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Full text of "The true chronicle history of King Leir. 1605"

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ttbe tlu&ot facsimile 

f tug 

Conjectural date of writing c. 1588-9 

Date of supposed First Edition J 594 

Date of this the Earliest Edition now known .... 1605 
[B.M. Pressmarks, C. 34, /. n ; and 161. a. 51] 

Reproduced in Facsimile 1910 

jfarsimth lists 

Under the Supervision and Editorship of 

2Hw true 

Issued for Sttbscribers by the Editor of 



2f (I 

ftrue Chronicle Ibistor^ of Ikino Xetr 


The original of this facsimile reprint is in the British Museum and is 
catalogued C. 34, /. n. In this copy folios C 2 and C$ are missing, 
and are made up in manuscript. These pages are here supplied from 
another but inferior copy in the King's Library, which is cut rather close, 
and is more stained than the former. 

" King Leir" was entered on the Stationers' Books May i^th, 1594, 
by Edward White " The most famous Chronicle History of Leir King 
of England and his three daughters." The 1605 edition was entered 
May 8th, 1605, by Simon Stafford (see Arber). 

The play was, conjecturally, written late in 1588, or early in 1589, 
and was in all likelihood staged shortly afterwards. 

The play was published anonymously and has been variously 
attributed to Kyd, Lodge, Marlowe, Greene and Peele, to the last-named 
without much cause ; the work is also regarded by many as " too poor " 
for Marlowe : the " consensus of opinion " divides the authorship jointly 
between Greene, Kyd, and Lodge. 

The traces (almost obliterated) of writing on the title-page are (see 
Halliwell-Phillipps, " Outlines" p. 344; " first written by Mr. William 
Shakespeare." This note is devoid of authority. 

// is a much disputed question as to whether this play was made by 
Shakespeare the foundation of his own "King Lear"; the weight of 
evidence is, I believe, in favour of the assumption. But this is not the 
place for more than the barest mention of matters that are fully discussed 
elsewhere in well-known and easily accessible quarters. 

Mr. J. A. Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British 
Museiim, after comparing this facsimile with the original reports that 
" it is a first-rate reproduction, as will be seen by the scantiness of remarks 
on the pages" The "faults" noted are as follows: (i) On the 
title-page " the device is printed a little too heavily at the extreme right " ; 
otherwise " the facsimile of the title-page is excellent." (2) There are no 
"flaws" as follows in the word "of," line i, Ai ; in the "/" of 
"fashion,'* A$, line 9 from bottom of page ; and no smudge under "an" 
on Di, line 8. As " too heavy" Mr. Herbert earmarks the " oud " of 
"proud" on Bi verso, line 16 from bottom; the word " Conor ill" in 
Stage-direction, Bz ; the whole of page Da verso is " a little too heavy " ; 
also lines 18 28 on Dq. verso ; on the other hand B 3 is printed " a trifle 
too faint" That is all. 



True Chronicle Hi, 

ftoryof KmgLfiju and his three 
daughters, Cjqrnrill> f R^agan > 

and Cordclfa 


As it hath benc diuers and furtdky 
times lately afted. 


Printed by Simon Stafford for lohn 

Wrighr, and arc to bee fold at his fhop ac 

Chriftc* Qiurch dore, next Ncwgato- 

Market. 1605. 



The true Chronicle Hi (lone of King 

Lcir and bis three daughter*. 

Epttr Kin Ltir dud Koblti. 

\ lui to our griefe the obfcquics performd 
Jf our(roo late) deccaft an d dearcft Quern, 
.Vi'ofefoulc 1 hope.pofleft of hsaucly loyes, 
'Doth ride in triumph *nogft the Cherubms; 
; -rtrs requcft yourgraur aduice, my Lords, 
For t lie dilpofing of our princely daughters, 
fpecially imployd, 

or*hvj.u uui 

Ainatxiirbunleci'itoiUuaunce their lUtei, 
In myall man ugc wuli route princely mates : 
For wanting now their mothers good aduice , 
Vodfrwlwlegouermient theyhauercccyued 
Apei fi: patterue of a vertuoui life : 
Left as ic were a Hiip witkouc a fterne, 
Or fil ly Iheepe without a Pallon care { 
Although our felues doe dcarely tender (kern, 
Yetireweignorantof tlieiraffiyrei j 
For fathers beft do know to goucrne foonet; 
But daughters Heps the mothers counfell tunics. 
A fnne we want for to fucceed our Crowne, 
And ccurfe of tme hath cancelled the date 
Of further idue front our withered loynes : 
One foote already hangetli in the graue, 
And age bath made deepe rurrowes in my face; 
The world of me > I of the world am weary, 
And 1 would fayne refignethele earthly circs, 
And thinke vpon thewelfareof uiy loulc : 
Which by no better oieanes may be crTcfted, 
Then by refigningvptbeCrowne from me, 
In equal! dowry to my daughters three. 

Sk^lh^tr. A worthy ctre, my Liege, vhicfcwf II declares, 
The ze4le you bare TDto our <]**nl4m C^ueene : 
Aodlince your Grace hath hccnCdme tofpeak*, 

A 2 I cerv 


I ccnlurc ths ; Your M aiefty knowing well, 
Wiat feuerall Suteriyour princely daughters Iwue, 
To make them cchc a loy n ttr onort or leife, 
As is their worth, to them thacloueprofefle. 

Z<r.No n orc,nor lellcjbuccuen all alike, 
My leale is fixe, all faiiuond in one mould : 
Wherefore vnpartiall fhall my cenfurc be, 
Both old and young (hall hauealike forme* 

Ktkl. My gracious Lord, I hartily do wilh, 
T hat God had lent you an heyre ind ub it ate, 
Which might hau* (ctvpon your 'royall throne* 
When fates fhould loofc the prifon or'your lire, 
By whole luccclTion all this doubx might ceafe j 
Lindas by you, 17 htm we might bane peace. 
Butart||>vvifhcs cucr come too late, 
And nofliing can rcnoke the courfe of fare 
WJ)ererore,n>y Lirge^rry cenfurc deemes it bc(t, 
To match them with fame of your neigh bour Kings, 
Bordring within the bounds ot Albion, 
By whoi c vniccdfricndihip, this our itacc 
Maybe protected 'gairftallforraynehartr. 

Ltir. Uercin,my Lords,y our willies fort with mine, 
And mme^Ihope}do fort vvith heau;nly powers; 
lor at this mftanc two neereneyghbounng Kings 
OtCoinnailandof Cambria, motion Joue 
To my two dauglucrs,G*wrf'tf and %*gan. 
My ycungtft daughter, fayre CtrdtU*, vro ,ves 
No liking to a Monarch, vnlellc lone alto\ve5 
She is lollicited by diuers Peeret; 
But none of them her partial! fancy lieircs. 
i et, if my policy may her bcguyle, 
lie match Mer to force King within this lie, 
And iocltablnh fuel) a per tit peace, 
A storcants force fhall ne're preuayle to ceafe. 

Ptritltu. Or TS & oiirs.your gracious care > my Lor J, 
Def crucs an toerUft ing memory, 
Jo be inroi'din Chroniclci et' hUHe 
By oeuer-dytBg perpcraity : 


7et to become foprcuident a Prince, 

Loi c net the tide or a louing father : 

Do not force loue, where fancy cannot dwell, 

Left frrcasoe* being ftopo>tboue the banks do fwcst 

Ltir t I am refolu'd, and cucn now my mind 
Doth meditate a hidden ftratageoi, 
To try which of ivy daughters louccme belt : 
Which till 1 know, I cannot be in reft, 
This grauntcd,wbcnthe) joyacly fhalltontend, 
Eche to exceed the otlicr in theu loue: 
Then at the vantage will 1 ckeCcr<&//4, 
Eucnas fhcdodi preteft fhelouesmcbcft, 
lie fay, Then, daughter, graunt me one requcil, 
To fliew thou Icucft me at thy filters doc, 
Accept a huband,whom my felfe will woo. 
This layd, (lie cannot well deny my lute. 
Although (poore loule) her fences will be mute: 
Then will 1 cry umph m my policy, 
And match her with akmgot Brittany. 

5^4/. 1 1< to them bctorc,and bewray your fecrf cy . 

fir. Thus t'achers tliiak their children to beguile, 
And oftcDtimesthemfelacsdo fiift repent, 
When bcaucnly powers do trull: ate their intent, 
Lnttr Gm9nll**d f^g*. 

CM* 1 maruell , ^<, how you can mdurc 
To fee that proud pert Pcat,our youngeft tiller, 
Se (lightly 10 account of vi, her elders, 
As if we were no better the* her fclfe! 
Wecannot haBeaqiuyntdcaice fofoone, 
Or new mule failiion, of our choycc inuenr.on. 
But if fbc like itjflic will ha ue the fame, 
Or ftu J) newer to exceed vs both. 
Be fide5,flie is To nice and fo demure; 
So fober, courteous, niodeft, and prccife, 
Tkat all the Court hath workeystough to do, 
To ralke how fhe exccedeth me and you, 

%* What rhould i do? would it wero it) my power, 
Te find a care for this contagious ill ; 
A 5 Some 

ThcHiflory of King Lei? 

Some defperate medicine muft be foone applycd, 
To dimme the glory of her mounting fame$ 
Els ere 1 : be long,fheele haue both prick and praife, 
And we muft be ( et by for wot king dayci. 
Doc you not fee what icuerall choyceof Sutcr* 
She daily hath, and of the b eft degree ? 
Say,amongftall,fhe hap to fancy one, 
And hauc a huiban d when as we haue none : 
Why then,by rig ht, to her we muft giae place, 
Though ir be ne're fo much to our difgrace. 

go* t By my virginity, rather then fhe fliali Jiaue 
A husband before me, 
He marry one or other in his lli irt : 
And yet 1 haae made halfc a graunt already 
Of my good will rmo the King of Cornwall. 

Hf. Swearcnot fo deeply (liltcr) here cooieth m 
Something hit hallycoumiingduth import. Enter S^ 

S k^l, S .vcet Prmce(rcs,( am glad I met you hcere fo luckily; 
Haumg good ncwes which doth concerne you both, 
And craucthfpecdy expedition, 

1(4. For Gods fake cell vs what it iiiy Lord, 
1 am wich chil d vntill you vtter it. 

S^/, Madam,to iiue ) cur longing, tins it is : 
Your hther in great fc<recy to day, 
Told mc,hc mcanes to marry you oat of hand, 
Vnto the noble Prince of Cambria; 
You, Madatn,totheKmgof Curnwalls Grace: 
Your yonger filter he would faync bellow 
Vpontlic rich King of Hibernu: 
But chat he doubts,fhe hardly will confent; 
For hitherto fhc nc're could fancy him. 
If fhedoyceld, why thea,becweene you three, 
He will dcuidc his kingdom e for y our dowries. 
But yet there is a further my fiery , 
Whicb,fo you will tonceale, I will difclofej 

G*. Wlut e're choufpcaAit to vs,kind Sk<t/figtr t . 
Thinkethatthou fpeakft it only to thy felfc. 

Ski\ He carncftly defireth for to know. 


r" 1 . 

an dbls tbrtc daughters* 

Which of you three do heart mod loue to him, 
And on your loues he fo extremely dotes, 
As ncuer any did, f thmkf , before. 
He prefently doth meaae tofcndforyou, 
To be rclolu'dof t hi* tormenting doubt: 
And looke.Tvhofe anfwc re plcafeth him the bed, 
They flitll haue noft voto their marriages. 

R* t O that 1 had fome pleating Mcrcnayds roy ce, 
For toinchaunt his fcnceleiFc fences with! 
S k*/. For he fuppofeth that CtrbU* will 
(Stnutng to go beyond you in her Joue) 
Proroife to do what eucr he defires : 
Then will he ftraighc enioyne her for hii fake, 
The Hibernian King in marriage for to take. 
This is the famine of all 1 have to fay) 
Which being done } I humbly take my leaae, 
Not doubting but yoar wifdomes will rorefee, 
What courfc will beftvnto your good agree. 

Con. Thanks, gem Je 5^/frg*r,thy kindnciYndeferued, 
Shall not be rrequited,if we liur. 

fy. Now hauc wefitoccafion cffrcd vi, 
TO be rcueng'd vpon her vopcrccyo'd. 

CM. Nay,ourreueuge we will inflict on her, 
Shall be accounted piety in vf. 
I will fo flatter with my doting father, 
As he was ne'rcfo flattrcdinhis life. 
Nay, I will fjy, that if it be his pleafure, 
To match me to a beggcx, I will ye eld : 
For why,I know what euer I Jo fay, 
v He meancs to match me with the Cornwall King. 

Rjt lie fay the like: for I am well allured, 
What e'rc Ifay toplcafe the old mans mind, 
Who doccs,asif he were a child agayne, 
I (hall inioy the noble Cambrian Prince j 
Only, tofeed his humour, will fufficc, 
To fay , I am content with any one 
Whom heele appoynt me; tliis will pleafu him more j 
Then c'rc 4f>/bf i rnuiike pleated 

A 4 

Tbt Hilary of King Lti? 

. I imile to thinkjin w!i at a wofull plight 
il* will ba,when we anfwere thuc i 
For ihc will rativer dye, then gmc content 
To ioynein marriage wab the Irifli King i 
iv> wiUourtathei think, (he louctli him not, 
Becaufc ihe will oocgrauwc tohisdefire, 
Which we will aggrduate in fitch bitter termej, 
That he will loone conuerthis louc to hate : 
For be, you kno w it al .va yes in extremes, 

^. Not all the world could lay a better plot, 
I long till itbc put in practice* Ext*nt t 

Eater Lttr nd P trilby 

Lnr. Perill*i y go Icckcmy daughters, 
Will them immediately come and fpcak with me, 

Ttr, 1 will,my o racious Lord. Exit. 

Ltir, Oh,wfaat a. combat feele* my panting heart, 
Twixt childrcn^loue,3ndcareof Common wcate ! 
How dearc my daughters arc v to my (oulc, . 
None know,but he,tliatkno wes uny thoghts &ftcret 
A h,lucle do they know the dears regard, 
Wherein I hold thc;r luture ilate to cumc : 
When they fccurclyHeepe on beds of cicnvnc, 
Tlieic aged ty do watch for their be liaife \_^s 
While the/ UKe wantons (port in youthfoll toy c, 
This throbbing heart is pear ft with dire annoy cs. 
As doditheSun cxccecd tiieimalleft Starrc, 
So much the fathers Ipue cxccc-ds the clulds, 
Vctmy complayncsarecaufleilc: tor the world, . 
AfTords not children more conrorO>abj^| 
And yct,me think;, my mind pr cfagcdrrtill 
I know not what; and yet 1 fcare iomc ill; 

Well,here my daughters come: 1 haue found euc 
A prclcnt mcanci to rid me of thii doubt, 

Cja*. Oar roy all Lord and father ,in li duty, 

Wecometoknow the tenont of your will, . 

Why youTohaUily haue tent Itopvs^ 


An d his tkrte daughters. 

Ye florifliing brinchei of Kingly ftocke, 
Sprung from a tree that once did flourish greene, 
Whole blefToroes now are nipt with Wuitcw fro A, 
Aid pale grym death doth way c vpon IT y ftep*, 
AndlummoniBic vntol)intxtAlTi7Ci. 
Thercfore,deare daughter*, as yc tender the fafety 
Ot him t hat wi s th c ca ufe of y cur fii ft being, 
Refoluc a doubt which much mclelr* my mind, 
Which of youthrcetomcwcrict pioueuioli kiodj 
Which louei me moft,and which at n>y rrqutft 
WiUfooncftyecld vino: IK it lathmhclt, 

Gen.l hcpcjaiygraiu us lather nakcj no doubt 
Of any of Ins daughters loaetobua : 
Yet for my part, to flicw my i ealc to you, 
Which cannot be in windy wcrJirchcaiftj 
] prize ii y loue to you at fuch a rare, 
I think c my lire infcriour to my lour. 
Should youmioyne me for to tye a -.r.illlone 
About my neck, and leapt into the Sea, 
At yourcomicaaad 1 willingly would dM it: 
Yea, far to doe you good, I w ould kc J 
The lughcd I urrrt in all Ci itt jn y , 
And from the top Icape headlong to the ground: 
Nay.nore, fliould you appoynt o.c tor to roarry 
The mcaneft vaflajle in the fpaciom world, 
Wiiiiout reply I would acconphfh it: 
In bneit, conimaund whatcuer you dcfire, 
And if I fay lc, no fauour 1 lequire. 

Zr.O,lK>wthyirord(reuruemydyiogfolc ! 
Ctr, U,lio w I doc abhorrc thii flattery ] 
It*. Butwhacfayth J^g4i to her tatheri will 
t{*. O,thac my hmplc vtterance coold futfice, 
To tell the true intention of my heart, 
Which burnt* in zeale of duty to your grace, 
And ncucr can be qucccii'd, but by defire 
To fliew the fame IB outward torwardnefle* 
Oh,that there were (one other msyd that Jurft 
Gut make a challenge of her loue vrich me; 

B Ida 

Tic Hytttry of King L& 

I de make her foonecoofefle (he neuer louei 

Her father halte Ib well as I doe you. 

I then,rt.y deeds fliouJd prouc in playoer cafe, 

How much my zcalc abounded j co your grace; 

But for them all, let this one meant fufficc, 

To ratify my loue before y*ureyes: 

1 haue right noble Sucers Co my Iot, 

No worfc then King,and happeiy I loue one; 

Yet, would you liaue me niakMny ciioyce aacifj 

Ide bridle faocy ( and be ruldc by you. 

Ltir. Did neuer Tkibmti fing To iwcct * note. 

Cw^.Did neutr flatterer tell fo falfe a talc* 

Leir. Speak oow,C-</^/rf, make my toyes at full,, 
And drop downeNeclu horn thy hony lipt. 

Cor. 1 cannot pay nt my duty forth in .v ord, 
. I hope my dcedi (hall make report tor met 

But looke what Ibnethe child doth owe the father, 
The fame to you I bcarc, my gracious Lure!. 

Gtv. Here is an i nfwere anl wetle Ac indeed : 
Were you my 4*ughtcr,[ flicmid fcarcely brooke fc 

K*g Doft thou not bJullt.proud Peacock u 
To make our rather fuc!) a (light reply* 

Lnr. Why bow no^Minion, areyou groivne fopcoa<b 
Doth our dear* loue make you thus peremptory?. ' 
What, is your loue become (o linall to v, 
At that yoij fcorne to tell n wliat itiif 
Do you loue vj,aiierychilj dot li loue 
Thctr father f Trucindccd>asibote, 
Who by difobcdience fliort their fathers dayes,. 
And fo would youjfomearelb father-fick, 
That they nifikemeanestorid theiufrom the world;: 
And fo wouldy ou: lomc we indifferent, 
Whether their aged parents hue or dye) 
Andfoareyou. But t didftthou> know, proud gyrle,, 
What care I had to fofter thee to this, 
Ali, then thou wouldftfaty as shy fitters do : 
Jpur life is leife, then loue'we owcto you. 

