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Full text of "Trinity College School Record 2008"

The Record 

Trinity College School 2007-2008 





School Information 

Table of Contents 





Community Service 



Junior School 

Speech Day 

Collin Cureatz Memoriam 


Yearbook Gang 

Editors' Page 



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>., ■■ '• -■ ..' \ 

- %v-; 

■\fti ' .-f—i.-^. 

>^.*.MK!^mmf¥r^At *M. 


iflH^f^-' _HJO«r 

Prefects 2007/2008 

Jenna Dickson (Head Girl) 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell (Head Boy) 

Jonathon Austin 

Samuel Davies 

Julia Fishlock 

I Olwyn Foley 

Montana Robertson 

Mira Trebilcock 

I David West 

Jonathan Wilcox 


Heads of House 


Heads of House 


Brandon MacGregor 


Devon Howard 

Isaac Dutton 


Charles Peltrop & Byron 


Cailin Kearns 
Sarah Chan 


Ryan Galpin 
De Meyer Loitering 


Khsten Fallen 
Stephanie Kelley 


Daniel Parker 
Matthew Maynard 


Amy Hill 
Jessica Tutton 


Natasha Chan 
Lauren Wisnewski 


Stephanie Tirelli 
Stephanie Murray 

Peer Cousellors 2007/2008 
Alaya Yassein, Graham Dersnah, Rory Smith, lain Johnson, June Ahn, Kushal Patel, Bobby Edge- 
hill, Bryan Yue, Travis Munro, Anuj Tanna, Diana Chu, Regina Arnold, Tiffany McDonald, Sophia 
Rashid, Karleigh Hill, Alexandra Sanders, Emily Dove, Melanie DuMoulin, Suneet Cheema, Jes- 
sica Chin-You, Sarah Essak, Jeremy Wong, So Youn Kim, Joel Eraser, Carl Chauvin, Jack Candlish 

Peer Counsellors 

Sacristans 2007-2008 

(Back Row: L to R) 

Daniela Gagnon 

Kristen Fallen 

lain McBeath 

David Knowles 

Galen Flaherty 

Han Han 

(Front Row: L to R) 

Elisabeth Karg 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

Father Don Aitchison 

Mr. Stuart Grainger 

Sam Davies 

Alex Hallink 

Exchange Students 2007/2008 

(Below Left - L to R) MKaS^R fll^^H 

Kate Murphy - Australia, Lizzie Canny- Australia, Lara Douvartzidis- Australia, Kerryn Griffin - South Africa, 
Larissa Holtzhausen- South Africa, Megan Hodgson- South Africa, Jordan Anderson - Australia 

(Below Right) i 

Tendai Ponde - South Africa I 

Survivors 2000 - 2008 
Jenna Dickson, Julia Fishlock, Justin Kim, Matthew Maynard, Ajdam Moulton, Dayna Taylor 

Survivors Gr. 5 - 12 

From the beginning we knew that we had a great group of young men to add to the already well rounded 
characters in the house. Through allergies, food poisoning and Mauricio's break dancing, we took a lot out 
of our opening house outing to Medieval Times. At the end of the first term we realized that our House 
average had climbed significantly with a little help from the man himself, Carl Chauvin. To go along with 
that we once again backed up our House dominance by cleaning up at the Oxford Cup; the steaks were 
well earned! To follow along with the running theme, an unimaginable amount of quarters were run off 
by the House this year. The hard work must have paid off because Justin and Arin picked up distinctions 
in football and swimming respectively. This year was truly a memorable one for us as it was Keiser's last. 
It is only appropriate to thank him for the dedication and hard work that he has put into this House over 
the last 10 years. We wish him the best of luck with his future pursuits at this school and with his family. 
Likewise we are also very excited for the House as Mr. Ingram is taking place as housemaster while Mr. 
Hall is also joining the Bulldogs as assistant housemaster. 

Head of House: 

Brandon MacGregor 

This year, Bickle House maybe didn't have the same kind of success as last year when it comes to Volley- 
bail, but besides this it only got better. Our dynamic group of arrogant, courageous and crazy FYs contrib- 
uted a lot on the atmosphere that was present in the House. With these guys you know that you are not 
going to have a boring year. There were also a couple of new guys who came in this year and acted like 
they were born to be in Bickle House; but all of this wouldn't have been possible without the leadership 
of our graduating class composed of 18 students. Mr. Allen, Mr. Christ and Mr. Aitchison were just simply 
the best trio of housemasters; their sarcasm and techniques for giving house quarters were unmatched. 
All of this created the best family of the school and as a result of this we completely annihilated teams in 
the Ultimate Frisbee tournament (besides Hodgetts). This year was fantastic and the only thing that can 
sum up all of it has to be: "BICKLE HOUSE!" 

Co-Head of House: 

Byron MacDonald 

Co-Head of House: 

Charles Peltrop 




1 i^^'f * ^^^Bm 

1 «^^IBi 


it ' 


^.:'' • 





Brent House started off the year with high hopes of finally achieving greatness by winning the Langmuir 
Cup. We came together as a House early on and our close House bond and spirit enabled us to start off 
strong. Doing well in both senior and junior debates put us as the top boy's House for the entire first 
term, although that's not really saying much. There were a lot of fun times along the way too with our 
paintball shootouts, medieval adventures and, of course, the Toronto Rock game. As the year progressed 
our house meeting themes continued to get more and more ridiculous and even harder to come up with. 
Eventually, Mr. Cameron had had enough and cancelled them altogether :( Overall, Brent had another 
great year and everyone in the House enjoyed themselves. Good luck to the future Heads of House and 
Peer Counsellors. I'm sure you will keep the House spirit alive and make everyone associated with Brent 
proud. Thank you to Cameron and Mr. Tansley who will be back next year, and Mr. Morwood, you will be 
missed; good luck wherever life takes you. Thanks for a great year guys and remember: Truth, Duty and 
Valour. We are BRENT HOUSE. 

Head of House: 

Devon Howard 

Assistant Head of House: 

Isaac Dutton 

In life, there are certain incontestable truths. For example, "Everybody Loves a Winner". And the only 
way to become a v/inner is to shop at Winners. But all endorsements aside, it is equally true that every- 
one loves a "Ho" and the only way to become a "Ho" is to join the greatest brotherhood on the planet: 
HODGETTS HOUSE. Once again, this year, fraternity permeated daily life in Hodgetts. We demonstrated 
our superior athletic ability, dominating in House volleyball and taking the crown at the junior level. Our 
attempt at a full blown sweep was thwarted by our respected rivals from Orchard House as we took sec- 
ond place at the senior level. Victories in debating were few and far between but not necessarily a clear 
reflection of the vigour or dedication of the participants. Justin Graffi did us proud, winning the Y2 Osier 
Speaking Contest. Hodgetts by the number: One Rigby door demolished, two cracked ribs in a Hodgetts 
dog pile, several overflowed toilets (we know who you are), a dozen "rebellious" Y3's and their propen- 
sity to wrestle, countless hours spent gaming, innumerable pranks (not all of them welcomed) resulting 
in a newly installed camera. Yeah, that's about it. Housemasters, Large and Ramsay were formidable 
figureheads who provided exceptional moral support and no end of laughs. Special Thanks to Mrs. Lingard 
for putting up with our juvenile antics and keeping the facilities sparkling. We wish the best of luck to 
both next year's returning members and our stellar crop of graduates. Yeeah Boiz!! May you continue to 
perpetuate the glory of this House. 

Head of House: 

Ryan Galpin 

Assistant Head of House: 

De Meyer Lottering 

This year has been one of the best years that Orchard House has ever seen. But don't worry Vikram, 
there's no need to call 91 1 . We may not be the smartest guys, or the most athletic, but we did win the 
award for best looking house. Seriously, there's an actual award. And we did place first ahead of all the 
other guys' houses in Langmuir standings, which is totally ballin. We had the best results in House Vol- 
leyball, with our juniors coming 2nd and our Seniors coming 1st. A HUGE thanks to TL and Cory who have 
always been there when we needed some help. The FY's were a good addition to the house, and we truly 
did enjoy the fights between them and Hodgetts, which we won by the way. The Y2's kept it going this 
year too. And even though we tried to kick them out of the grad room at least 7 times, the Y3's are a 
good group of guys as well. The group of grads this year is a group who have mostly all been together for 
the past four years, and I think we have all learned important lessons from each other. For instance, al- 
ways look out for parked cars, because they come out of nowhere. But in all seriousness, we've had some 
times, and made some memories which will last for a lifetime. Give'r Your "0" Face! 
Keep your stick on the ice, 

DP and Matt 

Head of House: 

Danny Parker 

Assistant Head of House: 

Matthew Maynard 

We ARE the BURNS GIRLS and you know what we've got?! We might not have polished trophies to prove it, 
but Burns House has exemplified extraordinary house spirit. We started the year by out-cheering the oth- 
er houses in a school-wide cheering competition proving that we were ready for an unforgettable year. 
Our voices continued to shine as we woke up at 7AM with Swifers-in-hand, a stolen foghorn, and PJ's to 
serenade the gentlemen and welcome newbie's to a Burns House tradition. We rekindled the SCURNS 
spirit with our own midnight carolling service to the boy's houses. The red hot ladies showed readiness 
for anything with our unique house outing to Famous People Players, a surprise outing to the movies, and 
cheering on the foxiest red knight alive at Medieval Times. Decked out in knee-high socks we learnt the 
importance of fun, not winning, with our booming cheers at various house sports. Girls put their all into 
debating this year and as a result our seniors battled it out to the semi-finals. To the GRADS: good luck 
wherever you go; the world can't wait to see your awesome character and red hot smiles. We've shared 
incredible memories and countless photos. AO: thanks for your support and we wish you the best next 
year. WHITEY: welcome back to Burns- you'll sweep the house off its feet with MAC as your sidekick! ALI 
& CHAR: don't ever forget the Burns House spirit and what it means to be a part of this House. Good 
luck! To fellow Burnsies: stay true to yourselves, stay true to the House, and know that you're baaaaaad 
(Correction! WHAT?!). 

Much LOVE, 


(Cailin Et Channy) 

Head of House: 

Cailin Kearns 

Assistant Head of House: 

Sarah Chan 

xiiQY^^ ^^ ty-"s 


To be a Ketchumite means a lot of things. To start: there is the walk in the snow, to wake you up af- 
ter you roll out of bed five minutes before. It means carrying a dirty stick for months on end, just for 
the eternal glory of winning. It means being intense, and bringing it home in everything you can, from 
debates, to volleyball to running the Oxford. It means having housemasters you cannot only depend on 
for anything, but also be proud of. To all of the girls in the house, living with you all has been an honour. 
There will never be anything quite like living with all of our sisters like we did in Ketchum. Through the 
good and the bad, the warm and the cold, we were united as a family. Snowden and Kuchta, you brought 
brand new enthusiasm to the house. Candlish, thanks for showing us how hard it actually is to leave this 
place, and reminding us that it is always home. Traugott, Andrea had it right when she said "Thanks for 
putting so much into the house and not expecting anything in return, and thank you for always believing 
in us." Although we will never be the same group living under this roof, the everchanging atmosphere 
with the underlying consistency of what it means to be "blue" will forever remain. To the grads, we are 
moving on, but we must always remember, this place is our home, and we know we are welcome. Trea- 
sure the memories, and never forget. 

Head of House: 

Kristen Fallen 

Assistant Head of House: 

Stephanie Kelley 





K^x^H % vM^i A 






^ */w A 


^Ir ^ 





'■w" _Llf " 




2007-2008 proved to be an amazing year for Rigby House, as always. The House was proud to welcome 
ten new girls to TCS. We kicked off the year with local volunteer work at the Port Hope Jazz Festival. 
Around Christmas time Rigby made the effort to raise money for World Vision through a bake sale. We 
came close to raising $500. Christmas was great this year; everyone was treated well by their Secret 
Santa. We made it to the semi-final round of house debates in both the junior and senior category, 
which is an achievement in itself. Dressing up like Disney characters and Superheroes and seeing the 
theatrical performance of Dirty Dancing was an awesome time for the girls. The Rigby & Wright House 
cake auction was an amazing success as usual. The money raised was donated to Doctors without Bor- 
ders, Bethesda House, Children's Wish Foundation, Jamaica Self-Help, World Wildlife Fund and to Araba 
through the Foster Parents Plan. We also managed to pull off a few wins in House Ultimate Frisbee and 
Volleyball. Rigby was well represented for both the Y2 and Y3 Osier Speaking Contests. For the month 
of April Rigby put forth a huge effort to contribute to Earth Month and won the Green Cup! To the grads 
of Rigby House - good luck wherever your life takes you. Also good luck to Melissa 6t Mackenzie next 
year - we know you'll do an amazing job! We will miss you all! 
Amy & Jess 

Head of House: 

Amy Hill 

Assistant Head of House: 

Jessica Tutton 

Scott House in September was a bit of a shock as everyone was faced with an abundance of new faces. 
With over half of the house being new, we started off a bit weary of how the house would develop but 
it's clear to us now that we quickly formed a strong bond and since the fall have grown into a "bloomed 
tree." The new, combined with the old, brought together an extremely diverse house with focuses in 
a variety of areas that extended beyond the "artsy stereotype." The spirit in the house was instantly 
established and maintained as demonstrated by painting our faces green, wearing tinsel headbands, and 
screaming the Scott House cheers -- "We're #1 not 2, not 3, not 4...". We've come along way since our 
first Rock 'n Roll house dinner. In our Green Cup Challenge this year, all Scotties proved that the environ- 
ment comes before beauty in our hair straightener and blow dryer diet. We finished the year off with a 
bang at Dave and Busters enjoying it as one big family! A special thank you to: Hammy, Whitey, and Lo- 
Mac for being there for us. To all the grads: Jess, Lianne, Chu-chu, Lotta, Deege, Kar, Cecilia, Kargie, and 
Mira, best of luck and keep in touch! Good luck with Scott next year Cassi and Pinky! We know you'll do 
well! To all of our other Scotties: we love you and thank you for an amazing year! 
Tat and Lauren 

Head of House: 

Natasha Chan 

Assistant Head of House: 

Lauren Wiznewski 


f — ^^ "X. 






'•<cV ' 






' •^'".^ 

> ~^3^ ^^^1 






-cl • ., 

^ .^fcrf. tsMwQry ^ 

<^ mH^^I 




. ^ 









B «v>^^ 

W^H J 




This year was one for the books ladies! Congrats for stepping up in debates, Ultimate Frisbee and 
the cake auction. Thanks to our smokin' grade nines, Wright got off to a nice start. They managed 
to win the hearts of many older men while still keeping it classy. With a combined average of 3, 
798.29, our Y2's seem to have it all as they never disappointed when it came to academics. To the 
Y3's, you're all out of control but we have some faith. Good luck next year, and enjoy it because it 
goes by too fast. Jenn and Rebecca, we know that the House was left in good hands and you'll keep 
us going strong! Rachel and Sarah, you both will rock next year as peer counsellors! To the grads, 
each and every one of you has brought something unique to the House and it wouldn't have been 
the same without each of you; good luck next year. Big thanks to Feds and Mrs. Straughan, the best 
housemasters ever! Thanks for always being there for us when we needed you most. Feds: when 
you're making millions off the tuck shop next year remember that Steph's eat for free. Straughan: 
zip up those boots and charge for jelly beans. You make the library the hip place to be. To all of 
Wright, we're never going to forget those Monday morning gossip sessions, and the girls nights that 
usually got a little too wild. Always remember: turn on the water 10 minutes before your shower, 
we own half the grad room and there is always time for Tim's at break. Do it up big next year girls, 
Wright House style, and never forget where you came from. 
Tirelli and Murray 

Head of House: 
Stephanie Tirelli 

Assistant Head of House: 
Stephanie Murray 






.V / 




House Events 



Senior Management 
(Back L to R): Kathy LaBranche, Jeff Prince, Paul Elsley, 

Doug Mann, Jennifer Paziuk 
(Front L to R): Ian Watt, Stuart Grainger, Barbara Piccini 

' Support Staff -— 

(Back L to R): Laurie Caine, Deirdre Macintosh, 

Renata Banks 

(Front L to R): Lydia Svenningson, Kaye Torrie, 

Kelli Botrie 

Faculty a Staff 

1 1 






Academic and Student Support 
(Back L to R): Jennifer Paziuk, Amber Wallace, Patti Cum- 
berland, Gail Malenfant, Peter Kedwell, Evan Legakis 
(Front L to R): Kate Carder-Thompson, Kelli Botrie, Anne 

Finlay, Tanya Beck, Kaye Torrie 

(L to R): Father Don Aitchison, Randy Mills 



Faculty & Staff 



Information Technology 
(Back L to R): Kelly Ambrose, Bill Forbes, Sean Tait, Aaron 

Dunlop, Derek Lessard 

(Front Lto R): Tarra Foster, Sarah Dalliday, Stavros Tzaqa- 

douris, Greg Mock 


(Back L to R): Tricia Mandryk, Doug Mann, Katharine 


(Front Lto R): Jennifer Agnew-Pople, Shelley Henderson 


(Back L to R): Jodie Fisher, Marike Kuchta, Steph Feddery, 

Tyler Bailey, Erin McAleenan, John Anderson, 

Vincenza Pontieri 

(Front L to R): Rob Hollett, Scott Taylor, Nicolene Kuyper 

V . 

Mathematics fclSIWSaG'' 

(Back L to R): Lauren Taylor, Steve Patterson, Steph Fed- 
dery, Wendy Moon, Tom Langford, Andrew Tewsley 
(Front L to R): Anne O'Regan, Erin McAleenan, David 
Brov^n, Rob Hollett 


Faculty a Staff 




1= - V" 

I I 


Computer Studies 

(L to R) Tim Ayotte, Bob Ramsay, Blair Keiser, 

Tony Kleinschroth 

Fine Arts 
(Back L to R) Lois Jackson, Harry Stooshinoff, Andrew 

Gregg, Laura Macklin 
(Front L to R) Tucker Barton, Ron Parker, Bill Walker 




i V 

Social Sciences 

(Back L to R): Drew Allen, Blair Keiser, Cory McKercher, 

Stacey Moore, Myke Healy, Courtney Christ, ,.—, 

Todd Gledhill, Tim Ayotte 

(Front Lto R): David Ingram, Erin Tewsley, Barbara Brough, 

Janine Jackson, Renee Hillier, Tucker Barton, Chris Robert 

(Missing) Stuart Grainger, Paul Elsley, Alice Brown 


(Back Lto R): Bruce Grandfield, Josh Hamilton, Andrew 

Hall, Michael DuBroy, Ross Large 

(Front L to R): Erin Tewsley, Elaine Large, Pam Dew 


Faculty a Staff 


\naboIif Su-mids 

i-i _j|' 


Languages and Cultures 

(Back L to R): Michel Cameron, Rachel Hands, Craig Mor- 

wood, Greg Hodges 

(Front L to R): Larry Thornton, David Wills, 

Michael DuBroy 

(Missing) Suzanne Hamilton 

f(-^^^ Physical Education 

(L to R): Todd Glehill, Tim Hay, Jennifer Powles, 

Katie Snowden 

Missing: Thomas Tansley, Barbara Candlish 

1* A 

Library and Archives 
(L to R): Renee Hillier, Viola Lyons, Shelagh Straughan 

Associate Faculty 

(Back L to R): Samantha Cunningham, Laura Macklin, 

Katie Snowden, Barbara Candlish, James Aitchison, Ivan 


(Front L to R): Heather Reitsma, Nathan Raymond, Craig 


Faculty & Staff 



to R): Jennifer Wighton, Tanya Beck, Amber Wallace, 
Tim White 


(Back L to R) Bob Ramsay, Rachel Hands, Cory McKercher, 

Shelagh Straughan, David Ingram, Marike Kuchta, Courtney 

Christ, Erin McAleenan, Thomas Tansley, Jennifer Wighton 

(Front L to R) Ross Large, Tanya Beck, Tom Langford, Steph 

Feddery, Blair Keiser, Sue Traugott, Drew Allen, Anne 

O'Regan, Michel Cameron, Suzanne Hamilton 






Faculty a Staff 

Property, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Security 


(Back - Row #5) Bruce Thompson 
(Row #4 - L to R) Gary Schill, Stan Ward, Steve Talsma, Mark den Biesen, Dale Heffernan, Mike den Biesen, Dave 

(Squid) Inia, Roger Clapperton, Larry (Mac) Mcintosh, Peter Cowin 

(Row #3 - Lto R) Jan Lovekin, Pat Beal, Rudi Mol, Larry Adamcryck, Travis Adamcryck 
(Row #2 - L to R) Chris Yde, Linda Cummings, Lisa Ferguson, Shirley Markovski, Colleen Bumby, Rose Fulford, Shelley 

Gerhardt, Nancy Fields 
(Front - Row #1 - Lto R) MaryAdannson, Deb Allinson, Roxanne Pitcher, Heather Donnelly, Gina Carr, Rita McConville, 

Jopy Donnelly, Lori Stapleton, Sonya Markovski 
(Missing) Pam Lingard, Marg Mitro, Diane Johnston, Peter Hobbs, Gus Botrie, Andrew Heaslip, Justine Galloway, 

Richard McConville, Patrick Gaudet, Ron Garrard 

^^B^^^^^ ^ 



(L to R) Christian Burns, Janice 
Beresford, Mark Glass, Carol Little, 
Philip Throop 


(Lto R) Mathew Freeman, Chris 

Deagle, Myrna Stahley, Steve 

Mackey, Christine Talsma, Bill Slater 

v^ f:^.x:-^rs 

1 1 « i 

Food Services 
(Back L to R): Cindy Lamontagne, Rhiannon Heffernan, 

Marsha Dorsey 

(Middle L to R) Belinda Lowther, Teresa Tapscott, Lisa 

Wellman, Cathy McLaren, Alyssa Butters, Peter Nesbitt 

(Front L to R): Shirley Rainbird, Christine Hoskin-Bailey, 

Laurie Lees 

School Store - ' -^ 

(Lto R): Sue Sandford, Tammy Kimmerly, Wendy Cowin 




" f-i^'** 




Faculty & Staff 


1 ^^ft^^^^^hv^^^ 

'■ -^''Z^^vS^miH 


^^ «. j^^^^^L^fH^^H 




Junior School 
(Back L to R): Colin Powles, Stefan Wilson, Alison Elliott, 

Peggy Poynton 
(Middle L to R): Daniele Dumont-Brown, Steve Schmidlin, 

Donna Elder, Brock Phillips, Neil Hunter 
(Front L to R): Steve Murray, Heather McClure, Barbara 
4 Piccini, Michelle Cameron, Shelley Gerhardt 


(Back L to R): Tamara Phillips, Shelley Knott, Debbie 


(Front L to R): Erica Kerouac, Mary Kicak, Olga Visser, Jeff 


•I '/" 









•• ...I 


Terry ^ Fox 

TCS Birthday 








Oxford Cup 



Geoff Green November 2nd, 2007 

Geoff Green has spent the last 15 years adventuring from pole to pole leading expedi- 
tions to some of the most spectacular and remote places on Earth. Many notable orga- 
nizations such as the Discovery Channel, World Wildlife Fund, National Audubon and the 
Smithsonian Institution enlist Geoff to lead their groups into the world's most remote 
and exciting regions. In 2005, he was voted one of Canada's Top 40 Leaders Under 40, 
and in 2004 Outpost Magazine named Geoff one of the "top six Canadian Explorers" to 
watch. Geoff is the Founder and Executive Director of the internationally-celebrated 
program Students on Ice Expeditions, which takes students, teachers, scientists and 
leaders on powerful educational journeys to the Arctic and the Antarctic. Geoff is best 
known as a passionate ambassador for the protection of the planet's global ecosystem. 
This passion was clearly demonstrated in Geoff's presentation to Trinity College School 
early in the year. In the past he has taken students and teachers alike from Trinity on 
journeys to the Arctic and Antarctic. Some of our famous representations to these lands 
unknown to most of us include Steph Feddery, Jenna Dickson, Alison Elliott, and David 
Ingram. Both their response to the program and Geoff's presence at our school helped 
the students to get a better understanding of what is out there and how they can make 
a difference in our future. 

Samantha Nutt - January 17th, 2008 

Samantha Nutt has helped children in some of the world's most violent flashpoints, working with 
War Child Canada, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations in Iraq, Afghanistan, The 
Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Iraq and more. A medical doctor, she 
is also a specialist in Maternal and Child Health in zones of armed conflict. Family Medicine, Public 
Health, Refugee Health and Women's Health. Chosen by Maclean's Magazine for their annual Honour 
Roll as one of "12 Canadians making a difference", she is a role model to young Canadians and has 
received numerous humanitarian awards for her work in support of war-affected children. Samantha's 
experiences in zones of conflict were deftly heard - literally. Her soundclip of when a bomb went off 
in a building she was in woke her audience right up to the reality of war in our current age. Her expe- 
riences as a woman also touched many of the women and girls in the audience. 

Romeo Dallaire - February 15th, 2008 

The 1994 Rwandan genocide introduced a whole new level of horror to the international 
community. Since its inception, the United Nations had never faced a humanitarian tragedy 
of such magnitude. The speed of the killing was five times greater than that of the Nazis 
at the height of the Holocaust. Prior to this atrocity Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire 
was leading a UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR). Despite the lack of support and 
the limitations of his force, Dallaire exerted untiring personal and professional efforts to 
protect and save those he could. His personal actions, and those of the men he led, stand 
out as a powerful illustration of human courage and moral conviction. By using his own 
personal resources and courage Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire highlighted that these 
kinds of events are the domain of all humanity, and require every individual and organiza- 
tion to play the fullest role possible in the preservation of human life. Dallaire shared many 
of his experiences with us when he visited the school, but he also spoke on the use of child 
soldiers. Romeo Dallaire has been a relief for some children who have been taught and 
made to fight; his fighting for the preservation of human life did not stop in 1994. Dallaire 
told the TCS community that if you want to help a cause, the best way to do it is to jump 
right into it. The toll that his help for others has put on himself is unbelievably scary and, 
some would think, unfair. Romeo Dallaire is a modern day hero and Trinity College School 

was very lucky to be graced with his presence. 


Simon Jackson April 11th, 2008 

Simon Jackson has always believed in the power of one. Jackson founded the Spirit Bear 
Youth Coalition - one of the world's first all youth-run organizations and the first involved 
in this issue. The agreement his foundation reached with government officials in BC re- 
sulted in the largest land protection measure in the history of North America. Jackson was 
selected as one of the top 25 Up and Comers by Maclean's Magazine, and was also honoured 
as one of Time Magazine's sixty Heroes for the Planet one of only six young people select- 
ed from around the world. Simon spoke to Trinity College School about the "power of one". 
He told us his own experience of starting a foundation because of a species he believed he 
could save. His own story even included the part no one likes to think about - the possibil- 
ity of failure. Simon has become a very powerful, young person who has inspired, and is 
continuing to inspire, young people through his presentations and even through the new 
movie Spirit Bear that is coming into theatres in 2008. 

Jim Flaherty - May 1st, 2008 

James Michael "aka Jim" Flaherty is a first-time Member of Parliament and 
was elected to the House of Commons in 2006. Mr. Flaherty graduated from 
Princeton University and has a law degree from Osgoode Law School. He was 
called to the Bar in 1975 and practised law for more than 20 years where 
he specialized in motor vehicle accident and personal injury litigation, 
before going into politics. Mr. Flaherty is married to Christine Elliott, who 
is currently representing Whitby-Ajax in the Ontario Legislature, and they 
have triplet sons, two of which Quinn and Galen attend TCS and will be 
graduating in 2009. As the Minister of Finance for Canada, Mr. Flaherty gave 
a great Centennial Lecture for Trinity College School. His experience in the 
Canadian and International political arena gave both students and staff an 
idea of what the inner workings of our country is like. Also, his employment 
as a lawyer before entering into the political field and as a father, helped 
to demonstrate how to lead a well rounded life without becoming over- 
whelmed. Mr. Flaherty was a humourous and excellent speaker who helped 
to end off our year of phenomenal speakers with a bang. His role in the 
country will in no way be forgotten by the members of TCS anytime soon. 







1 r 


^^V^ ^^^^^^H 




Rugby - 

South Africa 

The senior boys rugby team travelled to 
South Africa in March to start off their 
Rugby season. This pre-season trip set 
them up for a promising season this year. 


r L. 

A group of Trinity students went to France I ^-- 
to live in local homes for two weeks over 1 ^ 
the March Break after hosting a handful of I % 
French students here in Canada. I ? J 

- I 


Travel- Education 

] Canadian History 
The Travel History group travelled first 
in November to Quebec City, Montreal 
and Ottawa and then to Belgium, France 
and England during the March Break. 

•5* . ./-'^ 

Senior Art Trip - 

J Amsterdam and 

Nine Senior art students travelled to Am- 
sterdam and Berlin during March Break 
this year. 


We started off our season as a very strong team, thinking that we could take on any challenges that came our 
way. For the first four games we did, winning each by more than 20 points. Unfortunately, we had a mid-season 
slump when many of our players became injured due to various reasons. We went into the quarter finals as the 
underdogs, and won against a team that had beaten us in the regular season. This brought us up against the 
number one team, Ridley College. The last time we played Ridley in the regular season, they beat us 29-12. 
Everything came together at the perfect time. Even though we didn't win that final game, it was definitely the 
best game of the season for so many reasons. We only lost the game by 2 points! The team improved so much 
this season and most importantly we always pulled through at crucial times. Thanks to all the girls and Mrs. 
Powles and Ms. Moon for an amazing season: you made every game fun for all the girls on the team. 


Bigside Basketball may not have won a provincial championship, but we did manage an undefeated season in 
league play and a gold medal in the CISAA Championships. Here are a few unforgettable memories: 
The number 11 that Mr. Christ has officially embedded into our memories. Olympia... making the top 20 list, 
and always having one of the worst skits for skit night. Having the guts to sing in chapel for the whole school to 
hear. "Hey babes" you either get it or you don't. The timbit vs. donut rule, and many more. 
But most of all we created a connection that is too strong to forget and too powerful to ever ignore. "Together 
we triumphed, failed, cried, hurt, fought, made up, hated, and loved" (Mr. Christ). So best of luck to the re- 
turning Bears for next season! Thanks to Ms. Mac, Mr. Christ, and Ms. Candlish! And for the graduates, wherever 
you end up, hope it was worth it. 


i>W"l'lt'( ..H "-'..''■' 'ij 

i -^ ■ 


■-0|t 2! 



Girl's 'A' OFSAA Basketball Championships 
November 20-23rd, 2007 

After weeks of preparation, 16 girls basketball teams arrived at Trinity Col- 
lege School for the provincial championship. A v^elcoming brunch was enjoyed 
in Osier, by both the players and coaches. Everyone then headed off to listen 
to the guest speaker, Jennifer Botterill, who met the girls and coaches with a 
very motivational speech. The TCS Bears played their first game against Rock- 
way Mennonite on the Friday night, and unfortunately lost in a thrilling game 
with a score of 54-51 . This meant the Bears had to face the second seed of the 
tournament, the Woodstock Red Devils. It was a hard-fought battle, but the 
girls couldn't quite pull off the win, and ended the game with a score of 63-51. 
This meant the Lady Bears were knocked out of the medal side of the tourna- 
ment, and were set to play in the consolation side later that night. This was 
to be their final game of the season, played against E. S. Algonquin. It was a 
very tough game, but the Bears unfortunately didn't come out on top. The final 
score of the game was 46-43. Congratulations to all the teams for their great 
effort, and thanks to all those that helped with such a great tournament! 


