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Full text of "Trinity College School Record 2005"

- — ^ ^ Goosg ^ 




^'» ^^':fr 





Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Trinity College School 


The Record 


Volume 108 

Trinity College School 
Port Hope, Ontario 


1^ \>wV^ 




I 111- liciDril J(l()5 
*'"''"=i"il. .,..„ ,, 


The Record 2005 

■M'CDtPcnjKLMoPQRsTL,,.,,.^^^ ' 

^ I The Record 2005 

rA \ |r. "EFoHlJKL^.oPQRSTL•^Av^•^■ 

'^ © -cord'OOS 

•■ )■■,- ^,, 

isfuxivxvz V^ V^^'^^ 


J Our houses are such unwiel 
'■' imprisoned rather than hous 



'd 2005 





"»^«o„^" "'"='•' 

""*•"".. f„ 





. _ , """'^ To t* 

IS ■ Uff: = 

fdu* ^. j^^j 


Father Don Aitchison 


Sarah Al-Haddad 

Associate Faculty 

Drew Allen 

Economics & Bickle HM 

John Anderson 


Tim Ayone 

Computer Studies 

Tyler Bailey 


Tucker Barton 

Social Science & Drama 

Tanya Beck 

Athletics & Rigby HM 

Kelli Botrie 


Barbara Brough 

Social Science & 

Scott Asst. HM 

David Brown 


Melanie Brown 


Michel Cameron 

Languages & Brent HM 

Aubrey Christ 

Ketchum Asst. HM 

Courtney Christ 

Social Science 

Angle Collins 

Health & Phys. Ed 

Pam Dew 


Dr. Michael DuBroy 


Daniele Dumont-Brown 

Junior School 

Alison Elliott 

Junior School 

Paul Elsley 

Dean of Academics 

Steph Feddery 

Math & Science & 

Wright HM 

Stuart Grainger 


Bruce Grandfield 


Andrew Gregg 


Andrew Hall 

English & Philosophy 

Josh Hamilton 


Suzanne Hamilton 

Languages & Scott HM 

Rachel Hands 

Languages & 

Rigby Asst. HM 

Michael Harding 

Associate Faculty 

Tim Hay 

Health & Phys. Ed 

David Hayter 

Math & Bickle Asst. HM 

Myke Healy 

Social Science 

Brian Hedney 


Renee Hillier 

Social Science & 

Wright Asst. HM 

Dr. Greg Hodges 


Rob Hollett 

Math & Science 

Neil Hunter 

Music & Junior School 

Dave Ingram 

Social Science & 

Bethune Asst. HM 

Kalen Ingram 

Associate Faculty 

Lois Jackson 


Keara Jakic 

Math & Science 

Lily Kalcevich 

Associate Faculty 

Peter Kedwell 


Blair Keiser 

Computer Studies & 

Bethune HM 

Andrea Kelly 

Social Science & 

Burns Asst. HM 

Clockwise from top left: 

-Hodges coaching 

-Mrs. Dew taking a road 


-The Faculty trying to be 


-Mr. Hollett telling him it's 

all wrong! 

-Mr. Robert doesn't have to 

bend too far 

Opposite page clockwise 
from top left: 

-Mr. Gregg, Mr. Hay and 
Mr. Mills celebrating as 
the grads leave 
-The Trangotts think 
they're innocent 
-Ms. Collins lays oot the 
roles for Mr. Cameron 
-Drama teachers Mr. 
Walker and Tncker get all 
dressed up 

-V-wall having some tron- 
ble with those Timbits 
-Yhardo chillin' 
-Hedney enjoys a nice cup 
of tea while Becca pre- 
tends she's cool 
-Watto shows his true 

Kathy LaBranche 
Tom Langford 
Elaine Large 
Ross Large 
Aileen Lee 
Evan Legakis 
Meg Long 
Gail Malenfant 
Erin McAleenan 
Heather McClure 
Cory McKercher 

Laura Miller 
Randy Mills 
Stacey Moore 
Ange Murray 
Steve Murray 
Anne O'Regan 
Amelia O'Seasnain 
Ron Parker 
Jennifer Paziuk 
Brock Phillips 
Barbara Piccini 
Vincenza Pontieri 
Colin Powles 
Jennifer Powles 
Peggy Poynton 
Bob Ramsay 
Jennifer Reid 
Chris Robert 
Nicolene Robert 
Miles Rowland 
Jessica Salt 
Stephen Schmidlin 
Kevin Shaughnessy 
Mike Stevens 
Harry Stooshinoff 
Shelagh Straughan 
Lauren Taylor 
Scott Taylor 
Larry Thornton 
Kaye Torrie 
Rick Traugott 
Sue Traugott 
Mike Vanderwal 

BUI Walker 
Ian Watt 
Tim White 
David Wills 
Sarah Wright 
Brad Yhard 


Math & Orchard HM 


English & Hodgetts HM 

Math & Science 


Associate Faculty 


Associate Faculty 

Junior School 

Social Science & 

Orchard Asst. HM 

Academic Support 

Organist & Bells 

Social Science 

Burns HM 

Junior School 


Associate Faculty 



Junior School 

Head of Junior School 


Junior School 

Health & Phys. Ed 

Junior School 

Computer Studies 

Junior School 

Social Science 


Associate Faculty 


Junior School 

Associate Faculty 








Computer Studies 

Ketchum HM 

Science & Health & 

Phys. Ed & 

Bethune Asst. HM 


Dean of Student Life 

Director of Athletics 


Associate Faculty 

Science & Brent Asst. HM 

Back L-R: J. Frostad, D. Moulton, 
B. Glassco, B. Rowen 

Front L-R: K. Frackowiak, A. 
Kelamis, Mr. Grainger, B. Swift, 
K. WUcox 

Heads Of Houses 

Back L-R: C. Yue, B. Murray, M. 
Chagnon, J. Charters 

Middle L-R: M. Hambrock, C. 
Beath, N. Meek, J. McCracken, 
M. Mitchell, S. Aggarwal, L. 
McLelland, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: J. Bird, R. Buchwald, B. 
Stewart, M. Fookwe, M. Mitchell, 
M. Wilcox, M. Churchman, B. 

Peer Counsellors 

BackL-R: B KcttleweU, Father Don 
Aitchison, M. Herod, E. Pelsise- 
Reggers, A. Furber, C. Plathe, J. 
Becker, K. Palmer, A. George- John, 
J. Lang, S. Shevlen, C. Gomez, R. 

Front L-R: S. Campbell, J. 
Robertson, A. Kessaram, J. Lee, V. 
MacBain, L. Richter, G. Gondosch, 
T. Bock, Mrs. Orton 

Master Key 

Back L-R: S. Findlay, J. McCracken, 
D. Kwan, C. Holton, D. Kellyman 

Third L-R: J. Chan, L. Topolie, A. 
Holmes, T. Bryant, M. Stefopulos, E. 
Wilcox, A. Frackowiak, O. Bannock, 
K. Pallen, M. DuMoulin, S. Tirelli, S. 
Kelley, A. Landegger, R. McConney, 
J. Lee, A. Lee, A. Cameron, C. 
Sanchez, B. Robertson, R. Payne 

Second L-R: L. de Robina, K. 
Frackowiak, R. Buchwald, L. Richter, 
K. Wilcox, J. Bakker, J. Murphy, A. 
Trivedi, M. MitcheU, L. PoUard, M. 
Churchman, E. Foster, S. Swift, A. 

Front L-R: D. Martin, D. Richards, 

C. Truchon, E. Pelsise-Reggers, M. 
Balfour, S. Martin, R Gillespie, N. 
Topolie, S. Bosy, C. Selby, D. Hyun, 

D. Rowen, S. Davies 


BackL-R: L. Gregory, R. Gregory, 
A. Ballantyne, M. Cecil-Cockwell, 
He doesn't go here, J. Fishlock 

Front L-R: J. Hermans, Neither 
does she, G. Egan, L. Chapman, J. 
Brigg, M. Maynard 


Back L-R: D. Aitchison, J. Chin- 
You, D. Kwan, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: E. Foster, A. Boos, J. 
Ng, S. Swift, H. Sabnani 


Back L-R: R Edwards, G. Stirren- 
Wood, C. Doyle, G. Yong, D. 

Middle L-R: Dr. DuBroy, N. 
Issar, R. Buchwald, J. Worek, O. 
Ojo, J. Tuominen, J. Murphy, Mr. 

Front L-R: D. Taylor, S. Findlay, A. 
Maclsaac, A. Landegger, S. Bosy, S. 
Gowans, M. Mitchell, J. Frostad 

Exchange Students 

Back L-R: Father Don Aitchison, C. 
Grice, M. Rozenbilds, H. Deane, R. 
Sheppard, A. Porter, M. Rowland, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: Z. Khuzwayo, S. 
Gowans, E. Marsh, Mrs. Morgan, R 
Sewgoolam, D. Francis, D. Craib 


SDl I'M 



K * 

1 11 


■ ' 




Ruckus vsds a great event 
this year, spearheaded by the 
prefects which brought the new 
students and Mr. Grainger into 
our community. The day started 
off well when the prefects 
and peer counsellors had the 
pleasure of smoking out the 
bees from the mud pit. Once 
all the new students gathered 
in the chapel, it was off to the 
races. The Hodgetts antique- 
ing station, Ketchum sock 
wrestling. Brent Soap Slide and 
Orchard Wrasslin' stations (to 
name a few) all added to the 
fun. As usual, the mud pit was 
the highlight of the day and an 
excellent chance to get down 
and dirty. 


- *i^' 


Clockwise from Top Left: 

-Hodgetts gets pleasure out 
of pain~The famous water 
trucks~Happy Family- Wilson 
having way too much fun with 
Dickson~No way he got out of 
this one-That is disgusting - 
Oh rub it in!-Smoking out the 
mud wasps -Prefects take the 
gates -Power Grainger 


Pep Rally and Bear Fair 

The beautiful weekend started 
off with the annual Pep Rally, 
which was hot. Intense cheers 
were had by all to get ready 
for all of the big games at Bear 
Fair. Bear Fair was an exciting 
day this year due to the great 
initiative taken by the TCS 
Parents Guild. Students could 
dunk their favourite teachers and 
fellow students in the dunk tank, 
watch (or play) in sports events 
and listen to a hve rock band. All 
of the money raised at Bear Fair 
was given back to the Houses for 
in house use. Special thanks go 
out to all of the volunteers who 
sacrificed their time and put tons 
of energy into making Bear Fair 
a great day! 

Clockwise from Top Left: 

-Bigside Girls Bball getting 
ready-Siksay and Thalia with 
some old buddies-Everyone 
wants to dunk Kizzie-Lucia 
is focused- Just having a relax- 
ing lunch~The guys at Pep 
Rally-Experimenting- Wishing 
they were under the 'real' sun - 
Hanging out - The Bonfire! 



Clockwise from Top Left: 

-Yeah, those are real 
mullets-Can and Aus in har- 
mony - She is so cute -Rachael 
is hardcore with the cheer- 
ing -Natasha in the Haunted 
House-The Botrie Sistas~We 
'borrowed' these- Jan and the 
crew-Martha Stewart by Shan- 
non and Palmer-Burns house 
representing all areas! 


Clockwise From Top Left: 

Lesley-the creeper from The 
Ring-'Qmns and Scott girls being 
pumpkins~A pair of nuns. ..sure 
-Flexing what they have in the most 
stylish clothing-Those Hodgetts 
boys won't give up the steroids~They 
love colouring ~Marcus with no 
shirt on - surprise!- All decked out in 
purple~The local Village Boys-Nice 
hat ... and socks! -Sugar daddy and 
the ladies-Ben and Casey taking on 
their roles within the school; last year 
they were condoms 


Alice In Wonderland 


Alice in Wonderland was a great 
success due to the insightful 
leadership taken by Ms. Barton 
and Ms. Lee. Both directors 
brought a host of experience 
and talent to the production 
helping students to create unique, 
entertaining characters. The 
students played to packed houses 
every night and were given the 
opportunity to perform for 
local youth who enjoyed the 
production very much. 


The Weekenders 

From Top L-R: 

-Mr. Mills hits up the 
Organist Ice Cream Shop 
-Mr. Cameron and Watto 
get down and dirty the 
old-fashioned way 
-Mrs. Piccini dresses up 
for a Friday night on the 
town (so her son can have 
another party) 
-Mr. Grandfield tries 
to escape the Canadian 
English Teacher's 

-Grainger and his geese 
-Big E. practices his mad 
face, it's already mastered 
-Ms. Kelly and Mrs. 
Murray get baked with 
these sunglasses 
-Ingram, Moore, Brough 
and Wright play Mr. 
Ingram's favourite game: 
dress up 

-Larry's got a gun 
(enough said) 

Although there is no 

documentation of the 

following, we are certain 

they occur on a regular 


-Mr. Yhard takes leisurely 

walks with the fam 


-Mr. Wills takes his kids 

to the zoo (in the Allen's 


-Ms. Hands bakes Rigby 

sunshine cookies 

-Mr. Stevens prepares for 

retirement... at the local 


-PK shops for new 

sweater vests and Cory 

goes along for the ride 


Oxford Cup 



^ NOVA • >^f. 


v^ 7 ^^m^^^^M 

.r^i* 1 

^ ?, J 

» Q <5 


mm r-.r^' ^K 

^^^fe ^^^^H 


P^ c 



n ^^1 JH 

I^K A^ AjL^^ ^Mi 


j^^ ^Bii^'^^fS 

^^~^K^^^BSP^^jI^S' '^^^S 


. cJ^^ 


'■' ' 




The Oxford Cnp 

A. WUson(l) 

(Top Male Student) 

The Wright Cup 

E. Hayter (42) 

(Top Female Student) 

Top Male House 


Top Female House 


The Convocation Cup 

R. Purzner (5) 

(Top Male Alumnus) 

The Convocation Cup 

M. Oatway (43) 

(Top Female Alumnus) 


This page is proudly sponsored by Andrew Wilson and Family 


Top Junior School Boy 

Top Junior School Girl 

I.W.Young (32) 

LP. Stewart (47) 

Midget Boys 

Midget Girls 

I.J.Wong (23) 

l.K. OueUet-Gaston(51) 

2.1. Aranzabal (37) 

2. S.Murray (71) 

3. D. Howard (40) 

3. J. Dickson (104) 

Junior Boys 

Junior Girls 

l.G. Cecil-CockweU(13) 

I.e. Conyers(72) 

2. J.Tuominen (20) 

2. J. Barker (95) 

3. N. Johnston (34) 


Senior Boys 

Senior Girls 

1. A. Wilson (1) 


2. J, McCracken (2) 

2. D. Clark (73) 

3. B. Murray (3) 

3. D. Miers(85) 


Fall Sports Awards 

Littleside Field Hockev 

Littleside Basketball 


The Coaches Award 

Mel DuMoulin 

The Coaches Award 

Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 1 

Middleside Field Hockey 

Bigside BasketbaU 

The Bridget Kerin Trophy 

Darron Clarke 

The McMillan Cup 

Lesley McLeUand 1 


The Louise Willis 


Kelsey WUcox | 

The Middles ide Trophy 

Genna Reid 



The Darcie Crowe Trophy 

Brenna Swift | 


Bigside Field Hockey 

The Ness-Tarasick Trophy 

Lesley Fong 



Gillian Gondosch 

The Adrian Smith Trophy 

Jenna Dickson 

The TJ. White Trophy 

Laura Biggar 

(Top Midget) 

Jeremy Wong 


Alii Conyers 

The Marshall Trophy 

Caitlin Conyers 

The Annika Foster Trophy 

Karen Frackowiak 

(Top Junior) 

Jacob Tuominen 


Justine Frostad 

The TW. Lawson Trophy 

Erin Hayter 

(Top Senior) 

James McCracken 

Littleside Soccer 

The Jonathan Buchanan Trophy 

Amanda Fung 

The Coaches Award 

Neil Issar 



Jon Austin 

The Rodger Wright Trophy 

Erin Hayter | 


Middleside Soccer 

The Coaches Award 

Eric Pelsise-Reggers 

Littleside YoUeyball 

The Daniel Salmon Trophy 

Travis Munro I 

Bigside Soccer 


The Pinkerton Trophy 

Phil Genesis 

Bigside Vollevball 


Adam Petty 

The Ross Holt Trophy 

Ben Glassco 1 

Coaches Award 

Caspar Yue 



The Coaches Award 

Cam Beath | 


Littleside FootbaU 

The Jamie Eaton Cup 

Marshall Balfour 

Fall Bigside Colours 


Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

Greg Bathe 

ID. Brovra 

Phil Cordeau 

Lucas Topolie 

Russ Edwards 

Sam Giannone 

Peter Gillespie 

The E.J.M. Huycke Trophy 

Sam Martin 

Patrick Lee 

Nick McCarmey 

Marcus Mitchell 


Lucas Topolie 

Dan Moulton 

Ben Munsot] 

Drew Payette 

The Art MacDonald Trophy 

Evan Flak 

Ben Shirreff 

Charlie Sullivan 

John Tames 

(Top Lineman) 

Charles Truchon 

Nick Topolie 

Avi Trivedi 

Kirk Zadan 

Matej Bencura 

Phil Genesis 

Bigside Football 

David Hatch 

Robert Jaakola 

Adam Petty 

The Symons Trophy 

Phn Cordeau 

Caspar Yue 

Marc Chagnon 

Ben Glassco 


Dan Moulton 

Nick Meek 

Laura Bigga 


Alli Conyers 

The A.M. Campbell Award 

Marcus Mitchell 

Anna Everdell 

Anna Frackowiak 

Karen Frackowiak 


Kirk Zadan 

Justine Frostad 

Jocelyn Murphy 

Kristen Fallen 

The J.W. Kerr Trophy 

Dan Moulton 

Marissa Rebane 

Meaghan Wilcox 

Julia Bakker 


Lesley McLelland 

Daisy Miers 

Becca Rowen 

The Coaches Cup 

Charles Truchon 

Brenna Swift 

Hailey Swift 

Shannon Swift 

(Best Defensive Player) 

Kelsey Wilcox 

Thalia Bock 

Evan Fishlock 

The Osuszek Memorial Trophy 

John Becker 

Amanda Fung 

James McCracken 

Andrew Oatway 

(Top Lineman) 


Distinction Winners 


Brenna Swift - BASKETBALL 

4 1 



Kelsey Wilcox - BASKETBALL 

Dan Moulton - FOOTBALL 


Coaches: Mr.Christ, Mr.Elsley 
Captains: B.Swift, K. Wilcox 
MVP: B.Swift. K.Wilcox 

We rocked! We were in good hands 
with Carly returning from sabbatical, 
new rookies like Cristin the Giant, 
and Chelsea who quickly picked up on 
Lesley's ferociousness on D. Then we had 
Hailey, the young' un who was impressed 
by Daisy's ghetto court tactics. Moving 
up from Littleside, we had "Good Shot" 
Shannon, "Swinging in Versatility" Jess, 
and Julia who was busy getting down, 
down low. Finally we have Fragall Rock 
who is unfortunately hanging in the 
kicks. Past all the good times though, 
we had yet another successful season 
finishing third in the CISAA. We would 
like to thank C- and E to the Z for passing 
on their contagious love of basketball. 
Elsley. your chair throwing was topped 
by your excellent verbal communication 
skills. Christ, thanks for your continued 
support even through the birth of your 
child, Madigan! Finally to all the girls 
we'll miss you all. 

Back L-R: C. Smith, H. Swift, J. Bakker, C. Ogaki 

Middle L-R: Mr. Elsley, S. Swift, C. Alexander, L. McLelland, Mr. Christ, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: J. Chapman, K. WUcox, B. Swift, D. Miers, B. Rowen 

Chelsea and Kristin - 
gangsta style 

Kelsey bosting it! 

I don't think the ball got 
past the Swift kids 

Basketball grads 
Hailey at the point 


Coaches: Ms.Cullins, Ms.Ingram 
Captains: K.Frackowiak, J.Frostad 
MVP: L.Biggar, A.Conyers 

Back L-R: J. Murphy, O. Bannock, A. Frackowiak, L. Biggar. M. Rebane. J. Briggs, J. Boss 

Middle L-R: Ms. Collins, K. Fallen, L. Pollard, R. Buchwald, M. Wilcox, L. Pong, E. Botrie, Ms. Ingram, 

Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: A. Grand, J. Frostad, J. Barker, A. Everdell, K. Frackowiak, G. Gondosch 

Bigside Field Hockey was a blast this 
fall! The team recorded five wins, 
advanced to the semi-finals, defeated 
the defending champions, and came 
fourth in a league of thirteen teams. 
Everyone contributed to make this 
season one of the most successful in 
years. Biggar, Frackowiak, Wilcox 
and Buchwald scored a bundle of 
goals, while at the other end our 
defence kept the goals against to a 
minimum. Anna and Jaime were 
shot-stoppers extraordinaire! Some 
highlights from the season include 
"pulling a Buchwald," Ash and 
her stretches, playing in all weather 
possible. East Side Mario's, Rudy 
and, of course, defeating Nichols! 
Thanks to our coaches, Ms. Collins 
and Ms. Ingram. Thanks for a great 
season, girls, and good luck to next 
year's players. 

Alii was a strong driving 

Biggar has her game face 

Go get *em Frosty... 

Out for a run 


Coaches: Mr. .•Mlon, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Dodd, 
Mr. Topolie, Mr. Shaughnessy 
Captains: D. Moulton, M. Marshall 

M\'P: D. Mcnilton 

The 2004 Bigside Football team was a 
fairly young one, with only 15 veterans 
from a team of 48. After a Friday night 
loss against Villanova where D-Mo 
had two spectacular kick-off return 
touchdowns, we came back strong with 
an exciting win against De La Salle at 
Bearfah. We then improved 2-1 with a 
crushing 36-12 win at Ridley for their 
homecoming. On that perfect Saturday 
afternoon, handsome quarterback Ma.\ 
Marshall had his career day with 4 
touchdowns. After a learning trip to 
Pennsylvania, the team was ready to play 
UCC in their final game of the season in 
a must win situation to make the playoffs. 
Despite Becker's huge hit on punt return, 
the team came up short and this was the 
end for the 2004 edition of the Bears. 
Thanks to the coaches and good luck to 
the returning players next year from the 
17 graduates. 

Back L-R: D. Martin, R. Bethel, L. Gaston, S. Outerbridge, K. Lang, T Tohme, L. Dehen, G. Bathe. J. Chin- You, N 
McCartney, M. Boseovski, P. Gillespie, A. Trivedi, M. Cecil-Cockwell, S. Giannone, B. Macfarlane, D. Stefopulos, D, 
Hyun. Middle L-R: Mr Watt, Mr, Shaughnessy, Mr Bogyay, N, Topolie, Mr. Langford. T. Weiss, R. Edwards, S. Mooney, 
P. Robinson, D, Brown, J.D. Brown, G, Stirrett-Wood, J. Becker, J. Tames, K. Zadan, C. Sullivan, W Cook, A. Brown, J. 
Chase, P Lee, Mr Allen, D.X Allen, Mr. Grainger, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Powell Front L-R: M. Walker. B. Munson, D. Payette, 
P Grove, M. Marshall, D. Moulton, B, Shirreff, C Truchon Fehler, P Cordeau, B Watts, S Pink, J, Badra, J. Ng 

Clockwise from top left: 
"I got a boo-boo "-Marcus 

Bottoms up! 

A prayer before the game 

Friday night lights, Trinity 

Mighty Max langhing it 

2 + 



, Keiser, 


ngram 1 



Pett>', P 

Genesis 1 


Pom', p. Genesis 

BackL-R: T. Yu, M. Bencura, X. Yue, R. McCurdy, K. Walker, C. Yue Middle 
L-R: Mr. Ingram, C. Webb, J. Gentles, A. Kelamis, S. Frye, J. Ross, Mr. Keiser, 
Mr. Grainger Front L-R: M. Herod, D. Hatch, A.Petty, G. Jones, R Genesis, B. 
Murray, R. Jaakkola 

Bigside Soccer had a fun but frustrating 
season. After a strong start in the 
opening early-bird tournament, the 
team was unable to keep the success 
throughout the season. The attitude 
and morale of the team was always high, 
even after heart-breaking losses to Ridley 
and Crescent. Captain Petty showed his 
skill with his superb free-kicks. Captain 
Genesis finished the season as leading 
goal scorer. The defense consisting 
of Hatch, Yue, Genesis and Jakkola 
were the strongest aspea of our game. 
The midfield of Xiao, Petty, Herod 
and Kelamis were well-experienced 
and controlled the centre of the field 
almost effordessly. Forwards Gentles 
and McCurdy hustled every game. 
Goalkeepers Jones and Matej made 
coundess saves that kept the team in the 
game numerous times. Our valuable 
bench players Brett "Sheepdog" Murray 
and Sabby Frye showed great support. 

Clockwise from top left: 
B-Mur Ukes to get op close 
and personal 

Captains Petty and Genesis 
prepping for the big game 

HPs don't get mnch sleep 

Herod, that's not Kelsey! 

Genesis can kick anv ball 





Coaches: Mr.Lo\%T>', Mr. White 
Captains: B.Glassco, M. Chagnon 
M\T: B. Glassco 

The Supreme Nanncnya Knock-Ya- 
Down Nine was one with the court. They 
had the blessed power of the Jutsus. They 
were taught by the samurai masters, White 
the Wondrous and Ludicrous Lowry 
Charming Chacha and Ben the Beautiful 
led the group in what would be the 
ultimate test of their Jedjitsu. Skywalker, 
Stone-Cold Cam and Haveland the 
Happy held the middle stronghold with 
ultimate balance. Kevin the Chantastic 
and Nickelicious Meek mastered the 
crouching tiger digging skills. Silent Sam 
and Rowen Running Panther were stable 
setters who kept the spirits of the Shaolin 
high. Mary the Manager Magnificent was 
gifted in many fields. Jesse the Shadow 
Ninja had amazing disappearing skills 
from the spirit of Shigamoto of the 
mountains. Forever we worship the Spirit 
of "V" who gave his life for the sake of 
the fellowship In ancient time during an 
epic battle of unimaginable proportion. 
Go forth and tell all! 

Back L-R: Mr. White, Mr. Lowry, A. Walker, C. Beath, H. Day, M. Richards, Mr Grainger 
Front L-R; S. Bourgeois, K. Chan, B. Glassco, M. Chagnon, N. Meek, D. Rowen. 

Clockwise from top left: 
The French cannon flying 

Setting up for a play 

Lil Rowen makes a set 

Game faces on 

Sam trying to explain why 
they lost 


Coaches: Ms.Hillier, Ms. Miller 
Captains: A. Oatway, T. Bock 
M\P: E.HaMLT, .1. McCracken 

Back L-R: Ms. Miller, H. Lee. Ms. KeUy. .\. Fung. T. \'u, .\. Chnstie, C. Conyers, W. Leung. M. Chu. B. Poon, A. Dickson, 
A, Wilson, A. Kam. J. Dickson. C. Au. J. Wong Middle L-R: 0. de Lecq Marguene, L, King, I, Dutton, R. Krause, C 
Hu.xtable. D. Berg, J. McCracken, D. Richards. J. Baxter. M. Tsui, L. Hayter, Mr. Hall, Ms. Hillier. Mr. Grainger Front L-R 
D. Hamden, 1. Aranzabal. A. Juul. E. Fishlock, R. Gregory, E. Hayter. T. Bock, A. Oatway, M. Tremblay J. Tuominen. Z 
McAlister, S. Rashid. A. Gulka 

Another fall term, another season 
of running, another five fartleks. 
Harriers had a aew of 3 7 runners and 
four astounding coaches. The Learn 
to Run program was introduced 
this year and proved to be an asset 
to the team. It let inexperienced 
ruimers improve themselves. With 
a few minor mid-season glitches 
and enjoyable Ganaraska runs, 
the troops improved exponentially. 
Practices were always a laugh with 
well directed exercises and plenty 
of constructive pointers provided 
by the coaches and the experienced 
runners. Our several teams had 
many memorable moments which 
were brought up at the unforgettable 
team party. All in all, the captains 
speak for the team in saying thank 
you to the coaches for an amazing 

Clockwise from top left: 

It hurts to win 

\\ill Dawg after a good race 

Etho can flv like a desert 


Chicks dig this 

Enjoying some Betty's Tarts 

Coaches: Ms. MacAlecnan, Mrs. Powlcs 
Captains: .^. Holmes, E. Wilcox 

M\T: K. Ouellet-Gaston 

Littleside Basketball had an amazing 
season this year. Coach Mac and Coach 
Powles taught us new plays and showed 
us how to improve. J. Fishlock and S. 
Essak were very energetic players who 
brightened up the team. N. Issar and 
S. Ammons were consistent players 
on the court. K. Ouellet-Gaston and 
S. Kelly always brought the ball up 
the court and protected the hoop with 
their aggressive play. C. Storace and 
P. Langley were very strong under the 
hoop. M. Stefopulos was a vital player 
on defense. A. Hambrock was a very 
strong point guard and always had a 
bounce to her step. A. Holmes and E. 
Wilcox were co-captains this year. A. 
Holmes was very strong on offence 
and even more on defence. E. Wilcox's 
accurate shots and drives helped out the 
team. A special thanks goes out to our 
faithful manager, C. Stevens. Thanks 
for a great season, ladies. 

Coaches: Mr. & Mrs. Dew- 
Captains: A. Maclsaac 
M\'P: A. Maclsaac 

The equestrian team had one of its best 
ever fall seasons. With the addition of 
two experienced new riders, Becky and 
Christy, combined with returning team 
members Carolyn, AUi, and Mikaela, 
the team was ready to go to the first 
show, hosted by Bethany Hills School. 
We returned with a handful of ribbons. 
At Pickering College we walked away 
with multiple placings. New riders such 
as April, Jenny, and Nick continued to 
improve significantly. The team would 
like to thank Mrs. and Mr. Dew for 
their support and time. Mr. Dew, be 
careful of your back! This fall term 
was very memorable. Although three 
members of the competitive team are 
graduating, the returning riders are very 
strong and will continue to impress 
even themselves. Thanks for a great 
season, and good luck next year! 

Back L-R: Mrs. Powles, J. Fishlock. N. Issar, C. Storace. S. Ammons, S. Essak, C. Stevens, Mr. Grainger 
Front L-R: M. Stefopulos, K. Ouellet-Gaston, A. Holmes, E. Wilcox, S. Kelley, A. Hambrock 

Back L-R: S. Shm, K. Lee, C. Charvat, C. Corben 

Middle L-R: Mr. Dew, Mrs. Dew, H. Lee, J. Fishlock, K. Baxter, Mr Grainger 

Front L-R; J. Lee, A. Lee, C. Tropea, M. KurseU, A. Maclsaac, B. Faulks, N. Chan 


This page is sponsored by Keith Maclsaac 

Back L-R: S. Dejong, S. Murray, E. Bock, D. Clark, M. Robbins, K. Dagg 

Middle L-R: Mr HoUett, J. Ashbourne, R. McConney, T. Bryant, J. Desjardins, M. Herod, Ms. Brough, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: K. Palmer, L. Bolton, L. de Robina, A. Mathieson, M. Bathe, G. Reid, S. Findlay. 

Back L-R: Mrs. Taylor, L. Hogarth, M. Robertson, S. Tirelli, M. Ouellet-Gaston, J. Tutton, G. Egan, C. 

Hostick, Ms. Wright, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: J. Gilchrist-Bailey, J. Homung, M. DuMoulin, J. Ashbourne, S. Dusek, 1. Elizondo, J. Herman 




olletl, Ms 



: A. 





Middleside Field Hockey started off 
strong, despite the fact that there were 
only 5 returning players. We ended 
strong, not losing a game, and having 
a record of only I goal scored against, 
thus winning the CISAA championships. 
We started off with a few good wins 
- with goals by Marley, Meg, Eleni, 
and Genna. Each game we got better. 
Shannon, Jennie, Karen, Laura and 
Rachael defended Andy at all costs. 
Our sweep, Lucia, played spectacularly 
every game, with the help of Darron on 
hits. Steph, Joelle, Sarah and Kathryn 
consistently used their speed to assist in 
goals. Michaela and Tamara, although 
injured for a while, learned the game 
fast and contributed greatly to the team. 
Thanks to Mrs. Wills for coaching Andy, 
and of course, the biggest thank you to 
the best coaches we could ask for: Ms. 
Brough and Mr. Hollett. Thanks for the 
season, girls. 

Coaches: Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Wright 
Captains: M. DuMoulin 
MVP: M. DuMoulin 

Littleside Field Hockey was a blast this 
year! The team had three wins and, in 
our big tournament, we came in third 
place in our pool. Some highUghts fi"om 
the season include Montana's stretch 
- the "Mobilize", Michelle's long, hard 
shots, Dusek's cheering on the field, 
Jessie's incredible stops as goahe which 
kept us in the game, as well as TireUi's 
amazing defense, Herman's first goal 
of the season, Janet's emotions when 
the other team scored a goal, Grace's 
ability to take two positions at the same 
time. Isabela would always make us 
laugh and just let us all have a good 
time. Tutton would encourage us and 
Lauren had her big win in the penalty 
shot competition. Cathryn was one of 
the quickest learners. We would all like 
to thank Ms. Wright and Mrs. Taylor 
for their great coaching jobs! See you 
all next year! 


Coaches: Mr. Legakis, Mr. Goerins 
Captains: E. Pelsise-Reggers 
MVP: E. Pel.sisc-Rc.ui;ois 

We Started out with a shaky start, 
winning one of three games at an early 
bird tournament. Highlights throughout 
the season include Bear Fair, when, 
down by 3 with 15 minutes left against 
Ridley, we came back to tie 3-3 in the 
final minutes, and J-Ray's lovely hat trick 
on the Bigside fields. Once again, we 
were headed to the playoffs with a 3-2-2 
season in third place. In our final game, 
we proved to be very resilient. We played 
a team that beaten us every time we had 
played them. We played well but, sadly, 
our season came to an end with a double 
overtime loss. A great season was had by 
all, and we'd like to thank our coaches, 
Mr. Legakis and Mr. Goering, for the 
great times and tough practices that 
brought us to such a great season. 

Coaches: Mr. Hay- 
Captains: N. Issar, N. Johnston 
MVP: J. Austin, N. Issar 

With only two returning players, 
Littleside Soccer was staring at a 
completely new set of skills. We found 
out early in the season that we were 
a team with a devastating arsenal of 
firepower and defensive skills. Though 
we suffered injuries and losses during 
the season to powerhouses such as St. 
Mike's and UCC, we were able to come 
up with convincing victories against 
Albert, Appleby, Lakefield, De La Salle 
and York. Unfortunately in the semis, 
we narrowly lost to the experienced 
UCC squad. Captain Neil Issar, led 
the team with nine goals, while Jon 
Austin was outstanding in goal. Our 
midfields were led by assistant captain 
Nick Johnston and our defensive line 
held firm throughout. Goals came from 
a number of team members, and many 
inexperienced players really stepped 
up and improved dramatically over the 

Back L-R: N. Swan, R. MacGregor, D. Hatch, G. Young, J. Jang, J. Park, R. Au 

Middle L-R: Mr. Legakis, S. Jones, S. Casgrain, G. Holmes, J. Ray, B. Kettlewell, M. Alexiou, Mr.Goering, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: S. Ligatsa, A. Brown, J. Lee, D. Piccini, E. Pelsise-Reggers, S. Eum, C. Gomez 

Back L-R: R. Strike, A. Parker, T. Galpin, M. Maynard, I. Parker 

Middle L-R: Mr. Hay, E. Musohno, B. Mitchell, K. Bang, R. Galpin, R. Payne, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: R. Frame, J. Wilcox, N. Issar, I. Johnson, J. Cervantes, D. West, D. Failing 


BackL-R: L. Zadan, S. Edmonds, J. Gaiies, R. Kay, S. Horvath, A, Boos, I MuUane, E. Tutton, R. Smith D. Howard, M. 
Baehorz, B. Thompson Middle L-R: Mr Vanderwal, I. McBeath, M, CoUms, D. Kourkoutis, J. Mowbray, TJ. Wood, K. 
Park, D. Weiss, T. Hammett, J, Lewis, G. CecU-Cockwell, A. Tanna, D. Parker, M. McCulloch, Mr Taylor, Mr Gramger 
Front L-R; J. Candlish, S. Davies, A, Byers, M. Churchman, M. Balfour, S. Martm, E. Flak, L. Topolie, A. Moulton, B, 
MacDonald, J. Brogan, K. Taylor 

Back L-R: Mr. Wills, J. Akiwenzie, C. Doyle, C. Whetung, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R; B. Robertson, H. Agnew-Pople, T. Large, J. McCracken, T. Munro, B. Yue. 

t'oachc's: Mr. Uailc-y, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Vanderwal 

C aptains: M. Balfour, G. Cecil-Cockwell, L. Topo- 

MVP: S. Martin. I.. Topolie 

As many have heard, the Littlcside 
Football season did not have a 
spectacular record, but we did improve. 
Our first game against Villanova 
was the biggest learning curve. The 
following two games against Ridley 
were close. Our defence played strong 
while our offence forced the ball down 
the field both quickly and efficiently. 
We played our best game against SAC 
this season. At half we were leading by 
a touchdown. But near the end of the 
game, we made one mistake and ended 
up losing by a few points. St. Mike's 
was our toughest game and then came 
UCC, our last game. Our defence held 
them to a touchdown but we couldn't 
put the ball in the end zone. This year's 
rookies improved and hopefully will 
fare better next year. Good season to 
the entire veteran Littleside players and 
we hope to see you at Bigside tryouts 
next fall. 

Coaches: Mr. Wills 

Captains: T. Large, J. McCracken 

M\T: T. Munro 





Littleside Volleyball had an interesting 
season. Although we ended up winning 
only 3 matches, everyone learned a lot 
about the game and had fun. Most of 
us were new to the team, but quickly 
learned the game and became strong 
contributors. Our returning players, 
Thomas Large, John McCracken and 
Jordan Akiwenzie, were a major force on 
the team, hitting at power, middle and 
offside. Travis Munro was an excellent 
setter, and with his experience helped 
to develop the skills of our other setters, 
Brian Yue and Blake Robertson. By 
the end of the season, newcomers Cliff 
■Whetung, Holden Agnew-Pople, Conor 
Doyle and Brendan Coughlin had also 
become very strong players. We had a 
lot of hard fought games throughout the 
season, and everyone on the team gave it 
their all. Thank you to Mr. Wills for your 
excellent coaching, and good luck to all 
the returning players next year. 



Wieter Term 


Winter House Olympics 


Jamaica Self-Help 

March 9th - 23rd 2005 

"^ «\ 



Jamaica Self Help is a recognized phrase throughout 
the TCS community. What does it mean? Jamaica Self- 
Help is seen by most TCS students as a trip for a group 
of students who love teaching. What this experience 
is really about is LEAJINING. Tucker Barton, with 
the help of Dan Siksay and Ben Glassco led 8 TCS 
students and 9 students from Peterborough through 
a journey that would change their lives. Working in 
the heart of Kingston. Jamaica, the students taught 
children ranging from ages of infancy to 18 years old. 
The students would sometimes mtor children or would 
be left in charge classrooms of 40 screaming kids. 
The volunteers taught many children with different 
attributes but all with one common feature: poverty. 
These children all had a different view of the world 
and, by learning from their culture, the students from 
TCS were taught to open their eyes. When the students 
weren't teaching, they were learning about Jamaica's 
massive debt and how globalization has brought a 
once proud nation to its knees to such organizations 
as the World Bank. The volunteers returned to 
Canada changed and as bener people, ready to take 
on the world so that someday the word "justice" can 
experience its true meaning. 




Winter Sports Awards 

Littleside Hockev 

Middleside Squash 

The Peter Campbell Trophy 

Adam Moulton 

The Ron Reynolds Trophy 

Phil Genesis 



The Boulden Trophy 

Chip Simmonds 

(Most Deserving) 

Bigside Squash 

The Charles F BuUen 

Oliver Gale 

Bigside Bovs Hockev 

(Top Player) 

Iain Redford 

The J.W. Kerr Trophy 

Dan Moulton 


T ittle«iid<> Swimming 

The V. Baranov Trophy 

Robert Jaakola 

The Danielson Trophy 

Alfred Kam 

(Top Scorer) 

The Housemasters Cup 

Caitlin Conyers 

Bigside Girls Hockey 

Bigside Swimming 

The McCaughey Cup 

Jacqueline Boss 

The Pat Osier Trophy 

Nick Topolie 


The Mary 1. Wood Trophy 

Kathryn Dagg 

The Brian Proctor Cup 

Kristen Pallen 

The Sebastian Goulet Trophy 

Nick Topolie 


Brett Payette 


Lauren Wong 

The Stroud Cup 

Joele Lang 


Littleside Nordic 

The Geale-Hobbs Award 

Jenna Dickson 

Littleside BasketbaU 


Derek Harnden 

The D. Hadley Armstrong Cup 

Robert Frame 

The Andrus Vasila Cup 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 


(Top Skier) 

Middleside Basketball 

Bigside Nordic 

The Coaches Award 

George Stirrett-Wood 

The Sifton Cup 

Erin Hayter 

Caspar Yue 

(Top Skier) 

Andrew Wilson 

The Brian Hedney Trophy 

Erin Hayter 

Bigside Basketball 


The Jim Kerr Trophy 

Marc-Andre Chagnon 


Full Bigside Colours 

John W. Barnett Trophy 

Adam Petty 

Jacqueline Boss Jenna Briggs 

Sara Gallagher 


Jocelyn Murphy Michelle Ouellet 

Kristen Pallen 

Brett Payette Lindsay Pollard 

Meaghan Wilcox 

Littleside Volleyball 

John Becker J.D. Brown 

Marc Chagnon 

The Coaches Award 

Hailey Swift 

Anthony Kelamis Adam Petty 

Charlie Sullivan 

Xiao Yue Cristin Alexander 

Laura Biggar 

Mary Richards Becca Rowen 

Brenna Swift 

Bigside Volleyball 

Kelsey Wilcox Clanssa Wong 

Alii Conyers 

The Feddery Cup 

Clarissa Wong 

Phil Cordeau Kathryn Dagg 

David Hatch 


James McCracken Mario Rodnguez 

Nick Topolie 

The Lyn Lowry Trophy 

Brenna Swift 

Lauren Wong Greg Bathe 

Steven Campbell 


Oliver Gale lam Redford 

Ray Ward 

Joelle Desjardins Evan Fishlock 

Erin Hayter 

Littleside Squash 

Matt Herod Rachelle Krause 

Andrew Oatway 

The Arnold D. Massey Award 

David West 

Dave Richards Andrew Wilson 

(Most Promising Newcomer) 

The Ernest Howard Trophy 

Robert Payne 

(Top Player) 

The Irvine Trophy 

Sam Martin 



Brenna Swift- VOLLEYBALL 

James McCracken-SWIMMING 

Nick Topolie-SWIMMING 


Coaches: Mr. Truuj;ott, Mr. Ingram, Ms. 
Ingram, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Proctor 

Captains: J. Murphy, J. Briggs, L. Pollard 

MVP: .1. Bo.ss 

\ \. ^ 


This season marked the beginning of 
change for Bigside Girls Hockey at 
TCS. The mix of new recruits and 
returning players resulted in a HUGE 
win over Ridley in our first league 
game. We went on to become a real 
threat, battling against some of the 
top teams in North America. With 
numerous trips across the border, lost 
passports, B-A-N-A-N-A-S, dance 
parties, Mario's last laps, one team trip 
to the hospital, more "Huahs" than 
we can count, and enough coaches 
to fill three teams, it really was an 
awesome season! We want to thank 
Rachael and our FIVE coaches for 
their time and effort, and wish luck to 
our grads. This was a building year 
for our young team, and as T always 
says, "Our future's so bright, we have 
to wear sunglasses!" 

