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Full text of "The town register : Meredith, Tilton, Gilmanton, Sanbornton, Gilford, Belmont, New Hampton, 1908"

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Augusta, Maine: 

Published by The Mitchell-Cony Co., Inc. 




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Indian Occupancy 10 

Early Grants and Settlement 14 

Industrial Account..., 17 

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Civil War 19 

Statistics 20 

Town Officers 20 

Church History 81 


Early Annals and Data 22 

Military History 24 

School and Educational Notes 24 

Industrial Account 25 

Ecclesiastical History 25 

Statistics 29 

Town Officers 30 


General Description 33 

Early Grants and Settlement 34 

Military Account 34 

Petitions and Documents 35 

Educational 37 

Church History 38 

Military Account 41 


General Description 44 

Grants and Settlement 44 

Industrial Account 50 

Educational 52 

Ecclesiastical Account 53 

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Town Officers 59 

Statistics 60 


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Early History 61 

Industrial Account 64 

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Ecclesiastical History 65 

Gilford Military (See Gilmanton) 34 


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Early History 73 

Town Officers 74 


General Description 76 

Early History and Tradition 76 

Military Account 80 

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The Citizens' National Bank 

Tllton, N. H, 

A Check Book is a great convenience. Safe Deposit Boxes 
are sometimes necessities 




Dealer in Gents' Furnishings 
91 Main Street Meredith, N. H. 




Dry and Fancy Goods, Wrappers and Shirt Waists, Clothing 
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Trunks, Carpets, Hats 
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Histony of Wzvcditb 


The township lying as it does on the northwesterly end 
of Lake Winnipesaukee with Lake Waukewan on its other 
boundary, makes as ideal a summer retreat as there is in 
the Granite State. 

Distant only 112 miles from Boston with the excellent 
train service on the White Mountain Division ot the Boston 
and Maine R. R. and daily stages to Centre Harbor, Centre 
Sandwich, West Ossipee, and Moultonboro, all neighboring 
pleasure resorts, the village of Meredith is at all seasons a 
busy place. 

Waukewan is one of the most noted lakes in the state 
for its bass fishing, and the waters of Meredith bay that 
make inland from Winnipesaukee, afford excellent facilities 
for "reeling in" of lake trout and other gamey members of 
the finny tribe. 

The diversity of scenery obtained from Meredith and 
vicinity affords ample material for those of artistic temper- 

The view across Waukewan includes such peaks as 
Moosilauke, the Asquam range, including Prospect, Passa- 
conaway, Osceola and White Face. To the south looking 
across Winnipesaukee the Belknap range is plainly visible. 


It matters not whether the guest is after rest or recre- 
ation, Meredith caD furnish it quantities to suit. 


I know the readers of this book will share with me the 
pleasure I take in presentiug- to them selections taken from 
an article written and read bj a lady of Meredith at one of 
the meetings of the local improvement society. 

The article, of which Mrs. Ella E. Eaton is the author, 
follows with a few omissions and changes. 

"In seeking some knowledge concerning the very earliest 
dwellers beside our beautiful lake (Winnipesaukee), we are 
at first surprised that the records are so meagre, and that 
all our search is repaid by only a few facts gleamed here and 

"We would fain read stories of Indian life with its loves, 
its hopes, its sorrows and its joys, as it was when he roamed 
over all the lands and felt them his own. 

"Of many countries we may know their history centuries 
and centuries ago, but of our own we are left to dig from 
the soil relics, which, without language, yield their scanty 
records of the past. 

"Had the early white settlers so desired they might have 
preserved for future generations many interesting records of 
the traditions of the primitive American or indian. 

"How satisfying it would be to us if the past could have 
drawn and preserved for us one picture of this side of the 


lake where our village now is, showing the wigwams, the 
canoes, the little red children running about and the whole 
that went to make the happy and contented Indian village 
nestling as of old among the sylvan vistas. 
"Longfellows Hiawatha says, 

'Lo how all things fade and perish! 
From the memory of the old men 
Fade away the great traditions, 
The achievements of the warriors, 
The adventures of the hunters. 
All the wisdom of the Medas, 
All the craft of the Wabenoos, 
All the marvellous dreams and visions 
Of the Jossakeeds, the Prophets." 
"Of the many different Indian tribes, those in which we 
are most interested were called Winnipesaukees, taking their 
name as was the Indian custom from some feature of the 
locality in which was their abode. 

"All the tribes of the interior were known in the lan- 
guage of the Indian as 'Nipmunks' or fresh water Indians. 

"As was the custom, the Indians of this vicinity dressed, 
before the advent of the whites, in the furs of the animals 
slain in the chase, sewed together with the sinews of the 
same animals. 

"Following the advent of the whites we find they began 
to adopt the customs of civilization as to clothing and hab- 
its, such as undermining their vitality and powers with 

"The Winnipesaukees maintained a permanent fish-weir 


or 'ahqaedankenash', as they called it, at the outlet of th© 
lake. All the neighboring tribes were invited to assemble 
here for the spring and fall catch, the occasion being made 
into a semi-annual festival. 

"The locality of these gatherings has received renown 
throughout all New England as one of the most popular of 
modern summer resorts, also as a gathering place for many 
conventions and associations, for many public assembles are 
held at The Weirs. 

"Many interesting traditions have been handed down 
about Passaconaway, the chief who ruled over the tribes in 
Western Maine and New Hampshire. 

"The concensus of them all is that he was held by hie 
followers to be a 'Great Medicine Man' and in close com- 
munion with 'The Great Spirit.' It is also asserted that he 
lived to a good old age, and during the latter part of his 
life did much toward promoting peace between the whites 
and his Indian followers. 

"Wonalancet, his son, and the one who took up the 
sceptre of chieftanship on the death of Passaconaway, is 
said to have followed closely his father's example and some 
state he embraced Christianity before his death. 

"We have many legacies from the Red Man we hope will 
last as long as our country does, and that is in the musical 
names of places and things, showing the appreciation of the 
beautiful by the child of the forest. 

"For the music of the Indian names let us quote a bit 
ffom Whittier's 'Bridal of Pennacook.' 


'The trapper that night on Tursee'e brook 
And the weary fieher on Contoocook, 
Saw over the marehee and through the pine 
And down the river, the dance lights shine. 

For the Saugus Sachem had come to woo 
The Bashaba's daughter, Wutamoo, 
And laid at her father's feet that night 
His softest furs and wampum white. 

From the crystal hills to the far south east, 
The river Sagamore came to the feast; 
And chiefs whose homes the sea winds shook 
Sat down on the mats of Pennacook. 

They came from Sunapee's shore of rock, 
From the snowy sources of Snooganock, 
And from rough Coos whose thick wood shake 
Their pine-cones in TImbago lake. 

From Ammonoosuc's mountain pass 

Wild as his home, came Chepenas; 

And the Keenomps of the hills which throw 

Their shade on the smile of Manito. 


Steaks of the brown bear, fat and large, 
From the rocky slopes oi the Kearsage; 
Delicate trout from Babboosuck brook, 
And salmon speared in the Contoocook. 

Squirrels which fed where nuts fell thick 
In the graTelly bed of the Otternic, 


And small wild hens in reed-snares caught, 
From the banks of Sandagardee brought. 

Pike and perch from the Sunacook taken, 
Nuts from the trees of the Black Hills shaken, 
Cranberries picked in the Squamscot bog, 
And grapes from the vines of Piscataquog.' 


The following petition appears under date of Nov. 3, 

"A list of the names of a number of men that desire that 
the}' may have a township or tract of laud granted or given 
to them and to their heirs forever. Gentlemen whose right 
it is to grant or give our request we being the loyal and dut- 
iful subjects to bis Majest^^ King George the Second, we pray 
you to give or grant to us a part of the land which is to be 
laid out into townships in our frontiers above. 

Names signed as follows: Ensign Jonathan Longfellow, 
Joseph Clark, Jonathan Libby, Benjamin Shaw, Capt. John 
Shaw, John Light, Richard Scamman, James Scamman, 
Joseph Wadleigh, Daniel Smith, Daniel Gale, Samuel Gale, 
Samuel Norris, Benjamin Norris, Jr., Samuel Norris, Jr., 
Benjamin Whicher, William Chase, Moses Chase, Benjamin 
Norris, Elasrus Rowe. Joseph Fifield, Josiah Robinson, Jr., 
Moses Rawlins, John Taylor, Jr., Jacob Low, Chase Robin- 


son, David Rawlins, BeDJamin Smith, Samuel Goodhue, 
Jonathan Shaw, John Purmot, Benjamin Juet (Jewett), 
JosiahSandbiirn, Jonas Gibson, Joseph Norris,Josiah Sand- 
burn in the rifj^ht of Josiah Folsom, Samuel Palmer 36 paid 
by James Rawlins, Daniel Thurston, John Morgin, Samuel 
Goodhue, Thomas Ford, Oliver Smith, Jr., Jacob Long- 
fellow, Joseph Juett, Jonathan Wadleigh, Abra Clark, 
Joseph Person, Eliphalet Rawlins, Joseph Rawlins, Jr., 
Nathaniel Bartlett, Fiphra Robinson, Robard Cutler, John 
Smith, Joseph Rawlins, Jr., Oliver Smith, Daniel Clark, Til- 
ton Lawrence, John Leavitt, Jr." 

Voted Nov. 10, 1748, "that Ensign Oliver Smith, Joseph 
Juet (Jewett), Joseph Smith and Daniel Clark be a Com- 
mittee to go up to lay out a township." 

Voted Tuesday Nov. 14, 1749, (a year later), "that 
John Leavitt, Josiah Sandburn and Tilton Lawrence be a 
committee to run the line of the said towns between Pond 
and Pemigewassett river and to look out a place for a saw 
mill and for a "Senter Scware" (Centre Square)." 

The following bounds are given for the town: "Beginning 
at a hemlock tree by the great bay of Winnipesaukee river, 
which is the Southeasterly corner bounds of that tract of 
land granted to John Sanborn and others by said Proprie- 
tors and which lies adjoining to the land hereby granted, 
and runs from said tree northwesterly six miles joining on 
said lands granted to saidjSanborn, or near six miles, to a 
Beach tree marked which is the northwesterly corner 
bounds of the said tract of land; then running fifty-five 
degrees east about seven miles to a white oak tree by the 


side of Winnipesaukee pond marked on four sides; then run- 
ning Southeasterly by side of said pond to the river afore- 
said; then on said river to the great Bay aforesaid; then on 
said bay to the hemlock tree first mentioned." 

Voted Jan. 1, 1753, "that Mr. Jonathan Longfellow 
shall have one shilling old tenor per acre, for every acre he 
shall on his own charge gett added to the township of Salem; 
more than is contained in the two plans already taken, and 
to get it confirmed by the Grantors, and if he does not get 
any added is to have nothing for his charges. And that 
the assessors shall tax the proprietors for to pay him for 
what he gets added." 

Evidently Jonathan Longfellow failed in his plan, what- 
ever it was, to enlarge the area of the new township, for we 
find no record that he received any monies for services as 
outlined above. 

In accordance with the wording of the Grant the Pro- 
prietors voted Sept. 14, 1763, to build a saw mill probably 
on the riverlet connecting "Waukewan and Winnepesaukee. 

The town was incorporated Dec. 30, 1768, and name 
changed from New Salem to Meredith, 1769. 

In 1855, the eastern portion was taken to make a part 
of Laconia including Lake Village and Meredith Bridge on 
the west side of the "Winnipesaukee river and until 1873 a 
part of Centre Harbor was in this town. 

Among the first and earliest settlers in this town were 
Ebenezer Smith, James McCrillis (great grand father to 
Phillip McCrillis now resident here), who lived on what is 
the Cummings place, and his nearest neighbor was Capt. 


Ray, who settled four miles nearer to LacoDia, at what is 
now know as Ray's corner. 


The farthest back we could go was about 75 or 80 years, 
when Geo. B. Swasey built and run a cotton mill; he also 
run a saw mill and in the manufacture of lumber was fol- 
lowed by Capt. Daniel Smith. Later came Thomas Apple- 
ton in the manufacture of hosiery followed by Mr. Ward, 
still later a Mr. Metcalf, then a period of inactivity followed 
by the management of a Mr. Hodsdon. 

More recent industries are the Meredith Shook & Lumber 
Co., Geo. H. Clark & Co. sash and blinds, etc., Atlas Linen 
Co., etc. 


In the Revolutionary War, Meredith took quiet an 
active part, for we find that Ebenezer Smith formed a com- 
pany in this town with a few eulistments from other neigh- 
boring towns. 

The roll of the Company is as follows: Ebenezer Smith, 
Capt.; Josiah Sanborn, Lt.; William Ra}'', Ensign; Nicholas 
Clark, Sergt.; Moody Bean, Sergt.; William Thompson, 


Corp.; Abraham Swain, Corp.; Gordon Lawrence, James 
McCrillis, Jacob Eaton, Samuel Carr, Thomas Foster, Jere- 
miah Marston, Samuel Torey, Jonathan Morrison, Jonathan 
Danforth, Isaac Farrar, Thomas Dockham, Jonathan 
Smith, Samuel Kellej, Thomas Frohock, Josiah Miles, 
Elisha Cates, Simeon Cates, Eliphalet Brown, Thomas Cal- 
ley, Ichabod Swain, Enoch Gibson, Daniel Tilton Sanborn, 
John Taylor, John Lary, Zebnlon Sinklar, Jotham Rawlins, 
Benj. Kenfield, Nathaniel Ambrose, John Adams, James 
Brown, Benj. Brown, Abraham Chandler, Joseph Garland, 
Ebenezer Cook, Benj. Bean, Stephen Mason, John Fowler, 
Ezekiel Moulton. 


Lt. John Kimball, Andrew Pettingill. 

Other enlistments were: Nathaniel Clark, Israel Wood- 
bury, Thomas Currier, James Rowell, Benj. Neale, Aaron 
Rawlins, John Robinson, Oliver Smith, Nathaniel Holland, 
William Mallum, Hezekiah Swain, James Dockham, James 
Sinclair, Samuel Silver, Joseph Eaton, James Quimby, 
Caleb Quimby, Levi Chapman, Nehemiah Stan wood, Nathan- 
iel Pike, Moses Cross, Daniel Stanwood, David Silver, 
William .Morlan, David Hammond, Jas. Paul Pettee, Clark 
Young, Leomi Pettee, John Clement, Josiah Wheeler, Moses 
Senter, Jonathan Crosby, John Edgerley, Joseph Crosby 
Jonathan Dolloff. 



The majority of enlistments from Meredith were in Com- 
pany I., 12th Reg't. 

(I wish to hereby acknowledge my indebtedness to A. E. 
Cox, (now a resident of Meredith,) who enlisted and served 
from Holderness. Mr. Cox assisted me quite materially in 
preparing this list of Meredith's quota. Ed) . 

Geo. G. Badger, Daniel S. Bedee, Edwin E. Bedee, Sulli- 
van Bryant, William 0. Bryant, Winbun Bryant, Christo- 
pher C. Chapman, eloseph G. Chapman, Amos Chattle, 
Horace W. Clark, Geo. W. Clifton, John P. Clifton. Chas. B. 
Clough, Geo. S. Clough, Geo. S. Cram, Chas. W. DoUoff, Levi 
S, Downing, William H. H. Fernal, Robert Forsaith, William 
E. S. Foss, Geo. W. Hall, Loami Hartshorn, James B. Horr, 
Willard L. Huntress, Horace S. Hutchins, Chas. H. Jenness, 
Jeremiah F. Huntress, Chas. T. Kelley, Alden A. Kidder, 
Jonathan P. Ladd, Joseph W. Lang, Jr., John L. Lawrence, 
Levi Leach, Wm. S. Leach, Charles P. Leavitt, Geo. F. 
Nichols, Dudley F. Norris, Samuel B. Noyes, Allen Peabod}^ 
Chas. H. Perkins, Oscar J. Piper, Joseph F. Plummer, 
Nathan G. Plummer, Newton B. Plummer, Joseph Prescott, 
Josiah H. Prescott, Leavitt S. Robert, Darius Robinson, 
David S. Sanborn, John H. Sanborn, Oilman Smith, Geo. 
W. Swain, Henry A. Swain, John W. Towle, Thomas Welch, 
Joseph K. Whittier, Isaiah Winch. 



Number of Polls, 462. Total Valuation, $801,806. 
Real Estate, |724,352. 


Number of mails out 6, in 6. Weifxht of matter handled, 
in 250 lbs; out 100 lbs. Amount of business for year |4,000. 

Two R F. D. No. 1—22.9 miles, Meredith Neck and W. 
Centre Harbor, No. 2—24.1 miles, Meredith Centre. 

New England Telephone and Citizens Line. Western 
Union Telegraph. American Express. Electric Lights on 
streets. Volunteer Fire Department. Excellent Hydrant 
and Water Service. 

Good graded schools and modern school rooms. 

Fine Public Library organized 1882. Building built in 


John Sanborn, Hosea Smith, Otis Smith, Appleton San- 
born, Geo. Sanborn, Henry Sanborn, F. H. Hawkins, Mary 
A. Nutting, Newall C. Nutting. 


1888— Edwin Cox, William H. Brown, John W. Eastman. 
1889— Percy A. Ellsworth, John W. Eastman, Edwin F. 

1890— Percy A. Ellsworth, John W. Eastman, William S. 



1891-92— Joseph W. Lang, Austin S. Moulton, William S. 

1893-94— Arthur E. Leavitt, Edwin Cox, Joseph F. Smith. 
1895— Edwin Cox, Arthur E. Leavitt, John Webster. 
1896— Edwin Cox, Arthur E. Leavitt, Curtis F. Smith. 
1897— Edwin Cox, William H. Neal, Curtis F. Smith. 
1898— Edwin Cox, William H. Neal, Andrew L. Felkner. 
1899— Edwin Cox, Andrew L. Felkner, John W. Wig:ftin. 
1900— Fred H. Smith, Geo. F. Sanborn, John Webster. 
1901— Geo. F. Sanborn, Fred H. Smith, John Webster. 
1902-3— Geo. F. Sanborn, Fred H. Smith, Nathan G. Plum- 

1904— Geo. F. Sanborn, Fred H. Smith, Bert G. Ordway. 
1905— John Wiggin, Fred H. Smith, Bert G. Ordwaj. 
1906-7— John W. Wiggin, Geo. F. Sanborn, Fred H. Smith. 
1908— Geo. F. Smith, Joseph F. Smith Jr., AVilliam H. Neal. 


1888-1893, Ira C. Boyuton; 1893-94, Bradbury R. Dear- 
born; 1894-97, Frederick L. Hawkins; 1897-1900, Benjamin 
F. Roberts; 1900-08, John S. Wadleigh. 


1888-90, Thaddeus S. Moses; 1890-91, Wm. H. Moses; 
1891-92, Thaddeus S. Moses; 1893-94, Fred W. Towle; 
1894-95, Ira C. Boynton; 1895-97, Fred W. Towle; 1897-99, 
Edmund Quimby; 1899-1900, James D. Bartlett; 1900-02, 
Daniel F. Bean; 1902-08, Frank B. Pease; 1908, Fred M. 

Histoity of Cilton 


The earliest history of this beautiful little town belongs 
to the parent township Sanbornton, for until June 30, 1869 
Tilton was a part of that township. 

Tilton is principally a manufacturing: town, yet unlike 
most other such towns throughout New England has a 
wonderfully clean street system and the homes of the people 
are clean and well kept. 

Tilton's connection with the outside world is of the best, 
as the Boston & Maine railroad from Concord and Boston 
runs direct through here to Montreal and other points 

Then the Belmont & Tilton branch line runs into this 
town, giving the people of Belmont access to the up-to-date 
stores and business concerns of this place. 

Tilton is bounded on the north by Sanbornton, east by 
part of Lake Winnisquam, south by Winnipesaukee river 
and Northfield; west by Franklin. 

Stated in the words of the enactment made by the Gen- 
eral Court of New Hampshire approved June 30, 1869, the 
bounds are as follows: 

"That all that part of Sanbornton lying within the fol- 


lowing lines and boundaries to wit, Bef^inuing at the Centre 
of the AVinnipesaukee River, at the Southwest corner of said 
Sanbornton, on the line of the town of Franklin; thence 
northerly, on the line between said Franklin and said San- 
bornton to the north side of the third range of lots in said 
Sanbornton; thence easterly, on the north side of said range 
line to the highway leading from Union Bridge to Laconia, 
across the Bay Bridge; thence on the north line of said high- 
way to the Sanbornton town line, down the Wiunipiseogee 
River to the place of beginning, be, and the same hereby is, 
severed from the town of Sanbornton and made a body pol- 
itic and corporate by the name of Tilton," 

This section contained about 8,600 acres of improved 
land and nearly all of the waterpower of Sanbornton as well 
as one of the most thriving villages of the town. 

July 1, 1870, some territory was severed from this town 
and given back to Sanbornton, but later, July 3, 1872, was 
again added to Tilton. 

From appearances it would seem that the Indians at 
one time occupied this section and that undoubtedly a 
strong and powerful tribe had a settlement here. As proof 
of this theory, there is found at the head of Little Bay on 
Winnipesaukee, the remains of what was once an Indian 
fortress consisting of six walls, one along the river across 
the point to the bay and others at right angles connected 
by circular walls in rear. 

When the first settlers came here, so tradition says, the 
walls were breast high and large oaks within. Numerous 
relics have been found here, but time and civilization are 
fast obliterating the signs of a once powerful Indian tribe. 



For the military liistory of this town, it is necessary to 
refer the reader to that subject under Sanbornton. 


In accordance with the requirements of the charter of 
the town of Sanbornton, the matter of education was early 
considered and various actions taken to insure the school- 
ing of the children. 

The first school said to have been taufjht in what is now 
Tilton, was in the house of Mr. Satchel Clark, west of "Tin 
Corner,'' so called. 

It is said Mr. Clark had a sou John who was required to 
"blow and strike" for his father in the smithy next door to 
the house; here he would labor uutil the master come to the 
door and rapped to si;4nify it was time to come and read and 
spell, after which he would return to the forger. 

The New Hampshire Conference Seminary was started 
in 1845, and is located on "Academy Hill'' so called, and 
is under the supervision of the Northfield and Tilton Metho- 
dist church, yet the institution is non-sectarian. 

In 1852, the charter was "ranted so as to give the 
higher and more perfect education to ladies. The buildings 
are finely equipped and up-to-date in every respect. The 
institution has been very prosperous since first organized. 


Several new buildi[ij>s have been erected to accommodate the 
increased enrollments by supplanting older buildings or 
adding to the number already in use. 


From the earliest history of this section it has been the 
manufacturing part of the township, and as before stated, 
when disannexed from Sanbornton it took about all the 
water power owned by that town. 

One of the first mills erected in town was built on the 
first site, so called, below the railroad track and bridge. 

The present industries are the Tilton Woolen Mill, the 
Carter's Mills, woolen; Morrison's Mills, woolen; theG. H. 
Tilton Hosiery Mill, and the Tilton Optical Co., manufactur- 
ing lenses and opitical goods. 



The first Methodist sermon preachod in this vicinity was 
delivered by Rev, Martin Ruter, D. D., in 1803, at the home 
of Deacon Jonathan Clough on "Bay Ilill." The first 
"class" was organized in 1804, at the home of Joseph 


Knowles. The members of the class were Joseph Kiiowles 
Jr., aDd wife, Miss Morse (afterwards Mrs. Wyatt), Eunice, 
Susan and Stephen Morse and Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Am- 
brose, Joseph Knowles Sen., Miss Alice Glidden, Lottie Elli- 
son, who w^as the mother of Beuj. F. Butler; Mrs. Polly 
Wadleigh Fullerton, and Capt. Isaac Glines. 

In the year 1805 the first Society was formed, and in 
less than a year 31 members were reported. For years the 
services were held in houses and barns or schoolhouses, and 
many times out-of-doors. 

Several meeting- houses have been built iu this vicinity 
at different dates. In 1826 one at Gilmanton and one at 
Northfield were built, a little later a house of worship was 
built at SanborntoQ or a little west of Tin Corner, so called. 
In 1857, Feb. 4, the present church home was dedicated. 

In conclusion it is only necessary to say that few 
churches have the opportunity for working upon the student 
life that may be found here. We are pleased to state that 
the lives of those who leave the Seminary and participate 
in the activities of life speak well for tue social, moral, and 
spiritual influence exerted year after year upon student and 
citizen in a degree inestimable. 

The list of parties who have labored here is as follows: 
1805, Caleb Dustin and Martin Ruter; 1807, Zachariah Gib- 
son; 1808, Joseph Peck or Hezekiah Field; 1809, Lewis 
Bates; 1810, Abner Clark; 1811, Hezekiah Field; 1812, 
Joseph Peck and Jacob Sanborn; 1813, Richard Emory; 
1814, Aaron Lummus; 1815, James Jacques: 1816, Noah 
Bigelow; 1817-18, Benjamiu Burnham; 1819, John Lord 


and Elijah Spears; 1820, Damon Young and Ezra Goodwin; 
1821, James P. Hervey; 1822, Jotham Horton and Ezekiel 
W. Sticknev; 1823, Jacob Sanborn, H. Bulfineh, J. Temple- 
ton and P. Bell; 1824, E. W. Stickney and David Culver; 
1825, Moses Sanderson and W, R. Stone; 182G, Jas. B. H. 
Norris and Matthew Newhall; 1827, Samuel Kelley and Wm. 
D. Cass; 1828, Rosewell Putnam and Geo. Storrs; 1829, 
Geo. Storrs and Richard Newhall; 1830, Benjamin C. East- 
man, Nathan Howe, and A. H. Worthing; 1831, Warren 
Wilbur, Daniel I. Robinson and Sylvester P. Williams; 1832, 
Warren Wilbur and C. Granger; 3 833, J. B. H. Norris, Chas. 
R. Harding and C. W. Lord; 1834, J. B. H. Norris and C. R. 
Harding; 1835, J. Templeton, S. A. Cushing and S. Gleason; 
1836, John Smith and Otis Smith; 1837, Jonathan Hazle- 
ton and 0. G. Smith; 1838, Jonathan Hazleton; 1839, Chas. 
R. Harding; 1840-41, Moses Chase; 1842-43, Reuben Dear- 
born; 1844-45, Silas Green; 1846, Jacob Stevens and J. C. 
Croraack; 1847, J. C. Cromack; 1848, Elisha Adams; 1849, 
Elisha Scott; 1850-51, Franklin Furber; 1852-53, Frederick 
A. Hewes; 1854-55, Silas Quimby; 1856-57, John Currier 
1858, Newell Culver; 1859-60, Lorenzo D. Barrows D.D. 
1861-62, Jonathan Hall; 1863-64, Orlando H. Jasper D.D. 
1865, Sullivan Holman and Calvin Holman; 1866, Lorenzo 
D. Barrows assisted by N. T. Whittaker, beginning in July, 
1866; 1867, Dudley P. Leavitt; 1868-70, Silas C. Kellogg; 
1870-71,Charles W.Miller; 1872-73; Wm. H. Jones; 1874, 
Lewis P. Cushman; 1875-76, John Adams; 1877-78, Silas E. 
Quimby, succeeded by Isaac McAnn from Sept. 1878 to 
April, 1879; 1879-80, Nelson M. Bailey; 1881-82, N. P. Phil- 


brook; 1883-85, C. S. Nutter; 1886-87, N. M. Learned; 1888- 
92, Wm. H. Hutching; 1893-94, W. H. Tuckington; 1895- 
98, Roscoe Sanderson, 1900-03, William Warren; 1904-05, 
Geo. A. Henry. Ed.Nvin S. Tasker present pastor, 1906-8. 

The Congregational Church of Northfield and Tilton 
was first organized and services held on the Northfield side, 
but in 1837 or '38 the meeting house on the Sanbornton 
side was built and services held there. Prior to this, or from 
organization, (1822), the services were held in the Centre 
and Bay Hill school houses, later at Sanbornton in Acade- 
my building. 

There were sixteen original members, namely, Elias Ab- 
bott, Mrs. Elizabeth Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Obadiah Hall, 
Sen., Mr. and Mrs. Obadiah Hall, Jr., Susannah Hancock, 
Robert Forrest, Sarah Forrest, Dr. Enos Hoyt, Mrs. Betsey 
Brown, Jeremiah Hall, Abagial Abbott, Ebenezer Morrison, 
and Sally Dearborn, and in fourteen years the membership 
grew with 90 new members. The new church home was ded- 
icated free from debt Sept. 1838. 

The June session of Legislature in 1870 changed name 
to Tilton and Northfield Congregational Church and So- 
ciety. Many expensive and necessary improvements have 
been made in order to keep the building up to modern re- 
quirements. A vestry and parlors built under church, gal- 
lery built over, electric lights put in and modern and up-to- 
date pipe organ installed. The Society now has a church 
home up-to-date, convenient and free from debt. 

The pastors who have labored here are as follows: 

Mr. Easterbrook, Martin Renter, John Turner, Jotham 


and Samuel Sewall, Liba Conant, Hazel Lucas, Enoch Cor- 
ser, Carban Curtice, Theodore Pratt, Frederic T. Perkins, 
C. B. Strong and C. C. Sampson. 

Episcopal Church of Tilton was constituted in 1860, 
and for a time held services at the brick meeting- house in 
Northfield under Dr. Jas, H. Eames of Concord. Then Rev. 
Marcellus A. Herrick D. D. came here in 1861 and served 
here until his death in 1875. 

The present house of worship was started in 1872 and 
opened for worship Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873. The 
present rector is Rev. Mr. Emery. 

The Catholic Church data in full we were unable to ob- 
tain but it is of comparatively recent date. Rev. Fr. Des- 
mond is the officiating pastor. 


Tilton Post Office annual business |9,000. Number R. 
F. D.-2. 

No. 1—20 miles through Sanbornton and North San- 
bornton. No. 2—20 miles through Northfield. Number 
mails received thirteen; number mails out twelve. Tilton is 
sorting office for Sanbornton. 

Tilton is well equipped with modern conveniences: Tele- 
phone, telegraph, electric lights, fire apparatus and depart- 
partment, hydrant service, excellent school system, fine pub- 


lie library, well built town hall, modero equipment, built in 
1879. Town valuation is |1,004,558. Number Polls 453. 



1869-70— Eleazer Davis, Horace Moulton, Leonard K. 

1871-72— Bradbury T. Brown, Jacob B. Sanborn, Dearborn 

S. Daniels. 
1873— Bradbury T. Brown, Jacob B. Sanborn, John C. 

1874 — Jacob B. Sanborn, Horace Sanborn, John C. Ladd. 
1875-76— Amos H. Jones, Chas. B. Garmon, Henry Q. Dat- 

1877— Ebenezer L. Sanborn, Joseph P. Dearborn, Henry Q. 

1878— Ebenezer L. Sanborn, Henry Q. Datton, Samuel S. 

1879— Wm. H. H. Rollins, Horace Sanborn, Rusisell T. 

1880— Enoch G. Philbrick, John B. Batchelder, Wm. C. 

1881— Horace Sanborn, Richard Firth, Wm. H. H. Rollins. 
1882— HoraceB. Savage, Rufus U. Bartlett, Wm. H.Seavey. 
1883-84— Horace B. Savage, William H. Seavey, Alden 



1885-86— BradburjT. Brown, Dearborn S. Daniels, Geo. 

W. Lord. 
1887— Bradbury T. Brown, Geo. W. Lord, Wm. S. Gray. 
1888-89— Geo. W. Lord, Luther V. Powers, Chas. M. Taylor. 
1890— Geo. W. Lord, Ford T. Sanborn, Chas. M. Taylor. 
1891— Geo. W. Lord, Ford T. Sanborn, Chas. M. Taylor. 
1892 — Geo. VV, Lord, Dearborn S. Daniels, Herman Page. 
1893-96— Geo. W. Lord, Herman Page, Asa E. Gile. 
1897— Geo. H. Wadleigh, Geo. S. Philbrick, Benj. C. Young. 
1898— Geo. H. Wadleigh, Geo. S. Philbrick, Wm. H. Seavey. 
1899— Geo. H. Wadleigh, Herman Page, Geo. W. Lord. 
1900— Geo. W. Lord, Geo. H. Wadleigh, Wm. H. H. Rollins. 
1901— Geo. W. Lord, Geo. H. Wadleigh, Herman Page. 
1902— Mark G. Keasar, Walter C. Wyatt, Wm. H. H. 

1903— Walter C. Wyatt, Mark G. Keasar, Herman Page. 
1904-Mark G. Keasar, Walter C. Wyatt, Wm. H. H. 

1905— Walter C. Wyatt, Harris A, Morse, Herman Page. 
1906— Wm H. H. Rollins, Harris A. Morse, Geo. R. Locke. 
1907— Harris A. Morse, Lucieu F. Batchelder, Everett W. 

1908— Chas. Herbert Foss, Walter C. Wyatt, Harris A. 



1869, Lyman B. Ames; 1870-71, Samuel H. Williams; 
1872-74, Selwin B. Peabody; 1875-79, Samuel H. Williams; 
1879-84, Geo. A. Stevens; 1884, Walter C. Wyatt; 1885-90, 


Leroy S. Atkinson; 1890-94, Thomas E. Fletcher; 1894-98, 
Earl N. Webster; 1898, Walter C. Wyatt; 1899, Earl N. 
Webster; 1900, Walter C. Wyatt; 1901, Harris A. Morse; 
1902, Willis R. Morrison; 1903, Harris A. Morse; 1904, 
Willis R. Morrison; 1905, Osborne J. Smith; 1906-08, Willis 
R. Morrison. 


1879, Eleazer Davis; 1880, John F. Taylor; 1881, Amos 
U. Jones; 1882-83, Russell T. Noyes; 1884, Wm. T. Cass; 
1885-89, Amos H. Jones; 1889-97, Enoch G. Philbrick; 
1897, Richard Firth; 1898, Chas. C. Roo;ers; 1899, Arthur 
T. Cass; 1900, Samuel Condon; 1901, Wm. B. Fellows; 1902, 
Harris A. Morse; 1903, Arthur T. Cass; 1904, Frank Hill; 
1905, Wm. B. Fellows; 1906, Frank Hill; 1907-08, Osborne 
J. Smith. 

Histotty of Giimanton 


Giimanton is bounded on tlienorthby Gilford, northeast 
by Alton, east and south-east by Barnstead, south by Lou- 
don, and west by Belmont. 

Suncook Mts. run in southerly direction, principal peaks 
Porcupine Hill, Peaked Hill, Grant Hill, etc. [nterpersed 
amon^ these beautiful hills are Mirrored Pond and Sylvan 
Glen, ^ivin^ a magnificence of diversified scenery rarely 

Suncook River with its excellent water privileges has its 
source in pond on Suncook Mt. The water falls into another 
at base of mountain, one mile in length and one-half mile in 
width, thence into another covering about 500 acres, and 
then meanders through town receiving several streams on 
ts way. The principal ponds are Shell Camp Pond, Loon 
Pond and Rocky Pond, 

One historian for Giimanton has said "Among her many 
resources, great privileges, etc., she still has one drawback, 
or bad feature, namely: Her pureness of springs, rarified 
ozone and inclination for people to be out-of-doors, make 
for a poor living for the physicians who settle here." 



This township is one of the oldest and was granted May 
20, 1727, to one Nicholas Oilman and twenty-three others 
with same surname, and 152 other o-rantees. 

Because of the Indian depredations the early settlement 
was delayed until last of 1761 when Benj. and John Mud- 
gett and Orlando Weed came here and settled. The first 
white child born in the new township was Dorothy Weed, 
Oct. 13, 1762. 

The Masonian Proprietors claimed the tract included in 
this Grant but in 1752, June 30, a settlement was made and 
a quit-claim deed given to all but eighteen shares. 

Iron ore was discovered here in 1763 and works for the 
manufacture of the finished product were established, but 
the business proved unprofitable and was abandoned. 

Governor's Island was annexed to this town Dec. 30, 
1799, and on June 16, 1812, the northerly part of the town 
was set off and formed a town called Gilford, and on July 5, 
1851, a tract of land was severed and annexed to Gilford. 

On June 29, 1859, an act was passed dividing the town, 
and the northwesterly portion was incorporated as Upper 
Gilmanton, later changed to Belmont, June 24, 1869. 


The Revolutionary War quota from this town was un- 
usually large and shows that the citizens were undoubtedly 


patriotic. Among: the names found on the Rolls we find the 

Nathaniel Willson, Robt. Willson, Nehemiah Eastman, 
Jonathan Row, Ezekiel Oilman, Thomas Currier, Moses 
Niles, Joses Moulton, John Taylor, John Dow, Benj. Cotton, 
William Willey, Ambrose Thurston, Sargent Currier, Na- 
thaniel Dow, John Clough, Jonathan Fullerton, Thomas 
Piper, David Mudgett, Thomas Bail, Pearson Huntriss, 
David Clifford, Jr., Jonathan Haseltine, Samuel Smith, 
James Hern, London Daily (or Dayly), Micaiah Kelley, 
Aaron Clough, Daniel Dudley, Benj. Dow, Joseph Kent, Jo- 
seph Fellows, Jeremiah Tilton, Nathaniel Dowe, Samuel Til- 
ton, Elisha Hutchinson, George Montg'omer}^ Nehemiah 
Leavitt, Henry Danford, Ammie Choat, John Cotton, Peter 
Oilman, Samuel Sibley, John Chase, James Allen, Edward 
Bean, Joseph Crosby, John Somes, Col. Joseph Badger. 



"In Governor's Council Dec. 17, 1729. 

"Ordered that whereas in the charter of Gilmanton It 
is expressed that the bounds of said Town shall run from 
head of Barustead northwest two miles, then west to Win- 
nipishoky pond, which east point of west should have been 
expressed north to the pond the same being so intended by 
the Grantors and is hereby so explained and declared." 


The above as is true of the following petition needs no 

Dated May 15, 1760. 

The petition of Theophilus Smith, Esq., Capt. John 
Odiin and Doc't. Josiah Gilman, a committee for and in 
behalf of the Proprietors of the Township of Gilmanton in 
said Province [New Hampshire] Humbly Showeth. 

"That the Settlement of the said Township has been 
long retarded by reason that no provision hath yet been 
made for a legal taxation to be made and layed on said pro- 
prietors to Defray the charge of said Propriety which have 
already arisen or may hereafter arise in settling said Town- 

''That if such Provision be made by an Act of this Hon- 
orable Court, the said Petitioners believe that a Settlement 
of the said township may be soon effected— 

"That such settlement of the said Township will be not 
only a great benefit to the said Proprietors, But to the 
Province in General:— 

Wherefore the Petitioners Humbly Pray that your 
Excellancy and Houorables will take the matters of this 
Petition Under your wise consideration and pass such Act 
or Acts to Enable the said proprietors to raise such sum or 
sums of money by Taxing the said Proprietors (as they 
shall find necessary from time to time to Defray the charges 
aforesaid) as your Excellancy and Honorables In your 
Great Wisdom shall see fit. 

Theo. Smith 
John Odlin 
Josiah Gilman 



Gilraanton, as did many other early towns, took a care- 
ful consideration of the relij^ious and intellectual side of life. 

In 1769, it was voted to hire a teacher and to build two 
school houses. In 1792, the town voted to leave the matter 
of a hio:her institution of learning to a committee of twenty 
men, this committee reported favorably on the question and 
in 1794, June 20, the legislature passed a bill, chartering 
the Gilmanton Academy, A commodious building was built 
and the school started under the instruction of Peter L. 
Folsom, A. B., a graduate from Dartmouth College. All 
early records so carefully kept by Stephen L. Greeley, Esq., 
were destroyed by a fire Sept. 25, 1872. In 1808, Jan. 22, 
the institution received a severe blow in the complete 
destruction of the Academy building by fire. The citizens of 
Gilraanton were equal to the situation for in just four weeks 
and four days we are told they had erected the frame for the 
present Academy building. Her children are legion and 
scattered to the four corners of the universe. She is now 
venerable for age and good works. Being one of the throe 
first Academies incorporated in New Hampshire and having 
had the long life of usefulness she certainly deserves better 
treatment from the hands of her multitude of former stu- 
dents and their families and heirs. 

Gilmanton Theological Seminary, while having only a 
short career deserves some mention for its usefulness. It 
was in 1835, Aug. 15, that the slowly maturing plans of the 
trustees were finally by vote of the board put into execution 


and Rev. Herman Rood was called from New Milford Corner 
to open and conduct a department of Theology. (This 
action is supposed to have been prompted by the religious 
revivals and enthusiasm of 1832 and 1833, and the great 
call for ministers created thereby). In 1839, a building of 
brick was erected and dedicated Aug. 18, 1841, the dedica- 
tory address by Prof. Warner. Because of a lack of pecuni- 
ary aid and the diminished interest in religious work by 
young men, the department gradually ceased to exist about 


The town, as was the custom of the early days, supplied 
the pulpit with pastors by vote of the tax paying citizens. 
All citizens of the town were usually regular attendants at 
the Sabbath services, and each, regardless of differences of 
opinion, paid his proportionate share toward supporting 
the religious work. 

As ea,v\y as 1829 we find on the old town records that a 
move was made to separate the supporters of the different 
views and protect them from paying toward the salary of a 
pastor expounding the views in which they did not sympa- 
thize. It w^as decided 1830-31 on petition of David Bean 
and others to divide the parsonage and religious funds by a 
committee composed as follows: Thomas Adams Jr., first 
Congregational church; Thomas Burns, Centre Cong. 


church; Charles Parker, Iron Works Cong.; Joseph Edgerly, 
Calvin Baptist; Wm. Prescott, Methodist; Joseph Fellows, 
Uuiversalist; Noah Leavitt, first Freewill Baptist; and lor a 
number of years at each annual town meeting it was voted 
to divide the accruing interest on the parsonage fund 
among the different religious beliefs according to number of 
legal voters so interested. 

The First Church at the "Smith Meeting House" as an 
organization has long since become extinct. According to 
Lancester's History of Gilmanton, Rev. Isaac Smith, its 
first pastor, preached here forty-three years, d.ying among 
his people March 25, 1817. He was succeeded by several 
others as regular pastors or supplies. On July 25, 1832, 
Rev. Daniel Lancester was dismissed because of a lack of 

On the 26th of Feb., 1826, twenty-five members received 
letters of dismission and recommendation of the church to 
form a new church at Centre Village (Academy), and on 
Oct. 12th, 1830, thirteen others were dismissed to form a 
new church at Gilmanton Iron Works. 

The Centre Congregational Church — The twenty-five per- 
sons from the Old First Church were organized into a new 
church on the 8th of March, 1826. Rev. Herman Rood, the 
first pastor, was ordained July 12, 1826, A new house of 
worship was built at a cost of three thousand five hundred 
dollars, and dedicated Sept. 30, 1827. Rev. Mr. Rood was 
followed by Rev. Mr. Lancester, after his dismissal from the 
first church. Other pastors and supplies were: Roger M. 
Sargent, Joseph Blake, S. S. N. Greeley, and possibly others. 


Iron Works Cong. Church was constituted by an eccle- 
siastical council Oct. 20, 1880. Mr. Charles G. Safford was 
ordained pastor Sept. 28, 1831. Others who have labored 
here in the early days are: Jeremiah Blake M. D., (a student 
at Gilmauton Theological Seminary); Stephen S. N. Greeley, 
Ilufus Childs, Jairus Ordway, N. S. Moore, George Rogers, 
Charles L. Tomblin, Cassander C. Sampson, E. J. Hoke, Ly- 
man White. 

The Free Will Baptist Church at Gilmanton Iron Works 
was organized between 1785 and 1790. The early supplies 
were Abel Glidden, Thomas Flanders and Ezra Ham. About 
1835 Elder Hezekiah Buzziel was settled as pastor of the 
church and followed by Samuel P. Fernald, Beuj.McMurphy, 
Ichabod R. Cook, Thomas Kenuiston, John M. Durgin, 
Moses Quimby, Gilmau Sanborn, John C. Osgood, John M. 
Durgin, John B. Leighton, Wallace W. Brown, Geo. W. 
Price, Orrin Pitts, James C. Nelson. 

The Free WiH Baptist Church, Lower Gilmauton, was 
organized about Jan. 8, 1800. For many years the church 
was Calvinistic Baptist and organized as such about 1773. 
The data of the church as a Calvinistic Baptist is very in- 
complete. It is said that within the walls of this church in 
1779 a trial for heresy of Elder Randall was held. The com- 
plaint was entered because he advocated the Free Will doc- 
trine. Tradition says he was acquited from the charge of 
heresy. The pastors who have supplied during early his- 
tory ot the church as Free Baptist: Moses Folsom, John 
Malvern, J. C. Osgood, C. B. Griffin, J. G. Munsey, D. L. 
Edgerly, John .M. Durgin, C. L. Plummer, John Chamber- 
lain, L. E. Hall, H. B. Huutoon. 


The Society of Friends was organized about 1780. They 
had a commodious house of worship and thriving settle- 
ment but have long since ceased to be active, although the 
descendants of many still retain some of the old qualities of 
their ancestors and keep alive many of the otherwise for- 
gotten customs by rememberances. 

The Methodist Church in Northfield established classes 
here (1807-1818), and had occasional preaching. In 1827 
a brick meeting house was built and services have been 
held under various pastors with varying results. 


As the story of the Revolutionary War comes under the 
title of Gilmauton for Belmont and Gilford, I have com- 
bined the Roll of Honor for those towns in the Civil War and 
have designated the different towns as follows: those cred- 
ited to Upper Gilmanton are numbered 1, Gilmanton No. 2, 
Gilford 3, thus Dudley B. S. Adams 2, meaning credited to 

The Roll is as follows: Dudley B. S. Adams 2, John 
Adams 2, Henry Aldrich 1, Isaac E. Allen 1, Jesse L. Allen 1, 
John C. Baker 2, Charles C. Bartlett 3, Joseph B. Bean 1, 
Merrill S. Bean 1, Samuel A. Blaisdell 3, Edward Bredett 3, 
Newall A. Brown 2, Barron F. S. Burpee 2, Geo. P. Buswell 
2, Alfred L. Carter 3, John L. Caswell 3, Levi W. Chesley 3, 
Benj. B. Clark 3, Horace W. Clark 3, John P. Clay 3, William 
H. Clinton 3, Henry N. Clogston 3, Jonathan F. Colbath 2, 


John S. Collins 3, Eri Cook 2, Charles Cotton 2, Joseph T. 
Cotton 2, Geo. Crosby 3, Joseph E. Dalton 3, Chas. A. Davis 
3, Chas. 0. Davis 3, Charles W. Davis 3, Jeremiah B. Dear- 
born 1, Marshall C. Dexter 3, Daniel Dockham 3, David S. 
Doekham 2, John N. Dockham 3, Joseph E. Dockham 2, 
Charles W. Dolloft 3, Artemas E. Dow 2, Charles W. Dow 2, 
Geo. E. Dow 3, Geo. W. Dow 2, Henry P. Dow 3, John M. 
Durf2;in 2, Gardner C. Durrell 2, Ezra Eastman 2, James L. 
Eaton 3, John P. Eaton 2, David Edwards 3, Geo. W. 
Edwards 3, Freeman F. Elkins 3, Hiram Elliott 3, John R. 
Elliott 3, Smith N. Ellsworth 1, Henry E. Emery 2, Almon 
J. Farrar 1, Joseph A. Fellows 1, Asahel G. Flanders 2, Ira 
M. Flanders 2, Michael Foley 1, Nathaniel Folsom Jr. 3, 
Isaac Fouda 3, Charles H. FuUerton 3, Abraham S. Gale Jr. 

2, Rufus E. Gale 2, Sylvester J. Gale 2, Edward W. Gilman 

3, Charles S. Gilman 3, Samuel L. Goss 3, Nahum B. Grant 
3, Charles L. Hale 3, Geo. W. Hale 3, Benj. F. Hatch 3, 
Caleb M. Hatch 3, Albert W. Hayford 3, Geo. W. Hicks 3, 
Arthur L. Hunt 1, Charles P. Hunt 3, Henry F. Hunt 3, 
Thomas E. Hunt 3, Charles T. Jacobs 2, Elbrid^e G. Jewett 
3, Geo. W. Jewett 3, Ajalon D. Jones 3, Charles T. Kelley 3, 
John Knights 3, Jonathan P. Ladd 3, William Ladd 3, 
Lyman H. Lamprey 2, Madison C. Lamprey 2, William H. 
Lamprey 1, Geo. B. Lane 3. James C. Leighton 2, William 
H. Littlefield 1, Andrew D. Lock 2, Charles H. Lougee 2, 
Francis S. Lougee 2, Joseph F. Lougee 2, True W. Lougee3, 
Charles H. Marden 2, Charles E. Marsh 2, Abram H.Milliken 
3, Alma Milliken 3, Charles E. Moody 1, Frank Morrill 3, 
James A. Moulton 2, Charles H. Munsey 3, Edwin Munsey 3, 


Edwin S. Nelson 2, Albert M. Newell 2, Henry H. Niekson 2, 
Geo. B. Osgood 2, Nahum B. Osgood 3, Charles A. Paige 2, 
Harlow Paige 2, Francis L. Percival 3, Peleg D. Perkins 2, 
Geo. E. Place 2, Abner H. Prescott 3, Horace Prescott 1, 
Henry P. Randall 3, James E. Randlet 2, Oran J. Randlet 1, 
James A. Rollins 2, Charles C. Rowe 3, Arthur C. Sanborn 2, 
C. Alphouso Sanborn 3, David S. Sanborn 3, Jeremiah F. 
Sawyer 1, Leander W. Sawyer 2, John D. Sherburne 2, 
William H. Sleeper 2, Arthur St. C. Smith 3, Dudley F. 
Smith 2, Horace H. Smith 2, Paul Stevens 3, William W. 
Stevens 3, Joseph F. Stockbridge 2, Charles F. Swain 2, Geo, 
A. Swain 3, William Sweat 2, John C. Sweat 1, William 
Thomas 3, Geo. W. Thompson 3, Joseph S. Tilton 3, Charles 
A. Twombly 2, Hiram S. Twombly 3, William Twombly 2, 
John S. Veasey 3, John G. Wadley 3, Orrin F. Wallace 2, 
Frank C. Ward 1, Geo. W. Watson 3, John Watson 2, Jonas 
Watson 2, Joseph W. Watson 2, Daniel H. Webber 3, John 
L. P. Whipple 3, Andrew H. Whittier 3, Joseph P. Whittier 
3, Henry L. Wilkinson 3, Reuben P. Willard 1, Wells C. 
York 2, Woodbury P. York 2. 

