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Drawing by: Natalie Cheng 













Student Life 


Speech Day/Grads 







Peter Fulton 

Assistant Editor 
John MacFarlane 

Head of Photography 
Malinda Campbell 


John McCallum 

Sean Dempsey 

Jeff Ruhl 


Charlotte Moore 

Amy Steele 

Julian Whike 

Natalie Cheng 

Mike Pohoresky 

Natasha Djelweh 

Paul Futhey 

Ashley Barr 

Laura Kucey 

Guy Ebbrell 


Malinda Campbell 

Peter Fulton 

Mr. R. Wright 

Amy Steele 


Staff Advisor 
B. Grandfield 

Special Thanks 

Mr. R. Wright 

Mrs. Morgan 



In the following pages you will see students partaking in all 
aspects of school life, trying to be a Model Student. Few of 
them quite have what it takes to be considered the Model 
Student for this year's Record. After reviewing the student 
body, only one person fit all of the criteria that compose a 
Model Student: Guy Ebbrell. Guy Ebbrell has all of the fa- 
cets that are required to be a Model Student: he works hard, 
he plays hard, he's got great hair. But still, more is needed 
in order to be the Model Student. A Model Student must 
help the sick, give knowledge to the stupid, and console the 
upset. Guy does this everyday, and we should all be more 
like Guv. 


The school became even stronger after its second year 
of co-ed, as tensions were eased and the weight-room 
was frequented more often. Our sports teams were 
the most successful ever, the Trinity drama society put 
on its most ambitious production ever, and Mr. Wright 
got a new dog. It was fairly eventful year. 

If you are about to flip through this Record for pictures 
of yourself, don't bother. There are none. This year 
I have decided to fill up the entire book with pictures 
and memoirs of the late Lounge-Singer, Shecky Green. 
I'm sorry if you are disappointed, but no one could 
sing "I've got Topeka on my mind and garlic on my 
breath" like Shecky. If you have just finished flipping 
through this book you will have discovered that I am 
lying (but don't tell the others). 

The more observant of you will have noticed that the 
book is a wee bit lighter this year than that of previ- 
ous years. Bravo, you're a star, and you obviously have 
nothing better to do with your time than to weigh Re- 
cords. Anyway, this lack of weight is due to two 
things: first we stopped chiseling all of our pages on 
stone, and second our budget got cut, and we had 
to buy less pages this year. So it's quality not quantity! 

However, this page reduction forced me to eliminate 
certain pages that 1 had wanted to do, such as the "Day 
in the life of a lawn-dart." 1 can tell by your reactions 
that you are all disappointed that this page had to be 
cut. I also could not find space to fit in a photo of the 
under-water doily weaving team (sport of the future). 
I apologize to the members of this team and their fam- 

ilies and friends, and I wish you all the best as you de- 
fend your CISAA championship next year. 

What caused our budget to be slashed? Well, it's really 
quite simple: we did not fill all of the beds this year with 
students. Instead we had to resort to baby seals, but we 
clubbed them before we could charge them tuition. This 
means the school lost precious capital. We cannot afford 
always to fill our beds with baby seals, so this means 
that we have to get more students. In order to do this, 
we have to shoot all the members of the Conservative 
party (sorry, Neil and Irv) in order to strengthen our ec- 
onomy. We also have to get a better reputation so that 
perspective candidates choose TCS before any other ISAA 
school. This means we cannot have any more stupid in- 
cidents at formals; our students have to make more of 
an effort to carry themselves with dignity (this means 
going to class, chapel, and bathing regularly). If we all 
make this effort, TCS will once again become the pillar 
of the ISAA (as if it isn't already!) in the eyes of prospec- 
tive parents and applicants alike, and the Record can 
get its pages back. 

In closing, I would Uke to thank my entire Record staff 
who all worked so hard this year (even Guy) especially 
John and Paul (not from the Beatles) and Ashley, who 
all stayed behind after Speech Day to help me out. I 
would also like to thank my year book adviser, Mr. 
Grandfield, for also staying behind (though he does live 
in Port Hope, so I guess he had to). Finally, thanks to 
Mr. Wright, Mrs. Morgan and all of the faculty that so 
promptly gave me write-ups and records. I hope that 
you enjoy this ninty-sixth edition of the Record, but if 
you do not, blame Paul Futhey; he did it. 




Mrs. Stevenson Daniel Wells 

Operator #1 Sean Dempsev 

Western Union Edward Hall 

Information Spencer White 

Man Jonathan Knight 

George Matthew McKane-Pirtovshek 

Chief Operator Richard Nanka-Bruce 

Second Operator Bryce Gibson 

Sergeant Duffv Brett Hayhurst 

Third Operator Garth Nichols 

Woman Ross Birchall 

DIRECTORS Robert Magwood 

Stuart Robb 

Had it not been for the script in Dan Well's hand, the 
audience would never have known that he did not 
have his part memorized. In typical Brent House style, 
they had the audience howling and Mr. Kedwell fum- 



The Mistress Tatiana Rodriguez 

The Wild One Jennen Phelan 

The Gazer Shannon Chestnut 

The Guzzler Shelley Stacey 

The Gossip Jill Van Kempen 

The Thump Gillian Fahy 

The Twitting Nikki Hawke 

The Health Nut Elsbeth Hornibrook 

The Singer Tania Lemoine 

STAGE CREW Stephanie Feddery 

Kate Simmonds 
DIRECTOR Malinda Campbell 

An energetic production, highlighted by Jenen 
Phelan's premiere on the TCS stage. Her character ad- 
vocated the proper use of freedom. It seems that we 
do not know how to use it properly. The staging was 
wonderful, thanks to the ambitious directing of Ma- 
linda Campbell. 




Son Philip Sword 

Daughter Kristi Adamcryck 

Mother Tina Burnham 

Father David Michaud 

J immy Neil Stevenson 

Miss Home Bridget Kerin 

Delivery Man Chad Ito 

Bryon Mumford 

Camera Person Keri Davis 

Julian Northey 

STAGE CREW Andrew Proctor 

Ben Sandford 
DIRECTOR David Michaud 

Hodgetts House was once again the bridesmaid and 
not the bride. In typical Hodgetts House fashion, they 
put on a first rate snow with superb acting. Phil Sword 
was deservedly the co-winner of the best actor award, 
portraying a misguided teen. Much credit should go 
to David Michaud for his 

magnificent acting and di- 



Jim Jason Liddell 

John James Trenholme 

Todd David Crosbie 

Judy Max Saegert 

Ted Peter Fulton 

Mark Marc Morin 

Melissa Kevin Chan 

Jack Rizwan Hassan 

Father Dooley Timothy Lee 

Evan David Grant 

DIRECTOR Peter Fulton 

It was funny; it was serious; it was warped; it was 
Fulton. Jason Liddell made his acting debut, portray- 
ing, "Jim" who loses at Russian roulette. He then has 
a half hour to live. He is visited by "friends" who only 
want to get as much out of him before he kicks the 
oxygen habit. Kevin Chan played the voluptuous 
Melissa, in a memorable scene. 

Best Actors: CHARLOTTE 

Best Supporting Actor: NOBLE 


Best Play: END ZONE 



Ellen Charlotte Muiire 

Lois Marte Towle 

Mother Katie Flynn 

Teacher Amy Steele 

Jessie Hope Rennie 

Chris Michelle Hagenson 

Pat Oonagh Duncan 

The Chorus Kristin Campbell 

Ainslie Ellis 

Alexis Ellis 

Christie Will 

Other Students Rachael Scott 

Natalie Cheng 

Jocelyn Deeks 

The Voice Lee Ann Clarke 

STAGE CREW Sarah Brascoupe, Lisa McNally, 

Amanda Salmon, Carlynn Sands, 

Claudia Sheehy 

DIRECTORS Sasha Mervyn, Arundel Strathy 

Scott House the rookie of the Play Festival showed 
up many of the veteran Houses by producing one of 
the finest plays. Charlotte Moore was perfect as the 
stressed-out girl, who is writing the Mother-of-all- 
Tests. She deservedly won the co-best actor award. 
This well paced play was orchestrated by Arundel 
Strathy and Sasha Mervyn, who displayed great di- 
recting abilities. 



Nathan Paul Johnson 

Kent Donald Kellett 

Darren Wells Baker 

DIRECTOR Michael Morrissette 

Mike Morrissette wTote and directed this gripping play about 
drugs, death and peer-pressure. The audience was spell- 
t)ound for the play s entirety, as the characters enterea the 
cosmos and beyond. Wells Baker and Paul lohnson did a fine 
job of acting 



|im Peterson Jonathan Buchanan 

Mike Campbell Bradley Smith 

Dr. R. Such Andrew Howse 

John Noble Gibson 

Coach Kevin Cochrane Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Lucky Duncan Purcell 

Happy Jason Hands 

Richard (Dick) Michael Ross 

Vinny Laird Arnoldi 

Mr. Giovanni Mark Francolini 

Max Peter Sil vera 

Bud Smarts Johan Persson 

Fans and Football Players Andre Dacosta 

Randi Jamieson 

STAGE CREW Hamish Cowan, Ken Bignell 

Adrian Y.C. Lee, Kyle Nichols 

Kim Nopper, Michael Pohoreskv 

DIRECTOR Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Bickle House, under the direction of Ceri Warwick- 
Foster, was this year's winner. Ceri, with help from 
Andrew Howse wrote this compelling script, depict- 
ing life at the football oriented institution. Noble Gib- 
son won the best supporting actor award, for his 
portrayal of a dumb jock on steroids. Brad Smith was 
excellent in the leading role. "End Zone" was highly 
enjoyable due to Ceri's script and direction. 



Liza Oonagh Duncan 

Nana Matthew McKane-Pirtovshek 

Michael Bradley Denton 

Mary Darling Sasha Mervyn 

John Paul Futhey 

Wendy Sarah Keelan 

George Darling Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Peter Pan Robert Magwood 

The Lost Boys: 

Slightly Daniel Salmon 

Tootles Kabir Jamal 

Nibs Ashley Ban- 
Curly Jason Seagram 

First Twin Edan Howell 

Second Twin Jeffrey Kopas 

Omnes Shannon Chestnut 

Captain Jas. Hook Peter Fulton 

His Pirates 

Cecco Brett Hayhurst 

Jukes Andrew Howse 

Cookson Michael Ross 

Starkey Timothy Lee 

Mullins Neil Stevenson 

Noddler Andrew Howse 

Smee, the boatswain Sean Dempsey 

Tiger Lily Arundel Strathy 

Panther Kristi Adamcryck 

The Piccaninny Indians.. Natalie Cheng, 

Courtney Green, Emma Gorsline, 

Garth Nichols, Kyle Nichols, 

Marte Towle 

Assistant to the Director... Heidi Richter 

Producer Gail Malenf ant 

Director Peter Kedwell 

The week before opening night pandemonium 
and chaos filled the air as the actors learned 
to fly, and learned their lines. It seemed inev- 
itable that the play was going to come crash- 
ing down as hard as Sarah Keelan. who !^till 
couldn't fly the night before the first perform- 
ance. We were doomed. The play was over 
before it had even started. However, something 
as magical as Never Never Land was imbibed 
by the cast during that final week, enabling 
them to find their characters, and to put on 
an enjoyable production for the audience. The 
cast was shocked for the play actually worked, 
and Sarah could fly (but she couldn't land, jusi 
ask Martin Denault.) Congratulatioas to Rob 
Magwood. who did a fine job as Peter, and to 
all of the pirates and Lost boys. Thanks to Mrs. 
Malenfant. and Ms. Richlcr for their help and 
support. Special thanks to Mr. Kedwell for sur- 
viving another production, and not for abort- 
ing the play when all looked lost. 



In late January, Pete Fulton approached 
me with three scripts that he was in the 
midst of writing. One was really bad, the 
second was really, really, bad and the 
third was to become; "TO MOOSE JAW 
this time,' it was untitled, and I thought 
it to be 'just another really long Fulton 
skit. ' After I had chosen the lead role and 
promised to help out, we auditioned a 
lot of people. I was impressed by the 
amount of people who came out to ac- 
tually bring Pete's bizarre idea off the 
ground. Everyone was surprised by how 
well the play went, especially Pete. He's 
a pretty modest guy but he must be con- 
gratulated for having faith in a play that 
without him would nave failed. We had 
a great cast including Johann Persson, 
Nobby Gibson and me. The play was 
greatly enhanced by the original score 
written and performed by Andrew Proc- 
tor and Shawn Inwards. The music ad- 
ded some fluid consistency between the 
numerous scene changes. Thanks Pete, 
for your patience and for starting a tra- 
dition of student productions that I'm 
sure will continue. 

Ceri Warwick-Foster 



James Ceri Warwick KosIit 

Bob Marc Morin 

Betty Ashley Ban- 
Bill Mike Pohoresky 

Becky Mae ve Kerin 

Barb Bridget Kerin 

Matt Peter l-ulton 

Isaac David Michaud 

Ida Arundel Strathv 

Cook Ed Hail 

Sheep Mark Francolini 

Officer Bobby Rodger Wright 

Killer Cuv Ebbrell 

Hank Philip Sword 

Guard Tim Lee 

Alex Milosh Mills 

Ben Jay Hands 

Biff Noble Gibson 

Jude Matthew Hurt 

Sister Abigail Sarah Keelan 

Sister Florence Marte Towie 

Sister Margaret Oonagh Duncan 

Sister Susanna Charlotte Moore 

Sister Joanna Malinda Campbell 

Captain Johan Persson 

Bob »2 Sean Dempsey 

Rocco John MacFarlane 

Chico Dan Wells 

Claude Nairn Antaki 

Musical Director Andrew Proctor 

The Pit Band Philip Sword 

Andrew Proctor 
Shawn Inwards 

Written and Directed bv Peter Fulton 



The Friday Night Arts tradition continued this year under the di- 
rection of Ceri Warwick-Foster. The school's artistic talents shone 
brightly as an array of dancers, singers, poets, llamas, actors, mu- 
sicians, and baby seals took the stage. The baby seals were promptly 
clubbed. Standout acts included: Ceri and Edan Howell's coverage 
of "Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie" songs, the Ms. Bodie dancers, 
Milosh and Miguel's guitar-talents, Arundel Strathy, and Peter 
Fulton's skits from hell. The school seemed to enjoy both nights 
and the numbers in attendance warrant the Arts Nights to continue 
in the future. 




The schcxjl got it right the hrst time this 
year, so we only had to run the Oxford 
Cup once. Last year's winner, Hamish 
Cowan surprised everyone b>' winning the 
race again and by passing the steaiid test, 
(he barely studied). The nximmate cate- 
gory was won by the team of Fines and 
Harrison who placed 2nd and 5th respec- 
ti\'ely. The top female was Isabel Tremblay 
who finished an impressive 74th. 

CongratuJations to all who completed the 


K ^^ft 


^^H ^^^BB ^^^V 





t t I 

U i^ 

..iSSiT T^ \ 



/ »>■ 


This Page; Top Left: "So Dayna, what do you think the 
circumference of this fort is?"; Top Right: Master- 
Rappers; Middle Left: Please give this man a good home; 
Middle Right: "Ahhh!! Proctor!"; Bottom Left: "Well 
hello there! Gosh! Isn't this a wonderful day?"; Oppo- 
site Page. Top Left: "Ah, come on guys, give me a 
break." Top Right: Seagram: "Boy, that was a neat-o 
joke. Dr. DuBroy!" Dr. DuBroy: "Aha-Aha-Aha-Snort- 
Snort"; Bottom Left: pondering life, death, and the 
whole damn thing; Bottom Right: Latin is not a dead 
language, it's only sleeping. 




Mr. D. McCart 



Mr. B. Proctor 

Mr. R. Wright 



Mr. P. Godfrey 



Mr. J. Geale 

Mr. J. Prince 



Mr. G. Jones 

Mr. E. Bogvav 



Miss V. TumbuU 

Mrs. K. Vasila 



Mr. E. Norenius 

Mr. L. Adamcryck 


Mrs. N. Alldred (Grade 8) 

Mr. D. Allen (Econi)mics) 

Dr. R. Bermingham (Mod. Lang.) 

Mrs. D. Boss (Mod. Lang.) 

Mrs. P. Dew (English) 

Dr. M. DuBroy (English) 

Mr. P. Elsley (History) 

Miss L. Falco (Phys. Ed.) 

Ms. L. Goos (Biology) 

Mr. B. Grandfield (English) 

Mr. A. Gregg (Art) 

Mr. S. Haberer (Physics) 

Mrs. M. Hargraft (Maths) 

Mr. T. Hay (Phys. Ed.) 

Mr. M. Heaton (Geography) 

Rev. T. Heaven (Librarian) 

Mr. B. Hedney (Chemistry) 

Mr. W. Hobbs (Hist., Econ.) 

Mr. R. Holt (Biology) 

Mr. P. Kedwell (Mod. Lang.) 

Mr. T. Langford (Maths, Comp.) 

Mr. R. Large (English) 

Mrs. G. Malenfant (ESL) 

Mrs. J. McCoU (Keyboarding) 

Mr. D. McCord (Classics) 

Mr. A. McDonald (Chemistry) 

Mr. ]. McGee (Music) 

Mr. B. Phillips (History) 

Mr. R. Ramsay (Computers) 

Mr. R. Reynolds (Geography) 

Mr. C. Robert (History) 

Mr. L. Robling (Geography) 

Mr. M. Sandford (Maths) ' 

Rev. J. Seagram (Chaplain) 

Mr. J. Seagram (English) 

Mr. M. Sinnott (Music) 

Mr. M. Stevens (Maths) 

Mr. H. Stevenson (Mod. Lang) 

Mr. H. Stooshinoff (Art) 

Mrs. S. Tarasick (Classics) 

Mr. S. Taylor (Physics) 

Mrs. L. Taylor (Maths) 

Mr. L. Thornton (Mod. Lang) 

Mr. C. Venter (Maths, Comp.) 

Mr. T. White (Athletics) 

Mr. D. Wais (Mod. Lang) 


In the first term I confronted the school and 
pleaded for help to design this year's Record 
cover. The result was a resounding response 
. . . from Malinda Campbell. Yes, I had only 
one person donate their artistic abilities to 
the Record. Again 1 went in front of the 
school and literally begged for cover- 
submissions, and again I was given a great 
number . . . from Malinda. 

Eventually Mr. Gregg tracked me down and 
told me that I just had to see the painting 
by Jason Liddell. He told me that he had 
found my cover. He had. I loved the paint- 
ing, and if you close the book right now you 
can see the wonderful piece of art produced 
by multi-faceted Jason Liddell. However, I 
still had these pictures from Malinda that 
1 wanted to use. So here are the highlights 
of the pictures by Malinda that almost be- 
came this year's cover. 





r j 


^^^^Bh / 



; , ^a 



l^^v^ ^.^^E^^^Sw? 




Ketchum had an outstanding year and can proudly claim itself to 
be the only boarding house not to have had someone suspended 
or expelled. This of course was not due to the lack of prowling by 
Mr. Stevenson. 

The 6th form common-room was seized by Peter Mullins. He was 
ably assisted by a new addition to the 6th form, Jamie Trenholme. 
Rvan Knowles kept the younger grades busy as doctor Q, and Fred 
Klockars kept them honest with a cricket bat. 

Nairn Antaki led the House in academics this year, earning a spot 
at Princeton next year. We all hope that his narcolepsy does not 
infringe upon his studies. 

Dom Fafard felt like Gulliver surrounded by the little people, as 
he was constantly harassed by the grade eights, led by tough-guy, 
Canaan Wong. We hope that Dom can over come the bruises in- 
flicted upon him by the grade eights, and continue with his ballet. 

There were nightly meetings in room 402 headed by Geoff McFad- 
zean and his roommate Beaver McLeod. Much was discussed at 
these meetings including: sports, the environment, and the politics 
of Denmark. Other members of this committee included: Mike Swift, 
and Doug Stewart. 

92-93 can be looked back upon with pride as no one killed Chewy, 
Qavier didn't kill himself, and Brian Lee and Alex Koo successfully 
defended Ketchum with their martial arts abilities. Good luck next 
year to Dave Crosbie and Mr. Langford. Mr. Stevenson: we all wish 
you happiness m your retirement, and thank you for many years 
of compassionate leadership. 




Another year has ended in the land of Hodgetts and it has 
predictably been unusual. I'm happy to announce that Mr. 
Robert has survived although not unscathed, as there has 
been a noticeable personality adjustment. I'm confident that 
his summer hiatus will rid him of his stutter, tics, and that 
awful rash! 

Fortunately, the fumihire is still intact and we only broke 
2 plate glass windows ... a record I'm sure1 

It was once said that Hodgetts is a "violent house" and I'd 
have to disagree. We use water in our guns, and throw pil- 
lows not stones, albeit they are thrown at 90 miles an hour 
. . RIGHT )AM1E! Also, when Scoots was beaten up (which 
occurred on a regular basis) we only sent three grade nines 
on him at a time, (how were we to know that they would 

The new building has worked out really well. The walls have 
a certain je nais quoi, which allows tennis balls, Koosch balls 
and other various assorted toys to bounce off the walls just 
so . . . (as Trush and Mumford found out) The hallways 
allow for excellent games of hockey, narrow enough to make 
Dennis and Tom actually look as though they are good go- 
alies. House meetings took on a new meaning this year. We 
had prizes, toys, donuts and no Tina and Julian. 

Good luck next year and I hope you learn to settle down 
and mellow out, kind of like Chad. Study hard. Don't do 
drugs, and for crying out loud, Kerry cheer up!!! 




The first year of an all-female Burns was a great suc- 
cess. We'had new additions to the sixth form, such 
as Jackie "down de road" Ebanks and Jill "My boy- 
friend does not drive an I-Roc" Van Kempen. 

Burns was quite a popular House for we were often 
visited by stars sucn as Cindy Crawford, who taught 
fitness to the Grecals in the common-room. However, 
this multi-faceted bunch did some teaching of their 
own to a young Miss Irwin. Megan learned about the 
birds and^ the bees, as the clothes-hating Jennen was 
used as a full-scale diagram. 

Academics also played a large role in the lives of the 
residents of Bums, led by Katherine Wan who was 
kind enough to let us all share in on her studying, 
regardless of the time. 

Thanks to Mrs. Taylor for all of her help and support 
over the year. Also, thanks to Miss Richter for adding 
a lot of life to the House. Finally, thanks to Dayna for 
always offering herself for free Math and Physics tu- 
toring. Good luck to Sarah Keelan who takes over as 
head of house, and good luck to the Gregals who fol- 
low their gurus to Western. I think that you'll all look 
great in purple. 




Bickle quickly established supremacy in gatings, debating, 
suspensions, sports and expulsions. On the debating scene, 
Bickle won the juniors (Salmon and Jamieson) and were 
robbed in the seniors. Ceri and Beaker wrote up the house 
play and directed Bickle to victory. Franco, "Harold" and 
Kelowna Kid were the choreographers of Sickle's winning 
synchro-swim team. Bickle was so strong this year that even 
if Mr. DeFazio does come back to tally the house points, 
Bickle should still win the Langmuir Cup. 

Franco and the 6th form had a big hat to fill from last year's 
head of house. However, everyone seemed to contribute: 
Sheps, Bull and the islanders heading up late-night domi- 
noes (winner got the shower curtain); Yuri doing his dance; 
Stoute, Carter and Sven as flat-supes; Silvera as fire-chief, 
McCracken as snatchmaster chef, Wu and Serrao as num- 
chuck specialists. Nob as two time "best supporting actor" 
in house-plays (who'd have guessed?); Fines as . . . wait 
a second, they're in 6th form? 

Anyhow, all of the 6th formers, also including Johnson, 
Smitty, Punani, Goddard, Beaker and Schlunk, would like 
to wish Kabir, the Big Hoss and all returning Bickleites the 
best of luck for next year. Thanks especially to Mr. Robling 
for his leadership and Mrs. Robling for her most excellent 
baked goods. It was a great year. 

Quite simply, Bickle rules and there's nothing anyone else 
can do about it. 



In 1992-93, Bethune house began with a new Housemaster, 
Joltin' Joe Seagram. Some wondered if he was Father Sea- 
gram in disguise because of his long sermons at house meet- 
ings. He was joined by Steve "the guy who took the other 
suite" Haberer, who had his rookie year as assistant. "Hack- 
saw" Panneton, "Are these pants too tight?" Bryer, 
"Ba'hel'lo"' Lenz and "Guy from Spain" Orendain were 
my roommates in the last year of the Suite. "Beuuchh" 
Bowen and "Bahamian in disguise" Angus anchored Trin- 
ity house; "aMAZENg" Mourtada entertained Rob Nanka- 
Bruce on third floor Trinity. "Belly" Bellamy and "Bakes" 
Aitken, with help from "Seizure" Lee, patrolled the sec- 
ond floor and counselled people with tobacco problems. 
"Tractor" McCuaig was a welcome addition to the Grade 
11 brat pack; G-G-G-Genco was a welcome addition to the 
TV room, he sat alongside "Porno Willy" Yang. As a friendly 
house, Bethuners felt compelled to visit Burns and Scott, 
even if it was past midnight and no one could find their 

The Sicilian played chess, while Tea] played with something 
else. "Sleep" and "breakfast" were two words not found 
in many Bethune vocabularies. The Late Night Crew made 
sure the house was not attacked after hours, and even 
launched a major offensive with the firehose against a sus- 
picious character who was later revealed to be the night- 
watchman. The Crew defended the house well, though 
invaders managed to make off with a bathroom sink. Good 
luck to Francois and Steve next year, and thanks for a great 
final year at Trinity. - MCFLEA 




Well, I can safely say that Scott House had its best 
vear ever (since this was its first year in existence.) 
VVe were well equipped with the best group of mas- 
ters including Miss Falco, Mr. Sandford, Mme. Boss 
and that oh so good smelling (Mmm . . . Drakkar) Mr. 

Fortunately, there were no mishaps (oh, always some 
exceptions), or at least none worth mentioning, to ruin 
our impeccable reputation. The Scott House sixth form 
have set some traditions which we leave up to you 
- Amanda, Carlynn, Ainslie, Heather, Jen, Melodie, 
Oonagh, Natalie, and all the other "stars" - to main- 

Mrs. Alldred, you were right! "The best decision you 
ever made was to become the head of Scott House." 
Without vou, we could not have beaten Brent in Vol- 
leyball; tied for first in Basketball or won house de- 
bates. Good luck in the years to come and keep up 
the great support. 

Rachael and Joannah, good luck next year as the new 
heads of Scott. Shona, 90210 lives on! Thanks a mil- 
lion. "Its showtime synergy." Take care - Love Hope 
(Leader of the opposition) 




Brent House maintained its customary style, decorum 
and integrity for yet another year. Marcus Chow led 
the front for high academic standards and (C-gut) Mac- 
Ewen foOowed suit with house debates. The house 
play starring Dan "The Naked Man" Wells managed 
to score a perfect zero for house points. We made up 
for this, however, by winning The Oxford Cup and 
coming a close second in Basketball. Leds and J.T. kept 
the House up to date with Hab highlights and NHL 
penalty leaders. 1993 was the last year for Disco Dave 
as Assistant Housemaster, and he handed the pocket 
money out with a confidence and organization never 
before seen at TCS. 

The Wolf howls but The Night Hawks don't, pretty 
cool, boys. Late Nights in the Palace, thanks to Dana, 
Dan and Jon Jack Knight for being the hosts. I won't 
forget the grade 10 skids and watching Dana put 
Tucker to bed. Thanks to Big Daddy Spuncks, Edu- 
ardo Hall and Johan, our adopted Brent Houser for 
making us all laugh. Thank you. Dr. Dubroy. Good 
luck to the Yuppies and Brent's future endeavours. 
Remember: Not cocky, just confident. All the best, 






^sm^ -'^op'^i^H^^ 

w ■ 








The Outside 

by Adam Cota 

"Stand clear the doors." 

The doors slid shut with a resounding thud, shutting 
the cold air outside once more. 1 was again shielded 
from that which did not forgive. The train jerked for- 
ward, causing my body to lurch forward in my seat. 
The conductor's voice rang again throughout the train. 

"Next stop Ajax, next stop." 

Leaning forward, I stared down at my feet, rubbing 
my eyes in an effort to stay awake. I inhaled deeply 
and glanced over at the lady beside me. Her head was 
resting against the window, her eyes closed, her brea- 
thing slow and shallow. 1 followed the wrinkles of her 
face, tracing intricate patterns which only I could see. 
Thick makeup covered her face, perhaps a weak at- 
tempt at disguising the effects of time. Her hands, cov- 
ered with prominent veins, clutched a bag filled with 
her day's efforts, or perhaps her only possessions. 
Who was I to know? I returned my eyes to my watch; 
it read 10:15 pm. 

With a weary gaze, I looked up and surveyed the peo- 
ple around me. Eyes contacted my own for a brief un- 
comfortable second, and when they weren't able to 
see to my soul, they departed. Looking, searching else- 
where. I observed the faces before me. Old, weath- 
ered, young and innocent faces, all so different from 
each other. They all had their own story to tell, but 
I don't think anybody was listening. The train began 
to slow down, brakes squealing, slowing, finally stop- 

The doors slid open again, letting the cold air rush 

in, unforgiving, relentless. How 1 wished the doors 
would stay shut. Like the environment from which 
it was bred, the wind tried to take something from 
me. I wouldn't let it have its wish. I curled up, crossed 
my arms and hunched up in a ball, trying to retain 
my body heat which the cold air dispelled. The old 
lady beside me jerked awake with a start, seeming to 
proclaim her annoyance with the draft. Perhaps she 
had many a time experienced with cruel unforgiving 
act. Except in a different way: the outsider's way. 

A trio of teenage boys entered through the doors, jost- 
ling each other in a joking manner, trying to look 
tough, studly, just in case there was a cute girl on 
board. I knew the routine. "Stand clear the doors." 
But with the conductor's accent it sounded more like 
"Stan" than "stand". In an attempt to be funny, one 
of the boys retorted, "Who's Stan?", but I didn't 
laugh, I was too tired. I watched their shoes disap- 
pear up the stairs to the second floor. 

"Next stop Whitby, next stop." Almost there. The 
train started up again and slowly gained momentum. 
Looking through the window on my right, I started 
watching the cars driving on the highway which ran 
parallel to the train. They were rushing, who knows 
where. Drivers, each with their own intent, their own 
reasons for going where they were going. The sea of 
lights filled my eyes imprinting their brightness in my 
brain. Flowing, together, one giant mass of red and 
white. Everything seemed as one. Images merged to- 
gether, nothing was in focus; there was no need. I 
knew. Thoughts reeled in my mind and I saw past 
the illusion to what the outside really was. It hurt. I 
caught the reflection of my own face in the window. 

the image being broken by the red and white lights 
in the distance. 1 too, had a story nobody knew about. 
My face, tired, old as well, but not appearing so in 
the reflection the window produced. Time has no con- 
science. The truth hurt, it always does; just like the 
outside. And then the train was slowing again. Peo- 
ple began to collect their belongings, waking from their 
sleep, their dreams returning to realit\'. Clusters of 

people began forming at the doors, like a herd of cat- 
tle, all packed together; anxious. 1 was the last to leave 
the train as always. I preferred this place of thoughts 
and dreams to what waited for me outside. 



by Heather Graves 

We met when we were only four. 

You were a boy and I was a girl. 

Comrades, we took on the subdivision with our bandaged knees 

We ravaged the land and climbed tall trees. 

Our backyards became Sherwood Forest, 

As we battled evil and were victorious. 

Time flew by and you became my enemy, 

because you were a boy and 1 was a girl. 

You declared yourself supreme because you could play floor hockey. 

But you couldn't skip or work a simple walkie talkie. 

You scowled when my paper airplane flew past yours, 

And in an act of revenge you tried to bite off Barbie's arms. 

The seasons changed both you and I 

We left the playground and rusty teeter totter. 

High school came and our friendship became stronger. 

We'd walk together in silence to make our time last longer. 

But when I left, you were unforgiving. 

Time and distance made you understand my position 

and you forgave my quick and "irrational" decision. 

As children, we took the neighbourhood missing our teeth 

But as adults we'll take the world and play for keeps. 



Tom's Punishment 

by Jason Seagram 

A small town in northern Ontario 
It creaked as Tom placed his foot onto the narrow 
wooden plank. The noise that he had feared re- 
sounded in his ears and made him freeze to the place. 
All was quiet except for the thumping of his heart and 
the clamour of his aunt cleaning up in the kitchen. 
After a few seconds he decided it was safe to venture 
on. He reached the bottom of the stairs safely and jour- 
neyed across the hallways to the front door. 

He was out of the door in a flash and through the fence 
at the end of the front path before the door had 
slammed shut. Only did he look over his shoulder 
when he had reached the corner of the end of the lane. 
His aunt was standing at the door with an apron on, 
waving a dish towel yelling for him to come back. 
The fair was coming to town and Tom had never been 
to see a faii; He had heard that it was magificent. There 
were rides, shows, things to eat, games to play and 
so many more wondrous things to see and do that 
he wanted to go ever since he had heard about it. He 
had been on his best behaviour so as not to get 
grounded but he had managed to find a way. 

It had happened only two days before. He had been 
out picking apples for his aunt when he decided to 
take a nap. Well sure enough his aunt came looking 
for him when he did not show up for lunch and found 
him sleeping pleasantly under a tree with a basket half 
full of apples. He was grounded on the spot and con- 
fined to his bedroom except for meals and for sanitary 

It was an easy quarter mile walk to the fair grounds 
and he was there in no time. It was eight o'clock and 
the sun was just starting to get the reddish glow it 
gets right before sunset. He could make out the shape 
of what he thought to be the ferris wheel by the stor- 
ies he had heard from his friend Bill. Bill had been 
to two other fairs before he had moved up north. 

Tom paid the entrance fee with the money he had been 
saving up by doing chores around the house and for 
neighbours. He met three of his friends just inside the 
gate and they went off together to explore. 

There were booths with flavoured popcorn and candy 
apples to eat; others had games to play, mind bend- 
ers to solve; and various tests of skill. Tom moved over 
to one booth and had his hand at knocking down bot- 
tles with a baseball. He won a stuffed teddy bear. He 
and his friends continued through the grounds until 
they got to the rides. 

The first ride that caught his attention was the ferris 
wheel which loomed overhead. It was the most mag- 
nificent thing that Tom had seen in his life. It looked 
like a huge umbrella on its side, without the cloth at- 
tached to it. On the spokes were boxes that spun 
around with the movement of the wheel, with people 
inside who were laughing and screaming joyfully. Ex- 
tending from the centre were two poles coming down 
towards the ground to meet up with a blue compart- 
ment which had a door. 

