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iM The Record 





- 1^ 

L -^ipFlS 




. ii 



I'l \'\ I'l ■• ^ 

, M 

*■'■' ■.' :#.*.' 



— ..MMMtfwABBrilill 

M|M 11 1 iBi 1 11 1 n 1 1 





[3r..„«««r 1 

The Record 

Trinity College School 

Port Hope, Ontario 

Volume 109 

Printed in Canada 

] Offic«^^ 

Am v-tjii/'M ^ 
/^viru^H Triwedi 

jijlia BaWkcr 

L ' 

Ot:i Ojo 



y^nnon Sv/ift 

)u«" ' '' 



Don Aitchison 


Drew Allen 

Social Sciences & Bickle HM 

John Anderson 


Tim Ayotte 

Information Services 

Tyler Bailey 


Tucker Barton 

Drama/Social Sciences 

Tanya Beck 

Athletic Therapist 

& Rigby HM 

Barbara Brough 

Social Sciences 

Alice Brown 

Social Sciences 

David Brown 


Michel Cameron 

Languages & Brent HM 

Michelle Cameron 

Junior School 

Courtney Christ 

Social Science & 

Bickle Asst. HM 

Angie Collins 

Health & Phys. Ed. 

Pamela Dew 

English & Languages 

Michael DuBroy 

English & Languages 

Daniele Dumont Brown 

Junior School 

Kerri Dunn 


Alison Elliott 

Junior School 

Paul Elsley 

Dean of Faculty 

Steph Feddery 

Science & Wright HM 

Jodie Fisher 

Science & Math 

Stuart Grainger 


Bruce Grandfieid 


Andrew Gregg 


Andrew Hall 


Josh Hamilton 

English & Computer 

Suzarme Hamilton 

Scott HM 

Rachel Hands 

Language & Rigby AFiMs 

Michael Harding 

Associate Faculty/Brent 

Tim Hay 

Health & Phys. Ed. 

Myke Healy 

Social Sciences 

Brian Hedney 


Renee Hillier 

Social Sciences 

& Wright Asst. HM 

Greg Hodges 

Languages and Culture 

Rob HoUett 

Science & Math 

Erin Hoobin 

English & Social Sciences 

Mona Hoy 

Associate Faculty 

Neil Hunter 

Music (Junior School) 

David Ingram 

Social Sciences & 

Bethune Asst. FiM 

Kalen Ingram 

Associate Faculty 

Lois Jackson 


Peter Kedwell 


Blair Keiser 

Computer Studies 

& Bethune HM 

Andrea Kelly 

Social Sciences & 

Bunis Asst. HM 

Bruce Keyes 


Tony Kleinschroth 

Computer Studies 

Nicolene Kuyper 


»' f J 



1. . 

Clockwise from Top 

Mr Walker chillin' in his office. 

Ms. Hoobin is happy coaching 

Ms. Lee is certainly enjoying that 

Grainger and Traugott are all smiles 

Mr. Parker and Whitney cause 

Mr. Tewsley teaching Math. 

Look how happy she is! 

Clockwise from Top 
(Opposite Page) 

Thanks Keiser.. Thanks. 

A couple of burnt out elves. 

FD taking a picture! 

Grainger and the HFs 
Alii and Avi let loose. 

Stooshinoff looks scary. 

You gotta a 


Kathy LaBranche 


Cyndi Langford 

Academic Support 

Tom Langford 

Math & Orchard HM 

Ross Large 

English & Hodgetts HM 

Elaine Large 


Aileen Lee 

Science & Scott Asst. HM 

Evan Legakis 


Meg Long 

Associate Faculty 

Viola Lyons 


Gail Malenfant 

English Tutor 

Erin McAleenan 

Science & Math 

Heather McClure 

Junior School 

Cory McKercher 

Social Sciences 

& Orchard Asst. HM 

Randy Mills 

Choir & Organist 

Wendy Moon 


Grace Moore 

Associate Faculty 

Stacey Moore 

Social Science & HPE 

Ange Murray 


Steve Murray 

Junior School 

Anne CRegan 


Ron Parker 


Andrew Parkes 

Associate Faculty 

Stephen Patterson 

Math & Science 

Jennifer Paziuk 

Dean of Academic Support 

Brock Phillips 

Junior School 

Barbara Piccini 

Head of Junior School 

Vincenza Pontieri 


Colin Powles 

Junior School 

Jennifer Powles 

Head of HPE 

Peggy Poynton 

Junior School 

Bob Ramsay 

Head of Computer Studies 

Jennifer Reid 

Junior School 

Chris Roberts 

Social Sciences 

Jessica Salt 

Athlehc Therapist & 

Ketchum Asst. HM 

Steve Schmidlin 

Junior School 

Kevin Shaughnessy 

Associate Faculty & Bethune 

Matthew Stepura 

Associate Faculty 

Harry Stooshinoff 


Shelagh Straughan 


Dan Sundy 

Associate Faculty 

Sean Tait 

Computer Studies 

Lauren Taylor 


Scott Taylor 


Andrew Tewsley 

Math & HPE 

Larry Thornton 

Languages & Culture 

Rick Traugott 


Susan Traugott 

Ketchum HM 

William Walker 


Ian Watt 

Dean of Student Life 

Tim White 

Director of Athletics 

Jennifer Wighton 

Associate Faculty 

David Wills 


Front Row: J. Bakker, A. Conyers, 
S. Grainger, A. Trivedi, C. Selby 


Back Row: P. Gupta, E. Foster, 
K. Mastinsek-Payne, E. Botrie, 
B. Kettlewell, M. Bauer, N. Issar, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: D. Martin, 
M. Maynard, C. Alexander, 
D. Kwan, A. Ballantyne, 
C. Byrne, A. Mathieson, 
C. Sullivan 

Absent R. McCurdy, P. Gillespie 


Back Row: J. Chin-You, R. Krause, 
S. Lee, A. Finlay 

Third Row: B. McKenzie, S. 
Saunders, A. juul, G. Parker, S. 

Second Row: S. Kirkpatrick, D. 
Martin, M. Tremblay, C. Stevens, 
C. Jin, T. Davis 

Front Row: J. Herman, S. Sands, J. 
Boss, N. Issar, ]. Mahon 

Back Row: G. Cecil-Cockwell, J. 
Ng, H. Sabnani, J. Chin-You, G. 
Flaherty, E. Foster, S. Grainger 

Front Row: S. Swift, D. Kwan, 
S. Martin, D. Aitchison, D. Martin, 
R. Mwalwanda, I. Mcbeath 



Back Row: E. Wilcox, D. Scott, 
M. Cecil-Cockwell, A. Maclsaac, 
J. Murphy 

Middle Row: D. Mellyman, I. Kuye, 
S. Bosy, A. Jonassen, T. Davis, 
S. Kirkpatrick, J. Fishlock, M. DuBroy, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: B. McKenzie, H. Lee, 
A. Landegger, V. Liang, P. Gupta, 
L. Armstrong 


Back Row: H. Horlin-Smith, 
H. Kurtze, R. Potgieter, N. Sokhela, 
C. Hallier, A. Morris, A. Guyot, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: L. Beckett, M. Kelly, 
P. Morgan, A. Schmidt, 
B. Mwangalawa 

■ I ' ■ L^>"." I 


''They say a tie is like kissing your sister. I 
guess that is better than kissing your brother. 

— Lou Holtz 

Coaches: C. Ouist, E. McAleenan 
CapUins: J. Bakker, S. Swift 
MVP: H. Swift, S. Swift 

The Bigside Girls Basketball team 
started off slowly this year, but grew into 
something great. Alex, Emily and Kristen 
came up from Littleside with power and 
intensity. After the first few games we 
really came together as a team. We hosted 
our honorary tournament where Caitlin, 
Julia, and Cristin had breakout games, and 
we ended up coming 2nd overall. We went 
to the Olympia Invitational, and made 
a huge mark coming 1st, where Rachel 
and Jess played amazingly. The OFSAA 
qualifiers came fast and although Caro and 
Chelsea were unable to play, they were 
both vocal leaders throughout both of the 
games. Shannon and Hailey fought with 
determination throughout all games. The 
final game for the CISAA OFSAA spot was 
TCS vs. Hillfield. After a strong fight it came 
to a heart-breaking loss in overtime by 2 
baskets. Overall, it was an amazing season, 
the team really came together, and we will 
all miss the good times and laughs that we 
had. A big thanks to the Coaches, Mac and 
Christ, and our manager Rachael. 

Back Row: C. Christ, R. McCoimey, H. Swift, R. Flyim, C. Alexander, C. Chagnon, E. McAleenan, S. 

Front Row: K. Ouellet-Gaston, E. Wilcox, C. Conyers, S. Swift, J. Bakker, J. Chapman, A. Hambrock. 


Coaches: A. Collins, K. Ingram 
Captains: L.Biggar, A. Conyers 
MVP: K. Fallen, J. Murphy 

Bigside Girls Field HiKkey had another 
comjjetitive and successful season. While 
we started off before school even began 
in September, we were able to make it 
through to the quarter finals against 
Nichols, where unfortunately we couldn't 
pull off a win. Leading the team were 
our co-captains. Alii Conyers, and Laura 
Biggar, who could always be counted on 
for encouragement and entertainment. 
Our team was extremely well rounded 
with strong offensive players and a solid 
MVP defensive line. And if the other teams 
were talented enough to pass through 
all of us, we could always count on our 
stellar goalies, Andrea Mathieson and 
Anna Everdell, to shut 'em down. Special 
thanks to our coaches KI and Collins 
for an amazing season. Best of luck to 
the returning girls, as well as the many 
graduating players - you will be missed! 
Peace Love and Gangster beats. Keep it 

Back Row: K. PaUen, D. Clark, E. Botrle, M. Rebane, K. Dagg, M. Herod. 

Second Row: A. Collins, G. Reid, A. Frackowiak, L. Pollard, J. Murphy, O. Bannock, J. Briggs, E. Bock, 
K. Ingram, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: R. Mwalwanda, L. Biggar, A. Everdell, A. Mathieson, A. Conyers, J, Boss. 

— ■ 

i 1 ^r-i 

' ^ T 1 


Clockwise from top left: 

Alii tries a new 'do. 

Biggar pulls the trigger. 

Darron is ahead of the pack, for once. 

"Good games had by all." 

And the crowd goes wild. 

This page is proudly sponsored by Tom & Heather Conyers. 


COACHES: D. Allen, T. Langford, M. Cam- 
eron, L. Powell 

CAPTAINS: P. Gillespie, G. Bathe, C. Sul 
livan, N. Topwlie 
MVP: G. Bathe 

How do you sum up a season that 
seemed like it lasted an eternity, but 
all just ended in the blink of an eye? 
Football is about a team, an inseparable 
unit, where bonds are made that can't be 
broken. Maybe it's because of the hours 
of practice we spent together after school, 
or maybe the endless rewinding of game 
tapes. Always remember: G-Munney's 
size. Bather lighting up the field, Chet 
makin' them all look foolish. Top's 
leadership in the huddle. Sully being 
American, Brownie's trash-talk, Steffo's 
pick, and ssuR as weU as beating SAC at 
home followed by an overtime victor)' 
in the States. In the end, we came up just 
short, losing to the All-Toronto Semi- 
Finalists at UCC. So much appreciation 
goes out to all of our respectable coaches. 
To the fans that supported us, much love. 
So boys, one last time: Clap it Up... One 
Unit, One Team, Go Bears. No regrets! 

BACK ROW: L. Topolie, J. Brogan, M. Wade, N. Steams, M. Balfour, B. Schenk, T. Hammett, K. Park, A. 
Boos, L. Dehen, S. Martin, J. MuUane, L. Gaston, T. Wood, S. Lee, J. Ahn, J. Lewis, S. Edmonds, J. Ng. 
SECOND ROW: D. Allen, T. Langford, M. Stepura, J. MuUane, G. Parker, S. Mooney, M. Boseovski, J. 
Chase, D. Stefopulos, J. Chin-You, S. Outerbridge, D. Brown, C. Gervais, A. Brown, D. Martin, N. Mc- 
Cartney, M. Cameron, L. Powell, S. Grainger. 

FRONT ROW: E Lee, D. Hyun, L. McUvin, W. Cook, C. SulUvan, P. Gillespie, G. Bathe, N. TopoUe, R. 
Edwards, A. Trivedi, S. Giaimone, B. Macfarlane, P. Robinson. 



Huddle formation. 

You can't play football with a broken arm, 

Mom (Captain Responsible). 

Got tickets to the gun show? 

Bears ready to go. 

/. .u' ^(k ' 

V .V- 


:OACHES: D. Ingram, B. Keiser 
:APTAINS: D. Hatch, X. Yue 
W\P: D. Hatch, X. Yue 

With an encouraging start in the early- 
bird tournament, the coaches knew that 
the team was destined to do well. Despite 
unsuccessful encounters at the beginning 
of the season, the team was able to reach 
an impressive record of 4 wins and 5 
losses, with 4 of theses losses coming 
at the start. With characters like Felip>e 
aka 'cubano' and Ola aka 'lips' the bus 
rides proved entertaining. The defence, 
consisting of Hatch (captain), Johi\ston, 
Jamal, Blayne and Ola and Felip>e, proved 
their worth against some of the strongest 
attacking teams in the league while the 
midfield, Xiao (captain). Matt, Jared, 
Korey, McCurdy, Brown, NeU, Ducky (aka 
Daniel) and Holmes, controlled the flow 
of the game with Rodrigo capitalizing on 
the many opportimities offered to him 
by his team. Great goalkeeping by David 
"Vladimir" Picdiu kept us in the game 
on several occasions. Overall, it was a 
rewarding and sucessful season in the 
team's eyes. 

BACK ROW: D. Hatch, G. Holmes, J. Ray, R. Lascurain. 

SECOND ROW: A. Juul, B. Keiser, K. Walker, A. Brown, F. Garcia-Andrade Llamas, O. Ojo, B. Ket- 
tlewell, J. Park, D. Ingram, S. Grainger. 

FRONT ROW: M. MiUer, N. Johnston, D. Hatch, D. Ficcini, X. Yue, R. McCurdy, N. Issar. 



If ^^ 



Jamal takes the opposition for a walk in 
the Park. 

Geoff helping Xiao out from the reai. 

Felipe is number one. 

The bag winds up for the kick. 

Geoff has mad skills. 




Coaches: T. White, Mr. Lowry 1 


A. Walker 

MVP: C. 

Whetung, H 


Bigside Volleyball had a great 2005 
season. The team was strong with four 
returning players and six newcomers. The 
goals of the season were to make the CISAA 
playoffs and to play in the OFSAA qualifier. 
The squad achieved both of these goals 
under the guidance of Coach Lowry and 
Coach White. Our Middles this year, Andrew 
Walker, David Berg, and Cliff Whetimg, held 
strong with powerful hits and smart tips all 
season long. With Thomas Large, Brendan 
Coughlin, and Havilland Day playing 
Power, the rest of the team could count on 
a solid hit from the left side. Bourgeois and 
Rowen could always make great sets to any 
position on the court. Our Libero, David 
West, consistently made awesome passes 
and perfected his back-court attack during 
the season. Rounding out the squad was 
our Offside player, John McCracken (a.k.a. 
FAJ), who improved his ser\'e immensely 
throughout the season. The team would like 
to say thanks to Coaches Lowry and White for 
an awesome season. We're looking forward 
to next year! 

Back Row: T. White, C. Whetung, D. Berg, J. McCracken, T. Large, S. Grainger 
Front Row: H. Day, S. Bourgeois, A. Walker, D. Rowen, D. West, B. Coughlin. 

Clockwise from top left 

They only wish they had muscles. 

Bourgeious and Large wait for the 

Walker kneels for a mid-game 

Wise words from the White man. 

Coaches: A. Kelly, K. Hillier, A. Hall, J. 


Captains: R. Krause, G. Cecil-Cockwell, 

A. Henninger 

MVP: D. Sylvester, A. Henninger 

Harriers is a sport which doesn't count 
success on placing, but rather on the calibre 
of the jokes and good times. Thanks to the 
coaches, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Hillier, Mr. Hall 
and Mrs. Fisher for teaching us a thing or 
two about ruruiing (one foot in front of the 
other). A few highlights from the season 
were the legendary Ganaraska runs, picking 
apples on the farm run, beach runs and 
Mount Trinity's. Thanks to our one and 
only sponsor, Betty, for providing us with 
her divine tarts and pies. Three new and 
experienced runners came and beefed up 
our team this year. D. J. Sylvester, Annegret 
Henninger, and Will Morrison consistently 
placed as the fastest runners on their teams 
and pulled off top finishes in their fields. The 
senior girls team finished second and Will 
Morrison placed sixth in the CISAA race 
held at TCS, both earning a place at OFSAA. 
A special thanks goes out to Dave and 
Gareth for providing leadership especially 
in "pre-race" stretches, comic relief, and for 
patenting the infamous And 1 running style. 
Good luck next year. You'll need it! 

I f 


A ^ ^ ^ lf> W 

'i ^ « A If i\- 

Back Row: K. Chan, A. Kam, J. Tuominen, W. Morrison, T. Galpin, E. Fishlock, E. Tutton, D. Sylvester, 
B. Krause. 

Middle Row: A. Kelly, J. Fisher, Z. McAlister, J. Comwell, J. Dickson, M. Stefopulos, M. Cecil-Cock- 
well, C. Ma, A. Maclsaac, A. Fung, A. Hall, R. HiUier, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: J. Agnew-Pople, R. Wen, S. Rashid, R. Krause, G. Cedl-Cockwell, D. Richards, A. Hennin- 
ger, J. Wong, S. Dagg, J. Homung. 


^^^ 1 

lar ^m. 

R?^ - .^^^^^^^^k^i 







I " J 

1 V 

I 1 

i J 





Clockwise from top 


Can't go wrong with Jeremy Wong. 


Jenna and Sophia are 

all smi 

les before 

the race. 

Annegret teaches the 






Coaches: T. Dew, P. Dew 
Captain: R. Faulks 
MVP: R. Faulks 

It's been another action-packed year 
for the equestrian team, with a multitude 
of new experiences, successes, thrills 
and occasional spills. We've had several 
new riders in the program, including 
Alison, Alexis, Courtney, Skye, Alana, 
jess and Tsubasa as well as returning 
riders, Christy, Natasha and Becky. 
Alison, Alexis, Natasha, Christy and 
Becky placed nicely in the Interschool 
shows while newer riders continued to 
improve significantly, with a winning 
"go do it" attitude. Both riders and 
"critters" have come such a long way, 
and the improvement has been clearly 
visible even to the riders themselves. 
Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Dew, you've been 
incredible. Hopefully, there'll be some 
guys in the tight pants and knee high 
boots next yi-ar! 

Back Row: T. Dew, P. Dew, J. Svenningson, A. Holmes, C. Corbett, S. Grainger 
Front Row: A. Grassinger, N. Chan, R. Faulks, T. Morishita, S. Krstinovski 

Coaches: L. Taylor, L. Wills 
Captains: A. Cameron, V. Sanders 
MVP: R. Murphy, P. Payette 

Middleside field hockey had an 
incredible season this year. More than 75% 
of our team had never played field hockey 
before, but they worked extremely hard 
and we pulled it together. We shared good 
times as a team in the freezing, pouring 
rain/hail, hiding in piles of leaves instead 
of doing runs, and inflicting numerous 
accidental injuries on each other during 
practice. We went from tripping over our 
shcks to kicking some butt in the CISAA 
tournament. We made it to finals but 
unfortunately couldn't pull off a win. We 
grew as a team and became a strong unit 
and, therefore, second place meant first 
to us. We shcdl miss our seniors next year, 
Emily and Jess. To the girls next year, 
remember to "Be like Thang!" Thanks to 
our amazing goalies for keeping us alive. 
Big thanks to the coaches, Mrs. WiUs and 
Mrs. Taylor, for a great season and tons 
of good times. 

Back Row: A. Rodrigues, J. Homung, S. Terfloth, S. Findlay, S. Picdni, J. Gagnon 

Middle Row: L. Taylor, M. Bowen, R. Ro, R. Murphy, B. Payette, A. Oulerbridge, I. Kuye, 
R. Gregory, K. Bowen, L. Bays, L. Wills, S. Grainger 

Front Row: T. Vu, E. Foster, V. Sanders, J. Ashbourne, J. Barker, A. Cameron, J. Herman, 
V. Esposito 


Coaches: E. Legakis, P. Goering 
Captain: R. MacGregor 
MVP: R. MacGregor, T. Sears 

Middleside St.)ccer started off the year 
with only 5 returning players. Stu Casgrain, 
Rob MacGregor and jae Jang assumed the 
captains' positions and helf>ed where they 
could. Many newcomers also stepped 
up to prove themselves. These people 
included Clarence Lam, Tom Sears, Sin 
Bum, David Knowles and Brian Ahn. Also 
without the comic relief of Egg our season 
would not have been the same. It was a 
very successful season compared to the 
one four years ago where not a single game 
was won. Having tied for third, we had to 
play Albert College whom we dominated, 
but only managed to slip away with a 6-5 
win. We finished 3"^ in the division and 
had to play a strong UCC team which we 
unfortunately lost 5-0. Thank you to our 
coaches, Mr. Peter Goering and Mr. Evan 
Legakis, who pushed us on through the 
year. Good luck to any returning players 
next year. 

Coaches: W. Moon, J. Powles 

Captain: S. Kelley 

MVP: S. Kelley, V. CampbeU 

Our team consisted of eleven FYs 
(ten of which, were relatively new to 
the game) and five Y2s. With only three 
returning players, few expected our team 
to go far. But we did. We went all the way 
to the playoffs! Making up for lack of 
playing experience, our team worked 
very efficiently. Focus, determination, 
and a lot of natural athletic ability were 
the qualities that allowed the team to 
finish third in the regular season. TCS 
first defeated De La Salle and then 
played Holy Trinity in the semi-finals. 
TCS won the game with great efforts 
from everyone, and it allowed us a place 
in the finals. Our final game was hard, 
but we stuck to our basics and by the 
fourth quarter the score was 42-40 TCS 
with 0.2 seconds remaining. A girl from 
BSS ended up missing one of her foul 
shots, allowing TCS to take home the 
gold! Good job, ladies! 

Back Row; R. Jung, E. Choi, G. Young , S. Oh, B. Mitchell, K. Yean 

Middle Row: P. Goering, T. Tohme, M. Alexiou, B. Ahn, S. Casgrain, R. MacGregor, J. Jang, R. Yi, S. 
Eum, E. Legakis, S. Grainger 

Front Row; S. Ligatsa, R. Au, C. Lam, T. Sears, L Poon, C. Wong, D. Knowles 

Back Row: W. Moon, J. Powles, C. Reed, T. Mathieson, D. Henderson, S. Neblett Reid, 
M. Guindon, A, Yassein, D. Gagnon, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: V. Campbell, B. Severs, P Langley, S. Kelley, S. Essak, R. Young, J. Guenette 







Coaches: B. Brough, R. Hollett 
Captains: J. Fishlock, O. Foley 
MVP: M. Trebilcock 

This year was a killer for Littleside 
Field Hockey. We started the year with 
unorganized, pure raw talent and fin- 
ished as the strongest, most tightly knit 
team in the league. Winning the CISAA 
championship was the icing on top of 
our season. With one goal against in the 
league games, we took our league by 
storm and never looked back. Thanks 
to all the girls who played this year. We 
had a strong D-Unit, laugh out loud 
mids, and killer forwards who just kept 
scoring! Thanks to Ms. Brough and Mr. 
Hollett who kept us intact, and put up 
with us even in the 'not so greatest' 
of times. We hope you look back on 
the season with good memories since 
we couldn't have asked for greater 
coaches! We'll never forget the good 
times, laughs, and bruises and bumps 
we got during the year. Congrats, Lit- 
tleside Field! 

Back Row: B. Ugolini, C. Patrick, S. Turner, L. DeGeer, A.. Reade, E. Kemp. 

Middle Row; R. Hollett, J. Gilchrist Bailey, M. DuMoulin, C. Hostick, K. Lanthier, M. Bathe, S. Murray, 
C. Glassco, S. Dusek, B. Brough, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: A. Norgan, M. Trebilcock, J. Fishlock, J. Enman, O. Foley, D. Veltri, S. Tirelli. 

Coaches: T. Bailey, S. Taylor, 
K. Shaughnessy, A. Tewsley 
Captains: S. Davies, D. Allen, J. GUlies, 
A. Moulton 
MVP: G. Flaherty 

As all football players know, 
strapping on your football gear is 
like putting on suit of armour. During 
this time you hear the intense beat of 
Queen's "We will rock you" or the great 
classic "NFL Sunday theme song". The 
captains, tell everyone to be silent. We 
have but one thing going through our 
heads: "If I give 100% my team will 
too". The captains headed for the door 
and everyone follows. Each captain 
stands while the rest of the team kneels. 
You hear comments like "We are a 
brotherhood" by D.J Allen or the ever 
so popular "Give it everything you've 
got and more," by Sam Davies. Finally 
"Make me proud boys!" from Justin 
Gillies. With this the team rises and 
runs out to the field which is no longer 
a playing field but rather a battlefield. 
We wall play our best even though the 
scoreboard denies it. 

•w' -'» ^_ T,„ -'r ■•Wit' rmm . 1".» ... •««r.. nm,v '"••■ .7. ■'■■'•; 

LUyjS^ ^^ !i timlfl W3 


Back Row; M. Henderson, J. Walsh, C. Chauvin, J. Kim, R. Smith, D. Weiss, D. Stewart, R. Dodd, D. De 

Aranaga, A. Moulton, 1. Dutton, J. Candlish, D. Sandoval, J. Mowbray. 

Middle Row; S. Taylor, A. Tewsley, K. Shaughnessy, M. Collins, 1. McBeath, J. Eraser, M. Bachorz, A. 

Byers, C. Whetung, I. Gomez, D. Howard, D. Parker, M. Maynard, A. Tanna, J. Mowbray, D. Bumham, 

B. Thompson, T. Bailey, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: W. McKay, R. Popoff, G. Keiper, M. Barker, A. Van Hoof, J. Gillies, D. Allen, S. Davies, R. 

Strike, D. Scott, 1. Lopez, M. Boos, G. Fltiherty. 


Coach: T. Hay 

Captains: R. Frame, D. Failing 

MVP: J. Austin, K. Bang 

Alter a successful season last year, 
Littleside soccer came into this year 
looking to try and once again make 
the playoffs. The season started strong 
including an impressive win against 
Ridley. However after consecutive 
losses to CDS and SAC, the team was 
beginning to fall out of the play off 
picture. But with qualit)' games against 
St Mike's and UCC the boys gained 
confidence and finished the season on 
a four game winning streak. However, 
any hopes of the championship were 
dashed in a loss to UCC in the quarter 
finals. Memorable moments include the 
team's rousing rendition of "Amazing 
Grace" and a near defeat of St Mike's. A 
big tharJcs to Mr. Hay who has provided 
all the players with a great experience 
this year, filled with laughs and good 

Back Row: R. Galpin, K. Doddridge, I. Johnson, S. Kelly, P. Morayta. 

Second Row: T. Hay, N. Dodd, Q. Flaherty, I. Parker, J. Austin, K. Bang, A. Parker, A. Sobowale, D. 
Allingham, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: J. Lane, P. Ramirez, R. Frame, D. Hunter, D. Failing, J. Wilcox, K. Patel. 





Coaches: T. Kleinsdu-oth, D. Wills 
Captain: T. Munro 
MVP: B. Yue 

This was a great season for Litdeside. 
A special thanks is sent out to all the 
coaches. They were the heart of our team. 
They helped everyone keep our heads in 
the game when we were focused more 
on having fun than playing the game. 
The Volleyball team really bonded this 
year, not just on the court but around 
the School also. We walked and talked 
to each other outside of class and off the 
court, which reflected how we played as 
a team. We should acknowledge some 
of our star players. Bryan Yue (our 
MVP), co-captain, helped lead the boys 
out there. He played every position on 
the court and was a very well roimded 
player. Byron, Shawn, Macauley and 
Scott Lula were our powerhouses on 
the court. Paul Hoy (star rookie setter) 
and Arin helped with the setting and 
Graham, Jordan and Blake looked 
strong on the court. 

Back Row: T. Kleinschroth, V. Mehta, B. MacDonald, B. Robertson, G. Dersnah, P. Hoy, D. Wills, S. 

Front Row: M. Wilcox, S. Lula, K. Theravithayangkura, T. Munro, B. Yue, A. Theravithayangkura, J 


Fall Sports Awards 

Littleside Football 

The Jamie Eaton Cup (Leadership): Sam Davies 
The E.J.M. Huycke Trophy (MVP): Galen Flaherty 
The Art MacDonald Trophy (Lineman): Justin Gillies 

Bi gside Football 

The Symons Trophy (Captain): Nick Topolie 

The J.W. Kerr Trophy (MVP): Greg Bathe 

The Coaches Cup (Best Defensive Player): 

Charlie Sullivan 

The Dr. Orchard Trophy (MIP): 

Deiun Brmon, David Stefopulos 

The Osuszek Memorial Trophy (Lineman): 

Luke Dehen, Peter Gillespie 

Littleside Basketball 

The Coaches Award: Victoria Campbell, Steph Kelley 

Bi gside Basketball 

The McMillan Cup: Chelsea Smith 

The Louise WUIis Trophy: Shannon Szoift, Hailey Sioift 

The Darde Crowe Trophy (Leadership): 

Caroline Cliagnon 


The Adrian Smith Trophy (Junior): 

]aclyn Agnezv-Pople, William Morrison 

The Marshall Trophy (Junior): Jeremy Wong 

The T.W. Lawson Trophy: 

Annegret Henninger, D.J. Syhester 

The Jonathan Buchanan Trophy: Jacob Tuominen 

The Rodger Wright Trophy (Leadership): 

Gareth Cecil-Cockivell 

Littleside Volleyball 

The Coaches Award: Bryan Yue 

Bi gside Volleyball 

Most Valuable Player: Cliff Wlxetiing, Haz'illand Day 


The Stephenson Trophy: Rebecca Faulks 

The StoUmeyer Trophy (MIP): Tstibasa Morishita 

Littleside Field Hockey 

Most Valuable Player: Mira Trehilcock 
Most Improved Player: Obvyn Foley 

Middleside Field Hockey 

The Bridget Kerin Trophy (MVP): 
Jessica Ashbourne, Jaime Barker 
The Middleside Trophy (MIP): 
Brett Payette, Renee Murphy 

Bi gside Field Hockey 

The Ness-Tarasick Trophy (MIP): Erin Botrie 

The Ellis Paquet Trophy (MVP): 

Jocelyn Murphy, Kristen Fallen 

The Anikka Foster Trophy (Leadership): 

Laura Biggar, Alii Conyers 

Littleside Soccer 

The Tim Hay Trophy (Coaches Award): 
Jonathan Austin, Ken Bang 

Middleside Soccer 

The Coaches Award: Rob MacGregor, Thomas Sears 

Bi gside Soccer 

The Pinkerton Trophy (Leadership): 

Xiao Yue, David Hatch 

The Paterson Trophy (MVP): Xiao Yue, David Hatch 

Coaches Award; Rodrigo Lascurain 

Full Bigside Colours 

Alex Brown 
Alfred Kam 
AUi Conyers 
Andrea Mathieson 
Andrew Walker 
Anna Everdell 
Anna Frackowiak 
Annegret Heruiiger 
Avi Trivedi 
Caitlin Conyers 
Caroline Chagnon 
Charlie Sullivan 
Chelsea Smith 
Chet Gervais 
Cristin Alexander 
Darron Clark 
Dave Stefopulos 

David Hatch 
David Piccini 
David Rowen 
David Sylvester 
David West 
Derreck Martin 
Devin Brown 
Emily WUcox 
Evan Tutton 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
Russell Edwards 
Greg Bathe 
Hailey Swift 
Jacob Tuominen 
Jacqueline Boss 
Jenna Briggs 
Jocelyn Murphy 

Julia Bakker 
Kristen Pallen 
Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 
Laura Biggar 
Lindsay Pollard 
Luke Dehen 
Marianne Stefopulos 
Matthew Miller 
Meg Herod 
Nick Johnston 
Nick Topolie 
Nik Steams 
Olivia Bannock 
Patrick Lee 
Peter Gillespie 
Phil Robinson 
Rachelle Krause 

Rodrigo Lascurain 
Sam Bourgeois 
Sam Giannone 
Sam Martin 
Sam Outerbridge 
Shannon Swift 
Taylor Hammett 
Tyler Galpin 
Wesley Cook 
Xiao Yue 
Zara McAlister 



Greg Bathe 


David Hatch 


Chet Gervais 


Xiao Yue 



Coaches: C. Christ, D. Sundy 
CapUins: J. Ray, X. Yue 
MVP: J. Ray, X. Yue 

Bigside Boys Basketball.. .what is there 
to say, really? We started off the year, 
uneasy at how the season might unfold. 
However, under the helpful coaching of 
Mr Christ and Mr Sundy, we were able 
to develop skills as a team. Jarryd and 
Xiao were awesome captains, leading the 
way for the rest of the team. Marshall and 
Brendan were 2 new recruits who worked 
hard to develop their skill throughout 
the season. Steve aka Nugget was our 
shortest member, but his skills really 
measured up to standards. Our manager, 
Alex Landegger, was helpful, and we 
want to thank her as well. Since our team 
consisted mainly of grads, we wish you 
all luck in your future endeavours, and 
good luck to the team next year! 

Back Row: D. Sundy, C. Christ, A. Trivedi, B. Coughlin, G. Holmes, D. Berg, K. Park, S. Lee, 
A. Landegger, S. Grainger 

Front Row: S. Ligatsa, C. Sullivan, J. Ray, X. Yue, S. Outerbridge, D. Brown 

Clockwise from top left; 

Xiao Yue: Imported Athleticism 
Coughlin on the breakaway. 
Sam calling the shots. 
Chuck Norris. 
J Ray soars to the bcisket. 


Coaches: G. Hodges, M. Harding 
Captain: M. Miller 
MVP: G. Samson-Strecker 

The Bigside Boys hockey season of 
06 (the Show) is a one that won't soon be 
forgotten by the students and teachers. 
Our team had a lot of skill and talent but 
the season that should have been was cut 
short because guys kept getting in trouble. 
However, where the team lost in players, 
we made up for with good times, such as 
the maintenance of the tight box, rides 
and Europe. There will be a solid group 
of seasoned vets that TCS will deeply miss 
of Lach, Robinson, Bobby, Chase, Stefo, 
McCurdy, Dtu, Mooney and Samson. 
The returrung players of Millier, Gaston, 
Finny, Mullane, Churchman, the Galpins 
and Chip will have to step up and take 
leadership responsibilities in order to 
succeed. On another note, we would like 
to thank our coaches for all the help and 
for putting up with us. It was an amazing 
season while it lasted and good luck next 

Back Row: M. Churchman, R, McCurdy, M. Orr, N. Johnston 

Middle Row; G. Hodges, C. Simmonds, T. Galpin, J. Mullane, R. Galpin, M. Harding, S. Grainger 

Front Row: G. Samson-Strecker, J. Chase, M. Miller, L. McLevin, L. Gaston 

Clockwise from top left: 

Holding his own behind the net. 

The pass is picked up along the 

Galpin helps Samson out on defence. 

Past vs. present in the Alumni game. 

Lach taking a breather between line 

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Coaches: D. Ingram, K. Ingram, R. 
Traugott, B. Hooper 
Captains: J. Boss, J. Briggs 

MVP: K. Venasse 

It's been long time coming tor Bigside 
Girls Hockey at TCS. We've evolved 
from a developing team into one that can 
compete and win against top teams in 
North America (like ones called North 
American Hockey Academy for example!) 
This year we played in both the CISAA 
league as well as the new NAPHA 
league (shout out to T for that creation! 
Mad props!) We want to thank all of our 
coaches and Courtney for her dedication 
(the door op>ening was imperative!) We 
want to say a sf)ecial thanks to Hoop for 
his ftonest yet caring coaching and a sad 
farewell to both him and K.I. To all the 
returning girls, keep in mind important 
lessons that were learned and always 
carry that piece of Ridley with you. 
From the four of us, thanks for a great 
graduating season. 

Back Row: D. Ingram, D. Gagnon, R. Murphy, K. Venasse, B. Ugolini, B. Payette, J. Guenette, 
B. Hooper 

Middle Row; K. Ingram, R. Traugott, M. Trebilcock, K. Ouellet-Gaston, O. Foley, A. Reade, C. Turcot, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: K. Lanthier, L. Pollard, J. Briggs, J. Boss, J. Murphy, J. Enman 

Clockwise from top left: 
Lady Bears at the face off. 
El Capitan, Jenna Briggs. 
MVP Venasse at the face off. 
Celebrations after a goal. 
Lady Bear grads will be missed. 


^^ ^^^^?s^^^^^^^^^^^ 




Coaches: M. Cameron, T. Hay 
Captain: I. Redford 
MVP: 1. Redford 

This season, Bigside Squash was a 
little different. We practiced. ..with girls! 
That's right, we were often joined by our 
very own girls squash team, and needless 
to say, we showed them a few tricks. Our 
skill was hard to beat this year- Greg Bathe 
and Dave Piccini, veterans to the game of 
squash, used their hard serves to overtake 
their opponents, while Blayne used his 
tricky backhand to throw the opponents 
off their guard. Rob was not only a worthy 
opponent, but he provided humour that 
could not be matched during the long bus 
rides. Special thanks to our coaches, Mr. 
Cameron and Mr. Hay, for teaching us how 
to win, and more importantly, for putting 
up with Rob for a season. Iain: keep givin 
'er next year, teach those Littleside boys 
how to play. 

Back Row: T. Hay, S. Giannone, C. Gervais, C. Christie, M. Boseovski, F. Garda-Andrade Llamas, D. 
Picdni, M. Cameron, S. Grainger 

Front Row: S. Martin, J. Mullane, G. Bathe, I. Redford, R. MacGregor, H. Sabnani, C. Lam 

Walker puts some emotion into his 

Blayne sets up for a serve. 

Chet hits the backhand. 

A diving save. 

Boseovski with a hard return. 






Coaches: S. Feddery, L. Lowry 
Captains: C. Alexander, S. Swift 
MVP: L. Biggar, G. Reid 

This was the season ot seasons. We were 
close to unstoppable in our league play with 
each player bringing something unique and 
powerful to the team. During the season we 
acquired the name "The Comeback Kids" 
because it seemed to be our subconscious aim 
to give Mr. Lowry a heart attack by losing the 
first set of every game and then demolishing 
the opponent in the next three sets to win. I 
won't pick individual players to highlight 
because we were a team; each of us improved 
in every aspect over the season. We qualified 
for both CISAA and OFSA A, bringing home 
silver medals in CISAA, and beating higher 
ranked teams than us at OFSAA. It was 
both a lot of fun and an experience never to 
forget. Friendships were made and the team's 
strength blossomed on that communication 
and sportsmanship. It was an honour to play 
with these ladies and to be coached by such 
encouraging and meticulous coaches. Thank 
you so much to Ms. Feddery, Mr.Lowry and 
Mr. White who made things happen. Good 
luck next year, girls! 

Back Row: L. Lowry, S. Lam, E. Wilcox, H. Swift, C. Chagnon, S. Murray, D. Clark, S. Feddery, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: L. Biggar, S. Swift, C. Alexander, M. Rebane, G. Reid 

e3 ■ 

Clockwise from top left: 

Three man block. 

Genna places a set. 

Cristin ready to serve one up hot. 

Biggcir waiting for the serve. 

Lowry discusses the game plcin 
for the second half. 


Coaches: R. Hollett, W. MiKin, 1. White 
MVP: G. Cecil-Cockwell, A. Henninger 

Nordic works best when you have 
snow, but unfortunately snow was in 
short supply this winter. After our training 
weekend at Blue Mountain, all our new 
skiers caught on to the sport remarkably 
Uist and proved to be some of the team's 
greatest assets. Anna Frackowiak, Annegret 
Henninger, and DJ Sylvester all contributed 
iromendously to our team's success. Cliff 
VVhetung is rumoured to be the fastest thing 
in spandex. Justin Weimann apparently 
"defined" Nordic 2006. Sophia Rashid 
joined our senior team and "skied till she 
tasted blood." All jokes aside, we killed at 
CISAA and took three teams to OFSAA. The 
senior girls finished in 12* place overall, 
senior boys placed 16"' and the junior boys 
ended up in 15* place. Nordic skiers are 
different because we often put ourselves in 
adverse conditions, but continually rise to 
the challenge. Whether through insanity, a 
love of pain, or both, this team has shown 
the tenacity, courage, and passion that is 

Back Row: W. Morrison, S. Shevlen, J. Wiemann, C. Whetung, D. Sylvester 

Middle Row: W. Moon, R. Hollett, R. Courtice, J. Tuominen, G. Cedl-CockweU, D. Taylor, L. Hogarth, 
T. White, S. Grainger 

Front Row: D. Hamden, A. Frackowiak, A. Gulka, R. Krause, A. Brown, A. Heniunger, S. Rashid 

Clockwise from top left: 

Cliff's victory dance, 

Gareth catching his breath after a 
solid ten kilometers. 

Jacob strutting his stuff for the ladies. 

Maynard hits the deck after his race. 

Alana pushing hard into the second 




This page is proudly sponsored by Wendy M. Cecil. 