This year the rowing team was granted a fall term for the first time in six years. The 
team consisted mostly of returning rowers with the exception of a few novice juniors 
and coxswains. The main difference between spring and fall rowing is that the races 
during the fall are generally a few kilometres longer than the races in the spring. This 
aspect added an extra challenge for most of the athletes. However, the crews wasted no 
time and rose to the challenge with eagerness as was proven by the results of our first 
regatta in Ottawa. Both experienced and novice rowers performed well with our senior 
men's four snatching the gold medal. These results then allowed us to row with confi- 
dence at the Head of Trent, which is famously known for being the largest Head race in 
North America. Despite most of our competition being from universities, the team still 
managed to perform exceptionally well in all of our events. Overall, our crews had a 
very useful season and, with the addition of the new men's four boat, the team is now 
prepared to have a strong spring season with many more promising results to come. 


The equestrian team started off with an 
overwhelming number of new riders, who 
were ready and keen to learn, along with 
returning students: Natasha Chan, Jessie 
Cole, and Tiff McDonald. At the Interschool 
horse show, we had six riders compete and 
all placed in their respective divisions. We 
lucked out with sunshine, for it is well known 
to be quite mucky on this particular day in 
previous years. All riders have shown great 
improvement throughout this term. Fun bus 
rides with Jessie's snacks; many good times 
at the barn; and chitchats with Mr. Dew 
whose famous line is, and always will be, 
"Go Dew It!" will not be forgotten. A special 
thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Dew for their time and 
dedication towards the equestrian program. 




The Littleside Boys soccer team had a fun filled 
season with dedicated players, patient coaching, and 
excellent results which brought us to the playoffs for 
the first tinne in years for TCS. We won our first two 
games which automatically gave us life into the play- 
offs. We beat St. Mary's and Ridley with commanding 
victories. We then had to face difficult teams like 
St. Mike's and UCC. We put up a good fight against 
these all-boy schools, but unfortunately did not come 
out with victories. Since we won the first two games 
we were in the playoffs playing UCC first. We were 
looking at a tough game ahead of us. Unfortunately, 
we did not come out with a win and we were out of 
the playoffs. Even though we were a determined and 
skilled team we did not see the results we had wished 
for. Thanks to all the players and coaches for a fun 
season filled with lots of good memories! Good luck 
to all returning players. 


Middleside Soccer started out very strong, winning all of our exhibition games in an early bird tournament. 
Throughout the season there were many highlights and fond memories. One that jumps to mind was our first 
actual league win against Rosseau Lake. It was wet, muddy, and very physical. We were down our keeper (De 
Meyer) and our outstanding left winger (Rob). Somehow, we played the best soccer all year and managed to pull 
off a win. As a returning player of a team that did not win at all last season, the feeling of victory was like that 
of winning a championship. As quoted by our coach, Mr.Legakis, "It was the best soccer I have ever seen in my 
life". By the end of the season, the record meant nothing; we all knew that we had played our hardest and had 
had fun doing it. It is the season that many of us will not forget. In the end it was an amazing season for ev- 
eryone. From all of the players we would like thank our coach, Mr.Legakis, for his really "tough" practices and 
Kendra, our manager. 



The team made great strides over the course of our season. Losing a number of play- 
ers from last year resulted in a change of position for several returning players. For 
example, Galpin v^ho aggressively took up residence in goal alongside Ian. With the 
help of Akin, Wilcox, Parker, Spencer, Choi, MacGregor, and Quinn (our defensive mid), 
the defence was a solid one. MacGregor, previously an attacker, soon learnt how to 
read the game extremely well and was a major contributor defensively. Completing the 
team were Phil, Zee, Coffin, Pailing, Rich, Dave, Gibson and 'the other' Parker in the 
middle, with Danny finishing the squad up front. The level of commitment, determina- 
tion and effort given this year was great. Not only was improvement seen individually, 
but the team's improvement as a unit was shocking. In just two months we went from 
being 'okay' to a team feared by the best. For this, we thank Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram 
for doing an extraordinary job. The season was a fun and unforgettable one. A better 
group of guys could not have been asked for and I look forward to more friendships, fun 
times and fortitude in upcoming seasons. Good luck guys! 






Littleside Field Hockey had another very successful season, once again winning the CI5AA championship. The 
team started off the season with less than ten returning players but the new girls quickly showed a keen interest 
in the game and their hard work was reflected throughout the season. The team's hard work was well demon- 
strated as we outscored the opposition 30-0 in our regular season, leading to the CISAA Championship title. This 
year's field hockey season was an outstanding success for everyone. Significant improvement was demonstrated 
by every player on the team. Thank you to all the girls on the team and to our dedicated coaches, Mrs. Taylor and 
Mrs. Wills, for a truly memorable season. 


What a season it was for the Middleside Girls Field Hockey Team! A 
variety of different mishaps found their way into our season, from high 
balls which ended in stitches to a field hockey stick actually breaking in 
half during a practice. But the most triumphant part of our season was 
the final match for the Gold Medal against our only worthy opponent, 
Rosseau Lake. It was raining, dirty and vicious - and our jerseys will 
never be pure white again from that mud-pit that we had to play in. For 
an entire game we battled out a - tie, only to find that we had to 
play into seven minutes of overtime where it was virtually impossible to 
have a big hit, and the only way to score was to carry the ball into the 
net. Those seven minutes of overtime also ended in a - tie. We were 
off to penalty flicks, and it was a heartbreaker when Rosseau managed 
to score two goals, winning the Gold Medal game. We are by no means 
disappointed and we'd like to thank our girls and coaches, Ms. Brough 
and Mrs. 0' Regan, for such an incredible season. 



Although the season did not go exactly as planned, we definitely 'created some 
magic'. With our defensive force we shut down many talented teams (especially 
ones with 'hot-boy' captains). The midfields were crucial in linking the ball, 
without them it would have never left our end. Forwards did a great job of creat- 
ing opportunities and posed a threat to many opposition goalies. Finally, let's not 
forget our incredible goalie who went from Jeckyl to Hyde in seconds, and even 
lived through Julia's penalty flicks (the parked cars behind... not so much... oops). 
Grads, best of luck, you've all made incredible contributions to the team; let's 
be proud of what we left behind. Hollett and Macklin, thank you for your wisdom 
and support and, more than anything else, for putting up with us. We were so 
fortunate to have you guiding us through this season. Hollett, thanks for leaving 
everything you had and more out on the field for us. To the players next year, you 
know what to do... spank that ball. Best of luck ladies, you have so much talent; 
don't be the team that 'woulda, shoulda, coulda', you 'got the beat'. We know... 
you'll miss us. 

Bears Have Got the Beat 






"Gun cracks, stampede starts, up the hill, over the roots and through mud, blood, 
sweat, up the last hill, across the field, sprint, finish line, glory." This sums up the Fall 
2007 Harriers season. Our Midget teams (Lindsay Williams, Tory Donovan, Brandon Ro 
and Wesley Day) represented themselves well and will certainly make great strides in 
the future. Our junior boys team (Elliott Farquharson, Arthur Kam, Alexander McKenzie, 
Marsh Porter) brought new meaning to the phrase "run like hell". Every practice paid 
off for the junior girls team (Liane Ouellet-Gaston, Paige Stewart, Nicole Schmidinger, 
and Becca Ro) who made it to OFSAA. Our senior boys team was impressive and, though 
too many to mention, they certainly worked hard this season. The Senior girls team 
(Jaclyn Agnew-Pople, Fernanda Beirao, Daniela Gagnon, Sophia Rashid, Cat Hostick, 
Bea Hutcheson-Santos, Malakai Kirkpatrick, Shakira Warner, and Alaya Yassein) ran as 
a team in what most think is an individual sport qualifying for OFSAA. This was a great 
experience and I hope I never shake the image of Mr. Patterson dancing to "The Way I 
Are". THANKS GUYS, and good luck next year! 








With only two returning starting players, we were doubtful about 
our chances for success; we would have to work hard to have 
the same success as last season. Walking onto the field to play 
against SAC we knew they were going to be a difficult opponent, 
but we did not falter. We ended that game with the first win for 
Littleside Football 2007. Against Ridley we dominated and only 
let them score their first touchdown in the last couple of min- 
utes. Against UCC we got off to a slow start in the first half, but 
we refused to let UCC come any closer in the second, and ended 
up winning. We finished the regular season with a 4-1 record. 
Going into the playoffs we had to play SAC first. SAC scored on 
the opening kick-off and The Bears got off to another slow start 
and, unfortunately, we lost, meaning that this was the last time 
Littleside Football saw the field in 2007. This season was very 
fun with many of the seniors on the team stepping up to the 
challenge, many even playing on both sides of the ball. Best of 
luck for the returning players and best wishes to the players 
moving onto Bigside! 





Saying that we had high expectations for the season would be an 
understatement. With a good core of returning players, and some 
great talent coming up from Littleside, it is fair to say that everyone 
on the team was ready to see what we could do. After a shaky start 
in our annual trip to the US, the team knew we needed to improve 
in order to be a competitive force to be reckoned with. The defence 
was the first to step up, allowing only four points in the first half 
against SAC. The offence soon followed and enabled us to obtain 
some key victories, including against UCC for the first time in ten 
years. We ended the season with three wins in a row to put us into 
third place, facing the second place team, SAC, in the playoffs. Ev- 
eryone played an emotional and tough game, but it turned out to be 
a heartbreaker. I would like to thank the coaches for teaching and 
supporting us, and all of the players for making this season a memo- 
rable one. Good luck next year, and remember.... This is Trinitay! 





The Littleside Boy's Volleyball team had an exciting season. 
Although it wasn't entirely successful we still had a lot of fun. 
We only had two people this year that came to the team with 
previous Littleside experience; most of the team had never even 
played volleyball before. However, our quite inexperienced team 
improved a lot over the season. Many of the players are looking 
forward to being on the team again next year and hopefully do- 
ing a little bit better than we did this year. 





_ i - 




Bigside Boy's Volleyball entered this season with 
a great deal of optimism. Early season workouts 
saw players regain form quickly and The Bears 
demonstrated solid passing and played great de- 
fense to earn a third place finish in a preseason 
tournament in Ajax, knocking off two 'AAAA' 
opponents in the process. The team continued 
strong play in CISAA and finished with a 6-3 re- 
cord. This set us up for a semi-final match with 
first place team, St. Mikes, which we unfortu- 
nately lost to and thus finished third for the 
second year in a row in CISAA. The team qualified 
for 'A' OFSAA and entered the tournament seeded 
14th out of 20 teams. Despite this, the Bears won 
all four pool games, dropping just one single set. 
After The Bears beat both Goedrich and Lively, 
we were in the finals against number one seed, 
Jean Vanier. The Bears won the first two games. 
Distinction winner Dave West played excellently, 
running the offense to perfection. Distinction 
winners, Sean Dimnik and Jonathon Austin, shoul- 
dered much of the offensive load, combining for 
47 kills. The match went the distance, but we 
unfortunately lost in five sets. The silver medal 
finish for the team is the best placing at OFSAA 
for any boys' team in the school's history. Many 
thanks to our coaches, Mr. White and Mr. Lowry. 






The Adrian Smith Trophy (Midget MVP): Lindsay Williams 

The Marshal Trophy (Junior MVP): Liane Ouellet-Gaston 

The T.W Lawson Trophy (Senior MVP): Jaclyn Agnew-Pople 

The Jonathan Buchanan Trophy (MIP): Jeffrey Hornung 

The Rodger Wright Trophy (Leadership): Daniela Gagnon and Sophia Rashid 


The Daniel Salmon Trophy (Littteside Coaches Award): Jeffrey Yung 

The Brad Smith Trophy (Bigside MVP): Jonathon Austin 

The Ross Holt Trophy (Bigside Leadership): David West s 

Field Hockey TSw 

Littleside Coaches Award: Elizabeth Brown, Tabitha Morgan and Marie-Claude Leroux 

The Bridget Kerin Trophy (Middleside MVP): Stephanie Sharpe, Montana Robertson 

The Middleside Field Hockey Trophy: Jenna Dickson and Mackenzie Bowen 

The Ness-Tarasick Trophy (Bigside MIP): Melanie DuMoulin 

TheAnikka Foster Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Olwyn Foley 

The Ellis-Paquet Trophy (Bigside MVP): Renee Murphy and Kristen Pallen 


The Tim Hay Trophy (Littleside Coaches Award): Stephen Glassco and Walter Young 

Middleside Coaches Award: Kushal Patel 

The Pinkerton Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Douglas Roach 

The Paterson Trophy (Bigside MVP): Douglas Roach 


The Art MacDonald Trophy (Littleside Top Lineman): Tory Hill 

The EJ.M Huycke Trophy (Littleside MVP): Evan Taras and Nicholas Arbour 

The Jamie Eaton Cup (Littleside Leadership): Patrick Kelley and Benjamin Crase 

The Dr. Orchard Trophy (Bigside MIP): Dylan Stewart and Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

The Symons Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Charles Peltrop and Devon Howard 

The A.M Campbell Award (Bigside Keenness and Dedication): Samuel Davies and Adam Moulton 

The J.W Kerr Trophy (Bigside MVP): David Zmozynski 

The Coaches Cup (Bigside Best Defenseman): Alexander Vit and Justin Lewis 

The Osuszek Trophy (Bigside Best Lineman): Daniel Parker and Robert Dodd 





Littleside Coaches Award: Sydney Kidd 

The McMillian Cup (Bigside): Cassi AUin 

The Louis Willis Trophy (Bigside MVP): Stephanie Kelley and Hailey Swift 

Bigside Coaches Award: Emily Dove 


Back (left to right): Charles Peltrop, Jonathon Austin, Sean Dimnik, Justin Lewis 
Front (left to right): Stephanie Kelley, Hailey Swift, David West 


Justin Lewis 
Charles Peltrop 


Jonathon Austin 

Sean Dimnik 

David West 


Stephanie Kelley 
Hailey Swift 

Bigside Colours Winners 

Jaclyn Agnew-Pople, Derek Joseph Allen, Cassi Allin, Jonathon Austin, James Belton, Jack Candlish, Kevin Caza, 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell, Samuel Davies, Sean Dimnik, Robert Dodd, Melanie DuMoulin, Isaac Dutton, Jessica En- 
man, Victoria Esposito, Julia Fishlock, Galen Flaherty, Quinn Flaherty, Olwyn Foley, Marc-Andre Fontaine, Joel 
Eraser, Daniela Gagnon, Alex Hallink, Jeffrey Hornung, Devon Howard, Bea Hutcheson-Santos, Keegan Irwin, 
Stephanie Kelley, Malakai Kirkpatrick, Justin Lewis, Byron MacDonald, Brandon MacGregor, Steve Marcoglises, lain 
McBeath, Adam Moulton, Travis Munro, Renee Murphy, Skylar Neblett-Reid, Kristen Pallen, Daniel Parker, Charles 
Peltrop, Sophia Rashid, Carly Reed, Jordan Rider, Rebecca Ro, Douglas Roach, Ashlyn Rodriguez, Akinbamidele 
Sobowale, Dylan Stewart, Hailey Swift, Stefanie Thompson, Stephanie Tirelli, Mira Trebilcock, Alexander Vit, Da- 
vid West, Clayton Whetung, Jonathan Wilcox, Macauley Wilcox, Lauren Wisniewski, Bryan Yue, David Zmozynski 


Walking through LeVan during a Nordic workout, you would have been amazed at what you saw. After countless hours of 
training and pleas to Mother Nature for snow, there were some great results at our first race of the season. Unfortunately, 
by the time we returned from Christmas break, the snow had disappeared again. However, our training weekend in the 
Gatineau Park proved to be one of the highlights of the season. After incredible results at all invitational races (podium 
sweeps included by Senior Boys), Junior Girls and Senior Boys both brought home the CISAA Championships, while Senior 
Girls came a close second. This meant that TCS had three teams qualifying for OFSAA. Fourteen TCS skiers competed in the 
individual races at the provincial championships. Everyone skied well and the Senior Boys even finished seventh overall. The 
Senior Girls placed twelfth after both days of competition and together with the Boys placed eighth overall in the Province in 
the Senior Combined category. This incredible season would not have been the same without the enthusiasm of our coach- 
es: Mr. White, Ms. Moon, and Mr. Hollett. Thank you and congratulations to everyone on a fantastic season! 




-^•*J^^-?i< 4> ^:y^^' 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^L^^x J,^| 





Bp' ' -UtaiUIBSRn^ 



IF '-tW ■ ^'^^Dp]''- irf' ; 

^^^^B *'-^- ■■''j8*MBR^ Sti 



^^^HL '•■"^■'■l^ 





^B: , '^ 



^^^^P fl 

^ .^B 


^HjP^F 1 ^^v 





The TCS Swim team, filled with both veterans and newcomers, had a successful season yet again this year. Through- 
out the season the newcomers improved their ability in the art of swimming. The newcomers also had a long way to 
come as this year's swim team was a rebuilding year. With much help from the coaches, Mr. Tewsley, Mrs. Tewsley, 
Ms. Kuchta, and Ms. Jackson, and many pointers from the veteran swimmers, the TCS Swim team was able to mould 
new swimmers into pros quickly. The Swim team was working to bring home the title of CISAA champions to TCS but, 
unfortunately, we missed the title by a mere 16 points! However, the entire team contributed to our close second 
place win. OFSAA came shortly after CISAA. A total of 15 swimmers made their way to OFSAA filled with fear, anxiety, 
and excitement, and everyone returned home with at least one medal! Thanks for a truly inspiring swimming season, 
both to the swimmers and coaches! 


15 OFSAA Competitors = 1 Boy's Team, 4 Individual, and 
3 Relay Medals ... but who's counting? 














On paper the Littleside basketball team seemed to have a tough time this sea- 
son, but on the court it was a different story. With only one returning player 
this season and a team composing of only three Y2 players, we had some big 
shoes to fill. Going into this season after tryouts we knew that we were going 
to have a tough time due to a lack of experience on the court. However, we 
still played our hearts out, going up against tough teams such as St. Mikes and 
UCC. We also enjoyed a great tournament in the middle of the season that was 
a lot of fun for the whole team. Throughout the season the team developed 
more confidence and as a result became stronger as a unit. We began losing by 
fewer points even though we were still facing tough opposition. Although we 
were unable to make the playoffs, the season was still lots of fun and every 
team member thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole team would like to thank our 
coaches Ms. McAleenan and Ms. Carder-Thompson for their continued devotion 
towards the team throughout the entire season. Good luck next year guys and 
thanks for a great season. 


Coming off a 1-13 record, from the 2006-2007 season, the Bigside Boys Basketball team was eagerly looking for- 
ward to improving their record this year. With the arrival of new players and a strong pack of veterans, the guys 
responded well to the selected team, and strong friendships were formed. This brotherhood proved itself early 
in the season as the team entered the December break 2-0. After the break the boys were able to successfully 
transform their team from a decent group into a playoff contending squad. Barely missing the playoffs, the boys 
finished 6-8 in league play. This was a great way to end off the CISAA season, but it wasn't over. We hosted OFSAA 
giving us home court advantage. We played tough, fought hard, and played amazingly. The graduating players 
strongly encourage the returning boys to lead with passion and the 'never-scared' attitude they were introduced 
to this year. Special props to Mr. Christ and Ms. Mac for putting up with us. 









^^- ^^ -^^= 

Boy's 'A' OFSAA Basketball Championships 

March 2-5, 2008 

After returing from Christmas break, through demanding training sessions and 
intense practices, the boys were able to successfully transform their team from 
a decent group to a playoff contending squad. However, despite their record, 
the guys still qualified for the Big Dance. With the home crowd advantage at 
OFSAA, the team proved themselves going 2-3 in tournament play including 
a 5-point loss to Woodstock, the eventual 4th place team. A bigger highlight 
came when the team held the would-be champions to their lowest scoring 
game of the tournament. In the end, the team finished 8th at OFSAA, the result 
of dedication and hard work. Many thanks go out to the tournament organizers, 
and everyone who was involved. Special thanks to Ms. Mac and Mr. Christ; it 
wouldn't have happenned without you. 



We started off the season with only three veterans and it was decided that it would be a "development year" for 
our team. But with a lot of hard work and dedication Littleside Volleyball proved to be the most dominant team 
in our CISAA league. By the end of our season, we had not only won every single league game we had played, but 
we also had won an invitational tournament against schools a lot bigger than ours AND placed third at a Bigside 
tournament (getting beat out only by the TCS Bigside team.) This is not to say that we would automatically win 
the gold medal at CISAA; we still had to show up with our game faces on. We started off shaky, losing our first 
set to Hillfield, but we pushed through it and made it to finals. We were up against Havergal and, thankfully, we 
played one of our best games this season. We beat them in two straight, leaving us with a gold medal each and 
an undefeated season for the first time in Littleside Girls' history. Thanks to Whitey, TK, Byron and Bryan for their 
awesome coaching as well as Brooke, our manager. 



rhis year every grade played a huge role in the success of the Bigside Volleyball team. With only one loss to Haver- 
ia[ the entire season and winning the BSS invitational tournament, v/e were easily able to clinch a spot in the play- 
Dffs. Although we lost in finals, we finished second in the league and were headed to 0F5AA. Everyone came out 
to play and contributed greatly to our fifth place finish at the Provincial Championships. Big P, Skelley and Lauren 
were huge in the middle while Murray and our rookie, Hannah, dominated out of power. Andrea controlled the back 
:ourt while Erin, Carly and Sharpe killed their serves. Kelly was always consistent in her role as setter and Hailey 
was always reliable as our right-side. Thanks to Feds, Lowry and Mr. White for an awesome season. Good luck next 
season girls. 



This year the Littleside Boy's hockey team had a promising start to the season. With an excellent turnout for 
tryouts and a very high level of skill cutting down the team to a final roster seemed an almost impossible task. It 
was obvious that much success lay ahead. The regular season started with a series of disappointing losses and a 
disheartened team made Its way into the end of December with what seemed like a short season ahead of them. 
After a rough start the team started to pick up their game led by veterans Nick Weiss, Trevor Clark, Evan Taras, 
Michael Bushuk and Alexander McKenzie. The newcomers Chris Mobeyeni (our awesome goalie), Alex Steele, Mike 
Cyzgledy, Drew Rider, Charlie Benger, Brandon Ro, Cam Pollard, Cody Roberts, Carter Maxwell, Jay Youmans, and 
Charlie Osbourne settled in well and contributed effectively to the team's success. Our whole season came down 
to a pivotal game versus Lakefield. We were tied until the last minutes of the game. We won that game to secure 
a playoff spot. In the playoffs we unfortunately lost in the first round but nevertheless the team showed fierce 
determination all throughout the season. Good job guys! 



Bigside Hockey had a slow start to the season, but also had a number of successes. A major success for the team this 
year was our win in a tournament in Ohio. Our veteran first line forwards - Richard, Moulton and MacGregor - came 
out huge for that tournament, scoring the majority of the goals. Throughout the season ail forwards contributed to the 
team, including newcomers - Macauley, Keegan, Dodd, McMeekin, AUingham and the Poppoffs - who added to the solid 
line of veterans Wilcox, Lewis, and Weiss. The defence lines of newcomers Harmer, Watson, Mooney and Lula - along 
with the veteran pairing - Fraser and Galpin put in their fair share of points, as well as hard hits. Cooper and Fontaine 
played major roles, denying the opposition of desired goals. It is safe to say that Bigside Hockey will not disappoint Trin- 
ity next year. The entire season was awesome. Special thanks goes to Chip for his dedication and to Hodges, Tansley, and 
Morwood for their guidance and motivation. For those returning next year, good luck and play hard. 




This winter term the Middleside Girls Hockey Team showed great teamwork and determination. We were compet- 
ing against teams at a much higher skill level than us, but we held our own and finished the season on a positive 
note, beating Ridley handily. We are so proud of everyone, especially to those girls who were new to the sport and 
even to skating. Thank you to all the girls who never gave up and continued to work hard at improving the entire 
season. Thank you also to our coaches, Ms. Snowden and Ms. Hillier, for the great experience and knowledge of 
the game you were able to share with us. To the returning girls, have a great season next year, and keep your 
heads up! 



In a season full of highs and lows we evolved into a team. Some season highlights include: our big wins in our home tour- 
nament, the 4-second Appleby comeback win, pummeling Ridley in the OFSAA semi-finals ("when it counted"), our OFSAA 
silver medal, and, for Traugott, both of our overtime 3-on-3 wins. Although it was obvious that our on-ice successes 
were a priority, we cannot deny that our off-ice relationship was truly remarkable (sharing the pain of waking at 5:59AM 
on Monday mornings will do that); our quiet and polite acquaintances eventually became a comfortable, loving family. 
Snowden, your caring brought us together and your demand for hard-work drove us further than we could have brought 
ourselves alone. Traugott, your knowledge, dedication and, above all, love for the sport and each of your players allowed 
us to persevere through the taunts of "being in the cult." We knew there was a sanctuary for us at the rink. Your passion 
for the team can never be matched and although you didn't get your tattoo this year we know it is on its way. You de- 
serve it. We can't thank you both enough, and we hope that the future years bring you not only the success we achieved 
this year, but the relationships and unity we established. To all the returning players, best of luck. You are all incredible 
individuals and you made our last season better than we could have imagined. We know, we know, you'll miss us. 

«'««.. fs^' 

OFSAA Silver Medalists 2008 


^^H ^m 






I^HkL 1 



1 ^^ 










^^^^^■Cr >r 








Littleside Squash had a fantastic season this year. We started off the season with a bang, placing first in the early-bird tourna- 
ment. We followed that up by going undefeated for the great majority of the season. We travelled to Ottawa to play in the 
Squash Ontario Silver level tournament with stellar results. Conner Charlebois (U17) and JackWidmer (U15) both placed third 
in their age categories. The top eight players on the team then went to the CISAA championships at St. Andrews to represent 
TCS. The "CISAA Squad" consisted of Jack Davies, Alfonso Fernandez, Ben Crase, Pat Kelley, Jack Widmer, Brendan McGorman, 
Thomas Blecher, and Conner Charlebois. At CISAA, after the scores were calculated, we finished a mere six points behind the 
host team, to earn the silver medal. At the end of the year the final tally was this: one player got hit in the face with a rac- 
quet, three racquets were broken, and all members of the team greatly improved their squash abilities. Congratulations to 
everyone for a great season, special thanks to Coach Cameron for putting up with us for the whole year. Best of luck to those 
moving on with squash next year! 


After finishing second in CISAA the previous year, Bigside Squash entered the season with high hopes and expectations. Led by 
Coach Hay, the team enthusiastically hit the courts with only four returning players. The boys finished the season with a very 
respectable record of 1 0-2, with their only two losses coming at the hands of SAC. The line-up (in order) of David West, Derek Rail- 
ing, Ricardo Gibson, Alex Parker, Aamir Kahn, Doug Scott, Lorenzo Garcia, Kevin Mitchell and Mike Lee represented TCS on the final 
playoff day at the Mayfair Racquet Club in Toronto. After a number of hard fought matches, TCS brought home the silver medal, 
narrowly defeating Crescent and Ridley for the second place prize. Although the ultimate goal of first place was not achieved, it 
was not hard to see that the team had greatly improved from the beginning of the year thanks to hard work and a solid work ethic. 
Not enough can be said for the job that Mr. Hay did, coaching the team to many successes that were scattered throughout the year. 
Although the team is saying goodbye to three of our veterans, the future for Trinity Squash looks very bright indeed. 






The Coaches Award (Littleside): Katie Essak 

The Feddery Cup (Bigside MVP): Kelly West 

The Lyn Lowry Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Stephanie Murray 


The Coaches Award (Littleside): Enoch Wong and Tevin Gunthry 

The John W. Barnett Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Charles Peltrop and Sam Davies 

The Jim Kerry Trophy (Bigside MVP): Sean Dimnik 

Nordic Skiing 

The Geale-Hobbs Award (Top Novice Skier): Leonie Von-Petersdon Campden 
The Andrus Vasila Cup (Top Junior Skier): Paige Stewart 
The Sifton Cup (Top Senior Skier): Jenna Dickson and Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 
THe Brian Hedney Trophy (Leadership): Sophia Rashid 


The Peter Campbell Trophy (Littleside Boys MVP): Nick Weiss 

The Boulden Trophy (Littleside Boys): Chris Mobyani and Trevor Clark 

The Brian Proctor Cup (Middleside Girls): Sascha Hamilton-Miller 

The Coaches Award (Middleside Girls): Tori Donovan 

The V. Barannov Trophy (Bigside Boys): Guy Etienne Richard 

The Coaches Award (Bigside Boys): Justin Lewis 

The J.W. Kerr Trophy (Bigside Boys): Brandon MacGregor 

The R.W. Goodall Trophy (Bigside Boys): Ryan Galpin 

The Tarah Clark Trophy for Leadership (Bigside Girls): Mira Trebilcock 

The Stroud Cup (Bigside Girls MIP): Alex Hallink 


The Arnold D. Massey Trophy (Littleside): Alfonso Fernandas 

The Ernest Howard Trophy (Littleside): Thomas Blecher 

The Irvine Trophy (Littleside): Conner Charlebois 

The Ron Reynolds Trophy (Bigside): Lorenzo Garcia 

The Charles F Bullen Trophy (Bigside): David West 

The Moorjani Family Trophy (Bigside): David West and Derek Railing 





The Housemasters Cup (Littleside): Nicole Schmidinger 

The Danielson Trophy (Littleside): Nicolas Chauvin 

The Pat Osier Trophy (Bigside): Arin Theravithayangkura and Sebastian Stiliadis 

The Mary i. Wood Trophy (Bigside): Montana Robertson 

The Sebastien Goulet Trophy (Bigside): Julia Fishlock and Dylan Stewart 


Top (Left to Right): Gareth Cecil-Cockwell, Devon Howard, Arin Theravithayangkura 
Bottom (Left to Right): Stefanie Thomson, Mira Trebilcock, Montana Robertson, Kristen Fallen 

Nordic Skiing 

Devon Howard 
Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 


Montana Robertson 
Arin Theravithayangkura 


Stef Thomson 

Mira Trebilcock 

Kristen Fallen 

Biside Colours Winners 

Jaclyn Agnew-Fople, Cassi Allin, Jonathon Austin, Mackenzie Bowen, Kevin Caza, Gareth Cecil-Cockwell, Andrea 
Copeland, Samuel Davies, Jenna Dickson, Sean Dimnik, Jessica Enman, Julia Fishlock, Galen Flaherty, Quinn Fla- 
herty, Olwyn Foley, Rhian Foley, Daniela Gagnon, Ryan Galpin, Billy Lam, Fhyllis Langley, Lorenzo Garcia-Andrade 
Llamas, Ricardo Gibson, Jennifer Guenette, Alexandra Hallink, Devon Howard, Faul Hoy, Hannah Hubicki, Stepha- 
nie Kelley, Aamir Khan, Sydney Kidd, George Kingston, David Knowles, Marie-Claude Lerou, Brandon MacGregor, 
Gerri-Lynn Manitowabi, Steven Marcogliese, Dylan Morgan, Renee Murphy, Stephanie Murray, Carmen Ng, Kristen 
Fallen, Derek Failing, Alexander Farker, Charles Feltrop, Sophia Rashid, Guy-Etienne Richard, Montana Robertson, 
Douglas Scott, Philipp Steinbeck, Dylan Stewart, Andrew Sylvester, Arin Theravithayangkura, Stefanie Thomson, 
Mira Trebilcock, David West, Kelly West, Alyssa Wilcox, Jonathan Wilcox, Macauley Wilcox, Alaya Yassein, David 

Rowing met with a great deal of success this year, fuelled by unprecedented dedication and determination by 
all athletes. After our first fall season in recent history we took to the water in the spring with high hopes and, 
although Rice Lake was not always cooperative, we managed to put together some very fast boats. Regattas in 
Montreal, Welland and Peterborough were punctuated by great results all around, all of which served as great ex- 
perience leading into CSSRAs in St. Catharines. At this regatta, attended by schools across Canada and the north- 
ern USA, highlights included a 5th place finish by the Sr. Men's 2- as well as a narrow miss of the finals by the Jr. 
Women's 4+. To all the coaches - Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Raymond, Mrs. Brierley, Helen and Sarah - making the trip up 
to the site twice a day was a lot to ask for, but you didn't hesitate to do so and it meant the difference between a 
successful season and an unsuccessful one, so thank you for all your time, patience, and enthusiasm. Finally, to all 
returning rowers, keep it up, and remember that although the erg feels like death, it all pays off in the end! 