Cud. Ocare father, do fiot fo raiftake oiy words, 



Nor my playne meaning be mifconftruedj 
W y toang wai nc uer vide to flatter jr. 

G*. You were not beft fay I flatter: if you 
My deeds (hall flie w, 1 flatter not with you. 
1 louc my father better then thoa canft, 

Cr. The prayfc wet c great,fpoke from another* mouth* 
Bum ihouldfccme your neighbour! dwell far oS. 
fag- Nay, here it one,that will confume as nauch 
A* ihc hath fayd, both for my f elt e and her* 
I fay,tho dolt not wifli ny father* gooi, 

Ctrd. Deare father. 

Lttr. Pcace } baltard Irrpc,no ifTue ocj Kingi/<>, 
I will not heare thee fpeake one tittle more. 
Call not me father,it thou lone thy life, 
Nor thefe chy Gltcri oacc prelurae to name : 
Lo okc for no helpe henceforth from me nor aiiai ; 
Shift a* thouwilr,n^cru(t rotothy (elfc: 
MyKingdomewillI equally deuidc 
' Fvtixt thy two fifteti to their royal I dowre, 
And ill be flow them worthy their defer o: 
This done.brcaufe thou (lialt not haue the hope, 
Tohaueacluldt part in the time to come* 
J prcfcntly willoifpofltrtcmy telfe, 
And fet vp thefe vpwi my princely throne* 

Can, I euer thought that pride would haueafall. 

Rrf. Plaine Jealing/iftertyovr beauty isfo Hieene, 
You uccd nodoMrytomakcyoa bea Qoccne. 

Ctrd. Nw whit her,pco r e forfaken, (hall go, 
When nj me owne (iftert tt ynnph ID my w oe C 
But vr. to him which doth proteA the iuft, 
In him will poor e Cir dills put her tt eft, 
The fc hands (hall labour, tor to get my (pending} 
And io ilc hue vntillny dayes haue eMUig. I grieue,to fee y Lord thufon4, 
To dotef* much vpon vayneflactering words* 
Ah, if he but with good aduicc had weyghcd, 
The hidden tenure of her bumble fpcccn, 

R Rtafca 


Rcifiin to rage fliould not fcaue giwen placr, 
Nor poorc CtrJeiU tuffcr fuch difgrace, 


King, Diflvvade me not,my Lords,! am refolu'J, 
Tins next fay re wynd to fayle for Britttny, 
In fouie diiguifr,co fee if fly u>g fame 
Be not too prodigall in the wondrous pray (e 
Of thefe three Nymphes,the daughters of Kinglrir. 
If prctcnt view do anfwereabfcnt pray(e f 
And eyes allow of what our cares haue heard, 
And f> <m/ Hand aufpicious co my vowes, 
And Fortune fauour what 1 takeinhaod; 
1 will recur ne tcyz'd of as rich prize 
As /*/, when he wanne the golden fleece. 

Mtu. Hcaucns grautyou may -,thc match were ful of honor r 
And well bcfeemingthe young Gallon King. 
1 would your Grace would fauour me fo mud), 
As make me partner of your Pilgrimage* 
1 long te fee the gallant Britain Dames* 
And feed mine eyes rpOR their rare perfection* : 
for till I know the contrary, He fay, 
Our Dame* in Fraunce are far more fay re then they* 

, Lord ftftM/r^,you haue faucd me a labour, . 
In ottring that which I did means to aske: 
And I moft willingly accept your company, 
Yet fir ft I will inJoy e you to obferue 
Some fe\v coodhiont which I (hall propofc. 

Mum. So that you do not rye mine eyes for looking 
After the amorous giauncesof fay re Dames : 
Sot/iat you do not tyc my toung from (peaking , 
My hps from kitting when occaflon f cruet , 
My hands from congees, and my knees to bow 
To gallant Gyrlei; which were a tackc more hard, 
Then flefh and aloud is able tc indure : 
Commaund what elfeyoupleafc, I reft content. 

XM.To bind thce from a thing thou canft not leauc,: 
,Wcf e but a. nic*uc to make thce fccke it more: 

AaJ; * 

gad bis three daughters. 

And therefore fpeake,looke,k jffe, fa lute fo 

Inthefcmy felfeam like to Iccond tbee. 

Now heare thy taskc. I charge thec from the time 

That fi;il we (rt fay le for the Brittith fhore, 

To vfc no words of dignity to me, 

But in the rricndlicft mancr that thoti canft, 

Make vfc of me as thy companion t 

Fot we will go difguifde in Palmers weeds, 

Thatnomanihalliniltrullvs what we are. 

M*m t If that be all, tic fie y our turne, I warrant you. lam 
fcmekmtotlic Blunts, and I thmk,the bluntcftol all my kin. 
rcd;therforeif 1 bee too blunt with you,tbank your Iclit for 
praying me to be (o. 

King Thy pica Unt company will make the wtjr fee me fbort. 
Itrefteth nuw, that in my ablence hence, 
I ilo commit the gouernment to you 
My trufty Lords an.i! Jull Counfcllers. 
Time cutteth off die relt 1 haue to fay : 
The wynd blowcsfayre t andlinu(lnccdiaway. 

Vi/n, Hcautni fend your voyage to at gocderff v>, 

As we youi Und do purpoie to prote c>. lxt**t t 

Enitrtbt K"> */" Crnv*ll4t;A hi/ m<n it*i<4 

Om.Buthowtardtllaiit are we from the 

Ser, home twenty miles, ny Lord, or thereabouts. 

Ccm. Itfermethto me twenty thoufand ray lei : 
Yet hope 1 to be there within thiihoure. 

Sr. Then are you like to nde alone tor me. 
Ithinke,myLordu weary of his lite. 

Car n. Sweet Gannlt t 1 long to (ft ihy face , 
Which hall /o kindly gratified my lone. 

lam paltpatienccjlongertororbejra **tkt 

Tlie nifhed fight of my beloued milli is, ttitir, 

Dctre J^ig*,ttay and comfertof my lire, . 

Now what in Godinawe doth my Lwdintcndl t Ji 
B 3 He 

The Hiflory of King Lctr 

He thinks He nc'rc Qiall come at'i ioumeyej e*d, 
I would he had old DeAtlvs waxen wings, 
That he might fiye,lb I might (lay behind) 
For e'cc we get to Troy nouanr, 1 fee, 
He quite will tyre himielfe,lus herfe and me. 

ft *rt ttftt tcbetther ttnrt 

Cm. Brother of Cambru, we greet you well, 
As one whom here we litrle did expert. 

C*w*. Brother of Cornwall.metm happy time: 
I though: as much ro haue met with the Souldan of Pcrfia, 
A s to haue met you in this placc,wy Lord, 
No doubt ,it is about (bine great 3 thy res, 
That makes you here Ib flenderly accompanied. 

Or. To lay the truth, rry Lord, it is no IdTc, 
And foryour part fomc hairy wind of chance 
Hath blowneyou hither thus vpon the luddcn, 

C<. My Lord, to break off further circmnibnces, 
For at this time I cannot brnokedelayes : 
Tl! you your reafon, 1 will tcllyoti mine. 

Ctfr. 1 n fayth content,and therefore to be bricfr j 
f or I am fure toy hafte's as great as yours : 
1 am fent for,to come v ate King L*ir, 
Who by thcfe prefent letters promifetl* 
His eldeil daughter, loatlyCeinri/l, 
To me in manage,and for prelent dowry, 
The moity of halte his Regiment. 
The Indies leue I long ago poflf ft; 
Butvntillnow Ineuer had the fathers. 

Cm. YOB rcll me wondcr$,yet I willrelatc 
Strange newcs,8(id henceforth we mud brothers callj 
M'itnciTc chefc.lyncs : his honour ubic age, 
.Being weary of the troubles olhttCrovcnc, 
His princely daughter tya* will beftow 
On me in mariage, with halfe bis Seigniories, 
Whom I would gladly haue accepted of, 
With the third er cooiplementt are fiich. 

Or, If I haue one halfe, and you haue the other, 



* f*m 


tndhis three daughters. 

Then bcrwcene vi we nnift needs htue the whole. 

, L L 

We ihall hauc two holes betwccne vt. 

Ctrn. Wliy,thc whole Kmgdoine. 

( 1 , that'* very true. 

t r. W hat then is left for his third daughters dowry* 
Loucly Cwdlr/lft/fthom the world admires ! 

O* . Tit very ftraiigc, 1 know not what to chinke, 
Vnleflc ihay nicane to make a Nome of her. 

ttr* t 'T were pity fuchrm beauty fhould be hid 
Within the tompalU of a Clcyfters walh 
But howfoe'rc, tf Lttn words proue ttae, 
It will be good, my Lordyfbrtnc and you. 

C*m t 1 ia n let vs hditc,all danger to preur nt, / 
Fortearedelayrsdoealtcrbitintent* L***t. 


CM. SiRe r ,wlic n UiJ you ief Cr^r/Lhlt, 
T hat prety piece, that ihinki none good ynough 
Tofpcakc to her, bccaulc(Gr-reuercncc) 
Sheiutha little beauty extraordinary f 

H*. Since time rny father wamd her trwn hi* pfefcnce, 
1 neucr law her} tint 1 can remember, 
God giue her ioy of herlurpafling beauty > 
I thmke,lier do.vry will be Imall ynough. 

Can. \ Jiaue incenll n>y father Co againit her, 
Ai he will neucr be recfaymdagayite. 

f^,l was not much behind to do the like. 
Con, I auli, filler, wlu t moucs you to bcarc her fu< h good 
t\* t Intruili,i thinke,ti>c fame chat moueth youj (will? 
Bccauie fhcdoth furpatfe viboth in beauty. 

Cm. BeOirc w your fingers, lio w right y ou can gxfle : 
I tell you t r u e ,i t ruts me to the heart. 

Rg. But we will keepe her low enough, I wan ant) 
And clip her wings for mounting vp too hye. 

GUI. Who eucr hath her,(halThaue a rich manage of her, 
R*r. She were right 6t to make a Paiions wife : *^7 .^. fft fs </,**>- 
Ew louc faite women wlL " 


of King Ldr 

And many times doe maivy them with no:hing. 

Can, With nothing! marry God forbid :ihy,are tlirr* any 

^ . 1 mcane, no n o ncy. (1'uch * 

<*. I cry you mercy,! miftookeyou much: 
And (he is tar too (lately forthe Church) 
Sheele lay her husband* Benefice on her back, 
Eucnin oncgowne, if (hcnyhaueherv:jll. 

^4.lBfaith t poore(bule,lpiceyhcralictle. t 

Would fiie wet t !cflcfayrc,oruiorcfortunate r 
Well.l thuike long Tiuill 1 fee my MfM, 
The gallant Prince of Cambria, here arnuc. 

Con. And io do I ; vr.till the Cornwall King 
Pre lent hnnfc ifc , to confummate my ioyc. 

Pcacc,hcf e cenimeth my rather. 

Enttr Lnr t ftnllmand lhrt t 

Lfir. Cede,good my Lords, and fue not to reuerfe 
Ourienfure,ivhich uuowurtuocabl*, 
We haue difpatchcd letters of conrraft 
Veto the KingiofCaiubruand of Cornwall j 
Our land and fcale will iufttfy no Irfle : 
Then do notfo dithonour nic, my Lord-** 
At rooiakcfljipwraekof ourktagiy word* 
1 am as kind a* is the Pcllican, 
That kilt it Ulfe, to laue her young one* liur s : 
And yet a* lelousat the priucely Eagle, 
That kilt her young one*, if they do but dazell 
Y f on the radiant fplcndor of the Sunne. Enter 

V\ ithm tl)i* two daye* I expert their coiuming. 
But iu good time,tliey arc arrm'd already. 
This lulle of your,ii'y Lotd,doth teftify 
Thctemcntloue youbcarcrnto iny dau- liter*: 
And tlimk your leiues a welconne to King Ltir, 
AS euer ^r^MMchudrcu were co him. 

Paidon,for thatl made oogrcater haltc: 
But v ere my horfe a* Iwift a< was my will, 
1 long ere this had feene your Maieity. 

, No other fcufe of ablencc can I frame, 



Then whit my brother hatli inform'dyour Utaccf 
For out vndeiciued welcome, we do vowc, 
Feipctually to rcltat ) our corr. wtfund. 

( r. But you,(u cct Louc,illutti icut or i^ 
The Kegcnc,ana the boueraigncor n.) I uic, 
ItCtrnnU welcome to your txccllem; 

C. Ai welconie,a Lttmdtr was turtrr, 
Ot bf auc ^inins to the Caitluge (^uccne: 
So and Uiurewklioixeisyour Lracc co u<c. 

l*m. O,may my fortune pmue ao woHc then liu, 
Since h auennjo know, my fancy us* luudj. 
Dear c i\^n,lay ,U welcome voco thce, 
Ail Mclcouio cue ill iutle coojtort me. 

R^.AtgolduweUoiBetot/KCbuetoiu eye, 
A i ilctpc is welcome to the iuuciler, 
AJ ' if till water to fea-beuten men, 
Or moy (tned flwwres vnto the parchedground, 
Or any thing more wcleonier then thu, 
So ana mot e welcome louely Mtrgtm u. 

Lor. What relleththen, but th^c wetonfwnmate, 
Tbecclcbracionol thtfenuptiallRitcsi 
My kingdome J do equally deuidV* 
liince*,draw locked take your chaurceasfallcs* 

Tfcefe I rcfigne as freely vnto you, 
A> cartt by true (ucccflion they were mine, 
AU I, etc 1 doircely djfpofTcicn.y lelfe, 
And mjke you two my true adopted heyrea t 
Kly fclic tviUioiorne with my focne of Cornwall, 
And take me to my prayers and my bcadei* 
I knowyuy daughter K^r will be <orry, 
Bccaulc 1 do not (pend my d jye with her: 
Would I were able to be with both at once; 
They are the kindc ft Gy rU s in CkriHendooie. 
f ft. I haue bin filcnt all thu while,my Lord, 
To fee tf any wonliyer then my felfe, 
Would once haue Ipoke in poore CtrdttLtt csu/ci 
Got lotie or fcarc tyet filencc to their tuunec. 

C Oh, 

y of Kin? 

Ohjhearemefpeake tor ner,>uy gracious Lord, 
Whofc deeds natte not defeiu'dchisruchleflc doome, 
As thus to disinherit her or' alt* 

Letr, Vrge this no more, and if cHou lone chy lire; 
I fay ,lhc is no daughter, that doth fcorne 
To tell her rather how flic louccli ht, 
Whouerfpeakeih hereof to tneeagayne, 
1 will cftceroe htm for my inortallfoe. 
Come, I<H vi in, to ce lebra r e with ioy t 
The happy Nupcia Us of thefe louely payrcf* 

Exeunt exantt, m**t 

ftr. Ah.who febtind,as they that will notfec 
The neere approch f their owne roifery I 
Poore Lady, I extremely pitty her : 
And whilclt I lme,echcriropof my kesrt blood, 
Will 1 Itriy ne torth,co do her any good* 
Enter tbt GM*n 

Mum. My Lord, how do you brook this Brittifh ayrcf 
f">{. My Lordrl toldyouof this foohih humour, 
And bound you tothe contrary, you know, 

Aim, Pardon me for once, my Lord { 1 didforgtt, 
JCwf .My Lord agaynefthen let's haue nothing cife, 
And (o be une for (pyei,and then tis well. 

AfiM*.Swoundti t l could bite my toung in two for anger: 
For Gods fake na*ieyeurftflt'ef"ine proper n jr/ic, 
King. Call mrr^MillecailthceM^A 
^/*w. Might I be mad* the Monarch or the WJjld, 
I could ncc hitvpon thefe names,! f,veare. 
. Then call me V'i/^ilecatlcheeAwJ^. 
. A^ itfo/or I haue wel dcferu'd to be cal' 
. Stand clofejfor here a BrittiHi Lady comcth: 
A fayrer creature ne're mine eyj beheld, CrdtU* t 

CW. This is a day of iojr vnto my filler*, 
Wkerein they bo:h are maried v 

by byrth,ai worthy as tlu mlelucs, 
Am turnd into the world, to fecke my fortune. 
ay I blaoif the fickle Qucenc of Chaunc 


Tbtt ffltkct h me ft pa Kerne of her power? 
Ab.poore wake nnyd,w hole imbecility 
It fanrnabletomdurethefebiurus. 
Uh.fwhcrl/ir, how deft ihoutvroflg thy child, 
Who alv8ynvNt obedient to thy will. 1 
But why accufc 1 fwtune and my father i 
No, DO, it it the pleafurcot my God; 
A n4 1 do willirgly unbrace the rod. 

JTMg. It it no (Joddcrtej for (he dotli complayne 
On fortune, and th'vnkindncfle of her father* 

O^TlKfecoltljiobes ill fitting my cttatc, 
1 will exchange K>r ochcr meaner habit. 

ftfMi.Now if I liadaKmgJome in my fcanJi, 
I would exclunge it for a n.tlkmaids finock and pctycoate, 
That Hie and 1 might ftuh our cloche* together. 

fW. I Mill betake me to my three d an J N ecdle, 
And came my liuing witk my finger i endt. 

Ma*. O braue! God willmg,thou (hall hauc my cuftocne, 
By (weetS. t>tmt t here I fadly fiveare, 
For all (he fhirti and niglit-gcaie that I wtare* 
Ctrii. I will profeflc and vow a maydcnt life, 
Mum. The I protcft t hou fhalt not haue my cuftom. 
Hfnf. I cantorbeare no longer for to (peak: 
For if 1 do,I think n.y heait will brake. 

*f* Sblood,M,l hopeyon are notin love with wyScpflef, 

*"^. I *n\ in fuch a laboiinth of loue, 
As that Iknovt not whicii way to get out. 

**. Ycu'lne'regft our.vnleflr you fii ft getin, 

Jt/j. Iprtthy ^(^.ctollc nut my pAoiu. 

"M*m Piith) O'l/.io,andtry Itcrpatieoce. 

I^g. 1 hou faireU crea<utc t \vhatloerc tbouart* 
That cuer any mortall eyes beheld, 
Vcutl-.lakto me, whuhauco'reheardthy woci, 
To fhew tKe raulc of' thcfe thy fad lament*. 

(*r. AhPdgnm^whatauailei tofliewthecaufe, 
When there's no mranet to find a remedy 
**/. To vtter gmfr,doth eale a heart o'recharg'J. 
f r. To tpudi a fo/r, doth aggrauttc the payne. 

C a 

Tbt Hifarj of King Lcir , 

. The filly oufc,by vertuc of her teeth, 
ftcleal'd the princely Ly on fro,u theaee. 

C*r.Kind Palmer, winch fomuclidcGr'd to heart 
The tragic* ule of ny vnliappy youth: 
Know this i'i bricrc,! am the haplcftc daughter 
Of Ltn t COOK times King of Brittany. 