The box appeared to be giving the wheel its spinning 
motion. Beside the box was a platform on which stood 
a robust man and a big line of customers. When the 
ferris wheel stopped, two people got out and went 
through one gate and two more people came through 
the next gate and sat down in the seats previously oc- 
cupied. This was repeated until all the seats were full 
and the wheel started to spin again. 

By the time that this had happened all his friends were 
already in line. He ran up to them and they started 

The nearest friend said mockingly, "Why were you 
standing back there, Chicken?" 
Tom didn't answer but just gave him a questioning 
smile and snickered with the rest of his pals. 


The line had shortened and soon they were up at the 
gate. Thev passed the man on the plattorm and Tom 
and his triend Billy got into a yellow seat 

Tom turned to Bill with a concerned look on his face. 
"Are you sure these things are safe?" he said. "I mean 
it looks kinda unstable to me." 

"Ya, it's fine. It won't fall apart while its working. 
Its pretty solid," he replied. "Whv d'ya ask, scaredy- 


As soon as ever)' seat was full the wheel started to 
move. Tom looked over the edge, feeling very excited 
but also a little worried, and watched the ground ap- 
proach and then retreat back to its starting position. 

While this was going on Tom felt a weird feeling com- 
ing over his body. It started in his inner bodv and made 
its way to his head and legs. It was almost like a dark 
light taking over his limbs. Tom first thought he was 
getting motion sickness. But then when his vision start- 
ed to blur, he knew it was something worse. 

He turned to Bill franticalh' but when he reached out 
to touch him his vision went void and it felt as it every 
thing around him had disappeared. He heard the nois- 
es of the fair growing fainter and still fainter as if he 

was falling asleep Finally there was nothing but total 
darkness and complete silence. He tried to utter a call 
but no sound came from his mouth. 

Bill watched Tom tor the first few seconds of the ride 
and then turned away to gaze over the town houses 
and then on out over the fields to the west to watch 
the sun set behind the black shapes of the hills. A cool 
summer breeze began to pick up around him. He was 
feeling ver\' comfortable in the wheel until a huge flash 
of pure white light broke through the peacefulness. 
He turned to see what had happened, but when he 
turned around Tom was not there. He looked quickly 
over the edge to see if Tom had fallen out but he or 
his body was nowhere to be seen. 


Money Makers 

by Kristin Campbell 

I had heard the telephone ringing shrilly once, twice, 
three times as I sprinted down the hallway, gripping 
my notebook in one hand and an Evian in the other. 
The sound was worse than an alarm on a Monday 
morning in the restrained atmosphere of the lobby, 
and the sound of my heels clattering on the cold mar- 
ble only drew more disapproving glances from the 
two-banker types who were conferring near the tall 
glass doors to the elevator. 

"Good afternoon, Marks and Heathrow Brokerage, 
Accounting Department, how may I help you?" I 
chirped into the receiver, hoping that the breathless- 
ness that I was experiencing wouldn't make a poor 
impression upon the person on the other end of the 

"Hello. This is Sargeant Moore from the Toronto Po- 
lice Department, 1 need to speak with a Mr. Coltraine, 


I was told that I could reach him at this number." The 
voice was that of a man with a problem that he had 
to deal with. His speech sounded rehearsed, and 
slightly nervous. 

Instantly, my spine tingled, I wondered if by some 
long shot the police had found out that I had never 
reallv been a candy-striper, and that I had only passed 
my typing and shorthand course by a wisp of good 
fortune, instead of at the top of my class, as I had 
claimed in mv resume. 1 did a quick mental review 
to see if 1 had committed any crimes lately, but could 
not recall anything off the top of my head. "Let me 
just check if he is in the office. Please hold." 

1 had just left my employer after taking a dictation, 
and I knew that he always left at 1:30 for his 2 hour 
lunch at the opulent penthouse of his mistress. Mr. 
Coltraine would be gone by now, 1 buzzed to his of- 
fice just to check. There was no answer from his end. 
"Hello Sargent. I'm very sorry, but Mr. Coltraine has 
just left the office. Could I take a message please?" 

As he answered me, I noticed relief in his tone; the 
sound of a man who has just been relieved from per- 
forming an unpleasant job. "Yes thank you Ma'am. 
It's quite urgent that you get in touch with him quickly 
Ma'am. It's about his wife Catherine. She was in a 
car accident. On the D.V.P. It was quite bad, she's 
not in good shape. The doctor thinks that Mr. Coltra- 
ine should come down right away. We're at Toronto 
General, the emergency entrance. I'll have a man wait 
outside for Mr. Coltraine." 

What the hell do I do? I thought almost saying it out 
loud. Mr. Coltraine's training kicking in at the last min- 
ute. I squeaked out a weak. "Thank you, very much 
sir. I'll be sure to get the message to him." The re- 
ceiver fell from my hands onto the desk, and I fum- 
bled around, trying to hang it up. I should have asked 
the sergeant to call back later and tell Mr. Coltraine 
himself. There was no way that I would be able to tell 
Mr. Coltraine about this disaster. I also knew that there 
was no way that 1 would be able to get hold of him 
at the apartment of the woman that he was having 
an affair with. Although there had been much spec- 
ulation around the office on the topic, no-one knew 
her identity, and Mr. Coltraine never left the number 
of where he would be during lunch, as he usually did 

when he was out. Flipping through the File-o-fax that 
contained the numbers that I used in the office. I only 
saw the numbers of business associates and family 
members, I recognized all the names there. 

I pushed the numbers across the desk, away from me 
and put my head down on the surface to collect my 
wits, which had deserted me at the first sign of trou- 
ble. I knew where he was, but not how to reach him 
there. Of Course! I could call his car phone, and even 
if he was no longer in the car, the beeper will alert 
Mr. Coltraine to the message long before I could. I 
placed the call and when he didn't answer, I left a 
message with his answering service that told him the 
news as gently and honestly as possible. I tried to em- 
phasize the urgency of the situation, that he should 
telephone the hospital immediately and rush over, that 
his appointments for the afternoon have been can- 

I reached into the filing drawer and pulled out the copy 
of Mr. Coltraine's life insurance contract. His wife's 
name was also on the contract and I stuffed it into my 
over-sized handbag. After leaving a second message 
on Mr. Coltraine's office answering machine. I dashed 
from the stately building and pelted down the street 
towards the hospital, a few short blocks away. The 
sidewalks were packed with the lunch time crowd; 
frazzled looking secretaries praying that they had re- 
membered to phone in their employer's lunch reser- 
vation, elegantly coiffed woman sailing regally from 
their cars into the best of the fine restaurants to meet 
their husbands and friends. And the men themselves, 
the ones who look as if they own the streets that they 
walk on, were shaking hands and nodding earnestly 
to one another, knowing that they were the people 
behind the decisions that shape the country and shake 
the economy. 

Through all this I wove my way, using the handbag 
as a sort of battering-ram. The hospital was suddenly 
before me, and taking a deep breath I stepped through 
the automatic doors into the emergency ward, spot- 
ting the burly policeman almost instantly. I introduced 
myself as the secretary of Mrs. Coltraine's husband, } 
and the strange look that I received made me aware 
of how odd that sounded. I quickly explained that my 
employer was no where to be found, that once he re- 
ceived the message, he would be over as quickly as 

possible. "In the meantime" I said. "If there are any 
medical or insurance papers that need to be filled out, 
I can do that." 

"Actually, Mrs. Coltraine has been askinj; for her hus- 
band. It might be a good thing for you to come with 
me and explain to her why he isn't here yet. I assume 
that you've met her before?" 

"I, well yes, but it wouldn't feel right for me." I was 
actually petrified bv the idea of visiting a woman in 
critical condition to tell her that her husband was vis- 
iting his mistress, as any sane person would have 

"Normally I wouldn't push any one into this, but she's 
all alone up there. She doesn't know a soul, and see- 
ing even a familiar face might ease her mind a little." 

Once it had been put to me like that, how could 1 re- 
fuse to visit her? 1 gave the nurse the insurance form, 
which contained Mrs. Coltraine's pertinent medical 
histor\' and personal records, and smoothing my hair, 
I entered the elevator that would take me to her floor. 
She was in room 207, the curtains were closed the 
room seemed stale and airless to me, and I blanched 
at the sight of the motionless figure attached to sev- 
eral complex-looking medical machines. The police- 
man closed the door behind me remaining outside, 
and I moved closer to the bed, wanting to physically 
comfort this broken body, but not knowing whether 
or not 1 could touch her bruised brow, or hold her 
fisted hand. 

The eyes opened, and 1 saw the light of hope die al- 
most instantly when she saw me there instead of the 
person she had been waiting tor. 

"He sent his secretary to take care of it?" Her lips were 
cracked and the words came out slurred, but her dis- 
appointment was painfully evident. 

"I looked everywhere and left messages for him in 
the office and car Mrs. Coltraine, but 1 just couldn't 
find him. " I had never felt more like a failure in my 
life, and 1 had to drop my head to wipe away a stray 
tear before a stampede began. "I'm sure he'll come 
as soon as he gets the message." 

She reached out a hand for mine, visibly straining to 
uncurl her fingers. Her hand felt cold and her touch 
was so light. We held hands for a bit and she smiled 
suddenly and squeezed mine, then there was nothing. 
A machine beeped softly and steadily, and I knew 
something had left her, 1 couldn't stop the flow of tears 
now, but 1 didn't really care anymore. She wouldn't 
see them. 

The door opened behind me and I felt a cold wind 
rush in. Turning around I saw the figure of a man fill 
the door, blocking out the light from the hallway. Mr. 
Coltraine had finally arrived. 1 released the woman's 
hand and stepped way from the small bed with its 
beeping machine. I opened the curtains and saw the 
bustling street below, filling my lungs, my heart and 
my eyes with the life below. Turning back 1 saw the 
indominable Mr. Coltraine weeping like a child for the 
woman who had been his wife. He reached for me 
as I passed towards the door, but I didn't want to com- 
fort him. 

I took the stairs back down, and when I got out, the 
day was as before, and I joined the traffic knowing 
that I was worth something more than any of the peo- 
ple around me. 

Night Walking 

by B. Andrew Proctor 

Blank, grey, bleakness stared him right in the eyes. 
A desert of residences, concrete, and frost surrounded 
each step. Merciless cold air and darkness cuddled him 

in an icy embrace, and penetrated his thick layers. The 
soft noise of a factory in the background distracted 
him from the dead calm silence on which he concen- 
trated so intensely. His other senses had been dulled 
long ago by his chilly surroundings. 

He had not thought about the weather when his legs 
had wished him onto the street, he had just gone. It 
was the feeling that the walks were able to deliver that 

he craved. All day he was tied down, pinned to the 
machine that plowed on in senseless circles. A machine 
ot which, despite his best efforts, he was a part. It was 
a constant compromise of ideals, and a series of half 
thoughts that kept his mind busy during the day. 

The walks were quite different. They gave him a 
strange sense that he was free. To walk and have no 
destination was a rebellion against the logical, calcu- 
lating world that he lived in during the long numbing 
days. It was the most freedom that he had known. 
Just to walk, no where. Just to wander where ever his 
heart guided him. 

His mind ran free during these walks. His thoughts 
skipped around. At any given moment he would be 
considering the meaning of his existence, and the 

next he would be admiring how the street lights made 
strange and unnatural shadows on the frozen ground. 

Sometimes he would walk all night, and when he 
would return home with the first beams of the lightof 
day at his back, he would feel an immense satisfac- 
tion. Night walking was a ritual. It had released him 
from the grip of the blinding light that controlled him 
during the day. As he slipped into a quiet sleep, he 
would think of the days that lay ahead, and dream 
of the nights that lay ahead. 

Drown in a Snowbank 

by David McCracken 

Here I sit writing out my scripture 
Dreams of life and death and peace and war 
The truth is hiding just behind my smile 
the dreams of shadow burning like a sore 

Where I go is where 1 feel I'm able 
When 1 fight is when I feel the pain 
Fish, so small, we swim, so huge the ocean 
Pain it cuts, then heals, then strikes again 

In my mind, not forgotten 
Life it cuts and burns so often 
Still, 1 sit and think of something 
So I hate the path I've chosen 
Live it still, so numb, so frozen 
Come to fear the depths I swim in 
Hope 1 don't drown in my ocean 
... a melting snowbank 


by John MacFarlane 

You sit there with vour apathetic views and read the sports section and throw out the rest of the newspaper 
and then you argue about politics when you don't even really know what anything means and you just choose 
a party to support and ignore the fact that all political parties in Canada are corrupt anyway and that we 
can't have a true democracy when people are loyal to party policy and not to the people they represent and 
you say you care about the environment but you throw out your pop can in the garbage because its too far 
to the recycling bin and you don't want to carry the can and you get really mad when they tell you that the 
Amazon rain forest is being destroyed so mad in fact that you discuss it with your friends and say you are 
going to do something about it and then you go play basketball and you drive to work by yourself past all 
the other people coming from the same place you did who are also driving by themselves to the same place 
you are in their nice cars with fancy leather upholstery that is even in the back seat even though they'll only 
use the back seat to hold their polyethylene grocery bags full of potato chips and twinkies and concentrated 
frozen orange juice and you go to the movies and when you come home you see that in some country across 
the ocean some kids are starving to death and you think too bad why doesn't somebody do something about 
it and you think its a pretty important thing so you go to sleep and the next night you go to the movies again 
even though another bunch of people have died across the ocean because you forgot to help and you won't 
help anyway but vou feel really sorry for those people and its just too bad but you don't even really think 
that they are humans you can't consider them in that sense because if you did you might start to actually 
care because you'd realise that its really no different than your own friends starving to death and that across 
the ocean somebody's friend is starving to death and somebody's son is dying and these people used to talk 
and laugh together and now they eat twice a week because their governments are more interested in filling 
their Swiss bank accounts with money or buying weapons so they can attack some country who believes 
in a different God that nobody can prove exists any more or less than any other God but it's not their God 
so they think that that gives them a pretty good excuse to attack them and meanwhile our government is 
composed of people who were businessmen in huge multinational companies and yet somehow we are way 
deep in the hole even though these people are supposed to know what they are doing and instead we give 
money to people for not having jobs and it would be fine if the money helped them get jobs but usually 
this money only helps them get drunk or stoned and maybe the money that ail these unemployed people 
get could be given to train them for jobs and feed them instead or somehow monitor what goes on because 
right now what is going on here and in the whole world doesn't MAKE A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE DOES IT? 


A Face in the Tree 

by Amy Steele 

She loved birds, the sounds of birds, the colours of 
birds, the ways of birds. She loved to sit at her win- 
dow and watch for hours as her peculiar winged 
friends flirted with the mighty elms behind her room. 
To her, they seemed to dance a graceful pas de deux 
with the lithe limbs of the trees. Oh to dance with the 
trees! Squirrels played with the trees but they could 
not dance for they did not have wings and therefore 
thev too were excluded from the corps. But then 
mother could dance with father to rhythms which 
came forth from old records but she too could not 
dance with the trees. Trees were very particular with 
the choice of their partners. 

The sound of an orchestra of birds found its way to 
her ears through the open window every morning. 
Chirp, chirp, chirpy, chirp. They were calling her. 
Every morning the beckoning seemed to intensify. 
Come and dance chirp chirp. Come and dance. Oh 
to dance with the trees. A wailing within her heart 
sighed through her lips. She longed to feel the soft 
wind touch her cheeks as she manipulated her feath- 
ered body through the leaves around trunks beneath 
outstretched branches. Every noise in the fresh, new 
morning seemed to welcome her to join in the ballet. 
The clouds whispered come soar with us join us while 
we jete across the treetops. Like fingers, the trees' 
branches appeared to reach out to her - take our hand 
they rustled. The fingers were long and delicate not 
like Nurse's. Those were short, cold, clammy when 
she was raised out of bed and dressed. Those fingers 
did not urge her to dance, they did not try to reach 
out and touch her softly they did not know they did 
not understand her need for grace and beauty. They 
made beds, changed dressings, buttoned nightgowns, 
closed windows. Oh to be a bird. 

"What do you want to do today?" 
Same question - every morning, same answers . . . 
danfe wif thwees . . . same smiles from Nurse same 
pat on the hand. DANFE . . . WIFF . . . THWEES! 
She tried to make her lips form the words she want- 

ed Nurse to hear. Yet even if Nurse did understand 
it would't matter. Nurse didn't have wings Nurse 
didn't have feathers Nurse couldn't help her to fly. 
Only the birds, the trees and the clouds really knew 
what it was like to be free. 

She loved everything about the garden she saw out 
her back window it was so big, there was so much 
more to look at and to experience than what lay be- 
tween the four walls of her hospital room. Outside, 
the looming, feelingless doctors were replaced with 
majestic trees. Charts, tubes and machines were re- 
placed by delicate leaves, flowers and soft petals. If 
she was a bird, she would not have to submit her body 
to sleepless nights between stiff white sheets, she 
would find slumber easily among the clouds. 

At night, cool gusts of dewy air made the curtains bil- 
low and draw away from the thick institutional hos- 
pital window. The stars twinkled and formed a canopy 
which enveloped the stage in inky blackness. The or- 
chestra was quieter now, it played soft, sad melodies, 
it knew the loneliness brought about by the sombre 
evening and tried to match it. It was at night that the 
birds sang their most beautiful songs. It was at night 
that she most desperately wanted to join them in their 
most gentle and smooth performance. Make our dance 
complete sighed the leaves. Come fill the empty solo 
- we know that you know the steps. I do know the 
steps - I want to dance with you. Her gnarled hands 
gripped the sill as she tried to get close to her friends. 
The window seemed to be her greatest enemy her 
cruelest foe preventing her freedom so. Then come, 
come, fight the window's oppressiveness. The 
branches' fingers grasped her own - we'll help you 
they whispered we can make you fly. So she did. The 
joy and happiness that filled her soul propelled higher, 
higher up to the highest bough. Her wings held her 
in graceful arabesque against the trees. Freedom ex- 
ulted her every bone. The soloist took centre stage. 
Oh to be a bird. Oh to dance with the trees. Oh to 
be free!!! 

Christmas Eve in Erotica 

by Peter Fulton 

Ted pushed his elass towards the bartender, indicat- 
ing for another peer. 

"Kind of quiet tonight, huh?" Ted asked tr\'ing to start 
a conversation. 

"Well what do you expect, buddy? It's Christmas Eve 
tor Christ's sake," the bartender said with contempt. 
He went back to drying a beer-glass, turning his at- 
tention away from Teci. 

Ted realized that the bartender was not going to offer 
anv more to this conversation, so he surveyed the bar 
around him looking for someone else to talk to. The 
bar was completely empty save for the bartender, and 
himself, ana the girl who was lethargically dancing 
on the stage before him. She was naked and it was 
clear by her languid movements that she would rather 
be somewhere else. 

Ted looked away from the stage, feeling uncomfort- 
able. Instead he gazed out the window watching the 
snow fall on the quiet city street. The neon lights that 
formed the shape of a pair of eye-glasses gave tne snow 
a strange tint of orange. 

Christmas in Chernobyl, Ted mused to himself. 

He focused his attention at the pair of eye-glasses that 
were relentlessly staring at him. Ted sliuddered. He 
had never felt so alone. 

He turned his attention back towards the stripper. He 
knew that men all over the world came to these type 
of places to become aroused. However, he felt no such 
arousal. Instead he felt pity. Pity for the dancer who 
had to work on Christmas Eve, and pity for himself. 

Ted got off his barstool and approached the stage. He 
found a table directly in front of the exotic dancer. Her 
motions were slow and clumsy, and this made Ted 
feel all the more depressed. 

As Ted watched the girl dance, he could feel the neon- 
eyes burning into his oack. He felt that they were view- 
ing him in disgrace. 

Candi, the girl who was dancing, glanced over at the 
clock that hung above the bar and noted that she had 

less than two minutes before her shift was done. She 
wished that the creep that had moved up to the first 
row would stt)p frowning at her. He was making her 
humiliating joD even more uncomfortable. 

Just another twisted pervert with nothing better to do 
on Christmas Eve than watch me dance around in the 
nude, she thought. She kept her eyes focused on the 
clock above the bar, counting the seconds until she 
could stop dancing. She pretended that she was aU)ne, 
dancing m her bedroom. This thought always helped 
make her feel less exposed. 

Her time was up and Candi was greatly relieved. She 
stopped dancing and knelt down to pick up her 
stripper's costume. She began to put it on when he 
spoKe to her. 

"You're a good dancer," he said nervously. 

Candi ignored him. She hated talking to the custom- 
ers. The conversations were always superficial. The 
men tried to sound sincere, but they all only wanted 
one thing, her body. 

He spoke again, "Yeah, you're really talented. You've 
got a bright future ahead of you as a dancer. Really." 

Candi grunted. What the hell does he know? 

She secured her costume and began to walk off the 
stage when he called to her again. 

"So, what's your name" Ted asked desperately. 

His persistence annoyed her. She shook her head at 
him and continued to walk away. He got up from his 
seat and ran over to her, grabbing her arm. 

"Look," he started, "I'm not like the other guys that 
come in here. I mean, I'm no weirdo or anythmg. In 
fact, 1 don't even like these places. I only came in here 
because 1 wanted to get out of the cold and this was 
the only place open. 

Candi sighed. She had heard all of the lame excuses 
before. Most men felt they had to justify their coming 
in here. She had heard excuses like, "Oh, but I'm get- 
ting married tomorrow, and I want to enjoy my last 


night of freedom." Or, "My friends dragged me in 
here; I'm only here tor the drinks." She wished that 
men would just admit the real reason that they came 
in here, because they're horny bastards that want to 
see women naked. There is no other reason. 

Candi released herself from Ted's grip. 

"Look, leave me alone or I'll call Mike over here to 
kick the crap out of you, " she said angrily. She began 
to walk away when she heard him whisper something. 

"What?" she said defensively. 

"I'm sorry," he said a little louder. 

She turned towards him, wanting to hate him. He was 
a man, and like all men he was a liar. However, she 
wasn't completely sure if he was lying. Instead of feel- 
ing hatred towards him, she felt pity. Pity and com- 

Hell, she thought. It's Christmas Eve. It wouldn't kill 
me to talk to this guy. 

She sat down at the closest table and motioned for 
Ted to do the same. 

"What's your name?" Candi asked while lighting a 

"Well, hello, Ted. I'm Candi," she said as she stu- 
died him. 

"He did not seem like a grown man at all. He looked 
like an innocent little boy. He was one of the first men 
that she had met whom she did not fear. 

She exhaled. "So, Ted. What do you do" she said, 
noting to herself how at ease she felt with him. 
"I'm a teacher. I teach English to high school stu- 
dents," he said. 

"English, huh?" she said, interested. 
"Yeah. It's really cool," he answered. 
She dragged deeply on her cigarette. 
"Do you do this full time?" he asked. 
"No I go to the University in town." 
"Oh yeah? What do you want to do? You know, when 
you graduate and stuff?" 
"I want to teach. English," she replied. 
Ted took a big gulp from his beer. "Oh, that's great. 
It's a great job. I love it," he paused then added, "isn't 
that a coincidence?" He laughed. 

She sat staring at him. His gaze dropped from her eyes 
to her breasts then returned back to her eyes. Candi 

The girl's silence was making Ted feel uncomfortable. 

"So what do you study at University" he asked, try- 
ing to put the conversation back on track. 
Candi exhaled loudly as she stood up. 
"Wait, where are you going?" Ted asked her hope- 

"I'm going home," she said, as she grabbed her coat. 
Ted looked at Candi, trying to get an indication as to 
why her mood had changed so abruptly. 
"Can I come with you?" he asked. 
Candi shook her head as she rolled her eyes. 
"But it's Christmas Eve and I'm all alone," he said 
in a boyish tone. However, Candi was not fooled this 

"1 wonder why," she said as she stormed outside, 
leaving Ted standing alone in the middle of the de- 
serted bar. He stood there in confusion, feeling the 
neon eyes glaring at him in contempt. 

"Gather up your belongings and get out before 1 throw 
you out," the eyes commanded him. 

He ran to the window and closed the curtains in or- 
der to hide from the condemning eyes. Yet, he could 
still see the faint hue of the lights shining through the 
curtains. He was startled when he was spoken to 

"What are you, deaf? I said the show's over, so get 
the hell out." 

Ted turned and saw the bartender scowling at him. 
He fled from the bar, weeping. His tears mixed with 
the falling snow, freezing his cheeks. He wiped his 
eyes and craned his neck backwards to look directly 
up at the neon glasses that shone brightly through 
the cocaine-white snow. 

He collapsed to his knees, covering his face with his 


"I'm sorry," he wept. "I'm so sorry." 

He found no relief in this frigid night. The eyes con- 
tinued their relentless staring. They showed no sign 
of forgiveness. 

A Description of My Pained Frustration 

by James McDonald 

Christmas Trees 

by Ben Sandford 


Not only is the door 


it is locked. 

Not only is the door 


it is keyless. 

Not only is the door 


it used to be open. 

Standing and swaying, 

Blown b\' the wind. 

Dried by the sun, 

Fed by the earth. 

Nurtured by the rain. 

Born and living in meadows of green. 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, 

Growmg, flourishing. 

Living each day at a time. 

Life without purpose, worry or care. 

Waiting for something unknown. 

Born and living in meadows of green. 

Chopped, sawn. 

Falling, down, down. 

Sold into slavery. 

Sent into houses. 

Loved yet ignored. 

Dead yet still standing in houses of gray. 

Heat, heat. 

One bowl of water. 

Decorations and lights, 

People and presents. 

Then suddenly no more. 

Dead yet still standing in houses of gray. 

Down, down. 

Stripped again bare. 

Sent out into the snow. 

Left all alone. 

Last stranded decorations. 

Dead, now neglected, waiting for the end. 

A Failed Moses 

by David Crosbie 

I pull a mask off my face 

intent to replace it. 

An elastic grips the smile 

to my face. 

It slides off lubricated 

with sweet blood, 

the sweet blood of Jesus. 

No smile, just the naked truth, 

a face of hypocrisy. 

I turn and I flee upon the hills 

to higher ground away from the flood 

and as I stand on the mountain's cliff 

I throw the treacherous mask below 

to the evils that created it. 

In unison they chant 

"If you are going to play the game, boy, 

you must play by the rules." 

"No," I cry, "it won't be so" 

I cry. 

I open the door 

to a despised reality. 

I play. 




Back Row: Mr. McGee, M. 
Chestnut, S. Keelan, D. Lin, M. 
Genco, R. Scott, M. Irwin, J.M. 
Fuguet, K. Jamal, M. Eaton, The 
Headmaster. Front Row: J. P. 
Wu, P. Lui, Ca. Wong, J. Bod- 
den, Car. Wong, Ka. Wan, K. 
Spiewak, H. Rowland. 


Back Row: S. Kisilevsky, S. Rob- 
erts, M. Towle, M. Rodriguez, 
Ka. Wan, The Headmaster. 
Front Row: R. Clement, T. Lem- 
oine. Dr. Bermingham, K. 
Adamcryck, A. Steele. 


Back Row: Mr. McGee, S. 
Ogundimu, B. Hamilton, S. Tot- 
tenham, D. Stroud, C. Green, 
T. Wright, R. Conacher, T. How- 
ell, Mr. Sinnott, Mr. Wright 
Front Row: J. Hammond, A. 
Barr, T. George, B. Csaszar, K. 
Fong, T. Ashcroft, M. Niziol 



«-TA~ vta^p^B- 

Bark Row: D. Swackhamer, P. Sword, D. Michaud, S. Keelan, R. Kama], A. Cota, J. Thompson, T. Hamilton, J. Yue, Ro. Nanka-Bruce. 
Middle Row: D. Yiu, S. Feddery, D. Salmon, B. Sandford, S. Robb, L. Slade, The Headmaster, S.H. Lee, A. Proctor, C. Snaith, Mr. 
Sinnott. Front Row: C. Milne, J. Seagram, Co. Wong, S. Lee, R. Hassan, Ka. Chan, A. Koo, Mr. Sandford, C. Bumham. 


Back Row: Mr. McGee, D. Michaud, J. Thompson, A. Cota, ]. Whike, B. Sandford, D. Salmon, S. Robb, 
T. Howell, The Headmaster. Front Row: P. Sword, A. Proctor, S. Lee, R. Hassan, L. Slade. 


This past year in music has been the best in seven years. The team of Mr. McGee, Mr. Sinnot, and Dr. 
Berminghnm led some ot the best bands the school has ever seen. The Beginner Band (nicknamed the 
"big winners") showed their ability by advancing far beyond expectations, and ended up playing inter- 
mediate repertoire. The Concert Band also managed to turn more than a few heads by the speed of 
their improvement. The Senior Wind Ensemble attempted some of the hardest repertoire ever tried by 
a T.C.S. band. The ensemble played several gigs where the band performed at an extremely high level. 
It was a building year for the Senior Jazz Band. The Band was small, and young, but managed to come 
through when it counted. There were three new groups added to T.C.S. 's list of bands. The Bacharini 
group was a string quartet led by Mr. Sinnot. This group helped to add a new depth to the T.C.S. music 
programme. The New Addition was a small female choral group which could be considered one of the 
best groups T.C.S. has ever seen. Finally, last but not least was the T.C.S. Jazz Combo. This group 
focused on improvising jazz and playing jazz standards. The highlight of the year for this group was 
a workshop with The Mike Murley Quartet (which included Jazz musician of the year, Barry Elmes). 

It was a great year and we owe it to the teachers. The futiu-e looks bright for the music department, 
w ith addition of computers and keyboards and lots of fresh talent. 


^sic Distinction Awards 






. Demers 






. Proctor 





BigsUt VotleybaU Record: 

" ms: 14 


I.S.A.A. Champions 

Back Row: Mr. Holt, F. Fafard, M. Pohoresky, S. Wells, M. Francolini, The Headmaster. Front Row: G. 
McFadzean, D. Fafard, B. Smith, B. Lee, F. rdockars, ]. Lavers. 

We had a great season this year against both public 

and private schools. In the ISAA we avenged last year's 

heart-breaking loss to UCC in the finals by crushing 

them this season. We demolished Hillfield taking them 

3-0 in the Championship final. Here's a look back at 

our team roster: 

Franco: master of the spastic dig (how 'bout them 

knees. Stallion) 

Brian (Quantum) Lee (p): our assistant captain and 

veteran of 3 yejirs who played wicked in tne Finals. 

Dom: crushed two things this year, the ball and Brian's 

ankle, (good one, eh!) 

Poho: had a great season and was very underrated 

(but good luck next year!) 

Smitty: "I'd like to, uh, thaiJ^ my dad, er sorry, Ross 

for a W*at season." 

Fred (Fat Guy, Fubar, Gregory, etc.): team expert on 

the stationary bike and also had some time between 

meals to play volleyball. 

T.O. Kid Lavers: wicked serve, pancake master. 

Schlunken Purcell: Our #1 fan and devoted manager. 

Herm, Klockars and (69) Wells: The Dagan Crew; they 

recycled all the junk of the court, and then all the empty 

cans at the back of the bus! 

The team would like to thank Mr. Holt for coaching 

us through another fun season on Bigside V-Ball! 

"Thanks Ross, you're the best." 



Back Row: Mt. Wills, G. Ebbrell, C. Angus, M. Mills, S. White, J. Persson, The Headmaster. Front Row: 
J. Chang, A. Brown, ]. Walker, S. Feddery, D. Heenatigala. 


Back Row: Mr. Thornton, G. TonUinson, Z. Bierk, J. Hammond, J. Gregory, The Headmaster Front 
Row: F. Bazin, S. Ogundimu, W. Pohoresky, P. Pohoresky, G. Cudney. 



«S5' •■■■■ 

■ ■«•■•■* >/ 
■■■■■■I ^CTf 


Bart Kou-.- P. Sword, J. Whike, B. KeUett, P. SUvera, D. Kellett. Middle Row: Mr. Rob- 
ert, D Baranov, S. Lee, M. Pizzuto, C. Christ, M. Pirtovshek, Mr. Baranov, The Head- 
master. Front Row: R. Rodrigues, F. Panneton, C. Madden, S. Bowen, B. Spiewak, 
R. Leesui, M. Morrissette. 

Quite the season, gents! The team con- 
sisted of more Canadians than players 
from different countries, which was a 

In the pre-season tournament we fin- 
ished a disappointing fifth. However, the 
team gelled extremely well considering 
we only fielded three retunung players. 
We rolled through the season firushing 
second place overall with some great 
wii\s agair\st U.C.C, Ridley, St. Georges, 
and S.A.C. in the semi-final (Yeah!). 
However, in the finals agciinst Appleby 
we were simply outplayed. 
All told, we nuide the finals, ag2un, and 
we had a great season. With a strong re- 
ttinung cast for next year, hopes are high 
for a victorious team in '93. 
We would like to thank Vlad and "Warm 
it up Chris" Robert for a fantastic season. 



This season proved to be a bit of a struggle. On the upside, 
we had competent gi>dl-tending from nxikie star Rob "Boner" 
Armstrong, and our defence was easily the most talented 
the ISAA. On the downside, our offence went through a mid 
season scoring diuught, reflected by two consecutive 1-0 Iosms 
to U.C.C. 

We were successful enough to make it to the Final Tourna- 
ment, but lost both of our games, thereby claiming fourth 
place out of twelve teams. 

We would like to thank our coach Mr. "GQ" Ramsay (a. k. a. 
Battlin' Bob) for a great season. 

Back Row (L-R): R. Magwood, B. Csaszar, P. Rowe, J-F Jourdain, I. Led- 
erer. Middle Row: Mr. Ramsay, T. Adamek, A. Orendain, K. Rodrigues, 
E. Lee, The Headmaster. Front Row: A. Padmos, Rob Nanka-Bruce, R. 
Armstrong, P. Richer, ). MacFarlane, C. Bryer. 


Back Row (L-R): F. Tone, K. Wan, E. Wong, J. Liddell, N. Pierce, B. Lauria. 
Middle Row: Mr. Hay, Mr. Stevens, J. Chincan, R. Sahota, F. De Palma, E. 
Zavala, R. Juma, M. Wharram, The Headmaster. Front Row: M. Bamett, D. 
Cheng, M. Chestnut, P. Futhey, C. Begg, C. Tomlinson, P. De Palma. 

Littleside '92 had a surprising season in whicti new stars emerged and old ones continued to shine. Ken Wan led the team in stonng while co-caplain 
Curt Begg, |ason Liddell, and Matt Chestnut also scored often. On defence, Ravnit Sahota was dominating while Paul Futhey was in goal. 
Tremendous achievements included a 2-1 win over a strong Appleby team and a 1-0 loss to Lakefield, the eventual champs. 
Special thanks to the captains and the coaches for a fine season. With many players returning next year, this team's hjture looks bright. 



