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974. 60£ 






974 . 608 

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Urinity College 


Published under the authority 
of the Urustees. 

Dto. 1. 
3lpril, 1900. 





Prefatory Note, 

An Alphabetical List of the Living Graduates of Trinity 
College, with their Degrees at Graduation and in Course, 
Professional and Honorary Degrees, Occupations and 

A List according to Residence of the Living Graduates of 
Trinity College, 

News from the Classes, 


Notes of Progress, 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

Prefatory note, 

At their Annual Meeting in June, 1899, the Trustees 
of Trinity College authorized the Faculty to issue a 
Bulletin. This pamphlet is published as its first number. 

The objects of such a publication are, first, to pre- 
serve and furnish information regarding the history of 
the College, and especially regarding its founders and 
deceased benefactors and graduates ; secondly, to keep a 
careful, continuous record of its living graduates and 
friends ; thirdly, to give fuller and more frequent infor- 
mation of the work, progress and present condition of 
the College than it is possible to give in the annual 
catalogue ; fourthly, to be a medium for the presentation 
of suggestions regarding future advance. 

The ultimate scope and plan of The Bulletin will be 
such as experience shall recommend. The Bulletin will 
ordinarily be a little pamphlet. Sometimes it may be a 
mere leaflet. It will appear four times a year, unless 
there occur reasons for a change of plan. It is proposed 
to send one copy gratuitously to each officer, alumnus, 
honorarius, and special friend of the College ; to send 
certain issues to newspapers, libraries and schools, and 
to furnish it on application for a small price. 

A college should know every graduate in every 
calling in every part of the world. Every son should 



have the assurance of the constant and kindly sympatky 
of the Academic Mother in every stage of his career. 
The result must be felt in the advancement of the 
college. The cordial regard of the whole body of the 
alumni and their earnest co-operation in the measure of 
the ability of each, is a much surer dependence than the 
anticipation of possible benefactions from strangers. 

The lists that form the greater part of this bulletin 
are based upon two card catalogues, that have been pre- 
pared in the endeavor to promote the knowledge of the 
graduates by the College, and the knowledge by the 
graduates of one another. Many deficiencies and some 
inaccuracies will be noticed. As the catalogues are 
card catalogues, any additions and corrections can be 
easily made. Thanks are returned to the graduates who 
have so generally and so kindly answered the too infor- 
mal cards of inquiry recently sent to many of them. 

It was the hope of the compiler to be able to give 
the business and residence address, special occupation, 
business relation, and official position of each graduate. 
No attempt has been made to present statistics in the 
present defective condition of the lists. When these are 
more perfect, statistics will be given that will show the 
whole work of the living graduates of Trinity College. 
Meantime it will be apparent from the few data furnished 
that the graduates of Trinity College have achieved in 
proportion to their numbers a notable degree of success 
in the most varied walks of life, and one not surpassed 
by that of the graduates of any college in proportion to 


Trinity has among her living graduates architects, 
artists, authors, bankers, chemists, insurance presidents, 
journalists, manufacturers, merchants, railroad presidents, 
as well as lawyers and physicians, and a great and glori- 
ous company of bishops and doctors of divinity and 
clergymen whose highest title is recorded in the grateful 
hearts of thousands made better by their ministry. 

It has been pleasant to note that many of the recent 
graduates in science have attained immediately to posi- 
tions from which they seem likely to rise surely to great 
practical usefulness. 

It was certainly the wish of the founders of the Col- 
lege that its graduates should make their influence 
honorably felt in every activity of the national life. 

The classification of the graduates by residence 
demonstrates conclusively that Trinity College is in the 
highest sense a national institution. Scarcely a state or 
„ territory is without at least one representative of Trinity 
College. Trinity men, while more numerous in the great 
centers of population, are scattered through the whole 

The list according to residence will help Trinity 
men to know one another, work for one another, and 
work for the College. 

Limitations of time and strength have prevented the 
addition to the lists given of similar lists of the living 
honorarii of the College and of former students now liv- 
ing who have been in one of the regular courses, and 
have not completed it, or who have been special stud- 


ents. The last two classes of men have often attained 
high distinction, and almost without exception have as 
keen an interest in the College as if they possessed 
diplomas of graduation. It is hoped that a future num- 
ber of The Bulletin may supply these omissions. 

Here and there in this pamphlet is noted the name 
of a Class Secretary. Each class should have a secre- 
tary. It is suggested that he send a reply postal card 
twice a year to each class-mate, and send the answers to 
The Bulletin lor publication. 

In time it is hoped that it may be possible to have a 
Concise Biographical Dictionary of Trinity College that 
will record the career of every founder, benefactor and 
alumnus of the institution. The founders of the College 
intended that it should be a College of the whole 
Church and the whole Nation, at first good though 
small, and finally good, strong, great in numbers and in 
influence. There is much talk of " the small colleges." 
The term is taken to connote poverty of resources and 
inefficiency. Trinity College has aside from its buildings 
a capital in interest-bearing funds equal to one-third of 
that of Yale when President Dwight assumed the presi- 
dency. It has an equipment such as no college in the 
land possessed but a short time ago, notably in the mat- 
ter of chemical and physical laboratories. It has made a 
progress so firm and steady that a great future may be 
anticipated. With academic repugnance to self-assertion 
she has allowed herself to be little known to her own 
Church, to which she has rendered services so great, to 


her own devoted Alumni, and to the Nation at large, to 
whose welfare she can minister in vastly greater measure. 
The Bulletin will strive to make the College better 

This publication disclaims at present all distinctly 
literary and scientific character. It is merely a compila- 
tion of such facts as it has been possible for a busy man 
to gather on short notice. Its success depends largely 
on the generosity of the alumni in sending to The Bulle- 
tin items of interest regarding themselves and their 
classmates. Any postal card, containing such an item, 
addressed to the Trinity College Bulletin, Trinity 
College, Hartford, Conn., will be gratefully received. 

A future number will contain a picture of the new 
Hall of Natural History and plans of its interior. 
Another will seek to inform the graduates of the little 
known treasures of the Library and of the steps taken 
and necessary for its development. 






Abbreviations. — A. — Engaged in Agriculture. Arch. — Architect. 
Asst. — Assistant (in a college). Auth. — Author. B. — Banker. Cong.— 
Congregational. Chem. — Chemist. Dipl. — Diplomat. E. E.— Electrical 
Engineer. For. — Forestry. Instr.— Instructor (in a college). Ins. — Insur- 
ance. J. — Journalist. L. — Lawyer. M. — Engaged in a Mercantile 
Pursuit. Mech. Eng. — Mechanical Engineer. Mf. — Engaged in Manufac- 
turing. O. — Occupying official position, city, state or federal. P. — Pub- 
lisher. Pres. — President (of a college, theological seminary or university). 
Prin. — Principal (of a school or academy). Prof. — Professor (in a college). 
K. C. — Roman Catholic. S. — Graduate student. S. Law. — Student of 
Law. S. Med. — Student of Medicine. 8. Theol. — Student of Theology. 
T. — Engaged in teaching (in a school or academy). Univ. — Universalist. 

The title Reverend (Rev.) and the degrees M. D. and LL. B. indicate 
respectively a clergyman, physician, or lawyer engaged in the active work 
of these respective professions, unless some other abbreviation follow. — 
Clergymen are to be considered as connected with the Episcopal Church 
unless some other denomination is indicated. — Where no degree is given 
that of B.A. is implied. — The degree of M. A. is held to imply a previous 
degree of B.A. — Honorary degrees conferred by Trinity College are 
printed in italics. — The numerals after the names indicate the year of 

Abbott, Charles Wheaton, 49, M. A., U. S. N., . Warren, R. I. 

Ackley, William Nichols, 63, Rev., M. A., 

358 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Addis, Thomas Emmett, 99, Chem., . . Leechburg, Penn. 

Chemist with the Kirkpatrick Co., Ltd., Leechburg. 
Alcorn, Edwin Cheney, 74, Rev., S. T. B., . Hammonton, N. J. 


Allen, Edwin Stanton, 94, S. B., Ins., 

^Etna Insurance Co., 666 Main St., and 61 WillardSt., Hartford, Conn. 

Allen, Henry Woodward, 97, S. Law, Harvard Law School, 
185 East St., Pittsfield, Mass., and 1599 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

Ailing, Stephen Howard, 92, Rev., M. A., . . Lyndonville, Vt. 

Allyn, Arthur Washington, 61, Major, M. A., 

946 Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Ames, Francis Wilbur, 76, Mayville, Traill Co., North Dakota. 

Anderson, Alexander Hopkins, 87, M. A., U. S. A., 

Co. H., 10th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Manila, Philippine 
Islands, and Room 904, Carnegie Building, Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Andrews, Charles McLean. 84, Prof, and Historian, M. A., Ph. D., 

Johns-Hopkins, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Penn. 

Author of The River Towns : Wethersfield, Hartford, Windsor, 

Bait. 1889; The Old English Manor, Bait. ; Historical 

Development of Modern Europe, N. Y. 1898. 

Andrews, Robert, 53, M. A., Mf. 

Vice-Pres. Safety Car Heating and Lighting and Pintsch Gas Com- 
panies, 160 Broadway, New York. Residence, East Orange, N.J. 

Anthon, Edward, 51, Rev., M. A., . 46 W. 38th St., New York. 

Applegate, Octavius, Jr., 87, Rev., M. A., . . Kingston, N. Y. 

Appleton, Charles Adams, 82, P., -72 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Appleton, Edward Dale, 80, P., 72 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Armstrong, David Maitland, 58, M. A., Artist, 

61 Washington Square S., New York. 

Atwood, John Mitchelson, 49, M. A., Wichita, Kan. 

Austin, William Morris, 98, B. S., M., 

27 & 29 Thomas St., New York ; 337 W. 34th St., New York. 

Backus, Brady Electus, 70, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

360 W. 28th St., New York. 

Bacon, John Watson, 46, Hon., M. A., L., . Danbury, Conn. 

Bailey, Melville Knox, 79, Rev., M. A., 417 E. 13th St., New York. 

Bakewell, John, 59, Rev., D. D., 12 19 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland, Cal. 

Balch, Frederick Alexander, 98, ... Detroit, Mich. 


Baldwin, Leonidas Bradley, 60, Rev., M. A., . Easton, Md. 

Ball, Clarence Ernest, 82, Rev., M. A., 

Grace Church Rectory, Alexandria, Va. 
Barber, Frank Marshall, 91, S. B., T., 5 George St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Barber, Henry Hobart, 90, Rev., M. A., . Burlington, N. C. 

Barber, William Wyatt, 88, T., St. Mark's School, Southboro, Mass. 
Barbour, Henry Grosvenor, 96, . . 65 E. 89th St., New York. 

Barbour, Henry Merlin, 70, Rev., M. A., 65 E. 89th St., New York. 
Barbour, John Humphrey, 73, Rev., Professor, M. A., D. D., 

254 Washington St. and Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, 

Barclay, Robert, 80, M. A., M. D., 32 11 Lucas Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Barnwell, Robert Woodward, 72, Rev., . . . Selma, Alabama. 
Barrows, John Chester, 80, M. A., Ins., 

District Man. for Ace. Dep't of ^Etna Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 

417-419 Security Building, St. Louis, Missouri. 
Barrows, William Stanley, 84, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Barto, Richard Vernam, 82, M. A., B., . . Tacoma, Washington. 

Seymour, Barto & Co. 
Barton, Charles Clarence, 69, LL. B., 

82 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass., and Framingham, Mass. 
Barton, Charles Clarence, Jr., 93, LL. B., 

82 Devonshire St. and Copley Square Hotel, Boston, Mass. 
Bates, John Mallory, 72, Rev., M. A., . . Long Pine, Nebraska. 
Bates, Robert Peck, 93, T., 596 Division St., Chicago, 111. 

Bates, William Hale, 72, Rev., M. A., . . Sanford, Fla. 

Beach, Carroll Charles, 96, M. D., 

"The Linden," 427 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 
Beach, Edward Stevens, 83, . . . 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Beardsley, William Augur, 87, Rev. M. A., 

64 Grove St., New Haven, Conn. 
Beaven, Wordsworth Young, 71, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Longwood, Md. 
Beecroft, Edgar Charles, 97, B. S., LL. B., 
Rodman & Beecroft, 59 Liberty St., New York, and Pelham Manor, N. Y. 


Beers, Frederick Horace, 89, S. B., A., . . Hawleyville, Conn. 

Beers, George Emerson, 86, Professor, M. A., LL. B., M. L., 

First National Bank Building, 15 Law School, and 31 Lake Place, 

New Haven, Conn. 
Belden, Henry Marvin, 88, Professor, Ph. D., 

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri. 
Belden, Louis Isaac, 94, Rev., .... Tower, Minn. 

Benedict, Louis Le Grand, 88, M. A., . . 29 Broadway, N. Y. 
Benjamin, William Henry, 57, Rev., M. A., D. D., Irvington, New York. 
Benson, Lloyd Raeburn, 99, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Benson, Reuel Allan, 99, S. Med., 

Homoeopathic Medical College, New York. 
Benton, Angelo Ames, 56, Rev., M. A., D. D., . Albion, 111. 

Benton, John Robert, 97, S., 

University of Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany. 
Benton, Robert Agnew, 64, Rev., M. A., . Sewickley, Penn. 

Birckhead, James Birckhead, 94, M. D., 133 E. 21st St., New York. 
Bird, James Rufus, 54, M. A., M. D., 

152 Putnam St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Birdsall, Paul H., 86, Rev., M. A., 498 Clinton Ave., Albany, N. Y. 
Bixby, Robert Forsyth, 70, M. A., LL. B., 

32 Nassau St., New York. 
Black, Henry Campbell, 80, M. A., L., 

2516 14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Blackmer, William Cole, 78, ... Salisbury, N. C. 

Blackwell, Josiah, 66, "The Albany," 51st St. and Broadway, New York. 
Blair, William Robinson, 75, L., 

Nicholas Building, 450 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Blakeslee, Henry Jones, 98, Instr., Assistant in Physics, Trinity College. 

791 Park St., Hartford, Conn. 
Boardman, William Jarvis, 54, LL. B., 

1 801 P St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Bohlen, Daniel Murray, 82, M. A., 416 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 


Bolles, Edwin Cortland, 55, Rev. (Univ.), M. A., Ph. D., D. D., 

Melrose, Mass. 
Boughton, John Augustus, 58, B. A., B. S., M. A., L., 

62 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Admitted to Litchfield Co., Conn., Bar shortly after graduating ; in 
U. S. Int. Rev. Service 1862- 1885 ; since then has passed about 
half his time at Bridgeport, Florida, without any public employ- 
Bowdish, James Tinker, 73, L., . . . Ashland, Oregon. 

Bowie, William, 93, S. B., C. E., U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 

Address, U. S. C. & G. Survey, Washington, D. C. 
Bowles, Jedidiah Hibbard, 60, M. A., 

Bowles, Ralph Hart, 48, Rev., M. A., . . Woodbury, Conn. 

Bowman, Charles William, 87, M. A., . . Brownsville, Penn. 

Bowman, James Perrie, 53, M. A., A. (cotton planter), 

St. Francisville P. O., Bayou Sara, La. 
Boylston, Charles Walter, 78, Rev., M. A., . Riverside, Conn. 

Bradin, Benjamin Muzzey, 75, Rev., . . . Sumter, S. C. 
Brady, Robert McClelland, 90, S. B., Mf., 115 Selden Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Secretary and Treas. Hygeia Filter Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Brainard, John, 51, Rev., M. A., D. £>., . . Auburn, N. Y. 

Brainard, John Morgan, 84, M. A., L., 

140 South St. ; 122 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 
Brandegee, John Elmendorf, 74, LL. B., 30 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 
Brenton, Cranston, 99, S. Theol., 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
Brevoort, Edward Renwick, 68, M., 32 Liberty St., New York. 

Brigham, Henry Hartstene, 76, Mf., 18 Cortland St., New York. 

Brinley, Edward Huntington, 49, M. D., . Riverside, Conn. 

Brinley, Godfrey Malbone, 88, Rev., M. A., T., 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 
Brinley, Putnam, 47, M. D., 
Brocklesby, Arthur Kain, 70, M. A., Ins., 

650 Main St. (^Etna Life Insurance Co.), and 126 Washington 
St., Hartford, Conn. 


Brocklesby, John Henry, 65, M. A., L., 

764 Main St. and 3 Preston St., Hartford, Conn. 
Brocklesby, William Claiborne, 69, M. A., Arch., 

764 Main St. and 650 Main St., Hartford, Conn., and Ashland, Mass- 
Bronson, Merritt, 52, M. A., L., . . Plymouth, Conn. 

Broughton, Charles Du Bois, 95, Rev., . . Fort Plain, N. Y. 

Brown, George Israel, 88, Rev., M. A., . . Bellefonte, Penn. 

Brown, J Eldred, 83, Rev., M. A., ... Norwich, Conn. 

Bryan, Washington, 75, L. and Railroad President, New Bern, N. C. 
Formerly Pres. of the Atlantic and N. C. Railroad. New York 
address, care of Sharp & Bryan, Brokers. 
Bryant, Percy Shelley, 70, M. A., L., 

904 Main St., Hartford, Conn., and East Hartford, Conn. 
Buck, Frederick Earle, 98, S. Theol., 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
Buckley, Frederick Dashiels, 84, Rev., . . Waterbury, Conn. 

Buffington, Joseph, 75, Hon., Judge U. S. District Court, LL. D., 

Judges' Chambers, U. S. Courts, Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Buffington, Orr, 79, L., . . . . Kittanning, Penn. 

Bulkeley, Erastus Brainard, 90, S. B., B., 

Care of Standard Trust Co., 40 Wall St., New York. 
Bulkeley, John Charles, 93, S. B., Ins., 

y£tna Life Ins. Co., 650 Main St., and 9 Park Terrace, Hartford, Conn. 
Bulkeley, Williams Eliphalet Adams, 90, S. B., Ins., 

Cashier ^Etna Life Ins. Co., 650 Main; 134 Washington St., 
Hartford, Conn. 
Bulkley, Clarendon Cobb, 75, M. A., Mf., 

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Man. Co., 17 Vandyke St., and 47 Sum- 
ner St., Hartford, Conn. 
Bulkley, William Howard, 73, Rev., M. A., Cheboygan, Mich. 

Burgwin, Augustus Phillips, 82, M. A., L., 

424 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Burgwin, George Collinson, 72, M. A., LL. B., 

424 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 


Burgwin, John Henry King, 77, Real Estate Agent, 

424 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Burke, Edward Frederick, 95, 

34 Pine St., New York ; Llewellyn Park, Orange, N. J. 
Burke, Edward Nevins, 76, Mech. Eng., 

Lowell Machine Shops, Lowell, Mass. 
Burnham, Charles Luther, 98, S. Law, 

Yale Law School, New Haven, Conn., and 49 Oak St., Hartford, Conn. 
Burnham, John Bird, 91, J., 

408 W. 115th St., New York City, and Essex, N. Y. 
Burrage, Frank Sumner, 95, Cattle Grower, 

with J. M. Carey & Bro., Cattle Growers, Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Burton, Richard Eugene, 83, Poet, Critic, and Professor, Ph. D. 

Johns- Hopkins, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Editor of Yale Lectures on Preaching by the Rev. N. J. Burton, 

D. D. ; author of Dumb in June, Memorial Day, Literary Likings. 

BushDell, Francis Henry, 50, Rev., M. A., 

109 S. 43rd St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Butler, Edwin Ely, 60, Rev., M. A., ... Madison, N. J. 

Butler, Wharton, 58, 

Campbell, Richard Mabie, 78, L., . . Independence, Iowa. 

Canfield, Horace Jared, 57, Hon., M. A., . . Andover, Mass. 

Member of the Mass. Gen. Assembly 1876 ; of the Mass. Senate 
1879 > temporarily in Elmhurst, 111. 
Carpenter, Clarence, 82, M. A., 444 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Carpenter, James Stratton, 79, M. A., M. D., . Pottsville, Penn. 

Carpenter, Samuel Barstow, 73, Rev., M. A., Augusta, Ga. 

Carter, Bernard Moore, 82, M. A., LL. B., Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Bernard Carter & Sons. 
Carter, Charles Henry, 82, M. A., Hon., L., 

Eutaw Place ; Bernard Carter & Sons, cor. Charles and Lexington 
Sts., Baltimore, Md. 
Carter, George Calvert, 87, Rev., M. A., 

214 Park Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Carter, Henry Skelton, 69, M. A., M. D., 130 E. 24th St., New York. 

Carter, John Ridgely, S3, M. A., LL. B., Dipl., 

Secretary U. S. Embassy, London. 

Carter, Julian Stuart, 98, . . Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Carter, Lavvson Averell, 93, LL. B., . 65 Wall St., New York. 

Carter, Shirley, 94, LL. B., Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Bernard Carter & Sons. 

Cartwright, Morgan Rouse, 98, S. Law, Georgetown University, 

and Private Sec. to Hon. J. K. P. Hall, M. C. 28th Penu. Dist., 
1 014 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Chapin, William Merrick, 74, Rev., Barrington Centre, R. I. 

Chapin, William Viall, 78, M. A., . . . . Pomfret, Conn. 

Chase, Arthur, 89, Rev., S. T. B., . . . . Ware, Mass. 

Chase, Francis, 52, Rev., M. A., . . . . Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Chase, Henry Jackson, 73, 

Chase, Horace Russell, 72, M. A., LL. B., . . El Paso, Texas. 

Chase, March Frederick, 97, S. University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

Cheritree, Theodore Lathrop, 90, L., 

525 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Cheshire, Joseph Blount, 69, Right Rev., M. A., D. D., D. D., 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Child, Clarence Griffin, S6, M. A., Ph. D. Johns-Hopkins, 

2312 De Lancey St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
University Scholar in English, Johns-Hopkins Univ. 1893; 
University Fellow in English, Johns-Hopkins Univ. 1894; 
Since 1896 Lecturer on Eng. Lit. in the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Special Reviser of the new edition of Worcester's Dic- 
tionary. Author of John Lyly and Euphuism in Munchener 
Beitrage zur romanischen und englischen Philologie, Heft 7, 
Erlangen and Leipzig 1894, and of many contributions to Mod- 
ern Language Notes. 

Chrystie, Thomas Mackaness Ludlow, 63, M. A., M. D., 

216 W. 46th St., New York. 

Church, Samuel Porter, 41, M. D., . . . Ithaca, N. Y. 


Clark, Edmund Sanford, 65, M. A., M., 144 Essex St., Boston, Mass. 

Dry Goods Commission Merchant. 
Clark, James Walters, 63, Rev., M. A., 

717 Massachusetts Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 
Clarke, Samuel James, 45, Hon., M. A., San Francisco, Cal. 

Cleasby, Harold Loomis, 99, Assistant in the Classics in 

Trinity College, Trinity College, Hartford. 
Clerc, Francis Joseph, 43, Rev., M. A., D. D., Philipsburg, Penn. 

Clifford, Samuel Washington, 68, L., 

23 Court St., Boston, and 290 Central St., Auburndale, Mass. 
Coe, George Jarvis, 74, M. A., T., 162 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Coggeshall, George Albert, 65, M. A., M. D., 

2013 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Coggeshall, Murray Hart, 96, B. S., M., 28 W. 8th St., New York. 

With Grinnell, Willis & Co., Agents for Wamsutta Mills, 44-46 

Leonard St., New York. 

Cogswell, George Edward, 97, LL. B., Jamaica, N. Y., 

and with Evarts, Choate & Beaman, 52 Wall St., New York. 
Cogswell, William Sterling, 61, Colonel, M. A., L., Jamaica, N. Y. 

Coit, Charles Wheeler, 82, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., 

1408 W. Mulberry St., Baltimore, Md. 

Cole, Austin, 98, Los Angeles, California. 

Cole, Frederick Bradford, 93, Rev., M. A., . . Wickford, R. I. 
Coleman, Charles Silas, 82, Hotel Proprietor. 

Proprietor of Reed House, Erie, Penn. 
Coleman, Gilbert Payson, 90, L. and J., 45 Cedar St.-, New York. 

Coleman, Robert Habersham, 77, Saranac Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y. 
Coley, James Edward, 55, Rev., M. A., 

333 Howard Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
Collins, William French, 93, J., Courant, Hartford, Conn. 

Colloque, Orrok Paul, 99, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Conklin, William Eugene, 93, M. A., T., 

Wallingford, Conn. (Choate School). 


Conovcr, Thomas Anderson, 90, Rev., 

266 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Cook, Philip, 98, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Cook, William Mason, 73, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Ilion, N. Y. 

Cooke, George Lewis, 70, M. A., LL. B., Box 1101, Providence, R. I. 
Cookson, Fen wick Mitford, 61, Rev., M. A., Gloversville, N. Y. 

Cornwall, Nathanael Oliver, 39, M. A., M. D., Portland, Conn. 

Corson, Donald Skelding, 99, Fire Ins., 

209 Madison Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Coster, Martyn Kerfoot, 87, M. A., L., 

Penn Ave. and Fourth St., and University Club, Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Coster, William Hooper, 91, S. B., Chem., 

Penn Ave. and 4th St., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Cotton, Daniel Page, 71, M., 

Cotton, Henry Evan, 74, Rev., M. A., . . Hagerstown, Md. 

Cowl, Maurice Ludlum, 83, Rev., M. A., 

1606 Mifflin St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Crabtree, Albert, 92, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., . . Manville, R. I. 
Craik, Charles Ewell, 74, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

515 W. Ormsby Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Crane, Thaddeus, 45, A., Somers, N. Y. 

Supervisor of Somers since 1875. 
Crawford, John William Roy, 88, M., 26 Broadway, N. Y. 

General Accountant Standard Oil Co. 
Cullen, James, Jr., 93, M. Cincinnati Ice Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cummins, Alexander Griswold, 51, Rev., M. A., LL. B., Smyrna, Del. 
Cuningham, John Robert, 85, . . . Terre Haute, Indiana. 