King. Wmy.vho debarrcs his honourable age, 
Frooj being ftill the King of Brittany! 

Car. None, but himi'clte hath dilpoficft himfelfcj 
And guicn all Jus Kingdome to the Kingi 
^C|f Cornwall and of Cau.bria, with my lifters. 
"*f^B*^- Hath he giuen notlung to your louclyfelfef 

cV.Fic lou'd me not,& therfore gaue me nothing, 
Only because 1 could not Batter him 
And ;n ci:ii day of rryumph to my filleri, 
Doth fortune cry u-nph in my ouerthrow. 

King, Sweet Lad y ; lay there ihould come a King, 
As good aieythcrot'your fitters husbands, 
Tocraucyour loue t would you accept of him? 
Or. Oh, doc not mockc with thole in mifery , 
Nor do not think, though fortune hauc the power, 
Toi'poylcuiiuchonour.anddcbifcniy Itace, 
That Hie hath any iotcrclt in my naod : 
For if the greatest Monarch on the earth* 
Should (uctome in this extremity, 
Except my heart could loue, and heart could like, 
Better then any that I euerfaw, 
His great cilate no more ihould moue my miod, 
Then mountaj ncs moue by blait or' euery wind. 

King* Think not/weet N yroph, tis iioly Palmers gaife> 
To otieuedfoulcs frcih totuientstodcuile: 
Therefore in witnefle of my true intent, 
Lethcauen and earth beare record of my words : 
There i> a young and lufty Gallian King, 
S<> like to in *, as I am to nay ft Ifc, 
Tluccitucftly doth craue to haue thy lour, 
tfinA ioyne tviththccin Hyme tt facrcd bond*. 
ftr. The like to thce di d nc'rc thcfc eye* beheld; 


ttnlhis three d 


OIi line to adde new torments to my griefet 
Why didtt thou thus intrap rae vnawarei < 
Ab Palmer,my eftate doth not befit 
A kingly managers the cafe now (land*. 
Whilome when a* I Iw'd in honoura height, 
A Pnnee pcrhapi might pollulate my loue: 
Notvmf<ry,dilhonourand di'grace, 
Hath light on ine.aod qone teueilhhe cafe. 
Thy Kiug will hold thee wile, if ihoufutceafe 
The fMte, where a? no dowry will mlue 

Cea(c for thy Ktng.leeke for thy felfe to *<>. 

Kir. Your birch'* too bigL tor any, but a 

Cw.My mind ii low y Hough to loue a P*l*er, 
Rather then any K ing rpontfce earth, 

JCj. O, but you nef r can indure their lite, 
Whitliisfoftraightandrallof pnry. 

Ctr. O y, I cm, and happy it 1 *>ightt 
He hold thy Palmers ihffe within my h*d, 
And thinkc it u the Scepter or a Quecne* 
SometioieUefetthy lioBiutonmy head, 
Andthinkelwcarearich imperull Crowne. 
Sometime ile hclpethee i thy holy prayer* 
And thinke I am withthcein Paradile. 
TJiuiileroockrbrtunr>a(he mockethmc, 
And ncuer will my louely choycerepent: 
Forhaumgthee,! fliall baue all content. 

Xwf.Twcrefin to hold her longer in Cufpence, 
Since thao my foul hatli vow'd (he ihall be mine. 
Ah,deareffar4,cordia]l to my heart, 
ltmnoPal>er,as 1 fceme tob(, 
But hither come in this vnknowne dilguifc, 
To view th'adnnrcd be*uty of chofe eye*. 
I am the King of Gallu, gemlc mayd, 
( A ithouj;h thus flenderly accompanied) 
And yet thy valfay Ic by imperious Lour, 
Andornctofeructnee eucrlarlmgly. 

Cr. What e're yoo be.of high or to* difcwc, 

C j Ain 

Tbt Hi/lory of King Lcir 

AlPsonctomc,Idorequftbut this* 
That as I aw, you will accept of me, 
And 1 will haue you whadoe'reyeu be : 
Yet well come or" royall race, 
Ifeeluchlparkiof honour inyour faces 

Want. Haue Palmers weeds luch power to win fayre Ladies? 
Faythf then 1 ho ,<c the next that falies is my ne: 
V pon condition ( no worie might Ipecd, 
1 would tor eucr wear e a Palmers weed. 
I like an honeft and plaync dealing wench, 
That (w cares (wtthout exceptions) [ will haue you* 
Thefc foppecs,thac know not whether to louc a man or no t ex* 
ceptthey frit go aske their mothers Icauc, by this haa j,I hate 
them ten cymes worfcthcrtpoyfon, 

f. What rcltcch then our happinrffe to procure ? 

*. Fay th,go to Chutch/o auke the matter lure. 

^. It lhall be lo, becauie the world Hull fay, 
King Lent three daughters were wedded in one day : 
The celebration of this happy chaunce, 
We will dcrcrie, vnttll we come to Fraunce* 

ift/um. 1 like tlie woaing, that's not long a doing. 
Welljfor her lake,! know what I know; 
lie heuer marry w hileR I line, 
Except 1 haue one of thefc Bnttiih Ladyes, 
My humour u alienated from the maydsot Fraunce. 

Per, The King hath difpoflcll htmftlfc of all, 
Thole to adiiaunce,*, Inch Icarce will giuc him thanli: 
H i > oungcil daughter he hath turnd away, 
And no man knowes hat is become of her. 
Hefoiournes now in Cornwall with the eldcft, 
Who flamed him, vntill fhc did obtayne 
That at his hands, which now fhe doth poflcffct 
And now fhe fees hee hath notuorctogiue, 
IrgrifBcs her heart to fee her father hoc. 
Oh } wKom fhould irnn truft in chit wicked ae, 
Whrn c hildren, thus agaioft their parents rage I 
but hc,t lie 0/rrour of mild f atience, 


his tZrczujH^i 

Puts vp all vvrongs.and oeuer gives reply j 
Vet Humes Hie not in moll opprobrious fort, 
To call him foole and doterd to hu race, 
And fees her Paraflteiof purpofe ore. 
In fcoffing wifeto offer him difgrace.* 1 
Oh yr 01 age! (! Onion tiro u,vilde, 
When parents arc contemned of che child! 
His penfion the hath halfe reft rain'd from him, 
Aod w ill ,e'rc lo ng,the other halfe, I feare : 
For ihe thinks nothing is beftowde in vayne, 
But that which dotli her father* lifcmauuayne. 
Trurl not alliance^ but trull tlrangcri rather, 
Since daughters prouc dilloyall to the father* 
Well, I wi'l couuieli him the beil I cant 
Would I were able to redrefle hi* wrong. 
Yttwhat Icaujvntomy vtmoft power, 
He Ibali be In. c ot to the larcll houret 

Ctn. \ prithy,S^//r t teU mtvvhatthouthinkft: 
Could any womanot our dignity 
Endure luch quips and peremptory taunt*) 
At ido dally rrom my doting lather? 
Doth'c notiarfice t.'uc 1 him kcepe of almes, 
Who is not able for to keepe himfelfe 
But as if lie vvci e our better, he ftiould thinke 
To check and (nap me vp at eucry word* 
1 cannot make me a new fafhioned goivne, 
And fee it forth with more then common cod; 
But im old doting dohifh withered wit, 
Is lure to giiie a fence lerie check for it. 
I cannot make a banquet extraordinary, 
To2,racemy (cltr,and fpread my name abroad, 
But lic.old f oolc, is captious by and by, 
And fayth, the coft would well fuffice for twice. 
Judge tlwn,! pray jwhatreafen ift, that 
Should Ibnd alone charg'd with his vamc expcnce, 
And that oy tiftcr J(^m fhould go free, 
To whom he gaue as 1 much, as voto me? 
*~JL .. _ C 4 Iprithy, 

--:. ..... - 

The Hifory of King Lcir 

By any mcancs to rid u. e of this woe. 

skjU. Your many faaours Hill bctlo wde on me> 
Bindc me i duty to aJuifc y our Grace, 
Haw you may loonciMemedy thii ill. 
The large allowance which he hath from you, 
Is that which makes him io forget himlclf'e : 
Therefore abbridgc it lialte.aad y ou fliall fee, 
That haiaoglefic,hc will more thankftjll bet > 
tor why .abundance maketh vi forget 
The fountaynes w hence the benefits do fpring, 

Cm. W eli, ^*//*r, for thy kynd aduicc herein, 
1 willnotbc vr.gratttull.if i Hue : 
I have reftrayncd halfe hu portion already, 


And 1 will prcfcntly reftray ne the other, 
Tbatbauingno ro canes to rcleeue himlclfr, 
He may go leckc elfewhcte for better helpe. Exit. 
Skft. Go,v ipcrous womar,fhame to all thy fexc : 
The heaueos^no doubt, will punifh thee f or this ; 
Aad me avillayne,thac to curry t*uour, 
Hauegiuen the daughter counicll 'gainft the father; , 
But vi the world doth thu experience jiue, 
( That he that cannot flatter, cannot hue. tint, 

Inter Kiiti tf <.*r*w*lt > Lttr ) Periltn}&'N.*l>(el f 
Cm. Fa thcr.yvhat aylcth you to b. (b (ad ? 
Me thinks, you trollikc not as> oa wert wont. 

Ltir, The neerer we do jro w vnto our grauei, 
i The lefle we do deiigbtm worldly ioyes* 

c*r. But if a man can frame biaifettc to myrth, 
It is a meane for co prolong his life. 

Ltir. Then welcome forroWjIorr/onlv friead, 
Who doth defireht* troubled dayes had end; 

Cor, Comfort y pur felrejfather, here comes your daughter, 
Who much will gricue, 1 k uo\v,ro Ice you fad* fntrr 

Ltv t But more doth gr ic uc , I t'care,to fee me liue* Gv*i It* 
Crn, My Gt*itl,yon come in wifhcd time, 
To put your father from thcfr pcnliuc damps* _ . 
In f ay cb. 1 feare that all things go not well* ' 



Qt, What,do you fcarc, that I haue ahgred iiiffl? 
Hath hccomplaynd of me rnto my Lord i 
Jleprouidehim a piece of tread and cheefej 
For in atioieheelcpraclifc nothing clfc, 
Then carry tales fnn one Y mo another* . 
Tis all hispraftiie for to kindle (trite, 
'Twmyou,im Lord,aiid mcyourlouing wifei 
But 1 w ill Mkejn order, if I caa, 
To ce(c th'c rtett , where fir ll the caufe began* 

c*rn, Sweet, be not angry in a partial! caufe, 
He ne're complaynd of rlicc in all hit life, mull nor wcjgh a woman* words. 

Ltir, A 1 j i,n o 1 1 : poor c I oulc,n ic breeds y ong b one t, 
Andthatisictnaket her <o tutchy fure. 

Gn. What t brecdt youug bonei already ! you will make 
Anlioneft woman ot me then,bclike. 
O vild oldc wretch! who cucr heard the like. 
That feckcih chui hit owne child to defame} ' 

Ctritt I cannet ftiy to heart this difcotd found* 

Gn. For anyone that louei your co.npany, 
Youmay go pack.andlr f kc Tome other place, 
To (owe the feed of difcord and difgrace. 

If ir, Thusjlay or do the belt ci t: c're I cat), 
Tii wreftcd ftraigJic into another fence. 
Tbiipunifhmentmyheaay finnci Jcferue, 
And morethcn this ten fcboufand chouf and times: 
Elfe aged Lfa them could ncucr find 
Crucll roriim,te whooii he hath but kind. 
Why do I oucr-lme my fclre, to fee 
The courfe of nature quhereuerft in racf 
Ah,gentle Deatli, if eucr any wight 
Did wilh thy iTrelence with a pernt xeale : 
Then come, I pray thee, tuetiwith aH my heart, 
And cod my forrowes with thy fatalldarr. 

Pr. Ali,do not fo difconlolacc yourfclfe, 
Nor dew ypur aged checks with wafting team* 

Liir. What man art thou that take ft any pity 
Vpon the worthkfle ftate of old It* t 


The Ht/tory of Kin % Leir 

ttr. Onejwhodoth brarc as greataflurcof grfe. 
A$if it were (ny.dear.cft fathers cafe. 

>, Ahjgood my friend, ho.v ill trt thou adujfdc, 
For to confort witir oiiferable men: 
Go learneto flater, where thou mayft in time 
Get fauour *mngft the mighty, and foclymci 
For now I am To pporc and full of want, 
As that 1 ne'rc canrecompencethy loue. 

ttr. What's got by flattery j^othnojclongindure^ 
And men in fauour liuc UK molt (ccurc. 
My con r ciencc tell me,ir' I ihould for fake you, 
I were the hatefulft excrement on the earth: , { 

Which well do courfe of former time, 
How good my Lord kath bin to me and mine* 

Leir. Did I ere rayfetfcec higher then the rft 
Of all thy anceliort which were before? 

ttr. I ne're did feeke itjbtr. by your good Grace, 
1 (till inioycd my owne wich quietneiTe. 

!/-, Did I ere giue the: liuing,to increafe 
The duereuennues which thy father leftf 

Per. I had ynough,my Lprd,an,d hauing chac> 
\Vhac fhouldyoti need to giue meany morct 

Leir. Ok, did 1 euer JifpoiTcflc uiy lelfe, 
And i je thee halfemy Kingdome in good wilt? 

ttr, Lord,thcre were no reafon ( wby 
You fhould hauefuch aehpught t togie iciur. 

L<tr. Nay } if thou talke of rcalon.then be mute j. 
for with good reafoa I qntlw:e Confute, 
If they,which firft by natures facred law, 
Do owe Co me the cub^ite of their liuci; 
If they to w ho-n I al way ts baue bin kinde/ 
And bounufullbeyonucorrjpariTon j 
Ifthey/orwhomjluuerctloinroyfelfc, , 

And brought my a.gevnto this fxtrcme want,. ,, \ t ' 

Do no.v reiccl,concemae,defpic,abhor me, 
Whatreafon moueth thee to forro w^or OBC f 

Ttr. Where reafon faylf i^ct tear cbnfirmc n)y_f 
JfVnd fpeake how aiUcfiyottr^Ttipns doiac i 

F'ittdhis tftref daughters. 
A h,0cd Ky Lord,condcnc nt ail for onir: 
i ou bauc two daughters Ic fr,to whom 1 knew 
Yon Hull be welcome, if youpleafc co go. 

Lnr, Oh,how thy wo r ds addc fcrroiv to my Jbttlf . 
Tothinkeot my vnktfldncfietoCrVIl 
Wham ciulcld c ] dKldifpcfleffe of all, 
Vpon th'vnkindluggeftioaicf herfitterit 
And for Her Take, I rhjnkcthuhcauy dooa* 
It falac on trr,and not without dclci t: 
Yct?nro/^* was / alwayes kindj 
And gsuc to her the halfeof all / had : 
It may be,if / iliould t her rcpayrc, 
She would be kinder, and mueatmerayrek 

/ > <r.No doubt flje would, & prafl ife ere't belong, 
By force of Antics for torcdreile your wrong. 

Ltir. Well, fince thou doeft aduiie me fot to *, 

V/ How raa y f We flc the howrc of my natiuity, 
W hieh bodcth vnte me fuch happy Starrei .' 
How may / thank kindfortune,that Touchftfea 
Toalln,yaaioni,hichdcuVd euent! 
/rule the King of Cambria a / plcafe: 

The Statn are all obedient to my w i]J, 
And lo*ke what ere / fay, it fball be fo. 
Not any one,ihat direth anfwer no. 
My ddcft fjlter liuet in royall ftate, 
And I wamcth nothing itungher degree. 
: hath (he fuch a cooluigcard wiihall, 
As that her hony fauourcrh m uc h of gall, 
M y father with her is quarter-matter itill, 
And many times rcltraynes kcr of herwillj 
But if he were with me,and feru'd me fo, 
/de icd him pack,Bg(ome where elfc to go. 
/deentcrtayaehim with fuch (lender coJtt 

i hat he fhould quickly vnth to change his heft. Exit, 


r, Ah,C#/w//,wht dircvnhappy chance* 

D > Hath 

Hath fcqucftrcd.chy fatkcrfroro our prefcncc, '. - 
That ao report can yec be heard of him ? 
Some great vnkindneCe hath bin off red him, 
Exceeding far the bounds of patience: 
Elfe all the world fhall ncucr me perfsrade, 
He would forfake vs without notice madt. 

Can. A las,njy Lqrd,whom doth it touch fo neere, 
Or who hath iutereft in this griefe, but I, 
Whom forrow had brought to her longed home* 
But that 1 know his qualities fo well! 
1 know, he is but jtolocrpon my fifter 
Atvnawares,to fechtrhowlhcfares, 
And fpend a little time with her, M note 
How all thing* goe,and ho w flic likes her choycc * 
And wken occafioBfctnci,hccIcftcalc from her, 
-And vnawaret returne to rt agayne* 
Thcrcfbrc,my Lord,be frolick, and rcfolu* 
To Tee ray father here agayte e're long* 

Cr* t I hope To too; but yec to be more fure, 
lie fend aPofie unmediatcly to know 
Whether he be arriued there or no, Exit^ 

Git. iiut 1 will intercept the Medenger, 
An4teunper him before he doth depart} 
With I .v ect pcrfwa doin ,aud with found r t ward i^. 
That hi$ repoftfhali ratify myfpcech, , , 

A nd make my Lord ccilcfurtber to inquire. ' 
If he be not gone to my filler $ Court, 
As fure my mind prefageth.(hat: he it, 
He happely may, by trauelling vnkaowne wayei^ 
Fall fickc,and a< a common padengcr, 
Ee dead and buried : would God it were fo well j. 
for then there were no more to do,but thu, 
He went awy,and none knovres where he if . 
.But fay he be in Cambria with the King, 
And there rxclay meagamft me, as he wifl i 
1 know he is as welcome to my fifter, 
As water it into a broken (hip. 
l(Vcl], after km lie fend fuck thunderclap i 

/ ;' O'f 

*k&l)is tin-et daughter*. 

Of flanncterjicandaUjMicI muented talcs, 
That all the blame Hull be rcmou'd from me, 
And vnpcr<fiu'd rebound vponliimfcUe, 
Thus with oneniyle another lie expcIL, 
And make the world judge ,t Uat I vide him well. 

Enter tbt Meftnjjcr tint flnnUgti Cnmbri* y 
*ntb * later in Mi h*nd. 

Gf*. My honetl fnend, whither away Co/aft t 

7tf/. To Cmbria,Madam,wtth letters fro the kig. 

CM. To whom? 

,Jtis/* Vntoyortather,if he be there. 
r o*. Let mclectucm, SbttbtHitktm* 

"MtjS. Madam, I hope your Grace will Itand 
Betweenemeand my ncck-rerfc,ii 1 be 
Calld 1:1 quelbon, for opening the Kings letters. 

