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The Tulu language, one of the Dravidian family, is spoken 
only by half a million of people, inhabiting the central part of 
South-Ganara. Until recently there was no literature in this 
language, except some legends written on palm-leaves in the 
Malayalam character, in the possession of Brahman families. 
It was only after the arrival of the Basel Missionaries in this 
district (1834) that some books were written and printed in 
the Basel Mission Press, the most important being a translation 
of the New Testament, which was completed in 1847, and 
of which a new typographical edition was issued in 1859. 
Other publications intended for the use of the church and 
schools followed in course of time, and in 1872 Eev. J. Brigel 
compiled a Tulu Grammar, which we recommend to those 
interested in that language. For writing, a modification of the 
Malayalam alphabet was in vogue till the Basel Mission Press 
employed Canarese characters in printing. 

2. The compilation of a vocabulary was commenced some 
30 years ago. The Rev. G. Kammerer, who died in 1858, left a 
manuscript containing about 2000 words. The author took this 
vocabulary in hand and continued adding to it from all avail- 
able sources, without in the least contemplating the printing 
of the same. In ^1883, however, the question of printing a 
Tulu Dictionary was first mooted, and further steps having been 
taken in the matter, the Government of Madras was pleased to 
defray the cost of its publication. ^ ^^ ^ GooqIc 

igi ize y g 


3. A Transliteration in Latin characters of every word will, 
especially for beginners, facilitate the use of the book. The 
appended list (p. viii.) will show the rules according to which the 
transliteration has been made. 

4. Special attention should be paid to words sounding- 
alike, viz : 

^S> V^^h ft lizard. 25^ palli, a mosque. 

^A luh, an anna. ^^ Inh, an elephant. 

-^^^ muttu, a pearl. ^^°^ muddu, a kiss. 

^^^ madipu, a fold. »Sod^ madipu, a consultation. 

5. Although it is customary in Dravidian Dictionaries ta 
give the crude form of the Verb, it was thought better to give 
first the Infinitive form, as the conjugation of the verb is depen- 
dent on the ending of the Infinitive. The Root, however, is given 
after the transliteration. The three terminations of the Infinitive 
are as follows: 

1. CA)^ uni, as fcS -|-cn3^=6jsi3?i voduni, to read; 

2. ^^ puni, J, ^f^ + ^^ =^^^^ malpuni, to do; 
8. h^ pini, „ ^ + &5) = ^h?i tupini, to see. 

As the formation of the Causative form is sometimes rather 
intricate and the meaning is often different from that attached 
to the root, it has been thought bept to introduce the causative 
form as a seperate word. 

6. As to the Adjectives, only the simple ones have been 
especially mentioned; all others which are either Adjective- 
Participles, or Nouns converted into Adjectives either by different 
terminations, as the Dative, Locative and Genitive, or by adding 
Adjective-Participles (^^ itti, ^^ uppu, e^oso ayi, etc.), have been 
omitted, as the student can easily convert any Noun into aix 
Adjective whenever required. 

7. In a similiar manner it ought to be stated that all pro- 
per Adverbs have been specially pointed out; those, however^ 
which are either Datives or Locatives or Nouns with Verbal 
Participles (^S ad^) have been omitted for the above reason. 


8. The Tulu language does not possess many words with 
abstract meanings. The Gerund of every verb may, however, 
be used in this sense, for instance, iizi^^^ wodunavn reading, ^tj 
5^i4 tupinavn observation. Besides this there are some other deriv- 
ations, as 4«eCi:^ vodigi of Soe^io^ voduni, ^^^ heScigft of ^d^o^?^ 
heccuni, a^^^ Jappel* of &^^ Jappuni, ^ot€ dinjel^ of oo^o^ 
dinjuniy ^^^ tarti of sst^o^ taruni, ^iw^f" rnurt^ of 'd^A'd:)^ muruni, 
e/c. Such abstract words, if not found in this Dictionary, can 
easily be formed by means of the Infinitive. 

9. The meanings of many words might have been consider- 
ably increased, but for the sake of brevity we have, (especially 
in the case of words derived from Sanskrit), given only the most 
usual ones. 

10. It should be taken into consideration that not only the 
different castes of the Tulu speaking people have their own 
peculiarities of expression and pronunciation, ^.^. for "wed- 
ding" Brahmans say "^^^re kalyana, Pariahs say e^^^c^ badatana, 
and other caste people say -s^aB^ mad^mi, but that there are also 
three local distinctions of dialect, viz., a southern, a northern 
and an eastern one, in which similar peculiarities exist; for 
instance : 

S. i^5^^> podepini, g ^^tiisadi,^ ^z3 tudJ, u ^S)^ tupini, ^• 
/ N. *i3L^ podepini, g ssd tidi, o ^^3 sudft, .S Tijdh^ supini, « 

^ 1^ 1^ o 

E. ^^^^) pudepuni, o c53)Dhidi,o3 ^J3hud6, os ^^^hupini,-^ 

11. As to the adoption of Sanskrit, words besides those in 
common use with the people in connection with their worship, 
a number of words have been received which are current among 
Tulu Brahmans only, though not all ; and there are also some 
words which owe their introduction to Christianity. The Tulu 
people also use a number of words which were originally Cana- 
rese, Malayalam and Hindustani; of these only the most com- 
mon ones have been introduced here. 

*12. The names of about 600 Plants will be found in this 
collection. About half are taken from "Five Hundred Indian 

Digitized by 


Plants'* by C. Stolz, and the others have been obtained in other 
ways, careful investigation being required in some cases. 

13. A Supplement of about 200 new words is appended. 

14. For List of Abbreviations see the following page. 

15. In the preparation of this Dictionary the following 
works have been consulted: Canarese Dictionary by W. Reeve, 
Malayalam Dictionary by Dr. H. Gundert, and Sanskrit Dictionary 
by Dr. Th. Benfey. 

16. In conclusion the author desires to record the great 
obligations he is under, to the Munshis Messrs. Madhvaraya of 
Caup, Sitarama of Mulki, Sarvottama Pei of Mangalore, and 
Catechist Israel Aarons for the assistance given him, and 
among some others, he is also indebted to the corrector of 
the Mission Press, Mr. Sivarau, who has been of very great 
service to him in carrying the work through the press. He 
nevertheless regrets certain errors which have crept into the 
work, and for which he craves the forbearance of the critic. 
These have been noted in the Errata. 

Mangalore f October 1886. A* HI* 

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= accusative. 


= literally. 


= adjective. 


= locative.- 


= adverb. 


= masculine. 


= better. 


= negative. 


= word peculiar to Tulu 

n. or 

neut. = neuter. 



= numeral. 


= Christian. 


=: opposite. 


= conditional. 


= perfect tense. 

c. d. 

= cum dative. 


= participle. 


= cpnfer, compare. 

p.orpers.= person. 


= conjunction. 


s plural. 

C. V. 

= causative verb. 


= postposition. 


= dative. 


s potential. 


= diminutive. 


= preposition. 


or d. V. = defective verb. 


= pronoun. 


= ,for example. 


« proverb. 


= emphatic. 


= past tense. 


= feminine. 


s= Roman Catholic 


= figurative. 


= substantive. 


= future tense. 


= Sanskrit. 


:= genitive. 


s singular. 


= grammatical. 


= slang word. 


= honorific. 

V. a. 

= verb active. 


= imperative. 

V. n. 

= verb neuter. 


= interjection. 

V. reft 

= verb reflexive. 


= interrogative. 


= vulgar word.. 

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^ bl as 

a t« about. 

oi e tf J e 

in met. 

« a fi 

% n for. 

J, h(Jinal)as9k 

^ mat. 

*» i T» 

i „him. 

C> e ^j 6 

w grey- 

^ i 

i , police. 

oDei,ai,oi , ei 

„ height. 

5A) U « 

u , full. 

to (wo) , 

ff not. 

ervjd u ^ 

u „ rule. 

io 6 (wo) „ 

„ note. 

sio r^, vocalised r. 

O 0U| an on 

^ house. 

(kJjs ru not 


^ x^ {half IX) as % in 




o=n before 
n „ 

n « 

^ ka <2^ 

so kha „ 

rt ga „ 

^S' gha „ 

2S na 9 

'df ca » 

e^ cha 

ta Ja „ 
dl::^ Jha 

'^ ria ^ 

Ij ta the 

^ tha 

d da the 

z^ dha 

C9 na the 

^ ta the 

qS tha 

?r, SO, X, ;;5o, 83. 
w, Tsi, T^, t;^, r«. 

^? ^, ^1 ^, c^- 

o=m before 35, ^, a:), 2}, 

ifi cji), "d, e;, ©5, ^, 4, sJ, So. 

8=h, vocalised. 

c* Consonants. 

ka in kalendar. 
ka aspirated, 
ga in gander, 
ga aspirated, 
ng in singing. 
oh „ chapter, 
da aspirated. 
Ja in jam. 
ja aspirated, 
nya in bunyan. 
cerebral ta. 
ta aspirated, 
cerebral da. 
da aspirated, 
cerebral na. 
dental ta. 
ta aspirated. 



to ba 

Sjj bha 

^ ma 

oi) ya 

d ra 

^ la 

ri va 

i la 

^ sa 

?;! sa 

^ ha 

^ la 

da the dental da., 
dha da aspirated, 

na the dental na. 
pa as pa in parrot, 
pha jt pa aspirated. 

ba in bat. 

ba aspirated. 

ma in mad. 

» ya 

„ ra 

. la 

» va 

« Bha 

» Bha 

1, sa „ 

„ ha n ham 

the cerebral 1. 

» rag. 
n lap. 
« van. 
^ sham. 
„ marshal. 
« sat 

^ ksha ^^ ksha in Lakshmi. 

"^ zed by Google 



t5 a. The first letter of the al- 
phabet; 2. an interjection of 
surprise; 3. when prefixed to 
noans derived from Sanskrit 
beginning with a consonant, 
it denotes negation, as ^Jajo 
truth, ®rfa|g untruth; before 
a vowel » becomes «>c3^, as 
€9o* end, ^^o^ endless. 

t5o'^ anka, s. Fight, war, battle, 
combat ; 2 . cock-fight ; 3 . a 
mark, sign. — o^oSo a combat- 
ant, wrestler. — rf esafodjjS a 
field or place for cock-fighting. 
.-W5d)^ to fight, to wrestle. 

eo^Cc) ankana, s. The space bet- 
ween two cross beams or pil- 
lars (supporting a roof) ; 2. a 
quadrate, square; 3. a small 
room, compartment. — s^rfo?) 
to upset. 

^o^rdOJJc^ ankiyana, s, A temple 
feast; see cfcxiJsJ. 

e^o-S-^ ankita, s. A mark; adj, 
marked. — stotId^ to affix one's 
signature to any writing; 2. to 
dedicate a work; 3. to put a 

eo'i^ozijSo^o ankudonkn,5. Crook- 
edness; tf^'. bent, crooked. 

e5o'rfo2i ankusa, s, A goad, hook 
used to drive an elephant with. 

eo*5g)Ji ankipuni («)o^), v. a. To 
cipher, count, reckon (in 

eo'^ankJ, s. A numerical figure. 

^o'^Jd^dd dod ankd]eda mara, 
s. Alangium decapetalum 

^ovf angij, J. Greediness, eager- 
ness, -eooa^^ -'^^^ to be 
greedy, covetous; c/.^or.^;^ 

eo7T*?5e)53)? angyi85vuni(»o7\«?fe), 
v.a. To reproach, despise; 2. 
to disregard; 3. to arraign; 
also C9o?s?te4^ BooT^^d^^oi. > 

^or( anga 

eo7i anga 

eort anga, s. A limb, member; 
2. the body. e£)oXo^^o the 
memjjers of the body. 
eori^dK) angakarana, s. The in- 
struments of action, as ^o^ 
mind, nwi* speech, tt^ocJo body. 

^orttddoO angajameri, s. The hair 
of the body. 

e3orit3^0 angajari, ^. A name of 
l^, the foe of Cupid. 

eori^ angaji, ^. The god of love, 
w)»5o; 2. a son; 3. desire. 

eorta angadi, ^. A shop, stall. 
—crooSo, — ttotS a shopkeeper. 

e^ortc^ angana, ^. The space 
around a temple or demon- 
shrine; 2. a courtyard, the 
space in front of a house. 

eori3r5)3i angatapa, s. Heat of the 
body; 2. fatigue. 

eoridcSangadanfe,^. Thirst, -*j» 
hF^ to give to drink. -tibF^ 
to drink. 

53ortc3 angade, ^. The name of a 
celebrated monkey, the son 

of S5)«5. 

eortsioxJ^ angapank^, s. The hair 
about the privities, vl^^. 

eoririO?^ angaparikshe, ^. Anato- 

e3ort^^ angapOje, ^. Worship- 
ping the different members of 
an idol. 

eortri^d^d angapradakshane, s. 
Rolling the body after the car 
of an idol or round a temple, 
as a penance or in fulfilment 
of a vow ; see -^n^^. 

e^orieS^^io^angabesar^,^. Fatigue. 

eortd^ angarakshe, ^. Personal 

protection, preservation, safe- 


e3ort6e€ angareke, ^. A coat, 
jacket, vesture. 

e3ori6jft>?s:!o angaroma, ^. The hair 
of the body. 

eorto;^, wortOe)3i angalappu, 
angal&pa^ s. Covetousness, in- 
ordinate desire, eagerness of 
gain. — c3s^?i to be of inordi- 
nate desire; 2. to endeavour, 
try. — cTOoSo a covetous person. 

eortsj^ angavastra, s. An upper 
garment, a towel. 

esortS^ angaiikshe, s. Penance; 
2. mortification of the body in 

. penance. 

^oTiSM angaiuiS s. Ceremonial 
purity; 2. a thrashing, beat- 

eortrfort angasanga, <y. Sexual in- 

e5or(?7c>qS^ angasadhani, s. Gym- 
nastics, bodily exercise. 

e3ori?oa angasiddhi, s. Prosperity. 

e5ort?i©^ angastitra, s. The pulse ; 
2. a kind of girdle; see 4o^^ 

e3ort?3 angasft, s. A particular 
kind of building, the front 
part of which is used as a 
shop and the back part as a 
private dwelling; 2. a towel, 

eort^JScS^^ angasonne, s. A sign 

eoTi anga 

e5ozs anna 

made with the finger, head, 

eye, etc. 
e9or13oo;3 angahiifisei s. Corpo- 
ral punishment. — •io^b^^ to 

wound, punish. 
e5or(3o^cj angahina, adj. Maimed. 
e9or(^(^ angakshema, ^. Bodily 

eorraort ang&nga, adj. All, of 

every kind; see epcsjoai. 
eoTTOO^ angary, s. The sole of 

the foot. 
eorrad angara, s, Tuesday. 
eorre)d^ angaraka^ s, A black 

stroke put on the forehead. 
aorredT? angirake, s. The planet 

Mars. ©oT^axi^roTi Tuesday. 
eorrc>6angare,^. The planetMars; 

2. Tuesday, 
eorras^,?^ angavuni, c.v. {of oo 

Xos>), To yawn, gape, open (as 

the mouth). 
aoA angi, s. A long gown, or 

e5oha^5 aigidpini (cpoTnB), v. n. 

To be greedy, covetous; see 

under «>oK. 
e5oA^?i angipuni («5oTv), v, a. To 

wish, be greedy of. 
«^or\3oc>s3)ci angisavuni (e9o?v?3^), 

7A «. To reproach ; see ^of<^ 

eoA?^e)dangikara, J. Reception, 
admission; 2. accept ation,—»5o 
^^0^^, «)or\eg'&^^ to accept, re- 

eor\?b?5 anglrasa, ^. The name 
of a Hindoo saint. 

e5or(oU, eorbsl anguta, angushta, 
s. The thumb; 2. the great 
toe; also crooXow. 

eortoj:) anguni («)o^, v. n. To 
open; 2. to be seized with 
a fit of yawning; as sj^cxso oo 
Xootl) the mouth opens; 3. to 

e^ortoe; angula, s. An inch; 2. a 
finger, the thumb, great toe; 
3. the name of a saint. 

^orto?j^ji angustani, s, A thim- 

eort^, ^oM angela, angela, s. 
A native inch equal to about 
1| of the English inch; see 

^07^6 angele, s. A greedy per- 
son, glutton. 

^ofi\ angel, s. The palm of the 
hand. -Xoca the cavity of the 
hand. — tJ?^ the lines on the 
palm of the hand; see so^^e^. 
-lixDoT?^ c^Oj^ to lick the palm 
and back of the hand;y2^. to 
be greedy. 

e5o?lQ^53«)or( angopanga (woX- 
CA)z;.®o7<), s. The members of 

the body. 

eo7^J3e^ angostra (woX-rf^), j. 
An upper garment, a towel. 

eo2So2S, eoecozc^js^o annanna, 
annannolu, s. All the limbs; 
see c5o7^oX. 

e^ozcrs) annana, ^^^ «oXr©. 

eo2Crc)^c^ annanyuni (eossra*), z^.^. 
To be greedy of,^t(nc^vet; 5^. 

e5o2C^ anne 

©ob* ant|^ 

eo2c2d,annele, see ^oM, 
^oz^ anca, <2^^'. So, thus, like, 
after that way or manner; 
2. tnf, yea, even so. t^otiozS 
there, that side, a little fur- 
ther on. e)oej;)ozi if it he so, 
however. ootj^asocSS , esotj?) 


cSo^v c35 , «>otjsa30c3z33 T^Ti («)oc^ 

ti-^o^^^^zs^ iStJ) for that rea- 
son, on that account, there- 
fore. C5o8aS such. 
t^orfd ancadft, adv. So, just so. 

eo^ccS, eo2§^ ancane, ancene, ^^. 
Just so, even so. — "rio^o^S) to 

. do so, to do in like manner. 

^0^^^ ancal, s. The post, tapal. 
—i^oL^^ a post-horse. — osoSo 
a postman. 

eoe3^ anci, ^^'Z'. Thither, that 
side; 2. heyond. e^oCccJ 5»€> 
the other part. ooelK ?Jocl3^ 
to die, expire, decease. «>o 
e^oea here and there, hither 
and thither, to and fro. 

^o'^A, eo24^ ancigft aricikJ, see 

ec^^cisol) ancidaye, s. A post- 

eozSoJi ancuni (e^c^o), v. a. To 
lurk, ^j c^^ 3j^^5 ©otioozl) the 
cat lies in wait for the bird; 
V. n. to be importunate. 

eot;5N anjana, see oorcp?^. 

^otic3c)c3?D anjanadevi, s. The 
wife of S3;>ocioo (the god of 
wind) and mother of soj^zJoo^, 

the famous monkey general; 
2. the black goddess. 

^oti^Ds^^ anjal^miinii, s. A 
kind of fish. 

eotSfl, eoe3^ anjigft, anjikft, s. 
Fear, alarm, (right; 2. shy- 
ness. -^^?>tofear,be afraid 
of, be alarmed, be frightened; 
2. to be shy. —os^cA) a coward, 
timid person. 

eo23ojv\)5, eotio^ a^Jiyuni, an- 
Juni («>o^, e9oaio), ^?. n. To 
fear. «>oaiOcroo&5 a coward, 
timid person. 

?5ot;ki«)cJ aijura, s, A fig. -tJoSf 
a ripe fig. — ^tj the glome- 
rous fig tree. 

^0^6 anjele, s, A timid fel- 

eo'SOci annana ^. A collyrium or 
ointment applied to the eyes 
(see v^t^-R) ; 2. particular ap- 
plications, as lampblack, anti- 
mony e^c. ; 3. a kind of medi- 
cine for the eyes; also c9o 
dici' — ^^^ antimony. —7^^, 
—iTOoSo necromancer, conjurer, 
soothsayer, also ^oaa^^TOoSj. 
— c;>zio^ to put a sharp medi- 
cine or collyrium into the 
eyes; 2. to conjure. 

eolj^ ant\|i,^. Gum, paste, resin; 
2. adhesion. — jJ*)^^ to come 


in contact with, to touch; 
2. to follow, pursue ; 3. to 
stick, adhere to. --53»>t1>^ to- 
gum, paste.f- »o&»2b^ to be- 
come adhesive. ^ 

^okif antv 

eo^ anta 

e^jb^Si^i ant\|ipattii, adj\ Adhe- 
sive, attractive. 

iSoki^t^ antuni, v. n. To adhere, 
stick; V. a. to paste; 2. to 

eocs^ and^ s. The buttocks; «>© 
5K e^oaS zioiS a stool to sit 
upon. «>o5cJ^r a small under 

^odanda,^. An egg, that which 
is oval shaped. — aft)5 the 
oviparous class, as bird, fish 

^oiiTf andasf, s. A kind of fish; 

eodandi; s. A germ of mangoes 
eic, — ecuTi)^ fruits to put 
forth; also v^o^ ^^^• 

t5od;^u*, ^o^^f^o^ andin&rf, 
an4ipii9arf ^ s. The name of a 
tree, Carallia integerrima. 

t^ocS andiy s. The vessel of a 
toddy-drawer for putting tod- 
dy in; 2. a vessel made of 
hollow bamboo or nut-shell. 

eof^sj)?^ annivuni («>o?to), v. a. 
To raise or lift up the head 
or face; 2. to peep. 

t3oC9j^^o5j annukayi, s. Cocoa- 
nut and plantains offered to 
an idol; see s^op^oTOoao. — rfja 
fcr^ -?ii^^ to offer cocoa- 
nuts and plantains. 

^oel anne, ^. An elder brother; 
2. a maternal uncle; 3. an 
elderly man. 

190^ anta, s. End, finale. 

^o^st^dr® antahkarana, s. The 

internal sense; 2. the heart, 
the mind ; 3.y^. mercy ; also 

^otl"^^ antahpurai s, A seraglio, 
the queen's apartment. 

^o^'^aiitake^^.Yama,the Indian 

e5oic3*o* antad|^\li, j. A clue, 
hint, inkling (as of a secret). 

^o^sio^ antapanta, s. Competi- 
tion, vying; 2. prowess. 

eo^d aotara, s. Intermediate 
space, interval; 2. difference, 
disparity; 3. rank. — ^oS^f, 
-!?o£^f, — 'S'oijsgv'o the inter- 
mediate posts of a roof. 

eo^cJort antaranga, s. The mind, 
heart; 2. a secret; 3. secrecy; 
in loc. secretly. 

e^o^drioT^ antaragange, s. Pistia 
stratiosa\ cf. ^eu^u, 

^o^Ue)oid antariintara, s. Dis- 
tinction of rank. 

eoiDe>U,eo3g^ii,t5o^Dc)3|. anta- 
rata, antr&tai antarashtra, s. 
Mid-space, mid-air, included 
space, interval; «)o^T:DttatSo5^ 
lit, 'he is in the atmosphere', 
used for one who has died 
and has no rest; 2.y^. he is 
in a dilemma^ he is not 

^o^053)c^, eo^0;io5, ^o;^Doi>Jc^, 
antaripuni, antarisuni, antari- 
yuni («Jo^0), V, n. To end; 
2. to die; 3. to differ. 

^o^jSr;^ antardese, s. The un- 
known fate. *^ 

e5o^ &nta 

^ocJ anna 

eo^dJSFO^ antannad\ii, s. An 

under roof. 
^oioS^F antarya s. The inner 
'f part ; 2. the heart, mind. 
eo^?iorora antarsunna, s. The 

beam on the walls. 
eo^jrt antuga, s. Total. 

eoi?^ antast]^, s. An upper 
store or room ; 2. a secret. 

eo^o antya, ^. End, completion; 
a^'. last, final, ultimate. — vse^ 
the time of death. 

eoC3^ andu, ^. V. Yes, yea. — c^dj 
^^ to be true, ^^b^ to be 
brought up; 2. to be verified, 
proved. — ^oaj true. — c^oso 
S3«>^^ a true word: e£>onsoaj 
5j3#5jaXo sioiTOodo rsi^ /^V. there 
is no gainsaying the truth. 
^•do^^sy^?:^ to prove, improve. 
5£>ccroi8 itso? isittrue? also 
calling attention. 

eoo^orf and\jLnda {condLform of 
€5^^), adv. Namely, tha't is 
to say. 

eocrn^ and^d\|i {past part, of 
®^?> used as) conj, {lit. Hav- 
ing said,) that. eo^Sr «)o55 
TiozS he said that he would 

eodanda, ^. Form, shape; 2. 
beauty, elegance, handsome- 
ness, symmetry; 3. purport. 
adj. beautiful, pretty; — t^^, 
a handsome man. ~$»elb?> to 
decay, wane. 

^ociziod andacanda, adj. Very 
handsome, very pleasant. 

^odT^, e5od€ andage, andake, ^. 
A blind man, a man of defec- 
tive vision; 2. a cripple. 

e5odrs andana, s. A kind of pa- 

eocSo3o andaye, ^^^ cpotooSj. 

^oci?^, andasya, see oode^. 

e5od?o andassa. ^. Darkness, 
blackness. ~sw)5\ a very dark 
place. -c^d?r hell of dark- 

e5oc3e> andS, ^^^ under «o5. 

ao23e)2^o, eoDe)t3 andsju, andl^i, 
^. Estimate. — iio«b^?> to make 
an estimate. 

e5ocr5)0&j andajri^ see under e^oS. 

e5oc3^o3j andaye (ooB-c^oa^), ^. A 
consenter, one who consentsi 
2. p. t. of cpocroL?), cf. under 

e5oa53)c3e)D* andipunSr, see «>oa 

e5od, ^od? ande, ande, ^W. of 
entreaty, addressing, calling 

e^ocSfi, eod^rt andesa, andesa, s. 
Doubt, hesitation; 2. shy- 

eoqS^fe)d andhakSra, J. Darkness. 

eoqSrt andhage («5oi^!f), j. A blind 
man; see cporf^. 

e5o9e)d23c>ro^ andhWarb5r\^, ^. A 
blind government; 2. tyran- 
ny. — cTO(^ a tyrant, mis- 

wofi anna, <?. Food, esp. cooked 
rice. -TOci a gift of food. 

e5ocJ anna 

eodo amma 

eo(J^ annadi, ^. A homeless per- 
son, pauper; 2. a simpleton; 

eo;J5 ampnni^ see «>o©X)^. 

eo2j, eo23e), ^oeSjd amba^ amb&, 
amboy s. Bellowing, lowing 
2. a cry, noise, -^ratios) to bel- 
low, low (like a calf). 

t5ot)3, eouS ambatd, ambadi^ s. 
The wild mango, hogplum. 
— iSjtJ, a hogplum-tree, iS^^^ 
dias mangifera. 

9ot)c5 ambara, ^. The sky; 2. 
cloth, apparel; rS^^ozsri a 
purple cloth. ©oeoxrooWTi a 
name of ^^. 

eouds^, ambarappu, s. Hurry, 
confusion, perplexity. --o;>o3o 
a perplexed man. woeoo^ ^e 
hT^ e£)ot3&§:-. to become per- 

aouO, eoeJc)^ ambari, amb&ri, 
5. An elephant's saddle, how- 

€5ceoe3^ ambalf^ s, Tipsiness, 
drunkenness ; 2. drowsiness : 
?>djrf «)o8D^525ozS (1 or he) told 
(it) in drowsiness of sleep. 

eoto^ ambala, see ^o€^v. 

eo2Je)^^ ambakilfy s. A kind of 
yerandah; 2. an outer gate 
£?r door. 

eot^ ambiy j. Cow-dung. 

aot^rrdd ambigare, s. A boat- 
man; Cf, ®O8D07Q^. 

eoij?^ ambige, s. A hunter; j<?^ 

^502!^^ ambilai ^. The place a- 
round or in front of a tem- 
ple ; 2. a yerandah around a 

e^otoo ambu, s. Water. 

^otoj ambu^ s. An arrow. — t^^ 

a hunter. 
eotooT^ ambug6| s. The flower of 

Arum colocosia\ cf. *c4, 
e^otooji ambuni («>o) B., z/.a. To 

do, make; cf. fso^^, -d^o^^^ 

^oZOoO ambulii s, A kind of pap 
or gruel of ragi or rice. 

eot3 ambiy^. A goddess, c»s5rS; 
•Joftvsod a dumb goddess; cf, 

eoe3'5e)0^ ambekari^, ^. Walking 
^r crawling on hands andfeet. 

—c^zl)^, — c^4^ to crawl. 

eoe2«^ amb&puy ^. Mango blos- 

^ozS^ ambela^ see ooeSe;. 

eod? ambe, ^^^ «>oao. 

eoeSJe)^ ambodii s. A kind of 
dance or mock-fight among 
the Pariahs. 

e5oz3je)zl ambode, s. A kind of 
fried cake. 

eo23je)2{>^ ambottu, s. Arrogance, 
pride; also aooA^g^. —4^^^$^ 
4^ to be arrogant. 

e^odo amma, J. A lady; ^ij^OcDdoo 
^ Kali. 

^o^3jdo5j ammapaddeyi, s, eu- 
phem.for Small-pox. 

eorfooi^ ammayya, ^«/. of sor- 
row or pain. 

^od) amine 


53rt aga 

eosSo amme^ s. A father; c3eOgc 
^, ;30odiod3 an elder uncle; 
Sd fto£j a younger uncle 
(father's, not mother's bro- 
ther); 3;>o^od^ Iti. nou- 
rishing father, foster father, 
adoptive father ; pL «o»ija7Sj^; 
hon. pi. e5oo5o5. 

eodJS)4i> amottu, see ^o^a^. 

eo^ affisa, s. Part, share, por- 
tion. — ►Sos^?) to divide, ap- 

^o?o a^sa^ s, A goose, swan ; also 

eoAi33e)d, aifisapada, s. A caret, 
asterisk; 2. a prop; c/. ^076 

^8, ^3o ah, aha, tnf. Ah! eh! 

^^d, es^d, akara, akara, ^^«'. 
There, yonder, far; also ^^"^^ 

e=^o^ akaly, ^^^ «>^i^. 

e^\=e^ akasmika, «^'. Accident- 
al, sudden, unexpected. 

e^e>d akara, 5*. The letter »; ^. 

^Wc>v akSla, ^^*. Untimely, un- 
seasonable, —i^^r© premature 

e*?>Sr akirti, s. Infamy, dis- 

eT^x3(c akr^tya, s. Iniquity; adj\ 
wicked, bad. 

e3^?0, akeri, s. End; indat, or 
loc, at or about the end, final- 
ly; also ^^a'^C). 

e^, ?3^akka, akkS, s. An elder 
sister; 2. an elderly woman. 

e5T#,^, ^^j^5^o akkakka, akkolu, 
s. Part; <2flfe, asunder, —tie 
?^«> to put asunder, divide. 

e^^oJog akkayya, s. An affection- 
ate mode of addressing an 
elderly woman. 

e5T#;0* akkami, s. An atom ; also 

^Soow^oSo I shall not touch a 
bit of you. — - 

ei^riF akkarva, s. The last words 
of a dying person. 

e^o^ akkalf, ^. Sense, intellect, 
understanding; reflection. — ^ 
w^?) to be out of wits. 

e5^ akki, s. Rice, corn, «^^^ 
^;«/y in compos.^ e,g, riri^^^^ 
a coarse kind of rice; c^e©^ 
cardamom; see «>&. 

e5i^^^ akkika, s. A kind of pre- 
cious stone, sardius. 

^^o,do5 akkuduni (^^^a^> ^- ^• 
To hang, suspend. 

e^^^ akrama, s. Irregularity, 
abnormity, confusion, ^"^jdj^ 
5 irregularly, disorderly, o 
^^jaO30 wrong. 

ericJi aganita, adj. Countless, 

ertsfc agatya, s. Need, necessity, 
want; adj, urgent, important. 

e5rt33e)4c^ agapauni, c. v. {of ^X 
^^^>), To send away, cause to 

e5rts5Ji agapuni (^X), v.n. To 
remove, depart^^^^^pto sepa- 
rate; 2. extend. 

eri a;a 

ert^ agra 

ert£?3^ agapelj, s. Separation; 

2. despatch. 
t37\zi) agama, aJj\ Fixed, immov- 
e^rto^, ^rtv^ agar^, ftffalf^ s, A 

fort ditch, trench, moat; 2. 

wall ; CA)4^c5 esXSa saltpan. —^ 

xio^^ to dig a trench. 
er(cl)r(oqS agarugandha^ s. Bed 

sandal wood, Aquilaria agaU 

ert^c3e)0^ agasenar^, ^. The lin- 

plant; 2. flax, 
erti^djdagasemara,^. The name 

of a tree, Agati grandiflora, 

ert^ c agastya, s. The name of 
a Hindu saint; 2. necessity, 
bet. e)Xa(g. 

e^He);^ agata, adj. Not danger- 

^n^i:^ agadha, s. An abyss. adj\ 
bottomless, deep; 2. very dif- 

eAJi agini, see ^t^>^ 

eAo* agil^, 8, A kind of tree; 
iSti^ts^ Agallochum. 

erbcS agude, s, A furnace, fire 
for warming. 

erbOj agpiru, see e5X5. 

eriod)5> aguruni («5Xo5), v. n. 
To totter, stagger. 

erta^ agel]^, ^. A kind of demon 
worship with food etc, — ^o85o 
worship of demons and ser- 
pents with food-offering. — ^o 
€bv ^jdhf^ to give such offer- 
ings to demons, etc. 

erto*., e5rtt>-, ^rte;^-?ioq5 agely-, 

agela-, agal^-gandha, s. Aloes; 

see ^Xt^oXoi^. 
^A^ agela^ ^. Breadth; adj\ 

e5rtoo:i ageludda, s. Length and 

ertJe)©, e?V©* agoli, agoli, s. A 

large vessel. 
e57^J3^2:^d agocara,/^^/*. Invisible; 

2. incomprehensible. 
er< agga <?. Cheapness. «7^5 

cheaply, e??^ ow mean, 
erto-^;^, en^ 73^ aggalfi8\ii, agg^- 

8\^, a^'. Cheap. ["er^^, 

eA aggij-y. Hunger; 2. fire; i^/. 
eAoiw?), ^rtogc^ aggiyuni, ag- 

yuni («>^, t'. fl. To chew, bite, 
e/^ agge, ^. The shoot of a 

wne)c^, ^^^c^, ^^?f^ affnana, 

agyana, agyena, s. Ignorance; 

bet, ^^^. 
e^fv^agni, s. Fire. 
e3r^ agra,J.Front,top; 2. a sore- 
mouth, aphthae, the thrush; 

^orSA^ C9X), ^t) C£)Xj, #jiU^ oX), 

^ «)Xj, rfsJp- esX), varieties of 

soremouth. —t2^B a kind of 

root for soremouth. 
ert^rif?^ agraganye,^. The chief; 

2. one who is regardless of 

eri ;to^ agrasale, s. A dining hall; 

2. a cooking place in temples, 
erl^agraste,^. A headmaPiDre- 

N^.— r Diqitized by > 

sident, manager. 

WT^ agra 


e5td aja 

^T^d, e5ri,aoe)dagrara,agrahira, 

s. A Brahmin village. 
e5^ agha, ^. Sin; 2. passion. 
e^s^^d ajfhora, adj. Terrible, 

fierce, dreadful. 
eziozit> acancala, ^'.Firm , fixed, 

decided. — ag> firmness, deci- 

^zi^ acarai adf. Immovable; 

2 4 inanimate. 
^zi^ aSala, s. A mountain; adj, 

e32;|j?)?c^ acodya, adj. Curious, 

^zi acca, adj\ Pure, unmixed, 

genuine; cf, Ti^ti^. 
^zi d accadij s. A peculiar kind 

of cloth to put on; 2. a virrap- 

per; c/. ^Jg^zS. 

^zid, accada, s. A red mark 
put on the forehead^ 2. a 

mixture of raw rice and red 

powder; also ^tx^- 

552^ acci, s. A form, model; 


2. a weaver's reed. — csrfos) 
to print, to coin. —^ ^tj a 
model made of wood; an 

^324^^5^ ac(5ikatt\|i, s. Conveni- 
ence, fitness. adj\ neat, com- 
pact commodious. 

^23 zSe^accibella,^. Country sugar, 
jaggory made of sugarcane. 

etio ajam, s. The process of di- 
gestion or consumption; also 
^aio. -^b^ to be digested; 
to be exhausted. 

^uot ajanta, adj. Many, all : €9 
srfo^ Si erf tfjsTliozio plenty people 
come together. 

e5teoi ajante^ s. An attendant. 

eta^ O^ aJak\iilV, s. Yawning, gap- 
ing. — <^5L^^ to yawn, gape. 

e5ti^e)0&o aJakSyi, j. Cocoanut. 
^Ti^F^ to break cocoanuts 

• (in a kind of play). 

^ta^ ajak6, ^. Idleness. —^ zj^4 
^ idle talk. -irooSo a babbler. 

eta^G^ ajakel^, s. Relapse. 

et3^Je)?oo, ajakolu, s. The rope 
or cane for putting clothes 

e52dc5 ajanfe, J.Thenoiseof athief, 
goblin, e/c. 

^ti^, ^tiz:^ ajapu, ajab\|i, adj. 

Strange, wonderful. 
^ti^^ ajapuni (e9«), v. a. To 

select, choose. 
eti5^ ajappu, s. Selection, ^di 

^cJ selected. 
^ti^^Tf ajamasf, s. Estimate; 

2. deliberation; 3. trace, 

etiC^oe; ajamila, see »3«)^«>. 
etido^Ji ajameisuni, v. a. To 

deliberate, trace; 2. to esti 

etoO^, eiioiir ajarj, ajarya, adj. 

Imperishable, not decaying. 
^tiO ajara s. A kind of moss; 

cf. 3:»»5o33. 
e5tse3^ ajaly, s. A portion, part. 

— iTOc^ a customer. 
e5tJ5€)5^ i^Jalipi, s. Fate.^ 

e5t3^ aji 


e^ atti 

e^tssrtji ajfigratft, ^. Carelessness. 
et3e)C)J5^ i^amila^ s. The name 

of a fabulous Brahmin. 
eSe);Sj ajame, s. A barber; 3^/. 

^eS^Q^ ajikel^, see esa^^^. 

e5t3^os3?=" ajikurve, s, A sower's 
basket; «/^^ cpzSs^otI)^. 

^t3r1ot3 ajiguji, ^. A crushing. 

etSsi, ezS^ ajipa, ajippa, num. 
Sixty; ^/^t? e^^^s. 

ee3^, e52^ ajimfc, i^mfc, ^. A 
crook. —cJ ^€^ a grinding- 
stone (for medicine etc). 

et2o^ ajimi, s. A blue oyster. 
— ^^ an unfortunate hand. e^aS 
5rf ^a)r very hard iron. 

et253^z3e)D^, e5e3do* ajildar^, aji- 
ler|^, ^. A title, honorific ap- 
pellation of a master or mana- 
ger (particularly applied to 
a headman of the Bants). 

^^^v^F, eeS^ir ajirna, ajirte, s. 

e^S aJ6, s. The foot-print ; 2. foot- 
step, track, trace; 3. a row; 
4. the cloth tied over a cradle ; 
also ^«S, ^rf. — ^wo^^ to make 
a row. — =??j8e«>o, see «&rfj»e 
e«. ~8oi^ a rope for putting 
clothes on. 

e3t3 ajji, ^. A grandmother. -?r$ 
a tale, idle story. 

etS ij^ ajjitt^^i -y. A kind of dough 
made of rice. 

^23 ajje> s. A grandfather. 

eta^fi ajnina, s. Ignorance. 

^]^^ ^Jnini, s. An ignorant 

e^y ata, s. Obstinacy ; 6ef. s^w. 
— SDoSo, ^rfjst) an obstinate 

el3i?Je>li?3 atakotale, j. Constant 

e5li^, eU^e)^ ataka, atakavu, s. 
Obstacle, hindrance. -^sro^S), 
«>ww)O90?i35> to hinder, stop. 

el3si)l3 atamata, ^. Deception, 

efcjDd atara, adj. Wide spread, 
as the branches of a tree. 

^yje)d atura, s. Polycarpaea 
corymbosa, also csdss^^o,. 

eli atta, s. An upper loft, gar- 
ret, upper room; 2. ceiling. 

^li.fl attani. s, A household; 
2. household things ; 3. admi- 
nistration. — «^Xi6 articles to 
be cooked. — Aaeiii* household 

eU^o attain, s. An upstair- 

el3,ao«);=a, ebe),;:^ attahasa^ attasa, 
^. Shouting, laughter; 2. 
pomp, ostentation; 3. delay. 
«tJo«<o^^ to shout, laugh aloud; 
to parade, ostentate. 

ek3|. v^attSI^, s. A good labourer; 
2. a messenger sent after an- 

eU atti, s, A pile, heap of rice. 

^U.^ attil^, s. G 

W - . X)iqitized by V, 

meal. -tooSo a cool 


e^Uo, attu 


ea adi 

^3ki^^ attuni ( wS3j), ^. a. To put ; 
*^^ ^^^ ^^ discharge urine, 

eS. atti, ^. The sole of a shoe; 
2. support, stand; 3. knot; '^^ 
i^' ^'^S^ ^^ upper loft for 
storing rice; ^^^^ a knot or 
ring of a rattan. ^m>5 bent 
legs, bandy legs. — ^oaoS g^o 
«<o^^, _^a§ s'o^o^^ to sit down 
on cross legs. 

eiS.^, attemi s. The eighth lu- 
nar day ; ^eS'oe^BjiJo the birth- 
day of ^^^; 6eL ^A^^.>oi3, attemuttS,^. Arms and 

to 6J " * 

legs; — ^£j05 hands and legs 
are broken. 

eiSs^^T^ attoligfe, s. A loft sup- 
ported on posts, temporary 

^cs^obJiad\jLpim(«>5),^'.7^. To cook. 
^oTijSo ^2^^> to marry a man. 

ecio7Te)05o adangSyi, s, A kind of 

^zi'S^, erf'o^adakv, adaka, s. Hin- 
derance; also «)W^. 

^dii, ^zL, ^a^^23e)n^ adaka, 
adka,adi^kajig\ii,^. An unclean 
place; 2. a burying place. 
— V35 a wild unclean place. 

ed^&3e)6 adakabare, s, A kind of 
fruit, Cucumis pubescens, 

e5d9e)0^;oO^ adakayisunii v. a. 
To hinder. 

^rf^o^, adakuni (C5zi^, v, a. To 
throw, cast out ; 2. to dis- 
charge, fire, as e32^ ozi^o^ to 
fire a gun; also ei)zS^o^ 

^dvf adajnji, s. A ship; cf, ^t&R, 

e3dt3e)3 adajati, s. An out-caste ; 
2. a mongrel ; adj. mixed. 

edcJ, ez^r^ adana, addana^ s. A 

erfrinc)Ojo adanagayi, see «tSo 

edc^a adana4i, see ^snstj^. 
^rfsj adapa, s. A barber^s dres- 
sing case; 2. a bundle; also 

^d^^ adapuni («^), t'. a. To 

plough; c/, d^a. 
^dd, adabfe, s. An adulteress; 

^'. bastard, illegitimately 

born; beL sozitS. —K 4i5,c3ao3o 

a bastard, an illegitimate 

person, vl^^. 
e5rfDJe>c5^ adaminfy s, A kind of 

ecSo^ adarf, ^. A thin branch, 

twig; 2. copse. 
^dt^p adaruni («^^, ?'. ^. To 

erfO adavi, ^. A forest, jungle. 

e:^^, e5C5^sS adavu, adavu, s. A 
mortgage, pledge; 2. the 
thing mortgaged, ^^fjabrs^ 
— sroTio^jtopawn, pledge, mort- 

ec3c)0^?iOc^ adayisuni, see ^riv^ 

e5a adi, ^. Bottom, base; 2. foot; 
TR>i^a the foot-sole, foot-step. 
59^1^^^ eoj5>Ti>?>to fall one upon 
the other, ^oogk 

^& adi 


^d ade 

^a adi, adj. Cooked, dressed, 
prepared. —55^^^ prepared 
food; a meal ready to be served. 

t^ao^d adinkara, s. A large ves- 
sel; also ^^^• 

e^iSeoJSd) adikebum, s. A kind 
of creeper, Pothas scandens; 
also «>^reDAT^. 

ea'*>^adikei, s. The palm of the 
hand. adj\ Defeated, van- 
quished. -»2b^, -scijiTi^^ to lie 
underneath; to be overturn- 
ed, defeated. 

t^artob^ adigant\ii, s. The bind- 
ing in the middle of a sack 
converting it into a "bissac"; 
the lower part of a "bissac" 
or sack tied in the middle. 
^. the lower joints of a reed 
or cane. 

^artj5^o adigulu, s. A cook. 2. a 

-eart adigft, s. Cooking, distil- 
ling. 2. emulsion or confec- 
tion prepared from medicinal 
herbs. -^^^ a cook. 

^ae;Sd^ adicarak\ii, s. Ballast. 

■e^ajD^D^ adinir^, s. Water at the 
bottom of something, stand- 
ing water. 2 . stored-up-water 
for irrigation of lower lying 
fields. — T!rWo^?i to store up 
water in a field after. the 2nd 
or 3rd crop until rainfall. 

■easi^Ji adipattuni, v. a. To 

singe, burn. 
easiSo* adiparelff,^. A spurious 

e^S3s>ci)Ji adipSduni, t, a. To 
stack corn in a straw- {or 
bamboo-mat-) granary in a 
yard. 2. proceed. 
e5a5§ adipu, s. Sweeping. — too3j, 
— eTOoSo a male sweeper. — c^f 
a female sweeper. 
ea^Sc^ adipuni {^^\ v, a. To 

eazjJSdoJi adiburuni, v, n. To 

e^rfjocSc:^ adimudelv, s. Capital 

for trading. 2. resodrces. 
e5as5o?o* adimely, s. Overturn- 
ing. — c^L>^, — eijaT^5> to be 
overturned, ^srotti^ to upset, 
turn over. 
ea;3oa?oe)rfJfi)rf adisudisamina, ^^ 

Dressed food. 
e5ct)otio adumbu, s. The creeper 

Ipomoea maritima, 

ec8,edr^ ade, adegu, adv. There. 

esiS^e (eniph,) just there, to 

that very place. [Xo^. 

ezSorio^i adenguni, see «^4^>, ^o 

erS^ adeka, adj. Narrow, close. 

2. small, short, brief. 
^zSt^jc^ adekuni, see esTS^os). 
^d^ adepu, s. The act of shut- 
ting, closing, finishing. -^ 
Tio?> to shut, close. 
e^^c^, e:S4? adepuni, adevuni 
(esil), V. n. To shut, close. 
2. to roost, perch: t?*?^ ozS 
criooozio the fowl perches. e3e3« 
zS^?>tocost: 03^ €5^4? what's 
the price? also «>^S ^^h^ to 
be shut up, closed.^ 

^A ade 


ecj adda 

^d7f adesy, ^'- Faded, waned, 
drooping <?r hanging down (as 
one's head). 

^d^'S adeke, s. Obstacle, hin- 
derance. 2. shelter. 

^d^A adege, adv. For nothing, 
to no purpose. 2. without any- 
thing more, barely, merely; 
also c^t^^ 

ecl?4?> ^cS^cxJoo Ji adevuni, ade- 
yuni («>^e)^ v, n. To hide, 
be concealed. 

e:i^ adkala, s. A cooking shed. 
2. an oven. 

erf adda, ^. A rafter. 

erf adda,^.Obstacle,hinderance. 
adj\ Horizontal, intervening. 
adv. Across, athwart. -Cf b^, 
^szs^ 2b?) to come across, hinder. 
— ^u^^i to dam up, shut in ; 
to hinder, interrupt, prevent; 
to block up a path or entrance; 
to screen. — 7\eeio^ to cross 
with lines, underline — ^e3^^ 
to oppose, stop, hinder, -c^e 
b?> to place across, -eobrfa 
to oppose, confront, interrupt. 
^eOftTiija to prostrate, bow 
down (a kind of salutation). 
^rfj^o^?> to hinder, oppose. 

erf 0^ addantra, s. The torments 
supposed to be caused by a 

erf ^, erf, addaka, adka, see ^Ti^- 

erf'??^, addakattfe, s. A dam. 

erf^^^rfoo^^riod addakattimut- 

^ — » — " 

tiganda, s. A female's head- 
ornament. 2. the head-gear of 
a devil-dancer. 
erf^^O addakatteri, s. A betel- 
nut-cutter or cracker; alsa 

erf^;^2oj addakasabu, s. An im- 
proper or unnatural profes- 
sion, adj. Unusual, contrary. 

erf^e)0^ addakSr^i, s. The bent 
knee, as — s:^5^t^o«'o^^ to squat. 
2. a crooked leg. — xrotio^ to ' 
interfere with. 

erf *?e3^ addaka\|i, ^. A bolt, lock, 
tenon, linch-pin. 

erf ^i addakei, s. The arm in a 
posture of defence. 

erf ^Je^eo* addakol^f, s. A cross- 

erfrtoqS addagandha, s. A hori- 
zontal mark on the forehead 
made with sandal paste by 
certain caste people. 

erf^e^, erfrt6 addagit^, adda- 
geri, s. An intersected line, 
a line across another. 

erf 7^^ addagela, s. Breadth, 
width, diameter. 

erf?^e^ addagelln, s. A lateral 

erf As^^d addagodiy s. A parti- 
tion wall. 

erf S5?e)Crfj addaghaya, s. An un- 
timely or accidental death. 
ezi ;jij9aa]»tli SsrOj^ to be caught 
suddenly, to be in danger 
of life ; to be very afraid. 

^d adda 



ecH) addi 

t^dt^^ addaSaoia, s. A box 
in which the linga is kept. 

ed25 addacci («5^-®^), s. An 

eci»e>3 addajSti, see ^ri^^ 

edce) addana. s. A shield. 

erid, e5^£l7^ addani, addanigi, 

s. A bench, 
ed fi addanS, see «^f^. 
eci^d addatari. ^. An ill-formed 

ecsS ^c3, ^d iid^v^ addatoli, ad- 

datolf, s. A transverse beam, 

^d doS^A addadandig:&9 s. A kind 

of an open palankin carried 

^duioA addadand^ ^. A hand- 

ca • • • • 

cuflF. 2. a partition wall, 

parapet, dam. 

^tt dd addadabbii ^. The bam- 
boo pole with which anything 
is carried across the shoulder. 

ec^ c3e>^0^ addanalayi^ s. A stam- 
mering tongue. 2. lying, 

^d ^(ISaddanita^ adv. Broadwise. 

^dzjoiy ^d^o^ addapantdy ad- 
dapanktiy s. A line crossing 
another. — ?fo^5> to sit at 
meals apart from others (in 
a siderow). 

e$C(S53e)id addapatera, s. Inter- 
rupting one in speaking. 2. 
contradicting, gainsaying. 
— cs^Tij^ to interrupt, gain- 

e5:^ ;^dD^ addapudarf 5 ^. A nick- 

ec^^^cS addapud^i s. A load 
carried on a pole by two or 
more persons. 2. a load car- 
ried on the shoulder. 

ejrftod ad4abar6, see ^ri-^fid. 

^d e5?© addabeli, s. A hedge or 
fence across a path. 

e^ci rfoti addamara, s. A cross-bar. 

^d zi^T^F addamirga, s. A cross- 
way, by-path. 2. a falst way. 

^d ;jjod addamudii s. A female's 
tuft of hair fixed on the side 
of the head. 

ei^d, ^d6 addara^ addari, s. 
Tetanus; also — t5:j»?X. 

^d&, ^di addalii addali. s. A 
pole placed across. 

erf ^^zfi addavakkel\ii, s. A new 
or temporary tenant or 

^di^orf addajerang^, s. The 
upper end of a woman's cloth 
drawn over the right shoulder. 

erf ?je)0 addasadi, s. A by-path, 

^d7T^^ addasilji, s. A trans- 
verse row ^r line. 2 . repeated 
interruptions, interference. 

erf*7^ addaligi, see e^r^rf^ 

ez3e)rfjji addaduni («>Z3^5), v.n. 
To walk to and fro, to parade. 

ec37>aa addadiddi, adj\ Awk- 
ward, clumsy. 2. topsy-turvy. 

ec57> Sj^ addipini, see e?^. 


e5^ addi 

e^ addi, ^. Obstacle, stoppage. 
2. opposition. — ^^^> to hin- 
der, prevent, oppose, stop. 

^d 0^^ addelipuni (^^«5), v. a. 
To put out, drive out. 

eci d addyara, s. An earthen jar 
or vessel. ^^^^^^ ^ water 

e^ c addyi, s, A cake, pudding. 

ecSe)^ adnadi {^ri.^^), adj. 

CO . • • c» 

Indifferent, middling. 2. vul- 
gar? low. 3. wild; c/. ooj^a. 
ea^?i, ed^^ adpini, adpuni (^5), 

ea ^ adpillu, ^. A kitchen. 

Cn) CO •'^ '^ 

e52li;vrao?i, e5zlj?oC9J^?i^ a- 
dyonnni, adyondnpopini, v, n. 
To leave a place at once. 

e5Co>^ .anaka, s. Narrowness, 
closeness, flrf/. Narrow, small. 

ec^T^^Jc^^anakasanaka,^*. Quar- 

^C2^ anapu, s. Need, want. 
2. urgency, necessity. 3. hin- 
derance, obstacle. 4. harm. 

er^o* anar\jL, s. Moss, lichen, 
mouldiness, the green stuff on 
stagnant water ; cf, cs^aS. — z5 
ab ^ to become mossy, slimy. 

ers;^ anas^ij -y* A handle, hilt. 

eroe)^:^ anavuta, see w?^^* 

e5f^s3)?i, efTO sj^ anavuni, anna- 
vuni(®w5)), V, n. To look up, 
lift up the face, gaze. 

