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Full text of "A method of transliteration of the proper names of Scripture into Congo languages"

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Presented to the 
LIBRARY of the 



Professor W. J. Samarin 





Proper Names of Scripture 


Congo Languages 






Second edition. 

IT is a matter of pleasure to the Compilers of this little 
work to know that the former edition has been found 
useful. We are still asked for it, aud the present 
re-print is issued to meet these requests. One or two 
alterations have been made, as under Cananaean, and one 
of the Hebrew letters has been restored to its place in 
the alphabet. 


1 3th November, 1909. 

RECENTLY we have received so many requests for the 
results of our studies in the adaptation of Proper Names 
to the Congo languages, that we have been compelled to 
own it is our duty no longer to withhold these from our 
busy colleagues. It is too much perhaps to expect 
universal transliterating uniformity in Congo. Still if 
this list assists in giving some little uniformity in this 
matter it will be a sufficient justification to us for 
having dared to issue it. 

We have tried to forget personal preferences and work 
out the transliteration according to the rules which 
seemed to be naturally dictated by the necessities of 
the native languages. Perhaps the only places in which 
we could not help ourselves are those in which we had to 
decide the euphonious linking vowel between consecutive 
consonants; in such places not two of us, I imagine, would 
think exactly alike; naturally our colleagues will tread 
gently in such places. 

A note of the change in one item is due to those who have 
appreciated our efforts in this work and who may have 
copied our transliterations. We conceived the notion 
that one change was necessary in the transliterations we 

had made to render them generally useful. Several of 
the languages of Congo have not the sound of ts which \ve 
represent in Bobangi by c, and we had represented the 
Hebrew tsade by this c. In the present list we have 
represented it by s, which is the nearest relative of it, s 
being with us always euphonised as ts when receiving 
the nasal. The places in which s represents tsade may 
be noted by the translator when s is found in the 
transliterations representing azm the English form of the 

The English forms of the Names in the list are from the 
Revised Version and the list includes all (we hope) the 
marginal variations as well. Some of these marginal 
readings are the readings of the Hebrew text, while the 
passages themselves contain the Massoretic corrections; 
this course, the Revisers did not follow in numerous cases, 
so where they adopted the Massoretic corrections without 
giving the textual forms in the margin, we thought it well 
also not to burden the list with the omitted form. 

No doubt to have a list of the Proper Names at hand is 
useful to regularise one s work, but even with such a list 
the difficulties connected with the names of the Bible are 
not ended by any means. There is still a goodly list of 
common names in the domain of the natural history, the 
weights and measures, articles of clothing, food and 
commerce, etc., which give the translator more difficulty 

than the Proper Names, and if our attempt with the Proper 
Names does but excite the interest and energy of someone 
to give us this other list, this present work will have been 
greatly rewarded. 

We should say that we have seen and examined the list 
of Names as issued from the B.M.S. at Wathen, and 
compiled by the late Rev. Philip Davies, B.A. Being 
little more than a list of the English forms with a few 
changes in particular letters, and without sufficient attention 
to the syllabic laws of the Bantu tongues, it proved itself 
quite inadequate to our needs. 

As the Holy Spirit gave tongues to many in the ancient 
day, so may we all be clothed with translating power to 
make articulate the Grand Old Book in these new forms 
of living language which demand our attention day by 
day, so that the vision of Christ may become clear to all 
who read and hear, and He Himself be speedily enthroned 
in every heart the Glorious All in all. 


Baptist Missionary Society, 

Lukolela, Ilaut Congo, 

1 4th April, 


IN translating foreign books and especially the Scriptures 
into African tongues, one of the difficulties which 
present themselves is the adequate representation of the 
Proper Names. The difficulty itself would be removed 
in the course of time by the natives, supposing the Names 
were repeated frequently enough in their hearing. They 
have done this in many cases in common with the action of 
each European nation. It matters not to them whether 
the words are pronounced correctly or incorrectly as far as 
any original is concerned, they presently reproduce what 
they hear in their own way and conformably to the sounds 
common to their own speech considered by them as 
representing the pronunciation of the foreigner which 
again varies naturally as is his nationality. But this 
natural method of settling the difficulty is not practicable ; 
the translator cannot wait so long as would be necessary 
for the process to be carried through, and indeed, the 
results would be in many cases far afield from any 
original. It therefore devolves upon a translator to face 
the difficulty, prepared as much as possible by the phonetic 
facts of the language and the examination of any known 
attempts of the natives in the imitation of foreign sounds. 

We Europeans too have to remember that our 
representations of Bible Names are a long way already 
from the originals. Take an example in the name John 
Yochanan, loane, Johannes, Ivan, Jean, Ian, Hans, 
Yoao, Giovanni, Juan. Thus it appears that we must 
get away from our own local representations to some 
common basis and source to which we can all appeal. 
Those sources for us in our Bible work are the Hebrew 
and Greek Texts. 

The following rules and results are presented to further 
if possible uniform treatment of the Bible Names. They 
were originally drafted some ten years ago for our guidance 
in Bobangi translation. The Bobangi language is somewhat 
weaker than other Congo languages in consonantal sounds ; 
aspirates and strong sounds are conspicuously absent. 
The consonants are: &, c = ts, d, , A, /, m, n, p, s, t, w, 
y, z = dz. Allowing is to resolve itself into s its nearest 
relative and dz to wander as far as the soft sound of z 
in the Lower Congo language, we may safely assume 
that what is adequate for this poor (in consonants) 
language will equally serve for its richer neighbours. 
The vowels occasion no difficulty; there is needed the 
usual five, and all the languages seem to have them all 

It appears on the surface that there are two consistent 
methods of transliteration. 

1. A mechanical one, which is exactly suited to the 
transliteration of names from dead languages, and merely 
requires fixed rules for the transliteration of the individual 
letters of the original languages, so that when the 
comparative alphabet has been written there is nothing 
more to be done than to write out the transliterations 

2. A phonetic one, which is suited to the transliteration 
of names from spoken languages, and has nothing whatever 
to do with the letters which represent the sounds in the 
original language, but is closely concerned with the sounds 
as they are uttered and their representation in the new 
language. Naturally a fully satisfactory comparative table 
of sound would be difficult to construct in some cases, for 
each person would according to his training and country 
interpret the sounds in various ways. A person to 
transliterate by this method would require considerable 
latitude allowed him. 

With very few exceptions the first method has been 
adopted for this list of transliterations. Where however 
this first method has been departed from in favour of the 
second will be apparent in looking over the list, and 
doubtless such exceptions will commend themselves as 
expedient and adequate. 

Rules of Transliteration. 

1. Every syllable to end with a vowel. 

2. No consonants to occur consecutively except such 
as are allowed by the usages of the language. 

3. If consonants occur consecutively in the names of the 
original languages the vowel considered more euphonic to 
be introduced in the transliteration. 

4. A doubled consonant to be represented by one letter 
only. A doubled vowel to be represented by one letter 

5. If an original name end in a consonant the vowel 
considered more euphonic to be attached. 

6. No letters denoting foreign sounds to appear; all 
foreign sounds to be represented by the nearest 
approximation among the letters indigenous to the native 

7. Old Testament Names to be taken from the Hebrew, 
and New Testament Names to be taken from the Greek, 
but when the source of the New Testament Name is 
Hebrew then the Hebrew to be followed, and when the 
source is Latin, the Latin to be followed. 

8. Patronymics (as Israelites), national names (as 
Philistines), names of sects or parties (as Pharisees) to be 
derived according to native usage from the original 























Sin, Shin 


Qamets, Pathach, Chateph- 

Tsere, Seghol, Chateph-seghol 

= no representation 

= d 

= no representation 


no representation 

= y 


= s 

no representation 


Shewa vocal generally = e 

but when followed by a consonant which has no 

representation, the vowel of that consonant to replace 

the Shewa. 

Chireq i 

Cholem, Qamets-chatuph, 

Chateph-qamets = O 

Shureq, Qibbuts =u 

All Aspirates to be reckoned hard. 



Alpha = a 

Beta = b 

Gamma - =: S 

Delta = d 

Epsilon = e 

Zeta = z 

Eta =e 

Theta =t 

Iota = i, y (before another vowel] 

Kappa = k 

Lambda = 1 

Mu =m 

Nu c=n 

= + * (final) 



= t 

= U, W (before another vowel) 















With the exception of those below all the letters are 
represented the same way in both Alphabets. 

= no representation 



y = y, i except when 

representing the Greek upsilon. 
ae ^ai 

oe = oi 

In one or two words it has been found necessary to 
represent h and the consonant y has been used for this 
purpose; see Abalayama (Abraham) and Syiboleta 

Rule 7 is but rarely departed from, note Ezipeto 
(Egypt) instead of Misalaima (Mizraim). 

An apostrophe is equal to a hyphen and is used to shew 
that if the part ending with the apostrophe were used alone 
it would have a vowel, but used before another word with 
an initial vowel, such vowel is dropped, the consonant 
being final in the original. 

O prefixed to Names of countries to denote a native of 
that country is Bobangi idiom : O is sing, which would 
change to Ba for the plural. Both these are changeable 
to mosi sing. , basi //. This idiom will change according 
to the language. We hope this will sufficiently indicate 
the operation to be further performed in adapting the form 
of the name to another language. 

The preceding paragraph is also applicable to 
patronymics. O is sing. , Ba is plural. These particles 
may be extended in these cases to Ombe sing. , Bambe, />/. 




Aaron, Alona. 

Abaddon, Abadona. 

Abagtha, Abagata. 

Abanah, Abana. 

Abarim, Abalima. 

Abba, translate (Bobangi, Tata). 

Abda, Abeda. 

Abdeel, Abedele. 

Abdi, Abedi. 

Abdiel, Abediele. 

Abdon, Abidona. 

Abed-nego, Abede-nego. 

Abel, Ebele. 

Abel-beth-maacah, Abele-bete-maka. 

Abel-cheramim, Abele-kelamima. 

Abel-maim, Abele-maima. 

Abel-meholah, Abele-mola. 

Abel-mizraim, Abele-misalaima. 

Abel-shittim, Abele-sitimi. 


Abi, Abi. 
Abiah, Abiya. 
Abi-albon, Abi-alabona. 
Abiasaph, Abiasapa. 
Abiathar, Abiatala. 
Abib, Abiba. 
Abida, Abida. 
A bid an, Abidana. 
Abiel, Abiele. 
Abiezer, Abiezele. 
Abiezrite, O-Abiezele. 
Abigail, Abigaila. 
Abihail, Abiyaila. 
Abihu, Abiu. 
Abihud, Abiuda. 
Abijah, Abiya. 
Abijam, Abiyama. 
Abilene, Abilene. 
Abimael, Abimaele. 
Abimelech, Abimeleke. 
Abinadab, Abinadaba. 
Abinoam, Abinoama. 
Abiram, Abilama. 
Abi shag, Abisaga. 
Abishai, Abisai. 
Abishalom, Abisaloma. 


Abishua, Abisua. 
Abishur, Abisula. 
Abital, Abitala. 
Abitub, Abituba. 
Abiud, Abiuda. 
Abner, Abinela. 
Abraham, Abalayama. 
Abram, Abalama. 
Abronah, Abulona. 
Absalom, Abisaloma. 
Abshai, Abisai. 
Accad, Akada. 
Acco, Ako. 
Achaia, Akaya. 
Achaicus, Akaiko. 
Achan, Akana. 
Achar, Akala. 
Achbor, Akabola. 
Achim, Akimi. 
Achish, Akisa. 
Achmetha, Ameta. 
Achor, Akola. 
Achsah, Akasa. 
Achshaph, Akasapa. 
Achzib, Akiziba. 
Adadah, Adada. 


Adah, Ada. 

Adaiah, Adaya. 

Adalia, Adalia. 

Adam, Adama. 

Adamah, Adama. 

Adami-nekeb, Adami-nekebe. 

Adar, Adala. 

Adbeel, Adabele. 

Addan, Adana. 

Addar, Adaia. 

Addi, Adi. 

Addon, Adona. 

Adiel, Adiele. 

Adin, Adina. 

Adina, Adina. 

Adino, Adino. 

Adithaim, Aditaima. 

Adlai, Adelai. 

Admah, Adema. 

Admatha, Ademata. 

Adna, Adena. 

Adnah, Adena. 

Adoni-bezek, Adoni-bezeke. 

Adonijah, Adoniya. 

Adonikam, Adonikama. 

Adoniram, Adonilama. 


Adoni-zedek, Adoni-sedeke. 
Adoraim, Adolaima. 
Adoram, Adolama 
Adrammelech, Adulameleke. 
Adramyttium, Adulamutiona. 
Adria, Adulia. 
Adriel, Aduliele. 
Adullam, Adulama. 
Adullamite, O-Adulama. 
Adummim, Adumima. 
/Eneas, Ainea. 
.-Knon, Ainona. 
Agabus, Agabo. 
Agag, Agaga. 
Agagite, O-Agaga. 
Agee, Age. 
Agrippa, Agulipa. 
Agur, Agula. 
Ahab, Aba. 
Aharah, Ala. 
Aharhel, Alele. 
Ahasbai, Asabai. 
Ahashverosh, Aswelose. 
Ahasuerus = Ahashverosh. 
Ahava, Awa, 
Ahaz, Aza. 


Ahaziah, Azaya. 
Ahban, Abana. 
Aher, Aele. 
Ahi, Ai. 
Ahiah, Aiya. 
Ahiam, Aiyama. 
Ahian, Ayana. 
Ahiezer, Aiyezele. 
Ahihud, Aiyuda. 
Ahijah, Aiya. 
Ahikam, Aikama. 
Ahilud, Ailuda. 
Ahimaaz, Aimasa. 
Ahiman, Aimana. 
Ahimelech, Aimeleke. 
Ahimoth, Aimota. 
Ahinadab, Ainadaba. 
Ahinoam, Ainoama. 
Ahio, Ayo. 
Ahira, Aila. 
Ahiram, Ailama. 
Ahiramite, O-Ailama. 
Ahisamach, Aisamaka 
Ahishahar, Aisala. 
Ahishar, Aisala. 
Ahithophel, Aitopele. 


Ahitub, Aituba. 

Ahlab, Alaba. 

Ahlai, Alai. 

Ahoah, Awoa. 

Ahohite, O-Awoa. 

Ahumai, Aumai. 

Ahuzzam, Auzama. 

Ahuzzath, Auzata. 

Ahzai, Azai. 

Ai, Ai. 

Aiah, Ay a. 

Aiath, Ayata. 

Aija, Aya. 

Aijalon, Ayalona. 

Aijelet h -hashshahar, translate ( Bobangi, Nkanie ntongo) 

Ain, Aina. 

Akan, Akana. 

Akeldamu, Akeladama. 

Akhub, Akuba. 

Akrabbiin, Akulabima. 

Alamoth, translate ( Bobangi, Ekombw e ka). 

Alemeth, Alemeta. 

Alexander, Alesandulo. 

Alexandria, Alesandulia. 

Alexandrians, Ba-Alesandulia. 

Aliah, Alaya. 


Allan, Aleyana. 

Allam-melech, Alama-meieke. 