C'B.Twas I that opened theoo,it was not tliou. 

M/(. I, but you need notcare: and fo muft I, 
A hanforuc man, be quickly truft yp, 
And when a man's Jiang'd, all the world cannot fa ue him, 

CM. He that hangs thce,were better hang his father, 
Or that but hurts thee in the lead degree* 
1 tell thee, we make great account of thee. 

tief. I am o're-ioy'J*] Turret of Cwee't words : 
Kind Quecnc, had I a hundred liues^ I would 
Spend ninety nyne of them for you, for that word. 

ff.I,butthouwouldfi kecpcpnclifeflili, 
And that's as raany as thou art 1 iketb iuue, 

M*f. That oe life is not too deare-f or.ciy good Que en<; t hi 
fword , this buckler, this head , thii heart, thele iiands, arm es, 
legs,tripes,bo wel 3 and all the members elle w liatloeucr,arr at 
your dilpofej yfe mc,tru(t mc,commanDd me : if I t.y Ic in any 
thing,tye me to a dung cart, and make a Scavengers hor( of 
HiCjind whip me Jo long as I haue any skin on my back* 
~n tokcnjof farther impldymer,takethat 

Mtf. A ftrong Bond, firme O bligattrn, god in la w, good 
inlawjif Ikeepcoottk0nditiofi^etmyaeekebtheirry 
tve of my ncelitenc*, 

D j I7,.l 

/'.=> .f !> 

ty. I like thee well,thou baft a good toung, 

Mtf< And as bed a toung if it befet on it, as say Oyfterwife 
at Billi nfgatc hath: why ,1 haue made many of try neighbours 
forfakc their houfeswithrayhngvpon them, and go dwell el/c 
where; and fo bymy mcaneshoufeshauebin goodcbeapein 
our panflv My toung being well whetted with ckoller,i more 
lharpethen a rlazcr ot Palerno. 

Cm. O,thou art a fit m an for my purpofe. 

Mtf. Commend me not,fweet C^uccne,beferc y ou try me. 
As my deferts are,fo do think of me. 

G*. Well fay <i,tlicn this is thy tiyall : I nftcad of carrying 
theKings letters to my father, carry thou thcfe letters, tony 
firtcr,wJ>ich coutay ne matter quite contrary to the other.- there 
that fhc be given to vnderitaDd,that my father hath detracted 
her, giuenoucllauiidrouslpcachcsag.iiiil her; and that hee 
hath moft ictollerablyabuicd me, let ray Lot d and rae at va- 
riance, indsnarferriutinyes amongft tlicconnnons, 
Tfacle things (although it be not To) 
Yet thou m uft aifirrce them to be true, 
With oches and prorcHatio^s ts will fcrue 
To dnue my Cftcroittof ioue with hi-.n, 
A nd caufe try will accorr plifhed to be. 
Tliis d, thou winO my fauour for eucr, 
And makeft a hye way of preferment to thee 
And all thy friends. 

*iejf< it lufficethjConcey t ft is already done.* 
I will i o toung. whip him, that / will 
Lcaue him as bare of credit, as a 1\ ulcer 
LeauciaCony.vvhcB fbe pulls off las skin, 

CM. Yet there is a further matter* 

"Mif.l thirfl to heare (t, 

G*. If my llfler think ethconuenient,as tpy If rtcrs 
importeth, to make him away, baft thou the heart to 

Mtf. Few words are beft in fo (mall a matter: 
Thefc are but trifles. By this bookc / will. 

kip tin f*ftr. 

Gf*. ^ bout 

dttdbistlrtc daughters* v 

Cn. About ic preftmly,' long till it btfdone. ' 

EiHtr Ctrdtf* /*//. 

JhtuebinoHer-negligcmtu day* 
IB gome^o the Temple of my God, 
To render thankifo r tall his benefit^ 
Which he roiraajtoufly hathbcftowed on me, 
InrayfingmeoutofmymcaneelUte, . . 

When 11 1 vas deuoyd of worldly tncadi, 
And placing me mfuch a f.vcec content, 
Asfarxcecd<th reach of my deferti. 
My singly jbutb ind,oiy rrour of his tim t , 
Fw zetlc,fot iunice,lapdne(Te, and for cre 
To Gd,hisfubiccls|tnc,and Comojon wcalc, 
yhuapp9ym'iiencwat onlay nJ for me> 
1 can DOC wilh the thing chat (4o want) 
/cannot want the thing bu:/ mayhaue, 
Saueonly this which / ilull nc'rc obtayne, ' 
My fathers Iot>8,o!i this I nc'rc fliail gayne. 
' would ibflay nc from any nucr) r ment , 
And pync my body to the very bones: 
Bare f-bote./>ouliJ on pilgrimage fee forth -'" 
Vnto the furtheft quarter* of the earth, 
And all my life t would / fackcloth ware, 
And mour ning-w ife po wre daft vpon my held: 
So he but to forgiHe me once would pleafe, 
That his gray haircs might go to hrauen in peace, 
And y et / ino w not how I hua offended, 
Orwhereio iultly {hauedeferuedblaaie. 
Oh lifter i ! you are much to blame in this, 
h was not he,bnt you that di d me wrong, 
Yet Gd forgiuc both him, And y touted me, 
Eucnasf doeinpcrfit fhauty. i'; . 
JwilltoGkurch^and pray vntomy Sauiour, 
That ere / dye, /may obtay aebts fauour. 
Enttr Itn **1 ftbU*t y*j */> 

ftr. Rclt on me,niy Lord ( Kid ftar yoor felfc, 
The wav fee met tcdtne to your aged lymtuei. 

ift " D 4 Z,r.Nay, 



Thou art as old as I,faqt*norekJnd. 

ct Ah '8 ootJ m y Lojdiitill befittjiha 

Should leant vpon the perfon of a King, ' < ' 

Ltir. Bur fe4wor(e,th,ti ffiouWbrintheefortk 
hathadnocawfe tccomeailongmjhfo^ . 
Through thefe vupeqtb fcthsyiuul circfull #*., --. 
Apd neucr cafe tliy faynqng iimmcs a. whie. 
Thou haft left all, i,jltQ cotnt With nw, >. 
And t for all, haue noplicto jucrdn ch, - 

\xr , 

VV ith chefe kind wordj|wbh cutsmy he-a i 

To think your will fWid.Mfiflt tb powo do. 

Zr, Ceafc,go9<i;P^// Jl M,for to call me Ldrd, - 
And think me buc tJif^iaUdo* of'oi)- ftlfe. 

>*r. That feonourablemk will Ifiiiiei 
Vrito my Lord, fo loqg as <I doHuc^ : * 

OK,beor comfo r t i fo^ifcatfac,p1a<t 
\yjhcreas your daughter keeps Ivi re<Wenee., happy time tbeCawbrian ftiacc 
la here arriu'd, to gratify 


Were I beftj^eak.or lit ine 
I am afliam' 

. . ,. . , . 

Then lctmcfdlit,if youplcafe, my Lords 
mfor,|fcm > liattwrctbcotuiih t rto^ 

, > 

What two old ^M-n awjj,i 
inks I flwuld rce wbcr*ell their Io6ke. 

I ^fi*?^' 1 TJ ft ? ke ? or fure * " m y fia^rl ' 
I mull diOemblc kindncffcmowcxf force 1 ; . - i! 

^';^Ai l W^r/r^*<i<^rj : 

tathcni bid you welcome, full of gue% jft ft TOT 


. * - -.. *kiu3 vuwuHHity. ; b ' bi i :IIiv.l 
Am ibcntongforyonrneueicndage, 1 ' ', -. ' :! n .-iT 

i o come on foot a iournry fo induKa we, < 
Oh, what di/afte/ cliannce httb bin rfci. r* r, f, / .^ v * 

;j] ; 

and bis three daughters 

He cannot fpeake for weeping) for Gods lour ,comf 
Let? i refre/h him with foinc accdfull t/ungi, 
And ac more leyfure we may better know, 
Whence fyrings the groutd ot thti rnlookt for vro, 

C*. Coine,t4thcr,c'r weany runhtrtalke, 
You flvU rcheflj you after tiui weary waiff. *, mint* 

\*j. Cones he to me with finger in the eye, 
To tell 4 tale againft my fitter hcrcf 
Whom Ido knoA-.he greatly l:t/i abufde : 
And no-* like a comei>tiuus crafty wretch, 
He fiHl begins fur tocontflaync hKufclfr, 
When as himlclrc u in the greatclt fault . 
Jlcnol be prtull in my fillers cauir, 
Nor yet beteeue hu doting raync rrporu t 
Who for triflc^arely) I dart lay, 
Vpon a fplecnr is Helen thence away: 
And IXrc (for (both jhe hopetli to hauc fiarboir, 
And to be moan'd and wade on like child : 
But crc't be long ,l>ii cotnoung be lLall curfr, 
A nd trucly fay,hc came from bad to worfe: 
let will I make fayre weather, to procure 
Coftttccicot mcanf i,and i\ en ilc (hike it fare. F, 


Mtf. Now happily 1 tin tiriucd hci e, 
Bd ere the (lately Palace of* the Cambruo Kin* t 
Jf Liirbc here fafc .icted,and in rlt, 
Toiowfchiairroaiitl willdomy beff E 
Nov bags of golJ.your renueis(nodoubr) 
To make we in ay oxfagc bold and (lout. 
The King of heauen prefer ue your Mti< ity. 
A nd fend your HighnriTe euerlaAing raigae. 

l(*. Thanks,good my fi iendjbiit what import* tfcy *{], 

**f, Kind greetings fromi he Cornwall (|iiecne; 
The relidnc thclc letter* * II declare. 

R*f. How fares our royallGfter* 

tiff, 1 did leaue her at wy parong^n good health, 

The Hi/lory of King Uir 

See how her colour comes and goes agayne, 
Now icd at fcarlet,now as pale as aib: 
the how (be kmcs her brovr,and byte* her lips, 
And ltamps,and makes tdumbe (hew of difdaynej, - 
Mm with rcuengc.and violent cxtrearaes. 
Her e will be tuor worke and more crowncs for me. 
J^ Alas,poore foule, and luth he vide ber thiu ft 
And is be BOW come hithcr,with intent 
To fee diuorcc betwixt my Lord and me t 
Doth he giue out,that he doth heirc report, 
That I do rule ray husband as I lift, 
And therefore roeanesro alter Co the cafe,. 
That I ihall know my Lord to b t my had 1 
We ll|it were bcft for him to cake good heed, 
Or I will make him hop without a head, 
For his prefumption, dottard that he is. 
in Corawall he hath made fuch mutiriies, 
Firft/ettiog of theKiag agaill the Quccnej 
'Thenltirring vp the Cocauioiis'gainitthe King;. 
That had he there continued any longer, 
He had bin caii'd in <qucihon tor hisf'itt. 
Sovpoothat occafion thence he fled, 
And comes thus flily ftcaiiag'vnto vs : 
And now already (incehisconiating Lhher, 
My Lord aadhcaregrowtcmfacha league, 
That I can haue no conference with'hu Grace : 
I feaie.he doch already utinute 
Some iorged cauil/atioos 'gainlt my (late: 
Tis therefore belt to cutium off in ti ne, 
Left flaundcrous rumours once abroad difpcrft, 
it is too late for them to be r cucrft . 
. Friend, as the t en n our of thefe Ictref s (he wcs, 
My filler puts great confidence in dice. 

Mtf> Sheoeueryctcoaimittedtrulttomt 
But chat(I hope; ihe round me alwaycs 
So will I be to any friend of hers , 
That hath occafion to imploy uy delpe. 
. Hailtiiou the heart wart a ftra 


j 'ttidhs tlrtt tlaugfart. 

And giieaflabbeortvvojif need require? 

Mt/.l haue a heart compart f Adtmam, 
W huh oeuer knc w w hat nit Iting pitty metab 
1 weigh no wore the murdringot * ma, 
Then licipccl the cracking ot a Flea, 
When I doc catch her byting on my skin. 
If you will hauc your husband or your father, 
Or bothot thru lent to another world, 
Do but coromaund me doo'e,it {hall be done, 

R*g. Jt isynough,wcmake no doubt of the 
Meet vs to morro * here, at nyne a clock : 
Meanc while,farcwc]l,anddrinkthatrcrmy fake, J?i, 

Mef,\ y this it will make ned trie deed; 
Oh,hadl eucry day Inch cuftorncrs, 
T hi* were the gaiaefulfl trade in Chriitendoroe ! 
A purfc of gold gm'n for a paltry ftabbe ! 
Why,here a v,nch that Jongs to haue a ftabbe* 
Wcl, J could glue it hcr,and ne'rc hurt her either* 

. When will i Tide cloud* off or row once diipcrre, 
/ nd in, ihng loy ttyuniph vpcn tbv brow f 
When will chi* Scene f laoncHc haue an end, 
A nd pleaiant alts iDluc,to ntoue delight^ 
When will my louely Queene ccafc tolamenr, 
And take fomc comfort to her gricaed thoughts I 
If of thy Iclfe thou daignlt to haue no care, 
Yetpittyftie, whom thy griefe makes dcfpayr*. 

Ctr, Oygri cue not y ou,u>y Lor d t y ou luuc no canftj 
Let rot my psffion* moue yonr nund a hie 
i or Ian- bound by natare,to lament 
for his ill u ill, that life to me raft lent. 
It lo the (tocke be dry ed with diidaynr, 
Witheied and lerc the branch matt neeaei reaiaine. 

Xij.ButfhouartnoM graft in another ilockj 
I am tiiv itock, and thou the louely branch: 
A ad from my root contmuall lap iliall flow, 
To mike t hec flonrifli with perpetual! fpnag. 
Forget thy father and thy kincired now, 

P. a Since 

Since they forfaka thee like inhumane beaftei, 
r Thiakc they are dead, fince all chctrkindnHTcdyef, 

And bury them, where black obliuion lye*. 
Think not thou art the d aughrer of old Ltir t 
Who did vnkindly disinherit thee: 
But think thou art the noble Galhan Quecne, 
And wife to him that dtareh/ loueth thee: 
Embrace the ieye* that prefent with thee dwell, 
Let farrow pt eke and hide her felfc in hell. 

CW. Not that 1 mifle my country or my kinne, 
My old acquaintance or ray annent friend*, 
Doth iny whit ditlemperate my naynd, 
Knowing you, 'which are more dcare to me, 
Then Country, kin, and all things ebcan be. 
Yrt pardon mc,nry graciou* Lordpn thii t 
F or what can top th courfe of natures power? 
- Aieaf) itror foureHooted bcafts, 
To ftay thewfriuet vpon the liquid ay re, 
And mount aloft mro the element, 
A ndo>Jet(trir the feathered Po-vlesm flight: 
' A* cafy if K for the (limy BO), 
To Hue and thrute without the helpe of water i 
Attify i* k for the3Uckamoorc, 
To waih the tawny colour from hu skin, 
Which all oppofeagauiH the coutfc of nature, 
At I am able to forget ny. father. 

Kfafr Myrroot of verttte,Pha;nr( of our age!: 
Too kind a daughter for an vnkiod father, 
Be of good conMnfbrl will difpaich 
Ambafladort immediately for Bnctaypt, 
VototheKuigofCornwtlUCourt, whereat. 
1 tTour father keepeth now his refidencc, 
And in the kindefi maner him inerca*, 
That fettmgfcrmerjFipuancei apart, 
He will be plcafde tocomeatid vilit 7$. 
If no intreacy will (office the curne, 
BeofTcr bimthebalfeof all nrCrowne j 
li Uut mpuesot,icde fwjcnifli out a Fleet, : 


fa three daughters. 

AM! fcyle to Cornwall for to vific him; 
Aed there you fhall be firmdy reconcilde 
In perfit loue,ai card you were before. 

Ctr. Wlwrc toung cannot fufricient thankj afford, 
The King of heauen remunerate my Lord. 

Ki*f. Only be bl itlic ,and frlick(f*eet)wtth me: 
Tins and much more tie do to comfort chce. 

FffMT i^/e/en^rr ftlt. 
t^'ef. ItisaviOtlJ tofeenovr Jaflo(h, 
How nuny, friends I purdulc c ucry where ! 
How many (cekcs 10 creepe into my fauour, 
And kiflc their handj>aadbeodcheir knees to we ! 
No more, here coanes tUe Q > ueene > oow fluU I know l*er mind, 
And hope for to dcriuc more crowne* firotn her. Emttr R^i. 

1^ M y friend, I lee chou mtnd'ft thy prooufc well, 
And art before IDC hcrc,iuc thinki,to day. 

Mr/. I am apoore nun,iad K like your Grace; 
But yet 1 al .vayes leue ro keepe my word. 

1(4. VVel,keepe thy word with c,Sc chou (halt fee, 
That of a poore man I will make thee rich. ^ 

MJ. I lo'ig to lieirc might liaue bin difpatcbt, 
If you had told me of K yeRermght. 

1(4. 1 1 is a thing of right ilrange coniequenct, 
And well I cannoc vtccr K in words* 

?tf//itismoreftrange,that lam netbythU 
Beijdc my iclfc,with longing for to hear/ it. 
Were it to meet the Deuill tn hu dewne, 
And try a bout with him for a fcratch t tacc* 
Idc vndertak c it, if you would but bid me. 

t(p. Ah,good my fnend,that I ihould luut che do, 
Is iuchathing,asl do lliame tofpeakcj 
Yctitmuftncedt be done. 

Wf. lie fpeak it for thee.Qaeene: (ball I kill tby (ath*^ 1 
Ikaowtuthat,tndif it be fo, fay. 
Mtf. Why, dials ynough. 
. And yet that is act all. 

j. Thou aiu&, kill that old roan that came wkfc him. 

E J V$ Here 

Mtf. Here are two hands,for cche of then ii one< 
R*, And for eche hand here i> a recompcnce. 

Cute him twt fnrfti* 

Mtf, O iijthat I had ten hands by myraclc, 
1 could cearc ten in pieces with my teeth, 
So in my mouth you 1 d pat a purle ef gold. 
But m what manermuttitbe effected? 

R*. To morrow morning crc the brcakeof day, 
I by a wyle will lend tlienJco the thicket, 
That is about fooic two myles from the Court, 
And prom ilc them to meet them there my fclr'e, 
bccauie Irnuft hauc priuate conference, 
About (omc new cs 1 haue receyu'd from Cornwall. 
This ii ynough, 1 kaow,ihey will not tayle, 
And then be ready for to play thy pare: 
Which done,thou may It right caliiy efcape, 
And no ro-n orlcemiitruitthcefor tl;crac\; 
Butyetjbetbrethou pr(eeutc the ac*> t 
Shew him the letter, which my filler fene, 
Thcrt Ufchnnreadhiiownemditcmentnrft, *X 

A n d t hr n proceed to exec ucio n : 
But Ue thouraynt notjtor tliey will fpeakfayre. 