The High- 
lights ot the 
year; 1) the 
senior mens, 
lead by Ham- 
ish "the Ani- 
mal" Cowan, 
qualifying for 
Ontario's for 
the first time 
in years, 2) 
Teci Wright 
winning Mid- 
get boys at 
fSAA, 3) TCS 
winning the 
ISAA, 4) 
Overall, a 
very success- 
fiil season, 
thai\ks to our 
coaches, Mr. 
Hedney, Mr. 
Hobbs, Ms. 
Goos and 
Tom Dillon. 

Top Row: T. Wright, P. Krisdaphongs, A, Ho, J. Yue, J- Sea^am, B. Denton, R. ^air-a^-^Trembhy, a Turner 
Middle: Mr. DUlon, Mr. Hedney, S. Kim, K. Fong, D. T^emata F. Garcia, M. Hoover, S^Tottenham, k. 
Jamil N. Cheng, Ms. Goos, R. Hassan, Headmaster Seated: R. Qement, A. Hamson, J. Knight, E. Horm 
brook, H. Cowan, S. Robb, W. Baker, J. Buchanan 



Back Row (L-R): Coach Wills, Coach Simpson, T. Hamilton, J. Matthews, K. Simmonds, A. Ste- 
venson, A. Foster, S. Feddery, H. Regan, Coach Richter, Coach Tarasick, N4r. Wright Front Row: 
R. Buchanan-Smith, L. McNally, B. Kerin, S. Keelan, S. Stacey, K. McDonald. 


Even thuugh we were 
inexperienced, our 
strong coaching staff en- 
abled us to do well. Our 
defence line was imf>en- 
etrable thanks to Steph- 
anie, Tara and goalies 
Karene and Rachel. Our 
half backs were incred- 
ible. Ali, Kate, Honour 
and Heather all were in- 
valuable to the forwards 
because of their aggres- 
sive play. Shelley had a 
calming influence on the 
whole team! When the 
two terrors Lisa and Jen 
got the ball, there was 
no stopping them. Sara 
always pulled through 
and Anikka was the top 
scorer of the season. It 
Was a great season for 
the best bunch of danc- 
ing queens I've ever 
seen. I know that next 
year they'll win the 
championships. Lake- 
field look out! 

Back Row (L-R>: Coach Wills, C. Milne, K. Chan, A. Salmon, J. Phelan, T. Rodriguez, L. Cocker, 
Coach Richter, Coach Tarasick, Mr Wright Front Row: ]. Bodden, C. Sands, T. Bevan, S. Bryson, 
R. Scott, L. Sheehy, Coach Simpson Absent: H. Graves. 



Wearing MAH on our sleeves we dedicated this 
season to coach Hargraft. The 1992 Bears did ad- 
mirably posting an 8 and 1 record and our second 
ISAA championship in as many years. Our one loss 
to SAC woKe us up in mid season and the team 
showed lots of heart in winning the rest of our 
games and our first playoff game against Ridley. 
We beat SAC in the championship final 22-14. We d 
like to thank the coaching staff of Drew Allen, Chris 
Venter, Leo Powell, Greg Watson and newly re- 
cruited T.L. for another fun season. Finally a spe- 
cial thanks to Coach Rita for his knowledge and 
inspiration. Good luck to the boys next year! 

Back Row: M Mourtada. | Ftowell, J. Yhirbe, I Trenholme, S. Casgrain, B. Clarke, S. Williams, S. Trklja, ). 
Uoyd. 1 Ruhl, M Deaaull. ) Geekie, B HayhursI, M. Saegerl, J. Knowles. Middle Row: The Head, Mr \fenter, 
D Pugh, S Marai, R Ogilvie, E Hiwell. D Yiu, 1. Kopas, B Lee, M. Morin, B Mumford. M Swift, DO Swack- 
hamCT. F Bourtwau, A S Lee, C Shepherd. A. Kbo, C. Khattar, K Bignell, Ri. Nanka-Bruce, Mr. Ungford, 
Mr Allen. Mr Pbwrll Front Raw: R Hansson, D Stewart, I. Raymond, J Ailken, D. Fisher, K. Murray, D 
VVfeUs. D. ToCTing, N Gibson, M Bellamy, E Hall. R. Knowles. ). Hobson, D. Crosbie. 



Back Row: R. Birchall, A. McMillan, R. Jamieson, G. Swan, D. Salmon, D. Stroud, M. Hogan, Ja Maynard, J. Hands, S. Ishenvood, 
P. Trennum, G. Mcintosh. Second Row: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Phillips, V. Parliament, R. Irwin, D. McFadzean, N. Sheehy, Ju Maynard, K. 
Chan, T. Howell, B. Mountain, J. Irwin, R. Con'acher, Mr. Booth, Mr. McDonald. The Headmaster. Front Row: M. Genco, D. Lin, B. 
Hamilton, M. Eaton, B. Gibson, A. Rodney, T. Grant, L. Amoldi, C. Snaith, S. McQuaig, M. Westlake, A. VV'hite. 



Back Row: Mr. Elsley, Miss. Leitch, N Hawke, C Will, H Rennie, J. Thompson, The Headmaster. 
Front Row: L. Wu, A. McMillan, K. Flynn, A. Steele, A. Kaaz, L. Kucey. 

The second year of girl's 
basketball at Trinity proved 
to be a huge success. This 
year's team was fortified 
with the addition of two 
new players, Alex McMil- 
lan and Angie Kaaz. One 
of the highlights of the sea- 
son was our triumphant 
victory against Ridley, who 
beat us last year by over 40 
points. Hope Renrue, Laura 
Kucey and Christie Will, 
three veterans of the team 
also contributed to our suc- 
cess. Thanks to Miss 
Leitch of the team also con- 
tributed to our success 
Thanks to Miss. Leilch and 
Mr Elsley for helping us (o 
come a long way - maybe 
next year at our own tour- 
nament; they won't get any 
technical fouls. Good luck 
to the team of 1993. 
Amy and Katie 



Back Row: S. Casgrain, M. Laakkio, K. Rodrigues, C. Khattar, M. Corsi, S. Dempsey; Middle Row: 
Z. Bierk, D. Toering, D. Costello, D. Fisher, P. Mullins, S. Davis, F. Fafard, F. Bourbeau; Front Row: 
G. McFadzean, F. Panneton, Mr. Langford, D. Fafard, The Headmaster, R. Carter, W. McLeod 

Coming up from a wonderful previous season, we had high expectations to fulfil. Once again, 
Vlad and Tom were reuruted for the winter to run a team led by a quality group of returning 
players along with fine newcomers. Through tournaments and games against top ranked prep 
schools, the team proved to be more than competitive ending up with a 23-16-1 overall record. 
Punctuated by winning our tournament, the consolation championship at Lawrenceville and 
the game at the Maple Leaf Gardens against UCC, the season turned out to be very satisfying 
even though we fell short again of an ISAA championship. 

Congratulations to the award winners: Peter "Foligno" Mullins (leading scorer), Francois "Hack- 
saw" Paruieton (MVP), captain Dominic Fafard (Distinction award) and to the assistant-captain 
Ryan Carter (captain's award). Many thanks to Vlad, Tom and Proc and good luck for the 
upcortung Bigside teams. 



Back Row: S. Robb, A. MacEwen, I. Lederer, D. Crosbie, J. Trenholme, J. Northey Middle 
Rour Mr. Ramsay, M. Morrissette, D. Grant, M. Pohoresky, J. Walker, S. Feddery, J. Thomp- 
son, K. Bignell, Mr. Large, the Headmaster Seated: R. Beauchamp, ]. Hobson, J. Lloyd, 
M. Bellamy, C. Bryer, B. Spiewak 


The 1992-93 KaidiTs were a team that 
would have made Don Cherry Proud 
U'd by captams Mike Bellamy, James 
l.loyd and Campbell Bryer, the Raid- 
t'Ts finished the season in a very re- 
spectable fourth plice Mike 
Momssette and Mike Pohoresky put 
the puck in the net when we needed 
it most. The red line consistin^^ of 
Dave Crosbie, Ian Lederer and Jamie 
Trenholme surprised us all with their 
ability to put the puck in the net. De- 
fensively, Jason Hobson and Dave 
Grant were extremely solid. Between 
the pipes, Bart Spiewak, Remy Beau- 
champ and Stu Robb saved the team 
a lot of grief with their abilities High- 
lights were playing in the Gardens 
and hosting tne play-off tournament. 
The team would like to thank Mr. 
Large and Mr. Ramsay for a great sea- 

CISAA - Won 5, Lost 2, 3 Ties 
Overall - 7 Wins, 7 Loses, 4 Ties 
4th in CISAA 

Back Row: R. Conacher, G. Cudney, D. Stroud, P. Pohoresky, J. Gregory Middle Row: 
Mr. Taylor, J. Powell, F. Bazin, B. Mountain, J. Hands, C. Begg, Mr. Phillips, the Head- 
master Sro ted: S. Isherwood, T. Grant, A. McFadzean, B. Hamilton, L. Amoldi, P. Futhey 

Witti a solid nucleus o( rookies and vet- 
erans, the team managed to finish 3rd in 
the ISAA. 

The team was led by captain Drew McFad- 
zean who won tne team's leadership 
award. Along with Tucker Grant and 
Brook Hamilton, Ryan Conacher, Paul Po- 
horesky, Darr\Ti Stroud, Curtis B««g, Brad 
Mountain, and Latrd Amoldi allplayed 
solidly and some are of age to play liext 

5o while Littleside says goodbye to Paul 
Futhey (MVP), lames Gregory and others 
who are to old to play next year, there are 
many who can stiD plav and hopefully win 
it allwlh coaches Taylor and fTullips next 



Bifpide CirU VoUevball had a very successful and exciting season. In only 
our second year as a team we improved our I.S.S.A record from 14-24 
to 1.V3 due to stime excellent coaching from Mr. Holt and Brian Lee. 
Among our highlights thus season were: Beating archrivals Albert in every 
match a harJ-eamed Havergal victor*', and a 2nd place finish in the 
I S S A tournament The team looks strong for next year although we'll 
miss Coach Holt Brian Lee, Lisa McNallv, Bridget Kerin, Steff Feddery, 
and how could we forget, LETS GO FUftRY CHICKEN MCNnjGGETS! 
A great season. 

(Back Row L-R): Mr. Holt, B. Lee, I. Tremblav, A. Kaaz, S. Mervyn, 
B. Kerin, M. Hagenson, The Headmaster. (Seated L-R): L. McNally, 
A. McMillian, S. Stacey, T. Kavander. 


Littleside VbUevball made its debut as a successful, capable team 
this year, competing well against respiectable schools who had more 
background and experience. In two major tournaments, we placed 
a solid third place out of six teams. All players were brought to- 
gether for the first time, and under the expertise of coach Miss 
Falco, their true abilihes were able to shine. Honourable mentions 
on the team go out to Captain Qaudia Sheehy, Sheila Bryson, 
Carolvn Moss, Tyrrell Ashcroft, and Amanda Salmon. Without 
these girls, the team surely would not have thrived as it did. Con- 
gratulations to all those on T.C.S.'s first Littleside Vfolleyball Team. 

(Back Row L-R): Miss Falco, M. Niziol, T. George, 
T. Ashcroft, C. Moss, S. Bryson, S. Roberts, T. 
Montgomery, The Headmaster. (Seated L-R): A. 
Salmon, C. Wong, C. Sheehy, S. Smeenk, T. Se- 
van, L. Sheehy. 



Back Row: J. Lai, C. Milne, D. Pugh, A. Howse, D. Takemata, P. Krisdaphongs. Middle 
Row: Mr. Geale, L. Kucey, B. Francis, J. Buchanan, B. White, J. Yiu, M. Campbell, Mr. 
Hobbs, The Headmaster Front Row: R. Scott, M. Rodriguez, G. Fines, L. Qarke, L. Hamper, 
M. Towle 

ITnis year the Niirdic ski team wa.s 
blessed with a winter with an 
abundance of snow. Starting off 
the season with only a few vet- 
erans, many were on skis for the 
first time in their lives. TTiis group 
of new<omers show much pro- 
mise for upcoming years. We 
would like to thank the coaches, 
Mr. Geale and Mr. Hobbs. Many 
competed in their first races and 
a few narrowly escaped a chance 
at OFFSA. M^anv thanks to the 
co-captains of tVie team: Greg 
Fines, Lee Ann Clarke, and Chad 
Ito. Greg and Chad both had ex- 
cellent races at COSSA and 
OFFSA. Thanks also go out to 
our timing team of R. Scott, M. 
Towle, L. Hamper and M. Rod- 
riguez, who scored all of the 
races for the Kawartha, COSSA, 
and OFFSA championships. 
Good Luck to next year's Nordic 
ski team. 



This veal's Bigside squad was an effective 
mix of N'eterarvs and rookies led by Brad 
Smith and Jules Knowles who were elected 
as the team's captains. Uttleside graduate 
Courtney Christ and new comere, Scott Mai- 
tm and Sasa Trklja added significant offen- 
swe punch The season got off to a fast 
paced start with a 118-29 pounding over Pbrt 
Hope This is the most points ever scored 
by a TCS basketball team in a regulation 
^me. The team would then continue to 
compile a 257 season record, including win- 
nmg both the Kawartfia and COSSA cham- 
pMtuhips. This gave the team its first ever 
OFSSA berth, where they would eventually 
win the consdatjon finals. The team will cer- 
tainly miss the likes of UEsperajice, KcUett 
and irarwolmi (along with our captains) but 
with a solid returning group which includes 
Whike and Willis, things look promising for 
next season 

\ I '■ Standing: S. TrUja, C. Christ, J. Whike, D. KeUett, J. Uvers, P. L'Esperance, B. Smith, 
^ -*' ). Knowles, M. Francolini Seated: S. VViUis, P. Rowe, S. Martin 



Back Roil'.- Mr. Dillon, L. Smith, G. 
Nichols, A. Brown, J. Maynard, N. 
Antaki, S. White, R. Armstrong, the 
Headmaster. Seated: Mr. Robert, M. 
Pizzuto, J.F. Jourdain, R. Rodrigues, 
E. Hall, R. Knowles, M. Ross. 

The Crusaders basketball team of 92-93 is one that will be remembered for a long 
time to come. Under the capable command of Ed Hall, and with fine coachmg 
from Mr. Robert, the team finished the season with an incredible 21-0 recorcT 
They frequently held the opposition to less than 40 points, and their average 
margin of victory was a phenomenal 19 points. Eleven of their victories came 
over first teams. Five plaj'ers had 100-plus point seasons: Ryan Knowles, Ed Hall, 
Garth Nichols, Austm Brown, and Ryan Rodrigues, who scored 300 points on 
the season, more than some team's total prociuction. The list of hignlights is 
enormous, longer than space permits. Suffice it to say that the chances of a team 
of this calibre ever existmg again are slim indeed. 


Back Row: Mr. Langford, Mr. Ranson, E. Wong, Ja. Maynard, A. Rodney, Ju. 
Maynard, N. Pierce, the Headmaster. Seated: C. Tomlinson, S. McCuaig, C. 
Snaith, ]. LiddeU, D. Salmon, T. HoweU, K. Wan. 



Bark Row: F KlocWars, W. Pohoresky, ) Sant, A. Zalacain, R. Jamieson, R Nanka-Bruce, R Mehler, W. Baker, 
D Swackhamer. M Swift, E. Lee Standing: Mr Seagram, B Gibson, P Richer, R Magwood, K Flynn, J Kopas, 
H. Rennie, R. Birchall, N. Hawke, M. Pirtovshek, M. Denault Kneeling: M. Chestnut, J. Knieht, B. Hayhurst, 
M. Turner, J. Phelan, R. Gorrie, A. Cota, Al. Ellis, A. Harrison, M. Irwin, C. Horsley, Mr. Haberer Supine: S 
Chestnut, Ai. Ellis 

This year's ski team was 
the most successful ever. 
With the addition of Bryce 
Gibson and Nikki Hawke 
and the return of veterans 
Jon Knight, Rob Magwood 
and Kate Rynn, we were 
ready to tear apart the 
mountain. We again won 
the ISSA, COSSA and for 
the first time ever, OFSSA. 
Our Junior boys team then 
qualified for the World's 
where Bryce Gibson placed 
first overall. The team itself 
did the School proud to 
place third, beating out 
competitive teams such as 
Scotland and Australia. We 
would like to tharxk Nikki 
Hawke for tending to her 
children and to our 
coaches, Mr. Seagram and 
Mr. Haberer for a fantastic 





Swim season got off to a fast start with 
J strong showing at thu U of T invil.i- in Novembor. Jeri-my I l>immund 
starti'd oi( wi'll with some top 5 swims 
and had a strong season culminating 
with an excellent swim at OFSAA 
Craig Shepherd had a great first half 
of the season but was unable to com- 
plete it due to illness. Scott Winfield, 
Fernando Garcia and Carter Johnson 
all had excellent seasons and all three 
competed well at OFSAA. The girls also 
did really well. Elsbeth Hornibrook, 
Tara Hamilton and Jen Matthews per- 
formed admirably throughout the sea- 
son. At the ISAA championship, 
although we had an incomplete team, 
we still managed to come a close sec- 
ond. Overall we had a rather success- 
ful season winning Kawartha, COSSA 
boys championship and we had a 6-1 
record in tne ISAA. 

Back Row: E. Howell, ]. Hammond, C. Johnson, F. Garcia Middle 
Roiv: The Headmaster, Mrs. Dew, K. Ito, C. Green, N. Coetzee, 
S. Brascoupe, C. Moore, A. McCaughey, Mr. Heaton Front Row: 
K. McDonald, J. Pearce, E. Hornibrook, T. Hamilton, J. Matthews, 
K. Revill 


Back Row: O. Duncan, G. Turner, A. Westlake, E. Diaz De Leon, 
E. Zavala Middle Row: Miss Richter, W. Karam, G. Ho, M. Mills, 
M. Westlake, J. Johnson, Mrs. Alldred, The Headmaster Fron^ Kow; 
D. Cheng, S. Lloyd, J. Norman, J. Van Kempen, R. Abraham, A. 
Zalacain, C. Wong 



Back Roiv: Mr. Wills, B. Shiu, 
G. W'u, R. Hassan, M. Cheekes, 
J. Yue, the Headmaster. Seated: 
S. Lee, D. Serrao, D. Purcell, R. 
Moorjani, R. Leesui, R. Garcia, 
J. Tong. 

The only way to describe this season's team is amazing. Bigside squash performed 
at a level that has not been seen for many years, and may not be seen for a while 
to come. Under the instruction of the enthusiastic Mr. Wills, we won in Mon- 
treal, at Ridley, and just about anywhere else we went. Our second place finish 
in the ISAA was a little disappointing, but, when you look at the performance 
of the players, nothing more could have been asked for. Good luck to Mr. Rey- 
nolds and all returning players next season, and remember: TCS is a squash pow- 
erhouse and that is a reputation to fight for. 


■■■■■■ «<aai 

■•^■^ ISM* 


Back Row: K. Fong, C. Sheehy, C. Sands, G. Swan, S. Ogundimu, M. Bustamante. Middle Row: Mr. Hay, 
A. Barr, A. Irvine, J. Seagram, J. Irwin, Miss Simpson, the Headmaster. Seated: B. Li, R. Sahota, F. Tong, 
K. Watchorn, T. Wright, K. Chan, L. Cocker. 



J. Persson, P. Sword, G. Ebbrell, D. Michaud 

K. Wan, T. Bumham, R. Clement, A. Stevenson 

This year marked Trinity's most 
successful season of curling. 
Headed by Guy "the bruiser ' 
Ebbrell and Jcihan "I'm not 
drunk" Persson, the team was 
ready to Rock the House. And 
rock they did. They finished the 
season with a winning record, 
just missing a berth to COSSA. 
The women fared better, led by 
Roxane Clement. Thev placed at 
Kawartha, and did admirably at 
COSSA. Thanks to the Padre for 
a fun season. 



Back Row: Mr. Godfrey, F. Bazin, J. Herrera, D. Salmon, L. Amoldi, Ro. Nanka-Bruce, Mr. 
Large, The Headmaster. Front Row: P. Fulton, D. Yiu, R. Moorjani, C. Shepherd, P. Futhey, 
G. DeCaires. 

Bigside cricket only had three return- 
ing players, so we all thought that we 
would simply roll over and die this 
year. However, we did exactly the op- 
posite, thanks to a fantastic crop of 
rookies, led by Dan Salmon. The star 
of the team was co-captain Craig She- 
pherd who averaged over twenty runs 
a match. He also took over twenty 
wickets as a bowler. Craig took five 
wickets for only four runs twice against 
SAC Our other captain. Rich Moorjani 
also had an outstanding season, devas- 
tating a number of opposing batsmen 
with his tricky spin-bowling. These 
two gentlemen, with the support from 
the rest of the team led the TCS squad 
to second place in the CISAA, losing 
in the final game to a strong UCC team. 
Much thanks to our coaches, Mr. God- 
frey and Mr. Large for their support 
and encouragement throughout the 




Back Row: The Headmaster, R. Garcia, M. Cheekes, D. Stewart, J. Goddard, W Baker, 
D. Serrao, Mr. McCord. Front Row: J. Zalacain, R. Sahota, P. SUvera, J. Abdulla, D. 


« « 

Back Rou'.- C. Milne, A. Lahda, E. Diaz De Leon, J.M. Fuguet. Middle Row: Mrs. Dew, 
B. Denton, B. Sandford, Ke. Chan, E. Zavala, The Headmaster. Front Row: C. TomJinson, 
R. Juma, J. Juma, A. White, B. Hamilton, J. Seagram. 

MiddUside, ably coached by 
Mr. McC ord, surprised a lot 
of people, including them- 
selves by winning the C'ISA A 
championships in the final 
game against UCC. Captain 
Peter Silvera was the driving 
force behind this never-say- 
die Cinderella team. Their at- 
titude balanced out their abil- 
ities as cricketers and made 
them quite successful. Peter 
was supported by hard-nosed 
wicket keeper. Dean Serrao 
who overcame his narcolepsy 
to play some inspiring crick- 
et. Vinayak Shourie proved to 
the world that there is more 
to him than disco, as he led 
the team in all batting categor- 

Littleside cricket had a season 
filled with peaks, valle\'s and 
acne this year. We were led by 
the bowling prowess of captain 
Jamil Juma, who took twenty- 
two wickets for 127 runs, (an 
impressive 5.7 average). Jamil's 
best day was against the Onta- 
rio U15 team, where he took 
five wickets in ten balls, then 
produced twenty-three runs 
not out at bat. However, the 
best batsman on the season 
was loud-mouth, Chris Thom- 
linson, who averaged nearly 
ten runs a game. The team's 
highlight of the year was the 
win against the UCC U16 team 
in which we bowled them out 
for 45 (Jamil Juma taking sL\ 
wickets, and Adrian White tak- 
ing five.) Thanks to Mrs. De\v 
for her patience and support. 



Back Row: An. McMillan, S. Martin, S. Wells, G. Nichols, A. Cota, R. Davidson, R. Mehler, 
) Liddell, D. Wells, K. Nichols, D. Heenatigala, S. McCuaig, S. Dempsev. Middle Row: Mr. 
Gregg, K. Jamal, Al. McMillan, A. DaCosta, 1. Tremblay, T Kavander, Ai. Ellis, S. Mervyn, 
B. Francis, F. Klockars, A. Foster, K. McDonald, J. Pearce, J. Johnson, S.H. Lee, M. Turner, 
The Headmaster. Front Row: S. Lloyd, C. Horsley, R. Clement, Al. Ellis, S. Chestnut, A. 
Zalacain, J. Howse, M. Rodriguez. 

Rowing was blessed this 
year with the very generous 
donarion by Mr. Chubb, 
class of 69, of two rowing 
shells. The women enjoyed 
qualifying for the finals in 
the Senior Women's Heavy- 
weight class. The Senior 
Men's Four also made it to 
the finals in the Royal Ca- 
nadian Henley where com- 
petition came from all 
around North America. 
Many thanks to our cox- 
swains and coaches but 
especially to Mr. Ganley 
who is leaving the TCS row- 
ing program after building 
it nom scratch. To next year% 
rowers, remember: "Those 
who excel are those with 
whom the water knows no 
boundaries. Never expect 
too little for then thou snalt 
fall behind. And don't attack 
skunks." - Eurithrates 



Back Row: R. Scott, K. Flynn, B. Kerin, L. Kucey Middle Row: Mr. Ranson, Miss Falco, 
T. Montgomery, J. Ebanks, M. Kerin, H. Graves, The Headmaster. Front Row: A Barr, 
S. Keelan, N. Arnold, L. Cocker, G. Van Kempen, J. Bodden, M. Campbell. 

The 1993 season was fun, despite the 
terribly lacking win-loss record. It was 
a strong team with high spirits - with 
Natalie, the South African import, 
whose Determination made her our 
top scorer, and Rachel, an exceptional 
player throughout. The defence was 
always on the ball with Fancy Nancy, 
Jackie and Heather "Destroyer" 
Graves. The Trinity Troll, Joannah al- 
ways gave her all, physically and sup- 
port wise. There was Laura, an 
amazing asset to the team. Can't for- 
get "Puss" . . "Love Dove" Kerin 
sisters, with outstanding playing, and 
great entertainment. Kate, Hope and 
Tara. But where would Bigside be 
without the "Cool Kids on the team", 
Ashley and Sarah? Thanks to the 
coaches. Pretty (Icky) Boy Rob Ran- 
son and Miss Falco. Watch for us next 
year when we'll be even better. "I can 
feel it in my bones!" Right, Miss 



Although the track team was 
unusually small this year, there 
was still a solid group of suc- 
cessful competitors. Among 
those who made it to Eastern 
Regionals were: Campbell 
Bryer, Chad Ito, Dominic Fa- 
fard, Martin Denault, Scott Wil- 
lis, Julian Northey, Hamish 
Cowan and Tyrell Ashcroft. We 
also had three competitors pro- 
ceed to O.F.S.A.A.; Chad Ito, 
Tyrell Ashcroft and Dom Fa- 
fard. Unfortunately, Chad got 
rained out and was not able to 
finish his event, but Dom Fa- 
fard came 8th in the shot put. 

Back Row: S. Willis, J. Buchanan, J Northey, Ja. Maynard, C. Christ, M. Hagenson, N. Hawke, H. Cowan. Middle Row: Mr. Hedney, 
tI» Wo^J" . r "?'i^ ^^^S'" '-;^ i*"' ^ Tottenham, M. Denault, P. Sword, Ju. Maynard, R. Hansson, L. Sheehy, Mr. Thornton, 
The Headmaster Front Row: P. Lui, C. Bryer, A. Steele, C. Ito, D. Fafard, K Watchorn 



Back Row: The Headmaster, Mrs. Wills, D. Stroud, N. Pierce, A. McFadzean, B. Moun- 
tain, J. Trenholme, M. Corsi, Mr. Reynolds. Front Row: S. Roberts, E. Hall, G. Stoute, 
W. McLeod, G. Mcintosh, J. Norman. 

Irinity Golf had its largest squad 
I'vcr this yi'ar with Mr. Reynolds 
lu'lping out the nuys and Mrs. 
Wills who helped out the >;irls 
and with transportation. How- 
ever, 6 golfers rotated through 
the 5 senior tour events this year. 
Mike "Boom Boom" Corsi pro- 
vided the best and most consis- 
tent play all year. ).F. "Mr. 107" 
lourdain helped out when we 
needed him. Graham "Mr. 
Toute" Stoute provided the lead- 
ership, while Ed "Tiger" Hall 
and Warren "Mickelson" Mc- 
Leod provided the early mt)rning 
entertainment. Last but not least 
Jamie "Big Country" Trenholme 
always made meal time more spe- 
cial. Again we'd like to thank the 
coaches for their often unapprec- 
iated shuttle service and support. 
Good luck to the three graduates. 
(See ya for Old Boy's Golf!) 


Bflfi Rjyw: R. Conacher. R fcrnandei!, K Nopper, F. Garcia, M Bustamante Middit Row: The Head- 
master, Mr B White, E Goreline, C. Green, A. Stevenson, E. Homibrook, C Sheehy, Mrs. larasKk. Mr 
Heaton Fmixt Row: G. Fines, M. Sanbom, A. Westlake, M. Mills, J. Walker, W. Ftohoresky, W Karam 

The kayaking team had an out- 
standing season this year attract- 
ing 22 paddlers. Their season 
started with a trip to North Car- 
olina for a March Break training 
camp with some members of the 
American National team. This 
was a learning experience for all 
who went. Through the season 
the team managed to have excel- 
lent results throughout Ontario, 
Quebec and the U.S.. The team 
managed to place five of its best 
paddlers on the Provincial Team 
(Andrew Westlake earned posi- 
tion #1 in the K-1 division and Mi- 
losh Mills earned position *1 on 
in the C-1 division). The team had 
a number of enthusiastic begin- 
ners who managed to endure the 
senior paddlers' "abuse" for a 
whole term and there were also 
six girls on the team. The team 
would like to thank Ben While for 
helping out and Mr. Heaton for 
a great season. 



Bigside started the season with five 
returning players and looked to win 
its third consecutive ISAA champion- 
ship. Unfortunately we lost to a 
strong SAC team in the final game 
and finished second. With a 5-1 
record TCS saw some fine forward 
work and strong backplay The half- 
backs excelled at moving the ball and 
the loose-forwards were always 
promptly there to clean up loose play. 
The centres and wings ran hard and 
with our strong front five we were 
always assured of plenty of posses- 
sion. The Sevens team lost the first 
ever TCS Sevens Tournament in the 
fmals by a convert. Special thanks to 
Mr (Stalin) Stevens and Joe (Slave 
Driver) Seagram. On The West Coast 

Back Row: M. Bellamy, M. Francolini, B. Smith, B Hayhurst, F Bourbeau, M Prtovshek^ M.ddfc 
Rou- Mr Stevens, M. Ross, Ri. Nanka-Bruce, F. Panneton, R. Knowles, K, B.gnell, AS. Lee, Mr Sea- 
gram The Headmaster. Front Row: J. Geekie, D. Toering, N. Gibson, D. Fisher, J. Aitken, A. Koo. 



Back Row: VV Yang, R. Armstrong, R. Beauchamp, M. Pohoresky, M. Laakkio, G. Eb- 
brell I Yiu Middle Row: Mr. Dillon, A. Orendain, J. Kopas, A. Hamson, T. Nieminen, 
E Howell B Spiewak, Ro. Nanka-Bruce, C. Johnson, Mr. Robling, The Headmaster. Front 
Row: Be. Lee, M. Mourtada, J. MacFarlane, M. Swift, S. Winfield, Co. Wong. 

rho Middli-sidi- Ku>;by team had, 
well, a . . . fun season. We did 
just as well as the Ottawa Sena- 
tors on the road, maybe belter. 
Though our 1-h record would 
bring to mind the word "pathe- 
tic", it should be remembered 
that most of our games were 
against first teams. With the ex- 
ception of two blowouts we kept 
the score close and gave every 
team a real challenge. Ben Lee, 
Guy Ebbrell, Scott Winfield and 
vice-captain Swifty were strong, 
effective forwards, while Andy 
Harrison, Jeff Kopas and Miguel 
Pohoresky gave depth to the 
backs. Adolfo "The man from 
Spain" Orendain, and Miikka 
Laakkio had strong rookie sea- 
sons, but in general, it could not 
be said that anyone gave a half 
effort. To our coaches, Les 
"Wales did beat England" Rob- 
ling and Tom "Lets do some 
more windsprints!" Dillon, 
thanks for believing we could 
win. You were wrong, but 
thanks. - John M. 


Back Row: R Jamieson, A Monlano, F. Fafard, A Brown, T. Howell. R. Birchall, B Gitwon Middit Row: Mr. Hay, N. Sheehy. 
T Grant. A Rodnev. M Pizzuto, P. Richer, B. Csaszar, M. Monn, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Wnghl. Front Row: M. Chestnut, C. 
Khanar. R. Magwood, D. Swackhamer, B. Mumford, M. Saegert, R. Gorrie. Ground: E. lee. 



Captain and two-time distinction 
winner, Stauton Bowen was once 
again the #1 on the team. He had 
a successful year, though he lost 
a couple of heart breakers and fin- 
ished the season with a win-loss 
record of 9 and 3. Ryan Rodrigues 
was the standout at the final tour- 
nament, where he went unde- 
feated playing at the #2 spot. The 
top doubles team was composed 
of Julian Whike and Johan Pers- 
son who had an outstanding 7-2 
season. The fine play by the 
young rookies Ryan Lee Sui, Cur- 
tis Begg and Cam Snaith indicates 
what is sure to be an extremely 
successful future for Bigside Ten- 

Back Row: Mr. Adamcryck, C. Snaith, C. Begg, R. Leesui, The Headmaster. Front Row: 
R. Rodrigues, S. Bowen, J. Whike. 



Back Row: C. Burnham, K Revill, L. Davison, S. Brascoupe, A. Strathy, Car. Wong. Mid- 
dle Roll': The Headmaster, Mrs McCart, N. Chene, M. Demers, J. Phelan, Ka. Chan, K. 
Campbell, Miss Simpson. Front Row: M Irwin, L McNallv, C. Sands, T. Bevan, H. Row- 
land, Ka. Wan. 


Both the Girl's Bigside and 
Girl's Junior tennis teams had 
excellent season's this year. 
Our final record was a very 
respectable five wins, two 
losses and two "rainouts". 
We were very lucky to have 
three dedicated coaches: Mrs. 
McCart, Miss Simpson, and 
Miss Priestman. vVe would 
like to thank them for their 
help and encouragement. 
Special congratulations to Na- 
tasha Dielweh who won the 
Girl's Singles Tournament. 
Good luck to both teams next 



Mr. Adamcryck, P, Macdonald, D. George, C. Angus, P. Rowe, T. Lee, A. Cheng, The 


Back Row: S. Ogundimu, E. Wong, M. Cogan, P. Pohoresky. Middle Row: Mr. Haberer, 
T. Wnght, F. De Palma, G Cudney, M. Eaton, Mrs. Boss, The Headmaster. Front Row: 
Ca. Wong, J. Irwin, Z. Bierk, P. De Palma, K. Fong. 