Coaches: A. Tewsley, E. Hoobin 
Captains: N. Topolie, M. Stefopulos 

MVP: N. Topolie, K. Dagg 

This year brought many new faces and 
classic performances. Tew"sh!"ley and 
Hoobin led this mostly international team 
to 11 -^ place overall at OFSA A. OFSAA was 
all about the cards, hot tubs and riding the 
bus. Big Top made his way back to top 
winning the gold medal in the 50 free. The 
"Thai brothers" had stellar performances 
each picking up a few medals. Huey, 
Lucas, Boos and Lewis will be back next 
year for some more working it in the pool. 
The senior girls relay teams of Conyers, 
Chicaga, Qaws, T3 and Conney were very 
competitive. Altogether as a team we had 
an amazing season and we will miss our 

I * 


Back Row: A. Kam, S. Sands, R. Lascurain, D. Stewart, H. Day, S. Findlay, C. Jonassen, M. Robertson 

Middle Row; A. Tewsley, D. Henderson , A. Yassein, A. Theravithayangkura, J. Lewis, A. Boos, 
I. Enecoiz-Gomez, S. Theravithayangkura, B. Pitt, E. Hoobin, S. Grainger 

Front Row: L. Topolie, C. Selby, K. Dagg, S. Bosy, N. Topolie, D. Hatch, C. Conyers, C. Hermanns, 
A. Conyers 























Clockwise from top left: 

Take your shirt off Boos. 

Julia has the pre-race jitters. 

Vive el Mexico. 

Caitlin and Brittany are all smiles 
after their races. 

And they're off! 


Coaches: S. Moore, E. McAleenan 
Captain: S. Davies 
MVP: S. Davies 

Littleside Boys Basketball had a 
rough start since we were missing our 
main centre, Jon Austin, but we had 
a lot of help from Isaac Dutton. As 
the season progressed, we as a team 
improved together and worked harder. 
We appreciated the help of our playmaker 
and point guard Rob Frame, power 
forwaid Sam Davies, the returning 
players, Bryan Yue, Jack Candlish, as well 
as the new additions to the team. By the 
end of the season we became a strong 
team both offensively and defensively. 
All of this was p>ossible because of our 
coaches, Ms. Moore and Ms. Mac. Thanks 
to them, and good luck next season to all 
retviming players. 

Back Row: S. Moore, V. Mehta, J. Candlish, I. Dutton. D. Allen, Q. Flaherty, E. McAleenan, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: A. Sobowale, B. Yue, J. Austin, S. Davies, R. Frame, M. Tremblay, G. Flaherty 

Zoaches: S. Patterson, K. Shaughnessy 
Captain: A. Moulton 
MVP: J. Fraser, M. Wilcox 

The 2005-2006 Uttleside Hockey Team 
did not have a good season with our 
record which we will not mention. But in 
the end it did not matter if we won or lost 
the game. All that mattered was that we 
had some fun and play the game of hockey. 
Vou might think with the record we had 
it would be hard to have fun but with the 
guys we played with it help>ed to enjoy the 
moment. With the help of our coaches, Mr. 
Patterson and Mr. Shaughnessy, we were 
ible to learn more about the game and 
ilso to learn from the players of our team, 
rhey helped the team a lot in developing 
Dur skills and giving us more knowledge 
about the game to continue with it next 
year. So a big thanks to them and to all 
the players who did their best during this 
season. And to our captains, Adam, Joel, 
and Macauley, who did a pretty good 
lob getting the team pumped up. Also to 
3ur goalie Pablo Ramirez, our only man 
Detween the pip>es, who fought injuries 
to let us play. 

Back Row: J. Popoff, R. Dodd, K. Irwin, D. Weiss, E. Carette 

Middle Row: S. Patterson, D. Parker, H. Han, D. Allingham, B. MacGregor, A. Maclsaac, J. Wilcox, K. 
Shaughnessy, S. Grainger 

Front Row: C. Watson, M. Wilcox, P. Ranurez-Mendez, A. Moulton, J. Fraser 


Coaches: A. Lee, J. Wighton 

Captain: A. Copeland 

MVP: A. Copeland, V. Mathieson 

Littleside Girls Volleyball had an 
amazing season this year. Fun practices, 
success, great coaches, and cherishable 
memories made it so much fun. Despite 
the upsetting loss in our first game, we 
came back and started an exciting winning 
streak. With the exception of one loss, we 
faced victor)' in ever}' game we played, 
rewarding us with an impressive second 
place. At the end of the term, we went to 
I loly Trinit)' for the playoffs. After playing 
the best we had played all season, we won 
a well-deserved gold! 

Much credit goes to Ms. Lee and Ms. 
Wighton, who worked with us individually 
and as a team throughout the year. Their 
talent, support and encouragement 
pushed us through the season and greatly 
contributed to our success. Consistency 
in effort, enthusiasm and teamwork 
throughout the entire season proved that 
"those who have the will to win cannot 
be beat." 

Back Row: J. Wighton, J. Clarke, R. Ro, P. Langley, P. Miers, C. Patrick, A. Lee, S. Grainger 
Front Row: C. Reed, S. Essak, S. Kelley, M. Bathe, C. Bourgeois, E. Kemp, S. Dusek, V. Campbell 
Absent: A. Copeland, T. Mathieson 

Coach: D. Wills 

Captain: D. Failing, D. West 

MVP: I. Lopez, A. Parker 

Littleside Squash had an awesome 
season this year. We started off thinking 
that, because of all the new players and 
beginners, our team would do poorly. 
We, however, could not have been more 
wrong. We "squashed" the competition. 
Our record was just as good as- if not 
better than- the team last year! Captains 
Derek Palling, Alex Parker, and David 
West proved to be worthy leaders- they 
helped develop a fairly new team of 
beginners into squash players. What 
have we learned this season? Don't judge 
a group of players before you see them 
play, squash is a sport, and squash goggles 
are cool! Thanks to Mr. Wills, our coach, 
for putting up with us and teaching us 
this season- best of luck to the returning 
juniors next year. 

aft 0ff 

Back Row: I. McBeath, A. Byers, C. Chauvin, B. Thompson, G. Dersnah, S, Grainger 
Front Row: D. Scott, P. Morayta, D. Howard, D. Failing, D. West, I. Lopez, D. Sandoval 


roach: M. Cameron 

Zaptains: A. Mathieson, P. Murray 

kJVP: O. BanntKk, M. Rebane 

This year a new swing was put on 
he old fashioned job of the fire marshall. 
rhe job of taking attendance and doing a 
iin at any time of the day to the meeting 
ipot was never taken so seriously and 
jrofessionally, until this lot came around. 
Zaptains were elected, Peter Murray and 
^ndrea Mathieson. Shirts were created 
.■o enforce the authority of this reputable 
josition. The name was changed from 
'Fire Marshall" to "Fyah Marshall," 
ji order to add some island zest and 
jxdtement to the job. 

No matter what time of day (during 
dasses, early in the morning or late at 
light), you could trust that the School 
ivas safe with this year's team of Fyah 
Vlarshalls. Thankfully, Anna and Olivia 
ivill continue in the job and will be able to the new lot the tricks of the trade. 

Zaptains: M. Orr, L. McLevin 
vfVP: D. Stefopulos 

'Suspensions, gatings, expulsions those 
;uys have seen it all; truly masters of the 
•NDs. I wonder if they ever got those 
•ings...or were they counting on Russ for 
Cait Byrne 

'The Hawks are kinda like that guy B. 
babbit in the movie 8 Mile ." 

'Hawks, dropping deuces from the sky, 


Skye Krstinovski 

'Those are some pretty savage clownshoes, 


Jordan Chase 

'Hawks? I think I saw one of those in my 

backyard once." 


'They're a little over the top with the 
Zartman expressions." 
Trey Parker 

Front Row: A. Frackowiak, O. Bannock, A. Mathieson, P. Murray, M. Chu, M. Rebane 
Absent: N. Swan 


Winter Sports Awards 

Littleside Men's Hockey 

The Peter Compbell Trophy (Leadership and/or MVP): 

A Xacauley Wilcox, Joel Frnser 

Boulden Trophy: Pablo Ramirez Medina 

Bi gside Men's Hockey 

The J.W. Kerr Trophy (MVP): Greg Samson-Strecker 
The R.W. Goodall Trophy (Leadership): Lachlan McLevin 
The V. Baranov Trophy (Top Scorer): Matt Miller 

Bi gside Women's Hockey 

The McCaughey Cup (MVP): Kyrsten Venasse 

The Brian Proctor Cup (Dedication): 

Dauiela Gngnoii, Jennifer Giienelte 

The Stroud Cup (MIP): Lindsay Pollard, Andrea Reade 

Littleside Basketball 

The D. Hadley Armstrong Cup (MVP): Sam Davies 

Bi gside Basketball 

The Jim Kerr Trophy (Leadership): Xiao Yue 

The John W. Bamett Trophy (MVP): Xiao Yue, Jarryd Ray 

Littleside Volleyball 

The Coaches Award: Andrea Copeland, Victoria Mathieson 

Bi gside Volleyball 

The Feddery Cup (MVP): Laura Biggar, Genna Reid 
The Lyn Lowry Trophy (Leadership): Cristin Alexander 

Littleside Squash 

The Arnold D. Massey Award: Alex Parker 

The Ernest Howard Trophy (Top U15 player): Inigo Lopez 

Middleside Squash 

The Ron Reynolds Trophy (Dedication, Spirit, 

Improvement): Felipe Garcia-Aiidrade Llamas 

Bi gside Squash 

The Philip Ketchum Award (Outstanding contribution): 

Blayne Kettlexoell 

The Charles F. Bullen Trophy (MVP): Iain Redford 

Littleside Swimming 

The Danielson Trophy (Best junior male swimmer): 

Ariu Tlieravitliaynngkura, Sliauni Tlieravithayangkura 

The Housemasters Cup (Best junior female swimmer): 

Montana Robertson 

The Pat Osier Trophy (Best senior male swimmer): 

Nick Topolie 

The Mary 1. Wood Trophy (Best senior female swimmer): 

Kathryn Dagg 

The Sebastien Goulet Trophy (Leadership): 

Allison Conyers, Scott Bosy 


The Andrus Vasila Cup (Top Junior Skiers): 
Derek Harnden, Sophia Rashid 
The Sifton Cup (Top Senior Skiers): 
Gareth Cecil-Cockzoell, Annegret Henninger 

Full Bigside Colours 

Alex Brown 
Alfred Kam 
Allison Conyers 
Andrew Boos 
Anna Frackowiak 
Annegret Henninger 
Avinash Trivedi 
Blayne Kettlewell 
Brett Payette 
CaitUn Conyers 
Caitlin Jonassen 
Cliff Whetung 
Cristin Alexander 
Daniela Gagnon 
Darren Clark 
David Hatch 

David Piccini 
David Sylvester 
Gareth CecU-CockweU 
Genna Reid 
Geoffrey Holmes 
Greg Bathe 
Greg Samson-Strecker 
Iain Redford 
Jacqueline Boss 
Jarryd Ray 
Jenna Briggs 
Jennifer Guenette 
Jessica Enman 
Jocelyn Murphy 
Jon MuUane 
Justin Lewis 

Kathryn Dagg 
Kelci Lanthier 
Kristen Fallen 
Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 
Kyrsten Venasse 
Lachlan McLevin 
Laura Biggar 
Lindsay Pollard 
Lucas Topolie 
Marianne Stefopulos 
Marissa Rebane 
Marshall Balfour 
Matthew Miller 
Mira Trebilcock 
Nick Toploie 

Olwyn Foley 
Rachelle Krause 
Robert MacGregor 
Rodrigo Lascurain 
Samuel Martin 
Samuel Outerbridge 
Sarah Sands 
Scott Bosy 
Shannon Swift 
Sophia Rashid 
Stephanie Murray 
Xiao Yue 



Nick Topolie 


Cristin Alexander 








Coaches: T. Langford, M. Stepura, 
M. Harding 

Captain: S. Outerbridget 
MVP: R. Frame, G. Holmes 

Before tryouts no one on the team 
knew how our season would progress 
considering the fact that we lost two 
essential players from the previous year. 
In tryouts new talents were discovered, 
and within minutes the holes were filled. 
Our roster was set and the season began. 
We started off slowly and lost our first two 
games to St. Mike's and Nichols Academy. 
Another fading season for the Bears lay 
closely in front of us, but not for this team. 
We beat UCC, SAC and De Le Salle, which 
put our record at 3-2 (third place going into 
the playoffs). This was the first time Trinity 
College School has ever been in the CISAA 
playoffs for baseball. In the semi-final game 
we lost to Nichols Academy from Buffalo 
putting our season to an end. But even that 
was a great accomplishment and from a 
personal standpoint this was almost as 
good as winning the championship. "It is 
amazing what a bunch of guys all playing 
for the same goal can do in the face of 
adversity" - Theo Epstein. 

Back Row: D. Piccini, ]. Tuominen, G. Parker, G. Young, G. Holmes 

Middle Row: T. Langford, M. Harding W. Evans, K. Walker, H. Day, D. Knowles, M. Alexiou, M. 
Stepura, S. Grainger 

Front Row; D. Brown, J. Brogan, I. Redford, S. Outerbridge, ]. MuUane, R. Frame, A. Brown 

Clockwise from top left: 

Holmes takes a swing. 

Outerbridge struts his stuff. 

Knowles in the outfield. 

Jake's pattented curve ball. 

Mullane, careful you don't start 


Coaches: G. Hodges, R. Large 
Captains: N. Swan, R. MacGregor, 
D. Hatch 
MVP: D. Hatch, A. Morris, N. Swan 

Cricket is a laid-back game; we chill 
all day and have some fun on the pitch (of 
course it can be quite intense, especially 
when you're hearing Rob's scream and 
i.urse in slips). Cricket players are no 
different in this laid back nature - our 
captains didn't even write this article... 
thanks guys. . . so I'll write it - this one's for 
Cliff. We didn't have the most successful 
season on paper . We lost to easy teams 
clearly inferior to us. But on the other 
hand, the team had amazing chemistry, 
from the pitch to Rotilicious. In essence, 
it was a bunch of friends having some fun 
on the pitch, playing cricket. So, thanks 
to the captains Swanny, Robbie J and 
ritghoerithweiuor (duck); the leadership 
was exceptional. The coaches: Mr. Large 
(Rasta Large) and Mr. Hodges, and all 
the team: Smila, Jenny, Sausage, Blump, 

Tice, Bitchell, George, Hamir and 


Back Row: A. Morris, B. Coughlin, T. Large, B. Mitchell, G. Campbell 

Middle Row: G. Hodges, D. Kellyman, H. Sabnani, T. Sears, C. Whetung, V. Mehta, M. Wade, 
R. Large, S. Grainger 

Front Row: R. MacGregor, N. Swan, D. Hatch 





i. ^m 

Clockwise from top left: 

Going, going, gone. 

Bowl it, Aussie style. 

Swan shows Mr. Large how it's done. 

Batsman makes contact. 

Brendan stares down the opposition. 





Coaches: B. Keiser, T. Hay 
Captain: P. Gillespie 

The season for Bigside Rugby began 
at an exhibition tournament held by 
Ridley in which we won the silver plate. 
Our season continued to look brighter 
as we came back to TCS and crushed 
Appleby 27-0. The next game wasn't as 
successhil, losing to UCC 21-7. However, 
this loss did not dampen our spirits but 
only exuberated us to a victory against 
Ridley. The score of that game ended to 
be 12-7. Feeling invincible, we decided to 
tackle SAC and we took them too lightly 
as we only beat them 18-12. Sadly, the 
next week we played them again during 
semi-finals and we had the closest game 
all year, ending with a loss of 15-12. It 
was a privilege and a pleasure playing 
on the Bigside boys Rugby team. Good 
luck to all the Y3's next year. Make us 


Back Row: G. Cedl-Cockwell, L. Gaston, S. Lee, M. Balfour, ]. Lewis 

Middle Row: B. Keiser, T. Hay, R. Potgeiter, S. Martin, N. Sokhela, C. Hallier, K. Bang, C. Jin, S. 

Front Row: M. Boseovski, A. Trivedi, D. Hatch, P. Gillespie, X. Yue, C. Gervais, P. Lee 

Trivedi attempts to take down SAC's 

Chris reaches high to win the line out 

Stopped in his tracks. 

Lewis turns on the after burners. 

A near impossible feat, to say the 


Coaches: A. Collins, J. Wighton 
Captains: L. Pollard, R. McConney 

Bigside Girls Rugby had one of 
our most successful seasons in over 
five years. Although coming short of 
the playoffs, we won one invitational 
tournament and many league and 
exhibition games. We started off the 
season with only a handful of returning 
players and still came together as a 
team so quickly and so well. The team 
had amazing speed and tenacity as 
individuals and more importantly as 
a group of players. We want to thank 
coaches Collins and Whitey for their 
incredible support and guidance. To 
the grads, good luck next year and to the 
returning players, always remember to 
"rip and roll, ruck and maul, come on 
girls, let's get that ball!" 



Back Row: C. Bourgeois, R. Mwalwanda, K. Dagg, R. Flynn, C. Alexander, N. Dodd, O. Bannock, 
M. Robertson, J. Gagnon, M. Guindon, B. Payette 

Middle Row: J. Baxter, J. Wighton, J. Chapman, S. Lam, B. Ugolini, E. Botrie, T. Bryant, 
S. Saunders, M. Stefopulos, A. Hambrock, A. Frackowiak, J. Boss, A. Collins, S. Grainger 

Front Row: A. Juul, D. Gagnon, M. Kelly, L. Pollard, R. McConney, K. MacKenzie, M. Wafer, 
H. Horlin-Smith, O. Folev 

This page is proudly sponsored by Louis Hambrock. 


Coaches: C. Robert, D. Ingram, K. In- 
Captains: L. Biggar, A. Conyers 

NfVP: L. Biggar, S. Murray 

The Bigside Girls Soccer team was quite 
the squad this year. With girls from all 
grades, and personalities from all across the 
board, this team was definitely unique. We 
thank our three coaches for their guidance: 
Mr Robert who put his small man's heart 
and soul into our team, Mr. Ingram who 
encouraged us barefoot from the sidelines, 
and Ms. Ingram who ran us to victory. 
Having a few rough patches throughout 
the season (including bus/car accidents) 
we came through strong, destroying Vil- 
lanova in the semi-finals and De La Salle 
in the finals and qualifying for OFSAA! 
Our finest efforts were put out on the field 
in Peterborough in our fight throughout 
OFSAA and, despite a second loss on Day 
2 of the tournament which put us out, we 
were champs in our own minds. We all 
survived the box of death, Alli's never-end- 
ing "Wanna hear the funniest thing ever?" 
stories, and Hailey's dashing keeper outfits. 
To all of you who thought we wouldn't win 
anything this season, (in the words of Mr. 
Robert) "Bite Me!" 

Back Row: A. Cameron, V. Saunders, E. Wilcox, K. Venasse, E. Bock, M. Herod 

Middle Row: K. Ingram, V. Campbell, M. Bathe, S. Murray, K. Ouellet-Gaslon, A. Copeland, J. 
Ashbourne, K. Fallen, S. Grainger 

Front Row: C. Robert, J. Bakker, L. Biggar, H. Swift, A. Conyers, J. Murphy, D. Ingram 


This page is proudly sponsored by Michael and Ann Biggar 

, Coaches: L. Taylor, S. Taylor, C. O'Reilly 
Captains: J. Briggs, C. Smith 
MVP: C. Smith 

This year, Bigside Girls Softball 
had a great beginning. We had many 
trying out and huge potential for the 
season. We finished second in the QSAA 
championships, next to Havergal with 
the crazy-fast pitcher. We had lots of fun 
from all the goofy pictures and nicknames 
(Flincher, Mushroom & Mango), only two 
bus rides, getting hit (in the head) by a fast 
pitcher, and the random pick-up lines to 
Lil' Kim's weave and stance. This team is 
an incredible group of girls who are great 
athletes that love to play softball. Mr. 
& Mrs. Taylor have taught us so much 
and we are all grateful for their time and 
advice. A special thanks to Cav-dawg/ 
Crazy Cavan/ Mr. O for taking time off 
work for us and for the beautiful fields! 
Another huge thanks to Lilian and Louise, 
our amaiang managers. Also, a final thank 
you to Chelsea and Jenna for leading the 
team in an awesome season! Good luck 
next year, ladies! 

Back Row: J. Barker, A. Holmes, A. Everdell, J. Ashbourne 

Middle Row: C. O'Reilly, L. Taylor, S. Dusek, L. Armstrong, L. Beckett, L. Tsui, S. Taylor, S. Grainger 

Front Row: L. Bays, T. Forbes, J. Mahon, C. Smith, J. Briggs, A. Landegger, J. Herman, C. Gunning 

Clockwise from top left: 

Alex makes the catch. 

The wild pitch is snagged. 

Perfect form. 

She taught Geoff everything he 

Three strikes— you're out. 





Coaches: E. Htxibin, T. White 

Captain: C. Conyers 

MVP: F. Garcia- Andrade Llamas, 


The Bigside Tennis team did amazingly 
well this year, going the entire season 
undefeated! We had a new coach and many 
new players to welcome on to the team. It's 
been said we had one of the best teams the 
School has seen! Ms. Hoobin taught us a 
lot of things, most importantly that fitness 
IS a major part of tennis; she even made us 
run before or after practices! Some of the 
highlights include, the ripping of shorts, 
the breaking of shoes, kiddie frosties from 
Wendys (only 79 cents!) but most impwrtantly, 
bringing home the championship at CISAA! 
Sarah Chan pulled off a 3"^ in #1 Singles; 
Tiffany Leung 1"' in #2 singles (will hopefully 
be going to OFSAA!); Emily Foster 1"' in #3 
Singles; Caitlin Conyers & Steph Tefloth T' in 
#1 Doubles and Charlene Park & Venus Mak 
3"^ in #2 Doubles. Thanks to the whole team 
for such a great season, good luck to all of the 
grads, Charlene, Venus, Christina, Rachelle, 
and especially Emily who's been on the team 
for four years now; we're going to miss you 
all! Thanks again to Ms. Hoobin and Mr. 
White for being such wonderful coaches! 

Back Row: J. Jang, J. Chan, F. Garcia-Andrade Llamas, J. Austin, R. Lascurain, S. Bourgeois, D. West 

IVliddle Row: T. White, S. Terfloth, R. Krause, D. de Aranaga, A. Caballero, S. Findlay, E. Hoobin, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: S. Chan, B. Severs, C. Park, C. Hermanns, C. Conyers, E. Foster, V. Mak, T. Leung, 

Clockwise from top left; 

Conyers' deadly overhand. 

Felipe making camera love. 

Emily serves one up. 

Terfloth from the backcourt. 

Rodrigo shows Canada how it's 



TH . 


Coaches: J. Hamilton, G. S(.)mmerville 
Captain: S. DeGeer 
MVP: D. Berg 

The TCS rowing team has been 
rejuvenated this year. With a plethora of 
new recruits as well as a new coach, the 
tccun is heading in the right direction. We 
received some much appreciated new 
boats this year that have helped make 
us very competitive. Our first regatta in 
Peterborough was a great stepping stone. 
In the Belleville regatta the junior girls 
got some great results, coming home 
with golds and silvers. The senior men 
four came back with silver. Once again 
the rowing team went to School Boys in 
St. Catharines. This is a nation wide high 
school comjjetition. The entire team would 
like to thank our coaches Mr. Hamilton 
and Geoff. This program is growing. All 
the best to future rowers. 

Back Row: L. DeGeer, A. Kam, I. Parker, D. Sylvester, J. Leavitt, E. Kemp 

Middle Row: J. Hamilton, C. Stevens, S. Essak, S. Bosy, D. Berg, C. Huxtable, J. Elizondo, M. Bowen, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: C. Glassco, H. Koene, S. Dagg S. DeGeer, K. Konn, M. DuMouiin, M. Kirkpatrick 
K. Bowen 




Coaches: S. Moore, L. Thornton, 
C. Langford 

CapUin: G. Bathe 

This year's Track and Field team is 
better referred to as the "Slack and Field " 
team. While all the rugby players were 
doing bag drills, we were lying on the high 
jump mats. When the soccer players were 
running laps, we were doing A's and B's. 
You think the cricket players got off easy 
with tea time? Well we managed to devour 
endless cases of Nutrigrain bars without 
breaking a sweat. 

To whom do we owe thcinks for this 
privilege? None other than our esteemed 
coaches, Mr. Radar Thornton, Ms. Stacey 
Moore and Mrs. Cyndi Langford. Without 
you guys, we may have actually done some 
work this season. 

As we hang up our track spikes, 
spandex and sports bras for the season 
(forever in the case of the seniors) we 
will be constantly reminded of Slack and 
Field 2006. 

Back Row: E. Chan, C. Ma, D. Hyun, J. Chin-You, G. Bathe, K. Chan, K. Tai, C. Wong 

Middle Row: S. Moore, C. Langford, I. Kuye, L. Topolie, D. Clark, C. Chagnon, S. Swift, S. Weinstein, 
V. Liang, L. Thornton, S. Grainger 

Front Row: J. Wong, A. Henninger, B. Pitt, D. Stewart, A. Walker, J. Homung, J. Comwell 


Zoaches: P. Goering, A. Gregg 
Zaptain: N. Desjardins, J. Wilcox 

Middleside Cricket had a gixxi season 
inishing 2-2. Despite having a novice 
;roup we managed to play some quality 
Ticket and win a couple of matches. Thank 
/ou to Mr. Gregg and Mr. Gtxring for their 
';uperb coaching and enthusiasm. Our big 
hitter, vice-captain and wicket keeper, 
bhn Wilcox, managed our only six, while 
IQuirm Flaherty's bowling and batting kept 
IS in the games. Great keeping by John 
..ane as well and solid first time efforts 
py Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell, Nick Bauer, 
Tahmer Tohme, Paul Hoy, Ryan Hope- 
Ross, Justin Mowbray and Ryan Yi. Our 
/eterans, Holden Agnew-Pople, Nick 
Aggarwal, and Conor "Windmill" Doyle, 
.vere ever present. Thank you to our many 
supporters and blow-hom Bradley. 

Zoach: P. Elsley 
Zaptain: B. KettleweU 
AVP: D. Serrao 

"Look how far that drive went!" This 
ivas what was constantly exclaimed by 
)ther teams as a TCS golfer stepped up 
play. We kept our putts short, and our 
drives long, and kept out of the sand. 
31ayne KettleweU was a strong leader 
md golfer on the team, and he fit the role 
3f captain to a tee. He was able to help 
jther players, like FY Macauley Wilcox, 
ind turn them into lean, mean fighting 
nachines on the green. All season, we 
ivore our polo shirts and khakis with 
ohde as we stepjjed onto the green, and 
18 holes later, often came out on top. As 
A?e puttered along the season, we began 
:o realize that golf is so much more than 
J SfKDrt-it's a gentleman's game. Thanks to 
jur coach, Mr. Elsley, for always putting 
jp with our crazy golfing antics. Although 
t might have been different in your golf 
jame, you were always above par in our 

Back Row: J. Lane, R. Yi, R. Hope-Ross, N. Bauer, Q. Flaherty 

Middle Row: P. Goering, L. Hogarth, P. Hoy, A. Tanna, M. Cedl-Cockwell, T. Tohme, N. Aggarwal, J. 
Mowbray, A. Gregg, S. Grainger 

Front Row: C. Doyle, N. Desjardins, J. Wilcox, H. Agnew-Pople 






Back Row: J. Widdowson, A. Maclsaac, M. Wilcox 

Middle Row; P. Elsley, J. Candlish, M. Miller, C. Cousins, J. Wiemann, B. MacGregor, S. Grainger 

Front Row: C. Hostick, S. Lula, D. Serrao, B. KettleweU, S. Ligatsa, K. Patel 


Coaches: A. Tewsley, 

K. Shaughnessy 


S. Mooney 

MVP: S. 


The Rebels were back again tor an- 
other year of rugby under 2 new coaches. 
The player were sceptical at first of 
the coaching change but after our first 
tournament, in which we finished 2"^, it 
was obvious that Mr. Tewsley and Mr. 
Shaughnessy were Rebel coaches. The 
team was a solid mix of big guys as well 
as fast skilled players. The team was 
backed by the returning rebels: Murray, 
Richards, Brown, Martin. There was also 
some new young talent this year such as 
Danto, Henry, Choi, Churchman and Mc- 
Cracken. We also had the good fortune of 
McCartney and Hammett to provide us 
with the best scrum in the league. With 
Stuart Mooney leading the team on the 
field as well as great pump up sf)eeches, 
the Rebels had a relatively strong season. 
Thanks again to the great coaches and for 
the great year of rugby. 

Back Row: T. Hanvmett, H. Kurtze, J. McCracken, D. Martin, C. Christie 

Middle Row: K. Shaughnessy, S. Oh, D. Sandoval, E. Choi, K. Park, J. Ahn, A. Brown, A. Tewsley, S. 

Front Row: S. Edmonds, N. Issar, P. Murray, S. Mooney, D. Richards, N. McCartney, M. Churchman 

Coaches: T Bailey, M. Cameron 

Captain: S. Davies 

MVP: 5. Davies, A. Moulton 

This year's Littleside Gentlemen's 
Rugby Team comprised both novice and 
veteran players. However, our entire 
team illustrated so much athletic ability, 
toughness and intensity, any onlooker 
would definitely believe otherwise. As 
many of our players had previously been 
on both/either the Littleside Football Team 
or the Littleside Hockey Team, it might be 
confusing to some that our team would 
do so amazingly well as compared to the 
winless seasons of Football and Hockey. 
The season could not have turned out as 
it did without the superb efforts everyone 
put forward. We remind the returning 
players to keep the Haka going and make 
it Littleside tradition. Lastly, we must tip 
my hat to our amazing Mexican amigos: 
Little and Big Pablos, Iker and Inigo. And 
so the CISAA Champions of Littleside 
Gentlemen's Rugby Team of 2006 thcink 
you all for our times together. 

Back Row: L. Dehen, J. Mowbray, R. Courtice, M. Barker, A. Byers, I. Enecoiz Gomez De Tuddo, D. 
Parker, M. Maynard, W. McKay, D. AUingham, J. Walsh 

Middle Row: T. Bailey, M. Henderson, B. Thompson, K. Irwin, D. Lettering, D. Allen, D. Weiss, 
E. Carette, J. Eraser, M. Bachorz, M. Cameron, S. Grainger 

Front Row; R. Popoff, C. Gurming, J. Gillies, T. Chau, S. Davies, A. Moulton, P. Ramirez Medina, 
P. Morayta, G. Keiper, G. Flaherty 


■"caches: T. Gledhill, R. Ramsay, M. Hoy 
Claptain: J. Fishlock 
VrVP: C. Reed 

Littleside Girls Soccer had an amazing 
reason this year, overcoming many 
;hallenging obstacles. We started the 
season off with a group of extremely 
talented girls and promising results. 
Unfortunately, we encountered some 
bad luck as our season picked up. Many 
players injured themselves and we found 
ourselves with just enough players to play 
a gcime! We had some great wins (like 
tjeating Ridley) with some good laughs 
along the way. We regained many of our 
injured players, made the playoffs, and 
after beating Havergal the same score 
they beat us, we went to finals. We put 
lup a great fight against Villanova, but 
could only pull off a silver. Thanks a lot to 
|Mr. Gledhill (you speedy devil), Ms. Hoy 
i(the happiest person alive) and especially 
Mr. Ramsay for leading us to our CISAA 
silver medal. 

loaches: K. Dunn, J. Fisher 
Zaptain: K. Lanthier 
vrVP: K. Lanthier 

Littleside Softball has come so far. We 
started out with limited knowledge about 
the game. Thanks to our great coaches, 
Mrs. Dtmn and Mrs. Fisher, we learned 
a lot. We started out with the basics and 
how to get three outs, but eventually 
learned to steal, giving us a lot of extra 
runs. During our season we have realized 
that winning games was not the impwrtant 
thing, it was the enjoyment of being able 
to play and have fun. We managed to tie 
one game, and the team spirit after this 
game was amazing. We did not make it 
into the CISAA tournament, but we were 
so happy to have played with a great 
group of girls. There is so much potential 
in every one of them and many will go 
on to lead Littleside to victories next year. 
Congratulations, girls, for a great season. 
Special thanks go to the players for always 
staying positive, our coaches, and our 
manager, Gillian Aluin Kemp. 

Back Row: M. Burgess, J. Clarke, S. Picdni, J. Dickson, C. Reed 

Middle Row: R. Ramsay, M. Hoy, J. Guenette, J. Enman, M. Hamilton, R. Murphy, T. Gledhill, 
S. Grainger 

Front Row: V. Esposito, M. Trebilcock, A. Hill, T. Mathieson, J. Fishlock, L. Chin-You, R. Ro 

Back Row: T. Vu, C. Botrie, C. Storace, J. Agnew-Pople 

Middle Row: K. Dunn, G. Aluin Kemp, J. Chin-You, S. Cheema, S. Neblett Reid, C. Wafer, J. Fisher, S. 

Front Row: J. Johnson, R. Young, A. Reade, K. Lanthier, D. Taylor, A. Rodrigues, B. Mwangalawa. 






spring Sports Awards 

Littleside Men's Rugbv 

The Alistair McDonald Trophy (MVP): 
Sam Pm'ies, Adam Moulton 

Middleside Men's Rugby 

The Les Robling Trophy (MVP): Stuart Mooney 

Bi gside Men's Rug by 

The Beck Trophy (Leadership): Peter Gillespie 
The Peter Kelly Bowl (Spirit): Mike Boseovski 

Bi gside Women's Rug by 

The Leadership Trophy: Lindsay Pollard, Rachel Flynn 
The Coaches Award (MIP): Claire Bourgeois 

Bi gside Cricket 

The Seagram Cup (Sportsmanship): Thomas Sears 

The Reverend J. Scott Howard Trophy (Leadership): 

Nathan Swan 

The E.L. Curry Cup (Best Batsman): Nathan Szvan 

The Cricket Challenge Trophy (Best Bowler): Alex Morris 

The Old Boy's Fielding Cup (Best Fielder): Daniel Hatch 


The D.H. Hunter Trophy (MVP): Felipe Garcia- Andrade 

The #1 Ladies Singles Trophy: Sarah Clian 

The Sophie Paquet Trophy (Leadership): Caitlin Conyers 

Bi gside Baseball 

The Most Valuable Player Award: Robert Frame, Geoff Holmes 
The J.M. Biggar Trophy (Leading Batter): Robert Frame 
The J.S. Langford Trophy (Leading Pitcher): Robert Frame 
The Leadership Trophy (Leadership): 
Jared Mullane, Sam Oiiterbridge 

Littleside Softball 

The Coaches Award: Kelci Ijtnthier 

Bi gside Softball 

The Coaches Award (MIP): Jessica Ashbourne, Aniw Everdell 
The Samantha Currie Trophy (MVP): Chelsea Smith 
The Leslie Fraser Trophy (Leadership): fenna Briggs 


The Coaches Award: Kushal Patel 

The Ron RejTiolds Memorial Trophy (MVP): Dominic Serrao 

The Trenholme Family Trophy: Blayne Kettlewell 


The Geale Cup (MVP): Kanshawn Theravithayangkura 

Track & Field 

The Daniel Holmes Middle Distance Trophy: Darron Clark 
The Darren Cunningham Trophy for Jumpers: 
Atidretv Walka; Brittaiiy Pitt 
The Hurdlers Award: Greg Bathe 
The Throwers Award: Keh'in Tai 


The Stephenson Trophy (Outstanding Contribution): 

Rebecca Faulks 

The Stollmeyer Trophy (MIP): Tsuhasa Morishita 


The Chapman Trophy (Top Novice Oarswoman): Erin Kemp 
The Adam Cota Trophy (Top Novice Oarsman): Ian Parker 
The Ned Hanlan Trophy (Top Senior Oarsman): David Berg 
The Garth Nichols Trophy (Leadership): Sarah DeGeer 
The Coxwain's Crown: Sarah DeGeer 

Full Bigside Colours 

Alex Hambrock 

Alex Juul 

Alex Landegger 

Alfred Cam 

Alison Holmes 

AUi Conyers 

Andrew Walker 

Anna Everdell 

Anna Frackowiak 

Annegret Henninger 

Arin Theravithayangkura 

Avinash Trivedi 

Ben Hur 

Blayne Kettlewell 

Brittany Pitt 

Caitlin Conyers 

Caroline Chagnon 

Charlene Park 

Chelsea Smith 

Chris Hallier 
Claire Bourgeois 
Daniela Gagnon 
Darron Clarke 
David Berg 
David Hatch 
David Knowles 
David Sylvester 
David West 
Devin Brown 
Eleni Bock 
Emily Foster 
Erin Botrie 
Evan Tutton 
Felipe Garcia 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
Geoff Holmes 
Greg Bathe 
Hamir Sabnani 

Hannah Horlin-Smith 
Iain Red ford 
Ian Parker 
Irwin Poon 
Jacob Tuominen 
Jae Jang 
Jaime Barker 
James Brogan 
Jared Mullane 
Jenn Gagnon 
Jenna Briggs 
Jessica Ashbourne 
Jessica Chapman 
Jocelyn Murphy 
Jusrtn Levws 
Ken Bang 

Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 
Kyrsten Venasse 
Laura Biggar 

Lauren Beckett 
Lindsay Pollard 
Lisa Bays 
Marcus Wade 
Marshall Balfour 
Matt Alexiou 
Mike Boseovski 
Nathan Swan 
Olwyn Foley 
Patrick Lee 
Peter Gillespie 
Rachael McConney 
Rachel Flynn 
Rebecca Faulks 
Rhoan Potgieter 
Rob Frame 
Rob MacGregor 
Rodrigo Lascurain 
Roni Au 

Sam Lee 

Sam Martin 

Sam Outerbridge 

Sarah Chan 

Sarah DeGeer 

Shannon Swift 

Shawn Theravithayangkura 

Sokhela Nhgangano 

Steph Dusek 

Steph Murray 

Stephanie Terfloth 

Tift'any Leung 

Tracey Forbes 

Varun Mehta 

Venus Mak 

Xiao Yue 



Stephanie Murray 


Chelsea Smith 


Laura Biggar 


Greg Bathe 

Track & Field 



"What happens on tour, stays on tour." 



Clockwise from top left 

She shoots.. .she scores! (Hopefully...) 

Bryan drives to the basket 

Brandon is a football superstar. 

Marley runs to the ball. 

Pablo, our Mexican hockey goalie, ready to make 

a save. 

Bigside Girls Basketball is intense, even on the 


Cliff and David shut the other team down with 

a block. 

Sarah makes a serve. 

Go number 12! 


Clockwise from top left 

Brie, Erin, Lindsay, Rachelle, Charlene, Priya and Aman- 
da- some graduating Rigby sunshine. 
Ali and Anna at skate day. 
Jeanie and Knowles. 

How many monkeys do you see? Olwyn, Monty, Steph 
and Kendra in a tree. 
Mariey and friends on a bus ride! 
Chrissy, Jaime, and Anna lookin' good at Semi. 
Kelci, the American, plays dress up with Mira 
and Fallen. 

Some Scott girls dance up a storm. 
Jenna and her Boo Boo Bear, Geoff. 
Jess and Jacq, the Nova ScoHan hockey players 
Julia FISHlock...get it? 





"A good composer does not imitate; he 

steals. " 

— Igor Stravinsky 



Back Row: P. Murray, 

S. Bosy, C. Chagnon, 


Middle Row: R. Mills, R. Yeom, G. Young, 

D. Brown, J. 

Picov, D. 

Morrison, K. Bang, 

S. Grainger 

Front Row: 

D. Clark, 

E. Wilcox, T. Bryant, 

S. Findlay, S. Swift, S. Lam, A. Conyers 


Back row: R. Wen, C. Wong, E. Chan, 

J. Elizondo, A. EverdeU, K. Tai, M. Lam, J. Au 

Middle Row: J. Wong, L. Biggar, J. Boss, 
L. King, S. Kim, A. Kim J. Baxter, 
F. Garcia- Andrade Llamas, R. Au, S. Lai 
D. Chu, G. Reid, L. Tsui 

Front Row: J. Chan, L. Pollard, J. Bakker, R. 
Mills, S. Grainger, D. Aitchison, A. Gulka, 
V. Liang, B. Mwangalawa 


Back Row: C. Jonassen, S. Bosy, W. Camm, 

T. Davis, J. McCracken, K. Balaam, J. Tuominen, 

Front Row: E. Large, M. Walker 


JAZZ @ 4 

Back Row: 1. Parker, A. Mathieson, 
R. McCurdy, G. Parker, A. Boos, 
A. Hambrock 

Middle Row: J. Lee, D. Hunter, 
A. Woodward, D. Kwan, C. Selby 

Front Row: S. Grainger, C. Jin, M. Jackson, 
S. Lee, A. Parker, R. Parker 


Back Row: J. Song, J. Ashbourne, J. Lee, 
A. Jonassen, N. McCartney, M. Jackson, 
S. Hynd, C. Jin 

Front Row: S. Grainger, A. Hill, C. Sanchez, 
D. Hyun, R. Yeom, S. Yang, D. Henderson, 
L. Jackson 


L. Jackson, C. Sanchez, J. Ashbourne, 

R. Yeom, O. Barmock, A. Frackowiak, C. Jin 



Back Row: D. Hunter, M. Jackson, J. Chin- 
you, S. Neblett Reid, L. Chin-You 

Front Row: N. Hunter, A. Brown, S. 
Mackenzie, K. Baxter, J. Bakker, S. Dagg, S. 


Back Row: J. Fishlock, N. Hodgson, R. 
Murphy, J. Austin, J. Fraser, K. Fallen, A. 

Middle Row: L. Jackson, R. Courtice, 
D. Taylor, Q. Flaherty, M. Tremblay, D. 
Woodward, S. Grainger 

Front Row: B. Krause, A. Sobowale, 

M. Kirkpatrick, J. Dickson, M. Maynard, M. 



Back Row: M. DuMoulin, 1. Kuye, J. Comwell, 
J. Svermingson, O. Bannock, H. Lee 

Front Row: S. Grainger, S. Chan, S. Saunders, 
J. Chan, N, Chan, L. Armstrong, G. Moore 


This page is proudly sponsored by Amanda and Cayro Fordham. 