^d ani, s. A kind of mask or 
appendage worn by a devil- 
dancer. 2. a peacock's tail 

16 e3r^ anya 

when spread. 3. a small fly^ 
^^woj^ ^33©7io?>, — oe^» to put 
on a mask eic. 
e5rSi anita, adj. Elastic; alsa 

^rld anilfc, ^^^ «5S)A 

e$cJe3^c)05o anilekayi, ^. The* 
gall-nut, ink-nut. . 

ecSeSrfocJ anilemara, s. The ink- 
nut-tree, Terminaliachebula^ 

ecDo anu,^. An atom, any thing 
extremely small, dust. 

eraj«g)anupu, see «>re^ 

^C9Jt3 anubfc, adj. Soft. 

ef4 anfe, /»/. Oh! hey. 

e5fS an6, J. The forehead, see ^rf^ 
2. steepness. 3. a very steep 
foot-path. -i:osro^4?) to ascend 
a steep path. 

e5cl anfe, ^^^ ^rf- 

efl^o^ • anekall^, s. A certain 


stone in a temple-yard dedi- 
cated to the tutelar demona 
of a temple. 

ecl^c^ anepuni (^««). v. a. To 
press, push, strike against,, 
come in contact. 

^flzods^) anebaravu, s. Fate,, 
destiny. 2. appointed lot; 
see c^iStoTj^. 

ece) s^, ei^^ s^ anjavu, anjavu^ 
J. A man, male; also ^f^ts^n^> 

ecS^e:* ankily, s. A very narrow^ 
door, a wicket. 2. a lodge^ 
— <^«jZ§ a strait passage. 

ec^ anya, s. ^e prpw of a. 

•u , Digitized by VjOOvIC 

vessel. ^ 

e^ ata 


^^ atri 

^ioi^ atantra, adj. Unstable, 
infirm, weak, helpless. 

i^tot^ atantre^ s, A dependent, 
helpless person. 

^3 ati, pre/. Over, beyond, ex- 
ceeding, much eic. 

^3^do atikrama, s. Transgres- 
sion, infringement. — a^oSo a 
transgressor. —^^^ «)5^ 
^:x3^^ to transgress, encroach, 

^3^ atithi, s. A guest. 

t33qJeatithya,J^^ ^^^^ 

-e^Sioii atipriya, adj. Much 

-e^O^ atirikta, adj. Excessive, 

^3ioi)atisaya,5'. Pre-eminence. 
2. abundance. 3. wonder, 

t?3?2e)0^ atisar^j, s. Diarrhoea, 

■^^T^zf atisvSdj, s. A good 

t5^^, e5^^ atnla, atnla^ s. 
Sesamum orientale. adj\ un- 
equalled, incomparable. 

-553^ atty, def. V. Not, not so; 
negation of quality ; cf. <^^. 
_rB(^^ to deny, contradict. 
— ^db^ to abnegate. ^5^^ if 
not, else, or. 

^^0^ attantra, s. Absence of 
mind, carelessness ; cf. fs^o^j, 

it^l^oa attandi, part. \of Ǥ,) 
Not right, unseemly. — rf©;?J 
an improper act, a wicked 

e5^oc5 attandft, conj\ (part, of 

cpS^) But, besides, except, 

without, unless. 
e^D^, e^d attary, attara, s. 

A kind of mat made of split 

55^do attam, j. Otto or essence 

of roses etc. 2. perfume, 
e^^, e^^ attala, attala, s. A 

kind of cake for the Sama- 

radhane feast, 
e^^adod attasamara^ s. The 

fig tree, Ficus religiosa. «)^ 

sJd tfB^a platform built round 

the foot of a sacred fig tree; 

also es)!^^^. 

e53^ atta, interrog. of ^S^. 
es^D^ attary, see o^S. 

55 ^rt attigJ, J. An elder bro- 
ther's wife. 

e|p attA, s. A mother-in-law. 2. 
an aunt. 

e^co^ atyanta, adj. Excessive, 
extreme, exceeding. 

e^qJ^ atyartha, adj. Excessive. 

^%% atyalpa, adj. Very small, 

e^^dafe atyavasya, adj. Very 

e3c)o5 atyasft, s. Greediness, 
covetousness. 2. lust. 

e^^rfo atyuttama, adj. Most 
excellent, best. 

e5^ atyft, see esf^. 

e^^,, e^^rfjo^i atri, atrimuni, s. 
One of the seven sages, father 
ofCandra. '-^ 

e^ atru 


e5do^ adpu 

ei^sse)^), e5^ae>ci atruv&na, 
atruvana, s. Insincerity. 2. 

e3 7i atresa, 5. A kind of sweeten- 
ed rice-cake. 

ei ?;s3 atresa, ^. The 9th lunar 
mansion, {/r. ^%<)' 2. a kind 
of rain in August. 

eqJsir, eqJdrra atharva, athar- 
vana, s. The fourth Veda. 

^vfz^ adjrj, s, A split, crack, 

en*C3^sic3^c* ad^r^pad^r?, ^.The 
line of cleavage of a rock or 
other formation, which can he 
separated into slahs or scales 
or flakes. 2. shaking and 
quaking. -C^lb^ to 'go to 
pieces, be shattered, bruised, 
split, elc. -a:)oa^f:i to crack. 

ec3^De)U ad^rita, s. Shaking, 

en^Dc)54c^ ad^jravuni, ^. ^. {o/^E 
•do?)), To shake, agitate. 

^zfti^^ adjruni («)55), v.n. To 
tremble, quake. 

ecirt adaga, adv. Then, at that 
time; cf. «>ziX, c^zJX. 

ecJdoc^ adaruni, see ^S-di^i. 

^tii'S^F^ adarpuni {^^^. v. a. To 
cause to tremble. 2 . to admon- 
ish, rebuke, reprove. 

^d^t^zi^ adal^badalji, s. Ex- 
change. —71)5^0^^ to exchange. 

eao^, ^z^zf adir^, adjri^, s. 
A limit. 2. a boundary wall, 

ed^tioci aduruni, see «)St±)^. 

ecivrf adrjda^. Uncertainty. adj\ 
Unstable, uncertain; bet.^^^- 

ecl^fe adrvisya, adj. Invisible. 

^cl^ adr^shta, s. Fortune, fate. 

ed adi, s. An inner room. 2. a 
small room. 

ed* adeki, s. Right of manage- 
ment of family-property ; also 
c^ded. — TOoSo an heir, the 
head of a family ^/^. -* «^^ 
the management or adminis- 
tration of the family-property 
to extend. 

edO, edJSO adeli, adoli, s. A 
kind of chisel. 

e5d?€^, eclo^© adeli, addli, s. 
Half an anna; ej^%riU half 
a rupee, an eight anna piece. 

ed^5*, e3c3(;^ adeky, adeka, ^^^ 

etSe?^ adeca, ^^^ <:^5cd, «)d*. 

e5z3Je)?r(l, e:?J3?r(3addgati,adho- 
gati, s. Perdition. 

edJe)?rioo^ adomukhi, s. Down- 
ward tendency. 2. the name 
of a female Bhuta. 

erfci addana, s. Weakness. 2. 
sickness. 3. affliction; 5/".® cJ^ 
c^i, f£>x^^ti* — OT)oSo a weak 9r 
distressed man. 

ed®3S?i, edJSO^?! addalipuni, 
addolipuni {^%^^, ^^^)» ^- ^• 
To rebuke. 2. to frighten. 
3. to command. 

^t^^ adpuni (^^.^^f^ To go 
to stool, vlg. ^ 

e5d)^ adbhu 

ecl\3! adbhuta, s. A phenomenon, 
miracle, wonder, ^^*. Wonder- 
ful, surprising. 

ea., adri s. A hill. 2. a tree. 

eciOjc^ adruni, see «>5Tio^. 

ecraci advSna, ^^^ ^^S>^' 

edj^^adveita, J. The Vedanta §a. 
stra (TT the doctrinal system of 
Sankara5arya which regards 
the Supreme Spirit and the 
human spirit as one. 

eqirio adhama, adj. Low, mean, 
Tile. ^^^ a low or vile person. 

e?i^ adhika, ad;\ Much, great, 

e?)^d adhikira, s. Authority, 

power. — 5o * t^^d official; 

• a governor; a man of power. 

e^r;3 adhipati, s. A ruler, lord, 

e5p?ci adhina, ^. Possession, con- 
trol. adj\ Dependent on. -^ 
dependence, subjection. 

e9?c3 adhine, J. An adherent, 
a dependent. 

edvOdiP adheirya, s. Discour- 
agement, timidity, cowardice. 

eq^cxJjci adhyayana, s. Study. 
2. the reading of sacred 
. books. 

eqJc^ adhyakslie, s. A superin- 
tendent, overseer. 2. a bishop, 

eqy^oi) adhyaya, s. Chapter, sec- 
tion; c/. Tior;^ 

e59e)ciadhvina, J. Labour. 

19 e5c3e> ani 

methodical effort, adj. Tired. 
2. weak. 3. wrong, spoilt, -cro 
o5j a hard-working man. 

^fio^ ananta^ adj. Endless, infi- 
nite. -«iS infinity. -^cxiOcJ 
Vishnu, as reclining on the 
coils of the king of serpents 
(asin Trivandrum). e£){^o*the 
Infinite, God. 

e5cio:^d anantara, aj^^. Afterwards. 

eciog) anapu, see «)re^. 

ecio^ anar^, see «5r©5. 

ecirtoFanargya,^". Very costly, 
priceless; /r. ^ci^^F, 

ec^qS^ anartha, s. Bad fortune, 
calamity, disaster. 

^c^d^, ecJ^^ anayata^anavuta^ ^. 
Iniquity, transgression. — n© 
o3J a transgressor. 

ec3c>t3c)b anaSara, s. Violation of 
religious rules or practices. 

2. misconduct, transgression. 

3. irreligion. 
^^4 anStha, adj. Forlorn, help- 
less, destitute. ®5roi? one 
who is unprotected, helpless, 
an orphan. «)c3;)j?o a widow, 
poor woman. 

^^3*5^ anadi,^^' Without begin- 
ning, everlasting, eternaL 

^^zpiti anadhara, s. Without 
basis or support, want of 
protection. adj\ Helpless, un- 

ec3ejrf^«S anamati, s. Deposit, any- 
thing entrusted. 2. all, the 
whole. 3. keemng^in sus- 

Diqitized bytjiJVjy Ik 

pense; c/. ^^j^^S^. ^ 

^^ ani 


^^ anyi 

a^e3 anile; ^. Bud, sprout, germ. 
2. soft timber. — dOoiw^ to 
bud, germinate. 85§^d^d a 
sprout from a seed. 

eJiS3e)danivara, J. Trouble,hard- 
ship. 2. staryation. 

^^^ anishta, s. Something un- 
pleasant. 2. adversity. 3. 

^c^C^ aniti, s. Injustice, wrong. 

e(di KQM^pref. After, like, under, 
along etc. 

ecio^c)^, anukala, see e^s^ooc^. 

^cioT^JS)^ anukula, ^. Agreement. 
2. convenience. 3. help, aid. 
adj. Convenient, helpful. -^ 
^^ to be convenient. — ^^?i 
to make convenient, arrange. 

•t5fi)^doE5^ anukramanikfi, s. 
Arrangement, order. 2. an 
index, table of contents. 

t3ciort^3o anugraha, s. Favour, 
regard, mercy, grace. 

•t5cio^ci anutana, s. Opportunity, 
fitness. — ^jab^ to watch for 
an opportunity. 

t^cioDci anudina, adv. Daily. 

^f433i^e)d anupakirai s, Unkind- 
ness, disfavour. 

^fiisi^ anupatya, s. Indigence, 
necessity,need, want of means. 
2. inconvenience. 

t5cij2;irf anubhava, s. Enjoyment, 
suffering 2. experience. 

^ci^s^S;:)^^, anubhavipuni, v. a. 
To enjoy. 2. to experience. 

ecio2^Je>?r! anubhoga, s. Enjoy- 

efl)dj3 anomati; s. Consent, 

eciorf3e)ci anumSna, s. Doubt, sus- 
picion, conjecture, surmise. 
2. fear. — •ij^b^S) to doubt, sus- 

eci)Oc)r( anuraga, s. Love, regard, 

e5(&)dJei3J anarupa^ s. Likeness, 

ecio€?5J anulepa, s. Anointing, 

efJjsioQrt anuvandigft, s. Consent. 

e5cijJ3e)b anuvira, see e^^roii. 

e5cJ0nJe)d anos^ai s. Imitation^ 
following. — c^S according to. 

erSobc^, ecSo^c^ anepini, anepuni 
(«5=5), V. a. To touch. 2. to 
hug, embrace. 

^cSi^c^ anevuni, see esrt^i^. 

ec3^* aneka, adj. Much, many, 

e5cy^Ji anpini {p^y v. a. To say, 
speak; cf. e9o55, psj^s> etc. 

ecig anya, see «5p«g. 

e?^ anya, adj. Foreign, diffe- 
rent, strange. 

e5c^t3e)3 anyajfiti, s. A different 
class or caste. — itoo&j a per- 
son of a different caste or 
creed, a stranger. 

^c^z3?i anyadesa, s. A foreign 

eji 2?e)35 anyabhSflhi, s. A foreign 

ec^rfjc^anyamanya, see «>^j?^?^^- 

ejs^oJj anyaya, ^.^ Injustice, 

Wc^g? anyd 


eS)? api 

-wrong, iniquity, adj. Unjust, 
unreasonable. — tooSo an un- 
just person. 

ecJj^oec^ anyonya,^. Communion, 
fellowship, friendship. 

e5si apa, pref. denoting inferio- 
rity, privation, separation, 
contrariety etc.\ also e«>?i. 

e3iSe)d apakara, s. An unkind- 
ness, ill-turn, injury. 2. ma- 
lice, hatred. 

ezi^^'Sr apakirti, s. Reproach, 
disgrace, infamy. 

esirt apaga, adv. Then; also 

esitjsd apacara,^. Impoliteness, 
insult. 2. fault. 

ejJt^joii apajaya, s. Defeat, over- 
throw, loss. 

esicS apaddha,^. AUe; see^'^^. 

€5SJriot:irt apanambigJ, s. Unbe- 
lief, distrust. 2. disbelief. 

e5JsiJc)ci apamana, ^. Disrespect. 

• 2. disgrace. -li^^^ to dis- 

^3id apara, ^^'. Other, opposite, 
latter, —^j^ funeral rites. 

esiOcJoci, e5jOe)3oci aparanna, 
aparihana, s. Afternoon. 

e32u«)qJ aparadha, s. Offence, 
guilt. 2. a punishment, fine. 
— ^jalbr^ to pay a fine. — ^o 
e334^, — cDTliSi to accuse of a 
crime, to condemn. — ^o^o^^ 
to commit an offence, to 
transgress; to fine. 

esiQCio^ aparimita, adj. Un- 
measured, boundless, infinite. 

e5s!dJ33j, e5^?i aparfipa, aprfi- 
pa, adj. Rare, uncommon. 2. 
scarce, adv. Seldom, rarely, 

e3i;3c)d apavada, s. Censure, 
blame. 2. a false accusation. 
3.. exception (to a rule). 

e53i^^ apavitra, adj. Unclean^ 

^sJjj^Oci apasakuna, s. A bad 

eiito apasabda, s.^ Ungram- 
matical language, a vulgar 
expression. 2. bad pronuncia- 

ejJTTc)* apasaksi, s. False wit- 
ness, perjury. 2. a false wit- 

e55i?ld apasvara, j. A discordant 
sound, hoarse voice. 

^t»TS^A apasmSra, s. Convul- 
sions, epilepsy. 

esiadO^SJi apaharipuni (w^is^^), 
V. a. To take by violence, to 
usurp, plunder, rob, extort. 

e3595e)d apahara, ^. Usurpation, 

ejisos?;^ apahasya, s. Derision, 

e53c)^ apatra, adj. Unworthy, 
undeserving, unfit. ®sro*j an 
unworthy person. 

^33e)aJj apaya, s. Danger, periL 
2. misfortune, calamity. 

e533^ri apara, adj. Boundless, 

eSb^doo aplmu, see pt^n^^. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

^h^& apilvi, s. An appeal. 

^^ apu 


et) aba 

e^SsiJo aputu, fl^V Quite, entire, 

es&^rfr apurva, adj. Unprece- 
dented, uncommon. 

^32^^ apekshJ, ^. Wish, desire. 
2. expectation, hope. — •iov'o^^, 
«);3e^^S) to desire, wish', re- 

^^^€) apoli, s. Ruin, waste. 

e^ appa, inL of surprise: cdcJ 
e5>^whatmayitbe! 2. a mode 
of calling a mother. 

e^ appa, an affix of respect 
added to proper names of 
men, as 5^^i ^^^i ®^=^^' 
•ioocz^^i^, efc. 

e^ appa, s. A kind of cake 
fried or baked. 

e^o3e>o3j, e^ol appanttye, 
appante, s. An honest, respect- 
able man, a good man. 

e^sS^o^T^ appantigi, ^. Honesty, 
fidelity, chastity, 

esirf appada, see €5^^. 

es^fl appanft, s. Command, or- 
der. 2. permission, leave. — ^j* 
hf^ to command, give order, 
permit. — z3^r«o^ to take 

^^33|^ appappa, tnf. of sur- 
prise, sorrow. [cake. 

e^^ appala, ^. A very thin round 

e^^s^c^ appalipuni (^^J^^), ^. a. 
To strike anything with the 
open hand, to squash. 

e5^oi)Oji appiyuni(®'^),^'.a. To 
embrace, clasp; also e£)^^5 

^^o*i' ^^i appukei, appei, J- 
Folding the arms on the 
breast, ^t^^^ -*oUJj^ to 
cross or fold the arms on 
the breast. 

esS^ app6, ^. Mother. 2. an affix 
of respect added to proper 
names of men (as e35>X^ 
elc.y, cf.^^. 

eo5p^, eo5(5jje:S appo, appodi, s. 
A cake made for the per- 
formance of funeral rites. • 

egj^c)i aprakala, Absence of 
light, darkness. 2. obscurity, 
3. secrecy. 

eg,s3o?o3j aprameye, s. God, the 

egjOlii^tjci aprayqlana, s. Use- 
lessness, unserviceableness. 

eo5(5;?t3rtapr6Jig4, J. A bad man. 

e^^doo, e^^c^ aphunu, aphlni, 
s. Opium. 

et) aba, int, of astonishment. 

etocs^ abady, s. Hoof; also tot^eoS. • 
— toSctooSj a person with a cleft 
foot (a kind of deformity). 

e52oS abadi, s. A kind of bean. 

etocS abaddha, adj\ False, incor- 
rect, wrong. — C5*i a false 
word. — liirzSj^fi false news 
or rumours. 

eeodabara,^. The stern of a ship. 

e2o3 abarft, s, A common coun- 
try bean, Lablab vulgaris. 

e520^ abala, adj. Weak, impotent. 

etod abale, s. A weak or impo- 
tent man.edbvGoogk 

e52^ abi 


etp abhi 

e2:)oart abiadiyS, s. Perplexity. 

2. obstinacy. 
eti^sTc);^ abilasft, see ^^vtA. 

eejodi aburu, s. Character, res- 
pectability, keen feeling of 
honour; c/. ^2?c(do, c^eooxi). 
— o3oSj a respectable man. 
— :35^^i to dishonour, rebuke. 
^c^ «)3DoT^o irooSoJx why are you 
so overbearing? tSe^^a^xio dis- 
respect, dishonour. 

eeoodfs^c^ abnroni, s. A kind of 
fish. 2. see estS^erf. 

esS^Ji, e523odojJi abepuni, abeyu- 
ni («>t3), If, a. To beat or 
pound rice; also ^eJea^^ t£> 
t5o9j 590, «)d5^ 590 rice well 
cleared of its husk. 

et3t?u*ab88|j, tnL Lift up ! pull! 
an intimation that anything 
is ready to be lifted up, e, g^ 
a basket or a bucket from a 
well etc, 

eu,e9uu, e9e5j|v?abba,abbabba, 
abbo, int. expressing wonder 
or grief. 

eiJ^rtcradrtabbagediragJ, s. The 
proper names of female 
demon twins. 

eud, e^urid abbara, abbaranJ, s. 
Boast, ostentation. 2. sound, 
noise, cry. -^v'o^^, -'^^w^ 
^ «)aD^O^^ to cry aloud, 
make noise; to frighten; to 

e52J^©?^ (s^p) abbaligi (pu), s, A 
kind of floAver. 

ed abbft, s. An elderly woman, 

ed?rf abbesa, s. Study, prac- 
tice, exercise. 2. familiarity ; 
fr. fDz^^. 

et5^?c^ A abroni dei, ^. A kind 
of shrub, Grewia microcos; 
also e9a:)OT5j»er5. 

e52jioioabliaya, J. Security. 2. pro- 
mise of protection or pardon. 
3. confidence. 

ejz^ysrf abhava, s. Non-existence. 
2. annihilation. 3. a negative 

e¥e)?o abhasa, adj. Worthless, 
vulgar. 2. corrupt; fr. ^^-A. 

e52pti(i abhyana, s. A family, race. 

59tJ)ci abhina, s. Mimicry. 2. ges- 
ture; also ^^^QfS^. 

etPcJ abhine, s. A mimic. 

e?J)33^oi) abhiprSya, s. Design, 
intention. 2. wish. 3. opinion. 

e?zp^je)c^ abhm&na^ s. A keen 
feeling of honour, pride. 2. 
regard, affection. 

etpo^sSabhiUshiy^. Desire, wish, 

etpsivD abhivrjiddhi, s. Increase, 
prosperity. 2. progress, thriv- 
ing, improvement. 

etpsS^^ abhisheka, s. Sprinkling 
with water. 2. consecration 
by pouring oil, ghee elc. 3. 
unction. sSfij^jSpri^e^, u^ajsspril?^ 
the coronation of a king ; Xo 
Ti>59£pj!le^ the ordination of a 
priest. -^^^ ^^(^nt, 
ordain, install. ^ 

ezjiSj abhn 


^ZjJodo abhuru, see cpeooiix 
e52io^d abhyantara, ^. Au inter- 
val. 2. delay, vexation. 3. 
obstacle. 4. offence, scandal. 
— c^li^tobe an impediment, to 
be delayed. -'*j»2ir?>, -^«*^^ 
to hinder, object, offend, vex. 
e:?5^?o abhyasa, see C5t5^erf. 
erfo^ amaW, j. A tendril; 2. a 

edorl, edoji, amani, amani, j. 

A nipple; also cro^io?). 
erio^c^ amapuni,^./^. To quiet, 

press down; see fs>^^^' 
^rfjD* amar», adj. Twin. 2. 
double, -scro^^otwin children. 
erfod amara, adj\ Immortal, s. 
A deity. 2. an immortal. ~^^ 
immortality. — «3ije^ heaven. 
eriod^JS)^^ amarakosa, s. The 
name of a Sanskrit dictionary 
of synonyms. 
erfjDe)s2)c^ amaravuni (59^u5>), 
v.a. To push forward. 2. to 
hold fast. 
esioO?^ amarigJ, ^. A heap; also 
oSodo5^. — 3:»Tl)^ to heap up. 
erfoOOi3e)aamariyadi, ^. Disres- 
pect, incivility, dishonour. 
adj\ Disrespectful. 
erfoDoiJJc^, e5ri:)b^?i amariyuni, 
amaryuni (®:^^), v.n. To ag- 
gress. 2. to cleave to. 
e^dOc^ amaruni (<55^5),^.w. To 
become quiet, calm, v, a. To 
settle, seize, touch, hold. 
esio6 amare, s. A ditch, canal. 
-ticSb^ to make a ditch, dike. 

erfjj amr? 

e5rfoir amarta, see «)d>j^. 
e5rfo?3c)F4?i amarsavuni {^^ 

T^f), V. a. To frighten. 
erfjror^, erfo?3l)Fo amarsila, 

amarsala, s. Brimstone. 
erfo53^ amal?, s. Intoxication, 
drunkenness, giddiness. — ^^e 
^, — cro;^ a drunkard. ~-75*3^5s 
-oSoeTio^ to be intoxicated, 
—•io^oi to intoxicate. 
esiiorfc^ amasani, ^^ ^rfswrirf. 
edo;id amasara, ^. Necessity. 
2. urgency. 3. hurry cf. «>rf 
s3t^. -_t5o«Jj^^ to hasten, be in 
a hurry. 
e5dje)N3^ amanat?, s. Deposit. 
2. suspension. ^lio^^i to sus- 
e^steort amarigft, s. A trunk. 
e^siJSCJoc^ amaruni («>^j»5), v. a. 
To suit, fit. 2. to embrace, 
hold. 3. a plant to twine. 
erf3e);5, erf^e);:^:^ amatsft, ami- 
vase, s. The day of the new 
eOoi amita, <3:^'. Immeasurable, 

boundless, infinite. 
e5035)c3 amine, s. A sheriff's 

officer; see ^s^^t, 
^ri^^rfcS amusani, s. Pride, arro- 
gance, insolence, haughtiness. 
-_*«e&^;i?) to show pride. —'^ 
^^^ to be proud. 
e3rfoJe)t>o amulya, adj. Costly, 

e5si>\i amr^ita, adj. Immortal, s. 
Nectar, ambrosia. 2. different 

eA) ame 


ed ara 

fluids as water, milk, palm- 
wine etc. — WO30 a custard- 
apple. — ^^ Anona squamo- 
sa^ the custard apple tree, 
-_8Dj8do Cocculus cordifolius^ 
the heart-leaved moon-creeper 
—-^4^ the mythical churning 
of the sea for nectar, -to^^ 
sweet words or speech. -^, 
esjrf^S immortality; ^/. e^^^sJ^. 

t3s3j ami, s. Ceremonial impurity 
or defilement in case of 

^;3s)^^, 55sSo3^33;^?i amepuni, 
amatwattuni («5^), v, a. To 
press, hold in the arms, hug. 

t5s3ofq^ amedhya, ^\ Fseces, 

e5J3er( *am6ga, adj. Precious, 
excellent. 2. fruitful. 

^Oo^oao amSikayi, see ^-^^^^ 


^rf^amma,^.Alady. 2. mother. 
Z.gen, of ®^. 

erfj^?i ammuni (^^SoJ, v. a. To 
swallow, devour. 

^s3^ amme, see «5o^. 

f3si) c^ amsani, see ®*^rfrf. 

eoi) aya, see e^oSog. 2. good luck. 
3. a tax. 

eoJoci ayana, s. Going. 2. a path. 
3. a half year, that is the 
course of the sun northward 
and southward — from solstice 
to solstice — each of six 

^o^oae) ayinda, adv. Hereafter, 
in future. 

eo5orlo5?o ayignlu, see sdXo^^o. 

e5C^^ ayita, s. Readiness. 2. 
decoration; also sd?^. —^5^0^^ 
to dress, -^h^ to be dressed, 

eoSoc3^ ayin^, see sd5. 

e50Sotoo ayibu, see S320o. 

e02)osiz3 ayivaji, see s^^sS. 

eoijo^ ayukta, ^'Z/'. Improper, 

eoixi^ ayuta, ww/^. Ten thou- 
sand, a myriad. 

ea3JS!?r^ ayogrya, adj. Unfit, un- 
worthy disreputable. — ^ un- 
fitness, unworthiness, disre- 

eoSjsecJo ayodhya, s. The capital 
of Rama, the modern Oude. 

eaJog ayya, see ©o^ig. 

eoi^ri^ ayyappa, t>«/. of pain. 

eoi^^ ayyala, J. Five seers. 

eo3> ayye, ^. A priest, minister, 
teacher, master. F^t:. e5>cdogsir. 
Plur. «>o33o5 gods, Brahmins; 
an affix of respect added to 
proper names; see «>^. 

^o3^D^ ayyer^, sec S)^5. 

^oSjoO* ayyel^, s. Five pairs of 
oxen or buffaloes. 

eoSj^e ayyo, int. of grief. Oh, 
ah, alas, woe. When feeling 
annoyed, dear me. e^cdogoa^ge 
int. of grief, pain. 

^d ara, s. A file. ~^ ^^ the 
teeth of a file. -^^^ to file, 
rasp. XoozSd a round file. 


ed ara 


^d ara 

edo^e)5ic^ arankavuni, see ooo 

edoUoj:) arantuni (erdoO), zf. a. To 
grope for, grasp. 2. to seek, 
look for. 

^doS^S arantele, s. A greedy 
person, a miser. 

edoid arantadft, ^. A royal re- 
sidence; cf, e£)T^^c3. 

e5do^?i arantuni (®^o§), 7^. w. To 
feel, grope. 2. to grasp at. 

edotooji arambuni (^o^, v, a. 
To touch. 2. to climb, creep 
up (plants); also e^dooeoo^. 

ed^ arak^, s. Arrack, country 
spirit; cf. XoXp^Jd, us^. 

ed^ araky, ^. Gum-lac, sealing- 
wax ; ^2^—, tfjaosDo— stick-lac ; 
^^_ black sealing-wax; ^o^- 
red sealing-wax; ^2^ seed- 
lac; 85^— shell-lac. ►-De2bs>, 
_-sk)t13^ to seal, fasten with 

ed^ arak^^, j. A fine, white 
cloth ; also t^ esd^. 

^d^l?^ arak^tel^, j. A large 
black scorpion, scolopendra. 

ed^ej^ arakal^i, see o^r^. 

ed'Saraki, adj. Half filled (^/^. 
(^ ^orf full). 

eda3*, edsoo arakhy, arakliu, s. 
Essence or spirit distilled 
from any thing; cf. C5^^. 

edrfcS aragani, j. Kitchen fur- 

^tit\^ aragini, s. A talking par- 
rot. 2. a neat or tidy woman. 

edh??^ aragl8\^, ^^2'. However, 
at any rate; in connection 
with neg. verbs by no means, 
never; c^oSj esx^ejj •5o^o&) he 
will never do it. 

edrto aragu, see ^^. 

eortoocid aragundara, s. Ruin; 
also Xoozsso^. 

edfejjji aratuni (®^G), v. n. To 
scramble, fumble. 2. to make 
a grating noise. 3. to inter- 
rupt, blab; also e^wor^ 

e^dS arate, s. Prate, blabbing, 
tattle; also ^^». 

e5ddo5i araduni («^5), v. a. To 
gather up, to grasp. 2. to rub. 

e5dzS'5e)0^ aradSkSyi, ^^^ ®^too3j. 

edc? arane, s. The green lizard, 
Lacerta inter punctuala^ said 
to be poisonous; «^rt ^^oti 
lioTir© if a lizard bites death 
(is certain). — 20^ili a kind of 
creeper used in medicine. 
— i>j55 a kind of fish. 

^^7^ aranya, s. A wilderness, 
forest, adf Wild. 

edS aratii s. Anger, passion; 

edi, ^dz3 aratJ, aradS, s. Heat, 
burning. 2. impetuosity. —^^ 
^ burning heat; es^^oti zi^^ 
e>e«r5> to burn very much or 

^dci^, edne)e3 aradala^ aradale^ 
s. Yellow arsenic or yellow or- 
piment. — ^^ yellow ochre. 

e5dz3D^aradery,^.^/. A class of 

ed ara 


e50e> &ri 

Mohammedau merchants. 2. 
policemen, peons; also ^c35. 
aOc5e>D aranSri, see eprScroO. 

^t^, ^C-t'^ arapu, arapel?, s, 

eCsizS arapucce, j. The shoe- 

flower; see tosj?^. 
edsg^arapuni («^, t'. «. To cool, 

become calm; ^t^^sni^^ to 

become cool. 
^dsS arapi, s. A crack, split; 

edtod S^t^ arabara tinpini, v,a. 
To eat greedily, devour. 

e5b23i)0^, ^rfzS^ arabayi, arabei, 
^. Violent clamour, crying 
aloud, lamentation. — rfo&Lir^ 
—^^h^ to cry out vehemently, 
to bawl out, lament, -ci ^t^ 
a braying brawler, vlg. 

edt^ arabi, ^. An Arab. 

^z^ arabu, ^. Covetousness, 
desire, eagerness for gain. 

ede^arabei, see «^«5^. 

e5rfsi)cSo*aramadalj, see ^z^-di^, 

ec5dO(3 aramane^ s. A palace, 

royal residence. 
^xi^ aral^, ^. Drizzling rain. 

^e3e2w^> to drizzle. 
e5de>jcS araluni, s. The black 

erfe^j?^ araluni («)d^), z'. n. To 

open, expand. 2. to bloom, 

^ddJS^aS aralole, s» A tender 

Jalm-leaf. 2. a kind of ear- 

e5drf arava^ s, Tamil. ~ep;>^ the 
Tamil language. — 5e«f the 
Tamil country. 

ed;Jot]rt, edsiSi?^* aravantigi, 
aravatigiy s. A shed where 
water is served gratuitously 
to travellers. 

eddriorS aravamani,^. A kind of 

eds^e)^ aravasi, see ^nJsra^. 

eds^ aravu, s. Width, breadth. 

adj. Wide, open. 
55dsJJiaravuni(«>T^.^.fl^. To heap 

^d^Of^T^j^, e5d^cis5ooort arasina- 

kutta^ arasinamunda^ s. The 

ed;ii arasu;^. A king, monarch. 

-^oo a royal family, -^c^ 

royalty, kingship. — lio^ a 

king's son, royal prince. 
edJio^j^ arasukutta, s, A kind 

of dropsy. 
ed?l)^oO arasukuri, s, A car- 
buncle ; also eodoX<y, sjiXode;. 
ed;5 arase, see esdsjj. 
ed^oji araluni, ^^^ e)dco^. 
eoe)tit^ arijaka, «^*. Kingless. 

s. Anarchy, confusion. 
^T^Dt^ arabi, adj. Broad, large, 

extensive. — *^^ a very large 

e5De)C)oarimi, adj. Unlawful. 2. 

vicious, restive, /. *. a horse ; 

also Scu3^. 
eaDc)sS arivu, ^^^ ^^^. 
eoe)53)?^ aravuni («5u;>), ^.^. To 

gather. 2. to embrace, clasp 


eue) arik 


^500 am 

in the arms, ^s^^ zJjb^^ to 

embrace or receive with open 

^Oe)V* aral^ (^-^^y s. A person 

doing half a day's work. 2. 

half a day's wages. 
^D ari, s. An enemy. • 
eO ari, s. Rice freed from husk. 

Some of the principal kinds 

of rice are: ooeozS oo, e)a325 

tfe;^d5, TOSFdb, xf^^^db, Xojrf 


any small grain,/, x*. xte^ciO. 
3. the testicles. 

eCiE^^ arikala, s, A place for 
husking rice; also eoi^o. 

eD€ arike, s. Consent. 2. con- 
fession. 3. request. ^Th^^^ 
to reveal, confess; to inform, 
represent; to request, 

e5DA?5^* arigis^, see ^9^J\^^. 

^OeEJe)^^ arijola, s. Indian corn, 
Sorghum saccharatum. 

e5D3 ariti, see e^S- 

^tjds^ aridala, j<?^ ©t^c^v'. 

^500^5^ aripuni (2?o), r. a. To sift. 
2. to strain, filter. 

eD33 aripe, ^. A sieve, colander, 
strainer ; ^^^^ a leak (in an 
earthen vessel). 

^Dcrfo ariya, see escdor. 

e^DoJoo^ ariyantra, ^^^ e^vo^o 

eOoSooJi ariyuni, ^^^ e^oDor^. 

e50S'9ci arivana, s, A metal dish ; 

also Q^Qs^cv. 
eod arive, see ^^r. 
e503i. arishta, s. Misfortune, 

misery, a^*. Unfortunate ; 

e03§. arishte, s. An unfortunate 

man, a poor man, a person 

in distress. 
ebo aru, ^. Brim, edge, margin, 

border. — zJ;^^ to reach the 

shore, to land ; to get out of a 

difficulty, to be successful; 

c/. esnrfoXo. 
wdootjoji arumbuni, see «>xjo8^^ 
^6^7i^ arugu, s. Verge, brink,. 

border, margin; c/. «ni). 
edotS aruci,^. Want of appetite^ 

eriwC3 aruna, adf. Purple-colour- 
ed, s. The name of the rising 

edoog) ampu, see ^sxh^. 

e5cJj20jd arubuda, see ^z^rri, 

erfjrfjj^ arumutte, s. The gilU 
of a fish. 

^dods)0&o3Je)C^j^ ammuriyoduiii 
(e5xdi»ix)bo3j85), V, n. To weep 
with loud lamentation and 

edosS aruve, s. The mouth of 
a river, a seaport; also e5Vo^. 
— rf ero*6" a bar, the entrance 
to a harbour. 

edod aruve, see e£)5r. 

ed)3oJ anihu, ^. Knowledge. 2. 
understanding, perception. 

^dj am 


ed are 

t5dj'i?jsiodo^o arulumarulu, adj. 

Foolish, simple, childish. 
e5dJd?j, e^dJd^ arupa, arupn, adj. 

Formless, invisible. 2. de- 
formed, ugly. 
e6 are, s. Half, a moiety; cf. 

oqjr. -c^f half a man's height. 
t53os^0ci arencuni («>T5o«sr), v. a. 

To rub oflf, peel, skin. 
e3ot3e);^Ji arenjavuni, cv. {of 

esnSoaw^), To cause to deny. 

2. to hide away. 
-e^dotdj^ arenjuni (e^^o^, v, a. 

To deny, gainsay. 2. to 

conceal; cf, «)t3oajo^ 

t36o2253 areajele, s. A denier, 

-eSoBsJ arentele, see esrioBd. 
e3*f5^ arekanny, s. A half sight, 

an imperfect glance. 2. squint 

eyes. 3. eyes partly closed. 
ed«c)cl arekSni, s. The hundred 

and twenty-eighth part of any 

^3^^oao arekayi, adj. Half ripe; 

also ^TiT^od^, Fpart. 

^6wc>^ areka^, s. The eighth 
«6'S areke, see ej?dt?. 
t56^vie):^o^ arekodyel^, j. Half 

salted or insuflSciently season- 
ed dish. 
<556rtofa^ aregant^, s, A loose knot ; 

2. half a load, a small bundle. 
e6rR>e;aregala, J. The hot season, 

t3^zi& arecatte, adj. Half dead. 

2. reduced; thin, lean. 

e56ti^ arecappe, aJj. Tasteless, 

e56t3e)3 arejati, adj. Half-caste, 

mongrel, mixed. 
e623?rf arejiva, s. lit. Half the 

life; the state of being half 

e3rij?i areduni («^5), v. a. To 

spoil, corrupt, mar, taint. 

2. to destroy, ruin. 
^6d^ aredala, see fs^xii^. 
e6cl)^ areduni(«)T55),7'. n. To low. 

e56c3c)D arenari, s. A person 
dressed partly as a male and 
partly as a female. 

e6c3e)5Je)oao arenilayi, s. A stam- 
mering tongue. 

^56^)65^ arenirely, s. A slight 
shadow. 2. an imperfect 

e6s3e)^* arep%, s. Half a share, 
half part ; —7^ a partner 
c?r shareholder entitled to half 
a share. 

eSssDSj arepavu, s. One half of 
a quarter, one-eighth of a 

e335e)4c^ arepavuni, c. v. {of 
e£n52b^), To cause to grind. 
2. to cause to submit ; to sub- 

ed^^, e^Sog^ arepini, arepuni 
(5575), V. a. To pulverize by 
pounding or grinding. 2.y^. 
to oppress, ^^si ^^ , ^s^^ ^^ 
a grinding stone. 

e6^, e^dsSij;^ arepu, arepel^, s. 
The act of grinding. 2. that 

^6 are 


erir arga 

which is ground for condi- 

^620ot3 arebariji, Itl. Half the 

stomach, adj. Half fed, not 

satisfied, deficiently fed. 
eSzooci arebandai adj\ Half cook- 
e56eJe)05s> arebayi, see esderoo^o. 
^i'C^d^ arebirel^, liL Half a 

finger (measure). ^. About 

half an inch. 
e6e3i arebei, s. Twice thrashed 

edriode^^ aremadaly, s. A leaf 

of a palmyra. 2. one half of 

a cocoa-palm-leaf. 
^dzi^^T^ aremanas^, lii- Half 

mindedness. s. Indecision. 

2. reluctance. 
^dsii^F aremarlf;^. Craziness, 

weakness of intellect, adj. 

Half mad. 
e56;5Ji)SJe; aremapala, s. A small 

wild fruit, Randia longu 

^Ssiooocl aremunde, s. A widow, 

whose head has not been 

^6o5jO^ aremeyi, adj. Reduced 
. in body, lean, thin. 2. half 

inclined, half minded. 
eSo^S arevasi, s. A half part, 

a moiety. 
^6o^e)^ areyal, s. An honorary 

name given to a section of the 

Bant caste. 
e6oi)oJi, ^d53)ci areyuni, arevuni, 

see enSL)^. 

es^rarka, J. The sun. 2. a crys- 
tal. 3. a shrub, called also 
the yakkamale (cxio^^zijsd). 

e5^roz3 arkanji, s. Swill, dish- 
water, the washings of rice 
etc. — ^^ diflferent kinds of 
leaves chopped and mixed 
with straw and boiled in a 
swill for feeding cattle with. 

e5^F3 arkati, see ^xfrS. 

e5^rd arkade> ^. Sunset. 

e5^rdi arkame, s. A strong de- 
sire, eagerness. 2. indigestion, 

^'iT'iT arkarka, adv. By degrees. 
-5^§> to eat repeatedly. 2. 
to gulp down. 

^t?^^ etfrv* arkal^, arkal^i, 
s. A knot, tie. — S35>^?> to tie, 
make a knot . — 7\^rs> to loosen 
a knot, to untie. 

e5*rs5*, ^^7^ arkil^, arkelj, s, 
A handful, a^o^ o^r^ e3^ 
^jsor give (me) a handful of 

e^or^ arkuni («>^f), v. n. To 
become less. 2. to be humbl- 
ed, depressed. 

e^F arke, ^^^ ^*- 

e€FtjJe)dj arkeburu, ^^^ »^# 

e^r^Fo^ argant^, ^. Determina- 
tion, resolution. 2. obstinacy ; 
3. malice. — cs^oSo an obsti- 
nate man. — oio^^i to per- 
severe in obstinacy. 

eriFoSargaDte, s, A resolute or 
obstinate person, o 

^t\r 9xgi 


^CF arbi 

argiljrani (J^f^^^^ «>7\r6), v, n. 
To loathe, be disgusted. ^^^^ 
65 S^?> to eat with aversion. 

eA?rsi^ argisy, see «9T^7\e?3. 

^rbrd argule^ s. Loathsome- 
ness. 2. disgust, aversion. 

efir aryi, see ^t>^. 

^ziF^ areata, s. A worshipper. 
2. a priest. 

ee^FcS ar&ne, s. Worship, ado- 

ezlr;g)?i ardipuni, v. a. To wor- 
ship. V. n. To officiate as a 

etSrarJi, 5. Petition, representa- 
tion; complaint. — o^TSa peti- 
tioner. —'ijdhF^ to present a 
petition; «)^r ^AEori •JoaSr 
S^c^ when the petition is 
presented it will be favour- 
ably considered. 

et3r^ arjita, see ^^r^. 

et^iOFfS arjune, s. The third son 
of Pandu (cj^ozio). 

esUoFji artuni, see e?duj^. 

erioFji arduni, see «3Ti^^. 

e^F arta, see esqJr. 

e3F arti, ^. An amusement, 
sport, fun. 2. novelty, curios- 
ity. 3. fondness. — a;)o3o a 
merry man, a person given 
to pleasure. — 7JzS3ro4^> to 
please, amuse; to fondle. 

eSF arti, s. The wild fig tree, 
Ficus racemosa, — tooso an 
unripe wild fig. 

^qjr artha, s. Gain, wealth, 
riches, esp. money. 2. mean- 
ing. — 5^f^^^ to explain, inter- 

ecSr^ ardala, see «^rf^. 

e^craFOJoardSya, s. Half the gain. 

ecSoFfj arduni (^Sr), v. a. To 
wash ^r bleach clothes. 

^^F ardha, ^. Half, a moiety; 
cf^ ^' [tion. 

eqjc)Fo2Jardha^la,^. Ahalf por- 

ec^FC9, ^c^FcJ arna^a, arnana, s. 
A male Pariah {also^oTirt^), 

esiJFrf arpada, s. Small-pox; 
also — "AfteX. — c5 ^«3 a pock- 
mark, ^oti^-d a kind of 


small-pox which leaves scars 

or marks. 
esiFcl arpane, s. An ofifering. 

— ^5;b^^ to offer. 
es3e)Fy arpata, s. Lamentation. 
^hF'i arpita, adj. Presented, 

offered. [cry. 

eSbF^arpini (e^S), z/. ^. To weep, 

^SjFisg)?^, eSjFSioJiarpipuni, arpi- 
suni (55br, ^hv^^ v. a. To 
dedicate, offer. 

^^F^ arpuni (^^, ^. ^- To 
efface, waste, obliterate; c/. 

e3^Fe3arpele,^. A fretful person. 

2. one easily moved to tears. 
^t^Fk arpesi, see e)^?-^;. 
e520FU arbata, see c^^rw. 
e?z3^F05j arbayi, see cst^toosj. 
eCF arbi, ^. Water collected in 

an elevated place. 2. drizzl- 

e52oor arbu 


eo* al^jL 

ing rain. — ^e^^ water to 
fall in broken streams over 
a small height, —^e©^^ water 
to run out, to fall in broken 

ezoor arbu, s. Stinginess, ava- 
rice. — ^oUOj?) to covet, desire, 
long. -crooSo a greedy man. 

^zojr;^, e5e^rcS arbuta, arbuda, 
see «>rfo^. 

^zojrd SLThniB,fPum, Ten crores, 
100 millions. 

eeoorcS3ja?rt arbudaroga, s. Dif- 
ferent swellings, especially 

edoo^r?:! armbude, s. A skull-cap 
made of the spathe or cap- 
sular bark of the areca palm 
and worn by a class of Pariahs 
(called ^5oo^ jSy). 

^oi)r arya, s. A small earthen 
vessel ; oSoo^^rfcxior an oil-pot. 

^crfoFci aryana, see i^5s5;>r«. 

^oi)or^ aryuni (^^), v. n. To 
ooze, drip. 2. to flow, run, as 
water; also soOo^o^. 

i5^Fzid^F arl^marl^, see oi^^o 

e5^r aria, s. Half a seer. 
ewjFji arluni (®^p"), 7;. «. To 

burn, blaze. 2. to smart; 

e^orfo ^J5)e«? «><yoForSo Z^^"/. his face 

is burning, i. e. he is very 

e5e3ja?r^ arl6l6,^. A kind of fish. 

e^rir^, esrfrd arvatte, arvade, ^. 
A man's sister's son. 2. a 

e^ arve, ^. A cloth; an old 
rag. "^ooUod^r a piece of 

esSr arve, see fs^^, ^^^. 

^^Pod arsand^, s. Rejection; 
disrespect; making light of. 

erfrodo, a;TOFoJo arsaya, arsaya, 
s. A certain festivity or cere- 
mony. -Rori^Foi^ the ceremony 
of leaping over burning coals, 
performed by devil-dancers 
or dasaiyas (tos^cxJoo). 

e?5c)r5S?i arsavuni, see'^7i^F4^. 

e^^S^rd arseve, see orfrodo. 

e5S3*o2oorf, e5a^otojzS aljimbuda, 
al^Linbude, s. The castor-oil 
plant. "^f^^^oeoozS a smaller 
kind, called Ricinus commu* 

e5©^ot3 al^be, s. Suflfering. 2. 

^e3^otS?5S?i al^mbevuni, see ^60 

^o^o^rf al^mbhava, s. Satisfac- 
tion, contentment. 2. experi- 
ence, khowledge; see ^^2f7i, 

^^02^::)^^ al^bhavipuni («> 
^08?;^), V. n. To feel satisfied, 
content. 2. to experience, en- 
joy, suffer, to be vexed. 

ee:^^ aljLkjL, see «>^^. 

o^^rf al^g^jL, see «>e;K. 

^^f{ al^jLge, s. A kind of drum. 

ejo^sgtS al^ipucce, ^. A pole- 
cat. *^ 

e50^e3 al\;ibe, ^. Frail, fragile. 
2. weak, puny, thin. 

^^ al& 


^^ ala 

e^o^ alank^i s. An armadillo. 
2. a kind of fish. 

e^o^ alankjL, s. The dried 
oil-plant oiSesamumlndicum 
^TT jinjili seed. 

e?e;oT^D^c^ alankaripuni (®<yo^0), 
v.a. To adorn, decorate. 

eoo9e)d alankara, s. Ornament, 
decoration. 2. beauty. — ^^j 

et;o5e)53)?i alankayuni, c, v, (of 
t£>t)o^o^)^ To cause to shake, 
to shake. 2. to perturb, con- 

ee^o^o^, e5^)or!o Ji alankuni, alan- 
guni (®«^o^, «)©oK), V. a. To 
shake, agitate, wave, move. 
2. to strike or knock against, 
trip up. v.n. Be agitated. 
ts>^o^ ^e5 agitated water. 

e^orl alanga, s. A rampart. 

eooyoj) alantuni, see «9tjowo^. 

a^otjorf alambuda, see es^oeDoTi. 

55^0200^ alambuni (ooo^, v. a. 
To wash. 2. to shake, be agi- 
tated as water; see cx^oeoo^ 

e5^oqirf alambhaya, see ^€o2p^ 

e^^ alaka, s. The town of Ku- 
bera, the god of wealth. — ^ 
h^ to become wealthy. 

^t>7^, ^^Ti^ ahWi alagn, s. 
Tremulousness or quivering 
of the voice in singing. — ^^^ 
a tremulous voice. 

e.^rljji alaguni («>oF[), v. n. To 
shake; cf. exwotfo^. 

e^rt alage, ^<?^ «>^^. 

e^tioji alacuni («>«;eS), t^. «. To 
move, shake; cf, f£>^7^^ 

eot3e)S3)ci alajavuni, c. v. {of 
e903w?)), To shake ; see ^^^ 

at^tjoji alajnni, see e9e;rfo^ 
e^3io5o alapayi, J. Hiring cattle 

for milking. -^^^ to take 

milch cattle on hire. -^Ahr^ 

to hire out milch cattle. 
e^^o^)^^ alapuni see «)^^?>, e^^^. 
eorfo alama, see ®«^. 
e^^siijji alamuni («><ySj), ?/. a. 

To mix with the hand. 
e5e>tfoJi alaruni, see enjcxj^. 
^^^ alavn, Steel. — d XiS^ a 

bar of steel. 
e5os$?i alavuni (^p^J^), ^. a. To 

mix. 2. to temper. 3. to make 

even, to level. 
e5t)?^ alasfy adj. Old, worn out. 

2. bad. 3. mixed; also s^e^^J. 
e^?3^2J^ alas^ball^, ^. A thick 

rope, cable; see ^v^i^. 
a^rf alasa^ see ^^^^ 

e^rfo^, ^4;^/^ alasali^, alasige, 
^.Fatigue, weariness. 2. vexa- 

^^li^'^ alasuni («>«^?3), zf. a?. To 
agitate, shake, v. n. To be 
fatigued, vexed. 2. to suffer 
griping pain; oSoo^ eooaS ^e; 
7i3o:l) I have a stomach-ache. 

e^^ C9 alakshana, see esrio^r*. 

a^^ c, 53^^ alakshya, alakshe, 
s. Disregard, negligence, in- 
difference. ^^ 

^e^e) ala 


es3 ale 

eoe) ala, int. Behold, lo, there 

it is; see ^^» 
eejc^^ alak^, s. Destruction, 

ruin; see c^en>€=. — •io«?o^^ to 

ruin, spoil, destroy. — e^5 

*eSbs>to go to- ruin. 
eoe)^, ^o^z^ alata, alad^, s, A 

thick coir-rope, cable; also 

eoje)?:), eersoao alabi, aUyi, s. 
The annual Moharam festival 
of the Mohammedans. —^^ 
Lo) to close the festival with 

e50c)aijo^ alSyuni («>«^) v, a. To 
take away. 

^Oc>^f) alavuni, see «)w^^. 

^O-o' aliki, ^^'. Inferior, low, 
mean; bel. soOj. _^^o^^ to 
depreciate, disparage, de- 
grade. — srotT^ a word of con- 
tempt. --^^ low people. 

eSrt alige, see ^€-R. 

^OA alige, j^<? ^^. 

e©^J) alipuni, ^^^ e£>^^?). 

^sijtf, eOsJJSD^ alimar^, ali- 
mar\^, s. The tree called ^l/-^- 

f50:ii^^ aliyuni («50), ^.w. To 
dissolve, decay. 2. to perish, 
die, become extinct ; also ^c 

«505j alivu, ^. Extinction, ruin. 
ee;oorlo?>alunguni (e9e«o?\), v. n. 

To be soft, as a ripe fruit. 
e55;jo2Jj::^aluinbuda, see e^^oeooti. 
e^jo2oo?ialuinbuni,;5^^ ©ooeDo^. 

eoorioji aliiguni(5£)e)oJ\), 7'.«. To 

move; ^^^ ooo^o^.- 
ee^oeoort alubanga, s. Vexation, 

e^S al6, ^. Butter-milk; see e^^. 

—ioc^^ to churn butter-milk. 
^d, 55^^ ale, ale, ini. Behold, lo ! 

^dotSalenji, s. Grease ^r oil eic, 
swimming on the surface of 
water. — ss^o^^ greasy sub- 
stances to stick to something. 

edoiio^ alenjuni (^^o^). v.n. 
To turn. 8roo9J- to hesitate 
in speaking. 2. to deny; see 

e5^t3c)Sj5i alejavuni c, v. {of e9<3 
&0?:)), To cause to shake, to 
shake. 2. to cause to mingle. 

e5e3tdo?i, ^^t^ ^ alejuni, alejjuni 
(e£)?32^), V. n. To be agitated, 
disturbed. 2. to be turbid. 
3. to mix, mingle. 4. to be 

?^d53e)05o alepayi, see e5©z5o&). 

e^sSssD^c^ alepayuni, c. v, {of ^ 
«3^^), To cause to tire, to fa- 

ee3o3)ci alepuni (®«3), v. a. To 
oppress. v.n.To be fatigued; 
see t9«3odoo^, ^«5^^), ^«3«s^. 

essScJje)?^ alemani, s. A European. 

2. a German. 
e5e3oi)Oc^, ^"d^"^ aleyuni, alevuni 

(e5?3). z\ n. To wander, roam. 

2. to be weary. 3. to bethink 

oneself. €965j^;al^ to stare; 

see e5«3eii^. vjOOgk 

ed; ale 


^5^ ava 

?5?3?*, e5s3?5L) alelri, alekba, s. An 
unwritten or blank leaf. 2. a 
blank book of palm leaves. 

e?3^5jji alevnni («)de). v.n. To 
bethink oneself; see «)6^^ 

€50^ aUqj, ^. Timidity. adj\ 
Timid, frightened ; also ^€^. 
—eojiTl)^ to shudder. 