Allemeth, Alemeta. 

Allon, Alona. 

Allon-bacuth, Alona-bakuta. 

Almodad, Alemodada. 

Almon, Alemona. 

Almon-diblathaim, Alemona-dibelataima. 

Aloth, Alota. 

Alpha, A. 

Alphaeus, Alapayo. 

Al-tashheth, translate (Bobangi, Ozalakandeokutiaka). 

Alush, Alusa. 

Alvah, Alawa. 

Alvan, Alawana. 

Amad, Amada. 

Amal, Amala. 

Amalek, Amaleka. 

Amalekite, O-Amaleka. 

Am am, Amama. 

Amana, Amana. 

Amanah, Amana. 

Amariah, Amalia. 

Amasa, Araasa. 

Amasai, Amasai. 

Amashsai, Amasasai. 


Amasiah, Amasaya. 

Amaziah, Amasaya. 

Amen, translate (Bobangi, se bongo). 

Ami, Ami. 

Aminon, Aminona. 

Amittai, Amitai. 

Ammah, Ama. 

Ammi, Ami. 

Ammiel, Amiele. 

Ammihud, Amiuda. 

Ammihur, Amiula. 

Amminadab, Aminadaba. 

Amminadib, Aminadiba. 

Ammishaddai, Amisadai. 

Ammizabad, Amizabada. 

Ammon, Amona. 

Ammonite, O-Amona. 

Ammonitess, O-Amona. 

Amnon, Amanona. 

Amok, Amoka. 

Amon, Amona. 

Amorite, O-AmoIa. 

Amos, Amosa. 

Amoz, Amosa. 

Amphipolis, Ampipoli. 

Ampliatus, Ampuliato. 

Amram, Amulama. 
Amramite, O-Amulama. 
Amraphel, Amulapela. 
Amzi, Amasi. 
Anab, Anaba. 
Anah, Ana. 
Anaharath, Analata. 
Anaiah, Anaya. 
Anak, Anaka. 
Anakim, Ba- Anaka. 
Anamim, Ba-Anima. 
Anammelech, Anameleke. 
Anan, Anana. 
Anani, Anani. 
Ananiah, Ananaya. 
Ananias, Anania. 
Anath, Anata. 
Anathoth, Anatota. 
Anathothite, O- Anatota. 
Andrew, Andalea. 
Andronicus, Anduloniko. 
Anem, Anema. 
Aner, Anela. 
Aniam, Aniama. 
Anim, Anima. 
Anna, Ana. 


Annas, Ana. 

Anok, Anoka. 

Anthothijah, Antotiya. 

Antioch, Antiokia. 

Antipas, Antipa. 

Antipatris, Antipatuli. 

Anub, Anuba. 

Apelles, Apele. 

Apharsachite, O-Apaluseka. 

Apharsathchite, O-Apalusateka. 

Apharsite, O-Apalusa. 

Aphek, Apeka. 

Aphekah, Apeka. 

Aphiah, Apiya. 

Aphik, Apike. 

Apollonia, Apolonia. 

Apollos, Apolo. 

Apollyon, Apolwona. 

Appaim, Apayima. 

Apphia, Apia. 

Appius, Apio. 

Aquila, Akwila. 

Ar, Ala. 

Ara, Ala. 

Arab, Alaba. 

Arabah, Alaba. 


Arabia, Alaba. 

Arabian, O- Alaba. 

Arad, Alada. 

Arab, Ala. 

Aram, Alama - Sulia, see Syria. 

Aramaic, i.e. language of Aram (Bobangi, Lo- Alama). 

Aramean, O-Alama = O-Sulia, see Syrian. 

Aramitess, O- Alama = O-Sulia, see Syrian. 

Aram-maacah, Alama-maka. 

Aram-naharaim, Alama-nalaima = Mesopotamia. 

Aram-zobah, Alama-soba. 

Aran, Alana. 

Ararat, Alalata. 

Ararite, O-Alala. 

Araunah, Alauna. 

Arba, Aluba. 

Arbathite, O-Aluba. 

Arbite, O-Aluba. 

Archelaus, Alukelao. 

Archevite, O-Alukawa. 

Archippus, Alukipo. 

Archite, O-Aluka. 

Ard, Aluda, 

Ardite, O-Aluda. 

Ardon, Aludona. 

Areli, Aleli. 


Arelite, O-Aleli. 
Areopagite, O-Aleopago. 
Areopagus, Aleopago. 
Aretas, Aleta. 
Argob, Alugoba. 
Aridai, Alidai. 
Aridatha, Alidata. 
Arieh, Aluye. 
Ariel, Aliele. 
Arimathaea, Alimataya. 
Arioch, Alioka. 
Arisai, Alisai. 
Aristarchus, Alisitaluko. 
Aristobulus, Alisitobulu. 
Arkite, O-Aluka. 
Armoni, Alumoni. 
A man, Alunana. 
Arni, Aluni. 
Arnon, Alunona. 
Arod, Aloda. 
Arodi, Alodi. 
Arodite, O-Alodi. 
Aroer, Aloele. 
Aroerite, O-Aloele. 
Arpachshad, Alupakasada. 
Arpad, Alupada. 


Arphaxad = Arpachshad. 

Artahshashta, Alutasasata. 

Artaxerxes Artahshashta. 

Artemas, Alutema. 

Artemis, Alutemi. 

Arubboth, Alubota. 

Arumah, Aluma. 

Arvad, Aluwada. 

Arvadite, O-Aluwada. 

Arza, Alusa. 

Asa, Asa. 

Asahel, Asaele. 

Asaiah, Asaya. 

Asaph, Asapa. 

Asarel, Asalele. 

Asenath, Asenata. 

Ashan, Asana. 

Asharelah, Asalela. 

Ashbea, Asebela. 

Ashbel, Asebele. 

Ashbelite, O-Asebele. 

Ashdod, Asedodo. 

Ashdodite, O-Asedodo. 

Asher, Asela. 

Asherah, Asela. 

Asherim, Basela, pi. of Asela. 


Asherite, O-Asela. 

Asheroth, Basela pi. of Asela. 

Ashhur, Asula. 

Ashima, Asima. 

Ashkelon, Asekelona. 

Ashkelonite, O-Asekelona. 

Ashkenaz, Asekenaza. 

Ashnah, Asena. 

Ashpenaz, Asepenaza. 

Ashtaroth, Basetolete, //. 0/Asetolete. 

Ashterathite, O-Asetelata. 

Ashteroth-karnaim, Asetelota-kalunaima. 

Ashtoreth, Asetolete. 

Ashurite, O-Asula. 

Ashvath, Asewata. 

Asia, Asia. 

Asiarch--chief person of Asia (Bobangi, Mpomb e Asia). 

Asiel, Asiele. 

Asnah, Asena. 

Aspatha, Asepata. 

Asriel, Aseliele. 

Asrielite, O-Aseliele. 

Asshur, Asula. 

Asshurim, B Asula. 

Assir, Asili. 

Assos, Aso. 


Assyria, Asnla. 
Assyrian, O-Asula. 
Asyncritus, Asunkulito. 
Atad, Atada. 
Atarah, Atala. 
Ataroth, Atalota. 
Ataroth-addar, Atalot adala. 
Ater, Atele. 
Athach, Ataka. 
Athaiah, Ataya. 
Athaliah, Atalaya. 

Atharim, B Atala. 


Athenian, O-Atenai. 

Athens, Atenai. 

Athlai, Atalai. 

Atroth-beth-Joab, Atulota-bete-Yoaba. 

Atroth-shophan, Atulota-sopana. 

Attai, Atai. 

Attalia, Atalia. 

Augustan, Auguseto in adjectival clause. 

Augustus, Auguseto. 

Aven, Awena. 

Avith, Awita. 

Awa, Awa. 

Avvim, B Awa. 

Awite, O-Awa. 


Ayephim, Ayepima. 

Ayyah, Aya. 

Azaliah, Asalaya 

Azaniah, Azanaya. 

Azarel, Azalele 

Azariah, Azalaya. 

Azaz, Azaza. 

Azazel, Azazela. 

Azaziah, Azazaya. 

Azbuk, Azabuka. 

Azekah, Azeka. 

Azel, Asela. 

Azgad, Azagada. 

Aziel, Aziele. 

Aziza, Aziza. 

Azmaveth, Azemaweta. 

Azmon, Asmona. 

Aznoth-tabor, Azanota-tabola. 

Azor, Azola. 

Azotus, Azoto. 

Azriel, Azuliele. 

Asrikam, Azulikama. 

Azubah, Azuba. 

Azzah, Asa. 

Azzan, Azana. 

Azzur, Azula. 


Baal, Bala. 
Baalah, Bala. 
Baalath, Balata. 
Baalath-beer, Balata-bela. 
Baal-berith, Bala-belita. 
Baal -gad, Bala-gada. 
Baal-hamon, Bal amona. 
Baal-hanan, Bal anana. 
Baal-hazor, Bal asola. 
Baal-hermon, Bal elumola. 
Baale Judah, Bale-Yuda. 
Baali, Bali. 

Baalim, Babala, pi. of Bala. 
Baalis, Balisa. 
Baal-meon, Bala-mona. 
Baal-peor, Bala-polo. 
Baal-perazim, Bala-pelasima. 
Baal-shalishah, Bala-salisa. 
Baal-tamar, Bala-tamala. 
Baal-zebub, Bala-zebuba. 
Baal-zephon, Bala-sepona. 
Baana, Bana. 
Baanah, Bana. 
Baara, Bala. 
Baaseiah, Baseya. 
Baasha, Basa. 


Babel, Babela. 

Baby lon= Babel. 

Babylonian, O-Babela. 

Babylonish, i.e. belonging to Shinar, see Shinar. 

Baca, Baka. 

Baharumite, O-Baluma. 

Bahurim, Baulima. 

Bakbakkar, Bakabakala. 

Bakbuk, Bakabuka. 

Bakbukiah, Bakabukaya. 

Balaam, Bilama. 

Baladan, Baladana. 

Balah, Bala. 

Balak, Balaka. 

Bamah, Bama. 

Bamoth, Bamota. 

Bamoth-baal, Bamota-bala. 

Bani, Bani. 

Barabbas, Balaba. 

Barachel, Balakele. 


Barak, Balaka. 

Barbarian, translate {Bobangi, Moluaka //. miluaka). 

Barhumite, O-Baluma. 

Bariah, Balia. 

Bar-Jesus, Bala-Yesu. 


Bar-Jonah, Bala-Yona. 
Barkos, Balukosa. 
Barnabas, Balunaba. 
Barsabbas, Balusaba. 
Bartholomew, Balutolomayo. 
Bartimseus, Bala-Timayo. 
Baruch, Baluka. 
Barzillai, Baluzilai. 
Basemath, Basemata. 
Bashan, Basana. 
Bath-rabbim, Bata-labima. 
Bath-sheba, Bata-seba. 
Bath-shua, Bata-sua. 
Bavvai, Bawai. 
Bayith, Bayita. 
Bazlith, Baselita. 
Bazluth, Baseluta. 
Bealiah, Baleya. 
Bealoth, Balota. 
Bebai, Bebai. 
Becher, Bekele. 
Becherite, O-Bekele. 
Becorath, Bekolata. 
Bedad, Badada. 
Bedan, Bedana. 
Bedeiah, Bedaya. 


Beeliada, Belayada. 

Beelzebub, Bala-zebuba. 

Beelzebul, Bala-zebula. 

Beer, Bela. 

Beera, Bela. 

Beerah, Bela. 

Beer-elim, Bel elima. 

Beeri, Beli. 

Beer-lahai-roi, Bela-lai-loi. 

Beeroth, Belota. 

Beerothite, O-Belota. 

Beer-sheba, Bela-saba. 

Be-eshterah, Besetela. 

Bel, Bele. 

Bela, Bela. 
Belaite, O-Bela. 

Belial, Beliala. 
Belshazzar, Belesasala. 
Belteshazzar, Beletesasala. 
Ben, Bene. 

Ben-abinadab, Ben abinadaba. 
Benaiah, Benaya. 
Ben-ammi, Ben ami. 
Ben-deker, Bene-dekele. 
Bene-berak, Bene-belaka. 
Bene-jaakan, Bene-yakana. 



Ben-geber, Bene-gebele. 

Ben-hadad, Ben adada. 

Ben-hail, Ben aila. 

Ben-hanan, Ben anana. 

Ben-hesed, Ben esede 

Ben-hur, Ben ula. 

Beninu, Beninu. 

Benjamin, Benyamina. 

Benjamite, O- Benyamina. 

Beno, Beno. 

Ben-oni, Ben oni. 

Ben-zoheth, Bene-zoete. 

Beon, Bone. 

Beor, Bola. 

Beracah, Belaka. 

Beraiah, Belaya. 

Berechiah, Belekaya. 

Bered, Belede. 

Beri, Beli. 

Beriah, Belia. 

Beriite, O-Belia. 

Berite, O-Beli. 

Bernice, Belunike. 

Berodach-baladana, Belodaka-baladana. 

Bercea, Beloya. 

Berothah, Belota. 

Berothai, Belotai. 
Berothite, O-Belota. 
Besai, Besai. 
Besodeiah, Besodaya. 
Besor, Besola. 
Betah, Beta. 
Beten, Betene. 
Bethabarah, Betabala. 
Beth-anath, Bet anata. 
Beth-anoth, Bet anota. 
Bethany, Bet ania. 
Beth-arabah, Bet alaba. 
Beth-arbel, Bet alubele. 
Beth-aven, Bet awena. 
Beth-azmaveth, Bet azemaweta. 
Beth-baal-meon, Bete-bala-mona. 
Beth-barah, Bete-bala. 
Beth-biri, Bete-bili. 
Beth-car, Bete-kala. 
Beth-dagon, Bete-dagona. 
Beth-diblathaim , Bete-dibelataima. 
Beth-eden. Bet edene. 
Beth-el, Bet ele. 
Beth-elite, O-Bet ele. 
Beth-emek, Bet emeke. 
Bether, Betele. 


Bethesda, Beteseda 
Beth-ezel, Bet esele. 
Beth-gader, Bete-gadela. 
Beth-gamul, Bete-gamula. 
Beth-gilgal, Bete-giligala. 
Beth-haccherem, Bet akelema. 
Beth-haram, Bet alama. 
Beth-haran, Bet alana. 
Beth-hoglah, Bet ogela. 
Beth-horon, Bet olono. 
Beth-jeshimoth, Bete-yesimota. 
Beth-le-Aphrah, Bete-le-Apula. 
Beth-lebaoth, Bele-le-baota. 

Beth-lehem, Bete-leme. 

Beth-lehem Ephrathah, Bete-lem Epulata. 

Beth-lehemite, O-Beteleme. 

Beth-lehem-judah, Bete-leme-Yuda. 

Beth-maacah, Bete-maka. 

Beth-marcaboth, Bete-malukabota. 

Beth-meon, Bete-mona. 

Beth-merhak, Bete-melaka. 

Beth-millo, Bete-milo. 

Beth-nimrah, Bete-nimula. 

Beth-pazzez, Bete-pasesa. 