Back Row: Z. McAlister, G. Reid, 
L. Pollard, D. Taylor, L. Chrisman, 
S. Terfloth, A. Everdell, E. Botrie, 
K. Ouelette-Gaston, B. DeSilva, 
B. Ugolini 

Middle Row: L. Jackson, P. Gupta, 
I. Kuye, G. Aluin Kemp, S. Krstinovski, 
D. Henderson, L. King, B. Payette, J. Boss, 
J. Song, B. Ainsworth, S. Grainger. 

Front Row: S. Chan, K. Lee 
K. MacKenzie, A. Hill, H. Lee, 
S. Dagg, A. Kim, A. Gulka, 


Back Row: S. Lee, K. Bang, 
A. Woodward, C. Selby, G. Young, 
J. Picov, G. Parker, A. Boos, D. Kwan, 
E. Choi, M. Wade, I. Parker 

Middle Row: J. Lee, C. Wong, 

H. Nowak, K. Yean, S. DeGeer, R. Krause, 

A. Parker, B. Pesowsky,R. Yeom, 
M. Tremblay, W. Wakefield, 

B. Hur, A. Reade 

Front Row: S. Grainger, C. Stevens, 

C. Jin, M. Wafer, A. Popoff, A. Hambrock, 
S. Rashid, K. Pallen, S. Lam, J. Song, 

G. Tse, P Gupta, J. Wong, R. Parker 






jf^^nf wvi^^kB N M ^^^Vl^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^K ! B^PlBX^^^^B^^^K^Lfl^^^E^^t^ 

This year, a dedicated group of TCS students decided to tackle an immense issue 
and researched, using a variety of sources, the Rwandan Genocide in which nearly 
1 million Tutsi's were killed during 100 days. Four weeks later, a student-written 
script was produced for what would become a remarkable experience. 
Performed in early November of 2005, "The Darkness of 100 Days" silenced 
audiences with its powerful message of hatred, helplessness and negligence, by 
documenting General Romeo Dallaire's peace mission in Rwanda. This earned 
the play the right to be performed outside of TCS as this was something that 
EVERYONE needed to hear. 

The play was taken later to the Toronto Centre for the Arts for two performances in 
early December, and later, on the anniversary of the genocide, the cast and crew of 
the play were honoured with the chance to stage the play in Ottawa for Rwandan 
survivors of the 1994 massacre. 

After meeting and talking with the Rwandan survivors, we learned just how 
important this play was. As one of the survivors told us, "When 1 first read your 
play, 1 cried. When 1 saw you perform it, 1 was happy; because I realized that the 
world is in good hands." 

This play was more than a play; it was giving a voice to the voiceless and sending 
a message outlining that "the surest way for evil to prevail is for good men and 
women to do nothing." 

We were all honoured to have been a part of such an important play and we all 
sincerely hope and pray that, "perhaps the next hme the killing starts somewhere. . . 
we will be able to live up to the humanitarian ideals we so easily espouse, yet so 
rarely employ." Remember Rwanda. 

Thanks to Mr. Walker, Mr. McKercher, Mr. Parkes, Ms. Jordie Hepburn and Alison. 
Good luck to everyone in the future. 




^^^Br ^^^^V*^ ^1 

m 1% '/#- 1 

^ %^ ■ 

Many people have asked what this play is about. Well here is a simple 


Two hobos, Vladimir (Nick Topolie) and Estragon (Will Camm), wait in a disgusting 
wasteland which consists of nothing more than a mound, hundreds of boxes, and 
a dead tree. They are waiting for the mysterious Godot to arrive so that they can be 
freed from the boring minutiae of their everyday Uf e. As they wait, they fill their time 
with simple activities, exercises, name calling, and much more. While they go about 
their routine two other interesting characters arrive. Pozzo (Matt Walker), a slave 
driver, tortures his slave Lucky (Thomas Davis) whom he drags about by a long thick 
rope around his neck. It is in this encounter where Vladimir and Estragon discover 
their own feelings about slavery and cruelty to their fellow man. As the act draws 
to a close, a small boy (Kristina Balaam) approaches the two homeless men with a 
message from Godot: " . . .he won't come this everung but surely to-morrow." The boy 
leaves and the two men speak of going their separate ways, but do not move. 
Same as Act One. 

The play, which is considered one of the hardest to perform in the English language, 
went off without a hitch. Nick and Will did superb jobs of playing appropriate 
opposites, and both had great comic timing. Matt did the perfect job of torturing 
and bossing around the poor Thomas. Kristina Balaam not only did a very good job 
as the boy, but also as the stage manager and assistant director. Special thanks go to 
our director, Mr. Walker, who for some reason beUeved that a bunch of high school 
kids could pull this thing off . . . and he was right. 



^^^^H^^^^ ^Bc ^^^^^H ^^^H 

FY/Y2 Dance Troupe strut their stuff. 
Jazz @ 4 performs. 
Anna and Liv's dance-off from Arts 

Dance troupe dances at their dance show. 
Jessie is one fifth of the Jackson Five. ..I 
mean. Quintessence. 
Dominic and AlU play love songs to- 
gether at the chamber concert. 
Vocal Jazz belts out another tune! 
Dylan Hunter, the School's fearless Bass- 
ist, before a gig. 

Joon keeps time with his drums! 
Evan and Ola are all laughs in Tales From 
the Scripit. 
Mackenzie shows us his saxophone. 



This year TCS Advanced Placement Art History students, along with a select crew of grade 12 Art students, 
embarked on a trip to see first hand, some of the world's best coUecHons of art and architecture in the 
world. Our trip began In Rome. The moment we entered our hotel the touring began, 9:00 pm Roman time. 
Throughout the four days in Rome, all students had the opportunity to see Vatican City, the Coliseum, the 
ruins of old Rome, the Borghese Gallery, the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and much more. On the fourth 
day the class took a trip north by train to Florence. Although the city was not far from Rome, everyone 
immediately sensed the unique flavour of Florentine culture. Because Florence was much smaller, the 
group was able to accomplish more museums and hot spots by foot. Some of the locations visited were 
the Duomo, the Bargello Museum, which focused on sculpture, containing many priceless works of art 
created by such sculptors as Donatello, Giambologna and Michelangelo. The group also entered Santa 
Croce, where Michelangelo was buried, and the Pitti Palace, lavishly decorated with the Medici Family's 
former private collection. It is the long walks and the rigorous yet very enjoyable hands-on learning that will 
always remind the art history group of the pleasures and beauty of Roma and Firenze. We must also thank 
Mr. Gregg and Father Don for all the hard work put into plaiming the trip and guiding all of us around 
the streets of foreign cities. Participants of this trip included Derreck Martin, James Ng, Sam Bourgeois, 
Brendan Coughlin, Virginia White, Lou Chapman, Mikel Bauer, Angle Kim, and Sarah Ammons. 



On March 12, ten students and two teachers boarded Air Canada's flight to New Delhi, 
feeling excited, eager and curious. This was the pilot year of the TCS India Project. 
As visitors and volunteers we found ourselves in numerous schools, watching rows of 
young children stare up at us curiously from the floors. Coming from a well equipped 
place like TCS, it was a profound experience to see the limited resources in these rural 
schools. We were also amazed in our meeting with a women's group in a remote 
village, because the women, who don't usually come out of their homes, gathered in 
excitement to meet with us and talk about their handicraft and empowerment work. 
In contrast to the first portion of our journey, we spent a couple of days ay Mayo 
College Girls School, a private school with many impressive similarities to TCS. We 
were astounded by the stark contrasts between the lifestyle of the girls at the school 
and those families that we lived with for the previous few days. We appreciate the 
leadership, knowledge, support and smile - through sickness and health - of Ms. Vibhu 
Garg, who stuck it out with us for our entire time in India. The trip would not have 
materialized as marvellously as it did were it not for the initiative and passion for India 
and international education of Mr. Myke Healy. The caring and support of Ms. Alison 
EUiot was greatly appreciated. During this incredible two weeks the group matured 
and bonded with each other, grew to better understand a beautiful culture, learned 
about development issues facing people living in urban and rural India, and gained 
a great appreciation for the benefits of living in our developed society. Participants 
include Chris Selby, Marianne Stefopulos, Felipe Garda-Andrade Llamas, Brett Payette, 
Clara Jin, Blake Macfarlane, Scott Bosy, Dave Berg, Jess Herman, and Priya Gupta. 




On June 19'^ the Horizons of Friendship Panama Youth Delegation embarked on their 
ten days of learning from and experiencing Panama, a country that is often overlooked 
by the international community. The Interamerican Cooperative Institute opened its 
doors providing terrific seminars and trips to the Panama Canal, nature parks and 
farming cooperatives. Visits to non-govemmental organizations gave very powerful, 
personal stories of the battle against HIV/ AIDS and the stigma that surrounds the 
disease in Latin America. The group painted a women's shelter and worked alongside 
Panamanian youth in the classrooms and in helping to improve the conditions at a 
local primary school. The fantastic p>eople and food helped the group survive the 
heat, the World Cup and the hungry bug population but as a local participant said, 
"It was about people coming together, sharing ideas and parting with a motivation 
to continue to work for social change". Participants include Chelsea Smith, Claudia 
Sanchez, Jaime Barker, Zara McAlister, Courtney Turcot, Grace Egan, Sophie Yalkezian, 
and Dominic Serrao 


- -^' ■■%M 


'M- '1 








Participants included Anna Frackowiak, Cait Byrne, All Cameron, Sam Lee, Jennie Ross, Caitlin Conyers, Stefan Kirkpatrick, 
John Shevlen, Mallory Maynard, and Jessica Chapman. This trip was run by Tucker Barton. 



Arts: Award of 

Bailey Ainsworth 
Doug AUingham 
Gillian Aluin Kemp 
Sarah Ammons 
Louise Armstrong 
Jonathon Austin 
Julia Bakker 
Aaron Ballant>Tie 
Ken Bang 
Olivia Bannock 
Nick Bauer 
Jay Baxter 
Jacqueline Boss 
Carlie Botrie 
Erin Botrie 
Alexander Brown 
Tamara Bryant 
Eric Carette 
Jackie Oian 
Natasha Chan 
Sarah Chan 
Justin Chin-You 
Lianne Chrisman 
Robin Courtice 
Stephanie Dagg 
Beccy De SUva 
Jenna Dickson 
Conor Doyle 

Arts: Award of 

Jessie Ashbourne 
Kristina Balaam 
Andrew Boos 
Lou Chapman 
Grace Egan 
Anna Frackowiak 
Chelsey Gunning 
Alex Hambrock 
Amy Hill 

Mackenzie Jackson 
Cailin Keams 
Stefan Kirkpatrick 
Sharon Lam 
Joon Lee 
Andrea Mathieson 


Anna Everdell 
Julia Fishlock 
Galen Flaherty 
Quinn Flaherty 
Joel Eraser 
Alana Gulka 
Devin Henderson 
Nathan Hodgson 
Dylan Hunter 
Ben Hur 
Sean Hynd 
Anna Jonassen 
Caitlin Jonassen 
Ja Joong Kim 
Liz King 

Malakai Kirkpatrick 
Brendan Krause 
Rachelle Krause 
Ha Ram Lee 
Katherine Lee 
Samuel Lee 
Matthew Maynard 
Zara McAlister 
Sierra McKenzie 
Renee Murphy 
Skylar Neblett Reid 
Haley-Dawn Nowak 
Brett Payette 


Justin Picov 
Lindsay Pollard 
Alexandra Popoff 
Sophia Rashid 
Andrea Reade 
Genna Reid 
Ashlyn Rodrigues 
Samantha Saunders 
Mitchell Selby 
Akin Sobowale 
Jessica Svenningson 
Stephanie Terfloth 
Elizabeth Traicus 
Mark Tremblay 
Ga Bo Tse 
Jacob Tuominen 
Evan Tutton 
Marcus Wade 
Coleen Wafer 
Meghan Wafer 
David West 
Chris Wong 
Jeremy Wong 
David Woodward 
Scott Yang 
Alaya Yassein 
Kevin Yean 

Service: Bronze Level (80 hours) 

Excellence Winners 

Sean Matthews 
John McCracken 
Kristen Pallen 
Alex Parker 
Ian Parker 
Claudia Sanchez 
Jessica Song 
Courtney Stevens 
Claire Stewart 
Dayna Taylor 
Monique Tremblay 
Whitney Wakefield 
Ryan Yeom 
Greg Young 

Daniella Gagnon 
Derek Pailing 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
So Youn Kim 
Jenny Ashbourne 
Jessica Ashbourne 
Marshall Balfour 
Olivia Bannock 
Nick Bauer 
Eleni Bock 
Jacquelene Chan 
Mike Churchman 
Beccy De Silva 
Sarah DeGeer 
Grace Egan 
Sarah Findlay 
Chelsey Gunning 
Jessica Homung 
Chris Huxtable 
Donovon Kellyman 
Liz King 
Katherine Lee 
Samuel Lee 
Sam Martin 
Bradley Mitchell 
John Shevlen 
Marianne Stefopulos 

Service: Silver Level 

Kevin Dodridge 
Dayna Taylor 
Jeremy Wong 
Kristina Balaam 
Alii Cameron 
Jaime Chan 
Caitlin Conyers 
Anna Everdell 
Anna Frackowiak 
Alex Hambrock 
Brett Payette 
Chip Simmonds 
Jessica Song 
Aaron Ballantyne 
Mikel Bauer 
David Berg 
Malcolm Cedl-Cockwell 

Lucas Topolie 

Whitney Wakefield 

Ryan Yeom 


Will Camm 

Lou Chapman 

Jordan Chase 

Kathryn Dagg 

David Hatch 

David Hyun 

Jae Jang 

Caitlin Jonassen 

Alexandra Landegger 

Patrick Lee 

Jeanie Mahon 

Venus Mak 

Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

Andrea Mathieson 


Steve Ra 

Jennie Ross 

Greg Samson-Strecker 

Courtney Stevens 

Avinash Trivedi 

Caleigh Webb 

Scott Yang 

(120 hours) 

Jessica Chapman 
Thomas Davis 
Alana Gulka 
Priya Gupta 
Duncan Kwan 
David Morrison 
Peter Murray 
Ben Pesowsky 
Sam Saunders 
Dominic Serrao 
Nathan Swan 
Shannon Swift 
Nick Toplie 
Monique Tremblay 
Courtney Turcot 
Matt Walker 
Chris Wong 

Cosmo Music Achievement Award: Ryan Yeom 
John H. Bassett Award for Music: Clara Jin 




Mikel Bauer (Drama) 
Karen Baxter (Music) 
Scott Bosy (Drama) 
Cait Byrne (Drama) 
Will Camm (Drama) 
Thomas Davis (Drama) 
Emily Foster (Drama) 
Clara Jin (Music) 
Duncan Kwan (Music) 
Mallory Maynard (Music) 
Graeme Parker (Music) 
Ben Pesowsky (Music) 
Chris Selby (Music) 
Nathan Swan (Drama) 
Matt Walker (Drama) 
Andrew Woodward (Music) 

Community Service 
Brian Ahn (200) 
jay Baxter (279) 
Karen Baxter (207) 
Scott Bosy (271) 
Erin Botrie (334) 
Jenna Briggs (411) 
Tamara Bryant (310) 
Cait Byrne (228) 
Justin Chan (340) 
Germaine Chau (229) 
Justin Chin-You (399) 
Alii Conyers (375) 

Clara Jin (223j 
Stefan Kirkpatrick (224) 
Rachelle Krause (224) 
Blake Macfarlane (262j 
Mallory Maynard (205) 
John McCracken (207) 
Kristen Pallen (225) 
David Piccini (210) 
Chris Selby (279) 
Andrew Woodward (203) 
Bryan Yue (200) 


The goal of the "Unsung Hero program" is to acknowledge the students of the TCS conununity who throughout the year have 
been consistent in showing a positive attitude towards school life, both on and off school grounds. They aid, encourage and 
influence other members of our community and have not otherwise been recognized for their endeavours. Heavy involvement 
in school life, dramatic change in life for the better, and generally a significant and respectful role model in the School are just 
some things that make a TCS hero. 

Each month the students and faculty were asked to nominate a student. Over a five-month period, well over 300 legitimate 
nominations were considered. The enthusiasm of the entire school made the committee's job even more difficult with such 
a variety of well deserving students. A committee of students has the almost impossible task of selecting the recipient. The 
committee consisted of Scott Bosy, Jenna Briggs, Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell, Chrystina Cousins, Kathryn Dagg, Sarah Findlay, 
Christian Gunning, Alex Hambrock, Caitlin Jonassen, Donovon Kellyman, David Knowles, Chris Selby, and Courtney Stevens. 
At the end of each month a presentation was made in chapel recognizing the recipient's achievements with a plaque. 

This student-nm program was generously supported by the TCS Parents' Guild. The Guild seemed more than 
enthusiastic about the program and purchased a framed print to be displayed as a constant reminder of this worthwhile 

Since the program was a late bloomer this year, only four awards were given out. This years recipients were Justin 
Chin-You for his Help desk and chapel involvement. Ha Ram Lee for her involvement in organizing dances. Matt Walker for 
his contributions to drama on and off campus and Stefan Kirkpatrick for his involvement in the arts and social issues. 

On a personal note, I cannot express how pleased I am that the TCS community has been so supportive of this program. 
I wish all the best to the committee next year. The committee will be left in the more than capable hands of Sarah Findlay. And 
remember, sometimes the best type of hero is an Unsung Hero. 

Scott Bosy 



Quintessence, also known as the Jackson Five. 

Ibby and her dance crew perform on dance night. 

Tom Davis was a hoot in Talcs from the Script. 

Ms. Jackson, one of the driving forces behind the Arts 

Department, speaks at Jazz Night. 

Dance Troupe strikes a pose. 

Aaron rocks out on Arts Night. 

Junior Jazz band. 

Clarence and Rodrigo strum away. 

Sundy and Andrea pack up.. .together.. .after Arts Night. 

Attack of the Killer Crow Man. .enough said. 

Devon soloing. 



"A house is a machine for living in: 
— Le Corbusier 















■b- r 

-iff.*- If: J, 



Housemaster: Blair Keiser 

Assistant Housemasters: David Ingram &. Kevin 


Head of House: Derreck Martin 

During the start of the 2005/2006 school year, Bethune House showed a lot of promise. Our house consisted of 
strong athletic foundations, with Chinese, Mexican and Barbadian soccer fanatics (two of whom will be playing 
college soccer next year), seven starting Bigside footballers, two Thai record swimmers, one 5'5 Hong Kong Harriers 
star and a 5'6 Indonesian Basketball super star. These athletes among countless other Bulldogs burned pathways 
for the remaining four boys houses - capturing the top house finisher in the Oxford Cup (with the help of Mr. 
Keiser's lure of a steak dinner to whoever placed in front of him), the Infamous senior volleyball house sport tide 
and the emotionally charged 2nd place firush in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Aside from the athletic realm, 
Bethune also carried a surprisingly strong academic foundation with two Political Aficionados, one Barbadian 
scientific genius (who was told he could be an astronomical engineer v^dth his amazing scientific skill), countless 
Asian mathematicians and one painfully impressive Hong Kong artist. With such talent and brains, Bethune 
achieved a record house average. Although Bethune's heads of houses hit some turbulence throughout the course 
of the year, the remaining graduates were more than happy to take the reins and muscle the House to what was a 
comparatively good finish to the year. We hand the whip to Sam Martin and Havilland Day, who will be our Head 
and Assistant Head of House during the 2006/2007 school year. We are all confident that they both will make 8 
lasting impression on the House and lead them to success in the future. All the best of luck, Bethune Boys. 

-Derreck Martin 








Clockwise from top left 

Trina's identity revealed. 
Steams is a fan of prime time televi- 

Some fine old dames. 
Touch rugby in the rain. 
Mexican hockey sup>erstar. 
The Godfather and his right hand 

Ail too happy. 
Korean Bethune grads. 
Bethune FYs joking around. 
Ricky Law: Canadian Idol 
Hamir and Xiao 

This page is proudly sponsored by the Shevlen family. 


Housemaster: Drew Allen 

Assistant Housemaster: Courtnev Christ 

Head of House: Charlie Sullivan 

Assistant Head of House: Blayne Kettlewell 

This year, Bickle was wicked awesome. We ended off last year saying a sad good-bye to the Hayter family, but we 
were excited to welcome Mr. Christ, Mrs. Christ and Madigan into Bickle House. In September, we were lucky 
to welcome in many new students from many different places from around the world, all eager to be a part of 
Bickle. We were fortimate enough to have some amazing wins this year, perhaps the most commendable being 
beating all the boys houses in Ultimate Fribee on the School's birthday, and beating all the other houses in this 
year's Breakfast Olympics. Our accompishments weren't limited only to sports this year; we were one of the only 
houses to sponsor and organize an event for our house charity. Borrowing Mr. Sundy from Brent House, we 
held a Linehaul Charity Concert. Some fun times include house outings to Medieval Times, the annual bowling 
championship. Mandarin Restaurant, and Kyoto House. Partway through the year, we were able to welcome in 
two great exchange students: Alex Morris and Chris Hallier. 

There are many people to thank for the wonderful year we had: Charhe and Blayne, thanks for your leadership 
within the House; Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ, thanks for being awesome Housemasters; and Mr. Stepura, thanks for 
being a wicked associate faculty member. Thanks to the housekeeping staff for always putting up with us. Best of 
luck next year to Sam and Felipe; we know you guys will do a great job. To the Bickle grads '06-congratulations, 
we did it! 





Housemaster: Michel Cameron 
Assistant Housemaster: Mike Harding 

Head of House: Aaron Ballantyne 

Well, it has definitely been a good year for Brent, not only with the addition of so many new Gentlemen of Brent, 
but we also had a year of many close successes. We almost made it to the debating finals, and we almost made 
it to the finals of the centennial ultimate Frisbee match and we almost came first place in the House Olympics. 
Unfortunately, we ended up losing a few guys towards the end of the year, and we will also be saying goodbye 
to Mr. Harding, to whom the whole House wishes the best of luck. We also have to say goodbye to all the grads: 
Holmes, Alexiou, Ola (BDF/BTF), Chan, Jarryd, Rob, Malconez, James, Jamel, Brown, Blake, Outerbridge, Stebby, 
Fuman Chu, Roni Meow, and Moolane. Best of luck to you all. To everyone that's going to be here next year, 
cherish you time here and keep out of trouble. Keep the House strong. To Tom the bomb and Luke, best of luck 
and keep the Brent House traditions alive. Finally, thanks Mr. Cameron for being such a great Housemaster and 
for keeping an eye out for us. 



Brent's smallest FY, Dan Byrne. 

Malcolm and Aaron, world's cutest 


Ian gives us the thumbs up! 

Brent's famous slip and slide. 

Brent's "ass fac's", Sundy and Harding, 

enjoy activates at NSFAG. 

Iker playing rugby. 

The first (and only) time Rob and Ola 

showed up for Chapel— and they aren't 

even in uniform. 

Alex Christie. 

Alex BrowTi looking overly happy. 

Aaron, why are you pretending to be 

Matt Alexiou? 




This page is proudly sponsored by David Tsiang & Monica Cheung. 


Housemaster: Ange Murray 
Assistant Housemaster: Andrea Kelly 

Head of House: Cristin Alexander 

This was a wicked year in Bums House. I know that everyone in Bums can honestly say that this year would nd 
have been the same without our amazing Housemasters, Mrs. Murray and Ms. Kelly. As they leave TCS and mov€ 
on to new ventures, we wish them only the best of luck and thank them for the wonderful years and memories thej 
have given us at TCS. Thank you. Bums was blessed with an amazing group of girls, all different and all bringing 
something unique and colourful to the group. It is for this reason that we have been so successful. May I point 
out that, YES, we won the smelly shoe and went undefeated in the tug of war, which was a highlight to our year 
We may not have come out on top of everything but we did what Bums girls do best; we had fun. To the Bums 
grads of 2006, we are done ladies. ..we made it out alive and in style. Sweet job. Returning Bums girls, you are al 
amazing and beautiful inside and out. Ms. Mac and Ms. O'Regan, you will be great. Anyways girls. . .just Keep or 
Keepin' on! And, in the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years. One love. 

Cristin Alexander & Rachael McConney 


Qockwise from top left: 

Bums grads get the house wet. 

Bums' very own islander grads. 

Some sort of tribal dance it would 


Bums grads got lei'd. 

Queens of Bums. 

Alumni return to visit. 

Green Cup garbage clean up. 

Bums girls playing late night dress 


Olivia cheers for the house at house 


Team stretches before House 01)mi- 




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Housemaster: Ross Large 

Assistant Housemaster: Robert Ramsay 

Head of House: Duncan Kwan 
Assistant Head of House: Neil Issar 

2005-2006 saw Hodgetts once again maintam its supremacy as the best House of the School. A mediocre performance 
on the debating front was compensated by convincing victories in House Sports throughout the year. 

While the year was marred by the disappearance of our beloved Smash Bros., we were kept entertained by the 
sight of Ehincan and Chris energetically thrusting to techno music. It was also commonplace to see many of the Y4s 
glued to the couch in the Hodgetts office, madly attempting to defeat Super Mario 64 (mission successful). 

The year had many memorable events. Of note are Fishlock's successes with the ladies, the Y4s' adventures in 
Scott house (except Topolie), Stefan's discussions with Amanda, and McCulloch and Devon officially joining Rigby 
house. And how can I forget James's fun with the foosball, Lucas's love for Annegret, and Russ's inspiring meetings 
with Mr. Elsley? However, despite our "achievements" in many aspects of Trinity life, we never let our successes 
get to our head. A few Hodgetts grads were even generous enough to help the property department rearrange the 
benches and graduating class tree around the School. 

Finally, with cries of "Ho!" resounding triumphantly across the fields, Hodgetts's repeat domination of House 
Olympics was a fitting conclusion to the year. Keep it up next year, boys. 

NeU Issar 





' iflFi 



I^^^^^^hC^Jm iV^H 


^ ^^ 





Clockwise from top left: 

Now all you need is your dreidel. 

At least no one lost ahead of you, 


What are you doing. Walker? 

TopoUe brothers doing what they 

do best. 

Nice face, Dave. 

Boos, the future is in your hcinds. 

Chubby bunny. 

Neil is reunited with his long lost 


Triple backflip. 


Housemaster: Sue Traugott 

Assistant Housemasters: Jessica Salt & Kalen Ingram 

Head of House: Andrea Mathieson 
Assistant Head of House: Emily Foster 

The dictionary defines blue as, "The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo", but 
to be true blue, that is different. To be true blue, you have to have spirit and enthusiasm, and most of all, you have to 
know how to have fun. Although Ketchum has accomplished a lot this year-the Green cup, the Oxford cup. Senior 
house volleyball, Frisbee, and of course, the coveted Langmuir cup - we have more importantly learned to grow as 
a house. Together, we have conserved energy, held tongue depressors for weeks, been through long house meetings, 
dedicated hours to the Snack Shack, and had our first annual Scott/Bums/Ketchum party. It has been a true pleasure 
working with such a great group of girls this year; best of luck next year to all of the returning ladies. 

Emily, it was a roller coaster ride, but in the end, I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. KI, you brought 
so much to the house this year, and you will truly be missed next year. Good luck with Tom Brady and all your future 
endeavours. Salty, best of luck with your soon to be newest (and youngest) Ketchumite! Miss Moore, your optimism 
and energy brought the House's energy up, and we will miss you. Traugott, thanks for putting so much into the 
House and not expecting anything in return, and thank you for always believing in us. Working with you this year 
was sincerely amazing. Peter and Mr. Traugott: Thanks for sharing your wives with us. Finally, Tamara and Alison, 
make us proud and take care of these girls. You guys will be awesome next year. 

To the grads, it's time for us to go, but Ketchum House will always and forever remain a home for us to come back to. 
To end with a quote from Tlie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, "Here's to the rest of our lives, together and apart." 
-Andrea Mathieson 


'!\0«!»* aCW** cTOW 

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K^. ' I 


^M. W 

V I ^ Mk^l 


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imEIISIIJSI vrTPUllAlV. ^Miin 

Clockwise from top left 

Ketchum grads before the big race. 

Emotions run wild at house sports. 

Grrrr... Fyah Marshalls. 

Ketchum Housemasters: T, Salty 


Penny and Grace enjoy amateur 


Alexis and Becky. 

Ketchum House sporting their 

house clothing. 

What you didn't know about Alii. 

Braveheart anyone? 


Housemaster: Tom Langford 

Assistant Housemaster: Cory McKercher 

Head of House: Ryan McCurdy 
Assistant Head of House: Peter Gillespie 

This year was very much a rebuilding year for Orchard House. For those of us graduating who started our first 
year in Orchard in grade 9, there was a bit of anticipation for us to see who would be keeping the O-House strong 
for the next few years. With a great group of juniors, including none other than Andrew Van Hoof, (the House's 
elected representative for nearly everj'thing) and a solid group of seniors, two of whom will go on to be our first 
prefects (even HB), the House looks as if it will be in good hands. Special thanks go to Gillespie for sharing the 
responsibility of the O-House with me, as well as TL, Cory McKercher, Squid and Chris who helped keep our boys 
in line all year. Congrats to John McCracken and Braden Schenk who will be taking over HOH and Ass.HOH and 
on behalf of the Orchard grads of '06, we all had a savage time in the O; just keep givin'r. 


Ryan McCurdy 


Clockwise from top left: 

Derek's master key prase. 
Jacob harasses some FYs. 
Orchard juniors at House Oympics. 
TCS's most aiumated pair. 
Rowen loved scoring girls basket- 

Jordan looking spiffy at the Trina 

Schenk showing off his Thing. 
Chase is always looking for spare 

Wilcox knows something we don't. 
McCracken shrugs it off. 

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Est. 1996 

Housemaster: Tanya Beck 

Assistant Housemaster: Rachel Hands 

Head of House: Priya Gupta 
Assistant Head of House: Erin Botrie 

Rigby sunshine was even brighter this year! We had the most accomplishments in years this year. From not losing 
house sports this year to actually winning a game in Frisbee, Rigby was on fire! We started the year welcoming 
many new students from all over the Northumberland area, all eager to be a part of Rigby House. Perhaps oui 
greatest achievement this year was in our debates-winning both junior and senior debating for the year. Priya and 
Brie beat Ketchum's Jocelyn and Emily, proudly taking the Debating Goose from them. Good job, Rigby! 
We owe many thanks to many people this year. Priya and Erin, you guys did an amazing job as Heads of Houses 
this year, and we couldn't have done it without you. Ms. Hands, your never wavering enthusiasm for the House and 
your big smile were always appreciated by the girls. Mrs. Beck, thank you for being so caring and understanding 
with all matters of the House. Finally, Meghan and Sarah, you'll do an amazing job next year. Good luck! 
To the Rigby grads '06-we've been through a lot together, and best of luck in the future. I know we'll all succeed 
in whatever we choose to do. 
Gooo Rigby Sunshine! 




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Housemaster: Suzanne Hamiliton 
Assistant Housemaster: Aileen Lee 

Head of House: Cait Byrne 

Assistant Head of House: Mikel Bauer 

Who's HOUSE??? S-HOUSE!! We had ups and downs, dramas and comedies, we laughed and cried, but we did it 
all together Sisters for life, Scott House stays strong. 
This year has been great in so many ways and we'd like to thank each and every one of you for adding to our 
experiences. We'll never forget the pranks, the dance parties, the all-nighters, the house outings and dinners (that 
creeper on the cruise. . .you know the one lol). We all learned a few things this year that should not be forgotten for 
next year's Scotties. To summarize: we're all in it together so talk it out, if the baby is happy everyone is happy, 
it's not about winning it's about how loud you cheer, and last but certainly not least Scott is obviously THE BEST 
HOUSE. To Ibi and Sharon, we know you'll take care of all the Scotties with love and respect. To this year's grads, 
go forth and be happy - your Scott House sisters will never be too far away. Ms. Lee, thank you for everything and 
best of luck in the future (bacon!). Whitey, we know you'll be welcomed in to Scott House with wide open arms 
and good luck living in res! Ladies of Scott, we bid you adieu. Keep it weird. 

Love always. 

Useless and Rude 


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Clockwise from top left: 

Lianne & Daniella at the Trinas. 
Monopoly (wo)men. 
So Heui in perfect number ones. 
A taste of Hawaii at House dinner. 
"Not in front of the camera, Cait!" 
House volleyball cheering squad. 
Dressed to impress. 
Lou and Skye admire the new addi- 
tion to Scott house. 
Hodgetts's number one fans. 

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Housemaster: Steph Feddery 

Assistant Housemasters: Shelagh Straughan & Renee 


Head of House: Mallor> Maynard 
Assistant Head of House: Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

This year was a great year for Wright House. From fall to spring, the girls made many new friends, faced many 
new challenges and made some amazing new memories. We welcomed faces into the House at all times of the 
year, including our amazing Assistant Housemaster, Ms. Straughan, and her adorable son. Hunter. This year, we 
had amazing debaters, stellar athletes, incredible musicians, and magnificent dancers. We won the Christmas 
Tree Contest, again! We even came 2nd in the Junior Debates! Our year was filled with amazing events such as 
a jungle-themed House Dinner, a trip to Neb's Fun World and another voyage to Medieval Times. For next year, 
all we can say is good luck, Natasha. You will do an amazing job as HOH and you will get us that Langmuir cup! 
(That might be a threat). To everyone else, we wish you all the best and we will miss you beyond belief. To our 
girls that were in Gr. 9, keep up the house spirit. You girls were great. To our less motivated girls from Gr. 10, try 
to pump up the energy a little. We still love you though. For our Gr. lis, you're the big Kahunas now, so YOU GO 
GIRLS! To all of us girls graduating, good luck next year and don't forget how amazing TCS was to us and still is 
to everyone else. 

Good luck next year Wright House! We'll miss you! 

Love Mallory and Kristen 


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Clockwise from top left: 

Julia, Mallory and Ali at House din- 

Andrea and Carli lookin' good. 
MaUory and Jess, a little TOO happy. 
Erin and Katherine at house sports. 
Claudia and Sophie. 
Wright's fearless housemaster! 
Kathryn and Monique put their 
game faces on. 

Wright girls love David Rowen 
In the jungle? 

Ms. Hillier, Assistant Housemaster 




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Head of Junior School: Barbara Piccini 

Valedictorian: Melody Burke 

I love the Junior School at Trinity College School for what it is; not only as a place of homework but a kingdom of values. It is a conununity of 
people, not only looking to educate us tfirough historical events but also to teach us the values needed in life. This School enables our dreams and goals to 
become realities. 

The teachers here are all airicizing. Somehow they manage to be our friends, rule-enforcers and educators. Each of the teachers has succeeded in 
teaching us not only Grade 8 material, but also important life lessons. The Grade 8s are a community in the classroom and beyond. The teachers and students 
continuously make sure everyone is part of this "family". We come together as a community to symbolize our union and determination to make no one feel 
excluded. It seems that everywhere we go, we are in a community. First, we start off in the small community of the classroom with our teachers. Then we 
grow larger when the whole Junior School community meets at Tuesday morning assembly with Mrs. Piccini and at Wednesday morning chapel with Father 
Don. Then our community becomes enormous with all the senior school staff and students Monday morning for school-wide chapels. 

In this community we have enjoyed many special moments. What about the time we had with the huge water bottle fight during the Track and 
Fun Day? That was amusing. Last, but not least, was the highlight of our Quebec trip. No it wasn't the historical sites or guided tours or even the beautiful 
Chateau Frontenac, it was the Barracuda cheer. The Barracuda cheer is always shouted loudly, proudly and dramatically. These moments and many more 
are what we, as Grade 8 students in 2006, will never forget. 

With the support of our teachers and peers, the Grade 8 students have accomplished many goals and achievements. First of all, from way back 
at the Oxford Cup, the first place girls in the WHOLE school were three Grade 8 girls: Liane, Domi and Paige, linked arm in arm! Throughout the year, the 
Grade 8 students have run many fundraisers and events such as the dodgeball tournament and the non-uniform days raising money for Sleeping Children 
Around the World. Then there was also the talent show and the dances. Through these efforts we have learned to give back to our community. We have 
been complimented on our behaviour during school trips and for our efforts in collecting food for the local food baiUc You Grade 8s may not think you did 
anything, but you did everything. 

Now the past has been spoken for, and I must come to this frighteiung subject the future. Well, fellow Grade 8s, we are finally going to high 

school. Then we get to drive, then we'll go to college, and buy a house and okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. For the time being, we are going through 

the trai\sition from the Junior School to high school. That's a little scary. 1 must say, when I first thought, "I'm going to high school", I was a little nervous. But 
then I realized why I shouldn't be, and it is because of the Juruor School. Being here has prepared the Grade 8 class for its move to high school. The teachers 
have created the building blocks for the future and I hope all my classmates enter their new school, whether it be here or not, with their heads held high 
knowing that there is nothing to fear. 

I have identified all the important values the Junior School at Trinity College School has to offer: Community Friendship, Preparation, Respect 
and Achievement. The Junior School is a magnet that attracts people who cherish these values. I represent the Grade 8 students when I say our time here 
has been like the hero's journey. We have been tried and tested, but fellow Grade 8s, we have made it. We will all miss our time in Grade 8, but will hold the 
Junior School in our hearts as we strive and succeed in high school. 


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Back Row: A. Beeson, R. Wojtas, 
J. Dickson, B. Owen, L. Ouellet- 
Gaston, T. Cook, J. Kleinschroth, J. 
Woodward, K. Ambrose, M. Burke, 
A. Manley, P. Byrski 

Middle Row: Mr. Hunter, C. 
Hamden, H. Huls, M. Topper, J. 
McAlister, T. HUl, E. Flak, S. Clark, 
P. Stewart, D. Jamnicky, K. Andrews, 
N. Schmidinger, H. Walker, Ms 
Moore, P. Langley 

Front Row: A. Gillies, L. Vermeulen, 
M. Beatty, J. Griffin, W. Young, E. 
Farquharson, E. Brown, K. West, 
S. Aluin-Kemp, K. Yassein, C. 

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Back Row: E. Lowe, E. Ambrose, 
S. Clark, L. Vermeulen, M. Wilk, J. 

Middle Row: Mr. Hunter, S. Ritchie, 
L. Burke, J. Dickson, M. Baker, B. 
Taylor, C. Fordham, A. Gillies, E. 
Brown, B.Kleinschroth 

Front Row: N. Patel, W. Kelly, O. 
Watt, B. Fraser, L. Huxtable, R. Park, 
M. Richards, N. Zand, S. Ro 


Back Row: K. Ambrose, B. 
McGorman, K. Zakaria, J. 
Kleinschroth, T. Cook, A. Carmichael, 
S. Finney 

Middle Row: Mr. Powles, J. Griffin, 
D. Rider, P. Langley, C. Ainsworth, 
W. Young, J. Woodward, T. Clark, J. 
Espirito-Santo, Mr. Evans 

Front Row: A. Beeson, K. Yassein, C. 
Charlebois, K. Dessouki, A. Mulji, V. 


Back Row: K. Christensen, T. Norgan, 
L. Ouellet-Gaston, L. Vermeulen, E. 
Flak, H. Walker, N. Schmidinger 

Middle Row: Mr. Powles, K. West, 
D. Jamnicky, P. Stewart, M. Wilk, A. 
Manley, M. Chapman, Ms. McClure 

Front Row: S. Aluin-Kemp, M. Topper, 
M. Burke, C. Fordham, J. D'Alimonte, 
C. Kelly 


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Back Row: B. Kleinschroth, K. West, 
D. jamnicky, K. Ambrose, L. Ouellet- 
Gaston, T. Norgan, J. Woodward, K. 
Dessouki, J. Dickson 

Middle Row: Mr. Schmidlin, W. 
Langford, C. Quantrill, G. Ramsay, J. 
Winsor, E. Farquharson, J. McAlister, 
C. Hamden, C. Pollard, L. Huxtable, 
C. Kelly 

Front Row: B. Meeussen, W. Kelly, O. 
Watt, N. Thompson, A. Mountenay, 
B. Ro, C. Ripley, H. Huls, D. Kim, M. 
Richards, J. White, S. Ro 


Back Row: T. Clark, J. Griffin, P. 
Langley, S. Finney, J. Woodward, A. 

Middle Row: Mr. Murray, A. 
Mountenay, D. Meeussen, C. Pollard, J. 
Espirito-Santo, D. Rider, G. Ramsay, C. 

Front Row: O. Watt, H. Huls, T. 
Norgan, L. Ouellet-Gaston, P. Stewart, 
B. Ro, A. Beeson 



Back Row: S. Finney, T. Hill, R Byrski, 
C. Osborne, W. Young, K. Ambrose 

Middle Row: J. Espirito-Santo, J. 
Woodward, P. Langley, A. Steele, J. 
Griffin, T. Clark, D. Rider, Mr. Murray 

Front Row: B. Ro, V. Singh, A. Mehta, 
G. Ramsay, R. Wojtas, K. Yassein, A. 
Mulji, A. Beeson, D. Meeussen 


Girls Soccer 

Back Row: N. Schmidinger, T. 
Norgan, E. Flak, L. Vermeulen, 
L. Ouellet-Gastoa H. Walker, K. 
Christensen, A. Manley, K. West 

Middle Row: P. Stewart, E. Brown, 
A. Gillies, C. Hamden, D. Jamnicky, J. 
Dickson, M. Topper, M. Chapman, M. 
Burke, Mr. Murray 

Front Row: L. Huxtable, S. Ro, B. 
Fraser, S. Aluin-Kemp, C. Fordham, 
J. D'Alimonte, C. Kelly, N. Zand, N. 


Back Row: M. Topper, M. Burke, D. 
Jamnicky, K. Christensen, H. Walker, 
C. Osborne, J. Kleinschroth, T. Hill, N. 
Schmidinger, J. McAlister, C. Hamden, J. 

