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Full text of "The troublesome reign of John, king of England. 1591"

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Uubot ^facsimile TTeyts 

troublesome IReian of 

Jnljti, ging of (Bngknir 

Part I. 1591. 

Date of the first known edition, 1591 

[Trin. Coll., Cambridge. Capell Collection.] 

Reproduced in Facsimile, 1911 

ffiufrar Jfaraimili 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

troublesome IReton of 

, tng 0f 

Part I. 1591 

Issued for Subscribers by the Editor of 



. I 


Tfoublefome Raigne 

of John King Q{Efl?/an with thedi 

*-* >r> 

couerie of Ifyng Richard Coraelions 

Bafe fonnc f vulgarly named, The Ba- 

ftardFawconbridge) : alfothe 

death of King loktt at Sv?$nftc*d 

As it Tas (fun dry times) publikely aftedby the 
Queenes 3ttate8ter T> layer s y in the ho 
nourable Cttie of * * 

r r ' > x- 

London. ? 6 

'-, I 

3 v 

^- / 3 

1 f L t- , 

.- - -- _-* ^ ^| 

Imprinted at London for Samp fin tar(es 
and are to be folds at hisf^op^on the backg- 

fide of the Roydlfa 
I S9 ' 


To the Gentlemen Readers. 

Y0n that Vritk friendly grtce tfftioothed brtvt 
H**e cnttrttindtke Scythian Tarabuf lainc, 
Andgiucn tppUufe vnto an Infidel : 
Voucbfife to \vflcomc (With like cttrtefic) 
*A Vt *r like Chriftittn andyoHrCoHntreytutit. 
For Chriftt true faith indued he m*nj *ftermt t 
And fit himftlfe AgttnH the M*n <>^Romc, 
VniilL b*/e treafin (fty a damned Wight) 
Did AH his firmer tnmufhf put to flight, 
tsfttept (fit (ftoeete Gentles) ing99d(ort t 
And tjrinkf if ty/v prcptrde fir jour diffort. 

A 2 

The troublesome Raigne of 

Enter K. 
Earle of Pcwbr*ot 

tfwor his mo&tt, William Afwfial 

it,Eztl& o&Pfexf 


ant rlat) tljisunn in dole flf jftfto 

^ct g^uc me Icawc to iop 5 anB top you alt, 

SlbiU from tbttf toombe (jartj fpjtnii^ a ftcaiio fapek 

a JEUng tbat map Utmle mro Krtue botfr 


M of migfjtf e England* jRingt 
get /^))ouc jUjUjtonwntee puctwtenc, 
2Oill (asfteWap) futlafftc tljc fceauie poite- 
S)f p?efQno; careg,, t()at J&sng U^HMI ^rCt o\i)ne 

9PP JLo?tt blTemteoqk* aitt> L'0?U Sals bury, 

aoniit tjje tb^ Shkttitiont a our pjefwe ^ 
ibtD ty&at Pl?//^ IJirtp; of F 

Q.Etinor< ; 

31f of mp j(3epbe\ 
^enfap mp %anne 


/inter Lhttttiton ana tnc two canes. 

fohn pp lojO Chtrtilion, toekome fatfl En 

(fpotn fares out T&jotber Philip King of Fr**ncc f 

Chair. $na JJ)igbncs at in ft camming \as in bf alt(j, 
3nD mils me to fiutc pour fipaicfiir , 
3nD Hi? tljeiM&igcljebatb giucn in cbwg. > 
/0fe ana fparc not mnn* toe arrftrparoe to bcarr 
cbrttfau ThiUp bp tbe grace of 6pD moll Ctjiflianfc. 
of fr4*,bauinff MkciuntoiMs guaroain niiD p^otmion^r- 
/^//r DuKe of Brit t Mia f t fon ff !>f ire, to /^^ t(itnr elDet bjo' 
ctier,rc quirctb m tlje beljaltt oFtbe ftb JrthHr.tty Eingbom 
, \Bttb tjje LOJDQHP of IrtUnd, Paters, Antffw % 

in : aiuj 31 attciiu.tWne amrfuifte.. . 
a'fmall icqurft : be like be makes account 

3rc notbuiff fa? 4^n$ to giue at onre : 
3! tDonner bitjic Oe mcanes to lea tie fo? me* 
Ceil PkifyJ&wy fef^pc lU0 lops at borne, 
KUtb greater Ijonour tljnn tc fciin tljem tbuis 
Dn Cmbaffaoes tljat not r pncci-ne jjiwfdfi:, 
SD> if tbep DU>, to ouUi ?e(J&buc fmall rettirne, 

3ii3tl]ist(jiue autere*: 

3c io,ann too JJOOD an anftucr fo j fo piouD a mefftge* 
ben King of Engi*nd t \n \\\i 9^nfler p name, 

3doo ocfierijec ass an Cnemir, 

ano U)tQ) tb ce to prepare fo? bloom'c \uarr e^ 

Q.Ehnor $$$ LO?D (tbat ttanus bponoeftafttt t^as) 
CommenDjneto mp^5epbeto,tcliibe bop, 
Cbat J due ene f /wwr (bw 6ranDmotber) 
Clponntp blcffinp; ci;arg;e bim ieauc bis 3rmetf , 
CCtbeiTCobts bea5rHro:ia spotbcrpjicfabfai fo: 
)er piioe toe knoU)*anD knoUi bet fo? a Dame 
^bat tnfll not Dicite to tying bim to l;ia enoe, 
4)0 (be map b?mg bet felfe to rule a B ealmr. ' 
J^yt totq? btnt to fojfafu t(c JK ing tfFrMtncc, 


IU ill* oirv *u vg wuvivic yi iv, 

3m be (bail foam fo? notOtng at our bau*f . 
Chattifon. Cbi fbaUS, ooo.atid tljue 3 
hh* /Vwfr*^,comwpbinifafelptoibefca* 

But not in baft : fo? as toe are aouifne, 

Be nieaneto be in Fmnct as foone as b?> 

Co fo?tefie fucb te lunes as fee potteOe 

3ftt AnioH t Torain flnD in Normtndy, Exit CW f . 

Enter the Shriue.dc whi(pers the Earlc of 5*fin the care. 

Sain buy. picafc it pottr^ateftif,beereistbe^>b>tueof 
WortbhamptinfMr*, toitb cercainepcrfons tbat of late ro| 
mitteDarioe, anobAueappeaiotopour ^ieflie befeecfjtnj 
pour $>isbe0 % fperiaU caufe to beare tbem. 

/^ mil tljem come* labile toe Ijcnr e tbe cau fe, 
or SMury anD make piouiDon, 
tOe meane iwirb fpeeoe to pane ibe Tea to France. 
^ap ^>l)?ieue 5 U3!)at are tbefe me n>tubatbaue tljep Done i 
>) tobereto tenug tl>e rourfe of tfcis appeale ? 

5^i>/ir peaf fit pour ^aieftietljcfettoo bjetb?eniwma 
tucaKpfailiBg at OODS about ibeir jfatbersliuingbaue b?cr 
iten pour $)igbnes peace ,in feckmg to rigbt tbeir oton to?5gs 
toitbout caufe of La^ a o> ojoer of Suffice, ano unlatofullp af- 
fembleo tbemfelttes in mutinous manncr.bauing; comnutteB 
nes : ano bete 31 T&**u Nityatt. ^b]tteue of North ham^ 
twJIrirejmDtlvut tfeem ouerto cbeir triall. 

John a^p tojD of ffrxjm\\ tbe oftenoers to ftan* foc^cO, 
anD tell tbe caufe of tfecirquancU, 

fix eiulemen.ic ia tbe King* pleafure tbat pou t ifco* 
ner pour grtcfes, 9 ooubt not but pott (baUfcauc tuff ire* 

Philip peafe it pour ^aicflie>tbe \u?ong is ir.inr ; pet toil 
31 abide ail to>ongs,befo?e 31 once open nipmout&,totwripp* 
tbe (IjamefuH flaunucr of mp parcnts,tfee Diu)onou^ of mpf r If , 
9 tbe uiicheo dealing of mp fyotfcr in tbt's p?tncelp atfemblp* 

Robert ^ben bp mp p?incebia leaue 0-*" 
Snd tell pour Sgaieaif \B(j3t rigbc 3S yaue 

x. u Jiui u^uir^. iiu yc iiuuuituig ujjonn;. 

SlBp fatljer (not unfcnotor n vnto pwir >race) 

H ccctuo Ijis fpurrcs of ftmgljtbooo in cfjc /TiclD, 

3t Einglp ftdMofctttftB in P*le flint, 

CQIjcn as tfjc toaHa of ex*c< gau? bim fc>ap : 

l^)is na 

COM Op lucccffion fr 

$lnD tDarlike 

Oio !f mnj wo amount Co at tic btttlj 



phtltp J.f firft-tbjnc fomtebdjeire tnmiWtare 
3$p ccrcsiHf rtgfx of England auncient lator, 

fch* jfcn^i?outb,to trouble tbefc our 13 jincc !p earctf 
),i make a quettten in fo ptaine a raft : 
^peakc ,i3 tbts man tbinc f locr ^D?otbcr bo?nc *: 

^m I9lafe it por ^Jrace toitb patience fo? fo (jeare; 
9 nottteme but be mm Cloer is, 
iue elDer 75?<Mfyet too : pet tu ffb (b?c, 
can mafce no titfc to tbe Lan^. 

3i gwwK (in? lo?d) fee te mp motOftn fonnr , 

JnDceue tfje teejto rrputc (jnn lattfnl! ire , 
p JTatljerin fjta life DIB count bim to, 
^ino bcre mp Soccer ft?nus to p?oce Otm fo : 

re,nd| pet legitimate. 

o^) let F**c*tkiilgp eniop 
t(jc liuing tj^ac trlwgsf to 

gnftlet not fjfot poOcfle finottattrigOr 

/ij&tf p?ouc tins, t& e fcma fe t 

QJlunet Ungracious poutfc ,to rip tbp mother* u)am& 
Cye uiombe from tofcenc? tbou fiDft tbp being take, 
311 Oonefl rates abbojre t&p toicfcetmcs, 
35 ut goto 31 fee .Doty beat t uoUtne natures ia\c 

M#i9tr.<$$ gracious IO?D>^ pott tl^tce reuereno Damr, 
Cbat fee t!je ceares m'ftUmg from mine cpes, 
3nD fcalotag ftgljes Wotene from a rcnceo ^eart t 
jFo? IjonoucanoregatD of toornanftooo, 
lee not c^efe eare0 recet'uetj^e Wffing fouito 
flDf fucU a wper s tobo t&ftij popftmen toojQjS 
Dotb mafleratc efje ootoels of mp fottle* 

larte.aanft bp,be patent fo?a turtle t 

j^ot f o? ntp ftlfe, no? f o? mp mother ttotu : 
tBut fo? tbe Ijonour of fo b?nue a qpan, 
22I()om be accufetfc tritb aoultm'e : 
l&ere 31 beff ecb pout (0rare upon mp &nee^, . - 
Co count bun maD,amfo DifimfTe us Ijcncc* 

Cbarge tbee before tbi0 ropal! Defence ben 

Co be a BattarD ea ftmg Rtcbardt felf, 

S>onne to pour race ,ana T5jotber to pour Spaicftte* 

ong man tbott ndeoff not be auj imcti of ftp fcnt, 
3/5o? of top < ire. But fo?\uartj mitb ebp p^oofe 
&>6;r; C!>ep?oofefopSame,tbe argument 
3s tljat pour ^sgenes anu tljefe noble top*, 
3no all (faue tljufe tljae ^aue no epe0 to fee) 
^bali fnjeare Ww to be'Baftarn to t&e&fog. 
jfirlf toften mp JTatber toas Cmbalfaoout 

%H Germanic blltO ti)? CmpeiOUr, 

Cbe Kins lap often at mp Fathers Ijoufe ; 
no all H)cUUalme fufpeaeo woat befell: 

QnU fit mp f ntbfrd back rtturne age a 

gpp gpetbrr UMS or liucrcD as tie fee, 

i&irt makes be fojc tljc accounting jr atbfr ma&c* 

15uf mojte tban tbis : lookc but on Philips face y 

Ipis features, caion,ant) bis line amenta, 

9nDaUiIjt0 P.Jinr fl? picfcnct fljallronftlTc, 

ij)f 13 nOOlljCr but King Richards feeilUC. 

^Lben gracious Lo?D,tf ft l) JKiug Rtchtrds j&Dnnr^ 
flnt) let iwf eft fafe in-mp jfatbt rigljt, 

; bis r i^litfiill fonnc ano onelp l;circ . 

31 3 tins ftp pjmff ,ab ail tbou bad to fap ^r 
3; bauc no nio>e,no? ner^e 3i greater picsff^. 

J"irft,iul)( re tbou fatDft in cbfenec of tbp &itr 
S^p B?otbrr often lofgeo ml)i* bouft : 
9n!) labat oftbat ? bafc groometoffaunocr \jm t 
^Lbat bonoureD bis Cn- baflaooi fo in u eb, 
31 ii iUfence of tbc man to ebeeretlje teifc ? 
^Lbt^ toitlnot boi^jpjofcftcunto tbe nejtt. 

jQEfmor eboufdifrOtfteenioe fijctukab!fojebettinie 
tOlv gooD ^)tr >QU.IT are pou fo running grotuca 
It o make aecottnc of uiomene rrthonings : 
&pit in pour banD anD to pour otbrt p/iwfcfl : 
$0anp uiifibauMCc bap in fiub affaui* 
tLomafee a icomr.n come be(o:e bfrtwp. 

John Qnc tubrrc tbou fatR be lookctlj like t[je X\ir jj 
3"n action .feature ana p?opo}:!0n : 
Cberein 3 1 bolut uiitb ib^.fo? in mp life. 
31 neuerfaii) folweSpcounterfet 

flno let me bauc mp Itumg auD nip rtgbt. 

QjLlwor j^-ipl)earepou^)ir,pourHnncatUiiptco faftt 
SEtnott) pou ntt,Omntfinttle ntn tft idem f 

>) baue rean in, (I)acke regooo fir> 
ittjj.ift tbus J toarrairt.anbno Btbetluilr, . 
^>I;c lap tout) &tf ^v/ pour /at^cr,cno tfoougljt toppon 

in ibis fafl;ton. 