"kitf. Could kc (peak words ai pleating as the pipe 
Of Mmwr7,whichchari)i'<j the hundred eyei 
Or watihrull wrfr^/,nd iutbrc'd him fle epe : 
Yet here are words fo pic aling to my thought!) Tt ibtp*rfe t 
A sqaueniall takeaway the loundot hi;. Exa. 

R*g. Aboutitthen.aiid when thou hatt difpauht, 
lie hud a rneaocs to lend thee after him. txir, 

later Cei***lUndCH>rill, 
Corn. \ wonder that the Mellcngcr doth ftay, 
Whom we dil'^tt lit far Cambria lo long fincci 
If that his ai.twere db not pieale vs well, 
And he do (hew good rea'on for delay, 
He t each him how to dally with his King, 
Andto deraync vsmfuch loi>glul'fcix:c. 

C*.MyLx)rd,I thinkc the real on may be this: 
, My farher m canes to cowe along wnh hw^ 


*nd bistbrcc daughters. 

And therefore til his pleafure he (hall ltajr, 
Fr to Attend vpon him on the way. 

Cr*t It mtjr be fo^and tberforc till I know 
The troth thereof, I will fufpend my ludgcmcnr. 

Str. A nd't i ik e your Grace, there is ao A rnbaffador 
Arriued from GallUjanJcrwe* admittance to y*ur Xiaicfly. 

Gm.fromGaliiaf whatrtiould liii 
Hither import 5 u not your father happely 
Gone .thither r well, whatfpere it be, 
Bid bin come in, be (hall haue audience, 

What n<vvei front Galla? fpcakc Ambaffador. 

v^*. The noble King and Quetne of GaUn 
BT me, their honoat ^ble rather* my Lord Ltrr: 
N cxt,they curnmcnd them kindly to your Gracci, 
As thole vvhoic vreUure they intircly with, 
Letters I haue to dcliucrtomy Lord Ltir, 
And p*/cnn too, if 1 might (peak* with him. 

CM. If you might fpeak witlihm? why,do you thiake, 
We are dray d that yoafhould ipeake with hint} 

w^. Pardon rne,Nladain) for 1 thinke not Co, 
But fay To only , 'caufc he i* not here. 

Corn. Indeed, my frind a rpon feme vfgent caul, 
He is at ciiu time abfcnt from tlie Court: 
But if a day or two you here repofe, 
Tii very likely you lliail hauehim here, 
Or elfe juiie rertayne notice where he u. 

Cut. Arc not *e worthy to receiue your mc4Tage# 

jtm t 1 had in charge to do it to himCcife. 

Cut, It may be then 'twill not be dooc in hade, / herftift. 
How doth my fifter brooke the ayre of trauncci 

jtm. Exceeding welly and ncuer licke one hourc, 
Since hi It flic fet her foot vpon the ihote* 

Cm. 1 am the more forry. 

Am, 1 hopc,notfo, Madam* 

. Didrt Uiou not fay, that the wat eucr fickr, 
Suicthfiiithoufethatftiearrmed there) 

E 4 

Tk Hifl&y of King Lcir 

b. No,Madan, 1 lay d quite contrary, 

G. 1 hu> I u.iilookt thee. 

Ctri. Then flu u mury ,11" flic ham her health* 

u4m t Ch no,ht rgncfe exceeds, vntillthc ciojf, 

Ce. God continue it 

Am. What, Madam i 

Cut. Why, her health. 

u* Ani en 10 that: but Godrcleaf* her gricfe, 
And lcni het father io a better mind, to continue alwycsfo vukmd. 

i r. lie be a mediator in her taufc, 
And fceke ail tneaiies to cxpiat his wrath, 

^w. Madam,! hope your Grace will Jothe likr. 

Gm. Should 1 be a incanc tu exasperate his wrath 
Agaiiiit my litlcr,wlom I iouefo dcatc! IO,DO 

xi. 'I o expiate or mutigate las wraihs 
I er he hath miiconccyuc*! w uhout a c auk, 


^ w. i u pity it iheuld be fo,w ould it were othei wifirV 

Then how, Mtdn? 

Cm. Then that they QwuW be rccoecilde 
xf >. Ic flicwcs you bcarcan Iwnourable mind. 
CM.ftfliewes thy rnderlUndiogto be blind, 
Aod that Uiou hadit need of an /ntcrpretcr : 
Well./ wifl kr.cwtiyn.t/ragetre'c belong, 
And ind a incanc to crcfle ,if / can . 

Cf*. Come m,n y friend,and frolick in out Court, 
Till certay oc noti< e of my father come, Yxi**t. 

Efter Lttr #*d Pen l*s t 

Prr. My Lord.jou arc vptoday before your hcurf, 
TIS new ei to you to be abroad fo rathe. 

Lttr. Til newes iodced^ ant fo extreme heauy, 
That / can fcarcely kcepc my eye-lids open, 

ftr. Ami foam/, but /impute the caiiT* 
To riling fooncr thea we vfc to do* 
ir.HhrBy daughter raeines to come 

and bis tbrtt daaghtcrt, 

U fit DK4owne,and read rmillflie come. 


Pfr.Sbcelc not belong^ warrant you,myLrd< 
fi ut 17, a couple of rlwfe they call good fellow ct, 
Should Hrpoutot a hedgc,nd fee vpon rs, 
We wre ID good cafe tor to aniWerc them. 
Iw.' I wcr e not tr r i to (land rpon our handi, 
f rr. / fe Jre,we i cane fhould itand vpon our left. 
But how fhould we do to defend our Icluesf 

Iw. Hucn pray to God, to bl< fle vj fro their Jlafldj; 
For rcrucm prayer much ill hap with! lands. 
frr. lie fit and pray with you tor company- 
Tec W4 1 nc're To heauy in my lite. 

ere it nota n d it V tw o or three of ip y p rc /efi 
flx>ulu meet roe.and lay me downe in a dirch, and play robbc 
there with rec,& perloice take u.y goldaay fion, oie.whdeft 
I acl this ftratagcm and by thu meanes the gray beardi (}>oiA4 
<fpc? t ayih,nhen /!6erty gau ie> I would makeno 
more to io,but#> to the uext nee, and there nan* my (elre. 

Sn them 4*4 J*rt. 

But ftay,e lhinl,mj;youthe$ arc here already, 
And with pure zeale haue prayed themfelues afleepe. 
1 thmke,they know to what intent they cunr, 
And are prouided lot another world. 

Ut 4/i tlxirlickf, tiftj, 
Now could I (lab them brauely, liilc they fleet*, 
And in a mauer put them to no pay ne 
Aud doing lo, I Jhewcd them mighty r" r icndfliip; 
ror ieare ot death nwoifc then death it felfe. 
Bui that my (wete Quecnc wili'd me for to (hew 
This letter to tbcm,ere / did the deed. 
MafTr,thcy begin to ft.trc:ilc ftand afidf j 
So fliall 1 come rperi them vnawaret. 

IWAraeiljthatflBy dioghter ttaycsfolerg. 

f t ftcare,we did miftikecKe placemy Lord, 
Ltrr. G>i gran* .vf-ib ~n: -ir fciny in the pLc.-: 
IhaJ a irnr: fjfull at dvcad, 
As much ftrrux Kb me to think thereof; 

J J f. F.-a-c nDt.'.oy Lor j.di-ei ncs tr*but faatafict , 
And flight im igina: ions of th ; btaync, - 

7U;f Perl .vide hi n fo^but ilc make liim and you 
Confc^CjChat drcamc^do ofccn prouc tco true. 

Ptr, lpray,myLoH,wht wa$ the cflfcft of kl 
1 mjy go ictc to geifc whit tr pretends, . 

./,./. L<?tue tlui co me, I will expound cht drcime, 
Lrrr. Me tlioug|jt,niy dn)ghters,Cwri>/^ & R <g <> 
Stood buch before me with fuch ^nai tfpe^i, 
Eche brandifhing a Faulchipn in their hand, 
Ready to lop aJytumt off where it Fcll^ 
AndincKirother lands a naked poynyardj 
Wtarwidi t'ley ifabd me in a hundred pi , $ r 
And to their tninkinglcfdnc there for dead: 
Bur then my y oungeH dug hcrr,t iyrc Ctrdtff^ 
Caoiewkh tboxcot Bal^bmeinhcchand, . 
And po .vted K into my bkeding wounds, 
y whofc good meanci 1 was rccoucred vvril^ 
In per fit health^s cariH w as before: . 
Andwkhthcfeareof tfaitl did jwkr x 

yet for fcire n>y feeble ioyntsda quake. 

Stand, Stand, . Tkty rtrl*. 

Letr. We d ),niy friend, alt'uQugS wid> WU<h adoe. 

^/blij*cr,d*liuer,.. . . ', . 

Tir. Dehuer vSjgoodLwt^from fucji gh*. ,-, 

Mif. You kboiaid haue pray ed bcforc,wM K wat tilPTi, , , 
AnJchcn p;rhip$,youiuiglichauefcapt myhandt; . 
Buc you.hkc faithfiiUwatchmen } fcli aOeope, 
The wiiUft Icitoeaadtookeyour 

And novvyou want your we*ponif defence, 

Hb.v liaueyou any hop tobedchucrcd f 

~ k hu cQmcib< better fl*y, 1-1 

But '." 

/K/ tis three dougf/tcrr. 

But fill adee pe, when you flioold fracch and pray. 
Lr.My fricMjthcafccmft to be (proper man* 
/". iblood.ho w the old llaut elates me by the elbow} 
He thmks.fc clikc,to leapt by (craping thus. 
ter. And it may bc,arr in forne need of money. 
Mtf. That co beralfe, behold ray tuidence. 

Sktvti kiifurftt. 

Lerr. If that I haue will du dice any good, 
I gioe it thee,eue n with right good wdl, T*k?it. 

ttr, Herr,tk*n.uietoo,Jtvifli with all my heart, 
To do dice pleafur^,k u ei e twice asmuch. 

T*kf bii) M*i Wrj^f htkem both as kit bundt. 
Mtf. He none or" them, they re too light for roe. 

fi>ii thrm n Intf telnet , 

Liit. Wiiy then farewell; and if'thou hauc cccalioa - . 
In any tliing/e vfc me to the Qoecnc, 
like ycou^h that I ca pleaiurc thcc* 

ou hearejdaycu 
If I htd oecafion to r fc you to the Qucene, 
Would you do one thing for mt I iheuld askc? 

Lfir. I, any thing that lyes nithin my power. 
Here u my hand vpon it,to tare well. frtfftr r^r 

Mtf, Hftrc you fir,hearyuf pray, a word with ycu. 
Me thinks, a comely hone ft ancient maa 
Should not diflemble with one for a vantage. 
I kf)ow,he> I ihallcom* to try thli geare, 
You will recant trom all that yeu hauc fay d, 

Ttr. Miitrwftnothnvjbuttry him when thou wilt : 
He is hcrfathcr,thcrcfore nay domncii. 

Ktj. \ know lie is,and the rctorc raeanc to try Iiim; 
You arc his friend too, I mull try yon both. 
t/foi*. Prichy do,r nchy do. Prefer ttjt tut, 

Mt/. Stay gray-beatdsthcn,and prone men of your words. ^ 
The Queenc hath ty ed tn by afolemnc ot lie , 
Here in this place to fee you both dtfpatcht : 
Now for the lafegard ot rny confcicnce, 
Do me the plcafure for to kill your fcluei: 

The Hi/lorj ofKin 

So OiiH yon faoe me lab our for to do ic, 

And proae your fclue* true old nen of your word*. 

And here 1 row in ftght of til the world, 

1 nt're will trouble you whiltt l.liue agayne. 

Ltir. AftrigHc vsnocwithcerrour,good my friend, 
Nor ftrikc fach r'eare inco our aged hearts. 
Play not the Cat, which dallictb with the moifej 
And on a iuddcn makcth her a pray i 
Butif thou art markc for the na of death 
To me and to my /x**.u 11 me pUy ne, 
That we may be prr roc th< Hroke, 
And make our (clues it ior the worl i to COOM. 

THef. 1 am the laltof any mortali race, 
That ere yonr eyei arc likely to bchol J, 
And hither fen t of pur pole to thispbce, 
To giue a Brull period to yourdye<, 
\V hich are to w akcd,a nd have liucd To long, f 

That your ow ne children leekc to fhort your life* . 
Inr.Camftthou from trance ,of put pole to do this? 
THtf. Frooa France ' zoones.Jo 1 loo^c like a Frenchtnaa ) 
Sure I haue not mine o*nr face on-, fon>e body hath chang'd 
face* with me,and i know itot ot it i Jut I am lure,ny apparcll 
is all Enghfli. bit ra.what mcancit ihou to aike that qucrbont 
I could Ipoyle the fu(hion of this race for anger. A French facoi 

Ltir. tkcjufc my dau(kerwhom 1 kaue offended, 
And at whofe hands I hauedcfetuM * ill, 
A s cuer any father did ot child, 
Is Qjteeoe of i- ru than ki at all to me> 
But vnto God, vvho my iniufttce fee* 
If it be fu,that ihec doth feeke rruenge, 
As with good rcafoo (he may iiiftly do ( . 
I will molt willingly refignr u/y lift, 
A lac nf ice to mimgate her ire : 
1 ncucr wiil imreit theeto(orgiue 
Becaute I am rnworthy tor to hue. 
Tkererbre fpeake Cuone,cV 1 will foone make fpeed : 
Whether CnlrtU wtlfd the do this dcea? 

As 1 am a peifitgMlao,iheufpakft Frcachto m*? 
- ,*.. . 1 


and bis tbrcs daug 

Jneuer heard Ctrdtftiei name before. 
Nor aeuer wai in F rauace in all my life : 
/ neuer knew tbou hadll a daughter there, 
To who*) thou didft prouc fo rnkind a churler 
But thy owne toung declares that tliou haft bin 
A vylc old nrretc h,an J Kill of hey nous fin. 

Lor, Ah no, ny rr lend, thou art dcceyued MVch: 
For her cxci pt,who.n 1 ontc(Te 1 wroagd. 
Through doting frenzy, and o're-telous loue. 
There Hurt not any vndcr heauensbiight eye, 
Thjccjiicju ii-l meo( i npicty. 
And rl)erf<>rt lure thou dolt mitiaVe the nurkc: 
For 1 jcn in irur peace with alltkc world. 

JHtf. fou arc the fitter for the King of beaut 
Andthfrefure,-or rouJ tbeeot fulps*-e, 
KODVT the u.dic Quccuesot Cambria and Cornwall, 
Thy owne two duugliten,5#iff//andR^4, 
Aproynrc) me to atall<.cre thec here. 
Why .vouldit tliou then pcrfwade me, that thou art 
In charity with all the world? but no* 
When thy o.viie iflue hold thce in fuch hate, 
That they hauc hyred me t^bbridgethy fate, 
Oli.ty rpon <uch vyle dilTemblirg breath, 
That would dcccyue,euentc thepoyntot Jeath. 

ftr. Am lawake,or u it but a dt came) 

JHr/.teare nothing,man,chou art but in a Jreame, 
And tiiou ihalt neucr wake moll duomet day, 
By then, I hope, thou wilt haueilepc ynoogh, 

Lnr Y tt,gcntle tncnd,grunt one thing ere 1 Ji. 

?Mt \\t gr aunt you any chnig, except your hue*. 

Lrir. Oh, but aflure ire by lomccertayne token, 
That niy two daughters hyrtd thee to this deed: 
If 1 were once relolu'd of thjt,tncn I 
Woold nifti no longer hfe,but crauc to dyr. 

lUtf. That to be tru<-,m light of heauen I fweire. 

It* !>neare not by hcauen,for teare of puni} 
The heaurns are gmltlcflc ol fuih haynousacli. 
. I Iwcare by carth,tbc mothtr of v* all, 

F I *r.Swt*re 


Lth. Sweare not by earth) for (he abhors to bear* 
Such baftards,as are mwtl*rer$of her fonoes. 

IHef.Why then,by hcl),and all the deuMs I fweare. 

Lttr. Sweare cot by hell-tor that ihndsgiping wide, 
To fwallcwthee,and it thou dothu ded. 

- Jtfe/.I would that word wcremhu betlyagaynr, 
It hath frighted me earn to* the very heart i 
This, old man is fome (rrong Masiciani 
Hit word s haue turnd my tnind from this exployf, 
Th c D cey ther hca uc n,e artli,r.or hell be witflc fle j ' 
But let this paper witneflc tor them ail, 

Sknftt C *or Hi tetter t 
Shall I relcnt,or fhall I profecute? 
Shall 1 reloluc, or were t beft recantf 
1 will not crack my credit vvit.h two Q^urenet t 
To whom 1 hauealready paft my word. 
Oh, batmy confcKnceterthis art doth cell, 
I get heauciu hare,earths icorn<r,an<5 paynes of hell* 

t rr.Ohiuft 7***M,whofe aJmighty power 
Dothgouerae til things in this fpacipiu world, 
Howcanfi t ton (uftcrfuch o;.:r a^ious arts 
To becouimitted without raft rcifcngc? 

viperous generation andaccurft, 

To tceke his Wod, whofe blood did make them firfl! 

Lttr, Ah, my truefriendin all cxtrentt^, 
Lctvsfubnutvstothewiliot God: 
Things ptft all fencejlct vi not fceke to kno-.r ; 

1 1 is Oodi will, and therefore muft be fo. 
My rruncU am prepared twthe ftrokc: 
Strike when thou wilt, and 1 forgiue thee here, . 
turn r'roni the very bottorne or rr, y heart. 

Mt/ t Bot I am not prepared for 10 ftnke. 

Lttr. Fare wcll,PfriWiw,cuen the trutft fwetid, 
That cuer liued m aduerlity . 
The lattft kindneffe Ue requeft of thee, 
Jj that jiiou go mo my daughter CtritU*, 


and bis three daughters . 

AnJ carry ha her fiffcwr Itteft bUfliug: 
Wuliill Jcfut hci,iliitfle will forgiu* me; 
lorl hauewro.'gj hfr wi:hodr any caule. 
Now,Lordjreccy ue mr, for 1 come to , 
A nd dye ,. I dope ,m p<rfic cJwrity 4 
Difpatclv,! pray tliee,! luyeliued too long. 

lltf, l,buc you are vn^jfe^o Ccnd an errand 
By him chit neuer rucaneth to deliucr id 
Why,hc muft go jloiifc wuhya to heiueo: 
Ic were not goo J y ou (hould go all alooe. 

l<ir. No doukc,hc Oul t wheo by the courA: of natuf c, 
He muft !u render vp in. due to death : 
But clue ihall not comejtill God permit 

JHtf. Nay,pr<fciKly^obetre you company. 
I hiue a Patport for iu.n in my pocVet, 
Already ita!J $ ai-.d he muft needt ride Pofte. 

Shew 4 k*tlt f mmtj, 
Lrir, The letter whukl read, imports nocfo, 
ItonlytoULhctb me, no word of hioi. 