Middle Row: Ms. McQure, Mrs. Cameron, 
A. Gillies, E. Brown, W. Langford, K. 
Andrews, B. Kleinschroth, M. Baker, C. 
McGorman, R. Reed, S. Aluin-Kemp, Mme. 
Dumont-Brown, Mr. Evans 

Front Row: N. Patel, S. Ro, A. Cullen, C. 
Wilson, N. Thompson, B. Fraser, C. Ripley, 
C. Kelly, S. Yassein, M. Richards, N. Zand, 
M. Henderson, B. Meeussen 

IT ~1 


Girls Volleyball 

Back Row: H. Walker, L. Ouellet- 
Gaston, L. Vermeulen, E. Flak, N. 

Middle Row: Mr. Schmidlin, D. 
Jamrucky, A. Manley, K. Christerisen, 
M. Wilk, T. Norgan, R Stewart 

Front Row: J. D'Alimonte, M. Burke, 
J. Dickson, K. West, M. Chapman, C. 


On February 1, 2006, the community of Trinity College School was deeply saddened by the news that Charles Tottenham 
had passed on. He had been a member of the School community for almost 70 years. The current TCS community, along 
with old boys and faculty members from all around not only mourned his death, but also celebrated his life and the impact 
he had on many people. 

Charles John was bom on May 30, 1913, in England. In the 1930s, his family moved to Canada, where he lived in Kingston 
and attended Queen's University. In 1937, he came to Trinity College School, and although he was not looking for a job at the 
time, headmaster Philip Ketchum suggested he try teaching, and hired him for the next school year. He worked first as teacher 
and coach for four years. In 1941, he was appointed Housemaster of Boulden House, and soon afterwards, in 1943, became the 
Principal of the Junior School, a position he held until retirement in 1981. Thereafter, he continued to live in Boulden House 
from where he could watch over the developments in the Junior School as well as new generations of students. 
Charles will forever be remembered as a loving husband, father, grandfather, teacher, housemaster, and friend. Old boys 
remember him as being honest, loyal, respectful caring and personable; a friend to all. In his retirement speech in 1981, Charles 
said, "We have heard much about the TCS family- we are a real family - let us be proud of our heritage, looking with affection 
at the past and with hope and faith in the future. Bless you all - how lucky 1 am to have been a member of this family for 
so many years". It was this sense of community that Charles Tottenham brought to the School, and it continues to live on in 
past, present and future students. 






A V 








Clockwise from Top Left 

Caroline, Sadie and Sarah play dress up. 

Montana, Lauren and Vapo looking pretty. 

What what? Three Orchard gangsters, Jake, Cliff 

and John 

Lucas and Evan are deep in thought.. .for once. 

Claudia and Kevin in Wright House. 

Sadie, Jennie, Eleni and Lucas think they can 


Good friends enjoying Casino Night. 

Andrea and Joon. 

Chrissy and Kristen in law class. 

Felif)e and Jeanie getting close. 

Breakfast Olympics! 



"Books and cleverness. There are 
more important things: friendship and 

— Hermione Granger 



Qockwise from top left 

Prefects talk to the awaiting students. 


Dylan having fun. 

Will and Jordan having a wheelbarrow 


Three islanders.. .and Rob. 

Nervous students awaiting their fate. 

Monty and Lauren. 

WHG and IHB giving out freezies. 

Steph and Amy are Rigby sunshine! 

Four new students enjoying the day. 

IT I hL 


"sr.-i***' ^^g ^B^^fc^ ^^1 





^^^^^H" ^ 



Clockwise from Top Left 

Mallory, Kristen, Clara and Priya 

are all smiles after the race. 

Past HG Katie Geale and future 

HG Anna Frackowiak. 

Nick and Jared before the big race. 

Steph Squared! 

These girls are true blue. 

Danton, Topolie and Iker. 

Annegret and Greg were top boy 

and girl of the day. 

Steph and Kendra are such good 


Nick, Kristen and Matt after the race. 

Aaron, what's on your head? 


Qockwise from Top Left 

F-Dizzle letting his true roots show 

with Charlie. 

The Incredible Hulk and his pumpkin. 


Sam, Jackie and Courtney lookin' good 

Jess and Mira. 

Lou is queen of the jungle and Blake is. 

Genevieve and her man, Darron. 

Mexicans dress as.. ..well, we don't 

really know. 

Some sexy Lua dancers. 

Just lyin' around. 


Qockwise from Top Left 

The Martin Brothers 

Cait and Dan Byrne at Semi 

The Cecil-Cockwells after the Oxford 

Milisa and Milina Williams learn io skate! 

Did you know the Ingrams are brother 

and sister? 

The Murphys, Mathiesons, and 

Esposito/Fosters at Semi 

Victoria is friends with both Mackenzie 

and Katie Bowen 

Cousins David and Daniel Hatch 

Ali and Sam Outerbridge.. .enough said. 








Clockwise from top left 

Jake makes a face for the Ccunera 

Scott, Clara and Ryan get close. 

Jared teaches Felip)e a thing or two. 

Scott House in their house clothing 

Pablo, Danton, Iker, Pablo, and Rodrigo on ice. 

Caitin enjoying Skate Day! 

Christy takes a fall 

Steve and his friends are all smiles for the 


Marcus looks like he's having some trouble... 

Eleni and Vanessa lookin' good on skate day. 

Mackenzie Jackson is a joker. 



Qockwise from top left 

Mark Boos running the relay. 

Victoria pulls into first place! 

Cathn-n represents Rigby sui\shine!. 

Jess Enman is givin' 'er. 

Nice nose, Dave. 

Skye and Courtney enjoy from the 


The girls in Bums house know 

how to giv'er 

Some Hodgett FYs waiting for their 


Andrew Walker is a Ho for life. 

Hodgetts just can't keep up wi\h 




Round 1: "Resolved that Canada should be the fifty-first state." 
Top Junior: Julia Fishlock (Wright)- 108 points 
Top Senior: Shannon Swift (Wright)- 112 points 

Round 2: "Resolved that secondary school students learn more from their peers than from their teachers." 

Top Junior: Sierra McKenzie (Rigby)- 112 points 

Top Senior: Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell (Brent)- 114 points 

Round 3: "Resolved that TCS is more like a boot camp than a zoo" 

Top Junior: Danny Parker (Orchard)- 109 points 

Top Senior: Andrea Mathieson (Ketchum)- 116.5 points 

Round 4: "Resolved that there should be no limits to freedom of expression" 

Top Junior: Kelci Lanthier (Ketchum)- 109.5 points 
Top Senior: Chris Selby (Hodgetts)- 110.5 points 

Junior Semi Final Houses: Rigby, Wright, Scott and Bums. 
Senior Semi Final Houses: Rigby, Wright, Ketchum and Brent. 

Semi Finals: "Resolved that our lives are ruled by fear." 
Top Junior: Alaya Yassein (Rigby) 
Top Senior: Chrissy Cousins (Rigby) 

Junior Finals: Resolved that the car is luxury 

Rigby's Dayna Taylor and Melissa Hamilton opposed this resolution, and defeated Wright's Julia Fishlock and 

Jenna Dickson, making Rigby the junior debate champions. 

Senior Finals: Resolved that imagination is more important than knowledge. 

Rigby's Brie McKenzie and Priya Gupta were the government for this resolution, and defeated Ketchum's Joce- 

lyn Murphy and Emily Wilcox, making Rigby the seruor debate champions as well. 


Clockwise from top left 

Kelci was a pro debater AND goalie. 

Malcolm and Andrea both achieved 

top scores in debating. 

Chris, who was number one in round 

4, poses with debating superstar Alex. 

This was the look on Emily's face when 

she found out she'd be debating in the 

senior finals. 

Laura accompanied Shannon as top 

senior team in round 1. 

Jenna and Julia. 

Jocelyn does not look impressed. 



Qockwise from top left 

Murray, Mooney, Havilland, and Hatch chil- 

lin' on a balcony. 

Brittany, Janet, Marley and Steph play field 


Annegret gets down and dirty at NSFAG. 

Chris and Mitch Selby clean up nicely. 

Jocelyn, Alii and Lauren play their cards right 

at Casino Night. 

Emily, Jake, Olivia and John test their luck. 

Liv and Marissa, FYAH Marshall Extraodi- 


Macauley and Vanessa. 

1] comforts Dan Byrne. 

Graeme and Greg, new graduates. 



FTT^E— f—^-^^-^S^^T' 


"And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes 
indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters per 
cent guaranteed!" 

— Dr. Seuss 


Aaron Ballantyne 

...So I guess this IS it eh? It scrazv that after all of this time I'm graduating. 
I gotta admit that leaving behind so many people is truly going to suck but 
every beginning has an end... Thanks mom, dad and mama for making 
it possible for me to go to TCS, I owe you guys everything. Thanks for 
always being there and supporting me. I've met some the greatest people 
in the world here at TCS cind will always have such great memories of 
mv times here. To everyone that I am leaving behind, take advantage 
of the great opportunity that you have been given. Make something of 
your life and follow your dreams, even if it seems impossible. Live life 
to the fullest and remember to always be true to yourself. And to all of 
my friends- Courtney (yellow sticky note, the steak burp, boobaskoo, 
yoga. . . AB hearts CT), Chelsey (maca-maca cookie), Grace, Jessie, Andrea, 
Daniela, Sarah, Brent House, 3FN- Holmes, Alexiou, Ola, Muff, J-ray, Rob, 
Malconez, James, and to everyone who I've missed, much love.. .I'll see 
you aToiind...until then... 

Dave Berg 

It has been three years yet it does not seem that long. I have defirutely been 
chcinged by this school and so vrill all who come through it, whether they 
know it or not. There is something about this school that cannot be found 
elsewhere. I am appreciative of the years 1 have had here and am ready to 
move on. For those who still have time here I leave vou with this. 
Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to vou. I am proud 
to have done both the Jamaica Self Help trip and the India Project trip and 
I encourage cdl to try to take a trip similar to this. Not because you want to 
save the world because you can't do that in two weeks, but do it to learn 
about yourself and to realise the oppctunities you have. 
Never do a rec. sport. The teachers know more than you think so do not 
test them. 

Greg Bathe 

Woman is a danger cat ,The streets are silent 
My wheels are the night. Black leather boots calling out to you 
A cute long boogie machine spreads her wings and comes along for the 

Your father think you're out at Suzie's place Bonin' all the classics but 
everyone in high school thinks you're heavy into gymnastics 
One way street never mind the signs full charge gasoline in the tcUik 
Your foot is on the gas and the tires say yey 
Woman is a danger cat 
You sneak out at night, deep into the night 

There ain't no halfway house you came from good blood right? 
On and on, woman is a danger cat 
By Dean "Deeiner" Murdoch 

Listening to Redemption Song by Bob Marley I realized that these 
experiences, these friends, this education, the parties and the good times 
that marked a chapter in my life will be remembered and cherished 
forever. For those people who made MY LIFE at TCS you know who 
you are and I will never forget. I love you Mom, Dad and Marley. 

Sam Bourgeois 

Hey, cool, it's over. Didn t know what to expect at first but looking back 
it was one helluva ride. A bit bumpy at points but that's to be exf)ected. 
There were highs and there were lows, enough to give you a real head rush. 
Just as you got used to it and really started having fun, it was done and 
in the end we're back where we started: just another queue in a crowd of 
apprehensive teens. . . and that's about as far as I can take the roller coaster 
analogy. Thanks to my mom and dad for giving me the opf>ortunity to make 
something of myself, 1 hope you're pleased with the results. Thanks to my 
teachers, especially Mr. Taylor, Mr. Grandfield, 'Greggles' and 'the Stoosh' 
for putting up with me all this time; to Mr. White for keeping me fit; to 
Mr Large and Mr. Ramsay for getting us all to Speech Day. Thanks to the 
food staff and the round table crew for making lunch such an enjoyable, 
and often educational, time of the day. To my friends, whatever, I'll see 
vou around. 


This page is proudly sponsored by John Berg 

Alexander Brown 

Wow... Six years has finally come to an end. 1 really couldn't wait to get 
out of here. But 1 have some people to thank: James Bond, Rush II, all the 
Orchard guys and everyone I actually cared about. Well that's about it, 
although when it comes down to it my parents are the real reason that 1 
am writing this. So 1 should thank them. I really am happy to leave but 
also feel sad because six years, and most of my teenage years were spent 
here. In the end 1 have to thank all the teachers who put up with my work 
ethic and pushed me to the point of graduating. 

Jessica Chapman 

It took six long years but i* finally all over. There have been some good 
times and memories but I have to say I'm glad I'm finally finished. I have 

to say that I thought this day would never come First off I would 

like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity and supporting me 
through the years. Without them none of this would have been possible. 
Mallory: you've been the best friend I could have asked for over these six 
years and you helped me through everything. We'll always have hasting 
weekends with Michelle, peppermint patties, the chicken, and the pig. To 
all the other memories: there's too many to mention here but I'll always 
remember them. To everyone else it was fun while it lasted and I'll miss 
you all. 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

My time at TCS has been a significant stage in my development as a person, 
and I am indebted to those who worked so hard to have me attend this 
school. I honestly believe an education is one of the most valuable things, 
spiritually and economically, for a person to have; for this reason, there is 
no doubt in my mind that being a student here has been a privilege, as a 
well as a pleasure, albeit a laborious and difficult one. 
In leaving, I offer my best wishes and support to the students who work 
for the benefit of others and embrace their responsibility to care for the 
earth. TCS, as a small piece of our civilization, has far to go in this respect; 
it will be you who lead it forward. 

I go now to experience, learn, and work. Thank you again, and take 


Germaine Chau 

I am greatly indebted to my parents who sent me to Trinity that I feel so 
that I feel at home in the last two years despite of the great distance from 
them. I enjoy the companionship with all of you who have treated me like 
your beloved sister in a big family. Here, I have managed to pull myself 
together, get into perspective, and be ready to dash ahead. Friends are 
stars in the dark sky. I know you are there; we shall not see each other 
so often, but I am sure that you will light the way when I am in need. I 
have also to thank all the teachers, especially my advisor, Ms Barton who 
helped me to shape my future career. Special thanks to Mr Mandryk and 
Mr Forbes, who have given me lots of opportunities to practise in the 
Helpdesk. I shall always recall sweet memories of these years in Trinity. 
I have also to send a special note of thanks to Hammy and Lee for their 
motherly care during my stay in the Scott House and my four roommates 
(Michelle, Lianne, Mikel and Jerui) who spent time with me talking of the 
happy moments here. 


Justin Chin- You 

VVOVV!! Three years went by real fast. I would just like to say thanks to my 
teachers and friends who supported me throughout the years. The TCS 
experience has instilled good values and lots of experience in my life which 
will come in handv down the road later. 1 definitely have to say thanks to 
the entire student body for all they have done. It was thanks to you that 1 
am who I am today through all the good and bad times we had. The staff at 
TCS, especially the people I had the honour of working with and interacting 
with, I really appreciate all the experience and knowledge I have gained. 
Now, the big thank you goes out to my teachers who patiently worked 
with me, I mean patiently... I'm the most Coconut headed boy you will 
ever meet when it comes to learning. Thank you all for helping me to get 
through my 3 years. There are many I wanted to list here but cannot, but I 
think you know who you are or will by the time you read this. Thank you 
everyone, friends, teachers and all of TCS. 

Noah Desjardins 

After 6 years of TCS I have many people to thank. First and foremost my 

dad for his support. Thank you to the teachers who gave me something 

more than homework. Special thanks to Ingram, Healy, Kelly, TL and Mr. 

Gregg. Big shout out to the Orchard Crew and everyone else who meant 

something to me. Big thanks to J.O. who came through for me in many hard 

times and sticky situations. For the people reading this that are still stuck 

at TCS there really isn't much I can say .. .don't do drugs. That's important 

and such. Well let's see... I'm up to about a hundred words now. To fill 

some space here are some of my favourite quotations. 

"Religion is the opiate of the masses"- Karl Marx 

"Oh Hamburgers!"- Butters 

'To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the 

making"-Otto von Bismarck 

"In Keizakhstan they say when a man cry, it is like a horse cry"- Borat 

"Of course a man made if. It's a commercial, not a delicious Thanksgiving 

dinner"- Peter 

"Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us 

from the animals ... except the weasel"- Homer 

James Clarke 

After four years here, it's finally coming to a close. There have been the 
good hmes, the bad times, and those times that everybody swore not to 
tell about, yet somehow the whole school knows about the next day. There 
are so many people 1 owe thanks to; my parents for their support as well 
as giving me this opportunity, Mr. Cameron, Dr Dubroy, and my teachers 
for putting up with and believing in me, my brother for always being there 
for me and being on my side, and all the lifelong friends I've made along 
the way. Tom the bomb, Dehen, Alexiou, Aaron, Chan, Holmes, RJ, Ojo, 
JRay, Swanny, Avi, Malcones, Felipe, Blake, Brownie, Hoots, all my Asian 
buddies, and everybody else that I can't fit in here - you guys have been 
great, and I'm gonna miss you all. TCS has taught me that life is no walk in 
the park; to survive in this world, you have to believe in yourself, and if you 
do there's no limit to what you can achieve. For all my friends - it's a small 
world, you never know when we will meet again, and always remember, 
"You can't control the wind; all you can do is set your sails." 

Russ Edwards 

Well, what is there to say? 

My latest memories of this place he parallel to that incessant flea that just 

won't leave you alone: a constant buzzing, always reminding you of its 

watchful and intrusive presence. There were barricades that needed to be 

broken; some were and some were not; those that were revealed a quite 

surprising twist. The overall feel of this institution was, at times, rather 


I apologize in advance to those individuals who I do fully respect DuBroy, 

Legakis, Large, Bailey, Kuyper, Healy, Walker, Hay, Brown, Hodges. 

Thank you all for being human. 

Thank you to my Mother and Father. 

(Fly on, boys.) 


Steve Eum 

I can't believe that my three years at TCS have gone by so fast. I still 
remember feeling so scared about starting my new life in such a great 
place, and I now have wonderful memories from here. Even though there 
have been some troubles, I was successful with my coolest housemasters, 
Mr, Allen and Mr. Christ. 1 really loved my relationship with them, and it 
was just amazing to be a member of Bickle House. I feel very sorry for the 
people in the other houses! Anyways, I will never forget the time I spent 
at TCS and the people 1 met. 

Special thanks to Mr. Allen (Thai\ks for allowing me all those "nature 
walks"), Mr. Christ, Mr. Legakis, Mr. Stepura (1 will see you at the Pacific 
Mall) Scottie (my ugly roommate), Jae Ha (my unofficial 3rd roommate). 
Bin, FATrick, Brian, David, and the Korean 
I will miss you all! SSI BAL !! 

Evan Fishlock 

It will never cease to amaze me how fast six )rears of patiently waiting for 
weekends has flown past before my eyes. As corny as it sounds (and its 
pretty hard to write these things without doing so), it really could have 
been just the other day when I first wandered the intimidating halls of 
this school, and now 1 sit here with the end in sight, in a first period deiss, 
attempting to put together some kind of resemblance of a grad quote. 
To my parents, wow, if it weren't for your long days, utmost love, and 
care for my education, 1 simply would have never been as fortunate to 
experience such a school. Julia: you are too smart, I hope for your remaining 
years before you to be a blast. Now go kick some scholarly ****. 
For the friends whom 1 have come across over my years at TCS, I couldnt 
have killed time with any better people. You have been there for the 
uncountable experiences which have made this school bearable and last few 
years incredible... 1 wish all you skids the best in your future adventures, 
whatever they might be. 
So for now . . . See Ya At The Party. 

"A day full of possibilities. It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's 
go exploring!" Calvin and Hobbes 


^^^^H 'ir* V- .IU.-*..««- 

•^ ^ ^ — 

Becky Faulks 

Graduation"lt is in this moment of pride, glory and grace that the memories 
of my time here at TCS come flooding back to me, like the rapids of a violent 
and tumultuous river. My time here has been a sparkling yet turbulent sea 
of uncertainty, but the time has now come to leave this school and venture 
further in to this vast, magnanimous ocean that we refer to as. . . life. I'm not 
fooling anyone. What 1 realty wanted to say is a massive THANK YOU to 
everyone who's made my time here worth it, and to my parents, who sent 
me here in the first place. Shout outs to Nick, the armoying big brother I 
never had. Alii M. - you graduated last year but you're shll a big part of 
my life. And of course, my KETCHUM gals both here and gone. Tarn, you 
continue to be an incredible friend from listening to my rants to helping 
me find my missing armadillo in Port Hope. Lisa, crazy times! You may 
recogruze parts of this little write-up. . . Jaimo and Alison, we sistas for life! 
Thank God we came all the way from Bermuda to meet each other. Luce 
and Len, Alexis, Vaimy, Anna, Rach, Annegret... my Hme here wouldn't 
have been half what it's been without you all. Mr. and Mrs. Dew, without 
you 1 wouldn't even have ended up at TCS. To anyone left out, you are in 
no way forgotten; I'm just over my word linut. 

Emily Foster 

My experiences and memories have made me who I am. I wouldn't be 
the person I am now, or have the memories that mean so much to me if 
it weren't for the people who helped me along the way. To Sarah Sands, 
whom I could always count on, 1 couldn't have asked for a better friend. 
Good luck next year, and keep in touch! May the seagulls and crows unite. 
Ketchum- 1 know there will always be a place I can come back to. TharJ^ 
you for everything. Mr. and Mrs. Large- tharJ^ for giving me a home away 
from home. You'll never know how much that meant to me. Victoria- I 
love you so much! I know you'll make the best of the time you have here. 
Enjoy every moment, and I'll always be there if you need me. Thomas- 
you know everything 1 want to say. The last two years have been the most 
important and memorable to me. Don't ever forget them, because I can 
promise you that I won't. To Tracey and Colin- thank you so much for 
everything. You're my second parents, and I won't ever be able to thank 
you enough for what you have done for me and Victoria. And to Mummy 
and Papa. The sacrifices you have made have given me the best years of 
my life. I love you both so much and I will always be thankful for all the 
opportunities you have given me. I'm so proud to be your daughter- and 
I will keep doing the best that I can always. Thank you so much. 


Amanda Fung 

1 never could have anticipated this outcome when I first entered TCS as a 
10'" grader. I have faced so much hardship here that I don't think my life 
will ever be the same. 1 truly hope that things will be better at university. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported me— my friends, family and 
teachers. It has been a difficult year and I very much appreciate all that 
you have done. Anvways, it is finally over. It's time for a new life where 
perhaps things won't be as bad. Thank you, Rigby grads, for welcoming me 
into your house this year. Things definitely didn't turn out as 1 had hoped, 
or expected. To Rachelle, Brie, Scott, Stefan, Karen and Clara, thanks for 
being some of the best friends I've ever had. Grads of 2006, good luck in 
ail of your future endeavours! 

Alana Gulka 

After our years at Trinity, we all hope that we will remember some of what 

they taught us. But also, we all share the hope that we ourselves will be 

remembered. We hope that we will be approached at the reuruons, and that 

our names will be said, without prompting from the stick-on nametags. 

We hofje that there will be something left from our time at Trinity to talk 


I'll always remember the time that I spent here, and the people that I spent 

it with. I'll remember the good times when we laughed, and the bad times 

that we were always, somehow, able to overcome. I'll remember the ways 

that we tried to get each other's attention, and the time that we spent with 

together when we finally did. I'll remember my mistakes, my failures and 

the battle to overcome insult, and then I'll remember the people who let 

me cry on their shoulders, before tactfully forgetting the tears. 

I'll remember the quest for ties, grades, and due dates. I'll remember how 

we pretended not to be upset when we did not completely succeed. I'll 

remember what we accomplished, and the obstacles that we overcame 


I hope you remember me also, so we have something to talk about. 

Sam Gianonne 

Four years, three suspensions, ten gatings, 250 quarters,one graduation. 
Thanks to Lach, Bobby, Steffo, Sheckler, Chuck, Russ, if it weren't for you 
guys messing up as bad as me, I probably wouldn't have made it. If you 
weren't mentioned it means you weren't on ADP, but doesn't mean you 
didn't make a lasting impression. To those who did get expelled, it's a 
shame. 1 could make reference to a thousand memorable moments, but 
if it was memorable then I'm sure you'll remember. Drew, it's been a 
long four years, but you were there when it counted. Mom, Dad, Dave, 
Clare, and Granny, thanks for the opportunity but more importantly the 
support. I'd be lying if I said I loved this place, but I will miss it. To those 
unfortunate enough to be returning, never be a guinea pig and don't get 
labelled. Paulie you didn't get me, but you did make me question my fit 

here, and now that I'm done 1 question yours MYAH!!!! 

"Looking back it seems so simple, but having done it I couldn't say." Matt 
Good - Bright End of Nowhere 

Jess Herman 

There are too many people to thank one by one, so to those of you who I 
know and love (you know who you are), thanks for everything. I am going 
to miss this school and the people I have met here; these two years have 
changed my life and made me a better person. The people who I have met 
here, and the opportijnities I have been given, have made these two years 
some of the best of my life. 

The one pearl of wisdom that I can leave you with in return is something 
that I learned long ago: just be yourself and don't put up an act for others 
just to impress them. In the end, the people who love you best are the ones 
who know you for who you truly are- so shouldn't their opinions matter 
way more then what anyone else has to say or think about you? 
Take care of yourselves, my friends, and hopefully I will see you again 
later on in life! 


Kamir Hiam 

My fif'st and last year at Trinity has been tainted by seenungly random 
acts of stupidity. One might recall some misplaced vital documents, 
a thoughtlessly relayed message, and several preventable bouts of 
narcolepsy. Through all of this, I have succeeded where others have 
failed and I shall complete my education at this marvellous, esteemed 
academic institution. I'd prefer to obscurely reference individuals. So 
there's Beelzebub, always turning my brain around. The golden retriever 
is an ii\fallible beacon of hope. Birds, Fuzz, Beth and plants, an incident 
that will yield a use for a pinstriped suit. Peacocks are a noble species. My 
tour guide was a mere twig of a guy. What state is New Orleans in? Doh! 
Acorns. Rastaman Jr. Shevlonious. The future world leader was something 
new. Two teachers managed to entertain me on an almost daily basis while 
others didn't. I thank my parents for funding my capers. A big thanks to 
the daunting Senor El for sticking up for me when no one else would, and 
a futile apology for betraying your trust. Thanks to ttie coach who could 
have dropped the bomb. 

Bin Hyun 

ThaiUc you, TCS, for helping me learn and grow. Three years attending 
TCS has been greatly rewarding and a wonderful experience in my life. 
Looking back now as an old boy, every time I spent in TCS left me with a 
good memories, although the occasional trouble... Anyways, 1 would like 
to thank Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ the coolest housemasters, who taught me 
a great deal, Mr. Browfn for teaching me two years of Math, Mr. Langford 
and Ms. C^Regan for teaching me additional math, Mr. Hedney and Mr. 
Taylor for being great science teachers, Ms. Duim for helping me with 
universities, my advisor, Mr. Ayotte, for always keeping me on the right 
track, my Korean grads, friends and my cousin, David, for supporting 
me in various ways, and lastly, my family, my younger brother, mom and 
dad for the immeasurable love and concern. Finally, it is the time for me 
to graduate, and to leave TCS. Again thimk you for everything TCS. I will 
take all the good times that I've had here with me. Thanks everyone and 
good luck next year. 

Ben Hur 

Three years of TCS have gone by very quickly. I have learned a lot from 
TCS and had many unforgettable experiences. First, I'd especially like to 
thank my parents and my sister for giving me this opportunity and always 
supporting me in my decisions. Thanks to all the teachers, who helped to 
keep me together and pushed me to do my best. Also I want to thank all 
my friends for many great memories and stories. I will never forget the 
time that I have spent at TCS. 
Thank you TCS, and good luck to everyone in life. 

Neil Issar 

Homer Simpson taught me something that 1 did not learn in six years at 
Trinity: the three sentences that will get you through life: 1) "Cover for me." 
2) "Oh, good idea, boss." 3) "It was like that when I got here." 
As my sojourn at Trinity ends, 1 cannot help but recall all those who made 
my stay memorable. My greatest thanks are extended to Mr, Large. His 
savvy as a housemaster, near-omniscience as a teacher, and compassion 
as a person are an unbeatable combination, and he was always there for 
me. Thanks to my coaches (Cameron, Keiser, Ingram, and especially Hay) 
for four years of unbelievably enjoyable soccer and rugby. ThaiJcs to all 
my Grade 11 and 12 teachers for bountifully preparing me for university. 
Thanks to all my friends and Hodgetts bros; I am sure we will continue our 
reign as the best house for years to come. Finally, and most importantly, I 
would like to thank my parents; their support, guidance and sacrifices at 
every step of the way are among my most cherished memories. 
My experiences at Trinity helped me build castles in the air. Now I go to 
put foundations under them. 


Tae Jang 

Spending 20 percent of my life at TCS was a great experience that I will 
never forget in my lifetime. This community has taught me so much 
about bitterness, happiness, and the taste of achieving success. Facing 
all the adversities the first year made me recognize the true meaning of 
hardship in life. Getting to know the system of TCS better, developing my 
self-esteem, and making new friends genuinely taught me the true feeling 
of happiness that students should enjoy during their adolescence. Having 
accomplished my stated goals after coming to this community certainly 
has made me realize the importance of success. 

Without all the support 1 received from many people, I would not have 
been able to reach this academic level or graduation. 1 would like to thank 
my greatest supporters: my parents, the coolest Housemaster Mr. Allen, my 
life saver Mr. McKercher, the teacher, Ms. Malenfant, who taught me how 
to write better, and my forever partners Scott Yang and Steve Eum. 
With the lessons I learned from Trinity College School, 1 will be able to 
face other adversities in future, and will seize any opportunity for great 
success. Thank vou TCS. 

Stefan Kirkpatrick 

Thank you, Kathy, Tucker and .Mr Large. You will continue to 
inspire me in the love that you put into your life and work. Your 
encouragement, wisdom, humility and respect have both literally and 
figuratively brought me through this school, always learning. Mr. Gregg 
and Mr. Stooshinoff, thank you for making the Art Department both a 
refuge and a burden; I wouldn't have learnt nearly as much otherwise. 
To the TSSJ and Gay-Straight Alliance lot: 1 commend and admire all of 
you for the good work that you are doing. Mr. Healy, Ms. Brown, Mr 
Grandfield, and Dr DuBroy: Thank you for loving what you teach. To 
members of the Food and Maintenance Services: thank you for holding 
the door and saying hello. (Squid, for the stories; Mark, for the Rubik's 
cube, singing, and laughing; Pat for the Fair Trade enthusiasm; Laura, 
for the mothering; Rudy, for the waves from the field; Myma, for the 
Friday evening mopping conversations). Dad, Julie, Malakai, Kiki, and 
Mary: For putting through all that you have put through, know that I 
appreciate it and love you. And everyone else in the sometimes sterile 
and potentially beautifuU orb of high school - or anywhere - remember 
Pound's L'art 1910: "Green arsenic smeared on an egg-white cloth. 
Crushed strawberries! Come, let us feast our eyes." 

Caitlin Jonassen 

TCS has been a one-of-a-kind experience. For me, it was the first time 
going to school in a small town. It was also the first time that 1 had ever 
encountered such international cultural diversity. The general friendly 
persona of the school and the kind of big family feeling (even if it may 
be a slightly dysfunctional family) are other TCS qualities that will make 
my hme here something I'll never forget. I definitely learned many new 
things as well (as we all do in high school), such as how to be a flexible, 
open-minded individual, and on a different level that 1 have an accent 
(especially when I say the word "accent"). 1 would also certeiinly like to 
thank my friends, the wonderful people who let a new Y4 into their lives. 
Thank you all so much, because it really meant a lot to me (you all know 
who you are). So 1 wish everyone the best in the future, and one thing to 
always keep in mind, as Mister Winston Churchill said it like it is, "We 
make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." 

Alex Landegger 

Montana - honey bunches of oats, you kept me strong so no wind blew 
me over (like the kid), and always made me laugh (about tacos and tightie 
whities). Mama and dad - both of you were u/ii'ui/.s there for me for school 
work, debating, and everything! Granddaddy - you made it all possible. 
Theo and Sabrina - we got really close this year; I'm glad we did . . .just don't 
iTir take me on a Ferris wheel again! Jeanie Bean - my favorite turtle, wear 
that sweatshirt (so how's Georgetown?). . .best songs: Hey Mickey/Butterfly. 
Munch munch! Natasha (aka Ratasha) - you were the best roomie of all 
hme; we laughed way too hard, decorated our room a bit too late at night 
{ti>^ue paper!!), and because of bugs, you moved a little loo far away from 
me this year (all the way dini'iisttiir^!). Wakes (my Latin goddess) - we could 
relate about t';'t7T/(/imi;...and DMB. Jess - you were always there to hear 
my stories (ready with a bandaid)... Lauren - girls just wanna have fun! 
Why'd it get so quiet? Chelsey - in Tortola, Toronto, Hodgetts lounge, at 
school, Montreal. . .always too much fun! (BB'06 survivors) Andrea - Mean 
Girls and cheese dreams! 
Everyone - tlianks, this was amazing. 


Remy LeBeau 

Alia;. GamDit 

Age: 22 

Powers: Interkinetic power allows him to produce bio-kinetic energy within 

his body and use it to convert any inorganic object's potential energy into 

kinetic energy on contact, making the object highly volatile and explosive 

on contact. 

Raised: New Orleans, Louisiana, by Jean Luc Lebeau of the Thieves 


Weapon of choice; Playing cards. 

Other abihties; Smooth talker, especially to woman. 

Patrick Lee 

It's been three years since I came to TCS with a nervous heart. A lot of things 
have happened since. Some things made me happy and other things made 
me sad. Everything happened so fast, three years felt Uke a month. 1 would 
like to thank Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ for this wonderful year. I also would 
like to thank Mr. Stepura, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Langford for the wonder- 
ful football season. This year's football season was the best by far. Finally 1 
would like to thank Mr. Keiser and Mr. Hay for a great rugby season. I wish 
the returning Bickle Boys luck, (Kenny Bang, Richard Jung, Fan Boy, etc. . .) 
I am glad that I survived and I want to say it is time to move on. 



<lf ft 

^ 1 


Ha Ram Lee 

The past three years have been both good and bad for me. My first year 
was the toughest, because 1 was new to the school, but 1 shll had fun. 
Living with my roommate (Sasha, my Siamese sis) was just crazy. Because 
of this, my second year was the best for friendship. We were always 
crazy together, doing the funniest and weirdest things that only we could 
understand. She left for university and I'm hear for my final year, waiting 
to graduate. My last year, overall, hasn't been as crazy but it gave me time 
to reflect. I did my best to become involved in the school. I always loved 
being at TCS because it has always been my dream school. My hme has 
come to leave, however, because 1 am old. I still love TCS and the people. 
1 thanks TCS for giving me a chance to learn, become mature, and get to 
know many great people (like my Siamese sister, my boyfriend G. Parker, 
Traugott, Mrs. Christ, and Miss Ingram). I'm glad to have been a part of 
TCS, and 1 will miss you all. 

Steven Lieatsa 

First of all 1 would like to thank God, my parents, my sister and my cousin 
for helping me through hard times. To the teachers, 1 just realized now 
that without you, I wouldnt be able to get this far. To the coaches, thanks 
for the good times. Mr.Christ, one day I'll come back and beat you in a 
shootout. Thanks to Mr.Taylor, the greatest advisor ever. You all better 
take physics in Y4 because you will see some cool stuff there. For the 
TCS people, I'm not going to mention any names, since there's too many 
to name and I don't want to forget anyone. You all know who you are. 

All in all, thanks for making my life at TCS easier, or, in some cases, 

harder. Going through times in TCS, 1 have changed for good. I still can't 
believe I'm going to uruversity, where 1 can skip class without getting any 
penalties for it. Anyways good luck to everyone in whatever you do. And 
finally I can say, gone is the nug, no more nug. 


Teanie Mahon 

Leaving TCS bthind; beginning another journey soon to be mine. Grade 
11 was lough; I never thought it would be so rough. But as time went by, 
and grade 12 hit, I realized this was it. The close peeps I've met will always 
be for keeps and those staying behind will have a grand time. Shoutout to 
the Bajans who I'll see again- "bashment times at the prison", never to be 
forgiven! To Juulv my "homefry"- will miss u tons, our "analytical talks" 
will remain in thought. Landeggro my "negro," - the "detector" of all 
times, wall forever steal the boys because she's so damn FINE! To Sharon, 
my roomie forever, will never forget her, and to Jason the man, who always 
said "voucan." Most importantly to mum and dad- oh gad! I LOVE YOU! 
I can't thank you enough for being there, and for hou' much you always 
cared. Lastly, Hammy and Lee, your enthusiasm really gave me the drive 
to strive, and for the best teacher there is— Thornton— you're the BEST, 
without you & THE Valium, classes would have been just a test! Now I'm 
off, this year is done, let's graduate and have some fun! 

Ton Mullane 

My time at TCS has certainly been interesting, starting with Y3. Gone are 
the days with Horvath, and the endless ways to amuse ourselves on the 
weekends. For example, opening Bethune's wondows on all three floors 
during a snowstorm. Y3 passed quickly, but Y4 seemed to take forever; 
yet here 1 am at the end of the year. Whether it was times of extreme 
boredom or never-ending work, I believe that most experiences are for 
the best. I was also able to meet a lot of interesting people. Two teachers I 
virill never forget are Mr Allen and Mr. Kedwell, with their cynical humor 
(notice the proper spelling). Also Mr. Cameron, for calling the police to 
find me in France. Special thanks to Mr. Paul Elsley, for arranging my 
extended vacation. At TCS, I met a lot of great people (and not-so-great). 
For friends, I Ccmnot possibly name everyone 1 spent time with. However, 
I will never forget Jun, Chet, Rachel, Juul, Devin, "Hoots," the Koreans, 
M. Lam, Horvath, Jess (whom 1 regretfully didn't see too often this year), 
and everyone else at the Veilley. Also, I would like to thai\k everyone else 
who knew me as "Moo-Moo." 

"Man was bom to live in either the convulsions of distress or the lethargy 
of boredom." -Voltaire 

Nick McCartney 

1 want to tell you a story. I have lived, loved, and worked harder at this 
school than anywhere else, ever I have learned many lessons, and for the 
most part many of them have stuck. In the beginning the seed of knowledge 
was planted in my head. I have learned well and the tree has sprouted, and 
I enjoy the cool shade the tree provides. I hope that the rest of my family 
that comes this way also enjoys this school as much as I have. 
The Bethune grads this year have been the dirtiest, angriest, meanest SOBs 
that've graduated yet and I'm real glad I took the extra year because this 
year has been the best. 1 just gotta say thanks to everyone who has put up 
with my antics over the years, especially my parents. Respect the Dark 
Cloud Crew, the Valley gang and the slant boys. We had a good run, from 
beginning to end. Gonna miss most of you boys n' girls. 
All ya'll are always welcome out in Big-sky country. 

Jamal Park 

Trinity has taken so many chances on me, and finally I am graduating. 
1 might not have taken advantage of everything while 1 spent my time 
here, but 1 still have learned a lot. First 1 want to thank my parents for the 
opportimity they gave me. Thanks to Mr. Brown- 1 loved both your math 
class and advisee meeting. Mr. Yhard- I will miss the Qs you gave me. 
Mr. Cameron— you were like my father MrKedwell — You've changed 
my future. I have the utmost respect for you all. Thanks everyone for 
everything. Three years in Brent was a great time. To all Brent boys: You 
know you live in the best house. Good luck to all my boys next year. 
Well, it's time to take it to the next level and move on. 
I am out. 

"Failure comes in two ways: Those who do it vvrithout giving a thought. 
Those who thought about it but do nothing." 


This page is proudly sponsored by E. Peter Mullane and Janet C. Macaluso 

Ben Pesowsky 

Well this really is the end. It is the end of a lot of things: petty grade 9 
immaturity, oppressive superiors, pure stupidity and the like. Life used 
to be so easy. We ail can agree to that. I have changed so much since 
grade 8. I remember the days when I could say that nobody knew me, 
and that nobody wanted to either, but all that has changed. Even in a 
community like TCS, one can undergo all the necessary changes of the 
teenage years. Rest assured that we have all changed (or will change for 
you young ones), and that everything ends, whether good or bad. It really 
is true when people say you have your whole life ahead of you. This is 
just the begirming, and university will bring peace to chaos for all. If there 
is something I would say to everyone, it would be never to give up, but 
more importantly, never to forget for what you have fought. Don't take 
advantage; ultimately you don't matter, but live for your truths. You alone 
know them best. Believe in love. It exists somewhere. ..out there... 

Missing you all; live long and prosper 

Irwin Poon 

I have been here for 4 years, and I am finally done with TCS. TCS is not such 
a bad place, I guess, except for its awesome food, some of the teachers, the 
rules, study, chapel, breakfast, quarters, gatings etc. Other than that, hfe 
in TCS is pretty relaxing, you often go for a walk after study every night, 
sit in front of the computer and stare at the monitor for the whole day 7 
days a week and sleep as much as you can. You know, TCS might be the 
only place for you to do all these things everyday for 6 months. Finally, 
I wish everyone best of luck; hope everyone can enjoy their life in TCS. 
Goodbye, guys. 