History of Sanbonnton 


Bounded on the north by Meredith and New Hampton, 
east by Win^isquam, south by Tilton, west by Franklin and 

Nearest railroad station, Tilton on White Mountain 
Division, Boston & Maine, connection by stage coach. 

Salmon brook rises in Salmon Pond in northern part of 
town and flows nearlv through the centre, furnishing small 
water powers in its course. 

Sanbornton has some excellent farms and ranks well in 
agricultural pursuits. Could the territory disannexed to 
form Franklin and Tilton have been retained, Sanbornton 
would now be one of the busiest towns in the state combin- 
ing two large manufacturing centres with its present agri- 
cultural area. 


"A list of the names of men that are (of) a mind and 
desire, their names may be entered in this paper in order 
that they may have a tract of land granted to them and 
their heirs forever." 


"Gentleraen, whose right it is to grant, we beino' the 
loyal aud dutiful subjects of his Maigesty Kin^ George the 
Second, we pray you to grant or give to us a part of the 
land which is to be laid out into townships in our frontier 

John Sanborn, Hampton; Aaron Rollins, Exeter; John 
Dearborn, Hampton; Thomas Blake, Hampton; Daniel San- 
born, Hampton; Daniel Sanborn, Jr., Hampton; Thomas 
Rolins, (Lieut.,) Stratham; Jonathan Fogg, Exeter; Joseph 
Height (Hoit), Stratham; Joseph Height, Jr., Stratham; 
Edward Shaw, Hampton; Jonathan Robinson, Exeter; 
Josiah Robinson, Exeter; William Sanborn, Exeter; William 
Thompson, Stratham; Paul Ladd, Stratham; John Fogg, 
Exeter; John Taylor, Hampton; Jeremiah Sanborn, Hamp- 
ton; Caleb Rolins, Stratham; Joseph Juet (Jewett), 
Stratham; Joshua Rolins, Exeter; Seth Fogg, Exeter; 
Joseph Smith, Jr., Stratham; Ben]. Mason, Stratham; Jona- 
than Longfelo, Exeter; Daniel Keley, Hampton; Jabez San- 
born, Hampton; Abraham Sanborn, Hampton; David Ste- 
vens, Stratham; Samuel Fogg, Exeter; Jethro Pearson, 
Exeter; Joseph Rolins, Exeter; Josiah Sanborn, Exeter; 
Simon Drake, Hampton; John Rolins, Exeter; Jonathan 
Chase, Stratham; Thomas Chase, Stratham; Ebenezer San- 
born, Hampton; Jonathan Robinson, Jr., Stratham; John 
Wadlegh, Stratham; Nathan Longfelo, Hampton; Jonathan 
Cauley, Exeter; Jonathan Rolins, Stratham; Edward Taylor, 
Stratham; William Chase, Stratham; Chase Taylor, 
Stratham; Josiah Rolins, Exeter; Jonathan Sanborn, Hamp- 
ton, Joseph Smith, Stratham; Josiah Smith, Stratham; 


John Hopkinson, Exeter; Francis Mason, Stratham; Jona- 
than Shaw, Hampton; Joshua Rollins, Jr., Stratham; 
Josiah Fogg, Exeter; Josiah Sanborn, Jr., Exeter; Jonathan 
Crosby, Chester; Masten Sanborn, Hampton; Samuel 
Hardie, Stratham. 

"On Nov. 10, 1748, Dea. Samuel Fogg, Joseph Rollins, 
Josiah Sanborn and Jethro Pearson were chosen a commit- 
tee to lay out the Town." 

Nov. 16, same year it was voted "Com. to lay out the 
town on the E. N. E. side of Pemisigavaset River, above 
VVinepisock river near the crotch of said rivers; or other- 
ways where they shall think best etc." 

The above instructions the committee proceeded to 
fulfill and reported; it was then found that this grant con- 
flicted with the "Masonian Rights" so called, but a settle- 
ment was finally effected, the Proprietors or Grantees being 
given a Quit Claim Deed to all but seventeen shares of the 
disputed territory. 

The first recorded settlement by White settlers began in 
about 1765 or 1766 by John Sanborn, David Dustin, 
Andrew Rowen and others, probably Moses Danforth, 
Thomas Danford, Solomon Copp, Daniel Fifield and Sam- 
uel Shepard. 

Of the earliest and greatest hardships the first settlers 
endured we can only guess, for like all the pioneers of early 
towns they were not given to complaining. From Vol. IX. 
p. 755 of Dr. Benton's Provincial Records we take the fol- 
lowing which gives a fair idea of the hardships then being 


"SaLborn Town Jan. ye 8, 1768. 

"To his Excellencj', John Wentworth, Esq., Captain 
General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his 
Majestys Province ol New Hampshire in New England: 

The Humble Petition of ye Inhabitants of Sanborn 
Town. We, the Inhabitants of this Town, Promising our- 
selves your Excellency's Protection, Both in our Public and 
Private interests, Humbl3' beg ye liberty of Declaring to 
your Excellency ye Present Condition of this infant Town, 
which is as followeth viz: We have thirty-two Familys in 
town, and a number more we expect will eone move in, and 
we doubt not But that in a few years we shall, if Prospered, 
be a flourishing town, able to support our familys, and be a 
help to ye Public. But at Present we are under the necessity 
of Going to other Towns for many things to support our 
Selves and our Cattle, which are but few, ye time Being so 
very short since we moved into Town, there Being no more 
than seven familys that have Been in Town so Long as two 
years, and they were Poor People that moved in for ye sake 
of Cetching a lew fish to support their familys. Many of us 
have Been here But one year, and some not so long; our 
Land is very heavy to Clear, and after it is Cleared and 
affords us a Considerable Crop of Indian Corn, it is next to 
impossible to Plough the Land for Some years by Reson of 
ye Stumps and Roots; there hath Been But a Very few acres 
ever Ploughd in Town; not more than six or seven men 
that have Ploughd any, and on ye whole, it is not without a 
Great Deal of Difficulty that we Bring ye year about. Being 
obliged to Spend on the Store we bad Before we moved up, 


those that had any, and those that had not, to Run in Debt 
many ol us, or be beholden to friends, which can't, we hum- 
bly conceive, be thought strange considering that this was 
all a wilderness so Very Lately. 

"Now with Submission to your Excellency's Pleasure, 
our Humble Petition is, that your Excellency would Con- 
sider our Sircumstances, and Release us from Paying any 
tax for a Little time, your Excellency Granting of which we 
humbly Conceive, will be an advantage not only to your 
humble Petitioners, But also to ye Publick as it will Enable 
us to make the Greater Progress in Clearing our farms, and 
so of consequence to Pay ye Greater tax, which at Present 
Could be But Very Small, having but Little to Pay for. 
"We Remain your Loyal Humble Servants, 

James Cates, Thomas Senchr, John Gale, John Samborn, 
Josiah Samboru, Winthrop Hoit, William Kiniston, Satchel 
Clark, Cole Weeks, Daniel Lary, Aaron Samborn, David Dus- 
ten, Jonathan Smith, Josiah Kentfield, Jacob Smith, Jobn- 
athan Thomas, Thomas Lyford, Edward Kelley, Benjamin 
Samborn, Thomas Gilmore, Nathaniel Burley, Jonathan 
Folsom, Solomon Cope [Copp], Moses Danforth, John Gip- 
son, Phillip Hunt, Daniel Samborn, Ebenezer Morrison, Ben- 
jamin Darling, John Folsom, Jonathan Lary, Samuel Shep- 
herd, Andrew Roen, Samuel Smith, Daniel Fifield. 

(Dr. Benton adds this Note: "The above names are 
mostly written by one hand, which may account for this 
spelling of Sanborn uniformly with an m.") 

On Mar. 1, 1770, a committee of two, Joseph Hoit and 
Josiah Sanborn, presented to the Governor and Council a 


petition for incorporation, which was granted, thus incor- 
porating the territory within the following bounds, as the 
Town of Sanborn. 

"Beginning at a Hemlock Tree standing by the Great 
Bay of Winnipesaukee River, marked with the letter 'B' and 
several other letters, with the date of the year 1748 and 
spotted on four sides, then running north 65 degrees west 
to a beech tree, six miles, marked on four sides, then run- 
ning south 65 degrees west to Pennigewassett River, then run- 
ning as said River runs bounding on the same to the crotch 
made by said Rivers, thence easterly up Winnipesaukee 
River to the Bay aforesaid, then by the said Bay to the Tree 
first bounds mentioned, where it begins." 

Another petition of considerable interest, as it shows 
the condition of affairs in the state at an early date, and 
the difficulties the pioneers of the country had to contend 
with. The date of the petition was Oct. 24, 1785, and was 
signed by 47 of the townsmen of Sanbornton. The text of 
the petition is as follows: 

"The petition of us ye subscribers, Inhabitants of said 
Town, humbly sheweth that your petitioners with others ye 
Inhabitants of the state. Labour under great inconveanensy 
for want of a currency, or medium of trade Sufficient to 
transact ye common business between man and man, and 
notwithstanding, your petitioners Conceive that others in 
General are Desirous to discharge all our Debts with ye 
Strictest Hornour, the Payment of which as also ye Com- 
mon trading one with another is Rendered next to impossa- 
ble by reason of ye scarcity of money — and People of all 


Ranks & Conditions are Sued & Meney Put into Prison, all 
of which tends to Impoverish Individuals, & Consequently 
ye state in General;— we therefore Pray that 3'our Honours 
would as soon as Possible, make a sum or Bank of Paper 
money Sufficient to answer all Debts or Demands in this 
state, or for a medium of trade & that sd Paper money may 
be made a tender in all Cases— and your Petitioners as in 
duty bound etc." 

In 1828 Sanbornton was materially weakened by the 
disannexing of that portion of the town incorporated as 
Franklin and again in 1869 when Sanbornton Bridge be- 
came Tilton. 

Both of these sections had valuable water privileges on 
the Winnipesaukee and Pennigewassett Rivers. 


The industrial account of Sanbornton of the present 
day is meagre, the most of the manufacturing of the old 
township is now in Franklin and Tilton. The story of these 
industries belongs to the present history of those towns. 
Probably the first mill of Sanborn town was built on Sal- 
mon Brook, in what is now Franklin, by Daniel Sanborn Jr. 
during spring of 17G4. Tradition says the mill had hardly 
been completed when the spring freshet carried the whole 
thing away. But not before a log had been sawed, because 
Sanborn claimed the mill site as per terms of charter. After- 


wards perraission was given Sanborn to build his mill near 
the bridge on the Winnipesaukee River. This site for several 
years stood neglected until a Mr. Adams built a mill here. 
At an early date Bradbury Morrison purchased the site and 
built several mills run by power from this one big dam. 

The mills consisted of saw and grist mill, blacksmith 
shop with trip hammer, and a planing and shingle mill. 
This site has always been known as the "Morrison Mills." 
Part of these were destroyed by fire in 1836 and the plan- 
ing mill burned 1850. The recent owners of the site are 
Giles and Knapp, manufacturing lumber. Thus the first 
permanent mill was built in what is now Tilton. 

The second mills were called the Darling Mills. The third 
mill was the old Dustin Mills built on Salmon brook near 
Turkey bridge, so called, by David Dustin, The last signs 
of these mills disappeared about 1850. 

Following these mills came the ones at the Chapel, or 
the Piper mills, so called. For two generations they remained 
in the Piper family, until purchased by Benj. S. Colby, in 

These are among the earliest mills and have been fol- 
lowed by mills at Franklin Falls by Jeremiah Sanborn in 
1778. The mill at Gibson's Falls, below Union Bridge, in 
1780. Then came the Tilton-Copp Mills, and the industries 
headed by William Follansbee and A. H. Tilton, aboutl830. 

Then came the Prescott Mills on Prescott Brook, so 
called, in 1789. This takes us to another quarter of the 
town. In 1790 Joseph Smith built a mill on Threshing Mill 


Following these small affairs have been many big indus- 
tries such as: The Burleigh Clothing Mills, about 1866 and 
1877. The Excelsior factory about 1869. The Moody and 
Simonds Mills, destroyed in 1814; rebuilt, and again de- 
stroyed in 1855. The North Sanbornton Mills in 1800. 

These have been folloMed by many others of various 
periods of duration until we approach the present Interna- 
tional Paper Mills and Hosiery and Woolen Mills at Frank- 
lin and Hosiery and Woolen Mills at Tilton. 


Among the earlier industries was that of training the 
young minds, for this purpose the Sanbonton Academy at 
Sanbornton Bridge was organized, Dec. 20, 1820. The old 
academy building of two modest stories stood on the emi- 
nence now known as Academy Hill. In 1871 or '72, it was 
moved to the Northfield side and used as a store-house by 
the Granite Mills Company. 

The Woodman Sanbornton Academy, named for Mr. 
Aaron Woodman, incorporated June 27, 1826. The site of 
the building was near the location of the present Congrega- 
tional meeting house. The building was left in a dilafutated 
condition. The last term held 1857. In 1867 school dis- 
trict bought and repared it, making excellent school quar- 
ters. Upi)er floor being furnished as a hall. 

The Sanbornton and Franklin Union Academy building 


erected in 1845, east of old Chapel near Salmon Brook. 
Last school sessions were held about 1861. The building 
and startino; of this institution was due to the relio-ious re- 
vival started at about the same time or a few years prior. 

The New Hampshire Conference Seminary, now known 
as Tilton Academy, was built on Academy Hill in 1845, 
probably. The old buildings have been replaced by modern 
and well equipped structures and have added materially to 
the prosperity of Sanbornton Bridge, now Tilton. 


As early as 1767 we find the town voted they should 
raise one dollar on each share to hire a minister for ensuing 
year. Mr. Joseph Woodman was called here in 1771. Ser- 
vices wereheld at Daniel Sanborn's until May 21, 1775, when 
the new meeting house was opened for worship. In 1806 
Abraham Bodwell was called to labor here. In 1807 we 
find the town had divided into two religious bodies, Cougre- 
gationalists and Baptists. It was voted in this year that 
those who did not belong to either Congregationalist or 
Baptist Societies should not be taxed to support those 
faiths. In 1829 the town finally relinquished all interest in 
the church affairs. 

The Congregational Society is of course the oldest relig- 
ious organization in town. It receives aid from socities or- 
ganized, one on June 20, 1829, and another still earlier, 
1811, known as "The Congregational Fund Assciation." 


The First Baptist Church made its appearance as early 
as 1784-85, for several were baptised under its faith. In 
1791 a meeting house was built by them northwest ol the 
town's meeting house and near the then residence of Dea. 
William Chase, later Chas. B. Perley's. During the early 
life of the organization it was known as the Meredith Asso- 
ciation. Sometime during 1791-92 it separated and became 
known as First Baptist Church of Sanbornton. In 1833 the 
building was moved and rebuilt on Crockett's Corner, one 
mile northwest of its original site. 

The Second Baptist Church— The meeting house at the 
Bay was built about 1808, a preacher was kept here most 
of the time until 1816. No complete records have come to 
light. The present organization was organized Sept, 9, 
1822, One of the early pastors left here and went West. 
It was his ambition to found an institution at Kalamozoo, 
Mich,, like that at New Hampton. This man was William 
Taylor and he gave his time and property to this end, lay- 
ing the foundation ol one of the most flourishing Baptist 
institutions in the country. In 1844 certain members de- 
sired to be excluded from the church on account of their be- 
lief in Second Advent doctrines. 

The Freewill Baptist Church at Union Bridge. The or- 
ganization of this body was effected March 7, 1827, under 
the name of the "Free United Brethren." The church was 
received into the Quarterly Meeting in 1828, In 1847, June 
24, voted to reorganize. This they did as the "First Free- 
will Baptist Church in Sanbornton," which was finally 
changed to that of the "Union Bridge Freewill Baptist 


Church." In 1834 the meeting house was built. In 1861 it 
was turned end to the road and thoroughly overhauled and 
repaired in modern style. In 1876 it was again repaired 
and improved. 

East Tilton Methodist Church— The house oi Worship 
was built about 1835 amidst considerable prejudice by 
members of the standing order residing in that part of the 

The Congregational Church of Northfield and Tilton 
—see Tilton. 

The Third or North Sanbornton and Meredith Baptist 
Church meeting house was completed in summer of 1829. 
Located on Pine Hill. Meredith Church, so called, organized 
June 20, 1833. In 1839 meeting house removed to North 
Sanbornton near Piper's Mills. Remodelled and rededicated 
Sept. 10, 1876. 

The Methodist Episcopal Church Northfield and Tilton — 
see Tilton. 

Trinity Church — see Tilton, 

The Christian Church— Started by period of preaching 
and exhorting about 1810, by Elijah Shaw Jr., about 17 
years of age. This organization had a somewhat strenuous 
career for about 56 years. They built and occupied for a 
time the building commonly known as "The Chapel." When 
the society disbanded the Chapel was sold to parties in 
Franklin, removed and used as a manufacturing establish- 



Sanbornton was by no means slow to heed the call of 
the colonies at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. The 
town answered the call to the utmost capacity, financially 
and in her quota of men to enlist. 

For 1775 the enlistments were: Capt. Daniel Sanborn, 
Ist Lieut. Aaron Sanborn, 2nd Lieut. Thomas Lyford, Corp. 
Jonathan Thomas, Corp. Nathan Taylor, Ebenezer East- 
man, Jacob Garland, Daniel Gale, Levi Hunt, Phillip Hunt, 
William Hayes, John Lary, Joseph Smith, William Thomp- 
son, WMlliam Taylor, Jacob Tilton, Stephen Riggs, Israel 
Tilton, Elisha Cate, Jacob Smith, Jonathan Lang. 

Enlistments for 1776-80 were: Capt. Abraham Perkins, 
Nathan Taylor, James Sinclair, James Lary, Joseph Sin- 
clear, David Dustin, Michael Coffeen, Abiel Chandler, Ben]. 
Johnson, Samuel Smith, Henry Danforth, Capt. Chase Tay- 
lor, John Brier, Thomas Colley, Simeon Cate, Nicholas 
Clark, Satchel Clark, Thomas Critchet, Aaron Ellsworth, 
John Folsom, Caleb Gilman, Samuel Harper, Jonathan 
Morrison, Robert Smart, Daniel T. Sanborn, Jonathan H. 
Sanborn, Timothy Smith, Ichabod Swaine, Jonathan Tay- 
lor, Jonathan Thompson, Thomas Taylor, Joseph Jewett, 
Andrew Rowan, John Smith, Stephen Burley, Samuel Silver, 
William Burley, Jonathan Bean, Moses Cass. John Durgan, 
John Rowan, Jeremiah Smith, John Morrison, John Yeg- 
oold, Jonathan Chase, John Magoon, Humphrey Hunt, Jo- 
seph Gilman, Jacob Thomas, James Sanborn, Nathan Hoit, 
Jonathan Hobbs Sanborn, Jeremiah Tilton, Joseph Burley, 


Jeremiah Sanborn, Jonathan Perkins, Moses Leavitt, Jo- 
seph Leavitt, John and Jonathan Taylor, Jonathan Gate, 
Samuel Fifield, Josiah Sanborn, Henry Smith, Simeon Gil- 
man, Moses Danforth, Chase Taylor Jr., Thomas Copp, 
Sergt. John Sanborn, Joseph Hoit, Jeremiah Swain and 
Dudley Swain. 

A<rain in the Civil War from 1861 to 18G5 did the citi- 
zens of Sanbornton take an active part. The following 
named persons beino; Sanbornton's quotn: 

Chas. K. Buswell, Chas. C. Clark, Andrew B. Cutler, Chas. 
H. Dearborn, Albert L. Fitzgerald, Benj. T. Hannaford, 
Abner L. Knowlton, Horace B. Morrison, John W. Sanborn, 
Winthrop H. Smith, Charles W. Tilton, Elijah Hastings, 
(.'has. Jacques, James E. Sanborn, Geo. A. Flanders, Joseph 
W. Bh\ko, Elijah P. Burns, Benaiah S. Cawley, Amos K. 
Copp, Aaron B. Fellows, Samuel C. Fifield, Geo H. Flagp^, 
Ephraim L. Frost, Josiah C. Gilmantjn, Nathan P. Han- 
cock, Wm. F. Hannaford, Wm. Herrick, Leonard Huse, Wm. 
S. Huse, John B. Lamprey, Spencer Lane, Ezra E. Morrill, 
Hanan Piper, Joseph P. Sanborn, Joseph Wallis, Geo. R. 
Whicher, Hosea Q. Mason, Samuel W. Leighton, John W. 
Swain, David C. Wyatt, Byron L. Carr, Clarence B. Sanborn, 
OtisC. Wyatt, Aaron Chase, Samuel R. Eastman, John F. 
Evans, Levi W. Hill, Paul B. Johnson, Horace B. Page, 
Samuel D. Pearson, J. Ware Butterfield, John M. Bickford, 
Benj. E. Blackstone, Henry C. Buzzell, James T. Calley, 
Chas. A. Cate, Augustus L, Chapman, Smith Chapman, 
Leonard Conant, John G. Donivan, Cyrus P. Dow, Chas. W. 
r>rovvn, Chas. E. Edgerley, Chas. H. Foss, Andrew P. Gil- 


man, Geo. B. Gilman, Moses B. Gilman, Ward E, Gilman, 
Dow B. Griffin, Geo. W. Hall, Arthur L. Hannaford, Clark 
V. Hiaes, James M. Hodgdou, John G. Hodge, Alanson P. 
Howe, Prescott Y. Howland, John Jones, Josiah Jones, 
Asa Keniston, Arthur L. Kimball, Frank Knowlton, Jona- 
than E. Leavitt, Wesley Leiohton, William S. Martin, John 
Moores, Bradbury M. Morrill, Frederick F. Osgood, Alfred 
V. Perry, Hiram C. Philbrick, Leavitt S. Roberts, William 
E. Roberts, Ira Robinson, William M. Robinson, Leander D. 
Rowe, Benj. F. Sanborn, Freedom Sanborn, Oscar P. San- 
born, Theodore Sanborn, William H. Sanborn, Andrew J. 
Small, Geo. H. Smith, Geo. W. Swain, Samuel B. Swain, 
Lafayette W. Tilton, Isaac B. Virgin, Albert P. Wadleigh, 
Orrin W. Wallace, Benj. W. Weeks, Jacob P. B. Sanborn, 
Brackett J. Baker, John I). Blake, Geo. F. Bowers, Horace 
A. Burley, Jason J. Burley, Chas. W. Buzzell, Irving W. 
Coombs, John C. Coombs, Geo. Dawson, Thomas W.Donald, 
Moses E. Eastman, Daniel S. Gilman, John Hicks, Samuel 
H. Jacobs, John Perkins, Daniel M. Philbrook, Thomas 
Philbrook, William H. Philbrook, John Runnels, Adoniram 
T. Sanborn, Chas. H. Sanborn, Harlow P. Sanborn, John S. 
Sanborn, John Y. Sanborn, John B. Shute, Horace P. 
Swain, Samuel T. Swain, James S. Walker, James Pike, 
Oliver D. Philbrook. The following names are also accred- 
ited to Sanboruton as "Recruits" very few were actual resi- 
dents of the town probably hired as substitutes. 

Henry Harris, Chas. Everhard, Geo. Roberts, Thomas 
Atkinson, John Boutist, John Carroll, Chas. Harrison, Peter 
Kelley, Henry McCormick, John McDoureld, William Price, 


William L. Velpman, John Lynch, Chas, Burns, 0. H. Dorn, 
William N. Duesbury, James Dunn, Julius Frank, Anthony 
Hagerty, John Harbeck, Obed Harris, Autoine Hernandes, 
Lawrence Laughlin, James McCormick, James McGrough, 
John Medford, Joseph Rivers, Chas. F. Rogers, Robert 
Sanders, Fred Smith, Thomas Sullivan, William Werner, 
Joha W. Williams, Frederick Bolte, Michael Hayes, Chas. 
Meier, Chas. B. Silver, Chas. L. Arlin, Luigi Brigolie, Chas. 
H. Hibbard, Chas. W. Kimball, James Morrison, John 
Presby, Geo. Slamer, Elbert G. Smith, Roswell M. Wells, 
John Blake, Alexander Anderson, Ictave Chapine, David 
Stone, Chas. Brown, John Johnson, Geo. P. Howe, John M. 
Howe, Rufus Howe, Jr., Sylvester D. Hunt, Oliver P. Mor- 
rison, Carleton Rollins, Josiah S. Swain, Frederick P. 
Taylor, Albert K. Tilton, Jeremiah C. Tilton. 



1883— Wm. S. Woodman, Gilman D. Lane, Calvin P.Burley. 
1884— Richard I). Johnson, Calvin P. Burley, James W. 

1885— James W. Sanders, Samuel D. Weeks (resigned), 

Curtis B. Burley, Hazen L. Philbrook. 
1886-Hazen L. Philbrook, Orville M. Smith, Samuel D. 

1887-88— Orville M. Smith, Stephen S. Hersey, Alvah P. 



1889— Lowell I. Hanson, Charles W. Wells, Edwin W. Lane. 

1890— Edwin W. Lane, Lowell L Hanson, Clias. VV. Wells. 

1891-93-Edwiu W. Lane, Clias. W. Wells, Frank H. Hunk- 

1894 — Edwin W. Lane, Chas. W^ Wells, John S. Dearborn. 

1895— Edwin W. Lane, John S. Dearborn, Orrin D. Huse. 

1896— Edwin W. Lane, Orrin D, Huse, Chase P. Brown. 

1897-98-Chase P. Brown, Ebeu C. Goodell, Frank L 

1899-1901— Edwin W. Lane, (Jeo. It. Lane, Charles H. S. 

1902-04— E. W. Lane, Edward J. Trawbrid<re, Ned H.Knox. 

1905— E. W. Lane, Geo. A. Leavitt, Fred M. Morrison. 

1900-07— Robert N. Wrij^ht, Geo. A. Leavitt, Fred M. Mor- 

1908— Frank H. Hunkins, Robert N. Wright, Fred M. Mor- 


1883-85, Jason J. iiurlej; 1885-88, Herbert J. L. Bod- 
well; 1888-91, Geo. B. Lane; 1891-190G, Geo. C. Ward; 
1906-08, Geo. B. Lane. 


1883-84, Samuel P. Calef; 1884-89, Thomas 0. Taylor; 
1889-1904, Joshua Lane; 1904-07, Thomas T. Lane; 1907- 
08, Geo. C. Ward. 


No. Polls 270. Resident Real Estate |251,000. Non- 
Res. Real Estate $47,284. Total Valuation |406,190. 

Histoity of Qilfoitd 


Gilford is bounded on the north by the Winnipesaukee 
Lake, east by Alton, south by Gilmanton and Belmont, west 
by Laconia. 

The nearest railroad stations are Laconia on White Moun- 
tain Division of B. & M. and Sanders on the Lake Shore 
Division or Lakeport and Dover Branch, B. & M. 

Gilford since the separation of Laconia has ceased to be 
very important other than as an agriculture vicinity. The 
business interests of the town were mostly in that part of the 
town now embraced in the township of Laconia. 


The early history of Gilford is so much interwoven with 
that of neighboring towns; her boundaries so often changed 
as sections were annexed and disannexed, that the story of her 
struggles and trials are nearly all told by that of other sections. 

Because of disturbances at home (England) and the con- 
stant changes of the reigning house, necessitating the removal 
of the Governors of the Provinces here; the satisfactory 
decision of the boundary lines and a final decision as to the 


owners of his territory, whether it belonged to the Masonian 
Proprietors or not was made impossible. Coincident to these 
disputes the Indian outbreaks known as King Philip's (1674) 
and King William's (1688-90) Wars were taking place. Those 
wars harrassed the settlers of New England so that all thought 
of making expeditions inland were, for the time being, for- 

On the appointment of John Wentworth as Governor of 
New Hampshire to act under and in certain cases independent 
of Governor Shute of Massachusetts, the Indian outbreaks hav- 
ing subsided, the idea of a settlement north was again dis- 
cussed. In 1727, the grant was made for this section and a 
blockhouse having been erected on the shores of the Lake 
(probably in what is Alton now) courage for pioneering and 
settlement was aroused. Many of the early settlers located 
first at Lower Gilmanton and later worked north to (now) 

The principal obligations of the charter were that : First, 
the settlement of seventy families within three years, each a 
separate house, and each having cleared three acres fit for 
tillage, and having paid all assessments. Second, a meeting- 
house shall be built within four years. Third, three shares shall 
be appropriated for public use, viz : One for ministerial sup- 
port, one for minister's residence and one for support of 
schools; providing, however, that no Indian war prevent the 
settlement, and in such event, granting three years from the 
close of such war. 

In 1736 two block-houses were built in the extreme limits 
of the town, or what is now Gilmanton and Gilford, making 


these i)arts of equal, age as the forts were the first buildings 
erected on the new grant. 

From 1738-48 came the war between France and Eng- 
land. Two cleared paths and three buildings (third one built 
for sheltering workmen on roads, but location unknown) were 
all that Gilmanton and Gilford consisted of. 

The first permanent location of families in this, the north- 
ern part of the town, was not made until 1777-1778, about 16 
years after the southern portion and 155 years after the settle- 
ment of Dover, though their boundaries were less than forty 
miles apart , 

The first settlers were James Ames and Capt. L. F. Oilman. 
A little later came Levi Lovit, a temporary resident. Abraham 
Folsom began improvements at the Lower Weirs, though his 
residence was in that part belonging to Meredith, later 
Laconia, his interests were for Gilford. His grist mill was the 
one necessary accommodation of the first settlers. Daniel 
Stevens located on the Gilford side of the river, soon followed 
by Malachi Davis, Samuel Blaisdell and Lowell Sanborn. 
Esquire Benjamin Weeks, who came into the lower part of the 
town in 1768 led a party into the upper section and located at 
the western base of Mount Major. 

As the town was settled during the Revolutionary War it 
was set apart from Gilmanton in the War of 1812 and incor- 
porated. A small section was annexed to Laconia later, taking 
about all the manufacturing from Gilford leaving it only im- 
portant as a farming district, 



Agriculture in all its branches has ever been the chief of 
occupations for this community. One experiment about 1840 
that met with a fair success was the introduction of the silk- 
worm and raising of silk by Benjamin Rowe. It was found 
that the mulberry plant could be quite successfully grown in 
the light soil of certain sections of the town. 

One of the earliest saw-mills was built by Simeon Hoyt 
and Ebenezer Smith Esq., in 1789 on Gunstock Stream. Vari- 
ous other mills have been run at varying times by different 
ones. There was the Lamprey mill, near Alton line followed 
by Foster's mill and Colby's, followed by Foster's, all on Miles 
River. Joseph Potter in 1835 built a mill on Gunstock Stream ; 
he and his son for many years manufactured lumber here. It 
was sold by John M. Potter to Hazen Copp and son, Augustus 
Copp, who added stones for grinding corn. Abraham Folsom 
in 1780 built his mill on the falls at the foot of the bay. This 
has always been an excellent privilege and seldom neglected. 

The foregoing are probably the most important of the 
early enterprises and now Laconia and Lakeport do the prin- 
cipal business of the section. 


As a rival to the Gilmanton Academy, one was started in 
1820, at Meredith Bridge, not meeting with the same liberal 
treatment that characterized the reception of its sister acad- 


viuy ill the way of land grants from the State, school lot given 
l).y the town, etc., it still had the moral support of the better 
citizens of the town and was kept alive for several years. 


The early church history of Gilford is that of Gilmanton, 
nlthough the Baptists of ]\Ieredith held services here from time 
to time. In 1796, Richard IMartin of Lee came here to labor 
for the Baptists although it was found that he professed the 
lu-licfs of the new doctrine as outlined by Locke and Lord, 
preaching elders, John Shepard, ruling elder, Benjamin Ran- 
dall, apostle and reputed leader of the new faith E'ree Will 
Baptists. The project to organize a Second Baptist Society 
lit the Gunstock meetinghouse, Oct. 12, 1797 failed. The fol- 
lowing year a Free Will Baptist Society was formed here. 

The Second Free Will Baptist Church was organiz(>d 
November 6, 1816 in the southern part of the town and the 
northern part of Gilmanton. 

The Third Free Baptist Church was gathered at Lake 
Village in 1838. 

The Fourth Free Baptist was gathered at Meredith Bridge. 

The Universalists built a church at Gilford Village about 

The Congregationalists re-organized and built a church 
at Meredith Bridge about 1824. 

The Methodist Episcopal Church has a number of members 


here. There are a few Catholics and the Advents have quite 
a few members. 

Gilford in its early days was the shire town of the county, 
but those honors have been taken by Laconia, 

Gilford Military — (See Gilmanton). 

Histotty of Belmont 


Belmont, is located on the end of the Belmont and Tilton 
branch of the Boston & Maine R. R. Important in its agri- 
cultural pursuits and with some manufacturing combined with 
its diversified scenery, Belmont is a perfect residential town. 
Belmont has a perfect town water supply, also electric street 
lights and hydrant service for fire protection. 

The town is bounded by Laconia on the north, Gilmanton 
on the east, Northfield on the south, Tilton and Winnisquam 
Lake on the west. 

Citizens' and New England telephone service both local 
and long distance. Western Union Telegraph and American 
Express Company give excellent communication with outside 
world, beside three daily mails. 

As we have elsewhere stated Governor Badger with others 
built a brick factory for the manufacture of cotton cloth. 
Prior to this date settlement of the upper parish was slow. 
Previous to this the village, if such it could be called was 
known as "Fellow's Mills." The plural probably because the 
saw and grist mills were combined in one building. In the 
spring of 1852 there was a great freshet that carried off the 
mills at the upper dam and several other buildings. In 1876, 
The Gilmanton Mills Company purchased the site and manu- 


factnred cases. This plant was burned in 1885. 

The freshet previously mentioned entailed a severe pecun- 
iary loss upon Governor Badger, and that gentleman dying a 
few months later, the village experienced no considerable 
growth, either in size or in general prosperity for several 

In 1870, lion. Amos Lawrence purchased the old Badger 
Mill. In 1875, a joint stock corporation was formed since this 
time many additions to the mill property have been made and 
at present the Gilmanton Mills are the chief indijstry of the 
town, hosiery constituting the manufactured product. 


A striking example of the devoutness of the early settlers 
and their great faith is shown in the fact that despite the slow 
development of worldly prosperity, caused by the freshet of 
1852, they did not delay erecting houses of worship. It is a 
striking fact that the history of one is a history of all the 
early New England settlers as regards the matter of religious 
worship. It was as essential as food or raiment and in many 
eases considered more so. 

For many years, as frequently happened the services were 
held in private houses and barns. 

The first church in the Upper Parish was erected on the 
Province road (so called) in 1792. The members of this church 
adopted the tenets of the Free Will Baptist denomination in 
1816. In 1835 it was incorporated by the name of the "Third 


Free Will Baptist Meetinghouse Society in Upper Gilmanton." 

In 1810, a church, composed of those persons previously 
known as the "Third Monthly Meeting" was established at 
what is now Belmont Village. The meeting house was erected 
sometime between 1811-15. Tlie society was incorporated in 
1835 as the "First Free Baptist Society" in Gilmanton Upper 
Parish. The present edifice was built in 1852. In 1839, a Chris- 
tian Baptist Church was established at the Belmont Village, 
incorporated in 1841. A meetinghouse was built in 1840 and 
burned in 1867. The present building was erected in 1868. 

Richard Davis, Josiah Knight, John Burden, John Gilling- 
liam, Samuel Nutt, Moses Policy, George Osborn, Abiah Kid- 
der, E. S. Moulton, have been pastors here. At present the 
church is witliout any supply or pastor. 

The Advent Church as an organization is the result of a 
recent movement. The organization dates from 1900 and in 
this year the meetinghouse was built. Prior to this date there 
were many who were of this faith and occasionally services 
were held. 

The pastors have been David Jack. H. II. Tucker, and Clark 
Duval, the present pastor. 

Among those most active in its organization were : C. C. 
Currier, H. C. Adams, F. A. Converse, W. A. Reynolds, E. S. 
Moulton and J. II. Weeks. 

The story of the church building is interesting from the 
fact that the funds came entirely without solicitation. Timothy 
E. Clough and his wife, Harriet Clough, Stephen Fifield and 
C. II. Colby were among the generous ones in donations. 

The Catholic Church is the latest addition to the churches 


at Belmont. The Rev. Fr. Desmond of Tilton supplies here 
every two weeks. 


Belmont has no advanced institution of learning. Students 
in the higher grades are mostly in attendance at Tilton or New 

The lower graded schools are carefully arranged as to their 
course of study and well equipped school buildings give them 
shelter. Especially is this true of the Gale School on School 
street in the village. 


"Once upon a time" begin the stories of our nursery books. 
Even stories of our wildest delight would be tame but for this 
beginning. So "Once upon a time" Gilmanton and the chil- 
dren of her early care, Gilford and Upper Gilmanton, formed 
one of the most prosperous and important towns of the old 
Strafford County. In fact, the glamour of importance was held 
jointly by Dover and Gilmanton. This was in the old stage 
coach days. AVhen the lumbering old coach stopped at the 
quaint old hostelries at "Smith's Corner" "Gilmanton Corner" 
and at the "Center" and the travellers were welcomed with 
that peculiar courtesy familiar to readers of Longfellow's 
"Tales of a Wayside Li." 


"We have not the lumbering old coach, but for appearance 
we will come in on the stage. True, the little hamlet (Bel- 
mont) we enter on approaching our destination is now touched 
by those sinews of steel carrying the pulsating life of the out- 
side world. 

Our destination is the large farm house on the hill under 
the drooping elms. Only a distance of a mile and a half from 
the village, northerly from the valley and we have reached the 
highest point of the ridge of land that stretches out broad and 
nearly level — a charming plateau. Before us, set in from the 
highway, and surrounded by lofty ancestral trees, rises a 
stately mansion ; around us stretch the acres of the Badger 
homestead. Certainly a glorious site for a dwelling place ! 
The prospect is extended and beautiful. Standing here under 
the trees, we can see into two states, Maine on the east, and 
Vermont on the west. 

Northward are the Gilford Mountains, Chocura, Belknap 
and Whiteface. Beyond these so that it seems we are delving 
into the hazy future, lies Mount Washington, distinct in spite 
of its misty outline. 

With such an outlook, it is no wonder the occupants of 
the mansion towered into greatness. 

To this site in 1784 came Gen. Joseph Badger Jr., a brave 
soldier of the Revolution. His father. Gen. Joseph Badger Sr., 
was one of the first settlers of the town of Gilmanton. Promi- 
nent in town and State affairs. 

Joseph Jr. followed in liis father's footsteps; was a sol- 
dier in the Revolution, several years in the legislature, eight 
times elected councellor for Strafford County. 


The heir to his popularity, wealth and ability was his 
son, William Badger, born 1779, a short time before his father 
moved to this picturesque spot. He received his education in 
the district schools and Gilmanton Academy. He was a Demo- 
crat of the Jefferson and Jackson school and held many public 
offices, the gift of his fellow townsmen or at the hands of his 
party in the state. In 1834 he was elected Governor of the 
State and once re-elected to succeed himself. At fifty-seven he 
retired from active service in public life, refusing renomina- 
tion at the close of his second term as Governor. 

The Badgers, beside being interested in agriculture, their 
chosen calling, had some interests in manufacturing. Col. 
Joseph Jr. built the saw mill above the town and Governor 
Badger l)uilt the cotton mill, where Belmont Village now 
stands. Joseph Fellows did the carpenter and mechanical work 
for Joseph Jr. His son, father of Frank T. Fellows, now resid- 
ing in town, the carpenter work on the mill for Governor 

The grand old mansion tliat he built and lived in has 
been a goodly residence in its day. There still remains a 
somewhat faded majesty about its appearance that is not witli- 
out its intluenee upon the visitor. 

Would that space permitted a detailed description of this 
wonderful old mansion, with the quaint and interesting evi- 
dences of a grandeur long since past. 

The house and barns now show signs of modern improve- 
ments in keeping with the requirements of a thrifty and up- 
to-date farmer's needs. 



Belmont or Upper Gilmanton, as for a time this town was 
called, following upon the second division of the town of Gil- 
manton in 1859, is according to the terms of the hill passed by 
legislature the original settlement of Gilmanton, but to the 
(lisannexed portion was given the old name. 

Following is the wording of the action bearing upon tlie 
subject : 

''That all that part of the town of Gilmanton contained 
within the following described lines, to wit : Beginning at 
the northeasterly corner of said town where its easterly line is 
met and intersected by southerly line of the town of Gilford, 
thence running in northwesterly direction following the divis- 
ion line between said towns of Gilford and Gilmanton until 
said division line is met by the Parish line, so called, as the 
same is laid out and described upon the original plan of lots 
in said town of Gilmanton, thence running southwesterly fol- 
lowing said Parish line until said line meets and intersects 
northwesterly line of said town of Gilmanton as the same now 
is; thence southerly on said westerly boundary line of said 
town of Gilmanton to its southwesterly corner; thence north- 
erly on the easterly line of said town of Gilmanton as said 
line now runs until it arrives at the point begun at; be and 
1 he same is hereby severed from said town of Gilmanton and 
made a new body politic and corporate by the name of Gilman- 
ton and that all the territory remaining, which with the part 
s<'V(n'ed constituted the town of Gilmanton as the same was 

•74. bp:lmont 

before the passage of this act shall be called by the name of 
Upper Gilmanton. " 

Thus the part remaining of the severed town was called 
Upper Gilmanton. The first board of town officers of Upper 
Gilmanton was: Selectmen, John L. Keasor, Lyman B. Fel- 
lows, Jeduthan Farrar; clerk, Nicholas D. Gorman; treasurer, 
John W. Wells. 

The name was changed by act of Legislature from Upper 
Gilmanton to Belmont in 1869. The first board of town officers 
elected under the new name was : Selectmen, Danied T. 
French, Nicholas D. Gammon, James G. Gate ; clerk, William 
M. Leonard; treasurer, Daniel T. Batchelder. 



1880 — Dudley W. Judkins, Jas. G. Gate, Calvin J. Sanborn. 

1881 — Josiali Piper, Horace C. AVoodward, Jas. G. Gate. 

1882 — Isaiah Piper, Horace C. AVoodward, Alpheus S. G. C. 

1883 — Horace Woodward, Alpheus L. Bean, Isaiah Piper. 
1884 — Samuel N. Jewett, Isaiah Piper, Pike Davis. 
1885-86— Samuel N. Jewett, William H. Shepard, Pike Davis. 
1887— Charles E. Smith, Pike Davis, William H. Shepard. 
1888 — Charles E. Smith, Harvey Gardner, Wm. H. Shepard. 
1889 — Harvey Gardner, Edward F. Semple, Chas. E. Small. 
1890— Walter C. Wells, Brock Dearborn, Charles E. Small. 


1891 — Brock Dearborn, Walter C. Wells, Artemus F. Rogers. 
1892 — Brock Dearborn, Artemus F. Rogers, Edwin N. Hawkins. 
1893 — Walter C. Wells, John W. Farrar, Andrew J. Young. 
1894 — Isaiah Piper, Henry H. Thompson, Smith N. Ellsworth. 
1895-96— Smith N. Ellsworth, H. H. Thompson, Albert Smith. 
1897-99— Smith N. Ellsworth, Albert A. Smith, Fred A. Currier. 
1900— Samuel P. Philbrick, Walter C. Wells, Fred A. Currier. 
1901— James C. Hill, Walter C. Wells, Samuel P. Philbrick. 
1902— James C. Hill, Samuel P. Philbrick, Albert A. Smith. 
190:5— James C. Hill, John M. Sargent, Samuel P. Philbrick. 
1 904— James C. Hill, John W. Sweatt, Samuel P. Philbrick. 
1905-06- Henry W. Rogers, James C. Hill, John W. Sweatt. 
1907 — John W. Sweatt, Henry W. Rogers, Irving E. Young. 
1908 — John W. Sweatt, Henry W. Rogers, Geo. H. Eastman. 

TOWN CLERKS. ■■■^''--^i^E'l^^^^^'^-^ 

1880, Walter C. Wells; 1881-83, Edwin C. Bean; 1884-87, 
Frank K. Johnson; 1887-89, Abraham L. West; 1890, Albert 
A. Smith; 1891-1900, Herbert A. Adams; 1900-02, Leon W. 
Hamlin, 1902, Jasper D. Smith; 1903-06, Herbert C. Adams; 
1907-08, Jasper D. Smith. 


1880, Isaac Piper; 1881-83, William H. Shepard; 1884, 
Edwin P. Thompson; 1885-92, Daniel W. Gale; 1893, Dudley W. 
Judkins; 1894-99, Frank K. Johnson; 1900-04, Waldo C. 
Bryant; 1904-05, Geo. R. Wildes; 1906-08, Brock Dearborn. 

History of Dew Hampton 


The town of New Hampton lies in the northern part of the 
County of Belknap and is bounded as follows : North by Ash- 
land, northeast by Center Harbor, east by Meredith and San- 
bornton, south by Sanbornton and Hill, west by Bristol and 
Bridgewater. The Pemigewassett River flows on the entire 
western side of the town. 

The village is beautifully located among the hills and 

The nearest railroad station is Briston, connected by daily 

A stage also runs from Tilton through Sanbornton to 
New Hampton. 


Tradition says that the section once comprising New 
Hampton or IMoultonboro Addition, as it was for a time called, 
was given to one Gen. Jonathan Moulton in return for the 
gift of an ox by General JNIoulton to Governor Wentworth. 

There is recorded a grant to Gen. Jonathan Moulton of 
Moultonboro and others, Jan. 24, 1765, and Nov. 27, 1777 the 
township was incorporated and called New Hampton. 

By an act of Dec. 7. 1797 the northeast part was set off 
and incorporated as Center Harbor. 


In referring again to the tradition of the ox trade, it is 
said the weight was only 1400 ponnds, and the traet was over 
19,422 acres. 

As we look upon this valuable territory and the eosy little 
village situated among the hills, we cannot help being incredu- 
lous at the small value placed upon the land by the early 

It is said the first settler was a certain Samuel Kelley, 
coming here in 1775. 

New Hampton Academy, a literary institution was incor- 
porated June 27, 1821. The management of the Academy was 
left in the hands of three trustees until 1826. In June of that 
year the name was changed by law to "The Academical and 
Theological Institution in New Hampton." The board of 
trustees were increased to eleven. 

In 1852 the Institution was removed to Vermont. 

In January, 1853, The New Hampton Literary and Biblical 
Institution was chartered and organized under the auspices of 
the Free Will Baptist Society and liberally endowed by Col. 
Rufus G. Lewis. 

The New Hampton Institution opened its first term on 
September 17, 1821. The act of incorporation was passed June 
27. 1821. John K. Simpson, a native of the town and a suc- 
cessful Boston merchant, not sharing the prejudice against 
education commonly shared by the Free Will Baptists at that 
time did much to promote the early prosperity of the Insti- 
tution. A George Richardson was preceptor of the school 
until 1825, when he was succeeded by Bezaleel Smith, an orth- 
odox minister in West Hartford, Vt. During this year (1825) 


the first important change in the management occurred. The 
Baptists had no academy in New England and Mr. Simpson, 
after moving to Boston having become connected with that 
denomination proposed to the trustees that the proposition be 
made to the Baptists of New Hampshire that they should take 
the school under their patronage. This the trustees were only 
too glad to do. Mr. Simpson with a prophetic shrewdness 
little less than wonderful stated that "the Free "VYill Baptists 
are not prepared to enter this enterprise now, but they will 
be in about twenty-five years." In twenty-seven they were. 

The school now became known as "The New Hampton 
Academical and Theological Institution." In 1826, a new 
building for recitations was added and in 1829 a large brick 
block, for dormitories, was built. During this same year the 
people at the Village, ' ' aroused to action by the success of the 
institution at the "Center," erected a school building which 
soon became known as the "Female Department." Previous 
to this the attendance was confined largely to males, but now it 
became about evenly divided between the two sexes. 

The Theological Department opened in 1829, for twenty- 
three years had an average annual attendance of about twenty- 
five The death of its first patron Mr. Simpson in 1837 and 
the financial disturbances of that year put an end to the lib- 
eral plans of the trustees. From 1837 to 1852 little change is 
recorded. But in 1852 pressed by financial embarrassments 
the trustees were at last compelled to consent to the removal 
of the school to Fairfax, Vt. 

The departure of the Baptists and withdrawal of their 
support was not to close the school history. As a fulfillment of 


Mr. Simpson's predictions, the Free Baptists were now ready 
to take up the enterprise. Having been defeated in several 
attempts to maintain unendowed schools, the generous offers 
that came from New Hampton aroused them to make another 

Here was a community grown up around the school build- 
ings and more or less dependent on the students for their busi- 
ness and social activity. With the prestige that "New Hamp- 
ton" would have in thousands of homes through New Eng- 
land, here was very nearly, geographically and numerically, 
the center of the Free Will Baptist denomination, here were the 
libraries of the two literary societies of the school that after 
a severe fight decided to remain in Ncav Hampton ; here also 
was Rufus G. Lewis, with brain quick to conceive, liberal heart, 
and hands prompt to do. What could be more natural than 
a proposition to the Free Baptists to come here and settle and 
the prompt acceptance of the proposition by them? 

A new charter was approved Jan. 5, 1853 for the "New 
Hampton Literary and Biblical Institution." It was voted to 
locate all the departments at the "Village." The old buildings 
were purchased and the work of removing those from the 
"Center" commenced. 