Back L-R: Mr. Ingram, C. Hostick, J. Bosss, M. Herod, Mr. Hooper Middle L-R: Mr. 

Traugott, R. Buchwald, E. Everdell, M. Ouellet-Gaston, K. Ouellet-Gaston, K. Fallen, 
Mr. Grainger, Ms. Ingram Front L-R: J. Fishlock, J. Lang, L. Pollard, J. Murphy, J. 
Briggs. M. Wilcox, S. Gallagher 

Clockwise from top left: 
Fallen ready at the goal 

Briggs waiting for a pass 

Payette making a play 

K. Ouellet digs for a goal 

Team celebi ation 







: J 



^ f J^l #;|i4'"'^,tj 















■ ■ A It ^^ 




LJL fl 

' ■ - 

1 ^A i ^ 1 ^^^ 







Coaches: Ms. Fedder)', Mr. Lxjwrj' 
Captains: B. Rowen, B. Swift 
MVP: B. .Swift, C. Work 

Back L-R: Ms. Feddery, A. Mathieson, D. Clarke, S. Swift, C. Alexander, L. Biggar, Mr. 

Lowry, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: J. Frostad, G. Raid, K. Wilcox, B. Swift, B. Rowen. M. Richards, C. Wong 

Our Season Rocked! This was because 
Kenny G ditched the hockey team, we 
found a Caribbean giant, Darron and 
Shannon quickly picked up on our ways 
and from Littleside, our setter Genna was 
a great asset to the team. Returning we 
had Mary the powerful beast, Clarissa 
the quiet cat, Justine the purring panther, 
Julia the lovestruck lion and the beautiful 
Brenna and Becca roundmg out the squad. 
Although we had a lot of fun, on and off 
the court ...we actually won. Bringing 
home the BSS tournament championship 
for the 3rd time in 4 years, winning 
the TAS invitational tournament, and 
finishing off the CISAA league in 2nd 
place is an amazing feat. A shout out of 
thanks to our wonderful coaches. Feds and 
Lowry, your dedication has inspired us 
all. Andy, we truly appreciated your stats 
taking and humour. All you animals out 
there... keep those bear paws banging! 

«t» Iff H 

■_^- -- ^ 5. 



Clockwise £rom top left: 
Kissing the BSS trophy! 

Biggar - a class act 

Brenna - focusing on the 

Team Hnddle before a game 

Justine receiving one of 
Mary's hard serves! 


Coach: Mr. Christ 

Captains: M. Chagnon, A. Kelamis. A. Pett> 

M\T: A Pelt\ 

For this year's Bigsidc Basketball as 
usual, the team's roster had a strong mix 
of international talent which included 
players from Bermuda, Philippines, 
Montreal, Greece/Saudi Arabia, China, 
Korea, Florida, and Germany. The 
team was led by three year veteran 
and captain, Kizzle, as well as Petty, 
and Marc-Andre. In the post positions 
were J.D., Becker and J-Ray. Sully was 
always there with his strong hustle play 
in the guard position as well. Promising 
young players such as Fawcett and Xiao 
filled in as backup guards. Outerbridge 
and Holmes played well throughout the 
season. Of course, one cannot forget 
the energy of Jason Lee. The players 
would like to thank Mr. Christ for all 
his dedication and hard work this year. 
Good luck to the Bigside BasketbaU 
Team in the future! 

Back L-R: Mr. Christ, G. Holmes, C. Sullivan, X Becker, ID. Brown, J. Ray, S. Outerbridge, Mr. 


Front L-R: A. Landegger, A. Petty, D. Fawcett, M. Chagnon, A. Kelamis, X. Yue, J. Lee, H. Lee 

Clockwise from top left: 
Team huddle 

Kizzle - defending his territory 
Petty getting ready for a shot 
Cha-Cha is ready to pounce 
Becker is picking up the coach 


Coaches: Mr. Hodges, Mr. Vandcrwal, 
Mr. H;irilinK 

Captains: M. Mitchell, D. Moulton, B. Watts 
MVP: I), M.ujii.in 

Back L-R: S. Mooney, T. Weiss, R. McCurdy, D. Stefopulos, K. McLaughlin, M. Orr. S. Casgrain, S. 


Middle L-R: Mr. Harding, J. Bird, W. Cook, J. Chase, G. Jones, P. Robinson, R. Jaakola, E. Musolino, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: Mr. Vanderwal, B. Shirreff, M. Mitchell, D. Moulton, B. Watts, G. Samson-Strecker, Mr. 


It all started in Columbus, Ohio, where 
wc participated in a North American 
Invitational tournament. The Bears had a 
decent record going into the playoff's, but 
were definitely the underdogs in the semi- 
finals. We matched up against Villanova, 
a team of Jr. A and AAA players who 
owned us in regular season play. The 
Bears pulled together, taking Villanova 
to over-time (with Samson playing the 
biggest game of his life between the 
posts). Unfortunately the bounces didn't 
go our way, and we lost the game. Shout 
outs to our leaving seniors Jones, Watson, 
Shirreff", Watts (A), MitcheU (A), Moulton 
(C) and Coach Vanderwal. As well, to the 
team sniper, Robert "Finland" Jakkola 

- buddy, you're the greatest, the Ohio 
trip (and the season) just wouldn't have 
been the same without you bro. Good 
luck next year boys. 

- Moulton #22 





Clockwise from top left: 
Shirreff goes in from behind 
to help Watts 

Pile up 

His stick IS on the ice 

McCurdy's sexy hockey face 

Moulton using his stick 

This page is proudly sponsored by James C. Orr 


Coaches: Mr. Hollett, Mr. White 
Captains: E. Harter, A. Wilson 
>rVT: E. HaMer. A. Wilson 

Despite the incredible skill, talent and 
abundant potential in every aspect 
of this year's Nordic team, no one 
. . . not even the coaches, could find a 
skier who could ski quickly on grass. 
Absolute determination, hard work, 
and a little bit of sheer arrogance (cough 
... GARETH) brought us through in 
the end. The season was plagued with 
endless challenges, but that is what makes 
Nordic different (despite our tight and 
sexy spandex); we are always ready to 
deal with harsh, difficult and sometimes 
insane conditions. All considered, we 
rose above them to salvage a respeaable 
season, qualifying all 4 of our teams 
to compete in OFSAA. We thank the 
coaches immensely for their leadership. 
If times get tough, Nordic skiers always 
get tougher, and if all else fails, we just 
blame Evan. 

Back L-R: E. Bock. T. Br>ant, E. Fishlock. M. Herod, C. Truchon, D Richards, G. CecU-Cockwell 
Middle L-R: Mr. Hollett, Mr. White, D. Hamden, C. Park. S. Rashid, Z. McAllister, D. Taylor, R. 
Courtice, J. Tuominen, J. Dickson. A. Gulka, L. Hayter, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: Ms. Long, A. Brown, T. Bock, J. Desjardins, A. Oatway, E. Hayter, A. Wilson, R. Krause, 
S, Aggarwal 

Clockwise from top left: 
The Senior Girls at OFSAA! 

Wilson sporting his beloved 

Erin beating the competition 
... cigain 

Gareth and Dave doing what 
they do best 

Jenna finishes off strong 




This page is proudly sponsored by Richard & Shelagh Oatway 

Coaches: Mr.s. C';iiiil-h)ii, Ms. .lakic 
Captains: L. WonR, .J. McCracken 
MVP: K. Dags, N.Tupoliu 

Back L-R: L. Sands, A. Kam, J. Gillies, A. Dickson, J. Lewis, N. Topolie, P. Cordeau, K. Dagg 
Middle L-R: Mrs. Cameron, Ms. Jakic, D. Hatch, M. Rodriguez, A. Boos, J. McCracken, S. Shevlen, 
S. Findlay. C. Selby, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: S. Pink, C. Conyers, V. Mack, L. Wong, M. Robertson, M. Stefopulos, A. Conyers, M. 
Churchman, B. Hodara 

This swim season was one of heartbreak 
and triumph. Huey, Little Topohe, B-E- 
N-J-I, Lewis, Boosi-9 milli, the Hotties 
from dee Islands, Mario-Mario, Sexy 
James, and all the others were many of 
TCS' finest swimmers. McCracken was 
the silent leader of this team, proving his 
worth with not only his unwavering good 
attitude but with his swimming success 
as well. Conyers was the female leader 
through action while Lauren showed her 
leadership as the female captam. Topolie 
managed to bring the team spirit to life 
by narrowly winning silver at OFSAA 
in the senior men's 50 Free. Every single 
swimmer at OFSAA stepped up their 
game; as a team we finished above our 
seed position in almost every race. What 
a great year, guys! I certainly learned a lot 
about people. I hope you learned more 
than just the shark drill. 

amp Featu 

uping lora^ju^lsjr 


irwater'Z <^a'j<^ 

waj an-' \ttM- ' ^1 





Clockwise from top left: 
Dickson and James showing 
some skin 


Lauren, Kathryn and Mario 

And that's how they do it 

Cordeaa, Hatch, Rodriguez 
and Shevlen 


Coaches: Mr. Hay 
Captains: O. Gale. I. Redford 

Bigside Squash was something special 
this year. With many returning players 
and some great additions to the team, 
we made a SQUAD. The team spirit 
was always present on and off the court 
and this helped us beat some tough 
opposition. The CISAA Championships 
were definitely tough on mind and 
body with everyone playing 10 games 
in a matter of hours. Despite this and 
the tough competition we stepped the 
game right up and came away with an 
impressive 3"* place finish. We couldn't 
have done it without the guidance of 
our coaches, especially Mr. Hay whose 
experience was invaluable. When I 
think of this season, great squash, good 
times on the bus and terrible chapel 
announcements come to mind. To all 
the grads, thanks and good luck. To all 
the returning players, mash up the place 
ne.xt year! 

Cloctwise from top left: 
He's so qnick, yoa can't 
even see his hands! 

Bathe warms ap 

The one-foot approach 

Dipping low 

Ray likes his goggles 

L-R: Mr. Hay, R. Ward, D. Piccini, G. Bathe, O. Gale, I. Redford, S. Campbell. Mr. Grainger 

73 ^ 



^^ N 



L-R: J. Cervantes, I. Aranzabal, C. Rubio Alonso, R. Payne 

Ihis season's I.ittlcside Snow Ballas 
had a slow start. The first snow fall 
was once again late in the year, but it 
proved to be a good one, nonetheless. 
There many opportunities for the team 
to display their savvy skills and further 
develop them since it was the first time 
most of them had seen snow. From 
snowmen to snow angels and snowball 
fights to snowcones, good sporting was 
shown by all. If this year's Ballas take 
anything away from the experience it 
should be: 

1 . Don't eat the yellow snow. 

2. Don't stick your tongue on metal 

3. Balaclavas are not just used for 

4. String mittens are not only an 
accessory, but necessity. 

5. You can get a sunburn in the 

P.S. If you haven't tried it, we 
recommend tray-bogganning down 
Mount Trinity next year. 


Coach: Ms. MacAlenan 
Captains: J. Badra. C. Yue 
MVP: G. Stirrett-Wood. C. Yue 


The team was lead by Coach Mac 
and Captains Yue and Stirretl-Wood. 
This year's Middleside team had many 
sharpshooters like Brown, Brown, 
Ligatsa and Walker. Our team had 
a big presence on the court when 
our big men, Stirret-Wood, Beath 
and Berg were playing. Although we 
struggled on the boards throughout the 
season, there were many glimmers of 
improvement shown in the games that 
we played. Badra, stepped it up both as 
a leader within the team and as a player 
during this game. Trivedi and Lee both 
came roaring from the bench, scoring 
baskets and showing great hustle. Frye 
stepped up big time and played by far 
the best game he played all season, 
grabbed boards, scored clutch baskets, 
and made amazing amounts of steals. 
Thank you. Coach Mac, for a great 


Coach: Mr. Hay 
Captain: R. MacGregor 
MVP: P. Genesis 

When the season began, things did not 
look too promising, but as it progressed 
so did we. With Rob playing #1,2 
PhUly G., 3 Blayne, 4 Ben, 5 John, 6 
Mike, we seemed to have a good line- 
up. We took care of SAC, Ridley, and 
UCC quite easily and barely squeaking 
by Crescent, found ourselves in first 
place. In the finals, we played Crescent 
where Rob, Phil, and Ben won their 
games easily. Unfortunately, John and 
Mike got worked, losing 2-0; it wasn't 
even close. It came down to Blayne, 
who was tied 1-1. Blayne was losing 
13-8 in a game to 15 and miraculously 
he came back and won, making us the 
"Tier 2 Squash Champions for 2004- 
2005." Special thanks go out to our 
coaches, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Hay 









•j 1^ 








^^^« ^^iiijiJV B 





L^u ^^^^^^1 








Back L-R: Ms. MacAlenan, N. Swan, A. Trivedi, G. Stirren -Wood, C. Beath, D. Berg, A. Walker, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: S. Frye, D. Brown, C. Yue, J. Badra, S. Ligatsa, B. Hyun 

Back L-R: Mr. Hay, Mr. Cameron, P. Gillespie, P. Genesis, E. Pelsise-Reggers, Mr. Grainger 
Front L-R: B. Kettlewell, R. MacGregor, B. Munson, J. MuUane, M. Boseovski 


Back L-R: S. Davies, B. Coughlin. S. Oh, J. McCracken, M. Balfour, J. Candlish, Mr. Grainger 
Front L-R: B. MacDonald, B. Yue, I. Dutton, K. Park, K. Doddridge 

Coach: Mrs. Moore 
Captain: K. Park 
MVP: R. Frame 

1 he team started the season with no 
returning players and a new coach, 
Mrs. Moore. Everyone had their game 
at its peak and left nothing on the 
floor. McCracken, Flak, and Oh were 
amazing at center throughout the year. 
Balfour and Coughlin were awesome 
players at power forward. Doddridge, 
Park, and Dutton provided the team 
with fantastic shooting and a lot of effort 
at small forward. Our shooting guards, 
Davies and Candlish, were "insane in 
the membrane" at driving to the basket. 
And last but not least, Frame and Yue 
did great jobs of running the team and 
showing great leadership at point guard 
during the season. Special thanks to our 
manager, Byron MacDonald, and our 
head coach, Mrs. Moore. 

Back L-R: R. Payne, J. Lee, G. Dersnah, L McBeath 

Middle L-R: Mr. Wills, A. Christie, D. Rowen, T. Munro, A. Byers, I. Parker, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: H. Sabnani, D. West, A. Cameron, S. Martin, D. Paillng, C. Gunning 

Coach: Mr. Wills 
Captain: S. Martin 
MVP: R. Pa\-ne 

This winter season Littleside squash 
did great. We accomplished a lot of 
our goals. Our major goal that we 
accomplished was to beat every team 
at least once during the season, and we 
succeeded. We started out our season 
with losses and by the end of the season 
we were winning. The whole team 
tried their hardest, and our hard work 
paid off. We came third in the finals at 
Mayfair by only a couple of points. Off 
the courts the team had lots of fun with 
many laughs and friendships formed. 
Overall, the Littleside squash team had 
a great season. 


Coaches: Mr. Browii, Mr. Hamilton, 
Mr. Harding 

Captains: M. Chuchman, J. MuUane 

M\T: .\. Moulton 

Starting the season without a goalie, 
we were fortunate enough to have Luke 
Gaston come down from Bigside. We 
had a rough start getting numerous 
penalties throughout the first few games. 
Mike Churchman soon after filled the 
void with leadership and determination 
throughout the term. After a rough start, 
the team grew together. Our offensive 
powerhouse, consisting of Assistant 
Captain, Ben Finney, Rob Kay, and Nick 
Johnston, put the puck in the net with the 
greatest of ease. The defense was steady 
throughout the year with players such as 
the Galpin brothers (Tyler and Ryan) and 
Jared MuUane. Throughout the year, we 
were competitive with the best of teams 
and unfortunately we ended one game 
shy of the playoffs. Best of luck for next 
year, Littleside! 

Back L-R: C. Chauvm, D. Howard, R. Kay, E. Carette, R. Galpin, J. Fraser, J. Wilcox 

Middle L-R: C. Simmonds, D. Weiss, A. Moulton, T. Large, C. Whetung, J. Austin, M. McCulloch, 

Mr Gramger 

Front L-R: Mr. Hamilton. M. Churchman, J. MuUane, L. Gaston, B. Finney, Mr. Brown 

Coaches: Mr. Bailey, Ms. Lee 
Captains: S. Kelly, M. Rebane 
M\T»: H. Swift 

Our starting setter was Hailey Swift, 
who always brought strong life and talent 
to the game. Marley "Cynthia" Bathe 
played strongly in the back court with 
Marissa Rebane and Phyllis Langley 
playing up front at the net. Sophie 
Yalkezian played as our second setter 
and improved greatly throughout the 
season. Sharon Lam and Steph Kelly 
became incredibly diverse players, 
being placed anywhere where they were 
needed on the court. Steph Dusek and 
Alex Hambrock played strongly as our 
offside hitters, while Emily Wilcox and 
Steph Murray had an amazing season as 
our starting power players. We would 
like to thank Coaches Bailey and Lee for 
constraining us in times of need, and for 
a great season packed with improvement. 
We would also like to thank our manager, 
Bradley Mitchell. 

Back L-R: Mr. BaUey, Ms. Lee, S. Lam, A. Hambrock, S. Yalkezian, B. Mitchell, Mr. Grainger 
Front L-R: H. Swift, S. Murray, S. KeUy, S. Dusek, E. Wilcox 


Ten Lost Years 




School's 140th Birthday 


Breakfast House Olympics 

Spring House Olympics 


Spring Sports Awards 

Littleside Bovs Rogfov 

Littleside Soccer 

The Alistair McDonald Trophy 

Neil Issar 

The Coaches Aw 


Mary Richards 


Simon Gowans 

The Coaches Award(MlP) 

Emily Wilcox 

\tiddleside Bovs Rogbv 

Bigside Soccer 

The Les Robling Trophy (MVP) 

Rory Sheppard 

The David A. Gatcliffe Trophy 

Laura Biggar 


Steph Murray 

Bigside Bovs Rngbv 

The Gareth Jones Cup 

Jen Ashbourne 

The Beck Trophy 

Marcus Mitchell 



The Alexis Sciuk Award 

Lesley McLelland 

The Peter KeUy Bowl 

Ben Shirreff 



Kirk Zadan 

The Mike Stevens Trophy (MVP) Storm Pink 

Bigside SoftbaU 

The Coaches Award (MIP) 

Amy Chan 

Bigside Girls Rngbv 

The Samantha Currie Trophy 

Chelsea Smith 

The Coaches Award (MVP) 

Daisy Miers 

The Leslie Eraser Trophy 

Shannon Dejong 

The Coaches Award (MIP) 

Erin Botrie 
Kendra MacKenzie 

Bigside Track 

Sara Gallagher 

Bigside Cricket 

The Daniel Holmes Middle 

James McCracken 

The Rev. J. Scon Howard 

Adam Petty 

Distance Trophy 

Trophy (Leadership) 

The Leadership Award 

Andrew Wilson 

The E.L. Curry Cup 

Ray Ward 

The Cricket Challenge 

Alex George- John 


Trophy (Best Bowler) 

The McNamara Cup (Top Jr.) 

Anna Frackowiak 

The Chapman Trophy 

Jacqueline Boss 

Littleside Tennis 

The Drew Hobbs Trophy(MVP) 

Rebecca Gregory 

TheD.H. Hunter Trophy 

Robert Payne 

The Ned Hanlan Trophy (MVP) 

J.D. Brown 

Jesse Kavander 

Bigside Tennis 

The Coxswain's Crown 

Meaghan Wilcox 

The D.H. Hunter Trophy 

Anthony Kelamis 

The #1 Ladies Singles Trophy 

Joey Robertson 

Full Bigside Colours 

The Sophie Paquet Trophy 

Anthony Kelamis 

Peter Gillespie 

Patrick Lee 

Marcus MitcheU 


Dan Moulton 

Brett Murray 

Storm Pink 

Ben Shirreff 

George Stirrett-Wood John Tames | 

Brendon Watts 

Tony Yu 

Xiao Yue 

Bigside Baseball 

Kirk Zadan 

Jen Ashbourne 

Marley Bathe 

The Most Valuable Player 

Phil Robinson 

Laura Biggar 
Leslie McLelland 

Eleni Bock 
Steph Murray 

Alii Conyers 
Kristen Ouellet 

Kristen Fallen 

Becca Rowen 

Kelsey WUcox 

The J.M. Biggar Trophy 

Phil Robinson 

Jessie Ashbourne 

Shannon Dejong 

Sara Gallagher 

(Leading Batter) 

Chelsea Smith 

Clarissa Wong 

John Bird 

The J.S. Langford Trophy 

Dan Fawcett 

Blayne Ketllewell 
Matt Herod 

Greg Bathe 
James McCracken 

Sabby Frye 
Shannon Swift 

(Leading Pitcher) 

Andrew Walker 

Andrew Wilson 

Dan Fawcett 

Robert Frame 

PhU Grove 

Jason Lee 


The Stephenson Trophy 

Sam Outerbridge 

Phil Robinson 

Emily Foster 

Alii Maclsaac 

Ashley Grand 
Joele Lang 

Anthony Kelamis 
MicheUe MitcheU 

Jae Jang 
Christie Plathe 


Joey Robertson 

Scott Yang 

Christy Corbett 

The Stollmeyer Trophy (MIP) 

Mikaela Kursell 

Becky Faulks 

Alii Maclsaac 

Carolyn Tropea 

Oliver Gale 

Alex George-John 

Adam Petty 

Jarryd Ray 

Hamir Sabnani 

Nathan Swan 


Prathik Sewgoolam 

Ray Ward 

Erin Bocrie 

The Coaches Award 

Jack Candlish 

Natasha Dodd 

Karen Frackowiak 

Justine Frostad 

The Ron Reynolds Memorial 

John Bird 

Ale.\ Juul 

Kendra MacKenize Rachael McConney 1 


Daisy Miers 

Karen Palmer 

Lindsay Pollard ■ 

Sabrina Ternier 

David Berg 

Scott Bosy 1 

The Trenholme Family Trophy 

Blayne Kettlewell 

J.D. Brown 

Rebecca Gregory 

Jesse Kavander 1 


Meaghan Wilcox 



Distinction Winners 

Joey Roberston - TENNIS 

Laura Biggar - SOCCER 

Steph Murray - SOCCER 

Adam Petty - CRICKET 

Alex George- John - CRICKET 

Ray Ward - CRICKET 


Ms. Collins, 

Ms. Wright 


: D. Miers, K 


MAT: D. 


i^i^ft . fTBRsaissSSSSS 

Bigside Girls Rugby had one of their best 
seasons yet. After a couple ot" games, 
we were starting to get into the swing of 
things and tied our game against Appleby, 
our first tie in 3 years. We regarded this 
tie as a huge accomplishment as it was 
the first game in ages that we had not 
lost. With high spirits, we went into a 
game against Havergal College and won 
17-10. This game truly exhibited our 
enthusiasm and improvement as a team. 
Our spirits were kept high throughout the 
season, and we proved ourselves worthy 
at the end. We would like to thank our 
Coaches, Wright and Collins, for giving 
us such a great season. Thanks to Jay 
who captured all of our plays, rucks, 
and tackles (even if they were illegal 
- Daisy Miers and Karen Palmer 


Back L-R: S. Ternier, S. Sands, T. Bryant, M Smith, N. Dodd, E. Botrie, C. Dalzell, L. Greiche, S. Lam 
Middle L-R: Ms. Collins, J. Baxter, J. Mahon, L. Hayter, J. Song, A. Hambrock, K. Dagg, D. Craib, S. 
Yalkezian, M. Stefopulos, L. Pollard, S. Shin, G. Gondosch, Mr Grainger, Ms. Wright 
Front L-R: R. McConney, J. Frostad, A. Juul, M. Churchman, K. Palmer, D. Miers, K. MacKenzie, A. 
Maclsaac, B. Ugolini, K. Frackowiak 


Coaches: Mr. Christ, Mr. Ingram, Mr. Robert 
Captains: L. McLelland, B. Rowen 
MVP: L. Biggar, S. Murray 

Back L-R: M Bathe, S. Murray, J. Murphy, J. Ashbourne, B. Rowen 

Middle L-R: Mr. Robert, Mr. Christ, L. Bolton, J. Chapman, K. WUcox, K. OueUet-Gaston, D. 

Clarke, E. Bock, Mr. Ingram, Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: A. Mathieson, L. de Robina, L. Biggar, K. Fallen, L. McLelland, A. Conyers, G. Reid 

1 oi d team that only had tour returning 
players, Bigside Girls Soccer had a 
remarkably successful season. We were 
able to pull off a number of solid wins 
against teams in our league, securing 
ourselves a spot in the playoffs. After 
a huge victory over De La Salle in the 
quarter finals, we played Ridley in the 
semis and unfortunately lost. We made 
many improvements over the course of 
the season as a result of the time and 
dedication put in by coaches Robert, 
Christ and Ingram. They encouraged 
us through it all and even put up with 
our bad taste in clothing and random 
"border" stories. From cookies and 
potatoes to pink men's shirts and photo 
booths, there were just as many good 
times off the field as there were on the 
field. Thanks also go out to our manager, 
Laura Bolton. 




Clockwise from top left: 
Stickers frx)m a photobooth 


Last day - decked in pink 

Biggar is so serions 
Alii gets ready 
Kels on the sidelines 


Coaches: Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor 
Captains: S. Dejong, S. Gallagher 
M\T»: S. Dejong. C. Smith 

Although this year's Bigside Softball 
season wasn't as successful as last 
year's, we still had a fun time. We won 
a number of games and were still a force 
to be reckoned with. Returning players 
Dejong and Gallagher were effective in 
their positions. Newcomer to the school, 
but obviously not the sport, Chelsea 
Smith showed to be a great player. 
Jenna Briggs and Steph Dusek were also 
welcome additions to the team. We'd 
like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Taylor for 
being inspirational coaches once again. 
Good luck next season! 

Coach: Mr. Hodges 
Captains: J. Bird 
M\T: J. Bird 

John Bird. This guy has played on 
the TCS golf team for four years. Now, 
that's quite feat. Although John failed to 
send in not only his golf write-up, grad 
picture and Head of House write-up, 
we're sure he was a great athlete. It's 
quite fitting that John Bird should play 
golf; after all, his name is part of the 
sport. Maybe the team nicknamed him 
John "BLrdie" - maybe not. I guess the 
truth of the matter is that we'll never 
know because he didn't write this. 
Oh, and thanks to Mr. Hodges for 
coaching this squad of young Bears. 

Back L-R: J. .\shbourne, C. Gnce, P. Langley, J. Barker 

Middle L-R: Mr Taylor, K. Pandit, C. Smith, J. Hornung, J. Briggs. J. Herman, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Gramger 

Front L-R: S. Dusek, A. Chan, S. Dejong, S. GaUagher, C. Wong, A. Kessaram 

Back L-R: Mr Hodges. J. Bird. D. Parker. J. Candlish. S. Oh. B. Kettlewell. E. Pelsise-Reggers. L. McLevin. K. 

Patel. Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: D. Hamden. C Hostick. B. Munson. .■\. Ballantyne. C. Cousins. S. Watson. D. Serraro K. Cho. S. 



Coaches: Mr. Iliirdiiij;, Mr. Ijiigford, Mr. 

Captain: P. Grove 

MVP: P. Robinson 

Back L-R: Mr. Traugott, Mr. Langford, Mr. Harding, Mr. Grainger 

Middle L-R: R. Frame, G. Holmes, G. Parker, H. Day, C. Selby, R Robinson, K. Walker 

Front L-R: G. Young, J. Tuominen, D. Fawcett, P. Grove, X Lee, S. Outerbridge, J. Brogan 

Baseball will be hard pressed to replace 
leading pitcher Fawcett next year as well 
as the quick feet and hands of second 
baseman Lee and the leadership of 
captain Grove. Our team was anchored 
this year by MVP and leading hitter 
Robinson at shortstop, the dependability 
and consistency of Outerbridge at first 
base, and Holmes showing his power and 
confusing hitters with a nasty curveball. 
Grade 9 Frame proved that he could 
compete with opposing players as much 
as 4 years older than him. Brogan, 
Tuominen, and Young completed our 
outfield and provided some crucial hits 
at key times. Walker, Selby, Parker and 
Day provided a spark off the bench and 
will be looked to next year to make a 
significant contribution. We would like 
to thank TL, Trauggs and Harding for 
their tireless efforts in coaching and 
teaching us the game of baseball. 














■ - 

-~ f - — 

Clockwise from top left: 
Fawcett is all smiles on the 

Robinson ready for a fast 

Jason winds ap 

Frame takes a hit 

Holmes gets a leadofiF 


Coaches: Mr. Large, Mr. McCord 
Captains: A. George-John, A. Petty, R. Wani 
M\T: A. George-John, R. Ward 

The 2005 Bigside Cricket season was a 
very successful one. It came down to our 
last match against UCC at home for the 
Championship. We won the toss and 
sent UCC in to bat where they put up a 
total of 101 off 40 overs. We then went 
into bat and knocked up 102 runs for 
only a loss of 4 wickets with Swannie 
hitting 51 runs not out, giving us the 
CISSA Championship. Ray was our 
top batsman with Petty and Swannie 
not far behind. George- John and Petty 
opened the bowling, with Ray, Oli-vah, 
and Prathik fulfilling their jobs when 
called upon. Jarryd, Hamir, Hatch 
(Ducky), Tree Branch, Bebo, Alexiou, 
Scrubs, Cristobel, and Bradley all made 
contributions throughout the season. 
Thanks to coaches, Mr. Large and Mr. 
McCord, for a very successful season. 
All the best to Mr. McCord as he retired 
this year from coaching cricket. 

f .:«■* 


Back L-R: P. Sewgoolam. M. Alexiou, R. MacGregor, I. Redford, 

Middle L-R: Mr. McCord, D. Kellyman, D. Branch, J. Ray, B. MitcheU, C. Gomez, Mr. Large, 


Front L-R: N. Swan, D. Hatch, A. George-John, A. Petty. R. Ward, O. Gale, H. Sabnani 


Clockwise from top left: 
Scrubs warming up 

McCord congratnalting dis- 
tinction winner Ray Ward 

Hatch bringing it in 

Oliver winds up 

Swanny makes a catch 

—■ ^.■J'-^^r^— ^- 

Ifi ' 

^ MB 






Coaches: Mr. Hayter, Mr. Keiser 
Captains: M. Mitchell, B. Shirreff, K. Zadan 
MVP: S. Pink 

Back L-R: B. Murray, R. Edwards, C. Sullivan, P. Cordeau, S. Lee 

Middle L-R: G. Stirrett-Wood, Mr Hayter, P. GUlespie, D. Stefopulos, M. Boseovski, J. Becker, X. 

Yue, P. Lee, Mr Keiser, C. Truchon, Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: T. Yu, D. Moulton, B. Watts, M. MitclieU, B. Shirreff, K. Zadan, S. Pink, J. Tames, R. 


This year's First XV was arguably 
the best TCS has seen in recent years. 
We finished our season with a 2-2 
record which, unfortunately, was not 
enough for us to make OFSSA. The 
team then traveled to Quebec for the 
CAIS tournament where we repeated 
a third place finish. Watts scored three 
times in a thumping of Ridley for our 
second league game, and the team 
came only seconds away from beating 
Upper Canada in a heartbreaking 15- 
16 loss. Our fmal league game saw us 
demolish Appleby on their home field to 
guarantee our playoff berth . Though we 
dominated UCC in the first half, leading 
10-3, they pulled ahead and ended our 
season. Thanks to coaches Keiser and 
Hayter. Good luck to Mr. Hayter next 
year and thanks for imparting your 
wisdom on four TCS rugby teams. 
Thanks to the boys for an amazing 
season. It will be remembered. 



Coaches: Mrs. Powles, Mr. White 
Captains: A. Kelamis, J. Robertson 
MVP: A. Kelaniis. J. Robertson 

It was another great season for Tennis at 
TCS. For the fourth time in five years, the 
girls won the CISAA Championships. It 
was hard work, but we also managed 
to have fun and make some great 
memories; Christie and Michelle's 
intimidating "game faces", Ashley's 
unmatchable enthusiasm on the court, 
Joele's uncanny ability to be hit with 
a ball almost every practice and I'm 
sure everyone will miss the so loved 
'Robertson shuffle'. 

There were some tough schools but, 
all in all, we stuck together, supported 
one another, and pulled it off! Good 
luck next year to everyone! I'm sure 
you will have no problem keeping the 
dynasty alive!! Thanks to Mr. White 
and Mrs. Powles for helping make this 
unforgettable season a reality. 

Back L-R: S. Aggarwal, B. Hur, D. Francis, S. Yang, C. Hermanns, Mr White 

Middle L-R: Mrs. Powles, J. Chan, J. Jang, E. Hayter, B. Swift, C. Plathe, M. Mitchell, I. Poon, A. Grand, 

Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: J. Lang, C. Park. C. Parris, A. Kelamis, J. Robertson, E. Foster, N. Wong, V. Mak, M. Tremblay 



Clockwise from top left: 
Emily warms np 

Scott and Jae rocking on 
their raqaettes 

Ashley's got a killer hit 

Christie and Joele break it 

Joey and Kizzle after a win 


Coaches: Nd uir- waiiU'd to take ihi.s (jii 
Captains: Every one was sleeping 
MVP: They were all pretty ^;oo<l at doing notliinj; 

"Wow, this was the best sport I have 
ever done! It was relaxing and it really 
worked around my schedule. 1 loved BS 
- Anonymous 

This spring many of the up and coming 
graduates decided that the BS Frisbee 
team needed some new members. They 
pondered on this ... and never joined. Due 
to the lack of members, BS Frisbee never 
started up. The Record Editors wanted to 
find out why and after some detective work 
we discovered many of the reasons why 
Y4's weren't joining teams when they said 
they would: 

Clockwise from top left: -Mikaela thought 
that her Ms. Hands impression was a bit soft 
and needed major work - so she followed her 
around for the term. - This spring Furber and 
Casey found their true calling: Interpretive 
Fork Dancing and Licking. They were very 
good at it and decided to go Pro. If you ever 
need a Fork Dancer for a Birthday Party, call 
them at (905) 567-377 1 . - It was her last term 
at TCS and Rach wanted to go out with a bang. 
So she tortured the grade 9's in Ketchum 
constantly and teased all of the Christ Family 
incessantly. This is why they are moving to 
Bickle, Ketchum just reminds them of Rach. 
But she had a good time! -Liesl wanted some 
alone time! -Robyn drank ... a lot! -Graham 
"Goosey" Jones decided to do some soul 
searching. He discovered that what he really 
needed was to hang out with some ladies ... 
and so that was his mission. Unfortunately, 
that didn't happen and Jones ended up with an 
elevator door! -Ben and Cha Cha thought that 
they would use the Frisbee idea and run with 
it. They spent all of their time in photo shoots, 
as models with frisbees and sent the pictures 
to Abercrombie ... which were rejected. - Mer 
decided if she was actually going to be like 
Hilary Duff, then she must put all of her time 
into watching her movies and lip synching 
to her songs. She even practised posing like 
her at night! -Nick practised looking good. 
Keep trying there, buddy. -Phil worked on his 
"too cool for you" stare. - Trying something 
different - Caspar wore his bath robe around 
the campus, every day! 

This page is proudly sponsored by Wayne & Holly Hamden 


Coaches: Mr. Hamilton, Ms. Lonj;, A. Valois 


Ihc rowing season began with a tew 
lessons - we hate frozen water, cuts 
can't take up half the season, early 
mornings aren't so bad after all, and 
the water's cold to fall into. After all 
that was cleared up, the season began to 
look promising. With many returning 
rowers on the junior women and senior 
men teams, many new ones on the 
senior women team and an overall lack 
of junior men, we set out to give it our 
all. We had only one regatta all season 
to show off our talents, the CSSRAs, 
which our entire season built towards. 
All had personal best races, despite 
the fact that they were our only races. 
Some tips for aU the rowers next year: 
keep your arms and legs inside the boat, 
don't come to practice on your birthday, 
watch out for tidal waves, and most of 
all keep on rowing for your mom. 

Back L-R: R. Gregory, M. Ouellet-Gaston, S. Findlay, S. DeGeer, M. Bauer, A. Kam 

Middle L-R: Mr Hamilton, G. Egan, S. Essak, D. Berg, ID. Brown, S. Bosy, J. Kavander, O. Bannock, 

A. Valois, Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: M. Maynard, K. Mastinsek-Payne, J. Boss, M. WUcox, M. Robertson, J. Gilchrist-Bailey, C. 

Sanchez, A. Frackowiak 

Clockwise from top left: 
Up and over the heads! 

Rowing into the son 

Montana's job was never easy 

with these 4 

Flat water... now that's rare! 

Jr. Women taking it nice and 


This page is proudly sponsored by Dr. Mark & Linda Essak 

Back L-R: K 


B. Hyun, S 

. Ra, 

D. Hvun 

Middle L-R: 

Mr. Thornton, H. 


M. Rodriguez. 

G. Bathe 

J. Chin- You. 

C. Alexander. Ms. Moore. | 

Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: J 


S. Swift, S 

Frye, M. Herod. A 


J. McCracken 

. C. Conyers, 

A. Fung 

Coaches: Ms. Mcxjrc, Mr. Thornton 
Captain!): J. McCracken, A. Wilson 
M\'H: .1 NKCr.K k.-ii 

Ihc Quintc Invitational saw many good 
results, including Swift who had a solid 
first track meet and Herod who raced 
well in his first Steeple Chase. Wong 
hurdled well, Wilson ran a very solid 
1500m, and the Champ (Fung) raced 
admirably. At the CISAA Final meet, 
the Korean Sensations (Lee, Hyun, Ra 
and Hyun) ran well individually. Bathe 
had a stellar 800m run, out-kicking 5 
runners to win. Walker, Herod, Frye, 
Bathe, Wilson. McCracken, Swift. 
Conyers and Alexander qualified for 
Metros. Everyone was competitive. 
Walker had some good hops, Bathe 
posted some impressive times and 
the boys 4 by 400m (Bathe, Wilson, 
McCracken and Frye) relay team 
narrowly missed OFSAA, placing 
6"". Thank you to Mr. Thornton and 
Ms. Moore for their commitment and 

Clockwise Crom top left: 
Sprint to the finish! 

Etho runs it in 

Sabby practicing his dance 
moves in the air 

Champ leading the pack 

Setting up for a race 

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Coach: Ms. Dunn 

This year Middleside Softball was a 
new team at TCS. For many girls, 
it was their first year and as the 
season progressed, they improved 
immensely. Players returning to the 
sport demonstrated great leadership 
and understanding. We'd like to 
thank the people who came out to 
see our games. If you didn't watch 
one, come out next year; it'll be good. 
Also thanks to our coach who made 
this season possible. Good luck ne.xt 
year, girls. 

Coaches: Mr. Robling, Mr. Shaughnessy, Mr. 


Captains: W. Cook, R. Sheppard, T. Weis.s 

IVUT: R. Sheppard 

On Rebels Rugby this year we had a 
decent season. The exchange students 
were a really big help and were a great 
contribution to the team. I would like 
to say on behalf of the Rugby team 
thank you to Mr. Stevens who will be 
greatly missed and not just by us but 
by everyone from TCS and thank you 
to Mr. Robling who helped us with our 
skills on the field. Great season, boys. 
See you next year on Bigside. 



Back L-R: Ms. Dunn, M. Lam, A. Porter, C. Botrie, L. Chrisman, S. Rashid, E. Hsu, Mr. Grainger 
Front L-R: C. Yi, I. Elizondo, Z. Khuzwayo, C. Grice, D. Taylor, C. Stewart, P. Yu, M. Tsui 

Back L-R: J. Ng. M. Orr. A. Dependahl, D. Martin. L. Dehcn. }. Chase, D. Brown. A. Trivedi, S. Gian- 


Middle L-R: Mr. Stevens, Mr Robling, H. Lee, D Richards, S. Casgrain, E. Choi, B. Ahn, D. Payene, D. 

Piccini, A. Brown, R. Jaakola, S. Nakhai, Mr Shaughnessy, Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: D Hatch. P. Murray, W. Cook, R Sheppard, T. Weiss, M. Bencura. S. Mooney 


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Back L-R:L 

Hogarth, H. Swift, K. Vermeulen, J. Fishlock, C. 


Middle L-R 

Mr Ramsay, C. Gunning, E 

Wilcox, A. Holmes 

J. Clarke, J. Dickson 





Front L-R: A, Hill, S. Kelley, N. Issar, M. 

Richards, A. Cameron, S. Tirelli 

L. Chin- You 

Back L-R: Mr. Grainger, Mrs. Powles, R. Courtice, J. Austin, R. Yeom, N. Bauer, Mr. White 
Front L-R: N. Chan, R. Strike, R. Payne, D. West 



. iMKruin, 







, M 






I.ittleside soccer were animals this 


Tearing up the field and screaming 

TCS cheers. 

Every practice was filled with 

laughter and jokes. 

Every game seemed to be a war, 

With the ref shaking his fist. 