David Piccini 

The past six years at Trinity have been the best years of my life. Trinity has 
enriched my life, and for that I am truly grateful. A special thanks goes to 
my parents who have given me this wonderful opportunity, and to whom 
I will be forever grateful. My journey began in the Junior School where I 
want to thank all of staff- especially to my first teacher Mr. Phillips, who 
helped make my hrst step at Trinity a good one. I would also like to thank 
the many teachers, staff, and maintenance in the Senior School who made 
such a wonderful experience possible. Thanks to the wonderful kitchen staff, 
and I will definitely miss the great food! Special thar\ks to my advisor, Mr. 
Keyes. Thanks to my great housemaster, Langford, and to Ass. Housemaster 
McKercher To my coaches that made TCS enjoyable: Soccer with Mr. Hay, 
squash with Mr. Hay and Mr Cameron, and the most enjoyable year of soccer 
with Keiser and Ingram. Thank you also to my Grade 12 teachers who have 
helped make this year the best: Dew, Robert, Kelly, Moore, Grandfield and 
Brough. Good luck to Sarah in her last three years at Trinity. Thanks to my 
friends, and everybody else at Trinity whom I will definitely miss. To the 
Orchard guys: Walker, Gillespie, Brownie, Chaser, RM, GP, TD, WC, ND, 
AW, it was a fun time!. Also thanks to Ojo, Rob, Chan, J-Ray, and the rest 
of the guys. 

Steve Ra 

Time just flies. Two years in TCS has passed so fast and I am finally free from 
TCS. What a happy day. I'd like to thank my parents who have supported 
me and without them I would not be here. Thanks to everyone and have 
fun in TCS. Good Luck guys. 



Dave Richards 

Six years has come to tin end . . . 

Thanks Mom and Dad for dropping the dough and always having my 

back. I love you both. 

Mary and Sarah, be yourselves and you'll go far. 

PK, your words go farther than you'd know. Thanks for the support and 

respect in good times and in bad. 

Julia, my best friend, I'll never be the same. 

Most importantly, thank you to Tim Morton's. 

Keep on keeping on, 


Don't let it get you down, ifs only castles burning. 

-Neil Young 

Dominic Serrao 

To my parents, all this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. Thanks 
Mum and Dad and my brother Dean. My three years at TCS has been 
ameizing in many different ways and I have many happy memories that 
I'll take back to Barbados with me. Thanks also to Uncle John and Aunt 
Fern for making my stay in Canada an enjoyable one and also tharJcs to 
my Canadian cousin Sheryl. I would also like to thank everyone in the 
TCS community, especially Mr. Allen, my housemaster, and most of all Mr. 
Legakis who has given me his full support during my three years. Hope 
to see you in Barbados sometime. 

Greg Samson-Strecker 

Great minds discuss ideas; 
Average minds discuss events; 
Small minds discuss people 

First off, thanks go out to my mom who saw me through my entire four 
years here. I know it's been hard at times and I appreciate the sacrifices 
you made to keep me here. My time at TCS has been rough at times but 
I've managed to come out ahead of the game. I've met many great people 
here and that in itself is worth all the trials and tribulations which TCS 
could muster; however, I can't say I'U be sad to leave. Keiser, hope 1 haven't 
been much of a hassle to keep around. Hodges and Harding, thanks for 
the help. Shout outs to the hockey team and those who knew me on a 
last name basis. It's been a blast for me at TCS and I am sad to say that it's 
over. It's not the school itself I v.-ill miss the most but rather, the people 
who make it worth coming back to over the years. 

"Bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body, but 
knowledge acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind." 

So Heui Shin 

I feel somewhat greatly relieved and somewhat heartbroken to leave TCS 
where I have burnt with my youthful ardour and dreams. While staying 
at TCS for three years, I've learned two precious things which could not 
be exchanged even with a zillion dollars: the perfection of self and the 
predousness of family and friendship. The last three years were the most 
valuable, but the hardest time in my life. Every time I felt frustrated and 
lonely, there were always my family and friends behind me to cheer for 
me and to let me lean on them. All the accomplishments I made were not 
only with my 'blood and sweat', but also with their devotions. Now, I am 
ready to hit the road! Now, it is time to shatter the quiet! The upcoming 
summer is the time to rock and roll hardcore. After fuelling myself, I wtU 
be ready to fight for another four years. I tharJc all 87s, Z-fams, 86 sistas, 
all teachers, Hammy and Lee, and so on. How dare I forget every single 
person I've met at TCS! Farewell to all, and see you someday! (I would like 
to share this honourable moment with my MOM, DAD, and BRODA) 


Courtney Stevens 

This has been the greatest four years of my hfe. Through TCS I have been 
able to have so many experiences and meet so many amazing people. 
People like Scott Bosy, Chris Selby, Erin Botrie, Mel DuMoulin, Sarah Essak, 
Beccy De Silva, Steph Tirelli, Duncan Kwan, and Katelyn Ritchie, that have 
celebrated my successes with me, comforted me when I failed, and stood 
by me through everything. I would also like to thank my teachers, without 
whom I would literally not have been able to get through my time at TCS, 
especially my advisor, Mrs. Powles, who has supported me and pushed 
me to do my best and who saw me through the good and the bad times. I 
can't forget my parents who have supported me in everything I have ever 
done, and without them I could not have made it into TCS, and I must 
thank them for funding my many excursions and my shopping addiction. 
To all my friends that I must leave behind, thank you for always being 
there and good luck in everything that you do. Good luck to all the girls 
in Wright House. Thank you everyone. 

Nick To 

All right, guys, it isthe end of a long trip. Mad shouts to AB, CD, EF, GH, 
r|...lots of good times with KL, MN, OP, QR, ST... all the late nights and 
pillow fights with UV, WX, YZ. Thanks Mom and Dad I put you guys 
through the trenches but you never lost faith, Mr Large, Mr Healy, and Mr 
Walker have been great lights in a dark cave. If I have to write it down, it 
didn't happen good enough the first time. 

Tahmer Tohme 

It has taken me three years at TCS to realize that this school isn't just a 
prison for wealthy children. It is in fact an opportunity of a lifetime, one 
that the majority of the world's young adults cannot experience. I would 
like to thank Mom and John - without your counsel, love and financial 
support, none of this would have been possible. Thank you both. For 
ensuring 1 wasn't too stupid while at TCS, I would like to thank Mr. Allen, 
Mr. Langford, Mrs. Finlay, Mrs. Dunn and Mr. Legakis. You all taught 
me over the years. Shihan and Mary, your guidance has been a pearl of 
knowledge - I love you both. 

Don't waste your time trying to understand a stupid hand gesture from the 
islands. Start questioning the wise and find answers that will not change 
like the seasons of the year. Take it easy, and 1 hope you all find what it is 
you're looking for. 

Andrew Walker 

I'd say it's been a long four years if it really mattered. Truth is. . . it doesn't, 
we all have at least another 4 years of university so we might as well not act 
like everything is done for. Trinity brought me the best and worst moments 
of my life. All the Hodgetts boys have been together since grade 9; without 
you guys Trinity would be a rughtmare. Much love to my parents who gave 
an arm and a leg for me to go here. Also, to whoever stole Hodgetts's Smash 
Bros video game... I hope you choke. Shout out to BIC razors. 
"Don't grow up too fast and don't embrace the past this life's too good to 
last and I'm too young to care. Don't kid yourself and don't fool yourself 
this life could be the last and we're too young to see" 


Korey Walker 

My three years at TCS ha\e tlovvn bv. I still remember my first day when 
I met Mr Wright and when I met a lot of the friends I have today. I also 
enjoyed playing on the numerous sports teams and winning (not often). 
Thanks to Mr. Keyes for being a great advisor and for helping me get out 
of that "situahon" cough cough. Thank you to my parents for forking over 
the cash to send me to this place. Without you guys I don't know where I 
would be. 1 cannot forget to thank the Piccirus for giving me a permanent 
residence in Port Hope and I'd like to thank Dave Piccini for being Italian 
and for being someone to party with. I'd also like to thank Davis for 
being "unique" (BBM is weird man but we did say "I cry" for about two 
months.) I would also like to thank Will for being. ...for just being Will. 
Chasedawg you are the man (we going to the big A this summer? DPC!). 
Peter (aka Juice & Captain Creo) have a good one. Lastly, Graeme it has 
been fun talking about girls with you, and Alexandra you are the scariest 
Frenchman I know. To everyone else I did not mention, have a good life 
and I will see you soon hopefully. If you are reading this I hope you have 
gained something from what I wrote. I do not know what, but hopefully 
something. Remember everyone, keep fit and have fun! 

Matthew Walker 

Thanks, Trmity, for a great time. I was only here for two years, but those 
two years were the best of my high school career. Coming from a public 
school 1 really felt the stress of homework for the first time, but with the 
help of my friends imd teachers I overcame that and now I'm graduating. 
If I had not come to Trinity I would have probably have been going to 
Durham College. I've had some fun times here, from doing plays, football, 
to just partying down Hodgetts with the N64. Where oh where has a 
smash bros. gone? Of course I want to thank my parents, because without 
their support I wouldn't be here. I've made a great group of friends since 
I came here and 1 hope to keep in touch with them. So TCS, farewell for 
now, I'm sure I'll see you all soon. Oh and by the way, if I ever find out 
who stole Hodgetts's smash bros. I suggest you nm far far away because 
I will come back to get you. 

Salad Fingers 

I'm here to enquire about your spoons. I need to thank my friends- Jeremy 
Fisher, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, Hubert Cumberdale, and Milford Cubicle. 
Horace the horse, you've been more than a friend to me, and for that, I 
thank you. I want to thank all the other people in my life. Olwyn, perhaps 
someday, Horace and I will meet you Outride the Cili/. Montana: Hello, 
you're beauHful. Lauren, I pictured you in black and white, I pictured you 
with Raven's eyes. . .you three young girls helped me so much, so thank you. 
The rusty kettles, the nettles, and rusty spoons will not be forgotten. Before 
I leave, I must caress a rusty kettle. Thank you, and good bye TCS. 

Christopher Wong 

'All endings are also beginnings. " Time flies, and it's time for me to present 
everyone with a little grad quote. Well, for me, TCS is an unforgettable 
experience that is hard to describe in a few words. You love it, you hate it. 
But still, my life would be completely different if I spent my high school 
career somewhere else. I would like to extend my appreciation to my par- 
ents and all the faculty members for all your support. Shout out to all of 
my friends; some of you were always there and some entered in and out; 
thank you very much, it has been a wonderful year. Bethune Crew: wish 
you guys all the best! To the rest of the 852ers, work hard!! You're almost 
there =). Goodbye for now. 


Andrew Woodward 

TC5 is more than textbooks and assignments: it's about learning how to 
learn, developing life-long friendships, and experiencing the world through 
each classroom. I came to TCS, not sure what to expect and I'm leaving a 
completely different person. 

Thanks to everyone who made this unique experience possible 
for me. Mom and dad, for your continued love and support, and 
giving me the opportunity to learn things 1 never imagined I would. 
Everyone in Y4 Music, New York was awesome; we'll never forget it. 
I'd like to thank all my teachers for showing me that limits don't exist and 
for always supporting me academically. Mr. Parker, you've taught me to 
make music a part of myself and I've learned to appreciate the beauty of a 
single trombone chord. Ms. Feddery, Mr. Hedney, and Ms. Pontieri, your 
enthusiasm and exciting classes have opened up the worlds of chemistry 
and biology to me. 

Good luck to everybody in Jazz and Winds next year; you're in really good 
hands. David, you have three great years ahead of you: take time to enjoy 
them. That's aU for now, I could keep writing for pages and pages! 

Kevin Yean 

This is it. The end of an era. I feel really sad to leave TCS. I can't believe I 
am graduating from high school and going to university. I have been here 
at TCS for two years and it has taught me valuable life lessor\s. Thank 
you all. 

Special thanks to Mr. Christ, Mr. Allen, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Hedney, Mr. 
Langford, Ms Pontieri, Ms. Durm, Dr. DuBroy, and my roommate Bin. 
Best wishes to everybody. 

Scott Yang 

At TCS, I really founoout what it was like to be so far away from home. 
Gone was the hustle and bustle of hundreds of people hurrying along the 
streets of Seoul; instead, 1 walked on quiet streets, met very few people, 
and found my community small in size and limited in scope. 
Although many things were different, the experience of attending TCS 
helped me realize that much remained the same. Looking back, I'm still 
surprised about how much my personality and viewpoints have changed 
with my studying abroad. The friends I made were just as caring and fun 
loving as those I left in Seoul. In sports, in classes, or in just 'hanging out' 
in the dorms, I found myself feeling very much at home. Most importantly 
however, I finally understood that I need not fear the experience of living 
and working in new places. 

My roots are in Korea; my high school years are in Canada; my college life 
will be in United States and after that, my future will be global in scope. 
Being part of TCS has eruiched me, indeed. 

Xiao Yue 

TCS is awesome; you can't ask for a better place to spend your four years 
of fiigh school. I have met many cool people here. I will start with Jarryd: I 
don't know what to say about you, but I LOVE YOU man!!! Hyun & Brian, 
I'll miss you guys!! Blayne, you should keep rubbing those oils on Mike's 
arm while you guys are working out together in the gym! Hatch, take it 
easy at Queen's, I will see you on the soccer field next year. Ola, I will buy 
you a Chocolate diip muffin anytime you want. Outerbridge, I am always 
better than you in any sport, admit it!! Devin & Derreck, you guys should 
stay in Bethune after lights. Miller, Felipe and Nick, make sure you make 
playoffs for soccer next year! Sam and Kermy, TCS rugby team will always 
be top 10 in Ontario! Hamir, I hope one day you admit that you actually 
speak Hindu! Mr.Robert, you are the best advisor EVER. Ingram, no matter 
how hard you try, you still can't make it to Junior school volleyball team. 
Why?! 5 foot 3 is the minimum requirement! Mr.Christ, I have to admit you 
are the best basketball player in my mind, but your jokes are just SO funny, 
not! Keiser, thanks for putting up with me for four years. I will remember 
TCS for three things! Spwjrts, Friends and, of course, all the girls! 


Brian Ahn 

Mv high school hfe is finally done !!! Now., it is time to say good bye. 
Mv life in TCS has been fun, a struggle, and a change. I met lots of 
awesome people; there are even a few people that I really DON'T 
like. This place has been a gift for me. I am leaving this place with 
unforgettable memories which will stay with me forever. 
I'd like to say thanks to my parents and my sister, especially my parents 
for their huge support. I also want to say special thanks to; Mr. Healy: 
you are the coolest advisor that I ever encountered before. Thank you for 
understanding and caring for me a lot. Mr. Keiser; I feel sorry for you 
even more than I feel grateful. Even though , 1 made a lot of trouble. . .you 
treated me so nicely and kept me out of trouble. 

Even though I'm leaving with a few regrets, I definitely don't regret 
coming to this school. I've changed a lot over these three years. 
Good luck next year guys !!! 
Farewell ... It was fun... 

David Hyun 

It has been four years since I came to TCS. 1 had lots of good memories and good 
experiences in here. Also, I met great people and learned many valuable lessons 
inside and outside of classroom. First of all I would like to say huge thanks to Mr. 
Keiser for his support. When I faced some difficult situations, he was always there 
to help me out for four years. He even gave me the chance to be his Head of House 
earlier this year but I am very sorry I let him down by making stupid choices. Mr. 
Anderson, you are the best advisor I ever met. You helped me a lot in many ways 
and you helped me to graduate! I will miss you so much. Anyways, Bin, we have 
been together for almost 18 years now and we are finally graduating! Let's slay 
close in the future as well. Brian, I had really good time with you this year. Xiao, 
I never knew you would become such an athlete when I think about fat Chinese 
boy back in grade 9. 1 had to change you to a different roommate because your 
feet stunk so much. Wesley thanks for helping me out in many ways when I first 
came to this school. I will always remember you as my best roommate. Many other 
acknowledgements to Bum, Jae, Fat, Scotty, Stebby Ra, Jamel, O.P, stupid jun, clam, 
and people who I might have mistakenly taken out. Lastly, I would like to give 
huge thanks to my parents for always supporting me and trusting me no matter 
what I did. Good luck to all of you. 

r^ __^_ 



, ■» V. 

Michael Chu 

Goodbye TCS! 

I must admit that my first impression wasn't 

spectacular, but now I like you! 

These three years were one of my happiest 

memories in my life. 

I have met many amazing people, even too 

many =) 

I want to give my many thanks to Brent house 

and everyone who supported me through 

these years: Alexiou, Holmes, J.Clark, JRay, 

Luke, A.Brown, S.Outerbridge, Malcolm, 

Aaron, Blake, Andrea and many others 

TCS ...I'll be back for sure 

"School's out. Memories past. Don't ever doubt. 

Our friendship will last." 

Roni Au 

Time really flies. I can't believe that I am 
graduating this year. I had such a wonderful 
time in TCS. There were a lot of great memo- 
ries. Playing soccer with friends, making 
fun of Jeremy etc. On the other hand, I also 
want to thank all the teachers, friends and 
of course my parents. One last little thing, 
EVER!!! Wish you guys all the best. 

Stebby Lai 

It was my pleasure to join the TCS family for two 
years. As the time passed by, it was great to stay with 
different kinds of people in this big community. It 
helped me understand that communication is the 
most important thing. The education in TCS was 
totally different from my home place, which helped 
me experience more than in the previous school. 
Besides that, I would like to thank the teachers who 
taught me and also the Housemasters in Brent. It 
was really a good opportunity to know the culture 
of different places with staying in the same house 
for two years. TCS is a great school for us to prepare 
a better future. These years have been the most 
valuable periods for me. Also, I have been glad to 
meet many friends in these two years. Roni, Fuman, 
Irwin, Jun, Chris, Clarence, M.Lam, Venus, Peruiy, 
MT, it is really good to have you guys graduate in the 
same year. I wish all of you a good future. 


Genna Reid 

Darron Clark 

Trinity has been a great experience for me, but without the people I love 
and have met along the v/ay, it wouldn't have been the same. Thank you 
so much, mom and dad, for everything you've sacrificed for me, I love you 
both. I'm so glad that I came here because 1 couldn't have pictured myself 
anywhere else. Gordie and Sarah, thanks for always putting a smile on 
my face. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for everything! To my other 
half, Darronydidi/gremlin or was it Ronnie? you kept me sane! Our humour 
can do miracles: hamshing, roma, the 3 S's, our obsession - I'll never forget 
the laughs we shared. Thank you for being there for me when I needed 
someone. To Wes, you were my favourite part about this place. I'll never 
forget all the times we shared here. . . I know you wanted it to end better, 
but this is just the beginning of our lives. I know you can do great things. 
To all my girls, thank you for all the joyous moments, I love you all... same 
goes to the guys of TCS. Lastly, thanks to my super cool frisbee partners 
for such a fun spring. Thanks TCS 

Although I've onlv been here for two years, if feels like ifs been thousands 
1 mean that the best way possible, of course. It's still crazy to think that I'm 
graduating now, I never thought the day would come that the last Clark 
would finish high school. It's been a really neat experience, and I am grateful 
for it. I've never stressed this before but thanks Mom and Pops, this was the 
right choice. Norma Gene, my beloved roommate and old married couple 
wife- you really helped me get through a lot of times, and don't worry muffin, 
you're the #1 leader in my heart haha. A.C to my D.C with injected dexter I 
LOVE you. I mean that in the rucest wav. But seriously how do you to it? J.M 
gremlin lover, Jules we made the top 20 on S.B's list, Lola a.k.a "Babs/ Shelly/ 
Sheila", Shan start taking notes for our book. Guys: I'll miss you and some of 
you are already missed. Thanks Cam and Tarah for letting me know about 
the tricks of the trade before coming here, not that I exercised any of them 
of the sort. I love you guys. Cam, Brennan, and Tare. Bye TCS, best wishes 
to you all and take care. 

AUi Conyers 

Its been four great years and it is hard to comprehend that in just over a 
month my time as a student at TCS wUl be over. At the moment I caiuiot 
fully understand what TCS has taught me, but I know that every experience 
will help me sometime in the future. Mom: Thanks for always being here 
when I needed you. It might not have seemed like I appreciated it at the 
time, but it meant so much. Dad: I'm glad I could carry on the tradition 
and thanks for all your help and support when I needed it. Chris: I'm 
glad you persuaded me to go here, and you made my life at TCS much 
easier. Traugott: Thanks for your support, it always meant a lot. Friends: 
We Survived! You know who you are thanks for making TCS the place I 
wanted to live for four years. Not living with you guys makes me sad, but 
knowing that we could survive four years (three or two years) together, 
our friendship will not end from being apart. For everyone still here next 
year, enjoy the simple things because it is those things that you will miss. 
To all the Grads good luck! See you soon! 

Tocelyn Murphy 

My turn has come to say goodbye to TCS, and I've had the time of my life. 
The exf)eriences that I've had will last me a lifetime. It hasn't always been 
easy, but I will forever look back at TCS with a smile. To my friends: You 
were the best part of my experience. Through the laughter and the tears, 
we pulled through, and I will never forget you. To all of my teachers, 
housemasters and coaches: thank-you for your dedication and guidance. 
To the Ketchumites: Keep the laughs coming; you make TCS a better place. 
To the Traugotts: Ketchum would not be the semie without you and I am 
forever indebted to you for your never ending support. To Renee and 
Adrierme: cherish every moment you have here, it'll be gone before you 
know it. Finally, to mom and dad: Thank-you for giving me the gift of TCS. 
I'll never forget how hard you worked to help me realize my dreams; I love 
you more than you'll ever know. 

It's not easy to say goodbye to my second home, but all good things must 
come to an end. 

Thank-you for four brilliant years- 1 wouldn't have spent them anywhere 


Chris Selby 

This is the beginning of !he rest of our lives. In reflection of the past six 

years, too many special moments come to mind for a 200 word summary. 

I would like to express my appreciation for everyone who has taught or 

motivated me, laughed or chatted with me, played catch or gone on an 

adventure with me, danced with me, or just been in a room with me at 

any moment. 

Mr. Parker, Mr. Healy, PK: from you I gained knowledge, inspiration 

and guidance far beyond the boundaries of your subjects. 

Thanks to all of the guys for some good laughs. DK: 1 will treasure our 

friendship for my lifetime. 

To mom and dad: you have given me the opportunity to succeed in any 

possible avenue. Your support, encouragement, friendship and love are 

one in a million. 

Mitch: thanks for helping me to never forget how much I love 

having fun! There is no doubt that the family name is in great shape. 

To you, no matter who you are, where you are or when this is: keep in 

touch. 1 will love to hear from you! 

Never forget to smile. Tomorrow will be great. 

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." 

Duncan Kwan 

Four amazing years have gone by, and here I am looking back on it all. 
1 want to thank my parents for the opportunity to come to Trinity. Mom 
and dad, thank you for your ongoing love and support. To my teachers, 
thank you for your passion in guiding and teaching me. Ms. Pontieri, 
Mr. Hedney, and Mrs. Taylor, 1 never would have made it without your 
help. Thanks for not giving up on me, and thank you for all the extra AA 
sessions. Mr. Parker, thank you for four amazing years of music. I learned 
so much from you in four years. Mr Large, you were the best housemaster 
that anyone could hope for. Thanks for always believing in me, especially 
when 1 had doubts about myself. To all the boys in Hodgetts, thanks for 
the great memories and good luck to all of you next year. Chris, you're my 
best friend, and I'm really going to miss you a lot next year I know you'll 
succeed in whatever you choose to do. To all my friends, thank you for 
the amazing times that we had together I wouldn't trade these memories 
for the world. 

Karen Baxter 

To my parents ... eternally grateful that you didn't 
drown me at birth. (1 still think you should have 
drowned the other two, though.) Jay, Thomas, keep 
making me proud to be your big sis (but do try using 
your brains once in a while - I'd hate for you to get 
out of practice, *cough*). To the Hunters, no words 
enough to express my thanks. I'll keep in touch - don't 
even try to hide from me. MIKEL, dearest roommate 
and bush monkey (and chair-breaker, ear-.... well, you 
know), we've been together through the good times 
and the great. Four years, man ... we should totally 
just get married - we both know "our husbands will 
have stiff competition" anyway. See you at UBC!!! 
Ciniirt joyfiil shrieks that cause alarmed Scotties to come 
running'). To Brookie, Brie, Charlene, Liaime, all my 
LJYOers, teachers/adults 1 liked, Scott House girls, and 
others 1 won't list due to space constraints . . . hey, what 
a coincidence, you're in my grad quote and on my hit list 
. . . craziness. You'll all be in my thoughts (especially the 

homiddeil ones . . . not haha .... awkward). Seriously. 

I love you all. Thanks, TCS 

Charlene Park 

A round of applause for me and other 
graduates who survived to graduate from 
TCS! The last four years breezed, but every 
moment is memorable. Thanks to my friends 
and favourite faculty for making the time at 
TCS even more special. Keep in touch. Hope 
everyone I got to know from TCS achieves 
whatever they wish to and lives a happy life. 


Brie McKenzie 

Five years ago, 1 careened off my home-schooling 
path and into Grade 8 at TCS. At the time, being 
home-schooled was considered a little different, 
like living in a "cave". The experience instilled in 
me a healthy resf)ect for non-conformity, and an 
awareness of the risks and rewards along the road 
less travelled. During my years at TCS, this respect 
for the individuality flourished. It is the people who 
weren't afraid to be different who have made my 
experience here so vibrant and refreshing. Oscar 
Wilde astutely observed that, "Most people are 
some other people. Their thoughts are someone 
else's opinion, their lines are mimicry, their passions 
a quotation." So think for yourself. Jump off the 
beaten path, because sometimes it's easier to 
apologize than to ask permission. To each of you 
whose little differences and idiosyncrasies made 
TCS life so rich, thank you for making the last five 
years truly unforgettable. May every happiness 
be yours. 


Mallory Maynard 

Mum and Dacf, thanks for giving me a great 
opportunity and for putting up with me and the guys. 
To My Men: Dave, Evan and Greg: T-blant, "Float 
Your Fanny", recycled orange juice jugs. Toga Parties, 
weekend gatherings, gnoming, 3 hour adventures 
and gestures are my best memories. I love you 
guys and I'll always be your "Mum". Same to you, 
Braden, I love ya and I'll miss making our awesome 
birthday cakes. Mattchu, baby bro, stay out of that 
TCS survival kit. Thanks Jennie for always being 
there even though we never found the twins. Erin, 
we've had some great times. You got me through 
Y4 Bio! Julia, I'll never forget the liberators, waxes 
or you emptying my fridge. Claudia, "you're crazy" 
but fabulous. Please remember our wakeboard times 
and me refusing your entry back into the boat. Jess, 
I'll never forget Michelle coming onto you, chickens 
on pizza, pigs falling from shelves or peppermint 
patties. And finally, Tahmer thanks for being a great 
friend throughout the years. I'll never forget the 
Easter Breaks, Hastings Weekends or the really great 
brownies. To everyone I missed, thanks for a great 6 
years. Good Luck next year, Wright House! 

Erin Botrie 

After six years at TCS, 1 leave with memories 
impossible to sum up in 200 words. First of all, I 
would like to thank my parents for this opportunity; 
it would not have been possible without you. 
Dad- Thank you for always being there for me. 
Mom- Thank you for your great advice, support 
and unconditional love. Carlie, you are an amazing 
and intelligent girl. I know what you are capable 
of, so work hard. Only two more years sis! Jennie, 
there have been way too many good times this 
year! I'll never forget Rays Diner, laughing fits, 
shopping (buzzzz), Mr. Wiggles, or your famous 
quote "I think I'm psychic". Don't forget our deal! 
Lindsay and Mallory, the gjrls from 7E! We're done! 
ThaiJ^ for the memories over the past six years. To 
everyone else who has been part of my life at TCS, 
thank you, it would have been the same without 
you. Mrs. Beck, thank you for you support over the 
past years as a house master and advisor. See ya 
TCS, it's been fun. 

"Be U'lw you are and iai/ U'Imt i/oii feel because those 
who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't 
mind "Dr. Seuss. 

Jennie Ross 

TCS for me has been. experience that I 
will... never forget. Nevertheless I have enjoyed 
my time here, and will never forget the memories 
that I have shared with everyone. Erin, BUZZZ 
BUZZZZ, Paris. . . my best friend, "say something 
clever". Always keep the tradition of Mr. Wigglie, 
and remember., every year!! Caleigh, we both 
finally found the thing that we were complaining 
about all through grade 11. Even through the 
complaining, you made my time through Y3 
worth while. Mallory, I am confident that in the 
future we will have married our twins and be 
neighbours *sigh*. Scott, 1 have and will always 
be able to kill you in our bet. Always remember 
my three dating rules and it will set you for life. 
Ha ha Julia, our favourite places include the 
alley (our early years), poolrooms, roofs, the 
cottages, my car, and the many bedrooms and 
parks... good times. Blair, thanks for being there 
with me through my final year of high school. 
It wouldn't have been the same without you. 
You all made the last four years of my life 
amazing. Thanks. 

Rachael McConney 

I'll miss it here. . . but my time to leave has arrived. Mommy, you're always 
there for me. You answered the late night calls and lent a shoulder to cry 
on. Daddy, thanks for the continual support and the numerous chances. I 
will be forever grateful. Adam, you're a great brother. To the Cone: Juul (my 
other half), Cait, Lou... thanks for the girl talks and advice. Geoffers, you 
rock! Steams, I love ya! You're the best pillar of support I could have asked 
for. Keep yourself outta trouble and walk good... like a football player. 
Bolts. . . the most specialerest. Christie. . . still my other mom. To the Bums 
grads: Cristin, Cokes, Court, Jenna, Chek. . . we finally made it! Best grads 
in this school! The first 2 years of TCS were amazing, then when things 
went downhill you girls kept me sane. We made it out aUve and are free! 
Rules were made to be broken. To the person that wiU always hold a place 
in my heart (not necessarily a good place); you've made me stronger. Well 
TCS. . . I have been excited for graduation for months. As fun as it was, I'm 
not a goose and I gotta bounce. Coor^ is PEACING OUT! 

Alex Juul 

Four Years come and gone already! Everyone told me that my TCS years, 
especially the last would pass by quickly, but now I can say first hand, 
it's true. I'm sad to leave, but know that it's definitely time to move on. 
Thanks to all the teachers who helped me along the way, Ms. Miller and 
Mac, you were amazing advisors, thar\ks for all your help, guidance and 
friendship. Murray and Kelly, you made Bums a second home to me. To 
the already graduated "S. Squad" thanks for everything! Things weren't 
the same without you. Thanks to the 'cone' for being there when I needed 
someone to vent to or confide in. J.A.C. you helped me get through my first 
two years. I learned so much from you about life and myself. Mum, Dad 
and Kristina, you've been incredible. 1 couldn't ask for a more supportive 
or loving family. Shout out to the Scums grads. Can't forget the 'bigside 
crew'. ..we stuck it out through the rain, snow and sun. To the Y3's left 
behind, you know who you are, I'll miss you. 

"Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness." 
James Thurber 


Christina Hermanns 

So much to sa). don"t know how 1 feel. 

We've been here so long, leaving seems so surreal. 

This place, like our home, so many memories do these walls conceal. 

We've experienced so much here. . more than we can reveal, 

.•\t limes it was so stressful, so hard to deal. 

From late nights to laughs to cries, it's all over now we've made it through 

ever> ordeal. 

It's bitter sweet but I'll miss it, that's one thing I unveil. 

Thank \ou: Jackie. Coowney (Aaahahahah), Chels (gonna miss ya). Jenna. Palmer. 

Sabs. Crispy. Bolton. Ren. Jojo. Gill. Coon (shuffle... pull down). Juuli (my 'sista'). 

Swan (my bro). Alexiou. Knowles. Benjie. Cait (Dusty). Greggles. Ms. O'Regan. 

Kelly and everyone else for making my life at TCS so real. 

Good luck next year my Bumsgurlies. I can't believe I'm graduating this is so unreal. 

thanks again to those who have always been there (you know who you are) & that's 

where I'll end my spiel. 

.•\ Special Thanks To: Cristin. withoutyou what would I do? Samsam... just for being 

you (IFYBFM-F...buahah). Conyers...! Love Ya, Murray you're like a mother to me 

I'll never forgetyou. Barton for always believing in me, it meanta lot. and finally my 

Parents.. .your sacrifices were worth it. These have been the most memorable years 

of my life. . .Goodbye TCS 

Samantha Saunders 

My TCS years have maybe been the most worthwhile years of my life. Though 

I'm grateful for all I've learnt, there's nothing I'm more grateful for than my 


Eve: Love you unconditionally and miss you so much. 

Courtney: Representin' big eyes! What's wrong with a lil thyroid condition! 

Jenna: Only girl that appreciates the necessity of a bra... hence... I love you 


Tina n Crissy: LMAO, too much to reminisce about. Tina: won't 

forget your Bahamian dialect "GOYAYA". Crissy: won't forget your 

openness and the smells which inherently come with. Love you both. 

Chels: I KNOW THAT YOU LOVE ME (mostly cuz I'm Bermudian.) 

Kiki: You know I like you, I just don't like your ways, (love the spice) 

Lou: Get over it, I don't have a slave name 

jack: You're the most precious Uttle thing I've ever known. You made my bad 

days not bad and stuck with me even when I got nutty. Don't know how I 

could've dealt without you. Next year may suck, but remember that I love 

you and will miss you to pieces. 

Thank you mommy, daddy, nana, Joey, I love you guys so much. 


Cristin Alexander 

TCS has been both rewarding and tiring but 1 can honestly say that it's been 
an experience of a lifetime. Not all weregreat but the good outweigh the bad. 
A big thanks to my mom for bearing with me without having an aneurism. 
I love you infinity, you are my inspiration. Thanks to my Guardians Pat and 
Fabian and Murray and Kelly, you were the reason I stayed at TCS many a 
time; you were my moms away from home. Good luck and I will miss you 
greatly. Chad, you are my support and my joy at the end of the day. I love you. 
Jenna, my ex-roomie, I'll miss the mischief we got up to. Tina, Goyaya (inside 
joke) I'll miss our stupid jokes (Drop it in di cup) and talks. Sam, you crazy, 
I'll never know how you got so spastic. I'll miss our Art room performances. 
Court a.k.a. Cowny, you're my honey bunch sugar plum, you were always 
so cute and lovable. Chels, fat pooch, Nip tuck and Chapelle nights were the 
shizznat. Remember not to undress when web cams are on. To McConanon, 
Juulie, Yogi, Tracey, Jackie, Caro and Rach best of luck, I'll miss you. Bums 
Girls, keep on keeping on. If I left anyone out I'm sorry, doesn't mean you 
weren't important. Much love & goodbye. 

Jenna Briggs 

"We are what we repeatedly 

repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a 
habit." To my hockey girls: it was an awesome season. I'll miss you, 
make me proud next year! Thanks to Ms Murray, Kelly, Mr Legakis, Mr. 
Keyes and Ms. Botrie. To everybody that I don't have room for: I'll miss 
you more than you'll even think about me. You all helped to make my 
experience at TCS amazing. We'll be pairing ways next year but I won't 
forget you! BURNS HOUSE! 

My Leaf Girl! Crissy, Court, Christina, Chels & Sam- you're like my 
sisters: sledding down Mt Trinity, stupid partying and much more! How 
can I live without you? Cristin: s'*!@m; ex-roommates my saucy big sis! 
Keep in touch! Court: our naps; we definitely ARE soul mates; I love you 
and we'll stay in touch even though we are going to opposite ends of 
Canada. Chels: Softball buddies! BEEP! Tina: HQ- it counted- the plane 
has landed! Sam: I'll miss your crazy-self! Geoffrey: until the sun blows 
up boobooobear. Scott: I'll miss you, especially if I don't go to SLU. Jacq: 
Been together since grade 7: I'll miss you babe! Ii\stead of complaining, 
embrace it. 


Chelsea Smith 

First, thanks to Mr. Donald Hunter for the TCS scholarship that I received 
because it gave me this wonderful opportunity. And to my family and 
friends who have supported me here. TCS allowed me to meet great people 
and leam more not only in the classroom, but about life and about myself. 
TCS has changed me into a more confident and outgoing person. Murray, 
Kelly, Whitey Ingram, Long, ALL of Bums and my friends made my time 
at TCS worthwhile! To my people (you know who you are) that I'm leaving 
I'll miss you bunches, but I'll visit. Crissy, Jeima, Tina, Court: tobogganing 
on lunch trays down Mt. Trinity, dancing around the room, taking pictures 
during our 'girl's nites', going to dances (looking HOTT), 6 a.m. McDonald's 
Bday runs (homeless muah!), day student's party, water fights vs. the boys, 
the slip-and-slide and Montreal! Matthew, Swan, Rob, Geoffrey, Ola, Chan, 
Sam, Steven, Hatch boys, McCon, ]uul, Caitlin, Jearue, Andria (harkness), it 
was good! Finally, thanks to Iain. You were my best friend who stood by my 
side, always believed in me, made me laugh, didn't argue with me, loved 
me and taught me to love; you will always be remembered, though this isn't 
goodbye! Good Luck People! 

Courtney Turcot 

I would like to thank Mommy and Daddy for giving me this opportunity. 
Now for my girls. Jenna, you're my soul mate and 1 have always had my 
best naps with you, Crissy one of the most beautiful and kind girls I have 
ever met, Tina...HAHAHAHA, Chelsea...! love you roomie and we had some 
fun times, Sam. ..You're a spaz, Chelsey...tharvx for always been there for me 
beautiful. Rach and Juuly... Valley Girls. always. And now my 
boys...Aaron...thank you for putting up with me and my annoying ways, 
Tahmer...! love you, brother and Michael. ..we went through a lot but came 
out in the best way possible. My girls from back home, Jessica and my sister, 
Kat, who have always been there. I went through so much here and was 
given so many opportunities. I have loved and hated this place but wouldn't 
trade anything for my time here. Dance Parties, tobogganing down Mount 
Trinity, movie nights, sun tanning, yellow sticky notes, "studying" and just 
hanging out. ..thank you for it all. Murray and Kelly.. .you are two amazing 
housemothers and good luck next year. Thank you also to Tucker, who gave 
me the opportunity to change for the better and is an amazing teacher. 

Clara Jin 

It's been only 2 years at TCS, but it feels like 
it's been forever. So much stress from work 
load, commitments, relationships, etc. I cried. 
However, because I had those days, and also 
because 1 was lucky to have teachers who cared 
about me, friends who cried with me, and family 
who always supported me with endless love, I 
could grow strong, I became a bigger person. 
Now that I am leaving this place, only amazing 
memories with invaluable friendships will 
remain. Priya: Oh Priya, what can I say! You 
are my twin sister, my best buddy! I can never 
thank you enough! Scott: You are the COOLEST 
ever! Thank you for helping me get through 
tough days by making me laughj Jonassen: Our 
CJ bonding will continue along with AJ and 
Damien:D Monique: You are such a sweet heart. 
Our insane anger management in New York., 
lol Cailin: Keamsy bunny. Good luck next year! 
Don't forget our Greece reunion in 2010. Ryan: 
My little bro! Thank you for always being there. 
Keep up with your crazy love towards piano. If 
I missed anyone, you know who you are, just 
give me a call. 

"Don't let others change ZL'ho you are. You are 
beautiful. " - CJ 

Priya Gupta 

As I reflect back on tfie last 5 years I realise that although 
it's hard to leave, 1 write this final good-bye with a smile 
because I know I am leaving here as a better person, with 
unforgettable friendships and memories that will last a 
lifetime. Mom and Dad I can't express how much you 
mean to me. You have sacrihced so much to give me a 
better life. Mere words can't express my gratitude. Sunjay 
and Sandeep ihank you both for not only being over 
protective brothers, but for also being friends. Clara, we 
seriously are attached at the hip, and I would have never 
been able to get through this year without you. Kristerv 
thank you for knowing how to always put a smile on 
my face even at the worse of times. Monique you were 
my voice of reason, who knows what I would have done 
without you. Caleigh and Rachelle, Rigby wouldn't have 
been the same without you. My big sis I don't even have 
words, you have taught me so much, I love you!!! Mrs. 
Beck thanks for always listerung it meant more to me 
than you know. Mr. Wills your advice and support was 
always appreciated. Good luck next year Rigby House, 
and remember although your time at TCS may seem to 
last forever, enjoy every moment of it because it will be 
gone before you know it. Good-bye TCS, thanks for all 
the good times. 

Scott Bosy 

I came to TCS in grade 10, coming from a regular 
high school it was quite a change. Although it 
was difficult at hmes, I thoroughly enjoyed the 
time I had here. So many opportunities, and I 
partook in so many of them. Thanks to Tucker 
and Myke for my amazing experiences in Jamaica 
(JSH) and India! Where would I be without these 
life changing experiences... you both are very 
dear to me. To my Improv buddies and Mrs. 
Large, and all the people I have been on teams 
(rowing & swimming) or plays with... how did 
you survive me?! 

To the great people I met here: Cturcot, Chels- 
Chels, Matt, Selby, Berg, Priya, Clara, Felipe, 
Courtney, Monique, Lucas, Caleigh, Caitlin, 
Kathryn and of course Jerma the greatest person 
anyone will ever meet...l will nuss you guys!! 
Shout out to my favourite faculty, you have 
all meant so much to me. ..Thanks so much 
PK for being there ALL the time, I cannot 
imagine how much time I took out of your life! 
University...! am so EXCITED! I wish all the 
present and future grads the best in years to 
come. And remember, you don't need a leadership 
position to be a leader! Step up to the plate and 
take charge! The best kind of hero is an Urwung 
'To whom much is given. ..much is expected" 


Michelle Tsui 

So this is It, three years at TCS will be marked down into this 200 words... 
it really isn't enough. 1 will always remember, myself constantly tripping 
off stairs (esp. library ones!)., bo-ing tv episodes ('ah bill'!)... learning to 
speak Chinese more fluently (haha tsk)... all the Tim/Mcd's/Railside/Casey 
moments... it's been a dreadful and long journey, but yet definitely worth 
it. Obviously, without these special people, this place could have been hell. 
First and always, dad & mom- you two are the best, both of your patience 
and love for me are unevplainable! ak*-i7 > (til >iiiil in my heart. Thank you for 
everything. Alisa-1 cannot ask for a better friend than 1 already have, you 
proved me right, best friends really are for life. Lgy&cum^&yby- we finally 
made it through [!] never forget the memories; one crazy night at Tim's, 
preparing Lgv's 17th birthday, beginning of this year, gossiping, sleeping 
over, OC, but simpiv just being with you 3 lovelies made my TCS life so much 
brighter. Keep in touch! Also... thanks to Clara(best roomie!), Mrs. Murray, 
and all the TCS Chinese Grads ... so grads of '06.. its our turn to fly! 