55©, alki, see «)e-*, z6c^, 


e^^ajj alkuni (^^e)' ^- ^- To be 
afraid. 2. to start, shudder, 
tremble. er^^S eojjii3S>, — 4»? 
2:^ to be startled. 

5325?) sjji algavuni ^. ^. (^^^^), 
To cause to shake; c/.^vov^^^ 

e^x) J^ alguni, see e^e^oTO^ 

esS ^c)0^ aldekayi, s. The gall- 
nut, ink-nut, Tertninalia che- 
bula. fDiB^l a good black 

e^ alpa, adj. Little, small, 
trifling. 2. mean, low. — *^^ 
of limited understanding ; cf. 

eOj^nJ^ alpis^, see 59e3^?ft. 
esA^d alpudde, see ^€^^ . 

53 d^ alpe, ^. An unimportant 

edv^ro alpesi, s. A covetous man, 

miser, adj. Low, mean, stingy. 

^^.ovf albang^i see ^eweooX. 

53 A albe, ^*. Thin, weak, lean. 

2. good for nothing, 
ee^alma, s. Breed, offspring; 

cAji^ 55^ a good breed, 
^ejarf almana^ ^^^ e^c^ozij^c^. 
53?^, 5353j^ alme, almo, s, A 

salutation given to Brahmins 

or Jains by inferiors. 
53 do^ almerjL, s. An almeira, 

a wardrobe. [pick. 

53^*^^ all5Lkaddi, s, A tooth- 
ee^oeO) allambra^ s. Agitation, 

530e> alia, s. The Mohammedan 


appellation of the Supreme 
Being. 2. int. of surprise. 

5355'!> s3)ci allivuni («>«^), ^. «. To 
mix; cf. 550;i». 

eg, ^^fi alii, allige, ^. The 
water-lily; also 5£)Crf ^. 
2. the flower of Nelumbium 
speciosum; also "ssA-Q. 

53exc> cSo alludn, adj. Perishable, 

e53 alii, <f . The side, groin, hip. 
-^^ a lateral branch. 

ad ava, pref. implying dimi- 
nution, privation. 

53d ava, int. Behold, lo; see «)to. 

erf^e)2iayaki8a, s. Opportunity, 
leisure; cf. ?te?ioD^. 

53rfnrfavagada, s. Calamity, evil, 
mischief. 2. disorder, con- 
fusion. 3. difficulty, danger. 

53rfrl)ra avaguna, s. An evil dis- 
position, a vice. 2. the state 
of growing worse. 

53^23 avaje, ^. Sound, noise. 

53siz8 avadi,^. A kind of country 
beans; also ^st!i&, 

53rf3e)d avatSra, s. Descent, in- 
carnation, ■t's^'ss^ the ten 
incarnations of Vishnu (^s:^^)- 

ed ay a 


es^ avu 

^p©o^, «);5^&^^) to becoine in- 

erf^ ayatte, see e?;^^. 

e^d^.d avatsara, see ^sSorfr^. 

esi^ ayadhi, s, A limit, term, 
period, fixed time. 

erfqU)J avadhute, J. One who 
has abandoned his family 
and all earthly desires. «5ri 
z^^ -^Xf the manner of lead- 
ing a life of austerity, TtI 
, ©rifio?:)'^ avanambikfe, see e5z3?^o83 

erfrl^ ayapatya, s. Violation of 
a prescribed diet. adj. Con- 
trary to diet. 

erfdo^ ayamata, s. Heterodoxy. 

e5sidJe)ci ayamana, see osJ^^?^. 

edo3j?)?rt ayayoga, ^. A bad 
omen, a portent. 

edd ayari, see «>2ot5. 

erf^aval^, flf^'.Best, first rate. 
— ^ the best kind. 

e55Joo20(3 ayalambane, adj. De- 
pending on. s. Protection, 
an asylum. 

ed^^cs ayalakshana, s. An in- 
auspicious sign. 2. ugliness. 

esis3 ayale, s, A rift, cleft, adj. 
Hollow, not solid. 

^sisi^oci ayasakuna, see e5zi^^oc:(. 

erf^ avasya, s. Need, neces- 
sity, adj. Necessary, urgent, 
requisite. — o^oS unnecessary. 

esirj^ avasatya, s. A lie, false- 

^ziTiti ayasara, see ^^7Sd. 

s5si?oe)rS, erf?oc>odj ayasana, ava- 
BljB,,s. End, conclusion, ter- 
mination. 2. death. 

55rf?3e)d avasara, ^^^ e9^?fti. 

^^A^ ^^^ ayaste, ayasthe, 5-. 
State, condition. 2. circum- 
stances, situation. 3. diffi- 

e5S3e) aya, inL Lo ! behold ; see «)^ 

e;3«)o^d ayantara, adj\ Interme- 
diate, included. 2. calamitous. 
s. Straits. 2. alarm, confu- 
sion. 3. public calamity. 4. 
foreign invasion. 

e5S3e)Z^o ayacya, adj\ Not fit to be 
spoken. 2. obscene. 

e5;3e)4, e535)e^7^ ayalt6,avaltig&, 
s. Charge, care; commission, 
conferred trust ; safe keeping. 
—•1)^0^?) to give in charge, to 
entrust another; also Cosro^. 

eOt5e)0 ayicara, s. Want of en- 
quiry. 2. indiscretion, rash- 
ness. 3. negligence. 

e^^?oi) avidheya, adj\ Disobe- 
dient, -af^ disobedience. 

eDsS?^ aviveka, s. Indiscretion. 
2. imprudence, folly. 

^^s^^javisvasa,^. Distrust, un- 
belief, unfaithfulness. 

e^Os^ro avisvasi, ^. An unbe- 

^sj ayu, pron. de?n. It, that, 
that thing. ~e£>^o:3 besides 
that. «>*e is it that? <s)5, 
e95^e (emph.) just that, even 
that, the very thing. 

essj »vu 


e^, ashta 

e^o^^c^ avunkuni («>4io^), 7'. a. 
To crop. 2. to snatch, 3. to 
press dowH: c^^ BeTi^jr^S «> 
^o^ozili ^e; press it down as 
much as you can. 

t55;3)<5^*^^^^* ^' Pride, haughti- 
ness, arrogance. 

t553oUoJi avuntuni (»i^oS), r. n. 
To be proud. 

t55;J)oo§J^ avumpuni (^^2), ^'. ^. To 
press. 2. to mumble. 

t549e)?i avukasa, see <»rfv»^. 

asS:^ci avutana, ^. A feast, enter- 
tainment, dinner; also S?^r«. 
-j^^:^ to give an entertain- 
ment. — TOoSo a guest. 

^^3)3ic;S avushadha, see S^qJ. 

^;3)^j avnlu, adv. There. 2. 
beyond; also ^<^, «)4^4^ 
here and there. «>^^e (emph.) 
just there, even there, in that 
very place. 

^5:^crfo avyaya, s. An indecli- 
nable word, gram, 

^4^ awal, see ^'^€. 

ei^ asakta, «^*. Weak, feeble. 
2. sick. 

^^-^ asakti, s. Weakness, in- 

td^'S^ asakte, s. A weak or sick 

t^j^^ asakya, adj. Impracti- 
cable, impossible. 

t32Jfi asana, s. Eating. 2. food. 
«>??c3i>qJr maintenance, subsi- 
stence; —'^jatr^ to give main- 
tenance, to feed. 

Incorporeal. — s»^^ a voice 
from heaven, an oracle. 

^^w2*, e^^od asuci, asuddha, <af^*. 

Impure, unclean, polluted. 

— ^L^ to become unclean. 

-^^ uncleanness, pollution. 
e^jEji asubha, adj. Inauspici- 
ous, evil. s. Unluckiness, 

e^riofl asemane, s. A seat for 

the bride. 
w^JS?^ asoka, s. Freedom from* 

grief. 2. the name of a king. 
e^SJS?^ (si)d) asoke (mara), s. 

The tree Uvaria longifolia. 

—li^ a grove of such trees. 
53^23^, ^'S^J^^ asraby, asrapj, see 

e^;3S[, eSfro, aslesha^ aslesi, 
see ^^jf^' 


^t asva, ^. A horse. 

e^i^-, e^^ sjjd amttha-, asya- 
•39 «i 
ta mara, ^^^ ^"^ ^^. 

e^?J3 asyapati, ^. The king of 
horses. 2. a dynasty at Delhi. 

wido^qJasyamedha, s. The cere- 
mony of sacrificing a horse. 

e5^, ^^^ ashta, ashtaka, adj. 

e^*^ aahtakashta, s. Eight 
sources of troubles to which 
man is liable. 

e53i?rc)ori ashtakanga, s. A board 
or cloth having eight rows 
of squares eight in^ach row ; 
a chess-boardf^^y^^^S^^ 

^3^, ashta 


,^7i asa 

e^rtzd, e53larito ashtagaila, 
ashtadiggaila, s. The eight ele- 
phants which, according to 
the Hindu Sastras, are sup- 
posed to support the earth. 

^$^.A ashtage, s. An offering for 
the dead. 

^sl3e)^ ashtat&la^ s. A mode or 
measure in music. 

e^a^^ ashtadikkv, s. The eight 
points of the compass; also 
e)2i.iixftc3. os^ovjvO^S the guar- 
dians of the eight points of 
the compass. 

^^d^;c^a8htadravya, J. An offer- 
ing of eight ingredients. 

eslsiU ashtapatti, s. An octa- 

eslsja ashtapadi, s. A verse with 
eight feet. 

e^tooqi ashtabandha, s. A kind 
of mortar composed of eight 

e^^p^rt ashtabhagya, s. The 
eight requisites to the regal 
state, VIZ, xroa^^ territory, ^o 
zsi>Ti treasure, cJcS forces, c?c3 
elephant, 3^oc1)t5 horse, ^^ 
ketasol, tJD^iJ fly-brush, zJ^oiSr 

e^2^J?)?rt ashtabhoga, s. The 
eight sources of enjoyment, 
viz. f«^ habitation, 255>,o^bed, 

CO ' ' 

^oouo raiment, 355 oso jewels, 
t3j8zSD wife, 53iB flower, 7(o:f per- 
fumes, 8o^t5^v^o betel-leaf 
and arecanut. 

?53lrfo ashtamai num. adj. The 

es^i^lJd^D ashtam&siddlii, see ^ 

essi ^ ashtami, see «>«j^. 
^!) ashtasiddhi, s. The eight 

miraculous attainments. 
e53S|.Cq3e)rf ashtavidhana, s. The 

eight kinds of devotion. 

ess|.^ D^joo^ashtaksharimantra, 
s. The eight mystical letters 
used in incantations : ii ^ ^e 

e53|j^cxJ^F ashteiavarya, see e5>s^ 

^7fx:f asyr^jL, see ^Ti^rS. 

e5?joa> asankhya, adj. Innume- 

?5;:lor;3 asangati, s. An adverse 
circumstance, an accident. 

^rfocisji^ asandarbha, s. Unsear 
sonableness, inconvenience. 
adj. Unconnected, irrelevant; 

^Tioi^oz^ asambandha, s. Discon- 
nection, incoherence, adj. Dis- 
connected, incoherent. 2. ab- 

e5rJo3^ asanhya, adj. Disgusting, 
loathsome, s. Molestation, 
intolerable vexations. 2. dis- 
gust, aversion. — <^2b^ to be 
disgusted with. 

^Ti'^ asakta, see ^^^. 

^Tid asadde^ s. Disdain, con- 
tempt, scorn. 2. negligence, 
carelessness. — ^^ the state 

e^ asa 


^\ asti 

of being scornful or careless. 

— ^5;Jo^?> to despise, neglect. 
t5;rf2^p asatya,^^. Untrue, false. 

s. Falsehood. 
^Kii asaddha, «^'. False. 2.un- 

e;^c^ asadya, see^^7i;>x;f^, 

e5?uCo. ^Ti^j^ti asajna, asamana, 
s. Inequality, aij. Unequal, 
dissimilar, unlike. 2. odd, 
diverse. 3. incomparable. 

^Ti^s^^^^ asamldhina, s. Un- 
settled state, restlessness, un- 
easiness, disquietude. 2. dis- 
satisfaction, peacelessness. 
3. dissension, quarrel. 

e?Jo3j asaye, see 4o^o^. 

e;^o^ asayya, see ^^o^^ 

e^D^ asar^, see c^sE. 

^Ti&^F asarmft, s. Management 
of a household. 

^^Tiz,^ asaly, s. Root, origin. 2. 
capital, stock (in trade). 3. 
prime cost. 4. an original, a 
fair copy. 

f3ri€ asale, adf. First-class, su- 
perior. 2. fine, thin, neat. 

^j^z^ asali, s. A split. —200:^^^ 
to split, crack. [light. 

e57;ie3cbx^ asal^masali, s. Twi- 

e^l^^X^, e:^3og^v^ asahipuni^ 
asahyisnni (e9;^2o, -2c^), v. n. To 
loathe, feel disgust at; 5^. «> 

e73«)qS asddhya, adj. Impracti- 
cable, unattainable.' s. Im- 

e?75)rfj^ asSmya, see «>;?5^. 

e5;7e)d asara, a^j. Sapless, taste- 
less. 2. worthless; also S)ste^. 

^kri asiddha, aJj. Not achieved 
or effected. 2. unprepared, 
not ready. 3. undecided. 4. 

e^coO asura, adj\ Giant-like^ 
gigantic. 2. cruel. — ^^^^ a 
cruel deed, diabolical action 
or work. 

e;>bD asuri, s. A giantess, the 
wife of a giant. 

eJvJdo;;k>dj asurusurn, s. A deep 

esijd asnre, s. A giant. 

e?oJSaJo asuya, s. Envy, jealousy, 

^;ije)d asura, a^'. Yellow. 2. un- 
alloyed, as gold. 

e^rSJSO asuri, adj. Extra, mis- 
cellaneous. — ^eJr extra ex- 

exjs6 asuri, s. Daily expendi- 
ture; sundry expenses; also 


erorfjfl asemane, ^^^ «)€»i)f«. 
e5??^iL^ asaukhya, s. Uneasiness, 

unhappiness, ill-health. 
e^, e^^je)c^ asta, astainana, s. 

e^D^, ^r^ astar^, astri, s. Tho 

lining of a garment. 
^?^ asti, J. A bone, -ajr^hectic 

e\;3e)d astivara, s, A founda- 



*jjrfo^ astu 


e* ali 

e;^, eTi^^do astui astunama^ 
^. Consent, agreement. 

e^ aste, adv. Slowly. ^a^Z^^ 
to breathe heavily; bet. e^^. 

e5rod asthira, adj. Unsteady, 
transient, fleeting. 

^^zf, e?g^^ asrab^; asrapu^ 
adj. Noble. 

^.5^tj& asrabide (®?i^rl e!ieai), {lit, 
a monstrous seed.) s. Any 
grain etc.^ the cultivation of 
which exhausts the soil. 2. 
a wicked person. 

^^23 asrabe, s. A nobleman, 
good man. 

^A asre, s. A destroyer; ^. 

e5?i?o asvastha, ^. Sickness, ill- 
ness. «^'. Unwell, sick. 

e3ad, e3o36 aha, ahaha, tV^/. of 
surprise. Ah! aha! 

e35o^t)s3)fi ahankaripuni (o^o?? 
c>), r. «. To be proud, arrogant, 

eaoo^e)d ahankara, s. Self-con- 
sciousness. 2. egotism, pride, 
self-conceit, haughtiness, —to 
oSo a proud, self-conceited 
or insolent man. 

esooji^^ ahannika, see €fg^^. 

^25oo2i:-)Sj ahambhava, ^. Self- 


e5aoosi)3 ahammati, s. Self-con- 

ceitedness, a vain mind. 
^2o ahi, 5. A snake. 
e52o^ ahita, adj. Disagreeable, 

unsalutary. s. Harm, wrong. 

e5aoJe)?De)3, ahoratre, s. A day 
and a night lasting from sun- 
rise to sunrise. 

etf ala, s. Measure, capacity. 

e55?o^ alank^, s. An ant-eater. 

etfo^Je)53)Ji alankivnni, see «>ooto 

e5?o^oji alankuni, see ^vo^c^^ 

e^oUoc^ alantuni («)««oC), v. n. 
To shake. 2. to move. 

e^^ alaka, ^. A large basket 
for measuring rice etc. 

e5?*, e^ J alaki, alatfe, s. Mea- 
surement. -^«b^«^ to mea- 
sure, mete; cf. e^i?^, ssa^*. 

e^^Sc^ alapuni («>^, v. a. To 

e5?oJo alya, see ^os^r. 

^^^^ alavuni («)v^, v. n. To mix. 

ev3 ala, ^^ «>c^. 

ev^^ alivn, see 004. 

e^fi^ alikatty, ^. Ruin. 

e5«5g)?), alipuni («>*), v. n. Ta 
perish, die. 2. to be destroyed, 
be ruined; also ®^5 ^f2b?>. 

e^oij aliya, J. A son-in-law, 
nephew; — as a rule a man's 
sister's son marries the daugh- 
ter of his mother's brother. 
bet. w5r* . -rfos^c^ the law 
of inheritance in the female 
line. According to this law 
the family property descends 
not from a man to his son, 
but from a woman to her 
daughter. *^ 

e5$ all 

e^oioQ^d aliyantara, s. Ruin, 

e^oiojji aHyuni, see 59^^^^ 

ej^^j^o aluku, *. Modesty, bash- 

<5^osi^ aluvali, j. A daughter's 

e^^j^ alnye^ s. An instalment. 
2. a term of payment; c/.^oS^ 

^v^osS aluve, j. The mouth of 
a river, a harbour. — sfeosoxi 
^a^ a custom-house; see cj^?5, 

^<? alJ, ^^^ 55)^. 

t5^o23 aleriji, s. A kind of weed 
growing on the surface of 
stagnant water. 

e^tio t^ alejjuni, see ^e^^ 

e^53e)0^ alepayi, see e^c^sioai. 

e^^^Sji alevuni (»''?), v. n. To 
muse, to be absent-minded or 
abstracted. ®^5 ^2b^ to 
look bewildered, perplexed; 

f5^>^^ alknni, ^^^^ «>e/Oj^ 

e^ alt?, ^2'. Thence; also 

55^ alta (^en. of the adv. «)4^o), 

adj. Of that place. 
^$^ alpa, adv. There, in that 

place, ^ti^ here and there. 
t55^o alya, see «)cdor. 
e*,, e«,rt alii, allige, see e^e. 
55^ alle, see «>^. 

41 ^^ aksi 

w^ aksha, ^. The eye. 2. a 
mark on dice. 3. a die. 4. 
a wheel. — Ced, —"^eTi, — ^rjcdo, 
— ^^^ gambling, playing with 

e^^o^D akshantari, ^. A gift of 
yellow rice. 

e^ ^, e^ S akflliata, akshate, s. 
Raw rice mixed with kunku- 
ma {i.e. turmeric powder) 
and used for religious pur- 
poses- Trfoos^^i rice over 
which incantations have been 

W^cS akshada, s. A red mark 
put on the forehead after 
dinner, chiefly by Brahmins. 

e5*23e)rfo, ^^sjj5)53 akshadama, 
akshamale, ^. A rosary or string 
of beads, especially of the 
seeds of Elaeocarpus^ used in 

e^ ojo akshaya, adj. Imperish- 
able, immortal, —c^^ a brass 
vessel for receiving alms. s. 
The last year of the Hindu 

^^ ti akshara, {lit. undecaying). 
s. A letter. — 15»^ (lit. a gar- 
land of letters) the alphabet. 

e^ tu aksharajna, s. A scholar. 

e* akshi, s. The eye. 2. suc- 
cess, prosperity, —cie;^ mov- 
ing of the eyes. —M^ a scor- 

Digitized by 


« a 


t^^e) aka 


e a, The second letter of the 

tj &^ dem, pron. That; e^ s'^ that 
side ^r party; ^ ti^*^^ that 
man. e^ c^, ^cxij^ each, every, 
respective. — w)cxDr each work. 

2. when added to two or more 
consecutive words, the mean- 
ing is disjunctive : either— or, 
whether— or; as <^ot3cro e^oSo 
cTO whether this or that man? 

3. it is an affix of interroga- 
tion, which changes accord- 
ing to phonetic rules into 
539, oi»; as 55>o5 yes: ©ocro is 
it? 803^ you came: ^^^ did 
you come? ^ thou, you: ^orfj^ 
is it you? 

eo^oojoojiankariyuni, see ^^oi^ 

C5o^c)d ankira, see o^otroT^. 

C5o*^ ankita, j<?-^ ©o*^. 

t^o'S 5nk6, J. Force, pressure, 
compulsion. 2. authority, 
power, control. 3. support. 
— -rio^^o^^ to force, compel, to 
obtain by coaxing. — crooSo a 
strong, powerful man. 

eoh^u^d angirasa, ^. The sixth 
year in the Hindu cycle of 

eoC5^ &9d^9 ^^^ c^t;^. 

tJorf, ^ozi^j^ anda, andala, see 

tfo^d, yo^ antara, antra, s. The 
bowels, entrails. —2z^^ swell- 
ing of the scrotum or testicles. 
— TOcxJoo flatulence; hernia. 

e^o^aJjF intarya, s. The mind; 

see eo^ocbr. 2. sentiment, 

opinion; c/. «>oSTioX. 
^0^ &ndi, s. Caution. 2. bail, 

a security. ^c^os^ct^oSj one 

who stands security, becomes 

«orf,S3c)0i)j andravayn, see ^o^ 

tJozjo^ ambal^, s. A water-lily 

which opens after sunset. 
^oz;^v Smbala, see ^o^€. 
^Qi:if{ ambige, see ^oz^-R. 

e^otojb, t^ozo^ ambura, &mbra, 
see cfrfo . 

«oe3 ambe, adv. There, on that 
side. 2. after, prep. Beyond. 

tJotSo^c^ amberipuni (€^oe30), 
V. n. To be drowsy or sleepy. 
2. to dream. 3. to be con- 

wosjjrfil amavade, see c9ot5jazS. 

tJoSo^ amhika, ^^^ ®gj*- . 

eij^d ikara, ^^^ ®*^- 

eiJ^air, w^^r a'rarsa, a^arsha, 5. 

Attraction, drawing towards 

each other. -^^ the power 

of attraction. 
^i5i>^ aiara, ^ Form, shape. 


t^^Te) aki 


fiti ija 

-w^e)^, e^^e>?g akisa, akSsa, s. The 
atmosphere, sky. 

^a-S ikire, s. A nettle-plant, 
Urtica heterophylla, 

t^'rfjs^o ikulu, ^w. ^r^«. (^/. of 
cyo3o (7r e??), They. 2. it is 
affixed to adjectives^ partici- 
ples and nouns to convert 
them into personal nouns ^ as 
oSjzS oScTO^o^^o good people, ^^h 
(33^0^0 those that see, tSedcro 
i^ovb working people etc. 

t^^.^ akri^ti, s. Form, shape. 

«^0j tj*, akeri, akri, see ^^' 

^^sors)^ akhita, ^. An artificial 

t^53^?y, eJ^SiD akheiri^, akheiri, s. 
The end, termination, adj. 
Final, last. arf7\ Finally, at 
last ; see «)^e&. 

t^a^, ea^ akhya, ikhye, ^. A 
name. 2. the subject of a 
sentence, gram. 

^sy^^ Skhyata, s. The predi- 
cate, gram. 

^7^ ^^9 (Jit- fire)- s. Steam. 
— Cf 2b?) to be consumed, to come 
to an end. — ^ t^^^, see ^7(7^^- 
Cf^A^eS a steamer. 

ertsio aj^ama, s. Arrival. 2. a 
work on Hindu ritual etc. 3. 
augment, gram. 

tJridjrf isamana, s. Advent, ar- 

t5rtd, ^r^^ igara, ajira, J. A 
habitation, house. 

ertd agara, ^^^ ^'^^. 

S5/leoio agneya, adj. South-east. 

er{ agra, see ^Xot^. 

5^2^si)fS acamane, s. The cere- 
mony of sipping a few drops 
of water and repeating the 
twenty-four names of Vishnu 
(^^») before performing any 
religious ceremony. 

wsidri acarane, s. Usage, esta- 
blished custom. 2. obser- 
vance. 3. performance of re- 
ligious ceremonies. 4. a cere- 
mony, rite. 

«e^D^;::iacaripuui (^«^^), ^^ a. To 
observe, practise, perform. 

«i3e)0 acara, s. Usage, custom. 
2. conduct. ;j|^crotj^T^ tradi- 
tional observance. 

«23e)dc^ acarane, see cfeixirt. 

.e^tj5)0 acari, s. A smith £^r car- 
penter. — eo^xjj a kind of 

e^t3c)6, e^t3e)o3or acare, acarye, s. 
A spiritual guide, a priest. 

eti a>, An oath, a curse. 2. 
swearing. — ^js^r^ to swear. 
— cs)Tl)?i to imprecate, curse. 
— b&ai>j?) to deliver from an 
oath, to revoke a curse. 

^tiA ^>ane, num. adj. Sixth. 

tiiiif ajar, J. Presence; bet. sa 
aiS. — c?b^ to be present. 
-^^0^^ to produce (a wit- 
ness eic). — a^^j^S bail, secu- 
rity for the appearance of 
another beforeQ^^^^art of 
justice. — 3Si5j a muster-roll. 

^Zi aja 


tJf^ any 

t?2J*^ ajala, ^. Six seers. 

e^tSe);^;?^ ajavuni, c, v. {of c^&fo^), 
To dry or drain. 

tJ23 aji, ««»^. Six. 

tJeSciuJi ajiduni (c?^5), t/. ^. To 
expose clothes etc. for drying. 

tJ^3^i ajipa, ^<?^ «>332{. 

«23oi)j ?) , «t^ Ji IJiyuni, ajuni (e^aS, 
e?^), z;.«. To dry up, drain oflf ; 
as^ Xo^^cS ^e5 e^^oS the well is 
dry; c^aSS *et>^ to be dried 
up. €f^t5 dried, freed from 
moisture or sap. e^arfoD un- 
dried, wet; cfa^oD ^oouo a 
wet cloth. 

tJzS aje, see e^a^. 

«^J3^o ftjolu, f/^^»«. adv. Six 

t^e§ ajne, s. Command, order. 
2, permission. 3. a judicial, 
sentence, doom. 

e52;j ajpa, «^w. Sixty; ^^^ e^aSzi. 

5:5 y ata, J. Amusement, sport, 
game. 2. a play; ~o3o3j an 
actor; a gambler. — srow, 
— srocSg dancing and playing 
with music. 3. when forming 
the latter part of compounds 
it signifies continuity; as^ ^ 
CK)rw crying or weeping long. 
^ewu lamentation. 

tiUo^*, tyeio^ atankjL, atanka, 
s, Hinderance, obstacle. 

^ii ati, s. The fourth solar 
month. — sJ ^^6 profound 
darkness, —t^oh a kind of 

OG^ ady, see i5o5>5. 

eijdozjd adambara, ^. Pride. 2. 
pomp, show. 

eJddJe)?:! ademodi, see wS. 

e^cie3JS?a^ idalody, s. The Mala- 
bar-nut-tree, yusticia adha- 

^zi'Si, wrf^ adalite, adalte, s. 
Administration, management. 
2. governing. — ^Sb^ to man- 
age. —^ht^cS^ an admini- 
strator, manager. 

eJC5c)4Ji ad&vuni, c. v. (ofwio^)^ 
To agitate. 2. to shake. 

«art adige, s, A belch ; 6et. ef &^. 

cj^rt adige, atjfe'. In vain, for 
nothing; see «)zJe^. 

e^cioji aduni (^5), ^•. f^. To move, 
wave, swing, vibrate. 2. to 
shake, totter, v, a. To move, 
rock. 2. to shake. Different 
playful and regular move- 
ments are expressed by add- 
ing it to verbs; as^ ^^^oTi^^ 
to be swinging. ^^^tL^ to be 
moving to and fro, etc. 

tsd ide, s. A coward. 

^dr^ adeg^, see «>zS, ^^K. 

^dA adage, see e^a^. 

tidS adele, s. An unsteady man. 
2. a vagabond. 

t?:S?4?i adevuni (^^e), ^'.w. To 
be moving, undulating, vibrat- 
ing. e^e4crf4 constant mo- 
tion, oscillation or vibration. 

male child, a boy. — xioiJ a male 

v^ an^ 


tJCi adi 

tree. s. A boy, youngster. 
(»p« r^6^ the bridegroom's 

ef^r!<a an^gadi, s. The lower 
half of a cocoanut-shell. 

ef?5^dj3e53) ani^joyu, s. A male, 
man; also «>r«4. 

ef^33:4 an^peja, s, A male varie- 
ty of the wild jack-tree. 

ec9 ana, s. The entrance to a 
harbour. — t^ crooio?), e^AaXo 
*eL^ to stand <7r wade in 
shoal-water for fishing. 

tjr^ ani, s, A peg, nail. 2. a 
wedge. 3. a screw. 

t^d'^^ anikall^, s. The key- 
stone of an arch. 

^d anOi s. An anna. 

^rf ane, ^. An oath. 

erf^O^ anekall^,^. A hail-stone. 


es^ at^jL, tnde/, num. adj. So 
much. —'^'^ so many people. 
— ^^r so much time, so long. 
2. as much as: f^S^t^^S =#j3C?r 
give all you have. ^M emph. 
so much only : — coj^S "^^^^ 
I say only so much. ^^Sc^, 
€f^? is it only so much? 

ci;i e^Aoo is it only so much 

that you give? ^^^ for so 

tJS^cSori, «3c)c3ort at^nengft, ata- 

nenge, see ^i^o-R. 
?^3 ati, see e^^?>. 
»3dc atithya, s. Hospitality. 

-jO^^^^ to entertain a guest. 

e^^d atura, s. Eagerness, liaste. 

vi^^ ateky, see c^S. 

e^icSort atenenge, adv. Till, as 
long as. 

w^i , t>i atma, atme, ^. Breath, 
life. 2. the soul, spirit. 3^t>^^ 
n^i^ the Holy Ghost, CAr. 
Si^s:^^ a sinner. ^^^^*4, a 
virtuous ^r fortunate man. 
^^►(^ep^^i spiritual-mindedness, 
Chr. 3. self, chiefty in comp: 
^^^^4^ suicide. ^\^^ self- 

tjcid adara, see sarf^. 

tJddrf adarane, s. Respect, re- 
gard for. 2. protection, sup- 
port. 3. comfort, consola- 

e^cSD^?) adaripuni (e^cJ^), v,a. 
To honor. 2. to support, 
assist. 3. to console, comfort. 
efdc>i^c33c5o a supporter, one 
who comforts. 

e^t3c)aJj adaya,^. Gain, profit, in- 
come, behoof. — ^^ profit 
and loss. —^^ receipts and 
disbursements; management. 
--^4 ^LctodSo a book-keeper. 

tJCTe)^ adara, j<?^ e?qj;)Ti. 

?^a adi, ^. Beginning, origin, 
/a:^//'. First, primary; pre-emi- 
nent; e.g. e?D9,)Tir© the origi- 
nal cause. 2. when the latter 
part of a compound it means: 
and others, et cetera,, as ^\ 
TQD^o beasts ^/<r. o 

«G adi 


^Zj &pa 

tja^ adika, see e^crood). 

tj^sfc aditya, s. The sun. -=k)^ 

ecSo^^i aduppuni (cy5-:A)j^^), 

7;. n. To have become, to be 

that. 55ctj*)cJoj^?;;x as or when 

it is so. 
wd^ adre, s. The sixth lunar 

mansion; def. ^6^f, 
tjqS 053)5) adharipuni, see c^rfo^^. 

tJ9«)d adhara, ^. Support, prop. 
2. a basis, foundation, -si^^ a 
title-deed. 2. a security-bond. 
— ^ a rich man. 

tf^^N adhlna, ^. Authority, con- 
trol. 2. dependence; ^. ope?^ 

t?cioci ananda, s. Joy, happiness, 

Wcirt anaga, see e^Sbs>. 

tJci^F Snarta, see ^tivfr. 

ts^ ani, ^^e'. Then, at that time. 
-S^» -^oel from that time, 
since then. — ^i^w^ till then. 
2. affixed to verbs it signifies: 
at the time, as ^eS^o^^ at the 
time of going. 

^j:i^j£do^ anikorant\|i, s. A 
large kernel. 

tJjiog?) anipuni {^j^),v,a. To 
make lean. 2. to lull. 

5^c3 anfe, s. An elephant. — w)5 a 
thick forest inhabited by ele- 
phants. -^Ji)6 an elephant- 
shed. — ^3»:^^ an elephant 
keeper. -Jio^d a chain for 
fastening an elephant. — =5oo 
^€ the trunk of an elephant. 

^^of\ anenje, see ^h^ 

5^f5*23* anekall^, s^e ^««^^. 

^fS^^c* arokary, ^. The Cochin- 
leg, elephantiasis. 

c:?f35c:o, e?fi#6 inekedu, anekere, 
s. A large tank. 

tJfSrlzJ, tJfS'^or^j anegajji, ane- 

guddu^ s, A troublesome kind 

of scab, mange. 
ecS'ac^JS^^^io Snenolieara, s. A 

kind of aloes. 
^^iuo^ aneta'anky, s. Cassia 

e^NdJe)e3 aaeddji, s, A large 

toffSfS^Ae^* anenegil^, s,,Pedalium 
•mureXy a larger variety of 

WcSs3e)Cio5^ anepadnni (^^fSc^S), 

^.«. To lull (a baby). 
tJfJ23e)*e3* anebdiiljL, s. The en- 
trance gate of a palace. 2. 

a city-gate. 3. any large 

eiffS^otis:* anemanJal^jL, s. Cur- 

cunia zedoaria. 

tJ(3C;je)ci* dnemln^, s. A whale; 
also ^z^o'f\€. 

tJfS^jortj anemungu, s. Calo- 
santhes iniica. 

^fi^ anhika, s. Daily ceremo- 

e3J apa, ^- A kind of rice-cake. 

^t»r\ apaja, <z^^. Then, at that 
time. — f^e that very moment,^ 
instantly. ^^t^z^X now and 
then, occasionally ; gradually* 



^h ipi 

^^^ ipattVi s. Mishap. 2. 
trouble, calamity, distress. 
3. danger, evil. — v5>o a time 
of trouble. 

^hti^ ipinavu, see ^t^. 

^h^ ipini (<^), ^'. n. The copu- 
la : to be that, to become that. 
t5jft^f3 cf ^cTli it becomes white. 
2. to have origin , grow, as Tki^U 
^0^^ ^^ozSj mangoes grow on 
the tree. 3. to happen, occur: 
^ sJoxS §jvb ^c5 where did 
this happen? 4. to fit, suit: 
^ e5o7\ oSoo^ cf iftoTli this coat 
fits me. 5. to be possible: 
£irT3 c^^ocio it can be lifted. 
6. to be related to: CfoSo oSoo^ 
&^^ cf4oilj he is my younger 
brother. // is used as an 
auxiliary verb^ e. g. ^f^S 
c?c5 it is done, and serves 
also to form compound verbs: 
a^ojs^h^ to come into exis- 
tence, «>c5 Cf 2b^ to be true, to 
be proved, tic. 

c^cS, p. t, ^rd p, sing, neuL 
It is done, finished. 

c^^,y. /. ydp, sing, neut. It 
may be or may happen : eco^ 
oSjzS^ c?4 the crop is likely to 
turn out good. 2. when used 
absolutely as a reply, it is 
equivalent to "yes"; S^e^^ 
c^4pe will you go? Cf4 yes. 

The negative forms of these 
tenses are : pres. /. cf ^35, p, t, 
<!^a9j^, perf, /. <^5a5, /^/. /. 
cfiicS it may, can , shall or will 

not be — denoting moral and 
physical impossibility, (i^^oS 
added to in/, marks emph, 
prohibition^ as ^&c^^ e^o5 
thou shalt not kill, inter, ^ 
^cTO can or may it not be? 

€ni5 imp, 3rd. p. Let it 
be, (neg, 2nd p. cf rfrt be 
not); Cf ^5 when repeated after 
nouns etc, means either — or, 
as f^od c^5 c^oSb <!^»55 either 
this or that man. 

^^,cond. It shoulder would 
be. It is much used as a 
polite form of request, ^e 
§oT< c^a^ please go away. ^ 
oSo eD§^otS fts^ I should like 
him to come. 

c^2L, adj, part.pres. /., ^ow, 
^. /. <^5, ^^//; /. <!^S: ?joXa a 
practicable thing; <^osj ^r 
c^S ??c;;rf a finished work. '^ 
55o c^osj married. Ot>e;sO30 
^^ a divided land, c^oso, 
^h when affixed to nouns 
and certain verbal forms^ 
they convert them into adjec- 
tives^ as ^7d;>Ti ^oso t3ed an ' 
easy work; tlft?z35)O30 7fe»5j»ci 
the requisite things. The per- 
sonal nouns formed of the 
above^ are: ^tcrooSo, c^ScTOoS^ 
which are similarly joined 
to J., adj, etc, 

c^^Soo, neg, adj, part. That 
which should not be, un- 
becoming. 2j impracticable. 
3. improper, wicked. ^ 

wS) ipi 


eodi fiya 

<y5, grer. {or adv. part. Hav- 
ing become, being. 2. when 
affixed to s. or adj, it con^ 
verts them into adv.^ as ^oj^5 
wrongly, ^^crij»5 certainly. 
3. affixed to datives and infi- 
nitives it means for, in behalf 
of, on account of, as sovaS on 
that account, 5ii^o;^c5w>5 in 
order to make. 4. affixed to 
pron. it means of one's own 
accord, as cfusS ^js&oSoS he 
gave of his own accord (with- 
out being requested), ^^od 
neg. having not become, be- 
ing not. 

'^ciX When it happens, hap- 
pened or will happen. — Se 
just when it happens etc, 

^tc7( Till it happens. 

e^oii, cond., ^oxi<v^, emph. If 
it becomes, if it be, although 
it be, 55ot5;)cz5 if it be so. 
2. asaconj, but, yet, though ; 
at least, even. 

^i/iC^ pot. It can or may be. 

^^Tki It must be or become. 
2. to be related to. e^S^^^cro^ 
e^4o^how is he related to you? 
oSsio^ ^»^<3 ^^7ki he is my 
uncle. ^ifiTi^^ what ought 
to happen, what is necessary. 

^h^^, <ya3o?^4, ^5?^4, verbal 
nouns. That which happens, 
etc. 2. that which is fit, 
possibre, practicable. 
e:?53)ortc3? apungene, see ^t^X. 
e3g)d? apule, see ^^^^. 

e^33 ape, adv. Yonder, opposite. 
Cf33:i <^6^ yonder house. e^sScro 
o5o one from the other side. ^^ 
o^^ yonder or the other side. 

t?S^=a^ apekshe, see «>ie^. 

^"^6^ apole, adv. Just then ; c/. 
^t>X. oio^o^croSc^Se just when 

^^ apta, adj. Dear, attached. 
2. trustworthy, confidential. 

e:J^ apte, s. An intimate friend. 
Cf^e^AjS friends and acquaint- 

55^?^5>3o aphimu, see ^t^^Tix>. 

tJ2cr5)Ci) 4Lbadu, adj. Populous, 
inhabited. 2. cultivated. 3. 
thriving, --•io^o^^) to' popu- 
late; to cultivate; to improve. 

e5We)e; abala, adj. Young. 

ezoooo aburu, see e^eooTii. 

e^e^iors abharana, ^. Ornament, 

wdon^, ^rfocl) amad^, amadu, s. 
Import, (opp. export). 2. in- 

^CoTi^r^ amarsuni, see «>^?iors>. 

erfjsizS amavade, see CJodj^zS. 

e^sjj amla, ^. Acidity. 2. tama- 
rind. 3. vinegar, t/^//. Sour, 
acid; vlg-. ^oz^-d. 

e^oio aya, s. A nurse. 

e?oij aya, s. Gain ; j^^ e9cdo. 

e:joio aya, J. A foundation, base. 
—zjzxid^ to lay a foundation. 

e^Coj aya, ^.Measure, proportion. 
— 5U0j^ to regulate or fix the 
limits. — ^i&rft to measure. 

c^oi) ay a 


«cJ ara 

katt^y s. Fixing the limits of 
a field elc, 2. regulation, 
arrangement. adj. Choice, 
excellent, -rf ^07i a well 
executed work. ~rf a^t^ select 
people. —^ 5K)#t5 a choice ex- 
pression, excellent speech. 

eo3j^ Syatta, s. Docility, tract- 

ejoJo^ ayatta, v^. Preparation, 
readiness; also ^od^4. 

^cxijr^ ayana, s. A festival in con- 
nexion with a temple. 

trote) ayi, see ^. 

tJOiJS)^?^ ayavuni (^odj^), z'. a. 
To dig a foundation. 

«033-)s3;Ji aySvuni {^^^)y v. a. 
To winnow. 

t^o:U«);^ ayasa, s. Fatigue, weari- 
ness. 2. indisposition. 3. 
trouble, vexation. 

t^oao ayi, see <t^2)^. 

t^o^s ayita, see ^c^^. 

^oSocJ ayida, ^^^ cfo^ooqi; 

«05Jcd5$ iyinavu, ^^^ ^2^?i. 

WO^J^ ayisa, ^^^ efcdj^a;^. 

tJOJco &yu, see Cf crfjos^. 

tJOJojqJ ayudha, s. A weapon, in- 

tjais)^?^ Syuni (^ai:<j, t'.a. To 
select, choose. 2. to gather, 
pick up; c/. ^^i^^. 

tJOlwc^ ayuni {^(Ocf), v. a. To 
ford, cross, go over, v, n. To 
blow ; ii^s? c^oiwoTl} the wind 
blows; ^. 55;>oc;v>o^ 

tJoi)0C3e)roi) ayurdaya, ^. Term 
or period of life. 

ejojjjejr^ajmrbala, ^. Strength 
according to age. 2. a good 

«oi>j5So ayushya, s. Age, dura- 
tion of life, term of life. 

e:Jo3j aye, pron. He. ^^sij^d^ 
every one, each (man). 2. 
it is joined to participles 
etc. to form personal nouns^ 
as Tios?o^5:5o3o one who does, 
lii^cTOoSj one who did, ^^c> 
OeTOoSj one who did not do ; 
cf. e^S. 

e:Jo3j8 ayerJ, adv. On that side, 
beyond {opp, ^o3jt5 on this 
side). ^^^ ef o^€ on that side 
of the river. c?oSo€K ^n^^ to 
cross a river. 

tJOd> ayya, see <^cdo. 

«o3^D^ ayyery, see 25^5. 

tJO^ ar^, ^<?/w. pron. {honorif. pi. 
irdp. of ^^ or e?f), They, 
i. e, that person. e?^i2e ^;;/^A. 
himself, none but he. 2. it is 
joined to participles to form 
personal nouns^ as ts^^h-^Z 
one who goes, *eosoc3;>5 one 
who went, ^erfoDera5 one who 
did not go. 

eijd ara, A termination occur- 
ring in some nouns and 
meaning home, place or loca- 
lity, as 8CXii33T:J lodging; wd 
i5j3>I^, e^C^cdj^xJ, 75e5dj5":^, £2;as?D,T^ 

^/cT. names of villages. ^ 

^tio aram 


e^dji? Srd 

C5njS^B^ a metal 

tJdoSjJ arambha, s. Commence- 
ment, begianiag. —-d^^^^ to 
make a beginning, to begin. 

t?dotp>s;^ arambhipuni (<^o£f), 
7f.a, To begin. 

^riA arage, see ss^tj^; c/. s5)tjo3j. 

edej, e^dci arata, Srada, s. The 
concluding part of a temple 
feast, including bathing the 

e^dr^aranya, ^^^ ^^.g. 

WOvS irati, ^. Wave-oflFering, con- 
sisting in waving lamps e/c, 
2. the lamp for wave-ofifering. 
~^jal)r^, -c&^^d^^ to oflFer, wave 
frankincense 4^lc, ^csSr a 
censer. ol)?^3r a lamp with 
one wick 
plate for wave-oflfering. 

tsCh arati, see c^Sr. 

tJdzpDd arabhara, s. Responsibi- 
lity, care. 

e^d2;^arabhya, s. Beginning, com- 
mencement. f3A^v^Ji^^ from 
the beginning of the world. 
^^0^0 •i)jp^c3^ ^^9^ since you 
began doing; c/. e^o^. 

tjO;3c)daravara,J. An usufructu- 
ary mortgage. -^^ a deed of 
such mortgage. 

eae)y ar&ta^ s. Tottering, shak- 
ing; c/, CJ'viU. 

eocjcs^^eic^ arad|]ip6pini, 7'. w. 
To walk arm in arm or hand 
in hand. 

«De>qS(S aradhane, s. Worship, 
adoration, prayer. — ^v^o^^ 
s{*e c^D^pi;^ 

e^Oe)^^ Ji firadhipuni (^^^), v. a. 

To worship, adore. 
wo«)S3)a aravuni, see ^^ua^i^. 

tst>A arige, s. A belch. — a>o^^ 

to belch; c/. ^^^' 
tJDd iride, see ^S)F. 
«OaJj ariya, iHL Stop! hold! 
wDo3j iriye, ^^^ e^o^r. 

t^dofl arnne; s. Contentment, 

edo?) aruni (<^^), 7'. «. To grow 
cool, cold or dry. 2. to be cool, 
dry. 3. to distend, grow stout: 
tooaS c^dos) the belly to distend 

t$dJ«;z^ arudha, /7^'. Ascended, 
mounted, s. Ascending, climb- 

e?6 are, see ^c&y^. 

tj6c3? arede, see ^5. 

«6e^, tj8)Ji? Srekti, ireikd, s. Pro- 
tection, care of, nursing, nou- 
rishing. — i43«<o^^ to protect, 
nurse, nourish. 

t^SrcoJ) areisuni (^^^oJ), v. a. To 
expect, wait for, look for. 2. 
to desire, wish ; bel. k»tJ^;13^ 

t3dJe)V^OJ5)c3* Srol^min^^, s. A 
kind of fish. 

5;j8j5^jsijd arolumara,^. A kind 
of tree. 

e^8J5?r(fS arogane, s. A meal, re- 
past. — iio5^o^^ to take a meal. 

wSjse^^ arogya, ^. Health, 
strength. 2. comfort, happi- 
ness. _ izedbyVjOOQlC 

»6j3^ aro 


eO all 

e;(3Je)?3i, c^dis^sicl iropa, irdpane, 
s. Imputation, accusation. 
2. a false charge. 

«dJS?2};ioJi aroplsuni {^f^A^h^^ 
V. a. To impute, accuse 
unjustly, charge with. 

e:56Je)?aor3 Srohana, s. Ascending, 
climbing, mounting. osarJAes^ 
ce tjZ^f Ascension day, Chr. 

ti6j^^i aroliy s. The last leaf of 
a cocoa-palm-branch. 

tj^r arka, s. A bow. 2. an arch. 

e^^^^ Irknni (c^^J^), 2'.«. To 
cry out, shout. 

tJ23r^ arjita, adj. Acquired, ac- 
cumulated, inherited, as h^ 
23r^ patrimonial, i^^^r^self- 
. acquired. — eoS^ inherited 
wealth or property. 

WvSf arti, s. Pain, distress. adj\ 
Afficted, distressed, sorrow- 

e3r arti, s. One who is afflicted. 

tirfF^^h^ ard\^pdpini, see ^ 

ejd^rardre, s. The sixth lunar 
mansion, a arionis^ when it 
rains heavily. 

eiJZOFiJ, e^s^irU, tJ^riS arbata, 
arbhata, arbhate, s. Fearful 
noise, uproar. 2. a joyful cry, 
triumph. -.•5j«<j^?> to roar, 
shout, triumph. 

tJOi)r arya, adj. Noble, respecta- 
ble, belonging to the Aryans. 
Cfcdj»r?i^r the country bet- 
ween the Himalaya and 
Vindhya mountains. 

tJoJoroSjdj aryayeru, s, A cas- 
trated buffalo. 

tJoSor arye, s. An Aryan. 2. a 
man of the Arya caste. 

wrird firvade, see w^rd 

eoeJFO arvara, see ^^^tS, 

«?3e>r;3)Jj arsavuni (<^s»^), v. a. 
To despise, defy, set at naught. 
2. to disparage. ^Ti^rE zj^tdo^ 
to talk disparagingly or defi- 

tiv ala, ^. The silk-cotton tree, 
Salmalia Malabarica ; also 
— d»5oT^. — cS Tj^r silk cotton. 

t^^orifS alangane, s. The act of 

e^o2J alamba,^. Seizing. 2. kill- 
ing. 3. a violent death. 

Ci^^rS alade, s. A kind of de- 
mon's shrine. 

«e>ci tjo* alada ballu, see ©efeS. 


^oo&^ alaya, s. An abo4e, house. 
2. any superior edifice, ^fcra© 
di the body. dfsrocodj a 
temple; a church, Chr. 

vorf ala8\^, see ^^/^B, 

e^;;^ alasya, s. Weariness. 2. 
idleness, laziness, sloth. 

«0"33* alat^, ^^^ ^^B. 

e?Oi)3:ic5 alapane, ^. Humming 

a tune. 
e^Qe)5}?ioci alapisuni (€^©3)2^5^)^ 

V. n. To hum a tune, to sing. 
^^Hr^^ alas^, see ^^S. 
e^O all, ^. Breath, life, strength. 

— 3De^» to pant, be fatigued, 

tired. -«c>^ 5 *eotio the breath 


^O ali 



is gone, or exhausted, ^f^ct- 

yisual strength. 
e?0!5^o*, eOsJoc^^F alikallu, Bi- 

pamd|jii ^. Hailstone. 
e^S Sle, J. A press, mill, as ^o 

«^rci— a sugarcane mill. — sro 

^^ a mill to work. 
e A?Jjc^ aleisuni (^^^c^, ^. «. To 

listen to, to hear attentively. 
e:Je5j?)?!^aloka, s. Seeing, a view. 

2. light. 3. panegyric. ^d»^ 

^^ an object of sight. 
^6Jt>^^^ alocane, s. Reflection, 

investigation, thought. — ^^^ 

^) to consider, reflect on. —tJ 

rf^^> to advise, to give one's 

«doa, «dod, wcla^ avandi, 

fivandi, Svadiji, see ^h^ 
wsJrS avadi, s. A kind of bean, 

^^d avade, see ^h?i, 
^^6 avara, postp. On account 

of. SDno iSt^ on that account. 

cfOo6zpiTiTS on this account. 


t^d^rfj avartane, ^. Revolution. 
2. repetition. —-^^^^ to re- 

^zi^ aval^, ^^<? «)^^- 

e^^is^ avalV; s. Yawning. -rs^zS 
t^ to yawn, gape. 

tyrfafc Svasya, see «>rf«(g. 

tj;2^ avu, ^^^ ^l'^. 

^^7i avusa, ^^^ e^odxDs^. 

wS ave, ^. A potter's kiln, an 
oven. -^^^, -3ii^5i to open 
a kiln. — ^Fi> clay. 

ws3a avedi, ^. A burnt oflFering ; 
cf, Cfs^S. — ??ALr^ to ofifer 
a sacrifice. 

^i^i fivesa, s. Possession hy 
spirits, demoniacal posses- 
sion. — c^2b^ to be possessed 
with a devil, be in a frenzy. 

e?4s>^ avodu, see <^2L5i. 

^Bzi, asada, see ^cj^?;^. 

tJ5c)f^^ aslkr^^ta, adj. Avari- 
cious, covetous, greedy. 

e9s)^^& is&marij s. A covetous 

tJSrt asige, see ^^^^ m^^^. 

^&Zs^ asipuni (<»*), v. a. To- 
wish, desire. 

«i?sirsSN, e^S^DcFCi isirva&nay 
ajirvida, s. Benediction, bles- 
sing. — #*Lr^ see Cf^e^r 

e^S^rfra^Ji asirvadipnni (c^^e^r 
cj), ^. tf. To bless, confer a 

^i Ue, s. Desire, longing, wish. 
2. expectation, prospect, hope.. 
—croc^ a covetous man. ~^4^ 
oi to have a wish. — '5'^^> to be 
disappointed, to have lost hope, 
to despair of. — ^<3S:^, — e^t^^ 
to give up hope, to abandon a 
wish, -^ts^^^i to hold out 
hope. -^^o^c:> to wish, covet, 

eJiaSor ascarya, s. Wonder, sur- 
prise. — <^bft to wonder, be 
surprised. —'siiSzj;>^?i to asto- 
nish, surprise. — ^5?j^^ to 
make wonders, perform a mi- . 

t5^. &8ra 


xacle. — c^s33^, --?ioX5 a won- 
derful ^r remarkable thing or 
«^ ^ israma, s. A hermitage. 2. 
one of the four stages of 
Brahminical life, ^.^. zoj^tro 
' o a bachelor, student; ^^^^ 

a householder; ^wc;^^^ an 
anchorite; Ti^of^ an ascetic, 
-tJ^oi) asraya, s. Support, re- 
fuge. 2. protection, reliance. 
3. dependence, ^^^hr^ to 
give protection, patronise. 
—f5*>rk>^ to seek shelter. — ^ 
5;o^5> to depend upon. 
^^OSuzJ? israyipuni {^^os^^), 
I V, a. To seek shelter. 

eS,l write, ^. A dependant, 

tu^e^i aslesha, s. The ninth 

CO , 

lunar mansion; a/^^ ^5>^^* 
^3 ^u aSviJa,^. The seventh lunar 
month (September-October). 
^^zi. ts^^4 ashada, iishadha, 
s. The fourth lunar month 
-^7f as^ s. A weaver's warp 
before starching. 2. a web, 
texture; c/. ss^JjcpoJ. — 'a^ow, 
— ^Ti the rake of a weaver's 
e?;i*53e>3^ is^pSs?, s. Proximity, 
vicinity, environs, neighbour- 
hood, adv. Round about. 
tJrf^ Isakta, adj. Attached, de- 
f voted. 2. zealous, active. 

' :^^7i^ asakti, s. Diligence, de- 
votion, attachment. 