Back Ro«.. Br Ue R OgUvie, B. Kellett, A. Howse, D. Purcell, G. McFadzean. Middle 
Row: Mr. McGee, D. Costello, ). Powell, J. Knowles, J. Hands, I. Lederer, P. MuUins 
Mr. Venter, The Headmaster. fronfRoK'.C. Moss, J. Knight, D.Fafard.R Carter S Brvson 

The Bad News Bears took to the diamond for their 
second season with their most powerful team to 
date. The team had a very successful season going 
all the way to the championship game where we 
lost to Lakefieid. The team was led by the pitching 
of Jules "Shabba" Knowles, Dom Fafard, Peter Ed 
Mullins, Geoff "Do it for Graceland" McFadzean, 
Ian "Itech" Lederer, Brian "Bruce" Lee, Dan 
"Grandpa" Costello, and Ryan "Glam Rock" 
Carter. The team also had a successful bunch in 
Jay Harry Hands, Bill "yes, 1 struck out" Kellett, 
Duncan "Speedy" Purcell, Andy "I was beat up 
by a girl" Howse, Julian Powell, Jon "Yeah, Yeah" 
Knight, Rory Ogilvie, Stephen "Computer Repair 
Man" Isherwood, and finally our two female play- 
ers Shiela "LEDS" Bryson'and Carolyn "I can't 
believe 1 have to bat" Moss. The team would like 
to thank Coach McGee and Coach Venter. 




FOOTBALL Dana Toering 

Noble Gibson 

SOCCER. Staunton Bowen 


Dominic Fafard 

FIELD HOCKEY Bridget Kerln 


HOCKE Y. Dominic Fafard 


SWIMMING Elsbeth Hornibrok 

SQUASH Ryan Leesui 

Stephen Lee 

Richard Moor jani 

ALPINE SKIING Katherlne Rynn 


TENNIS Staunton Bowen 

BADMINTON Isabel Tremblay 

RUGBY David Fisher 

KAYAKING Michael Sanborn 








Bafik Row: Dr. DuBroy, B. Sandford, P. Futhev, M. Saegert, A. McMUlan, R. Scott, Mrs. Boss, The Headmaster. Front Row: N. Ste- 
venson, J. Ruhi, P. Fulton, K. Jamal, ). McCalfum. 

Trinity Debating Society continued its illustrious 
career of never preparing for tournaments, and did 
quite poorly. No one really cared, because we al- 
ways had fun, and we were better looking than 
our opponents. Also, the other teams spent time 
preparing for tournaments, while Trinity compet- 
itors had lives. In the future TCS debaters will have 
friends, while other schools will only have dusty 
debating trophies. Actually, the year was not so 
grim, and we did have a few excellent results. 

Kabir Jamal highlighted the year by placing an im- 
pressive third at the fall Fulford. Dr. Dubroy 
climbed out of intensive care, (he had just finished 
hosting the Worlds and ran the most organized 
tournament ever, by the way) to award Kabir with 
a debating tie. It was a touching ceremony. 

In the second term. Trinity blew its debating bud- 
get of one dollar and thirty-two cents, and sent 
Peter Fulton to Winnipeg, City of Wind. In typical 
Trinity tradition, Peter wrote his prepared speech 
on the plane, making up statistics to support his 
arguments. The judges were impressed with Peter's 
preparation, as his mediocre results show. 

Paul Futhey made a splash in the debating world 
by placing in the top fifteen at the Winter Fulford. 
It's not so much the result that is remarkable, but 
the lack of time that Paul had to work with to 
achieve this score. For his effort, Paul was given 
the "Most promising Junior debater" award at 
Speech Day. The future looks bright for TCS de- 

Top: Junior Winners: Middle: Pete makes a point; Bottom: 
The debate heats up. 



Back Row: M. Pohoresky, L Davison. E. Hall, ) Seagram, ). Ruhl, N. Stevenson, J. Buchanan, B. 
HayhursI, D. Heenatigala. Middle Row: Father Seagram, R. Kamal. R Rodrigues, W. Karam, J. McCal- 
lum, E Howell, I Whike. A. Harrison, A Cota, D. Salmon, P. Futhey, The Headmaster Front Row: 
C Angus, K Bignell, ) Ferris, J MacFarlane, M Francolini, P Fulton, M. Saegert. 

I he I'M Ml)S!5 biKlftV CDHtl- 

nued with it's tradition of 
Youth SL'r\'ing Yt)ufh this 
year, donating a considerable 
amount to a number of char- 
ities that benefit voung peo- 
ple throughout the world. 
The 1992-1993 version of the 
Pat Moss Society was headed 
by Mark Francofini, who tot)k 
time off from his job as a hit- 
man, and Will Karam who 
took time off from worship- 
ping Larry Bird. The Pat Moss 
raked leaves, held a basketball 
tournament, collected coins, 
ran the Tuck Shop and came 
very close to selling T-shirts 
all in order to raise money for 
worthy causes. Special thanks 
to the Padre for nis unfailing 
support and spiritual guicl- 
ance. Good luck to Natasha 
Djelweh and Mike Pohoresky 
who take over the leadership 


Back Row: Mr. Holt, T Kavander, S. Keelan, S. Fedderv, T. Hamilton, S. Chestnut, A. 
McFadzean, ). Ruhl Front Row: M. Pirtovshek, J. Ailken, M. Bellamy, N. Stevenson, R. 
Qement, D. Salmon, Ai. Ellis 

TEAC was run tightly and ef- 
ficiently this year under the 
leadership of James Aitken 
and Mike Bellamy. They or- 
ganized, quite successfully, a 
regular recycling day for the 
school, established a compost 
site, and laid out the ground- 
work for a landfill park. (Be 
sure to hold your nose). This 
group, with the support of 
staff advisor, Mr. Holt, dem- 
onstrated fantastic student in- 
itiative all year long, and set 
a standard for all student or- 






A -11 

*~» ■ 


Bark Rou': Father Seagram, H. Cowan, Ro. Nanka-Bruce, B. Francis, D. Stroud, J. Ruhl, M. Saegert, W. Pohoresky, ]. Seagram, N. 
Stevenson, K. Bignell, the Headmaster. Front Row: M. Pohoresky, L. Davison, E. Hall, J. Ferris, ]. McCallum, R. Qement, E. Hornibrook. 


Standing: N. Stevenson, W. Pohoresky, K. Chan, M. Turner, P. Pohoresky, J. Seagram, E. Hornibrook, Father Seagram Seated: His 
Grace, the Bishop 


Back Row: E. Hall, R Knowles, J. Knight, D. Wells, A. Cota, The Headmaster. Front Row: 1. Tremblay, Br. Lee, Mrs. Vasila, 
N. Gibson, M. Campbell, M. Demers. 


Father Seagram, M. Demers, F. Klockars, S. Williams, Ro. Nanka-Bruce, E. Hall, E. Hornibrook, The Headmaster 





Back Row: B. Kerin, M. Campbell, P. Fulton, R. Moorjani, B. Smith, M. Francolini, J. MacFarlane. Front Row: A. Stevenson, A. Strathy, 
N Gibstin. The Headmaster, H Rennie, D. Fisher, S Fedderv 

The Prefects did a lot more than just 
hand out donuts and sign gating sheets 
this year. They organized numerous 
school events such as the Pep rally, the 
house Christmas dinners (where Nob 
made the perfect Santa), Spirit Week, 
and the School's Birthday. Each event 
was unique and a lot of fun for the 
school community. However, the Pre- 
fects were not the only leaders and 
organizers within the school; the Ste- 
wards also contributed a great deal to 
the life of T.C.S. Unfortunately, the Ste- 
wards did not have a picture taken this 
year, but for a complete list please check 
the Speech Day section on page 133. 









Kristi Adamcryck 


Contrary to popular belief, these past two years at TCS have 
taught me a lot. Now this chapter of my life closes, however 
nol unpleasantly or without memories. Remember: Coffee 
shoppine. street comers, spring drives, the Tesluk account, 
eggroll? bigside Olvmpia, pigs & pants, camping, poker (I 
won), Mr Bungle, offices, and cu-Is? - what do you want to 
do?! Lee Ann, Janer, Htxiter, Kiki, Eeds, Tara, Gauze, Dave 
- you're all sf)ecial and I'll never forget you. Thanks go out 
to Monkey; sorrv to set you apart but you were always there, 
Eggo; why WHY? and esp>ecially to Mom and Dad; without 
vou my dreams would never fly, 1 love you both so much. 
''Tu es un ami qui est arrive plus tard et qui est parti plus 
vite." - Author unknown 

James Aitken 


Well I'm outta here! TCS is the best thing that has happened 
to me yet. Work hard, play hard & Pi\KTY HARD! That's 
what its all about boys. Thanx to Mr. Holt, Ron Reynolds 
and Rodger Wright for getting me through it. It all began 
in grade 8 with the far-outs, masked avengers, T-time with 
Sprice, Bums posse, AWOL in T.O., U-16 football (Thanx 
T.L.), Greenwood benders, 50-50, the valley, mongers, copy 

fjros, rugby tour, Cancun, football champs, and of course 
ate night in Bethune. To the buds - Sprice, Belly, Buts, Uoyd, 
Cas, Meats, Jon, Fish, Jack, Noblets, Egu, Herm, Beav, Ho- 

rey, you're all TOP DOGS! Niks, you've given me a year 
won't forget, only miss. MOM, Peter and Dad, you couldn't 
have given me anything better than this. Thank you. Good 
luck to everyone who is left, enjoy it. Adios Atiugos 

Lxim Ang 

I would like to express my heartiest thanks to all my teach- 
ers at TCS, especially Mrs. Malenfant, who has helped me 
a lot in English. Thanks to my parents for sending me to TCS 
in which Ihave learned a lot of things. This is my first and 
last year at TCS and there is nothing for me to say, except 
two words; "Thar\k you." 

Nairn Antaki 


How can 1 describe this invaluable experience at Trinity Col- 
lege School? So much comes to mind, yet so little can be put 
into words . . . Surely, these were more than just two school 
years, with Forum for Young Canadians, the Canadian Rally 
m Ottawa, the 21-0 Crusaders studs, Friday night hockey 
games (une autre banni^re, big?), and eight-nour long train 
rides ... I hope the best to my roommate Dom "le naturel", 
ce bon vieux Poll, Pete Fulton, la p^tillante Myriam, la douce 
Roxane, Fred (g'luck in Sweden), Hacksaw, Mazen, Omar, 
Alex & Christian. Thanks to Mr. Wright, Mr. Elsley and all 
my teachers for believing in me; to my friends back in Que- 
bec for supporting me; and most importantly to my parents 
and brother for fneir love and sacrifices. "The ultimate re- 
ward of work is not what it allows you to get, but what it 
allows you to become." 

Naim "The Drejun" Antaki 


Remy Beauchamp 


Thanks to my part'nis tor bt-lifvirik; in me. Gi>od moments 
Bums Bovs and Mr Reynolds, 'I'm OK rhum nieht m 
Oshawa" with Grant, Drover and Bubbles, MARCH BRi:,\k 
with Hacksaw, Adolto & Bourboau, Ottawa with Nairn and 
CJohnson. >»1-'J2 with Henault i Messier, the SllX) Megadeth 
concert with l')ohnson; best night of my life. Raider hockey 
with Spiewak, Large & Ramsay, rugby, Bethune rock talks 
& naked runs, Bierk, Bryer, Bustamante, MacFarlane, Mills, 
Mr. Hobbs, ma Myriam-Ro\y & Jacky. Special thanks: Rob- 
ert (makirig siKCcr and basketball players happy), Mr. Har- 
grafi & GRnes "Because 1 don't say it, don't mean 1 ain't 
tninking it" - Megadeth 

Merci A tout ceux qui m'ont supporte a mes relours a 
Montreal. Sans vous. il m'aurait ete impossible de survivre 
mes 2 ans. Inutile de nommer des noms, vous savez qui vous 
dies! Je vous doit ^normement. Vive les pouilleux! - Remy 
"Foil" Beauchamp 

Michael Bellamy '8 7- '93 

From 1st to 6th, U-13 to Bigside and SHAG to BKLI.V, 6 years 
at TCS have bevn absolutt'ly incredible. To RW, RR, RH,' DA, 
JM, Thanks for an awesome career To the dudes RIGK, BU- 
JOMBA, brothers forever. Knicki, Hopi 4 Kristin, nice 
KNORTS, we'll always keep in touch. Always remember 
& 50-50, we've partied! SHELLY - RESPECT ALWAYS. MOM 

. A ^ 





Staunton Bowen 


You can check out any time you want but you can never leave. 
EAGLES. TCS. is like HOTEL C:ALIFOkNL\, so many vears 
so manv memories. Thanks to the family (Lizard, Walbow 
and Bee) for n\aking it all possible: the future's mine. So many 
names, so few words to use. In the words of Eoin Finn: I 
made 1012 -k friends. Gus we nvade it through a dry year 
. . . Titty, we definitely didn't. To the boarding silver sev- 
ens: J.J.K. and J.J.B. we are the past. Thanx to Freak, Teaj, 
Boner, Clarkie, Birdie, Jonas, SpurOcs, Ed, Els, Hobby and 
everyone graduating/ haven't graduated yet/ graduated 
already, it's because of vou that lam who I am. Maeve IW- 
LYFE. 1 will never forget all the laughs, all the drinks, all 
the social Bull, and the all-male classes, because it's those 
things that make T.C.S. the best. 

Campbell Bryer 


Three years have passed so quickly and so much has hap- 
pened. The school has changed for the better over three years 
and I am proud to have been a part of it. John and Haclisaw, 
you're the best roommates I could ever have. To all my 
friends. Grease, Hack, Rico. Italian Stallion, Bahai Freak, and 
Zebeth, your the coolest and I couldn't have made it through 
without you guys. A big Hawroooh to Amy & KTF, keep 
the Simpsons group alive! 1 won't forget Mt. Tremblant, 
formal 'V2, and Bethune late nights. Big tnar\ks to Bob & Ross 
for three great years of Raider hockey, besides being great 
coaches, you're great guys, wear your jackets with pride! 
A quote to live by: "Onlv those who do nothing don't make 
mistakes!" Mom & Dad. your sacrifices have Drought out 
attributes I thought 1 never had. and 1 thank vou so much 
for that. 

PAGE 104 


Jonathan Buchanan 


PRECIS TIME: The Seven Year War is over! A lot of it has 
bet-n great, especially the Japan sabbatical. Juri gives special 
thanks to Mom, Dad, Mr. Wright, Mr. Wedney, Big Hoss, 
hell, everyone! >'es. even the Botikdrop Crew, Guy and John; 
and the Late Night Crew, Johan and Ceri! The complete book 
will be published later. Thanks for deserting me on Crescent 
Street. Beaker! Thanks for feeding me, Jim's ($2000 in 'za 
and counting). Thanks to Cobourg, City of Night! FILLER 
Qb'OTE: "Vvhen 1 leave town 1 never tell my people where 
I am going. If 1 did, 1 would lose all my pleasure. It is a silly 
habit, 1 dare say, but somehow it seems to bring a great deal 
of romance into one's life. I suppose you think me awfully 
fiK>lish about it." - Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray 

Kristin Campbell 


Real friends are like diamonds, very precious and very rare 
- 1 hit a diamond mine at TCS. My two years here have been 
unforgettable. Thanks to the Girlies - H. A.A.K.J.S.M.A. Tat. 
Gumcnias, hockey wives, field digs, dance parties. Depends, 
Kraft, laundry elves, Cancun, rOsSELL, ALTO, university 
visits? To MB, SM, DW, JR, JA, SC, BC, H, B, NG, JH, PF, 
and all the rest, I remember all the good times we had, keep 
moving onwards & upwards, never stop. Make the world 
a better place. To my Fave - you are the best, words are not 
enough. Mom, Dad, Ash - TharJc vou. Your paHence astounds 
me. 1 love you. It's funny to think that all this time as we 
laughed and cried together and ran around or sat and talked 
for hours, that we were not just goofing off; we were becom- 
ing friends. OOPS, I GRADUATED! 

Malinda Campbell 


"I am another now and yet the same." James Joyce 
Thank you for the experience of Trinity the school, the peo- 
ple, the life. To Mom - for your strength, friendship, sup- 
port and love I am eternally grateful and to Dad - your love 
respect and faith in me will never be forgotten. I thank you 
botn for making it possible. My sincere thanks to Mrs. Tay- 
lor and Bums House for making both years what they were. 
To Jason, Chns and Kathleen - "Four Everything". "Bold- 
ness has genius, power and magic in it." Goethe Lisa and 
Sunny - lor your strength I will always be thankful. "I am 
part of all that 1 have met." Tennyson To all my friends at 
T.C.S. new and old, graduated and present my utmost love 
and thanks. "He that hathe no grave ys covered wyth the 
skic" Sir Thomas More 

PAGE 101 

Ryan Carter 

Two years of hard work does pay off. Hoss, thanks for being 
a friend. Franco, Ed, and Johan, memories of Montreal I will 
always remember. For the Boys; Toutey, hours at Arby hav- 
ing intellectual conversations with you know who, I don't 
think so. Bull, don't sleep and let the world pass you by. 
Twis, up, down, oink, oink. Buggie, Pimpdaddie. To my 
roommate Brow, never change. You've been a brother to me 
but remember, Casanova was stabbed. Nuki, endless nights 
of Jim's pizza will always leave a taste in my mouth. All you 
boys are great friends and great friends last forever! Hockey 
92, 93, oh well, you can't win them all. "We are not yet what 
we shall be but we are growing toward it." - Martin Luther 
King Jr. Everything in life needs to be corrupted? 



Marcus Chow 


My two years i)t schixil liio At TCS can bo desiribt'd as chal- 
lenging and memorable Apart from learnmg m class, I also 
got a chance to explore new things on mv own Being a Se- 
niors Visitor in Sixial Ser%-ice, I got lots of experience through 
helping and interacting with older FH.\)ple and their laughter 
was always mv spiritual reward Thanks to Mom. Dad and 
my sister tor their love and support. I would also like to ex- 
press my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Tavlor, mv staff advisor. 
Nlrs. Malentant. my English tutor and all my teachers from 
whom I have learned so much. Brent House is a gixid place, 
except that there are always flies buzzing in my rixim. To 
KL, EP, ET: 1 will never forget the davs when we were living 
in Bums House -- hot-pots, the little Rabbit', water fights. 
., etc. To FT: Thanks for watching me playing the game 
of 'Golden Axe'! But don't spend tix) much time drinking 

Lee Ann Clarke 


Thanks to my (may you find LSDSWK'S and always 'let it 
be') Little Sis, Mai, and anyone else who helped make my 
life more sane. You know who you are! "We all have a lace 
that we hid away forever and we take them out and show 
ourselves when everyone has gone. Some are satin st)me are 
steel, some are silk and some are leather Thev're the faces 
of the strangers, but we love to try them on." Billy )oel "There 
is society, where none intrudes. By the deep sea and Music 
in its roar." Lord Byron "Whatever befalls the earth befalls 
the sons and daughters of the earth We did not weave the 
web of life; We are merely a strand in it Whatever we do 
to the web we do to ourselves." Chief Seattle Thanks to my 
family who made this possible. I will always owe vou 

Roxane Clement 


Wow! Having a look at these past two years, I realize some- 
thing inside me has changed since 1 first arrived here. The 
little shy person I was, ashamed to express myself in a new 
language, has now met more friends than I could have hoped 
for. ninever forget you: Steph, Gill, Laura, Jacki, Jill. I'm 
keeping good memories of the tun we had together, "Mental" 
Els and Ally. TharJcs Jen to be so patient with me and such 
a nice roommate, friend . . . 'Thanks Jeremv for making me 
feel happy throughout the vear. What a great French group 
we were: The Dream, Fredoum, Foils et les autos. Je gaur- 
derai de borxs souvenirs de vos taquineries. Tania et Mvriam, 
deux anus impossible d'oublier. Special thanks to Mr. VVright, 
Mrs. Tavlor, Mrs. Boss. Merci maman et papa pour 
I'inoubliable experience que vojis m'avez offerte. Grenouille 
et fi^re de I'etre!" 

Daniel Costello 


bzzz shut up Kermo, BMCR, good speed Gavin enough stor- 
ies Donner. Bruuusss sounds like CB or is that coffee Piro 
FE. We definitely don't need this Pouch. TCB Momssette 
and flipper forever unless freaky makes some more moves. 
No jokes or the dungeon gets beefs! Menski's late nite dart 
sessions. Zac stop the cab there's a fire back here No wor- 
ries little guy PW. Bird sucks no elbows Karam. Two finger 
stab by KU homey 's story buddy. McFadzean I like it. Brown, 
Jerky, mv alarm clock works fine thanks. Imagine mv own 
room, I'll probably even be able to open up and cuddle Stu. 
Get those greetings right Gramma A. Exo Mulinis Frank 2 
Fafard 2 Ernie (TM) furoall Russ. Good luck in future every- 
one, and don't be afraid to come ask me for a raise 


Keri Davis 


Mv first and only vear at TCS has been full of many surpri- 
ses! It will often he looked upon with a smile! Many thanks 
to mv parents and friends here at Trinity for making this year 
a special one. And a ver>' special thanks goes out to Tanoo, 
Loris, Tammy and Burke. 1 love you guys!!! 

Laura Davison 

'91-' 93 

Mom & Dad & Kerry: You could have lots more sons/brothers 
like Cameron, but the fees were not wasted. Thanks, I love 
you forever. My dearest friends, "People come and go, but 
true friends last forever", may our friendships last forever. 
Hols "misty & groovy" forever best friends. GREJALS: 
Thanks I Love you all. Tan: DeVry No/ Cindy Yes! Tash: be- 
lieve in fairies. Peter: Thanks for the memories, no regrets 
ever. SM & GT: you left me here. OAC Burns girls, Poho, 
JM, CB, AO, NC, CA, TL, JH, MH, Thanks for the laughter. 
"You see, that's all I want to do Billy Boy. 1 want to leap 
off this pier & fly in the air & hang out with the wind & drift 
with the clouds & at night, the moon full & the sea wild, 
I'll meet my lover on a cliff & we will swoop down into the 
ocean & swim all the way and touch the bottom, up through 
the dark water we would break the surface . . . God I wish 
I could do that" 

Myriam Demers 


'Happiness seems made to be shared' Racine 
These two years flew by, but memories stay 4-ever. I'm really 
thankful to the school for eiving me the chance to come to 
TCS. Merci Papa Michel et Maman pour le soutien que vous 
m'avez apport^. Bonne Chance h Toi Angle. I'll keep fantas- 
tic souvenirs of Tania's endless Talks; Rem/s 'pognage' in 
Osier; Nairn's basketb; my two brothers Chris and Alex; 
Adnana's comforting smiles; Friday night Hockey games; 
Graduating class \9n . . . Lee, thanks for the precious mo- 
ments we shared together. I'll always remember your mess, 
vour naps, your special laugh and the Whales! Good luck 
dear' I had a great time with you all. Thanks A la prochaine! 
Dear grad class 93! 

Jacqueline Ebanks 


"At many moments the old and the new, pain and pleasure, 
fear and loy were quite oddly mixed with one cmother. Now 
I was in neaven, now in hell, generally in both at once." - 
Hesse. Trinity has been an unforgettable experience! Among 
those who have made this year so memorable: J.V.K., J.B. 

- MOOBAA baby, L.S., N.C., K.W., the G.R.E.J.A.L.S., 
members of the Greek God Fan Qub, KM., J.M., M.I., J.H. 

- "waterbaby", J.M., S.M., M.C., R.L.,R.B., and C.X., S.K., 

- Thanks for the memories. May life bring, to you all, peace, 
love, happiness, and success. 


Guy Ebbrell 


"There are many things we would throw away if we were 

not afraid that others might pick, them up." Oscar Wilde 

Many thanks to my parents for allowing t.C.S. to keep me 

out of trouble, and to my fnends that made this difficult. Day 

boy demiration! Zing zing xylophone, but not any more. In 

a pig's eye. 

1 see a fish, 

1 cook a fish, 

1 eat a fish, 

I like it. 

- Kids in the HaU. 

The West is a nice place to be. 

Alexis Ellis 


I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort 
of friendship was that one had to explain nothing. - Kath- 
erine Mansfield 
Thanks Trinity, and those who made it what it was. 

Dominic Fafard 


When 1 look back, 1 can easily say that my two years at Tri- 
nity provided me with wonderful experiences and fond mem- 
ories. First and foremost, 1 thank you, mom and dad, for this 
worthy opportunity. Also, thai\ks to my remarkable adviser, 
coach and friend, Mr. Langford, to VlacI for all the confidence 
you have in me, to Mr. Proctor, to Mr. Wright and to the 
teachers. To my friends: my roommate Nairn 'The Dream", 
Hacksaw, Peter Ed, the Bourbeau brothers, Hugo P., Fred 
K., Poil, the Ketchum boys, my teammates, and last but not 
least, the other half of THE WALL (44-55) my brother Fred; 
I wish you success and happiness. Be sure that the mem- 
ories will stay forever: Friday night games, hockey trips, vol- 
leyball championship, etc . . . Now comes the hme to pursue 
my most desired goal. Tough decisions and new directions 
will have to be taken. But deep inside I believe I can achieve 
it because, "Quand on veut, on peuf!" - mom. 

Gillian Fahy 


It's difficult to leave Trinity and sacrifice all the good times 
to memory but it's time to move on to the next crazy day- 
dream. TCS has taught me much . . . about life, people but 
above all it helped me understand who I am and what I stand 
for. To . . . G. R. E. J. A. L. S., JVK, )E, TL (where was that 
sun?) and SM: it was a love/hate relationship, but there's 
no denying we formed a bond that shall never break, 'if in 
the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall 
speak again together and you shall sing me a deeper song' 
GIBRAN. LT ST Everything you have done for me has not 
gone unnoticed. Thanks. Mom, Dad, L, S, A, (B, P, S) I sur- 
vived and emerge better from the experience, every memory 
of TCS I have owes thanks to you. 'and in a mystery to be 
(when time from time shall set us free) forgetting me, re- 
member me.' EE Cummings 




Stephanie Feddery '91-'93 

Tie past two years at TCS have been filled with great 
nemories and was an experience I'll never forget. Dal with 
tie moulons, GREjALS, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Muskoka, 
and and Prefects. Els, you are one in a million. 1 couldn't 
ave survived without you. Thanks Bumba. To Bud, the FSC 
SA bovs and all mv other friends, 1 hope our friendships 
tav strong always TH. KM, SSi»l, TK, RS, SK, GH, BK, 
C thanks for always being there. Skid we've been through 
lot and survived. Vou'll never know how much you mean 
■) me. Friends forever! Fahee and Ally, life wouldn't have 
ven the same without you. Uncle Ro'dge, thanks for your 
uppi>rt, vou were always there for me. Mom and Dad thank 
ou for the greatest opportunity. To Colleen good luck and 
■cott you're ust huge. "That it will never happen again is 
hat makes ife so sweet" - Emily Dickinson 

^^^^^^^^V * 






Jennifer Ferris 


"1 shall pass through this world but once. Any good there- 
fore that I can do or any kindness that 1 can snow to any 
human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect 
it for I shall not pass this way again." Exlibris 
Memories of Trinity: To the guys of '92 G.G, S.M, 
G.R.E.J.A.L.S, my kids and friends - Kt, CM, W.M, L.D, 
T.L, N.D, ).E, J.V. To the best roommate ever Roxy. Els see 
ya at Western! To my rescuers: Mrs. P, Miss. T, Miss. F, house 
master Mrs. T, advisor Mr. McCord. Mom and Dad thanks 
for the support and love. Jeffrey you're the best. Finally Greg 
I Love You. Couldn't have made it without all of you. Watch 
out world here 1 come!! 

"As long as I try my hardest and do the best that 1 can do 
I shall succeed at least to myself." Unknown Things change 
and life goes on 

Gregory Fines 


It's hard that my two years of Trinity are over. 1 guess it's 
time to move on. When I do I'll never forget: Mont Trem- 
bUnt. Kayak Trips, OFSAAS (all of them). Bums House 91/92, 
Chemistry Round Two, Cheech and Chong Night in the Lab, 
Donkey Washing, Yo-Yoing, University visits, the Hot Pot 
and Oimbing Boulden House. I'd like to thank my Mom and 
Dad, Carie, my roommate Andy, lulian and Adam 
(MBSGTOG). Also thanks to K.N, M.R, W.P, D.W, P.R, M.H, 
and L.R. "It's better to be awake then to know." 

David Fisher 


"The key to freedom and happiness is a sense of humour 
and a sense of humour is notning more than the ability to 
laugh at yourself" Jim Unger. Thank you my good friends 
to whom I am forever indebted: The Bums Boyz, Bacon, Butz, 
Belly, Meats, Knight, Eddie, Raymond, Jaram, Hobby, Herm, 
Beav, Noble and Johan. Friday Night Hockey in the Bear Trap, 
Bobby Fish. Back to Back Football Champions. Rugby Tour; 
On the West Coast . . . Cancun-Mexican Spinorama. SPA 
FRIARS BOOT HILL. The N.T. Boys. Thanks T.L. and Mr. 
Stevens for sharing their passion for sport and Ronnie and 
Duby for looking after me. KC - "It'll be hard living on bread 
and water after tastirig Champagne and chocolate '. Special 
thanks to Mom and Dad for providing me with everything 
I could hope to have and Ian for leading the way. I'll see 
you all soon just as the Leafs will bring Home the Cup. 


Katherine Flynn 


Wow! Sum up two years at T.C.S. m 150 words? Firstly, 
thanks to Mom and Dad, Matt and Meg for givine me this 
incredihle opfK>rtunity ... it's been an unforgeltanle expe- 
rience' To all my trierids: Hopie, Amy, Kristin, Niks, Arun- 
del, Mich, Alexis. Bridge, G-Nu, Els . "They wanted to 
be friends forever, through a struggle to stand alone." St. 
Elmos Fire. And to Cancun boy/: CM, DF, )A, NG, WM, 

MB, DVV, DT, |K . . Always remember; The Road Trips 

Cali (Tijuana^), Mont Blanc, Mardi Gras, 281?!. Cancun 
(ALTO!) and the Chia Pet, Depends, the photo shoots, the 
time capsule?. Digs, Ha wriH>hV Ree Dee Dee, "Get out of 
my facial!", Scott sixth form party, the Chamber, the Op- 
piisition. Blue Curacao, Amy . . . hmmph!, |M & CB . . 
tX)H!, ski team, midnight jogs, it's showtime synergy 
Br\ce you're rrrazy! Herm . . . hold on tight . 

P T \W 

Jean Manuel Fuguet 


As the first and last year here at T.C.S. 1 would like to thank 
all of those whom I met here, from the Ketchum guys and 
Mr. Stevenson to the nurses, including the teachers and Mr. 
McGee's hysterical eyes and great patience. It was a very 
tough start when 1 cariie here in September but with the great 
help from Mrs. Malenfant, Mr. Jones, Mr. Steyenson, Mr. 
Thornton, and my roommate Peter Ed "Foligno" Mullins, 
I could make my way in T.C.S. 1 enjoyed my citizenship in 
Ketchum House where I met a great diversity of people from 
around the world: from Yellowknife and Mexico to Barcelona 
and Lebanon. All these people helped me accomplish my 
goal - to learn English. 1 know that in Venezuela I will never 
forget my great year at T.C.S. Y A USTESDES ESPERO 

Mark Francolini 


"It's only those who do nothing that make no mistakes"! 
Five years later and I'd like to thank my parents, it's been 
costlj' and emotional but I promise it won't be wasted fo 
the Good Times; University Visits, Montreal, Chez Pari. Ba- 
hamas, The lOMMHR, Western, Friday night Hockey games, 
T.O., and the Night hlawks! To my pals, let's never lose 
touch, it happened here. To those who made my slay more 
enjoyable, thanks. Finally, for those who still remain - do 
what you want, not what they want. ... If you had to eat 
one crayon, which colour would you choose? . . . Dining at 
a friend's house, you find a dead 'rat in the JeUo. which tcirk 
do you use? . . . Vou are having dinner with a date at a fancy 
restaurant. Suddenly a man runs in and shouts that the liv- 
ing dead are coming. Everyone gets up to flee Do you leave 
a tip? . . . Had enough yet? . . REEERRRII! 

Peter Fulton 


1 write this excited at the prospect of the future, yet sedated 
by the memories of the past. 1 will always cherish fond 
niemories such as: Late night sojourns to SAC. Tuesday After- 
noons, chapel-skits, the plays, concerts, four day debating 
trips to New England, all-nighters in the Record room, cricket, 
birbie. Most of all I will cherish the friendships that I have 
made here. 1 know that distance is too weak a force to tar- 
nish the treasures of friendship. I also thank the first-rate 
faculty of TCS: Mr. Wright. Mr. Stevenson, Mr, McCord. 
the Padre, and all the rest for giving me unlimited opportun- 
ities over my five years here to discover and hone my inter- 
ests. Finally 1 thank my parents. esf>ecially my Dad who 
sacrificed himself to such an extent that I will never be able 
to properly express my gratitude. Thank-you all, and never 
lose touch. 


Dennis George 


"Making voui way in the world today takes everything you've 
got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help 
a lot." Cheers. The battle was long and hard fought, and 
now it's done. But the memories will last forever: Back to 
back honours in the name of Sir William Osier, Debating with 
the tomahawk chop, the soccer and rugby clashes, Ottawa 
'89, Montreal Hockey Summit '90, the injury - "Guys, I'm 
serious 1 can't raise my arm!". Purple!!!, Procrastination par- 
lies. Day Boy Hockey, Testosterone section; les Montreal Ca- 
nadiens, the Loch Ness Monster expedition. Thanks to Crash, 
and all my friends for the memories and good times. To mom 
and dad, thank you for making the sacrifices and giving me 
the opportunity to come to Trinity, I love you both. Remem- 
ber, It doesn't matter how far back you are, as long as you 
have the heart to come from behind. 