Beth-pelet, Beta-pelete. 

Beth-peor, Bete-polo. 


Bethphage, Bete-page. 
Beth-rapha, Bete-lapa. 
Beth-rehob, Bete-loba. 
Bethsaida, Bete-saida. 
Beth-shan, Bete-sana. 
Beth-shean. Bete-sana. 
Beth-shemesh, Bete-semese. 
Beth-shemite, O-Bete-semese. 
Beth-shittah, Bete-sita. 
Beth-tappuah, Bete-tapwa. 
Bethuel, Betwele. 
Bethul, Betula. 
Bethzatha, Bete-zata. 
Bet-hur, Bete-sula. 
Betonim, Betonima. 
Beulah, Bula. 

Bezaanannim, Besananima. 
Bezai, Besai. 
Bezalel, Besalele. 
Bezek, Bezeke. 
Bezer, Besele. 
Bichri, Bikili. 
Bidkar, Bidikala. 
Bigtha, Bigata. 
Bigthan, Bigatana. 
Bigthana, Bigatana. 


Bigvai, Bigwai. 

Bildad, Bilidada. 

Bileam, Bilama. 

Bilgah, Biliga. 

Bilgai, Biligai. 

Bilhah, Bila. 

Bilhan, Bilana. 

Bilshan, Bilisana. 

Bimhal, Bimala. 

Binea, Bina. 

Binnui, Binui. 

Birsha, Bilasa. 

Birzaith, Biluzayita. 

Bishlam, Bisilama. 

Bithiah, Bitiya. 

Bithron, Bitulona. 

Bithynia, Bitunia. 

Biziothiah, Biziyotaya. 

Biztha, Bizita. 

Blastus, Bulaseto. 

Boanerges, translate (Bobangi, Bana ba bilunza). 

Boaz, Boaza. 

Bochelu, Bokelu. 

Bochim, Bokima. 

Bohan, Boana. 

Bor-ashan, Bol asana. 


Bosor, Bosolo. 
Bozez, Bosese. 
Bozkath, Bosakata. 
Bozrah, Bosula. 
Bukki, Buki. 
Bukkiah, Bukiya. 
Bui, Bulu. 
Bunah, Buna. 
Bunni, Buni. 
Buz, Buza. 
Buzi, Buzi. 
Buzite, O-Buza. 

Cabbon, Kabona. 

Cabul, Kabula. 

Caesar, Kaisala. 

Caesarea, Kaisalia. 

Caesarea Philippi, Kaisalia e Pilipo. 

Caiaphas, Kayapa. 

Cain, Kaina. 

Cainan, Kenana. 

Calah, Kala. 

Calcol, Kalukola. 

Caleb, Kaleba. 

Caleb-ephrathah, Kaleb epulata. 

Calneh, Kalene. 


Calno, Kaluno. 

Calvary, Kalwalia. 

Cana, Kana. 

Canaan, Kanana. 

Canaanite, O-Kanana. 

Canaanuitess, O-Kanana. 

Canansean, O-Kanana, but=zealot 

Candace, Kandake. 

Canneh, Kane. 

Canticles, see Song of Songs. 

Capernaum, Kapalanauma. 

Caphtor, Kapatola. 

Caphtorim, Ba-Kapatola. 

Cappadocia, Kapadokia. 

Carcas, Kalukasa. 

Carchemish, Kalukemisa. 

Carite, Mokala, but better translate(Boban%i, Bakweti). 

Carmel, Kalumela. 

Carmelite, O-Kalumela. 

Carmelitess, O-Kalumela. 

Carmi, Kalumi. 

Carmite, O-Kalumi. 

Carpus, Kalupo. 

Carshena, Kalusena. 

Casiphia, Kasipiya. 

Casluhim, Ba-Kasalu. 


Cauda, Kauda. 

Cenchrese, Kenkulea. 

Cephas, Kepa. 

Chaldea, Kasada. 

Chaldean, O-Kasada. 

Chaldees, Ba-Kasada. 

Chebar, Kebala. 

Chedorlaomer, Kedolulaomela. 

Chelal, Kelala. 

Chelub, Keluba. 

Chelubai, Kelubai. 

Cheluhi, Kelwi. 

Cheluhu, Kelwu. 

Chemarim Ba-Kema, but better translate (Bobangi^ 

Banganga bambe biteko). 
Chemosh, Kemose. 
Chenaanah, Kenana. 
Chenani, Kenani. 
Chenaniah, Kenanaya. 
Cephar-ammoni, Kepal amoni. 
Chephirah, Kepila. 
Cheran, Kelana. 
Cherethite, O-Kelete. 
Cherith, Kelita. 
Cherub, Keluba. 
Cherubim, Bakeluba. 


Chesalon, Kesalona. 

Chesed, Kesede. 

Chesil, Kesila. 

Chesulloth, Kesulota. 

Chezib, Kesiba. 

Chidon, Kidona. 

Chileab, Kilaba. 

Chilion, Kiliyona. 

Chilmad, Kilimada. 

Chimham, Kimama. 

Chinnnereth, Kinelete. 

Chinneroth, Kinelota. 

Chios, Kio. 

Chislev, Kisileu. 

Chislon, Kisilona. 

Chisloth-tabor, Kisilota-tabola. 

Chithlish, Kitilisi. 

Chiun, Kiyuna. 

Chloe, Kuloe. 

Chorazin, Kolazina. 

Christ, Masiya, except in John i. 41 ; and iv. 25 ; where 

translate (Bobangi, Mosobibweli). 
Christian, adapt from Masiya (Bobangi, Ombe-Masiya). 
Chronicles, Mo Bibo. 
Chuza, Kuza. 
Cilicia, Kilikia. 


Clauda, Kulauda. 
Claudia, Kulaudia. 
Claudius, Kulaudio. 
Clement, Kulemento. 
Cleopas, Keleopa. 
Clopas, Kelopa. 
Cnidus, Kinido. 
Col-hozeh, Kol oze. 
Colossoe, Kolosai. 
Colossian, O-Kologai. 
Conaniah, Konanya. 
Coniah, Konya. 
Cor-ashan, Kol asana. 
Coresh, Kolese. 
Corinth, Kolinto. 
Corinthian, O-Kolinto. 
Cornelius, Kolunelio. 
Cos, Kosa. 
Cosam, Kosama. 
Coz, Kosa. 
Cozbi, Kozebi. 
Cozeba, Kozeba, 
Crescens, Kulesekene. 
Cretan, O-Kulete. 
Crete, Kulete. 
Crispus, Kulisipo. 

4 o 

Cub, Kuba. 

Cun, Kuna. 

Gush, Kusa. 

Cushan, Kusana. 

Cushan-rishathaim, Kusana-lisataima. 

Cushi, Kusi. 

Cushite, O-Kusa. 

Cuth, Kuta. 

Cuthah, Kuta. 

Cyprus, Kupulio. 

Cyrene, Kulene. 

Cyrenian, O-Kulene. 

Cyrus, Kulese. 

Dabbesheth, Dabesete. 

Daberath, Dabelata. 

Dagon, Dagona. 

Dalmanutha, Dalamanuta. 

Dalmatia, Dalumatia. 

Dalphon, Dalupona. 

Damaris, Damali. 

Damascene, O-Dameseke. 

Damascus, Dameseke. 

Dammesek Eliezer, Eliezel e Dameseke. 

Dan, Dana. 

Daniel, Danyele. 


Danite, O-Dana. 

Dan-jaan, Dana-yana. 

Dannah, Dana. 

Dara, Dala. 

Dai da, Daluda. 

Darius, Dalayawesa. 

Darken, Dalukona. 

Darmesek, Dalumeseke. 

Dathan, Datana. 

David, Dawidi. 

Debir, Debili. 

Deborah, Debola. 

Decapolis, Dekapoli. 

Dedan, Dedana. 

Dedanite, O-Dedana. 

Dehaite, O-Dea. 

Delaiah, Delaya. 

Delilah, Delila. 

Demas, Dema. 

Demetrius, Demetulio. 

Derbe, Delube. 

Deuel, Dwele. 

Deuteronomy (Bobangi, Mo Mateyo ma Mose). 

Diana, Diana. 

Diblah, Dibela. 

Diblaim, Dibelaima. 


Dibon, Dibona. 

Dibon-gad, Dibona-gada. 

Dibri, Dibili. 

Didymus, translate (Bobangi, Mwan o bonketa). 

Diklah, Dikala. 

Dilan, Dilana. 

Dimnah, Dimana. 

Dimon, Dimona. 

Dimonah, Dimona. 

Dinah, Dina. 

Dinaite, O-Dina. 

Dinhabah, Dinaba. 

Dionysius, Dionusio. 

Dioscuri, Diosekuloi. 

Diotrephes, Diotulepe. 

Diphath, Dipata. 

Dishan, Disana. 

Di-zahab, Di-zaba. 

Dodai, Dodai. 

Dodanim, Ba-Dodana. 

Dodavahu, Dodawau. 

Dodo, Dodo. 

Doeg, Doege. 

Dophkah, Dopeka. 

Dor, Dolo. 

Dorcas, Doluka. 


Dothan, Dotana. 
Brasilia, Dulusila. 
Dumah, Duma. 
Dura, Dula. 

Ebal, Ebala. 

Ebed, Ebede. 

Ebed-melech, Ebede-meleke. 

Eben-ezer, Eben ezele. 

Eber, Ebele. 

Ebez, Ebese. 

Ebiasaph, Ebeyasapa. 

Ebron, Ebelone. 

Ecbatana, Ekabatana. 

Ecclesiastes (Bobangi, Mo-Molamboli). 

Ed, Ede. 

Eden, Edene. 

Eder, Edele. 

Edom, Edome. 

Edomite, O-Edome. 

Edrei, Edelei. 

Eglah, Egela. 

Eglaim, Egelaima. 

Eglath-shelishiyah, Egele-silisiya. 

Eglon, Egelone. 

Egypt, Ezipeto. 


Egyptian, O-Ezipeto. 
Ehi, Ei. 
Ehud, Euda. 
Eker, Ekele. 
Ekron, Ekulone. 
Ekronite, O-Ekulone. 
El Elyon, El Eleyona. 
Ela, Ela. 
Elah, Ela. 
Elam, Elama. 

Elamite, O-Elama. 

Elasah, Elasa. 

Elath, Elata. 

El-berith, Ele-belita. 

El-beth-el, Ele-bet ele. 

Eldaah, Eleda. 

Eldad, Eledada. 

Elead, Elada. 

Eleadah, Elada. 

Elealeh, Elale. 

Eleasah, Elasa. 

Eleazar, Elazala. 

El-elohe-Israel, Ereloe-Yisalaele. 

Eleph, Elepe. 

Elhanan, Elanana. 

Ell, Eli. 


Eliab, Eliaba. 

Eliada, Eleyada. 

Eliahba, Eleyaba. 

Eliakim, Eleyakima. 

Eliam, Eliama. 

Eliasaph, Eleyasapa. 

Eliashitr, Eleyasiba. 

Eliathah, Eliata. 

Elidad, Elidada. 

Eliehcenai, Eleyoenai. 

Eliel, Eliele. 

Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani, Eli, Eli, lama sabakatani. 

Elienai, Elienai. 

Eliezer, Eliezele. 

Elihoreph, Eliolepe. 

Elihu, Eliyu. 

Elijah, Eliya. 

Elika, Elika. 

Elim, Elima. 

Elimelech, Elimeleke. 

Elioenai, Eleyoenai. 

Eliphal, Elipala. 

Eliphaz, Elipaza. 

Eliphelet, Elipelete. 

Eliphelehu, Elipeleu. 

Elisabeth, Elisabeta. 


4 6 

Elisha, Elisa. 

Elishah, Elisa. 

Elishama, Elisama. 

Elishaphat, Elisapata. 

Elisheba, Eliseba. 

Elishua, Elisua. 

Eliud, Eliyuda. 

Elizaphan, Elisepana. 

Elizur, Elisula. 

Elkanah, Elekana. 

Eikoshite, O-Elekose. 

Eliasar, Elesala. 

Elmadam, Elemadama. 

Elnaam, Elenama. 

Elnathan, Elenatana. 

Eloi, Eloi, lamasabachthani, Eloi, Eloi,lamasabakatani. 

Elon, Elone. 

Elon-beth-hanan, Elona-bet anana. 

Elonite, O-Elona. 

Eloth, Elota. 

Elpaal, Elepala. 

El-paran, Elepalana. 

Elpelet, Elepelete. 

El-roi, Ele-loi. 

El-Shaddai, Ele-sadai. 

Eltekeh, Eleteke. 


Eltekon, Eletekone, 
Eltolad, Eletolada. 
Elul, Elula. 
Eluzai, Eluzai. 
Elymas, Eluma. 
Elzabad, Elezabada. 
Elzaphan, Elesapana. 
Emek-keziz, Emeke-kesisi. 
Emim, B Eme, //. of Erne. 
Emmanuel = Immanuel. 
Emmaus, Emau. 
Emmor, Emola. 
Enaim, Enaima. 
Enam, Enama. 
Enan, Enana. 
En-dor, Ene-dolo. 
En-eglaim, En egelaima. 
En-gannim, Ene-ganima. 
En-gedi, Ene-gedi. 
En-haddah, En ada. 
En-hakkore, En akole. 
En-hazor, En asola. 
En-mishpat, Ene-misapata. 
Enoch, Anoka. 
Enosh, Enosa. 


En-rimmon, Ene-limona. 
En-rogel, Ene-logele. 
En-shemesh, Ene-semese. 
En-tappuah, Ene-tapwa. 
Epametus, Epaineto. 
Epaphras, Epapula. 
Epaphroditus, Epapulodito. 
Ephah, Epa. 
Ephai, Epe. 
Epher, Epele. 

Ephes-dammim, Epese-damima. 
Ephesian, O-Epeso. 
Ephesus, Epeso. 
Ephlal, Epelala. 
Ephod, Epodo. 
Ephphatha, Epata. 
Ephraim, Epulaima. 
Ephraimite, O-Epulaima. 
Ephrain, Epulaina. 
Ephrath, Epulata. 
Ephrathah, Epulata. 
Ephrathite, O-Epulata. 
Ephron, Epulona. 
Epicurean, O-Epikulo. 
Er, Ele. 
Eran, Elana. 


Eranite, O-Elana. 
Ersatus, Elaseto, 
Erech, Eleke. 
Eri, Eli. 
Erite, O-Eli. 

Esar-haddon, Esal adona. 
Esau, Esau. 
Esek, Eseke, 
Eshan, Esana. 
Eshbaal, Esebala. 
Eshban, Esebana. 
Eshcol, Esekole. 
Eshek, Eseke, 
Eshtaol, Esetaola. 
Eshtaolite, O-Esetaola. 
Eshtemoa, Esetemoa. 
Eshtemoh, Esetemo. 
Eshton, Esetono. 
Esli, Eseli. 
Esther, Esetele. 
Etam, Etama. 
Etham, Etama. 
Ethan, Etana. 
Ethanim, Ba- Etana. 
Ethbaal, Etebala. 
Ether, Etele. 