«?3^ aapi 

tfrici asana, ^. A stool, seat, jf 
•dnFTi^ihej udgment seat, ^o 
C55?5c^ a throne. 2. the anus. 
— ^oG, _-Xoti^39d an anal fis- 

erfo^ isarv, s. Thirst. 2. that 
which slakes thirst. -=??A?^r^ 
to give to drink. 

tiJiti asara,. J. Refuge, support. 
2. protection, patronage; c/. 

e?id)r asanne, ^. Management 
of a family, care of a house- 

^TS^d asdda, see c^sirf. 

eTJe)^) asami, s. A person, an 
individual. 2. a customer. 3. 
a debtor. 

^hA ftsige, ^. A mattress, bed; 
also us%>^'^' 

ej;ij asu, see ^5. 

e;:3 ase, see ^^. 

tj;!g^d asiara, ^. Protection, 
shelter, countenance. 

^k asti, s. Property, wealth, 
estate. — crooSo, — *5o< a man 
of property. 

w^ &8te, «^. Gently, slowly. 

ej?3e)ci asthSna, J. An assembly. 
2. a hall of audience. 

^H^h ^P**^^' ^- -^^^ hospital. 

^7i d aspada, ^. Place to stand 
on, basis, support. 2. pro- 
tection, refuge, shelter. 3. 
means; cA3o^ croe;^ ^^^ ^% 
I have no means of livelihood. 

^TT^^Tf Sspasy, ^^^ ^c3c55. 

^^ asra^ 


'aon ingi 

^Ti^fi asrannej s. A kind of 

priest. • 
«;icJ asvada, j. Ability, power; 

faculty. 2. estate, property; 

wealth, riches; see ^^c$. 
^aooiefe>d ahankara, see e^cootroTi. 
e^aoe) aha, Mj. of joy ^r sorrow. 

e^aocid ahara, ^. Food, provision, 

t^aod^oe) ahaha, ^V^/y. Alas, ha! 

wsoj^ Ihuta, ^^*. OflFered as an 
oblation in fire. 

e:?aoj^ ahuti, s. A sacrifice. 

^^ ilj/., s, A person. 2. a la- 
bourer, hired person. 3. a 
messenger. ^^^ a strong 
man; a chieftain. 

^^ al^, pers. pron. fern, sing. 

tJ^ al^, see sssf 

e:?^ ala, ^. Depth, adj. Deep, pro- 

tJ^Tc) ala, a^*. Ruined, waste; 
bet, 55asTO. 

e?^ ali, ^^^ c^<5. 

t?^^ alik6, J^. Reign, government. 

^^i, alita, j^ soJ)^^. 

w^o^i aluni (^«^>^), ^.^. To rule, 
govern, reign. c^^OcTOdSj a gov- 
ernor, ey^oerof^ a governess. 

w^o;)^, 55^^ aluvike, alvike, J. 

Reign. ^ 
tJV^osS aluve, j. A family-name of 

some Bants. 
ej^rt almage, s. A servant. 
55'i?^3J akshepa, s. Objection. 

2. blame, censure. 

'S i, The third letter of the 
alphabet. In MSS. it is very 
often written 03^. Words not 
found under this letter should 
be sought for under osj. 

♦sto^ inka, adj. Base, inferior, 

•aoiS- inki, see rsio7\. 

•sioA^ ingiji, j^^ 3ooJ\. 

'aorici ingada, s. Separation, dis- 
tinction, adj. Distinct, se- 
parate; also ^oXi^oXri^ i^oXrf. 

-^^ii^ c^oxajg^ to divide, 

separate, ^^h^ to be divided, 

separated, as brothers etc. 

'Sort®?^ ingalika, see (^o-hC^i^. 

ro^or^^P ingavuni, c.v. {of ^o 
Xo5)) To cause to dry. 

'310 A ingi, adj. Crooked. 2. false, 
spurious, as a coin. 

'S.oAO^!^ ingilika, s, Vermilion. 

'SkoA^ ingita, s, A hint, shrug, 
gesture. 2. a secret, secret 
^^^^g^^bigitizl^bi^tent, purpose. 

•siorto iign 


ro^o^ imbe 

*» ortorfoc^ ingn^uni (<^oXo5), r. n. 
To stoop. 

^orto;:^ inguni {"^oK), v. n. To 
absorb, as water, to dry. 2. to 
sink in, as eyes from disease ; 
also '^cKS i^^h^. 

^of^^'& ingreji, s. English. 2. a 
church. '-^^^ the English 
writing or language. 

^oe;^ inca, adv. Thus, so, in this 
manner ; —^^ ^^^ not this 
but that way. -oso^ such 
and such a man. f«|o?i^, emph, 
just so. r5|oc55^ such, of this 
kind or sort. 

<^<^ Indi, adv. Here, in this 
place. — TOo^ a man of this 
place, or of this age. 

^^ozlJ^rb indogu, adv. Lately, 

'3^ot3c)0&^ iijiyi* ^^j* Small, little. 

*ao23f5* in|in\^, s. An engine, 

^oe3^0^ inja^* ^- The New Testa- 
ment, as styled by Mussul- 

-^oC3^ ind^, see CAJodj. 

'Sioo^, 'aoc3 ind\^, inda, see ^o5. 

^oc3e> indl, intj. used to call 
attention. Behold, look, take 
notice, observe. 2. there, 
take this. <^od please see, 
come, or take. 

-^oO indi, s. Oil-cake; bet. ^©a. 

^cdJ miUydem.pron. This, ^^o^e 
emph. this alone; see CA)odo. 

'T9od,t5c)e> indri^Jala, s. Decep- 

tion, conjuring. 2. enchant- 
ment. 3- artifice, stratagem; 

c/. 23orf)3«>e;. 

'Sog^tSio indrajitu, s. A son of 

'Scog^gj^ indraprasta, s. Delhi. 

'Siog^eoc)?? indrabSlJ, s. A kind of 

'aoO^oij indriya, s. An organ of 
sense. 2. male power, semen 
virile. 3. sensual desires or 
appetites. 3iot5eoO|cxo the five 

'Siod indre, s. The chief of the 
secondary divinities, supposed 
to preside over the elements, 
to be the giver of rain, and 
the guardian of the east {in 
Sanskrit Indra). 

'ao^, 'Siodjo indre, indrye, s. 
A Jain priest. 

•3^0 ?5 inne, see ^c5. 

'Sio^ impn, s. Agreeablcness, 
delightfulness, pleasantness. 

•siotov*, 'aoerov^ imbal?, imb%, 
see '^oeJ. 

'SiotJ^ imbale, s. A stout silver 
or gold bracelet. 

'Siotoj imbu, ^.Place, room, space. 
2. refuge, shelter. 3. opportu- 
nity, adj. Broad, wide. 

'aozS imbe, dem. pron. m. This 
man. rsjoeof^, csjocro?, r5|ot3j»5^o 
this woman ; plur. rsiot55 this 
person, used honorifically^ 
as a polite form of the sing. 
m. or f.\ of ^e5.^e««o. 

'aoe3j2) imbo 


rd<xai> ija 

^otSjSS^j imbola, see ^ot3. 

^o^^d immada, The heel. 

^odj^, 'aodoa?^ immadi, imma- 
diga, aJj. Double, two-fold; 
also <^20r"2^. 

*3LosJ>i50, 'aoSJS^P? immukha, 
immone^ adj\ Double faced. 

^'^ti ikara, adv. Hither, this 

<s^ ikkff, ^^<? '^^J^"- 

^^a ikk^di, ^. Fiction, inven- 

^^b* ikkatt?,/*V. two bands, s. 
Narrowness, difl&culty, strait- 
ness, poverty, -^h^ to be 
confined, pent up. 2. to be 
in troubles. '^^e^S S?fj?ireo^, 
— toj»Tio?> to encounter diflfi- 
culties, to be in straits. adj\ 
Narrow, strait. 

<a^a ikkadi, see Zo^r^a. 

r^i^d ikkadS, s. Both sides. 

^^^ ikkalpa, ^^^ ^^<^- 

<s't^^ ikkale, ^^^ '^^^^i^- 

'S^^^c^ i^kSvuni, t'. rt. To ex- 
tinguish, put out, as fire. ^^^ 
5 ^e^o> to be extinguished. 

^'3Jj^?)ikkuni('^^i), v. a. To put, 
serve up, as food. 

^lix^, 'a^s^^ ikkuli, ikkule, s. 
A pair of pincers or tongs. 

<Si*50 ikkeri, ^. The residence 
of the late Lingait kings of 
Bednore. -odrf^Fi, ^tSot^^cS 
the kingdom of these rulers. 
— ^ja?^) a measure of two feet 

and seven inches long, -^^^fi 
a gold pagoda worth thirteen 
gold fanams or four rupees. 

^'i . ikkei, s. Both hands. 2. 
an ambidexter. 

<a* ikdi, see 3o^^a. 

'S.TT^vS igvti, see a5oo*^. 

'S.rtrf igada, ^. DiflFerence, mis- 
understanding; also ^7<ri. 

'srtdjji igaruni, see r^Xo^i)?). 

'Sirraa igadi, see csiojttoo. 

'^rijc^j iguru, s. A bud, germ 
^r tender shoot. 

'sriodo^ iguruni (^7(^^i v. n. 
To bud, germinate or shoot 
up. • 

'^rio ?>iggnni(^^), v.n. To draw^ 

^7^ a i66adi, adj\ Double, two- 



'seAc^r iccirna, s. Wonder. 

'S^eS, 'aeS icce, icche, s. Wish, 
Jesire.*^ 2. appetite. 3. relish, 
delight. ^^^^'^ according 
to one's desire or wish, as one 
pleases. ^^4», ^«^,^^^ to 
wish, long for. 

r^u ija, s. Trouble. 2. importu- 
nity. -^JsSbr^ to trouble, im- 
portune; cf, 3oaj. 

'3ie3c)0* ijir», ^. Trousers. 

daye, ijarudare, s. An abkari 
(liquor) contractor. 2. a man 
wearing trousers. 
'3it3e)D?^ ijarige, ^. An abkari 
contract.zed by Googk 

r^^ \Ji 


ro^t ita 

'szid ijide,^. An impotent man. 

'St!^^ ijini^, ^' Cinnamon. — cj 
^5jd the cinnamon tree. —^ 
dSoA cinnamon oil; also croo ^. 

'ato y]i, d, V. the neg, (^crootJo, 
Negation of existence; not 
to exist, not to be. It is re- 
gularly conjugated only in 
the present and perfect tenses, 
through all persons. 2s>ca8c;5— 
not even one. TOe;^^ there 
is nothing. oSjo^ sire^i <isi^ 
I have no money. ^>^^ ero^S^^o 
crocz33? nci^ have you any chil- 
dren? no. Interr. ^^^ is 
there not? Emph, ^5^? ^^ 
not in the least, not at all. 
Used as a disjunctive con- 
junction: ^'^^ if not, or: 
either — or. rsi^ od not exist- 
ing, absent, ^'^o^ without; 

^/ '^^«- 
'Stj^ itt\^, ^. Flour. 

'Siy^ it$a, see ^j^. 

'sU^d, aUS ittard, ittire, s, A 
mortice, cavity cut into a 
piece of timber to receive the 
end of a beam or plank. 2. a 
stone placed, under a beam. 

r^iX itti, s. The jaw; cf, ^^. 

^W\ ittige, s, A brick. 

'bMA ittide, s. Narrowness. 


-ali.O ittiri, s, A nightingale. 
'S^oSo, '5S.?sJ i^teyi, ittevu, s, 

A kind of medicinal plant. 
^T^^^. idj^kidka, adj. Half 

ground, coarse, rough. 

'Sics^^J^o id^pulu, see ^^^oe^oo). 

^xi Ida, see ^^ 

'arf^^D idakatteri, see ®^^£,t). 

•aa idi, adj. Entire, whole. — tisi 
the whole day. 

's^doj^ idimndi^ ^. A stout 
person, adj. Pinioned. —"^ 
w^oi to bind fast, pinion. 

'Sidjoujooidumbulu, J. {in wrest- 
ling) The act of seizing each 
other tightly with both hands. 

'arS id6, s. Place, room, space. 
2. an abode. 3. interval, space 
between. 4. interval of time, 
occasion. 6. a split, chasm. 
— eooziod incessantly. 

'S^rS, '3ic?7T ide,ideg\^, adv. Here, 
hither, so far. — ^^w^ hither- 
to, so long; so far, thus far; 
also ^' 

'0^d^s^'& idekaji, s. A bracelet 
with an indented brass rim. 

'arS'j^ idekeii s. Aid, help. 2. half 
grown corn (f^iStfodj). 

'aci^d idetara, adj. Middling, 
2. inferior. — < j3^ a middle 
sized tree. 

'3i:lc3c)'S' idenili, J. The inner part 
of a temple. 2. the three cir- 
cuits of a temple. 

'S^i^idtapi^ta,^. Experience. 

'Si^?) idpini(^5), v. a. To place, 
put down. 

'ad ine, see '^A 

'Si^s:e)D^ itabarui, s. Confidence, 
trust. —OeL^. _^o^o^^ to be- 
lieve, trust. *^ 

<a^ ita 


'atXv ibbi 

'Si^zjc)© itabari, s. A confident, 

trustworthy person. 
'^^D* itarv, see ^^B. 
ra.^^DTi itibasa, s. History, tra- 

ditional accounts of former 

'St^ oci ittanda, s. Both parties 

or sides. 
'a^fe3^. ittatt?, s. Both sides or 

places. 2. both banks of a 

river, efc. 
'a^D^, "S^^^y 'S^do ittar^, itta- 

ra, ittaru, adv. Enough; c/. 

r$.^ itti, see cn)^Si. 

ro,^ 6 ittille, ^. A written report. 
--zJos;>o^^ to report in writing. 

'S^^?c5r ittirna, s. Sickness. 

'a^ itt^, adv. Now, at present. 
— c5e ^w^A. just now, this mo- 
ment, immediately. — cs^i of 
the present time, —zs^ now 
for once, for the present. 
—Soo^, t3j»?^ Zjo^ (^^^0 now 
one and afterwards another, 
a proverbial expression for 
fickleness or duplicity, "to 
blow hot and cold". 

'31 1^ itte, see cro^^. 

'Sv^cqSr ityartha, s. Decision, de- 
termination, settlement. — ^ 
^o^» to decide, determine, 

^3e)« a ityadi, These and others, 
ei cetera. 

'S^ddooU idamutta, adv. Till 

'SiO iddi, see '^^. 

^1^ in&fSee <^c5. 

'afSi inate, see ^^4. 

fB^Z^ inapu, ^. Evil disposition. 

2. defeat, discomfiture. 
'^fsidsS* inam?, s. A gift, present. 

— ^jaLr?) to give a present or 

'Sijiini, ^^2^. To-day. — ^upto^;r 

for this day. —S from this day. 
'^cS i^^f s. A couple, pair. 2. a 

companion, mate, ^^h^ to 

be a match. 2. to pair {obscS) 
•3ic%C^ inkar^, s. Abnegation. 

-j^ ^^ to abn egat e. 2 . to re- 
cgfi^Ji inpini {^^, v. a. To say, ] 

tell. 2. to speak; also^^^. 
^ttti^i iparita, see wTioe^. 
'Si^Jc^ ipuni, see cro^5>. 
'a^a^ ippadita, s. lit. Double 

stripes; a wale, the mark of 

a rod or whip on animal flesh. 
^ti ^ ippaksha, s. Both parties 

or sides. 
'a^© ippili* s- Long pepper, 

Piper longum\ also 5^^. 
'»53),c^ ippuni (^), 2^, n. To be, 

exist; ^/j(7 ca3i|^^ 
'a 5^© ippuli, ^^<? ^^O. 
'a^ ippe, s. The olive fruit. 

— 75oTi the olive tree. 
'SitoJe>3 ibati, s. Sacred ashes 

with which a Sivite besmears 

his forehead^ 
'S^6e3* ibbirel^,^fwo fingers 




'3i^i«^ irkei 

united by a membrane (web- 

rs^zjxUj. ibbudlu, s. A kind of 

'SIS5J ima, s. Snow; beL 3ozl). 

'Soi^Ji imiiii, see So^io^. 

'a A imft, s. An eye-lash; ^/^^ 

's^oioCOci, 'aooos^ji iyamni, iya- 
vuni (^aij5, <^ocJoS), d, v. To 
be sufficient; pres. or fut. yd 
per 5. n. oeiocIotI), osioc5o4. it will be 
enough or sufficient; also ^ 
al>o4. <^^ a:)Oo3o;5 osiaJo;^ he is 
likely to come; past. rsia:5»o.5, 
rc^Gdj9s*>o5 it is enough ; neg. 
CBicdooS, cQodosioS it is not 
enough or sufficient. 

'SioSoS iyere, s. This side (of a 

*sio3og iyye, d,v. Yes; cf. «>o5. 

•ao3j?odj iyyodu, «^2'. This year. 

'ao^ ir^,^ /r§??:r signifyinglL\fO, 
double, both, ^.^. '^wra two- 
fold, <^e3t)ro3o double edged, 
rsi^oroso both sides ; /« some 
cases the 5 assimilates to the 
consonant following^ e.g.^^ 
^€, osi^^a etc, 

'ao^ AJe>23* ir^al^^ ^. A remittance 

to the treasury. 
r^ dozj^ irambala, s. Twenty seers. 

<3i6'Si>^ irakas^^, J. Sulphate of 

'SD iri, s. Abatement of intoxi- 

'SOOJjoJi iriyuni (^^), r. n. To 
fall, drop, as fruits, leaves 
etc, <^c>5 ^(h^ to miscarry. 
v,a. To rub or squeeze bet- 
ween the hands, to knead ; see 

'SDaSid^* irifiSl^, see rsiSido^. 
♦a do wo irubu, see ^^^r. 

'acJo^Jo^rt imvantigfe, s. An 
Arabian jessamine. 

'adjdo* irnverj, see f^^r5. 

'ad iri, s. A leaf (of a plant). 
eroTSd- a plantain-leaf. ^^^ 
a betel leaf. ^j^tJ tobacco. 


'ad^^.irekalli, ^. A kind of milk- 
hedge-plant. Euphorbia ni- 

'aS A* iregili, s. A kind of parrot. 

'a3^3c);Se)^ ireb&voli, s. A bat. 

'aS©* irel^, ^^^ ®^^' 2. shadow. 

'adjsev^o irdlu, ^^^ ^^iaf. 

'aTJ^r irk^, s. The night. -sJj^^ 
day and night. 

•aiS^rf^ irkann^, s. Inability to 
see by night, night-blindness. 

'a^'5)r4?i irkavuni, c. v, (o/^^or 
?)),To make less. 2. to extin- 
guish. 3. to stop, disturb. *»— 
to extinguish or put out 

'a^jrji irkuni (^^f^), ^. «. To 
abate, lessen, be reduced. 2. 
to be disturbed. 3. to be 
quenched; also ^^^5 ^et;^ 

'a^i^ irkei, ^. Both handg^ — '^a 

"aar irda 


uos$o T?jaLrft to give a blow 
with both hands spread oat. 
'Sirfr irda, J^^ ^^SA^xf. 

'Sic3e)r^o&o irnilajri, s. Double 

'S r3e>rO irnali, s, A double pulse. 

2. a carpenter's boring tool. 

— ^jaeX a swelling of the throat. 
'B,^Jti^zi^irnvLdu,num. Two hun- 

di'ed. [thread. 

'ariJSr^Aj imultt, s. A double 
'Sisiri^ irpakki, s, A bat. 

'a sires!* irpadakfe, a^^lj. Ripe and 

'SCrfii irpadi, ^. Double ration. 

'Si3irs3, '3icr^ irpaU, irpalJ, ^. 
A kind of net. 2. a double leaf. 
— ^ 7>d a mat. 

r^^rd irpude, s. Both sides. 

'Sisjrd irpude, s. A double load. 

'SsSr irp6, s. A kind of fish. 

'S«5(5F^r irportn, ^. A whole day 
(forenoon and afternoon), 
twice a day. — cS e5e«3 a whole 
day's labour; c/. Zj^f^f. 

'Sizjra irbadi, adj\ Double, two- 

'asj^^oj irbalappu, s, A double 
growth. 2. a twist. 3. tight- 

'azjrO^Ji irbalipuni (<^aj^O), 
r. «. To tie a cloth round 
the waist, to gird (the loins). 
2. to fasten a thatched roof 
with double ropes over it. 

'Sitjr53, rD^z^F^ irbale, irbale, s. 
A double bracelet. 2. double 

transrerse laths or slips of 

bamboos, palms etc. 
•3 urexb c^ irbalyuni (^^df^), r*. «. 

To be benumbed. 
•aWe)roao irbiyi, s, A double edge. 

~rf rf^5 a double edged sword. 

—cJ ^^^6 a snake, serpent. 
'awor irbu, ^^6' cojeoor. 

'S^iO-)F©OJOJci irbuliyuni {^^:>0F6)^ 

v,n. To curdle, be decom- 

posed, as milk etc. 
'3.rfjrorS irmande, s. Two vessels 

placed on the same hearth. 

2. a large forehead 3. a very 

large vessel. 
'S^^jjra'i? irmadiki, <j^*. Double, 

two fold ; see '^rf^^, f«i8^r2i. 
<a^^cSirmaiie, s. Horripilation. 

2. rising up, as of corn shoots. 
'B.^F^F irmarli^, s. Fickle- 

mindeduess, unsteadiness. 2. 

^sj^re3r irmarle, s. A fickle- 
minded man. 2. an idiot. 
'arfJ^Fo^r irmdrpu, s. Two 

rSi^s^'F^^ irmin^, s. A kind of 

'Srf^Fpl, '3iSJooFfSirmun6,irmuiie, 

s, A double edge or point. 

—zi i^cto^i a double pointed 

style used for writing on 

palmyra leaves. 
'^SjFfi irmena, see <mt^f^. 
'a;!oFo5j, 'asS^r inneyi, irmei, s. 

Both sides. 2. a cloth of 

different colp^r or texture 

on each side. -^OOgk 

n9i2;j5(F irnio 


'a^SjSfFf* irmdnJ, see ^^oirfooa). 

^e5*F, 'av'r irl?, irl^^, j. Dask, 

darkness, night, 
'a^r irla, s. Two seers, rsjoro 

two seers of rice, 
^dr irva, num. Twenty. —^ 

r^ziFod irvandJ, see <^4fiFoi5. 
iQ^ziFv irvala, see ^of. 
<SLSe>rO ir?ira, adv. A second 

time, twice. 
•asSrc^ irrerv, (personal form 

of the numeral Ti^). Two 

^d^FD irveri, s. A medicinal 

plant, Andropogon muri- 

^sJ^FozS irvon46, s. Two kudtas 

or eight flaid ounces. 
'SksSaFV^o irvolu, see f^^^^^ 

'S^^FV^o irvolu, adv. Two times, 

twice; cf ^ssrx^. 
^?ve>FO^ irsalj, see <^5;d3^. 

-s^QT^*, 'SiOe)^ ilaki, iUke, s. {in 
official language) A depart* 
ment, a branch-office, adj. 
Belonging or attached to a 

'aOcJiJ iladi, s. A female's cloth., 

r^zysi^ iUti, see ^ewoioa. 

^e^53* iia^, s. A large torch, 

-3^© ili, see oc. 

^©13^0^ im^Tj, see ^'^^s^B. 

^©o4x)c^ iliynni, v.n. To fall, 
tumble, come down. 

'ad lie, ^. A hair. 2. a fibie 
3. a fold, plait. 'A^ ^ three- 
fold, o&)e§- how many fold; 
cf. 3oe?. 

'ad lift, -y^^ '^^• 

'a^o^c:i ilkuni, see croexj^^^. 

•a©* ill^, -y. A house, dwelling. 
2. a family. "^^^ *^^^ ^^ 
home, in the house. fo^tr&K 

' CO 

^^h^ to go home. — crosfo^o 
the inmates of a house. —^^^ 
^ to build a house. 
'ao20Je)do illabaru, s. A kind of 

CO ' 

creeper used in thatching 
roofs and plaiting baskets and 
small boxes. 
'SieJe) 7f illSs?, see ^w)sl 


'ad illi, J^^ 8o^ 

•a3l iahta, ^■. Acceptable, 
agreeable, pleasant, wished, 
cherished, beloved. ^s^i^Sb^ 
to be loved, cherished, —v^ 
crfoF a desired-for event; an 
object which pleases one. — &?^ 
friends. —Ijc8d a dearly be- 
loved friend. — e^j^eaj^J sa- 
voury food, a favourite dish. 
J. Wish, desire. 2. friendship, 
familiarity, love. --=5'T^^) to 
break off friendship. — ^ 
^o> to make friendship, to 
love, like. ^A, •io'^^croodoK •ii^aS 

Cd u — 6 8 

^^ {p^o'^-) three blows to him 
who makes love, and three 
measures of ^ee tOr him 
who causes discord. ^ 

<si3l iflhta 


'a* ili 

'asl^^ iflhtasiddhi^ s. Attain- 
ment or fulfilment of one's 

'a3S|.t9e>d isht&dSra, s. Friend- 
ship, familiarity. 

'^^^^ iflhtinishta^ adj. Liked 
and disliked. 2. good and 

'S(5s:|^fi^i8ht&nna, ^^<? '^^^'^'^* 

'^^^^^ ishtinpitve, s. Simple 

'a35|.qJr ishtirtha,, s. The object 
of desire. 2. the highest good. 

'^31 iahte, s. A friend, compa- 
nion. — ^Mj friend and foe. 
^j3 ^4.5 relatives and friends. 

Q ii 

'S^;^, ro,^ iay, isi, in^j, express- 

ing disgust. 
"^jf^ iayl^, s. Whistling. -3» 

xlio) to whistle. 
*a?;j Isa, see ^si. 
'aXto^oo* isabakul?, s. The seed 

of Plantago Ispaghula, 
'3i.;idooor\0, :s.;irijoon isamungi- 

lii isamungliy s, Crinum de- 
'S^rfdzS^o^ iflarabery, s. The root 

of the plant Aristolochia 

^-^t isare, see ^^^. 

'S.XCi, "^h isavi, isvi, s. The 
Christian era. 

'Si^^i^b, '^T^xi^ isixhf iB&ratv, s. 

A sign, hint. 
'S^^, 'S^;3c3^ 186, isenv, adv. Now; 

at once; 9C <^£,. 
'S^^, 'S^si^do iflkru, isknm, s. 

A screw. 
'Si^otoosj* istambul?,^. ATurkish 

gold coin worth about Rs. 2 

As. 8. 
'S^^c^d istira, ^^ Zi^jS. 

'a^g^^o^, '^^i^o*^^ ifltyar^^, isti- 
hary, ^. A notice. — f:5>^ a 
notification ; an advertise- 

'S^A) istri, s. A smoothing iron. 
—liov^j^^, — cazio^ to iron wash- 
ed clothes. 

's.^?ij^, 'a;5^?fcy ispit^jiapetv, ^. 
Playing cards. 

^7f na islvgidi, ^. A kind of 


^^ 1886, see ocȣ^. 

^3130 iha, i'. The present state. 
— ^^ this world and that to 

'S(*t3e>o^ yy^* -^^ A slope, slop- 
ing ground. 2. slipperiness. 

'Si*oi>oJi, iliyuni (^^v), z'.n. To 
slip out or down, to slide; 
also <i6ivE4pe23?). 

Digitized by 


« I 


^ojj lya 


•A i, The fourth letter of the 

alphabet. In MSS. it is often 

written 05a. 
^ ^ pron. 2nd per s. sing. Thou ; 

emph. ^o&)e even thou. 
^ 1, dem. pron. This or these; 

fl^ ^ Cff« this boy, ^ w?^ 

these people, 
•djors* mg9, see ^oT^^ ZooK. 

^oJ\zl3?j) To cause to stoop. 
•AoA^zi^^, -^oTioriDc^ ing^dani, 

mguduniy see cc^oXozl)^ 
•d?o2d©* incilij, see ^eS€. 
^on^ indv, -^^ '^^ sago-palm, 

Caryota urens, 
•d}o2J^ imbala, s. A kind of leech. 
•^ozS unbei ^t^. This side, here; 

-^^fl ikiane, s. An arrow. 

-0?t5o^ iSillj, ^. The wild date. 

— •ijd the wild date-tree, 

Phoenix sylvestris. 
■*z^«:i, ^tioji icuni, yuni (^eS*, 

^^), z'. «. To swim. 
^fe3^ ity, ^. Manure, fertilizer 

(of land). 2. fat, sap. -5s>zl)^ 

to manure, 
-^li itiy s. A lance, spear. 
^XJ^ idf^ ^. A pledge, pawn. 2 . an 

equivalent. — crv)o^^ to stand 

security. — #Afcr^ to deposit 

a pledge, to pawn. -Cfb^ to 

be equal, to match, pair; s«) 

4pXo^<Z5;>L^ to be liable to 

•djia^rt, -A^Srt idjige, idege, ^^t^. 

In vain; cf. ^^^ 
•Aa idi, see <^a. 
#.d, -A^Sn* ide, ideCT, see ^, 

-Aef ine, ^. A lute, a fretted 
musical instrument of the 
guitar kind; also e5eJ«, i>€*. 

^3^ itf, zWi^. ^2^^. So much, 
so many; emph, ^*e just so 
much, only so much. ^<5 
pi. so many (people), '^^ 
c5o^, ^s;>c5o^ so far, as far as 
this, up to this. ^§ ip^^r, 
^S;i3ju^ so far, so long. '^ 
<??) is this all ? ^S5>5 being 
so; nevertheless, '^soi (^ 
§-Cf§) so and so much or 
so and so many; with neg. 
it denotes unlimitedness: not 
a little, inexpressible. 

-d^drSoT^, 'd9dsi)jUidanengei ida- 
mutta, see ^§c5o^, ^s;)t3o^ 
under ^5. 

4ih^ ipini (^53), z^.a. To shoot 
(an arrow). 

•AS ipe, adv. This side. -cJ &c^ 
people on this side or part. 
— o^^ this side. 

•AE0Je)3 ibuti, see ^2^B. 


4i0iy^ iya 


tfuoGJo ondn 

iyyandf, see ^C3doo5 under ^ 

•Aai3e)53)Ji iyivuni, see ^^-^t^. 

•*o3j6 iyere, see rsio3jT5. 

-d?0^ irj, /^/'^. pron. {pi. o/^), 

You, «J^^ honorijically in 

addressing a person. 
■dsdortcS irangade, s. Separation. 
•d}dr9 Irana, s. A small drum. 
■d?OoU irinti, ^. A cricket. 

•d?do?i iruni (^&), v.a.&n. To 
rub off, be worn out. ^55 
fjfi^h^ to undergo wear and 
tear, wear off, be reduced 
to powder. 2. to pick up. 

•AcJj*^.irulIi, see ^exio^. 
^tsh^ irolf, s. The tender 

fruit of the palmyra tree. 
■^3Jra irpadi, see <^^ra. 
^S 186, 5. A lord, master, 
■diid isvara, s. The eleventh year 

of the Hindu cycle. 
■ft^dtS^o^ fivarabery, '^^ ^;^ 

•d?^d iflvare, ^. The Supreme 

Being. 2. a name of Siva. 

•^?ce)3^r5^ ifl5t\^8r»» ^^^- Instantly, 
this moment. 

^;ioJj wjni (^55), J', a. To- 


tn) n, The fifth letter of the 

alphabet. In MSS. it is often 

written ^. 
eroo'Br unka, s. Dirtiness, filthi- 

ness; cf. '^o^. 
en^oAe; ungila, s. A ring. -€^€ 

the ring-finger. ^e^woYve; a 

plain ring. 
efuorbfeJ, eA)or{j3|^ unguta, ungu- 

shta, s. The great toe. — eW$ 

the thumb. 
«roort)Oj unguru, see ^ozxiao and 

efootJ unci, ^^^ cA/)oe? 

en)or3e)^2o^, undadibatte, s. A 
lazy fellow given to gluttony. 


croo23e)&c^, en)oC3e)d);|^t^ undapi* 
ni, uiidaduppuni, see CA)ozio. 

eruo^, en)oa2d(b^ nndi, nndiSltf, 
s. A bill of exchange; det. 

vuo^tH nndige, s. A sheaf of straw. 
erooaoSj undiye, see ca)ozS, crooiSg^ 
eroorfj undu, d. v. There is, or 
exists. 2. /:« anslJoer to cojozja, 
crjozSja? is there? and other 
qtiestions: there is, yes. 3 . with 
the dative case it expresses 
possession, ^o^ ^oxk> I have. 
cn)oz35)i)^ to come into exis- 
tence, to spring up, arise; 
tP^ioTs^o^ii^ that which has^ 

en)oc^ andn 


efu^ ukka 

occurred, what is really a 
fact, what exists, eroozsocl)^ 
^ to exist, —lii^^^ to create, 
produce; toinyent. — ^v^iro 
o&i the Creator, 
tfuo^^or^ ondnlnga^ s. A kind 

of fried cake. 
en)od nnd6^ s. A ball, globe. 

2. a ball-shaped confection. 
W)orS, twoz^ unde, undyJ s. A 

sheaf of straw ; c/. ^ti^f^ 
wioct) r{ uigdluya, ^^ woiii^^X. 
-voo3e)5^Ji nntiviuu, ^.t^. (o/<fOo 
^^) To cause to stand up. 
2. to detain, stop. 2Jf«4- 
to allow further time to a 
debtor to pay his debt. 
tA)o^fi untoni (oooS), v.n. To 
stand. 2. to remain, stay. 3. 
to stop, cease, 
tfoodo undu, pers. pron. neut. 
This, it. coocJ£^oi3 besides this, 
moreover, //.crood^o^o these. 
tO)of^^ unnatai adj. High, lofty, 

tall, supreme. 
cn)o2Jo?^, •nioeoJ2§ , ^oeSumbugei 
umbncfe, umbe^ s. The white 
flowered thorn-apple, Datura 
alba; also «5j»5;»j — ; 9^4^— or 
Tf^— D./asiuosa; see crooiio*. 
tn^ozjoc;^ nmbncai s. A kind of 

cn^ozojcj umbudai s, A kind of 

^motojcS umbnde, adj. Globular 
and small, s. Chewed betel. 
cmozoozi:^^ nmbndepakki; s. A 
kind of bird; cf. ctookotS. 

erooeoocjj umburu; s. A kind of 
small leech; also^ovi^, 

vuot3 umbft, see woexi^ 

eroozSj;)? umboliy s. A freehold, 
land granted without rent. 
2. any present, donation ; gra- 
tuitous service. 

^0^, ^odo53|^amma, ummap- 
p&i inf. {when startled)^ mean- 
ing Who knows? 2. 1 do not 

5n)oC)o ummii see cro;:o. 

w\)csioort ummu;e^ see CAJoeoo^. 

efuorfoo^ ummuta, s. The purple 
thorn-apple, Daturafastuosa 
which is said to cause mania. 
see CA)oa)o^. 

WorfjodJ ummum, see crooe^Tix 

en^orfore; urndula, see o\)oTi3^oX. 

eruozSr urnde, s. A lump. 2. a 

Woz3r2jj«)do urndeburu, s. The 
smooth-leaved heart-pea, the 
creeper Cardiospermum ha 

eruoclro^ urn^elj, adj. Round, 
circular. — s»cx5osJ small rice 
pastry balls baked or boiled 
with sugar and milk or 
cocoanut juice. 

en^ocio rrt urndluga, see cwotio^^X. 

erxj-es^, wv)^^^* ukSj, ukkalj, 
s. Vomiting. 2. an emetic. 
— saoc^8«5o cholera. 

eni^rf, eru^^rf ukkada, ukkuda, 
s. A small boat. 2. a look- 
out place between the bounds 
of two towns. *^ 

erv^ ukka 


^ti nja 

en)^sj5 ukkavuni, see ca)w>r^f). 
en3*> ukki, s. Steam; c/ ^^^, ^s8. 

v\^^^ ukkuni (<^^a)i ^-^^ To 
boil, bubble up. 2. to run 
over in boiling. 3, to swell 
up, spring up; c/. w^ror^ 

wrto^ ngarui, adj\ Brackish; also 

enirraa ugSdi, see ocJoot^o. 

en^n^Sc^ ugipuni (ca)^), v.n. To 
spit out. 

enirtoda A uguraddige, s. A neck- 
lace with chasings or engra- 
vings like finger nails. 

v\)r(jdo uguru, s, A nail, claw. 
-sJ^ajo^ a whitlow. -^^ tepid, 

ewrJjcJozoJSido uguruburu, s. The 
creeper Daemia exfensa, 

erurt ugga, s. Over-boiled rice; 

ewfN uggi,^. A handle. 2. a hook. 
-*wjj» to fasten a hook; also 

A A 

erurtoji ugguni (ca)K), t/.^. To 
stammisr. 2. to spurt. c5£^ 
5L- blood to flow by spurts. 

erv)rt 53^ uggel?, J. A well. 

efurtjUgra,^^*. Angry, vehement, 
passionate. 2. cruel. ^. Wrath, 
rage. cajt^L^ to be angry. 

enjT^ra, erv>n^r57^ ugrana, ugri- 
nige, s. A storeroom. — tooSo; 
see CA)7^p5. dX?j^ a granary. 

wrra^cS ugrani, s. A storekeeper, 
steward. 2. a village peon 
under a Potail. 

eroT^ ugre, ^. A passionate man. 

efut5e>3i3 ucapati, s. Dealings on 

V. n. To exceed the bounds of 
propriety either in word or 

eA)t4^ ucita, adj. Proper, sui- 
table, fit. s. A gift. croaJsoS 
freely, gratis. 

erucitfz* u6cakac6a, s. Quarrel, 
fight. 2. see cro^^Wj- 

enis^^y^ udcakitta, J^^ <=^C*^- 

eroe^ oi) uccaya, see croi|^^. 

en^e^ 0^3) ?i uccaripuni i^"^^), I'^a. 
To utter, pronounce. 

en)rf o^ uccalj, ^^^ cA)t^^. 

to- "^ 

erv>25e>yfJuccatane, ^. Exorcising 

evil spirits. 

ewtje) oi), uccaya, see cro^^. 

erotic) d, tA:t5e)dfl, u6cara, u65i- 

rane, s. Pronunciation. 

erotic) ^ uccalu, s. A hammer. 


eA)tie) rf uccSva, ^^^ ca)^^ 


eroti ucSi, ^. A snake. 2. a worm. 


--j5o3oo a kind of fish. 
erot^T^y, uccikatta, s, A looso 

to- t) 

knot. 2. spots on the skin 
of serpents. 
eA)t^o uccn, s. A snake, serpent; 

Cf. CA^tiO. 

eA)ti u^Ja, A\ A fountain, spring. 
— j5S^ tf ozi a marshy field ; see 


erutirS njade, ^. A, deserted per- 

«/v« izedbyVjO 

son. <^ 

CA)ta aja 




^r\>Zid Qjftdei s. Light, splendour. 

—^h^ to become light. 
Sfo^e>a;* XLJliil,, s. Ruin. -CfL^ 

to be ruined. 
«A>t3e;, wtSexc) ujila, ujila, adj. 
^ White. -wr« white colour. 


«ru22 uje, see w&. ^t^^^ to 

ooze, percolate, trickle. 2. to 

become swampy. 
«rot5 i) ujjatu, ^. Force, violence. 

— d5^o^§> to force. 
^t3i)0^ u.Ijnv, ^. A swing. 2. A 

enDti:)Ji ujjuni (^^), t'. ^. To 

rub; c/. crocl)r§>. 

A pestle. 
trobe)Oao;ijci, «\)ije)s3);:i utayiflu- 
ni, utivuni (crv)635>09o53, wto), 
x'. a. To raise, lift up; c/. 

«\;te>6f* u^^an6, J. Forgery, 

tnjUoj uttu, ^^ ^wo^. [clothing. 
eniyj5,U^ utttttane, 5. Food and 
en^Bjc) * uttoli, ^^^ ^a*^. 
tAiciqrsd udadhara, ^. A gold or 

silver girdle; also c33g^^. 
W)CiOrt, en)ae)Ort udarige, udarige, 

s. A kind of cake. 
W)cio*, efursc)^}* udalf^ udSlj, s. 

The belly, stomach. —^^ 

hectic fever. 
«ruc3e)0&j;jo?i, vv>ac)rfo?iudiyisuni, 

ndisuni (cn)z3;>oaoc3, ctotooj), v. a. 

To deny, contradict. 2. to 


€ni^ udi, see ifi^- 

eruartd udigerJ, ^. A gift. e:>|^e 
oao CoofiS— efcSe;^ e^oa3— (frov.) 
a betelnut may be a present 
as much as an elephant. 

^zi^ udU; s. An iguana. 

erudo udu, j. A star. 2. water. 

eroriitfo udnku^ j. A kind of 
small drum. 

^tKitLA ndnge, see i^t1>^. 

erv)dort6 udugerJ, see <foT^M. 

wdocjJc>ti ududharai see cfoxir?s>Ti, 

wdosJA udupati, J. The moon. 

eruzSi ej^ udettel|^,5. Bruise. adj\ 

ewrSsSc^, eA)!Ss3)?i udepuni, ude- 
vuni (^^, V. a. and n. To 
break, split, as pottery eic. 

eA)^ uddi, s. Any pile of three, 
with one on the top, as marbles, 
seeds elc. — oeSb^ to set thus 
in piles of four each. 

en)cl)Z^(S uddaddane> adv. In 
rapid succession, one after 
another, over and over again. 
— jSfJ^^ to speak hastily. — a^ 
hF?i to come or follow in close 

v\.cio6 udsure, s. A honorary 
gift; c/. CA)a;^d 

erorasS unape, adj. Little recover- 

v\jr30* unarj, see ®r©5. 

w\)r3?g* unasf, s. A meal, dinner, 
boiled rice and curry; also 
a^rejo, ^r©5. [young. 

erurS^ unile, adf:'m£ll, short, 

en>t9o unu 


^d uda 

erure)j&c^, ^or|^^ unupini, unpini 
(CA)5s), V. a. To take one's meal, 
to dine, eat rice, (in oppo- 
sition to a slight repast of 
fruits, cakes eU). 
en)flcj* unkel^L, s. The time of 

evening.. 2. the night-meal. 
eA)C9o^ unpu, s. Boiled rice, solid 

food; alsc tSo^. 
eA)3«)D* ntlr^, s. An antidote. 

w^ci uttana,. see cojga ji. 

^fo^rfo nttama, adj. Best, chiefs 
superior. 2. excellent, virtu- 
ous. CA)*^ an excellent man. 
CA)^&se^^ the very best; God. 
— ^xlic; the first person, gram, 

w^^d uttara, s. The north. 2. 
an answer. 3. (in law) a de- 
fence, adj. (Left), northern; 
subsequent, later. — -SjoSj 
funeral ceremonies. —^^ a 
surety, bondsman. 

tn)^,Of^ uttarane, s. The shrub 
Achyranthes aspera. 

«rv)^Dc)^^e)0 uttarMUkiri, s. A 
successor, heir. 

tA)^De)0i)C9 uttarSyana, j. The 
sun's course to the north of 
the equator. 

tr\)^Oe)SSe)^ uttar&shada, s. The 
twenty-first lunar mansion. 

vu^OT*! uttarige, s. An upper 
or outer garment. 2. a towel. 

tro^6 uttare, s. The twelfth lunar 
mansion, the tail of Leo. 

^n)3^c^, *A) 35^ ri*, uttana, utti- 
vali, s. Haste, rashness, 

ero3^d uttara, see ^v^^. 

eros^;;! uttasa, s. Zeal, perse- 
verance. 2. a rash, or stre- 
nuous exertion. 

eA)%;^ uttutti, s. The dried 
date fruit; also w)T5w>a3o. 

eruafirfo uttuma, see croj^tii. 

eru3^fj utthana, s. Rising. 2. re- 

^1)^ utpatti, <y. Birth, origin- 
2. produce, profit. 

^C^ utpanna, ^. Birth, j^". 
Produced, born. 

ew^rf utsava, ^. A festival, pub- 
lic rejoicing. xi^eaj^rf the 
procession of an idol on a 
car. — lioftfiF a moveable idol 
generally taken abroad da- 
ring a procession. 

^^9o, ero3^a5 ntsaha, uts&ha, s. 
Festivity, joy, rejoicing 2. 
energy, strenuous exertion; 
it is often interchanged with 

eroag^cS utrani, see caj^tj*. 

ewqyao* uth&ri^i s. A free gift, 
a freehold. 

enjd^ udaka, s. Water. 

tfudol) udaya, s. The rising 
of the sun, moon, or other 
heavenly bodies. crodod^TOO. 
the dawn. 

wdcJ udara, s. The belly. 2. the 
core of any thing. — freclrt 
feeding the belly. -^^^6 colic. 

enjddjji udanmi, see cA)doTios>. 

vodsSjr udarme, see cru^xj. 

Wid ttda 


vuzSj^^ ndyo 

tA;^d^ iidal9, s. The white ant. 

tfttdo^Qoe;^ ndalfLpaQ&y s. A 
white-ant-hill. 2. (med.) a 
cancer ; pins or pinlike holes 
on the sole of the foot 

erudd udal&y s. Saliva, spittle. 

erooe)^ ndlttEi adj. Liberal. 2. 
lofty. 3. high, as a note in 
music, s. The acute accent, 

vojJe)0^ udSr^, s. The credit sy- 
stem, lending. 

en^TOd udira, adj. Liberal, 
generous. ^^^^-^^ liberality. 

^AdOddfl, ^Hsiflr ndarane^ ndi- 
rne, see cn)o5)3^drt. 
^ tfOCTSO^ ud&lv, see crod^. 

^C3e)7j, eA)C3Dn);c^ udasa^ udlsinai 
adj. Unconcerned, neutral. 
s. Neglect, indifference, -nsoa^ 
a careless man. 

trt>Q>e>2odfS udaharajl^y s. An 
answer. 2. an example, il- 

V\)D udi, see cn)dcrio. 

ewas3^s3)c^ ttdipavuni, c. v. {of 
TOob^) To beget. 

erua&Ji, udiphii, see WDodoos). 

er\)C5^ udimei s. Merchandise, 

wOaiitSji^fi udiyabenpini, v.n. 

To become rich. 
waolx)Ji ttdiyuni (c^ci), 7^ n. To 

rise, as the sun. 2. to be 

oudosg udapUy s. The act of 

coming into existence. 

wd^Otoj«dj idoribam^ s. The 
creepers Asparagus sarmeiu 
tosus^ and Asparagus race- 

erudjdjt^ udoruni, v. n. To £all, 
drop ofif. 2. to hang down. 

erod ude, s. A sheath. fsonff. 

eruc3ae)r( nderagay s, A morning 

erude^? udevuni (^^e), v. a. To 
throw out. V. n. The hands to 
shake, as in sickness. 

erocSx udO| inlj. A formula 
used in presenting offerings 
to a goddess. 

wd uddEy ^. Length. 2« distance. 
adj. Long. -.eSde/dOdocsdoSo a 
prattler, braggart, bully. 

eA)d tfjd^ uddakuddya, adj. {lit. 
long and short) Middle sized. 
2. separate. 8. distinct, adv. 

eru^O uddari^ see wtoS. 

en)C3e>d uddSra, see cadctot^, 

erud) do nddomi, see wdA). 

^fua7> d nddh&ra. ^. Deliverance, 
9 . 

2. protection. 3. prosperity. 

—c^Lf) to obtain deliverance; 
to become rich. — il)«<o^^ 
to protect, support. — ^^^br^ 
to deliver the spirit of a de- 
ceased person from the power 
of a demon by propitiating it. 

efoc3^z^rf5 udyardane, s. The 
biennial ceremony of washing 
an idol. 

en)c5j3g?rt udyoga, s. Exertion, 
industry. 2. business, occu- 




emsj np« 

pation, employment. — ^ a 
pablic servant. 

cf\j^ ndri, s, A braid of false 

^s\j^ ndriy s, A match, pair. 
—7^x5 an eqnal. 

eruD^7^j;)oz3 nc[rigon4i9 s. A hair- 
ornament, fe^i/^. 

eA)a,2jJe)dj ndriburn, see croc^o 

erod^^^ udreka, s. Excess, super- 
abundance, adj. Excessive. 
tfj»f4pe^e^ outburst of wrath. 
TO^e^?^ excessive lust. 

eA)qse)dcl udh&ra^ei see <fOTS9rs66A, 

Wcii uiiape, see aot%A 

w^6 nnile see CA)rfd. 

tAjfi^^ umata, ^^ croo?^*. 

ero2i upa, -^ Sanskrit prefix im- 
plying direction. 2. vicinity. 
3. inferiority. 

W3j^^ upakathCi s. An episode. 

^^^^dro upakarana^ s. An ap- 
pendage. 2. means, materials. 
3. an instrument, tool. 4. 
vessels used in worshipping 
an idol. 

en):J9e)d, eru3J^3 npakarai npa- 
kr^tii s. A service, favour, 
kindness, benefit. ousSvoQ 
a benefactor. 

e:A)3J^do upakramai s. Taking in 
hand, setting about. 

wsirre^dj upagrama, s. Suburb. 

en^^z^dfl, en)^t?e>d upadarane, 
upacira,^. Politeness, courtesy. 

ta)3izid^ upajadra, see croz^rf). 

wslde^j ttpadesa, s. Instruction, 
teaching. 2. initiation into 
the mysteries of religion. 

eruzjd^i npadesL s. A teacher. 
2. a catechist, Chr. 

v^t»^^ 9V)33^^, erx>S3^& upadra, 
upatra, npidi, s. Calamity, ad- 
versity, trouble, affliction ; cf. 

cn)3:jfjal>cj npanayana, s. The 
ceremony of investing a Brah- 
man boy with the sacred 

en^^Sjd upapada, s. The modem 
grammatical term for article, 
also any subordinate word 
in a sentence. 

en)s^23Je)^qS'$ upabodhakei s. An 
assistant teacher. 2. a deacon. 
Chr. [division. 

tn^^2^r( upabhiga^ s, A sub- 

^^do upame, s. Resemblance. 

2. comparison. 3. simile, 

eA)3Jo3je)er{ upayoga, s. Appli- 
cation, use. 2. advantage, 

eru^ae)r( nparagai s. An eclipse. 

tfosjoc)* uparili, see <a)5»jd. 

erusJD upariy adv. Above, over, 
after; also w»t>. 

erusidoF uparme, see ox);rf^o:^ 

en)3is3e>rf upavasa, see cn^rorf. 

erusi^^^c^ upasamana^ s. Put- 
ting to rest. 2. alleviation. 

3. calmness, rest, --c^^^ to 
be alleviated, assuaged. -.?!> 
^^ to appease, pacify. 

ews: upa 


en)23 nbe 

tA}3J7Jr(r npasarga^ s. A gram- 
matical term for preposition, 

cro3J;j npastha, s. The parts of 
generation of either sex. 

tfU3J3o^ npahati, s. Mischief, 
trouble. 2. calamity; c/.^ro 

eru53s)ori npanga, s. An appendix 
to ®oX. 2. a subordinate 
scientific treatise, of which 
there are twelve according to 
the Hindu sastras. 

W53e>^djr upakarma, s. The 
annual festival of purifica- 
tion among the Brahmans 
i between July and August 
' when their sacred threads 

are renewed. 

enisraa upidii see crosJd). 

en>S3e)aJJupayai s. An expedient, 
device, scheme. 2. means. 
3. stratagem. ^^s^^, 

erxjS3e)?d npisa^ s. Fasting; also 

v\)33^^ upekshe^ s. Disregard. 
2.want of appetite. 3. reluc- 

trvijijO* uppAd^ imper. of caj^^. 
^rosS^Drt upparige, s. The upper 

story of a house, 
en)^^ uppala, s, Macaranga 

tni^Ort uppaligi, s, A kind of 

tree, see ca)^c;. 
W33^C3* uppadj, s. Pickles. 

erv)33^o^ «ipp5rj> s^^ crow^. 

w;^) nppui s. Salt. cro4^4^ brack- 
ish. -s>e5 salt water. «>a ~ 
refined salt. 4^^- small 
grained salt. ^^'^J^'Ji- rock 
salt, Bombay salt, zijortjj^ 
earth salt. 

erD^^rfuppuda, s. Salted fish; cf, 

eA)3g) ^ uppuni (<W4^), it. v. To 
be, exist. 2. to abide, live in. 

3. to help, support, protect. 

4. c. dat, pers, to have* pos- 
sess; also ^^s>, {past ^^elc.) 

^^ji^^ uppuruni («^^^), v.n. 
To faint, stagger. 

en)^?doci upperuni(c^35^t5),zf. ». 
Cattle to copulate. 

erusq^jO uprili, ^. Spite. 2. an- 
noyance. -^^0^^ to despise, 
deride; to annoy. 

vuwo^, eA)23e)0* ubarj, nbirf, s, 
Brackishness. aJj\ High. 2. 
turbid, adv. Above. — ^e^salt 
water. — c5c^ brackish, or 
barren soil. — ^s^Oioi fish 
to ascend a river with the 
tide. — isoaO the stench of 
(stagnant) sea-water. 

eroto*/^ ubalige, s. A kind of tree. 

eroeS ubft, s. Steam. —^ srozios^ 
to bleach clothes. 2. to drive 
out any vermin by smoke. 
3. to ripen fruits by artificial 
heat; also cro^ 

eruzJ, eruzi ub6, ubb6, see ^d^. 

erueSdjJi uberuni {^t25) v.n. 
To become thick. ^8^^ 





en)D nri 

en)ud, enierao* ubbara, ubbir^j, 

see CA)aD5. 
wub ubbara, ^'. High. 2. 

swollen. 3. turbid, ei^fo. Aloft, 
?fu2ax ubbasa, ^^^ ^«f)^- 
eA)22)v ubbi, s. Saliva, spittle. 

— ^)e5 viscid spittle. — cx^ooj^^i 

a spittoon ; [fce^cJ^ 

enit^ri ubbina,^. A spittoon; ^/^^ 
en)z^ oiw^ ubbiyuni (CA)e5^), ^. «. 