Curtis, Robert Hallam, 68, M. A., ... Meriden, Conn. 

Curtis, Robert William, 96, B. S., 

Instructor of Mathematics, St. John's Military Academy, Delafield, Wis. 
Curtis, William Edmund, 75, M. A., LL. B., 

30 Broad St., 14 W. 20th St., New York. 

Curtiss, Harlow Clarke, 81, M. A., L., 

92 White Building, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Danker, Walton Stoutenburgh, 97, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 

Davenport, John Sidney 3rd, 98, Ins., New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. 

with D. P. Fackler, Consulting Actuary, 35 Nassau St., New York. 

Daves, Graham, 57, General L. and Antiquarian, New Bern, N. C. 

Major and A. A. General of Division C. S. A. ; President of the 

Roanoke Colony Memorial Association. 

Davies, William Gilbert, 60, B. A., B. S., M. A., L., 

32 Nassau St. and 22 E. 45th St., New York. 
Davis, Cameron Josiah, 94, Rev., 299 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Davis, John Henry Kelso, 99, Mf., 405 Hartford Fire Insurance Building, 
and Col. and Electric Vehicle Co., 1 Laurel St., Hartford, Conn. 
Dean, Ellis Bedell, 93, Rev., .... Angelica, N. Y. 

De Salvio, Alphonso, 99, S. Theol., 

Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford, Conn. 
Deuel, Charles Ephraim, 87, Rev., M. A., Boise City, Idaho. 

Deuel, Jay Clarence, 78, S. B., Express Clerk. 

Care of Wells, Fargo & Co., San Francisco, California. 
Devendorf, George Smith, 55, ... Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, 74, LL. B., 64 E. 34th St., New York. 

Dingwall, Harrie Renz, 95, S. B., Mf., 

Detroit Sugar Co., Rochester, Mich. 
Dirickson, James Brainard, 48, M. A., Berlin, Worcester Co., Md. 

Doan, George Parker, 41, 2309 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Dobbin, Edward Savage, 99, ... Faribault, Minn. 

Dockray, Edward Lawton, 8^ t M., 

54 Worth St. and 167 W. 136th St., New York. 
Douglas, George William, 71, Rev., M. A., D. D., D. D., 

Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo, N. Y. 
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott, 89, Astronomer, 

Harvard Observatory, Cambridge, Mass. 
Downes, Lewis Thomas, 48, M. A., Ins., 

484 Elmwood Ave., Providence, R. I. 
Pres. of the What Cheer and Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
panies, Providence. 


Downes, Lewis Welton, 88, B. S., Mf., 

484 Elmwood Ave., Providence, R. I. 

Drane, Henry Martyn, 52, M. A., Railroads, Armour, N. C. 

Formerly Pres. Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West R. R. and South 

Florida and Georgia Air Line. His business has been and is the 

building of new railroads and also the management and operating 

of railroads already built, and in both usually as President of 

same ; and this in the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, 

Georgia and Florida. 

Drayton, William, 71, L., . 704 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

Drumm, Thomas James, 74, Rev., M. A., T., 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 
DuBois, George Mcllvaine, 74, Rev., M. A., El Paso, Texas. 

DuBois, Henry Ogden, 76, Rev., M. A., 316 W. 102nd St., New York. 
Eardeley-Thomas, William Applebie, 96, Rev., M. A., 

Henderson, Maine. 
Eastman, Roger Charles, 88, .... Concord, N. H. 

Eaton, William Hanmer, 99, Mf., with Eaton & Hurlbut Paper Man. 
Co., Pittsfield, Mass. ; 261 South St., Pittsfield, Mass. 

Edgerton, Frank Cruger, 94, S. B., M. D., Middletown, Conn. 

Edgerton, John Warren, 94, M. A. Yale, S. Law Yale, 

Middletown, Conn., and 158 Whitney Ave., New Haven. 
Edmunds, Charles Carroll, 77, Rev., S. T. B., 

960 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 
Edson, Samuel, 55, Rev., .... Locust Grove, Md. 

Edwards, Rodney Miller, 74, Rev., M. A., Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Elbert, William Nicholson, 79, M. A., 1945 Park Ave., New York. 

Ellis, Alfred Lauder, 98, S. Med., Yale Medical School, 
333 York St., New Haven, Conn., and 73 Beacon St., Hartford, Conn. 
Ellis, George William, 94, J., Editor of the Travelers Record, 

Travelers Insurance Co., and 73 Beacon St., Hartford. 
Ellis, Leonard Augustine, 98, B., 550 Farmington Ave., Hartford,Conn. 

With Conn. Trust and Safe Deposit Co., Hartford, Conn. 
Elmer, William Timothy, 81, Rev., M. A., Canton, Mississippi. 


Elton, John Prince, 88, B. S., Mf., Waterbury Brass Co., Waterbury, Conn. 
Elwyn, Thomas Langdon, 92, S. B., Stock Broker, 

181 1 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Emery, Rufus, 54, Rev., M. A., . Newburyport, Mass. 

Emery, William Stanley, 81, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Norwich, Conn. 
Erwin, Robert Gallaudet, 74, . . . . Savannah, Ga. 

Evans, Sydney Key, 95, Rev., .... Manheim, Penn. 

Everest, Charles Sherman, 71, M. A., LL. B., T., New Milford, Conn. 
Fell, Joseph William, 89, S. B., M. S., Chem., 

125 Chestnut St., Asheville, N. C. 
Ferguson, Henry, 68, Rev., Professor, M. A., 

Trinity College and 123 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 
Author of " Conditional Sentences in Hebrew," Journal of the 
Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, 1883 ; Four Periods in 
the Life of the Church, James Pott & Co., 1896; Essa}s in 
American History, James Pott & Co., 1896. 
Ferguson, Samuel, 96, M. A. & E. E. Col., 

With the General Electric Co. 42 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Finch, Edward Bronson, 91, M. A., M. D., 

Bellevue Hospital, New York. 
Fischer, Charles Lewis, 60, Rev., Prof., M. A., D. D., Gambier, Ohio. 
Prof, of the New Testament and of Modern Languages in Kenyon Col. 
Fisher, Sydney George, 79, L. H. D., L. and Author, 

328 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Author of The Making of Pennsylvania, 1896; Pennsylvania: 
Colony and Commonwealth, 1897 ; The Evolution of the Consti- 
tution, 1897 ; Men, Women and Manners in Colonial Times, 1898 ; 
The True Benjamin Franklin, 1899 ; The True William Penn, 
Fiske, George McClellan, 70, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

86 George St., Providence, R. I. 
Fleming, David Law, 80, Rev., M. A., Leadville, Colorado. 

Flower, William Covell, 72, M., 379 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

Flynn, Joseph Devine, 97, T., 96 Hudson St., Hartford, Conn. 


Forward, John Francis, 96, S. Law, 

11 Central Row; 815 Asylum Ave., Hartford- 

Fowler, Franklin Hamilton, 61, M. A., M. D., 

335 W. 55th St., New York. 

Freeland, Charles Wright, 81, Rev., M. A., Chaplain U. S. A., 

Manila, Philippine Islands. 

French, George Albert, 89, M. A., LL. B., 

Winchester, Riverside Co., California. 

French, Louis, 53, Rev., M. A., . . . . Darien, Conn. 

French, William Leslie, 93, 

Frye, Prosser Hall, 89, Professor, S. B., 

Prof, of English Literature, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Penn. 

Gage, Alexander Kimball, 96, LL. B., 34 Garfield Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Hill, Gage & Ranney, Attorneys and Counselors, Suite 8, Whitney 
Opera House Building, Detroit. 

Gage, William Henry, 96, LL. B., 34 Garfield Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Agent of Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Milwaukee, 
614-617 Hammond Building, Detroit, Mich. 

Gallaudet, Bern Budd, 80, M. A., M. D., 102 W. 85th St, New York. 

Gallaudet, Edward Miner, 56, President, B. A., B. S., M. A., Ph. D., 
LL. D., LL. D., Gallaudet College, Washington, D. C. 

Gallaudet, Thomas, 42, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

112 W. 78th St., New York. 

Gardiner, Edwin Rhodes, 56, M. A., 

22 Westminster St.; 156 Cypress St., Providence, R. I. 
Former President of New England Shorthand Reporters' Asso- 
ciation, Stenographic Reporter to the Supreme Court of R. L, 
Superior Court of Mass., Illinois Constitutional Convention, etc., 
etc. Shorthand amanuensis to Salmon P. Chase, when Sec. of the 

George, James Hardin, 72, Rev., M. A., . . Salisbury, Conn. 

George, John Francis, 77, Rev., M. A., . . Rockville, Conn. 

George, Thomas Morduit Nelson, 80, Rev., New Bern, N. C. 

Gesner, Anthon Temple, 90, Rev., M. A., Grand Forks, North Dakota. 


Gibson, Breckenridge Stuyvesant, 69, M. A., M., 

Connected with " Cold Storage Monthly " ; also a Contractor, 

(Marble Business and Mosaic.) 
Giesy, Samuel Herbert, 85, M. A., LL. B., 

1740 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C. 
Gilbert, George Blodgett, 96, Rev., . . Middletown, Conn. 

Gilbert, Henry Closson, 93, M. A., B. D., S., Middletown, Conn. 

Gillette, William Wharton, 76, . . . . Petersburg, Va. 

Golden, Horace Lee, 83, L., ... Kittanning, Penn. 

Goodman, Richard French, 63, M. A., LL. B., Newton, N. J. 

Goodrich, James Brainard, 66, Rev., . . Littleton, N. II. 

Goodridge, Edward, 60, Rev., M. A., D. D., Exeter, N. H. 

Goodridge, Thaddeus Welles, 92, 

9 Columbia St.; Secretary Columbia & Electric Vehicle Co., 1 

Laurel St., Hartford. 
Goodwin, James, 86, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., . . Nashua, N. H. 
Gordon, Thomas Henry, 71, Rev., M. A., Chew's Landing, N. J. 

Gould, Charles Zebina, 82, Ins., 

432 Bee Building, Omaha, Nebraska; Gen. Agt. Penn Mutual Life 

Ins. Co. of Philadelphia. 
Gowen, Frederick Clement, 82, 119 S. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Graham, John, 72, Rev., M. A., 519 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Granniss, Frederick Ossian, 73, Rev., M. A., Richmond, Ind. 

Graves, Arthur Collins, 91, LL. B., 101 Grove St., New Haven, Conn. 
Graves, Charles Emmett, 50, M. A., L., 

1 01 Grove St., New Haven, Conn., and 39 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 
Graves, Dudley Chase, 98, Broker, 50 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Bond Salesman with C. P. Phelps & Co. 
Graves, Gemont, 49, Rev., M. A., 96 Colchester Ave., Burlington, Vt. 
Graves, Harmon Sheldon, 92, M. A., LL. B., 

100 Broadway, New York (Coudert Bros.). 
Graves, Richard Stayner, 94, M. A., M. D., 

622 St. Mark's Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Green, Arthur Leslie, 91, M. A., T., Cloyne House, Newport, R. I. 


Green, Harry Daniel, 99, T., Holderness School, Plymouth, N. H. 

Greene, George, 83, General, Real Estate and Insurance, 

1 Union Block, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Greenley, Howard Trescott, 94, S. B., Arch., Perth Amboy, N. J. 

Prizeman of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Dep't of Architecture. 

Gregory, Henry Trowbridge, 54, Rev., M. A., Southern Pines, N. C. 

Grinnell, Henry, 97, Forestry, 

U. S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Forestry, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; 1 618 17th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Grint, Alfred Poole, 81, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Ph. D., 

New London, Conn. 

Griswold, Benjamin Howell, 66, C. E., 1433 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Gen. Freight and Passenger Agent West. Maryland R. R. since 
1883. Office: Hillen Station. 

Griswold, Clifford Standish, 90, T., Groton School, Groton, Mass. 

Griswold, George Chapman, 63, Rev., M. A., Sharon, Conn. 

Gundacker, Henry John, 97, S. Med., 

Medical School, New York University, New York. 

Gunning, James Walter, 96, S. Med., 

Bellevue Med. Coll., New York ; 9 Zion St., Hartford, Conn. 

Hagar, Walter Calvin, 79, Prin., 

42 St. John St., Jamaica Plain, and Chauncey Hall School, Boston. 
Principal Chauncey Hall School since 1896. 

Haight, Frederick Everest, 87, M. A., Ph. D., M., 

A. S. Haight & Co., Manufacturers' Agents, 49 Leonard St., New 
York j 1 138 Bergen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hale, Charles Frederick, 47, M. A., M. D., 

Hall, Arthur Cleveland, 88, M. A., S., School of Political Science, 

Columbia University; 627 Lexington Ave., New York. 

Hall, Clarence Loines, 92, S. B., Mf., 183 Franklin St., Chicago, 111. 
Agt. Colt's Pat. Fire-Arms Co. 

Hall, Frank De Peyster, 78, S. B., M., Importer, 

63 Pine St. ; 267 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Trinity coi^ege. 27 

Hall, Gordon, 92, S. B., LL. B., 

6th Floor, Mills Building, San Francisco, California. 
Hallam, Giles Russell, 59, 

Hamersley, William, 58, Hon., Associate Justice of the Superior 
Court of Connecticut, M. A., LL. Z>., 

739 Main St. and 159 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Hamilton, Charles Anderson, 82, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., 

116 Hendrix St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hamilton, Irenus Kittredge, Jr., 91, S. B., M., 

Loomis and 22nd St., Chicago, 111. 
Hamlin, Albert Church, 87, Mf., Man. of Carpet Mills of W. & J. Sloan ; 
Care of W. & J. Sloan, Broadway and 18th St., New York. 
Hamlin, Edward Percy, 95, LL. B., L., 

Maynard & Tolles ; The Grenoble, 56th St. and 7th Ave., New York. 
Hamlin, George Edwin, 95, M., . . . Willimantic, Conn. 
Hamlin, George Newell, 91, M. A., L., 

Room 46, 2 Wall St., New York. 
Harding, Alfred, 79, Rev., M. A., 

920 23rd St., N. W., Washington, D. C 
Harraden, Frank Somerville, 67, Rev., M. A., Hanover, Mass. 

Harriman, Frederick William, 72, Rev., M. A., Windsor, Conn. 

Harris, William Robert, 58, Rev., M. A., Bound Brook, N. J. 

Hart, Reginald, 68, M. A., 
Hart, Samuel, 66, Rev., Professor, M. A., D. D., Doctor of Canon 

Law, Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 

Secretary of the House of Bishops ; Custodian of the Standard 
Book of Common Prayer; Historiographer of the American 
Church ; editor of Juvenal and of Persius ; author of many arti- 
cles and pamphlets on Theology and Church History. 
Hartley, George Derwent, 93, B., 120 Broadway, New York. 

Hastings, Francis Homer, 96, Chem., 

49 Willard St., and Columbia & Electric Vehicle Co., 1 Laurel St., 
Llartford, Conn. 



Hatch, Edward Buckingham, 86, Mf., 

President and Treasurer of Johns-Pratt Co., 555 Capitol Ave. ; 

and 203 Sigourney St., Hartford. 
Hawkey, Francis Milton, 61, M. A., L. (retired), Stamford, Conn. 

Hayden, Charles Conner, 66, T., 424 W. 23rd St., New York. 

Hay ward, Harry Woodford, 97, S. Law, Harvard Univ., 

9 Hastings Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 
Hazlehurst, James Wright, 51, M. A., B., 

329 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

Head clerk in charge Securities Department, Fidelity Insurance, 

Trust and Safe Deposit Co., Philadelphia. 
Hazlehurst, Robert, 41, M. D., . . . . Brunswick, Ga. 
ledrick, Charles Baker, 99, T., Box 213, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Henderson, Ernest Flagg, 82, B. A. and B. A. Harvard, M. A. Harvard, 

Ph. D. Berlin, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Author of A History of Germany in the Middle Ages ; Historical 

Documents of the Middle Ages; collaborator in Larned's History 

for Ready Reference. 
Hendrie, Strathearn, 87, R. Rs. & R. E., 12 Larned St., W., Detroit, Mich. 

Man. and Treas. Detroit & Pontiac (Elec.) Railway Co., Pres. 

and Treas. of various land companies. 
Henry, Charles William, 99, S. Theol., 

Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. 
Hewitt, James Daniel, 54, M. A., M. D., 113 W. 127th St., New York. 
Heydecker, Henry Reading, 86, M. A., M. D., 
Hickox, George Augustus, 51, M. A., Hon., L. and J., Litchfield, Conn. 

Editor and publisher of the Litchfield Enquirer, 1 866-1 891. 

Member of the State Legislature 1862. Author of "Legal Disa- 
bilities of Married Women," 1868. 
Hicks, DeForest, 96, Mf., Western Electric Co., 

West and Bethune Sts. and 40 W. 93rd St., New York. 
Hicks, George Cleveland, 56, Mf., 

Corner of K and First Sts., Boston, Mass. 
Hicks, James Milnor, 54, M. A., Expert Consulting Engineer 
(Civil and Mechanical), 19 Park Place, New York, and Summit, N. J. 

Trinity coij^kge. 29 

Hicks, William Cleveland, Jr., 91, Rev., M. A., 

T2i W. 91st St., New York. 
Hiester, Isaac, 76, M. A., L. & B., . . Reading, Penn. 

Pres. of Second Nat. Bank, Reading, since 1890. 
Hills, George Heathcote, 84, Rev., M. A., St. Joseph, Missouri. 

Hills, John Dows, 78, Rev., M. A., ... Dayton, Ohio. 

Hindley, Robert Clayton, 72, Rev., M. A., Ph. D., Racine, Wis. 

Hitchcock, William Henry, 84, M. A., 
Hitchings, Horace Baldwin, 54, Rev., 

Care of Kountz Bros., 120 Broadway, New York. 
Hoadly, Charles Jeremy, 51, M. A., LL. D., State Librarian, 

Connecticut State Library and 78 Ann St., Hartford, Conn. 
Editor of the Colonial Records of Connecticut 1689-1783, 14 
vols. ; President of the Connecticut Historical Society ; Member 
of the American Antiquarian Society, etc., etc. 
Hoisington, Frederick Reed, 91, S. B., M., 

39th St. and Langley Ave., Chicago, 111. Man. Chicago office ot 
Folwell Bros. & Co., Mfs. of Woolen and Worsted Goods, 1017 
Medinah Building, Chicago. 
Holbrooke, George Otis, 69, Professor, M. A., Athens, Penn. 

Editor of Pliny's Letters and Tacitus. 
Holbrooke, Stephen, 67, Ins., . . Tacoma, Washington. 

Holcombe, George, Nahum, 96, Rev., S. Amer. Hist. U. of Penn., 

1439 N. 1 6th St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Holden, Seaver Milton, 82, Rev., M. A., . . Sharon, Penn. 

Holway, Orlando, 80, B. A. and B. S., Real Estate, La Crosse, Wis. 
Hooker, Sydney Douglass, 77, Rev., . . Dillon, Montana. 

Hooper, George Grafflin, 66, M. A., L., 

18 E. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 
Hooper, Peter, 77, M. D., 1904 Tioga St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

Hopson, George Bailey, 57, Rev., Professor, M. A., M. A., D. D., 

St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y. 
J Home, Charles Albert, 93, Rev., B. A. and B. A. Harvard, 

Lewiston, Idaho. 


Hotchkin, Samuel Fitch, 56, Rev., M. A., 

Bustleton, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Hotchkiss, Charles Erling, 82, M. A., LL. B., 61 Park Row, New York. 
Hovey, Henry Emerson, 66, Rev., M. A., Portsmouth, N. H. 

Howell, George Dawson, 82, L., . Uniontown, Penn. 

Hubbard, Elijah Kent, Jr., 92, S. B., Mf., 

375 High St., Middletown, Conn., and Russell Manufacturing Co., 

Middletown, " the largest web manufacturers in the world." 

Hubbard, George Milton, 75, B., Hibernia Bank, San Francisco, Cal. 

Hubbard, Guy Andrew, 94, T., St. Austin's School, Castleton, N. Y. 

Hubbard, Louis De Koven, 93, Mf., Russell Manufacturing Co., 

Middletown, Conn., and 275 Washington St., Middletown. 
Hubbard, William Francis, 71, Rev., M. A., Chaplain U. S. A., 

1007 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles, California. 
Hubbard, William Stimpson, 88, M. A., M. D., 

97 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Hubbell, Frederick Brisco, 93, S. B., 
Hudson, Robert, 71, Rev., M. A., Ph. D., 

n Slocum Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Hughes, Isaac Wayne, 91, Rev., . . . Fayetteville, N. C. 
Hull, Albert Steele, 66, Rev., M. A., 1030 Forest Ave., New York. 

Humphries, Romilly Francis, 92, Rev., M. A., 

1446 Washington Ave., New York. 
Hunter, Charles, 78, M. A., M. D., Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Huntington, George Sumner, 81, M. A., M. D.,50 E. 73rd St., New York. 

Prof, of Anatomy, Coll. Phys. and Surg, since 1890. 
Huntington, Harwood, 84, Ph. D., Chem. and Patent Lawyer, 

159 Front St., New York. 
Author of My Sixty New Coal-Tar Colors, 1894. 
Huntington, John Taylor, 50, Rev., M. A., 

17 Clinton St., Hartford, Conn. 
1 luntington, Robert Watkinson, 64, Colonel (retired) U. S. Marine Corps. 

Care of R. W. Huntington, Jr., 336 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 
Huske, John, 77, Rev., . . 139 Madison Ave., New York. 


Hutchins, Robert Hamilton, 90, M. A., L., 1 1 1 Broadway, New York. 
Hyde, Edmund Morris, 73, Dean and Professor, M. A., Ph. D., 

Ursinus College, Collegeville, Penn. 
Ide, Horton Gregory, 94, S. B., O., 

3 Head Place and City Treasurer's Office, Boston, Mass. 
Ingalls, Frederick Clark, 99, S. Med., 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia Univ., New York. 
Ingersoll, Colin Macrae, 39, Hon., M. A., L., 

85 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. 
Ingersoll, George Pratt, 83, M. A., LL. B., 

42 Church St., New Haven, Conn. 
Jarvis, George Cyprian, 55, M. A., M. D., 98 High St., Hartford, Conn. 
Jarvis, Richard William Hart, 48, M. A., LL. B., Mf., President of 
the Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company, 

30 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Jarvis, Samuel Farmar, 45, Rev., M. A., . Brooklyn, Conn. 

Jarvis, Samuel Farmar, 89, LL. B., . 10 Wall St., New York. 

Jennings, Albin Barlow, 61, Rev., M. A., T., 

Wolfe Hall, Denver, Colorado. 
Jobe, Samuel Henry, 93, Rev., M. A., . . Trenton, N. J. 

Johnson, Charles Amos, 92, S. B., Mf., 

Manufacturer of Witch Hazel. 228 Washington St., Norwich, Conn. 
Johnson, Edwin Comstock 2nd, 88, L., 12 Williams St., Norwich, Conn. 
Johnson, Frank Elisha, 84, M. A., 

Bairstow Ink Co. and 142 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 
Johnson, Frederick Foote, 94, Rev., Redlands, California. 

Johnson, George Dowdall, 54, Rev., D. D., New Brighton, N. Y. 

Johnson, William Fell, 66, M. A., A., L. (but never practiced), 

Brooklandville P. O., Md. 
Johnson, Woolsey McAlpine, 98, S., 

University of Gottingen, Gottingen, Germany (Groner Chaussee 13 III). 
Jones, Charles Waring, 81, L., 408 Grand St., Pittsburg, Penn. 

Jones, DeWitt Clinton, 54, 31 Broad St., New York. 

Jones, Edward Purnell, 77, 64 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Penn. 


Jones, William Northey, 88, Rev., M. A., Manchester, N. H. 

Judd, Charles, 93, Rev., S., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 

Kane, Grenville, 75, M. A., LL. B., 50 W. 22nd St., New York. 

Kempe, Ernest Augustus, 81, B., 

Swedish-American Bank, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Kendal, George Talman, 99, . . . . Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Kennett, Luther Martin, 70, LL. B., St. Louis, Mo. 

Kidder, Hugh, 92, M. D., 347 W. 46th St., New York. 

Kingsbury, William Sanford, 91, S. B., M. D., Glastonbury, Conn. 

Kip, Leonard, 46, M. A., Z. H. D., LL. D., L., and Author, 

20 Elk St., Albany, N. Y. 
Author of California Sketches; The Volcano Diggings ; Aenone, 
a Roman Tale ; The Dead Marquise ; Hannibal's Man, and Other 
Tales ; Under the Bells, a Romance ; Nestlenook, a Novel ; At 
Cobweb and Crusty's ; Thaloe ; The Puntacooset Colony ; Three 
Pines ; A Tale of the Incredible. 

Kissam, Edward Van Brunt, 69, LL. B., 237 Broadway, New York. 

Knapp, Henry Alan, 96, 311 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

With James E. Ward & Co., General Agts. of the N. Y. and Cuba 
Mail Steamship Co. (Ward Line), 113 W T all St., New York; 127 
St. John's Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Kramer, Frederick Ferdinand, 89, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Ph. D., 

2222 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, Colorado. 

Kurtz, Clarence Morgan, 83, M. D., ... Reading, Penn. 

Kurtz, Julian Ellis, 77, M. A., M. D., Reading, Penn. 

Lamon, John Henry, 5 l, 

Lampson, Edward Rutledge, 91, M. D., 361 W. 57th St., New York. 

Langdon, George Francis, 96, Rev., 

St. Ambrose's Church, Thompson and Prince Sts., New York. 

Langford, Archibald Morrison, 97, S. Law, Bayonne N. J. 

Langford, William Speaight, 96, Railroad Acct., N. Y. Central R. R., 
Grand Central Depot, New York, and Bayonne, N. J. 