Tticff. 1, but the Q^icciic commauaolsk muft befo, 
^nJl njp lyJror hi :>, as weilatyou. 

Vtr. I ,who haue borne you company in life, 
Moft willingly wilibeare a lhai< m death* 
7e ikillc th not for me, my friend, whit, 
Nor for a hundred fuch as thou and /. 

Mtf Mary.but itdoth,fir, by your If aucj your good dayei 
Vcpail: tUoyglucbceno m*iertoryou,cbamacrcr for nc, 
proper men are not To rife. 

fer, Oh, bu'. Uewart,hoiv thou doft lay tby hand 
Vpon the higk anoy nud of cbc Lordi 
O,be aduifcJere tlwu doft bejn: 
Difpatch me itrai^t, b Jt weddie not witit him. 

Leir. Friend, thy commifiion it tudealc wuh me,, 
And 1 am ke that haih dcferued all :. 
Hieplotwatlayd to take away my life ; 
And fccrc it is, I do inrrcat dice take it : 
Yet for my fake,and as thoaart a nan, 
-Spare chit my friend, that hither with OK came; 

t* F 4 I brought' 

Ttx Hifcry of King Lcir 

I brought dim forth, w hercas he had not bin, 
but ti good will to beare nc company. 
he left his fiicndsjkis country and hisgoodf, 
Anti cane with me m cnoft extremity. 
Oh t ir he Ihould icilcany here and dye, 
VVlio is c>.c c..ulc 01 it, bat only H 

TUtf. W hy that am /,! that nc're trouble chce. 

Lnr.O no,tis I. O,h ad / now to giuc thcc 
The monarchy ot all die (pacious world 
To Uuc his htc/Tv culd bellow it on dice: 
But I hattc nctJur g but thefe tcares and pray cri, 
And the ! ub n-iiion ot a bended knee. kpttlt. 

O,it all thu to me icy u cue tJiy mind. 
Spare hmi, in hcaueu thcu (hah like mercy find. 

20//.J amashardtoberncucdas nother ( andyet 
me chinks tbc Itrength of their pcrtw^u'em thrres me 
a little. 

?r. My friend,if feare of the almighty power 
Haoe power to moue the e, we hanc faydyuough: 
But it thy ptind be moueable with gold, 
We hauc nocprcfemly to giuc it checi 
Yet to thy ielt tie u ma) ft do greater good, 
To keepc thy hands flill Todcaldc from blood j 
For do bat well conlider with thy I cite, 
When thcu hjlt finifhc this outragious a<f>, 
What honour kill will haunt thee tor the deed: 
Think this agayne,that they which would mccafc 
Thee ror to be the fiotcher of their father, 
When it is donejtbrt eaie it flx>uld be knowne, 
Would make a me jnc* to rid thee from the world; 
Chjdien arc itioutor eucr tycd in chaync* 
Or e ucr j.<ibi>g torments to indure, 
hucn in the hotcltholc of gr illy hell, 
buclipaynes^as neuer morcalltoung can tell. 

it tbatn. tie f M^</, MAlttiftii tkfD'fgir 

mxt if PirtHat. 

I*(r.O,beauf ns be ilianked,he wil fpare my friend* 


ndlis three daughters. 

Ht ftttf tilth otker 4r*r. 

Pr. Oh ihappjr fight! l.e B>ctne*toi*ucmyLord, 
The King of ncauea continue thit good mind, 

Lnr. Why ftayft thou to do execution) 

Mi/, /am as nilhill at you for your life : 
/ w ill not do it,uow you do mtrcat me* 

f IT, Ah,n*w 1 fee thou hall I cmc fparkc of grace, 

The parlofeftold mcn t thitcrc / heard. 
W be Hat ,i le not accidie with y ou: 
ticic 1 toundyu,niiihcicilclciut}ou: 
If any tike you why the cafe fo (tandsf 
Say that your Counts were better then your hands. txit. 

Pw.taicwell. lit euer we together meet, >^j7. 

Itfballgohardjjut i will line rcgrect. 
CouragCjii.) LoKi.ihc woclt u oocrpaft; 
Let v> gibe thhk to God^aod hyc vk hence. 

irir.I hou ait decey ue 1 1 am paft the be ft, 
Andkncw net n JiiLhet iciVogoirom hence: 
Death had bin better welcome vnto roc, 
Thin longer life te aUdc more rrafery, 

ttr t It were cot good to rcturne from n hence we 
Vnto your daughter R^4 back againe. (cane, 
Now let TJ go to FraQcC)Vnto(r^//<*, 
Your youngeft daughter .doubtlcffc fbc will fuccooryou* 

Lttr. Oh, how can I pcriwademyfclfeoi that, 
Since the other two arc quite dcuoyd of loue; 
To when I was To ki nd,ai thatmy gifti, 
Might make them lou uic,it 'twere nothing elfc? 

f/r.Nw worldly girti,but grace from God on hye, 
Doth nourifhverrac and true cluiity. 
Remember well what words Qnnil* ipake, 
What time yu askt ber,how ihc loa'd your Grace, 
Se fa) d, her loue rate you was as much, 
As ought a child to beare vnto her father. 

Lttr. But (he did find,my loue was DOC co her, 
As fliould a father beare nto achild. 

TVr, That JQ*kcj Mt her loue to be sny Ufle, 

Tbc Ir&foryofKvig Ldf 

1 f ihe do kme y ou at t child fliould do : 
Yoa hau try ed t .vo, try one mere for my fake, 
/lc ne're iacrcac you further trynl! make. 
Remember well the drcauic y ou had of lite, 
And t hu&e wiuc comfort ic forced* to v j. , 

Lttr. CoojCjtruiii: frieid.chai eucr man oolTclt, 
1 kao,vchoucoiiiUht ail things for thebeih 
u chu chird daughter play a kinder part, 
lc comes or' God, an J not or my dclcrt. Exeunt , 
hrit tribe G*'ti** *4ml>*fadfr fdat. 

iAm Thjre is or lace ns.ves come vnto the 
That old Lord Lf/r re naynesin Ca<r.biU ; 
ile hy c me i hither prcfcndy, to impart 
My letters and my medagc vnto Inra. 
t oeuer was It ffc welcome to a place 
/n all my life timr,thcn I haue bin hither, 
lifpcciaily vnto the lately Qufcae, 
Wlio would HO: caft one gracious looke on mej. 
Out ihil with lowing and fufpictcus eyes, 
Would take exceptions at each word Jfpakc,, { 
And f u yuc Ihe would haue vnd ermioed NQC 
To know whac u.y A mbaflage did import; 
fiut (he ii like co hup without her hope, 
.And in chis n:atter r jr to want her M ill, 
Though(by rtport) (hee/ehau'c in ali ;hingi el r (p. 
Well, I will pcltc away for C.juibila* 
Within theft tc-.v daycs I hope to be there, Ex*. 
Enter the ILuigtnd Q*ftH# of(jl!ij,& Mil* fad. 

z' thi$,ouf MtiicV-X'Tidcrlljiidsour :ujuJ,. 
AaJ oar ktr^j greeting/cut to Imu of Lu : 
Tiirrcforc ny mind prcfageth erc't be U : -^ 
We llial! rcccyue from Britcayae happy n .-we*. . 

* -fW. 1 t.-ave,iy filter will diitwadc huuii&d) . 
for ilit to roc h*:h alway cs bin vnkind. 

f *'^. Fcare not,ir.y k>ue,(incc that- we kno* the wcift,. 
T!,c;..(lmeaar^hclpes > it- thacwc tuiilc the fii ft; 
It hec'lcivottotnccpGalliavoto vs, 

-e <y ill fa/jexa Brituy nc o him. . . . 4 . 

'an J his r/? cr Jau 

if I onccfce Brittayneagjyne, 
1 haue fworre,ilenc^e come, . 
And ile ret bercrfwcrne, 
/Ic rather nrurr come home while 1 lice. 

f tr. Arc you furr,\!**r/r<<!,fhc it a mayctflilf? 

Mrw. Nay,ilc not fw rare fhe i a nuyd,but flic goei for one: 
He take her t <li ar'ucmur es, it I can get her, 

CV. I, that swell put in. 

rViw.Wcllputin:nay,iewailfputiniforhadic ___ 
Bin af well put n,r.< ere / put m,in my daj e s, 
I would haue made hct follow me to Frawnce. 

f tr. Nay .you'd iiaue bit- ic kmd,as taie her nithyoo, 

I uculdliauc bm (olcuing,as ulcfla) behind you: 
Yet 1 mull conft fle, you are a very propt r man, 
And able to oiiVe a werch do rworct Jicn flic would do, 

Mw , WeIl,I hauc a payre of Hops for die noncr, 
Will held all your mocks. 

Kmg Nay, vie fee you haue a lianfome hofe. 

fr. i,and of the newtftfaHnon, 

MM*. Mort bobs, n ore: put tlicm in dill, 
1 1 cy'l icrue inftesd ol bumbaft,} ct put not in too many, 
Kit 'he Icamef crack, andtlie) fly cut an ongityouagamet 
you muu not think to out.c e iicfo eall) in my mtllru quarrel, 
vn o it 1 fee once agayne.ten uameof horlet ihall 
not draw ne away, till 1 haue tull and whole podefiion. 

i( ug. I ,bur one tcatrc ai.d a cart will feme tlic airne. 

f r. N ot only foi hirt , but alfo fr his wench* 

Miw, Well,you are two to one, ile giueyou oiur i 
Anytime KetycufoplraCanilydifpoCed, 
V\ I iti'iuJeedisbuticidomcfecne, ile tl.iyoae 
A pi on e of you. which you fball not deny met 
}oi pi en. ile is debt,* ly thuhanayoupromifdtt me. 
Thertf orcy ou owe it me,and you fhall pay it me, 
Or ilHucyouvpoHac"tiPof vnkindnelTe, 

Ritg Puthy.LordNiiiw/o^whatproniiledidl maketbee? 
MM*. Faytlj,netbngbut this, 
That thcnixi fayrc weaci>er t which is very n^-.v, 

G a y 

Tbc Hijlory of Kinq Uir 

Yo n tfould go in progrefle downc to th,c fea fid>, . 
Which iirervneeie. 

Xing. Fay tiyn this motion I, 
A nd be a mediator to my Quccnc. Loue,iet .thw match go forward, 
My mind fbretcls/cwill be a lucky royage. 

C*r. Entreaty needs not,whtreyou may eomaund, 
So you be pltifiic I am right writ content: 
Yec,astheSca / much ic lire to fcej 
So am I mofr vnwilling to be feene. 

King. Weelc go di(ouired,all voknowneio nv. 
Or. Howfoeuer you make onc,ile make another. 
vTVwrn* And /the third :oh,Ianaouer.ioyed! 
See what loue is, which getteth with a word, 
What all the world benaes could ne'reobtaync! 
But what difguiles fhall we liauc, my Lord i 

King* Fay ch thu' : niy Queenc 4 1 wil be JilgtiirJc-, 
Like a play ne country couple, and you (hall be Rfttr 
Our man, and wayt vpon vs t or it y ou w ill, 
You fhall gofiril,amJ we ill wtyt on you. 

>r)i.'Twf re more then tinsejchixiemcr is excellent. 
Come let vs abou' it. Exiu* t 

fnttr Cimiriti <f^/^4, with V />/*/. 
Cjtm. What grange mifchanee or vnevpcftc d ttp 
Hath thus depriu'J n of our fathers pretence* 
Can no man tell vswlut's become or htm, 
With whom, we did conuerfe not two dye* fincef 
My Lords, let eurry where light-liorfe be tent, 
Toicourc about through all our Regiment. 
Difpatch a Porte immediately to Corn wall, 
To fee if any ne^ei be of hnnthcre^ 
My felfe will make a ftrictt inquiry here, 
A nd all about our Cities neere t hanJ, 
Till ccrtaynr n ewes of his abode be brought. 
. All forrow it but cpunterfet to mine, 

Whole lip$ are almoft fealed vp withgricTe 

Mine if the fubftantc, wlulft they dobuefeene 
To vvcrpcttie.lcffc > which tcares cannot redeerne. 

and bis three daughters. 

O, nc'rc was heard fo ft range a nuiadueature, 
A thing (o far beyond clw reach of fence, 
Since no roans reaion in the caufe can enter. 
Wbac hach remou'd my father chui from hence; 
0,/dofearefomccharme invocation 
Of wicked (punster mtcrnall fiends, 
Scird by C*Jeiu t mo*e* this maouation, 

A nd bciog* my rather timdeffe to his e ad. 
But might 1 Icnbw.that the detcfted Witch 
Were ccrtayae caute of this vncertay ot iiJ. 

My felfeio Fraunce would go interne diftuifr, 

And with the'le ayl Icrawh out hex hatetull eye : 

Kor (ince /am depuiied of my father, 

/loath my hfc,andwUh my deaththe rather. ,- . 

Cenfure npi youkno* thenghti 
Let hicnbe hidge,ch*cbruigth truth to light. 

^.O,but my griefe,hkc to a (welling tyOe, 
Exeeediihe bottdiotcomiuonp*tieM: 
Nor can 1 moderate my toung fo much, 
Toconccalethem, whom I bold 19 kfpcft, 

C*. This matter (ball be fiiced: if K be ihe, 
Athouiand Hraunccalhall not harbour her. 

^r.jt. All happine&vntoiheCanabiiaulving. 

C*m. triend>frotn whence istty. Ambaflagtf 

^im.l caraefroinGalUl,votoCoinwaU Tent, 

With letter? to your honourable father. 

Whom there not finding^* / did expect, 

I was duelled hither to repayrt. -\,f- -. 

fa. Frenchman, wlat u thy flara|,tp mj' faihpr} 
Am. My lettcrsjMadam, will iiapbnihc lante, 

.Which iy CommiGuon is tortocteluMr. 
l^Iii his able nee you may truft vs wkh your Utters, 
Urn. 1 mull pertoro* iuy charge to (ch a none. t, 

Aal kMC drill toramaundemcnt from the Kong. 

G You 

The Htjlorj of King Lc* 

You nscd not hither come to askeforhim, 
You !<novv here he is better then our felues, 

Am, Mad.--iii,l ho:.not far oh*. 

{(.it Hath the young murdre(le,your outragious Quecne, 
No nttvtncs to colour her detelled deeds. 
In finishing in) guiltlc He fathers daycs, 
(Bccaufc he gaueher nothing to her dowre) 
But by the coicur of arayn'd Arr.baflagf, 
To lend hi.n letters hither toourCourc? 
Co c*rry them to them that Cent rliem hither, 
And bid them keep* their fcroules vnto cherr 
They cannot blind vswith fuch rtij_ 
Totmother vp io uionlhousold abule. 
And were it not, it fe'gamli law of A 
To offer violence to a MeflfBgcr ? 
We would inflict fuch torments on ti;y fclfe, 
As fhould inforce thee to reueale the truth, 

exf*>.Madam,ycur threats no vvhitapall :ny minJ, 
1 know ntytonfciencc guilt !i.fl-->r this aft; 
My King and Qiaeene,i dtre be r.voniCjarc free 
Honi any thought of fuchimpi'.ty: 
And rhercrore,Madam,yu hauc done them wrong, 
A ml ill bekuning with a fitters lo'.ie, 
Who in meerc duty tender him as much, 
As eucr you refpeftci! him lor dowt e . 
1 h< King your husband willnotfty as truck 

C'>un: I wililuipcrtd my tudgeojenttor a time, 
Ti;l more apparance gtue vs further light : , . 
Yt to be playne,yourconjmine doth inforce 
A great fafpicion to our do ubtfull ciiind, 

Him tliac nrrt: rob; t and then tiics,Stbp itie i 

^imt. Pray God fonieneere you hauc nc 

l(*g Hcn:e,faucy mate,reply no uiorctn v$; 
For law of Armes (hall nor protect thy touii",. 

tx/. Nc're was I ofrrcd fuch dlfcourtefy 5 
.God and my King,/ truft,ere ttbelemg, 

imeaoctorcmedychis wrong, Exit ~ . 

**~ i 

*nd- bis three daughters. 

R^ .How Hull I Imc.tO fuffcr tlw di I grace, 
At cnery bafc and vulgar peaf ints b.iruirf 
Icillbcfittcthmy impnuil lUte, 
robet!iaifdr,an>f >'(> snwiukc my pare. Met 
C<i.VVhaiihou!d I do *mrtJne the 1 v of Anwr s t 
Were to my cycrlaftin* obtoqajr: 
But 1 \\ ill take icucngc vpon his matter, 
Which fcnt him hither,to delude vs thu. 

f\g. N jy, if you put vp tlus, be lur c,erc long, 
NiiA that my father tliusis ma Jeaivay, 
Srccle corac & ciay me 4 tl'Jrd part of y our Crowut, 
Ai due vnto her by inhcricancc, 

C*m, But/ v. ill pi oue her title to be nought 
But rtianQf, anti the reward of Pat ricide 
And make her an example totfce woild, 
For artci-agrs to admire her penance. 
This will 1 '1o,as I a..: Cambnaes King, 
Or.luic my l'fe,to profecute rcuenge. 
Coine^firU let's Icarnc wlut neweiis of ur father, 
And cl:en proceed, as bell occafjcn fits. Exttmt. 

Per.My hontft fi iead*,we are aihaniM to.ihcw- 
The rcat extremity of our prefent ftate, f 
lu that at this time we are brought lo low, 
That we want money for co pay our paifcge. 
The truth is fo,te met v ith louicgood tcilowcs, 
A lie tie before we came aboord-y cur Hup, 

fWliich Itiipi vi quite of jll the coyixe we had, 
And left v not a penny in our puiUs l 
Yet wanting iHouy, we will vie the mcane, 
To fee you fatisriei' to die vtccnuoll. L*kf ***"" 

I ,M<rr. H fresa good gown,' t would become me paii ling weV 
I Hiould l> fine in ic. Lnkf Ptrtllnt , 

J.M<w. Hercs agoodclokc,! marucihow llhouldlookin it. 
Leir. Fayth, hid we others to fuj>ply their roo me, 
Though ne'rc lo nicane, you willingly ihould hauc them.' 
, Doyou hcarc. br t you looke like ao honcft aunt. 

The Hiflvryof King Let* 

lie not ftatidto Jo-youaplcafurc: hcre'iagoodrtfogttoriyga- 

bci di!>t,t oil me xiiij. g^oJ ftiillmgs at Billmfgate,giue we your 

gciv\ ae for it ,& your cap fur nane,<Jc lie forgiueyour paflage. 

Irir.VVuhal wy heart,andxx, thanks, Lnr& Itttbax^etk. 

a k ft/4r , Do ) ou hcare,fir? you lhal hauc a better watch the he, 

becauic you arc my friend : here is a good (beeps ruilel lea- 

go wnc, ml bide uiore llrefle,! warrant y ou ,ihn t A o of his,y ee 

tor you feem co be an hone it gentleman,! am ceatent to chage 

it for your dokc,and aslcc you nothing lor your paflage mot e, 

Pull t/ Ptnika ebke. 