To spit. 
eA)t)o^5, voe5^?cSo? ubbuni, ubbe- 

runi (^s^i ^*f)^^)i ^- «• To 
swell. 2. to be elated with 
joy or puffed up with pride. 
erudri ubbesa, s. Difficulty of 
breathing, gasping. 2. asthma. 
-eii^^^ to gasp, be breathless; 
to suffer from asthma; also 

^ej33BJ:5 nblapatera, s, Stam- 

mering, lisping. 
erozS uble, s. A stammerer. 


ewE^oSj ubhaya, <2^'. Both, two. 
-_i5, -^5 both parties. -^ 
on both sides or places. 

?A)^Ji umani, see «)rforf. 

en)Oj umi, ^. The husk or chaff 
of paddy. 

?ajOjo* umilfy ^. A mosquito, 
gnat, -a s'oowo a musquito- 

w\)do ume, J. The wife of Siva; 
also Zi^^^B. 

er\)djec5*, eni^So^a umed^i, umedi, 
s. Liking, inclination. 2. ex- 
pectation, prospect. 

v\)dj?cy^3 umedvSre,^. Avolun- 
teer, candidate. 2. a copyist. 

enirf^umma, see troa^. 

y\:0^j'5* uyikj, s. Crying like a 
monkey. [caj^ 

eruo5o^5 uyilnni, see crvnao^, ^^ 

en^o^os^o^j uyivuyi, interj. sig- 
nifying alarm. 
wuaJj^o* uyyal^L see cn)2^€. 

^d ura, s. Ploughing, tillage. 
-toll) a ploughman's stick. 
^-^^t^ to plough and level 
a field a second time; to 
make a field to hold or re- 
tain water. 

trudo^ uralf , s, A ploughman's 
or herdman's song. —5392!)^^ 
to sing whilst ploughing; 
also zs^^, 

5A)0 uri, s. A kind of very small 

efV)0 uri, s. Blaze, flame. 2. heat. 
3. acute pain. 4. wrath. — ^^ 
burning itch. — a^«3 burn- 
ing heat. — iiji>G a furious 
person. -^^^ urine morbidly 
heated. — BOaUo^ to speak an- 
grily; to take revenge. 

(!n)efl2§ urijrojje, s. Small bells 
strung on a rope and tied 
round the neck of a he-buffalo. 

eruD33);:i uripuni (ca)&), v. a. To 
sound, play upon. ^^^~ 
to sound a trumpet. 

tr\iDoi).5i uriyuni (JA)b), v.n. To 
burn, blaze. ^ 2. to feel a 
burning sensalfi&,^-as from 

TOdo urn 


enifsr urpa 

fever or itch; to feel acute 
pain. 3. to feel anguish. 4. 
to be wrath, woat- {lit, the 
belly to burn), to be hungry; 
to feel anguish, to be envi- 
ous. ^^- {lit, the body to 
burn) ; to be feverish ; to be 
provoked, be angry. ca)OS 
well-heated, pure, as silver, 
•focio um, s, Tediousness. adj. 
Idle. -^hT^ to be idle, to feel 
reluctant. -:^<\^ to pro- 
crastinate, put off. 

amndolu, adj\ Round. 
€rodJoli)e;^o:S uruntncande, s, A 

kind of drum. 
tnjd)ozl20Je)djurundeburu, s. The 

smooth-leaved heart-pea, Car- 

diospermum Halicabdbum, 
wdoozooji ummbuni (ca}t5oo?S), 

v,a. To bore; also "^i^^ 
^fododoji uruduni, see CA)cl)r^. 
trodoeoo urubu, see cnjeSr. 
tro^s^p^j uruvolu, see ca)t5j», cro 

er\)d nriy s, A deer. 

W(3?^c^ urepuni C*^^, ^. «. To 
try metals by a touch^stone. 

w3^?i urevuni(CA)^), v, n. To be 
penetrated or incrusted, as 
with salt; also zs6^ti. 

•3\)d?oJji uresuni {^^^, v,a. To 
rub. 2. to polish. S.^^^cw^^^ 

•rudie) uro, inij\ Alas. — ss^sjcJe 
alas, what a pity! -drf^odo 
have pity on me. 

^do, «n)6j»v^o uro, urohi, ^. A 

bar across a passage. 

To bubble up, as boiling 

w^e>r^;^ urkavuni, c. v. {of cro 

^or^) To cause to run over. 

2. to put out. 

en)*r urki, s. The shrub Sida 

w^rej^ urkilf y s. The prickly- 
heat. 2. a kind of shrub. 

3. a rough basket. 

eru^or urku, s. An amulet. — siifi 
a necklace composed of small 
glass beads with a big gold 
bead in the middle. 

w^jFfl urkune, s. The act of 
bubbling up. 

w^OFjlj urkuni (CA)^r), v. n. To 
rise ; c/, cru^Oj^. 

wrlorji urguni, if. n. To curdle. 
2. to ferment. 

tr\ie;iorji urcuni, v. n. To go 
to stool, vl^. cn)tJ3ru loose- 
ness of bowels, crotlreo a 
filthy woman. ca)tlr«3 a filthy 

vulir urti, see ca)©^. 

^ae>ry urd&ta, s. Wrestling, 
combat, struggle. 

ea)nc)r5^Ji urdavuni, c. v, {of cro 
^r^) To set persons against 
each other, to stir up fighting. 

^cl)r5i urduni, v, n. To wrestle, 
combat, struggle. 

^SKitf^F urna, A roi; 

cake Digitized by V 


ound shaped 
y Google 

^t^F urni 


erucSr urni, ^. A bulb, protuber- 
ance. — ^WJj^ to clot, curdle. 

ero^F urti, see CA)bS tn cruDoiw^ 

en^ar urdi, s. Increase, prosper- 

erucSiFurdu,^. The kidaey-bean, 
Phaseolus mungo, 

erucJoF^ urduni (c^Sr), v. a. To 
rub, file. 2. to polish. 

W3g|Fci nrpuni (croSr), z/. ^. To 
blow a wind-instrument; cf. 

w^F^}^ urpelv, s. Slight boil- 
ing. ^550 rice obtained from 
boiled paddy and differing 
from the unboiled (= eSj&«<o#). 

^SKi'CiT^ €rv)t30F urbi, urbu, s. In- 
crease, as of any disease or 
trouble, -i^odjo^ {lit, to per- 
ceive trouble), to discern. e5f 
«3ci— pressure of work. 

eruejjFOoJjoJi urbuliyuni, ^^^ ^ 

erooJojFji uryuni, ^^^ ootjcdw?). 
enioSjF nrye, ^. A red kind of fowl. 

^Ti^QF urli, <y. A brass vessel for 
preparing curries in. 

eroojF urlu, s, A noose, snare. 
^Xo S??OjS> to be entrapped in 
a snare. — oeSb^ to lay a 
snare. —3j;>Tio?) to put a noose 
round the neck ; to hang, —ss) 
Aiwo^ to hang oneself. 

en^^F urle, s, A kind of cake. 

eru^Ffl nrvane, s. An instrument 
for destroying nits. 

•ru>jF urve, (idj. Unripe. 

en)e> nla, see cn)wodo. 
^© uli, s. Nought, nothing. 
— s»zio^ to annul; see also 

er\)©^j^, ulikuttu, ^. A small 

eAiOoJjofi uliyuni (c^^), ^. «. To 
instigate, induce. %\ n. To 

ero^iw^j nlnku, ^^^ ca3«<^. 

ero^Uj ulutn, ^^^ cruxiooS. 2. 
fraud, cheating. 

ea)e3 ule, s, A furnace. 2. a deer ; 
c/, w5. 

wv)e3s3)c^ ulevnni (c^^), 2^. «. To 

erodie)? ulo, see crosJjse. 

we^S ulk^L, ^^^ CA)^^. 

en)e;^S3c)^ ulkapata, s. The fall- 
ing of meteors, which is con- 
sidered a bad sign. 2. an 

^r\jt>x ulku, ^^^ CA)^^. 

eru^, ero©. ulta, ulti, adj. Con- 
tradictory, opposite, counter. 
2. upset; -•rfo**^?^ to ta^e off, 
upset, yf^. to lie. 

^Oe) o3j, vuOe) © uUaye, nll&ldi 

ro ' CO O " 

eru^e) rj uUasa, ^. Exultation, hap- 
piness. — CfSb^ to be cheerful. 
adj. Joyous, blithe. 

en)© xk]li,see^^%- 

CO ^ 

«\35^S usv&sa,^. Breathing out, 
a sigh; c/. ^^?i. ^ 

en)3n) oBhi 


vu^js^? ullo 

erosroo^ nsh&ry^ adj. Alert, sharp; 

bet. ^sspS. 
erusi nslma. adj. Hot, warm, s. 

Heat, warmth. 
tru73^, eru^^ QSfy nssanei s. A 

deep sigh. 

cn};;!odo, ^;oO^>^ luara^ nsiiln^ ^. 
Breath. 2. life, -^wjj^ to 
hold the breath, -iPe^b^ to 
die; gases to escape, as from 
a corked bottle. -woiioJb^ to 
breathe, respire. 

en);^^ usnltii s. Collusion, con- 

ewTTarf usvisa, see cn)^^;^ 

€A)5^ ula, Inside, inner part ; cf. 
OTO. ^^^ the palm of the 
hand. -^^ -^^t^ to take in, 
to have a secret. — Xowj^ a 
latent secret, hidden mystery. 
— 83»^ a bend ; the curve of an 
arch, -^^r^ inside. — Tix>o 
ti€i the inner square of a 
house. —;*)Ci a by-path. -tWoK 
the lower part of a female's 

efotfo^j, ea)Vi)0^ulayi, uliyi,^'Z'. 
In, into. Some declensions 
are formed of this adverb; 
as^ — ci «>d a back or inner 

room. cro^oa)5 from within. 

cn)^*5i^O30, oo^osoTl) ^090 se- 

cretly, privately. 
en)tf^ ulavu, s. One's secret. 

2. design. 3. inclination. 
efu^;^otS ulasandi, s. Intrigue, 

conspiracy, secret design; 

collusion, fraud. 
«A)* uli, s. A chisel. 

«rv)«oJo, eni^oi) uliya, ulliya, 
s. A small river-island or 

^^ ttle, see crorJ, croA 

en)5?j€)^ ulo, iWy. Alas! 

^^ ulki, ^. Remnant, rest. 

V05;^0j ulku, ^. A sprain, or cramp. 

eni^jjjiulkuni C^^*^), 'v.n. To be 
sprained, or cramped; also 

v\)^, w^ ulla, ulli, see ca)^^ 
er\)^d nllade, s. A fisherman. 
ero^oSj ulliyei s. A master, 

lord ijem. ^v»^^. 
w\)^ ulli, J. A generic name for 

garlic. ?ieT^» onions, t3j»5;bv^ 

efu^J5,?0 ullori, s. A memo, of a 

receipt given to a tenant for 

part-payment of rent. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

eAja u 


^Ajads) um 

ea© u, The sixth letter of the 
alphabet. In MSS. it is often 
written iie. 

erv;;>o^^, erioo^i^o unci, uncu, adj\ 
Superior, costly, fine. 

eAJeiotosJc^ untavuni, c. v. (o/tf\s)o 
Wo^) To lift up. 2. to cause 
a person to get up or leave 
his seat. Bto insult, des- 
pise; cf. cr\)toOdo75o^. 

eriooUoJi untuni (capoG), v. n. To 
get up, press. 

erusocioji unduni (ov)o5), v. a. 
To press down. cnnociDdo sJ 
^^^i to hold firmly. 

enjBotJO umbu, see ^oa^j. 

ervAozS umbe, ^. A hole. 

eruat;io5)uJuni(ca/^^), v. n. To ooze; 

also CAJ)^5 iPeSb^. 
eAJe)U uta, ^. Food, meal. 
ervi^iJ uti, ^. A spring, fountain. 

eA;e)Uo7^t7e)C3 tttupac&ra, s. Hospi- 
tality and civility. 

erue)^ ute, see ^b. 

tnj«)C3«)Sj5i udavuni, c, v, {o/W)rLi 
s>) To fix. 2. to put in order. ^ 
»^- to fix the boards of a 

^Aj^^e:* udil^, s, A kind of broom 

eriocioji uduni (caaS), v. a. To 
plough; cf, ^zl)^. 2. to fix, 

erutjrs) una, see ^s\f)^. 

eao^ uta, j. A weight, burden. 


2. a staff. --??ja?©o a weighing 

eruaci, eAJSCSe) uda, udl, adj. Sky- 

eruadj tidu, s. A prop. ~#Abr^ 
to prop. — ^Jieoj a pole used as 
a prop. 

enjddo^fddoO uduk&meli, s. A 
malignant kind of jaundice 
from which particularly child- 
ren suffer. 

er\ftcJo?i aduni (w)5), v. a. To 
blow, as a pipe. 2. to swell. 
caoj3«3 a piper. 

eruacijw^ udubatti, s. An aro- 
matic pastille. 

eriOfi una, s. Defect, maim. — ns^ 
oSo, caOcS a cripple. 

enj50i3«^o* uyyalj, see cwag^fir. 

eaod ura, tf^*. Local. — tja^a a 
public office. — 5^< local cus- 
tom. — ^^ gossip. 

eaadd urane, see ouxirf. 

eaeOeJ^SJi uravnni, c. v. {of cAn;l> 
^) To plant, fix firmly. 

eAJ5)Dai3c>o3o tiriyiye, s. A stran- 
ger; also CfV)TOgoa3. 

5aodj uru, s. A town. 2. a vil- 
lage. 3. one's native place. 
^a©o3ii a countryman. — il>oi3 
townsfolk. —^\ country 
sesamum. CAj)xijavi}Xo from' vil- 
lage to village; cf. eand 

efuadooto* urumbali, s, A village 
grant. o 

erudCJJ nra 


8d) r^ 

eru3do^JS?e>o urnkolu, s. A walk- 
ing stick. 

eruscliji uruni (ennS), v. a. To set 
firmly. 2. to plant in the 
ground as a seed or shrub, 
eic. 3. to gain power. w>5- 
to plant one's foot. t3e5— to 
be established firmly, to take 
root; to grow. 

«ru36je)tfo uroln, s. A cross bar 
at the entrance of a garden 
etc.\ cf. crurXa?. 

ervisc^ lirya, see cnnodor. 

^r^t3r^ tirjita, adj. Confirmed, 
established. , 

trxecjJ.F urdhva, adj. Aloft, on 
high. —XS ethereal course, 
heavenly bliss. 

^rv^cdjr urya, adj\ Strange ; cf. 

enjd^o^ usanti, s, A large bug. 

enjs;oo usu, j. A fart. 

enja^J) usuni (cAoji), z^.«. To 
ooze; cf. CAnaw^ to break wind 
downwards, vlg, 

efU^;3o^ usel^^, adj. Oozing. 2. 
filthy. 3. breaking wind down- 
wards, vlg. ^s\S)t6 a man 
who frequently breaks wind 

ervidSo, erud^fS uhe^ nhane, s. 
Supposition, conjecture. 

eruj^ri uliga, s. Service. 2. work. 
— c3»o8o a servant, labourer. 
— •ij«'o^^ to serve, work. 

enja^oioo^ uliynni (canv), ^r. 7/. 
To ooze; cf. w)aio^. 2. the 
bowels to evacuate frequent- 
ly; also ov)»54»et^^ 


ji) rj, The seventh letter of the 
alphabet, but seldom used in 
Tulu. It is commonly pro- 



nounced like ^ or &, which 
see for words beginning with 
sS); as^ sS^re^-dore^ ^t^^hlj,. 

Digitized by 


<>:> ye 


iO^ yekk^ 

O ye, The eighth letter of the 
alphabet. In MSS. it is often 
written o3a 

•io^ yenk^, see cdjaS. 

•iotfov'o yenknia, pers. pro. We. 
This word which is the plural 
o/caj9^ sigrv^es only the per - 
sons addressings and should 
be distinguished from ^sio 
which always includes both 
the persons addressing and 

oiotS yenca, adv. How? -w>, -30 
erooTie/s however, anyhow, by 
all means. 

•iot* yendi, see ^g,. 

•iotJ yendi, intg. pro. What sort 
of? -5^, -0^4, -^5^^ what sort 
of thing? -555)03^, ^5^c33oSb 
what sort of man? 

•iotSo^ yeqjirfi -y- A kind of tree. 

fOob^ yentf, <f. Boasting, pride. 
2. craftiness, cnnning. — ^ed^ 
^^to show pride, be cnnning. 
— 535)*d3S> to boast, prattle, 
play tricks. — n;>oSj a crafty 

oio8 yente, s. A clod of earth. 

2. an unburnt brick; 5/". aSoftS. 
o^oc^tI yennige, ^. Calculation, 

oiocojf) yennuni (oofi), ^. a. To 
count. 2. to think, presume. 

3. to expect. 


oiod yenne, s. Oil. -rf t^c© an 
oil milj. — ^aii?) to rub with 
^?r apply oil. «>^- distilled 
oil. '^aSSci— cinnamon oil. ofi 
•Sod—, ^tS 018 gingely oil. Xo 
i^cs- sandalwood oil. s^TOoao 
sU cocoanut oil. ^Z5»5d— 
lamp-oil. 5R)r5^cU olive oil. 
25^^ castor oil. ipoc3d_ the 
oil of the nuts of Rottleria 
tinctoria. liiofiiSorf kerosene 
oil. rfoL^cUchampaka oil^^. 

o^oeI^^, o:)o2l^o^ yennekappn, 
yennekempn, adj. Dark red. 

o^ofleodrS yennebadane, ^. A spe- 
cies of brinjals. 

0^0^ yentra, see cdoo^ 

^ocSj^c^ yendruni (•^oS;), v. a. To 
say fully; cf. ^^t^- 

oiO(i5;J) yemiavu, pro. Mine ; cf. 

«00fiiji yennnnii see oorw^ 

•io2i yempa, j^^ -^c^. 

o^o^^o yemmaln, s. A woman. 

^jjesJcU an angry woman. 
oiosSjyemme,.y^^a8^ 2.j^^«3^f'- 

oiodoy^^ yemmettuni (•^o^^, 
V. «. To turn back. 2. to yield. 
3. to abate, as sickness ; cf. 

0^*0 23o* yekambeli^, see ^'^^^. 

0^*6, 0^^ yekare, yekre, s. Au 

tO^ yekl^^ 3^.^@i?]§? dead. 

oi«^ yekk^ii 79 

•^^^^ yekki^klqiL, adv. Con- 
fusedly, indiscriminately. —^ 
2)S> to become confused. — 5»< 
^5i to reproach unjustly. -^ 
^o> to be perverse. 

tO^ yekka, see «d*. 2. the ace. 

o^o yekkam^ s. The unit of 
numeration, first place in 

0*^2^^ yekka&kka, see ^^^^^^. 

O^C3^ yekkadf 9 adv. Then. ^*^tf 
already. a>o#^ a little while 

«^^d yekkadi, ^. A kind of game 
with cowries, arranged on a 
board, -^a^^ to play such 
a game. 

o^d yekkade, s. Hiccough. 2. 
gasping. -'B^owoj?) to hiccough; 
to gasp; cf. •d«5j<3. 

«:>^t^6 yekkanale^ adj. Lean, 
tnin. s. A glutton, greedy 
man ; 2. see •a?^^^?. 

50^^e3, <o^si5e>^, o'^^doyekka- 
mali^ yekkamlli, yekkami, s. 
The swallow wort, Caloiropis 

•^^^ yekkale, s, A cockroach ; 
also •3^^©>); cf. •3^^i3, o^i^^crod 

•^^oo^Ji yekkalyuni (-^'a^* ^- ^• 
To stretch the body, or stoop 
down in order to catch or 
pick up anything. 2. to 
spring or jump up. 

o^^rf^ yekkasakka, see ^^^^^•^ 

o^^sS? yekkavuni, c. v. {of ^^o^ 
^) To reach, cause to touch. 

«ot3 yeji 

oi^^fi yekkuni (•3^a)> ^- ^- To 
touch. 2. to gin. v. n. To ebb, 
decline. #^— to be within 
reach of the hand. a8e«i- to 
be on the point of death. 
tjBf^ to gin cotton. sooaS— 
to be hungry. 

oi^ yekke, s. The shrub 
Aristolochia Indica. 

^fi jeggif s. A branch, bough. 

^i^ ^ yeggelj, s, A small branch. 
— ffc^ a small piece of wood. 

f^^z^ yecipu, see ^^^. 

toe^ yecda, see ^^. 

(>:)t;5 0^ yeccarike, j. Wakeful- 
ness. 2. care, caution. 3. 
warning. -Cf 2bs> to be awake. 
— #jaLr^ to warn, put on 
guard. -Dclb5> to take pre- 
caution. — •i3^5> to remind. 
—5 CA)4^^ to be on guard, be 

»:>2^Dq^c^, <oe^D;oo^ yeccaripuni^ 
yedcarisuni (-5^^), v. a. To 
admonish. 2. to caution, warn 

f^t^ yeddi, s. Body. —5 stotI)^ to 
put on clothes. —f\ ^^sjstSj^ 
to assult; see s8^. 

•:>zl yecce, ^^ '^^li' 

lor T 

•^todJe)c5 yejamane, j^^ cdoa^iweS. 

oOe353) yejipu, j. Endeavour, at- 
tempt. — #j»23r^ to caution, 
betray. -^-d^^^ to j try 
through others. ^^^8^^ 

o^ yejja 


i^d yedde 

<>iti, 6^z3 yelJa, yelji,.^. A hole. 
2. a loophole. 3. the eye of 
a needle. 

oD23 , <^^ yejji, yejje, ^^^ e5|, ^^, 

o:)^ yejriya, ^^^ ^%- 

oU^oH yetUkutta, ^. Quarrel- 

11 Qg and fighting. 
^b|jSjJi yettivuni, c.v, {of pdwo^ 

^ To bend, cause to stoop. 
«oSi. yetti, J. A prawn. 
♦:iU2ocr^o* yettiballyiiT^, s, A 

small kind of shark. 
oU?io^, •^^^^ yettisutta, 

yettisudda, J. The sword-fish. 
olb^Ji yettuni (-^Gj), v. a. To 

stitch, as leaves. 2. to cause 

mischief. 3. to box the ear. 

^,71. To stumble, bow down; 

be hit. ^I3j5^e§bs> to bend 

down, as a tree laden with 

oB^^S yettele, s, A mischief- 
orf yeda, see cdjzi. 
oirfo^ yedank^, adv. On the 

left side. — c^ixj an oflfensive 

odo^ofi yedankuni (wtic^), i\ a. 

To kick. 2. to hit. 3. to dis- 

regard; see dog'os^. 

*:):i53)fi, *:)rfo^jdjJi yedapani, ye- 
duturuni, see ^Tio>^^. 

•irfrife^, «odsJfcr. yedavatt\^, ye- 
devaitti^, adj. Middling, in- 
dififerent. 2. dull, stupid. 3. 

rough, rugged, -^^rf an in- 
different work; an objection- 
able act. -^a^^^ a stupid 
fellow. — Ttoo a rugged path. 

o:)ciioEoj6 yedumlmre, s, A doll. 

oJdo^SJi yedupuni, see ^'^^. 

^'A yeda, see ceiiS. 

•irScSfci^ yededettj, sec .^tSo^. 

•i:3c3e)r^ yedenanya, s. Paper- 
money. -trooSo a stupid fel- 
low, a man temporarily en- 

<0zSr5^$ yeden&liy s. An inner 
wall round a temple. 

t^rSrfoj^ yedemudi, see rs^zS*5oja. 

cA yedde, jt. Goodness, adj. 
Good, excellent, superior, 
fair, fine. 2. happy. 3. pros- 
perous. ^af5)5 a superior 
caste, fine breed. — oji a 
festive day, holiday. — * 
^r, — lioosoo^r, — "5e«'o an 
auspicious occasion. — •ioof^eS 
black pepper. adv. Well, 
very well. — cfS)^ to improve 
in health; to prosper, be 
happy. — c^sJS may you, 
(he etc^ be happy. — ^jj2br^ 
~^^o^a to do good, to bless 
with prosperity. -5^^ (///. 
to eat good), to enjoy hap- 
piness as the fruit of one's 
good deeds. — s»<do^ to speak 
favourably, fluently, or at 
length; to speak or argue 
ably; to chatter, —^5^ good- 
ness. -^^oS of good sort, oi^ 

^zi^ yedpu 


OC5* yed 

eJe good, emph. ^^<(tS copi- 
ously, abundantly, heartily; 
immoderately, severely, vio- 

<jdo^5) yedpuni (»5), v. a. To 
thump, strike with the fist. 
2. to pound in a mortar. 

Of«^5Jo, yen^pia, num. Eight. 

«^C9 yena s. A corpse. — liwozS 
a good for nothing, z'//. 

oc^iJ, ^^, «orf) yenike, yene, 
yonke, s. Calculation, count- 
ing; estimation. 

^fi^ yenelj, adf. Pertaining to 
the first crop. — ax)5? the first 

^t^ yendi, s. A ladder. 


tOf^ yenne, see -sosS. 


^^ yenpa num. Eighty. 

aic^yenma, see ^f«si3. 

o^f^ yenme, s. The gingely-oil 
seed, Sesamum orientale. — rf 
.3oi5 gingely-oil. 

f^^TQ yeta, ^^^ ^93>. 

•i3«>2i, yot^ti, adj. Exact, cor- 
rect. <2dft'. Exactly, correctly; 
beL ocJoqja^a. 

<oi yete, see ^^. 

o:>3^rta, o:>3^ncl yett^adi, yet- 
t^ade^ s. Scheme, device. 
-j^^^^ to scheme, devise. 

o^s^^rs* yott^itagCT, adj\ Un- 
even, rugged. 

^^ti yettana, see ^^ 

oj^ci yettara, <a^*. High, lofty, 
tall. . s. Height. 

•i^cJo;^ yettaruni (-^i^). t'. «. 
To ascend, climb. 

oDS^dOc:^, •is^SiJiJiyettManijyet- 
tirani, c. v. {of o#o,^) To 
reach, deliver. 2. to gulp, 
swallow water etc. eagerly, 
or in large draughts- 

o5^rt yettige, s. A collection. 

^'^^ yettuni (•^S,)' ^^- ^- ''^^ 
raise a subscription or tax. 

o:)i(;i^ri* yettuvali, s. The act of 
raising a subscription or tax. 

<o4 yotoa, ^. Essay, endeavour, 
effort, exertion; bet. odoat^. 

fti3c)?oyetv58i, J. Diflference, dis- 
agreement, variance; bet. ^^ 

o^q^yetha^ a^z'. As, according to. 
tf^*. Proper, usual. — ^v^i^as 
usual. — ^i»Xr the usual 
course or way; bet. cdizjjs). 

oiqie)qjF yetii&rtha^ .r^^ cooqR>q{r. 

*^^ yethe, ^. Pain, smart, grief. 

oiJp?z^, o^$?3l yethecca, yethe 
shta, see cdo^?*^, odojjes^. 

0^0*53) yed\^pu, s. Beginning, -ci 
€07Jr the first shower of rain. 

•^0*0^, »icJodj yed\^rv, yeduru, s. 
The front, that which is op- 
posite. 2. presence. — cleCthe 
counterpart of a deed. — c^oa, 
^ci^^^orC^ a conditional deed 
of sale. — tJja^od half boiled 
rice. — ^^ the counterpart 
of a lease. — ssd an opposite 
party, opponents ~"^f ^ ^^ 
meet, come face tc?Klc^ — cruo 

«^& yedi 


o^d yera 

^^ to stand in front, to op- 
pose ; to rebel. — ca)os»4?) to 
set up or instigate a person 
against another. — c»*dos> to 
speak to one's face ; to contra- 
dict, oppose. — e^uji^^ to come 
in sight, be seen; to be over- 
taken. o35tf55f\ face to face. 
—5 before, in presence of. 

oa yedii see a>D. 

ojao^ yedinke, s, A wing. 

toacxJjcS yediyane, see o3 . 

o:)dj#Je)C^Ji yednkonnni {f^^ 
#j»f«), V, a. To advance. 2. to 
meet, go to meet. 

«odJDe>yyedurita, j. Antagonism. 

<K)Cl>Oe>^ yednrlliy s. An anta- 

cOrS yede, s. The heart, chest, 
bosom, --^^sio^o^^ to harden 
one's heart. — TfjaSbrg^ to take 
courage. — Xooa^ courage, 

o^d c5rt yeddanige, su ^^^. 

ojdo o23 yeddnmbei s, A kind of 

ojc^j^ yeddapUy s. An ambus- 
cade, lying in wait. — sroTli?> 
to lie in ambush. 

cjcSo^Ji yeddyuni (^5), v, a. To 

cO^, o^zSci, ^^^^ yedde, yed- 
dep^ yeddyana^ s. A fan. 

•^23^ yedrj, see .^SS, oDciiTl). 

od^* yedroli, s. The creeper 
Jasminum angustifolium, 

o^i5«P^^ yedroli, j^^ .dSS^v. 

oifi, tOfi^ yena, yenna, ^^ <xJj»5. 

o^eoo^oi yebulante, tf^'. Half- 
boiled. 2. half-witted, silly. 

o^23|^4 yebbira, see tf C3|^4. 

0^^ yeme, see ai);&x 

oirfoO'i?, .orfjj^r yemarike,yemar- 
ge, s. Storing. — oeL^ to keep 
or store. 

«>i05j3ioe3 yeyipanji, ^. A porcu- 
pine; cf. iioJ^o^35o^. 

tOaJo^Ji yeyyuni (-^o^^), ^.^. To 
shoot an arrow. 

oib^ yeraka, adj. Molten, cast, 
as metal. — rf #e;;rf, •DT^^jao^ 
#€;sJ molten or casting work. 
— ^^^s> to pour melted metal 
into a mould. 

f^tvf yeragj, s. Fitness. 

^drlo^ yeraguni (-^-^f^), v.n. To 
melt. 2. to agree with the 

<>^drtjji yeraguni (-^^^j v, a. and 
«. To bow, prostrate, do obei- 
sance. 2. to fall upon, seize. 
3. to alight. 

^tx^ yeradjjWw^.Two; cf, xi^. 

<od2Je50^ yerabiyi, ^. A kind of 

«od^, ^oVyerala, yerala, see cSf 

«0ds3) yeravu, s. The act of lend- 
ing or borrowing anything, 
for temporary use. 2. dif- 
ference, distinction. — cJ sJX 
a borrowed ornament. — K 
Aaozli e^lbri^ to borrow. 

•^d5?yerale, s. An antelope, deer. 

oo yen 


^6 yeU 

»^0 yeri, s. The glare or heat of 
fire, ^^v a very hot wind, 
sultry wind. — cJ^r^, -.550 
^0?) to glare, be aflfected 
with the heat of fire; c/. 3oO. 

oiDoSjoiS yeriyante, s. A kind of 

«oOcdJ5)o3o yriyiye> -^^^^^ 3oC)crfj»o&). 

oiOatosJc^ yeriyivuni, ^. -z/. {0/ ^ 
5adDS>) To burn, blaze. 

o^OcrfjjJi yeriyum (o^^), z'.w. To 
glare. 2. to be hot. 

<od> yarn, j. A buffalo. 2. a 
moth, worm. — c?2bs> to be de- 
cayed with worms. — wLr^ to 
come into manhood. 

•^tio3e)0, o^do3^« yenitari,y6rn- 
tili, s. A kind of palm tree. 

o:>323e)0^ yereb&yi, see ^-dss^o^x 

•^odrd yeradale^ s. A green 

«i^r yerk\^, j. Rising ^r ac- 
cumulation, as of water, eU* 

2. severity, adj. Exceeding. 
— 75€^^ to be in danger. 

O^r yerka, s. Fulness. 2. proxi- 
mity. adj.FnU; near. 

•:>^e)roJJi yerkavuni, c. v. {of -d 
*ors>) To tuck up, as clothes, 
when wading a river etc. 2. 
to hold back, as milk by a 
cow etc. 

•itfor?) yerkuni («^^^), «^. n. To 
puff up, swell. 2. to rise or 
collect, as water in a place. 

3. to be full of milk, as the 
breast or udder. aocaS- the 
belly to be distended. 

otfr, otfro^ yerke, yerkel^, s. 

Rising; cf. ^?fr, oir. 
o^rirsS, o^rtJSrrf,»irtj^re3yergale, 

yergone, yergole^ s. A dull man 

like a buffalo, a simpleton; 

a glutton, vlg. 
^tv yerta, see ^^qJr. 
^iT yertJ, s. The flood tide ; cf. 

cOsJr yerpa, ^. Seventy. 

<o£rcS yerpene^ s. A hairpin. 

^•. Old. 
(O^Jr^ yerpuni (•^S), z^.a. To 

lift up. 
o:>djr yerme^ s. A she-buffalo. 

— ^jav a kind of bush. — c^ 

TJjav'o a calf. — toe;»o5 a kind 

of fish. 
0^^;^ yelakki, see tto*^. 
<ot)^, 0^^^ yelatra> yelastrai s. 

A handkerchief. 
o^eJe) yela, intj. of surprise. 
•iO yeli, s. A rat. -ssasspr* rat's 

bane, arsenic. 
^^^t^ yelikebi, s. The herb 

Evolvulus emerginatus. 
•^®5g)c^ yelipuni, see oews^^. 
tjeoJoo^ yeliyuni, v. n. To melt, 

as any soft substance, butter, 

eU.\ also iDOos^ 
*i©;3D yeliseri, j. A shark; also 

<o^o yelu, s. A bone. —^0^ a pain 
in the bones. — ^j>^» --^juS a 
skeleton. — so^ ajoint of the 

<oa yel6, s. ADileafDv Google 

r^6 yele 


•^* yeka 

*j^c3e)7^yelenige, s. A small but 
dangerous insect found on 
betel leaves. 

*ie3? yele, set ^^^, 

^SJ^sJi yelkodd, see o^e/orfjsA 

o^tx) Ji yelpuni, v. a. To melt, as 
lead, butter, etc, 

«o?;c23 yellanji, adi\ The day 
after tomorrow. 

oje^o^ yellamma, s. A name of 

oiO, oi^^ yelli, yellya, adj. 
Little, small, short. 2. in- 
ferior, mean. —5, — *Sja^ 
from infancy. -^^ zi)^s> 
to extol and disparage any- 
thing alternately. 

^^ yelle, adv. Tomorrow. 

<o^ cort yellyanne, s, A junior 
elder brother. 

^O|i^o3o yellyaye, s, A youth; 
2. a junior, minor. 3. a short 
man. oSoero ^;i a small thing. 

o:)sioe^ yevaica, see »5iioei. 

f^^HiA yevane, see &frft^. 

^TiiS^ yesalj, s. The petal of a 
flower, leaf. —^^ Gar etna cam^ 
bogiax ^^^ci- a tobacco leaf. 

«Or^?i yessuni, j^^ ^^^, 

^v^3^, 0^5? yelatj, yele, adj. 

Tender, green, not fully 

grown. -?)e5 the water of 

a tender cocoanut. 
^4 yelpa, num. Seventy. — =5e 

oj* yekshi, see cdo*)^. 

5;) ye, The ninth letter of the 
alphabet. In MSS. it is often 
written oSo^. 

S:) is affixed to the words «>o5 
and «>§, when addressing 
or asking honorijically a 
single per son; as^ oode T3i>^€? 
Rama! «>oi5e Aae^fo^e 
boys! children! ©otii^? is 
it not so? // is also affixed 
to nouns^ pronouns^ and 
adverbs by way of emphasis. 
(ST^rfjs^oSoe man only. ^oSo? 
you alone. rsi^ol>e even to day. 


^^ yeka, num. One, single. 2. 
solitary. 3. combined, united. 
—335^ the accurate adjustment 
of song and instrumental 
music. ■ — *^ unity, unanim- 
ity. — ^e^c^ singular number, 
gram. — i5r«r of one colour 
or caste. — ?8 a solitary man ; 
a bachelor. ~:flTO5 jointly, 
unanimously; collusively. 

X)^cio yekadam, adv. At once; 

^^c5e>oii5' yekaniyaka, s. A*medi- 
cal plant. ^ 

^^ y^ka 


Sio«> yeri 

;:>^?raoii^ yekaniyake, s. A 

to^re yeki, see »*. -«a*, ws* 
abruptly, suddenly; without 
permission. 2. unreasonably, 
unjustly. — c;>#«o^ to re- 
proach unjustly. 

^vsoA yekingi, s. A solitary 
life. -Cf5 alone. 

o^9e>o^ yekanta, ^. Solitude. 2. 
secrecy, adj. Solitary, seclud- 
ed; secret, idvoo^zl) in se- 
clusion, secretly. 

^7e)CSi yekidasii s. The eleventh 
day of either fortnight in 
the lunar month, on which 
Hindus fast. 

iD*??, a^?Ji yekini, yekhini, s. 
Honesty, uprightness. 2. chd^s- 

ft'tfvQ^t* yekodi, adv. Alone. 

^zAti ye&ne, see o5deeicJ. 

;:>e*o ?, i;)e^o ^^ yedduni, ye86yuni 
(»^), tf. n. To reflect, muse. 

«^i^ yetfj "^^ A kind of gambling 
in which a piece of coin is 
tossed up and a wager laid 
as to which side it will fall. 
— ^«ijj^to gamble in this way. 

^^ yed», ^. A goat. j.^^^^^ 

;;)C3*)dic)^cS yedimodoi s. A stupid 

i>a yedi, ^. A coward ; c/. tf eZ^ 

t^d yedOi s. A blockhead. 

&C5 yeni, s. A ladder ; c/. oSoe^ 

^3f JBt^9 intg. pro. How much ? 
how many? »*K«;» for any 
amount, on any account. »^(S 

how much each ? »<^e how- 
ever much, how much ! — sJBr 
how often? 

iiii) yetu, s. Annoyance (from 
goblins); cf. tfc*x 

t^iJ^v^^ yetonuni^ see ^^^ 

^i^^^ yetolu, intg. How often ? 

i;)c3^ yen J, see cdj^S. 

^^jlxifadv. When ? -T.^,'^^t^ 
Ke«>, ttcJeo>?\©;> always, for ever. 

oi^sJ, oii^ yepa, yepo, a^z'.When ? 
— e^ always, ever. 

oi^^^yepuni (©C), i'.^. To catch, 
as a ball. 2. to take, lift or 
toss up a child in the arms. 

^i!fi^:i yepolv, see »25. 

o:>doOiJ, i:irfo?^r yemarike, yema-' 
rge, see ^irfo&#. 

ai^do.yeme, s. A turtle. 

iio^ jei^ Who? -W), 
»o5ozSe;» whoever, whoso- 
ever, any one. i3^^ who is 
that? »t5 e^^v'o, tt^c^^^ at 
whose house? »^7^5 for 
whom? for whose sake? ttSo 
xS6 (»5 Lot35) who knows? 

t^xf yer^f, ^^^ *e5. 

o:>D^S^o* yer^fper^^, s. Difference, 
distinction. 2. perversion, 
distortion. 3. reproach. 

^tfi yerane, infg. Who? 

iiu«>4?^ yeravuni, c.v. (o/ia^^) 
To raise, lift up. 2. to in- 
. crease, enhance ; promote. 
8. to load ; embark. 4. to pet 
and spoil. *T5^-,^Djv-tpflat- 
ter; to pet and spoil a child, 

^D yeri 


ort? eige 

servant, etc, eSd— to raise 
the price; to out-bid. ^t^— 
to set up a tree. ^^— to 
enhance punishment. 'Ao'^^— 
to promote, increase one's 
pay. ^rf»S— to load a cart 
or vessel with goods. 

^Oyeri,^. Akindof fishj 2. a bed 
for planting vegetables etc. 

ijdo^ yemni (^^), i'm. To ascend, 
climb, mount. v,n. To rise. 

2. to be increased, be aug- 
mented. 3. to be accumu- 

^ir yerte, see -^r. 

o55c)^* yerlaki, s, A part of a 

boxing match. 
^?je)r45) yersavuni (i^;^?*), t^ a. 

see »o3^^. 2. to beat, strike. 

3. to eat up. 
t^'d^ yel^, see »f. 

'^^^y yelakki, s. Cardamoms. 
^^?^ yelanna, 5. Weariness. -^ 
h?^ to become weary. 

t:iv^^ yelannji, s. An auction, 

public sale. — c^:!^^, — trfjv^o^ 

o> to sell by auction. 
^^^e)^?^ yelavnni, c. v. {of sdoo^) 

To cause to melt. 
^^Oc^ yeluni (»^, v.n. To melt, 

as lead, butter etc. 
^sjos^ yevanca, adv. However, 

at any rate. 
^S3e)d yevira, see ^^^rorJ. 

^sJtf^^dyevudeppudJ,^. Doubt, 

perplexity, adj. Doubtful. 
^s3)d yevura, see ^^^ 
^^g yesa, see ^f^A. 
^rort yesigd, see ^e^^, ^e^^. 
^v* yel^, num. Seven, to5;^e5 

J:)^rl yelige, s. Increase, growth. 

2. prosperity. 3.improvement; 

cf. ^ev* 
^^ yelpa, see ^^. 
^^^ yelya, ^^^ ^e^^- 
5:)^ c« yelver^, ^. Seven persons. 


SO 61, The tenth letter of the 
alphabet. Also written »09o. 

OocS einda, adv. Hereafter. 

soog^tSc)^), SDorf,t3e)© elndrajila, 
eindrajali, see rs^od^, ^^od^. 

SD^ eik^, //'^. (^^^. of C54) For 
^r to it. emph. — :3 to (7r for 
it only. SDWD is it for it ? s^o^) 
5 owing to it, therefore. 


SD^o^o eikulu, pro. neut. They. 
SD^,> eikya, ^. Unity, harmony. 

2. diligent application to any 

pursuit or occupation. 3, 

spiritual communion. 
sort^j, SDrio^j eigalu, eigulu, s. 

A schoolmaster. 
SDrto^ eiger^, see ^^^^^ 
50?^?ra eigena, s. Five^pans. 

SDij^ e% 


Z)^ eisra 

z:ikf eiti^, pro, {loc. o/^^) In it. 

^zs^Z6 eiddavara^ adv. Owing 
to it, therefore. 

^Di eita, see ocoo*. 

z^^ eita, pro. {gen. of «>4), Its, 
of it. 

;D3c>d, SDS^d eitara, eitvara, s. 

z^'S^^ eitala, ^. A kind of medi- 
cinal plant used for castrated 

;33e)^ eitali, see s?5g;>v. 

SDd ayida, see c^orfooj^j. 

CcS* ein|^, num. Five, sdc^n fifth. 

SDrfJe>do einuduy num. Five hun- 

SDSSc^ eipuni (s:>), r,«. To tread. 

S3t3j elbu, ^. A flaw, defect. 

;D;i>J5)53 eimulJ, s. Obliquity, ir- 
regularity, as in the founda- 
tion of a house. 

sdoSj, ;do3:^ eiye, eiyye, see «)oSo^. 

oc3j3, sdoJj?^ eiyo, eiyyo intj. 
Alas! 2. no, not. ^^rf 75r«;i 
ooozXae have you got money ? 
oDoSus no. 

SDoiie) eiyo, see 33^. 

;Doi^D* eiyer^, ^rt?. Five per- 

ooi^e eiyyo, ^Wy. 0! woe! 
SDD*3c)^ eir^tali, ^. A kind of 

necklace worn by a virgin or 

SDdcl, SDODrS eirane, eirani, s. 

A new ornamented earthen 

vessel used by Lingaits during 

nuptial ceremonies. 
SD0e)??5^© eiranali, see sd^s^v. 

O0e)ri, SDOe)Fi* eirana, eiran^, s. 
Weariness, aflliction; bet. 2?^ 

SDOe)^^ eiravata, s. The elephant 
of Indra, regent of the eastern 

;odoji eiruni (s^5), z*.^. To wait, 
stay, stop. Fer. 

s:6j?)5;^o eiroln, s. A kind of creep- 

^oc^iJ, ^^-^-^^ eilata, eilas^, ^. 
Sport. 2. childishness; also 

SDO?i* eili8\^, s. Incivility, impo- 
liteness; Cf. cSSCoJ. 

5De3A) eilesi, ^^^ ^^f^^. 

SDrf eiva, w2^/w. Fifty. — c5 the 

SDrft3, s:sSz3 eivaji, eiveji s. 
Money, wealth, property. 

so;So^ eiver^, see 2^^^. 

SD2iWc)7o* eisabasji, intj. Bravo! 
well done! res. 

oD^oior eisvarya, s. Wealth, rich- 

SD?g* eis^, intj. Ha! alas! 

sd;;! eisa, see e^odoocig. * 

S)^ eisra, s. Wealth. 2. cheer- 
fulness; cf. S5«f^odor. 

Digitized by 



u wo 


taoQ wondi 

t, wo, The eleventh letter of the 
alphabet. In MSS. it is often 
written 4(». 

too^ wonk^i adj. Thin. 

tic^ wonka, s. Crookedness. 2. 
a hole (of rats, snakes e/c.) 
adj. Crooked, Curved. 

?oo^:5 wonkade, J. Vomitting. 
-tfuo^ft, ^^hTt^ to feel an in- 
clination to vomit. 

%i^h wonki, see ^c-*. 

too/^?doc^ wongeruni, see Sjo^tjo^. 

t^otSi? woncake, s, A deceiver, 
cheat; cf. liots^. 

^oo^;^^, tooz^^ woncane, wonca- 
Ime, s. Deceit, fraud, delusion; 
also ^otieJ. -•i)5;>o^s> to cheat, 

toot* wondi, adv. Whence? 
where? — e« anywhere. — »^ 
whence do you come? 

too2*53)Ji woncipuni (a^oel), -zf. ^. 
To deceive; bet. ^oco^^ 

tootic!, toozSfJ woj^ane, wonjene, 

num. First; ^. a^oaS. 
tootS wonji, «i</;«. One (^^^j. e^t>, 

/^^. e^Sr). ^cf SL^ to be united 

or reconciled. — 5?^? perhaps. 

&ICS&AC2S each, one by one. 

&io3sdciido^ some, certain. 2w>o 

&x>c3j»o^ D^jdU) on a certain 

tooei wonta, s. The hip, waist, 

loins; cf. A»oa 


tooii wonti, ^'. Alone, single, 
separated. —^ a single man. 

tocli wonti, ^. An ear-ring. 

t»o^ wonti, J. A camel, drome- 

UQTi wonda, s. A public tank. 
2. a hole, pit. 

lood wonde, ^^^ #j»ozS. 

t»o;^rre>d wontag&re, ^. A strong 
man. 2. a clever man. 

too 3 wonti, J. Turn, time. 

uohr\ wontig^ s. Contribution. 
— D*) ^ to collect contriba- 
tions. — tSaLf?), — sTOTio^ to 

too^ wontn, s. A turn, time. 
adv. Once. 

tooS wonti, ^. A little, a bit^ 
smallness. adj. Little, few, 
small, trifling; also z^oxL — wsi 
a few persons. — Oc^ a few 
days, -ip^r a little time. 
e^o<j»o< very little. 

toocS^ wondaki, J. Urine. — ?i> 
^^ to piss, make water. 

toodcJ wondane, see rfocScJ. 

toodOrt, tooc5Je)5^ wondalige, 
wondolme, s. Congruity. 

tooC5e)s3)ci wondivuni, c.v. {o/z^o 
cD^) To gather, collect, join ; 
to heap up. 

tooa*, tooDrt wondikJ, wondigd, 
s. Joining, uniting, coales- 
cence; cf. CoAODTf. «^ 

tooO wondi 


t^ri wogga 

tooOogc^ wondipuni, see i5oo^?). 

2Qoci) Ji wonduni (ajo5), v. a. & n. 
^ To gather, accumulate. 

z»o& wonde, see Zjo4, 
toodAt>od wondolav6, s. Rela- 
tooci) wonnu, s. Gold. 
toOfS woime, see AaocJ. 

tootw wombu, tf<^' Becoming, 

elegant, graceful, 
tgoeooci wombuni (a>o^), v.n. 

To be suitable, to agree with. 
Uo^ wommai inlj. of surprise. 

&»o;j^AJ, t»o^or( wommukha^ 
wommnga, s. One direction. 
adv. In one direction. ^c^L^ 
— ^j»Tio?> to assemble for a 
certain purpose. 

tidO^lx^^ wommutai adv. All a- 
round; c/'. crooa^^. 

toodo wommi^ (X^z'. Once. 2. 
together; c/, zs^^ci. — *e^ 
oneness, unity. —Ti^^^ to 
gather, collect, heap up. 

too;5jyo.Ji womettuni (a^o^O^), 
V. n. To be gathered. 

taodofsic^ wommevuni (e^o^oe), 
v.n. To be united, to be as- 

t*>o^jr wornkn, s. A lane, foot- 
k path; a/j^ zJSq^, 

t«oc8r wornde,^. A quarter seer; 

t>o2or wonnba, /^«/«. Nine. -c5 

the ninth. 
t>otX)F5i wormbuni^ see ^oa^r?). 

io^53^3^ wokaliti^, see ^toc;§. 
io*?53 wokile, J^^ ii*e^. 
i^^wokka, ^. The hip, waist. 

^si^ew a string c?r thin girdle 

round the waist, 
to^i^ wokkattfy s. Concord, 

i»^Uo.;iwokkattuni(«j%Cj), v.n. 

To be in concord. 
to^C9, \^^^ wokka^ai wokkane, 

s, A heading, title, address. 

2. style, composition; bet. ^ 

!!^i6. ^s«)zl)cd to sign, 
l^^o^ wokkayi, s, A single hand. 
t>tf^5 wokkuni (^^i), ^. «. To 

e^^o^wokkelji,^. A tenant, -cf 

t^ to occupy, reside. — cstIj^ 

to be tenanted as a house, 

place or garden. 
t^Ad wokkelme, s. One of a 

cultivating class called the 

Bants, a Bant; fern. Cj#^oo, 

tortb* wogat?, ^. A riddle, an 
enigma. 2. mystic language, 
cant. —^ s3;>jW an ambiguous 

eorto* wogarj, ^. Brackishness. 
adj. Salty, brackish. 

t^rido^ wogaruni (a>X5),z'.«. To 
become salty or brackish. 

UT\\;t woggatv, see a>?rjll. 


t>rt tbj Ji woggattuni, J/?^ ^''X'^^^ 
ur^Ti woggada, ^. Oneness, con- 
cord. — C^fc^, 5^^ 8j7^ 2^^. 


tori wogga 



z^zi woda 

z^Tiiifi woggaraue, j. Seasoning. 
— srozio^ to season. woggapini (^t^), "'. ^. 
To become one, be united. 

Z^r\ woggi, s. A handle, hook; 
^. croTv. — 2j(3fi>oao a piece of 
plank suspended on both ends, 
for keeping things. — e^2b^ to 
be of one mind. -'SrW^^ to 
lay wait. 

Sofio 0^ woggundi, s. Depth. 

lAi?^^ wocana, see ^^i?:^. 

^o^Jcg)^ wocipuni (^^J), v, a. To 
wipe oflf, rub out, efface. 

. 2. to clean. 

uzi a woccadi, adj. Single. 

U^ wocci, s, A small whetting 
board; alsoZjta-d^A, — 75c;5oao 
a board for sharpening knives, 
chisels elc. 

?o2^0JJj^ wodciyuni (^^), ^. ^. 
To deliver, give in charge; 
also 8^^S ^j»Lr^; c/. Zjt\c6oo^. 

Z^zi^^ woccuni (^^), ^'. ^. ^^^ 
^J8a^^^>. 2. to whet, sharpen 
(a knife). 3. to row (a boat). 

woja, wojaya, wojaye, woja, 
wojedi, s. Deduction, subtrac- 
tion, remission. — c^iio^ to 
deduct, remit. 

2o2ac3^, tj^^ wojan^, wojane, s. A 
load, weight, burden. 

lAiZBti, z^u^ wjira, wojra, s. A 
diamond; 6eL ^^. 

^g^3?3 wojire, s. A vizier. 

2s>&3c)0^?oofi wotayisuni (a^tooso 

c3), 2'.^. To gather. 2. to 

change money, cash a cheque 

or note. 
2ob«)d wotara, ^. The enclosure 

of a house. 2. vicinity. 
Ziti^ Zjkiz^ wotta, wottavu s. 

Discount, agio. 2. premium. 

T^jas:;)a303i- discount of a rupee. 
toU. wotta, s. The chin. 
toHo wottam, ^. Money, cash. 
2«b|.d, Eob|.6 wottira, wottarJ, 

(2^z'. On the whole; c/. a^uo^. 
Ziiifi wottige, see BoW^jXo. 

2»>iJ>). wottu, s. Total. 2. amount, 
sum. 3. the whole. — XjS^ 
. the whole contract. —^^ the 
whole. -^% an aggregate 
account, sum total. — i^^^o^^ 
to add, collect, heap, sum 
up. ajWjjXo together, with, 
along with; on the whole. 

tokh'^ wottuni {^^^, 7'. a. To 
press. 2. to heap, pile up. 

Zj& wotti, s. The lip, mouth. 


Zi&, wotte, s. A fissure, hole. 
2. a potsherd. adj\ Broken, 
cracked. • 

uz^i^^ wod^telv, see cro<5£^^. 

ZjZi woda, posfp. With. 

2oC^o2o^=#, 2*j?io2j^7^ wodamba'di- 
k^, wodambadigJ, s. Agree- 
ment, consent, contract, cove- 
nant. 2. a treaty. 

EoC^oZJ^^c^ wodambadipuni (^jxio 
20^), v. a. To /Consent, agree, 

Diqitized by VjC - j 

concur. 2. to be pleased. 

ZiZi woda 


iv)Cn> wodda 

£orf^ wodak^^, ^. Bruise, frac- 
ture. 2. a leak. — erooaocs^oi) a 
prater, tell-tale. 
Zod^O wodakari, see a>T^d&, 
tMtti wodatana, see z^ii^ti, 
tA»zi3^ wodati^ s. A mistress. 

toCiio* wodatelj, s. Breaking. 
adj\ Broken; c/. odzS£^€. 

toCioSj wodaye, j. A proprietor, 
master, lord. 

Soi^c* wodar^, s. An additional 
rafter or prop, used for sup- 
porting a roof; also 2o^5. 

ZiZizf wodal^, see croti^. 