Jason Goddard 


These last 2 years have been the best of my life. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for the opportunity and Ronnie and Les for helping 
me through them. I will miss the good times 1 had, and all 
the fnenos I made. Buggy - when in doubt, mumble, Nookie 

- not now, Stoute Jekylland Hyde, Bull - hold my keys. Hobby 

- 12:30 sound good. Silly - lets go get busted, Perd - stop 
lying. Sparrow - watch out for glass doors. Brow - make up 
your mind, and all the others Jodie, Carter, Freak, Boos, Putz 
and Creasy I'll see you later. Thanks Tim it was fun. Ed it 
was a great year. It is time to go and I hope to see you all 
in Bim. "Give me the serenity to accept what I can't change. 
The courage to change what I can't accept and the wisdom 
to know the difference" Let the aura live on. Later, Twis 

Noble Gibson 


After five years ... 1st Football '89-'92 (back to back, Hull) 
Rugby '91-'93 (overseas tours '90, '92. Mini tours to Mtl. On 
the field and in the pubs) University visits. Cancun. There 
have been more good times than 1 could possibly remember. 
Thanx to all my rriends who've made those times. Most of 
all thanx to my parents and the rest of my family for the cash 
support. "I am resolved to grow fat and look young till forty, 
and then slip out of the world with the first wrinkle and the 
reputation of five and twenty" Dryden 

Michelle Hagenson 


I never believed this day would actuaUy come. To good friends 
and great times, Niks, Gumshoe, Amy, Sarah, Kate, Kristin, 
Char, Lisa, Hope - thanks for all the smiles and laughs! Last 
minute T.O., love U Big Bunny, midnight jogs, after hours, 
one too many flights to YVR, Whistler never lets you down, 
camping with the gang, kypriak's, I don't have a second mid- 
dle name! Couldn t have done it without you guys, J.K., L.F., 
J.C., S.T., I.S., you mean the world to me. "Of all the things 
which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much 
the greatest is the possession of friendship." Epicurus Thanks 
Cormac for being beside me the whole way, can't wait for 
30,000 ft in the sky! Dad and Linda, thank - you! "It is good 
to have an end to journey towards; but it is the jotimey that 
matters in the end." LeGuin 


Nicole Hawke 


I can't bflifve 1 mado it - Branksome. Northern and finally 
Trinity! Thanks Mom, Dad and tllie for your support and 
love These last few years have been the best yet. Thanks 
to all my friends, esp<?cially Katie, Hope, Alexis, Mich, the 
Cirlies k.C. R.M, C.I and R.Z, the bt>ys, Dan, Fish, Nobbie, 
Monts, Geoff, Beav, Jon, Dana, Johri, Hob, my 3sons and 
mostly Mike and James We've had some great times and 
shared some special moments. Memories: Whistler, Trem- 
blant, bubbles, "Liberated", NT. semi's, Matti's basement. 
Car Rally, aores fashion show. Trinity Formal, Mardis Gras, 
University Visits, Coburg Club, Burns Porno Night, Mont 
Blanc 93, late nights in Scott, Pointe Au Baril, high club, Can- 
cun GT and Tequila nights. J.D.A "When your in need of 
someone my heart won t deny you" G&R "I am not a dra- 
gon" DB Don't forget to smile, love always Niks A.K.A. "The 
Mother Figure" 

Jason Hobson 


TCS - "You know, guidance, patience, nutrition, inspiration, 
employment, instruments, airplay, production, hospitality, 
company, conversation, representation, friendship, and the 
routine. You even know wno you are." The Tragically Hip. 
I learned more in mv four years at Trinity than I will ever 
learn in my entire life, but most importantly is 1 learned to 
know myself. The opportunities that TCS offers are endless, 
take advantage of them. Things to remember: T-BAG, Green- 
wood, 50-50 s, late night "have " parties, COPENHAGEN, 
close calls, Cobourg Qub, Football Chainpionships, The 
Bench, and the T&A table. Things to forget: RULES, Procras- 
tination, and all that social stuff. - Special thanks to: BS, 
MF, NG, JR. JK, JA, MB. DT, DW, JP, EH, WM, GM, TA, 
Mr. Large, Mr. Allen, Mr. Robling, and most of all Chris, 
Alex andf Willow. It's been a struggle but I love you all. "And 
that's the news, and I'm outa here." Dennis Miller. 

Dinesh Heenatigala 


After 112 all-nighlers, over 300 failed all-nighters, and 3726 
doughnuts, four nocturnal years have finally come to an end. 
Thanks to Gixl, mom, dad, the (am. (T.H. and M.H.), every- 
one else who made it pnissible and worthwhile. Thanks to 
AP for 3 1/2 years. Stiup Legion, Lounge Li/.ard (Execution 
Squad), missions, beacn fires & Coffee Way, the midnight 
biters, KFC, and midnight schiK)l bus excursions - will all 
be missed. I'll see you guys later: Mellow, Ernie, Punk Rock 
Girl, Pooh, Hair Dye Buddy, Offensive Stance, Freaky and 
the X-MEN: Al, Ztxiphagus, and Dooglah. "Be generous, 
and you will be prosperous. Help others, and you will be 
helped." Proverbs 11:25 "Is this Concrete Blonde?" "Can 
I borrow a spoon?" and "Talking Beds" "Captain Durham 
Region beats the dungeon, no jokes, capitol D." 

Elsbeth Homibrook 


Well over the past two years, I've got to say I've grown up 
a lot. For this, I have to thank my parents who gave me this 
amazing oppxirtunity and to Taiiffy and Jones Tor being so 
understanding. Fahee, from here its like falling off a wall. 
Poge ma hone, Mr. M. No birds at University eh? Uh oh, 
Al^'s in trouble. Roxy and Jen, without you, 1 would have 
gone insane with my LDR. John and Campbell, 20 is still far 
away. Take only the best. Feds, you're the most understand- 
ing person I've ever met. Don't ever change. Do princes ever 
turn back into frogs? You'll always be a part of me J-F. Thanks 
everyone, it's going to be hard to say good-bye. "You'll never 
see yourself in the mirror with your eyes closed." — They 
Might Be Giants 


Andrew Howse 


Thes« have been an educational, productive and just plain 
amazing two years. 1 still find myself a little awestruck at 
times, especially when I think of how much has happened 
and changed smce I've been here Not until 1 arrived at 
Tnnilv did 1 begin to understand the true meaning of an "ed- 
ucation " ll is not the accumulation of knowledge. Knowledge 
IS the means of an education, not the end. Education is a 
never-ending process, which seeks to make us think; to make 
us learn how to use knowledge in order to better understand 
our environment and ourselves. Without a doubt, these have 
been the two most educational years of my life - 1 owe it 
all to the people at TCS. All too briefly, I have to thank - 
my parents, Mr. Robling, Duncan, Jiiri (Lost in Montreal for- 
ever!), Frederico, the France gang, Bickle House, and hey, 
everybody else. Goodbye! 

Chadwick Ito 


"Corned beef shouldn't be blue." - Woody Allen. Wiser 
words have never been spoken. Trinity was a great place, 
however it greatly interfered with my time to fish. 1 would 
like to thank all of my friends, especially Kristi, who helped 
make me the man that I am today. 1 would also like to thank 
my parents who sacrificed quite a lot to get me through these 
five years. If you're ever in Baltimore Ontario, look me up. 
"Fishing is the ultimate challenge - man against fish. There's 
some pretty smart fish out there, you know." - Qieeky Green. 

Carter Johnson 


All finished up, wicked. The last two years have been amaz- 
ing, I'll miss the whole school. Thanks so much mom and 
dad for putting me here, I won't ever forget it. To the insane 
warrior thanks for my introduction to Tnnity and thanks to 
Mr. Robling. Good luck next year Jess and thanks to all those 
who created the memories, nighway funnelling Jason, J. P. 
W L. MAC7C.W.F.T. pregnant? Who's smarter? J. B. thanks 
for everything. "Bo<iks are good enough in their own way 
but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life." Robert 
Louis Stevenson All that a man achieves and all that he 
fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts. ' ' James 
Allen Finally to Jonny B. Oyoyoyoy Good Night Irene. 

Paul Johnson 


Thanx - Todd from 90210 (T.J.) - stay genuine, Chuck Norris 
Head (MM.) - for putting up with my Manic Depression, 
Skipper (B.C.) - I know you hate me, Little guy (SB.) - for 
teaching me the ropes. Poor Poo Poo S.R.) - Istill hate M.D. 
Costello - your a pig. Bernardo. Caz-LOSERS!!! Jimi - Is it 
funny how you use everything to excess, Juggy (A.B.) - how 
was the Mexican? Doner (R.A.) - PyPy - 'you guys are 
wicked", Kermo - I realise you know everything but turn 
off that terrible elevator music. "Stop gving me sheet". Kop 
- lay off the bottle, you drunk! Bon -Relax. Grinny - Show 
me your piggy. I'll miss you Zach, Maeve, Bridget, Eden and 
Mr. Harb. Jamaica 93 - Mow are we still alive? Iirunortal words 
by J.S. "Say guys, the air is a little thick in here." Late Night 
with the crew in 107. See you in Hell. 


William Karam 


Thanks to Salmonella, Poho, Denji. the 'Yakers, and tin- 
Coons (Stu, Costello, and the Dragon Dwellers ■ 'Death in 
Davies!'); as well as Mr. Heaton, wno lau^hl me that "per- 
sistence and determination alone are omnipotent " (Un- 
known); and especially Theis, tor /aas and the C'hal. I also 
heartily thank Mom, mv hrothers and sister, and Dad and 
Mare - you all inspired me to make my dreams reality. "Life's 
battles don't always go to the stronger or taster man, but 
sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks 
hecan." (Palmer) "Although you know ultimate victory can 
never be completely won, it must be pursued with all one's 
might and determination." (Lombardi) "Well, there's two 
points ditlerence, and they're down two. Bird'll come up with 
a three ptiinter. And you keep waiting for it, you're waiting 
for it with bated breath." (Most) That is why; no more, no 

Donald Kellett 


Who would hdvo thouuht th.»t sthiKiI lould b** so much fun. Liie is 
Kill of mcmorii'S, and T C S lontrihulfd many Formal **2', Sprmu 
Break '93, Rock Talks, and cam'in^ on traditions in Rm M)b S] At 
PW wo did vou proud Rumour )ias it that 1 have a |ob in the Florida 
Branch' University Visits! H-ball I missed vou, was she really worth 
it"* Ni);hlcaps, Filling* the trunk. Late niehi ]\. OreenwiKid ^2'. Co- 
bourc Club: two year veteran with SB L )K. Blue Mountain and the 
love Ifound there, and Bethune late nij;ht {At\e is ereat, but triends 
are forever, ]K. SI & I'W, MadDo^, cha/. Scrawny, Freakshow, Mad- 
man, Ma^oe connections, the RatPack. Roll the B<mes I'll always 
be there to oail you guys out or to pick you up, eh Kopes? Tfu* 
memories are endless, yet the future is worth livmg for Ok B. thanks 
for everv'thing Bill and )im, going to sch»K>l with you was well worth 
It Always remember, NO CUTS. NO CLORV Thank vou M..m i 
Dad, I really do love you and appreciate what you have dom- for mi- 
In the words of Denis MUler: I AM OUTA' HERE!t 


Stephen Kim 


My motto is to. Live short but deeply, brief but meaningfully. 
No purpose in a long, boring unsatisfactory life. Be a hur- 
ricane, an explosion, a lightning bolt, a clap of thunder, all 
that you can be. To all, those wno knew me and those who 
didn't, I want to thank you all for making my first and last 
year at TCS an unforgettable one. 1 especially want to thank 
H SS, TL, ASL, AK, WY. BL, BIL, SHL, for helping me 
throughout the year. 1 thank all the Masters and staff who 
made my stay at TCS an enjoyable and pleasant one. I'll never 
forget 1992-1993. 

:^ ..CxlI-VU 

Frederic Klockars 


Special thai\ks to my mother and sister for their outstanding 
support throughout my Trinity career. Thanks to Mr. Wright, 
Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Langford and all my teachers for allow- 
ing me to taste and fully enjoy the Trinity' experience with 
my best buddies. My gratitude goes out to you all. I had the 
lime of my life witn you Doug, Beave, Hacksaw, Herm, 
Skinny, Jack, John, Swifty, Meathead, Brian, Koo, Pete, Rox- 
ane, Dom, Nairn and all the Ketchumites. "This was our wav, 
for we share everything."; J. Houston We had an incTedible 
building experience together. "We live together, we act on 
and react to one another." Huxley which will be forever last- 
ing. Trinity students are a special breed of united hrothers 
and sisters bound to conquer the world Faithful friends, As- 
cend Semper Superius. 


Jonathan Knight 


Ups and downs I've loved them all. They have helped me 
grow from a confused young boy to a with it individual ready 
tor the real world. Once I'm out there I will remember you 
all but most importantly I'U remember the friends I've made. 
Trinity has taught me many things. Most importantly I've 
learned how to nave fun and know to live my life to the ful- 
lest. I thank you all for showing me the way. Most of all I 
thank my mom and dad for always being there for me, put- 
ting up with me and giving me a gift I will cherish for life. 
"Lixik with your understanding, fmd out what you already 
know, and you'll see the way to fly." - Richara Bach (Jon- 
athan Livingston Seagull) Keep in touch. JJK. 

Alex Koo 

'88-' 93 

I would like to thank all of my friends at Trinity who made 
my five years here a real treat. Especially to my roommate, 
Brian. You've been a great inspiration to me, and a true friend. 
Also, thanks to Mr. Stevenson and all of Ketchum House 
for putting up with me. It's time for this Koo to head down 
to Penn. and start finding out about the real world. Keep 
in touch. 

Pierre L'Esperance '90-'91, '92-'93 

2 my friends, Morrispicette, B, FS, Todd, HS, BC, Johny Cas- 
selegrain, JL, HB, JA, Bernardo, and the others, keep on push- 
ine ahead! B-Ball crew, the chart, late night baseball with 
MM and the many expeditions with Brown . . . boy we know 
the trail. leff, you're my man. )ah live. 023. Maganner in the 
morning. Fcniales. Fat rear syndrome. Did not catch me. The 
castle in Ottawa, 4-1. The office, the door stopper, dirty car- 
pet and Export "A" moi dans les iles . . . Great time, ex- 
pelled friends, money inc. $. Wedge, get a job. Crazy 3 days 
with Brown. Thanks RW and Mr. Hobbs. Dad and Monica 
you're right on. Scrapping the bottom. C, G, M, D, you are 
wonderful Bok, Joan and Bob thanks for the week-ends. The 
Golden Mid-Term. S, J, P and the malicious FM. Snowmo- 
biles, BMaze, and Gazouille XR7 with Loydy and au revoir 
et a la prochaine. 

Kevin Law 

'92-' 93 

This is my first and last year in T.C.S. I find it a great school 
and I really enjoy it. I've made a lot of friends here. Thanks 
to my parents for sending me here. Special thanks to Mrs. 
Malen/ant for her help in my English and Mr. Holt, Mr. Mc- 
Donald and Mr. Stevenson for their help and support. 


Adrian Lee 


Thanks to you Mom and Dad, for giving me a great chance 
to make me realize about myself here at T.C S. Thanks to 
all my friends, you guys are great! - Don't iust see what has 
happened to ybu. But trv to see what is beyond of it; the 
reasons. - Life is short. Play hard. Ree-Bok 

Brian Lee 


Well, time has indeed flown by and the old man at T.C.S. 
is out to terrorize 'the real world' Great thankii to; Room- 
mates, Fulton (for the Tylenol fest) and Koo (lor bemg a Koo), 
the almighty Ketchum ^th form, the 'Q', T.L , and Brock Phil- 
lips for listening to my gnpes in life, the SITOON squad for 
sending sanity mail, K. Vasila for being sweet, the Drovers 
whom I can never repay for their hospitality, my vulleyball 
crew, and coach Holt, my mountain bike crew, f-ines. Cola, 
T. Dillon who prevented me from doing bad things to Mr. 
Sandford, Shin (Sumo), T.L., T.W., for getting TKD into 
T.C.S., and most of all to Mom and Dad. Thanks for delay- 
ing your lives to benefit mine, I can now appreciate the word 
'Sacrifice'. Grandpa and Grandma wherever you are, 1 hope 
it's a happier place. 

Chester Lee 
Good-bye TCS! 


Tania Lemoine 

Thank you my dear good friends whom I shall never forget, 

for having made my passage livable, loveable, and most of all 


Thanx for the laughs, OAC Bums 

Thanx for the love. Sash, Tash, Adriana, Lee 

Myriame et Roxane, ie vous aime 

Jerxny, thanx for the hues 

Laura, thanx for being there 

Gill, thanx for your smile 

Merci mes amours inoubliables de chez moi 

Dr. B, V.T. and Miss. R, thanx for the advice and support 

Lots of love and fhaivx to my supportive parents. 

The show must go on, our future awaits us, it calls us and 

it is guiding us away from this beautiful place. Onci' again, 

we are tossed into the world of instability. May we use iiur 

experience and the values Trinity has undoubtedly instilled 

upon us to become the person we have alway-s wanted in be. 

Believe in yourselves, reach for the stars and never gfve up! 


Gabriel Lenz 


"Imdgindtion is more powerful than knowledge." Einstein 
Thank vou Trinity for giving me so much. TharJc you to Mom, 
Dad, Colbv and Asher for your love and support. And Mai! 
- "FriendsViip is the marriage of the soul" Voltaire To all at 
T.C.S. who made my four years special, mv thanks. "Only 
those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far 
one can go. T.S. Eliof 

Aaron MacEwen 


Okay, Burt . . . Whatever you say Burt . . . Nice pigeons 
Burt . . . Memories of the year (the times I was here) were 
great. Midnight rides to the beach . . . scalla . . . Chris and 
Al . . . "Mellow" Costello, Furball, Dino, Stu, Bull and Rad- 
ford. KFC nights, Dan's flipper, Freakshow, Ca Ca, Le Le, 
and Russ. Thanx for the "Ernie" stuff Mike. Raiders Hockey, 
Captain Kirk and his crew and of course Battlin' Bob. Thank 
you to Coffee Way and cigarettes. Lippers with Cakes and 
the boys in the dressing room. F.Y.M.D. I was right, you 
were wrong . . . cheese. Dan you've got great speed . . . 
that's terrible . . . girls' dorms . . . elbows and of course Alice 
In Chains. Keep on hanging spanky and Gordo . . . Grinch, 
you stole X-mas. Thanks to mommy and daddy for the 

John Mac Far lane 


"Trials never end, of course. Unhappiness and misfortune 
are bound to occur as long as people live, but there is a feel- 
ing now, that was not here before, and is not just on the 
suirface of things, but penetrates all the way through: We've 
won it. It's going to get better now." - Robert M. Pirsig 1 
dedicate this grad quotation to my friends. At risk of miss- 
ing anyone at all, I've chosen not to name any names, to 
offend no one All of you know who you are, so let's remain 
close in the future Friendship is stronger than one of those 
chemical bonds. Remember: fear not the microwave. To be 
a martyr you have to die first. Also I'd like to thank my par- 
ents for spending a bundle to get me a higher education. 
Someday I'll buy you guys a Porsche or something. 

Stephen Maraj 


Hmm. Thanks to my plumes for the opportunity and big R 
for keeping me on my toes. Things I'll miss are the late night 
dribble sessions, arena, cussing the chicks in rabies Port Hope 
(not!) Now fuh de boys. Twis - can I borrow your car keys, 
Dave - come down from the clouds, man. Silly and Goat - 
Scallah rules. Brow - the bond will never break, Ryny - start 
drinking. Tout and Mr. Bug, Triumvirate forever, Punani - 
Not a good time. Sash - I don't know all the words, De Trini 
and Bahamian Posse - nuff respect, Daniel - Never forget you, 
Dana - go straight to the top buddy, good luck. Fitch, thanks 
for always making me laugh. Hobby - You're a pro to me 
(Yehah), and all the chicks - Jaram loves you - thanks for the 
memories. "With the abundance of water the fool is thirsty" 
(Bob) Ah gone. Bull. 


Scott Matthews 


Five years have gone by pretty fast. I remember my tirsi day 
and now I'm gone I leave witn my nickname CRASH which 
I earned 8 days after gettmg my licence (the pole jumped 
out m front ot me!) I made a lot of friends at T.C.S. like 
SciKiter, Chunger, Stadelmann, and not to forget my best 
bud Purple, who 1 have been going to schixjl with since I 
came to Port Hope 13 years ago. Ill miss the daily sports 
arguments (Habs suck, Tampa Bay rules!) and the 6/49 (I al- 
most won the 15 million, only 14 tW 926.80 short!). Thanks 
Mom k Pad for sending me here, Kristin for following her 
big brother to every schixil he goes, of course Frit/ and Ziggy , 
and lastly to Jessica for puttmg up with the hours I spent 
at the school (and E.L.B.!). 

David McCracken 


"Beware of oncoming snowbank " 

It's been five long years, and I'm sad that they're over but 
happy to be moving on. Things I'll miss • the coffee shop, 
the arena, ,V)3 parties, late nights and later rises, cricket. Mun 
treal trips, and Carlie (I love you) Things 1 won't miss a damn 
bit - chaf>el. Port Hope, seeing friends expelled, quarters, 
spills. Port Hope (did I say that twice?!). To the boys, space 
monkey says g'bye to y'all; Brow, Franco, Mcnsty, Twis, 
Bull (what do you mean'), jerry (lixik out, it's )en!), N<K(kie 
(uh uh). Brad (Just listen, it's mystic!), Touty (intimidating 
me intellectually). Hobby (12:30, my room), and all the oth- 
ers. Thanks to \1r. Robling, Mr. McCord, and most ul all, 
mom for your support. "The face of God is not to be found 
at the end of the road, but in the journey." "Some people 
call me the space cowboy." 

Geoff McFadzean 


Four years that taught me much more than what I learned 
in the classroom. Friendships and bonds that will never be 
broken. Memories - B/S Hockey, 50/50's, pros, Cancun, ar- 
throscopic x3, late rtight in Ketchum (Spic, chunky, Hoser, 
SSSWWIIFFTTYY,) Shyte. The boys - Fish, Belly, Butts, Ba- 
con, JJK, Johan, Resin, Peter Ed, Jon, Crash. The girls - Ho- 
pey, Nikk's, KC and of course K8 (your little boy forever!!). 
Beav - you gotta be my best bud for staying out of my stall. 
Reunion where? (The Shot, A.J.'s, D.C.''s)aahh, same result! 
Drew - glad to have you along for the year. Remember to 
work hard and play harder. Mom & Dad all my love and 
thanks. Wayward ho! Away we go. It's a shame to leave this 
masterpiece So I'll paint a scene, from memory. - The Trag- 
ically llip 

Warren McLeod 


I'll never forget the good friends I've made here. We're all 
going our separate ways now, but no matter where we end 
up the bonds that join us will never be broken: Belly, Bakin, 
Dana, Johan, Knighty, Resin, Fish, Jonny, Peter Ed, Crash, 
Hoser, Shyte, Swifty, Nobby, the girls, and all my other 
friends, you know who you are. The gotid limes we all had 
are too numerous to mention. Special thanks to Dr Jackman 
for making this all f)ossible. My Mom and Dad for alw.ns 
supporting my, 1 love you both. As well, the McFadzean s 
for giving me a second home. Herm, thanks for being the 
brother I never had. It's been an incredible four years. I'll 
never forget your cool antics, sega victories, Bigside Hockey 
three year club and our road-trip adventures. Let's all keep 
in touch, take care, Beav. 


David Michaud 


You arc a fluke of the universe; you have no right to 
bo here, and whether or not you can near it, the universe 
IS laughing behind your back. Therefore make peace with 
your Cod whatever you conceive Him to be; Hairy Thun- 
derer or Cosmic Muffin With all its hopes, dreams, pro- 
mises. Si urban renewal, the world continues to deteriorate. 
Give up." - DeKnorala, Tony Hendra To my family, friends, 
enemies, and whatever dregs there are left over: You have 
all been loving, supporting, annoving and entertaining, each 
in turn. You see Defore you the product of your environ- 
ment. I am content, thankful and I owe the tiny share of my 
greatness to you. "What use is an ego if it isn't large?" - 

Allan Montano 


I first of all would like to thank my parents for giving me 
the privilege to go to a first-rate institution and for their sup- 
port given (Mon and Ari, thanks for the letters). T.C.S. was 
like no other, a great, unexplainable atmosphere 24-7. Also 
1 have memories to last a lifetime: the Bethune Run, Ski Day, 
running through chapel in draws and all the weird charac- 
ters 1 called friends. 'Smally, how ya lip always looking so 
big!" "Kirk, 1 am tired doing pranks" Boner: "Pauly-Wog, 
it was the smartest thing I ever said!" "Grinch, where's the 
Beef" "Spence, stop setting up Cheekes" "Dules, yea right, 
Benominie" "Brow remember TV6" There are two kincJs of 
people in the word TRINIS and those who wish they were! 
- Carter Angus P.S. 1 would also like to thank Columbia 
House. Long live Bethune! (THE BEST HOUSE) 

Charlotte Moore 


'Education is a noble pursuit. But, it is important to remem- 
ber that anything worth knowing cannot be taught." Oscar 
Wilde MH, AE, TR, TK, GN, NH, SR, thank you for teach- 
ing me to be corruptible. I am not the normal one; the crazy 
girl who lives downstairs "A fanatic is someone who has 
both feet firmly planted in the air." F D.R To MR, JH, )B, 
for the smiles always across the hall. To the golden, the quin- 
l.-ssence, SC, KM, KH, JR. AB, for what I am when I'm with 
you To Mrs. Alldred, for lending me the sanity to finish all 
1 started. To dearest Celia, because 1 have consequently be- 
come the girl I wanted to be To my mother and father - for 
everything you have wanted for me, and everything you have 
ever given to me, for your unfailing love ana support. If you 
can fly, soar 

Richard Moorjani 


Somewhere it Says you can't get too much of a good thing. 
1 got two years of it, and for the opportunity - mom and dad, 
thanks. Big R, don't change you re too good a friend. Much 
of my delinquency is attributed to the boys. Tout, a great 
roommate and a better friend. Purd, my counsellor and con- 
fidant. Twis, no better neighbour. Buggy, endless entertain- 
ment. Brow, the Trini connection. Stick with Tifs. Bull, I give 
up. Grinch, Mandy is the move. Cheeks, older, older, older. 
Gnu, I won the bet. Things to remember - Montreal x3, Jim's 
with Rhyny, Franco and Fat Kid, Summer 92. To all who fol- 
low, use it well. Love bullin', T & T posse - Doorly's rules. 
As man Nook, checking out. Check you in Montreal. Islander 
Reunion Kadocmert 93. 


Mike Morrissette 


"You can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain Although you're 
thinking you're leavi'ng thore ti>i> sinm." - Neil Young "It's 
so noisv at the Port Hope tair' ' Bouts of insomnia. Best naps 
ot my lite. A year that )ust went by too last, but that's okay. 
Thanks to the Bethune ways, and friends; Freaky "Do I ask 
a S0210", Browner "late highter", THE PANTfUA CRKVV, 
Bellv and Bakon. Bon & Doner. Qarke. "Bluto", CAS, Jimmy, 
Pierre "The Batter and Pitcher", old man "u know who you 
are " Bowen, Voo Head, Malinda "coffee talks", and oh! Do 
I hear eleyalor music? Late nights. Ren & Stimpy "oh joy". 
Raiders grinding. "Say, did u make it to chapel?". Deep 
thoughts (final Cut), thanks to my Mom & Dad for being 
there, and to the Faculty of Trinity. Yo, See ya in Riyerside! 

Mazen Mourtada 


"In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our 
knowledge and wisdom that separate us Don't let your eyes 
deceiye you." Unknown. Two wonderful years 1 spent here 
at T.C.S, it was the best of times and the worst of times. 
Thanks to every one that suppt)rted me these years, - my 
parents, my uncle, Naim, Carter. Robert (Nanca-Brouche), 
Pipes (wear some dipes). Wells (ring my bells), finally thanks 
to my teachers and the class of 1993. It has been two great 
years, and remember: "The journey of a thousand miles be- 
gins with a single step." Lao. 

Peter Mullins 


As a first and last year student, my one short year was filled 
with many great memories and experiences. Travelling 
through the U.S. with the hockey team, playing at Maple 
Leaf Gardens and winning our home tournament are some 
of my fondest memories, but also I will remember many small 
things that are too numerous to mention. I've also made many 
good friends at T.C.S. and 1 hope many of these friendships 
will continue. Firstly, 1 would like to tnank my parents, for 
without their support, this year would have been impossi- 
ble. I would also like to thank Mr. Proctor and Mr. Wright 
for everything they have done. Mr. Langford and Vlad Ba- 
ranov are two great people and I thank inem for their time 
and effort on the ice. Finally, I wish all the best to the Grads 
of '93. 

Robert Nanka-Bruce 


Back in grade eight, my parents got me a new pair of jeans. 
1 have many fond memories 

of you in these jeans. I took them off about once every 4 
weeks. And I hung them up in the summer. Whenever they 
got dirty, We washed them on Tuesday and Friday afternoons 
at 4 pm. Whenever a hole appeared, I could rely on you To 
help me patch them up. Six years have now passed. And 
I have grown out of my jeans. But I'll never throw them jw jv 
I'll hang them in a closet and every time I open it, I will have 
fond memories, of you. Next year, I'll be getting a new pair 
of jeans. 1 know that they'll be comfortable, but thev won't 
make me forget about you. 


Francois Panneton 


The past two years at TCS were wonderful. Thanks mom 
and Dad for the opportunity you've given me and for all the 
sacrifices. Special thanks to Campfjell, John, Fred, Dom, 
Adolfo, Remy, Bourbeau (Frank and Bob), Naim, Lisa and 
all the others for their friendship. Thanks to Pete Roland for 
the nickname "Hacksaw". Thanks to Bigside Hockey and 
Bigside ScKcer for the wonderful times. Thanks to Vlad for 
making me the hockey player 1 am today, 1 came as a grinder 
and Vlad made me 'Hacksaw". For me, no more soccer, 
no more Friday Hockey Nights, no more long bus drives to 
Buffalo. Every good thing comes to an end. Surely, the past 
two years at TCS will stay in my mind for ever. 

Johan Persson 


So many people to thank so little space. Thanks Mom and 
Dad - 1 owe you big time. TharJcs Karl and Anders. Thanks 
Nicole you were great. Thanks to all my ministers, you were 
stellar. ThaiJcs Les, Josh, and especially Ross, you guys were 

?rand. Here's to: Late night in Brent, TANOS, Cobourg Qub, 
uppies-not! Thanks and good luck to you all . . . 

Andrew Proctor 


"To be popular, one must be a mediocrity" Oscar Wilde. 
All night in Boulden's halls, these walls bled for me, and 
1 gave them my pain. Time done; 1 don't regret: for leaving 
I don't lament. To grow 1 must bum the fields my childhood 
still knows 1 was prepared for this event: this time. Human- 
ity is alone because we spend too much time together; we 
must unravel our souls. To; Mr. McGee, Mr. Suinott, Dr. 
Bermingham, Mr. Wright thank you: for making a difference, 
for understanding To: Dave and Steve, 1 couldn't have made 
It wrthout you To: Mom and Dad and Gord, I owe you every- 
thing Memones, Grade 7, Grade 9, absences, skateboard- 
ing with Steve, Australia, Formal Disillusion, Twig, the 
Walton, League Baseball, Night Walking. "If you don't live 
H; it won't come out of your horn" Charlie Parker 

Duncan Purcell 


"Greed is alright" I. Boesky - multibillionaire "Clapton is 
God" R.S. "I have done my best" Brian Mulrone^ "What's 
a nice place like this doing around a girl like you? ' A. "Peo- 
ple who live in glass igloos should not throw seals." A. Thank 
you Bob Rae, inspiration to fight on . . . Special thai\ks: Dave, 
Russ (whoppevr), Steve, Tally, McFly, Coons, Meat, Beaker, 
Carter, Stu, Mr. Robling, Mr. Large, especially Nan, Mom 
and always Dad. HoUy and Snugs too. Thank-you Triiufy 
for great years. The Duvet lives on!!! 


Michael Radford 


"Give me a place to stand and I will move mountains" Arch- 
imedes. Well, my first attempt at TCS was a bit of a wash, 
so I guess I'll corhe back and tr\' it all again next year. 1 have 
faith that the second go around will be much more success- 
ful than the first. See you in September! 

Jonathan Raymond 


■ ITimk 111 pack It m and buy a pickup, take her down to 
L.A. Find a place to call my own and try to fix up, make a 
brand new day " Neil Young To my br<)thersof T.C.5 : )onnv. 
Meats, Buts, Bacon, Belly, limi, Cas, Beaver, Herm, Fish, 
Sven, Eddv, Crash, Noblitz, Clarky, and of course; Cooker, 
Drew, and Egu. 

Remember beaches near and far 
brunettes and blondes in the bar 
Remember to speed with your luck 
and the welcoming haze of Raymond's truck 
Remember the trips with permission and not 
the whisky and teuuila that you've shot 
Remember those n'ho became like brothers 
Trust me, with them you'll need no others. 
Boys, let's make each other stinking rich. "Pretty neat - F*refty 

Hope Rennie 


After two years at T.C.S first things first: Mom, Dad and Tom 
thank you so much! Now, on with the rest . . Datie, Nikks 
Kristin, Steeler, Alexis, Arundel, Mitch and Genou let's not 
forget: Overrughts, The Chamber, Depends, Photo shoots. 
Digs, Talk Shows, Dead Hamsters, Diuretics, Eye-Spy, the 
Opposition, Sex Kitty 69, Bedtime Stories, B-Day parties and 
Mont BUnc. Da Boyz-esp. D.T, MB, J. A, D.W, G.M, D.F, 
J.R, N.G, J.K, W.M, Midnight visits (!*), the Crazies (R.B, 
B.G), Road Trips to wherever, whenever; Brds., St. Anne, 
Cali. (Tijuana in 5), G.B.C, T.O., Mardi Gras, Unv. Visits 
and Cancun. I will miss it all, but there is still so much fun 
to be had!! "We're here for a good time, not along time, so 
have a good time, the sun can't shine everyday. ' 


Stuart Robb 


Don't worry Grads This is not the end This is not even the 
beginning of the end But perhaps, it is, the end of the be- 
ginning! Special thanks to: D.C, Freakshow, M.M, A.E, Er- 
nie, Dinos Brunosss, E. H, SB, G.H, S.F, DP, MR, T.R, 
C.W, Islanders, Ausse, Furball, Touchy Feely, Raiders, Jovi, 
Savard, Port Hope Hospital and L.P.C.I Remember my win- 
dows open anytime! BaocBacon and 4play-4ever! Mt. A. Look- 
out. Gowtowa. Those stairs are alive! Dan - What's going 
on? WTiat a feeling to be on the edge and just catch yourself 
in time. Take it easy and See ya in the audience someday 
- hopefully! Thanks Mom and Dad. 


Janine Roberts 


Well, two years have come and gone. Wow! There were times 
when I thought I would never make it. But thanks to my 

Parents tor their love and support and to the friends I made 
did make it through T C.S. To A.S., M.R., K.F., I.T., H.R., 
K.C., and E.H. never forget Montreal, 281, London, B'dos 
'92 and '93, ree dee dee. To the rest of the Scott House girls 
C.C. and J.D. "seeya wouldn't want tobeya". To theboyz. 
Brow, Bull, Gus, Snarky, Spurvks, Twis, Punani and Stel- 
etor. Always remember! Jerk Pitt, Twis up aura, BEN! Jam 
sessions in Davies and late night runs over to Scott. Thanks 
Sasa for caring! To Mels and Christian and anyone else re- 
maining Ha! Good Luck LATER! 

Dean Serrao 


"Give me a place to sit and I'll stay there." - some lazy guy. 