This Spring met with such a variety of weather that it was impossible to predict where the students would ride. 
Veteran rider Tiff McDonald took on Benny, a coloured large pony, with whom she formed an instant bond. Several 
■"iders from the fall session returned to improve their skills; Brooke Taylor, Maddy Shaw Rimmington and Lexi Wil- 
:ocks were a tremendous asset due to their concern for the overall well being of the horses. They happily organised 
iding schedules, tack cleaning and barn maintenance. Jessie Cole and Jessica Meredith also returned lending the 
benefit of their experience to the novices. The most improved rider of the year was Amy Hill, who made remark- 
able progress. We were also blessed with two 'new' riders. Meghan Wilk, who has ridden for a number of years, 
.vas able to demonstrate by example what can be achieved with practice and determination. Meghan Hodgson, on 
?xchange from South Africa where she has two horses of her own, took on Carson, a thoroughbred fresh from the 
acetrack, to turn him into a relatively quiet horse. Meg was also able to compete in two competitions, other than 
)ur own, so that she returns home with ribbons from three different events. At the TCS InterSchool in May TCS 
von all three divisions on the individual level, with Amy Hill winning the Novice, Jessie Cole the Intermediate and 
v^eghan Wilk the Open. It was a very most enjoyable Spring term of riding; with most of the girls returning next 
/ear the future looks very good indeed. 

This year's team was quite an eclectic bunch with a high number of Sr. Athletes. Sprinters and Jumpers: our Junior 
participants Larissa Holtzhausen and Ayo Adebanjo tried their hand at a variety of events before settling on the 
shorter sprints and hurdles while in the Senior division, Semi Geresu was a member of our 4 x 100 relay team in 
addition to participating in the shorter Sprint events. Akin Sobowale proved to be our speed demon amongst the 
Senior Boys. He also showed great bounding ability in the Triple and Long Jump. While Jen Adebanjo made it as 
far as the metro regional meet in the 200 meters, she also qualified for both the High Jump and the Triple Jump. 
Throwers: this year's throwing team was primarily in a developmental stage with many novice students throwing 
for the first time. Returning senior, Dylan Stewart, anchored the team providing both strong leadership and the 
best results during the season. Dylan set a PB in discus at the Cardinal Carter Invitational Meet, earning him a 5th 
place finish. The Distance group this year was quite successful at the CISAA level and we had some great improve- 
ments over the course of the year. Jaclyn Agnew-Pople placed 2nd in the 1500m and the 3000m at CISAA and then 
ran some good races at Metros. Elliott Farquharson displayed some great ability in the 300m hurdles placing 2nd at 
CISAA and 2nd in the 400m as well. Hopefully we'll see many returning members next year! 

he very first year of the Trinity - competitive - ultimate frisbee team (a.k.a. T.U.F. ) was a great one. The team, 
onsisting of some who had never even played recreational frisbee before, together became fantastic and eager 
)layers, especially when it came to tournament time. With pom-poms in hand and bandanas on our heads, we 
epresented TCS as a school like no team ever could; our spirit and love of the game was the only motivation we 
leeded; no hunger for victory could keep us from having fun. Despite certain set-backs, our spirits were high and 
fter our nail-biting final match against Henry Street High School the only chatter heard was of how fun T.U.F. 
vas and how it would have to be one of the most fun people have ever had at a tournament. Our team was well- 
lalanced and with the leadership of Hall-dawg and Whitey we never lost the ultimate frisbee spirit. Although our 
fforts were not exactly reflected in every game we played, as a member of the team, I am proud to say that I was 
part of T.U.F. and can only hope that next year's team can 1 . Exist and 2. Carry on our purpose: to have fun and 
ever forget the spirit of the game. 

Bigside Boy's 

Bigside Tennis had its most successful season in a number of years. Finishing the previous season in the CI5AA base- 
ment, expectations weren't very high. Newcomers Brandon Ro, Cam Pollard, Carter Maxwell and Ross Strike were 
welcomed into the ranks with open arms. The team finished the season with a stellar 10-2 record, only losing to UC( 
and Crescent. Qualifying for the playoffs was a great accomplishment. Bigside travelled to Toronto for the CISAA 
championships represented by singles players David West, Kevin Caza and Aamir Khan and doubles teams Sean Dim- 
nik and Cam Pollard, and Ross Strike and Carter Maxwell. After a long day of matches, third place was awarded to 
TCS. This was a great accomplishment, especially considering where the team was a year ago. Great thanks go to 
Mr. White for sharing his knowledge of the game and for being an awesome coach. Graduates David Parker, Christian 
Lieberoth, Ross Strike, Sean Dimnik and David West wish the boys luck next year. 



igside Girl's 

he girl's team was deep in numbers as well as in talent. The enthusiastic team members included Tiffany Leung, Alley 
ark, Rachel Park, Sarah Chan, Brittany Severs, Karleigh Hill, Leonie Von Petersdorff, Karla Martinez Solis, Anna Maas, Shaki- 
1 Warner, and Lisa Noel. Having placed second last year at the CIS finals this hardworking and positive group of athletes was 
ery motivated to work to improve their skills in each practice. Six of them even travelled to Tampa Florida to complete 
Dme additional intense training during the April long weekend. This work ethic paid off huge dividends as the TCS women's 
?nnis team re-captured their title as CIS champions. Only 3 singles and 2 doubles teams can compete at the league finals 
nd these players included Tiffany, Sarah, and Lisa (singles), Shakira and Karla and Brittany and Leonie (doubles). Lisa was 
le only team member to win her draw for the third singles position. With Lisa's win in the finals, the bid for the overall 
tie was completed. Lisa's first place finish also completed her undefeated season. At OFSAA Tiffany represented the school 
I the ranked singles category and Shakira and Karla competed in the non-ranked doubles category. Karla and Shakira even 
?ached the quarter finals! Congratulations to all the girls on a season well done! 




Middleside Cricket had a great season this year. We had a number of guys on the team who had never played the 
game before, but managed to pick it up very quickly. We played a number of teams, including Toronto Cricket 
Academy as well as Ontario Cricket Academy. The team played really well in all of our games and is in great shape 
for next year. A special thank you to our coaches Mr. Gregg and Mr. Goering, as well as to everyone on the team for 
making this a great season. 



^^VH ^ .9^ 


Bigside Cricket faced a serious dilemma this year having to rebuild the team. The arrival of several new and committed 
players made this easy. Hoping to repeat last year's performance and remain champions, the team was let down early by in- 
juries to a few players. Nevertheless, the team did not give up, and the camaraderie between the players was exceptional. 
There was a great deal of chemistry amongst the players which led to a fun-filled, rewarding, and enjoyable season, one 
without a single dull moment. The team represented the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, and Canada. Everyone 
had their own special nickname thanks to the coaches, players, and the gentleman nature of the sport. Playing for us this 
year we had: Aussie, Absent, Bambi Spice, Bucket, Chugger, Duckie, Keep, Monkerts, Scruffy, Smokey, Skipper, Swollen, The 
Minister, and Tubby. Although the season wasn't very successful, next year looks to be a very promising season considering 
how nine players will be returning. Our thanks and best wishes are with the graduating students Jon, Adrian, Gavin, and 
Meraj. Most importantly, the team would like to thank the coaches, Mr. Large and Dr. Hodges, for all their effort and input. 


On paper it might appear that the 2008 edition of Littleside Girls Soccer did not have a very successful season, but 
that is so very far from what actually transpired on the soccer pitch. The team played some highly competitive soc- 
cer, won a few nice games and was just a key player or two away from being serious contenders. What did emerge 
this season was a team that built around its strengths and gave the top teams good games. In the process an enor- 
mous amount of team spirit was built along with a raised level of skill for each and every player on the team. 
With so much talent on the team being in FY this year, like Wilcox and Williams, the two top goal scorers, Littleside 
Soccer is sure to have a strong season next year. Before close, it must also be noted that the team will certainly 
miss Coach Gledhill next year. His solid leadership and great knowledge of the game will be hard to replace. 

Keep kicking a ball around girls! 
















Bigside Soccer got off to a strong start. We managed to sweep teams like BSS, Trafalgar and Ridley with scores up to 8-0. 
Our real competition came in the CISAA finals when we were matched with long time rivals Villanova. After our junior 
keeper Stef Thompson made a huge save our other junior - Syd Kidd - managed to put away the winning goal to send us to 
OFSAA. After 10 hours on a bus we made it to the middle of nowhere (Mira's home town) and were ready to play. Everyone 
including Vicky, Jenn G., Sascha and Fishlock stepped up their game and carried the team to the finals. Unfortunately, we 
suffered a 2-0 loss in the finals but a CISAA gold and OFSAA silver isn't all that bad. Thanks so much to our coaches Robert, 
Ingram and Candlish for all their hard work. Best of luck next season ladies; it's a promising young team. 


Middleside Rugby looked to have a promising season with a strong blend of experienced players and new, yet athleti 
and promising players. However, it soon became evident that the real strength of our team was heart and a commit 
ment to our teammates. Throughout the season everyone showed that they were able to cover for their teammates 
if needed, and they could expect this in return. This was clearly displayed when the forwards dropped into the bacl< 
line to fill in defensive numbers, usually when some members of the backline were forced into rucks and mauls. 
Although our season didn't go quite the way we had expected or hoped, our team's true talent and ambition was 
displayed perfectly in our final game when we ran over Holy Trinity School 31-22 scoring four tries, four conversions 
and a single penalty. Previously, we had seen glimpses of our potential, but only for periods too short to make any 
real impact. On behalf of the Middleside Rugby team of 2008, we would like to thank the Coaches, Mr. Tewsley and 
Mr. Tansley, for their efforts and their encouragement. 

jhe 2008 season began with a steep learning curve for many of the girls. The forward pack had many players brand- 
few to the sport and our back line, while heavy with veterans, needed some positional shuffling. In a few short 
■eeks we had a game-ready team full of speed and talent. While we knew we wouldn't be the biggest side in the 
>aoue, our strength and game savvy were definite assets. We played a great season opener with lots of on-the-pitch 
earning for everyone. We kept the majority of the play to our own half, preventing Havergal from ever seeing the 
yline and winning 27-0. Our next game was against Pickering where, in spite of the seemingly lopsided score of 
9-0 for Trinity, a very physical game was fought. Our next game was against Lakefield, which proved to be quite 
match and unfortunately they beat us 0-5. Our highest scoring game came next against Branksome, who we beat 
D-0. Our last game of the season was against Greenwood, another team that tested our abilities. We managed to 
?ep Greenwood away from the tryline but were powerless against an extremely talented penalty kicker. This gut- 
renching match ended our season and our hopes of playing in the CISAA finals with a score of 7-9. Good luck next 
;ar to all the returning girls and thanks so much to our coaches who we couldn't have gone without! 


The boys on the Littleside Rugby team were both very excited and confident conning into this season. We had a 
solid foundation of experienced returning players and a large number of rookies. Our first three regular season 
games were won easily with a combined score of 127-27. Our first loss of the season came against Upper Canada 
College. The game showed the team that we were not invincible and that there was still room for improvement. 
Our final game of the regular season was against Crescent School and the winner would determine who would take 
the final playoff spot in the Eastern Division. Once again the boys got off to a slow start as Crescent went up 12-0. 
Afraid of the game having the same fate as the UCC game, all 15 players went out and played their hardest in the 
second half. By the end of the game TCS had pulled away winning the game convincingly 25-12. For our semi-final 
match the team traveled to Country Day School. Going in we knew it would be a tough game as CDS dominated 
the Western Division. Unfortunately, after a very valiant effort the boys were not able to win the game against the 
eventual CISAA Champs. It was a very memorable season for the boys which will not soon be forgotten. The players 
would like to thank our coaches Mr. Cameron, Mr. Bailey and Mr. Mann who put in many hours that helped so much 
with the success of the team. 


Si>-*rft» ■.■ 


For many students and alumni, to see a Bigside Rugby team go undefeated against all CISAA D.I teams including the likes of 
Country Day, Appleby and Ridley, and both UCC and St. Andrew's twice; win CISAA; finish second in the Canadian Associa- 
tion of Independent School tournament; and come 5th at OFSAA (A/AA) probably would be a surprise. But as most read- 
ers will have now assumed, yes, this team did just that. It's an impressive feat any year, but considering the shape of the 
team only one year ago with one win in the regular season and an early semi-final bow out at UCC these boys deserve a pat 
on the back. It was a season of Big hits (Peltrop/Parker/Allen/Lottering), Big runs (Moulton/Gibson/Howard ), Colourful 
Underarmour (Lewis) and Colourful Boots (Flaherty/Steinbeck), Bad Kills (Finney/Maynard/Pitfield) and Good Kills (Wil- 
cox/Henderson), Confused Minds (Whetung/Weiss) and Bruised Minds (Irwin/Austin), Broken Noses (Vit) and Broken Ankles 
(Cockwell), and straight up dieting (Cooper/Dodd/Belton). In all, these Gentlemen were a part of something very special, 
but for the players, they knew where they would be even before the season began. Something that TCS will never let 
down, and something the scrumhalf (Davies) will never forget. It has been an absolute pleasure to play with each of these 
fine young men, and we wish them the best of luck wherever the wind may take them. 



Littleside Softball started off on a strong note with a win despite being a relatively young team (only four of our 
girls were returning). Great improvement was made as the season wore on, with leadership from our experienced 
players Jasmine Dickson, Sam Chin-You, Lynn Wang, Taylor McCurdy, Brenna Owen and Melody Burke. Our new 
players excelled with their advice and the direction of our Coaches Fisher and Lo-Mac. In our last regular season 
game against Country Day School, we started off strong, and held on to finish the season with a win. A few high- 
lights of the season were an amazing catch in the outfield by Breigh Scheefer, and consistent strong hits from our 
exchange student players Lizzie Canny and Lara Douvartzidis. Rachael Stronach, our primary pitcher, began the 
season with no experience, and quickly developed into a promising new pitcher for next year. Ali Scheefer and Ann 
Kwon will make excellent additions to the team next year as experienced players. Good luck to the players who 
will be advancing to Bigside next year, and to the players returning to Littleside! 


Softball had an eventful season. We got off to a great start with two wins in our first two games! In league play when we 
faced Havergal and St. Clements unsuccessfully, we knew we would get them next time. We won all of our other games, 
finishing an amazing 7-2. Not too bad with only seven players from last year's squad. We had great success tied to great 
weather, including our close win over BSS to qualify for the final tournament we hosted. This tournament, however, was a 
chance for us to change the trends of the season. Finally we came together, making very few errors and having very low 
scoring games, while winning in poor weather, and winning at home! We made some incredible catches, got some great 
outs, (even some double plays!) and our batting was stellar. Most importantly, we had the pleasure of beating both teams 
that had beat us in the regular season, and we've got the gold to show for it! Special thanks goes to our coaches Mr. and 
Mrs. Taylor, and to Coach O'Reilly for volunteering. It was an amazing season, and a championship we will most certainly 
never forget! 



For the 10th anniversary of TCS baseball, the team headed down to Rochester, NY and Altoona, PA for some minor 
league baseball, and the hopes of playing high schools from the States. Unfortunately due to bad weather, the 
only scheduled game was cancelled, and was followed by a 12-hour trip home due to a wrong turn and a misused 
transmission. Once back in Canada, the regular season started off with history being made. With a 4-2 win. Bears 
Baseball became the first TCS team to ever beat St. Mikes in any sport, and handed St. Mikes their first loss in 
CISAA baseball history. With a 4-0 start to the season, we were on our way to the playoffs with another win. After 
two hard fought losses, we finally clinched a playoff spot with a 12-2 win over UCC. Unfortunately, our season 
ended in the semi-finals when St. Mikes won the rematch. With the emergence of new prospects, and continued 
guidance from our head coach, Tom Langford, the future looks promising for following seasons. 




This year's golf team was a mix of veterans and newcomers. There were sixteen competitive golfers who travelled 
to tournaments. The first tournaments were hosted by SAC at Angus Glen and the Maples at Ballantrae. The Junior 
Boys and Girls teams both earned points for finishing in the top eight teams. The second tourney was hosted by 
Ridley College at Peninsula Lakes. The Girls managed to earn 3rd place, the strongest team finish of the season. 
Appleby's tournament was located at Piper's Heath and the Royal Ontario Golf Club. It was our best overall tourna- 
ment with all three teams finishing in the top eight. The final tournament was hosted by St. Andrew's College at St. 
Andrew's Valley and Westview. It was the first time we had all senior players eligible and they did not disappoint. 
The boys finished an impressive 5th and this qualified them as our only team at the CISAA championships. That 
tournament was located in Barrie at Tangle Creek. It was a brutally cold day and we are a warm weather team. 
Our ninth place showing was disappointing but understandable. It will be sad to see some of our veterans leave the 
school. That said, there is a nucleus of fine young players who should lead TCS to even greater results in the com- 
ing years. 


Littleside Coaches Award: Conner Charlebois 

The Samantha Widmer Trophy (Bigside Girl's MVP): Phyllis Langley 

The Trenholme Family Trophy (Coed MVP): Bobby Edghill 


The D.H. Hunter Trophy (Bigside Boy's MVP): Kevin Caza a David West 

The #1 Ladies Singles Av/ard (Bigside Girl's MVP): Sarah Chan and Tiffany Leung 


The StoUmeyer Trophy (Bigside MIP): Amy Hill 


Littleside Coaches Award: Andy Choi 

Bigside Coaches Award: Alex Choi 


Littleside Coaches Award: Julia Roberts & Keiko Climaco 

The David A. Gatcliffe '72 Trophy (Bigside Girl's MVP): Stephanie Murray & Victoria Campbell 

The Garth Jones Cup ("Love of the Game"): Sydney Kidd & Mira Trebilcock 

The Alexis Sciuk Award (Bigside Girl's Leadership): Stephanie Murray 


The Alastair McDonald Trophy (Littleside Boy's MVP): Stephen Glassco 

The Les Robling Trophy (Middleside Boy's MVP): Graham Keiper 

The Beck Trophy (Bigside Boy's Leadership): Samuel Davies Et Justin Lewis 

The Peter Kelly Bowl ("Love of the Game"): Charles Peltrop 

The Mike Stevens Trophy (Bigside Boy's MVP): Justin Lewis 

The Leadership Trophy (Bigside Girl's): Stephanie Dusek 

The Bigside Girls Coaches Award: Tabi Morgan 

Track and Field 

The Daniel Holmes Trophy (Long Distance MVP): Jaclyn Agnew-Pople 
The Darren Cunningham Trophy (Jumping MVP): Jennifer Adebanjo 
The Hurdlers Award (Hurdling MVP): Elliott Farquharson 


The Rev. J. Scott Howard Award (Top Bowler): Zeeshan Rayees 

The E.L. Currie Cup (Top Batter): Quinn Flaherty 

The Cricket Challenge Trophy (Bigside Boy's MVP): Zeeshan Rayees 

The Old Boys Fielding Cup (Top Fielder): Jonathan Wilcox 

The Seagram Cup (Dedication & Love of the Game): Jonathan Wilcox 


Littleside Coaches Award: Samantha Chin-You 

Bigside Coaches Award: Natasha Chan 

The Samantha Currie Trophy (Bigside MVP): Kristen Pallen 

The Lesley Eraser Trophy (Bigside Leadership): Kristen Pallen & Cassandra Storace 

Baseball Rowing 

The Leadership Trophy: David Knowles The Chapman Trophy: Rhian Foley & Katrina MacDonald 

The Most Valuable Player Award: Robert Frame The Adam Cota Trophy: Nick Chauvin 

The J.M. Biggar Trophy (Pitching Award): Robert Frame The Jim Ganley Cup: James Stock 

The J.S. Langford Trophy: Robert Frame The McNamara Cup: Rebecca Webber 

The Farley-May Trophy (Top Rookie): Charlie Benger The Ned Hanlan Trophy: Carl Chauvin 

The Drew-Hobbs Trophy: Carmen Ng JM^U. 

Distinction Winners 


Victoria Campbell 
Stephanie Murray 


Men's Rugby 
Samuel Davies 
Galen Flaherty 

Justin Lewis 
Adam Moulton 
Charles Peltrop 

Women's Rugby 
Daniela Gaonon 

Softball Baseball 

Kristen Fallen Robert Frame 
David Knowles 

Biside Colours Winners 

Jennifer Adebanjo, Jaclyn Agnew-Pople, Derek Joseph Allen, Cassi Allin, Gillian Aluin Kemp, Jordan Anderson, 
James Belton, Mark Boos, Claire Bourgeois, Katie Bowen, Mackenzie Bowen, Gray Burnett-Hurkes, Victoria Camp- 
bell, Kevin Caza, Sarah Chan, Natasha Chan, Carl Chauvin, Andy Choi, Trevor Clark, Andrea Copeland, Samuel 
Davies, Jenna Dickson, Sean Dimnik, Georgia Derrick, Robert Dodd, Stephanie Dusek, Bobby Edghill, Sarah Es- 
sak, Benjamin Finney, Julia Fishlock, Galen Flaherty, Quinn Flaherty, Olwyn Foley, Marc-Andre Fontaine, Robert 
Frame, Daniela Gagnon, Lorenzo Garcia-Andrade Llamas, Richardo Gibson, Heather Godard, Rebecca Gregory, 
Jennifer Guenette, Sascha Hamilton-Miller, Reginald Harmer, Mark Henderson, Meghan Hodgson, Cathryn Ho- 
stick, Devon Howard, Beatrice Hutcheson-Santos, Stephanie Kelley, Erin Kemp, Aamir Khan, Sydney Kidd, David 
Knowles, Moses Lam, Tiffany Leung, Justin Lewis, Jeffrey Li, De Meyer Lottering, Brandon MacGregor, Kendra 
MacKenzie, Gerri-Lynn Manitowabi, Karla Martinez Solis, Seiichi Matsubara, Carter Maxwell, Matthew Maynard, 
Tiffany McDonald, Poppy Miers, Dylan Morgan, Adam Moulton, Fernanda Munhoz, Renee Murphy, Stephanie Mur- 
ray, Skylar Neblett-Reid, Lisa Noel, Tabitha Norgan, Kristen Pallen, Daniel Parker, Charles Peltrop, Leoni von 
Petersdorff, Cameron Pollard, Sophia Rashid, Zeeshan Rayees, Jordan Rider, Rebecca Ro, Ashlyn Rodrigues, Doug- 
las Scott, Brittany Severs, Tongzhou Shi, Daniel So, Vincent So, Dylan Stewart, Cassandra Storace, Ross Strike, 
Stefanie Thomson, Mira Trebilcock, Brittany Ugolini, Alexander Vit, Coleen Wafer, Shakira Warner, Douglas Weiss, 
David West, Clayton Whetung, Jack Widdowson, Jonathan Wilcox, Macauley Wilcox, Megan Wilk, Lauren Wis- 
niewski, Caroline Wong, Jonathon Wong, Rachel Young, David Zmozynski 





The Laraitiie Project 

trinitv Fall Plav''2007 ^'^' ' 



Mr. Walker's Master Drama Class performed Kauffman's The Laramie Project during the 
fall term. With less than three months for rehearsing, nine cast members were able to 
fill the roles of over 60 characters. Amidst the fluff of many average high school perfor- 
mances there are plays that stand out with important messages that need to be shared; 
The Laramie Project is one of them. Based on the harrowing true story of 21 year old 
Matthew Sheppard who was murdered in Laramie, Wyoming, simply for his sexual orien- 
tation, the play focuses on the issues of hate and prejudice and their continually strong 
presence today. The Laramie Project documents the thoughts and words of the people of 
Laramie in the aftermath of Matthew's death. Between the Master Class students (Jack 
Candlish, Cece Culver-Grey, Rebecca Gregory, Cathryn Hostick, Bea Hutcheson-Santos, 
Cailin Kearns, Byron MacDonald, Danny Parker, and Montana Robertson) and the endless en- 
couragement and support from Mr. Walker, the three performances were very successful. 






^^ Trumty wiv^ev- 

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's comedies which looks at the theme of identity across gen- 
ders. Twin brother and sister, Sebastian and Viola, have been lost at sea and turn up in different 
areas of lllyria. Viola takes a position, dressed as the boy Cesario, in Duke Orsino's court and is 
tasked with conveying the Duke's love to the Countess Olivia. While fulfilling this task, Viola mas- 
querading as a man, finds that it is she who has been given the love of Olivia; meanwhile, Viola, 
herself, has fallen in love with her Master, the Duke. Brother Sebastian's arrival in town helps the 
plot unravel to its inevitable conclusion. It's been 5 years since TCS attempted a Shakespearean 
performance. Shakespeare provides some unique challenges for high school students not the least 
of which is bringing understanding to what is effectively another language. This cast has certainly 
had its share of challenges to contend with.... five snow days, lost costumes, schedules changing, 
duck duck goose, and stages coming and going, but they have shown the maturity required to do 
justice to this script.. .and "the show must go on!" A number of the students made their TCS acting 
debut, and it has been a privilege to give this opportunity to a new generation of thespians. There 
also were a number of TCS veterans who took to the LeVan stage for the last time. Old and new 
these young people have impressed us with their commitment and their many talents. 


This year's Dance Troupe had an awesome and enjoy- 
able season. There were many new faces in the group 
this year - a number of which were talented FY's and 
Y2's. The troupe practiced several types of dance 
including jazz, hip hop, modern and musical theatre. 
There was plenty of talent and skill among the danc- 
ers which was demonstrated through the students' 
very own choreography. Tap, ballet/lyrical, and 
various types of hip hop were some new styles intro- 
duced by the dancers. We finished off the year with 
a high energy performance in the annual Dance Show. 
This would have been some of the dancers' first 
performance, but to some it was their very last here 
at TCS. Eight dancers out of the group will be leaving 
the troupe, a majority who have been a part of the 
Dance Troupe for a number of years; in particular, 
Melanie DuMoulin and Natasha Chan who are part of 
the "four-timer's" club. Dancing here at TCS is one 
of the most exhilarating and fun filled experiences. 
Special thanks to Ms. Booth for her inspiring choreog- 
raphy and patience and to Ms. Cunningham for sup- 
porting us. The best of luck to next year's troupe. 

Our first night on stage, the excitement was tangible. We had never 
performed together in front of such an audience before but no one 
watching could have noticed. The energy, flow, and teamwork were 
above and beyond expectations. We placed first that night and knew 
right away that we had something special. Practices were complete- 
ly ridiculous and highly rewarding. What with the geeky antics of 
Clayton and Jack, Semira spacing out all the time, and Devin snort- 
ing in the background, how could it have been anything less? In our 
second night of play we came third against some very tough teams, 
allowing us to move onto the semi-finals. We gave it our all and tied 
for fourth at the semis. Sadly, this was the end of our improv ride, 
but it was an awesome season. The team brought us together and 
created friendships that no one expected and all of us were grate- 
ful for the helpful - and often hilarious - guidance from Mrs. Large. 
Liz, Charlotte, Dakota and Devin: it's up to you guys to carry the 
team onwards and upwards as we say goodbye to our senior group 
of Carlie, Dayna, Clayton, Semira, Cassandra, Jack, Sid, and Chris. 
T.LT. will always be a provocative and fantastic team. Good luck to 
everyone next year and...1, 2, 3, Captain Planet! 




/A ;j»^ i_ I ' _ ' 'Z 




lop: bhawn I heravitnayang 
The Silence 

ncio Jimenez, BottorriRigr 


A Silent word 
Constantly repeated 
And I that heard 
Stood still, defeated 

My broken heart 
Is torn apart 
Words so strong 
In mind are wrong 

Interpretation blinding 
Terrified of finding 
Truth in words 
To me referred 

Words of love 

Or lack thereof 

Of misinterpretation 

That fed my inspiration 

My love taken 
To be forsaken 
Kept from return 
Imposing this yearn 

Yearn for love 
Not constant shove 
Yearn for passion 
Unlimited to ration 

Memory of a touch 
So warm and tender 
My nerves as such 
I now render 

I seek for that burn 
When my love return 
when ill be complete 
among the incomplete 

oh and how well you saved 

All memory engraved 

Engraved in that heart of 


That now makes me so alone 



)p Left: Marley Bathe, Top Right: Jack Candlish, 
A Dream Come True 

I hope this is not a vision or a mirage 

I hope this is not a dream or illusion 

I dreamt for someone like you to end up with me 

My need grows for you in profusion. 

My day brightens every time I see your face 

Your smile makes me forget all I've been through 

Bad memories of the past just seem to erase 

Each and every time I am alone with you. 

You have me captivated, staring into abyss 

Thinking of ways we can live together 

Hoping there is never a moment which I miss 

Hoping we will be together forever. 

You have me searching endlessly 

For the perfect words to say, 

How I long for you immensely 

And the feeling grows stronger each day. 

Every day I prayed for someone like you, 

Wanting my dreams and hopes to appear, 

Wished upon a star for something to come true. 

Waiting with anticipation and sometimes fear. 

Magic has happened with two special people 

Becoming closer and closer with each passing day 

Each day I promise to work until I am not able, 

And remind you of three words I will always say. 

I love you. 

Bottom Left: Jen Clarke, Bottom Right: So Youn Kim 

Bird Cage 

Have you ever thought of 

A bird in a bird cage? 

I saw a beautiful bird cage. 

It was a gift for my beloved bird. 

I thought my bird would be joyful. 

However, it died some days later 

My heart was just like an emptied bird cage. 

A sense of sorrow drowned me. 

But it passed. 

Nothing could fill my heart, not even the sadness. 

Only a beautiful bird cage was left. 

I looked at it 

It looked so beautiful, with diamonds and pearls, 

Decorating the outside. 

My dead bird closed its eyes and rested on the dried leaves, 

It chose to be buried in the darkness 

Not to live, decorated with jewels 

I wondered. 

Was my beloved bird happy with my gift. 

Did my bird favour the beautiful cage, 

I did not know. 

My bird did not care 

How the cage looked. 

How much it cost, 

lined to everything. 