2^*f qfcitrame,p0tt tojoKg me tips toirfff t out, 
31 crauemp rigbt : fcing Mas r&oaart&iag. 
&9 be tfcou tufr,anD let me be nip ngbc, 

/j/w CS!bP (fcaltfb bap) tlippjoufc&nwfnitOiot!^ 
j/2o? canft cl)ou tljalcnge an p tljing tlieredp* 
15ut Ujou Qja!c fc bouj" Jl toil! l^lye tl)p claim*, 
Cfjis ta mp ooonit'.aiio tbifl mp osome ftall (lantt 
3Irreuflcablr,as 31 am King tfEngUnd. 
Jfo? tbou kaaini} not,Mieelcaffte of c^em tljttfuuite, 
5t5i'3 mother ano ^imfclfe CbaU eDe tljis ftafc j 
3nD as tftrp faiyo^jll iljp Ittisng ratTe 

^o glue am ap mp ng;l)C,ano put cbe Doome 

O? b? tuill sine c(je Utang from Ijimfelfe ^t 
3St map not be mp lo?o. g@bp$ouiD tt tie? 

o^u? itcepe bii back, ano let bim^eare tbe fiocmf* 
,ftrit dfkc cbe S^otber tbjicc tobo iwas Ijifl S)ire f 

Mother pteafe it pout *T?)aic0ir,&ir 
Robert Cbia (a rf gbt,affcc mp fcloto tljcrnf 3 be a tliicfe* 
s ^ John afheT^/fyttbofe^wmebefc* 
/tx Philip jxfyo uia tbp jf atber ? 
?^'A> 9&as rap io?D,dtt9 tljats a qucfhon : and pon baft 
not taken fome pamea ttitb Ijer before, 3! fl;cul& (Mue oeGrcd 

Mw ^ap ubo taa tbp Jfat^er / 

/*^/> iTaitb (mp to?*) to anftacre POM fure Je :0 mp f<< 
tbcrtb:ttoasnareftmp motber iB'jen '31 ucac gotten, ^ (jiw 
3 tbinke to be dirft'fa? F**c0nbiJgt. 

John ^jc,fa?fa(btonai fafce oeniauno sgen, 
3no fo an enoe to tl;iu coiuuition* 

Robert GDU-S euit man tb'lS iDJOllgD 80 Robert fe ? 

Effex Philip fpt ake j fap,\M&o toae tbp jfatljcr * 
M>j $<3u g man boto noto,vuijat art tbou in a traunce *t 
Elianor Philip auwhc^tljc man te in a ajeani e. 

'Phi Up P hthppM AHUM tdite Regibtu. 

C&fyat fdifttbau >'/?//>, fpjuug; of aunctent Emjs > 

UIjat lumtjc of onour blutof * f lj:e furic fo?t!j ? 
flD^ licence upccoc tbcfe fumes of ^aieflie *; 
a^c t^inkes; 31 beat c a IjoHoto Cccbo (outiD, 
Chat Philip ig tbc ^)onnc Unco a Kmof : 
tLbc luljiflling Uaues upon tbc trembling tr, 
(Q^tQIe in confine 3! am 7ttch*r<Js ^jonnc : 
Cbc bublwg muimur of cbe luatcra fall, 
HccoilJS PhilippM Regitttfilittt : 

^iros in djcir flt tjbt make muficfcc U/irb t^eir toinj^ 
Drilling tfet apje \r itb gio?ic of in? bir tlj : 

B ing in mine carcs,tbat 31 ai T^kardt &onnr. 
jTono man,ab \tfKtljcr art tfcou carriel ? 
^o\u are tbp tbougbw p^apc in Oono?g ^eauen ? 
J o^getfull lulj'it cljou arc,anu Uiljcnc e tbou camff . 
Cbp fatljcr slant) cannot iiMintaine tbefe tbougljt, 
^bcfe t^oirgtjfg are farre unfitting Fanconbndgt : 
9no tofU ttcp map ; fo> luljp tfcis monming mtu'oe 
Datb foare tOO big!) to ftOUpe to FanconbriJge. 

Cdbp b oto noto ; knotocft tbnu tuyere tbou ate * 
flirt hnoUJtfl tboti tobo e rpctfg tljine anfmcrc bcre V 
KtiU tbou Dpon a frantick maDDing brine 

(Doe loofc tbplmo,antfap tbpfclfcbafeboinc 

eretbou tbinkO,fap tbou art Fmcutit&bt. 
John ^peaUe man,befoDaine } \ubo tbp jTacbcr toaa. 
Pfe/i^ ^leafe it pour ^aicftie^ir 7ty*rt 

Philip t t\)M F.tnconbndg: clcatlCS to tbp WUJC9 1 

let lano anDlittino; $oe,tf8 foonojs fire 
Cbat maftea me focare Eiag; tf r f frWma0 mp &frr 
35sfe to a King; awes title of mo?* &tate, 
Cijan &uu$c0 be<r,otten,tbou$b legitimate,, 
pleafe it pStr (Brace, 31 am ftino; T(ick*rds 

altrino; tongue not fuffcre fetm to lie. 

TOat (jeao-ftrong forte oetfrencbaunt nip fonneV 
P^/i/> Philip cannot regent Jo? foe foatb Done. 
John $Hjen P^% biame not me, tfep felfe foadloft 
tB? U)Hfulne(re,tb})Iiuit!p; anotfop lano* 

Robert, tf)M tXt tfoe i)2tU Of PAHConbridgc, 

($00 giue tfoee to j?,great cr tfoan tbp Defect, 

QjLiianor Wh? Ijoto noto f&'%gf ue atoap tfofne otoe V 

p/7/A/j s^attame,3I am bolo to make mp felfe pout ne pfoeto, 
^Cljtpoojett ktnfman tfoat potir^fone^foatfo I 
Sntt tti'tfo tljia pioucrb gin tfoe too?!o aneto, 
^elp bano,3! foaue nc !anD0,foonour is mp DeHre^ 
let Phihp Uue to HjeU) foimfelfeiuo?tbie fo great a ^fre. 

f /iwr /* fci%3j tlunh tfoou knetoa tfop Q^ranoamis m inner 
But cfoare tlja Dop.j tutll not fee tfo uiauc 
35 lono; ad /*' lutlj foote of lanu ; 
5>enc efo?cb tbou fljait be taken fo? mp fonne, 
3n5iuaite on me ano on tfjme Uucktebeerr, 
(DSJbo (foall giue bonour to ftp noble minte. 

7o^ P/?/A/; fcneele uamn, tbat tbou mai(f tfootifffolp hnolc 
fpoU) mttcb tbp rr folution plcafetb tis, 

&(fe UP S>tr Richard Plant tginct &, Richards g>onnf 

?^/7. ojraunt foeauena tljat P^'/'f once map (foeui foimfc If 
2Bo?tbie tfoe foonowr of PUnt*gintt t 
i3D) bafed glojieof a Bjftaros name* 

lokn Jf5oto gentlemen, rue \uill atoap to rv^w, 
Co cfoer he tbe pjtioe of Arthur ano foi0 mate? ; 
^,tbou (foalt be Euler of mp Eealme, 
3tiO touatutl;e maine charges of mp toarre 

eeasetbelajie 8bbep lubber slanw 
3!nto ni? b-wDs to pap nip men of tuarre. 
C^ [dope anolpopM'gs M not grenfetbemfelue*; 
CUt b iioloe ano ^roatcs, tlja; are ty e fouioicra Due, 
Cba fojtoaro LqD0,let our eommauno be Dour, 
3 , -.u mareb toe fojtoaro mt^bteip to Frame*. Exeunt. 
Manet 7 J fofyand his Mother. 

J'Oi.V J^aoame 31 ! C'ceclj pou wignr me fo murljleafuri 
as tljc iKaring of matter t bat J (0115 to impart to pott. 
' Mother CCfyatitbr matter P&'Ap. 3! tbhike pour lute in 
fccret,tcnDB to foute monep uiai^f^btcbpou fuppofc bur n0 
tn tbe bottomc oftnp:ljfft. 

PW. jQo s^aDam,tt is no Curb fore as to beg en Do?rotn, 
^at feel) a futc,33 migbt fomc otbcr grant, 
3! UioulD not no ui Ijauc trouble D pou luitljai I, 
-Mother a (Bouaname let Us bear fit* 
PJbi.'ip ^ben ^aoame tbus,pour Laoilbt'p fc 
poll) tijiit mp fcautall gropes bp mean rs of pou, 
5Cn tbat repojt batlj ruir.oio Dp .mo Do\ne f 
31 am a b.i(laro,anuno fAuconltndgc. 
Cb< gtofe attaint fo tiltctb in mp tbono;bttf, 

Cbfit-fir la and tolne,anrj com^iip aim, 
tfiJbatfo % tioo^tMbrrefoere^. am, 
%\ eannot elufe tbe flaunoc r from tbp tboug(jtf . 
3ficTe true,refoluc me of mp i&ire, 
Jo? parcon 9paoame,if 3B tbmke amiffe. 

Bt' Phibf Phtlip and IIO F*nconbriJge t 
l)is Jr atlicr D oubtles toas as Op uc a man* 
Co pou on Knees as fomrttme 

fetravnmg a little balbfull moncfTte, 
31 bfafotneinftance lubf nee 31 avn ey 

Mother Dttmoje aoeo tobafte me to mpgrane, 
9 n^ UJtlt tbou too become a 03 others rrcuTc \ 
spuft 3i ar cufc mp ftlf co flofe luu I; j-oti ? 

&!atmucr mpfclf to quiet pour affects t 
mocuft meVhtltp toitbtbis We tal&e, 
" " bope ttta moon toiH^ic, 

5f oj ftrono; conceipt Bjmes Duttc bence atobile: 
|>our bufbano FMtconbnJgt teas Barber ta tbat fonne, 
'Cbat carries marks of Mature like tbe S>irc, 
<&\)c fonne tb&t blottetb peu U)itf>b)eDlochs O^cacf?, 
Sno bolt>0 mp rijbt, 00 ImeaH in uifcent 
^rombim tobofe fo^me toad figures in bis face* " s . 
Can Mature fo oifiembfe in ber frame, 

3n* in tbe otber p^tnt no character / 

^B mount VoijereP^Io^erijljwalwg, ? f *l 
^aD tjts ejcteriKiUgraceg tbat pou wttt) 5 i> * .$ 
(Ebouglj 1 3! report it) counterpotfc net mine t 


ipis conattti t ion plninc Dclnlmr , 



Ws S^aoame, tbi,batlj njoue me from mpfcife * 
Sao bere bp beauens eternall Iampe0 3 fuieare, .9 
Ss ctirfep^rrouwtb bis mother m> * ^ 

feo 31 tomb pbu,tf pou refolue me noc. x 1 

Mother let motbf ro tear? s quetub out tbp anr;ertf fire*^ V 
Snti b^e na further tobat tljou oooftrequire* v \ 

phtbfr Jtr t fonneg cntreatic ftuap tbc motfjer note, 

Motlw dabapPP tafte : muft 31 rcc 
!3B!nb in p nnfoceoes5,o? bp cone ealing Die \ 
scenic poijjcr (|riHe aierpeecbleffe fo^a time, 
? take from bim auiljile bis bearings uT 

^gerJuicisimnr,nuoueiijFrmuuen < urf > 

31 blu5j,3Ifaint,obtooi!l03I nujbtbemme. 
Philip c^otbcr be bjiefr , 31 long to fcnoto mp name. 
Mother 3m> longing ope rofbjoU)Qtljp83tbcr0ftfime, 
Phn'ip Come tpaoame lomc^pou necbe nee b: fo loth 

Cbc (bnme is fljr.rco equall t \uijct be botb. 

3!il not a flarkued in nietoouljic bliime, 

Co br fooloe.ano cannot ^itc mp name, 

Co jo ^atber refolue me* 
Mother %fy\\ Philip ^eare tftp fortune ano mp griefr, 

9^? bonours loITc bppurcljafc of tljp fclfe, 

$$y Q)iMic,i(jp name^nDbufbanogfccrettD^eng, 

Sli mniirt ano frano bp psutbs bnrulp ftuap. 

51 no \uben tljoo kno \ueff from tu!j:i;ce tbouart ejrtraugbt, 

moonc bp louc,oj maflhcr c bp t eacU. 
Co pcelo toitb Iouc 3 o? eno bp loucs contempt. 
Cljc Hiijbtincaof (ji'miljat conrtco me, 
COljo t emp^co tcrro? uiitlj Ijis tvanton tal&e, 
^Ijacfomctyingmap ejctennate tle guilt 
H5at let it not aouantage me fo mucb : 
Upfyafo meratbet tottl)tbe^rfr Dame 
^T().U (bco Ijcr Wool to U)a(f) aiuap bcr ftame . 
tQbp Hand 3ito erpoltulate tbe crime 
CHitb/>rc c?- wf r4, no\u tbc bcieoe ia oon, 
?OOen to conclude ttuo U)o^o0 map tell cbe tale, 
Cljat Philips jfrstbcr luas a l^?t uccs <&o, 

jToi bonours lode left me luitlj cijiloe of tbee : 
cai;ofe ^osne t&ou rt,t&i p.i 

in Ftttconbridge 3| toiQ) t(jCC U3f , 

gpp ^ire a Kiny ,ano 3! a Unnle a ^op* 
(SoDai.iDtc ^otbcr, tbe luo^oiainmpoebf, 
there's fomctbinffotoinaj to PU 
31 mftrctc ^>ir,let me alone fo; game, 


3He act fowie toon&ers n.o\u 31 fenoto mp name. 

25p.bU (Tcb A/4n jle not feiltbat p?ioe 

^oj England* \ucaltfj 5 ana all tbe toojlo befiDf* 

*>itfaft t(K p?ouofttof mp tfatberafoes, 

auwp ffooo $otljf r,tbcre tbe comfort goes, Exeunt. 

