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in 2010 with funding from 

Trinity College School 





'cccr. ^a\ 


n ^011 riZ.^ Ot^ 





s'^essa Sanders 
l^risten See 

Don Aitchison 


James Aitchison 

Associate Faculty 

Drew Allen 

Social Sciences & Bickle HM 

Kellv Ambrose 

Information Services 

John Anderson 


Nicholas Babiuk 

Associate Faculty 

Tyler Bailey 


Tucker Barton 

Drama & Social Sciences 

Tanva Beck 

Athletic Therapist & Rigby HM 

Katie Bookman 

Associate Faculty 

Kelli Botrie 


Barbara Brough 

Social Sciences 

Alice Brown 

Social Sciences 

David Brown 


Laurie Caine 

Asst. to the Dean of Academics 

Michel Cameron 

Languages & Brent HM 

Michelle Cameron 

Junior School 

Courtney Christ 

Social Sciences & Bickle Asst. HM 

Denbv Christ 

Associate Faculty 

Angle Collins 

Physical Health & Education 

Pam Dew 


Dr. Michael DuBroy 

English & Culture 

Daniele Dumont Brown 

Junior School 

Aaron Dunlop 

Help Desk 

Kerri Dunn 


Alison Elliot 

Junior School & TEAC 

Paul Elsley 

Dean of Academics 

Meghan Elston 

Associate Faculty & Mathematics 

Steph Feddery 


Jodie Fisher 


Bill Forbes 

Help Desk 

Sue Garfat 

Athletic Therapist 

Todd Gledhill 

Physical Health & Education 

Stuart Grainger 


Bruce Grandfield 


Andrew Gregg 

Fine Arts 

Andrew Hall 


Josh Hamilton 

English & Computer Sciences 

Suzaime Hamilton 

Scott HM 

Rachel Hands 

Languages & Rigby Asst. HM 

Tim Hay 

Physical Health & Education 

Myke Healy 

Social Sciences 

Brian Hedney 


Renee Hillier 

Social Sciences 

Dr. Greg Hodges 

Languages & Culture 

Rob HoUett 


Neil Hunter 

Junior School 

David Ingram 

Social Sciences & Bethune Asst. HM 

Janine Jackson 

Social Sciences 

Lois Jackson 

Fine Arts 

Keara Jakic 


Peter Kedwell 


Blair Keiser 

Computer Sciences & Bethune HM 

Tony Kleinschroth 

Computer Sciences 

4 1 


Mac and Books at the mudpil. 
Mr. Large is a true viking. 
Mrs. Povvles coaching tennis. 
Mr. Prockin' out with Marcus. 
I'K is a little surprised. 
Dr. Hodges is what?! 
Walto only picks on little kids.. 
Mr. White takes control. 
Rigbv Sunshine embodied. 


Clockwise from top left: 

Mr. Christ sleeping on the job. 

Aitchison and Babiuk chillin' . 

What a cute couple! 

HP's help out Grainger. 

Traugott lookin' pretty cool. 

TL explaining it. ...again. 

Former students McLaren and Christ. 

Grainger and kids get in on the fun. 

Niculene Kuyper 
Kathy LaBranche 
Cyndi Langford 
Tom Langford 
Elaine Large 
Ross Large 
Evan Legakis 
Derek Lessard 
Viola Lyons 
Gail Malenfant 
Angela Mallory 
Erin McAleenan 
Heather McClure 
Cory McKercher 
Zach McLaren 
Wendy Moon 
Stacey Moore 
Anne O'Regan 
Ron Parker 
Steve Patterson 
Jennifer Paziuk 
Brock Phillips 
Barbara Piccini 
Vincenza Pontieri 
Erin Porter 
Colin Powles 
Jennifer Powles 
Peggy Poynton 
Ashley Preston 
Bob Ramsay 
Jennifer Reid 
Chris Robert 
Aly Ruiz 
Jessica Salt 
Steve Schmidlin 
Vikki Spencer 
Harry Stooshinoff 
Shelagh Straughan 
Lydia Svenningson 
Philip Sword 
Thomas Tansley 
Lauren Taylor 
Scott Taylor 
Andrew Tewsley 
Erin Tewsley 
Larry Thornton 
Rick Traugott 
Sue Traugott 
Bill Walker 
Ian Watt 
Tim White 
Jennifer Wighton 
Stefan Wilson 



Academic Support 

Mathematics & Orchard HM 


English & Hodgens HM 


Help Desk 



Associate Faculty 

Science & Bums Asst. HM 

Junior School 

Social Sciences & Orchard Asst. HM 

Associate Faculty 


Social Sciences 

Mathematics & Bums HM 

Fine Arts 


Dean of Academic & Student Support 

Junior School 

Head of Junior School 


Junior School 

Junior School 

Physical Health & Education 

Junior School 

Associate Faculty 

Computer Sciences & Hodgetts Asst. HM 

Junior School 

Social Sciences 

Associate Faculty 

Ketchum Asst. HM 

Junior School 


Fine Arts 


Asst. to the Dean of Student Life 

Associate Faculty 

Physical Health & Education 







Ketchum HM 

Fine Arts 

Dean of Student Life 

Director of Athletics 

Scott Asst. FIM 

Junior School 


Back Row L-R: J.Tuominen, A. Hambrock, 
E. \\ ilcox. C. Conyers. L. Topolie 

Front Row L-R: M. Churchman. 

A. Frackowiak. Mr. Grainger, C. Whetung, 

C. Sanchez 

• ijl 


I T. ' ' A ". n 

% 4R 


Heads of Houses 

Back Row L-R: J. Ashbourne, S. Lam, 
A. Holmes, L. Dehen. A. Boos, L. Gaston, 
S. DeGeer, A. Cameron, Mr. Grainger 

Middle Row L-R: O. Bannock, L Kuye, 
T. Bryant, T. Sears, S. Edmonds, 
J. McCracken, M. Wafer, N. Dodd 

Front Row L-R: S. Lee, F. Garcia- Andrade 

Peer Counsellors 

Back Row L-R: G. Cecil-Cockwell, 

T. Galpin, S. Lee, D. Rowen, M. Jackson, 

E. Tutton, R. Yeotn 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Finlay, V. Sanders, 
J.. Song, T.J. Wood.T. Large, A. Christie, 

Front Row L-R: T. Forbes, A. Popoff, 
W. Wakefield, A. Everdell, J. Ashbourne, 
M. Herod, B. Ains worth 


Back Row L-R: N. Ward, I. McBeath, 
D. Knowles, G. Cecil-Cockwell, J. Ng, 
A. Boos 

Front Row L-R: R. Mwalwanda, 
Father Don Aitchison, Mr. Grainger 

Back Row L-R: E. Tunon. B. Payette. 
W. Wakefield, G. Egan. D. Taylor. 
G. Dersnah, M. Guindon 

Front Row L-R: L. Topolie. J. Ashbourne. 
J. Fishlock, S. Chan 

Note: Not all members of TEAC are shown. 

Carib Council 

Back Row L-R: J Widmer, A. Warner, 

C. Gunning, R. Gibson, K. Wright, 

B. Mitchell, D. Morgan, D. Roach, 

D. Parker, K. Hill, G. Mahon, L. Armstrong, 
T. Sears, C. Gunning, L. Dehen 

Middle Row L-R: F. Garcia-Andrades 

Llamas, J. Cole, M. Machum, N. Ward, 
D. Kellyman, R. Hope-Ross, S. Smith, 
Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T, McDonald, L. Noel, 
J. Barker, A. Holmes, J. Widdowson, 
S. Hamilton-Miller, D. Knowles, 
D. Stewart, J. Roberts, D. Roache, N. Chan, 

C. Ball, T.Forbes 

Exchange Students 

Back Row L-R: C. Van der Riet, D. Barge, 
O. Blood-McDonald, D. McCarthy, 
T. Martin, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: A. Blanckenberg, 

K. Surmon, A. Bell, R McCann, G. Stokes 

Mrs. Morgan 


Coaches: Ms. MacAleenan, 
Mr. Christ, Ms. Michielsen 

Captains: C. Conyers. C. Chagnon 

MVP: H Swift. K. Ouellet-Gaston 

Bigside Girls Basketball had an amazinj: 
season with a strong group of returning 
playei^ and some talented rookies. We had 
many great accomplishments thmughout the 
entire season. We headed up to Olympia a.s 
defending champions and bmught home gold 
for the second year in a mwl We finished the 
season undefeated and headed into playoffs 
very confidently. With the support of our 
coaches and the school, we managed to win 
the CISA-A championship . A w eek after came 
our victory in the OFSAA qualifiers against 
Hillfteld. All the players were extremeh 
excited to tra\el to Dresden where OFSA.'X 
was taking place. It was a Ufe time experience 
for all the girls and gave us the opportunity 
to pla> some high calibre basketball. To the 
grads, Rachel. Britt. Wilcox. Cait and Caro. 
thanks for the good times and you will all be 
truly missed. To all the returning girls, make 
us proud next year. A special thanks to our 
manager. Sophie, to coach Mic for the extra 
help and to Mr. Elsley who always had our 
back. Last, but not least, thanks to Christ and 
Mac whose love for the game inspired us all 
and will never be forgotten. 

Back Row L-R: 

Ms. Michielsen 

Mr. Christ, 

Ms. MacAleenan 

Middle Row L-R: S. Yalkezian, 

E. Wilcox, 

S. Kelley, 



W. Abramenko, 



V.Campbell, Mr 


Front Row L-R: 

M. Guindon.C 

Conyers, C 

. Chagnon 



H. Swift 


* WOMEN Ny^O? 

Emily and Caitlin only wish they 
had muscles. 

Hailey driving to the hoop. 

KO and Vicky waiting for the pass. 

Caro wins the tip for TCS. 

S. Kelley sets up the play. 


Coaches: Ms. ('i)llin.s, Ms. Mallury 
Captains: A. Frackowiak, O. Bannock 
MIP: B. Payette, V, Sanders 

Back Row L-R: R. Mwalwanda, R. Murphy, J. Fishlock, O. Foley, K. Fallen 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Mallory, M. Herod, S. Tirelli, J. Ashbourne, M. Bathe, 
A. Cameron, B. Payette, Ms. Collins, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. DuMoulin,L. Wisniewski, O. Bannock, J. Barker, A. Frackowiak, 
M. Trebilcock, V. Sanders. 

Although Bigside Field Hockey wasn't a.s 
successful as we might have hoped, we 
definitely came out with the most spirit. 
We had some amazing players on our team 
whose technique only grew throughout 
the season with the help of our coaches, 
Mallory and Collins, who always pushed 
us to do our best. We could always count on 
the huge drives of Jenny, Ali , and Olwyn to 
keep the ball out of our end. When it did gel 
by them we knew that Pallen, Tirelii and 
Fish were right on the ball. Our midfields, 
Meg and Mira, were easy to spot with their 
quick feet and crazy hats. Marley, Steph 
and Rachel impressed "the large group of 
fans" with their mad skillz. The forwards, 
Renee and Lauren, were ready for a quick 
shot on net once we actually got it to them. 
Mel was ready for action anywhere on the 
field, and Jamie just loved rolling in that 
mud. We played in rain, hail, snow and 
sun, but we never failed to choreograph 
a new dance on the sidelines. Thanks for 
an awesome season with tons of laughs. 

n memoriam of Myra Ness, former 
held hockey coach. 

Fishlock on the prowl. 

Bears watch from the sidelines. 

Murphy hits ball. ..then girl, in face. 









Coaches: Mr. Langtbrd, Mr. Pimcl. 

Mr. Tansley. Mr. Cameron, Mr. Allen, Mr. Dodd 

Captains: C. Gervais. C. Peltrop 

M>T: M Balfour 

When we first set foot on the field, there 
were several new faces, a handful of 
talent, and a truck load of initiative. On 
offence, we drove the ball down the field 
with pride and heart. Our O-line was 
ferocious, fighting for yards until the 
whistle. Our defense was fierce, making 
opposing players miss without hesitation. 
Our motivational speeches by the coaches 
before each game got us pumped up. The 
season was intense. The dedication and 
motivation our coaches gave us were the 
stepping stones we needed to achieve all 
goals. Although the execution of plays 
was difficult, I don't know of one player 
on the team who wouldn't say they had 
fun this year. It was an honour to play for 
Trinity. Next year should resemble the 
Chapdelaine years. 

Back Row L-R: Mr Tansley. D. Rnowles. J. Belton. B. Edghill. D. Stewart. S. Stiliadis, 

M Claussen, D. Weiss. D. Zmozynski. J. Candlish. 1. McBeath. H. Albrecht. N. Dodd 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Langford. Mr. Powel. A. Warner, G. Cecil-Cockwell. J. Lewis, D. Howard, 

M.Whitehall. A. Vit. S. Edmonds. N. Steams. A. Boos.T. Hammett. K. Park. J. Fraser, D. Parker. 

J. Aihn. B. Thompson. S. Davies. Mr Allen. A. Sylvester, Mr. Cameron, Mr Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. Churchman. L.Topolie, J. Brogan, M. Wade.S. Lee, L. E>ehen. L.Gaston. 




^^-^•Tv.^ Ml 

Clockwise from top left: 

■Vit stretching before the game. 

Words from head coach. 

"Z" making a pass. 

Bears get their heads in the game. 

Getting the game started. 


Coaches: Mr. Iiigiaiii, Mr. Keiser 
Captain: F. Garcia-Andrade Llamas 
MVP: F. Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

Back Row L-R: B. MacGregor, H. Sabnani, R. Galpin, A. Parker 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Keiser, D. Parker, D. Roach, K. Bang, M. Coffin, E. Choi, 
Mr. Ingram, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T. Forbes, J. Wilcox, D. Failing, F. Garcia-Andrade Llamas, T. Sears, 
R. Jung, I. Parker, D. So, L. Chin- You 

With only one retummg player, the team 
was completely overhauled from only a 
.season ago. Bang. Wilcox, Choi and Parker 
all joined the team and helped solidify 
team defence. Parker, Palling and Jung 
also moved up and provided great intensity 
across the midfield, while MacGregor and 
Galpin stepped up in the striker position. 
New to the program this year were a group 
of great contributors including Coffin. 
Parker, Sabnani, So and Roach. Rounding 
out the line-up was the team's ever-steady 
goalkeeper, Thomas Sears. The team was 
young yet promising and continued to 
work hard over the course of the season. 
This tremendous work ethic paid off as the 
team made great strides in just two months. 
Next year's team, with the amazing and 
experienced returning players, will no 
doubt be successful. On behalf of the 
grads, thanks to the team and its amazing 
coaches. Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram, for 
such a memorable and fun season. Good 


1 1 1 aL 1 1 jk 

Clockwise from top left: 

MacGregor about to make a tackle. 
Ryan Galpin looking for a pass. 
Choi making the cross. 
A. Parker taking a shot. 


Coaches: Mr Lmsrv.Mi 

W liilc 

Captain: D. Rowen 

MVP: 1 Aii.stm 



Bigside Volleybiill made TCS histon. this 
year for being the first bo\ 's willevball team 
ever to attend OFSAA. A great group of 
guys that were willing to work to achieve 
our goals. With 7 returning players we 
knew that we were in good shape for the 
season. Our power hitters this year, Austin, 
Diminik. Coughlin. and Large, could 
always be counted on to win the point. Our 
offside hitters, McCracken and Day, were 
consistent throughout the season. Middle 
hitters, Whetung and MacDonald, held 
strong with huge blocks and strong hits. The 
setters, Rowen and Munro. always made 
great sets to any position on the court. Last 
but not least were our backcourt specialists. 
West and Yue. They made great passes that 
were transitioned into great attacks by the 
offence. We would like to thank the coaches, 
Mr. White and Mr. Lowry, for an awesome 
season and putting up with us at OFSAA. 

Back Row L-R: Mr. Lowry, B. Coughlin, T. Large, S. Diminik, J. Austin, J. McCracken. 
Mr. White, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T. Munro, H. Day, C. Whetung, D. Rowen, D. West, B. MacDonald, 

Clockwise from top left: 

Thom playing some defence. 
Grads at OFSAA. 
Jon's got a crazy vertical! 
Team huddle before the game. 
Cliff ready to lay the smackdown . 


This page was sponsored by Thomas Rowen and Helayne Hauw 

Coaches: Mrs. Tcwsley. Mr PaUcrson. 

Ms 1 isher 

Captains: J. Tuominen, A. Henninger, 

D Sylvester 

M\'P: J Tuominen, D Ga^on 



Back Row l^R: S. Rashid. L. Ouellet-Gaston. S. Theravithayangkura, M. Stefopulos, S. Mehta 

Middle Row L-R: Mrs. Tewsley, M. Wafer. Mr. Patterson. W. Morrison. D. Morgan. 
G. Mahoa M. Machum. A. Maclsaac. A. Kam. M. Kirkpatrick, Ms. Fisher. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: J. Agnew-Pople. R. Ro. J. Yang, J. Tuominen, A. Henninger. 
D. Sylvester. S. Dagg. D. Gagnoa A. McKenzie 

Regardless of the weather conditions, one 
thing remained consistent this fall. You 
could be sure the Harriers team was outside, 
training hard. Backed by our outstanding 
coaching and great hustle, we ended up 
qualifying eleven runners to OFSAA after 
some formidable CISAA results from our 
amazing Junior Girls. Senior Girls, and 
Will Morrison. The story that truly captured 
the attention of the entire school though. 
had to be Lianne Ouellet-Gaston's season. 
With a CISAA gold medal under her belt. 
she had some very high expectations for 
her OFSAA race, and far exceeded them 
with an unbelievable 1 3 second gold medal 
victory, making her the first ever CISAA 
runner to win an OFSAA gold medal. 
Congratulations to the 06 Harriers on a 
season to remember. 

Coaches: Mrs. Powles, Ms. Moon 

Captains: C. Reed. J. Guenette 

M\?: J. Guenene 

Tliis yei\r our team had a solid core witli 
six returning players. Accompanying 
tliem were a great group of new players. 
We had talent in every aspect of the 
game and, with some hard practice and 
awesome coaching, we came together 
as a team. By the end of the season, 
every player had developed a special 
chemistr>' with another, giving us the 
consistency to succeed. Throughout 
the season we had several injuries, 
and our injured players showed true 
dedication, coming to every practice 
and game whether home or away. 
We placed third in CISAA league 
play and placed second in the CISAA 
Championships. Special thanks to Tiff, 
our manager, and to our coaches, Mrs. 
Powles and Ms. Moon. Great job girls, 
and good luck next year! 

Back Row L-R: T. Leung, M. DuMoulin, P. Stewart, K. Chimaco, N. Banfield 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Moon. Mrs. Powles, K. West, S. Nebiett Reid, E. Wright. 
D. Henderson, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: R. Young, T. Mathieson, C. Reed, J. Guenette, S. Thomson, N. Schmidinger 

Coaches: Mr. Hollett, Mrs. Brough 
Captains: C. Glassco, E. Kemp 
MVP: D. Shawana-Trudeau 

Littleside Field Hockey had an incredible 
season with great success. The team 
started off the season with sixteen 
players who had never played before 
and with five returning players to help 
show them the ropes. All the girls were 
really eager to play and showed it at 
every practice and game. We played 
eight league games winning every one. 
In those eight games we scored 42 goals 
with only 2 goals scored against. This 
winning record took us to the CISAA 
Championship where we won gold with 
a 3-1 victory over Villanova. This year's 
Field Hockey season was not only 
successful but also remarkable. Thanks 
to all the girls on the team and our 
coaches, Mr. Hollett and Ms. Brough, 
for an unforgettable season. 

Back Row L-R: V. Esposito, L. DeGeer, K. Kirkpatrick, S. Piccini, S. Sharpe. A. Hallink 

Middle Row L-R: Mr Hollett, J. Roberts, A. Outerbridge, D. Veltri, S. Bannock, 
V. Sylvester, M. Leroux, A. Copeland, Ms. Brough, Mr Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T. Norgan, E. Brown, D. Shawana-Trudeau, C. Glassco, J. Enman, 
E. Kemp. A. Rodrigues. K. Martinez Soils 


Back Row L-R: Mr. Dew, R. Chin- You, K. Wright, Mrs. Dew, Mr. Grainger 
Front Row L-R: N. Chan, A. Grassinger, A. Holmes. A. Gendron. J. Cole 

(oache.s: Mr. Dew, Mrs. Dew 

Captain: A. Holmes 

MVF: A. Iloinies 

(Jnce again the equestrian team had 
an outstanding year filled with fun bus 
rides, violent laughter, and great success. 
Returning riders, Natasha Chan, Alison 
Holmes and Alexis "oy" Grassinger. 
were also joined this year by Alexa 
Gendron. Jessie Cole, Kristina Wright, 
and Rachel Chin- You. At the interschool 
competition Jessie Cole, Natasha Chan. 
Alexis Grassinger. and Alexa Gendron all 
had great rides and impressive results in 
their respective classes. All riders showed 
great improvement, especially new riders 
Kristina Wright and Rachel Chin- You. A 
special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Dew for all 
their time and dedication that keeps the 
program running. 




Back Row L-R: W. Copeland, S. Finney, B. Krause, S. Smith, D. Welhnan 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Hay, D. Roache, S. Glassco, S. Kelly, R. Gibson. R Langley. 
A. Beeson. Mr. McLaren. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: Z. Rayees, Q. Flaherty, T. Clark, A. Sobowale, K. Ambrose 

Coaches: Mr. Hav. Mr. McLaren 

Captains: Q. Flaherty 

M\T: Q. Flaherty 

Littleside Soccer had a great season with 
many fantastic results. Although the team 
was mainly made up of FYs there was a 
lot of experience at every position on the 
field. Our strong and aggressive forwards. 
Sobowale. Rayees. and Gibson, were an 
integral part of the team. Our midfield 
had a lot of experience and were a key 
part in early successes. The midfield 
was built of Glassco. Young, Smith, 
Allingham. Homung. and Beeson. The 
defence was made up of strong tackling 
and determined players and included 
Wellman. Kelly. Langley, Ambrose, 
Finney, and Flaherty. Finally, our acrobatic 
goalkeepers, Copeland and Clark, played 
extremely well in numerous games. TTie 
team would like to specifically thank 
Deirdre Roache for being a spectacular 
manager and our coaches, Mr. Hay, and Mr. 
McLaren. Thanks to the boys for working 
hard, and good luck next season! 



Tavlor. M 

r. re\vsle\. 

Mr. Hall 




D. Allen. 

M. Henderson 

MVP: G. 


This year was monumental for Littleside 
Football. Our team was made up of an 
amazing group of guys, each one of us 
giving everything we had to each game. 
Every player on this team worked so 
hard and it showed. We had one of the 
most amazing seasons that the School has 
ever seen, finishing second at CISAA. 
The coaches led us to our victories and 
of course Mowbray, our manager, was 
a huge part in making this team great. 
The defence was led by Derek Allen and 
Mark Henderson. They either laid on 
demolishing hits or downright intimidated 
the quarterback. This team had one of the 
best offences in the league. It was led by 
our quarterback. Gray Bumett-Herkes. 
who helped our amazing running backs 
make gain on the ground and receivers in 
the air. A special mention goes to Galen 
Flaherty for his groundbreaking season in 
co-operation with his fantastic blockers. 


Back Row L-R: M. Fontaine. N. Chauvin. P. Byrski. D. Scott. B. Crase. 

G. Bumett-Herkes. M. Barker, Q. Cryderman, M. Wilcox, J. Widmer, N. Arbour 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Taylor. Mr. Tewsley, J. Candlish. M. Mooney, A. Carmichael. 

R. Dodd. H. Verrier. K. Gaza. K. Irwin. N. Weiss. J. Walsh. G. Kleibl. P. Kelley, 

J. Mowbray. Mr. Hall. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: E. Taras. J. Griffin. G. Flaherty. W. McKay. M. Henderson. D. Allen. 

C. Whetung. T. Hill, A. Chau. G. Keiper. P. Byers. J. Davies 

Coaches: Mr. Kleinschroth, Ms. Wighton 

Captain: S. Lula 

MVP: A. Theravithayangkura 

The Littleside Boys Volleyball team had 
a good season this year. Though the team 
did not make it to CISSA, we were a 
very strong team. Our middles this year 
comprised Taylor Lewis, Dan Large. Mark 
Cooper, and Justin Kleinschroth. The 
power hitters were Bruce Foumier. Jordan 
Leavitt and Scott Lula. This season we also 
played with offside hitters who included 
Mitchel Selby and Justin Graffi. Paul Hoy. 
our libero. had a very good season. Elliott 
Farquharson was our starting setter and 
was consistent throughout the season. Ann 
Theravithyankura played every position on 
the court and was a key player on the team. 
We also had some great coaches; without 
Ms. Wighton and Mr. Kleinschroth our 
season could not have been as successful 
as it was. Thanks to all the players and 
coaches for the great season and good luck 
to the team next year. 

Back Row L-R: T. Lewis, M. Cooper, D. Large 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Kleinschroth, J. Kleinschroth, J. Leavitt. P. Hoy, M. Selby, 
Ms. Wighton. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: B. Foumier, E. Farquharson. S. Lula. A. Theravithayangkura, J. Griffin 


Coaches: Mr. 1-cgakis. Mr. Goering 
Captains: D. Kourkoutis, T. Galpin 
MVP: J. Lane 

Back Row L-R: R. Yi, D. Lottering, S. Oh. 

H. Agnew-Pople. L. 


Middle Row L-R: Mr. Legakis, E. Bock, A 


R. Frame, B 


C. Gunning, 

R. Strike, Mr. Goering, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: K. Patel, I. Wong. D. Kourkoutis, 

I. Johnson, T 

Galpin, S 

>. Kim, 

J. Lane 

Middleside soccer did not have the most 
successful season this year, but the boys 
still managed to make it enjoyable. Our 
success should not be measured by how 
many goals we scored or saved, but by 
how our team worked hard to improve. 
The attitude and morale of the team were 
always high, even after heart breaking 
losses to UCC and Pickering College. Our 
offence was led by our MVP J. Lane. T. 
Galpin, R. Yi, S. Matsubara, H. Bae, and 
C. Gunning. We were represented well 
by our midfields with players such as D. 
Kourkoutis. R. Strike, I. Wong. R. Frame, 
and H. Agnew-Pople. Backing us up on 
defense were B. Mitchell, K. Patel. S. Oh. 
and A. Hatch. Goalies Dee and Johnson 
both had good seasons, providing a sturdy 
backstop for the rest of the team. We would 
like to thank our coaches, Mr. Legakis 
and Mr. Goering, and our manager, Eleni 
Bock, for their hard work and dedication 
throughout the season. 

Back Row L-R: D. Kim, Y. Lee, T. McCurdy, B. Ugolini, G. Egan, T. Vu 

Middle Row L-R: Mrs. Taylor. J. Gilchrist-Bailey, C. Patrick, S. Terfloth, S. Findlay, 
P. Langley, L. Hogarth, S. Dusek, Ms. Ruiz, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T. McDonald, S. Pepper, E. Karg, J. Ashbourne, M. Robertson, 
A. Sanders, B. Santos 

Coaches: Mrs. Taylor. Ms. Ruiz 

Captain: M. Robertson 

MVP: L. Hogarth. M. Robertson 

Middleside girls fought hard this season. 
With more than half of the team new to 
the sport, the girls still managed to kick 
some serious field hockey behind. In 
fact, some of the most important goals 
were scored by our newcomers. With 
a mediocre start to the season, the girls 
were able to pull through and turn things 
around. Up until the very last game, the 
team was undefeated. Unfortimately, at 
that last game against BSS. the girls were 
not able to pull off a win. However, it was 
an amazing season, and we all had "our 
heads in the game" 24/7. We also have 
our coaches and manager to thank for that! 
Thanks Bea, Ms. Ruiz, and Mrs. Taylor. 


Fall Sports Awards 

Littleside Field Hockev 

Littleside Basketball 

The Coaches Award 

Danielle Shawana-Trudeau 

The Coaches Award 

Jenn Guenette 


The Coaches Award 

Tabi Norgan 

Biaside Basketball 


The McMillan Cup 

Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 

Middleside Field Hockev 

The Louise Willis Trophy 

Hailey Swift 

The Bridget Kerin Trophy 

Montana Robertson 


Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 


The Middleside Trophy 

Lauren Hogarth 

The Darcie Crowe Trophy 

Caitlin Conyers 


Caroline Chagnon 

Biaside Field Hockev 

The Ness-Tarasick Trophy 

Brett Payette 



Vanessa Sanders 

The Adrian Smith Trophy 

Liane Ouellet-Gaston 

The Annika Foster Trophy 

Anna Frackowiak 

( Top Midget) 


Olivia Bannock 

The Marshall Trophy 

Rebecca Ro 

Littleside Soccer 

( Top Junior) 

Jaclyn Agnew-Pople 

The Coaches Award 

Quinn Flaherty 

The T.W. Lawson Trophy 

Daniela Gagnon 

Middleside Soccer 

(Top Senior) 

The Coaches Award 

Jon Lane 

The Jonathan Buchanan Trophy 

Sophia Rashid 

Bieside Soccer 


The Pinkerton Trophy 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade 


The Rodger Wright Trophy 

Daniela Gagnon 

The Patterson Trophy 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade 


Jacob Tuominen 


Littleside Vollevball 

Littleside Football 

The Daniel Salmon Trophy 

Arin Theravithayangkura 

The Jamie Eaton Cup 

Mark Henderson 


DJ Allen 

Bigside Vollevball 

Clayton Whetung 

The Ross Holt Trophy 

Jon Austin 

The E.J.M. Huycke Trophy 

Galen Flaherty 



The Art MacDonald Trophy 

Rob Dodd 

Full Biaside Colours 

(Top Lineman) 

Jon Austin Marshall Balfour Ken Bang | 

Olivia Bannock Jaime Barker 

James Belton 1 

Biaside Football 

Gareth Cecil-Cockvvell Victoria Campbell Caitlin Conyers | 

The Dr. Orchard Trophy 

Alexander Vit 

Caroline Chagnon Sam Davies 

Luke Dehen 1 


Nate Dove Julia Fishlock Rachel Flynn 

The Symons Trophy 

Chet Gervais 

Olwyn Foley Anna Frackowiak Joel Fraser 


Daniela Gagnon Felipe Garcia-Andrade Luke Gaston 

The A.M. Campbell Award 

Justin Lewis 

Chet Gervais Taylor Hammett Meg Herod 


Lucas Topolie 

Devon Howard David Knowles Stephanie Kelley 

The J. W. Kerr Trophy 

Marshall Balfour 

Sam Lee Justin Lewis 

Sam Martin 1 


Adam Moulton Kristen Pallen Danny Parker 

The Coaches Cup 

Charles Peltrop 

Brett Payette Charles Peltrop Sophia Rashid 

(Best Defensive Player) 

Dougie Roach David Rowen Vanessa Sanders 

The Osuszek Memorial Trophy 

Luke Dehen 

Thomas Sears Nik Steams 

Dylan Stewart 1 

(Top Lineman) 

Hailey Swift Mira Trebilcock Jacob Tuominen 

Evan Tutton Alexander Vit David West 

Cliff Whetung Emily Wilcox Lauren Wisniewski 

David Zmozynski 



Distinction Winners 







Winter Term 




Coaches: Mr. Clirist Jr., Mr. Clirisl Sr., 
Mr Babiuk 

Captains: N. Dove, M. Balfour 

MVP: S Diminik 





While the Bigside Boys basketball team 
didn't enjoy a very winning season, 
every member enjoyed the experience. 
Under excellent coaches, the team 
took steps towards improvement as 
the season progressed. We played our 
best at tournaments, where we took 
a consolation championship, among 
other victories. Our first regular season 
victory happened late in the season, but 
it was a sweet one. Beating Appleby 
by thirty some-odd points, we avenged 
our previous loss by eleven. The 
whole team would like to thank the 
constant support of our fans, and the 
solid coaching from Mr. Christ Sr., Mr. 
Christ Jr., and Mr. Babiuk. 

Back Row L-R: B. Mitchell, J. Austin. S. Diminik, D. Zmozynski, S. Rattan 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Christ Jr.. Mr. Christ Sr., S. Davies, B. Coughlin, K. Park, C. Peltrop, 
Mr. Babiuk, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. Coffin, N. Dove, M.Balfour, D. Knowles, R. Frame 

: OF qi<^ • A B^ 

Clockwise from top left: 

Captain Nate swings the ball. 
Frame shoots the free throw. 
Sam brings the ball up the court. 
Knowles is unstoppable. 
Zmozynski playing some "D". 


This page was sponsored by Michael «& Mary Dove. 

Coaches: Dr. Hodges. Mr. Tansley 
Captains: 1. Galpin. U. Kourkoutis 
MVP: M. Churchman, D. Moulton 

Back Row L-R: J. Lewis, D. Weiss, G. Etienne-Richard, A. Vit. D. Parker 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Tansley, C. Simmonds, D. Parker, H. Day, B. MacGregor. 
J. Wilcox. Dr. Hodges, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. Cooper, M. Churchman, H. Han, R. Galpin, T. Galpin, 
D. Kourkoutis, R. Kay, A. Moulton, M. Fontaine 

Although the season started siuwiy, Bigside 
Boys managed to come together when it 
mattered most. We battled through a couple 
of difficult tournaments, but always came 
out with a good attitude and our dignity. 
Our goalies. Cooper and Fontaine, often 
dazzled the crowd with key saves. Our 
forwards were productive when needed. 
On the blue line we had very reliable 
defence consisting of The Galpin Brothers. 
Kourkoutis, Fraser, and newcomer Nik 
Steams. The most memorable highlight 
of the year was the embarrassing upset 
of Lakefield for the third year running, 
proving TCS dominance. Even though we 
didn't take home the gold, we finished the 
season with a spectacular 3-game winning 
streak. All in all the year was filled with 
fuimy moments, techno music, and a love 
for the game. Special thanks to Danny 
Parker for being one of the best managers 
around and to Hodges and Tansley for 
being there for the boys the whole season. 
Good luck to the boys next year (Don't 
Stop Believin"). 

•a ^ 





Clockwise from top left: 

It's a goal!! 

The Lakefield defence can't 

handle him. 

The men take to the ice. 

And he scores!!! 

He can stop on a dime. 


Coaches: Mr. Iraugotl, Mr. Ingram, 

Ms. Mallory 

Captains: K. Venasse, B. Payette 

M\P: K. Venasse 

I'd like to start off by congratulating 
the Bigside Girl's Hockey Team for 
an outstanding competitive season. 
There were many accomplishments and 
successes. Winning the Brian Proctor 
Invitational as well as finishing 4"' in 
Ontario at OFSAA was a reward for our 
hard work and dedication to the sport. 
Thanks to the members of our team as 
well as the coaching staff. Coach Traugott, 
Mr. Ingram and Miss Mallory were there 
to support us on and off the ice. These 
two years at Trinity have been an amazing 
experience. It's been a privilege to have 
been part of such a great group. Good Luck 
in 2007-2008 season. 

Back Row L-R: S. Essak, D. Gagnon, D. Shawana- Irudeau, A. Hallink, J. Guenette 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Mallory, M. Trebilcock, S. Thomson, O. Foley, W. Abramenko, 
M. Leroux, R. Murphy. Mr. Ingram 

Front Row L-R: J. Enman, B. Ugolini. K. Ouellet-Gaston, Mr. Traugott, K. Venasse, 
Mr. Grainger, B. Payette. K. Pallen, J. Fishlock 

Clockwise from top left: 

Britt is all smiles after the game. 

Kristen in the face-off. 

The Lady Bears on the ice. 

Venasse on a break away. 

Brett and Olwyn getting their medals 


Back Row L-R: Mr. Hay. D. West. A. Khan. S. Lee. T. Large. A. Parker, C. Chauvin. 
D. Failing, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: K. Bang, C. Gervais, F. Garcia- Andrade Llamas, L Redford, S. Martin. 
H. Sabnani 

Coach: Mr. Hay 
Captain: I Redford 
MVP: 1. Redford 

Bigside Genllemen s Squash had its most 
successful season in recent memory. 
Finishing regular season play in 2"* place, 
the team was poised to make a run at gold 
on the Championship Day. A formidable 
line-up of (in order) Iain Redford. David 
West. Felipe Garcia, Sam Martin. Derek 
Failing, Chet Gervais, Sam Lee, Ken 
Bang and Alex Parker, were able to thwart 
regular season rivals SAC in the first round 
of playoffs, defeating them for the first time 
all year. In the CISAA finals, TCS wasn't 
so fortimate, narrowly losing at the hands 
of SAC 5-4 to claim the silver medal. 
Many thanks go out to Mr Hay for a great 
season, and the three returning players say 
goodbye to star lain Redford and the rest 
of the graduating teammates. 


Clockwise from top left: 

Felipe vs. Coach Cameron. 
Thom going back to serve. 
Now that's great form! 
Westy wdth the reach. 
Derek hittin' a backhand. 



Ms. redden- Mr 


Mr V\ hitc 


S. Murray 

NHT: S. 

Murray. K. 






With onl\ three returning players our season 
was looking a little shaky to start. We all 
learned nian> things this season like, where 
the school store was and that \ ou can actualU' 
buy socks there, it's possible to live otT 
banana muffins, don't forget to fill up your 
gas tank, rice cakes unnecessary water 
fights, some of us really do have telekinesis, 
and NEVER mess up the hand-shakes. 
Although we had a little too much fun off 
and on the court, we actually didn't do too 
badh. We only missed OFSAAby four points 
in one of the most memorable games of the 
season. Coop. Murray and Em were huge out 
of power while Steph and Caro dominated 
the middle with outstanding verticals. Cait 
powered our serves along with Kelly, our 
young"un. who had the thankless job of 
setting. Dove and Phyl killed the offside 
position and were imstoppable. Vick passed 
more than all of us combined as our libero and 
has the bruises to prove it. Big ups to D-Ro 
our manager, stay Bossy! To the dedicated 
coaches Feds. Mr White and Mr. Lowry. you 
guys helped us more than you know. See you 
all next vear...HOO-RAH! 

Back Row L-R: Mr. Lowry. Ms. Feddery. A. Copeland. C. Patrick, E. Wilcox, S. Kelley, 
D. Rowen. Mr. White. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: V. Campbell, P. Langley. C. Chagnon, S. Murray. E. Dove, K. West 

Clockwise from top left: 

Caro hits out of middle. 
Vicky goes for the dive. 
No match for Andrea. 
Captain Steph for the kill. 
Wilcox has got some skillz 


Back Row L-R: Mr. White, M. Barker, R. Courtice, W. Morrison. B. Krause, C. Whetung, 

J. Wiemann. D. Howard, D. Sylvester, J. Brogan, A. Maclsaac, L. Topolie, Ms. Moon 

Middle L-R: Mr. Hollett, S. Mistry, E. Karg, J. Agnew-Pople, J. Widdowson, 

S. Neblett-Reid, N. Ward, S. Piccini, C. Ainsworth, P. Hoy, S. Rashid, T. Vu, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. Strike, S. Tohyama, C. Delean, S. Mehta, B. Hutcheson-Santos, 

M. Bathe, A. Frackowiak, G. Cecil-Cockwell, J. Tuominen, J. Dickson, M. Kirkpatrick, 

K. Bowen, E. Brown 

Coaches: Mr. Holiettt, Ms. Moon, 

Mr. White 

Captains: G. Cecil-Cockwell, 

A. Frackowiak 

MVP: G. Cecil-Cockwell, A. Frackowiak 

I here \va.s u huge increase ol allileles iiueresled 
ill the Nordic program this year with 40 students 
eager to try out the sport. Unfortunately, we 
did not receive the desirable weather 
until late in the season, but the team managed 
to survive several weeks of rigorous circuit 
routines, lethal stair workouts, and chilly runs 
until the snow finally came to stay. When all 
was said and done TCS prevailed over other 
independent schools in all forms of competition, 
ranging from a distance of 1 0km to 800 meter 
relays. At the CISAA regional championships 
Littleside Men and Women won gold in the 
junior division. Our Bigside Women's team 
finished with impressive results, qualifying 
for OFSAA, and our Bigside Men's team 
dominated on the long track and tore up the 
relay. OFSAA was the next event for which all 
four teams traveled to North Bay. The Men had 
the best non-club skier individual result with 
the strongest independent school team finish. 
They left the Championships in 6* place in 
the province, ending this season with the best 
results TCS has ever had. With many thanks to 
all our athletes and especially our coaches who 
made everything possible, we look forward to 
another championship season in 2008. 









ff^ ' 



fl- t' 








Clockwise from top left: 

All smiles after their race. 
Jake fights for first place. 
Finishing strong. 
Gareth pulls away fi-om the pack. 
Frack lovin' the spandex. 


Coaches: Mr. Icwslcs. Mn.. 1c\ssIcn. 
Ms. Jackson. Mrs. Langfonl 

Captains: A. Boos, C. Conyers, M. Stefopulos 

M\T: .v. Boos. C. Convers, M. Robertson 



This year's swim team was made up 
of 23 exceptional athletes. With many 
returning swimmers and an impressive 
core of newcomers, we were able to 
predict another successful season. A lot of 
hard work and training prepared us for our 
first major competitions. Captains Boos, 
Conyers. and Stefopulos encouraged and 
supported the team with strong words and 
equally strong results in the pool. Once 
again the Theravithayangkura brothers 
dominated in their events. We did very 
well at OFSAA. earning ourselves a 
couple of medals. Arin and Boos both won 
gold medals and also won Distinctions. 
Every single swimmer at OFSAA stepped 
up their game; as a team we finished 
above our seed in almost every race. 
Congratulations, guys!! 