Its only dream is to fly away 






l^rri'^'f '■«■» f 





I . • . • * / 

% 9 



Awards of Commendation 

Y4: Carlie Botrie, Natasha Chan, Lianne Chrisman, Jennifer Clarke, 
Graham Dersnah, Jenna Dickson, Ryan Galpin, Chris Gunning, Kar- 
leigh Hill, Bea Hutcheson-Santos, lain Johnson, Liz King, Louis Liu, 
Chung Chun IVla, Tiff McDonald, Sophia Rashid, Cassandra Storace, 
Dayna Taylor, Adrian Warner, Spencer Wightman 
Y3: Semira Geresu, Monica Khalil, George Kingston, Saskia Lau, 
Jason Law, Kiera Lee, Taylor Lewis, Sierra McKenzie, Elspeth Malcolm, 
Mariko Oishi, Jessica Svenningson, Mark Tremblay, Andrew VanHoof, 
Deanna Veltri, Coleen Wafer, Clayton Whetung, Renee Wu, Jennifer 

Y2: Morgan Beatty, Elizabeth Brown, Justin Graffi,Tory Hill, Jus- 
tin Kleinschroth, Taylor McCurdy, Alexander McKenzie, Murphy 
O'Conner, Brenna Owen, Lauren Vermulen, Dakota Wellman 
FY: Rhian Foley, Anika Heinman, Farrison Huls, Adelaide Manley, 
Cameron Pollard, Lindsay Williams, Khalid Yassein 

Awards of Excellence 

Y4: Simon Cameron, Jack Candlish, Danny Parker, Steph Tirelli, Jessica 

Y3: April Ip, Poppy Miers, Renee Murphy, Skylar Neblett- Reid, Malakai 
Rouse-Kyle Kirkpatrick, Mitchel Selby, Dylan Stewart, Jackie Yang (Re- 
peat Winners: Dylan Hunter, Anna Gene Jonassen, David Woodward) 
Y2: Keiko Climaco, Donna Kim, Melissa MacCoubrey, Sid Smith, Hugh 

Top Left: Sarah Chan 
(Best Dancer) 
Bottom Left: Cailin Kearns 
(Best Actor) 

Top Right: Alex Parker 
(John. H Bassett Award) 
Bottom Right: Amy Hi 
(Cosmo Music Achievement) 





j^-'fi Distinctions 



2007/2008 Arts Distinction Winners 

From top (left to right): 

Alex Parker (music) 

Ian Parker (music) 

Jeremy Wong (music) 

Cailin Kearns (drama) 

Cece Culver-Grey (drama) 

Sarah Chan (dance) 

Amy Hill (music) 

Diana Chu (music) 

Melanie DuMoulin (dance) 



•7 ri '?•?'?,&-€ 




To put into words such a personal experience is a feat beyond my 
seventeen years, as I know that the majority of the people reading 
this will dismiss it as a lecture or, worse off, a cry for attention. Yet 
I know that Jamaica Self Help has shown me something bigger than a 
yearbook article, bigger than my fellow students, bigger than myself. 
I left on this trip expecting an earth-shattering change in myself, but 
what I got instead was a different view of the world. I expected that 
my greatest asset would be my memorization of the multiplication 
tables, but instead I learned that the most important gift I brought 
to these children was a sense of being. I showed them that there 
was someone, from a country far away, who knew they were worth 
her time, who knew they were individuals who deserved better, who 
knew they had the potential to step above all the violence and cor- 
ruption and make a positive change. It was nothing I did that brought 
this to these children; it was simply the presence of care. What JSH 
truly does is empower. It empowers those on the trip, and those who 
benefit from our company. More than just teaching the children aca- 
demics, we were given the incredible opportunity to empower the 
souls of these resilient, beautiful individuals. We encouraged them 
to continue to feel the way a child should feel: beautiful, confident, 
worthwhile and loved, despite their often dire surroundings. As a 
Jamaican teacher Taesse told us "You can't fill the mind while the 
soul is empty." I'm not a Jamaican citizen and will never truly com- 
prehend what these people face each day, but I do know that I tried 
my best to understand. Perhaps it's not about changing the world in 
one attempt, but understanding what it is that must be changed, and 
why it must be changed. Perhaps stepping back every once in a while 
to realize that there are things much bigger than oneself is a step 
towards this realization. I returned from Jamaica the exact person I 
hoped not to be; the same person I was when I left. But I know now 
that the person I am is ever-changing from path to path. The paths I 
choose are up to me, and after my experience I certainly know which 
direction I need to go. Most of my trip was spent waiting for 'it all' 
to hit me, waiting for something palpable that showed me I deserved 
to be there. This slap across the face never came. What I got instead 
was a tap on the head, or perhaps even a series of taps on the head. 
A tap for each time I realized something beyond my understanding. 
Olwyn Foley 




g Brothers and Sisters got off to another great start this year. It was great to see some familiar faces come back from the 
evious year. We started off the year with a Halloween party. The night began with a haunted house through the school. It was 
obably the highlight of the night. Big thanks to most of the Big Sisters as they organized the event. The Big Brothers took care 
scaring the kids at the Haunted House. It is difficult to tell who was scared more though, the Little Brothers and Sisters, or the 
g Brothers and Sisters. Some other highlights over the year were; soccer baseball, dodgeball, sledding, tag, and snowball fights. 
^e arts and crafts were also fun as we made buttons, door hangers, decorated cookies and flew paper airplanes in the gym. The 
oup would like to thank Ms. Brierly, Mr. Hamilton, and Mr. Kleinschroth. They were great and even joined in the games on occa- 
on! Finally, thanks to all of the Brothers and Sisters who took part in this year's activities. Good luck to the Grade 1 1 's to keep 
le spirit of the group going. 

^munity Service 

Bronze Awards 


Joe Roberts, Anika Heinmaa / 


Morgan Beatty, Benjamin Crase, Justin Graffi, Brenna Owen, Chanel Johnson, Paige Stewart, SaraTohyaina 

Cassi Allin, Gillian Aluin Kemp, Stephanie Dagg, Lorenzo Garcia-Andrade Llamas, Charlotte Glassco, Caitlin Herman, 
Monica Khalil, Seiichi Matsubara,Tori Mathieson, Renee Murphy, Skylar Neblett Reid, Jordan Rider, Akin Sobowale, Brit- 
tany Severs, Deanna Veltri, Clayton Whetung, Rachel Young, Kenneth Yue 

Regina Arnold, Eric Choi (Bethune), Diana Chu, Jen Clarke, Robin Courtice, Cece Culver-Grey, Sam Davies, Carlotta Dim! 
Steph Dusek, Isaac Dutton, Heather Godard, Lauren Hogarth, lain Johnson, Bea Hutcheson-Santos, Cailin Kearns, Justir 
Kim, Sean Kim, Louis Liu, Brandon MacGregor, Tiff McDonald, Carmen Ng, Lisa Noel, Derek Railing, Ross Strike, Sebasti; 
Stiliadis, David West, Theresa Yip 

Silver Awards 


Keiko Climaco, Katie Essak, Nicole Schmidinger, Dakota Wellman 


Douglas Allingham, Eric Choi, Devin Henderson, Alex Hallink, Mike Lee (Bickle), Ashiyn Rodrigues, Mitchel Selby, Jessica Svenningson, Elizabeth 

Traicus, Coleen Wafer, Shakira Warner 


Sarah Chan, Lianne Chrisman, Melanie DuMoulin, Olwyn Foley, Joel Eraser, Christian Gunning, Sascha Hamilton- Miller, Han Han, Stephanie Kelle 

Ricky Law, Adam Moulton, Kushal Patel, Winson Poon, Chip Simmonds, Cassandra Storace, Stephanie Terfloth, Stephanie Tirelli, Alexander Vit, 

Thanh Vu 


Distinction Awards 


Donna Kim, Jackie Knapp 


Aamir Khan, Malakai Kirkpatrick, Jackie Yang, Jenn Guenette, David Woodward, Alaya Yassein 


June Ahn, Keith Chan, Carl Chauvin, Jessica Chin-You, Graham Dersnah, Jenna Dickson, Julia Fishlock, Elisabeth Karg, Yoo Jin Lee, Byron MacDonald, Claire 
Stewart, Anuj Tanna, Brandon Thompson 





• Ml 


2007-2008 was an amazing year for the Trinity Environmental Action/Aware- 
ness Committee (TEAC). The year started out promising as many new mem- 
bers made the group one of the largest on campus. We got organized very 
quickly and soon had our first event; the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean- 
up, at which about 40 people participated. We worked with the kitchen 
to revamp our mug system, put on three great awareness chapels for the 
students and eco-mentored grade 1-6 students at Beatrice Strong School. 
The fun didn't stop there either. From community service and Lights Out 
days to movie nights. Garbage police, eco-audits and Earth Day challenges, 
TEAC worked relentlessly. It will be sad to see so many members graduate 
this year and hopefully the continuing members will make us proud. 


TSSJ, or Trinity Students for Social Justice, is a student run group that 
promotes global and local awareness throughout the school on a variety 
of different issues and challenges facing the world to develop an under- 
standing and to become more aware and active both locally and interna- 
tionally. We focussed on a new topic each month and, through chapels, 
fundraisers, and displays around the school, we are able to promote 
awareness in our school community. The year kicked off in October, the 
topic being local poverty. Over 40 TCS students participated in one of 
our largest initiatives of the year, Halloween for Hunger. The group went 
out on Halloween night to collect canned foods for our local food banks. 
The event was extremely successful as we collected four shopping carts 
filled with canned goods! Other initiatives throughout the year included; 
participating in the Aids walk in Peterborough, a scavenger hunt to raise 
awareness about AIDS, a chapel to illustrate Black History Month, fund- 
raisers to raise money for Peterborough AIDS Resource Network, as well 
as a number of movie nights and speakers. Congratulations to everyone in 
the group for an outstanding year! 




The Gay Straight Alliance this year has done a few things that have hopefully not gone unnoticed 
at TCS. Major events include a chapel on homophobia and the Day of Silence. The chapel on 
homophobia was an unobtrusive way to broaden perspective within the school community and 
make students more aware of their daily conduct and how it might affect others. The Day of Si- 
lence, which included nearly 50 participants, was a way for the community to further understand 
the social stress endured by those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and 
the silence they undertake in order to be socially accepted. The GSA this year also had weekly 
meetings where we chatted about various topics; we shared everything from funny anecdotes to 
serious concerns and general hopes for change. The GSA hopes to continue its presence at TCS in 
an entirely positive manner as a safe place to be as open as possible. 


CAG, which stands for "Cultural Awareness Group," is an extra curricu- 
lar group that meets every Thursday after school from 3:20 to 4:00 with 
Ms. Hands, the supervisor. The goal of CAG is to raise awareness about 
the rich variety of cultures represented at TCS. Members of CAG discuss 
and plan for events and activities such as traditional games, food, music 
or dance to present to the School. CAG also celebrates other countries' 
holidays, food and cultures. This year, CAG presented a Korean Chapel, a 
Brazilian Chapel, an International Day Chapel with the theme of "Unity 
within Diversity," an Islander Dance and a Fashion show, a Sushi outing, 
and Fundraising for China's Earthquake. 


Amnesty International 

For many, being a member of Amnesty is a life-long commitment so long 
as there continues to be people in the world who have no voice. Our 
group this past year included some of the most energetic and passion- 
ate students who have genuine interests in speaking against human right 
offenses and taking action in the form of letter writing directly to gov- 
ernments that are the sources of these abuses or political powers that 
can apply pressure on these governments. This year's Amnesty's chapel 
theme "Unlock the Human Potential" was a moving one that focussed on 
the human rights violations plaguing Africa. Funds raised went to support 
a local Amnesty chapter in Liberia. Thanks to all those who were com- 
mitted during lunch time writing sessions and worked hard to share these 
important issues with our school community. 

Knitting Club 

The knitting club got off to a solid start at the beginning of the school 
year in 2007. Dayna Taylor and Jen Clarke were the co-founders of 
this year's enthusiastic group. Eager knitters and participators would 
sometimes spend entire lunches progressing on their creations. Regular 
members consisted of Chocolate Song, Diana Chu, Renee Wu, Cecelia 
Wong, Sierra McKenzie, and Liz King. It was then decided, with so many 
eager participants, to have a knitting sale, where proceeds would go to 
charity. The success was wonderful- one hundred and fifty dollars was 
raised for a charitable cause. Dayna and Jen would like to thank every 
one who participated actively in this community service group for their 
wonderful contributions. With participation and interest comes great 
progress! We speak for all the members of the knitting club when we 
say that we made a difference in our community! 

t)o -/ovi Vike... 



The Mathletes had a very successful year, writing a variety of challeng- 
ing contests. In the Grade 9, Pascal contest, Paul Vermeulen, Louis Burke, 
Alex Hodgson, Cameron Pollard, Bryce Robson, Yu Jin Song, Stephan Wu, 
Khalid Yassein, and Raymond Wong all placed in the Top 25% of the country, 
with Raymond winning the Pascal medal. In the Grade 10 Cayley contest, 
Monica Dhillon earned the distinction level, and was awarded the Cayley 
medal. In Grade 11, April Ip, Donna Kim, Mike Lee, and Alaya Yassein all 
earned distinction while Jennifer Yuen won the Fermat medal and scored 
in the top 3% of the country. Mike Lee, Yoo Jin Lee, Carmen Ng and Dayna 
Taylor all earned distinction, while Vera Liang, who scored in the top 4% of 
participants, was awarded the Euclid Medal. Beside the contests, the Math 
department also ran two Math Circles, one on the Golden Ratio and another 
on Rubik's Cubes. Math is obviously not just for the classroom anymore! 


We had a busy year in debating and numerous great moments. We had a thrill- 
ing trip to Reading, England where Cailin Kearns, Zeeshan Rayees, and Andrew 
Maclsaac competed in the International Independent School Public Speaking 
Competition (IISPSC). When they were not competing, these students had an 
opportunity to soak up the culture of London by viewing The Country Wife, 
visiting the Elgin Marbles, dining at delicious restaurants, and going on a full 
day excursion in the city. Other highlights were top finishes in the Fulford for 
Murphy O'Connor and Simon Cameron and first external debates for several 
people: Lexa Bachle, Spencer Wightman, Joe Roberts, Jay Youmans, Jonathan 
Austin, Hugh Verrier, and Kiki Kirkpatrick. We hosted the National Qualifier for 
the National Public Speaking Tournament, which gives us a dry run for the IISPSC 
next October 2008. Thanks to those who participated, good luck to those who 
will, and thank you Dr. DuBroy for your superfluous patience and benevolence. 


V"^.. . 

1 ''''^^Nil'lllr ' 




? . Jfcv., V ■ 



1 ^ 



. >> ■<Mi»<(»»»^- ' «> i»i r ii<»»« a i<» ji^ i » « t w .->•(« vi[jv«(i>v4 / 

Sean Kim 06-08 
Seriously, time just flew by at TCS. I have been here for two years and those years were 
just like arrows. I could not believe that 1 was in a graduating class when the email about 
the grad quote arrived. After the graduation. 1 will be one of the constituents, citizens of 
the society. Certainly, TCS has trained me to be a good one. I am very glad that my past 
two years in this place have been not only experience, but also outstanding memories. 
As 1 recall studying in classes, playing sports, gaming, chapel services, chattering in Osier 
with chicken and rice in front of me, you know, running quarters and 1 have to run for 
kilometres at 5 am tomorrow and many other things, I just want to give thanks to those 
people who made me able to have this great moment of life. I'd firstly like to thank my 
parents who supported me, an international student, for years. I also would like to thank 
my friends and teachers who spent much time doing lots of things with me. It was so 
much fun. Thanks, Trinity. 

Richard Jung 04-08 

Time really flies. I cannot believe 
1 am now writing my grad quote. I 
would like to thank all my teach- 
ers and family who cared about me 
with their endless love. Without 
them, I would not be able to 
survive at TCS. Sometimes I loved 
school, but sometimes also 1 hated 
it. However, looking back on all the 
memories I shared with my friends 
and teachers at TCS, I now realize 
that I really loved school with my 
heart. I would like to thank "Big 
Choi". Ik-Sung, you have been a 
great friend since 1 came here and 
I hope you do well at you know 
what. Good luck to all the rest of 
the Korean boys. Let's say goodbye 
for now. 

June Ahn 04-08 
As a graduate student of 
Brent House, I want to 
give special thanks to Mr. 
Cameron, Sam Davies, and 
Devon Howard. Despite Mr. 
Cameron's strict rule in Brent 
House, 1 am 100% sure that 
he is the BEST House Master 
at TCS. For Sam and Devon... 
they were absolutely great. I 
dearly love them as friends. 

P.S. Solve this: 

Eric Choi 04-08 
First of all, I'd like to thank my 
parents for all the opportuni- 
ties and support they gave me. 
I just spent almost four years of 
my life at TCS and I am finally 
graduating. TCS has given me so 
many chances. I may not have 
taken advantage of all of them, 
but TCS has still enriched me 
in every aspect. It was a great 

Thank you all the fellow Kore- 
ans for your respect (expecially 
to D-Jung). Thank you TCS! 

Han Han 05-08 

Thank you to my parents for putting tremendous amounts of effort and sacrifices for 
me to come here. I love you mom and dad. I never really knew how to say "Thank you. I 
couldn't have accomplished any of what I am today without you guys" to my parents and 
I thought this would be a good opportunity to. TCS, with no doubt, takes a lot out of you 
and I know everyone will agree with me on this one. The past three years have definitely 
been a rough road and I want to thank the people who have taught me to suck it up and be 
stronger. I thank all my buddies at TCS because you are the ones who made TCS fun and I 
thank Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram for giving me discipline and teaching me what leadership 
and teamwork is when I didn't realize I needed it so much. Time flies when you have TCS in 
your life so just remember that you are not going to get to complain this much, think these 
thoughts, laugh these laughs and go to chapel this much again in your life because after 
all these are your high school years. I am leaving now being able to look back at this place 
that I have grown in to treating like home and know that I have left some good memories 


Class of 2008 

Hailey Swift 04-08 

"Experience is a hard teacher because it 
gives the test first. The lesson afterward." 
Vernon Law 

I would first like to thank my parents for 
the opportunity they have provided me 
with for the past four years; Rachel- for 
paving the way; Brenna- for creating an 
awesome role model to look up to; Shan- 
non- for always listening to me, no matter 
how much I feel I screwed up. Thanks to all 
my coaches over the years at Trinity that 
provided me with an escape for a couple 
of hours. Thanks to Ms. Feddery who put 
up with me as an advisor and Housemas- 
ter for four years. And thanks to Durham 
Eclipse basketball who have provided me 
with a family for the past two years with 
great friendships and memories that will 
last a lifetime. 

Best of Luck to everyone next year! 
"Wherever you go, go with all your hearts" 

Jessica Tutton 04-08 

I've truly enjoyed my past four years at Trin- 
ity and would like to thank my parents for 
granting me such an amazing opportunity. 
I will never forget my experiences. I made 
great friends, learned a lot which will hope- 
fully come in handy in the next few years, 
and grew as a person. I will continue to 
grow as I move on to bigger things. To all 
my friends, you know who you are, keep in 
touch. To everyone else, thanks for making 
my high school experience great. To Maddy 
and Coleen, treasure the time that you have 
left. I will miss the both of you. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel, 
because those who mind don't matter and 
those who matter don't mind."-Dr. Seuss 

Meraj Khan 06-08 

I will always remember my days here in 
TCS as I get older. It has been the best 
moments of my life. When I came to 
TCS I thought it would be hard to settle 
in with new students and teachers but I 
was wrong. I settled in very quickly. The 
community was friendly and welcomed 
all people from other cultures such as 
me into their circle. I will never forget 
the moments I shared here. I want to 
thank my coaches Mr. Large and Dr. 
Hodges for a fun cricket season and 
helping me to improve. I also want to 
thank all my teachers for helping me 
succeed and most of all the guys of 
Bickle House. To all my Bickle House 
peeps have a great year! 

Lauren Wisniewski 06-08 

Two obnoxious prank calls from Punjab 
and Ms. Wong at the Giant Walrus, Green 
Eggs and Ham, and Christmas. To those 
surreal Humber Valley nights, my current 
iPod selection, and the Toronto Craptors. 
To Magoo's on Friday, 12 Pizza on Saturday, 
and perogies and KD in between. To TAG 
frolicking, 3 generations for Thursday night 
Chinese, and field hockey everywhere. To 
endless laps in my pink Barbie jeep chasing 
the Nanny (and eventually locking her in 
the garage), Lizzy and Leonard, and every 
season of Family Guy. To Raven's: ski, snow- 
board, and Starbucks, Charlie and Zachary, 
and the epic light up shoes. To Eloise at the 
Plaza, Carrie Bradshaw, Clinton, and Stacey 
with their unrivalled advice. To Charney's 
drama class, believing in fairies, and Harry 
Productions. To home and the hours spent 
in my pool and in the magic of the ravine. To 
those days where everything is beautiful. To 
the room and to Starbucks in so many ways. 
To traveling to Florida, Blue, Whistler, France, 
and Muskoka and every moment spent 
there and back again (and again). To TCS, 
BSS, Toronto, and my family. To David for 
tolerating me (I secretly love you). To Mom 
and Dad for their countless and constant 
love and support. Also for their funding of 
every article of clothing I deem necessary, 
new found extra curricular I decide to pur- 
sue, and my unrivalled education (I promise 
it will be worth it unlike those Beanie Babies 
in the basement). 
Thank you for making me, me. 

Justin Lewis 04-08 

At TCS I came of age, and realized that the key to life is having a 
dream, working hard to fulfill that dream, and being humble. Mos; 
importantly I would like to thank my parents who have sacrificed 
so much to send me to TCS. I would like to thank my housemaster 
Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram, for keeping me on track and suppr 
me through all the ups and downs in my four years here. Mr. U ,... 
Langford, I would like to thank for always being there for me like 
parents, and always pushing me whether it be academics or sporl: 
Ms. Dunn, thank you for always standing up for me and being ther- 
no matter what; you are truly amazing. I would now like to thank 
the distinguished Dr. Hodges for always pushing me in hockey. Not 
only to make me a better hockey player, but a better person 
must now thank Mr. Grainger for sticking with me and never 
me stray too far from the flock. Mrs. Pontieri, you are the m 
patience, especially with the dynamic trio. I would now like 
so long and farewell. TCS you will be missed. 

"Those who lose dreaming are lost" 

David Parker 06-08 

I never thought of the day when I first came to this school that 
I could say I went through two whole years of this school, let 
alone graduate from it. However, now I can say 1 have. A lot of 
rough days were had at this school, but as 1 surpassed them, 1 
realised there were also days to keep in memory forever. Time 
flew by sometimes faster than expected and some of those 
times I wish I could have done something better or just some- 
thing at all. But everyday you must give thanks for what you 
have done for everyday you live you get a chance of experienc- 
ing knowledge. 

Quote to Live by: "No one should question the faith of others, 
for no human being can judge the ways of God. However wise 
or however mighty a person may be, he is like a ship without a 
rudder if he is without God." - Haile Selassie 
Big UP: My family for giving me opportunity, soldiers that went 
through life with me at TCS, Mama Afrika, Queen, Mums, Tatt, 
Charles, K-Mac, Big-D, Jacko, Law, Enahs, Reggie aka Baby Face, 
Planta, Rastaman (Licey) ...Thanks for making TCS better for 

For people still with years to go, learning to dismiss bad vibes 
you may get, live on through, and realize that tomorrow's 
another day. 


Guy Mahon 06-08 

"That until the philosophy which holds one race superior 
and another inferior is finally and permanently discred- 
ited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first- 
class and second class citizens of any nation; That until 
the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than 
the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights 
are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; 
That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world 
citizenship and the rule of international morality will 
remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never 
attained." -Haile Selassie 

Special thanks to Mr. Cameron, Mr. Kedwell and Mum 
and Dad. Much love Jess and Sheriff, ya dun get shoot. 
Tom you're a boss in your own way. FAMILY (Bajan Crew 
(ya to BADD) plus Tat and Mums) see you in the sum- 
mer.... Exchange students (Both Years) and Georgina. 
you guys were sweet. Reggie and Jack, try blessings for 
next year, boys. Buuubiieess you're still the queen. Heidi 
and Charles we have way too much history. Dubba and 
Law, keep the faith and the fyah burning. Shane boy, it 
ain't no longer stories boy, it's a book. Hubie, ya german 
badman. Knowles, nuff respect for showing me the ropes 
and Jamming tek it easy pappi ya too greazy, tek ya time 
ya sowa like lime. To all my other souljahs, don't let the 
pressures of the system get upon your head and hold 
firm wherever life takes you and maintain Zion marsh. 
Everyone else, I am gone. 

Class of 2008 

Hubertus Albrecht 06-08 
First of all, thanks Mamma for letting me graduate from a place like TCS. After just 
two years of school in Canada 1 am graduating already. Many rather interesting events 
happened to me when 1 was here, but 1 think if it wasn't for Bickle House, our great 
associate faculty members and, of course, our amazing housemasters, 1 probably would 
have been sent home in January 2008. But 1 am glad that 1 chose to come back to finish 
my school life here at Trinity. If I hadn't come back I wouldn't have met many good 
friends of mine that I definitely will never forget. I will not count each one, but 1 am 
sure every person that ever took a walk with me is definitely one of those. Special 
thanks to my roommate with whom I lived for two years.. .in the same room. It was a 
great time, and I don't think there'd be a better roommate for me than Sean. 
For all the grads: WE DID IT! For everyone else: Have fun in school. 

David Knowles 05-08 

I sit, looking at a blank screen with 100 things flowing 
through my mind, but I am unable to write. Three years 
have come and gone fast, but all for the better. The 
saga begins. I can now say it was worth it. I am leaving 
this place where I grew up in many more ways than one 
I have learned to live, love and laugh whilst building 
inseparable bonds. First and foremost, thank you Mom 
and Dad, you gave me a life with golden opportunities and 
for that I cannot thank you enough. Thanks to my siblings 
Christian and Amanda who showed me the way. My second 
fathers and coaches; Mr. Allen, TL and Legakis, words 
can't express my respect for what you have done for me... 
you were my inspiration. Jeanie, Olivia and especially 
Alii... you were my emotion. My brethrens, from the 
islands, you're my motivation to stand strong. Shout out 
to: GM, DP CH. SD, RG, HA, CP AH, RH, DS. To the Fallen 
soldiers ■ those times speak for themselves and will stay 
strong memories. Bickle was my dedication and my home: 
Griffins will stay running the place. Grads of 2008, it's 
been a ride. Remaining friends and islanders, I know you 
will keep it live. 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding 
through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from 
hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put 
your vision to reality ." Robert Nesta Marley 
Positive vibrations... 

Tiffany McDonald 06-08 

Here's to friends that will last a life- 
time, a house that became my family, 
teachers that changed my perspectives 
and food that satiated my perpetual 
hunger. To vicious mama squirrels, 
getting trapped in blizzards, watching 
sports I've never seen before, falling in 
love with ice hockey. To becoming way 
more independent than i ever would 
have been otherwise and learning to be 
more understanding and patient. Here's 
to still falling for the boys, yet getting 
nowhere, and meeting new friends 
every day. For my girls (you know who 
you are), thank you times infinity. You 
honestly made these two years here 
so incredible: I really do not want to 
share you with strangers next year but 
I guess you gotta do what you gotta 
do. Remember that you are awesome 
and I hope the years to come bring 
you everything you've ever wanted. 
My homies- Jessie, Olivia, churchy, 
georgia dylan, sid, jack, shif, anna, and 
alex- call me anytime anywhere and i 
promise i will come running, you guys 
are INCREDIBLE. Akin- props to you (mr. 
prefect) and i hope you know frickin 
amazing you are. Stay in touch. Here's 
to riding the best pony of life- Benny, 
and hanging out with Mr. Dew, the 
funniest, most supportive coach ever! 
It's had its ups and downs, but overall, 
I'm glad I came. Last but not least... 

- What Soap is to the body, laughter is 
to the soul- 
As we say in Jamaica, "walk good" ! 

Thanh Vu 04-08 
Sometimes it truly amazes me that TCS has been a part of my life for half a decade less a year. It is an underitj 
ment to claim that it has been an extraordinary experience. TCS has become a part of my life and I am e>t 
glad that I, too, have had a chance to become a part of the TCS community. Someone once said: "Some pc 
born with greatness, some acquire greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them." In any of the cases, ii i 
absolutely true that TCS is full of greatness. I considered myself extremely lucky to have known those great indr. iic 
als and fortunately had the privilege to room with some of them. Surrounded by greatness, I am certainly touched 
and they have given me so much aspiration whether to live life to the fullest or to make it a meaningful one. Th^nt 
you to everyone who have been there for me all these years: my friends, my teachers, my housemasters, and 
especially Mrs. LaBranche. As I am embarking upon another exciting journey, I will truly miss you. To those stayt' 
cherish every moment. 
Peace, Thanh Vu 

Cailin Kearns 04-08 

"Travelling there was really boring so I headed for the ditch. It was a rough ride 
but I met more interesting people there (N. Young)." I've recently recognized 
that I prefer not to have strings attached. But, I will never be able to cut the 
strings knotted to TCS or the memories it has employed. "Life is what hap- 
pens while you are making other plans (J. Lennon)." I am appreciative for the 
array of experiences: good and bad, spontaneous and planned, manageable and 
unfeasible, emotional and automatic, earnest and obscured. "Nothing is perma- 
nent in this wicked world, not even our troubles (C. Chaplin)." These multi- 
coloured experiences have supplemented a radiant BIG PICTURE. "For well you 
know that it's a fool, who plays it cool, by making his world, a little colder (Le 
Beatles)." I've learnt that there are countless dimensions of love. And, I love 
you all (no need to be specific). 

PS: these quotes are from individuals that have shaped me beyond our bub- 
ble.... They have more lucid insight than I. By the by.... please 'chortle', don't 
take ANYTHING too seriously 

Sarah Chan 05-08 

During my first night at TCS, I remember sitting in the courtyard of Burns House cry- 
ing and wishing I could leave immediately. Now looking back with a smile, I couldn't 
imagine a better place to be. I believe that TCS is what it is because of the people 
who make up the community. I have met so many wonderful and inspiring people 
whom I've learned from. I want to thank my family and Adam for always being there- 
for me when I needed them the most. I have learned how loyalty, friendship, respect 
and passion can really drive and shape a person. From day one, I feel as though I've 
grown in many ways and I owe everything to my time here at TCS. I want to thank 
my caring advisor, Mrs. LaBranche, who supplied me with bear hugs and always 
believed in me. To all my friends, I will never forget the amazing memories we've 
shared together. To my sweethearts, I love you all so much and I'm so glad I got the 
chance to know you. Enjoy what's coming up because, without doubt, you ladies 
have so much strength and passion and deserve the very best. Whenever I wear red, 
I will always think of the good times singing Shine Jesus Shine at 6:00 am! Burns 
House has been my home for three years and will always be in my heart. To the rest 
of the Grads-good luck with everything and live your life to the fullest! Take care. 