Enter Philip the French King, and Le vet, Limigei, Con 
f,ana her fonne Arthur. 

jSoto ^in lue b?oac& tfte title of t&p claime 
j)ong Arthur int&c Albion Etrrito?ie0, 
Scaring; pjoiia ^ff^wtoitb a putflfanc Oeogc : 

25jaue AitftrMAMfo Of Cordeltons De&, 

3a alfo come to atoe t for e in i IJP teams ; 
^no all our Joyces fopnc fo? Arthurs rigfjf. 
fl no, but ftn raufcs of great r onfeqnc nee, 
plcaotno; udap till ne\ues from *?/Wcome, 
^uitcc fljoulD not TiM^ipe Otm in tljc COcft, 
Cocoole tlje fcc-Iochc of (jts toearie teame, 
Ctll 31 Ijao tot( f ; an unrettfteo (bock 
ControlD tbc mannacje of p^otto ^4^>r/ toallrf, 
O? maoe a fo^fet of mp fame to Cbaunce* 

Con(l*ncc ^ap be tbat /o^w in confcien ce o^ in feare 
Co offer to?o5 tofjcre poa impugne tljc ill, 
SOtU fcnu fucb wlme contritions bacKe to Frannce, 
Q s (ball rebate fte cDge of fear eftill tuartes : 
3f fo ,fo jbe.irauce is a oeetie tuell Done* 

^rr^Mr 30 9p3Cbcr,poMon of a Crobine is mu eli, 
9no /fc as 3i b-we IjearD repojteo of, 
Jf 0} p?efent nantagc tooulD aouenture farre* 
3Cbe too^lo caniuitnes tit bis ^otbers time, 
i[)e tooKe upaa bin rale an* aim off rai^ne ; , 
^Dbenmuft it follotu as a ooubtfull popnt, 
^batbee'ferefisnetbe rule uto bis J3epbe\. 
31 ratber ebinke tbe menace of tbe U)o?l 


anofoonet toouto be feojne ctreM* potocr, 

jfoi qucfitonlea IK is an _ ...., ... 

Levtu iQljp are tijeCmi;ltbparelf$ in compare? 
35jaue Cdualicjs JIG ere tbai liana DKD, 
tyaue liuoe auo Dpne.anD oaree ano Done inourj;, 
^et neucr gracDe cbcir Counirep fo^ tbe caufe : 

Sno John of England is a0 otfjer /<^^. 
Crult :e pong tsfrthurtf tbou URC mp rde^f , 
p ja ife tbou tbe jf rcncb tb -it betpe tfjtf in tbi neete* 

Lyntogu C0f CngltQiman btb little caufe 31 troU), 
^o fprKD gmD fpcarlx i on fo p?otiD a for, 
21(}p ^/nW berrabte fpoplie tljatnote t gon, 
ttlijatobf be IzuDeoutrouDc bifiT3?ptb?t / /j 
'Butljifiic ctiri'fg tbatficfoltagtocatcb, 
Comebsltmgbome,ano meete tbeir oticrmatcb. 
l^utnelucc r omec noU),ljfres tbe Cnibaffaocur. 
Enter ftattilion* 

K philtf ao in n:oQtime,teIcome mp lojo ck*nilio: 

KUwt ncUics *; tot!! /*& arcoiD to our r omwaunD* 

?3c Ml appjonc lj to interrupt mp tale: 

^o? one felfc battome ^ougljtbs bcrt) to France. 

5 no if t)!0 iuo;os infcrre afiurcD rrutb, 
tQilUoofc IjimfelfeanD all 1)13 follotoer, 
Cre p^lo bnto ttie lead of pour Dcmaunus, 
Ct)e C^ot^er Qudenc (be taHctb on amaine 
63inQ; ILa&ie C0^4/7rr } countinp; Ijer tlje caufe 
ICbatoort) ?fft-cttbi0 claim e to Albion, 

; ci leauebis CBotljer ^ trilling Ijtni fubniic 
^t? (late to i*bn ann bcr protection, 

S^o^e circumttance t()C tcafon tiucrcey t^ : 

Gftfefe tfy fumrne.UJbiclj bjleflp 31 l;atieil>a!ne. 
.X. P6;/. 3Cljfc bitter urinae matt nip fonrt boafesf fpjfag , 

p Cb*tiiliw$% pet'fone of aec ampt are toftb fctm ? 

*&\)c one IP noteu nicn of aup nam?, 

jQ^t tfeeiij a Baftarb 

a baru? toilDc ^eaD,ougli aso Jjemnr 

C&ufc manp otber men of btgl) wftlue* 

d)en is tbcre uwtb tbcm ^r spotljcrtt 

3 no 5/^/c /; ber JRsece oau^t cc to tlje Etng tfSfti 

Cljefe arc t!;e p?tme Btros of tljw foot menture 

Enter /"o^w & his followers, 

effects Tome fren^te in t raO) app^oacb, 
^reanuto; mp ConSnes tuttb tbp armeo raupe< 
3 ratljf r iookt fo? feme fubnuffc reptp 
^ourbtngtlje claime tbp Ji3epl)CUi ^r^*r malted 
&o tfjac \bicb t bow unttiQlp Doftbfarpe* 

K John jrc? tljat chanilion can oi&ljarge pott all, 
3! liftnot pleaD mp kittle fritfe mp tongue* 
came 31 better uiicb intent of tojono; 

Oi5ut in Defence ano purcliafe of nip rigljt, 
C()e CotBne of Angw . tJjicb tljou oaolt begirt 
3ln tbe bebalfe of laoie CwfAnct &omie, 
t(H(jcrctao no) be no? fije can lap tuft claime, 

Conftance %t* (falfe intruoer) if tbat tuft be wit, 
9 j> beaodronp; ufurpatton put apart, 
^/^?;/r mp ^onue^etre to tbp doer Dottier, 
^litboutambtpjuotts (Dauoto of otfcent, 
3jg <S> oueratgne to tlje fub aance tljou ttutfeboftft- 

cc-ilion of djefe tinDecitirtiarrcs, 

31 fap (tbatfcnoto) to cbecfe tb? Datne fuppolr, 

C 2 jf 9| 


jf oj p?oofe tobereof,3! can infcrre a MMH, 

Conttance 3 CQill infcc^ e>a erabbco COonuns toill, 
CCUjcrcin tbc Diucllisanoucrfecr, 
Qnop^ouD uamr Elnor folirccutrtlTc t 
S^o?e tutlls tban fo,on pcnll of ir.p foule, 
223ere neuer maoeto btnner^r/^^ rigbt. 

Arthur 35ut fap t^ere loas, as fure tbere can be none, 
djc Iain in tare s fuel; teftair.ents as bopD, 
Qbcre rigbt oifeentcan no \uap be impe aebt. 

fonre totcl; peril! after / 
ID truff me pongling fo? tljc jTntljcrs fdhe, 
3! pitte mucb cbe ba^arD of tbp pout !j 

finance I5c {b^eto pou els bolu pctifiill pou are, 
Heat) te to ttecpe to beare Iji m afke bis oiun c ; 
^oirotu beat) c fueb 6ranDantee ano fuel) t^ticfe, 
Chat Hinftfter a popfon foi pure loue. 
33ac Uibo fo blin or ,as cannot fa tljia beame, 
^'o ' t pott fozfoo i b locn ID fta pe pour ecu fin DoUiiie , 
jf o? fesrebtd v^:rbf r Qjoulo be u(be coo well ? 
31 tljcres rlje grit fr^confuCon earcb tbe b^atne, 
Cbat bammers fl)iftu toftop a ^tnres raigne. 

Q^Ehanor Jmpat^^frSlf,rtmB flanoerer, 
3Immooe(! Dame^nntirtret; quarrt Her, 
31 tell tbee 31>not entiie to tbp ^on, 
33ut iatlice makes me fpeake a0 3; Ijatte Hon. 
K. Philip Butbcrea no^ooftijatiljolucspoiirfoii a Kino:. 
KJohn. COlja t vaa n ta, mp fto o; D CM I m o j e at large fet DO tuiu 
15u t tljd t map b?eake before t be t r u tb be kit otone. 
^ben t bis map b oto nil all bis r i jbc be flj oiunc. 
c^ooO too?5s fir fauee,pourbftter are in place. 
.f?ot pou Or oouttbtictDitb pour LionGcal'c. 
9lj top bettoe bis foule, to uuljom tljat fpotle beld^O 

e is to^ongD* 
S^e t|)inkes t(/at Rishtreis pjtoetf RifbtrJs fall,, 

&boult> be a pjeBoent t'arTrigbt p ou all. 
Baftard caijat \Do?n0 are tbtfg*{ bolt) DOO mp flnetos tyafce? 
0p jf atbera foe clap in mp jr atbera fpople, 
3 tboufane furiea feinoie uiitb reuenoo;e, 
Cb 12 bart tbat cboller fterpe0 a con fiao^ic, 
bearing mp in luaroa toitb a biano of bate t 
Cpein ootb ^/^< tobifper in mine earea *t 
Dclapnot PbilipMify billaine (traigl^ 
Difrobe bt in of tbc m a t cljlea moniment 

Bafebeai-Dgroomc, coU)arD,^eafant/D)0}fet6an a 


tObat makft thott tot'tb cbe Ctopbn of a Jrving: ? 
S>bamatbou not cop(lrcll,loat!jfomeDungbtU fuiatJ, 
Co grace cbp carkaflfe tuitb an ornament 
Coo precious fo? a sponarcbs couercure ? ^ 
Scarce can 31 temper Due obcoicnce 
Qnco tljepiefence ofmp^oucraipr, 
jTroni acting outrage on cbis crunke of bate : 
But at me tbee trapto?,iu?onger of renotomf. 
^To? bp bi0 foule 3 fu)eare v m v jpat^ers foule, 
^uiice toill 3( not rewenjtbe^o?nin(j9.rtfr, . 

Ctll 31 batte to?ue tbat 'Cropljci from tbp bach, 
3no fplic tbp bear t,fo? ttcaring it fo long* 
Philip batb fmo?ne,anD if it be not none, 
.let not tbe too?lo repute me Richards &onne. 

Lymogu |)ip foft Or 73aftarD,l)drt( are not fpUt fo foone, 
let tbem reiopre tbat at tbe eiiuc DOO bun : 
3no take t bis ie(Ton at tbp foema::c band, 
^amnenot tbp Ufe,to p;ettbp JP atber? fkin. 
'. Blanch tOellmap tl;e U)o?fD fpeakc of bis Jtm&ltipttato?, 
^Lbat toince tbia bttie to toeare a t aoics fanour. 

Btftard 31 tl map 31 tbn'ue, ana uotbmg bjoc h c tontb mee, 
3f (boplp 31 p^cfcnt it not to tbee. 

K.philip to^wffsfo^bearesfbjtimciscommtngfaff 
t:frat oeeoe? ma^ trie Ui^tttsojo? cannot Determine, 

3uu to tfoe purpofe fo? tljf caufc pou rome. 
Cpe fames pou fee right tn rbaunce of toarre, 
Pecking no otbcr reafong loj pcur claime, 
Sut fo ano fo,br caufet- u)al! be fa. 
>o to'ong fyatte fubojnD fep tntfl ofitrcttgtOt 
3 Chance pjartije to iuucft ijimfUfe, 
ll)cre uptake re fiterrgiucrt;a>jong t&e U)ap 
, &o cOcck tOc Uil;ia!j,m boip la^ufull ^rme0 1 

\_> 3! i il f b^ rigbt Of Arthur Geffreys ^OHllf , 

^ C4 m come before t tic Citie of Anger $ t 
y .' <&o barre ail orljcr falfe fuppofeo clapme, 
< jr rom luljence o? Ijotofoere tbc erro? fp?ing^ 
SnD in lus quatre!! en nip Ip^incclp luo?D 3 
3|!c figit it ottt bnto tUe lateft man. 
^j John jKacb)Kingof/'r**w,; 
' < ^p anp pouier P? Ipjinrc in CljjtCenDomr, 

* ^ Co peelo an tnffance(joto 3i^olo mint ottmr, 

~ , , eo?c tljan to anfiuere.tbat mine olmie is mice* 
*\<r\ 3i5ut Uiilt tbou fer me pariep uutfj tbe Conine, 
^flnu bcare tljcm tffcr me al(eageancc> 
jf ealtie ano ijotnage^g true liege men ougftt. 
K.Thdip ^amman tbem, 3i iwil not fcelcetie ittiU 1 fee 

i t, a no to(?& 3 tee it 3 1 e foone cbange it. 
~v They fummon the Towne, the Citizens appcarc vpon tl 


KMn ^ou men ef Angers , .ant) as 31 take it ip lopall 
;, 3 l^au c fummoneo pou to tljc uialle : to Dtrputr on 
tnp rigbt, lucre totftinke poutuubtfuIItOerem, iul;icl) 3! am 

bacfcc tuitO cbf King of Frannte^mz lirieagreD pour "Cotoiie 

] bpon a falfe p^etenoeo title to tl;e fame : in Defence tuber cof 
\ I % pour liege lo?o bauc b^ougijt our potoer to fence pcufrom 

/ tbe Ufurpcr, to free pour intctiDeofcriiftuDe, anouttcrlpto 
fuppLint tljc fo:mcn,to mp rigbc $ pour red, &ap tljcn^ luljD 
tobo fter pe vou t(je Eoujne fo? / 
jfoj our latofttll King. 


?*fo .3! ta* iioleife ptrfuwocB : tl;cn in <cttf name open 
pour gatcg,ano let we enter* 

Citizen ftfttt pleafr pour ^t a (jne toe tomperoft twt pour 
title , neither UiiHUie talljty a&niit pour entrance: tfpou bee 
latofuU;Kmjr..toitl) all ebcDienre toe heepeit topour bfi^tf not 
&ing 5 our rau)nea to be imyeae&eo fc? peeie tn&twtbout mo;e 
eoufioerate triall : me anfwere not a0 men Uttri*?, bu( to t be ^ 

31ft)allnotcotmint^en^ ^P-* --^ 

w j(5omplo?D,ttUtoefenotottto^er ^Vi 

>% ^enbeaiemefpeaite intbebeftalfeof jfrthur 
af CFr^rgr eloer ^atber to lhn, ljt$tttl mamfeil 
toitijoutcontraDim'onto tljeCrottrae anaBtngupnTeoff^. 
/^^tottb^^^anDDiuere 'ou)es on tbi* UMC tlje Tea : 
toitt pou afliootoleDgc b(m pour lie^eiop^tDbofpeatietb to 
tup ttop to intertaiae poittoitb all fauour0a0befeemet() 2 f\ 
Eving tu i)isfubieet, oiafricno toiiijj 3j>el-toi^r: o? ftaua 
to tlje peril! of pour contempt, toOat (jia' title to p^ooueo bp 

Cttizen Site anfuiere as before till pott Ijaue pjoaueD one ^ 
rlg^t, toe acknotolecge none rigit, jbe tljat tries btmfelfe ou * 
^oueraigne, toljtmtoilltoeremaincfirme fubica^ano fo 
fefctt.ano in ^ts rfgljt toe bolft our Eotone as Dcdrous to too 
tOe t rutfj as Joacl) to fabfcribe before toe knotue 't a5o?e t|)aii 
tl;is tee cannot Cap. anu mo^etfcantOte toe Dare not ooo. 

