Blaisdell, S boarding house 

Almeda F (m Hersom ho 
Bluin, Jim far 

Ora pi 



Emma (Jewell 





Bod^e, Chas A 

s s op 

Flora (Smith ho & 

s s op 

Florence S 








Bodwell, Chas L 


Etta M (Murry 


Mabel M (m Berry 


Eddie M 


Linwood C 


Bodwell, Eddie M 


Flossie (Minot 


Borley, Annie M (Dyer 


Bousquin, William 

s s op 

Lue S (Stevens 




Clarence E 

Boyd, Joseph mill op 


Abbie E (Shaw 


Joseph A 


Brackett, Anna G (m Perkins 


Geo A 


*Fred L car 


*Edith M (m Pillsbury ho 

Bellows Falls, Vt 

*Frank L 

s 8 op 


, Mass 

*I G far S Waterboro, Me 

*Arthur W R R ser 

S Waterboro, Me 

Sarah E s s op 

*Clara A (m Rankings ho 

Winter, Wis 

*Althea S S Acton, Me 

Bragdon, Ann M (Palmer ho 


Laura F ho 

Bragdon, S Millett far 

*Carrie B (m Long ho 


Mildred L bk kpr 

Bradford, L phy & sur Mills 

Bragg, Carrie P (Littlefield 

Millie G actress 

Brasley, Fred B mill rt Roch 

Gertrude J (Currier ho 

Brock, Leslie C eng 

Hattie E (Brierly ho 

Brown, Fred L mill op Farm 

Edith M (Nute ho & s s wk 

Gordon N pl 

Buckley, James J phy & sur 

M Eula (Hussey ho 

Buerley, Hattie E (Webber ho 

Marion H pl 

Burlingame, Jane S (Remick 

ho Mills 
Butler, Abbie D (Dearborn 

ho S W^ake 
Burroughs, Lorania (Blaisdell 
ho Union 
Ada E (m Plummer 



Burrows, Hiram J blk Mills 
Sarah E (Thomas 

ho & 8 s op 
Eva M s 8 op 

*John M invalid Concord 

Burrows, Will S far & s s op 

Emma S (Knowles ho 
Maud C stu 

Martha A 

Calkins, H G mill op Union 
Emma M (Lancaster ho 
*Edna N (m Tucker ho 
N Roch 
* Jessie A (m Preble ho 
S Windham 
Josephine M stu 

Caron, Conrad mill op 

Marie L (Caron ho 

Marguerite pi 

Conrad Jr 
Pearl A 

Canney, G D far Farm RED 
Addie B (Harch ho 

Carl B law stu 

Chamberlain, E W s s op Mills 
Winnie G (Marsh ho 

Kenneth W pi 

Chamberlain, S G far 

Mills RED 

Ruth L (Littlefield ho 

Alexander H mill op 

*Adelia E (m Lowe Roch 
Fred M hotel kpr 

Moses G far 

Chamberlain, M G far Mills 
Arthie E (Jenkins ho 

Blanche J ho 

Chamberlain, F H hotel kpr 
Guy lab 

Pearle E stu 

Caroline E (Reed ho 

Chase, Geo H s s op 

Addie G (Willey ho 

Chandler, Clarence A Mills 

Chesley, Chas far Farm 

Clements, L D far Union 1 
John B team 

Clements, J B team Union 1 
Addie M (Lee ho 

Clements, Hanson E 

Martha B (Keyes ho 

Clements, Charlotte L (Ingalls 
Mertie E (m Hayes 
*Maud A (m Wentworth 
12 Portland, Roch 

Clough, Jennie M (Piper Union 
Chas A eng 

Dennis F mill op 

Clough, D F mill op Union 
Elsie M (Tinker ho 

Clough, Chas A fireman Union 
Mabel A (Peasley ho 

Clark, Hannah A (Remick Mills 



Coatj, Emma J (Ham ho 

*Mary E ho Farm 

Florence E (m Welch ho 
*Edwiii E s 8 op Farm 

Cole, Eliza A (Nichols ho 

Chas H 8 s op 

*Geo F 8 s op Farm 

*Lilla M (m Chamberlain 


Cole8, Harry D en^- 

Abbie M (Foss ho 

Colby, Abby S (Ellis ho 

*Sumner H mill op 

Sanford, Me 
Mary E (m Philpot 

Sanford, Me 
*Roxana (m Hurd Roch 

Colomy, Florence F (Tibbetts 
ho Farm 

Colomy, John K farm Mills 

Columbus, O W lab 

Melvina V (Hall ho 

Arthur V team 

*Lena M (m LaRochelle 

Emma V s s op 

Clara E pi 

Willie A pi 

Vina H pi 

Chas E pi 

Connolly, Timothy Mills 

ptr & paper hgr 

*Grace L (m Hooper Roch 

Raymond W s s op 

Conrad, John F s s op 

Lelia J (McLaughlin ho 
Ethel M pi 

Andrew R pi 

Gladys L pi 

Clyde W pi 

Randoldh H 

Cook, Ida (Hatch ho 

Hattie E (m Allen 

Cook, John I far Farm 
Mary A (Davis ho 

*Dell (m McPhill 

Mary J (m Longley 

Cook, F P far Farm RED 
Lucy J (Hight ho 

Cook, Mary B ho Farm 

Cook, Annie E (Davis Farm 
dr mkr & tr 

Corson, Geo M far 

D H (Pierce ho 

John M truck 

Carrie L (m Hodges 
Herbert D mill op 

Allie M (m Dixon 
George N cl 

Corson, John M team 

Eva M (Postleton ho 

Gladys F pi 

Leon M pi 

Leo H pi 

Mary L pi 


Corson, Chas W far 



Annie B (Berrvman ho 
Corson, Clara M (Downs ho 

Annie F (m Hayes 
Cote, Aaron J mach 

M Esther (Wentworth 

Currie, John H clerp; 

Margaret B (Patterson 

John P pi 

Stewart G 

Curry, Williams S lab Mills 

Harriet F (Goodwin ho 

Edna May pi 

Currier, Diana pi 

Currier, Edith M pi Roch 

Currier, Geo W s s op 

Mary A (Delaney ho 

William G ' pi 

Joseph L 

Curtis, Moses P s s op Farm 

Juliaetta F (Cook ho 

*Everett I far Wolfboro 

*Henry B s s op Farm 

*Asa A far Barnstead 

*Frederick s s op Farm 

Cushman, Martha S (Granger 

Cutts, William F far Mills 

*Chas W tr 

Merrimack, Mass 

*OraE (m Farnham Union 

Cutts, Thomas J far Mills 

Lydia M (Jewett ho 

Alberta J (m Hargraves 

Custeau, Eldridge mill op 

Lizzie (Bluin ho 



Day, AurenaM(Goodwi nMills 
Lucy M (m Flanagan 
Susie F (m Wiggin 
Frank B mill op 

Day, Frank B mill op Mills 
Addie F (Hooper ho 

Freda L pi 

Everett H pi 

Frank C 

Day, John L far Mills 

Susan B (Patch ho 

Cora B (m Wiggin 

*Arthur W lab 

Lexington,, Mass 

*John W mach 

Hyde Park, Mass 

* Harry E R R ser 

Braintree, Mass 

Florence M weaver 

Lovey A ho 

Mamie V ho 

*Alden B elec con 

Boston, Mass 

Margaret pi 

Day, Esther E (Harnden ho 

Union R F D 

Leslie S pi 

Davis, Lizzie M (Durgin ho 
*Mabel (m Eraser 

Amesbury, Mass 



•Herbert L s s op 

Amesbury, Mass 

Dearborn, H E far S Wake 

Leora G (Chapman ho 

*Nathan E cl Dover 
DeMeritt, Berthold I s s boss 

Musetta A (Dorr ho 

Bonnibelle I pi 

Bruce R 

Rosbert E 

Delphin G 
Derruisseaux, Napoleon 

Anna (Letourneau ho 

Raone G 

Alice M 
Deeeanhnier, Joseph s s op 

Mary (Custo ho 

Arthur pi 

Mamie pi 



DeWolfe, Hattie E (Hayes ho 

Helen M stu 

Dickey, M P Cong clerg 

Louise R (Shumway ho 

*Maurice W editor 

Boston, Mass 

*Ora S (m Smith 

40 Lindsay, Boston, Mass 

Mark S mus tr 

Dickson, Ernest F mill op 

Allie M (Corson ho 

Franklin B pi 

Chas Leroy 
Dickson, William F mill op 

William A 

supt Spaulding's mill 

Ernest mill op 

*Leon mach N Roch 

Dixon, Stephen E mill op 

Georgia M (Moody ho 

Elwood M pi 


Doe, J F far Union RED 

Etta F (Martin ho 

Ralph pi 

Rachel M 
Dorr, Chas C far Union RED 

*Alta L ho N Conway 

Harvey W far 

*Janie M (m Rideout 

N Conway 

*Ava A (m Goodwin 

239 Bridge, Manchester 

*Geo E far Roch 

*Daisy B (m Ramsell 

Lebanon, Me 

*Ray N stenog E Roch 
Dorr, H W far Union RED 

Catherine M (Keene ho 
Dorr, Melvina M (Staples ho 

*Emily F (m Carr 

Sacramento, Calif 

*Rosetta (m Tuttle Alton 

*Augusta D (m Brown 




8 S op 

Lebanon, Me 

s s op 


mill op 

s 8 op 


*Alfon80 F 

Fred H 
William W 
Irvin G 
Georgia M 

Dorr, Simon C 

Hannah W (Hill ho 

Musetta A (m DeMerritt 

Dore, Augusta (Fox ho Mills 
James F far 

Dore, Freeman J far Mills 
Lizzie S (Maddox ho 

Grace E mill op 

Lottie (m 

*Augu8ta (m Henderson 

San ford, Me 
Winnie (m Holmes 

Dore, Chas H lab 

Mary W (Duntley ho 

Dana M s s op 

Chas E pi 

Scott L pi 

Alta M pi 

Franklin W 

Dore, Herbert W s s op 

Flora E (Durham ho 

•Blanche E (m Desjardins 
Lynn, Mass 
Mildred A s s op 

Essie I pi 

Lillian R pi 

Dodge, John supt s s Mills 
Nettie (Elley ho 

Arlene pi 

Donald pi 

Ruth pi 

Genevieve pi 

Dockham, Alphonso mill op 
May E (Birch ho 

Geo A pi 

Downs, Geo A ice 

Ada R (Tanner s s op 

Blanch pi 

Downs, Fred C lab 

Eva M (West ho 

Arthur F 
Hazel M 

Downs, Hazen W truck 

Downs, John A ice man 

May L (Thompson ho 
Roy M pi 

Flora M pi 

Downs, Albert F soldier 

Dora M (Tuttle ho 

Geo A lab 

Hattie E (m Hartford 
* Grace M (m Morin 

Salem, Mass 

*Josie M (m 

Spr'vle, Me 
*Fred s 8 op E Roch 

Downs, Geo F butch & far 
Annette F (Piper ho 

Downs, Frank L s s op 

Augusta (Kimball ho 
Chester K stu 

Ethel G pi 



Mabel S 

Downs, Geo Q ptr 

Downing, Chas W lab Farm 
Sarah J (Page ho 

Chas L lab 

Clara J pi 


Downing, Chas L lab Farm 
Katresia M (Leavitt ho 

Downing, Geo A sec fore 

Alice (Hodgdon ho 

Alice J pi 

Marion L pi 

Downing, Frank A fireman 
Gerda M (Anderson ho 

Drew, Henry far 

Emeline (Dyer ho 

Henry W team 

Ben] T team 

Mary A s s op 

Blanche C s s op 

Roscoe C s s op 

Drew, William F s s op 

Hattie B (Hardy ho 

Nellie F pi 

Drew, Samuel E 

Ina F (Wentworth ho 

Geo W pi 

Drew, Hannah M (Pinkham 
William S mill op 

Fred W lab 

*Bertha M (m Chipman 

449 N Mantella, Boston, Mass 

Drew, Zenas F far Mills 

Angle M (Ridley ho 

Dunlap, Louise E s s op 

Duntley, Clarence W far 

Duntley, Ira W blk 

Sarah A (Hodgman ho 

*Addie C (m Mcintosh 

283 E Merrimack, 
Lowell, Mass 

Hattie M s s op 

Dupont, Alphonso lab 

Desange (Lafranche ho 


s s op 


mill op 


s s op 




Dupont, Henry 

mill op 

Lucy D (Marshall 


Duquette, Leon 


Emma (Hall 



8 8 op 

Victoria M 

S 8 op 

Leon F 


Helen E 

Alice E 

Durrell, Emma V 


Dyer, Chas 


Martha A (Drew 

Annie M (Bailey 

Nettie M (m Ellis 

*Hattie M (m 




Edgerley, Hiram V retd 

Ellis, Geo E lab 

Inez G (Duntley ho 

Iloyd F pi 

Ethel M pi 

Nellie B 


Myrtle M 
Ellis, Fred M far Union 
Ellis, Geo W far Union 1 

Ida M (Varney ho 

Ellis, Nettie M (Dyer ho 

Virlena M 

Ellis, Henry P far Mills 

Emerson, Eugene W Mills 

Fannie C (Chamberlain ho 

*Harriet C (m Piper 

N Abbington, Mass 

Evans, Calvin J far Mills 

Flora B (Rines ho 

Carrie May 


Evans, Chas W s s op 

Alice M (Tibbetts ho 

Robert C pi 

Sumner L pi 

Fall, Geo G express 

Lizzie (Lyman ho 

Ruth L (m Plummer 

Farmer, Thomas car Mills 

Mary ( ho 

*W H spinner E Roch 
Farnham, W lab S Wake 
Ferland, Thomas shop op 

Mary D (Marcous ho 

Dora F pi 

Lydia W pi 

Delda L 

Thomas E 
Fellow, L Ellen (Spinney ho 

Finegan, Herbert F bk kpr 

Clara B (Wakefield ho 

Rosalie B 
Fletcher, James H blk Farm 

Nellie M (Foss ho 

Flye, A M mer Mills 

Delia M (Douglass ho & el 
Ford, Abbie J (Ricker ho 

Leroy J far 

Foss, Benj W retd far 

Abbie M (m Coles ho 

Eli W lab 

Foss, Eli W lab 

Gertrude M bk kpr 

Fountain, L W far 

Union RED 

Charlotte E (Stokes ho 

Alvina (m Baxter 
Fox, Henry janitor 

Fox, A A 

undertaker funeral director 

Sarah E (Tuttle- Webster 



Chas D express 

Fox, C D expressman Mills 

Hattie M (Fox ho 

Edwina E stu 

Fox, Elbrid^e W mas Mills 

Sarah E (Buck ho 

Everett F mer 

Fox, Everett F mer Mills 

Carrie B (Ricker ho 

Helen G stu 

Fox, Hattie (Hart agt Mills 

French, H L s s op 

Eliza J (Perkins ho 

French, Chas H lab 

French, Thomas M lab 

Frost, Mary E (Whitehouse 

Mabel stu 

Gage, James M s s op 

Garland, L D far Farm 1 

Cora B (Goodall ho 

*Ethel M (m Gilman 

Newbury, Vt 
Garland, Mary (Goodwin ho 

Garland, Clarence E far Mills 

Verna M (Reynolds ho 

Nellie M 
George, A M (Chesley Roch 
Gerrish, Elisha S team Mills 

Ella M (Hersey ho 

Gerrish, Jane S (Gilman Mills 

Gerald, Catherine M (Tulley 
Lawrence E pi 

Viola L 

Gerald, Theodora A tr 

Gerould, A Annette (Darling 

*Ella H nurse 

103 Henry, Orange, N J 

*Cha8 L eng 

1,151 R Main, Pittsburg, Pa 

Theodora A tr 

Getchell, Gertrude music 

Gilbert, Louis mill op 

Celia (McNeal ho 

Gilbert, Daniel far Farm 
Ida M (Dutley ho 

Raymond s s op 

Ada L ho 

Wilfred pi 

John I pi 

Evelyn A 

Giles, Chas F Central Ho Mills 
*H E s s op Lynn, Mass 

Gilmore, Chas A ptr 

Eliza E (Twombley ho 

Going, Geo lab 

Eva E (Baker ho 

Alva M stu 

Ethel M ho 

John F pi 

Lura E pi 

Marjorie C pi 

Harold G 

Goodall, (Edgely Farm 

Cora B (m Llewellyn ho 



Goodwin, Lincoln s s op Mills 
Mary F (McGill ho 

Lettie A (mLaporte Farm 
Arthur H s s op 

Goodwin, Emma A 

(Wentworth ho Mills 
Hattie F (ra Curry 
Frank W s s op 

Chas H s s op 

Goodwin, Leon H cl Mills 
Alice M (Lowd ho 

Goodwin, Chas, W s s op 

Eva M (Blanch ho 

Goodwin, Geo H far Farm 1 

Gostlin, J mill op N Roch 
Lucy E (Bellemen ho 

Josephine L 
Beatrice E 

Grace, Frank L far Union 1 
Lizzie B (Willey ho 

Mary E pi 

Flora M pi 

Lula V pi 

Carrie E pi 

Gross, Chas W phy &8ur Mills 

G rover, Harry C hotel 

Mary F (Emerson hostess 

Grover, Walter S retd 

Harry C hotel 

Grundy, Nancy (Guptill Mills 

Gustafson, Hermon N lab 

S A F (Miller ho 



Haines, Calvin S Mills 

undertaker asst 

Cora H (Knox ho 

Haynes, Ella M pi Union 1 

Haynes, J S far Farm R F D 
Ellen E (Varney ho 

Haley, Sarah (Plummer 

ho & librarian 
Susan P cl 

Hall, John mill op Mills 
Marcelin (Morrow ho 

Odelion s s op 

Mary mill op 

Levi pi 

Albert pi 


Hall, Odelion s s op Mills 
Elsie (Connolly ho 

Hamilton, H R s s op Mills 
Minnie G (Remick ho 

Ralph C pi 

Ren a 

Hamilton, Fitz E fish dlr Mills 
Harry s s op 

Fred mill op Gonic 

Hamilton, Carrie A (Hooper 
ho Mills 
Stella D stu 

Hanson, Lizzie A (Caverly ho 
*Mary (m Griffin 




Hanson, Elmer D S Wake 

far & mech 

Florence (Norwood ho 

Harriet stu 

Hanson, John W far & s s op 

Elmer D far S Wake 
Jennie C (m Philbrick 

Hanson, Chas C night watch 
Asenath (Spinney 
*Grace E (m Harlow 

Boston, Mass 
Rufus R shoe cutter 

Chas E cl 

Hapf^ood, Wilbur far Mills 

Maria E (Mills ho 

*Willie G mech 

Skowhegan, Me 

*Elmer H s s op 

S Royal ton, Vt 

Hargraves, William F barber 
Alberta J (Cutts ho 

Carlton J barber 

Hargraves, Carlton J bar 

Lillian (Prescott ho 

Juanita C 

Hargraves, Amanda M (Page 
Asenath mill op 

Harriman, Frank L car 

Sadie A (Hill ho 

*Mabel H (m Babb 

Rochester, Mass 
Eugene E car 

Hartford, Fred S s s op 

Hattie E (Downs ho 

Hart, J B miner 

Ella M (Brewer ho 

Lena M mer 

Clara B s s op 

Hart, M A H phy & sur 

Estelle L (Draper ho 

M Wentworth stu 

Elgia D stu 

Hatch, G A far Farm RED 
Clara (Roberts ho 

Chas R far 

*Gertrude M cashier 

15 Keuilworth, Maiden, Mass 

Hawkesworth, J C s s op Mills 
Mary J (Buzzell 

ho & fore lady 

Hawkins, Nancy M (Foss ho 

*Andrew mill op Dover 
Alma J (m Jennis 

Hayes, Abbie P (Spinney ho 

Abbie L ho 

Hayes, Nellie M (Parmenter 
EM tr 

Frances I tr 

Florence A 

Geo W R R ser 

Chas T stu 

Nellie W stu 

Hayes, I W far Farm RED 

Hayes, J P far Farm RED 
Susan J (Sceggel ho 



Hayes, Eliza A (Went worth 

bo Farm 

Henry B far 

•Herbert N shoe mfr 

540 Essex, Lynn, Mass 

Hayes, Luther C N Roch 

far & milk dlr 

Cora E (McDuffie ho 

Hayes, Ellen R (Morrill ho 

*Clarence M eng 

Stanford, Conn 

Hayes, James H far 

Ida (Willey ho 

Jane tr 

Arlene pi 


Hayes, Eunice A (Dixon ho 

Hayes, S Lyman U S Postal cl 
Annie C (Corson ho 

Walter W fireman 

Lawrence C mill op 

Luther H cl 

Maurice L stu 

Blanche C stu 

Norman H pi 

Helen F pi 

Milton W 

Hayes, Geo A car 

Dora (Tuttle ho 

•Theodore L s cutter 

Merrimack, Mass 
•Harry F paper box mkr 
St Louis, Mo 
Guy L con & bldr 

Hayes, Guy L car 

Mertie E (Clements ho 
Alice E pi 

Ethel M pi 

Philip G 
Mabel E 

Henderson, Geo F far 

Hersom, Frances E (Oliver 
•Kate I (m Noble 

SanJord, Me 
Anna J pi 

Mary M pi 

Hersom, Almeda F (Goodwin 

•Everett s cutter 

Stoneham, Mass 

Hersom, Ann A Wiggin ho 

Hersom, I P 

far & lumberman 

Hersey, Mary (Buzzell ho 

Edith S stu 

Austin E stu 

Hill, Elnora ho & far 

Hill, Annette ho 

Hobbs, Clara A(Ordway Mills 
•Lucy J (m Fitz 


•Chas J R R ser Derry 

•Geo M R R ser 

Boston, Mass 

•Edward bridge bldr 

Inham, N C 

Hodges, Edgar C s s op 

Carrie L (Corson ho 

Ruth C pi 



Alice M pi 

Hodg'don, Ellsworth A s s op 
Cora A (Maine bda- ho 

Hodgdon, Mary (Dearborn 
*Orrin C laundry 

Concord, N H 
Ellsworth A s s op 

Holmes, Willis Mills 

pastor M E church 
Ella E (Kimball ho 

*William mech Lincoln 
Clarence prin high school 
*Agnes (m Poor Land alt" 
*Nettie (m Poor Landaff 
Norris lab 

Evelyn pi 

Hooper, Ann B (Reed Mills 
Carrie A (m Hamilton 
Geo L s s op 

Home, Emeline (Meserve ho 
J E gents fur goods 

Home, J E gents furn'g gds 
Olive A (Moulton ho 

Doris M pi 

Lorita A 
Herman J 

Home, Chas A meat market 
Clara A (Knight ho 

Home, Herbert F trav sales 
Florence M (Wilson ho 

Home, Betsey P ( ho 

James H far 

Mary E (m Riues 

Home, Frank G sales agt 

Mary C (Weeks ho 

Herbert F trav sales 

Anua J ho 

*Harriet E (m Cobb 

265 Washington, Dover 

Home, John R team & far 
Maud F 8 s op 

Horne, Martha A ho 

Hoyt, Lucy A (Drew ho 

Geo L lab 

Dean mill op 

Hoyt, Dean mill op 

Catherine G (Sullivan ho 

Hoyt, Hannah A (Gerrish ho 


Hoyle, Benj mill op Mills 
Abbie J (W^itham ho 

Howard, Fred 

ri s op & chief police 
Castilla A (Scruton ho 
Effie s s op 

Howland, John J ptr Mills 
Lura A (Booth ho 

Howe, Thomas J far Farm 1 
Mary A (Plummer ho 

*Cora J (m Thurston 


Howe, Mary A ho Farm 1 

Hubbard, Harry I mill op 

Emma J (Coaty ho 

Huff, Octavus P lab 

Hurd, Frank J fireman Mills 
Cora B (Jenness ho 

*Arthur L s s op Farm 



Willie F mill op 

Carrie B (m Remick 
Grace M (in Smith 
Ralph mill op 

Edwina C pi 

Hurd,WH far Farm R F D 
Marietta (Boody ho 

* Willie G team Farm 
Gertrude A s s op 

Hurd, Carrie E pi Farm 

Hurd, G H far & sales Union 
Arvilla H (Haines ho 

Hurd, Geo H far Farm 1 
Cora E (Whitten ho 

*E E sec hand A.lton Bay 
*Ella (m Bailey Roch 

*Alton A (m Welch 
*W L marker Meriden 

Jacques, Thomas s s op 

Jenness, Edwin P far Union 

Alma J (Hawkins ho 

*John H mill op Dover 

Edwin C team 

Fred W mill op 

Joseph C mill op 

*Chas W mill op Dover 

Eliza J pi 

Ella M pi 

Jenness, Clara E ho 

Jenness, Susan A ho 

Jenness, Chas T upholstering 

Ann J (Randall ho 

Hermon R R eer 

Jewett, Mary A (Richards 

Lydia M (m Cutts ho 

Jewett, Haven R far Mills 
Mary N (Sibley ho 

Richard I far 

John C sawyer 

Helen M ho 

Emma S stu 

Haven F pi 

Johnson, James W far 

Minnie F (Sinclair ho 

*Harold bag master 

Rockport, Mass 

Jones, Frank s s op 

A Louise (Burrison ho 
Norman H 

Jones, C D retd phy sum res 
Pauline (Hart ho 

Mollie tr 

Levi D stu 

Russell H stu 

Yarney pi 

Dorothy B pi 

Jones, F P far & lumberman 

Emma J (Cowell ho 

*Chas D Tarrytown, N Y 
tr A B Irving School 
Robert E stu 

Philip C stu 

EUzabeth pi 



Alice V pi 

Jones, A W mech & far Union 

Ella S (Kimball ho 

Laura E ho 

Jones, Chas A far J of P 

Mary E (Frost ho 

Lucy J pi 

Jones, Geo H retd 

Chas A far 

*Ira W hydraulic eng 

Lebanon, Me 

Jones, Geo A lab 

Jones, Lester C s s op 

Jones, Nellie E ho 

Jordan, Geo I retd mfg 

*F H M D S Portland, Me 

*Clara E (m Ramsdell 

Lebanon, Me 
Geo E s s op 


Keay, James C s s op 

Keene, Catherine M (Keneally 

*Carl H elec cond 

940 Broad, Providence, R I 

Kelley, C E Prin high school 

Caroline (Moore ho 

*Lucy J (ra Tuck 


*Henry E Ep'l clerg 

New Bedford, Mass 

Clarence M medical stu 
Keyes, Martha B (Twombley 

*F C fore s s Pittsfield 
Kimball, Sabrina (Downs ho 

*Sarah E dr mkr 

Ella S (m Jones 
*Mary W (m Hayes 

W Lebanon 
Hattie M (m Knowles 
*Geo W agriculturist 

Lynn, Mass 
Chas A far 

Augusta O (m Downs 
Kimball, Edith ho Farm 
Kimball, Carrie P (Bragg ho 
Kimball, Ralph M s s op 

Carrie E (Willey ho 

*Annie B (m Freeman 

Ridgeway, Pa 
Ralph W ' pi 

Langley, Thomas F far Farm 
Mary J (Cook ho 

Langley, Winnifred B pi 


Lafave, Nelson s s op 

Diana (Lasse ho 

Lassard, Joseph lab 


Eva pi 

Walter pi 

Bertha pi 



Alma pi 

Laskey, Jonas S far Union 
Safah A (Vinol ho 

Allie J far 

*Elizabeth R (m Hanson 


*Johu far Mills 

*Alice C (m Roberts Mills 

*Chas H team Mills 

Willie F far 

Laskey, Bessie M ho Union 

Laskey, Ira S lab Union 

Laskey, Allie J far & team 

Ira S team 

Bessie M ho 

Ralph D pi 

Lizzie A ( Weeks 
Leatherbarrow, Geo E Mills 
high school tr 
Harriet P (Gilman ho 