Regina Arnold 06-08 

I don't want to write a grad quote. If I write it, and save it - it means that it is all coming to an end. All of this, 
which is TCS, will soon be but a distant memory. While I have made some dear friendships here and learned 
things I couldn't have otherwise, I am ready to move forward. The most valuable lesson I have learnt here is nc: 
to dwell on the past. In order to progress, we have to think forward. Tolerance is progress; tolerance... is key. 
To my friends, who know who they are: THANK YOU for your laughs, jokes, creeping, tears, hugs, quarrels, 
awkward moments and support. Thank you to friends, teachers and Burns girls for getting me through the past 
two years and allowing me to grow. A las Latinas - las adoro. I will certainly miss those walks to Tims with Mr. 
Gunning, seeing squirrels enter people's rooms inconspicuously and those housemeetings in which everyone's 
eyes are on the cakes. There are too many inside jokes and too many memories to share here in a 250 word 
paragraph. But be it known that - je ne regrette rien .Thank you to all - for your encouragement, patience and 
insight. I leave you all with a smile, a tear, a sigh of relief and a quote by Voltaire himself - Think for your- 
selves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too. 

Jonathon Austin 02-08 
Six years have passed with shocking rapidity and now I find myself starting 
out over the precipice that marks the onset of life of adulthood. Soon 
1 will take the plunge into the uncharted fathoms. But I've got to be 
honest; being 17 and content with my life is more than I could ask for. 
TCS has been like a Neverland to me, minus the pirates and wicked tree 
houses. 1 am prepared to leave but I don't approach my exit with any 
great alacrity. I entered Trinity as a jittery, introverted, blond-haired, and 
bespectacled boy back in 2003. I leave as a blonde as well, and ultimately 
I am condemned to wearing my glasses when I am rushed in the morning. 
But my confidence has blossomed and my social ineptitudes have all but 
vanished. I owe this radical transformation to Trinity and the teachers and 
friends I have met here (Thank-you all). Shout out to my three hombres: 
Ryan (my part time chauffeur, I seriously owe you big), Dave (You've 
grown on me over the years pal) and Adam (my constant source of comic 
relief, particularly in Functions class). What have I learned from my time 
at TCS? Words are mildly important. Osier Hall has the creamiest choco- 
late milk in the universe provided aliens haven't come up with something 
superior. Life is mostly froth and frizzle and Hamlet and Harry Potter 
are uncannily similar characters. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me this 
wonderful opportunity and thanks TCS. 

Adam Moulton 00-08 

To be fair, debating rep was ALMOST too much for me to handle. Most 
people who have been here for 5 or 6 years say that they have been in it for 
the long haul. Well I have actually been here for eight years, along with the 
six others who remain from the original grade 5 class in the revitalized Ju- 
nior School. I came here in grade 5 under the authority of Mrs. Piccini...who 
coached and prepared me for what I was going to face in the Senior school. 
The senior school was interesting from academics, nearly failing Spanish, 
to the athletics, winning CISAA rugby with all the boys, and now heading to 
OFSAA with them. Special thanks to Steph, or Ms. Feddery I should say, with 
everything; and I love your cats, but word of warning don't roll in the litter 
box. Also to Mrs. Caine, you saved me from copious amounts of lates and 
FND's. Overall TCS has been a huge part of my life. Being here for nearly 
half my life I have learned a lot and wouldn't give it up for anything. And 
now for the shout out to the Three Amigos, Ryan good times with the hockey 
team, Jonathon. ..there is nothing better than annoying two over achievers in 
math class. ..and Dave I'm not insisting on being your best man, but can I sing 
at yours and Andreas wedding? But anyways to conclude, TCS has been an 
amazing time, and has opened many doors for me. 

"Do what you gotta do, so you can do what you wanna do..." Denzel Wash- 

Top Ten Things We'll Remember About This Palace of 
Dreams... aka TCS (that was a bit sappy) 

1.Bad Hair Decisions- Adam's Beavertail. Ryan's Golden 

Mullet, David's Mowgli style shag, Jon looking like Napoleon 

Dynamite, he hates that 

2. Ryan and Adam's post brawl histrionics 

Ryan to Dave: "I'm never coming to your house again if 

Adam is there!" 

3. MB's Love Letters to Dave 

4. Jon "going all they way" (almost holding hands with JD) 
on the bus to Devil's Elbow 

5. Adam getting his bell rung by JD after stealing her prized 

6. Claire Dalzell jeopardizing Ryan's fertility with a devas- 
tating blow 

7. Rolling in the litter box twice... it was a real "Kat- 


8. Ryan beating out Adam... for EVERYTHING 

9. Adam... word of advice. ..pants are meant to be kept on... 
sorry Teebs 

10. All of us being rewarded with positions of formal lead- 
ership.... Yes debating rep is a formal position 

Ryan Galpin 01-08 

Like my brother last year, I am leaving this Grad quote to the last minute. 
TCS has been my life for seven years and it is finally coming to an end. I 
thank my mom and dad for sending me here even though I was hesitant 
to go at first. I have experienced things that I will never forget like arm 
wrestling a Russian on the floor in a cruise ship on our way to Finland to 
play hockey. Jon, Adam and David, I can only hope that we stay as good 
as friends as we are now (yeah I know.. .it's corny). Thank you Mr. Large 
and Mr. Ramsay for being the best Housemasters a guy could ask for. I also 
want to thank Dr. Hodges for being a great advisor, teacher and coach. 
You were always on top of everything and you kept me in line. To all the 
Y3's with another year left, enjoy your time here, it will end sooner than 
you expect. I guess all there is to say is goodbye and thanks for every- 

David West 02-08 

It is ridiculous how fast six years can go by. Starting in the Junior School as a 
2 foot 4 inch little munchkin, and finishing Grade 12 as a 5 foot 7 inch beast, 
I have grov/n in many different ways. To think that in just over three months 
I'm going to be in university is a scary prospect. After many failed attempts 
by Ms. Feddery and some girl by the name of Andrea Copeland, I have come 
to the realization that I am simply not ready to grow up. Throughout my 
years at Trinity, I've learned to be independent, organized, and, most impor- 
tantly, how to have fun. If there is any advice I can give to the graduating 
class next year, it is to not let TCS overwhelm you. Enjoy your time here 
to the fullest and appreciate all it has to offer. I couldn't imagine enjoying 
myself more in high school. To my three fellow homies who join me on this 
page, I wish you all the best, I couldn't ask for a better group of friends. 
Peace out Trinity I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE! 

Class of 2008 

Dayna Taylor 00-08 

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react 
to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring 
to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, 
events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary 
results." Anonymous 

When I first came to TCS. I was a shy nine year old with giant round glasses 
and terrible hair. So much of who I am has been defined by my experiences 
here. I wouldn't be anyone close to the person I am today, the good and 
the bad, if it wasn't for TCS. But I've done everything I've wanted to do 
(and maybe more) and I've learned everything I've wanted to learn. After 
eight years, I can finally say that I'm ready to leave. Thank you to my advi- 
sors, Ms. Dunn and Mrs. Large. Thank you to my friends (you know who you 
are). Thank you to my parents and Brooke. You've kept me going and kept 
me sane. There's so much more that needs to be said, but really, how do 
you summarize eight of the best years of your life? Goodbye everyone I'm 
really going to miss this place. 

Cassandra Storace 04-08 
I'm not exactly sure what to say or how to say it so I'll just cut lo the 
chase. First and foremost, thank you Mom, Dad and Dylan. You''' 
beyond supportive and loving and I always knew that I could cou 
you when I needed it most. Mom and Dad, you gave me the oppoitunii , 
to receive the best education possible and I hope I did you proud T- 
beautiful friends; you are the strongest, most intelligent womr 
and I am blessed to be able to call you friends. Without your hci 
hands, strange habits and awkward ideas my high school experience 
have been nothing. I hope we always stay in touch. TCS has been a 
road but it allowed me to be taught by some of the most amazing 
Mr. Gregg thank you for inspiring, believing and guiding me, Mr. Wal 
you brought talent out in me that I didn't know existed and Mrs. Large 
improv was the best time of my life, hands down. A special rrote goes to 
Nik: you were always there even when you weren't and you never let me 
down I love you. My final words of advice: do what feels right, mak> 
own decisions and don't let them push you around. I'm out of here, 
good one. 

Sophia Rashid 03-08 
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"-and 
now as I sit here writing this, it is only fond memories that 
come to mind. Mum, you put all other mothers to shame; 
Dad, your faith and trust in me is all I need. TCS has been 
an interesting five year experience.. .and I cannot imagine 
where I would be without it. For those of you still strug- 
gling through it, keep your heads up, and take everything 
in stride. In the end, the destination you reach is not 
always the one you had intended on reaching. To Tucker, 
and the three lovely ladies that I share this page with, you 
know more about me than most, and have taught me more 
about myself than anyone. With that said, I'm sure you 
know how terrible I am when it comes to keeping in touch 
with people.. .so you'll have to help me out with that. That 
goes for everyone else, graduating or not. 
Here is the sky, hold it close. 

Carlie Botrie 02-08 

I remember thinking back in grade nine that I had four more years at this place. Now, my 
fourth year is at its end, and it seems so surreal. I've had some amazing times at TCS and 
they couldn't have happened without so many people. Thanks to my mommy and daddy; 
you're amazing parents and I'm so grateful you gave me such an incredible opportunity. 
To Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Dunn for being such amazing advisors. To Elaine for being such an 
awesome and supportive Improv coach and teacher. And lastly, to the greatest girls alive, 
my friends. Cass. Sophia, Dayna, Claire, Katrina: you girls are all truly incredible people. 
We've had so many good times; the trailer, "the basement," Collingwood, random nights in 
Peterborough, fancy dinners, the office, and so much more. Keep being yourselves, I love 
you and I'll miss you all tons. We'll have to meet up at our spot sometime soon! To Devin. 
Gillian, Melissa, Coleen, and Jen, you're going to be amazing Y4s, and I'm sure you'll keep 
Rigby House shining. I love you girls!!! 

It's been a good run, TCS. Six years is WAY too long, and it's finally my time to leave. All I 
can do now is leave you with some of the inspiring words of Kimya Dav«on: 
Life is a highway and I'm gonna ride it 
Every day's a winding road, yeah 
My rollercoaster's got the biggest ups and downs 
As long as it keeps goin' round its unbelievable. 

Spencer Wightman 07-08 
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you 
feel that you, too, can become great. - Mark Twain 

lain Johnson 02-08 
It's been six years, three houses, and two head- 
masters. There have been some good times and 
not so good times. Through my time here the 
thing that I will remember the most will be my 
friends. I have met a lot of people while I've 
been here and even though some are not still 
here, those years were good. And the friends 
that are still here, these years are awesome. 
It's time to leave, even though TCS has been a 
big part of my life for so long it's time to let it 
go and call it a memory. 

To my parents I say thanks for everything you 
have done for me 

To the teachers who have affected me I say 
thanks for the great times in class 
To the friends going away I say have a good one 
and I'll see you on breaks 
To the friends that are going with me I say I'll 
see you next year for the same fun with less 

To the Friends I leave behind I say good luck be- 
ing here for more TCS "fun" 
To the people who didn't think I could make it 
I say HA! 

A special thanks to the Horde that being Isaac, 
Spence, Adrian, Byron, Bryan, Jack and Rory 
for the good times had and the many more to 

And to Jen, a really big thanks for making the 
past two years the best of my life and I'm going 
to miss you with all of my heart! 
Life is short, stunt it!!!!! Peace 

Adrian Byers 04-08 
Well, I'm not too sure what I should write about so 
I'll say what's going through my head. 
Ahem. Four years have come and gone and I'm 
finally going off to university. When the school year 
started I found it hard to comprehend that I was in 
Y4 and that I was going to university next year. Now 
the year is Hearing the end and although I've gotten 
used to the idea of being in Grade 12 I still can't 
wrap my head around the idea of being in university. 
It felt like something in the future that would never 
come to pass, sort of like retiring or getting a full 
time job and becoming a working stiff. Overall, I 
enjoyed my time at TCS, but looking back there are 
a lot of things I would have done differently. I'm not 
sure if I should give advice or not in this, but just in 
case, some advice that I think everyone, graduat- 
ing or otherwise, could use is that it is never, ever 
too late to meet new people, as cheesy as that may 
sound. I'd just like to say thanks to a few people. 
First of all I'd like to thank lain for being an awe- 
some roommate (the best I'll ever have most likely) 
and to The Horde (I know that wasn't our name, but 
we never really thought up a new one), you know 
who you are, and to Guy and Andrew for the late 
night chill sessions and making the weekends at 
school enjoyable. 
Yours Truly, 

Adrian "Danger Caution Straight-n-Proper" Clark 

Bryan Yue 04-08 

Well it's already been four years here at TCS and I can't really believe that grade nine was actually 4 years ago. I think 
my time here at TCS has changed me quite a lot to the person I am today, all the good times, bad times, and tough times 
will never be forgotten. All the early mornings, late nights watching movies, all the hours spent in the library, the boring 
bus rides back to Unionville, shikaka, and most of all I won't forget alt the time spent outside playing ultimate. Thanks to 
my parents who supported me throughout the years and helped me strive to become a better person, my brother Caspar 
who was there to help me ease through my first year at TCS, my great roommate Byron for putting up with me all year 
in good old room 300, and thanks to the horde: Jack, Sebastian, Isaac, Adrian, lain, and Rory. and all the fun times in the 
circle room. I would also like to thank Sarah for all times that she helped me get through my many rough patches, and all 
the talks we had to get me through all my little problems: 1 really appreciated everything you did for me, Sarah. Shout 
out to the all the griffins in Bickle House, you boys stay strong and finally to all the returning students, don't worry, it 
seems like time goes really slowly here at TCS, but when time is almost up, you will realize how short your time here has 
Take care, 

Class of 2008 

Jack Candlish 04-08 
Here I am listening to Neil Young and 
I don't really know what to say. So I 
suppose I should start by thanking some 
people, as it is customary to do in these 
"quotes". I should probably start by 
thanking my parents, so I will. Thanks. 
To my teachers, thank you for enforc- 
ing lovely little tidbits of information 
into my skull, I am sure they will come 
in handy later in life. To the Horde, 
thank you for making the time go by so 
quickly, I don't think I would have made 
it without you. To the round table crew, 
you made my meals much more enjoy- 
able so thanks for that. And finally, to 
Trinity College School, thank you for 
being such a great institution where 
kids can go and be forced to learn some 
amazing things like quadratics (not) 
and that the Spirit Bear is going extinct 
even though it really isn't, it's just 
going through a natural process called 
evolution. Thanks TCS. Well, that's the 
thank you's out of the way. Actually, I 
suppose I should give a serious thank 
you to the Art department. Boulden 
House has been my artistic haven and 
it has definitely prepared me well for 
my university life. To Mr. Gregg and FD, 
thank you for the trip to Amsterdam 
and Berlin. Anyways, my 250 words 
are approaching so, bye and good luck 

propose we leave the math to the 
machines and go play outside." - Calvin 
and Hobbes 

Isaac Dutton 04-08 

Trinity College School gives us the opportunity to go thi-ou^h 
life before we go through life. It has its ups and 
the rollercoaster of life. It has regulations and i 
for not following those regulations. It has people you don'r 
like and people you really like. It has challenges that you n 
overcome on your own. It gives you experience in almost ev i . 
social aspect of life thus letting you create your own morals at 
an early age. Most of all, it does not trust you just like most of 
the world. I have come to learn that these are good things p'^ 
matter how exasperating they are. They teach you how to i- 
tolerant and accepting of others no matter how they think or 
feel. This is what is truly important in life. As advice to younger 
TCS students, try not to focus on what you learn academic. 
TCS but rather what you learn socially. Find something you 
and work towards that instead of working towards being sue 
cessful. Success will come naturally if you are passionate about 
something. If you find a job you like, you will never work a ■ 
in your life. Thank you Mum and Dad for providing me v/ith 
opportunity. Thank you Mr. Cameron and Dr. Hodges for stiC' 
with me since 2004. Thank you Spencer, lain, Rory, Byron, J.i.r'. 
Bryan and Adrian for all the good times we had these past four 
years. I hope to keep in touch with all of you in the future. 

Byron MacDonald 04-08 

When I think of my time at TCS I think I have a lot to say, and now that I've gotten through a mainstream open- 
ing down to the good stuff. Thanks to Bickle House for four great years, keep the brotherhood going, boys. To 
my love triangle (you know who you are: smelly & face) you guys are awesome and I will never forget our great 
times. To my advisor, you've been the greatest inspiration during my TCS career and I can only hope to live up 
to be as good of a person as you are. I will never forget the awesome hallidays the legend, t-rex, halldawg, and 
my favourite advisor, provided. For the Horde, I wish you all luck wherever you're going and wherever you may 
end up. lain and Jack, I owe you. Don't forget to always follow the souls of the animal kingdom. Disney pwns... 
don't stop being azn, roomie. Rory, you're a giant teddy bear, don't forget it. Work those wrists of steel, Dut- 
ton. "A BYEWWS A CUTE A RITTLE DAWGY". Jcak, when you're a famous artist don't forget me - the bum on the 
street corner (smelly reference). IJ just slap 'em around whenever you get the chance. And to everyone else: 
never stop gaming; play volleyball and ultimate forever; listen to apologize a million times over; have pride; 
enjoy chicken and rice while it lasts; party hardy; have fun; and to end as I started (corny) - live love learn. 
CHIKAKA!! Minxy face, have as many long drives as you can, I will be there when you need me, and don't forget 



Rory Smith 04-08 

Well it has certainly been an experience. TCS was a chapter of my life but it seems as if I could make an entire book on my time here. Through all of the 
good times, bad times, smooth sailing and stormy seas. High School has definitely changed me for the better. I remember hearing previous grads saying 
stuff like "I've become a better person now" like there was a sudden moment of realization. The truth is that my mindset has changed many different 
times while I was at Trinity and while that may have happened anywhere, it was the specific experiences here that made me who I am. Thankfully, I am 
happy with the final product. I just want to thank all my teachers for helping me along with my studies; it's safe to say that each one of you will stick out 
in my mind. I would especially like to thank my housemasters, Mr. Keiser and Mr. Ingram, for all of their understanding and support. I would like to sa 
flat out right now that my final year at TCS would have been a lot different had I been under the power of any other housemasters. Finally, I would l> 
thank Mr. Healy for always being on my side and helping me out when I needed advice. Out of all of the TCS teachers, I am so thankful to have had thost 
three on my side of the ring. Oh and there is one last thing to say... Shikaka!!! 

Alex Parker 02-08 
Six years at Trinity went a lot quicker than expected. First and foremost, 
I would like to thank my parents. Mom and Dad. without you guys I would 
not have been able to experience what so few people have the privilege 
to. I know that if it weren't for you two I would not be who I am today. 
You really went the extra mile to keep me at Trinity and I really do respect 
and appreciate it. I also want to say thanks to my brothers: Ian and 
Graeme, you two made every day worth while and hilarious. I know that 
I would not have been able to make it through without all the comic and 
humorous relief. To my teachers and coaches especially to those who had 
Ian and me in the same class, I want to say thank you for putting up with 
us and for keeping your cool whenever we got a little out of hand. It was 
great knowing that a little joke wasn't going to invoke huge consequences. 
I would also like to thank Jen for being there for me through the good and 
the bad: I love you. I would like to conclude by saying "A person without a 
sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble 
on the road." Henry Ward Beecher. So everybody live, love, laugh, and 
just enjoy your time here because it's gone before you know it. 

Jen Clarke 04-08 

First of all, let me say thanks to my parents. I cannot stress my gratefulness 
enough. You provided love and an opportunity to reach my fullest potential. 
It came with stress and tears, but I think I made it out okay in the end. I 
would also like to thank all the wonderful teachers that have taught me 
amazing life lessons. They provided a friendly environment which helped 
inspire learning. I also want to thank my friends and especially Alex who 
have been there through thick and thin. If it were not for the people and my 
family who enshrouded me with their amazing auras, I would never be the 
person I am today- and I thank the world for that. 
"Anything you can image is real." Pablo Picasso 
"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Pussycat Dolls 

Ian Parker 04-08 
Well lots of us seem to have made it: to those who didn't I'll say good luck 
on whatever you guys do next year. There a lot of people that graduating 
students want to thank in their graduating days although you never really 
feel thankful until everything comes to an abrupt end. Although I don't 
want to turn this into a long thank you note a lot of quotes are anyways. 
So thank you to my parents for paying for Trinity and putting up with all 
the crap and complaining, thanks to my brothers who made the whole 
experience more enjoyable, thank you to Mrs. Ritchie for all the rides to 
and from school and for all of the times you've taken me in when I forgot 
my house key, thanks to all my pals for keeping things fun. thanks to Mr. 
Wills for all the good set ups for "that's what she said" jokes. Thanks to 
all the Y4 teachers for putting up with all of the rude comments. To Amy, I 
love you, thank you for keeping me sane. Thank you Alex and Graeme for 
keeping everything fun and keeping me working when I didn't want to. I 
think that's everyone, if I forgot someone I'm sorry, and for my final words 
I'm not going to say something wise and cunning, just try to have as much 
fun as you can in life because the world can be a hard, stressful place. 
Here comes the sun 

Amy Hill 04-08 
Being at Trinity has taught me a lot. I have learned who my friends are, 
learned not to believe everything you hear, and learned that everyone can 
surprise you. I came to this school a young, fairly immature person, and over 
the years grew into who I am today. I have discovered myself, and respect 
the fact that I am an individual. Everyone I have been acquainted with has 
played a part in making me who I am, and I wouldn't change a thing. I have 
no regrets, and do not wish to forget any experiences. They have helped 
shape me, too. Thank-you to all my teachers for taking the time to teach 
me something useful. Thanks to all my friends for always being there for me 
when I needed it. Thank you, Ian for everything you have given me over the 
years, and your craziness to keep me a little more relaxed, and looking at 
the big picture. It's time for us to move on to bigger things, but I will always 
look back at the years I've spent here with a smile. I'll laugh when I remem- 
ber funny moments, but I also won't forget the sad ones. It's time to make 
these years fond memories of our past, and look to the future with experi- 
ences that will keep us strong when we need it, will help us show compassion 
when it is called for, and to love when the time is right. Good luck everyone! 
- Amy 

Class of 2008 

Cathryn Hostick 04-08 
Kendra, I didn't realize until now how much you mean to me, now that 
I have to say goodbye. If there's one person I've needed and wanted 
to be on this crazy journey with me... We've grown so much alike, and 
we're so good for each other- Your good qualities have grown on me, 
and I know I'll never forget you because you've become a part of me. 
I love you. Bexx, your openness and confidence has rubbed off on me 
and I admire that about you- I'm going to miss our fun times and shan- 
nanigans- from the red tea kettle to bermy- hopefully I can tour down 
there and do it all over again, never lose touch babe, I'm going to be 
having serious Becca withdrawal. Juicy dusey, you're the sweetest 
girl I know, you're so silly and fun, and your laugh is almost as redic as 
mine- love you 

Marie, I'm going to miss your craziness, and our fun times & talks- I'm 
really going to miss that, you're always there to listen and be sympa- 
thetic & compassionate. Love you. Mom and Dad, thank you so much 
for giving me this opportunity, it's changed me for the better. Love 
you both so much. 
We beat the system, (k&b&c) 

Stephanie Dusek 04-08 
It's hard to imagine that it's all over the wasted spa"- -. ^^.■ 
formals, sports teams, the list is endless. Many day 
here we are, graduating from TCS, moving on witl 
lives. In four years the biggest thing I learnt was to woi 
what you want and although things might not go youi 
reward is often great. Bad marks are part of high school 
happen and friends come and go. But all of it brought u 
we are now; ready to take on the next challenge in life, 
may be. I can't explain how amazing the friends I have ' 
are. Boys and girls you know who you are.Tirelli- you h. 
with me through thick and thin- you are so warm heart, 
hope you get everything you want out of life. Kendra- 1 
describe what a difference you have made in my life. Yc 
and have persevered through everything life has throv. 
Don't let anyone get you down - you deserve everythir 
and more. Catty-Coo and Becca- you two are gorgeous 
going and the world doesn't stand a chance. Suneet- 1 ^ 
going to do great things. Trinity wouldn't be the same t ■ 
without you all. Mom and dad you made Trinity possible and I love 
you both. 

"Keep on thinking that it's not goodbye, keep on thinking it's our 
time to fly."Vitamin C 
Congrats grads of '08- it's our time to fly. 

Kendra MacKenzie 04-08 

"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it 

TCS has been a love-hate relationship. 

It's all about the people you surround yourself with, and these ones 

kept me going. 

Dusexy: Thank you. I can't tell you how much your friendship ■ 

meant to me, and will continue to mean to me. Since grade ni 

you've been with me through it all. I'll never forget you. 

Becca: All the vulgar humour, laughs, chats, food-binges and .. 

will always be remembered. It hurts so much to say goodbye 

wish you nothing but the best. I will miss you so much. 

Chostick: "HaaaaaaaaaHAAAA". I hate to say it, but I'm going to 

miss your laugh. .. and everything else about you. You've been an 

irreplaceable friend. 

Marie: It feels like I've known you for much longer than two years. 

You're absolutely disgusting and hilarious, and you're a great frienr' 

Kevin: Nothing put love. 

Thank you to Legakis for always listening and caring. I'm leaving 

with much more than I came with. 

Thank you to Mrs. Beck for always taking care of me. I know I d— .•■= 

you crazy, but we had fun. 

And lastly, thank you to my grandparents for footing the bill, ana 

thank you to my mom for keeping me sane with unconditional ii 

and support. 

I can't believe it's time to say goodbye, but at the end of it all I h 

one thing left for whoever is reading this: We beat the system. 

Rebecca Gregory 05-08 

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't 
keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's hi 
we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can. 

live your life crossing them." Greys Anatomy. Mom, Dad and Ja 

-thank you for everything, I love you. To my girls: Britta, Lotti 
Bea, Heff, Cece and Dusek - I love you so much and I can't imagine 
my life at TCS without you. Big up souljas. Bannock, you're my girl 
I love you and will miss you so much! Murray, I love you and yc 
made my first year here the best I ever had. Ali, good luck next 
year, I know you will do great- 1 love you more than anything r 
world! Terf, I love you with every piece of my body, we have to.^ 
many memories to recount, but I will not say goodbye yet; I'll be 
with you for the next four years - I'll make sure of that. Catty coo, 
girl you're incredible and will go far in anything you try to aci 
love you! And Kendra, I can't really put words to how hard it i; 
to be to leave you. I love you with all my heart and I can only r 
this friendship will last a lifetime. So I guess that leaves mo ' ■ 
final thing to say; Coo and K - We beat the system. 

Bobby Edghill 06-08 
Life at TCS; sometimes time couldn't go fast enough and other times I never knew where it went. My time 
here although relatively short was full of ups. downs and everywhere in between. Throughout all I have 
made it and many thanks to all those who have helped me along the path. These two years have been an 
experience, especially the long dreadful winters. Even though winter was rough good times were better; 
from chilling on the terraces in spring to bashment in the Davies on a cold winter's night (many thanks 
to my man Sizzla for the tune). TCS definitely wasn't all fun and games and I am very grateful for the 
education which I have received here and I feel that it was a great stepping stone in my life. There are 
many faculty who I must thank for teaching me not only academically but more importantly lessons of 
character. 1 am very appreciative of my time here and can't thank my parents and family enough for mak- 
ing sacrifices to let me have this opportunity. They were always there a long call away when times were 
tough. All of you who have made my time here special you know who you are and I will never stop hailing 
you up. Some of you 1 grew closer to here and to others our friendship only began here but hopefully will 
not end when we leave. "Special shout out to de BADD CREW outta Bimland Massive!" 

Dougie Roach 06-08 

These past two years definitely hold some of my fondest memories. Mum and dad, no words will be 
enough to thank you for this experience. In just two years I have made friends from countless coun- 
tries around the world, and for that I am grateful. I could probably travel the world now somewhat 
rent-free, as for the other expenses I'm going to need those of you owing me for the rulers to pay 
up ASAP, so don't forget. During my time here there was hardly a dull moment, but for those seldom 
occasions I was never alone. Thank you Mr Keiser and Mr Ingram for everything: as my coaches, house- 
masters and friends. Mrs. LaBranche, you were always there for me, thank you so much. For the rest 
of you, I can't name you all, but particularly the Bajan's, Tat, and the rest of the souljahs; you made 
my experience what it is. I will always remember being the first to dinner and the last to be kicked 
out because of our 'friendly' debates, which were more entertaining than any house debate I've seen. 
Licetafari, you told us things which I don't even think Discovery heard about yet. they must be 'unin- 
formed'. A shout out to Bushman Choi and a special mention to the B.A.D.D. crew; I couldn't imagine 
TCS without you guys. Once again, thank you mum and dad for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. 
For the rest of you staying behind, keep it real. 

Dylan Morgan 06-08 

I never thought that these two 
years would end so quickly. 
Before I get started I would like 
to thank my parents for making 
this possible. I would also like to 
big up the rest of my family and 
friends who help me through 
these two years of my life. 
BADD crewwwww. Men like. Bob 
Burton, Dougman Massive and 
PH, true top shottas. I would 
also like to thank Mr Cameron 
for being fair and understand- 
ing and French. I think special 
mention has to go out to Daniel 
So and Guy, each for putting 
up v/ith me for one of the two 
years. All the friends that I have 
made and friends from before: 
good luck in your future endeav- 
ours and hopefully we vaU keep 
in touch and cross paths again 

Adam Hatch 06-08 
First I would like to thank my parents for giving me such 
an amazing opportunity: I really appreciate everything. I 
love you mum and dad. Thanks to everyone who was there 
for me throughout my two years here, in good times, bad 
times and everything in between, you know who you are. 
A special shoutout to the BADD crew and the Souljahs. Tat 
thanks for always being there even when I wasn't much 
of a friend, I couldn't have done it without you. Love you 
Tato! Karleigh, I won't forget ERM and if I don't end up at 
school with y'all next year good luck, I will miss y'all. We 
had a great two years and have been through so much to- 
gether I'm especially going to miss our heated discussions 
among the islanders in Osier: we were always the first onf 
in and the last ones out. 

This school has opened my eyes to a lot of life's realities 
and I wouldn't give up the opportunity I was so fortunate 
to be given for anything; it has changed me, hopefully, foi 
the better Now I am ready to take on university and get 
the best out of every opportunity. Thanks for an overall 
great two years. Trinity. Thanks to all the islanders for 
keeping it real throughout the years. To everyone still her 
next year, take it easy and don't get in too much trouble. 



David Zmozynski 06-08 

"Formal education will make you 
a living; Football will make you a 

De Meyer Lettering 05-08 

I will always remember my three years at Trinity. Being a boarder in Bickle was 
fun, but I must admit that going to Hodgetts was the right move. Hodgetts was 
like a second home to me. I will not soon forget the many memorable moments 
in the lounge, going to Tim's between classes, tossing the football at lunch, and 
lighting it up as a part of the Dynamic Duo. Although the pickup games have been 
good, the most fun I had in Trinity Athletics was playing Rugby where we took the 
league in Littleside and had an undefeated Bigside season. For this 1 would have 
to thank Mr. Hay and Mr. Keiser. I would also like to thank Mr. Large and Mr. Ram- 
say for being great housemasters and being there for me. Last, but not least, I 
would like to thank my parents for all the sacrifices they made coming here from 
South Africa, and my sister for always having my back. 