K.Philip ^ben^^3|oefie ti;?cin tlje name ano be^aife 
cf^rihHr plant agintt tbp Eing a?u coufiu, to^ofe rt'^ljt antt 
patrinusnie tbouDftPtneff,a9 3 ooubt not ere tbe oap enne m 
a Pet bat tell make tfcee confelte -, tofyereunto }jjit(j a jeaJe to 

3 acapttfye challenge, anuturne t(;c ocHanw to 

'---, - --^ . ' . / 

Excurfions. The BaHard cbafetli lynsygs .\kc AyQrich 
Duke, and makcth him leauc thcLyon? skinne. 

- - 


3ntj arttboa rjone.miffytunc fount tbp ffep*, 
ji for phew icaue Ijcrc tbp fiirnc C ban r auc, 
Tpdlf Dye bis tljoticjbtfi U'ufj rifmnll f antafictf, 

un euerp minute tuitb Ur arnc loohcrt? 
Lt t (Ijaootoe temper terro? in bis tljougbts, * 
3nD ||y|c tcrro? make the coicam mao, 
o tinffi maaneslct bim feare ptttfute, 
9nD foiu frnijie let tbe pea font fir, 
ere 10 tbe ran Come tbflt allaprs bid rage, 
e firfl freebolu tbat /?<vt<r^ left bis fonne : 
OBMi \ubicb 31 (ball fuf|i?i?e bie lutingfoea, 

/. Exit.' 

Enter the Kings Harolds ^irh Trnmpets to the wals of 
r they fummon the To wnc* 

hM? tbe grace of (Sou Ivimj tfEgl*n<t t 

reland, Anio*iTor*tne y &c. DcmaunDCtb OJlCcagfliue 

-ef pou bi fu'jictfs of tstngtrt, if pou \DiU quirtlp fomnbei 
tbe ^oittne into bis b*no0 1 
Fr.fftrold Philip bp tbeDfracC Of (SeU Ehtg Of Fr*n*cc$t* 

maunuetbintbe bebalfeof Arthur SDukeof Brit4iue, if pots 
i ill fur r enact Dp tbe 3tottne into bis IjanDs, to tbe Die of tbe 

Citizens ^errolos pe ten tb? ttuo Ditfo^totut la^incf g, 
r!>at \ue tbe pooje 3[nb^ant0 cf ^Jrr/, require A parle of 

Enter the Kings Qucene /u , B bunch t B*f*rJ, Ly- 

John ^)crolD,to[)atanrtt)ercDoot!)C2Lo\BnriiunfenD.' 

f T9 '99*19 

o " 
Philip tBftl Angers pttlo to Philip Hxtllgof Frttutct 

Fx.//<rr.8w>crauea parley of pour Spaiefttt 
/ofc/ gou Citizens oM*f>r/,baue pour epcu 

BebclD tbc flaugbter tbat our ngli(l) botocs 
$aue mate j&pon Uje cotoarfc fratoDfuH jf rend; * 
SntJ Ijaue pell tut f elp pono;eo tijcr elutcljaU 
^ottr game mpeeiotno; to tl;e CnfiUCb^tng 1r 

But /^, t()ep faui from out tljeir IjtnljeR 
'E^e COeualicrs ofFraunte anu croflcboto (boc 
Spake Lines of flaug&trta bonics tb^ouglj ( bine fyoaft, 
-Quo arc rcfoluoe to palcc to Arthur t rtgbt. 

ueft rt fo^e tfje toallsr, 

Philip 2Bbac ere mp conference fcnoto&fyp Srnue fe 
fcba t Philip bap tbe better of tbe oap. 

Philip fa&ttoe batb got tbe Ipontf cafe, ., - \. 


35afe Duke to flpe a no leaue fucb fpcplcs bebutte : 
But tljis tbou ftnetuft of fo?ce to make ma (tap. 
31 1 faroe ujitb tboc a0 o)itb tbe ntarrmer, 
&ppingtbet)Ugie Ccnbale.iubofe u 
Dotljbcare tljc luaucs like mountajncu fine tlje toiutie, 
^is furie,tbile tbe Ibtp uotb fatii 
?^> ti0 cbinc : ano fo>e tbtsa ipjfo 
SB ao a me 31 bumblplap it at pour feae, 
Betng tbe firfl atmenture 31 a tcljieuo, 
a no ftcft erplopt pour 6 race dtoemopne : 
etmanpmqje3longtobeenioptrti* V/y^^ 

Philip 31 take it,anu 31 tbee commattnu 
Co toeare tbe fame as car C tbp JPatber DID : 
Cberetoitb recetue tbta fauour at mp (jan&sf, 
Encourage tbee to foHotn 'Richards fame. 
Arthur ^e itty*t Of AngiersAW ?e mute 4 : 

) Arthur 

CL * 

foy tobicb fljall be pour fting ? 
CJc rare not tobicb a if once toe fetuto tfje f%l)f, 
^ut till toe knoto toe toil! not pceto our rigljc. 

B*fl*rJ Qpigljt ?////> counfeH ttoo fo migbtte $mg0 a 
3ls arc tbe JKtngs tfEngUnd ano ofFwtnce, 
^>e tooulD aDitifc pour races to bn ice 
9no Knit pour forces gniitft tljefe Citi?en, 
pullmo; tbcir O.ittr r c o toafl* aOonc tljeir care 0. 
e:iK fco tout once toonne cben Hriue about t (jc claime, 
jTo? tljtp rtve m tnttce to oeltme pou botb. 
!Stno;0 5 l 

ntrcat c pour a^aic (Tic to beare tbc in fpcahe : 
9no as pou like tlje motion tOcp (ball make, 
S)o to account ann folloto tbcir aouice . 

/<?/;;;. P^/7i/>. &.pf attC 00*tD( gtUC [[jCt If cur. 

Citizen W)tn tljus : tofeereas tbat pong 9 luflte knight 
3!ncttCjS pou onto Unit pour fefnglp Orenjtba: 
<ljc motion cannot cljoofc but pi e aft t\)t pcD, 
<3nD fticlj a0 lone tbe jjuic t of tbe&tate, 
13ntboto nip Lo^s,boto Qjoti !o pour fire ng-t be be knit f 
jftot to opp? effe pour fubic tf anu pour frir nog, 
9 no 611 tlje tooilo toitb biatole B anu mutinies ; 
15i\t unto peace pour forces Hjoulo be knit 
Co Hue in yjin crip leap c miD mnitie : 
Do tbi^, tbe gates of^^/Vr/ujaHg<ue toap 

tT anttftaimtuiitt open to pour bart0 content. 

, -. Co make tljis peace a lading bonu of lour, 
11cm ains one onelp Ijono^aMe meane?, 
CObici) bp pour paroon 3i (ball bere oifptop, 
Lewes tbe Dolpbin anu tbc beire of FTMHHC e, 
9 man of nateo ualo? tbjiongb tbe too?lo, 
y'3!s pet bnnurien : let bim take to toife 
C(|e beauteous ftaugbcer of tbe JRino; of Spaing 
tftott e to to John, tbelouelp laoie Bkntht, 
begotten onijiia fitter /MW. 


tfttttl) ftcr fit m a t rinp toill fe?r wicfetegfue 
Catties ana SDoloera a0 fittetb fuclj a matcft. 
Oljc $ing0 tfjus iopno in league of perfect four, 

^Ijep map fo OCale \Ditb -<4rf for Duke Of Britain ; 

CQJbo is but p0ng 3 anD pcc&nmeete to raigne, 
3s be fljail Can D r ontentct) euehe map* 
Cbus ijauc 3! OolDip (fo? tljc common gooD) 
DdiucrcD tubat tljc Cute pue in charge. 
3nD as uponconDitious pou agree, 
^ e $aH uic ttatio content to pccltj clje ^otune* 

^(jefc iKtnj s bcarc armes fo? me,anDfo? mp rigUf, 
3nn tbcp 0>rl{ fljarc inp ianos to ma^ct^cm frienw, 

QJlMw ^> o n ue /^,folloto t^ig motion, ais cOou f ouefi 

tbp mother, 

ake league uiitlj Philipjttto to anp tfy ng : 
LrU7 fijailljaue mp JfJcecc.anot^enbefure 
^r/^r Qjall [jauc fmall fuccour out of Fr*unct, 

John $;ofter off 'r*iuue$w ^eatet^e Citi^cnsf : 
^bcn tell me,ijo)D pea m cane to oealeljmin. 

Cenftncc Wb? Joh* t \nfat canfl tljou gtue tmto tbp j/2wcf j 
^b f>aa no foote onauD 9 fmt Arthurs ti$fr 

Lttoct 15ft iaoie Cttt^mei, 31 like pour c!;epcr, 
9 louclp Damfellis tbe Laoie B Untie, 
Woiftit tty betre of Europe ty bet pbcere* 

Conjtvtce m\\M Kinga.iw^p ttan^pou ga^ng in a&mre* 
521 Ijp Ijoto nc\jj io?us. ? aecurfru Citizen? 
^c fill and tickle tbcir antbtcious earess, 

&ome Difmall iplannetat tbp fatrtboap raigna, 
JTo? ttoto 31 fee tbe fali of all tbp Ijopcs, 

<be JKtng of FM r refpetts l;is bono? nto?c, 
Cban to betrap bt* frienn0 ano fauout er0* 
l9?tncetTe of Sf /ww^coulD psu affect mp ^onne, 
if toe bpon conDtt ion^ coulo agree *: 

P j Ba flora 


rjtf $>U5ounb$ Sg)aDam 5 take an ngiift) crttlemant 
&>laue as 31 toas,3l tbou&bt to baue mooube tbe matcb. 
i&ranbamf pou maoe me Ijnlfe a pjcmife once, 
Cbat labp BUnchtywto tying me iueaUbinoagb> 
^nn make me beire of fto?e of Cnglifb lanb. 

Q^Elmnor ]peaee Philip^ unlj {poke tbee out a foriff, 
tCIemua \uitljpoldric corny ouuDdjtsflrifc. 

MLwts get ber , tuell, 31 fap MO mo^e : 
tbe frolicke jfrenclj man take no fco^ne, 
JfPhiltp front biai uiitb an C n g Iiflj bo: ne. 
hkn Labie,\)obat anfrur re make pou to tbe King of France) 
Can pou affect tbe DoIpHn fo? pour 1 020 ? 

Blanch 31 tljanke tbe Emg tljat likes of me fo tocll, 
Co make me 35?ibebntofo great a prince : 
But gtue me leauc mp icic to pattfc on tbi0 
leaft being to too fojiuatD in (be caufe, 
2t map be blemillj to mp mooeCie. 

Doo vou confer alubile about tbe Dotoer* 
9nn3i \utJlfcboolc mp moncIT jQccrefo tucll, 
altoone as pon bane none. 
,,t^fts tbetojctcbtbatb^oacbetballtljis ill, 
2B(jp flpe 31 net tpon tbe 'Beioamc face, 
3u'o tattb mp navies pull foo?tb bet barf full epeef* 

^r//;r ^toite^otbcr ecafetbefebaCie masting first 
jpoi mp fak,!et mp 6rancameb<nieber luill. 
"C tooulo (be tottb ber ban DC pull fojt b mp Ij car c, 
31 eottlD aftoDiD it to appeafe tbefe Copies* 
35ut m otljcr let vs \nifelp torin he at all : 
leatt far t ber barmes cnfue our bafiie fpeacb. 

Philip Berber of g/*4tobat Dote? ic toilt tbou giue 
Unto mp &onne in marriage \uitb tljp ISffce? 

Ifhn jrirft Pbilif huo\i)es ber Doui^ie out tf Spain* 
Co be Co great as map rontent a King : 
35ut mo^e to menu ano amplifte tbe fame, 
31 8 iue in money tjjirtic t^oufanu marke 

''*&" * 

jToj lantj 31 ten tie it to t& iue olune &emaun&* 

I23l;icb tljou as fttng of Eng Wbolaft in Franncc : 
"Cljcn fyall our peace be foone concluftett on. 

5 4# ard jftoleffetban fiue fttfblp?ownce$at once? / i 

M 9^oeljeru>t>at(T)aH3looo?mpb?otbergo(^eftlanoK ^ 

CQiclj muclj effufion of our Cngltfl; blouD : S 

9no fbaU 31 fiftue it all aiuap at once ': 

QEiwr John gtue ft bini,fo twit tOou line in peace, 
0n5 keepe tfterefiDue fan^ icoparnie. 

hn Philif tying fojtl) tljp ^>onne,|jerc to m? Ji3f et e, 
3nti Ijcrc in manage 31 ooo gtue luitlj feer 

Uolque/fon, Potters, 

Slno tljictie t!;ottfnnD markf s of Kipeno copnc 

^olu Cui ?cn 0,0oti) like pott of tl^is matclj': 
Citizen sue top to ftefo fiueete a p? ace begun* 
Lewes Lews totcfo ^/^c/j (|jaU cuet Itue content 

^ut no\u King: M*, ti^at fap potno tlje Duke ? 

3Tatl)er,fpedfee ad pott map in bfobebalfe. 
Philip ftjobnjjt gooo unto tljp ^cpfjetoljcre, 

Snu gtue Ijtm fometobat tljat (bail pleafe tbee beff. 
f/? e^r/W,altbougljcbou troubled Sngltndt peace t 

^et (jere 3 giue tljee 'Srittaine fb? t^tne otone, 

ao tbts ricb Citie tfAngitrs 

QjziiAnor ant)tftbottfeeketoi>leafetl)ine 
>lja!t fee mp S>onne ljo\u 31 \uill make of tbee. 

/o^ Jiaoto etterp tbtng t fo?t ep to tbts en^, 
letg in ano ti&m prepare tbe marta^e rptes, 

t^s Defence part* Exeunt, 

Matient Conjl*ncc& Arthur. 