1 would like to tank all dem natty dreads in Bickle 'ouse per 
making the dime to party with one wild Barbadian. I know 
that I can get out of control at times, but that's the price that 
I have to pay to be the life of everyone's party. Thanks Tri- 
nity for guidmg me onwards and upwards, and special thanks 
to my parents for spending all dat loot. Adios Amoebas. 

Brad Smith 


Explain my 4 years at Trinity? Well, ummm . . . That's how 
it started. Witnin the first month, 1 publicly humiliated my- 
self with a stutterfest in the Osier speaking contest. 1 had 
a rough start, but as time has gone on, I've enjoyed myself 
more and more. Although I missed the -30 C winters and 
the WeM Edmonton Mall, boarding at Trinity and being in 
B sorth it. I'd like to thank the T.C.S. community 

.! Iv for giving me this amazing opportunity. Most 

oi w ,iM- to thank Space, Nob, Franco and especially my 

rtximmale. Hobby If there's one thing 1 learned from these 
guvs. It's to not take everything in life too seriously. Adios. 
wfiy worry there's always laughter after pain, There's al- 
ways sunsnine after rain. These things will always be the 
same. So why worry now. Dire Straits 

Amy Steele 


"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friend- 
ship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's 
worth" Robert Southey Yee pickin' ha, it was a good thing 
1 was wearing my Depends. Who would think that so many 
memories wouldfbe made in two years. Cali, Montreal, Club 
281 (doing the hammer dance). Bazooka contests. Blue Cur- 
acao, dead hamsters, road trips, Barbados . . . twice, Mardi 
Gras. Thanks to all my ree-dee-dees but most of all, thanks 
to mv buds . . . KF, KC, AS, HR, Furry, Jan, Sexy, Niks, 
Smokey, Shone, RK, Nob, Haroowh, anci my favourite grade 
11. Thanks also to the plumes and Phil. It's show time Syn- 
ergy! Let's lay down the law members of the oppositon! Life 
is )ust a joke anyway, so you'd better learn now to laugh. 


Ally son Stevenson 


TCS was an untorgettable experience. Thanks Mum and 
Dad tor the oppt>rtunitv, and vour undying love and sup- 
p<.irt, thank. Mitch and Linda lor always beint there. I'll never 
torget 3 a.m. pL/./a subs with Fahv, Bermy '92, Euro Trip '93, 
C.rejals. right out ot the blue - Nick (TI'CS), Hard Rinrk Cafe, 
Western weekends, and the prefects. "We shared the laugh- 
ter and the tears, we even shared the pain." Horni, Feds, 
Fahv, Roxi, Davison, Mum and Cambv - I won't forget you. 
Thanks RW, VT, LT, MBH, Padre, CR and PE. "Don't be 
shv, even when it hurts to say. Remember, you're gonna 
get hurt someday, anyway. Tfien you must lift your nead, 
keep it there - remember what I said. I'll always be with you 
don't forget." )ust look over your shoulder Pete - friends 
forever. Smile • it increases vour face value. Never give up, 
there are no limits! lEJTSSLDRS. 

Douglas Stewart 


Coming to Trinity was the smartest choice I have yet made 
of mv file The greatest thanks to my parents for giving me 
the opportunity to do something constructive with my life, 
which was a previously unattained goal To Swifty, Herm, 
Beave, Simon, and my level riH)mmate Freddv, thank you 
for a great year and for putting up with a foolish islander 
To Browz, Nookie, Toute, Bull, Perd, Twist, and the rest of 
the crew, a hail from Buggy for a rough couple of years up 
here and at home, move through with strength in the future 
fella's. Mr. Stevenson, a great housemaster who frequently 
declined on implementing a week of hell on us. I now say 
goodbye to a unique way of life that we experienced at Tri- 
nity. Since below that abyss of reason of Lord, let men seek 
by experiment and not by questionings." Alistair Crowley 

Graham Stoute 


The deepest respect, affection and heartfelt thanks to R and 
A for providing me with all of the necessary tools. Two years 
in 150 words? Futile. Let me say this; there is no substitute 
for experience, and what an experience it was! Dickens said, 
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," but 
mostly it was the best, and the worst were easily conquered 
bv the unintentional aid of many; too numerous to value sep- 
arately but too special to ever'forget, thank you very little 
guys! I learnt much at Trinity: - 0% of Americans keep gloves 
m their glove compartments, French nouns ending in ' -age" 
are usu^y mascuUne, and fin«dly, the meaning of true friend- 
ship. Water's wet, the sky's blue, and there s nothing you 
can do. Point? To the Trivis, BIM rules and there's notKing 
you can do!! 

Arundel Strathy 


to do 

one is exempt from talking nonsense, the mistake is 
it solemnly. Michel de Montaigne. Two years at TCS 
given me extravagant fun and a lot of learning. Thanks 
to my parents and especially G & G for 7 years, and the friends 
I love; Kristin, Steeler, Hopie, KT, Mai, Tash, Gnu. Mich, 
Niks, Steph E., Franco, Hobby and all the guys that made 
me laugh. You made the hard times bearable and laughable. 
Remember it all; O.S.A.I.D. o'grams, dance bunnies, 'Wind- 
ing," "281 girls ?", "that's so five minutes ago!," midnight 
jogs. Blue Curacao, SCRUFF !! Chia pel, 6th form partv, 
there's is much more I know, but it pains me not to remem- 
ber clearly - oh dear, Alzheimers kicking in! Prepare the De- 
pends! "'Don't insist I behave in a certain way because societ)' 
says I'm supposed to. Just look around! WTiat does society 
know anyway!" Susan Jeffers. 


Michael Swift 


' ■ Educated in a small town, taught the fear of Jesus in a small 
town, used to daydream in that small town, another boring 
romantic, that's me." John Cougar Mellencamp. As I look 
back at my two year stay at T.C.5., I have lots of memories. 
Some greater than others; sparts, me and Herms fall at Hob- 
bies party, Cancun and late nights with the Ketchum Crew 
(Herm, Beau, Hoser, Shyte, Maricio, Simon, Chunky and 
knowles). Thanks to all my friends for making me feel com- 
fortable and of course thanks to all the PRO's. I owe my par- 
ents that greatest thardcs for sending me to TCS. For the great 
opportunity to go to such a great school and ail the memo- 
nes of probably some of the b«st times of my life. Thank you. 

Jodie Thompson 


"Due to my strong command of the English language I choose 
to say nothing." - Bob Phelpmen, my next door neighbour. 
I don't know why I included this quote. 1 guess 1 tnought 
that it sounded really smart and everything, and it's impor- 
tant to sound smart in a gradquote. 1 mean, you don't want 
future generations looking at your grad-quote and thinking 
you're dumb or anything. A grad-quote sticks with vou for 
the rest of your life, so it's important to make sure tnat you 
write a really smart-sounding grad-quote. 1 think that my 
end result speaks for itself. 

Dana Toering 


Six years baby! It's true that time flies when you're having 
fun. I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to have spent 
the l>est years of my life at Trinity. To Belly, Bakes, Meats, 
Fish, Herin, Beave, Wardo. Spinks, Jonny R, Knighterman, 
Hobby, Uyolchy, Johan, Hop>e, Nobby and Nikky, I'll never 
forget any of you. "Think where man's glory must begin 
and end. And say my glory was I had such fnends." Yeats 
To Mom and Dad, I hope I can give my children even an 
' • ' .It you've given me. 1 can't thank you enough for Je vous aime. Mr. Wright, 1 can't thank you 
1 ... „^.. : uu don't know that half of what you've done for 
me ■'When you've got the football and eleven guys are chas- 
ing you, and you're smart, you run. It was no big deal." 
Red Grange. 

Gillian Van Kempen ' '92-'93 

"A smile is the window in your face that lets the rest of the 
world know, your heart is at home." To all those who took 
the time to pick me up when I was feeling down and made 
me smile when I felt like frowning. ThaiJcs For the good times, 
the smiles and the laughter. It^ been an experience to re- 
member. You're friends I'll keep close to my heart. You know 
who you are. And Fred, keep in mind, I'll always love you. 
1 never would have made it through the year without you. 
1 owe everything to you. Thanks. Here's to forever. 


Daniel Wells 


The NAKED GUY is saying C'^idbye Thanks guys for mak- 
ing Trinity the experience it has been. "1 count myself in no- 
thme else so happv As remembering my giHxJ friends." 
ShakesPfaro I shall miss many things about T.C.S. ; Among 
other things, )on Boys truck and pep talks. Hobby's grin, 
buzzing out with the Guys, my old nose, Dana's underwear, 
my hair, VVitmer's attention span, fish's antics. Bull & Brow, 
T i A talk, Copenhagen, and any other memories that once 
were and forever shall be. Thanks mom, for everything you 
have done for me 1 love vou. lonjack it Knobby - someday 
you will hear me say with acceptance and pride, "I'm not 
only the president, t'm also a client." Sy Sperling. "Move 
over Rover and let Jimmy takeover." Jimmy Hendrix. It's 
all between your fingers l.loydie, see you stH>n . . . 

Simon Wells 


It's finally over! It's been a great year ■ thanks to (he boys, 
Swifty, iJharky, Shyte, Hoser, Herni, Beau, and all the rest 
of the Ketchum Crew. Thanks also to my parents who made 
this entire experience possible. Ryan, sorry buddy you've 
been a great roomie, but when you get right down to it -1 
WON! Mr. Stephenson, thanks for your suppt)rt, you've 
helped me a lot. A final thanks to the people thai made my 
last year at Trinity bearable, MS, RN, DS, FK, WM, and SF 
Just remember - life moves fast, if you don't stop and UH)k 
around every once in a wfiile, you might miss it . Ferns Bueller 

Scott Williams 


Thank you TCS! Thanks to all of my teachers, especially Mr. 
Kedwell, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Jones. Mrs. Hareraft, you are 
the GREATEST. Thank you mom and dad for the opportun- 
ity, your support and patience. I love you. My 7 years at Tri- 
nity, were an amazing experience: The PIT/ gitches/ Day Boy 
areas' 31.5 days in Chapel/ Gr.lO European Tour/ League 
Hockey Bigside Football, mud swimming. Geek's party/ Mt. 
Tremblant (Slobs)/ Peer Counselling/ SOTW Concert, "Hey 
what's that green stuff," GM and tTie Silver Bullet!!! To my 
friends, 1 will never forget any of vou, especially Hodgetts 
Housers. To GE, AP, DM, JG, JM, KD, DC, SM, BK, JN, 
QT, HP, PU, XYZ, yes I am a WILD MAN! "Insanity is the 
cloak of genius." - some genius 

See you all around the bend. 
May the Just times never end. 
Scoots will always be your friend. 

. . . Scoots 

Colin Wong 


In these four years, T.C.S. has taught me so many things 
that I can never forget. Also, it brings me all these happy 
memories. So, I cannot think of anytning else to say other 
than "Thank you. Trinity." Thanks also to all my friends 
at T.C.S. that share my Happiness and have supported me 
all these years. I also want to thank Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Phil- 
lips, Mr. Bonnin and all my teachers. At last, a special thanks 
to my parents for sending me to this school. 


George Wu 


Tnnity has given me o lot of opportunities to experience new 
things and meet new people. I really appreciate everything 
that the schixil has given to me. A lot of thanks to my teach- 
ers, especiallv Mr. Kobling, who has been taking care of me 
for two wonderful years in Bickle. These three years in Tri- 
niti,' may not be considered as the best times of my life, but 
it was definitely a turnir\g point for the better, and 1 have 
enjoyed and gained from it. I hope I can continue my ded- 
ication to academics, sports and school life in future years. 
Last of all, I'd like to thank my parents who have been en- 
couraging me throughout these stressful, but productive 

Will Yang 


"C is for cookie and that's good enough for me." - Cookie 
Monster. Trinity has been very good to me, and I thank all 
of my good friends who helped me get through. I will al- 
ways remember: "borrowing" the cow, running from the 
police, and amnesia. I will miss TCS, and I hope that you 
till stay in touch. "Why do we park on drive-ways, yet drive 
on park-ways?" - Bubby Shlepelfield, Buddah's dumber 

Jeff Yiu 


Three years in T.C.5. . . Man how the time flies. In my time 
here, Ihave made lots of new friends and buddies. I d like 
to thaf\k Mr. Honey and Mr. Robling for putting up with 
me, Mr. Reynolds for being such a good advisor and my Dad 
for sending me here. Good-bye to J.Y, J.M, B.S, G.W, K.L, 
L.A, D.5, Vriand P.K. 

Jules Knowles 


"By any means necesary" Malcolm X. First things's first, 
thunx Mom and Dad for all of the sacrifices that you both 
have given me in order for me to enjoy my 3 years at T.C.S. 
I was given a once in a lifetime experience and 1 took full 
advantage of it. To ^lll my friends 1 am leaving behind, K.R, 
L.S, A.W, R.O, C.S, and those who are departing with me, 
R.K, E.H, S.W, C.A, C.S. I would like to leave this with you 
"Life is something you only have once" Cobra. There are 
a lot of you that didn't know what it was like to be all boys! 
"There is more to life than partying hard and getting into 
trouble". Parents. Kirk it's been a blast, we've had tonnes 
of fun together both in and out of school ie. Whitby! To the 
boyz from Trinidad, Barbados, and 1 can't forget Bermuda, 
Malcolm. "Life is what you make of it" unknown "P">-warc 


ever, backward never!' 

Bob Marley A,B,C ya! Shabba 


Most Likely To . . . 

join (he armv and be shot by his own troops 

- Don Kellett 

Open a nudist camp - Ryan Knowles 

Marry a guy who drives an I-Roc - Jill Van 

Drive a BMW - Andrew Proctor 

Become a couch - Peter Mullins 

Do stunt scenes for the JoUy Green Giant - Dom 

Open a basketball camp for the hearing impaired 

- Brad Smith 

Give up his job as a mad scientist because of 
narcolepsy - Naim Antaki 

Self combust - Arundel Strathy 

Become President of Barbados - Carter Angus 

Become not just the hair<lub President, but also 
a client ■ Dan Wells, Noble Gibson, Jon Knight 

Drive his oil-tanker into an iceberg - David 

Cry at foreign films with sub-titles - Malinda 

Become a crash-test dummy for GM - Scott 

Become a staff-writer at Harlequin - Kristin 

Become an auctioneer - Campbell Bryer 

Edward Hall 



"Life goes by fast, if you don't slop to Umk around once and 
you just might miss it!*' - Ferris Bueller Wi-ll ht-re I jm 5 years older, and 
i)uite a bit wiser, and maybe even ready (or whatever is oul there. Duby 
and Willsy you have done a great job, see yd stHin! To all the b»>ys thank's 
lor the memories; Holy, Big Daddy Spunks, Perd, Sharky, Skelly, Dixils, 
Gus, Shaba, Nooky, l^derov, WAP, Jiblets, Beeks, Si\iK)ka, fluts, Ka- 
nick, Popsy, )im Morrison, Meals, Hobler, leff, Harry, and "Hey Fd, 
Where's Pe'ta?" - Thanks HLsh. Remembi'r guys "Ufc Is short, s«) play fiaril'' 
- Reelvik For my idol "They simple foreol, Ihats all. rhey )usl lorgol aNiul 
Larry Bird." ■ Dimny Ainge' I saved the best lor last, thank you GcMi, Mom, 
Dad, Campbell, and Luci. 1 owe it to you all, and I am fiircver in debt!!' 

Cheers Ears, 
The Undisputed Champ! 

Ryan Knowles 


First I would like to thank God, Mom, Dad, My bro Mark for giving me 
the opportunity to attend Trinity. "Q" have a great retirement. TL have 
fun with Ketchum, Robo-cop thanks for a terrific B-Ball season, Godfrey 
I did get accepted to universities. Mr. Wright, thanks for everything. Si- 
mon, you're the best roommate but I still beat you. Leroy and Cameron 
X hang in there. Hi Dulls. Kirk all aboard the ^s^ight Train. Gus I can buy 
you a Bahamian citizenship. Ed yes I can beat you in B-Ball. Sheps keep 
the Dove Soap alive. Finally to the three BENS (Dorian, Jules, Spunks) 
- when will you guys learn that you can't test the bigshot SHARKY. To 
the rest of the Bad Boys sorry I couldn't fit you in, but dems the breaks. 
Take it easy. To all the sugars, you know who you are, watch out for the 

N. Carter Angus 


From high class to back of the bus, oh-well, them's the breaks. The most 
respect to. The Far-Outs. Butz, )on-Jack, Bakes, Iris etc . . To Franco, Nobby, 
BuDer, Staunts (see ya down south) - thanx. To the Oldtimers: Titty, Smoss, 
Belly, Q.T. - thanx for kicking me into shape (I wish it had changed my 
final year.) To the Sugahs: No Votes!! Tharuc though to Ganu, Belles, S.S. 
-I- N.D. (three squeezes.) What can be said of the Big-Ups, you have all 
been the greatest of friends. You were there when others weren't, thanx 
for your generosity, you will be sorely missed. 

Finally, to Spunks, Sharky and Belly - no words can express my thanks 
The same for Pierre, the Goo, and esp. Ronnie. "Who the cap fit^ let them 
wear it." Bob Marley 

"1 gotta get out of tne cold." Jimmy Buffet 
"Stick a fork in me, I'm done." Capl. Andy 

Craig Shepherd 


Trinity has taught me many things, one of which is the precis, so here 
I go. "Thanks Mum and Dad for giving me such a wonderful opportunity 
and remember "The only thing constant is change." - unknown. Now 
for those who led me astray. Twis the shampoo additive was of my blad- 
der. Stoute 8 hours at Arby's - NOT. Bull come out of the dark-side. Nuki 
I guess hair and sex appeal go hand in hand. Brow, Queen's and Western 
no more needed. Rhyny, came an Angel left a Devil Ed you like mjles 
Eh! Spunks Slapshot's was good, Montreal was better but Bolicks will be 
best. Chilie 302 Ketchum best bar on campus. By the way you two Ba- 
hamians VAT is for Brown Pennies. 


Spencer White 


Yes ■ 1, 1 'most reach. First things tirst, thank you Chules 
and Davo for the opportunity and 1 will be forever grateful. 
To TT. Uncie. and Gram I couldn't have done it without you. 
TCS has taught me thai things tiiken for granted arc wasted, 
and that when faced with a challenge you must always hit 
it head on. ' 'The higher the mountain the cooler the breeze" 
YeUowman. To aU the boyz CA, RK, CS, JK, GG, PD, RM, 
GT. SM. JM, DT. EH, DF, MB, Gena, NG, JK, JA, MC, RG, 
)H, PR, and all the rest of the Trinis and Bajans, thanx for 
all the times, take it light fellas. To Brent house, "boyz boyz". 
To the sugars, no comment. To Kedda tharvx for the support. 
To everybody the door is always open. Pint Land here I come! 
"Experience is a lough school" Mark Twain 

Peter Silvera 


Well, in the mere blink of an eye, two years have passed. 
Two years which no doubt have held both the best and worst 
days of my life. To Mum and Dad thanx for giving this op- 
portunity. I love you. To Les, thanx for being there. To da 
txjyz - Rhiny - thanks for a fantastic year! RXY rules you were 
like a brother to me and always will be. Jaram - the bond 
only gets stronger. Respect. Perd - Douglas - Punani - Toute 
- Twis - nuff said. G - Nu - Catch you in T&T or Bim. Skel- 
etor - cool yuh self. Sasa - Go mad next year! Its been fun. 
I'll never forget the times I had here. Remember there are 
cows in the pasture! GHETTORIANS - we out. Laters - Brow. 

Bridget Kerin 


I've spent 2 years at Trinity but the adventure seemed much 
longer. Memories include: Hodgetts, enough said. Field Hockey 
ancf ABBA, midnight trek to Aurora, pretzels on the beach, bab- 
blirie at coffee shops with the illustrious Earl Grey, Pascal at 
McDonald, Western, hangin' with locals named Bob, Bigside 
vache, two moutons & the road trip of all time: L'autobus est 
dans le gare. never to be missed! Three punks never have a light, 
Guelph and Beege, Beege. To my partner in crime: a pile of mem- 
ories to . . . the m<x)n! You know them all. May you follow sun- 
beams wherever you go . . . Pusss, Bros., what can I say, Nigel 
rules, thank you Mr. Wright, Mr. Robert and especially Mosie 
and the Doi, here's to Robbie Bums! 

Lisa McNally 


1 can honestly say that my year at TCS was one of the 
best years of my life. Here are a few of the highlights: 
white lightning, KD, Field Hockey - "Charge!", the train 
adventure - dome car, milkshakes, mouton, vachie, 
couchon, "Who missed the bus?", Simpson's, Vietnam, 
Kelly's, Shona's apartment - diet coke?, frisbee, the le- 
gend of Robby Bums, mounton musique. Beige, the pic- 
nic table talks. These memories would not exist if it hadn't 
been for the company of great friends. I'd like to thai\k 
Sarah, Bridget & sis, John, Rico, Campbell, Hack, Staim- 
ton, my Scott house buds, and everyone else at TCS for 
a wicked year! Also a special thanks to Mom, Dad and 

Sarah Brascoupe 

'91-' 93 

Ho House made my first year an easy transition from the 
outside world to the chaos of TCS. There are countless 
people to mention. Hopefully you know who you are 
(men's club)! Highlights: honorary male-ship, Barney's, 
student-advisor. "TCS is like drugs - if you don't draw 
the line, you get in deeper. Once you are addicted, you're 
always addicted." Scott House is to thank for my last year! 
Good Luck Sasha! Never forget: Vietnam, trains, buses 
- never to be missed, funky meander, picnic tables in the 
dark avec Hobbie and Mouton, Kelly^s Rescue 911, Robby 
Bums, Beeg, 6th form bonding - 1 NEVER !, Lisa, Bridget 
and sis, Shona, Bethune Boys, Scott 6th and Brad. Most 
importantly, mom for the financial burden, all those that 
helped me get here, my dad and family for support. 
"At least we're not in Yugoslavia!" 
"And in the end 
The love you take 
Is equal to the love you make." Beatles. 


Ryan Garcia 


Although there were a few bad times they 
were also many good, and those are the 
moments which make it an experience to re- 
member. Mom and Dad thanks for giving 
me the opportunity of experiencing and ex- 
celling in Doarding school. Without you I 
could not have done it. I will also like to 
thank all of my friends for helping me 
through the time in which I resided here at 
T.C.S. Johnny flash for de boys nah. Dulla 
stop writing letters and do some work. 
Allan yuh was sleeping? Cheekes dem 
young girls is trouble boy! Kirk, the late night 
crew wUl never die. Leroy two is better than 
one. Gus ya ole ben. And to all the other 
raving islanders, take it slight and remem- 
ber "Trinidad does rules tmgs." 

Marc Cheekes '92-'93 

First o* all. I hjve to tlunk two peopte for the opportunity 
they hjve given me. thanks Mom and Dad. Khs - thanks 
for aU the suppon and the love letters, love you always. 
Gnnch ■ yeah n^t, jonny - the 1 week nun, we've defi- 
nitely had great times, ard Boor bathroom. "The Top Bunk " 
by the window etc whose gonna deanup now? gove dem 
boys heU next year DuUs ■ yuh know how we go? D S 
will always be 1st. Kirkhail the boy from Whitby, don't 
worry thoaebars won't be there ts summer inT + T, "The 
Chapel Might" and chapel bells at 12. Alan - keep sleep- 
ing and ordermg CD s Smally - the days o( packing it 
mand rem;ni*czngR E.M K D L will always rule you But 
T D A wiD rule everything. Crow - shut your damn mouth 
and speak p roperl y . Hail to aO the Bajan boys. Punani -stick 
to yuh own type Stoute - yuh going coftee shop? Can't 
forget the nilf Bahamians. Spence - today is Tuesday, go 
fiahmg. Hail to the Lone Imitation Islander. Gus • wha hap- 
pen? Want to order? Special hail to the moat mauive Be- 
thune fellas. You'D better realixe "The Late Night Crew* 
will always get you. 

Julian Northey 


First and foremost, I would especially like to thank, no wait, praise my mulher for 
her incomprehensible sacrifice in sending me to Tnnit\' for five year* Yoii were ngfil, 
we could do it, and that everything would turn out for the twtter. Also a speciaj 
thaitks to Mrs. Bumham for her unprecedented generosity Flashback: "You dead 
meat." (Raymond Teng 1992) Exotic Roommates: West Afncan King, Sumo Wres- 
tler, Genius, Victor Carles, Tina Bumham 

Instead of reminiscing the past, I will predict the future In 2 years, studying at Cuelph 
for my BSc, living with my favourite roommate; simple. In 5 years, tnamage, a de- 
gree, specializing m physiological phycology; fear In 10 years, paranoia; two kids, 
a doctorate degree, and a house. Insanity in 25 years, making love to scierwe, more 
kids, a breath of wisdom In 50 years, death, wine, and a conversation with 
Einstein. Wrrribbit Don't forget to save me a throne! 

Chrystina Bumham 


It's been an unt)elievable two years! First of all thanks to Mum who worked hard 
to send and keep me here. There are moments that I'll never forget such as . . . 
Playing the ditz in every school play (from Cma the baker>' girl to |an the overeater). 
Being the first (and quite possibly the last) bassoonist. Protecting the Hodgetts plants 
from various terrorists and finally becoming the first botany steward. AtfJetics aren't 
my forte, but I found my niche as skip of the first ever Girls Curling team (who 
could ever forget the Flying Padre?). Chip runs with Kerry were my saviour during 
Harrier season. And, of course, I have the dubious distmction of watchmg more 
Raiders' hockey in one season than anyone else! I really enjoyed my time here, and 
thank God for May 3rd (and Stai^ley). 

John McCallum 


#1, I enjoyed very fine lunches on the choir trips with Mr. Prower. *2, 
1 worried about what would happen in the third and fourth. #3, I aban- 
doned G.T. strategy and made the decision to move onward, go to col- 
lege. Ultimately, I learned lessons that far surpassed math classes: Success 
is a journey and not a destination. + "Nothing doth more hurt in a state 
than that cunning men pass for wise." (Bacon) E.D.H. I'd like to thank 
Kevin Miller who got me here. Dr. DuBroy and Mr. Wills who helped 
me survive, Will Karam (Bansh) for zaa's and good times, David, now 
a great basement hockey player, Kellv for good talks, and Michelle for 
support during tough times. Most of all, I would like to thank my parents 
for the encouragement which inspired me to set and achieve my goals 



Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, members of the faculty, 
students of Trinity College School. 

Welcome, everyone, to the Prize Giving component of Speech 
Day. Speech Day is always a happy occasion for students and 
the School, as we have a chance to celebrate both success and 
summer The School community has been gathering like this 
in June for 128 years to pay tribute and say farewell to a grad- 
uating class, and to recognize achievement, particularly scho- 
lastic achievement, throughout the School. Traditionally, as 
Headmaster, I have the honour of making the first speech 
on Speech Day, and 111 try to keep it just like my son, short 
and sweet. 

It is widely acknowledged as being true that the more diffi- 
cult the task, the more satisfaction, indeed glory, there is in 
surmounting it. Skilful pUots gain their reputation, not for 
flving in clear skies, but from storms, winds and tricky land- 
ings. At TCS, we've had our share of tempests and foggy run- 
ways over the years. Recently, just dealing with the rapiditj' 
of change has made schooling and life in general more chal- 
lenging. Many hoys in the graduating class were here B.C. 
(before girls). Although they would acknowledge that coed 
has brought many nice aspects to them and the school, it has 
altered the culture of Trinity significantly, and that can be un- 
settling at a time when teenagers need stability and consis- 
tency - and they see very little of that outside our campus gates. 

In fact, in my generation, you could be assured of success 
in at least material terms, if you had a reasonable education 
and you were prepared to work hard. Even that simple rela- 
tionship is in jeopardy these days. The very real uncertainty 
(economically, politically, socially) that all young people face 
these days makes it tougher to be a graduate in 1993. 

As well, since TCS is primarily a boarding school (while af- 
fording some first-rate opportunities, not the least - life-long 
friends), it also has some inherent challenges. All students 
who live here are under scrutiny. The choices they make, the 
rouhnes they establish, the habits they bear, are all there for 
everyone to see - like laundry, undies and all, hanging out 
there in the backyard . At TCS, there is no dichotomy between 
a School life and a Home life. School habits and Home hab- 
its. (I am including Hodgetts House kids in this, too, because 
of the long hours and involvement we expect from them.) 
But here at Trinity, character and behaviour are under a mi- 
croscope, and judgements about people are always being made 
- fair or not. Add to this, the very high expectations we have 
for acadennic rigour and involvement in Sport/ Arts/Service and 
you have a very intense conununity. 

There are wonderful lessons to be learned in such a com- 
munity- but, nevertheless, it can be very difficult, and you in 
the Leaving Qass know of colleagues who didn't make it this 
far. But you did. There are 113 people here who navigated 
various storms and tempests, and made a good landing on 
a runway that is often, tnrough no fault of their own, shift- 
ing. That should give you great satisfaction, indeed glory. You 

are all to be warmly and sincerely congratulated. 

I've got to know this class very well, and I'm quite fond of 
them. Some of them have been here for 6 or 7 years. 1 tow- 
ered over them. 






I remember little Spencer White - looked just like Ad- 
rian does now. Poor Adrian. 
Jon Knight - wee Jack of a Lad 
Jon Buchanan - when he was just a little Yuri 
Scott Williams - when he was just a little scooter 
Andrew Proctor when he lived at home, not in Boulden 

1 remember Staunton Bowen when he was actually more 
scrawny than he is now 
Carter Angus before he had a Bahamian accent 

This has been a great class. It has really left its mark on TCS 
in many tangible and not-so-tangible ways. 

1) Two real movers and shakers in TEAC (an Environmental 
Group) ever since they arrived, were jatnes Aifken and 
Mike bellami/. These are not your idealistic, left wing, 
green freaks out to change the world, but two guys who 
were concerned, got informed and wanted to make a 
bit of a difference: they have. 

We now have our own recycling depot and system. A 
future "green game plan" for TCS which is very com- 
prehensive. It IS their latest legacy - the beginnings of 
an ecologically correct, very pleasant park, just North 
of the Lodge, built on our very own smelly compost. 
If you have time today, 1 invite you to take a look. 

2) Charlotte Moore, who is idealistic and wants to change 
the world, galvanized this community in her first term 
here to create TIDE. Then, along with some superb sup- 
port from her classmates, ran a conference called Youth 
Mikinv Action which was incredibly empowering. I'm sure 
it wiD have a multiplier effect as all or the attendees left 
the conference inspired. TIDE now exists and it will con- 
tinue next year. People like Mike Pohoresky and Natas- 
cha Djelweh will take up the torch, but it was given 
to us Dy Charlotte and the Class of '93. 

3) In the same vein, two other members of the Class of 
'93, Malinda Campbell and Gabe Lenz, (both TIDE) 
mounted a wonderful initiative by doing hands-on work 
and education in Sri Lanka last year. They showed that 
vision, kindness and resourcefulness are powerful 
agents of change. 

4) The Qass of '93 also firmly entrenched the Peer Coun- 
sellors on campus. This is a very vital and necessary 
arm of our support system. They took their role and 
training very seriously and did more than any of the 
adults probably realize. A measure of their credibility 
is that over 25 senior students have applied in good faith 



iam Demers, Elslx'th i lornibri.K)k, Kob N.iiiLi- Bruce, Jo- 
han Persson and S(.ott William.s have lett the School in 
a little better shape by their ettorts in I\'er Counselling. 

5) The Class of '93 also gave us fVter Fulton. I don't mind 
coming out of the closet and admitting that 1 am the 
President of the IVter Fulton Fan Club. VVhat he accom- 
plishes in one day is unbelievable. 

The play that he wrote and produced, "To Miwc /die 
and the Latiuiduvi Drvam", was simply the best initiative 
and pure drive I've seen in my ten years as I ieaclmaster 
The best aspect was that, although we all called it 
Fulton's plav for weeks, in the end, it was 40 people's 
play! The\' owned it. Peter gave them a wonderful gift. 

Other wonderful gifts from the Class of '93 included the gift 
of a CampMl Bryer who, if you looked up in the dictionary 
the generic term "nice guy", there would oe Campbell's pic- 
tun?; and Ally Steivnson. wHo overcame some pretty scary med- 
ical problems that would have kept an ordinary person down 
- but not Ally; or Bnan Lt'c, Chairman of the Weekend Com- 
mittee and Assistant Coach Bigside Volleyball, working with 
unfailing good cheer for others at TCS; or Nairn Antakt, a bril- 
liant, unassuming fellow with narv a pretentious bone in his 
body, perfectly cast as the "Canadian Dream" in Fulton's play 
and getting accepted at seven Ivy League colleges in the Stales. 
He'd probably trade it all in to have scored 20 points for the 
1 could go on and on. 

There are certainly many wonderful guys and gals in this class, 
and I can't begin to enumerate them or extol their contribu- 
tions to TCS. You'll see them popping up to receive various 
awards over the next 90 minutes, and 111 have a chance to 
point out more of the notable characters and characteristics 
of this class as we go along. It is an eclectic class and, as I 
always do at this time of the year, I can't help but postulate 
what will happen to them. 

1 wonder what theyTl be doing or where theyll be 15 years 
from now. 

1) Jennifer Ferns will have been married to Greg Titterton 
for 16 years. 

2) Dom Fafard will be standing in for the Joly Green Giant. 

3) Campbell Bryer will be a professional auctioneer. 

4) Kristm Campbell will write Fish stories. 

5) Dan Costello, Stu Robb, Paul Johnson and Ernie will 
still be at the Walton. 

6) Franco will either have joined a freak show or the mafia. 

7) Nikki Hawke will have opened an orphanage. 

8) Alexis Ellis will have donated some of her excess hair 
to Dan Wells and Nobbie Gibson. 

9) Gabe Lenz wiU be one with . . . anything. 

10) Andrew Proctor will wear a pinstriped suit and drive 
a BMW 

11) Andrew Hovifse will procreate an entire Test Tube family. 

12) Warren McLeod will work for Beaver Foods on Baffin 

13) Geoff McFadzean will be a Hermit. 

14) Mazan Mourtada will be [pestering jjeople to play "Jenga" 
for geriatrics. 

15) Fulton will be doing Old fioy skits on Reunion WtH?kend. 