Lanpher, Louis Albert, 80, Rev., 1229 Locust St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Leaken, William Ridgeley, 80, M. A., L., 

16 Bryan St., E., Savannah, Ga. 
Leaver, Henry Knight, 59, LL. B., 

1528 16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Lecour, Joseph Henry, Jr., 98, S. Law, 433 Monroe St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Leffingwell, Christopher Starr, 54, Rev., M. A., Bar Harbor, Maine. 
Leffingwell, Ernest De Koven, 95, . . S. Univ. of Chicago, 

6058 Kimbook Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Leonard, Loyal Lovejoy, 96, Insurance, 

418 Security Building and 3731 Delraar Ave., St. Louis, Missouri. 
LeRoy, Jacob, 69, Rev., M. A., 

Wissahickon Heights, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Lewis, Charles Augustus, 93, 

Lewis, George Frederick, 77, M. D., Stratford, Conn. 

Lewis, John Williams, 93, LL. B., L., 29 Wall St., New York. 

Lewis, William Henry, 65, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

1035 Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 
Lilienthal, Hermann, 86, Rev., M. A., Wethersfield, Conn. 

Lincoln, Frank Thorla, 76, M. D., ... Savannah, Ga. 

Lincoln, George William, 75, Rev., 21 10 82nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Lindsley, Charles Augustus, 49, Professor, M. A., M. D., 

15 Elm St., New Haven, Conn. 
Prof, of Medical Theory and Practice in Yale University; 
former Pres. of the Conn. Medical Society ; Secretary of the State 
Board of Health. 
Linen, Robert Walker, 62, M. A., Real Estate and Insurance, 

S. Fourth St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Linsley, Arthur Beach, 82, M. A., T., 

Principal, Upper Department, of the De Lancey School, Pine St. 
above Broad, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Lippincott, Walter Vaughan, 71, . . Myrtle Creek, Oregon. 

Littell, Elton Gardiner, 99, S. Med., 

College of Physicians and Surgeons ; 635 Park Ave., New York. 


Littell, John Stockton, 90, Rev., M. A., . Brockport, N. Y. 

Littell, Samuel Harrington, 95, Rev., . . . Wuchang, China. 
Lobdell, Frederick Danforth, 85, Rev., M. A., 

1606 Mifflin St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Lockwood, Luke Adolphus, 55, M. A., L., 

115 Broadway, New York, and Riverside, Conn. 
Lockwood, Luke Vincent, 93, LL. B.. Riverside, Conn., 

and Lockwood & Hill, New York. 
Loomis, Hiram Benjamin, 85, Professor, Ph. D. Johns-Hopkins 

Professor of Physics, Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. 

Loop, De Witt Clinton, 46, Rev., M. A., 

1546 Lynbrook Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Lord, James Watson, 98, T., 

St. Luke's School, Bustleton, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Loveridge, Daniel Everett, 50, Rev., M. A., Eugene City, Oregon. 

Loveridge, Henry Clarence, 80, L., . . Coldwater, Mich. 

Luther, Flavel Sweeten, 70, Rev., Professor, M. A., Ph. £>., 

Trinity College and 1 Columbia St., Hartford, Conn. 
Lyman, Augustus Julian, 78, L., Real Estate, 

13 Church St., Asheville, N. C. 
Lynch, Robert LeBlanc, 90, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., 

5 Osgood Place, Amesbary, Mass. 
Macauley, George Thurston, 90, M., 

233-237 North High St., Columbus, Ohio. 
Macauley, Richard Henry, 95, M., 34 Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Mackay-Smith, Alexander, 72, Rev., D. D., D. D., 

1325 1 6th St., Washington, D. C. 
Maddock, William Sherman, 78, M. A., . . Orange, N. J. 

Magill, George Ernest, 84, Rev., M. A., 

Holy Innocents' Rectory, Hoboken, N. J. 
Mallory, Roland Hawley, 92, Litt. B., J., 

The Churchman, 47 Lafayette Place, New York. 
Martindale, Henry Stewart, 79, . . . East Brighton, N. Y. 
Mason, Alexander Taylor, 81, M. A., LL. B., 

Bank of America, New York. 



Mather, William Gwinn, 77, M. A., Mf., President of The Cleveland 

Cliffs Iron Co., Cleveland, 383 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Maynadier, Ebenezer Eveleth, 75, Rev., 

Providence Hospital, Washington, D. C. 
Mayo, March Chase, 93, Rev., . . . Waterbury, Conn. 

McConihe, Malcolm Stuart, 92, .... Troy, N.Y. 

McConihe, Warren, 90, M. A., LL. B., 

1 Mutual Building and 7 Washington Place, Troy, N. Y. Judge 
of the City Court of Troy. 
McCook, Edward McPherson, 90, Dey St., New York. 

Superintendent of the Bell Telephone Co. 
McCook, John Butler, 90, S. B., M. D., 396 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 
McCook, John James, 63, Rev., Professor, M. A., 

Trinity College and 396 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 
McCook, Philip James, 95, LL. B,, L., 

10 Wall St. and 32 E. 45th St., New York. 
McCormack, Johnston, 53, Rev., M. A., Astoria, Oregon. 

McCouch, Henry Gordon, 75, L., 

664 Bullett Building, 325 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
McCrackan, John Henry, 82, Rev., M. A., 

Edgecliff, Lamanda Park, Los Angeles, California. 
McCrackan, William Denison, 85, M. A., Author and Lecturer, 

174 W. 58th St., New York. 
Author of The Rise of the Swiss Republic, 1892 ; Romance and 
Teutonic Switzerland, 1894; Swiss Solutions of American Prob- 
lems, 1894, second edition 1897 ; Little Idyls of the Big World, 
1895. The subjects of his Lectures are : 1. The Swiss Army and 
the Government of Switzerland ; 2 . The Life of the Swiss 
Peasantry; 3. The Legend of William Tell; 4. The Lives of 
Great Swiss and of Famous Guests on Swiss Soil; 5. Andreas 
Hofer and the Tirol; 6. Art in the Alps; 7. The Spirit of the 
East ; 8. The Republic of Switzerland ; 9. Referendum, Iniative 
and Proportional Representation. 
McCulloch, William Hugh, 91, A. (cotton planter), 

Lake Providence, La. 



McCullough, Derrill Hart, 73, 
McElwain, Frank Arthur, 99, S. Theol., 

Seabury Divinity School, Faribault, Minn. 
Mclvor, Nicholas Williams, 82, L., 

Room 4, P. O. Block, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Attorney for the Cedar Rapids & Chicago R. R. Co. 
McKean, Thomas, Jr., 92, S. B., L. (but not practicing), 

1923 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
McKennan,'John De Fontevieux, 76, L., 

440 Diamond St. and 400 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
McLean, Thomas, 75, M. A., 95 Madison Ave., New York. 

Mears, James Ewing, 58, B. A., B. S., M. A., M. D., 

1429 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery in the Penn. College 
of Dental Surgery; Lecturer in Jefferson Medical College. 

Merrill, Nathan, 46, Waterbury, Conn. 

Metcalf, Henry Aiken, 66, Rev., M. A., 

5 Anawam Ave., Highland Station, West Roxbury, Mass. 
Middlebrook, Louis Nathanael, 48, M. A., L., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Millard, Abel, 89, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Framingham, Mass. 

Miller, Arthur Fletcher, 95, L., Clinton, DeWitt Co., 111. 

Miller, Frank Ebenezer, 81, M. A., M. D., 121 W. 34th St., New York. 
Miller, Hoffman, 80, LL. B., . . 29 Wall St., New York. 

Miller, Sidney Trowbridge, 85, M. A., L., 

80 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 
Miller, William Joseph, 92, M. A. and M. A. Harvard, Instructor, 

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. 
Miner, Guy Wilbur, 90, Rev., . . . Franklin, Mass. 

Mitchell, Samuel Smith, 85, Rev., M. A., 300 W. 45th St., N. Y. 

Moffett, George Herbert, 78, Rev., M. A., 

2026 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Monaghan, Charles Andrew, 93, S. B., 
Moore, Charles Edward, 76, M. A., M. D., T., 

Columbia Grammar School. 50th St., New York. 


Moore, Jairus Alpheus, 97, U. S. A., . . Deep River, Conn., 

and Co. G. 21st Infantry, U. S. A., Manila, P. I. 
Morgan, George Brinley, 70, Rev., S. T. B., 

324 York St., New Haven, Conn. 
Morgan, William Denison, 72, M. A., M. D., 

108 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology in Trinity College. 
Morgan, William Festus, 88, Mf., .... Lynn, Mass. 

Pres. of The Wm. F. Morgan Co., Shoe Mfs. 
Morgan, Victor Forrest, 99, Mf., 227 Sigourney St. and 

Columbia & Electric Vehicle Co., 1 Laurel St., Hartford, Conn. 
Morris, Charles Shiras, 96, Mf., 405 Hartford Fire Insurance Building, 
Sec. of the Hart & Hegeman Manufacturing Co. (Electric Light 
Supplies), 26-28 High St., Hartford, Conn. 
Morris, Fordham, 64, LL. B., 16 Exchange Place, New York. 

Morrison, Palmer Bennett, 94, Rev., Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Morrison, William Foster, 74, Rev., M. A., Chaplain U. S. N., 

U. S. S. Texas. 
Morse, Bryan Killikelly, 99, S. Law, Univ. of Penn., 

Woodbury, N. J. 
Mowe, William Robert, 70, M. A., Ins., 42 W. 9th St., New York- 

Murray, Ambrose Spencer, 71, M. A., LL. B., 

16-22 William St., 247 Fifth Ave., New York. 
Murray, James Byron, 62, Rev., M. A., D. D., Constableville, N. Y. 
Murray, Russell, 73, B. S., 
Neely, Henry Ritchie, 84, Rev., M. A., 

1 1 13 Washington Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 
Nelson, Richard Henry, 80, Rev., M. A., 

717 Pine St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Nelson, William Beebe, 81, L., 

280 Broadway (Room 190), 55 W. 42nd St., New York. 
Newton, Edward Pearson, 81, Rev., M. A., Pueblo, Colorado. 

Nicholls, George Huntington, 39, Rev., M. A., D. D., Hoosac Falls, N. Y. 
Nichols, George Gideon, 67, Ins. and M. (Grain), 

Union Club, New York ; 8 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn. 


Nichols, John Williams, 99, S. Theol., 

Church Divinity School, San Mateo, California. 
Nichols, William Ford, 70, Right Rev., M. A., Z>. Z>., D. D., 

731 California St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Niles, Edward Cullen, 87, LL. B., 

Sargent & Niles, 60 North Main St., Concord, N. H. 
Niles, William Porter, 93, Rev., .... Laconia, N. H. 
Niles, William Woodruff, 57, Right Rev., M. A.,Z>. Z>., LL. D., D. C. L., 

Concord, N. H. 
Norton, Charles Clarke, 77, 131 1 T St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Noyes, Arthur Hamilton, 89, T., St. Alban's School, Knoxville, 111. 

Oberly, Henry Harrison, 65, Rev., M. A., D. Z>., 

1064 East Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Olcott, William Tyler, 96, B. S., S. Law, N. Y. Law School, 

62 Church St., Norwich, Conn., and 107 E. 45th St., New York. 
Olmsted, Charles Tyler, 65, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

121 W. 91st St., New York. 
Olmsted, James Frederick, 84, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Burlington, N. J. 
Olmsted, William Beach, 87, Prin., 

Head Master Pomfret School, Pomfret, Conn. 
Onderdonk, Adrian Holmes, 99, ML, 2102 Auk St., Baltimore, Md. 
With N. Y. Ship Building Co., South Camden, N. J. Temp, ad- 
dress 715 Pine St., Philadelphia. 
Orton, William Osgood, 92, S. B., Mf., Mishawaka, Indiana. 

Pres. and Man. of Western Gas Engine Co. (Stationary and 
Marine Engines, Launches), Mishawaka, Ind. ; Pres. of the 
Boehner Printing and Publishing Co., South Bend, Ind. 
Paddock, Lewis Henry, 88, M. A., LL. B., 

242 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 
Paddock, Lewis Sloat, 50, M. A., M. D., 

96 Washington St., Norwich, Conn. 
Paddock, Robert Lewis, 94, Rev., 130 Stanton St., New York. 

Vicar in charge of the Pro-Cathedral and Church Settlement. 
Padgett, Percival, 76, M. A., T., University School, Cleveland. Ohio. 


Page, John Henry, Jr., 97, U. S. A., 

2nd Lieut. 3rd Infantry, Manila, P. I. 

Paine, John, 92, M. A., LL. B., 49 Second St., Troy, N. Y. 

Paine, Ogle Tayloe, 96, 325 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Palmer, Noble, 45, Rev., M. A., 923 Grand Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Parker, Burton, 93, Mf., 

Hartford Rubber Works ; 47 Buckingham St., Hartford. 

Parker, Robert Prescott, 94, Mf., 47 Buckingham St., Hartford. 

Parker, Theodore Henry, 98, J., 

On editorial staff of the Springfield (Mass.) Union ; P. O. Ad., 
Box 123, North Wilbraham, Mass. 

Parrish, Herbert, 91, Rev., M. A., 

231 1 Union St., San Francisco, California. 

Parsons, Arthur Thomas, 71, Rev., M. A., . Thomaston, Conn. 

Parsons, Edgerton, 96, Ins., 

Manager N. Y. City Branch of Mather & Co., Average Adjusters 
and Insurance Brokers, 27 William St. ; 26 W. 8th St., New York. 

Parsons, Hinsdill, 83, L., Resident Attorney General Electric Co., 

Schenectady, N. Y. ; 18 Union St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Parsons, James Russell, 81, M. A., 

Temporary Secretary of the Board of Regents of the University 
of the State of N. Y. ; formerly Director of Examinations and 
Director of the College and High School Departments ; editor of 
the Examination Bulletins and of the Academic Syllabus of the 
Regents. Regents' Office, Capitol; 22 Elk St., Albany, N. Y. 

Parsons, Walter Wood, 96, Ins., 

With Mather & Co., Average Adjusters and Insurance Brokers, 
27 William St. ; 26 W. 8th St., New York. 

Pattison, Arthur Eugene, 80, M. A., Mf., 

Pope Manufacturing Co. ; 134 Duane St., New York. 

Pattison, George Bradley, 81, M. A., L., 

Office, 12 First St., Res., 67 First St., Troy, N. Y. 

Paxson, Henry Clay, 51, M. (Tobacco), 

Residence, 919 Mount Vernon St., Philadelphia, Penn. 


Peabody, Francis Bolles, 48, M. A., B., 

426 Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111., of Peabody, Houghtaling & Co., 
Mortgage Bankers. 
Pearce, Reginald, 93, Rev., .... Portsmouth, R. I. 

Peck, Theodore Mount, 80, Rev., M. A., . . Black Hall, Conn. 
Pedersen, Victor Cox, 91, M. D., 327 W. 34th St., New York. 

Pelton, Henry Hubbard, 93, M. D., 124 W. 65th St., New York. 

Penfield, William Dixon, 62, A., Cobalt, Conn. 

Penrose, John Jesse, 95, S. Law, Harv.Univ. : Central Village, Conn. 
Perkins, George Endicott, 81, M. A., M., Cotton Exchange, New York. 
Perry, Josiah Bedon, 72, Rev., M. A., 

1536 16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Peters, Gerret Eber, 50, Rev., M. A., . . Greenfield, Mich. 

\f Phair, Philip De Witt, 94, Litt. B., M. A. Harvard, Assist. Libr., 

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 
Phelps, Charles Edward, 42, Rev., M. A., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Phelps, Henry Delafleld, 55, . . . . New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Pinney, Howard Austin, 87, Rev., . . Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Pitblado, Colin Scott, 91, Litt. B., Artist, 

156 Sargeant ; 50 State, Hartford, Conn. 
Plimpton, Howard Daniel, 97, Mf., 

21 Marshall St. and Plimpton Man. Co., 254 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 
Plumb, John Fields, 91, Rev., M. A., New Milford, Conn. 

Plumer, Louis Mytinger, 74, M. A., L., 

98 Diamond St. and St. Nicholas Building, Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Porter, Theodore Atkinson, 76, Rev., M. A., Charleston, S. C. 

Potter, Louis, 96, (Artist), 49 Boulevard Montparnasse, Paris, France. 
Potts, Francis Henry, 68, Rev., M. A., 

128 Beacon St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Potwine, William Edward, 79, Rev., . . Pendleton, Oregon. 

Pratt, Alexander, Jr., 98, 

Graduate Student Yale University, and Bridgeport, Conn. 
Pratt, Nathan Tolles, 94, Rev., S. Med., Yale Med.Sch. ; 

Bridgeport, Conn. 


Pressey, Ernest Albert, 92, Rev., Woodfords, Portland, Maine. 

Pressey, William, 90, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., . . Ashton, R. I. 
Preston, Jacob Alexander, 55, L., 19 Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 
Prout, John, 77, Rev., B. A. and B. S., East Springfield, N. Y. 

Pulsifer, Herbert Bickford, 97, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Purdy, Charles Edward, 88, S. B., L.L. B., 

415 Guarantee Loan Building, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Purdy, Edward James, 57, Rev., M A., 

2914 Portland Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Purdy, Edward Lawson, 84, M. A., L., 

220 W. 59th St., and in Broadway, New York. 
Putnam, William Throckmorton, 88, A. and Hot. Propr., 

Lake Cushman, Washington. 
Farmer and Hotel Proprietor, Agent of Can. Pac. Nav. Co., 
Seattle, Wash. Postmaster Lake Cushman 1893- 
Pynchon, Thomas Ruggles, 41, Rev., Professor, M. A., D. D., LL. D., 

Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 
Author of Introduction to Chemical Physics, 1876 ; Bishop Butler, 
a Religious Philosopher for All Time. 
Pynchon, William Henry Chichele, 90, M. A. and M. A. Harvard. V/* 

Inst. Trinity College ; 13 Columbia St., Hartford, Conn. 

Quick, George Albert, 94, S. B., With the Commonwealth (Edison) 
Co. of Chicago ; 2900 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Quick, Henry John, 98, S. Law, 

In offices of John H. S. Quick, 58 ; 2900 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111 
Quick, John Henry Stevens, 58, B. A., B. S., M. A., L., 

2900 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Raftery, Oliver Henry, 73, Rev., M. A., . . . Portland, Conn. 

Read, James Withers, 72, M. A., Cora, Fla. 

Reed, Thomas Davies, 51, M. A., 
Reineman, Robert Theodore, 83, L., 

Bakewell Law Building, Pittsburgh, Penn.j 16 Lowrie St., Allegheny 


Remington, Charles Hazzard, 89, Rev., S. T. B., Fort Dodge, Iowa. 
Remsen, Henry Rutgers, 98, S. Theol., 

15 Lawrence Hall, Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Mass. 
Editor with De Forest Hicks, 96, of Trinity Verse, 1895 ; author 
of The Daughter of Ypocas and other Verse. Hartford, 1897. 
Reynolds, Lloyd Gibson, 98, S. Law, Univ. of Penn., 

149 E. 5th St., Erie, Penn., and 715 Pine St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Rice, Harry Landon, 99, T., Albany Normal High School, 

558 Third Ave., Lansingburg, N. Y. 
Rich, Ernest Albert, 99, .... Reistertown, Md. 

Richardson, Frank Wood, 84, M. A., Merchant and Manufacturer, 

46 South St., Auburn, N. Y. 
G.W. Richardson & Sons, Mfs. of Decorations, Auburn and Buffalo. 
Richardson, Leonard Woods, 73, Rev., Professor, M. A., LL. D., 

State Normal College, Albany, N. Y. 
Richmond, John Bours, 40, Rev., M. A., . . Medford, Mass. 

Roberts, Daniel Sharp, 38, M. A.. 
Robinson, Edward Wanton, 96, Mf., 

405 Hartford Fire Insurance Building. Manager Hartford Faience 
Co., Faience St., Hartford, Conn. 
Rodgers, George Washington, 87, M. A., L., 

915 New York Life Building; 6400 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Rodgers, Robert Edward Lee, 87, M. A., M. D., 

722 63rd St., Chicago, 111. 
Rogers, Lucian Waterman, 91, Rev., S. T. B., Central Falls, R. I. 

Rogers, William Everett, 77, LL. B., 23 Court St., Boston, Mass. 

Rouse, William Herman, 96, 

Rowland, Edmund, 57, Rev., M. A., D. D., Waterbury, Conn. 

Russell, Frank Fenner, 85, L., .... Putnam, Conn. 
Russell, Frederick Grenville, 80, Mf., 

103 Elm St. and Pope Mfg. Co., 436 Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Russell, Gurdon Wadsworth, 34, M. A., M. D., 

207 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Pres. ( 1 871) of the Conn. Medical Society; Pres. of the Board of 


Trustees of the Hartford Hospital ; Pres. of the Board of Trus- 
tees of the Retreat for the Insane ; Medical Director of the 
^Etna Life Insurance Co. ; author of Contributions to the History 
of Christ Church, Hartford, 1895 ; the oldest living alumnus of 
Trinity College. 
Rutherford, Henry Vane, 76, 
Saltus, Rollin Sanford, 92, For., Biltmore, N. C. 

Permanent address : Care of Brown Bros., 59 Wall St., N. Y. 
Sanford, Edgar Louis, 84, Rev. 5 M. A., . . Ogdensburg, N. Y. 
Sargent, George Winthrop, 90, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Fall River, Mass. 
Sargent, Samuel Mustard, 54, M. D., . . . Santa Cruz, Cal. 

Scarborough, John, 54, Right Rev., M. A., D. D., 

107 Greenwood Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Schulte, Edward Delavan Nelson, 97, M. A. & E. E. Col., 

P. R. R. (Electrical Dep't) ; 1409 Tenth St., Altoona, Penn. 
Schulte, Hermann von Wechlinger, 97, S. Med., 

Prosector Coll. Phys. & Surg. ; 47 W. 25th St., New York. 
Schutz, Robert Hutchins, 89, S. B., Mf., 

Asst. Sec. Smyth Thread Book Sew. Mach. Co., 50 State St., 
Hartford ; 699 Asylum Ave., Hartford. 
Schutz, Walter Stanley, 94, L., 

699 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn.,and with Lord, Day & Lord,New York. 
Scott, Edward Norman, 89, S. B., Real Estate, 

115 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 
Scott, Horace Brown, 78, M. A., M. D., U, S. N., Wallingford, Conn. 
Scott, James Lawrence, 43, Rev., M. A., . . Wallingford, Conn. 

Scovill, Reginald Heber, 50, Essex, Conn. 

Scudder, Edward Mansfield, 77, B. A. and B. S., M. A., LL. B., 

54 Wall St., New York. 
Scudder, Heyward, 91, M. D., 427 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

Scudder, Willard, 89, M. A., LL. B., T., 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 
Sennett, Lucian Frank, 89, M. A., T., 

St. Mark's School, Southboro, Mass. 


Sexton, John Frederick, 83, Rev., M. A., . . Westville, Conn. 

Sexton, Thomas Bezaleel, 60, M. A., M. E., 

Jesus-Maria, Chihuahua, Mexico. 
Seymour, Charles Henry, 52, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

South Groveland, Mass. 
Seymour, Edward, 52, Rev., M. A., ... Carlyle, 111. 

Seyms, George Henry, 72, M. A., 181 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Shannon, Joseph Wellington, 87, M. A., L., 

9th and Walnut Sts. and 1414 South Penn Square, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Sheldon, William Crawford, 82, B., 4 Wall St., New York. 

Shelton, Frank Nathan, 79, 362 Clift Place, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Shepard, Charles Norman, 91, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Instr., 

Instructor in Hebrew, General Theological Seminary, Chelsea 

Square, New York. 
Shepard, Peter Lake, 52, Rev., M. A., . . Clinton, Conn. 

Sherman, Harry Mitchell, 77, M. A., M. D., 

Surgeon; 1303 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, California. 
Sherman, Samuel, 50, M. A., . . . Brookfield, Conn. 

SherrifT, Herbert Thomas, 97, Mf., 

Howe Manufacturing Co., n-13 Woodbridge St., East Detroit, Mich. 
Short, William, 69, Rev., M. A., 3692 Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Short, William Seymour, 83. Rev., M. A., . . Astoria, Oregon. 

Shreve, Benjamin Franklin Haywood, 78, M. A., L., Mount Holly, N.J. 
Shriver, Howard, 50, M. A., .... Cumberland, Md. 

Sibley, Alexander Hamilton, 92, LL. B., 

410 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Skinner, William Converse, 76, M. A., M., 

61 Woodland St. and D wight, Skinner & Co., wool, 207 Allyn St., 

Hartford, Conn. 
Small, Edwin Francis, 74, Rev., M. A., Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Smart, John Harrow, 95, S. B., LL. B., Willoughby, Ohio, 

and 201 American Trust Building and "The Livingston," Euclid 

Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Smith, Clarence Alexander, 99, M., Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Smith, Cornelius Bishop, 54, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

101 E. 69th St., New York. 
Smith, Curtis, 99, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Smith, Herbert Mendenhall, 93, Rev., . . East Berlin, Conn. 
Smith, John Sabine, 63, M. A., L., 

30 Broad St. ; "The Broadway," 1425 Broadway, New York. 
Smith, Philip, 90, 

Smith, Robert Hobart, 69, 542 W. 150th St., New York. 

Smith, Seth Enos, 75, M. A., 120 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 

Smith, Thomas Burke, 91, M. D., Wyman's Exchange, Lowell, Mass. 
Smyth, James Davis, 74, Hon., M. A., Burlington, Iowa. 

Judge of the District Court of Iowa since 1891. 
Snyder, Edgar, 72, M. A., M. D., 318 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Sparks, William Albert, 97, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Spencer, Uriel Heber, 90, Rev., . . . Ventura, California. 
Stanley, George Milnor, 68, Rev., M. A., . . Winsted, Conn. 

Stanley, James Dowdell, 77, Rev., M. A., 

5 7 Hollister Ave., Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Stark, Benjamin, 79, First. Lieut, and Commissary, 31st Reg., U. S. Vol. 
Infantry, Manila, P. I. ; at present in Mindanao. 