Back Row L-R: S. Findlay, D. Stewart, S. Stiliadis, D. Morgan. M. Machum 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Tewsley, Mrs. Tewsley. D. Henderson, M. Robertson, 

K. Theravithayangkura, T. Lewis, A. Theravithayangkura, A. Kam, S. Pepper. L. Giavarini. 

Ms. Jackson. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. Bowen. J. Cho. K. Kirkpatrick, C. Conyers, A. Boos, M. Stefopulos, 
N. Schmidinger, A. Sanders, A. Yassein 

Clockwise from top left: 


Captain Boos leading the team to 

Sam and Carlotta. 

The epitome of cool!! 

OFSAA Gold Medalist Arin. 


Back Row L-R: 

Mr. Goering, 

D. Byrne, J 

. Widmer, P. Kelley. M 




S. Smith, 

Mr. Cameron, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R 

J. Davies, G 

Keiper, W. 


R. Gibson, D. 




T. Blecher 

Coaches: Mr. Cameron, Mr. Goering 

Captain: D. Scott 

MVP: T. Blecher. R. Gibson 

Littleside boys squash had yet another 
great season. The team finished with an 
8-1-1 record in the regular season, and 
placed 2"' in CISAA, narrowly edged out of 
the finals by a strong Crescent team. The 
team also participated in various individual 
tournaments, with strong standings in each 
of them. The team would like to thank the 
coaches, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Goering. 
for an awesome season. 






Back Row L-R: B. MacDonald, Ms. Wighton, E. Kemp, C. Glassco, L. Vermeulen, 
K. Essak, Ms. Bookman, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: M. DuMoulin, C. Bourgeois, S. Sharpe, R. Ro, T. Mattiieson, C. Reed, 
M. Dhillon, P. Miers 

Coaches: Ms. Wighton, Ms. Bookman 
Captains: T. Mathieson, R. Ro 
MVP: T. Mathieson. R. Ro 

Littleside Volleyball had a great season this year. 
At the beginning of the season many players were 
new to the game but, by the end of the season, the 
girls had improved drastically. Great blocking 
came from our amazing middles: Claire, 
Charlotte, Carly and Lauren. Erin and Katie had 
power serves that won us many jwints throughout 
the season. The most consistent server on the 
team was Steph who was relied upon to get 
her serves over. The back row consisted of 
Monika. Monica, and Rebecca; they were great 
in getting the ball to our setter Tori who set up 
many attacks. Emily was a consistent right side 
and had a wicked serve. We ended up tying for 
third in the playoffs. We couldn't have done it 
without our awesome coaches, Ms. Wighton 
and Ms. Bookman. They were supportive and 
pushed us to our fiiU potential the whole season. 
Special thanks to Bryan and Byron for helping us 
out during practices. Good luck to the returning 
players and thanks for an incredible season. 
Remember, "Those who have the will to win 
cannot be beat!!!!" 


Coaches: Ms. Ruiz, Ms. Mallorx 
Captains: H. Godard, V. Sanders 
MVP: M. Herod 

We looked around and there wasn't enough 
for a team. We sat in the dressing room 
after our first practice disheartened. Would 
there be a Middleside Girls Hockey team, 
we asked ourselves? The next day the 
dressing room was teeming with girls eager 
to play on the very first TCS Middleside 
Girls team. We started out a little wobbly 
and many of us spent more time falling 
than skating, but with every practice we 
improved drastically. Over all we won a 
grand total of six games. Going to practices 
was the part of the day to look forward 
to rather than just another mandatory 
commitment. Games were exciting, and 
we always put up a good fight and never 
gave up. On a few occasions we even 
managed to score with just a few seconds 
left. There were so many highlights and 
fun times ft-om fire drills to speed changing 
on the back of the bus — Middleside 
Girls hockey was always impredictable. 
With such an amazing group of girls and 
coaches, this historic team has left a legacy 
that will guarantee a promising fiiture for 
Middleside Girls hockey at TCS. 

Back Row L-R: A. Reade, B. Owen, T. Leung. C. Wafer. T. Norgan, A. Norgan 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Ruiz, M. Hamilton, T. McCurdy, A. Everdell, N. Banfield, J. Barker, 
P. Stewart. Ms. Mallory, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: J. Ashbourne. M. Herod, V. Sanders, J. Fishlock, H. Godard, A. Cameron, 
M. Wafer 

Clockwise from top left: 

Coach Mallory gives a pep talk. 
Brenna and Taylor. 
McCurdy ready for some action 
History in the making. 
Assistant Captain Sanders. 


Back Row L-R: Mr. McLaren, O. Steams, J. Walsh, K. Caza, J 
A. Sobowale, Ms. McAleenan, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: G. Flaherty, P. Langley, Q. Flaherty, D. Allen, 
M. Tremblay, Z. Rayees 

Kleinschroth, J. Belton, 
G. Bumett-Herkes, 

Coaches: Mr. McLaren, Ms. McAleenan 

Captain: Q. Flaherty, D. Allen 

MVP: Q. Flaherty 

Ihc l.ittlcsidc Hoys Basketball team huil 
a very successful year once again with a 
strong finish and an eventual placement in 
the playoffs. The team had many exciting 
victories including wins over Royal St 
George's, Crescent, De La Salle, and Ridley. 
Ihe win against RSGC was especially 
important because it propelled the team into 
the playotFs for the first time in 5 years. In the 
playoffs the team was matched up w ith Ridley 
College. Ihe team travelled to Ridley and 
after the first half the TCS boys were up by 2. 
In the end, after a "nail-biting" finish. Ridley 
slipped past with a small margined victory. 
The season, although long, was successfijl 
and raised the level of Littleside Basketball at 
TCS. The team would like to thank Ms. Mac. 
and Mr. McLaren for sticking with us for 4 
months and also our manager/scorer Oliver 
Stearns for those early Saturday morning 
games and late practices. Good Luck to all the 
boys in their later basketball careers. 

Back L-R: T. Clark, D. Allingham, K. Irwin, R. Dodd, M. Mooney, J. Popoff, S. Lula 

Middle L-R: D. Wellman, A. Beeson, E. Taras, M. Bushuk, A. McKenzie, R. Popoff, 
Mr. Grainger 

Front L-R: Mr. Patterson. S. Finney, N. Weiss, M. Wilcox, C. Watson, B. Foumier, Mr. Ramsay 

Coaches: Mr. Patterson, Mr Ramsay 
Captain: M. Wilcox, C. Watson, N. Weiss 
MVP: M. Wilcox, S. Finney 

As Littleside Hockey began their year, 
everyone was excited to see the outcome. 
Our coaches, Mr. Patterson and Mr Ramsay, 
had a lot of faith in the team and put in a 
lot of effort getting us prepared for the 
season ahead of us. In the first half of the 
season our captains tried to bring the team 
closer together so that we would be able to 
play as a team. Sometime in November a 
Pittsburgh trip allowed us to do so thanks to 
our coaches who enabled it to happen. We 
all had a great time as that was the highlight 
of the year. In the end the Littleside Hockey 
did not make the playoffs due to the tie we 
had against Lakefield which took us out of 
the last spot. Although we did not make it 
to the playoffs, it was an exciting year of 
hockey which had intense games, nice goals 
and amazing goaltending. 

This page was sponsored by Trish McKenzie in memory of Paul McKenzie. 


Captain: C. Chagnon 
MIP: C. Chagnon 
MVP: B. Thompson 
MONO: L. lopohe 

LInlike the TCS seasonal sports, this one 
lasts all year long. The team increased in 
size as the school got "friendlier." The 
enthusiasm of this unit was infectious. 
Captain Cha Cha, also MIP for Most 
Infectious Player, spread amongst her 
followers the fastest. Soon we realized 
that when it comes to mono, size really 
doesn't matter, as the 7 foot tall black 
(ahem) giant, Sean Dimnik, fell victim to 
this horrific disease... the cause remains 
unknown. Olwyn Foley went on an 
adventure to Montreal. She returned from 
her endeavour with a more contagious 
souvenir than just a cute teddy bear. 
Brandon Thompson, our MVP for Most 
Viral Player, was off shopping with 
his mother in the grocery store. As she 
progressed to the next aisle, she thought 
she left Brandon behind to select his 
favourite box of cookies. ..he ended 
up falling asleep against a shelf. Lucas 
Topolie was next to join. He readily 
suffered a lovely rash, accompanied by a 
few rather long hospital stays in isolation, 
winning himself the MONO award for 
Most Obviously Noticeable Outbreak. 
Nearing the March Break, Deidre Roache 
took mono home to the Bahamas with 
her; somehow she was fortunately able 
to leave it behind, leaving all of us to 
ponder. No one was more surprised than 
David Knowles to be drafted to this team 
entering the spring season. However, 
to his benefit there must have been 
something in his Mexican water which 
allowed him to be cured within the first 
couple days of his training. Before the 
conclusion of the year, Liz King. Bobby 
Edghill, and Donovan Kellyman, sported 
the mono uniform. Ultimately, BS Mono 
had a great season. We managed to infect 
many houses and fill many beds in the 
health-centre. We'll always remember 
the 1 6 hour sleep-ins and swollen glands. 
Thanks to the health-centre staff who let 
us rest, and all those who were brave 
enough to remain our friends. Good luck 
to all seniors next year who wish to attend 
the Montreal Grad Expansion Trip. This 
will be remembered as one sick year! 


Spirit Day 

Linleside Basketball 

Littleside Squash 

The D. Hadley Armstrong Trophy 

Quinn Flaherty 

The Arnold D. Massey Award 

Ricardo Gibson 

(Ml PI 

(Most Promising U-16 Player) 

Bitiside Basketball 

The Ernest Howard Trophy 

Thomas Blecher 

The John W. Bamett Trophy 

Sean Diminik 

(Top U-15 Player) 


The Irvine Trophy 

Douglas Scott 

Littlside Men's Hockev 

Middleside Squash 

The Peter Campbell Trophy 

Macauley Wilcox 

The Ron Reynolds Trophy 

Ken Bang 


Spencer Finney 

(Dedication. Spirit. & Improvement) 

The Boulden Trophy 

Cameron Watson 

Bieside Squash 

(.\tost Dt'sen-ing) 

The Philip Ketchum Award 

Iain Redford 

Bipside Men's Hockev 

(Outstanding Contribution) 

The J. W.Kerr Trophy 

Michael Churchman 

The Charles F. Bullen Trophy 

Iain Redford 


Adam Moulton 

(Best Player) 

The R.W. Goodall Trophy 

Tyler Gaipin 

The Mooijani Trophy 

Iain Redford 


Dimitri Kourkoutis 


The V. Baranov Trophy 

Guy-Etienne Richard 

(Top Scorer) 

Littleside Swimming 
The Danielson Trophy 

Arin Theravithayangkura 

Middleside Women's Hockev 

(Best Male Swimmer) 

The Brian Proctor Cup 

Vanessa Sanders 

The Housemaster's Cup 

Nicole Schmidinger 


Jennifer Ashbourne 

(Best Female Swimmer) 

The Coaches Award 

Meg Herod 

Bigside Swimming 


The Pat Osier Trophy 

Andrew Boos 

Bipside Women's Hockev 

(Best Male Swimmer) 

The McCaughey Cup 

Kyrsten Venasse 

The Mary I. Trophy 

Cailtin Conyers 


(Best Female Swimmers) 

Montana Robertson 

The Stroud Cup 

Julia Fishlock 

The Sebastian Goulet Trophy 

Alfred Kam 



The Tarah Clark Trophy 

Olwyn Foley 


Mira Trebilcock 

Nordic Skiing 

The Geale-Hobbs Award 

Malakai Kirkpatrick 

Littleside Vollevball 

(Determination & Devotion) 

Skylar Neblett-Reid 

The Coaches Award 

Rebecca Ro 
Tori Mathieson 

The Andrus Vasila Cup 

(Top Junior Skier) 

Jaclyn Agnew-Pople 

Bigside Vollevball 

The Sifton Cup 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

The Feddery Cup 

Stephanie Murray 

(Top Senior Skiers) 

Anna Frackowiak 


Kelly West 

The Brian Hedney Trophy 

Jacob Tuominen 

Full Bigside Colours 

Wendy Abrdmenko 

Ken Bang Andrew Boos James Brogan 

Tamara Bryant 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 


Chagnon Michael Ch 

urchman Andrea Copeland 

Caitlin Conyers 

Mark Cooper 

Jessica Enman Julia Fishlock Olwyn Foley 

Anna Frackowiak 

Rob Frame 

Daniela < 

jagnon Ryan Galpi 

n Tyler Gaipin 

Felipe Garcia 

Jenn Guenette 

Devon Howard Alfred Kam 

Steph Kelly 

Dimitri Kourkoutis 

Sam l^e 


MacGregor Sam Martin 

Dylan Morgan 

Adam Moulton 

Steph Murray 

Renee M 

urphy Kristin Ouellet-Gaston l.iane Ouellet-Gaston 

Derek Failing 

Kristen Fallen 

Kevin Park Brett Payeti 

te Sophia Rashid 

Iain Redford 

Guy-Etienne Richard 

Montana Robertson Marianne Stefopulos Dylan Sewart 

Sebastian Stiliadis 

Mira Trebilcock 

Steph Thomson Jacob Tuominen David West 

Kelly West 

Emily Wilcox 

Kyrsten Venasse David Zmozynski 


Distinction Winners 








A> ^^ 

?r V. 


Tf^ ^ 



Coach: Mr. Langtbrd 

Captains: J. Tuominen. J. Brogan 

MVP: R. Frame 



It takes a man's man to pla> tor Tom 
Langford"s baseball team. After a season of 
total hustle and a never say die attitude, the 
TCS Bears pulled off an immense blowout 
win against the playoff-bound squad from 
UCC to squeeze into the final CISAA 
playoff spot. The season truly turned 
around though after an exhibition game 
with Lindsay in which Walter Young drove 
in two runs off of one of the top pitching 
prosp>ects in Ontario. On that day, we were 
bom again. After an intense long weekend 
trip full of victories and firsts for captain 
James Brogan, we unfortunately lost to 
St. Mike's in the playoffs. Nonetheless, it 
was a season to remember, and we would 
all like to thank TL for this. 

Back Row L-R: T. Clark. T. Lewis, W. Young. G. Bumett-Herkes 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Langford, B. Foamier, R. Frame, M. Selby, L McBeath, M. Fontaine. 
T. Bell. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: B. MacGregor, J. Graflfi, J. Brogan, J. Tuominen, D. Knowles, L Redford 

Clockwise from top left: 

B-Mac winds up for a big one. 
Bruce ready for the pitch. 
Gray's got perfect form. 
Redford hits a home run. 
Captains Tuominen and Brogan 


Coaches: Mr. Taylor. Mn>. laylor, Mr. O'Reilly 
Captain: J. Ashbourne 
MVP: A. Holmes 

Back Row L-R: A. Reade. D. Taylor, C. Botrie, C. Storace, C. Stewart 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, C. Gunning, A. Rodrigues, T. Vu, N.Chan, 
Mr. O'Reilly, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: L. Tsui, J. Chan, T. Forbes, L. Armstrong, J. Ashbourne, A. Everdell, 
A. Holmes, B. Hou, J. Barker 

This sottball season started off with a few 
cancelled or "not so great" games, but 
with an intense win against Havergal, our 
spirits were brought back up. The team this 
year did not only consist of 20 amazing 
players; it consisted of 20 amazing people, 
and, for this reason, it was the most fun 
Softball season I've ever experienced. We 
were lucky enough to be able to participate 
in a tournament at Bishop's in Quebec 
this year. We ended up, however, with a 
well-deserved 2nd place and lots of great 
memories. By the end of the season, after 
some amazing games, there was a tie for 
2nd between three teams. Although we 
hoped to make it to the finals, we didn't 
due to the number of runs scored against us. 
After a fun "Grads vs. Everyone else" game 
and an alumni game, our season was sadly 
over. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and 
Mr. O'Reilly, our amazing coaches. Always 
remember girls, YOU CAN! 

Clockwise from top left: 

The Bullet with a solid hit. 
Jackie up to bat. 
Lumba throws to first base. 
Natasha on the pitcher's mound. 

Captain Flash makes the double. 




Coaches: Mr. Large. Dr. Hodges 
Captains: T. Sears, M. Wade 
MVP: T. Sears, Z. Rayees 

What can I say? But this one is for Chff. 
Cricket is THE ultimate sport. It tests 
one's mental endurance, while leaving the 
physical endurance on the sidelines. We 
had a fantastic season this year, bringing 
the trophy rightfully back into our hands. 
We had a host of returning players, Tice, 
Money, Fresh, Chief Whetung, Mahcus, 
"Hands. Straight Fyah' Mehta, and the 
Bomb, but we also brought in the South 
African specialists along with Mr. Bryant 
and Zeeshan "Curry" Rayees. Oh, and 
did George play for us too? We had 
more chemistry this year than last, and 
with coaches like Mr...uh Dr. Hodges 
(Shaggy) and Mr. (Rasta) Large, we 
couldn't go wrong. And don't forget, 
special thanks to DVK for all those times 
you made everyone else do the scoring 
for you. To the returning guys next year, 
just remember, it's the game of love and 

Back Row L-R: G. Campbell. V. Mehta, B. Coughlin, G. Bryant, B. Mitchell 

Middle Row L-R: Dr. Hodges, D. Kellyman, C. Whetung, T. Large. Mr. Large, 
Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: C. Van de Riet, J. Wilcox, M. Wade, T. Sears, Z. Rayees, D. McCarthy 

Trinity dominates the competition. 

Zeeshan getting ready. 

CISAA Champs! 

A solid hit. 

Crazy South African bowl. 


Coaches: Mr. Robert, Mr. Ingram. Ms. Ruiz 
Captains: E. Bock. S. Murray 
MVP: E. Bock. S. Murray 

Back Row L-R: V. Sanders. O. Foley, J. Dickson. K. Ouellet-Gaston. B. Pitt. A. Copeland 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Robert, Ms. Ruiz, V. Campbell. K. Venasse. J. Fishlock, 
W. Abramenko. S. Kelley. M. Bathe, Mr. Ingram. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: A. Hill. J. Ashbourne, K. Fallen. E. Bock, S. Murray, H. Swift. 
M. Trebilcock, M. Herod 

Bigside Uirls Soccer had one ot our most 
epic seasons this year, and managed to 
make TCS history once again. We started 
off the season full of confidence with an 
indefinite starting line-up. and succeeded 
in gaining a hard fought tie in our first 
league game against Villanova. our number 
one competitor This tie was a relief, and 
the team went on to "munch" all of the 
other teams who had proved to be tough 
competition in the past such as De La 
Salle, Havergal. Hillfield and Appleby. 
After completing an undefeated season 
and coming first in CISAA. Bigside Soccer 
travelled to Windsor to compete in OFS AA 
with high expectations. This turned out to 
be harder than expected, but there were 
no regrets left on the field - not even after 
the heartbreaking defeat against Villanova 
in the semi-finals. We finished our third 
place game strongly, and TCS proudly 
returned home with a Bronze medal for 
third place. 

Clockwise from top left: 

Britt powers through the defence. 

Hailz decked out in hot pink! 

Vicky shoots.-.and SCORES! 

Andrea backed up by Steph and 

Meg's got some crazy moves! 



Mr. Ha> 

Mr. Reiser 

Mr. Nk 



: G. Cecil-Cockwell. 


M\T: J 






The Bigside Men's Rugby Team had 
another stellar season this year with old 
and new faces on the pitch. To get the 
squad excited and back into rugby mode 
we all headed off to Nova Scotia to play in 
the CIS tournament where we showed we 
meant business in our season to come. After 
getting our boots muddy and reaffirming 
our confidence on the field, the team 
discovered our new and integral skills of 
fast legs, endurance, and great hands that 
would lead to our success in the pending 
games and tournaments. In an epic match 
against our rivals at St. Andrew's College 
towards the end the year, we managed to 
run them into the ground with kicks and 
catches that left them panting. In the end 
our fans saw some beautiful plays and 
inspiring teamwork that will no doubt 
flow into a promising season next year. 
Many thanks to coaches Hay. Keiser. and 
McLaren who did their best to keep us on 
top our game on and off the field. We all 
look forward to seeing what we can do next 
vear with hard work and new recruits. 

u ii 



Back Row L-R: D. Howard, C. Gervais, A. Vit, K. Paik. K. Bang, A. Christie. D. Barge, B. Finney 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. McLaren, Mr. Hay, D. Parker, A. Moulton, J. McCracken, L. Dehen, 
J. Austin, D. Lettering, Mr. Keiser, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: S. Davies, R. Kay. B. Schenk, G. Cecil-Cockwell, S. Lee, L. Gaston, 
J. Lewis, A. Kim 

Clockwise from top left: 

Howard and Moulton go for a run. 

Sam goes for the convert. 

Jon the powerhouse. 

Gareth helping Luke out a bit. 

Barge with his tonge out. 

•■ H<H?' y* 








Coaches: Ms. C'ullins, Ms. Wighton 
Captains: R. Flynn, A. Hambrock 
MIP: M. DuMoulin 

Back Row L-R: R. Gregory, S. Dusek, S. Yalkezian. E. Wilcox, R Miers, R. Mwalwanda. 

A. Cameron, M. Bowen 

Middle Row L-R: J. Baxter, N. Dodd, M. Wafer, K. Bowen, T. Morgan, B. Hutcheson- 
Santos, O. Bannock, B. Payette, M. DuMoulin, C. Montaudon, Ms. Collins, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: E. Kemp, A. Hallink, A. Frackowiak. R. Flynn, A. Hambrock, 

B. Ugolini. C. Bourgeois, K. MacKenzie 

Bigside Girls Rugby had a fantastic 
2006/07 season! With only a handful of 
returning players, the team trained hard 
and worked together to earn a second 
place finish in the West. This secured us 
a position at the CISAA Championships, 
a first in several years! Throughout the 
season, it was our speed rather than our 
strength that led to our success. However, 
we definitely proved our strength against 
Pickering College. We want to thank our 
coaches, Collins and Whitey, our managers, 
Natasha and Jay, and our mascot, Oakley 
for their time and dedication to the team! 
We also want to thank all the girls who 
gave up their time, got the bruises and 
played with passion and intensity (even in 
the sweltering heat). Good luck to all the 
retiiming players; make us proud! 

"rip and roll, ruck and maul, come on 
girls, let 's get that ball! " 

^■::}i,!l^ ■ 

B^^^Sjt :'^-''S^IE2p^j^^|^i^j; 

p ^^^T'*^^ 

Clockwise from top left: 

In the scrum. 

Erin nms in for a try. 

Rachel M. gets ready to pass. 

Frack is so close. 

Flynn takes her down. 

This page was sponsored by Louis Hambrock. 


Coaches: Mr. \N hite, Mrs. Powles 
Captains: C. Conyers 
MVP: D. West. T. Leung 


With one returning player and no Y4s. 
the Bigside Men's Tennis team took 
the 2007 season as a chance to do some 
rebuilding. The season was highlighted 
with victories over Lakefield, Pickering 
College and SAC. With the team consisting 
of singles players. David West. Sean 
Dimnik and Aamir Khan, and doubles 
teams David Parker/Shawn T. and Gregor 
Kleibl/Christian Lieberoth. all but one 
player will be returning in the coming 
year. An exciting season awaits the team 
next spring. 

Bigside girls had another outstanding 
season. All season long the team dominated 
their opponents. This was done through 
depth of skilled players. As a result, not 
only did the girls" team finish second 
at the CISAA championships but, four 
of them qualified for OFSAA! They 
included Tiffany Leung (girls singles), 
Stephanie Terfloth and Caitlin Conyers 
(girls doubles) and Sarah Chan who 
paired up with David West to play Mixed 
Doubles. Sarah and David went on to win 
the OFSAA gold - a TCS first! 

l^r v/^;^. r.g?^^ 

Back Row L-R: D. West. D. Parker, G. Mahon, M. Coffin, A. Khan, C. Lieberoth-Leden 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. White, K. Theravithayangkura, C. Conyers, S. Findlay, G. Kleibl. 
S. Dimnik, E. Dove. S. Terfloth, P. Hoy, Mrs. Powles, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: S. Chan, J. Chan, K. Hill, R, Park, C. Chagnon. S. Pepper, T. Leung, 
B. Severs 

Clockwise from top left: 

Karleigh has to do all the work. 
Guy finally controls his hair. 
Sarah and Gregor. 
Emily being naughty. 
Dave serving one up hot! 


Coacben: Mr 1 homlun. Mrs. Langlbrd. 
Mr. Patterson 

Captains: D. Gagnon. D. Stewart 

M\ P: L Ouellet-Gaston 

Back Row L-R: K. West, E. Farquharson. B. Scheefer. J. Homung. P. BvTski. J. Baxter, 
L. Ouellet-Gaston. L. Topolie. A. Chau. S. Tohyama 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Thornton. Mrs. Langford. V. Liang. S. Cheon. E. Chan. J. .^debanjo. 
K. Tai. D. Stewart, K. Ho. S. Matsubara. S. Mehta. T. ^Ip. Mr. Patterson. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: A. Ip. C. Ball. C. Cha J. Yuen. S. Lam. J. \^'ong. C. Hui. I. Kuye, 

D. Gagnon. M. Strike 

■^o! We're track and we're back and we're 
field so you have. . . to yield. . .SON ! At our 
first meet at York, Dylan Stewart displayed 
his true sprinting talent. He finished strong 
and heart attack fi-ee. Returning this year 
were Eugene with his massive legs and 
his penguin run. Kelvin Tai. J- Wong and 
Theresa. Some highlights of the year 
included Banjo's 2 meter meander. Ibi J"s 
random act of kindness that lost her her 
first hurdle's race, and the silver astronaut 
spandex shorts that graced our track. Seichi 
was the man. Liane was "positively a snail" 
despite gold medalling at OFSAA. Elliott, 
the surprise of the year, also made it to 
OFSA.A. claiming a gold medal at Metros. 
Special shout out to the coaches especially 
Thornton who loved our "suckymoo" 
music. We are confident the team will not 
slow down in years to come. Special shout 
out to C-Ball! 








Clockwise from top left: 

Elliott on the move. 
Jennifer runs it in for 1" place. 
What are you looking at? 
:;^- — ;^ — ;- J J Daniela gets into position. 


Coaches: Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Raymond 

Captain: S. DeGeer 

MVP: S. DeGeer. D. Svlvester 

Rowing only had two shots this season. 
Every morning we trained knowing that 
we didn't have any chances to spare. 
Whether senior girls raced senior boys 
or leap frogged with the junior girls, the 
junior boys were always the boat of jokes 
that made everyone laugh. The Mother's 
Day Regatta in Peterborough put Frinity 
on the trophy for a first time ever; it was 
a consistent solid performance with the 
junior girls placing first. At CSSRAs. 
the juior boys amazed and surprised us all 
with a third place in their heat. We had 
a great season and we owe it all to our 
coaches: Nathan Raymond, Mr. Hamilton. 
Courtney Stevens, Alana Gulka. and 
Rachelle Krause. Thank you! 

Back Row L-R: S. Dagg. M. Beatty. C. Ng. K. Kirkpatrick, S. DeGeer, C. Chauvin, A. Kam, 

L. DeGeer. S. Essak. H. Koene 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Hamilton. C. Stevens, D. Sylvester, M. Alessandrini, D Morgan, 

J. Stock. J. Kleinschroth, D Large, R. Webber, D. Kourkoutis, A. Sylvester, Mr. Raymond, 

Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: E. Karg, H. Godard, S. Mistry, C. Grey, H. Lee, K. Konn, A. Outerbridge. 

M. Breithaupt, M. Buckman, M. Boos, K. Essak, M. DuMoulin, A. Henninger, G. Egan 

• K. 





#«^ ■ • . 



t ^ m^ 



Clockwise from top left: 

Sr. Men just givin' 'er. 
Sr. Women take it nice and easy. 
Jr. Men with their trophy. 
Jr. women make it look easy. 
Rowing Love. 


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Captains: A. hverdcll. D. Rowen 
MVP: E. Bock 

So. this year we happened to come upon a 
group of really cool individuals at TCS and 
decided, 'Hey why not unite these really 
cool people together in a really cool group 
that does really cool stuff?' Mind you, 
we never did really meet up all together 
or anything (we're entirely too cool for 
that), but we did have some really cool 
times with each other and will have really 
cool memories forever. The really cool 
couples were Alex Hambrock and Mike 
Churchman, and Sarah DeGeer and Luke 
Gaston (we couldn't decide between them, 
because their coolness is SUPERB). Eleni 
Bock was our MVP for her uber coolness. 
Our really cool financial advisor and 
mathlete was Timmie Yang. The coolest 
Y3's were Gareth and Monty. Vanessa 
was crowned the coolest German, and our 
honourary member was Jaime Barker. All 
others on the team were too cool for us to 
delegate specific positions to and therefore 
will remain really cool forever. 
Remember: Use the left door. Be really 
cool all the time. 
People too cool to be shown: 
B. Ainsworth. G. Cecil-Cockwell. 
D. Knowles. L. Topolie, T. Yang 




Clockwise from top left: 

Oh Chet, what a really cool gangsta. 
Jessie being really cool. 
Dodgeball is cool. 
Glow-in-the-dark miniputt = cool. 
Alex the really cool clown. 
Montana studies up for her cool test. 
Cool Couple: Sarah and Luke. 
Felipe is really cool. 
David models his coolness. 
Jenny tries a new cool look. 
Spongebob party hats = really cool. 
Anna and Jaime are really cool. 
Whitoey + Live Art = really cool. 

This page was sponsored by really cool people. 



Mr. Bailey, Mr. Cameron, | 

Mr. Gill 


D. Allen. K 


M. Henderson 

MM': k 


Littleside Rugb> "s 2007 season was ;i 
memorable one. We had both veteran and 
novice players join the team this year. 
However, the whole team demonstrated 
superb athletic ability, toughness, and 
intensity. This season's success could 
not have turned out as it did without the 
continuing efforts put forth by every 
member on the team. Heading into the 
CISAA Championship we felt very 
confident in our abilities. We came together 
as a team when we needed it the most and 
claimed the 2007 CISAA Championship 
title. We would like to thank our coaches, 
Mr. Bailey. Mr. Cameron, and Mr. Gill, for 
their endless encouragement and support 
throughout the season. Thanks to every 
member of this team for an unforgettable 
2007 season! Way to go. gentlemen! 

Back Row L-R: D. Scott. B. Crase. O. Blood-McDonald. M. Barker. J. Belton. K. Caza. 

N. Weiss. M. Wilcox. T Hill. W. McKay 

Third Row L-R: Mr. Bailey. Mr. Gill. G. Keiper. N. Arbour. M. Mooney, R. Dodd, M. Cooper. 

R. Gibson. C. Whetung, S. Glassco, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Grainger 

Second Row L-R: J. Walsh, P. Kelley, D. Allen, K. Irwin, M. Henderson. Q. Cryderman, 

S. Smith 

Front Row L-R: H. Verrier, J. Davies. J. Leavitt. A. Theravithayangkura, E, Taras, P. Byers 

Coach: Mr. Elsley 
Captain: K. Patel 
MVP: K. Patel 

This year's Golf team played against some 
tough competitors from the surrounding 
schools. Most of the team was new to the 
team and showed promise. We kept our 
putts short, drives long, and kept out of the 
sand. Kushal Patel showed great leadership 
and showed those new to the game the 
ropes. All season we represented TCS with 
pride and. at the end of the day. often came 
out the winners. We would like to thank 
our coach. Mr. Esley. for putting up with 
us all season long and for his continual 
support and guidance. The 2007 season 
was remarkable, and we look forward to 
another year of excellent play. 

Back Row L-R: Mr. Elsley. C. Hostick. A. Maclsaac, D. Zmozynski, B. Edghill, 
J. Wiemaim. J. Candlish, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: C. Charlebois, S. Lula, M. McCulloch, K. Patel, J. Widdowson, 
J. Widmer. 


Back Row L-R: Mi. Goering. M. Khan. R. Hope-Ross, H. Agnew-Pople, E. Tutton. 
Mr. Gregg, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: R. Popoff, T. Martin. Q. Flaherty, A. Warner, J. Lane. C. Watson 

Coaches: Mr. Gregg, Mr. Goering 
( aptains: Q. Flaherty. A. Warner 

I Ik' Middleside cricket team had a ver> 
.successful year despite a large number of ne\s 
players to the game. Despite the lack of cricket 
experience, the team was able to compete 
\\ ith some of the best cricket organizations in 
Ontario at the junior level. Although the team 
would usually fall short of the victor.', there 
were many highlights to the year including 
;i trouncing of UCC. Our bowlers were able 
to improve over the season and e\entually 
posed a threat to all opposing batters with 
their variety' of speed and spin. Our batsmen 
also improved tremendously throughout the 
season, and towards the end were able to 
withstand countless pace and create runs. 
We would also like to thank our coaches. 
Mr. Gregg and Mr. Goering. for those earl> 
morning set-ups. and hour-long matches. We 
would all like to thank the Kitchen statT for 
all those tea breaks that were made for us 
through the spring term. To all the graduates 
leaving, good luck, and to all those coming 
back, see you next year. 

Back Row L-R: S. Kim, M. Maynard. M. Lee, S. Oh. L Johnson. C. Peltrop. A. Byers 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Tewsley. Mr. Tansley. J. Kim. J. Ahn. M. Claussen. D. Weiss. 
E. Choi. J. Fraser. R. Strike. Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: J. Ng. K. Lee. C. Gunning. F. Garcia- Andrade Llamas. M. Churchman. 
E. Choi. H. Bae. N. Ward 


Mr. Tewsley. Mr. Tansley 


M. Churchman 

MVP: C. 


MS Rebels experienced another exciting 
season of rugby. With only three returning 
players, many positions were filled by 
players who came up from Littleside as 
well as a surprising amount of new comers 
who quickly leamt the game. Unfortunately 
for the Rebels, we were unable to attend 
the opening tournament due to weather 
conditions, which in turn caused us to have 
a ver\' short season. However, everyone 
stepped up to the challenge of being the 
only 2nd team in the league and victories 
were achieved. Our team worked as a well 
oiled machine: together the team rose above 
the underdog status. And with critical runs 
by Ross and Jun Ahn. hard hits from James. 
Charles and Choi as well as many others, and 
Felipe's killer conversion kicks, our team 
was a force to reckon with and we put up 
a fight against the teams we played during 
the season. MS Rebels, thank you for such 
a fiin season. 

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Coaches: Mr. kleinschroth 

Captain: R. Wen 
M\ P: A. Cheung 

I had a dream that this year's badminton 
team would be the best ever. With the 
returning veteran Jonathan, Daniel 
quickly picked up the doubles game and 
represented our first doubles. Alex Cheung 
brought his years of experience and skills 
to the team, while Andrew Nguyen and 
Kaining added some laughter to the mix. 
The gang of Koreans consisting of of 
Ryan. Alex Choi, and Mike Lee (Brent), 
alongside the men from China. Louis 
and Tongzhou. showed impressive 
improvement throughout the year. Andy 
smashed the "wow" out from the crowd 
while I defended the net with some 
highlight moves. TTianks to our coach, 
Mr. Kleinschroth, our lovely manager. 
Jessica Au. and all of you who came out 
and "honked" at our home games. It was 
trulv a dream come true. © 

Back Row L-R: A. Cheung. A. Van Hoof. T. Shi 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Kleinschroth. J. Au. K. Peng. E. Choi, L. Lui. M. Lee, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: A. Choi. R. Yeom. R. Wen. J. Wong. D. So 

Clockwise from top left: 

Mike on picture day. 
Diving for the shuttlecock. 
Watching from the sidelines 
At sports awards. 
Roger on defence. 


Back Row L-R: Mr. Ramsay, Ms. Maxted, N. Schmidinger, J. Enman, M. Leroux, 
S. Piccini, E. Wright, R. Ro, Mr. Gledhill, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: V. Esposito, K. Martinez Solis, P. Stewart, S. Thomson, C. Reed, J. Roberts, 
K. Climaco, E. Traicus 

Coaches: Mr, Ramsay, Mr. Glcdhil 

Ms. Maxted 

Captain: C. Reed, J. Guenette 

MVP: S. Thomson 

Littlcside Girls Soccer had an amazing 
season this year. Despite having three 
important players leave on exchange at 
the beginning of the season, we had some 
amazing new players who made a great 
contribution to an amazing team. Our first 
league game was against Vi llano va who we 
knew would be a great challenge, but we 
managed to pull off a 2-0 win. We finished 
undefeated with an 8-0- 1 record and placed 
1 " overall. We had the great opportunity of 
hosting CISAA championship. Our first 
challenge was Appleby, but with a great 
deal of teamwork and communication, 
we pulled off a 2-1 win. We then played 
Villanova in the finals; it was a great 
game, but we ended up losing 2-0. This 
was a great way to end the season with a 
2"'' place finish in CISAA. Thanks to the 
coaches for a great season, and good luck 
to the girls next year. 

Back Row L-R: D. Kim, B. Owen, J. Agnew-Pople, G. Aluin Kemp 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Fisher, J. Dickson, M. Dhillon, T. McCurdy, L. Vermeulen, 

M. Tutton, Ms. Mallory, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: E. Brown, M. Burke, S. Chin- You, S. Neblett-Reid, C. Wafer, 

D. Shawana-Trudeau, J. Johnson, R. Young 

Coaches: Ms. Fisher, Ms. Mallory 

Captains: S. Neblett-Reid, C. Wafer 

MVP: M. Dhillon 

Littleside Softball had an amazing season 
this year. Ahhough we didn't win CISAA. 
we managed to make TC S history numerous 
times. The season started out strong. With 
our capable infield and outfield we won 
our first game of the season and made 
history as the first Littleside Softball team 
to win a game. Unfortunately, we lost 
our next two games, but we were able to 
come back strong beating Toronto French 
School which put us fourth in our division. 
But it all came down to our final league 
game against BSS. Although the weather 
was not the greatest that day, the girls 
were able to play their hardest and earn 
a much needed win against BSS. From 
there we travelled to CISAA at Country 
Day School. Unfortunately, we lost both 
our games, but we were able to finish 5* 


Bears In Action 

Clockwise from top left: 

Nothing gets past Dee. 

Bruce throws from the outfield. 

#55 is ready. 

The boys take down McLaren. 

Fresh and his bat. 

Lady bears gettin" it done. 

Churchie gets the game going. 

Smurr dazzles the crowd. 

Graham just givin'er. 

Rebecca with a powerful finish. 

Elliott sets a dime. 

» m 


* •/' 


Bears In Action 

,' 1-4 




Clockwise from top left: 

Moulton backed up b% the boys. 

Mira dekes out the competition. 

McBeath with nice form. 

Louise makes contact. 

Bea played rugby?? 

Rob concentrates on the game... 

John and his huge vertical. 

Charles the tank. 

On the break away. 

Hailz sets up the play. 

Waving to his fans. 