Damon G 
Leighton, E L shoe inspector 
Carrie B (Remick ho 

Leighton, James A s s op 

Lizzie E (Morse ho 

*Etta M (m Went worth 

Haverhill, Mass 
Leighton, Adelbert O s s op 
Mary P (Amerald ho 

Vernie R (m Morrison 
Leighton, Lucinda J (Jones 

*Manilla (m Mahoney 

Malbon, Mass 

*Luella F (m Leighton 

Alton Bay 

Adelbert s s op 

Lemieux, H J mill op N Roch 

Nellie C (Minahone ho 

Joseph H 
Letourneau, Flora (Dognault 

Anna M (Desunsseaux ho 
Libby, ET P M & mer Mills 

Ida A (Eastman mill op 

Aubrey D asst P M & ptr 
Libby, A D asst P M & ptr 

Walter C lab 

Marguerite pi 

Florence E (Hatch ho 

Libby, Lucy ho Mills 

Libby, Laura B (Tibbetts ho 


Lindsay, Elizabeth D ho 

Farm RED 

Lindsay, A R s s op Mills 

Myrtle E (Stevens ho 

Bertha M 
Lock, J T harness mkr Mills 

Rosabelle (Perkins ho 

Lockhart, Daniel lab 

Geneva (Clement ho 

Looney, Emma E (Miller ho 

*Ned F s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

Walter E Gov Off 

R M Prin pub schools 



Harry H s s op 

Lord, Dora P (Quint ho Mills 
EmraaT mill op 

* Walter S lum Decatur 
Cora A (m Wentworth 
*Orestes T stone quarry 
Ft Collins, Colo 
Alice E (m Paul 

Lord, Draxa D (Dixon ho 

Chas L retd 

*Christie L ins & broker 

452 Main, Worcester, Mass 

Tryphena L 

(m Wentworth 

Josephine D invalid 

*James E mfg 

77 Bedford, Boston, Mass 

Lord, Josephine ho Uniou 
*Sarah L (ra Bumford 

Dover, N H 

Lowd, John far & sum house 

Viola E (Coffin ho 

Helen E (m Small 

Lowd, Freeman H lum Mills 
Grace M (Marston ho 

Alice M (m Goodwin 

Lowe, Hannah R (Roberts ho 

Ruby E s s op 

Pearle W stenog" 

Ren a N stu 

Lowell, Eliza A (Cole ho 

Lover, Peter J R R eer 

Alice M (Downs ho 

Valna I 
Loverin^, Geo L mer Mills 
Lyman, Amanda M (Dixon 
*N Florence (m Tasker 

sum res Brighton, Mass 
*Bertha L (m Smith 
sum res Brighton, Mass 


Maddox, John H 

Olive F (Webber ho 

*Lillian M (m Wentworth 
Sadie B (m Knight 

Mahoney, Margaret T mill op 


Marsh, Oscar F mill foreman 

Georgia W (Reed ho 

Forest L law 

Marsh, Forest L law Mills 
Mildred T (Tibbetts ho 
Doris pi 

Marsh, Carrie F (Carter Mills 
Winnie G (m Chamberlain 

Marsh, Frank L far Mills 
Julia E C (Sanborn ho 

Marsh, Edwin E Mills 

saw mill tender 

Lucy L (Earle ho 

Leroy A lab 



Beulah N ho 

Marsh, Lucretia mill op Mills 
Marshall, Louis mill op 

Helen (Kneeley ho 

*Loui8 Jr lab Berlin 
Lydia (m Welch 
*Marion C (m Morse 

Wakefield, Mass 
Lucy D (m Dupont 
Irene B pi 

Marshall, Arthur barber 

Fannie (Valley ho 

Ora M pi 

Oscar W pi 

Alphonse pi 

Florence M pi 

Edgar P pi 

Arthur G pi 

Ernest G 
Gladys D 
Alice B 
Marston, W V s s op Mills 
Grace M (Lowd ho 

Ritta F 
Marcoux, Adelaide (Cyr ho 
Odule s s op 

Alfred s s op 

Gideon pi 

Alda pi 

Mary M (m Ferland 
Winnie M 

*Joseph E s s op Farm 
*F M R R ser Roch 

*Dianna (m Letourneau 

Lydia (m Welch 
Grover s s op 

Arthur lab 

Mason, Calvin far Union 
Lydia A (Quint ho 

Mason, H S mer 

Alice G (Carr ho 

Matthews, O S barber Mills 
Hattie A (Jackson ho 

Hope A pi 

Oscar S Jr pi 

Owens S 
Hazel A 

Mayo, Leroy S mill op 

Lizzie E (Sanborn ho 

*Elwin S sales 

Dorchester, Mass 
*William mer 

Dorchester, Mass 
Bessie L stu 

Etta P stu 

Chas W pi 

Chauncy M pi 

Frank H pi 

McCabe, Barney mill op 

MeClain, Olivia L(McClain ho 
Charles pi 

McDonald, Mary E (Sanborn 
ho Mills 
*Cassie B ( m Reas 

Boston, Mass 
Elmer E lab 



*CR mill op Sanford, Me 
*S H lab Kezar Falls, Me 
Curtis H lab 

Luella M pi 

McFarane, William supt Mill 
Margaret L (Wilson ho 
Agnes stenog 

William pi 

Margaret B pi 

Robert G pi 

Meickle, W C mill op Mills 
Catherine M (Steel ho 

*Catherine A (m Allen 

Lowell, Maes 
*J S mill op Lowell, Mass 
William A mill op 

Mamie M (m Stevens 
*Ellen (m Rhodes 

Lowell, Mass 
Annie B tr 

*Jane B (m Lamson 


Merrow, Sarah J (Philbrick 

ho Mills 
*D W law Omaha, Neb 

Merrow, Sumner far Mills 

Merrill, Alby stone mas Mills 
Abe E s 8 op 

Merrill, Allie E mech Mills 
Nettie E (Stevens ho 

Ernest L pi 

Edna E pi 

Marthena L 

Meserve, John C far 

Mary M (Cotton ho 

*Grace (m Leslie 

John H s 8 op 

Miller, William H eng 

Christa G (McDonald ho 
Gladys V pi 

Doris A pi 

Audrey A pi 

Alice R 
Rena M 

Miller, Mary J (Pinkham Mills 
Chas H mill op 

*Martha A (m Stevens 

*Mahala A (m Hammond 
Egypt, Mass 
Lizzie S (m Rhodes 
Josie (m Synies 

Miller, Sarah A F (Lord ho 
Merton H s s op 

Mabel E pi 

Emma A pi 

Florence V pi 

Hilda A 

Miller, Sarah M (Hodgdon ho 
Emily E (m Looney 
*Helen K (m Coles 

Dorchester, Mass 

Mills, Wm F far Union 
*Sarah A (m Burnham 

Sanford, Me 
*Mary S ho Wolfboro 
Asa F team 



*Nettie (m Entwist 

Sanford, Me 

Nancy M (Hawkins ho 
Mills, Wm F ptr Mills 

Amanda M (Har graves 
Mills, Frank A lab Union 

Emma (Thompson ho 
Mitchell, Joseph F far Union 

H Etta (Clou^h ho 

Mitchell, William P janitor 

Lillian E B (Durkee ho 
Moore, Abbie (Ellis ho Farm 

*An8on A gents driver 

S Wilton, Conn 

Moore, William E far 

Sarah E (Downs ho 

Malissa E (m Gilman 


*Ida E (m Rand 

W Warren, Mass 

*Mary E (m Prince 

W W^arren, Mass 

William E lab 

Lyle K lab 

Morrill, Geo W s s op Union 1 

Ethel L (Rines ho 

Morrill, Alice E ho N Roch 
Morrison, Harry B mill op 

Vernie R (Leiojhton ho 

Harry A 
Moulton, 8eth A civ eng 

Alfred a M (Peacock ho 

Lorna A 

Olena R 

Moulton Clara A (Rues ho 
Seth A civ eng 

Murry, D hardware dlr Mills 
Helen J (Smith ho 

Florence A ho & cl 

Stella A milliner 

Muir, John A retd Union 

*John A bldr 

8 Forest Ave, Everett, Mass 

Mucci, Angelo cl Mills 

Julia (Lawrence ho 

Louise pi 


Mucci, Ficola Mills 

fruit & groceries 
Teresa (Lorenzi ho 

Alice pi 

Susie pi 



Nickerson, James T sawyer 

Lillian M (Mason ho 

Willis E pi 

Vane E pi 

Maurice W pi 
Blanche E 
Carrie M 

Norton, Frank E mill op 

Margaret (Ivers ho 

Geo M 8 s op 

William F mill op 

Mary A 

Nellie T 

Frank E 

Joseph A 

John L 


Noyes, Eliza R (Mason ho 
Nute, John S s s op 

Emma L (Mooers ho 

*Fred S mill op Union 

Lizzie M (m Page 

*Willie H s s boss Farm 

*Harry Y s s boss E Roch 

*LewisS barber N Conway 

*Ethel G (m Hatch 


Elsie M (m Small 

Raymond E s s op 

Nute, John A far Farm R FD 

Ellen F (Foss ho 

*Nellie F (ra Aldrich 

Nute, A H far Farm RED 

Clara B (Chamberlain ho 

Harry G s s op 

Ray H pi 

Nute, Alonzo E far Farm 
Nute, Geo E far Farm RED 

Abbie M (Russell 

ho & s 8 op 

Edith M (m Brown 
Nute, Samuel T s s op Farm 
Nute, Susan G (Hurd Farm 





s s op 


Nutter, Hartley A 



Ada (Huntress 






Malcolm L 



Francena I 


Nutter, Frank J mill op 

Gertrude E (Wentworth 

Everlyn R 

Nutter, Clarence I pl Farm 

Nutter, Ernest F pl Farm 

Nutter, Ruth V (Varney ho 

Nutter, J M far Farm 

Ada (Whitehouse ho 


Osgood, Almira B mill op 


Otterway, William far Mills 
Susan S (Moulton ho 

Flora (m Parmenter 

Olaflin, James s s op 

Adelaide (Knight ho 

Leon pl 

Page, Chas H asst P M 

*Harry s s op Roch 
Lizzie M (Nute ho 

Forest N pl 

Page, Joseph cobbler 

Odelia (Vashon ho 




Harvey F 


Malvina V 

Valora A 
Page, Geo W 

Jeanette A (Rines 

Angle E 

Mavis L 

Bernlce L 

Doris M 
Page, John W retd 

s 8 op 









Annette A (Marsh ho 

Robert barber 

Page, Robert barber Mills 
Ida (Sibley ho 

M Norma pl 

Page, J E retd soldier Mills 
Hannah E (Marsh ho 


(m Hargraves-Mills 
Clara (m Lowd 
Palmer, Ann M (Wentworth 

*Eugene W Dover 

Parmenter, Flora M 

(Otterway Mills 
Margaret pl 

Chas O pl 

Vera pl 

Pastelton, Francena M (Paul 
*Annie M (m Sullivan 

3 Lewis Ct, Maiden, Mass 
Eva M (m Corson 

Parker, Emma R (Rankins ho 

Elizabeth G stu 

Patterson, John miller 

Emily L (Keay ho 

*Geo B R R ser 

Council Bluffs, Iowa 
Warren E s s boss 

Margaret B (m Currie 
Cora B s s op 

Patterson, Warren E s s fore 
May K (Burrison ho 

Paul, Geo H s s op Mills 
Alice E (Lord ho 

Geo W pl 

Peacock, R M Cong preacher 
Farm RFD 
Ada (Lee ho 

Alfie M (m Moulton 
*Harold L R R ser 

Boston, Mass 
Robert B stu 

Alfred G stu 

Peacock, Margaret Farm 

Perkins, C E mill op Mills 
Hattle B (Kimball ho 

Herbert A pl 

Perkins, Chas E far Union 
Jennie M (Clough ho 

Leslie A pl 

Henry E pl 

Otis I pl 

Perkins, Geo D far Mills 
Anna (Gardner-Brackett 



*Althea S ho S Acton, Me 

Petersilea, Wallace s s op 

Peverly, C L far Union R F D 
Saphrona A (Home ho 
Addie L (m Richardson 

32 Fore, Dover 

Philbrick, Daniel far Mills 
Jennie C (Hanson ho 

Philbrick, Henry far Mills 
Lucy A ( Fletcher ho 

Chas S far 

Philbrick, Chas S far Mills 
Jennie H (Applebee ho 
Bertha W stu 

Maud stu 

Pierce, Nettie C ( ho 

Farm R F D 
Clarence N stu 

Arthur E stu 

Pierce, Alvira B (Leighton 

Pike, Freeman D car 

Sophia (Ricker ho 

Addie C cl 

Lewis F stu 

Pike, R S butch & market 

Fannie (Roberts ho 

Philip G butcher 

Ralph W stu 

Robert pi 

Pillsbury, Angie B (Brown ho 


Pillsbury, Levi B far Mills 
Augusta A ( Wentworth 

Emerson D mill op 

Marion B stu 

Geo L pi 

Pinfold, William s s op Mills 
Annie E (Lewis ho 

Lucy E mill op 

Ellen L mill op 

Amy A mill op 

Edwin T pi 

William F pi 

Pinfold, James L s s op Mills 

Pinkham, Emily C (Corliss ho 
Hattie L (m Avery 
James D news dealer 

Pinkham, Albathana(Duntley 
*Lillian (m Johnson 

60 John, Reading, Mass 

Pinkham, W H H far 

Farm RED 
Sarah A (Pinkham ho 

*Ida E (m Hurd 

Alton Bay 
*Eldora (m Bennett 

Gloucester, Mass 
Harry W far 

Gertrude C (m Thurber 

Pinkham, J D news dealer 

Sarah ( ho 

Carl E mer 

Harold B stu 

Pinkham, Sarah E (Chase ho 

*Annie R (m Waldron 

Lynn, Mass 



Geo H s s op 

Pinkham, Thomas H ptr 

Mary F (Cushman ho 

Henry C 

Pinkham, Sarah ho Mills 

Piper, J A far & car Union 

Laura (Evans ho 

Rosamond E stu 

Chas E stu 

Grover C pi 

Plummer, Sarah E (Clement 

*FraQk confectionery 

Brockton, Mass 

Annie B ho & far 

Hazen agt 

*Sam C supt s s 

EauClaire, Wis 

*Eunice (m Ricker 

Berwick, Me 

Plummer, Ephraim far 

Plummer, Samuel far 

Plummer, Joseph invalid 

Plummer, Hazen sales 

Nettie E (Pike ho 

Ray D pi 

Plummer, B B far & agri impl 

Union RED 

Eliza D (Wentworth ho 

*Lucia P (m Fox Mills 

Fannie W nurse 

B B Jr far 

Orinda tr 

Plummer, B B Jr Union RED 

Ruth L (Fall ho 

Plummer, Carrie W (Fall ho 
Union RED 
Jay B far 

Plummer, Hannah B (Clark 


Plummer, J B far Union 2 

Annie B (Miner ho 

Plummer, Susan E (Pecker 

Plummer, Moses B far 

Elizabeth J (Hussey ho 

Francis B stu 

Joseph L stu 

D wight H stu 

Plummer, Geo H far 

Farm RED 

Mary P (Hayes ho 

Bessie A (m Twombley 

Plummer, G L saw mill & lum 

Ada E (Burroughs ho 

Agnes H ho 

Miunie R invalid 

Etta A ho 

Helen L stu 

Plummer, Chas A far Union 

Plummer, Oscar P mill op 

Pouliette, E s s op Mills 

Preble, Stephen E mach & eng 

Jessie A (Calkins ho 

Preper, William C s s op Mills 

Charlotte P (Dorr ho 

Quint, Geo B far 

Wilhelmina M (Forsyth liF: 
Georgia W^ ho 




Randall, Emily S (Colomy 

ho Mills 

*WaIter E s s op Dover 
Randall, Herman S R R ser 

Abbie ( ho & s 8 op 

Ragan, Margaret ho N Roeh 
Regan, J J s s op N Roch 

Mary A (Mahouey ho 

Elizabeth M 

James B 
Regan, John mill op N Roch 
Reed, Caroline E (Armstrong 

Elmer pi 

Myrtle pi 

Reed, Leonard C mill op Mills 
Remick, Ellen s 8 op Mills 
Remick, T mill op N Roch 
Remick, A mill op N Roch 
Remick, Edgar B pi 

Remick, C E dep sheriff Mills 

Etta S (Home ho 

Lester C s s op 

Minnie G (m Hamilton 

Forest E 


Remick, Willie far 


Carrie B (Hurd 



Howard M 


Reynolds, Willis L eng 


Myra (Miller 


Ricker, Walter D 

s s op 

Winnifred (Bragdon ho 
J Richard pi 

Ricker, Chas E lab 

Mary(Hodgdon ho 

*Allie M (m Mitchell 

Roslindale, Mass 

Rines, William T retd Mills 

Flora B (m Evans ho 

Hattie A (m Sanborn ho 

Rines, Ellsworth marker 

Rines, Sarah J (Sanborn ho 

Jeauette A (m Page ho 

Riues, Olive (Remick ho Mills 

Mark far & car 

*01ive A (m Hurd ho 

613 S Warren Ave 

Brockton, Mass 

Hattie M 

Rines, Mark far & car Mills 

Mary E (Home ho 

Frank H lab 

Ada M stu 

Rines, James H team 

Emma A (Knox ho 

Roberts, William AC cl 

*John F car Berwick, Me 

*Geo W blk Berwick, Me 

Roberts, Sadie D ho 

Roberts, Fred B lumb 

Roberts, Clara M (Mathews 

Robbins, H retd drug Mills 

Roulon, Stephen s s op 

K (Lacasse ho 





Russell, Warren s s op 

Russell, E S s s op 

Rudd, Alfred T blk Mills 

Floreuce D (Gray ho 

Marion G pi 

Sanborn, W L far Union R F D 

Hattie A (Rines ho 

Eva M pi 

Sanborn, Etta L (Johnson 

Sanborn, Mary R ho Mills 

Scates, Henry B far 

Ellen M (Dixon ho 

Schofield, Gertrude M pi 

Shorey, Abbie (Miller ho 

Shaw, A B far & car Mills 

Sarah E (Rines ho 

Abbie (m Boyd 

Simes, Albert L s s op Mills 

Josie E (Miller ho 

Alberta M pi 

Simes, Geo E car Mills 

*Cha8 F confectioner 

Brookline, Mass 

Albert L s s op 

Simes, Elizabeth E ho Mills 

Simes, J U retd mer Mills 

*Walter ssop Lynn, Mass 

*Chester J cl Lynn, Mass 

Florence B ho 

Simes, Edward S car Mills 

Mary E (Lowd ho 
Frederick H boss weaver 
*Laura E (m Smith 
62 W 112, New York City 

Sinclair, Colon C s s op 

Etta F (Bearce ho 

Clarence C pi 

Neil L pi 
Thelma M 

Sinclair, Mylo M eng 

Minnie F (Johnson ho 

Arline M pi 

Sleeper, Fred B s s op 

Stella E (Dicey ho 

Pauline D pi 

Beatrice M pi 
Fred B Jr 

Small, Helen E( Lowd Mills 
Rogers L 
Mildred H 

Small, Chester W s s op 

Elsie M (Nute ho 

Smith, Lorenzo D ptr Mills 

Clara (Hobbs ho 

Smith, Ezra T s s boss Mills 

Grace M (Hurd ho 
Genevieve R 

Smith, Julius L ptr 

Mary A (Clark ho 

John L pi 

Smith, Mary E (Knox nurse 

Smith, Chellis V cl Mills 

Stanhope, A T foreman s s 

Lillie M (Tuck ho 



Staples, Annie J (Pike bo 

*Susan A (m Hatch 

Kennebunk, Me 
Harry W team 

Staples, Harry W team 

Henrietta (Signer ho 

Ruth E pi 

Stevens, Chas far & mill op 

Sadie M (Merrill ho 

Stevens, F D chauffeur Mills 
Marguerite (Mickle ho 
Donald V pi 

Stevens, John H s s op Mills 
Winn if red V (Keegan ho 
Jennie E 
Helen M 
Gerald F 

Stevens, Freeman E far Mills 
Nettie E (m Merrill 
John H s s op 

*A May (m Booma 

Lynn, Mass 

Storm, Isadore sawyer Roch 
Mary M (Imbeault ho 

Rosa pi 

Alice pi 

Lucy pi 

Sturgeon, Fred H s s op Mills 
Emma T (Wood ho 

Henry J pi 


Swinerton, J M far & s s op 


Emma A (Melville ho 

*Gertrude M (m Young 

Henry M pi 

Margaret E pi 

Reginald C V pi 

Jacob M Jr 
Swinerton, William M far 

Farm R F D 

Marie A ( ho 

Swinerton, Richard G far 

Union RED 
Augusta M (Whitehouse 
Jacob M s s op 

*Lydia I (m Hodge Dover 
*Chas F s s op Farm 
*Nellie A (m Barsentel 

*Delia M (m Townsend 

Limerick, Me 
*Willie M s s op Farm 
*01ive A (m Wheeler 

*A J s s op Portsmouth 
*Ella F (m Blaisdell Farm 
Herbert B s s op 

*EdithM (m Bowley 


Swinerton, H B s s op Union 

Esther M (Blaisdell ho 

Evelyn B pi 

Estella A 



Tarbell, Walter E N Roch 

chauffeur & mech 

Bertha E (Brown ho 

Carl B mech, eug & stu 

Walter A lab 

Edgar L chauffeur 

Edna E stu 

Tappaa, J Q A ptr 

Tasker, Geo W retd 

Lizzie A (Hanson ho 

*Chas W janitor 

82 Bower, Boston, Mass 

Nellie B (m Webber 

*Dana J far Ossipee 

Thompson, Frank H mill op 

Kate E (Simpson ho 

*Alice B (m Barker 

Stoneham, Mass 

Thompson, Cornelius mill op 

Nellie T (Sullivan ho 


Thompson, Andrew J invalid 

Lizzie M (Fish ho 

*Chas H mill op 

Westbrook, Me 

*Geo A barber 

Providence, R I 

*Frank H police 

Roxbur^', Mass 

Thompson, Eva F (Allen ho 

*Blanche M J (m Hatte 

Bradford, Me 

Thurber, Waldo F s s op 

Farm RED 
Gertrude C (Pinkham ho 
Thelma B 
Isma G 

Thurston, H far Farm RED 
Caroline A (Stockbridge 
Chas H far 

Tibbetts, Walter S far Farm 
*Bert M mill op Union 
Flora F (m Colomy 
*Fred W mill op Union 
*Chas far Middleton 
*S E team Wolfboro 
Chris H lab 

Tibbetts, Abbie S (Colby ho 
Frank M sawyer 

*Pheba L (m Cotton 

Chas O lab 

Alice M (m Evans 

Tibbetts, John s s op Mills 
Jennie B (Sanborn ho 

Arthur P 
Verne P 

Tinker, C A loom fixer Mills 
Elizabeth A (Whit worth 
*Dora (m Colbath 

S Wollboro 
*Francis E (m Durgin 

Adelma G weaver 

*Elsie M (m Clough Union 
Jessie L pi 



Townsend, J E woolen mfg 

Eda B (Lowd ho 

Henry A pi 

Agnes M pi 

Townsend, J C R R ser Mills 
Grace M (Townsend ho 
Frank H pi 

Train, Walter R A L pi Union 

Trefethen, T A far Mills 
Ellen H (Runnells ho 

Trussell, Bertha M s s op 

Tucker, David H lab 

Florence A (Ells ho 

Twombley, J H far N Roch 
Ellen H (Wentworth ho 
Bertrand E mill op 

Sarah J bk kpr 

Florence A (m Going 
John W mill op 

Archie pi 

Twombley, James L far 

Olivia L (McLain ho 

James L Jr 
Christina R 

Twombley, B E far & mill op 
Farm RED 
Bessie A (Plummer ho 
Leslie B 

Twombley, J H. phy &, drug 
Frances W (Plummer ho 

Twombley, Mary J ho 

Twombley, Annie ho 

Yarney, Albion F far Union 
Sarah E ( Fresco tt ho 

Geo A lab 

Varney, Anna L s s op 

Farm RED 

Varney, Abbie (Moore ho 

Farm RED 

John C far 

*LenaM(mHam E Roch 

Varney, Chas E mill op 

Jennie M (Remick ho 

Varnum, Elbridge far Mills 


Wakefield, Roscoe A blind 

Clara B (m Finnegan ho 
*Mary S ho xN Roch 
^Estella R (m Piper Troy 
*Paul C s s op 

Townsend, Mass 

Wallace, William T bk kpr 
Francis S (Downs ho 

Wallace, Chas F team 

Dora (Perkins ho 

Dollie M tr 

Annie J pi 

Walch, Frank W fore s s 

Eva S (McCrillis s s op 
Leroy F pi 

Wallingford, Mary B 

(Plummer ho 



Wallingford, Clarence M far 

Union R F D 

Ida E (Downs ho 

Amos D far 

Alice sta 

Webber, Royal K car & bidr 

Nellie B (Tasker ho 

Weeks, Matilda (Allen Union 

*Susie L (m Tibbetts 

N Wakefield 
*W G team E Wakefield 
Lizzie A (m Laskey 
*Albert team Roch 

•Matilda A (m King 

*Mattie C (ra Evans 


Ella M stu 

Welch, Cora B (Kimball Mills 

James lumberman 

*Abbie E (m Wiggin 

*Dora E millinery 

Salem, Mass 
♦Harry E Phila, Pa 

Hermon L lumb 

*Bertha M (m Bowman 

Beverly, Mass 
Amy I stn 

Sidney E pi 

Russell A pi 

Welch, Chas mill op 

Lydia G (Mareous ho 

Ravmond C 

Chas W 

Welch, Fred mill op 

Lydia (Marshall ho 

Wilfred L 
Clyde R 

Wentworth, Arvilla 
(Farnham ho Union R F D 
Chas E livery stable 

Delbert R far 

Wentworth, Edgar A Mills 
2d selectman 
Etta E (m Wiggins 

S Wakefield 
Cora A (Lowd ho 

Dora M stu 

Wentworth, E L fish business 
Florence A (Lucas ho 

Gertrude E (m Nutter 

Wentworth, D retd soldier 
Lydia J (Palmer ho 

Ernest L fish dlr 

*Eflae M (m Hanson 

Chelsea, Mass 
Addie E s s op' 

Wentworth, Isaac far N Roch 
Chas H far & milk dlr 
Abbie J ho 

Fannie O (m Stanley 
*Mary E (m Cousins 

Lynn, Mass 
*Hattie B (m Hussey 

Berwick, Me 
Frank O far 

Wentworth, Hannah E (Gray 



*Chas W 

Martin G 

M Esther (m Cote 

*Geo A s 8 op 

Nellie M 

* Lizzie A 

25 Rockville Park 

Roxbury, Mass 

Wentworth, Martin G s s op 

Farm R F D 



Georgia A (Gerrish 

Herbert A 

G Myron 

Russell G 
Wentworth, Sarah A 

Farm R F D 
Wentworfh, Geo C S 

*Lucia C M (Jones 

*Ifja F (ui Drew 

*Eu2:ene H 







Detroit, Mich 

Wentworth, Smith 
Emma (Wallace 

Mamie (m 

Sadie (m 

Wentworth, Hiram 
Clara E (Pierce 
Harry E 
•Almond H 

supervisor drawing 

62 Main, W Haven, Conn 

Mary A mus tr 

*Clara B governess 

62 Main, W Haven, Conn 

mill op 

car Mills 


bk kpr 

Margaret pl 

Wentworth, Reuben J 

retd soldier Mills 
Mary W (Lord ho 

Wentworth, ChasS far Mills 
HattieB (Patch ho 

Carrie B ho 

Jennie S s s op 

*Eva M (m Healey 

Eleanor H stu 

Li 11 a M stu 

Wentworth, Heury H lab 

Louisa M (Hayes ho 

*Annie H (m Chamberlain 

Brownlee, Neb 

Wenthworth, Samuel E lab 
Asenath (Conner ho 

Estella s s op 

Whitten, Lydia K (Drew ho 

James B mason 

*Sarah I(mEdgeley Dover 
Cora E (m Hurd 
Fred mason 

"^Ellsworth 8 s op 

Lynn, Mass 

Whipple, F E car & iar Mills 
Cora B (Welch ho 

Wiggin, E M mill op Mills 
Susie F (Day ho 

Annie M mill op 

Agnes I mill op 

Wiggin, Harvey F team Mills 



Myra L (Witham 


*ElizabethA(m Hammond 

Ethel M 

N Shapleigh 

Willey, Joseph F far 


Esther M s s op 

Mary J (Laekey 


Witham, Everett T team Mills 



Jennie L (Colomy ho 



Perley B s s packing boss 

Sadie H 


Ida J (m Heath 

Laura E 


*Bert E s s op 

Willey, Sadie H ho 


6th, Dover, N H 

Willey, J P steam fitter 

Myra L (m Wiggin 

Frances P (Davis 


Witham, Mary A (Miller ho 

J Herbert 

Wright, Albert W car Mills 

Willey, Joseph D 


Hattie R (Preper ho 

Annie (Roberts 



J Eugene 


Wyatt, Edgar far N Roch 

Catherine R 


Hattie E (De Wolfe ho 

Williams, Mary A ( Watson 

Harriet F 





Large assortment and lowest prices* Your money back if 
goods are not satisfactory. 