ZaZi^ wodave, s. Property in 
general. 2. an ornament, 

So^ wodi, s, A border. 2. di- 
vision, plot or range of rice- 
fields. — ??wJj^ to put borders 
in a field. 

to^ wodi, s. A bubo, -k^^ -t3X 
^^ -©s'Oj^ a bubo to break 

to^^St^ wodipuni, see ZjtS^^. 

2o^oi>j?i wodiynni (^^), v. n. To 
break. 2. to stoop, bend, as 
a branch laden with fruits. 

U^^ wodil^, see £j^. 

z^^^ wodive, see e^rfiS. 

todb, 2udo wodu, woddu, s. Igua- 
na. — ?^o&odoo^, — i»Xo ^ an 


iguana to get into a house; 
{Jig') to have a bad omen, 
toctio^e;^, tocioort^ wodunkel^, 
wodongelf s. The end. 2. 
boundary, limit. 

eorfoortewj) wodungeluni {^^^o-R 

^), V. n. To cease to bear 

?oCl)o20J wodumbu, J. Stupidity. 

2. uselessness. adj. Stupid; 

tarfoo20J^o wodnmbula, see s^otioo 

e«ci)5j?i wodupuni (^^), z'.^. To 

2orS, 2«d^^^ wodJ, wodetaddye* 

^. A kind of cake. 
t>rS woie,adi\ Where? whither? 

-liooWj how far? how long? 

ZiiSK whereto? 
tidt^ wodatana, s. Proprietor- 
ship, mastery. 
e*j?3^dop wodetaruni (^j^^^), t\ n. 

To suffer from the pain of a 

boil elc. 
eozS^Ji wodepuni (s^^), v. a. To 

break or break open. 
iMrSoJjo^ wodeyuni (^^), v. n. To 

t«:lo5j wodeye, ^^^ e^Tio^. 
eolSsSaUj. wodewottu, s, A whole 

UtL wodka, s. End, termination. 

2. bruise, o^//'. Broken. — crooSo 
• the last man. . ^^tij^o, Cjt^<s;o 

inferior rice imported from 

the Ghats, broken rice. 
uA^ wodkelv, ^.Finishing, end. 
ud wodda, adj. Flowing, -c^eS 

flowing water. 

^>) To turn, stretch, cast, set. 

uiz^ woddi 


2o9eL WOtti 

^^e^- to turn flowing water 
into a field ek. #^- to hold 
or stretch out the hand. 
eod- to cast a net. ca>x^«ol_ 
to set up a snare. 
-2oC3e)^ wodd&l^, s. A stalwart 
or well formed man. 

uQ woddi, see croa . 

todb woddUi s. Stubble. 2. J^^ 

torfj Ji wodduni (^^), 2^. ^. To 
hold or stretch out, as the 
hand. v.n. To flow, run. 

2*,^ woddei s. Multiplication 

toriJS^e^rtwoddolaga, s. A royal 
assembly, darbar. 

2o^ wodta, s. A stroke, beating. 
2. gain, emolument. 

Zid^ wodt6, s. A kind of fish. 

tw^^;^ wodtel^, see z^ziiS, 

ZiU^^^ wo4pivuni, c. v. {of z^ 
"^^ To cause to pluck, 
bend, sink in. 2. to lessen, 
diminish. 3. to drain, ^^e5— 
to drain a rice-field after 
sowing or before reaping. 
4. to change, as money. 

todoj wodpu, s. Plucking. 

torfj^c^ wodpuni (^^5), v, a. To 
pluck. 2. to lessen, decrease. 

to2:^el, 2o:3^r9 wodyanei wody&na, 
s, A belt or girdle, made 
of gold etc. and generally 
worn by a devil-dancer. 

t«:l:^or\^ wodyungila, s. A ring 
with engraving worn by 

torf> (i wodyani, su zst^^ 

CoJ^ortG^ wonipgel^, adj. Dry, 
withered ; lean, thin ; also ca> 

is.c^'rffa^, tora^Bj wonakatt^^, wo- 
nakatte, adj. Dried. 2. stiff. 
3. faded, emaciated; cf. ^o« 

Jowtfe}^ wonakelyi, s. Dryness. 
^.see ca)j8j^. 

toC9^ wo^apei adj. Bitter, astrin- 

towo* wonarui, see «>r«5. 

U'^Tf wonas^^, see CA)r855. 

eod wone, s. Bail, security. 
-.9do&) a bail, bondaman. 

to^ wotta, see crux. 

to^fesf. wottat^y, ^. One side. 
adv. Aside, in a corner. — ae 
fcs) to keep aside. 

Eo^oi), eo35^oii wottaya, wotti- 
ya, s. Force, compulsion. 
2. persuasion, coaxing; also 
zisjj^cxix -•i)5;'o^^ to force; to 

to^d wottare, ^^^ c^^i^^. 

t«^6 wottare, s. Extremity, 
corner. 2. order, arrange- 
ment. — oefcft to keep in a 
corner, put in order, —t^^h^ 
to move aside — ria^^si to 

to^^^.d wottakshara, s. An under 

2o3^ca wottana, s. One place, 
or side. ^ , 

uK wotti 


ti»S3||^ woppi 

») To cause to press. 2. to 

•be impressed or sealed. 
I to^ wotti, s. A pawn, pledge. 

— Dftsi to pawn. 
ui^ wottn, s. The mark of 

aspiration under a letter; 

a kerned letter. 2. closeness, 

thickness. -Dfbj^ to place 

closely, fix firmly; to foment. 

^oe5 55f|\^ or z^t^^ to 

reproach or abuse indirectly. 
to%2!i, 2ol^i[vi,wottuttu,wot- 

tottu, «^7'. Very closely. 
tosJ^c^ wottuni, V, a. To press. 
^ 2. shampoo. 3. to seal, stamp. 

V. n. To be close, or thick set. 
to^ wotti, adj\ Single, solitary, 
to^ wotte, see Zj^. 
wi^'d wottele, s. An oppressor. 
a,dn^ wodaCTj ^- Haste, speed. 

— iJo«<j^^ to make haste, to 

todrrssiSc^, wodaglvuni, c. v. (of 

t^xSK^^) To procure, supply. 

2. to prepare. 3. to assist; 

also z^TiT^E^Ahr^ 
t<.drtoJi wodaguni (e^cJ^, v, n. To 

be opportune, or ready. 2. 

to prosper. 
Eodo* wodar^, see t>Ti5. 
2o& wodi, s. Phlegm, phlegmatic 

humour. — ^wo^^ phlegm to 
V gather in the throat, to breathe 

hard; to become hoarse. — < 

^^^ phlegm to rattle. 
tozJoiWci wodeyuni, see ca)c3^s>. 
uzi o^s^c^ woddadpivuni, c, v. {of 

e^c3d^&^^) To oppress, molest. 

t»C3^U woddita, s. Hardship, 
difficulty, misfortune. 2. suf- 
fering from any disease. 

eoD-d tL^^ uxs^ cz^q^^^ wodd&4ani| 
woddidyipuni (^^S), v, n. To 
be in distress, strive with 
difficulties. 2. to be pro- 
strated from illness. 

tocra s^c^ woddlvuni, see a^oa;)^^. 

todj (i wodduni, see c^ocJo^ 

uA wodde, J. Wetness, moisture. 

u^ wona, see -^tS. 

ui^t wonapi, see z^t^t, 

u^vf wonaryi, s. An art, skill, 
cunning. 2. means, device, 
attempt. ^tooSj a contriver, 
schemer; also s^o«;55. 

w^oiri wonantara, see licrf. 

ut,A^ t«^, eo^rt wopage, woppa, 
woppage, adv. Jointly, in 
company with. adj. (^^) 
Joint; accessary; neighbour- 
ing. ej^n;>o3j a companion, 
attendant, e^^ i^tt^crooSo born 
of the same parents, a brother. 

utifT^ wopali, see ^^e/5. 

tij^od woppanda, s. An agree- 
ment, contract. 2. an alli- 
ance, treaty. 

2N^^rfg3 woppasali, s. Flattery. 

t.jSj|^^S?^> to&i^ai3e)53)ji woppivumV 
woppiyavuni, c. v. {of ^^^) 
To cause to consent or agree. 

2. to persuade, prevail upon. 

3. to level. e^sj^y^^oTi a level- 
led field. '"'"'''^^^Sl^ 

uh^ wQppi 


2«d wora 

toixfi woppige, s. Consent, as- 
sent, agreement; compliance. 

to^oijjp, to5j^o3jarsoji woppi- 
yuni, woppiyonuni (^^), v- a 
To admit, acknowledge; to ac- 
quiesce in. "d.n. To agree to, 
assent, consent. 2. to comply 
with. 3. to be fit, suitable. 
4. to resemble. 

too^ woppu, s. Signature, -sro 
«:^^> to sign. 

^o^ :^jr wopportu, see ^it»T^T. 

^oUoiJrt, toUoS wobbantige, wo- 
bbante^ s, A single man. adv. 

2*idv^ womma^ intj. of surprise. 

Lg;jj>^^ wommuta, see a^ozioo^. 
2. harmony, unanimity. 3. see 

t«>s34, womme, see Coo^ 
Sooioci woyana, ^^ ^ocJ^si. 
e«aJj^;o?i woyaluni (a^ocJo^), 7^. n. 

To reel, stagger. 
toO^j woyi, see ^3o. 2. a pole, 

e^objS woyite, ^^^ 2^c«. 
toOS^rf woyina, ^^<5 rfodo?^. 

E..0^3Jr3 woyipane, s, A kind of 

wooden comb to pick lice with; 

also CAJ)TJc3. 
tu05jS3«)4c^ woyipavuni, ^.7'. {of 

ejosjigi^) To cause to draw or 

^o0^^s3)f)woyipuni, 7/. a. To draw, 

pull, drag. 
toOajdoe)23woyima6,^. Feigning, 

pretence; insinuation. 

eoO^ej* woyil^, .?. The force or 
velocity of a stream etc, 

2oO^S^eJ^ woyiia^, see a^^e^. 

SoOdo^ioc^, 2oOdj;^r30c^ woyisani^ 
woyisonuni, see iS^;^?>. 

eool^ woyya, intj, A sound ut- 
tered by labourers by way 
of encouragement when draw- 
ing anything very ponderous. 
~c»Ti3^ to utter this sound. 

ZoOJjgOjJ^ woyyaluni, J6*^ ajcdoexi^ 

toOiy^fi woyyana, see ziocUc^. 

loOiJ^d woyyara, s. Coquetry, 
affectation, foppery. — ^cov^, 
2jcdj9gt)jg?i to be affected or 

^s,D^ worv, num. One, single, 
solitary, esp, in cpds^ as 
— 5k5^ one eye etc. 

&.D* worn, see zs^^ 

toO wora, cidv. Once, at once. 
—z^"^ each time, now and then. 

toOoW^, toCJoyj worant^, woran- 
tu, s. Hatred, ill-will. 2. re- 

lodoUo^worantuni (a»TicO), v.n. 
To hate. 2. to retaliate. 

2.>d^ woraka, s. Gold leaf; gilt. 

eod^ woraka, s. A watery place. 

2odn^ worag^j ^' ^ cushion to 
lean the back upon. — ^i5 a 
wooden seat with a back. 

2odrto?i woraguni (s^^a), t. n. To 
lean the back against or upon 
anything, to recline. 

todyj?) woratuni (a^TiO), v. n. To 
wrangle. 2. to importunate. 
3. to haggle; cf, a^doU)^ 

uti wora 


2od wore 

ZotiU wor&da, s. A collection, 
subscription; c/, ZjoB:R. 

z^6^ woran^, s. A pagoda, coin 
of four Rupees, —t^oc^ gold 
below the highest touch. ^ 
^^eOi- a coin of the value of 
13 gold fanams. 

£oO^, igD'e)^ worata, worita, s. 
Urgency, necessity; pressure. 
2. an urgent demand; im- 
portunity. — eJeS a notice of 
demand for collection of rent. 
— irfo^o^^ to demand, impor- 
tune, urge. A»et^'>~ a peremp- 
tory demand. 

e*,d J worate, s. The name of a 
female demon. 

iodc3c)y woradata, s. Mutual 
wrangling, disputation, or 

J^>dc3e)2i)?:i woradadunl (a^TjcroS), 
v.n. To wrangle, contend, 

toC^a woradi, see ^^r. 

todcjjji woraduni, see z^ciir^ 

titi^ worau^, see a^T^Rj*. 

todzS?)* worabel^, s. Rice once 
cleared of its husk only. 

titi^ woral^, s. A large mortar. 
2. see zsti^- 

e*jd53 worale, s. A termite, white 

tad?J6, tod^o^worasare, worasale, 
s. A kind of sham-fight in 
connection with a temple- 
festival. -iS^i^^, -cszIj^ to 
play this sham-fight. 

UC^ woraha, see zs^^- 

Eodv^ woral^, s. The plough- 
man's song. — JA)C)^^ — e^ow 
^^^ — c»r$j^ to sing such a 

ux:^zty 2oOe>cJ worad^i worada, 

see zs6tL 

toOe)?^ worinv, see zs^^> 

2oO wori, adj. Single, solitary. 

lot)'^ worike, see 2o^^* 

toD53e)5Sc^, ?«53e)F5^J) WOripSvuni, 

worpavuniy c. v. {of z^t>^^) To 

spare. 2. to protect. 3. to 

assist, help. 
2**0sSc^, EoOoijo^ woripuni, wori- 

yuni (2jt>), V. n. To remain, be 

left. 2. to survive. 
toOS, EoDsSo^ woripe, woripely, 

s. Remnant, adj. Remaining. 
toDcd), CooSjF woriye,worye,//'^. 

A single or solitary man. 

empk. — c3, —5 alone, singly. 
eN»dj worn, s. Features, form, 

mark, shape. — ^Xt^^, — *5o 

^eSb^ to be changed, as one's 

features. — ^5^^) to recognise, 

todosS woruva, see a^dr. 
e^do;3c)d woruvara, adv. Once. 
eo6 wore, s. A scabbard, sheath. 
eoSo^oJ) worenkuni (a^^o^), zf. ;^. 

To roll on the ground, in the 

dust or mire; also '60^0^, 
1^6^^ worekallv, s. A touch- 


stone; also ca)t5^6. 
Co5#JS)6 worSkpj^g.QOblitera- 
tion. ' ^ 

tod wore 


todoF wordu 

?od'^a?i woreguni, see a^TiXo^ 
toSsSJi worepuni, see cro^^^ 
to3d^ worepelv, see a^W*. 
Codsg)?^ worevnni (^^, v. a. To 
rub, wipe, cause to corrode. 

2. to tease, trouble ; cf. ca)tJ^^. 
todsJo^ woresuni (e^^5)), v.n. To 

diminish, wear off. 2. to glide. 

3. to fail. v,a. To rub, wipe. 
to^roR^ workann^^, ^. A single 


W^TSh workadi^ adj. One sided. 
2. partially developed. — ^e^ 
a drooping ^r languid person. 
— rf*^^ to cut or pare on one 
side of any thing. ^zJtoor^ to 
develop gradually, as a creep- 
er or the kernel of a tender 
cocoanut. --^dUdOdo one half 
of a cocoanut. 

uiiFiX workadei s, A stick in 
the manure. 

u^s^vxf workarj, s. A single 
leg. -5 croo^^ to stand on 
one leg. 

t»tfjrot3 workumbe, adv. Alone. 

ta^rji^workenni,^. One of the 
cheeks or temples. — ?fo^ 

tortr worga, s, A class, commu- 
nity; a tribe. 2. a proprie- 
tary land. 3. {mere) the 
.ledger (book). 4. transfer, 
shift. — tyoTj, — C33o3o, —cro^ a 
proprietor, landlord. -tfL^ 
to be transferred; also ^7(f. 

t«r\r^Ji worgipuni (^^0, r.a. 
To arrange ^r classify ac- 

counts in the ledger; also 

eortoFji worguni (^Kr), v. n. To 
agree (any food) with one's 
stomach. 2. to have a relish 
for a particular dish. 3. to 
agree with a proposition. 

tgrtr6, tortjaF5? worgele,worgole, 
s, A man who can relish or 
digest anything. 

tortJS^rD worgori, s. The first of 
a breed of fowls. 

UUF worja, see ^^r, 

t«e3F5jJi worjipuni, see liaSr^^. 

toTOF worna, see -dt^r, 

Eoi^F worta. see a^^i*. 

t«3F worti, /r(7«. A single 

z^ir worte, see tj^i. 2. ^^ ^£,. 

udF wordaj adj. Bent, crooked, 
tortuous, uneven. — *«2b5> to 
cast a side-glance, to leer; to 
squint. — c^rio^ to place 
crookedly. — c;>^^^) to talk 
evasively — wjaTi)^ to fall 
obliquely; also ^^p". 

tod^ort 23* wordaigel^,^^. Crook- 
ed, curved; inclined, bent. 

toDsrs^^ wordivuni, c. v. {of a* 
J^^^) To incline, slope, form 
with a slope. 

i^aF wordi, s. Report, news, 
intimation. — rfjabr^ ?i3o630j 
^^ to report, intimate; also 

2oC5jFfi worduni (^5r), z^. n. To 
bend, bow. 2r^o lean on one 

side. Digitized by <^0' ^ 

e«dr worde 


Zk,^ wola 

^odro^ wordeli?, adj\ Bent, ob- 
lique, s. A bend, crook. 

2oC5re3 wordele, s, A capricious 

Zd^F worna, s. Shape ; see -dt^r, 
Zi^Fd 6^^c3 as before. 

ZitiFji womaga, adv. Formerly, 
once upon a time. 

^oc3^r© wornali, s. A single pulse 
or artery. 2. the uvula. 3. 
a swelling in one of the ker- 
nels of the throat ; c/. ^c3»rO. 

Zj^f6 worpaU, ^. A lean, thin 
man. 2. a single leaf. 3. a 
mat made of single palmyra 
leaves. 4. a small mat for 
one person; c/. a^wr*^. 

to^rd worpude, s. Torment, 
trouble. 2. one side. 

to^rd worpude,^. A single load. 

to35r worpe, see Zjbtu 

tocgf^r^r, 2o^r^^ worportu, 
worpoltu, ^. Half a day. -rf 
t3e«3 half a day's labour; 
work that can be finished 
within half a day. 

2o2JF^ worbadi, adj. Single. 
—^ooki^ a garment, a small 
piece of cloth. ad7\ Whole, 
all over, entire. 

t-eord, ZoZ^F^ worbale, worbale, 
s. A single slip of a bamboo. 
2. a bangle. 

uz^FQ worbuddhi, s. Union, 

toCJOF^ worbule, s, A single crop. 
tg2iJc)rrt worbhaga, s. A single 

part, portion or division. 

t^dor worma, s, A vital organ 
or member; also "dTi^r. 2. 
a secret. -^ secret; pricking; 
vital, -rf 8^F^ a vital part, -ci 
S35W a secret that will affect 
a person. 

eorforci virormara, s. The trunk of 
a tree lopped of its branches. 

toSoF, EodoF^e) worme, wonne- 
' la, adv. Throughout, every- 
where, all over. 

JoOijF worya, s. Remainder. 
_^cdir conclusion. — s5od3 
dangerous sickness. 

tg^rworla, s, A seer, a measure 
equal to eighty tolas. -cro5 
a seer of paddy. — 83;)5a;)o3o 
(liL a man worth a seer of 
paddy), a worthless man. 

ts»t)OFji worluni, see CjcJof^. 

t^rfFworva,^. Crookedness, adj. 
Oblique, slope; c/, Sj^. — ca)o 
*3^ to stand crookedly. — sro* 
'^'^^ to talk evasively. 

to3e)Ftf worvara, see ZjTi^^n. 

ZoTiF worsa, s. A year; also ^s^f. 

to0^or(o Ji wol^nguni (Zi^oK)^ v. n. 
To move in a circle or to 
and fro. 

to^ortoji wolanguni (a^ejoK), v. n. 
To incline, lean. 

2ot>ocSe;, 2*^^ocie3 wolandala, wo- 
landale, s. Swoon, fainting. 

2«oo53), to^35^ wolampu, wolap^, 
s. Cleanliness, purity. 2. af- 
fectation in walking. 

to^Q^)?^ wolapuni (^«^), v. a. To 
love. 2. to fondle. *-^ 


u^ wola 


UJi wosa 

ZoV^J^Q^j wolamayi, s. Pasture. 
— c^:!)^ to tie cattle for graz- 
ing; also ero^z^jsoso. 

Loodo, ^o^x)s:?J wolame, wolume, 
s. Affection, love, kindness. 

Zot>?^' wo\2l8i^, adj. Putrid, stink- 
ing, dirty, unclean; also^^^- 

SoSJft) wola, inlj. Behold! lo! 

u>© oli| An affix to verbs mean- 
ing can, e.g, iiis?^0 can 
make, or can be made; ^e 
ifo«5 can go; ^^^c can read, 
etc, ippp, to 8^0^ cannot). 

toO woli, s. A cadjan leaf used 
to write upon. — < ^'^^ ^ 
basket made of cadjan leaves. 

toOs^ wolipu, s. The skin. 2. 
the skin of a snake. 3. shape. 
— ^^^ to cast off the skin, as 
a snake. 

2«©og)Ji wolipuni (^«5), V, n. To 
be possessed with a demon. 

&o©32 wolipe, s. Gratuitous sup- 
plies to persons of distinction. 
2. a present, gift. — ^jsLr^i to 
give a present; also crocks. 

to€)^c3 wolimade, s, A place 
where devil-dancers are paint- 

2o£)ojjoji woliyuni (^^), v, n. To 
favour, be kind, as superiors 
to inferiors. 

ts»^jor(jJi wolunguni, see c^e^oXo^. 

tj«3 wole, pi. 0/ zj^. 

io^s3) woleppu, see 6^. 

uv^ wolpa, see &)?^o. 

t«^ wolpe, s. Purity; c/, s^e^oj^. 
2. scr ZjCt>, 

Sod wolbe, s. A kind of paddy- 

2^ A wolmei see Sjcio^o. 

So^rsrt wollanigi, s, A cloth 
covering the privities. 

loeje) 7;f wollas^, see ^t/^T^ 

ZoO woUi, s. The sheet, i.e. a 

broad piece of cloth, used 

I for covering the body in bed. 

2. a laced cloth for wearing; 

also 2o6. 

tod , to^, woUe, wolle, s. A water- 
snake. 2. see z^c. 


to6ifj»a woUekodi, s. A medi- 
co * 
cinal plant Memecylon am- 


2od wolv6, s. Resemblance, simi- 

toSj wovu, infg. pron. Which V 
what? 2^^<v^ whatever, any- 

eoS3)^o wovulu, see 5j«^o. 

Zii wosa, s. Charge, possession. 
2. subjection; also rf^. — e?2b^ 
to pass into possession, to 
submit; to be facinated, 
charmed. — ^^s> to take 
charge of; to subject, subdue; 
to gain over, enchant, charm, 

toSe©^, e«S?6, toi?€) W08il\^, wo- 
iili, woseli, s. Bias, partiality; 
also -d^^c, -tJo^o^^ to be par- 

t^Tifk, 2«;^oij, to^goSj wosage, wo- 
8aya,wosaye, s. News. 2. the 
ceremony of sending a mes- 
senger to a girl's husband 

tiTi wosa 


tooi5 wo^te 

or parents, with the news 
of her attaining puberty. — s' 
tii^Tl)^ to send such a message. 

tos^o* wosar^, s, A spring, foun- 
tain. ^^-' a fountain-head. 
rioE-^ an oozing or trickling 
spring. ^zL^ a lateral spring. 

ao?3do;;) wosaruni (^7i6)^ v. n. To 
ooze, leak. 

to^?o* wosil^, see e^^e^. 

to^i^e^o wosulu^ s. Collection or 
recovery of any dues; also 
TisifiOo. -lio^o^^ to collect, 

Za^ wola, adj. Inner, internal. 
2. secret, private; also ^«^. 
— #^ intermeddling ; collu- 
sion, conspiracy. 

to^rreob^i wolag5pini(8^«'7TO), r.n. 
To submit, obey. 2. to adhere, 
as to a party. 

to^rbUo. wolaguttu, s. A secret, 

Eo^24o* woladil^, s. A grove. 

under-wood; a fenced wood 
near a house ; also e^8p €. 

ec^doUj. wolamattu, s. The in- 
ternal measurement of a given 
area, or of a hollow thing. 

tj^dje)nr wolamarga, s, A by- 
path, footpath; also cro^'zij^Xr. 

toV^sJi ««Ve>53) wolavu, woiavu, 
s. Curve, bend; inclination. 
2. the mind, secret thought. 

ioV^sJjooao* wolamundil^, s. The 
inner courtyard of a house. 

tAi^Tio^y ti^^ozi^ wolasanci^ wo- 
lasancu, s. Collusion, conspi~ 
racy, plot. 

to^?liei^, wolasutra. s. The inner 
frame of a door or window. 

tg* woli, s. Light, splendour. 

to^sg)N wolepuni (8^^), r. a. To 

ta^sjji wolevuni, see o\)c3ii^ 

toV^, to^i^, 2«^J^, eo^ woltv, 
wolta, woltu, wolpa, see Sj5?o. 

eo^,T?j«)a wollekodi, ^<?^ ea6?fj&a. 

\ t> WO, The twelfth letter of the 

1 alphabet. In MSS. it is often 

written jjoe. 

5o wo, m/y. 0! oh! <7^, &) U5>»ij» 

Rama! Sj e9s3^ mother! 

Lo'S^d wonkadS, s. An effort to 

vomit, retching. 2. heav- 


ing of the belly, -^ouo^^ to 


To listen. 2. to overhear, 

iooSi wonti, see 8^o«^ 
iooiS wonte, ^. A kirf^QPlirge 

^otS wonte 


loCi wodya 

thin reed. 2. a pipe made of 
ioo^ wonte, see SjU. 

iooB^S* wontepuli, s. The sour 
fruit of Garcina cambogia\ 
also .3?3f ^^. Tj^ri^i?. 

ijorfo wondu, {ahbr. of fc^ooTio) 
Where is it? 

iool wonti, J. A blood-sucker, 
salamander. — ^o£^ a swell- 
ing of the face. — i)»5 a 
kind of fish. 

t>^*, io^j^ wokali, wokuli, ^. 
Crimsoned turmeric water, 
-t^u squirtipg . this red li- 
quid upon passers by etc. at 
the conclusion of an impor- 
tant temple festival or of a 
marriage; also Cfdrf. 

to^j; rso?) wokonuni (Sj^^fi), 7^ ^. 
To answer to a call. 

tj2S?J3r30ci wononuni, see Lo^e^^o^ 

lo2^ woci, s, A pair, couple. 
—srotlif) to pair, couple. 

Lti, loti^ WQja, wo>rsa, ^. Light, 
splendour. 2. strength. 3. 
bravery, valour. 

lot3i?> wojjd, ^*«//'. Hailing, calling 
out to a person at a distance. 

totij wojTu, s, A tie, knot. —'^ 
^r^ to tie. 

lolj wota, s. Running, race. 2. 
the current of a stream, sail- 
ing of a vessel. 

tifiS^'^ wotepuli, see £joBid<^. 

iorf wpda, s. A bont, wherry. 
-c^oci^ a boatman, -rf 80d a 

net for throwing from a boat* 
—TiiT^oai a boat-shaped wooden 

iorfO wodari, s, A potter. 2. a 
term of reproach implying 
want of sense. — T?c;ri, — e3e^ 
the potter's work; a clumsy 
or ill-executed work. 

lo^^i^ wodikatt^, s, A religious 
or social association of mem- 
bers of the same caste at 
board, festival, marriage etc.; 
cf. ^jazioXCj. 

lo^sj^, Lrfo wodil^, wodu, s, A 
potsherd. 2. a tile. 

iorfoji woduni (S)5), ^. «. Ta 
run. t3e5^ roots to spread 
in every direction. 

io:l wod6, see e^A 

t*:!, LcSn* wdde, wodeg^, culv. 

Where? 9^. fc^o. 
L^Obj wodreyi, ^ir. ^/ SjTi»i> 

t>c3 woni, s, A lane, alley. 

Lei wone, see W)??. 

t>fSc3e)o3^ wonedaye, s. An areca- 

nut planter. 2. the name of 

a caste. 3. a lame man. 
Lc3c)5^c^ wodavuEi, c v, {of SjcJj^) 

To cause to read, to teach 

how to read. 
i«a?^, lodo wodige, wodu, s. 

Reading, perusal. 
lidoji woduni (2^5), v, a. To 

read, peruse. 6iS5 ^rf^^ to 

read over to another. 
lorf^ wodya, ^^^ srosi^ogle 

ticSc) wona 


io^ wole 

ii^rarfo wonama, s. The first 
letters with which a Hindu 
commences his studies, mean- 
ing 'I make obeisance to the 
Infinite'. 2. an alphabet. 

ii2i?2e)6 wopasale, see a^^^Jd 

io33c)a wopadi, adz'. Like, ac- 
cording to. 

loSg) wopu, s. Polish, -si 48o33g 
a fine kind of sand used for 
polishing jewellery, --^sf^tr?), 
— srotl)5i to polish. 

ijSc3e)o3j wopedaye, pro. What 
man ? inlj. An expression of 

iitSe^* wobel^, s. The song of 
women sung while transplant- 
ing rice-plants. 

ioSi> woma, s. The seed of bishop's 
weed, common caraway, Si- 
son amomum^ Ptychotis ajo- 
wan, 2. any small seed. 

loS3o woma, see coj^e^. 

io^fi womana, adj. Darling, 
dear. s. Fondness, tender- 

Lo5j woyi, intj. A polite form of 
£) used in hailing, or in ans- 
wering the call of a superior 
person. Sjodj» sir! 

loO^j^cS woyikkane, s. A quill 
of a porcupine. 

i«ai^ woyya, see e^odog. 

i>o^y worata, see soj»e^w. 

i>0 wori, s. A kind of whisky. 

LOt^ worige, J. Grumbling, howl. 
2. tallness, height. 

ioOOaosj^ , LO^ woriyillv, wo- 

rill^, s. A hut. 2. a house 

with quarrelling inhabitans. 
ioDoJooJi woriyuni (^5), v. n. 

To grumble; ^^^ a^?)^^. 
lodo^ worunl (5j^), 7'. n. To 

prate, babble; to wrangle. 
ioS wore, «^//'. Crooked ; bent. 
LS'^JS^dworekore, ^^'. Oblique, 

uneven, irregular. 

i**^?4f^» tj3x4?> worsvuni, wo- 
rovuni (s^^, 5j^a), v.n. To be 
grumbling; to quarrel conti- 

tiCl^fi woryuni, see Sjocx5,>o?). 

ta^ri wolaga, s. A royal assem- 
bly, durbar. 

lo^rt wolaga, s. A band of mu- 
sicians. — cTOoSo a musician. 
—liiv'j^^ to play upon musical 

tj^05o wolayi, s. Menial service 
of Pariahs. — ctocAj a menial 

io'e^o^^^Ji wolayipuni (Sjcposo), 
V. a. To serve. 2. to do ho- 
mage, [ever. 
•lo^DO^o wolayi, adv. Always, 

LS woli, ^. A festival in honor 
of cupid; bet. ^jse^?. 

Io07^ wolige, see Ase^^* 

lo©crfj, woliya, ^. A furrow, 
trench in the earth made by 
a spade or pickaxe. — ^^^^ 
to make a trench. 

L^J wolu, adv. As, like. s. 
Likeness, resemblance. 

Ld wole, s. A metallic ear-ring. 
2. a palmyra leaf rolled up 

tid wole 


!35^o ai^lu 

and put into the hole of a 
female's ear. 3. a letter or 
epistle inscribed on a palmyra 
leaf. —71)^ the carrier of such 
a message. ^tS^jaggorymade 
of palm juice. 

lo«3rt w5lega, see SjcjX. 

t>e3rio?i wolegnni {^^^,v.n. To 
sit in state. 2. to lean, recline. 
3. to tremble as a demon- 

tj€s:5oraon* wolemanangv, s, A 
kind of fish. 

L^ w61ya, sec S^ecxio. 

to4 wovu, intg. Which? what? 
io3oJ«)? woho, intj. Oh! oh! 
L«n« wolig^, adj. Flexible, pli- 
L«^ri wolige, see ^Ae'ff;?. 

io^o wolu, ««/i'. Where? -^^ ^ 
s?j3etfoe;3, Sjvsocie;^ anywhere, 
everywhere. ^f^- ^^ji,» ^^ 
«*o Tli wherefrom ? whence ? 
Ci^ of what place? ^^ 
where? whither? in what 
place? whereabout? 

L«5 wole, see he>. 

tJ au, The thirteenth letter of 
the alphabet. 

So^Jc^ aunkuni (2Fo^), 7-. a. To 
press down. 

CofeJo auntu, s. Arrogance, in- 
solence, pride. 

S?o^?> aumpuni (S?o), r.^. To 
chew, mumble, bite softly. 

CWj autu, s. End, termination. 
— c??b^ to be finished. 

Sc? aude, s, Dolichos catjang \ 
also ^'A'&^ 

23i auta, s. The letter S? in 
combination with a conso- 
nant, as in ?f3. — ^jatrgj to 
combine it so. 


C^rs, Sv^Fi autana, autana, s. A 
grand dinner. — rfo-s^^ to 
give such a dinner. 

23c3e)Oijr audarya*. see crocssxi. 

Oa audi, ^. ^^i-' ®^^ 

Cd^^^ audreka, ^^<? crod;?^. 

Cd aura, ^^'. Light, not heavy ; 

Cf, 3oXOTJ. 

25i^o^ ausaknna, see ^t,t^o7i. 
Osid, ?3^q5, 12^^, esio^ausada, 

aushadha, aushadhi, ausudhi, s. 

Medicine. 2. a drug. 
S^ ausa, see ^ca^^^. 
5!s?o a^lu, see es^^o. 

, Digitized by 


^ ka 


^oe4 karici 

^ ka, The fourteenth letter of 
the alphabet. 

^o^te) kankana, s. A bracelet. 
2. a sacred string tied round i 
the right wrist of a bride- 
groom or the left of a bride. 

^o^C9^c>0 kankanakhira, s. Bo- 
rax used in soldering metal. 

^o^rS, ^o^fl kankani, kankane, 
s, A bracelet of gold or shell- 
lac, with prickly chasings. 
— 30«^ a shell-lac bracelet of 
similar form covered with 
Dutch metal. 

tf o^fl kankane, ad7\ On the face, 

^0^33 kankapp6,J- A small ham- 
mer, especially used by gold- 

^0^2^^ kankabhatte s. The as- 
sumed name of Dharmaraja 
while residing in disguise 
with Vircxtaraja. 

^o^D^?>, ^osooio^ kankari- 
puni, kankariyuni (2ro?ft)), v, n, 

, To hawk, force up phlegm 
with a noise ; to clear the 
[ throat; to hem. 

\ ^o*cS kankini, sec ^o^ti. 
[ ^0^031, ^o^JS^^ kankushta, 
kankoshta, s, A kind of fra- 
grant drug, used as a cos- 

^o'S^otf kankula, s. The armpit. 

^o* kanke, see ??o?r^a^. 


^on* kan^^^, s. The areca-nut 

'S'orics kangana, see 's^cssr©. 

^ori^^, ^orre>53^ kangal^, kanga- 
1^, adj\ Destitute, poor. 2. 
weak. 3. inferior. —^^ po- 
verty, weakness, —^h^ to be 
poor; to become weak, or 

^oA^S x?or\^, ^orio<^, '^ortotf 
kangil^, kangila, kangula, kan- 
gula, s, A kind of dancing 
among pariahs at a particu- 
lar season. 2. a song sung 
at the time. 

^ortoD kanguri, s. Enchased tin 
foils used in decoration. 

^oeors), ^oec'e; kannana, kannila, 
s. A small plate. — r;© oao a 
flat earthen plate, —sow^^ a 
hollow plate. 

*oe^^ ^ozi^y ^oi5e)^ kancala, 
kancala, kancala, s. The bitter 
gourd, Momordica charantia. 

^ot^ kanci, s. The town of Con- 

^ot§ kanci, s. Gong-metal, bell- 
metal. — ^otf a vase. — 's'tlD^ix) 
woj metallic utensilsof a de- 
mon shrine. —^^^6 q, lamp- 
post with circular tiers of 
lamps, —eroa^c^ a vessel made 
of that metal. 

^ot^'S^zij^i kancikimakshi, s. 
The name of a>-goddess at 

/^ . Diqitized by VjO' 

(Jonjeveram. ^ 

^oe4 kanci 


=5oC5e) kanda 

^o^5^l:0oj, =3^02^^^ karicikayi, 
kancipuli, s, A kind of bitter 
orange used in medicine. 

^o^^d6 kancikare, s, A kind of 

vo^n^6 kancigare, s. A worker 
in bell-metal, brazier. 

^o2*cl, '^0'^^ kancini, kancini, s. 
A dancing-girl. 

=^oc^^* karicil^, s. A vow made 
to a demon. 

T^oc^o kancu, see ^cel. 

T#otikanJa,5. Alotus. 2.see'&odi^ 

n^ouOA kanjalige, ^. A kind of 

^oe3 kanji, s. A calf. 2. the 
pestle of a grinding stone. 
3. a sheaf of hay. 

fioT^Jt)^.^ kanjolu, ^. A kind of 

^ots^ kanjya, ^. A bag or metallic 
vessel in which pilgrims put 
their oflferings. 2. a wicker- 
work used for storing rice 

^oU kanta, see ^c:^. 

^oLi, ^oej^ kanta, kantaka, s. 

Danger, peril. 
^oeis^ kantavn, s. An iron style 

used for writing upon palm 

^c53 kanti, see ^on>, 

^o23oiJ5)s3j5ikantiyavuni, c, v, {of 
is'oaoiooft) To stir up a quarrel. 

^oeiojooji, ^oLJ>^5ikantiyuni,kan- 
tyuni (^o^), T,n, To quarrel, 
fight, ^otogu a quarrel. 

^0^3^ kantel^, s. The neck, 
throat. -i3, — ^s C5»:y swearing 
by the neck. 

T#oi3r€J kantyele, ^. A quarrel- 
some man. 

^ocJkantha, s. The neck, throat. 
-5j»Sj9f© up to the neck ; swear- 
ing by the neck. — oij^e? an 
ornament worn round the 

T#oUe>c^dra kanthabharana, s. A 
kind of necklace. 

^oG«)^d kanthakshara, ^. A gut- 
tural letter. 

^o&, "^o^i^d kanthi, kanthisara, 
s, A necklace of gold beads 
worn by males. 

'^o©d«)o3j kanthiraye, s. The 
name of a certain king. ~^t» 
^ a gold coin issued by him. 

^oo*, '^oG*a kand^, kand^di, 
adj. Stolen. —"ivTit stealing: 
adultery. ^roS^M^ a woman 
who has become pregnant by 
adultery, vlg, 

^oo^tS kand^ji, ^^^ ^SoaS. 

^oCa kanda, s, A field. 

^oCo kanda, see soorf. 

"iodt^^ ^oc^f^kandani,kandanye, 
s. A husband. 

^odfl kandane, see sootiS. 

^oziobj) kandapini, ahbr. of ^ao 

'3'cae>2o{3. kandabatte, adj. Con- 
fused, out of order. 2. un- 
reasonable, improper, ad?'. 
Confusedly ; at random : im- 

^oz^ kan4a 


^o{^ kannf 

properly. — SoXor^ to roam 
about. — s35*do^ to prate, 
prattle; to abuse; to speak 
^oa«)^i?i kandavuni, s€e rfjsozl) 

^o^ kandi, s, A hole, opening. 
2. a window; cf. sooa. 

^0^^ kandita, see »oaa^. 

^oarfjd kandimara, s. The trunk 
of a tree cut down for sawing. 

^ocij kandu, s. A thief. 2. a 
knave, rogue. 

ifovbri kanduga, see sdork>7(. 

liozL^ kanduni (^^5), v. a. To 
take. 2. to steal. 

is'od kande, s. A bulbous root. 
2. the stomach. 3. bottom. 
-w)Tii^ (/iV. the stomach to 
evacuate), to be hard pres- 
sed, bothered; to be done 
up. — s^sTl)^, to suffer from 
colic. -^Xt^^ to grow or 
appear above the surface of 
earth, as the trunk of a cocoa- 
nut tree elc. 

^orS^oU kandekutti, s, A dwarf. 

^orSne)3 kandegare, see ^ozio. 

^orSooJooJi kanderiynni (3?o:S5), 

v,a. To make a cut. 

' 'fiod^ kandel^, adj. Thievish, 

L stealing. — a^c^ thievishness, 

theft. ^oiS6 a male thief. *o 

tS^ a female thief. 

t^ozSjsrsjJikandonuni, 7/. re/, {lii. 
to take for oneself) To steal, 

tfoR* kajin^, s. The eye; the 
sight, vision. 2. the nipple of a 
breast, pap i'/t:. 3. a rent, tear. 
4. the eye of a needle. 5. the 
star in a peacock's feather. 

-SJ «)T^ out of sight. -SJ OEl^ 

the eye-lashes. — ci ts'oTije^o, 
—rf t5^ the eyelids. — ci rfja^, 
—d lioocS the outer corner of 
the eye. —^ ^^^^ — ^ ^^ ^^® 
eye-ball. — cJ^ a speck in the 
eye. —^ tnS a film on the eye. 
-.^?^or the rheum of the eyes. 

the pupil of the eye. — ci *^o^ 
the eye-brows. — ?>?5 tears. 
-^e5 :3j^^ to shed tears. — eSeS 
sore eyes. — ^^ liberality, 
prodigality; eagerness, -i^ 
d^ a man given to winking. 
— ;^oc5 a beck, wink, -^t^^ 
an estimate made by looking 
at a thing, a rough calcula- 
tion. 5j^ a squint, leering. 
^oT^oTl)- a blind eye. t3e-^— a 
sickness in which the eye- 
lashes fall off. ~CA)rf5 *J?L^, 
— ^zs*>5 ^eSb^ to become blind. 
—Zj^ ^ to wink. — e^so 5 ^je> 
hrTi to instigate, encourage 
by winking. — iSrUOj^ to blind- 
fold, deceive. — '^^^oi to stare 
vacantly, be puzzled. — ^js 
■do^, — '^og'o^, — ^^Coioo^ to 
doze, be sleepy. — a^^c:), — ^^ 
7io>^^, _20o(W)^^ to open the 
eyes. — sraiio^ to^swoon.T — ^ 

«5^^ to stare. 

i to^^woon.T 

^of^ kann^ 


=3^crfj kandu 

=3^05^020^ kann^mberu, s. Talk- 
ing in sleep. 

^of^^^fe^ kann^katt^, s, Blind- 
folding, deception. 2. jug- 
glery, conjuration. -crooSo a 

^oC9 kanna, see ^o?^. 

^or©o2odoji kannambaruni (^cr©o 
2^^, V, n. To talk in sleep. 

i^oC9^ kannadi, see ^c^^a. 

^or^^oioo^, ^or^zi^Ji kannadi- 
yuni, kannadyuni (^op«S), v.n. 
To be confused, perplexed. 

t?oc©rfJ5)0^ kannamal^, s. The 
morbid secretions of the eye. 

T?of^c)6 kannire, adv. With one's 
own eyes. 2. clearly, dis- 
tinctly. — ^S:^ to see for 
oneself; to see clearly. 

^crS kanni, s. Fibre. 2. gummy 
exudation from the outer 
fibrous covering of a cocoa- 
nut. — ^Tj Caryota urens. 

^oraoc;^' kannuccu, j. A 'kind of 
insect, infesting the eyes. 

^oflv©^t3 kannoji, see s^oAseaS. 

^os* kant^, ^. An instalment 
or stipulated period of pay- 
ment, —tj^ a written con- 
tract to fulfill an obligation 
by instalments. --'^'^^ to 
agree to pay a debt by in- 
stalments; to fix, settle. 

^03*, =^o« kant^, kanta, s. Depth. 
2. a precipice, steepness, adj. 
Deep. 2. precipitous, adv. 
Deeply. 2. precipitously. -^ 

2^^ to fathom the. depth of 
water. —DeL^c^ to plant deeply- 
_(^^^, __;g»e2b^, see ^oic5 ^^h^ 

'S'o^rSkantanfi,^^^'. Inclined,bent 
downward. — ^J^w^ a spade 
the edge of which is inclined 
inward. -*eb^ to walk with 
downcast eyes. 

^o3e)sSc^ kantavuni, c,v, {o/'^o 
*3^) To cause to fall or sink. 
2. to prick. 3. to offend. 

=^0^ kantu, see ^o§. 

T?o^Jc^ kantuni (^o^), v. n. To 
sink, go down. 2. set, as the 
sun etc, 3. to be pricked, 
as with a thorn, razor etc. 
4. to take to heart. 5. to be 

^0%^^ kantel^i, s. Sinking. 

=tfoC3^ kand^, adj. Dull, faded. 
2. inferior. ^eSjss?^ inferior 
silver. — ^et^) to fade; to be- 
come pale. 

^0:3^^, ^od^kand^ka^kandaka, 
s. A ditch, trench. 

^odot:) kandambi, s. The excre- 
ment of a new-born child, 
calf etc. 

=tfoc2^ojo kandiya, s. A space of 
four months. 2. assessment, 

^ocyssjji kandavuni, c. v. {of ^o 
^^) To render dim or dull. 
2. to deteriorate the actual 
state or quality of a thing. 

^oc3o kandu, see tS'oS. 

^ocSo^ kanduni (^oS), v. n. To 
fade, wither ; to be wan. 2. to 

voA kande 


^0^^ kammu 

become dim or dull. 3. to be 
vexed, annoyed. 

^0-:^^ kandelv, s. A pitcher, 
large pot. — aio»ij»:i a drun- 

itfods3*2jj?dj kandel^buru, s, A 
kind of creeper. 

^odJ^Q kandodi, s. An adder, 
viper. — ;!3o3s?^ wicked people. 
t^e^— a broad hooded snake. 
3'^^— a grey coloured snake. 
a?5— a water-snake. §^«5— a 
yellow spotted snake. — eojaT^o 
a kind of creeper. 

"^ori kanna, s, A hole. — ??ot5L^ 
to bore a hole. 

^o^zi kannada^ s. The Canarese 
language. aJj, Of or belong- 
ing to Canarese or Canara. 

^orS:^^ kannadaka, s, A pair of 
spectacles, an eye-glass. 

^o?ia kannadi, s. Glass. 2. a 
mirror. 3. a pair of eye- 
glasses, -we; a network for 
suspending earthen vessels. 
— eo5? a glass bangle. 

ifofSz3o:^<)0^kannadeyuni, r,n. To 
suffer from morbid secretion 
of the sore eyes. 

^or^do^ kannader^, s, A class of 
Canarese speaking Sudras. "So 
{ cii B. man of this class. 
\ ^oji kanni, see tJorf. 

io^'S kannike, see ^e3g. 

^0(5jsee3 kannoji, s. A class of i 
professional thieves from the 
ghauts. 2. a rogue. 

^ojj kampa, sec Xcjj. 

^o3i kampa, s. Agitation, tre- 
mor. 2. hesitation. 3. terror. 
2fj^ an earthquake. s5ep^>_ 
diffidence in public speaking. 
ffoc;>5 tootJ;^^> to frighten ; a 
fish to draw away the fishing 
tackle, when it has caught 
the bait. 

^oioijoji kampiyuni (^o^, 7'.//. 
To tremble, quake, as with 
fear. r. «. To make a notch. 

^o20, "^0^ kamba, kambha, see 

^o2on*, ^o23e)C3*, ^o23?)5T kam- 
bad|^^ kambad^, kambap^^ see 

^o'Ci kambi s. The borders of a 
cloth. . 2. a flat bar of iron. 
3. a wire. — ^^^, — c:>e^^ to 
run away. 

=3^0200^, ^owjs^ kambula, kam- 
bula, s, A bullock race in a 

^oz3e5 kambeddi, s, A steel plate 
with holes for drawing wires. 

^o23^x)P" kamberlu, s. Demons 
worshipped by pariahs. — *j» 
Wo a hut of such a demon. • 

^o23js<9 kamboli, s. A blanket. 
—^^ a species of hairy cater- 

^ozi^ kamma, s. A pillar, post. 

^0^^55)6 kammare, s, A black- 
smith, [fective. 

^o^j kammi, adj\ Deficient, de- 

^orioj^osrJj^kammukimmu, tnfj. 
Disturbance cau^ W ,talk- 


Digitized by VjOQQ IC 

^ooSo kamme 


"^zi kada 

^osS^cij ^osi^rf kammena, kam- 

yana, see ^^oerf. 
^o^r karnka, s. The state of 

being to burnt or singed, — ^ja 

hr^ to fry, roast. 
^o'^r^j karnkallu, s. Gravel, 


hard sand. 

^o=5«)FcioJi karnkad^^ni (e^oi^rS), 
7'. «. To burn. 

'aoZ3c)r5jJi karncSvuni, c. v. (cf. 
0oeior^) To cause to burn 
to cinders. 

^oeSorJi karncuni (Potior), v, n. 
To be burned to cinders. 

^oLJr karnta, s. Obstinacy; ha- 
tred, grudge. — 3ja|0j^ to be 
obstinate; to have a grudge. 

^ob-)r5j^ karntavuni, c.v. [of 
'S'owor^) To blacken, scorch. 

■Solbrji karntuni (s'oGr), v. n. 
To fade, become pale; to be 

^ozSr karnde, s. The shrub 
Sphaeranthus hirtus, — ^'^si) 
"^ the tree Carissa carandas, 

^otiTh. karmpakki, ^. A kind 
of small bird frequenting a 
sugarcane plantation, fcane. 

"^otoJF karmbu, s. The sugar- 

^0 worri karmbuda, see 5'&?roo8oo7l 

^oeJOF*^ karmbuni (^o^r), f*. ^. 
To mutter. 

^oe3r^j karmbelu, s. A stingy 

^o?3 kamse, s. Krushna's uncle. 

^^, '^^\ kakka, kakka, J. Sedi- 
ment. 80j5^o5j:i— putrescence 
of sardines. 

=3^^^U kakkata, ^. 



^!5^2:)Tf9j6 kakkabikkare, s. 
Alarm, fright, adj. Crooked. 

^«^6 kakkare, see ^a^^^. 

^^^s^c^ kakkavuni, c, v, {of^"^^^ 
'^) To cause to vomit. 

"^"^^ kakkuni (^^e), ^'. a* & ^. 
To vomit. ^M~ to emit poison, 
as a serpent. 

^^0^;^^ kakkusv, s. A privy. 
— iSo^'o^^ to go to stool. 

i^'S, kakke, s, A crow, ravea. 
— T?j!>eG a black kind of fowl. 
— TiooSrojo a kind of black 
shelled oyster. 

^T?, kakke, ^. Cassia fistula. 
— ^^ its tree. 

^^ozS©* kakkendel^, ^. The 
shrub Canthium parviflorum ; 
Citrullus colocynthts, 

^^jS),e^ Se)?j^ kakkokaslstra, ^. 
A treatise on women. 

^2Srs kanapa, see ^foasre. 

^e;^^e^ kacakaca, inlj. A sound 
produced, as when kneading 
any glutinous substance. —*» 
!&r^ to tread or knead any- 
thing to a jelly. 

^"^^^ kacakka, s. A sound pro- 
duced by a stone falling into 

li'^h^y ^tJ^ot* kacapici, kaciku- 
ci, s. Confusion, disorder. 2. 
reducing anything to a jelly. 
adj. Gummy, sticky. 3. zig- 
zag; difficulty to decipher or 
read. -OOgk 

^^ kaci 


^tS iJi^i 

"fizii kadfta, see sozi^. 
*t:^d kacara, see *«^g^^. 
tfzjJd6 kacurei ^. A clever man. 
^fel?0 kaceri, s, A public office. 

w)Oa^- the Tahsildar's office. 

3gaift5- the Collector's office, 
i^'^a kadcakadi, s. A tortoise 

^fzi d kadcade, s. An outcast. 

^tro kadcS, a^*. Green, unripe; 
raw. 2. silly, indiscreet. 

3. base, low. 
^ta^ U kace&ta, ^. Quarrelling, 

fighting; dispute. 
^t^t>zi^^ kacdadani, v. a. To 

iift?e)S^c^ kaccavuni, c. v. {o/^d^ 

^) To join fast. 
^3^ kacci, see ^e^. 
^ta kacci, s. A notch, incision. 


— ssatlD^ to make a notch. 
^t4 ^ci kaccikada, see ^^^2^ 

to ' '^ 

^^ C3c>o3j kaccidaye, ^. A native 

of Cutch. 
li^jp kadcuni (^^), ^. ^. To 

be joined fast. v. a. To bite, 
l^jdd kacciira, <r. A fragrant. 


root of the Zedoary Zeruvu 
bet or Curcuma Zerumbet; 
) Kcemp/eria galanga. 

^zl kacce, s. The end or hem of 


a lower garment gathered up 
behind and tucked into the 
waist-band. — ^'wo^^i to fasten 
the under cloth behind ; any 
fluid to run down the rim 

while tilting; to turn the tail 

between legs, as a dog. 
^2^0^, ^2^o!3 kajantf, kajanti, 

see tf;rfoG, 
^tdo^o^ ;!) k^ammadymi, s. The 

tonsure of a child. 
^t;js* kajak?, s. An oyster or 

cockle shell. 2. a cocoanut 

shell, rfj&ee^^ the shell of a 

black oyster, 
^t^^oc^od kt^aknruvei s, A kind 

of basket, 
i^ta^ k^akJ, adj\ Variegated 

with white and black. — Tfus?& 

a white fowl streaked with 

tftetJ kaJanJ, s. The green stuff 

floating on stagnant water, 
'^tidofi kajanini, see 'fiiMo^ 
^fciS^), ^23e)o3) kajavu, kajavu, s. 

Rubbish, sweepings. 2. see' 

^e)c5 kajanft, see soajDcJ. 

tft353) kajipu, s. Curry. 

^t3o* kajil?, see tfvfi^. 

^?S kaJJ, s. A kind of grass 
growing on brackish soil. 
2. an acid substance accu- 
mulated on the teeth by 
chewing betel leaves. 

^?2 kaje,^^. Dark-red, reddish. 
— «5& an inferior kind of rice. 