Spring Sports Awards 

Littleside Men> Ruiibv 

Littleside Softball 

The Alistair McDonald Trophy 

Keegan Irwin 

The Coaches Award 

Monica Dhillon 



Middleside Men's Rugbv 

Bigside Softball 

The Les Robling Trophy 

Charles Peltop 

The Coaches Award 

Jaime Barker 



Biaside Men's Ruebv 

The Samantha Curry Trophy 

Alison Holmes 

The Mike Stevens Trophy 

Justin Lewis 



The Leslie Fraser Trophy 

Jessie Ashbourne 

The Beck Trophy 

Sam Lee 



The Peter Kelly Bowl 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

Littleside Soccer 

(Spirit of the Game) 

The Coaches Award 

Jenn Guenette 

Bigside Women's Rugbv 


Carly Reed 

The Leadership Trophy 

Rachel Flynn 

The Coaches Award 

Stef Thomson 


Alex Hambrock 


The Coaches Award 

Monika DuMoulin 

Bigside Soccer 


The David A. GatcliflFe -72 Trophy 

(M\ P) 

Stephanie Murray 

Bieside Cricket 

The Gareth Jones Cup 

Meg Herod 

The Seagram Cup 

Thomas Sears 

(Love of the Game) 

(Sportsmanship. Spirit) 

The Alexis Sciuk Award 

Eleni Bock 

The Reverend J. Scott Howard Trophy 

Thomas Sears 



Marcus Wade 

The E.L. Curry Cup 

Daniel McCarthy 


(Best Batsman) 

The Geale Cup 

Alexander Cheung 

The Cricket Challenge Trophy 

Varun Mehta 

(Top Male Player) 

(Best Bowler) 

Zeeshan Rayees 

The Old Boy's Fielding Cup 

Zeeshan Rayees 

Track & Field 

(Best Fielder) 

The Daniel Holmes Trophy 
(Top Middle Distance Runner) 

Liane Ouellet-Gaston 

Bigside Tennis 

The Darren Cunningham Trophy 

Patrick Byrski 

The D.H. Hunter Trophy 

David West 

(Top Jumper) 

(Top Senior Male) 

The Hurdlers Award 

Elliott Farquharson 

The #1 Ladies Singles Trophy 

Tiffany Leimg 

The Throwers Award 

Kelvin Tai 

(Top Senior Female) 

The Leadership Award 

Dylan Stewart 


Daniela Gagnon 

Bisside Baseball 

The Most Valuable Player Award 

Robert Frame 



The Chapman Trophy 

Carmen Ng 

The J.M. Biggar Trophy 

Marc-Andre Fontaine 

(Top Novice Oarswoman) 

(Leading Batter) 

The Adam Cota Trophy 

Carl Chauvin 

The J.S. Langford Trophy 

Robert Frame 

(Top Novice Oarsman) 

(Leading Pitcher) 

The Jim Ganley Cup 

James Stock 

The Leadership Trophy 

Jacob Tuominen 

( Top Junior Ocusman) 


The McNamara Cup 
(Top Junior Oarswoman) 

Rebecca Webber 


The Ned Hanlan Trophy 

D.J.. Sylvester 

The Stephenson Trophy 

Alison Hohnes 

(Top Senior Oarsman) 

(Outstanding Contribution) 

The Drew-Hobbs Trophy 

Sarah DeGeer 

The Stollmeyer Trophy 

Kristina Wright 

(Top Senior Oarswoman) 


The Gareth Nichols Trophy 

Sarah DeGeer 


Full Bigside Colour: 

Wendy Abrameiiko 
Jon Austin 
Jaime Bartcer 
Miriam Breithaupt 
Victoria Campbell 
Natasha Chan 
Alex Cheung 
Caitlin Conyers 
Sarah DeGeer 
Melanie DuMoulin 
Sarah Essak 
Robert Frame 
Tracey Forbes 
Annegret Henninger 
Jess Homimg 
Alfred Kam 
Aamir Khan 
Sharon Lam 
Ho In Lee 
Justin Lewis 
Daniel McCarthy 
Stephanie Murray 
Kristin Ouellet-Gaston 
Danny Parker 
Samantha Pepper 
Iain Reford 
Thomas Sears 
Dylan Stewart 
Andrew Sylvester 
Kelvin Tai 
Jacob Tuominen 
Marcus Wade 
David West 
Jonathan Wong 

Jessie Ashbourne 
Ken Bang 
Kleni Bock 
James Brogan 
Jack Candlish 
Sarah Chan 
Andy Choi 
Cece Culver-Grey 
Jenna Dickson 
Monika DuMoulin 
Anna Everdell 
Rachel Flynn 
Daniela Gagnon 
Meg Herod 
Devon Howard 
Steph Kelley 
David Knowles 
Phyllis Langley 
Sam Lee 

Christian Lieberoth 
Vanm Mehta 
Rachel Mwalwanda 
Kristen Fallen 
Kushal Patel 
Brittany Pitt 
Andrea Reade 
Brittany Severs 
James Stock 
David Sylvester 
Stephanie Terfloth 
Calvin Van der Riet 
Meghan Wafer 
Justin Wiemann 
David Zmozynski 

Jenny Ashbourne 
Olivia Bannock 
Claire Bourgeois 
Gray Bumett-Herkes 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
Carl Chauvin 
Andrea Copeland 
Sam Davies 
Sean Dimnik 
Bobby Edghill 
Anna Frackowiak 
Marc-Andre Fontaine 
Alex Hambrock 
Alison Holmes 
Rob Kay 
Erin Kemp 
Dimitri Kourkoutis 
Thomas Large 
Tiffany Leung 
Dee Lettering 
Dylan Morgan 
Carmen Ng 
Rachel Park 
Brett Payette 
Zeeshan Rayees 
Ashlyn Rodrigues 
Daniel So 
Cassandra Storace 
Hailey Swift 
Mira Trebilcock 
Kyrsten Venasse 
Roger Wen 
Emily Wilcox 







The Arts 


Chapel Choir 

Back Row L-R: D. Chu. J. Roberts, A. Ip. 
M. Lee. S. Kim, G. Kleibl, A. Nguyen, 
K. Peng. K. Tai, M. Lam, M. Lee, A. Choi, 
S. Matsubara, J. Ashbourne 

Middle Row L-R: Y. Lee, J. Yang, R. Park, 

T. ^'ip. Ms. Ambrose, C. Ng, K. Yue, 

D. Wellman, R. Yeom, J. Baxter, S. Lam, 

H. Verrier, H. Bae, S. Choi, J. Law, 

B. Ainsvvorth. B. Payette. J. Yuen, S. Kim 

Front Row L-R: K. Climaco, C. Johnson, 
R. Wen. J. Wong, L. King, F. Garcia-Andrade 
Llamas, Mr. Mills, Mr. Grainger. Father Don 
Aitchison, A. Everdell. J. Au, E. Chan. 
A. Kim. V. Liane. D. Kim 

Vocal Jazz 

Back Row L-R: D. Hunter, S. Kim. 
M. Jackson, A. Everdell. A. Jonassen, 
S. Hynd. 0. Bannock. R. Yeom. J. Lee 

Front Row L-R: Ms. Jackson. A. Henninger. 
J. Cho. J. Song. C. Culver-Gray. D. So. 
J. Ashbourne. A. Frackowiak, C. Sanchez, 
A. Hill, Mr. Grainger 

RiiiUaA x^ajikJ 

^^^^■H^HPiV^^m()ri([^^^^^^^ ^EHhH^ ''^^^^^B^ilB^^^^^^^^I 


Johnson Ringers 

Back Row L-R: S. Lam. S.Oh, S. Lee, 
C. Chagnon, S. Pepper, S. Findlay, 
E. Wilcox, B. Ugolini, R. Mwalwanda 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Mills, T. Yang, 

K. Bang, R. Yeom, S. Kim, J. Song, 

A. Holmes, B. Hou, J. Barker, Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: T. Bryant, M. Bathe, 
J. Wilcox, D. Howard, B. MacGregor, 
S. Murray, J. Bailey, D. Gagnon, S. Chan 

Trinity Winds 

Back Row L-R: S. Rashid, S. Matthews, 
M. Selby, K. Bang, A. Boos, M. Claussen, 
D. Stewart, 1. Johnson, E. Choi, S. Lee, 
J. Lee, Mr. Parker 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Grainger, K. Pallen, 
M. Tremblay, D. Woodward, A. Sobowale, 
A. Parker, G. Dersnah, L Parker, M. Wade, 
C. Ma, R. Yeom, S. Rattan, M. Wafer, 
W. Wakefield 

Front Row L-R: S. Dagg, R. Ro, D. Chu, 
N. Lee, A. Reade, J. Dickson, S. Cheon. 
J. Song, S. Lam, A. Popoff, J. Wong, 
A. McKenzie, T. Forbes 


Trinity Strings 

Back Row L-R: M. Jackson, D. Hunter. 

S. Neblen-Reid. H. Lee. L. Chin- You. S. McKenzie 

Front Row L-R: Mr. Hunter. S. Ro. B. Hou, A. Kam. 
E. Brown. L. Vermeulen. Mr. Grainger 

H t.; ♦.;» 

% 1 ^"' 


Jti • 

1 \ "^yf™! r ' 

Junior Jazz 

Back Row L-R: T. McCurdy, J. Graffi, T. Lewis, 
M. Alessandrini, T. Cook. B. Krause. P. Byrski. 
T. Hill. A Copeland 

Front Row L-R: Mr. Grainger. M. Burke. A. Mulji. 
P. Stewart. M. Beatty. B. Owen. K. West. 
E. Farquharson. A. Beeson 




■ ^^JL^^i V P 



Trinity Improv 

Back Row L-R: J. Candlish. R. Hope-Ross 

Middle Row L-R: S. Hynd. C. Whetung. 
J. McCracken 

Front Row L-R: K. Balaam. C. Storace, Mrs. Large, 
C. Botrie. D. Taylor 


Jazz (a), 4 


Back Row L-R: A. Parker, R. Yeom, S. Matthews, 
J. Austin, A. Boos, S. Lee, I. Parker 

Front Row L-R: Mr. Grainger, A. Hambrock, 
S. Kelley, D. Woodward, M. Jackson, M. Wade, 
D. Hunter, J. Lee, Mr. Parker 

Dance Troupe 

Back Row L-R: Ms. Preston, K. Hill. L Stocks, 
R. Arnold, J. Svenningson, I. Kuye, K. Wright, 
Mr. Grainger 

Front Row L-R: S. Chan, H. Hong, M. DuMoulin, 
J. Chan, N. Lee, T. McDonald, L. Armstrong, N. Chan 

Back Row L-R: Mr. Grainger, A. Theravithayangkura, 
J. Kleinschroth, S. Smith 

Front Row L-R: C. Delean, D. Kim, D. Henderson, 
S. Dagg, T. McDonald, K. Climaco 

This page was sponsored by Marianne & Steve Woodward. 


Fall Play: A Few Good Men 



Ryan Hope-Ross Dawson 

Louise Armstrong Downey 

NikAggarwal Sam Weinberg 

SeanHynd Daniel Kaflfee 

Rristina Balaam Joanne Galloway 

Cece Culver-Grey Whitaker 

Chelsey Gunning Markinson 

Joey Cornwall Santiago 

Conor Doyle Nathan Jessep 

Anna Gene Jonassen Kendrick 

Claudia Sanchez Ross 

Cailin Reams Howard 

Rachel Holmes Judge Randolph 

Dayna Taylor. Dr. Stone 


Jungmin Cho 
Poppy Miers 
Carlie Botrie 
Cassandra Storace 
Jennifer Johnson 


Jay Baxter 
Whitaey Wakefield 
Tucker Barton 

Andrea Reade 
Anna Everdell 
Cathryn Hostick 
Andrew Van Hoof 

Sierra McKenzie 
Jessica Tutton 

^ t 


Fall Play: A Few Good Men 

Winter Musical: Nunsense 



Claudia Sanchez Reverend Mother 

AnnaJonassen Sister Hubert 

EleniBock Sister Leo 

Olivia Bannock Sister Mary Amnesia 

Melissa MacCoubrey Sister Robert Anne 


Chelsey Gunning Elizabeth Traicus 

Anna Everdell Stephanie Dagg 

Annegret Henninger Jessica Ashbourne 

Cece Culver-Grey Sophie Yalkezian 


Don Aitchson Ryan Yeom Joon Lee 

Meghan Wafer Mackenzie Jackson Sharom Lam 

Whimey Wakefield Graham Dersnah Lois Jackson 

Bill Walker Cory McKercher Philip Sword 

Andrew Gregg Kristina Balaam Greg Horsley 

Dale Hefferman Peter Kedwell Janet Lovekin 

Maggie Burgess Austin Carmichael Sarah Piccini 

Victoria Esposito Jessica Sveningson Chanel Johnson 

Ashlyn Rodrigues Tiffany Leung Glen Williams 

Len Lombardi Rhiannon Heffeman 


This page was sponsored by the Sanchez Family. 

Winter Musical: Nunsense 

The March 2007 Art trip included eleven students, five days in London, four days in Berlin, and countless subway tickets. Not 
only were the minds of these students saturated with art from all ages, but also with urban transportation and navigation. That's right; 
many people believe that artists and athletes are like oil and water but this was a full body and mind workout. 

Upon arrival in London we pushed ourselves to our limits on the first day - unrested, unshowered. unfed - and ventured to 
the venerated British Museum. Half-sleeping and silent, we stumbled through the colossal entrance, but found ourselves in another 
kind of transcendental state. We went to the Reading Room and visited the place where Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto. 
We held up our bones by the Rosetta stone, and below the Erectheon. Then, most remarkably, we were confronted by the Parthenon. 
Friezes from the Parthenon hung unexpectedly on British walls. One might assume that it kept its monumental effect as each figure 
on each fineze held us captivated - we tried to take every one of them in with cameras, staring contests, and sketches. We knew it was 
impossible to take everything home with us; we were only allowed twenty pounds carry-ons. 

An introduction like this told me we would be in for a satisfying trip. 

In London, we used the railed labyrinth, which the British call the Tube, to get to more museums. Winded from cardiovascular 
exertions, we were surprised each time we saw the light of day as we left the underground. In the museums, which were stuffed to the 
brim with works of art, we wandered silently, reflectively, searching for individual brushstrokes placed carefully by the famous hands 
of Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt, Constable, Turner, Hogarth, Degas. Gauguin. Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon. Modigliani, Mondrian... 

In Berlin, we spent more time walking out doors, as the air and spacious streets reminded us of home. We took a tour of the 
area and saw the sights: the Wall, Check Point Charlie, the old Luftwaffe building, the Old Museum, the New Museum; we spent time 
in a child's sand box above Adolf Hitler's underground bunker, which has been erased and written over the by apartment complexes, 
play grounds and parking lots. We saw a German production of Verdi's La Traviata, which was for many of us our first Opera 
experience. Finally, I must say, the last day was by far the best. The Schmer Gallery seemed a grudgingly far walk from our hostel. 
Our legs bore the strain of the previous eight days, but it was most rewarding. There were two major exhibitions on: Joseph Beuys £ind 
William Kentridge. 

We needed to settle ourselves, calm the vibrations, allow digestion and mental reconstruction, to make sense of all the things 
which held our minds supersaturated. Thus upon our return home and then asleep in our beds we were fiiUy able to appreciate all we 
had experienced. The Art Trip will forever be a part of our identity as we leave Trinity College School. -Sarah Ammons 


Art Trip 2007 

When the TCS India Project arrived in India on March S"", the realization quickly set in that we were immersed in a completely 
different environment. Our first glimpses were of merchants selling goods of all colour and variety, cattle milling in the streets, and auto 
rickshaws weaving in and out of traffic. Life in a major Indian city is chaotic but filled with beautiful pockets where one can stop, observe, 
and relax. 

With India being the birthplace of so many different faiths, we were fortunate to visit different sites of global pilgrimage for 
Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists — all within days of each other! We began with a morning at Jama Masjid, a massive mosque in New 
Delhi that gives a stunning view of the city from the top of its minarets. We then travelled to Varanasi, an ancient and holy city in India. 
Varanasi is located on the banks of the Ganges, the most revered river to Hindus. Observing human cremations on the banks of the Ganges 
is a sight that is simply indescribable. The group also embarked on an "epic" journey to Bodhgaya, the site where the Buddha gained 
enlightenment. To top off it off, we spent a "golden memory" evening at Swaminarayan Akshardham, a massive new temple complex in 
Delhi. This is a must-see for visitors to India; the temple itself is stunning, but it is almost overshadowed by the IMAX film, multiple 
animatronics presentations, the light and music water fountain show, and the boat ride through Indian history that dazed visitors also try 
to absorb. The scope, variety, and contrasts in the various religions contribute to the vibrant culture that is India. 

Following our journey to Varanasi, the group returned to Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan. This was the second year the 
group would survey and study the various initiatives this Indian NGO had undertaken in a remote area of Rajasthan. Many issues continue 
to affect rural Indian families such as access to water, electricity, schooling, and health care. We spent time visiting projects specifically 
aimed at women's empowerment, a pressing development issue in rural India. 

The group spent time with local village families, which included conversation, drinking Indian chai (tea), playing with the 
children, and glimpsing a reality so very different from our own. When visiting a local school, the language barrier would not stand in the 
way of the children teaching us to play cricket or speak to us about their country. The interaction with these children w£ts a heart- warming 
highlight for many of us. Upon returning to New Delhi, we realized the wide economic gaps between city and village life. The cities are 
the heart of India's growing economic prosperity, and the differences between urban and rural India are profound. As India continues to 
grow as a major player in the world economy, there are still many development and social issues to be addressed. 

As a group we would like to thank Ms. Vibhu Garg for taking time away from her schooling at Oxford to join us in India again. 
Her knowledge and strength contributed to our amazing experience in India. Thanks also to Amit Chandra and Rahul Ranjan, who helped 
the group out in Varanasi and New Delhi. This year, a new staff member joined the project, Mrs. Erin Tewsley. With her previous travelling 
experience and signature laugh, we were very thankful for her support. Lastly, to Mr. Myke Healy, our passion for India continues to grow 
due to your leadership and organization in providing us with such an incredible opportunity. 

As a second year has passed, the members of the India Project join a privileged group who have had the opportunity to experience 
how an adventure overseas can change one's perspective on life. The members of the TCS India Project 2007 were Louise Armstrong, Sarah 
Essak. Sean Hynd, Michael Machum, Alex Popoff, Marianne Stefopulos, and Evan Tutton, all of whom would love to tell anyone about 
their experiences. - Marianne Stefopulos 


Jamaica Self-Help 

rd love to change the world 

1 went to Jamaica with the idea that I would make a difference, make the world a better place. Well, the truth is, I didn't. I was 
naive even to think that I could change a thing being in the classroom for only seven days. Now that I've left Jamaica, it will continue to 
be plagued by debt. Classes will continue to be overcrowded. Teachers will continue to be overworked and underpaid. And the twelve 
kids on the "slow side" of the class that 1 was to help will continue to fall behind. So why was 1 there if I wasn't to have an impact? 

1 am still trying to figure that out. 

I struggle with this aspect of selfishness in the trip. I don't want it to be about me and my desire to make a difference so I can feel 
good about it. I desperately wish this trip was only about the kids. I wish it was about going down and selflessly teaching kids, without 
anything to do with me. But it's not the case. 

I have accepted that this trip meant a whole lot more to me than it did to the kids. What I am beginning to realize, even though it 
is a somewhat bitter realization, is that this trip may not have been about the kids. The trip is about me because 1 have gained so much from 
it, taken so much away. Way more than I gave. I have to think of myself when it comes to the trip. It may be selfish, but it is necessary. 
I have been changed. I should embrace what this experience was and what it did for me. what it gave me. Not worry about how well I 
helped or taught the kids, or how much of a difference I made. 

What is important is that I will take my newfound insight and take the next step towards change in the world. Jamaican Self-Help 
is a first step. Only that. It is not a trip to change the world or Jamaica. It is to change the individual on the trip. What will you do with 
this experience? That is where the difference in the world comes: stemming out from the first step. What matters is not the difference you 
made in that first step. What matters are the next steps. 

I have accepted that I didn't change the world. I have begim to realize that it doesn't matter that I didn't make a difference. I 
didn't have to. The difference is within myself What the trip has done for me is impossible to say, impossible to articulate properly. I am 
still trying to understand all of it. But what I do know is that it has been a step for me, however small, in the direction of my commitment 
to being the best person I can be. Maybe committing yourself to changing is making the most important difference of all. 

-Thomas Large 


Arts Awards 

Community Service Awards 

Commendation Award 
Nik Aggarwal 
Carlie Botrie 
Maggie Burgess 
Natasha Chan 
Diana Chu 
Graham Dersnah 
Annegret Henninger 
Chanel Johnson 
Cailin Kearns 
Malakai Kirkpatrick 
Tiffany Leung 
John McCracken 
Skylar Neblett-Reid 
Alex Popoff 
Ashlyn Rodrigues 
Arin Theravithayangkura 
Clayton Whetung 
Alaya Yassein 

Ken Bang 

Miriam Breithaupt 

Jack Candlish 

Lauren Chin- You 

Trevor Cook 

Victoria Esposito 

Cathryn Hostick 

Iain Johnson 

Stephanie Kelley 

Brendan Krause 

Melissa MacCoubrey 

Taylor McCurdy Poppy Miers 

Brenna Owen 

Jay Baxter 
Elizabeth Brown 
Austin Carmichael 
Jungmin Cho 
Cece Culver-Grey 
Justin Graffi 
BeU Hou 
Jennifer Johnston 
Sean Kim 
Taylor Lewis 

Sophia Rashid 
Mitchel Selby 
Jessica Tutton 
Kristina Wright 

Excellence Award 
Louise Armstrong 
Eleni Bock 
Stephanie Dagg 
Chelsey Gunning 
Dylan Hunter 
Ibidayo Kuye 
Sean Matthews 
Ian Parker 
Jessica Svenningson 
Meghan Wafer 

Distinction Award 
Kristina Balaam 
Joon Lee 
Ryan Yeom 

Jessie Ashbourne 
Andrew Boos 
Melanie DuMoulin 
Alex Hambrock 
Sean Hynd 
Sharon Lam 
Sierra McKenzie 
Andrea Reade 
Dayna Taylor 
David Woodward 

Anna Frackowiak 
Claudia Sanchez 

The Stevenson Award for Best Actor 
Claudia Sanchez 

The John H. Bassett Award in Music 
Ryan Yeom 

The Cosmo Music Achievement Award 
Mackenzie Jackson Joon Lee 

Sarah Piccini 
Stephan Rattan 
Cassandra Storace 
Andrew Van Hoof 
Sophie Yalkezian 

Olivia Bannock 
Sarah Chan 
Anna Everdell 
Ryan Hope-Ross 
Anna Gene Jonassen 
Sam Lee 
Alex Parker 
Jessica Song 
Elizabeth Traicus 

Mackenzie Jackson 
Marcus Wade 

Bronze Award 
Bailey Ainsworth 
Jaime Barker 
Carl Chauvin 
Conor Doyle 
Rachel Flynn 
Joel Eraser 
Devin Henderson 
Stephanie Kelley 
Sharon Lam 
Scott Lula 
Sean Matthews 
Danny Parker 
Ashlyn Rodrigues 
Cassandra Storace 
Gabo Tse 
Jon Wilcox 
Alaya Yassein 
Rachel Mwalwanda 
Nicole Schmidinger 

Sarah Ammons Jessica Au 
Natasha Chan Sarah Chan 

Rachel Chin- You Graham Dersnah 
Melanie DuMoulin Katie Essak 

Olwyn Foley 
Ricardo Gibson 
Alison Holmes 
Brendan Krause 
Thomas Large 
Byron MacDonald 
Haley Nowak 
Kushal Patel 
Mitchel Selby 
Stephanie Terfloth 
Thanh Vu 
David Woodward 

Tracey Forbes 
Christian Gunning 
BeU Hou 
Michael Kwan 
Yoo Jin Lee 
Zara McAlister 
Samuel Oh 
Samanatha Pepper 
Maranda Smith 
Steph Tirelli 
Coleen Wafer 
Timmie Yang 

Janet Gilchrist Bailey 
Montana Robertson 
Jessica Svenningson 

James Brogan 
Jessica Chin-You 
Sarah DeGeer 
Jenn Guenette 
Donna Kim 
Rebecca Ro 
Lilian Tsui 

Silver Award 

Jessie Ashbourne 

Suneet Cheema 

Beccy De Silva 

Julia Fishlock 

Aamir Khan 

Sam Lee 

Mira Trebilcock 

Jaclyn Agnew-Pople 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

Marianne Stefopulos 

Distinction Award 
Kristina Balaam 
Jay Baxter 
Jaime Chan 
Sarah Essak 
Daniela Gagnon 
Sean Hynd 
Liz King 
John McCracken 
Brett Payette 
Claudia Sanchez 
Lucas Topolie 
Whitney Wakefield 
Adrian Warner 
Ryan Yi 

Keith Chan 
Brendan Coughlin 
Jenna Dickson 
Chelsey Gunning 
Dimitri Kourkoutis 
Claire Stewart 
Ryan Yeom 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
Donovon Kellyman 
Brandon Thompson 

Tamara Bryant 
Alexina Cameron 
Grace Egan 
Anna Everdell 
Devon Howard 
So Youn Kim 
Vera Liang 
Kristen Fallen 
Sophia Rashid 
Dayna Taylor 
Meghan Wafer 
Roger Wen 
Jeremy Wong 
Bryan Yue 


Distinction Winners 

Community Service: 


Joon Lee 

Mackenzie Jackson 

Ryan Yeom 

Marcus Wade 

Kristina Balaam 

Anna Frackowiak 

Claudia Sanchez 


student Art 


Arts Night 2007 


,. i^/r:-»V 


- ""^ ^ ^*' 





From the start, we knew this would be a memorable year for Bethune. We met the newcomers during an interesting 
house outing - which proved more enjoyable for Ingram than last year's excursion. From there, it got better and 
better. A quick review: Taylor Lewis achieved a dogbone record, Eric Choi got a girlfriend then promptly disappeared, 
Hamir Sabnani passed on his quarters crown to a worthy successor and Carl Chauvin continued to amaze us all with 
his academic prowess - which also provided a welcome boost to our House average. As usual, our athletes triumphed. 
Sam Martin and Arin T. brought home distinctions in Football and Swimming respectively. We had strong finishes in 
the Oxford Cup and House Sports - in addition to the countless athletic awards the Bulldogs received. Once again, 
however, the House proved that the depth of its talent extends beyond athletics. Our debaters found themselves in 
uncharted territory as Bethune became the School's top debating house. Thanks to the organization of Havilland 
Day, we won the prestigious Green Cup for the most environmentally-friendly house. After a successful year in 
music, improv, and theatre, our artists received numerous accolades at the Arts Awards - including a distinction for 
Ryan Yeom. We suffered an irreplaceable loss one day in April which threatened to ruin our year. Yet, as always, 
Bethune finished strong. Now, as our year draws to a close, we thank Mr. Keiser, Mr. Ingram, and Mr. McLaren, for 
years that we will never forget. To Brandon and Iain, we know you will lead the House with the pride it deserves. 
And to the Bulldogs: never forget you belong to the finest house in TCS. Best of luck everyone. 

Mr. Ingram 

Mr. Keiser 

Mr. McLaren 

Assistant Housemaster 


Associate Faculty 


This page was sponsored by Dr. Buckman and Dr. Shaw 

J. Lew eating some donuts. 

Hope-Ross stealing the freezies. 

The tallest and smallest of Bethune. 

After winning House Volleyball. 


Looks like Orchard is winning... 

Nice hair! 

Ricky on Chinese New Year. 

Chillin" at House Olympics. 


Bethune bovs on Travel Ed. 




"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. Boys, be ambitious!" 
This has been a remarkable and memorable year for Bickle. With full motivation from all returning students and the 
26 awesome newcomers this year, the Bickle boys were determined to resurrect Bickle's glory. It's been the good 
atmosphere that's reigned in the House that has made us a very special place with a sense of family, friendliness, 
and unity among all house members. It was this unity that led us to an amazing victory in Senior House Volleyball 
against our arch-rival, Bethune. It was this sense of family that enabled us to show our charity both by being the 
highest benefactor of all boys' houses towards the Terry Fox Run and by bringing in Dan Sundy again for our annual 
charit>' concert. It was this union that allowed us to place 2"'' in Ultimate Frisbee, losing only in overtime. It was 
our pride in the House, and the School that made Bickle's voice the loudest in Chapel singing. Apart from these 
splendid achievements, we have to remember the fun times: our unique and caring fun and games station, laughing 
at 2"'' City, shooting paintballs at each other, the annual bowling championship, and eating at the delicious Mandarin 
and Kyoto House restaurants. This wonderful and fantastic year would have not occurred without all you boys in 
the House; without each of your different inputs and personalities we wouldn't have succeeded or had as many good 
times. Thanks are also due to our exceptional and charismatic housemasters, Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ. Thanks to Mr. 
Babiuk, a.k.a Rastafari - you really connected with all of us. To Sam and Felipe, thanks for the leadership provided. 
Many thanks, to our incredible house-keeping ladies for being so nice and putting up with the mess we boys create! 
Finally, good luck to our coming HOH's, Byron and Charles. Keep Bickle's legacy on the top! 
07 grads, congrats and best wishes in all of your endeavours. 
Much love to all Bickle members. 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

Sam Lee 


Brad representing Bermuda. 

Osier Speaking Contest Champ. 

James and Sam at Grad Dinner. 

Sickle Pride 

Givin" it everything they got. 

Straight up G's 

Bickle Grads. 

Felipe and Chet clean up the newbs. 

Joon gets pooped on. 

Mike's a monkey. 

Steams shows everyone how it"s done. 


To all who read this, know that you have just reached the best house in this yearbook. 

Brent House! This year has been fantastic! We started off really strong, taking the Oxford Cup, showing just how 
strong the spirit of Brent is even in the opening weeks of the year. We may have not done as well as we would 
have liked in debating, or house sports, but keep this in mind: who won the tug-of-war? Yeah, that was us. But hey, 
we're confident, not cocky. . .We gained Mr. Tansley this year, who did a fantastic job tolerating us for nine months, 
but I was wondering... which way is the beach? (Flex now.) We also had Mr. Denby Christ join us this year and, 
as a former Head of Brent, he was able to show us a few tricks of the trade. Like how to make a ninja mask fi-om 
a t-shirt. Awesome. Unfortunately, we lost a few good men along the way, and we wish them all the best of luck 
wherever they may find themselves, and we especially hope that Raymond found a translator. I know that when next 
year's leaders take the reins, they won't have any trouble keeping the 'fire' alive with Devon's help. Oh, and if Isaac 
manages to move fi-om his Xbox, he'll do a pretty damn good job too. You got this one guys; keep Brent House 
alive! Mr. Cameron - Thanks. You've kept us steady through the years and, without you. Brent House wouldn't be 
the same. So this one is for you: TRUTH! DUTY! VALOUR! (French accent) 
Gents, just remember that WE ARE. . .BRENT HOUSE. 

Tom 'The Bomb' and Luke 

-Oh, and we both 'wish all the ladies. . .' 

Thomas Sears 
Head of House 

Luke Dehen 
Assistant Head of House 


Scrubs breaking it down. 

Guy just livin' life. 

Strike a pose D.J. 

Kevin playing with his hose. 

A celebration of victory against HO. 

Jay shields himself with Hamlet. 

House outing to Cobourg. 

T.J. goes green for TEAC. 

Devon's so flill of emotion right now. 

Yum Yum! 

Model in training 


This year Bums went through a huge transition. From starting off with two new amazing housemasters, one remarkable 
associate faculty, and 27 new girls, the spirit in the House was never lacking for a single moment. We set the tone 
right from the start by winning a cheering contest in chapel. Although it was not a significant contest, it proved to the 
School and to all the Bums girls that we were ready for anything. The House was filled with high spirits, enthusiasm, 
and the willingness to try anything new. We had a great start with the junior girls winning second place in house 
volleyball. House debates were not our strongest aspect, but props to Ali and Verity for bringing our hopes back up. 
Although we weren't successfial in bringing the Smelly Shoe (with RED lining) back to its proper home, we put up 
a huge fight and quickly became a threat to the other houses. To the Bums grads of 2008, keep the spirit growing 
and never underestimate the potential of Bums House and of all the girls within it - we've left you in good hands 
(Cailin & Sarah). To Jessie, Flynn, Chacha, Cait, Kyrsten, Song, Pepper, Findlay, Angle: never stop shiiming, keep 
that river flowing, set your hearts on fire, and always let there be light. Seriously, don't ever forget the years we've 
shared together. . .and for all the Bums girls, don't ever forget how beautifijl you look at 7 a.m. 
(STAY RED HOT) Love Always, 

Liv and Jenny 

Olivia Bannock 
Head of House 

Jenny Ashboume 
Assistant Head of House 


This page was sponsored by Jim Kearns. 

Clockwise from top left: 

Kyrsten and Sarah chowin' down. 
Thing 1 and Thing 2! 
Caro and Cait, roasted. 
Striking a pose at house dinner. 
HOH with some mud-covered Y2s 
Red hot Bums grads. 
Enough freezies, Caitlin? 
Three crazy blondes. 
Chuggin' some O.J. 
Preparing for house Olympics 
Awaiting the pit at NSFG 


Once again this year Hodgetts house was TOO STRONG. We knew we had great chemistry from the start of the 
year and it was apparent throughout. Our year was highUghted with many events which exemplified the many talents 
of the Ho's. The entire school was mesmerized by the light sabre skills of Jon Austin and the Galpin brothers. We 
had a ton of athleticism even though DJ Sylvester was kind enough to "let" Will Morrison win the Oxford Cup. Our 
juniors showcased a great effort, reaching the finals of House Volleyball. In House Frisbee, the gentlemen amassed 
a gargantuan underdog effort in a game of epic proportions to defeat Drew and his Bickle crew in overtime after 
tying the game in the dying seconds. We hasten to add that the entire house of Bickle was mandated to practice 
with Frisbee titan Mr. Hall prior to the matches. Quinn Flaherty came through in the clutch. Notching the game 
tying score, he also managed to snag the winning point. Mr. Flaherty, our proud Conservative parliamentarian in 
the making, also led a formidable force to take us to the junior house debating finals. And who could forget our 
Christmas tree that managed to "shock and appal" even the Headmaster. Akin's experience running from the police 
paid off greatly as he was able to clinch the Smelly Shoe Award in House Olympics for the third consecutive year 
along with the strong efforts of the other members of the House. We really came together as a House this year and 
we have complete faith that the brotherhood will remain intact. Best of luck to Ryan and Dee next year. We ain't 
never scared. 

All the best, Ho's 

Symon Edmonds 
Head of House 

Andrew Boos 
Assistant Head of House 




This year over 50 girls came together as Ketchumites. We have debated, played volleyball, stuffed our faces, and 
wore our Ks with pride. We come from all over the world and yet we have so much in common. For starters we 
can carry a tongue depressor in our hands for weeks on end. We walk througli snow storms in our kilts to get to 
breakfast. But at the end of the year, we're happy because we know we've grown together and grown up together. 
We have some great faculty that are moving out, who will be strongly missed. Pruiz, we will miss your great house 
spirit and excitement for everything (except lights). Mrs. Sah and Emmah, we will miss you too, and you'd better 
expect some visits in the clinic next year! Ketchum House will miss you all. We had some great house outings this 
year to the Mandarin and the crazy dinner theatre! We had some serious hat winners for their amazing detective 
skills. We discovered that it's the little things that really count, like our victory in Ultimate Frisbee. Grads, the time 
for us to leave has come. Whether we've been here for four years or just one year, we will never forget the laughter 
and the tears that we have shared. Keep up the good work, and never forget Ketchum. To Alison, thank you for 
helping me out this year. I couldn't have done it without you! And luckily we didn't end up hating each other, but 
we kept our friendship strong. Kristen and Steph, it's on you now to take care of these girls. You'll be amazing, 
and we'll be in touch. 
We're moving on, but we're still Ketchumites forever. 

Tamara Bryant 
Head of House 



b~ '^ 


MB "^ 'mm 


ft m 


Bt ~ fi^ll 





Alison Holmes 
Assistant Head of House 


Clockwise from top left: 

Ketchum Power 

A Ketchum inmate. 

Mr. Traugott's twin. 

Bea, so pensive. 

Emily about to blow her whistle. 

Jess and Grace. 


Brett and Ali make a good team. 

The Tutton family. 

Just livin' life on the terraces 

Anna doing what she does best. 







Orchard house started off the >ear with an interesting mix of young men. There were Dirts, and Billy Joels, and 
Chuds and footballs. Although the FYs weren't the most active house participants this year, they have potential to 
make a huge impact on Orchard House. The Y2s are starting to show signs of leadership and should have a great 
Y3 year. The Y3s this year were a very active and interesting bunch of guys. Their gifts to the grads were definitely 
a highlight of this year. As for the Y4s: Rowen the token Asian, keep up the TEAC. Tom, good luck with your 
poetry. Cliff, use Lakota... it really works. Brogan, ten hut! Good luck in the army. Sam Oh, you are pretty quiet 
but we still love ya. Jake, you are excessively competitive and I think that's why you and your girlfi-iend get along 
so well. Schenk, if you need some new looks we can show you Magnum and Blue Steel. Rob, you are a negative 
nancy. Last but not least Taylor, or football, or Farva, or Pork and Beans, whichever you prefer. You took a lot of 
grief but it was good having you around. TL and IVIr. McKercher thanks for being there for all of us this year; the 
grads are going to miss you guys as house masters. Good luck to all of the future grads. The only advice we can 
give to next year's grads is: Danny and Maynard, don't have parties, and keep the grad room clean because it tends 
to smell like Swiss cheese and wet dog. See you around. 

- John and Luke 

John McCracken 
Head of House 

Luke Gaston 
Assistant Head of House 


Team Brogan. 

Ouch, that's gotta hurt. 

Braden and John wrastlin'. 

"Um...I was at a Billy Joel concert." 

One shot, one opportunity. 

Right after yet another loss. 

The Van Hoof pumpkin of glory. 

Continuing the Glassco legacy. 

Givin' the "O" face. 

Orchard's very own superheroes! 

Aw, Braden gets cosy with Annegret. 




Deep in the heart of the TCS jungle, you can hear the Rigby rumble! Life is good! This year, Rigby welcomed almost 
twenty new shining faces to the House of Sunshine. Our first retro house dinner let personalities shine together for 
the first time. We came out strong in debates and didn't come in last in house sports! The cake auction was a huge 
success, raising over $4000 for charities such as Save the Children, as well as supporting Araba, who Rigby has 
sponsored for many years now. Our spirit proved to be stronger than our running when it came to House Olympics, 
unless you count our juniors who outshone the competition. Thanks to Mrs. Beck and Ms. Hands who are always 
there to support all the girls with their shiny smiles. Good luck to Amy and Jess - you'll do a great job next year. 
Thanks to Rigby for an amazing year and best of luck for the fiiture! 

Sarah and Meghan 

Oooo Ahhhh Rigby Rumble! 

Meghan Wafer 
Head of House 

Sarah DeGeer 
Assistant Head of House 


Cassandra and the Rigby banner. 

Jumping for joy. 

Bowling at House Outing. 

Gettin' down and dirty at NSFG. 

Cathryn lovin" life. 

Life is good for Claire and Amy. 

Rigby Grads. 

Rigby Sunshine! 

Sarah and Kendra at House Dinner. 

Melody and Morgan. 

Can you hear the Rigby Rumble? 




Here we are ending the best year Scott House has seen. We started off this year with a great group. Although over 
half of our house new, the girls quickly picked up on the Scott House spirit, winning the first cheering contest of 
the year in Chapel. From bloodshed over Christmas tree contests, Gangsta and Disney House dinners, to bathroom 
busts, Scott House truly bonded this year. We made it into the semi-finals of debates for both senior and junior teams. 
In House Sports and especially House Olympics we were a force to be reckoned with, bringing home a second in 
Volleyball, and numerous great individual results in House Olympics. We were definitely the "Artsy House" this 
year, with many of our girls in the dance show, plays and musical performances. Throughout the year we've carried 
ourselves with true grace and character through the best and worst times. We've never seen a year with as many 
extraordinary girls, who managed to rise fi-om ninth in the Langmuir Cup to third in a matter of weeks. We were 
gypped with the Green Cup but we're sure you all will kick butt next year. To Tat and Lauren, good luck. We couldn't 
think of a better duo. To those not returning, you will always be Scotties at heart. Thank you Hammy, Whitey and 
Mais for always being there and leading us by example and with integrity. Good luck to our grads, Bobo, Jackass, 
Seagull, Seal, Rachy-Boo, Coffin's Girl, Chipmunk, Rissabelle, Armpitney, Au-Au, Chi-Chi and Tung-Tung. 
We Love you Scott House. Oh Yes, We do! 

Ibi and Sharon. 

Ibidayo Kuye 
Head of House 

Sharon Lam 
Assistant Head of House 


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This page was sponsored by Jackie «& Nicholas Chin-You. 


We are WRIGHT House you know what we got. . . Wow ladies, look how far we've come! This year Wright House 
has made history. Each and every girl in this house has her own special qualities and that's what makes us so different 
and unique. We're a family and we have carried so much, respect, laugher, and fim times through the year, it's hard 
to believe it has come to an end. From our princess house dinner, Christmas party, to we will rock you, and cleaning 
up in, Frisbee, debating, and overall winning the Langmuir cup... we are the House to beat. This year has been one 
of the most fun and exciting by far, and we're so glad that we had the chance to share it with each and every one of 
you. To Steph squared, you girls are going to be amazing. You both bring so much positive energy, and we all believe 
in you. Keep up the house spirit and bring back a repeat winning of Langmuir. To Feds, and Mrs. Straughan, thanks 
for always being there - you two are amazing housemasters and we wouldn't have it any other way. We hope that 
you girls keep up the amazing work and keep kicking butt ©. 

Love Tash and Ali. 

Natasha Dodd 
Head of House 

Alexina Cameron 
Assistant Head of House 


This page was sponsored by Bob and Lorie Dodd. 

Clockwise from top left: 

Deanna looking fly. 

Vicks and Char. 

Reppin' Wright at house sports. 

Run. Traicus. run! 

Look, a purple unicorn! 

Lookin' good.. .the pumpkin too. 

Soccer Bock-star! 

Steph doin' it wright! 

Bailey cheers the house on. 

Watch those paddles, ladies! 

The perfect team! 


Finally, after years of waiting, we are at the top of the heap. We are the big fish in this little pond. Enjoy this feeling for the next little while, 
because next year we start again at the Ixittom as minor niners. Luckily, at Trinity College Schixil, even this role is not too had. Parents, faculty, 
fellow students and guests, I am here today to reflect on lite in the Junior Schixil. Students arriving at the School tor the tirst time may experience 
excitement, anxiety, fear, and curiosity. Multiple questions may arise. Will they meet many friends.' What will it he like to wear a uniform.' Will the 
teachers be strict.' Do they call him Mr "Hunter" for a reason? On my tirst day ot school in Grade tive, I was so nervous, that I nearly fainted in the 
lunch line. Unfazed, Mrs. Reid simply took me out for some fresh air. After only a very short while, we all felt at ease and began to really embrace 
classes, clubs, and social lite every day. 

When you walk in to Trinity College Schcxil, the depth and scope ot the place is somerimes overwhelming. Over a century of history 
lies beneath your feet. Knowing great people such as Sir William Osier, Reginald Fessenden, and Peter Jeruiings have attended the School is 

So many aspects of school life stand out in my mind. The atmosphere is like that of a small town community where everyone knows you, 
your name, and a little bit about you. Father Don, our chaplain, sometimes says that wherever you go in the world, you are sure to meet someone 
linked to Trinity College School in one way or another Many times when he travels to Europe, he tells us a story of someone telling him about a 
connection to the School. Old boys and old girls reunite and keep in touch years alter they graduate, and alumni always have fond memories of the 
School. Those who have attended the Schtxil form a special bond. 