Dealer in all kinds of Fresh, Salted and Smoked meats. 
Vegetables and Canned Goods, Teas and Coffees. 



A Complete Line of 

Hosiery, Underwear, Ladies' Furnishings, Fancy Goods 

Small Wares. Genuine line of Jewelry and Silver 

Ware. Souvenir Post Cards 

Next to Post Office Milton, N. H. 


General Merchandise, Full Stock and 
Right Prices 

Central Square Milton Mills, N. H. 




For Druo;s, Medicines, Toilet Articles, Confectionery 

Tobacco and Cigars. We carry a full line of 

Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Supporters 

etc.. Elastic Stockings, Rubber 

Gloves, and Bandages to order 

E. W. EMERSON, Registered Pharmacist 





Groceries, Flour, Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, Dry and Fancy 
Goods. Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Honest Goods at 
Honest Prices 



Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Rubbers 
Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases 




Groceries, Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco 
Cigars and Ice Cream 



In Photos and prints, views of Milton Mills and nearby places, also a 
large selection of colored cards of views in Maine, New Hampshire and 
other places. A fine line of Men's, Women's and Children's Boots, Shoes 
and Rabbtrs. Bestgoods at low prices. Soda, Confectionery, Tonic Beers, 
Tobacco and Cigars. Ice Cream a specialty In its season. Stationery of 
all kinds. Agent for the Portsmouth Steam Laundry. 


Post Office Building, Hilton nills, N. H. 

Histotry of Olakcficld. 

Wakefield, in the south-easterly corner of Carroll County, 
is fifty miles from Concord, and is bounded on the north-west 
by Ossipee and Effingham on the south-east by Milton, south- 
west by Middleton and Brookfield, and on the east by Newfield, 

The surface is diversified with hills, rocks, and ponds and 
is very broken, but there is much excellent land for agriculture, 
and the soil when brought under proper cultivation is very pro- 

The largest body of water in the township is East Pond, 
situated on the boundary line of Maine and New Hampshire, 
and lying partly in Wakefield and partly in Acton, Maine. It 
is a beautiful sheet of water, about three miles wide and six 
miles long, and formerly bore the Indian name of Newichwannock. 
Not far below the outlet of East Pond are Wilton and Horn's 
ponds. The Salmon Falls river rises in East Pond, and flows 
along the whole eastern boundary of the town of Milton divid- 
ing New Hampshire from Maine. 

Lovewell's Pond, on the south-east side of the township, 
received its name from Capt. John Lovewell, the famous Indian 
fighter, and is about seven hundred rods long and two hundred 
and seventy-five rods wide. 

One branch of the stream that flows through Union Village 


rises in this pond; the other branch takes its rise from Cook's 
Pond in Brookfield. Province Pond, a pretty sheet of water 
in the north-easterly part of the town, and Pine River Pond not 
far away, are the other important bodies of water in Wake- 
field. The latter is the source of Pine river which flows through 
Ossipee and Effingham into Ossipee Lake. 

The principal villages in the town of Wakefield are Union, 
Sanbornville, Wakefield, East Wakefield, and North Wakefield, 
all situated on the North Conway branch of the Boston & Maine 
Railroad. Population in 1790, 646; in 1900, 1,645. 


The present town of Wakefield, formerly that section of the 
Masonian Patent, kno^vn as "East Towti" or "Eastermost 
Township," said to have been a part of a to^vn chartered in 
1737 as "Kings- Wood" was, April 27, 1749, granted by a vote 
of the Masonian Proprietors, to John Ham, Gershom Downes, 
John Horn, and seventy-six others, all described as residents 
of Dover and Somersworth, except Noah Emery of Kittery, 
Maine. Soon afterward a survey was made, and April 11, 1750, 
at an inn in Portsmouth, the lot for the location of shares was 
cast, and the holdings in East Town (in first and second divis- 
ions) were divided among the several proprietors, of whom, very 
few, if any, settled here. 

The first tree felled within the township was in 1766. The 


first family to remain here any length of time passed the winter 
of 1767 in this place. The first settlers came, probably, from 
Exeter, and were soon followed by colonists from Dover, Roches- 
ter, Portsmouth, and other towns in that section of New Hamp- 
shire. They were a sturdy lot, most of them young men, eager 
to acquire broad acres and wealth in the wilderness. In 1769, 
there were eleven families here; thirty in 1770. 

Lieut. Jonathan Oilman, the first settler, married Mehitable 
Kimball in 1746, and in 1767, settled on the old main road from 
Wakefield to Milton. Capt. Jeremiah Oilman came with his 
family from Exeter, probably at about the same time, and built 
a house opposite the ''Old Maid's Tavern," where he lived until 
May 1, 1791, the day of his death. 

John Horn, a native of Dover, was the third settler, taking 
up land here not long after the Oilmans came. His lot was 
probably 48. He was the first town clerk of Wakefield, and was 
one of the most prominent men in the early days of the town. 
He died in 1829, at the advanced age of almost ninety-two 

Capt. David Copp was another leading man in the early 
days. He was a native of Rochester, where he was born Dec. 
11, 1738. In July, 1779, he bought of Samuel Austin, lot 37; 
but owned also lot 15, on Sanborn Hill, where he built his resi- 
dence. He had been an officer in the Revolution, in which he 
rendered distinguished service. He was the first moderator of 
the town meeting in this town, and held many other offices dur- 
ing his life. He died in the year 1817. 

Deacon Simeon Dearborn (1727-87) came from Oreenland, 
before 1770, and after living for several years in a log hut, 


erected the first two-story house in town. He owned lot 42 
next to the "minister's lot," 44. He, too, was a prominent 
man, in the early settlement, one of great intelligence and worth. 
His first wife was Anne Gookins; his second, Martha Haven, 
one of the Portsmouth family of that name. 

John Haven, the deacon's brother-in-law, lived here a few 
years, being an extensive dealer in lands, and a man of prom- 
inence. He sold his house and the lot on which it was located, 
to Joseph Leavitt in 1789. "Leavitt's Tavern," was the name 
given to it later, it having been made, probably, into an inn. 

Josiah Page bought "10 acres in S. W. of 42," of Simeon 
Dearborn in September, 1773. 

John Kimball (1741-1807) purchased in 1768, lot 40, near 
the lands of Jonathan Oilman. His younger brother, Noah 
Kimball, married Mehitable, daughter of Jeremiah Oilman, and 
settled here in 1770. He was one of the early town officials, 
and a man of some prominence. He died at the age of 66. 

Lieutenant, later Colonel Jonathan Palmer, a veteran of the 
French and Indian war, was a native of Rochester, where his 
father was a prominent man in church affairs, and his mother 
the "town physician." He was collector for the proprietors, 
1770-74, and later was a leading Federalist in the town and 
State. He lived to a good old age. 

Lieut. Andrew Oilman was the son of Capt. Jeremiah Oil- 
man. Clement Steele, from Brentwood, was an early settler, 
also, locating probably near the Kimballs. 

Benjamin Kimball, tradition has it, came from Dover Point 
about 1768, began a clearing, went back to Dover, and returned 
in the fall to build a house, into which he moved, probably, 


the next spring. His brother, Thomas, lived nearby. 

Rev. Avery Hall, a native of Meriden, Conn., and a graduate 
of Yale, came here in 1777 after having been pastor of the 
Rochester church for a period of nine years. He held several 
important town offices, was a large land holder, a leader in the 
organization of the church in this town, and for many years 
was one of the ablest and most prominent men in this section. 

Samuel Sherborn lived opposite the "minister's lot;" Wm. 
Moore, the first constable of the town, over the hill beyond 
Simeon Dearborn. 

The first settler on the site of the present village of Union, 
was either Samuel Haines or Joseph, his son, who came about 

The Haines family resided in the dwelling opposite the 
ancient Pike's Hotel. The Haineses came, probably, from 
Greenland. They were mill owners and leading manufacturers 
more than a century ago. These two men, Samuel and Joseph, 
lie buried directly opposite the railroad depot in Union Village. 

Robert Hardy, a mill man also, was an early settler, coming 
here from Exeter, in December, 1771. On lots 5 and 6, above 
Hardy's, Samuel Allen, Samuel Allen, Jr., and Abner Allen 
nearby were early residents. They carried on blacksmithing 
and operated a saw mill near the Allen bridge. 

Nathaniel Balch bought lot 64 in 1776, of John Horn. He 
was a man of fifty-eight years of age, one of the oldest men 
among the settlers. He was a staunch patriot, a man of wisdom 
and high moral character, and attained a high place among his 
fellow citizens. 

Beyond his residence, to the south, on the Garvin place, 


Eliphalet Quimby of Exeter settled. His daughter Dorothy- 
was probably the first white child born in "Wakefield, and as 
the date of her birth is recorded as June 30, 1768, ]\Ir. Quimby 
was, evidentlj'', one of the earliest pioneers in this section. 

Daniel Hall, with his wife. Patience (Taylor) Hall, of San- 
bornton, settled to the north of Nathaniel Balch. Their only 
child, Hannah, married John Sanborn. 

Samuel Hall of Dover, John Scribner, and Reuben Lang 
come next, and the families, as can be seen from the records, 
were closely connected by inter-marriage. Near the "Lang" 
or "Lock" schoolhouse, close by, Jacob and Mehitable Lock 
made a home for themselves. 

The Weekses, originallj^ from Greenland, were early set- 
tlers, and have many descendants in this part of the county. 

Mayhew Clark, of North Hampton, purchased of Capt. 
Copp in May, 1772, lot 15, "in from the road over Tuttle's 
Hill." There he made a home, to which later, his brother, 
Jacob, came with his young bride to remain until he located 
permanently a mile away "near the sweep in the North Wake- 
field road that brings us in sight of Mt. Washington." 

Nathan Mordough, of Greenland, bought lot 11 in 1772, 
and settled near the Clarks and Weekses. He owned lot 44 
also. He sold one-half of 11 to Judith Lang. 

Joseph Maleham, having bought, Dec. 13, 1793, most of 
lot 89, of Meyhew Clark, sold the "Wormwood place" to Daniel 
Horn. He built a house on lot 90, and brought to his new 
home Frederica Lang, his second wife. 

John Huggins, from whom Huggins brook derives its name, 
lived near that stream as early as 1790. Benj. Safford's place 


adjoined that of Nathan Mordough ; on the Richards lot beyond 
was Moses Gage; and on the Lucas lot was Joseph Pike, who 
had a brother Robert on the Brookfield side. 

Near Wakefield Corner, in the vicinity of lot 90 and the 
schoolhouse, John Wingate "broke the first ground," and not 
far away on lot 54, Eliphalet Philbrook built the first house 
erected in that vicinity. John Wingate was one of the select- 
men during the year 1780. His brother, Joshua, who "believed 
in witches," settled in that neighborhood, also. The Sawyers 
came into that section, too, to find homes. 

Wakefield Corner continued to grow in number of inhabit- 
ants and in prosperity, and with its taverns, stores, and numer- 
ous dwellings, became, about the year 1800 and later, a centre 
of trade and industry. 

Richard Dow from Kensington, whose descendants have 
lived, for many years, on the estate near the waters of beautiful 
Lake Newichwannock, came about the year 1781. 

Isaac Fellows, also from Kensington, had a house nearby. 
His daughter married Levi Neal, who lived on Tuttle's Hill. 
Not far away was the residence of Nathan Dearborn. 

Jacob Welch, Jonathan Binley and Ebenezer and John Hill 
lived near East Wakefield station. At the Pine River settle- 
ment (North Wakefield) were Jacob Clark, Simon Blake, Sil- 
vanus Wentworth, Lieut. James Young, Nathaniel Cook, and 

The Wentworths and Waldrons settled "over the river." 

Thomas Cloutman, who came to "Horn's Mills" from the 
Piper house in 1779, was a settler in Wakefield as early as 1780, 
coming to this place from Rochester. 


Benjamin and David Horn were settlers in that locality 
at the time. At the head of Love well's Pond, was the home of 
the Wiggins, Simeon, Isaiah, perhaps, also, Jacob Wiggin, men 
prominent here many years ago. 

James Hutchins, too, was one of Wakefield's pioneers, as 
were John Garlin, Samuel Chapman, who sold to David Spin- 
ney, Christopher Skinner and William Blaisdell. 

With this account of the early settlement and the men to 
whom the people of Wakefield owe so much, the ''early settle- 
ment" may be closed. It was not a difficult task, for we have 
but followed in the foot-steps of the Rev. Albert H, Thompson, 
who compiled the account from which this (with changes) has 
been "boiled down." 

Wakefield's settlers were of the best blood of the colonists 
of New Hampshire, and there were few weaklings among them. 
Theirs was a difficult and a dangerous task, the colonization of 
a region in the forests. They were soldiers, many of them, 
brave men of determination and perseverance, and of industry 
and achievement, who have handed down to their descendants 
the legacy of a work faithfully and ably performed, and of a 
mission fulfilled to the best of their ability. 


Wakefield was incorporated Aug. 30, 1774, by its present 
name, during the governorship of John Wentworth; prior to 
that time it had been called East Town, under a grant from the 
Masonian Proprietors. By act of the legislature approved June 


22, 1820, a gore of land, containing all that belonged to Wake- 
field on the northerly side of Province Pond, was severed from 
this town and annexed to Effingham. June 23, 1858, an act was 
passed severing a tract of land from the town of Milton and 
annexing it to Wakefield. 


Province of New Hampshire. 

To His Excellency John Wentworth, Esq., Capt. General, 
Governor and Commander-in-Chief of said Province and the 
Honourable His Majesty's Council: Humbly shews, David Copp, 
James Garvin, and John Gage, that at a Proprietors' Meeting 
held at East Town so-called on the 28th day of June last your 
Petitioners were voted a committee to petition Your Excellency 
and Honors for an incorporation of said Tract or Township: 

Your Petitioners, therefore, humbly pray that the said 
Township beginning at the north-east corner of the Township 
of Rochester at Newichwanick river, and from said river run- 
ning westerly by the head line of Rochester five miles, and from 
that extent upon a strait line parallel with the general course 
of the said river as a strait line may be run at the said river 
and continuing the breadth of five miles adjoining said river 
and bounds of the Province so far northwardly as to make equal 
to six miles square in such form as that the head or northerly 
boundary shall be a line parallel with the head line of Rochester, 
and the westerly side line to be strait from Rochester line to 


the head line of said Tract of Land, may be incorporated and 
invested with such powers and privileges as other towns in this 
His Majesty's Province usually have and enjoy; and your Peti- 
tioners as in duty bound shall ever pray. 
Portsmouth, 29th August, 1774. 

David Copp 
James Garvin 



John Hall, 1775-79 ; Avery Hall, 1780-90 ; wanting, 1791-92 ; 
David Copp, 1793-95 ; Thos. Lindsay, 1796-99 ; Luther Dearborn, 
1800-04; Wm. Copp, 1805-08; Joseph Wiggin, 1809-13; Porter 
K. Wiggin, 1814-20; John Wingate, 1821-24; H. L. Wiggin, 
1825-26 (?)-29; wanting, 1830-35; Wm. Sawyer, Jr., 1836-38; 
John Wingate, 1839-42; Samuel Yeaton, 1843-49; Daniel 
Brackett, 1850 ; Jas. A. Chesley, 1851-54 ; Geo. H. Wiggin, 1855- 
57; Chas. Chesley, 1858-60; Samuel H. Smith, 1861-62; G. H. 
Wiggin, 1863-64; Asa Brown, 1865-67; Wm. Sawyer, 1868-69; 
A. J. Milliken, 1870; Chas. H. Smith, 1871-74; Geo. A. Yeaton, 
1875-78 ; H. G. Sawyer, 1879-80 ; Chas. H. Smith, 1881-82 ; Geo. 
S. Dorr, 1883-89 ; John H. Garvin, 1890-1904 ; W. H. Willey, Jr., 
1905; John H. Garvin, 1906-07. 

Treasurer, 1907. — Edwin A. Himes. 



1775 — (No record, but probably), Simeon Dearborn, Noah Kim- 
ball, Joseph Maleham. 

1776— Jacob Wiggin, Nathan Mordough, John Kimball. 

1777 — Sam'l Hall, Jonathan Gilman, N. Balch. 

1778 — Simeon Dearborn, Jacob Wiggin, Samuel Hall. 

1779 — Avery Hall, Jacob Wiggin, Samuel Hall. 

1780— Avery Hall, Mayhew Clark, John Wingate. 

1781-84 — Avery Hall, John Wingate, Mayhew Clark. 

1785 — Avery Hall, Mayhew Clark, John Wingate. 

1786 — Avery Hall, John Horn, Jacob Welch. 

1787 — No record. 

1788 — Col. Jonathan Palmer, Lieut. R. G. Dearborn, John Win- 

1789 — Jonathan Palmer, David Copp, John Gilman. 

1790 — Col. Jonathan Palmer, David Copp, Col. John Gilman. 

1791-92— Wanting. 

1793 — Isaac Fellows, Avery Hall, John Gilman. 

1794 — John Gilman, Walter Neal, Jonathan Palmer. 

1795 — Jonathan Palmer, John Gilman, Walter Neal. 

1796 — Jonathan Palmer, Isaac Fellows, John Gilman. 

1797— Isaac Fellows, Col. J. Palmer, Col. J. Gilman. 

1798 — Col. J. Palmer, Col. J. Gilman, Lieut. Jas. Young. 

1799 — Isaac Fellows, Lieut. Jas. Young, Lieut. Joshua Wingate, 

1800 — -Isaac Fellows, Lieut. J. Wingate, Col. J. Gilman, 

1801 — Jas. Young, Joshua Wingate, Luther Dearborn. 

1802-04 — Jas. Young, Luther Dearborn, Elisha Sanborn. 

1805-06 — Lieut. Jonathan Copp, Noah Robinson, J. Wingate. 


1807 — Jonathan Copp, Noah Robinson, E. Sanborn. 

1808 — Jonathan Copp, Noah Robinson, John Wingate. 

1809 — Elisha Sanborn, Noah Robinson, Daniel Horn. 

1810 — Noah Robinson, Capt. Benj. Cook, Moses Gage. 

1811 — Moses Gage, Benj. Cook, John Fellows. 

1812— Moses Gage, Benj. Cook, Wm. Blaisdell. 

1813 — Isaac Fellows, Noah Robinson, Jonathan Copp. 

1814-15 — Moses Gage, Benj. Cook, James Hardy. 

1816— Moses Gage, Benj. Cook, G. W. Copp. 

1817 — James Young, H. L. Wiggin, Noah Kimball. 

1818— H. L. Wiggin, G. W. Copp, Elias Wentworth. 

1819 — H. L. Wiggin, E. Wentworth, Jonathan Copp. 

1820 — Jonathan Copp, E. Wentworth, H. L. Wiggin. 

1821 — Elias Wentworth, J. Copp, Jos. Ayres. 

1822 — H. L. Wiggin, J. Copp, Jos. Ayres. 

1823 — H. L. Wiggin, Jos. Ayres, Elias Wentworth. 

1824^J. G. Hall, Moses Gage, John Wentworth. 

1825-^. A. Chesley, J. G. Hall, Benj. Cook, Jr. 

1826— J. G. Hall, J. H. Hobbs, Benj. Cook. 

1827-28— J. H. Hobbs, W. W. Kimball, Benj. Cook. 

1829— Benj. Cook, W. W. Kimball, D. G. Rollins. 

1830-35— Wanting. 

1836— H. L. Wiggin, Wm. Burley, S. D. Hutchins. 

1837— H. L. Wiggin, John Wentworth, W. W. Kimball. 

1838-39— W. W. Kimball, John Wentworth, H. L. Wiggin. 

1840-41— N. H. Cook, Alpheus Nutter, E. G. Colby. 

1842— E. G. Colby, John Gage, E. G. Smith. 

1843— John Gage, E. G. Smith, Ebenr. Garvin. 

1844-45 — John Gage, E. Garvin, Jr., Alvah Bickford. 


1846— E. Garvin, C. H. Sawyer, M. B. Smith. 

1847— C. H. Sawyer, John Copp, M. B. Smith. 

1848 — C. H. Sawyer, John Copp, Jos. Hanson. 

1849— E. Garvin, Jr., Hiram Paul, E. G. Smith. 

1850— E. Garvin, Jr., Hiram Paul, J. F. Copp. 

1851— H. Paul, Dan'l Brackett, J. F. Copp. 

1852— D. Brackett, T. J. Dearborn, F. A. Copp. 

1853 — T. J. Dearborn, F. A. Copp, Jonathan Woodman. 

1854 — E. Garvin, J. Woodman, Albra Wentworth. 

1855 — John Gage, J. Buzzell, Oliver Nutter. 

1856 — Jonathan Buzzell, J. Woodman, J. W. Sanborn. 

1857— J. Woodman, J. W. Sanborn, C. A. Wentworth. 

1858— A. Wentworth, A. H. Sawyer, S. M. Young. 

1859 — A. Wentworth, A. H. Sawyer, Joshua Brooks. 

1860— A. H. Sawyer, J. Brooks, Nath'l Paul. 

1861— E. Garvin, D. Brackett, C. E. Swinerton. 

1862 — E. Garvin, C. E. Swinerton, J. H. Cloutman. 

1863— E. Garvin, J. H. Cloutman, C. A. Wentworth. 

1864— E. Garvin, A. J. Hayes, J. C. Philbrick. 

1865-66— Elijah Wadleigh, W. A. Maleham, J. G. Sanborn. 

1867— Elijah Wadleigh, W. A. Maleham, J. McN. Cook. 

1868— Elijah Wadleigh, J. McN. Cook, I. N. Fellows. 

1869— Elijah Wadleigh, E. Garvin, J. McN. Cook. 

1870— E. Garvin, J. McN. Cook, Jas. Tucker. 

1871— E. Garvin, G. H. Gage, J. C. Philbrick. 

1872— G. H. Gage, J. C. Philbrick, J. W. HiU. 

1873— G. H. Gage, C. A. Varney, A. F. Wood. 

1874-75 — G. H. Gage, A. F. Wood, Jos. Hanson. 

1876— Dan'l Brackett, J. F. Garland, H. R. Waldron. 


1877— Dan '1 Brackett, S. H. Smith, H. R. Waldron. 

1878-80— G. H. Gage, A. M. Brackett, G. L. Wentworth. 

1881— G. H. Gage, A. C. WiUey, G. A. Yeaton. 

1882— G. H. Gage, G. A. Yeaton, P. O. Cottle. 

1883-84^G. A. Yeaton, P. O. Cottle, H. P. Gilman. 

1885-86— P. 0. Cottle, H. P. Gilman, I. S. Loud. 

1887-88— P. 0. Cottle, H. P. Gilman, F. B. Shorey. 

1889-90— A. F. Wood, F. B. Shorey, E. E. Brown. 

1891— F. B. Shorey, E. E. Brown, F. E. Stevens. 

1892— G. H. Gage, F. E. Stevens, J. H. Weeks (died), F. B. 

1893-94— G. H. Gage, J. D. Willey, H. B. Tuttle. 
1895-96— J. D. Willey, H. B. Tuttle, I. S. Loud. 
1897—1. S. Loud, J. S. Roberts, C. W. Lowe. 
1898-99—1. S. Loud, C. W. Lowe, J. S. Roberts. 
1900—1. S. Loud (died), C. W. Lowe (resigned), G. H. Gage, 

J. G. Sanborn, J. S. Roberts. 
1901-04— F. J. Leavitt, J. W. Evans, N. O. Weeks. 
1905— F. B. Shorey, W. H. Willey, Sr., H. P. Gilman. 
1906— F. J. Leavitt, J. W. Evans, N. 0. Weeks. 
1907— F. J. Leavitt, J. W. Evans, E. J. Wheeler. 


First Congregational Church, 

The first church formed in the to\\Ti of Wakefield was 
organized Sept. 17, 1785, with the following members: Samuel 


Haines, Avery Hall, Abigail Hall, Richard Dow, Mary Dow, 
Simeon Dearborn, Martha Dearborn, Mayhew Clark and Mary 
Clark. The Rev. Asa Piper became the first pastor of the church, 
and was the first and only town minister. He served the church 
faithfully and well until May 17, 1835. Rev. Samuel Nichols, a 
graduate of the Bangor Theological Seminary, was ordained as 
colleague pastor, Sept. 17, 1828 and served until March 7, 1833, 
when he was dismissed by council. Rev. Nathaniel Barker, a 
Dartmouth and Andover graduate, came shortly after Mr. Piper's 
death, and remained here very many years. He died Oct. 13, 
1853. His successors were: Rev. Marion Leffingwell, 1856-60; 
Jos. B. Tufts, a graduate of Harvard in 1849, 1861-64; Daniel 
T. Tappan (Bowdoin), Nov. 19, 1865-April 1, 1871; Rev. Alvan 
Tobey, a short pastorate, probably in 1871 ; Rev. Sumner Clark 
(Amherst), May, 1872-1875; Rev. Geo. 0. Jenness, 1875-1880; 
Rev. A. H. Thompson (Andover, Amherst, Yale), 1880-1887; 
Rev. Lyman White (Dartmouth), June, 1888, died May 30, 
1889. There have been many able pastors at the church since 
the pastorate of the Rev. Mr. White. The present pastor is the 
Rev. 0. G. Baker. 

Congregational Church — Union. 

The Congregational Church at Union Village was organized 
during the pastorate of the Rev. Joseph Fawsett, Sept. 5, 1880- 
Sept., 1882. Prior to the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Fawsett, 
Rev. Geo. 0. Jenness had preached during the period April 
22, 1877-May 11, 1879, and Rev. C. F. Goldsmith from May 
18, 1879 to May 16, 1880. 

Following Mr. Fawsett, Jan. 7, 1883, Rev. G. S. Butler 


came to remain until May 4, 1888, since which time the follow- 
ing clergymen have been pastors of the church and brought it 
through nearly twenty years of prosperity and of great moral 
and spiritual influence upon this community : Rev. Hillis Jor- 
dan, May 11, 1888-Aug., 1888; Rev. Wm. France, Nov. 4, 1888- 
Oct. 31, 1891; Rev. L. C. Graves, Nov. 1, 1891-Nov. 1, 1894; 
Rev. Rob't L. SheaflF, Mar. 1, 1895-Mar. 1, 1897; Rev. B. W. 
Drawbridge, Oct. 5, 1897- June 4, 1900; Rev. L. W. Muttart, 
Sept. 28, 1900-Sept. 28, 1902; and Rev. E. P. Eastman, who came 
Dec. 1, 1902, and still continues as pastor of the church. 