There was certainly no doubt, 

That for playoffs we were surely a 


Playoffs rolled around and we were 

in first place, 

We were ready to take on anything 

as all the teams arrived to our home 


We lost our last game in the last few 

minutes of sudden death, 

At the end of the game "I Love 

Soccer!" was our last breath. 


Mrs. Powles, Mr 



R. Payne 



The team was formed by six FY's: 
Payne, Austin, West, Doddridge, 
Strike and Courtice, and two returning 
Y2's; Bauer and Yeom. This team 
had a great opportunity to be one 
of the best teams in the league, but 
unfortunately this wasn't the case. 
The team needed more practice. Due 
to the rain, tennis didn't have a lot 
of court time. The finals at Toronto 
Mayfair came so quickly we weren't 
ready for them. There were 9 teams 
and we were in a pool of 4, UCC, 
Appleby and Hillfield. We all came 
with great enthusiasm of thinking that 
we could make it to the semi-finals, 
but unfortunately we lost against UCC 
and Appleby. 


Coaches: Mr. Gregg, Mr. Goering 
Captain: C. Whetung 

We had our best season yet as we finally 
managed to send those ten year olds 
back to school. New kids on the block 
were Wilcox, Mullane, Doyle, and 
Carette. Jon stepped up to become our 
new wicket keeper and became one of 
our most valuable players. Jared came 
out of nowhere and became one of 
our best bowlers; Conor had the leg- 
spin rolling and Carene held it down 
at second slips. Campbell was our 
opening bowler. Agnew-Pople had some 
crazy throws, Aggarwal did well in the 
field. Desjardins hit some big fours and 
Coughlin did well every\vhere. Worek 
had some great bowling and fielding. 
Large had some insane catches and 
great batting, and Whetung managed 
to get next to no runs every game but 
redeemed himself in the field. We would 
like to thank our coaches, Mr. Gregg and 
Mr. Goering, and wish next year's team 
good luck. 

Coaches: Mr. Cameron, Mr. Hay 
Captains: N. Issar, S. Cowans 
M\T: S. Cowans 

Littleside Rugby was an organised 
automaton as Issar and South 
Aft-ican Gowans captained the squad. 
A convincing win at Rosseau Lake 
consisted of a six hour journey, lots 
of mud, and, unfortunately, injuries 
to Johnston and Kay, two of the 
fastest backs. With injured players 
recovering, and the forwards rucking 
more efficiently, the final two games 
were routs of Crescent and Royal St. 
George's, the latter a crushing 43-0 
victory. Moulton. Rob and Nick ran 
circles around the two teams, Cecil- 
Cockwell and Davies played excellent at 
scrumhalf and the back line consistently 
connected with Neil who scored six 
tries. The exchange students, Simon and 
Rozenbilds, proved to be indispensable 
assets. With all of these up-and-coming 
players, and excellent coaches Hay and 
Cameron, the future of Littleside Rugby 
looks strong indeed. 

Back L-R: J. Wilco.x. N Desjardins, B. Coughlin, C. Doyle, J. Mullane, E. Carette, H. Agnew-Pople, Mr 


Front L-R: Mr. Goering, A. Tana, J. Worek, C. Whetung, T. Large, G. Campbell, N. Aggarwal, Mr. 


Back L-R: .A Bycrs, L Gaston, T Hammett, D. Weiss, A. Moulton, .•\. Boos, J. Lewis, D. Kourkoutis Third 
L-R: Mr. Hay K. Bang, J. Ahn, L. Zadan, M. Maynard. M. Rozenbilds, E. Flak, K. Park, T.J. Wood, R. 
Kay. Miles Rowland, Mr Cameron, Mr. Grainger Second L-R: M. Bachorz, A. Christie, S. Edmonds, S. 
Gowans, N. Issar, G. Cecil-Cockwcll, S. Davies, N. Johnston Front L-R: B. Thompson. M. Churchman, 
M. Collins, C. Simmonds. C. Gunning. D. Howard, I. Aranzabal 


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Over the April long weekend, Jazz Band, Trinity Winds and Finally Arrived traveled to the birthplace of Jazz, 
New Orleans, to participate in a music festival. Being the only Canadian school in an all- American competition, 
we had a lot to prove, and prove it, we did. Trinity Winds, playing music of a very high level, achieved a silver 
standing, while Trinity Jazz and Finally Arrived both achieved a gold standing! 

Along with competing, we took place in a lot of other activities. Our days consisted of tours of plantations, 
alligator swamps, shopping, amusement parks and exploring New Orleans, but our nights were different. 
Usually starting with a jazz club, our nights ended with free time where some chose to explore musical culture by 
visiting Preservation Hall and others chose to spend their time exploring some New Orleans culture - Bourbon 

Everyone on the trip would like to thank Mr. Ingram and Ms. Kelly for chaperoning - it wouldn't have been 
nearly as much fun without them. As well, a big thank-you goes to Mr. Parker and Ms. Jackson. This trip 
was planned so well and was so much fun, all thanks to them. Thanks for everything and good luck to all the 
graduating music students. It's been a blast! 

-Andria Mathieson 


My experience on the Art History trip was absolutely amazing. I had never been to London before and 1 think 
that my first time there was unforgettable. We walked practically everywhere we went, and our first walk-in 
stop was the National Gallery. I think my favourite part of that museum was the Caravaggio exhibit. The 
massive portraits stared down at me while emitting a harsh glow. That was definitely an exhibit I will never 
forget. We traveled to the British museum, the Victoria & Albert museum, the Tate, and the Tate Modern. We 
didn't just visit galleries while we were there, though; we all went out on our second night to see a play of our 
choice and visited St. Paul's Cathedral where we listened to their beautiful evensong ceremony. We also visited 
Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day where a few of us saw the Queen herself. 
Wlien we arrived in Paris, we were all exhausted but still ready to move ahead to the next gallery. We visited 
the Musee d'Orsay and the Louvre, of course. Some of us often sat and did sketches we were so inspired by 
what we were seeing. On the last two days of our trip we also visited the Rodin Garden and the Musee Picasso. 
Having studied many of the works of art that we were seeing, it was most exciting to see them up close. It 
was the perfect time of year to visit because there weren't too many tourists and the weather was beautiful for 
a lot of the trip. I enjoyed the trip very much and learned so much from what I saw. This trip was one of the 
highhghts of my graduating year. Thanks to Greggles and FD for a wonderful trip. 

-Emma Walker 





, T 

M^^^ ^Ej(.V u^^Bf'S^^L^M 


pr* ' 


Trinity Bells 

Back L-R: J. Lee, C. Jin, A. Conycrs, S. Swift, S Vang. 1) 
Morrison. J. Jang, S. Bosy 

Middle L-R: Mr Mills, K. Lee. M. Mitchell. B. Shirreff. C. 
Sullivan. S. Shin. Mr Grainger 

Front L-R: C Park. M. Chagnon. I Frostad. D. Miers. C. 
Triichon-Fchlcr. H Kim. .\ Lee. A. Chan, C. Wong 

Chapel Choir 

Back L-R: C Jin. J Kim. S. Vang. R. Au, R. Vi. I Jang. C. 
Lam, P. Lee. K Chan 

Middle L-R: A. Fung. J. Wong. J Chan. N. Wong. D. 
Cheung. J Kavander. F. Lui. C. Wong. \' Mak. L. Vun 

Front L-R: M. Hambrock, A. Lee. R. Ko. Mr Mills. Mr 
Grainger. Father D. Aitchison. A. Chan, A. Maclsaac, H. 

Trinity Improv Team 

Back L-R:C. Bannerman, B. Glassco, 



Middle L-R 

E. Walker, M 

Wall,A. Furber,M. | 


Front L-R: 



C. van Keeken 



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Trinity Jazz 


^^^^BB^^^^m*^ Hu 




^^V' j 

^ jUB < ,^ ra 






^^^^^^^fc ' / 

^^■'^PVu VB 


»'^^ :l 






Hack l.-H: (i I'arkti, A Hous. K Nkfurily, A Malhic-ion. 
A llaiTilucick. Mr I'arkrr 

Middle I,-R: J Lee, A Wooilwaid. I) Kwan, C. Selby 

Front L-R: C Jin. M Mayiiaid. J Lee, A Irwin, S 


Vocal Jazz 

Back L-R: Ms 


S. Lee, L 

Gaston, J. Lee, J 

Jang, A. Irwin, S 


M. Wall, 

S. Yang, J Frostad. 

Ms. Jackson 

Front L-R: K 


M Han^ 

brock, H. Lee, A 

Gvilka, C. Jin, C 

Sanchez, A. 

Frackowiak, M. Churchman, | 

K Ritchie, D. Miers 

Finally Arrived and Jazz Trio 



Back L-R: J. Lee, C Jin, R Brophy, M. Churchman, V. 


^flPK-^I^^P^K '^^^1 

MacBain, M. Chu 



Front L-R: A Boos, J Lee 


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Trinity Strings 

Back l.-R: Ml- llimta-. O llunUT. A Hrcnvn. F I.ui. S 
Slu\liri. A llolmi's. J Chin-Vou 

Front L-R: J Kim, B. Stewart, C. Yi. .\ Kam, I, Chin-Vou. 
K Baxti-r, A Walk, i 

FY/Y2 Concert Band 

Back L-R:J Wilcox, K. Patel, R. Frame. R. Courtice, A. Parker, 
R. Yeom, D. Howard, D. Kourkoutice. A. Tanna, M. Maynard, 
A. Byers, R. Robson, T. Munro, J. Tuominen, R. Kay, J. Brogan, 

D. Parker, J. Frasier, I. Parker, I. McBeath. G. Dersnah, D. West 
Middle L-R: J. Wong, K. Bang, J. Kim, E. Choi, A. Moulton, 
C. Chauvin, P Langley, C. Dalzell, C. Whetung, J. Austin, I. 
Johnson, K. Doddridge, M. Ouellet- Gaston, L. Chrisman, S. 
Matthews, S. Lee, S. Oh, B. Robertson, D. Harnden, Mr Parker 
Front L-R: Ms. Jackson, L. Tsui, A. Hill, S. Lam, L. Hayter, A. 
Porter, S. Rashid, I Fishlock, H. Nowak, T. Bryant, C. Botrie, S. 
DeGeer. H. Swift, J. Dickson, N. Issar, M. Pritchard, D. Taylor, 

E. Choi, J. Chan. K. MacKenzie 

Dance Troupe 

Back L-R: L. Chapman, H. Lee, M. DuMoulin. R. Brophy, J Chan, J Robertson, K Mastinsek- 
Paync. L. de Robina. K- Balaam, C. Smith 

Front L-R: C. Stcven.s, C. Sanchez, N. Wong, .1. fJilchre.st-Bailcy, Ms. Booth. (). Bannock. N. 
Chan, M. Mitchell, S Saunders 

Trinity Singers 

Back 1,-K: J. Ashbourne. C Kcarns, K Ouellet-Gaston. 
A Chan, K Kiause, R Brophy. E Botrie, J Frostad. L 
Pollard. S. Nakhai, I, Biggar 

Middle L-R: Ms Jackson, F. Hsu, C Wong, P. Gupta, 
K Kitchie. L King, B. De Silva, A Lcc, T Bock, B 
Ainsworth, II Kim, H Lee 

Front L-R: C Au. 1 ICl-Khashab. A. Hill, S Aggarwal. 
A Kashyap. J. Chan. N. Wong, T. Ugolini, B Ugolini,G 
( iomlosch, V. MacBain. A f'unif. Mr Grainger 

Trinity Winds 

Back L-R: J Lee. S Laiii, K Fallen, A. Boos, G. Parker, 
A Woodward, C. Selby, D. Kwan 

Middle L-R: R. Gregory, M. Tremblay, R. Krause, B. 
McKenzie, E. Hawkins, L. Riehter, A Ir^vin, S. Matthews, 
X Yue, K Yean, J.Song 

Front L-R: I Lee. A Fung, P Gupta. L Gregory. C. 
Ste\ens. M. Wall, J. Charters. G. Young. H. Milne, S. 
Rattan. K. Ritchie 

Arts & Community Service Awards 

Arts Awards 

Communitv Service Awards 

Commendation Award 

Bronze Award 

Jon Austin 

Bailey Ainsworth 

Shalini Aggarwal 

Jeremy Wong 

Jay Baxter 

Jaime Chan 

Jesse Ashbourne 

Laura Biggar 

Thalia Bock 

Anna Everdell 

Brett Payette 

Karen Baxter 

Carlie Botrie 

James Brogan 

Alexander Brown 

Justin Chan 

Jae Jang 

Rachelle Krause 

Tamara Bryant 

Ali Cameron 

Will Camm 

Duncan Kwan 

Hayley Lee 

Blake Macfarlane 

Jacqueline Chan 

Jaime Chan 

Justin Chin-You 

David Morrison 

Sam Saunders 

Chns Selby 

Lauren Chin-You 

Robin Courtice 

Graham Dersnah 

Dominic Serraro 

Shannon Swift 

Nick Topolie 

Jenna Dickson 

Kevin Doddridge 

Miles Dutton 

Monique Tremblay 

Matt Walker 

Scott Yang 

Russ Edwards 

Julia Fishlock 

Joel Eraser 

Cho Rong Yi 

Andrew Zwarych 

Joude Badra 

Luke Gaston 

Ben Glassco 

Gillian Gondosch 

Casey Bannerman 
Catherine Brown 

Thalia Bock 
Steven Campbell 

Laura Bolton 
Desmond Cheung 

Alana Gulka 

Chelsey Gunning 

Derek Harnden 

Mitch Fookwe 

Karen Frackowiak 

Justine Frostad 

Erin Hawkins 

Lucy Hayter 

Neha Issar 

Sara Gallagher 

Cristobal Gomez 

Rebecca Gregory 

Alfred Kam 

Anjana Kashyap 

Steph Kelly 

Mer Hambrock 

Erin Hawkins 

Erica Hsu 

Justin Kim 

Liz King 

Stefan Kirkpatrick 

Anna Kessaram 

David Kim 

Min Kim 

Rachelle Krause 

Duncan Kwan 

Ha Ram Lee 

Mike LaPointe 

Soo Bin Lee 

Frank Liu 

Hayley Lee 

Jenny Lee 

Frank Liu 

Alli Maclsaac 

Shasha Nakhai 

Kruti Pandit 

Valerie MacBain 

Andrea Mathiesor 

Mallory Maynard 

Eric Pelsise-Reggers 

Becca Rowen 

Spencer Shevlen 

Matt Maynard 

Nick McCartney 

Ryan McCurdy 

Brenna Swift 

Sabrina Ternier 

Kelsey Wilcox 

Natasha Milligan 

Heather Milne 

Shasha Nakhai 

Andrew Wilson 

Kristen Fallen 

Charlene Fark 

Alex Parker 

Ian Parker 

Kushal Patel 

Sophia Rashid 

Silver Award 

Stephanie Rattan 

Dan Siksay 

Chelsea Smith 

Bryan Yue 

Tamara Bryant 

Christina Au 

Claire Stewart 

Dayna Taylor 

Lily Tsui 

Juha Bakker 

Scott Bosy 

Erin Botrie 

Thanh Vu 

Andrew Walker 

David West 

Alexander Brown 

Justin Chin-You 

Alli Conyers 

Jon Wilcox 

Natalie Wong 

Cho Rons Yi 

Wes Cook 

Sam Giannone 

Jocelyn Murphy 

Greg Young 

Michelle Churchman 

Brie McKenzie 

David Piccini 

So Heui Shin 

Whitney Wakefield 

Monique Tremblay 

Mike WaU 

Andrew Woodwarc 

Robyn Brophy 

Kevin Chan 

Joelle Desjardins 

Phil Grove 

Excellence Award 

Erin Hayter 
Michelle Mitchell 

Hae Rang Kim 
Mano Rodriguez 

Janet Lee 
Dan Siksay 

Kristina Balaam 

Mikel Bauer 

Karen Baxter 

Clarissa Wong 

Natahe Wong 

Andrew Boos 

Scott Bosy 

Cait Byrne 

Thomas Davis 

Emily Foster 

Anna Frackowiak 

Distinction Award 

MacKenzie Jackson 

Clara Jin 

Duncan Kwan 

Rachael Buchwald f201 hours) 

Sharon Lam 

Jason Lee 

Joon Lee 

Ben Glassco 


Sean Matthews 

Graeme Parker 

Ben Pesowsky 

Phil Grove 


Claudia Sanchez 

Chris Selby 

Chloe van Keeken 

Matt Walker 

Mike Wall 

Ryan Yeom 

Amber Irwin 


Andrew Woodward 

Neil Issar 
Katelyn Ritchie 


Distinction Award 

Claudia Sanchez 


Casey Bannerman 

Robyn Brophy 

Jasmin Charters 

Caspar Yue 


Karen Frackowiak 

Justine Frostad 

Alex Furber 

Mer Hambrock 

Amber Irwin 

Janet Lee 

2005 Lieutenant Governor's 

Daisy Miers 

Brooke Stewart 

Emma Walker 

Commnnity Volunteer Award 

Michelle Churchman 

Heather Milne (o 

ver 595 hours) 

The John H. Bassett Award in Music 

Brooke Stewart 

The Cosmo Music Achievement Award 

Rebecca Gregory 


Casey Bannerman Rachael Buchwald 



Robyn Brophy 

Jasmin Charters 

Michelle Churchman 

i\ - ^i 

Karen Frackowiak 

Justine Frostad 

Alex Furber 

Ben Glassco 

Phil Grove 

Meredith Hambrock 

Amber Irwin 
Arts & Service 

Neil Issar 

Jason Lee 

Daisy Miers 

Katelyn Ritchie 

Claudia Sanchez 

Emma Walker 

Caspar Yue 

Rebecca Gregory Heather Milne 

The Cosmo Music Achievement 2005 Lieutenant Governor's 
Award Community Volunteer Award 

Brooke Stewart 

The John H. Bassett 

Award in Music 


Arts Night 2005 



^ ^ 2 

9 9^ 

9 ^ ~ 

Q 9 9 9 9 

999 99^ 9 

9 9 9 S 9 ^ ^^ 


i9 ^ 

9« ?S 9S9S9 9 

^s ^^^^^ 



We Ride Together,^Ve Die Toflcthet 


This year Bethune was full of ups and downs. The year started oflF with many new students who were 
trying to figure out the Bethune way. However, within the first few months the new students discovered 
how special it was to be a Bull Dog. The year started off well when we won the Oxford Cup! However, our 
debating skills still require some fine tuning. We were de-throned from both the winter and summer house 
Olympics; but it gets uncomfortable being the best anyway. We went ft^om ruiming naked in the snow, to 
rurming off chapel skips at 5:30 in the morning. Over the year we lost and gained a few Bull Dogs through 
exchange. We also will be saying goodbye to one of our house masters, Mr. Vanderwal. We wish him well 
in the future. Next year we leave the House to Dave Hyun and Stu Casgrain. We wish them the best of 
luck in keeping Bethune traditions alive. As we grads move on to the next level, I'm sure we v^dll miss the 
Mends we made and good times we had in Bethune. Lastly, we want to thank Mr. Keiser for being a great 
Housemaster for our time at TCS. 

Ben Shirreff and Cam "Peon" Beath 

Cam Beath 

Assistant Head of 


Ben ShirrefF 
Head of House 



^B I^^vHk£^^Sa ^mZm 




^^^?**^^^^ ■•• ^ 

I ar 

Clockwise &om top left: 
After some frisbee ~ 
Young'uns ~ Fnrber and 
Ben are... ghetto? ~ Brendon 
likes to believe he's smart ~ 
How many monkeys in a tree 
can yon count? -Carl enjoys 
a nice game of hockey ~ Pe- 
ter at his finest ~ Phils 's not 
sore what happens around 

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Well, it's been a great year for Bickle House. We've moved up in the ranks both academically and athletically, 
w^ith a high number of Dean's List students w^ithin the House which puts Brent and Bethune to shame. We 
also dominated in House sports and House Olympics by winning the senior volleyball, the winter Olympics 
and most importantly, the TUG-OF-WAR. Nice try, Bethune. Thank you, Mr. Allen and Mr. Hayter, for 
looking out for us this year, and making sure Kizzle and Swanny were kept in their places. Good luck, Mr. 
Hayter, in your future endeavours. Good luck to Mr. Christ, who will surely be a great addition to Bickle. 
Props to Avi for continuing Bickle House's Head Boy streak; you'll do a great job next year. Well done to 
the grads who all managed not to get expelled. Good luck to all of you - try to keep in touch. We'd like to 
pass the torch to Sully and Blayne; keep up the House rep and the House pride. Take care of the House 
and she'll be good to you. We've had some fun times throughout the year, like our house-wide capture the 
flag at dawn and our controversial morning serenade of "I wish all the ladies!" Thanks Bickle for making 
this year an awesome and memorable one. It's been a good run. 

Marcus Mitchell and Caspar Yue 

Caspar Yue 

Assistant Head of 


Marcus Mitchell 
Head of House 


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Clockwise from top left: 
Bickle at W.H.O. ~ The 
grads and D.A. at semi ~ 
What's that Kizzle? ~ Muf- 
fin! ~ Nice bine ribbon, 
Bradley ~ Avi likes pizza 
~ Luke's looking good ~ 
Cordeau breaks a sweat eat- 
ing Timbits ~ Hatch, what 
happens in Bickle should 


Brent finally broke last year's curse! Fookwe and Chagnon managed to stay in position this year. Though we 
lost a few, we continued strong. We remember those who weren't able to be with us next year and those who 
couldn't graduate with us (Holton). With the departure of former Housemaster Campbell Hall last year, the 
House was entering a new era. Our new Housemaster, Michel Cameron, was an honourable replacement. All 
year, Cameron was very generous and he was always willing to listen to everybody's ideas. He also managed to 
respect all traditions while bringing along some new ideas like Brent House Laser Tag. Unfortunately Yhardo 
and the mighty Tobey will leave us next year. The whole House wishes him and his family the best of luck 
in the future. Mr. Harding was more than willing to fill the big shoes of Yhardo. We are all sure he will bring 
energy and enthusiasm to the house. We say goodbye to the grads. Senior Sexy Stoble, Mario, the Chanster, 
Piano Master Roimy, Frank Liu, Jason Lee (chocolate milk), Jesse the actor, Mike Lapointe, Desmond the 
Cook, George- John, Petty and of course Sir Glassco. To all the ones that wall be here next year, remember to 
respect all the Brent Boys and cherish this place while you are still here. Keep aUve the House traditions. To 
Aaron and Michael-Bobby-Orr, keep the House on lock with your mighty positions next year. 

One love, 

Fookwe and ChaCha 

RS. Half-day 



Assistant Head of 


m ' 

■ ^"^^ 

^■^ ^^1 

L V 

Mitch Fookwe 
Head of House 



_a !&£. 

._._.. . v;^^ 

s.^ ^^t^ -^Uk ^jSS^iH^P 


BSB^K?ijffl^^^^^F ^^^^1 








\ \ 


Clockwise £rom top left: 
Aww, they plant flowers! ~ 
Mitch is a little wet ~ Grads 
at the beach ~ Ronny does the 
Matrix ~ Blake's carressing 
the football ~ Desmond and 
Roni ~ Mike waiting to putt 
~ Isaac gives the thumbs up 
~ Bens wishes Becca were 
here ~ Don't mess with Do- 



It should come as no surprise that Burns House, once again, had an amazing year. It started out with our 
annual "Shine, Jesus, Shine" initiation, and our first ever Burns House Games. Highlights from the year 
include: senior debate semi-finals (a.k.a. our late night ice cream session), showing off our impressive volleyball 
skills, which took us all the way to the finals. Burns House also earned itself silver in Ultimate Frisbee. 
However, nothing could amount to the victory Burns revelled in upon beating Ketchum in the Tug of War 
finals at Spring Olympics. A sample of statistics for the year include: increased all-nighters per person, reduced 
number of fire alarms as a result of microwave incompetence, more intense water fights, a greater occurrence 
and a higher success rate of vvdthin-house pranks, increased knowledge and understanding of mayoimaise jars 
and golf balls, and an inordinate amount of Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Cake. 

Thanks to Murray and Kelly for the heart and energy they have put into every single one of us. Thanks to 
Ingram and Long, for hanging out with us this year Most importantly, for the girls we leave behind, take care 
of this place, cherish it, and keep our traditions alive! Rach and Cristin, it's not an easy ride, but it's a fun one. . . 
good luck next year! We're gonna miss this place! 


Michelle and Les 

Lesley McLelland 

Assistant Head of 


Michelle Churchmar 
Head of House 


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Clockwise from top left: 
IXig-of-war winners ~ Decked 
in red ~ S-P-I-R-I-T ~ Murray 
and Chloe ~ Olivia and Caitlin 
~ Ready for Santa ~ Jenna, 
Cristin and Ashley ~ Rachael's 
not an oatmeal fan ~ Daisy, 
Michellle and Erin ready for 
semi ~ Katie's all smiles 

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So Brett, I mean John Bird, was a great House leader, always showing up to HOH meetings - oh wait, 
that was Brett. This year's House clothing was a true testament to our characters. We do ride together (on 
the bus) and we die together (playing Nintendo), and we are Ho's for life (no explanation needed). New 
Student Fun and Games is always a highlight of the year where this year we antiqued kids and made them 
carry hay (we would have preferred pitch forks but they were deemed "unsafe"). Our master debating 
skills are definitely up to par. We never cease to amaze others as they gaze at our refined abihty to chug 
orange juice through a fiximel. It wasn't Ho boys who streaked at Breakfast Olympics. . .this year. We all 
managed to "redecorate" the lockers with our knees, shoulders, elbows and fists. 
Thanks to Mr. Large for another year of keeping the boys in line. 
Good luck Nick "Top Dawg" Topohe and Duncan in leading the House next year. 
Keep it alive. Ho's for life. 

John Bird 
Head of House 

Brett Murray 

Assistant Head of 



Clockwise from top left: Ho's 
at Ruckus ~ Duncan's amazed 
by Neil's science announce- 
ment ~ D-Mo can sing ~ GU- 
lies, we don't want to know ~ 
Ad<im's pick up face ~ David's 
asking, "What's he looking 
at?" ~ I think both Topolies 
are enjoying this ~ Just giv'er, 
right Bathe? -- Boos ~ Mike, 
the black sheep 


This year had us coining together as 49 girls from around the world to become one House standing united. We've 
risen to heights way beyond many of our wildest dreams, and once again it leaves me thankful to be a part of 
Ketchum, and saddened that it's time to leave. Firstly, thank you to all the girls who shd on ice, chugged orange 
juice, debated and wore their Ketchum ties v^dth pride. This year was what it was because of you all. Traugs, your 
words of wisdom for everyone and for me in the past four years are unforgettable. You are our mother away from 
home, and we can never thank you enough for that. Salty, the move from the fourth to the ftrst floor vvdll no doubt 
be amazing; the girls will love your company. Good luck with everything, and may your wedding be just what you 
dreamed of Christie, it is no doubt that Ketchum is losing someone incredible. May the Bickle boys treat you well 
or they will have 49 girls to deal with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To our cleaning and laundry ladies, 
thank you for making us smile even in the toughest of times! Meredith, I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone 
else; thank you for all your help and, most of all, our friendship! Grads, our time has ended. Whether you've had 
four years or one year here, I know it has impacted you all. From our tears to our endless laughter may you never 
forget your days in Ketchum. Good luck next year; it's the end of an era but the beginning of another. Finally, 
Andy and Emily, you ladies have it in you to be the greatest, and take care of these girls - they are your sisters! 
So thank you, everyone: the moments have been unforgettable, the tears have been worth it, and the laughs never- 

Meredith Hambrock . 
Assistant Head of 

" Rachael Buchwald 
Head of House 


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We started the year bonding during our first house outing while firing paintballs at the new kids. At Hallowe'en 
Tyrone was something to marvel over Three of the filthiest mullets ever and the Village People were also highlights. 
Orchard House dominated the Oxford Cup with many top finishes. We scored big points when it came to originality 
during the Christmas tree decorating contest. Our house had a few master debaters in the junior category including 
the Ukes of Jacob Tuominen and Danny Parker who qualified the House for the Semifinals. Congrats to Meek 
and Wilson, who managed to vvin the only senior debate of the year That is quite a feat, boys. The juniors were 
also very proficient volleyball players, placing second only to Hodgetts. This squad was led by the big men who 
dominate fi-ont court: Jonny 'Cash' Wilcox, Derek Harnden and Robert 'Frodo' Frame. Special mention to James 
for trying to get a semi date during a debate, only to be rejected and laughed at. Thanks to Chase for doing his best 
with the House Charity. . .that is one weird fetish. Thank you, as well, to God's gift to the world. . .the Swift sisters. 
Ladies, the pleasure has been all ours. Memorable events that wall be missed include flex sessions, Meek's skull 
rapings, Herodisms, the bet. No Shave November, Commando December, NJJ(Davis...you are a sexual camel) 
and the boarder-day student clash. McCurdy and Gillespie: Have fun next year and lead the House fearlessly. We 
sincerely hope that all the grads finish their careers at TCS wixh a bang. 


James and Nick 

James McCracken 
Head of House 

Nick Meek 

Assistant Head of 



Clockwise fromt top left: 
They love the potato gun ~ 
Muddy FYs ~ Meekis just 
loves orange ~ Parker and 
Strike oat for a stroll ~ The 
harriers champs, James and 
Derek ~ Herod doing what he 
does best ~ Woodward getting 
in some running ~ The future 
of Orchard looks bright 

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Well, I think it's pretty clear that this year was more fun than a BARREL OF MONKEYS! ! We started things off 
with a BANG at a pool party that sadly ended the life of Amber's trampoline. We had some grand ol' times at 
our biker chick House dinner and dressing up as our true selves . . . model rejects, was a truly Uberating experience, 
he -he! One of the highhghts of the year was definitely winning our first athletic event, WINTER HOUSE 
OLYMPICS!!! Losing five consecutive games of Frisbee was a close second and it reminded us of our love for 
the arts. But that's the beauty of our Rigby girls - no matter how tough the going got, we got going. . .WITH 
SPIRIT!!! Also, we put in a wicked effort with debating and put up a heck of a good fight! Thank you Mrs. Beck 
and Ms. Hands for a year full of happy smiles and grade 'A attendance taking. Your guidance and support has 
meant more to us that we can say, and the House wouldn't be what it is without you. Good luck next year, Priya 
and Erin. Rigby is in good hands (pun intended!), and we are excited to be passing the 'torch' to such wonderful 
recipients. Don't forget to sing really loud every morning in the change room and making jokes that don't make 
sense is a MUST! (hehehe) In a nutshell, this year couldn't have been more fiinerrific! Every single House outing, 
meeting, debate, dinner, and sport is a testament to how amazing, cool and super briUiant you all are! 

Thanks for a super dooper year girls!!! 
Brookinator and Jazzifer 

Jasmin Charters 

Assistant Head of 


Brooke Stewart 
Head of House 



• -^ ^ 

f ^*"J 




^ fi 

Clockwise from top left: 
~ Jess and Cass ~ Futnre 
leaders ~ Amy and Claire 
~ Sunshine! ~ Nice shower 
cap ~ Jazz and Kristen ~ Do 
prefects get to wear crowns? ~ 
Steph's lovin' it! ~ 

With half a new House, we started the year off anxious but excited to see how Scott would turn out. Our new 
Scott House was filled with shyness, enthusiasm, athleticism, art and, most importantly, SPIRIT! Our first 
House outing we went on a boat cruise in Toronto, where we danced the night away. From floor competitions 
(Yeah Bottom Floor!) to House Dinners of Candy Land and the Olympics, Scott continued to grow till the very 
end. Fortunately, we were blessed with a new member of Scott House, Merrin Hamilton! Unfortunately, Scott 
has to say goodbye to Ms. Brough. Bruffy - thanks for leading the House well the last six years, it wouldn't 
have the same without you. We also want to welcome Miss. Lee to join Scott House next year. Cait and Mikel, 
good luck next year. We know Scott is in good hands - keep up the traditions. To all the grads: thanks for a 
great last year. Keep the memories of Scott with you next year. To aU the returning girls: keep our traditions 
ahve, as we know you will. 

Total Scott House girls: 44 
New Scotties: 19 
House Masters: 2.5 
Amount of great memories: 

Love, Michelle and Robyn. 


Robyn Brophy 

Assistant Head of 


Michelle Mitchell 
Head of House 



1 ^/-m-m 



Clockwise from top left: 
Korea at the Scott House Ol- 
ympics ~ Breaking it down on 
the boat ~ Bubbly ~ Justine 
and Catherine trying to pick 
up ~ Christmas decorations 
~ Kandy and Lou making 
some cookies ~ Scott ~ Robyn 
lights the torch ~ Michelle 
and Hammy ~ Grads enjoy 
a meal out 


Another year in Wright House has come and gone. We started off with 15 new FY's and only 6 graduates. 
Our House dinners were so good that the prefects felt the need to duplicate them with Casino Night and Super 
Hero Day. Our juniors dominated in debates as JuUa and Kristina led the House to victory in the Final Round. 
We are the proud keepers of the Smelly Shoe for the Spring House Olympics, and for the third year in a row 
(and our entire House history) we came second in the Langmuir Cup. 

Fond House memories include: "You wear your Dad's jeans?" "No, I said I have my Dad's GENES!" (Biggar 
and Murray). Claudia and Sarah A. always ruiming into House Meetings late. The House Clothing Fiasco. 
Glued Locks. Missing Shoes. Mary chuggingjuice at House Diimer. A "Special Someone" on the phone... aU 
the time. 

Lessons Learned (or to be learned): Flush the toilets. Put your stuff in your locker. Respect your elders. 
Run the water until it gets hot. The teimis courts are a perfect spot for an afternoon spare. Don't be on your 
computer in the lounge; you might be mistaken for an Orchard gamer. Garbage buckets can easily be used for 
water fights (outside, of course). We own only 50% of the pool table, end of story. Keep up the morning change 
room gossip - it's a must. Mallory and Kristen - wait for the flasks and enjoy them! Please beat Ketchum in 
the Langmuir Cup, we know you can. Thanks to Chris for the tours. Thanks, Feds, for your support. We wish 
Ms. Hilher all the best with her pregnancy. Good luck to the 6 grads-you'll be great in whatever you choose 
to do. To the rest of the House, "You stay classy San Diego". 

Meaghan Wilcox 
Head of House 

Shalini Aggarwal 

Assistant Head of 



This page is proudly sponsored by The Wilcox Family 

Clockwise from top left: Soph 
and Claud hamming it up~ 
Bailey and Mallorj- ha>'ing fun on 
Hallowe'en ~ Shal, Meag, Biggs 
and Jo at Breakfast Olympics ~ 
Steph and Marley are...sateUite 
dishes? ~ The House at WHO ~ 
Julia looks so innocent ~ Brittany 
and Janet embrace ~ Shan and 
Bigs are pretty in pink ~ Becky 
and Kathryn look good 

This page is proudly sponsored by Mike & Betty-Anne Maynard 



* * « 




I remember the first day of school, feeling shy and timid, as I'm sure most grade fives are. The nucleus of this grade eight class was in place. We sat 
at our desks looking around and taking in the sights as we worked on that difficult word search with all the grade five's names. The first few hours remained 
this way until, against all odds, a bird flew into our classroom through the open window. That sure broke the ice. We started talking and it seems like we 
haven't stopped since. 

Good evening, Mr. Grainger, Mn. Piccini, teachers, guests and fellow students. 

As grade eight comes to a close 1 ask myself: what will the world of high school be like? Are we prepared? And after that, what kind of world will we, 
as leaders of the future, inherit? We have no way of presenfly answering this question. We do not know what career paths we will chose or what opportunities 
will be presented to us as we grow and develop. We know we will encounter hardships and conflict; we also know, however, that we will be able to confront 
and overcome the challenges that we inevitably face. We have developed countless qualities in the Junior School; not just in the classroom, but throughout all 
aspects of school life. We will carry these qualities with us into the world. 

Each school year brought new students. These students came equipped with ideas and talents that strengthened the cell as it grew. This uniqueness 
as individuals has been the catalyst of our progression as a group. As a whole, we have become better athletes, musicians, artists and scholars because of the 
exceptional and unique talents of all members of our class. Our overall success is a result of the diffusion of these individual talents throughout the grade 
eight community. 

When we left the customary environment of the School, we socially found strengths we hadn't recognized in ourselves before. Music festivals, 
soccer games, track meets and basketball games were some of the many opportunities for us to showcase our talents. During our trip to Quebec City, we left 
behind the direction of our parents but found the support of each other While walking across the terrifying Mont Morancey Falls, the presence of our friends 
made the fear quickly disappear In Quebec, the teachers put trust in us when we were given free time for lunch and were urged to find a restaurant that was 
unique to Quebec. Of course many of us chose a beautiful, authentic restaurant otherwise known as the Golden Arches. During this trip, we were also given 
the opportunity to room with a diverse group. Open mindedness and cooperation on this matter is a skill we developed this winter, during the season of group 
projects. While working together, we mastered the art of learning when to lead and when to follow. Those having work delegated to them in one project 
became the leaders in the next. Another skill we developed in grade eight was wit and curming. "If you would like your precious grammar book back, you 
had better let us watch a movie." How could we resist taking advantage of a certain EngUsh Teacher's old, pink grammar book lying itmocently on her desk? 
Once she arrived, being the kind soul she is, she succumbed to our blackmail attempt and let us watch the movie, A Beautijul Life. 

Compassion, through fundraising, was a key component in our community. There was always someone willing to help with food drives, our Christmas 
Family, Tsunami Relief Doctors without Borders, the Humane Society and the hst goes on. When someone took the initiative, the rest of the group was soon 
to follow. This compassion also extended to our social interactions - we treated each other with kindness, support and understanding. 

And then comes the idea of hope. Here in the Junior School we always hope for the best. A lot of this has to do with the general climate of optimism 
in the Junior School. We've all faced challenges. However, through the support provided by our friends and teachers, we've come to reaUze that there is always 
someone to lean on and something to look forward to. Our School chaplain. Father Don, has constantly reminded us of the morals and values important to 
one's success and happiness. These values have been reiterated by Mrs. Piccini, whom we would like to thank. In addition to her daily presence, every Tuesday 
assembly Mrs. Piccini would dispense her wisdom and humour that would stay with us long after the assembly ended. 

As we enter grade nine, the baton will be passed down to the grade eight class of next year We shall now enter a new stage in our lives with new 
opportunities. Someday, we shall all go our separate ways, some never seeing each other again. But the qualities that we have developed as friends will remain 
with us for the rest of our lives. We shall take these quahties out into the world and as we make our contribution, we will make it a better place. 

Thank you everyone for such a great year. 

1 02 




Boys Basketball 






R -^ 

1 ' K° 1* 


1 B* 


nil ni 


f ^ f 





1 '^ij^Ei^^ 








Back L-R: M Selby, G. Flaherty, M. Henderson, R. Dodd, Q. Cryderman, 
D. Burnham, Mr Powles 

Front L-R: D. Woodward, A. Sobowale, S. Ritchie, Q. Flaherty, C. 
Ainsworth, C. Watson, J. Mowbray 

Boys Soccer 

Back L-R: Q. Cryderman, D. Burnham, R. Dodd, G. Flaherty, D. Hunter 
Middle L-R: C. Watson, D. Woodward, J. Homung, C. Ainsworth, M. Selby, 
Q. Flaherty, S. Ritchie, S. Finney, A. Sobowale, Mr Murray 
Front L-R: J. Mowbray, A. Beeson, R. Wojtas, J. Hollett, K. Ambrose, T. HiU, 
J. Espirito-Santo, K. Yassein, B. Ro 



Back L-R: S. Ritchie, D. Burnh.im, H, Dodd, G. Flaherty, D. Hunter. J. 


Middle L-R: A. Manley, S. Espirito-Santo, A. Brogan, C. Reed, L. Kay, MUes 


Front L-R: R Langley, H. Huk, Jesse Hollett, S. Finney, C. Watson, C. Pollard, 

Girls Basketball 

Back L-R: A. Brogan, L. DeGeer, S. Neblett-Reid, S. Piccini, D. Veltri 
Middle L-R: Mr Powles, N. Schmidinger, M. Beatty, C. Bourgeois, S. Espirito- 
Santo, C. Reed, Ms. McClure 

Front L-R: B. Taylor, A. Manley, L. Kay, C. Watson, A. Yassein, S. Richards, 
A. Gillies 

Girls Soccer 


,-.■ M li. 

Back L-R: C. Bourgeois, A. Brogan, L. DeGeer, M. Burke, S. Piccini 
Middle L-R: Mr Murray, A. Rodrigues, L. Kay, C. Reed, S. Espirito-Santo, D. 
Veltri, N. Schmidinger, M. Beatty, A. Yassein, Ms. Kalcevich 
Front L-R: J. Agnew-Pople, B. Owen, A. Manley, R. Ro, L. Dalzell, S. Richards, 
C. Watson, J. Dickson, A. Gillies, B. Taylor 

Girls Softball 

Back L-R: Ms McClure, L. Dalzell, S. Espirito-Santo, S. Neblett-Reid, A. 

Brogan, C. Reed, A. Rodrigues, Ms. Elliott 

Front L-R: J. Agnew-Pople, R. Ro, S. Piccini, S. Richards, N. Schmidinger, 

B. Taylor, C. Bourgeois 








nJ ti 

J jf- 

Back L-R:l. Oalzell. C Reed. I. Irwin. S Neblett-Reid. D. Veltri. S Kspiriti^ 
Santo. M Beattv, N Schmidinger Middle L-R: Miles Rowland. Ms McClure. C. 
Ilarnden. J .\gne\v-Pople. R. Ro. .\ Vasscin. D Jamnickv. J. McAlister, B. Owen. 
Mrs. Dumont-Brown Front L-R: N Patel, B. Fraser. C. Ainsworth. K Flak. K 
Brown. A. Gillies. L Huxtable. M. Morra. S Ro 

Back L-R:D Woodward. S. Ritchie. E. Flak. P. Langley. M Selby. C. Reed, R. 
Ro Middle L-R: Ms. Kalcevich, J. HoUen, J. McAlister, K. West, E. Farquharson. 
J. Dickson. A. Manley, B. Kleinschroth, G. Ramsay, Mr. Schmidlin Front L-R: 
H. Huls, L. Huxtable, E. Brown, C. KeUy, C. PoUard, C. Hamden, A. Gillies, 

C. Watson, M. Richards 

Back L-R: S. Piccini. L 


L. DeGeer, M. Baker, D. Veltn 

Middle L-R: Mr. Schmidlin, L. Kay 

C. Reed, 

C. Bourgeois, A 

Brogan, A. | 

Yassein, M. Burke, Ms. 