Deny till you die- Ari Gold, Entourage 

Brandon Thompson 04-08 

It's been a good run. Long, but 
good. It feels weird knowing that 
there's no TCS to come back to 
in the fall. No more Ten Minute 
Timmie's runs with money "bor- 
rowed" from FY's, no more 40 
minute bathroom breaks to hang 
out with friends on spares, no 
more basketball until you drop 
just for something to do, no more 
bus rides at seven o'clock in the 
morning. But most importantly, no 
more of the Four Brothers. I spent 
the better part of the last 4 years 
with Dee Lottering, Travis Munro 
and Dave Zmozynski and it's hard 
to think that it's all coming to an 
end. I'm going to miss TCS, but 
more than anything I'm going to 
miss my brothers. Props to Bailey, 
Walker, Hall and Large for always 
being there for me. It's been fun... 

Travis Munro 04-08 

Four Years. It seems like only yesterday I arrived at TCS v/ith tli 
world in front of me. A lot has changed since I started here; the 
late policy, Friday Night detentions, and friends expelled. Though 
there has been change one thing has always remained the same: my 
friends. There have been hard times, tough times, and good times, 
but no matter what, 1 could always turn to those loyal few for sup- 
port. You know who you are. I'd liked to give a shout out to DuBroy, 
Walker and Kedwell for being human and believing in me. It has been; 
a good ride but it's time to take the next step. Thanks, it's been fun.-; 

"Good friends are ha-^d to find, harder to leave, but impossible to '3 

forget..." Unknown 

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live 
as if you'll die today- James Dean 

Mirjam Breithaupt 06-08 
"Each friend represents a world in us. a world possibly not born until they 
arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." Anais Nin 
I am glad my 4 months at TCS turned into 2 years. During those two years, 
1 met my "twin" Elli from the German ghetto and 1 spent way too much 
time in Jennifer's room. Thanks to the rowing team 1 even had to learn 
English - I really had no choice but to pick it up there. Alt in all, I had 
great times. Thanks to everyone who made this possible; my parents, my 
friends and my teachers. I will definitely miss TCS after I've left. 



^ 1 mBM^^B^^B^^^Mm^F^ 




Jessica Chin-You 05-08 
In leaving TCS 1 conclude that it has been the place responsible for my growth. TCS 
has nurtured me into a confident individual, who is beginning to understand her 
purpose in life through nourishing her passions here. 1 will fondly look back on TCS 
as a conscious community that strengthened my morality and made me a potential 
leader for change in the world. 1 commend the faculty (especially the social science 
department) for educating me with knowledge that is beneficial beyond a class- 
room. My passion for humanitarian work was strengthened by the following people 
and groups, to whom I thank for helping me to grow: Ms. Pontieri - I commend you 
for your commitment to Amnesty. TSSJ- Sophia you were an amazing leader and an 
inspiration. Ms. Barton- You're a teacher, a friend and a mentor. Thank you for all 
the opportunities (JSH especially) that you bestowed on me. 1 want to thank the 
people that genuinely cared for me and shared in my successes MIRA. Ms. Fisher, 
PK, Hammy, and Ms. Finlay. FD - Thanks for supporting me and the Christian fellow- 
ship. My friends Kargy, Miri. Jen, Caitlin. Mariko thanks for the laughs and the 
loyal companionship at meals. My parents thanks for the support and opportunities 
you have given me. My hope for TCS is that it will continue to fulfill its mission of 
"developing habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service" as I will 
forever serve as testament to this. 

Elisabeth Karg 06-08 
TCS is not just a school; it is a place with tomorrow inside. After 
two years at TCS I can say that 1 had an awesome time. But I only 
had this fantastic time because of my family and friends. Thanks 
to all of you. especially my family. However, I do not think it would 
have been possible without my teachers, therefore thanks to you 
all also. TCS helped me to shape who I now am. 1 will miss you Miri 
and Jen. You went the way of TCS with me and you were always 
there for me. We had some awesome time together. I know we will 
meet again! And until we do it is the memories that will keep us 
together. So now to you, Jess, my neighbour, 1 will miss you very 
much next year. It is nice that we became such close friends in our 
final year. Thank you. Caty. Manko. Deege and Leonie for making 
my last year such a great time. Thank you also to my teachers, 
especially Ms. Jackson, Mrs. Pontieri and. last, but not least, Mrs. 
Malenfant; you were always there for me. "Treat a man as he is. 
he will remain so. Treat a man the way he can be and ought to be, 
and he will become as he can be and should be." Goethe 

Class of 2008 








rr 1 


Gavin Bryant 06-08 

I was wondering when the day would come 
that I would be the one writing my grad 
quote. As things turned out it was sooner 
than I expected. TCS has taught me so much 
over the passed 2 years. Besides learning 
the regular ABC 'sand 1 23 's TCS has taught 
me some valuable lessons that I would like 
to pass on. The most important lesson that I 
have learnt is about friendship. The people 
that you talk to on a day to day basis are 
not necessarily your friends; a friend is not 
someone you say hi to in the hallways, a 
friend is not someone who you hangout with 
in the Davies and most of all the people who 
you sit with in Osier in your usual cliques 
are NOT necessarily your REAL friends. A 
REAL friend is someone who is genuinely 
concerned for your well-being and who will 
be there when you need them the most. 
Unfortunately there are so few that know 
this. I have a handful of REAL friends at 
this school who have helped me consider- 
ably throughout my time at TCS and I am 
indebted to them. I would like to thank my 
current roommate Hoin (a.k.a. Cracky) and 
my former roommate Durka for all the good 
times. I would also like to thank my parents 
for this opportunity, but most of all I would 
like to thank Lisa, my closest friend, for 
putting up with me daily and always being 
there for me. Thanks TCS. 

Sasha Hamilton-Miller 06-08 

Wow! It's amazing how 2 years can be just swept from 
under my feet. It's not a lot of time but it will have to 
do. These 2 years at Trinity have been the best of my life 
so far! Teachers, students, coaches, and staff have all 
taught me something different in their own unique way. 
I will miss you all, especially those who were closest to 
me. Sidney, Dylon, Georgia, Ricardo, Jack, Harriet, Jessie, 
Julia, Deirdre, Alex, Shifali, lil Churchie, Semi-My brothers 
and sisters, I wish you all the best next year and CONTINUE 
TO SHINE without me! Karia & Tiff my bff's I will miss you 
greatly-take care of each other and I promise I will visit! 
KETCHUM HOUSE- there are too many of you to name but 
I love you all like sisters and I know that you will all shine 
like the STARS that you are! Vespo and Menee- 1 love you 
and keep the house on its toes next year! Traugott, Kuchta, 
Moon, Paziuk, Kuyper, Snowden, Candlish- You have all 
been great role-models for me in these past 2 years and I 
thank you for making my grad year a year to remember To 
all my grads- GOOD LUCK next year! '08' Supastars! Finally- 
Thank you to my Aunt Kym and my Uncle Owen for making 
this unforgettable experience possible for me! I Love you! 

-Always make the most of the opportunity at hand!- 

I'm out baby!!!! 
Brap! Brap! 

Peace & Love 

Lisa Noel 06-08 
After the grads last year (no matter how 
much time passes I will always see them . 
as the grads) did what they inevitably had 
to do - graduate and the Record was 
published and distributed, I thought I knewj 
what I wanted to say. I had it all planned 
out, the quote, the picture, the inside 
jokes, the people I was going to mention. 
Almost a year later I realise that none of 
that matters. What matters are all the 
times that I have spent and the experience 
that I have had, experiences that won't i\t\ 
into a 250 word limit. There has been go 
and there has been bad, but learning to 
accept both is the true strength of charac-^ 
ten Now, I don't think I have a "posse" bu 
there is no denying a number of people frd 
whose existence I have benefitted from; 
I am indebted to them. The saddest part 
about leaving is that I know that wherever 
I end up next year I will not be as lucky as 
to have the opportunity to pass most of you 
by in the hallway as I do here. However, 
life is just beginning for me and for those 
who give it a chance. Thanks to my pa- 
without your encouragement, unwave^ 
support and love I would not have had this 
opportunity. Thanks to Mama Traugs for your 
unending supply of passion, patience and 
love. Thanks TCS. 

Steph Tirelli 04-08 
The past four years at TCS have been filled with some of the happi- 
est, saddest, and funniest or just simply, the most amazing moments 
of my life. It was in these moments that I grew the most and truly 
found myself. I learned how important it is in life to find the ones 
you love, and to hold on tight. 1 have met the most amazing people 
here and I am lucky to have shared my experience with them. Feds 
and Mrs. Straughan: you are both the best and always go above the 
call of duty! Mrs. Large; I'll be lost without you next year. You have 
been a continuous support. To ALL of my friends, you know who you 
are, thanks for being there whenever I needed you the most. To 
anyone who has taught or coached me, thank-you for your patience; 
I have learned so much because of you! Lastly, mom and dad: I love 
you both. Thanks so much for putting up me. Andrew; thanks for all 
of your advice. I admire you more than you'll ever know. In closing I 
want to say, don't let the stress of TCS get you down. You're in high 
school and now's the time to live. So remember to smile big, laugh 
hard, and love like there's no tomorrow. Remember to take chances 
because I can promise you that in the end, the things I regret the 
most are the times when I said nothing and I should have. 

Suneet Cheema 04-08 
My first day at Trinity I was unaware of the changes TCS would make in my life. 
That day I was incapable of ever understanding how I would evolve over the 
course of my four years at Trinity. It has undoubtedly been a tough four years full 
of days I wished I could move on the next part of my life and now I can't believe 
that day is here. I am grateful for everything that TCS has taught me, but I am 
ready to move on with memories I shall hold on to forever. Thank you to my 
friends, family and teachers that I would not have gotten this far without. Thank 
you to everyone who has helped me to achieve everything thus far- you will not 
be forgotten. Thank you TCS. 

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone, and do not be troubled 
about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so 
beautiful that it w\[{ be worth remembering." Ida Scott Taylor 

Melanie DuMoulin 04-08 
"I am going to smile even though I feel pain" JSH 08' 
TCS; a word that will forever be in memory lane. It came as a sur- 
prise but writing this quote was the hardest thing of all. Being here 
at TCS has let me come out of my "shy shell" and for once be a more 
outgoing person. As easy as it is to forget about your past and your 
childhood memories, it is harder to forget about the experiences 
that made an impact on your life. It is true when people say TCS is 
picture perfect, but in the end we all can't get enough of it. I want 
to thank all my coaches and teachers who kept me going and told me 
to never give up. Mom and Dad I want to thank you from the bottom 
of my heart for always being there for me and allowing me to have 
these amazing opportunities through my life at TCS; I will forever be 
grateful. It is hard to say goodbye to something that you truly would 
never think of doing, but the time must come. Monika you are an 
incredible sister and without you I would have been lost! But always 
remember to believe in yourself and never doubt what you can do. To 
my friends, you know who you are, I will miss you all and without you 
TCS would have been nothing. Remember that life is short and you 
never know what you have missed til it's gone. Shakaka! 

Class of 2008 

Brandon MacGregor 05-08 

It goes without saying that TCS has become a 
huge part of my life. Through thick and thin I 
am certain that I have taken more from my time 
here than it has taken from me. I know that I 
took as much as I could from both my successes 
and failures. I'd like to thank: Keiser and Ingram 
for their support and guidance that can't be 
measured and PK and Grandfield for their advice 
and direction. To Hodges and TL, it was in sports 
that I will take many of the great memories, 
along with Keiser and Ingram you made many of 
those moments possible. Also to those teachers 
that were always going out of their way to help, 
on many occasions people take this for granted, 
but it has certainly been prevalent to me. And 
how could I forget. Mom and Dad who gave me 
the opportunity to make it all happen. 

The lifelong friends that I have made 
here are plentiful. Sam, Steph, Jon, lain, Devon, 
Vit, Carl, Matt, Keegan, Marley, Finney, Andrew, 
and Guy, to name a few. Bethune will always be 
a great memory; I wouldn't have come out the 
same if I were anywhere else. 

After three years there is so much to 
look back on. Heading into a summer where I 
don't have TCS to look forward to at the end will 
be weird. The connections I have made from my 
time here will surely become more obvious in up- 
coming years. It's been a long, exciting journey. 
Thanks TCS. 

Jon Wilcox 04-08 

So many stories, lifelong friendships, and a few 
more skills to help me get through this journey we 
call life. What 1 have taken away from this school 
cannot be put into words. The experiences I have 
had, the places I have seen, the people I have met 
will never be forgotten. I leave this place a better 
person, refreshed, and with a new look on life. I 
didn't quite realize the impact this place had on a 
person until I was going down the final stretch to- 
wards graduation. I would like to thank my parents 
for talking me into going to TCS and for supporting 
me the whole way. Looking back at the alterna- 
tive, I can confidently say that I would not be such 
a person I am today. Thank you to my two sisters, 
I love and cherish you two, never forget it, I know 
that each of you will succeed at anything you apply 
yourself to. To ail my friends, you know who you 
are, thanks for the memories. My last thanks are to 
Legakis and Grainger for all of their help during my 
years at TCS. Good luck next year Orchard, thanks 
for making the house the place it was and TL and 
McKercher are awesome Housemasters. Finally, 
thanks to all those who pushed me in all aspects 
of life, to help me realize my full potential. Once 
again, thanks, and good luck. 

Take'r easy 

"Cause we'll keep the good times rolling" 
Big Sea 
■ Jon 


Sam Davies 04-08 
These past four years have been awesome. 
With them have come so many amazing 
chances and opportunities. Trinity is an amaz- 
ing place, but I don't just love it for what it is, 
I love it for what it's not. Among many things, 
it's not another UCC, St. Mikes, St. Andrew's 
or Ridley. It's not a school that forgets its stu- 
dents after they leave. And it's definitely not 
a school that loses its spirit no matter if we've 
lost a goose, or it's thirty below in the dead of 
February. I'm proud to finally become a TCS 
alumni, but I realize there are lots of people 
who I owe a thank you to. 

To those who supported me: Ma, Dad, Ali, 
Michael and Elaine 

To those who inspired me: Grainger, Hay, Ste- 
vens, Keiser, Langford, C. Christ and Den. 
To those who looked out for me: My second 
father- PK, Cameron, and Mac. 
And of course, to those who experienced it 
with me: B-Mac, Keeg, Archie, Jonny Cox, 
Murr, CC, Q-Tip, Bea-utiful, Amo, Willy, 
Champ, Roberto, Dodderidge 6 MaQuenzie, 
Frenchman, the Acadian & Drewski, June, Gare 
Bear, Chubs, and Vitler. 
Thank you. 

To Jack: I've told you before, and I'll tell you 
again. I love you big guy. I'm so proud to be 
your brother. You're the man, don't forget it 

Cece Culver-Grey 06-08 
Two years. When it comes down to it, that's not long at all. But when 
I look at just how much has happened and how much I've changed in 
these two short years, it finally starts to hit me. So here I am thinking 
what exactly is it about this place? Honestly. I don't know. I don't know 
what it is I'll miss, or why this place has made me the way I am. But I 
can say this, along the way there were people who constantly led me in 
the right direction, and I will always be grateful for that. Firstly, the two 
DMCs, without you this would have never even been an option for me. 
The Traugotts, you each had your specialties and together you make one 
killer team, thanks. IB, your opinion has always been one of the ones I 
value the most. Mr W, I promise to never let it go. And to my girls, you 
obviously know who you are. thanks for allowing me to laugh. Bea, for 
better or for worse we'll make it through. Olwyn, you know this just 
wouldn't do justice, so I won't try. Alison and Renee remember there's 
always a window open and a sidewalk closed, make the most of it. And 
finally, to you: although you didn't realize it, you were the first person in 
my life who ever had the power to make me powerless. Whether I like it 
or not, the time has come to move on. 

Olwyn Foley 05-08 

I've grown a lot since first arriving a wee grade 10. and I wouldn't 
change a thing if I had the chance. 

Mom and Dad. you're my biggest inspiration, thank you. Traugotts and 
Ingram, you were rocks in this ocean; I would have drowned without you 
to hold me up. You weren't only my role models, but my closest friends 
and I cherish you more than words can express. Ms. Barton, you've 
opened my eyes, heart and soul to so much more than I knew existed. 
I promise I won't close them. Rhian, I love you so much, little sister. I 
hope you find the joy I found here. Don't worry about the classifications 
people will give you or the groups you'll get put into. You're going to 
grow so much, don't let anything stop you from loving every minute. Be 
yourself, baby, there's no one better. Remember, cults are only there 
because people love each other enough to make them. Spending time 
with those you enjoy is the best way, at least then you'll have some fun 
during quarters. Never let titles or perceptions classify who you are and 
just don't fight it. 

To my friends, we made it. Whatever happens from now on, at least 
we've always got each other Nothing I write will be able to show how 
valuable you each are. I love each of you more than words can explain. 
Good and bad, at least we'll always look back with a smile. 

Bea Hutcheson-Santos 06-08 

it's been fun destroying our bodies 

it's been great just being together 

crash another car 

smoke another cigarette 

and make love to all our favourites on the radio 

'cause we don't know how to make it go 

we were only told how to burn it down 

and then skip town 

so don't look so damn tragic 

you knew this had to end 

so be thankful that you're in love 

be thankful that you're in pieces 

after all you're all young 

you're all lethal and young 

- Hawksley Workman 

TCS I will never forget you, you are spring days on the terraces, you 
are a nice warm bed of my own, you are a smiling face. Now, some 
Thank-yous are in order; Family for your love and support. Mom and 
Dad for your time, your patience, your encouragement. Grandpa for 
being a role model, an inspiration, someone to make proud. Ketchum 
House, you are my home forever Traugott, you are a true friend, I will 
not forget. Friends, you know who you are, I love you all. AV, for being 
my best friend and showing me something new. Mr Walker for believing 
in me when I didn't believe in myself, you have been a most positive 
influence. Ms. Jackson for your enthusiasm. Rugby, for the time, the 
laughs, the bruises, I am so grateful for my time here, but it's time for 
something new. 

fiClass of 2008 

Montana Robertson 04-08 a 
Lauren Hogarth 04-08 

"Forgiveness" by Samatha James 


Is more than saying sorry. 


Means accepting peoples flav^s 

To forgive is divine... 


Does not mean compromising 

Let's forgive and forget 

And solve this African debt 

Just like the chesire cat 

Who says 

"Meov^, You're running out of time 
time, time, time, time, time." 


Yo Muchachos it's been fun. 
P.S.- Much love and thanks to 
the folks, Traugs. Rico Suave. 
McGrainger, High Five '08, and the 
Original 4 

Shakes come and go but friends are 



'r->' J 





W V. \\l 


Stephanie Kelley 04-08 

To everyone at the school, thank you for an 
amazing adventure. The past four years could 
never be summed up, yet alone recalled in 25 
words, so it is thanks that I shall bestow. This" 
incredible experience wouldn't have happens 
the first place if it wasn't for my parents, th 
for always supporting me in my endeavours, 
the ladies of Ketchum house, I am so proud i 
all. You have taught me so much, and for tha^ 
can never repay you. To my teachers, your I 
edge will be remembered, and your time I am' 
grateful for. Ingram, you were there when things ^ 
got tough, and for the fun times in between, 
good luck next year with Bethune House, the 
boys are very lucky. Traugott, there is nothing I 
can say that will ever truly explain how thankful 1"^ 
am to be part of Ketchum house under your care. 
To my friends past and present, thanks for all the 
good times, and good luck in the future. And t' 
my amazing friends, you know who you are, y 
were there, through the good and the bad. and 
know that you always will be, and for that i - 
truly thankful. 

I leave you with a few pieces of advice: 
Don't ever look back. Don't sweat the sr 
stuff. Do everything you possibly can; \l\ mui • 
more fun that way. 

Ali Sanders 06-08 and Emily Dove 06-08 
"If you hold in a laugh you will get cancer, cancer of the soul." 
Fabio Lopez 

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our great two 
years at TCS. We will leave this place with many memories. Dur- 
ing the two years at TCS we've had a lot of good times, but also 
bad times that only made us stronger. We met so many people 
from different places and made friendships that will last forever. 
We are very thankful for that. We especially want to thank 
Traugott for being our 2nd mother and all the other Ketchumites 
for being out sisters through those good and bad times. We will 
miss you guys a lot and wish you all the best for your future. 
Keep in touch, but don't worry you will still hear from us. ;) 
Love 6 1000 Kisses 
Emily and Alti 

Carlotta Dimler 06-08 

It's hard to believe that my high school 
life at Trinity is over, time just flies. I'm 
going to miss TCS a lot. not everyday, 
but there are a lot of good things I will 
remember about this place. Especially all 
the friendships I made. They really helped 
me through my life at TCS. I will miss all 
the people who spent time with me every 
day; I will think of you guys a lot! I also 
want to thank my parents for giving me 
this great opportunity and all the people 
who supported me at the school when I 
had trouble finding my way around. I will 
miss all of my friends! (you all know who 
you are; I Becca- I'll never forget you; you 
made my life so much better here. Kar- 
leigh and Tat- I will miss you (I'm just say- 
ing that cause Kar told me she mentioned 
me in her grad quote so I thought I need 
to mention her too). Jokes! I love both of 
you, you were there when I needed you 
and we had some good times;). Alii- we 
had some great times together (we will 
party in Germany!) I love you! Lauren- I 
will miss you! There are so many people I 
want to mention but this would go on for 
ever. I hope you know how much I love 
you, stay who you are. party as much as 
you can, enjoy life. 

Class of 2008 



m, 1. ^ t^ 



Sarah Essak 04-08 

Wow. I never thought the day would come 
when I would have to say goodbye. To the 
three people that have made such a differ- 
ence in my life: First off. Kristen and Byron 
- "1 really, really like you guys." Kris - you are 
such an amazing person and one of the most 
influential people on my life. I am so proud of 
the woman you've become, even if you still 
check out shoes before people with limos. 1 
love you, Dorothy. Byron - you and 1 both know 
that our relationship is way beyond that of 
just best friends; I've love you like the brother 
1 never had and the friend 1 never deserved. 
You'd better never change, because if you 
do, it vflll be too late to apologize, even for a 
minx. Lastly, to the Straughonator - you were 
there for me when no one else even noticed a 
difference. Thank you for that and for believ- 
ing in me when 1 couldn't you were a rock 
for me and 1 owe you my life. Everyone else: 
You all have done your own part in helping 
me through four of the weirdest, hardest, 
and most dramatic years of my life. 1 know 
it couldn't have been easy, but thank you, 1 
appreciate it. Now if you asked Mira if this was 
the end of my quote she would say no.... but 
by no, she means yeeessssss! Oh, and one last 
thing - Shiiiiiikaka! 


Mira Trebilcock 05-08 

Some people may be excited to leave TCS, but as 
eager as I am, 1 know 1 will miss this place. By no 
means does this quote sum up everything that's 
happened in 3 years, but some things need to be 
mentioned. 1 can't thank my parents enough, for 
all the sacrifices they've made, their constant 
support, utmost love and confidence in me has al- 
lowed me to be so fortunate to experience Trinity. 
To my sister, if you ever decide to come to Trinity, 
enjoy every moment. To all my coaches, teachers, 
housemasters, and headmaster thank you. You're 
what makes Trinity the unique community that it 
is. Whitey, you're awesome. Burns is lucky to have 
you next year. To all my friends, thanks for all the 
great times, my experience at Trinity wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Keep in touch so 
the good times don't end. Jess Chin-You, 2 years 
of rooming together was entertaining, you're an 
amazing friend and great person. Jess and Stef, you 
made Scurns a great place to be on those lonely 
weekends. To the hockey team- you guys rock! All 
the road trips, early morning practices and OFSAA, 
made this season unforgettable. I'll miss all of you, 
thanks for a truly remarkable year and I wish you 
good luck in the future. Traugott and Snowy, you 
guys deserve a special recognition for your dedica- 
tion, hard work and motivation which is much 
appreciated. Finally, good luck to all my friends and 
all the grads in years to come; let your life become 
all that you want it to be. 

Kristen Fallen 04-08 
Four years, it's been a blast. 1 have changed for 
the better, for sure, thanks Trinity. Above all, 
two experiences stand out. Hockey. To all of the 
girls I have played with, I don't have the words 
to describe how much you mean to me. Coach T 
and Snow, you guys made it unforgettable, and 
to Deeg, OFO and Mira, it's our time to move on, 
but never forget. Ketchum House, I have lived 
it and loved it for four years; the experience 
has been the best part of my life. I love you all 
Ketchum. Represent; be True Blue. Traugotts, 
you made this experience for me. You were the 
two most important influences in my life, you 
got me through it all, and I owe my accomplish- 
ments and the person who I have become to you 
two. Sarah, Byron, Mira you're the best. Olw^n, 
the best roommate I could 've had through it all: 
you helped me through so much. Advice: Never 
fear change, it comes anyway. Trust your friends 
they come through for you, and then it just gets 
better. Try not to compete with everyone, it's 
too tiring. Rico isn't asleep over there; he just 
wants you to think that. Breakfast burritos are 
the best; know it. Join a cult; they go places 
(OFSAA). Embrace debating and math team while 
spending time in the library; soon, they won't be 
cool. Finally, FO, you loved bouncing the quarter. 

Sebastian Stiliadis 06-08 
It ends here. 

It begins now. 


Horatio Thelonious Ignatious Crustaious 
Sebastian Stiliadis 

lain McBeath 04-08 

My first drive to TCS on opening day 
four years ago was one that I would 
love to forget; the nerves of enter- 
ing high school as a grade 9. knowing 
absolutely nobody and leaving all I 
knew back home in Bermuda, had me 
questioning my decision. However the 
second that I came through the front 
gates, the very ones that I was running 
through on new student fun and games 
to the eventual fate of the TCS mud pit 
that has claimed us all, I knew that I 
had found my home away from home. 
Through the good and bad times, TCS 
has become a large part of who I am 
and I can't think of a better way to 
have gone through this pit stop in life's 
long journey. I am not one for words 
so I'll get the many thank-you's out of 
the way as briefly as possible. To Mr. 
Keiser and Mr. Ingram, the impressions 
that you have both made on me as well 
as all Bulldogs were one of a kind. You 
have taught me countless life lessons 
from the well earned morning runs in 
negative 30 degree winter weather to 
the post sign in conversations in your 
study on Saturday nights. To all my 
friends, you have made my TCS experi- 
ence one to remember and I'm going to 
miss you all. Most importantly though 
I want to thank you. Mum and Dad, 
for the opportunities that you have 
given me and your love and support 
throughout this journey has been truly 

Chung-Chun Ma 05-08 

This school year at TCS has gone by so 
fast, especially for the grads. Although 
I was not active in the school, I still had 
a great time learning, not only for the 
academics but also for the experience 
from other people. I appreciate TCS for 
giving me the opportunity to be here. 
For the students who are still at TCS, 
whether you like the school or not, just 
remember that this is the high school 
you study and graduate from. Have a 
great time at TCS, so you won't regret 
the time after you are graduated. 

Reese Robson 04-08 
Four years of school and it's 
finally over. There have been some 
good times and some not so good 
times. The time spent at TCS will be 
one of the most important phases of 
my life, but I'm glad it's done. Now 
to set something straight that seems 
to have come up in my last year MY 
TO ME! Thank you. I would also like to 
thank my parents and grandparents for 
sending me here in the first place, all 
my teachers over the years, Mr. Large 
and Mr. Ramsay for being awesome 
housemasters, and all my friends I have 
made in my time here. 
To the new FY's coming in 2009, good 
luck. I have a feeling you'll need it. Re- 
member that FY only lasts for one year. 
With two Prefects coming from 
Hodgetts once again, I'm sure that we 
will continue the tradition of being the 
best house in the school for years to 

Carmen Ng 06-08 
Sleep, Eat, Row! This is what life m TCS is all about! 

Claire Stewart 04-08 
Inevitably, the time has come to step outside the gates of Trinity Col- 
lege School and wave goodbye to the friends, teachers, and faculty 
who have shaped so much of my last four years. Mostly, time passed 
slowly in anxious expectation of the final Speech Day, but the times 
in between have made all the difference. Those times when I have 
been able to forget about that looming next step into independence 
and just explore have been largely due to the intellectual avenues 
I have been afforded the opportunity to stroll (and in some cases 
run for my life) down. Mr. Gregg and Mr. Stooshinoff thank you for 
making the Art Department a challenge and a pleasure at the same 
time, your wisdom, courage, respect, and inspiration will stay with 
me wherever I go. And now as for me; "The time has come the Walrus 
said to talk of many things; of shoes of ships of ceiling wax, of cab- 
bages and kings!" 

Vera Liang 05-08 
Get (most of) your assignments done, but work only after 12 everv 
night; never go to breakfast, but keep piles of food in your drawer 
in case you get up early enough to toast bread; keep your teachers 
happy but still nap in class; write APs to miss class and smirk with a 
couple more spares and only a handful of June exams: you're going tc 
love it, hate it, and remember every single bit of it. 

Class of 2008 

Hoin Lee 06-08 

The last two years with TCS was a complete blast 
and definitely one of the greatest experiences of 
my life. I would first like to thank my parents for 
giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet so 
many amazing people and to study and play sports 
in a superb environment. 

To my precious friends (1 can't name you all but 
you all know who you are!), I wouldn't have had so 
much fun if you guys weren't always here with me 
and I appreciate you the most. You've always made 
me laugh and 1 don't think I'll laugh as much as I 
have in the last two years!! Special thanks to those 
who named me cracky and I hope you'd remember 
my hyperness along with the hideous laugh and 
noises!!! (Personally I think they are charming...) I'll 
never forget all those weird phrases and nonsense 
that we created together. By the way dudes, don't 
ever hurt my kitty cat... lol I hope you will all be 
well and succeed in whatever you'd like to achieve 
in the future. Remember my motto: Always be 
happy!! ;) 

To my fellow Sicklings (yeaaaa), I had the most 
amazing two years all because of you boys. I'll al- 
ways remember the liveliness of our house and the 
true Bickle spirit that we all shared during many 
house activities. Oy! Future Bickle Y4s, let's keep 
it up and pass on our traditions. Don't forget what 
you should do in the beginning of next year! And 
finally... all Y4s congrats! We all made it. Ratatat!! 

So Youn Kim 05-08 

I love you all in different 
ways -the humanist- 

Simon Cameron 07-08 

Descartes is in a bar, the bartender asks him if he would like a 
Descartes answers "I think not" and vanishes. 

Elizabeth King 03-08 

Five years, finally it's time to go. Part of me never wants to 
let go, but another part wants to continue to grow. There 
will always be a place in my heart for Trinity. But, not 
really the school, the people in the school. People like Mr. 
Gregg and Mr. Mills who gave me confidence in both art and 
music; Mrs. Straughan and Mrs. Traugott who stood by me 
through everything; Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Pontieri who helped 
me realize what my true passion in life is. These people 
are worth every quarter I got, every signature on my gating 
sheet, every penny I have spent here, every late night, 
every sleep-deprived morning, every boring lecture, every 
long exam. In fact, they're worth much more than that. 
And to all my friends, thank you for being there and good 
luck next year! 

Thank you to the Kitchen, to Jan and Deb (you brought fun 
to some of my more depressing days), to Carol who always 
opened the library for me when I forgot my key, and for all 
the staff who make the school what it is. 

Do I have any parting words of vflsdom? Yes. Live life to 
the fullest: travel, go bungee jumping, climb a mountain. 
Whatever you do, don't let life pass you by. 