Many material changes have taken place since these try- 
ing daj's. In 1854 the Biblical School was removed to New 
Hampton from Whitestown, N. Y., and in 1870 removed to 
Lewiston, Me. 

The buildings of the Institution have received additions as 
prosperity increased. Several endowments have been made. 
Principal among these being that by Col B. G. Lewis. It is 


still to be hoped that the alumni of the school will reiueniber 
materially their "Alma Mater." 

The Congregational Church is first referred to in 18U0, 
March 20th. when it was voted "to settle Mr. Hebard as a 
gospel minister." At an adjourned meeting of the town in 
May, it was voted. "He should have one hundred acres of 
land set off from northwesterly end of minister lot (so called) 
exclusive of six acres to be round-about the meetinghouse, for 
use of the toAvn as common burying ground." It was further 
agreed that he should have fifty acres more as "compensation 
to him as a settlement for the erected buildings, etc." 

He was to have one hundred and fifty dollars per year 
and two or three Sabbaths per year to visit friends. 

June 25, 1800, Rev. Salmon Hebard was ordMinetl. In 
1801, the church had one hundred and thirty-five members. In 
a few years the membership began to decrease. In 1820 the 
meetings were discontinued. In 1842, Oct. 7, the church met 
at the residence of Rufus G. Lewis and was formally dis- 
solved. ^ 


Among the names found on the Roll of Honor, credited 
to New Hampton for the Civil AVar, are the following names : 
Albert W. Bachelder, Geo. L. Brown, John Brown, James G. 
Cawley, Edmund Copp, Michael Darmardy, Jeremiah S. Dins- 
more, John M. Dow, Levi S. Downing, Geo. W. Drake, Edwin 
S. Edgerly, Orrin A. Edgerly, John P. Fairfield, Charles W. 


FarnhaiiJ, Albert G. Fifield, John E. Fullortoii. Geo. W. Gar- 
land, Edward F. Gordon, James Harvey, Jereniiali Ilobart, 
]Michael Kenney. James O'Connor, Horace S. Plaisted, Jolin 
F. Prescott, Frederick P. Rhodes, Samuel C. Robinson. Hosea 
Q. Sargent, William C. Sargent, James Schmidt, AVilliam 
Spinney. Loring P. Taber, Howard Taylor, John Taylor, 
Simeon P. AVard, John 0. AVoodman. 

In the A¥ar of the Revolution, New Hampton, while not 
sending as many men as some, furnished her quota according 
to the population at that time. Among the names of thos(! 
assigned to New Hampton we fuid those as follows : Joseph 
Smith. Samuel Kelley, Thomas AA^oodman, Levi Chapman, 
Robert Simpson, Nathaniel Kelley, Thomas Simpson, Jeremiah 
Smith and possibly others. 

IDcpcditb Cbupcb Histony 

On May 22, 1854, the following named people met and 
decided to form a church to be known as the Meredith Free 
Baptist Church: 

David Vittum, John Haines, Francis Hawkins, B. L. San- 
born, Mr. York, Greenleaf Malloon. David P. Cotton and 
Ebenezer Stevens. 

Prior to this date those of this faith worshipped at the 
Oak Hill Church, so called. 

For a long time services were held in Union Hall until 
1858 in that year we find the first mention made of a church 
edifice of their own. Noverber 8th they voted to build a 
church home, but instead finally decided to use the old meeting- 
lious(>, which had been located on the Parade, so called, and 
used by the town as a town house. 

The pastors who have had charge of this parish are as 
follows: Levi Tasker. Hosea Quimby, Hiram Stevens, I. D. 
Stewart, Francis Reed, Stephen Pittman, Justus Erskine, 
Lincoln Given. J. L. Sinclair, R. H. Tozier, J. Burnham Davis, 
A. P. Tracy. A. W. Bradeen, E. G. Eastman, E. B. Tetlier. 

The First Free Will Baptist Church of Meredith at Oak 
Hill, a branch of the New Durham Free Will Baptist Church, 
Avas organized in 1800. Its first house of worship, called the 
"Pottle meetinghouse" was built at Oak Hill, Meredith, 


between 1800 and 1804. It was rebuilt about 1852 and called 
the "Oak Hill Free Will Baptist Chureli." In the days of 
John Colby great revival meetings were; held in the beautiful 
oak grove then on the hillside behind the church. In the ''Life 
of John Colby," with regard to his ministry here he writes 
as follows: "Meetings were attended day and night; and I 
scarcely attended a meeting, but that some were hopefully 
converted. In some meetings as many as ten or twelve would 
profess to have experienced a saving change. I baptized 
sixty-two believers in the place, at different times." 

"The ordinance was admisistered in a V(^ry pleasant 
pond," (Waukewan Lake) "which seemed to be prepared by 
the Creator for the noble purpose. It was but a short distance 
from the place of worship ; and we often repaired to it, to 
attend the glorious institution of heaven, while the spirit of 
God, like a dove, descended upon us. 0, how solemn, beauti- 
ful and pleasant, the scene, to see ten, twelve, and sometimes 
fifteen, follow their blessed Saviour down into the water at 
one time ! — while the shores were lined with attentive spec- 
tators, and boats filled with people from the opposite side of 
the pond. It seemed sometimes as if heaven and earth had 
come together, indeed ; while the converts were praising God 
and singing hallelujahs to the Lamb. I have thought it a 
prelude of the day when the saints shall be made equal to 
angels, and shine forth in the kingdom of Their Father for- 
ever and ever." 

The religious interest gradually spread over Meredith and 
adjoining towns till the membership embraced not only Mere- 
dith, but New Hampton, Center Harbor and Center Harbor 


Neck, IJolderiiess, IMoultouborough and Moultoiiborough Neck. 
From 1800 to 1838 the membership increased from 23 to 352. 
It covered so large a territory that branches were formed 
reporting monthly to this church, one on Center Harbor Hill, 
which grew into a church ; another on Moultonborough Neck. 
In 1803 one was formed in the second division of Meredith, 
becoming a church. Some time afterward one Avas formed 
in West Center Harbor and Holderness, still an active church. 
Later another sprang up in East Holderness. In 1838, a church 
was formed at Meredith Village, consisting of 54 members 
from the Oak Hill Church. In 1847 the Meredith Village 
Churcli gave up its organization and reunited with the Oak 
Hill Church, remaining until 1851. It was re-organized form- 
ing the Meredith Free Baptist Church. In 1839, a branch of 
the Oak Hill Church was formed on Meredith Neck, largely 
broken up in 1843, and finally became extinct. Regular ser- 
vices and a Sunday School are kept up nine months of the year. 
In the earliest years of this church a settled pastor was hardly 
known in the denomination. The supply was mostly by trav- 
eling preachers. 

At a comparatively early date it had stated supplies and 
pastors. Among them were Pottle, Colby, Martin, Magoon,Dana, 
Moody, Hill, Cheny, Manson, Stevens, the Pettingills, Perkins, 
Jackson. Pitman, AVebber, Sanborn, Sinclair and the late 
revered Justus Erskine. 

Among its officers, donors and active faithful workers we 
find the following names: Bartlett, Batchelder, Blake, Boyn- 
ton. Brown, Burleigh, Cate, Chase, Corliss, Cotton, Davis, Doe, 
Dolloff, Fogg, Gellerson, Oilman, Gray, Hart, Hawkins, Haynes, 


Landis, Murray, Nealley, Pease, Pike, Quimby, Robie, Sanborn, 
Sayward, Sinclair, Smith, Veasey, Webster, Whitcher, and 

The First Congregational Church of Wleredith Avas organ- 
ized by a council oi' ministers, Feb. 20, 1815, with thirteen 

The First Congregational Society was incorporated as a 
legal body by a special act of the New Hampshire legislature, 
June 18, 1817. At first botli cliureh and society were composed 
of residents of Meredith and Center Harbor, and not until 1888, 
when tlie Congregational Church in Center TTarl)()r was organ- 
ized, did a separation take place. 

The names of the original members of the chureh were 
as follows : Ephraim Doten, David Robinson, Moses Morse, 
Jeremiah Towle, Joshua Norris, Stephen Norris, Hannah 
Morse, Elizabeth Robinson, Mary Ladd. Abigail Norris, Doro- 
thea Sturtevant, Sarah Norris, Susanneh Doten. 

Original members of the Society: John Towle, David 
Bean, David Robinson, David Corliss, Samuel Bean, John Rob- 
erts, Jonathan Brown, Jeremiah Fogg, Moses Senter, Isaiah 
Fogg, Josiah Norris, Timothy Tilton, John Sanborn, Josiali 
Bean of Meredith; Moses Morse, Nathan L. Morse, Jeremiah 
Towle, Moses Morse Jr., John Adams, Joshua Norris, Daniel 
Norris of Center Harbor. 

Most of the members of the society became members of 
the church after a time. 

The first meetinghouse was situated about a mile from 
Meredith Village on the Center Harbor road. 

In 1833, a meetinghouse was erected at Meredith Village, 


on Winnepesaiikee street, near the turn toward Center Harbor. 
This building was moved to the present site on Highland 
street, in 1843. 

In 1871, extensive alterations and improvements were 
made : tlie building enlarged, the square tower removed, and 
tlie steeple with spire ereeted. The interior was eompletely 
renovated and refurnished. A chapel was ereeted in 1878, 
and a parsonage in 1888, upon the site of the old parsonage, 
whieh was the gift of Joseph W. Lang. 

The first patsor of the ehureh was Rev. David Smith from 
Temple in flu* "Distriet of Maine." who was installed ]\lareh 
24, 1819, and died in 1824. 

At this time the church numbered forty-one members. 

Succeeding pastors were: Rev. Reuben Porter, January, 
1829- April, 1830; Rev. Joseph Lane, April, 1831-April, 1833; 
Rev. Abraham Wheeler, 1833-1836; Rev. Eli W. Taylor, 1838- 
1841; Rev. Giles Leach, 1842-1854; Rev. Charles Burnham, 
1857-1871; George L Bard, 1872-1882, January, 1898-October, 
1908; John E. Wildey, 1883-1886; Gilbert A. Curtis, 1887-1891 ; 
Freeman C. Libby, 1891-1895; Robert T. Osgood, 1895-1898. 

In 1841, resolutions against slavery were adopted. 

In 1832, the church voted that "no person be admitted to 
the church who would not pledge entire abstinence from 
ardent spirits, except in sickness." 

In 1837, a committee was chosen to raise money by tax 
upon respective inventories in the town book. 

A committee was appointed to put the price upon produce 
that may be paid to the minister. 


Also a committee was chosen to se(^ that the minister was 
supplied "with the common necessaries of life." . 

There was also a committee at one time "to see that the 
boys be kept in their pi'oper place during public worship." 

A "Sabbath School Society" was formed in 1834, with 
John Sanborn, president. 

The church bell was the gift of Mrs. Lang in 1871. George 
W. Lang, a member from 1857-1877, and Mrs. Lang, 1857-1896, 
were influential and devoted members. 

The town clock was plac(!d in the tower of the cliurch by 
Miss Virginia B. Ladd, in 1903. 



The population of the towns of New Hampton, Meredith, 
Gilmanton, Sanbornton, Tilton, Belmont and Gnillord has 
been arranged in families where it has been possible. In ad- 
dition to the resident liviog members, the names of the non- 
resident members are included. It should be borne in mind 
that this plan does not include the names of all former resi- 
dents of this town, as the names of the non-residents appear 
only when one or both of the parents are still living; in the 
town. After the name of each non-resident will be found 
the present address, when such address has been given to us. 
Non-residents are indicated by the (*). 

When a daughter in a family has married, her name 
taken in marriage appears after her given name in parenthe- 
sis, the name preceded by a small m, thus: (m ), 

Following the names ofthe population is the occupations. 
To designate these we have used the more common abbre- 
viations and contractions, as follows: Farmer — far; car- 
penter—car; railroad service— R R ser; student, a member 
of an advanced institution of learning— stu; pupil, a member 
of a lower grade of schools (including all who have reached 
the age of five years)— pi; housework— ho; laborer— lab; 
physician and surgeon — phy & sur; clergyman — clerg; mer- 
chant— mer; teacher— tr; blacksmith— blk; clerk— cl; book- 
keeper — bk kpr; lawyer — law; mechanic mech; raachinist- 
mach; engineer-eng; maker— mkr; worker— wkr; work — wk; 
shoe shop operative— s sop; cotton or woolen mill operatives 
— mill op; weaver— weav; spinner — spin; electrician — elec; 
painter — ptr; carriage work— car wk; dress maker— dr mkr; 
insurance— ins; traveling salesman, or commercial traveler — 
sales, or coml trav; music teacher— mus tr; teamster— team; 
general work— genlwk; mariner— mar; emplo}'- emp; retired 
— retd; telephone operative — tel op; telegraph operative — 
teleg op. 

Census of HeiD Hampton 

Note — Where no Post Office is expressed New Hampton is 
understood. The following Post Office abbreviations are 
used: Bristol — Bri»; Ashland— Ash; Plymouth — Ply. Rural 
delivery routes are designated by their number following the 
Post Office from which they emanate. 






Aid rich, Mary C 
Allen, Willis G 

Leona E (Carlton 

Harry W 

Ethel F 

Clarence M 
Avery, Mary E 
Avery, Austin W 
Avery, Martha A (Clough 


Nellie E (m Hucivins 


Avery, F A mngr boat 

Ash R F D 

Ada E (Sanborn ho 

Henry B pi 

Marion pi 


Bacon, Henry B 
Emma M (Eaton 

Theodore E stu 

Marion A pi 

Bartlett, S H col & far Bris 2 

Frank H far 

Ballara, Thomas car No 1 

Frances H (m Gordon 
Bean, Fred A team 

Edith M (Jesseman ho 





lab Bris 2 


Maurice F 

H Mildred 
Beard, M C far 

Rosa E (Blake 

Clement S 

Bernice C 

Louise C 
Bel ton, Wm P 
Bickford, Ina A 

phonography & typewriter 
Bickford, LP " F Bap clerg 

Emma G (Fox ho 

*Grace L stenog 

29 East 29th, N Y 

*J A retd Foxboro, Mass 

Ina A 
tr stenog & asst librarian 


Annie O tr 

Billings, Fred M pi Ash 1 

Blackey, Geo E far No 1 

Harriet E (Smith ho 

Ernest L far 

Lester E team 

Blackey, Ernest L far No 1 

Eva (Leiohton ho 

Theodore R pi 

Blake, Danl far Bris R F D 

Blom, Augustus lab 

Elizabeth ( ho 

Blood. Bessie M ho RED 

Boyington, Jos W far 

Ash RED 

Martha G (Harriman ho 

*Abbie J (m Tucker tel op 

Bertha G stu 

Josie W pi 

J Christopher pi 

Robert P pi 

Nathaniel B 
Boyington, E G far 

Olive N (Haynes ho 

Lester O 
Boyington, H C far 

Meredith RED 
Catherine F ( Batchford 
Bronson, A S phy & sur 

Emma F (Lovering ho 
*Lena E (m Twitchell 
467 Eastern Ave, Lynn, Mass. 

Brown, Abbie H (Cotton ho 

Henry W tr 

Nettie A tr of art 

*Clive A mer 

220 Clay, San Francisco, Cal 

Brown, Henry W tr of science 
Vina E (Cross mus tr 

Marion D pi 

Brown, Geo far Ash RED 
Susan J (Mitchell ho 

Brown, David Jr far Ash 1 

Brown, Geo lab R F D 

Brown, Judson E team R F D 
Annie T (Libb^^ ho 

Frank J pi 

Edith B pi 

Geo H pi 

Goldie P 

Bunker, Martha A (Avery ho 
Sadie B tr 

Burleigh, Jeremiah A 

foreman stock farm 
Ella L (Faruham ho 

Ada M (m Chase ho 

Delia E pi 

Burton, John lab 

Mary (Wadeigh ho 

Buzzell, Carrie C (Morrison 

Buzzell, VVm H H far Ash 1 
Lucy A (Davis ho 

John A pi 

Sylvina Belle pi 


Galley, D H far Ash R F D 

Edith L (Ives ho 

Wayland L 
Carroll, Michael, R R ser 

Ash R F D 
Chandler, Albert N tr 

Martha A (Greely ho 

Lois A pi 

Morris J pi 

Doric P 

Doris G 

Eric A 
Chapman, P E moter Bris 2 

Minnie L (Boothby ho 

Frank O pi 

Alice M 
Chase, E E 

mail car route 1 & far 

AdaM (Burlein^h ho 

Chase, Nelson J far Ash 1 

Flora B (Canney ho 

Melvina L 
Cheever, Ed son J R R Post cl 

Gevena R (Brown ho 

Christopher, Geo A 

extract mkr Ash 1 
Church, Harriet D A B 

ex-prin & tr Latin & Greek 
Clark, Sydney I far Ash RED 
Clay, Sam J 
Bris & New Hamp Stage Rte 

*Gordon M cl Ply 

Rachel P stu 

Caro P stu 

Mary E stu 

Helen A (Judkins ho 

Horace S pi 

Clay, H W far Bris 

Addie M (Choate ho 

*StellaM (ra Abbott 

W Rumuey 
Lucien T far 

*Helen (m Robinson 

Bernice M stu 

Cogswell, Cora E (Cogswell 
Helen G pi 

Lawrence F pi 

Collins, C S far & team Bris 
Lizzie P (Hammond ho 
•Ralph P lab Bris 

Norma M (ra Roberts 
Ruth G pi 

Sumner H pi 

Connolly, John far Ash 
Florence ( 

Connolly, Geo lab Ash 

Cooledge, CW dentist Bris 2 
Kate (Brown ho 

* Wesley mer 

Eugene L lab 

Donna B ho 

Dora typewriter 

Cooledge, E L lab" Bris 2 
Fred L 
Madeline L 



Cooper, Bessie C H A B 

tr French, En<;lisb & History 

Copp, Willis H ptr & pap h^r 

Myrua A pi 

Shirley E pi 


Crimmin, H Norman far Ash 

Ada J (Berry ho 

Lawrence B 

Dorothy L 

Crimmin, Exrlona S (Wilbur 

ho Ash 

*Geo M stone cutter 

Wiuterport, Me 

*Lucy A (m Ball Ea^ie, Me 

*John D Jr shoe bus 

Monter, Washiuj^ton 

*Lester A cl 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Willis G stone cutter 

Hardwick, Vt 

H Norman far 

Rosie B tr 

Crone, Horace S s s op 

Georoia A (Doraan ho 

Ethel D ho 

*John mach 

Wallaston, Mass 

Rufus stu 

Arthur F stu 

Cummino-s, D B Ash R F D 

retd car & far 

Helen F (Richards ho 

Currier, Edwin B far 

Mary A (Smith ho 

♦William C far Ash 

* Jessie M (m Evans Ash 
Mary E (m Reed 
*John S far Gilford 
Nettie L (m Drake 
*Alton B R R ser Laconia 
*FredE far Wellsley,Mass 
Alice M (m Wallace 
Curtis, Eliza (Perkins ho 

*Geo W trav sales 

Salem, Mass 
Chas H far 


Dalton, Frank B far Ash 
Harriet A (Merrill ho 

Davis, Melissa A (Hammond 
ho Bris 2 
Lucian G lab 

Geo R far 

Chas A R R ser 

Myrtie A ho 

Dorman J shop op 

Dearborn, Wra R far Ash 1 
Flora B (Colby ho 

Abbie F (m Huckius 

Dearborn, Josiah R far R F D 
Robert W pi 

Richard pi 

Dearborn, S Jennie ho No 1 

Dearborn, Annvilla E No 1 

Dickerman, Susan A P 


Dolloff, Harriet B (Bryant bo 

A S pby & sur 

Dolloff, Alonzo F far R F D 
Naiicj P (llaskins ho 

Dolloff, Albert S pliy & sur 
Amy J (Babb ho 

Albert F pi 

*Dore, A W retd Meredith 2 
Elleu M (Cutin ho 

Dow, Maria F (Harris ho 

*Chas W Mercantile Aoen 
Lacross, Wis 
William H cl 

•Harriet S (m Carver- 
Ricker-Dow Boston, Mass 
Walter R far 

*Edward E Lacross, Wis 
piano & or<^an tuner & repar 

Dow, Walter R far 

Sarah (Curtis ho 

Dow, William H cl 

Nellie H (Hall-Ellis ho 

Dow, Leon C far Bris 2 
Ethel J (Morrill ho 

Arthur S 

Drake, Geo E team 

Nettie L (Currier ho 

Sherman J pi 

G Plollis pi 

Drake, Luther H far No 1 
Minnie E (Boyington ho 
Nellie M pi 

Anna F pi 

Otis P pi 

Ernest L 

Lena M 
Drew, F W far Hill 

Drowne, Wm E shoe mkr«& far 

Cora E (Cogswell ho 

Corine W 

Ellen F 

Paul E 
Durgin, Luella (Fogg No 1 

*Celia A (m Moulton ho 

Edgerly, Edwin S far 

Hannah W ( Fifield ho 

William F far 

Ina M tr 

Edgerly, John W far Ash 1 

Emma P (Dolloff ho 

Emerson, F A far Bris 2 

Ernest, Clarence L Ash R F D 


Fields, Mary B prep dept 

Flanders, E far Meredith Ctr 
*CH far LakeportRFD 
*Edith E (m Batchelder 


Mary A (Foss ho 

*A I supt gass St wks 

Lowell, Mass 



*G S sawyer Wlfboro 
Harry E far 

Flanders, Oliv^e A (Smith ho 

Flanders, Harry S car 

Hattie A (Plummer ho 
Florence H stu 

Elva M pi 

Flanders, F N far Ash R F D 
Ellen M (Mudgett ho 

*MinnieG (m Cole 

*Geo W mill op Ash 
Nellie M nurse 

Fogg, H O basket mkr No 1 
Luella (Durgin ho 

Fogg, W H far & mason No 1 
Cora A (Abbott ho 

Harold W pi 

Howard B pi 

Hermon O pi 

Forbes, J M far Ash R F 1) 

Mary L (Reeves ho 

John E R R fireman 

*Bessie E nurse 

New England Hospital, 

Roxbury, Mass 

*Edward L 


*Joseph D 



Arthur W 


Bertram L 


Frances T 


Sylvia M 

Gallaghar, John far 

Frances I (Crockett ho 
John T lab 

James E lab 

Orin N lab 

*Alice I (m Bryar Bris 
Harry W pl 

Gallup, Millicent I ho Ash 

Gardner, Olive (Roberts ho 

Bris 2 
Willie far 

Gault, H L sec fore Winoua 
Carrie L (Waterman ho 
Edith C (m Woodward 
Henry E see hand 

Geo W pl 

Grace M pl 

Ruby A pl 

Newell C 

Gellerson, C A far Ash RED 
Arvilla J (Bryant ho 

Oilman, Fannie A (Plummer 


* Willi am P retd soldier 


*0 P car No Sanbornton 

Geo W far & tr 

Oilman, Orrison car 

Etta (Johnson ho 

Wiggin pl 

Fred pl 

Earle pl 



Gilman, Geo W far No 1 
Lucy E (Bo.yiiigton ho 
Ella F ' pi 

Ellen H pi 

Alvin C pi 

Clifford C 
Erail.y D 

Gilman, Noah C blk Ash 1 
Ellen M (Sleeper ho 

*Lula A (ra Nutting 


*C S phy & sur 

419 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

Myra K deaf & dumb 

Goodell, Chas V lab 

Eva (Chase ho 


Gordon, Ilobt M far RED 
*Alvah C far Br is 

Mary A (Fields ho 

Adelbert M far 

Gordon, A M lumb & far 

Effie A (Brown ho 

Verne M pi 

Gordon, Marietta(Blood RED 
Minerva E (m Jones 
*Chas Q far Belmont 
Ora B (m Wells 
Daniel J far 

Lillie M (m Plummer 
*L B phy & sur Sea brook 
Warren A far 

*Alice M (m Heath Bris 

Gordon, Maria 11 (Hale ho 
sum res 
*Harriet H (m Poteat 

Ernest B 
Elsie (m Richter 
Arthur H Bap clerg 

Helen M (m Harrell 
Theodora L travels 

Gordon, D Jerome far No 1 
Frances B (Ballam ho 
D Jerome 
Gordon, Henry F car 

Catherine C (Carlton ho 
*Waldo C eng 

17 Hancock, Boston, Mass 
*Maurice H 

prop Chicago Beef Co 

88 Blackstone, Boston, Mass 

*Edvvard S bar Meredith 

*Harold C shop op 

Attleboro Ealls, Mass 

(Jordon, Curtis A far No 1 

Flora L ho 

Lewis A far 

Gordon, Chas H far 

Grace, Mary E (Shine Bris 2 

Clarion E pi 

Evelyn J jj 

Joseph G 

Gray, Nancy J (Peasley Hill 

*Dora M ( m Kelley " 

*Martha J (ra Kelley 




Alonzo H R R ser 

*Emily M (m Moody 


Mj^rtie C (m Howe 
Gray, lioella D (Atwood ho 

*Mary P (in Dexter 


*Herbert A R R eer 

South Acton, Mass 

* Annie M (m Hodsdon 

Everett, Mass 

*Edoar F far Wentworth 
Gray, Albyn S team 

Estelle L (Piper ho 

Greenwood, J A sawyer R F D 

Josephine (White ho 

Ernest L 
Gunn, Edith A pi Ash 1 
Gunn, J team & jobber Ash 1 

Addie G (Smith ho 


Haley, John far Bris 2 

Mary E (Moody ho 

Hammond, E F lab Bris 
Frank W lab 

Haney, Hermou H mill op 
Winnie H (Nutting ho 
Har jld H pi 

Earle H pi 

Harper, L J far Ash RED 
Bessie S (Scales ho 

Harper, Chas E far Ash R F D 

Hayes, J J far Winona 
Frances E (Jacobs ho 

Stella S tr 

Thomas J team 

Hayes, Mary H (Dealand ho 

Haynes, N P far Winona 
Sarah L (Sanborn ho 

Olive N (m Boynton 
Chester P lab 

Elmer M lab 

Hawkins, A S far & mas 

Clara A (Woodman ho 
Florence E (m Smith 

Hawkes, Walter far AshRF D 
Alice M (Randall ho 

Hazelton, Hollis B far Bris 2 
*Elwiu H team Belmont 
Nellie (m Varney 
*Willie mill op Bristol 
*Cora H (m Whitcher 

*Alice (m McAllister 

*Leon far Alexandra 

*Edith tr Bris 

Lillian D (Broe ho 

*Helen M (m Crawford 

Bradford, Vt 
Earle T pi 

Ralph R pi 

Albert P pi 

Doris L pi 

Harry B 

Heath, Julia K ho Bris 



Heath, Hannah N (Lord ho 
•Annie (m Robinson Bris 
*True A cl Concord 

Heath, Martha J ( ho 

Heath, Martha C (Dow ho 
Heath, Angier A far Ash 
Mina M (Harrinian ho 
Rollo blk 

•Lawrence W cl Newport 
Geo L pi 

Hill, Fannie M (Shackford ho 
Francis L 

Hockman, Addie B ( Ash 

Holland, Frank J far Ash 

Jennie H (Vosshlek ho 

Robert D pi 

Holland, Jos far Ash 

Frank J far 

Geo C far 

Hopkins, Elbridge S far No 1 

Richard E niach 

•Oscar M s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

•Chas undertaker 


•Ervin W blk Bris 

•Nathaniel B s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

•Eva M (m Mansfield 

Haverhill, Mass 
•Kate R (m Bacon Bris 
•Amy B (m Evans 

E Bolton, Canada 
Herbert A lumb 

Grace E tr 

Anna M tr 

Gertrude V (Merry ho 

Home, Chas H hotel & far 
Nellie J (Colby hostess 
•Henry C elec Laconia 
•Carrie L (m Bruce 

41 Putraan, 
W Somerville, Mass 
Howard, S A far R F D 
•Minnie (m Clark 

•Alice B (m Moore 

Burlington, Vt 
*E M meat cl Lebanon 
•Samuel A Jr ius agt 

Malone, N Y 
•Harry F street paver 
•Ella M (m Seaver 

Los Angeles, Cal 
EmmaS (Huckins-Pike 
Howe, Myrtle C (Gray Hill 
Huckins, V L far Ash R F D 
Lizzie M (Moulton ho 

Vernie M pi 

Harvey W ])1 

Huckins, R H far Ash R F D 
Susie L pi 

Floyd E pi 

Harold S 
Huckins, Alraon S far Ash 
Rose M (McCormic ho 

Carle S 



Huckins, Chas B far Ash 1 
Mary E (Waters bo 

Huckins, Jas B far Ash II F D 
Carrie E (Veasey ho 

Huckins, E M far Ash R F D 
Marrilla S (Gordon ho 
Frank E far 

Erwin M far 

Geo E far 

James A far 

Elsie M ho & tr 

Clarence W stu 

Huckins, Erwin M far Ash 1 
Abbie F (Dearbou ho 

Helen A pi 

Flora M pi 

Huckins, Geo E far 1 

Bertha L (Richardson ho 

Hull.HC FBaptclero' 

Hutchinson, L V lab Bris 2 
Etta S (Walker ho 

Chase V pi 

Cleora L pi 

AViuona M pi 

Leona M pi 

Nellie G 
Ellen V pi 

Hutting, Winnie H (Mitchell 

Lawrence H lab 

Maiy E s op & ho 

Huntoon, Isabell A (Spiller 

Judith pi 


Jackobs, Thos F far Winona 
Frances E (ni Hayes 
Elbridge S far 

Johnson, John lab Ash 

Johnson, Delia (Lapell RED 
*Lillia (m Eddie 

Boston, Mass 

*Henry inspector on ships 

Providence, R I 

Geo leather fitter 

Johnston, Ida L (Sanborn ho 
A Hermena pi 

Jones, John W blk 

Minerva F (Gordon ho 
Arthur W mach 

Nina G nurse 

Kenneth R 

Jones, Arthur W mach 

Ethel G (Borough ho 

Jopp, Chas S retd mfg No 1 

Jennie B (Adams ho 

*Chas B banker 

Boston, Mass 

*Helen E (m Green 

Chelsea, Mass 

Judkins, Helen A (Ferrin ho 
Morris F stu 


Kellej^ Geo far 

Jane S (Foster 




Frank far 

*Homer S Burbauk, Cal 
*I cl Los Angeles, Cal 
*William H II store ningr 
Spokane, Wash 
* Daniel G far Ilolderness 
Harry C pi 

Hattie M (m Sherburn 


Emma A (m Mills Ash 

Kelley, Frank far Ash 

Edith M (Locke ho 

Howard D pi 

Lawrence G 

Milton E 

Kelley, Bessie A pi Ash R F D 

Kelley, Saml G far No 1 

Sarah (Shaw ho 

Sadie M ( m Pike 

Kelley, Beryl M pi Ash R F D 

Kennie, M J far No 1 

AbbieA(E7ans ho 

Arthur R far 

Marshall J far 

Hazel G pi 

Kimball, John A far No 1 

Nora M (Spicer ho 

*Chri8tina C (m Crossen 

•Judith F (ni Branon 


*Chas H ice cream bus 

Arlington H, Boston, Mass 

*Fred L mill op Holyoke 

*Carrie E (m Gilford 

*Arthur L mill op Bris 
*Millie mill op Hillsboro 

Leavitt, Eva L ho Meredith 2 
Lewis, Jas retd Ash RED 
Lougee, Harriet S (Robinson 

Bris 2 
*Elwood S car Dixie, Ida 
*ErneHt B lab E Lebanon 
Lovering, Sarah S C (Davis 

Emma F (m Bronson 
Luby, Thomas lab Winona 2 


Madison, Chas far RED 
Ellen (Moody ho 

Magoon, Benj H far No 1 

Maine, Henry A far Ash 
Minerva E (Myrick ho 
*Albert B lab 

Boston, Mass 
Samuel R mill op 

Hattie P weaver 

Clarence H far 

Viola W weaver 

Lucy R pi 

Lyle D pi 

Mclntire, Eunice S pi 

Ash R F D 

Merrill, Pluma A (At wood ho 



* Arthur E gardener 

•Harry B mach Lakeport 
Herbert far & ptr 

Merrow, Moses H retd mer 
Ella R (Proctor ho 

*John W architect N Y 
*Fredrick M mill op Ash 

Merry, Gertrude V( Priuce No 1 

* Violet A (m McTntyre 

Warren, Me 

Mitchell, Albert H far Bris 

Reusford C pi 

Marion F pi 

Albert R 

Sarah L (Wheet-Bailey 
Moody, Mary E (Wallace 

ho Bris 2 
*Lavina G (m Taylor 


John L lab 

Grin D lab 

Horace W lab 

Mildred D pi 

Moody, Grin D lab Bris 2 

Lilla M (Taylor ho 

Moouey, Frank lab 

Moore," ED far Ash R F D 

Morrill, Leon L lab 

Amelia C (Wheeler ho 


Morrill, Frank P mer 

Carrie B (Wood ho 

Frank M cl 

Moses, Fannie E (Stafford 
*Jennie A (m Plummer 

N Sanbornton 
Myers, Henry lab Ash R F D 


Ober, Edward A team 

Annie A (Sargent dr mkr 

Gber, Arthur K far Ash R F D 
Ida A (Christopher ho 
Arthur K far 

Helen P tr 

Frank C far 

Faith E stu 

Elizabeth K pi 

Parkhurst, G S far Ash R F D 

Mabel E (Kelley ho 

Patten, Ora pi Bris 2 

Peasley, Catherine (Avery ho 

Nancy J (m Gray 

Chas saw mill 

Perkins, Eliza (Blake ho 

Mary E tr 

Pickeriu<T, Edwin E far No 1 

Ethel F (Prescott ho 

Merle E pi 

Earle T pi 

Mel V in C 

Clayton E 

Caudice B 



Staulej M 

Pike, Mildred E pi 1 

Pike, Helen E pi 1 

Pike, Harold C pl 1 

Pike, M L concrete wkr R F D 

Sadie M (Kelley ho 

Randolph K pl 

Piper, Kathleen T ho & tr 

Plaisted, Jas far Ash R F D 

Ella S (Gould ho 

William C pl 

Plaisted, VV B far Ash 

Elizabeth L (Denno ho 

*Carrie E (m Clark ho 


*Cora M (m Brogan Ash 

Plummer, Olive F (Jewell ho 

Ellen F dr mkr 

Henry G steward 

Martha N ho 

Hattie A (m Flanders 

*John C hotel rangr N Y 

Plummer, NT far RED 

Lillie M (Gordon 

Gordon P pl 

Preston, Frank W A M Prin 

Addie ( ho 

*Nathauiel M dent 

Brockton, Mass 
*Marjorie M (Eastman 

Chicago, 111 
Frank P stu 

Lovell H stu 

Prince, Gertrude V (McKeller 

*Josephine G (m Watts 

Warren, Me 

Procter, Carrie M ho 

Provencal, E far & car No 1 

Josephine (Vasson ho 

*Fillie (m Butler 

Lawrence, Mass 
* Frank car 

*nenry car Lakeport 
*Fred mach Lakeport 
*Mary (ni Millett 


W^illie car 

Provencal, Geo pl No 1 


Quimby, J S far Ash R F D 
Qnimby, L J asst P M & cl 
Julia F (Baldwin 


Rand, Louise A (Gordon ho 


M Eva tr 

Reed, Chas W lab 

Mary E (Cuner ho 

Inez E tr 

Hazel pl 

Rice, Emma S (Wallace Bris 2 

Richter, Geo H sura res 

Pres Bank & Library Co 

Boston, Mass 



Elsie (Gordon lio 

Paul G pi 

Hibbard pi 

Maroaret H 

Rockwell, Otis B lab 

Rockwell, Jos W far & trader 

Lizzie A (Deusbary ho 

Bruce H lab 

Rockwell, Bruce H far 

Alice S (Larkin ho 

*liiez M (m Clark 


Natt E lab 

Otis B stu 

Herbert L pi 

Ernest H pi 

Robie, Martha W (Walker ho 

*S H editor Chelsea, Mass 

*C Warren exp mngr 

Boston, Mass 

Robinson, Wm M lab Bris 2 

Robinson, Austin H pi Ashl 

Robinson, M W far Bris 2 

Harriet M (Oliver ho 

Arthur O far 

Annie M (m Stewart 

Robinson, A O far Bris 2 

Grace (EI ath way ho 

Ethel M pi 

Stanley M pi 

Leroy A pi 

Frederick pi 

Salkins, B B R R ser Winona 
Grace M (Boynton ho 

Clarence B pi 


Sanborn, Jas M car No 1 
*ClaraE (m Follett 

Rockland, Me 
Martha A (Bunker ho 

Sanborn, David far Bris 2 
S Hattie ho 

Sanborn, Jos P 

mail & stage drive 
Mary (Gate ho 

Carrie E (m Wilson 
Fied W mer & P M 

Leon H team 

Sanborn, Fred W mer & P M 
Linna (m Knight 
Donald K pi 

Sanborn, Frank D retd lumb 
Martha (Pike ho 

Ida L (m Johnson ho 

Eva R (m Seaver 

Sanborn, Caroline A (Sanborn 
Ash R F D 
Maria E (m Farriugton 
*Oiive O (m Scribner Bris 
*Jane M (m Hutch ins 

Went worth 
*Laura (m Thibeau 

W Rumney 
*Carrie B (m Greene Ply 



*Jo8eph far Lisbon 
*Cha8 W far W Ply 
Fred J • stone cutter 

Ada E (m Avery 

Sanborn, F J stone cutter 

Ash R F D 

Vira A (Quiraby ho 


Earle O lab 

Say ward, Mary J (Smith 


Seaver, Ed<?ar E lumb R F D 
Eva R (Sanborn ho 

W Harrington pi 

Pauline L pi 

Frank R 

Seavey, Augusta C (Cheever 
*Lula M (in Foote 

Washington, D C 
Julian E lab 

Shaw, Dayton O blk 

Mary E (Huse ho 

Anna I tr 

Sinclair, L N far Meredith 2 
Anna G (Beatty ho 

Quincy V far 

Epps E pi 

Sleeper, John V B far Ash 1 
*Nina A (m Garland 

Haverhill, Mass 

Smith, K W far Ash 1 

Mary (Smith ho 

EllaM (m Smith 

Smith, Albert L far Ash 1 

EllaM (Smith ho 

Alice K stu 

Smith, Eliza (Smith Ash 1 

*Mary P (m Eastman ho 


*John P mer Laconia 

Frank B far 

Smith, Frank B far Ash 1 
Carrie M (Ellis ho 

Marion F tr 

Mildred E stu 

Leslie B stu 

Smith, Rosalie A (Davis Ash 1 
Carl D pi 

Albert B pi 

Rosalie E pi 

Ziba H pi 

Smith, B H far Ash 1 

Laura J (Clough ho 

Theda L pi 

Robert T pi 

Raymond C 

Smith, Frank J blk No 1 
Ilattie L (Gilman ho 

*Laviuia W (m Barrett 

*Edvvin W far Gilmanton 
Geo F car 

Victor R far 

*Claude R far Gilford 
*Amy R (m Blake 

Haverhill, mass 
Floyd D far 

A Emma (m Hopkins 



*Tri8tam R s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

Lillian G ho 

Joseph F far 

Ella L stu 

Smith, Victor R far R F I) 

Grace H (Hatch ho 

Smith, Geo F far Bris 2 

Mary E (Grace ho 

Smith, Olive A (Colby ho 

*Minnie M (ra Marsh 

Melrose Highlands, Mass 

•William E mach 

17 Tucker Ct, Peabody, Mass 

*Alvin N far Laconia 

Mary F tr 

Smith, Elizabeth L (Dodge 

*Ross laundry 

Boston, Mass 
*Annie E (m Silver 

Boston, Mass 

*Ida M (m Ward Nashua 

Smith, Fannie E (Moses ho 

Smith, JasE lab RED 

Smith, Henry L far Winona 

Mary E (Brown ho 

J W P M, sta agt & exp 

Smith, Jos W 

sta aj^t, P M & exp 

Florence E (Hawkins ho 

Spiller, Isabella A (Spiller Ash 

Stevens, A W far Ash R F D 

Nora R (Crockett ho 

*Katie F (m Fowler 

Swampscot, Mass 
Carl M lab 

Frank H pi 

Leroy W pi 

Stevens, C P retd Ash R F D 
Jessie S far 

Nettie C (ni Torsey 

Stevens, Frank W iar Ash 1 
Wilber F far 

Harr}' I mill op 

Forest far 

Alice J ho 

Stevens, H W far Ash 

Ellen W (Brown ho 

*D B far Woodfords, Me 
*Lottie L (m Averill Ash 
*Lizzie H nurse 

Woodfords, Me 

Stevens, Wilbur F lab Ash 

Stevens, Jesse S far Ash 1 
Hattie R (Torsey ho 

Stewart, S O far Bris 2 
Annie M (Robinson ho 
Leon O lab 

Stone, J H retd mfg sura res 

Sullivan, Thus pi Ash R F D 

Swaine, Frances P (Gordon 

Bris 2 
Julia M tr 

Clarence G law 

*Sally K (m Carver 




*Evangeline L cl Bris 

Grace A nurse 

Margaret P stu 

Svvaine, C G law Bris 2 

sum res, 27 School, 

Boston, Mass 

Mary B (Bliss ho 

Pauline G 


Taylor, David H far No 1 
MyraVV(Pike ho 

*lvanetLa A (m Gate 

N Salem 
Grace St A ho 

Tenney, Chas H far Bris 2 
Mary A (Philips bo 

Hattie A (m Clark 
*Roscoe C miller Bris 
Garland I) far 

Herbert W pi 

Thyng, Chas D retd drup;- 

Herbert M cl 

*A D cl Rodondo, Cal 
*Caroliue T (m Reed phy 
W Somerville, Mass 
Elsie V R ho 

Tibbitts, Bernard B pi Bris 2 

Thompson, F far AshR F D 
John H team 

Edward F team 

Joseph lab 

Thompson, J pi Ash RED 

Thompson, M Ash R F D 

Marf^aret W (Nelson ho 
Chas W salesman 

Thompson, Geo W far R F D 
Mary E (Dolloff ho 

*Arabelle (m Pitman 

*H J eng Woodsville 
*Della M (m Cross 

Pawtueket, R I 
*FIorence M (VVadley 


Til ton, Jos C car & far No 1 
*Ralpli car 

Methuen, Mass 
*Nellie M (m Wallace 

Lizzie E (Veasey ho 

Maud Y tr 

Berle E stu 

Torsey, Lavina J (Cotton ho 

Ash RED 

John G far 

Hattie R (m Stevens 

Guy B far & car 

Torsey, Guy B far & car Ash 
Nettie C (Stevens ho 

Leon S pi 

Lora J pi 

liula M pi 

Minnie E pi 




Varnej, Albert J blk 

Nellie L (Haseltiue ho 

Veasey, L F far Ash 1 

Lura S (Smith ho 

Albion A meat market 
Frank L deceased 

Mayell V (m Fifield 

L Grace (m Plummer 

Riverside, R 1 
Elizabeth A (m Cartney 

Veasey, H Q far RED 
Etta (m Tilton 
Carrie (m Huckins Ash 
*(iennie ho Bridgewater 
*Alice (m Wiser 

*Byron L far Bridgewater 
*Della (m Bartlett Bris 
*Sadie (m Battle Lacouia 


Walker, Walter B far Bris 2 

Emma L (Gordon ho 
Etta S (m Hutchinson 

Wallace, Wm H lab No 1 

Esther L pi 

Blanch L (Corbiu ho 
Hezekiah T 

Wallace, Jos C car & far No 1 

Emma F (Moulton ho 

*Edward C mason 


Wallace, Orin W far Bris 2 

Olive (Roberts ho 

*VVillie far Sanbornton 

*Oren W Jr lab & lumb 

Piedmont, Wyomiug 

Wallace, Dallas P iar Bris 2 

Wallace, Fred W tr 

Alice M (Currier ho 

Watson, Mathew lab 

Welch, Geo E far R F D 
Delia (McGregor ho 

Wells, L B far Bris 2 

*Lewis L ptr Newark, N J 
Edwin C ptr & far 

*Maud E (m Dow 

Clara H (Philbrick ho 

John C lab 

William G lab 

Susie M (m Blackstone 


Wells, E C far Bris 2 

Ida M (Baker ho 

Ethel M pi 

Bertha J pi 

Alice B pi 

Oscar C 
Lena G 

Wells, Henry E far Bris 2 
Ora B (Gordon ho 



Wells, Proctor H far Bris 2 
Malissa A (Wells ho 

Henrv E far 

Fred P far 

Wells, Fred P far Bris 2 
Gertrude L (Twombly ho 
Herbert P 

Wheeler, Alonzo F retd 

Louisa N (Worthen ho 
Geo F far 

Wheet, Mildred M ])1 Bris 

Whitcher, Josephine E (Brown 
Ash R F D 
Pheba M (m Flanders 

*E May (m Gordon 

Portland, Me 
*Mina J (ni Meader 

N Haverhill 

Milton J far 

Algernon D pi 

Whitcher, Jos S far Ash 1 

Wood, John lab Bris 2 

Woodman, M far Ash R F D 

*Alice M (m Cloudman 


Everett, E far 

Woodward, F D weaver 


Edith C (Gault ho 

Census of mcitcdith 

Note— Where no Post Office is expressed Meredith is un- 
derstood. The following Post Office abbreviations are used: 
Meredith Center — Center; No Sanbontou— No Sanb; Meredith 
Rural Delivery No. 1 & 2— No 1 & No 2. The following street 
abbreviations are used: Pleasant street— Pleas; Highland 
Ave— Highl'd; Waukenan — Wauk; Plymouth— Ply. 