^^z^^ kajepuni (^^), v. a. To 
chew. 2. to husk with the 
teeth or beak. 

tfeScSo?^ kajeruni (^^^, ^'. ^. To 
waste, as time. 2. to lose, as 


^«S kaje 


T^ij^ katt» 

sleep. 3. to delay, put off, as 

work or labour. 
^23©* kajelv, s. The after-birth, 

"ik^l^ kajelpuni (^*S), see 

^t3e>3^ kajj&t?, ^. North-west 

.•rf«e)0i3 kajjiya, ^. A cake made 
of rice, jaggory and ghee. 
25o2i— a sweet preparation 
consisting of dhoU, gingely 
seed, jaggory, cocoanut, and 

^e3 kajji, see X^. 

^t^p kajjura, see Xa85. 

«^92 kajje, s. Business, work. 

^I^rfjjj kajjeruni (^|^5), jf. «. 
To be interrupted, procrasti- 

^\;^'i:kf kat^kut?, s. The noise 
produced in biting or chewing 
any hard substance. 2. un- 
easiness in the bowels. 

TJi3^si)?gf^kat^^iia8tv,^^<? XO^ioS^. 

'j^y^fej katakata, s. Babbling, 
chattering. — sra^do^ to chat- 
ter; to speak harshly, -^o 
A^ to laugh noisily. 

^y^cS katakkane, adv. Readily, 
suddenly, at once. -3jrf^?i 
to speak harshly. 

^feJ^S katale, J. The shopkeeper's 
open box for putting in cash. 

^b^'S^oU katakuti, s. Confusion, 
disorder, disturbance. — sto 
^j»c^ lumber, things lying in 

confusion. — tooSjjcoSo a quiet 

"rfte)© katari, see ^ttoD. 

"iks^^ katavui s. Reaping. 

t^ije)^ kataksha, s. A glance, 
side-look. 2. mercy, favour. 
— ^j»ea«>ii?> to show mercy. 
— oeb^ to regard with favour. 

*8j(i katina, see ^or«. 

'SiJSjiJ katipiti, ^. Wrangling. 
2. disagreement, misunder- 
standing. — aiSbr^ misunder- 
standing to arise. — zi>5^^ 
to wrangle ; to haggle in mak- 
ing a bargain; to disturb, 
as by babbling. 

^Uod, ts^UvOd, 'j^BjSfd katura, 
katura, katora, adj. Harsh, 
severe, cruel; of. ^©r*. 

^lidie);2ori katkarohini^ s. Black 
hellebore, Helleborus niger. 

^^3^ katt^, s. A band, hoop. 
2. a tie, bandage. 3. a bundle, 
packet. 4. an order, com- 
mand; a regulation. 5. a 
bond. -^^^ a law, institute, 
usage, routine. — ^j&o fixed 
hire. — T^^r^ to loosen a tie. 
— ^4^oi to unfasten ; to cancel 
a rule. — zSo^o^^i to make 
a resolution, or rule; to ex- 

^i^^osi) katt\^kamma, s, A fixed 

^fe^i^d katt^kada, see ^Ti^U^ 

^fa^.^a katt^^kadi, s. Determin- 
ation, settlement. 

^fe^ katt» 


^^ katte 

tkf.'iid kaftfkad^, ^. A final 
arrangement or resolution. 
-^ finally, at last, on the ex- 
treme point. 

^^t^$ katt\^kathi, s. A fable, 
novel, romance. 

«tffc^e3^katt^lme, see «Uj^. 

t^k^Ce);^ katt^vasv, s. A rough 
kind of cloth. 2. a piece of 
cloth to wrap up clothes elc. 

^kX katta, s. A dam. 2. ^^^ tfS^. 

tf Jd katta, see tf sj^. 

^UcQ kattana, s. An embank- 
ment. 2. any earth- or stone- 
work. 3. a building. 

*y.C9tJ?ci53) kattanaciravn, s. A 
bag with divisions; also Xw^o 

^Ui^ScS kattapuni, s. An em- 
bankment between rice-fields 
or across a water-course. 

tfidd kattalme, s. A building. 

^ej s? kattale, s. Custom, prac- 
tice. 2. an order. 3. a rule, 

^b?.,tfoU kattakutti, see ^iro^ofcl 
ej eJ •• 

*be).cS kattani, ^. A necklace of 
ej •• • 

I five or seven strings of gold 

' beads, each having a gold coin 

in the middle. 

*Ij|j45> kattivuni, c. v. (of, ^wj^ 

^) To cause to bind or tie. 

2. to have a house etc, built. 

3. to supply. ^A- to supply 
with vegetables. 

tfi3|j^5> kattavuni (^^, v. a. 
To winnow. 

^Sirt kat^ige, s. Fuel, firewood. 

^yoj kattu, see tfO^ 

^Ik^d kattnttara, s. Adjust- 
ment, settlement. 2. order 
command. 3. the pacification 
of a devil. 

^UOjJi kattuni (^C^), v, a. To 
bind, tie, fasten, secure. 2. to 
build, construct. 3. to set, 
as jewels. 4. to amass, as 
wealth. 5. to deposit, as money. 
6. to pay government dues. 
«II5 rfjaSbr^ {lit, to tie and 
give) to erect for another, 
as ^^ ^13,5 "iAhv^ to build 

CO 13 

a house for another; "^^^^ 
rfjft&r^ to submit voluntarily ; 
«35>gaJo ^Gj5 rfjjLr^ to refer a 
dispute for arbitration; ^^ 
tS'CjS rfjftbr^ to lease out a 
land. tS'C^S d«L^ to store, 
amass; to forbear, as from 
showing one's pride. ^0^5 
C9?l>^ to confine. ^^^ ss^M)^ 
to argue closely a point in 
dispute, to contest. 
tfUo^djjyjj kattnmuttu, see ^lio 


^^, katte, s. A raised seat of 
earth or stone. 2. an altar. 3. 
an office. wc»^^— a post-of- 
fice. ij»^^— an embankment 
round the tulasi plant, ^o 
?fci- a custom-house. —33^^ 
to suffer loss, be ruined. 


^&, katte 


^d kada 

^i3.^ kattevu, s. A flea. 

'^aJS.r^Oc^ kattonuni, ^'. reft, {of 
^woj^) To bind for oneself. 2. 
to supply oneself. S3»35— to 
commit sin. 

^B, 'S^iS, katle, katle, ^^ ^w^^. 

^.Se)D kathari, J. A dagger. 

'j^QCc) kathina, ^^'. Hard, harsh, 
severe, difficult. — 5^t5to^ a 
cruel man. — srorfd a severe 
expression. — ^^eX a serious 
disease. — 5|jdcxjo a hard 

"i^Sja^dkathora, adj. Severe, hor- 

^C3«o^i^ kad|^ncil\^, see '^'^^' 

^C3^ot3, ^zs^odoe^ kad^nji, ka- 
djnjeyi, -^^^ '^sS^. 

^C3^o20o kadpabu, ^. A kind of 

^a<^o2553 kad^^mbele, ^. A miser, 

^x^t kad^ta, s. A cut, incision. 
ejo^e ?fS*jjXo ^zS he cut it at 
one stroke. 2. see ^zi^. 

^Q^^d kad^tale, ses s'S^^jA 

^C5^C3* kadjdv, see ©S . 

^23^53)?^ kad^puni, ^^^ ^^^ 

'i^a^rio kad^ma, ^^<? ^^^. 

*:3^^o kad^me, ^. Prido, vanity. 
2. ostentation, vaunting. 

'^n'rid, ^cs^?5c)s3 kad^sale, kad\^- 
sale, s. A devil-dancer's 

=^Q^^N kad^^stana, j^^ XS^i^s^. 

^rf kada, j. A loan, debt, —"^a 
SiP- ^ to lend. -z3j|^^ to borrow. 

tfrfodkadanda,^. Grinding. -^^ 
a grinding stone. — tfoa3 a 
grinding pestle. 

^c^otoo^ kadambal?, s. The space 
behind the hearth. 

^■doVi^ kadambale, s, A kind of 
poisonous snake; also ^^«3. 

^rftffe^ kadakattj, ^. Monetary 
transactions, lending and bor- 

tfci'rf;:^ kadakda, see XrfXzi. 

"e^cirl kadaga, s. A bracelet. 

^c^^ kadata, s. A cloth covered 
with a composition of char- 
coal and gum, and used in- 
stead of a slate for writing. 
2. the skin. 

^dcii kadadu, su ^'S . 

*^cJ3j kadapa, s. Distance. 2.. 
about half a mile. 

'rfrfs3e)s3)?i kadapavuni, cro. (o/"^ 
ri^^) To cause to pass. 2. 
to help one to ford a river. 

lizit^ kadapu, s. A ferry. — ^^ 
a stone placed across a stream 
for crossing over, — crooSo a 

^ri^ kadapu, s. A rheumatism 
of the joints. 

•^d^Jdoci kadapuduni, c. v. (of ^ 
Ti^^) To despatch, forward, 
send away, dismiss. ^5^^^^ 
rfjaSbr?) to accompany one for 
a short distance out of civil- 
ity ; to follow the remains of 
deceased relatives to their 
last resting place. *^ 

"id kada 


^d^ kada 

^d5j?i kadapuni (^rf), v. a. To 
cross, ford, pass. v. n. To 
elapse. 2. to surpass. 

i^rfsS^ kadapel^, s. That which 
can be crossed over. 

^zi^d kadapyade, see =^^^ 

lid^ kadama^ s. A stag, elk. 

^dd) kadame, s. Deficiency, de- 
fect. 2. remnant, adj. Less, 
deficient; remaining. ^^— 
difference, about. — c^b?) to 
become less, be diminished. 
— •i)^^ to lessen, reduce; to 

"^zi^ kadayi, s. A boiler of 

liiiti kadara, s. The companions 
of a bride, bridesmaids. — t? 
^^ to choose a bridesmaid. 
~cro^ a bridesmaid, —d ^b 
cdj9i3 a gift of four rupees to a 

"tfrfdoji kadarani (^^5), v. n. To 
croak; to caw. 

^zi^ kadalvi s. The s6a, ocean. 
~'3i'??j, ~to5 the sea-gull, -cto 
€;5)09j the bone of a cuttle- 
fish, —crf'i^ the foaming surges 
of the sea. — zJoaS a sea-hog, 
dolphin. -835)d a kind of fish, 
— ^t> a sea-snake. —Sij^S a 

i^rf^ kadalft, s. Bengal gram,GV^r 
arietinum. c3e;^ the ground- 
nut, Arachis hypogace, 
^ds^ ka^avu, J. A turning-lathe. 
2. a wooden shoe. 3. a silver 
anklet, -cszl^^ to turn in a 

lathe; to wear anklets, or 
wooden shoes. 

"^dTf kadas^, see Kxi^, 

^C5e)'^(a kadikadi, adj. Resolute, 
decided, strict, exact. 

^iie)0^ kadayi, see ^rfoso. 

^C3e)S kadara, ^ee ^^t^. 

^ae>s3) kadavu, see '^ri^. 

tfa kadi, s. An opening, pas- 
sage. 2. a small fragment, 
bit. 3. a small passage. —"^ 
w^oi to block up an opening. 

^^ kadi, s. Broken rice; adj. 

^^^ kadita, see ^5^ 

'^^^^ kadicili^, see ^g^^- 

^asSo kadime, see ^Ti^. 

^(^oi) kadiya, see ^ooij. 

•J^acrfoj Jikadiyuni {^^),v. n. To be 
cut in two. 2. to break down. 

3. to give way, as a dam. 

4. to dissolve, as friendship. 
"S^^o^, ^dd^cjkadir^, kadiratana, 

see ^2^?5. ^ 

^a;3e)C9 kadivana, ^. The bridle 
of a horse. 

'rfa^D^ kadiry, adj. First-born. 
— ^c^ primogeniture. — crooSo 
the first-born son. 

^a?o^ kadir^L, s. The plant Sida 
' retusa. 

^xi:i kadu, s. Pungency; seve- 
rity. 2. excess; extremity. 
adj. Pungent. 2. extreme, ex- 
cessive. 3. severe. — ?r<y^^, 
— 3j»)z1)^ to poison the fish. 
—"^^^ excessive trouble. — ^^^ 

^do kadn 


Tid kade 

very bitter. — xfjae^J excessive 
passion or anger. —^^^ a 
very liberal man. — sroSb a 
great sinner. —^^ excessive 

fid^oz^xf kadumbar^, ^. Drowsi- 
ness, dreaminess. — s3*>#do^ 
to talk in sleep; c/. ^fioa)T^. 

^doo25 kadumbe, see *^^. 

tfcio^j, ^zio^ kadupa, kadupu, 

see ^ti^. 
^dotjo kadubUi J. A kind of 

^ci)rfojlb. kadumuttu, s. The 

extremob point. 2. severity, 

sharpness, adj. Extreme. 2. 

severe. — c$ t5ec3 travail. , 
^d^zy^Q^ kaduviyi, s, A kind of 

^ciosS kaduve, s. A hero. 2. a 

courageous man. 3. a clever 

tfdo^ci kaduatana, see XS^^c^. 
tf c8 kade, s. Verge, edge, margin. 

2. end, extremity (7r point. 

3, place, side, direction, adj. 
Last, final, ultimate. 2. low, 
mean. '-w>oa3 the fruit of the 
last crop. — 93c; (/iV. last time), 
end, death; evil; distress, 
— ^j»aTOoS without head or 
tail; forlorn (7r destitute; stu- 
pid, absurd, senseless. — ss 
0&5 a retainer, adherent, —^ci 
the last day; the day of judg- 
ment. —^7^79^ a low, mean, 
or stupid man. -A&eW a 
side-glance, leer, — eroojo the 

corners of lips. — c^ci>r dis- 
qualification. —TioE the hip, 
waist, esp, of cattle. — ^j8t1>?> 
to come to an end. — ^2b^ to 
witness the end ar destruction 
of anything, ^^^dx^^^^ to 
threaten with evil, —a^^io^ 
to avoid, escape; to recover; 
to get through a task. — tl«e 
Tios) to pare or lop the top. 
— •Jo^j^^ to conclude, bring to 
an end. — oS39Ti)5> (a woman) 
to commit adultery, odsc. 
^•ioowjj^ ^ifdoz^^ to come to 
a conclusion or decision. 
^€eTi)^ to finish, terminate. 
«^^ finally, at last. ^^ t^f 
h^ to keep aside. ^«5^ ^^ 
^> to gather together in one 
place. ^^^ €eii)?i to be an 
adherent of. ^^^ ulti- 
mately, finally, at the end. 
^^e the very last, final. <»— 
that side. ^^^ this side, cros^ 
oaorf- inside. Ibdosod- outside. 

*c3o2iSj?:> kadenduni (^o?S"), ?'. ^ . 
To knead. 

^zS^ofS* kadekannj, ^. The outer 
corner or angle of the eye. 
2. a side-glance, leer. —5^ 
^h^ to look askance ; not to 
be well disposed. 

^c3tf i^ kadekattv, s. The settle- 
ment of a dispute. 2. a double 
cross-beam. 3. a wooden 
square in front of an upper 
story, supported on posts. 

^tSSc)^ kadek&r?, ^. The heel. 

^d kade 


^rs kana 

^rlrtoe kadeguri, s. A pit used by 
the rope-pullers when work- 
ing a country water-lift. 

^rfdzioji kadeccuni, see ^otio^. 

^iS2)?i kadepini (^^), v. a. To 
bite, champ, gnaw, grind. 
w>oaj— to chew the cud. "^aC-^ 
to gnash the teeth. '^'&h'^€^ 
a grinding stone. 

itfiSejsf^, *c3ws^ kadeball?, kade- 
ball^, J. The ropes with which 
a water-lift is worked. 

=rfrSaJoOfi, "^zSoSji kadeyuni, kade- 
vuni (^^, V. a. To stir up, 
turn. 2. see ^h^- 

^d^P kaderuni, see 'gziTi:^^. 

^d;i kadesa, s. Delay. 

•tfrSsc'SSjJi kadesavuni, c.v. (o/^ 
iSsJo^) To delay, detain, stop. 

^dTi^p kadesuni (*^5^, v. n. To 
be late, to delay, tarry, linger. 

^d\^ kadei, see tftiow. 

*^d kadira, s, A sword. 

A ^ 
'rfao* kad6il», ^. A turning 

lathe. — S33^5> to turn in a 

lathe. — craoSo a turner. 

^Q kaddi, s. The fibre or vein 
of a leaf. 2. a very small 
stick. — e5)xi^, ^^^ «^^. 

^rf A kaddya, J. A pitcher, water- 

«rfci oci kaddyana, s. A bridle, 
reins, bit. 

^^623e)0^ kadtalebayi^ ^. A 
quarrelsome person, 

"^d^^ kadtel^, s. That which is 

^4^ kadtelu, s. A prattling 

*C3^ kaddv, s. Severity, rigour, 

harshness. 2. the strength of 

wine eh\; also — tto^^. adj. 

Severe, harsh. 2. strong. 

—zj;>td a harsh word, ^^h^ 

to be severe, strong. -^ 

v^o^cd to make strong. 
^cs^y kddata, s. Cutting. 2. 



tf^^ kadpatti, ^. A bill-hook. 

^zL kadpu, adj\ Excessive, be- 
yond limit, etc, — ^^^ ^^ 
oversweet confection. — cs)^;:^ 
a very harsh wor^. --.f^oT^B 
' gold containing a larger pro- 
portion of alloy than usual; 
c/. ff ^. 

^d^^ kadpuni («5), v. a. To cut; 
to fell down. ^^^^ a stone 
cut from a quarry. 

'z^c^kadma, see ^n^- 

^d, "ftzL kadle, kadle, see ^rf^s. 

^v^ kana^ s. A square piece. 

T^oS^— the piece of cloth from 

which a female's bodice is 

lit^ kana^ see ^5^. 
^ra kana, ^. a, {imperat. of rfjao 

rkh^) Bring. 
^rao20dj?i kanambaruni, see ^o 

^ci^ kanaka, s. Fuel, firewood. 
t^rati kanaja, s, A granary, barn. 
tfK>r;c3 kanapade, s, A Jtind of 

^C9 kana 


T^i katte 

tree, having poisonous milky 

^rssifl kanapane, s. A stupid 

ierrsSjOjkanapar?, s, A jaw-tooth, 

^rs)2ie;o5j kanapalayi, s, A plank 

for the driver to stand upon 

in buffalo race, 
^rsobji kanapini, see ^j^oTih^. 

^rc)33 kanape, adj. Bitter, astrin- 

^c^s3 kanale, see ^J5ir«e3. 

^rS kani, s* A ditch, trench. 

i2rr3o3)c^ kanipuni (s^rf), v. n. To 
be hardened by burning, as 
an earthen vessel. 2. to be 
afflicted. oi)?J5J— to be depres- 
sed, dispirited; the heart to 
l)e hardened. 

^raSo kanime^ s. A defile or pass 
between two mountains. 

^cSoSo kaniye, s. An astrologer. 

^ziS kanile, s. A tender bamboo 

^fl kane, s, A slender bamboo 

^rf kane, s. A blight incidental 
to rice crops. ^03ji_ a blight- 
ed ear of corn. 

•^d kane, s. The quill of a por- 
cupine. — s5oaS a porcupine. 

^floA^, ^rfoA kanengf^ji, kanengi, 
see ^e3o?\. 

^i^rls^^ kanepuni (^rf), f. n. To 
have an acrid or astringent 
taste. 2. to rot. 

^drftfj kaneparu, j^<? ^^ressdx 
^p|^ kanepe, j^^ ts^cs^S. 
^rfojjjj:) kaneyuni, see '^tii^^ 
^rlo^ kaner\^, s, Astringeucy. 
^flo^ kanel?, j. The thick end 

of grass or straw. 2. a small 

branch of a tree. 
"^ds^c^ kanevuni, see ^f5^^^^ 
^f8j?)ob5 kanopini, see ^>»orih^, 
=3^f^js^ kanole, j<?^ "^jsrecJ. 
'Z??^ kannn, j^^ s'of©. 
^rs) ^6y. kannakatt^, ^^ !f o^^O^. 

^t^^^O" kannanir?, see ^ofi^e^ 

under ?^of^. 
^pSj:? f e3 kannoji, see is'oA&eaS. 
t^i kate, see "6^ 
^^ katta, ^, The coir or fibres 

of the cocoanut, used to make 

ropes with. 
^tS^ kattari, see '^^j:>, 

^^Ooijjj), ^^^jikattaliyuni, 
kattalyuni (^i^), ^'. «. To set, 
as the sun; to get dark. 2. 
to droop, as one's spirits. 

^^6 kattale, ^. Darkness. ^S-, 
^^fo^ pitch dark. ^^^ the 

^^Sj kattavu, see ^^. 

=3^^S?^ kattal^^, s^ Cash, ready 

money, ^/^. 
=a^ katti, ^. A knife ; also ^£^. 
^|p katte, s. An ass. 2. a silly 

creature. — ^ocSr a hayena. 
^|p& katteri,^. Scissors, shears. 

2. an betel-nut cracker. 3, a 

rat-trap; dj/j^ ^oO-oqIc 

fii^ katte 


^C3^ kadrj 

T^^Oa^ooJ), ^Ij^OoJi katteriyuni, 
katteruni {"^f^^.v.a. To shear, 
cut with scissors. 

*3^cs) , 'rfs^fi katrina, katrana, 5. 
A compositioa of chunam 
and other ingredients used 
for flooring. 

^2p, ^q^r^ kathe^ kathana, s, A 
story, narrative, narration, 
history. 2, a fable, tale. tn^j. 
Ah! cTOcJ— wonderful! ^^ 
^sJoX narration of a story. 
tf qroT^rf a delightful (?r pleasant 
story. '^x?n)7io7(js6 a collection 
of stories; a compendium 
of history. 

^o*o33 kad^mpe, see tfrfo^ 

^n^^^^ kadjkijlj, ^. A vital 
part of the body, as the heart. 
2. the side. [tafif. 

^n*o^ kadi^rij, s. A spindle, dis- 

"tfdocS kadampe, s. The decayed 
part of timber. 2. a chip, 

^do^od kadamsara^ ^. A per- 
fumed braid made of the 
*kedagi" flower. 

^dfi kadana, s. War, battle. 

'j^cSfS kadane, s. A swivel-gun. 
— 80oZ^^ to fire a swivel-gun. 

'^csoS ^cJdo kadari^, kadaru, ^^^ 

tfd^^oji kadaluni, j^^ s^iSca)^. 

^zi6 kadale, s, A rag. adj. Rag- 
ged, tattered. 

^Dt? kadike, s. The Huriallee 
grass, Cynodon Dadylon, 2. 
the name of a village. 

i^a^? kadike, s. A granary. 2. a 
depository for the receipt of 

'^DfS kadine, see ^dcJ. 

tfa^S kadipu, ^^^ ^cJo^. 

.^asg)ci kadipuni, su ^i3^^ 

^asSo kadixne, see iS'De^. 

'Z^aoJo kadiya, a^^. Strongly, 
well. — i^ouo^ to squeeze well. 

^Oo^ kadir^, <?. An ear of corn. 
2. ^^^ ^55. 

•S^G^sjo kadima, «^'. Of long 
standing, veteran, experi- 

^aesSo kadime, J. A veteran, an 
experienced man, a servant 
of long standing. 

^cSo kadu, s. Grit. 

^cJo^S kadupu, see ^c^. 

lii^ kade^ ^. Catamanial dis- 

*d^fi, ^dod>o?i, 'z^dsj^ kade- 
puni, kadeynni^ kadevuni (^^7 
V, a. & «. To disjoin. 2. to 
pull out, strip off. 

^c3^* kadel^, ^^*. Loose. 

^c3e>oJi kadeluni (^«3€), zr.^. To 
become loose, slack. 2. to 
shatter, tatter. 

^dJ2£) kadoli, J. A species of 
plantain, Musa sapientum, 

=a^cJoi^ kadpu, s. Stealing, theft. 

t^c5o kadpu, s. An ear of ripened 
corn. — cJoXo^ an ear of corn 
to bend from its weight. 

Digitized b- 

^D^ kadrj, see ff55. '-^ 

^^rS^^ kadro 


^^ kappa 

^dJS.s^o kadrolu, s. A kind of 
edible grass. 

^ci kana, s. A dream. -^ ^^ 
a vision ; chimera, fancy. — sSo, 
c^5^ (///. dream and mind); 
sleep or wakefulness, used 
negatively — ^wo,^, c. dot. 
— *jsSb5) to dream. [eoTiDS). 

*cio2JdJ?i kanambaruni, see ^oreo 

^pi^ kanaka, s. Gold. ??e:?w>£p75?^ 
showing honour or devotion 
by pouring gold coins on 
the head. — e^^rer gold dust. 

^^ti kanape, see ^r«^. 

^Jitf d kanikara, s. Pity, compas- 
sion. — sSj^^ to pity, have 

*f^^?, ^5>oiooji kanipuni, kani- 
yuni, see ^^54^>. 

^c^^jojdD kanimnri^ s. The smell 
of smoke. 

^Jie3 kanilJ, see ^fpW. 

^^3l kanishta, ^'. Small, little. 
2. young. 3, base, inferior, 
low. — ^ lowest 

-3^(3 kane, j<?^ ^A 

ifj353^4?i kanepavuni, c. v. {of "^ 
^^^) To afflict, cause trouble. 
2. to harden, as the heart. 

^fS^Ji kanepuni (^c2), v.n. To 
be afflicted, troubled. 2* to 
be hardened; see ^rf^^. 

^cSo* kanerj, see !^j85. 

^cSs^?i kanevuni (^cS), v. n. The 
skin to be discolored by a blow. 

^fi^ kanna, see ^otS. 

^?>^, a 


^fici kannada, ^^<? ^o^. 
^fi^a kannadi, j^ ^osiZi. 
^^^kanni, see tfopS. 

^^ kanya, s. A virgin, young 
girl; also i^cSo, ^s^rf, fSr^fo^o 
rw. 2. the sign Virgo in 
the zodiac; the sixth solar 
month. — «^ virginity. —^ 
€5^^ an offering to the dead. 
— c$ rfoso the first crop. — d 
33^5 a kind of grass. — a>a> 
t1>, — t3e5 the country sarsa- 
parilla, Hemidesmus indicus. 
"^ts^^Ti giving a girl in mar- 

^^ kapa, see ^^. 

^tM kapata> s. Fraud, deceit ; 
hypocrisy. — 7^t5, — ctocAd, — ^^ 
*25B a hypocrite, dissembler. 
-^^A the guise of hypocrisy. 

^tid kapade, s. A gluttonous 
woman. 2. cloth. 

^3Ju, is'sii)^ kapala, kapila, s. 
The scull. 2. the temples. 

^33e>ls^ kap&ty, s. An almirah. 

^S3e>oao kap&yi, s. A greedy 
woman. 2. middling, as liquor. 

tf5b kapi, ^. A monkey, ape. 
— jlesc^ja monkey's trick; teas- 
ing. — =5^w^^> to mimic, ape. 

"^h kapi, s, A pulley. 

^h^ kapila, ^. A tawny colour. 
adj\ Tawny. *-»iw^, ^'b^ the 
founder of the Sankhya philo- 

^^t kapura, see ^^rd. |.j 

'S^ kappa, ^. Tribute, an offer- 

^^ kappa 


Yfu kaba 

^^od kappanda, ^. A sling. -^* 

a sling stone, 
^s^s^, ^^^9 ^^^ kappada, kap- 

padi^ kappad^^ s. A dirty, 

tattered cloth. 
^t,d kappade, s. A snipe; c/. 

'^^d kappadi, adj\ Dirty. -'O'oouo, 

^^o^ kappar\^, s. A portion of 
a large earthen pot, potsherd. 
— ^2. ^ a flat kind of cake, or 

CO ' 

— TSa«^ a kind of bread, baked 
in such a potsherd. 

^^0^ kappar^, adv. On the face. 
— axa^?) to fall on the face. 

^^c^?io^kappar|^8uttu, s. Gal- 
vanised iron, zinc. 

^s^Oofej* kapparanti^, s. A fabu- 
lous beast. 2. a glutton. 3. a 
rake, debauchee. 

^;^do^ kapparante, s. A tad- 

tf ^o^ kappal?, s. A ship. -^fjaeC) 
a game cock. — a3eT^rf& a kind 
of cumin seed, Nigtlla sativa. 
— ^2» ;i^ — iOT^^ to go on 
board a ship. 

^cQl kappu, s. Blackness, dark- 
ness, adj. Black, dark. — ^e 
i5 a dark or dejected face. 
— srozio^ to conjure or divine by 
putting a black application 
on the palm ; cf, ^o. 

^5^ivQ^ti, "rf^^ijsv^ro kapputo- 
laciy kappatolasi, s, A kind 
of mint shrub, 'Holy basil,' 
Ocimutn sanctum. 

^a Ji kappuni (*^), ^. ^. To eat 

^^ kappJ, A frog. -?fofi5 large 
eyes. 3^*^— t 3^^>- a green 
frog. —^0*^, — tX©«X a disease 
of cattle, dogs, etc. — t^oB a 

t^g^^josJsi kaprasuttu, see ^^5 

^5i kapha, ^. Phlegm, -^wo^^ 
phlegm to accumulate in the 
throat. — ®^^^ to expectorate. 

tf ts^ci kabfcai s. A short jacket. 

t^t) kaba, ^. The space between 
the fingers; cf. *tl — ^^ a 
bifurcated branch. 

"S^uoqS kabandha, ^. A headless 
trunk. 2. water. 

^eooz^ kabandhe, s. The name 
of a giant. 2. a short-necked 
man. 3. the moon's ascend- 
ing node. 

'^^J'S^ kabakei, see under ^zo. 

^2oU kabata, see ^^Ju. ??20B a 
dissembling woman. 

^2jQ^C3e)0^ kabad^darji, x«//'. Be 
careful! ^eoScro&T? care, cau- 
tion; control. 

^203^ kabati^, s. Drill, military 

^20 D* kabar^^, j. A forked or 
lateral branch. 2. a forked 
stick. 3. a report. 4. news. 
adj\ Forked. — ctooScto:^ a 
heedless <?r negligent man. 

t^zoD kabari, ^. Tufted hair of 
females. ^'^'"'''^ ^^^8^^ 

^23e> kabi 


^d luira 

fizji>k;f kabity, ^^^ ^sraO. 

'?#t:)doji kabiduni (^855), ^. tf. To 
strain, as the gruel of boil- 
ed rice. 

*2:)oioo5) kabiyuni {'^^),v. a. To 
besiege, surround, overwhelm. 
2. to overspread, as clouds; 
also ^ecooft. 

^2:)eo*ne);!3, ^^e6 kabuTjidftse, 
kabire^ s, A celebrated Hindu 
saint, once a Mussulman. 

'rftJOQ^, tfcjjsiQ^, ^jojs© kabul?, 
kabulf, kabali, s. Agreement, 

^200^ kabale, arij. Tawny, of a 
yellowish dark colour, —^h^ 
to get ripe, as the gingely oil- 
seed, s. A tawny coloured 

^e3 kabe, ^. A forked stick, adj. 
Cloven, forked. -#^ the cleft 
between the thumb and the 
forefinger. — ^jb^cw a post 
forked at the top. — zioS a 
kind of fork-shaped grass. 

^233*p kabetti^, ad;\ Tawny, of 
a yellowish colour. 

^233pkabetti,^. A tawny colour- 
ed cow. 

=a^2o kabca, see ^^ti. 


t^d, ^2^ kabbe, kabya, adv. 

Topsyturvy , upside-down . 

—zizrLi^ to overturn. — Wjado^ 

to capsize, upset. 
^^:>^ kamala, s. The lotus, 

Nymphea nelumba. 
=3^rfj?v^ kamas^^, see X;l)c3. 
=^ dj73* kamas^^, There is none, vlg. 

^do?o^6 kamafltire, s, A sea- 
custom superintendent. 

^dje)cs*, ^;jje)fij kamanv, kama- 
nu, s. An arch, vault. 

=3^rf3e>0^ kamayi, j. Gain, income. 

^^jSi kamiti^ ^. A committee, 

^rfj. kamma, see *o*i3, 
^Oos kammii see ^o^, !^ti*5o. 

5^^, "^^cJ kammena, kamyana^ 
^. Smell, odour, scent, fra- 
grance, savour. 

"^ojj kaya, s. Depth, as of water 
etc. 2. swamp, adj. Deep ; 
also ^ocJoXooZ^ 

•j^ojo kaya, ^^^ w>cxi3. 

^o4)3^ kayappa, adv. Entirely, 
wholly, all over. 2, well. 
-^^^ to plough well. ~^ao^ 
to anoint or besmear the whole 
body. — ^^^§i to mix. 

'S^crfjsSo kayame, s. A kind of 
rice; cf. «>&. 

i^ojj^ kayal?, ^^<^ w)ccb^. 

*oa^5j kayipu, ^^^ ^aS^. 

^05:^ kayipe, ^^^ *^^- 

^oS)^©^ kayil», see ^^6. 

=er0Sjs3 kayile, see v^os>:>e: 

^:5 kara, J. An earthen vessel. 
ejoaSsi- the stomach. —^l€ 
cooking utensils. 

^d kara, s. Pollution from death. 

^d kara, s. The hand. 2. the 
trunk of an elephant. 3. a 
spark, ray of light, as tiN^ 
the sun. ,zedbyGoogle 

'^d kara 


'^ti kara 

•rfdoUoc^ karantuni, see tfouor?). 
^6ody T^docS^karandi^karande- 
[ 1^^, see ^ozSr. 

^do£ karampiy s. A wound. 2. 
see ^53. 

'tfdosSe}^ karampel^, adj. Perfo- 
rated, bored ; having notches. 
J. The scar of a wound. 

^dozoj karambu, see ^oa^or. 

^dotooji karambuni (^lio^), v. a. 
To prune, cut off, as super- 
fluous branches of a tree; to 
' clear away, as bush, e^c; cf. 

<e^doe3o^ karambelf> s. A kind 

of coppice, 
^tftf karaka, see i^r. 

'rfdt^d karakara, s. The noise 

made in chewing, sawing, or 

"Stif^^y ^d^6 karakari^ karakari, 

s. Annoyance, trouble. 2. 

grief, sorrow, distress. 
^drt?3^ karagas^^ see Xt^f?}. 

^dTTe)^?^ karagivuni, c. v. (of 
*dXo^) To melt, liquefy. 2. 
to affect the mind, make a 
person's heart melt. 3. to 
afflict, cause sorrow. 
L tf drtoc^ karaguni, v. n. To melt, 
' dissolve, liquefy. 2. to be- 
1 come thin or lean; to waste. 

3. to become affected, soften- 
ed; to relent, melt with pity; 
also ^TSKE^^h^. 
^dzS^^O^ karajikayi, s. A kind 
of fruit-shaped cake. 

^da^ karad\^, s. Wastage, loss, 
wear. adj\ Rough, coarse; 
worn out. — wXa3 waste paper. 
— 5ftf^^ a rough copy, -c^b^ 
to be worn out. — iio^o^5> to 
waste, spoil. 

^da karadi, s. A bear. -&odo 
g^oSo a hairy man. 

tf d^rt karadigJ, s. A small box. 

^liijL karadu, see ^dS. 

^tit^ karanai s. An organ of 
sense. 2. cause, instrument 
or means of action. — ^odo the 
three means of action, name- 
ly, •i3At>es5)W)jCx^ the mind, 
speech and body. 

^Czi'iy '^tid^'S karanike, kara- 
nike, see ^rfr* 

tf dse)^, karatala, s. Cadjan. 2. 
a mode of beating time with 
the hands ; also ^^ss^, ?rTJ33<9. 
—£3^ cadjan leaf. 

^d^^ karapuni^ v. a. To repulse, 
drive. 2. to urge. 3* to clear, 
remove. 4. to digest. 5. to 
waste. 6. to cause abortion; 
c/. '^Ti'^;^?^ 

tf dd karapJ, s, A notch or in- 

^d35e>o karapelu, s. A trouble- 
some or mischievous woman. 

^^^6 karapele, s. A trouble- 
some or mischievous man. 

fttizirf karabas^, see i^erorca. 

^dcxJj karaya, see ^uacdo. 

*d^ karalft, s. A swelling. 

t#d^ karavi, s. A mould.^glc 


<^d kara 


^0 kari 

'titizi}^ karavnni (^, v. n. To 

be dissolved, melted. 2. to 

be digested. 3. to miscarry. 

•^dsS karavJ, s. Phlegm. -=#Ae^ 

pulmonary phthisis. 

^ti%^ karal^^, see '^€f. 

^d^ karale, see. tW^. 

^OTa karadi, s. A class of Mah- 
ratta Brahmins. 

^crac5* karanike, see ^p5rt?. 

^ac)23^ karabv, adj. Filthy, dirty, 
unclean, bad. 

^0e)rfo3*, tfDe)sio^, karimat?, 
karamatiy -y. A miracle, won- 
der. 2. the power of doing 
wonders, elc. 

^Dc)Oi) karaya, s. Phlegm. 

'^o^tf , "iu^^ kariTT^, kararu, ^. 
An agreement, contract. — •io 
^0^^ to make a contract. 

^u^^^ karavali, s. The sea- 
coast, coastline. 

^Oe)53)c^ karSvuni, see ^t^^^. 

^De)^ karalu, adj. Frightful, 
terrible. — Aaet5 a frightful 

^0 kari, s. Chimney soot. 2. 
charcoal, or any thing burnt, 
as the fibrous covering of a 
cocoanut, straw eic. adj. see 

iit> kari, s. An elephant. 

^D kari, s. A bar with which a 
door eic. is fastened. 2. a 
pole fastened to a load, by 
which it is carried on the 

^0 kari, s. Castration. —^j^rk>^ 
to castrate. 

=?#0o^ karink^^, s> Sediment. 

^OozSoJi karincuni, see ^otior^k. 

^OtS^Drt karyirigj, s. Black 
cummin seed, Nigella sativa. 

^OcSgkarinelli, s. Country goose- 

«^O^ji karipuni (^^), v. a. To 
deduct, subtract. 2 . to spend. 
3. to remove. 

tf oS, 'tfOsSo^ karipJ, karipel^L, s. 
That which is deducted; 

^Ot^i^U karibiti, s. The real 

•^023^^5, ^Dcdj23^sJ karibevu, 
kariyabevu, s. Bergera koe- 
nigii^ called the curry-leaf 
tree, the leaves of which are 
used for seasoning. 

'tfOrfod karimara, s. Blackwood. 

'tfDoJo kariya, adj. Black. 

^Ooi) kariya, s. A ferry. 

•^DoJoiJS^e* kariyatolagi, see tf^ 

^OaJodo kariyadu, ^. A black 

•^OoJocS kariyade, ^. A black man. 

'tfOoJorS^ kariyanekki, s. The 
three leaved chaste tree, Vitex 
trifolia. 2. the plant Gendor 
russa vulgaris. 

'^OCxJjrfjcS kariyamani, s. Black 

'^Oaiosjojz^^ kariyamudyala, s. 
An aromatic plant, Andro- 

^D kari 


^^r karka 

pogon Jwarancusa^ with 
fragrant roots. 

tf Dai>o?i kariyuni (^^), v. n. To 
elapse, expire, pass as time. 
aux. V. To be able, or pos- 
sible. tf^cdsjoD sJoXS an nn- 
avoidable business. ^05 ^^h 
^ to die; to drop down; to be 
over. oSio^ ^pe»5oi3 ^OcxJooS I 
must go by all means. 

^0?a karidi, s. Price, value. 
-•iiv^o^Si to settle the price; 
to purchase. 

tf ^ karn, s. Vulture. 2. see Xxij. 

^doo20jji karumbuni, see ^TiXo^ 

^do'^ooeoo:^ karukumbnda^ see ^ 

^do^odo karukuru, s. The noise 
made in chewing any brittle 

'^dL>2^(oUokarugdntu, s. Boiled 
and dried areca-nut. 

"rfdocs kamna, s. Mercy, pity, 
kindness. -^«»o^Si to show 

!#do5S karnpu, see ^^f. 

•rfdojooji karubuni, ^^^ ^dXo^ 

^dotfo kamlu, ^^^ *^^- 

^6 karJ, ^^^ a>^. 

^6 kariy <f. The seashore, coast- 
line. 2. the bank of a river. 

3. land, as opposed to water. 

4. border, edge. 5. the co- 
loured border of a cloth. 
— T^v land-wind. — sroo by 
land. — s^cSo ^, — ^ocii^ to 
touch or reach the land; see 

^z^jii^ -.£jTl3^ to sailjnear 
the shore. — ^w^^ tojfastenja 
selvage; the horizon to be- 
come cloudy. —25^^ to sail 
towards the land. -»ATi)^ to 
escape to the shore ; to escape 
from danger; to recover from 

"id kardy s. The pole to which 
a bucket is attached in a 
country water-lift. 

tf d kari, s. A parish, a social 
or caste jurisdictional divi- 

•rfSosS karempft, see ^o^. 

^6obJi karepini see ^odw^ 

tfd^Sc^ karepuni (tfT5^, v. a. To 
make a notch or incision. 

^d&& karemedi, s. The sides 
of a border in a rice-field. 

f^6al>Jc^, '^t^^ kareynni, kare- 
vuni (^^, V. n. To crow. 

^6e]^ karelf , s. The mark left 
on the skin by wearing any 
thing tightly. 

tf 6005 kareluni (^^), v. a. To 
leave a mark on the skin, as 
by dressing tightly etc. 

tfdisoo karolu, see v^tSa^^ 

^6j5«?o karolu, pi. of^. 

^^*r kark^, s. A very tender 
cocoanut. 2. its tender shell. 

tf^rsS^ kark^^puli, s. Garcina 

^^r karkaf cidv. At once; sud- 
denly. 2. sharply, violently. 
^^e^^ to bite sharply -wo^ 
4o> to grow or ripen fast. 

^?i(r karka 


•s^^r kartryi 

i^Fki karkata, s. A crab. 2. the 
Cancer in the zodiac. ^^fB 
a female* crab. 

tf^rrlrfoos;^o, karkademullu, s. A 
kind of ttiorn. 

'rftfri^ karkattalJ, see w^Krue, 

^i^r6 karkari, see ^tt^o. 

t^^ri, ^t#r;i karkasa, karkasa, 
adj. Violent, harsh, unkind. 
2. cruel, hard. 3. intangi- 
ble. 4. miserly, —^ec? cruelty; 
hardness ; unki ndness ; in- 
tangibility ; avarice, niggard- 
liness. ^"^fI a violent or 
wicked woman, ^^r^ a vio- 
lent or wicked man. 

^^t>Fki^ karkataka, see ??3^ru. 

'rf'rforou):^ karkumbuda, s. A 
pumpkin. 2. an ash-gourd. 

i#r(Fodtf^e3, ^r(r^6 karganda- 
kattalJ, kargattalfe, see TOXr^«3. 

^rtro^ kargayi, see XXroso. 

^ne)rs3) J) kargSvuni, see '^ny^^/^. 

•^Ar, ^riora kargi, kargudi, s. 
A very black woman. 

^rbrrl kargude, s. A very black 

•rf^^^rfej kargota, s. Hardness. 
2. hard-heartedness. adj. 
Hard, hard-hearted. 

^rtJ^erU/^ kargotige, s. A hard- 
hearted man. 

^tJr karfii, ^. Expenditure, 
expenses, 'tsi^ct- household 
expenses. -5dXo^ _75^ ^ 
-^'»^^ to cost. -.z^^?i to 

t^eire?^ karfily, see B'a,^. 

T#23c)r^ karjati, ^. A black spe- 
cies. 2. the class of pariahs. 

^I3e)r© karj&li,^. The tree Leu- 
cas indica^ Phlomis tndica. 

tfejsrd karjura, see 7(^r5. 


^s^r, ^dor kard^^, kardu, see 

itc^F karna, see ^tir. 

T#«r^o^ karnakutta, adj\ Head- 
long, topsy-turvy. ^. A sum- 

ii^e>Fki'^ karna^aka, see "^otirL 

'^f^FiiA karnatige, see ?foc^. 

'iidF'g karnike, s. The sheraste- 
dar, chief ministerial officer 
of a collector. 2. a secretary. 

"erpSr karne, s. A half-brother of 
the Pandu princes. 2. a hard 
man. -sSzJr the story of 
B[arna*s exploits as given in 
the Mahabharata. 

^S^FsJifv^ji kart^pattuni (tfSr 
^E>)» ^- ^- To set-ofif. 2. to 
deduct. 3. to exclude. 4. to 
give up hope. 

"rfi^rDgjOlo^rt kartariprayoga, s. 
Active voice, gram. 

^"iF^ kartave, s. An agent, 
maker. 2. God, lord. 3. a 
master, owner. 4. an author ; 
cf. ^%r. 

i#3e)rart 'rf^F^^fl, kartadigft, 
kartuttigi, J. Ownership, pro- 
prietorship. 2. dominion, 

*^r kartrf, s. The nominative 
of a verb, gram. 2. see v<r5. 

^ij^r k&rto 


^^ kala 

^iJSrart kartodigft, see ^^r^-R. 

^a^r kard^^, oi/y. Black. -^% 

black and white. 2. see ^5^. 

'^cir kama, ^. The ear. -^oozSo 
an ear-ring worn by a woman. 

^^F kama, s. A black paste 
composed of dross of iron, 
kernel of wild liquorice and 
boiled rice, applied on the 
right side leather of a finger- 

^ci^^^F karnaparva, see '^Ar. 

^^F^ kama^, see Xcror6. 

^jip^kamike,^^^ ^«^^* 

li^Ft^ kamirely, s. A dark 

^5^r karpu, ^. A pit, hole, ditch. 
2. a pit for catching wild 

'i^Fti, ^z^Fti karpura, karpura, 
s. Camphor. 2. the thick 
leaved lavender. — kut^j Lev- 
endula carnosa. "^Ji- crude 

^-Af^, ^^rew karpelfli, karpelu, 
see ^Ti^cw. 

^tor karba, s. Iron. -^^ 7Cr%5 
an iron link. 

^z^FT^f.^TZ-^FTf karbaaii, karbi- 
s^y s. An ox of superior breed 
from the up-country. -^£p 
a ghaut cow. 

^20ord, '^Oj^f^ karbulft, kar- 
boUJ, s. A fowl having white 
plumage with black spots. 

^djF karma, s. An action in 
general. 2. a religious cere- 
mony. 3. the objective case. 

gram, 4. fate; misfortune. 
5. sin, transgression. -X5 
the condition induced by one's 
deeds. ^^rrf^oSaeX the pas- 
sive voice, gram, ^^^A 
transgression. — ^^^ the fruit 
of human actions. ^;ioro^, 
^•Sjsro^ funeral rites, ^-^f 
Ptot5 a performer of funeral 
rites. ^^^, ^^rs5^ a sinner. 
?^^eF"oojodo the organ of ac- 
tion, as the hand, foot, etc, 

^rforci karmanJ, see w>5si3s5 
under ty*>5. 

^^rd karmara, see ^t^^iixi. 

T#sSoFtf karmary, s. A superior 
kind of firewood, Vatica laccu 

^^^FX\^ karmugalv, see tt»5 
oiwX€ under w>5. 

«^dooFd karmuda, see ^^oroe^il 

T#sJoor© karmuli, s. Thatched 
grass taken from a roof. 

•rfoior karya, s. A ferry. 

tf aJord,^ oioF^karyada, karyadft, 
s. The liver, as of a fowl. 

^oJooF^ karyuni, see ^Ocdw^ 

tfo^F karly, ^. The bowels. 
2. the liver. 

T#o^FT#^rl karl^ikappadJ, s. The 
intestines, entrails. 

•j#6f karlJ, see ^Ti6. 

'izy?>F^^ karvavuni (^5»0» ^•^• 
To burn the downs of a fowl 
by holding it over the fire. 

^^ kala, s. A square. 2. a bed 

^o kala 


^6 kale 

of flowers, etc. 3. a place 

where pariahs assemble. — ^ 

w^^ to make a flowerbed; a 

group of pariahs to sit in a 

^e^o kalam, s. A reed-pen. 2. 

a paragraph. -sssS detailed, 

item by item. 
^^Q'^y ^e^o^o^i kalank^^, kalan- 

kuni, see ^^o^. 
•^^o3e)J), «!#e;ot3e)^ kalajntiiii, 

kalamdani^ ^. An inkstand. 2. 

a small box. 
^^0^ kalambi, see ^^oeS. 
'2^^0200^ kalambnniy v. n. To 

quarrel, fight. 
tf ^'rf kalaka, ^^^ ^c{j. 

'^o'^ozjo^ kalakambula, J. A 

drenched miry floor. 
tS^o^^ kalakala, ^. A confused 

noise, hum. 
ih^^o kalakala, adv. Brightly. 

-^otiosi to shine brightly. 
Te?one)5Sc^ kala4avuni, c. v. {of^^ 

ti3^) To mix. 2. to knead. 
•j^e^rijji kaladuni (^c^S), v.n. To 

be mixed. 2. to be kneaded. 
t#e)^?i kalapuni (^e;), ^. <z. To 

mingle. 2. to knead, "^ott- 

to plough a watered field, 
^t)^ talappu, adj. Mixed. 2. 

t#e>23d'?? kalaberakft, j. Admix- 
ture, compound. 
li^zi^ kalamy, s. Grafting — ^ 

^^> to graft. 
<^^d3^, t^^^ kalamf, kalamu, 

see ^^o. 

^^s3j kalamJ, s. A kind of rice. 
^e;05o kalayi, see ^e^osj. 

'i^^sg kalavu, ^<?^ ^'^4- 

'dv^, ^V7i kalasa^ kalasa, s. A 
pitcher, 2. a vase, goblet. 3. 
a spire, —^^a purification by 
pouring water, -sebs) to set 
up a spire. 

fi^i^ talasS, s. A grain measure 
equal to ten, twelve, four- 
teen, fifteen, or sixteen seers. 

'rfe>3dkalalia, J. Quarrel, dispute. 

•j^erssj kaUpa, s. A family trial, 
distress, or dispute. 2. an 
ornament, zone, —ski^^i to 
quarrel; to make confusion. 

tf Oso5j kalSyi, s. Tinning. -7qt5 
a person who tins vessels, tin- 
ker. — T?j»Sbrs), — srozio^ to tin. 

^^j^z^ kaUvu, see ^^4. 

ts'Oe)3 kalali, s. A sailor, lascar. 

'^^i>7f kallsf, s. Conclusion, 
end. 2. consumption, exhaus- 
tion, -^h^ to be finished, 
or consumed. ' ~»io«<o^^ to 
complete; to empty. 

^ae)ro kalasi, see s'e/sS. 

1*0 kali, s. Toddy ; liquor. 

=^0, •SrOoJJori kaU, kaliyuja, J. 

The fourth or iron age of the 

world; the age of vice. 
^^Ot? kalikS, s. Dissimulation, 

ii6 kali, s. A scar. 2. a mark. 

blemish, stain. 
fi6o7^, '^dor\kalengv,kalenjfi,.y. 

Rust, verdigris ^ 

^d kale 


tfeS^? kalpo 

"^So^ kalembi, s. A chest, cof- 
fer. — 3»s>, — Ct)^, see ^oocro^ 

^e3ot^ kalembij ^. The hindmost 
sail of a boat. 

^cS^^dcQ kalekarana^ s, A bad 

^d^^Jir^kalekarnika, see v^arff. 

^e3^c^, ^6^^ kalepini^ kalepnni 
(3*^), ?7. a. To strip off, remove. 
2. to subtract, deduct. 

^e3sg;5 kaleruni (^e3), z^. «. To 
be stripped. 2. to be deducted. 

'rftx kalka, s. Decoction, infusion 
of any drug. 2. sediment. 

^^^ kalkarft,^. A place abound- 
ing in latrite stone. 

^^ kalki, s. The tenth or last 
incarnation of Vishnu, ex- 
pected to put an end to the 
kali or iron age; also — e^d 

^^i^' ^exxrS kalkutti, kalknde, 


s: The name of a demon. 

^^x^ kalkuni (^^^), v. n. To 
cry, as a demon or one pos- 
sessed with an evil spirit. 

^^ kalkJ, see *c* 

'^Sj^i kalkorJ, s. A kind of fish. 

"er© ciorfjso^ kalgi rumily, s. A 
L, yellow handkerchief with 

black spots. 
' '^e^^^d kaltamara^ s. A wild 
kind of lotus growing on stony 

^^ kalti, s. Morning, the day- 
break; c/.v^oA —t3^cxJoo morn- 
ing and evening. 

^^/^ kalteiCT, adv. {liL for the 
mouth of toddy). Something 
given as a relish when sip- 
ping toddy. 

tf o^D^ kalnSry, s, A medicinal 

•^^ kalpa, s, A period of time. 
2. a sacred work, one of the 
six Vedangas. 3. resolve, 
purpose. 4. artifice, trickery, 

"^^od kalpandS, see ^<y^:8. 

^^^ kalpada^ s, A fluid measure 
equal to twelve seers. 

tf ^fl kalpanJ, s. A stone quarry. 

tS^^cS kalpanS, s. Fiction, fable. 
2. invention, fabrication. 3. 
producing, forming. --^^^^^ 
to invent, fabricate, contrive ; 
to produce, form; to esta- 

^%^^' "^^^d^ kalparuksha, 
kalpavr^ksha, s. The tree of 
Indra*s paradise said to yield 
whatever is desired. 

•^53^0^, kalpanta, s. The end of 
the world. 

^O|^o^d kalpantara, s. Another 
period of time, eternity. 

•^ejg^sSc^ kalpavuni, c v. {of ^ 
^^) To teach, instruct. 2. to 
instigate; also s'c^j^STfj&Sbr^. 

tfOj^SoJ) kalpisuni (^^^3), v, a. 
To invent, fabricate. 

^t)o^5) kalpuni (^^), v. a. To 
learn, study. 

^A©^?^ kalpokta, adv. Accord- 
ing to religious directions. 

^^ kalma 


^0 ^m 


^^a kalmadi, s. A kind of fish. 

^e^dkalmada,^. Bitumen, gran- 
ulated gypsum from Arabia. 

^^ kabnasha, s. Corrosion. 
2. impurity. 3. sin. 4. the. 
matter of a sore. 

^^. kalya, see ^5)a5j. 

^^,oB kalyantS, see ^%o&. 