Ethkazin, Eta-kasina. 

Ethnan, Etenana. 

Ethni, Eteni. 

Eubulus, Eubulo. 

Eunice, Eunike. 

Euodia, Ewodia. 

Euphrates, Pelata. 

Euraquilo, Eulakulo. 

Eutychus, Eutuko. 

Eve, Awa. 

Evi, Ewi. 

Evil-mercdach, Ewila-melodaka. 

Exodus, (Bobangi, Mo Bopimi bo Ba-Yisalaele o Ezi- 

Ezbai, Ezebai. 

Ezbon, Esebone. 

Ezekiel, Yezekele. 

Ezel, Esele. 

Ezem, Eseme. 

Ezer, Esele. 

Ezer, Ezele. 

Ezion-geber, Esiona-gebele. 

Eznite, O-Esene. 

Ezar, Ezala. 

Ezrah, Ezala. 


Ezrahite, O-Ezala. 
Ezri, Ezeli. 

Fair Havens, translate (Bobangi^ Misoko mi zeni). 
Felix, Pelika. 
Festus, Peseto. 
Fortunatus, Polutunato. 

Gaal, Gala. 
Gaash, Gasa. 
Gabbai, Gabai. 
Gabbatha, Gabata. 
Gabriel, Gabaliele. 
Gad, Gada. 
Gadarene, O-Gadala. 
Gaddi, Gadi. 
Gaddiel, Gadiele. 
Gadi, Gadi. 
Gadite, O Gada. 
Gaham, Gama. 
Gahar, Gala. 
Gai, Gai. 
Gaius, Gayo. 
Galal, Galala. 
Galatia, Galatia. 
Galatian, O-Galatia. 


Galeed, Galede. 
Galil, Galila. 
Galilaean, O-Galilaya. 
Galilee, Galilaya. 
Gallim, Galima. 
Gallic, Galio. 
Gamaliel, Gamaliele. 
Gammadim, Gamadima. 
Gamul, Gamula. 
Gareb, Galeba. 
Garmite, O-Geleme. 
Gashmu, Gasemu. 
Gatam, Gatama. 
Gath, Gata. 
Gath-hepher, Gat epele. 
Gath-rimmon, Gata-limona. 
Gaul, Gaula. 
Gaza, Aza. 
Gazez, Gazeza. 
Gazite, O-Aza. 
Gazzam, Gazama. 
Geba, Geba. 
Gebal, Gebala. 
. Gebalite, O-Gebala. 
Geber, Gebele. 
Gebim, Gebima. 


Gedaliah, Gedalia. 

Geder, Gedele. 

Gederah, Gedela. 

Gedefathite, O-Gedela. 

Gederite, O-Gedele. 

Gederoth, Gedelote. 

Gederothaim, Gedelotaima. 

Gedor, Gedola. 

Ge-haharashim, Ge-alasima. 

Ge-harashim, Ge-alasima. 

Gehazi, Geazi. 

Gehenna, Gena. 

Geliloth, Gelilota. 

Gemalli, Gemali. 

Gemariah, Gemaleya. 

Genesis, (Bobangi, Mo Mabandela). 

Gennesaret, Genesaleta. 

Gentiles, translate (Bobangi, Maboko). 

Genubath, Genubata. 

Ger, Gele. 

Gera, Gela. 

Gerar, Gelala. 

Gerasene, O-Gelasa. 

Gergesene, O-Gelugasa. 

Gerizim, Gelizima. 

Gershom, Gelusoma. 


Gershon, Gelusona. 

Gerhonite. O-Gelusona. 

Geruth Chimham, Geluta-Kimama. 

Geshan, Gesana. 

Geshem, Geseme. 

Geshur, Gesula. 

Geshurite, O-Gesula. 

Gather, Getele. 

Gethsemane, Getesemane. 

Geuel, Gwele. 

Gezer, Gezele. 

Giah, Gia. 

Gibbar, Gibala. 

Gibbethon, Gibitona. 

Gibea, Giba. 

Gibeah, Giba. 

Gibeath, Gibata. 

Gibeath-haaraloth, Gibat alalota. 

Gibeathite, O-Gibata. 

Gibeon, Gibona. 

Gibeonite, O-Gibona. 

Giddalti, Gidaleti. 

Giddel, Gidele. 

Gideon, Gidona. 

Gideoni, Gidoni. 

Gidom, Gidoma. 


Gihon, Giona. 

Gilalai, Gilalai. 

Gilboa, Giliboa. 

Gilead, Gilada. 

Gileadite, O-Gilada. 

Gilgal, Giligala. 

Giloh, Gilo. 

Gilonite, O-Gilona. 

Gimzo, Gimezo. 

Ginath, Ginata. 

Ginnethoi, Ginetoi. 

Ginnethon, Ginetona. 

Girgashite, O-Giligasa. 

Girzite, O-Geleze. 

Gishpa, Gisipa. 

Gittaim, Gitaima. 

Gittite, O-Gata. 

Gittith, Gititi. 

Gizonite, O-Gizona. 

Gizrite, O-Gezele. 

Goah, Goa. 

Gob, Gobo. 

Gog, Gogo. 

Goiim, translate (Bobangi, Maboko). 

Golan, Golana. 

Golgotha, Gologota. 


Goliath, Goloyata. 

Gomer, Gomele. 

Gomorrah, Amola. 

Goshen, Gosene. 

Gozan, Gozana. 

Grecian, O-Ela. 

Greece, Ela. 

Greek, O-Ela. 

Greek, i.e. language of Greece (Bobangi, Lo-Ela). 

Gudgodah, Gudugoda. 

Guni, Guni. 

Gunite, O-Guni. 

Gur, Gula. 

Gur-baal, Gula-bala. 

Haahashtari, Asetali. 
Habaiah, Abaya. 
Habakkuk, Abakuka. 
Habazziniah, Abisiniya. 
Habor, Abola. 
Hacaliah, Akila. 
Hachilah, Akila. 
Hachmoni, Akemoni. 
Hachmonite, O- Akemoni. 
Hadad, Adada. 
Hadadezer, Adadazele. 


Hadad-rimmon, Adada-limona. 

Hadar, Adala. 

Hadarezele, Adalezele. 

Hadashah, Adasa. 

Hadassah, Adasa. 

Hades, translate (Bobangi, Longa). 

Hadid, Adida. 

Hadlai, Adalai. 

Hadoram, Adolama. 

Hadrach, Adalaka. 

Hagab, Agaba. 

Hagaba, Agaba. 

Hagabah, Agaba. 

Hagar, Agala. 

Hagarene, O- Agala. 

Haggai, Agai. 

Haggedolim, translate (Bobangi, Bampomba). 

Haggi, Agi. 

Haggiah, Agiya. 

Haggite, O-Agi. 

Haggith, Agita. 

Hagri, Agali. 

Hagrite, O-Agala. 

Hahiroth, Ailota. 

Hajehudijah, Ayudiya. 

Hakkatan, Akatana. 


Hakkoz, Akosa. 

Hakupha, Akupa. 

Halah, Ala. 

Halak, Alaka. 

Halhul, Alula. 

Hali, Ali. 

Hallelujah, translate (Bobangi, Bosanzolaka Yawe). 

Hallohesh, Aloese. 

Ham, Ama. 

Haman, Amana. 

Hamath, Amata. 

Hamathite, O- Amata. 

Hamath-zobah, Amata-soba. 

Hamital, Amitala. 

Hammath, Amata. 

Hammeah, Amea. 

Hammedatha, Amedata. 

Hammelech, Ameleke. 

Hammelzar, Amelusala. 

Hammiphkad, Amipekada. 

Hammolecheth, Amolekete. 

Hammon, Amona. 

Hammoth-dor, Amota-dolo. 

Hammuel, Amwele. 

Hamonah, Amona. 

Hamon-gog, Amona-gogo. 


Hamor, Amola. 
Hamran, Amalana. 
Hamul, Amula. 
Hamulite, O-Amula. 
Hamutal, Amutala. 
Hanamel, Anamele. 
Hanan, Anana. 
Hananel, Ananele. 
Hanani, Anani. 
Hananiah, Ananya. 
Hanes, Anesa. 
Hannah, Ana. 
Hannathon, Anatona. 
Hanniel, Aniele. 
Hanoch, Anoka. 
Hanochite, O-Anoka. 
Hanun, Anuna. 
Hapharaim, Apalaima. 
Happizzez, Apisese. 
Kara, Ala. 
Haradah, Alada. 
Haran, Alana. 
Hararite, O-Alala. 
Harbona, Alubona. 
Harbonah, Alubona. 
Hareph, Alepe. 


Harhaiah, Alaya. 
Harhas, Alasa. 
Harhur, Alula. 
Harim, Alima. 
Hariph, Alipa. 
Har-Magedon, Ala-Megido. 
Harnepher, Alunepele. 
Harod, Aloda. 
Harodite, O-Aloda. 
Haroeh. Aloe. 
Harorite, O-Alola. 
Harosheth, Alosete. 
Harsha, Alusa. 
Harsith, Alusita. 
Harum, Aluma. 
Harumaph, Alumapa. 
Haruphite, O-Alupa. 
Haruz, Alusa. 
Hasadiah, Asadeya. 
Hashabiah, Asabeya. 
Hashabnah, Asabena. 
Ilashabneiah, Asabeneya. 
Hashbaddanah, Asebadana. 
Hashem, Asema. 
Hashmonah, Asemona. 
Hashubah, Asuba. 


Hashum, Asuma. 
Hasrah, Asela. 
Hassenaah, Asena. 
Hassenuah, Asenua. 
Hasshub, Asuba. 
Hassophereth, Asopelete. 
Hasupha, Asupa. 
Hathach, Ataka. 
Hathath, Atata. 
Hatipha, Atipa. 
Hatita, Atita. 
Hattil, Atila. 
Hattush, Atusa. 
Hauran, Aulana. 
Havilah, Awila. 
Havvoth-jair, Awota-yaila. 
Hazaele, Azaele. 
Hazaiah, Azaya. 
Hazar-addar, Asal adala. 
Hazar-enan, Asal enana. 
Hazar-enon, Asal enona. 
Hazar-gaddah, Asala-gada. 
Hazarmaveth, Asala-Maweta. 
Hazar-shual, Asala-suala. 
Hazar-susah, Asala-susa. 
Hazar-susim, Asala-susima. 



Hazazon-tamar, Asasona-tamala. 

Hazer-hatticon, Asel atikona. 

Hazeroth, Aselota. 

Haziel, Aziele. 

Hazo, Azo. 

Hazor, Asola. 

Hazor-hadattah, Asol adata. 

Hazzelelponi, Aseleleponi. 

Hebel, Ebele. 

Heber, Ebele. 

Heberite, O- Ebele. 

Hebrew, O-Ebele. 

Hebrew, i.e. the language of the Hebrews ( Bobangi, 

Lo Ebele). 
Hebrewess, O-Ebele. 
Hebron, Ebulone, 
Hebronite, O-Ebulone. 
Hegai, Egai. 
Hdgc, Ege. 
Helah, Ela. 
Helam, Elama. 
Helbah, Eleba. 
Helbon, Elebone. 
Heldai, Eledai. 
Heleb, Elebe. 
Heled, Elede. 


Helek, Eleke. 

Helekite, O-Eleke. 

Helem, Eleme. 

Pleleph, Elepe. 

Helez, Elese. 

Heli, Eli. 

Helkai, Elekai. 

Helkath, Eiekata. 

Helkath-hazzurim, Elekat asulima. 

Hellenists, derive (Bobangi, Ba Ba-Ela). 

Helon, Elono. 

Hemam, Emama. 

Heman, Emana. 

Hemdan, Emedana. 

Hen, Ene. 

Hena, Ena, 

Henadad, Enadada. 

Hepher, Epele. 

Hepherite, O- Epele. 

Hephzi-bah, Epesi-ba. 

Heres, Elese. 

Heresh, Elese. 

Hereth, Elete. 

Hernias, Eluma. 

Hermes, Elume. 

Hermogones, Elumonege. 

6 4 

Hermon, Elumone. 

Hermons, Belumone, //. of Elumone. 

Herod, Elode. 

Herodian, O-Elode. 

Herodias, Elodia. 

Herodion, Elodiona. 

Heshbon, Esebona. 

Heshmon, Esemone. 

Heth, Etc. 

Hethlon, Etelone. 

Hezekiah, Izikiya. 

Hezion, Ezeyone. 

Hezir, Ezila. 

Hezrai, Eselai. 

Hezro, Eselo. 

Hezron, Eselone. 

Hezronite, O-Eselone. 

Hiddai, Idai. 

Hiddekel, Idekele. 

Kiel, lyele. 

Hierapolis, Yelapoli. 

Higgaion, translate (Bobangi, Ngombi.) 

Hilen, Ilene. 

Hilkiah, Elekiya. 

Hillel, Ilela. 

Hinnom, Inomi. 


Hirah, I la. 

Hiram, llama. 

Hittite, O-Ete. 

Hivite, O-Iwa. 

Hizki, Iziki. 

Hizkiah, Izikiya. 

Hobab, Obaba. 

Hobah, Oba. 

Hobaiah, Obaya. 

Hod, Odo. 

Hodaviah, Odaweya. 

Hodeiah, Odeya. 

Hodesh, Odesa. 

Hodevah, Odewa. 

Hodiah, Odiya. 

Hoglah, Ogula. 

Hoham, Oama. 

Holon, Olono. 

Homam, Omama. 

Hophni, Openi. 

Hor, Olo. 

Horam, Olama. 

Horeb, Olebe. 

Horem, Oleme. 

Horesh, Olesa. 

Hor-haggidgad, Ol agidigada. 


Hori, Oli. 

Horite, O-Oli. 

Hormah, Oluma. 

Horonaim, Olonaima. 

Horonite, O-Olono. 

Hosah, Osa. 

Hosanna, paraphrase (Bobangi, Bokosoli). 

Hosea, Osea. 

Hoshaiah, Osaya. 

Hoshama, Osama. 

Hoshea, Osea. 

Hotham, Otama. 

Hothir, Otila. 

Hozai, Ozai. 

Hukkok, Ukoko. 

Hukok, Ukoko. 

Hul, Ula. 

Huldah, Uluda. 

Humtah, Umata. 

Hupham, Upama. 

Huphamite, O-Upama. 

Huppah, Upa. 

Huppim, Upima. 

Hur, Ulu. 


Hurai, Ulai. 

Huram, Ulama. 

Huri, Uli. 
Hushah, Usa. 
Hushai, Usai. 
Husham, Usama. 
Hushathite, O-Usa. 
Hushim, Usima. 
Huzzab, Usaba. 
Hymenseus, Umenaio. 

Ibhar, Yibala. 
Ibleam, Yibelama. 
Ibneiah, Yibeneya. 
Ibnijah, Yibeniya. 
Ibri, Ibuli. 
Ibsam, Yibesama. 
Ibzan, Ibasana. 
Ichabod, I-kaboda. 
Iconium, Ikonio. 
Idalah, Yidala. 
Idbash, Yidebasa. 
Iddo, Ido. 
Iddo, Yido. 
Idumsea, Edome. 
lezer, lyezele. 
lezerite, O- lyezele. 
Igal, Yigala. 