The same is true here in the Junior School. One of our best attributes is the abiUry to work together towards common goals. This sense 
ot purpose is demonstrated not only by charitable acts such as fundraising for third world children and clothing drives, but also when an individual 
class works as one. Many ot us remember Min-Jae Lee, a student who arrived in Grade 5 trom Korea, speaking very little English. His struggle with 
communication did not last long though, because many students came to class with copies ot "Korean for Beginners" the second week ot schtxil. 
By the end of grade six, Min Jae was completely integrated with his new set ot friends and we were all sad to see him leave. Like you and like me, 
Min Jae has become part of the School's history. 

TTie School is not only about academics. Especially at TCS, it is about building friendships, showing character, and taking risks. What do 
the results ot the final math exam in grade 8 tell you about what kind of person you are.' In the grand scheme of things, your strength ot character 
and how you conduct yourself define you. In the Junior Schtxil, we have learned to value not only tormal scholarship or learning, but also strength 
ot character. Mark Twain once said "Never let your schooling interfere with your education. " 

I somerimes wonder how our lives would have unfolded had we not come to Trinity College Schtxil. Would we knt)w how to properly 
shake someone's hand? Would we know how to play tour square and tetherball? Would the name's Bob and Bertha mean anything to us? Wt)uld 
we have ever bragged aK)ut being the recess box monitor? Would we have ever known so much about the unique flight patterns of geese? Would 
we ever have such love and commitment to a schixil? Maybe, maybe not, but I know that we would ne\'er ha\e had such an immense sense of pride 
and dignity without these symbols ot Trinir^'. 

We have always loved seeing the close relationship between students in all grades as well as between students and faculty. We teel like 
everyone in the School is part of a closely knit tamily. It is hard to lose that kind ot relationship. I cannot put into words how strong we are together 
From the best of times, like the Oxtord Cup and Christmas concerts, to the worst of times, like the death ot beloved Mr Tottenham, we stcxxl together 
with pride and dignity. I speak for the entire Grade Eight class when I say thank you tor all ot the care, consideration, time, and attention the staff 
has given to the students. And a heartfelt thanks to all of the parents and grandparents who have helped us along the way. We will honour all the 
history, tradition, and learning the Schix)l has taught us, and in moving forward in the Senior Sch(X)l, show it in our actions. Our actions towards 
the environment, other people, and ourselves, will reflect your teachings. As we enter adulthood, we can be even more appreciative of all the skills 
we have learned — both academic and social. Our love for the Schixil is strong, and we can all enter the next stages of our lives with confidence, 
because we have been prepared. Once again, parents, faculty, and fellow students, thank you. In the words of our own Sir William Osier "We are 
here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life." 

- Khalid Yassein 


Tottenham Band 

Back Row L-R: C. Pollard, B. Taylor, S. Frederick, 

R. Yassein, A. Manley. R. Wojtas, S. Ritchie 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Hunter, M. Hughes. 

K. Christensen, C. Osborne. J. Woodward, 

C. Ainsworth, M. Wilk, B. Kleinschroth, E. Flak. 

S. Clark, A. Kriss 

Front Row L-R: H. Huls. C. Watson. J. D'Alimonte. 

C. Apps. A. Foley-Eby. M. Chapman. M. Topper. 

C. Fordham. A. Mountenay 

Sitting L-R: V. Singh. J. Hughes. K. Andrews, 

N. Khokhar, C. Janeteas. B. Ro 

Back Row L-R: 

M. Baker, B 


S. Clark. 

E. Ambrose. C. Fordham. Mr. Hunter 

Front Row L-R 

: J. White, A. 


C. Wilson, 

L. Burke, S. Yassein. H. Huls, 

M. Henderson 


Back Row L-R: A. CuUen. S. Cameron. C. Clifford. 
V. Pearson. A. Kriss. D. Arscott, S. Yassein 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Gill, Mme. Cameron, R. Reed, 
C. Kelly, M. Hughes, K. Andrews, P. Kreps. 
Ms. McClure 

Front Row L-R: B. Meeussen, T. Blecher. 

N. Thompson, C. Wilson. M. Richards. A. Wilson 


Boys Basketball 

Back Row L-R: Mr. Powles, Mr. Wilson, D. Rider, 
C. Ainsworth. K. Zakaria, P. Vermeulen, 
J. Woodward, F. Sirois, Mr. Gill 

Front Row L-R: S. Kamr, J. Hughes, C. Sheth, 
M. Sirois, D. Krozonouski, V. Singh 

Track & Field 

Back Row L-R: Ms. Elliot, D. Burton, G. Ramsay, 
D. Rider. C. Ainsworth, J. Woodward, A. Manley, 
K. Andrews, Mr. Gill 

Middle Row L-R: Mme. Cameron, B. Meeussen, 
M. Moulton. S. Yassein, W. Jibb, A. Baker. P. Kreps, 
J. Curtis, J. Griffin. A. Irwin, Ms. McClure 
Front Row L-R: N. Zand, A. Wilson, C. Wilson, 
S. Cameron, M. Allan, A. Cullen, N. Zand 
Sitting L-R: C. Janeteas, A. Melchionna, D. Kim, 
M. Richards, T. Blecher 

Girls Basketball 

Back Row L-R: L. Huxtable, C. Apps. M. Chapman, 
A. Manley. C. Kelly. A. Konn 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Wilson, C. Fordham, C. Pico\. 
E. Flak. M. Wilk. K. Christensen, M. Rae- White, 
M. Topper, Ms. McClure 

Front Row L-R: S. Ro, T. Irwin, A. Kriss, 
J. D'Alimonte, C. Watson, B. Eraser, N. Zand 


Boys Baseball 


Back Row L-R: R. Reed, F. Sirois, C. Osborne. 
K. Zakaria, A. Steele, B. Kleinschroth 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Schmidlin, J. Hughes, 

C. Pollard, R. Wojtas. C. Sheth. S. Ritchie, M. Sirois, 

W. Langford 

Front Row L-R: O. Watt, B. Ro. V. Singh, S. Kamr, 
C. Clifford, C. Quantrill, A. Mountenay 

Sitting L-R: D. Morra, H. Huls, N. Thompson 

: \_ _ _ .. 


Girls Soccer 







\J^ ^ H^H 

p^gy^. ^ 

Back Row L-R: L. Huxtable, C. Apps, M. Chapman, 
C. Kelly 

Middle Row L-R: Ms. Porter. C. Fordham, 
E. Ambrose. C. Picov. M. Wilk. K. Christensen. 
M. Rae- White. S. Frederick. Ms. Bookman 

Front Row L-R: M. Henderson. C. Ramsay. S. Ro. 
T. Irwin, A. Kriss. J. D'Alimonte. C. Watson, B. Fraser. 
C. Ripley, A. Konn, A. Picov 

Boys Soccer 

Back Row L-R: Ms. Bookman, C. Osborne, A. Steele, 
J. Woodward. D. Rider. F. Sirois 

Middle Row L-R: K. Yassein, V. Singh. C. Pollard. 
G. Ramsay, A. Mehta, C. Janeteas 

Front Row L-R: D. Burton, S. Kamr, B. Ro 


Back Row L-R: C. Quanlrill. D. Burton, 
A. Foley-Eby, C. Pollard, W. Langford 

Middle Row L-R: Mr. Schmidlin. G. Ramsay, 
K. Yassein, A. Steele. C. Osborne, S. Ritchie 

Front Row L-R: H. Huls, D. Rim. B. Ro, 
A. Mountenay, O. Watt, D. Morra 

Girls Volleyball 

Back Row L-R: Ms. Porter, M. Rae- White, E. Flak, 
M. Wilk, K. Christensen, S. Clark, C. Picov, 
Ms. Bookman 

Front Row L-R: T. Irwin. L. Huxtable. A. Manley. 
S. Frederick, B. Fraser, S. Ro 

I rf 1 



Back Row L-R: D. Krozonouski, K. Andrews, 

B. KJeinschroth, P. Vermeulen, C. Ainsworth, 
J. Winsor. W. Langford. Mr. Schmidlin 
Middle Row L-R: Ms. Elliot. A. Cullen, O. Watt, 
W. Jibb, C. Ripley, A. Picov, A. Mountenay, 

M. Richards. M. Moulton. Mme. Cameron 
Front Row L-R: J. White. A. Irwin. N. Zand. 

C. Ramsay, M. Henderson, B. Meeussen, P. Singh 
Sitting L-R: T. Blecher. D. Kim, J. Curtis, 

C. Quantrill, N. Thompson 





i' i. 





•Student Life 


Terry Fox Run 


Oxford Cup 


The Oxford Cup 

(Top Male Student) 

The Wright Cup 

(Top Female Student) 

Top Male House 
Top Female House 

The Convocation Cup 

(Top Male Alumnus) 

W. Morrison (3) 

L. Ouellet-Gaston (5) 



C. Sylvester (2) 

A. Ruiz (195) 

New Student Fun & Games 


New Student Fun & Games 

Clockwise from top left: 

Trying to get up the Bethune hill. 

Some Orchard House wrestlin". 

Steph and Steph having a good time. 

Prefects look down on the new students. 

Searching for sane treasure at Rigb\' House. 

Chillin' by the mudpit. 

Vicky and Charlotte get a little dirty. 

Deanna's a little excited. 


Do you see the similarity? 

Britt and Cait at the mudpit. 

Bear Fair & Pep Rally 


A couple of fairies. 

Some PB & J in the morning. 

These girls have some serious style. 

A fight to the death. 

Brothers Mario and Luigi. 

The coolest Ninja Turtles around. 

These cowboys ain't never scared. 

Alice and Donna on the way to chapel. 

Carl got snagged on Davies' line. 

Cindy Loo Hoo drops by TCS. 

Who doesn't love Q-tips? 


Rigby/Wright Cake Auction 

These Scotties love their Chanel. 

The Pillsbury Dough Boy Cake. 

Brit and Marley show off the Leafs cake. 

Donated by the Biggar family. 

M&M. chocolate heart, and jube-jube cake 

Rigby shares the love. 

Marie-Sophie having a great time. 

The chapel going crazy over those cakes. 

The Pink Castle cake. 

Orchard's awesome cake. 

This cake looks FANTA-DELISH. 


Trina Awards 

Skate Day 

Dy-Dy takes a fall. 

Jack and Alaya. 

Ynez. Dakota. Charlotte, and Wendy. 

Boos and his ladies. 

Caro having some issues. 

Carly and Laura learn how to skate. 

Claire. Camille. and Devin do skate day. 

Sam spots something she likes. 

Marianne looks like she's in trouble. 

Sarah and Poppy enjoying the afternoon, 

Mitchell is all smiles on skate day. 







: -t..^^.^ 

*> I 









•r / 


41 /r 



Clockwise from top left: 

Wright house dominates yet again. 

A true unicorn. 

Anna Gene the green machine. 

Nice bump, Galen! 

Can you hear the Rigby rumble? 

Brickie is Chelsey's favourite house. 

D.J. means business, ladies. 

Bickle came out on top (for once). 

Baby Lew with an amazing spike. 

Churchie ready to pounce, but not on Alex. 

Buckman shows Bethune pride. 

Breakfast Olympics 

Clockwise from top left: 

Kenny Bang bookin" to win the relay. 
The MC for the morning. 
Mark baring it all for Orchard House. 
Rebecca's got crazy bedhead. 
Carly eating some cereal. 
Akin's got mad hops. 
J. Lew"s got the technique down. 
Ketchum House in the morning. 
Even the fimnel couldn't beat Gareth. 
Olivia REALLY wants to win. 
The boys enjoying their cereal. 
Steph and Marley chowin" down. 
The girls chugging contest. 

?^ ■ ■'' S ^*" 

ilM 4i 


House Olympics 

Clockwise from top left: 

Natasha running it in for Scott. 
Elizabetti is in good shape for the race. 
FeHpe and Dougie battle for first place. 
Mark and Clayton take a tumble. 
Anna and Kristen look kind of scary. 
Steams doing the shotput. 
VS'heelharrovv champs 4 years in a row. 
Clash of the Titans! 
Enjoying the races. 
Jon gives the thumbs up. 
Sascha representing Ketchum House. 
April and Jennifer watch from the sidelines. 
Meg running the relay. 





Dodgeball Tournament 

Clockwise from top left: 

Team Brogan. 

Nate and Chet go in for the kill. 

Devon about to unleash. 

GIO girls do it gangsta style. 

Team Islander. 

They're ready for anything. 

Jono plays it Aussie style. 

Brett just chillin". 

The Champs - The Comrades. 

Haviiland and Brendan in trouble. 

Jon and Derek. 



Round 1: '"'Resolved that security is more important than freedom. " 

Top Junior: Nicky Banfield (Ketchum) - 1 10.5 points 
Top Senior: Sean Hynd (Bethune) - 109.5 points 

Top House: Bethune 

Round 2: "Resolved that the First World is responsible for dealing with the AIDS crisis in Africa. " 

Top Junior: Rebecca Ro (Wright) - 108 points Top House: Wright 

Top Senior: Meghan Wafer (Rigby) - 1 10.5 points 

Top Houses: Hodgetts & Scott 

Top Houses: Scott & Wright 

Round 3: "Resolved that sunrise is better than sunset. " 

Top Junior: Verity Sylvester (Bums) - 105.5 points 
Top Senior: Dayna Taylor (Rigby) - 111.5 points 

Round Four: "Resolved that this House believes in magic. " 

Top Junior: Zeeshan Rayees (Bickle) - 1 14.5 points 
Top Senior: Bailey Ainsworth (Wright) - 1 1 7 points 

Semi-Finab: "Resolved that political correctness is benefiting society. " 

Junior Participants: Bethune, Hodgetts, Scott, & Wright 
Senior Participants: Bethune, Rigby, Scott, & Wright 

Top Junior: Quinn Flaherty (Hodgetts) - 165 points 
Top Senior: Sean Hynd (Bethune) - 1 69 points 

Junior Finals: "Resolved that what you learn in sports is more important than what you learn in the 
classroom. " 

Government: Quinn Flaherty & Mitchel Selby (Hodgetts) Junior House Debate Champion: Bethune 

Opposition: Kevin Caza & Graham Keiper (Bethune) 

Senior Finals: "Resolved that all morality is relative. 

Government: Conor Doyle & Sean Hynd (Bethune) 
Opposition: Kristina Balaam & Claudia Sanchez (Wright) 

Senior House Debate Champion: Wright 



■^ V ' 

•« ^ 




QRADS 2007 *^ 

( '> 



'• '^'^eas^A^i^si 


Sarah Amnions 


I rinit\ was the longest six years of m\ lite, and graduation from liigti sctiool 
seemed like ttie unattainable Holy Grail. When the grail was not within view, 
the drudgeries of the pursuit seemed useless but, now that I can see an end, my 
pains seem justly worth while. I owe thanks to the teachers who have helped 
the most with the development of my ego: to Mr Phillips, who taught me to 
laugh at myself, particularly in the classroom: to Mr. Stooshinoff, who taught 
me the importance of criticism: and to Dr. Hodges, who taught me not only to 
analyze language and thoughts, hut also about the interdisciplinary reality of 
my education. My identity as a student and a thinker is due to the wonderful 
struggle that was fouryears of Latin class. And so I, having groaned for at least 
four years, and knowing 1 will never have to relive it again, find myself looking 
back on Trinity College School rather all'ectionately. 

Harry Bae '06*07 

I am glad that I could finish my high school at TCS. It was my first and last 
year in this school. However, since the beginning of the year, I have been given 
numerous great opportunities to participate in social activities and things I have 
always wanted to do for once in my life. New experience in sports, academic 
challenges, and becoming part of the TCS community have changed me and 
allowed me to view things in a different perspective. Now, 1 am not afraid of 
challenging difficulties and novel experience. These are all good things I have 
gained from my entire high school life. 1 appreciate the opportunity TCS has 
given me. 

Louise Armstrong '05-'07 

Natty Dred! Don't you know your love is so divine? My one an only dahling, 
never fear iah things won't be so bad next year. Thanks for always being there, 
you've been the best and I better see you sooner than later Keep an eye on the 
men for me. I'm trying not to miss you like crazy. Cha den... well Sealie, here 
we are. You've been with me through the good and the bad. We've had some tite 
times tho. Update me on the walruses. Chipmunk my darling. I'm gun miss you. 
You're my gangsta gid for life. I'm going to come make you alkcheese sometime. 
Ibi bibi, thanks for noticing when something's wrong. I don't know how I can 
deal without your angry dance parties. Rissa, stay sexy hun. Chels sweetie, this 
can't be the end! I have too many good memories of us. Sharon, I love you. To 
everyone safe throughout - thanks. I'll miss yall for a long time. Alia you keep in 
touch. Thank you to my family for giving me this opportunity and supporting me. 
Thanks to those teachers who inspired me, listened to me, and guided me. Thanks 
to everyone who did not judge me by my mistakes, but gave me the chance to rise 
again. There have been many people here and gone who have secured this period 
in my memories. There is always something to complain about, something to 
criticise, but in the end, realise how lucky you are to have come. 

Nick Bauer 


Long, hard, boring times at TCS made it difficult to last without getting into 
trouble. There were many people looking out for me in this school who did not 
understand my past and present life. I give thanks to the people who did not kick 
me when I was down and who gave a hand when a hand was scarce. As for the rest 
of the people here, make sure they don't wash out your brain because from what 
I've seen at TCS, many people turn into the ones around them. In the end, 1 give 
thanks to my parents for the education and the ones in Antigua who reminded me 
that life is more than just money. 


Jay Baxter '03-'07 

To m> friends, ihank-.\ou for three things: helping me when 1 have stumbled; 
waiting for me while I was getting to my feet, wiping away the dust and the dirt; 
and then for walking w ith me, knowing full-well that I would stumble again. Robert 
Louis Stevenson once said "\\e are all travelers in the wilderness of the world, and 
the best thing that we can find in our travels is an honest friend." 

Jaime Chan 


It's hard to believe that my high school life atTCS has finally come to an end. Four 
years is a long, long time. In these years... I've cried, smiled, been disappointed, 
realized, and most of all, matured. To say I will miss all of TCS and every single 
aspect of it is simply a lie. To say 1 won't miss TCS at all is also a lie. There 
are certain words/incidents/people that take up the majority of my heart... Ivan: 
Together, we've been through a lot - some good, some not so good. I'll leave 
behind our bad memories and always remember the good times spent with you. 
Timbitz: The four of you have given me my best memories at TCS :) Lilian: Trinity 
life just seems so much easier with you being around. Thanks for simply being 
you. Jackie sek funnnn: You've seen me cry and you've laughed with me. I'll 
miss our do do noooo times, MJ, your 'stares', your non-stop laughs... Honestly, 
I wouldn't have survived my last tcs year without you always being here for me. 
I'll miss you a lot next year ><. JohnAngelaJacqPearUackyHayes&Jeff: I love 
you all for always being just one call away. It's amazing the way you all make me 
smile. And most important of all. . . to the ones who have always been supportive 
of simply everything 1 do. I love you mom and dad.e& 
Bye trinity. 

James Brogan 


Si,\ years. 

I really have to thank my parents for everything. They sacrificed so much so 1 could 
come here, and 1 can't thank them enough for this experience. I'm sorry that I put 
you through so much with my incessant procrastination. The fact that I'm writing 
this a month overdue shows my skills of putting off work. Langford, thanks for 
being an awesome housemaster and the best baseball coach I've ever had. To the 
rest of my teachers, thanks for getting me ready for everything that I am about to 
head into. Last, but definitely no least, the Orchard crew Jake, John. Cliff. Tom. 
Hammet. Braden. Luke, Rob. Boos (sort of). Hailey. and everyone else, thaifc 
for the great times we have had. The laughs over the last four years have never 
stopped and gotten better with age. That's all I have to say. Short and simple. Best 
of luck to the rest of the grads, I'm sure most of you will make it. 

GoJ be with von ami I 'II sec vati on the beach 

-Saving Private Ryan 

Alexina Cameron 


"To live, we must choose. To love, we must encounter. To grow, we must 
suffer." -JSH '06 

TCS: Tradition, Community. Shared Values - I do believe at times most of those 
are true, and at the times they seem the furthest from it. but that's simply pan of 
the learning process. I'll walk away from TCS a different person, simply because 
of those blissfiil and bumpy times. Remember Trinity is more than the sum of 
its parts. I thank this institution for that. My friends, the old and the new, thank 
you for making me grow up. Thank you for pushing me, pushing so hard that I 
fell and got up. Time has shown me that it's what you put in that makes those 
friendships special, but at times, if you're still unsatisfied, it's okay to walk away. 
In rough times remember, "whoever said you can't be saved by a song?', so turn 
it up cause 'things fall apart, and we put them back together'. Tucker, you will 
constantly be in my conscience pushing me to be a better person. Legakis. even 
though our advisor meetings were deafened by laughter. I still learned the most 
important lessons from you. Cher pere et mere: I couldn't have done it without 
your unending guidance and understanding. I'll never forget the crucial life lessons 
that you've taught me. I thank you with all my heart. Je t'aime. Samamtha, make 
it to the top and dominate kiddo. You'll someday grow into a beautifiil. wise and 
kind-heaned woman. In the future, 1 hope to have the same outlook on life that I 
do now. But time moves forward, not in reverse. So if you have the chance, make it 
a point in your life to work unselfishly for the greater good of mankind. Whatever 
that may look like to you. 
Just let the river flow, my love. 


Alex Christie 


Kirsi ot all I want to thaiik my parents for this great opportunit)'. I have learned a 
lot at TCS over the four years I have been here. There have been good times and 
hard times but I always seemed to get by. 1 want to thank all my buddies that have 
been there for me and made this place more enjoyable It has gone by quickly, but it 
feels good to be leaving. 1 want to thank all those that believed in me and said that 
I could make it. Brent boys, keep the house strong and never forget that you are in 
the best house on campus. Peace TCS. 

Havilland Day 


The best decision I ever made was the one to go to TCS. Through the highs and 
the lows it has proved to be the best three years of my life. I would like to thank 
my parents for providing me with the privilege to attend Trinity and for their 
constant support. I also can not overstate how thankful I am for the positive 
contributions that Mr Keiser and Mr Ingram made as housemasters. I am gratefiil 
for the support of Ms. Langford and my adviser FD as I could not have done it 
w ithout them. Thank you to the coaches and teachers that 1 had over the years. I 
am going to miss the great times in room 107. To Sam. Hamir Marshall. Brendan 
and Doyle, good luck next year, I am sure we will be seeing lots of each other in 
the >ears to come. I am thankful for most of the memories and e.\periences that 
Trinity has given me. Good luck to Bethune in continuing our House traditions 
next year and in the future 

Luke Dehen 


During m> time at TCS the most recurring lesson I picked up was teamwork and 
being a team player Both in athletics and academics when in a team situation 1 found 
myself working not only for me but for my entire team. I'm not saying that people 
I work with are slackers, but that the outcome of my performance also affected 
those around me. This gave me the drive to work harder to be better However, a 
team is not one good player; it's all players working in unison. My point being that 
I learned to be part of a team. When working as a team, victory is so much better 
knowing that everyone helped achieve it. Also a good fi-iend is like a teammate, you 
work together, you grow together, just like a team. The friends I made in my time 
here have been good teammates and I appreciate knowing them. So thanks to my 
friends for everything good and bad. Now to my teachers, coaches, and everyone 
who showed support and led me down this path. I thank you all for the hard times, 
the good time, times of support and times with no big significance that have stuck 
with me - they have all made a difference. Thank you, TCS. 1 believe 1 have truly 
grown to know the value of teamwork, effort, and the meaning of Truth, Duty and 
Valour and hope that I will be able to pass it on. 

Beccy De Silva '02-'07 

0\er these past five years. Trinity has taught me so much about life. love, and the 
world around me. I could not be more grateful for the experiences I have had here. 
To Mom and Dad, 1 know there were many ups and downs, but you were always 
there to push me to heights that 1 sometimes thought 1 couldn't reach. Jage, you are 
the best brother I could ever ask for, and you were always there for me and to lend 
advice, even though I wasn't always ready to hear it. Ms. Barton, you have been 
m\ biggest inspiration to make a difference in the world. Your teachings remained 
with me far beyond the walls of the classroom. Finally. Aaron, the love of my life. I 
couldn't have imagined 1 would ever find someone like you; your support this year 
helped me get through so many long nights of homework and helped to make m\ 
last year at Trinity the best. To all my friends, thanks for always being there, and 
all the best next year. I will never forget my time at TCS. Good luck to everyone 
in the fiiture and keep in touch! 


Nate Dove 


The strangest thing I have ever seen is people acting hke they know what they are 
doing, when really no one does. We act like we understand what is going to happen 
to us tomorrow, based on no prior knowledge, other than that gained from our 
stupid tricks to gain confidence and social standing. To comprehend this is to know 
ourselves without anyone else's influence, and that is what it is to be truly ft"ee. to be 
confident in our selves without anyone else telling us to be that way. High school is 
meant to be a learning experience, not in the classroom but in the hallways where 
we see people looking back at us. When we develop into who we are going to be. 
it's the people we see around us that affect most of us the greatest amount. When 
you realize that there is more than this, when there are more important things out 
there than how you appear to these people who have just as many problems as you 
do. and who you will never see again, then are you growing up. Finding roles for 
yourself is limiting yourself, and carrying those roles with you limits you wherever 
you go. Wherever we go. I hope that we all gain intelligence and wisdom, and I 
hope that we all learn to understand one another and accept one another with all our 
faults. Peace, Nate Dove 

Felipe Garcia-Andrades Llamas '05-'07 

I lived and cherished every minute at TCS to the fullest; I take all experiences, good 
and bad, as enriching. First, thanks to my parents and brothers for their support and 
for a lifetime experience; I love you all. I'm indebted to you. My TCS experience will 
be one of my sweetest life memories. Leaving friends and the sandy, sunny Cuban 
beaches was tough but worthwhile. My experiences here will be unforgettable. As 
Horace said: "Curpc diem! Re juice white you are alive: enjuy the day: live life In 
the fullest: make the most of what you ha\'e ". Enjoy every minute to the fullest. It's 
a place where, like it or not. one ends up longing for. Allen and Christ, thank a lot 
for being the best "dads". Keiser and Dingram. thanks for so much. Robert, thanks 
for the constant help. Healy. thanks for your openness and India trip. Walker, man in 
black, best advisor FD, thanks for your motivational services and being a great friend. 
TL, thanks for your patience and comprehensibility. Legakis, thanks for making a 
difference. Thanks to all the TCS community - students, faculty, admissions, school 
store, cleaning, kitchen, property, laundry, and clinic staff- for creating an incredible 
environment. To all Bickle brothers, thanks for such a fun ride, I Love you all. The 
best of my 2 years was living it up with you. My best wishes to all. HD. Kenny. Dono. 
S. Lee. Churchie, Doyle, Tuo, Gareth, Durka, Vit. Gibson, Widdowson, Zee B-Mac, 
Jonny and J-Ng much respect; thanks for your loyalty and great friendship. House 
sports, classes, sports, breakfast Olympics, quarters, fun and games, HOH, house 
outings, stress, debating, chapel, spirit days, bear fair, lectures, ISPs, stewardships, 
parties, long-weekends, trips; it was all good. I'm now more than prepared. Chapter 
ends, story continues... "Carpe diem". 

"If you can imagine it. you can achieve it: if you can dream it. you can become it. " 

Grace Egan '04-^07 

Time just flies. I'm glad I came here and I'm also glad to leave. As I can't think of 

much to say besides thanking my parents and all the people I've met. I'm just going 

to put down a few things that remind me of this place: 

Swans, calls from the airport, an exploding jar of milk/cheese, a person with poor 

fashion sense having bad morals. Malcolm's 'book', pig dissections, applesauce and 

sapplesauce. "aside from the obvious biblical illusions...". 2am ghosts, nicknames. 

haunted houses, stealing from the art room, Nikolas, tea and poetry parties, bike 

accidents, middleside sweaters, in mehi feras, Solomon Isaacs. 

Take care. 

Lady Grace of Egan 

Chelsey Gunning 


Like the many before me, 1 know I'll miss Trinity, but at the same time I also know 
that I'm ready to move on. Now here comes the cliche (which is probably a cliche in 
itself): I'd like to thank my parents for working so hard to get me where I am toda\ 
and for all their unconditional support; I love you both so much. To my LITTLE 
brother Christian, your support at Trinity has meant a lot to me - love you Ristan! 
To my youngest brother,, you are the sunshine in my life and I love you bubba! 
Court (I'm still tired!). Aaron (maca maca). Sully (my big brother). Landegger (my 
travel buddy), Skye (peenk! ) and Beckett (lolly !)- I've missed you so much this year! 
Charissa (my Shrek buddy). Ibi (1 love you because you save kittens from burning 
buildings). Whitney (my drama free roommate! ). Lou (oh you crazy blonde). Chinny 
(Brad!) - thank you for being there through the tears and laughs. You guys are my 
constants and I love you for that! Laura. Els. Carlotta - stay out of trouble my lovely 
little ones! Jenny, Eleni, Jessie, Marissa - you still mean a lot to me. Hammy - thank 
you for always being there. Whitey - thank you also for being there. . .and for Grey 's! 
Mais (Someone Else) - you are too cool. Walker (Billy Boy) - you are the greatest 
teacher I've known, thank you for evervlhing. Mrs Taylor - you've been amazing! 
Trinity will always be a great memory - thanks again. 


Taylor Hammett *01-'07 

Damn ii's been a long trip First ofT, I want to thank my parents for forkin' out 
the dough to come here. Six years isn't cheap. From the junior school to the senior 
school. TCS has really been an incredible experience. The football seasons were 
awesome, and I will never forget the great games, the stupid horse races, and alway s 
leading the team onto the field w ith Dehen beside me. Brogan's slogans, grad room 
conversations, the N64. the Tim Morton's runs, the parties, the early morning groans 
about going to chapel. Orchard house, random car activities on TCS property, ... all 
good times. Although the rugby season is just starting up, no doubt it will be a hell of 
a time. Big shout out to TL, best housemaster and football coach a guy could have. 
Phank you Mr Robert, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Parker. . . you are just a great bunch of 
teachers. Mr. Allen thanks for the talks about playing university football, and all 
that. Braden, Luke, Boos, Rob, John, Cliff, Jacob. Brogan, Tom ... we definitely 
had some good times. Good luck to everyone else still at TCS. 


Jess Hornung *03-'07 

TCS has brought many memories, some of which 1 laugh at, and others which 1 

will try harder to forget. 1 would like to thank all of my close friends, as well as my 

parents, who can now live in peace with knowledge that I actually am graduating. 

To Jeff, good luck next year in your endeavours. TCS is its own community and 

you know you've experienced it when... 

-procrastination is an art form which you mastered in order to survive 

-you've seen 4 thousand balloons in one office, and desks in the bottom of a pool 

-you feel the urge to yell "half day" after every announcement 

-you get pantsed. . all the time 

-you understand that AA doesn't mean alcoholics anonymous, that quarters means 

detention, and normal clothes are called grubs 

-you've been in a war of day students vs. boarders 

-you check email obsessively until 2 in the morning 

-you don't mind eating last Friday's steak which was turned into sloppy joes, 

fajitas, taco salad, and then back into steak 

-you cheer wildly if someone drops a plate 

-it's not unusual to see 50 plus guys streaking on the first snowfall 

...Thanks for the great time, and for those of you who will be back next year, 1 

want you to know that in the end it is all worth it. Life is one big roller coaster, and 

you're better off to just sit back, relax, and let it take you along for the ride instead 

of running away. 

Annegret Henninger 


To Mr Parker & Mrs. Jackson, you made TCS worth the dough. Everyone else: If 
you've got it. flaimt it. Party hard & live big; no regrets. Do what you love: don't 
waste your life. Help the small, & don't take anything from the man. Friends: love 
you, go live your life. 

Bell Hou 


My first and last year in Trinity College School has been amazingly great. Thanks to 
all the people that helped me through this tough year. All the people that 1 met in the 
School, I will never forget the new students fun games, haunted house, my first quarter 
serves, first red gating. 1 would like to thank to all these people; you made my last 
year in TCS great and unforgettable: the amazing Jaime Barker, w ithout you I would 
never be able to pass bio. and chemistry class would be deadly boring, humorous 
Allison Holmes thanks for the Wii. 90210 and you make me laugh all the time. My 
lovely roommate Annegret Henninger. you made my boarding life amazing; super 
advisor. Tamara Bryant, without you I would never have been able to get through 
the first week of school. Helpful Vera Liang, thanks for listening to me whenever I 
felt bad; brother PK.N, you made me feel like I was back to Vancouver again, and 
y ou were always there for me whenever 1 needed you. Dearest YWY, without you 
I would never be the person I am today; thanks for all your help, I will never forget 
the place we went together. Mr. Legakis and Ms. Botrie helped me through this tough 
year with all the university decisions. Mrs.Traugott, Ms. Salt and Ms. Preston made 
me feel as if I were at home; Ketchum House is the best place to live. 
Thank vou! 


Chris Huxtable 


It's only a Teenage Wasteland! Mv Generation . Mv Friends Creep. Dev At arts 
night we took it to II. Thais Right. Eleven. One Louder. The Song that Made Us 
What We Are Today We are on the Highway to Hell Sean. Chip, Tomaz "En Taro 
Adun" Berg MoHAA Will never be the same. Nicholas Purple Haze Thats SAPPY 
Where did you sleep last ni ght? Creep Luke incesticide. Turnaround' V Rape 
Me. M.V. Ben Eh. Eh, Eh. Computer says no... No, but, yeah, but, no, but. yeah, 
but. no. but. yeah but 1 know Live Long and Prosper. Peace and Long Life Sierra 
'Get Behind Me Satan. Passive Manipulation ', Cantina Band Hendrii You didn't 
have to go. Bold as Love . Tearjerker Baldrick Curming plan? Marigold Brienne 
Surprise, Shazam. Quack. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Dancing in 
the Moonlight . 'Surfer Rosa. Cactus '. Scarborough Fair and I Love You! but you 
probably already know that. Mv Friends . ! Mv Generation IVls. B The Times They 
Are A-Changiji' Mrs. O'Regan "Everybody lies ', "It's MY Island!" Ross Large 
Uncle Wally? Scotty Gemini Dream , Live Long and Prosper John Anderson The 
TCS Mac User Group! 3rd Stone from the Sun . Peace And Long Life Stewart The 
Boys will be back in Town Ramsay The Way of the Vaselines Teri Wise Up Janet 
Weiss , Rebel Rebel , Township Rebellion Brian Radar Love , In a Gadda Da Vida, 
1 don't want a pickle. Just want to ride my motorsickle Mom, Dad Surrender . Take 
Five . Alice's Re staurant. Teach Your Children . Find the Cost of Freedom You Cant 
Always Get What You Want , but if you try sometimes you'll find, you'll get what 
you need. Every One Live Long and Prosper School's Out for the Summer, High 
Schools Out FOREVER! The End 

Raphael Jadaa '06-'07 

It's finally over! It's been an amazing year here at TCS. From the classes, to the 
Davies chillin, to the night walks ;) I'm never gonna forget the fiiends I've made 
here. Ibi, SLTs aren't gonna happen in university without me! (hopefiilly). I'm 
gonna miss u a lot! Chet. orange juice? Who am I gonna use these words with now? 
Lauren, you're one of the best girls in this school. Many good memories that 1 had 
with you are unforgettable, except for "how was bio test? m". I'll try forgetting that 
one heh. Laura, you know how much you mean to me. RLs are gonna happen again, 
I'm only going to uni. and it's not that far away. George, Els. Louise, Brett, Lotta. 
Hooby, you guys are all very important to me. Finally now that I'm out of school 
maybe I'll get a bit more sleep which I thought was a waste of time with the great 
Brent nights. Luke and Calvin, it's gonna suck not having you as my roommate 
and neighbour. And for the people I hung out with mostly, Dougie Adam Eleni and 
Vanessa, it's gonna be a big loss without all of you in Uni. I thank all my teachers 
and housemasters for everything they've done for me, I wouldn't have been where 
I am now without your help. Finally. I thank my parents for making all this happen. 
It's been a really great senior year. 

Sean Hynd 



So it's finally over. I'unny how it took so long, yet it's over so quickly There arc 
so many things I could talk about, and say. but when I think about it there are really 
only two things that are important. First of all. to my parents, thank you so much 
for all you have done, and for giving me this wonderful opportunity! It was great 
(most of the time), and I'm incredibly glad I went! To my friends... welL I suppose 
I'm supposed to say goodbye and thanks, but all of my true friends I'm going to 
keep seeing, and they should already know how important they are to me. And the 
second thing I wanted to say is this; life is what you make of it. If you go in thinking 
that things are bad, and everything sucks, then yeah it's gonna suck. On the other 
hand, if you persevere and try to make the best of things, everything will work out. 
Don't worry about things that aren't in your control, don't get upset when things 
go badly, just pick yourself up. dust yourself off and keep going. And most of all, 
have fiin. Well, that's that. Bye! 

Alfred Kam 

■03- *07 

There is always a start and an end of a Journey. This journey finally ends here, and 
a new journey begins shortly... I'll miss the life in TCS. Many precious memories 
happened in this place. Happiness, sadness, people came in and left. But still, TCS 
is one of the best places ever to spend time, except for some of rules around here, 
even though 1 did not go through much trouble lol. I'll miss all the faces I met and 
been with, but I have to thank TCS for my four years here. Quite a while eh? But 
it did fly by quick ^ 


Rob Kay '01-'07 

Firsl ol'all I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to come 
to TCS and I would also like to thank the people that made it the great experience 
that it was, 1 hope that you all know who you are, including my teachers. TCS has 
been a huge part of my life. It has shaped me into who I am today and 1 believe it 
has made me a better person. I met many people, some great, some not so great, 
but every one of them had an impact on my life. I'm sure Pinball would be proud 
to hear me say that without TCS I would be much further from finding my "sweet 
spaawwt". TCS. not the buildings but the environment, has been a large part of who 
I am, and I can only hope it will continue to be in the future. Do you know who is 
a RE-DIOT?'? Well if you don't then this is where you should stop reading. But For 
Kristin (the largest part of who I am), anything written in a grad quote would not do 
you any justice because I hope to be telling you that I love you long after we leave 
this place. Wherever we end up together, and I hope that down the road you will not 
need to look back at this for reassurance BUT, if you do look back, I am sure you 
will find it reassuring that I was RIGHT all along. 

Angie Kim '05-'07 

I am heart-broken to be leaving this great place called TCS. I came to TCS for a 
reason unlike others. I have had great memories of this place and it allowed me to 
encounter some of the greatest people in my life. I have learned to enjoy myself and 
to push myself harder to reach my maximum potential. I am going to become a great 
fashion designer and bring credit to the School. To all of my fantastic friends, I will 
keep in touch with all of you and 1 thank you for providing me with such a great 
experience. To all of the amazing teachers, 1 have learnt so much from all of you and 
thank you for providing me with unforgettable knowledge and life lessons. 1 would 
like to especially thank Ms. Paziuk, a great counsellor, and Mr Stooshinotf. a great 
art teacher, for supporting me and guiding me to get into a world famous art school. 
Qhrhtlvdmfrjdi... djswpsrks Rhr aksskdiwi :) 

Donovon Kellyman *03-'07 

Wow. After four years of Satan and his minions, I've decided that I'll really miss this 
place. Thank God 1 made it. .1 certainly didn't expect that. To my family: There's no 
way 1 can thank you enough for all you've done for me. To TCS people: 1 can't list 
you because there are so many, but you should all know you made life here bearable 
(sometimes). For my West Indian brethren: don't forget me. 1 might need your vote 
one day. To My teachers: some of you 1 can't thank enough. Others, well, you win 
some you lose some. 

Teach us. good Lord, 

to serve You as You deserve, 

to give and not to count the cost, 

to fight and not to heed the wounds, 

to toil and not to seek for rest, 

to labour and not to ask for any reward, 

save that of knowing that we do Your will. 


Michael Kwan 


This is my first year at TCS, and it has been a really fantastic time. Study used to 
be my whole life, when I was still in my old school, but now at TCS, 1 spend my 
time equally in studying, in doing exercise, and in socializing with friends. This has 
given me a balanced life and also a chance to refresh my mind after the school day. 
1 would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to my parents for allowing me 
to come to TCS. 1 understand that not many people can have such an experience. 
Although this one year at TCS has been really very short, 1 can say it has not been 
enough, and I intend to make the remaining months even more meaningful. As well, 
1 am really lucky to have a marvellous roommate, and a good group of friends, who 
have helped me to become adapted to such a new environment; they have allowed 
me to feel at home away from home. Moreover, my teachers and my tutor have also 
given me a lot of support in academics, so that I, when using English as a second 
language, will not find too many problems in the work place. 
I think that in the future, when 1 read through this passage again, I will always 
remember this paradise. 


Bradley Mitchell *03-^07 

Being away from home tor four years seems like a long time. I have missed out on 
the excitement of hurricanes, traditions such as Bermuda day. and the lifesty ie in 
general. Yet I have come to reaUze that I have my entire life to soak up the island 
lifestyle and that the trade off was worth it TCS has prepared me in a number of ways 
that 1 believe no school in Bermuda would have been able to do. I feel confident to 
finish the year strong and move onto university to expand my education and thinking 
to a higher level. 

Stay safe. 