The members of the church at the present time number fifty- 
two, of whom thirty-two are residents at Union village. Mr. 
Chas. W. Page and Mr. Chas. S. Boody are the deacons of the 
church, and Mrs. Helen M. Hanson is clerk. 

Free Baptist Churches. 

The First Free Baptist Church in Wakefield was probably 
at North Wakefield. The society after some time became extinct. 

The Second Free Baptist Church was organized in 1831, 
and was a centre of influence in South Wakefield for many years. 
The church was supplied by different preachers until 1835, 
when the meetinghouse was finished and dedicated. Joseph 
Spinney, one of the members, was the first pastor ordained. 
For many years he acted as pastor of the church, but in 1854 
he became a zealous advocate of Adventism, and April 9, of 
that year, withdrew from the church. Twenty-two members, 
and later twelve others withdrew also. After that the following 
ministers were pastors of the church : Elders Cummins Parris, 
John Chick, and H. P. Mansur, who was ordained Oct. 30, 1862, 


and served the society for several years. He was the last pastor 
of the church. Rev. Mr. Churchill of Milton Mills supplies the 
church at present. 

The Third Free Baptist Church, in the vicinity of East 
Wakefield, has become extinct. Elder John Brooks preached 
many years. Meetings were held in the schoolhouse. 

The Fourth Free Baptist Church was organized at Union 
Village, July 22, 1868, with nineteen members. Rev. Joshua 
A. Stetson was pastor for a year, and Rev. Samuel P. Fernald 
preached in 1859 and 1860. 

Methodist Episcopal Churches. 

There was a Methodist society in Wakefield as early as 
1828, and circuit preachers visited the people here, among them 
being Revs. Roswell Putnam and Herschel Foster. The class 
was accustomed to meet at the house of Francis Chapman. A 
church at Union Village was for many years in active operation, 
Milton circuit, October, 1831, A. H. Houghton, preacher in 
charge, J. Worster, assistant circuit preacher, held quarterly 
meetings at Milton, Union Village, Brookfield and Wakefield. 
1833, July, circuit divided into Milton and Wakefield circuits; 
quarterly meeting at new meetinghouse ; John Adams and Moses 
Chase, preachers. 1834, last quarterly conference at the old 
meetinghouse in centre of the town. 1839, Joseph Smith, 
preacher ; Elisha Mills, local preacher and class leader at Union ; 
1842, Jan. 8, Caleb Dustin, preacher; 1844, John French; 1846, 
I. C. Emerson; 1853-54, L. H. Gordon; 1857, Daniel W. Barber, 
preacher, James Thurston, presiding elder. The last minister 
appointed was Rev. Jos. P. Frye (Milton Mills and Union), in 



At North Wakefield, years ago, there was an organized 
Methodist Episcopal Church, but about the year 1880, a new 
church was organized and services held in the new Wesley 

Rev. H. T. Barnard, a Free Baptist clergjnnan, preached 
for a time at Leighton's Corner and at North Wakefield. Rev. 
W. Burrell preached also, and was among the foremost in secur- 
ing the new place of worship. 

North Wakefield was then in the Tuftonborough circuit, 
embracing Tuftonborough, East Wolfborough, and North Wake- 
field. The old meetinghouse had a long line of ministers, and 
was a "Union" Church as it was supplied by preachers of both 
the Methodist and Baptist profession, among them Elders Tap- 
lin and Hayes, IMethodists, and Elders Walker and Olin Page, 
Baptists. Rev. Henry E. Allen preached after 1880, to people 
at Brookfield, Hackett schoolhouse, and at North Wakefield. 
Rev. Frank Chamberlain, a local preacher, supplied for a sea- 
son. Revs. Frank Hooper, Dana Cotton Fogg have preached 
here. Rev. Mr. Yost is the present pastor. 

A church was organized at Sanbornville in January, 1887, 
with seven members, and a new circuit was formed embracing 
Wolfboro Junction (Sanbornville), Brookfield, East Wolfe- 
borough, and North Wakefield, and April, 1887, Rev. Geo. A. 
Luce was appointed minister in charge. He served two years 
and was followed in 1889 by Rev. J. M. Bean. The church 
building had been dedicated in November, 1887. In 1889 there 
were forty communicants. 

The following clergymen have succeeded the Rev. Mr. Bean 


as pastor of the church : Revs. A. G. Smith, J. T. Hooper, Crook, 
0. W. Bryant, Lowell, Geo. R. Locke, R. H. Hughes, J. G. A. 
Martin and W. J. Wilkins, the present pastor who came to this 
church in April, 1907. 

Advent Church. 

Meetings were held by the followers of Wm. Miller in 1842, 
and later, and April 5, 1852, Elder Joseph Spinney, and twenty- 
two members, followed later by twelve others, withdrew from 
the Free Baptist Church and became a separate society. The 
first minister. Elder Spinney, continued as pastor of the church 
at South Wakefield, which had been erected by the Free Bap- 
tists and Adventists, for very many years until his death. 

Rev. Joseph Libby and other clergymen have supplied. The 
present Adventist supply is Rev. E. A. Goodwin. 

A society existed at Woodman's IMills, also, and had regular 
preaching for several years, by Elders T. L. Churchill, Chas. 
Coleman, both of Brookfield, and other ministers. Meetings 
for prayer and conference were held also, with Brother Alonzo 
Went worth. 

The church was organized about the year 1878, under the 
labors of Rev. R. F. Emerson of East Rochester. For a number 
of years the society worshiped in the schoolhouse at Woodman. 
About fifteen years ago a church was erected. Revs. R. F. 
Emerson, D. W. Stevens of Effingham, T. J. Coolbroth and 
many other clergymen have preached at the church. 

Rev.F. J. Hadley came three years ago and is the present 
pastor of the church. The society has grown in numbers and 
prosperity constantly since the organization of the church and 


has a neat, commodious little chapel at the present time. 
St. Anthony's Catholic Church. 

This church was built at Sanbornville about ten years ago. 
It is a mission station in the "Wolfeboro, Wakefield, Milton cir- 
cuit, and is supplied by priests from Gonic, who say mass 
occasionally also at Union Village in this town. 

The Rev. Fr. Laroque began the construction of the church, 
and it was finished by the Rev. Fr. Lesard. Father Joseph 
Melancou, too, has supplied the church, which is now under 
the care of the Rev. Fr. Godin. About thirty-six families attend 
divine worship at the chapel, where mass is said every Sunday 
during the summer, and on Friday morning every fortnight in 
the winter. 

Church of St. John the Baptist — Episcopal. 

The corner stone of the Episcopal Church at SanbornviUe 
was laid on Saint John the Baptist's day, and the church of 
Saint John the Baptist was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. Wm. 
W. Niles, D.D., Bishop of New Hampshire, Sept. 14, 1877. The 
first rector was Rev. W. B. T. Smith. Rev. Wm. L. Himes was 
pastor during the six years between the winter of 1881 and 
that of 1887, and was succeeded in September, 1887, by Rev. 
Wm. S. Emery, who served until January, 1892. Succeeding 
pastors have been: Rev. W. S. L. Romily, who remained about 
four years; Rev. Chas. Bancroft, who remained about three 
years; Rev. Joseph Ames, who remained about four years; and 
John A. Chapin, the present pastor. 



The earliest industries in the town of Wakefield were 
probably the mills of Messrs. Copp, Haines, Allen, and Hall, 
at which lumber was sawed, and grain ground for the benefit 
of the settlers. At Union, more than a hundred years ago, 
there was a ''fulling mill," and very early a saw mill built 
by the settlers and operated by them on shares. On the site 
of the old saw mill, Luther G. Gate and others later did an 
extensive lumber business. The property was purchased by the 
Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad Company and 
operated for the manufacture of car stock. The next industry 
in the old mill, was the chair manufactory of Reuben Sanborn, 
who continued his business there a few years, before building 
a factory near the station, where he carried on the work exten- 
sively until it was destroyed by fire. The old mill came into 
the possession of J. F. and G. E. Hart, who manufactured lum- 
ber and later excelsior, which they continued for years. J. F. 
Hart, after selling his share of the property to his brother, 
went to Tacoma, Wash. Later J. F. Farnliam purchased a half 
interest, then the entire plant, and has since continued the 
manufacture of excelsior. About a dozen or fifteen hands are 
employed by Mr. Farnham, and the annual output of the mill 
is about 2,500 ton. 

The factory at Union occupied by the W. M. Lord Co., 
manufacturers of excelsior, was built about twenty-five or thirty 
years ago, by T. C. Pike, who erected it for the manufacture 
of woolen goods. Mr. S. L. Hutchins purchased the mill and 
after manufacturing excelsior there for some years, disposed of 


the property to the W. M. Lord Co., which began operations 
January, 1902. About twelve or fifteen hands are employed at 
this mill, and the output for the present year will amount to 
about 2,500 tons. 

The present site of the brass foundry at Union has been 
occupied by several industries, first as a grist mill, then an excel- 
sior factory, where Chas. E. Varney and Frank B. Drew carried 
on operations. 

It was first occupied as a brass foundry by the Union Brass 
Co. The property later became the property of Mr. Edw. F. 
Hamlin, one of the principal share holders, who has since carried 
on the industry under the name of the E. F. Hamlin Brass Co. 

The woolen mill of Arthur L. Taft at Union was built by 
John Meikle, about thirty years ago. For twelve or fifteen years, 
Mr. Meikle manufactured felt and carried on block printing 
there, until the plant came into the possession of the Star 
Woolen Co., which remained only a few years. Not long after- 
ward, the present owner, Mr. Taft, acquired the property, which 
he still operates for the manufacture of woolen goods, employing 
a large number of hands. 

The monumental works at Union were first used for that 
industry by Herbert F. Stevens, who carried on an extensive 
business for many years before selling to Chas. W. Law from 
whom, a few years later, ]\I. L. Johnson, formerly sheriff of 
Carroll County, bought it. He carries on a large business, 
close by the railroad station, where several hands are employed 
in the turning out of excellent granite and marble work. Mr. 
Johnson has branch works at Farmington. 

Until about the year 1870, Union was the terminal of the 


railroad, and a centre for the stage lines through the surround- 
ing country. The railroad shops were located there, and gave 
the village an important industry. 

In 1817, there were in the town of Wakefield a cotton fac- 
tory, a carding industry, three grain mills, three saw mills, 
three fulling mills. In 1859, there were five saw mills, five grist 
mills, and ten shingle, clapboard and planing mills, and a large 
amount of lumber was manufactured. 

In 1868, there were seven mills in town, that of the Pine 
River Lumber Company near the Ossipee line ; Luther G. Cate 's 
at Union; a large one near Wakefield Corner, run by John W. 
Sanborn, and others. 

Six shingle mills were in operation, and shoe and salt boxes, 
flannel boards, etc., were made. Tinware was extensively man- 
ufactured, and the shoe industry had grown to large propor- 
tions. In 1872, Wakefield ranked fourth in point of wealth, 
and third in mechanical business, among the towns in the 

Sanbornville owes its growth and prosperity principally to 
the railroad. It is an important junction of the Wolfeborough 
and North Conway branches of the Boston & Maine, and is 
a railroad centre, with offices, car works, and so forth, the 
industry affording employment for many of the people of the 

Other manufacturing industries in town at this time are 
the saw mills of James Horn at Horn's Mills and L. P. Wiggin 
in that vicinity, the mill at Sanbornville, of which Mrs. Lillian 
Rogers is proprietor, the G. L. Plummer mill below Union Vil- 
lage, and the mill formerly owned by D. W. Libby, now the 
property of Geo. Chick, at Woodman's Mills. 



Revolutionary War. 

Capt. David Copp was the first major in Col. Joseph Bad- 
ger's regiment in August, 1775; in November of the same year 
he commanded a company for the defence of the harbor and 
fortresses near Portsmouth; in November, 1780, he was lieu- 
tenant-colonel of militia. He was in command of a company 
at Bunker Hill. 

Lieut. Andrew Oilman served under Capt. Copp, Capt. 
Jeremiah Gilman "and 15 soldiers under him" served in the 
Bennington Expedition in 1777, Capt. Gilman being the Wake- 
field hero of that year. James Clark and Jona. Towle went 
to Rhode Island; Joseph Green served in the 3d N. H. Reg't; 
Dearborn Loverin and Joseph Dearborn were of Capt. Smith's 
Company of the Reynold Reg't; Jonathan Quimby and Paul 
Sanbourn enlisted in Capt. James Carr's Company; Jonathan 
Hazeltine served in Capt. Ellis' Company of Col. Scammell's 
Reg't; Joshua Edgerly enlisted in Capt. Carr's Company Feb. 
17, 1777, and probably served later in Capt. Wentworth's Com- 
pany; Joseph Edgerly was in Nathan Hale's Second Battalion; 
Timothy Ricker was in the 2d N. H. Reg't in 1780; Andrew 
Quimby enlisted in March, 1781, served in the 1st N. H. Reg't, 
was discharged in December of the same year, and died in the 
service of his country in 1782; Peter Barter served in Capt. 
Bell's Company in Col. Hale's Reg't, was taken prisoner on the 
retreat from Ticonderoga, and was wounded in the thigh at 
Monmouth, in consequence of which he was rendered unfit for 


duty and sent home. He was ordered to the fort and served 
under Col. Dame and Capt. Deering. 

The town voted $80 to five men who enlisted in 1776, for 
the expedition into Canada. These men were Josiah Miggin, 
Benj. Horn, Samuel Scribner, Henry Went worth, and Jesse 

There were many splendid soldiers among them, fearless 
patriots, enured to hardship and privation, loving liberty, and 
disdaining suffering and death. Their names may be found on 
the State rolls of honor. 

War op 1812. 

Major J. G. Hall and Lieut, or Capt. Jas. Hardy, stationed 
at Fort Constitution; Dr. Richard Russell, surgeon on privateer 
Polly, captured and confined in Dartmoor prison; Mayhew 
Clark, sent to Portsmouth. These men were not all natives of 
Wakefield, several of them not coming here until the close of 
the war. 

Lieut. Joseph Parker Smith was probably the only Wake- 
field man who served in the Mexican War. He was a graduate 
of West Point, and a brave soldier. He fell at Chapultepec. 

Wakefield in the Civil War. 

The patriotism and loyalty to the Union, displayed by the 
citizens of the towns and cities throughout the New England 
States during the great War of the Rebellion, found an answer- 
ing chord in the hearts of the men of Wakefield, and they 
answered the call of duty with a willing and ready response. 
Thousands of dollars in bounties, aids, and contributions, and 


a large quota of men were freely given to our country to aid 
her in the peril and conflict of the four long years. 

Wakefield's record of service in the Revolution was nobly 
maintained in the Civil War, for the men who fought and died 
to crush out slavery and to maintain the unity of the Republic 
were the descendants of the men who gave their all to win the 
independence of the new born Nation; the same blood flowed 
in their veins ; they were actuated by similar motives ; influenced 
by the same high ideals. In field, in camp, in hospital, they 
showed their worth as men, and their bravery and heroism never 
has, and never can be questioned. Wakefield's military record 
for a period going back even to the birth of the Nation has 
never been stained, and the names and deeds of the soldiers of 
the Rebellion, like those of the men of the Revolution reflect 
the greatest honor upon their native town. 


In 1776, the town voted "£8 for schooling, one-half to be 
laid out in the summer, the other half in winter." In 1777, 
Capt. David Copp, Daniel Hall, Wm. Moore, and John Kimball 
were chosen the first school committee, and £11 were voted for 
schooling, "One-half to be laid out below the pond, the other 
half above." In 1778, it was voted that the school be kept near 
John Kimball's below the pond. £30 were appropriated that 
year; in 1779, £60; in 1782, money sufficient to support a "man 
school" for six months; in 1785, the interest of the school lot, 


and £24; in 1798, $200 including interest; in 1804-07, $200. 

Early teachers were: Elizabeth Piper, in the Hall district 
in 1807; Richard F. Dow, Sally Copp, and Samuel Fellows in 
1808. Prior to this time, however, Masters Nicolson, Robinson, 
John Bosdel, David Glody, Evans; in 1795, John Dame, and 
Master Newlson. These were all teachers in town before the 
beginning of last century. 

The first schools were held, probably, in private houses, but 
in the fall of 1796 a schoolhouse was built, to be followed by 
several others later as new ones become necessary. 


In 1815, Mr. Josiah Dow, a leading merchant of Boston, 
built and established on his father's farm in this town, Dow 
Academy, which was dedicated Nov. 6, 1815. The institution 
flourished for several years, having an extensive patronage from 
students both in and out of the State, the roll of August, 1819, 
showing a student body of sixty-three. The building, after 
the school was closed several years after its foundation was 
removed to Sanbornville in 1886, to continue its usefulness as 
a hall for the societies of that village. 

Through the generosity of the founder's grandson, the 
Wakefield Academy incorporated in 1827, was, nearly sixty 
years after it had been closed, revived by the gift of one hun- 
dred dollars annually, and enjoyed a new period of prosperity 
for some time. 


Petition for an Incorporation of Union Library, 1797. 

The petition of the subscriber in behalf of the proprietors 
of Wakefield and Brookfield Union Library being empowered 
by a vote of the proprietors for the purpose aforesaid, humbly 
prays that Timothy Johnson, Avery Hall, Jonathan Palmer, 
David Copp, William Chamberlain may be incorporated into a 
body politic with all the power and privileges that the Leg- 
islature in their wisdom may see proper for the benefit and 
continuance of the said institution, and your petitioner for and 
in behalf of said proprietors in duty bound will ever pray, etc. 

Wakefield, June 5th, 1797. 

David Copp. 

The foregoing petition was granted in the House of Rep- 
resentatives, June 10, 1797, and the Senate concurred. 



Dr. Howe of Rochester was perhaps the first regular phy- 
sician to visit the people of this town. Another early physician 
was Dr. John Manning who was probably here from 1790 to 

Dr. Thomas Lindsay, too, must have been here very early, 
for he married a Wakefield woman, Polly Nudd, in 1787. He 
moved to Lincoln, Maine, in 1832. He had a long and suc- 
cessful practice. 


Dr. John McCrillis was one of the original members of the 
Strafford Medical Society and fifth president in 1832. His 
practice covered a period of many years. 

Dr. Richard Russell graduated at Dartmouth in 1813, and 
came to Wakefield soon after. He served as a surgeon in the 
War of 1812, but came back to Wakefield and practised with 
the exception of four years spent at Concord, from 1815 to 1833. 
After about twenty years of practice at Great Falls (Somers- 
worth) he died in 1855. 

Dr. Thos. Lindsay, Jr., began practice in this town about 
the year 1827. He went from here to Lincoln, Maine, where 
he continued to practice medicine until his death. Mar. 8, 1864. 

Dr. Nathaniel Grant and Dr. Jones (here in 1836) natives 
of Lebanon, Maine, were here between 1830 and 1840. The 
former went from here to Ossipee; the latter back to Lebanon. 

Dr. Sumner Gilman practised at Union and at Wakefield 
Corner. He was a graduate of the Dartmouth Medical School, 
1833, married Miss Susan Wentworth of this town, and died 
here in 1841. 

Dr. Chas. L. Swasey came from Limerick about 1840, 
practised here some time, and went from this place to New 
Bedford, Mass., where he died. 

Dr. S. B. Twitchell came about 1849, married Miss Sarah 
E. Swasey, and went to Rushville, N. Y., returning later to 
Wakefield, where he continued in practice until October, 1854. 
He died the following year. 

Dr. S. W. Roberts, a native of Alton, and a Dartmouth 
alumnus, practised here many years. He was a member of the 
New Hampshire Medical Society, and its president, 1887-88. 


Dr. Wm. B, Reynolds of Acton, Maine, came to Union in 
1855, and later went into the army. After the war he went 
to Lynn, Mass., where he died. 

Dr. John L. Swinerton, a native of Newfield, Maine, and 
a graduate of the Bowdoin Medical School, practised medicine 
in towns in this vicinity, and at Union, during a period of nearly 
fifty years. He died Nov. 2, 1882, at Union Village. 

Dr. John E. Scruton, a native of New Durham and a 
Bowdoin graduate, began practice at Union Jan. 1, 1871. He 
was a skilled surgeon and physician, and enjoyed an extensive 
practice throughout this whole section until his death. 

Dr. Chas. F. Roberts, born in Lebanon, Maine, Aug. 5, 
1860, graduated at Columbia, and came to Sanbornville from 
New York in January, 1885, and practised in that village a 
number of years. 

Dr. P. T. Haskell came to Union after having practised 
a short time in the South, and remained several years, going 
from Union to Sanbornville, where he practiced for some time 
before removing to Concord. 

Drs. Merrill and Robinson practised a short time at Union 

Dr. Chas. C. Rogers practised at the same place for a few 
years. He is now located in Farmington. 

Dr. John E. Stevens, a native of Wakefield, came here dur- 
ing the latter part of Dr. Rogers' stay, and still enjoys a suc- 
cessful and lucrative practice. 

Dr. H, A. Moody succeeded Dr. Haskell in practice May 
1, 1905, coming here from a practice in Jackman, Me. He is 
still in practice at Sanbornville Village. 


Dr. W. S. Davis of Farmington came here from a practice 
in Alton about fifteen years ago. The doctor not only attends 
to an extensive practice but also is proprietor of a modem and 
well-equipped pharmacy located in the same building as the 
offices of the town officials. 


Joseph Tilton, Esq., born at East Kingston in 1774, grad- 
uated at Harvard in 1797, and commenced the practice of law 
in Wakefield soon after 1800. He went to Rochester about 1805. 
. "Squire" Sawyer, Amasa Copp, Josiah Hobbs practised 
law at Wakefield Corner years ago. 

The first lawyer at Sanbornville was John Sanborn, Esq., 
who practised at the village until his death. A. L. Foote, Esq., 
who came here from Somersworth many years ago, and John 
Gage, Esq., who is a later comer, are the present resident law- 
years in practice at Sanbornville, and in this town. 



Choice Groceries, Notions, Confectionery, Cigars 
and Tobacco. Agent for Lister's Fertilizers also 
J. H. Hanson's Subscription Agency 




H. L. Whiting, Prop. 

Special attention given to Summer Guests. Nice Cosy 
Rooms, Acetylene Gas. A first class livery con- 
nected with the house 





Feed, Flour and Grain, Boots, Shoes and Rubbers 
Pratt's Food and Veterinary Remedies 




Representing Granite State Fire Insurance Co., Portsmouth, 
N. H. Continental Insurance Co., New York. Capital Fire 
Insurance Co., Concord, N. H. 




Grain, Flour, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Etc. Also Agent for 
Swift's Fertilizers. 


Census of lUakcfield 

Note— The following is the list of Post Office abbrevia- 
tions used in the Census of the town of Wakefield, N. H. Mil- 
ton Mills— M Mills; Farmington— Farm; East Rochester— E 
Roch; North Rochester— N Roch; South Wakefield— So; East 
Wakefield— East; Springvale— Spr'vle; Sanbornville-San'vlle; 
Horn's Mills— H Mills. R. F. D. routes are indicated by num- 
ber of the route following the post office name from which 
they emanate. Where no post office address is given, Wake- 
field, N. H. is understood. 

Abbott, O L R R ser San'vlle 
Florence A (Keniston ho 
Wallace S pi 

Adams, Myra (Sanborn Union 
Adams, Marion pi Union 
Adjutant, C L car & mason 

Lena (Eaton 

Joseph C 

Eva M 

Celia M 
Adjutant, John F 

Adjutant, Samuel 

Jennie M (Tufits 
Archibald, R B far 
Arnold, Wm F 


s s op 




Baker, Rev G 

Alida M (Barnes 

*H B mgr sheep 



,, Wyo 

John W 


Eliza L 


Paul G 


Stella K 


Edward E 






Jane L 

Beacham, Mary F (Canney 


Howard A sta agt 

Beacham, H A sta agt 


Hattie F (Haines 




Beaudette, Henry lab 

Mary (Patree 

Aleide pi 


Berry, Wm W far South 

Elizabeth C (Farnham ho 
Bickford, Geo R car San'vlle 

*Geo F sales 

228 Salem, Medford, Mass 

*Alired con & bldr 

Maplewood, N J 

Henry E cl 

Arthur B pi 

*Carrie A (m Jones 
54 Reeves PI, Brooklyn, N Y 
Bickford, Albion M printer 

Bertha E (Rines 
Blake, Simon far 

Georgianna P (Palmer 

Simon Jr 

*Winfred S carrier 

Wobarn, Mass 

*G A team Lowell, Mass 

Herbert I far 

Jessie far 

*Elsie M tr 

Roxbury, Mass 

*Mary E (m Haskett 


Margaret stu 

Bodwell, Josephine (Ricker 

*Blanch J (ra Changler 

barber No Carolina 

Lillian E milliner 

Bowers, WE R R ser 

San'vlle R F D 
Sarah E (Weight 
WE Jr 

Brackett, Elizabeth R(Wiggin 
Mary F (m Tucker 
Jennie E (m Hines 
Herbert C R R ser 

John E R R ser 

William F R R ser 

*Geo A lab 

Harry L R R ser 

Frank J far 

Flora P tr 

Brackett, John E eng 

Mary E (Kenney ho 

Helen M pi 

Estella L pi 

Doris M pi 

Ralph E 

Brackett, A M mer & car 

*C A New York City 

F L R R ser 

Ina E ho 

Brackett, F L R R ser 

Ada A (Remick mus tr 

Brackett, Ida M 

Brackett, Emeline 

Horatio N ear 

Brackett, Horatio ear 

Blanche C (Ayers 



Winthrop F pi 

Theodore N 
Eveline E 

Bragdon, D far & J of P 
Prov Lk 
Florence E J (Noyes 
* Florence E (m Peacor 

Genevieve A ho 

*H O elec Boston, Mass 
Percy pi 

Brigham, Geo T 

exp messenger Union 
Emma J (Hayes ho 

*Chesley H grocer Roch 

Brintnall, Norman N Y 

sum bdg ho San'vlle 2 

Brooks, Ida E (Brooks ho 

Brown, Elmer E R K ser 

Frances E (Howe 

Brown, Plummer A R R ser 
Laura V (Rice ho 

Audrey R stu 

Basil I stu 

Mason W pi 

Charlotte L pi 

Brown, Edward E mill op No 
Mabel G (Dore 
Chauncey E stu 

Marion D pi 

Brown, Asa P M 

Olive E (Rollins 

*Daniel R phy 

197 Lafayette, Salem, Mass 

Burleigh, Edwin P drug East 

Bourroughs, Edgar 

mech & mill op 
Grace (Ricker 
Mabel G tr 

Edgar H Jr stu 

Wilber W stu 

Ralph J stu 

Campbell, Ernest C R R ser 
May E (Perkins ho 

Inez E pi 

Thelma A 
Mildred E 
Chamberlain, A H mill op 

Sarah E (Corson ho 

Chamberlain, Helen (Long 

*Annie N (m Hanson 
18 Austin, Somerville, Mass 
*Chas L R R ser 

5 Benedict, Somerville, Mass 
*Ernest G ptr 

E Millinocket, Me 
*Lillian A (m Hammond 
Chamblain, Telesphore lab 
Grace (Lamontague 
Antoinette M pi 



Joseph L pi 

Romeo F pi 


St Flavien Canado 

Chapman, J E supt ice works 
Ella J (Snow ho 

Edna B dr mkr 

H Grace tr 

Homer L lab 

Harris W stu 

Chapin, Rev John A 

Chase, Eliza A (Hill ho 


Chick, Louie E ho Union 

Chick, G H mill op Woodmans 
Jennie F (Waldron ho 
Ralph H car 

Harry W surveyor of lum 
L Sumner turner 

Ruth M pi 

Willard C pi 

Doris M 

Clark, Hannah L (Churchell 
San'vlle 1 
Mayhew far 

Ellen I (m Adlington 

Clark, Mayhew far R F D 1 
Elizie R (Furber 
Mina B tr 

Edwin L stu 

Clark, Geo W R R ser 

Lizzie M (Tibbetts 
J Frank oflSce 

*Clough, Madeline stu 

1 Elwood Av, Stoneham, Mass 

Cloutman, Harriet A (Home 

ho H Mills 

Nora A P M & ho 

*Geo J cl Portsmouth 

Cloutier, Lenora (Perlekent 

ho Union 

Celina (m 

*Delia (m Martell 

Seattle, Wash 
*Melvina (m Young 

So mers worth 
Olive M Cm Pippin Canada 
Coffrin, Sarah (Haj'es 
Colbath A S retd 