Home address, New London, Conn. 
Stark, William Molthrop, 75, M. A., LL. B., New London, Conn. 

Starr, Jared, 56, Rev., . . . . Newington, Conn. 

Starr, Robert SythofT, 97, S. Med., 

Yale Medical School, New Haven, Conn., and 179 Sigourney St., 
Hartford, Conn. 
Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, 74, M. D., 327 Amsterdam Ave., New York. 
Author of Modern Greek Mastery, N. Y. 1896, and with E. C. 
Stedman of The Satchel Guide to Europe. 
Stewart, George Taylor, 78, M. A., M. D., 

Metropolitan Hospital, New York ; Chief of Staff Met. Hosp. since 1890. 
Stewart, William John Sheaff, 88, M. A., M. D., 

Marine Hospital, Washington, D. C. 


Stocking, Charles Henry Wright, 60, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

Woodbury, N. J. 
Author of The History and Genealogy of the Knowltons of Eng- 
land and America, N. Y. 1897. Grand Chaplain of the Grand 
Lodge of F. and A. Masons of New Jersey ; a Lecturer for the 
past twenty years at the Chautauqua University and a professional 
Genealogist. Contributor to many periodicals. 
Stoddard, Enoch Vine, 60, M. A., M. D., 

68 S. Washington St., Rochester, N. Y. 
Stoddard, James, 71, Rev., B. A., B. S., M. A., M. A. Yale, 

Mount Holly, N. J. 
Stoddard, Solomon, 94, Mf., With Kansas City Bolt and Nut Works ; 

2020 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Stone, Morton, 80, Rev., M. A., . . . . Taunton, Mass. 
Storrs, Leonard Kip, 63, Rev., M. A., D. £>., Brookline, Mass. 

Stotsenburg, John Hawley, 50, M. A., Hon., L., 

1407 E. Main St., New Albany, Ind. 

Formerly Member of the Legislature and Code Comm'r of the State. 

Stout, John Kennedy, 70, M. A., L., Spokane, Washington ; 

at present in Washington, D. C, as Secretary to Senator George 

Turner of the State of Washington ; Washington address, " Senate 

P. O." 

Strawbridge, John, 95, S. B., Broker, 421 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, 

Penn. House address,"The Wilderness," Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Street, Charles Hubbell, 96, LL. B., Huntington, L. I., N. Y. 

On Editorial Staff of Thompson Law Publishing Co., Northport, L. I. 

Strong, James Remsen, 82, . . . Newtown, L. I., N. Y. 

Stuart, Albert Rhett, 88, M. A., M. D., 

1 Dupont Circle, Washington, D. C. 

*X Sturtevant, Albert Morey, 98, Graduate Student and Assistant in 

German, Harvard University, 57 Museum St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Sullivan, Edward Taylor, 89, Rev., S. T. B., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Sullivan, Felix Robertson, 66, Ins. and Notary Public, 

1728 North Calvert St. and 25 South St., Baltimore, Md. 


Sumner, George, 49, M. A., M. D., 

Sutton, McWalter Bernard, 99, Mf., 88 Echo Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. 
Swift, Henry, 69, Rev., Chaplain U. S. A., Manila, Philippine Islands. 
Talcott, Charles Hooker, 91, S. B., M., 

19 Woodland St., and Talcott, Frisbie & Co., Wholesale Druggists, 
273 Asylum St., Hartford. 
Tate, William James, 86, Rev. (C), M. A., . . Lockport, N. Y. 
Taylor, Elbert Burr, 73, Rev., M. A., . . Westminster, Md. 

Taylor, Joseph Pemberton, 43, Rev., M. A., D. £>., Plainfield, N. J. 
Thompson, Henry Rumford, 87, Mf., . . Bellows Falls, Vt. 

Moore & Thompson Paper Co., Bellows Falls. 
Thompson, Hobart Warren, 8^, M. A., Chem. and Mf., 

115 First St., Troy, N.Y. 
Manager General Chemical Co., Thompson Works, Troy N. Y. 
Thorne, Robert, 85, M. A., L., 

30 Broad St. ; University Club, New York. 
Thurston, Theodore Paine, 91, Rev., S. T. B., Winona, Minn. 

Tibbits, Charles Henry, 87, Mf., . . . Wallingford, Conn. 
Tibbits, William Bolmer, 61, M. A., 

1760 Pennsylvania Ave., Denver, Colorado. 
Tingley, George Curtis, 52, M. A., C. E., 

Union Railroad Co., Providence, R. I., 32 Westminster St. and 
151 S. Angell St., Providence, R. I. 
Torbert, Henry Martin, 70, Rev., 2 Decatur St., Boston, Mass. 

Towner, Theron William, 52, M. A., 
Tracy, Elisha, 55, M. A., L., 
Travers, Edward Schofield, 98, S. Theol., 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
Trowbridge, Charles Christopher, 92, S. B., Instr., 

Columbia University School of Mines, New York. 
Trowbridge, Samuel Breck Parkman, 8^, M. A., Ph. B., 

7 E. 46th St., New York. 
Tullidge, Edward Kilbourne, 76, Rev., M. A., 

924 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Penn. 


Tuttle, Reuel Crompton, 89, Art, .... Windsor, Conn. 
Underwood, John Curtis, 96, 

Care of Mr. Joseph McKee, 173 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. 
Upson, Ambrose Ives, 88, S. B., 49 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Valentine, William Augustus, 72, M. A., M. D., 

16 W. 32nd St., New York. 
Van Meter, Allen Reshell, 99, S. Theol., 

Episcopal Divinity School, West Philadelphia, Penn. 
Van Schaack, David, 91, J., 

"The Telegram," Hartford, Conn, j 5 Park Terrace. 
Van Zile, Edward Sims, 84, M. A., Novelist and Poet, 

19 Columbia St., Hartford, Conn. 
Author of Wanted, a Sensation ; The Last of the Van Slacks ; A 
Magnetic Man and other Stories ; Don Miguel and other Stories ; 
The Manhattaners ; A Crown Prince ; With Sword and Crucifix ; 
Verder, Daniel Hugh, 99, S. Theol., 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
Author of A Book of Sonnets, Bristol, Conn., 1899. 
Vibbert, Aubrey Darrell, 99, Railroads, G. N. R. R., St. Paul, Minn. 
Vibbert, Howard Cooke, 68, M. A., 702 Orange St., New Haven, Conn. 
Vibbert, William Henry, 58, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

n E. 24th St., New York. 
Wadsworth, Louis Fenn, 44, M. A., . . . Plainfield, N. J. 

Wagner, Edward Conrad, 94, S. B., LL. B., 

124 E. 6 1 st St., New York. 
Wainwright, Francis Chetwood, 88, Rev., M. A., Chatham, N. Y. 

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, 95, M. D., 

St. Luke's Hospital, New York. 
Wakefield, James Beach, 46, Hon., M. A., LL. D., 

Blue Earth City, Minn. 
Walker, David Benjamin, 61, M. A., 
Walker, Robert, 91, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., East Cambridge, Mass. 


Walker, William Taylor, 97, S. Theol., 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 
Warner, Abraham Joseph, 42, Rev., . . . Angelica, N. Y. 

Warner, Malcolm Clark, 88, M., 41 Union Square, W., New York. 

Manager of credits of E. S. Higgins Carpet Co. 
Warren, George Thornton, 90, M. A., LL. B., 97 Cedar St., New York. 
Washburn, Louis Cope, 81, Rev., M. A., D. D., 

339 South Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Washburn, Philip Carter, 96, S.Med., 22 Prospect St., Hartford,Conn., 

and Coll. Phys. and Surg. ; 118 W. 69th St., New York. 
Waterman, Edgar Francis, 98, S. Law, Columbia Law School, 

61 Lafayette St., Hartford, Conn., and 202 W. 103rd St., New York. 
Waterman, Lucius, 71, Rev., M. A., D. D., . Claremont, N. H. 

Waters, George Safford, 87, B. S., Ph. B., M. D., 

Watson, Samuel Newell, 82, M. A., D. D., M. D., Chillicothe, Ohio. 
Watts, Edward Biddle, 73, M. A., L., Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Penn. 
Webb, William Rollins, 78, Rev., M. A., Windsor Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Webb, William Walter, 82, Rev., B. A. and B. S., M. A., D. D., Pres., 
President, Prof, of Dogmatic Theology and Dean of Nashotah House, 

Nashotah, Wisconsin. 
Webster, Lorin, 80, Rev., M. A., T., Prin., 

Holderness School, Plymouth, N. H. 
Wedge, Alfred Hallet, 95, T., 480 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Weed, Charles Frederick, 94, LL. B., L., 

48 Irving St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Wells, Lemuel Henry, 64, Right Rev., B. A., B. A., M. A., D. D., 

Spokane, Washington. 
Welsh, Robert Frazer, 95, S. B., Stock Broker, 

Hancock St., Germantown, and 306 Drexel Building, 5th and 
Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Penn. 
Wesley, Perley Raymond, 94, S. B., Chem., 

88 America St., Providence, R. I., Assayer Davol Rubber Co., 
Providence, R. I. 
West, George Washington, 72, Rev., M. A., Riverhead, L. I., N. Y. 
Whaley, Percival Hanahan, 74, Rev., M. A., . . Pensacola, Fla. 


Wheaton, Charles, 49, M. A., Hon., L., . . . Aurora, 111. 

Whitcome, Francis Banks. 87, Rev., . . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

White, Frederick Wyndham, 79, Rev., M. A., 

St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, 111. 
White, Thomas, 69, Rev., . . Bath-on-the-Hudson, N. Y. 

White, William Curtis, 97, S. Theol., 

Episcopal Divinity School, West Philadelphia, Penn. 
Whitlock, Frank Wallace, 70, M. A., Great Barrington, Mass. 

Whitlock, Harlow Ruggles, 70, Rev., . . . Rockville, Conn. 
Whitney, Harry Edward, 74, M. A., T., Box 612, Faribault, Minn. 

Instructor Latin and German, Shattuck School. 
Wilcox, Frank Langdon, 80, Mf., .... Berlin, Conn. 

Treas. of the Berlin Iron Bridge Co., Berlin, Conn. 
Wilcox, Frederick Peck, 80, M., 

Meriden Britannia Co., Internationa) Silver Co. Successor, 208 
Fifth Ave. ; 122 W. 79th St., New York. 
Wildman, Walter Beardslee, 98, T., Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass. 

Teacher of French and German. 
Willard, David, 95, Philanthropist, 

University Settlement, 26 Delancey St., New York. 
Willcox, Reginald Norton, 99, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 
Williams, Alexander John, 96, S. Med., Rush Med. College, Chicago, 

309 Sixth St., Racine, Wis. 
Williams, Chauncey Camp, 71, Rev., M. A., D. D., Augusta, Ga. 

Williams, Coleman Gandy, 80, M. A., 30 Broad St., New York. 

Williams, Francis Goodwin, 89, Rev., M. A., S. T. B., Pontiac, R. I. 
Williams, John, 90, Rev., M. A., . .551 Fifth Ave., New York. 
Williams, John William, 78, Rev., B. A. and M. A., and B. A. and 

M. A. Oxon., 288 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. 

Willson, Charles Treat, 77, M. A., 

Willson, William Croswell Doane, 93, S. B., L., 16 First St., Troy, N.Y. 
Wilson, George Hewson, 93, Rev., . . . Southington, Conn. 

Winkley, Robert Lefavour, 79, Mf., 

Pope Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass. 


Woffenden, Richard Henry, 93, Rev., . . Apponaug, R. I. 

Wood, Percival Matson, 97, S. Theol., 

General Theological Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 

Woodle, Allan Sheldon, 99, Railroads, Penn. R. R., Altoona, Penn. 

Woodin, William Ripley, 58, Hon., M. A., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Woodman, Clarence Eugene, 73, Rev. (R.C.), M. A. (Amherst), 

Ph. D., Paulist House, Catholic University, Washington, D. C. 

Woodward, Charles Guilford, 98, S., 

Graduate Student in School of Political Science, Columbia Uni- 
versity, "The Castle," 202 W. 103rd St., New York. 

Woodward, George Abishai, 55, M. A., Colonel U. S. A. (Retired), 

2110 Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Worthington, Edward William, 75, Rev., M. A., 

34 Cheshire St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Wright, Arthur Henry, 8^, Rev., 220 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Wright, George Herman, 91, M. A., M. D., Bridgewater, Conn. 

Wright, William George, 91, M. A., LL. B., 146 Broadway, New York. 

Yardley, Thomas Henry, 92, Rev., . . East Providence, R. I. 

Yeomans, Edward Myron, 95, L., 756 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

Yeomans, Raymond Sanford, 99, . . Andover, Conn. 

Young, Andrew Murray, 82, M. A., B., 

15 Wall St. and 267 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Young, Charles Herbert, 91, Rev., M. A., 

41 1 2 Nicholas St., Omaha, Nebraska. 

Young, Frank Raymond, 95, S. B., M. D., Smithport, Penn. 

Ziegler, Carl Gottlob, 97, T., St. George's School, Summit, N. J. 

Ziegler, Paul, 72, Rev., M. A., 178 Henry St., Detroit, Mich. 



ALABAMA— Selma. 
Barnwell, Robert Woodward, 72, Rev. 

CALIFORNIA— Los Angeles. 
Cole, Austin, 98. 

Hubbard, William Francis, 71, Rev., 1007 S.Union Ave. 
McCrackan, John Henry, 82, Rev., Edgecliff, Lamanda Park. 

Bakewell, John, 59, Rev., D. D., 12 19 Telegraph Ave. 

Johnson, Frederick Foote, 94, Rev. 

San Francisco. 
Clarke, Samuel James, 45, Hon. 
Deuel, Jay Clarence, 78, care of Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Hall, Gordon, 92, 6th Floor, Mills Building. 
Hubbard, George Milton, 75, Hibernia Bank. 
Nichols, William Ford, 70, Right Rev., D. D., 731 California. 
Parrish, Herbert, 91, Rev., 231 1 Union. 
Sherman, Harry Mitchell, 77, M. D., 1303 Van Ness Ave. 

San Mateo. 
Nichols, John Williams, 99, Church Divinity School. 

Santa Cruz. 
Sargent, Samuel Mustard, 54, M. D. 

Spencer, Uriel Heber, 90, Rev. 

Winchester, Riverside Co. 
French, George Albert, 89. 


COLORADO— Colorado Springs. 
Hunter, Charles, 78, M. D. 

Jennings, Albin Barlow, 61, Rev., Wolfe Hall. 

Kramer, Frederick Ferdinand, 89, Rev., Ph. D., 2222 W. 32nd Ave. 
Tibbits, William Bolmer, 61, 1760 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Fleming, David Law, 80, Rev. 

Newton, Edward Pearson, 81, Rev. 

Yeomans, Raymond Sanford, 99. 

Wilcox, Frank Langdon, 80, Berlin Iron Bridge Co. 

Black Hall. 
Peck, Theodore Mount, 80, Rev. 

Lewis, William Henry, 65, Rev., D. D., 1035 Park Ave. 
Middlebrook, Louis Nathanael, 48. 
Pratt, Alexander, Jr., 98. 
Pratt, Nathan Tolles, 94, Rev. 

Wright, George Herman, 91, M. D. 

Sherman, Samuel, 50. 

Jarvis, Samuel Farmar, 45, Rev. 

Central Village. 
Penrose, John Jesse, 95. 

Shepard, Peter Lake, 52, Rev. 


Penfield, William Dixon, 62. 

Bacon, John Watson, 46, Hon. 

French, Louis, 53, Rev. 

Deep River. 
Moore, Jairus Alpheus, 97 ; at present Co. G, 21st Infantry, Manila, P. I. 

East Berlin. 
Smith, Herbert Mendenhall, 93, Rev. 

Scovill, Reginald Heber, 50. 


Kingsbury, William Sanford, 91, M. D. 


Allen, Edwin Stanton, 94, 61 Willard St. 

Beach, Carroll Charles, 96, M. D., "The Linden," 427 Main St. 

Blakeslee, Henry Jones, 98, 791 Park St. and Trinity College. 

Brocklesby, Arthur Kain, 70, 126 Washington St. 

Brocklesby, John Henry, 65, 3 Preston St. 

Brocklesby, William Claiborne, 69, 650 Main St. 

Bryant, Percy Shelley, 70, 904 Main St. 

Bulkeley, John Charles, 93, 9 Park Terrace; 650 Main. 

Bulkeley, William Eliphalet Adams, 90, 134 Washington; 650 Main. 

Bulkley, Clarendon Cobb, 75, 47 Sumner; 17 Vandyke. 

Burnham, Charles Luther, 98, 49 Oak. 

Cleasby, Harold Loomis, 99, Trinity College. 

Collins, William French, 93, The Courant. 

Davis, John Henry Kelso, 99, 

405 Hartford Fire Ins. Bldg. and 1 Laurel. 

De Salvio, Alphonso, 99, Hart. Theo. Sem. 

Ellis, Alfred Lauder, 98, 73 Beacon. 

Ellis, George William, 94, Trav. Ins. Co.; 73 Beacon. 

Ellis, Leonard Augustine, 98, Conn. Tr. & S. D. Co. ; 

550 Farmington Ave. 


Ferguson, Henry, 68, Rev., Prof., 123 Vernon. 

Flynn, Joseph Devine, 97, 96 Hudson. 

Forward, John Francis, 96, 815 Asylum Ave.; 11 Central Row. 

Goodridge, Thaddeus Welles, 92, 

9 Columbia ; 1 Laurel (Col. & El. V. Co.) 
Graves, Charles Emmett, 50, 39 Pearl. 
Gunning, James Walter, 96, 9 Zion. 

Hamersley, William, 58, Hon., 159 Farmington; 739 Main. 
Hastings, Francis Homer, 96, 49 Willard ; 1 Laurel (Col. & E.Veh. Co.) 
Hatch, Edward Buckingham, 86, 

203 Sigourney; 555 Capitol Ave. (Johns-Pratt Co.) 
Hoadly, Charles Jeremy, 51, LL. D., 78 Ann ; Conn. State Library. 
Huntington, John Taylor, 50, Rev., 17 Clinton. 
Huntington, Robert Watkinson, 64, Col., 

Care of R. W. Huntington, Jr., 336 Collins. 
Jarvis, George Cyprian, 55, M. D., 98 High. 
Jarvis, Richard William Hart, 48, 

30 Wethersfleld Ave. and Colt's Armory. 
Johnson, Frank Elisha, 84, 142 Collins ; 42 Union Pl.(Bairstow Ink Co.) 
Lawton, Edwin Franklin, 91, S. B., Supt. Hartford Electric Light 

Co., 266 Pearl; 43 Ward. 
Luther, Flavel Sweeten, 70, Rev., Prof., Ph. D., 

1 Columbia ; Trinity College. 
McCook, John Butler, 90, M. D., 396 Main. 
McCook, John James, 6$, Rev., Prof., 396 Main. 
Morgan, William Denison, 72, M. D., 108 Farmington Ave. 
Morgan, Victor Forrest, 99, 

227 Sigourney ; 1 Laurel (Col. & El. Veh. Co.) 
Morris, Charles Shiras, 96, 405 H. F. Ins. Building ; 26-28 High (Hart 

& Hegeman Man. Co.) 
Parker, Burton, 93, 47 Buckingham; 691 Park (Hartford Rubber 

Parker, Robert Prescott, 94, 47 Buckingham. 
Pitblado, Colin Scott, 91, 156 Sargeant; 50 State. 


Plimpton, Howard Daniel, 97, 

21 Marshall; 254 Pearl (Plimpton Man. Co.) 
Pynchon, Thomas Ruggles, 41, Rev., Prof., D. D., LL. D., 

Trinity College. 
Pynchon, William Henry Chichele, 90, 13 Columbia; Trinity College. 
Robinson, Edward Wanton, 96, 405 Hartf. Fire Ins. Building ; Faience 

(Hart. Faience Co.) 
Russell, Frederick Grenville, 80, 103 Elm; 436 Capitol Ave. (Pope 

Man. Co.) 
Russell, Gurdon Wadsworth, 34, M. D., 207 Farmington. 
Schutz, Robert Hutchins, 89, 699 Asylum Ave.; 50 State (Smyth 

Thread Book Sewing Co.) 
Schutz, Walter Stanley, 94, 699 Asylum Ave. 
Scudder, Hey ward, 91, M. D., 427 Main. 
Seyms, George Henry, 72, 181 Collins. 
Skinner, William Converse, 76, 

61 Woodland; 207 Allyn (Dwight, Skinner & Co.) 
Starr, Robert Sythoff, 97, 179 Sigourney. 
Sturtevant, Albert Morey, 98, 105 Washington. 
Talcott, Charles Hooker, 91, 

19 Woodland; 273 Asylum (Talcott, Frisbie & Co.) 
Van Schaack, David, 91, 5 Park Terrace; The Telegram. 
Van Zile, Edward Sims, 84, 19 Columbia. 
Washburn, Philip Carter, 96, 22 Prospect. 
Waterman, Edgar Francis, 98, 61 Lafayette. 
Yeomans, Edward Myron, 95, 756 Main. 

Beers, Frederick Horace, 89. 

Hickox, George Augustus, 51, Hon. 

Curtis, Robert Hallam, 68. 


Barbour, John Humphrey, 73, Rev., Prof., D. D , 

254 Washington St. and Berkeley Div. School. 


Brenton, Cranston, 99, Berkeley Divinity School. 

Buck, Frederick Earle, 98, Berkeley Divinity School. 

Edgerton, Frank Cruger, 94, M. D. 

Edgerton, John Warren, 94. 

Gilbert, George Blodgett, 96, Rev. 

Gilbert, Henry Closson, 93. 

Hart, Samuel, 66, Rev., Prof.,D.D., J. C. D., Berkeley Divinity School. 

Hubbard, E. Kent, Jr., 92, 375 High; Russell Man. Co. 

Hubbard, Louis De Koven, 93, 275 Washington ; Russell Man. Co. 

Travers, Edward Schofield, 98, Berkeley Div. School. 

Verder, Daniel Hugh, 99, Berkeley Div. School. 

Walker, William Taylor, 97, Berkeley Div. School. 

New Haven. 
Beardsley, William Agur, 87, Rev., 64 Grove St. 
Beers, George Emerson, 86, Prof., 31 Lake Place, 15 Law School, and 

First National Bank Building. 
Burnham, Charles Luther, 98, Yale Law School. 
Coley, James Edward, 55, Rev., 333 Howard Ave. 
Ellis, Alfred Lauder, 98, Yale Med. School. 
Graves, Arthur Collins, 91, 101 Grove. 
Graves, Charles Emmett, 50, 101 Grove. 
Ingersoll, Colin Macrae, 39, Hon., 85 Trumbull. 
Ingersoll, George Pratt, 8^, 42 Church. 

Lindsley, Charles Augustus, 49, Prof., M. D., 15 Elm ; Yale Med. School. 
Morgan, George Brinley, 70, Rev., 324 York. 
Pratt, Alexander, Jr., 98, Yale Univ. Grad. Sch. 
Pratt, Nathan Tolles, 94, Rev., Yale Med. Sch. 
Starr, Robert SythorT, 97, Yale Med. Sch. 
Vibbert, Howard Cooke, 68, 702 Orange. 

Starr, Jared, 56, Rev. 

New London. 
Grint, Alfred Poole, 81, Rev., Ph. D. 

Stark, Benjamin, 79, 1st Lieut. 31st Reg. U. S. Vol. Inf., Manila, P. I. 
Stark, William Molthrop, 75. 


New Milford. 
Everest, Charles Sherman, 71. 
Plumb, John Fields, 91, Rev. 

Brown, J Eldred, 83, Rev. 
Emery, William Stanley, 81, Rev. 
Johnson, Charles Amos, 92, 228 Washington. 
Johnson, Edwin Comstock, 2nd, 12 William. 
Olcott, William Tyler, 96, 62 Church. 
Paddock, Lewis Sloat, 50, M. D., 96 Washington. 

Bronson, Mcrritt, 52. 

Chapin, William Viall, 78. 
Olmsted, William Beach, 87, Pomfret School. 

Cornwall, Nathanael Oliver, 39, M. D. 
Raftery, Oliver Henry, 73, Rev. 

Russell, Frank Fenner, 85. 

Boylston, Charles Walter, 78, Rev. 
Brinley, Edward Huntington, 49, M. D. 
Lockwood, Luke Adolphus, 55. 
Lockwood, Luke Vincent, 93. 

George, John Francis, 77, Rev. 
W'hitlock, Harlow Ruggles, 70, Rev. 

George, James Hardin, 72, Rev. 

Griswold, George Chapman, 63, Rev. 


Wilson, George Hewson, 93, Rev. 


Hawley, Francis Milton, 61. 

Lewis, George Frederick, 77, M. D. 

Parsons, Arthur Thomas, 71, Rev. 

Conkiin, William Eugene, 93, Choate School. 
Scott, Horace Brown, 78, M. D., U. S. N. 
Scott, James Lawrence, 43, Rev. 
Tibbits, Charles Henry, 87. 

Buckley, Frederick Dashiels, 84, Rev. 
Elton, John Prince, 88, Wat. Brass Co. 
Mayo, March Chase, 93, Rev. 
Merrill, Nathan, 46. - 
Rowland, Edmund, 57, Rev., D. D. 

Sexton, John Frederick, 8^, Rev. 

Lilienthal. Hermann, 86, Rev. 


Hamlin, George Edwin, 95. 

Harriman, Frederick William, 72, Rev. 
Tuttle, Reuel Crompton, 89. 

Windsor Locks. 
Pinney, Howard Austin, 87, Rev. 

Stanley, George Milnor, 68, Rev. 

Bowles, Ralph Hart, 48, Rev. 


DELAWARE— Smyrna. 
Cummins, Alexander Griswold, 51, Rev. 