■ 1 ; VM 

' A 


{. '■■ 







Samuel Oh 


The last four years have gone more quickly than I thought and the time has come to 
start another journey. Even though everything wasn't always perfect, this place has 
taught me a lot of things. This place proved to me that spending four years of my high 
school life in TCS was worth it. Not everything turned out to be the way that I expected 
and many times, I found myself surprised at the way that they turned out. However, 
I also learned a lot from this process and 1 will never forget what this place has done 
for me. I have met so many great people here in TCS and I would like to thank TL, 
Legakis and Kedwell for their help and guidance. It was also great to meet guy s like 
Sam Lee, Kenny Bang, Harry, Ryan & Ryan and many other guys in Orchard House. 
My life got more interesting because of them. I cannot thank my family enough for 
always supporting me. I don't know what's going to happen to me in the future, but I 
know that I'm prepared for whatever is out there. 1 know that God will always make 
a way for me, and I thank him for what he has done in my life. 


K .*^ 


A 1 

Rachel Mwalwanda '05-'07 

So this is it. 1 came to TCS looking for a change; and after two years here 1 can say 
that this place is definitely a world of its own. Now that it's the end, two years seemed 
too little. If 1 could have come here earlier perhaps 1 would have, but then again 1 
would never want to lose all the memories. Thanks to all of those that were there 
with me through both the ups and downs, especially Vanessa and Jaime, 1 don't know 
what 1 would do without you girls supporting me. 1 have learned so much here, and 
1 don't only mean inside the classroom. 1 just want to thank my parents, especially 
my mom, for having the strength to let me leave home and come here. I know it was 
hard, but it was the right thing to do. Fellow Ketchumites, I will miss you all and, of 
course. Traugott, you were always there when 1 needed you. Even though this is the 
end of our time together, you shouldn't think of it as the end but rather the begirming 
of something new, Y3's it's your time to shine. 

Alex Popoff *05-'07 

Trinity College School has given me a myriad of opportunities and showed me how 
to accept loss, love, and life with the needed grace in only two short years. Going 
to France proved to be a phenomenal experience, one that I will never forget. India 
taught me more than I could fathom 1 would ever learn about myself and life in 
general. The good times, my genuine friends, 'the same few people', and the HO's 
of my life I will remember always. 

You never did English, did you? It doesn't matter, you made this year unforgettable, 
and I love you. I can't wait to move on. and 1 want to thank my teachers and family 
for all they have done for me. 1 sincerely appreciate it all, and will never fail to 
remember all the sacrifices made for me, and those that I made along the way. The 
office and swoon wall, Sylvia's warts. Cookie, the towels of interhouse, BAP, PC 
stuff, and all the Kongs will be exceptionally and deeply missed fooo shizznat. Meet 
you all on the ceiling. ..I'll bring the Toffifee. 

1 -> ^ 

Stephen Rattan *06-'07 

1 C S has been a blast! 1 here are so many things to look back upon and just crack up 
over. There were so many firsts for me. like the first time play ing hockey, or modelling 
in pink clothes for the breast cancer chapel . . and winning! Oh and how can I forget 
being nicknamed "Durka" fi-om the get go (Thanks Gareth and Nate). The Bickle 
Boys played a huge part in my TCS life. They are the best bunch of guys to hang out 
with. No matter what, there's always someone in Bickle to make trouble, chat, or just 
have shaving cream fights (Joon and Justin). 

Monkerts, you da best roommate and das de truth cos Chandapaul sed so! 
So many characters I will never forget, Cait, Caro, Hoin. Monkerts, Nate, Steams, 
James Ngl, Joon, Justin, Sam and Kenny, Charles, Knowles, Felipe, Churchy, Sears, 
Hope Ross. Brad, Chet, Ibi (I know u luv me), and so many more. All de islanders 
and dem. You know who you are. Thanks for de good times. 
That's all for now I guess, keep in touch and let the good times roll! 


lain Redford 


KinalK done! An extra year of high school is more than enough. Tracey, Louise, 

Charissa, Bauer, and Bradley, good luck next year Hope all works out for you. 

Knowles, Tat, and Karleigh, hold it down next year, gonna miss ya. To my dawgs 

that already graduated, Rob, Alexiou, Holmes. Tinch. Swanny, Muff, and Ola, I'm 

finally free. Chelsea, you made life at TCS easy to get through when you were here; 

when you were not, it was tough. I am glad you became a part of my life, and 1 

wonder what life would be like if 1 had never come to TCS and met you. Can't wait 

to see you next year, love you and miss you. To my parents, thanks for sending me 

to this fine institution, its taught me a lot of valuable life skills and I appreciate it. 

Don't worry, I'll try to pay you back for the extra year. Finally, to everyone else, a 

few thoughts to ponder. . . 

What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread? 

Is there another word for synonym? 

Is Disney World just a human trap, operated by a mouse? 

If a man says something in the woods and there are no women there, is he still 


Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? 


John Shevlen 

In order of importance 

Thank you Granny. 

Thank you family. 

Thank you Don Aitchison and Nick Bauer. 

I love you all in different ways. 


"Goodbye is too good a word babe 
so I'll just say fare thee well" 
- Bob Dylan 


Marcus Wade 


It's the end of the year and things have gone by so fast! I look back at my limes at 
TCS, and I have little but good memories. 1 must say that TCS was a blessing for me, 
and I'm more than thankfiil for the opportunity to come here. I have to say thanks to 
my friends for their support over the years. Thanks to my teachers for their guidance 
and assistance during my time here. I must also thank those who weren't so nice, 
because it was you who helped make me a better person. Good luck to all the other 
grads next year, and best of wishes to those still at TCS. 


Maranda Smith 


The last seven >ears at TCS have gone by and 1 have to say that 1 ani better for it. 
Not all times were perfect, but I've had some great times here. For those times I 
want to say thanks to: my mum, my sister and best friend Jess, & my auiit Debbie for 
their support, Ms. Beck and Ms. Hands as well as all of my other teachers for their 
guidance. I also want to thank my friends for amazing times: Coleen, Kristen, Alex, 
Joon, .Mackenzie. Brittany, Maddy. Mel, Sammy. Maggie and everyone else. To all 
of Rigby House: thanks for the fun times. 

Jess Tutton. I had amazing times with you in the lounge. Our trips downtown on half 
days were a blast, and the movie sessions Thursdays in the library. J. P. + J.T. & J.A. 
+ M.H. &S.C. + C.W. 

Most of all I want to thank Lauren for helping me through all of my difficult times. 
You are my best friend. I had amazing times with you: in England. Jamaica, my 
house, and in classes. Always a shoulder to cry on or a smile for anything great, you 
are the sister I got to choose and will always be so. I will miss you next year; it will 
be different without you. 

" Als je moet. dan kun je veel." — "When forced to, you can do more than you 

Brittany Stanyon '06-'07 

My only year at TCS has made my high school education more exciting than I imagined. 
I defeated my fear of public speaking, and created some seriously intense study skills. 
I want to thank my friends, teachers, and advisor for making my year as productive 
as it was; I feel more ready for Guelph than ever and it's all because of you. I'm 
definitely going to miss 'the same few people' who made my life at Trinity the best 
it could possibly be. The swoon wall will be deeply missed, even if it didn't fill up as 
we planned. I hope grads in the future benefit from "The Cut" as much as I did. 1 will 
surely miss all the good times in the grad room, with those tiny and lanky kongs. I'm 
not sure what I am going to do next year without drawing comics in Chemistry class, 
or having lounge dance parties and moshing to Sandstorm. How will I survive without 
my eggnoodles? I miss them already. Interhouse was also unforgettable; I sincerely 
feel that skipping Calc AA and spending my time in Bickle was worth it. (Sorry Mrs. 
Taylor) But seriously . . . Trinity is an extraordinary school, and a memorable experience 
that no one should ever take for granted. Three years of public school will prove I'm 
right. So take it easy kids, and enjoy it while it lasts. -Veni Vidi Vici- 

Gabo Tse 


"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that 
nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde 

Whitney Waliefield 


I have learned to appreciate Trinity more than I had originally planned. Moving fi'om 
a high school of 80 girls to that of 600 co-ed students, I only expected to be a linle 
fish in a big pond. But 1 have to admit... I'm kind ofa big deal! Jokes. Being involved 
in the TCS community isn't the only thing I appreciate; it is the people in it and the 
people who put me there. My parents have given so much to me and my appreciation 
and love for them has never wavered. My three older siblings have guided me and 
could not have done a better job. I love you guys. Peter, you taught me how to fly 
and showed me that the ordinary can become legend. To Dr. Hodges and Ms. Brown, 
who taught me how to think; I thank you as well. To my lovely Scott girls and all my 
true friends (I'll let you guess who you are!) I really do love the memories you have 
given me. 1 leave you with the wisest of words I know: "Tu ne cede malis. sed contra 
audentior ito..." (Virgil, Aeneid VI. 95) 

For any FY's who happen to be reading this and are aspiring to be a big deal like me, I 
suggest you take Latin with the Doc. Bigside Latin has truly been the most invaluable 
team I have ever played on and 1 will miss my fellow players... at least for a while. 

See va, home slice. 


Justin Wiemann 


Two >cars of being al TCS finally come to an end. They were definitely the most 

memorable times and will always be a big part in my life. Special thanks to my 

parents and sister. I love you, and thanks for supporting me in every situation and 

for giving me this huge opportunity which I will never forget. 

Coming to TCS in Y3 was amazing - getting to know a lot of different people from 

all over the world. And now finally being in Y4 enjoying all of its privileges, and 

graduating is just amazing I bad a lot of fun times at TCS which 1 won't forget. 

Bickle Boys what can I say, best house by far. Thanks for everything. Good luck 

to those who are back next year. 

Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ, it was great to have you as Housemasters. 

Also thanks to all my teachers in Y3 and Y4, for keeping up and supporting me, 

and for teaching me what I need to know. 

Joon: Hope we stay in touch buddy; it was great to have you as a roommate, lots 

of tun times in 301 which I wont forget either. 

Greetings to everyone who knew me; we will stay in touch. 

(Germans keep it up next year I 
Alex, thanks for everything. This last year wouldn't have been the same, without 

Timmie Yang 

06- '07 

Thinking back on the first day I first arrived at TCS. it doesn't seem like long ago 

at all! One year has sure passed quickly! Doesn't seem like enough! 

Now that I'm about to graduate. 250 words don'' seem to be enough to describe 

the good time I have had here. 

Being the first time completely away fi-om home, everything was new and exciting. 

and a bit scary for me. Ketchum House made a very special home for me at TCS. 

From the first cheer to grad outings, Ketchum has simply been wonderful. Mrs. 

Traugott has been a wonderful housemaster to me. helping me to make my stay 

here more like home. I'll be missing all of the Ketchumites for sure! All the fun I 

had with them is just AMAZING! 

I have learnt a lot academically through this year, but I also had time to enjoy other 

aspects of the .school. Community service for example, was something very new 

for me. The Help Desk made it very interesting for me. I would really like to thank 

everyone in the IT department for an awesome year! Johnson's Ringers was another 

great part I enjoyed a lot. The bells were simply incredible. 

Can't really go into everything... Too much to say. too many things I'm going to 


It has been such a memorable and exciting year! 

TJ. Wood '01-^07 

It has been a strange and sublime journey, 
from lottenham to Orchard to Brent in the 
span of six short years thai seemed to last 
forever The machinations of this institution 
have undoubtedly changed me for the better, 
although the process itself at times has proved 
most unpleasant, as most good lessons are. TCS 
is not really composed of bricks and mortar, 
but is constructed from the people within it 
and it is these people that have made my time 
here such a unique experience. My friends, 
you know who you are, thank you for your 
commitment; I can only hope I sufficiently 
returned it. Mr Cameron and Dr Hodges, thank 
you for shepherding me through this tribulation. 
Mom and Dad. thank you for affording me this 
opportunity. I can only hope I'll live up to your 
expectations. And to all those I'm leaving 
behind, keep on trucking. 

I made a big decision a little 

while ago 

I don't remember what it was. 

which prob'bly goes to show 

That many times a simple choice 

can prove to be essential 

Even though it often might 

appear inconsequential 

I must have been distracted when 

I left my home because 

Left or right I'm sure I went. (I 

wonder which it was!) 

Anyway. I never veered: I 

walked in that direction 

Utterly absorbed it seems, in 

quiet introspection. 

For no reason I can think of. I've 

wandered far astray. 

And that is how I got to where I 

find myself today 

-Bill Watterson 

Chet Gervais 


" Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.' 


Alex Hambrock 

Falling in Love with Retchum House 

Being able to eat a full meal in under 5 minutes 

Learning to pla\ rugby 

Getting into first lunch everyday' 

Not being called Little Hambrock anymore 

Starting to date the greatest guy ever 

Getting out of study 

Realizing the phones come back on at 12 

Learning that Retchum Windows are easily broken 

Figuring out that I actually miss my family and how 

thankful 1 am for all they have done for me 

Having a closet full of ties I will never wear again 


I day 

3 months 

7 months 

8 months 

9 months 

II months 
20 months 
22 months 

25 months 

26 months 



* > 



Michael Churchman 


What could I possibly say that could match what I had here? I have spent four 
years in Bickle, each better than the last. I have had too many good times and 
too much support from friends and family to even consider thanking names. For 
all the people who have made my time here possible, thank you, thank you, thank 
you! To my Mom, Dad, and Michelle, 1 don't know what words could thank you 
enough. Laura, good luck next year - you're going to have a blast. To Alex, I 
will miss the time we had here together, but nothing will be lost. To the friends I 
leave to graduate, good luck. To all who have known me... don't feel bad about 
forgetting me, but do try to hold on. 
Catch you on the flipside, 

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of 
enthusiasm."- Winston Churchill. 


Sarah DeGeer 

'00-'07 Luke Gaston 

1 just want to say thank you everyone who has helped me through the past seven 
years. To my mum and dad, you have put your time, money and effort into my 
education and have been more than helpful and I love you both more than anything. 
My sisters and brothers have been there for me whenever I need help in any way, 
thank you so much and I love you! Luke, thank you so much for being there for 
me, you helped me through my hard times and I am so grateful for you. I love you 
so much! Thanks to my friends who have helped me in tough times. You would 
think that after seven years I would have more to say but 1 don't. All 1 can say is 
that I am grateful for all the things that happened while I was here because if they 
did not happen I would not be the same person 1 am today. 


Well, three years have come and gone in what at first seems like an eternity but 
really went in a flash. I don't want to make this long so I will get to the thanks. 
To my parents for sacrificing everything to put me here, to Ingram for being a 
great friend and advisor, to Keiser and TL for being awesome housemasters, to the 
Bethune and Orchard boys for being great brothers and friends, and lastly Sarah, 
you were always there for me and I love you. I don't really have a clever comment 
to end on but 1 have been thinking of this one for a while. 

In the words of Vanilla Ice 
"Yo man let's get out of here 
Word to vour mother" 



Braden Schenk 

'05-'07 Andrew Boos 

I irst and Kirennisi ihcrc arc some incredibly important people that 1 owe at the ver> 
least, all my gratitude. My Parents for making endless sacrifices for my. and all my 
brothers" benefits. My Aunty Dee and her family for always managing to convey just 
how proud they were, and my Granny for being a continuing pillar of strength for my 
family whenever we've needed it. My older brothers. James and Chris, for teaching 
me to let that, which does not maner. truly slide. And my linle brother Tristan for 
teaching me that being a role model is the greatest thing any man could ask for 
I would also like to thank the people who have helped me along the way with all their 
moral suppon. TL. for making my time in Orchard one where I could really thrive. 
and Mrs. Langford for helping me pull some strings with my academics. Ali Cameron 
for always being there for me. even if I hated what she had to tell me. Eleni Bock for 
making me feel appreciated when I was down, and there were times where I have 
been down. And Andrew Boos for being my favourite Wing-man. 
Mr. Legakis - who was always more than happy to tell me exactly what I needed 
to hear - exactly when I didn't want to hear it (it's a harder job than it sounds) and 
never losing faith in my potential - and his wife, Ms. Finlay - who. bless her heart. 
would not stop listening no matter how confusing or hopeless my dialogue became. 

Final Words? 

We Are What We Limit Ourselves To Be, Perfection Is A Maner of Imagination 


Doneskies. bab\ W hen 1 first came to TCS in grade nine, the Y4s were adulLs. 
Now. it's as if the rest of the School got younger (I swear the junior school's 
bringing dolls to life) and I've just stayed the same. There's no easy way to sum 
up the impact TCS has had on me as a person, but it is a positive one. I had some 
fantastic experiences with a lot of people here, and formed some solid relationships 
- you know who you are - let's make it last. 1 couldn't have gone to the School 
in the first place if it wasn't for my parents, and I owe them my lifelong thanks. 
Highlights? Countless! Some publishable ones: That overtime football win in 2005 
in the States, wimiing OFSAA. and Hodgetts absolutely killing in House Olympics. 
Through all the verbal abuse from teachers, the mind-numbingly boring classes 
(by no means all of them), the all-nighters at my desk, all the times I puked from 
exertion in practice, all the times 1 got into Osier when it was closed and got a 
fiill meal, all the times 1 had to break into the school, sneak people back into their 
dorms after hours and then find a way into my own house, all the times I thought 
1 was a goner for sure; I wish I had something vastly and profoundly insightful 
and deeply moving to say... but I don't. It's been a blast. I love you guys. Mark, 
keep it... never scared. 

CaitUn Conyers '03-'07 

Four years. . .finally over! I can't say I'm sad to leave, but 1 will miss TCS! 
Olivia, Anna & Emily: I love you girls and don't know what I would have done 
without you. Caro: you were the BEST roommate I could have ever asked for 

- don't change for anyone! Sarah: stay positive and believe in yourself! You're 
amazing (a tad crazy) but amazing! Sid Smith- "I could be your Favourite 
girl. ..Forever!" I love you! Take good care of Jadah and don't give up! Dyyylon 

- my big teddy bear! Enjoy your last year; I'll miss you! Stephan: You made my 
life this year. Don't know how I would have survived Al/Geo or school without 
you! Hamir!- four years together. ..keep your head up... I love you. My Opa's 
and Oni's.ANYON... Angle, Rachel, SoYoun, Songg, and Alice: Sa Long Hey 
(L). Denby & Babiuk: thank you for everything; it wouldn't have been the same 
without you! Last of all, BRITTANY! Splash on Monday when we reach Bermuda 
right? lol.I love you girl!! 

Mummy and Daddy: Thank you for always believing in me. . you are my best 
friends and I love you! Alex and Gretchen: thank you for always being there. .1 
love you. 

To all the teachers that changed my life for the better - you know who you are- 
thank you! 

To all of the Bums girls that made this all worthwhile: Thank you and good luck 
next year! I'm gonna miss you all! 

To all of my fellow Bermudians: keep representin! To the 4 that will always be 
remembered: Amanda, Cassandra, Milisa and Milina.I love you all and 1 wish 
you could have been here with us! 
Toevervone else at TCS. ..SMILE... 

Brittany Pitt '05-'07 

He> Hmmm. .When 1 first came to TCS in grade II 1 hated it. I really did. (lol) 
But then, as my second year came around it became better and things started to 
come around for me. so for those out there that feel the same way hopefully it 
comes around for you too. or maybe not! TCS is a great place to be and a wonderful 
experience. You learn so much and meet so many different people you may not 
be familiar with. Remember it's the experience that counts. 1 met a lot of good 
people here at TCS and I am thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to 
receive an exceptional education. Even though both of my years here at TCS were 
not the best, I will never forget what I have accomplished and all the friendships I 
have made. 1 am glad 1 was given the opportunity and it's one I will never forget. 
Thanks to everyone who made my experience at TCS great. 
Respectfijlly yours, 


James Ng '03-'07 

Four years of TCS. I love it (seriously!)! It's been a tough lesson. I will definitely 
miss TCS (especially the food. Chapel and Boulden House)! I've learnt a lot and 
got a lot to say. Sorry to people I've offended in the past. ..Thank you God, for 
the opportunity of TCS, and thanks to my family for always supporting me... 
Mr.AJlen and Mr Christ for straightening me up for years... Stoosh for making 
me love art... Bickle boys and other friends for making TCS such a great place. . . 
Koreans for somehow I knew some of you so well... and definitely the Chinese 
relations! Nothing can be better! I will miss TCS!!!... And brw, for those of you 
who are reading this in school and you're FYA'2 orY3, your life probably sucks 
(hahaha =]). If you're a Y4, enjoy your last year, don't be stupid. Lastly, TCS is 
a good school, good luck! 

Calvin Tsiang '05-'07 

It's been my second year at TCS; it's been a good time staying here. I met a lot 
of frz during these two years, there were experiences that u will never forget... 
Thanks to all the teachers and TCS for giving me this opportunity. 
Brent House. . . it is for sure the best house ever in TCS. No other house will ever be 
better than Brent. And all those night we had fun together with my roommate Raph 
and Luke, they were good memories. Lastly, for those who are still in TCS next year, 
like Chung Chung, lol, hope that u will have fun with the rest of Asians, lol 

Wendell Chan 


A quote, eh? Well, I have thought up of a lot of things I want to write about. I 
wanted to end this episode of my life to at least show the wilder side of myself 
(Always seeing the same boring Wendell is bad for your health). Too bad most of 
them include things you guys won't understand due to your lack of knowledge on 
internet meme (Not that I'm blaming you, since it's the IT guys that's blocking 
sites). So... Brace yourself with a boring intro: 

I would like to thank mom, dad. my bro... Just joking, I told you I'm not going to 
let you see my boring side again. Let me rant for a bit. okay? I couldn't say that I 
have enjoyed my life at TCS; that would be a lie. My life has reduced to more time 
off the internet due to web filters and cut-off times. While most people are going 
to be reminiscing about the good times in TCS or giving their thanks in their grad 
quotes, that's boring (Sorry to those who have done it! ). 

A quote is separated into four categories: Beautiful. Truth, Memorable and 
Inspirational. I'm certain most people are going for "Truth" (Not that saying TCS 
is great may be more truthful than Bush giving a speech on the War on Iraq). I 
want my quote to be "memorable" to others. 

Wait a second, did I just use up all my 250 words? Already? So much for a 
memorable quote. 

Eugene Chan '05-'07 

Watching people graduate is an experience, but this time. I'm the one graduating. 
What I got from my shon two year stay in TCS is friendship, knowledge, and much 
more. I have been treated much better than I deserved, and had a great time. Thank 
you all who taught me. and thanks to all who have accompanied me. I learned much 
more than what is just in the books and experience, much more than what an 18 
year old should have gone through. I really loved this place, and never wished to 
leave, but I guess that's how life goes. People move on. and there is much more to 
experience still. I definitely would come back for another year or two if 1 could. 
What more could I say? 



Eleni Bock 

'04-'07 Vanessa Sanders 

I wo > ears ago. I would have been thanking God to finally graduate from TCS. but 
not anymore. Since I've gone here, I've completely changed, and I'm not ashamed 
to admit it. When I think back at all of the good times I've had here, the harder 
times and winter depression now suddenly, they seemed worthwhile. Sooo. here are 
my "shout-outs" to all of the people I've gotten to know and love, you pretty much 
know who you are. Vanny. you'll forever be my role model, and best friend, please 
come back to Canada! Jenny. Jessie: keep the Saudi connection strong, always stay 
proud: home is where the heart is. Adam, it's going to be hard, but I'm willing to 
do anything it takes to stay together Thank you for everything you've done for me, 
I can't imagine how hard this year would have been without you. Alex. Dougie, 
Bobby, Raph, Jaime, I'll always be there for you., if you need help, just wave a 
flashlight in the sky. Don't worry, I'll see it. 

And now I'm done... That just happened. 1 love you guys. To everyone else, I 
hope I see some of you again, and to others who I don't want to see, have a good 
life. I'm just kidding. 
Oh and Rowen. for a Son of God, you really are a son of a ... whoooaaaaaahh! 

"To everyone out there who's a little different, 1 say damn a magazine, these are 
God's fingerprints." -Brother Ali 


Trinity changed my life. It was much more than just a school for me. I got to 
know so many new amazing people who I will never forget in my life. Thanks to 
Mum and Dad for giving me this opportunity and supporting me in any way and 
in any decision I had to make for myself 1 love you guys a lot. Thank you! Bieni, 
you helped me out so much here and you were always there for me. You are an 
amazing friend and 1 wish you the best time for the future. 1 will miss you a lot! 
I also thank all teachers and coaches for great seasons and everything they taught 
me. Sports were always something 1 looked forward too. Good luck to BS Field 
Hockey and Soccer next year (Robo, don't be so hard on them!). Ashout out to all 
my fiiends I had. Hockey "History in the making girls": thanks for the laughs and 
good times we had at this school (and outside haha). 'I'ou guys know who you are; 
Eleni, Dougie, Raph, Anna, Emily, Jeremy, Rachel, Brett Adam, Venasse, David, 
Nate, Durka, Alison, Jaime, Charles, Hope-Ross ( © ), Dylan, Guy, Macauley, 
Gabo and so on. Alii, keep up the work and good luck with your last year, it's the 
best by far! Good luck for all of you in the future. Enjoy every moment of your 
life because you will never be able to live it again. Keep in touch and come visit 
me ©! Lots of love and 1 will miss you all. 

Brett Payette '04-'07 

Like most people 1 have mixed feelings about Trinity. Throughout the past three 
years I've hated it, loved it fought it, partied with it and now that's its over miss 
it a lot. Never thought that would happen. 1 would like to thank Ms Beck, and all 
the day girls.. .and boys (LT, ET) for helping me get my start here in GradelO. 
Things change over the years but I never forget you're awesomeness lol... Ingram, 
the Traugotls, SALTY - thank you for being the back bone of my TCS Career MS 
(Heart), BP best roommates ever! Thanks for dealing with me/ my drama. Though 
1 might have been scared of you at first you taught me a ton : ) 1 don't really have 
anything profound to say except HOCKEY GIRLS ROCK, KP. JF and OF you are 
going to ROCK your positions next year. AGH - my secret twin - You owe me a 
closet :) Barbados Crew -You made grade 12 unforgettable (1 love you EB, VS, 
ED), lol Room 202 and their associates (male and female) - you know how to rock. 
Thanks to all those that made an impact on my life, but 1 won't be seeing much of 
(MW. ND) Lastly thank you Mom and Dad (Mag, Pierre, boots included. maybe 
Ash and Drew lol) for getting me through this. 1 am truly a better person because 
of it. I know Grainger and Traugott will miss my get togethers, but it's finally time 
for me to fly away. Peace, 

Marianne Stefopulos '04-'07 

Trinity has been a journey. Not going to lie - it's been a rollercoaster of good and 
bad times. To all, who 1 encountered along the way, 1 will never forget the memories, 
the laughs and the tears. To my parents: thanks for the opportunity to grow and 
learn in this environment. Mom: you are the strongest person 1 know; your love 
and care are imbelievable. David. Katie and Mike: you all have unique qualities; 
thanks for putting up with mine these past few years. 1 love you all. Lady Sarah, 
our friendship has grown so much in the past few years, thanks for evcryihin^. Jacq. 
Andria, Brett Monty and Lolo: thanks for helping me through the rough times and 
for putting a huge smile on my face every time. To my teachers: thanks for enjoying 
what you teach. It makes a huge difference. To Myke. Erin, Allie and my travelling 
buddies: thank you for our experiences together Mr Legakis: thanks for your help 
and advice. Lastly, thanks to all the people who have made small or large impacts 
in my life. You have no idea how much you mean to me. So my advice for all those 
who still walk the halls: do not let time slip away from you, enjoy every moment 
break some rules, and always be open to new experiences. Live life to the fijilest 
because, in the end, everything will turn out the way it is supposed to be. 


Anna Everdell 


1 had a really good idea lor a grad quote, but as per usual, 1 forgot, so here 1 
am writing this and 1 fear it'll be the same as evePvone else's. But I truly can't 
believe this is the end. Some people I'll be glad to leave. But there's more that 1 
can't imagine being without. Good luck to everyone in everything. Thank you 
to those who've helped out along the way. Friends, family, teachers, classmates, 
roommates. . . everything you did influenced me in some way. There are more than 
1 can name that have kept me going over my three years, but there are some that 
stand out. KP you were the only person I knew at first, thanks for sticking with 
me. Whit and Anna, we've had some legendary times, keep 'em coming. Alex 
and Vanessa, I couldn't have wished for better roommates. Jammyjamjam... that 
pretty much says it all. KC. Mrs. Straughan and Mr. Walker... thank you, plain 
and simple, you kept it real. DR, I think being really cool finally paid off, and use 
the left door. For those to come, remember that you'll get out of here eventually. 
Be cool on your own terms. Fight the system. Do what you love. Make mistakes, 
get messy. Don't be what other people want you to be. Dance. Break the rules. 

to everyone who mattered 
infinite x's and o's 

Jaime Barker 


I can't believe my time at TCS is almost over! So much has happened over the 
past three years, I have no idea where to start. Friends would be a good place as 
they have helped me so much, I probably couldn't have made it one month, let 
alone three years without them. In fact Anna was definitely needed to write this 
thing as it sounds bad. (1 love you). Barmy boo boo and Lumba, what would I do 
without you two? Eleni and Tam you guys were seriously great roommates and 
I'll miss you both so much ne.xt year. The MK crew. . we had some good times. 
And everyone else, I'll miss you so much and 1 hope that we will stay in touch. 
I've had some great times over the years that I'll never be able to forget and will 
never want to. And many more that deserve credit. 1 can't imagine my time here 
without you all and for those of you that 1 can imagine leaving, I'm sorry because 
you missed out on a good time. 

"We've walked into freedom. This is the place where you can believe your life'll 
end up like a John Hughes movie. That you'll be Molly Ringwald dancing with 
Andrew McCarthy at the prom. That the sound track of your life will be the 
Psychedelic Furs and OMD. That everyone will love you. even if you're a misfit. 
That you'll be Pretty in Pink. This place just does that to you." 

^V J 




Alison Holmes 


The past four years has gone by quickly and been filled with many great memories. 
Most good, some bad. It's going to be hard to finally leave this place but at the 
same time very easy. I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity. 
I'll always remember the great fiiends that I met along the way. A shout out 
to Tamara, Anna. Jessie, Annegret, Bell, Montana, Kristen and all of my other 
Ketchum peeps. Bullet, Clinch. Flash and Bjell. five fo' life! 'Vou made my last 
couple months the best of the TCS years. Also a special mention goes to Jaime who 
is amazing (and currently helping me write my grad quote). I would be lost without 
her. TCS has been like a home to me these past four years, I'm so glad that I came 
here. I'm leaving without any regrets and excited to go on with my life journey. 

Tamara Bryant '03*07 

Saying good bye has never been my strongest talent. I've gotten used to getting 
away with just "Have a good break!" for years. This is different though. My fourth 
year is coming to a close. The time I've spent here has made Trinity my home. 
We all get upset when we first catch ourselves calling school home, but the truth 
is: for most of us, this has been home. Being here showed me how many things 
we are all capable of doing; we just have to choose. So never give up, because 
chances are that tomorrow it will all just click and you'll find something else 
you're great at! In my time at Trinity I've met some amazing people. The friends 
I've had here will last forever, because that's just how it works when you live with 
people for this long. To the Ketchum girls both past and present, thank you! I 
would not have been able to get this far without all of you. My roommates have 
been awesome, and those who have just kind of moved into my room at different 
points are also high on my list. 

For those of you returning, keep up the hard work and make it all worthwhile. 
Don't ever wonder, what if 

"Grace as in life, glides on blistered feet." Abigail Adams 


Kristen See 


It's surreal to have finished my seven-> ear eon at TCS. 1 didn't know it" 1 would 
make it. Alas, I have and I final!) feel that euphoria of accomplishment. I was never 
pan of a competitive team or openl> artistic and. in retrospect. 1 don't regret that 
because, instead, the time I spent with my friends was the best part of my TCS 
career Besides a world of knowledge. Trinity has given me the gift of friendship 
that 1 wouldn't trade for anything (not even for Rush tickets). I've had a love-hate 
relationship with TCS but. in the end. it's all about the experience. Lounge riots, 
travel education, chat time in the 300 oflfices and of course. Smash "07 have proven 
to be the highlights of my journey along this horribly cliched road. I'd like to thank 
the SFP. the Sunshine Band. Keams, Devin. and the Y2s in HO for the good times. 
Dayna. remember that party at my place? To Mr Gregg: your words of wisdom 
got me through some tough times - Thank you! To Mrs. Straughan: g-unit. I'll be 
back for that book. Finally, to Mr. Ingram: you know everything I want to say and 
a "thank you' never cuts it. (Good times in Europe). 

So this is it'!' It's been... emotional to say the least but at the end of the day TCS 
isn't such an awful place. Remember: hold onto that last ounce of optimism and 
have a ball doing what you want to. Make an impact - your greatest achievement 
will be inspiring the world around \ou. Churchill said it best, ""history will be kind 
to me for I intend to write it." 

Mackenzie Jackson 


Six years. Six years of memories. Six years of friends. A third of my life! How can 
I describe w hat that means in 250 words? 1 can't ... but I can give some references 
to some good times I had. Like the best Ottawa trip a grade 7 class ever had. Like 
rurming around in our white shirts in the rain, and then playing twister (also in grade 
7). Like buying lighters in Grade 8. Like tumingthe tap on in science class in Grade 
10. Oh SNAP! Like going to New Orleans and Montreal with the best musicians I 
know, and watching Boos getting red arms af^er playing the thumbs up game. Like 
walking the halls with my blood brother and rating girls from 1-10. Like playing 
endless rounds of Super Smash Brothers (and losing every time. ) Like going to 
Australia! FOR 10 WEEKS! With YOUR MOM! Like meeting with the Doc and 
learning all of AP Vergil by myself and writing an AP exam alone... *sniff*... Like 
watching Symon bring Sexy back (with his voice and 4 dance moves). Like harassing 
all The Same Few People over and over again. Like learning the lesson that just 
because they are younger doesn't mean they aren't fair game. Like jamming with 
the best dang drummer EVER! Like so many more I can't even remember.. SO I 
guess all in all it couldn't have been that bad, could it? Not that bad at all. Peace. 

Michael Machum 


It was a good experience and a good opportunity. I enjoyed the possibility to attend 
to this school and I'm glad to say I learned from this incredible year, not only as a 
bear or a bulldog, but from the experience of learning from the diversity of culture 
this school has enabled me to perceive and understand. So 1 thank the people who 
gave me this opportunity, my parents and my grandmother I also thank the people 
who made this experience worthwhile, my friends and my teachers at TCS. 

Joon Lee 


I can't believe I am graduating already! It has been three years at TCS since I first 
came in as a Y2. Special thanks to my parents for supporting me and Mr. Parker for 
being a great teacher, conductor and friend. I think I have spent about half of my 
life at Trinity in the music room. I wish if could have had a bed at the back of the 
room. Y4 was my best year at TCS; I fully enjoyed Y4 privileges, internet until 12, 
no bed time etc. Byron and Justin: You guys were both great roommates; hopefully 
my roommates at the university are just as good as you are! Thank you, Mr Hall, 
for being an awesome advisor! I know you have received a zillion emails from my 
teachers about good/bad things. But everything turned great at the end. For those 
who are Y2 and Y3. have fion with the rest of the time at TCS. I'll make sure to 
visit you. and Good luck 

I'll miss the lounge parties and ""The Same Few People". Playing with Tiny /Chunky 
kongs in the grad office was always pleasing (even better on the ceiling). MacJack! 
KK! 6 o'clock! Oops too late. The average age of a person in Peterborough is 70. 
Ironically, a drummer with half a brain is Gifted. It'll take forever to go to Las Vegas 
on a donkey. "Did you do English?" Finally, OH SNAP! 

1 wish that everyone could keep in touch. Good luck with everything. 




Ra ' '1 










Kayla Vermeulen '01-'07 

res is a place that 1 will never forget. I mean, how could 1? When 1 staned here 
in grade 7, 1 don't exactly remember what I thought TCS would be like, but I'm 
sure it has been better than I imagined. 1 have met some of the most wonderful, 
outrageous, courageous, helpful, caring, forgetful. laz>. hilarious, obnoxious, and 
sometimes annoying people in my time at TCS. Those people I will never forget. 
1 hope my true fi-iends know who they are, and how much they mean to me. This 
school has taught me so many things 1 can't begin to put into words. I have gained 
so many experiences here that I would not have had anywhere else, or without the 
help of my parents. Although I may not have always agreed with the politics of 
TCS, this school has certainly shaped who 1 am. To some, that may seem really 
sad, but try spending the majority of six years here and then talk to me. I didn't 
think I'd ever say this, but now that it's here, 1 will miss this place. "As happens 
sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a 
moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than 
a moment. And then the moment was gone." My time at TCS was this moment, 
and now it is gone. Gone, but never forgotten. 

Kristina Balaam 


Ida Scon Taylor once said. "Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is 
gone..." Trinity has left me with not only a diploma, but also an album of incredible 
memories. Thus, it will be impossible for me to follow Ida Scott Taylor's advice 
While I do not intend on dwelling on the past, I must admit that I will find myself 
grieving for its conclusion. 1 refuse to forget any of the incredible individuals or 
experiences this amazing school has given me. Mr Walker, thank you for providing 
me with so many invaluable opportunities and encouraging me to pursue my 
love of acting Mrs Large, thank you for believing in me when I auditioned for 
Improv in Grade 10; I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with such 
an amazing group of people. Mr. Robert, thank you for your constant supply of 
cookies, wit and assistance. Thank you to all of my teachers for your constant 
encouragement and support. To my friends: I have no doubt that you will prove 
to be some of the most successful individuals of our generation. You mean more 
to me than you could ever imagine! To my family: I know TCS wasn't exactly 
"in the cards", but thank you for always keeping an open mind, and acting as a 
personal taxi-service to friends' houses or acting classes. I love you more than 
anything in the world! Best of luck to the grads and returning students - I'm sure 
you'll go on to do amazing things! 

Ryan Yeom '03-'07 

Wow... Time flies. It feels like I just came to TCS as a grade 9 student yesterday. 1 
would say the past four years at TCS was the best time of my life so far. TCS helped 
me to understand who I am, what I am good at... I guess what I'm trying to say is 
that TCS helped me to discover myself I want to thank my parents who gave me 
this opportunity to attend TCS. I'll be missing everything that happened at TCS. 
Chapel, breakfast, class. House Olympics, and concerts. Thank you Mr.Parker, 
Ms.Jackson, for helping me to improve and gave me a chance to show my music 
skills to other people. If it wasn't for you, I would have not become what I am 
right now in music. You have taught me how to love music. Thank you Mr.Keiser. 
Mr.Ingram for taking care of me for four years. I can proudly say that 1 lived in 
the best residence because you were there to make Bethune the best house ever. 
To Joon. Mackenae. Marcus: It was fun to working w ith you guys with Dixieland 
stuff. To Jess, Harry, Sam, Ken, Ryan, Angle: keep in touch. I' II miss you guys. To 
Sean, Han: ONE MORE YEAR LEFT! ! ! Good luck! To Sharon: TOPPIE 4 Life! 
To all the other Koreans: wish you guys the best of luck. I'll miss you all. 

-Ryan Yeong Seok Yeom (Raymundo Moey Rodriguez the Mexican] 

Jessica Song '04-'07 

WOW!!! Three years went by so fast. 1 can't believe this!!! I'll never forget 
my high school life at TCS. TCS has been a great place and gave me wonderful 
experiences. So many times of crying and laughing, I don't know what to say, 
but thank you TCS for giving me unforgettable memories. I met amazing people 
here and learned lots of new things. First, I'd like to thank my parents for sending 
me away from home to study. Special thanks to Mrs. O'Regan. She has been 
such a great advisor, coolest housemaster, and like a mom. She supported me so 
much with a smile on her face. 1 would like to thank my supporters: I love you 
Mac and Books, Mrs. Large, Mrs. Tewsley, Mrs. Murray (even though she's not 
here) and all the teachers who taught me how to write better. Also thanks to Mr. 
Parker for amazing Trinity Winds and Ms. Jackson for fabulous Vocal Jazz. Good 
luck to my best friends (Nicole, Hea In, Emily), and other Korean kids =) Also 
my lovely buddy Sarah Chan. I won't forget you. And last, but not least, to my 
all Bums girls and our GRADS, I have so many good memories with you guys, 
thanks, Liv, Jennay, Jessie, Rach, ChaCha, Conyers, Kyrstea Sammie, Sarah, 
Angle. For those who are not graduating, good luck to you all. Until we meet 
again, good-bye TCS. 


Lauren Chin-You 


Loulou... we made it. M> amazing roomie & friend, gonna miss you Seagull! 
Mara& Kat my Canadian family, thanks for everything- bow chica wow wow. 
Hammy, BruflS. Lee. Wighton. Dunn & Pontieri: you all made TCS a 2"'' home 
for me - could never thank you enough. Chels; Montreal/facebook wars/pranks/ 
you-tube, we've done it all. Because of you my cat will speak Chinese "ah long 
John sah" & I'll never nm out of toilet paper. Raphy: every see-saw I pass I'll 
think of you. The RLD moments won't be forgotten. "In Lebanon... boom!" 
You're one of my closest fiiends and never let that change, ana bhibbak my 
wannabe islanda. Ibi: special late-night talks, endless memories, you've been 
there for me through it all. Don't give up on this because I'm not going to. 1 
love you Ibikins and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope \ ou 
dance. Mira & MC - gonna miss being in your rooms 24/7! 
Last but definitely not least. Daddy & Mommy: I wouldn't have been able to 
experience this all without you. All those homesick calls and fiascos. I couldn't 
ask for more tolerant parents. I love you! Chin-You's: fathead, banana trash, 
scary bush, putus. Neva a dull moment when we together. Shared nuff laughs, a 
few tears from laughing & more dan enough meals. Is wah mi ago do widout u 
pickneys next year? I love you guys. Donnie, Tracey, Rissa. Grace & everyone 
else - it's been great, all the best! 
Goodbye TCS! 