Penny Yu 

I guess its time to end my two years at TCS. There have been many precious 
memories for me. TCS has helped me to build a lot more of my character, 
and has taught me how the real world works. 1 have loved both the sad and 
happy moments, all of these will be unforgettable memories. Mom 
and Uncle Joe: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to TCS, your 
unconditional love, your sacrifice, and your support. I love you both more 
than anything. Venus: You know what you mean to me. Thank you for the 
support that you have given me. This place wouldn't have been what if was 
without vou. You are the best soul mate ever* Mlam, MT: Thank you for all 
the great times; you know 1 will always be there for you two. Grace, Jackie 
& Sharon: the three of you have meant a lot to me too, because all of you are 
so sweet and nice. Especially Grace, 1 won't forget your stupid act; thanks 
for being such a good listener. I am willing to share your ups and downs, 
as well. Stay strong! To Mrs. Traugott, and all the teachers, your knowledge 
has allowed me to grow. Thank you* WKS: Thanks for everything you have 
given to me. All of you are great! 1 am looking forward to seeing you guys 
in the near future. I love you all. Good luck Class of 2006! TCS, thank you 
for everything. 

Michelle Lam 

Finally it is my turn to write my grad quote. I still remember the first day 
1 came into TCS when 1 was a FY. I thought, "I'm going to die", but now 
I'm still surviving. XDd. After four years of TCS, 1 learned so much that I 
couldn't have from experience outside. TCS can be a really good place to 
live if you think of the Osier food, chapel, FND, quarters, XDD...Ga yao! 
My TCS fellow, you can do it. BB: Thanks for always supporting me and 
taking good care of me when I was sick. You are always the best in my heart. 
52*... M. Tsui, Penny and Venus: the three of you meant a lot to me, I still 
remember the crazy night in my room talking about... um...celebrahng my 
birthday. Sleeping over.. .all those good memories are going to be stuck in 
my head after I graduate, remember to keep in touch and don't forget me! 
Mimi, jei, siu chi...XDD. Sai lo: thanks for always being the first one who 
helped me whenever there was something happening. . ..Ga je is leaving now. 
Take good care of yourself. Only one more year to go. Add oil. Rest of the 
TCS fellows: add oil and try to enjoy TCS life because you never know when 
you're going to ntiss it. 

Venus Mak 

TCS may not have been how I expected it to be, but it certainly taught me 
a lot of things in a weird way. I am especially grateful that I got to meet a 
lot of great people, but I won't write a list here to tell everybody I know 
how I feel about them, because I can probably go on and on forever. You 
four, especially, shared with me the happiest and toughest times in TCS (lol 
you know who you are), and I would have been a totally different person 
without you guys. The things we shared is probably something some people 
would never understand in a Ufetime, and the friendship with you guys 
is my proudest accomplishment in TCS. Thank you to Mrs Torrie too, for 
generously taking care of me all the time and for tolerating all the troubles 
I brought you. Another big thank you for everyone who has shared a smile 
with me, it meant more to me than you would know. 


Nathan Swan 

What can I say? Happy to be leavin'? Why not: the 
Lord's given me another day... Rejoice and be glad. 
Love/miss TCS? Sad to say but yeah. Will 1 forget 
anything? Never. I've spent a quarter of my life here 
and honestly.-.l've enjoyed it. Of course TCS annoyed 
me to no end a lot but. can't forget what makes 
up your life: your past. To all Da Brothas (4 u Brownie) 
3FN guys. .. we made it . . . .nothin' but love for you and 
all the girls that have been part of these years; all you 
know who you are. ...I sincerely hope I'm forgiven 
by a certain few for what I've done... always forgive; 
never forget... Hold it down next year Scrub... you're 
shll Class of '06 in my opinion. to the Bickle 
guys who redeemed my first 3 years in this house.... 
my fellow actors; some crazy times for real; everyone: 
it was an honour... all I can say is that I truly hope 
in some tiny little way that I've made an impact in 
someone's life (you all know I like to THINK I'm wise: 
hopefully I was)... Oh yeah: forget about the future; 
focus on the present and leave the world better than 
when you came in: that's TRUE success. Peace, love, 
and all that good stuff. 

Ola Ojo and Justin Chan 

Tatberry, CHAAANNN, and Malconez's BDF session are some of the many things we'll never forget. From FY where Ola was almost expelled to the days 
hair rubbing, our TCS career has been, for a lack of better words, "uncanny". 

First of all we like to give a shout out to all the people that made this possible, our parents mostly, and then 3FN, the ladies and all the other people out 
there, for keeping us going on through the good times and the hard times. Without y'all the lessons we've learned in these four years would have never 
been possible. Thank You... But to those we leave behind, not to be "cliche", however all those who would call this that don't read what you can't man up 
and say. What we want to say is take advantage of every opportunity that you get and the biggest one of them all, TCS. Yes, sometimes it seems like a jail 
house where you feel your very human rights are being restricted, but beUeve us, the lessons that you learn within those multicultural walls of ivy are lessons 
that wall play over and over again in your lives. Now we aren't talking about the lessons you leam in class from the many pecuhar yet special teachers, 
D.O.C, PK, Duubez a.ka. Muskrat, Morpheus, Sweetheart, Walk Dog, Scotty .T and many more. Those lessons are good, we are talking about the lessons 
from those around you and those whom you surround yourself with: friends and enemies. Friends, those you're closest with, those with you 24-7, who you 
get into trouble with, who bail you out and who you leam from. See, friendship isn't something you can just buy and loyalty is even harder to ascertain, 
two characteristics which come in a friend, that no matter what hole you find yourself in the future, will come in handy. Friends are priceless, treat them 
so. "Enemies," how do they fit in all this? Well someone once told me keep your friends close and your enemies closer, not because you wanna mash dem 
in the head all da time but because they are your best teachers. Anyone who can look at you and pick at your weakness is only felling you what to work 
on and are only making you stronger so we aint sayin pack enemies in ya pocket like peruiies or nothing but see them as a way of toughing it and testing 
yourself. At this point y'aU is got weird looks on your face saying damm, dats what happen when you put a Chinese/ American/Bahamian in a room with a 
crazy African brotha. What do we say to that, "sure", but before you move to the next grad pic keep dis in mind, life is a blank canvas and you the painter, 
lessons you leam marufest in form of paintings, layer upon layer. In the end, will your canvas be blank or a masterpiece of immense complexity?.. .Hope 
y'all loved that little excerpt from the minds. Peace, love and thank you. 



Finallv, it comes to an end. =) I have learned and experienced a lot of things 
in TCS. Thanks to mv family and everyone that I met in the past two years. 
Mr Allen + Mr Christ (My advisor): Thanks for the gating sheets and all the 
help (BICKLE IS THE BEST). Mr Legakis + Ms Barton + Mr Langford + Mr 
Robert + Ms Kelly, thanks for helping me to get into university. I would hke 
to thank all my TCS friends, Poon (Monkey): Thanks for being such a nice 
roommate, especially in keeping our room clean. Clarence: You are one of my 
best friends in TCS, enjoying the time "yum jau" and "dou chin." Roni: I will 
not forget that vou are the first person who pushed me out of the window. 
James: You are one of the most "black boy" person I have ever met. Wongs: 
It's fun hanging around with you guys. Changdae: You are my best Korean 
buddy. MuUane: Thanks for helping my English. After all, TCS is not a bad 
place to stay except those gatings, Friday night detentions. Chapels, quarters 
and Osier's 'Tasty Food". 
lic/Hini> (Keep in touch) 

Clarence Lam 

To those who didn't make it: 1 made it!!! 


So much thanks to my parents and Mr. Gregg who got me into Rhode 


I'll be missing days on 99 hanging out with Jun, Irwin, Roni, Changdae and 

Brian Ahn(coolest guy). 

3 years I only regret that the Chinese never beat the Koreans in indoor soccer. 

If we ever do, someone please write it in their Grad quote. 

Actually, I have to thank Keiser for taking care of me. 

Yeah. ..that's it and luv you sor juju! 



Peter Gillespie 

From the Junior School to Y4 and I can't believe I'm 
writing my grad quote already. I guess I'll start 
off with thanking all the friends I've had at TCS 
for making my time here one laugh after another. 
I'd also like to thank the guys from football and 
rugby for great times and great seasons. More 
than anything, I would like to thai\k my parents 
who made so many sacrifices for me, with only 
one of them moving from South Carolina to Port 
Hope so I could attend TCS. They're the greatest 
parents anyone could ever ask for. 
To the Orchard guys: Brokeback, tell Sarah I say 
hi - Will, half of the blame is on Korey - Korey, 
keep on taking it to the next level - Piccini, you 
were bom in Canada. 

Big shout out to the rugby team for a great 
season, it was an honour to play with all of you 
guys. Another shout out to the football team 
for an intense season and one that I will always 

Well, it's over and I've had an awesome time. 
"Hey Gillespie!! Move every 5 minutes so the 
grass doesn't die!!! - Coach Allen 

Will Camm 

From the moment when I first walked 
through the school, I had no idea what 
I had gotten myself into. Mom and 
Dad, thanks for paying. It was a great 
opportunity, and I think I made the 
most of it. Davis, I'll see you in stardom. 
Always think on the bright side. If all 
else fails... you're already part of the 
Academy. Korey... so how are things 
with Brittany? Keep it real. Pete, you 
may be able to kill me... but. ..I got 
nothing. Chase, when I have a show, 
I'm making you the next Kramer. Swan, 
always remember what Marvin said "Be 
Kent unmannerly when Lear is mad". 
To the Improv Team, always remember 
the ribbon of excellence... and the fat 
sad kid. To the cast and crews, you 
guys were great. Good luck next year 
To everyone else I didn't mention, have 
a nice life. See you in twenty years. It's 
been fun. No regrets. 

Thomas Davis 

I'd like to start by thanking the Academy. I mean wow, I'm 
in a category with some great, great, great people. Fantashc 
people, and I'm overwhelmed. I'm really overwhelmed. I'd 
like to thank Bill Walker, Tucker Barton, and Mrs. Large. 
TCS theatre wouldn't have happened without them. I'd like 
to thank Sarah Warren for being the only one who actually 
challenged me, I'd like to thank Nick Topolie because he's 
proven that titles don't make someone a leader. I'd like to 
thank Will Camm since he looks just like me. I'd like to 
thank Matt Walker for only kicking my butt a couple times. 
I'd like to thank Kristina Balaam even though she watches 
the OC. My friends, my friends, my friends. As for the ones 
who provided some great party moments, it allowed me to 
enjoy the process, thank you! People like Pedro (or Mum), 
Master Bathe, Parker, Biggar (you frighten me). Walker 
(the one who spit in my face). Walker (the one who says "I 
cry"). Chaser, Lucas (The Kernel), Mallory, Noer (one hell 
of a Bond player), Ali, Fishlock, Mikel- Oh no, my time is 
rurming out. Sorry, but please don't start the band, I'll be 
quick. Ummm, well I guess I only have two more people 
to thank; Mom and Dad. They raised me up to get onto 
this stage. So as I take my bow they should be taking one 
with me. Thank you. 


Matthew Alexiou 

Geoff Holmes 

First I want to thank my parents for supporting me and always being there. 
I love you both. Nick and Luke I love you and missed you two throughout. 
Yaiya, you were the center of everything good in me and you have taught 
me to thank God for everything He has provided, and that includes this 
opportunity. TCS has taught me independence and has allowed me to form 
some friendships that will surely last a lifetime. Before everyone has to come 
my roommate, Geoffrey Holmes. You have put up with me for 3 years. I trust 
you with my life and I know we will see each other a lot down the road. Yea 
brothas. Islander Crew, 3FN and all da girls. I don't need to say names you 
know who you are. Islanders I expect you to run things next year and keep it 
going. All Bahamians ...keep it in you ...represent our culture. 
Thanks TCS. 

First some shout outs to people. In no particular order, we got olife, j muff, 

jarryd, robbie j, scrub, duck, brown kid swan, nugget, browner, hooterbridge, 

xiao "jack" yue, Hnchi, malconese, j rod, p murray, mccurdy, piccini, bathia. A 

special mention to Matthew Alexiou for being my roommate for all 3 years I've 

been here, you've always been there and all that stuff. To the women. . ..Cristin, 

Christina, Juul, Courtney, Chelsea (mistress) & McCormey it's been good. 

Thanks to my parents for putting me through all this, it was worth it. Thanks 

to all the teachers, especially Mr. Cameron (sweetheart), Mr. Harding (you're 

the man) and to Mr. Kedwell (PK). 

Another special mention to Jeima Briggs a.k.a. babe. My girlfriend of 13 months 

so far and still going strong, I love you darling. 

Nicknames to my credit, I'm nowhere near Rob but he's special. Marcus Wade 

a.k.a. Blumpkin, Iain Redford a.k.a. Scrudge, Alex Brown, a.k.a. Nipples 

Anyone I missed. ..too bad for you. 

"Life is too important to take seriously." - Oscar Wilde 

Jarryd Ray 

Seven years... it has been a long time since I first walked through the TCS 
doors the first time. I just wanna say thanks to all those who were there with 
me during these past years and are now elsewhere. Those who are here now 
thank you a lot: ma boys Robbie J, J-Dub, Ola, Alexiou, Xiao, Steve (Nug), 
Swanny, Tinchi, Scrubs, and Holmes. Thank you so much to my ace girl Hailey, 
take care next year, you made this year a lot better for me. Thanks to all those 
many teachers who some how put up with me since 1999: Dr. Hodges, I know 
I made it hard at times, Mr. Large, I know you always had my back despite my 
decisions, Mr. Cameron, my other housemaster thanks a lot. Mr Christ, you 
were a great teacher since day 1 and appreciate your ability to be a coach and 
assisting me in becoming who I am today, I wouldn't change a thing. Most 
of all I want to thank my parents who always believed in me and worked so 
hard to provide me with opportunities that you never had. And thank you to 
my brother. I'm out. Peace. 

Rob Macgregor 

I just wanna give a sKout out to all the people I made nick names for (or 

names I enforced) 

<I am NOT taking credit for all these names though many I did make up 

myself > 

Nugget, J-Rod, BJ, Llucks (Lux), Olife, Alexican the Mexican, Dirty James, 

Muff, J-Dub, Noer, Poopcinni, Scrub, Roni meow. My Man, Duck, Tin-chi, 

Malconaize, Brown Kid, The Goat, Will Dog, STY, Philla-P*'", Swanny G, 

Rat King, Mousie, Tim G**Manis, Murl, Jamel go Bouw, Ratray, Alexson, 

Frodo, Rat Prince, Mandrea, Sparrow, Squirrel, Ses Bon, Hope- Less, Ha-Queer, 

Blumpkin, Eh-Eh-Evan, Fat-S"**, Chicaaago, Play-Boi, Dirty McCurdy (or 

McDirty), The Growth, Prathetic 

Also, thanks to my family for sending me here, good friends, and good times. 

Lots of fun - squash bus, 3FN, Orchard House, hope all of you have a great 

time and never forget me. 

"Everything happens for a reason, and never forget that..." 


Laura Biggar 

Thank you masha ami fasha - You've sacrificed a lot for me and I thank you 
and love you for that! Jeff, John, T, and Graham, I'm lucky to have you guys. 
Thanks. Feds, thanks for everything you have done for me these past four 
years, you've never let me down. Robert, I only liked you because of your 
cookies. Good luck to BS field hockey, v-ball and soccer. Huge thanks to the 
coaches! Tiny man, KI, Ingram and Christ - I'll never forget my final soccer 
season. I'd also like to thank the Kitchen Staff for making 11:40 the best time 
of the day. Life lessons learned at TCS: Always got time for Tim Morton's, ISPs 
can be done the night before, Mcees can be delivered, exams are overrated, 
don't feed a rumour mill, and always remember, your blazer is 'at the dry- 
cleaners...' and so are your school shoes. Mike, no words can describe this 
year. To my friends, I love you guys and I thank you for always listening, 
laughing, and putting up with my pranks. your back at the reunion! 
Please keep in touch. Grads, good luck with everything. 

3"* Grader How's high school Billy? 

Billy Madison: High school is great. I'm learning new things and everyone 

is really nice. 

3rd Grader: Gee, I can't wait till 1 get into high school... 

Billy Madison: [whispering] Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that. 

Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You 

have to cherish it. 

Shannon Swift 

' LtMrn trum vt'sltrd.iv, live tor today, hope for tomorrow." Through my 4 
years at TCS I have learned to, most importantly to live in the moment. TCS 
is a school that never slows down, so take a moment and live life. Semi, the 
crazy pictures in Boulden, mudpits, basketball games, shandria, school trips, 
video games, OFSAA volleyball, Timmy's and McD's runs, waterfights and 
Collingwood were all things that made the moments at TCS memories. There 
has been so many memories packed into 4 years I can barely believe that it's 
finally time to go. To my Mom and Dad through thick and thin, thank you 
Rachel thanks for all the guidance whenever 1 needed it, you have made 
some decisions so much easier. Brenna thanks for being someone I could tell 
anything and everything too, no matter what, even when I wasn't making any 
sense. Hailey you are truly an individual and 1 love you to pieces for it- never 
change! David 1 am so glad you came into my life this year, and now 1 can't 
imagine it without you. To my coaches and teachers thanks for the endless 
support and always pushing for more. Feds and Mac your chocolate was 
always key. Ms. Hillier and E to the Z thanks for all the guidance. Mrs. Beck 
and Ms. Salt thanks for always fixing me. And lastly thanks to my friends, 
you guys have made every second at TCS great! 

Lou Chapman 

There is much in lifethat can and can't be spoken 
about. The journey has just begun. The time has 
come the walrus said to speak of many things; 
of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages 
and kings. And why the seas are boiling hot, and 
whether pigs have wings... 

I am my mother and my father's daughter. My 
friends are a part of my world. I am four years 
older than I was. I have good habits and bad. I 
have learned much, and forgotten much. I have 
left, and I have come back. I have lost and gained; 
tried and failed; loved and hated. I have grown. 

Remember to be at peace with yourself, because 
that's truly all you have. 
One love 

Mikel Bauer 

Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child. 
Listen to the DON'TS 
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS 
Listen to the NEVER HAVES 
Then listen close to me - 
Anything can happen, child, 
ANYTHING can be. 
-Shel Silverstein 

The biggest thanks go to my rents who have 
seen the good, bad and Fugly and never once 
left me alone in it. Next goes to my roommate 
Karen who I will always love and cherish, along 
with everyone I have shared memories, jokes, 
and all around good times with, too many to 
name; you all know who you are. Lastly to my 
teachers, for all the ones that became more than 
just a person preaching in class you became a 
second parent and I will never forget you. To you 
all, remember to always be yourself and never 
give up; ANYTHING can be. Scott House don't 
ever hide your quirks, I love you. 
Live well and live free and hopefully our paths 
will cross again. Peace. 

Cait Byrne 

The to-do list never dies. 

You must learn the rules to brejik them properly. 

The valley is never tec sketch. 

Stand corrected with humihty. 

Know when you are right and hold strong. 

Live, love and laugh. 

The problems at hand are lighter than at heart. 

Red nails are classy not trashy. 

Appreciate your educational 

Opportunity, you have been given much. 

Be eloquently obscene. 

We did it like that, and now we'll do it like this. 

Don't look back in anger. 

"Choose your future. Choose life." 


Kathryn Dagg 

Wow.'s really over. Three years ago I arrived, 
wrifh no idea of what to make of the massive school 
that looked like something out of a Harry Potter 
novel and seemed even more intimidating. 1 leave 
with... well, to sum it up, TCS has really opened 
my eyes. 1 thank my parents for giving me the 
opportunity to leave Pickering High, and to come 
here, somewhere completely different. To those 
teachers who supported me, I greatly appreciate 
it. To my friends and peers.. ..thanks for the many 
good times. You know, Jimmy's runs and living 
in Port Hope didn't turn out to be that great after 
all. To the swim team, accidents happen. Have fun 
next year. 

And since I'm pretty sure some people read these, 
here's something to ponder over. . . 
"You can check out anytime you like, but you can 
never leave" -The Eagles 

"So take these words and sing out loud/ 'cause 
everyone's forgiven now/ 'cause tonight's the night 
the world begiiw again" -Goo Goo Dolls 

Monique Tremblay 

If 1 told you the past three years went "by 
fast, 1 would be lying. My time at Trinity 
has been long and full of great experiences, 
which will be with me forever. I have learned 
many important lessons at Trinity, and I have 
made many best friends. 1 would like to start 
by thanking my parents for providing me 
with the opportunity to come to Triruty. To 
my friends, thank you for helping as 1 try to 
navigate my way through a complicated high 
school experience. Kristen you are my best 
friend and my sister and no matter where our 
futures take us I know that this will never 
change. Priya, you have been a lifesaver at 
Trinity and 1 always know that 1 can depend 
on you, Clara, you are an amazing friend and 
you have wonderful musical talent. Kathryn, 
you are probably one of the funniest kids I have 
ever met, and I cannot remember a day when 
you have not brought me to tears of laughter 
so never ever change 
Life is a sandwich- eat it up! 

Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

Coming to TCS in Y2, 1 was nervous, but exciteal 1 was 
eager to meet new people, and new faces. I now leave 
the school sad, but with knowledge, countless memories, 
and friendships. Monique: Three years and I feel like 
I've knoviTi you for a lifetime. If I didn't have you, I don't 
know what 1 would have done. You will always be my best 
friend and we will nfi'er lose touch. Thtmks for the great 
times in the Demetres bathroom. Kathryn: You make me 
laugh everyday and I will never forget your mysterious 
ways. I will always remember our special times. ThaiJts 
for making my everyday hilarious. Priya: You are my 
shoulder to cry on. I wiU always love you hommie! Caitlin: 
Mv chicaga buddy. 1 will always remember you home slice. 
Mom and Dad: Thanks for this amazing opportunity; 
every moment was worth it! I love you both. Jeff: Stay in 
school; love it while you can. Thanks to the graduating 
class for such an awesome year. Good luck in all the years 
ahead of you. TCS has been the best three years of my life. 
I will miss you all. 

Jordan Chase 

Wow, five years and 1 made it. First 1 would like to commend the kitchen 
staff. OSLER HALL IS AMAZING (what I will miss most about TCS)! 
Shout-out to the fallen comrades: Wes, Phil, Stu, and Sheckler... peace boys. 
Thanks to Chopes and Amar, I would not have stayed if not for you guys. 
Football, Hockey, Rugby, Golf, thanks coaches. What 1 remember: getting 
caught cheating in Oxford Cup, left at a cathedral in Europe, shenanigans on 
Littleside hockey, the couch, adventures in the matrix, house diimers. Super 
TA, The Green Machine, Kor-dawg, Van Hoof and the Orchard crew, Nower 
on the nintento, and Rob ripping on folks at the trina awards. Alexandre, sorry 
about the salt. Squid, keep on rocking and sorry about the plaque thing. Pass- 
o-guava is the best, use the back way to get into lunch, never tuck in, be late for 
class, rip the top button, and do not take no for an answer. 1 would like to say 
high school were the greatest years of my life but. . .Respect your elders, ihink 
before speaking, and appreciate the opportunities given to you here. Use 
phrases Uke: Bingo, Now yer on the trolley, BIF, and are you serious Clark? 
"School's been blown to pieces, no more pencils, no more books, no more 
teachers', dirty looks" Special thanks to David Wills, TL, DuBroy, Selby, and 
Felipe. . .you guys are great. 
This is getting lame... 
Wanna get outta here? 
(I sure do) 

Ryan McCurdy 

Mv nigh school career at TCS has Dee 

My Tiigh school career at TCS has 'been an interesting one to say the least. I'd 
like to thank everyone that helped me make it through, my folks, teachers 
and all of my friends. Shout-outs to the Hawks, GM boys. Tour Guys (we 
are Eskimos) and everyone else who made my time at TCS more enjoyable. 
For those who are coming back next year, I wish you the best of luck 
"and let me tell you this, the older you do get, the more rules they're going 
to try to get you to follow, you just gotta keep livin'...L-I-V-I-N" 
(Wooderson, D&C) 



Trinitv can only be described as the best two years 
ot my life. I left my little rock of Barbados and 
went out to experience the world of Canada, and 
it couldn't have been better I'd like to thank mums 
and dads for the opportunity- no matter what I 
did, you remained supportive. I have met some 
of the greatest people, friends that I hope to stay 
in touch with for years. Unfortunately there were 
fallen soldiers that couldn't graduate with me. Cook, 
Casgrain, Robinson and Bethel. Good times were 
had, Christinas tree car\'ing, school dance prep, 
hockey spectating, grillies, reggaelutions, rugby 
tour, CoUingwood. Hatch, thanks for being a wicked 
roommate, I know we'll stay in touch. Mooney, we 
got pretty dose towards the end, always remember 
the "days of old", they can't be forgotten. Sadie, the 
good times and memories with you will remain in 
my heart forever To all the other ladies in my life, 
and to all my other friends, I hope we meet again. 
Thanks to Bethune house for putting up with me, 
props to Keiser, Ingram and Shaughnessy. And to 
next year's class, try to stay out of trouble. 

Stuart Mooney 

The two years I have been here at TCS 
have been the most memorable two years 
of my life. I want to thank my parents for 
supporting me, especially when things got 
rough. To the Belhune boys that left early, 
Stu, Robinson and Cooker; chilling times 
in the red light room, ucher and rummy, 
great times that won't be forgotten. To 
Murray and Hatch, thanks for helping 
me through the last stretch of the year. 
To the boys on the Hockey Team it was 
an interesting season including the 
good times on the Finland/Sweden trip. 
Thanks to the teachers and masters who 
supported and helf>ed me. I'll remember 
all the good hmes, hockey, and chilling 
on the terraces in the spring with the fris 
and all the people who make life at TCS 
so worth while. It has been a great 2 years 
which will be remembered forever. In the 
words of Jerry: 

"Every silver lining's got a touch of 

David Hatch 

Four years ago 1 would never have imagined being in 
Canada before University, never thought that 1 would 
watch an ice hockey game and never thought I would 
know so many different people. UrUike some people, TCS 
has been nothing but good hmes: soccer season, parties, 
CoUingwood, Montreal, Rugby tour 06 (stories galore), 
rugby season, Bethune fight nights. ...It wouldn't have 
been the same without the Bethune guys, Peter, Cooker 
Mooney, Casgrain, McCartney, Devin and Branch and Ray 
last year. Islanders you know who you are and Bajans, 
most of all, thanks for the times. Mum and Dad, I love 
you and can't thank you enough for this opportunity and 
for everything I've done while I was here. I appreciate 
everything and I'm grateful for all the sacrifices you have 
made for me. Sharmon, I will never forget you, thank 
you for always being beautiful and always being there. I 
never thought I would find anyone as great as you and I 
can't even imagine what I would have done without you 
this year. Lastly, thai\ks to all my teachers and coaches 
especially Keiser, Ingram and Robert, you have made my 
career at TCS flourish. The next step awaits. . . .University 
here we come. 

Lindsay Pollard 

After spending 6 years in one place I realize there are a lot of thank yous 
that need to be said. First and foremost, thank you to my grandparents and 
parents for making TCS a possibility. Mom and Dad, your behind the scenes 
support means more to me than I let on. Fras, thanks for leading the way as 
my big bro and more importantly a friend. CJ, thanks for just being there 
to remind me what's important in life without even knowing you're doing 
it. Mrs. Beck, thanks for all the winks of understanding and encouragement 
(they really meant so much). Coach T, thanks for making hockey seasons 
the absolute best part of my years here. Thanks to all my other coaches and 
teammates in all my sports seasons for making practices, games and bus rides 
my best memories of this place. To all my girls, it was the time spent with 
you that made coming in to school every day worthwhile. I'll miss you JB 
(x3), JM, AC, DC, GR, EB, SS, LB, AM, a^d NSG's. I never thought I would 
say this, but looking back I realize now that TCS has become a part of who I 
am. And for that I know I will always be grateful. 

ine Boss 

CS is much more than school work. It's a place where you make amazing 
connections with people, and learn so much about yourself by growing 
alongside with others. 'You leam about life and love, and most importantly that 
it's not what you spend your time doing, but who you spend your time with. 
I know my experiences here have been so meaningful because of the people 
that I have shared them with. To mu :^irl>: You know who you are, and I love 
you all! Thanks for the good times (Bermuda, sheep costumes, dance parties, 
NSG's, "2-4" etc). ,\lrs T: Your unconditional love and support has meant the 
world to me, and I can't thank you enough for always being there. You will 
always have a special place in my heart. Mr T: Thanks for everything you've 
done, and most especially thank you for making my hockey experiences so 
memorable. Stilly: 80's movies rughts, "god aunts", laughter and tears - you're 
awesome. My hockey );;irh: From the original b-a-n-a-n-a-s to "Save a Horse" 
you guys were awesome and I'll miss you all. My famili/: thanks for this 
cm:\azing opportunity, I am forever grateful. To everyone I'm leaving behind, 
enjoy every moment you have here, and cherish the relationships with the 
people that mean the most to you. 


Daniel Hatch 

1 was only here for two years but I can say I met a lot of great people. 
1 jusi want to big up my boys like Swanny, Rob, Alexiou, Tahmer, J-Rod 
(David),Holmes and Pete- without you, it would have been hell. 1 want to 
thank my teachers and coaches for teaching me what I need to know to do 
well in the reed world. Also I really want to thank my parents because without 
them none of this would have been possible. Want to wish the people that are 
back next year good luck and trust me it gets better in year four. 

Avinash Trivedi 

TCS has been more than just a school. It has been a home, a 
family, and great friend. I will forever remember all the lessons, 
good times, and friends that I have gained over the past four years. 
I would first like to thank my family. My courageous mother, loving sister, 
and guardian angel father have always been there for me, through thick and 
thin. Without their love and sacrifice, I would never have been able to have 
the tremendous happiness TCS has offered. Prefects - we've been through so 
much. We started out as friends and grew into a family. Thanks to Boseovski, 
Kettlewell, and JJ- I'U always remember all the great Hmes that we shared. I 
also want to thank the teachers and staff for putting up with me. Mr. Allen, 
Mr. Christ, and all of Bickle house - you guys have been great. Good luck to 
you aU. Swanny and Geo - We made it (four years!). F-Diddy: Take care and 
God Bless. Thanks for aU your help in everything. 

Good luck to the class of 2006! I know that all of you will reach your 
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!" 

Christina Cousins 

I've spent the last four years counting the days 
until graduation and now that I'm sitting here 
writing my grad quote, I wonder where the 
time has gone. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad 
I'm done! To my parents - I love you so much 
and thank you for providing me with this 
opportunity and for supporting the decisions 
I've made. The last four years were stressful 
at times and I wouldn't have survived them 
without you. Caleigh - These past six years 
have been wild and I expect the next four to be 
no different - BFF!!! Mrs. Paziuk and Mrs. Beck 
- thank you both for everything you've done 
for me these past four years. I'm definitely 
going to miss all of our chats next year. To the 
rest of yon - thanks for all the good times. I'm 
glad we crossed paths but now it's time to go 
our separate ways. Despite my doubts about 
this school, the memories I have of this place 
are irreplaceable. 

Caleigh Webb 

Wow, it's finally over! I came to TCS in grade 
10, and what a difference it was coming from a 
regular high school. I have been given so many 
opportunities and life changing experiences 
that I would have never been offered if I didn't 
come here; exchange trip to France, training for 
the swim team in Barbados and so much more. 
I would have never made it this far if it weren't 
for my parents. They were my biggest fans and 
supported me through everything. I love you 
both so much, I don't know what I would have 
done if it weren't for you guys. To Mrs. Beck and 
Mrs. Paziuk, thank you for always being there 
when I needed someone to talk to or a shoulder 
to cry on. I'm going to miss our good chats and 
all the times we spent together. To all my friends 
I'm going to miss you guys, thanks for always 
putting up with me, especially you Chrystina 
you were always there for me and always will 
be . . . BFF ! ! ! ! Thanks again to everyone and good 
luck to the future grads. 

Rachelle Krause 

I can't believe it... I survived! I'm a TCS grad! It's truly 
amazing to think of all that I've been able to accomplish 
in these four short years. I've learned new things, made 
some great friends, travelled to beautiful destinations 
and learned valuable life lessons. Since I began at Trinity 
I've discovered a few things, "I can do all things through 
Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13. The universe 
doesn't revolve around me, our lives are not defined by 
the strength of our passions but by the depth of our love, 
fanuly are your biggest supporters, and no matter how 
hectic things get there's always time for two cups of coffee 
with a friend. I would hke to thank my Lord Jesus for all 
the strength, love and protection you give me everyday, 
my parents for sacrificing so much to get me to this point, 
my teachers for your great influence and example, my 
brother Brendan for always lighting up my life, my Rigby 
girls for being the best house in the world, and especially 
the grads. Goodbye for now, but not forever, if you see me 
on the street act like you know me, lol, remember, the sky's 
the limit, don't put boundaries on your thinking or abilities. 
If I could leave you all with some advice it would be, never 
zone-out while driving, it's hazardous to your health, and 
to de-stress, turn on your music, and dance in front of your 
mirror with your purple spans, it's the best way! Peace out 
my homies, all the best. 


Alex Brown 

It's harder lo come up with inspiration for this grad quote than I thought. Most people thank their 
parents. 1 love mine very much, my mom and dad have always been there for me. I'eople will also thank 
their advisor Mr. Kedwell has been my rock, always standing up for me and keeping me in line, and 
I'm very grateful. Others thank family. Devin you've always been there regardless, thank you. You have 
so much to offer, just work hard, and the sky is the limit. Students also thank the school. Mr. Cameron 
and Ms Paziuk did so much for me, I couldn't thank them enough. And of course, everyone mentions 
friends. Sam, you've been my best friend since we first met in grade nine, thanks for the memories. 
Blake, three years as roommates, thank you for putting up with me. Jamie, I wouldn't be who 1 am now 
without you. Through good and bad, it was always worth it. Come to think of it I've learned so much 
from everyone here in such a short time. Best of luck everyone, live life and be yourself. 
I guess inspiration wasn't hard to find after all. 
Thank you TCS, take care. 

Sam Ou 

Devin Brown 

James Dean once said that you should dream as if you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die today. 
In that sense TCS is really what you make of it, day in and day out. What I have made in my four 
years of TCS is a group of great friends who had great times every single day. The school changed 
me for the better and that's for certain; I can't imagine what I would be like today had I not lived 
here for the past four years. 

I want to thzink my Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to experience this school. Also my 
friends who are still here for making it the experience that it was, and to everyone who got kicked 
along the way - I'm sorry you didn't last until the end. (Especially Bethel.) The school is in great hands 
though with the Bethune FY's and everyone in between. To Sam, Marshall, Havilland and Hamir, 
keep the house in check next year! 

In concluding, my parting words of advice for everyone is to just have a great time at TCS like I did . . . 
everyone knows those who can't find a good time at our school don't know how to have a good time 
in the first place. So good luck to everyone else along the way! 

Derreck Martin 

Trinity College School, the machine, the bubble. 

The envirormient that shelters all (some) of those who made the decision to enter it. I made that decision 
four Years ago, four glorious years corisumed by the bubble, four years come and gone much quicker 
than I ever thought they would. Maybe this is why apart of me wants to stay, but nevertheless my time 
has been spent, the fat lady has sung her song and I am ready to hit the dirt road. AH my successes and 
failures mean nothing, now that the bubble has been popped I am nothing but a student with a high 
school diploma and all the tools and experiences that Trinity has provided me with. ...which is a lot. 
I'd like to themk my parents for all the help along the way and then some. Grandy who aided me in 
basically whatever interest I ever had and FD, who always looked out for my better interests. Good 
luck to Bethune House in 2007, 1 hope you all, especially the grads, don't follow the path of our fallen 
comrades but most importantly make TCS everything it promised to be. 

Four years has really flown by, it really does 
seem like it was yesterday that 1 was in grade 
nine and clueless as anything and now I am a 
grad saying goodbyes. It's weird. It really is a 
bitter sweet and I will be the first to say that I 
will miss TCS but I leave a few words for those 
of you who remain; 

"...And I'm ready lo blow /all 
'Bout to go y'all 
Been a pleasure to know y'all 
And I'm lettin' you know ... 

Memories don't live like people do 

They always remember you 

Whether things are good or bad, ifs just the 


Memories don't live like people do-o 

Baby don't forget me, I'm a travellin' man 

Movin through places, space and time 

Gotta lotta things I got to do 

GOD willin' I'm comin back to you 

My baby boo. 

I'm a travelUn' man 

Movin through places, space and time(space 

and tiiiime) 

Gotta lotta things I got to do 

But GOD willin' I'm comin back to you 

Baby boo 

I'm leavin" (Mos Def) 

Blake Macfarlane 

Peace out to the teachers who taught me more 

than grades. 

PK - respect, big up yourself. 

Shout out to my family for everythang. 

What else can I say? 


David Morrison 

Lots of laughs. Trinitv was a big joke. 10% of my time here was spent actually 
learning in a classroom. The other 90% was spent playing videogames or 
hacky sack in Hodgetts. I wasn't a prefect or a head of house, head of a club 
or committee. . .or any position of authority at all. For this, 1 am eternally 
grateful. Quiet and shy for my first 3 years here, I finally hatched out of 
my shell in this past year. I can't fathom as to why I hadn't earUer, this past 
year has been the best of my experience here. There are a lot of people I 
could "shout out" to, but thank yous would be more appropriate: I thank 
my parents for having the good sense to send me here, and the guys in 
Hodgetts for putting up with me, you know who you are, to CR for being 
there always, and of course to my best bud Picov- whom I would not have 
made it through without. To all of the people whom 1 have been here with 
for 4 years and have never spoken to, it wasn't an accident. 
All My Best 
Laugh and cry... actually, just laugh. 

Graeme Parker 

First off I'd like to thank my Dad and Mom for sending me to TCS. I'd like to 
thank my brothers for such great times, you guys rock. 1 want to that\k Mr. 
Hollett, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Anderson for being amazing teachers. TL for being 
such a great man. Mr. Powles for getting me organised in Grade 8. Themk 
you Mr. Wright for putting my faith back into TCS. I'll forget somebody if 1 
Ust names. I'll just say to my close friends; you guys know who you are. Best 
of luck wherever you end up; stay in touch. GB keep in touch ex-neighbour. 
Lightbulb, good luck next year. Ha Ram, I'm speechless. There are so many 
things I want to say. Thank you for making my last year the best of six. I 
have so much respect for you. You will always be special to me no matter 
what happens, no eh puda. 

Don't be stupid. Appreciate the opportunity you've been given by going to 
TCS and tough it out. 
"Nobody can pedal the bike for you" 

Greg Young 

Six years nave gone by since the first day back in grade 7, and the time has 
truly been worth while. I'm ready for a change now, but not without thanking 
those who have made the past unforgettable. TharU^ go to the parents and 
brother, who have made it all possible, thanks to the teachers, who have 
always been supportive, but most importantly, thanks to all of those who 
make this place fun. To those who deserve a mention, you know who you 
are, and I'm sure the past six years won't be the last. Of all the memories 
I've taken away, nothing beats driving home early on a Wednesday, catch 
in the bullpen, chapel skips and last period spares, smash, the Ho's, making 
something funny out of nothing, New York/Orleans and every other defining 
moment. A wise man once said, "A man is known by the company he keeps," 
and he was correct. It's the friends, family and everyone else that helps out 
along the way that get you to that final day in June, and they will never be 
forgotten. To those who stay behind, stay out of trouble for the best is yet 
to come. 

Justin Picov 

In 200 words, it's impossible to recall every experience I've had at TCS, but 
what I can say is that Trinity has taught me so many great things. Singling 
out people to thank is impossible to do in such Uttle space, so I'll leave my 
last words to everyone who has influenced my life. To the teachers who 
have shaped my perception of the world through countless hours of Maths, 
Sciences, Social Sciences, and Language: your persistence and patience is 
forever appreciated. To all the friends who have made a difference in my 
life: I couldn't have asked for any greater of a group. My memories from the 
past six years are a compilation of some of the greatest times in my life, and 
will never be forgotten. To my family, who has done nothing but encourage 
me to do my best and help me through good times and bad: I love you and 
I couldn't have done it without you. To my greatest friend: I look forward to 
every day knowing you're part of my life. For the grads and future grads: 
"Success is measured by the goals you accomplish, the moments you cherish, 
and the people you love." 


Charlie Sullivan 

First off, 1 have to thank my rents for everything they've done- sorry for 
all the bad grades and worries. Also to my Bro, you're the best brother I 
could ever ask for. Second, to everyone that helped me to survive this year. 
Coach TL, you're the only reason 1 made it through these years, thanks for 
not hassling me. Coach Allen, thanks for at least trying to make me get my 
act together. And to my boys, Steffo, it's been a crazy 2 years; Benjie, you 
my little brother always; Bobby, enough good hmes; Spic, never forget you 
man, you're like my separated twin; Tahmer, you'll never get rid of me; Ola, 
4 classes, late nights, good times; Giajonie, good always knowing you were 
around; Mitch, Max, Sheriff, Marcus you will always be my true favourite 
crew; Also Ducky, Top Dawg, McCurdy, Brent boys, Joe, it's been real. To 
the juniors. Steams, Sheck-Diggy, Knowlsy, Febpe, Backhorz(Y2), keep going 
boys. The girls, thanks I guess... Juul, you taught me a whole lot about life, 
JB . . ., Court, Chels, Christen, Skye, Mcconney, lil' sis, it's been decent. . . Peace 
out everybody, high school's been a journey... 

