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I. General Theme: 

The Increasing Dependence of One Group Upon Another 
II. Aspect of the Theme: 

How the community helps the family travel and carry goods 
III. Elements of Content: 

A. Trains 

1. Kinds: passenger, freight, refrigerator, etc. 

2. Goods carried 

B. Ships 

1. Ocean liners': conveniences, amusements, quarters 
for passengers and crew 

2. River boats 

3. Freighters: cargoes and how loaded 

4. Sailboats: uses 

5. Ferry boats: uses 

C. Travel in a city 

1. Street cars 

2. Elevated trains 

3. Subway trains 

4. City buses 

D. Travel on roads 

1. Cross country buses 

2. Automobiles 

3. Trucks: kinds and uses 

E. Travel in the air 

1. Kinds of aircraft 

2. Uses 

Understanding of the above theme and content should be developed 
by means of numerous group and individual activities. 


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San Francisco 5, Calif. Dallas 1, Texas New York 36. N. Y. 

A Charles E. Merrill Book. Copyright, 1949, Wesleyan University 
Printed in U. S. A. >|f&* Revised Printing. 1953 

on Trains 

Don was going on a trip. 
Mother was going, too. 
Don got the tickets. 
The train was coming. 

"Here is our train," said Don. 
"This is a fast train." 

Mother got on the train. 
Don got on the train. 
The porter helped Don. 

The conductor said, "All aboard!" 

The train started. 

Don wanted to play. 

Don and Mother went 
into the club car. 

Mother read a book. 

Don played with his little cars, 

It was time to eat. 
Don went into the diner. 
Mother went with him. 
They sat down at a table. 

"I want a good dinner," said Don 
"I like to eat on a train." 


Night came. 

Mother said, "It is time 
to go to bed. 
Other children have 
gone to sleep." 

Don woke up early. 
He looked out the window. 
The trees flew by. 
The houses flew by, too. 

The train passed many farms. 
It went through cities and towns. 

Don ate breakfast in the diner. 


The train stopped. 

Mother said, 

"Look at this iron horse. 
It is an electric engine. 
It will pull our train 
into New York City." 

"What a funny looking engine," 
said Don. 

"Both ends are the same. 
Which way will it go?" 


The train went slowly. 

"We are in New York," said Mother. 
"The train is under the station now." 

Men with red caps met the train. 
They carried the bags. 

The people went up a long stair. 
Soon they were in a big station. 

"I see Grandmother," said Don. 
Don ran to Grandmother. 


Freight Trains 

Don rode on a passenger train. 
Passenger trains carry people. 

Other trains carry goods. 
These trains are called freight trains. 

Freight trains have many 
kinds of cars. 
Coal cars carry coal. 
Boxcars often carry food. 
Flatcars may carry heavy machines. 


Animals travel in special cars. 
Men give the animals food and water. 

Oil is carried in tank cars. 
Vegetables, fruit, and meat are 
kept cool in refrigerator cars. 

Every freight train has a special car 
at the end. 
What is this car called? Elm * r Avenue School 


on Ships 


Don and Mother went 
to see the river. 
Grandmother went, too. 

A big ship was coming in. 
Little black tugboats pushed 
and pulled the big ship. 

"Chug, chug," puffed the tugs. 
The tugs were strong. 


Another big ship was tied up 
at the dock. 

Don went on the big ship. 
Mother and Grandmother went, too. 
They saw the children's playroom. 
They saw the swimming pool. 


Don liked boats. 

The next day, Don and Mother 
went up the river. 
They went on a river boat. 
They went on the Robert Fulton. 
The Robert Fulton was a big boat. 


The boat passed a freighter. 
The freighter had bananas on it. 
Men were unloading the bananas. 


Don saw many sailboats. 
He said, "They look like 
pretty butterflies." 


.-* "*& 

"Here comes a ferry boat," said Don. 
Many people were on the ferry. 
Don saw cars on the ferry boat, too. 

"Toot!" said the Robert Fulton. 
"I am going to pass you." 

"Toot!" said the ferry boat. 
"You go first!" 


The Robert Fulton went 
under a bridge. 
It was the George Washington 

The bridge is high above the river. 
Big ships can go under the bridge. 

Don saw cars going over the bridge. 
Some people were walking 
over the bridge. 

Don said, "What a beautiful bridge!" 


in a City 

Don rode on a streetcar in the city. 

The car stopped. 
Don and Mother got on the car. 
Other people got off. 

Ding! Ding! 
The car started. 


Don rode on an elevated train. 
These trains run above the street. 

Don climbed some long stairs. 
He was high in the air. 

Soon a train came. 
The doors opened. 
Don got on the train. Away it went. 


One day, Don and Mother 
went downtown on the subway. 

They went down some stairs. 

"We are under the ground," 
said Don. 

Soon a fast electric train came. 
The doors opened. 
The doors closed. 
The train roared on its way. 


"Here comes a bus," said Don. 
"This bus has an upstairs. 
May we ride upstairs? 
I like to feel the wind. 
I want to see the big buildings." 

Don and Mother went 
up some little stairs. 

They rode home on top 
of the big bus. 


Travel on Roads 

"Good-by, Grandmother," said Don. 

"Good-by, Don," said Grandmother. 
"Come to see me soon." 

Mother and Don got on a big bus. 
They were going to see Aunt Sue. 
Then they were going home 
on another bus. 

Don liked to ride on the big bus. 
He sat right behind the, driver. 


Don watched the cars on the road. 
He saw many kinds of trucks. 

One big truck had a trailer. 
It carried many kinds of goods. 

Another truck carried furniture. 
It helped a family move 
to a new home. 


Other trucks carried cars. 
The cars were new. 

"Maybe we can buy one of those 
new cars!" said Don. 

One very long truck carried animals. 
It was taking the animals 
to market. 



in the Air 

"Air mail! Air mail!" said Don. 
Mother opened the letter. 
"Daddy is coming by airplane," 

said Mother. 


The next day, Don and Mother 
went to the airport. 

Don was very happy. 

Soon a big airplane came down 
like a large bird. 
The door opened. 
Out walked Don's father. 
He saw Don waiting for him. 


They waited for Daddy's bags. 
Men took the bags out of the plane. 

Then the men put more bags 
into the plane. 
They put sacks of mail 
into the plane, too. 
They put in a box of baby chicks. 

Don said, "I wish I were a chick!" 


Some planes do not carry people. 
These planes just carry goods. 
They are "flying freight cars." 
They are called cargo planes. 

Don saw some men loading 
a cargo plane. 

They were putting many boxes 
into the plane. 


Don looked at one big plane. 
"What a plane!" said Don. 

"May I look inside it, Daddy?" 

Don went into the plane. 
He saw many people in the plane. 

Don said, "I'd like to fly 
in this plane." 



Don saw an airport car. 

People were going into the city. 
They were going in the car. 

The driver put their bags into 
the back of the car. 

Don wanted a ride, too. 

"We will go in our car," said Daddy. 


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