Ambrose, DA 34 Main 

undertaker & music store 

Mary (True ho 

Edward stu 

Ames, Lydia B (Randall ho 
27 Water 

Aldricli,MS High 

undertaker & mfg caskets 

Mary E (Closson ho 

Beatrice A stu 

Mildred C pi 

Allbright, John H retd No 2 

Allen, Jos H far No 2 

Ella (Lord 

Allen, Chas A team 

*Herman B far Sandwich 
Lindsey H far 

Melvin boating 

Allen, Chester J barber Water 
Mabel P (Parker ho 

Chester J 
Brice L 
Atwood, Jno 


retd far 
Stevens Ave 
Gusta A (Bachelder ho 
*Mary A (m Graham 

1422 Blanden 

Columbia, S Car 

*Orin W milk farm 

Long Meadow, Mass 

*Francis far White Face 

Avery A M Wauk 

sum bdrs & Ice cream 

Mabel (Lobdell ho 

Daisy A 

Granite Rocks House 

Avery, Edson team off Wauk 

Earl W mill op 

Chas E team 

*L C stu 

Roxbridge, Mass 

*Sadie M pl 




Florence P pi 

Edna A (Smith 
Eva R Plymouth 

Ila M 
Avers, Jefferson mill op Main 
Ora E (GilmMU 


Bachelder, Benj far 

Martha E ho 

*JohnE far Pittsfield 2 

Bailey, Harry \V ptr 

Ella L (Clark waitress 

Bailey, Russell W ptr Pleas 
Mary B (Wright 

canned preserves 
Harry W ptr 

Hosea E hulled corn 

Lydia M stu 

Baldwin, J G real est a<^t No 2 
Alicia M (Wood ho 

Ballard, W W far & sum bdrs 

Ballard House 

Emma N (Roberts ho 

Frank L stu 

Alice J stu 

Bard, Geo I clerg 15 Highl'd 
Jerusha (Parker 
*Henry I tr Chicago, 111 
*Geo P Boonton, N J 

*Herbert D Marietta, Ohio 
prof Marietta College 

Bartlett, Clifton far No 1 

Emma (Fernald ho 

Grace B (m Piper 

John C stu 

Florence L pi 

Lydia B pi 

Bartlett, Jas D 

mason, contractor & bldr 
cor Maple & Mill 

Sarah E (Beedee 
Bartlett, Maria (Prim Center 
Bartlett, Geo W plumb 

Stevens Ave 

Isabel M (Mclutire 


S Crosby 
Bachelder, Edw far Water 

Martha J (Quimby ho 

Harry E mill op 

*Charley lumber 

Freedom 1 

Oren W car 

Batchelder, Oscar far Center 
Beach, Perley mill op 

Viola A (Harvey ho 

Bean, D F team High 

Bean, O N Bapt clerg 


Annie M (Hathaway 

Marian N pi 

Samuel N 
Benitez, H mach Laconia 1 
Bedee, Elbra M Ply 

Beedy, Abby (Dolloff No 2 

*Annie(m Rollins Laconia 



Beedy, J F i^en store Highl'd 
Martha M (Melcher ho 
Frances M 
John W 

Beedy, Sarah P ( 

*Bemis, Irving; roach 

24 Standish, Dorchester, Mas8 

*Erne8t W miner 

2118 Tremont Place, 

Denver, Col 

Bennett, C W ptr Stevens Ave 
Lucy C (Cass ho 

Chas W Jr pi 

Irene M pi 

Harold J 

Bennett, Fred mas Center 

Bense, Theodore stu 

Berry, Leslie R R ser 

*Alice (m Perkins 

Center Harbor 
Lettie E ( m Mead 

Berry, G VV stone mas 

10 High 
Ida J (Avery ho 

Geneva B (m Cox 
Vera E tr 

*Aurreta R (m Risley 

93 May, Worcester, Mass 
Worcester O mill op 

Frances E stu 

Gertrude M stu 

Berry, Louisa (Davis 26 Wat 
Ada C (m Jones 
Emma L (m Morrill 

Bickford, Jas far 

Bickford, E F mill op Pleas 

Emma J (Webster ho 

Delia M pi 

Bickford, Roy car 

Lena M (Brown ho 

Bickford, Chas far 

Joseph far 

Bickford, J H car Ply 

Lucy E (Corliss ho 

Lena M pi 

Bickford, Mary (Wiggin ho 


Bickford, Frank boat mfg 

cor Main & Terrace Ave 

Minnie A (Mead ho 

Mary A stu 

Grace M pi 

Bixby, Victor R retd Lang 

Mary E (Neary ho 

Bixby, Huldah (Smith ho 

*Wm E shoe mfg 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Geo H shoe mfg 

Haverhill, Mass 

*C S shoe mfg L3'nn, Mass 

Mary A (m Cowiog 
Bixby, Mary A (Richardson 

11 Lang 

Victor R far & horseman 
Blackey, H H stu 45 Main 
Blaisdell, Ira F mill op 

Sadie G (Smith ho 



*Ethel C ho Concord 
Annie G 

Nina G pi 

Henry J 

Blaisdell, B law 17 Water 
Georgia M (Moultou ho 
Beatrice pi 

Dorothy F pi 

Blake, Chas H stone mas 

Mary J (VValle ho 

George D 
Perley E 
Mary F 

Blake, Sarah (Jennis ho 

Charlie stone mas 

*VVm J car Ctr Harbor 
John W mill op 

Albert mill op 

Philinda (m Ladd ho 

Blake, John mill op Mill 
Bell S (Eryan ho 

Blake, Frank far No 2 

Edith M (Randlet ho 

Eleanor E pi 

Marvin W pi 

Millard I pi 

Viola M 8tu 

Blake, Fred A cont &. builder 

85 Main 

Alma M (Smith ho 

Blake, M E car & bldr 

Terrace Ave 

Eva S (Skinner printer 

Bolton, Geo W lab 

Maudy (Rollins ho 

Boynton, Meade far No 2 
Alice M (Lawrence ho 

Hazel E pi 

Leslie M pi 

Marion E pi 

Boynton, Nath B com & far 
Abbie L (Pierce ho 

Boynton, Ira mill op Water 
Sarah E (Chase ho 

Bessie I ho 

Brown, Eliza A ( 

Brown, Eunice G (Fox ho 

Laconia No 2 
Addie M (ra Eastman 

Brown, Arthur B car Center 
Eva M (Smith ho 

Brown, Geo H cl Main 

Emily A (French milliner 

Brown, Russell fur No 2 

Brown, Marvin C far No 2 

Fannie P (Kelley 

sum brds Clover Ridge Farm 

Ralph N R R ser 

Earle R stu 

Brown, Geo E mail car Lang 
Lilla B (Bickford ho 

Brown, Wra H far 23 High 
Sarah E (Wiiloughby 
*Harry L ptr Laconia 
Bertha B (m Powers 

Bunker, E A mill op 36 Elm 
Lena E (Savage ho 

Isabell I 



Orvis E 
Bi^aut, Mehitable (Berry ho 

*George far Ayhlaud 
*Ho8ea F mill op Ashland 
Blandin, Chas Iv far Pleas 
*Walter S coachman 

*EllaF (m Crane 

Olive W (Bryant 
Beardsley, Lewis car Wauk 
Annette (Curry ho 

*Mary B (m Nash 
15 Gates, Worcester, Mass 
*Marvin E team 

No Oxford, Mass 
Ada M (m Kinj? 
*Myrtle A (m Hurlburt 

Georgia Center, Vt 

*WmC far 

Moultonboro Falls 

Harry M cl 

Burdick, Geo H far No 2 

Burleio'h, Catherine (Cherry 

Alice C 

*Luther E cook 

Boston, Mass 

Laura, A (Burleigh 

Burleigh, Dan S far No 2 

Clara M (Pike ho 

*GrnreJ tr 

51 Bdffam, Salem, Mass 

*Jas P com tr 

762 Cranston, Providence, R I 

Ada B tr 

Burleigh, Lydia A (Melvin ho 


*Butler, R E auto mfr sum res 

23 John, Chelsea, Mass 

Charlotte M (Blake ho 

Pauline stu 

John F 

Buzzell, E M far Lakcport 2 

B Jennie (Dolloff ho 

MR far 

*Edna M (m Quimby 

Pleas, Laconia 

Caldon, Wm sta eng 

Stevens Ave 
Edith D (Walton ho 

Canney, Laura J (Russell 

24 Water 
*Abbie (m Quimby 

66 Chapel, Augusta, Me 
Canney, Fred car Pleas 

Annie ( 

Canney, Nettie M (Dockham 


Carder, John M R R ser 

Mae (Mitchell nurse 

Willie A at home 


* James mach 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

Carr, Oren M far No 2 



Marcella M (Copp ho 

Casej, Sam W j^eiil wk 

Caveil.y, D F cl 50 Main 

Elizabeth C (Caverly ho 
Caverly, Geo A far No 2 

Mary J (Sauborn ho 

•Nellie M (m Rich 

Nashua 3 

*C A mach Dracut, Mass 

Elizabeth C (m Caverly 

Carrie B (in Evaus 

*Jennie L (m Sanboru 


*J Irvinp; mach 

262 Willow Ave, 
Somerville, Mass 

Annie M nurse 

Caverley, Dan far No Sanb 

Mary L (Shaw 

*J E meat cut Franklin 

*Alma A (m Favor 


•AbbieL (m Hunt Tiltou 

Emma G 
Chapman, Geo s s op 

Chase, Fred far No 2 

Nellie (Wallace ho 

Perley A pi 

James pi 

Laura N 


John E 
Chase, Maria S (French No 2 


Chase, Etta mill op Water 

Chase, Jennie M stu No 2 

Chase, Ezra R far Center 
Sarah J (Webster ho 

Royal F far 

Arthur E far 

Florence E stu 

Chase, Royal F far Center 
Mertie E (Strickland ho 

Chase, Aaron far Winona 
Rose S (Hussey ho 

Chase, Salome (Corliss Center 
*Dan S ins a|2;t 

175 Tremout, Roxbury, Mass 

Chase, Noah H far 

New Hampton 1 
Clara F (Kimball 
*Lura A (m Kirkman 

31 Bay, Laconia 
Leon R far 

Chase, F far New Hampton 1 
Eddie mail car 

Eva M (m Goodell 

Choate, T B mcr 45 Main 
Mary W (B lackey ho 

Lottie B tel op 

Cilley, G W genl wk 9 Highl'd 
Abbie L (Chase 

Clark, J S Lang 

lumb mfr & dlr 

Eliza (Wip^giu ho 

Mary A ho 

Joseph W mill op 



Clark, Edwin E mill op Ply 
Mellie H (Corliss bdjr ho 

Clark, Hattie (Pickeriug Mill 
Edwin E lab 

Annie A (m Perkins 
Minnie E (m Swain 
Myrtie J (m Clark 
Geo W lab 

Lottie M (ni Perkins 
Ada B (m Corliss 
Wilmer P lab 

Lizzie M (m Leinay 
Ella L (m Bailey 

Clark, Marion pi 

Clark, Leon A pi 

Clark, Annette E (Avery ho 

Clark, David H 

Ada (Grant ho 

Mary G pi 

Clark, B S mgr linen mill 

Elizabeth (Esmore ho 
Muriel F pi 

Clark, Geo W far No 2 

Sadie E (Dorsett ho 

Chas E 

Clements, John S mill Main 
Mary (Corrigan ho 

Nora M pi 

Rose M 

Clement, Dutclie E (Sanborn 


Clou^ih, W J ear Lake 

Nellie (Avery ho 

Ruth pi 

Clough, Ellen (Libbey Pleas 

*John F county com 

20 Webster, Manchester 

^Henry B janitor 

Pearl, Manchester 

*Edw H P M 

859 Chestnut, Manchester 

Frank E butch 

Colby, Catherine (Pickering 

Colby, L D far Lakeport 2 

Mildred A (Allen ho 

Thelma M 

Leroy A 
Colby, Chas A mach Center 

Susan (Derby ho 

Colby, Leon B far Laconia 

Alice (Skinner ho 

Walter H 
Colby, John H far No Sanb 

•Isa B (m Buzzell Laconia 

*Myrtie (m Sanborn 


Leon B far 

*Lila A(m Collins Laconia 
Colburn, J A lab Stevens Ave 

Annie I (Pillsbury 

Marion A (m Drew 
Cole, Melvin D barber Lake 

Bessie C (May ho & canv 
Coleman, M J far Center 

Bridget (McGoff 

Collins, Louis L far Sanb 



Grace (Leavitt bo 

Collius, Chas P No 2 

Florence (Morrison bo 
Conner, Amber R P M & mer 


Mabel E(Plummer assPM 
Consediue, A mill op Elm 

Marj (Harrigau bo 

Autbony Jr mill op 

Constantine, Sarab(Bacbelder 

bo No 2 

Lewis M pi 

Cotton, J retd 11 Wauk 

Frank C lab 

Converse, FA R R eer Wauk 

Harriet F (Jones bo 

James M pi 

Hajden F 

Rudolpb R 
Copp, Lewis B team 

Corliss, Miss Louisa Main 
Corliss, Wesley carder Ply 

Ada B (Clark mill bd 

Corliss, Geo L far Center 

Corliss, Sarab (Cassidy Center 

*Frank P ptr 

17 West, Laconia 

Grace M (m Ware 
Corliss, Dan S retd Center 

Abbie A (Cbatman bo 

Clelia J(m Clark Ply moutb 
Corliss, FP far & mill "op No 2 

Belle L (Batcbelder ho 

Bertha F (m Durgiu 

Millie M cl & asst P M 

Walter H 

Ruben S stu 

Nancy N pi 

Esther B pi 

Corliss, Norman far No. 2 

Hattie A (Burdick 

Norman M Jr far 

Coville, Mary J (Cleverly bo 


*Addie (m Skinner 

No Sanb 
*Wm H Newark, N J 

kindergarten for horses 
*Eva L (m Haskell 

Norton, Mass 
*Violet N (m Weldon 

Foxboro, Mass 

*Edvvin G horse trainer 

Schenectady, N Y 

Jennie M (m 01m stead 

Cowing, C A mech & janitor 

Lang 1 

Mary A (Bixby ho 

Wm E hotel cl 

Chas I etu 

Earl B stu 

Cox, C E exp agent Wauk 

Geneva B (Berry bo 

Edwin F pi 

Wilbelmina E 

Mary E 

Cox, Edwin Lang 

exp agent & livery stable 



Arzelia J (Pease ho 

Clarence C cl 

Cox, Alanson retd Ply 
•Herman far Hill 

*Zelma J (ra Cox Laconia 
*Fred J luacb Laconia 
*Ai barber Laconia 
Willie G team 

Colby painter 

*Emma (m Wilson 


Cram, Lovel mach sum res 

Cummings, Calvin W far Elm 
Emma P (Brown ho 

Sarah A (m Merrill 

Cushing, C P far 

Hat tie (Ivelley ho 

Ijewis pi 

Leon pi 


Darlinp", Wm D team Lang- 
Nellie P (Knowles ho 
Dorothy A pi 
Gladys P pi 
Claude W 
Davidson, Frank mill op 
Stevens Ave 
EllaF(Hovvland ho 
Davis, Chas E No 1 
agt New Eng Tel Co 
Sarah AI (['age ho 
Cora E music tr 
090 4th, N Y City 

Edw P far 

Davis, Electa M (Nelson ho 

27 Water 

Davis, Edw P far 

Alice L (Moulton ho 

Davis, W power boats 


Blanch M pi 

Dearborn, B II Main 

shook & lumb Co 

Nellie B (Bickford ho 

Elizabeth stu 

Defoses, Julian far No Sanb 

*Julian far Lebanon 

Joseph J far 

Dexter, Edw L janitor Ply 

Susan R (Marden brdg ho 

*Bertie A (m Brown 
Vermilion, Alberta, Canada 

Frances (m Jones 

Clinton M stu 

Dickinson, H car & far No 1 

Lula (Plummer ho 

Elizabeth L 

Dickinson, Lucy M pi No 1 
Dickinson, Helen M pi No 1 
Doe, Addie M No 2 

Dolloff, Fred far No 2 

Lula (Merrill 

Carl F far 

Eugene D stu 

Dolloff, Carl far No 2 

Winefred (Barlow ho 



Florence W 

Arraeiia G 
Dolloffe, Octavo J (Ricker 

No 2 
Dolloff, Emma A (Blake ho 

Ethel I ho 

Dow, Vittie (Chase Elm 

DoDald, Albert weaver Wauk 

Lillian M (Lauce ho 

Howard F 
Dow, Harry ptr High 

Mary N (Howland ho 

Frank H pi 

Mildred L stu 

Downing', James lab 

Drake, Howard M lab Center 
Drake, Nat far 

Grace (Gerald 
Drake, Simeon far No Sanb 

Fannie (Huse ho 

Chas tr Bales 

Nat far 

*Annie (m Brown No Sanb 

*Katie (m Brooks 

Drew, C J lab Stevens Ave 

Marion A (Colburn ho 

Gordon P 
Durgin, Geo W far Center 

Bertha F (Corlifls ho 

Eastman, J W far Laconia 1 

Addle M (Brown ho 

Jay B far 

Ira A tr 

Eaton, L L elec mot Pleas 

Clara A (Davis ho 

*Harry L R R ner 

410 Cambridge 

Cambridge, Mass 

Nella V (m Lloyd 

Eaton, J M far Pleas 

Lizzie A (Crane ho 

Lewis L cl 

Emma J (m Piper 

Eaton, Geo N far 

Emma H (Ham ho 

Eaton, D \V bank cashier 

6 Waukenan 
Ella (Everett ho 

Everett J stn 

Evelyn pi 

Blythe M pi 

Eaton, Daniel B retd High 
Julia A ho 

Eaton, Chas H far 

Bertha M (Neal ho 

Edgerton, Susan (Holway 

ho' Mill 

Ela, Mary E (Smith ho 

Elder, John far No 2 

Ellsworth, P A Lake 

mgr Tel Co & Ins agt 

Annie F (Foes ho 

Perry F stu 

Donald W stu 



Emery, Henry far No 2 1 
Mary E (Piper ho 

*Nellie F (m Ewiug; 

Lake port 

Eryon, Willie far Center 
Maud (Sn)itli ho 

Eryon, Ernest far 

Estes, S M P M 21 Main 
Eva L (French ho 

Mabel M tr 

Jas F asst P M 

Ethri(;]g,-e, Frank retd 


Evans, Edward lab Main 
Eva (O'Gillis ho 

Adeline L pi 

Evans, John H clern- Main 
Cyrene (Green leaf ho 

Evans, Jas E far 

Ida M (Fernald ho 

Evans, M G mill op Mill 
Susie B (Mallard ho 

Clarence L printer 

Evans, Jas T oen wk 

Lakeport 2 
Carrie B (Caverley ho 

Elizabeth P pi 

Harry J pi 

ChasH pi 

Ewens, G R mf<j; baskets 


*James N Y City 

boss American Ice Co 

*Geo Henry far 

Bolton, Canada 

*Freddie far 

Bolton, Canada 
* Willie far N Y City 
*Emma {m Dolloff 


Farnhan, J U marble dlr Main 

Mary A (Ryan milliner 
*Farrill! Cora M (Fales 

213 Main, Charleston, Mass 
Felch E W lab Wiunipesaukee 

Martha (Hilliard ho 

Harold A stu 

Doris A pi 

Felker, A far Center 

Eva J (Perkins 

Louis K pi 

Harold P pi 

Walter A 
Fellows, Ethel M pi No 2 
Fellows, Oren B miller Maple 

Lulu L (Calef ho 

*Ferguson, Bertha E office wk 

42 Welch Ave, So Manchester 

Fernald, Myra (VViggiu Ply 

Ida L at home 

Carry E (m Kirbey 
Fernald, Mary J (Downs ho 
Files, Bertrand N mill op Elm 

Nina E (Brown ho 

Files, Addison barber 

Marion (m Bachelder 



Filgate, L blk 
Eva (Jones 
Evelyn A 

Lakeport 2 


*Flanders, Geo B far 

No Anson, Me 
*Mary E (m Dearth 

Springfield, Mass 

Flanders, Arthur far 

New Hampton 1 

Emma S (Heath ho 

* Ad die L (m Avery 

*E Villa (m Ordway Ash 
Ruth M tr 

Fogg, Hastings mill op 

Mary (Plante ho 


Hastings G 

Fogg, Josiah F stone mason 

Folsom, Ada S dr mkr 

cor Main & Highland 

Foss, WES tr salesman 

58 Main 

Lizzie N (Wiggin ho 

Lolo B at home 

Annie F (m Elsworth 

tel op 
Foye, U N shoe repr Highl'd 
Freese, Edm far 

French, Lucy (Merrill 3 Water 
Kate L ho 

Fudge, Arthur Plymouth 

Sarah (Carpethorue ho 

Edw W 
S Isabel 
Arthur S Jr 
J Stanley 
Electa C 


Gardner, Geo A lab 

Garland, Chas M far No 2 
Gault, S N concrete layer 

Gibson, Priscilla V Highl'd 
Gilman, G B retd 

Carry ( 

Gilman, D F far 

G B retd 

Gilman, F P far Eaton Ave 

Isana M (Randall ho 

Gilman, Geo E 

[bond & security sales 

Florence M D 

medical institute 

Vassar Coll, 

Poughkeepsie, N Y 

G lid den, Warren retd Center 

Gliiies, Frank car High 

Ada M (Bean 
Goodell, Wm C far 20 High 

Myrtie B (Carlton ho 

Bern ice L stu 

Gordon, C 1 far & gardner 

Florence M (Bickford ho 




Donald B 
Grad, Samuel mer Maiu 
Grant, L H mill op AVauk 

Edith (Bryant ho 


Lei and H 

Grant, Mary E (Prescott ho 


Lizzie ho 

Graves, Mary ( 20 Water 

Green, Alvin S retd Wauk 
Greenwood, Richard pi 

Greenwood, Frank far Pleas 

Sadie H (Bryant ho 

Lewis S pi 

Elsie F 


Hall, A F linen mfg 11 Water 
Annie W (Wadleigh ho 
Margaret E 

Hall, J M retd High 

Cassandra (Lincoln ho 

Hall, Sam J retd Ply 

Hannah (Jenness ho 

*Erlon R car Concord 

Ham, Hannah (Randall Pleas 
Emma E (m Eaton 

Harder, J P mech Main 
Mary E (Whitehead 
*Pauline (m Pasteur 

Ocala, Florida 

W D mech 

Harris, F L far Lakeport 2 
Carrie M (Wright ho 

Zela M 
Edward R 
Harris, Maurice pi 

Hartshorn, Chas E far 

LettieC (Kimball ho 

Frank W stu 

Carrie E stu 

Hartshora, Mary E (Gay 


Frank L ptr 

Hartshorn, F L ptr Main 

Harvey, A M mill op Ply 

Esther (Powers ho 

Wyman M eng 

Yiola (m Beach 

Lowren eng 

Cary pi 

Theodore W pi 

Hawkins, F L phy & sur 

Geneva (Moses ho 

Helen E stu 

Ruth C stu 

Marguerite pi 

Freda E pi 

Hawkins, F T ptr & car Ply 
Cordelia W (Clifton 

lodging ho 
Alice L (m Voornerdo 
Leon E far 

Hawkins, Hosea F far 



Elvira J (Berais ho 

Hayford, N C far No 2 

Idris M (Studley 
Heath, W barber 57 Main 
Mae S (Judd ho 

Gladys L pi 

Marshall W 
Heath, Edw W mech High 
Heath, Nancy L (Fogg High 
Higgins, Lewis far Laconia 1 
Florence (Swain ho 

Ansel B pi 

Chester B pi 

Leila P pi 

Hill, E S trav sales No 2 
Frances (Stafford ho 

Warren R 
Marion R 
Helen S 
Stafford S 
Robert W 
Hill, Evelyn F pi 

Hill, Mary A pi 

Hilliard, Annie (Chattle Lake 
Hilliard, Susan G Pleas 

Hickok, N team 9 Water 
Jennie (Hardy ho 

Effie C stu 

Hickok, C W team 

12 Winnepesaukee 
Martha J (Hall ho 

Gertrude mill op 

Stella M (ra Phil brick 
Hinds, Simon D far Laconia 

Nettie (Atwood ho 

George D lab 

Hines, Elizabeth (Marston ho 

No I 
Holbrook, H team Center 

Blanch (Musey ho 

Home, Martha N (Moulton 

Horn, Martha (Moulton Oak 
Houghton, Mary L (Munsey 

Howe, Ida E (Perkins Main 

Wm L lab 

Grace A pi 

Howe, Ethel M (Smith Wauk 

Agnes M stu 

Howland, Israel mill op Mill 

Calista (Plant ho 

Ella F (m Davidson 

* W m C s s op 

Salem, Mass 

*ArthurC blk Sugar Hill 

Edna B (m James 

Lillian (m Man son 

*Harry I mill op 

West Rumney 

*Geo R blk Sugar Hill 
Iloyt, Geo G Jr retd Main 

Mary H (Cornell ho 

Agnes G (m Rowell 

*Clara J (Clough 

20 Webster, Manchester 
Hoyt, Mary E (Calef Center 



Hoyt, Geo G far No 1 

*Clarence W real est agt 

Denver, Col 

*Geo E mach 

San Francisco, Cal 

*Guy L mach 

379 Hancock, Brooklyn, N Y 

Huckins, Mahala (Marston 


Amber R P M & mer 

Huntress, Willard E R R ser 

May J ( Jenness 

Leon M pi 

Huntress, Annie E bo Elm 

Hurley, Edw mill op 

20 Winnepesaukee 

Georgie (Berry brds 

Hutchins, Arthur far Wauk 


Ide, J E law Wauk Ave 
Jessie M (Nye ho 


Jackson, James lab Pleas 
Susan (Watts ho 

Jackson, John S stone mas 

14 Lang 

Emma M (Howiand ho 

Helen M stu 

James, Arthur car Mill 

James, Geo E cl Stevens Ave 

Edna B (Howiand ho 

Jenness, Alonzo far 

*Ella (m Jenness 
George mill op 

Alonzo far 

Chester bk kpr 

Jenness, C E harness mfg Ply 
Edith M (White ho 

Elmer W 

Jenness, Geo E lab 

Nina ( 

Jewell, Mark F pedler Ply 
Marietta (Boynton ho 

Jones, Mary E (Locke Wauk 
*Myra E (m Davis Tilton 
*Ada A (m Batchelder 
191 Sagamore, Manchester 
*A H port mill Belmont 
Harriet F (m Converse 

Jones, Sedley mach 53 Main 
Minnie (Gregg ho 

Jones, E D lurab No Sanb 
Mary G (Perkins ho 

Ida Frances pi 

Jones, Ada C (Davis 28 Water 
AnnaC (m Bartlett 
Eva B (m Filgate Center 

Jones, Chas R lab 28 Water 
Frances L (Dexter ho 

Corinna C 

Joslyn, Chas lab Center 
Martha (Eastman 
*Lucy A (m Burleigh 

Schenectady, N Y 



*Mary E (m MorrisoD 

D Harris mill op 


Keith, Thankfuli (Jackson 


^Ellen T (m McClintock 


Gertrude J (m Perkins 
Kelley, Lucian far 

Rhoda (Clark ho 

Hattie (m Cushing 

*Chas mach Manchester 
Kendrick, John P mach Pleas 

Maria P (Ellsworth ho 

J Harry mach 

Kejser, W H far sum bdrs 

Geori*ie A (Gline ho 

Emma J at home 

Chas W far 

Sadie E 

*Arthur J lab Ctr Har 

Edwin W stu 

Kidder, Albert mer 37 Main 

Ruth F (Smith ho 

Kimball, Herman far Center 

Lillian V (Tuttle ho 

Ethel M pi 

Clyde L pi 

Carroll L 
Kimball, E far No 2 

Amy B (Russell 

Mabel L at home 

Roscoe F lab 

Ralph E pi 

Raymond W 
Kimball, Warren far Center 
Eliza J (Piper ho 

*Lettie (m Flanders 
802 Amherst, Manchester 
Herman L gen wrk 

*Frauk B mortorman 

256 Spruce, Manchester 
Irville far 

Kimball, Chas A far Center 
Chas E far 

Edward W far 

King, J F blk Winnepesaukee 
Ada M (Beardsley ho 

Ralph stu 

Alice pi 

Lawrence pi 

Kloetzle, Russell pi 

Knowles, Sam W retd Lang 
Knowles, J H mer Main 
Mary L (Merrill ho 

*HerbertS mer Bethlehem 
*Lulu M (m Hopkins 

Bridgton, R I 
Mary B cl 



Ladd, Filinda (Blake laundry 

13 Winnepesaukee 

Grover E stu 

Clarence E pi 

Ladd, Virginia Highl'd 

Ladd, Emma (Fogg- Ply 

*Hattie (m Howe 

Haverhill, Mass 

Laflam, Jos far No 2 

Nora (Ricker 

Philip mill op 

*Gertrude (m Patten 


Lamaroh, Mary (Wenard 


Lamb, W W mill op 

Daisy M (Fales ho 

Lloyd W 
Kenneth W 

Lance, W T editor News VV auk 
Lillian M (Lance ho 

Wm T stu 

Walter H pi 

Lang, Lucy A (Leach 

11 Water 

Lawrence, Geo C far No 1 
Mary A (Woodman ho 
Alice M (m Boynton 
Susie R ho 

Grace E tr 

Ethel B ho 

Lawrence, Grace E tr No 2 

Leavitt, Arthur E far 

Elizabeth (Drew ho 

Dudley at home 

M Alice at home 

*Marion Stoneham, Mass 
cor Maple & Chestnut 

Leavitt, H F pi Lakeport 2 

Leddo, Peter far No 2 
Emma (Laflou ho 

Agnes pi 

Hilda pi 

Ernest pi 

Arthur C 

Lee, Albert D ptr 

Mabel G (Easter ho 

Lawrence A 
Ralph J 

Lemay, Joseph mill op Water 
Lizzie (Clark ho 

Joseph L 
Albert L 

Lincoln, Alice (Stevens ho 

Livingston, Jos Lakeport 2 

Sarah J (Perkins ho 

*Albert O ins agt 

Charleston, Mass 

Little, H E clerg 23 High 
Bertha E (Crosby 
Nellie R pi 

Little, F P R R ser 26 Main 

Martha (Wright ho 

*ErnestR mach E Concord 

*Chas F station agt 

Glencliff, Warren 



Grace S (m Swain 

Addie D at home 

Llaflan, Julia ( 

Lloyd, Wm C ex aj^^t Pleas 

NellaV (Eaton ho 
Dorothy V 

Lovejoy, Solomon far 

Lovejo3% Nancy (Roberts ho 
Eva S (m Wijigin 

Lund, O F mill op Pleas 
Ivanilla E (Colburn 

Olin C stu 

Lurlin R pi 

Earle L pi 

Lloyd D pi 

Glad3'^s I pi 
Forrest C 

Lyman, C H barber Wauk 


Manley, Eva M pi 

Maloney, Jas car Pleas 

Etta A (Bachelder ho 

Thelma E pi 

Alzena R pi 

Robert O pi 
Ethel yn A 

Maloon, E 11 blk 20 Water 

Auoust A (Graves ho 

*Mabel (ra Davis No 1 

Maloone, Chas blk Main 
Grace (m Plaisted 
Ethel (m Cross 

Bertha M (ra Morrison 
Maloon, Geo R mech 8 Wauk 
Eleanor C (- — 
Edith R pi 

Carrol F pi 

Mansfield, E C mer & lurab dlr 
17 High 
Abiah M (Carleton ho 

* Juliet A (m Parshley 

Mansfield, Edwin mer 

Red Gate Lane 
Helen W (Pynn ho 

Manson, C team Stevens Ave 
Lillian M (Howland ho 
Marston, Miss Eva ho 

Marston, G Leon far 

Lakeport 2 
Annie B (Cross ho 

J Haven 
Sadie M L 
Marston, Noah retd far 

Lakeport 2 
Mary (Gilman ho 

Cora A (ra Shabbott 
*Carrie (m Prescott 
109 Summer, Somerville, Mass 
*Pheny (m Adams 

Dorchester, Mass 

G Leon far 

Martell, Jos H lab Lang 

Jessie E (Knowles ho 

Martin, D W mill op Water 



Jennie B (Savage ho 

John II plumber 

Lucy D ho 

Leonard W pi 

*Martin, Chas car 

55 Adams, Melrose, Mass 
*Anna M (m Ruel 

14 Payson Ave, 

East Hampton, Mass 

*N M printer Laconia 

McCrillis, C D ni^ht watch 

Red Gate Lane 

Jennie (Suell ho 

Lulu E (m Weeks 

McCrillis, Phillip lab 


*Curtis L mech 

St Johnsbury, Vt 

*Ransom F himb mfg 

Boxford, Mass 

*Wm B far Sebago, Me 

Lizzie E (m Roark 

Melntire, D pi 

Mclntire, Alice ho 

McNeal, Harry far No 1 

Ella E (Plummer ho 

Ralph pi 

McLellan, W L pi Center 

Mead, F A far 

Lettie (Berry ho 

Mead, Arthur far No 1 

Meade, Joanna B (Jewett ho 

Mead, J W car 84 Main 

Lizzie (Peabody ho 

Mead, Abbie H (Boynton ho 

Terrace Ave 

Miunie A (m Bickford 

Merrill, Ralph C mas 

Georgie E (Heath ho 

Merrill, John S far Ladd Hill 

Roxie A (Crowell ho 

Ralph C mas 

Merrill, Mary (Smith Main 

Merrill, Cora L stu 

Merrill, Nora M Center 

Merrill, Chas E far Elm 

Sarah A (Cummings ho 

Meserve, H N mill op 

Terrace Ave 

Kate L (McKeen ho 

Merton E optician 

E Mildred stu 

Meyerson, Milton stu 

*Miclon, A mech Brooklyn 

Miclon, Lula N stu 

Mitchell, Dolf eng 

New Hampton 

Stella (Libbey ho 

Gladys D pi 

Howard D pi 

Maud E pi 

Vira A 

Wallace H 

Laura M 

Mitchell, James Center 

Kit (Barry ho 

Moody, Frank A lab No 2 

Morrison, Herbert D 



Morrison, Howard 

Bessie G (m Wallace 
Morrison, C W drujjjgist 

82 Main 

Etta E (Smith bo 

Morrison, John team Main 

Bertha M (Maloone ho 
Morrison, Nathan D mach 

Jennie E (Barton ho 

N Harrison elec 

Morrison, Herbert D team 

Randolph D 
Morrison, Albert mill op 


Bessie (Blackey ho 

Morrill, Wm T mill op 

25 Water 

Emma L (Berry ho 

Isabel L stu 

Austin II pi 

Morse, J A lab 

Morse, Julia A (Emerson ho 


*Cha8 Clinton, Iowa 

Morse, Maria A (Chase 22 Ply 
Moses, Emily S (Currier Main 

*VVm H woolen mfg 

Til ton 

Geneva A (Hawkins ho 

*Che8ter S salesman 

95 Fifth Ave, New York 

*Mina M (m Shummy 

West Somerville, Mass 

Moses, S D far No 2 

Laura (Campbell ho 

Bertha pi 


Moses, Harriet tr 

Moulton, August M (Hartman 


Moulton, Henry H far Main 
*Alice E (m Burleigh 

E Andover 

Moulton, A S far & sum bdrs 

Elmwood House 

Laura A (Burleigh ho 

Alice L (m Davis ho 

Nathan S far 

Moulton, S I) fireman Oak 
Flora B (Moses ho 

Frances A pi 

Doris E 

Moulton, Lyman D Oak 

supt Lumber Co 
Augusta E (Johnson ho 
Etta B (m Perkins 
* Wilfred E eng 

Brockton, Mass 
Sidney D fireman 

Edw E asst fireman 

Mudgett, Chas C lab Center 

Mudgett, F S mach Center 
Hannah F (Wise ho 

Frank M mech 

*Edith H (m Ware 


*Fred C mer 

12 Lake Ave, Manchester 



•Erama M (m Parki 
954 Elm, Ottumwa, Iowa 
Ella B ho 

Olive J 8tu 

Orrin P stu 

Ida N pi 

Murray, HolmeB lab 19 Wauk 
Emma J (Cotton ho 

Ollie stu 



Neal, John M 
Sadie E 
*Emma J (ra Clark 

*J Frank team 

E Cambridge, Mass 
Neal, HattieN 

Neal, Wm H far 

Lucy M R (Neal ho 

Wm J 
Nickleson, Frank L ptr Ply 
*Ida M (m Eldridge 
65 Fed, Newburyport, Mass 
*Lillian A (m Toggerson 
140 Water, 
Newburyport, Mass 
Geo W * fish dlr 

35 Washington, Beverly, Mass 
*AIabel C waitress 

23 Chapel, Hartford, Conn 
Lena M ho 

Niles, Wm C mill op Ply 
Susie M (Hutchins ho 

T Malcolm pi 

Cary J pi 

Niles, Fred plumb 

Albert B plumb 

Etta L ho 

*Frank T el 

299 Pearl, Somerville, Mass 
Wm C mill op 

Norris, Martha A (Mudgett 

*Mary I (m Pulsifer 

Jamaica Plains, Mass 

Noyes, Sarah M 

Nutting, N C M D 

Mary A ( M D 

O'Donnell, Louis M D sum res 

Olmstead, Jennie ( ho 

Laconia 1 

Page, Miss Esther A 

Page, E coal dlr Water 

*Geo W mach 

Boston, Mass 

Celinda B (Bean 

Page, Warren mill op 

Stevens ave 

Ursula (Dexter ho 



Parker, James sum res 

Parker, Fred S mill op Ply 
Alice M (Hobart ho 

Paul, Edw A law 

Mary, (Lane ho 

*Grace M (m Potter 
3 Capitol, Washington, D C 
E A stu 

Estelle pi 

*Payne, Nelson R R ser 

Boston, Mass 

*Harriet dr mkr 

223 North, W Hingham, Mass 
*Ro8e (m Goodell 

Boston, Mass 

Pease, Loring S far No 2 
Ellen M (Hanson ho 

Peavey, Laura (Ela ho Ply 

Perkins, Geo lab 

Annie V (Clark ho 

Walter R pi 

Ethel M pi 

Alice R pi 

Hattie F pi 

Geo B pi 

Charlie E 

Perkins, John 

Perkins, Fred lab 

Lottie (Clark ho 

Forest pi 

Emma pi 

Fred pi 



Perkins, Edward retd No 2 
Perkins, Guy L mill op Wauk 

Etta B (Moulton ho 

Marguerite E pi 

Perkins, E F far No Sanb 

Annie M (Sanborn ho 

Theodore J 

John F 
Perkins, J F far No Sanb 

Eliza A (Tuttle ho 

Mary G (m Jones 
Perkins, Ben] far Center 

Eva T (Sanborn ho 

*Ida M (ra Benfield 
16 Richards Ave, Portsmouth 

Eva J (m Felker 
Perkins, Oscar L mill op 

Ethel J (Davis ho 

Perkins, Abbie (Aldridge 
laundry wk Winnepesaukee 

*John L R R ser Weirs 

*Chas bdg ho 


George team 

*Ezra livery stable 

Ctr Har 

*Che8ter livery stable 

Ctr Har 

Osear L mill op 

Florence (m Huckins 

74 Downing, Concord 

Fred lab 



Alfred hotel 

Perkins, Jennie M (Norris Elm 

Perkins, Bert car 


Ellen A (Davis ho 

Perkins, AVm H far 

Perkins, Alonzo mas Ply 
Henrietta (Kyser ho 

Carrie E (m Sanborn 

Perry, Frank mill op 33 Main 
Mabel M (Boudreau ho 
Gladys J 

Philbrick, Arthur E plumber 
10 Main 
Stella M (Hickok 

Philbrick, J F far 10 Main 
Martha F (Emmons ho 
Arthur E plumber 

Pickering, Frank E far Center 
Amy (Hawley 

Pickering, Geo F far No 2 
Carrie E ( Webster 
Frank J far 

Clarence E far 

Olin J far 

Stella L stu 

Lewis E stu 

Raymond V pi 

Pickering, Albert far Center 
Addle (Shaw ho 

Mabel ( m Brockway 
•Ella M (ra Rose Weirs 
*H J hostler Franklin 
*Dora B (m Sargent 

Sanborn ton Square 

*John F far Tilton 

*Ervil far Tilton 

Sadie E ho 

Pierce, Abbie (Dolloff Center 

Abbie L (m Boynton ho 
* Pierce, Walter C lab Laconia 

*LiIlian (m Garland 


*John mill op Ashland 

*Edwin lab Pike 

Pike, Lucy A (Wiggin No 2 

Ada B trained nurse 

Clara M (m Burleigh ho 

Piper, Myra (Greenleaf Main 

Piper, Oscar G pawn store 

21 Wauk 

Grace B (Bartlett ho 

Earle G 

Harold B 
Piper, Oscar far No 2 

Ina A (Nelson ho 

*Emma L (m Goss 
184 Sidney, Cambridge, Mass 

F H pres Piper Mining Co 

Oscar G mer 

Ralph N mer 

Piper, Ralph market 


Lillian (Bonny 

Piper, Henry H far Pleas 

Emma J (Eaton ho 

Piper, Charlotte (Plaisted Ply 
Piper, A B far No 2 



Plaisted, A H plumber Water 
' Grace E (Maloon ho 

Alice E pi 

Warren A pi 

Marion V pi 

Mary F 
Helen D 
Plaisted, J H retd Main 

Allie (rn Prescott 
Plum, J J far & stone mas 


Lillie D (Howland ho 

Plummer, Ellen F dr mkr 

sum res New Hampton 

Plummer, Almon 

Juliet (Lovejoy ho 

Lula (m Dickson 
Plummer, Newton B far No 2 
Lucy H (Harris 
*Cora A tr nurse 

2 Westland Ave, 
Boston, Mass 
*Herbert N trav sales 

Riverside, R I 
Plummer, Nathan Ctr 

far & Justice of Peace 
Sarah E (Glidden ho 

*Ida P (m Osgood 
297 Sum, W Somerville, Mass 
Evelyn M at home 

Powers, Ira L R R ser High 
Bertha B (Brown ho 

Bernard L 

Pratt, Mrs C E Ply 

Pray, Charlie Ctr 

Lena ( 

Prescott, Geo M blk Ply 
Louise (Cass ho 

Harry E blk 

Ollie B mill op 

Geo R stu 

Ray E stu 

Prescott, Erastus blk Ply 
Try phena (Huntress ho 
Emeline J 

Geo M blk 

Chas L ptr & paper hgr 

Prescott, Geo W lab Lake 
Edna E (Moorehouse ho 
Grace E (m Williams 
Ira G pi 

Prescott, J I broker 41 Main 
Allie (Plaisted 
*George J 

broker & buyer for steel trust 

221 W122d, NY City 

*C I phy & sur 

509 W 142d, N Y 

Prescott, L Maud pi 

Prescott, J S mill op Pleas 
Elizabeth (Ferguson ho 
Percy W pi 

Prim, Geo A car No 2 

Julia (Murray ho 

Pynn, Gilbert 
Susan (Carter 

tin smith 

11 Highl'd 






Pjnn, Mary A 

tel op 

Pynn, Leander G 



Quimby, Edmond cl 53 Main 

Elizabeth H (Harvey tr 
Quimby, Martha P (Page 

nurse 19 Main 

J Page guide &, boatman 
Quimby, J Page lab 

Delia (Burrows ho 



Ramsey, S A mill op Pleas 

Hattie E (Howland ho 

Rand, Eva A (Garasby Main 

Rand, J P plumb Stevens Ave 

Alice M (Tyler ho 

Esther A pi 

Mildred E pi 

Louise F 

Randall, John L retd 

Rankin, Abbie (Ham ho 

Rankin, Chas S car 

Alice A (Greenleaf ho 

*Ardella M (m Keysar 

Center Harbor 
Herbert H mill op 

Alice G stu 

Raymond, Chas P far 

Reynolds, Clarence car Ply 

Abbie (Drake ho 

Reynolds, J A Ply 

ptr & pap hgr 

Emma A (Boynton ho 

Roark, J Q fireman 


Lizzie E (McCrillis ho 

Roberts, W L mer & R R ser 


Diantha H (Robbins 


Sarah C 
Roberts, J W far 

Jessie (Maloon ho 

Edwin C pi 

Roberts, Albert C far 

Maud H (Sanborn ho 

Eva L pi 

Esther A 
Roberts, Orren N retd far 

Stevens Ave 

Julia A (Smith 

*Fred S prov dlr Laconia 

Emma N (m Ballard 

Chas N pro dlr 

*Harry F far 

Harvard, Mass 

Bert far 

Roberts, B F 3 Lake 

foreman box shop 

Ada S (St Clair dr mkr 
Roberts, B F far No Sanb 



Lizzie E (Woodworth 

Roberts, A ptr & bdg ho Wauk 
AdaE (Whiting, ho 

Harold F stu 

Margaret F pi 

Roberts, Chas N butch & mer 

Jennie M (Prentiss 
EllaL stu 

Lloyd E pi 

Frances J 

Robinson, Francis car Elm 
Edith E (Webster ho 

Ethel B stu 

Maurice E stu 

Carl W pi 

Robinson, Josephine sum res 
tr & College Dean 

Robinson, Geo W sum res 

secretary at Harvard 

Robinson, Thomas far Main 
Ethel (Barton ho 

Ernest M 

Robinson, Jed far Center 
Margaret (Coleman ho 

Rollins, John O tr sales No 1 
Eva D ho 

Rollins, Cecil printer 

Rollins, Chas null op Main 

Ricker, Almon lab No 2 
Minnie L (Barnes ho 

Russell, Lang far Center 

Salsbury, G R dentist Main 

Sanborn, John P far No 2 

Emily H (Weld ho 

*Arthur L el 

16 Dean, Roxbury, Mass 

*Annie M (m Perkins 

No Sanb 
Sanborn, Emma B Center 

Sanborn, Jessie F 
Sanborn, Sophronia 

(Stock bridge 1 Water 

Sanborn, Geo F druggist 

1 Water 

Charlotte J (French ho 

Royden W cl 

Sanborn, N B lumb & mill op 


Carrie E (Perkins ho 

Maud H (m Roberts 

Mabel E at home 

Sanders, Walter J pi 

Sanders, Louise G (Goucher 

sum res, Terrace Ave 

*Sands, G R monumental wk 

465 Mt Auburn, 

Cambridge, Mass 

*Chas L elec 

467 Mt Auburn, 

Cambridge, Mass 

*Robert E sales & florist 

463 Mt Auburn, 

Cambridge, Mass 



Sargent, James far No 2 

Shaw, FraDk A Center 

Stella (Cooper ho 

JohnP blk 

Frank W lie eng 

Simonds, E E sur & eng Lang 

Agnes J (Re^molds 

Rupert T pi 

Sinclair, E D retd soldier 


Sarah A (Cram 

Smith, Nellie (Lawrence ho 

Smith, Evelyn pi No 2 

Smith, Ansel pi No 2 

Smith, Gil man B pi No 2 

Smith, Gladys M pi No 2 

Smith, Lee E No 2 

Smith, John H far No 2 

Smith, M S jobber Center 

Smith, Eben B far Center 

Smith, Annie A dr mkr 

Smith, W B far Lakeport 2 

Frances J (Brown ho 

George W pi 

*Smith, H far Ashland 1 

*Sraith, Howard car Laconia 

Smith, Ida F (Wise Center 

*Clara J (m Smith Groton 

*Rose E (m Ricker Bristol 

*Helen M (m Fisk Hill 

Smith, Delbert A far Center 

Carrie E (Huckius ho 

Harry A pi 


Royland O 

Smith, WE far New Hampton 
Fannie E (Dow 

Smith, Freeman G far No 2 
Emma L (Lewis ho 

Smith, M L lumb & jobbing 


Smith, Jos F far Center 
Isabelle C (Robinson 
Rachel G (m Smart tr 

Joseph F Jr far 

Mary E tr 

Barbara E tr 

Robinson W stu 

Frederick stu 

Maurice P pi 

Smith, Laurelia A (Clifton 

8 Winnepesaukee 
•Laura (ra Wood Cascade 

Smith, Lydia (Blaisdell 

33 Main 

Smith, Geo F far No 2 

Charlotte V (Kent 
Frank P grocer 

*Marion K (Hodsdon 

33 Orris, 
Melrose Highlands, Mass 

Smith, Caroline (Warner No 2 
*Chas B wheelwright 

222 Euclid Ave, Lynn, Mass 
Wm E far 

Fred H far 

Frank W mason 

*Fannie C (ra Smith 




*Lizzie M (in Shepherd 

*Geo S oil bus 

25 Ireson Ave, Lynn, Mass 
Carrie E (m Smith 

South Tarn worth 

Smith, Fred H far No 2 

Linda C (Smith ho 

Edith M stu 

Smith, J P F retd 23 Main 

Marscio (Cheney ho 

Ruth F (m Kidder 

*nelen C stenog 

29 Pemberton Squ, 

Boston, Mass 

Smith, Isabel (Cotton 

85 Main 

Mabel nurse 

Smith, F P mer 5 Lake 

Bertha B (Pease bk kpr 

Smith, F W mason Maple 

Smith, Hattie M pi 

Smith, Chas F far 

24 Winnepesaukee 

Emma A (Ethridge ho 

Somy, Signond wood carver 

Stevens, C W car 

Kate (Hurley ho 

Sprague, Jas A far No 2 

Nellie M (Tuttle ho 

*Helen E (m Lunt 

20 Hanover, Manchester 
ViuaJ ho 

* Agnes M (m McLaughlin 

L Bell 
V Albert 

R Althea pi 

Stetson, John R stu No 2 

Stevens, Nancy (Lane 24 Ply 

Stevens, Fred lab Elm 

Annie (Jacobs ho 

Viola pi 

Stevens, Isaac W lab Elm 

Caroline A (Cronshaw 

Elizabeth (m Prescott 

Sullivan, O G shoe rep Main 

Swain, C H far 

New Hampton 1 

Ann S (Edgerly ho 

Swain, Mary S pi 

Swain, C I sta agt 

Terrace Ave 

Grace L (Little 

Helen M pi 

Swain, Geo lab 

Ada (Roster ho 

Alice M 

Leo R lab 

Eva B ho 

Granville stu 

Mary S stu 

Gladys C pi 

Geo D pi 

Ruth E pi 

Swain, John A mill op Pleas 
Melissa (Swain ho 

Minnie at home 

Chas mill op 



Myrtie E 

Fred lab 

Henry mill op 

Swain, Austin J far Center 
May R (Henimings bo 
Clara M 

Tarbox, Irving H car Pleas 
Luc}^ A (Wilson ho 

*Inez A (m Sabine 

Melrose, Mass 
*Madge A (m Wood 

Hulls Cove, Me 
*Stella F (m Judkins 

Stonington, Me 

*Leroy E hostler 

Hulls Cove, Me 

Taylor, Frank S far No 2 

Hannah S (Bean ho 

*Cyuthia (ni Curtis ho 

1179 Elm, Manchester 

*Willie lab Manchester 

Tetley, E B clerg Wauk 

Josie M (Linscott 

Thoraps, Anne I ho 

Thompson, F shoe repr 


Thompson, Harry No 1 

Kate (Leavitt ho 

Eva pi 

Thompson, Elbridge No 1 

Elizabeth (Bickford ho 

*Thompson, Martha 

(m Hutchins Plymouth 
Thompson, F O cobler 

Thompson, Caroline R 

(Elliott sum res Ply 
Thompson, Catherine W 

(Wiggiu ho No Sanb 
Tropano, Antonio lab 

Lakeport 2 
Martha (Sigreley 
Nauine W 
^largery J 
True, John N rctd far Ply 

Mary R (m Ambrose 
Tut lie, W J mill op Lang 
Ada M (Burleigh ho 



Veasey, Wm E 

Lula L (Tuttle 

Lewis W 

Ottis M 
Veasey, Mary J (Kimball ho 
Veasey, M ah a la (Chase No 2 

Alma O (m Williams ho 
Vittum, C F car Stevens Ave 

Jennie M (Smythe 
Vittum, Chas N mach Ply 

Eliza n (Cook ho 


North N pi 

Voorneveld, F J hostler Ply 
Alice L (Hawkius ho 

Cordelia M pi 

Arzelia L pi 


Wadleigh, Sarah (Lanpj 

11 Water 
Thomas L 

nifr shook & lumb 

Annie U (m Uall 

Wadleigh, J S mer tailor 

91 Main 

Wadleioh, Thos L Main 

Gen Mgr Shook & Lumber Co 

Lillian (Hodgdon ho 

W^adleigh, Jennie D tr Main 

Wadleigh, Olive A 7 Wank 

dr mkr & milliner 

Walker, Wm C casket Co 

•Florence (ra B urban k ho 
3 Autumn, Somerville, Mass 
*E Louise (m Sands 

465 Mt Auburn, 

Cambridge, Mass 

*Ada (ai Allen 

337 Pearl, Cambridge, Mass 

*Wm H C printer 

5 Brentford Hall, 

Mass Av^e, Cambridge, Mass 

*Edgar T P stu 

Emma L (Hatch 

Wallace, J H lab 33 Main 
Emma (Martin ho 

Wm A ptr 

*Leuna B (m Malard 

211 West 21st, New York City 

Ward, Earl J clerg 7 Highl'd 
Mary R (Liny ho 

Earl J Y cl 

*F G clerg Lansing, Mich 
*Burt C bk kpr bank 

114 Montague, Brooklyn, N Y 

Ware, Enoch mill op Center 
Grace M (Corliss ho 

Maurice E 

Waters, Ernest T team Lang 
Josephine (Copp dr mkr 

Watson, A J retd car 9 Wank 
S Gertrude ho 

Webster, M G retd Elm 
Edith E (m Robinson 
*Nellie E (m Cox Laconia 
*Ida R (m Ward Laconia 
Emma J (m Bickford 

Weeks, Polly W (Wadleigh ho 
7 Wauk 

Weeks, F M mer 

Red Gate Ave 
Lulu E (McCrillis ho 

Chas A pi 

Howard F pi 

Paul A 

Weeks, Clms L ptr off Main 
Sarah AV (French brds 



Harold C stu 

Ethel C stu 

John R pi 

Alton M 

Welch, Herlena G stu Pleas 

Wescott, Mary A ( Benitez 


White, Lyman H retd 

•Andrew D far Laconia 1 

*John T car 

135 Warren Ave, 

Boston, Mass 

Whitcomb, F W meat rakt 

79 Main 

Sadie I (Davis ho 

Whittier, C C far No 1 

Nellie M (Thompson ho 

Wiojgin, Nelson mill op Main 

Wiggin, Hollis far 

Elizabeths (Hall ho 

Wiggin, E F 

wood, lumb & sum bdrs 
Florence M ho 

Hollis L 
Ethel F 

Wiggin, John W far 

EvaS(Lovejoy ho 

Wiggin, Chas S retd 

Wilcox, Jas A liv stable Ply 
Lillis B (Howe ho 

Glen H mach 

Bernice A milliner 

Cecil J pi 

Willett, Joseph far No 2 

Delia (Laflan ho 

Willey, Joseph team Ply 
Eda (Sanborn ho 

Marion pi 

Del ma pi 

Marshall J 

Willey, S mill op 19 Wauk 
Rosa M (Avery ho 

Phillip lab 

Lilliebol stu 

Louis A pi 

John E pi 

Wineston E 

Willey, Geo F retd Center 

Williams, Adrian N mill op 
Grace E (Prescott ho 

Ruby A 
Milton A 

Wilson, Herbert E far No 2 
Elizabeth M (Messer ho 
Emily J 

Wilson, Eliza J (Ham ho 

*G A mech Rockland, R I 
*F E department store 
(iaffuey, No Car 
*Louis L mill op 

Elyria, Ohio 
Herbert E far 

Woodman, CS mech Lang 
Nellie R (Rogers 

Ralph S stu 

Milton D stu 

Woodman, H E car Pleas 



Mildred M (Moses ho 

Kobert B 
WoodmaD, O R fireman Lake 

Lucy I (Allen dr mkr 

*Harley car Ashland 

*Dena M (m Copp Guilford 
Woodman, Carrie F (Frye 

tel op Main 

Durmard C F 

local mgr mer elec light Co 
Worthen, John E lab Pleas 

Clara E (Bryant ho 

Worthing;, Lena T ho 

Wright, Mary I (Savage 

Lakeport 2 

*FredC far No Troy, Vt 

Carrie (m Harris 

York, Mary E (Berry NoSanb 
*Nellie M (m Hobart 

*Fraukie far 

Lake Clear June, N Y 
*0 L car shop Concord 
*R S mill op Belmont 
*H L mill op Belmont 

Young, Benj lab No 2 

Eliza (Pickering 
Alfred pi 

Census of Sanbonnton 

Note— Where no Post Office is expressed 5anbornton is 
understood. The followiui;- Poet Office abbreviations are 
used: Tilton R. F. D. 1— Tilton 1; North Sanboruton— North; 
Franklin— Frank; Franklin R. F. D. No. 1— Frank 1; La- 
conia— Laco; Laconia R. F. D. 1— Laco 1.— R. F. D. routes 
are desiojuated by the number of the route following the name 
of the Post Office from which they emenate. 