Arthur ^aoam gooo c&cere,tbefe ujcttpfoa; !angui0;mf w 

5D 3 

ftouc na recede to faluc our atohfoara bape. 
3*f bedurno bftue conrluocu tbrfe euctuo, 
'Eo fmallauaile is bitter pf nfutcnes : 
g>eafbns toill cbangc.anb fo our p?efent griefe 
ap cbancjc toitb tl;c in ,ano all to our reiiefe, 
" fi*jU* Qlb bop,tbp pearea 31 fa arc farrc too cjreene 
^o looHe into tbe bottame of tbefe care. 
But 3!,ttbo fee tbe popfe tbat weigbetb bo tune 
^bp Uieale,mp toiQ;,aiib all tbe ujiiling meaner 
Clb?reto)itb tbp foitune ano tbp fame (bouio mount. 
CUbat iop,\bat ea(f,\Dbat reft can louge in me, 
Cttlitb toboni all bope aao bap, $oth **?**** 

Hatljer tban bclpes t beapeup mo?cUio^efo? tooea, 

Con/tancc 31 f anp Jpote fr Wu bearf a UiiDDooKB plaint, 
^Dljat from a tupunoeti foule implodes reuenge; 
y^&enofcH contagion to infect tbi* Clpme, 
Cljis curfeQfCountrep,tobe tbe trapto^ b^eatb, 

alt tbe iS>kie \uitb mif befiefe* 
^>e p^onuft ^*rf fc*r,ana be fuiareit too, 
^o fence tbp rigbt ,ano cbetk tljp foemana pjioe : 
"^I5ut noto bfack-fpot tea ^e r in r c as be (0. 

tcaHes a truce toitb ^^ oamntii b?ar, 
i marries ^.f to^er louclp J12eece, 
ating rtjp fo? tune,ano tbp birtb-bapea gift 
iteeeue ttjffe lonera : ill bet toe tbe matcb* 
9 no as tbep Qjouloet tbee from out tbp omiie, ' 
^ no triumpb in a tei*oo)e* tcarerall carea : 
)o beauen<5 croffe tbem \witb a [fifties coutfe* 
'3i8 ail cbe blotto pfpilt on ettber part, 
rC.iodng tbe ctamea of tbe tbirftie eartb, 
(5:o\Diie to a lau egan; c anb a 715 jiball fead *: 
ano mud tbp birtbrigbt bib tbe tucDDing banes * 
$oo?e bdyles bop,bopele0 anb belples too, 
C.O fol)ow miTfoaPwe feemc* no joke a* ** j 

fa?,tlip ffaf e>tljp imminent rmftapi! 
StHounaetb tbp motbera tbougbts toitb feeling; care, 
fl&bp loakft tljou pale ^ tbe colour tlpes tbp face, 
31 trouble noto tlje fountaineof tbp pontl;, 
SnQ mafeeit moouie toitb up oolea Difcourfe, 
C50e in tuttb me,replp not louelp bop, 
We mull obfcure tb mone luitb nteloftie, 
Icafl \i)o?fer ^ach enfue our maiecontent* Exeunt. 

Enter th^ King of/**/,the King of Fraunce, Arthur, 

> , ^ 

OTjmtn tbe Healmes of EngUndwb of Frmtnct I \ 
S)(ano Ijfgllp WrlftJ in a lafttnp; peace* 
^b?ice Hippie is ttjcl^iDc^roome ant> t()e 
jf rom toljofe fiur cte^ioale fucb a conco^D 
Co make of moitiiU foes tmmojtall frienog, 

Roufe cba Plantagintt, Hue not to fee 
3Llje butcher of tlje great Plantiginet. 

Eljat cartes me in furie to a oeeoe 

pjodrate &pon bio hnec : luljirlj knee fljall cleatte 

tlnto tlje fupecficies of tljc eartO, 

Cill Frame* ann ngl*H&gi&& t tl)is o;lo)iou boone. 
/o/? ^>pcaUe ?^/rp, England (jraunts tbee tbp re<juel!> 
Pw% 3no Fraunce conSrtMes tobat ere is in big potof r, 
'Baftard ^tljen tDiiftc fit fa ft, 38 leuell at tbp bf fl^> 

Coo bafe a ranfome fo jmp fatbera life* 

jitlj tlj: Dulte 

<Ijac fc j lues it in Difijono j of inp >ire. 
'i!; \BOJDS arc pad no? canpounoluretterdt 
eijepjmcelp pjomifetlMt icuiue* mp foule, 
r lUjcreat metbinfcs 31 fee bis 0nneto0 fljake : 
Cl)is is tbe boou (DjeaD to?Ds) tubtcb granteo once 
> j life o? aeatb are pleafant co nip foair ; 
- &ince 3 (ball Itue and Die in &r WV;rigke. 

Lymogtt 3$afe 55aaart),mif begotten ef a JUinff, 
Co interrupt tbcfefoolp nuptiall rptrs 

/ let it fufifice,3! fco?e to iopne in figljt, 

s CCl'.tljoncfo farretoequalltomp fflfe. 

C 0:n krepe pour toojog, auD let bs combat it. 

M Philips cannot fo?ce tbe Duke to ftgbt> 
Being a fubwt unto neitljcrHealme : 
But tell m+JMfrMjfem CngliQjDuke 
&boulo Dare tbee tbusjtoouloft tbou accept tbe eballennge? 
Lymogts cia let tfce too? ID account tbe ^nfrich Dutu; 
j be greateft cotearDliuing on tbeCartb* 

loh* Cben cbeere tbee Philip John toiu feeepe bid too?*, 
j Encele uotone,tn figbt of Philip King of FM* 
9nft all tbefe ^incelp IO?DS a(Tcmb(eO bere, 
31 giro tbee iuitb tbe fuiojo of Tfyrmamitc, 
3no of cb lano 31 DOO inuett tb Duke : 
&o fbalt tbou be in liuing anb in lano 
Botbinginfertour bate ditftri*. 

Lymogu $ijohn& tell tbee flatlp to tfip fe 
^bou to?ongfl mine bonour : auD tbat tbou maifl fee 
^>oU) mucb 37 fco?ne tbp neU) maDe Duke HID tbee, 
\ 3 flat : p fap,3J teill not be compelD : 
^nD fo faretoell <S>ir Dube of loDo Degree, 
3!lt finDe a time to matcb poufo? tbis geere. Exit. 
^tap / > ^,letbim goe tbeTjono^etbtne* 
31 cannot liue unleg Ijis life be mine* 
^i;p fojtoaroncjx tfei? Jiap fcatl; iopD mp fotifa 

- - - 

gift mate me tfcfafce my Rich*rdimtt in t!j 

K.philtp Lojfoingg lets in,anD fpenD tfoe iueCDing tap 
3!n mafkcs ana rriumpf^lctting quarrclls ceafe, ,. 

'. . .: ' ' .i;,. ., . '. ' ..,:.'> ' . '-.'. ;.' - 1 

Enter :a Cardynallfrom Roipt. 

CW. >tap Etng of FWCC& charge tfeee topa not franus 
C&tdj l}t<mbae ftanfts accurlt of (0oo ano men* 

legate from tfye ea of ^o/f,BemaunD of tfyee in tljc name 
f our Oolj> jfat(jer tljt pope /*', U4)p tljou uoft(ccnura* 
n'e (o tlje iavues of our Ijo'.p mother t(je CUurcb,ann our tjof pe 
fatljer tbe pope) Diffurbe tbe quiet of tlje C !;urctj,auu difanuil 
cljc (lection of &?/>/??/? Laugh <m t lubo m 1) is fyoltnee (ja tlj ele 
aeo arc^oiQjop of fcntcrburit : t\)i$i\\ty$ ^oiiiusname 31 

9nu \ubat Ij'ift tljou o? t()e pope tup maiffer to DOO ta 

as 31 honour tljc Cljurc^ anD Ijolp Cljurcljmcn, fo 3! icome td 
be fubicct to tlje jfteateft p?e^ in ^e tuo^Iti. ^ell tljp spat* 
' per To from me,anD fap/^ tfEngUnd faio it, tfrat neuer an 
Italian pjtc ft of tdem ail, Ojad citljcr Ijaue cptlje, to.Ie, o/ po 
ling p erne out of EngUnd&ut as 3} am King, fo mil 3 ra ipe 
nejtt Dn&er 05on,fup?eame beau botb ouer fpirituall ano tem- 
rall : ano Ijce tfyat contraDicts me in tljis, 3!le mate {jim Uoppe 
fjeaDleffe. . 

K.Phiiip ^at Etng /^,kno;\ttj>otttotjatp0ttfap, t^ 
to blafpljeme agatn(t our (jolp fatljer tlje pope* 

fohn p/;*%tl)oua^tljouanDal( tlje princes of C^?ilfen 
Home fuffcr tljemfeluea to be abufoebp a prelates flaacrie, 
snp mtnoe is not of fucb bafe temper * 31f tbe pope totll bee 

otber title Of can aileage to mine inheritance. 
c*rd. hhnjbtei* t^jwe anfuiere ? 



.. a * >^.B.**V A^.f*t_iw 

floliek >ea, uoo in tbe name of S>, P"<r am tic fucceffo^ our 
fcolp Jpafter Ipope /0wf,pjoncv,ncetbcc arrurfcD Difcbar- 
gtTjgettcrpoftbpfattftosof auoutic ana fcalcie tljat tl;ep 
fcco otoe co tbec,an& pardon nntifoiijiucncc of finne to t^ofe oj 
sfoem tobatfoeucr, iDfeidj (ball f arrfe armes againft tljer,o? 
niurDtrtf)c: tUis 31 pronounce, anD cljarge all poDmenco 

s an c rcdrcmuntcat e pcrfon. 

Gr,tl)e mo>e rUe ^or is c urft tbr better a farca: if 
&ot>blefte me ano mp tana, let tfce pcyc ano Ijtib fl;aue itnga 
c*rJ. ^ttrtbermoje 3! eljarg e tbd Philip iKing of 

fcppon tbia mifcreant : cna tubereae tbe u baff mane a league 
Uutb biw ano conftrmco it bp oaib, ? DOJ in tbe name of our 
fcjefart fatbcr -be pope, acquit (be of tbat oath as bnla^ful. 
being mace unify no Ijer : tike ,bou) lain tbou /'/^Doolt tbou 

31fap,3l am fojrie.foj pour S^aieftie, rcqtieffing 

pott to fabmit pour felfe to tbe COot^j of 'tome. 
Jhn 9m> Uibat fap-pou to our iragnt if 1 too not fubmit? 
Philip BKb^t Q>oulit 31 Tap ; 3! muft obrp tbe ldope 
John flDbep tbe pope,anD bjeake pour aatb to ODD'S 
Philip <Cbe Legate batij abfoluoe me of mine oatlj ; 

tljeu pcelu to *fymt>9) 3! ocfir tlja tore. 
//j/i 223bp Philips oeSe tbe ipopr ano tbdc, 

jTaifeaat^u artiano pfriuwfc.of Fr*nfe t 

nnujojttijit man cobcacco'-wpteo JSing, 

eW tboa tbp fuio^o into a Delates banns .' 

?4^fc,U}bcre 31 of 3bbot,ai)onkes ano Jrriere 

l^aue taken fnmcttbat to malntatne inp \ua tr e, 

J^oiu totU 31 tafo no mo?e but all tljep bane, 

3!e ro\w?e (be la^clulihtrei fromTbeir Cells, 

flnn in Defptgbt 3 i>f m co tljc pope, 
pou until nie,ani) fe? tucr? ft 


C0me lo?K0,n~gbt fo? pcur ftmg tfcat figfcf ttfc fa? pottr */ 
PW/y and arc tbep ffoae^ PtnJulph ebp fdfe ftafr ftc 

IJpOtt) FrtMUce U)IU 0gOt ^Rome anD ^0 

Jfca&lc^to atmesjet bim not paflTe fee fcas", 
lets take Ijim cptf tie ,an* in trtarnp^ ieao 

Ca^lC Vhify K,of Frwcf t&fll 600 fo? t^Ce. 

ta 9no luiU pour (Srac eupa 


D^um* Bailie muCquc to t (jitf tuttDingoa?* Excunc. 

E xciir fions. The Baftard purfuts ^/7n^and kills 


i* &(aut fe^ facrt'Sce 
tlnto ^s tatbers rueriiutng fonle* 

31 oaite J>cferDc,tbougb not Co be thp (jdrt 
^et as 31 am, tftp bafe begotten Conne, 
^tname as plea0ngco tbp /*^.'wleart, 
30 to be cato tbe Duke of ifyrmtndu. 
lie t&ere a pjta? to tuerprauefling: fotelet 
3nO a? mp jfatOer criump^t int^p fpopie^, 

4n\) leaue cb? bcftte to te fauiles foj fooD Exit. 
Excurfions. An\)wr> Cn&4ncf a Lcwa, 


Cbttsbfrtljtbe <$ot> of Kings uuib eomjuerinc; 

le fur* eftimu 

ID fciftutbcr of rbp oa wrepea peace, 
rootbliue to tame t bine f nfolence, 
3 no ontbpbeao toil I it ou) auentvrD be 
fo) all tbe mtfcljtcfes batcbeD in tbp fyafne* 

'QElmir Contemptuous oamebnreuent Dutcje* t&otf* , 
^to b?auc fo great a SDueene a0/M^- 
!Bafc fcoiee baft tbou fo>$ot,tbat 31 toa tuife, 
flno motber to tb?fc mtgb'tie Cntjliu) JKings/ 
31fbarp;e tba fb?n,ano pou fo^frotb fa 15op, 
Co fctjwir (8>ranomotbet at libc ru>, 

lhn pour KncfeJeanu pour IRinp;* 
CfS wot tbpbjo^s p?outtiOuecnefbalcarrp it* 
j3o? pet tbp tb;eate0 p?ouo Dame fljnl Daunt in? 

r 31 le fiifoe a time to cimmpb in t bp fall. 
Con fiance p time is noln to t nuinpij in tbp fall 
3no tbou (bait kno\u tbat C'ft*" ^JH triutttph. 
^otljcr tueigb it is }tieene / 
capiiuf ,t)fe btr like be rfclfe, 

^our Ipigbne0 Ibalbe fcfeo boftourablp* 

tCoarmes i 

and ginnes tbc fi ffbt afreflj : anD fwear tuitbali 

Co lole bia life, 01 fet bis ^otbec free* 

Lewes Arthur atoap.tis time to loofce about. 

ti*nor mbbo\miotowme,iobatispottr courage eolo? 

tfnfc bope* f o feat bctb ?^ and ebee as fiaue* t 
a no in tftat (jope,3I bale t b ee ta (be fielo, Exeunt. 