Igdaliah, Yigedalaya. 
lim, Yimi. 
Ijon, lyona. 
Ikkesh, Ikese. 
Ilai, Ilai. 
Illyricum, Iluliko. 
Imla, Yimela. 
Imlah, Yimela. 
Immanuel, Imanwele. 
Immer, Imele. 
Imna, Yimena. 
Imnah, Yimena. 
Irani te, O- Yimena. 
Imrah, Yimela. 
Imri, Imeli. 
India, Inde. 
lob, Yobo. 
Iphdeiah, Yipedeya. 
Iphtah, Yipeta. 
Iphtah-el, Yipeta-ele. 
Ir, Ila. 
Ira, Ila. 
Had, Ilada. 
I ram, llama. 
Iri, Hi. 
Irijah, Yiliya. 


Ir-nahash, Ila-nasa. 
Iron, Yilona. 
Irpeel, Yilupele. 
Ir-shemesh, Ila-semese. 
Iru, Ilu. 
Isaac, Yisaka. 
Isaiah, Yesaya. 
Iscah, Yiseka. 
Ishai, Yisai. 
Ishbah, Yiseba. 
Ishbak, Yisebaka. 
Ishbi-benob, Yisebi-benoba. 
Ish-bosheth, Isa-bosete. 
Ish-hai, Is ai. 
Ishhod, Is odo. 
Ishi, Yisi. 
Ishma, Yisema. 
Ishmael, Yisamaele. 
Ishmaelite, O-Yisamaele. 
Ismaiah, Yisemaya. 
Ishmerai, Yisemele. 
Ishpah, Yisepa. 
Ishpan, Yisepana. 
Ish-sechel, Isa-sekele. 
Ishvah, Yisewa. 
Ishvi, Yisewi. 

Ishvite, O-Yisewi. 
Ismachiah, Yisemakaya. 
Israel, Yisalaele. 
Israelite, O- Yisalaele. 
Issachar, Yisasakala. 
Isshiah, Yisiya. 
Isshijah, Yisiya. 
Italian, O-Italia. 
Italy, Italia. 
Ithai, Itai. 
Ithamar, Itamala. 
Ithiel, Itiele. 
Ithlah, Yitela. 
Ithmah, Yitema. 
Ithnan, Yitenana. 
Ithra, Yitela. 
Ithran, Yitelana. 
Ithream, Yitelama. 
Ithrite, O-Yetele. 
Ittai, Itai. 
Itursea, Itulaya. 
Ivvah, Iwa. 

lye-abarim, lye-abalima. 
lyim, lyima. 
lyob, lyobo. 
Izebel, Izebele. 

Izhar, Yisala. 
Izharite, O-Yisala. 
Izliah, Yizelia. 
Izrahiah, Yizelaya. 
Izrahite, O-Yisala. 
Izri, Yiseli. 
Izziah, Yiziya. 

Jaakan, Yakana. 

Jaakobah, Yakoba. 

Jaala, Yala. 

Jaalah, Yala. 

Jaar, Yala. 

Jaare-oregim, Yal olugima. 

Jaareshiah, Yalesaya. 

Jaasu, Yasu. 

Jaasai, Yasai. 

Jaasiel, Yasiele. 

Jaazaniah, Yazanaya. 

Jaaziah, Yaziya. 

Jaaziel, Yaziele. 

Jabal, Yabala. 

Jabbok, Yaboka. 

Jabesh, Yabesa. 

Jabesh-gilead, Yabesa-gilada. 

Tabez, Yabesa. 


Jabin, Yabina. 
Jabneel, Yabenele. 
Jabneh, Yabene. 
Jacan, Yakana. 
Jachin, Yakina. 
Jachinite, O-Yakina. 
Jacob, Yakoba. 
Jada, Yada. 
Jaddai, Yadai. 
Jaddua, Yadwa. 
Jadon, Yadona. 
Jael, Yaele. 
Jagur, Yagula. 
Jah, Ya. 
Jahath, Yata. 
Jahaz, Yasa. 
Jahaziel, Yaziele. 
Jahdai, Yadai. 
Jahdiel, Yadiele. 
Jahdo, Yado. 
Jahleel, Yalele. 
Jahleelite, O- Yalele. 
Jahmai, Yamai. 
Jahzah, Yasa. 
Jahzeel, Yasele. 
Jahzeelite. O-Yasele. 


Jahzeiah, Yazaya. 
Jahzerah, Yazela. 
Jahziel, Yasiele. 
Jair, Yaila. 
Jairite, O-Yaila. 
Jairus, Yailo. 
Jakeh, Yake. 
Jakim, Yakima. 
Jalam, Yalama. 
Jalon, Yalona. 
Jambres, Yamabule. 
James, Yakobo. 
Jamin, Yamina. 
Jaminite, O-Yamina. 
Jamlech, Yameleke. 
Janai, Yanai. 
Janim, Yanima. 
Jannai, Yana. 
Jannes, Yane. 
Janoah, Yanoa. 
Japheth, Yepete. 
Japhia, Yabiya. 
Japhlet, Yipelata. 
Japhletite, O-Yipelata. 
Japho, Yapo. 
Tarah, Yala. 


Jareb, Yalebe. 
Jared, Yelede. 
Jarha, Yala. 
Jarib, Yaliba. 
Jarmuth, Yalamuta. 
Jaroah, Yalwa. 
Jashar, Yasala. 
Jashen, Yasena. 
Jashobeam, Yasobama. 
Jashub, Yasuba. 
Jashubi-lehem, Yasubi-leme. 
Jashubite, O-Yasuba. 
Jason, Yasona. 
Jathniel, Yateniele. 
Jattir, Yatila. 
Javan, Yawana. 
Jazer, Yazela. 
Jaziz, Yaziza. 
Jearim, Yalima. 
Jeatherai, Yatelai. 
Jeberechiah, Yebelekaya. 
Jebus, Yebusa. 
Jebusite, O-Yebusa. 
Jechiliah, Yekilaya. 
Jecoliah, Yekolaya. 
Jeconiah, Yekonya. 


Jedai, Yedai. 
Jedaiah, Yedaya. 
Jediael, Yediyaele. 
Jedidah, Yedida. 
Jedidiah, Yedidaya. 
Jedo, Yedo. 
Jeduthun, Yedutuna. 
Jegar-sahadutha, Yegala-saduta. 
Jehallelel, Yalelele. 
Jehdeiah, Yedaya. 
Jehezkel, Yezekele. 
Jehiah, Yiya. 
Jehiel, Yiele. 
Jehieli, Yieli. 
Jehizkiah, Yizikiya. 
Jehoaddah, Yoada. 
Jehoaddan, Yoadana. 
Jehoaddin, Yoadina. 
Jehoahaz, Yoaza. 
Jehoash, Yoasa. 
Jehohanan, Yoanana. 
Jehoiachin, Yoyakina. 
Jehoaida, Yoyada. 
Jehoiakim, Yoyakima. 
Jehoiarib, Yolialiba. 
Jehonadab, Yonadaba. 


"Jehonathan, Yonatana. 
Jehoram, Yolama. 
Jehoshabeath. Yosabata. 
Jehoshaphat, Yosapata. 
Jehosheba, Yoseba. 
Jehovah, Yawe. 
Jehovah-jireh, Yawc-yile. 
Jehovah-nissi, Yawe-nisi. 
Jehovah -shalom, Yawe-salome. 
Jehovah -shammah, Yawe-sama. 
Jehovah-tsidkenu, Yawe-sidekenu. 
Jehozabad, Yozabada. 
Jehozadak, Yosadaka. 
Jehu, Yeu. 
Jebubbah, Yuba. 
Jehucal, Yukala. 
Jehud, Yuda. 
Jehudah, Yuda. 
Jehudi, Yudi. 
Jehuel, Yuele. 
Jeiel, Yiele. 
Jekabzeel, Yekabesele. 
Jekameam, Yekamanla. 
Jekamiah, Yekamaya. 
Jekuthiel, Yekutiele. 
Jemiinah, Yemima. 


Jemuel, Yemuele. 

Jephthah, Yepeta. 

Jephunneh, Yepune. 

Jerah, Yala. 

Jerahmeel, Yelamela. 

Jerahmeelite, O-Yelamele. 
Jereh, Yelcde. 
Jeremai, Yelemai. 
Jeremiah, Yelemaya. 
Jeremoth, Yelemota. 
Jeriah, Yeliy*. 
Jeribai, Yelibai. 
Jericho, Yeleo. 
Jeriel, Yeliele. 
Jerijah, Yeliya. 
Jerimoth, Yelimota. 
Jerioth, Yeliota. 
Jeroboam, Yelobama. 
Jeroham, Yeloama. 
Jerubbaal, Yelubala. 
Jerubbesheth, Yelubesete. 
Jeruel, Yelwele. 
Jerusalem, Yelusalema. 
Jerusha, Yelusa. 
Jeraohah, Yelusa. 
Jeshaiah, Yftsaya. 


Jeshanah, Yesana. 

, Yesebaba. 
Jesher, Yesele. 
J<: .himon, Yesimona. 
f<.-shi,h;ti, Yesisai. 
Jc .hohaiah, Yeswaya. 
Jeshua, Yeswa. 
Jeshurun, Yesuluna. 
Jesimiel, Yesimiele. 
Jesse, Yisai. 
Jesus, Yesu. 
Jether, Yetele. 
Jethelh, Yetete. 
Jethro, Yitelo. 
Jetur, Yetula. 
Jeucl, Yuele. 
Jeush, Yusa. 
Jeu/., Yusa. 
Jew, O-Yuda. 
Jewess, O-Yuda. 
Jc/.aniah, Yezanaya. 
| -/,-i,ci, Izebele., Yesele. 
fezeritc, O-Yesele. 
/i-l, Yeziele. 


Je/.rahiah, Yizelaya. 
Jezreel, Yizelele. 
Jezreelite, O-Yizelele. 
Jezreelitess, O-Yizelele. 
Jidlaph, Yidilapa. 
Joab, Yoaba. 
Joah, Yoa. 
Joaha/., Yoaza. 
Joanan, Yoana. 
Joanna, Yoana. 
Joash, Yoasa. 
Job, Eyobo. 
Jobab, Yobaba. 
Jochebed, Yokebede. 
Joda, Yoda. 
Joed, Yoede. 
Joel, Yoele. 
Joelah, Yoela. 
Joezer, Yoezele. 
Joghehah, Yogeba. 
Jogli, Yogeli. 
Joha, Yoa. 
Johanan, Yoanana. 
John, Yoane. 
Joiada. Yoyada. 
Joiakim, Yoyakima. 


Joiarib, Yoyaliba. 

Jokdeam, Yokedama. 

Jokim, Yokima. 

Jokmeam, Yokemama. 

Jokneam, Yokenama 

Jolcshan, Yokesana 

Joktan, Yoketana. 

Joktheel, Yoketele. 

Jonadab, Yonadaba. 

Jonah, Yona. 

Jonavn, Yonama. 

Jonathan, Yonatana. 

Jonath elem rehokim, translate (Boban^ i, Ebeng e t)iu na 


Joppa -Japho, Yapo. 
Jorah, Yola. 
Jorai, Yolai. 
Joram, Yolama. 
Jordan, Yaladene. 
Jorim, Yolima. 
Jorkeum, Yolukama. 
Josech, Yoseke. 
Joseph, Yosepa. 
Joses, Yose. 
Joshah, Yosa. 
Joshaphat, Yosapata. 


Joshaviah, Yosawaya. 

Joshbekashah, Yosebekasa. 

Josheb-basshebeth, Yoseba-basebeta. 

Joshibiah, Yosibaya. 

Joshua, Yoswa. 

Josiah, Yosiya. 

Josiphiah, Yosipaya. 

Jotbah, Yoteba. 

Jotbathah, Yotebata. 

Jotham, Yotama. 

Jozabad, Yozabada. 

Jozacar, Yozakala. 

Jozadak, Yosadaka. 

Jubal, Yubala. 

Jucal, Yukala. 

Judrea, Yuda. 

Judah, Yuda. 

Judas, Yuda. 

Judas Iscariot, Yuda e (mosi) Keliota. 

Jude, Yuda. 

Judges (Bobangi, Mo Batendi). 

Judith, Yudita. 

Julia, Yulia. 

Julius, Yulio. 

Junia, Yunia. 

Junias, Yunia. 


Jupiter, Zeu. 

Jushab-hesed, Yusab esede. 
Justus, Yuseto. 
Jutah, Yuta. 

Kabzeel, Kabasele. 

Kadesh, Kadesa. 

Kadesh-barnea, Kadesa-balanea. 

Kadmiel, Kadamiele. 

Kadmonite, O-Kadamona. 

Kain, Kaina. 

Kallai, Kalai. 

Kamon, Kamona. 

Kanah, Kana. 

Kareah, Kalea. 

Karka, Kaluka. 

Karkor, Kalukola. 

Kartah, Kaluta. 

Kartan, Kalutana. 

Kattath, Katata. 

Kedar, Kedala. 

Kedemah, Kedema. 

Kedemoth, Kederaota. 

Kedesh, Kedese. 

Kedesh-naphtali, Kedese-napatali 

Kehelathah, Kelata. 


Keilah, Kila. 

Kelaiah, Kelaya. 

Kelita, Kelita. 

Kemuel, Kemwele. 

Kanan, Kenana. 

Kenath, Kenata. 

Kenaz, Kenaza. 

Kenite, O-Kene. 

Kenizzite, O-Keneze. 

Keren-happuch, Kelen apuka. 

Kerioth, Keliota. 

Kerioth-hezron, Keliot eselone. 

Keros, Kelosa. 

Keturah, Ketula. 

Keziah, Kesia. 

Kibroth-hattaavah, Kibulot atawa. 

Kibzaim, Kibesaima. 

Kidron, Kidilona. 

Kinah, Kina. 

Kir, Kili. 

Kir-hareseth, Kil alcscta. 

Kir-heres, Kil elese. 

Kiriath, Kiliyata. 

Kiriathaim, Kiliyataima. 

Kiriath-arba, Kiliyat aluba. 

Kiriath-arim, Kiliyat alima. 

Kiriath-baal, Kiliyata-bala. 

Kiriath-huzoth, Kiliyat usota. 

Kiriath-jearim, Kiliyata-yalima. 

Kiriath-sannah, Kiliyata-sana. 

Kiriath-sepher, Kiliyata-sepele. 

Kish, Kisi. 

Kishi, Kisi. 

Kishion, Kisiyona. 

Kishon, Kisona. 

Kitron, Kitilona. 

Kittim, Ba-Kiti. 

Koa, Koa. 

Kohath, Koata. 

Kohathite, O-Koata. 

Koheleth, translate ( Bobangi, Molamboli). 

Kolaiah, Kolaya. 

Korah, Kola. 

Korahite, O-Kola. 

Kore, Kole. 

Kushaiah, Kusaya. 

Laadah, Lada. 
Laban, Labana. 
Lachish, Lakisa. 
Ladan, Ladana. 
Lael, Laele. 