DIST. COLUMBIA— Washington. 
Black, Henry Campbell, 80, 2516 14th St., N. W. 
Boardman, William Jarvis, 54, 1801 P St., N. W. 
Bowie, William, 93, U. S. C. and G. Survey. 
Cartwright, Morgan Rouse, 98, 1014 Mass. Ave. 
Clark, James Walters, 6$, Rev., 717 Mass Ave., N. E. 
Coggeshall, George Albert, 65, M. D., 2013 Mass. Ave. 
Gallaudet, Edward Miner, 56, Pres., LL. D., Gallaudet College. 
Giesy, Samuel Herbert, 85, 1740 Corcoran. 
Grinnell, Henry, 97, 1618 17th St., N. W. ; 

U. S. Dep't of Agriculture, Forestry Division. 
Harding, Alfred, 79, Rev., 920 23rd, N. W. 
Leaver, Henry Knight, 59, 1528 16th St., N. W. 
Mackay-Smith, Alexander, 72, Rev., D. D., 1325 16th. 
Maynadier, Ebenezer Eveleth, 75, Rev., Providence Hospital. 
Morrison, William Foster, 74, Rev., Chaplain U. S. N., 

U. S. S. Texas, care of U. S. Navy Department. 
Norton, Charles Clarke, 77, 1311 T, N. W. 
Perry, Josiah Bedon, 72, Rev., 1536 16th, N. W. 
Phair, Philip De Witt, 94, Congressional Library. 
Stewait, William John Sheaff, 88, M. D., Marine Hospital. 
Stout, John Kennedy, 70, of Spokane, Washington. Secretary to Sena- 
tor George Turner of State of Washington ; address "Senate P. O." 
Stuart, Albert Rhett, 88, M. D., 1 Dupont Circle. 
Woodman, Clarence Eugene, 73, Rev., Ph. D., Paulist House, Catholic 

Woodward, George Abishai, 55, Col., 21 10 Mass. Ave., N. W. 

Read, James Withers, 72. 

Hedrick, Charles Baker, 99, Box 213. 


Whaley, Percival Hanahan, 74, Rev. 

Bates, William Hale, 72, Rev. 

GEORGIA— Augusta. 
Carpenter, Samuel Barstow, 73, Rev. 
Williams, Chauncey Camp, 71, Rev., D. D. 

Hazlehurst, Robert, 41, M. D. 

Erwin, Robert Gallaudet, 74. 
Leaken, William Ridgley, 80, 16 Bryan, E. 
Lincoln, Frank Thorla, 76, M. D. 

IDAHO— Boise City. 
Deuel, Charles Ephraim, 87, Rev. 

Home, Charles Albert, 93, Rev. 

ILLINOIS— Albion. 
Benton, Angelo Ames, 56, Rev., D. D. 

Wheaton, Charles, 49, Hon. 

Seymour, Edward, 52, Rev. 

Allyn, Arthur Washington, 61, Major, 946 Oakwood Boulevard. 
Bates, Robert Peck, 93, 596 Division. 
Hall, Clarence Loines, 92, 183 Franklin. 
Hamilton, Irenus Kittredge, Jr., 91, Loomis and 22nd. 
Hoisington, Frederick Reed, 91, 39th and Langley Ave.; 1017 Medi- 

nah Building (Folwell Bros. & Co.) 
Letting well, Ernest De Koven, 95, 6058 Kimbook Ave. 


Neely, Henry Ritchie, 84, Rev., 11 13 Washington Boulevard. 

Peabody, Francis Bolles, 48, 426 Dearborn Ave. (Peabody, Houghtaling 

Quick, George Albert, 94, 2900 Michigan Ave. ; with The Common- 
wealth (Edison) Co. of Chicago. 

Quick, Henry John, 98, 2900 Michigan Ave. ; hV Office of John H. S. 
Quick, 58. 

Quick, John Henry Stevens, 58, 2900 Michigan Ave. 

Rodgers, George Washington^ 87, 6400 Monroe Ave.; 915 New York 
Life Building. 

Rodgers, Robert Edward Lee, 87, M. D., 722 63rd. 

Scott, Edward Norman, 89, 115 Dearborn. 

White, Frederick Wyndham, 79, Rev., St. Luke's Hospital. 


Miller, Arthur Fletcher, 95. 


Loomis, Hiram Benjamin, 85, Prof., Ph. D., Northwestern Univ. 

Leffingwell, Ernest De Koven, 95. 
Noyes, Arthur Hamilton, 89, St. Alban's School. 

I N D I AN A — Mishawaka. 
Orton, William Osgood, 92, West. Gas Engine Co. 

New Albany. 
Stotsenburg, John Hawley, 50, Hon., 1407 E. Main. 

Granniss, Frederick Ossian, 73, Rev. 

South Bend. 
Orton, William Osgood, 92, Boehner Pr. & Pub. Co. 

Terre Haute. 
Cuningham, John Robert, 85. 

IOWA — Burlington. 
Smyth, James Davis, 74, Hon. 


Cedar Rapids. 
Greene, George, 83, General, 1 Union Block. 
Mclvor, Nicolas Williams, 82, Room 4, P. O. Block ; C. R. & C. R. R. Co. 

Fort Dodge. 
Remington, Charles Hazzard, 89, Rev. 

Campbell, Richard Mabie, 78. 

KANSAS— Wichita. 
Atwood, John Mitchelson, 49. 

KENTUCKY— -Louisville. 
Craik, Charles Ewell, 74, Rev., D. D., 515 W. Ormsby Ave. 

LOUISIANA— New Orleans. 
Flower, William Covell, 72, 379 Camp. 

St. Francisville P. O. 
Bowman, James Perrie, 53. 

Wilson Point P. O. 
McCulloch, William Hugh, 91. 

MAINE— Bar Harbor. 
Leffingwell, Christopher Starr, 54, Rev. 

Eardeley-Thomas, William Applebie, 96, Rev. 

Pressey, Ernest Albert, 92, Rev., Woodfords. 

MARYLAND— Baltimore. 
Carter, Bernard Moore, 82, Eutaw Place ; Bernard Carter & Sons, cor. 

Charles and Lexington. 
Carter, Charles Henry, 82, Eutaw Place ; Bernard Carter & Sons, cor. 

Charles and Lexington. 
Carter, Julian Stuart, 98, Eutaw Place. 


Carter, Shirley, 94, Eutaw Place ; Bernard Carter & Sons, cor. Charles 

and Lexington. 
Coit, Charles Wheeler, 82, Rev., 1408 W. Mulberry. 
Griswold, Benjamin Howell, 66, 14 14 Park Ave. 
Hooper, George Grafflin, 66, 18 E. Lexington. 
Loop, De Witt Clinton, 46, Rev., 1546 Lynbrook Ave. 
Onderdonk, Adrian Holmes, 99, 2012 Auk. 
Preston, Jacob Alexander, 55, 19 Lexington. 
Sullivan, Felix Robertson, 66, 25 South; 1728 North Calvert. 
Webb, William Rollins, 78, Rev., Windsor Ave. 

Dirickson, James Brainard, 48. 

Brooklandville P. O. 
Johnson, William Fell, 66. 

Shriver, Howard, 50. 

Baldwin, Leonidas Bradley, 60, Rev. 

Cotton, Henry Evan, 74, Rev. 

Locust Grove. 
Edson, Samuel, 55, Rev. 

Beaven, Wordsworth Young, 71, Rev. 

Rich, Ernest Albert, 99. 

Taylor, Elbert Burr, 73, Rev. 

Lynch, Robert LeBlanc, 90, Rev., 5 Osgood Place. 

Canfield, Horace Jared, 57, Hon. 



Clifford, Samuel Washington, 68, 290 Central. 

Barton, Charles Clarence, 69, 82 Devonshire St. and University Club. 
Barton, Charles Clarence, Jr., 93, 82 Devonshire St., Copley Square 

Hotel and University Club. 
Beach, Edward Stevens, 83, 53 State St. 
Clark, Edmund Sanford, 65, 144 Essex. 
Clifford, Samuel Washington, 68, 23 Court. 
Graves, Dudley Chase, 98, 50 State (C. P. Phelps & Co.) 
Hagar, Walter Calvin, 79, Principal Chauncey Hall Sch. 
Hicks, George Cleveland, 56, ; cor. of K and First. 

Ide, Horton Gregory, 94, 3 Head Place and City Treasurer's Office. 
Rogers, William Everett, 77, 23 Court. 
Torbert, Henry Martin, 70, Rev., 2 Decatur. 
Winkley, Robert Lefavour, 79, Pope Man. Co. 

Storrs, Leonard Kip, 63, Rev., D. D. 

Allen, Henry Woodward, 97, Harv. Univ. ; 1599 Mass. Ave. 
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott, 89, Harv. Observatory. 
Hayward, Harry Woodford, 97, Harv. Univ. (9 Hastings Hall.) 
Henry, Charles William, 99, Epis. Theol. School. 
Miller, William Joseph, 92, Harv. Univ. 
Penrose, John Jesse, 95, Harv. Law School. 

Remsen, Henry Rutgers, 98, 15 Lawrence Hall, Epis. Theol. School. 
Sturtevant, Albert Morey, 98, Harv. Univ. Grad. School; 57 Museum. 
Weed, Charles Frederick, 94, 48 Irving. 

East Cambridge. 
Walker, Robert, 91, Rev. 

Fall River. 
Sargent, George Winthrop, 90, Rev. 


Barton, Charles Clarence, 69. 
Millard, Abel, 89, Rev. 

Miner, Guy Wilbur, 90, Rev. 

Great Barrington. 
Whitlock, Frank Wallace, 70. 

Griswold, Clifford Standish, 90, Groton School. 
Wildman, Walter Beardslee, 98, Lawrence High School. 

Harraden, Frank Somerville, 67, Rev. 

Jamaica Plain. 
Hagar, Walter Calvin, 79, Principal, 42 St. John St. 
Upson, Ambrose Ives, 88, 49 Eliot. 

Burke, Edward Nevins, 76, Lowell Machine Shops. 
Smith, Thomas Burke, 91, M. D., Wyman's Exchange. 

Morgan, William Festus, SS, Wm. F. Morgan Co. 

Richmond, John Bours, 40, Rev. 

Bolles, Edwin Cortland, 55, Rev., D. D. 

Emery, Rufus, 54, Rev. 
Wright, Arthur Henry, 83, Rev., 220 High. 

Newton Centre. 
Sullivan, Edward Taylor, 89, Rev. 

North Wilbrahan. 
Parker, Theodore Henry, 98, Box 123. 


Allen, Henry Woodward, 97, 185 East St. 

Eaton, William Hanmer, 99, 261 South St. and Eaton & Hurlbut Paper 
Man. Co. 



Barber, William Wyatt, 88, St. Mark's School. 
Sennett, Lucian Frank, 89, St. Mark's School. 
South Groveland. 
Seymour, Charles Henry, 52, Rev., D. D. 

Parker, Theodore Henry, 98, Springfield Union. 

Stone, Morton, 80, Rev. 

Chase, Arthur, 89, Rev. 

Henderson, Ernest Flagg, 82, Prof., Ph. D., Wellesley College. 

West Roxbury. 
Metcalf, Henry Aiken, 66, Rev., 5 Anawam Ave., Highland Station. 

MICHIGAN— Cheboygan. 
Bulkley, William Howard, 73, Rev. 


Loveridge, Henry Clarence, 80. 

Balch, Frederick Alexander, 98. 
Brady, Robert McClelland, 90, 115 Selden Ave. 
Carpenter, Clarence, 82, 444 Jefferson Ave. 

Gage, Alexander Kimball, 96, Whitney Op. House Building ; 34 Gar- 
field Ave. 
Gage, William Henry, 96, 614-617 Hammond Bldg. ; 34 Garfield Ave. 
Hendrie, Strathearn, 87, 12 LarnedSt. W. ; Det. & Pontiac Railway Co. 
Macauley, Richard Henry, 95, 34 Forest Ave. 
Miller, Sidney Trowbridge, 85, 80 Griswold. 
Paddock, Lewis Henry, 88, 242 Griswold. 
Sibley, Alexander Hamilton, 92, 410 Jefferson Ave. 
Smith, Seth Enos, 75, 120 Griswold. 
Ziegler, Paul, 72, Rev., 178 Henry. 


East Detroit. 
Sherriff, Herbert Thomas, 97, 11-13 Woodbridge (Howe Man. Co.) 

Grand Rapids. 
Corson, Donald Skelding, 99, 209 Madison Ave. 
Kendal, George Talman, 99. 

Peters, Gerret Eber, 50, Rev. 

Dingwall, Harrie Renz, 95, Detroit Sugar Co. 

MINNESOTA— Blue Earth City. 
Wakefield, James Beach, 46, Hon., LL. D. 

Dobbin, Edward Savage, 99. 
McElwain, Frank Arthur, 99, Seabury Div. School. 
Whitney, Harry Edward, 74, Shattuck School. 

Burton, Richard Eugene, 8$, Prof., Ph. D. 
Kempe, Ernest Augustus, 81, Swedish- American Bank. 
Potts, Francis Henry, 68, Rev., 128 Beacon, S. E. 
Purdy, Charles Edward, 88, 415 Guarantee Loan Building. 
Purdy, Edward James, 57, Rev., 2914 Portland Ave. 

St. Paul. 
Palmer, Noble, 45, Rev., 923 Grand Ave. 
Snyder, Edgar, 72, M. D., 318 Jackson. 
Vibbert, Aubrey Darrell, 99, Offices G. N. R. R. 

Belden, Louis Isaac, 94, Rev. 

Thurston, Theodore Payne, 91, Rev. 

M I SSI SSI PPI— Canton. 
Elmer, William Timothy, 81, Rev. 


MISSOURI— Columbia. 
Belden, Henry Marvin, 88, Prof., Ph. D., University of Missouri. 

Kansas City. 
Stoddard, Solomon, 94, 2020 Troost Ave. ; Kansas City Bolt and Nut 

St. Joseph. 
Hills, George Heathcote, 84, Rev. 

St. Louis. 
Barclay, Robert, 80, M. D., 321 1 Lucas Ave. 
Barrows, John Chester, 80, 417-419 Security Building. 
Doan, George Parker, 41, 2309 Olive. 
Kennett, Luther Martin, 70. 

Leonard, Loyal Lovejoy, 96, 3731 Delmar Ave. ; 418 Security Building. 
Short, William, 69, Rev., 3692 Pine. 

MONTANA— Dillon. 
Hooker, Sydney Douglass, 77, Rev. 

NEBRASKA— Long Pine. 
Bates, John Mallory, 72, Rev. 

Gould, Charles Zebina, 82, 432 Bee Building. 
Young, Charles Herbert, 91, Rev., 41 12 Nicholas Ave. 

Waterman, Lucius, 71, Rev., D. D. 

Brinley, Godfrey Malbone, 88, Rev., St. Paul's School. 
Drumm, Thomas James, 74, Rev., St. Paul's School. 
Eastman, Roger Charles, 88. 

Niles, Edward Cullen, 87, 60 N. Main (Sargent & Niles.) 
Niles, William Woodruff, 57, Right Rev., D. D., LL. D., D. C. L. 
Scudder, Willard, 89, St. Paul's School. 

Goodridge, Edward, 60, Rev., D. D. 


Niles, William Porter, 93, Rev. 

Goodrich, James Brainard, 66, Rev. 

Jones, William Northey, SB, Rev. 

Goodwin, James, 86, Rev. 

Green, Harry Daniel, 99, Holderness Sch. 
Webster, Lorin, 80, Rev., Holderness School. 

Hovey, Henry Emerson, 66, Rev. 

NEW JERSEY— Bayonne. 

Langford, Archibald Morrison, 97. 
Langford, William Speaight, 96. 

Bound Brook. 
Harris, William Robert, 58, Rev. 

Olmsted, James Frederick, 84, Rev. 

Chew's Landing. 
Gordon, Thomas Henry, 71, Rev. 

East Orange. 
Andrews, Robert, 53. 

Underwood, John Curtis, 96, 173 Prospect. 
Williams, John William, 78, Rev., M. A. Oxon., 288 Prospect. 

Oberly, Henry Harrison, 65, Rev., D. D., 1064 E. Jersey. 

Alcorn, Edwin Cheney, 74, Rev. 

Magill, George Ernest, 84, Rev., Holy Innocents' Rectory. 


Butler, Edwin Ely, 60, Rev. 

Mount Holly. 
Shreve, Benjamin Franklin Haywood, 78. 
Stoddard, James, 71, Rev. 

Edmunds, Charles Carroll, 77, Rev., 960 Broad. 

New Brunswick. 
Phelps, Charles Edward, 42, Rev. 

Goodman, Richard French, 63. 

Burke, Edward Frederick, 95, Llewellyn Park. 
Maddock, William Sherman, 78. 

Perth Amboy. 
Greenley, Howard Trescott, 94. 

Taylor, Joseph Pemberton, 43, Rev., D. D. 
Wadsworth, Louis Fenn, 44. 

South Camden. 
Onderdonk, Adrian Holmes, 99, N. Y. Shipbuilding Co. 

Hicks, James Milnor, 54. 
Ziegler, Carl Gottlob, 97, St. George's School. 

Conover, Thomas Anderson, 90, Rev., 266 Hamilton Ave. 
Jobe, Samuel Henry, 93, Rev. 
Scarborough, John, 54, Right Rev., D. D., 107 Greenwood Ave. 

Morse, Bryan Killikelly, 99. 
Stocking, Charles Henry Wright, 60, Rev., D. D. 


NEW YORK— Albany. 

Birdsall, Paul H., 86, Rev., 498 Clinton Ave. 

Kip, Leonard, 46, L. H. D., LL. D., 20 Elk. 

Parsons, James Russell, 81, 22 Elk; Regents' Office, State Capitol. 

Rice, Harry Landon, 99, Normal High School. 

Richardson, Leonard Woods, 73, Rev., Prof., LL. D., State Nor.College. 

Devendorf, George Smith, 55. 

Dean, Ellis Bedell, 93, Rev. 
Warner, Abraham Joseph, 42, Rev. 

Hopson, George Bailey, 57. Rev., Prof., D. D. 

Brainard, John, 51, Rev., D. D. 

Brainard, John Morgan, 84, 122 Genesee; 140 South. 
Richardson, Frank Wood, 84, 46 South and G. W. Richardson & Sons. 

White, Thomas, 69, Rev. 

Littell, John Stockton, 90, Rev. 

Ackley, William Nichols, 63, Rev., 358 47th St. 
Bird, James Rufus, 54, M. D., 152 Putnam St. 
Boughton, John Augustus, 58, 62 Hancock St. 
Carter, George Calvert, 87, Rev., 214 Park Place. 
Coe, George Jarvis, 74, 162 Carroll. 
Graham, John, 72, Rev., 519 Vanderbilt Avenue. 
Graves, Richard Stayner, 94, M. D., 622 St. Mark's Ave. 
Haight, Frederick Everest, 87, Ph. D., 1138 Bergen. 
Hamilton, Charles Anderson, 82, Rev., 116 Hendrix. 
Hubbard, William Stimpson, 88, M. D., 97 Halsey. 
Knapp, Henry Alan, 96, 127 St. John's Place. 
Lecour, Joseph Henry, Jr., 433 Monroe. 


Lincoln, George William, 75, Rev., 2 no 82nd. 
Nichols, George Gideon, 67, 8 Lefferts Place. 
Saltus, Rollin Sanford, 92, 128 Columbia Heights. 
Wedge, Alfred Hallett, 95, 480 Jefferson Ave. 

Curtiss, Harlow Clarke, 81, 92 White Building. 
Davis, Cameron Josiah, 94, Rev., 299 Delaware Ave. 

Hubbard, Guy Andrew, 94. 

Wainwright, Francis Chetwood, 88, Rev. 

Constable ville . 
Murray, James Byron, 62, Rev., D. D. 

East Brighton. 
Martindale, Henry Stewart, 79. 

East Springfield. 
Prout, John, 77, Rev. 

Burnham, John Bird, 91. 

Fishkill-on- Hudson. 
Smith, Clarence Alexander, 99. 

Fort Plain. 
Broughton, Charles Du Bois, 95, Rev. 

Cookson, Fen wick Mitford, 61, Rev. 

Hoosac Falls. 
Nicholls, George Huntington, 39, Rev., D. D. 
Huntington, L. I. 
Street, Charles Hubbell, 96. 

Cook, William Mason, 73, Rev. 

Benjamin, William Henry, 57, Rev., D. D. 


Church, Samuel Porter, 41, M. D. 

Cogswell, George Edward, 97. 
Cogswell, William Sterling, 61, Col. 

Applegate, Octavius, Jr., 87, Rev. 

Rice, Harry Landon, 99, 558 Third Ave. 

Tate, William James, 86, Rev. 

New Brighton. 
Davenport, John Sidney, 3rd, 98. 
Johnson, George Dowdall, 54, Rev., D. D. 

New Rochelle. 
Paine, Ogle Tayloe, 96, 325 Pelham Road. 
Phelps, Henry Delafield, 55. 
Sutton, McWalter Bernard, 99, 88 Echo Ave. 

Newtown, L. I. 
Strong, James Remsen, 82. 

New York. 
Andrews, Robert, 53, 160 Broadway. 
Anthon, Edward, 51, Rev., 46 W. 38th St. 
Appleton, Edward Dale, 80, 72 Fifth Ave. 
Appleton, Charles Adams, 82, 72 Fifth Ave. 
Armstrong, David Maitland, 58, 61 Washington Square, S. 
Austin, William Morris, 98, 337 W. 34th St. and 27-29 Thomas St. 
Backus, Brady Electus, 70, Rev., D. D., 360 W. 28th St. 
Bailey, Melville Knox, 79, Rev., 417 E. 13th St. 
Barbour, Henry Grosvenor, 96, 65 E. 89th St. 
Barbour, Henry Merlin, 70, Rev., 65 E. 89th St. 
Beecroft, Edgar Charles, 97, Rodman & Beecroft, 59 Liberty St. 
Benedict, Louis Le Grand, 88 t 29 Broadway. 


Benson, Lloyd Raeburn, 99, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Square. 

Benson, Reuel Allan, 99, Homoeopathic Med. College. 

Birckhead, James Birckhead, 94, M. D., 133 E. 21st. 

Bixby, Robert Forsyth, 70, 32 Nassau St. 

Blackwell, Josiah, 66, "The Albany," 51st St. and Broadway. 

Brevoort, Edward Renwick, 68, 32 Liberty St. 

Brigham, Henry Hartstene, 76, 18 Cortlandt St. 

Bulkeley, Erastus Brainard, 90, Standard Trust Co., 40 Wall St. 

Burke, Edward Frederick, 95, 34 Pine; residence, Llewellyn Park, 

Orange, N. J. 
Burnham, John Bird, 91, 408 W. 115th. 
Butler, Wharton, 58. 

Carter, Henry Skelton, 69, M. D., 130 E. 24th. 
Carter, Lawson Averell, 93, 65 Wall. 

Chrystie, Thomas Mackaness Ludlow, 63, M. D., 216 W. 46th. 
Coggeshall, Murray Hart, 96, 28 W. 8th and 44-46 Leonard. 
Cogswell, George Edward, 97, with Evarts, Choate & Beaman, 52 Wall. 
Coleman, Gilbert Payson, 90, 45 Cedar. 
Colloque, Orrok Paul, 99, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 
Cook, Philip, 98, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 
Crawford, John William Roy, 88, 26 Broadway. 
Curtis, William Edmund, 75, 30 Broad; 14 W. 20th. 
Danker, Walton Stoutenburgh, 97, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 
Davenport, John Sidney, 3rd, 98, D. P. Fackler, 35 Nassau. 
Davies, William Gilbert, 60, 32 Nassau; 22 E. 45th. 
Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, 74, 64 E. 34th. 
Dockray, Edward Lawton, 83, 54 Worth; 167 W. 136th. 
Du Bois, Henry Ogden, 76, Rev., 316 W. 102nd. 
Elbert, William Nicholson, 79, 1945 Park Ave. 
Finch, Edward Bronson, 91, M. D., Bellevue Hosp. 
Fowler, Franklin Hamilton, 61, M. D., 335 W. 55th. 
Gallaudet, Bern Budd, 80, M. D., 102 W. 85th. 
Gallaudet, Thomas, 42, Rev., D. D., 112 W. 78th. 
Gibson, Breckenridge Stuyvesant, 69, nth St., Williamsbridge, 

(P. O. Box 2563 N. Y.) 
Graves, Harmon Sheldon, 92, 100 Broadway (Coudert Bros.) 


Gundacker, Henry John, 97, Med. Sch. N. Y. Univ. 

Gunning, James Walter, 96, Bellevue Med. Coll. 

Haight, Frederick Everest, 87, Ph. D.,49 Leonard (A. S. Haight&Co.) 

Hall, Arthur Cleveland, 88, 627 Lexington Ave. and Col. Univ. School 

of Polit. Science. 
Hall, Frank De Peyster, 78, 267 Fifth Ave.; 63 Pine. 
Hamlin, Albert Church, 87, Broadway and 18th (W. & J. Sloan^ 
Hamlin, Edward Percy, The Grenoble, 7th Ave. & 56th; Maynard & 

Hamlin, George Newell, 91, ; Room 46, 2 Wall. 

Hartley, George Derwent, 93, ; 120 Broadway. 

Hayden, Charles Conner, 66, 424 W. 23rd. 
Hewitt, James Daniel, 54, M. D., 113 W. 127th. 
Hicks, De Forest, 96, 40 W. 93rd ; West. El. Co., West and Bethune. 
Hicks, James Milnor, 54, 19 Park Place. 
Hicks, William Cleveland, Jr., 91, Rev., 121 W. 91st. 
Hitchings, Horace Baldwin, 54, Rev., Care of Kountz Bros., 120 

Hotchkiss, Charles Erling, 82, 61 Park Row. 
Hull, Albert Steele, 66, Rev., 1030 Forest Ave. 
Humphries, Romilly Francis, 92, Rev., 1446 Washington Ave. 
Huntington, George Sumner, 81, M. D., 50 E. 73rd. 
Huntington, Harwood, 84, Ph. D., ; 159 Front. 