16) Jason will be attending his girlfriend's gradu- 

17) Scott Matthews will be a cr<ish-test dummy for GM; and, 

18) Arundel Strathy will star in a remake version of Snow 
White and the ^'ven Dwarfs. She will play 3 roles -Snow 
White, Happy & Sneezy 

I'd like to leave the graduating class with a few comments 
on the meaning and attainment of success. 1 don't pretend 
to be an expert on the topic, but I've witnessed about 1000 
graduates from Trinity over the last ten years and probably 
another KXX) in my previous ten years at a distinctly inferior 
independent School in Toronto. I've charted many of these 
people into their adult life and having known them as young 
students, I've tried to relate their chararter and decisions to 
a model of success. 

ni leave the definition of success up to you, but I suggest a 
good starting point will be the Ralpn Waldo Emerson quota- 
tion on the front of the Speech Day programme. It's my fa- 
vourite and, as long as I am Heacimaster, it will be on the 
front of the Speech Day programme. (1 can do that!) 1 com- 
mend it to you. I'm not going to preach about it, but 1 do 
hop>e youTl read it and take it to heart. 1 will make a few f>oints 
about attaining success. 

1) The ladder of success must be set up on something so- 
lid before you can start to climb it. There is no use put- 
ting it on snaky or soft turf - it needs a foundation: that's 
education, that's loving parents, that's self-esteem. I 
think most of you have tnat foundation, having survived 

2) You have to lean the ladder of success on something 
real. You just can't point it heavenward and expect it 
to stand. It will fall whichever way the wind is blow- 
ing. It has to end up somewhere, i.e., you have to have 
goals. It is very important to learn the discipline of set- 
ting goals (realistic ones, long term, short term, daily 
goals - lohat am I going to accomplish today?). Declare your 
goals so other people know what you're expecting your- 
self to do. Doing so raises the stakes a bit! 

3) Ever tried to climb a ladder with your hands in your 
pockets? You can't do it! You neecf to pull yourself up. 
No need to push others down - this will not quicken 
your ascent (other people have their own ladders - re- 
member that!). You ve got to pull yourself up the ladder 
of success. 

It takes hard work, time, persistence. There's no such 
thing as being "destined to succeed". People succeed 
because they are determined, not destined. Nothing can 
totally replace persistence. Talent won't suffice alone: 
there's nothing more common than the unsuccessful 
person with a talent. "Lots of talent . . . but!" Lament- 
ably, education alone doesn't always cut it: there's a 
world full of educated derelicts! A vital ingredient in 
the formula for success is persistence and determination. 

4) Success comes to those who are neither afraid to fail 
nor discouraged by failure. There is no way you pro- 


gress up the ladder "Bang, Bang, Bang". It will al- 
ways be a few steps up, a few steps back, ami alu'ays 
one step at a time. Once you are balanced and ready, 
move on to next step. If you try to skip a step, you're 
liable to fall. There are no short cuts on this ladder. 

So ladies and gentlemen of the Leaving Class, I hope you 
climb the ladder of success, not at the expense of others but 
by putting it on firm ground, leaning it against something 
tangible, pulling yourself up with great persistence, 1 step 
at a time. 

In about one minute I'll finish speaking - mercifully. 
We'll move on to recognize the normal bench marks of suc- 
cess for people vour age, i.e., top marks, achievement in 
sports and arts, feadersnip in various service groups. That's 
all fine, it feels good now, it means a lot and is well-deserved. 
But, 20 vears from now, who won awards and what was 
said will appear very fuzzy, very distant. It will not have 
detemunea who is happy, fiilfilled, content, successful. What 
will determine these fnmgs are the lessons you have learned 

here and in intervening years, lessons like; the value of 
honest work - industry; tolerance; courtesy; team work 
and organization; honourable conduct; respecting the 
rights of your neighbour; thinking the best of otners; 
openness and integrity. 

Although we can't measure or reward you for these 
things, if you've got this far at Trinity, chances are you 
have an appreciation of these ideals and have begun to 
embrace tnem. That is the long term value of TCS, and 
that we can all celebrate with each one of you today. 

So enjoy the rest of the day. Your last day on campus. 
Be grateful for simple blessings: being healthy, being ed- 
ucated; being free; having people wno care about you; 
having friends to share days like this. Don't forget to 
thank your teachers and parents today. 

I'll look forward to welcoming you as Old Boys & Old 
Girls of TCS. I'm very glad our paths crossed at Trinity. 
Good luck and take care! 


Mr. Chairman, governors, Mr. Wright, masters, teachers, 
parents, students, and the graduating class of 1993. Once 
again another year comes to a close with Speech Day. At 
times I thought it would never arrive or at least I never 
thought that I would make it. Now that it is here I can't 
believe that this is my last time under the big top. 

Some look forward to Speech Day with great relief that they 
have survived through yet another year whereas others look 
forward to the awarding of well deserved prizes for efforts 
put through. Teachers can look to a bit of recuperation before 
yet another Motley Crew comes their way next year and par- 
ents of the graduating class can look forward to never again 
finding a letter in their mailbox with a TCS crest and a clear 
plastic window. For the grads, however, this is their last 
official TCS function as students. This brings an awkward 
mix of joy and sorrow to our hearts as today is the end of 
this group of 113 students in its entirety. 

Ever since Speech Day last year I have been dreading this 
inevitable speech which I now give. I get nervous giving 
presentations in class and as this day grew nearer it seemed 
to frighten me a little more than a class presentation. Yet 
as I stand here today I am not frightenea; I am proud. 

I am proud to look to my family and feel that I have taken 
advantage of the opportunities that they have sacrificed so 
much to give to me. I am proud to be able to have the op- 
portunity now to stand and talk about the single greatest 
experience to occur in my life: Trinity College School. 

This is not simply an institution of higher education, nor 
is it a place simply for athletic achievement or exposure 
to the fine arts. Trinity College School is an experience 
in life matched by no other. 

It is the experience of awkwardness when first arriving 
and the feeling of belonging that grows on you within 
weeks and eventually the acknowledgement that this is 
your home. 

It is the experience of success and failure in the classroom. 

It is the experience of joy after winning a championship 
and the disappointment of losing one. 

It is the experience of relief when a performance goes well. 

But most of all it is the experience of the love of people. 
It is the friendship that naturally developes witnin our 
closed society. This is the greatness of Trinity College 

Now TCS gets rid of 113 students by handing us diplo- 
mas. Yet we will never really leave. Some people might 
never see the school again, most wUl, but trie memories 
and friendships will never die. 

It would be hard to forget some of the people of whom 
I won't be seeing much. Living with Francolini for four 
years was an experience in itself and I have the scars to 
prove it. It is impossible to forget people with whom I've 
Deen playing football and rugby for five years and I'll al- 
ways remember that if I want to have a good time abroad 
I'm sure Hoss and Stalin could organise something. 

There are people that 1 will be seeing often as well. In 
university some friendships will be closer than ever and 
I'll be seeing some grads every day. This too could be 


hard as Mike Bellamy is not a pretty sight on Sunday 

^ et whether far or near, friends will always remain friends 
and it is with great eagerness that 1 look toward old boys' 
rugby and other reunions. 

Before I leave I would be foolish not to thank and salute 
all of the masters for their support and interest in all fa- 
cets of school life: teaching, coaching, advising, being 
housemasters and friends. Without them this schow 
would be an empty shell. 

I would like to thank Mr. Wright for his involvement and 
dedication to everyone and even,' aspect of Trinity and 
especially for his support and trust even when 1 fouled 
thmgs up. 

My greatest thanks to all of the students for the great 
tirnes. All of my best wishes go out to you for a success- 
ful career at TCS and beyond. 

1 would like to thank all of the parents and families but espe- 
cially my parents and grandparents ior allowing me this op- 
portunity. My appreciation goes out to my family now for 
all of their support, understanding and strength. 

To the graduating class of 1993: I wish you the best that life 
offers. 1 hope that you take the lessons learned at Trinity 
and turn them into successes. Please take pride in being an 
old boy or old girl of Trinity College School and leave nere 
today knowing that you will never be alone. 



We've had an exceptional batch of Junior Faculty 
this year who have done their various jobs very con- 
scientiously. Four have been with us since Sep- 
tember: Tom Dillon, Heidi Richter, Trevor Larsen 
and Shona Simpson. They all had important, re- 
sponsible portfolios at a relatively young age - and 
performeci wonderfully. 

Our imports at Christmas were equally effective in 
their tutoring, supervising and coaching, and 1 sin- 
cerely commend Ben White, Rob Ranson, Nicole 
Eggerman and Zoe Priestman. Special thanks to Zoe 
for her excellent playing of the chapel organ. 


It is mv pleasure to salute the retiring President of 
the TCS Guild. If anyone deser\'es to be inducted 
into the Guild Hall of Fame, it is Janet Baker. In 
her tenure as President, she was very communic- 
ative and supportive of me and the school, and 
launched several important initiatives to bolster 
School spirit and increase the inclusiveness of the 
School family. 


Although Mr. Tony Prower, a teacher of Music at 
TCS since 1951, took early retirement two years ago- 
today-Sf)eech Day 1993 rnarks his official retirement. 
1 wanted to give this man a little play and a gift. 

Forty years in one institution is more than a career, 
it is a life sentence. Tony Prower has literally given 
his working life to TCS. He has been a FT teacher of 
Music from 1952 and until Mr. McGee's arrival in 1984, 
Tony Prower was the Music Department. In 1951, he 
began playing the organ on Friciay nights, which was 
the day off for the regular organist, Billy Cohu. He 
continued until 1967, when he took over as the orga- 
nist and Choir Master. He has had some memorable 
choirs over the years. For many years he has supplied 
all of the accompaniment for the Musicals, and has 
somehow saddled with a myriad of other jobs such 
as: assisting with Cadets, league sports in the Fall, 
he was a football official, and he ran the School Store 
for 15 years. 

I have worked with him for eight of those forty years 
and 1 will always remember him as a man with unfail- 
ing good cheer and loyalty. 


Mr. Jones, our notable Assistant Head of Academics, 
has been with the school for twenty-five years, so it 
is tradition that he is awarded witli his own chair. 

He arrived as a fugitive from Wales in 1964. He then 
taught Math and was the assistant Housemaster of 
Brent for two years. He then went awav to recover 
for a few years, returning in 1970. It is lucky for us 
that he has stayed. 


He was the Head of the Math department from 1970 
to 1981, when he was appointed Assistant Head- 
master. He continues to tnis day with his superior 
Math teaching - although, because of his other respon- 
sibilities, he IS limited to one class. 

I have worked very closely with this man and 1 can 
honestly say that there is no one whose judgement 
that 1 respect more. He embodies all of the noble char- 
acteristics of an ideal leader. His standard of deport- 
ment, the quality of his caring, and his very Christian 
attitude though not in a self-righteous manner, are 
all ver\- inspinng. He has certainly been very helpful 
to me day m and day out, and by God, I have often 
needed it! 

Two other staff members join the 1/4 Century Club 
today, and thev both work in the Food Services. In- 
stead of moulding minds, like Mr. Jones, they have 
been minding molds. 

First is Elmer Bogyay who has not always received 
the best press, though he has never wavered in his 
determination to provide students with the best food 
among independent schools. Sometimes it takes an 
entire year of University grub to appreciate Osier Hall 
and K(r. Bogyay. 

1 am personally very grateful to Mr. Bogyay because 
students complain so much about the food, they don't 
have the time or the energy left to complain about the 

One of the best decisions that Mr. Bogyay made in 
his twenty-five years at TCS occurred twenty-five years 
ago. That's when he hired Shirley Rainbird - our third 
inductee into the 1/4 Century Club. 

She has proved to be the mainstay of the kitchen op- 
eration, and she is always willing to help or to med- 
iate. Shirley always provides cneerful, competent 
leadership to the whole process of getting food from 
the ovens to the tables. She especially shines in the 
planning of special functions. Like today. 

The school would like to honour both of these long 
term and key members of the Food Services function 
by presenting them with silver trays. 


Hugh Stevenson came to TCS in the late 1960's, left 
after a few years and taught in the Peel Board of Ed- 
ucation. In 1974 he saw the error of his ways and was 
drawn back to Trinity. He has been here ever since, 
and today marks his official retirement, (though he's 
due back for meetings next week.) 

Mr. Stevenson was the Head of Modern Languages 
for fourteen years and, latterly, the much admired and 
liked skipper of Ketchum House. In his days at TCS, 
he also coached Middleside Basketball, (the original 
crusader!) and Track and Field. He often did a regular 
tour of duty as the DT Master - which he did with 
real savvy and sense of fun. He also directed our suc- 
cessful English Immersion Summer School for fran- 
cophones. He did an excellent job at improving our 
profile in Quebec and recruiting some first-rate French 
speaking students. 

I still look back on his appointment as Ketchum House- 
master in 1987 as one of the most prudent I've ever 
made. Besides having fantastic judgement, he has been 
very astute, sensitive, gentle and principled man who 
would never dream of taking a boastful or self- 
promoting stance. He really has made a big difference 
here. We wish him well in his retirement and ask him 
to come forward and receive a parting gift from the 

This is not handed out very often. It was donated by 
Isabel Bassett to recognize her brother's persistence 
in overcoming a handicap. She named it after a fa- 
mous TCS Old Boy - Percy Gordon. 

The terms of Reference are "Courage in the face of 
adversity" and one member of the Leaving Class has 
done exactly that. 

Duncan Purcell's father died about six weeks ago. He 
was diagnosed with a brain tumour only last Fall, and 
Duncan went through an incredibly traumatic six 
months. Somehow, (with a lot of help from friends 
here) he managed to come to grips with the tragedy. 
Throughout it all, his positive resilient spirit (which 
I'm sure was taking a beating) somehow prevailed, 
and he sits here among his fellow graduates as some- 
one we all greatly admire. 





Ul Form Katy Spiewak 

2nd Form Ted Wright 

3rd Form. I^ura Kucey 


2nd Form Ted Wright 

3rd Form Laura Kucey 

4th Form Jennifer Matthews 

5th Form Katherine Wan 



Paul Futhey Michael Ross 

Tamara Kavandar Daniel Salmon 

Sarah Kisilevsky Ben Sandford 

Jason Liddell Marte Towie 

Jennifer Matthews 

Tessy George 

Christopher Milne 


WeUs Baker 
Joannah Bodden 
Natalie Cheng 
Adam Cota 
Tara Hamilton 
Andrew Harrison 
Rizwan Hassan 
Edan Howell 
Kabir Jamal 

The DArcy Martin Prize in 

French Prize 

German Prize 

Spanish Prize 

Environmental Science Prize 

Geology Prize 

Music Prize 

Economics Prize 

Social Science Prize 

History Prize 

Dr Forrest Prize in Art 

The Hugel Prize in 


The Armour Memorial Prize 

for Computer Science 

Physics Prize 

Chemistry Prize 

Biology Prize 

The Ingles Prize in Gassics 

Physical Education Prize 

Law Prize 

Accounhng Prize 

Stephen Lee 
Kim Nopper 
Sasha Mervyn 
Garth Nichols 
Philip Sword 
Katherine Wan 
Julian Whike 
Jason Yue 


Balazs Csaszar 

Paul Futhey 
Oonagh Duncan 
Paul Futhey 
Kimberley Ito 

Marte Towle 

Jason Liddell 
Jeffrey Ruhl 
Michael Cogan 

Michael Cogan 

Ben Sandford 
Adam Cota and 
Rizwan Hassan 
Sarah Kisilevsky and 
Daniel Salmon 

Daniel Salmon 
Zachary Bierk 

Ben Sandford 


Edan Howell 
Julian Whike 

Kyle Nichols 
Rizwan Hassan 
Neil Stevenson 

Jennifer Matthews 
Michael Sanborn 
Rizwan Hassan 

Katherine Wan 

Julian Whike 
Joannah Bodden 




James Duncan David Lin 

Megan Irwin Peter Lui 


Tyrell Aahcroft Courtney Green Paul Pohoresky 

Ryan Coiucher Cheryl Horsley Amanda Salmon 

Frank De Palma Asad Lahda Chris Tomlinson 

Micliael Cenco Andrew McFadzean Marsaret Turner 

Laird Amoldi 
Ashley Barr 
Curtis Begg 
Trisha Bevan 
Ross Birchall 
Karen Chan 
Shannon Chestnut 
Ainslie Ellis 
Lee Frew 
Brook Hamilton 

Jeremy Hammond 
Andrew Ho 
Trent Howell 
Amanda Irvine 
Jamil Juma 
Ben Li 

James McDonald 
Alexandra McMillan 
Andrew McMillan 
Sara Roberts 

Jason Seagram 
Leslie Slade 
Cameron Snaith 
Darryn Stroud 
Kenneth Wan 
Katherine Watchom 


2nd Form Ted Wright 

3rd Form Andrew Ho 

4th Form Kevin Chan 

5th Form Ivan Ho 


The Marion Osier Award for Head Sacristan Jennifer Ferris 

Edward Hall 

The Pat Moss Society Award Mark Francolini 

William Karam 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize John McCallum 

The Librarian's Award Scott Matthews 

The Headmaster's Purchase Award Alexis Ellis 

The Fred Martin Memorial Prizes for Art and Music 

in the 1st Forms (art) Derek Cheng 

(music) David Lin 

The Stevenson Award for the Best Actor Arundel Strathy 

The Butterfield Trophy and Prize for Outstanding 

Contribution to Dramatics Peter Fulton 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Prizes 

for Writing Prose Adam Cota 

Poetry Heather Graves 

Junior Jason Seagram 

The Armour Memorial Prize for the Editor of The Record Peter Fulton 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize for Debating Kabir Jamal 

The Speaker's Gavel - given by Mrs. J. Irving Lawson Peter Fulton 

The Most Promising Junior Debater Paul Futhey 

The J D. Ketchum Music Prize Stephen Lee 

The Headmaster's Pins for 

Music Rizwan Hassan Melissa Niziol 

Trent Howell Lesley Slade 

Stephen Lee Katy Spiewak 

David Lin 

The Qass of '89 Award Andrew Proctor 

The Tony Prower Choral Awards Sarah Roberts 

Marte Towle 
The Music Director's Award (The Jesse and 

Joses Jones Award) Chrystina Bumham 

The 1970 Trophy for the Outstanding 

Contributions to the Arts Peter Fulton 


The Herber Rogers Memorial Trophy for the 

Outstanding Under 14 Athlete Matthew Chestnut 

The Paterson Trophy for the 

Outstanding Under 15 Athlete Andrew Rodney 

The F G. Osier Cup for the 

Outstanding Littleside Athlete Zachary Bierk 

Alexandra McMillan 
The de Pencier Trophy for the Outstanding 

Middleside Athlete John MacFarlane 

The Stewart-Haralampides Award for Good Spirit 

and Achievement in Sports Jonathan Buchanan 


The lnj;lt's Trviphv tor Kefnness in Athletics Bradley Smith 

The Idck Mdvndrd Memorial Trophy lor Leadership 

in AlhlelKs Bradley Smith 

The Bnan "Toby" Kent Memorial Award Staunton Bowen 

Bndj;i't Kerm 

The Grand Challenge Trophy Dominii. Taljrd 

Katie Hynn 

Elsbeth llomibriH>l. 

Bradley Smith 

The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Trophy for 

Inler-House Competition Bickle House 

Brad Denton 
Stephanie Feddery 
Leroy Smith 
Scott Tottenham 

Nairn Antaki Charlotte Moore 

Jonathan Buchanan Richard Moorjani 

Malinda Campbell Francois Panneton 

Marcus Chow Amy Steele 

Roxane Qement AUyson Stevenson 

Guy Ebbrell Graham Sloute 

Andrew Howse Colin Wong 

Kevin Law George Wu 

The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English 

The French Prize 

Immersion French Prize 

German Prize 

The Sparush Prize 

The Rigby History Prize 

The Kent Prize for Canadian Politics 

The Music Prize 

The Economics Prize 

The Uiuversity of Toronto Prize 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art 

The Hugel Prize in Geography 

The Founder's Prize for Physics 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for 


The Armour Memorial Prize for 

Computer Science 

The Ingles Prize in Qassics 

The Oassical Civilisation Prize 

The Biolog>' Prize 

The Science in Society Prize 

The Physical Education Prize 

Rachel Abraham 
Kristi Adamcryck 
lames Aitken 
Carter Angus 
Naim-Alexandre Antaki 
Kenneth Bignell 
Staunton Bowen 
Sarah Brascoupe 
Jonathan Buchanan 
Chrystina Bumham 
Knstm Campbell 


Natalie Cheng 
Tara Hamilton 
Kabir Jama] 
Arundel Strathy 
Andrew Howse 
Nairn Antaki 
Kenneth Bignell 
Robert Mehler 
Joannah Bodden 
Spencer White 
Dana Toering 
Brett Hayhurst 
Robert Magwood 
Andrew Proctor 
Sasha Mervyn 
Nairn Antaki 
Natalie Cheng 
Alexis Ellis 
Jonathan Buchanan 
Andrew Harrison 
Marcus Chow 

Marcus Chow 

Francois Penneton 
Philip Sword 
Kabir Jamal 
Amy Steele 
Graham Stoute 
Garth Nichols 
Gabriel Lenz 
Gregory Fines 

Wan-Jun Alex Koo 

S.H. Kevin Law 

Adrian S. hee 

Brian Lee 

Stephen Lee 

Tania Lemoine 

Gabriel Lenz 

Stephanie Lloyd 

Jennifer Matthews 

Scott Matthews 

Geoffrey McFadzean 

Matthew McKane-Pitovshek 

Warld Issues 


Ryan Carter 
Natalie Cheng 
Mari'us Chttw 
Lee Ann Clarke 
Roxane Clement 
llamish Cowan 
Uiurj Davison 
Mvriam Demers 
Nataschd Dielweh 
Guy Ebbrell 
Alexis Ellis 
Jennifer Ferris 
Katherine Rynn 
Jason Goddard 
David Grant 
Michelle llagenson 
Edward Hall 
Rizwan Hassan 
Nicole Hawke 
Dinesh Heenatigala 
Jason Hobson 
Elsbeth Hornibrook 
Andew Howse 
Kabir Jamal 
Carter Johnson 
Donald Kellett 
Bridget Kerin 
Sarah Kisilevsky 
Jonathan Knight 
Ryan Knowles 

Malinda Campbell 
Stephanie Feddery 
David Fisher 
Mark Francolirti 
Peter Fulton 
Bridget Kerin 

David Michaud 
Tara Montgomery 
Kyle Nicholn 
Francois Panneton 
Johan I'ersMm 
Michael Pohoresky 
Andrew Proctur 
Duncan Purcell 
Jonathan Raymond 
Stuart Robb 
Janme Rot>erts 
Ryan Rodrigues 
Craig Shepherd 
Peter Silvera 
Amy Steele 
Neil Stevenson 
Graham Sloute 
Arundel Strathy 
Dana Tcx'ring 
•Catherine Wan 
Ceri Warwick-Fraser 
Spencer While 
Colin Wong 
George Wu 
Woo-Suk Willy Yang 
Denji Yiu 

John MacFarlane 

Richard Moorjani 

Hope Rennie 

Brad Smith 

Allyson Stevenson 

Arundel Strathy 

Noble Gibson, Head Prefect 


1st Form The Philip Ketchum Cup Matthew Oiestnut 

2nd Form The Hamilton Bronze Metal Courtney Green 

3rd Form The Margaret Ketchum Prize Laura Kucey 

4th Form The 1945 Challenge Trophy Ben Sand/ord 

5th Form The Langmuir Challenge Trophy Sasha Mervyn 


The Percy Gordon Award for Courage in the Face of 

Adversity Chincan Purcell 


The Boulden Award for Integrity in the Middle School... Cameron Siuith 

The Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for English Amy Steele 

The Jubilee Exhibition Award for Mathematics Marcus Chow 

The Lutra Award Peter Fulton 

The Angus and Loma Scott Award for Outstanding 

Contribution to School Ijfe Nairn Antaki 

Gabriel Lenz 
George Wu 

The Merv Anthony Award Ryan Carter 

The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy Bradley Smith 

The Chancellor's Prize Naim Antaki 

Francois Panneton 
The Bronze Medal Noble Gibson 




Mr. and Mrs Anthony A Abraham 

Mr and Mrs Krank Adamek 

Mr and Mrs M Terrance Ashcroft 

Mrs Norma Barnett 

Mr. and Mrs Robt'rt t Bi'llamv 

Mr and Mrs Brian W Charbonneau 

Dr. and Mrs H. Arnie Chestnut 

Mrs Barbara Clarke 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Conacher 

Mr. and Mrs. John Corsi 

Dr. and Mrs. Peers W. Davidson 

Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey F. De Caires 

Mr. ). Timothy Denton 

Mrs. Sheila Eberts 

Mr and Mrs. Robert F Ellis 

Mr and Mrs. Peter J. Fisher 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Flynn 

Dr. and Mrs Donald Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Frew 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Gibson 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hammond 

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hayhurst 

Mrs. Connie Ho 

Mr. and Mrs. Kwons Chuen Hp 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Zaher Juma 

Dr. and Mrs. Zulfica Juma 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kisilevsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Kopas 

Mr. and Mrs. Yin Lai 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lavers 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Shi Tong Li 

Mr. Lin 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Macklin 

Mrs. Kathleen E. Madden 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mcintosh 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mills 

Prof, and Mrs. FrarOc Milne 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Morin 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moss 

Mr. and Mrs. Veikko K. Nieminen 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Ogilvie 

Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Orendain 

Dr. and Mrs. Ian D. Revill 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Rodriguez 

Mr. and Mrs. Wade D. Rowland 

Dr. and Mrs. C. Shannon Sanborn 

Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Scott 

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snaith 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Stacey 

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Swackhamer 

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Swift 

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Toering 

Mrs. Regina Tong 

Mr. and Mrs Wai Ying Tong 

Mr. P. Douglas and Dr. Peggy Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warwick-Foster 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Westlake 

Mr. and Mrs Larry Wilmore 

Dr. and Mrs. Wirig Y. Yue 



Profs. Nabil and Lodi Antaki - M/S Basketball 

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baker - Alpine Skiing 

Mrs. Violet Sevan - M/S Field Hockey 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Boos 

Mr. Walter M. Bowen - B/S Soccer 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bryson 

The Buchanan Family - Harriers 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Campbell - Girls Tennis 

Mr. and Mrs. Wal K. Cheng 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Cota - Rowing 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ian Cowan - Harriers 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Crawford 

Davis Valu-Mart 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Deeks 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Dempsey - Front Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Mohsen Dielweh - Scott House 

Mr. and Mrs. Domenico De Palma - L/S Soccer 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Ebanks 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Feddery - Sr. Girls Volleyball 

Mr. and Mrs. Eustace B. Francis 

Mr. and Mrs. Geno F. Francolini - Bickle House 

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Garcia 

Mr. and Mrs. Nels G. Hagenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Irwin - pg. 13 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Jourdam 

Mrs. S. Anne Kavander - Rowing 

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Khattar 

Dr. and Mrs. Michoke Krisdaphongs 

Mrs. Anila Ladha 

Mr. and Mrs. Chul Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P.L. Lloyd - Bethune 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lubin 

Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Alexandre Ma 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles ]. Magwood 

Claire McCarthy - Arts 

Dr. and Mrs. 1. Laing McFadzean - pg. 16 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. McNally - B/S Field Hockey 

Mr. and Mrs. Eckhart Mehler - Skiing 

Glen and Christina Mervyn - Rowing 

Mr. and Mrs. Achal Mooriani - B/S Squash 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Niziol - Rugby 





ALDERMINES Corporation 

Suite 2603 

130 Adelaide Street West 

Toronto, Canada M5H 3P5 



9 Maitland St. 

Port Hope, Ont. 

LIA 4H6 

\buVe Got A Friend 






Sdull Ste- Mane, Unr fbA JKv o iiiik^iu 
705-946-5858 Box A-4, 

5700 EAST McDonald drive 







Profs. Nabi] and Lodi Antaki - M/S Basketball 

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Baker - Alpine Skiing 

Mrs. Violet Sevan - M/S Field Hockey 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Boos 

Mr. Walter M. Bowen - B/S Soccer 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Bryson 

The Buchanan Family - Harriers 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Campbell - Girls Tennis 

Mr. and Mrs. Wal K. Cheng 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Cota - Rowing 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ian Cowan - Harriers 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Crawford 

Davis Valu-Mart 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Deeks 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Dempsey - Front Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Mohsen E)jelweh - Scott House 

Mr. and Mrs. Domenico De Palma - L/S Soccer 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Ebanks 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian ]. Feddery - Sr. Girls Volleyball 

Mr. and Mrs. Eustace B. Francis 

"Kllcoo Gamp 

An Independent Camp for Boys 

Ages Nine to Sixteen, Situated in 

the Highlands of Haliburton. 






Interior Environments 




185 Gibson D'lve. MaikHan. Oniailo L3R 3K7 
T«l 1418) 47SMe9Fu (4161 475 IS08 



MxiVeGof A Friend 





Canadian Photo Copy 
Company Limited 

111 Peter Street, Suite 123. Toronto M5V 2H1 

Tel: 598-4280 Fax: 598-7824 


iew Avenue, 

rk, Ont M2N 4J5 


■ Crescent, 

, Ont. UR 8Y6 



;wood Square, 
igh, Ont MIS 2K6 

W ind 

hore Blvd., 
Onl K7M 6R5 

, 64, 75, 86, 131 
., 23, 32, 64, 70, 85 

n Road, 
■■, Block Bl 
I Court, Hong Kong 


F. Park Towers 1, 
toad. Causeway Bay, 



1, 131 


t, Ont LIY 1A2 


, 52, 62, 72, 83 


irk (Factory) Lid 


ine, Jamaica W.I. 

X 865, Centre Road, 
■it LOL 2M0 

Saull Sle Mane, Unl PbA JK-* 




42 Chestnut Park Road, 

Toronlo, Onl M4W 1W8 


18. 56. 59 


1240 nona Park, »10. 

Pickenng. Ont LIW 1E4 


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Ottawa. Ont. KIM 1M7 


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Congo Road. St. Philip, 

Barbados W.I. 


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Nanoose Bay. EC VOR 2R0 

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P O Box DV 470. 

Devonshire DVBX. Bermuda 


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Christ Church, Barbados W.I. 


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Box A-4. 

Counice. Ont LIE 2H1 




10 Blencathra Hill. 

Markham. Ont L6C 1C2 


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A|ax. Ont LIS 4X7 


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P O Box 30321 SMB. 

Grand Cayman. Cayman 

Islands B W I 


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369 Redwood Place. 

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29 Place dn EnMrs. 

Sle-Julie. Que JOL 2S0 


18. 50. 58. 72. 97. 81. 97. 103. 131 

18. 50. 58. 70. 75, 81, 94 


2 Rue Viel. 

Penetang. Ont LflK IPO 


12. 22, 97, 103 


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An Independent 

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the Highlands 





10 Antiftud Vnvv. 

fnitntton Park, 

Port ol SpAin. Tnnidad 

2». &> 


» Wrnlworth Court. 

UiuonviUr. Onl UR 7N« 

4 16-470- 7«0 

23, 32. », 0.1 


R R «l. 

Cr<fton. Onl KOK 2C0 


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70 Church Street 

Elora. Ont NOB ISO 


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837 DlberviUe, 

Boucherville. Que. |4B 5E1 


26. 59. 75. 97, 99 


45 Mizzentop. 

Warwick. Bermuda WK06 

Bermuda 809-236-2541 

24. 2S, S3, 76 


403 C.lencdirn Avenue. 

Toronto. Onl MSN IV2 


S» 5o 59 X 8S 87 91. 9^ 97. 99 


K K «l 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 3V5 


20. 55, 60 77, 93 


500 C.Llmour Street, 

PeterK.roush Onl K9H 2J9 


24, 51, 58, 78 


146 Cavendish Court. 

Oakiille. Ont U) 5S2 


5, 9, 24. 56. 59. 74. 85. 88 


2«5 Maple Street. 

CoUingwiK>d, Onl L9Y 2R3 


30. 56. 64. 75 


P O Box 1347C. 

George Town. Grand Cayman, 

Cavman Islands. B.W.I. 


28. 46, 55, 71 


■ HiUcresI , Golf Qub Road, 

Chnsi Church. Barbados W.I. 


5. 24 


1011 du Perche. 

Boucherville. Que I4B 2V2 


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Toronto, Ont M4VV 1W4 


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Roseneath. Ont. KOK 2X0 


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Whitby, Ont. LIN 5R5 


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781 Lakeshore Drive, 

North Bay. Ont. PIA 2G7 


5. 26, 27 53v 59, 72. 86i 91 97. 99 


71 McRae Drive, 

Toronto, Onl M4G 1S3 


5, 22. 32. 60. 79 


P O Box •754. 

EUiot Lake. Onl PSA 2R6 


24. 54. 61. 72. 85. 97. 100 



Pitcaple Farm. R R #22. 

Cambridge. Onl N3C 2V4 


22, 55 


303 Henrv Street, 

Cobourg, Onl K9A 3Y7 


20, 47, 67, 77, 97, 125 


14A Sur No 3912, 

PuebU, Puebla. Mexico C P 



12, 18, 19, 66, 73 


237 CoUdale Road, 

Toronto, Onl M4N 2C2 


28. 29. 77. 91. 96. 97. 100 

126A lluwaiha Kuad. 
Toronto. Onl M4L 2X4 

5 2». 61. 97. 101 
8001 Des VenDeen>. 
Aniou. Que MIK 117 

2. 10 11 22. 61. 71. 89. 92. 97. 100 514-3511799 


54H Wavt^-rest Avenue. 

Winfield. New |erKy USA 



9. 24. 58. 79, 92, 97, 100 


135 Alexandra Blvd , 

Toronto, Ont M4R 1M3 


26, 56, 58 


Ral 5B. Residence 7, 

Chinese University. Shatin N.T. 

Hong Kong 


13. 28, 46, 55. 77. 88 18. 19. 57. 

65, 69 


60 Greenland Road. 

North York. Onl M3C 1N2 


26, 51 



15 Brian Crescent. 

Nepean. Ont K2H 6X2 


28. 90 


37 Vanda Road, 

Victoria Gardens. 

Diego Martin Triiudad. W.I. 


26. 66. 69. 97. 125 


1706 - 7250 Yonge Street. 

Thorr.hill. Ont U) IVS 




298 Dunview Avenue. 

North York. Onl M2N 4J5 



1 Dundee Crescent. 

Markham. Ont L3R 8Y6 


18. 53, 65 


22 Stubbswood Square. 

Scarborough. Ont MIS 2K6 


28. 54, 77 



142 Ukeshore Blvd , 

Kingston, Onl, K7M 6R5 


26, 46. 53. 64. 75, 86. 131 

5, 8. 9. 22. 23. 32. 64. 70. 85 


1 Lvltellon Road. 

16lh Roor. Block Bl 

Park View Court. Hong Kong 




Rat F. 21 F. Park Towers 1. 

1 King's Road. Causeway Bay. 

Hong Kong 


30. 97. 101. 131 


R R»5. 

Qaremonl. Onl LIY 1A2 


30. 31. 32. 52. 62. 72. 83 


Worthy Park (Factory) Ltd 

Ewarton P O . 