Lahad, Lada. 

Lahmam, Lamaraa. 

Lahmas, Lamasa. 

Lahmi, Lami. 

Laish, Laisa. 

Laishah, Laisa. 

Lakkum, Lakuma. 

Lamech, Lemeke. 

Lamentations ( Bobangi, Mo Lilebo 1 Yelemaya). 

Laodicea, Laodikiya. 

Laodicean, O- Laodikiya. 

Lappidoth, Lapidota. 

Lasea, Lasea. 

Lasha, Lasa. 

Lassharon, Lasalona. 

Latin, i.e. the language of the Romans (Bobangi, 

Lo Ba-Loma), 
Lazarus, Lazalo. 
Leah, Lea. 
Lebana, Lebana. 
Lebanah, Lebana. 
Lebanon, Lebanona. 
Lebaoth, Lebota. 
Leb-kamai, Lebe-kamai. 
Lebonah, Lebona. 
Lecah, Leka. 


Lehabim, Ba-Laba. 

Lehi, Lei. 

Lemuel, Lemwele. 

Leshem, Leseme. 

Letushim, Letusima. 

Leummim, Lumima. 

Levi, Lewi. 

Levite, O-Lewi. 

Leviticus (Bobangi, Mo Mambi ma Ba-Lewi). 

Libertines, translate (Bobangi, Bapuswaki). 

Libnah, Libina. 

Libni, Libini. 

Libnite, O-Libini. 

Libya, Lib we. 

Libyan, O-Libwe. 

Lidebir, Lidebila. 

Likhi, Liki. 

Lilith, Liliti. 

Linus, Lino. 

Lo-ammi, Lo-ami. 

Lod, Lodo. 

Lo-debar, Lo-debala. 

Lois, Loi. 

Lord, in 0. T. when printed with small capitals , Yawe. 

Lo-ruhamah, Lo-lwama. 

Lot, Loto. 

Lotan, Lotana. 
Lubi m== Libyans. 
Lucius, Lukio. 
Lud, Luda. 
Ludim, Ba-Luda. 
Luhith, Luita. 
Luke, Luka. 
Luz, Luza. 
Lycaonia, Lukaonia. 
Lycia, Lukia. 
Lydda, Luda. 
Lydia, Ludia. 
Lysanias, Lusania. 
Lysias, Lusia. 
Lystra, Lusetula. 

Maacah, Maka. 
Maacathite, O-Maka. 
Maadai, Madai. 
Maadiah, Madaya. 
Maai, Mai. 
Maarath, Malata. 
Maareh-geba, Mala-geba. 
Maasai, Masai. 
Maaseiah, Maseya. 
Maath, Mata. 

Maaz, Masa. 

Maaziah, Mazaya. 

Macedonia, Makedonia. 

Machbannai, Makebanai. 

Machbena, Makebena. 

Machi, Maki. 

Machir, Makila. 

Machirite, O-Makila. 

Machnadebai, Makenadebai. 

Machpelah, Makepela. 

Madai, Madai. 

Madmannah, Mademana. 

Madmen, Mademena. 

Madmenah, Mademena. 

Madon, Madona. 

Magadan, Magadana. 

Magbish, Magebisa. 

Magdalene, see Mary Magdalene. 

Magdiel, Magadiele. 

Magog, Magoga. 

Magor-missabib, Magola-misabiba. 

Magpiash, Magapiasa. 


Mahalalel, Malalele. 

Mahalath, Malata. 

Mahalath, in Ps. j-j, translate (Bobangi, Ngombi). 

8 9 

Mahalath Leannoth, translate (Bobangi^ Ngombi na 

ntin e boyembi). 
Mahanaim, Manaima. 
Mahaneh-dan, Mane-dana. 
Maharai, Malai 
Mahath, Mata. 
Mahavite, O-Mau. 
Mahazioth, Maziota. 

Maher-shalal-hash-baz, Maele-salal asa-baza. 
Mahlah, Mala. 
Mahli, Mali. 
Mahlite, O-Mali. 
Mahlon, Malona. 
Mahol, Maola. 
Mahseiah, Maseya. 
Makaz, Makasa. 
Makheloth, Makelota. 
Makkedah, Makeda. 
Maktesh, Maketesa. 
Malachi, Malaki. 
Malcam, Malekama. 
Malchiah, Malekiya. 
Malchiel, Malekiele. 
Malchielite, O-Malekiele. 
Malchijah, Malekiya. 
Malchiram, Malekilama. 


Malchi-shua, Malekiswa. 
Malchus, Maluko. 
Mallothi, Maloti. 
Malluch, Maluka. 
Malluchi, Maluki. 
Mamre, Mamale. 
Manaen, Manae. 
Manahath, Manata. 
Manahathite, O-Manata. 
Manasseh, Manase. 
Manassite, O-Manase. 
Manoah, Manoa. 
Maoch, Maoka. 
Maon, Maona. 
Maonite, O-Maona. 
Mara, Mala. 
Marah, Mala. 
Maralah, Malala. 
Maranatha, Mala-nata. 
Mareshah, Malesa. 
Mark, Malako. 
Maroth, Malota. 
Marsena, Malusena 
Mars, Maluse. 
Martha, Malata. 
Mary, Malia. 

Mary Magdalene, Malia ma Magadala. 

Maschil, translate (Bobangi. Loyembo). 

Mash, Masa. 

Mashal, Masala. 

Masrekah, Maseleka. 

Massa, Masa. 

Massah, Masa. 

Matred, Matulede. 

Matrite, O-Metele. 

Mattan, Matana. 

Mattanah, Matana. 

Mattaniah, Matanya. 

Mattatha, Matata. 

Mattathias, Matatia. 

Mattattah, Matata. 

Matenai, Matenai. 

Matthan, Matana. 

Matthat, Matata. 

Matthew, Mo.ts.yo. 

Matthias, Matia, 

Maaithiah, Matitaya. 

Mazor, Masoia. 

Mazzaroth, Mazalota. 

Mearah, Mala. 

Mebunnai, Mebunai. 

Mecherathite, O-Mekela. 


Meconah, Mekona. 
Medad, Medada. 
Medan, Medana. 
Medanite, O-Medana. 
Medeba, Medeba. 
Mede, O-Madai. 
Media, Madai. 
Megiddo, Megido. 
Megiddon, Megidona. 
Mehetabel, Metabele. 
Mehida, Meida. 
Mehir, Mila. 
Meholathite, O-Meoia. 
Mehujael, Meuyaele. 
Mehuman, Mumana. 
Me-jarkon, Me-yalukona. 
Melatiah, Melataya. 
Melchi, Meleki. 
Melchizedek, Malekisedekc. 
Melea, Melea. 
Melech, Meleke. 
Melicu, Meliku. 
Melita, Melita. 
Melitene, Melitene. 
Memphis, Mempi. 
Memucan, Memukana. 


Menahem, Menaema. 

Mene, Mene. 

Meni, Meni. 

Menna, Mena. 

Menuhah, Menwa. 

Meonenim, Monenima. 

Meonothai, Monotai. 

Mephaath, Mepata. 

Mephibosheth, Mepibosete. 

Marab, Melaba. 

Meraiah, Melaya. 

Meraioth, Melayota. 

Merari, Melali. 

Merarite, O-Melali. 

Merathaim, Melatairna, 

Mercury, Eleme. 

Mered, Melede. 

Meremoth, Melemote. 

Meres, Melese. 

Meribah, Meliba. 

Meribath-kadesh, Melibata-kadesa. 

Merib-baal, Meliba-bala. 

Meriboth-kadesh, Melibota-kadesa. 

Merodach, Melodaka. 

Merodach-baladan, Melodaka-baladana 

Merom, Melomo. 



Meronothite, O-Melonote. 
Meroz, Meloze. 
Mesha, Mesa. 
Meshach, Mesaka. 
Meshech, Meseke. 
Meshelemiah, Meselemaya. 
Meshezabel, Mesezabele. 
Meshillemith, Mesilemita. 
Meshillemoth, Mesilemota. 
Meshobab, Mesobaba. 
Meshullam, Mesulama. 
Meshullemeth, Mesulemeta. 
Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia. 

Messiah, Masiya. 

Metheg-ammah, Meteg ama. 

Methushael, Metusaele. 

Methuselah, Metusela. 

Meunim, Munima. 

Meunim, Ba-Muna. 

Me-zahab, Me-zaba. 

Mezobaitt:. O-Mesoba. 

Mibhar, Mibala. 

Mibsam, Mibesama. 

Mibzar, Mibesala. 

Mibzar-Zor, Mibecala-Zolo. 

Mica, Mika. 


Micah, Mika. 

Micaiah, Mikaya. 

Michael, Mikaele. 

Michal, Mikala. 

Michmas, Mikemasa. 

Michmash, Mikemasa, 

Michmethath, Mikemetata. 

Michri, Mikeli. 

Michtam, translate (Bobangi, Loyembo). 

Middin, Midini. 

Midian, Midiana. 

Midianite, O-Midiana. 

Migdal-el, Migedal ele. 

Migdal-gad, Migedala-gada. 

Migdol, Migedola. 

Migron, Migelona. 

Mijmin, Miyamina. 

Mikloth, Mikelota. 

Mikneiah, Mikeneya. 

Milalai, Milalai. 

Milcah, Mileka. 

Milcom, Milekoma. 

Miletus, Mileto. 

Millo, Milo. 

Miniamin, Mineyamina. 

Minni, Mini. 

9 6 

Minnith, Miniti. 

Miriam, Miliyama 

Mirmah, Miluma. 

Misgab, Misegaba. 

Mishael, Misaele. 

Mishal, Misala. 

Misham, Misama. 

Mishma, Misema. 

Misnmannah, Misemana. 

Mishneh, Misene. 

Mishraite, O-Misela. 

Mispar, Misepala. 

Mispereth, Misepelete. 

Misrephoth-maim, Miselepota-maima. 

Mithkah," Miteka. 

Mithnite, O-Metene. 

Mithredath, Miteludata. 

Mitylene, Mitulene. 

Mizar, Misala. 

Mizpah, Misipa. 

Mizpeh, Misipe. 

Mizraim, Miselaima. 

Mizzah, Miza. 

Mnason, Menasona. 

Moab, Moaba. 

Moabite, O-Moaba. 


Moabitess, O-Moaba. 

Moadiah, Moadeya. 

Moladah, Molada. 

Molech, Moleke. 

Moloch, Moloke. 

Molid, Molida. 

Morashtite, O-Molasa. 

Mordecai, Moludekai. 

Moreh, Mole. 

Moresheth-gath, Molesete-gata. 

Moriah, Moliya. 

Moserah, Mosela. 

Moseroth, Moselota. 

Moses, Mose. 

Mosheh, Mose. 

Moza, Mosa. 

Mozah, Mosa. 

Muppim, Mupima. 

Mushi, Musi. 

Mushite, O-Musi. 

Muth-labben, translate (Bobangi, Livva onibe mwana; 

Myra, Mula. 

Mysia, Musia. 

Naam, Nama. 
Naamah, Nama. 

9 8 

Naaman, Namana. 
Naamathite, O-Nama. 
Naamite, O-Nama. 
Naarah, Nala. 
Naarai, Nalai. 
Naaran, Nalana. 
Nabal, Nabala. 
Naboth, Nabota. 
Nacon, Nakona. 
Nadab, Nadaba. 
Naggai, Naga. 
Nahalal, Nalala. 
Nahaliel, Naliele. 
Nahalol, Nalola. 
Naham, Nama. 
Nahamani, Namani. 
Naharai, Nalai. 
Nahash, Nasa. 
Nahath, Nata. 
Nahbi, Nata. 
Nahor, Naola. 
Nahshon, Nasona. 
Nahum, Nauma. 
Nain, Naina. 
XT aioth, Nayota. 
aomi, Naomi. 


Naphish, Napisa. 

Naphoth-Dor, Napota-Dola, 

Naphtali, Napatali. 

Naphtuhim, Ba-Nepetwa. 

Narcissus, Nalukiso. 

Nathan, Natana. 

Nathanael, Nataaaeie. 

Nathan-melech, Natana-meleke. 

Nazarene, O-Nazaleta. 

Nazareth, Nazaleta. 

Nazirite, Nazala or monazila. pi. banazila. 

Neah, Nea. 

Neapolis, Neapoh. 

Neariah, Nalaya. 

Nebai, Nebai. 

Nebaioth, Nebayota. 

Neballat, Nebalata. 

Nebat, Nebata. 

Nebo, Nebo. 

Nebuchadnezzar, Nebukadenesala. 

Nebuchadnezzur, Nebukadesoia. 

Nebuchadrezzar, Nebukadelesala. 

Nebushazban. Nebusazebana. 

Nebu-iaradan, Nebuzaladana. 

Neco, Neko. 

Nedabiah, Nedabeya. 


Negeb, Negebe. 

Nehelamite, O-Nelama 

Nehemiah, Nemaya. 

Nehiloth, translate (Bobangi, Mabio). 

Nehuin, Neuma. 

Nehushta, Neuseta. 

Nehushtan, Neusetana. 

Neiel, Niele. 

Nekoda, Nekoda. 

Nemuel, Nemwele. 

Nemuelite, O-Nemwele. 

Nepheg, Nepege. 

Nephishesim, Nepisesima. 

Nephilim, translate (Bobangi, Makwabela). 

Nephisim, Nepisima. 

Nephtoah, Nepetwa. 

Nephushesim, Nepusesima. 

Nephusim, Nepusima. 

Net, Nele. 

Nereus, Neleu. 

Nergal, Nelegala. 

Nergal-sharezer, Nelegala-salesela. 

Ner, Neli. 

Neriah, Neliya. 

Netaim, Netaima. 

Nethanel, Netanele. 


Nethaniah, Netanya. 

Xethinim, Banetina, plural of netina. 

Netophah, Netopa. 

Netophathite, O-Netopa. 

Neziah, Nesia. 

Nezib, Nesiba. 

Nibhaz. Nibaza. 

Nibshan, Nibesana. 

Nicanor, Nikanola. 

Nicodemus, Nikodemo. 

Nicolaitan, O-Nikolao. 

Nicolas, Nikolao. 

Nicopolis, Nikopoli. 

Niger, Nigela. 

Nile, Nile. 

Nimrah, Nimela. 

Nimrim, Nimelima. 

Nimrod, Nimeloda. 

Nimshi, Nimisi. 

Nineveh, Ninewe. 

Ninevite, O-Ninewe. 

Nisan, Nisana. 

Nisroch, Niseloka. 

No, No. 

Noadiah, Noadaya. 

Noah, Noa. 


No-amon, No-amona. 

Nob, Nobo. 

Nobah, Noba. 

Nobai, Nobai. 

Nod, Nodo. 

Nodab, Nodaba. 

Nogah, Noga. 

Nohah, Noa. 

Non, Mono. 

Noomi, Nomi. 

Noph, Nopa. 

Nophah, Nopa. 

Numbers ( Bobangi, Mo Mituya mi Ba-Yisalaele). 

Nun, Nuna. 

Nympha, Numpa. 

Nymphas, Numpa. 