Lachlan McLevin 

Two years boarding at tcs... $80,000 

Plane tickets home due to suspensions... $5000 

Calling Linda for "hockey sticks" . . . $4000 

Random charges on school account... $2000 

Flyin' with the hawks... priceless 

Nick, Bachorz and sheckler. . . although you boys probably 

won't be back, I know you would have held it dovim the 

way we did. Bobby, Steffo, Russ, Chaser, McCurdy and 

the rest of the Hawks, you guys were always there to take 

my mind off work, and put it on something else. I'll be 

gone in 5 weeks, and I can't say I'll be sad to go. For those 

who made a difference and helped me out, you know 

who you are, and I am grateful. Peace TCS. 

David Stefopolus 

Well it's been an adventure at TCS to say the least, I'm grateful my parents had 

the faith in me to make it because otherwise I wouldn't be here. For that I am 

eternally grateful. 

Hawks. Without you boys I would actually remember the past 2 years and that 

would be scary. Bobby, Locke, Russ, Sheckler, Bachorz, Johnson, McCurdy and 

Chaser you boys won't be forgotten anytime soon and I'm sure we'll be holding 

it down wherever we're at in the future. Sully it's been good times holding down 

Bickle house, 300 forever. To all the geese who were killed in the hunt this year 

(Benjie, Wes, Casgrain), the school was a worse place without you. 

Juul, I have one word, astonishing. You're an amazing person and I couldn't 

have possibly found a better fit to spend the end of the year with. I can't even 

imagine the possibilities, if we had a little more time. Stay in touch babe. 

To all my people struggling against their individual goals worldwide stay 


"Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has 

reached even one receptive ear, and another hand reaches out to take up our 


- Ernesto "Che" Guevara 


Michael Orr 

Trinit> was an experience ...let's leave it at that 
Many grateful tharJ^ to... 

the Hawks "no one reveals such gold", the boarders, the day 
students, my roonunate, my 10 other roommates, my second 
room in Bickle and the big tiggas who lived there, home, the 
trees, the railroad tracks, the river, the rir\k, the slant, the tower, 
the drive in, the bridge, the dirt road, telephone road, the beach, 
the cement block, the plateau, the 2 floor fan. Shell, the green 
machine, the excali has many features, the late night sessions 
and Steve Zissou, to the hockey team, the 05 graduates, Finland 
Germany and Matej, to those who didn't make it, to those who 
did, to those who will...hopefully and Laura my favourite 

"Whafs in store for me in the direction I don't take?" - Jack 


This page is proudly sponsored by Alan & Linda McLevin. 

Julia Bakker 

My high school journey wasn't just about the halls 1 walked through but the 
people I walked along with. To these people, I express my appreciation. 
Mom and Dad: I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. I am truly 
grateful for your love and support behind me no matter what I decide. To 
Graeme: Thanks for your ongoing advice and still understanding what it's 
like to be a kid. Dave, my best friend: The times we shared will be never 
be forgotten. You're crazy man. I love you, but you're crazy. To the girls: 
You are what have made my exjjerience here. The laughs are what have 
kept me sane and the tears are what have kept me safe. To the boys: You've 
definitely kept my Life eventful. But thanks for always making me smile. 
To the Traugotts, my family away from home, you've always been there to 
listen and offer very helpful advice. To Mrs. Christ: Your unending support 
and guidance has helped me keep my life in order. To the Richards family: 
You have always been so welcoming to me and 1 am sincerely thankful for 
your unending hospitality. It's been full of laughs and tears but now our 
time has come to an end to pass it along to the next generations. To those 
still at TCS, take care of this place and enjoy it while it lasts. Joni Mitchell's 
lyrics will guide you through the tough times and the Pointer Sister's songs 
will dance you through the good. 

"Just let this moment live forever, we won't ever feel the storm." 
- Leslie Feist 

Andrea Mathieson 

"Turns out its not where but who you're with that really matters" Dave 
Matthews Band 

The past 4 years of my life are best exemplified through looking at the 
people I've encountered, the people who were with me for the good times 
and the bad times. My family: you've put up with a lot, and for that, 1 am 
truly grateful. To the faculty members who've been more like friends than 
teachers to me: Thanks for teaching me how to believe in myself, and simply 
how to be myself. To my friends: your friendship has meant the world to 
me. I've come to realize that you are what truly made this school awesome. 
All the good times- 3FN, Port Hope Hustla's, room 202, Traugott's study. 
Sheep costumes, OC nights, late night chats, dance parties, sleepovers, BS 
Sundy, video games, Fyah Marshalling, 7:40 breakfasts, NSG's, jazz band. 
Snack Shack. . .and yes, even classes- will be missed. If there's anything I've 
learned at TCS, it's that you should do what you like, don't get caught up 
in competing with each other. There will always be someone who seems 
smarter, prettier, more athletic, or better than you in some way. Don't 
spend time being jealous, it's silly. All you can do is be yourself, and that's 
more than good enough. Don't get caught up in a crazy pursuit for ties or 
medals or trophies, just do what makes you happy. It's been full of ups and 
downs, but all in all good times. FYs- keep 'er fun, Ketchum- keep 'er real, 
and grads-we got 'er done. 

Sarah Sands 

When first introduced to TCS I was incapable of even 
understanding the changes I would experience within 4 years. 
To my parents, thank you for supporting me through every 
decision I've made. You've always been behind me, taking care 
of me in every possible way, and I love you so much for that. 
Caro and Lucy, I honestly don't know where I would be without 
you! You've been my escape at the worst of times and made your 
homes a home for me. Emily, the crows and gulls would just be 
birds if it wasn't for you! You've helped me through the past 
four years more than you will ever know. And to everyone who 
has ever let me vent to them about my drama of the week, you 
too have helped make TCS an experience that I will always want 
to remember. Despite my complaints, I'll never forget or regret 
a single moment that's passed. Andrea, we may be running in 
circles in this Mad World but remember, life's just a conch fritter. 
You know what to do with it. 


Blayne Kettlewell 

First and foremost, 1 must thank my family for all their love and 
supfwrt over the past few years while attending Trinity. I must 
sav the friendships that I have formed at Trinity will truly last a 
lifetime. To the grads of last year, Ben, Joude, Kizzle, and the rest 
of the boys, good luck in all of your future endeavours. Patrick, 
you endured rooming with me for two years which is a feat on its 
own. 1 am sure whatever life throws your way you shall overcome 
it and be a success. J] you proved to be a great friend who could 
always seem to find humour in the little amusements from day to 
day. Avi, "man with the tan", HP keep trudging along with your 
work ethic and the sky's your limit. To the Koreans and the great 
leader Steve Eum, keep steadfast, don't play too many computer 
games in college, and take it easy on the lungs. Mike, keep the 
Macedonian tradition alive and don't forget, "you miss all the shots 
you don't take". To the grads of '07, Sammy, MuUane, Fehpe, B-rad, 
and the rest of the boys, keep Bickle strong and true. Thanks for 
all the good times and best of luck for next year's grads. Until our 
paths cross again, farewell. 

"If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you 
can become it." WiUiam Arthur Ward 

Ja Joon Kim 

Wow... So I've finally come to the end. The last two years at 
TC5 were challenging and demanding. In retrospect, the School 
has provided me more than in depth knowledge of science 
and math. It taught me to be patient and gave me courage to 
try something new. This place has given me the greatest gift 
of my life, the people. I met so many great people here and 
without them, I couldn't have survived. Special thanks to my 
ex-roommate. Boss. If you hadn't ditched me so many times, my 
life here could have been a lot better, but oh well. . . it happened. 
I'd seriously like to thank you for your help and for making 
such an unforgettable memory. I want you to remember that 
the chance onlv comes once and you should take it when you 
have it (I'm talking about BC), otherwise you will regret it. 
Blavne, I am so glad that you are going to the U of T at Austin! 
I really appreciate everything you have offered me and It's 
been so much fun to hang out with you (special memory of our 
party in Feb at your place). To Avi, our university life will be 
much easier after all the work we've done for AFs. Good luck 
in Montreal and let's keep in touch! Thanks to all the teachers 
who taught some great stuff and housemasters, Mr. Allen and 
Mr. Christ, who have been looking after all the Bickle boys. 
To the remaining TCS guys, including Kenny and my good 
roommate, Sam, best of luck with you guys next year and keep 
in touch! Last, but not least, I would like to dedicate everything 
to my parents who have been the greatest supporters of my life. 
Mom and dad, without your ultimate love, trust, and sacrifice, 
nothing could have been possible. To my only dear sister Song 
Yi, even though we fight often, I want you to know that I love 
you more than anybody else in the world. Finally, I am ready to 
go out to the real world and enjoy my life to the fullest. 
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you wrill find; knock 
and the door will be opened to you." 

Mike Boseovski 

This quote is dedicated to all the people who have helped make me into the person 
I am. First, my father, a man of infinite truth and modesty. He has always tried to 
teach me that a great man is one who will always do good, and to treat others as 
I would like to be treated. My mother, besides raising me from birth, has taught 
me how to concede in arguments when arguing with her, and to have patience 
with her. Third, my brother James, a fountain of reason and knowledge. Often I 
have been astray and he has pulled me onto the right path, with no thought of me 
giving thanks to him. I thank him now. Fourth, Tony, a God fearing and loving man 
who always means well to others and who works hard to assure that he and those 
around him live peaceably. Fifth, who besides the physical differences I would 
consider my third brother. 11 years of friendship with Blayne has taught me one 
thing and one thing only, there is absolute 100% certainty of a living God. But all 
joking aside, thaiJ« Blayne for being there, debating with you was like debating 
with myself, I have to admit that I agreed with you on most of the things we argued 
about. It was solely for the pleasure of playing devil's advocate. Good luck next 
year, although we both know luck has very little to do wath it. I trust you will do 
well and expect to see you in the business section of the Toronto Star soon. JJ, these 
two years have been too short. I thank you for always being in a good mood even 
when 1 didn't share one; don't lose that characteristic, it's a gift. Good luck next 
year in California. I hear the plastic surgery industry is excellent over there, just 
kidding. Avi, your constant persistence and perseverance have already affirmed 
my past beUef, that if you knock hard and fast enough, the door of 201 will open. 
To all the Koreans, who made me lose my money to DOTA (PL, SL, SE, SY, KB, 
BH, RJ, Jae, RY, and Xiao). To Felipe, who is more competitive than anyone I've 
ever met. It's good though, it'll take you places. To all of Bickle. To the all teachers, 
Ms Pontieri, and Mr.& Mrs. Taylor in particular. To the rest of my family. Thanks 
everyone. To everyone I forgot, sorry. "Live long, and prosper" Speck. 




Greg Samson-Strecker 

Barbados Community College 

Dominic Serrao 

Bishop's University 
Devin Brown 
Darren Clark 

Boston University 
Venus Mak 

Brock University 
Mikel Bauer 
Kamir Hiam 
TaJuner Tohme 

Canada World Youth 
Blake Macfarlane 

Carleton University 

Jushn Chan 
Evan Fishlock 

Carnegie Mellon University 
Scott Yang 

College of Saint-Benedict 

Penny Yu 

Concordia University 
Stefan Kirkpatrick 

Dalhousie University 
Greg Bathe 
David Berg 
Alex Browm 
Jordan Chase 
Sam Gianonne 
Michael Orr 
David Richards 
David Stefopulos 
Charlie Sullivan 
Andrevif Walker 

Ferris State University 
Lachlan McLevin 

Gap Year 

Jessica Chapman 
Laura Biggar 
Mallory Maynard 
Ryan McCurdy 

Indiana University Bloomington 
Brian Ahn 
So Heui Shin 

McGill University 
Julia Bakker 
Kathryn Dagg 
Russell Edwards 
Peter Gillespie 
Neil Issar 
Clarence Lam 
Andrea Mathieson 
Rachael McConney 
Jocelyn Murphy 
Charlene Park 
Avinash Trivedi 
Kevin Yean 

Daniel Hatch 
Jess Herman 
Geoffrey Holmes 
Duncan Kwan 
David Morrison 
Steve Ra 
Jarryd Ray 
Monique Tremblay 

Mount Allison University 
Jenna Briggs 

New York University 
Ja Joong Kim 

Oxford Brookes University 
Peter Murray 

Parsons School of Design 
Lou Chapman 


Sam Bourgeois 
Will Camm 
David Hatch 
Christina Hermanns 
Stebby Lai 
Stuart Mooney 
Sam Outerbridge 
Lindsay Pollard 
Sarah Sands 
Shannon Swift 
Korey Walker 
Andrew Woodward 
Greg Young 

Georgetown University 
Alexandra Landegger 

Queen's Abroad 
Derreck Martin 

Huron University 
Cristin Alexander 

Ryerson University 


Erin Botrie 
Noah Desjardins 
Alex Juul 
Rob MacGregor 
Jeanie Mahon 

Graeme Parker 

SL John's College 
Malcolm Cedl-Cockwell 

Samantha Saunders 
Nick Topolie 

SL Lawrence University 

Scott Bosy 

University College London 
Germaine Chau 

University of British Columbia 

Karen Baxter 

Alii Conyers 

Emily Foster 

David Hyun 

Jae Jang 

Michelle Lam 

Ha Ram Lee 

Genna Reid 

University of Calgary 
Brie McKenzie 

University of Guelph 
Jacqueline Boss 
Jennie Ross 
Courtney Stevens 

University of Illinois at 
Urbana Champagne 
Caitlin Jonassen 

University of King's College 
Cait Byrne 

University of Lausanne 
Jon Mullane 

University of Leeds 

Steven Ligatsa 

University of Ontario 
Justin Chin-You 
Rachelle Krause 
Matt Walker 

University of Ottawa 
Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 
Nick McCartney 
David Picdni 

University of Southampton 

James Clark 

University of Texas at Austin 
Blayne Kettlewell 

University of Toronto 
Thomas Davis 
Priya Gupta 
Ben Hur 
Clara Jin 
Justin Picov 
Michelle Tsui 

University of Victoria 
Courtney Turcot 

University of Waterloo 
Alexander Brown 
Michael Chu 
Amanda Fung 
Bin Hyun 
Patrick Lee 
Chris Wong 

University of Western Ontario 

Matthew Alexiou 
Roni Au 

Chrystina Cousins 
Chelsea Smith 
Caleigh Webb 
Xiao Yue 
Aaron Ballantyne 
Irwin Poon 
Steve Eum 
Alana Gulka 
Chris Selby 

Year off 

Becky Faulks 

York University 

Mike Boseovski 
Jamel Park 
Nathan Swan 










1. J 








f 1 




' ,-'9 





' ii 




A '\ a 

1 h-\ 

i V 


■r • .9. ''•"^^K^'^^^K^^^M^ 

Jt^-' «r '. \\ ■ 1 # 


Roomies Devon and Sam with 
roomies Monty and Lauren. 
Jenny, Ali, Claudia and Alex 
touch a real 01>'inpic medal! 
Nice moustache, Harding. 
Julia smiles for the camera. 
Some Y2s on their travel history 

J-Ray getting what he deserves. 
Jenna and Cristin at their House 

Michael Chu- pro-star Fyah 

Some Bums girls find their call- 
ing- garbage collectors! 
DJ and Jake are nordic skiers and 



'77/ take any trophy. I don't care what it 
says on it. " 

— Mary-Louise Parker 


GcK)d afternoon and welcome to Members of the Board of Trustees, Members of the Board of Governors along with Chairman 
Mr. Tim Kennish, members of the Senior School and Junior School faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, 
the student body and our honoured guests the Graduating Class of 2006. 

The 2005-2006 academic year has been a memorable one in the life of Trinity College School. A month ago at our Leaving 
Class Dinner I started off by saying, 

"To capture a year in the life of Trinity is a bit like counting from zero to infinity". 

There are simply too many achievements and successes to menhon. Nor would it do justice to the spirit of kindness, sense 
of pride, pervasive respect, and enduring loyalty that, when combined, make up a unique environment and enviable school 
community that we have the privilege to call our home. 

Thank you. Thank you one and all for enhancing the experience for one another. 

To the Graduating Class, first and foremost, I offer my personal congratulations. It has been a long road. For some, the 
route has been smooth and paved; for others it has been rocky and uneven. Regardless, you have all reached your final 

Today is a milestone in all of your lives. A major stepping stone toward further education and career. I am sure that you can 
now appreciate the decision and sacrifice made by parents and guardians that afforded you all the opportimity to attend 
TCS and that the foundation for a promising career and a life of fulfillment has been laid. 

In less than two hours you wall leave here to face a host of challenges in a rapidly changing world, including increasing 
environmental concerns, intense global competition, and an uncertain political climate that threatens world harmony. But 
you are not the first graduating class to embark on higher education into a world of uncertainty. Graduating students have 
embarked on education and careers in even more turbulent times not the least of which being two world wars and a world 
wide financial depression. 

Despite this uncertainty, the breadth and the speed of change in technology has no precedent and, to those of you graduating 
today, the world presents the kind of unique, exciting opportunities that previous generations could barely contemplate. At 
TCS you have been prepared academically to meet the challenge, but you have also learned the inherent values of working 
together in a variety of team and group activities. And what a variety: 

House debates and public speaking contests, breakfast Olympics, chapel, choir, arts nights. Jazz Nights, boarding, the Oxford 
Cup and Terry Fox Run, Jamaica Self Help, the India Project, film festivals, dramatic productions, international exchanges 
to Mexico, Australia and South Africa, stewardships, the Record, the Advocate, the Mac Campbell lecture series with Dr. 
David Foote and MISTER Stephen Lewis, Trina awards, athletic awards, the March Break art trip to France and Spain, 
TEAC, ECO Heroes, Unsung Heroes, Travel Ed to Quebec and France, hockey trips to Sweden and Finland, rugby tours to 
England and Scotland, Remembrance Day, the School's birthday. House dinners and Scholars dinner, the Mexico-Caribbean 
hockey game, dances and coffee houses, and yes. Fun Days, Grub Days, Shortened Days and Half Days! 

With the diversity in the Class of 2006, each and every one of you will choose a different road, different career paths, but 
wherever the road may lead it is my hope that you will on occasion take the road back to TCS to report on your progress. 

In short,and in conclusion, I once again offer my congratulations and best wishes to you all for success in your chosen 
career. I encourage you all to engage in a life that includes service to others and I sincerly hope that good fortune, honesty, 
integrity, character and loyalty remain your constant companion in your life's journey. 



Prizes for Academic Excellence 

Subject Prizes in the Third Year 

Foundation Year 

The Marion Garland Prize for English 

Claire Bourgeois 

Ga Bo Tse 

Mackenzie Bowen 

The Gareth Jones Prize for Mathematics 

Andrea Copeland 

Dayna Taylor 

Stephanie Dagg 

The Philip Bishop Prizes for French 

Mark Henderson 

Immersion Alex Popoff 

Malakai Kirkpatrick 

Core Jenna Dickson 

Sierra McKenzie 

The Spanish Prize 

Renee Murphy 

Caroline Chagnon 

David Woodward 

The Music Prize 

Alaya Yassein 

Macker\zie Jackson 

Rachel Young 

The Drama Prize 

Year Two 

Kristina Balaam 

Jonathon Austin 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

Sarah Chan 

Keith Chan 

Jessica Chin-You 

Thanh Vu 

Jenna Dickson 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

Sarah Essak 

Kenneth Bang 

Julia Fishlock 

The History Prize 

Kelci Lanthier 

Meg Herod 

Vera Liang 

The Armour Memorial Prize for Computer Engineering 

Kristen Fallen 

Benjamin Pesowksy 

Sophia Rashid 

The Physics Prize 

Dayna Taylor 

Dayna Taylor 

Stephanie Terfloth 

The Chemistry Prize 

Mira Trebilcock 

Claudia Sanchez 

Jessica Tutton 

The Biology Prize 

Thanh Vu 

Ga Bo Tse 

David West 

The Astronomy Prize 

Trinity Prizes and F. A. 

Bethune Scholarships 

Thomas Sears 

Foundation Year 

The Ingles Prize in Classics 

Stephanie Dagg 

Justin Kim 

Year Two 

The Outdoor Education Prize 

Jenna Dickson 

David Sylvester 

Julia Fishlock 

The HPE Leadership Course Prize 

The F. A. Bethune Scholarship Mackenzie Jackson 

Rachel Flynn 

Headmaster's Award for Academic Distinction 

The Headmaster's Award for Shared Leadership 

in the Third Year 

Kristina Balaam 

Jessie Ashbourne 

David Rowen 

Ken Bang 

Marianne Stefopulos 

Jay Baxter 

Caroline Chagnon 

Prizes for Outstanding Contribution to 

Jaime Chan 

School Life 

Caitlin Conyers 

Foimdation Year -The Hamilton Bronze Medal 

Symon Edmonds 

Jennifer Guenette 

Alison Holmes 

Year 2- The 1945 Challenge Trophy 

Mackenzie Jackson 

Dayna Taylor 

Thomas Large 

Year 3- The Langmuir Challenge Trophy 

Claudia Sanchez 

Jacob Tuominen 

Thomas Sears 

Year 4- The 2005 Cup 

Ga Bo Tse 

Scott Bosy 

Cliff Whetung 



Prizes at the Grade 12 Level 

The Peter Jennings Medal for English 

Alexandra Landegger 

Fine Arts Awards 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating 

Alexandra Landegger 
The Speaker's Gavel 
Alexandra Landegger 
The Headmaster's Art Purchase Award 
Clarence Lam 
Class of '89 Award 
Duncan Kwan 

The Tony Prower Choral Award 
Clara Jin 

The Music Director's Award 
(The Jesse and Joses Jones Award) 
Benjamin Pesowsky 

The Stevenson Award for the Best Actor 
Thomas Davis 

The Butterfield Trophy and Prize for Outstanding 
Contribution to Dramatics 
Mikel Bauer 

The 1970 Trophy for the OutsUnding 
Contribution to the Arts 
Thomas Davis 
Alexandra Landegger 
The Lutra Award 
Clara Jin 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Trophy 
for Inter-House Competition Ketchum 

Service Awards 

The Armour Memorial Prize for the 

Editor of The Record 

Andrea Mathieson 

The E. Boyd Heaven Library Award 

Jessica Herman 

The Marion Osier Award for Head Sacristan 

Justin Chin-You 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize 

Lindsay Pollard 

The Clinton Sayers '80 Community Service Award 

Neil Issar 

Athletic Awards 

The de Pencier Cup for Effort, Spirit, and 

Achievement in Sports 

Avinash Trivedi 

Jocelyn Murphy 

The Ingles Trophy for Keeness in Athletics 

Samuel Outerbridge 

Shannon Swift 

The Jack Maynard Memorial Trophy for Leadership 

in Athletics 

David Hatch 

Allison Conyers 

The Brian "Toby" and Patrick Kent Memorial Award 

Xiao Yue 

The Grand Challenge Trophy 

Laura Biggar 

Allison Conyers 

Gregory Bathe 

Subject Prizes in the Fourth Year 
The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English 

Brienne McKenzie 

The Hugh Stevenson French Prize 

Caroline Chagnon 

The Charles Tottenham French Prize 

Neil Issar 

The Spanish Prize 

Felipe Garcia- Andrade 

The J. D. Ketchum Music Prize 

Greg Young 

The A. M. Campbell Economics Prize 

Jamie Chan 

The Wally Hobbs Prize for Law 

Symon Edmonds 

The Jack White Politics Prize 

Allison Conyers 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

Sarah Ammons 

Alexandra Landegger 

The Drama Prize 

Matthew Walker 

The Founder's Prize for Physics 

Greg Young 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for Chemistry 

Brienne McKenzie 

Gregory Young 

The Don McCord Prize in Classics 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

The Classical Civilisation Prize 

Thomas Large 

The Philosophy Prize 

Stefan Kirkpatrick 


The Biology Prize 

Neil Issar 

The Earth and Space Science Prize 

Thomas Sears 

The Exercise Science Prize 

Allison Conyers 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

Human Patterns Andrea Mathieson 

World Issues Thomas Large 

The John T. Band Prize for History 

Alexandra Landegger 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

The Rigby Social Sciences Prize 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

The Port Hope and District Health Care 

Foundation Scholarship 

Brienne McKenzie 

The Millenniiun Scholarship 

Neil Issar 

Student Leadership Gifts 

The Heads and Assistant Heads of House Gifts 

Bethune Derreck Martin 

Bickle Charles Sullivan, Blayne Kettlewell 

Brent Aaron Ballyntine 

Bums Cristin Alexander 

Hodgetts Duncan Kwan, Neil Issar 

Ketchum Andrea Mathieson, Emily Foster 

Orchard Ryan McCurdy, Peter Gillespie 

Rigby Priya Gupta, Erin Botrie 

Scott Caitlin Byrne, Mikel Bauer 

Wright Mallory Maynard, Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

The Prefects' Gifts 

Julia Bakker 

Laura Biggar 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

Jocelyn Murphy 


Lindsay Pollard 

Chris Selby 

Shannon Swift 

Allison Conyers 

Major Awards 

The Ann and Bill Deluce Prize 

Caitlin Jonassen 

The Trinidad-Tobago Spirit of the Caribbean Cup 

Mikel Bauer 

Peter Murray 

The Andrew Westlake Memorial Scholarship 

Jacqueline Boss 

The Angus and Loma Scott Awards 

Jushn Chin-You 

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell 

Stefan Kirkpatrick 

The Merv Anthony Award 

Stefan Kirkpatrick 

The Jubilee Exhibition Award for Mathematics 

David Hatch 

The Bermuda Cup for Scholarship 

Neil Issar 

The Governor-General's Medal and The Chancellor's 

Prize for Scholarship 

Brienne McKenzie 

The Rodger Wright Medal 

Andrea Mathieson 

Scott Bosy 

The Jim McMuIlen Memorial Trophy 

Christopher Selby 

The Bronze Medals 

Allison Conyers 

Avinash Trivedi 



23 RlvuK Dnre 
PonllopcUN LIA408 
«05 8S5<)I71 

lloldrn VgncM'PopIr 
JicUn \|>ncM-I*»plr 

2 HodgMtn Street 
PoitHopcON I 1A408 
905 S85 5245 

Briin Ahn 

1 1 To«n-sgalc Dri« K809 

nwmhillON L4J8G4 

905 7716235 

Jaoe Aba 

24 Pinc«iXHj Dnvc 
ThorahUI ON I 4J 5P3 
905 771 526* 

Bailc) AinsMorlh 

Cariy AinsHorth 

4716 Bcall\ Lane 


CumpbcMcroftON I OA I ISO 

905 797 2950 

Crislin Alciander 

P.O mix 2042 CI 1 

Grand Cavman 

Cayman Island:^. B.W.I. 

345 947 3015 

Miltbcw .VIexiuu 

Eastern Road. PO Bo\ N-672 Nassau. 

tien Pan idcnce Bahamas 

242 324 2053 

D J. Allen 

c/o Tiinily College School 

PortHopeON 1 1A4K7 

905 885 8992 

Doofilas .XHIngham 

5 LuvermcCoud 

BoivmaniillcON l,IC4C9 

905 697 2927 

Gillian Aluin Kemp 

43 Carlisle A%cnuc 

Bownanvillc ON I.IC 1W4 

905 623 1342 

Sarah Ammons 

151 Cedar Crest Beach Road 

Bowmannllc ON LIC3k3 

905 623 5879 

Mike .Argue-Greene 

57 King Street 

PonHopeON LIA2R6 

905 885 2021 

Louise Armstrong 

Villa 3. Carnation Row. Sunset Crest 

St. James Barbados, W 1 

246 432 6258 

Jenny .Ashbourne 

Jessie Ashtwurne 

c^o Saudi .Aramco 

PO Bos 9063 

Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia 

011966 3878 3529 

Jessica .\u 

Roni .Au 

Blk 19. nat2C 

Baguio Villa 

Mong Kong China 

nil 852 28751337 

Jonatbon Austin 

615 Somcrville Avenue 

OshawaON L10 4J2 

905 721 1828 

Matt Bacborz 

1804 Forestview Drive 

PickcnngON 1.1V5V2 

905 509-2153 

Julia Bakker 

212 Maki Avenue 

Sudbury ON P3E 2P2 

705 522 9059 

Kristiaa Balaam 

64 Jarvis Dn\e 


90S 885 2133 

Manball Bairour 

1300 Bloor Street Rast. 1181 1 

MississaugaON I.4Y3Z2 

905 625 9627 

Aaron Ballantyoe 

S9 Shelly Mall 

3 Shell) Hall IJnvc 
Hamilton CROl Bermuda 
44I293 62S9 

krn Hanf> 
5 Wyscm Road 
Toronto ON M2K 2K3 
416 225 0010 
Olivia BanniKk 

51 Haulish Avenue 
ToninloON M4N 1112 
Jaime Barker 
Matthew Barker 

PO Ho\ SB26 

Sandys SBBX Bennuda 

441 234 0562 

Greg Balbe 

Maries Bathe 

85sl Majestic Hills Dnvc 

R R 04 

CoboutjiON K9A4J7 

905 342 5356 

Mikel Bauer 

Nick Bauer 

HallMoon Lstates 

RO Box W-566 

Woods Centre Antigua, W.l. 

268 460 4447 

Jay Baxter 

Karen Baxter 


2251 Speakman Dnve 

MississaugaON 1.5K 1B2 

Oil 40 241 239827 

Lisa Bays 

PC Box 49 

BuckhomON KOI IJO 

705 657 1466 

Taylor Bell 

955 NcMonv illc Road 

R.R «8NewcasUeON LIB 11.9 


David Berg 

516 Blenheim Crescent 

OakvilleON L6J 6P3 

905 338 2723 

Laura Biggar 

R.R «4 

8136 Danfortli Road West 

CobourgON K9A4J7 

905 372 7407 

Elcni Boek 

c/o Alex Bock 

107 Starr Avenue Apt 2 

Whilb) ON 1 IN 3L1 

.Andrew Boos 

Mark Boos 

59 King Street 

PortHopeON L1A2R6 

905 885 8721 

Mike Boseovski 

69 Beckenndgc Dnve 

MarkhamON L3S 2V3 

905 470 1982 

Jacqueline Boss 

52 Stoneyndge Lane 
WaverelyNS B2R 1H4 
902 8600103 

Scott Bosy 

1690Htty. «2 

CourliceON L1E2M6 

905 436 2003 

Carlie Botrie 

Erin Botrie 

R R »2 4850 Manley Road 

BewdleyON KOL lEO 

905 342 3207 

Claire Bourgeois 

Sam Bourgeois 

PO Box 260 

10 Kmg Street West 

MillbrookON LOA IGO 

705 932 2453 

Katie Boh en 

Mackenzie Boweo 

420 Carnage Lane 

Pctcrixirough ON K9L2A5 

705 743-7548 

Jenna Briggs 

I Rocklin Court 

Dartmouth NS B2X3R6 

902 435 5361 

James Brogan 

6227 (. ampbcU Road R.R «4 

PonHopeON L1A3V8 

905 753 2160 

\lc\ Hrown 
Uevin Bmwn 

ll4Kilharrx Road 
lonmtoON MsP II 1 
416 484 9272 
Alexander Brown 
37 Ravine Dnvc 
PortHopeON I 1A4(17 
905 885 9760 
lamara Bryant 
174 BcHord Avenue 
Ruthcrliird, NJ 07070 USA. 
201939 4093 
Maggie Burgess 
lOlllH.Hilh Street 
CobourgON k9A.5Ci4 
905 ^^2 (10.10 
Dylan Burnham 
39 McU-llan Dnve 
CourticcON LIE 1/9 
905 435 0216 
Adrian Byers 
274 Galestone Avenue 
Oakvillc ON 1 6J 5R9 
905 844 6026 
Cait Byrne 
Daniel Byrne 

56 Bonacres Avenue 
Scarborough ON MIC 3119 

Andres Caballem 

Paseo de Pnmavcras 14 


Lomas de Vista llcrmosa 

Mexico City 05100 Mexico 

Oil 52-55-5253-1273 

AH Cameron 

c/o Trinity College School 

55 Deblaquine Street North 

PortHopeON L1A4K7 


Christina Cameron 

57 Alexandra Boulevard 
Toronto ON M4R 1 M 1 
416 487 4938 

Will Camm 

46 King Street 

PortHopeON L1A2R5 

905 885 0871 

George Campbell 

Victoria Campbell 

1 Buggey Lane 

AjaxON LIZ 1X4 

905 686 5428 

Jack Candlish 

1508 Highway 2 East 

Kingston ON K71.4V1 

613 545 9560 

Eric Caretle 

1225 Grandview Street North 

OshawaON L1K2S9 

905 571 1202 

Garetb Ceeil-Cockwell 

Malcolm C^ecil-Coekwell 

5 14 St Clair Avenue E^t 

Toronto ON M4T 1 P7 

416 482 4415 

Caroline Chagnon 


OutremontQC H2V 2X6 

514 735 7192 

Eugene C'han 

Flat H, 5/Fl.. Block 24. 


Lam Tin Kowloon. 

Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 3154 3628 

Jacquelene Chan 

8A Tower 1. Sky llonzon 

35 Cloud View Road. 

Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2508 6968 

Jaime Chan 

Flat B 8th Floor 

Sung Fung Court 

3 Fook Yam Road 

Harbour Heights. 

North Point, Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2808 2601 

Justin Chan 

Natasha Chan 

PO. Box N-1836 Suite A-007 

Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 2167 

Keith Chan 

22B Fook Hing Court 

63 Wun Sha Street 

Tai Hang. 

Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2576 2979 

Sarah I lian 

201 Kingsliill Road 

Richmond Hill ON 1 41 4V4 

'»05 2219541 

MrndelK han 

lA. Block 2. 1 avciulisll Heights 

33 Perkins Road. 

Jardinc's 1 iHikout 

I lonj; kung. China 
Oil 852 2886 4501 
Jessica Chapman 
1635Camlcl Line, RR «2 
Millbrmik ON LOA IGO 
705 939 2169 

l,ou ( hapman 

106- 17lhSlrcx-l 

Apalachicola. II. 32320 USA 


Jordan Chase 

47 Ircmainc terrace 

CobourgON K9A5A7 

905 372 0314 

.Allen Chau 

Unit L. 7 & 8/F , Tower 3. 

No 1 Beacon Hill Road 

Hong Kong, China 

on 852 3527 4113 


6B .Aurora 61 MtwrMin Road 

Jardinc's 1 tKikouu 

Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2810 6361 

Carl Chauvin 

I I Guildcrcst Dnvc 
.Scarborough ON MIE IE,2 
416 269 7189 

Suneet Cheema 

PO Box 877 

CobourgON k9A4S3 

905 377 1828 

Jessica Chin-^uu 

Raehael Chio-\bu 

1 1 Roscwell Crescent 

Marlham ON L6C 2T4 


Justin Chin-\ou 

l-auren Chin-^ou 

4 1nglesideClosePO Box 480 

Mandeville. Manchester 

Jamaica. W 1 


Eric Choi 

Yang Jung Dong Vulim 

Apt 103-502 

Bucanjingu. Busan. South Korea 

Oil 825 1504 1266 

Erie Choi 

107-2002 Samsung 

Rac Ml An Apt 

Dogok-dong Kangnam-gu 

Seoul 135270 South Korea 

Oil 822 62032580 

Lianne Chrisman 

3804 Wingbow Couri 

Orlando. FL 32817 USA. 

407 678 1616 

Alex Christie 

4 .Aldenon Court 

Toronto ON M9A3X8 

416 234 5878 

Diana Chu 

Flat 2. 8/F. Miami Mansion 

99B Waterloo Road. Kowloon. 

Hong Kong China 


Michael Chu 

16A Bauhinia Court 

Worid-Wide Gardens 

Shatin. N r . Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2608 19511 


1580 l.akeshore Road 

SamiaON N7X 1B5 

519.542 7521 

Darron Clark 

1 23 Stibbard Avenue 

Toronto ON M4P2B9 

416 484 9636 

James Clark 

PO BoxCB 11219 

112 Hampshire Street Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 7666 

Jen Clarke 

3689 Lakeshorc Road 

Newcastle ON LIB 11.9 

905 987 3075 

Matthew Collins 

14(1 Bowles Dnvc 

AjaxON L1T4C3 

905 683 2941 

Alii <'iinyer7l 

12 lamannd Vale 
Warvvick WK05 Bc-nnuda 
441 218 ISKI 
Caitlin < unvers 

5 I airs lands Koad 
IVmbrokc 11M06 Bennuda 
44 1 295 8433 

.Vndrea Cupeland 

I Maplcglcn Court 

WhilbvON 1 IR in 

905 430 6094 

Christy (orbetl 

159 South Shore Road 

l-agctOVIU Bennuda 

441 2.16 M45 

Joey Cornwell 

16850 Collins Avenue 

Sunny Isles Beach, 

Fl 3316011 S A 


Brendan Coughlin 

PO Box 167 Stn BnxiUin 

Whitby ON I.IM 1B5 

905 655-7002 

Robin Courtice 

I Gibson Place 
PortHopeON 1.1A4G8 
905 885 4.197 
Chrystina Cousins 

PO Box 283 Suiion Main 
BowmanvillcON LIC3LI 
905 263 4205 
Kathryn Dagg 
Stephanie Dagg 

II I adhv Koad 
AjaxON LIS 3X6 

905 683 3380/905 885 4744 
Sam Davies 
226 Alwington Place 
Kingston ON K71 4P8 
613 544 4441 
Thomas Davb 
73 Avondalc Dnve 
CourticcON LIE2Y8 
905 433 2503 
llavilland Day 

1 DonchlTc Place 
Toronto ON M4N 2P9 
416 485 0337 

Diego de.'Vranaga 

Av Bernardo Oumtana 500 

Casa 19 Mexico. DF 

01210 Mexico 

Oil 52 55 2162 2020 

Beeey De .Silva 

4536 Pit Road R R «3 

PortHopeON L1A3V7 

905 786 2538 

Ijiura Defieer 

Sarah De<ieer 

19 Forost Glen Road RR «6 

CobourgON K9A4J9 

905 377 8232 

Luke Dehen 

PO Box 141 Golden Vale 

Kingstown. St Vincent 

784 457 5161 

Graham Dersnab 

1 1 Gibson Place 

PonHopeON LlA4(i8 

905 885 5434 

Noah Desjardins 

151 Boyle Road Box 86 

Grafton ON K0K2Ci0 

905 349 3429 

Jenna Dickson 

RR «3 561 IhomisRoad 

ColbonicON KOK ISO 

905 355 5867 

Natasha Dodd 

Robert Dodd 

3121 ITicatrc Road North 

RR «4 CobourgON K9A4J7 

905 885 0645 

Kevin Doddridge 

6 Montrose Crescent 
Whitby ON LIR IC9 
905 668 7670 
Conor Do,vle 

c/o Clarendon House 

2 Church Street. 
PO Box HM 666 
Hamilton HM CX Bermuda 
441 293 3530 

Mel Du Moulin 
135 Root Crescent 
AjaxON l.n4L5 
905 428 9738 


sic()h Ouvck 
^ I icv!.lun C rcscenl 
\|.ivON 1 II 3/« 

'*l^llll6 86(17 

l\Mic Uuftun 

oAmIIcDN 1(0 3X4 

'«|^ i38 5ll>> 

N>iiiun Kdnoods 

^ I ^ king StrocI 

IVlL-rhirough ON K9J 213 

7(15 876 1718 

Ruufll KiJwards 

*** Ma>ur (.'rrsccnt 

\uv()N 1.1S6N7 

"•ii 427 6067 

(.racr ligin 

^ - Si-vond Street 


lOf 33>) 3>»38 

JoM llluoado 

llosquc dc MaiLMnos 333 

\1iMC», Uf II 700 Mexico 

(III i;:55 ^251 7280 

Ikcr Knfcoiz Come/ Dr luddii 

BuM^uc dc Jarcarandas ft7 1 5 

Bosque dc las Lumas 

MMiai. DF 1 1700 Mexico 

"" ^2>> 5251 1422 

K^Mca K.nman 

\^aser1c> KoadBox226 
Dartmouth sis B2X2G6 
<W2 434 3072 
Mcloria E5p(»ito 
PO Box MM 827 
Hamilton MM C\ Elennuda 
441 236 3205 
Sarah F-ssak 
5"'5 I akeshore Road 

I KiureON K9A IS4 

S(t\c turn 

Samsung Raemian Apt. 104-1002 

Bisan I [Xmg. Dongan-Ku. 

Ahn Yang-Si kyonggi-do 43 1 759 

South Korea 

Oil 8231422 1779 

Anna lAerdell 

30 Seaforth Road 
Kingston ON K7M IE2 
613 549 7688 

Becky t-aulks 
Heron Hill' 

31 Riddcll sBa> Road 
War^Mck WK(M Bermuda 
441 238 2313 

Sarab Findlay 

995 Mom Sl Denis 

SiUery (X OlS IB4 

418 683 7733 

Ben Fioney 

13 Century Farm Road 

R-R- K2 Pontypool ON LOA IKO 

705 277 1789 

Evan Fisblock 

74 Pmc Street South 

PonHopcON LIA30I 

905 885 1754 

Julia Rsblock 

74 Pine Street South 

Port Hope ON L1A3GI 

905 885 1754 

Galea Maherty 

Quino Raberty 

780 Garden Street 

Whitby ON L1N8P2 

905 430 7624 

Rachel Flynn 

I I Ermlea Crescent 
519 833 2677 
OIh^q Foley 

19 Prainc Drive 

Medicine Ha! AB TIC 1R2 


Tracey Forbes 

PO Box 150 Savannah 

Grand Cayman. 

Cayman Islands. B W,l. 