Moses Lam 05-08 

So three years have gone by and 
thank god my parents brought me 
here. I still remember the day I me- 
my wonderful mentalist roommate 
from FY and thought it would be 
very interesting to stay here for 
another three years. So this is it. 
TCS is not such a bad place, I gues; 
except for being in a small town, i' 
cool to have so many people from 
everywhere around you. Thank yoi. 
for those who always "Let my peop 
go" me. I feel pretty awesome tha 
I got to meet a lot of great people 
here, and there are just too many 
thank teachers, and friends. What 
change in my life, even though the 
are few regrets, but definitely I 
won't regret coming to this school 
Goodbye and Good luck 

Kyu Ho Lee 06-08 

Finally, high school is over. The simple life without 
responsibility is over as well. My two years in TCS were 
short but left me some great memories to remember. 
Since I moved to Canada from Switzerland, I have 
had to learn about a new culture all over again and I 
don't think I could have done it without the help of my 
friends. I want to thank you all. Especially, I thank my 
band members, Rob, George, Matt and Mauricio who 
helped me to make a great band to rock on :) 
For those who leave the school, and those who are going 
to come back, I wish you all, une bonne continuation et 
bonne chance!! 

Justin Kim 00-08 

Eight years is far too long a stay for any institution, even TCS. However, regardless of 
the length of my stay, I have to give a tremendous thank you to my parents. How they 
managed to afford eight years of TCS through the trials and tribulations they have 
weathered leave me in a state of awe. The sacrifices they made so I could establish 
the foundations to a good future mean the world and more to me and I don't think I 
can ever repay them. I'd also like to thank Dr. DuBroy, Dr. Hodges, Mr. Healy and Mr. 
Large for their influence and for ultimately making my stay here that much more en- 
joyable. For those who remain and have survived TCS thus far, treasure the last years 
here as they will be gone all too soon. For those who plan on staying for more than 
four years, you're crazy. For those of you in Hodgetts, don't let it die. For myself, I 
can finally move on to the next stage of my life, whether for better or for worse, I can 
finally move on. 

Missing Graduates 

Yoo Jin Lee 06-08, Louis Liu 06-08, Matthew Maynard 00-08, Daniel So 06-08, Kelvin Tai 05-08, Shawn Theravithayangkura 05-08, Jonathan Wong 05-08 

Marley Bathe 01-08 
First things first... WWWEEEEEEHHHHOOOOOOO!!!! 
Alright, now that I have gotten that out of my system... 
I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the 
formula for failure, which is: try to please everybody. - Herbert 
Bayard Swope 

To my comrades, you all know who you are; thanks so much for 
sticking to your roots. Ingram, you have no idea how far your kind 
words and wisdom have taken me • they will never be forgotten. 
My "second family" Betty Anne and Mike Maynard. thank you 
so much for putting up with another Bathe. Newbie and Keegs. 
I'll miss you two next year, don't ever stop being yourselves it's 
what makes you guys so incredible. Sam. we had a good run I 
wouldn't have changed anything. Matchew, I couldn't have asked 
for a stronger or more loyal friendship.. .Don't Stop Believin'. I love 
you buddy. Greger. yes I finally 'got it' and I couldn't have done it 
without your guidance and sole example. I love you. Poppa bear 
and Momma bear, you have sacrificed so much for me and one 
day I will repay you when the spoon can no longer be held and my 
assistance v/ith the baby pear sauce is needed I love you both so 

I'm just a believer baby in those dreams of mine. • Neil Young 
See ya when I see ya, Marley 

Steph Murray 02-08 
Mom and Dad; thanks for putting up with my antics for the past 6 years; you taught 
me that if I stick to something for long enough it will pay off - this was definitely 
the right choice. Brett, you'll probably never read this but thanks for paving my way 
and embarrassing me in grade 9 along with all your advice, love you. My ladies and 
gents you know who you are, thanks for all the good times I'll never forget. Mario 

my second half keep on keeping on. You're a free spirit and you've proven you 
can't be tied down. Brandon, 2 years later and I have no words. You know how much 
you mean to me. I don't know what I'd be like if you never came. I don't regret 
anything. Burns girls, grade 10 was ridiculous there's no other way to put it. if I kept 
living with you four I don't think I would have a future. Robert my (smaller) mentor, 
thanks for everything, the cookies, the help with school, you'll be hearing from me 
for a long time to come whether you want to or not. Ingram, aside from all your bad 
jokes you're an okay guy. Despite everything I've done I have a lot of respect for 
you, just bad ways of showing it. Finally, big ups to Gloria the 74 year old Ukrainian 
woman at Tim Morton's who after 6 years never gave me a bad bagel. 

Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 03-08 

Thanks are due to many, but espe- 
cially to my family who have been 
exceptionally understanding and 
encouraging, and to my close friend. 
Father Don. who has helped to shape 
my student life and profile at Trin- 
ity. I hope that as a student I have 
managed to touch the school and 
her students positively, and if I have. 
credit is owed to the acknowledged, 
as they have made this possible. 
To speak to the length of my term at 
our school: I know very well that, for 
a young boy. five years is a very long 
time. With this said. 1 am unaware of 
any more fitting place for me to have 
lived. Trinity has done me much good 
so it is for this that I am thankful. 

^^^Iv • .JHIHH 

Devon Howard 04-08 

I can't believe that I am finally sitting down to write my grad 
quote. Well, what to say. The past four years have changed 
my life in more ways than I know. I don't think I v/ill be able 
to understand the true impact that my time at TCS has had on 
me until several years after I have graduated. I guess I should 
start by thanking the people responsible for me being here: 
my parents. Sending me to Trinity has been a huge investment 
on your part, and I would like to thank you for all of your 
support and confidence that you have had in me over the past 
few years. Secondly. I would like to thank my teachers and 
coaches. You have taught me much more than the required 
material. With your help i was able to learn life lessons and 
skills, and see new ways of thinking. Last, but certainly not 
least. I would like to thank my friends and girlfriend. Without 
you my time at TCS would merely have been an education, 
not an experience. I will never forget the many great times 
we had together. To my sister, good luck with your remaining 
three years. You know what it's all about now, so make the 
most of them because they go by quick. 


Class of 2008 




^'^fH' ^^^3^7 .^^^K ^^^^^^ 

Cecilia Hui 06-08 

Time passes so fast. This is my 2nd year in 
TCS. Finally, I am going to graduate here. I 
still remember the first day when I came here. 
Everyone and everything are so unfamiliar 
with me. Honestly, I didn't like TCS last year. 
Hov^ever, everything was getting better in this 
year and now I love TCS so much. Thank you 
to Hammy, Whitey, Mallory and Lo Mac who 
are my great housemasters. Also, thank you 
to Mr Stooshinoff who supported and taught 
me a lot in Art. Thank you to all the Scotties, 
especially Lianne, you are the best roommate! 
Of course, thank you to all my Chinese friends. 
Especially Theresa & Winson: you guys are my 
BEST friends!! I will never forget the time that 
we've spent to together. K Tai, Keith & Allen: 
my "brother", "cousin" and "grandpa", great 
to have fun with you guys. Carmen & Renee: 
1 love you two. you two are good listeners 
and sorry for bothering you when I have any 
problems. Jen & April: you guys are always my 
good sisters in Scott! I will miss you guys and 
I love you all! TCS is really a great place that 
I've ever had! I'll never forget my high school 
life in TCS. Thank you TCS! I really have a good 
time here =] 

Winson Poon 07-08 

Time flies, eight months of TCS school life have 
passed. 1 still remember my first school day in 
TCS. Stepping into this big, traditional and exotic 
school, I was feeling exciting but nervous. I was 
walking into a new page of my life. Everything 
seems to be unfamiliar to me. I was worrying 
about getting lost in this big school. TCS was like 
the castle of Harry Potter in my mind. Studying 
in Hong Kong in the past 17 years, I have never 
been studying in a boarding school. The experi- 
ence is unforgettable. I have gained friendships, 
independence, and a lot of sweet memories. 
Although it is only one year, I have already been 
influenced by the spirit of TCS and of course, 
the fascinating spirit of Brent House. It is always 
sad to say goodbye, however. I am sure that this 
year in TCS will become one of my best years of 
my entire life, and the memory will stick in my 
mind forever. When I grow up, I will be proud to 
tell others that I was once a student from Trinity 
College School. I would like to give thanks to 
all teachers of TCS. Without the guidance and 
support from all of you, students here are not 
able to receive such a good quality of all-rounded 
education. Thank you and good bye, TCS. It has 
been so much fun to study in here. 

Theresa Yip 06-08 
Two years of TCS life have changed me a lot, and 
definitely the most memorable high school life I 
have ever had. I never regret to leave Hong Kong 
and come to TCS, and indeed, this is my best deci- 
sion in life. All those hotel and shopping times wit 
you guys composed the best part of my life, still 
remember Sheraton, Metropolitan, Hilton? Explori 
the city and searching for delicious food during 
breaks, still remember Queens and Christie? Those ; 
creative foods in Osier, Nutella plus chips, jam on 
pita, chicken sauce on salad etc etc. We are always^ 
the last one to leave Osier hall, no wonder my 
weight is exponentially growing. A Big thank you ( 
Mrs. O'Regan and Mr. Brown, you guys are the best . 
teachers! I know I am the worst AP student ever, 
but seriously, thanks for making who I am today. 
Ceci and Winson, thanks for always standing besidei 
and being my soulmates. Ivan, Keith, grandpa, ■'-. 
Ktai, there were countless good time spent with > 
you guys. Jen, April, Renee, Carmen and Choco, it's?' 
always nice to say hi virith you guys in the middle 
of the hallway. Vera, thanks for being my room- 
mate for two years, tolerating my bad habit and I 
mess. Jwong, I guess a Thank You is never enough. 
These TCS memories can never be erased, and I wiU 
remember it for the rest of my life. 

Karleigh Hill 06-08 
TCS has opened my eyes to many things and everyday I am grateful for 
the opportunity I have been given. Thanks Mum and Dad. I'll be forever 
grateful- love you. So many people have had an impact on my life since 
I came here. The friends that I made here made even the coldest days 
feel like the sun v^as shining. Tat- my partner in crime, what would I have 
done without you? I had the best times with you. Especially when we 
danced around in the room, laughed 'til we cried and decided that doing 
some foolishness definitely comes before studying for Biology. Love you 
always and thanks for always being there. Adam- yes, 1 will put you in my 
grad quote! You were always there for me and even though it might not 
seem like it. I appreciated every time you sharpened my pencil for me 
in Math. Dougie, Bobby and Dylan- You never failed to put a smile on my 
face. Whether it was "kicks and bites" in the Davies, dancing around to 
Sid's great music on Friday nights, or the action-filled lunches in Osier. 
TCS wouldn't have been the same without you. Guy. Jammin', Devin, Jess, 
Knowles, Shane and Law- Mums will always be here for you. Katie/Morgan- 
you're a beautiful person, don't change for anything. Carlotta- I'll miss 
you even though we made so much fun of you- love you always. Wish you 
all the greatest and hope to see you right around the corner. 

Natasha Chan 04-08 
4 years at TCS... feels like a lifetime and as much as I complained about it 
sometimes, looking back now I don't regret any second of it. There were 
weeks that seemed to last forever and times when I had no clue where they 
went. I've seen people come and go, but my friends I've made here will 
never be forgotten. To all the ones who have graduated, thanks for being 
there, I couldn't have made it this far without you guys. Karleigh, to all 
those times we had doing foolishness, dressing up, making jokes about the 
boys and Carlotta, "speed studying" and days just dancing in our room to 
the song of the day. you have definitely brought out the best in me. Adam, 
I honestly wouldn't have been able to get through without you, you always 
knew when something was wrong. To all my boys. Dougie. Bobby. Dylan, Guy, 
Knowles, Jammin, Devin and Lawrence I'm gunna miss those conversations 
in Osier and as much as we fought, we all knew we were still one big family 
at the end of the day. Katie stay sweet as always, you'll make it through, 
trust me it goes faster than it seems! Thanks mom and dad for giving me the 
opportunity to experience this and everything you have to offer I greatly ap- 
preciate it. When times were rough, you were always just a phone call away. 
TCS was definitely an experience and as much as I'll miss it, it's now time to 
move on. 

Lianne Chrisman 04-06, 07-08 

I remember my first day at TCS sitting in what I 
called my "jail cell" and thinking "what on Earth 
am I doing here?" However the TCS community has 
truly changed me forever. I am sad to leave, but the 
3 years I have spent here will always be remem- 
bered and the friendships will never be forgotten. 
Daniela: thanks for being the shoulder to cry on and 
for giving me the greatest laughs I've ever had. I'll 
always cherish our friendship. My TCS experience 
has taught me how to be independent, to love, to 
make decisions, and everything I need to be suc- 
cessful in life. I want to thank all the wonderful 
teachers for giving me so much of their time: TCS is 
so lucky to have them. Mrs. Pontieri, thanks for your 
ears and support through the years. Lastly. I thank 
my father and stepmother for financing my time 
here and my mother for the immense support she 
has given me from such a distance. I am proud to 
have graduated from a school such as this one and I 
feel ready to spread my wings and fly. 

•Good Luck Scott House!* 

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing 
its best, night and day, to make you like everybody 
else means to fight the hardest battle which any 
human being can fight; and never stop fighting," 
e.e. cummings 

"Class of 2008 

Daniella Gagnon 05-08 

Being part of TCS taught me so much from independency to 
pride to hard work. I have come a long way because of my 
parents and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for 
their encouragement and support in this wonderful oppor- 
tunity. Thank you so much Mom and Dad. TCS was a great 
experience and I will never forget about Traditions, Commu- 
nity and Shared Values. I was very grateful to be part of this 
amazing place. I also would like to thank my hockey coaches 
Mr. Traugott, Mr. Ingram, and Snowden; who helped me in 
becoming a better hockey player. Thanks to my teammates 
as well: we all came together, worked our butts off and went 
as far as 2nd @ OFSAA! I also certainly can't forget the Cross 
Country Team and the Rugby Team: I loved it. And Mrs. Beck 
and Ms. Wallace who saved my life millions of time, making 
the Injury Clinic my second home. Thanks to my awesome 
House Master and Mrs. Dew, you guys helped me so much. 
Last but not least, I would like to thank my friends who made 
my years here at TCS memorable: Lianne, Monica, Kargy, 
Mira, Than, Zee, Denzel, Widmer, Lorenzo, Paris, and Ricky. 
You guys were my family. Lianne, you will always be my Best 
Friend. You always have been there for me and surely will. I 
love you gal! Some in particular made my last two years the 
best, you know who you are. 
Love you all so much "Go Hard Or Go Home!" 


Moritz Claussen 06-08 
So this is it, GRADUATION! 

Deciding to go to TCS was a big decision for me but it was definitely the best 
decision I could have made. Looking back on two amazing years at TCS, there are 
many things to say. Friendship, sports, and of course education, are just some 
of them. Let's start with the last of those points: education. Trinity gave me the 
best education I could get. Being taught by incredibly motivated and knowledge- 
able teachers was great. I would like to thank all my teachers for helping me 
through my two years in TCS, especially Mr. Cameron, Mr. Brown and Mrs. Paziuk. 
Friendship: getting to know people in the first few weeks of school was hard. But 
this changed quickly and friendships with people from all over the world were 
created. This is probably the most important thing I will take with me, when I 
leave TCS. Sport: playing on the Football team, was incredible. Having Mr. Allen, 
Mr. Cameron and Mr. Langford as coaches was the best way to get to know a new 
sport, which I had never really heard of before. Learning how to play rugby, also 
a very new sport for me. with Mr. Tewsley and Mr. Tansley as coaches, was great. 
I had a great time in TCS. thanks everybody, you know who you are ! 
Last I would like to thank my family, for making all this possible. 
It's been a great time, thank you very much. 
P.S. Germans keep it up next year! 

Christian Lieberoth-Leden 06-08 

I am pretty sure that I can make one promise in my life: that 1^ 
never forget TCS and will always keep TCS in good memories. TCS \ 
not be remembered by me for its opportunities it has given me for 
my future, but for the infinite number of experiences and the (- 
I have met here. Even though I only spent two years at TCS, for 
seems like a whole lifetime. Originally I planned to come to TCS for 
only one year and then finish off school back in Germany, but luckily 
I decided to stay for another year. I believe that coming to TCS was 
the best decision I have ever made so far. 

I also realize that TCS wouldn't have been possible without the strong 
support of my parents, and at this point I also would like to thank 
my housemaster, Mr. Cameron, my Advisor, Mr. Tansley and all of my 
teachers (especially Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Tewsley and Seiior Thornton who 
accompanied me for two years). To sum it up, I would say: I had an 
awesome time at TCS and I will miss it next year. 

Sean Dimnik 06-08 

After coming to Trinity from two years of public school I found the school 
to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to accept the differences and man- 
aged to graduate from high school which probably wouldn't have been 
possible if I stayed in public school. I would like to thank my coaches who 
drove me to strive for success athletically. A shout out to all my friends 
and all the Bickle brothers holding it down. Most importantly, I would like 
to thank my parents for supporting me. 

"As 1 open my eyes and realizin' I changed, 

not the same deranged child stuck up in the game." 

Notorious B.I.G. 
Finally I leave with a motto to follow throughout life: 

"Life is a struggle, 

so you have to hustle." 

Michael Coffin 06-08 

It's been an interesting and fun two years of high school, but it's finally 
coming to a close. Without the support and guidance from my parents 1 dort| 
think 1 would have been able to make it this far, which is why I thank them i 
for everything they have done for me and the opportunities they have giv 
me. Tamara, you got another couple years to go through high school and rUj 
always be here to give you support and protection for whenever you need i 
To all my Bickle Brothers it's been two of the best years of my life sp>ending 
time in a house that knows how to be cool and have fun at the same time. 
Bickle has definitely been a home away from home for me which is why I 
could never forget it. Mr. Allen, Mr. Christ 6 Mr. Aitchison, you guys are the , 
best Housemasters on campus and have made my experience at Trinity a 
memorable one. To everyone else that has helped me along over the years; I 
thank and wish ya'll all the best. Peace. 


Phyllis Langley 02-08 
Wow, 6 years just flew by. TCS: not only the greatest experience of my life, but also a community that allowed 
me to become content with the person I am going to grow into in the future: a community that brought me to the 
most amazing people and opportunities. My greatest friends in high school were the ones that brought out the 
best of me. the ones that I could be myself around. 

Joel JK to grade 12 who would have thought? I will never forget our friendship... 

DP You are one of the nicest guys 1 know, you can do anything if you put your mind to it and I know that you will 
do great things in the future. 

Ross "The husband" Please don't forget me when you're famous...thanks for lending me an ear and making me 
smile whenever I needed it. 

The girls whether it be sleepovers, Starbucks runs, late nights, laughs, songs you are all amazing. 
I guess you can say that I got by with a little help from my friends. 

Thank you. mom. You are the most amazing person in the world. During these past 6 years you have given me 
everything and more. Teachers, favourites or not. I definitely learned something valuable from all of you. 
Future grads: spend your time wisely, because trust me. it will go by uncontrollably quick; don't miss the good 
parts and then realize. 
Thanks to all who made my time at TCS exactly what I hoped it would be. We made it. 

Danny Parker 04-08 
"I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends" 

jFraz, syph, Rboobs, Maynard, t-baby. dusek, jCox. Juna, finney. doddsy, g-money, diddler. and kitty, 
we've shared some times that I will hopefully never forget, so thank you for making the past 4 years 
of my life so good. Also thanks to the GB, and the MPC. We may have gotten together by chance, but 
it probably was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me. To the boys of Orchard: thanks 
for making the house my home. To TL and Cory, you guys are the best Housemasters ever, hands down. 
no questions asked. Thanks to all those coaches who believed in me, even when I didn't believe in 
myself, and pushed me to my limits. Now, when it comes time to leave TCS, I really have to admit, 
how much I'm really going to miss it here. Also a big shout out to the rugby team and football team: 
we went far and I'll always remember the SAC game in football. Some people may be mad at this, but 
I think we learned more about ourselves losing that game, than we ever would have by winning. Also, 
vflthout a doubt, my parents, I owe everything to. Thank you for believing in me and sending me to 
such a great place. Thanks and peace, DP 
"Carf)e Diem"- Seize the Carp And Hard Work won't kill anybody, but why risk it? 

Joel Fraser 02-08 
Looking back on the last six years at TCS it has truly been a journey of a life 
time. TCS has given me much more than a marvellous education but it has left 
me with long lasting friendships, a plethora of memories and has made me a 
better person. I would like to thank my parents for giving me such an amazing 
opportunity and always putting my best interests first. I don't think I would 
be able to manage without their support, encouragement and the extra push 
that was needed at times. I would also like to thank my sister for always being 
there for me and for always being able to make me laugh. And I wish you the 
best of luck as you continue on your journey and know that you will succeed to 
your greatest potential in anything you chose to do. GB you guys are awesome, 
I couldn't have asked for any better friends. MPC will live on strong. To all my 
friends, you know who you are. thanks for making my TCS experience so incred- 
ible. My final thanks goes out to Mr. Kedwelt for being such an outstanding 
advisor and for all his help through my journey. 

"For I must be traveling on now, 
'cause there's too many places I've got to see. 
But, if I stayed here with you, girl, 
Things just couldn't be the same, 
'cause I'm as free as a bird now" Lynyrd Skynyrd 

Peace, Joel 

Ross Strike 04-08 

The past four years have been an interesting experience. The 
same old TCS routine, day after day. gets old quickly and usu- 
ally seems pointless. However, I depart with the realization 
that there is some purpose to it all. It is only now, at the end 
of my stretch, that I am able to recognize the impact that TC 
has had in shaping me. All the respect and thanks goes out 
to my family, who somehow managed to put up with all my 
moping and complaining night after night. I greatly appreciatt 
those teachers who were able to teach me something other 
than what lay inside a textbook. Also to a few good friends, 
who were always there to remind me not to take myself too 
seriously. If I could offer one piece of advice. I would say don 
let TCS mould you but, embrace the opportunities it offers. 
"I am robbed even of the certainty of uncertainty- for some- 
times absolute truths may well be absolute." -Barack Obama 

©Class of 2008 

Jenna Dickson 00-08 

I've thought long and hard about how I am supposed to sum up close to half 
of my life in 250 words it's not an easy thing to do. I started at TCS in the 
very first class of Grade 5 and now find myself about to graduate. For anyone 
who's counting, that's 8 years. 

I vividly remember my parents back in Grade 4 telling that they would com- 
mit their hearts and souls into sending me to TCS. Well, I would love to thank 
you right now, but I don't think I fully understand what TCS has done for me. 
So I'll wait for the day when I do. 

As for those of you still at TCS right now, I can tell you this: we spend our 
school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic 
about our school days. The minute you realize that your days are numbered, 
you wish that they weren't. The most rewarding experience is caring for oth- 
ers in any way you can. Join a social club, fall in love, or even just hold the 
door for a stranger. It's those kinds of things that I will miss the most about 
TCS. Mrs. Straughan, you embody completely what a caring community is 
about; please never change. 

And now, I can't wait for what is to come. Don't get me wrong, 8 years of 
TCS is all peachy and everything, but the opportunities just over the horizon 
have been coaxing me for a while now. And it's time. 

Julia Fishlock 00-08 

Peace out friends; 

It's been a long eight years and it is a relief to stand at the end of thr; 
road and look back at the journey. I am lucky enough to be one of tin 
fortunate few in the world to have a high school education, and a goo' 
one at that. TCS has been more than just a school, it's been a place I i ; 
woken up and wanted to go to every day. I've learned that it's not about 
your level of ability, but how hard you're willing to work. I've learned 
about the power of knowledge and the potential of change. Commit your- 
self to something; it gives your life a whole lot of meaning. We are all just 
visitors here on Planet Earth and I am fortunate enough to say that I have 
crossed paths with some pretty incredible people during the first leg of 
my stay. I will be happy if I have affected at least half as many people as 
have affected me. For those of you still rocking the system, don't sweat 
it, a lot of things don't end up mattering as much as you might think. For 
those of you off to something new, you were all incredible in unique ways, 
I hope we see each other again soon. 
Peace and love 

'The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to 
begin it." - Artwork quote in Bio wing 

Adrian Warner 06-08 

After two years here, I get a chance to look back at my time. There really isn't much to say more than 
"it was great." I am going to miss the weekends, carrying on with the Brent house guys, being around a 
genuinely solid group of people, and chasing around that girl that I'm absolutely crazy about. 
I would like to say thank you to everyone, no matter if we were friends or not, if you taught me or not, 
no matter what our relationship was, you helped make my time at TCS memorable. You helped turn a 
boy into a man. 

I would like to thank my parents for everything, especially putting up with me for the past two years; 
and thanks Papa Wilbert, for always being here for me. 

Lastly, to everyone remaining at Trinity, always do what you believe in. Here is something to help you; 

"I know you are here to kill me, shoot coward, you are only going to kill a man" - Che Guevara 

Live by what you believe in, and be willing to give all for it. 


Christian Gunning 04-08 (09) 

My time here at TCS has been unforgettable. 
The quiet weekends in the spring, waking 
up the girls, the mudpit, the haunted house, 
the snow fights in the winter, the last minute 
essays, the teams I've played on, but the 
most important thing to me about TCS, is the 

In four years I've made some great friends, 
and although there may have been conflicts, 
they are people that I will never forget and 
will always hold close to me. Regina for the 
countless coffees and advice, Els for being 
supportive no matter what, Emily for being 
someone that I could always trust and confide 
in and for always making me smile, Deirdre 
for being there to distract me from my own 
problems. Thank you. 

Then I want to thank the boys in Brent and 
Bickle... you guys have been a laugh. 
Chelsey. You were often there for me with 
little words of encouragement and although 
your criticism was never in short supply, it 
helped a little. However, despite your rather 
small stature, you have a huge heart. Thanks. 

Thanks to all the teachers that taught me 
the really important things like how to write 
an essay at the last minute and still get a 
good mark. Thanks to my coaches and, more 
importantly, my team mates. Thanks to my 
sister. Thanks to my house mates. ThanUc , 
my friends. 

Kelvin Ho 06-08 

Time really flies. It's the end of 
the year. Everything in this year 
has gone so fast. I am glad that 
1 can finish my high school in 
TCS. This is my second year in 
TCS and I've met many friends 
during the time. I tried many 
new experiences and I learned 
many new things that I can 
never get from a place other 
than TCS. It's sad to leave this 
big family. However, this is life. 
TCS has helped to shape who I 
am, and this will remain in the 
rest of my life. -Thank you 

Jeffery Li 06-08 

Ahha- finally this is my final year, although it is just my second year at 
TCS and I enjoyed it. I think it is the best decision that I have ever made 
when I decided to come to TCS. Life at TCS is much more enjoyable than 
my previous school. I enjoyed the time that I spent with my friends at 
TCS, such as hanging out with Mr. Mike and Uncle Will, solving relationship 
troubles, playing video games with little Ung Ung, discussing "tab" stuffs, 
etc. and I will not forget about it. Of course, I have to say thank you to 
my parents for supporting me to study at TCS; to my Housemaster, Mr. 
Keiser, for taking care of me for 2 years; to my dearest advisor and assis- 
tant housemaster, Mr. Ingram, for his useful advice for my academics and 
teaching me to make good decisions; mostly to the dearest cleaning ladies 
in our house, Jopie, Rita and Lori for taking care of my disasterous room. 
During life at TCS, I have learnt a lot of useful things, besides academic 
stuff, that I will be able to use in the future. "All good things come to an 
end." And now, this is the end of my last year at TCS. Hope everyone had 
a good life at TCS. 
Thank you. 

Derek Railing 04-08 
As I look back on my time at TCS, I am at a loss for words to 
describe my experience. The only word that comes to mind is 
privilege. Some students view going to school as an obligation; I 
feel that attending TCS was my privilege. One of the things that 
I will remember most about TCS is the great times that I have 
had with my friends. They will certainly be some of my fondest 
memories and most valuable experiences in life. I would like to 
thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend TCS. 
Without your generosity I would never have been able to experi- 
ence such a wonderful opportunity. In conclusion, I would like to 
leave with these words of wisdom: "A horse can find its way to 
water, but a pencil must be lead." 

Charles Peltrop 06-08 

I came here for football, hoping to conquer the every nation I would face that was 
the only purpose. But after discovering the gold within the boundaries of this coun- 
try, my strong will to vanquish turned into a will to cherish. The old people of the 
senate guide me, the youth kept me strong by giving me different challenges, I found 
my brothers from other mothers and fathers, I formed strong alliances, and the most 
important of all, my eyes enjoyed the feminine beauty of this country. Veni, Vidi, 
Vici - I became the king of the best legion that this nation has to offer and defeated 
many monsters. My young prodigy, DJ, don't you change or I shall fight you to death, 
Derekanius, Samuelinum, Davider, our paths shall separate from here, but when you 
hear "BEARS, UNITE!!!" make sure that you assemble as fast as possible. My subjects, 
I'm leaving you to go conquer other kingdoms, but I will come back stronger, faster, 
blacker; so until my return remember: "THIS... IS...TRINITAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!" 

Class of 2008 

Brittany Ugolini 04-08 

My time has come to bid TCS farewell; it has been an experience I will never 
forget. First and foremost. I must thanl< my father, for everything he has 
sacrificed to provide me with endless opportunities along the way: you mean 
the world to me. You are my biggest inspiration and 1 will be content if 1 
become half the person you are. 1 love you more than anything and I am so 
proud to be your daughter. Erin, you pushed me when I had given up on my- 
self, and helped me realize 1 can do anything 1 put my mind to. Tamara. my 
little big sister, we've come a long way and 1 love you for the strong indepen- 
dent woman you are. Ava, you constantly brighten my day, you're going to do 
great things. Secondly, to all my friends who made TCS the ride of a lifetime, 
you know who you are. Marshall, you are the anchor that holds me. Thirdly, 
to all the teachers, housemasters and coaches who dedicated their time to 
guide me in the right direction, 1 couldn't have done it without you. Lastly, if 
there is one piece of advice 1 can give you, it's this - when there's something 
you really want, fight for it, and don't give up no matter how hopeless it 
seems. And when you've lost hope, ask yourself if 10 years from now, you're 
going to wish you gave it just one more shot, because the best things in life, 
they don't come free. 

Steph Terfloth 05-08 

In grades 10 and 1 1 , Becca and I would sit in chapel and laugh at the an»^ 
nouncements made about grad quotes, which were months overdue. 1 
I understand why so many people took so long; summing up your time i 
TCS in 250 words is one hard thing to do. F5; You guys mean more to me '"j 
than you know... you made my time at TCS unreal. I'll never forget our 
many adventures on the top floor of Burns. RG: You're a huge part of » 
I am who I am today. Thank you for teaching me how to just let go. BU: 
Thanks for always being there to listen and eat ice cream (Mother's... : 
good!) with me parked at the beach. BS; I'll always know who to go to 
when I need a laugh. Please don't take over my room next year when i 
parents adopt you. DH: To sum it up, my year with you has been nothir^- 
short of incredible. "All that I see means nothing to me without you, so 
when I see you next we'll make the most of it..." M6D: Simply put, t^ '' 
you for the opportunities and support you've given me to succeed. C 
You're an amazing person with a smile that can light up a room... take 
every opportunity that comes your way by storm. Alexa: You're going to do 
something great one day, and I know it's in you to make a real change in 
this world. I love you all. 