Abbott, Jas G 


Sarah G (Peck 


James C 






Bertha G 


Alexander, Jas E 

ab Laco 

Allen, Jesse A far 

Frank 1 

p]lecta J (Osgood 


Atwood,CT lab Tilton 1 
*Lottie D (m Montil 

Ecorse, Mich 

♦Elsie D ho 

Los Angeles, Calif 

At wood, ST far Tilton 1 

Nellie J (Moses ho 

Albert G pi 

Auger, Jos far Tilton 


Bailey, Lena B ho Frank 1 

Bailey, F C far Frank 1 

Sarah P (Peckham ho 

Frances C pi 

Bailey, Ernest far Frank 1 

Cora E (Trumbull ho 

Durward M pi 

Bailey, Jos far Frank 1 


Sarah M (Turcott 

Ernest O 

Lottie M (m Stevens 

Waldo C 

*M D (m Tilton 

Webster Lake 

Alice G pi 

Baker, Ida A ho & far 

Bannusn, Jos P retd Laco 1 

*Ianthia (m Tibbits ho 
Laco 1 



*Lola (m Little Gilmantoii 

Dolliua (McKay ho 

Benitz, H F far & inacb 

Laco 1 

Alice G (Stearns ho 

Bennett, M W far & car 

Maplewood Farm & bd ho 

Laco 1 

Mary H (Dullou ho 

*Harry H far & bd^- ho 

Til ton 

*Jean L far & bd^^ ho 


Leland W etu 

Ellwood V pi 

Benton, Albert lab Tilton 1 

Alma E (Morse ho 

Lester A far 

Myrtie A pi 

Del ma M pi 

Edward M pi 

Bickford, Wm P far Hill 

Bickford, Eldora (Fhilbrick 

Laco 1 

Bilodeau, Frank far Laco 1 

Lizzie (Murphy ho 

Annie pi 

Bilodeau, Peter lab Laco 1 

Blaisdell, Annie (Sanborn ho 

*l:Iattie M (m Woodbury 

84 No Champion Ave 

Columbus, Ohio 

*Helen E (m Alexander 


VV C far & poultry 

*Alice J (m Addison Hill 

Blauchard, C I North 

Rena F (Covey ho 

Harold C pi 

Bodwell, Herbert J L far 

Joseph C lab 

Jonathan M pi 

Catherine S pi 

Boynton, N B far Laco 1 

Boynton, Lucy M ho Laco 1 

Brown, Jno W far Hill 

Mary A (Prescott ho 

Brown, Josiah J mer Tilton 1 
Annie M (Drake ho 

Ella L pi 

Orvis W pi 

Ivan L pi 

Brown, Lester pi Laco 

Brown, Fred M lab 

Sophronia (Chapman ho 
Thomas M pi 

Lista pi 

Rosie A pi 

Emily A pi 

Irvinj^ M pi 


Buchanan, W W lab Frank 1 
Lillian E (Stevens ho 

Burbank, Geo mill op 

Nellie F (Bryant ho 

Burleigh, Lucinda M (Sanborn 

Laco 1 



Frank A far 

*Aiinie S nurse Laco 

Burleij;li, Frank A far Laco 1 

Leora L (Foster ho 

Edwin H far 

Ivy M 8tu 

Ethel Doris pi 

Chester F pi 

Stanley S 

Burleigh, Geo A far Laco 1 

Burleigh, Ellen F (Sanborn 

Laco 1 
*Ross B far Meredith 
Grace N pi 

Carr, E B lar 

Eunice C (Sargent ho 

*John E team Hilsboro 
*Etta A (ni Brown Tiitou 
*Fred W lab Hilsboro 
Guy E lab 

Harry D lab 

G rover C far 

Carr, Edward B far 

Carlton, Emma J (Sanborn 

Laco 1 

Carter, Jos far Tilton 1 
Mary (Tartreau ho 

John mill op 

Fred lab 

Chapman, Sylvanus 


Chesley, Mary E ho 

Frank Y far 

Clark, Robert L lab Frank 1 

Clark, Arthur W lab Frank 1 

Clark, Beuj F far Laco 1 

Clark, J D far Laco 1 

Sarah W (Smith ho 

*Wilber A Laco 

* Waldo J car Laco 

Clough, John pi North 

Colby, Fred S pi Laco 1 

Colby, Hattie N (Thompson 

Laco 1 
Delia E milliner 

M Pearl tr 

Colby, Curtis H far Laco 1 
Mary A (Nelson ho 

Ella M (m Clayton ho 

Grace D stu 

Colby, Cynthia A (Woodward 

Laco 1 

*Fred W far E Tilton 

Martha J (ni Smith ho 

Collison, S A leather dlr 

46 Wallace, 

W^ Somerville, Mass 

Bessie S (Sanborn ho 

Arthur S leather dlr 

Coombs, I W Bapt clerg 

Tilton 1 

Eliza J (Newhall ho 

Mae E dr mkr 

*Stephen W far Northfield 

*John L far Frank 



Gertrude H etu 

Corliss, H M lab Frank R D 
Bernice G (Gordon bo 

Mary M 

Cota, Mrs Sarah J ( 

Tiltoii 1 
Joseph D far 

Reuben A far 

*Rosella (m Whitefield 
Althea V pi 

Crockett, Alma (Hanson ho 
Frank 1 


Daniels, A I far Laco 1 
Bessie M (Grant ho 

Dalton, Frank P far Laco 1 
Mary A (Hill ho 

Roacoe H far 

Ethel G waitress 

Davis, Etta M (Dunham ho 

Laco 1 

Davis, Geo E far Laco 1 
Emma E (Tilton ho 

Grover pi 

Davis, Nathaniel S far Laco 1 
Sarah F (Groves ho 

Geo E far 

Davison, B B far Frank 1 
Sarah (Evans ho 

Dean, Elsie M (Spaulding ho 
Tilton 1 
Alice E (m Stone 

*Annie M (m Mann ho 

Lowell, Mass 

Dearborn, H D far Laco 1 
Edith E (Lougce ho 

Victor R pi 

Viola M pi 

Robert S pi 

Dorothy E 

Dearborn, John S far Laco 1 
*Ida M tr 

[26 Union, Pittsfield, Mass 
Mina B (m Hersey ho 

*Vira L stenog 

67 Ash, Waltham, Mass 
Harry D far 

*Howard D mach 

127 Sylvan, Danvers, Mass 
Emma C 


Dearborn, Ethel M (Dow ho 

Frank R D 

Robert W pi 

Richard L pi 

Deffosses, P lab Tilton 1 
Vina (Guey ho 

Philip pi 

Leon pi 

Rebecca pi 

Stella pi 


Demars, Jos M far Hill 
Addie E (Mercer ho 

Delia M (m Hanks Frank 



Beatrice M pi 

Dexter, Hattie (Martin 

Tilton R D 

Dolliver, W S Boston Pilot 

Tilton 1 

Ella A (Candage artist 

Dovvnes, Edwin D far Frank 1 

•Grace F (ra Gordon 

*Idella A (ra Thompson 

*Daniel weaver Enfield 
Maurice E (Farrington pi 
Mina F (McAlister ho 

Downing, C F car Tilton 1 
C Fred far 

Hattie L (m Piper ho 

Arthur far 

Darant, Eliza A (Higgins ho 

Laco 1 
Anna M pi 

*Eva M pi 

Attleboro, Mass 
Durgin, Ned H far Hill 
Alice E (Flanders ho 

Roger M pi 

EdwardH, Chas R pi Frank 1 
Emerson, J W far & lumb 

Sarah I (Sweetser ho 

*Abbie (m Marshall 


*Mary A (m Sawyer 


Nina G stu 

Ida G pi 

Ralph C pi 

(iladys L pi 

Emery, Julia E (Maxfield ho 

Lillian E (m Ring ho 

Eastman, Elizabeth C far 

Eastman, Wm H far Laco 1 

Sallie B (Morrison ho 

Eastman, Geo far Laco 1 

Laurena (Gale ho 

Gale M far 

Eastman, Ala E ho Tilton 1 

Eastman, W H far Tilton 1 

Mary D (Sulloway ho 

Eaton, Lovina H Frank R D 

Eaton, Joshua far Frank R D 

*Ida M (m Little Hill 

Eaton, Jas W far Frank R D 

Favor, Chas H far Frank 1 
Fannie I (Huntress ho 

Favor, Elvin E far Frank 1 
Elsie P pi 

Favor, Hannah B Frank 1 
Chas H far 

Elvin E far 

Ferguson, A W far North 
Ralph W far 

Geo E pi 



Daisy B pi 

Rosie A pi 

Wiuslow W pi 

Ferguson, Daisy B pi North 

Flagg, Chas H far Hill 
Martha J (Sauborn ho 
*E W Brad street emp 

Flanders, Emily J ho Laco 

Fletcher, A F far North 
*C W eng Boston, Mass 
Ellen S (Brown ho 

*Blanch J (m Small 

Mary E (m Weseott ho 

Fowler, A N poultry 

Frank R D 

Fowler, Wm H butcher & far 

Nellie F (Drew ho 

Edna M pi 

Chas J C p] 

Ora M pi 

Sarah E pi 

Lucy A 
Joseph W 

French, Herbert B far 

Nellie M (Shute ho 

Earle E pi 

Dcane B pi 

Doris A pi 

Gale, Andrew E far Tilton 1 

Lulie M ho Tilton 

*Daniel A R Rser Concord 

dale, Andrew far Tilton 

Garant, N far Tilton 1 

Vina (m Guey ho 

*Rosie (m Ginegrass ho 
Boston, Mass 
*Albert R R ser Laco 
*Henry mill supt 

Chatanooga, Tenn 

Giff, James lab Laco 1 

Giguac, Peter iar Tilton 1 
Wilfred L lab 

Georgiana ho 

Eugene pi 

Victor pi 

Frankie pi 

Gilman, M B far Laco 1 
Evelyn A (Johnson 

Gilman, F D far Laco 1 
Kate A (Sabin ho 

* Ralph B mach Laco 
*Robert L trav sales 

23 Garland, Chelsea, Mass 
*Clifton D cl 

23 Garland, Chelsea, Mass 

Gilman, Geo W lab Laco 1 

Gilman, Orrison car North 
N (Boynton ho 


Goodall, Arabella K 

(Batchelder ho Laco 1 



*Beulah B (ni Jackman 


Good ell, Fred far Frank 1 

Goodell, E Herbert far North 

Anna M (Page ho 

E Walter pi 

Goodell, E C far North 

Mary J A (Edf]^erly ho 

*WJlford C fire dept 

Brockton, Mass 

Eben H far 

*Cha8 V far 

New Hampton 

*John C eng Bristol 

Mabel L A (m Caldon 

Gardner, Mass 
Florence G (m Goodrich 
Goodrich, Florence G (Goodell 


Ada M 

Goodwin, Win retd Laco 1 

Goss, John W far North 

Olive A (Henderson ho 

*John H car Bridgewater 

Grace, F I far Laco 1 

Carrie B (George ho 

Loretta F stenog 

F Clinton lab 

Geo L lab 

Graham, Alice E ho Tilton 1 

Gray, Emma A (Hines Laco 1 

Gray, I H Fr Baptist clerg 

Tilton 1 

Gladys C (Pease ho 

Elsie M 
Myrtle E 
Guey, Jos P far Tilton 1 
Viua (Garant ho 

Vina (m Deffosses ho 

*Joseph G loom fixer Laco 
*Rebecca (m Brassard 

Emma M mill op 

Desire J far 


Hackett, Calista( Tilton 1 

*Helen M (m Littlehale 

Roxbury, Mass 
C Fred far 

* W alter C far Concord 1 
*Henry H lab Lakeport 
*Edger W lab Laco 
*0 B lab Lancaster 
Lyle far 

Hackett, C Fred far Tilton 1 
Nellie B (Manning 

Hadley, Geo R R ser North 
Bessie (Hoag ho 

Hall, Hannah (Gerrish ho 

Tilton 1 
Augusta S (m Eastman 
*E Lettie (m Lane Laco 
*Napoleon law 

Chas F lab 

Martha J (m Thompson 



Hall, Henry, far Laco 1 
Louisa (Nichols ho 

Hannaford, Willie A lab Hill 

Hannaford, Frank far Hill 
Agnes M (Martelle ho 

Sarah M 
Eva M 

Hannaford, A team Tilton 1 
Mary E (Sweet ho 

Hanson, L J far & real est 
Tilton 1 
Cora A (Hastings ho 

Carl E far 

Claris tr 

L Perley student 

Susan J stu 

Robert L pi 

Haynes, Alice (m Brown 

Frank 1 

*Elsie L (m Foster ho 

Canaan Hill 

Harrington, J H far Tilton 1 

Harriet A (Hill ho 

Mina F (m Downes ho 

*Elmer E K R ser 

Taunton, Mass 

*Martha R (m ho 


Harris, Frank W car Frank 1 
Marjorie A pi 

Catherine E pi 

Frank M 

Haskett, Eva M pi Tilton 1 

Heath, R W far Tilton 1 

Nancy M (Gibson ho 

*Aurilla (m Clifford ho 
*Ida M (m Powers ho 

Henry S far 

•Warren barber Meredith 
Lura A (m Fisher 

Heath, Geo W far Frank 1 
Fred A far 

Leon B team 

Zella M pi 

Starlin M pi 

Alice M (Haynes ho 

Hersey, Sarah E (Taylor ho 
Frank T far ' Tilton 1 

Hersey, Frank T far Tilton 1 
Grace T (Tucker ho 

Alta E 

Hersey, Mina B (Dearborn ho 

Laco 1 
Cora B pi 

Hill, Geo H far Frank R F D 
Julia E (Evans 
Coran D pi 

Adna S pi 

Hermon J pi 

Almeda J 

Hill, Myrtie A (Weeks P M 

Hill, Adna E far Laco 1 
Ida G (Johnson ho 

Harold C pi 

Higgins, Eliza A (White North 



Chas P lar 

Ned far 

•William M mill op 

Bellows Falls, Vt 
*E J horse driver & far 
Frank H far 

Milo J far 

Fred D far 

Daniel R clerg 

*luez (m White Guilford 
Eliza A (m Paul 

Higgins, Frank II far North 
Sadie E (Porter ho 

Nina M pi 

Willie A pi 

Holmes, Patience E (Wiggins 
ho Frank R F I) 

Howe, Geo L lar North 
Olive H (Weseott ho 

Blanch N stu 

Horace L pi 

Harold W pi 

Howe, H P far North 

Ellen P (Roberts ho 

Geo L far 

Huckins, Sadie E (Richards 

Alvah L team 

Huukins, Frank H far Laco 1 
Livonia M (Thompson ho 
Carldvvin A pi 

Hunkins, Lewis R far Laco 1 
*Orin W bk kpr Littleton 

*Dana W eng Laco 

*H E cook Goffstown 

*Emma L s s op 

Lynn, Mass 

Mabel F (Brown ho 

Lewis M pi 


Elsie M 

Hunkins, H P far Laco 1 

Clara J (m Leighton ho 

Jennie R ho 

Ella (m Newiton ho 

Helen U (Turner ho 

Huse, Betsey A (Clark Laco 1 

Huse, O D far Laco 1 

Stella A (Porter ho 

Daniel P far 

Mohu W law 

84 State, Boston, Mass 


Jacobs, Eugene D far & team 
Jacobs, A J far & team 

Jacobs, Sarah A ho North 
Jacobs, Geo F far & team 

Johnson, Geo J far Laco 1 

Emily A (Bennett ho 

Johnson, C M far Laco 1 

Nellie M (Sunderland ho 
Johnson, E F far Laco 1 

Mabel A (Sanborn ho 

Gertrude M pi 




Bertha S 
Mildred L 
Ethel F 
Helen F 
Alice L 

Johusoii, O C 

far & Grand View Ho 

Catherine F ( hostess 

Ernest C far 

Gladys L stu 

Arthur S pl 

Johnson, Edwin Laco 1 

Johnson, C O Laco 1 

far Lake Cottapje 
Lorette J (Bennett ho 
Grin C far & cook 

*Fred H moulder Laco 
Elmer F far 

Hermon W hotel cook 

Clarence M far & cook 

*Mattie L mill op Laco 
Viola M ho 

Harris B far 

Joyce, Joseph far 


Kelley, John A far Frank R D 
Martha J (Gray ho 

Keuney, VVni far Tilton R D 
Jennie M (llannaford ho 
Leonard J pl 

Grvis W pl 

Kenney, Jos retd Tilton 

Mary E (McBartley ho 
*Geo lab Canada 

*James far Hill 

*Pat far Frank 

*M John N Hampton 

♦Frank blk Bristol 
*Thoraa8 lab Concord 
*Ellen (m Smith Bristol 
*Mary (m Blue Frank 

•Christina (m Smith 


Knowlton, Geo retd Laco 1 

*Elmer E printer 

Boston, Mass 

Knox, James E far Hill 
*Alice L (m Diiro;in Tilton 
Maud M ho 

Ned H far 

Ladd, H P far Laco 1 

Albert B far 

*Evelyn A (m Thompson 

*Alta E cl Everett, Mass 
•Charlotte J (ra Carter 

Everett, Mass 
•Nellie M (m Dalton 

Ames bury, Mass 

Abbie B stu 

Ladd, Albert B far Laco 1 

Merriam K (Cook ho 

Bernice E 



Mildred I 

Lamprey, Lydia A 

(Weymouth Laco 1 
Luella L (m Sauborn 

Maria F (m Sauborn 

Lane, Mrs D J (Thomas Hill 
Ervin ^Y far 

Ellen J (m Mason ho 

E-mma A music tr 

Wesley far & music tr 

Lane, Edwin W far Mill 
*Roscoe E printer Hill 
Forrest G far 

Lane, Thos T far 

Lane, Geo B far 

Mary E (Tucker ho 

Ruby E tr 

Maurice E pi 

Lane, M Lizzie (Burleioh ho 
Tilton 1 

Leavitt, G A far Laco 1 
Alice W (Woodman tr 

*Grace E (m Collins 
Guy far 

*Ira W cl Hanover 
Van E stu 

Lei^hton, Joel far Laco 
Clara J (Huckins ho 

Florence M tr 

Arthur J stu 

Albert H stu 

Carrie L stu 

Ira M pi 

Loverin, Fred H far Tilton 1 
Charlotte L (Calef ho 

MC pi 

Louise R pi 

Loui>ee, Jos A far E Tilton 
Edith E (m Dearborn ho 
Laco R 1) 
Lla M (Gliddeu ho 

Karl lab 

Luther G pi 

Clyde A pi 

Lou<;ee, Cornelia (Hall Laco 
*Harr3', Ptr Laco 


MacDonald, Margaret R 

(Morrison Tilton 1 

Maculey, Geo far North 

Isabel (Wyer ho 

James far 

Agnes ho 

George Jr stu 

Manning, Nellie B George ho 

Tilton 1 

Mary E (m Murray ho 

9 Castle Gate R, 

Dorchester, Mass 

Marsh, lantha A Tilton 1 

Marsh, H N far Tilton 1 

Louise L (Emery ho 

Mason, Ellen J (Lane ho 

Frank 1 

Edgar E far 



Mildred E ho 

MasoD, Cbas H far Frank 1 

McAlister, Mina F(Farrington 

Franklin pi 

McDaniels, Jos far Tilton 1 

McDauiel, Jos far Tilton 1 

Maria M ho 

*Chas far Lee 

Andrew H far 

Lizzie P ])1 

Merrill, J H far Nortli 

*Eagene C cl W Ossipee 

Cora L pi 

Sadie E (Huckins ho 

Merrill, F A far Tilton 

Lena M (Moses bo 

Marion G 

Morrison, H E far Frank 1 

Nellie M (Morse ho 

Frank V pi 

Morrison, C S far & car 

Frank 1 

Jennie B (Beekman ho 

Herman E far 

Morrison, John G car Tilton 1 

Morrison, Fred N far Tilton 1 

Sarah J (Prescott ho 

Morrison, Mary A(Batcholder 

lio Laco 1 

*Pheba W (m Baker ho 

Allston, Mass 

Morrison, Ned W far Tilton 1 

Dora (Mason ho 

*Florence L (m Collins ho 


Ernest F lab 

Edith M pi 

Clifton W pi 

Elwood N 

Morse, Catherine E (Morse 

Frank 1 

* Alice M (m Haekett ho 

Chicago, 111 

*Agnes M (m Findley ho 

Chicago, III 

Vernal L pi 

Morse, N T meat cutter 

sum res Methuen, Mass 
Dais}^ E (Sails ho 

Nathan T Jr 

Moses, Jos M far Tilton 1 
Mary J (Towle ho 

Nellie J (m Atwood ho 
Fred C far 

Harry E far 

Lena M (m Merrill ho 


Nichols, Lizzie M (Paine ho 
Tilton 1 

Nichols, Thos lab Laco 1 

Newton, Elmer far Laco 1 
Ella H (Hunkins ho 

Errol L) lab 

Ruth N pi 

Alice M pi 

Nolet, Cylett lab Laco 1 
Delvina (Guonald ho 



Cylett Jr far 

*Adlord lab Laco 

Joe contractor Laco 
Fred pi 

*Delma mill op 

Mary A pi 

*Blauche (m King 

Whitens ville, Mass 
•Delia M (Noel 

Whitens ville, Mass 
*DelvinaM (Bontegaite 

Wbitensville, Mass 


Ober, Mary A (Small Frank 1 
Bessie M 

(m Ainsvvorth-Webster ho 

Jessie G (m McDonald 

Geo A mill op 

Carrie B (m Brown ho 

Odell, William M far Laco 1 

Chas H far & bdg ho 

*Sadie E (ni Lawrence ho 


Odell, C H far & bdg ho Laco 1 

Maud (McLellan hostess 

Odom, Emma (Graham North 

*Thomas J car 

San Francisco, Calif 

*Cole J car Boston, Mass 

*William J police 

Manila, P I 

*Ernest F cook 

San Francisco, Calif 


*Ethel A 

Ralph R 


Ellen A 
Onger, Ovissine far 

Clara (Couroger 


Arthur J 

May E 

William II 
Onger, John 
Onger, Joseph 
Osgood, CW 

Abbie H (Danforth 

Electa J (m Allen 
Osgood, N T far Frank 

Josephine B (Mason 

*15essie A (m 



Tilton 1 






Tilton 1 

Tilton 1 

Frank 1 






Osgood, A M far Frank 1 

Osgood, Betsey A (Hill ho 

Frank 1 

Lucy E ho 

Mary (m Bates ho 

Ouellet, T G sawyer 

Anna W (Arnold ho 

NioaS pi 

Chas V pl 

Frank pi 




Patterson, Geo W far Laco 1 

Paul, Cbas A team Laco 1 
Eliza A (DnraDt ho 

Payne, Wra F far 

John M far 

Winnie M ho 

Peckham, Mary C (Adams ho 

Frank 1 

*Chas H cl Surfside, Mass 

Perkins, Ida F (Farnsworth 

Laco 1 

*Henry F niech & eng, 

Lawrence, Mass 

Perrin, J N Jr Cong clerg 

Gertrude L (Greely ho 

Porter G pi 

Newell G pi 

Justus N 3rd 

Pettengill, B F far & blk 

Annie M (Gardner ho 

Frank A pi 

Philbrook, fl B far Laco 1 
Anna J (McCartney ho 
Frank E far 

Philbrick, Geo B far Laco 1 

Pickerino-, Sadie E stu 

Piper, Elmer M far Tilton 1 
Hattie L (Downing ho 

Plummer, S M car & ptr 

Jennie A (Moses dr mkr 

Roscoe PI 
Plummer, M C 

wood wkr 


sum res, No 

Plummer, Roscoe H North 

wood wkr & moulder 

Raymond S pi 

Prescott, Addie S (Downs Hill 

Hattie M ho 

Prescott, Charlotte (Tilton 

Tilton 1 
*\V P mer Claremont 
Daniel P macli 

*Bell A dr mkr Frank 
Sarah J ho & milliner 

Prescott, N S far Tilton 1 
Prescott, Ada M (Clifford 

*Asa S car Wentworth 
*Fred R jeweler 

St Johnsbury, Vt 
Putney, A E ptr Tilton 1 
Christie M (Eastman ho 

Quimby, Mary (Emerson ho 
G E far & blk Tilton R D 


Rand, Olive A ho 

Randall, O J mill & lunib dir 


*Neva M (m Heath ho 




•Bertha B (m Silver bo 
•Gertrude N (m Stevens 


Von G lab 

Sybil B ho (& tr 

*Euna H tel op Tilton 

Clara J (Bean ho 

Randlett, M Florence (Edgerlj 

Laco I ho 

Dennis C far 

Holmes G far 

*Malvern L s s oj) 

Haverhill, Mass 

*Ivan P drug- cl 

Haverhill, Mass 

Randlett, G B far Laco 1 

*Clara S (m Powers ho 

Lawrence, Mass 

Reddiuof, Narcissa (Dearborn 

Tilton 1 

Mary N tr 

*Cornelia B (m Davis ho 

Old Mystic, Conn 

Richardson, Hannah B 

(Fairfield Laco 1 

Joseph C far 

Richie, John far Frank R D 

information witheld 

Robinson, AbbieP (Thompson 

ho Hill 

Rowe, Chas F far Frank 1 

Carrie H (Hayes ho 

Rowe, Mary H (Johnson ho 

Frank 1 

*Ftta C barber 

32G Broadwa^^ Lynn, Mass 
*Nancy J (m Prescott 


Clias E far 

Willie S blk 

*Arthiir H bag mas 

7 Franklin, Concord 

Russell, E H sum res 

Pres State Normal School 

Worcester, Mass 

*Lee tr Worcester, Mass 

*()live tr Worcester, Mass 

*Ernest bank cl 

Worcester, Mass 

Sanborn, J B far E Tilton 
*M Ray librarian 

25 Woodland, 
New Haven Conn 
J Fred far 

Howard W far 

Eld red L far 

Sanborn, Otis S far Laco 1 
Maria F (Lamprey ho 
*ilarry C mer Laco 
Mabel" T ho 

*Cris B cl Laco 

Clifton R lumb 

Sanborn, Jos N far Laco 1 
Geo C florist Lakeport 
Ruth K (Smith ho 



♦Willis J Bap clerj? 

Palisade, Calif 
*Ori'iii M real est Laco 
*We.sley D elec Laco 
Olive E ho 

Sauborn, Sarah C (Sanborn 

Laco 1 

BesKie S (m Callisou ho 

4G Wallace, 

W Somerville, Mass 

Sanborn, Sarah T ho Laco 

Sanborn, Geo L far Laco 1 
*CarrieA(m Gordon bo 
EllaF (m Burleigh ho 
Frances A (Frohawk ho 
Curt L lab 

Santj, Napoleon far Laco 1 
PLarriet M (Bedell 

Sarft-ent, C B iar North 
Emma (Odom ho 

Sarp,ent, Wm G mason & far 
Nora B (Robie ho 

Merle B 
Vernal K 

Sargent, A H far & cook 

Dora B (Pickering ho 

Lee E pi 

Harold A pi 

Fannie L 1)1 

Marion I pi 

Donald E 

Scott, Peter C far 

Annie (Reed ho 

Jane M pi 

Severence, O E far Hill 

Maude J (Emerson ho 

Ii;uf2:eue B pi 

Sheldon, Emily E (Jaques ho 

Laco 1 
Shepherd, Thos far Tilton 1 
Simons, Chas W lab Frank 1 

Lizzie ( 

Chas lab 

Simons, Lizzie (Shackett ho 


Albert pi 

Sissions, M W far Frank 1 

Mary A (Spearman ho 

Mark A pi 

Rose C 
Smith, John F far Tilton 1 

Nancy M (ra Smith ho 

Laco 1 

Smith, A W raech Tilton 1 

Jennie L (Hall ho 

Bertha A stu 

Ernest A lab 

Leslie B lab 

Helen R pi 

Edgar J 
Smith, D Frank car Frank 1 

Bertha A (Thompson ho 

Ernest T 
Smith, Alvin N far Laco 1 

Nancy M (Smith ho 

Lois O 
Smith, Earle pi Laco 1 



Smith, A H far Laco 1 
Martha J (Colby ho 

Nathan C pi 

Alice M pi 

Aura B 

Smith, Mary J (Philbrick ho 

*Emma F (m Hawkius ho 


Nellie M (m Boyino-ton ho 

F P far & stone cutter 

Smith, F P stone cut & far 

Laco 1 
Mary B (Medley ho 

Robert F stu 

Chas H pi 

Smith, Mary E (Conant ho 

Laco 1 
Rowland AV lab 

Una M table girl 

Southard, E E far Laco 1 
Julia S (CoUius ho 

*Edna M (m Newton 

Portland, Me 
Dora M ho 

Harold E pi 

Cora M pi 

Southwick, Wni D far 

Elizabeth A (Nettles ho 
*Emery M mill op 

Norwood, N Y 
Rosetta S ho 

Millie M ho 

Carmen I pi 

Stevens, Edward A Frank 1 

Treas Glenark Mill 

Woonsocket, R I 

Lillian A (Weeks ho 

*H C civ eng New York 

Louis M far 

Lillian E (m Buchanan ho 
Stevens, Louis M far Frank 1 

Celia H (Fisher ho 

Dorothy pi 

Stevens, Frank S far Frank 1 

Lottie M (Bailey ho 

Arthur B 
Stone, Geo S lar & milk 

Tilton 1 

Alice E (Dean ho 

Marion A stu 

Milton D pi 

Sussier, Nelson blk 

Maud (Powers ho 

Swain, Bert F far Laco 1 

Iva M (Chesley ho 

Frank B pi 

Stephen C 


Russell C 
Swaia, Frank B far Laco 1 

Melissa J (Tucker ho 

*Jennie A (m Clark 


*Florence A (m Hia:gin8 


Bert F far 



Lelia P (m Smith ho 

Swain, Cyrus far Tilton 1 

Mary A (Robbius ho 

Taylor, Mary tr Tilton 1 

Taylor, Thos O far Tilton 1 

CiudaW (Heath ho 

Taylor, Susan H (Allen ho 

*Carrie E (m Morgan ho 


Taylor, C P ho 

Taylor, Sam'l far Laco 1 

Mahala (m Tilton ho 


Kirk far 

Taylor, Arthur C far Laco 1 

Taylor, Walter C far Tilton 1 

Mabel (Lane ho 

Tenny, A S far North 

Thomas, F J far Tilton 1 

Martha G (Hall ho 

Thomas, L L far Tilton 1 

*Addie M (m Hastings ho 


*Minnie L (m Akerman ho 


*Delia M (m Hodgdou ho 


*M aggie J (m Gray 

Stella M tr 

Narcissa D (Redding ho 

Thomas, Rebecca K (Emerson 
Frank 1 

Thompson, Lydia T (Kimball 
Frank 1 
*Martha E (m Snith ho 
Emma J ho 

Bertha A (m Smith ho 
*Luther V blk Tilton 

Thurston, R N far Tilton 1 

Tilton, C W far Hill 

Mamie L (Staples ho 

Eva J pi 

Bernice D 

Tilton, Sarah A far & ho Hill 

Tripp, Kate (Woodbury Hill 

Trowbridge, E J far Tilton 1 
Eva H ( White ho 

Marion F stu 

Addie E pi 

Catherine E pi 

Ida L pi 

Trowbridge, E J far Tilton 1 
Eva H (White ho 

Marion F pi 

A Elizabeth pi 

Catherine E pi 

Ida L pi 

Torsey Mrs (Kimball 

Chas A lab 

Tucker, Nancy E (Stanton 


Turner, Helen M (Sabin ho 

Laco 1 



*Henrj W nier 

Norwood, N Y 

*Roy W iDill op E Tiltou 

Twombly, F F far Tiltou 1 
Julia A (Jarvis ho 

Robert D pi 

Tworoger, L A hotel mgr 

Sarah E (Deane ho 

Sophia E stu 


Vanner, Edwiu L far Laco 1 

Virgiujlsaae B far Frauk R D 

Caddie (ui Wadleigh ho 

Mattie J (Thonipt<ou ho 


Wadlcigh, Clara A Tiltou 1 

Wadleigh, John B far Frank 1 

Abbie R (Tilton ho 

*Oscar S printer 

Bingham ton, N Y 

*Fred T mer Milford 

Helen A ho 

*Iuez H (m Blake Frank 

Wadleigh, Alonzo far Tilton 1 

Wadleigh, B E far E Tiltou 

Nellie M (Lebett 

Everett J pi 

Walter A 

Wadleigh, E A far Frank 1 

Caddie (Virgin ho 

Wadleigh, Clara A far & ho 

Tilton 1 

Walker, A D far Frauk R D 

Walker, CL far Frauk R D 

Mary S (Blake ho 

*L Way land Osteopathist 

255 Bath, Glasgow, Scotland 

Wallace, Will lab Frauk 1 

M Florence (Gardner ho 

Everett G lab 

Linnie J pi 

Inez F pi 

Wallace, Rebecca P (Bo wen 

*Carrie S (m Johneou 

John S far 

*Annie C (m Thompson 


Maud H tr 

Wallace, John S far Laco 1 

Alma E (Smith ho 

Ralph J pi 

Harriet B pi 

Walter, Katie A (Clark ho 

Frank RD 

May pi 

Gertrude pi 

Geo W pi 

Ward, H B poultryman 

Ward, Mary H ho 

Ward, Geo C phy 

Lucy E (Gilman 



Carrie May tr 

Ethel C ' tr 

Helen L stu 

Weeks, Herman N far Frank 1 
Rebecca S (Dickey ho 

Gertrude M 
Howard H 

Weeks, N orris M far Frank 
Diana (Foss ho 

*Fidelia F (m Hill Frank 
*iMary B (m Hoyt Frank 1 
Herman N far 

Weeks, EC mer & asst P M 

Wescott, C A far North 
Mary E (Fletcher ho 

Cyrus A p] 

Jessie B 

Whitchcr, A P far Frank 1 
Mary R (Woodard ho 

*Clara M (m Sanborn ho 
Greenfield, Mass 
*Cora A (ra Stott Frank 
Etta C (ra Loud ho 

*Belle H (ra Dor^^an ho 
*Lilla E (m Ladd Frank 
*Dora J (m Waldron ho 
Edward G pi 

White, Benj B far Tilton 1 
Sarah A (Bryer ho 

Wilson, Walter A car 

MellieF (Weeks ho 

Gertrude F pi 

Wiggins, Mary A (Ober ho 
Frank 1 

Wiggins, Patience (Roberts 

Frank 1 
*Orea A (ni Batchelder 

*Flora A (m Dearborn 


*Zoa O (m Nelson ho 

30G Waterman Ave 

San Bernardino, Calif 

*Nora B 

(ra Hodge-Tibbetts 


Wilkins, Lizzie (Irving ho 

Bessie M pi 

Mildred B pi 

Willey, Alvah far Laco 1 

*Alvah S car Laco 

Albert H far 

Walter far Tilton 

* Frank lab Tilton 

*John lab Belmont 

Rachel M (Wheeler-Doying 

Wilson, Everett J Jr 

ptr & paper hgr Frank R D 

Rose E (Doherty ho 

Geo R lab 

Mary E s shop op 

Rose E pi 

Willianj E R pi 

Everett J pi 

Agnes A pi 

Wilson, H P editor it compiler 

Augusta A (Philbrook ho 

*Minnie F tr 



15 Main, Cambridge, Mass 
Walter A car 

*Henrj M cl 

Parker Ho, Boston, Mass 
Homer B medical stu 

Everett W far 

Wood, Lizzie E (Hines ho 


W^oodman, Sarah E Laco 1 

Woodman, Chas C far Laco 1 
Stella T (Mason ho 

Nettie B tr 

Ina M (m Tuttle ho 

Woodman, Geo far Laco 1 
Anna B (Randlett ho 

Roscoe S pi 

Clarence J pi 

Josephine pi 


Woodman, W D far Laco 1 
Gertrude M (Sanborn ho 
Ray pi 

Alice M pi 

Walter D Jr pi 

Ernest F pi 

Wright, E H clerg Frank R D 
*Daniel R East Prov, R I 
*Alfred C shoe op 

Manchester, Mich 
Ambrosia R (Morrill ho 
Robert M lawyer 

Yeaton, N H far Tilton 1 
Ina M (Dearborn ho 

Rose D 

Tilton Cen$u$ 

Where no Post Office is expiessed Tilton is understood. 
Tiie following Post Office abbreviations are used: Tilton R. F. 
D. No 1— No 1; Laconia— Laco; Laconia R. F. D. No. 1— Laco 
1; Franklin— Frank; Franklin R. F. D. 1— Frank 1; East 
Tilton— East; West Tilton — West. The follovvino- street 
abbreviations are used: Prospect Street— Pros; Chestnut 
Street— Chest; Mechanic Street— Mech; School Street— Sch; 
East Main Street— E Main; West Main Street— W Main; Wash- 

ington Street— Wash. 


Abbott, Mertie B (Tucker 


Frank W 

Frederick T 

Lizzie T 


Mertie B 
Ainger, C E 

Emma J (Heddle 

*A Plinj 




exp team 


*R.y vers F dec con Laco 

Albee, Caroline E (Elms Chest 

Allen, H M brdg ho 

cor Main & Pros 

Jennie E (Maxwell 

Allen, Geo A R R ser 

Emma T (Buzzell ho 

Amsden, Sarah L (Palmer ho 

E Main 

Jennie P (m Burke 
Appleton, Iza L stu West 
Arlin, A far 

Atkinson, B P nier E Main 

May F (Smith ho 

Edw L 

Gertrude J 
Atkinson, L S mer Mech 

Elnora E (Adams ho 

Bert P mer 


Bacon, F S mas 
Ida J (Perry 
Florence E 

off E Main 


at home 

'A B mill op Northfield 



Bailey, J W mill op Pros 
Georgia A (Worthen ho 
Howard W 

Bailey, L J opt fact Pleas 

Bailey, H E mill op W Main 
Julia (Gate ho 

Harry C lab 

Baker, Martha D (Rand West 
Geo W printer 

Balcom, Mary E (Chase Pros 
*Frank G optician 

Winthrop, Mass 
Mary E (m Walker 

Ballantyne, A S Chest 

*Auna (m Downs 
10 Kenston Sq, Lynn, Mass 

John S eng 

Catherine ho 

*Arthur S Lynn, Mass 

Bamford, Mehitable (GileEast 
Lillian E 

Barney, A E mill op Main 
Mary E (Driscoll ho 

Mary Irene 

Barney, M J fireman Cedar 
Margaret (Twombly ho 
*M A car Penticook 
Clara M (m Ordway 
May A (m Burns 
Phelix E far & mill 

Andrew A mill op 

Lawrence E mill op 

Helen J milliner 

Barnes, Mary L (Codman 

Laco 1 

*EllaL(m W'ilkins 

2.548 Pleasant Ave, 
Minneapolis, Minn 

Adelaide (m Tounk 
Barrows, Mary M 
Bartlett, Frank S High 

Carrie M (Emerson ho 

Bartlett, Henry F far 

Bartlett, Herbert H mach 

Josephine (Jones 

Lloyd H pi 

Lillian R pi 

Alice S 
Bashaw, Geo mill op Mech 

Rose (Dana ho 

Bell R pi 

Willie stu 

Bashaw, Trefly mill op Mech 

Addell (Laduke ho 

Addell (m Morin 

Willie T optical fact 

Bashaw, L mill op Mech 

Bernice (Clouett ho 

Gladys A 
Batchelder, Osborne elec Mill 

Cora E (Sargent 

Onia P stu 

Beatrice C pi 

Batchelder, John D far Sch 1 

Eliza A (Hastings ho 

Batchelder, Oren 
Batchelder Bros groc Main 



Batchelder, Rebecca (Clement 


Beau, R E far Frank 2 

Mary I (Clark bo 

Keurick C pi 

Beauchesue, J R R ser Chest 
Clarice (Loranger ho 

Raymond A pi 

William F pi 

Esola E pi 

Pauline P 

Beaupre, Alfred restaurant 
50 Main 
Marion (Hamel ho 

Eva M waitress 

Edith ho 

Annabell pi 

Eli H pi 

Ellen B pi 

Beck man A P R R ser E Main 
Hannah A (Morrison ho 
Maude A bk kpr 

Elsie L dr mkr 

Belaire, Ludger 

Delvina (Broussea 
Donor mill op 

Victor null op 

*Delvina (m Fillion 

E Haverhill, Mass 
Jessie pi 

Bennett, Jean S far Laco 1 
Eva G ( Ford 

Lake wear Inn 

Bennett, H H far Laco 1 
Lakeside Ho 

Anna (Leavitt 

Bernard, Peter stonemason 
Emma (Gay ho 

Peter mill op 

Mary (m Louanj^er 
Ira C mill op 

Eva (m Hamel 
Amanda (m Gilbert 

Bixby, Angeline (Sanborn 

•Andrew R supply store 
132 Main, Haverhill, Mass 
*Abbie J (m Sherman 
128 Main, Haverhill, Mass 

Blair, J C hotel Main 

*Annie L (m Bryman 

Agnes B cl 

J Coleman Jr hotel 

Blair, J Coleman Jr 

prop Hotel Ideal 

Blake, Mrs F W & Co 

millinery Main 

Boland, Patrick opt fact Mill 
William J opt fact 

Catherine F ho 

Boucher, Geo W ptr Winter 
Josephine (Dauphinette 
Ralph S pi 

Lawrence J pi 

George W Jr pi 

Boucher, Mrs Rosella ( 


Boynton, JC gen wk Peabody 



Nellie Y (Maboney 

James F 
Boyiiton, J S mill op 

7 Peabody 

Fannie (Tobyne 

Sadie J 

Bert L mill op 

J Clyde mill op 

Bradness, Elidoro pi High 

Braley, Chas lab Winnesquam 

Bragg, Leroy h^ast 

nigbt watchman 

Fannie M (Stone ho 

Vera B pi 

Cecil H pi 

Emma G pi 

Sadie S 

Bertha F 
Bradley, Abraham West 

harn mfg 

Myrtie (Holt E Erskine 
Brooks, Mrs S M (Harris 

W Main 

Marietta pi 

Bryant, E H mer W Main 

Nellie F (Dow ho 

Helen 11 cl 

Maurice P stu 

Brown, Emma G (Guild Main 

Alfred K optical fact 

Brown, John far E Main 
Brown, B W rotd lum East 

Luciuda T (Johnson 
Brown, E F sta agt East 

Hilda E (Hampson 
Brown, Frank M mill op Laco 
Olive A (Huckins ho 

Brown, G G grain dlr Main 
Etta F (Johnson 
Ada (m Cavis 
Brown, A S mfr woolen goods 


Belle B (Peabody 

Brown, Cornelia (Palmer East 

Brown, Melvin E far No 1 

Etta A (Carr ho 

Everett M pi 

Frances J pi 

Sadie E pi 

Brown, Ira J far East 

Ada C (Towle ho 

Geo B pi 

Mae E pi 

Helen E pi 

Willie B pi 

Leonard S C pi 

Susie M pi 

Nellie E 

Brown, Fred lab Central 

Brown, Radliff rtd East 

Brown, Sarah L ho 

Brown, Mary E ho 

Brown, H A (Elliott Chest 

Alice G (m King 

Hallie E bk kpr 

Brown, Ann E (Philbrick 

135 AV Main 
Bucher, John V Chest 



Julia M (Flanders 

Bucklin, F R mach & jeweler 

Clara A (Raudlet ho 

*Frank H mach Laco 

Burke, Jennie (Amsden 

9 Main 1 
Irving E pi 

Susie F pi 

Joseph J pi 

Perle H pi 

Burke, Fred mill op Chest 
Euo;enie (Milotte ho 

Leon L pi 

Dora A 

Burleioh, Ann (Piper Sch 

Walter P optical fact 

Mary D tr nurse 

* Ernest L mach Frank 
Natt W optical fact 

*Roscoe C optician 

Ashraont, Mass 

Burleigh, W P optician Sch 
Carrie M (Wells ho 

Cora F pi 

Ethel M pi 

Chas W pi 

Doris E 

Burnes, Jas mill op Cedar 
Agnes (Varnej 
Marjory pi 

Bush, Edw A mill op Cedar 
Amelia L (Locke ho 

*Almeda C cl Manchester 

Eugene J 


Cadue, Luther genl wk 

Mary (Lambert ho 

Selina (m Perthell 
Levi F blk 

Calkin, N S mer 16 Pros 
Harriette (Campbell 
Ruth pl 

Esther pl 


Calley, Geo A far East 

Clara E (Jones ho 

Callahan, B opt fact Winter 
*Hannah (m Dwyer 

196 Laurel, Manchester 

Canning, Annie (Holden ho 


Carpenter, Elmer chair mfg 

11 Mill 
Lilla (Cook 

Cass, Arthur T banker Main 
Mary P (Packard ho 

Kingman pl 

Wm T pl 

Esther E 

Cass, Mary E (Locke 

Caverly, W J tel op East 
Lulu M (Butler ho 

Linden M stu 

Arline M pl 



Miller L pi 

Lawrence W pi 

Chapman, Hiram far East 

Harriet (Keuniston bo 

Chase, Edw N team No 1 

Delia A (Jewett ho 

Lee A 

Clark, F M niecli laboratory 

cor Pros *.V: Pleay 

AbbieC (Moulton ho 

Clark, Miss Sarah O 

Clark, A J far 

Hattie J (Whitten ho 

Clark, Wm I) retd East 

Betsy J (Buzzell ho 

*Luey A (m Maraton 

West Fitchburj^, Mass 

*Wm T car Coltoii, Cal 

Clark, Esther W (Boyce East 

Clark, David W lab 

Clark, Herman far No 1 

Bertha (Smith ho 

*Eva B (m Hudson 

No Woodstock 

Clark, N far No 1 

Sarah II (Hildreth ho 

*Herbert M eng 

27 Lexington Ave, 

Somerville, Mass 

Clay, Caroline (Bennett ho 

Clement, Fronie (Flanders 

19 Pros 
Clement, Frank W ptr Winter 

Alice (Joyce 

Clough, Mrs A W High 

Cofran, Hannah (French ho 


*Colby, J eng 90 All, Nashua 

Jerry far 

Sally F(m Cole 

*Annie A overall shop 


Colby, Angle (Dubia 

Bert E mill op 

John S mill op 

Percy O Btu 

Wilfred AV pi 

Agnes B pi 

Colby, Hiram L East 

road agt job team 

Hattie N (Thompson ho 

Delia E milliner Laco 

Pearl M sch tr 

Colby, Fred far East 

Myra B ho 

Carl W pi 

Margie E pi 

Marion C pi 

Fred I 

Colby, Edna L (Tucker Sch 
Chas W far & mail 

Arthur S stu 

lOthel M stu 

Colby, Chas W far Sch 

Eva S (Sears ho 

Richard VV 

Cole, E R liv stable Sch 



Sallie C (Colby 
Coleman, Hannah Ideal Shop 


Coleton, Jos ptr W Main 

Comerford, Miss Sarah V tr 

Tiltou Highlands 

Conant, Abbie tel op Pike 

Condon, Saml mer Main 

Mary (Lang ho 

Conner, Mabel A pi Chest 

Cook, W H mill op Mill 

Ada P (Fletcher dr mkr 

Lilla M (m Carpenter 

WHJr mill op 

Guy P opt fact 

Earl F stu 

Verne E pi 

Copp, Betsey (Glover 8 Sch 

Abbie A* (m Hill 
Copp, Bertha stu 7 Main 
Cotes, B hdwre mech Winter 

Mrs L G ( 

Ben L hardware 

Crockett, Nancy (Harvey ho 
Chas H far 

Susan B (m Perkins 
Martha C(m Kennedy 
Crondey, Jos J rd agt High 
Rose (Roberts ho 