Front L-R: K West, S 

Richards, L. 

DalzeU, R 

. Ro, J. Dickson, 



E. Farquharson 


Back L-R:C. Ainsworth. M. Selby. D. Veltn. D. Hunter. G. Flaherty. R. Dodd. S 
Neblett-Reid, S. Piccini, Q. Cryderman, B. Irwm, Q Flaherty Middle L-R: L. DeGeer. 
P. Langley, L. Kay, C. Reed, J. Hornung, M. Beatty, A. Brogan, S. Espinto-Santo, S. 
Ritchie, A. Rodngues, N. Schmidinger. L. DalzeU. Mr. Hunter Front L-R: B. Taylor. 
M. Lee, C. Harnden, J. Agnew-Pople, G. Ramsay. S. Richards, M. Burke, A. Sobowale. 
T. Hill, R. Ro, C. Watson, J. Mowbray, A. Gillies 

Back L-R J. Hollett. E. Brown. D. Allingham. J. McAlister. C. Pollard, J. Dickson. 
N. Schmidinger. M. Lee Middle L-R: K Yassein. S. Ritchie. L. Vermeulen, S 
Neblett-Reid, S. Clark, D. Jamnicky, J. Hornung, Mr. Hunter Front L-R: C. Reed. 
C- Janeteas. H. Huls. B. Ro, C. .Ainsworth. B. Taylor. C. Watson, S. Ro 

105 I 


John Bird '99-'05 

The best memories in my life are the moments when something is done or said 
that is so funny that I laugh uncontrollably for unimaginable amounts of time, 
and during any one of my six years at Trinity I had more of these moments 
than the previous twelve years of my life combined. That is what Trinity has 
meant to me, six years of hanging with some of the most unforgettable people 
that have ever been through Trinity and living the moments that will stay with 
me forever. Scotty, Simon, Cam, Andrew, Jonesy, and Banik, my friends that 
made these memories happen, thank you. I'd take a bullet for any one of you 
guys. As for my Hovise and home, Hodgetts. I can't say enough good things. 
Anyone who is lucky enough to be a part of the Ho tradition is honoured. 1 
suggest you take part in every aspect of the House. Mr. Large I doubt if 1 could 
say these things about Trinity without your leadership, help, and friendship 
through the years. I owe you so much. Thanks for everything To the golf team 
which I credit for my athletic successes, I will cherish those rounds forever. 
Good luck. boys, and thanks for the years. Doc. And last but not least, I'd like 
to thank my parents who gave me everything except a hard time during my 
time at Triruty. I couldn't have asked for better parents, I love you so much. 
To Trinity and those students I'm leaving behind, good luck, and have fun, 
and to those who are leaving Trinity with me, 1 wish you all the best. 
John Bird 

Steven Campbell '03-05 

I am not wise, and therefore cannot offer any words of wisdom. I can, however, 
offer you this tasty-looking recipe for Cream Cheese Rhubarb Pie that I found on 
the internet: 

I /4 cup cornstarch 
1 cup sugar 
A smidgen of salt 
I /2 cup water 

3 cups of sliced, fresh, or frozen rhubaib in 1 /2" pieces 
I unbaked pie shell, nine inch 

8 ounce package of cream cheese 
1 /2 cup water 
Whipped cream 
Sliced almonds 

In a saucepan, combine the cornstarch, sugar and salt. Add water and stir until well 
blended. Add rhubarb. Cook, stining often until mixture tx)ils and thickens. Pour 
into pie shell. Bake at 425 F for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, for topping, beat cream 
cheese, eggs and sugar until smooth. Pour over pie Return to oven. Reduce heat 
to 325 F. Bake for 35 minutes or until set. Cool. Chill several hours or overnight. 
Garnish with whipped cream and almonds. 

J.D. Brown '02-'05 

When I look back at my time at TCS I realize just how much I've done 
and how fun it's been. First I'd like to thank my parents for giving me this 
opportunity and all my teachers for helping mc through the years. But 
it would have been impossible without all my friends. Good times with 
Iman and Tal back in Ormsville!!! 'Veah I said it, Ormsville, Of course 
there's the Ketchum Hermit; you better come visit me next year! Shasha. 
G, and Rebecca, we'll keep in touch. Oatway, it goes around the world, 
yeah you know. And Ben. I hope all goes well back in Florida. As for the 
Frenchies. I'll see you all over the summer and I'll never forget the fondue 
competition. Ryan. And for everyone I missed, it's been a good trip and 
have fun next year. Well it's always gonna be good to look back at my time 
at TCS but I've done my time here and now it's done. Squee!!! 

Michelle Churchman '01 -'05 

Trinity has been everything I could have ever asked for. It's been a 
community, a family, a challenge, an opportunity, luck-y breaks, tough 
breaks, second chances, lessons, best friends and most importantly, a 
home. Mom and Dad: thank you for making this unbelievable opportunity 
a reality for me. Mike: I'm so grateful for the two years we had here 
together. Cherish your last two years... it goes by faster than you know. 
Laura: I can't wait for you to discover how wonderful this place is. Bums 
House: it's been an honour and a pleasure. To those who have gone before 
me: thank you for the lessons, the love, and the things you've left behind. 
To my friends: no expression of gratitude can explain... but know that 
you've made all the difference, and that you've helped me create these 
four amazing years. To those who have watched from up close and afar, 
challenged me. supported me through thick and thin, and in essence, 
shaped my time here - you know who you are - thank you. . .I'd be lost 
without you. To those I leave behind: leave your mark - and not within 
these halls, but within the people who walk them with you everyday. 
Love wholeheartedly. Learn willingly Make time. Play hard. Laugh 
often... Live and love every day - because really, 'as good as its gets' is 
only as good as you want it to be. With love and gratitude, Michelle. 


Caroline Cole '04-'05 

Thank-you TCS 

Gary lai 

Well, I guess r 
been short. I 
whom I did - 
pockets it was 
was rescued frc 
my crew - Mic 
times, chilling 
you tan by the 
-literally. Sor 
it. Ken and I v 
flame thrower 
and I (I shoul< 
married and li 
I can't do it - r 

iJoe '03.5-05 

ny time here is over My one and a half 
iidn't get around to meeting too many pe 
thank you. From living in lockers to trai 
a good run. I'll always remember that fate 
)m a sand bottom pool in Disney World - 1 
key, Minney, Pluto and Donald. Jane, thar 
m the sea of the Mint Choc. Chip ice crear 
tennis courts, but it's over - on to bigger a 
neday I'll make it home to see Barbie, you 
vUl get into a vicious battle and I'll pull oi 
and of course, I will win . . . once again. A 
1 call her Barb, she thinks it's more sophis 
ve happily ever after But until then, alway 
lo one can. 

(fears here have 
ople, but those 
/eling in blazer 
;ful day when I 
hanks go out to 
iks for the good 
n and watching 
id better things 
can be sure of 
It my awesome 
jid then Barbie 
tkated) will get 
s remember; If 

Chris Cook '01-'05 

So I'm done. The past four years have gone by pretty quick, thankfully. 
I've had a decent time, and I really don't think TCS is all that bad. Thanks 
to the School for cither expelling or scaring off half the friends 1 ever 
had here before they even made it to grade 10, but whatever I still don't 
know what I'm doing next year I guess the whole high school thing didn't 
work out for me as well as it could have, but I am thankful 1 got through 
it. A lot of things here at TCS never made sense to me, but I am grateful 
I got to go here. My advice to kids who are still there: your parents pay 
too much money for you to be there, so don't waste their money; watch 
Blackbelt Jones; lighten up; always do things to keep the School from 
becoming too regulated and strirt (i.e.; skip class every now and then, 
go streaking, keep skipping chapel). If you kids don't keep that stuff 
up, before you know it you won't be able to do anything at the place. 
I'm out for now, time to start the endless summer First stop is Costa 
Rica, and then... more school 1 guess... I should really figure that out. 
Thanks to everyone. I fully appreciate everything 1 learned here and all 
the people I met. 

take'r easy 

Andrew Dickson '99-05 

t.c.S. has given me more than an ethioPian boy could ever ask for. . . you 
wAnna play me?. ..shock me. . . you can't take away what you give me in 
the eNd. . uhh i get more worK done back here. . . i hope you all enjoy the 
grad video. ..willy and dicky... coincidence? i think not. ..lucky. ..well, i 
have all your equipMent in my locker you should probably come get it 
cause I can't fit my numchucks in therE anymore. . .simo — hope your mom 
liked the "cookies". . i'm not lazy, i just don't care. . .revenge is a man's best 
friend... for copies, forward your address to this e-mail:dicky77@gmail. 
com... good luck to the lee family. . ." 



Lesley Fong '01 -'05 

First. I'd like to say FINALLY! Second, I'd like to say thanks to my 
family. Mom and Dad. thanks for forcing me to come cause I defmitely 
do appreciate it now. Ken. thanks for toughening me up when I needed 
It. Van, whos da masta now? Syt Dumb, thanks for nothing, and you still 
suck. Baby StinkoMan, go take a shower! NieNie, thanks for always 
looking out for me. Mama and Yaya, I love u both more than words can 
express (and more than I can express in Chinese!) it was both of you that 
always kept me striving. Lastly, thanks to Trinity and the ppl. Thanks 
for the late walks to becks/timmies, pranks, "educational" talks, movie 
nights (Saving Silverman), fort makings, driving lessons, dealing with my 
independency problems, conversations through the windows, balloon 
and fan games, water/food fights, helping me to overcome my fear of 
islanders, helping me eat my food especially my gum, letting me see what 
its like to be a clothing store, mudpits, the burps (the calling), turning 
me into a b*%@!, the massages (Dupt Gwut), the miniature picnics, the 
breadsticks from pizza hut, the sun tanning by the tennis courts, and most 
importantly for the laughs and the ftin times! To everybody, live life and 
have fun while you do it. Cyas later! 

Mitch Fookwe '01 -'05 

Bigupz to everyone 1 loved and kept close. One love to everyone who 
helped me thru the rough times when TCS was crude. Enough respect to 
FD, PK, MC, Yhardo and all the boys for that: Max, Smelly, Pink, Marcus, 
Kirk, Shev, Cas, LaPointe, Zigzoy and everyone else, you know who you 
are, enough respect. Bigupz to my girls, you know who you are, enough 
respect. Bigupz Mouse, you were always there for mc and I appreciate it 
beyond what words can explain, enough respert. Cait, always remember 
that 1 loved you more than 1 loved myself You're beautiful and you mean 
everything to me. You're in my soul, babe. Never forget those years, . . .love 
always.... enough respect. Good times: late nights, the balcony, 6 hour 
conversations, march break 05, all the jams in Toronto etc. 

"Memories outlive words and the people who said tliem. " 
Live large amongst your brethren in the present, for you may never see 
them in the ftjture. I can't stress enough how quick grad comes. By that 
time, it's too late to do anything when you become conscious of the fact 
that everything you've built in the past however-many years is dissolving. 
Cherish what you have. Never take it for granted. The Buddha once said 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind 
on the present moment."Keep the 5"' element of hip hop alive. 
Enough Respect. 


^^^^K. \ 




I spent fc 
way Th 
some 1 h 
me to ni 
people I 
being ar 
thank M 
needed t 
you. Als 
me, no 
great fo 
a spell 
my horn 
thank et 
with me 
all very 

Furber '01 -'05 

3ur great years here each with its good and its bad but all am 
they helped me grow and gave me some good times alor 
i people very much make this place the place it is, and the 
ave to mention. I want to deeply thank Ms. Barton for introd 
5t only my passion, the stage, but as one of the most incr£ 
've met. 1 want to thank that person for being there and a 
nazing in her own way, I'd give you the stars. I would 1 
r. Walker for teaching, preparing, and giving me the experie 
o grow and continue ray growth. I couldn't have done it wi 
o my parents for giving me this experience, always being b 
matter what, with a smile. To the guys in Bethune, it's b 
ir years spent with you guys, old and new. To those whc 
n me, thank you for being there. Shoutout to the hub, we 
To the cast of all the shows, they were all incredible and 
5ur and pleasure to work with each member of the casts. 1 
lOUgh everyone who supported me, and the people who 
along this journey You mean a lot to me and 1 hope yo 
happy next year. 

re are 
ke to 
een a 
) cast 
t was 
u are 

Gillian Gondosch '01-'05 

TCS has been a change, a struggle, a love, a laugh... but most of all, a 

gift 1 am glad for the experience and discovery that TCS has provided 

me, and the good times and bad that have made me grow in so many 

positive ways. 

To mom and dad: thank you for the unparalleled opportunity you have 

given me by sending me to TCS and for being with me through these 

four years. I realize and appreciate all your sacrifices made for me during 

my time at TCS, and 1 am so grateful because I wouldn't be in the same 

position if it weren't for TCS. My only hope is that I have made you 

proud over these past four years. 

To Emily: 1 cannot describe my gratefulness for having you as my sister 

You will always be my mentor, pride and joy, and best friend. 1 hope 1 

have succeeded in filling the big shoes you have left me. 

Many people have come and gone in my life at TCS, and in both cases 

1 am thankful for the happiness and strength they have given me. I will 

always remember my friendships made here; thank you to all those who 

have been real and for the memories you have left me. 

Now that the time is right to move on, I will leave my burdens, take my 

inspirations, and never look back. 


Phil Grove '02-'05 

I have been through a lot here at TCS in three short years. From the days 
in the Bickle basement to living in a tiny apartment in Port Hope, many 
people don't know what I have actually been through at TCS, mainly 
because I never told anyone. But I assure you I have felt every emotion 
at TCS from depression to complete happiness. But one thing remained 
constant; there were always people I could talk to and people that made 
me want to keep on going. 

For that I want to thank all of my friends, my sports coaches and all of 
my teachers for being there for me. I especially want to thank XL, who 
was my advisor, football coach, baseball coach, math teacher, housemaster 
and TOD, for all his effort and support he gave me. 
It certainly was an experience in my three years here from the unbearable 
stress of three ISPs to watching the Leafs beat the Sens in the playoffs 
(again). I will always remember my time here, the good and the bad. 
I know I will miss TCS (but maybe not for a year or two) 
Thanks you for everything 
- phil grove "Go Leafs Go" 
PS my email is phil@grove.ca 




1 1 . 1 





Meredith Hambrock 02-05 

"Jump back to me anytime " Eve 6 

Four years have passed since I began walking the halls of high school, 
four years that I will never, no matter how badly I want to, forget. I will 
always remember what the Lasalians taught me - the original art table, 
break time and breaking pencils. That day in Ringaskiddy and that 
night in Dublin. Julie - I'll meet you at the 24 hour Leisure Centre.. To 
everyone in Ketchum who made the ride worth while - thanks. Keep 
away from the Red Ponriac, hang out at "the spot", join the courtroom, 
suck at hockey (or not), always order the red rooster, join the sisterhood, 
remember that it's your mom and figure out why we're so funny. I'll 
always sleep in a hallway with you. To the circle room - you challenged 
me, enlightened me and made me laugh. You know you want to sneak 
into Mexico. To Traugott and Christ - thanks for putting up with all the 
tears, the ranting, the freak outs, you were always there to save the day. 
Mom and Dad - thanks for the dLoners, the car rides and the support. 
I'll pay you back someday. Steph - Alex has your black tube top. Alex 
- you asked for it. Good Luck these next two years. High school only 
makes up 5% of your life. These don't have to be the best days of your 
life if you don't want them to be. Rock on. 
"I guess everything's been said." - Ani Difranco 



VIW' ,...i 

Anjana Kash 

People come and go, 
shattered, but memori 
all the memories. Thai 
u! Kitty-Special dates 

- words can't sum up 
have any gum? Chriss; 
Brooke - we know ur 
miss our Tinimy's run. 
I love u guys! Never for 
would also like to that 
me and supporting mc 
weaknesses into stren 
even though they won 
support and for simpl 
Hold your head up hi 
has come to fly away a 
and good luck in the fi 
"Live life as if you were 

— Mahatma Gandhi ( 

yap '03-'05 

Tiendships are made and broli 
es last a lifetime. Thanx to mj 
IX Jess-baby41ife. Shan - i 

Lucas - Miss u tons...Mexi 
how great of a friend u've be 
1 - Jorge & Mariano. Cousins 
really brown... last but not le 
s... he's all nrs Bnbba. (T.F. foi 
get the good times and learn fr 
ik my parents for always knov 

through my journey of life. I 
gths. My sis and bro for alw< 
t admit it. Mr Walker and Mr 
y being there when I needed s 
gh and live the dreams you s 
nd light the fire that bums wit 
to die tomorrow. Learn as if you 


.en, love is felt and 
/ closest friends for 
ny people accept 
co...abs... Tamara 
en... Val - do you 
- locked up video, 
ast MUFFIN!- I'U 
life.. .represent...) 
om the bad ones...! 
/ing what's best for 
Cav, for turning my 
lys supporting me, 
s. Beck for all their 
omeone to talk to. 
;e because our day 
hin... Keep smiling 

were to live forever " 

^m '^' 



Jesse Kavander '01 -'05 

Parties, quarter, girls, boys, and anything in between: they mean nothing 
in the end. Nothing is just one incident or just one mistake. It's a story 
One can learn more from a story than anything else, whether it's getting 
in a cab because you're too polite to say no or whether it's telling a lie 
because it sounds good. Everything at TCS happens for some reason. 
Whether it makes sense to you right then and there or whether it makes 
sense to you in five or six months. Don't dwell on what happens to you. 
Laugh at it. Everything can be funny if you look at it a certain way Do 
work because you want to. Not because you have to. Find a reason to 
work hard. Look at your options. There are so many things one single 
human being can do in the world; don't think that you can't find one of 
them that you can't do. Whether you work hard or don't feel like working 
or are tired or are just burnt out. "There's always room at the top." I 
don't know who said it first but it's true. Just keep pushing through, and 
aim for the top. 

Eric Kemp 01-05 

First I want to thank my parents for the opportunity they gave me. I might 
not have taken advantage of everything while I spent my time here, but I've 
learned a lot and I am thankful for their patience. Without them I would 
have never got out of here alive. Mr. Large, thank you for everything. 
I know I've put you in some bad situations, but I'm thankful that you 
stood beside me all the way You've helped me get through enough rough 
times. I have the utmost respea for you and wish you luck in the future. 
Mr. Stevens, thank you for everything; you're the first teacher ever to 
approach me and will be the last one I remember, thanks for everything. 
Cheers! I've spent the last four years here, but it's time for me to move 
on to bigger and better things! 

Mikaela Kursell '03-'05 

Hey TCS, it's been real. My life here was like a film festival movie: 
fun while it lasted, but I'd never sit through it again. I am ready to 
move on and hit the road harder than jack ever did; though that's not 
to say that I won't miss certain people. You know who you are ... the 
house, my girls, the lovers, the haters, the players... of course, the 
teachers and all others who gave me a break when I needed one most. 

I am thankful for all the help, assistance, time and energy that has 
been focused my way. I was high maintenance for two years; I'm 
not sure anyone knew what to expect upon my admission. I certainly 
didn't. And yet, despite our differences, we made it out all right, 
without any lasting damage. Nothing that a little hypnotherapy 
can't cure anyways... just put it on my tab. 

If TCS has taught me anything, it's that a smile can get you farther than 
an early submission and good friends are the only drugs you need. That 
w<is beautiful. I'm out. 

Dave Kim '01 -'05 

I'm finally done high school. 

It feels so good knowing that I am no longer obligated to come back. 

I've also loved how delicious the food is in Osier Hall. It's quite easy to 

eat a nicely portioned, balanced meal there full of healthy stuff, because 

it's all right there in front of you. Pat McLean, Melissa, Vickie, and all 

other members of Food Services, you kept me alive. There are some 

teachers who have really treated me like a human being and respected 

me. Thanks kindly. 

To my ftiends, we are all dirtbags with bright futures in sewage services, 

roadside clean-up, and amateur photography. 


Mike LaPointe '03-'05 

Inevitably, there have been a lot of insincerities and surreal moments 
amounting to, well, leaving, observing the dust of the first steps you 
take outside of the gates of comfort. I'd call high school a slightly more 
advanced form of infancy. We're still taking baby-like stumbles towards 
the candy of what we'd like our futures to be, occasionally bonking our 
heads off of the comers of coffee tables. Graduating is like the first day 
your parents let you walk to school alone; in the grand scheme of things, 
hopefiiUy not the most important moment of your life, but still something 
worthy of mention. So here we go, time to count your blessings once 
more and run for the hills. Clutch the meaningful things to your chest 
in terror and excitement. The elevator only goes up. 

_mike lapointe. 
meeting people is easy. 







m JV 



Jenny Lee '01 -'05 

Wow... 4 years... well, it was great experience being a student in TCS. 
Thanks to my parents for giving me a great chance. Mrs. Traugott and 
Mrs Beck, you were amazing housemasters. Anyway, we are DONE!!! 
Keep in touch guys (you know who I'm talking about!!) and GOOD 

Valerie MacBain '03-'05 

I've thought about graduating for the longest time. Imagined what it 
would be like, what I would be like by the time I finally got there. I can 
honestly say I never thought that I would end up where I am today. 
TCS has drastically chjmged my life in ways that I caimot describe. I 
had never before felt that I belonged anywhere, but I belonged here all 
along. Thank you so much for making my last two years of high school 
amazing. Thanks mum and dad for being the best parents ever! All the 
driving amd the bills. . I owe you so much and I don't think I'll ever be 
able to repay you. Thanks to my grandpau'ents who made a great impact 
in my life and allowed me to go to TCS. Thank you, Justin, for putting 
up with me at TCS for a whole year. . . it really meant a lot to me. You 
made semi exciting! To all my friends here at TCS, you guys are awesome; 
I definitely couldn't have done it without all of you by my side. I know 
that every single one of you will do something unforgettable and special 
in your lives. AH I can say is that time does fly when you're having fun. 
Thank you again to everyone. Good luck in the future. 
Remember "Only dead fish go with the flow". 

1 f TTV^^^^^^r'^ 

J^KK^Mki t m m li 

K 'A. 

William Leung '01 -'05 

A special thank you to the teachers, who have shaped me and enriched 
my knowledge. Special shout out to Mr. Large and Mr. Gregg, for all 
their support and beliefs in my abilities. To all my friends, thank you 
for making me laugh. Last, but not least to my parents, I would like 
to express my deepest gratitude to you for giving me your continuous 
support, love and devotion. 

William Leung 

Ali Maclsaac '03-'05 

they will see us waving /rom such great heights, 

"come down now", they'll say 

but everything looks perfect from far away, 

"come down now", but we 'II stay. . . (The Postal Service) 

Although I have a love-hate relationship with TCS, I'm quite glad I came. 
So thanks, TCS. It all was great: the horses, swimming, and of course 
my new found passion, rugby. Thanks to all my friends and those who 
supported me. To the rest of you, whenever I see you, I'm left with a 
fierce desire to be lonesome. And remember, Audacesfortunajuvat. 


Nick Meek '00-'05 

Trinity is a funny thing, first you hate it. then you get used to it. Enough 
time passes by and you come to depend on it. Half a decade at Trinity has 
been some of the longest and shortest years of my life. Trinity has taken 
so many chances on me, and finally I am actually going to Graduate. I 
would like to thank all the teachers and faculty, who have been able to 
push me in the right direction. Thanks to all of my fi-iends: Marc, you 
taught me that being French is not just knowing the language, it's a state 
of mind. Drew, you taught me how to be a real hick (and that asking 
for RH is not a question, but a statement). James. I am sure it will 
happen for you one day. Herod, I am sure that it wouldn't. Ryan, you 
dream the dream, and I will live it, and Wright girls, thanks for many 
memories (Brenna and her Banana) and stories, and the view wasn't 
bad either. Anyways, 

Later Days, 


"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the 
Dylan Thomas 

Sascha Muehlich '03-05 

First off, I want to thank my family, especially my parents for their support 
and faith during all these years. I have only been at TCS for 2 years, but 
there have been so many memorable moments in and around it. During 
these years the Bethune grads have become great friends, so thanks all of 
them, and good luck. Thanks also to Mr. Robert for being such a good 
teacher and role model. Although not always without trouble I have 
had a great time, especially in my senior year. For that I want to thank 
everybody here, all the teachers, staff, and students. 

Bye guys, 


Michelle Mitchell '01 -'05 

1 came to TCS an anxious 13 year old, unaware of what to expect. Now 
four years later, 1 leave a 1 7 year old just as anxious to face the next chapter 
of my life. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything; the tears were worth 
it. Nikki, thanks for always being there for me; you've been a great sister. 
Karen, island souljah stay strong. Shannon, thanks for always listening; 
your advice was invaluable. Natasha, thanks for putting up with me this 
year, (PM should've won!) Crispy, Bolton, Sabz, Cokes, Cristin, Rachael, 
Nick, Nathan, Geoff, you taught me what true friendship is; I wouldn't 
have survived without you. To all my coaches, teachers and Scott girls 
you've made my time at TCS memorable; thanks for everything. To all 
the otha Bermudians, check you on de rock, keep our island proud. Late 
night talks, MTL!!, walk n talks, "bruise boy", Caribbean flavour, inside 
jokes, bathroom talks, shower sing-a-longs, dance parties, the laughs, 
the tears and everything in between. ..TCS wouldn't have been the same 
without it. To all the people still at TCS, here's some advice: have ftin, 
don't get caught up the in drama - it's not worth it, trust me you will make 
it through. JMM - Leaving you was the hardest thing I've ever done, I 
love you with all my heart. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel, Jbr those who matter won't mind and those 
who mind won't matter. "Dr. Seuss. 

Brett Murray '02-'05 

Only now do I realize that this experience is something that I will 
remember for the rest of my life. I wouldn't trade these memories for 
the world. I am happy to leave knowing I have made many lifelong 
ttendships. DM, GJ, N-Word, and the rest of the Ho's: thanks for the 
many hours cooped up I that office playing 64, and turning Mario Cart 
into a free for all brawl with excessive personal attacks on each others 
ethnic background. CY, PG, AK: bigside soccer represent, well sort of in 
my case, but it was fiin while it lasted. Erin: I never knew I had it in me 
to care for one person so much, thank you for everything. To the many 
ladies and gentlemen whom I have missed but not forgotten, keep it real. 
To my close friends whom I drifted from, I knew this whole time I needed 
better priorities - start fresh. To the coaches and teachers, thank you for 
showing so much passion in guiding me in the right direction. Steph: 
you're in grade nine and you've already won more awards than I have 
- the Murray name is in good hands - cherish these years for they will 
be over before you know it. Mom and Dad, I can't thank you enough 
for giving me this opportunity. Sorry for being difficult at times. You've 
given me guidance and knowledge and paved the path that I walk on. 
Now it's time for me to pave my own path. 

I 14 

Eve Musolino '03-'05 

Well, It's time for me to say goodbye and I can't say that I'm sad to see 
it end. Mr. Elsley, thank you for being my teacher, my advisor and most 
of all, my friend. You were there when everyone else turned their backs 
and you will never be forgotten. Mrs. Caine, thank you for the laughs, the 
tears, and most of all, the support. Lach, thank you for being everything 
you are, I couldn't have made it through without you. Cristin, my Hershey 
kiss, keep your head high because you're going to make everyone proud. 
Jenna, my watermelon, pick one and stick with one and your life will be 
so much easier! Courtney, my spooning princess, keep that smile on your 
face and remember, you'll fmd your prince one day! Lou, never let anyone 
take your voice away and remember that you're perfect the way you are. 
Cait, my warrior with a beautiful face, when all else fails, dance. Shannon, 
you picked me up when I was down; never forget the good times home 
fry! Kandy & Jackie, my Asian goddess', never lose the attitudes. Sam, 
my better half, I still love you even if God burnt you. Always remember 
to check your curtains, chsmge your sheets and keep pranking. Over & 
out TCS and remember, the strong will NEVER fall. 

Andrew Oat way '01 -'05 

Well, four years of TCS have gone by anything but quickly. I'd like to 
thank everyone who helped to keep me together, and also to get where 
I am. The teachers who tolerated my work ethic, if it can even be called 
that . The friends who tolerated me (you all know who are). I'd especially 
like to thank my parents, since I've practically been incommunicado for 
the past four years. I don't know what else to say to those of you who 
are still at school except for: cherish your spares, stay true to yourself 
because other people often aren't worth it, and never, ever have your top 
button done up. 

ShashaNakhai '03-'05 

Wow, so now it's the end of my 2 years at TCS. ..and right now I'm 
both sad and happy to leave although I have to admit it wasn't really 
the best time of my life. Even though I'm leaving with a few regrets, 
I definitely don't regret coming to Canada and coming to this school. 
I've changed a lot over these two years; I've learnt a lot of things and 
I'd like to thank each and every one of you for making me who I am 
now - EVERYONE. Special shout-outs go to... the Thal-Iman: You Saudi 
terrorists/automobiles/pirates/ships, I'll always remember the crazy 
times I had with you guys, especially whenever we flew to Amsterdam 
together; you guys are awesome, please don't ever grow up... Ha Ram: 
You're the Siamese twin I never had. Thanks for always being there for 
me, for Koreanizing me, helping me grow, and being someone to look 
up to - Don't worry, I'll help you escape from TCS next year!. . . and last 
but definitely not least, Janet: You're the nicest person ever, thanks for 
being a friend and for listening to me ramble! Stay cool!!! . . .for everyone 
else, I'll miss you all (you know who you are)... THANKS FOR THE 

Drew Payette '04-'05 

My time at TCS was highlighted by the sports and girls in kilts, I was 
here only for a short time but I believe I left my mark. I will never forget 
all the fine people who trashed my house, fishlock and my gas can, and 
Kendal with a goat. Ben, it was pumpkin pie, Nick, it was just a picture. 
Herod, James was not asleep that night and I need my hand lotion back 
you two. I carmot express how I feel about this school cause you can't 
curse that much in a grad quote. I would like to say bye to the Swift 
sisters, James, Herod (closet case), Nick, Phil, Charles, Casey, Ben, MW, 
GB, SP, TU, JL, KL, PG, AMO, MS, SA NT, MM, TL, Auzz, Bowens, 
geebes, Sharpie, Clarkie, Ryan, Ash, Brett, Papa Ray, Ma, FTT, Sil, Cara 
V, SM, CP, Eve... and all of c-boume, B-town and wollyville anyone I 
missed and Maggie. Don't go to chapel, stick it to the man (not literally 
Herod) and don't tuck it in. 
TCS is a good spot, but get outta here fast. 
Have a good life people, (I'm not giving any money) 


Eric Pelsise-Reggers '02-'05 

These last three years at Tnnit>' have at times gone rapidly and at others 
brutally slow... First. I'd like to thank my parents for giving me this 
opportunity and always supporting me in my decisions. To my big brother, 
thanks for always being there and guiding me down the right path. To 
my girlfriend, Jules, you made long distance fiin and close distance even 
sweeter. To all the guys in Bickle House AT, BK, MB. PG, JB, SP and 
everyone else, together we've shared the mutual boredom and the joys 
of vacation and a ton of other ftin times. Thanks to my roommate Ben 
who put up with me for the last 2 years. . . quite the accomplishment. To 
Joude: get the door. Kizzle... stick with me here (concentrate). Thanks 
TCS and good luck to next year's grads. 

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go. " 
— Oscar WUde 

" The best way to predia thejuture is to invent it. ' 
— Alan Kay 

Brian Poon '01 -'05 

Thanks for everything that many people of TCS have given me, especially 
for the people who have helped to get through these tough 4 years. Thanx 
Mrs. Paziuk for assisting me to go to university. Thanx Mrs. Malenfant for 
helping me to thrive in English grammar. Thanx Ms. Hands for treating 
me well... You are thebest teacher at TCS!!! Thanx for all teachers who 
appreciated my efforts this ye2ir... you have helped me so much getting 
through this critical school-year!!! Thanx for my brother Irwin, mt. Clan, 
Clarence, Amy, Dai Lo, Natalie, Frank, mchu. Penny, mlam, hwong, 
ronni & ronny, Claudia, Martin, Jeremy, as well as Jaime & VENUS!!! 
Thaiw for my dear roommate, Dominic, for giving me a terrible, but 
exciting year!!! And thanx, thanx, thank you very much for all others I 
should thank you to! I will never miss your guys, but will remember as 
many people as I can do. Go BEARS Go!!!!! 


Stephanie Rattan '04-'05 

This year at TCS was probably the most challenging but most reward- 
ing year of my life! Being at Trinity made me a more independent and 
outgoing person. Meeting everyone here and making friends made the 
year even better! To aU of the graduating class of 2005, GOOD LUCK! 
I know 1 will miss you all and really hope to keep in touch with most of 
you. To all the girls, Cristin, Jeanie, Michelle, Catherine, Natasha (Mtl 
forever), Chels, Jenna, Christina, Court, Palmer, Shan, Bolton, Rach, 
Christie, Sabz, Robs, and Janet I will miss you very much and good luck 
next year! To my Mom, Dad and brother, thanks for putting up with me 
this year. I know it was not easy for you all either. Thank you for every- 
thing! I will miss you all next year but don't worry. . .I'll be home sooner 
or later. . .haha! I love you! Everyone, have the best summer!! 


Simon Reis '99-'05 

Six years have flown by. Even so, no matter how many times I say it in 
my head, I find it hard to accept. 

In a few months, 1 will only be able to remember TCS and the people 
here. For now, I remember the people I am gratefiil to. Thank you to my 
Mom and Dad and my whole family for your support. Thank you to 
Mr. Large for your encouragement and for not beating around the bush. 
Thank you to Mr. Taylor; football was a nightmare but it was one of the 
best things I ever did. Thank you to Ms. Barton for truly opening my 
eyes. Thank you to FD. Thank you to the advancement and admissions 
offices for making it possible for me to come to TCS. Thank you to the 
kitchen staff and the maintenance department; without you TCS would 
never survive. Thank you to my friends. Thank you to my enemies. Thank 
you to the people I didn't know. 

There has been good, really good, bad smd really bad, but overall, it has 
been a satisfying experience. Excelsior! 


Katelyn Ritchie '01-'05 

This much is certain: everyone who passes through TCS is changed by the 
experience. TCS and the people who have encouraged and befriended me 
dui ing my time here have changed me and have made me a better person. 
My foundation has always been the 'footers of the bill', my parents. I 
have been so grateful for my mother during my time at TCS Her presence 
at the School and her 'going to bat' for me when I needed it, has taught 
me that there is no one I need in my corner more. I am thankful to my 
father, who has encouraged and supported me in all of my adventures 
that have made me who I am. I will perhaps miss no one at TCS more 
then Mr.Parker. During my four years he has been my advisor, my teacher 
and my friend. I have never met anyone with such a passion for teaching 
and music. He hiis always been there to encourage me and help me grow 
up. Lastly thank you to all my wonderful fhends who have been with me 
through travels and times of need. Take care Rigby girls who remain at 
TCS I leave you this advice: Never build barriers between grades, you 
were once there and eventually they will be where you are. Watch out 
for each other. I love you all and I thank you all for what you have done 
to make me who I am in these four incredible years. 

DanSiksay '99-05 

So many things (O, things!) I'll look back on from here, 
Memories (O, memories!) that will come back with a tear. 
Always (O, always!) I wish that my friends will be near, 
Leaving (O, leaving!) this place with a heart full of fear... 

I go... 

MOOOOO like a cow and a sheep goes BAAAH! And a chicken goes 
CLUCK-CLUCK-CLUCK! And a doggy it barks and a cat goes MEOW 
and a froggie goes BRRUP-BRRUP-BRRUP! And a willow, it weeps, as a 
pretty owl sleeps, in a tree, on a farm, by the bay. By a house that creaks, 
with a roof that leaks, lit on fire by a bail of hay! 

Yes, indeed. At TCS, they teach you to be virtuous. They have prepared 
me for university and beyond. 

I'm not going to university or college next year. And I just wrote you a 
poem that included farm-animal sounds. I am prepared and virtuous! 
Thank you. Trinity College School! 

Spencer Shevlen '02-'05 

Hello and Goodbye all of you, to those reading this, I don't necessarily like 
you; of course, we weren't all put on this earth to love one another, so don't 
lose any sleep over it. What belongs in grad quotes? Things like; In Grade 
ten, my fu^t and worst year at Trinity, I roomed with a psycho and was ma- 
nipulated by a madman. Grade eleven was only slightly better, although no 
longer manipulated by a madman, 1 was entranced by a harpy of sorts. But 
this year, under my own control, 1 see that, in our arrogance, our defences 
down, boredom and indifference have been allowed to leak into every comer 
of society. 

Yeats: "The best lack all conviaion, while the worst are full of passionate 
intensity". Do not misunderstand though. 1 love this school with all my heart. 
To my teachers over the past three years. 1 owe most of you everything, and 
a few nothing. Without wasting words on names; friends, and you know 
who you are (1 hope you aren't all imaginary), thank you. To Grarmy (for 
everything) and my parents (for everything), 1 would like to dedicate the fourth 
stanza of Auden's "As 1 Walked Out One Evening" to you. 
I'll love you till the ocean 
Is folded and hung up to dry 
And the seven stars go squawking 
Like geese about the sky. 

Hoon Kyo, thanks. Don't look down and see the shadow of an average man, 
and if you do, run. 

George Stirrett- Wood '0 1 -'05 

" litis is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good little monkey and ahvays very 
curious. One day George saw a man. He had on a large yellow straw hat. Theman 
saw George too. What a nice little monkey, he thought. I would like to take him 
homewithme. He put his hat on the ground and, of course, George was curious. 
He came down from the tree to look at the large yellow liat. The hat had been on 
the man's head. George thought it would be nice to have it on his own head. He 
picked it up and put it on. The hat covered George 's head. He couldn 't see. The 
man picked him up ituo a bag. George was caught. The man with the big yellow 
hat put George into a little boat, and a sailor rowed them both across the water to 
a big ship. George was sad, but he was still a little curious. On the big ship things 
began to happen. The man took off the bag. George sat on a little stool and the 
man said. George, lam going to take you to a big zoo in a big city. You will like 
it there. Now run along and play, but don 'tget into any trouble. George promised 
to be good. But it is easy for little monkeys to forget. " 


John Tames '01 -'05 

The time has come; the end of one journey, and the beginning of another. 
My time at TCS has brought things both good and bad, and many 
unforgettable experiences. I have learned a lot from TCS but only some 
of it from a classroom. My experiences and friendships have taught me 
more than any textbook ever could. It is the people I have met and the 
friends I have made that I am going to miss the most. The last four years 
have been a highlight of my life so far, and they have defined who I am. I 
want to thank my parents for making these last few years possible. I owe a 
lot to the teachers that taught and coached me all these years, also to the 
housemasters. I want to thank those who helped me out and supported 
me when I needed it. Thanks to my guitar teacher, John Tapscott, for 
everything he taught me; they are the most valuable lessons I have ever 
learned. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends for making the last four 
years a blast. The good times and memories are something that will last 
forever. FareweU TCS. Rock & RoU. 

John Tames 

Sabrina Temier '03-'05 

So high school comes to an end (who'd have ever thought). . and frankly 
it's about time. Well, what to say now... Mom and Dad, I love you guys. 
I couldn't have done it with out you; you never gave up on me; I didn't 
even know this school existed. And to all my firiends at TCS (you know 
who you are), we had good and bad times; fortunately the highs carried 
us through the years. To my two roomies, you don't have to put up with 
my soup anymore. The boob talks, getting forced to go to chapel because 
I only went about once a week. Swan McContoria and their everlasting 
imprints in the library foyer couch, random bursts of lOmin laughter at 
2AM echoing through all of Burns, Iain's 'walking the dog,' surprise 
wake-up birthdays, Caren's relentless chatter when I'm in a silent mood, 
Cjisey's weekly ritual, attempted karate fights, Min's obsession, Mur and 
Kelly the crazy housemaster pair, .... Oh btw Matthew, soccer field. . .all 
these memories won't be forgotten... but hey, no more chapel, no more 
top buttons and blazers... no more mandatory classes... because (this is 
for Mr Gregg) I'm FINISHED high school! RS. Go BRUCE Go! 

Joshua Lampposte '03-'05 

First, I would like to thank Pat for all of the sweet meals that I have enjoyed, your 
cooking is one time better than my mom's! To Big Len for all of the sweet rides 
you have given me ... on the tractor. Big shout outs go to my hommies - Chris, 
Squid and Theresa - you have always watched my back and my hats. The 
only reason that I graduated was because of my best friend - Alii, I hope you 
know who I am! To Andrea/ Andriea/Andy/Andria your confusing nature 
made me feel better about myself Watto - I hope that our time together was 
as special to you as it was to me - never forget - We ride together, we die together 
(we even go behind the arena together). 

I will always remember those times with **** in the science wing late at 
night, doing only God knows what (and I guess AUi knows too), they were 
special times. 

Special times were also had by **■•* and I in the back of the Davies. Top of 
Osier, Day Student Lounges, Basement of Brent, Trinity House, The Valley, 
My Room, **** Room, Traugott's Study, The Roof, The FootbaU Fields, The 
Tennis Courts, in Scotty's Car and of course in the Arena - during exams 
- that was us. 

I would like to thank the Mr. and Mrs. of the Lodge for your hospitality. When 
I snuck out of Brent because I was scared that the ghost of Gerry would eat 
me. you let me into your home, 
Joshua "Speedy" Lampposte 

Scott Watson '01 -'05 

It has been four years smce I walked through the front doors of the School 
on my first day and I remember asking what I had gotten myself into. 
Now I am asking myself whether or not I am ready to leave. I will always 
remember some things that have happened to me here and attempt to 
forget some others. I would like to start like everyone else by thanking 
the people that helped me the most through my time at TCS. The first 
ones to come to mind are my parents. Thank you for the opportunity 
you gave me and the support that you showed me through the last four 
years. I would also like to thank Mr. Keyes, Mr. Wills, Dr. Hodges and 
Mr. Large as without their support and guidance I would not be where I 
am today. Also thanks to my friends especially JB (smallest AAA Goalie 
I know), AZ (Niagara Falls), DM (AUi), WL, CW, JR (I won ESS) and 
AK (8 or 9 now) for the good times I had at TCS here and for at times 
keeping me in line. Also DK zmd Topolie, keep Hodgetts going strong. 
I have no doubt you guys will do a good job as the house is as strong as 
it has ever been. 