Huske, John, 77, Rev., 139 Madison Ave. 
Hutchins, Robert Hamilton, 90, ; 1 1 1 Broadway. 

Ingalls, Frederick Clark, 99, Coll. Phys. and Surg. 
Jarvis, Samuel Farmar, 89, ; 10 Wall. 

Jones, De Witt Clinton, 54, ; 31 Broad. 

Judd, Charles, 93, Rev., Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 
Kane, Grenville, 75, 50 W. 22nd. 
Kidder, Hugh, 92, M. D., 347 W. 46th. 
Kissam, Edward Van Brunt, 69, ; 237 Broadway. 

Knapp, Henry Alan, 96, with James E. Ward & Co. (Ward Line), 113 

Lampson, Edward Rutledge, 91, M. D., 361 W. 57th. 


Langdon, George Francis, 96, Rev., 

St. Ambrose's Church, Thompson and Prince. 

Langford, William Speaight, 96, Grand Central Depot, N. Y. C. R. R. 

Lewis, Charles Augustus, 93. 

Lewis, John Williams, 93, ; 29 Wall. 

Littell, Elton Gardiner, 99, 635 Park Ave. and Coll. Phys. and Surg. 

Lockwood, Luke Adolphus, 55, 115 Broadway. 

Lockwood, Luke Vincent, 93, Lockwood & Hill, 115 Broadway. 

Mallory, Roland Hawley, 92, ; 47 Lafayette Place (The 


Mason, Alexander Taylor, 81, Bank of America. 

McCook, Edward McPherson, 90, ; Dey St. (Bell Telephone Co.) 

McCook, Philip James, 95, 32 E. 45th; 10 Wall. 

McCrackan, William Denison, 85, 174 W. 58th. 

McLean, Thomas, 75, 95 Madison Ave. 

Miller, Frank Ebenezer, 81, M. D., 121 W. 34th. 

Miller, Hoffman, 80, 29 Wall. 

Mitchell, Samuel Smith, 85, Rev., 300 W. 45th. 

Moore, Charles Edward, 76, M. D., Columbia Grammar School, 50th. 

Morris, Fordham, 64, ; 16 Exchange Place. 

Mowe, William Robert, 70, 42 W. 9th. 

Murray, Ambrose Spencer, 71, 247 Fifth Ave. ; 16-22 William. 

Nelson, William Beebe, 8t, 55 W. 42nd; 280 Broadway (R. 190). 

Nichols, George Gideon, 67, Union Club. 

Olcott, William Tyler, 96, 107 E. 45th. 

Olmsted, Charles Tyler, 65, Rev., D. D., 121 W. 91st. 

Paddock, Robert Lewis, 94, Rev., The Pro-Cathedral, 130 Stanton. 

Parsons, Edgerton, 96, 26 W. 8th; Mather & Co., Average Adjusters 
and Insurance Brokers, 27 William. 

Parsons, Walter Wood, 96, 26 W. 8th; Mather & Co., Average Adjust- 
ers and Insurance Brokers, 2 7 William St. 

Pattison, Arthur Eugene, 80, 134 Duane (Pope Man. Co.) 

Pedersen, Victor Cox, 91, M. D., 327 W. 34th. 

Pelton, Henry Hubbard, 93, M. D., 124 W. 65th. 


Perkins, George Endicott, 81, Cotton Exchange. 

Pulsifer, Herbert Bickford, 97, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 

Puidy, Edward Lawson, 84, 220 W. 59th; in Broadway. 

Schulte, Hermann von Wechlinger, 97, 47 W. 25th ; Coll. Phys. and Surg. 

Schutz, Walter Stanley, Lord, Day & Lord. 

Scudder, Edward Mansfield, 77, 54 Wall. 

Sheldon, William Crawford, 82, 4 Wall. 

Shepard, Charles Norman, 91, Rev., Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 

Smith, Cornelius Bishop, 54, Rev., D. D., 101 E. 69th. 

Smith, Curtis, 99, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 

Smith, John Sabine, 63, "The Broadway," 1425 Broadway; 30 Broad. 

Smith, Robert Hobart, 69, 542 W. 150th. 

Sparks, William Albert, 97, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 

Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, 74, M. D., 327 Amsterdam. 

Stewart, George Taylor, 78, M. D., Metropolitan Hospital. 

Thome, Robert, 85, University Club ; 30 Broad. 

Tracy, Elisha, 55. 

Trowbridge, Charles Christopher, 92, Col. Univ. School of Mines. 

Trowbridge, Samuel Breck Parkman, 8^ y 7 E. 46th. 

Valentine, William Augustus, 72, M. D., 16 W. 32nd. 

Vibbert, William Henry, 58, Rev., D. D., n E. 24th. 

Wagner, Edward Conrad, 94, 124 E. 61st. 

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, 95, M. D., St. Luke's Hospital. 

Warner, Malcolm Clark, 88, 41 Union Sq., W. (E. S. Higgins Carpet Co.) 

Warren, George Thornton, 90, 97 Cedar. 

Washburn, Philip Carter, 96, 118 W. 69th ; Coll. Phys. and Surg. 

Waterman, Edgar Francis, 98, 202 W. 103rd. 

Wilcox, Frederick Peck, 80, 122 W. 79th; 

208 Fifth Ave., Meriden Britannia Co. (Int. Silver Co.) 
Willard, David, 95, Univ. Settlement, 26 Delancey. 
Willcox, Reginald Norton, 99, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 
Williams, Coleman Gandy, 80, 30 Broad. 
Williams, John, 90, Rev., 551 Fifth Ave. 
Wood, Percival Matson, 97, Gen. Theol. Sem., Chelsea Sq. 


Woodward, Charles Guilford, 98, "The Castle," 202 W. 103rd and 

Col. Univ. Sch. of Pol. Science. 
Wright, William George, 91, 146 Broadway. 
Young, Andrew Murray, 82, 267 Fifth Ave. ;Ji5 Wall. 

Niagara Falls. 
Barrows, William Stanley, 84, Rev. 
Cheritree, Theodore Lathrop, 90, 525 Buffalo Ave. 

Sanford, Edgar Louis, 84, Rev. 

Pelham Manor. 
Beecroft, Edgar Charles, 97. 


Whitcome, Francis Banks, 87, Rev. 
Woodin, William Ripley, 58, Hon. 

Riverhead, L. I. 
West, George Washington, 72, Rev. 

Stoddard, Enoch Vine, 60, M. D., 68 S. Washington. 
Washburn, Louis Cope, 81, Rev., D. D., 339 South Ave. 

Saranac Lake, Franklin Co. 
Coleman, Robert Habersham, 77. 

Chase, Francis, 52, Rev. 

Ferguson, Samuel, 96, Gen. El. Co. • 24 State. 
Parsons, Hinsdill, 83, 18 Union St.; Resident Atty. Gen. Elect. Co. 

Crane, Thaddeus, 45. 

Hudson, Robert, 71, Rev., Ph. D., 11 Slocum Ave. 

McConihe, Malcolm Stuart, 92. 

McConihe, Warren, 90, Hon., 7 Washington Place ; 1 Mutual Building. 
Paine, John, 92, 49 Second. 



Pattison, George Bradley, 81, 67 First; 12 First. 

Thompson, Hobart Warren, S3, 115 First; Gen. Chem. Co., Thomp 

son Works. 
Willson, William Croswell Doane, 93, 16 First. 

Douglas, George William, 71, Rev., D. D., Tuxedo Park. 

Brandegee, John Elmendorf, 74, 30 Genesee St. 


Gibson, Breckenridge Stuyvesant, 69, nth St. 

Drane, Henry Martyn, 52. 


Fell, Joseph William, 89, 125 Chestnut. 
Lyman, Augustus Julian, 78, 13 Church. 

Barber, Henry Hobart, 90, Rev. 

Hughes, Isaac Wayne, 91, Rev. 

Bryan, Washington, 75. 
Daves, Graham, 57, General, 
George, Thomas Morduit Nelson, 80, Rev. 

Cheshire, Joseph Blount, 69, Right Rev., D. D. 

Blackmer, William Cole, 78. 

Southern Pines. 
Gregory, Henry Trowbridge, 54, Rev. 

NORTH DAKOTA— Grand Forks. 
Gesner, Anthon Temple, 90, Rev. 

Mayville, Traill Co. 
Ames, Francis Wilbur, 76. 


OHIO — Chillicothe. 
Watson, Samuel Newell, 82, D. D., M. D. 

Cullen, James, Jr., 93, Cin. Ice Co. 
Small, Edwin Francis, 74, Rev., Clifton. 
Stanley, James Dowdell, 77, Rev., 57 Hollister Ave., Mt. Auburn. 

Mather, William Gwinn, 77, 383 Euclid Ave. and Cleveland Cliffs Iron 

Padgett, Percival, 76, University School. 
Smart, John Harrow, 95, "The Livingston," Euclid Ave.; 201 Amer. 

Trust Building. 
Worthington, Edward William, 75, Rev., 34 Cheshire. 

Linen, Robert Walker, 62, • S. Fourth. 

Macauley, George Thurston, 90, 233-237 North High. 

Hills, John Dows, 78, Rev. 

Fischer, Charles Lewis, 60, Rev., D. D., Kenyon Coll. 

Smart, John Harrow, 95. 

OREGON— Ashland. 

Bowdish, James Tinker, 73. 

McCormack, Johnston, 53, Rev. 
Short, William Seymour, 8$ f Rev. 

Eugene City. 
Loveridge, Daniel Everett, 50, Rev. 

Myrtle Creek. 
Lippincott, Walter Vaughan, 7 1 . 

Potwine, William Edward, 79, Rev. 



Reineman, Robert Theodore, 83, 1 6 Lowrie. 

Woodle, Allan Sheldon, 99, Penn. R. R. 

Holbrooke, George Otis, 69, Prof. 

Brown, George Israel, 88, Rev. 

Bowman, Charles William, 87. 

Bryn Mawr. 
Andrews, Charles McLean, 84, Prof. 

Hotchkin, Samuel Fitch, 56, Rev. 
Lord, James Watson, 98, St. Luke's School. 

Carlisle, Cumberland Co. 
Watts, Edward Biddle, 73. 

Hyde, Edmund Morris, 73, Prof., Ph. D., Ursinus College. 

Coleman, Charles Silas, 82, Reed House. 
Reynolds, Lloyd Gibson, 98, 149 E. Fifth. 

Strawbridge, John, 95, " The Wilderness." 
Welsh, Robert Frazer, 95, Hancock St. 

Buffington, Orr, 79. 
Golden, Horace Lee, 83. 

Addis, Thomas Emmett, 99. 

Evans, Sydney Key, 95, Rev. 



Bohlen, Daniel Murray, 82, 416 Walnut. 

Bushnell, Francis Henry, 50, Rev., 109 S. 43rd. 

Child, Clarence Griffin, 86, Ph. D., 2312 De Lancey. 

Cowl, Maurice Ludlum, 8^, Rev., 1606 Mifflin. 

Drayton, William, 71, 704 Walnut. 

Elwyn, Thomas Langdon, 92, 181 1 Walnut. 

Fisher, Sydney George, 79, L. H. D., 328 Chestnut. 

Gowen, Frederick Clement, 82, 119 S. Fourth. 

Hazlehurst, James Wright, 51, 329 Chestnut (Fid. Ins. Tr. & S. D. Co.) 

Holcombe, George Nahum, 96, Rev., 1439 N. 16th. 

Hooper, Peter, 77, M. D., 1904 Tioga. 

Lanpher, Louis Albert, 80, Rev., 1229 Locust. 

Le Roy, Jacob, 69, Rev., Wissahickon Heights. 

Linsley, Arthur Beach, 82, De Lancey School, Pine above Broad. 

Lobdell, Frederick Danforth, 85, Rev., 1606 Mifflin. 

McCouch, Henry Gordon, 75, 664 Bullett Building; 325 Chestnut. 

McKean, Thomas, Jr., 92, 1923 Walnut. 

Mears, James Ewing, 58, M. D., 1429 Walnut. 

Moffett, George Herbert, 78, Rev., 2026 Cherry. 

Morse, Bryan Killikelly, 99, Univ. of Penn. Law School. 

Nelson, Richard Henry, 80, Rev., 717 Pine. 

Onderdonk, Adrian Holmes, 99, 715 Pine. 

Paxon, Henry Clay, 51, 919 Mount Vernon. 

Reynolds, Lloyd Gibson, 98, 715 Pine. 

Shannon, Joseph Wellington, 87, 9th and Walnut; 1414 S. Penn. Sq. 

Tullidge, Edward Kilbourne, 76, Rev., 924 Walnut. 

Van Meter, Allen Reshell, 99, Epis. Div. Sch., West Philadelphia. 

Welsh, Robert Frazer, 95, 306 Drexel Building, 5th and Chestnut. 

White, William Curtis, 97, Epis. Div. School, West Philadelphia. 

Clerc, Francis Joseph, 43, Rev., D. D. 


Blair, William Robinson, 75, Nicholas Building, 450 Fourth Ave. 
Buffington, Joseph, 75, Hon., Judge's Chambers, U. S. Courts. 
Burgwin, Augustus Phillips, 82, 424 Fourth Ave. 
Burgwin, George Collinson, 72, 424 Fourth Ave. 
Burgwin, John Henry King, 77, 424 Fourth Ave. 
Coster, Martyn Kerfoot, 87, Penn Ave. and Fourth ; Univ. Club. 
Coster, William Hooper, 91, Penn Ave. and Fourth. 
Jones, Charles Waring, 81, 408 Grand. 
Jones, Edward Purnell, 77, 64 Grant. 

McKennan, John De Fontevieux, 76, 440 Diamond ; 400 Penn Ave. 
Plumer, Louis Mytinger, 74, 98 Diamond ; St. Nicholas Building. 
Reineman, Robert Theodore, &$, Bakewell Law Building. 

Carpenter, James Stratton, 79, M. D. 

Hiester, Isaac, 76, Sec. Nat. Bank. 
Kurtz, Clarence Morgan, 83, M. D. 
Kurtz, Julian Ellis, 7 7, M. D. 

Benton, Robert Agnew, 64, Rev. 

Holden, Seaver Milton, 82, Rev. 

Young, Frank Raymond, 95, M. D. 

South Bethlehem. 
Frye, Prosser Hall, 89, Prof., Lehigh Univ. 

Howell, George Dawson, 82. 

Anderson, Alexander Hopkins, 87, Co. H., 10th Reg., Penn. Vols. 
Freeland, Charles Wright, 81, Rev., U. S. A. 
Moore, Jairus Alpheus, 97, Co. G., 21st Inf., U. S. A. 


Page, John Henry, Jr., 97, 2nd Lieut., 3rd Infantry. 
Stark, Benjamin, 79, 1st Lieut., 31st Reg., U. S. Vol. Inf. 
Swift, Henry, 69, Rev., Chaplain U. S. A. 

RHODE ISLAND— Apponaug. 
Woffenden, Richard Henry, 93, Rev. 

Pressey, William, 90, Rev. 

Barrington Centre. 
Chapin, William Merrick, 74, Rev. 

Central Falls. 
Rogers, Lucian Waterman, 91, Rev. 

East Providence. 
Yardley, Thomas Henry, 92, Rev. 

Crabtree, Albert, 92, Rev. 

Green, Arthur Leslie, 91, Cloyne House. 

Barber, Frank Marshall, 91, 5 George. 

Williams, Francis Goodwin, 89, Rev. 

Pearce, Reginald, 93, Rev. 

Cooke, George Lewis, 70, Box 1101. 
Downes, Lewis Thomas, 48, 484 Elmwood Ave. 
Downes, Lewis Welton, 88, 484 Elmwood Ave. 
Fiske, George McClellan, 70, Rev., D. D., 86 George. 
Gardiner, Edwin Rhodes, 56, 156 Cypress; 33 Westminster. 
Tingley, George Curtis, 52, 151 S. Angell ; 32 Westminster (Union 

R. R. Co.) 
Wesley, Perley Raymond, 94, 88 America (Davol Rubber Co.) 

Abbott, Charles Wheaton, 49. 



Cole, Frederick Bradford, 93, Rev. 

SOUTH CAROLINA— Charleston. 
Porter, Theodore Atkinson, 76, Rev. 

Bradin, Benjamin Muzzey, 75, Rev. 

TENNESSEE— Tullahoma. 
Edwards, Rodney Miller, 74, Rev. 

TEXAS— El Paso. 
Chase, Horace Russell, 72. 
Du Bois, George Mcllvaine, 74, Rev. 

UTAH— Salt Lake City. 
Shelton, Frank Nathan, 79, 362 Clift Place. 

VERMONT— Bellows Falls. 
Thompson, Henry Rumford, 87, Moore & Thompson Paper Co. 

Graves, Gemont, 49, Rev., 96 Colchester Ave. 

Ailing, Stephen Howard, 92, Rev. 

VIRGINIA— Alexandria. 

Ball, Clarence Ernest, 82, Rev., Grace Church Rectory. 

Gillette, William Wharton, 76. 

WASHINGTON— Lake Cushman. 
Putnam, William Throckmorton, 88. 

Stout, John Kennedy, 70. 
Wells, Lemuel Henry, 64, Right Rev., D. D. 


Barto, Richard Vernam, 82. 
Holbrooke, Stephen, 67. 

WISCONSIN— Delafield. 
Curtis, Robert William, 96, St. John's Mil. Academy. 

Eau Claire. 
Morrison, Palmer Bennett, 94, Rev. 

La Crosse. 
Holway, Orlando, 80. 

Chase, March Frederick, 97, The University of Wisconsin. 

Webb, William Walter, 82, Rev., D. D., Nashotah House. 

Hindley, Robert Clayton, 72, Rev., Ph. D. 
Williams, Alexander John, 96, 309 Sixth. 

WYOMING— Cheyenne. 
Burrage, Frank Sumner, 95. 


Littell, Samuel Harrington, 95, Rev. 

ENGLAND— London. 
Carter, John Ridgely, 83, U. S. Embassy. 

FRANCE— Paris. 
Potter, Louis, 96, 49 Boulevard Montparnasse. 

GERMANY— Gottingen. 
Benton, John Robert, 97, The University. 

Johnson, Woolsey McAlpine, 98, University; Groner Chaussee 13 111 . 

1 t 

MEXICO — Jesus-Maria, Chihuahua. 
Sexton, Thomas Bezaleel, 60. 


Associations of the JHumttt 

« « « 

The Organization of a Michigan Association. 

Fifteen graduates of Trinity College met at the Russell House, 
Detroit, Dec. 9th, 1899, for the purpose of organizing a Michigan 
Association of the Alumni of Trinity College, with Rev. G. E. Peters, 
of the class of 1850, in the chair. The purpose of the meeting was 
enthusiastically discussed and gratifying predictions were made, after 
which an election of officers resulted as follows : 

President — Sidney T. Miller, class of 87. 

Vice-President — N. C. Loveridge, of Coldwater, Mich., class of 86. 

Secretary — A. K. Gage, class of 96. 

Commissioners were appointed to correspond with Trinity College 
and attend to other routine matters connected with developing the 

The Michigan Alumni held a second meeting at the Russell House, 
Detroit, on the evening of March 31st, with about twenty of the 
graduates in attendance. The officers above mentioned were re-elected. 
The Association will hold its meetings hereafter on the second Tuesday 
in June and the second Tuesday in December. 

Dinner of the Boston Association. 

The Boston Alumni Association held its tenth annual reunion and 
banquet at the University Club, Boston, the evening of February 9th. 
The Rev. L. K. Storrs, 63, presided. The association had as its guests 
President Smith and Professor Thomas R. Pynchon, representing the 
college; William C. Skinner, of Hartford, president of the alumni 


association of the college ; the Rev. E. Winchester Donald, D. D., and 
Sherman L. Whipple, Yale, 81. At the business meeting the following 
officers were elected : 

President, the Rev. E. T. Sullivan, 89 ; vice-presidents, W. C. 
Brocklesby, 69, the Rev. William Pressey, 90, and J. H. Goodspeed, 
66 ; secretary, C. C. Barton, Jr., 93 ; treasurer, Horton G. Ide, 94 ; 
executive committee, Robert Walker, 91, C. F. Weed, 94, and J. M. 
McGann, 95. 

Dr. Storrs, in introducing President Smith, called for the toast, 
"Trinity College," which was drunk standing. The president was 
greeted with the college cheer. He spoke of the intense loyalty of 
Trinity's sons. "Our men need not be ashamed," said he, "when 
compared with the men of other colleges. Your enthusiasm renews 
our faith and gives us courage to go on. 

" More students entered Trinity this year than ever before, and the 
number in the academic course is the largest in the history of the college. 
Shall we increase our numbers ? is the question. The old idea was 
never to want more than 100 students. A small college, but one of 
the first class. An increase in students means an increase in expense. 
We lose many earnest men because we cannot compete with other col- 
leges who can give scholarship aid. 

" The character of Trinity would be much changed if we had 300 
students. Some advantages of our present social life would be lacking. 
So there is ground for reluctance. How far we can go without chang- 
ing the character of the college it is hard to determine. If we want to 
grow into a large college we can do so as well as any other college, but 
do we want this ?" 

Professor T. R. Pynchon was introduced as a former president, 
and as one who was of old Trinity. He spoke of the growth of the 
alumni association in Boston. All those present, he said, had been 
pupils of his. He described the college as he remembered it when he 
was a boy. 

Mr. William C. Skinner, president of the alumni association, said 
that, in the development of the body, the college was sadly lacking. 


"What we should have," said he, "is athletic advantages on an equal 
footing with other colleges." 

A letter from Professor F. S. Luther was read, in which the writer 
said that it would require $io,ooo to improve the present grounds. Of 
this amount $3,000 has been subscribed. He urged that a committee 
be appointed by the Boston association to agitate the question and 
work to give the college what it sadly needed. In New York and Chi- 
cago this is being done, and the writer said he felt confident that 
Trinity would soon have what it needed in athletic grounds. 

The Rev. E. Winchester Donald, D. D., and Mr. Sherman L. 
Whipple also spoke. Those present were : 

L. T. Downes, 48 ; G. C. Tingley, 52 ; C. H. Seymour, 52 ; the 
Rev. L. K. Storrs, 63 ; J. H. Goodspeed, 66 ; W. C. Brocklesby, 69 ; 
C. C. Barton, 69; Lorin Webster, 80; E. F. Henderson, 82 ; L. W. 
Downes, 88 ; Wilson Waters, 88 ; E. T. Sullivan, 89 ; A. E. Douglass, 
89 ; William Pressey, 90 ; G. W. Sargent, 90 ; L. W. Rogers, 91 ; Hey- 
ward Scudder, 91 ; W. P. Niles, 93 ; Reginald Pearce, 93 ; C. C. Bar- 
ton, Jr., 93 ; P. R. Wesley, 94 ; H. G. Ide, 94 ; J. M. McGann, 95 ; H. 
W. Allen, 97 j H. W. Hayward, 97 ; J. J. Penrose, 95 ; D. C. Graves, 98. 

The members of the class of 99 resident in New York and vicinity 
have organized an association with a dozen members, which holds 
regular meetings. 

news from the glasses. 

«5 « « 

Dr. Gurdon W. Russell has recently undergone a suc- 
J834 cessful operation for the relief of an affection of the 


Dr. Charles J. Hoadly has recovered from a severe 
illness and has resumed his work in the State Library. 

The Rev. Rums Emery, for twenty-seven years rector 

J 854 of St. Paul's Episcopal Church at Newburgh, N. Y., has 

resigned on account of ill health, and removed to New- 

buryport, Mass., his birthplace. He was tutor in the college from 


Walter Scott Dickson, a retired shoe manufacturer of 
J 855 Salem, Mass., has given Tufts College $50,000 for the 
purpose of establishing a new professorship. The only 
condition attending the endowment is that the Rev. Edwin C. Bolles, 
D. D., of the class of 55 in Trinity College, formerly pastor of the 
First Universalist Church of Salem, be made professor of English and 
American literature, at a salary of $2,000 a year for the rest of his 
natural life. 

The Rev. Edmund Rowland, D. D., rector of St. 
1857 John's Church, Waterbury, read to his congregation 
April 1 a letter, in which he resigned his rectorship, the 
resignation to take effect July 1. Dr. Rowland will complete in June 
his sixteenth year as rector of St. John's Church. He said : " My rea- 
sons are good and sufficient, though not of a kind about which I care 
to say much. I do not wish any one to think, however, that my resig- 
nation is the outcome of any friction between myself and the members 


of my parish." His health is good and he does not intend to give up 

Colonel Robert W. Huntington, 64, has written to 
J864 Secretary of State Huber Clark, acknowledging the 
receipt of the engrossed copy of the resolutions of the 
General Assembly of Connecticut expressing appreciation of his ser- 
vices in the Spanish War. In his letter Colonel Huntington says : " I 
desire to express my profound appreciation of this act, which seems to 
me exactly what I should have most wished to have fully deserved." 
Colonel Huntington was placed on the retired list Jan. 10th, and is 
now in Europe. 

A committee, consisting of Colonel William C. Skinner, 
\Z66 76, of Hartford, George L. Cooke, 70, of Providence, 
and Frederick E. Haight, 87, of New York, has sent out 
a circular to the alumni of Trinity College. The committee was ap- 
pointed at the last meeting of the alumni to draft resolutions express- 
ing appreciation by the alumni body of the services to the college 
rendered by the Rev. Dr. Samuel Hart, 66, who recently resigned the 
chair of Latin to become sub-dean of the Berkeley Divinity School at 
Middletown. The circular is as follows : 

" At the last meeting of the Alumni Association the undersigned 
were appointed a committee to draw up resolutions expressing the sin- 
cere appreciation of the alumni body of the services of the Rev. Dr. 
Samuel Hart during the last three decades. 