Obadiah, Obadaya. 
Obal, Obala. 
Obed, Obede. 
Obed-edom, Obed edome. 
Obil, Obila. 
Oboth, Oboto. 
Ochran, Okelana. 
Oded, Odede. 
Og, Ogo. 


Chad, Oada. 

Ohel, Oele. 

Oholah, Ola. 

Oholiab, Oliaba. 

Oholibah, Oliba. 

Oholibamah, Olibama. 

Olives, sing. Elaya, pi. Bilaya. 

Olympas, Olumpa. 

Omar, Omala. 

Omega, translate Z. 

Omri, Omeli. 

On, Ono. 

Onam, Onama. 

Onan, Onana. 

Onesimus, Onesimo. 

Onesiphorus, Onesipolo. 

Ono, Ono. 

Ophel, Opele. 

Ophir, Opili. 

Ophni, Openi. 

Ophrah, Opula. 

Oreb, Olebe. 

Oren, Olene, 

Orion, translate by native name (Boban^i, Nkai ncato). 

Ornah, Oluna. 

Oman, Olunana. 

io 4 

Orpah, Olupa. 
Osnappar, Osenapala. 
Othni, Oteni. 
Othniel, Oteniele. 
Ozem, Oseme. 
Ozni, Ozeni. 
Oznite, O-Ozeni. 

Paarai, Palai. 
Paddan, Padana. 
Paddan-aram, Padan alama. 
Padon, Padona. 
Pagiel, Pagiele. 
Pahath-moab, Pata-moaba. 
Pai, Pai. 
Palal, Palala. 
Pallu, Palu. 
Palluite, O-Palu. 
Palti, Palati. 
Paltiel, Palatiele. 
Paltite, O -Palati. 
Pamphylia, Pampulia. 
Paphos, Papo. 
Paradise, Paladiso. 
Parah, Pala. 
Paran, Palana. 


Parbar, Palubala. 

Parmashta, Palumaseta. 

Parmenas, Palumena. 

Parnach, Palunaka. 

Parosh, Palosa. 

Parshandatha, Palusandata. 

Parthian, O-Palutia. 

Paruah, Palwa. 

Parvaim, Palwairaa. 

Pasach, Pasaka. 

Pas-dammim, Pasa-damima. 

Paseah, Pasea. 

Pashhur, Pasula. 

Passover, translate (Bobangi, Lopita). 

Patara, Patala. 

Pathros, Patelosa. 

Pathrusim, Ba-Patelusa. 

Patmos, Patemo. 

Patrobas, Pateloba. 

Pau, Pau. 

Paul, Paulo. 

Pedahel, Pedaele. 

Pedahzur, Pedasula 

Pedaiah, Pedaya. 

Pekah, Peka. 

Pekahiah, Pekaya. 


Fekod, Pekode. 

Pelaiah, Pelaya. 

Pelaliah, Pelalaya, 

Pelatiah, Pelataya. 

Peleg, Pelege. 

Pelet, Pelete. 

Peleth, Pelete. 

Pelethite, O-Pelete. 

Pelishtim, Ba-Pelisa. 

Pelonite, O-Pelone. 

Peniel, Peniele. 

Peninnah, Penina. 

Pentecost, translate (Bobangi, Bo nyumitano). 

Penuel, Penwele, 

Peor, Peolo. 

Perazim, Pelasima. 

Peres, Pelese. 

Peresh, Pelese. 

Perez, Pelese. 

Perezite, O-Pelese. 

Perez-uzza, Peles uza. 

Pelez-uzzah, Peles uza. 

Perga, Peluga. 

Pergamum, Pelugamona. 

Pelida, Pelida. 

Perizzite, O-Peleze. 


Persia, Palasa. 

Persian, O- Palasa. 

Persis, Pelusi. 

Peruda, Peluda. 

Peter, Petelo. 

Pethahiah, Petaya. 

Pethor, Petola. 

Pethuel, Petwele. 

Peullethai, Puletai. 

Phanuel, Panwele. 

Pharaoh, Palo. 

Pharaoh-Hophra, Palo-Opula. 

Pharaoh-necoh, Palo-neko. 

Pharisee, Palusi or Mopalusi, //. Bapalusi. 

Pharpar, Palupala. 

Phicol, Pikola. 

Philadelphia, Piladelupia. 

Philemon. Pilemona. 

Philetus, Pileto. 

Philip, Pilipo. 

Philippi, Pilipoi. 

Philippian, O-Pilipoi. 

Philistia, Pelesete. 

Philistine, O-Pelesete. 

Philologus, Pilologo. 

Phinehas. Pinasa. 


Phlegon, Pelegono. 

Phoebe, Poibe. 

Phoenicia, Poinike. 

Phoenix, Poiniko. 

Phrygia, Pulugia. 

Phygelus, Pugelo. 

Pi-beseth, Pi-besete. 

Pi-hahiroth, Pi-ailota. 

Pilate, Pilato. 

Pildash, Piledasa. 

Pilha, Pila. 

Piltai, Piletai. 

Pinon, Pinona. 

Piram, Pilama. 

Pirathon, Pilatona. 

Pirathonite, O-Pilatona. 

Pisgah, Pisega. 

Pishon, Pisona. 

Pisidia, Pisidia. 

Pispah, Pisepa. 

Pit horn, Pitoma. 

Pithon, Pitona. 

Pleiades] translate by native name (Bobaugi. Bangondo 


Pochereth-hazzebaim, Pokelet asebiama. 
Pontius, Pontio. 


Pontus, Ponto. 

Poratha, Polata. 

Porcius, Polukio. 

Potiphar, Potipala. 

Poti-phera, Poti-pela. 

Prisca, Puliseka. 

Priscilla, Pulisekila. 

Prochorus, Pulokolo. 

Proverbs (Bobangi, Bikolongo). 

Psalms (Bobangi, Nzembo li Ba-Yuda). 

Ptolemais, Petolemai. 

Puah, Pwa. 

Publius, Pubeliu. 

Pudens, Pudento. 

Pul, Pula. 

Punite, O-Puna. 

Punon, Punona. 

Pur, Pula. 

Purah, Pula. 

Pur, Purim, Pula, />/. Bapula. 

Put, Puta. 

Puteoli, Puteoli. 

Puthite, O-Puta. 

Putiel, Putiele. 

Puvah, Puwa. 

Pyrrhus, Pulo. 


Quartus, Kwaluto. 
Quirinius, Kwilinu. 

Raama, Lama. 

Raamah, Lama. 

Raamiah, Lamaya. 

Raamses, Lamesese. 

Rabbah, Laba. 

Rabbi, Labi. 

Rabhith, Labita. 

Rab-mag, Laba-maga. 

Rabboni, Laboni. 

Rab- saris, Laba-salisa. 

Rabshakeh, Labasake. 

Raca, translate (Bobangi, Esesu). 

Racal, Lakala. 

Rachel, Laele. 

Raddai, Ladai. 

Rahab, Laba. 

Raham, Lama. 

Rakem, Lakeme. 

Rakkalh, Lakata. 

Rakkon, Lakona. 

Ram, Lama. 

Ramah, Lama. 

Ramathaim-zophim, Lamataima-sopima. 

Kaniathite, O-Lama. 
Ramath-lehi, Lamata-lei. 
Ramath-mizpeh, Lamata-misepe. 
Raiueses, Lamesese. 

Ramiah, Lamaya. 

Ramoth, Lamota. 

Ramoth-gilead, Lamota-gilada. 

Rapha, Lapa. 

Raphah, Lapa. 

Raphu, Lapu. 

Reaiah, Laya. 

Reba, Leba. 

Rehekah, Lebeka. 

Recah, Leka. 

Rechab, Lekaba. 

Rechabite, O-Lekaba. 

Red Sea, translate (Bobangi, Libeke li mondo). 

Reelaiah, Lelaya. 

Regein, Legeme. 

Regem-melech, Legeme-meleke. 

Rehahiali, Labaya. 

Rehob, Lobo. 

Rehoboani, Labama. 

Rehoboth, Lobota. 

Rehoboth-Ir, Lobot Ila, 

Rehum, Leuma. 


Rei, Lei. 
Rekem, Lekeme. 
Remaliah, Lemalaya. 
Remeth, Lemete. 
Rephael, Lepaele. 
Rephah, Lepa. 
Rephaiah, Lepaya. 
Rephain), Ba-Lepa. 
Rephan, Lapana. 

Kephidini, Lepidimi. 
Resen, Lesene. 

Resheph, Lesepe. 

Reu, Lu. 

Reuben, Lubena. 

Reubenite, O-Lubena 

Reuel, Luele. 

Reumah, Luma. 

Revelation, book of (Bobangi, Mo Bokusoli). 

Rezeph, Lecepe. 

Rezin, Lesini. 

Rezon, Lezone. 

Rhegium, Legio. 

Rhesa, Lesa. 

Rhoda, Loda. 

Rhodes, Lode. 

Ribai, Libai. 


Riblah, Libela. 

Rimmon, Limona. 

Rim mono, Limono. 

Rimmon-perez, Limona-pelese. 

Rinnah, Lina. 

Riphath, Lipata. 

Rissah, Lisa. 

Rithmah, Litema. 

Rizia, Lisaya. 

Rizpah, Lisepa. 

Rodanim, Lodanima. 

Rogelim, Logelima. 

Rohgah, Loga. 

Romamti-ezer, Lomameti-ezele. 

Roman, O-Loma. 

Rome, Loma. 

Rosh, Loso. 

Rufus, Lupu. 

Ruhamah, Luama. 

Rumah, Luma. 

Ruth, Luta. 

Sabaoth, Sabota. 
Sabeans, Ba-Saba. 
Sabta, Sabeta. 
Sabtah, Sabeta. 


Sabteca, Sabetaka. 

Sacar, Sakala. 

Sadducee, Sadoke or Mosadoke, />/. Basadoke. 

Sadoc, Sadoka. 

Sala, Sala. 

Salamis, Salami. 

Salathiel, Salatiele. 

Salecah, Saleka. 

Salem, Salema. 

Salim, Salima. 

Sallai, Salai. 

Sallu, Salu. 

Salma, Salama. 

Salmah, Salama. 

Salmai, Salamai. 

Salmon, Salamona. 

Salmone, Salemone. 
Salome, Salome. 

Salu, Salu. 

Samaria, Somolono. 

Samaritan, O-Soinolono. 

Samgar-nebo, Samegala-nebu. 

Samlah, Samela. 

Samos, Samo. 

Samothrace, Samotulake. 

Samson, Simasona. 

Samuel, Samwele. 
Sanballat, Sanebalata. 
Sanherib, Saneliba. 
Sansannah, Sanesana. 
Saph, Sapa. 
Sapphira, Sapila. 
Sarah, Sala. 
Sarai, Salai. 
Saraph, Salapa. 
Sardis, Saludi. 
Sarepta, Salapata, 
Sargon, Salugona. 
Sarid, Salida. 
Sarsechim, Salusekima. 
Satan, Satana. 
Saul, Saula. 
Sceva, Sekewa. 
Scythian, O-Sekutia. 
Seba, Seba. 
Sebaiu, Sebama. 
Secacah, Sekaka. 
Secu, Seku. 
Secundus, Sekundo. 
Segub, Seguba. 
Seii, Seila. 
Seirah, Sila. 

Sela, Sela. 

Selah, translate (Bobangi, Biu). 

Sela-hammahlekoth, Sela-amalukota. 

Seled, Selede. 

Seleucia, Seleukia. 

Semachiah, Semakaya. 

Setnein, Simi. 

Senaah, Sena. 

Seneh, Sene. 

Seneneh, Senene. 

Senir, Senila. 

Sennacherib, Saneliba. 

Seorim, Soliina. 

Sephar, Sepala. 

Sepharad, Sepalada. 

Sepharvaim, Sepalawayima. 

Sepharvite, O-Sepalawa. 

Serah, Sela. 

Seraiah, Selaya. 

Sered, Selede. 

Seredite, O-Selede. 

Sergius Paulus, Selugio Paulo. 

Serug, Seluga. 

Seth, Sete. 

Sethur, Setula. 

Seveneh, Sewene. 


Shaalabbin, Salabina. 
Shaalbim, Salebima. 
Shaalbonite, O-Salebona. 
Shaalim, Salima. 
Shaaph, Sapa. 
Shaaraira, Salayima. 
Shaashgaz, Sasegaza. 
Shabbethai, Sabetai 
Shachia, Sakaya. 
Shaddai, Sadai. 
Shadrach, Sadalaka. 
Shage, Sage. 
Shaharaim, Salayima. 
Shahazumah, Sasuma. 
Shalem, Salema. 
Shalishah, Salisa. 
Shallecheth, Salekete. 
Shallum, Saluma. 
Shall un, Saluna. 
Shalman, Salumana. 
Shalmaneser, Salamanesele. 
Shama, Sama. 
Shamgar, Samagala. 
Shamhuth, Samuta. 
Shamir, Samila. 
Shamlai, Samelai. 

Sham ma, Sama. 

Shammah, Sama. 

Shammai, Samai. 

Sham moth, Samota. 

Shammua, Samwa. 

Shamsherai, Sameselai. 

Shapham, Sapama. 

Shaphan, Sapana. 

Shaphat, Sapata. 

Shaphir, Sapila. 

Sharai, Salai. 

Sharar, Salala. 

Sharezer, Salesele. 

Sharon, Salona. 

Sharonite, O-Salona. 

Sharuhen, Salwena. 

Shashai, Sasai. 

Shashak, Sasaka. 

Shaul, Saula. 

Shaulite, O-Saula. 

Shaveh, Sawe. 

Shave-kiriathaim, Sawe-kiliyatayima. 

Shavsha, Sawesa. 

Sheal, Sala. 

Shealtiel, Salatiele. 

Sheariah, Salaya. 

Shear-jahub, Sala-yasuba. 
Sheba, Seba. 
Shebaniah, Sebanya. 
Shebarim, Sebalima. 
Shebat, Sebata. 
Sheber, Sebele. 
Shebna, Sebena. 
Shebnah, Sebena. 
Shebuel, Sebwele. 
Shecaniah, Sekanya. 
Shechem, Sekeme. 
Shechemite, O-Sekeme. 
Shedeur, Sedeula. 
Sheerah, Sela. 
Shehariah, Salaya. 
Shelah, Sela. 
Shelanite, O-Selana. 
Shelemiah, Selemaya. 
Sheleph, Selepe. 
Shelesh, Selese. 
Shelomi, Selomi. 
Shelomith, Selomita. 
Shelomoth, Selomota. 
Shelumiel, Selumiele. 
Shem, Seme. 
Shema, Sema. 


Shemaah, Sema. 

Shemaiah, Semaya. 

Shemariah, Semalaya. 

Shemeber, Semebele. 

Shemed, Semede. 

Shemer, Semele. 

Shemida, Semida. 

Shemidaite, O-Semida. 

Sheminith, translate (Bobangi, Emwambi). 

Shemiramoth, Semilamota. 

Shemuel, Semwele. 

Shen, Sene. 

Shenazzar, Senacala. 

Sheol, translate (Bobangi, Longa). 