Catherine Brown '03-05 

First, I want to thank my parents for all their struggling to keep me up here, 
despite my great reluctance. I have been through countless experiences 
here (some good, many bad) and, as bad as it was, 1 can now say that it 
was worth sticking it through these two years. Secondly, I have to thank 
my boy Jason! With your unending support and willingness to LIVE on 
MSN for my sake, I was able to cope with life at this school. Last but not 
least, I want to thank Natasha. MY GOD. Without you here, 1 don't know 
what I would have done! We've gone through hell here and I owe it all 
to you for my surviving! It's amazing that such circumstances can bring 
two people together... lol. You've been a great friend and I hope that it 
can last through the torture of university and beyond. And, of course, I 
can't forget the -CREW LOL - Char, Daniel, Joey, Lauren, Mario, Ray 
and Stoble - I wish you guys all the luck for the future! I'll miss eating 
every single meal of every single day with you guys... lol but I'm sure 
we'll be seeing each other a lot! And the rest - Jeanie Beanie, Gumbi, 
Pickle and Petey - Chins up... it gets better in year 4! It's been torture, 
but some good laughs! Finally, I can say . . .goodbye TCS! 

Natasha Milligan '03-05 

Well the rwo years have certainly flown... and I can't say that I am too 
upset about that! TCS has brought me a lot of hardship, but it has also 
brought me a lot of joy because of the experience that it has given. I have 
met mounds of amazing individuals who I never thought that I could 
love the way I do. "My boys" with their various nicknames will forever 
be a part of my life, and the girls from all the islands are some of the 
best friends that I will probably ever encounter. I will always remember 
our trip together to Montreal and the 'uplifting' experience it brought to 
end our time here so completely. TCS has changed me. It has taught me 
to value and it has taught me that life doesn't come easy. Home, friends 
and my parents, who I owe everything - TCS, and beyond - are held even 
closer to my heart, if that is at all possible. Brownie, fanx for everything! 
Putting up with my 'specialities', being a great friend and just simply being 
you: I couldn't of done it without ya! Dad, I can't begin to thank you 
for what you've done and continue to do. amd Mom, thanks for always 
being there. Love you guys! Jeanz, Gumby, Pickle and Pete... good luck 
next year, I'll be thinking of ya! 

Daniel Branch '03-05 

I was only here for two years but in that short space of time I can 
safely say I met a lot of great people. When things were tough I could 
always count on one of them for a good laugh. Even if I was laughing 
at them. I got to know some really nice people from m.y own country 
that, even though small, I probably would never have gotten to know if 
it were not for this school. For that I am extremely thankful. To all my 
friends, who know who they are, you are always welcome to visit me, 
be it at university or at home. Some of you will be at other universities 
and others will be at TCS a bit longer. Wherever you are I will always 
remember you. Thanks. 

Ray Ward '03-05 

Big up, all my brudrins and sistrins. Widout yall it wudda been hell. It 
wouldn't have been de same without wanna. Men like, branch, hatch 
(Daniel), pickle (David), Pete, George, OUi (loose), Stoble, Mario and 
Alexiou. Girls like lil powa (Natasha), Babylon 10 (brownin/Cathrine), 
Babylon 15 (Jeanie), pouncer (Joey), Wong tong (Lauren) and starlet 
(Charlotte). Keep tings irie, it was bashment having you all by my side. 
I must say, no house can compare to Bethune and that's because of all 
d boys in the house and especially my housemasters Mr Keiser, Mr. 
Vanderwal, Mr. Ingram and Mr. Shaughnessy. You all were great. I must 
also thank all of my coaches and teachers. Without you all I would not 
have learnt anything. Keep everything real and safe. Also, to my brothers 
Ryan, and Randal, and sis-in-laws, Sacha and Carrie, you all were always 
there for me. I would also like to thank my parents who were by my side 
right through supporting me. You all were an inspiration to me. Thjmks 
a lot, Mum and Dad. Luv yah loads. 


Robyn Brophy '02-'05 

The first moment 1 walked onto the Trinity grounds, I was hit with "the 
feeling" that I get when I know I belong somewhere. It was a feeling of 
wannth, love, friendship and fun that I hadn't felt while visiting any other 
schools. During these last three years my experiences have helped to 
build me into the person I want to become. The naked dancing and hair 
poofing for house events, the basketball games, swim meets, dance shows 
and music nights, the random times, the parties, Scott House, Osier Hall, 
Chapel, and the endless nights of working, laughing, crying and talking, 
have all added to my experience here. Friendship has come to be the most 
important thing to me and to all my friends; I love you and will miss you 
dearly. Mom and Dad, thank you for always encouraging me to follow 
my heart. It is one of my main goals in life to make you proud and I 
hope I continue to attain this goal forever. Kristen and Taylor, I love you 
both and hope that I can continue to be a good example for you both to 
follow. On my first day of coming to Trinity, upon meeting Mr. Wright, 
I was very upset and to comfort me he said "You cry the first time you 
come but you will cry harder when you leave" and he was right, I love 
you. Trinity, and will miss you with all of my hecirt. 

Erin Hawkins '03-05 

These past two years at TCS have felt like forever but I can't believe 
they are finally over. I want to thank all of my friends - you've meant 
the world to me here. To my Miami girls - Johrmy rockets, Stam, 
spotting the plastics, hot tub - best March break ever! To my roomie 
- we got through it together, thanks for always being there no matter 
how much we fought. To the Toronto ladies - we represented * thanks 
for helping me make my mark at the first dance of the year. To my 
sax buddy - I couldn't have done all the flirting without you, keep the 
beat next year. To my friendly giant - you got me through everything, 
thanks for understanding - I couldn't have done it without you. To the 
squad - thanks for the fijn times, I love you all. Brett - thanks for the 
best year ever and all the fun times. And fmally to Juul - KEEP IT 
HOT NEXT YEAR! Thanks to all of my friends for the partying and 
good times. I'll miss you all next year! Thank you to the teachers who 
believed. Thanks to the fam - Amanda, I tried to kept the legacy alive. 
Good luck to everyone else - remember rules are a guideline, fight for 
what you believe, and have fun. 

Katie Stoneman '03-05 

It's been quite the ride... 

Justine: 3. 14 to TheHip. . .you've been there for me. Les: plate, mtl- 

miami^Ml... there and back. Ash: only you would hack the Arctic for 

me. Dais and Erin: only we could make a first impression like that. 

Hawks: thanks for the 10 50 sprints. Sabby, Buchwald, Mikaela: we 

survived; thanks Greggles. Lisor Oike Igor w. the lump), to England. 

Carly: you helped me struggle through the dark. C.B, K.C: hold down 

the hole. . and remember "this moment is bliss." 

Thanks for the parties: Mtl, Miami, Toronto, Bermuda: go big or go 

home... and remember: everyone makes mistakes... what defines us is 

how we choose to deal with them. 

Mom, Dad and John: I owe you everything. To the fam. . . imagination 

exists. Nothing needs to be said, as nothing will ever be forgotten. 

You're not what I thought I wanted... but you're what I needed. 

Young Republicans forever. Learn to let go of everything you fear to 

lose, big ups to T. 

...and I'm out xo. 

"That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I 

know it's crjizy but that's the only thing I'd really like to be." (J.D. 

Salinger, Catcher in the Rye) 

Ashley Grand '02-'05 

"It's the end of the beginning" When I came to TCS in grade 101 thought 
I would never make it to this day. Now it's come and I don't know how 
I'm going to leave. We all take advantage of opportunities like Trinity, but 
the lessons I have learned and friendships I have made will last forever. 
Dad, thank you for this opportunity; your wisdom wUl always guide me. 
Mom, you did it all; every day I strive to be half the woman you are. 
Matty, Tommy and Karley, I couldn't have asked for 3 crazier, happier or 
more supportive siblings. Through Lesley's rage, Christie's bum dcmce, 
Robs' laughter and Churchman's direction, we all made it. Katie, from 
Branksome to roommates, who woulda thought? Bolton, not a roommate, 
a true friend, thank-you; you got me through it all. Justine, GBC, France, 
Cancun and concerts to come - Jash will never fade. Carly fhim Tawanto 
you made me strong. Daisy and Erin we always represented Toronto 
well. Poopy- keep your couch open for me. From Toronto to, Bermuda, 
CoUingwood, Cancun, Montreal, Muskoka and so much more, we never 
failed to amaze. Adam, three years and you never gave up on me, to the 
moon and back to the dirt. Thanks to all my teachers who supported me. 
Ms. Miller, you pushed me fiarther than I thought I could go; you were 
always there; congratulations and good luck next year! Lastly, to all the 
Bums girls, stay red hot! 


"Remember the answer about the dog..." 

Justine Frostad '01 -'05 

To me, nothing says TCS like the whistle of a train, a painful sounding 
chapel hymn, a "mud"pit, sitting on a bed eating peanuts when you should 
be working, a big breakfast, the tiny voice, ringing a bell, a roomie to wake 
you everyday (no matter how hard it may be), A Robbie Williams song 
("Me and My Shadow" to be specific), meeting Jesus at a Tragically Hip 
concert, beast team, a baby, an arm tickle, a party that fuels a thousand 
rumours or a sleep to get you out of any akward situation. 
To my parents, thank you for the greatest gift you could ever give me, 
I love you. To my sister, Kate thanks for always being there for me as 
a constant source of wisdom and genuine amusement - day or night. 
To my closest friends, you are invaluable and the reason these four years 
have been some of my most cherished. I have looked to each of you for 
laughter, guidance, honesty and trust: you have never failed me, I love 
you beyond measure. From the good times, friendships, late night talks 
and, oh yeah, classes. TCS has been more than a school to me, it's been 
my home for four years and as I leave I can't help but realize the truth in 
an old saying: there's noplace like home. 

Ciao, Justine (bags) 

Daisy Miers '03-'05 

"Bravery is not doing something because you aren't afraid. It is doing 
something because you are." - My Dad. 

I come from a big, loud, loving family which makes Trinity an easy fit, 
because it's the same. I often refer to this place as 'home' because I met 
more family here. I have made more memories than I think are humanly 
possible. The good times had on this campus are uncountable, yet I will 
never forget any one of them. The people who I shared those memories with 
are the most amazing people I have ever met and I thank God for giving 
me the chance to meet them. Mum, Dad: Thank you for letting me grow. 
Without your love and guidance throughout my life, I would not be on the 
road I am now. I love you. Poppy, take all this place has to give - love and 
cherish it. To my friends, without you in my life I would not have made it. 
This place has taught me more than I will ever know about friendship. You 
gave life to this place, a life that will live in me forever. Leaving this place; 
the rooms, the fields, the food, the productions, the teachers, the coaches, 
the courts, the halls, and especially the people will be one of the hardest 
things that I will ever do. But coming into this I knew that one day we 
would all be saying good-bye. However, I choose not to say good-bye, but 
see you at the reunion. 
- Daisy (saddles) 

Lesley McLelland '02-'05 

I should start off by thanking my parents. Thank you for making a decision 
for me when I couldn't make the best one for myself. Thanks to coaches 
Elsley, Christ, Robert, and Ingram. Murray and Kelly, thanks for making 
school feel like home. Always remember: you and CSI are the only things 
that keep me sane, shopping can be a very bad idea in some situations, 
the rapTOR is my favorite dinosaur, I can always tell when you... feel 
like eating cheerio's, Kleenex can be used to demonstrate many things, 
you're still allowed to own a blankie when you're 18, we did not almost 
set off a fire alarm by making cookies in a toaster oven, and I DO know 
how to sing. Finally, to the best roommate in the world, thank you for 
putting up with me. I'm gonna miss you tons next year. "What's your 
favourite dish? That's teamwork." 

CarlyOgaki '01-'05 

As a wise person once said 'There are big ships and little ships, but the best 
ship is friendship'. Justine, a.k.a. roomie, a.k.a. doogie, a.k.a. dodie, a.k.a. 
rude grad. . . You will always be thought of as family and will always have 
a place in my heart that no other can touch. . . Everyone else close to me, 
Alex - nuff love bwoy, Lesley - CSI, 24, procrastination, & mad missions, 
DJ Daze - # 1?... To all the girlies. . I will miss you and love you forever... 
To Brett - U see. . .1 didn't forget about you. . . Physics, Thursday movies 
& u posing as an Ogaki at Blockbuster. . .TO THE ONLY REMAINING 
FACTOR of the CREW. . . JUUL a.k.a. POP. . . Nuff love girl. My words 
of wisdom to you are, if I could do it, u can do it and this time I promise 
you won't lose... =) Daddy & Mommy, thank-you for this opportunity 
and a journey of a lifetime. . These four years haven't been easy but they 
have made me a stronger person, and for all the lifetime friends I have 
made on the way I would do it all again. 


Brooke Stewart '02-'05 

I must begin by saying THANK YOU FAMILY for supporting me here 
and distracting me from doing homework! Rigby House, I can't imagine 
what Trinity would have been like without you all! You're all awesome and 
you made my last year the BESTEST!! Just remember girls, the #1 rule at 
house sports isn't "watch the Frisbee at all times", it's "Giv-er!!BAHAHA!!" 
Ema.Jaz2,Hether.Katelyn&Amba, you've been such awesome friends and I'm 
gonna miss you all BUNDLES!! Mrs. Beck and Ms. Hands, you're amazing 
and caring housemasters and I can't thank you enough for your friendship. 
Mr Parker and MrHunter, thanks for always supporting my "violining". Ms. 
Kelly, good luck with the Kelly Frizz Squad! Kruti - Dang! Why you gotta burn 
me like that! We're a procrastinating- computer illiterate- bean-burrito-loving 
team. . .mabishoo?!! Don't forget the Lord loves ducks too! Peeya, you'll always 
be my favourite Goopt-eh (I'll come visit next year so we can get our flag up : 
P). Karenenzio, 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH US!?! Oh, and don't break your 
nose playing chess ;) And I didn't forget you Caspar! hahaha Tamara and 
Anj, thanks for keeping me ghetto; P! Keep it real homes!! And Mr. Keiser... 
there SHOULD be a ribbon for dead last! 

My time at Trinity has been full of hilarious memories and learning 
experiences (I know, me + learn?! It seems unnatural haha). Thanks for a 
great 3 years everyone!!! 

Kruti Pandit '00-'05 

In the last 5 years, my experiences have been unforgettable, my memo- 
ries infinite, and my gratitude immeasurable. Thanks Mom and Dad for 
all the sacTifices you made to give me a better life. Thanks Jaymin for 
always being there and for our silly chats. Shan, no words bud, just love 
for ya. forever Brooke, why do I associate myself with you? Thanks 
for always making me smile silly. Anna, couldn't have asked for anyone 
better to share this year with. And oye Yaar... always time for another 
date with ya! Priya, you're my better half, don't change for the world, 
you're perfect just as you are. Special thanks to my lil' Bandar for loving 
me and making me a better person, you'll always be in my heart... and 
hey. . UNDA THE SEA. . don't forget it! Love ya always. Lastly, thank 
you God for your blessings. Just remember: "This is the beginning of 
a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can 
waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because 
you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, 
this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left 
behind. ..let it be something memorable." Take some risks, don't waste 
your time, and smile always. . .everything happens for a reason. . .enjoy 
it... and keep your head up... you'll get through it... I did. Lata TCS :) 

Ronny Ko '03-05 

I hesitated to come to TCS when 1 heard 
a rumour about deadly assignments and 
presentations and tests and quizzes and a lot 
of homework. However, the hoUow space in 
my heart is getting bigger as the time comes 
to leave this community. Now, I honesdy 
don't remember any concepts that 1 learned 
from grade 9 and grade 1 classrooms; I even 
forget my final marks from grade 1 1 . Then, 
didn't I learn anything at TCS? Of course, 
I did! 1 was taught many significant lessons 
from sports, performances, house activities, 
trips, and etc. 

Smile- this would be the central fuel activating 
the gigantic machine, 'TCS'. Every morning 
chapel starts with Mr. Mills' organ playing 
with a smile on his face all the time. TCS 
chapel always entertains and gives spirit for 
each day through its various events, rather 
than restricting us with a strained manner. 
Smiles can be found everywhere at TCS: 
Osier Hall, classrooms, offices, the library, 
Levan Hall, any houses ... even in the 
hallway, whenever we greet new faces. These 
would be not special at all to us. because they 
are part of our routine. However, I 've hardly 
found such places of smiles outside TCS. 
Nice people, unpolluted air, beautiful green 
fields, delicious food... What a heaven! 
Although now I am leaving, my spirit will 
be always with TCS. 
I love you, TCS! 

Jason Lee '00-'05 

Over the past five years at TCS, I have been everywhere and met some 
crazy people. Those unforgettable memories will stay with me forever. 
I really would like to thank my parents and my sister who are my ulti- 
mate supporters; without you, I would not be here. To all the teachers, 
coaches, housemasters thank you so much... Th«mk you, Mr. Legakis, 
my advisor for sending me to a university. Thank you Mr Parker for 
guiding me to become a "music student". Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. 
Christ, for teaching me English and basketball. To my all Brent Boys 
Ko, Mel, "taekwondo", Ryan and Ryan, stay cool, good luck in your 
future and always be sexy. To "Masta Chacha" and his crew, you were 
like my brothers for two years, thanks players. To all my teammates 
and friends, thank you for rewarding memories. Let's bounce boys and 
girls! Cheers! 

Lastly, Nemo, Semo, Dongrami, Byul 

"Oh I don't think that I'm a lot dumber than you thought that I think 
that I thought was me" 

Jason Lee 00-05' 


Dan Moulton '99-05 

Six years have gone by, and WOW it's been ftin. I have a whole bunch of 
thank- you 's to throw out there, so enjoy. Thanks so much Mom and Dad 
for giving me the opportunity to attend Trinity because it's been great. 
To Mrs. Piccini and Mr. Phillips in the Junior School, Tottenham House 
back in my day, thanks - you were phenomenal teachers. In the Senior 
School, Mr. Large and PK were definitely the greatest. To all my fellow 
HODGETTS BROS, respect your fellow Ho's and your house - because 
simply put, we are the greatest house TCS has ever seen, don't forget it. 
To Nick "Top-Dawg" Topolie and Duncan Kwan - good luck next year, 
you guys are going to be sick. Big Thanks to Mr Large, Mr. Ramsay and 
Mr. Mandryk for the huge roles you have played in my life not only as 
housemasters, but people in the school that I could look up to. Thanks 
to all the coaches I've had over the years. Jess Salt - you are the greatest 
athletic therapist ever; thanks for helping to repair my frail body from 
muscle strains to concussions. Vandy, you were an awesome coach and 
person, thanks. If you never checked out AWAKE, check it out next year! 
It is hands down the greatest 40 minutes you will ever spend during lunch. 
Thank-you TCS for em unforgettable 6 years, they've been terrific. 
Dan Moulton - 

#88 -#22 -#11- 

^ n 

Caspar Yue '01 -'05 

Wow, my four years at Trinity came and went in a flash. Had many good times 
and even more great times at this place which 1 have learned to call home. I'd 
firsdy like to thank my parents for giving me this incredible opportunity, I know 
you've had your doubts throughout the years, but because of your faith in me 
and your unique ways of encouragement, I've made it. I am eternally grateful 
for your support. Throughout the years I've made and lost friends but without 
you guys my time at Trinity wouldn't have been the same. B-Mur and N-word: 
We've had some good times here. . .have fun at Queens; I wish the best for both 
of you. To the FC: you guys are the bomb, 1 won't forget the chill nights we 
had this year. ..see you guys in MTL next May. Mitch: We've made it, best of 
luck to you; we'll hit up Yang's sometime. To the ladies: Thanks for the good 
times, stay beautifiil. To Miles and Cait: Keep on truckin', cherish every day of 
your last year, your best year is still yet to come. Karen, it's been a wonderfiil 16 
months, thank you, this year wouldn't have been the same without you. Lasdy, I 
have to thank my boy Dmo, you've stuck by me through thick and thin all these 
years, from Spanish to our good times in Astronomy. Thanks for everything. 
Good luck with your fiimre endeavours. Well I survived my Trinity experience 
and I'll miss what this place has given me. It's been chiU. I'm out. 
Catch you on the flip side, 

Phiriy'' Genesis '01-'05 

As four years come to an end, I have had some of the greatest times 
of my life at Trinity and it would not have happened if my parents 
didn't give me to opportunity to come here. For that I have to thank 
mom and dad because, if it were not for you, I wouldn't be half the 
man I am today. I have to thank Courtney for always being on my 
back, along with all the friends I have met here that have made TCS so 
enjoyable. Hold strong my Greek Bro Kizzle, never move from Union- 
ville Caspar. . we own that town. Pink, Marsh, Zadan, Boogers and 
Marcus - we had the most fun nights chilling in Bickle. JG, SP, AP, 
EP too much fun playing fifa. To the day students: Moulton, Murray, 
George and Jones - we had a group that was non-stop fun until it fell 
apart. Anyways, basically my high school career can be summed up 
by Greece winning Euro 2004. 
I read in the holy Qu'rjm how it says 
"Has thou seen him who belies religion? 
That is one who is rough to the orphan." 
And no matter what we say our religion is whether it's Islam, 
Christianity Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School- 
ism If we're not schooling the youth WITH wisdom then the sins of 
the father will visit the children 
And that's not keepin it real... that's keepin it — WRONG. 



Anthony "Kizzle" Kelamis '02-'05 

These past three years have been memorable and I will cherish my fond 
memories of this incredible place for years to come. Firstly, I would like 
to thank my family for supporting me and giving me this opportunity. 
Mom and Dad, you mean the world to me! It is because of you that I will 
be able to succeed in the real world. S'agapo! Bro, thanks for looking out 
for me and keeping me out of trouble. To the many I made the journey 
with: Munson, I know we will succeed. C'mon "HP" said so! Joude, my 
Arab brother, I promise you we will own our NBA team one day. Pelsise, 
soon you'll have the whole Victoria's Secret set. Philly, my Greek bro! 
HELLAS! Jamie, Petty, Spence and "Da Islanders" we've had some good 
times together. RESPECT! French Connection, 1 word: MONTREAL! 
Caspar, D-Mo, Brett: you guys have stuck with me since day 1, this is 
true friendship. Prefects, we went from friends to family. Much luv. ... 
Chuckles, you yelled at me one spring afternoon and I fmally saw the 
light. Thanks for making this ride more enjoyable. Moreover, I have to 
thank the great teachers and coaches who guided me on the right path 
these last three years. Coach Christ: I am forever indebted. Legakis, 
Ingram, PK, Grainger, Hay, Robert, Wright, and DA: Your knowledge 
has allowed me to grow. To anyone I forgot, you're deep in my thoughts. 
Good luck Class of 2005! - Anthony "Kizzle" Kelamis 


Adam Petty '00-'05 

1 have enjoyed my time at TCS. even though I am glad it is over. TCS 
was a positive experience, which has taught me many life lessons. Dad, 
your advice always seemed to be the path to success, THANKS. Mom, 
thanks for being my biggest supporter throu^ thick and thin. Allison = best 
sister any brother could ask for; you always are there for me. Georgie, my 
life long brother and main man, words can't even explain what we been 

through in 4 years as roommates, move ya mudda Ashley, couldn't 

have done it without you, you always seem to have a shoulder for me, to 
the moon and back to the dirt. Denby, you helped me to put the right foot 
forward. Matt G you left early, but 3 years and still boys 4LIFE. Jamie, 
things were ruff this year, but we always manage to come out on top. 
Conyers X2, stay true to the roots, Bermy 4LIFE. Shout out to all my 
boyz, Spence, OUver, Kizzle, Phil, Tahmer, Hoots (from de rock), and the 
rest of you lot, good luck in the future and keep in touch. Coach Christ, 
you always believed in me; without you I wouldn't be half the person I 
am today. Campbell, your advice never lefl, but unfortunately you had 
to. Mr. Brown, thank-you. Finally to all my teachers and coaches and 
anyone else, who I have forgotten, big up. Seeya round de comer, I'll be 
dawn de road. Safe - Petty 
"When you win, say little, when you lose, say less!" 

Alex George-John '00-'05 

After five long years at this school 1 can finally say that I am done. It has 
been an amazing experience that has shaped me into the person I am 
today, and has filled me with memories that I will cherish forever. Mom 
and Dad, I can't start to thank you guys enough for this opportunity. 
Both of you have given me more support than I could have ever asked 
for. Woody, Rolls and Danz, I couldn't ask for a better family. Campbell, 
I wish you were here till the end; if it were not for you, I probably would 
not be writing this right now. You and I were always bredrins, and will 
be forever. Thanks for all the advice and support you gave to me. I can 
never forget that. Thank you for everything. Many thanks to «ill of my 
teachers. Mr. Large, 1 hope Cricket goes well in the future for you; thanks 
for a great five years. Dr. DuBroy, thank you for keeping me stable for 
so long; could not have done it with out you. Petty, boss...yuh dun 
know u and me iz bruddaz fiih life, "who eva hav ma cd...move all yuh 
Mudda. .lol. Gregg, Honda and Shae, de men had ah tuff year las year, 
I'm surprised we still breathin! Tahmer, dis year was tight ftjh truth, yuh 
know I don't need to mention it, jus remember and smile.. lol. enjoy yuh 
last year bredrin. To all ma boyz, Jamie, Spencer and OUver, good luck 
fe de future. TCS, thank you for everything. Lata! 

Cristobal Gomez '03-05 

Thank you mummy and dad for working so hard to be able to send me 
to TCS. Th2mk you to all my teachers and fi-iends who helped me out. 
Mad props to Jesus and Flavour Flav. To all my friends you know who 
you are so I don't have to list all your names because if I forget someone, 
I'll probably get jook up. Yall made TCS enjoyable and I hope I stay in 
contact with yall and see you around. Naturally, shout out to the rowdy 
Bahamians and junglesses. Brent house was awesome and I hope all 
Brent boys enjoy it as much as 1 did. Thanks to all the Brent boys I know, 
Mr. Cameron, and my roommate Mario for making Brent my second 
home. Live strong. 

Cristobal John Eiroa Gomez aka Stoble and Senor Sexy 

Mario Rodriguez 'OS- 05 

This is the time to say goodbye and close an important chapter of my 
life. Who would've guessed I would be in Port Hope writing my grad 
quote in English? Two years at TCS, short time it might seem, but the 
people I met and the things I take from this place are surely memorable. 
TCS allowed me to challenge myself and excel in unimaginable ways. 
However, this was not an individual job. Thus, I must first thank my 
family whose constant support and love made this experience away from 
home possible. Papa, Mama. Jermy y Rafa: LOS ADORO! Secondly, 
I would like to thank all my friends at home that never forgot me and 
the incredible friends I made at TCS. Munson, I must finally admit 
there's no Ben Munson in Villahermosa. Joude, you taught me the true 
meaning of loyalty. Stoble, as we both know this was the best year! 
Lauren, the trust that was built here should never be destroyed. Joey, you 
always gave me the best advice. Char, phone me whenever you want to 
add new stuff to your collection! To the rest of my friends, each of you 
made my life better... thank you. To all my teachers: thanks for sharing 
your tremendous talent with me. Finally, TCS many thanks for helping 
this Mexican pursue his dreams! 

Class of 2005 the tools for our success have been provided; it's now our 
chance to fly solo and make the best out of our lives. 
Mario Enrique Rodriguez Graniel 

I -2+ 

Sara Gallagher '03-'05 

Thanks to everyone who has helped gel me to where I am today. Because 
of everyone and everythmg I have encountered at TCS I feel that I am 
coming out a stronger person than when I went in. I wish only the best 
to my graduatmg friends and good luck m your future pursuits. Most 
of all, I would like to thank my parents. Not only have they invested in 
my education but they have been, and will always be, supportive of me. 
Thanks for letting mc make my own choices and giving me the necessary 
skills to be able to live my life to the fullest. 

Rebecca Gregory '02-'05 

Three years over already. Trinity has taught me so much. . . school, friends, 
life, family, community. My life at TCS was full of good times that seemed 
to overpower the few not so great ones. So many people have helped 
me edong the way and given me something to be thankful for. Sara, you 
have been there for me all the time (with some great cuddling sessions) 
and don't worry, Mer. I'll always remember to brush my teeth. We'll 
be eggs forever. Karla and Andre ia, keep eating those chicken wings. 
Good luck here for the next two years, Lisa. Don't forget to always leave 
timbits! Chris... wow, that's it. I've shared the most special times with 
you - plane rides, pizza, praaicing. To all the rowing girls - hope you 
guys have as much ftin on the water next year and remember to always 
keep your arms & legs inside the boat! Thanks so much Traugott and 
Christo, for always believing in me and being there with me every step 
of the way. Mom and Dad - as much as you may not have liked having 
me away from home, thanks so much for all the opportunities that you 
have provided. There are many people that by doing something little 
gave me a spark that will stay with me forever. 1 firmly believe that "true 
friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable" and there 
are countless people at Trinity that have shown me this true friendship. 
Thanks everyone. 

Clarissa Wong '01-'05 

Maybe it was meant to change (chemical physical?!). Whether the 
change is +ve/-ve.. it happened.. (g (a; TCS changed me perhaps..!! 4 
years. . would never regret for being here XD Thanks each and everyone. . 
family n everyone that I met in these 4 years* Mrs. Large my advisor + 
Hammy and Bruffy GO SCOTT HOUSE!! + coaches Ms. Feddery, Mr. 
Lowry, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor + MORE!! And of course., all my friends~* 
Helen the very first one I met TvT we've been thru quite a lot indeed! + 
nAt my lovely sis XP I know u will miss me!! I m reli glad tht we grad 
together^ eRica I love u* I know I am annoying but still.. XD + aMy 
we made it to the same uni eh?! thx for all ur help >< I^eez u'U b far 
fax away tho.. i'll miss u.. don't forget me!! kEv buddy!! 1 do cherish our 
frdship.. we'll meet again for sure!! (with ur 3 wives!!) dEs des des.. I'll 
see u in ur art gallery say.. 7 years from now!? frAnlr XD the violin 
"performances".. I reli like them* maRtin not sure if u'll see this., but.. 
BEST vw2op5!! JennyL great to have u as a friend~* n to all: thank you 
for the great memories we had* luvyal>3< n!! u'll miss TCS XD Last 
but not least.. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL + SOFTBALL!! tsk* 

Natalie Wong '02-'05 

Thank-vou TCS. 



F^— ■ ^^Mi Jft 1 


Karen Frackowiak '01-'05 Liesl Richter '01-'05 

It still scares me that I am going out on my own and leaving a place that It's hard to believe that I'm leaving TCS after these past four years! I 
has given me so much support and love for four years. There will always never thought this place would shape who I am and affect me in such a 
be ups and downs in our lives and that is definitely no different here at big way. In these four years I've learned lessons that will always be of 
TCS. But everything, bad or good, contributed to my unforgettable time immeasurable importance to me. I have made irreplaceable memories 
here. I have learned so much about myself and who I can be. Of course with people that mean the world to me. I have loved, and I have lost, 
there are things that I have yet to conquer, my stress and emotions to My family and friends have taught me the most important thing in life 
name a few. but there are still many years ahead of us. My time here is friendship. I have learned you have to make yourself happy, that 
wouldn't have been what is was if it weren't for all the people I have met happiness isn't where you live, what you own, or what grades you get. 
along the way. To the girls in Bums and Scott, tharUcs for all the great Happiness is being with people you adore. My closest friends: thank you 
times. Never let go of the friendships you've built here. To my Ketchum for being a part of my life; I'll never forget the memories we've shared! 
girls, thanks for everything these past years; you have made me who I am Mom and Dad: thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to 
today. Traugott, you have been more to me than just a housemaster, thank TCS! I love you both more than anything and could never express the 
you. Caspar, you were always there for me. Thank you for everything. gratitude I have for the love you have given me. Siobhan: don't you dare 
Mom, Dad, Anna and Sarah, I might not have always shown it but you change for anything or anyone, I love you! All that's left to say is good- 
always being there means so much to me, I love you. Advice I should bye, but that's not really appropriate since this place and its people will 
have taken myself don't take anything too seriously; it isn't worth it. always be a part of me. "We know what we are, but know not what we 
Relax and just have fun. may be." -William Shakespeare. Until we meet again, TCS. 

Kelsey Wilcox '01 -'05 

And so I've come to the end of 4 amazing years. Years fiill of laughs, 
tears, love and growth. And even though we look to the future with much 
uncertainty and apprehension, I still can't do anything but smile. Smile 
because I know the experiences I had with the people I love the most will stay 
with me forever. To my K-town girls who made it worthwhile; the Pontiac, 
red roosters, top jrk's, Cah, Bahamas, and the many more, thank-you for 
letting me understand the meaning of "friends for life ". Mom and Dad, 
your sacrifices make who I am. Thank-you for the support you've always 
given, even when I claimed to never need it. Em, Macaul and Alys, do 
what you can with this place; it can do great things for you. To my coaches 
and teachers, thank-you. To Mrs. T. you've seen me through it all and I am 
forever gratefiil for everything you've done. To the boys who made me smile, 
thank-you. To Coach Chrisr. thank-you a million times over. Your love for a 
game has inspired me beyond anything else. To my best friend Rack your 
unending support has helped me through the toughest situations in my Ufe 
and I can't tell you how much that means to me. 1 love you. So I guess that's 
it, another chapter, another quarter, another school, another greatest part 
of my Ufe. Good times for sure. 

"The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost " - Chesterton 

Rachael Buchwald '01 -'05 

I guess the time has come for me to thank the people and places that 
made me who I am. Four years have passed at Trinity and yet I still 
don't know where to begin. To my mom: these years haven't been easy 
and I am forever grateful; your strength and perseverance are things I 
can only wish to have. To my father: the support that you've given me 
is undeniable, thank you. To my brother: you don't even know the help 
and smiles you've given me. To the Traugotts: thanks for the laughs and 
never-ending guidance. To the most important people of all: my friends. 
Kelsey: you are my best friend, my other half; my sister and nothing will 
ever chzmge that. To sum our friendship up in a few sentences would be 
impossible; but this place wouldn't have been what it was without you. 
Ben: thank you for being there through everything; I will never forget 
our time together Mitch: you know I will always be there for you and 
I know you'd do the same. All my Ketchum girls: you know what you 
mean to me; we've made fiiendships that will last a life time: Bahamas, 
Call, Kingston, top jrk's etc. To everyone, this year and those before it, 
it's definitely been good times, tharJc you! All in all, TCS has been a place 
that changed me, introduced me to people I will never forget, and taught 
me lessons to value for a lifetime! 


Amy Chan '03-05 

Time flies by so fast, that it is already my turn to say goodbye to TCS. 
1 didn't think that I would actually miss TCS. In the past two years. I 
have experienced a lot, whether happy or sad. TCS gave me so many 
great memories, especially times with great friends, and the great 
teachers. Clari. Nat, Erica and Lily: I am so glad that I met you guys at 
TCS. You were always there to support me. I will miss you guys!! >.< 
Penny: You tire the best roommate ever Glad to spend the year with 
you. GD LUCK Next Year!!!! Venus: Although I only knew you for a 
year; I am so happy that I can share my happiness and sadness with 
you!!! GD LUCK Next Year!!! To everyone else: Thanks for being with 
me through the years at TCS. I will miss you guys and good luck in 
your future years! Once Again, Thank you, TCS!!! 

Erica Hsu '01 -'05 

Finally is my turn to write my grad quote. I have been waiting for 

4 years already. Spent almost % of my life in TCS... wonder how I 


Things that I will miss: 

-having morning call at 6am by the boys. 

-fire alarm while I am dreaming. 

-not watching tv for 4 years (1 am serious) 

<limbing through windows in the middle of the night where I tore my 


-Osier food (esp. Brunch that never change) 

-the first night of snow ^ 

-my friends those I know for 4 years of 3 years or 2 years or 1 year. 

Of course there are a lot more. . There tire just too many "outrageous" 

things I have done in TCS. Beside that there are also many things that 

I have learned which are unforgettable. Special thanks to the teachers 

2md my housemasters (Bums the best!!) 

Lily Chan '01 -'05 

Trinity's been, to me, a big huge slap in the face. Exactly what was needed 
before I managed to pull myself together, get into perspective, and be 
ready to dash ahead. It's been done. To my family whom I love more than 
anything in the world - Mom: I could not thank you enough for insisting 
in the first place, for always being just one call away, for the sacrifices 
you've made, and for being forever supportive. Grandmother: I would 
not have grown up the same way without you. Thank you for constandy 
watching over me and keeping me safe. I miss you dearly. To five very 
special girls - Min: You are to me not just a roommate, but a genuine 
fiiend, a true partner in crime and a sister I've always dreamt of having. 
Late night talks, BG FAM, Edna Mode, x-men dtmce moves, "Wait, hold 
on, it's coming out". . . Thanks for such great times! Erica: You've held my 
hand from start to finish. Keep shining! And stop peeking through shower 
curtains. Mt: You are one special sweetie pie. Never forget the conar times 
and my brave encounter with the flies! Natalie: Mon petite dachshund, 
always energetic, always bright! Stay strong no matter what. Vicky: Wise 
old nut. . . Thanks for being the best listener in the world. And to Murray: 
I felt home because of you (and your cakes). Keep Bums hot and alive. 
Class of 2005: we're done! Check your pulse... Best wishes to the 852 crew 
and the rest. Almost there .D 

Min Kim '02-'05 

Well, I am finally done. I can't believe how quickly these three years 
have gone by. I still remember my mom - thank you for giving me this 
opportunity to come to Canada. My lovely brother - thanks for your never 
ending support and love. Lily - thanks for being such a great roomie, luv 
u so much. I will always remember our late nights, the tears, stress, fun. 
and BG we've had. Murray - you have always been there for me, thank 
you for everything. Miller - you are the best advisor I ever had and I will 
miss you so much. My teachers - thanks for helping me get through these 
years. My lovely Burns family - 1 will miss you guys, good luck next year. 
For those who are not graduating, good luck; it will end sooner than you 
think. Thank you all for leaving me with amazing memories. 


Hoon Kyo Lee '02-'05 

Thanks for holding me, God, Family, Mr. Keiser, Ms. 

Barton, Tony and Spencer. 

I had a great time in TCS. I'm ftom TCS, Bethune 


Special thanks to Baby S, I love you 

TonyYu '00-'05 

Thanks to everyone. I really enjoyed time I 
spent in TCS for 5 years. Although I got into 
few unexpected troubles in my last year. I really 
loved to have other cool friends and teachers. 
Especially rugby was super fun! I will miss this place 
so much.. =) 

Special thanks to Mr. Keiser and Mrs.Piccini! 

Charlotte Parris '03-05 

So this is it. It seems like this day could not come 
soon enough; but now that the end is here I can't 
help but to be sad. It has not been a smooth road 
and more than less I have wanted to be anywhere 
else than here. These past two years have been 
challenging; however, I am so gratefUl for everything 
that this school has offered me. Looking back, I feel 
like I have grown so much and learnt even more; not 
just academically, but in almost every aspect of life. 
I am leaving here a much better person than the one 
that came. Every tear shed was matched with triple 
the laughs, which I owe to a few incredible people 
I have met. Jo & Lauren - my girls; I cannot even 
start to explain what an impact the two of you had 
on me. You were the two that got me through this, 
not just as friends but as my family. Tash & Cathy 

- no one could understand the word "homesick" 
quite like you. Thanks for being there. For all my 
"Fellas" and island chicks, you know who you aie 

- thanks for the daily laughs. *MUAH* Most of 
all - Mom and Dad, I have never had two people 
believe in me as much as you do. Thank you so 
much - 1 love you. 

AHH - I'm done! 

Joey Robertson '03-'05 

For me, TCS is done. Over the last two years, I've cried and 

complained more than I knew was possible; but in the end, 

I know I will miss it. I'U miss the good things TCS gave 

me: the memories, some great friends, and an unforgettable 


Lauren- 1 couldn't have made it without you! At home or in 

Canada you've always been there for me and I hope I've done 

the same for you. Char- it's been a great year roomie... "no 

the pentagon is a govertmient building". Dear Appletush... 

unmi ya, basically... I'm done. Seriously though, TQM... 

we had some great memories! Stoble- Thanks for always 

being there and giving me someone to talk to! To ALL of 

my friends (especially you islanders) - sorry to generalize, 

but there are too many to name - thank you! You all mean 

so much to me. 

Ms. Salt and Ms. Beck, keep me on the VIP list! Mr. Robert, 

thanks for everything you've done this year! 

Most of all Mum and Dad, I love you! Thank you for giving 

me these wonderful opportunities and experiences. Toni and 

Jj, thank you for your love and support. 

To my Ketchum girls- Leila, Sarah, Tamara and Alison, good 

luck next year! No Regrets! 

Don't wait until the end to enjoy it here! Make yourself have 

ftjn from the begirming in the best ways you can and the time 

will fly much faster! 

Thanks guys! It's been real. 

Lauren Wong '03-'05 

Wow, the year I thought would never come is 
finally here. Two years of hardships, laughs, 
tears and an attempt at "hard work" has 
left me both tired and uncharacteristically 
speechless. Now that I'm done I realize that 
this school has done a lot for me not just 
academically but personally as well. No lie I 
could not have made it here with a few VERY 
special people. This experience has been all 
about ya'U, and I can't thank you enough! 
Joey- What would I have done without you 
man?? You made everyday that much easier 
for me to make it through. When I thought 
it all wasn't worth it, you convinced me it 

Char-Char Star! You were the best roomie 
from staying up all night talking when we 
SHOULD have been working, to always 
being able to listen and laugh of all the stupid 
small things we found fimny... "I've got a 
princess Bed"! To my girl Palmy Poo, it will 
ALWAYS be a Palmer and Wong Production 
bup bup Politics with Mr Robert. Mario 
- TQM! I don't think I've ever laughed so 
much in four days at OFSAA in my LIFE. 
Keep it real and don't forget all the things we 
could laugh about here! Stoble- God brother! 
I love you man, you kept it real Bahamian all 
the time dread thanks for making me laugh, 
see you at home. Sarah and Leila keep it real 
and run it next year. Good Luck! 


Thalia Bock '02-'05 

Oh TCS. I'm glad its over. These three years have been 
the longest of my life. Thanks for everyone that I've 
met that has made it very worth it. Eleni all I have to 
say to you is. . .if I had a million dollars. ..lam so glad 
you were here this year little bag! Dan - a superhero 
is lost without her sidekick. Iman - No one will ever 
understand our weirdness! Jd, I am never going to 
forget when I could French braid your hair. Oatway, 
we really should get that hamster. Carolyn, you are 
my very favourite princess! Shasha, ms brow's class 
was awesome because of you trying to put a skirt on 
her head! Rebecca: howdy Saudi! Sara, you made 
calc bearable. Jasmin, emma, heather, brooke, katelyn 
and amber: you guys rock! I always have grand times 
at your parties! To my senior Nordic girls, I had an 
awesome time at ofsaa and wigamog and I will never 
forget the purple sunglasses. I love that ketchum 
printer rolling. 