J N tel op 

Mary A mill op 

Olive mill op 

Classie pi 

Leo A pi 

Alice R pi 


Crosby, Mary A (Cole ho 

Crowley, Edward far 

Lucy (Vachon ho 

Edward pi 

Emma pi 

Annie pi 

Alice pi 


Crouch, Geo far G Cedar 
Winifred S (Kingman ho 
Ruth W stu 

Carrol G pi 

*Cullen, Nellie (m Richard 
40 Stetson, Whitman, Mass 

*Cullen, Mamie (m Hoogstrom 
103 Franklin, Frank 

Cunningham, J R Rser p]ast 
Nora (Costolo ho 

James E 
Martin J 

Carl, G M clerg Chest 

H Abbie (Whipple 
A R Prof Tilton Seminary 
Clias M naval arch 

Mervin J stu Bost Univ 

Currie, Robert mill op Main 
Minnie (Baker ho 

Currie, David mill op 

Daigneault, N opt fact 

Mary (Poirier ho 

Ida opt fact 




opt fact 


opt laet 


mill op 


mill op 








Dalton, Sarah (Gilmau 

Laco 1 

Daniels, Otis Pros 

Ethel P (Pillsbiiry 

Daniels, Dora R (Griffin ho 
Georgie M (m Whitehouse 
Walter II mill op 

Annie C pl 

Clinton G pl 

Rosetta D pl 

Daniels, Chas E mill op 

Bessie M (Shaw ho 


Daniels, Elizabeth A (Johnson 

Lena L (ra Diirgin ho 

Davis, S J liv stable Chest 
Myra E (Jones ho 

Edna E stn 

Marion R pl 

Davis, Chas box shop 7 Sch 
Alice S (Messer Webber 

Davis, Geo H cl 

Flora R (Allen ho 

Raymond A 
Davis, J G jeweler E Main 

Mary (Littlefield ho 

Davis, T J cont&bld Pleas 

Helen F (Clifford ho 

Guy E U S Navy 

Bernard S car 

Davis, Dora (Kenneston 


Henry telephone bus 

*Chas telephone 

Sprino-field, Mass 

Davis, Henry tel inspector 


Nellie (Brown 

May Elizabeth tel op 

Dean, Elsie M (S{)aulding No 1 

Alice E (m Stone 

*Annie M (m Mann 

39 Wamesit, Lowell, Mass 
Dearborn, Josiah far East 

Sarah M (Haines ho 

*Ned Fields Columbia 

Museum, 973G Harvard Ct 

Chicago, 111 

Dearborn, W C ex driver 

W Main 

Jennie (Wilson ho 

Decoteau, Z J mach Main 

M Emma (Mossey 
Desmond, Rev J Chest 

Pastor Church of Assumption 
Deviney, E P adv solic Main 

Anna J (Prossor 



Devany, Thos lab oH Cedar 

Mary E (Sheridan ho 

*Catherine E (m Reynolds 

Providence, R I 

*Mary E milliner 

Boston, Mass 

James F ex agt 

Maroaret waitress 

Dias, G W Tilton Hotel 

17 Main 

Nellie E (Downing- ho 

Harold A pi 

Howard AV pi 

Dionue, Michael mill op Cedar 

Carry (Locke ho 

Ethel A 

Wilford W pi 

Dolloff, Emma (Laplant ho 


Dolloff, Emily A East 

Dow, Chas E ptr Winter 

Emma E (House 

Harry E mill op 

Dow, Charlotte (Holden 

3 Peabody 
*Arthur A mach Frank 
*Horace E packino- ho 
40 & V, S Omaha, Neb 
*Edward E undertkr 

Redlands, Cal 
* Alice A (m Sargent 

E Concord 
Donna J (m Smith 
Downing, Fred ice dlr E Main 

Elizabeth (Main ho 

Downing, Josiah far E Main 

Georgie K (Palmer ho 

*F G mill op Lakeport 

Fred H com lab 

*Ida M (m Cross 


*Etta G (ra Thompson 

Drake, E M car S: bldr EMain 

Myra H (Haskins 

Mabel H tr 

Raymond H stu 

Dubia, Helen A at home 

Abe mill op 

*John fireman Laco 

*Fred mill op 

Artie Center, R I 

*Matilda (m 

Artie Center, R I 

Angie I (m Colby 

*Clara Artie Center, R I 
Dubia, Abe mill op 

Lindia (Brake 

Leon E pi 

Sadie pi 

Georgie W 

Lawrence C 
Durrell, Rev J 

fin agt Tilton Sem 

Irene C ( 

Durgin, DeWitt C trav sales 

Alice L (Knox ho 

Marion T pi 



Durgin, Harriet T art 

Durgin, Wm J far 

Abbie G (Day ho 

Lela G librarian 

Durgin, C E mer «& P M East 
Dena L (Daniels 

mus tr & asst P M 

Dutton, E E mill op Winter 

Anna (Miinsey ho 

•Eddie G mill mfg 

Melrose, Mass 

Earle, Nelson H ink mfg East 

Hattie C (Dearborn ho 

Jennie (m Young 
Eastman, Lucy (Eastman 

Eastman, Olive J 
Eckles, Georgiana (Ballere 


Mabel R j)l 

Edmonds, Chas barber Pleas 

Beatrice (Bailey ho 

Keith B 
Elliott, Celia (Durgin ho East 

Ernest C pi 

Freeman A pi 

Elkins, Elizabeth A (Young 

Erasley, Robt mill op 18 Pros 

Hannah (Barrett ho 

Erskine, Dr J B operating sur 

*Ethridge, Chas C el 

Waltham, Mass 

Fairbanks, Elmer F stu Main 


Fellows, W T law 
Field, Jos mach 

Jennie (Kennedy 

Josephine P 
Fisher, Rebecca (Marsh 

Laco 1 

Fisher, Julia A ( East 

Howard C clerg 

Flanders, J C mach Main 

Ada M (Lamprey 
Forrest, Honoria A ho Sch 
Forrest, M Josephine 

tr of art & painting- 
Forrest, Edwin I) dentist 
Raffaelly Blk 
Foss, Ciias H East 

Mary J (m Sanborn 
Foss, A M supt leather mill 


Caroline (Holmes ho 

*Mabel A (m Tucker 

145% Clark Ave, Chelsea, Mass 

C Herbert asst sur 

French, F R drug Wash 

Leona (McDonnell ho 

French, C A liv stable Main 

ArlineH(Hill ho 

Leo C pl 



Will W 
Gust A 


Gaffney, T J ins ap;t 

cor Main & Ciiest 

Grace (Peters ho 

Grace F 
Gagne, Philip mill op Pleas 

Alice (Valy ho 

Gale, Dr Geo W M D Laco 1 
Gale, Elmer mer Main 

Garland, Frances Main 

Garmon, Cbas B retd W Main 

Lam's, A (Phil brook 

*Fred C 

mngr Leopold Morse Co 
Brattle Square, Boston, Mass 

*Addie M (m Prescott 

Gilbert, Fred opt fact Chest 

Amanda (Bernard 
*Gile, Arthur C B R ser Ply 
Gile, Willard S cl East 
Gile, Asa E far East 

Everett A lab 

Catherine M ho 

Ernest W stu 

Gilman, J E stone mas Chest 

Orinana (Nudd 

Chas E mill op 

Will mill op 

Fred L team 

Cora M (m Labonta 
Ella (m Brad sh aw 

Ellon mill op 

Leon stu 

Gilman, Luther C retd 10 Sch 
Annie (Ramsey ho 

Janet M stu 

Gilman, Andrew P retd East 
Althea (Sanborn ho 

*Lucy E (m Ward 

*C E printer Belmont 

Gilman, WF mfg W Main 
Nettie A (McKiunon ho 
Dorothy stu 

Margaret pl 

Wilbert M pl 

Glines, Jos ptr & pap hgr Sch 
Carrie (Craggy ho 

Glines, Philip team East 
Maggie M (McMurphy 
Ethel M pl 

Glines, M J (Glines ho Sch 

Glines, Henry 

Glines, Joseph 

Glines, Edwin D 

Glines, Chas W 

Glines, Phillip P 

Glines, Mary (m Lane 

Glines, Edw far East 

Elsie E pl 

Lovina E pl 

Glines, Chas W mill op East 



Hattie (Pickett ho 


*Mabel (m McClair 


*Lucy ho Lebanon 

*C W H pi Danville, Vt 

Florence pi 

Glynn, Florence M (Russell ho 

Goodale, Auf^ustus M Main 

Susan P (Evans 


56 Mansfield, Everett, Mass 

Inzo B (m Sawyer 

Ralph 11 hack team 

Gould, DrCR Pros 

*Anna (m Pease 

Foxboro, Masts 

*Harry far 

Niskayuna, N Y 

Catherine (Russell 
Grahnni, Alice M 
Graves, Bert stable Main 

Mary W (Wilson ho 

Greenleaf, Wilber cont Sch 

Hattie (Heath ho 

Esther (ra Allard 

Edward W stable 

GeoPiiie H stu 

Ida M pi 

Gladys 8 
Grey, Elwiu jienl m^r East 

Lela M (Mason ho 

Rockwell W pi 

Griffin, C A brdg ho Main 
Hattie (Nutter ho 

C Nelson plumber 

Cassie M (m Plummer 
Griffin, Susan (Clark ho 

Griffin, Frank M far 

Dora F (Hatch ho 

Harry C far 

Leon E pi 

Guilniette, A mill op Hi^h 
Delia (Robideux ho 

Mary C 
Joseph A 
Ennelien M 
Guyette, Fred mill op Hij;h 
Emma M (Demary ho 

*Ei)hraim B mill op 

Burlington, Vt 
Arthur A opt fact 

Christine mill op 

Andrew N stu 


Hale, ^ym 


Mary (Dulac 
Hammond, Wm 

Clara (Belnare 








mill op 



Mabel G ho 

Bert 1)1 

Haiiiniond, G A miller Main 

Amanda (Welch bo 

Jessie stu 

* Pearly D bk kpr 

69 Melburn, Belmont, Mass 

Hanlej^ John spinner High 
Grace S (Pendleton ho 
*Nelsou P elec 

Gardner, Mass 
Joseph mill op 

Wm mill op 

Frank mill op 

John Jr stu 

Edward pi 

Hammel, Israel lab Water 
Eva (Bernard ho 

Haunsell, P E mill op Drake 
Margaret (Canning ho 
Gordon C 
Clarence pi 

Harbour, Jos mill op Main 
Georgie (Chapell 
John pi 

Eddie pi 

Emma pi 

Odilou pi 


Harper, C W mill op Winter 
Agnes (Carroll 

Harriman, Henry opt fact 
Ida (Hall ho 

Beatrice pi 

Hassel, Norman ptr 

Clara ( 

Haynes, Henry H clerg West 

M Frances (Cushing 
Hazen, J F carriage dlr 

W Main 

Ardelle W (Chase ho 

Heath, Geo E car E Main 

Ella (McDaniel ho 

Helen L tr 

Inez S 

*Georgie (m Merrow 


Forest F 
Heath, JennieN(Morrell Main 

*May F (m Clark Bristol 

Will E cl 

Heath, Will E cl Main 

Sarah T (Tilton ho 

Winfield M 
Her rick, Chas drug Main 
Hill, F mfglurab W Main 

Kate (Scribner ho 

*Myra P (m Emerson 

Berton Terrace, 
S We^'mouth, Mass 

Roger F stu Boston Sch 

of Tech Berton Terrace, 

S Weymouth, Mass 

Hill, Myra P (Cram 9 Main 

Hill, Abbie A (Copp 8 Sch 

ArliQnje Hill (m French 



Hill, Fred A far Laco 1 
Mattie A (Hackett bo 

Forrest B lab 

Hill, Waldo K mason Laco 1 
Frances (Pickett bo 

Evelyn M 

Hill, Frank 1) mason Laco 1 
Mary J (Dal ton bo 

Hillard, Annie (RobiDson ho 

*Mabel J (m Marden 

42 Bridge, Concord 
Owen E mill op 

Mandy B pi 

Irvin pi 

Florence M pi 

Holman, Myrtie (Plummer 

ho Sch 
Sidney P stu 

Grace stu 

Houghton, DrET 5 Sch 

Caroline C (Larrabce 
Suzette J (m Luther 
209 Horton, Boston, Mass 

Houghton, Dr E F Sch 

Hoyt, Arthur millwright East 
Minnie M (Sanborn ho 

Huckins, P E mill op No 1 
Jennie M (Manning ho 

Hnckius, A A mill op E Main 
Carrie \V (Hutchins ho 
Perley A mill op 

Cora M mill op 

Huckins, Eliza A (Combs Main 

Huckins, Dr T H Chest 

Blanch (Orrall 
Hunt, John M far No 1 

A Lillian (Caverley ho 
*Huuter, Mary S (m Merritt 

Topsham, Vt 
Hunter, David E lab East 
Hussey, James mason West 

Mary (Lovney ho 

Erleen C pi 

William J pi 

Catherine J 



Ingals, Byron far E Main 
Harry W far 

*Arthur B market 

Mabel E stu 

L'ving, Ij II mill op 132 Main 
Electa J (Sanboru 
*Maud L (m Elsworth 

79 Washington Park 

Nevvtonville, Mass 

Ireland, Geo W far No 1 

Laura E (Marr ho 


Jackson, E R jeweler 22 Sch 

Jameson, Jas team E Main 

Laura (Conant ho 



Jaques, Rebecca (Philbrick ho 


Jarvis, Jos mill 

Jennie (Dion ho 

Freddie ytu 

Joseph mill 

Jasper, Mrs H (Adams ho 

*Frances E (m Demerett 


*Alfred wood carver 

Southern Cal 

Jewell, Geo H mill op Winter 
Estella E (Dockam 
Henry E 

Johnson, R D mech Sch 
Jane F (Fessenden 

Johnson, John W retd Main 

Johnson, Chas L mill op East 
Etta (Nute ho 

*Myrtie B (m Lam an 
57 Orchard, Worcester, Mass 
*Irviujj:C cl Frank 

Lena M ho 

Joyce, John S far 

Annie (Durgin ho 

James H pi 


Reason, M G supt water wks 

Mary (Folsom 
Arthur E aat 

Keatinp:, John mill op 

Elizabeth (Laf ranee ho 

Kcuniston, P>elo S East 

^lanite & marble mfg 

Mai-tha C (Crockett ho 

Keough, J M mill op Peabody 
Li II a (Hauuaford 
Alice mill op 

Keyser, Wm J lore Brown est 

Emily (Brown 

Kidder, A W wood & coal 

Morrison Ave 
Nellie (Clark ho 

Ethel M pi 

Edna A pi 

Stanley C 

Kimball, Mary (Sanborn No 1 

Kimball, Betsey (McDaniel 


Kimball, Melinsa (Glynes 

5 Sch 

Kii)}^, Wm J mill op Chest 
Alice G (Hill ho 

Alice G stu 

James W pi 

Kling:, Oscar stu 

Knapp, Geo JO mill op E Main 
Ella B (Greenleaf ho 

Harry E lab 

Grace E stenop; 

Gertrude E stu 

Knapp, Hannah B (Maloon 

E Main 



Knight, D S supt Tilton mills 
Leonard W mill 

Floie E (Gould 

Knovvles, Rev I) C 

cor Hioh & Pros 
Lucia W (Barrows ho 

Labelle, Alphonso team 

Josie (Nooron 
Ernest mill op 

*Ro8a N (m Sheldon 

Lee W bakery 

*Mabel Melrose, Mass 

Eva M 

Archie stu 

Ruth G pi 

Henry pi 

Bertha A pi 

Helen E pi 

Catherine J 
Rodney A 

Labonta, Lewis blk High 
Cora (Gilraan 
Gladys M 
Dimond F 

Ladd, Ora G far E Main 
Gertrude B (Lamprey ho 

Lambert, S watchman Mill 
Christiina (Blake 
*Mabel G (m Nichols 

Water bury. Conn 

*Eva W (m Hunter 

Rockland, Me 
Elmer E mill op 

Lamprey, H A retd Main 
*Chas A mer Exeter 
Ada M (m Flanders 
*Anora I (m Sanders 


Lena B Ideal wrapper 

Lampher, Homer cl Wash 

Minnie (Pelierin ho 

Lamprey, Hannah H 

(Kimball E Main 

Gertrude B (m Ladd 

Lane, Luther J R R ser High 

Lane, Horace F far 

Lovina (Thompson- ho 

CeliaT pi 

Flora F pi 

Lane, Chas E far No 1 

Lane, Orman W mill op East 

Mary E (Gliues ho 

Lane, Sarah B No 1 

Lane, Mary A No 1 

Lane, Clara No 1 

Lane, Wm far No 1 

Henrietta (Hersey ho 

Orman W mill op 

Mabel (ra Taylor 

Fred W far 

Lang, Wm P fire claims 

B & M ser Main 

Clara A (MacDuffee 

Marion K tel op 



Langton,EdwP mill op West 

Louise J (Locke ho 

Edf^ar H mill oj) 

Leon T stii 

Leon a A ])1 

Lavigne, Henry mer Cedar 

Mary B (Balentine ho 

Roy B pi 

Lawrence, F P con & bldr 


Lizzie B (Ayre ho 

Fay A stu 

Oakes K pi 

Lee, Dawson mill op Hijuh 
Lees, John mill op Winter 

Georgie (Paddee 

George W pi 

Mary A 


Lees, John E lab Winter 

Jane (Devey 
Lef ranee, Abel lab Chest 

Bridget (Mooney ho 

Rose (m Ed no 

Lillian (Kating 
Leplante, Alderic opt fact 


Arzelia (Delage ho 

Lura J 
Lewis, Frank lab Laco 1 

Eliza A (Clark ho 

Libbe3% A W mill op High 

Rachel W (Stewart ho 

Clara E milliner 

Earl L at home 

Blanch E stu 

Libbey, Harry W blk East 
IdaEdiailey ho 

Locke, Hannah dr mkr 

John A pi 

Locke, John retd Cedar 

Looney, Edw mill op 15 Mill 
Mary A (Boland 
Catherine M 

Loverin, J L retd 6 Main 
Roxanna E (Todd ho 

*Fred H Now York City 
AVenona L kindergarten tr 

Loverin, Albion retd W Main 
Jennie (McDonald ho 

Grace B elecutionist 

Helen M pi 

Loranger, Edmond mill op 

Mary (Bernard 
Jennie V pi 

Fronnie N pi 

Lena I pi 

Lord, Geo W drug 

cor Pleas & Pros 
Mary E (Johnson 
Edith Mae tr violin & art 

Lord, Fannie A ho Main 

Lord, A C mfg opt goods 

Alma W (Neal bo 



*Guy M mfr opt goods 

100 Boylston, Boston, Mass 

*Arthur M optician 

1204 Annon PI, 

Minneapolis, Minn 

Harry A mfg opt goods 

George T optician 

Louranga, Eugene mill op 

Delphene (Drower 
John A pi 

Willie A 


Malone, J E Opt Co Cedar 

Nora (Cronin ho 

Mildred G 

Marion G 
Malone, M opt fact Ceder 

Lila G mill op 

Bertha M stu 

Malone, P lunch room Pleas 

Margaret (Moony 

Theresa E pi 

Beatrice M pi 

Mandin, Alfred mill op Cedar 

Blanche (Denoucargt ho 


Manning, Mary (Norman No 1 

Bertha L (ra Clifford 

J Annie (m Martin 

Lillian G (m Martin 

Ernest A 
Chas E 
Asa J 
Gilbert J 
Willis C 

cigar mfr 

cigar mfr 

mill op 



Jennie M (m Huckius 

Eugene C far 

Marden, Fred P cl 72 Main 

Mason, Frank L phy & sur 

135 W Main 

Clara P (Phil brick 

Lei a M (ra Grey East 

*Merchant, Guy mill op 

S Lawrence, Mass 

Nye needle wk 

McCarthy, Jas R R ser 

Mary J (Morrow ho 

McDuff, Cynthia (Symes ho 


Mabel J (m Morrill 

McKinley, LA pi Chest 

McKinnon, P mill op Main 

Meserve, J M law 

cor Main & Winter 

Lulu J (Hart ho 

Frances J 

Myron L 
Miller, Kate J (Brodebank 

*F L R R ser W Lebanon 
Milotte, Jos mill op Pleas 

Mary (Croteau ho 

Evangeline M 
Milotte, F R R ser Woodbine 

Grace A (Wheeler ho 



Moorbouse, E wool sorter 
W Main 
Jane N (Graham 
Margaret etu 

*Cora M (m Streeter 


•Harry B web fact 

Pawtucket, R I 

*Eugene mecb 

Milford, Mass 

*Graee E (m HaywarJ 

Morceau, Joe barber Sch 
Rosaua (Gilmitte 
Morrill, Calista C S (Smith ho 

*Cali8ta M (m Leavitt 

44 Pierce, Sioux City 

Morris, Clarence V pi Pros 

MorrisoDjWR printer EMain 

Perle (Boucher ho 

Chas N stu 

Morrison, J dry goods Main 

Morse, H A printer Main 

Nettie (Nutter ho 

Errol pi 

Moses, Wm H nifg 

Moulton, Alden far 

Sophy (Lane 

Chas E far 

Moulton, Chas E far No 1 

Ora M (Sanborn ho 

Edna L pi 

Gertrude M pi 

Moulton, Lucelia (Abbott ho 

Mary R ' tr 

Nellie F tr 

Wilber B mer 

Moulton, W J mail car Main 
Lillian F (Gleason ho 

Lillian G stu 

Leon A pi 

Moulton, Fannie J (Comerford 
Tilton Highlands 

Murphy, R mill op Chest 
Mary (Delaney ho 

Murphy, John drug 10 Pros 
Edith (Greenwood ho 

Edith Blanch pi 

Muzzey, Bertha H tel op 



Nichols, Lizzie M (Paine No 1 
Normandin, F mill op Chest 
Eulalie (Trembley ho 

*Amanda (m Hard 

Shermgton, Que 
*Alcide Otawa, Canada 
Prof University 
Alfred mill op 

Fabiola mill op 

Arm and stu 

Marion mill op 

Fortunat stu 



Alice pi 

North, W L mill op Pleas 

Nellie M (Smith ho 

Norton, V H mach Laco 1 

Winuefred (Martin 

sum bdrs "Pinevvald" 
Ashley C stu 

Eleanor W stu 

Hila L pi 

Alt a V pi 

Eugenia N pi 

Norton, C P retd Laco 1 
*Alta (m Davis 

S Berwick, Me 
*Mary E (m Hamlin 

7 Roslin, Salem, Mass 
Noyes, J B mach Peabody 
Priscilla (Hannaford 
*Ida B (m Johnston 

101 Templeton 
Dorcbester, Mays 
•Lillian G (m Stevens 

14 Sprino-, Laco 
Noyes, Annie L (Rogers West 

Allen R 
Nye, Belle (Wijitcher High 


O'Donald, Patrick mill op 

Bridget F (Boland 

O'Donnell, P mill op Pleas 
Oliver, Charlie lab High 

Georgiana (Lebell ho 

*Josephiue (m Gammon 

Shelbrook, Canada 
Delfus lab 

George stable 

*Mary waitress Greenville 
Matilda opt fact 

Leo pi 

Ordway, Ethel ho East 
Ordway, J W mach Winter 
Clara M (Varney 
Leon A pi 

Morris S pi 

Otiborn, Mrs Sarah ( Main 

Osgood, T F far Sch 1 

*Chas VV far Frank 1 
Herman C far 

O'Shea, Eugene mill op Drake 
Mamie (Donney ho 

Madeline pi 

Joseph T 

Paige, Arthur L printer 

Page, Herman milk farm 

Sarah L (Farrar ho 

Dorothy F pi 

Herman C pi 

Can dace A 

Paine, Rena stu Sch 

Palmer, S E mill op Winter 

Parker, Josephine E Pleas 

Paro, Edw watchman Main 



Mary A (Mann ho 

*Gertrude (m White 

20 Daton, Concord 
*Minnie (m Thompson 


*Mabel (m Kimball 

Leon E stu 

Patten, E E mill op Pleas 

Angie M (Stoodley ho 

Laura A pi 

Perkins, Mary E (Trow High 

Edvv H stu 

Wesley T stu 

Ernest II stu 

Pease, Hannah (Magrah 

seamstress Main 
Perkins, Emily A (Burleigh 

72 Main 

*Ned W undertaker 


*Fred B elee eng 

Keudallville, lud 

Ray Harris ins agt 

Perkins, R H ins & real est 

70 & 72 Main 

Susan B (Crockett ho 

Perry, Sara M retd E Main 

Ida J (m Bacon 

Perthell, Otto mill op 

Selina (Cad ice ho 

Florence mill hd 

Pheneuf, H A Main 

ptr & paper hgr 

Philbrick, E G retd Main 

Ann H (Hill ho 

Chas H optician 

101 Tremont, Boston, Mass 

Gery broker 

65 Broad, New York 

Philbrick, Sarah A Loca 1 

Philbrick, Hulda J ho 

Philbrick, Mrs E A (Philbrook 

dr mkr East 

*Ruth G Am watch Co 

Waltham, Mass 

Philbrick, J D IG Prospect 

*M Alice (m Kenniston 

Bald wins ville. Mass 
Philbrick, Geo A far Laco 1 
Anna C (Philbrick 

Wiunesquam Ho 
Philbrick, Mrs Geo E Main 
market gardening- 
Mary S (m Bridges 
*Lena (m Parker 

48 Broadway, Concord 

Philbrook, O D far Laco 1 

Helen M (Lane ho 

Ina M stu 

Philbrook, N P retd clerg 


Hannah S (Sanborn ho 

*Nathan W canning bus 

2209 Pasadena Ave, 

Los Angeles, Cal 

*H D far Ash by, Mass 

*Edgar P phy & sur 

Santa Cruze, Cal 



*Laura F lib 

Middletowii, Conn 

Helen P (in Patten 
Pickering, F J fire E Main 

Abbie II (Miller ho 

Pillsbury, Juliott (Tucker 

Pillsburv, Eliza S (Tucker 


Mabel P (m Moses 

Ethel P (m Daniel 

Pillsbury, Eliza J off Pros 

Pillsbury, Josephine off Pros 

Plimpton, Geo S Sch 

prin Til ton Seminary 

Etta (Fery ho 

Esther E 


Plummer, Mildred H pi 

Plummer, A F retd 

Orvis A miller 

Carrie E wrapper shop 

*C W druo- Lakeport 

Milan II far 

Plummer, M 11 far Highlands 

Priricilla (Franklin ho 

Plummer, Geo E mach Main 

Cassie M (Griffin ho 

Pearl M 

Poirier, Mrs Hat tie ( 

*Pope, Bernice bk kpr Laeo 

Edith M 8tu 

Powers, F Ervin butcher Sch 
Lena M (Chamberlain ho 

Powers, L V butcher Sch 
Elsie A (Colburn ho 

Mary A stenog 

F Ervin butcher 

Prescott, Fritz printer Mech 
Clara G (Tavlor ho 

Mary G 

Quimby, L H cl \V Main 
Cleave H C mill op 

Ella stii 

Quimby, Emily C (Meade ho 

W Main 

*0 A car Stockton, Cal 

Lvman H cl 


Randall, Frank E Main 

overseer Tilton mill 

Jennie (Lupien 

ICarl F pi 

Arthur B pi 

Wm II pi 

Raymond, Emma J Laco 1 
Rcgo, Jos watch Peabody 

Theresa (Almeda 

Mary R pi 

Helen N 

John J 



Reed, Ray E ptr Hi^h 

Gertrude M (Fifield bo 

Dawn G 

Reed, Oscar ptr Hioh 

Alice J (Berry ho 

*Sam B ptr 

40 Montj^omery, 

Boston, Mass 

Eva J (m Davis 

Carl ptr 

*Fred G mach 

148 Union Ave, Lacouia 

Ray E ptr 

Alice B stu 

Reed, Alson M mill op East 

Reed, Emma (Shaw ho 

*Frank E mill op Warren 

*Lulu B (m Morse 

Harmony, Me 
Bertie C far 

Alson M mill op 

*Mildred (m Stevens 

Worcester, Mass 

Reed, Ida M milliner Main 

Renter, P E car Peabody 

Hannah (Fessenden 

P^lroy F stn 

Reyno, Nellie stu 

Reyno, Henry E pi 

Reyno, Isabel pi 

Richardson, Wm H lab Main 

Etta A (Eaton ho 

Rickert, Edw B fireman Mill 

Belle L (Kimball 

Julian F 
Roberts, Jos retd Cedar 

Laura (Barnes 

Fred mill op 

Joseph mill op 

John rest 

Tuphin mill op 

Napoleon mill op 

Rose (m Twombly 

Mel vena (m Cote 

Selina (m Cement 
Roberts, Thople mill op Hi«»h 

Melia (Gill ho 

Rose (m Roberts 

Mary pi 

Frank pi 

Roberts, Fred mill Hi^h 

Rose (Roberts ho 

Roberts, Jos D mill op Drake 

Cordelia (Rayno ho 

Omer N pi 

Joseph A 

Hazel M 
Robida, A opt fact Cedar 

Aglaw (Bnteau ho 

Ed ward pi 



Robinson, A E mill op Mill 

Ora M (Shiatte 

Lloyd A 
Roche, Nellie ho Chest 



Rogers, C C law Pleas 

Sarah L (Hull ho 

*John W lumb 

Santonio, Texas 
Geo B cl 

*Herbert S tel bus 

Newtonville, Mass 
Rogers, Geo B bk kpr Wash 
Ethel M (Stevens ho 

Rollins, Fred mill op Chest 
Nellie (Laclair ho 

Fred A 
Sadie E 
Rollins, W H H East 

far & sum brds The Elms 
Alice C ho 

Rundlett, Helen 

sum res, Boston, Mass 

Rundlett, Marion tr 

sum res, Boston, Mass 

Sampson, C C clerg 5 Sch 
Sampson, C C clerg 

Sanborn, Nathan retd 

*Nora (m Philbrook 


Sanborn, E W car & far No 1 

Maretta M (Chase ho 

Eva M tr 

Roy C stu 

Sanborn, W carriage shop 


Myrtie B ho 

Sanborn, Tabothy (Sanborn 

Sanborn, E W milk & far 

Laco 1 

Florence N (Gerald ho 

Gerald K pi 

E Vernon 

Floyd F 
Sanborn, Mary J (Foss ho 
Sanborn, F T mas W Main 

Alice W(Wyman ho 

Ethel W tr mus 

Sanborn, E L retd W Main 

*Grace T (m Smith ho 


*J H mas State, Concord 

Clara A (m Rounds 

* Ed win C mach 

7 Wiggin, Concord 
Caroline tr mus 

* Waldo L mas 

South Haven, Mich 
Sanborn, James E lab East 
Sanborn, Frank gen team wk 

E Main 
Ella C (Gilman ho 

Ethel G pi 

Sanborn, Mary A (Flanders 


Sanborn, Le Roy W car 

Hifihlaud s 



Charlotte (Morrison ho 

Lottie M (m ( ) 

15 Orchard, 

No Cambridge, Mass 

Sargent, Harriet teleg op 

22 School 

Sargeut, Flavia D (Dukley 

ho East 

Lucy N (m Strock 
Sargeut, Helena L (Palmer 

EMain No 1 

*Grace S (m Davis 

Scully, Thos mill op Chest 

Mary (Young ho 

Leo A 
Seavey,WH harness mfr East 
Seavey, Sarah A (Taylor East 

Millie E mill op 

*Frank A mill op Guilford 
Severance, Mary W ho West 
Seren, Nerey mill op Main 

Ida (Bernard ho 

Lawrence pi 


Shaw, Florence E stu Main 
Shaw, Bert E lab East 

Mary E (Durgin ho 

EarfE ])1 

Ida M pi 

Amos G pi 

Edna M 
Shaw, Will T fireman 

EvaM(Martell ho 

EstelleE pi 

Bernard T 

Shaw, Henry A lab 

Clary (Buzzell ho 

Henry E lab 

Bert E lab 

Amos T mill op 

Will T mill op 

Bessie M (m Daniels 

Shaw, Henry E far 

Clara (Sullancey ho 

Ethel M pi 

Maud S pi 

Eva M 
Clarence E 
Emma G 

Shepherd, Harriet E (Crane 

9 Main 
Herman W 

Shepherd, W H far East 
Ella ( 

Shepherd, A F mill op Cedar 
Lulu B (Marsh ho 

Shepard, W II far East 
Ella (Mason ho 

Sherman, C W fireman High 
Sarah M (Coleman ho 

El win A stu 

Elmore C 

Shiatte, Ludoric mill op Cedar 
Jennie (Hopkinson ho 

Shiatte, Andrew mill op High 
Mary 1] (Trombly ho 



Louisa L (m Roberts 
Ludoric mill op 

Ora M (m Robinson 
Herbert F mill op 

Simpson, H F mach 

Pillsburj Ave 
Ti]ula G (Bushman ho 

Bertha G stu 

Chas H stu 

Hartley F Jr pi 

Simpson, C M cl 

Caroline (Robinson ho 
Hartley mach 

Simonds, B P retd 

Hannah J (Johnson ho 
*Solon D 8 s op Derry 
Stella J (m Thompson 

Smith, Mrs C L (Grey ho 

sum res East 
Clara M 

Smith, Fred G cl East 

Frances (Burleigh ho 

Joseph E stu 

Sarah J stu 

Hazel F 
Mildred G 

Smith, C E asst cash Chest 
Christena (Albee 
Albee E pi 

Anna E ])1 

Smith, J B 9 School 

plumb & hardware 
Grace E (Vittum 
Harold V plumb 

Smith, Sarah M opt fact West 
Smith, B True opt fact 

Smith, Alden E 

steward Soldiers' Home 

Aldaua C ( 

Smith, Josie (Gordon East 

Gertrude T pi 

Isabel M 
Smith, L W carge & har dlr 
W Main 

Corena M (Hoyt ho 

Osborn J clothing 

Smith, Osborn J mer Main 

Adella E (Eaton ho 

Howard E 
Smith, Chas N far East 

Nellie A (Jaques 

Arthur N stu 

Perley J pi 

Smith, Bert far 

Smith, Elizabeth (Pliilbrook 

E Main 

Smith, Chas far 

Highlands, Frank 2 

Margaret L (Leavitt ho 

Elizabeth V stu 

Smith, D S far W Main 

Bell V (Straw ho 

Addie B ho 

*Stanyan, Florence (m Grey 

Marjorie mill op 

Earl H lab 

Staples, Arthur cl Sch 



Sarah (Davis 
Steenbergen, H W 




Anna E (Aharn 

Stoodley, Curtis mill op 

Stone, Geo S far No 1 

Alice E (Deau ho 

Marion A stu 

Milton D pi 

Stone, Ellen M (Crenner East 

Swett, Miss Sarah M West 

Tandy, Edmoud lab 

Ida E (Lakin ho 

Hattie B pi 

Tasker, Edwin S clerg 12 Sch 

Grace C (Pitkin ho 

Pauline B pi 

Harold P pi 

Charlotte B 

Taylor, Harry opt fact Chest 

Taylor, Jos mill op Main 

Taylor, C W mill op East 

Josephine G (Plummer ho 

Berti(3 G mill op 

Taylor, C M surveying East 

Julia A (Sargent ho 

*Ivan M broker 

15 State, Boston, Mass 

Eva Blanch (m Smith 

Taylor, Julia E East 

Terrien, N boss in mill High 

Susie (Locke dr mkr 

Freddie stu 

Stephen pi 

Tilton, G boss dyer 13 Sch 
Grace (Nutter ho 

Harry L pi 

Loren H pi 

Tilton, Harriet (Wilson Main 
*Anuie M (m Page 
44 Oakland, Medford, Mass 

Tilton, Mary R (Crooker ho 


Tilton, Daniel S lar Sch 
Ida L (Harris ho 

Frank S far 

Tilton, A E real est Sch 
Estella F (Fresee 

Thomas, C H furniture Chest 
Florence milliner 

Eliza C (Brown 

Thompson, Jos L retd Main 

Thompson, John far East 
Esther J (Frohock ho 

*Albridge P far Meredith 
*Harry A far Meredith 
*Frank H tr 

Mary E (m Stewart 

Thompson, Leroy R far Sch, 

Sarah F (Fawdrey 
John F stu 

Helen pi 

Lawrence R pi 

Thompson, Cora 



Thurber, Ed mill op Cedar 

Thurston, Leauna M Main 

agt Matal MIgCo 

Tobin, John mill op Chest 

Towle, S M car 6 Winter 

Susie A (Currier ho 

*Nellie (m Richard 

40 Stetson, AVhitman, Mass 

*Mamie (Hoegstrom 

103 Frank, Franklin 
Towns, C A undertaker Cedar 
Christanna (Kenny ho 
Milton S "^ pi 

Erviu A pi 

Towns, Thos M coal dlr Cedar 
Martha (McDaniel 
•Rebecca A (m Arnold 

144 Stanwood 

Eoxbury, Mass 

Charlie A mer 

M Ella at home 

Trickey, Maj Wm H 

Com Tiltoii Soldiers' Home 

Celesta E (Deland matron 

Wm D office ol 

Trickey, Wm D office cl 

Minnie B (Owen 
True, Chas L dentist 

Raffaelly Blk 
Tucker, K W far Sch 

AbbieC (Currier ho 

Tattle, Charlotte fl pi AVinter 
Twombj^ Lillian dr mkr 





Wadleioh,Geo H far Sch No 1 
Lewis J far 

Walker, John team Mill 
Chas ex team 

Walker, Chas T ex team Pros 
Mary E (Balcom ho 

Ware, Leonard F far East 
Mary E (Fogg ho 

Watson, F L mill op East 
Sadie E (Moore ho 

Bernice A stu 

Fred L pl 

Freelan M 

*Watson, Elbridge 

New Haven, Conn 

* Webber, Frank real est 

135 Reed Ave, Brooklyn, N Y 

Wescott, Amos far No 1 
*Abbie M (m Blood Frank 
Frank S far 

*Helen H Concord 

nurse State Hospital 
George A far 

Marion E ho 

Nellie S pl 

Mabel B pl 

Wliipple, Mrs Ruth B Main 

Whitcher, R R far East 

Whitehead, J mill op Winter 
Mary F (Heeney 



James W 
George F 
Walter F 
Charlotte L 
Harold B 

mill op 

White, Nellie (French E Main 

Lydia E 

Doris E 
Whitman, F C mill op Cedar 

Emily M (Gerald ho 

Frank C pl 

Viola C 
Whittie, W L far 

Ida E (Adams ho 

Robert A pl 

Edward M pl 

Wilner, T G bk kpr Chest 

Elizabeth (Stickney 

music tr 

Sarah L 

Maria D ho 

Wilkins, FA R R ser Pleas 

OHve B (Greenwood ho 


Williams, J R mill op Mill 

Agnes (Buchanan 

Eva H tr 

Wilmot, Lewis W far 

Emma V (Vuuak 

*Lillian (m Cades 

Wood fords, Me 

*Maud (m Carpenter 

White River June, Vt 

Mabel W tr 

*Wm E shipper for Swifts 
White R June, Vt 


*B F White R June, Vt 
Carl D stu 

Marjorie D stu 

Wilson, Adelaide (Rundlett 

sum res 
*Mabel R tr Boston 

Wood, Fred mill op Cedar 

Worthen, Arthur L car & bldr 

6 Pros 
Mary D (Phelps ho 

*C E elee Spokane, AVash 
Chester A car 

Georg^'ia A (m Bailey 

Wyatt, Harry C far East 
Sarah J (Sanborn ho 

Carrie L stu 

Nathan S stu 

Ruth M pl 

Wyatt, G C far East Main 1 
Lucy E (Jackson ho 

Susannah D stu 

Laura A stu 

Arthur J stu 

Helen Otis pl 

Wyatt, W C har mfg High 
Clara (Thorpe 
*Bernard L M D 

Monterey N L, Mexico 


Annie C Sch 



Irvin E car 



nie (Earle 


Helen M 


Earle A 


Adelaide M (Barnes 


bdrs Hillside, 

Laco 1 

Census of Belmont 

Where no Post Office is expressed Belmont is understood. 
Other Post Offices are abbreviated as follows: Laconia—Laco; 
Laconia R. F, D. No. 2 — Laco 2; AVinnesquara— Winsqni; La- 
conia R. F. D. 3— Laco 3. 


Abbott, Chas W mfr & car 


Clara L (Stevens ho 

Adams, Chas W far Laco 2 

MattieC (Wards worth 

*A Webster cl 

Maplewood, Mass 

Harry far 

Adams, Adelaide (Johnson 


Adams, Nellie M ho High 

Adams, H C sta agt High 
Florentina (Moultou ho 
Christine B pi 

Priscilla M pi 

Ruth A 

Aikeiis, C H mill op Concord 
Hester J (Parsons ho 

Ida Faye (m Demerite 

Akeley, I C retd 

*Abuer C ptr VVt^stville 

*Carl L musician Exeter 

*Leon B mill op 

Plymouth, Mass 

Lizzie F (m Fi field 

Lydia L (m Bartlett 
Ames, G B far Laco 2 

Georgia A (Flanders ho 

*Nancy A (m Hay ward 

ho Penacook 

Addie F (m McLellan 
Atwood, Olivia S (Young 

ho Laco 2 

Lillian P dr mkr 

Avery, H A mill op High 

Jennie D (Chapman ho 


Badger, Francis A 

Mabel S (Morrison 

Margaret E 

Hilda A 

Doris M 
Badger, A F far 

Harry W 

Eva E (Lamprey 

Baker, F L far Concord 






Laco 3 





Mary (Green ho 

Winnie M pi 

Olive B pi 

Fred A 

Barker, H F far Sanbornton 
Emeliue A (Easter 

Barrett, Wm J plumb Fuller 
KateF (Fuller ho 

Lawrence F pi 

M Vir<>;inia pi 

Bartlett, Jos far 

Lydia L (Akeley ho 

*Fred A mould Lempster 
Agnes A (m Deforge 

Batehelder, Francis F far 

Sarah F (Bennett dr nikr 

*NelIie (m Foss ho 

*Frank F Everett, Mass 

State Ho employee 

Bean, John M far Laco 2 
EllaM (White ho 

Etta B invalid 

*Myrtie R bk kpr 

Salem, Mass 
*Belinda A dr mkr 

Salem, Mass 

Bean, Sarah (Martin Laco 2 
Curt M far 

Bean, E C drug Dearborn 
Marrietta (Bowman ho 
Helen M stu 

*John C second hand 

235 Hanover, Manchester 
Arthur E stu 

Edna C pi 

Beckford, Dr H S Fuller 

Eleanor R (Robinson 
Hortense R pi 

Belanger, E mill op Depot 
Ad die (Perron ho 

Arthur E pi 

Mabel W pi 

E A 
Lionel E 

Belisle, H E far Laco 2 
Mary (Jarey ho 

Medi pi 

Bickford, F dyer Lawrence 
Myrtie V (Sanborn ho 

Bickford, Jane S (Briggs 

Fred W mill op 

*Mary (m Jones Calif 

*Minnie F (m McFadden 

Myrtie (m Edwards 

Blaisdell, Claralu-ll (Rundlett 
ho Laco 2 
Edwin W far 

*Roscoe I car E Til ton 
*Max C rafr Lakeport 
p]lli8 N pi 

Boisseaii, Geo mill op 

Sadie (Brake ho 

Bonner, Delia R (Carr ho 

Bossie, R box shop Lawrence 
Mary (Boutien ho 

Dennis mill op 



Mary mill op 

Flora mill op 

*Josephing agt Claremont 
*Peter mill op 

Hillsboro Bridge 
Lewis mill op 

Freddie pi 

Brake, Ezra far 

Trottier (Leo ho 

*Linda (m Dubia Tilton 
Frank mill op 

Sadie (m Boiseeau 
Annie mill op 

Minnie mill op 

Brake, Freddie mill op 

Sarah (Brake ho 

Mary A 

Brake, Jos far & meats 

Annie (Ducheneau ho 

Ida (m Jenal ho 

Freddie mill op 

Mary (m Gloddy 
Willie mill op 

Arthur A stu 

Sarah B (m Brake 

Brown, Harry lab Laco 2 

Brown, Caroline A (Rogers ho 

Harry R mill op Laco 

*Irene (m Smith ho 

Cambridge, Mass 

Brown, Edw C far Laco 2 
Katie F (Barrett ho 

Bernice V pi 

Brown, Beuj F far Laco 2 

Emma J (Philbrook 
* Frank M far E Tilton 
*Stacy ear E Tilton 
*Mabel F (m Hunk ins 


Brown, C H coal dlr Depot 
Sarah E (Thompson ho 
*Flossie (m Plummer 

Harley C mill op 

Nannie stu 

Ella M stu 


Brown, Noel mill op Main 
Mary (Champum ho 

Rose mill op 

Brulotte, Jos R R ser Laco 
Mary A (Cross ho 

Eveline M pi 

Joseph pi 

Henry pi 

Arthur Z pi 

Irene M 

Bryant, John O far 

Amy J (Worcester ho 

Harold E lab 

Hazel M pi 

Homer W pi 

Clayton B pi 

Helen M 

Bryant, Will lab Main 

Bryant, Ralph team No Ch 
Luella (Maxfleld ho 

Pauline N pi 



Meribah E p] 

Leigh M 

Vina I) 
Bryant, C A retd Concord 

Sarah E(Willard ho 

*Chas W druogist Tilton 

*Mamie A (m P>ench 

Burke, Thomas lab 

Burke, Louise Depot 

Napoleon mill 

Alexina (m Frazier 

Cartier, Jos mill op Main 
Georgia (Fraehette 
Emile J pi 

Leon L pi 

Eva M pi 

George A 

Case, S S mill op Concord 
Addle M (Smith ho 

Cate, CE blk & grain dlr 


Amy C (Osgood ho 

Cate, L H far & blk Winsqm 
Chas E blk & grain dlr 
Wilbur J mail ear 

Thomas J stu 

Mary J (Patterson ho 

Eben W P p] 

Theodore L pi 

Cate, Laura (Emerson Depot 

Lawrence pi 

('hapman, D L far Laco 2 
Melvina L (Gilman ho 

Charest, F'lise ((iay ho 

Chase, A P team Main 

Ermina M (Fogg ho 

Cbarlie E lab 

Chase, Chas E lab Main 

Pearl I (Chase ho 

Chatigny, Zoe Fuller 

Annie , mill op 

Eva mill op 

Joseph mill op 

Cliihls, Rev H No Ch 
Dora (Whittemore ho 
Althea L 
Howard L 

Cilley, Mrs J P (Grant Main 

Cilley, C W far 

Nellie (Allen ho 

Edna G ho 

Eva B stu 

Olive G stu 

Allen P pi 

Ruth E pi 
Doris N 
Hazel B 

Clairmont, Leon far Laco 2 

Amelia (Bonier ho 

Levi far 
*Josephine J (m Dubia ho 

*Joseph V mill op 



*Louisa (in Prescott Laco 

Clairmont, Stella pi Laco 2 

Clairmont, Ernest far Laco 2 
Mamie B (Turcotte ho 
Ernest E 

Clark, Susan J (Smith ho 

*Jo8 car Laco 

Alvin far 

Cleojent, Levi far 

Celiaa (Roberts ho 

Arthur L 
Evelyn A 

Clifford, GW ptr Sargent 
Rosa E (Plant ho 

Minnie M pi 

Clyde D pi 

Kenneth P 

Clifford, J L stone mas & car 

Jennie N (Leavitt ho 

* Albert F B & M eng 

2 Avon, Concord 
Hat tie M (m Gaskell 
Evelyn M mill op 

Hortense J ho 

Earl C stu 

Mildred L pi 

Collins, W J ptr, repr & whl'rt 

Laco 2 
*Dexter L ptr Lakeport 
*WiU.m- H ptr 

Annie M chamber girl 

Jennie R (Robertson 

*W J cl Los Angeles, Cal 

Ethel J (m Friend ho 

*LeRoy G printer 

Los Angeles, Cal 

Copp, Frederick E far Laco 2 
Mary L (Morrill ho 

Corliss, Fred W car Laco 1 
Ella M (Blaisdell ho 

Leslie II pi 

Celia P 
Arthur G 

Corliss, Chas G car Laco 1 
Doroth}' J (Pearson ho 
*Mary L (m Brigham ho 
240 Court, Laconia 
*Carrie B (m Brough ho 
231 Court, Laconia 
*IIenrietta (m Bickford 

Peabody, Mass 
Fred W car 

Cotton, J O far Laco 2 
Jason H far 

* Jennie A (m Sanborn ho 
*J S ice team Ashland 
Alice A (Hadley ho 

Cotton, J H far Laco 2 
Emma J (Lane ho 

*WG baker Woodsville 

Cowan, Masie cl Gale 

Cowan, Elmer blk Gale 
Queenie C (Fifield ho 

Herbert F pi 



Leroy J pi 

Currier, Fred A Laco 2 

far Maple Grove Farm 
Harriet L (Twombly ho 
*Austin fireman Concord 
Sarah E nurse 