St. Catherine, Jamaica W I. 


26. 56. 140 


R R #1. Box 865. Centre Road. 

Stroud. Ont. LOL 2M0 


22. 46, 48, 54, 67, 70. 85. 88, 97, 



792 Wellington Street North, 

London, Ont N6A 3S3 


22, 55, 66, 71 


564 HUlsdale Road, 

Ottawa, Onl KIM OSl 


24, 57. 78. 91 


263 BeUue Drive, 

Toronto. Ont M4S 1M5 


30. 46. 57. 59, 73 


97 Braemar Road, 

Kingston. Onl K7M 4B5 


18, 58, 73 


525 Oxbow Road, 

Waterloo, Onl N2K 1Y5 


30, 58, 79, 97, 101 


58 Rhonda Blvd.. 

Bowmanville. Ont LlC 3Y2 


9. 24. 25, 47 4& M. TH 85. 86i 89 


Box 500, Station 'A' (Mosco). 

Ottawa. Onl KIN 8T7 

011-7-095-243-4020 (Moscow) 

9. 24. 49. 54. 72. 88 


31 Riverside Drive. 

Saull Ste Marie. Ont P6A 3R9 




42 Chestnut Park Road. 

Toronto. Ont, M4W 1W8 


18. 56, 59 


1240 nona Park, »10. 

Pickering. Onl LIW 1E4 


24. 32. 46. 53. 75 


67 Thomas Street. 

Ottawa. Ont KIM 1M7 


24. 51, 59, 78 


Congo Road, St. Philip. 

Barbados W I 


24. 70 


2653 Seablush Drive. 

Nanoose Bay. B C VOR 2R0 

30. 70 


106 Bedford Street, 

Port Hope. Onl LIA 1W6 


20, 97, 102 

20, 58 


7 Devondale Drive. 

P O Box DV 470. 

Devonshire DVBX, Bermuda 


12. 22. 77. 83. 85. 88. 97. 102 


22 Durants. 

Chnst Church. Barbados W I 


24. 68 


4 Highland Crescent. 

Toronto. Ont M4W 2S7 





32 Howland Avenue. 

Torontii Onl M5R 3B3 

416 515 29"^! 


730 l.uiiUunie Chartier. 

Montreal. Que HIA 5ES 


28. 77. 89. 97. 102 


R R »3. 

Port Carling. Onl POB 1|0 


8, 9, 11. 30. 58. 70 
429 Bnllon 

BeloeU. (Jue |3C 2T7 
514-467 1033 

9. 11. 18. 19. 56, 64. 72. 81 

4259 Kenle Court. 

Belleville. Ont K8R 1C2 


R. 9. 26. 54. 69 



15 Parkwood Drive. 

Cobourg, Onl K9A 4H9 


20. 53. 78 

20. 53. 78 



Tenochtitlan 721, 

38050 CeUva. GTO. Mexico 


18. 65. 69. 90 


1 Grenadier Heights. 

Toronto. Onl M6S 2W5 


28. 77. 81 


6 Timberlane Court. 
Box A-4. 

Courtice, Onl LIE 2H1 




10 Blencalhra Hill. 

Markham. Ont LAC 1G2 


18. 53 


Toronto. Onl MST IVl 


5. 10. 28. 29. 65, 90, 95 


7 Camelt Drive. 
Ajax. Onl LIS 4X7 

18. 46, 57. 78 


P O Box 30321 SMB. 

Grand Cayman. Cayman 

Islands B.W.I 


5. 22. 23. 71. 97, 102 


R R •2. 

Port Hope. Onl. LIA 3V6 


3, 11. 20. 21. 51. 67. 75. 97, 103 



369 Redwood Place, 

Waterioo, Ont. N2L 2P3 


28, 64, 70, 85 

28, 29, 64, 70, 97, 103 



29 Place des EnUes, 

Ste-lulie, Que |0L 2S0 


18, 50, 58, 72, 97, 81, 97, 103. 131 

18, 50, 58. 70. 75, 81, 94 


2 Rue Viel. 

Penetang. Ont. LOK IPO 


IZ 22. 97. 103 



?40 R^ibmsun Cmcvnt. 
NUIIun. Onl L7T 4W« 
51. 5* 

i:. «7 S5 ms *: *: 104 


PurMi »l>C Mr 

Cd Obrri^on Son . Mexico 


18. ry ■*} 


Low Windt TaHr Rock Avenue, 

Nocth Shot*. Pembroke Vim 



li 22. 85. 88 ■n 101 


74 CoWbrfTV SquATf. 

We«l Hill. Onl MIC 3H7 


34. S4 61 73 Ok, 97. 104 


7 ClencoUe Sneet. 

Toranlo. Onl M4R 1Z5 


M. 31 «). 58. 74. 80. 91. n. %. 

»7, 104 


2S8 Wiiren Road. 

Toronto Onl M4V 2S7 

416-482' lt>85 

M. 57 M 71 '»7. 106. 131 


43 Clea»T Road. 

Toronto Ont MSP 389 


18. 46 54. 66. 79, 94 


465 Weller Street, 

Peterborough, Ont K9H 2N7 


22. 23. 55, 70 


Mercun' Street. Cookdge 

P O Box 194. 

St lohn's. Antiguj 


24. 61. 70. 88 


23 TaUwood, 

London, Onl N5X 2S1 


10. 11, 24. 25, 50, 62. 74. 85. 92, 

97, 105, 140 



Pon Hope, Ont LIA 3V5 




Qu De»iree Cille Onenle 

Pndo> Del Este. Caracu, 



IB 19. 46. 69. 97. 106 


3 Fallingbrook Woods, 

Scarborough. Ont MIN )B7 


2. 8, 9, 10 11, 12. 18. 19. 54, 68. 

84. 85. 92. 95. 97. 105 


281 Wobelry Stred, 

Thunder Bay, Onl P7A 3C8 

•07' 344-7644 

« 9. 26 27. 53. 59. 68 84, 85, 96 



PrdregaJ de San Angel, 

Mnico D F 01900 


18. 54. t«, 73 


1 16 OnU Cnurv Road, 

Fairwav* SlaravjJ, Truudad W.I. 


22. M>. 69 90 97. 125 



Pon Hope, Onl LIA 3V6 


J 20, 5*, 74. 91 

1** B.mlrr Drive, 

rkkmn^ Onl LIV 3K7 


26, 46 57. 90 


74 rK>rM'l SlrwM East. 

Port Hop.- Onl LIA 1E4 


20. 78, 97. 106 

20, 46, 60 


78 Glenview Avenue, 

Toronto. Ont M4R IPS 


30. 87. 64. 75 


85 South Dnve. 

Toronto. Ont M4W 1R4 


11 24. 25. 49, 56, 74, 89. 92. 93, 
97. 106, 131, 140 


93 Durants Green, 

Chrut Church, Barbados W I 


24, 69, 93. 97. 106 


55 Teddington Park, 

Toronto, Ont M4N 2C5 


30, 32, 64, 75 


138 Dorset Street West, 

Port Hope, Onl LIA 1G2 


13, 20, 21, 73 


42 Rossland Road East, 

Oshawa. Onl, LIG 2W1 


11, 13, 18, 19, 59. 91 


12 Blythwood Crescent, 
Toronto, Ont M4P 2K3 

30, 57, 59, 75, 91, % 


2 • 5754 Prospect Road. 

New Minas. N,S B4N 3K4 


28, 32, 71 


174 Green Street, 

Cobourg. Onl K9A 3W4 


3. 13. 20, 46. 65. 73 


397 Dune Street, 

Toronto, Onl M6S 3G5 


18, 51, 59 


2346 WesthUl Drive, 

Vancouver, B C V7S 2Z5 


28. 60. 72. 87, 97. 106 


26 Oriole Gardens. 

Toronto. Onl M4V 1V7 


10. 11. 12, 30. 56. 63. 73, 85. 88, 
99, 97, U3, 131 


36 Royal Oak Dnve, 

Bame, Onl L4N 7S5 


26, 46, 57, 59, 69 

22. 47 55. 65. 85 


"Blur Harbour", Bayside Lane, 

Hamilton Parish, Bermuda 


26, 46. 51. 65 


R R <2. 

BrockvUle Onl K6V 5T2 


11, 24, 25, 57, 59, 79 
498 Roo>Fvelt Dnve, 
Kingston, Onl K7M 4B1 


30. 56. 72 


P O Box 1047, 16 

Westwood Avenue, 

Wolfville, N S BOP 1X0 


9, 24, 25, 54, 64, 75, 85, 96 


10 496 Range Lake Road, 
Yellowknile, N W T XIA 3R5 

18, 47, 48, 54, 66 


21 Whitney Avenue, 

Toronto, Ont M4W 2A7 


22, 57, 64, 72, 94, 97, 107 


11 St. Aubyn's Crescent, 
Toronto, Ont M4N 31C3 

13, 30, 56, 64, 74, 83. 85 


P O Box 323, 

A|ax, Ont LIS 3C5 


30, 51, 70, 85, 97, 107 


112 Alexander Road, 


Carenage, Trinidad, W.I. 


5, 26, 68, % 


924 Meadowwood Road, 

Mississauga, Onl. L5J 2S6 




50 Mosedale Crescent, 

WUlowdale, Onl. M2| 3A4 


18, 54 


29A Caperidge Drive, 

Peninsular Village, 

Discovery Bay, 

Lantau, Hong Kong 


30, 65 


Rat 2A, Block 11, 

Woodcrest Hill, 

8006 Tai Po Road, Shahn, 

N.T, Hong Kong 




20 Kingsbury Crescent, 

Scarborough, Ont MIN IGl 


24, 56, 59, 87, 97, 107 


R R •S, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 3V7 


20, 54 


55 McCarty Crescent, 

Markham, Onl UP 4R5 


22. 54, 65, 73. 83. 88. 89. 97. 107, 



1 Peacock Blvd , 

Port Hope. Onl. LIA 2X2 


20. 64, 70 


45 Palomino Dnve R R »6, 

Saute Ste Mane, Onl. P6A 6K4 


12, 30, 56, 65. 75. 85 

26, 46, 47, 57, 63, 75 



R R M, 

Cananoque, Ont K7G 2V6 


17, 24. 61, 79, 97, 108 

17, 28, 70 


11 Fitzhugh Lane, Box 904, 

Cobourg, Onl K9A 4W4 


20, 66 


8 Dale Avenue, 

Toronto, Onl M4W 1K4 


18, 57, 66, 78 


P O Box 489 (Vienna) 

Station "A" 

Ottawa, Onl. KIN 8V5 


5. 22. 46, 64, 77, 86, % 



Enn, Ont NOB ITO 


30, 57 


R R »2, 

Baltimore, Ont KOK ICO 


20, 72, 97, 108 


Pikn's Motel & Roadhouse, 


Port Hope, Onl LIA 3V5 


20, 65 


604 Forest Lane, 

Edmonton. Alia T6R 2C4 


5, 24, 46, 54, 70, 82, 84, 140 



Nottawa, Ont LOM IPO 


9, 24, 32, 57, 64, 75 



3 Lynwood Avenue. 

Toronto, Ont. M4V IK3 


24, 65. 75. 97. 108, 28. 65, 90 


3626 7lh Street S W. 

Calgary. Alia. T2T 2Y1 


26, 97, 108 



1072 Du Perche, 

Bouchervillc, Que. |4B 5N3 


18, 19, 53, 63, 81 


320 - 4005 Don MUls Road, 

WUlowdale, Ont, M2H 3J9 


18, 69 


SSI, Site 7, Box 21, 

Sudbury, Ont P3E 4S8 


26, 53, 69 


P O Box 537, R R #1, 

Brooklin, Ont LOB ICO 


28, 29, 57. 60. 95 


66 Oak Park Crescent, 

Saull Ste Mane, Ont. P6A 5A9 


26, 27, 47, 54, 140 


1112 - 180 MacLaren Street, 

Ottawa, Ont K2P 0L3 


24, 65, 73, 85, 97, 109 


34 Lake Drive, Box 2459, 

HuntsvUle, Ont POA IKO 


22, 60, 70, 85 


707 Charlesworth Drive, 

Samia, Ont N7V 2S1 


& 9 m 11, 22, 23 46, 47, 55, 71,85 


1214 Bordeau Grove, 

Gloucester, Ont. KIC 2M7 


26. 52, 62, 97, 109, 140 

26. 52, 79 


"Aishling Farm". R R #2, 

Baltimore, Ont KOK ICO 


20, 21, 55, 60, 71. 80, 82, 91. 92, 

97, 124 

20, 71, 82, 91 


5 MacDougall Heights 

Sydney River, N.S BIS 3A8 


24, 32, 56, 58, 75, 93 


45 Citation Drive, 

Willowdale, Ont. M2K 1S5 


18, 54, 97, 109 


120 Cairn Grove, 

Kingston, Ont K7M 4B9 


22, 23, 46, 48 


945 Dolbeau, 

St, Bruno, Que. J3V 4J7 


18, 32, 50, 64, 81, 89, 97. 109 


513 Byron Street South, 

Whitby, Ont, LIN 4R4 


13, 30, 54, 64, 79, 87, 89, 97, 110 


P.O. Box N 1752 

Nassau, Bahamas 

26, 56, 62, 79, 97, 122, 131 


P.O. Box N 3022, 

Nassau, Bahamas 


18, 19, 56, 63, 74, 89, 95, 97, 123 


345 - 5 Pyong Chang-Dong 

Jong Ro-Ku, Seoul, Korea 


18, 19, 47, 56, 74, 81, 97, 110 


59 Douglas Dnve, 

Toronto, Ont. M4W 2B2 


26, 56, 75 


P.O. Box 160 

Kelligrews, NOd. ADA 2T0 


30. 54. 61 


92 Agusta Street, 

Port Hope, Onl LIA 1G9 


20, 57, 61, 71, 131 


300 MiU Road, E38, 

Elobicoke, Onl M9C 4W7 

26, 69 


Kiiskeneva 2 E 45, 

SF-02170 Espoo, Finland 


20, 58, 75 


22 Hawleal Crescent, 

North York, Ont M2H 3H4 


30, 61 


1 Payne Crescent, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 3Y1 


20, 53 


2IG Fu Shan Mansion, 

Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong 


18, 97, 110 



S^ Bon^Tr» Avenue, 

Scuboruunh. Onl MIC 3H4 


30 W St 7>) 


271 PniveM Avenue 

North Vork. Onl M2N 3S.1 


5. 14 


^W** - 3 luan-vion^ Nun-ku 

Inchon. Kent 

01 1-S2 32-125-50)6 

18 711 


>*3 Kjn(;»djie Avenue. 

WiUowdile Onl M2N 3X» 


26. 5*. 74. *7. Ill 

2». 56. 75 


910 Nnslin Cmcent 

Subtoon. Sdsk ST) 4V3 


«. 18 1« 50 60. 79. 89. 97. Ill 


616 < 1200 Don Mills Road. 

Don Mills. Onl M3B 3N8 


26 44 IC. Ill 


308-1200 Don Mills Raid, 

Don MUls. Onl M3B 3N8 


24. 53 64, 75 


1609-33 Elmhunl Avenue. 

WUIowtUle, Onl. M2N 6C8 


26, 47, 48, 52, 66, 95 


P O Box HM 1551, 

Hamillon HM FX, Bermuda 


8 9, 10. 11, 18, 19, 78, 94 


407 Onlano Street West. 

Whitby. Onl. LIN 6|4 


26. 27. 32. 52, 66, 76, % 


8 Courceletle. 

Outremonl. Que H2V 3A6 


22. 46, 48. 97. Ill 


34 Lof;andale Road. 

WUlowdale. Onl M2N 4H4 


5. 26. 97. 112. 131 

PIERRE-ANDRC lesperance 

2777 Cedar Blulf. 

Magog. Que J IX 3W4 


5, 26, 27, 32, 62, 97. 110 


Flat 24A. 

5 Dragon Terrace. Hong Kong 


26, 66 


Fofbrock Street, R R.fl, 

Pkkermg, Ont. LIV 2P8 


18, 53, 63, 70 


1743 Bough Beeches Blvd , 

Mississauga, Onl L4W 2B7 


18, 46, 57 


119 Highboume Road, 

Toronto, Onl MSP 2)5 


26. 56. 59 


433 Dowiue Street. 

Peterborough, Out K9H 4)5 


5, 22. 23, 65, 70 


57 Boake TraJ. 

KHhmund HlU, Ont L4B 215 


18. 46. 72 


EdiJkut (.iimmercial Chong Kian 

Rua IV Santa t, lara 1 .1 uO 

Andar Macau 


24, 94 


39 Chestnut Park Road, 

Toronto. Onl M4W 1W7 


30, 49, 78 


1253 Oothier Coun 

Manolick, Ont K4M 1C8 


30, 31. 59. 97. 112 


P O Box 436. 

Perth Ont K7H 3C.I 


10, 11, 12, 16, 26, 27, 53, 75, 85. 

92, 93, 95, 97, 112, 131 


R R >1. 

Cores Landing, Ont KOK 2E0 


20, 21 


111 Rivhesler Avenue, 

Toronto, Onl M4N 1N9 


8, 9, 30, 53, 64, 75 


19 Frere Pilgnm. 
Chnst Church, Barbados 

24, 56, 97, 112, 140 


16 Kingsgarden Road. 

Toronto, Onl L8X 1S6 


26, 62, 70, 95 


76 Calderbndge Crescent, 

Unionville, Ont L3R 9M7 


22, 55, 65 



PC Box 43, 

Port Hope, Ont. LIA 3V9 



20, 97. 113. 131 


20 Virginia Street 

(Ground Floor), Nassau, Bahamas 


26. 27. S7. 63. 72, % 



P.O Box N 10091, 

Pedregal de San Angel, 

Nassau, Bahamas 


30, 31, 63, 72, 78, 96 

30, 31. 57. 63. 72, 96 


245 Warren Road, 

Toronto, Ont M4V 257 


30, 84. 85, 88. 97, ITS 


268 Henry Street, 

Toronto, Ont K9A 3Y6 


13, 20, 21, 65 


105 Simpson Avenue, 

Toronto, Onl M4K lAl 


24, 69. 97, 113 


2 Sellers Court, 

Nepean, Ont. K2H 7Y7 


26, 32, 57. 63, 70 


73 Bayview Crescent, 

Cobourg. Ont. K9A 4C5 

416-372 5630 




1287 Abbey Road, 

IVkermK Unl LIX 1W5 


30, 31 

22. 55. 65, 86 



Bo. 195. 

Tamworth, Ont KOK 3G0 

61.V 379- 2650 

.TO. 57, 59, 73, 85 

18, 50, 58. 79, 97. 113 


70 Cheltenham Avenue. 

Toronto. Ont M4N II'T 


30. 57. 73 


14 Braathen Avenue, 

Yellowkni/e, N.W.T, 

XIA 3H4 


18, 58, 73, 97. 113 



K K >1. 

Charlottelown, P E 1 CIA 7)6 


22, 23, 57, 60, 70, 131 

26, 57, 70. 84 


281 St. Leonard's Avenue. 

Toronto, Onl M4N 1K9 


28, 55. 60, 77, 97, 124 


18 Sandfield Road, 

Don Mills, Onl M3B 2B6 


9, 30, 64, 70, 90, % 

R R »6. 995 Crawford Road, 

Kelowna, B.C VIY 8R3 


8, 28. 60, 70 



Millbrook, Ont. LOA IGO 


10, 11, 20, 21, 47, 48, 67, 97, 114 

26 Oareville Crescent, 

Toronto, Onl M2) 2C1 


12, 18, 51, 65, 73 


196 Churchill Crescent. 

Kingston, Onl K7L 4N2 


30, 47, 61, 69, 90 


54 Pinehurst Drive, 

Fairways, Maraval 

Port of Spain, Trinidad, W I. 


26, 75, %, 97, 114 


84 Dorset Street West, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 1G2 


20, 60, 71 


20 Lawrence Crescent, 

Toronto, Ont. M4N INl 


7, 10. 11. 29. 65, 81, 97, 114 


9 Atlantic Shores, 

Christ Church, Barbados 


24, 25, 66, 68, 92, 97, 114 


35 Phvlis Slrr*l, 

Nepean, Onl K2) 1W5 


10. 11. 18. 32. 56. 75. 86 


246 Beechfieid Road. 

OakviUe. Onl L9Y 3Z2 


26, 52, 59, 90, 97, 115 


"Yer Tu", 15 Carthowen Road, 

Devonshire DV07, Bermuda 


5, 22, 60, 79 


37 HkHtm&grt)vr Avenue, 

Port Hope. Ont LIA 1X3 


20, 57. 59, 73 


ABED Street )adel Alany, 

Damascus, Syria 


26, 56, 75, 97, 115 


R R »1, 

Louisbourg, N S BOA IMO 


18, 58, 79, 97, 115 


R R f\. 

Port Hopi'. Onl LIA 3V7 


12, 20, 56, 7S, 9S 



Site 37, Box •S*, R R #2, 

Sudbury, Onl P3E 4M9 


30. 56, 64, 74, 93 

26, 47, 53, 68, 75, 88, 89, 97, 115 


99 Woodlawn Avenue West. 

Toronto. Ont M4V 1C6 




36 Fallingbrook Dhve. 

Scarborough. Onl MIN 186 


n, 30, 63, 70 

24, 49, 70, 46 


Siestanku)a 16B. 

02700 Kaumainen 


20, 75 


R R «2, 

Millbrook, Ont. LOA IGO 


20. 46. 60 


7705 Steisslingen, 

Singener, Str. 42A, Germany 


5, 24, 73 


55 Connaught Street, 

Oshawa, Ont LlC 2H1 


22, 65, 73 


2020 Maplendge Dnve, 

Peterborough, Ont K9A 1W2 


20. 59. 72, 97, 125 


"Bay Rum", Eastern Road 

P,0' Box N.7774 

Nassau, Bahamas 


30, 56, 79 


675 Connaught Avenue, 

Sudbury, Onl P3E 5H9 


18, 46, 51, 66, 78 


Paseo De Los Geranios 

#602 aub De Coll Santa Anita 

Cuadala)ara, )alisco 

Mexico C P 45600 


5. 26, 27, 53, 75 


242 Simon Saladm 

Boucherville. Que )4B 1L4 


26, 27, 52, 58, 74. 97, 116 


R R <1. MarwiKHj Road, 

Baltimore, Ont KOK ICO 



\U) Watri Mirel. Box 236, 

Uxbridge, Onl LOC IKO 


28, 32. 65, 70 


26 Hellrhaven I. reftirni, 

Scarborough, Ont MIM 1H4 


10. 11. 24. 51. 67. 97 116 

63 Old Forest HJI Road. 
Toronto. Ont MSP 2R 1 

22. SS, 64. 77, 91, 94 


P O Box 417, 270 Waterloo 


New Hamburg, Ont NOB 2G0 

519-662 3226 

18, 53, 63. 73 


R R »S. 

Cookstown, Ont LOL ILO 


30, 52, 64, 74, 85 


Mariano Avila 665. 

78250 San Luis Polosi 

S.L P Mexico 


18. S2. 63. 75. 96 



c/o EPZA. 

P.O. Box 50563 

Nairobi, Kenya 


11, 12, 24, 25, 50, 59, 75, 85. 68 
13. 24, 59, 78, 88 

24, 51, 64, 73, 88 



Georgetown. Ont L7G 4S8 


26, 56, 59, 79 



Elora, Onl. NOB ISO 


30, 31 


2 Wellington Street, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 2M2 


10, 11, 13, 20, 21. 47. 48, 81. 97. 

116, 131 


R.R.»1. Box 5, 

Clenbunue, Ont KOH ISO 


30, 56, 61 


67 Walmslev Road, 

Toronto. Ont M4V 1X7 


24, 66. 79. 97. 116 


Keraver . »3 Polo Ridge. 
Holders Hdl. St )ame>, 
Barbados. W I 
24, 117 

64 CountT\' Oub Dnve. 
Ottawa, dm KIV 9Y7 

30, 56, 97, 117 


17 McKay Crescent, 

Unionvilie, Ont UR 3M7 




34 Crestwood Place, 

Cuelph. Ont NIE 4M3 


28, 57, 64 74, 92. 97, 117 



1 Vira 


11.T29 Ku< in Bunhominn. 

Sw AJMr. Quf lOT ILO 

s r VI M 7^ ■n « 


ihVi lAr> RivTT L^nr. 
r>un»^K^v OuTHM USA 30390 

X V « w * <)7, 117 


1« HuJip Pnw 

Piiv Si NlK'lud. Butwdca W I 

ai •»! T lis 

R H n. 

Pint Hopr Onl LI A 3V» 

» 4» « «3 73 131 
r^ Pi'.nl Si SUrk 
Kin^lun Onuno K7K 6X9 

30 S7 (0 75. 131 

31 I.Wt HilJ Dnvr 
WlirtK Onl LIN sZa 

26 M 


21 CfMtwood PUrt 
Curtph Onl ME 4.^4 

» 52, ft3 > »5 n 
CM« Hia. SI Pmr. 
B<ftwd«. Wl 

25 46 48 61. 70. 81. 91 
V> Oupiwad RokI. 

Don Milb Onl NUB 3E7 

22 55 

Hw> XIE |o» Rich V»ll«y, 

Box 2243 Sution R. 

Kflowni. B C VIX 4Kt 


n 24. 25 63. 74, 93. 96 


91 Elm Av«nur. 

Bdv«han. Tnntd^ W I 


9 24 53 62. 78 


Mainraodl Rotd. R R «1. 

Port Hop». Onl LIA 3V5 


X 46 ~ * 


R R>3. 

BwTO. Onl t4M 4S5 


26 5* 84. 85 88 
341 Bwfcurv RokI. 

S<»ih ^ot^L. Onl M2L 2V2 

416-447 5398 

18 y> 75. »4. 89. 88 



PO Boi 3aos. 

A<lda AbatM. Eihiopu 

3S1 15H162 

J4. 53 (* 69 



P\r» hiB Farm. R R «}. 

HtiMr>«r. Onl PDA IKO 


U 2S. ». to 

8 24. 47 57 63 Ml. M 96 


203) Nm^s ScrvTi. 

Mmlwc Onl S8Y 1K4 


J». 49. 73 


79 Pf jcock Blvij . 

Poft Hopr. Onl LIA 1X5 


20. 47 6« M 


Ejsirm Road, P O Box N51, 

NamMU. N P RjhamAS 


28. 55. 66. 77 


46501 Pw-Uord. 

NonhvUlr. Michigan USA 48167 




87 Livrrpool SIt*<I. 

Cuc'iph. Onl NIH 2U 


5, 28. 46, 49, 55. 61, 71. 84 


28 DrbUquirt Smcl North. 

Pott Hope. Onl. LIA 2K9 


9. 20, 47 54, 66, 69, 85, 88 


Inch Marlow, 

Chrul Church. Barbados W,I. 


24. 6*. 69. 94, 97, 118 



12A Agoro Odiyan Street. 

Victoria UUnd. P O Box 9144. 

Lagos. Migeria 


28. 60. 66. 73 

22. 55, 60, 87 

24. 32. 57, 75 


Emily Hotise. Oub Morgan 


St. Michael BH 9 Barbados VVI 


24. 56. 68. 97, 123. 131 

BEN simj 

BlocV A. 11/Floor. 37-39 Fa Yuen 


Mong Kok. Kowloon. Hong Kong 


30, 66 


35 Fairmont Townhouses, 

Fairmont Dnve. 

Fairways. Maraval 

Port of Spain. Trinidad 


24. 52. 69. 97. 124 



Kingilon. Onl. K7L 4V1 


28. 47. 48 


18 Willingdon Blvd , 

Toronlo, Onl M8X 2H2 


22. 60 


10335 - 132nd Street. 

Edmonton. Alia T5N 1Y9 


7. 24. 50. 62. 74. 80. 92. 97. 118. 



P O Box N 1420 
Naaaau. N P Bahamas 
». 63 

"Hlllcrest ', 23 Scolts Hill Road. 
Somenet. MA09. Bermuda 
». 47. 57, 63, 76 
■ARTLEY and 
R R <4 

Cobourg, (3nt K9A 4P 
20, 52, 59. 75 
20. 21. 46 

30 Beech Avenue. 

Townhouse A. 

Toronto. Onl M4E 3H2 


22. 55, 60, 90 


1667 jane Street. 

North Bay. Onl. PIB 3)9 


12. 28, 29. 46. 57. 72. 91. 96. 97, 

118. 131 


10 Sims Crescent. 

Richmond HUl. Onl. UB 1K9 


22. 55. 67. 73. 97. 119. 140 


c/o Trinity College School, 

Port Hope. Onl LIA 3W2 


20, 84, 85. 88 


134 Durants Fairways. Durants, 

Christ Church X19. Barbados 


18, 32. 56, 69. 97. 119 


Caerturvon Lodge, 

Oane Gardens. St. Philip. 

Barbados. W.I. 


24. 25. 73. 97. 119 


10 Cornish Road. 
Toronlo. Ont M4T 2E2 

9. 10. 11, 12, 28, 29. 77. 92, 93, 

97, 119 


356 Kingston Road. 

Pickering, Onl LIV 1A2 


18. 46. 57. 59, 73, 88 


7 Maple Meadow Court, 

Bellounlain, Ont LDN ISO 


24, 47, 56, 64, 75 


85 Northshore Road, 

Hamilton Parish, Bermuda CROl, 


18, 57. 66 


214 High Street, 

Carlelon Race. Ont. K7C 1W7 


18. 56. 64. 75, 97. 120 


11 Vaughan Avenue. 
Port Hope, Onl LIA 3Y8 

7, 11, 20, 21. 47, 52. 66. 72 


3-7-18 Chuo. 

Tsuru-Shi, Yamaitashi-Ken 

402 lapan 


54. 61 


3 Payne Crescent. 

Port Hope. Onl LIA 3Y1 




PO Box HM771, 

Hamilton, Bermuda 


28, 57, 78, 97, 120, 140 


1071 Pembridge Crescent. 

Kingston. Onl K7P 1P2 


30. 47. 48. 59 


3 Viburnum. 

Poinle Qaire, Que H9R 5A3 


30, 56, 58, 74, 97. 120 



Oakhill Road, P O. Box N 4857 

Nassau, Bahamas 


26. 53. 63. 69. 90 
51. % 

1345 Qearview Drive. 

Oakville. Ont. L6I 6X4 


30. 53, 66 


45 Dfs Voeux Road Central. 

ll'F. Wing Lung Bank Building, 

Hong Kong 


26, 66 


22 Shorn Street, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 3S7 


20, 46, 54, 72 


Box 2, Site 26, R.R.#8, 

Calgary, Alta T2J 2T9 


10, 11, 28, 46, 48, 61, 95 


373 Boul DAnnecy, 

Blainville, Que J7B 1J7 


28, 29, 54, 60, 70, 81, 89, 91 


89 McOennan Wav, 

Aurora, Onl L4G 5T8 


18, 56, 59, 73, 94 


97 Dorset Street West, 

Port Hope, Ont LIA 1G4 


20. 57 


209 - 511 The West Mall. 

Elobicoke. Ont M9C 1G5 


18. 56. 62 



Qosebume Farm, R R.#l, 

Ashbum. Onl LOB lAO 


30. 54. 65 

22. 64, 70, 8«, 94 


54 Buggey Lane, 

Aiax, Ont. LIS 4S7 


22, 65, 71, 83, 97. 120 


146 Lakeshore Blvd , 

Kingston, Ont K7M 6R5 


26, 51, 59, 73 



2410 - 65 Spring Garden Avenue, 

North York, Ont, M2N 6H9 


22, 46, 48, 67, 77 

24, 53, 63 


108 Quesnell Crescent, 

Edmonton, Alta. T5R 5N9 


7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 24, 25, 82, % 


16 Harper Avenue, 

Toronto. Ont. M4T 2K9 


28. 66. 72 


25 Forrest Hill, 

Kentville. N.S. B4N 2L6 


10. 11, 30, 31, 56, 70. 89, 91, %, 

97, 121 


296 Patncia Crescent, R R »2, 

Peterborough, Ont. K9J 6X3 


18, 50, 70, 94, 97, 121, 131 



1 Donwoods Grove, 

Toronto, Ont M4N 2X4 


26, 65, 73 

26. 57, 65 


PO Box »759, 51 Danforth Road, 

Cobourg, Onl K9A 4R5 




R R #1, 

Caledon East, Ont LON lEO 


24, 25, 48, 52, 62, 76. 85, 86, 96 


PO Box N 1013, 

Nassau, Bahamas 



18. 57, 69 

30, 51, 63, 97, 124, 131 


CoUingwood. Ont L9Y iZ2 


57. 91, 94, % 


R.R »1, 

Orono. Ont LOB IMO 


20. 56, 81. 89. 97, 121 


3 Orchard Crescent, 

Toronto, Ont, M8Z 3C9 


26, 62, 72 


11 Elm Avenue, 

Bayshore, Point Cumana, 

Tnnidad W.I. 



17 Moore Drive, 

Port Hope, Onl. LIA 2E5 


20. 75 


7A, 5 Eastbourne Road, 

Kowloon, Hong Kong 


28, 46, 60, 77 

18, 46, 65, 78 


Flat 4B, 15 Broadcast Drive, 

Kowloon, Hong Kong 


18, 47, 75, 97, 121 


Cine Best Ltd , 

1 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong, 

Kowloon, Hone Kong 


18, 53, 63, 78, % 


Trinity College School, 

Port Hope, Onl LIA 3W2 


13, 20, 46, 54, 66, 78 


17A Pearl Gardens, 

7 Conduit Road, Hong Kong 


24, 66, 97, 122, 131 

24, 46 


Rm 706, No 7, Une 107, 

San-Ming Road, Taipei, Taiwan 


22, 57 


Kang-Nam Ku, Sin-Sa Dong 


Hyundai Mansion 6-302. 

Seoul, Korea 


26, 75, 97, 122 


1345 Qearview Drive, 

Oakville. Ont UJ 6X4 


30, 47, 56, 68 


602-603 Far East Consortium 


121 Des Voeux Road. 

Central Hong Kong 


24, 47, 61, 75, 97, 122 


1948 Walrea Drive. 

Oshawa, Ont LIG 7W1 


24, 54, 66 


Rat 2B, Excelsior Court. 

83 Robinson Road. Hong Kong 




Carrer Freua 31-35 3"2^ 

Barcelona, 08021 

Catalonia, Spain, E.C. 


22, 65, 70 

18. 64, 69 


avenida Juarez 2707. 

Col la Paz. 

Puebia Pue, Mexico 72160 


18. 53, 65. 69 


^-'c A/VAOA LTD 


Drawing by: Natalie Cheng