Rachael Chin-You 


Firstly, Thanks to mommy and daddy, without u this couldn't have happened. 
I've put you guys through hell and back and you guys were still there for me. 
Ms. Pontieri - Thanks for patiently working with me and offering extra help 
when needed. Mr. Robert -Your classes were always so interesting and fiuiny all 
the time and only if all the teachers were that quick with marking assignments/ 
tests/ISPs. Mr Thornton - 1 think 2 years of being your student adds up to more 
than "10% participacion!!" Ms. Barton - Thanks for everything, for believing 
in me. always there to talk and always offering to do anything that would help. 
I really appreciate all you have done for me. For the Chin-Yous. - Lauren (scan 
bush). Jess (putus) and Sammy(hand kart pusha). bwoy di whole a wi fool bad ill surely miss our escapades to da mall and how we always laughin bout 
any and any ting. Ibi - anytime, every time, ill always have froot loops wit u. 
Tracey - wah u seh now Tracey. favourite roomie eva© u kno seh u will always 
be one of ma tugz, alongside we have nuff memories to look back 
on and laugh bout togedda. U dun kno seh is nuff mad love fi u. Wish u all da 
best and a kno seh we will keep in touch. Tat - don't worry u likkle self man, u 
not alone next year, u have Karleigh and Mariko ... lol Thank you to everyone 
else, friends, family, teachers and TCS. 

Kyrsten Venasse '05-'07 

It's been an amazing two yean at TCS with so many memories and good times. 
SoYoun has been a great roommate and living in Bums has been a great "home 
away from home". Sarah Chan, my best bud and breakfast partner, we have 
had some great times together and I am going to miss you lots! Meg Herod, 
we will definitely be visiting each other next year, can't wait to watch you light 
it up in intramurals! I want to wish Bigside girls hockey the best of luck next 
year and I will definitely be back to watch. 

It's been a privilege to have been part of such a great school and I will never 
forget the amazing memories at TCS. 

Meg Herod '03-'07 

Deciding to go to Trinity was not an easy decision. There have been times 
when 1 doubted my decision but never once have I regretted it. 1 am who 1 am 
today because of my four years at TCS. 1 know that I have changed so much. 
The opportunities and experiences I have had would not have been possible 
anywhere else. Hockey in Grade 1 and Middleside hockey. Outdoor Ed camping 
excursion, spare and our amazing boat Aegan and just sitting in the lounge at 
break laughing with my friends has made my time at TCS fun. I would like to 
thank my mom, dad and brother for constantly supporting me. You are the people 
1 respect and admire most. To my friends 1 am going to miss you and you guys 
made TCS fiin. 1 would like to thank my teachers, Ms. Barton for inspiring me 
and Ms. Paziuk for helping me so much. For the past four years I have known 
exactly what I am going to do at all times. Now I don't know where I will be in 
a year or ten years from now but I know that TCS has given me the confidence 
to succeed and to me what makes life exciting is the unknown. 
/ shall he telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 
/ look the one less travelled by. 
And that has made all the difference. 
(Robert Frost) 


Sophie Yalkezian '03-^07 

I still caii't believe I'm wriiiiii: this - tour years have come aiid gone. Kor starters, a 
big thank you to maja and faja for giving me the opportunity to come here. Joe: the 
struggles of my life are nothing compared to yours and I'm grateful for everything 
you've ever given me. And Helen, if I ever amount to even half of the person you are 
ril be proud. Needless to say, my closest friends have had the biggest influence on 
my time here. Ali, Claud, Liv, .'Knna - you ladies can make anything fun, I couldn't 
have asked for more. Emmy darling, what can 1 say? We helped each other out, all 
the while laughing our buns off. Tash - basically my sister - we've been through A 
LOT together, and 1 actually can't even imagine what these years would have been 
like without you. 1 know we'll continue our fi^iendship far outside TCS. and that we'll 
always have each other to lean on. Mrs. Large and Ms. Dunn, thank you for the insight 
and inspiration. And Walker, I forgot to tell you this at Speech Day but you truly were 
the best teacher I've ever had. To anyone I've ever met, talked to, or even just greeted 
in the hallway: goodbye and good luck. I've had some amazing times here, all the 
while thinking that life has yet to really begin. But by now, I've come to realize that 
this is it - high school is a chapter that can never be reopened. So make it memorable 
while you can, and remember to never take things too seriously. 

Life moves pretty fast. If you Jon ) slop and look around once in a while, you could 
miss it. " - Ferris Bueller 's Din' Off 

Natasha Dodd 


I'm still young, but I'm growing up. I'm still a little immature, but I'm smartening 
up and maturing as the years go by. I've made mistakes, but I've leamt from them 
You can't regret the past, but you can improve your future. I sit back and realize how 
much we all take TCS for granted; regrettably sometimes 1 did. I've come along way 
from where 1 stood in grade nine. I have leamt so much in these past four years, more 
than ever imaginable. I owe my successes to so many people, but in particular my 
family - I've had them forever, and they have always been a part of my life. Mom 
and Dad, the things you have taught me have made me so strong. You rwo are truly 
amazing people; 1 wish that one day 1 can be as charismatic, loving, and generous 
as you are. Jess, you are an incredible sister, and one of the most meaningful people 
in my life. Robert, hold up the fort and stick it out. You're a great kid, and hold so 
much potential. I'm really happy and so grateful that I know who my true friends 
are. They are all so real and they've had a great impact on me. 1 wish them all the 
most of luck through their journeys in life. Sophie, you keep me going, you make 
me laugh, you stand by me, you tell me the truth, and you party with me. You're an 
amazing person. These people have helped me weather every storm, and cheered 
me up when I was down. Sometimes you get so preoccupied with life's mundane 
troubles that you don't find the time to really reflect and enjoy what comes your 
way. 1 will forever be appreciative of this experience and to those who shared it 
with me. I came, I saw, 1 conquered. 

Claudia Sanchez 


So this is it. My big chance to say what I've wanted to say for forever and 

a day. 

Wright house, I'm sony I was always late for house meeting! This year wasn't 

a fluke; you're all amazing. 

I've been lucky enough to have fantastic friends that will kidnap me, send me 

cards on opening night, go on Timmie's runs, go to the spa, and sit in Osier just 

talking long after we're done eating. You know who you are. Thank you for 

making me laugh until I can't breathe and my sides hurt. 

My parents and my brother are an unbelievable inspiration to me; they've never 

let me think that anything is beyond my reach. I hope that at the end of the day 

i can say that they are proud of me because I am definitely proud to be their 

daughter and little sister 

I always thought that I would be scared when it came time to leave TCS but 

I'm pretty sure I've done everything there is for me to do here: I've been a sex 

deprived therapist, a backwards queen, a wonderfully bad dancer, a military 

lawyer, and a spotlight-seeking nun; I've organized, written, acted, sung, and 

danced in performances; I'm in random photos around the School, I drew on the 

PCR wall, and I finally got my name on the debating goose trophy! 

It's time to go make a name for myself in New York. 

Go big or go home. 

Thump thump. 

-Claudia Marcela Sanchez 

Optimus Prime ^03-^07 

"With the Allspark gone, we cannot return life to our planet and fate has yielded its 
reward, a new world to call home. We live among its people now hiding in plain 
sight but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have wimessed their 
capacity for courage and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them 
than meets the eye. 1 am Optimus Prime and I sent this mesage to any surviving 
Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here, we are waiting." 

This page was sponsored by Joe Yalkezian, 


Thomas Sears 


Comini; Into TCS tor a mere t\vo years seemed like it would simply be a stepping 
stone into university, but it has proven to be much more. Straight away I made 
some great friends who 1 hope to keep throughout university and life. Well, I've 
always been a gentleman, so ladies first. To my Girlfriends. . or umm. ..Scott House; 
I have countless friends over there that have made this trip through high school 
fantastic. I must thank Ibi (emO) for all the times you had been there for me. and 
still being my friend even when I wasn't able to be there for you. But don't think 
this is some good-bye; you still owe me more finendship time for stealing Beastie 
(Brent's hat). 1 need to thank all of Brent; my nvo years would not have been the 
same if 1 was not in the best house around, and I am truly honoured that I was 
chosen to lead \ ou all in my second year here. To the Brent P4, this year was hectic 
right from the start, but I think we have finished pretty damn strong. Thanks for all 
the times you guys have leant a hand to me when the work has been too much, or 
just too boring. Oh and Tw ig, since day ! at TCS it's been awesome; you've been 
an irreplaceable friend over the years, and I know we'll see a lot of each other in 
the coming years. Well, best of luck everyone! 
Oh, and have a nice day. 

Ryan Hope-Ross '05-*07 

First, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this amazing opportunity. 
TCS has taught me a lot, but it's the things 1 learned outside of class that will stay 
with me for life. The times I have had at TCS have been some of the best. I have 
got some friends, some that 1 hardly know but we've had times 1 wouldn't trade 
for the world. TCS, \ ou left your mark on me, and I hope 1 left my mark. Thanks 
for the memories! 

Room 107 Regular. 

Tracey Forbes '05-'07 

And now "we've come to the end of the road". Two interesting years of work, sports, 
outings, movies, dance parties, sleepovers. hill-rolling, and late night talks. . . Being 
away from home was hard, but leaving here will be harder My time at TCS will 
always be remembered, and the fiiends 1 have made will never be forgotten. Seagull: 
What would I do without my seagull of Lou? I'll miss you so much. The crazy 
things we did! You were my partner in crime, and sweet escape... and yes... you 
do have ADHD, raaraaree! Jackie: my lover, my Queen B. I'll miss you. Charissa 
Anne: Robin Thicke. "Like a fat kid loves cake." <3 Tatpole: Oh Tat... I'll miss 
u my little Mexican. I've watched you bloom and blossom, and I have protected 
you ftxjm vulgar acts. Be good, and no boys! xo Rach: My favourite roomie. Bublz 
wifey. keep it jiggy - "woi mi body !" Kar: my advisee, my kitty dancer, stay sweet 
as always. Ibidayo: my significant other my heart string, my African queeru my 
best ftiend. "We've come a long way..." From creeping to krumping. king kong to 
baby violence. We've had our ups and downs, but we survived it all! Love always. 
Ride or die imoan! Scrub: Ur my boy for life.To Thanh. Kristina and Monica - Take 
care next year. Thanks to Hammy. Whitey. Mais, and Kuy pes for your guidance 
throughout the years, y a mis padres, a mis hermanas y a Dios por todo 

Ibidayo Kuye *05-*07 

So here 1 am, at the end of a road and embarking on a new Journey. Thank you 
Hammy - for knowing me better than I did. Whitey, Mais, Lee, Mrs. Paziuk, Presto 
- for being just as horrible as me in ballet - and my teachers for helping me grow 
and preparing me forthis coming part of my life. Tracey -The "cree" to my "per," 
Stanford's Godmother, my best friend. Thanks for the laughs and tears we shared. 
I'll cherish and value our friendship forever and can't wait till Sophia cleans to 
fireman! *Huggie!* Lauren(109)-rilmissourroommatetalks. You were always 
one of the best friends I've ever had. I hope you dance. Charissa - From bathwaters, 
to stinky common room Sundays, to Track dances, we've been through it all together 
I'll miss you. Tiff - I'm only a phone call away. Chelsey - (Max Power!) We had 
some random conversations in your room at night. Thanks Whit for your suppon 
in the house. Tomato - Math Class won't be the same without you and our notes. 
Raph - (My SLl buddy ) don't forget our deal when we're 40! Channy - Bio was 
killer but we stuck it out together Good luck in dance next year! Tatiana - Take 
care of Scott. Lou -Never change. Rach -Fruit loops anytime. To my Scottiesand 
Slam - It's been a privilege. Keep in touch. To my parents and Ifedavo, thank you 
for this opportunity. I am forever grateful for all you've done. And finally, thank 
you God for Your unconditional support. 


Samuel Lee 


These past three years have been memorable and I will cherish my fond memories 
of this incredible place for years to come. First of all, I would like to thank my 
parents who gave me the chance to attend this great school with their marvellous 
sacrifice. I used to portray my life only on a small canvas, but TCS enlarged my 
dreams. This place changed me. I've become a more passionate person who never 
hesitates in front of many adversities. For example, sometimes academic challenges 
depressed me, but all sweet people in this society taught me one great life-long 
lesson, the way to be more positive. It gave me more opportunity than that I deserve. 
It's been really nice to meet and get to know many friends firom diverse countries. 
Especially, I thaiJc my teachers and great house masters, Mr. Allen and Mr. Christ. 
Without endless trust and support from all these people, 1 would never enjoy and 
do well in school life. To our grads, hope you guys enjoy university and success 
in later life. To fellow Koreans, 1 sincerely want you guys to achieve what 1 could 
not achieve and have some pride in being Korean and do well not to shame that. 
Finally, I would like you guys to never get stressed to follow the path that others 
have made it for you, but "seize the day and try to make your life extraordinary." 
P.S. It's been really nice to live with all of my fellow Bickle buddies. Especially 
with K "HORSE" Bang and R. "DICK " Jung, it's the best and funniest year in 

-Samuel Jung Hwan Lee 

Ken Bang '04-'07 

Time really flies. 1 cannot believe I am now writing my grad quote. In rellection ol 
my past three years, too many memories come to my mind for 200 words. First of 
all, I would like to thank all my teachers and family who cared about me with their 
endless love. Without them, I would not be able to survive at TCS. I thought that 
the experience of attending TCS was a "sweet spot " for me. All the experiences 
related with Sports, Winds Ensemble, stewards, Bickle house, hanging out in dorms 
were the best part of my life. Sometimes 1 loved school, but sometimes also 1 hated 
it. However, looking back all the memories I shared with my friends and teachers 
at TCS, I now realize that I really loved school with my heart. Lastly, I would like 
to thank Sam & Felipe. Sam, the hippo, you have been a great friend since 1 came 
here and 1 hope you do well at Carnegie. Felipe, don't forget that you promised 
to come to Korea soon. Good luck to all the rest of Bickle guys, friends. Koreans, 
others and keep in touch. Let's say goodbye for now. 
There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that 
reflects it" -Edith Wharton- 

Alex Cheung 


This is my first and last year in Trinity College School, a great place to live and a 
great school to study in, which enables me to meet people from all over the world, 
and most importantly, provides me two large gyms to play my favourite sport 
- badminton, even though the court is sometimes too slippery, and the lights are 
too bright to see the bird. Haha. The thing that 1 appreciate most is the great work 
of the housekeepers. They are so hard-working that they always guarantee a clean 
and hygienic environment for us to live in. Really gotta thank them a lot! Btw, the 
unpredictable ways of Osier Hall 's consuming leftover impress me a lot too, as you 
will never know where the leftover will be. Sometimes in the soup, sometimes in 
the meat pies, and... well... you do the search. The happiest thing in TCS is that 
I've met a group of passionate badminton players who are often willing to play with 
me for up to several hours a day. Jzk, Roger, and the co-op student from Waterloo, 
Ivan Wong. Thanks a lot for your frequent company. Without you, my badminton 
skills wouldn't have improved this fast and this much. Pray for me as 1 am aiming 
for OFSAA Champion. This is the final year of my high school life, so I'd really 
like to treasure this opportunity to bring victory not only to myself but to you all, 
my best badminton mates ever. 

Roger Wen '05-'07 

2007, year of graduation. 250 words cannot explain all the times in this incredible 
place. 103, room number in Bethune House. Three great roommates throughout the 
two years, of which one was an exchange from South Afi-ica's Michael House, one 
fi-om day house for a try-out, and one all around great guy. Two parents sending 
their son away fi-om them in hope to have a better chance for university. Two years 
in Trinity College School, Port Hope. One final year of high school. One ordinary 
boy. Too many memories and great times. It just seems like yesterday that I set foot 
on Canada. It was a sunny day of September, 2005. This was the first time that I 
studied and lived away from home and family, which was a great experience for 
me, as I learned to be independent and to really prepare myself for future lives. 1 
was first known as the cousin of Frank Liu, a 2005 graduate, but throughout time, 
1 became better known as what I am in person, and this has been through the effort 
of the teachers who inspired the best of me. I had a blast here, and I hope all » ho 
return will feel the same. Thanks all for the great times! Peace out! 


"^ w^ 

m^t By 

Bailey Ainsworth '02-^07 

Welcome to ni\ generic grad quote! Question: how do you write a grad quote that 
doesn't depress the reader? Answer; you don't, sol'li try to make this quick! I think 
I'll Stan by saying thank you to my family for introducing me to such a unique 
environment. The good times and the challenging times (two words I've always 
consider synonymous) have made me what 1 am today and who I'm going to be 
tomorrow; I couldn't ask for anything better than that. Of course to my friends 
and my teachers, you're the reason why TCS was such an amazing experience! If 
I could ever ask a favour of anyone, it would be that you always make the best of 
life - take chances, make mistakes and learn from them; experience satisfaction 
in knowing you never have to ask "what if. I've always been a firm believer that 
love at TCS was overrated, and the shaking knees (so commonly associated with 
love at first sight) could simply be due to over-stufl'ed backpacks. Nevertheless, I 
can say in all honesty that I loved y'all. Rest easy though. I'll be back... 

"What I'm looking for cannot be sold to me... I wish they all would stop 
Hying! Because what 1 want, and what I need, is and will always be free ." 
—incubus. "When il Comes " 

Haley Nowak '03-'07 

lour years at I rinity A life changing experience? Sure. 1 think any high school 
would be. but TCS did it just a lirtle bit better Some people 1 thought I'd never 
meet, 1 can't imagine TCS without them. Others 1 thought I'd never lose are 
just little pieces of my TCS memory, both good and bad. Like most high school 
students. I learned more outside the classroom than 1 did in; no otTence to the 
teachers. (Mr Robert and Mrs. Large - both of you made me strive to go beyond 
what I thought I was capable of). I've learned you regret the things you don't 
do most, so try anything once. I learned that love is the scariest, most amazing, 
powerful thing out there - let it in whenever you have the chance. Finally. 1 
learned that 'change is inevitable'. Without change, we wouldn't grow. Change 
can rid us of the bad and bring us the incredible. When it takes away the good, it 
shows us our own strength and we discover what it is we want most. So, live in 
the moment, keep the good memories, and learn to let go. 
Thanks Hodgetts, for keeping life interesting and for broadening my taste in 
music, maybe not for the better 

Goodbye boat. Lake, the swoon wall, the BBC and smelling like lunch. 
Good luck to all my Rigby Girls. Each of you is extraordinary. 

"We will rise to this occasion called life" 

Haley-Dawn (Hooves, Wife, Marquis, Goddess De Trois) 

CaroUne Chagnon '05-'07 

Goodbye TCS!!! Am 1 sad to leave? No, I'm rather 
excited for what's in fi'ont of me, bringing along all I 
learned in my two years at Trinity . I will always remember 
TCS and ail the good memories i had here! Special thanlcs 
to all the Burns girls: SoYoun. you're just too cool; my 
train partner Steph. my linie Channy and all the other 
red hot girls. Mrs Tewsley for being an amazing advisor 
and for all the good talks we had and time you gave me 
this year. Thanks to all the bailers on Thursday, especially 
Tall IMan! To all the Bums Grads . we made it: Jenny. 
Song. Jessie. Flynn. Kyrst. Angle, Liv (my favourite and 
charming neighbour)... I'll miss you all! Sarah (une 
chance que tu es la. . . without you it would not have been 
as entertaining. . . Tu vas beaucoup me manquer, mais je 
sais qu'on restera en contact!) and Sam (Yeah girlfriend! 
Tu es juste incroyablement unique... je t'adore) both of 
them always there for me, acting crazy and bringing some 
French power into my life (props to Charles too)! I can't 
forget to thank Cait, the best roommate ever My year 
wouldn't have been as much fion without you! Have fun 
in Virginia and you can be sure that I'll come visit your 
sexy face in Bermuda. Maman et papa merci pour votre 
pr&ence et soutient ^temels! IMarc, merci pour juste etre 
qui tu es. je t'admire! 

Sarah Findlay '04-'07 

I never thought that my three years at Trinity would go as fast as 
they did and that they would be so worthwhile, too. I have learned 
more than I ever expected, especially out ofthe classroom from all 
the amazing people I was fortunate to meet here. One ofthe first 
things that struck me about TCS was how passionate and friendly 
the faculty was and so 1 would like to thank all the faculty I've 
come across in my years here - coaches, teachers, advisors - for 
making my Trinity experience so enjoyable and interesting. Mrs 
Paziuk, thank you for all your support, 1 couldn't have wished for 
a nicer and more caring advisor To all my friends, thank you for 
making Trinity so fun; you were the reason I was always ( most 
ofthe time) excited about coming back to school and you're the 
reason I am sad about leaving. Caro - je t'adore, change pas!! 
Sam (Dest.) - Best roommate of life, je sais qu'on va toujours 
etre amies! Cait- you're amazing and you're going places. One 
love. Liv - you're awesome ... have a blast next year!!! You're 
all amazing friends. I'll miss you all so much next year. To all 
other Bums grads, thank you for making Bums House a home 
for three years, and I hope we all stay in touch. Also, thank you 
to my parents for making Trinity possible and for all the love and 
support. Thanks again and all the best to everyone! 

Samantha Pepper '06-'07 

Coming to Trinity in Year 4 was a 'short* joumey well 
worth wile. I've had the time of my life and thank my 
Mother. Father. Sarah. Caro. the Bums girls who I will 
truly miss, my advisor Mrs. Paziuk and everyone I had 
the opportunity to encounter this year. I don't know 
what awaits me in the future although 1 recognize that 
TCS has helped shape who 1 am and will remain in my 
fondest memories forever! 
Thank you TCS and goodbye. 


Olivia Bannock 


These four vears have been the greatest > ears ol'mv lite and 
I don't regret a single moment from them. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for giving me the opponimit> to come here If 
I could, I would do it all over again. Steph. although we 
didn't get to spend much time together here, 1 hope vou 
get the most out of this place. It was the best years of my 
life and I know it can be yours -love you. The 'Five', we 
may have fallen apart but that year we had vvas the best 
of the best. Caitlin. no matter where you are and how far 
away, I know you will always be there for me! We've been 
through a lot together and I wouldn't be who 1 am now 
if it wasn't for you. Three Frenchies, always stay overly 
enthusiastic! Jenny, my parmer in crime. Langford, thanks 
for always listening. Ali, Soph. Tash and Claud, thanks 
for the smiles, good times, and the laughs. Cece and Bea, 
you're both so much tun to be around. My four Bethune 
grads, it was always a party . Bums House, stay RED HOT! 
Bums Grads. best group of girls ever! Murray, Kelly and 
Traugott, you're my moms away from home and you 
always supported me. Anna and Emily, now 1 could write 
a book about how much you both mean to me, I could also 
vmte individual "thanks' to both of y ou, but separating y ou 
doesn't seem right. You girls can do anything you want 
in life if you put your minds to it, and any decision you 
make. I will be right there supporting you. Our friendship 
was the hesl part of my TCS experience. 
.\o Olivia 

Anna Frackowiak '03-'07 

I've made triend.s that kepi me going - understand now thai 
they are way more than friends. I've experienced so many 
new places - see now that I can help. I've cried so many 
silly tears - know now that silly is sometimes allowed to be 
serious Mom. Dad, Kar and Sarah: Thank you for giving 
me the opportunity to fall in love with this amazing place 
and for leaving such enormous shoes for me to fill Traugolt: 
You were more than just a mom away from home for me 
- my mentor, my safe place', my escape from the "bubble' 
Thanks for dealing with my drama. Soph, Claud, Tasb, Bea 
and Scsrwaah: You kept me singing and laughing. Almost 
all the time - that's all I needed Brendan, Sam, and Jake: 
You guys brought me back down to earth and kept me sane. 
Can't thank you enough for always being there Ali and Cait: 
You guys were my rocks. My rocks in the river that I knew 
1 could always count on to be there for me. Please use your 
ability to change the world! Caretb: No maner what you 
think, I have no regrets. Sam: Your strength, determination, 
spirit and heart got me through the last stretch - some of my 
hardest times at TCS - with a grace that I will never forget. 
Nothing's perfect - thank you for letting me experience 
something pretty damn close. Olivia: Your exuberance 
lightened everything that brought me down. 1 love you so 
much. Emily: My other half It's not goodbye; it never will 
be. You will be in my life until the end of time. You have 
gotten me through absolutely everything. 1 love you with all 
my heart and soul. Thanks TCS. 
Anna Frack 
-Don't sweat (all) the small stuff! 


Emily Wilcox '03-'07 

"the future opens up before you like a new book 
waiting for you to commit to its pages the story only you 
can write." 

Through all the laughs, tears, intense snowball fights. 
Becker's, Tim's, Dr. Corbctt's, the GIO. and friends that 
have made me who I am today, I will never forget my 
amazing TCS experience. Macauley and Alyssa: enjoy 
TCS and everything it has to offer. Kels; thanks for being 
an inspiration and a good sister. Mom and Dad: I couldn't 
ask for better parents and 1 want you to know that. You have 
given up a lot for us, believed in us, given us everything we 
could ever need and more, and I am truly grateful. Thank 
you and I love you. Arma: my other half, you're it baby. 
Without you I highly doubt TCS would be what it was I 
couldn't imagine my life without you; you have been there 
through everything fi-om tears to uncontrollable laughter, 
and I love you for it. Liv - my Bums House friend, you're 
ft^eaking hilarious and I love you, despite the Leafs. Cait 
- you're a remarkable person, and an wonderful fiiend, I am 
seriously going to tniss you. Soph. Aii, and Tash. you are 
amazing, beautiftil girls and I love you to bits; never change. 
Brendan, Sam, and Marshall, thanks for enlightening my 
life; I could always count on you for a good laugh or a solid 
gal-pal sesh. The Traugotts, you are extraordinary people 
that deserve only the best and I warn to thank-you for always 
being there for me. To all my Coaches and Teachers 1 want 
to thank you for teaching me more than what can be found 
in a text book. 
Thanks TCS. 

Sharon Lam 

Lilian Tsui '04-'07 

Three years come and gone already!! It's been such a 
dreadful and long journey. Thank you TCS for giving 
me an opportunity to meet all the great people, and 
also, the worst person ever, IW. Jzk/Sharon: U'r like 
my sisters. .. It's Just too hard to sura up all my feelings 
to you in a line... I'll treasure our frdship for my life 
time. Jaime: wt can I say . . . too bad we don't hang out 
anymore. We were best frd for once n I'll not forget 
those gd times we had. Gabo: haha. it's funn to chill 
with you, on facebook. . . lol, guess I'll see u ne.xt year 
in McGill!! =] April/Jen/Suwen: I'll def. miss those 
■"luen yee" times @ the basement with you guys, th.\ 
for making my last yr here memorable. Diana/Ceci:my 
fav. Rmmates! =D Sa/So: it was fun to hang around w/ 
you cool guys... gd luck next yr =] Ibi/Tracey/ Rach: 
the coolest/hottest girls I've ever met. Won't forget 
the night talks with u, Ibi!! ;PLast but not least, thank 
you Mrs. Taylor and Ms. P, for guiding n supporting 
me all along. I certainly learnt A LOT from you! ! Bye 
TCS, best wishes to you all and take care. 
Thank you 

Jessica Au 



Three years. . . man, time flies. These good times in TCS 
had finally come to an end. I had many experiences and 
learnt valuable lessons, something that I can cherish it 
for a long time. I want to thank my dear teachers and 
housemasters: Ms. Dunn. Hammy. Whitey, Mrs. 
Large, Ms. LJackson. Mr. Parker, Ms. Hoy, Lee; 
where would I be after I graduate without you guys? 
You all helped me so much in these 3 years! Thank you 
so much! ! LJJJJECW: We made it through 2/3 years of 
our TCS life! There are many good and bad times with 
each other! Good luck next year and we'll meet again in 
852!!! Yeom: Topi for life! You're always a great listener, 
when it comes to something retarded or important! 
Gapuu: 7 years!! From CDNIS to TCS! Thanks for 
everything man! My lovely Scotties and Ibi: you guys 
rock! Thanks for supporting me. love you all! You know 
I cannot live without you! My Chinese (and Jap+kor) 
baddies: lei dey yiu add oil ahh!! I'll visit you all very 
soon! Be nice, don't get in trouble ok? XD Last but not 
least, my mom. dad and Karen for supporting me from 
the very beginning. Your hope, dedicatioa respect effort 
and forgiveness for me always make me feel lucky to be 
with you! Mama (191 0-2007), rest in peace, mo joh lei, 
23 goh jui hoi sum gei ga ting dou ng wui unite... 
and o7' peeps... 

in these two years, I have learned lots of important 
things in this school. Time went by so quickly! There 
were lots of great memories, like going to Tim's, playing 
badminton in the gym, frisbee, majong in the Davies. . 
and y et I' ve met lots of amazing friends that had fiin w ith 
me in school. I first want to thank my brother Roni who 
was my "guinea pig' before I came here, hehe! Thanks 
for being here for me bro! Mr. Gregg, Ms. Pontieri, 
thank you for supporting me whenever I needed help! 
You all taught me lots of things that were valuable to me! 
Ms. Dunn and Mr. Kedwell, my finure is looking good 
under y our guidance. Hammy and Whitey and Lee, y ou 
were great housemasters ! Thank you for taking care of 
me in these nvo years! My fellow Chinese friends and 
grads: you all take care in the fliture! Hopefiilly we'll 
meet again in Hong Kong and have fim like we had in 
TCS! ! Add oil arr xD! ! Scotties: it was really hard to say 
good bye to you all, you made me feel like home ever 
since I came here! Good luck for those who are going 
to university ! Thank you =]] Last but not least, my mom 
and my dad, thaiJc you for supporting me ever since I 
was little; thanks for giving me a chance to broaden my 
view, to study abroad. Studying in TCS has been the 
best part in my life! 


Dimitri Kourkoutis '01-'07 

The years have come and gone and it's finally over. I'd 
like to thank m\ family for their support over the years. 
Mom and Dad, without you I wouldn't be who 1 am today 
and it is because of you that I will be able to succeed 
in life. To my teachers, coaches, and friends — you 
know who you are — thanks for everything. Sometime 
down the road our paths will cross again. Until then, 
take it easy. 

David Sylvester '05-'07 

To begin, I can't start this quote without thanking my 
parents; without them 1 wouldn't be here. To my Brent boys, 
we had some awesome times 1 will never forget. Good luck 
to you guys in university and wherever life's path takes you. 
To my coaches, thank you for your hard work, guidance, 
and inspiration. I had many great times at this school, and 
even some bad ones. Good or bad e.xperiences are irrelevant; 
the fact is 1 learned so much here. As much as it's sad to 
see us end this chapter, we should be optimistic for the path 
that lies ahead. 
Peace TCS 

Kevin Park '03-'07 

After contemplating about what to write, I have decided 
to take the short road on this one (as I usually do). First 
ofl'. I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and the rest 
of my family for being there for me. Secondly, I would 
like to thank Mr. Christ, Mr Christ Jr and Mr Babiuk 
for making my final basketball season very enjoyable. I 
would also like to thank the bailers that would come out 
every Thursday for pick-up ball. To my friends and the 
members of Brent, keep it easy. Lastly, thank you Mr 
Parker for helping me out my whole time here. Overall, 
TCS has been a decent experience. Peace. 


Cbarissa Ball 

Thank vou, TCS 

'05- '07 

Jacquelene Chan '04-'07 

Thank vou, TCS. 

Sean Matthews '02-'07 

Thank vou. TCS. 


Zara McAlister '00-'07 

Thank vou, TCS. 

Kaining Pening '06-'07 

Thank vou, TCS. 

Nik Stearns '05-'07 

Thank vou, TCS. 

~W9 '♦^ 

Thomas Wojtas '01-'07 

Thank vou, TCS. 

Ivan Wong 

Thank vou. TCS. 


Ryan Yi 

Thank vou. TCS. 



Marshall Balfour 


From the first da>, I knew my years at TCS were going to be good times. 
Keiserand Ingram, thanks for helping me hold it down. All the times I doubted or 
got too far ahead of myself, you knew how to get my head out of the clouds. 
We've had some amazing times; coming in Grade 9, 1 ' ve met a lot of people and 
made ft-iends that I'll have forever. Room 107, you know who you are. Bethune 
House is where it's at, bulldogs represent. 

Thanks Gran. I like to think I made the most of my e.\perience at TCS. After all 
of the opportunities I have been given, I hope 1 have made you proud. I'll never 
forget all you've told me. 1 have made mistakes, but for them, I am stronger. 
Mom and Dad 1 know you'll always be there for me, thanks. 
When vou ^fl utuil you wunl in your struggle /(ir.wlj 
And the world makes you king for a day. 
Jusi go lo a mirror and look at yourself. 
.And see what thai man has lo saw 

Conor Doyle *04-'07 

I never thought farewell should be an endless series of "thank-you's, but after three years 
at TCS I can't say it any other way. 

So thank > ou Mom and Dad for giving me this chance, and to Rory who came first. Thanks 
to Mr. Elsley, Mr. Grandfield and Dr. Dubroy - the men who taught me more than they 
know. TCS will be in good hands as long as it has teachers like these. Thank you FD for 
your wisdom and friendship, Keiser and Ingram for your tough love, and Mr. Taylor and 
Mr. Legakis for all their help along the way. 

Thanks also to the boys o( Bethune, especially to my roommates Sam and Coughlin and 
the rest of the 107-regulars You were some of the best friends I've ever had, and my time 
at TCS was richer because of you. I wouldn't have spent this last year with anyone else. 
Three years ago 1 couldn't bearto stay; now I can't stand to leave. My last thank you' is, of 
course, to TCS. The road was tough at times, but I took more from Trinity than it took from 
me. I'm grateful for all it has taught me, the friends I have made here, and the memories 
fi-om the School I've come to love. So I leave now a linle older, a little wiser, and a linle 
taller and forever proud to be a TCS Old Boy. 

Brendan Coughlin '02-'07 

Spending 5 vears at TCS was the truly one of the best decisions I have ever made and 1 
would have never had this opportunity with out the love and support of my family. To 
Dad, Mom, Sarah, and Christina - I love you all so very much and thanks for everything 
you've done for me. I cannot begin to express how much you all mean to me. I feel that 
TCS has shaped me into the individual I have strived to become. I have gained maturity, 
independence, and the will to succeed that will undoubtedly prepare me for whatever lies 
ahead. I have had my share of ups and downs, but 1 would not change a single moment 
because it has shaped me for the better. I would like to thank Mr. Gregg for his passion 
and dedication to the arts - you have truly inspired me. Thank you, Keiser and Ingram for 
two great years in Bethune. Thank you FD for all your support in times of struggle. Thank 
you. Mrs. Paziuk for all your support. I would like to thank all my friends who made this 
experience so memorable. Thanks Emily. Anna, and Olivia- you guys are the greatest 
friends and I can't imagine a future without you. I have to thank my boys Hamir, Sam. 
and Marshall for always being there. . . things got rocky but you guys always stay strong... 
which shows your true character. TCS is a fine institution, but in order for the community 
to flourish you have to have respect for each other and yourself 

Brendan Coughlin 

Sam Martin 

'03-'07 Hamir Sabnani 


In the words of George Cukor "You can't have any successes unless you can 
accept failure". My final year provided me with a multitude of life lessons that 
no one could have foreseen. Life does come at you quickly and one understands 
human integrity, friendship and loyalty in its presence and in its absence. I leave 
the School a better person than when I arrived. I want to thank the boys of room 
107 - we had a good run and I can't think of a better group of individuals to 
have experienced my final year at TCS with. Keiser and Ingram: thank you for 
accepting my faults and supporting me when things turned sour. It has been an 
honour being in Bethune - you both run an incredible house and it has been a 
pleasure. I value those true friendships that I have made over my years at TCS. 
You all know who you are. Lastly and most importantly to my parents: Thank-you 
for supporting me for all these years - 1 love you and will continue to make you 
proud. I will never forget the victories and celebrations on the Michael A. Hargraft 
field and the all night long procrastination sessions - especially the fascinating 
fish tank discussions and sprints down Bethune beach. Goodbye for now. 


To have attended Trinity College School is an absolute honour! Four years ago when 1 drove 
through the main gates 1 was a boy and 1 did not know what I was getting myself into, but it 
was one of the best decisions I ever made to stay! First and foremost I would like to thank 
my entire family for all the support they have given me all the way through. . .especially my 
parents who truly deserve a gold medal for putting up with me and my mischief I would 
also like to thank Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram who have put endless hours into my transition 
into manhood, and I will always refer to Bethune House as my second home. Lastly I cannot 
forget to mention the boys who have made the time a blast, and it is those memories that will 
last a lifetime! Out of many things I took away from TCS. of those things was great 
friends! There is no possible way I could sum up four ofthe best years of my life here... so 
to be a man of very few words, it is important to note that you must always make the best 
of every situation... if you ever make a mistake bounce back up and LEARN from it. 
"Success is the result of hard work, loyalty, and learning from your mistakes" 

Hamir Sabnani 


Thomas Large '03-'07 

I realize 1 don't leave much for TCS. I won't be remembered b\ even, one and 
that's fine. I've made some profound connections with people and gained some 
insight into mvself and the world - that's what I value. Anyways, most people 
graduating are just another bunch of apparitions effaces in the crowd. Now. life 
begins outside the little goldfish bowl that is TCS. I'm into the ocean, my friend. 
As much as 1 enjoyed my time here. I'm ready to leave, and start the rest of my 
life. Thanks to every one w ho w as a part of the last four s ears. To my Mom and Dad 
who paid for. taught, and helped me all the wa\. To the teachers who influenced, 
encouraged, and gave me more than grades: Tucker. Gregg. Grandfield, To m\ 
friends who made it all fun. And to evervone else who deserves it. As for me. 
I'm on to bigger things. 
- thomas 

CiiffWhetung '01-'07 

To even one at the school thanks for all the good times; to my Orchard homies, 
the grad room was an experience, good and bad. but thank you all for offering me 
such steadfast and logical advice. .1 think. Thanks to all my teachers for helping 
whenever I needed it and giving me what was acitully good advice. Everyone 
still at school, just keep having a god time. Do everything you possibly can: it 
is much more fim that way. To all the grads. good luck next year, keep in touch 
eh? Mad props to Dave for lening me be so slow; I am writing this, on July 10", 
only four months overdue man! And of course, last but not least to the "unit" as 
we were once known to an odd group of people, I need only say one thing: "See 
you in the car." - Milhouse. 


Jacob Tuominen 


Just so we're all in the loop, it's June 21st. I could tell you that I've been tossing and 
turning over what to say. ..but that would just be a lie. So instead. I'll tell you some truths 
about the past four years: 1 - The guys in Orchard House are my heterosexual partners for 
life, in particular Tice. Queef, Faj and also Sargent, Farva, Luke, Schenk (and Booser). 2 
- The Lucky Seven was the best idea ever. 3 - The first three years, my dr> spell with the 
ladies was so dry, it was cracking. Then 1 got to know Jenna Dickson. 1 maintain you're 
the best girl in the School in so many ways. ..more ways than you'll know. Besides, 
you were with me; you're destined to succeed this year. 4 - Getting cut ft'om Littleside 
basketball hurt. I promised myself in grade 10 this would go in the grad quote 5 - M\ 
parents and grandparents made going to this School possible... big ups to them. How 
original ofme. 6- TL is the man, period. He is closely followed by Mr. Christ. 7 -Anyone 
who thinks they have it bad or even mediocre at this place needs a smack. And a good 
one. Unfortunately, I graduated at 1 34 pounds, so I probably won't be the one smacking 
you. 8 - You'll have read through The Rccml more times than necessary by Christmas, 
guaranteed. 9 - ALWAYS involve the crowd. 

10 - I made it through high school with one love, just one enemy, three best friends, 
countless friendships with so man\ more of you (you know who you are), and millions 
of memories. Not too bad, if you ask me. 
Thanks to all, 
Jake Tuominen 

John McCracken 


First otf, I'd like to give my parents and my grandparents a big thank you for giving me 
this opportunity, and for the support along the way. I've learned a lot throughout my time 
at TCS, but not just inside the classroom. I've been given many amazing opportunities 
and had experiences that I'll alwa>s remember; from exchange in Australia to the rugby 
tour. To my friends, it's been great. Thanks for the good times. TCS is an interesting place, 
and people can become ftiistrated with it. But when it comes down to it, we're all very 
lucky to be here, and it's a great place to be. To the teachers who taught me the important 
lessons, thank you. Good luck to the Orchard boys next year. This place has plenty of ups 
and downs, and I'm glad to be done, but when I look back, I've had plenty of memorable 
moments that sum up high school well. 


Symon Edmonds '01-'07 

I've learned a lot in my time here at TCS. I learned a lot about life, love, people 
and most importantly that 1 still have a lot to learn. I also learned that techno is 
a beautiful from of music. 1 had some great experiences as well. I would like to 
thank first and foremost my mother Without her hard work and compassion from 
my birth, none of this would have been possible. Thanks also to Dan, Nathan 
and the rest of my family. My friends have been great. You guys definitely 
gave me my share of second chances. Thanks Mr Large, you've taught me a 
lot about character Thanks Lil' Jon for all your inspirational lyrics that taught 
me to live life enthusiastically and to ignore those who don't matter You got 
me through a lot of tough times. I made some mistakes here, but I don't regret 
anything because I've always learned from the experience. 1 learned the most 
useful things outside of class and I have developed because of that. Hodgetts 
boys: keep the house in good shape. Keep your wits about you. I'll be missing 
Hodgetts much more than TCS. It's been a great six years, but it's definitely 
time to move on. I'm off to bigger better and more important things. There is 
much more to accomplish for us all. 