Elenora B stu 

Richard A stu 

Fred A Jr pi 

Helen R pi 

Currier, C C far High 

Almeua F (Pitman ho 

AddieM (m Hill 
Alice G (ra Knovvles 

Currier, E I ptr & pap hgr 
Eagle Cot 
Grace L (Osborn ho 

Doris L 

Currier, J P Currier Ho 

Jennie B (Davidson ho 
Earl I ptr 

Daisy tel op 

Currier. Electa A (Brown ho 

No Ch 

Curry, H W car Laco 2 
Edith C (Jordan ho 

Hazel E pi 

Phyllis J pi 

Maud M 

Cushiiig, Alice G (Baker ho 
Russell H pi 

Florence M pi 

Worcester B 

Gushing, Thos R far 

Aminda (Weymouth ho 
*Amy W^ (m Churchill 

Milton Mills 

*Char]otte A tr 

28 Mulberry, Nashua 

Sarah N (ra Weymouth 

Cyrille, Jaques far Laco 3 

Margaret (Fortier ho 

*Margaret (m Sheen ho 


*Mary (m Kelory Laco 

*Ro8ie A (m Spring 

Boston, Mass 
Geo C far 

Eugene J far 

Dalton, Ella (Ingalls mill op 

Davis, Pike far Laco 2 
Dawes, John E far Laco 3 

Arthur E lab 

Caroline (Brown ho 

Dearborn, J R grain dlr High 

Ardella E (Adams ho 

Dearborn, G P far Dearborn 

Loretta (Dearborn ho 

Dearborn, Dorothy L(Folsom 


*Nellie F (m Belden 


Loretta (m Deaiborn 



Dearborn, W C team Depot 
Susie (Moulton ho 

Karl B pi 

Wendall S pi 


Dearborn, B cl Sargent 
Clarence ins & mill op 

Deforge, Jos far 

Agnes A (Bartlett ho 

Clifton J pi 

Mildred A 

Deforge, Mrs Adeline 

Demeritt, S E mill op Concord 
Ida (Faye-Aikens ho 

Hester Abbie 
Olive June 

Dennett, W N far Laco 2 

Emma C (Fisher ho 

*Harry A fireman 

(xalesburg, 111 

Stanley L stu 

Dockham, Emma E ( ho 

*Earle mech Maine 
Clarence lar 

*Ralph navy 

Cla^'ton lab 

Dolloff, Harry M lab Laco 2 

Donovan, Josephine I 

*Daniel E Mach Tilt on 
Agnes F (m Melcher Laco 

Dorm an, G B far & bdg ho 
The Dorm an 

Alice F (Ring hostess 

Dow, Albert E ear Laco 2 

Verdie V (Veasey ho 

Ruth E pi 

Alice V pi 

Dow, A L car School 

Nellie (Rowe ho 

Mildred stu 

Pauline pi 

Downs, Jos far Laco 2 

* Abbie T (m Jeffers ho 

Tarn worth 
Elias E far 

* Leafy (ra Mason ho 


*Geo W cl Tamworth 

•Gertrude A hotel 


Emma H (Potter ho 

Downs, Elias E far 

Mildred E( Page ho 

Drake, A L far 

Sarah J (Wilcox ho 

Hattie B pi 

Hazel D pi 

Clarence pi 

Drouin, F mill op Lawrence 
Clara (Loivien 
Arthur mill op 

Flora M mill op 

Mary M mill op 

Lena M n)ill op 

Mitchell mill op 

Ernest J mill op 



Marion M pi 

Dube, Chas B far Laco 2 

Annie (Morin ho 

Ducbueault, Joe mill op 


Lena mill op 

Dunnivan, F mill op Ch 

Hattie (Smith ho 

Durlcee, Dr F A Main 

Lucrecia J (Leeds ho 

Dutile, Alphonzo far Laco 2 

Cline (Vaillencourt ho 

Delphus pi 



Button, Hannah F (Forrest 
ho Main 

Eastman, Sopbrona A (Colby 

Elbridge P far 

Eastman, Elbridge P far 

Geo H far & milkman 

Eastman, G H far & milk 

Alice N (Page ho 

Walter E bk kpr 

Easter, Emeline (Lovejoy 

Frank J 

*Mabel J (m Lee Meredith 
Eaton, Chas mill op Sch 

Melissa (Sanborn 

Gladys stu 

Edmonds, C mill op Eagle Ct 
Abbie E (Rogers ho 

Hazel B 

Edwards, M mill op Concord 
Myrtie A (Bickford ho 
Mary J mill ob 

Ernest C pi 

Clark A 

Elkins, Carrie (Joy Spring 
Hazel M (m Marder 

Falardeau, Wm mill Lawrence 
Georgia (Parent ho 

Albert J mill op 

P^mile mill op 

Eva M stu 

Alec J pi 

Mary J pi 

Farrar, R L far Laco 2 
*Hezekiah D car Laco 
*Howard J car Laco 
*Ina M (m Randall Laco 

Fellows, Frank T car 

*MaryG (m Clifford 


P^ield, Henry far 

Mary (Juby ho 

Aaron lab 

Philip lab 

Flora pi 

Lewis pi 

Jean pi 



Lula pi 

May pi 

Fifield, W S far 

Amanda L (Tucker ho 
Fifield, H C far Laco 2 

Came F (Piper ho 

Mildred H pi 

Merle M 

Thelma M 
Fifield, Abbie Main 

Fifield, Geo E far 

Lizzie F (Akeley ho 

Florence L pi 

Channitjtj; K pi 

West E 
Flanders, A S fireman Main 

*Flossie B (m Marston 


*Addie A (m Weeks 

Oilman ton 
Fogg, Wm far Laco 3 

Olive M (Chapman ho 

Fogg, Bert mill op Main 

Emma (Pike lunch rooni 
Fogg, Georgina (Laflam ho 

Bertie A pi 

Emma E pi 

Folsom, John lab Laco 2 
Folaom, Stephen S far 

Folsom, John F retd Spring- 
Foot, Florence 10 (Sherman 

* Alice M (m McKerley 


Foster, Orin W far & car 

E Tilton 
Mary F (Johnson ho 

Harvey J far 

*Eva M (m Page Concord 
*Maud M (m Lord Tilton 
*Abbie E (m Campbell ho 
*G C lab Palmer, Mass 
Amy J millinery 

Carrie C ho 

Frazier, Napoleon mill 

Amelia (Levalier 
Rosa pi 

Frazier, Leon mill op Depot 
Alexina (Burke 

P'razier, Geo A lab Main 

Frazier, Mary (Parent Main 

French, T mill op Concord 
AdaM(Hackett ho 

Viola M 

Friend, Fred W far Laco 2 
Etbel J (Collins ho 

Veriia B 

Fuller, T mas & music tr 

Fannie H (Hill 
Leita (m Piper 
Kate M (m Barrett 

Furber, F H far Laco 2 
Carrie E (Plummer ho 

Josephine M pi 

Gagne, Fred 

Josephine (Polen 
*Selena (m Melett 

Freddie J mill op 

Mary (m Provost 
Frank J mill op 

Nellie M mill op 

Tuffel J pi 

Lena M pi 

Gannon, Albetta mill op 


Gale, Dan W bk kpr Main 
Susan B (Garland ho 

Gardner, F W far Laco 2 
loez A (Gray ho 

Jack H pi 

Gardner, R R mill op Gale 
Mary (York ho 

Sumner J mill op 

Gardner, S J mill op Gale 
Nellie M (Clouoh ho 

Garland, Z far Laco 2 

Garmon, Louisa A (Folsom 


Gay, Myron mill op Soh 
Carrie (Chaperon ho 

Morris K pi 

Raymond C 1)1 

Amy A 
Caroline M 

Gcarini, Albert far Laco 2 



Rosie (Gcarini 


Albert Jr 






Geddie, Edw far 


Emma (Pluffe 


* Louise (m Lam pro 


*Mary (mBoulay Concord 

Henry D mill op 

Eliza M mill op 

Phoebe mill op 

Georoie G mill op 

Leado A stu 

Frankie J pl 

Ellen E pl 

Rachel L pl 

Gessier, Jos shoe repr Fuller 

Gilman, Olive ho Laco 2 

Gilman, E ptr & far Laco 3 

*Alice E (m Ellsworth ho 


Perley E far 

Blanch E pl 

Gilman, C E mach Fuller 

*Nettie (m Downing 

*Mamie (m West Concord 
*Alna H tel op Lakeport 
Etta H (Lamprey 
Gilman, C E printer Sprinpj 
Lillian (Kendall ho 

Edith C pl 

Althea B pl 

Glidden, D M hir Laco 2 



Sarah M (Redding ho 

Ruby A 

Glidden, M G far Laco 2 
Alice J (Hart ho 

Daniel M far 

Alice M stu 

Theo I pi 

Glines, Caroline A (Wilkinson 
ho Laco 2 

Glines, R E car Laco 3 

Helen F (Thompson ho 

Gloddy, Frank far 

Mary (Brake ho 

Goodwin, Cyrus, mach Main 
Bell (Welch ho 

Cyrus A pi 

Gordon, C Q far 

Mary (Drake ho 

Blanch pi 

Goslin, Freddie mill op 

Louise (Lareau ho 

Grant, Theo J far Laco 2 
May J (Scully ho 

Eunice K 
Viola M 

Grant, F P far Laco 2 

Emma D (Libby ho 

Theo J far 

Bessie M (m Daniels ho 
Marshall L lab 

*Ernest M cl Lynn, Mass 
lone H ho 

Grant, Frances M ( Heath 


*Blanch I (m Heath 

Laco 2 
Grant, Etta B (Dow Main 

Mildred H pi 

Green, Olive J (Weeks ho 

Greeuleaf, Elwin team Main 

Blanch E (Pease mill op 
Greenouoh, G H far 

Charlotte (McNear ho 

*Mary (m Severence 

Main, Plymouth 


Hall, F C ^en store Main 
Lettie M (Swaine ho 

Hall, Chas D Main 

dry & fancy ooods 
Julia A (Davis 

Hammel, Jos B Lawrence 

mill ovei'seer 
Julia A (Townes 
Geo R mill op 

Guy L stu 

Mae A stu 

Edwin C pi 

Mildred H pi 

Hammel, J overseer Lawrence 
Julia (Towns ho 

George R mill op 

Guy L mill op 

Edward C stu 

Anna M pi 

Mildred E 



Haucock, Jos K retd Concord 
Delia A (Clifford bo 

Horace far 

*Ella C (in Hodgdon 


Hancock, H W far 

Etta M (Thomas ho 

Frederick far 

Geo H at home 

Haselton, E team Concord 
Minnie (Gray ho 

Mattie M mill op 

Blanch E ho 

Florence E stu 

Chester E pi 

Harry E pi 

Heath, E G ins agt Laco 2 
Ivan B (Grant ho 

Herbert, Elmer lab Laco 3 
Lizzie S (Clark ho 

* Ethel M (m Kelley Laco 
*Maud (m Prescott Laco 
Lester E lab 

Leroy pi 

Melvin pi 

Eugene pi 


Higgins, H L team 

Eliza J (Willard ho 

Herbert D 
Solomon A 

Hill, James C far Laco 2 
Ad die C (Currier ho 

Stanley F pi 

Clarence W pi 

Theodore pi 

Dorothy H 
Ruth M 
Arthur W 

Hill, Georgia C (Cnte Laco 2 
James C far 

Helen F tr 

Hillard, O G far Winsqm 
Annie G (Robinson ho 
*Mabel V (m Martin ho 
*Owen L mill op Tilton 
*Manda B Tilton 

Irvin I pi 

*Plorence pi Tilton 

*Horn, R A ptr 

35 Ray, Roxbury, Mass 

Elorne, H painter Winsqm 
Irena (Braley ho 

Ernest lab 

Maud pi 

Agnes pi 

Ellen pi 

Harry pi 

Arthur pi 


Iloule, Dennis J far Laco 2 
Lena M (Clairmont ho 

Hoyt, R G retd Main 

Emma (Bryant ho 

M and ana at home 

Huckins, Silas C lab Laco 



Huckins, P R 

James, AD F Bapt clerg 

Hudsou, C far 

Laco 2 

Laco 1 

AdaB (Allen 


Emma H (Smith ho 

Ralph S 


Walter S tinsth & plumb 

Ernest A 


Alice C printing op 

Osaian A 


Harry B far & mil op 

Hull, Ruth H 


Jenat, John G roofer Laco 2 

Hunt, Eliza A 


Kittie A (Mack ho 

Huntoon, Geo F far 

Laco 3 

Oliver W pl 

Abbie J (Herbert 


Clarence M pl 

Curt F 



Hurd, Aaron lab 

Laco 2 


Hyam, Wm A far 

Laco 2 

Ethel B 

Mary (Seres 


Walter L 
Johnson, GW blk E Tilton 


Eda G (Currier ho 
Perley R mill op 

Jacobs, Jos mill op 


Eflie B stu 

Delia (Valler 

iiiill op 

Johnson, P mill op E Tilton 

Eric M 


Carrie R (Buzzell ho 

Jacques, Peter 


Edna L 

Mary P (Carrian 


Johnson, F K mer Johnson 

*Georgia A (m Boc 

eau ho 

Abbie A (Rowe ho 

Lindouville, Yt 

Clarence W mer 

*Rose (m Levassur 


Earle W P M 

*Jean mill op 


Chas A stu 

*Nora (m Bodeau 


Lena C stu 


mill op 

Johnson, C W mer Main 


mill op 

Mary B (Muzzey ho 


mill op 

Maxwell M pl 



Jones, A H mill Sargent 



Lillian E (Babbitt ho 



Mary E 



Harold J 



Jones, H B far 

Sadie M (Farrar 

Jones, Geo 

Olive (Moody 

Laeo 2 




*Myrtie (m Fogp: ho 


Emily (ni ho 

Carrie pi 

Eva pi 

Edie ])1 

Ethel pi 

Jones, W S tiusmth & plumb 

Laco 1 
Ellen J (Avery ho 

Ralph W pi 

Hazel E pi 

Maurice A pi 

Emma C pi 

Judkius, Amanda W (Sanborn 
Chas O runs pumpiup; sta 
Herbert F hosiery mill 

Winnie M (m Mudj^ett 
*WillO blk Manchester 
Fred S exp & far 

Judkins, Herbert mill op 

Josephine (Weymouth ho 
Maurice pi 

Stanley pi 

Judkins, C Sch 

Stella (Lyford ho 

Judkins, Jos T far Laco 2 

Judkins, C R R ser Winsqm 

Jessie B (Wheeler 

Frank E 



Keaton, G A far & team 

Laco 2 
Mary J (Younf^ ho 

*\V H mach Goshen, lud 

Kennison, Eliza A (Gladden 

Laco 2 
*Chas D elec Laco 

Kilborn, Fred S far Laco 2 
Eva A (Cuttino- ho 

Ethel A tr 

WMlliam H lab 

Charlie C lab 

Sadie M stu 

Kimball, Lovina T (Sanborn 

*Sylvia F (m Weeks ho 


HO far 

Scott I far 

Kimball, HO far 

Mary E (Stockbrid}i;e ho 
Maud L pl 

Kimball, S I far 

Myrtie B (Smith ho 

Everett S pl 

Roland S 

Kimball, J F retd Concord 
*Wm H mer Gilmanton 
*JuliaAnn(m Allen Tilton 



*Erama Etta (ra Dow 

Til ton 
Knowles, S W mill op Main 

Lizzie C (Eastman ho 

*Inez B bk kpr Concord 
Knowles, C W sales Johnson 

Lillian M (Cavorly 

tr & sum bdrs 

Harry C mill op 

Helen B 
Knowles, H C mill op Concord 

Alice G (Currier ho 

Marion A pi 

Maitland C 

La Claire A mill op Depot 
Mary ( mill op 

Lacosse, Ludp:er far Laco 2 
Delphene (Vaillancourt 
Rosie mill op 

Nora mill op 

Edward pi 

Ladd, A S far Laco 1 

*Editb S (m Phelps Laco 

Florence E (m Miller ho 

*Candis P (m Babb clero- 


Lafop, Richard far 

Clara (Fields ho 

Thomas lab 

Lizzie (m Wescott ho 

Laflam, John far 

Rosa (Laflam 
Jennie A 
Lena M 
Lottie R 
Olive A 


at home 




Laflam, Wm mill op Lawrence 
Alvira (Vallier ho 

Leroy W pl 

Elsie M 

Laflam, Frank lab 

Mar}' ho 

*Emma (m Bryant 

Derb}^ Conn 

Laflam, Saml far 

Evelyn (Laflam ho 

Fred A mill op 

Berts mill op 

Ada M mill op 

Annie E pl 

Archie S pl 

Arthur W 

Lamprey, Sarah E tr Laco 3 

Lamprey, C A far Laco 3 
Ethel D (Lamprey ho 

Doris E pl 

Stewart M 

Lamprej', A A far Laco 2 
Hattie A (Wej^mouth ho 
Ada J (m Osborn ho 

Austin G far 

Lamprey, AG far Laco 2 
Florence A (Plummer ho 
Esther J 

Lamprey, W milk man Laco 3 



Lampre3% Warren far l^aco 2 
Mary E (Page ho 

Lang, Jos S far 

Euth P ^Dearborn ho 

John D team & far 

Laras, Jos mill op Main 
Clara (Fortina ho 


Lareau, Edward far 

Mar}^ (Dagnus 
Mary J (m Dagnus 
Joseph P mill op 

Davidi R R ser 

Louisa (m Goslin 

Laroche, Napoleon elec Main 
Victoria (Clement ho 

Vina mill op 

Eva mill op 

Latty, Happa (Flint Main 

La Valley, Mabel 

Lagassa, Willie mill op 

Eva (Rabia ho 


Leigh ton J J S retd Spring 
Nellie C (Folsom ho 

*Mattie (m Currier 

Princeton, Concord 
*Carrie C (m Pen ni man 

E Boston, Mass 

Lessard, Jos retd High 
Amelia (Lindey ho 

Levasseur, Arthur far Laco 3 
Salina (Vachon ho 

Addie pi 


Levett, J no retd Laco 2 
Clara J (Dow ho 

*Frank G surveyor Nashua 

Lyford, J H dep sheriff Main 
Ruby E stu 

A Grace stu 


Marden, E G barber Sargent 

Jennie M (Chaperon ho 

(jertrude E stu 

Lena B 

Grace A 
Marshall, Walter ice Depot 
Marsh, Harry E far Laco 2 

Edith E (Moore ho 

Grace E pi 

Martin, Arthur livery stable 


Hazel M (Elkins ho 

Maxfield, D D lar 

Anna (Harris ho 

Maxfield, Lydia A (Piper ho 

*Sarah E (m Small 


*Clara A (m Smith 
78 Central Ave, Lynn, Mass 

*lda B (mClough Ashland 

Nellie J 

Maude E (m Brett 



McCarthy, Caroline p] 

McCartuey, Jenuie M (Weston 

Laco 1 
*JoliD W mor Lakeport 
Alice J ho 

Homer C far 

McDonald, Mary Main 

Elzire pi 

McKenzio, JW lab E Tilton 

McLellan, J J team Laco 2 
Addie F (Ames ho 

Ida M shop op 

Ellsworth G pi 

McMichael, Lydia A (Stevens 
*Nettie I (m Pollard ho 
IJaverhill, Mass 
Beuj H cook 

Edward R blk 

*Eraily J (ni Sinclair ho 
Hyde Park, Vt 
*Geo G mach Laco 
*John H lab Laco 

McMico, Hattie (McKenzie ho 


Merchant, A blk Laco 3 
Viney (Merchant ho 

Beatrice pi 

*Josie M (ra Herbert Laco 
*Lizzie (m Blair ho Laco 
Lena mill op 

Emma (m Cyiille ho 

Miller, J A car Laco R F D 
Florence E (Ladd ho 

Moore, Lucy M(Dimond Main 

*Edwin G tr 

223 Harrison, Brooklyn, N Y 
*Frank H mer Barnstead 
Carrie M (m Sweet 
*Mabel A D (m Wentworth 
Lon^ Island 

Morrison, Susan M (Maxtield 
dr n)kr Depot 
Mabel S (m Badger 
*Leou S barber 

Merrimack, Man 

Moulton, Rev E S Bean Ct 
Abbie E (Hubbard ho 

Florentina (m Adams 
vSusie B (m Dearborn 
Edmond S Jr mill op 

*Chas E 8 s op 

24 Man ley. Auburn, Me 
M Gladys stu 

Mudgett, Wilbnr B far 

M Winnie (Judkius ho 

Mussey, John C far 

Emma J (Gardner bdg' ho 
*W^ H tar Canterbury 
Mary B (m Johnson ho 

Muzzey, Wm S hostler Main 


Nelson, A H mill op Gale 
Jennie S (Couch dr n)kr 
Gertrude L 

Newell, Rev B D Laco 3 




Nisbet, Sarah (Hyam ho Ch 
Nuncy mill op 

Will mill op 

Noel, Fred boss mill Hij^h 
Delia (Lessard ho 

Henry G cl 

Arthur W mill op 

Elmore M stu 

Norris, Cyrus B car Main 
Nellie M (Bond ho 

Eva M pi 


O'Clair, Peter 


Clerina ( — 








Osborne, True 




Ada J (Lamprey 


Pajre, Geo C far 

Laco 2 

Pease, Jas D far 


Jennie (Adams 


Ellen F (m Weeks 

*Harriet (m Smith 


*Edith (m Bushey 


*Ethel (m Youup; 




Perkins, Geo F far 

Laco 2 

Delia B (Smith ho 

Celia F ho 

Louise M pl 

timeline D pl 

Stephen F pl 

Caroline A 

Perkins, Mildram far Laco 1 

Sarah J (McCoran ho 

*Maud A (m Berry Nashua 

*Lora B (m Tasker Dover 

*Bertha M (m Rollins ho 


*Hollis G boot & shoe dlr 


*G rover C tel m^r 

Taunton, Mass 

Perron, E J car Eagle Ct 
Lizzie (Noel ho 

Adella (m Bclanger 
Mabel E needle shop 

Edith E(ni Vallier 
Alfred I mill op 

Arthur M mill op 

Eii C stu 

T ion no M pl 

Blanch M pl 

Irene L 
Ernest E 
Flora M 

Perron, A mill op Depot 
Florida (Vergin ho 

Phelps, G lumb mfr NoMain 
Gertrude (Whipple ho 

Chas W pl 



Philbrick, M H far Laco 2 
Samuel P far 

Philbrick, S P far Laco 2 
Eva M (Seiiter ho 


Phillips, W E mill op Depot 
Mamie (Knowles ho 

Dorothy pi 

Piper, Ernest K law Main 
LulaD (Brooks ho 

Rhoda E 
E Brooks 

Piper, Fred H far 

Leita (Fuller ho 

Nellie C pi 

Viola C 

Piper, Mrs Isiah (Kilborn tr 

No Main 

Ernest K law 

Fred H lar 

Plummer, Geo W far Laco 2 
Abbie M (Collins dr mkr 
Florence A (m Lamprey 

Plummer, Mary H (Moody 

ho Laco 2 
Carrie E M (Furber ho 
*William A law Laco 

Plummer, G W 2d far 

Nellie S(Leavitt ho 

*Scott L mach Laco 

Potter, Emma H (Potter ho 
Percy E USA 

Powell, J II mill op Main 

Mae A (Flanders ho 

John H 

Preseott, Herbert lab Laco 2 

Milo pi 

Florence pi 

Provost, Alfonzo mill op 

Mary (Gague 

Provost, J mill op 

Parmelia (Belangie 
Alfouz mill op 

Puffinburger, H D far Laco 3 
Rebecca F (Miller ho 

Lilla M (m Rowe ho 

*Bertha A (m Miller ho 
Preston lab 

Ada pi 

Letha pi 

Carrie J pi 

Mark pi 

Pulsifer, Chas far Laco 2 

Pulsifer, Hannah (Pulsifer 

Laco 2 


Randall, Nelson M lab Laco 2 
Josie (Benton ho 

Randlett, F A far Laco 2 
Anna L (James ho 

*Earle P car Laco 

*Geo A car Laco 



Maud A mill op 

Rej'ana, P^ortin mill op Main 
Recard, David mill op Main 

Kegina (Charest ho 

Richards, C H lumb Depot 

Nancy (liabor ho 

Willie T lab 

Daisy L stu 

Riley, Glen mill op Gale 

Dora Z (Gale ho 

Roy H mill op 

Riley, Frances I (Moody Gale 
Roberts, Nathan A far Laco 2 

Dorothy D (Reynolds ho 

Nathan A Jr 

Cynthia K 
Rogers, H W far Laco 3 

L Bessie (Lamprey ho 

Arthur A pi 

Wilber L 
Rows, Wm L far 

Lillian M (Tuffenberger 

Violet L 

Robert L 
Rowe, L far Laco 3 

Sarah A (Roberts ho 

*Anuie M (ra Blaisdell 


*Erama J (ra Miller Laco 

S Lizzie ho 

*Fred E far 

Gilmantou Iron Wks 

*Nettie A (m Wadleigh 


Julia F ho 

William L far 

Rowe, J B lab Sch 

Hannah (McCarthy ho 

Emma O mill op 

Mary (m McQny 

Nellie (m Dow 
Rowen, J L far Laco 2 

Lizzie D (Clement ho 

Sanborn, Oliver L far 

Luella M (Lamprey ho 
Walter L far 

Sanborn, W L far 

Ella E (Stockbridge ho 
F Bell ho 

Carl S pi 

Alzada M pi 

Sanborn, F W far Laco 2 
Eliza A (Kv'Mison ho 

Sanborn, A M far Laco 2 
Mary J (Wright ho 

Sanborn, N E liv & bdg stable 

Florence E (Nudd ho 

Sanborn, Amanda 

(Stockbridge Sch 

Sanborn, Eleanor (Twombly 
NoCh Widow of Nath 

Sanborn a veteran of the War 

of 1812 

Sanborn, Andrew L far 

Ijaura A (Robinson ho 



*Abbie G (m Babb Laco 
*Mary L (ra Low Laco 
*Carrie A (ra Sweet Laco 
Edgar F far 

*Geo M coachman Laco 
*Fred A coachman Laco 

Saneageiii, Jos far Laco 2 

Mina (Burlock ho 

* Alice bk kpr 

Boston, Mass 

Sargent, M hosiery rafg Main 
Dora A (Shepard ho 

John M fire ins 

Sawyer, Otto E far 

Daisy E (Patten ho 

Sawyer, Geo E far 

Mary E (Foster ho 

Otto E far 

Sawyer, Chas S far 

Mary A (Kilbourn 
*Lucy C ho Concord 
Roscoe C car 

Sayward, E T far Laco 3 
Everett V pi 

Sayward, Josephine I 

(Woodman Laco 2 
*Harry W jeweler Tilton 
E Thelbert ' far 

*Mary J ho Laco 

Lilla P waitress 

Senter, W J far S Ch 

Ada R (Leach ho 

Eva M (m Phil brook 

Laco 2 

* Walter L R R ser 

Boston, Mass 

Shaw, Julia M stu Main 

Sidney, Wm team Winsqm 

Sarah (m Robinson ho 
Small, Chas E far Laco 2 

M Jennie (Garmon ho 

Smith, Mike lab Laco 1 

Smith, H D agt & far 


Grace T (Sanborn ho 

Susie E needle mkr 

Smith, Juan A far Laco 2 

Gertrude A (Leavitt ho 

Chas M 

R Emery 
Smith, S H far Laco 3 

Alice P (Pierson ho 

Smith, J D cl Gale 

Florence M (Knowlcs ho 

Lawrence M pi 

Marjorie K 
Smith, E H ptr & photog 


Hattie B (Weymouth ho 

Lloyd D stu 

Elsie M pi 

Smith, H A plumb & tinsmith 


Lillian (Boardman ho 

Ellen E 

Phillip M 

Dorothy L 
Smith, Moses mer Main 



Jennie (Hale ho 

Smith, Timothy lab No Ch 
Joseph E mill op 

Mary (m Rawlins 
Hattie (m Donovan 

Smith, A A meatmkt Concord 
Nannie ( 

Smith, D M retd Concord 
Ellen A (Bennett ho 

Jasper G cl 

*Trpssa M (m Sweatman 

Ad die M (m Cose 
Harry A plumb 

*H W R R ser Concord 
Eddie L mill op 

Ernest H spin 

Arthur H stu 

Smith, J E Lawrence 

overseer yard depart 
Mary E (Tucker ho 

Ruth M (m Moore 
Elmer T lab 

A ones (j at home 

Leslie stu 

Smith, Asa J retd Main 
Louisa (Eaton ho 

*Dora (m Bush 

No Uxbrid^e, Mass 
Albert A mer 

*Mary L (m Pope 
9 Con*i:re8s, Worcester, Mass 

Stewart, E W far Winsqm 
Abbie M (Morgan ho 

Stover, Chas E lab 

Sturgeon, Jos team Depot 

George gen wk 

Swaine, E E mer No Main 

Eva L (Upton ho 

H Raymond stu 

S Oakleigh pi 

Swain, Mary J (Gale No Ch 

Elmer E mer 
Let tie M (m Hall 

Sweatt, J W car High 

Carrie M (Moore mill op 

Sweatt, Maria (Page Main 

Lura M mill 

John W car 

Tanner, C J team Spring 
Tate, Howard mill op Main 

Maud B (Haramel ho 

Eunice H 

Bernice E 
Taylor, Bert G mill op 

E Tilton 

Alfreda M (Watson ho 

Wesley h 
Taylor, Earl mill op Sch 
Taylor, Mary H emp N E O P 
Taylor, Sarah A 
Terrio, Tellir barber Main 

Minnie J (Merrill ho 

"^Arthur G mill op Frank 
Tilton, J W far Laco 2 



Mabala (Taylor ho 

Chas lab 

Gladys pi 

Theuren, far Laeo 2 

Mary (Niddo ho 

Octave Jr lab 

Thompson, F Z far & car 

Laco 3 
Helen M (Perkins ho 

*Wallace W mach Lacu 
*Bertha G (m Sanborn 

*HesterM (m Butterfield 

Mechanicville, N Y 
Helen F (m G lines ho 

Blanch M pi 

Torrence, Cora C (Youno^ 

Laco 2 
James A lab 

Mary J pi 

Laura C pi 


Torrey, Walter mill op Gale 
Alice (Turcotte 
Christine A 
Jerry T 

Torrey, Geo F mill op Sprint»- 

Lizzie (Thompson ho 

*Frank J cl 

Station A, Boston, Mass 

*Lizzie F (in Bickford 

Walter L mill op 

*Chas B mill op Henniker 

Geo C stu 

Toursame, Aime R R ser Main 

Deha ( ho 

Trussell, Geo A mill op Hi»>h 

Sadie E (Worcester ho 

Clinton W^ 
Turcotte, Peter car Main 

Emma (White ho 

*Mamie (m Clement 

Laconia 1 

Alice M (m Torrey 

IdaM (m Willey 

Harry stu 

Alphonse G mill op 

Alcide pi 

Tuttle, Lydia (Sawyer Laco 1 

*Chas E Boston, Mass 
mgr Swift's Beef Ho 

C Blanch ho 

Twombly, Idella mill op Sch 
Twombly, Asa E far Tilton 

Fannie E(Mason-Fot^g; ho 

*Geo F far Gilmanton 

*Bertba M (m Prescott 


Veasey, Webber E far 

Alice V (Moulton ho 

Yirdie V (m Dow ho 

Valliere, Jno moulder Eagle 

Edith E (Perron ho 




Veno, Fred lab Laco 2 
Eva (Lervey-Dow ho 

Lilla pi 

Vezina, Alfred team No Ch 
Arteme (Moren ho 

Sarah (m Brake 
Emma (m Stone 
Mary B mill op 

Alfred I mill op 

Fibola C pi 

Eron R pi 

Peter I pi 

Elizabeth N pi 

Alice E 
Lydia C 

Vernon, F E bk kpr off Main 
Abbie M (Wilkinson ho 
*Maud (m Reaum 


*Addie stu 

Wellesley, Mass 



Wadlin, Mrs Sarah M 

Waldron, Nettie (Lee 
Nellie E 

Esther B mill op 

Alice M pi 

Theresia M 

Wallace, Wm S far Laco 2 
Le^ttie E (Rollins ho 

Beatrice M pi 

Ward, A J far 

Millie A (Reynolds ho 

Waugh, D card'g- overseer 


Emma (Slater ho 

George C 
Waugh, J A mill op Depot 
Weeks, J H lumb mfg Depot 

Ellen F (Pease ho 



Everett M 

Welch, C G watchman Depot 

Addie B (Locke ho 

Gladys R pi 

Hazel E 

Margaret M 

Cyrus E 
Wellman, Almira (Lovejoy ho 

Geo A far 

Wellman, F W far & ptr 

Annie (Going ho 

Wells, Julia A (Clark ho 

*Fannie M (m Love 

Redlands, Cal 

*Thomas D editor 

Hartford, Conn 

Walter C eng & far 

Wells, Walter C civ eng & far 


Kate T (Keysar ho 

Weseott, Lizzie (Lafoe ho 

Raymond pi 



Weymouth, Arthur L far 

Weymouth, Fanuie N (Wi^gin 
Weymouth, Fred C far 

'Sarah N C (Gushing ho 
Whitcomb, J i* far Laco 2 

Alice H (Ridoevvay ho 

Whitehouse, Dt-lia C 
Whitehouse, Rhoda K 

(McDonald Depot 

*RobertC mill op Tilton 

♦Herbert L mill op Tilton 

*LillaM (m Davis 
38 Kingston, Lawrence, Mass 

*Thomas E Canada 

Whyte, John far Laco R F D 

Amelia (Paneygran ho 
Wilkinson, Caroline A 

(Knights ho 

*Everett K far Gilford 

*C D eug Newport, Vt 
Wiggin, E A blk Winsqm 

Edith M (Ellsworth ho 

Marion H j)l 

Mahlon E pi 

Ralph B 

Hazel F 

Edna M 
Willard, John P ptr 

Georgia (Philips ho 

Willard, R P far & car 

Olive B (Bean ho 

*E F far Canterbury 

*Daniel M sawyer Alton 

*Willie F car Hill 

*A B plumb & roofing- 

Marlboro, Mass 
John P ptr 

*Ernest H car Concord 
Willard, Thos lab Laco 2 
Willey, John lab Laco 2 
VVilley, C L mill op Depot 
Etta M (Tucker ho 

Grace B mill op 

Charlie E mill op 

Woodard, G H barber Depot 
Hattie M (Abbott ho 

* Eugene H optician 

996 Elm, Manchester 
Wilber H mill op 

Worthington, Sarah A (Lock 

Grace B mill op 

Ethel M mill op 

York, W P far Laco 

Mary (m Gardner 
Willie H fireman 

Morrill S team 

*Ro8e G (m Bennett 

Winchester, Mass 

York, Willie H fireman Laco 
Emma (LaValley iio 

Alida M pi 


Young, Henry H far Laco 2 



Yonn^, G A I shop op Laco 2 
Nettie M (Fredett ho 

Florence M pi 


Young, Mary J (Taylor Laco 2 

Cora C (m Torrence ho 

*Gilbert A I shop op 

Fair Plaven, Vt 

Young, Caroline M stu Laco 2 


Barker, Mary K 

Swarmstedt, Jno F 

mill op 
Loco 2 

Laco 2 

Census of Qilfoitd 

Note — AVhere no Post Office address is expressed Gilford 
is understood. Otber Post Offices are abbreviated llins: La- 
conia — Laco; Lal<eport— Lkpt. R. F. 1). routes are desig- 
nated by the number of the route. 

Allen, Geo W far Laco 3 
Nellie F (Heeman ho 

William E lab 

Leslie W lab 

Ames, J M far Laco 5 

Anna L (Kenuison ho 

*Sadie E (m Sanborn 

Etta M ho 

Ames, Jas N far Laco II D 

Mary E ( Hayes hostess 

*Bertrand F agent 

51 Judson, Maiden, Mass 

*H Thurlow mach 

500 Union Ave, Lkpt 

Maynard J 


R Morrill 


Amsden, H B 





wife ( 



Andrews, Frank J far La 

CO 5 

Clara B (Crosby 


*C Nelson 

harness mkr 

Rutland, Vt 

Carl G 


Frank E 


Archie A 


Edith I 



Bacon, Frank lab Laco R D 
Dora (Wilkinson ho 

Margaret pl 


Bacon, A H far Laco 4 
Hannah R (Munsey 

dr mkr 

H Frank far Laco 4 

*Bertha G (m Olsen 

2G Orchard, Worcester, Mass 

Helen B pl 

Bagley, H G far Lkpt R D 
Annie E (Sanborn ho 

*Earle D team Laco 

Barlow, Lloyd H retd 

Barlow, Coreua M pl 



Bartlett, R W far 

Grace L (Bryant ho 

Marion G pi 

Lawrence H pi 

Gladys J pi 

Mildred B pi 

Batchelder, E P lab Laco R D 

Batchelder, J far Laco 4 

Ernest far 

Clyde far 

Ethel stu 

Bean, Arthur D far Laco 4 

Sadie I (Smart ho 

Vallie A pi 

Iva L pi 

Clarence A pi 

Elsie M pi 

Bessie M pi 

Clara J 


Bean, B F far Lkpt 

Mary F (Rof^ers ho 

*Cha8 S elec moterman 


Alvin D mach 

Grace M ho 

Nellie C pi 

Bennett, Fred B lab Laco R D 

Bennett, E O ho Laco 3 

Bennett, Allen far Lkpt R D 

Euzilla (Cunnin<»;ham ho 

Ilda B table girl 

Bicklord, Inzie A (Ranger 

Frank G lab 

Ezra E team 

*Minnie E (m Blackie ho 

Ctr Harbor 

*Cora M (m Gilman Lkpt 

Blasdell, M G retd far Laco 5 

Susan E (Hinkley ho 

Blaisdell, Jane A ho Laco 

Blaisdell, JO far Lkpt R D 

*Bertrand D asst cash 

Boston, Mass 

Amanda A (Hadley ho 

Boyntou, Chas H far Laco 5 

Bridge, Emma F ho 

Britton,T retd Laco 4 

Lizzie A (m James 

*Clara L (m Blaisdell 

*Emma M (m Adams" 

7 Southern Ave, 

Dorchester, Mass 

Brown, Addie F (Downing ho 

Melleu J R R ser 

Brown, E M far Laco R D 

Esther A (Benson ho 

*Mary A (m Nutting ho 


Julia M (m Rand ho 

*Laura E (m Ives ho 

Salem, Mass 

*Lenora M (m Bickford 

Bryan, Anna E (Garmon 

Laco R D 
* James G mach Laco 



Frank O retd 

Nettie A (ra Malley ho 

Bunker, David W far Laco 

Sarah J ( Lane ho 

*Eugene L bk kpr 

Boston, Mass 

Buzzell, Chas I far Laco R D 
Addie (Hatch ho 

Lena L pi 

Erma J pi 

Stanton pi 

Ossian pi 

Gary, James S lab Laco R D 

Clement, N blk Laco 

Annie stu 

Mabel A stu 

Clough, John retd R R man 

Laco 5 
Laura A (Blaisdell ho 

Clough, AD lab W Alton 
Elsie M (Rollins ho 

Cole, M M far Laco R D 

Bertha A (m Hearder ho 

21 Temple, Boston, Mass 

Jessie M (Wilcox ho 

Collins, Chas far Laco 3 

Collins, C H far & milk 

Laco R D 

Flora A (Morrill ho 

Lewis R stu 

Hortense E tr 

Frank C 
Florence M 
Laura W 
Collins, O D far 



Laco R D 

Copp, S Jennie (Thurston ho 


Copp, Chas O far Laco 4 

Deiia M (Woodman ho 

Francis W pi 

Copp, Oren P far Laco 4 

Chas O far 

Crosby, Geo H far Laco 4 

Gertie A (Ord way ho 

Rachel G L pi 

Crosby, Geo harness mkr 

Laco 4 

Sarah J (Munsey ho 

*John elec moterman 

18 Prospect, Waltham, Mass 

*Ella F (m Home ho 

224 N Main, Concord 

Geo H far 

Clara B (m Andrews ho 

Laco 5 

*Eva G (m Vaughan ho 

18 Province, Laco 

Cross, Lizzie A (Hatch ho 

Laco R D 

*Annie B (m Marston 

Gtr Meredith 
*EffieS(m Griffin 

Ipswich, Mass 
*Archie sawyer Meredith 
*Frank lab Vt 



Cummings, Emily (Weeks ho 

l>aco 4 
Currier, J S far Laco 4 

Vienna S (Smith ho 

Curtis, C E far Laco R D 

Sadie S (Carr ho 

Horace L 
Cuttino-, E B retd Laco R D 

Sarah A (Rush ho 

Mabel L (m Cutting ho 


Dame, Thomas far Laco 5 

Clarence W far 

*John C far Laco 

Davis, Palmer W lab Laco 5 

Davis, A S lab Laco R D 

Davis, B lab Lkpt R D 

Davis, Palmer lab Lkpt R D 

Davis, C W B far Lkpt R D 

Julia A (Sawyer ho 

*Jame8 A cl Lkpt 

Walter W car 

*FloraE (m Taylor ho 

Hyde Park, Mass 

Davis, John H far Lkpt R D 

Carrie E (Haskell ho 

Davis, Geo O far Laco 5 

Jennie P (Frohock ho 

Everett J far & car 

Leon lab 

*Geo A cl Alton Bay 

Davis, Mary J (Pickering ho 
*Cha8 M mill op Laco 
*Geo F mill over Laco 
Frank W far Sandwich 
William S lab 

Davis, J P far Laco 4 

Desmaris, V milkman Laco 3 
Emma (Lemy ho 

Velaura E pi 

Lillian V pi 

Antonia M 
Fred M 

Dockham, Chas L lab Laco 
Ella J (Fisher ho 

Myrtie F pi 

Reba M pi 

Chas H pi 

Eva E pi 

Beryl G 
Emmel N 

Dow, Carl V lab Laco R D 

Dow, Percy C far Laco 5 
Grace B (Rollins ho 

Harold M pi 

John P pi 

Dow, Emma E (Morrill ho 

Laco 5 
Percy C far 

Doyen, Peter far Laco 3 
Delia (Desmares ho 

Dont pi 

Mary A pi 

Rowell pi 

Alma pi 



Henry P 

Drouin, Peter far Laco 4 
Delia (Demorias ho 

Donap pi 

Mary A pi 

Rowell pi 


Drury, A H clerg Laco 4 
Eliee M ( Whitcomb 
Lena B (m Weeks 
Leforrest J stu 

Clinton A stu 

Durrell, Frank far Laco 3 

Eaton, Amanda C (Emerson 

Laco 4 

Arthur A far 

Merton S far 

Emma B (m Hunt 
Eaton, Merton S far Laco 4 

Linnie F (Morrill ho 

Eaton, A A far Maplecroft Ho 

Addie L (Hendricks ho 

Harold W 
Emerson, F A truckman 

Bertha M (Flanders ho 

Harry G pi 

Gladys I 


Alfred W 
Emerson, O M far Laco 3 

Mertie M (Moody ho 

Gladys M pi 

Sadie A 

Emerson, H S iar Laco 3 
Sarah F (Weeks ho 

Oscar M far 

Emerson, John A far Laco 4 
Abbie J (Emerson ho 

*Horton C mech 

United Machine Co 
Haverhill, Mass 
*F A track master Laco 5 
*MahalaD (m Baker Laco 
Chester B stu 

Felch, Lewis H ptr Laco R D 

Bessie J (Smith ho 

Mabel H 

Flanders, H;ram A far Laco 5 

Amanda S (Penley ho 

*Irving L s s op 

Lynn, Mass 

Clara E (m Morrill ho 

*Iva S (m Flanders ho 

W Alton 

Flanders, DoUie ho Laco R I) 

Follett, Arabella O ho 

Follett, John C far Laco 5 

Follett, F A retd Laco R D 

Alice W'' (m Hammond ho 

Roscoe E far 



Folsom,LM ptr Laco 3 
Carrie M ( Piper ho 

Foss, C H o-en wk Laco 4 
Emily A (Goss ho 

Lawrence A far 

Leoua G (m Waldrou 
Inez E ho 

Freefe.y, Geo P lab Laco R D 

Frohock, Lillian F (Flanders 
ho Laco 5 
Geo F lab 

Euc2;enc B blk 

Benj L far 

Eva B pi 

Frohock, Poll.y J (Davis ho 
Polly J (m Davis 
*Francis A (m Sanborn 

*Robert A far Alton 

Frohock, Mary (Grant ho 
Mary K ho 

Frohock, Everett far LacoR D 
Isa A (Flanders ho 

George, Eliza J (Marsh Laco 4 

Gil man, F M far Laco R D 
Gilman, Dorothy C (Sevvall ho 

Alice J ho 

Gilman, Hannah M (Harris 

ho Laco R D 

*Edward O ptr Belmont 

Gill, Abijah far Laco 4 

Carrie H( Hunter librarian 

*Florence L type & stenog 

34 Newburg 

W Somerville, Mass 

G lid den, F far & car Laco 4 

LJa I (Goss ho 

Glidden, B C far Laco 5 

Malinda J (Page ho 

*Ida M (m Lougee ho 


Ruth M (m Grant ho 

*Lizzie J (m Bean Lkpt 

*Gertrude B (m Bartlett 


Geo F lab 

*Andrew M far Gilmanton 

Glidden, Mary A (Rollins ho 

Laco R D 

*Dora E (ra Munsey 

60 Pearl, Laco 
Gonyer, D L far & moulder 

Laco 5 
Melvina M (Fogg ho 

*David L Jr moulder 

Almeda M stu 

EG pi 

Fred L pi 

Henry J pi 

Bertha M pi 

Goos, M B (Leavitt Laco R D 
Emily A (m Foss ho 



Ida I (m Glidden 

Gove, Jewell far Laco 4 
E Josephine (Weeks ho 
Clara B (m Watson ho 

Gove, A F far & lumber del 
Julia A (Weeks ho 

Gove, Mary J (Rand ho 

Laco R D 

Chas H blk 

Ansel F far & lumb del 

Gove, C H blk Laco 4 

Ora A (Sawyer ho 

Willice A stu 

Grant, Drusilla (Rollins ho 

Frank B far 

*Seth E far W Alton 

*AdaD(m Clark ho 


Grant, Frank B far Laco 5 
Ruth M (Glidden ho 

Sam L pi 

V L pi 


Hatch, J G rotd far Laco 4 
Eleanor B (Leavitt lio 
*Cha8 F R R ser Alton 
Ida B (m Morrill Lkpt 

Hatch, David far Laco 4 
Susan W (Thurston ho 

Hatch, Mary (Webster ho 

Laco 4 
Lincoln A far 

David far 

Hatch, M C far Laco R D 

A M (Ames-Cross ho 

Lizzie A (m Hoag ho 

Hammond, J A far Laco R D 

Alice W (Follett ho 

Ruth W 

Harriman, Eugene S mach 

Laco R D 

Lena B (Durpee ho 

Oscar E lab 

Albert J pi 

Gladys B pi 

Willis C pi 

Edna M pi 

Harris, M A far & sec hand 

Laco 5 

Mary L (Taylor ho 

*William I fireman 

14 Mt Pleasant, 

Somerville, Mass 

*Eva M (m Andrews ho 

Rutland, Vt 

Lewis F lab 

Arthur C pi 

Evelyn M pi 

Heath, Elmer C ho Laco 5 

Heath, Mamie A ho Laco 4 

Hill, Geo A far Laco R D 

Flora A (Jewett ho 

Geo J 

Hobbs, Vienna A (Stearns far 

Laco 4 
Holden, Mary P (Blaisdell 

Laco 5 



Hovt, C A mus tr Lkpt R D 

Hoyt, D P far Laco R D 

H03 1, Lois A (Jewett ho 

Laco R D 

*Geo AV mach Lkpt 

Henry G tar 

Hoyt, Henry G far Laco R D 

OraA (Blaisdell ho 

Marion F pi 

John B pi 

Hunt, Chas P car Laco 4 

Hunt, Emma B (Eaton 

Hunt, Stella S stu 

Hunt, Lena B stu 

Hunt, P E mail car Laco 5 

Lizzie E (Weeks ho 

Eunice L pi 

Marion A pi 

Stanton P pi 

Stanley E 

Hunt, Chas W lar Laco 5 

Elizabeth ( ho 

Julia E pi 

Betsey D pi 

Thomas W pi 

Harriet E pi 

Hunt, T E retd far Laco 5 
Chas W far 

Perry E mail car R D 5 
Emma F (Jellisou-Stouo 


James, Leland M far Laco 3 

Lizzie A (Britton ho 

Johnson, Geo H far Laco 5 
Roscoe C pi 

Beruice E (Whitney ho 
Alice M pi 

L'rank W 

Jones, II A mer, To cl »& J P 

Laco 4 
Lizzie E (Hunter cl ic ho 
Gardner H stu 

Helen M ' stu 

Carrier M pi 

Jones, C R bag master Lkptl 
Jo8ei)hine A (Muzzey ho 
Clarence W enp;' 