Excurfions. Slianorls rcfcued by hhn t and Arthur 
is taken pnfoncr. Extant. Sound viftoric. 

Enter Iohn>Eli*nor y and Arthur Prifoncr, Bafttnl, 
c$*l"buryju\& Hubert tie Burgh. 

Cbttf rigbt triump^,anD John trtump^ m rfffljc. 
-^r^r t|jo u feedFrMfr^ cfl mi ot uolfter tljec : 
(ji' apncljers p?toe fjatlj b? ougy t tljee to tfjis fall* 
But if at latt, jf5epl)euj tljou pcelo tbp felfe 
3!nto tl;e garoanceof tljtne QncWe^^ v 
SLljou fljalt be ufeD as becomef a pjfnc e. 

^o bc.uc capciuttie totti) patience* 
Cpigfjtljatljpjeuaplonot rig(jt,fo? 31 am King 
if w^^tljougl) tbou lueare tbe Diaoenu 

Q.SUanor ^onne/o/w,foone (ball toe teacljdtm to forget 
t^bele p?oun piefumptton*,anB to knoto bim fel ff . 

/^ $jpocber,be neucr toill fo?o;etljt0clatmc, 
3 moulD be liwoc not to remember it, 

ano cade fome o^enuttb our popclings tijere, 
Cb<it fircll luitb p?itJC,anD fat of lap nienc iantt** 
P^i//p. 31 make tbee cbtefe in tb( affaire,^ 
Hanfack tbe 3b(iep*,topfter0,p?io?ie*', 
Conner t tbetr copne unto mp fouloicrs ufe : 
3no toljatfoete Ije be luitbin mp Latin, 
*Ebat goe0 to Romefo) iufticc ant) fo? lab), 
CQljiie be map baue bis rigbt \itbii>tbe Ecaime> 
let tjim be iungue a traito? to tbe S>tate, 
3nt> fuflfer ad an en em ie to *g/W. 
spotber ,\ue leaue pou bere beponu tbe feai, 
^Ke gent of our Pjotttnce0 in F 

*. ..-' ^ ~-. % > X. Vti^V I <^ 

SuDtbanke our (Sootbat puebsuictojir* 

Hubert tie Burgh take Arthur Jjere to tljfe, 

T$e (ie cbp p?ifoncr : //a*^ kapc bim faff, 
tf oj on Ms life octlj bann;tbp ^onerafgncs rtotone, 
4$ut in liio oeaeb confiffs tbp >oueraigaea Miflfe : 
^fcen Hubert, tljou a;o?tlp Ijearft from me, 
<g>o bfe tbe pjtfoncr 3 (jaae giuen in charge* 

Hubert $ rolich pong Wnce, tljoagb 31 ponr keeper be f, 
l>et (^<itl pour Uap : r Uue at pour CflttimauuD, 


$$$ 3>0mif to Snglan 

Slna wa? to oo to feno tbcefafc afyoje* 

BAftxrt j^o\i) \aarres are Donr,3! IOHOJ to be at borne 
^o tine into tbe Routes ano ^bborflbao;0. 
Co ma^c fome fpo?c amono; tbe fmootb ffein jflunne*, 
Slnu hcepe fom c reuell uitb tbe fan^en ^ncrff, 

John Co ^/Wlo?D3f 3 earb loohe ijnropour cbarffc, 
anoarmc pourfeluesajjaintt tbcEomane pjrte, Exeunt. 

Enter the K.of Fr*nncc t LeV* his fonnc^ Cardinall ? 
dolfb Lcgatc,and Ccrt/twce. 

pkilip ta&ac euer? man attache toitb eljis mityap ^ 
Sab? frottne pou fe,tt>b? o?oop pc to?us of Frtmct? 
^tbinheaitBiffcwfroma warlike minoe 
Co totu^t it fo? a ebecke o? tto of cbaunct . 
t> tyaft Lymog" efwpt tbe bajjaros fpigbt, 

fo^roto migbt bae leruoe our Ioffe 
^^rw,beauen iopea to bane tbee tbere. 
Card. \* fotole i J fafe anD free from ^u 
'*>ur bolp JFatber batO Difpenft bis finnea, 
.UZbt bleffeo faints b teb*flr& our ojifon 
.- jlno alt are S^outoj* fo? ts foule, 
jaao Htbe rto;bt of tijefc mott bolp team*, 
|ta lioimes freeyoonootb pronounce 


o all $at folloto pen gainft Cnglifl) beref irjuetf, 
COfco fhmo acattfco in our motber Cburcb, 

Enter Confance alone. 

K& aggrauate tbe meafure of ottr griefe, 
3U malcontent comes Cenfttncc fojber &onne. 
25e fyicfc gooD paDame,foj pour face imports 
& tragick tale bebhfte tbatspet tmtofce, 
>cr paffions floptfoe ojgaaofberfcopce, 
Dccpe fojronubjobbctbroifoefalne cuenCfr, 
)ut mttb it iat>te,tbat our ^ct map ens 
$ full Cataffropbe of fat) lament** 

Con ft. cj^p tongue is tunue to Ho? ic fojttlj nu'fb.ip t 
tdlOcn oio 31 b^eatlj to tell a plcaftng tale ? 
gpuft Con f, wee f p rake ^ let teared p^euent ber talke : 
S^utt 31 otfcourfe ? let 'Dido Ogb ano fap, * 4 

^be tBf f pes agiime to beare tijc to/atk cfTroy .- 
^\DO \uo?D3 toil I few, and tljen mp tale is Done : TK, v - 

Elnon p^ouo b^at b^tb robo me of mp &pnne* 

Lcvtes jjpaue patience $8aoame,tbid i* cbaunre of toavr< 
$)e map be ranfomne^e reuengf bio lujong. 

w ^eienerfofooneJMlnotliuefoIong. 
Defpaire not pet,come (*nf*ttce$M toitb me, 
t,tbe Dap uull clcare agatneHxeut 

Card. j2oto ^r*,tbp fortune bttD0 toitb bappfc fj?|< 1 
JDnr bolp jratber* pjapcra t ftettetb tbttf* 
*sfrthnr\% fafe s Ut /o/? ai'one tuitb b(^> 
Cbp title nejctis fairtt to Engl*m\ Crotu 
|2oiu atrre tbp f atber to begin tottb /k , , v 

^be popefapefi 3!,an6 fo is Albion t^iae* NP \ 

ft te belt toe foiloU) notatb* gante is fairf r 
Card, 55fetotoiUferueiofo^ar8^mintbt, 
^jjofe ft)al iwt ttwnt :but Utg about it %. Excnnt. 


Enter Philip leading a Frier,charging him Co (how where 
the Abbots goldc lay. 


Philip Come OH pou fit jf ranrf (cans,DaHte no longer,fc 
fi;nu me toberetbe abbots creafure Ipr e, oj uir . 

FfiVr Bencfa*r*tit Dntini t \^^ tWt fudj an fofork* 

>^jcete ^.wi/*Wof fyp lenitif ,oefcno ^ from eiccrmitie, 

9no 'jeare ba foi ^>.<Ci)<iritfc,opp?r ffcD bidjauOeritie* 
/// nomiai Domini, make J mp IjouilUe, 

Gentle 6enttlute gtieiu not tfce Cleargif. 

P W/// <Srey gotono gooo face,conture pr , 

31f tbis ftafte sirolc bang t^t e not 

^ouj baloe ano barefooce Bungic bfru* 

Uiijcn tip tlje galloiora cUrtiinrr, 
^ap P^'Ap be bad too?Ds inou0b 

to put pou fcottme Uiitlj rpmino;. 
F^>r <3 yai&on,0^o,$flint Fwtntu fo? mercie, 
^)l).ill (bteto tbee from ni&btfpells ano Dreaming of oineH^, 
Jlf tboti vuilt fo?jiueme,anD weucr mo?egrteue me, 
SHitb fafting ano p?aptao;,antJ H*ite *jM*rie fapinj. 
Jr rom black pargato^te a ytnance rigbt ^ ic. 
jrrkrT^/w^tortltoarme pou, 
3t (ball neuet bacme pott* 

Come leant off pone rabble, 

&trint Fr**ncis cbiefcft jTrier, 
^be bed in all our Coucnc $>tr, 

C) drangle not tbe goof oloe man, 
3rtt> 31 tutU bjing poubpano ty 

r 3ff*ftttbou fo,frif tbon toilt tbe frier i* atfi&erffe, 

3!fnot,as 31 amljcatft mnn,3!lel;angpoubot(}f8? companif. 
Fr/Vr.Come bctber,tb<* is tbe cbei! tbougb fimple to beboli 
Cb at tDantetb not a tboufanft pouno in (tluer ano in golo* 
$^pfelfe totii tDarrant full To mucb,3 kcoto tbe Sbbots fto^e, 
33Ic patmte mp life tbere is no lefle to baue n.yat ere id mo?e 
P^> 31 tviketbptDo^tbeonerplaf bnto tbp (bare (ball 

55ut if tljtrc tuantof fullfo mntb,tbp nectt (ball pap tbe fum. 

F/-ICT- OO 3! am t)nimn,fnire *4 lice t^e Jf5im 
^atOtooke bp Ijerrettin tbc Abbots cbeff, 

StnEle bcntdicite, pattion mp fimplicitlf. 

f it <t^/^r,confef Gon toill not falue tbis tranfgreffion* 
Philip ggtyat ^aue vuec |jere, a botp Jf^un .' do hope mre 

4 f m ooty facte jftttnnr (f o? dug^t 31 ftnotoe) fe all t^e abbot* 

Cfjcp goe a* oft to aenrrp,a0 niggard to tfteir B^nke. 
2J^p paltrtp jTrteranol^anBartoo, pee fyamcleffefyauw 


3< t liia t^e rfteft clja t brio a ^oo?D,at lead a tljottfanft pottno ? 
3no tg t fee ijoo^o a Ijolp \ubWi IRel be t be bangman nimble, 
|>ee*2e take tl;e paine to pape pott borne, ant teaclj pou to otf< 


Nnrmt j) fparetbe,fdec^^;, a better neuet \a* 
Co fing a Dtrtge folcmnlp.o? rcao a moaning ^ade. 
31f monep be tljz meanea of tbis, 31 knotp an ancient jfttmne, 
Cbat batb a bao>D tbis feauen peares ,oio neuer fa tbe funne; 
^& tl;at is pourtf ,ano tubat ia ours,fo fiuour nott) be fijouin, 
$ou (ball commanno as eommonlp a ajs if it ttere pour o oine* 
Frier ^or bonour 

Philip jFretn all faue from jfrfera* 
not tbinhe fo \ 

P kify 31 tWnfce ana fa Co : tobp bou) camtt IJJOH bm * 
fc o tyu bet from tap men. 
fcig true fir,fo} ft at c. 
fo? feare of tlje Inptte : a pittfuft* tye o 
unne flics foj fucrour to o fat JF rterabefr. 
15ut no\ foj pour ranfom: mp CIopffcr-bjeD Connc y, 
^o t^t rijcft tljat pcu fpcahe of u ijcrc Ire s fo inucb moncp* 

'\Mftne jr litre C))ir,\Dicljtnt!j(3 yjicfffjof plate gtmoncji* 
^iic ualem ol" a tljoufano raarkes,ano otbct tbir.g bp gis. 
lee tod alone, ana cake it a!l,ti* pours S>ir,nota pou knoui it, 
Philip Come on fir jf rier,pub cbe lor he, it'ia gerre ooocb 
cotton banfome, 
eouetoitfuffi fo riumtuglp mutt pap f letrbers ranfom, 

jpricr Lattretcewy^bolp toattrfef Jp w^ 
^- ?m c U)itrb,oj fotne Diuril tu fern to Delude Us : 

H.tudcredo L 

2u tfee p)c(Tc of a /9un \uc are all vnoan, 
ajiD(i?ougbt to 

Frier ^//wcr v;;;c/r omnU^ fo /f 

QOQ tljcrefojc a frier lubofe fautic foone burnetb : 
^fcaufebcia ntonall atiom.iDc of motile, 
$)c omits teljat be ougbt.apo Dotb moje tban be fijoulf. 
P^ 5>ott goes ibw ga ^ tb JTucrg cbed filoe tcir^ 

a faufcif Ji5one, 

C(K j^unne again locks Jfrif r Dp,to keep bimfro tbe Dnn . 
35i litre tbe pjeffe ipurgatojit',o;i pr.iaiifcpaftino; gri-jtwus: 
Itbe jfricracbeiabrtfoi J9un, Ooaso tbefe Dolts ocreiue 
3 1 * tb ifl tbe labour of tbur liura to faoe ano Itue ac rafc, (us/ 
3~o rcucll foIafctutouHp as often as tlirp plcaft . 
3 Ic meno tbe fault 01 fatiletnp apme,tf j eo mtfTeflmniHtmi;, 
Cts better burn $ tlotfters ooton tb^n Iraue tbe fo; ofFenuwg. 
But bolp potato pou J rpeake,to pott religions oiuell, 
310 tljta tbe p?clTe tbat falvts tbe fumme to quite pou fo? vo;;r 

N*nnt 3 ertC Peet^p^rtt w#,gttO &W 31 tUflS beguito. 

Frier ^(jfoltic $>frfo? cbaritie flje tooulo lie rec one il&f * 

ljGri biuoe tljem faft^ljwia tbeir abfolutto", 

fr. Lawrence Q temfiitect*xrtrHm t 
(Drue tljil&?cn bcoUestl;cp crare tfof IM. 

Sc tfjjeefcoje titflnecrc to goe to tjt'sgeer?, 
^Do mp conference a clog to a?e like a toff, 

Sxandi nte Domine^fiuis mfp 

cf o^ au-D f etflj ic,3| brill tifpatct it, 
Qi)tu\D?ct' potniD fin-ling; fo? tnp UUCB fpartng* 
. Enter ?f r?r a Prophet, with people. 
Peter ^Of ,Uii)0 IS fym, ^ . Fraunces bt pOUt fpttt, 

Ccmcin mj fiocfe,an taHoU> me , pour fo? times 31 vm'U rcctt 
Come bttfrr bop, pt get tijec fccnir , anD clime not oucrbtc : 
jpojifrom aloft rljp tb? tunes itanbg in 

oo be toiti; pou P^^ 35 p^ap pou come to 


JFo? in tfjp palm e 3 fee a inanp troablec are pbent to Dtuell, 
3l5ut cljou (bait fcape t bem ail and ooo full tucH* 

^?7 3 tfeanfee pou P^^,tl)tres a cl;ccfe fo? ponr U6o?: mp 
fifter p?8pea petfl come borne, f tell ber IJODJ manp buftanw 
fte (1)311 banyan* 6;ee'i giue pou n rib f baton. 

y^/fr spp ma(ler,aap at tOetotww eirt fojme,^ cotne 
topou all anon : 31 mud cifpatcb fome bu fines U)icb a jf tier, 
an5 tljcn Jlie r cao pour fo?t une0. 