"The fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a 


- William Shakespeare 

lyier Galpin 


After being at TCS for six years now, I've definitely had the full "experience." Like too 
much of my work at Trinity, I'm writing this quote at 1 am the morning it is apparently 
due. I was pushed by my parents to come here and have come to love it. The Junior School 
was full of moments like D.B., Zippos, The Grotto, and terrible timing in Grade 8 West. 
Mom & Dad. I can't thank you enough for what you've given me by sending me here. I 
wouldn't trade what I've learned for anything in the world. Hodgetts House is the one place 
I can call home, and for that I thank Mr Large and Mr Ramsay for always being two of the 
coolest teachers on campus. To the younger guys. 1 hope you care for the House the same 

way those before you have. Also MRGLRGLRGLGL. Hodges, it's been an awesome 

time here and I have to owe a bunch of that to you, thank you for everything you've done 
for me. To the guys I've spent the last 6 years with (you know who you are) we'll keep in 
touch next year at university. Hockey team: keep the 'show going Ryan, enjoy your time 
here while it lasts because it will fly by faster than you think. To all my friends, TCS would 
not be the same without you. 

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." 

Holden Agnew-Pople '01-'07 NikAggarwal 

Overall, my experience at TCS has been a good one. I met many great people 
over the years and made wonderful friendships that I know will remain lifelong. 
Also, TCS gave me numerous opportunities that would not have been possible 
elsewhere. I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity of going to TCS. 
the teachers that educated me so well, Mr Large and Mr Ramsay, housemasters 
of Hodgetts House, for being awesome housemasters; and I thank the guys in 
Hodgetts House for making my experience at TCS so memorable. My experience 
at TCS has been a terrific one but after six years it is definitely time to move 
on. Ahead lie many great doors of opportunity that TCS has opened for me, and 
for that I am sincerely grateful. 


Six years. Ihai's how long I've gone to Trinity. It's been a. . ..lengthy stay. Good times have 
been had along the way. Who can forget the junior school? Well, those of you who were in it. 
obviously. Mr Murray's math class, the Grotto of Knowledge, sea cows and beef stew. D.B, 
Zippos, and by this point most people probably have no idea what I'm talking about. 
Time for the thanking section - Thanks to my parents for sending me here, the friends I 
have made, good teachers like Dr Dubroy. It's been a good trip. 4 stars out of 5. 1 laughed, 
1 cried, I bought official merchandise. 

1 guess a good way to sum up my experiences at Trinity is to look at when I'm writing this: 
more than a week after school has ended. And I'm tired, so you better be enjoying this. 
Special mentions section follows. Cassandra, for being there and getting me through this 
last year. My friends from HO and everyone else. Calvin and Hobbes, for being funny. And 
to whoever is still reading this. Go you. 

I think I have like, 20 words left, so, my last bit of wisdom is to avoid wells, train tracks 
and fires, unless I specify otherwise. 

"-You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. 
-WTiat mood is that? 
-Last-minute panic." 


This page was sponsored by The Galpin Family. 


Jessie Ashbourne 


M\ three >ears at TC'S can best be described as an amusement park - a series of 
strange events and roller coasters filled with ups and downs. I've had some good 
times which have sprung from bad choices. I've lost friends to the evil known as 
expulsion, causing me to become closer to some amazing ones. I've sucked up 
and broken down. I've had ftin in the leaves with friends, and I've had some fun 
friends leave. I've been a counsellor, a captain and even a camel. I've been as 
fast as a flash of lighming and as massive as a truck. I've dealt with high friends 
and low ones. I've been "red hot" and at the same time extremely blue. I've had 
horrible battles with amazing friends and amazing battles with horrible rivals. 
I've drawn cartoons about craz\ people, and I've gone crazy over drawings about 
me. What is an amusement park, though, without someone to share the thrill 
with'!' Luckily, I've had a few incredible people along for the ride. Thanks to my 
parents, my sister and all my amazing friends. I'm happy to say that my time 
here is not like a normal rollercoaster that goes back down to the ground where 
it staned. No, this rollercoaster is breaking off the tracks and being thrown into 
a bigger, bener amusement park we like to call the real world. To all the grads: 
live it up, take chances and don't be afraid of the scary rides... sometimes they 
turn out to be the best ones. 

Meghan Wafer '05-'07 

Even though! 1 have only been at TCS for two years, to me it has seemed like a lifetime. 
It seems like David has always been cheating oft' me and looking at my answers in bio. It 
feels like forever since I have had a peaceful ride on the bus without hearing about drizzling 
chocolate (thanks Evan). And 1 can't remember a time where I didn't have a cruel nickname 
or eleven. It feels weird to think that I haven't always been a part of Rigby House, the 
greatest group of girls in the world. I feel as if I have known my friends, who are amazing 
times a bajillion. for all my life. It is intimidating to leave a place that has so engulfed my 
life, but all the opportunities that have been experienced have made me the person that I 
am today. Thanks for everything. 


Jenny Ashbourne '04-'07 

I have learned a lot and experience a lot while here at TCS. It has been quite 
the journey through the three years that I've been here. It was rough at first but 
right away I made friends. TCS was so welcoming to new people of different 
cultures and backgrounds. Through the years people have come and gone, new 
friends, old friends. The one thing that will stay with me forever is the memories. 
I found that the people make the School. It was the spirit that everyone had and 
the smiles on their faces each day. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. 
Keep it real. 

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. " 
- Abraham Lincoln 

Dr. Seuss put it just as it should be. Naturally, it's sad to leave the place that gave me two 
of the most fantastic years thus far. However, I am assured that it'll all be okay as I leave 
with great memories and priceless friendships that I will carry through life. Sure; I may 
never wait in the dreaded Osier lunch line, sing 'Shine Jesus Shine' at six A.M., play as 
a Bear, embarrass myself for all of Hodgetts to see, or spend every moment in a house 
other than my own. But, I will always have the memories of these events to remind me 
of the amazing experience I had at TCS. And this is the notion that makes leaving such a 
great place a little less hard. Mom and Dad. thank you for giving me the opportunity to 
attend such a great school! To my friends, you made every day eventful and i love you 
for it; thanks for laughing at my horrible jokes! Mac, my favourite Advisor, thanks for 
always being there for support or just a good talk! Thank you to my teachers, you taught 
me more than facts, and that's the information I'll remember. Lastly, congratulations to 
the graduating class, I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavours! Live 
hard, party harder. Peace. 


David Rowen 


After tour years at TCS it's finally time to move on. The experiences I ' ve had here 
will last for a lifetime, and I will never forget them. From going to Europe then 
down to Australia, these have been the best times of my life, so far. They've made 
me a stronger person and for that 1 am thankful. Even though my time here hasn't 
always been the easiest, 1 wouldn't have it any other way. I have to thank my parents 
for giving me this incredible opportunity. I can't imagine myself any where else, 
so thank you!! Thanks to my big sis, Becca; you showed me the ropes in pretty 
much everything I've ever done; without you I'd be lost, literally. To my really 
cool triends, this place wouldn't be the same without you! And don't forget, we 
are and will be really cool forever! 

1 leave this school with no doubts about myself; if anything, I leave more confident 
than 1 ever could have imagined. 

"Be the change \ou wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi 

Squishy Fishy 

by Evan Tutton 

About three years ago I received my first fish tank for my birthday. It was a 20 gallon 
starter kit by Hagen. So that night I set out putting together the tank. 1 assembled 
the filter and cut the lid, although I cut one extra openning that I was not supposed 
to cut. So 1 thought ah, no problem, fish don't jump and certainly not through such 
a small hole. So later that night I filled my tank with water and let it run for a few 
days. Then a couple days later I purchased some fish from my local pet store (1 
didn't know 1 had to cycle the tank for a few weeks ). 1 bought five neons, a rainbow 
shark, some platys and a few swordtails. 1 introduced the fish to my tank and I 
watched them for about an hour, then 1 turned off the aquarium light and went to 
bed. Then, around 1 1 :00 pm, about one hour after I had gone to bed, I got up and 
went to go get a drink, and on my way out of my room 1 stepped on something 
squishy. Not knowing what it was 1 flicked on the lights and to my horror a little 
velvet swordtail was stuck to my feet. Amazingly he survived the four foot drop 
to the floor and wriggled almost six feet away from the tank After I stepped on 
him I noticed that he was still alive, though barely, so 1 put him back in the tank. 
But sad to say he did not make it and that was my first fish. 

Lucas Topolie '03-'07 

Je suis un btin time dans TCS avec Neha. It was ffes hopital and je suis un sandwich. Ou 
est ton blue? I love my Jigsaw. Fondest memory; 1 saw a squirrel eat a bird 

1. Cinnamon Swirl 

2. Chesmut Cheeks 

3. Checkerboard Nose 

4. Bug Eyes 

5. Snake Eyes 

6. Bat Face 

7. Sandpaper Tongue 
8 Old Man Whiskers 

9. Rocky Road Head 

10. Tostito Feet 

11. Rankles 

12. Cinkles 

13. Scales 

14 1 Know What You Did Last Sunmer Hook Tail 

15. Royal Paws 

I would like to thank my parents for coughing up the cash to get to me to TCS and 
everywhere else 1 went. Special shout out to my Tuck Shop customers. We raised $2,925 
for Jamaican Self Help, the India Project, and a Jamaican Youth Marching Band. 




Chicken Wing 


Raptor Claw 








Bimnv Feet 


Leather Feet 


Jigsaw Puzzle 


Weasel Ball Throat 






Watermelon Taffy 


Goopy Eyes 



Evan Tutton 


Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your support, it's appreciated more than you know. 
Mr Healy. Mr Grandfield and Mr. Large, you didn't just teach, you inspired To my 
friends, it's been four great years and I have no regrets. Marie, you were out of control. 
Jess and Maddy, make the best of it because it flies by. That's all 1 got. 

"And as earthquakes are to a girl's guitar. They 're just another good vibration" 



and Now!! 

Si:eecli Day 


Mr. Hedney 

Mr. Hcdncy Is unlike any other teacher I've ever had. First of all, Tve never had a teacher who let their students light themselves on fire or brought them Timbits 
nearly ever class. I le never talked to us like we were mere students privileged to learn under such a chemistry god as he, even though that is what the reality was. 
We could always have a good time in Chemistry class no matter how much material we were .supptised to cover in what seemed like a very short 70 minutes, it 
never felt like he had any grand expectations of us; maybe that's why we did so well. There was never any pressure, rarely stress (unless you count the last week 
heading up to the exam and we all realized that we had to start studying), and always a good time. I learned so much from Mr. Hedney. he was truly the coolest 
teacher I've ever had. 

- Meghan Wafer 

ITie thought of being an AP Chemistry student seemed intimidating at first, especially when the other students in the class were obviously brighter than I. But 
then I found out that I had the legendary Mr. Hedney as my teacher and that simple fact seemed to relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling towards the upcoming 
year. And rightly so. becau,se when I walked into that first class I knew that I would be fine, plus there were timbits. What can I say about a teacher who helped 
me out so much this year? He was always there for me when I didn't understand or when I was hungry. He always had a smile on his face and made everyone in 
the class feel comfortable. Granted that the classes weren't always fun. but looking back on them now. they were valuable to me in more ways than one. Although 
he taught us chemistry. I think that he taught us so much more than he knows, and for that I am grateful. The thing about Mr. Hedney is that he has a passion for 
chemistry that is unmatched and that was shown every class. He taught us to be passionate in life, whether it be about chemistry or biking. I don't think it matters, 
as long as you're passionate about something. If we show true passion, I think, just maybe, we can all be as happy as Mr. Hedney is all the time. Mr. Hedney is a 
truly remarkable man and I will never forget him. I can't thank him enough! 
p.s. he brought us timbits. which was cool. 
p.p.s. he let Claudia and me light ourselves on fire, which was even cooler. 

- David Rowen 

Obviously, setting my hand on fire with David in Chemistry class was one of the many highlights of my graduating year, but class was always a little brighter 

when Mr. Hedney would bring us timbits and let us make hot chocolate while we studied. Mr. Hedney 's love of chemistry is infectious. He not only taught us 

the syllabus, but he ensured that we. like the generations of students before us, were immersed in the possibilities of the work we were doing. As all of the pieces 

of the course started coming together, the class's confidence grew exponentially under the guidance of Mr. Hedney. There were many times when I was a little 

apprehensive about studying Chemistry at university, but Mr. Hedney was always willing to help me overcome the intimidating concepts by breaking them down 

for me. TCS will miss Mr. Hedney but I'm sure he'll be having the time of his life out on an exotic bike trip or two. 

- Claudia Sanchez 

Prizes for Academic Excellence 

Foundation Year 
Conner Charlebois 
Monica Dhillon 
Justin Graffi 
Year Two 
Claire Bourgeois 
Katie Bowen 
Mackenzie Bowen 
Andrea Copeland 
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Donna Kim 
Kiki Kirkpatrick 

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David Woodward 

Taylor McCurdy 
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Brenna Owen 

Jackie Yang 
Alaya Yassien 
Rachel Young 

Trinity Prizes & F.A. Bethune Scholarship 
Foundation Year Taylor McCurdy 

Year Two Stephanie Dagg 

Year Three Carl Chauvin 

Academic Distinction in the Third Year 

Carl Chauvin 
Graham Dersnah 
Jenna Dickson 
Sarah Essak 
Julia Fishlock 
Devon Howard 

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Sean Kim 
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Kristen Fallen 
Alex Parker 
Isabella Stocks 

Ross Strike 
Dayna Taylor 
Stephanie Terfloth 
Mira Trebilcock 
Jessica Tutton 

Subject Prizes in the Thkd Year 

The Marion Garland Prize for English 

Sarah Essak 

The Gareth Jones Prize for Mathematics 

Carl Chauvin 

The Philip Bishop Prizes for French 

Immersion: Taylor McCurdy 

Core: Jessica Tutton 

The Spanish Prize 

Lisa Noel 

The Music Prize 

Alex Parker 

The Drama Prize 

Cailin Keams 

The Dr. Forest Prize for Art 

Isabella Stocks 

The Hugel Prize for Geography 

Ashlyn Rodrigues 

The History Prize 

Malakai Kirkpatrick 

The Armour Memorial Prize for Computer Engineering 

John Baxter 

The Physics Prize 

Carl Chauvin 

The Chemistry Prize 

Jenna Dickson 

Julia Fishlock 

Subject Prizes in the Third Year 

The Biology Prize 

Julia Fishlock 

The Astronomy Prize 

Jennifer Clarke 

The Ingles Prize for Classics 

Clayton Whetung 

The Outdoor Education Prize 

Daniela Gagnon 

The HPE Leadership Course Prize 

Graham Dersnah 

The Fine Arts Awards 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating 

Conor Doyle 

The Speaker's Gavel - given by Mrs. J. Irving Lawson 

Conor Doyle 

The Headmaster's Art Purchase Award 

Sarah Ammons 

Class of '89 Award 

Mackenzie Jackson 

The Tony Prower Choral Award 

Jessie Ashbourne 

The Music Director's Award (The Jesse and Joses Jones Award) 

Jessica Song 

The Butterfield Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Dramatics 

Whitney Wakefield 

The 1970 Trophy for Special Contribution the the Arts 

Claudia Sanchez 

The Lutra Award 

Joon Lee 

Athletic Awards 

The de Pencier Cup for Effort, Spirit, and Achievement in Sports 

Meg Herod James Brogan Kenneth Bang 

The Ingles Trophy for Keeness in Athletics 

Anna Frackowiak Felipe Garcia- Andrade Llamas 

The Jack Maynard Memorial Trophy for Leadership in Athletics 

Jacob Tuominen 

The Brian "Toby" and Patrick Kent Memorial Award 

Caroline Chagnon Sam Lee 

The Grand Challenge Trophy 

Caitlin Conyers Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

The Centennial Prizes for Effort & Progress 
Marc Alessandrini Taylor Lewis Haley Nowak 

Robert Frame Vanessa Sanders Justin Lewis 

Christian Lieberoth 


speech Day Prizes 

Service Awards 

Subject Prizes in the Fourth Year 

The Amiour Memorial Prize for the Editor of The Record 

The Exercise Science Prize 

David Rowen 

Sarah Essak 

The Marion Osier Award for Head Sacristar 

The Hugel Prize for Geography 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

Human Patterns: Jaime Chan 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize 

Worid Issues: Jenna Dickson 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

The John T. Band Prize for Senior History 

The Clinton Sayers "80 Community Service Award 

Conor Doyle 

Tamara Bryant 

The Rigby Social Sciences Prize 
Symon Edmonds 

Academic Distinction in the Fourth Year 

Jessie Ashbourne Symon Edmonds 

Claudia Sanchez 

Prizes for Outstanding Contribution to School Life 

John Baxter Alison Holmes 

Thomas Sears 

The Hamilton Bronze Medal - Foundation Year 

Caroline Chagnon Mackenzie Jackson 

Lilian Tsui 

Taylor McCurdy 

Jaime Chan Michael Kwan 

Timmie Yang 

The 1945 Challenge Trophy - Year Two 

Caitlin Conyers Thomas Large 

Zara McAlister 

Rebecca Ro 

The Langmuir Challenge Trophy - Year Three 

Subject Prizes in the Fourth Year 

Julia Fishlock 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize for English 

The 2005 Cup - Year Four 

Claudia Sanchez 

Jessie Ashbourne 

The Hugh Stevenson French Prize 

Charles Peltrop 

Major Awards 

The Charles Tottenham French Prize 

The Headmaster's Award for Shared Leadership 

Isabella Stocks 

Sarah Essak Daniela Gagnon Sophia Rashid 

The Spanish Prize 

The Port Hope and District Health Care Foundation Scholarship 

Regina Arnold 

Alex Popoff Meghan Wafer 

The J.D. Ketchum Music Prize 

The Ann and Bill Deluce Prize 

Mackenzie Jackson 

Michael Machum 

The A.M. Campbell Economics Prize 

The Trinadad-Tobago Spirit of the Caribbean Cup 

Alison Holmes 

Louise Armstrong Thomas Sears 

The Wally Hobbs Prize for Law 

The Andrew Westlake Memorial Scholarship 

Evan Tutton 

Rachel Flynn 

The Jack White Politics Prize 

The Angus and Loma Scott Awards 

Julia Fishlock 

Kristina Balaam John Baxter Thomas Large 

The Dr. Forrest Prize for Art 

The Merv Anthony Award 

Lilian Tsui Claire Stewart 

Bailey Ainsworth 

The Drama Prize 

The Peter Jennings Medal for English 

Kristina Balaam 

Thomas Large 

Th Founder's Prize for Physics 

The Jubilee Exhibition Award for Mathematics 

John Baxter 

Timmie Yang 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for Chemistry 

The Bermuda Cup for Scholarship 

John Baxter 

John Baxter 

The Don McCord Prize for Classics 

The Governor-General's Medal and The Chancellor's Prize for Scholarship 

Justin Kim 

John Baxter 

The Classical Civilization Prize 

The Rodger Wright Medal 

Isabella Stocks 

Olivia Baimock 

The Philosophy Prize 

The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy 

Sarah Ammons 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

The Biology Prize 

The Bronze Medals 

Ibidayo Kuye 

Anna Frackowiak Cliff Whetung 

The Science Prize 

Thomas Sears 


speech Day Prizes 

The Peer Counsellors' Gifts 

Bailey Ainsworth 
Gareth Cecii-Cockwell 
Brendan Coughlin 
Rachel Flynn 
Tyler Galpin 
Mackenzie Jackson 
Thomas Large 
Sophia Rashid 
Vanessa Sanders 
Jessica Song 
Whitney Wakefield 

The Prefects' Gifts 

Head Boy: Cliff Whetung 
Head Girl: Anna Frackowiak 


Michael E. Churchman 
Caitlin J. Conyers 
Alexandra E. Ham brock 
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Lucas D. Topolie 
Jacob A. Tuominen 
Emily F. Wilcox 

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Meg Herod 
Richard Jung 
Alex Popoflf 
David Rowen 
John Shevlen 
Evan Tutton 
T.J. Wood 

Student Leadership Gifts 

The Heads and Assistant Heads of House Gifts 

Sickle: Samuel Lee 
Brent: Thomas Sears 
Burns: Olivia Bannock 
Hodgetts: Symon Edmonds 
Ketchum: Tamara Bryant 
Orchard: John McCracken 
Rigby: Meghan Wafer 
Scott: Ibidayo Kuye 
Wright: Natasha Dodd 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

Luke Dehen 

Jennifer Ashbourne 

Andrew Boos 

Alison Holmes 

Luke Gaston 

Sarah DeGeer 

Sharon Lam 

Alexina Cameron 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Trophy for Inter-House Competition 

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Pierre the Dust Bunny 
Meghan Wafer 

There once was a dust bunny by the name of Pierre 

Who had bluish-green eyes and a loud mane of hair 

It isn"t quite certain, but it has been said 

That Pierre the dust bunny lived under the bed 

And in this storv. in this rendition 

Pierre the dust bunny had an ambition 

Yes. this little mite had himself a dream 

He would travel the world to the extreme 

From the heights of Mount Everest, to the streets of LA 

From the falls of Niagara, to the temples of Bombay 

Warsaw and Lima and even Dubai 

Greenwich and Sydney and maybe Versailles 

He said bye to Susie, Francis and Ned 

And all the dust bimnies who lived under the bed 

Ready to go was our little mite 
And he packed up his bags and he left for his flight 

But as he was leaving, as he reached the floor 

Something happened that hadn't happened before 

Although Pierre was bright and smart in demeanour 

He never expected that strong vacuum cleaner 

Pierre was lost into the darkest abyss 

He was one of a kind and he sure will be missed 

But what kind of a world do we live in today 

When an innocent life may be taken away 

Although Pierre's taken, although Pierre's gone 

His memory lingers and his dream still lives on 



149 Rose Glen Road, Port Hope, Ontario, L I A 3Z3 
(905)885-9581 Fax (905) 885-9343 

Helen Orton. M.Ed 
Counselling Services 

S^ Personal, vocational &. trauma counselling 
\'ir inai\'iauals. couples, lamilies and groups C| 

394 Walton St„ Cohours. ON K9A3X3 

Tel: 9()5-377-{)560 Fax: 905-373-0645 Website: 

Mill Valley Trophies 

Specialized Engravings 

Medallions * Awards * Gifts * Trophies 
Plaques * Ribbons * Buttons * Crests 
Banners * Name Badges * Plastic Signs 
Full colour sublimation & embroidery 

456 Division Street 

Cobourg. ON K9A 3S2 

email: millvalleytrophies' a 

Rob & Cathy Bunn 
Tel. (905) 372-0406 
Fax (905) 372-7111 



Health Care Products • Cosmetics 

Prescription Service • Postal Outlet 

Lottery Centre 

9am-10pin Weekdays & Saturday 
I0ain*8pni Sundays & Holidays 

Midtown Mall Peter St. Plaza 
500 Division St., 135 Peter Street, 
Cobourg, ON Port Hope, ON 

905-372-7171 905-885-8191 





Scrap metals 
Garbage containers 
New steel sales 

4.5 Lavinia St. 
Port Hope, ON 

Tel: (905) 885-4316 

Fax: (905) 885-0604 

Email: scrappy(§} 


General Patrons 

Jennifer Agnew-Pople & Rob Pople 
Brenda Clark & Robert Courtice 
Deanna Grassinger 
Lome Johnson 
Susan Widmer 

Suzanne Ainsworth 
Neil & Diane Cook 
Colleen Hallink 
Robert & Gail Lane 





Trent students have access to the best of 
^ everything that an outstanding undergraduate 
^ education can provide. Students are part 

of a caring community of scholars - and 
have access to some of the best learning 

resources available. 














Special Patrons 

Leslie Allingham 

Karen Bo wen 

Jane & Kevin Gregory 

Kim Hatch 

Sam Mahon 

The TopoUe Family 

M. Widdowson 

Pauline Bailey 
The Clarke Family 
Janet & Mark Hamilton 
Margaret & Roger Hill 
Dan & Katherine McCulloch 
Mark Tutton 
Mark Wisniewski 


doesn't have to be expensive. 

Trust our expert professional advice to help you (md the perfect floonfU) The incredible I.OOO-store buying 
power of Carpet One Floor & Home means you qei the best selection on the best brands of hardwood, carpet 
Itle. laminate, and more All with guaranteed instaNanon ' 




on any new floor 








THREE EASY WAYS TO SHOP. ^ J I*"*- Jjlj For a fr«e room moasort and financing pro-approval vi>it 





Joe Yalkezian. CFP. CGA 

191 University Avenue East, Cobourg, Ontario K9A4X6 

Tel: 905-373-1234 Toll Free 1-877-307-1234 

j oe(a)audentium .com 

Investment, Retirement, Education, 
and Estate Planning 




We invest in a tax effective manner 
We monitor your investments 
We communicate with you 


HOI ;i ( )N 




^^ — -^ Blake Holton 

visii us online ai Proprii-ior 

62 Walton Street • Port Hop«- . Ontario LlA iNi 
w w \v. hoi lonf lowers, com 005-885- 743 •» 

/aj^^e (^a 



'//e 6 Mfr/. 

TEL: 905-372-7031 
TEL: 905-372-9259 

Since 18HK 



Clark's, Ecco, Trotters 
Hush Puppies, Naot 
Rockport and more 

MondiiN - Saturday 9ani - 5pni 
Surulay I2pni - '^pin 

26 Walton St. Port Hope 


Nine West, Arturo Chiang, Fnzo, 

I )()ntUcl J. Pliner, Modd S[3tUi<i, 

Nvcolc St. Louis and more 


M)ul Olxsession 



' Muiiati rnentrf ' 8Ma>om ' fieire^tKinal 
ftoltiilonal. QuolMcd Intliuctlon 



PAUL Lleonapd 


P O. BOX 638 K9A 4L3 (905) 372-3622 


Certified Gemologist-Amencan Gem Society 
Graduate Gemoiogist-Gemoiogical institute o( America 

Fellow Gemmologicai Assoc 

Over 30 years in business serving Port Hope! 

^ Daily Specials! 

22 W'alton Street ^ 

Port Hope wiMnrintR yv/ 

905-885-6313 5fe^U0 

r ^;jt, SAnctitz 5i(3ineeari(i Inc. 

10 rm 


Fiehk of S'perinliz.ition 

Water Resources, Structural, Municipal and Enviiomnental 

Project Management 
Construction Management 
Quality Assurance ard 
Control Plans 
Feasibility Studies 
Site Selection 
Master Plans 

En/irorunental Assessments 
Public Invoh'ement 
Be re fit- Cost Anal jb is 
Life Cycle Analysis 
Pre limmary Design 
Detail Design 
Fmal Design Drawmgs 


Tender Documents 




Bid Evaluation 

Contract Award 

Rjec o mme rdatio ns 

Contract Documents 

Contract Admmist ration 

Services durmg 


Construcbon Revie ws 

Progress ard Completion 


8440 Danforth Road West Cobourg, Ontano Canada K9A 4J9 

Tel (905)372-9594 Fax:(905)372-7812 

www sanche 





TEL. 905-885-4551 

FAX. 905-885-7551 


speech Day 

Locally owned & operated 
Nancy Coady, proprietor 


speech Day 


By Chet Gervais 

Wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles 
Wrinkes everywhere, 
Wrinkes wrinkles wrinkles 
Even in his hair 

Under his ears and on his tunimy 

When I give him treats he goes "nummy nummy nunimy" 

Big brown eyes and long saggy ears. 

When I don't give him rubs, those cute eyes fill with tears 

He's so chubby you can bare!)' see his feet. 
With little nubs for paws ! think he's really really neat 
Minister Woofingt on is his name, and it's known far and wide 
He's got a silver engraved dog collar which he always wears with pride 

His fur is kinda dark, maybe brindle or burgundy, 
I use him as a footrest when 1 have a cup of tea © 



V\ro*l> Abramfaku 

387« C.Hmov Ri 29 

PlkcnhamON k0A2X0 


JcBDifrr AdctMDJo 

553 Rival Ro&l 

Sauilj Anmai Camp 

Dtaahnn 31311 Saudi Arabia 



32 Caisslc> Dnvc 

Port Hope ON L1A3T4 

905 885 9171 

HotdcB Agnew-Pople 

Jaclyv Agorw-Popir 

2 Hodgson Sticci 

PoitHopeON L1A4G8 

905 885 5245 

JoDt Ahn 

3 1 Danbv Avenue 

North Voric ON M3H 2J2 

4I6 55I 5288 

Bailev Ainswortb 

Cariy Aiosworlb 


Camphellooft ON LOA IBO 

905 797 2950 

Hubenus Albrccbl 

Hauptstr 2 Kochn / 

bci Kiel 24257 Gennaoy 


Marc Alessandrini 

8 Worthington Dnvc 

CourticeON L1E3A4 

905 438 0344 

D J. Allen 

c/o Trinity College School 

PoitHopeON L1A4K7 

905 885 8992 

Douglas Allingbam 

5 Luvcnnc Court 

Bottinain-Ulc ON L1C4C9 

905 t>97 IV 

Gillian Aluin Kemp 

Stephanie AluiD Kemp 

43 Carlisle Avenue 

Bowmanvillc ON LlC 1W4 

905 623 1342 

Keaton Ambrose 

3151 Wilson Road Nonh 

OshawaON L1H8L7 

905 655 8845 

Sarah Ammons 

151 Cedar Crest Beach Road 

BoivmanviUc ON L1C3K3 

905 623 5879 

Nicholas Arbour 

20 McCuUock Crescent 

AjaxON LIT 3X1 

905 428 9076 

Mike Argue-Grecnc 

57 king Street 

PonHopeON L1A2R6 

905 885 2021 

Louise Armstrong 

Villa 3. Carnation Row Sunset Crest 

St James Barbados. W 1 

246 432 6258 

Rcgina Arnold 

#7 Industnal ParV Road 


Southampton SB04 Bennuda 

441 238 0969 

Jcnoy Ashbourne 

Jessie Ashbourne 

c/o Saudi Axamai PO Box 9063 

Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia 

Oil 966 3878 3529 

Jessica Aa 

Blk 19. Rat 2C Baguio VUla 

Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 28751337 

Jonalbon Austin 

6 1 5 Somerville Avenue 

OshawaON L10 4J2 

905 721 1828 

Harry Bae 

1101-5 Dong. 

Rucky Apt Onchcon 2 dong. 

Dongiae-Ou Busan. South Korea 


Kristina Balaam 

64 Jarvis Dnvc 

PoitHopeON LIA4K5 

905 885 2133 

Charissa Ball 

'Edyn' 12 Warwick Lane 

Warwick WK 02 Bermuda 


>ick> BaoQcId 

1 DcwtK>urac Avenue 

Toronto ON M5PI/I 

416 484 1266 

Ken Bang 

502-201 Samsung Rcniian Apt 105 

Samsung-d^>ng. Gangnan 

Seoul 135-871 South Korea 


Olivia Bannock 

Stephanie Bannock 

5 1 Dawlish Avenue 

ToainloON M4N 1112 


Daniel Barge 

PO Box 3 Dargle 3265 

KwaZulu-NatcI Soudl Afnca 

on 27 33 234 4106 

Jaime Barker 

Matthew Barker 

PO Box SB26 

Sandys SBBX Bermuda 

441 234 0562 

Marlcy Bathe 

8551 Majestic Hills Dnvc 

R R. 04 CoNiurg ON K9A4J7 

905 342 5356 

Nick Bauer 

Half Moon Estates 

PO Box W-566 Woods Centre 

Antigua, W.I. 

268 460 4447 

Jay Baxter 

c/o AECL 2251 Speakman Drive 

MississaugaON L5K IB2 

905 547,<018 

Morgan Beatty 

1014 Copperfield Dnve 

OshawaON LIK IS4 

905 720 17531 

Alexander Bccson 

8 Sunset Dnve R R. «4 
CobourgON K9A4J7 
905 373 6078 
Ashleigh BeU 

P.O. Box 180760 Bryanston 202 1 

Johannesburg. Gauteng South Africa 

01127 11 706 5390 

Taylor BeU 

955 Newtonville Road 

R.R. #8 Newcastle ON LIB 1L9 

905 786 1003 

James Belton 

3 Apslev Road 

Toronto ON M5M 2X7 

416 485 7693 

Anna Blanckenbcrg 

9 South Field Dnve 
WestvUle 3630 KwaZulu-Natal 
South Africa 

Oil 27 31 266 6590 

Oliver Blood-McDonald 

48 Hdl Sfreet 

Crafters. West South Australia 

5 152 Australia 

01161 8 8339 1885 

Eleni Bock 

9193 Raceffack Road 

R.R.«6 CobourgON K9A4J9 

Andrew Boos 

Mark Boos 

59 King Street 

Port Hope ON L1A2R6 

905 885 8721 

Carlie Botrie 

R.R. «2 4850 Manley Road 

BewdleyON KOL lEO 

905 342 3207 

Claire Bourgeois 

PO Box 260 10 Kuig Street West 

MUlbrookON lOA IGO 

705 932 2453 

Katie Bowcn 

Mackenzie Bowcn 

420 Carnage Lane 

Peteiborough ON K9L 2A5 

705 743 7548 

Mirjam Breithaupt 

Katzenbrucb 40 

Muelheun an der Ruhr 

45478 Germany 


James Brogan 

6227 CampbcU Road R.R. #4 

Pott Hope ON L1A3V8 

905 753 2160 

Elizibelb Brown 

37 Ravme Drive 

PoitHopeON 1 IA407 

905 885 9760 

Gavin Bryant 

Frenches .St George 

Barbados. W 1 

2464.34 0131 

Tamara Bryant 

174 Bclfoid Avenue 

Rutherford. NJ 07070. USA 

201 939 4093 

Matthew Buckman 

1 Vallcvaiina Dnvc 

ToionloON M4N 1J7 

416 322 7900 

Maggie Burgess 

1010 Booth Street 

CobourgON K9A5G4 

905 372 0030 

Melody Burke 

2 1 Orchard Park Dnvc 

BowmanvdleON L1C4[^ 

905 623 6352 

Gray Burnctt-Herkes 

PO Box MA 370 Mangrove Bay. 

MABX Bermuda 

441 2.34 2208 

Michael Bushuk 

7 Bunhill Court 
AjaxON LIZ 1X5 
905 427 7435 
Adrian Bycrs 
Peter Byers 

274 Gateslone Avenue 

OakviUc ON L6J 5R9 

905 844 6026 

Daniel Byrne 

56 Bonacrcs Avenue 

Scarborough ON M1C3H9 

416 724 2550 

Patrick Byrski 

201 Conestoga Coun 

OshawaON L1G8G7 

905 571 4113 

Alcxina Cameron 

c/o Trmily College School 

55 Dcblaquire Street North 

PoitHopeON L1A4K7 

905 885 5718 

George Campbell 

Victoria Campbell 

1 Buggey Lane 

AjlxON LIZ 1X4 

905 686 5428 

Jack Candlisb 

1508 Highway 2 East 

KmgstonON K7L4V1 

613 545 9560 

Austin CarmichacI 

2913 Manchoff Road 

PoitHopeON L1A3V5 

905 753 2188 

Kevin Caza 

'Sea Mist' 34 Seabnght Avenue 

Paget DV 04 Bermuda 

441236 5376 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

514 St Clair Avenue East 

Toronto ON M4T 1P7 

416482 4415 

Caroline Chagnon 

718 Haitland 

OutremontQC H2V2X6 

514 735 7192 

Eugene Chan 

Flat H. 5/Fl. Block 24. 

Laguna City Lam Tm Kowloon, 

Hong Kong, Chma 

Oil 852 3154 3628 

Jacquelene Chan 

8 A Tower 1. 

Sky Horizon 35 Cloud View Road 

Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2508 6968 

Jaime Chan 

FlatB 8th Floor Sung Fung Court 

3 Fook '\'am Road Harbour Heights 

North Pomt Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2808 2601 

Keith Chan 

22B Fook Hmg Court 

63 Wun Sha Sfrcet Tai Hang 

Hong Kong, China 

Oil 852 2576 2979 

Natasha Chan 

PO Box N- 1836 

Suite A-007 Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 2167 

Sarah (ban 

201 KmiiShill Road 

Richmond Hill ON L4E4V4 

905 223 9543 

Wendell Chan 

lA. Block 2. Cavendish Heights 

33 Perkins Road. Jardinc's Lookout 

Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2886 4503 

Conner Cbarlcbois 

42 Rafton Sfrcet 

NewcasUeON LIB 1P7 

905 446 0060 

Allen Chan 

Unit E. 7 & 8/F . Tower 3. 

No 1 Beaain Hill Road 

Hong Kong. Chma 

on 852 1527 4113 

Carl Chauvio 

Nick Chauvin 

1 1 tiuildcrcst Dnvc 

Scarborough ON MIE 1E2 

416 269 7189 

Suncct Cheema 

PO Box 877 

CobourgON K9A4S3 

905 377 1828 

Su Wen Chcoo 

102-2406 Lottc Castle Gold, 

Shmcheon-Dong. Songpa-Gu Seoul 

138 727 South Korea 


Alex Cheung 

Flat A. 5/F 19 Tai Hang Road 

Hong Kong. Chma 


Jessica Chin-\'ou 

Rachacl Chin-^ou 

1 1 Rosewell Crescent 

MarkhamON L6C 2T4 

905 927 0929 

Lauren Chin-^ou 

Samanlba Cbin-^ou 

4 Inglesidc Close PO Box 480 

Mandeville. Manchester Jamaica. W I 


Jung Min Cbo 

763 Munson Crescent 

CobourgON K9A 5N9 

905 372 4347/011-822-707-1228 

Alex Choi 

#103-107 Oaram APT Uwon-dong. 

Gangnam-gu Seoul 

135230 South Korea 


Andy Choi 

Joong Ang PreschtKil. (Kyung Kook 


2887- 1 Tae Pyung 2-dong. 

Sujetmg-gu Sungnam-city KyimgGi-do 

461821 South Korea 


Eric Choi 

Yang Jung Dong Yulim Apt 103 - 502 

Bucanjmgu. Busan South Korea 

Oil 825 1504 1266 

Eric Choi 

107-2002 Samsung Rae Mi An Apt 

Dogok-dong Kangnam-gu Seoul 

135270 South Korea 

Oil 822 62032580 

Sean Choi 

560-859 Hyo-Ja 2 Ga 100-1 The Sharp 

Apt 107 Dong « 1002 Jeon-Ju Si. 

Jeon-Buk, South Korea 


Alex Christie 

4 Alderton Court 

Toronto ON M9A3X8 

416 234 5878 

Diana Chu 

Flat 2. 8/F. Miami Mansion 

99B Waterloo Road Kowloon, 

Hong Kong. Chma 


William Chung 

Floor 11. Block A. 

Heng Fa Villa Heng Fa Chuen, 

100 Shmg Tai Road Hong Kong. Chma 


Mike Churchman 

1580 Lakeshorc Road 

SarmaON N7X IBS 

519 542 7521 

Trevor Clark 

309 Beech Street West 

Whitby ON LIN3B3 

905 666 2285 

Jen Clarke 

3689 Lakeshorc Koad 
Newcastle ON LIB 11.9 
905 987 3075 
Moritz Claussen 
Fucrstcnstrassc 1 1 
Berlin 14163 (iermany 
Kriko Climaco 
.3998 Lakeshorc Road 
Port Hope ON L1A3V7 
905 885 1.397 
Michael ColVn 

8 Rue Lac Ncuchalcl. 
Lcs Bcrgcs du Lac lunis 

Jessica Coir 

'DcnnUi Cottage'. OakhiU Road. 