Tir. My ow Be I willingly would change withthee, 
And thick my (elfe indebted to tby kmdncflet 
But would my friend might keepc his garment ftiil 
My friend ,ilegicthee this new dubl<c,itchou wilt 
Reitorchisgonne vnto luoj batkagayac* 

i .>;r. N ay,if I do^wouU 1 mig) c ne're cate powder d beef* 
and mulUrii rnore,noc drink Can of good liquor whilft ] liue. 
My friend, you iiaue fwall realon to Iccke to htadcr me of my 

If ir.Kmd i$ much better as it If} LtirttTtnHtH, 
For by tkismcanes we may elcape rnknownc, 
Till time and opportunity do fit, 

2. A4*r. Hark,hark,thcy arr laying tkcir heads together, 
Tkeile repent ^iemof their bargayncanon, 
*Twere beft for vs to go while we ire well. - \ 

I.Mr. God be with you,fir,tor>oui paJlage backagajme, 
lie vfe you as vmreafcnableasanothei. 

Leir, I knew thou wilt\b*ie we hope to bringready money 
With vs,whn we come back agayne. ixetM*rittiri, 
Wert euermeninthis fJttremity, 
In a Itraiigc country, and dti'oyct of friends, 
And not a penny for to hclpc our feluesf 
Kind rricnd, what thinkftthou willbeeoaieof vs! 

Per. Be of ood chccrc, my Lord, I hauc a dublet, 
Wil'yceldvsmeny ynoughto fera our turues, 
VntiH we coiucvnto your oaght<r Court: 
And (Jicn,I hepe, we fhaHind fricndsynpughv 
Zf /r, A h,kindf >//*/, chat is ic Jfcarc'i" 


Letr. 1 liou pleating Orator vnto mem wo, 
Cealc to beguile me with thy hopefull Ipea chest 
O ioync wi(h niCjand chiiike of nought but erodes, 
And then weelc one lament another* lodes. 

ttr . Why.fay the worrt,the worlt can be but death, 
And death is betterthcn tor to dei'paire : 
Then hazzard dcath,wluch may conucrt to lifo ; 
Baiulli defpairc,which brings a thouiand dcaches. 

Zm-.Orecome with thy ftrong erguncms } /yceM, 
To be directed by thee,as thou wile: 
As tJjouyeeldft comfort to my crazed thongliti, 
Would /couldyecld the hkernto thy body, 
Which it full wcake,! knew,and ill apay 4, 

H For 

<uid bis three daughters. 

fAfld makes me fay nt,ar cuer I come there. 
Can kindocffc fp>ng out of ingratitude? 
Or loue be reapt, where hatred hath bin fowac? 
Can Henbane aoync in league wiih Methridatci 
Or Sugar grow in Wormwoods bitter ftalkc! 
It cannot be,they arc toooppofite: 
And fo am 1 to any kindncQc here. 
1 Jiauc tkrovuic Wormwood on the fugred youth, 
And like to Henbancpoyfoncd the Fount, 
Whence flowed the Methridate of a child* goodwill 
1, like an eruious t hoi lie, habc prukt chc heart, 
A nd turnd ( wect Gr jpts/oio^ re VQI ehlht 5locs< 
The ctufclcflc ire or my rcipc <ft lellc brclt, 
Hath (owrd the iweet milk of daoie Natures papst 
My bitter words haue gauld her hony choughcs, 
And weedspf rancour diokt the flow erot grace. 
Then w hffrcnian idcr is of any hope, 
ut all our fortunes w iJ J go quite allope? 

Vtr. J care not, my Loi d.the peifit good indeed, 
Can neuer be corrupted by the bad : 

A new frefh vcflell Ihll rctaynes the taft ^ 

Of'thatwhicli firHis powr'd into the faux: 
And thcrfbre, though you nanieyomfclfe the thorn, 
The wccd.thc gall, the henbane & tlie w 
Yet Ilicclc continue in her former Irate, 

The Hiflory of Kin^Lctr ' 

f&l want of frcfh meat and due futienancc. 

Per. Alack,my Lord, ny heart doth blccd,to think 
Tiiacyou Should be mluch extremity. 

Lev. C > .ic,I vs go ,an i fee vha Gad will fend; 
When allui-ane-itails+hc isthcfurcltfiien i. Exeunt. 

Enter tbt Gdli** Kt* 41 i O*te*e4ij J*f*mftrJ t wttlt* 

Th>) tedious lOiirn-y ill oa toot, t,v cct Louc, 
Cannuc be pleating to your te.iJe.Moy DCS, 
Which ncVe were vcd to thefc to) lelome walks* 

C'ffJ.l neuer in >uy life tooke more delight 
/n any journey, then 1 do in this: 
/c did .DC good, vhcii as we haptto light 
Amonglt the intrry cruc ot cou-ifry <t>lkp, 
To lee jvrut luduttry and payaes they tooice, 

Loid,!io.v they Uljo^r to oeltircIic-Hl clues, 
And i.i their quirks to go bey ond theMoonc, 
And To tik-e on thetn wtth (uth antike fics, 
That one Ovoald think they were beliJc tbcir wk! 
Co me a wi y ,^<?r, -vitlt your basket. 

Mum. Sjc,L>*ine,her# comes a couple of old youthes, 
Imuit aecds make my leife (at wit Inciting at them. 

. Nay,pntliy donot/hey dofecmctobc 
Men much o'regoae wic'n gi icte and mifcry. 
Lct's (land fiJe,and barken iwlntriiry fay. . 

Letr. Ah,ry Pen/Ins ,no v i Ice weboch 
Sh Jl end our daycsint-ius v.itrmttuli foyle* 
O/i,l do taint tor iV iut ot fullenance: 
And thou, i knowjin htde better cafr r % 
No gentle trccarTords'oae tall; of fruic, . 
To comfort vsjvn ti II we meet vvith men : 
No lucky patli cunduifls our lucklcfle iteps 
Vntoaplace where any comfort dwell* 
Sweet rcrt Iwtyde vote our happy (oules; 
For here i fee our bodies mult haue end. 

ftr. Ah,my deareLordjhow doth my heart lameat, 
To fccyou brought tathiscxtreamyj > 


Enter Ltir 
& Pirtllur- 
v try f mail}. 

M bistbrtt daughters. 

Or ecer thought well of me m ay life, He Hn}i 
teed on thlincfhjwbcic veynci are ooefo dry, 
But cherc n venue left to com tore you. 
O, tctd oruhis, if thu will do you good, 
lie (mile tor Ice you luck my bloud. 

Lttr, I ainno ( 1 Ihoald delight 
To Hake my hungiy uwcs with humane flclh: 
I am no dcuill,or ten tman wetle then (o, 
To lack the bloud of (uch a pec rclcfTc trie n d, 
O,do not thiak that I re (pert my life 
^o dear ely, as I do thy Icy all loue. 
That liait vnkindly bamfhed thy King : 
And yet not ihou uott make me totompUyne ( 
buc cbry * luch were more necre co uie then MOO, 

Cr. VV hat do / heart: thu lamentable voycc, 
Me chi..k*,cre now 1 oftentimes fcauc heat d 

IMT, Ah, Gwrm^, wa iialfe n y Kmgdouies gift 
The caufe that thou di Jft leckc to taaue my lite : 
Ah,crutll^*r, diuigiuecr:ccall, _ 
And all could not iutficc without my bloudc* 
Ah, poore C!t rWf//,oid / giue tliec noughc, 
JNor ocuer ftiaJl be able^or to giue ? 
O,let me war ne alJagci that mfueth, 
I-iow they truft Hrttcry,and rcicd the trueth* 
Wcll,vj)KindGrlcs,i here forgiue you both, 
Yet the lutt heaucncnill hardly dothc likc } 
And only craueforgiuencdc at the cod 
Ot good L'orelttUj^A of thee, my friend j 
Ot GoJ,wlioleMaulty I haue offended, 
Byjny crantgre/sicn many thoufand n aj cs : 
Ot herfdearchearc^whoni 1 tor nooccaiioo 
. Turn'u out or aHtthroughflactererspcrfwalion: 
Otthecjkand friend, * ho but for me, 1 know, 
Hadit neutt come vjito this place or" wo. 
j C*r. A lack, that euer I .Hiould liue to lee 
iMytu-ble rather in this miltry. 

Jf nag. Sweet Loye^teueale rot what tfiou art as yet, 
-.-yfctiJl we know*iic rroundo* ahtjusiIU 


Ctt O,but fpme meat,fome meat:de you not fee, 
How necre they are to death for want of food; 

Pr. Lord,which duift help thy ferua n ts at their need, . 
Ornowor<heuerfend v hclpe with (peed. 
Oh co nifort,cornfonf yonder is a banquet, 
And menand women, my Lordibe of good cneare*. 
For I fee comfort coovmng very neere. 
O my Lord .,a banquct,aiH) men and worrun ! 
. Leir.O, let kind pity mollify theif licarts, 

That they may hclpe t/s in our great extreatues, 

Pf.God'ftueyou,rriends)6'cirthisblefled banquet 
Atfordcth any food or (uttcnance, 
E<jcn for his uke thar/faxd vs all from death, 
Vouchfafe tofaue vs from the gripe of fimtuc. Skebrii^tth 
Ctr Here ratlcr,(it and eat,bcre,fit # drink: btmt tbtublt 
And would re were fw better for your lakes* 

*Pertll*i t*ket Lett by tbt k*"d tt the ublt. 

Per. He glue you thanks anon: my friend doth fay nt, 
Add needeth prcf: nt comfarf. Lttr dnnkjt 

JVw, I warrant, he ne're ilayes to fay grace.* 
O,ths%cs nu fiuce to a good ilomake. 

?*r. The biciTcd God of heauen hath thought, vpon rs. 

Lor, The thanks be his,and thcfe kind courteous fotke, 
By w hofe humanity we are prcicracd. Thiy eat \mnftrlj % !MT 

Car. And rmy that draught be vnto hi-n,astvi drwl^tt. 
Thatwfeioh old Ffa* drank e, which did rcnuc 
His withered age, and made him young agaioc. 
^Vnd maythatmcat be vmohnii, as was 
That which f IMI ate,in ftrengtii whereof 
He walked fourty d jy ts, and neuer fay nted. . 
Shall I ccnccalc me longer from my father J . 
Or /hall I ;T>anifcfl ray fclfc to him-? 

King. Forbear c a . liile, v mill his ftr cngth re turnc, 
Left beicgooer ioycd with feeing thce, . r . . 

Hi'poore vreaJte fences (houid fortake- . their office, 
vVndfo ourcaufeof ioybc.liirnd toforrow. 

ftr. Wh*tchere,my Lord? howdoypufeelcyour felfs? , 

itir. Me chinks,l heuer ate fuch uuory mcac: 
1 It is as plcajUnt as the b It&dMaaaa, 

-. " --W3C5 --'jii 

* "' * ^- * 

r ' ' 


That ray nd from tieiaen aiQongft the Ifraelifci: 
It hath recall'd my fpirits home agaync, 
And made me r' cat It I was before* 
Buthoiv flull we congratulate their kinrheffc? 

Per. Intayth, / know not how fufnvientlyt * 

But the hell mcaticihat lean think on, is thi*: 
Tlcoffcr hcn my dublet in rcquitall; 
For a c haue nothing die to'lpirc. 

Z*/r.N .y i (\iyJ>trtU*t.fot tfrcy fliallhvir mine, 

Per. Par don,'Tiy Lord,l fwearc c!icv temine. 

Ptn/lKifrtftrthit'Jul>tet:ihfj ifiiri*t J-;c if 

I*/r, Ah,wf)o woulci think fuch&m-i jes i!-c,.>J r:''Uye 
Among iuchthangr and vnacquamredm MI : 
And that fuch hit; Ihould harbom in the btclt 
Of thofe,whichhaueoccaflon to be belt} 

Ctr. A b,good old rathcr,tcll to me thy griefe, ' 
Jlcfurro AT with not addc relicfe. 

Ifir. Ah,goody oun j daughter,! may call theefoj 
Fcrtliou artlikc * daughter I didmve* 

Cr. Do you not owe her itill f wh < t,ij flic dead ? . 

Ifir. No,God forbid: but all my inccreft't gone, ^ 
By (hewing my fclfe too much Vnnaturall: 
So haue 1 loft the title of a tather, 
And may be ctll'd n ft ranger to her rather. 

Ctr. I our- title*! good Itill^for cii alwaye t know nc, 
A man may do as him lid with hit owne. 
But haue you but one danjhter then in all t 

Lnr. Yci, I haue more by two,then would / had. 

C*r, O,fay act fo,but rather fee t he end : 
They that arc had, may haue the grace to men J: 
ButhowhautTicy oifcnJcd you to much? 

Lnr, If from the fcft I ihuuld relate the caufe, 
TtvouUJ make a heart of Adamant to wecpej 
Andtl]ou,poore foulc.lkiiid-hcaiccd asthouart, 
Dolivvecpe already, ere / do begin. 

Cr t For Gods bue tellit.and when you haue done* 
He tell the rcafon why / weepe fo foone. 

Zwr.Thcn know this firft,! am a Briccayne borne, 
And had three daughters by our louuig wife : 

H And 

Andthoagb Jfay ,ot beauty they were fpedj ' 
Elpecially the youngeft ct the tlircc, 
Itr her pcrtcftioas hardly matcht could feel 
On tin ic / doted with a iclout lout, 
A nd thought to try which of them lou'd me bcft, 
By atking chcnijwbch would do moll tor n'e? 
The firft aod lee ond flawed me with words, 
And vowd they lou'd me better then their hues: 
Might do; her aniwcrc I cfteeru'd moft v )1 d', 
And prefentlyin anoutragiouimood, 
1 tuindherfrotH nietogo finkcorfwym: 
And atll had, cncn tothe ^crj cloihtt, 
I gauc in dow ry with the other cwo: 
Aiidftie that bcft deleru'd the Created fhare, 
/ gaue her nothing) but diigracc and care. 
Now tnaik the iequcll : VV 1'cri 1 had done t!iu J, 
I loiournd io n.y eldcft daughtrrs houfr, 
Where fat a tune / wai iocreatcd well, 
And Jiu'd wjftfltelulficing rry contcnc: 
But euery day her kudiKile did grew ccld, 
Which 1 vvuh patience pot vp wcliynougj'i, 
And Teemed not to ieetne things IUw ; 
But at the laft Hie grew To tar ince nil 
With moody furyand with cauflcflc hue, 
That in morl vild and contumelious ter rocs, 
She bade me pack, and harbour fomewhere elfe. 
Then was 1 raj nc tor refuge to repay re 
Vnto my other daughter for rcliete, 
Whognuetne pleating and oft courteous worJsj 
But in her aclions /hewed her fclfe fo tore, 
/lincuer any daughterdid before : 
Sheprayd me in a oterning out betime, 
To go Co a tfucke t two ro lies from the Court, 
Poy ming that there <he would come talke with met 
There ilic had fe t a (haghayrd rourdring wretch, 
To nafiacre ny honeftrriend and me. 
Then mdgeyour (cite, although my tale be briefe, 
Jf r mao had greater caulejjf gmfe. 

ttMs three dattgh 

King. Mor neuer like impiety was done, 
Since the creation pf the world begun. 

Lttr, And now / am conflraind to feeke rclicfe 
Of her to who*> /haue bin lo ynkind; 
Whole ceulure, it it do a ward me death, 
I <nuft conrefle flic payes rue but my due: 
Butif (he lhc'*a louing daughters part, 
It CO nes of God and her,not rny del ert. 

Ccr. No doubt (he will, {dare be f.vorne fhe trill. 

Lttr. How know y oo that,noc knowing what (be isJ 

Crr. My fcUc a rather haue a great way hence. 
Vide me as ill as eucr you did her; 
Yet,chat hij reucrcod jge I one* might fee, 
Jdccreepe along, to meet him on uy knee. 

Lttr. i ),no mens children arc vnkmd but mine. 

Cr. Condemne'not all, becauf* of others crime J 
But I ooke,dcarc fai her,! ookc, j^ekold and fee 
Thy loum >> daughter fpeaketb vnto thee. Sbt kyttttt, 

Lttr. O,(laod t liou vp,it is my part to k neclc, 
And aske toriucncfl^ for ny rormer faults. btfyieclti. 

c?*r O, il youwiilil Oiould mioy my breath, 
Deare father rife, or Irrceiucmydeath. btnfttk. 

Lev. Then I will fatisty your ftoind, 
Butkneeleagame,tilpardonberelignd. ktkftelttt 

Ctr. 1 pardon y >u : the word befecmcs not me : 
But I do (ay Ib, tor to cafe your knee* 
Ijou gauc me hfe,you were the caute that I 
A 10 what I *m,vi h6 elfc had neuer bin. 

Lttr. But you gane lite" to roc and to my friend, 
Whole dayes had el(e, had an vticimely end. 

Or. Yonbrought me vp,when as I was but young, 
And tar vnable rbrto hclpe my {"elfc. 

Ltir. lci\ tbee forth, w he n as t ho u waft bat y ounf , 
/ndrar vnable tor toUelpe thy lelfc* 

f or. God } world and nature (ay 1 do you if rong, 
That can nuiurc to lee you UneeU to lung. 

Kaif. Let me breake oti this louing controuerfy, 
Whicndoth reioyce wy ve/y.^foule to fee, 
GoodUiher.vilcubcisycMii fouiaziUughtcr. ]Jt>r,fa1i. 

ftV Ami 

The Jrlijtary of Ring Lcir 

And honours you svkh as rcfpcftiae duty, 
As if you were the Monarch of the world. 

Cr. But / will neucrrifefrorn off my knee, 
Vncill 1 haue yoor blcf (ing, and your pardon 
Of ail my faults committed any way, 
From my firtt birth vnto this prefent day, 

if r. 1 he blc lli ng, which the God of^brthsm gaue 
Vnto the trybe of /iwi*, light on thce, 
And multiply thy dayei,t lut thou mayft fee 
Thy ciiildrcu $ children profper after the*. 
Thy faults,which are iult none that I dokncv.v, 
Gd pardon on high,tn d / forgiuc below. Jkc nfetb, 

Ctr, Now if roy heart at quiet.and doth leape 
Within my brclt,tor ioy ot tins good hap: 
And now(dearc tether) welcome to our Court, 
And wcUome(kmd Ptrillm) vnto me, 
Myrrourof rertue and true honefty. 

Zr O,>ic hath bin the kindcft fncnd to me, 
That cuer man had in aducr liey . 

Tt r.My toung doth faile^to lay what heart doth chink, 
1 am io rauifht with exceeding ioy. 

Jf '/. All you haue fpokc:now let me fpeak my mind, 
And in few words much matter here conclude: 
It ere my heart do haibourany ioy, 
Ortrue contcntrepofc wklnn my bieft, 
Till 1 hauc rooted out this viperous fcc>, 
And repoflcft my fatherof Jui Crowne, 
Let me be counted for theperiurdft man, 
That cuer fpake word tincc the world began. rife. 