I love the barenaked ladies and I hope they reign 
supreme forever. 

Carolyn Tropea '03-05 

Thank-you, TCS. 

Iman El-Khashab '02-'05 

This has been the longest three years of my life, but 
it was worth it in the end because I have learned a lot 
about myself that I probably wouldn't have if 1 spent 
the last three years anywhere else. The main thing 
that got me through TCS though, was definitely all 
the amazing people I met. Thalia, you were the only 
one who understood how weird 1 really am, we had 
the best times being little kids together!! Gallagher, 
you are so funny with your Jamie stones and boy 
advice, I am going to miss you so much! Hermey, 
you will always be contused about life, but this is 
why I love you. Meredith, you were the best roomie 
I could have asked for; those 2 years were a blast! 
Shasha I will always adore you! Thanks for making 
Ms. Brow's class so entertaining! Joey, Charlotte, 
and Lauren, I am going to miss you guys so much 
too! Jd, I couldn't have asked for a better friend than 
you, never lose touch with me. Oatmobile, I'm going 
to miss all the good times we had m Politics and of 
course our views on raising children and our walks to 
Subway Nick, you will always be my favourite wench 
and I hope never to be called a piccolo again! And of 
course my good friends in Rigby House . . . Heather and 
Jasmin, I will miss our movie weekends; you guys will 
never know how much your friendship means to me! 
Katelyn, Amber, Emma, Brooke, Kristen and Janet 
I will miss our little kid parties even more!! Thanks 
TCS and goodbye. 

Desmond Cheung '01-'05 

I cannot believe I survived through TCS for four 
years! It really is an unforgettable experience! I 
always enjoy the art classes with Mr. Gregg and 
Mr. Stooshinoff. Boulden House is where I became 
creative and developed my passion in Art. I will 
always remember the good times here - living in 
Brent, providing haircut services and cooking Asizm 
food in residences © I am glad that I met buddies 
that grew up with me since FY -Clari, Erica, Kev 
and also friends like Frank, Natalie, Amy and more. 
Special thanks to my favourite roommate Jamel 
Park ~ and TiMbltZ Fanuly © *RdNI *ShAroN 
*LiUaN *JAiMe for giving me the best memories 
at TCS! 

Kevin Chan '01-05 

It's hard to believe that my race has finally come to an 
end. The last 4 years at TCS has been the best of my 
life thus far. First I want to thank my mum for always 
being here for me when I need you and ray brother 
for being so good to me. I would also like to thank 
all my teachers (particularly my advisor, Mr. Brown) 
for their guidance, advice, patience and support. 
Mr. Cameron, thanks for an amazing final year. 
Special thanks to Ms. Botrie for helping me out on 
my applications. Finally, and most importantly. Big 
thanks to all my friends and buddies (#1,2,3). Klari, 
it's impossible for me to thank you for everything 
you have done for me. Thank you for four years of 
constant support and caring. Natalie, Desmond, 
Amy and Frank, thank you all for being such good 
friends. Last, but certainly not least, thank you Rormy 
for being such a good roonmiate and Jaime for being 
such a good "imaginary sis". Thanks everyone, it's 
been a good race. 

Frank Liu '04-'05 

I had already experienced many things I have 
experienced in my past five years in highschool. In 
TCS, I played sports more than ever; I played music 
more than ever; I ate pizza more than ever; I drank 
Coca-Cola more than ever; I talked in English more 
than ever; I was late for class more than ever. It was 
my first year as a boarder and I was very lucky to have 
really good roommates, and I was very glad that I 
met a lot of new friends. I also have to thank all my 
teachers. You are all very good and caring teachers 
(I've met worse) and I really enjoyed learning with 
all of you. I had really good memories in TCS: the 
time having fiin on the fields with friends, the time 
in Osier around the tables, the time of laughing with 
jokes from Mr. Hunter, the time of being made fiin 
of by Mr. Mills in Montreal, and also the time having 
my 18'* birthday in McDonald's with all my best 
friends. All in all, I really thank TCS for letting me 
be a part of it. PS.: I still wonder if TCS can improve 
its internet... 


Christie Plathe '02-'05 

First and foremost 1 would like to thank 
my mom and my dad. Mom, without your 
encouragement and patience I would never 
have made it this far. Secondly, my friends, 
the ones that made Trinity what it really is; 
you all know who you are. thanks for making 
it the best 3 years of my life so far; I owe it all 
to you. Murray and Kelly, you are the most 
wonderful housemasters that any girl could 
ask for. I'm so glad that I have so much from 
Bums that I can take with me and I was lucky 
enough to have the best grads I could ask for. 
Ms. Miller, thanks for getting me on my feet 
and helping me through everything; everyone 
is going to miss you. I can't believe it's over 
already; when I arrived here three years ago 
I thought that I would never make it out. I'm 
glad that I did. Good luck to you guys; enjoy 
it while you can. 

Karen Palmer '01-'05 

These last four years have come and gone a little quicker 
than I expected. To my mom and da, thanks for giving 
me this great opportunity. To my teachers and coaches, 
thanks for the guidance and encouragement - 1 will 
always appreciate it. To true friends - Beets, Crisp, 
SabrinAH, Duck. TeeWeens, Rrrrachael, Michelle, 
Lauren, Matthew, Scruffy & SwAHn, thanks for the 
laughs, tears and everything in between. It wouldn't 
have been half as good without you. Cheers to some 
crazy memories, from Larry, carnival, "nose", Vincy 
and Europe, to purple fruit loops, foot love, Caribbean 
Flavour and souljahs...it's been good. 
To everyone else, keep safe and good luck with 
- Palmer 

Watch Jbr sticks and stones/ Stumbling blocks in piles I Life 
is one big roadi Miles on top of miles/ So blessed be the soul/ 
That always remains a child. . . 

Laura Bolton '03-05 

As my two years at Trmity end, there are many 
people who deserve thanks. First, to my parents, 
nana and papa and Al, your never ending support 
and encouragement is amazing. I couldn't have 
done this without you! I love you. To my girls; 
Christie, Ash-bash, Peemer, Sabrian. Racheee, 
thanks for all the fiin times and memories that 
won't be forgotten. I love you. To the guys: 
Swaniel. Matthew, Iain, Geoffrey, David and 
Peter, thanks for the never ending humour. Good 
luck next year. Michelle. Shan, Cristin. Cokes, 
Wong-tong, Hoey, Adam, Spencc, and Kiz; 
thanks for the laughs that got me through. Juul, 
I will always win. Dais, you got something right 
here! Les, just keep singing! To my Burns grads 
'05, you are all amazing! Murray, Smelly Kelly 
and Burns House, thanks for everything, you're 
the best. From faceplants to booblihoods, we 
have seen it all! Bruce forever! To everyone else to 
follow, treasure TCS and enjoy your time here. 

John Becker '03-05 

It's midnight and I'm in my room with all my 
boys and trying to write this grad quote. I should 
start with thanking my parents, who gave me this 
opportunity to come to TCS. Mama und Papa, 
danke fuer alles was ihr in diesen 2 Jahren wegen 
rair durchmachen musstet! 1 can't believe 2 years 
passed by that quick and I'm graduating. To my 
roommate Pink, buddy we had good times together. 
TCS would have been bad without you. To my 
boys Kirk. Marcus, Max, Cordeau, Trooch, Cam, 
Jonesy, Pelsise, Shirreff, Watts, Wilson, Philly G, 
Sulli, Stepho, Bobby and Adrian, you've made 
the difference here. Boys, keep it real while I'm in 
Switzerland. I'll see y'all for the World Cup '06! 
To my coaches Allen, Cameron, TL, Shaughnesy, 
Christ, Keiser, and Hayter, thanks for your wisdom 
and guidance. Well that's it, boys; keep it real, and 
the rest, peace I'm out! 
"Pain is temporary, pride is forever!" 
John a.k.a. Beck's a.k.a. Boogers! 

CamBeath '00-'05 

Five years is a really long time to be here at T.C.S. 
but it's finally over. I want to thank my parents 
for giving me this opportunity and I hope that 
everybody who isn't graduating has good times in 
their time here. Just remember, they're preparing 
us for University by teaching us to work hard but 
they are also keeping us locked down. We don't 
live the life of your average teenager. So go out, 
have some fiin, and get away as often as you can. 
I wish luck to all the Bulldogs and my other friends 
throughout the School. Hope that everyone goes 
on to do good things. 
Finally Graduating. 
Later everyone. 

Graham Jones '99-05 

Well what can I say, except that six long years 
here at TCS are finally over! It feels great to finally 
move on to other things, and escape the same old 
predictable lifestyle at TCS. Don't get me wrong, 
these last six years have been great, filled with 
many amazing memories, lifelong friends, and 
spectacular experiences, but now it is time to move 
on. I don't really have any unique advice to give, 
just cherish your time here at TCS and live life to 
the fullest, without any regrets. Always be yourself, 
and Cry your best at whatever you do and you will 
succeed at TCS, along with anything else you do in 
life. Finally, I would just like to thank TCS for the 
opportunities, and all of the people here that made 
my time worthwhile. It's time to take it to the next 
level and move on. 
Jones Out. 


Spencer Jones '01-'05 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my parents 
for supporting me; it has been 4 long and hard years 
whrch 1 am glad that 1 finished. TCS has been a 
great experience for me and has taught me many 
valuable things; I have to say most of the time here 
was depressing but looking back on it, there were 
a few times that I wish never ended. Now for the 
shout outs... for de yout Jaime, we've had many 
goodtimes bregin, you like a brother to me. For my 
bwoy Tahmer, I known you forever and you are a 
true souljeih. Oli a.k.a. GyalUs, I ain't know you for 
long but since I have, you have been a good friend. 
Petty and George, wunna men never really chill with 
us as much but wunna still really safe and will not 
be forgotten. Big up the Bickle crew, PG, Kizzle, 
SPinky, Max, Marcus and Zadan, you all made 
the house worthwhile. Also, forgot to mention all 
those ladies out there, keep it real. If there is anyone 
else 1 missed, I'm sorry. Peace out TCS. "Cry later, 
but for now, let's enjoy the laughter." - 2 Pac, God 
Bless The Dead 

Jaime Gentles '01 -'05 

Even though I'm glad it's over, looking back on it 
there definitely were some good times. All in all 1 
would certainly say Trinity was a good experience 
for me. Made some good friends along the way too, 
a lot who have already moved on and that are still 
here as well. But it's definitely time for me to leave 
and in saying that 1 wanna shout out a few people. 
First of all, of course, gotta thank ray parents for 
giving me the opportunity and helping me through. 
As for the bredgins shout out to my boy Spence, 
roommates and bredgins since grade 9. Shout out 
my other toppa top boy Oliver. Can't forget Petty 
either, Philly G, George and Tahmar sorry you 
couldn't be graduating with the men but I know 
you'll hold it down next year. My boy Kizzle, like 
Matt said, it was an experience. Lastly shout out 
to all the ladies - can't forgot yall. 

Oliver Gale '03-'05 

Time is up and I'm gone from the place. SomctinJcs 
it was Hell but having walked through the lire, I can 
honestly say 1 would go through it again if I was 
required. It made me a stronger person and taught me 
lessons worth gold. First, 1 want to thank my parents 
for everything they have done. Without their love 
and support, none of this would be possible. 1 love 
you. To my teachers and coaches, thank you for 
your lessons and inspiration to always reach higher 
To the ladies 1 knew, love and respect. Ninja, you 
know I can't forget ya. And to all the people I saw 
everyday who made things easier just by smiling, tek 
it easy Petty, George, Hail up! It was tight right thru, 
with so much good times we got to link. Spence, 
love brudda, home is calling. Jaime, soljah.you 
know how it is, link soon. To Tahmer, you soon out 
iya. To anyone 1 couldn't mention, but especially 
Bickle men and upcoming youtes. Big respect and 
Good luck. 

Finally I'm free to lake off the black and white stripes. 
Watch me shoot for the door. I'm out. forevermore. 

Shannon Dejong '01-'05 

When I first came to Trinity, I thought my time here would last forever 
The truth is, it ended faster than it began. Trinity has left me with a 
lifetime of stories and people that I will never forget. I'll try to sum up 
the highlights. Karen Palmer and Kruti Pandit, you have both helped 
me along the beaten path, and have shown me the light at the end of the 
turmel. Karen, one day I will hit the trash can! Kruti and Anj I am brown. 
Even more so Ola, I am black! I'll miss you my home slice! Michelle, the 
walks and talks will forever be cherished. Crisp, Sabz, David, Peter, Tauty, 
Bolty, Jackie, Kandy, Cait, Bauer, Lou, Lauren, Joe, Mathew, Swan and 
Iain, don't worry, there are still great times to come. Broughy, when I'm 
gone, you'll have time to gather some more lives. Sam, you're my home 
girl, keep your dancing shoes on and continue doing your thing girl. Anna, 
our time was short, but I'm grateful that we became so close before the 
year's end. Eve, if you were 1 10% wrong, I'd still say you were right, 
and I have your back forever Thjink you to my parents and grandparents, 
the teachers and staff, and most of all the smdents. This place is nothing 
without you. To my friends, an everlasting friendship, remember to keep 
your smile on. Soon enough I'll be back smiling with you. 

Anna Kessaram '03-'05 

There are so many people I want to mention but as I am limited in space 
I will try my hardest. Murray - you're like a second mom to me, we can't 
lose touch. Kelly - I'll miss living opposite you. Mrs. Dew - stay in touch, 
thanks for being an awesome advisor Chelsea, Cristin, Christie, Laura, 
Fong, Sabz, Daniel, Charlotte, Lauren, Joey, Juul. . .love you all. Swanny, 
Iain, Alexiou. . .as much as I complain I'll definitely miss 'push Anna day'. 
I want to thank my parents, as well as my sister whom I love and admire. 
Without you three I wouldn't be here to write this. Most importantly, 
however, are Shannon and ICruti. You two were my saviours this year. 
You both were there for me through all the hard times and were the reasons 
for the majority of the good ones. I love you both with all my heart. 
Whenever you need an ear to listen or a hug from a friend, I'm here. No 
matter the distance, give me call and I'll be by your side. Kruti - I'll see 
you next year, roomie. Sharmon, you don't have a choice but to stay in 
touch. Christmas 2006 in India! Be yourself. Don't try to be someone 
you're not; if people don't like you for who that is, they aren't worth your 
time. Good luck next year, Bums! Enjoy it while you can because before 
you know it, it's time to leave. Live, love, laugh 

xoxo Anna a.k.a. Natma 


April Lee '03-'05 

"Even if I get to live once more. I would follow the same life path as ntw because 
my past not onJy represents who I am but inflict, 'is' who I am. There is no other 
way for me but to be myself. No matter how people abandon me. no matter how I 
abandonthem, and no matter how all the beautiful emotions, brilliant talents arid 
dreams vanish. I can not become anything but myself." I used to be a timid girl 
lacking confidence. I always strived to be a 'better' person. Well, it took 
me 18 years to realize that just being 'myself is the answer And, I would 
have never realized that without these beloved people. Murray, you will 
always be our 'another' mother Kelly. I won't forget your cutest smile. 
Bums House taught me the value of each individual. Ricachu - the best 
roommate! HaeRang. 1 do owe you so much of laugh. Go-Stop! Janet, 
our sincere conversations go on. The five REAL Fam! SoHeui, we never 
give up! Katherine. I support you forever Hayley. Saligo sisters never stop? 
Soobin. we will rock together even after our hair becomes gray. KR&SW, 
I always feel your support. Mom and Dad. you have given me so much, 
and it is time for me to pay back. Because you all have shown me true 
love, now I do know how to love myself. Here, I am ready to step out and 
embrace others with love; I am ready to enjoy my life to the fullest! 

Janet Lee '02-'05 

WOW! what can 1 say^ It's the end. This place was my home away from 
home for the last three years and it feels good but weird. TCS taught me 
so much more than science theory and an essay. This place showed me 
how to smile when I see people in the street. It taught me to be open, to 
listen, to understand, to love and to realize the beauty in life. Most of all. it 
left me with the greatest gift of my life, the people. From teachers, friends, 
laundry, and cleaning ladies to unknown faces with smiles. Each one of 
you gave me so much that 1 don't know how to return. Mr Parker and 
Tucker, you have the most sincere respect from my heart. Your passion for 
lifejust amazes me. Emma, Jasmin, Heather, Amber, man... good times. 
April, Soo-bin, Jenny, you're in my heart. Stefan and Ben G, you are the 
kindest souls I've ever met and I'll miss you so much. Carolyn. Iman. 
Thalia and Shasha. I love you! Mike. I wish I have known you better You 
are beautiful. Patrick, I could not have done without you. Drew, even 
though I didn't get to know you well©, you gave me the feelings that I 
had forgotten for a long time. I'll never forget it. And my family, I love 
you more than anything in my life. Each one of you transformed my life 
eternally and I cannot thank you enough for that. 
Love you all 

Soo Bin Lee '01-'05 

I would never guess that I would be writing the grad quote this idSX. For 
me, graduating from TCS still sounded like a far future. When I first came 
here directly from Korea, everything was new and everything scared me. I 
couldn't speak a single word in English and had a really heu-d time getting 
accustomed to the life at TCS. However, the four years I spent in TCS 
brought me tons of invaluable memories and people. Ms. Hands, I was 
really lucky to have you as my advisor Mrs. Wills and Ms.Feddery, I had 
a good time living with you. Ms.Kelly, you were great! Mrs. Murray, you 
are my hero. I really thank you for always being there. All the teachers I 
had for those four years(you know who you are!), thank you so much for 
teaching me not only the school material but also other valuable things 
in this whole world. SoHeui, Hayley and Kath, good luck next year Hae 
Rang, April. ]aneX and Jenny, we did it! Mom and Dad. you know I always 
wanted to say that I love you so much although I never did. Thanks for 
offering me all these wonderful experiments and opportunities. Liistly, 
I'd like to thank God for always leading me. 

Hae Rang Kim '02-'05 

It's hard to believe how quickly three years in TCS have gone by. Time 
really does fly!! For three years. Trinity's been another home. It is not 
because I lived here, but because I loved to be a part of this beautiful 
community. So. TCS means a lot to me. It is my first school where I 
came to study abroad, and the place where international friendships 
developed. I will never forget my days here for my life. Also, before I 
move to bigger world, I would like to thank all of people that I've met 
here. Especially to, Maggie Lee: my BESTEST roommate ever! Ms. 
Botrie: if you were not here, I couldn't go to US. Ms. Malenfant: I still 
need your help!!! Mr Mills: take me to Montreal next year. All my 
teachers: I learn not only knowledge but also passion. Mrs. Hamilton 
& Ms. Brough: my house mothers! Scott House & Fong: greenhouse 
forever Scottie: best of luck for everything. Soo Bin & April: I will miss 
our threesome hanging out forever 

Finally, thanks to my family and God who support me greatly. Bye- 
Bye TCS! 


JoudeBadra '02-'05 

It's been a great couple years here at TCS, lots of meinorabic moments . . . 
I've been blessed to be surrounded by a group of great friends... Munson, 
I hope I'll fly on your airlines one day (if not, you're always welcome 
in Damascus)... Tony, you're a memorable friend (Dubai, Alice, Dodd 
and yes the king was CIA), you and me are gonna be the next Maaloof 
brothers... M-Rod, you gotta laugh Hombre, we know you're a celebrity 
but give it a try... Rummin' James & Herod, good luck at Queen's and 
come down to visit. . .Kabawat, the greatest comedian of all. . .Pelsise, I'm 
not getting the door...Philly, JD, Casper, Bird, the Frenchies and many 
others. . . Good luck with your futures. Kettelwell, Father Boseovski, 
Trivedi, JJ, Sam, Sully. ..It's all about Bickle in '06... My friends back 
home, you'll always be on my mind... 16 years is an eternity. 
I also want to thank my teachers and coaches who have been of 
tremendous help.. I'm gonna miss your pyjama jokes DA... To my 
entire family, thank you for being so loving and supportive. Lays and 
Jad, you are the best brothers. I don't know how I made it away from 
you... Dad, you mean the WORLD to me - without you, none of this 
would be possible - you're the greatest. And finally, I'd like to dedicate 
this quote to my late mother who's been there for me as much as she 
could. Thank you TCS. 
"An investment in knowledge always pays off" Benjamin Franklin 

Ben Munson '01 -'05 

I'd first like to thank my friends and family back home. Mom and dad, 
I really do appreciate all the sacrifices you made. Annie, it was amazing 
watching you grow up and you know how much I love you. Katie have 
fiin at Faragut, I'm already having a blast knowing you're going there. 
Grandma, thanks for all the advice. 

Everyone at TCS, you made it so much more enjoyable here. "The real 
test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing with the other person? 
Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?"- Eugene 
Kennedy. Even though we didn't always have much to do, we always 
seemed to enjoy ourselves. Subway knows that. Badra, congratulations 
on going to Pcnn - you can bet you'll sec me at tryouts. M-rod, try not 
to worry so much or question your own decisions, "you will miss 100% 
of the shots you don't take." Kiz, stay focused, ease up a bit on Dubai, 
you might save the city some grief. McCracks and Herod, enjoy college 
in Kingston! Beath, Jonesy, Pelsise, Brownie, keep in touch. Class of 
'06, especially Boss, Blayne, Avi, and JJ, good luck coping without us, 
and take care. Avi, looks like having such a good advisor paid off, take 
charge. TL and DA, thanks for everything. 

To the class of '05, good luck where you're all headed. I'm finally 
going home, and even though I cannot wait to leave, I had some great 
memories here. 
Ben Munson 

James McCracken '01-'05 

Looking back, high school was definitely not how I had pictured it. I 
guess it is what you make of it though. TCS has been challenging but in 
retrospect definitely worth it. Thank you to my parents and grandparents 
for the opportunity. Thank you to all of my coaches who have taught 
me a lot. Many times it was because of you that I came to school with 
something to look forward to, whether it was prartice or competition. 
Thanks to Mr. Wright for being a good role model. To all the teachers 
who have taught me well: thank you. Special thanks as well to Wendy 
the bus driver for doing what she does. To all of the people I consider 
friends; there have been some good times. Stay in touch. Matt, Munson, 
Joude and all the rest: best of luck at University. DP, NM, CB, BG, AW, 
RM, JM, the rest of the Orchard Crew, GB, and NT; take it easy. Finally 
to all of the ladies. . .it has been a pleasure. 

Matt Herod '01-'05 

In thirty years when I read this quote, I want to remember all the good 
things about high school, and the good times that it embodies for me. 
First, I have to thank my family. Every day since I started in Grade 9 you 
guys were there to help me and support me. Thanks. Second, thanks to 
all the teachers who have made my time at TCS awesome; Ingram, PK, 
FD and all the rest. To my friends, you are all incredible. James, you will 
do well and make it in the fiiture. You're my main man. Munson, you are 
a socialist at heart, just giv'er Joude, may you always be allowed into 
this country. Drew imd Meek a van down by the river is the best place 
for you. As for the rest of you; CB, BG, DS, RM, AW, GB, seeya around, 
keep on partyin'; to the rest of O-house, TL and Cory good luck coping 
without us. To the Wright House ladies, thanks for some ftjn times. I have 
loved my time at TCS and know that I will love my time at university. 
Glad it's over Taike care all. 


Jasmin Charters '99-'05 

It took six years, but I finally made it. and freedom never looked so good. 
I wish I had more space to thank everyone individually, and recall some of 
those special and stupid moments, but I guess that's life. Nonetheless, thanks 
to Walker. Parker. Htxiges. Gregg. McCord. and Wright, you were all my 
absolute favorite teachers (and headmaster). Because of all of you. I will 
continue to study everything you have e\cr taught me in the years to come. 
My experiences at TCS have been hard, but it has paid off. and I could not be 
more grateful. To all my friends (you know who you are) I love y "all so much. 
I wish you all the best, and I hope to see you all in the future! To Beckster, 
Handywoman. and Rigby. it was such a blast and 1 will miss you all. Some 
of my best memories were with Rigby. and I '11 be sad to go. And lastly, to my 
parents w ho paid all those astronomically large bills, and to my brother and 
sister, who both endured TCS, and survived. It's been fun. Keep it cool. Good 
luck for next year. "What I'd really like to do is something extraordinary. 
Something big. Something mega. Something copious. Something capacious. 
Something cajunga! But I'll probably end up working at Great America, 
mopping up hurl and lung butter." -Wayne Campbell 

Emma Walker '99-'05 

I still can't believe that it's been six years since I first came to TCS. 
I remember feeling so excited and scared about starting new in an 
atmosphere I was so foreign to. Even now, the environment I live in every 
day surprises me. I gained a lot of friends during my stay here at TCS, 
and I will remember them forever. I learned from my teachers not just the 
lessons that they taught m their respective courses, but also about some 
of the many facts of life. On that subject, I would like to thank a few of 
my teachers for the lessons that they taught me. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. 
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Large, Mrs. Beck, Ms. Hands, Mr Walker. Mr. 
Parker, Mr. Gregg, Mrs. Christ, and of course my parents. I'll be leaving 
this campus with so many memories and friendships that have given me 
support along the way, and I am truly grateful for that. I look forward to 
the future, but will always remember the school that supported the little 
girl from Brooklyn. Thanks! 

Heather Milne '01 -'05 

I can't believe that four years is already over. There have been so many 
great memories from here. Thank you to my parents for giving me the 
opportunity to go to TCS and for pushing me to do my best. To all my 
friends-you know who you are-I had lots of good times with all the 
movie weekends and eight year old birthday parties. Thank you to all 
of my teachers v/ho pushed me to do better whether it was on essays 
or the recurring Heather you need to play louder To my housemasters, 
thanks for making Rigby so much fun. Finzilly, thank you to everyone 
that I met and crossed paths with while I was at Trinity; you helped to 
make the experience great. 

Amber Irwin '99-'05 

Six years flew by and during that time I've undergone growth & 
metamorphosis. TCS taught me the importance of balance while striving 
for excellence. I leave indebted; I'm taking a million memories, a wealth of 
knowledge & awesome friendships away with me! TCS gave me more "once 
in a lifetimes" than I ever hoped for " There are obviously two educations. One 
should teach us how to make a living and other how to live." (J.T. Adams) For 
me, TCS embodies this quotation. Thank you! Mom & Dad. you made it 
all possible with steadfest love, support & faith. Thank you. God for the 
strength to survive! To the congregation of Rigby/Ho Lounge, thanks 
for a great grad year & Timmy's trips! Thanks to my perpetual sunshine, 
Rigby House, my sunny housemasters and all you fantastic Rigby Girls. 
Keep the sun shining bright! To my teachers, mentors & advisor, you've 
all been wonderful. Thanks, Mrs. Piccini & Mr Phillips; you saw the 
potential 1 never thought I had. Thanks. Mr. Parker for six years of music 
& opportunity! To ALL the awesome Arts teachers you guys made all the 
difference! To everyone in Winds, Jazz @ 4 & Jazz Vocal, it was a privilege. 
Keep the Arts Alive & Thriving! To my friends; I LOVE YOU! Keep in 
touch; the best is yet to come. 'Vou gave me more love, hugs, laughs, "good 
clean fun" & ^biliously funny birthday parties than a girl could ask for! 


Marc-Andre Chagnon '03-'05 

TCS was. . . definitely the fastest two years of my life . . but it was truly a 
unique opportunity to leave Quebec, learn "good" English and live here. 

1 learned so much and met so many people from all over the world. 
All you really need is Coke, Chinese Noodles, a TV, a gamecubc and a 
digital camera. That's how life was going up in 307 Brent with homies 
Charles, Phii. Caspar and sometimes Bennie Man every evening. I'll 
remember all the parties with the friends. Montreal with Kizzle and Alice, 
the 130$ Statue with Bennie Man. the other nights with Meekis and the 
ladies (WC) and of course Montreal May 24 2005, the best break ever 
for many "small" reasons... Thanks to all the Basketball players for the 

2 good seasons and all the Thursday and Sunday pick up ball. 

I wish the best of luck to my sister Caroline that a lot of you (Bobby) 

expect with great anticipation next year. I wish she makes the most of 

this unique opportunity and have as much fiin as 1 did in my two years 

here. I'll miss all the Brent Boys and a lot of other people. Thanks to the 

faculty, Mr. Christ, Mr. Cameron and all the others. . . 

I give more special thanks to my Noodles business partner Yue, my 

FC family, my real family and brotha Jason Lee for being the best and 

funniest roommates. 



Phil Cordeau '03-'05 

You wake up in the morning and all you have to think about is what is 

exactly written in your planner. No cooking, no travelling, no cleaning. . . 

only one challenge, wakmg up. I came here with the intention of learning 

English, making contacts and enjoying an all mclusive hotel for two years, 

and this 1 did, although I am not quite sure about the learning English 

part. And 1 get out of here with more than expected: unforgettable 

memories... lessons... friendships... 

While at TCS, it's easy to take life for granted; that's why it can be such 

a nice place to live at. . . when you have something else to do other than 

work. It's also why it can be heart-breaking to turn the page on such 

an idyll. 

Long life to all my bros from the Sickle crew. 

Thanks to all my coaches juid teachers, you have been mentors and friends. 

Special thanks to Mr Allen, Mr. Cameron and TL. We haven't made it as 

far as we aimed at, but do we ever? Life is a challenge after all. 

Ms. Salt, Mrs Beck, it's always been a pleasure. 

M'man, P'pa, je serai toujours reconnaissant pour tout ce que vous avez 

lait pour moi, Merci. And to the FC, we know how to ride; let's just find 

a boat that's worth our while. To everybody else I haven't mentioned, 

you know who you are, you got my respects. 

Until future encounters, keep it real, smile, and give it all until you 


Much love, 


Signing off. 

Charles-Phillippe Truchon '03-05 

What is this? It's over already! The past two years 1 spent here went by 
so fast, it's ridiculous. First, I have to thank my mother since she's the 
one who made it possible for me to come here and meet all these great 
people that made my TCS experience enjoyable. Every year started well 
with good times with the football boys. Although we weren't the most 
triumphant team in the league, I had fiin and learned a lot with coaches 
Allen, Cameron and Langford. Then came the long and sad months 
of winter in Port Hope. Without the FC, the train rides with Mimi, the 
fiestas in T dot as they call it, and the Bickle boys 1 would never have 
survived. How many lonely week-ends have we spent in room 307 Brent 
with the boys this year? It's a good thing McDonald's and Mac's are there 
to remind us of "civilization" sometimes. Finally came the Spring and 
a girl named Joelle to wrap the year up beautifully. Anyway, I will miss 
you all and I just hope I'll see everyone in Montreal to party some more 
in the upcoming years because since May break you all know where the 
party's at. 
Je me souviens. 
Trooch (CLJ) 

Joelle Desjardins '03-05 

If 1 weren't being launched by TCS into the real world right now, I would 
for sure stay. I can't believe this experience is over yet, but don't worry, 
I'm ready to go. I first didn't like it much here. Coming from Quebec, 
deciding to go to TCS was to take the odd path. And it was odd indeed. 
But I grew to like the place, and it became my home, thanks to Alison, 
to Nordic skiing (Mr HoUett, Thalia, Shalini, Erin, Rachelle), to the 
memorable train rides (with Myriam and the FC). Traugott, Christo, 
Salty: thanks for your support and for laughing at me once in a while. 
Mr Gregg and Mr StooshinofT: I used to like art, now I love it, thank you. 
Mikaela, my more and less of a friend, thank you for the conversations. 
Most of all, thanks to my French Connection. Phil, Marc et Charles, 
mon cheri. I would have been totally lost without you guys. 

I've cried. I've laughed; stressed out, chilled out Though I 
have learned at my expense that I should smile more, sleep less in class, 
meditate and be more spontaneous, I will nonetheless forever be gratefiil 
for my TCS experience, and it is that feeling that will remain. Thanks to 
everyone who made this possible, especially mom and dad. 


Tamara Ugolini '03-'05 

We beat the system and good times were had by all. Never believe 

anything you hear and only half of what you sec. Information is ammo; 

Pinkies never swear; always be straight up; you have nothing without 

your word. 

awesome teachers = best grades ever 

Many (hanks to my family for shaping me and making sacrifices for my 

happiness and ultimate success. Dad, I can only hope to be as wise and 

strong as you. Erin (Mom), thank you for your unconditional love and 

treating me like nothing less than your own. Brittany, we've come a long 

way and you're an amazing young woman because of it. What doesn't 

kill you will only make you stronger. 

MGM, enough always means enough. 1 love you. Roll with the 


Big up to 'the fara.' The name says it all. 

Shout out to all of my friends, old and new; it's been an amazing 


"Stand your ground when everyone's giving in." 

Signing off, 


Max Marshall '01 -'05 

High school - what a trip. . . TCS - a road with many bumps most of which 
I hit along the way has helped me build a lot of character. I can't say this 
is an amazing place, but the people 1 have met here are truly special; my 
friends made everything worth while. My brethren were there when I was 
a bad student with a big mouth. Now my grades have improved and I am 
still outspoken. Things were rough at times but the old saying "no one is 
a failure if they have friends" was cemented in my mmd. Big ups to the 
parents MARV RJ. thanks for the support, TAY early to bed... BS/SP 
we just signed an extension. I am excited. mm,kz,mf,jb,pg,aw,bw,cs,ds,ks, 
strong bond made cannot be broken. GET HIM THE LIFE JACKET. 
My squad stays on point. TL every criminal needs a lawyer, I love you 
man. DA we had a love hate relationship but that is what it's like with 
a second father. MC you have the biggest heart of anyone; you're a role 
model. Dr. D best class ever too smart. T BABY you made it all worth it 
in the end. Love you - thanks for putting out an effort. CONCLUSION: 
hail to the chiefs! Trent, thanks for the memories, peace ya'll. 
Later days 

"We shed tears and mourn but our hands are on the ammo cause the 
battle's still on." 

Storm Pink '01-'05 

I sat down to write this thinking that I was going to just list off all the 
good times and good friends I have had and made here, but I figure I 
don't need to. I figure everything and everyone I want to remember I will, 
and if I don't I guess it really just wasn't that important. 

-Progress through the Struggle 

-oh yeah thanks, mom and dad. Your sacrifices mean the world to me 

Andrew Wilson '99-05 

It is hard to sum up 6 of the most pivotal years of my life into one 

profound statement. For better or for worse this school has made me 

who I am. I have changed and grown through these experiences. All I 

can say is learn and grow fi-om everything you do because if you don't 

it's not worth doing. 

To my family, although small, I can not thank you enough. . .you were the 

foundation that kept me going, loved and supported me through thick 

and thin. For that I will be forever grateful. 

To my fiiends, some of you were always there and some entered in and 

out of my life. Regardless, anyone who was there for any part of it, I thank 

you. I can't say that I ever knew for sure where we were going but in the 

end, like many things in life, it was the journey that mattered most. 

I won't list any specific people or events; those experiences 

worth remembering will never be forgotten and the 

people that mattered most will remember them with me. 

In this race that we call life... "I'd like to work it out so that it comes 

down to a pure guts race; if it does I'm the only man who can win it. . ." 


And so an era comes to an end. ..thanks for the experiences, lessons and 

most of all the memories. . . 

Until we meet again in some distant place or time.... farewell, it was 




Kirk Zadan '02-'05 

TCS teaches people 3 things: 

Communism. Brotherhood. Tolerance. 

Grade 12- What a year! In general a disastrous one, yet I have matured 

so much out of it all. The Wise-guys, Marcus, Storm, Ben, Max, Watts, 

WUson, Boogets, PhUly, The EC. Kizzle. Gizmo, Gentles. KABAWAT! 

This is for you, buddy! 

Good Luck next year guys: Sulli, bobby, Stef, all past teammates, Koreans 

and da heung gong peng you. Teachers: Drew-dog, my other father. Mr. 

Watt my mentor. T.L., Stevens, Cameron, Keiser, Keyes, Hay and Hayter, 

coaches to remember Senor Thornton, Broughy, Ms. Robert, Mrs. Jakic, 

Mrs. O'Reagan, thanks for putting up with me. To the ladies that I will 

always hold close to my heart: Rachael, Alex, Justine, Daisy, Stoneman, 

Juul, Hawkins, Kelsey. 

It has been too shon, 1 still feel like I am just getting to know everyone. 

I wouldn't be complete without you guys. Keep in touch everyone. 


I will always remember late nights with the guys, how weird it will be 

with them no more. Enjoy your youth while it lasts; you only live once. 

Next thing you know you will be writing a grad quote. It goes so fast. 

I still feel 16. 

Luke: I am sorry if I haven't been the best brother. I do love you and want 

the best for you. 

"Live free and glorious" 

"People don't care how 

much you know until 

they know how much you| 


Thanks Mom and Dad, I 

love you both very much, j 

Marcus Mitchell '03-'05 

It's hard to know what to thmk or feel at the end of things. The last two 
years have come and gone and 1 don't know what to make of everything, 
but I know I'm happy for my time here. I know that if I miss this place it 
will be for the people I've met. 1 just want to shout out to my boys, KZ, 
MGM, Sform, Smooth Will, and Ben Watts, you guys are all legends 
and it's been a good run. You're like brothers to me; good luck wherever 
you end up, and if you're still around let's keep it going. To all the other 
people I got to know and took the time to get to know me, thanks. I'm 
glad I met you. Sully, Steff and Bobby, keep it real and keep running 
things. Thanks to all my coaches and teachers; I've learned a lot. Respea 
Mr. Allen and Hayter for putting up with me. Lastly thanks to my mother, 
father and sisters, you mean the world to me. 

-All begiiuiings have ends and all ends are bcgiimings. No regrets and no 
worries, and until our paths cross again, take care of yourself 

Sebastian Frye '03-05 

All this was made possible by my parents, so my utter gratitude and 
appreciation is direaed to them. The people 1 have met and the experiences 
I have had these past two years can not be concentrated into a mere space 
of 250 words, but I'll try my best. Firstly, to my teachers, Mr. Gregg, Mr. 
StooshinofT, and Mr. Grandfield, who were not only understanding but also 
incredibly inspiring. To my brothers in Bethune, who I have come to love, 
and would, if need be, shelter from the storms of life: Ben Shineff, Brendon 
Watts. Stuart Casgrain, Sascha Muehlich, Furber, Tames, Diamonds, and 
even Peon. To the fallen soldiers, whose eyes didn't have a chance to see 
over the trenches: Jan Camus and Ryan Bethel. To the next generation 
that'll watch over the dog-house: Devin, Murray. Wes, Derrick, Mooney, 
Hatch, and Robinson. And my absolute faith and congratulations go to 
Stu and Hyun. To the graduating class of 05 , good luck. And last, but most 
certainly not least, to the women of TCS: Justine. Katie. Daisy, Erin. Juul, 
Rachael, Mikaela, Kelsey, and Tamara. To everyone I've met. at least twice, 
you all know where you sit in my memories, and you can rest assured that 
you will stay there until this machine breaks down. I hope to see some of 
you in the future, and to the rest of you, live your lives to the fullest and be 
satisfied with whatever you do. Goodbye for now. Sebastian Frye. 

Brendon Watts '99-05 

I will never forget the time tliat I have spent at TCS. From the day 1 arrived 
this school has been like a second home to me. The friends that I have made 
in my time here were incredible and 1 am sure we will stay in contact. ABP 
and the Bethune crew. Sabby. Fubar, Peon, Sascha we may have had too much 
fun. Wilson, Shirreff, Pink, Marshcill, you guys have been with me since the 
beginning and you are all true friends. The HK connection. Kirk and Marcus, 
you guys are my boys. The sports at the School have been awesome. The 
Football. Hockey, and Rugby were crazy and we may not have won it all 
but I would not give up those memories for anything. 1 really need to thank 
my family for everything. They gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by 
allowing me to come here and 1 will forever be gratefiil. Mom. Dad. Mike, 
and Cfiristina, you guys were also my # I fans and I can not thank you enough 
for that. Christina, you have been at my side for much of my time here and 
have been amazing. I also want to thank all of my teachers during my time, 
what I have learned here will always be with me. TCS has moulded me into 
the person that I am today, and there are no words to describe how satisfying 
my years here have been. 

Ben Shirreff '01-05 

Only way to sum up TCS; One step forward, two steps backwards. To say that 
I am sad to leave would be a lie. However, to say that I won't miss it would 
also be a lie. 1 have gotten to know many great people, and some not so great 
people. Firstly, 1 want to thank my Family; my parents Jean and Duncan and 
sisters Caitey and Erin who put up with me for the last four years. I want 
to thank Mr. Keiser for believing in me and trying to steer me away from 
trouble. Max and Storm four years down, and four to go Waterloo doesn't 
know what they got themselves into. Watts, you're my boy - the last two 
years have been awesome. Thanks to my Chinese brothers, Marcus and Kirk. 
Mitch, you brought some black into my life, good luck next year with what 
ever you end up doing. My boys in Bethune Sabby. Furber, Tames, Peon and 
Siischa, we made living in prison fun. And finally, Rach, I never could have 
got through the last 4 years without you. So TCS I'm out. I will leave you 
with one last word of advice: always take a left. 


Shalini Aggarwal '01 -'05 

Here I go: First, ihi- (hank you lo my mom and dad who packed up their lives 
to start new ones for mc and my brother, I love you more than I can say. You 
have made my life truly memorable in every sense - Nik, I know you will thrive 
here, I love you so much. To every one of my fomily and friends who believed 
in me. thank you thank you thank you. 