. Peter 3| am of tlje ttaila anft tu tlje iswjio, but Uuc not as 
otljcie bp tbe vuinlo ; uslj-it 3! Am 3! kno\i>,anp \uljai cbott toilc 
to3i kno\a 31ftOou knotocfimenoUj be anfuiereouf'. 
quire no moje \uuac5i am. 

Phil. &ir,3IfcnotopoutoiHbea uiCTemblfiHo; fettaue,t!jat 
tfee people Uiitb blinoe pjopbscirg : pou are trim 3) 

t(>e rabble, 

anti pott jfrier L**rtct remember pour rannfome a bunDiea 
IJOUUD, anD a paroon to? jour ftlfc, ano tbereft ctme on* &ir 
Ipppbec, pou fyafttoitfcme, to receiue a l&opbets reuiarae. 


Enter Hubert de Burgh with three men. 

Hubtrt )p maff era.3l baue fljc tot u pou tofeae toatrant 3 
taut fo? tljis attempt , 31 petceine bp pour beaute councenan* 
ces,pou Ijacratbcr be otbcrU'ifeiniplopcu, cntjfoi mp ottne 
part,3l tDOulo tbe Eing; Ijao mate cbopre of Come other ( rec 
tionc r : onelp tl)is is mp r oinfoit, tljat a King cflinmauuo?, 
toljofc precepts nc^Iccteo o? 8mitceD,tl)?fatnctino^urc.foj (be 
Default, Cberefo^c in bjicfr ,!eae me,anu be rraote to aeeena 
tbe aDtif P turc : (tap luubtn tbat entrp, anu tuben pon beare me 
crie,God fauc the King, iffue (oDotnlp foo^j, lap banftes on 
Arthur f, i btm in tine cbapic 3 tu!jetin (once fall botmn) leaue 
btm vuitlj me to 5i; ifl) tbe reft* 

Attendants GBegoe^bawgbtoatb. Exeunt. 

7/n^rr 9^LojD,toiHitplcafc pourponourto take tbe 
benefice of tbe fairc euentng ^ 

Enter 'Arthur to Hubert de Bmrgb. 

Arthur 6ramr reie f/**wf fo? tbp care of me, 
3n o?tob)ljom rtftratntta nriulp knotten, 
tbe iop of tealktog 10 f mall benefit, 
3?et ttill 1 cake tbp offer ttitb fm all tbankctf > 
3 UioulD not Icafe tbe pleafurc of tbe epe 
But tell me curceons keeper tf pou ran, 
$ofr long cbe Sing toil! baue me Carrie beere* 

Hubert % kttoli) noc p?incr,but as 3! g^e not long. 
&OD feno pon fmi>ome,an& God fauethe King, 
They iflTue forth. 

Arthur (!23bpbo\jjn9)ar0, tolac map cfjifi outrage 


e keeper btfpe* 

CenD not to reaue a toptcfceft jurltles life. 
//*J>*r* &efirM*Pt,aHDleane tbe reft fo?me.~ 
Arthur Cfce* ^r/fow pfciD.oeatb frobmetb in tfcp fee r , 

IZBbat meanetb tbtg : 6000 //*m pleaa tbe cafe. 

ano barfy,bell0 i^ror to be Ijearu : 
a Dtfmall caie fit fo? a fortes tongue. 
31 faint to teU,oape fojroto ia tbc founo. 

jfto netued of Deattj,bttttftfeg of m*je&fttt, 
9 tt)>atbfuli ooomt ,ant> mod bntactte fate : 
De.itljs ftify mere Datntte at fo fell a foiff, 
75 e oeafe.beare not,itf feell to tf II tljr reft* 
Arthur 3las tbou \^onga mp poutb toitb U)0p0 of fear r, 
Cte be0,t(0 bo?ro?,n ot fo? one to feeare : 
GUbat i tt man if it mutt neetcs beoon, 
9<t it,anu enD it,tt)at tbe patne ttere goa 

Hf^ 31 uniinotcOaunt furfj tiolour toitbmptongttf, 
^ct mufl 3J t t|jc outrage \itb mp l)ano . 
flpp bcart mp feeaD,auo all m? patera beHoe, 
Co arte tbe office bae at once ftemoe* 
^trufetbis Uttcr,lmcsof treble tooe, 
EeaD o^e mp cbarge,ano paroon \oben pou kHota* 


Hubert th& are to commaund thcc, as tliou tcndrc (1 our 
quiet in mindc and thccftatc ofoarpcrfon, tha.tprc- 
fently vpon the receipt of our commaund,thcu put out 

9bmon(!rou^ tamueti man, life ber? b^eatb 
fttt0 tbe element*, 

Contagious wnpmeotoelletb in bis beart* 
effecting meanes topopfou all tbeluo^o* 
Unreuereut map 3 be to blame tbe beaueu* 

t inesto opp?c(Te the innocents tiritb toionj, 
flb //^r/,makc0be tbtcbts inftrumc iit 
Co focujotljenromp tbatcaufetb btll triumph ? 
fyeawrttucepes^be faints boolbcDcrlclhati tenres, 
Cb*p tore cbp fall,ano cptetbee luitbr tfuojfe, 
^bcp^och tbp confcience^oouingpttietbcrr, 
GLtillmg to fcirre tbcc from tbc rage of bell : 
j[)cU Hubert ,ttutt me all tbc plagues of (jell 
I).aigs on per fojtfnncc of tbis oamnco caof , 
CLbis fcale.tlje warrant of tbe botttes bltiTc, 
Cnfuretb ^atan cljicftainr of tbp foulc : 
^ubfcribe not Hubert iw not 6oDS part atoap* 
3 fpc^ke not onelp fa? eprs yiiutit 1-5?, 
^Oechtcfc exterio) tbat 31 looulo tniop : 
35ut fa; tbp pm'H.farre bcpano mp painr, 
Cbp foeete foules Iofle,mo?e tljan nip epctf uainc lac^j 
3 catife in ternalf.anD et email to 
^ ouifi* tbee Hubertjo} tbe rafc is b ir 5, 
^ Co looCe faluatio H fo? a Kings rctoaro* 

//^^ 9p lo?o,a fufnect Duelling t n tbe Ian* 
3!s cpco to ejcecttte tbe Kings commauno, 
^ Airtburjgtt oo comminofl, tobofe potoer rear ftetb fui 
lo ^bac no commaunD O;OU!D (Tano in fo2ce to number* 
k \j Hubert Q^ut tljat fame ClTcnre batb o^Daino a latu, 
3 oeatl) fo? Keepe tbe luoilo in aiue, 

Arthur 3] pieao not gtu'ltie.trtAfonles arD free. 

//.<^rf But tbatappeale mp X.OJID coneernesnot m 

'- L - SUbptboa art bf tbat maift omit tbe periH, 


^)i3 quarrcll is bnbnllouito fnlfe ano luiontj. 


daibp tbat* to tbee if tr)o as tbep ppcecoc 
Conrluue tbariuDgrmrntuiitb fouilea Daoc. 

Hubert taijp rljen no fjtccution can be laujfull, 
3!f Sluojes Doomeu mutt be repute D DOtibtfalL 

es tobere to fa? in c of 1L a&e in place ana time, 
tlje ofrcp.Df r isconuictcD of tbe crime* 

//rr/ S$plo?&, mp lojD,tbi3 lonjj erpoffufaefcl^ 
ifpeapee fcp moje gwjfc.tbau pismife of refyeflej 
,f o? tt;t3 31 kn ou? 3 nnt) Co refolufte 31 cn0 
Cljnt fubiects Hues on JSings commaunos depend 
31 mult notrcafoit tobpbe is pour foe, 
^ut n co Ins rbarge Qnce IjccMnmaunus it fa, 

Arthur 'EbcnDot (bp cb-irgMiio cijnrgca be fyp fouU 
mitb to?angfull perfecution Donetbfo Dap* 
^ou rotolincj epe0,lvbofe fupr r ftcic* pet 
3! DOO bebolo Uditb epes tf;at Mature lent : 
&ent> foo?tb ttjc tcrro? of pour ooucrs froUme s 
o \D?c ake mp tojion^Dpon tljf murtljctcrs 
Cl;a t rob me of pour fatre r eficdhio; Die to ; 
Let bed to tbem (as eartb ib ? ^iQ) to me) 
35e uarhe anUDirefull gwerDon fo? $betr pplf, 
3uD let tbe black torment rrs of cecpe T*rtary 
apl^aiuc tbem tott b tbie Damacu enter p?fc, 
3Inm(ttnp; change of tortures on cbeir fouler 
Df lap not K*^r/,mp ojifon are enoeo, 
^Begin 3( p jap tbae.rcaue me of mp Osbt t . 
35ut to petfojmc a tragcoie tno aot, 
Conclude tbe pcrtoD .ttutlj a mortal! dafr. 

jpahe mp nifpattb t^e ^Lirant s feaftinff oav. 

H^^rf 31 faint, 31 fcare,mp confctenc e Oiosi oeQff t 
jTamtoto 31 fap,fcare*u^l tOac 3 natncpV 

coHimauno,t|jat toarrant fettf me fra : 

Cbat grrac CommaunDct- countr tcbccks mp cbarjje, 
>e itapee mp mahetb toft mp Ijeare, 
6oe curfeo toole^our office is exempt, 
Cbecre tljee pongio^D^bouCbaUnot loofean epe, 
t:Uougb 31 ftoulo purcbafc it ivi! b loffe of life* 

airo or ttje Iamr.o2 ccllljim tfem arc oeao, 
<5ot in toitlj me,fo;t //*rrr uias not bojne 
Co Wince tbofe lampes tlja t jftattire polIiOje Co, 

Arthur Hubert, if euer Arthur be in ffatf, 
lake fo> amend* of tfcis tcceiueD gift 
31 toke mp epftgljt bp ftp rurteQe, 
^ou lenttt tbera m c, j laill not be ingratc, 
Bat note p;ocraaination map offcno 
Cbf i flue t bat tbp kinonea unr>f tcafeeg : 
Depart toe ^ri ^opjeuenttbe tuo^. Exeunt. 

Enter King Iohn,EfTex, Salisbury, Pcnbrooke. 
John jfjoto toartike follotoers rcOetb ougbt Dnoon 
bae map tmpeacb bs of fono oucrfigbt *: 
Cbe f rencb baue fdttfce temper of our (Vuo^tf, 
Colo tmo^ keep w poffeffion in tfce it fotolr 0, 
Checking tUeir etteroartng anoganc e 
jToi buckling tttcb To great an ouermattb* 
Cbe 3rcbe p?ouj tttleo^tca of ?t*ty, 
^bat calleg bimfclfe pant Utrcar bnoer 600 
31sbuaeo note tuitb rreucall ebrequiesf, 
Spa (Te ano m omb mm6e,t)rrge an D 35 kno to not t& at 
%o cafe tbettfotDlei in paroeful! poigato?p, 
Cbac baue mifcar teo in rfeefe btouop toarte 

)ao tiDings of out finall account of tyro, < 
OO^B ^Jb ta ant uauntmg upon Ijis toetf 
^)c \j?Dje a reafon tobp tlje C ngltQj a Oe 
DtfoaingD tbc blefteo oiDinance otRomd 
Cbe title (reaerentlp mialjt 31 infer re) 
Became tfce Eino;0 t\)M earft bane bo^ne tlje loau, 
^Llje fljuift) tofigbt of tbat con tr oiling ^iett: 
tQbo at Ijtsplcafure tempera tbemlikemajre ./ii 
C a carrie arm r ?s on Danger of bid turfe, 
^anping tbeir foiules uiitfj toarram* of bid (jano , 
9 grttue to t[)ink c feoto Kings in ages paft 



Jpaue tun into a tljoafanii ads of foamr 
St RBOJ foj conffi mattonof our &tnte, 
itb $eii3ucp?c<j>;io tbe moje tfcan na&full fyaunc!; 
wo oppjelfc tlje true tor l-grotofag (lock, 

jDour Cine flr ates liauc eccboeo to the care, 
:,@otJ fiue o 

^teulo !J?CCD a muttn:e in peoples mtnueg, 
CBbat it iljoulo rneane to base pou crouino againe . 

trijouhnotofiaot utyat inOucetb me to ((jis, 
Efix goe in,anD iojomga all be goa 
about ttrt taf ke,31 tuiltte ere tono anoiu 

Philip jafytt netoegjfcoto to t^e Abbots c^efte ? 
Sre jfricr fatter tl>an tlje Dunnes are faite ? 
&3bae cbeere laittl) CljurcUmen .Uati tlje? gofoe o? no *; 
Cf !l me footo bat& rtjp office toobe effect ? 

Cfce eafe b^eo abbots ano tbe bare foote jfricrs, 

9re al( in be altlj.miD \aere mp lo?o in ioealtb> 
Qiil % ban tptbde ano toloe tljcir boij) boo?us* 
31 Doubt not te&en pour ^igbnes fas mp p>i?e, 
^ou map p?opo}tt'on all tbeir foi^er p?toe 

' 70^ S^bp fo,UOUi fo^ts it Philip** It (I) OUlD : 

Cbt'3 fmall intruQon into $bbep t ctmhes, 
JaiU make tl;e ^opeltogs ercommumcate, 

^ Crfe, 

rf'p- i 

i.^ > 

uiTe,ban,anD bjeatb out Dam nco ojifona, 
3s tbfcfc as baileffoncs fojc tbe fpjtnga applet) : 
3i3uc pet ae barmlcs anu teitbout effect, 
Sle is tbe cecbo of a Cannons crack 
Difcbarga againft tbe battlemc nt of beaacn* 
$5ut uibac neiucs els befell tbere Philip ? 