" So many of the alumni have expressed the desire that an oppor- 
tunity might be given them to show in a more substantial and lasting 
form their appreciation of the great personal influence Dr. Hart has 
always exerted to develop Trinity men in the line of Christian gentle- 
men, that your committee has decided to raise $5,000, which shall be 
known as the Samuel Hart Library Fund, the income of said fund to 
be used in adding yearly to the library of Trinity College such books, 
manuscripts, etc., as may be selected by the Rev. Dr. Hart, or he fail- 
ing to make selection, by the head of the Latin department, the fund 
to be held in trust by the trustees of Trinity College. 


11 We ask your hearty co-operation that the fund may be subscribed 
quickly and heartily. Let no man think his contribution so small it 
will not be acceptable. 

" Remittances may be made to Professor F. S. Luther, i Columbia 
Street, Hartford, Conn., or to any of the committee. 

The Church Standard of Feb. ioth, 1900, has the following : 

"The second remarkable example of fine art in printery is a nota- 
ble pamphlet containing a brief sketch of the history of the Prayer 
Book, written by Dr. Samuel Hart, issued by James Pott & Co., as a 
souvenir of the 350th anniversary of the first printing in the English 
language of our Book of Common Prayer. In truth this brief volume 
is an edition de luxe, a product of the Merrymount Press, Boston, pre- 
pared under the supervision of the expert who saw through the press 
the edition de luxe of the Standard Prayer Book. The pamphlet con- 
tains a fac-swiile reproduction of the title page of the First Book of 
Edward VI., another of the title of the sumptuous Limited Edition of 
our Standard Prayer Book of 1892. Dr. Hart's brochure, "The 
Prayer Book in English," will be preserved and treasured not only for 
its intrinsic merit, but as a record of the attainment in America of 
high-water mark in printing." 

The Boston Transcript is authority for the statement 
J869 that W. C. Brocklesby has purchased the Frankland 
farm in Ashland, Mass. It comprises 100 acres of land, 
a mansion house, cottage and barns. Mr. Brocklesby intends to make 
extensive improvements and will occupy the mansion as a residence. 
The farm was owned in colonial times by Sir Harry Frankland, who 
also resided there. He was collector of the port of Boston, and the 
place was the scene of the novel " Agnes Surriage." 

At the meeting of the Hartford Association of Yale 

J870 Alumni at the Allyn House, Jan. 26th, with a word about 

the warm place of Trinity College in the hearts of Yale 

alumni, Judge Bennett introduced Professor Flavel S. Luther of Trinity, 

who spoke on " Sister Colleges " as follows : 


" This speech is not to contain a word about athletic sports. I see 
my position as a guest, and feel the impropriety of introducing subjects 
whose consideration will give pain. 

Let me thank you that I am permitted to be here and to say a 
word, not so much about sister colleges as concerning the sisterhood of 
colleges. We are that, are we not ? The colleges are all striving for a 
common end. They are all doing their utmost to train their students 
to be worthy citizens of the great republic ; to be true, loyal and hon- 
orable. We, of the colleges, mean that our students shall know many 
things and shall be the greatest of all things — Christian men and 

There may be a certain fitness in the arrangement whereby a 
Trinity man offers you the greeting and pledges you the good will of 
all your sisters. The relations between your institution and mine have 
always been peculiarly intimate. Mere contiguity would have ensured 
something of the sort, but there is more in our common history. Our 
intimacy was once that of hostility, than which none is closer ; and 
now, for many years, it has been that of sincere and, I am sure, mutual 
friendliness. There was a time, ages ago, when your Congregationalism 
was a bit too exigent for us and when you could by no means abide our 
bishops et al. How far away that seems and how paltry ! We know 
better now. Trinity students to-day go from us to study theology in the 
Congregational seminary, and a son of Yale sits, honored and beloved, 
on the Episcopal throne. We have come to be friends and more. 
Some of us can remember that, twenty-five years ago a proposed closer 
union of the two institutions was carefully discussed. We decided to 
be a sister to you, but we have never formed other, more special ties. 

In a way we are one of your little sisters. You are a big girl in 
the family. In numbers and wealth you far excel us. So you do in 
your expenses. We do the same work ; Yale on one scale, Amherst, 
Bowdoin, Trinity, Wesleyan, Williams, and the rest of us on another 
scale. There should be no rivalry ; there is none, save emulation in 
doing things well. We, of the smaller colleges, are very proud of our 
product. It is hand-made. Our graduates constitute a noble regiment 


in the array of progress. You will find them in the van in commerce 
and industry, leaders in church and state, strenuous in action, valiant in 
war, self-sacrificing in time of trouble. The small colleges, and Yale 
was one of us not long since, have scored their marks deep in the tab- 
lets of American history. Do not forget that the older Yale men of 
whom you are so justly proud, whose fame belongs to all of us, were 
the output of Yale the college, Yale whose students were few, Yale of 
the past. It was inevitable that more students should go to college 
than used to go. All the colleges are larger or dead. Trinity, still a 
small college, now has twice the number of students enrolled fifteen 
years ago j and we mean to double several times and faster. Doubtless 
there is a maximum number of students in excess of which it is not 
desirable that a single institution should accept candidates. Just what 
that number is I do not know, and you are likely to find it before I do. 
Neither can any of us say whether the newer and more comprehensive 
plan is better. I think it is, because I believe that, on the whole, new 
things are better than the old things. Still, we must bear in mind that 
the great gatherings of students under one administration are yet 
experimental. Graduates of such institutions are young, and it does 
not appear what they shall be on the whole. For my own part I thor- 
oughly believe in them, believe in their earnestness, patriotism and 
honor. I am glad that there is such a lot of them ; glad that, notwith- 
standing your later title and increased numbers. the traditions and potency 
of Yale the college still impress the old hall-mark on your handiwork. 

The time draws near, I think, when our universities are to be de- 
voted wholly to graduate work, will become a congeries of professional 
schools, permeated, unified, and vitalized by great armies of those who 
follow learning for its own sake. Such may be your future. When it 
comes you will know what had better be done and will do it. But 
meantime, while you take boys from the high school and train them, 
you will, I know, join hands with the rest of us in working for the per- 
sonal development of personal character. 

Under present conditions the individuality of the graduate bears 
the signature of his college, of Yale and her sister colleges. What the 


effect of the real American university is to be, how potent its influence 
in character building, is yet to be shown. I think I can see strictly 
college requirements reduced in amount, while a wide range of choice 
is given the candidates as to the studies which shall be offered. I think 
the strictly college course is to be made shorter. Both these things 
will make high school work easier and more fruitful. I think I can see 
the universities devoting their resources entirely to providing the broad- 
est opportunities to college graduates. 

Whether I am right or wrong, at present you are of us, the sister- 
hood of colleges. We congratulate you on your prosperity, your noble 
list of graduates, most of all on the unfailing loyalty and faith of all 
who go out from your care. Let us all be sure to keep step with the 
best that is in the world, not forgetful of the new, not seeking academic 
retirement from the strife of living. The colleges and universities 
must touch and bless every sort of labor to accomplish their real mis- 
sion. The farmer, mechanic, merchant, law-giver, engineer, diplomat, 
clergyman, lawyer, physician, and all the rest must find their Mecca at 
the university ; must find there each what he most needs. There are 
scores of learned professions to-day. Our fathers knew but three. 

The university must recognize no degrees of dignity in honest en- 
deavor. I think of this because of your new leader. I have never 
known him as professor. I have to-night met him as president. But 
for many years I have felt that I knew Mr. Hadley, him who under- 
stands about the things which men do, and must do, in setting forward 
the civilization of the world and making it a fit place for human habi- 
tation. I am sure that he can make the university a part of active life 
rather than an escape from it." 

In Common Pleas Court No. 2, Philadelphia, in a case 

J87J tried Feb. 9th, William Drayton, 71, for the plaintiff, 

objected to the competence as a witness of Prof. Persifor 

Frazer, of the University of Pennsylvania, the distinguished expert in 

handwriting. The Philadelphia Times says : 

"While the crier of the court was repeating the customary oath to 
Professor Frazer, Attorney Drayton surprised everyone by interrupting 


the crier and objecting to the witness being sworn until he had been 
examined as to his competency. With the Court's consent Lawyer 
Drayton then proceeded to examine Dr. Frazer as follows : 

"Do you believe in a God who punishes false swearing?" 

" I neither believe nor disbelieve ; I know nothing whatsoever on 
that subject." 

" Do you believe that a God will punish you in a future state if 
you take a false oath?" 

" I have no belief or disbelief on such a subject." 

" Do you believe in a God who will punish you here or hereafter 
for false swearing?" 

" I have no belief or disbelief for or against the existence of a 

Professor Frazer, who had told the crier he would affirm, was then 
asked to explain his reason for preferring not to take an oath, and he 
replied : 

" I regard the ceremony of affirmation which I take before the 
Court and public as an intelligible statement of what I attempt to per- 
form. I understand the oath to amount to the same thing, and under 
any circumstance I believe that my testimony would not differ whether 
I took an oath or affirmation, but my preference for the affirmation is 
that there is no word or combination of words in it which is not per- 
fectly intelligible to all persons whether they believe or don't believe in 
any particular form of religion." 

Attorney Drayton objected to the witness on the ground of incom- 
petency. Attorney Simpson said he was taken entirely by surprise by 
this objection and he had nothing to say. Judge Wiltbank after con- 
sidering the matter asked for authorities on the subject, and Attorney 
Drayton promptly referred him to a number of them. The Judge said 
he would reserve the question for the Court in banc to decide and 
would permit the testimony of Professor Frazer to be taken with the 
understanding that a new trial would be awarded if the full court sus- 
tained Mr. Drayton's objection." 


Judge Joseph Buffington has had printed in a hand- 
J875 some illustrated pamphlet the speech made by him at a 
Princeton alumni meeting in Pittsburgh a year ago, in 
which he rendered so eloquent a tribute to his Alma Mater. He has 
inserted in the pamphlet, on a separate sheet adorned by a picture of 
the college, an earnest appeal to the alumni to visit the college at the 
next commencement, and thus to celebrate the great advance marked 
by the completion of the new Hall of Natural History. Judge 
Buffington's eloquence was again heard at the annual banquet of the 
Yale alumni at Scranton, March 14th. The Scran ton Tribune says : 

" Judge Buffington, a Trinity man, was called upon for a few re- 
marks and, although totally unexpecting the call, entertained the com- 
pany with timely witticisms and stories, and aroused unbounded enthu- 
siasm in a brief speech on the work of the smaller colleges. President 
McKinley, Secretary Root and Postmaster-General Smith were men- 
tioned as some of the products of the smaller colleges. The biogra- 
phies of the country, he said, tell what the smaller colleges have done. 
He concluded by paying a handsome tribute to his own Alma Mater." 

Professor Richard E. Burton has recently published 
J 883 another volume of poems, entitled Lyrics of Brother- 
hood, which mark a steady advance in poetic power. 
His Song of the Unsuccessful in the Outlook for March 3rd has much 
of the spirit and vigor of Villon's Ballade des pendus. 

Edward S. Van Zile's novel, " With Sword and Cruci- 
J884 fix," which first appeared as a serial in Harper's Weekly, 
has had a gratifying success since its publication as a 
book. The London Spectator says of it : "The dismay of the reader 
on finding that the first words of ' With Sword and Crucifix ' concern 
Louis le Grand is quickly turned to relief on speedily learning that the 
loyal subjects of Le Grand Monarque are discussing his character on 
the banks of the Mississippi. The sequel proves to be a stirring back- 
woods story of the seventeenth century, in which Frenchmen, Span- 


iards and Indians of many different tribes are all entrusted with inter- 
esting roles. Louis de Sancerre, the hero, is an attractive French 
gallant, endowed with true French vivacity, bravery and good humor. 
Altogether the story, while not pretending any special subtlety, is 
breezily interesting, and at moments really exciting." 

Frederick Everest Haight, Ph. D., Sec, 1138 Bergen St., 
J887 Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Frederick E. Haight has recently made a short visit to 
Cuba in the interest of his health. Before and since his journey be has 
been busily engaged in securing subscriptions for The Hart Fund. At 
this date he has succeeded in raising about $1,000. 

Married at Buffalo, Jan. 22nd, the Rev. John Stockton 
J890 Littell to Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter 
Townsend Wilson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Belton Home have issued invita- 
J89J tions to the marriage of their daughter, Belle Bartlett, to 
Edwin Franklin Lawton on Thursday, April 19, at St. 
James Church, Winsted. — Dr. Victor C. Pedersen has an article in the 
Medical Record, N. Y., for March 10th, 1900, on "A Means of Ac- 
counting for Laparotomy Gauze Pads." 

Robert Peck Bates, Sec, 596 Division St., Chicago, 111. 
J 893 Married at Buffalo, Jan. 13th, Burton Parker to Mil- 

dred Evelyn, daughter of Mrs. Edward E. Breslyn. 

Philip DeWitt Phair, Sec, Library of Congress, Wash- 
J894 ington, D. C. 

The Rev. Robert L. Paddock, Vicar of the Pro- 
Cathedral in New York, has entitled his annual report, " A few words 
about the Pro-Cathedral — in the most crowded district in the world. A 
statement for busy men and women." The little pamphlet often pages 
is one of extraordinary interest. 


The Pro-Cathedral and Church Settlement is at 130 Stanton St., on 
the lower East Side, about a third of a mile east of the Bowery and just 
below First St. In the one block opposite the Church Settlement there 
are almost three thousand souls. Within a radius of 100 yards from 
Mr. Paddock's study there are ten thousand people. In this district a 
small band of clergy, deaconesses and lay workers are living in a 
neighborly way among the people in a tenement-house near the 
church. They support a creche, a kindergarten, a boy's gymnasium, a 
boy's cooking-school, a boy's club, a school for teaching girls sewing, 
cooking, nursing and general housework, a mens' club of a hundred 
members, societies for women, young and old, a free library, lecture 
courses, and a summer home at Tompkins Cove on the Hudson. The 
leader and inspirer of all this work is our young Trinity graduate, 
Robert L. Paddock. Bishop Potter wrote from the Gaelic, as he was 
leaving San Francisco on the 24th of October, an Introductory Note 
for the report, in which he says : " But most of all, they (the band of 
workers) would wish me, I know, to say how much, under God, we owe 
to him whose singleness of purpose and unsparing devotion to all tasks 
and lives in his various and complex ministry, mixed always, as his 
work has been, with such large patience, wisdom, gentleness and cour- 
age, have inspired all who have worked with him. Our Vicar has 
taught us all how to rule by serving ; and his fellow-workers and fellow- 
givers rejoice that God has given him back to us, after his recent 
critical illness, to be our leader in every service and a blessing to the 
flock, so wide and various, to whom he ministers." 

Philip James McCook, Sec, 32 E. 45 th St., New York. 
i&95 The philanthropic work of David Willard, 95, has the 

following notice from Jacob A. Riis in the Atlantic 
Monthly for Nov., 1899 : 

" For nearly two years the Public Education Association has kept 
school in the Tombs for the boys locked up there awaiting trial. . . 
Their teacher, Mr. David Willard, who was a resident of the University 
Settlement in its old Delancey Street home . . . has his own sound view 


of how to head off the hangman. Daily and nightly he gathers about 
him in the house on Chrystie Street, where he makes his home, three 
hundred boys and girls, whom he meets as their friend on equal 

Henry Woodward Allen, Sec, 1599 Massachusetts 
J 897 Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

E. D. N. Schulte, who received the degrees of M. A. 
and E. E. at the same time from Columbia in 1899, was appointed im- 
mediately afterwards to a position in the Electrical Department of the 
Pennsylvania R. R. at Altoona, Pa. He has just recovered from a 
severe attack of typhoid fever. — Hermann von W. Schulte, Prosector 
in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, has been obliged to inter- 
rupt his studies for a year in consequence of overwork, but has now re- 
sumed them. He is devoting himself especially to anatomy and 
embryology with Prof. George S. Huntington, M. D., Trinity 81, Profes- 
sor of Anatomy in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia 
University. — Samuel Ferguson, of the General Electric Co., Schenec- 
tady, received at the same time the two degrees of M. A. and E. E. 
from Columbia in 1899. — John H.Page, 2nd Lieut. 3rd Infantry, writes 
from Calumpit, Philippine Islands, to President Smith : " I want to 
thank you for your interest in helping me to gain my commission. I 
am in my father's regiment, and it makes my life more pleasant than if 
we were separated in these times of war. I have seen lots of bloodshed 
and lost a great many friends. One of them was Lieut. Keyes, Roose- 
velt's adjutant in the Cuban war. Lieut. Keyes had command of some 
native scouts and I had the advance guard of our troops in an attack 
upon a Philippino stronghold. We were under fire three hours. Keyes 
fell a few feet from me just as we carried the enemy's works. I hope 
to live and see our flag well planted here. Then I want to go back to 
" God's Country " and visit Trinity College. Chaplain Freeman, Mr. 
Moore and I make up the Trinity list so far as I know. Mr. Moore 
has seen some hard fighting, and I hope that he may before long gain 
his straps. As I sit here in my tent in my shirt sleeves, it is, oh ! so 


hot ! I think with regret of your keen cold and deep snow. I hope 
that we may all soon return to America, where the air is cool and 

Julian Stuart Carter was married on Tuesday, February 

\Z9Z 27th, to Aurora Grelaud, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 

Francis Hazlehurst. — H. R. Remsen, of the Episcopal 

Theological School in Cambridge, has been elected President of the 

Harvard Psi Upsilon Club. He has contributed a number of poems 

to East and West. 

toga Reginald Norton Willcox, Sec, General Theological 
Seminary, Chelsea Square, New York. 

«« necrology* *• 

The Rt. Rev. Henry A. Neely, D. D., second bishop of the 
diocese of Maine, and since 1867 a Visitor of Trinity College, died in 
Portland, Oct. 31st, 1899, after a long illness. 

Bishop Neely was born in Fayetteville, N. Y., May 14, 1830. He 
was one of the oldest bishops of the Church in America. He served 
six years, the longest time allowed, as the chairman of the House of 
Bishops. He was graduated at Geneva (now Hobart) College in 1849 
and was ordained a priest in Trinity Church at Utica, N. Y., in 1854. 
He was consecrated bishop of Maine in Trinity Chapel, New York, 
January 25, 1867. 

George Beach, from 1870 until his death a Trustee of Trinity 
College, one of the oldest residents and business men of Hartford, 
died at his home, No. 131 Farmington Ave., on the 16th of July, 1899. 

Mr. Beach was born in Hartford, January 26, 181 2, on Church 
St. He was the eldest son of George Beach and Harriet Bradley, and 
was a lineal descendant of Governor Bradford and George Steele, the 
brother of John Steele. He was also a descendant of William Whit- 
ing, the second treasurer of the State of Connecticut. Mr. Beach was 
educated in the public schools and in early life was engaged in the 
banking business in New York State. Years afterwards he became the 
president of the First National Bank of Hartford, his father having 
been president of the Phcenix Bank for many years. Over thirty years 
ago he became a member of the firm of Beach & Co., which was 
originally Hungerford, Phelps & Beach, the junior member of the firm 
being Mr. Beach's father. The firm of Beach & Co. consisted of 
George Beach, J. Watson Beach and Charles M. Beach. The three 
brothers comprised the firm until the death of J. Watson Beach in 
1887. It was a pioneer in the importing of dye stuffs into this coun- 
try and has been the agent for many years of some of the largest 


houses in England and on the continent of Europe in that line. Mr. 
Beach kept up his interest in the firm until the last days of his life. So 
strong was his vitality that until a year before his death he always 
walked down town in the morning, stopping on the way to do the 
family marketing. 

Mr. Beach was greatly interested in the park system of Hartford 
in its early days, and was chairman of the board of trustees that laid 
out Bushnell Park. Under his supervision the direct system of walks 
was established upon the East park, the land was graded to a much 
higher level than it had originally, and the larger number of the fine 
trees in that section of the park were set out. Mr. Beach at the same 
time beautified his own grounds with specimens of many rare and fine 

Mr. Beach was a member of Christ Church, which he always at- 
tended, and a vestryman. He was for many years a member of the 
board of trustees of Trinity College and was much interested in its 
affairs. He was a strong Democrat but averse to holding public office. 
Several years ago he was nominated as candidate for Congress by the 
Democratic party, leading a forlorn hope. 

Mr. Beach's tall, commanding figure and snowy white hair made 
him a conspicuous figure on the street. He was regarded with the 
highest respect in private and business life. He was careful and sys- 
tematic in business and abstemious in private life, to which facts he 
attributed his reaching such a good old age. He was not a member of 
any club or society, preferring the society of his wife, his books and his 
friends in the family circle. 

Mr. Beach leaves no children, but his wife, who was Miss Fan- 
nie Curtis of New Haven, survives him. An adopted daughter is the 
wife of George H. Seyms of Hartford, of the class of 1872. Mr. 
Beach was married three times. His first wife was Miss Sarah Nichols, 
a daughter of Cyprian Nichols of this city, who died in January, 1873. 
He was married in 1876 to Miss Emily Wood of Washington, D. C, 
the daughter of an English gentleman. She died in 1884. He mar- 
ried Miss Curtis in March, 1888. 


The Rev. Jared B. Flagg, Sr., D. D., who received an honorary 
M. A. from Trinity College in 1864, died in New York, Sept. 24th, 
aged 79. He was the third artist-son of Mayor Flagg of New Haven, 
and was born in that city in 1820. Jared B. Flagg spent a part of his 
boyhood in Boston, where he enjoyed the advantage of association 
with his uncle, Washington Allston. At the age of 17 he began in- 
dependent portrait painting and two years later came to Hartford, 
where he lived ten years. He painted several of the portraits of the 
governors, now hanging in the Capitol. 

In this city Mr. Flagg married Miss Sarah Montague, who died 
two years and six months later. The loss of his wife determined him 
to enter the ministry. At the age of 28 he married again and removed 
to Brooklyn, where in 1849 his son Charles Noel Flagg was born. In 
1852 Mr. Flagg took Holy Orders, and in 1854 had a parish in Bir- 
mingham. In nine months he accepted an invitation to succeed Dr. 
Vinton in Grace Church, Brooklyn Heights, where he remained 
throughout the longest rectorship of the parish. 

Resuming his first profession, from 1870 to 1873 he painted in 
New Haven, and afterwards in New York. Besides his degree from 
Trinity he received the degree of D. D. from Columbia College and 
that of M. A. from Yale. 

Dr. Flagg had a high reputation in portraiture. He painted the 
portrait of Chief Justice Church of New York, which is in the New 
York State Capitol, a portrait of William M. Evarts, and a number of 
portraits of Commodore Vanderbilt. His noted pictures include 
"Holy Thoughts," "Paul Before Felix," and "Angelo and Isabella." 

His finest work in the ideal, however, was achieved when he was 
over 70 years old, in his " Hester Prynne in Prison." 

Mrs. F. J. Kingsbury, wife of the Hon. F. J. Kingsbury of 
Waterbury, Conn., was a member of the Scovill family of that city, 
among the earliest and greatest benefactors of Trinity College. She 
died in New York City Dec. 7th, 1899. She was the eldest child of 
William Henry Scovill, who with J. M. L. Scovill founded in 1854 the 
Scovill Professorship of Chemistry and Natural Science. 


Mrs. Kingsbury was the great-granddaughter of the Rev. James 
Scovill, the first resident rector in Waterbury. 

Mr. James Bruce Powel, president of the Mercantile Bank, 
long one of the depositories of the funds of Trinity College, died at his 
home in Hartford, Friday, Nov. 17th, 1899. 

He was a native of Ireland and was 73 years of age. He came to 
this city in 1848. He was one of the originators of the Bank of 
Hartford County, now the American National. He was also one of 
the originators of the Mercantile Bank. He became the cashier and 
retained the position under five presidents. Mr. Powel succeeded 
President Beach in 1886. The Mercantile was organized March 20, 
1854. It went into voluntary liquidation August 2, 1897. The last 
two years of his life were spent by President Powel in settling the in- 
terests of the bank with the stockholders. The entire amount of stock 
will be paid from the assets. 

Mr. Powel had been a resident of Washington St. since 1855. ^ e 
was twice married. His first wife was Miss Lucinda Ward of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., by whom he had three children, one of them the wife 
of the Rev. James B. Goodrich, Trinity 66, of Littleton, N. H. She 
died March 16th at her home in Littleton. 

The Rev. Robert Brinckerhoff Fairbairn, D. D., 
J 840 LL. D., died suddenly at his home in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
on Friday, January 27, 1899. He was born in New 
York in 181 8, began his academic studies in Bristol College, Pa., and 
graduated at Trinity College in 1840 with a high reputation for scholar- 
ship and the honors of the valedictory. Among his classmates was the 
late Judge Dwight W. Pardee of Hartford, while in the next class was 
his life-long friend, ex-President Thomas R. Pynchon. He studied the- 
ology at the General Theological Seminary,and on his ordination became 
rector of Christ church, Troy, N. Y. In 1853 he became principal of 
the Catskili Academy, and in 1862, soon after the establishment of St. 
Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y., he was chosen its professor of 


mathematics and natural philosophy. In the following year he was 
chosen to be warden (or president) of the college and professor of 
moral philosophy, and he continued in the discharge of these offices for 
thirty-five years, resigning at the commencement in 1898 and retiring 
with the title of emeritus. 

Dr. Fairbairn received the doctorate in divinity from Trinity 
College and also from Columbia and St. Stephen's Colleges, and his doc- 
torate in laws from Delaware College. He published a volume on the 
Invocation in the Communion Office, calling attention to the meaning 
of this feature of the Prayer of Consecration in the American Prayer 
Book; the Paddock Lectures of 1895, on the influence of philosophy 
and logic on the revealed facts of Christian redemption, and one or 
two volumes of college sermons. 

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Levering Franklin, a grad- 
J84J uate of Trinity college in the class of 1841, and a class- 
mate of ex-President Pynchon, died October 29th, 
1899, at his home in Philadelphia, in the 80th year of his age. He 
was active in parochial and city mission work, and was for six years 
editor of The Episcopal Register. His degree in divinity was conferred 
by Hobart College in 1871. 