Martha J (Ham 
Walter G road master 
*J B mill op Conway 

Abbie A (m Taylor 
*Chas W eng 

Kennebunk, Me 
*Herbert B R R ser 

Alden T blk 

*Mary A (m Moulton 

Lynn, Mass 
Colbath, W G R R ser San'vlle 
Emma B (Knox ho 

*E F Stony Ford, N Y 

Isabelle M (m White 
♦Blanche M (m Schutt 

Leominster, Mass 





Clifton J 


Waterville, Me 

Florence B 


Winnifred M 


Richard L 

Inez M 


Raymond L 

Norman H 


Cottle, Phineas 


Como, Albert J 


Cottle, Martha M 


*Ro8e M (m Davis 

Cottle, Mary L 


Wood mans 

Cottle, Emily 


Joseph A 


Cox, Henry P blk 


Cook, M K prof penmanship 

Clarice G (Willis 

sum res Hartford, Conn 



Adeline E (Titcom 

b ho 

Archie L 


Cook, Emily A ho 




Cook, Archie 


Hazel N 


Cook, Elmer M lab 

No 2 

Clarence W 

Lillian B (Clow 

Creatau, I Chas 


Ethel S 


Mary (Dredeau 

Hazel M 


Octii M 


Mamie E 


Frank J 


Emily A 


Ernest J 


Wilfred J 


Albert J 


Harold M 

George J 


Cook, Nancy P (Page 

Raymond J 


Copp, Fredrick 



Corson, Sarah (Nay ho Union 


Emma S (m Cham 


Creatau, Edward 


Mary A (m Hutchins 

Emily (Hymer 

*Geo B eng Wobui 

[•n, Mass 

James E 




Phoebe E 


Corson, John E far 


Alma C 


Idella L (Wiggins 


Joseph L 


Florence M 


Regina M 


Cate, Arthur W 

R R ser 

Mary V 


May E (Allen 

dr mkr 

Odianna L 




Grace C 

Leo J 

Crocker, Geo H team 

Lydia E (Drowns 

Currier, Mary ho 

Curtis, J S cl 

*Winfred F real est 
New York City 

Edna A ho 


Davis, Daniel S far East 
*Alma F (m Moonej^ 

Lillian A ho 

*Clarence E R R ser 

Davis, Frank far San'ville 
Mary (Bearce ho 

*E8tella (m Guptill Roch 
*Edward ptr Roch 

*Lena (m Masbury Roch 

Davis, W S phy & sur 

Annie J (Montgomery 
Bessie M mus tr 

Chas S stu 

Davis, Frederick H R R ser 
Florence B (McDonald 
Forest E pi 

Davis, Susan C (Home East 
*Jennie (m McKennon 

*Katie (m Lang:ley 

Acton Ridge, Me 


R R ser 


DeCharno, MM R R ser 

Mary (Welch 


Mary J 

Dehaner, Alfred 

Mandy (Ouallet 

Wilhe J 
DeLain, Alfred R 

Dora B (Fellows 
Deland, Julia ho 

*Jas H blk Farm 

Florence E (m Wesley 
Delano, Geo W far 

Mary B (Ham ho 

Demarce, John lab 

Georgina (Tebo 
Demarce, Daniel team 

My r tie M (Swett 
Deroches, Talbert lab 

Mary L (Marcoux 

Sadie A 

Alphonse H 
DeWitt, Chester W far 

Marcia C (AUard ho 

Dolan, Fred R R ser 

Ellen ( 

Domall, Lewis boss finisher 


Catherine (McGray ho 
Douglas, Frank R R ser 

Jennie M (Harmon ho 

Charles F 

Florence M 



Douglas, Jas W far 

Ella (m Fifield 
*Clara (rn Lewis Conway 
Rose A (Thurston 
Dow, Abbott Low 

prop of Homestead (been in 
family name 125 years) 
C S (SaJford ho 

*Maro:;aret (m Green 

308 W 77, New York 
*Cornelia (m Bancroft 

157 Bay State Rd, 
Boston, Mass 
*Caroline (m Hiss 

200 Cumberlain Hts, 

Brooklyn, N Y 

Downs, Thos J far San'vlle 

Cora L (Hamilton ho 

Harry A far 

Bessie L ho 

Winifred E stu 

Downs, Harry A far San'vlle 

Agnes (Sawyer ho 

Nellie M 

Hazel A 

Downs, Geo E retd 

Abbie E (Eastman 

EdnaB milliner 

Doyle, John watchman 

Sadie (m Hamilton ho 

George H team 

Lizzie B s s op 

*Fred mill op 

151 No Main, Roch 

Mabel E ho 

Drapeau, E 

Aurelia (m Carrier 

*Annie s s op 

George R R ser 

Eusebe G pi 

Led a pi 

*Hiliodore pi 

Veuleara pi 

Euclide pi 

Drew, Geo W grain dlr Union 

Nellie E (Stevens ho 

Lyle S stu 

Harold L stu 

Drew, J W far 
Francena (Kennett 

Drown, Stephen D far mgr 
Carrie C ( Peavey 

Edgar I pi 

Marjory V pi 

Carrol E pi 

Leon H pi 

Durrell, Geo W mill op Union 

Sarah E (Rogers ho 

Dyer, Joe lab 
Edith (Peron 

Delia M pi 

Frank J pi 

Ora M pi 

Eddie pi 

Olida M pi 
Alsen J 



Lucie M 
Fred J 

Eastman, Edward P 

Cong clerg Union 

Eliza N (Sawyer ho 

*Fred L Walliston, Mass 

asst inspector equip, USA 

*Louise S bk kpr 

Waltham, Mass 

*Harriet F bk kpr 

Waltham, Mass 

Charlotte H ho 

*Grace F bk kpr 

Waltham, Mass 

Eastman, Arthur team 

Marion (Swett 

Violet pi 

Jennie M pi 

Reed pi 


Ellis, Chas E barber 

*W M real estate broker 

416 E 38, Los Angeles, Cal 

Emerson, Clara A (Whitcomb 

Evans, Melvina (Farnham 

San' vile 

*Laara A (m Piper Union 

*Calvin J far M Mills 

*Frank J millman 

Berwick, Me 

*Clarence D mer & sta agt 

E Wolfborough 

Garfield J far 

Victor C far 

Evans, Victor C far San'ville 

Mattie (Weeks ho 

Evans, Albert L far San'ville 

Anna M (Swanson ho 

*Abbie J (m Hannan 

118 Roger Williams Ave 

Providence, R I 

Fall, Dorcas D (Home ho 

Lucy N 

Clarabel bk kpr 

*George G ex agt & far 


Farnham, Albert J car 

Lena M (Lowd ho 

Ruby F 

Morris A 
Farnham, Mary (Jones So 

*Martha M (m Wilkius 

Jamaica Plain, Mass 

Marietta ho 

Ella F ho 

Herbert E invalid 

Farnham, J F exc mfg Union 

Ora E (Cutts ho 

*Fred H bk kpr 

Maiden, Mass 

Hazel A pi 



Farnham, E E far San'vlle 2 
Albert J car 

Katie M(m Buzzell M Mills 
Annie M steno^ 

Farnham, John F far 

Emma R (Ellis ho 

Feeny, Wm J far San'ville 2 
*Lena M (m Curry M Mills 
*Edith M (m Crosby 

Roxbury, Mass 
William L s s op 

Harold L s s op 

Geo F pi 

O Raymond pi 

Laura E (Watson ho 

Fellows, John K R R ser 

Kate (Fennely 
Harold F 

Fellows, J P far San'vlle 
Mary A (Pike ho 

*Sadie M (m Woodman 

*Nettie J milliner Milton 
Annie P ho 

Edna M s s op 

Fellows, H B car San'ville 
Anstreff (m Nichols 
*Ceclia (m Brown 

Dora (m Dealon 
Bertha (m Rand 
Ethel (m 

Fellows, Chas S San'ville 

R R ser & far 

Hattie L (m Young 

Carrie E (Tufts ho 

*Bessie M cash 

52 Pearl, Boston, Mass 

Fellows, H M far San'vlle 

Fellows, Oscar F far San'ville 

*Geo P meat cutter Mass 

John K R R ser 

Fellows, Mary A ho San'ville 

Fields, Jas R R ser 

Bessie (Thibeau ho 

Frank L R R ser 

Mamie E (m Haynes 

*Fifield, Frank F meat cutter 


*Chas H stone mason 


George R lab 

Freeman, E K mer 

Helen M (Fursden ho 

Mary M pi 

Everett pi 

Wm Radmore pi 

*French, Alden C team Farm 

Frost, Arthur H real estate 

Cambridge, Mass 

Grace C (Clark ho 

Sherman C pi sum res 


Gage, Geo H 




Gage, John 




Sarah M (Mills 
Gannon, Ernest 

Georina (Legary 

Arthur E 

Oscar G 

Eugene J 


Leon J 

Marion M 
Gagnon, Delphine (Obeen 
Gagnon, Amedee lab 

Annie (Lamee 
Gagnon, Emile lab 

Gagnon, Gene R R ser 

Manda (Butler 

Mary M 

Grace N 

Orie J 

Lucie M 
Garland, Geo mill op Union 

Nellie M (Stillings ho 

Alda B mill op 

Bertha F pi 

Olive A pi 

Bernice M pi 

Garland, Alvah S far San'vlle 

Ruth Y (m Yeaton 

Joseph S civ eng 

Garland, L (Sears San'vlle 2 
Garland, A F s s op & mer 

Jerome F lab 

*Augustus lab 

Newburyport, Mass 

'Melissa J (Drown ho 


Carrie tr 


Arthur A ■ mer 

Garland, John T retd 


*Edwin eng 


Springvale, Me 


*Geo mill op Union 

Fred cl 

*Mary s s op Berwick, Me 
Garvin, Almira (Lang 

John H mer 

Garvin, John H mer 

Catherine P (Dow 

J Howard pl 

Josiah D pl 

Garvin, James W mer 

Charlotte J (Maleham 

*Bertha M 

deaconess Grace Church 
802 Broadway, N Y City 

Clara N 

kindergarden school 

James P cl 

*S F stu Dartmouth Col 
2 Sanborn, Hanover 

Mary A stu 

Charlotte R stu 

Gerry, Lydia M ho 

Gilman, H P eng Union 

Mary E (Foniar ho 

Gilman, W W mill op Union 

*Clara (m 

Tunbridge, Yt 
Gilman, T far San'vlle 1 
Glidden, Loreu J stable 



Goldiere, Augustin pi 

Goodhue, Laura (Loveriug 
Goodwin, H S fore sec Union 
Stella L (Campbell ho 

*Leon H cl M Mills 
Harrj S stu 

Ray T lab 

Pauline M 


Hackett, Chas A R R ser 

Hadley, F J advent preacher 
Haines, Almira M ho 

Haines, J M j)lum & tinsmith 

Elvira (Hillard 

Edw M plum & tinsmith 

Chas L cl 

Haines, EM plum & tinsmith 

Mamie (Fields 

Shirley M 
Hall, F W brass finisher 


Mary A L (Wilson ho 

Hazen J pi 

Hall, Harriet A (Moulton ho 


John A heel mfg 

Percy E iar 

Ham, Nathaniel retd 

Haaiilton, John E R R ser 

Sadie M (Doyle 

Ernest E s s op 

Raymond E pi 

Hamlin, E F brass mfg Union 

Josephine S (Littlefield 

Clara B (m Morrison 
Hammond, Olive (Moulton 


Ursha H (m Hart 

Eva V ho 

*J M team Brookfield 

*Albert A mill op N Roch 
Hammond, A (Nealey Union 

*Flora E (m Mullen 

Roslindale, Mass 

*Mabel (m Mayhew 

Boston, Mass 

*Edward F wood worker 

Geo F R F D 1 carrier 

Hammond, Geo L mail agt 


Carl W pi 

Hanson, Frances H (Tucker 

Willis G eng 

Hanson, Edward G mill op 
Hanson, F A far & R R ser 

Lizzie R (Laskey 

*Aunie M cashier 

14 Hancock, Boston, Mass 

*Edna H cashier 

14 Hancock, Boston, Mass 
Hanson, M far Woodmans 
Hanson, Susan M Woodmans 
Hanson, A P ptr Union 



*Fred S R R eer 

18 Austin, Somerville, Mass 

Helen M (Chamberlain ho 
Hanson, L mill op Union 

Addie (Shackford ho 

Mabel M pi 

Hanscom, Nellie M (Kimball 


•Frank J moulder Farm 
Harmon, John M team 

Sarah M (Eaton 

John H team 

Jennie M (m Douglass 

Reuben S pi 

Alice B pi 

Hart, Loami team East 

Hannah U (Harmon ho 

Henry mill op 

*Beruice M (m Litchfield 

Kennebunkport, Me 

Bertha E (m Robinson 


*Lula P (m Trainer 

W Newfield 

Walter H mill op 

Ella M pi 

Blanche I 
Hay den, Wm F far 

Etta P (Burnham 

Myra S 

Lillian E 

Hayes, Grace (Haines cook 

Iva L table girl 

Doris A 
Joseph E 

Heath, Chas C 
Alice E 

Hill, Rilla 

Hill, Leonard 


blk Union 


dr rakr 

lab Union 

*Pearl A (ra Davis 

Somerville, Mass 

Lena mill op 

*Sadie I (m Garnett Roch 

Leslie brass finisher 

Leon brass finisher 

Hill, Leslie mill op Union 

Ellen E (Willey ho 

Waldo L 
Hill, James W far East 

*Lucy A (m Cook 


*A F car Boston, Mass 

*M W (m Woods 

Natick, Mass 

Lucy M (Seward ho 

Clara E (m Wood 
Hill, W M sales Woodmans 

Fannie F (Frost ho 

Claudian F stu 

Helen M stu 

Hill, A D mer East 

Hattie M (Robinson 
Hill, Matilda (Jones East 


Yiela F 
Hines, H E mer 



Jennie E (Brackett 

Hixon, Sophia (Emery 
Frances E (m Huwe 

Hodo;don, Geo H car 

Sarah (Glidden 
*A C far Beverly, Mass 
Harold E stu 

Doris E pi 

Hodsdon, Horace S 

watchman R R 
Terese H (Harmon 
Alice M 

Wm F stu 

Elliott E stu 

Sumner M stu 

Martha E stu 

Hooper, E C far San'vlle 2 
John lab 

Roy car 

*Chas plum Boston, Mass 
*Sidney cl Mass 

Ray lab 

Hattie pi 

Jesse pi 

Hooper, Roy E R R ser 

Sylvia M (Stevens ho 

Home, Mary F (Allen Union 

Home, P E far & sum bdg; ho 

Annie M (Pillsbury 


Edith L (m 

Hattie M (m Johnson 

Home, C S mill man H Mills 

Home, John J East 

far & stone mason 

*Ada M (m Murry 

San ford. Me 

*J M elec moterman N Y 

*Wm H s s op Lynn, Mass 
Horn, Jackson car 

Mary M (Quimby 

*Edwin J eug 

No Conway 

*Blanche (m Weutworth 
15 Gillish, Nashua 
Houde, Edward R R ser 

Nell M (Pauliot 

Edward J R R ser 

*Lucy M mill op 


Howe, Geo M far Prov Lk 

Louise M (Breen ho 

Hurd, Isaac lab 

Rosie (Marcoux 

Albertha A pi 

Eva I 

Wilfred O 

Doris P 
Hutchins, Mary A (Corson 


Susie B stu 

Hutchins, E H far San'ville 

Iva (Linscott ho 

Mason R R ser 

Joseph pi 





Jenness, Chas H far 

Lizzie M (Weeks 
Perley A mill op 

Blanche E 

Jesewik, John J 

Amelia (Jesewik ho 

Jettie, Arthur R R ser 

Jestine (Gannon 

Jones, Hiram far San'ville 2 
Elizabeth (Libby ho 

*Waldo ssop Lynn, Mass 
Gertrude A tr 

Harry R R ser 

Jones, Wm E jeweler Union 
Sarah A (Ely ho 

Gerald B 

Johnson, Sarah F (Tibbetts 
ho Union 
Myron L marble work 

*Anna F (m Lovejoy 

*W L mill op Bartlett 
*Nelson T ice business 
E Bridgewater, Mass 
Freeman L mill op 

Albert R brass moulder 

Johnson, Myron L Union 

marble business & dep sheriff 
Ellen F (Durgin 

ho & chiropody 
Myrtle M (m Stevens 
Iva M pi 

Johnson, F L mill op Union 

Cora L (Mears ho 

Hazel M 
Joy, Frank D sec hand Union 

Alice P (Kimball ho 



Keniston, Joseph C lab Union 
Augusta J (Varney ho 
*Ida A (m Bower 

*Geo A lab Effingham 
Chas A lab 

Sarah E ho 

ME pi 

Keniston, Randolph far 

Delia N (Canney ho 

Isaac H far 

*Cyrus G ptr 

Florence A (m Abbott 

Kennett, Ralph R 

Kershaw, Hattie (Young 

Sanuyside Hotel 

Keyes, Chas E far Union 
Lizzie S (Chick ho 

Vera L ho 

Kimball, Frank E far Union 
Annie (Patch ho 

Frank E Jr lab 

Ray H lab 

Jessie M (m Sanger 



Ethel P ho 

Kimball, Orin sum res 

agt Stickney & Poors 

Fannie (Merrill ho 

*Victor cl 

84 Mt Vernon, Boston, Mass 

Kimball, Elizabeth A (Dolloff 
ho East 
Selden W team 

*Addie F (m Goodwin 

Canaan, Me 
*D B mill op Lowell, Mass 
*Ang;ie cl Lowell, Mass 
Ida M (m Purington 

Skowhegan, Me 

Kimball, Selden W team East 
Sarah J (Peters ho 

*Ada M Westford, Mass 
Elmer H lab 

Walter P fireman 

*EflEie E ho Lowell, Mass 
Inez F (m Shea 
Alson W team 

Eva May ho 

Kimball, John W far San'ville 
Violet H (Cummings ho 
W Cummings pi 

Kimball, Nellie M (Hanscom 

*ClaraB (m Colomy Farm 
Walter S brass finisher 
*Alphonso E lab Farm 
Ralph M lab 

*Addie M (m Tufts 

*Fred A s s op Farm 
Herbert M lab 

Ruby M ho & s 8 op 

Kimball, A sum res Union 

727 Park Ave, N Y 

Mary E (m Marsh ho 

Knight, M E tel op 

Florence E pi 

L Marjorie pi 

Knight, Wilber E tel op 

Carrie L (Emerson 

Krabek, Axel pat mkr Union 
Florence L (Burleigh ho 

Lamson, D L lab Woodmans 
Ida M (Wynot ho 

John P pi 

Kenneth A pi 

Hazel I pi 

Daniel P 
Robert A 

Lane, Samuel F far San'vlle 
Mary A (Fitzgerald ho 
*Nellie M (m Furbush 

Chas A team 

Harry L far 

*Stella G (m Sanborn 

M Mills 
Geo F team 



Lane, Harry L far San' vile 

p]mma E (Watson ho 

Harris L 
Lane, Frank far San'vlle 2 

*Maud M (m Pike 

Portland, Me 

Ellen (Watson ho 

May A ho 

Lane, Wm H far 

Sarah E (Nichols ho 

Lane, Geo F team 

Ida M (Davis ho 

Beatrice M pi 

Bernice F 

Annie M 
Lane, Chas A lab 

Lane, Chas T far 

Gertrude M (Sanborn 

Gladys G pi 

Edith M pi 

Margaret L 
Lang, Reed A stable 

Carrie ( 

Lannay, Geo R R ser 

Phoebe J (Poulit 
Lamee, Moise 

Leo (Carries 





Joseph E 

Mary Ann 

Mary E 

Joseph A 

Lamie, Fred L bag master 
Emma (Yirgneaul 

Lamoutagae, J J R R ser 

Annie M ( Jice 
*Eva (m Fowler Roch 

*Sadie M (m Diletril 

Boston, Mass 
Willie J R R ser 

Elsie J pi 

Lapoint, Cyerille R R ser 

Aurillie (Marcoux 
Celina M 
Georgia J 

Lavertie, Eugene lab 

Marguerite (Moore 
Eva pi 

Marie pi 

Eugene pi 


Legary, Joe lab 

Addline (Hood 
Georgana (m Gagnon 

Leavitt, Frank J R R ser 

Leighton, J car Woodmans 
Frank A car 

Leighton, F A car Woodmans 
Ella E (Woodman ho 

Evelyn M stu 

Marion E pi 

Lewis, John W draftsman So 
Gertrude H (Titcomb ho 
Abbie E pi 



Henry T 


Gertrude M 


Frank T 


Libby, Daniel S 



Libbey, Jos W 

news agent 

Libbey, Nathan J 

R R ser 

E Belle (Wilkinson ho 

Light, Henry lab San'vlle 2 
Nellie (Pelkey ho 

Depheny pl 

Albert pl 

Littlefield, Simeon far 

Mahala (Ross 
*Emily (m Morang 

Brunswick, Me 
*Ida F (m Yeaton 

Springvale, Me 
•Caroline P (m Kimball 


*Daniel S team 

Charleston, Mass 

Lord, I L liv stable Union 

Lena J (McClintock ho 

Pauline pl 

Lord, William M 

mer, lum & excelsior mfg 

Julia (Rowell ho 

Lover, A mill op Union 
Cilema (Cloutier ho 

•Joseph R R ser 

Olive (m Mackie 

*Chas box shop op 

Danvers, Mass 

Frena M (m Place 

Peter R R ser 

Lover, Chas mill op Union 

Mary J (Raymond ho 

William A lab 

Mamie C (m Remy 

Minnie G (m Monahan 

Fred J pl 

Lover, William A lab Union 

Rosie D (Remy ho 

Lowd, Cora M (Ricker ho 

Lena M (m Lowd 
Lynch, Julia A (Shea Union 


Mackie, Geo R lab Union 

Olivia M (Lover ho 

Clifford F pl 

Rudolph A 
Maleham, Sarah C milliner 

Maleham, Chas H car 

Grace M (Burroughs 

Herbert W stu 

Robert H 

Elmer B 

Ernest H 
Maleham, Wm H car 

Sarah L (Farnham ho 

*Mary W (m Boyd 

E Hebron, Me 



Chas H eng: 

Man8ur,HS P M,far «& car So 

Lizzie L (Cummings ho 

*Maud (m Gilman 

14 Ellis, Lynn, Mass 
Marcoux, Oliver stone mason 

Sadie (Marshall ho 

Mary L 

Rose A 

Oscar L R R ser 

Henry A R R ser 

Phebe S 

Edward J pi 

Jennie M pi 

Marsh, M A sum res Union 

727 Park Ave, N Y 

Mary K (Kimball ho 

Dorothy K stu 

Kimball K pi 

Mary E K pi 

Marshall, Frank R R ser 

Phoebe M (Pauliot 

Frank J lab 

Marshall, Frank lab 

Phoebe J (Littlefield 

Samuel E 

Louis F 

Arthur W 
Mathews, John W retd No 

I Emma (m Trott 

*Mary I (m Hackett 

W Peabody, Mass 

Fannie (Welch ho 

May, Hustin mer 

Catherine (Durgin ho 

Charles H pi 

McCrillis, Frank G eng 

Sarah E (McCrillis 
Ora F R R ser 

Harry H R R ser 

Marion A stu 

McDonald, Malcolm R R ser 
Amanda D (Crockett 
Florence B (m Davis 
*Mary E(m Ward Madison 
Christy G (m Miller Milton 
Effle M (m Trott 
Elsie E (m Plant 
Malcolm J fireman 

*Alonzo M mill op 

Gilmanton Iron Works 

*McDonald, Arthur W lab 

John A lab 

Carroll W lab 

Scott W pi 

Meader, Lyman fireman No 
Almeda (Hall 
Florence M pi 

Merrill, Asa far Union 

Susan S (Randall ho 

Merrows, Millett W far Union 
Etta R (Rhines ho 

Menard, Felix lab 

Adeline (Theoret 

Menard, Edmond R R ser 

Ethel M (Fellows 

Meserve, J H far Woodmans 



Emraa E (Fall 
*Herbert E mill op 

ClareDce far 

Leon E pi 

Miller, Daniel W lab 

Abbie E (Rand 
Olga M pi 

Samuel R 
Millikeu, Sarah E (Hill 

Alice C insurance 

Mills, Fred W R R ser 

Annie L (Eaton 
Ralph S pi 

Aones B pi 

Clara M 
Mitchell, Harriet L (Sampson 
ho Union 
*Mabel L (m Ham 

Leighton's Corner 
Hattie M ho 

Mitchell, Lydia S (Stevens 

ho Union 

*Edward C bank watch 

Roslindale, Mass 

Monnahan, Frank T Union 

brass foundry op 

Minnie D (Lover ho 

Monson, Geo W Union 

supt brass works 

Clara B (Hamlin ho 

Roger H pi 

Ruth M 

Moody, Harry A phy & sur 

Mildred L (Libby 

Morrison, Chas L R R ser 

Minnie (Savage ho 

Marion R pi 

Moulton, H far San'ville 
Mary E (Thompson ho 
Sarah N (m Roberts 
*Geo H meat market 

67 Hancock, Boston, Mass 

Moulton, Ella E (Hamlin 

ho Union 

Moulton, Isaac C far San'ville 

Murcb, H A postal cl 

May E (Hill ho 

Dorothy L 


Nasou, Lucinda F (Thorn 

*Eva L (m Hill 

No Fryeburg, Me 

*Fred E elec 

South Easton, Mass 

Adda M (ra Spinney 

Almond E far 

Cora M (m Remick 

Elsa I ho 

Nason, Almond lab 

Nancy J (Streeter 

Willis L pi 

Lucinda A 

Fred H 
Nason, Horace B 

overseer of Homestead 



*Frank W far Freedom 
*Ro8ie E (m Giles Eaton 
Clara P (Cole ho 

Nason, Sudan A 

Nealey, Henry lab 

Henry ptr 

*B P R R ser Bartlett 
*Charlie s s op Milton 
Mary L 
Nellie (m York 
*Alice A mill op 

Leeds, Mass 

Neallej^, Henry L ptr 

Elsie N (Nichols 
Donald H 

Nelbert, Blanchet lab 

Alson (Simon 
Alice pi 

Eva pi 


Nevens, Augusta (Farnham 

H Mills 
Lloyd E elec 

•Clarence E chaffeur 

Newton Upper Falls, Mans 
Llewellyn F lab 

Newling', Chas H R R ser 

Etta M (Straw ho 

Seth E pi 

Earl H pi 

Carrol pi 

Nichols, Sarah W (Lane ho 
Wm H R R ser 

Elsie N (Nealley 

Lorenzo D R R ser 

Nute, Eli barber 

EWira A (Johnson 

Edna M ho 

*E E 8 8 op 4 High, Derry 

Myrtle B (m Wentworth 
Nute, Frank W team Union 

Lilla E (Bartlett ho 

Nute, Fred S mill op Union 

Josephine A (Pike ho 

Nutter, Chas A lar SanVlle 
Nutter, Carrie C ho San'vlle 
Nutter, John W far Union 