345 947 1885 

Emily Foster 

PO Box HM 827 

Hamilton HM CX Bermuda 

441 236 3205 

ADDa Frackowiak 

433 Cairacroft Road 

Oakville ON L6J 4N I 

905 338 5339 

Robert Frame 

8535 Danlonh Road West 

RR »6tohourgON K9A4J9 

905 373 0247 

Joel Fraser 

1668 Concession Road 09 

Blackslock ON I OB IHO 

905 263 4615 

Daaida <iagnon 

c/o Pelousc Durhir Sod 

101 McNee Hearst Box 2762 
Hearst ON POL 1 NO 

Jean Gagnon 
22 Hyde Pari Road 
NepeanON K2G 5R4 
613 225 7214 
Ryan (talpin 
Tyler (ialpin 

102 HarVncss l>ivc 
Whitby ON I lR2(il 
905 576 5380 

Felipe Garcia-Aodrade IJamas 

.Avenida 1 7-A »62 c 1 74> 

190 Repano Siboney 

Ciudad dc La Habana. Cuba 

537 208 9820 

Luke Gasloo 

699 Whilcbirch Road R R B2 

MillbrookON LOA 1 GO 

705 932 5639 

Cher Gervais 

PO Box 262 

Amhcrstburg ON N9V2Z2 


Sam GiaoooDe 

557 Forest Gate Cnsscent 

WalcriooON N2V2X3 

519 888 0008 

Jane! Gilchrist Bailey 

RR «5 

9234 Dan forth Road East 

CobourgON K9A4J8 

905 3723563 

Peter Gillespie 

46 Dorset Street East 

Port Hope ON LIA IE3 

905 885 6743 

Justin Gillies 

3 Herbert Place 

Port Hope ON L1A4G7 
905 885 7384 
Charlotte Glassco 
Willow Hollovv 
2597 Salem Road 
AjaxON LIT4V5 
905 686 2983 
.Mexis Grassinger 
448Feasby RoadRR-»l 
UxbndgeON L9P1R1 
905 852 0658 
Rebecca Gregory 
"Thorpe \S illoughby' 

4 Fractious Street 

Hamilton Pansh CR04 Bermuda 

441 292 2750 

Jenn Guenettc 

1 1 Huron Dnve 

BnehlonON KOK IHO 

613 475 4150 

Marie-Sophie Guiodoa 

55 East House Crescent 

CobourgON K9A5K3 

905 372 5666 

Alana Gulka 

5378 H«x 45 RR »2 

Baltimore ON KOK ICO 

905 372 3877 

Chelsey Gunoiog 

Chnstian Gunnmg 

Walkers Walker House, 

PO Box265GT 

Mary Street George Tovmi. 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands B.W.I. 


Priy a Gupta 

243 Ward Street 

Port Hope ON L I A 4 A4 

905 885 5619 

.\lcx Hambrock 

247 D3\vtish .Avenue 

North York ON M4N 1J2 

416 488 4587 

Melissa Hamilton 

44 Foxhunt Trail 

CourticeON LIE IE9 


laylor llamuiell 

74 .Auburn l.anc 

CouniccON I ll:2K9 

905 4.36 8034 

Mau llau 

Secho 3 dong 1490-1 

Sang-Ji Rit/ Villa 1001 

Secho-<iu Sewul 137870 

South Korea 

Oil 822 522 4384/4380 

Derek Marodea 

RR « 1 I60 0ldl'crcy RoKl 

GrallonON KOK 2(i0 

905 344 7648 

Daniel Hatch 

Villa 255 Sunset Crest St James 

BB 24046 Barbados. W I 

246 432 1788 

David Hatch 

West Shore Lodge 

(irccnidgc Drive, 

Paynes Bay Sl James 

Barbados. W 1 

246 432 1580 

Devio Henderson 

1837 Parkwood Circle 

Pelc-rtxm.ugh ON K9J 8C3 

705 748 (v493 

Mark Henderson 

5 IkHlgson Street 

Port Mope ON I IA4<:;8 

905 885 6309 

Annegret Henninger 

1612 Ramsey Lake Road 

Sudbury ON P3E5JI 

705 674 6851 

Jess Herman 

546 Turkey HUl Road 

R R 02 


450 243 6231 

Christina Hermanns 

Love Beach, 

West Bay Street 

PO Box SS 5483 

Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 0559 

Meg Herod 

3% Gnlls Road R R 2 

Baltimore ON KOK ICO 


Kamir Hiam 

4 1 20 McCTeary Avenue 

BuriingtonON L7M3WI 


Amy Hill 

7 O'Connor Drive 

Whitby ON LIN 7X7 

905 668 6816 

Grace Ho 

32 Purccll Square 

Scarborough ON MIV3Y2 

416 219 6893 

Nathan Hodgson 

3064 Lakcview Boulevard 

.\jaxON LIS 1A7 

905 428 3978 

l.auren Hogarth 

28 Edgar Avenue 

Toronto ON M4W 2A9 

416 972 9191 

.\lison Holmes 

(ieofTrey Holmes 

Mill Shares 

13 Windermere 

Perobrtjkc HM05 Bermuda 

441 295 2246 

Ryan Hope Ross 

Arkshell Road « 1 

Guana Bay St. Maarten. N A. 

Oil 599 543 6303 

Jeffrey Homung 

Jess Hornung 

1379 (Jnlano Street 

CobourgON K9A4J7 

905 373 4216 

Cathryn Hostiek 

4 ,\ndeKvood Court 

BowmanvilleON L1C4H2 

905 623 5008 

Devon Hov%ard 

6 1 Lyndhurst Avenue 
Toronto ON M5R2Z8 
416 924 3394 

Paul Hoy 

62 Concession Street West 
Bowmanvillc ON LlC 1Y5 
905 623 1264 

Dylan lluoler 

131 GUIcttCoun 

CobourgON K9A 5K9 

905 373 9214 

Ben Hur 

1001 ■ llOdongWoosung 

Apt 83 - 3 

Poonghodong Jinhae City, 

South Korea 

Oil 825 5547 074* 

rhrii HuilaNe 

Devon Huitable 

60 Deblaquire Suect 

Port Hope (3N LIA2K9 

905 885-6378 

Sean Hynd 

5 (ilcnview Terrace 

BrockvilleON K6V2Y4 


Bin Hyun 

(iunyoung 1 Cha. 

Apt 402 ho - 307 Dong. 


Ilaeundac-Ku Pusan-City 

South Korea 

on 8251 7014353 

David Hyun 

403 lluasungApll06 

1257 Jisan 2 dong. 

Soo sung-Ku Tae gu 

South Korea 

on 825 213 8810 

keegan Invin 

108 Cortleigh Boulevard 

Toiunlo ON M4R 1 K6 

416 488 4881 

Neil Issar 

60 Orchard Park Dnve 

BowmanvTlle ON LIC4L2 

905 623 4190 

.Mackenzie Jackson 

52 Bayshore Road Box 3082 

BnghtonON KOK IHO 


Jae Jang 

15 -308 Rex .Apt. 

Dongbiuchon-Dong Yongsan-Ku 

Seoul 140722 South Korea 

on 822 3785 2990 

Oara Jin 

Expo ApL 402-704 Jiin Min-Dong 

You Sung-Gu Dae-Jeon 305762 

South Korea 

on 824 2862 4335 

lain Johnson 

876 Darvsm Dnve 

PickermgON LIX2P8 

905 83 15 1 83 

Jennifer Johnson 

8 Chester Lane 

NewcasUeON LIB 1E5 

905 987 5734 

Nick Johnston 

982 Grafton Court 

PickenngON L1X2P2 

905 837 2485 

.Anna Jonassen 

C'aitlio Jonassen 

21 Castle Harbour Drive 

Port Perry ON L9L 1 P4 

905 982 0756 

Richard Jung 

Shinlim 4-dong. 

479-38 Kwanak-Ku 

Seoul South Korea 

on 822 855 8947 

.Alei Juul 

PO BoxHS88 

Hamilton Parish 

11S02 Bermuda 

441 293 0466 

.Alfred kam 

25C Hong Kong Garden 

8 Seymour Road 

Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 2.540 7800 

Cailin Keams 

699 San Y'sidro Road 

Santa Barbara. CA 93108 USA. 

805 969 7770 

Graham Kciper 

12 Stralheden Road 

Toronto ON M4N IE3 

416 932 9338 

Steph Kelley 

4309 Highway 2 

GananoqueON K7G 2V5 

613 382 1819 

Spcacer Kriljr 

1 7 1 liiuton Street 

IVmllopeON I lA IV8 


Donovoa Kdlyoian 

PO Box 31 (ieoege lovMl 

Grand Cayman. 

C ayman Islands, B W I 

345 947 1059 

Erin Kemp 

4553 Middle Koad 

BowmanvrlleON LIC3K2 

905 263 8297 

Blaync Keldewell 

2 Fainvay Heights CresooU 

IhotnhdlON L3T IK2 

905 771 1163 

Angle Kim 

So \oan Kim 

203-20 1 Hyundai Morning Side 

Apt Shin Hyun Ri, 

(.ihpyo Myum Gyoong-<ji 

South Korea 

on 821073501625 

Ja Joong Kim 

149-2 Hangawi B/D 


Hanan-Si Shinjang-dong 

465 809 South Korea 

on 823 1793 0159 

Justin Kim 

1 8 Dudley Court 

CouruceON LIE3K3 

905 728 4846 

Liz King 

7D Hoii To Court 

275 Gloucester Road. 

Hong Koog China 


/Ol 1-852-2894 8086 

.Malakai Kirkpatriek 

Stefan Kirkpatriek 

28 .Anne Street 

Millbrook ON LOA IGO 

705 932 3360 

David ivnowles 

PO BoxN-1818 

229 Treasure Cove 

Nassau. N.P Bahamas 

242 364 1300 

Hayiey Koeoe 

93 Church Street 

Bowmanville ON LlC 1S9 

905 697 0785 

katherinc Konn 

3245 Greenbum Place 

Locust Hill ON LOH IJO 


Brendan Krausc 

Rachelle krause 

7 Kingsway Gale 

CouTOceON LIE lYl 

905 436 7845 

Stef Krstinovski 

25 Austin Dnve « 1026 

MarkhamON L3R 8H4 

905 604 0069 

Ibidayo Kuye 

64 Country Club Drive 

CambndgeON NITIM 

519 740 2874 

Duncan Kwan 

10 Sunny Rose Court 

Whitby ON LIR IV8 

905 430 7016 

Stebby Lai 

Flat 32H. Tower 

1 7 Laguna Verde Hung Horn 

Kowloon. Hong Kong China 

on 852 2330 6877 

Clarrnce Lara 

FlatF,47/F. Tower I. 

Sorrento Umon Square. 

I Austin Road West 

Tsrai Sha Tsui. 

Kowloon Hong Kong China 

on 852 2499 7799 

Michelle Lam 

Sham Wan Tower Tower 2. 

49 Floor Umt C Aherdeea 

Hong Koog Chma 

on 852 28913302 

Moses Lam 

24 Carmegie Crescent 

ThonihillON L3T5H1 

905 709 9791 


SlunjB lam 
Fla 7A. rowCT 4. 
Rodhill hcninaili 
18 IHil, Pil Stun Rata 
Tu 1»m Himg Kkhj; Chini 

OM 8?:;57;. W75 

Akiiwln l^oikKScr 

335 1 »irj l)n>c Nonh 

TonwioON M-KJ3X8 

416422 4560 

Jim tmrnt 

3741 LaVcshoirRaad 

Not\:*alcON LIB IL9 

'J05 ')87 3055 

Phyllis LaoiEley 

I IrwMi Dn\r 


905 665 1073 

Kcid l^nthirr 

144 Suiaal»iKHl L'oun 

WjlkcnsMlk MO 21793 U S.A. 


Thomas Laret 

ID Hodgson Sutct 

Pod Hope ON I lA4<;i7 

905 885 M44 

Rodrigo l.ascuniiii 

MimOTias i»39 

El-Conl3ticn> Cuajimalda 

05000 McMco 

on 52 55 2163 2221 

JasoD Ijw 


NonhVorkON M3B201 

416 510 2924 

Ricky Ijw 

Hal B. 5th Floor. Block 7 

\ ilia Caillon 369 Tai Po Road 

kowloon. Hong kong China 


Jordan Lra%itt 

3315 0rccnbuniRac«RR «1 

Locust Hill ON LOH IJO 

905 683 4955 

Ha Ram Lk 

Suite IM. Seotn Villa 286-1 

Youhane-l>>ne Yongm City, 

Kyimggi-Do South Korea 

oil 823 1336 4216 

Joon Let 

740 Voik Mills Road #803 

ToronloON M3B IW7 


Kadierioe Lee 

iong Ro Gu Sogynik Dong 22-2 

Seoul 110200 South Korea 

905 885 5085 

Patrick Lee 

Seo-cho Cu Bang-bae Dong 840- 1 

Shine hill Villa «IM 

Seoul South Korea 

011822 3482 0886 

112 Dong, 1602 Ho Punglim 
I -Want .Apt, Songdodong 2-7, 
Youn Soo Ou Inchun City 
406-130 South Kor«a 

011823 2246 5836 
Tiffany Leung 
FlatA.7/F, Hill Lodge 

1 Lok Fung Path Sham, NT. 

Hong Kong China 


Justin l,e«is 

3 Spanish Main Dn>c 

PO Box F-13529 

Frecpon F-43529 



Vera Liaag 

2348 Lamont Street 

Windsor ON N9i;4X3 

Steven Ligatsa 

SOTaman Polonia III Mcdan 

North Sumatra 20157 Indonesia 

I (1621 614-1497 E« 71 

Inigo l,opcz 

14 Sur 35 15 Col Anzarcs PueWa 

72530 Mexico 


Dee Lotteriag 

7494 Vimy Ridge Road R R »2 

PortHopeON LIA3V6 

905 342 3851 


105 WoodsTCw Drive 

PickcnngON LIV ILI 


t hung-<'hua Ma 

No 18. Alley 6, lane2IO. 

Chang-Chmg Road 

Hsi-t'hih I'llN 22 1 Taiwan 


Byron MacOonald 

210 lUriMi Street Nonh 

Whitb>ON I IN4NI 

905 666 4408 

Blake Macfarianc 

101 W lllcocks SUtct 

Toronto ON M5S 1C9 

416961 7182 

Brandon %1ae<:rrgor 

77 Hab> IVint Crescent 

Toamlo ON M6S 2B7 

416 769 30.30 

Rob MacGrcgor 

40 Boullon Street 

Newcastle ON LIB 11.9 

905 987 5480 

Andrew Maclsaac 

20l8 1>nnHeighul>n\e 

Pickenng ON 1 1 \ 1 N4 

905 831 7914 

kendra Mackenzie 

98 John Slieet 

PortHopeON LIA2Z6 

905 885 0633 

Jeanic Mahon 

Sniluell Mullins St Peter 

Bari>ados, W 1 


Venus Mak 

Flat B2, 18'F Fortune Gardens 

1 1 Seymour Road. 

Hong Kong. China 

(118) 522-5597 E.xt 592 

Derreck Martin 

Sam Martin 

19 Glen Edylh Drive 

Toronto ON M4V 2V8 

416 927 9938 

Kristen Mastinsek-Payne 

1011 Elgin Street West Suite 29 

CobourgON K9A4J9 

905 373 18(14 

Andria Malhieson 

Tori Mathieson 

1222 Abbey Road 

PtckcnngON I. IX 1V7 


Sean Matthews 

1627 Baggins Street 

Pickenng ON L1X2C9 

905 428 0628 

Mallory Ma%nard 

Matthew Ma>nard 

137 From Strecl PO Box 59 

Hastings ON KOL lYO 

905 885 5878/705 696 3715 

Zara McAlister 

1 1 Island V1e\\ Court 

Port Perry ON L9L 1R6 


lain McBeath 

14 Burgess Point Road 

Warwick W K04 Bermuda 

441238 1347 

Nick McCartney 

561 Buffalo Street PO Box 405 

Banff AB TIL 1A5 

403 762 3173 

Rachael McConney 

1730 Temple Dnve 

Winter ParV, FL 32789 U.S.A. 

407 740 7762 

JobD McCracken 

130 Anne Street 

Cobouif ON K9AIG5 

905 372 8935 

Mike McCulloch 

73 Simms Dnve 

AjaxON L1T3KI 

905 619 2828 

Ryan McCnrdy 

331 College Street 

CobourgON K9A3V3 


Win McKay 

230 Golfdale Road 

Toronto ON M4N 2B9 

416 322 0384 

Brie Mckenzie 

Sierra Mckenzie 

4555 Fourth Concession Road 

Ncwionville ON LOA IJO 

905 786 2508 

I arhlan Mel r\in 

48 Pallo Close 

Red Deer AB T4P IJ3 

403 .342 7439 

Varun Mehta 

A-49 Ni/3muddin 1-^st 

New Delhi 110013 India 


Poppy Miers 

54 IVplar llains Road 

ToronloON M4V 2M8 

416964 2010 

Malt Miller 

525 Braebum Crescent 

Pickering ON LIV3Z7 


Bradley Mitchell 

22 Inghams Vale 

Pembroke HM 04 llermuda 

441 292 0310 

Stuarl Mooney 

530 Salem .Avenue S W 

Calgarv AB T3C 2K6 


Pablo Morayta 

Cda Paseo del RiKio 20-1 

Col, Vista Henuosa 

MexiaiCity 05100 Mexico 


Tsubasa Morishita 


Hiroshima 7390313 Japan 

Oil 81 82 894 5035 

David Morrison 

William Morrison 

47 Darlev Sucet 


905 427 2403 

.Adam Moulton 

3366 Cornish Hollow Road 

R R #6 Cobourg ON K9A 4J9 

905 342 9900 

Jordan Mowbray 

Justin Mowbray 

69 Lahaye Dnve 

Whitby ON LIP1L5 

905 43(1 96(14 

Jared Mullane 

Jonathan Mullane 

30 Donncll Strecl 

Cambndge. MA 02138-1352 


617 354 7609 

Travis Munro 

676 Bessborough Dnve 

OshawaON 1.1G4H2 

905 436 3737 

Joeclyn Murphy 

Renee Murphy 

614 Walnut Strecl West 

Whitby ON L1N2W8 


Peter Murray 

Sunset Ridge 

Fort George Heights 

St Michael. Barbados. W I. 

246 228 18.39 

Stephanie Murray 

9 Nettles Court 

Whitby ON LIP1L5 

905 666 0606 

Rachel Mwalwanda 

60 illiott A\cnuc i asl 

Hamilton ON 1.81 2118 


Skylar >eblelt Reid 

133 Mimroe Street 

Cobourg ON K9A I B9 


James Ng 

9 Sham Hon Road 

Sham Tseng. N T 

Hong Kong China 

on 852 2390 2854 


2/F., 22B U Salle Road 

Kowloon. Hong Kong China 

Oil 852 2336 7356 

Amy Norgan 

169 Aird Street PO Box 91 

Grafton ON KOK 200 

905 349 2389 

Haley Nowak 

65 1 Pcrcival Court 

OshawaON LIK IM4 

905 720 4809 

Samuel Oh 

99 i>hillips Road Apt 60) 

PortHopeON LIA2J6 

905 885 9519 

Ola Ojo 

PO Box 54923, 

FiUomo Ikoyt 

16/1 lliompstin A\eniie. 

Ikoyi 1 agos Nigena 

on 234 I 269.1810 

Michael Orr 

161 (ilcndonwynne Road 

Toronto ON M6P3I8 

416 761 9808 

krislin Ouellel-<>aslon 

699 Whilcbirch Road R R 1112 


705 932 *63'> 

.\li Outrrbhdgc 

Sam Oulcrhridgr 

3 Soulhailc Road 

Paget l'(i03 Bermuda 

441 541 7729 

Derek Palling 

37 Melville Road 

Devonshire DV07 Bermuda 

441 236 4585 

Krislen Pallcn 

333 Flying Club Road 

Slirting ON KOK 3F0 

613 395 129(1 

Charicnc Park 

58 Huffman Avenue 

PortHopeON LIA4KI 

905 885 6527 

Jamel Park 

Jin Chcon Gun Kwang Hae 

Won-M>im Jeong Am Apt (B-301t 

Kwang Hae Won-l.i South Korea 

on 8243 535 8090 

kevin Park 

1 8 Beaumont Drive ■ 
905 683 4417 

Alei Parker 
Ian Parker 
Graeme Parker 

19 Isla> Lourt 
CourticeON L1E2E7 
905 436 0706 
Danny Parker 

143 t>ld Colony Dnve 

Whilb\ ON LiR2A6 

905 668 3434 

kushal Patel 

58 S> del Court 

Bowmanville ON LIC4N5 

905 623 9893 

Caitlln Patrick 

3240 Old Scugog Road 

Bowmanville ON LIC3K2 


Brett Payette 

175 Grosjean Road 

CodnngtonON KOK IRO 


Ben Pcsowsky 

22 Sable Crescent 

Whitby ON LIRIY5 

905 432 8054 

David Piccini 

Sarah Piccini 

123 Onlano Street 

PortHopeON LIA2V3 

905 885 6012 

Justin Picov 

380 Kingston Road East R R. « 1 

.AjaxON LIZ 1W4 


Brittany Pitt 

22 Patience .Avenue 

Sandys SBOl Bermuda 

441 234 2957 

Lindsay Pollard 

133 Henry Street 

CobourgON K9A3Y2 

905 377 0364 

Irwin Poon 

33 Kings Park Rise 

The Regalia Tower 

3 ll/F CHomatm 

Kowloort Hong Hong China 

Oil 852 2332 3398 

Alex Popoff 

James Popoff 

Ritchie Popoff 

3 Hanover Court 

Whilb) ON L1N7J1 


Merina Prilcbard 

204 Peacock Boulevard 

PortHopeON LIA4E1 

905 885 9170 

Mrvr Ka 

206-21M 1 (t Apt Jungia-dong 

llundang-gu Sungnam (, il>. 

Kyoungki I'rovince 4699(J9 

South Korea 

Oil 823 1715 5915 

Pablo Ramirez Medina 

I aSalcdad«13(l-l9 

C olonia San Nicolas 

lotalapan Mexico, D F. 

10900 Mexico 

Oil 5255 5645 8217 

Sophia Rashid 

122 Sprucewvtod Crescent 

Bowmanville ON LIC5H4 

905 623 6290 

Jarryd Ray 

1051 H.xith Street 

CobourgON K9A5C5 

905 373 4106 

Andrea Reade 

4 1 Kenneth Cres 

Porcupine ON PON ICO 

705 235 8687 

Marissa Rebaoe 

1253 WtKidland .Avenue 

Mis.sissaugaON L5G 2X8 

905 274 8176 

lain Redford 

'Ailsa' 43 Knaplon Hill 

Smiths FLOS Bcnnuda 

441 293 0389 

Cariy Reed 

99 Rhonda Boulevard 

Bowmanville ON LIC4M8 

905 623 0985 

Genna Reid 

815 kockaway Road Box 587 

Willow Beach ON LOE ISO 

905 722 4141 

David Richards 

27 Raplcy Boulevard 

PortHopeON LLA4J6 

905 885-8423 

Rebecca Ro 

3497 Hickerxin Road 

R R HI Baltimore ON KOK ICO 

905 342 3657 

Blake Robertson 

913 Kingsley Court 

OshawaON LIK2E7 

905 434 7601 

Montana Robertson 

PO Box 461 BT Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands. B.W.I. 

345 945 8397 

Recce Robson 

676 Zion 4th Line 

Millbrook ON LOA IGO 

705 932 7678 

.Asblyn Rodrigues 

57 Molson Street 

PortHopeON LIA2J8 

905 885 6688 

Jennie Ross 

798 Simcoe Street North 

OshawaON LI0 4V8 

905 576 7247 

David Rowcn 

39 Redmond Drive 

AjaxON LIS5R8 

905 683 5276 

Hamir Sabnani 

PO Box 383 Eari Monies 

Basseterre St KitLs 

869 465 8241 

Greg Samson-Strecker 

70 Auburn Lane 

CourticeON L1E2E9 

905 436 8732 

Claudia Sanchez 

8440 Danfonh Road West 

R R « 6 Cobourg ON K9A 4J9 

905 372 0475 

Vanessa Sanders 

Mozartstr 66 

Osnabrueck 49076 Germany 

on -49-54 1-4W-720 

Danton Sandoval 

Bosque de Rcforma «961 

Bosques de las Lomas 

Mexico City. DF 

1 1700 Mexico 


Sarah Santb 


13933 Sk\ line Drive 

Nassau. Bahamas 

242 327 S594 


Saminlha Snundcni 

Thnx* Gables 

12 Slin>ggms Mill 

Siwthaniplon Sit 02 Ik-rmudji 

441 234 2S14 

Bradrn Schrak 

1 1 Walnut Street 

I'ortllupeON I.1A2Y2 

Wi 885 ('252 

Douglis Scott 

52 Lytton lioulevard 

TolotltoON M4R 11.3 

416482 0310 

Thomas Stan 

■Reed Court' 

Pmc Hill Road 

St Michael liartiados. W 1 

24(1 436 8833 

kiistrn S« 

34 Forest Hill Dnve. 

RR KbCotwurgON K'>A4J'» 

105 372 330! 

fhris Selby 

Mitcbel Selby 

3130 Pollard Road 

NeMcasllcON 1,11) 1L9 

'HI5 »87 5527 

Wayne Seok 

PHartiem Placed 13 10 

loiontoON M2K3E2 

410 630 3230 

Dominic Serrau 

"Inch Haven' Inch Marlowe 

Chnst Church Barbados. W 1 

246 428 3611 

Biittany Sever:* 

3'» Simcoe Street North 

OshawaON l,ICi4'n 


John Shevlen 

449 BIythvviKtd Road 

Toronto ON M4N IA8 

416 481 7668 

So Heui Shin 

Apt 106 dong 408 no On-Chun 

2 dong Sam-Jung .^san-City, 

Chung-Nam South Korea 

on 8241 541 9700 

Chip Simmonds 

268 1 Greenwood Road 

.■\ja.vON L1S4S7 

905 686 6862 

Chelsea Smith 

PO Box 169 Savannah 

23 Mervin Street 

Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands, B W 1 

345 947 1008 

Maranda Smith 

4548 Morton Road 

R R «2 Bcwdley ON KOL lEO 

Rory Smith 

290 Donessle Dnve 

OakviUeON L6J 3Y6 

905 849 0511 

Akinbamidcle Sobowalc 

1420 Wildlark Dnve 

Peterborough ON K9K 1X6 

705 750 1758 

Jessica Song 

A-Nam Apt 102-803 

Myongleun - 2G A Jongro-K.u 

Seoul South Korea 

on 822 764 5584 

Nik Stearns 

Oliver Stearns 

57 Chestnut Park Road 

Toronto ON M4W 1W7 

416963 9190 

David Steropulos 

MaiiaDOe Stefopulos 

30 Campbell Dnve 

UxbndgeON L9P 1R5 

905 852 9350 

Courtney Stevens 

3337 Concession Road 3 

RR #8 NewcasUe ON LIB 1L9 

905 987 5284 

Claire Stewail 

3 1 1 Ridout Street 

Port Hope CJN LIA 1P9 

905 885 5622 

Dylan Stewart 

PO Bov N-682 

Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 7559 

Cassandra Sloracr 

8 lYincess Street 
MlllbrtMikON lOA IGO 
705 932 2599 

Kou Strike 

52 Concession Street West 

Bowmanville ON I.IC IY5 


Charlie Sullivan 

5808 N Pike I ake Road 

Duluth. MN 55811 US A 


Jessica Svcnningson 

40 Bedford Street 

ftirtllopeON 1 lA 1W3 

905 885 0319 

Nathan Swan 

9 Port Royal Gardens 
Southampton SNOI Bermuda 
441 234 14118 

llailcy Swift 

Shannon Swift 

203 Blue Heron Dnve 

OshawaON 1.10 6X7 

905 434 832 1 

David Sylvester 

17535 Willoughby Road 

CaledonON 1 7K 1V5 

519 927 5023 

Kelvin Tai 

Flat D, 5/F Star Court 

4 Man Wan Road, Walcrl.xi Hill 

Homantm Kowloon, 

Hong Kong Chma 

on 852 2333 7779 

Anuj Tanna 

7 Lynde Court 

Whitb\ ON 1.1N3H6 

905 430 1311 

Dayna Taylor 

20 Hodgson Street 

Port Hope ON L1A4G7 

905 885 5485 

Stephanie Terlloth 

4455 Montrose .Avenue 

WestmounlQC H3Y2B3 

514 935 9595 

Arin Theravithayangkura 

Kanshawn Theravithayangkura 

Thaivival Insurance l>ublic Co . ltd 

71 Dindang Road Samsaen Nai. 

Phayathai Payathai 

Bangkok 10400 Thailand 


Brandon Thompson 

19 Hester Avenue 
AjaxON LIT4A8 
905 427 1440 
Slepb Tirelli 

1 1 Cynthia Court 

Whitby ON LIN8K7 
905 430 1326 

2225 Little Las Flores Drive 

Topanga. CA 90290 US A 

310455 2142 

Lucas Topolie 

Nick Topolie 

3089 Tooley Road 

CouniceON LIE2K8 

905 576 1335 

Elizabeth Traicus 

215 Pontiac Court 

OshawaON L1G6R5 

905 404 0410 

Mira Trebilcock 

Box 7138 PMS 

142 Renison Street South 

Porcupine ON PON IKO 

705 235 4370 

Mark Tremblay 

Monique Tremblay 

21 O'Malley Crescent 

Whilb) ON 1.1R2B6 

905 668 9710 

.\vinash Trivedi 

1 Whitechapel Ct^cent 

Onawa ON K2J 5 A I 

613 823 5416 

Ga Bo Tse 

Flat 1 A. Tower 22 

Hong Kong Gold Coast 

Tuen Mun, N T, 

Hong Kong China 

on 852 21469.596 

Calvin Tsiang 

5A, 2 Comfort Terrace 

North Point Hong Kong China 

on 852 2806 1973 


.1.1B. lower 6. South Horizons 

Hong Kong Chma 

(1181 522-5506 l.xt 383 

Michelle Isui 

flatU. 17/1, BlkT8, 1 Residence Bel Air, 

28 Bel All Avenue. 

Pok 1 u Lam 

Hong kongChtna 

on 852 2219 6003 

Jacob I'uominrn 

73 I'nncess Street 

Port Hope ON I 1A2R2 

905 885 7178 

Courtney Turcot 

304 Pamela Street Box 1850 

Ja.spcrAH lOh 110 

780 852 46(11 

('.van lutlon 

Jessica I utton 

22 Nettles Court 

Whitby ON LIP US 

905 668 5943 

Brittany I'goliDi 

1081 Frei Street 

CobourgON K9A 5G5 

905 372 6006 

Andrew Van Hoof 

24 Nettle's Court 

Whitby ON L1PIL5 

905 665 9889 

Deanna Veliri 

1797 lownline Road North 

OshawaON L1H8L7 

905 576 6341 

Kyrsten Venassc 

306 Mountain View Dnve 

North Bay ON PI A 2X7 


Kayla Vermeulen 

41 Sydel Court 

Bowmanville ON L1C4N5 

905 623 5450 

Thanh Vu 

2 St Hiomas Walk «0506 

Airview TWR 

238097 Singapore 

Marcus Wade 

2 Hampton Head Court 

Southampton SN04 Bermuda 

441 238 2611 

Coleen Wafer 

Meghan Wafer 

40 Grouse Court 

AshbumON LOB lAO 

905 655 8607 

Whitney Wakefield 

78 Fallis Line West 

MillbrookON LOA 1 GO 

705 932 2605 

Andrew Walker 

118 King Street East 
CobourgON K9A 1L3 
905 372 7865 

Korey Walker 

402 Applegrove Avenue 

Peterborough ON K9H 5L7 

705 742 5800 

Matt Walker 

2259 Concession Road «8 

Enniskillen ON LOB IJO 

90S 263 2251 

Jeremy Walsh 

423 Pacific Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11217 



Cameron Watson 

5460 6th Line R R #4 

Port llopeON L1A3V8 

905 753 2781 

Caleigh Webb 

54 Thombury Street 

CourticcON LIE 202 

905 435 0312 

Sadie Weinstein 

463 Bedford Park Avenue 

Toronto ON M5M 1K2 

416 789 5861 

Doug Weiss 

9 Rose Glen Road 

Port Hope ON L1A3V6 


Roger Wen 

HE, Block 5, Melody Garden 
luen Mun, N T 

Hong Kong China 


David West 

16 Oliver s lane 

KR «6 ( obout]! ( )N K9A4J9 

905 373 4161 

Clayton Wbetung 

( lilTWhrtung 

521 (ieoriic Street North 

PO Box 29 

Petert«irough ON K9J 6YS 

905 885 5549 

Jack Widdowson 

c/o Island 1 lopper 

ITic Circu-s Ba.ssctenc St Kilts 

869 465 0859 

Justin Wicmann 

llolhauets kaiiip 16 

lecklenburg 49545 Germany 

on 4954 827164 

(;mily Wilcos 

Macauley Wilcox 

PO Box 704 

IganvilleON KOJ 110 

613 625 2789 

Jon Wilcox 

315 Lakeview Court 

CobourgON K9A5C4 

905 372 6063 

Milina Williams 

Milisa Williams 

Apt «3 Ro-Jean 

10 Industnal Park Road 

Southampton SB04 Bermuda 

441 238 3463 

Ijiura Willison 

1601 Pebblestone Road 

CourticeON Lli:2Hl 


Tomasz Wojtas 

61 Young Street 

Port Hope ON LIA 1M5 

416 605 6927 

Chris Wong 

Jeremy Wong 

Flat 14-C. Merry Court 

10 Castle Road. Mid-Lcvels 

Hong Kong China 

on 852 2549 6273 

Ivan Wong 

Flat C, Wesland Height 7/F 

47 Broadcast Drive 


Hong Kong. China 

on 852 23376015 

Jonathan Wong 

88-70 Crockamhill Drive 

Scarborough ON M1S3H1 

416 291 4944 

TJ. Wood 

Ridgewood Farm 

3520 Grandview Street North 

RR. #5 0shawa(3N L1H8L7 

905 655 3169 

Aadrrw Woodward 
David Wo<idward 

28 Scnvcn litiulcvard 
PonllopeON I IA3R2 
905 885 6718 
Kopbie Yalkniao 

394 Waluin Street 

CobourgON K9A3X3 

905 373 459ISeoll Vang 

« I- 1 70 1 Bundang t\M>nglmi 

i-wam plus ( ilFicctel 

255-1 Scohycon-dtmg, 

Bundang-gu ( iyetmggi-do 

South Korea 

on 8231 783 6843 

Alaya Yaiseio 

3438 Green Road 

Bowmanville ON L1C3K4 

905 697 1 527 

Kevin Yean 

120-106 Olympic Sunsuchon Apts 

Oryun-dong. Songpa-gu 

Seoul 1 38786, South Korea 

on 822 443 6319 

Ryan Veom 

Santeville Apt #209-1403. 

Un-Nom Umg. Cii HcungGu, 

446792 South Korea 

Ryan Vi 

103-1702. Ycoksam Ramiao 

757 Bungl. 

Yeoksamdong Kangnamgu. 

Seoul South Korea 

on 82102562 3863 

Greg Young 

5959 Garrard Road 

WhilbvON 1 IM 1W7 

905 655 4962 

Rachel Young 

1 196 Maple Gate Road 

PickenngON LIX 116 

905 420 5943 

Penny \u 

FlatB, 1 7/F, Block 3 

South Horizons Ap Lei Chau 

Hong Kong China 

(118) 522-5809 Ext 069 

Bryan Vuc 

8 Momson Crescent 

UnionvillcON L3R9M3 

905 474 9786 

Kenneth Vuc 

1948 Walrcg Dnve 

OshawaON 1.1G7W1 

905 436 6188 

Xiao Vuc 

Room No 202. Unit 1. 

Building No 14 

Beilixiqu. Donghuashi. 

Chongvven Distnct 

Beijing 100062 Chma 

on 86 10 457 0168 


Clockwise from top left 

Biggar strikes a stylish pose for the camera while Feds laughs 

at her antics. 

Brittany looks angry in law class. 

Which face is funnier, Will's or Mikel's? 

Scott and Selby smile for the camera. 

Brett, Marianne, Knowles and Jake— four promising Y3s. 

Will, Tom and Nathan pose with a friend after performing a 

play in Ottawa. 

Soccer superstars Eleni and Alii at House Olympics. I get a 

kick out of them. 

Biggar and Tom look their best. 


Qockwise from top left: 

Sundy says his sad goodbye to Andrea on Speech Day. 

Chelsea and Jenna are red hot! 

Topolie and Duncan represent the Ho house well. 

Jacq and Julia— newly graduated Ketchumites. 

Mike must be jealous of Brendan or Marshall! 

Two stars of You Can't Take it With You, Claudia and Tom, 

pose for the camera.. 

DJ wears his hat and smiles. 

Lou, Cait and Laura host Arts Night. 

Clara and Scott clean up nicely for their grad. 


Furby House Books 

Prompt, efficient special-order service 

Wide selection, knowledgeable staff 

Open 7 days a week 

Toll free long distance 1-800-668-3701 

93 Walton Street. Port Hope, Ontario LIA 1N4 

Tel: ^905^ 885-7296 Fax: (9051 885-9469 

R. Wakely & Sons Ltd. 

• Scrap metals 

• Garbage containers 

• new steel sales 

45 Lavinia St. 
Port Hope. ON 

Tel: (905) 885-4316 

Fax (905) 885-0604 




975 ELGIN ST.. C0B0UR6. ON m 5J3 




P.O. BOX 208 



(905) 885-2428 



Health Care Products • Cosmetics 

Prescription Service • Postal Outlet 

Lottery Centre 

9am-10pin Weekdays & Saturday 
lOam-Spm Sundays & Holidays 

Midtown Mall 
500 Division 
Cobourg, ON 

Peter St. Plaza 

135 Peter Street 

Port Hope. ON 








TEL. 905-885-4551 
FAX. 905-885-7551 



Curtis Ballantyne 

Jamie Cameron 

Brenda Clark & Robert Courtice 

Ms. T. E. Enman 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gregory 

Eleanor Guenette 

Kim & Marcus Hatch 

Janice Lindsay & David Macfarlane 

Wayne McCurdy & Jeanette Drury 

Darrin Reade 

Bhavanesh & Prasanna Tanna 

Jill & Tony Tirelli 

Greg & Eleanor Topolie 

Kathy Walker 

Justin Wiemann 

Alan & Kathi Willison 

Sandy Wu 

Bob & Laura Young 


Doug & Leslie AUingham 

Beate Ritchie 

The Bakkers 

Dr. E. A. Samson 

Jennifer Bannock 

Eugene & Elizabeth Saunders 

May- Jo & Jim Bathe 

Shawn & Helen Severs 

Janet & Jamie Briggs 

Hye Young Sung 

Ian & Elke Clarke 

Suraphong Theravithayangkura 

Kevin & Karen Coughlin 

Gary & Julie White 

Sally Frackowiak 

Eraser & Debbie Wilson 

Mark & Janet Hamilton 



This page is dedicated to the places at TCS that know one really sees, that no one really knows about. When exploring, we 
encountered bell towers, crawl spaces, tunnels, bathrooms, old laundry rooms, and even TCS's fourth floor- that's right, fourth 
floor. So, we encourage you all to try to find these places, sign your name amongst the many who have been there before. 
Hopefully these pictures will be helpful in your pursuit to find these mysterious places of the school. 

^^^^^H m^vii'' ''v , 


Malcolm and Felipe are all 
smiles at Casino night. 
Dancing at Arts Night! 
Liv gets between AH and her 
one true love, Sam. 
Spice Girls Sophie, Brett, Clau- 
dia, Alex and Sarah. 
Montana and Winfield! 
Biggar and Steams want you... 
Failing, Bryan, Doug, Justin and 
Adrian hangin' around outside. 
Olwyn and Brett at hockey. 
Oh no! Jess and Carly at soccer. 
Jake ties up his skates. 
Sarah and Luke pose at Semi. 
Byron and Ms. Kelly smile! 



The grueling task has finally come to an end. Needless to say, most of our life force has been drained and will forev 
remain in the Record room. When the stone is rolled away and we finally see the light of day for the first time in weeks, 
the feeling will be indescribable. Similar to the time when we climbed the rope in gym Or the first time Andrea 
saw a certain band in concert... 

To the small portion of you who arc actually reading this final wm 
prize. If you're just one of those people who like to look at all the f 
You aren't in the yearbook. Just joking- turn to page 31, you're on that page. 

idr 111 MIL'. I urn u) page 80 to claim your 
and your friends, stop looking. 

or those 
enjoy the 
...thanks for 

Such a task cannot be completed single-handedly. Thank you to everyone who got your write-ups in o 
who didn't, watch your back. You will be cursed in your next life.. .or perhaps this one. But in thuBBM 

write-ups we were forced to write for you. To all of you who said you were going to send photo?^ _ 

wasting our time. Thanks to Father Don; your photos arc a blessing from the Lord. Thank you ■ \ 

Jedi master). Most importantly, thank you to Bruce Grandfield (grammar superhuman). Alon^ ., , 
single rule about grammar, you supported us throughout the whole year. We apologize for being 
rest of your summer went well. 

Mad props go to Miles Davis, for being the only music we agree on. Thanks to Linehaul for making t^ 

days in the Record Room seem almost bearable (for Andrea) or much, much longer (for Dave). Thank 

the inventor of pizza delivery, Timmies, Subway, and Quizno's for feeding us. Special shout out and i 

go to Facebook for.. .well. ..being Facebook. Thanks to both the Ingrams for their random, but much appreciated 

visits, and to the others who ventured up to the Record Room (Ali, Mailory and Laura), thanks for the good times. 

All in all, we hope you enjoy the yearbook - if you don't, well... we don't really care. If you have any problems, 
feel free to harass David Rowen, who will be the editor when you get this - if we left you out or you feci cheated 
out of something in some way, please, direct all of this to David. And to David and whomever you trick into helping" 
it's a huge job, but we have faith in you. Good luck- you'll need it. 

It's FINALLY our time to be leaving TCS. 


Andrea and Dave