B*ft*rd Strange netnr 3 mp io?D : uiitbin pour ttrrfto- 
|5erc Pom/ret tg a ld)opb 1 1 netw fp^onp; bp, 
CClbofeoiutnation uollcps toonocrs fooitl; ; 
^Lobtm tbe Commons tb^ong toiilj Countrepgtftg, 
Ipc fees a Date unto tbe Bcloamcs Dr at b, 
]p;cfci tbcs l)o\u long tljc Uirgins ttateujalllatt, 
Dininguifyetb tbe mooning of t bebcaucns, 
2>uu's limits unto bclp nuptiall rptcs, 
jf o?etelle:b famtne,abountietb plentic foub, 
tiDf fate,of fojtune 5 Ufe ano Deatb bf cljata, 
CQub fuel) a'lTurnncc.fcruplciB put apart, 

)? kept a Eegtffer of all tl;e Dcfttn:. 

tLljou tcitl mnn cr ur.tlcc, tooulo tljou IjaDC 0: ourtljt 

B *ftar <t Sj^p lo?D,3l toohe a care of ban 31 UMU% 
\ \ Slno bjougbt'tbe lp?cpbet to it b m c to tbe C our t, 
J ^>e ftapes mp lo?t but at tbe Defence coo?c : 
Jplr afetb pour ijpisbRe0,3I lutll cali btm in . 

hkn ^np (tap atDbilc^fc'lbauc bint Ijcrc anon, 
^ tbws of tec io,bt is firft to be p crfoyno, 

Enter the Nobles and crowne King fcbu t and then eric 
v\, God faue the King. 

John L0?Dtng*ano frier.os fuppo^tc r of our fiaif, 
Slomtre not at tljis unaccuftomo courfe, 
|5o? in pour tfeougljts blame not tbfs DOEDC of pour*. 
Once ere tfois time teas 31 inucltco King, 
^ottr feaUte fwo^ne as lliegmen to our Sate : 


Once Knee t&aj time ambicious teDcs baue fpjtt'ng 

&o (laine t be beaut ie of our garDen plot : 

25i;t btfttttnsin our connuct rooting tijence 

3Tbe fa Iff intrnaers,fyefecrs of fcjojtos peace, 

Ipauc to our iop,maoe feunfljtnecbafe tbe ttojme, 

Sfcer tlje trp pour conttanrie, 

Cljat note 31 fa ie toajtbfe of pour names, 

die crauoe once mo?r pour fcclps fo$ to inueff ^ 

3!ntfl tbe rigbt tlja t enute fougljc to tu^ack, 

Once luac 31 not Depo(be,pour former cftopcc; 

J/^oU) ttoicc ban crotoneD ano applaueeoitins : 

|?aur djecrcD action to inftall me fo y 

3i nfers affureo ttttues of pour lours, 

^no bmH0 meoutr in a ^mglp care 

3Co rentier ioue with loaere\uarDs of toc$j 

^o ballance ootune rcquitall to tbe full, 

25ut tbankes tbe U)bile,tbanke io^ngs to pou aH t 

3ffte me ano \)(e me,trp me ano finoe me pours* 

Effex 9 boon nip t o?D,at Daun tage of pour Uio?fitf 
COeailte to gucrDon all our lopaltirs* 

Tembrooke toe take tbe time . 
Iplcafc it pou gra tint, pou make pour p?omife gooO, 
Ja^itb Ic flfer lofle tban one fupsrfluous Ijaire 
C^acnot rememb^eb falletb from pour beao* 

John c$p too^D to paft,melu0 pour bone mplojas* 
2Elbat map it be *: 3fke it,ano it is pours* 

E/tx mecraueinpio?tj,to pleafct^e Commons! toitft ' 
Cbe Itbertie of laoie Conduce ^ onne : 
satbofe Durance Darkened pour $>tgbue0 rigbt, 
9s if vou kept btm pjtifoner, to tbe eno 
^our fe We were Doubtfull of tbe tbingpou^aue* 
DifmifTebtm tbence,pour ^igljnes newes not feare, 
Sluice bp con fent pou are proclaim* our King* 

Pembrookt ^bis if pott grattnt, to ere all unto pour goos t 
JFo? 6mple people mufe pou keepe Ijim clofe 

<0 2 ConSr* 


Confirming warrant of vourlopaltir *, 
2Difmtfle pour couuft Il 3 faa? nip ftate, 
let 1*hn ooo nothing Luc Up pour ccr.fnua . 
OWjp bou> noto Phtlipjub&t e rtafif t* tbis ^ 
OUljp caff tbou vp tljp eyes to Ijejucn to ^ 

There the fiuc Mooncs appcarc. 

launcmg; mine epe to fee tbe Di 

jsiaccc bp r^e 3ifbopf on pour Hpigfjues bean, 

jr r om foontj a gloom tc clouoe, Uil)iclj curtaine like 

Difplatoett fclfc,3! focatnlpefpieo 

Jftue C^eoucs reflcding, a? pou far tfcem note : 

Cucn in tljc moment tljac tljeCrotonciu,ifipl,ute 

an tljep apprarc^olDingtljecourfepoufef, 

ClnijfuaHftgnes.fojf runner* of went, 
pjefagcrsof ftrange tcrro? to t!jetDo?lo ; 
QSclccue me LO?DS tbe obica fearcs me r.iur b. 
Philip tbou coloft me of me of ^Oi^faro late* 
4r etcb in tbe man to Defame of tijis fljou?. 

rembrooke Cb* Ijeauf n froujne upon tbe finfufleartfc, 
CCUjcn V J itlj p?onigious unaccuttomo Ognrs 
Cljcu fpot tljcir ftiprrficies teftb fucb toonoer. 

lti*filent y 

octlrop tbe fattltfull Cotune, 

Enter the Baftard with the Prophet. 


^opbec of Pomfictfot f 3 beare tbou arc, 
Cfe.u calc ulat a of manp tfomge to come : 
CLUjo bp a y ouj cr repieste ftitb bcauenlp gift 

Canft blab tbe couafeli of tbj^afee r uuH, 
3 f fame be true>oj frurb be to?9*5 dp t^e, 
Derioeinrppbcrincjtobat tfcefe flue Sg 
JDojteuD tbta CIpme,if tbep p^efage at an. 
Ejeatb out ebp gift,tt if 3! Hue to fee. 
Cby 'Dinfnatton take a true effect, 
giebonoar tljwaboue ali cat tW? men* 


CO^ere fits tijepope in all ()is OO!P pompe, 

jf otoje of trje Spoones p^efent foto^rr ^out 

^DO \X)it,5/><f penmtrketGcrmAnicptib Frtunce, 

Chat beare tbc pokeofp?ottD cotnmaunuinj ^ 

^!jc fmalieft Spoane tt;at rwbirlea about t^e 
3lmpatient of tbe place bebolDsdvtt^eii^ 
Dotb figure foo^tb tijis 3llano -^/^'w, 
2Bbo rjins to fcojne tbe >ea anti ^tateof 
5no feehi J to 0>un ibeoict0 of t^e pope t 
^Dbi0 (botved tbe beaiwn,ano tbi^3l wo au we 
310 figuretJ in tbefe appariciousf . 

lehn 2Bbp tben it feemcs tbe ijeaucn is fwile on ^> 
6iumg applaufefo) leauing of tlje^ope* 
3ut fa? tbep cbaunce in our Spettoum, 
DDO tlj?p effect no p?iuate greluing ill 
^Do be infltcteo on us in tbia Clpmti 

^at on fome otber hnotol ctge tfja 1 3 bane 
$p nip p?efctenc:,cre ^fcenQon cap 

e clean* mfpcplo ano DifpotTct!* 
jraireD?eamer,peri0>UJttb tb^toitc^wetneu* 

3 falfe,foj fearing me toit^aine fuppofc : 


Qcncc toub tfcc catttlj.Uells Damnes fccretane. 

Lock Uim upfure : foj lip mp aitb 3 feeare, 

'Cruc o? not true,tl)e tt t^aro fljftll in: liuc. 

Woje afcenQon ftap:U)(jo fyoulobc eaufe l/crcof ^ 

Cue off tbe caufc mm tben ibe cffctnuiil opr. 

Cut jtut^nip m crct'c 1 crues to maime mp feifr, 

'Clje rote cotlj Itue,from U)l;cnce tlje fe t^ne? fpjfng l^p, 

3! anump p;tonufe paftfo) bis odiurp : 

jTrolune fric uns 3 f a tic faiti), tlje DtucU goe tott^all, 

tZLO c b?at n;aH Dpe^liac ten ifiefl me tljus * 

Tembrooke an& f/** 31 wcall mpgraunf, 

31 tutU not bup pout fcuoucs bitty inp feare : 

Jf?ap murmur not ,mp toill is lain e nouglj, 


2 UJOUID not bup it toitlj mp Bifcon tent. 
Enter Hubert, 

{^)o\u netytobtt nctocs toitlj tljce. 
Kwlvrr 3 crowing to pour l,)tn^r ea Oricht comm auno 

^Do ff Arthurs epffl are bltnoed MID ertiwt. 
/^ caijp ffl,tljen [jc map tefe tbe crotone 3 but neuec ft it, 
//.-<^f rf j^o? Tee no? fale ,fo? of tbe ertreamc patue, 

SHttbtn en e botocr gaue be bp (be 6l)ott 
catjat is be Dean '; 

Cbcn trutb btm Dpe tnp eare * 
j^otu top bettoetbP foule* 

Effex SDljnt baue pou oone mp ioio i* taas c uer lieavo 
31 occDe of mo?c inhumane confc quencc ? 
Pour foes ttill curfe.potir frir noa uull eric reuenffc. 
^inhtnolp rajc moie rouglj tban JSo?tber(i totnoe, 
Co r Ijtp cbc beautte of fo facet e a floiuer. 
TOat bope in bs fo? mmie on a fault, 
CCUjcn iunftnan Dpes UJttljout tmpeaeb of caufe, 
3 9 pou tiuc DOBC, fo come to ebaere pou fcritlj, 
tbcfiuiicftaHncucr becatt me in mp ccc(b 



/ohn 8nD are pou gone ? 

pjoaDBebda as you are to bjaueme fo : 

&aucfe,bncuuU,cfrecfeer0 of mp will 

jDour tongues; giue eDge&Wflc&f fawn fcntfe r 

^(jat (ball Ijaue paflfage tfoougU |>onr traitrotis t&joafcJ, 

$uc ijufbtjbicatlj not buggs toojos to foone abjoaD, 

leaff timep?euenttbe tflfueof t&preac&. 

^r/ W is o eao J! tljere cljc co^ie gTovur : 

35uc tuljile Ije Iiuoe 3 tbc Danger teas tOcmojc; 

p? DM tO batl) frero me tram a tbaufano feareg, 

!But it bad) pur cba(T me ten timed ten fyouCnnD f oe^ 

&H hp all (0 one,fu c& luch Qjall y aunt Ijis game, 

CDo ftbome tljc oiuell oioes an open u)ame ; 

H)is life a foe tfrac leuelo at mp crotene, 

$10 Deatb a frame to pull mp butloing Dotonr* 

$$P tljoujljts Ijarpt mil on quiet bp (jts enn, 

dlljo Ituing apmeo fi)?otoDlp at mp roome : 

3$uc to p?euent t^at plea tuiic e teas 3 crotono, 

Sluice DID mp fubiert* fuieare me ftaltte, 

9no in mp confctenre louoe me as tbeir liege, 

3!n ti) bofe Defence tljep luonlD Ijaue paiunts tfj? tc liuesJ* 

But nottt fyep (bun me as a &erpentg tting, 

3 tragick ^p?ant (terne ano ptttle 0, 

Sue not a title foHotoea after loh. 

IBue 13utcljcr,blouDfucker anD murtfjerer, 

SCfyatplftjut goucriHrempnattuitie, 

Co faoDe me fouerafgne tppea of bigb eCatf, 

fi>o tnterlacte tottb Oelitu) ctft ontent, 

dBbcreinfeH furie (jattjne intered* 

Cura be tbe Crotone cbtefe autOoj of mp care, 

IQap curd mp toiU tbat mane tfre Cr otone mp cart $ 

Curd be mp btrtljDap,curft ten times tbe toombe 

Eljat pee iDeo me auue into tlje \uo?lo 

9rt tfeott tbere billnine, jTuries Ijaunt tljeeff til, 

jTo^ htUing j^im toy ara a H tfje too^lo Iameut0 

H*btrt TOp bcrca mp LOJ& pour $igbnc0 bans fr fealc, 
:iiarg;ina; on Itucs rcryato to boo tbc Decor. 

* 3!) Dull conmp:e& peasant Hnotoft t&ou not, 
He was a Damn eo tpecrable Dreoe : 

u(l me a feale ? 2DI) billamc^otl) our foulest 
nut foloct&cit frecBome to tljetljjaHof bell, 
Inocr cbetoarrant of tljat curfcD feale. 
)cnce uiHaiue.ljang t^p felfe,ano fap in Ijcll 
\m J\ am rotnmtng fo>a Ktn^ome there- 
Hubert 9pp lo>o attcnti tlje bappie tale 3 tell. 
r o? (jrnttens !;ealtb feno ^at'jan packing Ucsce 
:bac inaigarcs pour Otgbnes to Dcfpatrc. 
3if Arthurs oeatS be Dtfmall to be Oearo, 
^anoic tl)e neiues fo? rumors of bntrutlj t 
tpdiufg mpLo^.tbefttieeteilpou/.altue, 
3In ljca!ti),\i)(t() rpfigljt } not a baire amiffe* 
Cljts Ijart tooke big:o? from tfots fo^tuarti UantJ, 
^aktno; it toeake Co execute pour cfjarcre. 

70^ ^ai)at Ittie0 6e^ Cbenftteete Ijopc come^omc ajen, 
Cbafe Ijcnce uefp 3tre,tbe pnruepcr fo? (jell, 
l|)pe //*rrr,cell t^efe tioinga to mp lojDa 
fc&at tb?ob in patHoBS fo^ pong ^frthart oeatb : 
i[)cnceA/^r,aapnoc till tljou bad rettealo 
Clje tutujeb netocs of Arthur * bappp OeaUlj. 
3 soe mp felfe,tbc topfulft manalitic 
^o 0o;ie out tbta ttcu) fuppofco crime* Exeunt. 

The endc of the firft part. 


The troublesome reign of John