Obrien, Levi far 

Mattie E (Look 

O'Connell, John boss carder 

Edith L (Evans ho 

Elizabeth pi 

Arthur pi 

Eugene J 

Oiiellette, Armond lab 

Lydia ( Lamontagne 

Page, Chas W far San'vlle 
Mary A (Chapman ho 

Laura G tr 

Myra L tr 



Josephine W tr 

Patch, Frank H lab Union 

Paul, Almira ho San'vlle 

Paul, Arthur H postal cl 

Annie H (Nairn ho 

Edward A stu 

Joseph N stu 

Chesley A stu 

Arthur H pi 

Samuel H pi 

Louise M pi 

Caroline N pi 

Paul, Mary P (Copp 

*Martha P (m Sawyer 
58 Forest Ave, Bangor, Me 
*KateP (m Chesley 

1 So State, Concord 
*Amasa C law 

Minneapolis, Minn 
Arthur H postal cl 

Henry A sta agt 

*Mary P (m Brown 
197 Lafayette, Salem, Mass 
*Richard law 

Minneapolis, Minn 
Paul, Henry A sta agt 

Nancy L (Libby 
Margaret P pi 

Katherine L 
Peron, Theodore lab 

Delphine (Belanger 

Perkins, Samuel Jr lab Union 
Bridget L (McNamara ho 
James A pi 

Stanley A pi 

Eva M pi 

Perkins, Henry M far East 
Daisy H (Hayes 

Peterson, W F Union Hotel 

Lula A (Albin ho 

Pettengill, Victor C far 

Amanda M (Francis 
*C E car Brockton, Mass 
Herbert A far 

Asa E pi 

Pickering, B F R R ser 

Nettie L (Sanborn 
Bertha E stu 

Frank M stu 

Pike, Mary E (Miller San'vlle 
Edith M pi 

Marion pi 

Susan H pi 

Esther pi 

Dorothy pi 

Grace E 
Arthur L 
Raymond E 

Pike, Henry A mas Union 
*Williarn H printer N Y 
Bertha M (m Nute 
*Latayette mill op NY 
*Harry mill op NY 
*Lillian pi NY 



Pike, Robert A retd hotel kpr 


Pike, John W mer Union 
Eva B (Thurston ho 

Helen E pi 

Pike, Edwin L far No 

Belle M (Wentworth 
Roland E pi 

Ruby pi 

Myra B 
Mildred C 
Lester E 

Pike, Winthrop J R R ser 

Augusta (Tibbetts 
Maud W s s op 

Alice G s s op 

Scott W R R ser 

Bernice H stu 

Violet N 8tu 

Forest S pi 

Pillsbury, Sarah C (Johnson 
ho Union 
*Clara E (m Jenness 

Washington, D C 

*Walter H saw mill & lum 

S West City, Mo 

*J W real estate & ins 

Dewitt, Neb 

Annie M (m Hall 

Pinkbam, Josie L ho Union 

Piper, Geo F retd 

Mary E (Jenness 
Idella M (m Garland 

Pipin, Victor R R ser Union 

Susan (Thibedeau 
Fred L naill op 

Annie L weaver 

Victor C mill op 

*Emma M (m Doyle Roch 
Franklin J mill op 

Louisa R ho 

Pitts, Herbert butcher Union 
Josephine (Adams ho 

Place, Percy mill op Union 
Freena C (Lover ho 

Arleen C 

Paulette, Edward car 

Phoebe (m Languay 
*Edward s s op M Mills 

Prescott, John W Union 

P M & news dlr 

Adelaide (Jewett ho 

Quimby, J W retd eng Union 

Ella A (Wentworth ho 

*Dora J (m Sanborn 

dr mkr Acton, Me 

Forest G lab 

Quimby, Forest G lab Union 

Carrie E (Pinkham ho 
Quimby, Frank H car Union 

Mary A (Varney ho 

Quimbj^ Daniel retd 

Kesiah (Quimby 

*Ella (m Davis 

E Lebanon, Me 




Kobinson, Albert 

Am Ex & station agt 
Clara E (Davis 
Agnes W pi 

Robinson, David stable 

Rosie A (Leville ho 

Delia E 

Robinson, Samuel M R R ser 
Annie J (Keating ho 

Daniel pi 

Annie J pi 

Robinson, Samuel M R R ser 
*Mary M (m Floyd 
52 Addison, Chelsea, Mass 
*Ella L (m Morgan 
52 Addison, Chelsea, Mass 

Rogers, Lillian S (Sanborn 
Herbert S stu 

Wm N stu 

Eleanor A stu 

Walter E pi 

Vincent D pi 

Roles, Laura A (Dore East 
*Lucy M (m Wilkinson 

Nellie E ho 

Arthur A R R ser 

Rollins, J A far Woodmans 
Sarah J (Ballard ho 

*Ethel N (m Aredision 
195 Salem, Medford, Mass 

Rowell, Frances A 

(Hemingway Union 
*Chas cl Emery's Mills, Me 
*Alonzo ranch 

Beck with, Cal 
Julia (m Lord 
Runnells, Alvah far Union 
*Jay blk San'ville 

*Francena (m Trefethen 


*Ellen H (m M Mills 

Samuel blk 

*Abraham L team Ossipee 
*Hannah (m Home 

N Conway 
Runnells, Samuel blk Union 
Mary R (Harriman ho 
Elizabeth F 
Martha P 
Runnells, Jay blk San'vlle 
Emma F (Fellows ho 

*Sabra M saleslady 

278 Appleton, Lowell, Mass 
*Edith (m Blaisdell 


*Martha C (m Kennerson 

58 Summer, Roch 

Russell, Irving team Union 

Rena (Wheeler ho 


Rand, Sarah A (Drown ho 

*Irving H far & car 

42 Beanson, Laconia 

*J P plumber Meredith 



*Lucilla F (m Thyng 

164 Pleasant, Laconia 
Eva A (m Miller 

Randall, Earl F pi San'ville 

Reed, Edwin S mill op Union 
Inez M (Dicey ho 

Florence D ho 

Arthur G pi 

John B pi 

Iva M pi 

Maud M pi 

Hazel G pi 

Theodore E 

Reed, Elmer E lab East 
Cora J (Martin ho 

Lillian M pi 

Remick, Alonzo M con & bldr 
Hattie M (Maleham 
Rachel H pi 

Helen M pi 

Mark A pi 

Remick, Ellen S (Young 

Chas E car & bldr 

Ruth A 

*Ella M (m 

41 Johnson, Lynn, Mass 

*Ariel L (ra Huse 

112 Violet, Lynn, Mass 

*0ti8 D blk Centerville 

*Mame S ho 

37 Summer, Dover 

Remick, Cora A (Mason ho 


Remick, Crosby hotel 

Sanborn House 
Ada (m Brackett 

Remy, Louis P lab Union 
Mamie E (Lover ho 

Rose E 

Rice, Ivory F R R ser 

Edvvina J (m Cheney 
*Irviiig D eng 

59 4th, Dover 
Laura V (rn Brown 
*Lizzie L (m Frazer 

396 No Hampton, 
Boston, Mass 

Richards, Esther A pi Union 

Richards, Mabel L ho Union 

Richards, Kesiah (Quimby 
Ida (m Cook 

Lena G ho 

Mabel L ho 

Ethel M (m Libbey 
Walter W far 

Edna B stu 

Richardson, A M Prov Lk 
Ellen A ho 

*Helena M (m Fritz 

Edith A ho & nurse 

Leontine A ho 

Ricker, John R far San'vlle 2 
Fred R far 

*Iona L (m Archibald 

Worcester, Mass 
*C E cook Lemon, S Dak 



*C A lab Palmer, N Y 
Kicker, Fred R far San'vlle 

Bertha E (Allen ho 

Rines, Samuel H far & miner 

Prov Lk 

*NettieM (m Cotton 


•Georgia (m Leighton 


"Warren H far 

*Geo W 8 8 op Derry 

*Ida P (m Beacher Roch 
Ripley, Julia (Sturgis ho 

Walter S teleg op Union 
Ripley, W S teleg op Union 

Clifford pi 

Roberts, John S far 

Sarah M (m Moulton 

Samuel W 
Roberts, Sam W phy & sur 

Elizabeth (Smith 

*Mary E (m Knox 
12 Creighton, Providence, R I 

John S far 

Sanborn, Julia A (Pierce ho 
*flattie P (m Burnham 


Sanborn, Minnie A (Wiggin 
Ansel N stu 

Sanboru, L M real est agt 
Wilbur F far 

Sanborn, Dora E (Golden ho 
Hermon H printer 

*R E mill op Bristol 

Sanborn, W M 

asst supt B & M 
Clara H (Fernald 

* Harry B elec 

86 Partridge Ave, 
Winter Hill, Mass 

Maud F ho 

Sanborn, C T supt schools 

Charlotte H (Oisgood 
Sanborn, L ho Union 

Sanger, John S lab Union 

Jessie M (Kimball ho 

Sawyer, Lucy M (Bickford 
Sawyer, Wm S R R ser 

* Lillian (m Hunter 

No Conway 

*Leo A stone cutter 

No Conway 

Mary E (Pierce ho 

Scott, Ernest E sta agt 

Senart, B J far Woodmans 

Eliza H (Welch 

Mary F pi 

Seymour, Edward D far 

Ellen F (Proctor ho 

Sharp, Frank mill op 

Shea, Joseph F team East 

Inez F (Kimball ho 

Herbert J pi 

Walter R 
ShortridgH, E D team No 



Alice J (Thompson 
Gladys F pi 

Fannie M pi 

Shorey, Fred B far East 
Geoi'oia A (Roberts ho 
Maud E tr 

H Herbert R R ser 

Sibley, Fred D R R ser 

Sarah A (Lon^ley ho 

Sibley, Ernest R coal & wood 
Ethel R (Richards 
Hazel R 

Sibley, Emma B (Buzzell ho 
Sau'vlle 2 
*Cora E (m DeShon 

Everett, Mass 
*Nellie (m Jewett M Mills 
Forest F far 

*Edna M (m 

Norway, Me 
*IdaF(mPase MMills 
Fred D coal & wood 

Ernest R lab 

Sibley, F F far San'vlle 2 
L Mabel (Cloutman ho 

Smith, A J far Woodmans 

Willie H far 

*Andrew far 

Parsonsfield, Mass 

Harry pi 

Smith, W H far Woodmans 
Mary G (Smith ho 

*Harry pi Slaapleigh, Me 

Smith, Blanche E pi 


Smith, G M R R ser 

Ruth A (Smith 

Spiller, R O far San'vlle 1 
Jennie M (Palmer ho 

Spinney, Chas H mach 

Clara M (Darling 
*Chas H mach 

Wakefield, Mass 
Harold H pi 

Fannie M pi 

Leola C 

Spinney, Geo M car 

Addie M (Nason ho 

Chester A stu 

Spinney, Mary A (Farnham 

San'vlle 2 
William A blk & far 

Geo M car 

Stevens, Calvert R far East 
Delia J (Benson 
*Caddie M (m Heath 

Gertrude A asst P M 

*Roscoe J Manatee, Fla 
artesian bottling works 
Ralph W far 

Percy C baggage master 
Gladys E pi 

Stevens, Ralph W tar East 
Helen R ( Weeks ho 

Philip L 

Stevens, Frank L cl Union 



Myrtle J (Johnson ho 

Mauricp L 

Richard R 
Stevens, Henry D car Union 

Bertha R (Runnells ho 

Robert W pi 

Samuel R pi 

Stevens, John G far Union 

Harriet A (Moulton ho 

*Harriet M (m 

19 VV 84th, N Y 

J A phy & sur 

Stevens, J A phy & sur Union 

Jennie L (McDonald ho 
Stevens, E W R R ser 

Lizzie A (Glidden ho 

Guy W pi 

Lloyd E pi 

Stone, Ed^ar L car 

Mary E (Maohan 
Stone, Anna E (Reed ho 


N A (m Wyman ho 

Streeter, Wm H lab 

St Pierre, Andre lab 

Aurelie (Vigneault 

Lillian E 


Joseph A 
Sweet, Chas fore Union 

Annie J (Stevens ho 

Mary L pi 

Swett, Lydia E (Drown 

Mertie M ( m Deware 

Marion G (m Eastman 
Fred D pi 

Swift, Arthur J team Union 
Maud R (Morse ho 

Harrison I pi 

Mabel A pi 

Taft, A L far & mfo; Union 
Nellie W (Dunham ho 

*C May (m Brackett 

N Conway 
Leroy C stu 

Isabella pi 

Tanner, H E car 

Mary A (Chase ho 

Eva M ho 

Geo L R R ser 

Marion L ho 

Stanley C > lab 

Chas E pi 

Consuelo pi 

Patrick J pi 

Elenora T pi 

Audrey A. pi 

Hu^hie C 
Tarbox, Miriam G (Haley ho 

Nettie H (m Watson 
Taylor, Abbie (Colbath 
Thompson, Geo R R ser 

ThurstOD, Lillian M ho Union 
Tibbetts, Emily J (Roberts 
Fred eng 



H C mer 

*Charles A R R con 

Worcester, Mass 
*F L jeweler Somersworth 
*Su8ie (m Seavey 

8 Langdon, Portsmouth 

*Imogene (m Lock 

8 Langdon, Portsmouth 

Tibbetts, Fred eng 

Lucy P (Maleham 

Wiliis F stu 

Benj F pi 

Tibbetts, E J sta agt & mer 

Susie L (Weeks 
Dorothy L pi 

Louis E 
Tibbetts, Eliza A (Avery No 
Everett J mer 

Titcomb, John F far So 
*Frank C mech 

Hyde Park, Mass 
*Chas D dentist 

Boston, Mass 
Gertrude H (m Lewis 
*Carrie B (m Thaver 

Hyde Park, Mass 
Abbie M (Morse ho 

Leon H lab 

Towle, Wm far & retd soldier 
Prov Lk 
Mary A E (Dustin ho 

Chas E far 

*Augusta(m Gordon Mass 

*Carrie (m Bryant Mass 

Towle, Chas E far Prov Lk 

Bertha (Staples ho 

Annie M pi 

William pi 


Tozier, Edw E team 

Marietta (McCallin ho 

Granville team 

Walter M pi 

Trafton, R B barber Union 

Iva M (Ham ho 

Roger H pi 

Dorothy S pi 

Nellie A pi 

Norman E 

Esther M 

Catherine H 

Trafton, A R mill op Union 

Bertha M (Lord ho 

Blanche E 

Trafton, C J mill op Union 

Trask, Joseph E far 

Augusta F (Wallace ho 

Trask, Carrie F ho 

Trott, Leander M mer 

Trufant, Herbert H tr 

Grace E (Towle 

Tucker, J as F R R ser 
Mary F (Brackett 

*Chas H el 
44 Cambridge, Boston, Mass 

Grover C R R ser 

James C stu 




Morris A 
Willis F 
Harris W 
Mary E 

Tufts, Frank .F lab San'vlle 
Fannie L (Thompson ho 
Verlie E 
Chas F 

Tufts, Carrie E (Wyatt 

Frank J lab 

Tuttle, Daniel N far R F D 1 
Ora F (Tibbetts 
*John C car 

11 Herrick, Beverly, Mass 
Florence E ho 

Fred L lab 

Dana C stu 

Manora stu 

Abbie F pl 

Irviu D pl 

Twombley, Nelson F ptr 

Charlotte G 
Emma E (Burleigh ho 

Twombley H A far East 
Laura A (Roles ho 


Varney, L N fireman Union 

Grace F (Pinkham ho 

Ralph G pl 
Roy J 

Harold H 

Varney, Elmira S (Clark 

*Orin eng Mexico City 
Albion F lar 

* Alfred C s s op Farm 
*Geo G 8 8 op E Roch 
John F ptr 

Varney, John F ptr Union 
Nancy M (Prescott ho 

*Chas C lab Roch 

Guy G lab 

Harry H pl 

Vellenbar, Obed lab 

Emma (Varsell 
Eva L 

Vigneault, Maria 


Wadleigh, F F far Union 
Mary J (Gilmore ho 

J Elijah stu 

Francis G stu 

Charlotte K stu 

Helen E pl 

Walch, Geo L far San'vlle 2 
Carrie M (Briggs ho 

Earl L pl 

Charles B pl 

Ralph W 

Waldron, L G motorman 

sum res, Cambridge, Mass 



Cora E (Lemon ho 


Waldron, T B mill op 

Mattie A (Lewis 

Waldron, Chas D mer 

May F (Philbrick ho 

Roger H pi 

Sarah H pi 

Louise N 

Waldron, J D far Woodmans 
Anna E (Stone ho 

*J D Jr mach Lynn, Mass 
Hiram E blk 

T Bertwell millnian 

Waldron, H B pi Woodmans 

Walker, B moulder Union 
A M (Lamb ho 

Ernest B tr 

Walker, Ernest B tr Union 
Myrtle A (Allen ho & tr 

Wallace, Augusta F 


•Wilfred F printer 

Haverhill, Mass 

Watson, John M mill op 

Nettie H (Tarbox 

Webb, Frederick cl 

Clara H (Hutchinson 
Evelyn H pi 

F Theodore 
Dorothy V 

Webster, Arthur far 

Webster, A A lab San' vile 

W' eeks, Orra E (Fernald 

Almon F far 

Weeks, S far 

Susie B (Proctor ho 

W^eeks, Elizabeth (Moulton 


Weeks, W^m G team East 
Millie C (Robinson 
Guy B pi 

Alice M pi 

Irene J 

Weeks, N O East 

far, grain dlr & P M 
Gertrude E ho 

Helen R (m Stevens 
Harriet J ho 

Raymond A lab 

Rufus J pi 

Arthur A pi 

Wentworth, Gilbert Y Union 

brass works 

Nellie E (Chadbourne ho 

Edward L pi 

Wentworth, Mary F (Hurd 

*Mary M (m Pike 

Gilbert B mill op 

John P jeweler 

Wentworth, J P jeweler Union 

Wentworth, Abbie C H (Hurd 

Belle H P cl 

Wentworth, Fred S car Union 



Delia M (Barker ho 

Carrie S stu 

Herbert B pi 

DS pi 

Harold F pi 

Ernest E 

Wentworth, Chas E Union 
liv & sale stable 
Clara L (Place ho 

Roscoe C pi 

Robert J pi 

Homer R pi 

Gladys M pi 

Ruth L pi 


Wentworth, Edw H far 

Lydia M (Corson 
Belle M (m Pike 

Wentworth, Madison far 

Alice (Looney 
Austin far 

Perley far 

*Adeline cl 

Somerville, Mass 

Wentworth, Ruth J (Seward 
ho Union 
Ella A (m Quimby 

Wentworth, Samuel G far 

Sarah J (Roberts ho 

*Oscar E s s op 

Ipswich, Mass 

Wentworth, Orin H far 


Mary A (Leonard ho 

*Vivian milliner 

365 Mass Ave, Boston, Mass 

Harry D far 

Wentworth, Harry D far 


Lena A (Avery ho & tr 

Everett O 

Wentworth, Olive J 

(Farnham No 

Adrien T team 

Wentworth, Henry ptr 

Mabel (Heath 
Wentworth, Phyla (Jones ho 
*Mary L (m Towle 

E Madison 
Wesley, Chas W far 

Florence E (Fletcher ho 
Wheeler, Edward J far East 
Lillian A (Pierce ho 

Clarence J stu 

Florence A pi 

White, Allen R R ser 

Isabelle M (Colbath 
W Leroy pi 

Whiting, H L East 

Davis Ho & liv stable 
Georoia E (Barton 
*Nettie (ra Morse 
33 Summer, Waterville, Me 
Wiggin, Sarah E (Burleigh 

Edwin R R ser 

*Everett B mill op 

*Su8ie E (m Badger 



20 Judeon, Roxbury, Mass 

Wig^in, E O R R ser Union 

Margaret L ( ho 

Ralph E stu 

Wig^in, L A hostler Union 

Wig^in, John W lab Union 
Mary A (Elliott ho 

Albert W lab 

Harry L lab 

Perley E 8 s op 

Roscoe A 8 8 op 

Lelia S ho 

Austin C pi 

Maurice E pi 

Wiggin, Albert W lab Union 
Alice A (McMullen ho 

Minnie F 

Wiggin, W E loom fix Union 
Laura E (Fox ho 

Stanley L 

Wiggin, F J far & team So 
Augusta C (Farnham ho 
*A C Rep Scrauton College 
20 Austin, Portsmouth 
*Mildred E s s op 

42 Friend, Lynn, Mass 
*Harvey F team M Mills 

Wiggin, Luther E lum dlr So 
Carrie E (Wentworth ho 
Margaret pi 

Walter W pi 

Wiggin, Charlotte (Nason 
*Marion W (m Brewster 

Auburndale, Mass 

Henry L far 

*Annie M (ra Christie 

9 Silver, Dover 

Wiggin, Alvah A R R ser 

Etta M (Taylor ho 

Alvah T pi 

Wiggin, Harry L lab San'vlle 
Mabel E (Drown 
Harry R pi 

Raymond W 
Leroy C 

Wiggin, Mary (Rines 

*Idella (m Corson Union 
Minnie A (m Sanborn 
*Eldora (m Elliott 

101 Church, Laconia 
Chas W car & far 

Sibyl (m Lord 

Wilcox, W B far 

Wilkins, H W team H Mills 
Mary B (Hutchins ho 

Edna A ho 

Arthur W pi 

Wilkins, Wesley J clerg 

Annie L (Lincoln 

Willey,WH far San'vlle 2 
*Annie M (m Gerry 

Sauford, Me 
M J (Folsom ho 

Cortez W far 

Abbie S tr 

Edward F R R ser 

Joseph A C far 

L Alice stu 



Willey, John D far San'vlle 2 
Olivia P (DeMerritt ho 
Clarence D far 

*Addie G (m Chase Milton 
Gertrude H stu 

John A stu 

Edward C stu 

Martha A pi 

Willey, Edwin R far Union 
Sarah F (Woodraan ho 
Ellen E (m Hill 
Mary B pi 

Willey, Chas H reld 

Ella F (Hidden 

Williams, Maria (Tate ho 
*Erne8t E rest Nashua 
*Edson M team 

Marshfleld Hill, Mass 
*Irene M manicure 

1022State, Erie, Pa 
Albert F pi 

Wilson, W J mill op Union 
Edith M (Hall ho 

Wilson, Silas C far So 

*N S agt Braintree, Mass 
*Grace W (m Twiss 

Boston, Mass 
Lizzie E (Morse ho 

Wishart, Elsie M pi 

Wood, F E upholsterer East 
Clara E (Hill ho 

Mary E 

Wood, Fred I far, car & P M 
Prov Lk 

Grace L (Wentworth 

ho & asst P M 
Annie L pi 

Woodman, Frank E far 

Maud M (Johnson bo 

Herman E cl 

Harry E lab 

Clayton R pi 

Kenneth A pi 

Kintland C pi 


Woodman, F W lab Union 
Lavona (Drew ho 

Jessie pi 

Woodman, Sarah A (Leighton 

ho Woodmans 

Ella E (m Leighton 

*Chas E Somerville, Mass 

Lillian E P & ho 

Woodman, Sarah F (Patch 

ho Union 
Alphonzo mill op 

Wright, Hannah 

Yeaton, Mary A (Swasey 
Yeaton, Susan R (Coggins 

ho H Mills 

Edward P far 

Yeaton, Geo E far San'ville 

Ruth G (Garland ho 

Yeaton, Wm A eng 



Lottie M (Palmer 

Mona L (Luttenbacker 

Lena A 

Youn^, G Aaron far 

Clarence P 


Celia (Lilly 

Helen D 


Youn^. Jas C blk 

York, Fred 

ice man 

Samuel K pl 

Nellie (m York 


Hattie L (Fellows-Young 



Alden N 

Yost, Rev Jesse J 



W. S. PETERSON, Prop. 

Rates, $2.00 per day, special terms by the week 
Telephone Connections Union, N. H. 


Auto service to passengers. Pleasure parties driven 

Call and see us 



General Blacksmithing a specialty, Repairing and Woodwork 


Census of middleton 

Note — Where no post oflBce address is given Middleton is 
understood. Other post offices are abbreviated thus: Wake- 
field — Wake; Rochester— Roch; Sanbornville— San'vlle. R. F. 
D. routes are designated by the number of the route. 