Skyline Villas. PO BoxN121 

Nassau Bahamas 

242 327 6062 

Caitlin Conyers 

5 Fairylands Road 

Pembroke HM06 Bermuda 

441 295 8433 

Trevor Cook 

943 1 Stevenson Road R.R « 1 

Gores Landing ON K0K2E0 

905 342 3300 

Mark Cooper 

9 Kemgan Drive 
Whitby ON LIR 1C3 
905 665 3154 
Andrea Copeland 
Warrick Copeland 

1 Mapleglen Court 
Whitby ON L1R1T7 
905 430 6094 
Sarah Cosman 
26 Rose Park Crescent 
Toronto ON M4T 1P9 
416 485 6534 
Brendan Cougblin 
PO Box 167 Sm Brooklin 
905 655 7002 
Robin Courtice 

I Gibson Place 
PoitHopeON LI A 408 
905 885 4397 
Benjamin Crase 

83 1 Wcstdale Snect 
OshawaON L1J5C1 
905 723 9176 
Quinn Crydennao 
347 MiU Sffeet South 
NewcasUeON LIB 1C3 
905 987 7209 
Cece Culver-Grey 
198 ch des Cbautenelles 
Ivry-sur-le-lac QC J8C 2Z8 
819 326 3062 
Stephanie Dagg 

I I Cadby Road 
AjaxON LIS 3X6 

905 683 3380/905 885 4744 

Jack Davies 

Sam Davies 

226 Alwmgton Place 

KmgstonON K7L 4P8 

613.544 4441 

Beccy De Silva 

4536 Pit Road R.R. «3 

PoitHopeON L1A3V7 

905 786 2538 

Laura DeGeer 

Sarah DeGeer 

19 Forest Glen Crescent 

R.R. #6 Cobomg ON K9A 4J9 

905 377 8232 

Luke Dcben 

PO Box 141 Golden Vale 

Kmgstown St Vincent 

784 457 5161 

Camille Dclean 

I Surmv Rose Court 
Whitby ON L1R1V8 
905 666 0933 
Graham Dersnab 

I I Gibson Place 

Port Hope ON LI A 408 
905 885 5434 
Monica Dhillon 
75 Fmnegan Place 
WhitbvON L1R2K8 
905 665 1639 
Jasmine Dickson 
Jenna Dickson 
R.R «3 561 Thomas Road 
ColbomeON KOK ISO 
905 355 5867 


<'irlotta Dimkr 

Am KiUckjculluvcg 73 

tlamburg 22ftU7 (lermany 


SciD Dimoik 

227 Victoria Stjcel 

KingsIMi l)N k71 i\'> 

613 542 6304 

Naltsbi UiHlil 

Robert Uodd 

3121 Thcalrc Koad North 

R,R. «4CoboursON K9A4J7 

905 885 0645 

Emily Dovr 

Nltt Dove 

42 Si Vinc«m Strrel 

BamcON L4M 3V4 

705 721 1488 

CoDor Doyle 

c/o Clarendon House 

2 Church Slieel PO Bo\ MM 666 

Hanulloo HM CX Beraiuda 

441 293 3530 

Mel DuMoulin 

Monika DuMoulin 

135 Root Crescent 

AjaxON L1T4L5 

905 428 9738 

Steph Dusek 

10 Buggey Lane 
AjaxON LIZ 1X7 
905 686 8607 
Isaac DuRoo 

175 Balsam Dhvc 

OakvillcON L6J3X4 

905 338 5119 

Bobby Edghill 

96 Crane Haven St Philip 

18079 Barbados. W.l. 

246 423 8179 

SymoQ Edmoads 

80 Concession 3 West 

WarkworthON KOK 3K.0 

705 924 9407 

Grace Egan 

85 Second Street 

OakvilleON L6J3T1 

905 339 3938 

Jessica Eomau 

773 Wavetley Road Box 226 

DatlmouthNS B2X2G6 

902 434 3072 

Victoria Esposito 

PO Box HM 827 

Hamilton HM CX Bermuda 

441236 3205 

Katie Essak 

Sarah Essak 

575 Lakeshore Road 

CobourgON K9A 1S4 

905 372 9962 

Anna Everdell 

30 Scafotth Road 

Kingston ON K7M 1E2 

613 549 7688 

Elliott Farqufaarson 

549 Lakeshore Road 

CobourgON K9A 1S4 

905 372 9440 

Sarah Fiadlay 

995 Mont St Denis 

SiUeryQC GIS 1B4 

418 683 7733 

Ben Finney 

Spencer Finney 

13 Century Farm Road 

R.R. «2 Pontypool ON LOAIKO 

705 277 1789 

Julia Fisblock 

74 Pme Street South 

Port Hope ON L1A3G1 

905 885 1754 

Galen Flaherty 

Quinn Flaherty 

780 Garden Street 

Whitby ON LIN 8P2 

905 430 7624 

Rachel Flynn 

1 1 Ennlea Crescent 
519 833 2677 
Olwyn Foley 

19 Praine Drive 
MedicmeHatAB TIC 1R2 
403 504 0480 
Marc-Andre Fontaine 
3791 Charles ESenecal 
St. Hubert QC J3Y 8V5 
450 656 4985 

IVacey Forbes 

\'0 Bo.\ 150 Savannah 

Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, B W 1 

345 947 1885 

Bruce Fournier 

14 Vemcc Court 

Dartmouth NS H2X3KI 

902 435 6313 

Anoa Frackowiak 

433 Cainicroll Road 

OakvdleON L6J4N1 

905 338 53.39 

Robert Frame 

8535 Danlorth Road West 

R R. Ub Cobourg ON k9A 4J9 

905 373 0247 

Joel Eraser 

1668 Concession Road #9 

BlackslockON LOB IBO 

905 263 4615 

Daniela Gagnon 

c/o Pelouse Dunor Sod 

101 McNee Hearst 

Box 2762 Hearst ON POL INO 

705 362 5002 

Ryan Galpin 

lyier Galpin 

175 Tormma Boulevard 

WhitbvON L1R3R5 

905 655 4227 

Felipe Garcia-Andrade Llamas 

Avemda 17-A«68e/174y 

190 Playa La Habana Cuba 

Oil 537 204 4187 

Luke Gaston 

699 Whitcbirch Road R.R. #2 


705 932 5639 

Alexa Gendron 

3435 Vendome 

Montreal QC H4A3M6 

514 484 3401 

Chet Gervais 

PO Box 262 

Amherstburj ON N9V2Z2 

Ricardo Gibson 


Villa Maho Bay St Maarten, N.A. 

Oil 5995454337/416-907-2726 

Janet Gilchrist Bailey 

R.R «5 9234 Danforth Road East 

CobourgON K.9A4J8 

90S 372 3563 

Charlotte Glassco 

Stephen Glassco 

Willow Hollow 2597 Salem Road 

AjaxON L1T4V5 

905 686 2983 

Heather Godard 

1 1 Bermce Avenue 

Toronto ON M8Y 1Z5 


Justin Graffi 

3301 Old Scugog Road 

BowmanvdleON L1C4H3 

905 623 8969 

Alexis Grassinger 

448 Feasby Road R_R.#1 

UxbndgeON L9P1R1 

905 852 0658 

Rebecca Gregory 

PO Box CR 395 

Crawl CR BX Bermuda 

441 292 2750 

Jamie Griffin 

28 Bedford Street 

Port Hope ON LIA 1W3 

905 885 2793 

Jenn Guenette 

1 1 Huron Dnve 

BnghtonON KOK IHO 

613 475 4150 

Marie-Sophie GuindoD 

55 East House Crescent 

Cobourg ON K9A 5R3 

905 372 5666 

Chelsey Gunning 

Christian Gunning 

Walkers Walker House. 

PO Box 265GT Mary Street 

George Town. 

Grand Cayman KYI 9001 

Cayman Islands, B W.l 

345 946 5005 

Alei HalUnk 

295 Kerwood Drive 

CambndgeON N3L 4M4 

519 654 9559 

Alex llambrock 

247 Dawlisli Avenue 

NortliVorkON M4N 1J2 


Melissa Hamilton 

44 Foxhunt Itail 

CourticeON Lit 1E9 

905 436 1228 

Sascha Hamilton-Miller 

Devonshire Street #14 

Westward Villas PO Box CB- 1 1436 

Nassau Bahamas 


Taylor llammett 

74 Auburn Lane 

CourticeON Lll;2E9 

905 436 8034 

Han Han 

Sccho3 dong 1490-1 

Sang-Ji Rity Villa 1001. 

Secho-Gu Seoul 137870 South Korea 

Oil 822 522 4380 

Adam Hatch 

West Shore Lodge. Greenidge Drive. 

Paynes Bay. St James BB240 1 1 

Barbados. W 1 

246 432 1580 

Devin Henderson 


Peterborough ON K9J 8C3 

705 748 6493 

Mark Henderson 

5 Hodgson Street 

Port Hope ON L1A408 

905 885 6309 

Annegret Henninger 

1612 Ramsey Lake Road 

SudburvON P3E6J1 

705 674 6851 

Meg Herod 

396 Gnlls Road R.R. 2 

Baltunore ON KOK ICO 

905 349 3443 

Amy Hill 

7 O'Connor Dnve 

Whitby ON LIN 7X7 

905 668 6816 

Karleigh Hill 

Ridge Christ Church 

17033 Barbados. W.L 

246 437 4628 

Tory Hill 

7 O'Connor Drive 

Whitby ON LIN 7X7 

905 668 6816 

Kelvin Ho 

Flat E. 43/F. Block 2. 

Discovery Park Tsuen Wan, 

Hong Kong. Chma 


Lauren Hogarth 

28 Edgar Avenue 

Toronto ON M4W2A9 

416 972 9191 

Alison Holmes 

Mill Shares 13 Wmdermere 

Pembroke HM05 Bermuda 

441 295 2246 

Hea In Hong 

55 Charles Street East. Apt, 906 

Toronto ON M4Y 1S9 

Ryan Hope Ross 

Arkshell Road « 1 

Guana Bay. St Maarten. N.A 

Oil 599 543 6303 

Jeffrey Hornung 

Jess Hornung 

1379 Onlano Street 

CobourgON K9A4J7 

905 373 4216 

Cathryn Hostick 

4 Andelwood Court 
BowmanvdleON L1C4H2 
905 623 5008 

Bell Hou 

6 Floor « 28 Lane 270 Tun-Hwa, 

5 Road, Sec 1 Taipei 106 Taiwan 

Devon Howard 

61 Lyndhurst Avenue 
Toronto ON M5R2Z8 
416 924 3394 

Paul Hoy 

62 Concession Street West 
BowmanvdleON LIC 1Y5 
905 623 1264 

Cecilia Hui 

Flat B. 5/F . Block 34. 

City One Shatm Shatm, 

Hong Kong. Chma 


Dylan HuDlcr 

131 Gdlctt Court 

CobourgON k9A5K9 

905 373 9214 

Bea Hutcbesan-Santos 

28 Florence Street liasl 

HuntsvillcON PIH 1P8 

705 789 8435 

Chris Huitabie 

60 Dchlaquirc Sttccl 

Port Hope ON L1A2K9 

905 448 2745 

Scan Hyad 

5 Glcnvicw lerracc 

BrockvilleON K6V2Y4 

613 345 1531 

April Ip 

BIk C-1. 4/Floor. Fauland Garden 

7-10 llomantm Hill RoadKowIoon, 

Hong Kong. Chma 


Keegan Irwin 

108 Cortleigh Boulevard 

Toronto ON M4R 1K6 

416488 4881 

Mackenzie Jackson 

52 Bayshore Road Box 3082 

BnghtonON KOK IHO 

613 475 1088 

Raphael Jadaa 

PO Box 2054 Sahniya 

22021 Kuwait 


Chanel Johnson 

64 SI Ives Crescent 

Toronto ON M4N 3B2 

416 932 0832 

Iain Johnson 

876 Darwin Dnve 

PickenngON L1X2P8 

905 831 5183 

Jennifer Johnson 

8 Chester Lane 

NewcasdeON LIB 1E5 

905 987 5734 

Anna Jonassen 

21 Casde Harbour Dnve 

PortPenyON L9L 1P4 

905 982 0756 

Richard Jung 

c/o Kelly Park 

4 1 Keys Dnve 

AjaxON L1T3R3 

905 999 3411 

Alfred Kam 

25C Hong Kong Garden 

8 Seymour Road 

Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2540 7800 

Emily Kang 

Smgdong-A Apt 9-702 Sachong-dong 

Sangdang-Ku Chong Ju-Si, 

Chung Buk South Korea 


Elisabeth Ivarg 

Niebergallweg 3 Giessen 



Rob Kay 

4705 Concession Road 6 

R_R. « 1 NewtonvUlcON LOA IJO 

905 983 9611 

Cailin Kearns 

699 San 'Isidro Road 

Santa Bartiara. CA 93 108 U.S.A. 

805 969 7770 

Graham Keiper 

12 Stratheden Road 

Toronto ON M4N 1E3 

416 932 9338 

Patrick Kelley 

Steph Kelley 

4309 Highway 2 

GananoqueON K7G 2V5 

613 382 1819 

Spencer Kelly 

171 Bruton Street 

Port Hope ON L1A1V8 

905 885 2672 

Donovon Kellymao 

PO Box 31 GcoijeTown, 

Grand Cayman Cayman Islands. B W 1 

345 947 1059 

Erin Kemp 

4553 Middle Road 

BowmanvdleON L1C3K2 

905 263 8297 

Monica Khalil 

143 First Sheet ARAMCO 

Box 9469 Dhahran 31311 

Saudi Arabia 


Aanir Klian 

Saudi Aremcu PO Box 12638 Dhahran. 

Eastern Provmcc 31311 Saudi Arabia 


Mcraj Khao 

33 Harbour Square Suite 1604 

Toronto ON M5J 2G2 

416 203 2077 

Alice Kim 

14 Gypsy Koscway 

North York ON M2N 5Y9 

416 224 8238 

Aagic Kim 

So Voun Kim 

203 - 201 Hyundai Mormng Side 

Apt 679 Shin Hyun Ri, 

Ohpyo Myum Oyeong-Oi Owan^u 

Soudi Korea 


Doona Kim 

Lotte casde Empire 101-3701, 

Yeouido dong 36tfa, YungdetiogPo Gu 

Seoul City South Korea 


Justin Kim 

18 Dudley Court 

CourticeON L1E3K3 

905 728 4846 

Sean Kim 

105-502 l>)ngsmApt 88, 

Sungm Dong Ansung-City. 

Kyunggi-Do South Korea 


Liz King 

7D Hou To Court 

275 Gloucester Road 

Hong Kong. China 

011-852-2894-8079/011-852-2894 8086 

Kiki Kirkpatrick 

Malakai Kirkpatrick Rouse-Kyle 

28 Anne Street 

Millbrook ON LOA IGO 

705 932 3360 

Gregor KleibI 

Dr. Voglgasse 3 1 Klostemcuburg, 

Niederoestcrtcich 3400 Austna 


Justin Kleinscbroth 

8857 Racetrack Road R R «6 

CobourgON K9A4J9 

905 373 7422 

David Knowles 

PO BoxN-1818 

229 Treasure Cove Nassau, N.P 


242 364 1300/242 364 1760 

Hayley Koene 

93 Church Street 

BowmanvdleON LIC 1S9 

905 697 0785 

Katherine Konn 

Rochelle Konn 

3245 Greenbura Place 


905 428 0053 

Dimitri Kourkoutis 

271 Rushobie Road 

Toronto ON M6H 2Y9 

416 588 6556 

Brendan Krause 

7 Kmgsway Gate 

CourticeON LIE lYl 

905 436 7845 

Ibidayo Kuye 

64 Country Club Dnve 

CambndgeON NIT 1Z8 

519 740 2874 

Michael Kwan 

Flat J. 9/F. Evelyn Towers 

38 Cloud View Road 

Hong Kong. China 


Moses Lam 

24 Carrnegie Crescent 

ThomhdlON L3T5H1 

905 709 9791 

Sharon Lam 

Flat 7A. Tower 4. Redhdl Pemnsula 

18 Pak Pat Shan Road Tai Tam 

Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2813-4349 

Jon Lane 

3741 Lakeshore Road 

NewcasdeON LIB IL9 

905 987 3955 

Charlotte Lang 

70 Birch Avenue 

Toronto ON M4V 1C8 

416 964 1499 


Patrick LiiDglcy 
Pbvllu Laocky 
t liMi-io Drive 
ttTlitbyON LIN'SBS 

«05 «<5 1073 

DiDid Larfc 

Tboma5 Lari^e 

10 H^>tlg£on Soeet 

PonHopeON L1A4G7 

905 8«5 bUi 

JasoD Law 

15 Bn«n Cliff Drive 

North YoA ON M3B2G1 

416 510 :'>24/-41t. 200 3489 

Rickv Law 

Flat B. 5th Fk«. Block 7 Villa Carilon. 

369 Tai Po Road Kowlooo. 

Hong kong. China 


Jordan Leavitl 

3315 Greoiburo Place « I Locust Hill ON LOH 1 JO 

905 683 4955 

Hoin Lee 

601 Ho - 2 Dong. HoDg Hwa Apt. 

#503-17 Daccheon-Dong Boroung-Si. 

Choong-Nam. South Korea 


JooD Lee 

740 York Mills Road #803 

Toronto ON M3B 1W7 

416449 7505 


82103-138 Dong LG-Metiocily. 

Yong Ho-Dong 176-30, 

Nam-gu Cit\' of Busan South Korea 


Mike Lee 

102-201 Pureun Macul Byuksan Apt 

Sunac-Dong Bundang-Gu Seongnam- 

City, Geonggi-Do South Korea 


Mike Lee 

Nicole Lee 

Moonrae ja ee APT 1 1 5-402 

Moon rac 3 ga. Young dcung po-gu 

Seoul South Korea 


Samuel Lee 

112 Dong. 1602 Ho. 

Punglim 1-Want Apt. Songdodong 2-7. 

Y'oun Soo Gu Incfaun City 

406-130 South Korea 

Oil 823 2246 5836 

Yoo Jin Lee 

218-5 Smvoung-dong. Jongno-gu Seoul 

110-831 South Korea 


Marie-Claude Leroui 

1 1 5 Bcechwood Avenue 

Toronto ON NOL 1J8 

416 385 7567 

Tiffany Leung 

Flat A.'7/F. Hill Lodge 

1 Lok Fung Path Shatin, NT, 
Hong Kong. Chma 

Justin Lewis 

Taylor Lewis 

3 Spanish Main Dnve 

PO Box F-43529 Freepolt 

F-43529 Bahamas 

242 373 5144 

Jeffrey Li 

Apt 20A. Block 5 

10 Robinson Road 
Hong Kong. China 
Vera Liang 
Building #6. Apt 1704 
Wan Shou Lu Xi Jie Jia - 

1 1 Hai Dian Distnct Beijing 
100036 Chma 
118-610-6817 Ext 9182 
Ctaristiaa Lieberoth-Leden 
Am Heger Holz 227 
Osnabnieck 49078 Germany 
Louis Liu 

Room 202 BLDG 4. 

Yamai Shanzhuang. 

No 81 Sianggang East Rd 

Qmgdao 266000 Chma 


Dee Loitering 

2 Corp Patterson Lane 
NewcasUeON L1B0A7 
905 987 3088 

Scott Lull 
105 Woodview Dnve 
Pickering ON LIV ILl 
905 509 1419 

(buog-^'buD Ma 

No 18, .\Ucy 6. Lane210, 

Chang-Chuig Road 

Hsi-ChihCitv 221 Taiwan 


Melissa MacCoubrey 

160 Kuig Street East 

CoboutgON K9A 1L3 

905 377 8607 

Byron MacDooald 

210 B\Ton Street North 

WhithvON L1N4N1 

905 666 4408 

Brandon MacGregor 

77 Baby Pomt Crescent 

Toronto ON M6S2B7 

416 769 3030 

Michael Macbum 

Santa Paula. Calle Gcmmis Qta 

La Musiua Caracas. Miranda Venezuela 

Oil 58 2129864924 

Andrew Maclsaac 

2018 Lvnn Heights Dnve 

Pickering ON LIX 1N4 

905 831 7914 

Kendra Mackenzie 

98 John Street 

PonHopeON L1A2Z6 

905 885 0633 

Guy Mahon 

Stiilwell Mullins 

St Peter BB26005 Barbados, W.l 


Elspetb Malcolm 

124 KilbarT\ Road 

Toronto ON M4R 1S6 

416 485 2444 

Terry Martin 

Mt Denison Station 

Via Alice Spnngs 

Northern Territory 

0872 Australia 

01161 8 8956 4028 

Karia Martinez Soils 

Las Rosas 1124, Col Espanita Irapualo, 

Guanajuato 36610 Mexico 


Tori MathiesoD 

1222 Abbey Road 

PickenngON LIX 1V7 

905 420 0747 

Seiichi Matsubara 

1-1-2-1504 Daiba Mmato-ku 

135-0091 Japan 


Sean Matthews 

1627 Baggms Street 

PickenngON L1X2C9 

905 428 0628 

Matthew Maynard 

137 Front Street PO Box 59 

Hastings ON KOL lYO 

905 SiS 5878^05 696 3715 

Zara McAlister 

1 1 Island View Court 

Port Perrv ON L9L 1R6 

905 985 3634 

lain McBeath 

14 Burgess Poml Road 

Warwick WK04 Bermuda 

441 238 1347 

Philippa McCanD 

PO Box 7004 Zunbali 

3629 KwaSulu-Natal South Africa 

01127 32 525 8173 

Daniel McCarthy 

RO-Box 329 Howick 

3290 South Africa 

01127 33 330 6092 

John McCracken 

130 Anne Street 

CobourgON K9A 1G5 

905 372 8935 

Mike McCullocb 

73 Simms Dnve 

AjixON L1T3K1 

905 619 2828 

Taylor McCurdy 

33 1 CoUege Sneet 

CobourgON K9A3V3 

905 372 9300 

Tiff McDonald 

53 Sunset Avenue, Cherry Gardens. 

PO Box 2864 Kmgston 8 

Jamaica. Wl 


Brendan McGorman 

R,R «2 640 Lindsay Highway 
Peterborough ON K9J 6X3 
705 745 9632 

Win McKay 

230 Golfdale Road 

Toronto ON M4N 2B9 

416 322 0384 

Alexander Mckenzie 

1 338 Holly SttccI North West 

Washmgton. DC 20012-1508 USA 

202 726 5296 

Sierra .Mckenzie 

4555 Fourth Concession Road 

NewtonviUe ON LOA IJO 

905 786 2508 

Sarah Mehu 

5 Bunhill Court 

AjaxON LIZ 1X5 

905 619 2029 

Varun Mehta 

A-49 Nizamuddm East 

New Delhi 110013 India 


Poppy Miers 

54 Poplar Plains Road 

Toronto ON M4V 2M8 

416964 2010 

Shevaun Mistry 

27 Wwidhaven Crescent 

Whitby ON LIR 1R7 

905 430 7949 

Bradley Mitchell 

22 Inghams Vale 
Pembroke HM 04 Bermuda 
441 292 0310 
Cassandra Montaudon 
10463 South Lake Vista 
Circle Davie, FL 33328 USA 
954 476 6825 

Michael Mooney 
530 Salem Avenue SW 
CalgarvAB T3C 2K6 
403 209 2727 
Dylan Morgan 

23 Graeme Hall Terrace 
Christ Church, Barbados, W.L 

Tsubasa Morishita 

2-4-4 Seno Nishi Aki-ku 

Hiroshima 7390313 Japan 

Oil 81 82 894 5035 

William Morrison 

47 Darley Street 

AjaxON L1T3Y1 

905 427 2403 

Adam Moulton 

3366 Comish Hollow Road 

R.R. #6 Cobourg ON K9A4J9 

905 342 9900 

Jordan Mowbray 

Justin Mowbray 

69 Lahaye Dnve 

Whitby ON LIP 1L5 

90S 430 9604 

Arman Mulji 

1 1 Sunnyrose Court 

Whitby ON LIR 1V8 

905 668 2288/905 430 8850 

Travis Munro 

676 Bessborough Dnve 

OshawaON L1G4H2 

905 436 3737 

Rcnee Murphy 

614 Wahiut Street West 

WhitbvON L1N2W8 

905 668 7337 

Stephanie Murray 

9 Nettles Court 

Whitby ON L1P1L5 

905 666 0606 

Rachel Mwalwanda 

60 Elliott Avenue East 

Hamilton ON L8T2H8 

905 574 3586 

Skylar Neblett Reid 

133 Mrniroe Street 

CobourgON K9A 1B9 

905 377 1288 

Carmeo Ng 

9B, Block 10, Royal Ascot 

Fotan. Shatm Hong Kong, 

New Temloncs Chma 


James Ng 

9 Sham Hon Road, Sham Tseng, 

N T HoDg Kong. China 

011852 2390 2854 

Andrew Nguyen 

3/3 Pho Quang St , 

Ward 2, Tan Bmh Dist 

Ho Chi Minh City Viemam 


Lisa Noel 

10 Gibbons Terrace 

Chnst Church Barbados. W I, 

246 420 3909 

Amy N organ 

Tabitha Norgan 

169 Aird Street PO Box 91 

Ciratton ON KOK 2G0 

905 349 2389 

Haley Nowak 

65 1 Pcrcival Court 

OshawaON LIK 1M4 

905 720 4809 

Samuel Ob 

99 Phillips Road Apt 604 

PonHopeON L1A2J6 

905 885 9519 

Mariko Oishi 

1216 Soryo Matsudamachi 


Kanagawa Ken 2580003 Japan 


kristin Ouellet-Gaston 

Liane Ouellet-Gaston 

699 Whitebirch RoadR.R. HI 

Millbrook ON LOA IGO 

705 932 5639 

All Outerbridge 

3 Southcote Road 

Paget PG03 Bermuda 

441 541 7729 

Alicia Owen 

37 Saint Edmunds Dnve 

Toronto ON M4N 2P7 

416 483 9656 

Brenna Owen 

33 Princess Street Port Hope ON L 1 A 


905 885 1512 

Derek Failing 

37 Melville Road 

Devonshire DV07 Bermuda 

441236 4585 

kristen Fallen 

248 A Foster Avenue 

Belleville ON K8N 3R3 

613 967 5963 

ke\in Park 

1 8 Beaumont Drive 
AjaxON L1T1R8 
905 683 4417 
Rachel Park 

2 Rean Dnve Suite 2007 
Toronto ON M2K IHl 
416 987 9%2 
Alei Parker 
Ian Parker 

19 Islay Court 
CourticeON L1E2E7 
905 436 0706 
Danny Parker 

143 Old Colony Dnve 

Whitby ON LiR2A6 

905 668 3434 

David Parker 

4 1 Kilkenny Dnve 

Scarborough ON MIW 1J6 


Kushal Patel 

58 Sydel Court 

Bowmanville ON L1C4N5 

905 623 9893 

Caitlin Patrick 

3240 Old Scugog Road 

Bowmanville ON L1C3K2 

905 623 5312 

Brett Payette 

175 Grosjean Road 

CodrmgtonON KOK IRO 

613 475 1938 

Charles Pellrop 

7307 Mussel 

MonocalQC H2A2W6 

514 725 0042 

Kaiaing Peng 


Everbnght Garden. Haidan Distnct 

Beijing 100089 Chma 


Samantha Pepper 

483 1 DeMaisonneuve West 

WeslmountQC H3Z 1M6 

514 488 7809 

Sarah Piccini 

123 Ootano Street 

PonHopeON L1A2V3 

905 885 6012 

Brittany Pitt 

22 Patience Avenue 

Sandys SBOl Bennuda 

441 234 2957 

,Mci Popiiff 
James Pupoff 
Ritchie Popoff 

3 Hanover Court 
Whitby ON L1N7J1 
905 665 7632 
Sophia Rashid 
122 Sprucewood Crescent 
Bowmanville ON L1C5H4 
905 623 6290 
Stephen Rattan 

Villa 7, Silver Oaks Old Crewe Road 
PO Box 846 01 Georgetown, 
Grand Cavman Cayman Islands. B W I 
Aeesban Rayees 

c/o Saudi Aramco Box 2678 (YA-323) 
Dharan 31311 Saudi Arabia 
Andrea Reade 
4 1 Kenneth Cres 
PorcupmeON PON ICO 
705 235 8687 
lain Redford 
Alisa' 43 Knapton Hill 
Smiths FLOS Bermuda 
441 293 0389 
Carly Reed 
99 Rhonda Boulevard 
BowmanvdlcON L1C4M8 
905 623 0985 
Guy-Etienne Richard 
20 Redwood Dnve 
MonaonNB EIG 1V6 
506 384 3922 
Rebecca Ro 

3497 Hickcison Road R-R. #1 
Baltimore ON KOK ICO 
905 342 3657 
Dougie Roach 

226 Cordia Avenue, Sunset Crest 
St James BB24046 Barbados. Wl 
246 432 7120 
Deirdre Roache 
1811 N.W 51 Street 
RO Box 2585 

H^2-D Fort Lauderdale. FL 33309 

905 481 0.545 
Julia Roberts 
PO BoxN-918 

12 Highland Terrace. Nassau. Bahamas 
Montana Robertson 
3 Browning Avenue 
Toronto ON M4K 1V6 
416 792 7555 
Recce Robson 
676 Zion 4th Lme. RR.«2 
Millbrook ON LOA IGO 
705 932 7678 
Ashlyn Rodrigues 
57 Molson Street 
PonHopeON L1A2J8 
905 885 6688 
Da>id Rowen 
39 Redmond Drive 
AjaxON L1S5R8 
905 683 5276 
Claudia Sanchez 
8440 Danfonh Road West 
R.R #6 Cobourg ON K9A4J9 
905 372 0475 
Alexandra Sander? 
Vanessa Sanders 
Mozartstr, 66 

Osnabrueck 49076 Germany 
Breigh Scheefer 
44 Kemson Road W^est 
AjaxON L1Z1K2 
905 427 2017 
Braden Scbenk 
1 1 Walnut Street 
Port Hope ON L1A2Y2 
905 885 6252 
Nicole Schmidinger 
1 Munday Court 
Bowmanville ON L1C4R7 
905 623 4859 
Douglas Scott 
52 Lytton Boulevard 
Toronto ON M4R 1L3 
416 482 0310 
Thomas Sears 

c/o Royal Bank of Ins PO, Box 1335, 
Chelstoo Park Bldg «1, 
CoUymore Rock 
Bridgetown Barbados, W I. 
246 436 8833 


KristcQ See 

34 Forest HUl l>ivc. 

RR «<> Cotwurg ON K9A4J9 

W5 372 3301 

Milcbel Stiby 

3130 I'ollard Road 

Newcastle ON I IB 111 

905 987 5527 

Bl^tliDy Severs 

Cissiodn Severs 

5432 Rice Lake Scenic Drive 

Gores Landing ON K.OK 2i;0 

905 579 0042 

Stephanie Sbarpe 

29 [)unloe Koad 
Toronto ON M4V2W4 
416932 3701 

Danielle Shawana-Trudeau 

262 Rahhit Island Road 

Wikwemikong ON P0P2J0 

705 859 2709 

John Shevlen 

449 BIythwood Road 

Toronto ON M4N IA8 

416481 7668 

Toagzhou Shi 

Room 203. No 18. Lone 800. 

Huashan Road, Changmng District 

Shanghai China 


Chip Simmonds 

268 1 Greenwood Road 

AjaxON LIT4S5 

905 686 6862 

Maranda Smith 

18 king Street hast 

CobourgON K9A IK.7 

905 377 8787 

Rory Smith 

290 Donessle Dnve 

OakvUleON L6J 3Y6 

905 849 0511 

Sid Smith 

Bendals Village 

Sl John's Antigua, W,l, 


Daniel So 

FlalE. 13/F. Block 15 

Yce Wan Court South Horizons 

Ap Lei Chau 

Hong Kong, Chma 

Oil 852 2518 3151 

Akiabamidele Sobowale 

1420 Wildlaik Dnve 

Peterborough ON K9K 1X6 

705 750 1758 

Jessica Song 

A-Nam Apt, 102-803 Myongleun - 2GA. 

Jongro-K.u Seoul South Korea 

Oil 822 764 5584 

Brittany Stanyon 

2S Ennisclare Place 

Whitby ON LlR ISl 

905 668 7776 

Nik Stearos 

Oliver Stearns 

57 Chestnut Park Road 

Toronto ON M4W 1W7 

416 963 9190 

Marianne Stefopulos 

30 Campbell Dnve 
UxbndgeON L9P 1R5 
905 852 9350 

Claire Stewart 
311 Ridoul Street 
PortHopeON LIA1P9 
905 885 5622 
Dylan Stewart 
PC, Box N-682 
Nassau Bahamas 
Paige Stewart 
687 Masson Street 
OshawaON L1G5A6 
905 723 9875 
Sebastian Stiliadis 

4 Wendigo Way 
Toronto ON M6S 2T9 
416 763 4764 
James Stock 

70 Ronan Avenue 
Toronto ON M4N 2YI 
416 483 2607 
Isabella Stocks 
Am Toellershof 2 1 
Duesseldorf 40489 Germany 
01149 211-171-69-70 
Grace Stokes 

5 Dudley Avenue Prospect 
South AustraUa 5082 Australia 
011618 8344 8189 

Cassandra Storace 

8 l*rinccss Street 

MUlbriwkON LOA lOO 

705 932 2599 

Meredlib Strike 

Koss Strike 

52 Concession Street West 

Bowmanville ON LIC 1Y5 

905 623 6704 

Kale Surmoo 

PC Box 6096 M PC Kirtlington Park 

Hillcrest Kwa/ulu-Natol 

3626 South A hica 

01127 31 765 8730 

Jessica Svenningson 

40 Bedford Street 

Port Hope ON LIA 1W3 

905 885 0319 

Hailey Swin 

203 Blue Heron Drive 

OshawaON L1G6X7 

905 434 8321 

Andrew Sylvester 

David S.vlvester 

17535 Wdloughby Road 

CaledonON L7K 1V5 

519 927 5023 

Verity Sylvester 

5 Thorawood Road 

Toronto ON M4W 2R8 

416 962 7445 

Kelvin Tai 

Flat D. 5/F Star Coua 

4 Man Wan Road. Waterioo Hill, 

Homantin Kowloon. Hong Kong, China 

011852 2333 7779 

Anuj Tanna 

7 Lynde Court 

Whitby ON LIN3H6 

905 430 1311 

Evan Taras 

21 School Street 

Waverlv NS B2R 1S8 

902 860 0670 

Dayna Taylor 

20 Hodgson Street 
PortHopeON L1A4G7 
905 885 5485 
Stephanie Terflotb 
4455 Montrose Avenue 
WcstmountQC H3Y2B3 
514 935 9595 

Arin Theravithayangkura 

Kanshawn Theravithayangkura 

Thaivivat Insurance Public Co , Ltd 

71 Dtndang Koad, .Samsaen Nai. 

Phayathai Bangkok 10400 ThaUand 


Brandon Thompson 

19 Hester Avenue 

AjaxON LIT4A8 

905 427 1440 


84 Heath Crescent 

Port Perrv ON L9L IK9 

905 985 5264 

Sleph Tirelli 

1 1 Cynthia Court 

Whitby ON LIN8K7 

905 430 1326 


2-24-14 -Uehara". 

Shibuya-ku Tokyo 

151 0064 Japan 


Lawrence Tong 

Rue De Seng Tou. 

Nova Taipa Garden. BL27. 

16G Taipa Macao (Hong Kong) 


Lucas Topobe 

3089 Tooley Road 

CourticeON L1E2K8 

905 576 1335 

Elizabeth Traicus 

215 Pontiac Court 

OshawaON LIG6R5 

905 404 0410 

Mira Trebilcock 

Box 7138 PMS 142 Renison Street 

South Porcupme ON PON IKO 

705 235 4370 

Mark Tremblay 

21 O'Malley Crescent 
Whitby ON L1R2B6 
905 668 9710 
Gabo Tse 

Flat lA. Tower 22 

Hong Kong Gold Coast 

Tuen Mun, N T. Hong Kong. China 

Oil 852 21469596 

Calvin Tsiang 

5A. 2 Conitort lerracc 

North Pomt Hong Kong. Chma 

Oil 852 2806 1973 

Lilian lliui 

33B. Tower 6. South I lonzons 

Hong Kong. Chma 


Jacob liiuminen 

73 Pnnccss Street 

PortHopeON 1 1A2R2 

905 885 7178 

t.\an Tutton 

Jessica Tiittoo 

Madison Tutton 

22 Nettles Court 

Whitby ON LIP IL5 

905 668 5943 

Brittany I'golini 

1081 Frei Street 

CobourgON K9A5Q5 

905 372 6006 

Calvin Van der Kiel 

RO Box 97 Menlyn Pretoria 

0063 SouUi Atnca 

on 27 12 361 7704 

Andrew Van Hoof 

24 Nettle s Court 

Whitby ON LIP1L5 

905 665 9889 

Deanna Veltri 

l797Townline Road 

North Oshawa ON L IH 8L7 

905 576 6341 

Kyrsten Venasse 

306 Mountam View Dnve 

North Bay ON P1A2X7 

705 476 1156 

kayla Vermeulen 

Lauren Vermeulen 

4 1 Svdel Court 

Bowmanville ON LIC4N5 

905 623 5450 

Hugh Verrier 

c/o Hugh Vemer (Moscow Pouch) 

White and Case 1155 Sixth Avenue 

New York, NY 10036 USA, 

749 579 25145 

Ynez Vinieris-Giancola 

59 Sammoo Avenue 

Toronto ON M4J 1Y7 

416 466 3695 

Alexander Vit 

9 Springfield Avenue 

Montreal (TC H3Y2K9 

514 846 2071 

Thanh Vu 

Room #805 - 10 Chichester Place 

Scarborough ON MIT 1G5 

Marcus Wade 

2 Hampton Head Court 

Southampton SN04 Bermuda 

441238 2611 

Coleen Wafer 

Meghan Wafer 

40 Grouse Court 

Ashbum ON LOB lAO 

905 655 8607 

Whitney Wakefield 

78 Fallis Lme West 

MUlbrookON LOA I GO 

705 932 2605 

Jeremy Walsh 

423 Pacific Street 

Brooklyn. NY 112I7US.A. 

718 237 1932 

Nicholas Ward 

Mount Gay Yard, Mount Gay 

St. Lucy BB27144 Barbados, W,l, 


Adrian Warner 

'Cardinal Hill' 26 Sununit View Drive 

Hamilton Pansh CR 02 Bermuda 

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Cameron Watson 

5460 6th Lme R R, «4 

PortHopeON LIA3V8 

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Rebecca Webber 

1918 Wah-eg Dnve 

OshawaON L1G7V9 

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Doug Weiss 

Nick Weiss 

9 Rose Glen Road 

PortHopeON LIA3V6 

905 885 8121 

Dakota Wellman 

47 Pochon Avenue 

PortHopeON L1A2X8 

905 885 6071 

Roger Wen 

IIL, Block 5. Melody Garden 

1 uen Mun. N I Hong Kung, China 

David West 

Kelly West 

16 Oliver's Lane RR «6 

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Claytoo Wbetung 


521 George .Street North 

PC Box 29 Pctertwrough ON K9J 6Y5 

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3168 Masters Dnve 

Clearwater, FL 33761 USA. 

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Jack Widdowson 

Box 266 Basseterre, 

West Indies St Kitts 

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Jack Widmer 

Caribbean Insurance Practice Intl Ltd 

88, Trapaloar Place PO Box 1 1 1 1 8 

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman 

Cayman Islands. B W 1 

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Justin Wiemann 

Hotbauers Kamp 16 

Tecklenburg. NRW 49545 Germany 

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Macauley Wilcox 

RO. Box 704 

Eganville ON KOJ ITO 

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Jon Wilcox 

3 1 5 Lakeview Court 

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Lauren Wisniewski 

2 Austm Crescent 
Toronto ON M5R 3E3 
Tomasz Wojtas 

61 Young Street 

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Ivan Wong 

228 Boms Avenue Apt 1 809 

Scarborough ON MIT3W4 

Jeremy Wong 

Flat 14-C. Merry Court 

10 Castle Road. Mid-Levels 

Hong Kong. China 

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Jonathan Wong 

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Scarborough ON M1S3H1 

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394 Walton Street 

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103-1702. Yeoksam Ramian 

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Seoul, South Korea 

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Flat 3601. Block D Fortress 

Metro Tower 

238 Kmg's Road 

Hong Kong. China 


David Zmozynski 

32 Hart Boulevard 

Newcastle ON LIB IE3 

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The Final Word 





Sining in a cramped room, slouched at a computer for hours on end actualh does have its perks. For one thing, you get distracted a lot. which then 
leads to new discoveries around the School. The eerie stillness of Osier Hall in the summer, the never-before-sat-in Davies furniture, the Lodge | 
- minus the Graingers. and of course the secret timnels underneath the School, which are really exciting if anyone else ever finds them. How did 
we get so distracted, you ask? It's basically because each picture has a number of steps that must be followed in a specific order (the Record room 
computer is a real treat, by the way): 

1 . Open with Photoshop 

2. Resize resolution to 300 

3. Wait 5-8 minutes 

4. Save under different name 

5. Wait another 5-8 minutes 

6. Resize the width and height 

7. Wait ANOTHER 5-8 minutes 

8. Open page, insert picture 

9. Move around until you lose all concern for what it looks like 
It's usually somewhere between steps 3 and 6 that we completely forget what the hell we're supposed to be doing. Count how many pictures there 
are in this book and just in and comprehend how long TJte Record takes. Another great distraction was the incredible Mac application called 
PhotoBooth - these pictures can be seen below. 

But it's now the beginning of August, and we're just on the brink of completion. David is now less of a person, seeing as his soul has been 
slowly drained. I suggest you pray for him in chapel. Sophie's all right though, for those of you who were wondering. Mad props to FD and Mrs. 
LaBranche for photos - this book contains practically all of them. Big ups to Mr. Haines; the man is truly the king of yearbooks. And. of course 
G-field. one love. Nothing could have been done without your guidance. Special shout out to the HelpDesk. for doing what they do best; helping 
But NOT for blocking Facebook. 

There were also those that didn't help us: grads who neglected to send their quotes/pictures, captains who showed great team spirit by not 
writing write-ups. and those who didn't send us pictures when you said you would; thanks for nothing. The award for latest grad submission goes 
to Rachel Flynn (July 30). well done. 

Not a single upcoming Y4 volunteered to do Tlie Record, and all we can say is; you're smarter than you look. Good luck to whoever 
eventually does this job, you'll need it. 
F.Y.I. The computer actually talks, and we're pretty sure there is a family of squirrels living in the fireplace. Have fun with that. 

We hope you enjoyed the yearbook, because we know you all have nothing better to do than look at it (especially on the day it comes out). 
And if you didn't like it. we really don't care. We worked hard, we're proud of it, and we like it. So nothing else matters. 

Peace. David and Sophie. 


edoerf are 

Off re (n