John R fireman 

RitaM pi 

lUirleigh A pi 

Jones, Frank P for Laco 5 

Nora G (Beau ho 

*John H eng 

1088 East Main, 

Galesburg, III 

Jewett, Mabel B ho Laco 4 

Jewett, Adelaide (Thompson 

Laco 4 
Ben 1 ice M ho 

* Helen () (m (.orliss 

17 West, Laco 

Jewett, Mary P (Pierce Laco 
*Harvey A far Laconia 
Edwin P far 

Jewett, Flora A (Whitney ho 
Laco R D 



Rebecca H 
Maurice B 



Kimball, G W car Laco R D 
Nellie G (Davis ho 

*Grace M (m Kiuley Laco 

Kimball, Elizabeth F (Sawyer 
Ida B M (m Kimball ho 

Kimball, M far Mt View Ho 

Laco 5 
Ida B (Kimball ho 

Myrtie E tr 

Labrauch, A far Laco 3 


Lacy, John F far 

Lacy, Albert R far Laco 5 

Lamprey, Amanda L 

(Thompson ho 
Geo W far 

*Fern E (m Richardson 

R D 1, Lowell, Mass 

Lamprey, Geo W far Laco 5 
Alice E (Watson ho 

Lamprey, A E far W Alton 
Clara (Glidden ho 

William E lab 

Ernest lab 

Rosie ho 

LawTenc;-, Mary E (Pickering 

*NelIieF (ra Smith ho 

Meredith Ctr 

*Nettie A (m Jenkins ho 

W Topshara, Vt 

*Marinda J (m Williams 

East Corinth, Vt 
*01iveA ho E Tilton 

*Hermon E mech Laconia 
Lela M (m Morrill ho 

Eva M ho 

Leavitt, Daniel far Laco R D 

*Alice J s s op 

Haverhill, Mass 

Hannah M (Gilman ho 

Leavitt, John A car Laco R D 
Nellie J (Gilman ho 

Roscoe S car 

Albert S mill op 

Florence M stu 

Leavitt, Maria B ho Laco 5 

Leavitt, Elizabeth F(Blaisdell 

Laco 5 

Locke, Mary J (Roberts ho 

Laco 5 
Cora E (m Roberts ho 

Lovett, Geo P far Laco 5 
Mary J (Summer-Chandler 
Frank M pl 

John W pl 

Geo S pl 


Marsh, Hiram far Laco 4 
Ellen Z (Gilfillin ho 



Mallej, C W far Laco 3 

Nettie A ( ho 

Hope F p] 

FraDk H pl 

MarstoD, Mary A (Dicey ho 

Laco 4 

Martelle, Wm B lab Laco R D 

Mason, John S R R foreman 

Laco R D 

Addie F (Brown ho 

Lewis A pl 

Morrill, Geo W Laco 4 

massage treatment 

Leon E far 

Morrill, T H retd Laco R D 


Morrill, Jas R far Laco R D 

Elizabeth A (Weeks ho 

Flora A (m Collins ho 

Morrill, R C far & blk Laco 5 

Ida M B ( Hatch ho 

*Minnie P (m Lambert ho 

15 Clifton, 

North Cambridge, Mass 

Lei a M stu 

Morril), Georgia A (Glidden 

Laco R D 

Rosa (m Sanders tr 

Morrill, John S far Laco 5 

Georgia A (Glidden ho 

Rosie (m Sanders ho 

Morrill, Clara A (Flanders 

Laco R D 
Morrill, M C far Laco 5 

Mary G (Leavitt ho 

*Irvin<i' M car Laco 
*Fred E car Union, Vt 

Morrill, Albert far Laco 5 
Martha J (Glidden ho 

Wilber F far 

Stark G lab 

Morrill, W F far Laco 5 
Lela M (Lawrence ho 

Jennie R pl 

Ruse E pl 

Morrill, L E wood dlr & far 

Laco 4 
Carrie E (Kirn ball ho 

Linnie F (m Eaton 
Mildred M stu 

Morrill, Clara E (Dame ho 

Laco 4 

Morrill, J B cl Co com'rs 

Laco 4 

Munsey, J (J clerg Laco 
Olive (Money ho 

*Nettie M (in French 

*Geo B mer Lkpt 

Munsey, Mary J (Davis 

Laco R D 

Muzzoy, W L far Lkpt R D 


Neal, J W car bldr ]>aco 
Julia E (Barlow ho 

Arthur M 



Louise B 

Nutter, J F far Laco 5 

Lilla F ( Babb bo 

Hazel I pi 

Zelma pi 

Ralph A pi 


Ordway, Wm 

retd soldier 
Laco R D 

Parker, F S far Lkpt 1 
Addie M (Tate ho 

Parker, Dudley T far Lkpt 1 
Freeman S far 

*Aniiie (rri James ho Laco 



Laco 3 

Parker, A F 

Geo S far 

Sarah J (Lacy ho 

Paterson, Ada M (Morrill ho 

Laco 4 
Phelps, C L far 

Mabel A (Smith 


Phelps, Mary A (Farnham ho 

Laco 3 

Clinton L far 

*Mabel L(mCall ho 

Lunenburg, Vt 

*C B far Lunenburg, Vt 

*\V W far Lunenburg, Vt 

*Winnie M (m Kimball ho 

Lunenburg, Vt 

Pope, John lab Laco R D 

Potter, Cora M E Laco 4 

Potter, C F far Laco R D 

Information withheld 
Price, Martha E tr Laco R D 

Quimby, G F far Laco 4 


Rand, Roxanna S (Thurston 

Laco 5 

Oscar V 


*F A mer 


Rand, V far 

Laco 5 

JuHa M (Brown 


Harvey E 




Clifton A 


Randlett, J G far Laco R D 

Addie J (Bennett 


Clifton A 

Roberts, Otis S far 

Laco 5 

Cora E (Locke 


Clinton L 




Howard A 


Roberts, C L baker 

Laco 5 

RenaM (McClain 




Robinson, E S far Laco R D 
Jennie E (Sleeper ho 

Roe, L E ^enl nidse Laco 4 
Nellie E (Laviue 
Maiy L tr 

Rollins, C W iar W Alton 

*Arthur I) far & inillman 

W Alton 

Chas A far & sawyer 

Elsie M (m Clougli ho 

Rollins, John L far Laco R D 
Grace B (Dow ho 

Rollins, Mary A (Coleman ho 

John L far 

*Emery J hardware dlr 

37 Cabot, Salem, Mass 

Rowe, Daniel H far Laco 4 
Emily S (Potter ho 

Grace L (m White ho 

Otis A far 

Rowe, Sarah F (Blaisdell 

Laco 4 

Rowen, Wm H far Laco 3 
Malinda (Copp 
*JacobL far Belmont 
*Clara M (Dur^in ho 

*H E truant off Lkpt 
Marilla (m Wilkinson ho 

Rundlett, G N far Laco 3 
*Georgia A (m Clark Lkpt 
*Mary F (m Morrison 

Lynn, Mass 
*Ann M (m Mitchell Laco 
*Etta (m Kister Phila Pa 

Frank P pensioner 

* Victoria (m Shackford 

Lynn, Mass 
*Lizzie B (m Hawkins 

John G far 

Chas W Laco 

Sanborn, Geo W far Loco 5 

*lda (m Howe ho 

E Rochester 

Sanborn, E J far Lkpt R D 
Mary E (Evans ho 

Royce j)l 

Forest pi 


Sanborn, John E far Laco 5 
Roy E pi 

Forest pi 

Mary E (Evans ho 

Everett J 

Sanborn, G W far Laco 5 
Angeline (Roberts ho 

*NellieF (m Potter ho 
38 Frances, Melrose, Mass 
*G Elmer car Lkpt 

Sanborn, J D retd macli 

Laco R D 

Annie E (m Ba^^ley ho 

*Fred E moulder Laco 

Sanborn, O M far 

Lizzie A (Wilson ho 



Sanborn, F far Laco 4 
Sarah E (Fish ho 

O M far 

Sauders, J S lar & sta a^t 

Laco R D 

Belle F (Jones ho 

G Bristo far 

*Emma A (m Ho^^t ho 

454 West 22, New York City 

Sanders, Rosa (Morrill tr 

Laco R D 

Ruth E p] 

Sanders, C H lab Laco R D 
Annie M (Whitney ho 

Sanders, Fred B lab Laco R D 
Gertrude (Merrill ho 

Ralph W 

Sargent, Batis lab Lkpt 
Josie (Philbrook 
Dorothy pi 

Sawyer. A B far Laco 5 
Alice J (Adams ho 

Ellen C ho 

Emery A ci-eam dlr 

Clare uce E })1 

Maurice W pi 

John L pi 

Esther M pi 

James A 

Sawyer, E P far Laco 4 
Sadie E (Adams ho 

Ruth E 

Sleeper, Chas E far Lkpt 
Ida A (Goodwin ho 

Maud E ho 

Hannah B stu 

Frank B pi 

Chas H 
Sleeper, Jennie E (Tilton ho 
Laco R D 

*Chas F con Evanston, 111 

*HattieR (m Gordy ho 
Freeport, 111 

*Guy L baggage master 
Ravensworth, 111 

*Lottie B (m Williams ho 


Smith, Livona G ho Laco 4 

Smith, Albert far Laco 4 

Myrtle (Kimball ho 

Smith, Mary A (Phelps Laco 3 
Smith, Victor R lab Laco 3 

Grace H (Hatch ho 

Smith, Samuel W far Laco 4 

Winnifred A (Page ho 

Esther M 

W Royal 

Edua A 
Smith, C B team Laco 5 

Flora M ( Wilkinson ho 

Raymond C pi 

Carl W pi 

C Bernard 

Violette M 
Smith, Frank E far Laco 5 

Abbie F (Watson ho 

William W pi 

Alfred F 



Smith, Jobn P retd Laco 4 

Sarah (Potter ho 

Smith, Anna Laoo 4 

Tenney, Fred L far Laco R D 

Lizzie J (Campbell ho 

Thompson, C S eng & ptr 

Laco 5 


Wadley, John G far Laco 4 
Nettie A (Howe ho 

*Bert E far E Tilton 

Waldron, Clifton A far Laco 4 
Leon a G (Foss ho 

Howard C 

Wallace, C W needle mkr Lkpt 
Ida A (Gilman ho 

Geo W mill op 

Carl E box mkr 

Esther M pi 

Iva L 

Wallace, Geo W mill op Lkpt 
EllaM (Dao-vvell ho 

Ruth E pi 

Harry W 
Florence L 

Ward, N L far Laco 4 

*Laura A (m Dolloff ho 

Boston, Mass 

*Jennie (m Young ho 

Boston, Mass 

*Mary G ho Boston, Mass 

Ward, Henry A far Laco 4 

Watson, Wm W far Laco 5 
Mary E (Emerson ho 

Nellie J (m Potter ho 

Chas H far 

Abbie F (m Smith ho 

Alice E (m Lamprey ho 

Watson, Chas H far Laco 4 
Clara B (Gove ho 

Maurice G pi 

Ray C pi 

Weeks, Wm S far Laco 4 
Grace L (Harding 
Wm H 

Weeks, Hazen P far Laco 3 

Mary F (Roberts ho 

Walter S invalid 

*Bessie E (m Drake ho 

Waltham, Mass 

Weeks, W S invalid Laco 3 
E Alice ( VVeeks ho 

Weeks, Mary A (White ho 
Laco R D 

Weeks, Fred R far Laco 4 
Lena B (Dniry tr 

Weeks, O H far Laco 4 
Arvilla J (Paige ho 

*Orrin B confec bus 

41 Tanner, Providence, R I 
Lizzie E (m Hunt Lkpt 
Eliza A (m Weeks 



Fred R fnr 

Weeks, W Edwin f;ir Lnco 4 
Maud (Moore ho 


Weeks, J M far Laco 3 
Etta (Howe ho 

Willis J 

Weeks, Austin B far Laco 3 
Nellie W (Dodge ho 

*T T trav sales Lkpt 
*Austin D Bristol, Conn 
1 A 

White, Grace L (Rovve mill op 

Laco 4 
Cb'de H pi 

White, Mary A (xMiller ho 

Laco R D 

*C W blk 133 Valley, Lkpt 

White, Elmer O far Laco R D 
Alfred H pi 

Inez L (Higgins 

White, Andrew D far Laco 4 
Myra M (Pickering ho 

E far & milk Laco 3 
Oscar A butcher 

Wbittier, Mary A ho Laco 5 

Whitney, E M far Laco 5 
Alma (Steele ho 

Flora A (m Jewett ho 

Bernice E (m Johnson ho 
Annie M (m Sanders ho 

Whiting, W J far Laco R D 

Wilcox, Fred W sawyer 

Laco R D 



Mabel L (Cutting 
Estin B 
Ralph E 
Olive C 
Doris L 

Wiley, F L F W Bap clerg 

Laco 4 
Rebecca W (Weeks M D 
*Maurice G M D Laco 

Wilkinson, E K Laco 3 

far & boss in mill 

Marilla E (Rowen ho 

Harold I pl 

Wilkinson, F P far Laco G 
Oral L R R ser 

Virginia (Tbiberge ho 

Flora M (m Smith ho 

Dora B (m Bacon 

Edith J bo 

Ida V pl 

Mildred E pl 

Willard, D M sawyer 

Loco R D 
E (Thompson ho 

*Eliza J (m Higgins 

Israel R lab 

Olive L ho 

Maurice D pl 

Susie H pl 

Mabel E 

Yeaton, J H fore & far 

Laco R D 

Alma A (Avery ho 

Walter J telegraph op 

Census of (jilmanton 

Note — Where no Post OfBce address is expressed Qil- 
manton is understood. Other Post Offices are abbreviated 
thus: Pittsfield— Pitts; Pittsfield R F D 2— Pitts 2; Iron 
Works— Ir Wks; Iron Works U F D 1 «& 2— Ir Wks I ; Ir Wks 
2; Laconia— Laco; Laconia R F D 3— Laco 3. 


Adams, Jennie (Brook Ir Wks 

Edith A waitress 

Ahny, Watson T car 

Anna (Teter ho 

*George B wholsale groc 

26 Riverside Ave 

Rensselaer, N Y 

*Carrie F (m Lozier 

1059 Broadway 

Rensselaer, N Y 

Ashcroft, W^m far Pitts 2 

Ayer,DanlS far Pitts 

* Alice M (m Dearborn 

Helen F (ni Batchelder 
Ayer, Walter H far Pitts 4 
Blanch L (Sawyer ho 


Baker, S R lumb mfr 

Arrebell B (Dubia ho 

Ball, Frederick W broker 

Ada H (Campbell Ir Wks 

Constance W 

Beverley W 
Ballard, C P phy Ir Wks 

Maud E (Oilman ho 

Bartlett, I L mach Ir Wks 

Mary I (Ray ho 

Batchelder, Sarah L (Leavitt 

*Lizzie M (m Jefts 

105 Orchard 
W Lynn, Mass 

*Lura B (m Parsons 

34 George, W Manchester 

*Bertha B (m Weeks 

*William I optical fact 

*J Clifford cl 394 First 

Walla Walla, Wash 

Batchelder, M far Laco 3 

Susan A 

Edith G 

Hazel B stu 



Batchelder, Wm N far Pitts 

Helen F (Ayer 
Battis, John F far 

Bean, Harriet E (Bradley 

Hannah E mus tr 

Alice B (m Lodge 

*Arthur B fruit grower 
Al ham bra, Cal 

Helen J ho 

Clara F 
Beck, Jas H far Ir Wks 

Martha J (Leighton ho 

Blanch L (m Ellis 
Beck, John S far 

Julia M (Hill ho 

John H far 

*Smith C R R ser 

54 West, Concord 

Bedee, Herbert car & far 

Celia H (Marsh ho 

Berry, Seymour E far Ir Wks 

Lulie M (Foss ho 

Frank H stu 

Pearl J 
Bickford, David retd Ir Wks 

David F lab 

Arthur R far 

Bickford, Arthur R far Ir Wks 

Ida M (Brewster 

Herbert S 
Bickford, Emily P (Moseley 

Pitts 4 
Blaisdell, Chas L mer Ir Wks 

Minnie M (Page ho 

Blake, Sarah D ho 

Blake, L A 

fore Dr Kitchen estate 
Lizzie M (Page ho 

S.idie M tr 

Eaton L stu 

Lulu A pi 

Mabel E pi 

Brackett, Ann (French ho 

Bragg, Geo E far Pitts 
Edith G (Brown ho 

Georgie E 

Brock, Caroline L (Dowse 

Pitts 4 
Arthur E far 

Harry P R R ser 

Ina M (m Stockbridge 

Ir Wks 
Irvin H lab 

Burleigh stu 

Byron B pi 

Chas I pi 

Myrtle M 

Brock, I C far & advertising 

Pitts 4 
Carrie L (Donest ho 

Burly B pi 

Byron B pi 

Charlie J pi 

Myrtle M 
Leora pi 

Brooks, Chas A far Pitts 4 
Lucy A (Hall ho 

*Ross S 8 s op 



•Alice M (m Spaulding 


Broiigh, N C team Belmout 
Alice (Dau forth ho 

Brown, Georgiana (Rollins 
Frank J far Pitts 

*Charlie s s op Pitts 
John W far Pitts 

Edith (qi Bragg 

Brown, W John far Pitts 4 
Lizzie H (Batchelder 
Morse E pi 

Brown, Alfred far 

EdnaM (Marsh ho 

Susan E pi 

Mary H pi 

Edna M pi 

Richard pi 

Brown, Henry far Pitts 
Cora (Gouch ho 

Brown, Chas lab 

Brown, Ethel ho Pitts 4 

Brown, Etta (Orange 

Geo Clinton pi 


Burbank, Wm lab 

Mattie (Dexter ho 

Burbank, Frank teams 

Ida L (Varney ho 

liuswell, Henry lab Ir Wks 

Buzelle, Frances M Laco 3 

*Canney, J W car Concord 4 

Cauney. H J far & cattle dlr 

Ir Wks 
Helen A (Nelson ho 

Marion G stu 

Merlin S pi 

Cauney, L far & sum bdrs 

Alton 2 
Bell M (Perkins ho 

Chamberlain, C H far 

Bertha (Emerson 
Harry I far 

Everett H far 

Ida M stu 

Leon C pi 

Lester A 

Chandler, A 

Chase, Mary ho Ir Wks 
*Arthur cl White Face 
*Bert lab White Face 

Chase, Bernard Pas coug ch 
Mabel (Sargent ho 

Lena E 

Chase, Amasa far 

Emma J (Skinner ho 

*Plinney far 

W Brattleboro, Vt 
*Wm E cl 

W Brattleboro, Vt 
Bernard clerg 

Chase, C L real est 

Margaret (Ottoson ho 



Royal far 


Chatman, Frank lab 

Angle (Chase laundry 

Alice M 
Henry G 

Clarke, Emma tr Ir Wks 

Clay, Harriet A (Gould 

*A G printer 

Taunton, Mass 

Clemis, W T lab 

Clough, Clara I (Ross Ir Wks 
Geo C stu 

Clough, Mirum S far Ir Wks 
Cora F (m Hanscom 
Hattie M ho 

Irvin F chick & poultry 

Clough, N mech 

Gertrude N (Kimball ho 

Ir Wks 

Clough, E G far Ir Wks 1 
Emma S (Sargent ho 

John P far 

Guy S lumb 

Russell W car 

*Will E far & car 

Redwood Falls, Minn 
*Albert R car & far Laco 
Clarence G far 

Carl stu 

Cogswell, Thos J r actor 

Jr Wks 1 

Colbath, Geo F far Ir Wks 
Stella G(Fos8 ho 

Collins, Alvin far 

Condict, S A law sum res 

41 Park Row, N Y City 

Emeline Gr H 

Aldeu S stu 

Antonie J Gr H 

Eugene Gr H 
Counell, J M mer Ir Wks 

Emma J (Dean ho 

Ina F (ni Lund 
Cook, Bertha genl mdse 

Ir Wks 
Cotton, Sarah (Varney ho 

Fred S far 

Cotton, Fred S far Ir Wks 
Curtin, Daniel hatter Ir Wks 


Dame, Perley C lab Pitts 4 
Eva M (Straw ho 

George F 

Davis, H A mach Laco 3 
Louisa H (Collins ho 

Kate S (m Angier 

Davis, Julia (Conly ho 

*Bert N s s op Manchester 
*C N R R ser Manchester 
Leslie N far 

Davis, Geo H far Ir Wks 
Mary (Glenson ho 

Josephine C ho 

Arthur J stu 

*George H car 

Tyngsboro, Mass 



*Maryetfca (m Horn 

Atkin<i:ton, Mass 
Diamoud, Chester L 
Dirnick, Aunie M (Folsom bo 

*Oren A mach 

St Johiisbury, Vt 

*AunaB (m Davis "^M D 

230 HuutiDo-ton Chamber, 

Boston, Mass 

Dockhani, C A P M & mer 

Ir Wks 

Abbie R (Shannon 

asst P M 
Dodge, Lizzie A (Peabod.y 

Doe, Thomas J far Ir Wks 
Dow, Geo W car 

Dow, Daniel far 

Olive A (Chase ho 

*Arthur L car Belmont 
Dow, Zella (Pease lio 

Dow, G W retd far Ir Wks 

Mary L (Sawyer ho 

Willie T ptr 

Downing, Anna (Sanborn ho 

Lilla (m Weeks Laco 3 

Harold S pi 

Downs, Augusta (Smith Pitts 

John team 

Duby, Peter far Ir Wks 
Duply, Annie (Bunker Ir Wks 
Durgiu, N far Ir Wks 1 

Ida B (McKeen 

A L far 

Durrell, Fisk far Laco 3 

*Lena (m Davis Laco 

Durrell, Bessie (Heath Pitts 4 
Dyer, Nellie ho 

Eaton, T H tr 

Theodora (West ho 

Theodore H 

Edgerly, Angeline V (Smith 

boarders Ir Wks 
AValter J far 

Edgerly, Laura F Ir Wks 

Edgerly, Albert T far Pitts 4 
Mina C (Keyes ho 

*Geo W US ser 

Fort Assinniboine, Mont 
Frank A tr 

*John P midshipman 

Annapolis Academy 
Mina stu 

Mildred P stu 

Florence A stu 

Edgerly, Horace far Ir Wks 

Julia A (Lougee ho 

*AlbertC bk kpr 

132 Essex, Haverhill, Mass 

Edgerly, Walter far Ir Wks 1 
Anna C (Cogswell ho 

Florence C pi 

Ruth V pi 

Edgerly, Frank tr Pitts 4 



Mary R (Morgan ho 

Edgerly, Annie Pitts i 

Edgerly, Roy C far Ir Wks 

Minnie (McLane ho 

Ellis, H A lar Ir Wks 

Blanch L (Beck ho 

Ellis, Oscar far Laco 3 

Helen E (Page ho 

Oscar A far 

Elkins, John T far Pitts 

Cora (Ham ho 

Clara H pi 

Ellsworth, Alfred E far 
Hannah B (Cunningham 

Elmer A mill op 

Lena M ho 

Earl M stu 

Robert M pi 

*Oscar G far Derry 
*Edith M (m Wiggin Laco 

Ellsworth, Mary (Allen ho 

Leon E lab 

Lester H far Laco 4 

Guy F lab 

Forest G far 

Nellie M stu 

Ruble J stu 

Ellsworth, Lester far Laco 3 

Alice A (Oilman ho 

Raymond L pi 

Marie A pi 
Everard L 
Edward E 
Ralph G 


Emerson, S team L- Wks 
Carrie L (Smith ho 

*Loren H mech Penacook 
*Tessie (m Tenny Pitts 
Ellen M stu 

EdnaM stu 

Clarence P pi 

Wilber L pi 

Evans, Wm J far 

Christine E (Rand ho 

Harry W elec 

Eveleth, E E 

liv stable & hotel teaming 

Eveleth, Hannah J (Brown 
Clarence C car 

Lillian tr 

Edwin E livery 

Everett, Matilda (Tibbetts 

Ir Wks 
Rev Adelbert T 


Farnsworth, F E Ir Wks 

Thos W stu 

Barbary stu 

Flanders, Asel G car 

Lizzie E (Riggs 

*Rufus L mill op Gardner 

Fogg, Jason genl wk 

Myrtle E (Jones ho 

Arthur T 

Maro;uerite E 



Fogg, Esther (Smith 

Frances E (m Twombly 
*Maitha E ho Peuacook 
Orlando blk 

*Dany M far Brentwood 
Albion far 

*Caroline (m Moody 

*Adoliiie (m Chase Louden 
Jason geul wk 

Fogg, Albion genl wk 

John pi 


Fogg, Orlando blk 

Martha A (Haines ho 

Clifton W pi 

Fogg, Harry C 

Foss, Winnie E ho Ir Wks 

Fos8, Chas W far Ir Wks 
Lucy J (Marsh ho 

Frank W far 

Carrol E mill op 

Grace E (m Howe 

Foss, John far Ir Wks 

Emily A (Watson ho 

*John H R R ser 


*Wm A meat cutter 

Bradford, Mass 

Foss, Frank E far Pitts 4 

French, Will A cl 

Annie M (Cass ho 

Wesley E 

French, Merwin E far 

Addie (Gilmau ho 

*John H cl 

45 Hanover, Manchester 
*Mabel L (m Wingate 

Will A cl 

French, A H phy sum res Pitts 
Lila (Thompson 
Maud waitress 

Pioneer Farm 

French, Warren B far 

French, J S far Pitts 2 
Mary L (Pearl ho 

Clifton S 

French, S F far Pitts 2 
Mercy E (Hayes ho 

*Frank J Tilton 

*Jeremiah S mech Concord 

French, Chas H far 

Susannah (Newton ho 
Fred S far 

Paul D pi 

Frost, J A far Ir Wks 

Lily B stu 

Ethel N stu 

Irene M pi 

Frost, Frankie pi 

Frost, Jack far 

Gale, Harriet S (Oilman Laco 
Cora B (m Page 



Gale, Geo A retd Ir Wks 
Hanuah F (Phillips ho 
*Dora E(m Riley Belmont 
*Warren S bottle wks 

Plymouth, Maes 
*Eva J (m Davis 

Gould, Ellea M stu 

*Gault, George L stu 

East Wolfboro 
Chas E pi 

*Hazel G pi Everett, Mass 
Ethel M pi 

Gault, J C blk, car & s mkr 
Melvina (Battis 
Sadie L stu 

Roscoe F stu 

Emily L 
Roland W 
Augustus S 
Edna E 
Giles, Perley s s op Barnstead 
Clara (Grant ho 

*FredAteam Farmington 
*Ella M (m Parker 

Marlboro, Mass 
•Nettie C (m Pierce 

*Addie E (ra Canfield 

Viola A ho 

*Herbert P Pitts 

Giles, Abbie A (Stannels 

Ir wks 

Oscar A car Ir Wks 
Gilman, Mildred pi 

Gilraau, Chas F car & far 

Ir Wks 

Gilman, H F far Pitt 4 

Gilman, H T Pitts 4 

undertaker & far 

Etta M (Edgerly ho 

Maud E (m Ballard 

Ir Wks 
Glidden, Mooney far Laco 3 
Glidden, Sarah E (Williams 

Ir Wks 

Carrie (Malsbury ho 

Goodwin, Clifton far Ir Wks 

Ethel (Dame ho 

Sylvester H 

Goodwin, S far Ir Wks 

Sarah R (Dog ho 

*Esther G (m Noj^es 

Clifton far 

Goodwin, Chas H mer Ir W^ks 

Irena A (Dorr ho 

Ernest H mer 

Charlie E far & mer 

Gordon, Jas T far Laco 3 

Annie T (Beck ho 

Georgia B artist 

*IraG (mBeck 

6 Fayette, Concord 

*Leonard J eug Concord 

*Eugene M eng 

Hot Springs, S D 

Green, Walter S far 



Mary A (McDonald 

Archie W stii 

Green, E L far 

Antonio (Kratzert ho 

Roland W stu 

Enola H stu 

Jay H pi 

Grey, Mary E (Stevens ho 

Ir Wks 

Grey, Ralph E cl 

Greenough, Nancy (Morrill ho 

Griffin, Geo W far 

Mary (Hill ho 

*Alva dry goods Pitts 
*Abbie (m Wheeler 

Ctr Barnstead 
Frank far 

*Annie (m Brown Pitts 
*Iva J (m Tuttle 

*Letta M (m Nelson 

Haverhill, Maws 

Griffin, T Jos far 

M (Brown ho 

*Ernma M (m Shannon 

*Etta E baker Pitts 
Nathan D far 

*Georgie M (m Davis Pitts 

Griffin, Nathan far 

Eva G (Osborn ho 


Gny, Lewis lab Ir Wks 
Sarah (Welch ho 

Walter lab 


Hall, H J far Pitts 4 

Julia A (Chaperon ho 

Harold C stu 

Ham, Abbie (Varney Pitts 

*Hallahan, Catherine Pitts 4 
sum bdrs Boston, Mass 

flam, Carl D mill op Ir Wks 
Grace E ( Foss ho 

Warren H 

Hammell, Mandy M (Bonare 

Ir Wks 
*P F R R ser New York 
*II T s s op Farmington 

Harris, Nelson far Ir Wks 
Katie (Guy ho 

Agnes M tr 

James L stu 

Florence G pi 

Haskell, Geo lab 

Emma (Battis ho 


Hasty, G M mill supt Ir Wks 
Ada E (Kingston sum res 

Hidden, Mary E (Parsons 

sum res, 47 Mt Vernon, 
Cambridge, Mass 

Hill, Hosea far Ir Wks 



Hill, Job R market Ir Wks 
Elwood far 

Lilla M (m Sanborn 

Hill, Elwood H far Ir Wks 
Seda M (Dame ho 

Flo88ie I pi 

Vera pi 

Hill, Albert H far Pitts 4 

Hilliard, Leroy M pi 

Hilliard, John M far 

Gertrude (Tarel ho 

Hilliard, Hannah (Davis 

Alfred F far 

Hilliard, L A car 

Lillian (Martio 
Sherman H pi 

Leroy M pi 

Gladys A pi 

Addison L pi 

Margaret E pi 

Ethel M 

Hoadly, Betsey (Stevens 

Hurd, J A barber Ir Wks 
Martha A (Hodsdon 
Irving C mfg steel for bldg 
24 Waverly, Everett, Mass 

Hurd, Henry L car Ir Wks 
*Rev Edwin T 

West Cljarleston, Vt 
Minnie E (Hurd ho 

Hussev, J P mfg & far irapl 

Ir Wks 

Hutchinson, Geo F Ir Wks 
ptr & pap hgr 

Jones, Ernest far 


Jones, Jos L 


Ida L (Glyson 




Laura G (m Wells 

Ir Wks 

Jones, Morrill 


Jones, Allie C 


Lillian E (Brown 


Carrie E 




Carl E 


Ralph A 

Joslin, Edw A lab 

Ir Wks 

Gusta M (Foss 


Thos E 


Kelley, G F far Pitts 4 
*Mabel F (m Lock 


Adella C (Jones ho 

Mamie A tr 

Charles G far 

Alice L tr 

Arthur E stu 

Emma M pl 

Ruth N pl 

(jordou F 

Kimball, W H mer Pitts 4 

Kingston, Fred ptr Ir Wks 

Kingston, Richard retd 

Ir Wks 



Kirby, Nellie M ho Ir Wks 

Kitchen, J M phy sum res 

Minnie C (Constance 

Mary C office \vk 

Victor C stu 

Knight, Chas lab 

Kuowles, Rufiis A far 

Arabell Z (Moody ho 

Geo F M far 

Chas W butter maker 

Betsey M (m Sawyer 

Labelle, D far 

Calixe (Myott ho 

Labelle, Benj far 

Margaret (Rayno ho 

Irvin B 
Lafrance, Joe far 

Bertha (Burbank ho 

Lamper, Dana far Ir Wks 
Lamprey, M C far Laco 3 

Marilla (Farrar 

*Ethel D (m Lamprey 


*Warren O milk dlr 


Lamprey, Aid is J far Laco 3 

Ellen (Robinson ho 

Lamprey, Eliza (Elsworth ho 

Laco 3 

Herman F far 

*Cora (m Mathews Laco 

*Ira M (m H unkings Laco 
Lane, Myra S (Page 

Walter J stu 

Lane, Myron W far Ir Wks 

*Leach, Frank e s op 

Wakefield, Mass 

Leavitt, Geo W team Laco 3 

Leavitt, H F hotel Ir Wks 

Central House 

Leighton, Andrew S far 

*Clarence J watchman 

232 W Hancock, Manchester 

*Andrew D s s op 

9 Sherman Terrace 

Lynn, Mass 

*Sadie E (m Dustiu 

W Wareham, Mass 
*Eugene F s s op 

24 Green, Lynn, Mass 
*iMarion L (m Griffin 

23 West, E Orange, N J 
*CarrieL (m Tuttle 

196 A Washington, 

Medford, Mass 

Leonard, Henry retd 

Lever, Robert elec Ir Wks 

sum res 

Anna T (Murry 

John M pi 

Robert Jr 

Leyland, Joseph far Ir Wks 

Carrie M (Edgerly tr 

Lord, E J IrWks 

undertaker & mill op 



Mary A (Grant ho 

Loupjee, Mary A (Young- ho 

Laco 3 

Abbie L ho 

Louo-ee, Mary A 
Lund, Leon C mill op 

Ina F (Connell ho 


MacMurphy, Nelson AV phy 
Carrie A (Allen ho 

Allen B stu 

Ruth pi 

MacMiirphy, Edson ptr 

Jennie (Norris ho 

Malsbur}^ VV A team Ir Wks 
Minnie E (Bickford ho 
Maud E 

Malsbury, J G barber Ir Wks 
Maud C (Heath ho 

Wra A team 

Mansfield, Wm C far 

Cora M (Tilton ho 

Florence E stu 

Herbert L stu 

Gladys G pi 

Benj W W pi 

Ralph E 
George E 

Marsh, Jos L far Ir Wks 
E Ani;o!ia (Ransom ho 

Marsh, H J far Laco 3 
Addie B (Parsons ho 

*Joseph H L far Alton 2 
Marsh, E mail car Ir Wks 

Jennie (Davis ho 

Fred E pi 

Ralph D 
Marsh, Willis B blk Ir Wks 

*Belle H (m Day 

Lynn, Mass 

*Zina F tr & nurse 

Lynn, Mass 

Marsh, Emma L (Haynes ho 

Ir Wks 

*Bell H (m Day 

Lynn, Mass 

*Zina F tr nurse 

Lynn, Mass 

Marsh, J W blk Ir Wks 

W B blk 

*Chas W mach Concord 

E H mail carrier 

Marsh, Jos H L far Alton 2 

Alice C (Papje ho 

Frank J 

Luther E 
Marshall, Christana (Allen 

Martin, Frank lab 

Martha (Grifts 

Lucy pi 

Willie pi 

Liva p] 

Maxfield, B A far & lumb dlr 

EthelA (McCiary ho 

McClary, J Frank far 



Euphaina (Battis ho 

Frank L pi 

McClary, Frances (Adams 
*Millard G mill op Bristol 
Ethel A (ra Maxfield 
*Laura M (ra Paoe 

J Frank far 

Horace E far 

Georgie F (m Willard 

McClary, H E 
Arthur E 
Helen E 

McLain, Geo B 




Ir Wks 

Amy H (Lee 

*Laura M (m Wilkins 


Minnie (m Edgerly 

*Maud 8 s op Farraiuj>ton 

*Erue8t L stu Farmington 
Medcalf, Horace retd Pitts 4 
Merrill, A R US navy 

Merrill, F N far Laco 3 

Clara E (Page 


Florence B 


Ethel M 


Merrill, Chas E 


Amelia P (Peaslee 

Mitchell, Frank 


Gertrude ( 

Moody, Miss Laura 

Morgan, Alice A (Medcalf 

Pitts 4 

Mary (m Edgerly 

Morris, Ella M ho Ir Wks 

Morrison, J far & car 

Ir Wks 1 

Rosetta (Page ho 

Morrison, Laura E (Allen mer 

Moulton, J S far Laco 3 

Mouiton, D H far Laco 3 

Emma H (Page ho 

Lena A ho 

Carrol H etu 

Mudgett, Jasper mach 

sum res, Concord 

Abbie (Martin ho 

Nat bell boy 

Earl stu 

Mudgett, Geo H far Belmont 

Mudgett, Eugene L blk 

Flora E (Judkius 

H E far & fruit grower 

*Orlo D elec eng 

15 Union Park, Boston, Mass 

Mudgett, Albert S far 

Munsey, Jay R far 

Josephine (Osborn cook 

*Bessie L (ra Nichols Pitts 

Martha A tr 

John J stu 


Nelson, E S far Laco 3 
*Miunie E (ra Prescott 

W Ossipee 



NelsoD, E F far 


Nelson C 





Nelson, Roscoe C 

Ir Wks 



Nelson, Marguerite 


Page, H A far 

Laco 3 

Ir Wks 

Anna B (Page 


Nutter, M P mer 

Ir Wks 

Mildred E 


Josephine H (Cook 

Page, C Frank far 

Laco 3 

genl store 

Cora B (Gale 


Nutter, E W harness inkr 

Hattie B 


Ir Wks 

Harold G 



Orange, Elizabeth (Kendall 
Lizzie (m Brown 
*Ma,y (m Glidden 

14 A Sacramento, 

Cambridge, Mass 

Sadie H P M 

Osborn, F G mill op Ir Wks 

Addie G (Oilman ho 

Osborn, Fannie A (Ham 

Pitts 4 

Robert W stu 

Osgood, EbenT far 

Nellie M (Stevens ho 

Page, L far Laco 3 

Page, Royal L far Laco 3 
Anna M (Ot^good ho 

Winnie A (m Smith 
Dwight R 

Page, Dudley far Laco 3 

Page, Laura 

Page, Henry F far Laco 3 

Emma A (Tasker ho 

W S lighting & mill sup 

Andrew T stu 

Page, Harlan retd Ir Wks 

Lydia E (Sleeper ho 

*Agnes L (m Lewis 

Kenduskeag, Me 

* Alice J (m Emerson 


*Fannie stenog 

Wenchendon, Mass 

Page, Asa F ptr Ir Wks 

Abbie E (Jackson ho 

Carrie (m Swett 
Page, Hannah (Lougee Pitts 

Lorin C far 

Page, Wm A mer & far Pitts 

Sadie M (Buckman 

Page, Emma S tr 

Page, Mary F ho 



Page, Prof Curtis H 

Columbia Univ, New York 

Page, Edna E pi 

Page, Geo E far Ir Wks 1 
Ella (Jones ho 

John S box mfg 

Frank J far 

Joseph L far 

Alice M stu 

Ralph G pi 

Page, Jesse F far Ir Wke 
Mary E (Tibbetts 

Page, A R far Alton 2 

Addie C (Clements ho 

Herman A far Laco 
*Walter D far Pitts 
Mar J E steg 

Henry E far 

Page, H E far Alton 2 

Ida A (Pendergast 
Albert E pi 

Elsie L pi 

Abbie C 

Page, Mary L(Austin Alton 2 
Alice C (ra Marsh 

Page, D C far Ir Wks 

Cyrena G (Webster ho 
*Eva J (m Lougee Laco 
*Daua S jeweler 

Jamaica Plains, Mass 
•Horace G mech 

Leminston, Mass 
Anna B (m Page 
•Arthur C blk Tamworth 

Walter H car 

*Fred C far Laco 

*Winnifred M ho 

Canton bury Ctr 

•Nellie B (ni Whitehouse 

Alton, N H 

Page, A F ptr Ir Wks 

Mary J (Page ho 

Minnie M (m Blaisdell 

Page, E J car & sum bdrs 

Ir Wks 
Addie L (Page ho 

•Lillian M (m Emerson 


Edith M chg kitchen 

home for feeble minded 

Paige, Clias A far Laco 3 

Ellen A (Lamudge 


•Walter E car Louden 

Palmer, G L car & far Laco 3 

Daisy M (Smith ho 

Charlie E pi 

Edna E pi 

Leon L pi 

Florence J 

Parsons, Geo C mfr Ir Wks 

Julia A (Swain ho 

Addie B (m Marsh Laco 3 

•Alice L (m Price Laco 

•Gertrude E(m Page Laco 

Parsons, Flora H Pitts 4 

Parsons, Usher S far Pitt 4 

Addie M (Mill ho 

Flora H ho 



Zella A stu 

Albert H pi 

Hazel E pi 

Parsons, Fannie (Heisey ho 

Ir Wks 
Lena R tr 

Frank W team 

Pease, L B far Ir Wks 

*Alnia L s s op Littleton 
*BnceEraeeh Berwick, Me 
*Glady8 (m Grey Madison 

Pease, F V car 

Zella (m Dow 

•Howard chauffeur 

Fitchburg, Mass 

Hazel stu 

Pease, J L mill op Belmont 
Nancy J (Greeno ho 

*Blauch (m Greenleaf 

Susie A hosiery mill 

Nannie B pi 

Peaslee, Cyrus far 

Pendergast, Abbie M (Kenney 
Alton 2 

Perkins, Chas H far Alton 2 
Eliza (Evans 

*Frank mer Lynn, Mass 
*Loreuzo H team 

E Rochester 
Walter C car 

Ida M (m Tibbetts 

Perkins, Fred cont & bldr 

Ir Wks 

Perry, Harlow C far 

Pinkham, Hannah (Adams 

Ir Wks 

Place, J F mill op Ir Wks 1 

(jlrace W (Paige ho 

*Franklin S mech Laco 

Mildred N office wrk 

Josephines stu 

Potter, Mary J (Foss Ir Wks 

Potter, Chas F far Ir W^ks 

Dena M (Dimond ho 

Geo D at home 

Florence M stu 

S Earl pi 

Prescott, Alfred J nurse 

Prescott, Alvin far Belmont 

Susie (Greeno ho 

Prescott, Geo far 

Price, W far Ir Wks 

Price, Amos R far Ir Wks 

Emma (Wight ho 

Elizabeth M 

Pierce, Chas A far Ir Wks 

Aura E (Emerson ho 

Amos R far 

•Frances S (m Emerson 



Randall, Minnie L (Mooney 

*0 W dentist Eagle, Col 
Randall, Daniel lab 

Ring, Chas E far 



Robie, Ina (m Starkes Ir Wks 
Arthur E far Pitts 

Irvin H far Pitts 

Rogers, Nellie E (Roger ho 

Laco 3 
*Mamie (m Nichols 

No Barnstead 

Rogers, Bessie (Doone Ir Wks 

Rollins, John W blk Pitts 4 
Mary F (Leavittj ho 

Rollins, Seldon B far Laco 3 
Alma L (Ellis ho 

Alice E pi 

Gertrude A 
Doris M 

Rowe, Fred W far & sura bdrs 

Ir Wks 
Minnie L (White ho 

Grace M stu 

Gertrude L pi 

Blanch A 

Sanborn, J W far Pitts 2 

Bell G (Osborn 

Harry E W poultry bus 

Carl J far 

W Newton, Boston, Mass 
Sanderson, Wm S P 

Florence E (Hoyt bo 

Saltmarsh, F N Pas Cong Ch 

Ir Wks 

Mamie K (Knott ho 

Sargent, Herbert far Laco 3 
Carrie B (Ellis ho 

Horace D stu 

Sargent, Franklin D far 

Sargent, Chas F far Laco 3 
Susan E (Rollins ho 

Herbert far 

Chas L far 

Sargent, Chas L far Laco 3 
Viennia F (Ellis ho 

*Clarence L hotel Laco 

Sawyer, John R far 

Mary J (Marsh ho 

David far 

Blanch L (m Ayers Pitts 4 
*John R J druggist 

367 Center, 
Jamaica Plains, Mass 

Sawyer, David far 

Betsey M (Knowles 

Secord, John far Ir Wks 
Grace E (Bemis ho 

Harold B pi 

Shannon, Addie C (Smith ho 

Ir Wks 
Winfield S far 

Shannon, John C retd Ir Wks 

Shannon, Laura L (Lougee 

Ir Wks 
C C mail car & liv stable 

Shackford, Carrie P (Usher ho 

Laco 3 

Shattuck, Harry M pi 



Shattuck, Irene M 

Smith, A P ex tr Laco 3 

Elizabeth M (Bradford 

Smith, John J s s op Ir Wks 

Smith, Miss Alma L Ir Wks 

Smith, Edw E s s op Ir Wks 

Smith, Warren M far Ir Wks 

Annie M (Haines ho 

*C M team Farmington 

*Wm A ice cart 


Etta M stu 

Bessie M pi 

Smith, ChasT far Ir Wks 

Eva J (Foss ho 

J Wilber lab 

Dwight stu 

Eva G pi 

Helen L pi 

Muriel E 


Smith, Ida E stu 

Smith, Wm J car Ir Wks 

Mary E (Emerson ho 

*Wm E mach 

12 Highland, Waltham, Mass 

* Walter D elec con 

Watertown, Mass 

Ernest M pi 

Smith, Daniel J car Ir Wks 

*Elien M (m Sanborn 

No 6 Purse, Watertown 

Wtn I car 

*Albert W veternarv 

Barnstead Ctr 

*F D ptr Soraerville, Mass 

*Cha8 R R R ser 

Suncook, Mass 

Emma R (Pitman 

Smith, Esther stu Laco 

Smith, Martha J ho Ir Wks 

Smith, W E liv&jobwk 

Ir Wks 
Smith, E L blk 

Spinney, Edw H stone cutter 

Ir Wks 
Staples, Nelson far Laco 3 
Anna ho 


*G H mach Boston, Mass 

*Henry mach 

Philadelphia, Pa 

*Dora (m Laco 

Steen, Harold far Pitts 

Annie M (Bragg ho 

Stetson, Mamie ho 

Stevens, J A far Ir Wks 

Louise H (Spinney ho 

*Ethel L cashier 

Cabot, Beverly, Mass 

Aaron D lab 

Roland at home 

Frederick at home 

Edna H stu 

Harriet B stu 

Dorothy stu 

Stevens, W N brick mason 

Laco 3 
Inez E (Amidon 



Stockbridge, Hattie (Folsom 
Ir Wks 1 
*Ella E (m Sanborn 

George S far 

*Mary E (m Kimball 


Stockbridge, G far Ir Wks 1 
Ina M (Robie ho 

Lora I pi 

Viola M 
Hattie M 
Josie S 

Stone, Fred L far Ir Wks 
Mary S (Hidden ho 

Bertha L stu 

Stanton C etu 

Charlie L 
Jennie M 

Stone, Edmond far Ir Wks 
Esther (Monteague 
Charlie mill op 

Fred far 

Stone, Fred far 

EllaM(Burbank ho 

Straw, Marilla (Allen Ir Wks 

Surtzay, Jos lab 

Temple, Mae (Grady Ir Wks 
Howard I pi 

Lepha M 

Terrell, F H butch & sum bdrs 

Ir Wks 

Anna B (Patten ho 

Ella M pi 

Villa S pi 

Fred S 
Tibbetts, Lizzie A ho Ir Wks 
Thompson, L A (Shaw ho 

Ir Wks 
Hazel A stu 

John H stu 

Tibbetts, Edwin C Alton 2 
far & photographer 
Ellen (Mooney ho 

*Melvin M dentist Dover 
*Hattie B (m Goodwin 

So Berwick, Me 

Haven P photographer 

Tilton, Wm far 

Teter, Martin L far 

Totten, Robert stu Ir Wks 

Twombly, Chas A far 

Mary L (Haggett ho 

Harland E lab 

Twombly, Benj B retd Pitts 4 

Herbert A car 

Twombly, D C car Pitts 4 

Emma M (Batchelder ho 

Clarence H 

Annie J stu 

Lyla M pi 

Benj K pi 

Fred W pi 

Sadie P 
Everett T 



Twomblj, F M ptr 
Florence A (Sanborn 

Harry F elec 

Chas P lab 

Eugene S C stu 

Florence M pi 

Varney, Julia F (Brett 
H arry 

*Henry A civ eng 

9 Center, Brooklyn, Mass 

Richard F car 

*George B eng 

Buenosagres Argento. So Am 

Varney, Cynthia ho 


Wade, Edward 


Clara ( 



Wade, Martha ( 

Warburton, J H far 

Pitts 4 

Weare, Frank far 

Pitts 4 

Mary C (Finnie 




Charles A 


Eleanor M 


Roger H 


Elsie L 


Doris M 


Douglas G 

Marion F 


Weare, C D far Ir Wks 

Ara J ho 

Webster, Benj F far Pitts 4 

Elizabeth (Smith ho 

George B lab 

Wm C at home 

Webster, Otis far 

Weed, Albert H far 

Weed, Hannah J ho 

Weed, Chas H far 

Weed, Nellie M ho 

Weeks, Herbert N far Laco 3 

Lilla A M (Durgin ho 

Manley H L pl 

Clarence A 

Weeks, Iva F far Laco 3 

Addie A (Flanders ho 

Daisy B pl 

Sumner I pl 

Weeks, Marcus S far 

Sylvia F (Kimball ho 

Blanch M D tr 

Iva F far Ir Wks 

Weeks, Stephen L far 

Bertha B (Batchelder ho 

Maitland B pl 

Marjorie L pl 


Norman S 

Weeks, Loreu E far 

Charlotte E (Mace ho 

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Well8, Ernest L lab Ir Wks 
Laura G (Jones ho 

Ernest R 
Frank L 
Herbert R 

Whitney, David K far 

Jeannie (Monti^nanie ho 
Jeraldine E stu 

Wi^ht, A R far & sum bdrs 
Emma F (Jones ho 

Mary A tr 

Emma F (m Price Ir Wks 
Florence A at home 

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Eugene L pi 

Willard, Israel R lab 

Georgie F (McClary 

Wilson, Chas E far Pitts 4 
Sandra M (Hagstrom ho 
Clarence W 
Selma B (m Olse ntr nurse 

Wood, F E engraver Ir Wks 
Margaret (Habbir 
*Daisy E (m Hetley 

Tpsilanti, Mich 

Woodward, F B gen mds 

Ethel R (Clary ho 

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Elva pi 

Woodward, Patience (Cook 
Frank B mer 

Yeaton, Reuben L far Laco 3 
Clara A (Willice ho 

York, W C lab Pitts 

Young, Frank D far Ir Wks 
Young, Fred B far Ir Wks 
Nellie (Grady ho 

Young, Lucy, (Prescott ho 

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Fred B far 

Young, E S sum bds Ir Wks 

Cora F (Lougee ho 

Morton E mach 

Zanes, Noah lab Pitts 4 

Nellie (Blake ho 

Wm B mill op 

•Robert L 71 Bowden 

Winthrop, Mass 



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