Babb, Hazel 
Biekford, J C 

pi Union 1 

retd soldier 



Maria B (Sumner 

Boody, Rebecca W 

(Chamberlain ho Union 
Chas S far 

Boody, Chas S far Union 
Eunice (j (Moulton ho 

Brackett, H E lab Union 

Brown, H B mill man Union 1 
*William U pi Bradford 

Burrows, Betsey (Witham 

ho Union 
*Matilda (ra Murphy ho 
David far 

Lilla (m Stevens 

Burrows, David far Union 
Miua (Pinkham ho 

Carl laborer 

Agnes pi 

Bessie pi 

Burrows, David P pi Union 



Union 1 

Chapman, W A 
Chas L 
Jessie M ho 

Joseph B pi 

Robert L pi 

Sarah M pi 

Eliza pi 

Cook, Mary E (Furber ho 

Union 1 

Cook, Geo H far Union 1 

Cook, Lucy A (Hill Union 1 
Fred R far & R M C 

Helen M (m Leighton 

Cook, Edwin mill op Union 1 
Eunice M (Jones ho 

Clarence E 
Chas L 

Cook, MaryE (Home Union 1 
Annie A ho 

Corlin, Frank J sawyer Union 




Dame. F A (Philbrook Union 

Daniel E el 

Dame, Daniel E el Union 

Daniel pi 

Delma E pi 

Davis, Elizabeth (Colbath 


Davis, Geo S far Farm 

Davis, M H far & lum Union 1 

Eva J (Gale ho 

Downs, Isabelle (Ellis Union 

* Florence P (m Roeh 

*Alice M (m Lover Milton 
Downing, L H far Union 1 
Rosella P (Hartford ho 
Drake, Nellie E (Littlefield 

ho Union 1 

Drawbridge, Geo D Union 1 

far, ptr & paper hgr 

Abigail (Littlefield ho 

*Mary A (m Desper 

Worcester, Mass 

*Geo N plumber 

Holden, Mass 

•Robert W Cong clerg 

Pepperell, Mass 

•Edward F tel inspector 

Brookline, Mass 

Drew, Benj N far Union 1 

Annie E (Maloney ho 

Drew, Wesley far Union 1 

Drew, Ellsworth Union 1 

far & mill man 

Flora M ( Bryant ho 

Lucinda M pi 

Robert B 

Drew, Horace C far Union 1 
Maggie E (Walker ho 

Lizzie S (m Leighton 
Edwin C far 

William D far 

Clifton H far 

Clifford T far 

John J pi 

Eastman, Chas F far Union 1 

Mary A (Tufts 
Eastman, H far Union 1 

Ruth A (Tufts ho 

Emery, Lester lab Union 
Emery, Geo E night watch 


AddieS(Tibbett8 ho 

Foss, Hattie C (Yarney Union 
Mary B pi 

Roscoe H pi 

Garland, Alice (Parker-Miller 
ho Union 



*GertrudeC(m Rhoades 

Oxford, MasB 

George, Frank G far Union 1 

Martha B (Kimball ho 

Gerrish, Abbie B ho Union 

Gerrish, Ruth B (Stevens ho 



Hanson, Wm F mill op Union 
Hoitt, Joseph O lab Union 1 
Home, J E far Union 1 

*Glady8 M (m Cousin 

Lynn, Mass 
* Harry E team Dover 
*Mary (m Home Dover 
*George s e op Dover 


Jones, Addie L (Lane Union 
AddieM dr mkr 


Kelley, A B far & lumberman 

Union 1 

Chester A mill man & far 

Keyes, Everett F far Union 1 

Cora L ho 

Bessie I (m Knowles 

Kimball, Martha B (Ham ho 


*0 F lumberman Farm 
Geo W far 

*Samuel W s s op Farm 
Annie dress maker 

Kimball, Geo W far Union 
Eliza S (Hanscom ho 

*Oscar F R R ser San'vlle 
Alice P (m Joy 
Geo B mill op 

Lester E pi 

Elmer B pi 

Villa L pi 

Knowles, Chas far Union 
Bessie I (Keyes ho 

M Helen pi 

J Franklin pi 

Lane, America car Union 
Eliza A (Furber ho 

Addie L (m Jones 

Lawrence, S A far & butcher 
Union 1 
Annie A (Miller ho 

*Annie V (m Bradford 

Cambridge, Mass 
Helen P tr 

Leighton, Chas H far Union 
Walter F car & far 

ChasL far 

Lucy A (Drew ho 

James P far 

Effle A (m Young 



Oscar W 
Grace M 
Leighton, W F 

mill & far 



car & far 


Elizabeth S (Drew ho 

Walter E pi 

Maggie E pi 

Delwin H pi 

Annie I pi 

Presto F pi 

William T pi 

Madaline G pi 

Violet M 

Leighton, J P far Union 1 

Etta M (Young ho 

Maud xM ho 

Fred R pi 

Leighton, Fred L far Union 1 

Helen M (Cook ho 

Leighton, Chas L far Union 1 

Olivette T (Piggott ho 

Lougee, Mary A (Parsons ho 

Union 1 

*William T salesman 

57 Tuits, E Somerville, Mass 


Merrow, M W far & team 

Uuion 1 

Etta M (m Hartford 

Geo I lab 

Ethel (Rines ho 

Miller, Annie A (Home ho 
Union 1 
*J B far Springvale, Me 
Alice M (m Shapleigh 

Moore, James D far Union 1 
*01ive B stenog Roch 
Janette M ho 

Fidelia A (Dame ho 

Moore, Albert C far Union 
Emma E ho 

Lydia A ho 

Eli S far 

Moore, Eli S far Union 

Ethel I (Wentworth ho 
Myrtle I pi 

Gladys S pi 


Nutter, John N far Union 
Annie J (Singerland ho 


Orne, Frederick far Union 1 
*Cha8 W tailor Roch 
Mattie E (Ayers ho 

Perkins, Willie mach Union 
Eliza pi 

Perkins, Samuel far Union 1 

*George mill op 




Abbie (Goodwin ho 

*Willie mach 

Salmon Falls 
Samuel far 

*Walter lab S Wolfboro 
*Arthur Wolfboro 

*Harry sawyer Wake 

Pike, James D far Union 
Susan L (Cloutman ho 
*Frank A far Effingham 
*Alva B New York 

fore Vienna Oneida Co 
Alta S s s op 

Pike, Eliza A (Witham Union 

Pinkham, Geo E far Union 1 
Etta L (Brown 
Mina (m Burrows 
*Carrie L (m Quimby 

*Willard team Alton 
*Grace (m Varney Wake 
Herbert P team 

Josie ho 

Place, William B far Union 
Lydia A (Whitehouse ho 
Carrie L (m Wentworth 
*Amanda E (mPike Farm 
*lDez (m W'iggin Farm 
*John M elec 

65 Commercial, W Lynn, Mass 
Percy mill op 

*Eva M s s op Farm 
*Dean A s s op Farm 

Roberts, W A far Union 1 

Roberts, Edwin E far Union 1 

Charlotte E (Jones ho 

Sanders, Sadie F ho Union 
Shapleigh, Geo H far Union 
Shapleigh, F US ser Union 1 

Alice M (Miller-Garland 
Sheehan, Thomas lab Union 
Simonds, Hannah W" (Stevens 
ho Union 
*A W eng Denver, Colo 
Adelaide S (m Emery 
*Lenora E (m Piper 

Boston, Mass 
Mary A s s op 

*Geo H s s op Denver, Col 
Siingerlaud, Annie J 

(Battersby ho Union 
Wm L brass moulder 

Stevens, Alvah J far Union 1 
Lilla P (Burrows ho 

Stevens, Albert M far Union 
Bernice M (m Tufts ho 
Walter A pi 

Margaret E pi 

Alberta J pi 

Melvin E pi 

Herbert J 
Sidney A 



Arthur L 

Stevens, Thomas J far Union 
*Rockwel] s s op Farm 
Byron H far 

*Thoma8 J far Lee 
Henry D car 

M E (m Grew 

Stevens, Byron H far Union 
Louisa M (Webber ho 
Geo W 
John I 

Stevens, Hiram S Union 

sec hand & town cl 

Hattie B (Ross ho 

Roland R pi 

Eva pi 

Tibbitts, Leander far Union 1 

*Frank team Alton 
Tibbitts, Addie S (Simonds 

ho Union 

*Maud M (m Hartford 

Tibbitts, Bert lab Union 

Lillian B (Tuttle ho 

Harold L 
Tibbitts, F W mill op Union 

Myrtle E (Thurston ho 

Verna M 

Hattie F 
Tinkham, Orin far Union 1 
Tufts, Geo J far Union 1 

Emma F (Whitehouse ho 
Bernice M (m Stevens 
Leon G mill op 

*Clara M (m Smith 

Boston, Mass 
*Ruth E (m Hartfield 

James R lab 

John D lab 

Nellie V pi 

Agnes E pi 

Blanche E pi 

Tufts, J W far Union 1 
Hattie C (Foss ho 

Franklin I far 

Herbert G far 

Ransom L pi 

Moses D pi 

Tufts, Leon G mill op Union 
Addie M (Kimball ho 

CAyde L pi 

George D 
Grace T 

Twombley, E P far Union 1 

Mary E (Home ho 

*Satuuel baggage master 

Dan vers, Mass 


Walker, Annie A (Willey ho 

Union 1 

Chas R far 

*Leua G (m Perkins Wake 



Wentworth, J H far Union 1 
Martha A (Perkins ho 
*Bessie E (m Cloutnian 

Joseph D lab 

Whitehouse, Harvey J far 
Union R F D 
Isabelle, (Downs ho 

Harvey J Jr pi 

Ethel B pi 

Ernest F pi 

Abbie E pi 

Whitehouse, C W far Union 1 
Iva B stu 

Whitehouse, Emma A (York 
ho Union 1 
Chas W far 

*Addie E (m Knox Farm 
*Lizzie S(m Wallace Dover 
*NeIlieM (m Morrill Farm 
♦Albert R R ser Alton 
*Lena F (m Hall Roch 

Whitehouse, Eliza H (Col bath 
ho Union 1 

Ellen D (m Stevens 
Willey, Cyrus D far Union 1 

Addie S (Babb ho 

Willey, B far Union 1 

Jennie M (Kenison ho 

Willey, Jonas D far Union 1 

Abbie (Home ho 

*Geo H hotel proprietor 

*Carrie E (m Kimball 


Young, Mary A (Lougee ho 
Union 1 

Young, John H far Union 1 
Etta M (m Leighton ho 
Lewis F far 

Young, Lewis F far Union 1 
EfHe A (Leighton ho 

Perley L pi 




Pure Milk, Wholesale and Retail. Milk Route to 
South Milton 



N. H. 


Haroet^s Repairing; a specialty. Boots, Shoes and Rubbers 
Repaired. Expert Saw Filing. Rubber Soles and Heels at- 
tached, all work promptly attended to. 



D. D. SHEEHAN, Prop. 

Special attention ^iven to Traveling Men 

Sample Room and Livery Connected 


Boot.s, Shoes and Rubbers Repaired in a first class manner 
Rubber Heels attached on short notice 


Census of Bnookfield 

Note — Where no post office address is ^iven Brookf ield is 
understood. Other post offices are abbreviated thus: San- 
bonville— San'vlle; Milton Mills— M Mills. R. F. D. routes are 
designated by the number of the route. 

Allen, Samuel M mas & far 

San'vlle 1 

Emma F (Cummiuos 

*Cora (m Colo my M Mills 

*Herbert A mason 

148 Main, Roch 

* Harry G fireman Milton 

Bertha E (m Ricker 

*Chester mill op 

S Wolfborouo:h 

mill op M Mills 


Fred L pi 

Atkins, Joseph R retd 

*Zaccheus R R R con 

1421 S Clarksou, Denver, Col 
Lauretta (m Gate 
Martha J 

elocutionist & writer 


Boston, J W far San'vlle 1 

*Sarah M 
Philip M 

Susan A (Drew 

Nathan W 
George H 
Willie F 
Arthur G 
Eva M 
Brown, Langdon D 

mill & far 

San'vlle 1 
Lucy A (West 
*Lina M (m Weymouth 

100 Haverhill, 
Lawrence, Mass 
*Minuie ho 

5 Douglass Ct, Rochester 
*Retta E (m Towle Dover 
Anna E stu 

Mary E pi 

*Gu8ta E ho Dover 1 
Brown, E L far San'vlle 1 
Susan E (Willey 
G rover C lab 

Lillian M (m West 
Brown, G C lab San'vlle 1 
Emma (Huntress 



Burleigh, Angie San'vlle 1 
Burroughs, H far San'vlle 1 
Grace M ( m Maleham 
*Abbie Lawrence, Mass 
Mercy (Kimball ho 

Dana pi 

Warren pi 

Campbell, Walter mill op 

San'vlle 1 

Guy F lab 

Lena E ho 

Campbell, Walter lab 

Carrie (Ellis ho 


Chad wick, J ohn T San'vlle 1 
Church, Guy lab San'vlle 1 

Alice M (Emerson 

Randolph E 
Churchill, Chas tr & far 

Churchill, Chas J San'vlle 1 

Ethel G (Burhoe 

Frederick W 

Churchill, T L retd San'vlle 1 

*AzeliaC (m Lucas Derry 

*C E retd Lawrence, Mass 

*Herbert H horse dlr 

Medford, Mass 

* Annette E (m Saunders 
249 Broadway, 
S Lawrence, Mass 

Sadie L ho 


Nancy M (Seward ho 

Chas J horseman 

Churchill, L L far San'vlle 1 

Harriet F (Ferguson 

Guy L far 

Gladys F stu 

Churchill, Mrs Sadie L nurse 

San'vlle 1 

Jewell M pi 

Clark, J C far San'vlle 1 

Charles E far 

Clark. Charles San'vlle 1 

Ella (Willand 

James E far 

Colman, Wilson speculator 

Helen P (Chamberlain 
Colman, Rev Charles 

Mary E ho 

Henry postal cl 


*Leon C tr 

27 Burrough, 

Jamacia Plains, Mass 

Colman, Henry postal cl 

San'vlle 1 

Harriet S (Ford 
Colman, D C far San'vlle 1 
Cook, G H car & far San'vlle 1 
Cook, James L far San'vlle 1 



Ida (Richards ho 

Cook, Sarah (Gage San' vile 1 
*Mary (m Hodgdon 

Boston, Mass 

James L far 

Gilbert H far 

Cate, Geo A retd San'vlle 1 

Gate, C F retd San'vlle 1 

Lauretta A (Atkins 
Cate, Harry W far San'vlle 1 
Aimee (Beaugez 
Raymond K pi 

Bernice E pi 

Vera W pi 

Dana W pi 

Norris E pi 

Myron J pi 

Evelyn E pi 

Neal W 
Cotton, C S far San'vlle 1 
EmmaS (Nute 
Marion A pi 

Clark D pi 

Sherman C pi 




Drew, John E 

Lizzie E (Foss 
Drew, John W 

Ada (Thibodeau 

*John E lab San'vlle 

Clarence L lab 

Drew, Abbie San'vlle 1 

Drew, Chas lab San'vlle 1 

Eaton, M H far San'vlle 1 

Florence L (Elkins 

Forest M 
Eaton, J C far San'vlle 1 

Lois H (Martin 

Martin H far 

Eaton, Samuel far San'vlle 1 

Mary (Berry 

Sarah M (m Harmon 

Etta (m Stevens 

*Jerjnie M (m Roberts 

Do^er Plains, N Y 

*Abbie (m Masur 


*Ida B (m Mackie 

Lowell, Mass 

Selina (m Adjutant 

*Albert F mech M Mills 
Edgcomb, Chas lab San'vlle 1 

Ferguson, J H ret San'vlle 1 
*Alice (m Bowdon 

Portland, Me 
*Nellie(m Wilson 

Cleveland, Ohio 
*Augusta insurance 

Chicago, 111 
Hattie (m Churchill 



Fifield, Chas H 

stODe mason 
San'vlle 1 


Hackett, John far San'vlle 1 
*Samuel S lab Wolfboro 
*Le8ter elec 

Somerville, Mass 
Albert far 

Hanson, Chas H far 

Mary C H (Buzzell 
*Gertrude L (m Chamber- 
lin Wolfborou^h Falls 
Mabel A (m Lang 
Sidney I R R ser 

*Jo8eph H R R ser 

6 Pearl Terrace 
Somerville, Mass 
Hattie H (m Cook 
Hanson, S J R R ser vSan'vlle 1 
Mary T (Johnson 
Ralph W stu 

Lottie M ho 

Hutchins, Betsey (Lyford ho 
San'vlle 1 
Stephen H 

*Frank mfg excel 

Wolfborough Falls 
Hutchins, S H far San'vlle 1 
Lizzie M (Wentworth 
Florence E ho 

John L pi 

Lang, Mabel (Hanson 

asst P M 
Florence M stu 

Ethel G pi 

John H pi 

Lang, Lillian (Cowell 

San'vlle 1 
*Hattie ho Wolfborough 
Frank far 

Lang, H L far San'vlle 1 

Lang, John E butch & far 

San'vlle 1 

Lizzie (Palmer 

Wallace far 

Reuben P etu 


Mattson, Otto far San'vlle 1 
Johanne M (Hanson 
Martin G pi 

Louise J pi 

Mills, Clara A nurse Sanv'lle 1 
Elizabeth A pi 


Neal, Chas H far San'vlle 1 
Ida F (Rankins ho 

*Mary S (m Cotton 

Chas H far 

Nutt, Elizabeth (Edgecomb 

San'vlle 1 




Piper, Frank ptr & ma^on 

Willie F 


San Vile 1 
*ADnie cl New York City 


Plummer, S H far San'vUe 1 

Palmer, Mary E (Blake ho 
San'vlle 1 
*Georgie (m Blake 

Lizzie (m Lang 
*A B tr Somerville, Mass 
*E T police Everett, Mass 
*J T tr Fitchburg, Mass 

Peavey, H W blk & far 

*Annie F 

Wolfborough Falls 

Lura M ho 

Albina M (Robar ho 

Carrie R pl 

Shirley A 
Perry, James E San'vlle 1 

Pearl D pl 

Peterson, A far San'vlle 1 

Mary (Hanson 

Clarence A pl 

Pike, Caleb far San'vlle 1 

Lydia (Clow 

*Estella (m Tyler 


George pl 

Guy pl 

Pike, J C lumber San'vlle 1 

Anna (Johnson 


Rhines, Elihu 

hull corn & vegetables 
Mary E (Dearborn 
*Gracie M (m Guyger 
50 Worcester, Boston, Mass 
Ellsworth B mill op 

Fred M ptr 

*Walter F far Union 
Herbert R lab 

Bessie K pl 

Roberts, N H lab San'vlle 1 

Robinson, J F far San'vlle 1 
Walter L far 

*Mary A nurse 

206 Hingham, Rockland, Mass 
Rosa (Hardy-Witham ho 

Robinson, W far Sanvlle 1 
Daisy M (Thompson 

Sanborn, Elizabeth (Buzzell 

Walter W far 

*Caroline J ho 

Parker House, Boston, Mass 

Mary ho 

Sceggel, Arthur L far & car 

San'vlle 1 



Emma O (Wentworth 
Eilen W pi 

Roland J 

Shortridge, Asa A far 

San' vile 1 

Stevens, W J far San'vlle 1 
Laura E (Eaton 
Viola E (m Brackett 
*Frank L cl Union 
*M.yrtle E (m Lindsay 

M Mills 
Sylvia M (m Hooper 
Carrie A pi 

Clara A pi 

Shortridge, S L far San'vlle 1 
Emma F (Clark ho 

Albert S far 

Shortridge, A S far San'vlle 1 
Grace M (Stevens ho 

Marjorie G pi 

Ralph S 

Skinner, HE pi San'vlle 1 

Thomes, C B far San'vlle 1 

Emma M (Wentworth 
Tibbetts, T B far San'vlle 1 

Etta J (Hamilton 

*Bertha A (m Ellis 

E Wake 

Leon F pi 


Wentworth, W R far 

San'vlle 1 

Myrtle B (Nute 

Albert S pi 

Reginald E pi 

Marion E pi 

Wentworth, J S far San'vlle 1 

Mary E (Weeks 


Lizzie M (m Hutchins 

Emma (m Sceggel 

Willie R far 

West, Geo E lab San'vlle 1 

Lillian M (Brown 

Weymouth, J F far & ear 

*John team Ossipee 

Sarah (Brown ho 

Wiggin, John F far San'vlle 1 

Sarah P (Brackett 

Bertha S 

*Chas E cl 

47 St Peter, Salem, Mass 

Wiggin, G A far San'vlle 1 

Amy F (Ordway 

Frank H far 

*Harry F s s op 

3 Cornwall, Portsmouth 

*William P ins 

325 Lamartine, 

Jamacia Plains, Mass 

Wiggin, Frank H San'vlle 1 



Mabel A (Pike ho 

Willey, Chas far San'vlle 1 
Mattie A (Willey 
Bessie N tr 

C Tracy bus col 

Leon M pi 

Willey, JasH far San'vlle 1 
Almira F (Shortridge 
Chas far 

*Witham, George II elec car 

Sherman, Canton, Mass 

*Charles A elec car 

700 Randolph Ave, 

Milton, Mass 

Woodus, F J far San'vlle 1 

Eliza A (Edgerly 

Maud E stu 

Ethel M pi 

"H "N 

'SllllAI NOllllAI 

8ijJOj\[ pu-B sjezi[i(^j8^ 8^A!9lP'Bjg joj c^neSy 

S9Sur^ pur s3Ao;s 's^ovmn^ 

Ni danvaa 

AVHdniAi niiNva 

Mistony of IDiddleton and 


The township of Middleton was granted by the Mason- 
ian proprietors March 21, 1770, and incorporated by the 
Legislature March 4, 1778. 

In 1785, the inhabitants of the north part of Middleton 
and those of a portion of Wolfeborough, attempted to get 
set off from their respective towns and be incorporated into 
a separate town. The scheme did not succeed, being 
strongly opposed by Wolfeborough and the south part of 

In 1794, the matter was again brought before the Leg- 
islature and the town was divided by an act passed Dec. 30, 
of that year, the north part being incorporated into a town 
by the name of Brookfield. The town was settled by men 
from Rochester and Lee. 

The following are the names of some of the early settlers 
of this town. David Varney, Nathaniel Varney, John Drew, 
Silas Varney, Aaron Drew, Deze K. Varney, Jonah Keunis- 
ton, William Buzzell, Wm. Clark, Job Allard, James Bry- 
ants, Nathaniel Wentworth, Isaac Drew. 

Among the early settlers of the town of Brookfield was 


Tabias Hanson a Quaker, he settled near the base of Moose 
Mountain, and looking around he discovered a cave into 
which he moved before commencing the erection of his future 
habitation, and continued to live there during the time it 
took him to dig and stone his cellar, a part of which was 
done with split stone, and to erect a house thereon, the main 
part of which was two stories high, the cellar contained a 
spring of water which never went dry. That section of 
Moose Mountain near where he settled is called Hanson 
Mountain and the cave Tabias' Cave. The house no longer 
stands and the land through which a stream of water runs 
has been purchased by some wealthy men of Boston and 
other places and a dam constructed across it sufficiently 
large to flow a number of acres of land and a trout pond 
established. The place is called Mountain Lake Camp, and 
with what the proprietors have done added to what Nature 
has done, makes a very attractive place of it, 


The following names are on the town of Brookfield book 
showing the inventory on which the taxes were based for the 
year 1796, many of which must have been among the early 
settlers. John Tascan, Andrew Drew, Josiah Wiggin, Asa 
Wiggin, Samuel Wiggin, Benjamin Clay, Jonathan Clay, 
Charles F. Whitehouse, John Dearborn, David Watson, 
Joseph Watson, John Roberts, John Palmer, Reuben Han- 
son, Richard Hanson, Thomas Kinnison, Levi Kinnison, 
Moses Kinnison, Moses Perkins, Isaiah Perkins, Thomas 
Chamberlain, James Chamberlain Joseph Ricker, William 


Willey, Samuel Watson, Moses Willey, Daniel Wentworth, 
William Trickey, Obediah Drew, Tabias Hanson, James 
Edgerly, Neal Cate, Daniel Delan, Samuel Delan, John Delan 
William Kent, Timotby Martin, John Giles, Charles Giles, 
James Burke, Stephen Willey, Turner Willey, Thomas Baker, 
Ebenezer Kent, Jonathan Delan, Daniel Sawyer, Richard 
Wentworth, Edmond Horn, Nathan Watson, John Cham- 
berlain, Waldron Kinnison, John Perkins, Ezekiel Sanborn, 
Ezekiel Sanborn, Jr., Robert Pike, Joseph Pike, Josiah Rob- 
inson, Josiah Robinson, Jr., Walter Robinson, Stephen 
Lyford, John Furnald, Robert Lyford, Joshua Guppy, Capt. 
Amaly, William Guppy, Turner Whitehouse, Moses White- 
house, Timothy Johnson, Widow Calder, Robert Calder, 
Phinehas Johnson, John Willey, Samuel Tebbets, William 
Tebbets, Dearing Stoddard, John Famaignan, Paul Tuttle, 
Charles Willey, John Durgin, John Stanton, Charles Stan- 
ton, John Martin, Obediah Daniels, Reuben Daniels, John 
Tebbets, Samuel Tebbetts, Jr., Joseph Brown, John Weeks, 
Daniel Horn, Robert Pike, Jr., Reuben Drew, Nathaniel 
Willey, William Watson, John AV. Calder, Michael Sawyer, 
Jacob Ham, Samuel Satridge, John Tash, Daniel Sawyer, 
Jr., Jesse Wiggin, William Chamberlain. 


1785, Capt. Francis Mathus, 1788, Nicholas Austin, 
1796-1799-1801-1803, Wm. Chamberlain, 1805-1807-1809, 
Capt. Thos. Chamberlain, 1811, Charles Stanton, 1813, 
Thos. Chamberlain, 1815, Chas, Stanton, 1817, Thos. 


Chamberlain, 1819, Ichabod Richards, 1821-1823, Charles 
Giles, 1825, Brookfield and Middleton voters met to choose 
a representative and adjourned to March 1826, 1827-1828, 
John T. Churchill, 1829-1830, Dudley Pike, 1831-1832, 
Joseph T. Churchill, 1833, Dudley Pike, 1834, Joseph T. 
Churchill, 1835-1836, Asa Wiggin, 1837, Loring Stoddard, 
1838, John T. Churchill, 1839-1840, Thomas Burley, 1841, 
William T. Cate, 1842, Noah Robinson, 1843, William T. 
Cate, 1844, Noah Robinson, 1845, John Hodge, 1846-1847, 
Joseph Goodhue, 1848, John Hodge, Jr., 1849-1850, John 
Churchill, 1851, Freeman Chamberlain, 1852-1853, Theopi- 
lus W. Lyford, 1854, Henry Tibbetts, 1855, Freeman Cham- 
berlain, 1856-1857, Silas M. Giles, 1858-1859, Ezekiel Pres- 
cott, 1860-1861, Dearin F. Stoddard, 1862, No Choice, 
1863-1864, Dudley C. Colman, 1865-1866, Daniel D.Stevens, 
1867-1868, Peter Cook, 1869, William Blake, Jr., 1870, 
Joshua Neal Cate, 1871, No Choice, 1872-1873, Joseph Pike, 
1874, Joshua Neal Cate, 1875, William Blake, Jr., 1876- 
1877, Plummer G. Lovering, 1878, John B. Lord, 1879, 
Henry Lang, 1881,* Middleton and Brookfield election for 
two years, held in Middleton, 1883, James H. Willey, 1885, 
Jonas D. Willey, 1887, James C. Clark, 1889, Cyrus D. Wil- 
ley, 1892, George A. Wiggin, 1896, William A. Bixby, 1898, 
John E. Witham, 1900, Charles Colman, 1904, Charles 
Churchill, 1906, Charles B. Thomes. 

J 876-1889, Dudley C. Colman chosen Delegate to revise 
the State Constitution, 1879, Dudley C. Coleman, chosen 
State Senator. 



In the following lines will be found various papers of in- 
terest and value to the towns of Middleton and Brookfield. 
These papers are among those which tell the story of the 
legal shaping of the career of the two towns. 



In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and seventy-eight — 

An act to incorporate a place called Middleton within 
the County of Strafford— 

Whereas, a patition hath been presented to the General 
Court in behalf of the Inhabitants of said Middleton, Pray- 
ing that the same place may be invested with Town Privi- 
leges by incorporation of which Petition and the order of 
Court thereon due Notice hath been given, and no objection 
been made, and the Praj^er ol said Petition appearing Rea- 

Be it therefore Enacted by the Counsil and House of 
Representatives in General Court Assembled, and by the 
authority of the same, that there be and hereby is a town- 
ship Erected and Incorporated within the following bounds, 
viz., Beginning at the Soushwesterly corner of a tract of 
land granted to John Ham, Gersham Downes and others, 
upon and at Rochester Head Line, and from that Extent to 


run Westerly by said line of Rochester Five miles, and con- 
taining the Breadth of five miles, to extend from the head 
line of Rochester so far Northeasterly as to make equil to 
six miles Square Adjoining to the said tract of land granted 
to the said John Ham, Gersham Downes, and others, and 
the head line of the same to be a line paralel with the head 
line of Rochester, and the said lines to be strait the Bounds 
thereof to be the same as expressed in the Charter by the 
name of Middleton, and the Inhabitants of said place are 
erected into a Body Politic and corporate to have continu- 
ance and successions forever, and are hereby invested with 
all the powers and Infranchised with all the rights, privil- 
eges, benefits and immunities which any town within this 
State by law hold, posess and enjoy. 

To hold to the said inhabitants and their successors 
forever, and Capt. John Gage of Dover is hereby lully au- 
thorized and im powered to call a meeting of said inhabi- 
tants for the purpose of chusing all necessary and custemary 
town officers, giving fourteen days' notice at least of the 
time, place and design of such meeting, and the officers then 
and there chosen shall be invested with all the power and 
authority that the officers of any other town in the State 
are by law invested with, and every other meeting of the 
said Inhabitants which shall be held in said town for that 
purpose shall be on the last Wednesday of March Annually 

State of New Hampshire, In the House of Representa- 
tives, February the 28, 1778, the foregoing Bill having been 
Read a third time. Voted that the same Pass, be Enacted, 
sent up for concurance. 

John Dudley, Speaker. 


In Council March ye 4, 1778, this Bill was read a third 
time and voted that the same be Enacted. 

JosiAH Bartlet, Pres. 
A true copy examined by E. Thompson, Secy. 
A true copy of the Incorporation of said Middleton. 
John Chamberlain, Town Clerk. 



In the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Ninety-Two. 

An Act to incorporate the Northerly part of Middleton 
in the County of Strafford into a seperate town by the name 
of Brookfield. 

Whereas, a petition has been presented to the General 
Court by a number of the inhabitants of the North part of 
the town of Middleton in the County of Strafford, setting 
forth that their local situation is very inconveniant for 
town meetings, public worships, and other necessary town 
privileges, by reason of a large ridge of mountains which 
intersects said town, and praying that the Northerly part 
of said Middleton might be set off into a seperate town. 