Shepham, Sepama. 

Shephatiah, Sepataya. 

Shepher, Sepele. 

Shephi, Sipi. 

Shepho, Sepo. 

Shephupham, Sepupama. 

Shephuphan, Sepupana. 

Sherebiah, Selebaya. 

Sheresh, Seiese. 

Sheshach, Sesaka. 

Sheshai, Sesai. 

Sheshan, Sesana. 

Sheshbazzar, Sesebasala. 

Sheth, Sete. 

Shethar, Setala. 

Shethar-bozenai, Setala-bozenai. 

Sheva, Sewa. 

Shibboleth, Syiboleta. 

Shibah, Siba. 

Shiggaion, translate (Bobangi, Loyembo). 

Shigionoth, translate (Bobangi, Nzembo). 

Shihor, Siola. 

Shihor-libnath, Siola-libenata. 
Shikkeron, Sikelona. 
Shilhi, Sili. 
Shilhim, Silima. 
Shillem, Silema. 
Shillemite, O-Silema. 
Shiloah, Siloa. 
Shiloh, Silo. 
Shilonite, O-Silona. 
Shil shah, Silesa. 
Shimea, Sima. 
Shimeah, Sima. 
Shim earn, Simama. 
Shimeath, Simata. 
Shimeathite, O-Simata. 
Shimei, Simi. 


Shimeite, O-Simi. 

Shimeon, Simona. 

Shimon, Simona. 

Shimrath, Simelata. 

Shimri, Simeli. 

Shimrith, Simelita. 

Shimron, Simelona. 

Shimronite, O-Simelona. 

Shim ron -mer on , Simelona-melona. 

Shimshai, Simesai. 

Shimshon, Simasona. 

Shinad, Sinaba. 

Shinar, Sinala. 

Shion, Siona. 

Shiphi, Sipi. 

Shiphmite, O-Sepeme. 

Shiphrah, Sipela. 

Shiphtan. Sipetana. 

Shisha, Sisa. 

Shishak, Sisaka. 

Shitrai, Sitelai. 

Shittim, Sitimi. 

Shiza, Siza. 

Shoa, Soa. 

Shobab, Sobaba. 

Shobach, Sobaka. 

I2 3 

Shobai, Sobai. 

Shobal, Sobala. 

Shobek, Sobeka. 

Shobi, Sobi. 

Shoham, Soama. 

Shomer, Somele. 

Shomeron, Somelona 

Shophach, Sopaka. 

Shoshannim, Basusana. 

Shoshannim Eduth, Basusan eduta. 

Shua, Sua. 

Shuah, Sua. 

Shual, Suala. 

Shubael, Subaele. 

Shuhah, Sua. 

Shuham, Suaam. 

Shuhamite, O-Suama. 

Shuhite, O-Sua. 

Shulammite, O-Sulama. 

Shumathite, O-Suma. 

Shunammite, O-Sunema. 

Shunem, Sunema. 

Shuni, Suni. 

Shunite, O-Suni. 

Shuphamite, O-Supama. 

Shuppim, Supima. 

I2 4 

Shur, Sula. 

Shushan, Susana. 

Shushan Eduth, Susan eduta. 

Shushanchite, O-Susanaka. 

Shuthelah, Sutela. 

Shuthelahite, O-Sutela. 

Sia, Sia. 

Siaha, Sia. 

Sibbecai, Sibekai. 

Sibboleth, Siboleta. 

Sibmah, Sibema. 

Sibraim, Sibelayima. 

Siccuth, Sikuta. 

Siddim, Sidimi. 

Sidon, Sidona. 

Sidonian, O-Sidona. 

Sihon, Siona. 

Silas, Sila. 

Silla, Sila. 

Siloam, Siloa. 

Silvanus, Silwano. 

Simeon, Simona. 

Simeonite, O-Simona. 

Simon, Simona. 

Sin, Sina. 

Sinai, Sinai. 


Sinim, Ba-Sina. 

Sinite, O-Sina. 

Sion, Siona. 

Siphmoth, Sipemota. 

Sippai, Sipai, 

Sirah, Sila. 

Sirion, Siluyona. 

Sesera, Sisela. 

Sismai, Sisemai. 

Sitnah, Sitena. 

Sithri, Siteli. 

Sivan, Siwarfa. 

Smyrna, Semuluna 

So, So. 

Soco, Soko. 

Socoh, Soko. 

Sodi, Sodi. 

Sodom, Sodomo. 

Sodomite, O-Sodomo. 

Solomon, Solomo. 

Song of Songs, (Bobangi, Mo Loyembo lo Solomo). 

Sopater, Sopatulo. 

Sophereth, Sopelete. 

Sorek, Soleke. 

Sosipater, Sosipatulo. 

Sosthenes, Sosetene. 


Sotai, Sotai. 

Spain, Sepania. 

Stachys, Setakusa. 

Stephanas, Setepana. 

Stephen, Setepano. 

Stoic, Mosatoa, //. basetoa. 

Suah, Swa. 

Sucathite, O-Suka. 

Succoth, Sukota. 

Succoth-benoih, Sukota-benota. 

Sukkiim, Basuka, plural 0/mosuka. 

Suph, Supa. 

Suphah, Supa. 

Sur, Sula. 

Susanna, Susana. 

Susi, Susi. 

Sychar, Sukala. 



Syntyche, Suntuke. 

Syracuse, Salakusa. 

Syria, Sulia. 

Syrian, O-Sulia. 

Syrophcenician, O-Sulia-poinike. 

Syrtis, Saluti. 


Taanach, Tanaka, 

Taanath-shiloh, Tanata-silo. 

Tabbaoth, Tabaota. 

Tabbath, Tabata. 

Tabeel, Tabele. 

Taberah, Tabela. 

Tabitha, Tabita. 

Tabor, Tabola. 

Tabrimmon, Tabelimona. 

Tadmor, Tadamola. 

Tahan, Tana. 

Tahanite, O-Tana. 

Tahash, Tasa. 

Tahath, Tata. 

Tahchemonite, O-Takemona. 
Tahpanhes, Tapanesa. 
Tahpenes, Tapenesa. 
Tahrea, Talea. 
Tahtim-hodshi, Tatim odesi. 
Talitha cumi, Talita kumi. 
Talmai, Talumai. 
Talmon, Talumona. 
Tamah, Tama. 
Tamar, Tamala. 
Tammuz, Tamuza. 
Tanhumeth, Tanumeta. 


Taphath, Tapata. 
Tappuah, Tapwa. 
Taralah, Talala. 
Tarea, Talea. 
Tarpelite, O-Talupela. 
Tarshish, Talusisa. 
Tarsus, Taluseu. 
Tartak, Talataka. 
Tartan, Talatana. 
Tattenia, Tatenai. 
Tebah, Teba. 
Tebaliah, Tebalaya. 
Tebeth, Tebete. 
Tehaphnehes, Tapenesa. 
Tehinnah, Tina. 
Tekel, Tekele. 
Tekoa, Tekwa. 
Tekoite, O-Tekwa. 
Tel-abib, Tel abiba. 
Telah, Tela. 
Telaim, Telaima. 
Telam, Telama. 
Telassar, Telasala. 
Telem, Teleme. 
Tel-harsha, Tel alusa. 
Tel-melah, Tele-raela. 


Tema, Tema. 
Tern ah, Tema. 
Teman, Temana. 
Temanite, O-Temana. 
Temeni, Temeni. 
Terah, Tela. 
Teresh, Telese. 
Tertius, Telutio. 
Tertullus, Telutulo. 
Thaddreus, Tadayao. 
Thebez, Tebese. 
Theophilus, Teopilo. 
Thessalonian, O-Tesaionike. 
Thessalonica, Tesalonike. 
Theudas, Teuda. 
Thomas, Toma, 

Three Taverns, translate (Bobangi, Ndako nsato li 

Thummim, Tumima. 

Thyatira, Twatila. 

Tiberias, Tibelia. 

Tiberius Caesar, Tibelia Kaisala. 

Tibhath, Tibata. 

Tibni, Tibini. 

Tidal, Tidala. 

Tiglath- pileser , Tigilata-pilesela. 

Tiglateh-pilneser, Tigilata-pilenesela. 

Tigris, Tigili. 

Tikvah, Tikwa. 

Tilgath-pilneser, Tiligata-pilenesela. 

Tilon, Tilona. 

Timseus, Timaya. 

Timna, Timena. 

Timnah, Timena. 

Timnath-heres, Timenat elese. 

Timnath-serah, Timenata-sela. 
Timnite, O-Timena 

Timon, Timono. 

Timothy, Timoteo. 

Tiphsah, Tipesa. 

Tiras ; Tilasa. 

Tirathite, O-Tila. 

Tirhakah, Tilaka. 

Tirhanah, Tilana. 

Tiria, Tiiaya. 

Tirshatha, Tilusata. 

Tirzah, Tilusa. 

Tishbite, O-Tesebe. 

Titus, Tito. 

Titus Justus, Titio Yuseto. 

Tizite, O-Tisi. 

Toah, Twa. 

Tob, Tobo. 

Tob-adonijah, Tob adoniya. 
Tohiah, Tobiya. 
Tobijah, Tobiya. 
Tochen, Tokene. 
Togarmah, Togaluma. 
Tohu, Tou. 
Toi, Toi. 
Tokhath, Tokata. 
Tola, Tola. 
Tolad, Tolada. 
Tolaite, O-Tola. 
Tophel, Topele. 
Topheth, Topete. 
Tormah, Toluma. 
Tou, Tou. 

Trachonitis, Tulakoniti. 
Troas, Tuloa. 
Trogyllium, Tulogulio. 
Trophimus, Tulopimo. 
Tryphasna, Tulupaina. 
Tryphosa, Tuluposa. 
Tubal, Tubala. 
Tubal-cain, Tubala-kaina. 
Tychicus, Tukiko. 
Tyrannus, Tulano. 
Tyre, Tula. 

1 3 2 

Ucal, Ukala. 
Uel, Wele. 
Ulai, Ulai. 
Ulam, Ulama. 
Ulla, Ula. 
Ummah, Uma. 
Unni, Uni. 
Unno, Uno, 
Upharsin, Upalusina. 
Uphaz, Upaza. 
Ur, Ula. 

Urbanus, Ulubano. 
Uri, Uli. 
Uriah, Uliya. 

Uriel, Uliele. 

Urijah, Uliya. 

Urim, Ulima. 

Uthai, Utai. 

Uz, Usa. 

Uzai, Uzai. 

Uzal, Uzala. 

Uzza, Uza. 

Uzzah, Uza. 

Uzzen-sheerah, Uzena-sela. 

Uzzi, Uzi. 

Uzzia, Uziya. 

Uzziah, Uziya. 
Uzziel, Uziele. 
Uzzielite, O-Uziele. 

Vaheb, Waeba. 
Vaizatha, Waizata. 
Vania, Wanaya. 
Vashni, Waseni. 
Vashti, Waseti. 
Vedan, Wedana. 
Vophsi, Wopesi. 

Zaanan, Sanana. 
Zaanannim, Sananima. 
Zaavan, Zawana. 
Zabad, Zabada. 
Zabbai, Zabai. 
Zabdi, Zabedi. 
Zabdiel, Zabediele. 
Zabud, Zabuda. 
Zaccai, Zakai. 
Zacchaeus, Zakayo. 
Zaccur, Zakula. 
Zachariah Zechariah. 
.Zadok, Sadoka. 
Zahaui, Zama. 


Zair, Saila. 

Zalaph, Salapa. 

Zalmon, Salemona. 

Zalmonah, Salemona. 

Zalmunna, Salemuna. 

Zamzummim, Ba-Zamezuma. 

Zanoah, Zanoa. 

Zaphenath - paneah , Sapenata-panea. 

Zaphon, Sapona. 

Zarephath, Salepata. 

Zarethan, Saletana. 

Zattu, Zatu. 

Zaza, Zaza. 

Zealot, Zelote, or Mozelote, //. Bazelote. 

Zebadiah, Zebadaya. 

Zebah, Zeba. 

Zebedee, Zebedayo. 

Zebidah, Zebida. 

Zebina, Zebina. 

Zeboim, Ba-Seboi. 

Zebul, Zebula. 

Zebulun, Zebuiuna. 

Zebulunite, O-Zebuluna. 

Zechariah, Zekalaya. 

Zecher, Zekele. 

Zedad, Sedada. 


Zedekiah, Sedekiya. 
Zeeb, Zebe. 
Zela, Sela. 
Zelah, Sela. 
Zelek, Seleke. 
Zelophehad, Selopada. 
Zelzah, Seluca. 
Zemaraim, Semalaima. 
Zemarite, O-Semala. 
Zemirah, Zemila. 
Zenan, Senana. 
Zenas, Zena. 
Zephaniah, Sepanya. 
Zephath, Sepata. 
Zephathah, Sepata. 
Zephi, Sepi. 
Zepho, Sepo. 
Zephon, Sepona. 
Zephonite, O-Sepona. 
Zer, Sele. 
Zerah, Zela. 
Zerahite, O-Zela. 
Zerahiah, Zelaya. 
Zered, Zelede. 
Zeredah, Seleda. 
Zererah, Selela. 


Zeresh, Zelese. 
Zereth, Zelete. 
Zereth-shahar, Zelete-sala. 
Zeri, Seli. 
Zeror, Selole. 
Zeruah, Selwa. 
Zerubbabel, Zelubabela. 
Zeruiah, Seluya. 
Zetham, Zetama. 
Zethan, Zetana. 
Zethar, Zetala. 
Zia, Zia. 
Ziba, Siba. 
Zibeon, Sibona. 
Zibia, Sibeya. 
Zibiah, Sibaya. 
Zichri, Zikili. 
Ziddim, Sidimi. 
Zidon, Sidona. 
Zidonian, O-Sidona. 
Ziha, Zia. 
Ziklag, Zikelaga. 
Zillah, Sila. 
Zillethai, Siletai. 
Zilpah, Zilepa. 
Zimmah, Zima. 


Zimrah, Zimelana. 

Zimri, Zimili. 

Zin, Sina. 

Zina, Zina. 

Zion, Siona. 

Zior, Siola. 

Ziph, Zipi. 

Ziphah, Zipa. 
Ziphion, Sipeyona. 

Ziphite, O-Zipa. 
Ziphron, Zipelona. 
Zippor, Sipola. 
Zipporah, Sipola. 
Ziv, Ziu. 
Ziz, Sici. 
Ziza, Ziza. 
Zizah, Ziza. 
Zoan, Soana. 
Zoar, Soala. 
Zobah, Soba. 
Zobebah, Sobeba. 
Zohar, Soala. 
Zoheleth, Zoelete. 
Zoheth, Zoete. 
Zophah, Sopa. 
Zophai, Sopai. 


Zophar, Sopala. 
Zophim, Sopima. 
Zorah, Sola. 
Zorathite, O-Sola. 
Zorite, O-Sola. 
Zuar, Swa. 
Zuph, Supa. 
Zur, Sula. 
Zuriel, Suliele. 
Zurishaddai, Sulisadai. 
Zuzim, Ba-Zuza.