Keith Chan 04-08 

By the time I am writing this 
passage, I have finally done 
three of my exams. Choosing 
to do the grad quote after the 
exams and the long weekend 
is just to make every single 
wording a little more positive 
=]. Throughout the four years of 
TCS, I really miss the Founda- 
tion year - fighting with my 
roommate, hide-and-seeking 
with the other FY students 
during the winter, etc. As year 
passes, life seems to get harder 
and ... more unfortunate (LOL 
"unfortunate" is a more suit- 
able word than "challenging" 
here). People always think 
that I worry too much, but it is 
more like.. .they don't know me 
well XP, there are a lot more 
things going on around Keith. 
At last (ya, I don't want to use 
"in conclusion" since my mind 
might change in the future, but 
until now...), the things that I 
hate about TCS, they will still 
be in my mind for a very long 
time (sadly, but seems like 
those things cannot be wipe out 
easily); but the things that I 
love about TCS, I have tried my 
best to record every single thing 
down - memorial address. 

Jeremy Wong 04-08 

250 words are just too brief to summarize my memories from 
the past 4 years in TCS. I never thought I could make it this 
far... seriously. Never thought farewell would be that difficult as 
well. The path was bumpy... sometimes, I am not going to lie. 
The bad times were chaos, pathetic and ridiculously brutal. But 
the good times I've had here will be engraved on me forever. 
So here are the endless "Thank you's" that I want to give credit 
to. Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me numerous opportuni- 
ties to make myself a better person. Mr Keiser and Ingram, 
thank you for kicking/saving my butt in the past 4 years, I will 
really miss those laps that I had to do for chapel skips, what's 
my record, 20 laps? For those who supported me emotionai; . 
along the way, those who held my hands through my hardest 
time, thank you so much for keeping me intact and getting the 
depression off my system, I could never make it this far v." 
you guys. And of course, the Grinch v/ill never forget his f: 
section. Although I still have no clue on what to do with n^ 
later on, there is one thing I am pretty sure about: these - 
are the best years I had so far in my life. 

Mike Argue-Greene 04-08 
Well, it's been a long time since I first came to TCS. I remember when I first came here it all seemed so strange, but now it 
feels like home. After four years, I'm definitely ready to move on but I'll miss the place when I'm gone. To my friends, thanks 
for your support (and abuse) over the years. Without you guys I never would have survived my years here. To my parents, 
I can't thank you enough for all that you sacrificed to send me to TCS. My time here will always mean a lot to me. To the 
Hodgetts guys, have fun. ..or at least try to survive the Y4s next year. 

Thanks for all the good times, 

Carl Chauvin 04-08 
TCS has been full of challenges, of highs and lows and ups and downs, but in the 
end there couldn't have been a better place to spend these past four years of my 
life. There are too many people who have made a difference here to list them all, 
but if you think that you're one of them, you probably are. And to alt of you, thank 
you so much it is the people here who have allowed me to learn and change and 
grow as a person. However, there is one group of people that I must mention by 
name, because they are too important to be left anonymous. To my Dad We are 
too similar for our own good, but we made it nonetheless. Thank you for your trust 
and confidence in me, it means more than you will ever know. Diane You are my 
bedrock, and without your support when the going got tough I couldn't have made it 
to where I am now. To my brother, Nick You've been a great companion these past 
two years, and I'm lucky to have a brother like you. And to my little bro, Zack Your 
maturity coupled with your curiosity and intelligence always amazes me. You are 
going to meet with more success than you know what to do with in these next few 
years, and I can't wait to see it all fall into place for you. 

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one." - Dr. Seuss 

Robert Frame 04-08 
Here's to 1st pitches, dingers, ya-ya's, BG's, greyhounds. Days Inns. Marriots, showcases, stayin' back, BP, winnin' 
rings, 3-0 green lights, poles, W's, wheelin', roadies, team wheels, layin' out, American tins, stepping over the 
white tines, in and outs, takin' one for the team, talks with the old man after the game, washin' the spikes, that 
special feeling once you get past customs, extras, miracles, glory, 5 hour prakky's, team gummers, and dreams 
comin' true. 

1 want to thank my mom and dad, and my Aunt Bette for getting me to TCS. And thanks to TL (The Shark) for 
keeping me going in the classroom and on the ball field. TCS 4 SMC 2... 

Diana Chu 05-08 
The three years that I've had at TCS were an amazing experience for me. I've had lots of fun and I've learned a lot of 
things. For that, I have to say thank you to, first of all, my parents - who gave me this great opportunity; secondly, to my 
Housemasters (Hammy and Whitey) and alt the teachers who have taught me, especially Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Parker who have 
helped me a tot; last but not least, to all the friends who have given me many great TCS memories. I will never forget the 
wonderful times that I've had here. 

Chip Simmonds 03-08 
"The President has been captured by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?" (Bad Dudes, Data East) These 
words led me through my five, convoluted, long years at TCS-they served me well. They got me past the retired Russian 
strongman, through the floating hoops, and somewhere over the rainbow. Just putting your legs, somewhat. Although in retro- 
spect a tot of my TCS experience felt as if I was bumping around in the dark randomly tike a bird in a poorly lit hall of mirrors, 
I better have enjoyed it considering that commute. TCS has given me some excellent opportunities to succeed (likely more 
than I deserve), and some of the experiences I've gotten from the people and the facilities have been sublime. I had prom- 
ised myself I'd tell jokes instead of "wasting words on names" when I was in my earlier years, but even I have a threshold of 
irresponsibility. I thank Ramsay despite his non-negotiable art-and-programming-marking schemes for guiding me through the 
school. I don't quite know what I'd do without you looking over my shoulder. Langford and, earlier, Cameron, it was a pleasure 
to have you as housemasters. As for teachers; DuBroy, Ayotte, Taylor, Hoobin/Tewsley, O'Reagan, Barton, Large. Wills, and 
Graham, thank you for enriching my education and life. Coaches; Hay, Hodges, Tewsley. Brown, Hamilton thanks for giving me 
a chance to compete. Everyone else, youse punks know who you are. Oh-rve-only-one-word-teft-well-hopefully-l-can-bumble- 




Class of 2008 

Taylor Bell 02-08 
Firstly I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to come to TCS. Academically then 
I was doing well and times I was not, but I made it through in the end. I would like to thank the teacher<. 
especially TL, Mr. Allen, Mr. Robert, and Mr. Tewsley: these years at TCS have been good and I'm sure thr 
set me up for success in the future. Thanks to my friends for teaching me the skills I need in university i' •m i i 
taught at school. I'll miss this place, but I'll be able to look back on the good times I've had and remembti v/hat I 
have learned here. 

The great literary minds are so great because they can use words so much more effectively than the rest of us. 
Wilde said in one sentence what took me many to accomplish: "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well ( 
remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be taught". -Oscar Wilde 

Marie-Sophie Guindon 05-08 

"There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you." David Burns 
Four years of high school have taught me to grow intellectually. But my last year at TCS has done much 
more. A slight downfall could destroy you, especially without any help. But here. I found people willing 
and almost obsessing over my well being. It is now that I am able to show my gratitude to those who have 
changed my life. 

Brittany for being a sister to me in rough times; Kendra for putting some sense into my brain with your 
philosophical conclusions of life; Rebecca for making me laugh when I didn't want to; Cody for giving 
me greaf memories and teaching me to stand my ground; Mr. Walker for believing in me at times when I 
doubted myself completely; Ms. Feddery & Mrs. Straughan for having been not only Housemasters, but dear 
friends whom have touched my heart; Mom & Dad - I wouldn't be writing this quote if you guys wouldn't 
have shown me the support you gave me this year and all previous years of my 18 years of living. I love you! 
And it is with great dismay that I lay my final words for TCS to bear in mind: "Life is like topography, Hob- 
bes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration 
and failure." Calvin and Hobbs. Peace out! 

Ben Finney 01-08 
Wow, I can't believe it is finally over!!! I have been at TCS for 7 years and it seems just like yesterday when I 
was starting my first day in grade 6 with Mr. Bailey. TCS has been a big part of my life for such a long time and 
don't know what I'm going to do without it. Trinity has taught me so much about myself that I will never forge 
it, even back to the days of when I had Mrs. Piccini yelling my name as I ran down the hall of the junior school 
or by accident threw a stick at Maynard. All of the years I have spent at TCS will never be forgotten and I will 
always cherish and hold dear the memories and the friendships that I have made while being here. Thank you 
so much Trinity College School. 

Graham Dersnah 02-08 

This quote was much harder to write than I had expected. My first attempt began with thoughts about how 
quickly my final year had passed; the next attempt was a 200-word history about my epic six-year TCS career 
starting in grade 7 with questionable bleach blond hair. But does that need to be said? I think what really needs 
to be expressed are my thanks: I thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend TCS, my whole 
family for helping me through and all my very best friends who have made my time exciting, worthwhile and 

To my friends - there are too many of you to mention (conceited much?!) but you should know who you are. 
All of you are very important to me and without you; school wouldn't have been the same place. Thank you. 
[Imagine what the year would have been like if PV and CCT had not been invented, if 1 hadn't emailed to meet 
you after your Harry Potter trip, if we weren't chem. and yoga partners, if you never got to "surprise piggy" 
me or if I had never spoken to you during fencing.] 

Next September, I won't be dressed in the number one uniform but I won't be far from TCS. Thank you for 
everything: Mum, Dad, Stacey, Megan and friends. It's okay that I am leaving. I'm ready ■ I think I took in every- 
thing TCS had to offer me in preparation for the years to come. 

Heather Godard 06-08 

"Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain." 
■ November Rain, Guns 'N' Roses 

Thanks to: 

My Parents for this opportunity. My Grandparents, especially my Grandpa Frank, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Grandfield for teaching 
but also inspiring, Ms. McAleenan for being a friend as well as an advisor, Becca, Kendra and Becky for helping me more then I 
think they know and Ali for being there through it all. .^^^^^^^ 

Robin Courtice 02-08 

I'll never forget the years I spent here and the people I've met. I'd like to thank: All my friends from the JS, and every- 
one else I met in the senior school; especially all my buds in Orchard, TL and McKercher. Good luck to the guys in grade 
11, have a good one next year fellas. All the teachers who believed in me and gave up their time and effort to help me 
learn and progress. FD for being yourself, and Mr. Gregg, likewise. Finally, my parents for giving me the opportunity to go 
to this school. Good luck everyone, I hope to see you all again someday. 


Guy-Etienne Richard 06-08 
I would first like to thank my parents for the won- 
derful opportunity they have provided me over the 
past two years in allowing me to study at TCS. The 
friendships I formed here will for ever be engraved 
in my memory. Even though most of us will be head- 
ing to different universities and career paths over 
the next few years, I am positive that we will remain 
friends for a long time. Time at TCS seems to have 
simply flown by. I will miss the well balanced life 
we enjoyed at TCS: Chapel, study, sports, and fun... 
even the food was reasonably good! I wish we could 
have brought TCS our hockey league trophy but this 
objective will have to be completed by the next 
generations of students. Although I am anxious to 
depart for a new adventure next year, 1 know that 1 
will certainly miss the wonderful ambience of learn- 
ing at TCS. 

Andrew Sylvester 06-08 

After two years all 1 can say is 
to live it up, disregard critical 
opinions, forget the rumour 
mill, find a solid crew, and 
keep it real. Keep the spirits 
high within your crew, forget 
all those who are artificial, and 
stay on top of your homework 
(especially math and science). 1 
would like to thank my parents 
for allowing me this opportu- 
nity; I would also like to thank 
my fellow rowers and coaches. 
For those of you staying behind, 
have fun and make the most of 
this place. 

Alexander Vit 06-08 
I vividly remember my first day in chapel. Grainger gave his 
famous goose speech and soon after I plunged myself into an 
exhorting mud-pit. Then, the good times began. The two years 
that I've spent here have had their ups and their downs, long 
nights and early mornings. I have learnt much more than jusL 
lessons in a classroom. Thank you Mum and Dad for making 1 
happen. Your unwavering love and support has meant more ( 
me than 1 could ever express. Nico, hang on, you'll soon be) 
done. Granny and Grand-daddy, thank you for teaching me I 
importance of education. To all my friends, I'm not going toj 
one of those people to list off a hundred names. You know\ 
you are. I'll miss you guys. Bea, thanks for making every da 
more fun. Thank you to all my teachers. Keiser and Ingram,^ 
you've been tough, but only to make us better. I couldn't 
imagine being in another house. To my coaches. Coop, TL, i 
TH, BK, MM. Thank you for pushing me harder. Our time has ' 
come to move on. Goodbye TCS, it's been fun. 

Kushal Patel 02-08 
"To those of you who received honors, awards and 
distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, 1 
say you too may one day be president of the United 
States." George W. Bush 

I am not going to tie, but putting together a grad quote 
is easier said then done, but here it goes.... 
Many years ago, 1 walked, no, tippy toed into the grade 
7 classroom, not knowing that 1 was laying my life on 
the line for the next 6 years. Rather than spending 
this valuable space talking about why my educational 
experiences could be likened to a plump turnip rotting 
in the bowels of a rank dumpster; I'll focus on a more 
positive thing: the ladies. 1 know it will be hard not 
seeing my sexy, manly physique anymore, so let's put it 
this way: laying eyes on the great Kushal is better than 
living 2 years of any person's life. 
TCS has been a great opportunity. Met a lot of different 

kinds of people and enjoyed my life in high school 

"Emotions, drama, broken hearts, and lies 

& they say these were the best days of our lives?" 

Anuj Tanna 02-08 
I realize now that my four years of high 
school had very little to do with Math, 
English, and getting good grades. My 
years at TCS were more so defined by 
various experiences which have helped 
to make me who 1 am, and helped me 
to decide what 1 wish to be in the fu- 
ture. 1 would first like to thank Mrs. Pic- 
cini for guiding me in the early stages 
of my TCS career. TL and Mr. Anderson, 
thank you for everything you have done 
for me. 1 would also like to thank Ms. 
Barton and Mr. Robert for being amaz- 
ing teachers, and helping me to realize 
my goals for the future. However, the 
most important thing about TCS. is 
the people 1 spent everyday with. My 
friends have made my TCS experience 
what it is. TCS keeps us at school so 
long; I've seen more of them in the past 
four years than my immediate family. 
A big thank you to all my friends, you 
know who you are; be sure to stay in 
touch. The most important thing for 
me to do at this moment is to thank my 
parents. Thank you Mom and Dad. 1 am 
so lucky to have parents like you. You 
have sacrificed so much to give me all 
the privileges and all of the opportuni- 
ties that 1 could ever dream of. Thank 
you. I've been at TCS for 6 years now, 
and it's been good, but I'm ready to get 
going. Thanks. 

Jordan Mowbray 01-08 
I will always remember.. .the girl next door, just J 
kidding. But really, it's kind of funny how every) 
year when you read graduating students' quote 
you start have ideas about what your quote 
should be like. When it rolls around, you can't 
think of anything to say. I'm not sure what to sa] 
but here I go. First and foremost, I would like to 
thank all the teachers that had the pleasure of 
teaching me, most notably Mr. Bailey, Mr. Large.] 
and Mrs. Piccini. I'd like to thank all my friends j 
who made th's experience what it was, you 
know who you are, and hopefully we will keep in 
touch. Finally, and most importantly, I would like 
to thank my parents who have kept me here for , 
7 years. Although it was an extremely long timej 
I would not have had it any other way. Oh, and 
good luck Justin. ..you'll need it. I am happy it is| 
finally over but I will always miss TCS-and for; 
of you kids at TCS, don't take this opportunity fj 
granted, make the most of what it's worth. Nov 
that I am finally getting a long but well deserve 
break from TCS, I find myself asking.. .once I 
return with the other alumni, what will have 
changed? How many more buildings will there I 
Will Mr. Hay ever retire? Will Mr. Robert ever gefl 
taller? Will day houses still be better than boarq 
ing houses? 


Class of 2008 

I tiJHitn 

-x *^xv ^* :^* :^» 


I ' T ' T ' T ' 









Good afternoon fellow classmates, teachers and beloved family members. I am honoured to be able to speak 
to you on behalf of the Grade 8 community. I will talk to you about our lives at TCS, about our past experiences, and 
about our vision for the future. I hope that by the end of my speech, I will have given you another perspective about 
our time at TCS. 

Generally we think of school as the key that opens all doors to the future. As long as you go through the right 
doors, and walk down the right hallways, then you'll succeed in finding the things that interest you. Oddly enough, 
some teenagers might view school as a place where they are being forced to go. They might find school a boring 
place; a place where they can't wait for the bell to ring that signifies the end of the day. 

TCS isn't like that. In fact, TCS isn't considered to be school, but a complete way of life. It's where students 
learn not only particle theory and Pythagoras, but the true value of friendship, kindness and fair play. It's where all 
students embrace Traditions, Community, and Shared Values. Really, in order to have a community, or a family, each 
member must be equally valued and respected; and this is a key principle that I have learned at TCS. 

As you can see, we're all wearing the same uniform in order to look united, like a team. And like the best 
teams, the similarity in our appearance represents deeper similarities, and most importantly, a shared sense of pur- 
pose. While we share the same core values, every member of the community contributes personal ideas and strengths 
that ultimately benefit the entire community. 

Our teachers are vital members who always know how to draw out the best of our abilities. As a matter of 
fact, the teachers here at Trinity College School aren't considered teachers. After the first week of school, we get so 
accustomed to them that they become role models, guides, and close friends. They become people who you want to 
have around you, only if they're in a good mood of course. This is how I felt during my early stages at TCS. No matter 
how hard they try to put on their teacher's mask and try to follow strict rules for teaching, every single teacher even- 
tually takes off that mask, and reveals his or her own unique personality. Each teacher has a special way of making us 
students want to be a part of their class and learn. Occasionally, when we students drift too far off from the "mother 
ship" or the real world, teachers would have to reel us back in, like fish, though sometimes we go so far away, that 
they can't reach us. 

Oscar Wilde once said, "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." The only way you learn is 
by making mistakes. Otherwise, you'll never really cherish the feeling of trying hard, and giving it your absolute best 
until the very end; in other words, perseverance. This is one of many lessons that I learned at TCS. As many of you 
may have already known, I'm a very competitive young fellow. Remember those 4 yellow cards I had last soccer sea- 
son? I always thought that I either had to come in first place, or not bother playing at all. I always thought that I had 
to achieve a certain mark on an assignment or test, or meet a certain level of expectations; and if I didn't, then I'd 
be disappointed in myself. So clearly, competition is one way I use to motivate myself. 

However, I have come to understand that competition isn't the only way to be motivated. Sometimes it 
doesn't matter whether you lose your hockey game, or receive a mark less than your expectations. Rather than put- 
ting yourself down, learn from the experience. Past experiences that you learn from, will benefit you in the future. 
Though, for some reason the Toronto Maple Leafs don't seem to understand this concept of learning from their mis- 
takes, hence why they never make it to the play-offs; however, I value this new understanding. It's something that I 
can carry on with me, and teach others. And I know that others will learn and carry it on with them as well. 

Some Grade 8s might remember doing math with chocolate Smarties in Grade 5. Others might remember tak- 
ing class with Mr. Phillips's beloved fellow historians, Sir Bob and Bertha the Great in Grade 7. I'm pretty sure Grade 
8s remember watching the Romeo and Juliet video, especially the balcony scene, though apparently some have yet 
to complete it or feel the urge to watch it again. These years felt like a long roller coaster ride. We've had our ups 
and downs, and we've even gone through loops and bends backwards, without knowing what's before us. Sometimes 
it felt scary; however we knew that we would all stick together until the end of the ride and arrive safely, having 
learned so much more than when we first got on. 

I would like to thank Mrs. Piccini, Mr. Grainger, and our teachers who really transformed and elevated us from 
children, to young adults. Most importantly, I would like to thank our parents, grandparents and guardians who have 
supported us, and without whom, we wouldn't be here. Grade 8s, good luck in the future, and hopefully as we enter 
High School we will all carry with us the values and memories that we have shared over the last few years. Each per- 
son here in this audience has played an essential role in making our community stronger and more united. We know 
we can depend on your advice for support in the future. I wish you all a wonderful summer and thank you very much! 

- Samier Kamr 


Prizes for Ac 

Olivia Bonham-Carter 
Nayab Khokhar 
Lindsay Williams 

in Foundation Year 

Liam Cunliffe 
Cameron Pollard 
Khalid Yassein 

Prizes for Academic Excellence in Year Two 
Elizabeth Brown Melody Burke 

Monica Dhillon Justin Graffi 

Donna Kim Kiki Kirkpatrick 

Sarah Mehta Breigh Scheefer 

Anika Heinmaa 
Joe Roberts 

Conner Charlebois 
Patrick Kelley 
Daniel Large 

Conner Janeteas 
Bryce Robson 

Nick Chauvin 
Sydney Kidd 
Taylor McCurd' 

Trinity Prizes and F.A. Bethune Scholarships 

Foundation Year - Conner Janeteas Year Two - Taylor McCurdy 

Year Three - Rachel Young 

Headmaster's Award for Academic Distinction in Year Three 
Claire Bourgeois Mackenzie Bowen Andrea Copeland 

Caitlin Herman Dylan Hunter Malakai Kirkpatrick 

Sierra McKenzie .j^fc Skylar Neblett Reid Ynez Vinieris-Giancola 

ReneeWu J^^^^h. Jackie Yang Alay a Yassei n 

Jennifer Yuen 

Jenn Guenette 
Saskia Lau 
Clayton Whetui 
Rachel Young 

Subject Prizes in Year Three ^^ 

.The Marion Garland Prize for English - Sierra McKenzie**^ 
BUi-'Gareth Jones Prize for Mathematics - Donna Kim 
The Philip Bishop Prize for French Immersion - Elizabeth Browi 
The Philip Bishop Prize for French Co 
The Spanish Prjze - Jackie Yd 

The Music Prize - David Woodi 
The Astronomy Prize - Douglas . 
The Outdoor Education Prize - Ife 

The Drama Prfee - Galen Flaherty 
The Dr. Forr- 


he Prjysic? 

he fhemistry Pri 

he Bioiogy Prize -M. 

The HPE Leadership Course Prize - Jem 

Fine Arts Awards 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating - Simon Cameron The Music Director's Award - Diana Chu 

The Speaker's Gavel - Cailin Kearns * The Headmaster's Art Award - Claire Stewart 

Class of '89 Award - Alex Parker The Tony Prower Choral Award - Liz King 

The Butterfield Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to Dramatics - Cece Culver-Grey 

The 1 970 Trophy for Special Contribution to the Arts - Cece Culver-Grey 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Trophy for Inter-House Competition - Wright House 

Service Awards ; 

The Armour Memorial Prize for the Editors of The Record - Sarah Essak and Stephanie Kelley 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize - Gareth Cecil-Cockwell 

The Clinton Sayers '80 Community Service Award - Daniela Gagnon " 

Atheltic Award ^^^B« 

The de Pencier Cup for Effort, Spirit and Achievement in Sports - Julia Fishlock and Brandon MacGregor 

The Ingles Trophy for Keeness in Athletics - Jonathon Austin, David Zmozynski and Daniela Gagnon 

The Jack Maynard Memorial Trophy for Leadership in Athletics - Samuel Davies, Stephanie Murray and Olv^n Foley 

The Brian "Toby" and Patrick Kent Memorial Award - Stephanie Kelley, Charles Peltrop and Mira Trebilcock >vi*jj^« 

The Grand Challenge Trophy - Justin Lewis and Kristen Pallen ■•»S8h 


The Centennial Prizes for Effort and Progress 

Tori Donovan Tsubasa Morlshita 

Devin Henderson Lynn Wang 

Shakira Warner 

Headmaster's Awards for Academic Distinction in Year Four 

Sarah Chan Carl Chauvin 

Jen Clarke Graham Dersnah 

Julia Fishlock Bea Hutcheson-Santos 

Sean Kim Vera Liang 

Alex Parker Daniel So 

Dayna Taylor Stephanie Terfloth 

Jessica Chin-You 
Jenna Dickson 
Istephanie Kelley 


OSS Strik _ 
Jhanh ViJ 

Subject Prizes in Year Four 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize for English - Vera Liang 
The Charles Tottenham French Prize - Saskia Lau 
The J.D. Ketchum Music Prize - Dylan Hunter '4Hm 
The Dr. Forrest Prize for Art - Mackenzie Bowen 
The Founder's Prize for Physics - Carl Chauvin i 
The Don McCord Prize for Classics - Clayton Whetung 
The Philosophy Prize - Lisa Noel 

The Hugh Stevenson FrenchPrize - Marc-^|S 

The Spanish Prize - Lisa No^^ ^^^L 

The A.M. Campbell Economic^rize - SieflfWHCenzie 

The Drama Prize - Bea Hutcheson-Santos 

The Peter H. Lev^is Medal for Chemistry - Carl Chauvin 

The Classical Civilisation Prize - David West 

The Biology Prize - Liz King 

The Exercise Science Prize - Mfra Trebilcock 

The Science Prize - Ross Strike The Exercise Science frize - rma ireoiic 

3 Hugel Prize for Environmental Resource Management - Douglas Roach ] 

I lie Hugel Prize for World Issues - Olwyn Foley and Malakai Kirkpatrick , 

The John T. Ba nd Prize for Senior History - Jessica Chin-You The Rigb y Social S ciences Prizd^ - Jessica 

F ^•>.i?fef 

.na Dicksc 

T -.^^i 

The Millennium Scholarships 

Julia Fishlock 

Dayna Taylor 

The Headmaster's Award for Shared Leadership 

Malakai Kirkpatrick Dylan Stewart Rachel Young 

Prizes for Outstanding Contribution to School Life 

The Hamilton Bronze Medal for Foundation Year - Joe Roberts 

The 1945 Challenge Trophy for Year Tv/o - Donna Kim 

The Langmuir Challenge Trophy for Year Three - Skylar Neblett Reid ^ 

The J. Timothy Kennish Trophy - Julia Fishlock ■■" 

Major Awards 

The Collin Lav/rence Cureatz Memorial Award - Jessica Chin-You , . 

The Trinidad-Tobago Spirit of the Caribbean Cup - Sascha Hamilton-Miller and Bobby Edghill 

The Andrew Westlake Memorial Scholarship - Daniela Gagnon and David Zmozynski 

The Merv Anthony Award - Sophia Rashid 

The Peter Jennings Medal for English - Jessica Chin-You 

The Jubilee Exhibition Award for Mathematics - Vera Liang 

The Bermuda Cup Scholarship - Jenna Dickson -. 

The Governor-General's Medal and the Chancellor's Prize for Scholarship - Carl Chauvin 

The Angus and Lorna Scott Awards - Dayna Taylor, Elizabeth King, Alexander Parker, Thanh Vu 

The Rodger Wright Medal - Jenna Dickson and Julia Fishlock 

The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy - Mira Trebilcock ' 

The Bronze Medals - Gareth Cecil-Cockwell and Jenna Dickson 


Collin Cureatz (1984- 2007) 

Collin Cureatz had once been described by one of iiis teachers at Trinity College School as a "man for all seasons, 
student, a winning athlete, a talented musician and singer, a caring community volunteer and a natural leader. 

He was a top 

Academically, he excelled in all areas, but particularly in science and mathematics where he took both AP Chemistry and Cal- 
culus. Athletically, he played soccer and golf, skied, ran and served as captain of the Bigside hockey team. Artistically, he sang 
in the chapel choir, was the lead in the school musical HAAS Pinafore, played guitar in a small band and earned his Grade 8 in 
piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. While his accomplishments were very impressive, they were often underscored by 
his deep and authentic humility and concern for others. Collin was a friend to everyone. While he was a Day student he spent 
so much of his time on campus that he could easily have been a boarder. He loved all of the opportunities that TCS had and he 
took full advantage of them. He was a genuine, loving, caring and positive young man. 

In his final year of high school, Collin was elected head prefect. He also found time to organize TCS's annual junior hockey 
tournament, volunteer with the Big Brothers in Waiting Program of Port Hope and spend two weeks in Jamaica doing volunteer 
work in rural schools and orphanages. This is where Collin developed an even greater desire to help others. 

Collin pursued an honours degree in applied pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Guelph after his four years at Trinity 
College School were up. Collin graduated from Guelph with Distinction and the university's prestigious President's Scholarship, 
which recognizes academic accomplishments and contributions to school and community alike. After receiving his degree from 
Guelph, Collin decided to take a break before applying to medical school and to return to TCS as an associate faculty member. 
He was eager to give back to the Trinity community who had given him so much during his years as a student. 

Unfortunately, Collin was struck and killed by a vehicle outside of Banff, Alberta while cycling across Canada on June 29th, 

A few words from Collin that should be shared with all in regards of how to achieve true happiness in a profession are: "I am 
confident that as long as I start university with a path that interests me, I will, in time, find different routes that will lead me 
on a journey to discover what will make me truly happy in the workplace." 





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This year's staff was a great group to work with. It was a rebuilding year and these guys 
stuck with it through hassling emails, lots of starting over, and even the summer. Our 
theme this year was inspired by Quinn's "same book, new look" theory. We basically took 
all the traditional aspects of the yearbook and twisted them, along with all the memo- 
rable TCS events and people, into our own - modernized - book. We hope that you - the 
students, faculty, and staff of Trinity College School - enjoy our unique expression of the 
2007-2008 school year. 

Special thanks to Ms. Hillier and Ms. Brough who worked so hard with us, even with the 
pregnancies, summers, and slow computers. 

The Survivors of Yearbook 2007 - 2008 are... *drum roll please* : 

Business Editor: Clayton Whetung 

Artistic Directors: Robin Courtice, Katie Essak and Dayna Taylor 

Photo Editor: Melanie DuMoulin 

Grad Editor: Sophia Rashid 

Sports Editors: Rebecca Ro and Quinn Flaherty 

Junior Editor: Jessica Taylor 

Photographers: Elizabeth Traicus, Taylor McCurdy and Ben Crase 

Hours of Record work have left our team in many different forms - looking 
like mice, finding love with a stuffed toy after all other social life has been 
destroyed, running away to Quebec, escaping to the hockey rink, paddling 
away, just asking for PEACE, seducing inanimate objects (like cameras), 
standing up for our book, and even smushing grapes to their faces in an ef- 
fort to "fit in". Thanks for a great year, guys! 


Figure 2 

Once upon a time there was a duo of editors by the names of Bumble Bee and Lady Bug (aka 
Sarah Essak and Stephanie Kelley). After many hours slaving away in the computer labs, the 
famous duo decided to go on an adventure. And not just any ordinary adventure - but an 
adventure by wing. The two took off and headed towards the mysterious waterfall. Unfor- 
tunately the Ghost of Yearbooks Past found them behind a wall of alligators (see Figure 1). 
This forced the daring two to take cover in the shadows of the wooden cave, yet again they 
were found (see Figure 2)! Taking this as a sign, they flew gracefully back to the computer 
labs where their lives were once again overtaken by the sumptuous amount of work that the 
Yearbook holds (see Figure 3). 

PS This story is based entirely on fact. NO JOKE. 

PPS Caution when handling tedious/annoying yearbook work 

Your Editors, 

Stephanie Kelley and Sarah Essak 







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SSHi«i^S>i^^tiA!r^i5w/'t •■'-i'\ A. * . * . * . * . * . . . . 

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