George Rogers Hall, M. D., died at Milton, Mass., 
J842 December 24, 1899. Dr. Hall received his degree in 
medicine from Harvard University in 1846. His resi- 
dence was for many years in Bristol, R. I., but he spent a large part of 
his time in Florida. 

Twenty-five men were graduated at Trinity College in 1842, many 
of whom attained distinction in their several vocations. Of the whole 
number but three survive, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Gallaudet of New 
York City, the Rev. Charles E. Phelps of New Brunswick, N. J., and 
the Rev. Abraham J. Warner of Angelica, N. Y. 


The Rev. Dr. Alfred Lee Brewer died suddenly in 
J853 San Mateo, Cal., Thursday, Feb. 16th, 1899. He was 
born in Norwich in 1831. His first parish was in Yan- 
tic, whence he removed to Detroit, where for many years he was pastor 
of the Mariners' Church. In 1866 he went to San Mateo, Cal., and 
founded St. Matthew's Hall, a military school of which he was rector. 
He received the degree of doctor of divinity from Trinity College in 

The San Jose Daily Mercury of Sept. 3, 1899, gives 
\Z57 the following notices of Ashbel Smith Kittredge, 
Judge of the Superior Court of California, who died at 
Pacific Grove, California, Aug. 25th, 1899, aged 62. 

"Ashbel S. Kittredge was born in New Hampshire in 1837. When 
he was but little more than an infant his parents emigrated to Tennes- 
see, and Memphis in that State became his adopted home. He was 
sent to Connecticut to complete his education, and graduated from 
Trinity College, Hartford, in 1857. After his graduation he returned 
to Memphis, and in i860 began the practice of law. 

When the Civil War broke out Mr. Kittredge enlisted in the Fourth 
Tennessee regiment of the Confederate army. He served first with 
General Leonidas Polk, under whose command he fought at the battle 
of Belmont. He next served under General Albert Sydney Johnston. 
At the battle of Shiloh he received a wound that retired him from ser- 
vice about four months. After his recovery he was attached to the 
command of General John C. Pemberton. He was at Vicksburg dur- 
ing the siege, and when that place was captured by General Grant he 
was taken prisoner. When released he went to Texas with the Second 
regiment of that state. He was soon in active service again, this time 
under General John B. Magruder. His immediate commander was 
Colonel David S. Terry, afterward a Justice of the Supreme Court of 
California. While stationed at Galveston he was captain on the staff of 
the officer in command of the post. It was at this place that he sur- 
rendered at the close of the war. 


In 1865 he returned to Memphis and resumed the practice of his 
profession. Seven years later he came to California, taking up his 
home at Watsonville, Santa Cruz county. He practiced law in that city 
fifteen years. 

He came to San Jose in 1887 and opened a law office. In 1891 
he formed a partnership with Louis P. Krafft, the firm being known as 
Kittredge & Krafft. The firm built up a large and profitable business, 
and the partnership continued until 1896, when it was broken by the 
death of Mr. Krafft. In 1890 Mr. Kittredge, who had always been an 
uncompromising Democrat, was one of the candidates of his party for 
Superior Judge, but was defeated. In November, 1896, he was elected 
a member of the Board of Freeholders, which body framed the new 
city charter which now governs the city. 

Although always a Democrat in politics, Judge Kittredge was never 
a bitter partisan. The Legislature of 1897 passed a bill creating the 
third Superior Court department in Santa Clara county, and Governor 
Budd appointed A. S. Kittredge to the position. The wisdom and 
popularity of the choice was confirmed in a most convincing and grati- 
fying manner by the people at the election held in November last. By 
a handsome majority Judge Kittredge was chosen to remain in the po- 
sition to which he had been appointed. His nomination by the Demo- 
crats was confirmed by the Good Government League, and the People's 
Party also endorsed him. 

Judge Kittredge was a consistent Christian gentleman throughout 
his whole career. For many years he has been a communicant in the 
Episcopal Church and an active member and vestryman of Trinity 
church in San Jose. He took much interest in the organization and 
was a great aid in the church's material affairs." 

" The announcement came as a great shock to all classes in this 
community yesterday that Superior Judge A. S. Kittredge was no more. 
Seldom has a man in any community so thoroughly won the confidence 
and esteem of all as has Judge Kittredge both in private and public life 
in San Jose. The shock of the announcement of his death was the 
greater because there had been no preparation for it through any appre- 


hension that his illness was serious. Although he had been indisposed 
for two weeks his death seemed sudden to his hosts of warm friends 
and acquaintances in this city and county. 

The high standing and ability of the lamented deceased as a law- 
yer and judge was recognized by all his associates in the profession. 
His clear and able opinions always won for him the highest admiration 
and respect. With a dignity and carriage that was commensurate with 
his position and standing in the community, he combined a rare kind- 
ness and affability that won the esteem of all with whom he came in 
contact in any capacity. Young attorneys found in him a friend and 
kindly aid in the difficulties that often beset them in court, and old 
practitioners entertained the greatest confidence in his ability, his ster- 
ling integrity being entirely beyond question at all times." 

.£_. The Living Church has the following notice of John 

Peck Case Shaw : 


These words were said over the casket of the late John P. C. 
Shaw, who departed this life in Wickford, R. I., Dec. 15th, 1899. 

He was born in Wickford, Dec. 30th, 1850; the only son of Dr. 
William A. Shaw and Ann P. Case, and in the paternal line descended 
from Gov. William Brenton, Roger Williams, and Gov. Cranston. His 
education was at Cheshire Academy and at Trinity College. After his 
graduation he was head master at De Veaux for six years. 

He was a candidate for Holy Orders in the Church, but failing 
health prevented the fulfillment of his purpose to preach the Gospel. 

A beautiful tribute to his memory was the presence, at his funeral, 
of many friends from afar, who knew and loved him well. Among 
these were five clergymen, two of whom assisted in the burial service, 
and one of whom, the Rev. Dr. Fiske, was his colleague at Trinity. 

Mr. Shaw's fine, intellectual culture and delicate, gentlemanly 
manner made him a delightful acquisition to the social circle. To his 
refinement and politeness was added a genuineness that betrayed more 
of heart than of mere good breeding and conventionality, so that he 


was sought and cherished, not for the simple diversion of the hour, but 
rather as an all-time friend who could never be forgotten or dropped. 
In the sanctity of his home his rare tenderness and affection were felt 
as nowhere else in all the world — so sweet, so gentle, so invariable. 
He will be sadly missed by all who have had the privilege and happi- 
ness of any connection with him. But, thank God ! he has only "gone 
before," and the time is coming when we shall see his face again, and 
together rejoice in a most blessed reunion in the land of everlasting 
light and love. f. b. g." 

Dr. William Welsh Vibbert died at his home in 
f 894 New York City on Monday, March 26th, 1900, from an 
attack of heart disease, aged 27 years. He was the son 
of the Rev. Dr. William H. Vibbert, vicar of Trinity Chapel. His 
mother, who died when he was young, was a daughter of the late 
William Welsh of Philadelphia. He won many friends while he was 
a student here and took a high stand in his class. After graduation he 
studied at the College of Physicians and Surgeons and received his de- 
gree in medicine in 1897 with a credit which led to an honorable posi- 
tion in hospital work. The funeral was attended on Wednesday, March 
28th, at 10:30 o'clock at Trinity Chapel, New York. 

Frederick MacDonald Goddard, youngest son of 
J896 the Rev. E. N. Goddard of Windsor, died from typhoid 
fever, in Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. 10th, 1899, in the 25th year 
of his age. He was born in Portlandville, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1875. He 
prepared for college at Rock Point Episcopal Institute in Burlington, 
and graduated from Trinity College in 1896, where he was awarded the 
Russell fellowship, one of the highest honors conferred by the college. 
During the following year he pursued a post-graduate course at 
Trinity, paying much attention to electrical study and investigation. He 
then went to Gottingen to continue his special study in the same 
direction, returning to this country last May, being called to Pittsburg 
by the Westinghouse Electric Company to continue in their employ 


experimental work, begun by him in Europe, upon a new electric lamp. 
His death occurred in Mercy hospital after an illness of a little more 
than two weeks. Hopes were entertained and encouraged of his re- 
covery until the afternoon of the 9th, when a sudden change for the 
worse occurred. His body was taken to Windsor, and funeral services 
were held in St. Paul's church on Friday, the 12th. 

Though quiet and studious by nature, Mr. Goddard yet possessed 
social traits and manly characteristics that made him warm friends 
wherever he went. His training and ability, and the successes already 
attained by him warranted for him the prediction of a brilliant career. 

George Sheldon McCook, son of Professor John J. 

J 897 McCook, died in Paris, France, early on Monday, Jan. 
8th, 1899, of pneumonia. His father received a tele- 
gram on the 5 th, announcing his illness, and another soon after giving 
some details as to his serious condition. Professor McCook and his 
son, Dr. J. B. McCook, left for Paris immediately, sailing for Liverpool 
on the 6th. 

George Sheldon McCook was born in Niantic, at the summer home 
of his parents, May 20, 1875. He passed from the Charter Oak and 
South schools to the Hartford Public High School, where he was a 
member of the class of 1893. From the high school he entered Trinity 
College and graduated with honors in the class of 1897. He was 
instructor at Holdemess school in New Hampshire for a year. 
In 1898 he went with the First Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, in 
the war with Spain, serving with Company F, and was a great favorite 
with the men of the command. Returning from the war he en- 
tered upon the study of architecture under the direction of Charles 
Noel Flagg and established an office in this city. He concluded, how- 
ever, further to fit himself for his profession, and last autumn went to 

Paris, where he was studying for entrance to the Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
when he was taken ill. 

"In college he left the record of a good student and a manly 
character. He was connected with many of the college organizations, 


was a dashing football player and a prominent member of the Glee 
Club. Many will remember the announcement at the Trinity Class Day 
that George Sheldon McCook had been voted to be the best loved 
member of his class. ' He has shown us,' said the speaker, ' how to 
enjoy one's self without neglect to duty j how to be popular without 
sacrificing principle.' The life that taught such things to young men 
has been fruitful. It spanned only twenty-four years ; but it cannot be 
forgotten nor become of no avail. He possessed a singularly sweet 
and winning personality." 

The foregoing tribute is from Professor Luther. Professor John- 
son wrote of Mr. McCook : 

" He was a young man of fine character and abilities. He leaves 
many friends and a precious memory. He was a consistent and ear- 
nest Christian, and a thoroughly upright, honorable young man." 

The funeral was held from St. John's church in East Hartford on 
the afternoon of Jan. 31st. It was preceded, at 9 o'clock in the morn- 
ing, by the celebration of the Holy Communion, Bishop Chauncey B. 
Brewster and Professor Luther conducting the services. The purple 
pall was marked with a white cross. Flowers were numerous and of 
remarkable beauty. The body remained in the edifice during the day, 
details from the membership of St. Agnes Guild remaining with it. 

The Right Rev. Chauncey B. Brewster, President Smith, and Pro- 
fessors Luther and Ferguson conducted the funeral services. The 
hymns sung were "There is a Blessed Home" and " Abide with Me." 
The attendance was very large, many being present from distant places 
as well as from this city and from East Hartford. 

The body rested in a plain oak coffin with a plate bearing the 
French inscription, which was placed there before the arrival of Profes- 
sor and Dr. McCook in Paris, and to this was added a plain Latin cross 
bearing the name, dates of birth and of death and the words, " Love, 
Rest and Home," with the sacred monogram. 

Among the many flowers were those from ' Tent 8,' Mr. 
McCook's mess during the war j Company F, First Connecticut 
Volunteer Infantry, in which he enlisted ; the present Hartford 


City Guard, and the Verein of Hartford. There were also a standing 
cross from the parish, and a wreath sent from Paris by Mr. McCook's 
fellow students in the Atelier. This was tied with a broad purple rib- 
bon and bore the inscription : " Les eleves de' V Atelier Godefroy et 

C. Shiras Morris, Archibald M. Langford, John T. Robinson, Her- 
bert A. Ross, George M. Colvocoresses, Hans C. Owen, Edward C. 
Green and Robert S. Starr were the bearers. Of these, Messrs. Lang- 
ford and Starr were classmates of Mr. McCook in the class of 97 in 
Trinity College. Messrs. Colvocorresses, Ross, Owen and Green were 
tentmates of Mr. McCook in Company F, First Connecticut Volunteer 
Infantry. Mr. Morris was a graduate of Trinity in the class of 96. 
Both he and Mr. Owen were members of the Psi Upsilon fraternity, to 
which Mr. McCook belonged. 

The interment was in the Old North Cemetery. 

notes of Progress, 

* <£ tS 

The Trinity Tablet is the chronicle of the varied and joyous life 
of the college, with its happy union of intellectual work greater in 
quantity and better in quality in each succeeding year, athletic enter- 
prise, and social festivities. Alumni and faculty alike join in the 
interest of the undergraduate in the paper that has been the only pub- 
lication save the Catalogue and the Ivy to bear the name of the 
college. This Bulletin, should it be deemed wise to continue it, 
will not intrude upon the field of the Tablet, as the college newspaper 
and monthly magazine. In its chronicle of events the Bulletin will 
note in general only those which seem to furnish evidence to the grad- 
uates that the college is advancing towards the fulfillment of their 

First among these is the approaching completion of the stately 
and spacious Hall of Natural History. The open winter has been 
singularly favorable for the work. The whole building will surely be 

completed before Commencement. Some gradu- 
The Hall of ates familiar with the plans for the great quad- 
Natural History, rangles will feel a pang in the thought that the 

structure is not part of the south side of the 
Great Quadrangle and entirely conformed to the original scheme. 
The great idea of Burgess can rest and gather strength from waiting. 
Meantime, as a building adapted to the practical needs of a progress- 
ive college in the first half of the present century, the Hall of Natural 
History must excite the congratulation and stir the enthusiasm of every 
graduate. The exterior is dignified, the interior a revelation of 
opportunity. The architect has combined most happily the problem 
of uniting a museum with many laboratories for the practical study of 
biology, botany, geology and mineralogy. The floors devoted to 


museum purposes, lighted by windows occupying a large part of the 
southern wall, promise delight as well as instruction. The laboratories 
will furnish every opportunity for the most advanced practical work to 
at least three professors, one of biology, one of botany, and one of 
geology and mineralogy. The hope that the college may at some time 
have able professors in each of these three departments seems no 
more chimerical than would have been a few years ago the expectation 
of having such buildings as the Jarvis Laboratory and the Hall of 
Natural History. 

The present collegiate year has been marked by a notable advance 

in the administration of the Library. A special professional librarian 

has devoted his whole time to the promotion of the efficiency of the 

library as an adjunct to the work of the college. 

Progress in the The quinquennial catalogue records the names of 

Library* thirteen librarians, some of whom have rendered 

the college great services. Dr. Hoadly was libra- 
rian from 1854 to 1855, and from that time to this has shown an inter- 
est in the library and a benevolence towards it that have given it many 
of its greatest literary treasures. Professor Pynchon was librarian 
from 1857 to 1882 and was instrumental in adding many valuable 
works. The Rev. Dr. Barbour, as librarian from 1873 to 1889, rendered 
the library a service never to be forgotten in having been the first to 
make the modern card catalogues of authors and of subjects and to 
classify the books in accordance with the present system. During the 
eleven years since Dr. Barbour's withdrawal Dr. Hart rendered great 
aid in his general superintendence and guidance, but much of the 
work was done by untrained though well-wishing student amateurs, 
varying widely in intelligence and accuracy. Grotesque errors of clas- 
sification crept in. Books were practically lost by misplacement. The 
library was opened so short a time each day that the advantage of its 
possession was greatly diminished. No one but Dr. Hoadly, Dr. Hart, 
or Dr. Barbour had any appreciation of the great bibliographical treas- 
ures scattered about the shelves. The greatest need of all, that of a 
man able and willing to guide the students in the use of books was not 


met. During the past collegiate year the whole contents of the library 
have been examined anew. The college knows once more what it has 
and where it is. The students have been helped to use books and have 
used them more than ever before. The library hours have been from 
10-12 and from 2-5 on every secular day, thus affording a better 
opportunity for consultation. 

The Hon. Charles J. Hoadly, LL. D., the State Librarian, has as 

usual been the most generous benefactor of the 

Gifts to the library. His gifts during the present collegiate 

Library from year have been the following : 1. Junianus Maius. 

Dr. Hoadly. In Librum de priscorum proprietate verborum 

Prologus. Tarvisiae (Treviso), 1477. Folio. 

Beautifully illuminated. 

2. Syllius (sic) Italicus. Punicorum Libri XVII. Venetiis. 1492. 

3. De gedenkwaardige Reisen van den beroemden Capiteyn Johan 
Smith na Virginien. Leyden, 1707. 

4. Chymica Vannus. Amstelodami, 1666. 

5. Collection of State Papers Relating to Affairs in the Reigns of 
Henry VIII and Elizabeth, 1542-1596, left by William Cecil, Lord 
Burghley, 2 vols. London, 1740-59. 

6. State Tracts Published on Occasion of the Late Revolution in 
1688 and During the Reign of King William III, 3 vols., London, 

7. Platonis Codex Oxoniensis Clarkianus 39, Vol. II., Leyden, 

8. Sir Ralph Winwood. Memorials of Affairs of State in the 
Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and James I., 3 vols., London, 1725. 

One and two are noteworthy additions to the collection of incuna- 
bula, or works printed before 1500, of which the library possesses 
between twenty-five and thirty. In the Harvard library there are said 
to be one hundred and fifty-seven. In the libraries of the world there 
are about twenty thousand. All are eagerly sought by bibliophiles. 


No. 3 is a Dutch translation of Captain John Smith's Voyage to 
Virginia in 1606, and contains a reproduction of the curious map and 
cuts of the original. 

No. 4 is an interesting old work on alchemy. 
Nos. 5 and 6 are beautiful copies and No. 6 is especially valuable, 
as the three volumes are not often found together, most sets lacking 
either the second or the third. 

No. 7 is the continuation of a previous gift of Vol. I. of the fac- 
simile of the best manuscript of Plato. 

General William B. Franklin has given to the library his personal 
set in 123 vols, of "The Official Records of the Union and Confed- 
erate Armies during the War of the Rebellion," 
Gifts of and many other important government publications, 

Gen* Franklin* including a full set of the Reports of the Commis- 
sioners to the Paris Exposition of 1889, at which 
General Franklin was the United States commissioner-general. 
Included also in this gift were the reports of several of the French 
commissioners, among them the very important and valuable one of 
A. Alphand, entitled " Monographic des palais, jardins, constructions 

diverses et installations generates." 
Gift of Sidney Mr. Sidney T. Miller of the class of 1885 has 

T. Miller, Esq*, also given a complete set in 123 vols, of "The 
of Detroit. Official Records of the Union and Confederate 

Armies in the War of the Rebellion." 
Mary Pickering Nichols of Boston has given her translation of 
Gudrun, and Emily Sedgwick Welch of Norfolk 
Other Gifts* the privately-prnted Memoir of Major-General 
John Sedgwick, U. S. A. 
The library has also received from unknown donors the following 
gifts : 

Memorials of Edgar B. Lewis, late of the Junior Class, Trinity 
College, and of the 19th Regiment, C. V., Hartford, 1863. 

Scribner's Monthly Magazine, March, 1876. (This number con- 
tains an illustrated article on Trinity College by W. C. Brocklesby, 69.) 


Trinity Ivy, 1873-74, 1875-6. 
General Catalogue of Trinity College, 1862. 
The Trinity Tablet, vol. 3, 1870; vol. 4, 1871. 
As it is desirable that there should be gathered together in the 
library everything relating to the college and its alumni these gifts are 
particularly welcome, and this opportunity is taken of thanking the 
anonymous givers with the regret that their modesty prevents the in- 
scription of their names on the labels in the books. 

The completion of the Hall of Natural History and the removal 
of the collections in the Museum to the new building will make 
available for the purposes of the now crowded 
Plans for the Use library a large additional space. Plans have been 
of the Present prepared according to which shelving will be fur- 
Cabinet or nished on the second floor for 17,000 volumes, 
Museum as Part while alcoves on the ground floor will contain the 
of the Library* most necessary books of reference in each of the 
great departments of study. The space between 
the two lines of alcoves will afford a reading-room seventy feet long 
and about fifteen wide. In addition there will be a smaller reading- 
room adjacent to the larger. The larger reading-room proposed in 
these plans would be one of the most beautiful in the country. 

It is a token of progress for Trinity to send her professor of 

astronomy with a pupil trained by him to join in the observation of the 

total eclipse of the sun, which will take place May 28th. Professor 

Luther will take with him Simon Lewis Tomlinson 

Trinity and of Hartford, the valedictorian of the present senior 

the Eclipse* class. Professor Luther will be stationed at 

Winston, N. C, a point about thirty miles from 

the coast and almost centrally located in the path of totality. 

He will take photographs of the sun's corona and will make what 
observations are possible. Professor Luther and his assistant will be 
prepared to do all their photographing and make all their observations 
during the brief period with the greatest dexterity possible. The 
exposures will be very short. In latitude 40 the duration of totality 
can barely equal six and one-quarter minutes. 


December 6, 1882, the German Imperial Commission made an 
observation of the transit of the planet Venus on the Trinity grounds, 
just south of the present college observatory. The event is commemo- 
rated by a sandstone monument suitably inscribed. 

Reference to the College Catalogue will show that the mainten- 
ance of the range of elective studies offered by Trinity College 
involves a great amount of teaching. While the college library in pro- 
portion to the number of its volumes is very rich 
Scientific in isolated works of value, no endeavor has 

and Literary hitherto been made to furnish the faculty, by the 
Work* purchase of the necessary works in individual de- 

partments, with the apparatus of research. Among 
the conditions of scientific and literary production are limitation in the 
hours of teaching, rigid specialization of departments, apparatus for 
experiment, and ready access to all authoritative literature bearing 
upon the subject under investigation, especially the great scientific and 
philological journals of Europe. At their spring meeting the Trustees 
passed a resolution inviting the preparation of lists of imperative needs 
of the Library, a suggestion of progress. 

Meantime Trinity College has made a few contributions to scien- 
tific advance and has two more under way. Professor Robb has read 
three distinctly scientific papers containing original results during the 
past year. At the last annual meeting of the National Electric Light- 
ing Association in New York City in June, 1899, he read a paper on 
Rotary Transformers and Storage Batteries as related to the Long Dis- 
tance Transmission of Power. At the September meeting of the 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers he read a paper on Series 
Arc Lighting from Constant Current Transformers. At the meeting of 
the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers in Hartford in December 
he read a paper on Recent Water Power Development on the Farmington 
River. He continues to act as the Consulting Engineer of the Hart- 
ford Electric Light Co., and has been called in consultation by a num- 
ber of other important corporations. The Hartford Electric Light 
Co. was the first in America to transmit power a considerable distance- 


All the electricity for lighting Hartford and most of that used in the 
factories is developed on the Farmington River at a distance of eleven 

The late Professor Frederick DeForest Allen, the editor of the 
Hadley-Allen Greek Grammar, planned and began a shorter Greek 
grammar that was to present some new features prompted by the most 
recent advances of Greek philology and give an improved modern state- 
ment of some traditional material. This work Professor Babbitt has 
almost finished. It will be published in the autumn by the American 
Book Co. The same publishers are issuing for Professor Johnson a 
Manual of English and of American Literature. Dr. Mixter has well 
under way a History of English Economic Theory with special refer- 
ence to Overproduction and Overaccumulation. Charles Scribner's 
Sons have published for Mr. Honey Parts I and II of First 
Principles of Linear Perspective and report a favorable recep- 
tion of the book by colleges and schools. Mr. Pynchon has 
published in the Connecticut Magazine, of which he is an assistant 
editor, a series of articles on The Iron Industries of Connecticut, and 
in the number of Bird Lore for February an article entitled " Everyday 
Study of Birds for Busy People, including a Method of Recording 

Mr. Carlton is the author of the Introduction to a facsimile 
reprint by the Acorn Club of a remarkable little book of the Colonial 
Era, " A Short Catechism Drawn Out of the Word of God." 

The title page states that the catechism was by " Samuel Stone, 
minister of the Word at Hartford on Connecticut." The imprint says 
that it was printed in " Boston in New England by Samuel Green 
for John Wadsworth of Farmington 1684." 

The Acorn Club is organized for the purpose of printing in form 
to have a typographical resemblance to the originals, rare books and 
ancient documents and to print documents from original manuscripts. 
M Samuel Stone's Catechism " is a very rare book, only two copies of 
the original being in existence. The club has had one hundred 
copies printed. 


In the biographical sketch of the Rev. Samuel Stone in the volume 
it is stated that he was a native of Hertford, England, the son of John 
Stone, a free-holder of that place. He was born in 1602. He was 
educated at Cambridge University. He accompanied Thomas Hooker 
to this country, and with him came from Newtown, Mass., to the banks 
of the Connecticut River, where they founded Hartford. Mr. Stone's 
view of church government was said to be "a speaking aristocracy in 
the face of a silent democracy." He died in 1663. The doctrines in 
the Catechism are stoutly orthodox. 

Professor Babbitt was elected in November a member of the 
Council of the Archaeological Institute of America. 

In her Gymnasium and Athletic Field Trinity College recognizes 
the necessary connection of physical develop- 

Athletics. ment and intellectual training. There is a special 

significance in the enterprise which prompts 
the students to engage in athletic competitions with institutions 
scarcely one of which is not much larger. It presages the time 
when the greater Trinity will contend with her sister institutions on 
equal terms in every department of effort. Professor Luther has in- 
terested himself in the task of raising $10,000 with a view especially to 
the improvement of the Athletic Field. It is greatly in need of drain- 
age. About $3,000 have been subscribed. 


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This book should be returned to 
the Library on or before the last date 
stamped below. 

A fine of five cents a day is incurred 
by retaining it beyond the specified 

Please return promptly.