...the infamous FTP {plus Fongl- Yes, you guys helped make my life what it 
is. From late night drive ins (turn off that light!) to random tours of the School 
(yes fourth floor old classroom block!) 1 wouldn't have the memories if not for 
what we are: the greatest of friends. Each of us. so different, yet soulfully alike, 
I love you all. Where would I be if I hadn't taken the turns, the ups and downs, 
without any of you? You gotta love the. . . *pod days, icy walks to McD's, tennis 
court tans, crazy parties (ah uuhhh!). late nights in timmies with nothing to do, 
lawn gnomes!, skiing and coaches, break forts, and so much more*. 
Everyone single person who has touched my days at TCS one way or another, 
you know who you are. I leave TCS, defined as the person I am, the person 
I will always be. 
"To live tvill be an awfUlfy big adventure" 


Joele Lang '01 -'05 

Four short years ago, 1 was sad to be here. Now - sad to leave. Thanks mora, 
first of all, for forcing me to come here. ..and of course, for everything else! I 
don't think 1 could EVER show how thankful I really am! Also, PTP, thanks 
for being the best friends ever Thanks for all the good times - you guys mean 
everything to me. Becca; Hoses in Collingwood...ril never forget. Brenna: I 
always knew we'd be good friends. . .thanks for the diss in civics!, Erin: Rooftop 
filming... scary stufP, Fong: I hope you never get your license - the lessons 
were fun, Meag: My best friend ever... thanks, I'll miss the Vaseline and Holy 
Lamb, and Shal: so predictable, yet so unreliable, just stay away from the French 
accents! To everyone else, thanks so much for making it what it was for me. 
It's been the best four years of my life, and I'll miss you all. 

Erin Hayter '01-05 

1 can't believe it is over - so many people to thank. Four years here I really 
have experienced major highs and lows. My memories will be with me always 
- dressing up for Halloween, drive-in movies, parties, tanning behind the tennis 
courts, Wigamog weekend, Montreal ... too many to mention! - Thank you to 
Meag, Bees, Jo, Shal and Bren- my best friends, you really saved mc. I had so 
much fiin, and it all flew by so fast. Thanks to my coaches - 1 wish 1 could ski 
on grass in Australia! TCS has really shown me what I can achieve, and I have 
learnt so much over my four years here. Thank you to everyone who made a 
difference. Good luck to everyone in life - 1 will miss you all! 

Meaghan Wilcox '01 -'05 

I came to TCS nervous and excited for a new beginning. Four years later, 1 leave 
the School on the Hill with knowledge, friendships and endless memories. It's 
been a good ride. From waitresses to pylons, slushies to gnomes, ghostbusters 
to sunglasses, park parties and block parties, lounge forts and cottages, 
CoUingwood, Montrejil and a trip around Lake Ontario, there's no way to sum 
up my highschool memories. Fong: Thanks for the endless wardrobe. Shal: Try 
not to get too emotional and remember, "even if you are, pretend you aren't!" 
Erin: I'll never be able to pronounce "puhhhhpie", I'm not sure whether that's 
a good or bad thing. Brenna: Operation Treasure Chest was almost successfiil. 
Becca: Long live the Osh Kosh glasses. Joele: Twelve years together and I don't 
know where to begin. I'm sorry about the sun. Thanks for always being there 
and putting up with me. Greg: You've opened my eyes to the world. Thanks for 
making this past year amazing. 1 will always love you. Mam and Dad: Thank you 
so much for this great opportunity; every moment was worth it. Cait: Thiinks 
for the chats, but sometimes, I just don't want to know. Jon: Have fun while it 
lasts, you'll be great. Thjmks to the rest of the crew too. To all of you, thanks 
for sharing a laugh, a smile, a shoulder and a cookie or two. 


Brenna Swift '01-'05 

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." TCS has been... 
fTiends'memories'experiences*waterfights"voUeyball"gnomes(and wild animals)- 
basketball* parties* cottages*collingwood*signs*ph factories* community* skunk 
•banfr*nicknames*middlc of the rie!d*lounge*sccrcl spots*mudpils*frisbec*snow- 
boarding*laughs*drive-in*montreal*adventures*lake Ontario once around*cheers*the 
calIing*"firedriUs" . ..but as much as 1 will miss the good times, after four years 1 think 1 
am ready for what's ne.\t. Mom and Dad, thank you for all the opportunities and your 
continuous love and support. Rachel, thanks for leading the way and being someone 
1 can look up to. Shannon, thanks for always being there for me to talk to. Hailey, I 
admire your craziness, keep being you. I'm so happy that 1 got to experience TCS 
with all of you. FTP, it'll be just like always when we're home, thanks for the good 
times. P-05, you're all my friends, first and always. . we all made it. Tem, the wall was 
busted out a few times this year, but even being miles away didn't matter. . .the phone 
bills. Bees, BFF, it's been an amazing four years with many more to come, thanks 
for hitting me with reality when 1 needed it. Finally thanks to my coaches, teachers, 
and friends who shared the good times and taught me something for the road. It's 
hard to say goodbye, but I look forward to our paths crossing again. 

Becca Rowen '01 -'05 

"It is only time and face that you lose " 

While I am not the perfect child, you have given me the perfect environment to 
learn about the world and experience life. I am so thankfijl. Mom and Dad, that 
you chose this place for me. You have helped me find the path that 1 want to 
take in life to be the person I want to be. We will always be The Happy Family. 
David,you'll do great things here! Bennie Boo boo, you are the best part of my 
TCS experience, your personality is amazing and I am lucky to have connected 
with you so deeply. Brenna - BFF, through thick and thin and explosions! Our 
ever chang ing friendship will last forever. Tips/Kels, thanks for the laughs, talks 
and the ice cap addition. PTP We will always stay close - drive-ins and pylon 
stealing! K-town dawgs - Watch out for the creeper in the Pontiac and figure out 
why we are so funny! Traugs, BigE, Hedstcrs, KMO, Tem, Foamymouthfaketooth, 
Crazyeyefatso, whitechick - Thanks and stay fresh! The Wong's, Kho's/Hauw's 
and the Kelly's, thanks for always cheering me on. 

Leaving this place of comfort and security will be hard but I am so excited. My 
time here has been amazing and while it was short, I will always remember all of 
the extraordinary people at Trinity, Thanks. "Good times had by all."- Becca 

tJ"^ 4VL^ oAc3H, 

'';0fA+" i) (xcL 



'You'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care and 
great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act." 

- Dr.Seuss 



Roval MUitarv CoUege 


Iman El-Khashab 

Scon Watson 

Drew Payette 

Cathenne Brown 

Karen Frackowiak 

Soo Bin Lee 

Nick Meek 

Ma-ssachnsetts College of Pharmacv 


Michelle Mitchell 

John Bird 

Dave Kim 

Andrew Oatway 

American Musical and Dramatic 

Shasha Nakhai 


Mount AUison 


Emma Walker 

Jasmin Charters 

St. Francis Xavier 

Daniel Branch 

Andrew Wilson 

Michelle Churchman 

Babson College 

New York University 

Graham Jones 

Mario Rodriguez 

Justine Frostad 


Spencer Jones 

Chris Cook 

Hoon Kyo Lee 



Spencer Shevlen 

William Leung 

Robyn Brophy 

J.D. Brown 

Lesley McLelland 

Carly Ogaki 

Steven Campbell 

University of British Columbia 

Daisy Miers 

Carolyn Tropea 

Phil Cordeau 

Ben Glassco 

Marcus Mitchell 

Ray Ward 
Brendon Watts 

Joelle Desjardins 
Gillian Gondosch 

Meredith Hambrock 
Erica Hsu 

Karen Palmer 
Stephanie Rattan 

Kirk Zadan 

Erin Hawkins 

Mike LaPointe 

Amber Irwin 

Becca Rowen 

WUfred Laurier 


Phil Grove 

Anthony Kelamis 
Janet Lee 

University of Central Florida 

Thalia Bock 
Joele Lang 

Camegie Mellon 

Hae Rang Kim 

Jenny Lee 
Charles Truchon 

Ben Munson 

Max Marshall 
Storm Pink 

University of Chicago 

Ben ShirrefF 



Kevin Chan 

Eric Pelsise-Reggers 

Amy Chan 
Rebecca Gregory 

University of Durham 


Shannon Dejong 

Cnrtin Univesritv-Australia 

Anjana Kashyap 

Katie Stoneman 

Erin Hayter 

Natasha Milligan 


Charlotte Parris 

University of Exeter 

Phil C^enesis 

Duifaam CoUeee 

Brian Poon 

Liesl Richter 

Sascha Muehlich 

Eric Kemp 

Clarissa Wong 

Umversity of Michigan 


Emorv University 

Nova Scotia CoUeee of Art and 

Rotmy Ko 

Canada World Youth 

Jason Lee 


April Lee 

Casey Batmennan (1 hen Bishop's) 

Sabby Frye 

Dan Siksay 

George Brown College 

University of Ontario Institute of 

Alex Furijer 

Ontario CoUege of Art and Design 


Professional Cricket - England 

Tamara Ugolini 

Mitch Fookwe 

Alex George-John 

Goldsmith's College 

Lily Chan 

Parson's School of Design 

University of Pennsylvania 

Volunteering in Africa/ 

Desmond Cheung 

Joude Badra 

South America 


Oliver Gale (Then Bristol) 

Cam Beath 


University of Southern California 

Lesley Fong 
Arma Kessaram 

Shalini Aggarwal 
l^ura Bolton 

Rachael Buchwald 

Year Off 
Jesse Kavander 

Kruti Pandit 

Marc-Andre Chagnon 

UniveristvofSt. GaUen 

Brooke Stewart 

Sabrina Termer 

Andrew Dickson 

John Becker 

Min Kim (Then Western) 


Kelsey Wilcox 

Ashley Grand 
Matt Herod 
James McCracken 

University of Tampa 

Jaime Gentles 


Heather Milne 

Cristobal Gomez 

Eve Musolino 
Christie Plathe 

Dan Moulton 
Brett Murray 

University of Toronto 

Joey Robertson 
Caspar Yue 

Adam Petty 
Simon Reis 

Caroline Cole 
Mikaela Kursell 

Katelyn Ritchie 

Natalie Wong 

Lanrentian / A 1 gnma 

George Stirrett-Wood 

Tony Yu 

Sara Gallagher 

Brenna Swift 

Meaghan Wilcox 

University of Victoria 

John Tames 


Aneus Luke Crawford 

October 3, 1983 - October 4, 2004 

Angus Crawford first came to TCS in the spring of 1999 as an exchange 
student from Pembroke School in Adelaide, Australia. He returned home with 
a passion for rugby and Canada. His older brother Daniel did a GAP term 
at TCS in 2000 and his sister Madeleine came on exchange in 2001. Angus 
returned to TCS as a GAP student in 2002. 

Back in Australia Angus began engineering studies at the University of South 
Australia . While returning from a camping trip to celebrate his 2 P' birthday, the 
vehicle he was travelling in rolled off the road and he died of his injuries. 

Malcolm Lamb, his Principal at Pembroke School wrote: "How did Angus 
typify what we would like for the next generation? He loved his family. He 
cared about people and, as a result, he had legions of intensely loyal friends 
and he mixed easily with people across all generations. He was not afraid of 
hard work. He laughed and he left a room ftill of people in a better shape than 
he found it when he entered. He was curious, courageous and adventurous 
and, above all, loved a challenge. He inspired people. He cared for the world 
around him and loved the bush and its people and the envirormient in which 
they lived." 

Angus will be remembered by the TCS conununity for his warmth, enthusiasm 
and friendship, his dazzling smile and his readiness to help. 

Mike Stevens 

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Mr. Mike Stevens that was published 

in the Faculty Newsletter of June 2005. 

What do you love most about TCS? 

During my career I have enjoyed interacting with young people in the classroom, on the 

sports fields, and also just chatting informally with them in the residence when on duty. 

I couldn't have asked for a better place to do this than at TCS as the students we have are 

such a diverse and interesting group from many different cultural backgrounds. Oh, 1 

nearly forgot - I love the great food we get here too! 

TCS has some great traditions. What do you see as non-negotiable, that should never be changed? 

The competition for the Langmuir Cup between the Houses - it promotes healthy 

competition in both the Arts and Athletics and develops strong ties, loyalties and a sense 

of belonging to the House. 1 feel this is especially important for a boarding student hving 

away from home. 

Tell us about the day you forgot your Calculus class. 

Which one? There were a few in my years at the School! If you mean the last one, well, 

it was an honest mistake. I had just finished helping a student in Calc, left my books and 

computer and went back to my office to do some work with the fuU intention of returning 

for last period Calculus, when my phone rang. It was a friend from CampbeUford wanting 

a rugby ref. at the last minute as he had been let down. I looked at my watch and said 

"yes" and I worked out that if I drove right away I would get there on time - after all I 

had nothing better to do except some marking (and that didn't rate with rugby) and 1 had 

just finished my Calc. class after helping the student. Only trouble, it was really Maths 

AA that I had just finished, so 1 left the school and the rest is History! 

WImt do you plan to do in your retirement? 

Lie in bed and read the newspaper from back to front, spend a lot more time with my 

grandchildren, travel (especially in the winter), do 
much more bicycle riding, play more badminton 
and tennis and take up golf, spend more time in 
my garden, continue with my rugby and soccer 
refereeing, join the Toronto Male Voice Choir 
(which I always wanted to do but couldn't manage 
the time commitment) and hopefully do some 
volunteering teaching in a third world country to 
give back to the profession that has been so good to 
me. That should keep me busy for a while. 
Good luck in your retirement. We are certainly going to 
miss you. 

1 + 1 

Senior Poetry Winner: 

"The Hermit Woman" 

By Katelyn Ritchie 

I've seen beneath those milky eyes, the bags formed from lost sleep. 
Her dry, thin Ups and tea-scarred tongue are never seen in speech. 

Barefoot on the crinkled sand, other footsteps never seen. 
Alone is the wretched recluse amid the ocean's murky green. 

Her arid hair in knotted braids frame her wrinkled face. 

With her callused hands and feet she moves with damaged grace. 

Clothed in gauzy tatters under a scornftil moon, 

Craving nothing but her soUtude, and a sombre song to croon. 

Those eerie haunting notes, the only sounds one can hear, 
On that banished, untouched beach far away from here. 

Beneath the sinking sun, she is enslaved by her shame. 
She knows for her actions she has no one else to blame. 

She wanders on the naked coast stiU filled with disbehef. 
That her hands took the air from her child in his tender sleep. 

Junior Poetry Winner: 


By Julia Fishlock 

I look into a cloud filled sky 

a tear falling from a sad goodbye 

is this it? 

the final draft? 

the finish line? 

Can we go on 
in a world like this 
fighting for freedom 
wishing for a wish? 

This world is stricken, 
poverty ridden, 
hate filled 
that makes me sicken 

Can we go on 
in a world like this 
the rich living the life 
the poor biting the knife 

This world is not levelled 

life is dishevelled 

I feel... 

like the world needs to improve 

Can you look into your world 

see what you take for granted 

can you open your eyes that are 


look past the superficial world 

into the eyes of 




This is it, it is not her or him 
we are one 

do not ignore your injured side 
look to the light, undo the done 
start fixing. . . 



Senior Prose Winner: 

"EvU Things Lurk in thie Amazon" 

By Mike Lapointe 
than the sword. I heard once that you weren't from around here and I was wondering if you'd like me to show you 
the photos. I can make you stop biting your nails I swear. This is a really difficult period please do not disturb the 
bees. I am now ten feet past where my work ended. Where my luck ended. So long. Thanks for radiation and 
flatlining. lapologisefor all of the buttons I left behind. They have no shirts to be attached to. The smell of coffee 
fills the air. Silhouettes fight each other with moonlight floodhght artificial hght beaming in the background like 
tea saucers. Attached to string. You're addicted to it I can tell I can teU I. This isn't standard stationery. I guess I 
forgot how much I disliked it. Except the thing all of my friends have lost. What a shame. What a shame. That's 
ok. My house is ftiU of mosquitoes MY HOUSE IS BETTER THAN YOUR HOUSE MY HOUSE WILL BE 
PAINTED YELLOW! I've never seen anything like it. The first day of the month is always the shortest says the 
scientist says the businessman says the astrologist. This would be a nice place for you to raise your family. My taste 
is perfect I hate everything. I have plagiarised. I have brutaUsed. I have apologised. Dubious consideration and 
LNSENCERE PHILOSOPHY. I travelled to the top of the tallest mountain but there was nothing for me there I 
travelled to the depths of the sea but I ended up on land again. This is the part when you chuckle oblivious to the 
fact that I'm mouthing the words "I love you" into the telephone. Alcohol will be replaced by liquid oxygen will 
be replaced by concrete and teeth. God what a day I woke up guUty and ended up self-righteous. White smoke 
rising like sock puppets from blovra out candles it smells like chocolate. I encountered many like it on my travels to 
Arabia. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST! I was interrogated as to my whereabouts I told them that I was ice fishing 
and that seemed to be sufficiently unbehevable to get them to disappear. My alarm is like crimson matchsticks 
piling up into shapes determined for me. The department of health and human services runs the mihtary and the 
miUtary runs the world's supply of freshwater carp and lampshades. Is it so scary to come and visit me nowadays? 
Menacing trees with balls of ice hanging like kerosene lamps from every limb. It looks like a prison it looks like 
butter. Socially inept. Insular. The smoke traces my breath like chaUc around a cadaver. You have twenty minutes 
to finish your lobster and then I'U be apathetic towards your whining you TWIT. You're somebody I knew when I 
was younger, aren't you? That's queer because I remember hating you and I remember you hating me please leave 
me alone now ok. There are insects in my walls they sing songs of seafaring adventures and treasure chests with 
hatpins and keychains but no keys and no locks and no door. Puzzling. The streetlight fills the road as I sail down 
it in my automobile I have no hands on the wheel I do not know who is driving I do not know who I am or where 
I am or what I was. What. This has been cooked to perfection. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Evil things lurk in the 
Amazon River. Happy consumption. Happy slaughter. The poor aboriginals I wish I had a time machine I would 
apologise in person I swear I would I would I would. O, My Lord, such insolence. INCOMPETENCE. I need a 
crate. It's in vogue. I am a much more desirable human that you. I have scrubbed my teeth (or my mom has done 
it for me, no matter). This is the story of a boy and a girl and a whole lot of misunderstandings and quick dialogue 
in the kitchen we will put it on TEE VEE. This tablecloth is much too nice to have hot plates put upon it. Is that a 
spotUght I see no no. The index is on right now. She is there. She is. At the top of some hill underneath some valley 
atop the clouds. This is what I'll say I'll do this what I'U do I've drawn charts and graphs and comic books. This 
avenue has nice trees. I am appreciative of your efforts. This instrument is put on red background. I have lived in 
Los Angeles and Bombay but then again I Uve everywhere I go. I AM SO SORRY. This has been turbulent, I know. 
Someone with aspirations and invention and creativity. This is the sorriest sack of longings and misgivings and 
irritating concerns for well-beings that I've ever never maybe seen. It's truly revolting. I AM THE WORLD TRADE 
CENTER. Call mom once a week. You are not special. I need more rotations. Exactiy like the Beaties. The only 
way we can live together is to Uve in mutual ignorance without definable direction. The devil is a sports car. Take 
I can't express it with any Dignity at the moment. Stop smiling at me. If you wiU learn to pronounce my name I 
wiU learn to be the best thing since sUced bread invented the wheel and started a fire. The corkscrew attacked me 
but thankfuUy opened a bottie of wine. This is the 


Good Afternoon. We assemble here today to pay tribute to the Graduating Class of 2005 and it is my pleasure 
to welcome Members of the Board of Governors and Chairman, Mr. Tim Kennish, Members of Faculty, Staff, 
Students, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

It gives me infinite pleasure to welcome you to this, our 140"^ Speech Day, to honour the Graduating Class, say 
farewell to colleagues, acknowledge significant milestones of several faculty and staff members, and to recognize 
particular student achievement in most every aspect of life at TCS. Despite this rather robust "to do" list, you 
will be reUeved to hear that my decided intention is to side with brevity rather than length. 

Prior to the awarding of prizes, I will take this opportunity to speak to our Graduating Class of 2005. 

Graduates. Today is a milestone in your lives. Wendell Holmes said, 

"The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving." 

I am confident that you know where you stand. You have chosen your direction. And, today is moving day! 

T.C.S. has provided you with a solid educational foundation on which to build your lives, each one of you 
different from the others with a diversity of pursuits, interests and careers. It is my hope that, armed w^th 
the experience and knowledge you have gained at TCS and from your parents, you will lead useful lives of 

If it is true that a positive work environment is conducive to creativity and learning, then you have indeed been 
fortunate to have had the privilege of learning in such a splendid natural amphitheatre of grounds and buildings 
with such a long and rich history. 

This collection of buildings that constitute our Campus will leave an impression on you that will last a life time. 
In particular, The Memorial Chapel, which only a short while ago you left after your final service at TCS, is, I 
believe, at our very core, reflecting our long tradition and affording daily communion with one another and with 
our spiritual and emotional well being. It is a place of joy, of song and celebration, remembrance and prayer, 
giving credibility to the quotation of Sir Winston Churchill: 

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." 

You might not have wanted to attend chapel every morning at 8: 15 a.m., but I assure you: you will miss it. 

Furthermore, as you know, we affectionately refer to TCS as the "School on the Hill". This historic reference is 
based upon our commanding southerly view over Lake Ontario. The late architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, said, 

"No house should ever be on any hill... it should be of the hill." 

It could be said that these building and the manner in which they are situated are a contradiction of his 
philosophy, but few could question that this facility is anything other than "of" the hill and has been living 
happily on the high ground since the School moved here 137 years ago. It is, after all, to this "high ground" that 
we aspire in every aspect of life and education at TCS. 


Speech Day Address 

In reviewing previous addresses by my ten predecessors I encountered a recurring final message. In my 
mind, this is best captured by Angus Scott, the 9"' Headmaster of TCS, in his first address in 1962, when he 
emphasized the importance of faith, a basic doctrine of love, and a duty to help and to serve others as the 
ingredients for a happy and rewarding life. 

Class of 2005, my message is mercifully brief and resoundingly similar. While it is easy to talk as one who 
occupies the moral high ground, a genuinely successful life is earned by those who do more than talk: "they 
walk the walk." 

May your walk take you along the high road. May you strive to Uve a life that includes a duty to serve others, 
recognizes the importance of faith, and is filled with love. 

May the high ground of TCS continue to be more than a happy memory; instead may it be a source of 
inspiration for the rest of your lives. 

I extend my congratulations and best wishes in all things that you pursue in life, and as I stand before you 
suitably clad in my Kennedy tartan may I add. . . 

"Dinny bide awa an be shair tae cum back an see us!" 

Translation: Don't stay away and be sure to come back and see us! 

Thank you, and God bless you all. 


Speech Day Awards 

Prizes fQF Academic Excellence 

Subject Prizes in the Third Year 

Foundation Year 

The Astronomy Prize 

Natasha Chan Carl Chauvin 

Jenna Dickson 

Blayne Kettlewell 

Sarah Essak Julia Fishlock 

Joel Eraser 

The Ingles Prize in Classics 

Devon Howard Steph Kelley 

Kristen Fallen 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

Ross Strike Dayna Taylor 

Thanh Vu 

The Outdoor Education Prize 

David West 

Scott Bosy 

Year Two 

The HPE Leadership Course Prize 

Bailey Ainsworth Jessie Ashbourne 

Kristina Balaam 

Genna Reid 

Jay Baxter Jaime Chan 

Alison Holmes 

Thomas Large Claudia Sanchez 
Anna Frackowiak 

Cliff Whetung 

Fine Arts Awards 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating 

F.A. Bethnne Scholarships 

Alii Maclsaac 

Foundation Year Jenna Dickson 

The Speaker's Gavels-given by Mrs. J. Irving Lawson 

Year Two Claudia Sanchez 

Alexandra Landegger 

Year Three Brie McKenzie 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Prizes for Writing 

Prose Michael LaPointe 

Trinity Prizes 

Poetry Katelyn Ritchie 

Foundation Year Jenna Dickson 

Junior Julia Fishlock 

Year Two Claudia Sanchez 

The Headmaster's Art Purchase Award 

Sebastian Frye 

Academic Distinction in the Third Year 

Class of '89 Award 

Julia Bakker Scott Bosy 

AUi Conyers 

Jason Lee 

Malcolm Cecil-CockweU Amanda Fung 

Friya Gupta 

The Tony Prower Choral Award 

David Hatch Neil Issar 

Clara Jin 

Meredith Hambrock 

Alexandra Landegger Brie McKenzie 

David Richards 

Greg Young Andrew Woodward 

The Music Director's Award (The Jesse and loses Jones Award) 

Amber Irwin 

The Stevenson Award for the Best Actor 

Subject Prizes in the Third Year 

Alex Furber 

The Marion Garland Prize for English 

The Butterfield Trophy and Prize for Outstanding Contribution 

Karen Baxter 

to Dramatics 

The Gareth Jones Prize for Mathematics 

Emma Walker 

Brie McKenzie 

The 1970 Trophy for Special Contribution to the Arts 

The Philip Bishop Prize for French Immersion 

Justine Frostad 

Thomas Davis 

The Philip Bishop Prize for Core French 

The Centennial Prizes for Effort and Progress 

Neil Issar 

Cam Beath Alex Chnstie Alana Gulka 

The Spanish Prize 

Brian Poon Sophia Rashid Jessica Tutton 

Neil Issar 

Kayla Vermeulen Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

The Music Prize 

Duncan Kwan 

The Drama Prize 

Service Awards 

Chloe van Keeken 

The Armour Memorial Prize for the Editor of The Record 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

Meaghan Wilcox 

Sarah Ammons 

The E. Boyd Heaven Library Award j 

Clarissa Wong 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

Jamie Chan 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize 

The History Prize 

Dan Moulton 

Bne McKenzie 

Pat Moss Society Award 

The Armour Memorial Prize for Computer Engineering 

Michelle Churchman 

Andrew Dickson 

The CUnton Sayers '80 Commimity Service Award 

The Physics Prize 

Heather Milne 

Neil Issar 

The Chemistry Prize 

Gregory Young 

The Biology Prize 

Neil Issar 


Athletic Awards 

The Patterson Trophy for the Outstanding Athletes in FY 

Kristen Fallen Robert Frame 

The F. G. Osier Cup for the Outstanding Athletes in Y2 

Caitlin Conyers Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

The R.C.N. Wright Trophy for the Outstanding Athletes in Y3 

Laura Biggar Alii Conyers Xiao Yue 

The de Pencier Cup for Effort, Spirit, and Achievement in 


Justine Frostad Phil Cordeau Jason Lee 

The Ingles Trophy for Keenness in Athletics 

Erin Hayter Anthony Kelamis 

Dan Moulton Becca Rowen 

The Jack Maynard Memorial Trophy for Leadership in Athletics 

Adam Petty Brenna Swift 

The Brian "Toby" Kent Memorial Award 

James McCracken Brenna Swift 

The Grand Challenge Trophy 

Adam Petty Kelsey Wilcox 

Academic Distmction in the Fomth Year 

Catherine Brown Kevin Chan Jasmin Charters 

Joelle Desjardins Oliver Gale Amber Irwin 

Jenny Lee Ben Munson Simon Reis 

Mario Rodriguez Charles-PhiUppe Truchon Fehler 

Subject Prizes in the Fourth Year 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English 

Alii Maclsaac 

The Hugh Stevenson French Prize 

Sarah Findlay 

The Charles Tottenham French Prize 

Oliver Gale 

The Spanish Prize 

Alexandra Landegger 

The J. D. Ketchnm Music Prize 

Janet Lee 

The A. M. Campbell Economics Prize 

Avinash Trivedi 

The Wally Hobbs Prize for Law 

Chris Selby 

The Jack White Politics Prize 

Mario Rodriguez 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

Min Kim Sabrina Temier 

The Drama Prize 

Justine Frostad 

The Founder's Prize for Physics 

Ronny Ko 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for Chemistry 

Catherine Brown 

The Don McCord Prize in Classics 

Andrew Woodward 

The Classical Civilization Prize 

Amber Irwin 

The Philosophy Prize 

Catherine Brown 

Ben Munson 
Brienne McKenzie 

Subject Prizes in the Foorth Year 

The Biology Prize 

Bnenne McKenzie 

The Earth and Space Science Prize 

Alexandra Landegger 

The Exercise Science Prize 

Philippe Cordeau 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

Human Patterns 

World Issues 

The John T. Band History Prize 

Allison Conyers 

The Rigby Social Science Prize 

Mario Rodriguez 

The Port Hope and District Health Care Foundation Scholarship 

Catherine Brown 

Prizes for Outstanding Contribntion to School Life 

The Hamilton Bronze Medal (Foundation Year) 

Kristen Fallen Dayna Taylor 

The 1945 Challenge Trophy (Year 2) 

Kristina Balaam 

The Langmnir Challenge Trophy (Year 3) 

Scott Bosy 

The 2005 Cup (Year 4) 

Karen Frackowiak 

Major Awards 

The Headmaster's Award for Shared Leadership 

Peter Gillespie Clara Jin 

Duncan Kwan Brienne McKenzie 

The Ann and Bill Deluce Prize 

Stephanie Rattan 

The Trinidad-Tobago Spirit of the Caribbean Cup 

Joey Robertson Sabrina Ternier Ray Ward 

The Andrew Westiake Memorial Scholarship 

George Stirrert-Wood 

The Angus and Loma Scott Awards 

Meredith Hambrock Janet Lee Mario Rodriguez 

Brooke Stewart Clarissa Wong 

The Merv Anthony Award 

Brooke Stewart 

The Governors' Medal for English 

Michael LaFointe Simon Reis 

The JnbUee Exhibition Award for Mathematics 

Ronny Ko 

The Bermuda Cup for Scholarship 

Ohver Gale 

The Governor-General's Medal and The Chancellor's Prize for 


Charles-Philippe Truchon Fehler 

The Rodger Wright Medal 

Michelle Churchman 

The Jim McMuUen Memorial Trophy 

Justine Frostad 

The Bronze Medal 

Brenna Swift Anthony Kelamis 


Speech Day Awards 

The Peer ConnseUors' Gifts 

Student Leadership Gifts 

Casey Bannerman 

John Becker 

The Heads and Assistant Heads of House 

Thalia Bock 

Steven Campbell 


Ben ShirrctT 

Cam Beath 

Alex Furber 

Alex George-John 


Marcus Mitchell 

Caspar Yue 

Cristobal Gomez 

Gillian Gondosch 


Mitch Fookwe 

Marc-Andre Chagnon 

Matt Herod 

Anna Kessaram 


Michelle Churchman 

Lesley McLelland 

Blayne Kettlewell 

Rachelle Krause 


John Bird 

Brett Murray 

Joele Lang 

Janet Lee 


Rachael Buchwald 

Meredith Hambrock 

Soo Bin Lee 

Valerie MacBain 


James McCracken 

Nick Meek 

Jamie McGregor 

Karen Palmer 


Brooke Stewart 

Jasmin Charters 

Eric Pelsise-Reggers 

Christine Plathe 


Michelle Mitchell 

Robyn Brophy 

Simon Reis 

Liesl Richter 


Meaghan Wilcox 

Shalini Aggarwal 

Joey Robertson 

Spencer Shevlen 

The Prefects Gifts' 

Scott Watson 

Karen Frackowiak Justine Frostad 

Ben Glassco 

Dan Moulton 

Becca Rowen 

Kelsey Wilcox 

The Langtrrair Cnp 

Head Boy 

Anthony Kelamis 

Ketchum House 

Head Girl 

Brenna Swift 








TEL. (905)885-4551 
FAX. (905)885 7551 

A. RONALD GOOD, B. Comm., LL.B. 

Barrister & Solicitor 

1 1 Mill Street North. P.O. Box 208 
PORT HOPE. Ontario 


Teleplwne: (905) 885-2428 Fax: (905) 885-6060 

email: gtxxjlaw^eagle.ca 


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Newcastle, Ontario LIB IMi 

I'hone: 905-987-1445 

Fax: 905-987-38i8 

We're here for all your 



Grads - Now and Then 

Clockwise from top left: 
Graduating grade 9 ~ George 
and Mitch chilling ~ Having too 
much ftin ~ Fong being Fong ~ 
Casey was so cute - what hap- 
pened? On the bus to Niagara 
Falls for the FY trip ~ GiU and 
Wilson are adorable ~ Amber 
and Janet are relaxing ~ Meag 
looks a little scared 




r 1 


I \ <<; 

Clockwise from top left: 
Playing with carts ~ Wilson 
and Rach -Hanging out on 
the fields ~ Enjoying Grad 
night - Little Kizzie Fresh ~ 
George John - Five years ago! 

- Prefs at Breakfast Olympics 
~ Boys being boys ~ How cote 

- Kels and Storm in Gr. 9 - 
Miles and Jesse at the Oxford 
~ Brenna getting ready for 
Semi! - What did the Kitchen 
Staff give these guys? 



A Complete Glass Service 

A Peterborough Compiiny Serving the Raw arthas and sur 

rounding area within a seventy-five mile radius providing a 

range of Flat Glass and Plastics, Aluminum Storefronts, and 

windows for Residential and Industrial Purposes 

Lansdowne Street West at Rye Street 
Telephone (705) 742-4278 
Toll Free 1 (800) 246-5449 


Health Care Products • Cosmetics 

Prescription Service • Postal Outlet 

Lottery Centre 

9am-iapin Weekdays & Saturday 
lOam-Spm Sundays & Holidays 

Midtown Mail 
500 Division St., 
Cobourg, ON 

Peter St. Plaza 

135 Peter Street. 

Port Hope. ON 




imageRUNNER C3100N 


The complete, niulri-funcrional office solution that 
docs it Hit in hoth ( Ol ()( R »nd Black & White. 
Print, Copy, .Scan, Kax, K-Mail, Create PDF's ail 
from one machine at a surprisingly low total cost of 



Authorized lealer 

N(>r(humi>crhnd Office 

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C IL R T I F I i: D 



Dr. Corbett's Inn 

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For the best in accomodation, food and service 

Located right in the heart of downtown 

Close to shops, restaurants and theatre 

Five minutes from TCS 




Tfie "Parbj IPeofjfe 



975 Elgin St. Cobourg, ON K9A 5J3 A- 

• Fax: 905-373-9024 • C ? '" V>) 

Paul Douglas 




In •Mocf^kon vi^ Crabby 

C«rol't Raw Oyitcr Bar ft Lour>9«, w«'v« 

btt«n tcrvirtg up friendly weicoming 

unilM. great food, fabulous live 

entertainment and a warm inviting 

•tmoaphw* for over 10 yMrv 

» KiB| St. L, Cobovr^ Ont. 




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c/o MM( 1 Nesbitl Bumii 

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Knglefield I louse. Gr.uine I fill 

Clinsti:hureh. B.irliad.is. «:i, 

246 428 6749 

J.D. Brown 

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Building !'.6 .\p.irtment 201 

Strada l-lnergici #19 (Campus 2 

8625 (x-rnavoda. |ud Constanta. Romania 

Oil 40 241 239 795 

All Cameron 

c/o Tnnity College School 

55 Deb]ai]uire Street North 

Port Hope ON I.IA 4K7 

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Will Camm 

46 King Street 

Port Hope ON 1.1 A 2R5 

905 885 0871 

George Campbell 

1 Buggei' I.ane 

.VjaxONl.l/, 1X4 

905 686 5428 

Steven Campbell 

'C'romarty' #5 C^rada C.lcn 

Paget PG 03 


441 232 5390 

Jack Candlish 

1508 Highway 2 liast 


613 545 9560 

Eric Carcne 

1225 Grandvicu- Street North 

Osha»aON I.IK 2.S9 

905 571 1202 

Stuart Casgrain 

135 Alexandra Boulei-ard 

loronioON M4R 1M3 

416 482 7046 

Garelh Cecil-Cockwell 

Malcolm Cecil'Cockwell 

514 .St (^lair .\\enuc Mast 

lorimtoON M4T 11'7 

416 482 4415 

Javier Cervantes 

BoulevanJ Reforma 5452. Dept. 301 B 

Mexico, D.h 05320. .Mexico 

Oil 5255 5292 1742 

Marc-Andre Chagnon 

718 I l.irlland 

Ouireniom QC H2V 2X6 

514 735 7192 

Amy Chan 

Mat D. 10/I-. Block 10 

\illa .\thena, 600 Sai Sha Road 

I limg Kong, (ihina 

Oil 852 2633 3290 

Jacquelene Chan 

9.\ Dragon \ie\v 

5 Dragon I'errace 

Tin I lau, I long Kong, CJIiina 

011852 2807 2270 

Jaime Chan 

Mat h 8tli l-tiiot Sung I'uiig laiurt 

3 I'ook ^am Road 1 larbour I leights North 
IViint, I long Kong, t.'hina 

01 1 852 2808 2601 

Justin Chan 

PO Box N1836, Suite .\4)07 

Nassau, Bahamas 

242 327 2167 

Keith Chan 

Kevin Chan 

22BI-i«ikHingl .Hirt 

63 Wun Sha Street 

Tai I lang, I long Kong, (ihina 

011852 2576 2979 

Lily Chan 

33.\, Tavistock II. 

'Iregunter l*atli Mid-I a-vels 

I long Kong, ( Juna 
Oil 852 2537 4019 
Natasha Chan 

P.a Box N-1836, Suite A^X)7 

Nassau, Bahamas 

242 327 2167 

Jessica Chapman 

1635 tarmel .Second Line, R,R. »2, 

MillbriKikON 1.0\ K;0 

705 939 2169 

Lou Chapman 

106 -17th Street 

ApalachicoU l-I. 32320, U.,S.A. 

850 653 8604 

Jasmin Charters 

35 Rose Cile-n Ro.ld 

Port Hope ON l.l,\ 3\'6 

905 885 4873 

Carina Charvat 

2416 Bre-ton Close 

Oakvdie ON 1.6J 5N8 

905 842 9813 

Jotdan Chase 

47 Tremaine Terrace 

CobourgON K9.\5.\7 

905 372 0314 

Germaine Chau 

6B .\un>ra 61 McKitson Road 

lardinc's laxikout. I long Kong, (ihina 

Oil 852 2810 6361 

Carl Chauvin 

I I Guildcrest Drive 
Scarborough ON MIE lli2 
416 269 7189 

Suneet Cheema 
PO. Box 877 
Cobourg ON K9A 4S3 
905 372 2228 
Desmond Cheung 
Plat B, 8/1-. BIk I 
Julunount tiatxien, Lu Wai 
N.T., Hong Kong, (;hina 
011852 2603 0310 
Justin Chin- You 
Lauren Chin- You 

4 Inglcside Cl.ise. PC). Box 480, 
MandcMlle, |.im:iic.i, tt I. 

876 962 0012 

Kandy Cho 

304-1 Shin-hvun n Opo-l-;up 

Kwang-Ju Si 464-890, .South Kore-a 

01 1 823 1726 9787 

Eric Choi 

Vang Jung Dong Yulim 

.\pt. 103 - 502, Bucanjmgu 


South Korea 

Oil 825 1504 1266 

Eunice Choi 

802-22 dong I lanyang .\pt. 

Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu 

Seoul 138-779, South Korea 

Oil 822 414 5250 

Lianne Chrisman 

3804 Wingljow Court 

OrLando M. 32817, U.,S..\, 

407 678 1616 

Alex Christie 

4 .Mderton ( jmrt 

RtobicokeON M9.\ 3X8 

416 234 5878 

Michael Chu 

16.\ Bauhmia Court 


Shatin, N.r, 

1 long Kong, China 

Oil 852 2608 I'lSll 

Michelle Churehman 

Mike Churehman 

1580 lakeshore- Road 

SamiaONN7X 1B5 

519 542 7521 

Darroii (Mark 
123 stiblianl Avenue 
Toronto ON M4P 2B9 
416 484 9636 
James Clark 

PO Boxi;b 11219 

1121 lampshire Street 

Nassau, Bahamas 

242 327 7666 

Jen Clarke 

976 I'inliy .\vi-nue 

.\|axON 1.1S3W1 

905 683 8608 

Carohne Cole 

ISSSWestbrook Dnve 

Peterborough ( )N K9| 6R4 

705 745 7820 

Matthew Collins 

140 Howk-s Dnve 

.\|axON l.ir4C3 

905 683 2941 

Alii Conycra 

12 Tamannd N'-ile 

Wannck W'KOS, Bermuda 

441 238 1530 

Caidin Conyers 

5 l-air)lands Road 

Pembroke I IM06, Bermuda 

441 295 8433 

Chris Cook 

35 Beech .Wcnue 

Bimmaiiville ON I.1C3A1 

005 623 7(X11 

Wesley Cook 

15 Strathede-n Road 

Toronto ( )N M4N 1 1-;2 

416 482 0482 

Michael Cooper 

9 Kerng.in Dnve 

Whitby ON MR 1C3 

905 665 3154 

Christy Corbell 

159 South Shore R.>.id 

l>aget D\" 04, Bermuda 

441 236 5445 

Philippe Cordeau 

1992 .Sabaocr .Slre-et 


514 3S4 8870 

Brendan Coughlin 


Whitby ON I.IN 7X4 

005 668 7233 

Robin Courrice 

I Gibson Place 

Port Hope ON I.1A4G8 
905 885 4397 
Chrystina Cousins 
PO. Box 283. Stanon M.un 
Bmvm.innlle ON I.1C3I.I 
905 263 4205 
Kalhryn Dagg 

I I Cadby Road 
.\jaxON I. IS 3X6 
905 683 3380 
Claire Dab:cll 
7334 Brown Road 
OronoON I.0B IMO 
905 983 5307 

Sam Davies 

226 .\Kvington Place 

Kingston ON K7I.4P8 

613 544 4441 

Thomas Davis 

12 Jura Court 

CoumccON I.li:2K6 

905 435 0577 

HaviUand Day 

1 Doncliffe Place 

Toronto ON M4N 21>9 

416 485 0337 

Oliver de Lecq Marguerie 

1181 lakeshore-liast 

OakvilleON UJ 11.3 

905 337 2173 

Lucia de Robina 

Ixima Bomta 182 - 5, N'lsta I k-rmosa 

Mexico, UK 05100 


01 1 525 555 705292 

Beccy De SiKa 

4536 Pit Road 



905 786 2538 

Sarah DcGcer 

19 horesl Glen Road 

R.R. #6 

Cobourg ON K9.\ 4|9 

905 377 8232 


Luke Dchcn 
Wk Hox 141, Cold™ Vale 
KuiKsttMi). St. \'inccm, Wl. 
784 457 5161 
Shannon Dejong 
5023 Mmi Smxr. IH » B<a 592 
905 983 9422 
Adrian Dcpcndahl 
Johann-ScbasiunHach-Sic 13 
Osnabnick, Nii-dcnadiscn 49076 

01149 541 4336(12 
Gtmham Dersnah 
It Gib«un Place 
905 885 54.34 
Joelle Desjardins 
Monlnal y<: 111 1 3/.6 

514 252 9689 
Noah Des^afdins 

151 Kutk'KiuJ. Kin86 

C;raflonl)N kOk 2i;0 

905 34'J 34M 

Andrew Dickson 

Jenna Dickson 

ItR. »3. 561 ITiomas Road 

ColboracON kOk ISO 

905 355 5867 

Natasha Oodd 

3121 Iliane Road Nonh 



905 885 0645 

Kevin Doddridge 

6 .Monliosc Crescent 


905 668 7670 

Conor Do>-|c 


1 lamiliun l>ansh I IS 02, Bermuda 

441 293 3530 

Mel DuMoulin 

135 Root Crescent 


905 428 9738 

Stcph Diuek 

15 Frceslon Crescent 


905 686 8607 

Isaac Dunon 

Miles Dunon 

173 Iial.-am l>n\e 


905 338 5119 

Syinon Edmonds 

515 kin^ Street 
Pctcrbotniigh ON k9| 2T3 
705 876 1718 

Russell Edwards 
75 Mayor Crescent 
905 427 6067 
Grace Egan 
85 Second Street 
OakviUc ON 1.61 3T1 
905 339 3938 
Iman El>Qiashab 
c/o Saudi .Vtamco, Pt > Box 8142 
Dhahnui 3131 1. Saudi .\rabia 
0119663 878 4944 
Isabela Elizondo 
BoM^uc dc -Manzanos 333 
Mejjco at- 1 1700, Mexico 
on 5255 5251 7280 
Sarah Essak 
575 Lakcshort- Road 
CoboutgON k9\ 1S4 
905 372 9962 
Steve Eum 

Koommacu] .\pt. 303-1101 
Pyongchanniong 933-7 
Dongan-ku, .\Kn Vang-Si 
Kyonggl-do, South Korea 
Oil 8231 422 1779 
Anna Eveidell 

30 Seafonh Road 
Kingston ON K7M 1E2 
613 549 7688 
'Heron 1 IJl'. 

31 RiddcU's Bay Road 
Warwick «'k04, Bctmuda 
441 238 2313 

Daniel Fawcett 
P.O. Box 789 
Manila 0980 
Oil 632 721 9307 

Sarah Findlay 

<»5 Mont ,Sl IX-nis 


418 683 7733 
Ben Finney 

13 Ccnniry l^irm Raul, R.R. 02 

Pontx-piKiioN IDA IKO 

705 277 1789 

Evan Fia block 

Julia Fishkick 

74 INnc Stn-er Soudl 


905 885 1754 


184 Ski Hill Road, R.R.02 

HedianyliN 1J)A l.\0 

705 277 9456 

Lesley Fong 

43 Cilenayr Road 
Toronto ON MSP 3B9 
416 482 4890 
Mitch Fbokwe 

28 Hlucking (Crescent 

Scarbimiugh ON MIC 4M9 

416 284 5056 

Emih- Foster 

pa Box I IM 827 

Hamilton 1 IM CX, Bermuda 

441 236 3205 

Anna Frackowiak 

Karen Frackowiak 

433 Caimcrott Road 


905 338 5339 

Robert Frame 

8535 Danforth Road West, R.R »6 

CobourgON k9.\ 4[9 

905 373 0247 

Joel Fraser 

1(>68 Concession Road #9 


905 263 4615 

Justine Fiostad 

107 Dawlish .\venue 

Toronto ON M4N 1114 

416 484 6784 

Sabby Feye 

1 46 Whitcacres t>rr\'e 

London ON N6G 4N2 

519 473 5566 

Amanda Fung 

c/o Saudi .\ramco, PO. Box 785 

Dhahran 3131 1, Saudi -Krabu 

Oil 966 3 878 9182 

Alex Furber 

1 LakehiU Crescent 

Toronto ON ,M1M 1E5 

416 269 4289 

Oliver Gale 

45 Graeme 1 laU Terrace 
Chnst ChunJi, Bndgcio^*-n 
Barbados, Wl. 

246 428 3091 

Sara Gallagher 

1969 Queen Street East 

Sault St<i Mane ON P6A 2G8 

705 946 2S49 

Ryan Galpin 

Tyler Galpin 

102 Harkncss Dnve 


905 576 5380 

Luke Gaston 

239 .Marshall Street, RO Box 1414 


902 825 2761 

Phillip Genesis 

44 The l"airways 
.\larkham()N Ij6C 3B4 
905 887 2666 

Jaime Gentles 

l^ommers P( i , Trelawnv 

[amaica, Wl. 

876 997 5184 

Alex George-John 

PO Box W690 

'Indigo', Crosbics 

.\ntigua, Wl- 

268 461 0826 


303 LdenwTiod Place 

VCaicrloo ON N2T 2R5 

Janet Gdchrist Bailey 

R.R- »5, 9234 [>mforth Road Kast 

Cobouig ON K9A 4|8 

905 372 3563 

Peter Gillespie 

46 Dorset Street East 
Port Hope ON LI A 1E3 
905 885 6743 

Justin Gillies 
3 1 lerbcrt Place 
l-nnllopeON I.IA 4i;7 
905 885 7384 
Ben Glassco 
U'dloM 1 lolknv 
2597 .Salem R.«id 
.\|axON l.ir4\8 
905 686 2983 
Crialobal Gomea 
RO B..X N 266 
Nassau, Bahani.1.^ 

242 .363 ^561 
GiUian Gondosch 
167 Treegnne ( jrde 
AuronON 1^; 6MI 

905 727 0126 

Ashley Grand 

128 Rochester .\venue 

Toronto ON M4N 1 PI 

416 483 7789 

Lisa Gregory 

Rebecca Gregory 

34 Peel \ illage Pkwy 

Brampton ON UW 1C;5 

905 454 4984 

Leila Greiehe 

1902 Rockland Road 

Montri-alCX. II3P2Y6 

514 735 6600 

Phil Grove 

527 TeakwTxxj Dnve 

Waterloo ON N2I, 41.5 

519 884 1624/519 369 3498 
5378 1 Iwy 45, R.R. #2 
Balnmore ON KOK ICO 
905 372 3877 
Cbelsey Gunning 
Christian Gunning 
Walkers, Hie .Mill Mall, 
P.O. Box 92 

Wickham's (^ayl. Road Town 
T'ortola, Bnnsh \'irgin Islands 
284 495 0409 
Priya Gupta 

243 Ward Street 
PonllopeON L1A4.\4 
905 885 5619 

Alex Hambrock 

Meredith Hambrock 

247 Dawlish .\venuc 

North York ON .M4N 1|2 

416 488 4587 

Taylor Hammelt 

74 .\ubum lane 


905 436 8034 

Derek Hamdcn 

R.R- » 1, 160 Old Percy Road 

Grafton ON KOK 2G0 

905 344 7648 

Daniel Hatch 

\'illa 255, Sunset Crest 

St. James, Barbados, Wl. 

246 432 1788 

David Hatch 

West Shore 1-odge 

Grecmdgc Dnxe, Paynes Bay 

St. James, Barbados Wl. 

246 432 1580 

Erin Hawkins 

2 1 ligh Point Road 

Toronto ON .M3B 2\4 

416 447 5806 

Erin Hayler 

Lucy Hayter 

Tmuty ("oUegc School 

55 DebUtjuuc Street 

PonllopeON LI A 4K7 

905 885 3185 

Jess Herman 

546 Turkey I hU Road. 

RR b2 


450 243 6231 

Christina Hermanns 

Love Beach, West Bay Street 

P.Q Box ,SS 5483, 

Nassau, Bahamas 

242 327 0559 

Man Herod 

Meg Herod 

10S66 R-R- 04 

Roscncadi ON KOk 2X0 

905 352 2499 


7 O'Connor Dn\'e 

Whitby ON LIN 7X7 

905 668 6816 

Benjie Hodara 

P< > Box 37, 6H Kendal R<iul 

Mandeiille, .Manchester 

Jamaica. Wl. 

876 962 2875 

Lauren Hofjrvtb 

28 I'Ujgar .\venue 

loronto ( )N M4W 2\9 

416 972 9191 

Alison Holmes 

GeolTrey Holmes 

.Mill Shan-s 

13 Windermere 



441 295 2246 

Jess Homung 

I 379 Ontano Stnxt 
(obourgON K9A4|7 
905 373 4216 

Steve Horvath 



905 509 0063 

Cathryn Hoslick 

4 .\ndelwood (Joun 

BoMmanville ON LlC 4112 

905 623 5008 

Devon Howard 

61 Lyndhurst .\venue 

Toronto ON M5R2Z8 

416 924 3394 

Erica Hsu 

5B, Hora CJanien, Block 3 

7 Chun l*ai Road 

janlinc's l.ookout 

Hong Kon|^ China 

Oil 852 2881 1777 


1001 - 1 10 dong Woosung .\pL 

83-3 Poonghodong 

linhac (!itx. South Korea 

01 1 825 5547 0746 

Chris Huxtable 

Devon Huxtable 

66 Debb<{uire Street 

Port Hope ON LI A 2K9 

905 885-6378 

Bin Hyiin 

GunyxMing 1 Cha 

.\pL 402 ho - 307 Dong 

Jwa-Dong, llacundae-Ku 

Pusan-City, South Korea 

01 1 8251 701 4353 

David Hyun 

403 1 lwa.sung .\ptl06 

1 257 jisan 2 dong, Soo sung-Ku 

Tae gu. South Korea 

011825 3784 6592 

Amber Irwin 

I I Charles Street 
Cobourg ON K9A 2T4 
905 342 3584 

Neha Issar 

Neil Issar 

60 Ochard Park Dmc 

Bon-manville ON LlC 4L2 

905 623 4190 

Robert Jaakkola 

.\|o|ahdinne 10 

Espoo 02940, Finland 

Oil 358 954 86189 

Mackenzie Jackson 

52 Bayshorc Road 

Box 3082 

BnghtonON KOK 1110 

613 475 1088 





Soul 140-722, South Korea 

01 1 822 3785 2990 

Clara Jin 

402 - 704, Mxpo .\pt. Jun ,Min-Dong 

You Sung-Gu 

Dac-Jeon 305-762, South Korea 

Oil 824 2862 4335 

Iain Johnson 

876 Darwin Do\-e 


905 831 5183 

Nick Johnston 

982 Grafton Court 


905 837 2485 

Graham Jones 

64 Elgm Street 

BovimanWle ON LlC 3E1 

905 623 7638 

SpciKer Jones 

'lantalus', Bngluon Beach 

St Mirluel, Barl«ulc», Wl 

246 425 8889 

Richard Jung 

Shinbm 4-d<ing, 479-38 

kaanak-ku. Sow], South Kiirca 

Oil 822 855 8'>47 


PO Box I IS 88 

Hamilton IHuish ILS02, Bermuda 

441 293 0466 

Alfred Kam 

25t . I long Kong Ciarden 

8 Seymour Rittd 

I long Kimi^ ( Jima 

01 1 852 2540 7800 

Anjaiu Kasbyap 

1930 Mapkmlge l>nte 

Peterborough ON K9K 2i:4 

705 748 0601 

Jesse Kavandcr 

341 \shdak- l>bce 

OakvdleOS U| 4B1 

905 338 8738 

Rob Kay 

4745 Concession Road 6, R.R. ttl 

Ne-«1on»-lUe ON 1;0.\ IJO 

905 983 9611 

Cailin Kearna 

699 San Ysidro Road 

Santa Barbara C\ 93108, U.S,.\. 

805 969 7770 

Anlliony Kelamia 

c/o Saudi .\ramcos PO Box 8073 

Dhahran 3131 1, Saudi .Vrabia 

Oil 966 3 878 7613 

Steph KeUcy 

4309 1 lighway 2 

GananoHue ON K7C; 2V5 

613 382 1819 

Dontnmn Kellyman 

PO Box 31 

Cicorgetoun, (irand (ayman 

Cayman Islands, B.W1. 

345 947 1059 

Eric Kemp 

4553 .Middk' Road 

BowmmviUc ON LlC 3K2 

905 263 8297 

Anna Kessaram 

T'relane', 6 I'rmity (ihurch Road 

1 lamilton Pansh CR03, Bermuda 
441 293 1689 

Blay-ne KettlewcD 

2 Fairway 1 leights Crescent 
905 771 1163 

David Kim 

163 Academy Hil Road, R.R. #1 

Grafton ON KOK 2G0 

905 349 2488 

Hae Rang Kim 

#206-601. ^'ang|i Daenm ApL 

JcKJOgkyc-dong, No*t>n-gu 

Seoul 139-923 South Korea 

Oil 822 931 9679 


149-2 HangOT.1 B/D 

Kycongla-du^ Haiun-Si 

Shinlang-dong 465 809, South Kurea 

Oil 823 1793 0139 

Justin Kim 

2812 TnilU Road 


905 436 5329 

Min Kim 


307/1008 Bum mul IDuiu 

Su Sung Gu, Dacgu 706-701, Soudi Kofca 

01182 53 768 9195 

9E Woodbnd Gardens 

62 A-F Conduit Road 

Mid-Lcv'd&, Mong Kon^ China 

01 1 852 2894 8079 

Stefan Kiriq>atrick 

28 Anne Street 

■MiIIbrookON IjOA IGO 

705 932 3360 

Roiun- Ko 

1402 Pantheon Rcgcno- 

27 |i]ng)a-don^ Bundang-gu 

Sungnam < Aty 463-8 1 1 , South Korea 

Oil 8231 785 7225 

Dimitri KourltDutis 

c/o J & A Buikltng Services Ltd. 

37 SLaguay .\\fnue 


905 686 7952 


RdchcUc Krau*c 
7 Kmpnftiy (talc 
CounKTtiM.U: 1Y1 

MikucU KurvcU 

1S374 Nonh «oi lih Slicci 

IVntbxilic Pmc« n. 33029 


954 437 4471 

Duncan Kwn 

10 Sunny Rum: Cuun 
WTnlb) tW LIR IV8 
905 430 7016 

I Ofiuna Vcnlc 

I lun^ I Uim 

Kutt^xm, ilong Kon}^ (!hina 

01 1 85: 2330 6877 
Qarcncc Lam 

I'lal r. 47/1', Tottrr 1. S«irTtnl« 

I'nKMi Square. 1 Austin Kuad West 

Tsan Sha Tsui. Kowloon 

Hong Kong, Chma 

01 1 85; 2499 7799 


Sham Uan Toutt 

To*Tf 2. 49 Moor Unit C 

AbcrJci-n. Mong Kong, Cluna 

01 1 852 2891 3302 

Sharon Lam 

l-lat 7A.T<mTf 4. Rcdhill Peninsula 


Til T.im. I long Kong, (-luna 

01 1 852 2573 8675 

Alexandra Landegger 

335 I Jinl Dnvc Nonh 

Tonmlo ON M4t; 3X8 

416 422 4560 

Joele Lang 

Kendal Lang 

7100 Counn Road 18 

Rosoicalh ON KOK 2X0 

105 342 3062 

Phyllis Langley' 

I Irwin Dnxt 

Whitby ON LIN 9B8 

905 665 1073 

Mikr LaPointe 

1 - 20 I'mvcU Avmuc 

OlljMillN KISIM 

613 231 5134 

Thomas Laige 

10 1 iodgson Street 
Pool lope ON I.1A4<;7 
905 885 6444 

April Lee 

Samsung Apt. 1006-503 Imacdong 

Hundang (tu. Sung Nam Si 

Krang Ki Do 463-901 

South Korea 

Oil 82 31 707 1746 


Suite 104, Scoin \'illa 

286-4 \'oubftng-Dong 

Yongin City, Kyunggi-Do 

South Konra 

0118231336 4216 


NokMtm ApL 109-103 ho 

761 Ji-san-dong, Susung-ku 

Dae Gu-City, KjTing Sang-Do 

South Konra 

011825 3768 6441 

HoonKyo Lee 

606-701.911 Mog6-r)ong 


Seoul 158-756. South Korea 

01 1 822 2642 2195 
Janet Lee 
Patfick Lee 

Sco-cho Cu Bang-bac Dong 840-1 

6th Shine hill Villa «104 

Seoul. South Korea 

01 1 822 3482 0886 

Jaaon Lee 

Kalherinc Lee 

Jong Ro Gu 

Sogyult Dong 22-2 

Seoul 1 10-200. Soudi Korea 

905 885 5085 

Jenny Lee 

8-1301 Sambu ApL ^'eoeido-Dong 


.■ieoul ON 150-794, .South Korea 

Joon Lee 

72-601 I lanv'ang ApL .Apkujeong-dong 


Seoul. South Korea 

011822 542 1824 

Samuel Lee 

t hung sil Apt »14-302 

Daeehi-dong, Kangnam-ku 

Seoul 135-280, .South Korea 

011822 561 5836 

Soo Bin Lee 

10O5-15l>4 lugong \ruilMll \pt 

I ladacu^Ml-dong |ung\mn-( iu 
Sctmgnsm-si ttyetniggi do 46271 1 
South Koica 

Oil 823 1304 4456 

William Leung 

106 Sato Sireel 

Whilbi ON MR IV8 

905 666 8028 

Jualin Lewis 

3 Spanish Main Om-c 

P.Q Bov I--43529 

Frctport. Bahamas 

242 373 5144 

Steven Ligalsa 

80Taman l\>lonu III 

Medan, Norlh Sumatra 20157 


0116261 414 9771 

Frank Liu 

I I li, BliKk 5, Melody Ganlen 
Tuen Mun, NT 

I long Kong, ( !hina 
Oil 852 2441 0728 
Valerie MacBain 
19 Cmefdale Axx-nue 
CobourgON K9A4II5 
905 373 6269 

Byit>n MacDonald 

210 Byron Sireel North 

Whitby ON LIN 4N1 

905 666 4408 

Blake Macfarlane 

101 Willcocks Street 

Toronto ON M5S K:9 

416 961 7182 

Rob MacGregor 

40 Boulton Street 


905 987 5480 

Alii Maclsaac 

2018 l.™n Heights Dmc 

PickcnngONI.lX 1N4 

905 831 7914 

Kcndra MacKenzie 

98 John Street 

PonllopeON I.IA 2/.6 

905 885 0633 

Jeanie Mahon 

StillwelL MuUins 

St Peter. Barbados, \V1. 

246 422 0647 

Venus Mak 


Fortune Gardens 

I I Seymour Road 
Hong Kong, China 
01 1 852 2559 7592 
Max Marshall 
145 Crescent Road 
Toronto ON .\14W IVl 
416 966 1628 
Dcrreck Martin 
Sam Martin 

19 Glen Ivdyth Dnvc 

Toronto ON M4V 2V8 

416 927 9938 

Krislcn Mastinsek-Payne 

1011 i;lgin Slrecl West, Suite 29 

CobourgON K9 \ 4|9 

905 373 1804 

Andria Mathieson 

1222 Abbe) Road 


905 420 0747 

Sean Malthewa 

1627 Baggins Sirtx-t 


905 428 0628 

iMallory Maynard 

Matthew Maynard 

137 l-nml Street 

P.Q Box 59 

Ha.snngs ON KOI. lYO 

905 885 5878/705 696 3715 

Zara McAlister 

1 1 Island \'ieM' t.ourt 

PonPerry ON 1.91. IR6 

905 985 3634 

Iain McBeath 

14 Burgess Point Road 

Warwick WK04 


441 238 1347 

Nick McCartney 
561 Bultalo Street 
PO B.i\ 4*15 
Banff AH 111. 1A5 
403 762 3173 
Rochael McConncy 
1730 lemplcDnve 
Winter l-ark, l-l. 32789 

407 740 7762 
James McCrackcn 
John Mc<;racken 
1 30 .\nnc Street 
i;obouij!ON K9A 1G5 
905 372 8935 
Mike McCuUoch 
73 Simms Dme 
905 619 2828 
Ryan McCutdy 
331 College Stre'cl 
CobourgON K9.\3\'3 
905 372 9300 
Jamie McGregor 
20 Scnvener St^uare 
Suue 71 2 

Toronto ON M4W 3X9 

416 324 9111 

Brie McKenzie 

4555 I'ourth Concession Road 

NcwtonvnllcON I.0,\ IJO 

905 786 2508 

Lesley McLelland 

31 Wtwxihaven ("rescent 

Whitby ON MR 1R7 

905 666 3686 

Lachlan McLevin 

48 l'.ill.i Close 

Red Deer .\BT4P 113 

403 342 7439 

Nick Meek 

849 Royal Orcliard Dnve 


905 579 4182 

Daisy Miers 

54 Poplar Plains Road 

Tonjnto ON M4\' 2M8 

416 964 2010 

Natasha Milligan 

19 Tlno Terrace 

Warners, (^hnst (Jiurch 

Barbados, Wl. 

246 437 1036 

Heather Milne 

8601 IlidleRuaJ 

RR. #6 


905 372 0923 

Bradley Mitchell 

22 Ingliams \'ale 

Pembroke HM 04 


441 292 0310 

Marcus Mitchell 

165 Central Dnve 

AncastcrON l.9ti 2.\3 

519 442 2344 

Michelk MilcheU 

RO. Box SN 426 

lie l-indmark Dnvc 

Southampton SN BX 


441 238 0719 

Stuart Mooney 

530 Salem .Avenue SW 

Calgary ABT3C2K6 

403 209 2727 

David Morrison 

47 Darlcy Street 


905 427 2403 

Adam Moulton 

Daniel Moulton 

3366 Cormsh I loUow Road 

RR. #6 


905 342 9900 

Jordan Mowbray 

69 I jhaye Dnve 

Whitby ON LIP II J 

905 430 9604 

Sascha Muehlich 

500 Spnhead Road 

(lananot^ue ON K7G 2\"6 

013 542 5210 

Jarcd MuUane 

Jonathan Mullanc 

30 Donnell Sine! 

Cambndgc .M-\ 02 138- 1352, Uii^A 

617 354 7609 

Travis Monro 

676 HesslNinHigh Dnve 

OshanTiON M<;41I2 

905 436 .^737 

Ben Miinson 

8607 Centre t;ourt 

largo PI. 3J777. USA. 

727 J91 6522 

Jocelyn Murphy 

614 Walnut Street West 

WhubyON MN 2W8 

905 668 73.37 

Brett Murray 

Stephanie Murray 

9 Nellies ( ciurl 

WIlilhyON MP llj 

905 666 0606 

Peter Murray 

Sunset Ridge 

I'ort George I Ingllls 

Sl Michael, Barbados, W.I, 

246 228 18.39 

Eve MusoUno 

222 I'ark Street 

Schre-ibcrON IW^SO 

807 824 2943 

Shasha Nakhai 

No 8B (;hief Daniel Igwe Sireel 

Nkpogu Village, PO. Box 6466 

I'on I larcourt, Rn-irrs State 


Oil 234 842.3850 

James Ng 

9 Sham I Ion Road 

Sham Tseng, N.'T. 

I long Kong, ('lima 

01 1 852 2390 2854 

Jun Ng 


Kowloon, I long Kong, China 

Oil 852 2336 7356 

Haley Nowak 

651 Pefci\al (ourt 

OslwwallN MK 1M4 

905 720 4809 

Andrew Oatway 

179 Matchedash Street North 

OnUia ON I JV 4V3 

705 326 1573 

Carly Ogaki 

30 Closson Dnve 

WestllillON M1C3I3 

416 281 8287 

Samuel Oh 

99 PhiUips Road 

Concord .Apartments, #103 

Port I lope ON 1.1. \2|6 

905 885 9519 


PO. Box 54923, l-alomo Ikoyi 

16/1 'lliompson .Avenue 

Ikoyi, Lagos. 


01 1 234 1 269 3810 

Michael Ore 

161 Gltmdonwynne Road 

Toronto ON M6P 3U8 

416 761 9808 

Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 

Michelle Ouellet-Gaston 

239 Manihall Sireel 

PO. Bos 1414 


902 825 2761 

Sam Outerbridge 

3 Southcotc Road 

Paget PC;03. Hi-rmuda 

441 541 7729 

Derek Palling 

37 Melville Road 

De«mshire D\'07 


441 236 4585 

Kristen Fallen 

333 Mying Club Read 

Stirling ON KOK 3l-;0 

613 395 1290 

Karen Palmer 

P.O Bos 703 


St. Vinci-nl. W;i. 

784 458 4143 

Kruti Pandit 

RR»l.ll«i 2.S4496 

Port Mope 6n1,1A3V5 

905 753 2016 

Charlenc Park 

58 I luffman .\venue 

Port I lope ON I.IA 4K1 

905 885 6527 

Jamel Park 

Jin t^hcon Gun 

Ktt-ang I lac Won-Myun Ic-ong Am 

.\pt (B-301) 

Kuang I lae Won-Li, .South Kore-a 

01 1 8243 535 8090 

Kevin Park 

18 BeTiumont Dnve 

.\|axON LIT 1R8 

1X15 683 4417 

Alex Parker 

Graeme Parker 

Ian Parker 


CourticcON 1.1 1: 21-7 

905 436 0706 

Danny Parker 

143 Old Colony Dme 

WliilbvON I.IR1\6 

905 668 3434 

Charlone Parris 

Green Clables. While I lall 

.Sl Peter. Barbados. »;i 

246 422 3292 

Kushal Patel 

58 .Sydel Court 

Bon-mannlle ON LlC 4N5 

905 623 9893 

Brett Payette 

Drew Payette 

175 tjrostcan Road 

Codnngion ON KOK IRO 

613 475 1938 

Robert Payne 

.\huehuetes Sur 697 

Bosi]uL-s de las l.omas, Dlv 

Mexico 11 700, Mexico 

0115255 5251 3095 

Eric Pelsise-Reggers 

1 1 ScliuJ\ Place 

Nc\>' Rochelle, NN 10801, USA. 

914 636 4811 

Ben Pesowsky 

22 Sable Crescent 

Whitby ON I.1R1Y5 

905 432 8054 

Adam Petty 

PO Box I IM 460 

I Limiltim I I.MBX. Bi-rmuda 

441 293 8221 

David Piccini 

123 Ontano Street 

Port Hope ON I.IA 2V3 

905 885 6012 

Justin Picov 

380 Kingst.m Road iiast. R.R «1 

•Mas C3N 1.1/. 1W4 

905 686 2670 

Storm Pink 

c/o Quantex International 

245 SR 1st Street 

Suite 401. PMB 138 

Miami PL 33131. U.S.V 

876 962 2945 

Christie Plathe 

'(2otSM old ' 

21 Colleclor's I llll 

SmiUi's IVish PL 01 


441 236 8193 

Lindsay PoUard 

1 33 Henry Street 


905 377 0364 

Brian Poon 

Irwin Poon 

33 King's Park Rise 

Regalu3. 11/I-. H.it C 

KouliMjn, I long Kong, f Ihma 

01 1 852 233 23398 

Merina Pritchard 

204 Peacock Boulc-s-ard 

PortH.^ieON I.1A41;1 

905 885 9170 

Steve Ra 

206-204 1,G .\pt. 

lungja-dong Bundang-gu 

Sungnam t^ly. 

Kyoungki PniMncc 469-909 

South Korea 

Oil 823 1715 5915 

Sophia Rashid 

225 Maddt-n Place 


905 623 6290 

Stephanie Rattan 

PO. Box846G.T 

Georgelown, tirand (!a\man 

Cayman lsland.s BWI. 

345 949 4874 


Jdrnd Riy 

1051 H(w»th Mnxl 

0)b.iur|!ON K9A KiS 

905 373 4106 

Marissa Rcbanc 

1253 «ii.xlLind Ucnuc 

MisM>sau|{a ( )N \M; 2X8 

905 274 8176 

Iain Redford 

'Alisa' 43 Kn.ipl<m 1 lill 

Smiths I*Ij08, Hi-rtiiuUa 

441 293 0389 

Genna Reid 

815 Ruduuiy Kuad. HiK 587 

WiUoM BtaclioMBinSO 

905 722 4141 

Simon Rcis 

21 Bloomsgrovc Avt-nuc 

PonllopcONl.lA 1X3 

905 342 961 1 (Dad) 

David Richafda 

6 Foster (im-k (Jourt 

Ncvicastlt: ON LIB 11:6 

905 987 3131 

Man* Richards 

6 l-ostt-r CrvckCcmtl 

Nc^castk-DN LIB 11-6 

905 987 3131 

Licfil Richter 

PO B<i.\ 10407 

Airport Post Office 

CJcoi^c Tott-n, Cirand Ca>Tnan 

Cavinan Islands, K\%:1 

345 946 3360 

Katch-n Ritchie 

21 TimberLiiic Court 

CouroceON 1,11:2111 

905 434 6784 

Michaela Robbins 

61 l-:lm Avenue 

Toronto ON M4W IN6 

416 925 1797 

Blake Robertson 

913 Kingsle)' Court 


905 434 7601 

Joc>' Robertson 

P.Q Box N -8888 

Nassau, Bahamas 

242 324 3046 

Montana Robertson 

HO. Box 461 B 1 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands, B.W.L 

345 945 8397 

Phil Robinson 

32 MacDonncIl Street 

Kingston ON K7L 4B6 

613 544 9431 

Reece Robson 

676 Zion 4th Lme 

Millbruok ON IA\ IGO 

705 932 7678 

Mario Rodriguez 

Smdicato de Salubndad 112- 

Casa 3 CoL Ixjpcz NlatL-os 

\'llb llermosa. Tabasco 86040 


Oil 52 993 314 2950 

Jennie Ross 

798 Simcoc Street North 

OshawiON I.1C4\'8 

905 576 7247 

David Rowcn 

39 Redmond Dn\'e 

AiaxON L1S5R8 

905 683 5276 

Rebecca Rowen 

39 Redmond Dme 

Aiax ON LIS 5R8 

905 683 5276 

Cnau Rubio Alonso 

Magnolia #15 

Jardincs de Refortna 

Cuema\'aca, Nforelos 62269 


01! 52 777 3 11 09 00 

Hamir Sabnani 

P.O. Box 383, Karl Momcs 

Basseterre, St. Kitts 

869 465 8241 

Greg Samson-Stiecker 

903 Clearfield Crc-scent 

Kingston ON K7P 1Z9 

613 384 9753 

Claudia Sanchez 

8440 Danfc«h Road West 

R.R #6 

Cobourg ON K9A 4J9 

905 372 0475 

Sarah Sands 

PO Box CB 13933 

Skyhnc Dnvc 

NoKsau, Haltamas 

242 327 85')4 

Samanlha Saunders 


l2Skrt>ggms Hill 

Southampton SB 02 


441 234 2834 

Krislen See 

14 lonsi I lill Dnve, 


Cobouig ON K9,\ 419 

905 372 3301 

Chris Selby 

313 lUlatd Road 

NewcasUeON LIB 11.9 

905 987 5527 

Dominic Scrrao 

Tnch I la\x.-n' 

Inch MarlouT:, (^hnsl Church 


246 428 3611 

John Shevlcn 

Spencer Shevlen 

449 Bhlh«ix)d Road 

TonintoON M4N l.\8 

416 481 7668 

So Heui Shin 

Apt. 106dong408ntx 

On-Chun 2 dong Sam-)ung 

.\san-City, Chung-Nam 

South Korea 

Oil 82 41 541 9700 

Ben Shirreff 

35 .Mildenhall Road 

TonmloON .\14N 3(17 

416 488 4171 

Dan Siksay 

618 .\thol Street 

Whitby ON LIN 3Z8 

905 666 0026 

Chip Simmonds 

268] tireenwood Road 

.\|ax ON LIS 4S7 

905 686 6862 

Chelsea Smith 

RO. Box 169Sa\-annah 

23 Merv-m Street 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands, B-W(l. 

345 947 1008 

Jessica Smith 

Maranda Smith 

4548 Morton Road 



905 342 2459 

Rory Smidi 

290 Donessle Dns-e 

Oakx-ille ON 1.61 31'6 

905 849 051 1 

Jessica Song 

.\-Nam .\pt- 102-803 

Myonglcun ■ 2G.\ 


Seoul, South Korea 

011822 764 5584 

Da\id Stefopulos 

Marianne Stefopulos 

30 Campbell Dnve 

UxbndpeON L9P 1R5 

905 852 9350 

Courmey- Stevens 

3337 Concession Road 3 


NeucasdeONLlB 11.9 

905 987 5284 

Brooke Stewart 

400 Stewart, 12di lane 

Ca\-anONL0.\ ICO 

705 944 8873 

Claire Stewart 

31 1 Ridout Street 

PonllupeON 1.1 .\ 1P9 

905 885 5622 

George Stinelt-Wood 

49 Wellington Sueet 

.\pt. 501 

Port Hope ON I.1A2M5 

Katie Stoneman 

306 InglcwixKi Dnvc 

Toronto ON M4T1I5 

416 483 7897 

Cassandra Storacc 

8 Pnncess Street 

MiUbrook ON IjMi IGO 

705 932 2599 

Ross Sinkr 

52 ( -oncosion street West 
B<mTn»nnlle ON I.IC 1Y5 
905 623 6704 
Charlie Sullivan 
6720 S. 1-: South Manna Way 
Stuart II. 34996, US.A 
772 232 2556 
Nathan Swan 
9 l>ort Koval Gardens 
Southampton SNOl, Bi-rmuda 
441 234 14I)S 
Brcnna Suift 
Hailey Su-ifi 
Shannon Swift 
203 Blue I leron Dn\e 
OshaaaON l.lC; 6X7 
905 434 8321 
John Tames 
ITle .\hi\\ick Garden 

I )en\Mck 1 anc, -Vinuidt 
Northumberland Nl-:66 \W 
United Kingdom 

44 1665 830414 
Anuj Tanna 
Whitby ON LIN 3116 
905 430 1311 
Dayna Taylor 

20 I lodgson Street 
905 885 5485 

Kevin Taylor 
54 Spiers Crtrsccnt 
.\iaxON L1S6\7 
905 683 7246 
Sabrina Temier 
l-'oimtain Court 
Apt. #19, Walkers Road 
PO. Box 31764 SMB 
Cirand Cayman 
Cayman Islands, BAX:i. 
J45 949 2391 
Brandon Thompson 
19 Hester .\vcnue 
.\|ax ON LIT 4A8 
905 427 1440 
Steph Tirelli 

I I Cynthia Court 

■ Whitby ON LIN 8K7 
905 430 1326 
Tahmer Tohme 
2225 Unle I -as l-lores Drive 
Topanga CA 90290 U.SIA. 
310 455 2142 
Lucas Topolie 
Nick Topolie 
3089 Tooley Road 
CoumceON l.li;2K8 
905 576 1335 
Monique Tremblay 

21 O'Malley Crescent 
Whitby ON 1,1 R2B6 
905 6lS8 9710 
Avinash Trivedi 

1 Whltechapel Crescent 

Otlan'a ON K2J 5A1 

613 823 5416 

Carolyn Tropea 

1230 South Branch Road, R-R- #2 

Com«all ON K6H 5R6 

613 938 9263 

Charles-Philippe Truchon Fehler 

6495 Mlchel-Bouvier 

Montreal (JC HIM 1A2 

514 254 8841 

Lilian Tsui 

33B, Towc-r 6, Soudi Ho 

I hmg Kong, China 

01 1 852 2550 6383 

Michelle Tsui 

Mat 8B, Monterey Court 

47-49 Perkins Road 

Jardine's l,ookout 

1 long Kong, China 

01 1 852 2838 0669 

Jacob Tuominen 

73 Pnncess .Sircei 

Port Hope ON I.l.\ 2R2 

905 885 7178 

Courtney Turcot 

304 Patnaa Street, 

Box 1850 

Jasper ABTOF. 1 120 

780 852 4601 

Evan Tutton 

Jessica Tutton 

22 Netdus Court 
Whitby ON LIP 1L5 
905 668 5943 

Brittany UgoUni 
Tamara Ugolini 

1081 l-rel Stn-et 
CoboutgON K9.\ 5G5 
905 372 6006 
Cldoc van Kcebcn 

10 DawMin Sttcel 
818 506 0483 
Kayla Vermeulen 

41 Sydel I :oun 

Bowmanville ( IN I.IC 4N5 

905 623 5450 

Thanh Vu 

2 St Thomas Walk 00506 

AirxTCM mv. 238097 


Oil 659 397 4165 

VtOiilney Wakefield 

78 laUis lane West 

MiUbrook ON 1Z)A KM 

705 932 2605 

Andrew Walker 

118 King Sirtx-t Fast 

CobourgON K9.\ IIJ 

905 372 7865 

Emma Walker 

77 .\ugusta Street, .\pt, 6 

Port Hope ON I.IA lltl 

905 885 5524 

Korey Walker 

402 .'\ppiegro\'e Avenue 

Peterborough ON K911 51.7 

705 742 5800 

Man Walker 

2259 ConcL-ssion Road #8 

Fnniskillcn ON IJ)B IJO 

905 263 2251 

Mike Wall 

639 Breezy Dnvc 


905 420 9282 

Ray Ward 

4 Thickent Ciardens 

St. Philip, Barbados, Wl 

246 423 6008 

Scott Watson 

5460 6th lane, RR. #4 

Port Hope ON I.IA 3V8 

905 753 2781 

Biendon Watts 

24 Island N'lew Court 

Pon Perry ON L9L1R6 

905 985-1288 

Calcigh Webb 

54 Thombury Street 

CoumceON LI K2G2 

905 435 0312 

Doug Weiss 

Tom Weiss 

9 Rose Glen Road 

Port Hope ON 1.1.\ 3\'6 

905 885 8121 

David West 

16 Obver's Ijme, R.R. #6 

Cobourg ON K9.\ 4|9 

905 373 4161 

cuff Whctung 

521 George Street North 

P.O Box 29 

Peterborough ON K9J 6'1'5 

905 885 5549 

Emily Wdcox 

Kelsey Wilcox 

RO. Box 704 

Egan\-dle ON KOJ 1 TO 

613 625 2789 

Jon Wilcox 

Meaghan Wilcox 

315 l.ake%iew Court 

Cobourg ON K9A 5C4 

905 372 6063 

Andrew Wilson 

1 28 Kee\vatin Dri\T 

Grafton ON KOK 2G0 

905 349 3976 

Tomasz Wojtas 

61 ^bung Street 


416 605 6927 

Chris Wong 

Flat 14-C, Merry Court 

10 Castle Road, Mid-U-%els 
Hong Kong, China 
011852 2549 6273 

Clarissa Wong 
Natalie Wong 

211) Bloci 5 errand Vm (.ardens 
1 85 Hammer I III! Kiod 
Diamond I liU, Ktm'loain 
Hong KiMig, China 
011852 2877 9212 
Jeremy Wong 
I'lal 14-*^ Merry Court 
lOCasdcR'ad, .Slid la/>d> 
1 long Kong, ( :hina 
Oil 852 2549 6273 
Lauren Wong 
West Bay Street 
Nassau, Bahamas 
242 327 2264 
T.J. Wood 

Iddgeuxiod Farm, R.R. S5 
3520 GrandvK-u Street North 
OshawaON LI 11 81.7 
905 655 3169 
Andrew Woodward 
28 Scm en Boulex-ard 
Piml lope ON I.IA 3R2 
905 885 6718 
Jordan Worek 
'X) Iroquois .\venuc 
(>sha>xaON LKi 3X3 
905 721 2583 
Sophie Yalkezian 
394 Walton Street 
Cobourg ON K9A 3X3 
905 373 4591 
Scon Yang 

#T-1701. Btmdang Poonglim 
iwant plus Officetel 255-1 
Seohycon-dong, Bundang-gu 
Gyeonggi-d<n South Koiera 
Oil 8231 783 6843 
Kevin Yean 

120-106 Olympic -Sunsuchon .\ptj. 
Oryun-dong, .Siipa-gu 
Seoul, South Korea 
Oil 822 443 6319 
Ryan Yeom 
222- 1845 Basebne Road 
Ncpean ON K2C 3K4 
613 274 3875 
Cho Rong Yi 

1 12-804 Iloban Ijgensibil .\PT 
Bedtsukdong, Chunan <:ity 
Chungtjieungnamdo 330-220 
South Korea 
Greg Young 
5959 Garrard Road 
Whitby ON 1.1 M 1W7 
905 655 4962 
Penny Yu 

natB,17/F., Blocks 
South Honzons 
.\p Ija Chau 
Hong Kong, Chma 
Oil 852 2580 9069 
Tony Yu 

lu Kong .\pt. 410-805 
Byulyang dong 

Kwacheon City, Kyung Ki 427-040 
South Korea 
011822 502 1287 
Bryan Yue 
Caspar Yue 

8 Momson Crescent 
Umonville ON UR 9M3 
905 474 9786 

Xiao Yue 

.\pt. 4-7-7 No 89 C:2pitol .\irport Rd 

Baimg 101300, China 

Oil 86 10 457 0168 

Lauren Yun 

303-107 Dong Woosung BJIa 

Gumi-Dong, Bundang-Ciu, 

Sungnam-City, Kyunggi-Do 

South Korea 


Kirk Zadan 

Luke Zadan 

9 Meyers Street 
Trenton ON K8V 1W5 
613 962 0001 
Andrew Zwarych 
905 427 0682 




The Final Word. 

July 27*. Let that soak in. We graduated almost a month and a half ago. But we love 
this place so much, we decided to extend our stay more than half way into the summer. One 
of the mam attractions to Record Editmg is the sweet tower (a.k.a. Rapunzel's) that comes with 
the job. The pitfalls: there's no pay, Meag didn't ever get a job (because this was her life) and this 
tower is literally full of rotting garbage. As well as our discovery of items in old Records, you 
sick people, you know who you are. 

Thanks to Mr. Grandfield and Steve-o for their guidance, support, patience, and for pushing us 
to reach our goal. . before leaving for university. Huge thanks to FD; without you, we wouldn't 
have ANY pictures. Thanks to the sibs for lending a helping hand and to the rents for constandy 
nagging us to fmish. Shout outs to S Club, Spice, Brit, and Fiddy who kept it alive when we were 
here till 3 a.m. While here, we realized a few things. This room has two temperatures: really 
really hot and really really friggin cold. We have also been self-diagnosed with severe cases of 
perfectionista procrastinahonittis^ . 

Andria and Dave, we didn't warn you, but we should have. Have fun next year! 
RS. We think a bird is trapped in the fu-eplace. There might be more birds, we're not sure. 
RRS. We came up with our own version of Where's Waldo, it's called Gather the Geese. See 
how many you can find in the Record. 

'Def 'n: The inability to get a job done due to laziness, feelings of regret and the need to be 



Canada Ibartxnk Servicss (tdeO) umiM 
Bowmanvillc. Oniano 









^^^Bmh^ . 






/•J [•\ 



B ?"S«V? a 

5 :/^* A ^