"Mum, Le t me pray to, that ncuer prayed before; Ma* ford 
If ere 1 refajute che briinHi earth, , fyetlei. 

( As (crc'c belong) Idoprefumc 1 (hall) 
And do rtturuerrom thence without my wench, 
Let me be gelded for my recdmpence, rift, 

*0,Comc,lec*s to armes for to rcdrefle this wrong: 
Till/ am chcic,nic thinks, die time (ceuics long. xft#*, 
Enter {{*** jtfa , 

J^rg.Ifeclea hellof conlcience in my breft, 
Tormenting c wich horroui tor my fad, 


w dtis tfacc dtugbttrs. 

/ cd uoakei me in an igony of doubt, 

For fcarc the world fliould find my dealing one. 

The flauc whom I appoy ntcd tor the aft, 

I ce're let eye vpon the pea fan t fiocct 

O .could 1 get him for to make himfure, 

My tlcubts would ccafe, and I fliouU reft fccure, 

But if die old me n,wicb pcrfwafiuc words, 

Hauc bu'd thcii )iuc$,and made him to relent; 

Then arc they fled vntothe Court of traunce, 

And tike a Trumpet manifeil my fhame. 

AHiameon thclc whitc-iiuerdflauei,fjy I, 

That with ray re words Ib foone arc oucrcome. 

Cod, that 1 had bin but made a nan; 

Or that my ftrcngth were equall wich my will ! 

1 heic tcoliHi men arc notbuig bm mcere pity, 
And melt at butter doth againli the Sun. 
Why fhould they haue preemimencc ouer r$, 
Since we arc creatures of wore brauc rcfolucf 
1 fweare, I am quite out of charity 

With all the fecartlerTe men in ChriH end ome 
A poxe vpon then}, when they are afirayd 
To giue a rbb,or flit a paltry Wind-pipe, 
WhiJiarefo eafy matters to be done. 
Well jhad 1 thought the flaue would Ic r ue me Co, 
My felfe would haue bin executioner: 
Tisno-.v vndone,andif that IT be knowne, 
lie niak:asgoodihiftasl canforone* 
1 ' c : i . c t rpines at me,how ere it ftandt , 
"Tw 'tclnlt (or hjmtokeepe him fro my hand*, 
.* ' r.r-.i&Tmmcfttr. fnter 

* 1 i u^ 1> >- - wt brought our army to the fea, 
iccsuiu it ipsatereadyroieceyuc vs: 
Tl.t v.nid ltar;c!stayre,and vi e in foure houres fay le, 
May isiily airiuccn Britti/n fhore, 
W he i c vni xpc U d we may them furprife, 
And gayne a glorious victory with cafe* 
Whtrctore, H.y loumgCountreymen,refolucj 
SIACC u ml) and iu(Ucc Aght;ih on our lidcs, 

I That 

f H we ihill turch withconqucd where we go* 

My ielfe vt ill be at forward as the fi.-it, 

And ilep by ftep march vith the kardiefl wight: 

And not tk mean?ft(oaldier in owr d<npe 

Shall be IB dan gc.-,but tie (econd him. 

To you,my Lvc d,*e gi ue (he whole co inmaauj 

Qrallcl*carmy,fi.xt vuto our fclr'c, 

Notiioubtiagot yu,buty.m nil extend 

Your .vontecwalottMcjrh:* needfull cale, 

Emcouragi'igtbe rcftco do tiiclike, 

MtfW.My L ege.tis tu-c Jit ilc t-> f<mr Willing h irfe, 
That-> apt e <ougii co run hi ulelf'c to deach: 
For here i Iwcare by tSal tweet Saints Wight eye, 
Which arc the itarrei, winch guide me to gou nap, 
ly chcr to ie my old Lord'd anew, 
Or in his cauic to bid the world adieu. 

Leir, \ hanks,;oaoL 'rd\r*'/''r 4,cis more of your gooJ will, 
lit: n any oictit or dcfcrt in iae 

7a*m. AndnoAfcoyouj'ny worthy Countt) men, 
Yevaluntraceor Gen^uctUn Gavvlet, 
i-urnamcd lcd-Huuks,tor your chy ualry, 
ecau(e you light rp to the ihank m bloud; 
Shew your lelucs now to be right vj**U s indeed, 
AiiUbe to bitter on your enemies, 
Th at they may fay, you are a^bitcer as Gall. 
Gall cbc m,br j IK iiioc, wicli y o r Artillery; 
Gall them,t)raue Hilbertsjvvichynarlharp point Bill, 
E . eh i n their poy nted place, a ot one ,b at all, 
Fight roi the credit ot your Icluei and Ga vie, 

King, Then whatlhould more perlwafion need to ihofe, 
Tli rather w.ilh to dealc, then heareot blowcs 
Let's to our lhip>,andit tnac God penult, 
la fourc houresiaylc,! hope we ih ill be tliere. 

Mmm. And tufittc tionrcs norc.i make no doubf, 
But we thjll b, ing our wilh'd detires about. . 

Enter * Caftfjnt f the VHtthyvtA tvt w*tcbmi 9 

Gf/i.MyhoQcittricnds,iusyourturae to Right, 
? wattiim tfaii pi*cc,nccic above the Btawu, 


9x3 bis tfac fa 0g&er% ^ 

ly haneregard, ' ' * 

ft y flttiot ftiipi pale bicfcerward : 
VVbichif yeudo,your oificc u to fire 
5 lie Meaion p r cie mljr,an d r a i(c t i ic to w nei f * A 

1 .Paf, J } lfi,tcart Botliuig;vic kow our charge,! Wtrrtat! 
1 hauc bin a watchman ab*ut chis Beacoa this xxx. yere, ao4 
y et 1 ne'r e fc* tt lUr,bw H*od ai quiet I jr as iwght be* 

JT. Faythaci>beor,ana you'itollow Hiy vicc.mfteaJof 
watchuig the ficacon,wcc'l go ro^aodman $#/,& watch 
aptt ol Aleanda ralhcrt baton: audit we Uonoc drink our 
Icl^Bdrwul.e.tliciiiOj 1 wairaut, tkc Beacoa wiiifeeri whfR 

l.tT. J,kat how if fame bo Jy cKdife vt to the Captayne? 
3 .0^. fii o matter, tic proue b/ good rcaibn chac we watcli 
the Btacop;afle for exawple. 

I .*, 1 hope you do not call me aflc by craft,Beiglibour. 
9 ,*r, Ne > no ) Luttoi example: 2>ay hcu ttajuit cticpbiof ale, 
tints th Beacon* 1 JT. Il,tis a very guod bcaton, 
S .P^ VVcll^ay here Itand* y om nolc,t hit . the fire* 
. 1,W. indccU lniuitcoi)telJc,Ciiloii)cvkat red 
9 ,f. 1 u c tome inarching in a Hilli,liaire a Itsrc pieces of fait 
Bacon, i.tfM vuderftand your mcanig,that ai much to ky, 
halt a (curt ilnps. 3 IP", li uc,you confer iighc,prelcntly t likc 
a'aitlitull watciuran,! frctlit Beacon, ana call vpttictoune. 
I .tf^t i,c Jiais. ai much as to lay ,j ou ict your noic to the pot, and 
or ink v t . the drink. "iJT. You arc in tbc light j cme, let's go 
fircchc Beaton txtunt. 

Enttnkt lt tfgallu with *Rilm4f<k t TUmnft 
Ki*g.N v* ujw ckuwt tniigncs on the bmuin car to, 
ABU we arc necre approtlnngto tbe towne: 
^\uu we Oiall6mihthiscxplojt*itl) talc. 
Tli'inti<ibn?Rtk oi tlus nwltrulttull place, 
Arc cu d all c tp,M Hien that arc lecurct 
l-ierc (hall wcskii mi A but with naked irrenj 
Dctioyd ot It waked trom a or came, 
Thatkno^ cot what our corMmog doth pretend, 
Till they do rceleutirtiicaaungon their ^kuines: 
Tbmtotc afwjle: C od ana our ugnc tor r i &***, 


The Htfiory of. Ring Lcir 

C4pt*yei without JuklttJ,tihfwrdt. 

I, fr/ Where atethcfevillaines that were fettowatch, , 
And fire the Beacon, if occafionfcru'd, 
That thus haue (lifted vs to be furprifde, 
And neaergiucn notice to the tnwnef 
We are betray d,and qnite deaoyd of hope, 
By any meanes to fortify our felues. 

1 . C/Tis ten to one the peafant s are o'recomc with drinke 
and ilccp, and fo neglect their charge. 

I ,C*f, A whirl- wi nJ carry them quick to a 'vhirl-poolc, 
That there the flaues may drmkethcir bellies full. 

l.Cf, This us, to haue the Beacon fo necre the Alc-houfr, 

Enter tbr vatchmex Arnkf^ tett& ttcbtfot, 
* .f^.Ont on ye,villaynes,w hither run you now ) 
\.Wtt, To fire the towne,and call vp the Beacon. 
1. """*, No,no,nT, to fire the Beacon. . Hedrtti^ej, 
l.Ctf, VVhat,withapotor ale, you drunken Rogucsf 
l.C*p. You I fire the Bcacon,whciuhc towne islofi: 
He reach you bow to tend your office better. drAwttfttb them. 

Enter TMmmfird, Ctptttyitei run 41*49. 

y)/i*.YeeId,yeeld,yeeld. He k^ckf i}v&*t their pott t 

l.Vtiit Reele i no.wc do not reclc: 
You may lacke a pot of Ale ere you dye* 

Af*m, But in meancfpace,! a n f .vcr,y ou want none. 
We 1, theres no dealing with you,y'are tall men ,^c wcl weapod, 
I would there were no worfe then you inthctovne. Exit, 
I.Vtt. A f peaks like an hoaefl man,my c holers pall already* 
Come, neighbour, let's go, 

I.Vtff . Nay,firit let's Ice and we can fland. Extant, 

jilArMmsxcMrjiontJrliHHfordtftertbtin^Hd ftmtkitft 
fjittrtht G*ff** Kiti^Ltir^iMmtfaTti^ C9rtltll<t t Ptrtllw t 

tit trj t with tht tbtefetf the taw at bound. 
tiiKg. Fear c not, my friend s,you ihall receyue no 
If you'l fubfcrib c vnto your lawful! King, 
And quite rcuokc your fealty from Csm]>ri<t ) 
And from afpinng drH>// too, whole wiues 
Haue praclifdetreafen 'gunil their fathers life. 
iYce corne m luUicc of your wronged King, 

A nd do intend no harme at all to you, 
So you fubmit vntoyour lawhilIKing. 

Leir. Kind Country men, i: gncuci mc,that perforce, 
I am coni^aind to vfc extremities. 

K/f.Lon haue you here bittlookt for,good ny Lord, 
Andwifh'dfor by a general! confenti 
And had we known your Highnefle had irriaed, 
We had not made refinance to your Grace: 
And no w,my gracious Lord,y ou need not doubt, 
But all the Country will yeeld prr fcntly, 
Winch fincc your abfencc haue bin greatly tax'd, 
For to maintayne their ouerfwelling pride. 
Wecic prcfently fend word to all our friends; 

When they haue notice,thcy will come apace. 

I*ir.Thanks,loumg fubielts)and tnanks,worthy (on, 
Tlunks,my kind daughter^hankstoyou^my Lord, 
Who willingly aduentured June your bloodj 
(Without dcicrt)to do me fo much good* 

tJXftm. O.iay notfo: 
1 haue bin much beholding to your Grace: 
1 mult contcue, I haue bin in Come s kiroii 1 hcs, 
But I was neucr in the like to this: 
For where I wa wont to meet wich armed men, 
1 was now mcountrcd wuh naked women. 

Ctrd. We that are feeble, and want vfc of Artnes, 
Will pray to God, to iheeld you from all harrne*. 

Lttr. i he while your hands do manage ceafclcflctoylc, 
Our hearts (hall pray,the foes may haue the toy lc. 

ftr. Weelc fail and pray, whillt you for vs do fi jhr, 
Thatviftory may profccutc the right. 

Jb*^.Me thinks, your words do anpliry(my friends) 
And&d Jef'reth vigor to my willing hinmcw Dr**%. 
But harke,l heare the aduerfc Dram approch* 
Gad and our right,Saint Demit t and Saint Gecrgt, 

lt . 

M. Prefumpcuous King of Gawles,how dated theO 
Prcfufucto enter on our Brittiihfboret 
And more then that, to rake our townes perforce, 
Aad draw our lubieftt heuut from their true King? 

-- - -^ --* - . ^. _ ^__ ,^., 9 

Tfc Hifvry cfKittg L& 

Befuteteboy ttatasdeareaprice, 

As crc you bought prefumpcien m your lisiei, 

K^.Ort-*aring CinW^knowjwe came in rigk 
And laft reucngeaent f the wronged ting, 
Wliofc daughters thercjfcll vipers as they re f 
Haue ('ought to murder aaddepriueof life; 
But God ptoteded him from all their 'pighr, 
A ad we are cone in iufticc of hu right. 

Cm, Nor he nr thou haue any lutercft here, 
But what you win and purchafe with thefword. 
Thy (launders to our noble vcrtuous Qucencs, 
Wec'J in the ba ttcli thruft them down thy thiote, 
Except for teart of oar rcucnging hands, 
Thu flye tefea t as ot fccure on lands. 

Atom. xV c)lhman,il c fo ic ir it you ere ni ghc for that word , 
That you {hall haue no mind to crake Jo w el this twciuctuoath* 
Cfti.'l'hty ly c,t Jut fay, we fought our ftthcrs^death* 
U<|Tisccrcly torgcd fur a colours fake, 
To fet a gloffcoo your inuaiion. 
Me think t an old ma* ready for c dye, 
Should be afliam'd to broach c f foulc a lye. 
> O><<. Fy,lhan!elvflc liltcr,lo deuoyd of gracej 
fo call eut father ly cr to his face. 

Gt*. Peace(Puritan)difrmbhng hypocrite, 
Whtcli art iogood,that thou wilt proucftarkuaaghtt . 
Anon,whea at 1 haue you in may fingers, 
1 it make you wifh your I cite in Porgatory. 

/'. Nay,peae thou inon(Ur,thi(nc vnto thy fexc: 
IhouficndinlilceHcflcof a humane creature, ', 
Hftg. 1 neucr heard a fouler ipoken man, 
Leir. Out on thec,viper,fctim,fil t !iy parricide, 
MorcoJiouitomyfijilit then is a Foadc. 
Kno weft thou thcfe letter* ) Sktfuat thtt tbtm & tttrtt tlnm. 

Ifa. Thinteyoutooutfaceniewichyourpiltryfcrowle*? 
YOU ccme to dnuc my husband from his right, 
* ..Vnder the colour of a forged letter* 
l*ir. Whoeuer heard the like impiety f 
fr You arcourdcbteur of more patience: 



and bis three daugbfcrf. 

Within the thicket two long houres and more, 
K^. What houres! w hat thicket) 
Ttr. There, where you fentyoar Ctrsant withyoarlettcri, 
Srald withyour hn J,ro fend vs hoc h to hearten, 
Where, as 1 thinke, you neuer meaoe to come. 

fyf. Ala,youarc rownca chiU agayne wuhage, 
Or ellc your k'lccs dote tor *ant ot fl<rcpe. 

frr. Indeed you nadc y rife bed nes, yauknotr, 
Y-t hid a care vefhoald flecpe here you bade viltay, 
cucr ivakc more rill die latter day. 
t. Pca.:e,peace,old fcilo.v.ihou art ffeepy ftH, 
. Fay tli^and if y u realon till t motrow, 
You kcr no other an(*crcat thtuliand. 

Tt$ piny two iuch good face* 
Shoald haue fo little grace betvrreiie them. 
Wcll,ltt vs fee if their hukbandi with their ban Js, 
Can da at much ,s they do with their counts. 

C*m. /.with their f-*rds they *liake yur:oung?nfay 
Wnac thry haue (avd , or t\fs rhey'l cut tkcm ouc. 

JCig,Too*c,gallaDt>,coo'e,lec' aot ftand brawling thm. 

*">*! kith army if. 

' m**):th**ct*fe, Enttr C 
Ctrn, The day u lolt,our tricnd do ail i euolc, 
Andioyncagamltvs wKbtiieadnerfc p rt : 
''There is no .neancs of Cafety but by fl'ghe, 

therefore lie to Cornwall wuh ny Qij_:ene. 


Cam Ichinkc.thrrcij jdsuill in thcCaiPpc hath haunted 
e t*day: he hath lot/red me .that uii maacr lean right no 

more. Emttr <JWua,firJ, 

ZoundSjhr re hr comet, lie take me to oiy 'nrfe. Exit, 

Thou liart a lighr and nunblep tyre of legs: 
Thou are more in debt to thro* then to thy haadf | 
Butir I meetthre oace agiyne to day, 
Tic cutthctu oH,4u4ici them to bettct heart. 


of King Ldr 

tAltrnmt tnJexeurfifmjlxnfoK'tJvifttry. 

" M i t K.n^CtrdeU4,*nd Mumftrd. 

Ktaf t ThtnVs be to God,your foes are o uercomc, 
And you againcpoflcffed of your right. 

Lfir. Firlt to the hcaucns,ncxt,than ks CO you,my fonac, 
By whofe good meancs I rcpoflcfle the fame: 
Which if itpleafeyoutoacceptyour fclfc, 
With all my heart I will rcfignc to you: 
For it is yours by right, and none or' mine, 
Firftjliauc you raifd,acyour ownetharge,a power 
Of valiant Souldiers;(this conies all from you) 
Next hauc you ventured your ovrneperfomfcathc* v 
Andlaftty, (worthy GaUia ncuer Aaynd) 
My kingly title I by thee hauc gay nd. 

K.i*, Thank me,rt>y zeale to you is luch, 
Comaaund my vcmolt,! will ncucr grutcb. 

Cr, He that with all kind loue intreacs his Que'ene, 
Will not be to her father vnkind feene. 

Ltir.Ah,ny Cwdtll* , now I call to mind, 
Themodeit anfwere,which I cook c vukuid: 
But now I fee.I am no whit beguild, 
. Thou loue drt roe <iearely,and as ought a child. 
And thou(P* ri//*r) partner once in woe, 
Thee torequice,the belt \ can, He doe 1 
Yet all I can, I, were it nc're (o uch, 
Were notiutficient, thy true loue is fuch. 
Thanks( worthy Mumfartl) to thec Jail of all, 
Not greeted laft, 'caufc thy dcfert was Imall ; 
No.chou haft Lion-like lay d on to day, 
dialing chc Corn wall King and Cambria; 
Who with my daughtcrs,daughters did I fay? 
To fue their liue$,the tugitiucs did play. < 

Come,(onne and daughter, who did me aduaunce, 
Kepofc with me avvhile,and then for Frauncc. 


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