Therefore, be it enacted by the Senate and house of Rep- 
resentatives in General Court convened, that the Lands and 
Inhabitants contained within the Northerly part of said 
Middleton, as described by the following boundries from the 


Southerly part thereof, to wit: Beginning at Wakefield 
line at the Easterly corner of lot number Eighty-Six, thence 
running Southwesterly to the Easterly corner of lot number 
Eighty-five, thence Northerly to the Easterly corner of lot 
number Eighty-Three, thence Southwesterly to the Easterly 
cornerof lot number Se\renty-eight, thence Northerly to 
the Easterly corner of lot number Ten, thence South- 
westerly to the Easterly corner of lot number Twelve, 
thence Northerly to the Easterly corner of lot number Nina 
in the Second Division, thence Southwesterly to the East- 
erly corner of lot number Thirty, thence Northerly to 
the Easterly corner of lot number Thirty-Four, thence 
Southwestly to the Easterly corner of lot number Nineteen, 
thence Northerly to the Easterly corner of lot number 
Eight3^-Two, thence Southwesterly to the Easterly corner 
of lot number Eighty-One, thence Northerly to the Easterly 
corner of lot number Sixty, thence Southwesterly to New 
Durham line. Be and they hereby are, incorporated into a 
seperate town by the name of Brookfield, and the said town 
of Brookfield is hereby invested with all the powers, privil- 
eges and immunities to which other towns in this State are 
or may be entitled, agreeable to the Constitution and Laws 
of this State, to have continuance and succession forever. 
And be it further enacted, that the inhabitants of the said 
town of Brookfield shall pay all the arrears of taxes which 
have been assessed on them by the town of Middleton, or 
which may be assessed on them from this time to the first 
day of March next, and shall pay their proportionable part 
of all debts due from said town of Middleton, and shall take 


and support a proportionable part of all the poor persons 
which are now in said town of Middleton, and which may be 
therein on the tirst day of March next, and shall be entitled 
to receive their proportion of all money and debts now due 
to said town of Middleton, and also their proportionable 
part of all other property of the said town ot Middleton of 
every kind and description whatsoever. 

And be it further enacted, that the proportion of the 
said town of Brookfield shall pay Two Pounds six shilliugs 
to every Thousand Pounds of the Public Taxes from and 
after the First day of March next until a New Proportion 
shall be made and established, which sum of Two Pounds 
Six Shillings shall be taken out of the proportion of said 
town of Middleton. 

And be it further enacted that William Chamberlain 
Esq. be and he is hereby authorized and irapowered to warn 
a meeting of the said inhabitants by posting up advertise- 
ments in said town fourteen days previous to said meeting, 
and the said William Chamberlain shall preside in said meet- 
ing till a moderator shall be chosen for that purpose, and 
the annual town meeting in said town of Brookfield shall be 
holden on the second Tuesday of March annually. 

State of New Hampshire, In the House of Representa- 
tives, December 25th, 1794. The foregoing bill having had 
three several readings passed to be enacted, sent up for con- 

John Prentice, Speaker. 


In Senate December 26th, A. D. 1794. 
This bill having been read a^ third time voted that the 
same be enacted, 

Abial Foster, President of the Senate. 
Approved December 30th, 1794. 

J. T. GiLMAN, Governor. 
A true copy. Attest. 

Nath. Parker, Beptv Secy. 
A true copy. Attest. 

John Chamberlain, Town Clerk. 



Nathanial Riues, 1824-27; Samuel Downing, 1828-29; 
Nathanial Rines, 1830-33; Samuel H. Whitehouse, 1834-35; 
M. R. Warren, 1836-41; James Hilton, 1842; M. R. Warren, 
1843; Isaiah G. Orne, 1844-49; David E. D. Frost, 1850-51; 
Carlton Small, 1852-54; John Home, 1855-56; Benjamin 
P. Chesley, 1857; David E. D. Frost, 1858; Charles York, 
1859-62; Charles W. Davis, 1863-64; Benj. P. Chesley (Ap- 
pointed Aug. 6, 1864-1865; America Lane, 1866-69; Warren 
H. Whitehouse, 1870-71; Frank Marston, 1872-73; Cyrus B. 
Perkins, 1874-75; Oscar F. Kimball, 1876-80; Amlrcia Lane, 
1881; Augustus G. Orne, 1882; Oscar F. Kimball, 1883-84; 
Luther H. Downing, 1885; Mark B. Penney, 1886; Samuel 
D. Jones, 1887; Luther H. Downing, 1888; Frank Shapleigh, 
1889; David E. D. Frost, 1890; Augustus G. Orne, 1891; 


David E. D. Frost, 1892; Charles H. Leio;hton, 1893-96; 
Hiram S. Stevens, 1897-1905: Samuel A. Lawrence, 1906; 
Georg;e D. Drawbridge, 1907 res'd; Hiram S. Stevens, chosen 
Aug. 5, 1907. 


David Stevens, 1841; John Roberts, 1853; Jeremiah S. 
Colbath, 1854; James Hilton, 1855; Jonathan T. Garland, 
1856; James Hilton, 1857; Augustus G. Orne, 1858; James 
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F. Young, 1892-96; Albert C. Moore, 1897-1903; John H. 
Young, 1904; Meander H. Davis, 1905-06; Charles S.Boody, 


1823— John Chadwick, George L. Whitehouse, David 

1824-25— John Roberts, John W. Varney, Nathaniel 

1826— John Chadwick, John W. Varney, Jacob R. Pills- 

1827— Jacob R. Pillsbury, John Roberts, Samuel H. 



1828— John Chadwick, David Davis, Samuel H. White- 

1829— John Chadwick, John W. Varney, David Stev- 
ens Jr. 

1830— Gilman L. Bennett, Enoch Kimball, Samnel 

1831— Gilman L. Bennett, Jacob R. Pillsburv, Samuel 
H. Whitehouse. 

1832— David Davis, Samuel H. Whitehouse, John W. 

1833— Jacob R. Pillsbury, John Roberts, Alvah Scates. 

1834— Jacob R. Pillsbury, Jacob P. Buzzell, Levi Han- 

1835— John Roberts, Alvah Scates, John L. Pike. 

1836— Jacob P. Buzzell, John L. Pike, John Chadwick 

1837-38— Jacob P. Buzzell, John Roberts, Hiram B. 

1839— Jacob P. Buzzell, Moses Place, Edward V.Perkins. 

1840 — Jacob P. Buzzell, Moses Place, David Stevens Jr. 

1841— David Stevens, Ebeneazer S. Pike, Moses Place. 

1842— David Stevens, Ebeneazer S. Pike, J. Buzzell. 

1843— John Roberts, Jeremiah S. Colbath, Jacob P, 

1844 — Jacob P. Buzzell, Moses Place, James Hilton. 

1845 — Jacob P. Buzzell, James Hilton, Leiohton Col- 
bath Jr. 

1846— John Roberts, Jeremiah S. Colbath, Moses Place. 

1847 — Jacob P. Buzzell, Augustus G. Orne, Jonathan 
T. Garland. 


1848 — James Hilton, Jonathan T. Garland, James D. 

1849— James Hilton, Robert P. Whitehouse, James D. 

1850— Augustus G. Orne, William H. Cloutman, Charles 

1851— Isaiah G, Orne, Moses Place, Benjamin P.Chesley. 

1852 — John Roberts, James Hilton, Leonard Colbath. 

1853— J. S. Colbath, H. B. Home, John Roberts. 

1854-J. S. Colbath, H. B. Home, I. H. Place. 

1855— James Hilton, Jonathan T. Garland, John L. 

1856— John L. Pike, Jonathan B. Stevens, David E. D. 

1857— James Hilton, Jeremiah S. Colbath, John Rob- 

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1859— James D. Moore, Lewis Cook, Charles W. Davis. 

1860— Charles W. Davis, Ebeneazer S. Pike, Varnun H. 

1861— James Hilton, Varnum H. Leighton, John F.Pike, 

1862-63— James Hilton, John L. Pike, Jeremiah S. Col- 

1864— Jeremiah S. Colbath, John D. Roberts, Charles 

1865— John D. Roberts, James D. Moore, James Hilton. 

1866-67— James Hilton, Franklin Colbath, Jacob H. 


1868— Charles Davis, William H. Cloutman, John S. 

1869— James Hilton, John S. Pike, Jonathan B. Stevens. 

1870— James Hilton, Amos W. Whitehouse, Franklin 

1871— James Hilton, Amos W. Whitehouse, Nathaniel 

1872— James Hilton, Amos W. Whitehouse, Charles L. 

1873— Amos W. Whitehouse, Charles L. Peverly, Charles 
W. Jenness. 

1874— Charles W. Davis, Charles W, Jenness, Oscar E. 

1875— Charles W. Davis, Charles W. Jenness, Frank R. 

1876— Benjamin P. Chesley, William H. Cloutman, Wil- 
liam F. Hanson. 

1877— Benjamin P. Chesley, Jonathan B. Stevens, Frank 
R. Marston. Frank R. Marston res'd, Cyrus B. Perkins 
chosen Sept. 29. 

1878— Beujamin P. Chesley, Jonathan B. Stevens, Jo- 
seph J. Penney. 

1879— Benjamin P. Chesley, Joseph J. Penney, Cyrus B. 

1880— Cyrus B. Perkins, Joseph J. Penney, Samuel D. 
Jones. Aug. 14 John H. Young was appointed first Select- 

1881— John C. Penney, Samuel D. Jones, James F. D. 


1882— Benjamin P. Chesley, James F. D. Stevens, Hor- 
ace Drew. 

1883— Benjamin P. Chesley, Dudley S. Cook, Horace 

1884— John H. Young, Dudley S. Cook, Charles H. 

1885— John H. Young, Charles H. Leighton, Jonathan 
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1886— Dudley S. Cook, Jonathan B. Stevens, David E. 
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1896— John H. Young, Luther H. Downing, Jonathan 
B. Stevens. 


1897— John H. Young, George D. Drawbridge, Henry D. 

1898— George D. Drawbridge, Eli S. Moore, Henry D. 

1899— George D. Drawbridge, Eli S. Moore, Samuel 

1900— Eli S. Moore, Samuel Young, Charles S. Boody. 

1901— Eli S. Moore, Willie H. Chapman, Samuel Young. 

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1904— Eli S. Moore, Walter F. Leighton, James P. 

1905— George W. Morrill, James P. Leighton, John H. 

1906— John H. Young, Warren H. Whitehouse, George 
J. Tufts. 

1907— Eli S. Moore, Charles W. Whitehouse, Horace 



Jeremiah Chamberlain, 1850-51; Dudley Pike, 1852-53; 
Noah Robinson, 1854; D. C. Colman, 1855; Chas. Colman, 
1856-58; Geo. W. Chamberlain, 1859; Chas. Colman, 1860- 
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Gate, 1870; Henry M. Libby, 1871; Moses C. Cate, 1872-74; 
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Hackett, 1878; Frank A. Hanson, 1879-81; Jno. F. Robin- 
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Robt. L. Chamberlain, 1904-07. 


Dudley C. Colman, 1881-84; John B. Lord, 1885-86; 
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1897-98; Chas. Willey, 1899-1900; Dudley C. Colman, 1901- 
04; Sylvester L. Shortridge, 1905-07. 


1850— Wm. T. Cate, Wm. Blake, Jr., Sam'l J. Dealand. 

1851— Jno. Churchill, Wm. Blake, Jr., Wm. T. Cate. 

1852-53— Noah Robinson, Jno. Hodge, Albin Johnson. 

1854— T. W. Lyford, S. M. Giles, Jno. W. Lang. 

1855— Wm. T. Cate, Albin Johnson, Jonathan W. San- 

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1858— Garland Allen, Dudley C. Colman, Geo. W. Cham- 

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1860— Dudley C. Colman, Jno. W. Lang, Mark F. 


1861— D. C. Colman, Jno. LaD^, Joshua N. Gate. 

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1863— Jos. Pike, J. W. Sanborn, Garland Allen. 

1864— Jos. Pike, Joshua N. Gate, Garland Allen. 

1865-66— D. G. Colman, Wm. Blake, Jr., J. N. Gate. 

1867— D. G. Colman, Wm. Blake, Jr., Garland Allen. 

1868— A. B. Chamberlain, Garland Allen, Jeremiah 

1869— Noah Robinson, Jno. W. Lang, Geo. A. Wiggin. 

1870— J. Chamberlain, Jno. W. Lang, Geo. A. Wig(^in. 

1871— J. W. Sanborn, Geo. H. Robinson, Chas. H. Neal. 

1872-78— Geo. H. Robinson, Garland Allen, Jos. B. Buz- 

1874— D. C. Colman, Jno. B. Lord, Thorn. Goodhue. 

1875— Jno. B. Lord, Sam'l H. Plummer, Orin J. Eaton. 

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1878— John B. Ladd, S. H. Hutchins, Jas. H. Willej. 

1879— Chas. Churchill, Noah Robinson, Geo. E. Good- 

1880-81— Chas. Churchill, Edgar M. Gate, John F. Rob- 

1882— Chas. Churchill, Luther M. Sanborn, John W. 

1883— Chas. Churchill, L. M. Sanborn, Wm. A. Lang. 

1884— Chas. Churchill, L. M. Sanborn, Thos. Goodhue. 

1885-86— Stephen H. Hutchins, John C. Pike, Wm. A. 

1887-88— Chas. Churchill, Chas. B. Thomas, Henry E. 


Went worth. 

1889— Chas. Churchill, Chas. Willey, John E. Lan^. 

1890-91— Wm. A. Bixby, Chas. Willey, J as. H. Tibbets. 

1892— Chas. Willey, Jas. H. Tibbets, Horace L. Thomas. 

1893— D. C. Colman, H. L. Thomas, Jas. L. Cook. 

1894-John C. Pike, H. L. Thomas, Jas. L. Cook. 

1895— John C. Pike, H. L. Thomas, Harry L. Lan^. 

1896— Chas. Churchill, Gilbert Cook, Harry L. Lang. 

1897-98— Wm. A. Bixby, G. H. Cook, Isaiah W. Palmer. 

1899-1900— Wm. A. Bixby, Jas. L. Cook, Arthur L. 

1901-03— Chas. Churchill, Robt. L. Chamberlain, L. L. 

1904— Chas. Churchill, Chas. Willey, L. L. Churchill. 

1905-07— Chas. Willey, Jas. L. Cook, Walter L. Robin- 


These two towns have a joint and separate military 
record of which they may be justly proud. There are few 
towns which can boast a more loyal response to the calls for 
arms than these. They of course were most active in the 
war of the rebellion and we are most concerned with the 
names of the men who were called to serve in that terrible 

The list of men who served there as we have it given to 
us by residents of the two towns, may be incomplete, but we 


have endeavored to get it as complete as the knowledge of 
these citisens would permit. 
The names follow: 


John Waldron, Drake S, Durbon, Daniel Burrows, John 
Hanson, James Stevens, John F. Dore, Thomas Stevens, 
William Merrill, Benjamin Gerrish, Stilman Simond, Daniel 
Burleigh, Joseph Knowles, James D. Moore, John S. Pike, 
Chas. Cloutman, Samuel Aspinwall, Cyrus G. Pinkham, Sam- 
uel Tufts, Geo. Willey, Geo. Shapleigh, Oscar F. Kimball, 
Sylvester Wallace, Frederick A. Orne, John Tufts, Leighton 
D. Colbath, John Home, Amos W. Whitehouse, Nathaniel 
Dearborn, John C. Pike, Joseph Miller, Richard Miller, Chas. 
York, Geo. Stevens, Henry Stevens, Joseph Ricker, Lafayette 
Colbath, Daniel C. Emery, Nathan Boston, King Emery, 
Jaford Emery. 


Fiith N. H. Regt., Sam'l M. Allen, Chas. L. Hubbard; Co. 
H. Sixth N. H. Regt., David L. Wentworth; Co. D. Thirteenth 
N. H. Regt., Andrew Berry, Jesse G. Berry (d. Nov. 8, 1867, 
in Brookfield), Aaron K. Blake (k. June 4, 1864, Cold Har- 
bor, Va.), Geo. L. Ricker, (k. June 15, 1864, Petersburg, 
Va.), Jasper H. Warren, Mark A. L. Colbath, Henry Church- 
ill (d. March 18, 1885, at Concord, N. H.), John J. Curtis 
(d July 30, 1864; all in Co. A. Geo. P. Blake (d. Dec. 27, 
1878, in Brookfield), C. Goodhue (d. March 5, 1896, Hamp- 
ton, Va.), Thos. Goodhue (d. May 5, 1896, at Brookfield), 


all of Co. F. Sixteenth N. H. Reo^t.; Geo. E. Goodhue, Co. B. 
Seventeenth N. H. Regt.; Geo. W. Tebbetts, Co. A. (k. July 2, 
1863, at Gettysburg, Pa.) Eighteenth N. H. Regt.; Derius 
W. Ham, Co. K. 


The town of Middleton is in fortunate possession of a 
library of appropriate and useful books. This library at the 
opening of the year 1908, numbered 1,362 volumes and has 
been a source of much pleasure and profit to the citizens of 
the town. The trustees oi the library are as follows: Jas. D. 
Moore, Mrs. M. H. Davisand F. A. Orne. Mrs. M. H. Davisis 
Librarian. The town votes an annual appropriation of $25 
for the purchase of new books. 


In the early part of 1800, one of the most familiar spots 
in this region was the old training field, or "muster field" 
which was large enough to accommodate about 2,000 
people. It was equipped with all the utensils of war and 
included in the supply was one small brass cannon. The 
scenes presented here in the famous old muster days were 
inspiring to the hardy folks of this region, and the associa- 
tions that cling around the event are not entirely forgotten 
to this day. 

The cannon sometime before the Civil War was carried 
to Alton and from there was demanded by the national 


government, but was hidden in a forest to prevent the 
government's securing its property. The attempt has been 
to date unsuccessful. 

YEARS 1906-1907. 

President, Meander H. Davis; First Vice President, Chas. 
Knowles; Second Vice President, Samuel A, Lawrence, Secre- 
tary, Mrs. M. H. Davis; Treasurer, Mrs. F. A. Orne; Recep- 
tion Committee, Mrs. M. H. Davis, Mrs. F. A. Orne, Mrs. S. 
A. Lawrence, Chas. H. Leighton, George Cook, Jonas D. 


Wm. F. Hanson, Meander H. Davis, Mrs. Meander H. 
Davis, Fred R. Cook, Geo. H. Cook, Oscar W. Leighton, 
Grace M. Leighton, Fred L. Leighton, Mrs. Fred L. Leigh- 
ton, Mrs. John H. Young, James D. Pike, John H. Young, 
Mrs. James D. Pike, Mrs. Emma Whitehouse, Warren fl. 
Whitehouse, Mrs. Addie A. L. Jones, Addie Mae Jones. 


Master, Wm. F. Hanson; Overseer, Meander H. Davis; 
Lecturer, Fred R. Cook; Steward, Geo. H. Cook; Asst. Stew- 
ard, Oscar W. Leighton; Chaplain, Mrs. John H. Young; 
Treasurer, Warren H. Whitehouse; Secretary, Mrs. Fred L. 
Leighton; Gate Keeper, James D. Pike; Ceres, Mrs. Warren 
H. Whitehouse; Pomona, Mrs. Meander H. Davis; Flora 
Grace M. Leighton; Lady Assistant Steward, A. Mae Jones. 


First two years the members met the first and third 
Wednesday of each month. The third year this date was 
changed to the second and fourth. Meetings were held in 
the Town Hall. 


John Trickey, a son of William Trickey, was born in 
Brookfield, in early life went to Dover, N. II., where he lived 
for many years. He was very successful in the mill and lum- 
ber business. 

Jesse and Simon Blake, both natives of Brookfield, went 
to Massachusetts w'hen young men and became very suc- 
cessful in the Patent Leather business. Daniel Chamberlain 
the noted hotel keeper and owner of the Adams House in 
Boston, was a decendent of John Chamberlain, who was 
town clerk for thirty-four years and selectman several years. 
Freeman Chamberlain a son of Trueworthy Chamberlain, 
was for many years engaged in the hotel business, John 
Hodge was for many years a hotel keeper in Exeter, N. H. 
and Kingston, N. H. 

Stephen Lyford, son of Stephen, studied law with William 
Sawyer of Wakefield, and for several years was a practising 
lawyer in Laconia, N. H. Cyrus K. Sanborn was in early 
life a popular school teacher, he afterward studied law with 
Josiah H. Hobbs of Wakefield and practised for many years 
in the city of Rochester, N. H. 

Asa Adams Wiggin, son of Daniel Wiggin, who was 
Post Master in Brookfield for 30 years, became a very suc- 
cessful merchant in Boston. Noah Wiggin, brother of Asa 


A., also became a merchant in Boston. One of his daughters 
became the wife of Thomas Star King, the famous preacher 
and lecturer. Another sister of Mrs. King married Herbert 
Magoun, treasurer of the Suffolk Savings Bank in Boston, 
and two other sisters were teachers in the schools of Boston 
for twenty-five jears. 

Joseph T. Churchill was a life long resident of Brook- 
field, he held the oflSce of selectman for several years and 
was elected Representative to the Legislature for three 
terms. His son Charles Churchill has also represented the 
town two years, has been chairman of board of selectmen 
several years and is now town clerk ol Brookfield. 

Alfred Lang became a very successful contractor and 
builder in Lawrence, Mass. 

Noah Robinson was for many years selectman and also 
represented the town two years in the Legislature, his son 
Albert 0. Robinson is now station agent at Sanbornville, 
having held that position on the Boston and Maine Rail 
Road and express agent for thirty-four years. Charles 
Warren, son of John Warren, became a physician and was 
an active practitioner at Wolfeboro and Exeter, N. H. for 
more than 20 years. 

Samuel Parsons, son of Ephraim Parsons, went to Man- 
chester, N. H., and became quite wealthy as a contractor 
and carpenter. 

Henry R. Chamberlain, a son of James Chamberlain, was 
born in Brookfield, went to Manchester, N. H., when quite a 
young man and was for a number of years city clerk in that 


William R. Chamberlain, son of Thomas Chamberlain, 
was a fine scholar and teacher in his young days, afterwards 
became a minister and settled in Ohio where he died about 
20 years ago. 

Henry and Josiah Johnson went to California in 1849, 
and made a large amount of money. 

Charles A. Hackett at one time superintendent of the car 
shop at Sanborn ville, and William H. Willey, the grain 
dealer, were both natives of Brookfield. 

Samuel and Frank Hutchius have each made a fortune in 
the excelsior business. Frank has recently presented the 
town with a bell for its Town Hall. 

JohnC. Pike, a present resident of the town has met with 
very good success in the lumber business, he was also born 
in Brookfield. 

Henry Colman who is a resident of this town and has 
been nearly his whole life, is now in the employ of the United 
States as a Rail Road Mail Clerk and has been so employed 
for about fifteen years, has been promoted several times 
since first entering the service. 

Dudley Colman bought the farm now owned by George 
A. Wiggin in 1796, he was an officer in the Revolutionary 
War. One of his descendants Leon C. Colman, born in Brook- 
field, is a teacher in the high school in Jamacia Plain, Mass. 

Men who served in oar State and Town Militia: Major 
Noah Robinson was an officer in a State Cavalry Regiment, 
Col. John T. Churchill, Col. Jonathan W. Sanborn and 
Major John Churchill were oflScers in a Town Cavalry Regi- 


Capt.John Hodge, Capt. Joseph Goodhue, Capt. William 
Willej, Capt. John A, Chamberlain and Capt. Jeremiah 
Chamberlain were all officers in the Infantry. 


When Brookfield was first set off from Middleton, the 
town was without any Town House in which to hold their 
town meetings and it was customary to call the same at 
the house of some inhabitant of the town. In the year 1815 
the meeting was called at the house of Daniel Wiggin, with 
the following result: After the meeting was organized and 
they had proceeded for a while the chamber in which the 
meeting was assembled broke down and the voters all fell 
with it. No lives lost nor any one badly hurt. The voters 
went out into the road and carried on the meeting. 


Religious services were held at Middleton many years 
previous to the organization of 1827, at which time, by 
the request of a number of brethren and sisters living in the 
vicinity, wishing to associate themselves together as a 
church of Christ, Elders John H. Nutter, Simeon Swett, and 
Joseph Banfield, met with them March 3, 1827, at the home 
of Jonathan Howes in Milton, for the purpose of acknowl- 
edging them as such. 

The first settled minister was Rev. Nehemiah Ordway, 
(Orthodox), his successor was Rev. John Buzzell, a Freewill 
Baptist, who later established a society. 

Members of the Society with Rev. John Buzzell preacher 


in charge: Joseph Goodwin, John N. Frost, Daniel Goodwin, 
Enoch York, Bethuel Ellis, Joseph Brooks, Elijah Curtis, 
Anna Goodwin, Eliza Rines, Mahitable Clark, Martha Frost, 
Betsy Curtis, Purliuej Brooks, Betsy Ellis, Belinda Treph- 
ren, Abigail Watson, Mary Goodwin. 

The first clerk chosen was Enoch York, March 3, 1827. 
This church was later received into fellowship with the New 
Hampshire conference. 

The old meeting house which 104 years ago stood near 
the Enoch York larm was moved by Squire Wingate to 
what is now called Middleton Corner, upon a part of the six 
acre lot which was set apart for the support and main- 
tenance of the Gospel ministry. 

Latter ministers of Middleton were Revs. William Buz- 
zell. Elder Butler, Simeon Swett, J. H. Nutter, Joseph 
Boody, Joseph Banfield, John York, John Swett, Luther 
Penney, Geo. York, Joseph Brooks, William Blaisdell, John 
Flanders, Timothy Cole, Elder Furnell, Seth Sawyer being 
the last settled minister in Middleton. Since that religious 
services have been held regularly by different preachers. 

This Free Baptist church, the most historic building in 
the town, is occupied also by the Old Home Week Associa- 
tion, the place of meeting being on the second floor. This 
is a historic place and was erected more than a century ago, 
is in the center known as the Four Corners, and around it is 
the Town Common, several acres in area. The seating ca- 
pacity will not accommodate more than a quarter of the 
people, while the addresses and musical exercises took place 
in the church, the banquet was held in the Town Hall on 


first floor. 

This Landscape Hall, painted in 1842 by John Avery of 
Farmiugton, is famous throughout the Granite State as 
the Landscape Church. The landscape was painted to rep- 
resent large shade trees on a plat of ground, which extends 
around the four walls. 

This is the only house of worship in town, and during 
112 years it has been used as a meeting house, and attended 
by the ancestors of the present generations. Because of 
that fact and the other associations it is held dear to the 
heart of every native, and all denominations meet here lor 
divine worship. 

Formerly there was a club that met here yearly in Sep- 
tember, spending several days in town, going over their old 
haunts and bringing it to a close with a dinner. 

The members of the present Association declare that it 
was through the annual gathering at Middleton that the 
Old Home Week idea was first agitated. 


The First Reunion of Middleton was held May, 1867. 
Members present were: George B. Roberts, John E. Good- 
win, Samuel Varney, Wingate Whitehouse, Robert White- 
house, John Crocket, Elizabeth Daniels, Elder Daniel Good- 
win, Shepard Goodwin, James D. Moore, Benjamin Chesley, 
Jonathan Daniels, Augustus G. Orne, Chas. Whitehouse, 
Jeremiah Downing, Havilah Chesley, John Rines, Geo. Pike. 



Ladies' Furnishing- Goods, Millinery 
and Small Wares 




Boots, Shoes and Rubbers 

Repairing: a Specialty. Sole Agent for the Brannigan 
Rubbers, best made. 


Sanborn House Stable 


First Class Teams to let at Reasonable Prices 
Telephone Connection Sanbornville, N. H. 

James W. Garvin John H. Garvin Edwin A. Himes 

Established in 1871 



Flour, Feeds, Sugar, Kerosene Oil, etc. Also Retailers 
of General Merchandise. Connected with New England 
and Ossipee Valley Telephone Companies 


Beech -Nut 

SHCed Bacon we take pleasure m asking 
■*^*^^'*^^^ ^^'^^'^^■"■•you to call on us. Courteous 

treatment assured. Satisfac- 
tion guaranteed. Best goods 
obtainable at right prices 




N. H. 

TEL 13-2 

Groceries, provisions, teas 
coffees, canned goods, post 
cards, fruit, moxie, tonic, 
pat. medicines, hardware 
tinware, glassware, and gen- 
eral merchandise 

Full line of confectionery 
tobaccos and finest cigars 

Sole agent for Town Talk 
— flour, Sherwin Williams 
paints. Ward's tip-top bread 
Drake's cakes 

Try our 20c coffee as good 
as most 35c