^VQoVS kalyana, s. Happiness, 
prosperity, good fortune. 2. 

'tfo^cS kalyani, s. The name of a 
tune. 2. the name of a female. 

^^,15, kalrutti, see ^e«^«. 

^^ kail?, s. A stone. -^ cn)V a 
chisel. — ci^c20,_cJ??osJoa8tone 
pillar. — ^w.J^f — cJ ^ttj a stone 
embankment or seat. — ^^ 
«too3j a mason. — sroi^ a stone 
put across a stream to pass 
over. — ci 33€TOO90 a slate, ^sio^ 
a stone bridge. -^^ a Jaina 
shrine. — eSdo a kind of bow 
for discharging stones. -^ 
T^O30 a stone trough, —"^ri^^ 
to break stones. — ^^S) to 
chip stones. — ^jsc^«s?> a stone 
to grow hard. — ^, ^ej, stony, 
made of stones. ^«^w play- 
ing with stones. 

^&i^ kall^tetti, s. A rotten 

^^ Z2^A kall^bagft, s, A kind of 
tree, the wood of which is 
used as timber. 

^e^ Wi)3 kall^barfi, s. A kind of 


plantain tree. 

=3^€5^rfoo^j, kallvnull?, ^. (/*V. 
stones and«thorns). The mill- 
cog. 2. the indented surface 
of a mill-stone. 3. a rugged 

^^ ri'rf.S kallusakkarS,^. Sugar- 

CO -rf- 

•^©^JiJSoU kalljsunti, s. Wild 

ginger. Zingiber zerumbet, 
^^ kalla, s. A kind of oyster. 

-fczSo its shell; cf, ^^. 
^5^0^^ kallankalli, ^. A kind 

of bag. 
^ej^oT^^ kallangei, s. A kind of 

small fish. 
^^oB, ^5>i3kallant6, kaUa^ft, s. 

The Indian nightshade, Sola- 
tium Indicum, 
^^t:)dj kallabiru, see under 


^^oSj kallayi, ^^^ ^?,°^i- 

^Ztir\ kallaraga, s. Asphalt. 

^^3jrrf kallarpada,^. Small-pox 
"attacking a person a second 

^^t^ kallarpi, s. A kind of 
"sieve to remove small stones 
from earth. 

tS^ot^ kaUale, s. A class of 
pariahs. 2. their headman. 

•rf© kalli, s. A bag of net-work, 
made of ropes. 2. a wicker- 
work. 3. the pods of cannabis. 
4. see '^\ 

^g^ kallitti, see *^5^. 

=^€) 6j3^o kallirolu, ^. A hard 
grown palmyra fruit. 

^t>o kalln 


'itjf ka8f 

^^>o;g^ kallappuy s. Rock*salt, 

the Bombay salt. 
^tx) do kalluru, s. A kind of fish. 

^ex) do'ST kallnmnay o^l Imma- 
ture, half-ripe or half deve- 

^e>J doU kallumti, ^. The name 
of a female Bhuta. 

l^^dJc^ kallurnni (^«>J,^, v. n. 
A stone to press or hurt the 
sole of the foot in walking. 

^d kallJ, -y. The straw covering 
of a bundle of rice; also 

^e53. kalletti, s, A bag with 

divisions within. 
'^6j^^^ kallottu, s. A foot-sore 

CO -fi ' 

caused by a stone, 
^dis ?t> kallola, s. A large wave 

or billow. 
lizizi^ ^ziti kavaca, kavaSei s. 

Armour, a coat of mail. 2. a 

jacket, short coat. 
^sSkS kavati, see w>rf». 

^^a, "^rfaT^, "rfrfd kavadi, kava- 
digi| kavadi^ s. A small shell, 
cowrie. -«35D^ calculation with 
cowries, —^wo^^ to play with 

*drl kavanS, s. A sling. -^€ 
a sling-stone. 

i^rf3^ kavatj, ^^^ ^35>§. 

^rffi kavana, s. Poetry, verse. 
2. invention, fabrication. —t^tS 
a poet, -^ujj^, ^"sici^^ to 
compose verses; to caricature. 
_sro#do^ to exaggerate, invent. 

*d«rt kavalige, see v^^ 

^^Te)?^ kav&tf, ^. Drill, military 

*^, ^^?^6 kavi, kavilvare, s. 

A poet. 
^03, 1^0^ kaviti, kavitva, J. 

Poetry, a poem, verse. 
^^od^;g, ^4^?;! kavuiitdrasa, 

kavudrasa^ s. A cancer on the 

T^s^ojj, tf Ste)al^ kaslya, kashlya, 

s. A decoction, extract. — ^ 

^^ to extract, or prepare a 

1^4 kasi, s. Graft, grafting. — ^ 

"^fi to graft. 

pisi^ kasukniu, kasukusn^ adv. 
In bated breath, in a whisper. 
— 5ro#T^^ to whisper. 

i^i^Cb, '^^^(t::) kasldi, kalibi^ s. Em- 
broidery, ornamental needle 

tfs^sj kasyapa, ^. The name of 
deified sage. 

^^ kashta, s. Trouble, hard- 
ship. 2. labour, toil. — vdo a 
time of difl&culty. — T?j»bc^^ 
to give trouble. — sJtSoioo^ to 
be afflicted, to sufifer. — eoo 
a^^, --?i>^S) to work hard, 
take pains. 

^hi^ kashtishta, s. Enmity 
and friendship; love and 

'iiT^^T^f^ kasjkasyka, J. A sound 
produced whej^^ anything is 
smashed. *^ 

"fiTf kasv 


^^ kala 

^?o*5e>0&J, ^7;fr^c^ kas^ikiyi, 

kas^gayi, see ^stejOaj. 
^Tfxf kas^^H^, see ^^^5. 
liji kasa, adj- Brackish, w^d- 

anything over salted. 
^7i kasa^ s. Sweepings, rubbish. 
'^;^ob^ kasantfy s. Rancidity. 

2. sediment, at//'. Rancid. 
^Ti'i^ kasakasS, s. Poppy seed 

of Papaver somntferum. 
"^^ir kasakka, adv. Forcibly, 

hardly; deeply. -tfo*3?i to 

prick forcibly, as a thorn. 

-z5rf^^ to speak so as to aflfect 

another's interest, to betray. 
"^^jeo, fiTi^ kasaba^ kasabe, s. 

The chief station of a district. 
^T^it^k kasabJsi, see XaSeS^. 
•rfrftoo kasabu, s. Profession, 

trade, business. 
i#rfsi3355^ kasamlly, see ^^*. 
^;JG^ kasarf 9 s. Remainder. 2. 

profit. 3. sediment. 
^;ic3^, ^;3ort kasar?, kasarigft, ^. 

Dross of smelted iron. 2, 

fissure, flaw, holes. 3. a 

particle. — tS^^o^ to remove 

the fissures of any metallic 

'^T^^h kaslkasi, s. Haggling. 
^?3e)2:)n} kasabifli, see "^hhh. 
^?je)Oli kasaya, see ^^crio. 

ol) kasfiyi, kas&yigare, kasayi- 
daye, s. A butcher. 
*;o kasi, see *S. j-^^^^ 

T^A)?a, 'Z^^ijsa kasldi, kasudi, see 

^?3 kasiy s. The strings (7r ties 
of a jacket. -.#j*ecx3 a whip. 
— ^uJj» to fasten the strings 
of a jacket. 

^?^o5o kaskayi, adj\ Half ripe. 

'^;^ kastf, s. Force, pressure. 
^*. Violent, severe. 2. dan- 
gerous. — 7Jo??w dangerous 
sickness. — ^^'o^^ to press, 
force; also ^^^ 

"^^i^O kastfiri, s. Musk. -^ a 
species of jessamine, t^o^ 
^— Curcuma zedoaria ; ^. ^c3 
zJjoaif^. — ^X a musk deer. 
w>W— musk-mallow, Hebicus 

^nJ^o^ kasjnal^^, ^. Unclean, 
filthy, loose. —"^^ a nasty 

^ao^ kahalft, s. A bugle, t^p*- 
a large bugle. 

^^ kala^ see ^e;. 

'^5^o^kalankf,^. A spot, blemish. 
2. turbidness, muddiness. 
3. mistake. 4. suspicion. — ?>eS 
turbid water. — ^«3oJ^ a sus- 
picious mind. ^v>ow>;is> to 
render turbid, ^^o^o^ to be 

^^tf v^, "fi^t*^ kalakala^ kalapala, 
s. A confused sort of noise 
produced as when wading 
through water, or shaking a 
whole cocoanut. 

"^^^^ kalakala, see ^<OT^e;. 

•^^^gjj kalapuni, see "^^^^ 

le^tfd) kalamfe, see ^?^ 

«^ kala 


9e)0C3e) klndi 

^^rf^ kalavala, s. Anxiety, al- 
arm. 2. anguish, sorrow. 
— e?S)5> to be anxious, agitated, 
or confused. 

^^4 kalavu, j. Theft, robbery. 

li^A kalasJ, see "^^^^ 

^« kaU, see t^^. 

^*Oii)0^ kaliyuni, see ^c>woo^. 

^^0 kalu, adj. False, untrue, 
not reliable, s. Fraud ; cheat- 
ing. 2. trick. 3. a lie, false- 
hood. — S33*i a falsehood. 
--;*)*)^ perjury, false evidence. 
— 33f4^?) to tell lies. 

^^od kaluve, see ^«^. 

^^ kale, see ^A 

^^on^ kalengv, see ^^oK. 

^^h^ kalepini, see ^e3L^ 

^^oiij^, *^s^c^ kaleyuni, kale- 
vuni (^^), V. n. To lapse, pass, 
as time. 2. to be exhausted, 
spent, as money. 3. to be- 
come loose, as the bands of 
a box, etc.\ of, ^t>odx>^. 

"^^a^ kalkuni, see ^ooj^ 

^4 kalve, J. A thief, robber. 

^^ kalla, ^^'. Deceitful, dis- 
honest, unfair. 2. under, sub- 
ordinate ; additional, s. Dis- 
honesty. 2. stealing ; cf. ^^'a 
-j^aC the swelling gums in 
teething. —^^ an addition- 
al piece of split bamboo. 
—7^5 an under roof. 

^^o83, ^^o^fi kallanti, kallanti- 
gj, ^. Dishonesty. 2. false- 

^^ kalli, ^. The milk-hedge, 
Euphorbia; the prickly-pear, 
Opuntia dillenii. 2 . the fruc- 
tification of the hemp plant 
or Cannabis sativa. <^^— , 
'^AeS-, 85A-, •iw^- are its 
varieties; cf, ^^. 

"tf^T^ kalligfe, J. A very tender 

^^ kalle, see ^^^. 

^^ kallJ, s, A kind of grass. 
2. J^^ *^- 

^•8- kakshi; s. Objection or reply 
in argument. 2. wrangling, 
arguing. 3. one party as op- 
posed to another ; also ~7tot5. 
^5- an opposite party. 

^e>o^Oai)0^ kankariyuni, v. n. 
To hawk, force up phlegm 
with a noise; to hem. 

'i^ovf kInCT, s. A dark-blue 
cloth worn by lower classes 
of people, or used for bed- 
ding, etc. 

9e)orl)ci kanguni i^oK)^ v. n. 
To be dejected. 2. to become 

«5e)o2^ci kancana, s. Gold. 2. 
money ; also Twotj^r©, ^rooej;)?^. 

^5^02^ kanfi, see ^oeJ. 

^oiS, =5Doy^ kantt, kantya, s. 
A large basket. 

^e)o:^ kSnda, s, A section, divi- 
sion of a book. 

«5e)orfrf, ^c>odsici kandava, k&n- 

davana, s, Indra's garden. 
^e)oC5e>oSo kandayi, ^ A kind of 
fish. -OOglt 

9e)od kind! 


9^U k&ta 

9e)odo^ kindilf^ s. A kind of 
tree; cf. c^oaS. 

9^ozl k£n4e, adv. Early in the 
morning, s. Morning. 

'5c>o?5o^ kandeyi, see w^oTs^od^ 

7e>ozle^ kSndeIfy s. A kind of 
tree, growing near salt water. 

T^o^cS k&ntane, s. A pot. 

^^o>Bk5nti, s. Effulgence, splen- 
dour, lustre. 2. beauty, love- 

9e)oS k&nt^y s. A wife. 2. a 
beloved female. 

9e)o3!jD^ kimparf, ^. A carcass. 
2. a nasty man (7^/^.) adj. 
Nasty ; filthy. 2. pot-bellied. 

T5e)o2!j5)ea kambodi, ^. The name 
of a tune. 

«ffe)OT? kankshe, s. Wish, desire. 
2. passion, appetite. 

^^^, ^56)^0 kak^^, kakn^ adj\ 
Bad, corrupt. —^^ disso- 
lute, vicious. — *«^5 wicked 

^tf kaka, ^^^ ^^^• 

©e)^to^ kakaballi, ^. The creeper 
Negretia gigantea, 

^^tf 23 kfikaji, see wXaS. 

^c)* kaki, <z^'. Black, dark. 

iere)^j^ kakula^ ^. Rashness. 

^e)^^?^ kakesoppu,^. The me- 
dicinal plant Phylanthus 
muUiflorus\ also "^"^^^ 

^^rie3 kagaji, s. Paper. 2. a 
letter. — eDT5L^ to write or 
address a letter, ^t— stamp- 

^5e>A kagi, s, A brown colour. 

91919^, 9e)t} kicf^kici^^. Catechu, 
Acacia catechu. 2. the sedi- 
ment of boiled areca-nut. 

9^24^© kadikalli, s. A money 
bag of net-work. 

9e)2&'^oo2oo:^ kicikumbuda^ s. A 
small species of ash-gourd. 

9e)23 k^i, ^. A Mohammedan 
judge or priest. 

9^23kaji, J. A glass bangle worn 
round the wrist; also — w^. 
— ^oFS cat-eyed, blue-eyed. 

^^tsjo kaju, s. A brown-coloured 
dog with black stripes. 

9^fa^ kat^^, adj. Wild, rude. 
— «>^c3 the wild peepul tree, 
Urostigma arnottianum. —"^o 
e^e; the fruit of the creeper 
Momordtba dioica. — ^^ a 
rough stone. — trooso a wild or 
jungle fruit. '—^?c? a bulbous 
root of Dracontium polyphyU 
lum. — ^ert a bull-bison. 
-^^ a bottle gourd, Lagena^ 
ria vulgaris. -.^e4 wild coc- 
co, Colocasia nymphaefolia. 
— ?j^rco the tree Turnera 
uhnifolia. — 255o7\ wild green- 
gram, Phaseoltis rostratus. 
—^-R-d wild tobacco. Lobelia 
nicotianaefolia. — eo^f^ a wild 
plantain tree. — ;rfoTi a wild 
tree. — oSo'do, ^^^ e5)U. 

^c)y kata, s. Trouble, annoyance, 
vexation. 2. danger; also 
TOii^. i$«l K c^M o3je^ TOW the 
cat's play is the death of mice. 

9e>U ka^ 


9^^ kZti 

wsU kata, J. A pyre, pile. -tC© 
Ti)» to prepare a funeral pile. 

9e)l3o{l katanne^ s. A fowler's 
idol, consisting of some white- 
washed stones decorated with 
flowers. — K^^b^^tomakean 
offering to it. 

^«)y«D05J katakiyi, s. Mutiny, 
rebellion. 2. pillage, plunder. 

'^li'g, toU'*, w^UA katake, 
katike, k&tige^ s. A trouble- 
some fellow. 

^e)yvBr katarti, s. The wild fig- 
tree, Bauhinia tomentosa. 

7e>te)S? katale, s. A rude man. 

^2^6)13 katiy s. A bison. 

^^S3?o^ kitirji, s. A kind of tree. 

^^Ujji katuni, see ttotI}^^. 

9bS kate s, A wild untamed 

«c)53d) kateru, see w)i5. 

«^cs^ kad?, s. A jungle, forest. 
adj. Wild, rude; cf. wG. 
— ^ forest and river-bank. 
— TO^A^^'o, — ^T5the plant Todda- 
Ha aculeata. — ^^ wild fire, 
—^oa a jungle sheep. — ^jao^rfa 
lower class of people speaking 
the Konkani language. — '^jaeO 
a jungle fowl. — a^^S a wild 
class or tribe. -.^?^?) a 
rustic or rude man. — ^e5 
rain-water rushing through 
a jungle and washing down 
all the rubbish in its course. 
— »5ji^ {lit^ a jungle-uncle), 
a tiger. -^7( a wild beast. 

TOTi^oeooTi the angular-leaved 
physic-nut, Jatropha curcas. 

"56)^ kada, adj. Wild, untamed. 

9e)ro>'3pa kadakadi, see tfzs^^a. 

9^ae)cS kadanSy s, A wild ele- 

"S^^^^ kSdikal^j, s, A kind of 

?e)^7?Jdd7^ kadikorage, s. A man 
of the Koragar caste living 
in jungles. 

"^QtA kadigft s. A coUyrium of 
lamp-black and oil. — ao-tfjsrf 
a colly rium box. 

9c)ac3e)c3o kadinaye, seev;>Zi.'iA-o-R. 

9e)Ci)*, kadulli, s. The Indian 
squill, Scilla Indica, 

'Se):! kadi, s. A quail, Tetras 

'TOCi^^ kadyuni (Tro5), ^.tf. To 
trouble, torment, importun- 
ate; aiso i^rLi^^. 

w^^TT^^'^^ =2fe)r§?jc)s3)c^ kain^sa- 
vuni, kanisavuni (iror^^ds), v. a. 
To show, represent, mention. 

9e)C9;S€)F kanapurli, s. The bird 

9i)r5 kani, s. The fraction one- 

'ffe)r3T?, 9e)r?7^kanik6,kSnig4,J. A 
money offering; a present to 
a superior. — ^jsSbr^, — oeS!^^, 
-srozio^ to make an offering. 

9e)£^ k&ni, ^. A kind of fish. 
— V5>5 long-legged. — toUitooSo 
a long legged man. 

^5^3 kati, see 5a3gS.jOogIe 


7e)ijd k&tO 


9e)^ kimi 

^e)iJ5)rs)0c^ katonnni, refl. v. {of 

v^^^ To wait; to expect. 
^e>nc)y kadita, s. A fight, war, 

^e)C3e)rfoc^ kadadoiii (w>cto5), ^^ «. 

To fight. 
'^a kadi, see w>^ 
^^a k&di, see ^o^o. 
'ge)^)^ kSduni (^5), v. n. Xo 

quarrel, fight, wrestle. 
9e)ci kana, ^. A rookery. 

'cfe)cJ, ^fe)cJci k&na, kaiiana, s, A 

forest, jungle, wood. 
9e)c5e)^0r kanaporli, see vsro 

^^^- [lation. 

Wc>^^ kintlnf, ^. Arule,regu- 

^^(J kanft, see w>rf, a^cJ. 

^^33e)U kapata, s. The act of 

watching; guard. 
^c)53e)riic^ kapaduni (v;>5:»5), v. a. 

To protect, preserve. 
^^h kipi, s. Coffee. * 
^e)^5kipu,^. Protecting 

ing, tending. 3. brooding; 

hatching. 4. a scarecrow. 

-K^o'cb^ to brood; to hatch. 

-De2b?> to set up some thing in 

a field or garden, to avert 

the effects of evil eyes; to set 

up a scarecrow. 
^^^^ kapuni (^), v. a. To 

watch, guard. 2. to keep, 

preserve, protect. 3. to wait. 
9^^6 kapele, s, A watchman. 
^c>«^ kSppu, see tto^. 
^^;jo kama, s. Desire, wish. 

2. lust, passion. 

9e)^jo7T^0dJ kamangayi, s. A 

wild species of green gram, 

Phaseolus rostratus, 
9^^*^, 9e)^j7e) kamaka, klma- 

ka, adv. Positively certainly. 
9e)rfo^;l^Dkamaka8turi,^. Sweet 

Basil, Ocitnum Basilicutn. 
9^djnc)0, kimagiri, s. Work ; 

also vwiovsO, TTOsJoTy. 


"^^jd kamade, s. A liberal man. 

9e)^:^;(^ ktoadhenn, s. The 
cow of Indra's paradise, said 
to give whatever is wished. 

9e)^53e)6 kamapalo, s. A name 
of Balarama, the elder broth- 
er of Krishna. 

9c)sio© kamali, see to^c. 

9c)rfjD«c):i kamavikara, s. Lust, 
inordinate affection. 

9e)d3e)^kamatei s, A man of the 
mercantile class. 2. a nig- 
gardly or cunning man. 

7e)si3e)^d kamatura, s. Lust, 
inordinate affection. ^^'.Libi- 

9e)dj90 kamari, s, §iva the 
enemy of Cupid. 

^^siraqJr kamartha, see v^-As^^r, 

'^zi^^ kamakshi, s. A goddess. 

9e)0j kami, s, A debauchee. 

9^Do3e)qSr kamitartha, s. The 
object of desire. 

'TO^c^ kamini, s. A pretty 
woman. • 

'TO^© kamllt/WPTO^o. 

9e>0o k&ml 


9e)oi) kiye 

VefZ^^^ kimisuni (trai)o?j), v. a. 
To covet ; to wish. 

^r^;joj^ kamnka, adj\ Lustful, 
libidinous, vs^iw^ a libidi- 
nous man. 

9^& k&me^ s. Cupid. 

"STd^Q kimeli) s. A kind of 
jaundice. W)cix- a dropsical 
kind of jaundice. 2b^— a sali- 
vary kind of jaundice, z^^io 
G- jaundice with scab. 

^e)SJs^ kimya, adj\ Desirable, 

^e);:l:^qJr kamyartha, s. The 
object of desire. 

^cKxio kiya, s. The body. ^^^ 
bodily exertion. — Xooa the 
heart. —^^ stoutness. — ^^ 
^ to commit suiside. -2^2^ 
5> to lay down the body, to 

^Bcdjo, ^^oiisis^ kayam, kiyamy, 
s. Permanency, settled state. 
adj. Fixed, confirmed, per- 
manent. — T?orf permanent 
employment. — ^s;'o^^> to con- 
firm, settle, establish. 

'5e)OdisSo kayamft, see ^csio^ 

^^oi>o^ kiyar^^, see w>oSo5. 

«^o4je5^, ^e>aJov^, kayaly, kaya- 
If, ^. A folded tender leaf of 
plants or trees. 2. season- 
ing. — f^^ a tender leaf; c/. 

^fisoi)^ kSyalft, ^^^ w>03jA 
^e>aiTe)^?i kSyavuni, c, v. {of to 
orfoj^) To have anything warm- 
ed, burned, boiled. 

^y?)0^ kiyi, s. An unripe fruit 
of any kind. 2. a cocoanut. 
3. the seed. — «>^sJ, ^^zl3e:5o a 
kind of cake. — ^oiS vegeta- 
bles and roots; pulse, -c'ag^ 
vegetables in general. — i^ev^ 
a kind of cake. -*zSt^, -^ 
rfcxjoosi to chew the cud. — i6»e 
2b» to over-boil; to get loose. 

««)Oajd, '5c>o5jz5kayida,k&yidft,^. 
Rule, regulation. 2. custom. 

■TOO^o^g)?^ kayipuni, c. v, {of w> 
cd>>j^) To make hot, warm, as 
water. 2. to fry, broil. 

«^o5o^Ji kSyipuni, see "^^^^ 

9e)05oe3 kilyili^ s. Sickness. 

790^^^ kiyilita, adf Infertile. 

^Fc)Oi>oJi kayuni (TOa^3), v, n. To 
bum, to be hot. 2. to get 
ripe. 8. to be feverish. 4. 
to become angry. 5. to be 
tight, or fast; see v^09^^^ 
XoU- a knot to be tight or 
fast, daozo^^ the sun to be 
very hot. »e5- water to boil. 
ttoa^ to be very hungry. -So 
c»x-to be feverish or hot. A& 
y^- bread to bake. 

^e)o3jD* kiyer?, ^. Strychnia, 
Nux vomica, also — TOoao. 
— ^T^ the nux vomica tree. 
~d «DorfS)^ Loranthus lonice^ 

^fe)oi)0*53)* kayeriipttli* -y- A. kind 
of sour-leafed tree. 

«e)o3je3* kayel^^, s. The state of 
being green or unripe. 2. 
seasoning, ^^h^ to become 


«c)o3je)? kayo 


9^d kara 

green or fresh. — ?fjaSbr^ to 

'5e)a3je)?r3 kayodft, s. A kind of 

•gfso^ kar?, s. The leg. 2. the 
foot. — 2i ^ofi knuckle. — cJ 
eW^ the toe. ^c^rf# going 
or walking on foot. — 'S'^ 
the ancle. M^'^i^ the stalk 
of cocco, Arum colocasia, 
— oi5i6 a footstool. — eAM>» to 
tread or fix the foot. — ^j^S^r?) 
to run away. — a^^iiSi to slip 
the foot, lose balance; to be 
reduced in one's circum- 
stances. —^zS the thigh, -oe 
Sb^ to place the foot. — o)e^Si 
to stretch the leg. — s5^^ to 
prostrate, do obeisance. 

^e)0^ kar^, adj. Black, dark. 
_i>ooea lightning issuing from 
black clouds. — liwX^ black 
clouds. — TOC^ see w>w>re>. 

'ffe)^ ^JSfS kaqjikune, ^. A clerk, 

^yc)D^a3e)fJ kar^khaD^, ^. An 
establishment. 2. a work- 
shop. 8. management. 

'TOO^^d kar^tudft, s. The thigh. 

'er^o^M'SD^, 5c)C^e3^D^ kSr^ibSrij, 

kar^berf 9 see w>833r5. 
•e^dkara, J. Tasting or smelling 

hot; also sst-d, adj. Hot, sharp, 

pungent. 3i^— alum. 
'a?2)d kara, j. A prison, jail. 
^c>d kara, A tcfmivation affixed 

to a letter^ as e^e^T^ the letter 

», etc. 

^fc)dor{ karanga, s. A cutaneous 
disease vdiich renders the 
skin black. — sJ^^^ to suffer 
from such a disease. 

^c>do23 karanji, s. An artificial 
fountain, a kind of siphon; 
an underground channel. 

'TOdoU karanta, see irox^oow. 

^e)dorf k&randa, adv. Excessive- 
ly, exceedingly, very. -^^ 
very bitter. 

•rodoiS karandS, see ^ozSr. 

"^^tri karaka, s. An agent. 2. act- 
ing, doing, gram, 3. a tax. 
— '^jiSbr^ to pay a tax. 

'5e)dWo5^ karakann^^, s. The 
ankle. — ^owo^^ to thump the 
ankle, as a punishment. ~;;&)3 
Wj ^3^^ to dress down to the 
ankles, i,e. completely; to be 

'ffe)dtfz^, ^^drtrfrt karakada, ki- 
ragadaga, s. A kind of anklet. 

'2fe)diare)o5j kirakayi, see w>t?w>09x 

'are>d^ooy, "ff^dtfj^, '^^drlioy 
karakunta, karakutta, kara* 
gunta^ s, A disease of cattle^ 
called Epyzootic aphthse. 

^e)drtoi3^ karagant^^, s. The ankle. 
2. a corn on the toe. -^04 
^> to fracture the ankle. 

^e)d^ karadi, s, A footstep. 2. the 
sole of the foot. 

'^^dra karana, s. Reason , purpose, 
motive. 2. cause, as opposed 
to effect. 

'i^t^'^ karanika, s, A miracle. 
2. supernatural power, adj. 

9e)d kira 


9^t) kala 

Miraculous, supernatural. — ^ 

Tio4 a prophet, 
"ffc^dejso^ karabir^, j^^ v^ecwrS. 
^^Od karave, ^. One belonging 

to the class of the Eonkani 

speaking fishermen. 
9e)ae)2o kariyfiy s. A low class of 

^^Dc)^/^ kiradige, see ^to2^ 
^re)De)sSji karavuni, c. v. (of totjo 

o>) To cause to vomit. 
^c)D kari, A termination affixed 

to nouns to signify one^s 

profession \ as, ^w>5 a beg- 
isno kari, s. A nest. 2. a black 

bull, ox. adj. Black, dark. 

— ^^ a black cow. *!^— a 

raven-nest. —^uo^^ to build 

a nest, 
^^cioji k&runi (w5), v. a. To 

^^dj5^ klruppu, s. A strong or 

black sort of salt. 
^fsd)2a8)D^ kirubSr^, see w>e3»r5. 
tfc)dJSdOci karuruni, see w>5. 

9^6 kari, ^. A kind of neck-lace 
or collar. h^6zL^ a brass col- 
lar worn by pariah women. 

^Fc)d9e>o5J karekayi, s. A dried 
date fruit. —^ ^oa rotten 
or shrivelled date fruits. -cJ 
^^ a date tree. 

T^dJd^o karolu, s. A kind of 
wild Cacinia Indica, 

^fe)C^ karya, see ^odor. 

^e)^r^ karkala, s. The town 
of Karkal. 

'S^^^F^ karkUa, s. Cloudy or 
rainy weather. 

'^^rtr^d kargattalJ, s. Thick 

^racSr*^ karnikft, j^^ tfrfr^. 

'jTSiF karti, ^. The third solar 
month. 2. the sign of Gemini 
in the zodiac, -si eoo^ the 
first crop. —^25 the worship 
of an idol, consisting of 
waving of lamps in fulfilment 
of a vow. 

9^3f^ kartika, s. The eighth 
lunar month. 

is^tv^f^ =5e)^rv^ kartelji, kir- 
telji, see wSr. 

^e)5jFC?c kirpanya, s. Trouble, 
vexation; importunity, dun- 
ning. —e^J^oi to trouble, dun. 

^e)^3e)^o^ karbir^, s. Rule, man- 
agement, superintendence ; 
control. w>B3;>ro a manager, 

^ersrioorrto^ karmugal^, s. A dark 

'?fc)OJor karya, j. Work, busi- 
ness, affair. 2. a ceremony. 
3. cause, motive. 4. effect. 

^sr^^F kirve, see wd5. 

V5)^ kal^, s. A quarter, the 
fourth part of a unit. adj. 

"^^ kala, s. Time, tense of the 
verb. 2. season. — ^^^ a 
diviner, seer; an astrologer, 
-b^ the revolution or circle 

^f^e; kila 


^^0 kivi 

of time, -dafs; the vicis- 
situde of the times, evil days ; 
misfortune. — ajTii^ the right 
man in the right place, a man 
whose life opens a new epoch 
in human affairs. — c^^ci the 
vicissitude of time; change of 
seasons. —sJop the conjunc- 
tion of two periods of time, 
as morning, noon, evening. 
—JSoT^ce, whiling away time, 
procrastination, —^e'^ liveli- 
hood, maintenance. -^^&^, 
— tSid^^ to while away the time; 
to procrastinate; to live 
wretchedly. — wbr5> the end 
to approach, to die. 
^e)^ kala, adj. Black, dark. 

^rse^ors^, ^?e)^orikalang^,kalanga, 
s. A lever. — ixauo^ to lift with 
a lever. 

•ff^e^rt^ kalagati, s; The pro- 
gress or condition of time. 

9Se;t3?0rt, '5^o23?cSrO kalajiri- 
%hy kalajirdari, s. Black cum- 
min seed, Vernonia antheU 

^e)e^ig kalapilli, s, A silver 
ornament worn on the toes. 

^c)t>23idd kalabheirave, s. One 
of the sons of Siva. 

^c)^Doc5'# kilaminlkft, s. A kind 
of medicine. 

^rc)t)^dj, ^e)e;e)o^'# kaiamdre, 
kalantakOj s, Siva the de- 

9:9e)3ddrs)kalaharana, s. Whiling 
away time. 

^ffc)y'*?3j kalakshepa, s. Passing 
or whiling away time. 2. 
maintenance, support. 

^e)^r5)o^cSknantara,5. The course 
or lapse of time. 

^c)ey5)sJ9 kflavadhi, s. The end 
of a year, season or period 
of time. 

^c>© kUi, see sj^e, 

9e>C)7^2oOL kaligobbn, s. A kind 
of game. 2. playing for no- 
thing. , 

'^O^ kilivi, s. A channel for 
irrigation. 2. a canal. 

5e)ew kUu, see to^. 

5^6 kil6, see ^od 

ff e)6 kale s. A black man. 2. a 
black dog, etc, 

9e)dJ5)?e&^ kalocita, adj. Oppor- 
tune, well timed ; according 
to the times. 

^e)5Joi3, ws>^Q kavanti, kavati, 
s. The tree Zanthoxylon 

^^doc3 kavande, s. A master, 
lord, proprietor, owner. 

^^;j^ kavadi, s, A split bamboo 
with ropes suspending from 
each end, for carrying bur- 
dens across the shoulders. 

'ysrf^ kavalji,^. Guard, custody, 
watch; protection. — nsoSo a 
guard, watchman. --Deb^ to 
place a guard. ^-^^^^ to 
mount guard. 

^rfO kavali, see ^i^c. 

Wc)D kavi* s. Red ochre; also 

" Digitized by ' 

^e)s3) kavu 


9^9 kali 

9^0^ kivn, s. Heat, warmth. 
2. the rind ^ scraping of 
vegetables, elc. — 35^;^^> to 
scrape away the skin of vege- 
tables, elc. 

^i>s3 kave, adj. Red. -cJ ^ocwo 
the red garb of an ascetic. 

^^ddrfod kiveramiura, see ^o&>5 

^^a^O kiveri, s. The river 
Kaveri. 2. a female's name. 
— s5cTOjoD a festival in honor 
of that river held on the 1st 
day of the 7th solar month. 

w&^pO kavoli, ^. A frying pan. 

^fss:^ kavya, s. Poetry. 2. a 
poetical work; 5/^ ^?ioi. — ^sSjb^ 
a garland of poetry, poetical 

tS1>& kasi, s. Benares, adj. 
White. — w>Xa3 a white paper. 
— W)rfa, see v»^2^ —Xorfja^, —X 
o9udS? a Benares priest; an 
oppressor. — A»e^ the Indian 
com. — cJTi^ a strong, white 
cloth. ~€p5?\^i!> the Ganges 
water; also — Se^f". 

'5c)38J3ert kasiroga, s. Lunacy. 

^i)4f o^ kasmlrflL, s. The province 
of Cashmere. 2. a superior 
kind of woollen cloth. 

^7>^Zj kasyapa^ s. A sage of 
that name. 

^fe)35e>o5o kashiyi, s. The red 
garb of an ascetic. 

'S^Tf kasf, s. A cash, an old 
copper coin worth half a 
pie. 4f»c^ the fraction of a 

cash. TOTte^ a destitute or 
worthless man. [sion. 

9e);JD^ kasariki^ s. Selfconfes- 

^e)?7e) kasa, adj. Own. -^^^ 
one's own younger brother. 

'^h kasi, see w>^. • 

'Si>kf{ kasigi, adj\ Private, per- 
sonal. —<3so^ private accounts. 

W^h3^« kasitili, s. The mar- 
riage badge worn round the 
neck of a woman. 

?e)So%^ kahala, adj\ Black, dark. 
— risSr a kind of very poisonous 

5^3o5? kahali, see ^^«. 

=tf9<Be)5?JS?drt kahalorage, see to 

xfSV^ kalji,^. A grain, as of rice, 

^^v^ kala^ adj\ Black, dark. 
^tSrjo a wild cat. —d^Tb a 
black buffalo. -to*j a very 
dark night. 

w^^orf kalangy, see w>e;of;. 

^^■^jsa kalakottt, adv. Ex- 
tremely; very. -=*^33 extreme- 
ly bitter. 

w^^t\ kalaga, s. War, fight, 

'5fe)^t3?D?^ kalajirigft, see wx^aSeS^. 

5e)^rf^ kalamma, s, A name of 
Kali. 2. a female's name. 

9e)$ kali, s. Blackness. 2. the 
goddess Kali. 3. a black cow. 

5c)*or( kUiiga, s. A bird. 2. a 
snake. 3. an elephant, —t^ 
3^, _7;jir a black serpent. 
. 5^«rt kaliga, see wd^X. ^8^^ 

7e)i? kali 


i^ kici 

^fe)*3c)* kalitikshi, s. The fifty- 
second year of the Hindu 

"^^cra^J kalidase, s. A celebrat- 
ed ancient poet. 

^e)*?oi) kaliya, see vt^Aei^ 

9e>5^o kaluy s. A black dog. 2. a 
man's name. adj\ Black. 

=2rc)^ kale, s. Death. [serpent. 

'gfe)^j»?drt kalorage, s. A black 

Sro^Ti kinkana, see ^(^^(^. 

'dro'^d kinkare,^. A man-servant, 
slave. -^d^-d^^ servitude, 

•3ro*Rkinkini,<7^'. Trickish. — ^ 
eoo^, -^cJg a trick; trickery. 
— ^§j a land of medicine, see 

•Sro^oji kinkuni, ^^^ ^?^j?». 
^ortozS kingude, see ^oXozS. 

■S-oe^^sJ^ kincanilv, s. A red 

■3-orS kindi, ^^^ ^ozS. 
"3-ocJ^^ kinnikitti, ^. Sounding, 

as a oroken bell. 
4o^ci kintana, s. Canvas. 2. 

linen. — ^oovjo packing cloth. 
•Sro^e^, ■fto^o kintal^, kintala, ^. 

The beam of a pair of scales; 

also ^o^€. 
■3*0(^0 kinnari, s. A lute, fiddle. 

— T35)X, — ^eD the tune of a lute. 

-83»5?i)^ to play upon a lute. 
•S-oJi kinni, adj. Small, little, 

young, s. The young of an 

animal. 2.smallness. ^^fOet- 

a chicken. — ctoc/ooa) uvula. 

epiglottis; a disease under 
the tongue, called frog. —55 
^^ a small corn ; the Ricinus 
seed. — 85§^ a kind of rice. 
-eW« the little finger ; cf. *«5j 
f983^^. — eooD narrow-minded- 
ness; senselessness. — ^^ 
old and young. — i&«ert a 
dejected face, -oeb^, — 3s>zl5S> 
to bring forth, yean, as sheep, 

*o5Sdo3§[ kimpurushe, s, A fabu- 
lous bird with a human face. 

*osi)3^ kimmatf, s. Value, price. 
— ^WJj» to fix the value. 

iohF^ kirmpil^, see ^hr€. 


^o23e)ry kinnba^a, s. An itching 
sensation. 2. scratching. 

^ot^v^ kirmbilji, s. The ear- 
wax. — ^wOjX an ear-pick. 

^ot^v^ kinnbiU^, see ^hF€. 


lioeoor^ kinnbuni (*o^r), v. n. 

To itch. V, a. To rub, scratch. 
iro^FZf kinnbelv, s. Itching. 

2. scratching. — ^e^ a kind 

of nettlish Cocco, Colocasia 

4r( kigga, adj. Little, small. 

*2*-4tJ kiaikidi, s. Chirping. 2. 
prattling. adj\ Bruised, jel- 
lied. -Afti^r?) to tread to a 
jelly. ^-^^1^ to chirp; to 

-3-2^^, 3-sSd kicidii kicedi, x. 
Boiled rice mixed with split 
pulse and jaggory. — eoor«rf 
^e^ a female's brown coloured 
garment. ^ 

^t& ki5i 


*?# kimi 

^^^ kicita, see *^. 


*2* *2^ , *e5 kicci, kiddn, ki66e, 

to to to .1. 

^. Fire. 2. envy. 3. indiges- 
tion, disorder of the stomach. 
m>xL- a jungle fire. AsCj— 
envy, hatred, 
^tS^, ^Jd^ kificidi, kiccodi, 

*2§ © kicceli, s. A musk-rat. 

*t3c5^, *t3c)?s^ kijan»,kijan», ^. A 
kind of fish. — ^^ its spawn. 

*t;5e;o5i kijaluni, see Xrfoo^ 

*23*U kijikitti, ^. A boy's toy; 
a rattle. 

*t3t:ie3 kijib^i, see XaSeSaS. 
, *225^c^ kijelnni, see Xrfo:?). 

*fa^^ kit^ka, see *5^^. 
. -8-15^4 &i^ kit^kit^, s. Annoyance, 
disturbance, teasing, -t^^ a 
tormentor, ^^h^ to be vexed. 
— ^^^ to vex, disturb. 

*J3 kit], ^^^ *a. 

*8j* kitiki, s. A window. 

^Jj^y kitikiti, s. Ticking, as a 
watch; a small sound pro- 
duced by tapping on a flat 
substance. 2. giggling, titter- 
ing, —4^^ to titter. 
- -S-y kitta, s. Sediment of boiled 
areca-nut. 2. scoria; dross 
of smelted iron. 3. proximity. 
adj\ Near. — srorSo^i to repair 
or cement an earthen or stone 
vessel with the powdered 

-i^ kidi^ s. A spark. 2. a small 

precious stone, —^h^ to 
become enraged. — stotI)^ ^tS 
Mj^^ ^•u;>4^ sparks to fly. 

*c3 ki^i, s. Wit, keenness, cun- 
ning. — ^eDOj^ to play tricks. 
— Aftaft4^ to show one's cun- 

•8"cS*c3 kinikini, s. The tinkling of 
small bells; a clinking sound. 

■S-cSe^ kinilji, s. The noise made 
by the fall of a small bell, eU. 

*c^ra kinkana, adj. Little. -^ 
v^ the little finger. 

■Sr^^fi kinkuni, see i^c^o^^. 

•it^ ^ kinnalf > s. A brass cup. 

■83e)23^ kitibfy s. A book. 2. 
the Koran. 

*3^ kitt?, ^<f^ *^. 

*^kitt»,^. Lightning. -<^2V^s> 
lightning to flash. 

*^.€), *|o«, *^ kittali, kittiU, 
kitli, s. An orange. 

*3f^Ji kittuni (*§,), ^. «. To 
flutter ; to be in agitation. 

irzfo'^v^ kid^nkana, see ^c^jce. 

•8-n^o2^ kid^mbri, s, A brass 
ear-ring; also ^zi^ctSj. 

kid^kil^^ kid^kel^, kidk^l^^ 

kidkelj, s. The armpit. 2. 

tickling. — e^Sb^ to be ticklish. 

— sjszI)^ to tickle. 
*cSo2oo8 kidamburft, see *5odj. 
•8-a kidi, ^<?^ ^^• 
*cS kidJ, s. A cow-pen, stall. 

— c^a a manger; ^. eS^^St?. 
•JcS^tS'o^ kini^kuni, ^^^ *c^^^' 

^^ kiaj. 


*^r kirk? 

*?i^oS *cio', *rfe5^ kinjuTii, ki- 

nar{L> kinalf ^ ^. A bit, trifle. 
ir^t kiniri, J. Margin, bank, 

shore. 2. border, edge. 
■3-Ji^ci kinikini, see -^rf^rS. 
■3-c^ci kinkana, see *cejC«. 
*ci^?^ kinkuni (*5^). ^. «. To 

4c^D kiimari, see •&o7it>. 
•^c^kinni, see -^o^ 
^^^ kinyappJ, s. A mother's 

younger sister. 
^fSosS^kinyamme, s. A father's 

younger brother. 
•ifio 53) kinyavu, s. The young of 

an animal. 2. a little thing; 

kipaya, kipayat^^ kiphayiti, s. 

Profit, gain, advantage. 
*^e}^ kippil?, see ^hF6. 
*3^ kippu, ^^ #^?ix3^. 

kippiy ^. A pile, heap. 

— sTOTio^ to heap up. 
*sj^3* kimmat?, ^^^ ^ooijS. 
*oi^ri kiyude, see ^j^zS. 
i8-D^o2ooJi kir^jmbuni, see ^oaoors). 
*D^C3^ kir?d?, J^^ *5r. 
*o*2t)e}^ kir^bill?, ^^i? *lbr^. 
itio^ kiranci, s. Mire, mud. adj\ 

Miry, dirty, foul. 
^dra kirana, s. A ray ^r beam 

of light. 
*dr5 kirani, s. A kind of itch ; 

also ^T^rf, B^rl 
*Oe>l kirate, s. A hunter, fowler ; 

a forester. 

*0, *c3o kiri, kim, ^i^^*. Small, 
little, young. 2. low, mean. 

*D^fa^, *O^UOj?i kirikatt?, ki- 
rikattuni, see *e^^WJ^^i, under 

•3rO"3-D kirikiri, ^. Disturbance, 
annoyance.^ 2. creaking, as 
shoes, ^/f:.; cf. ^"d^ti, ~33t>*do«> 
to prattle. — ^^o^^ to disturb. 

*Dn, *07^ kirigi, kirigi, s. The 
garment worn by a girl ; also 

*0A, -arOrt kirigi, kirigJ, ^. An- 
noyance. — 5iis^^ to annoy. 

*Dn^ kiridj, see *5r. 

*0a3j33^ kiriyatj, ^. Chirayit 
gentian, Ophelia chirata. 

•ftOoSo kiriyfi, s. Exorcising; char- 
ming a demon. 

•iOoSj kiriye,^. A junior, younger 

*D?y kirita, s, A crown, diadem. 
^Oe635t>3j5 a king. 

*ci) kirn, see -^o. 

1^6 kirft, see rf^. 

•ardon* kireng?, see rf^oK. 

*6ot* kirengi, ^^^ *xJoea. 

■S-Soe^oji kirenduni, ^^^ #^ocio^ 

•iStaoJi kirejuni (W«^). z^.«. To 
cut, as straw, grass-stumps 
etc. 2. to scrape or clear, as 
the ground. 

*6&c^, *65Sci, *6^f) kirepini, 
kirepuni, kirevuni, ^^ ^^5^^. 

*^F kirkji, ^ A freaking 
noise. ^^dbyC 

^ A creajang 

i^F kirka 


*??5 kide 

**r^, *^r^ kirkalji, kirkala, 
s. AimojaDce, trouble, teas- 
ing. 2. a grain. 

^r(r^ kirgattiy s. A small knife. 
2. a short sword. 

*rtir^ kirgulla, s. A small 
kind of brinjal. 

i3-^rd kirtara, s. An inferior 
sort or kind. 

^C3*r kirdj, adj. Inferior, not 

*2jr^, SrT^F^ kirpilu, kirbillu, 
^. A hut, small temporary 

iS-otoP's* kiryatji, see ^Oodj^S. 

*^F kirsJ, see ^2v 

*o*otx), *e^too, -arexjrfoo kilijm- 

bu^ kilfbu^ kilumu^ see ^^oed. 
-irt* kila, J. The belly. 2. a bag. 

— Doaft)4^ to fill ^r feed the 

*^*e> kilakila, s. Chirping. 

2. screeching, adv. Heartily. 

— «c^» to laugh heartily, 
^dozoo, ^^oejo kilimbn, kilubu, 

see -^60^. 
*©*€) kilikili, see ^^t>. 
*dot3 kile^Ji, s. A fly. 

"d-dot:), -d-^oejj kilembi> kilembn, 
s. Bust, verdigris, corrosion. 

"d-eSot^D kSembiri, s. Cream. 
2. scum, 
froth to form. 

*di^o?) kileknni (*^^, z/. a. 
To draw out, pull. 2. to 
irritate, provoke; to stir, 

e3 -o 

^^S^Sc^ kilepuni, ^^^ 'ie^^ 

*64?ii *de^ci kilevuni, kile- 
vuni (*<3, *6e), z?. «. To 
whistle. 2. to resound. 

i6k kilesi, ^^^ *«3a;. 

■3-t)^ kilbu, see -^fSoeJ. 

4e3 kiUJ, s. A fort. -^^ the 
commander of a fort. 

-d-^JcS, ^>i^d kiyaiji6> kivnde, ^. 
A deaf man. ^^rk> deaf. 

iS-d-S^d kisikiBi, s. A titter, laugh. 

•ijf, -ftn) kisv, kiai, ^. Grinning. 
2. a fragment. S. trouble. 
4. hinderance. — *4a* — ^^^ 
a very small balance. — erooso 
a grinning face. -83:5 a trifle. 
— Cj^uo^ to give trouble; to 
haggle, -^Bjj^ to hinder. 

^Tf^ kiaifka, s. Tittering or 
grinning. — S <€«^s> to grin, 

*;5 kisJ, s. The pocket of a 

*^» *^ kistj, kisti, s. A fixed 
period for payment of reve- 
nue. 2. an instalment. 

**Jj* kilipili, s. The sound of 

'i^zi'i kiSake^ s. The name of an 
ancient king. 

*^23e)45)® kicab&voli, s. A fly- 
ing fox. 

*?e^o*?e^, 4?eSo*^b^ kicukifti, 
kidukit^, s. The squeaking of 
rats, elc. 

4?e;Sj^ kicuni (*e^, v. n. To 
squeak. _ 

*?23 kici, ^^^ *eti*^OOgle 

*e23 kiji 


^00^ kunku 

*et3 klJi, s. White lead. 

4(13 kita^ s. An insect in general. 

2, a worm. 3. see ^M^. 
*eU^, *(U?^ kitake, kitage, s. 

A base ^r rude fellow. 
•d-?C5^ kid^, ^'. Inferior. 

^^o*, *?a kidv, kidi, s. A worm, 
insect. -»2b^. ^exaxio^ to de- 
cay; to become useless. 

■i^^ kitji, J. A part, bit; a 

*?^j^ kituni (*e§), ^. «. To 
spirt, sprit; to sprinkle. 

*?do?) kiduni (*eS), 7/. ^. To 
importunate; to dun, tease. 

•i^^ kipu, s. A bunch, 

*?2:)e}^ kibillu, ^^ *br6. 


i^xf }lw}j s, a split, rift; a 

■S-?o^ kir^, adj\ Ancient, old; 

4e5K ^e^K «^^ a lesson for 

the past and future. 
4(D kiri, s. Continuance, inces- 

sancy. -=a?wo^?i to continue, go 

on without ceasing. -^iS^a)rfr 

incessant rain. 
*5&?i kiruni (*e5), v. a. To 

scratch;- to split; also 7\e^^. 
*?6 kiri, ^^^ *eC). 
4?dissfi Jiklrottuni (*eT5j8§^), v. a. 

To roar, as an elephant. 
*?;ir<5 kirtani, s. Praise; a 

psalm, hymn. — ^«b^^ to sing 

praises of God. 
4?^F kirti, s. Fame, renown, 


h^^ ka^^, J. A joint, hinge, peg. 
2. a wooden fastening. — 53*> 
^s> to fasten as a door ; also 

i^^o^ ka^mb^, see ^doeS. 

H^^^^ ka^davadi, s. The 
lower jaw. 

•8-eO kai, s. A lock. -^^ the 
key of a lock. 

^?^(53^ kilmelj, adj. Evil and 
good. 2. inferior and supe- 
rior, adv. Upside-down. 

•J^sJ ^^vu, ^. Pus, matter of a 

*?rfj^ kisuni, see 4e^^. 

*§;Sj* kisuli, ^. A carpenter's 

•8-?S^ ka^, adj. Base, low, mean. 
-e^f, 4fwf an inferior. 
— araS a low class <?r caste. 
—^^ baseness, meanness. — s^^ 
*rf a vulgar expression, —s^^ 
a mean disposition. -;Soe^, 

i^'^y *?^o kilv, kilu, see 4e^. 

^j ku, ^^*. pref. Bad, low, 
small ; as —^^ vulgar people. 
— od^^ low tricks, etc, 

"l^oo^orfo knnkuma, s. A crim- 
soned powder of turmeric, 
used by married women for 
making a mark on their fore- 
heads. — ^e?5J^ see '^^tjtS. 

^ooT5^odJ kunkuru, s. Going on 
hands and legs, as an infant ; 
also ^eo^oTl). —"^^ a toad. 
~53atii^ to stagger, reel. 

^jotf kunW 


^oodo knndn 

^00^ kunki, see tfjso^. 

^^o'd kunca, s. A tassel, flybrush. 

^ooti kundi, ^. A kind of chil- 
dren's hood reaching down 
to the calves of the legs. 

^oosS kunce, s. A weaver^s stay. 

^ooti kurija, s. A heap, accu- 
mulation, hoard; assemblage. 

^oo^e)D^ kunjar^i, s. A small 
jungle. 2. the name of a 

^ooe3 kunji, ^^^ Xi&oaS. 

^ootSrtr kunjirga, ^^^ ^oo&{^5. 

^ocsp kunna, ^. Genitals, t'/^. 

^jofei kunta, s. A peg, post. 2. 
the stocks, a^'. Lame, crip- 
pled; blunt. —'S'o;*^ a crip- 
ple's tricks. ~TR>5 a lame 
leg. ^n5S^^ to place or j&x 
a post. — 3j3Tio?) to set up a 

^oofeJcS kuntani, s. Vexation. 
2. dissoluteness; cf. Tefou^rf. 
— 7^^ a debauchee. 

i^ooWs^, ^oote)^, ^oote>^kun- 
talf, kuntal^^ kunUla, s. The 
tree Gomphia angustifolia, 
— 25o5r its fruit. 

^oobe)5;J)Ji kuntavunij see ^jaeo 

^oo&3 knnti, J. A female dwarf. 
adj. Short; worn out, wasted; 
blunt, dull. — ^^^ a worn 
out broom. —WjsT^^i to become 
blunt, etc, 

^Oolio kuntu, s. Cloth. 2. gar- 
ment, dress. — ^^^ to dress, 

clothe. — 49^4f^ to cover with 
clothes, put on clothes, 
tfooyoji knntuni, see A&eoUo^. 

tfooiSkunte, s. A dwarf, short 

tfooiS kuntft, s. The web beam 

of a loom. — rf !^ fire set up 

to warm the bleached thread. 

— Xjbt^^ to set a post ^r peg. 

«>rf— the cross-beam of a 

tfood konda^ ^. A pit, especially 

of sacrificial fire. 
^ood^ kundala^ s. A kind of 

ear-ring; also Xoorie;. 
^^oTi^ kundali, s, A kind of 

^00^, "9^00^7^ kondj^ knndigi^ s. 

A strong trough. 
^oorSo^ kundel^, ^^^ ^jsozS^. 
^oofS kunpJ, s. The penis. 

"l^ooS^kuntala,^. A curl, ringlet. 

2. the hair. 3. a drinking cup. 
^oo3 kunti, s. The mother of 

the Pandu princes. 
^0oC3^ kund^, see tfoocij. 

^ood kunda^ ^. A pillar, post. 

tf^cS- a stone pillar, -^wo^fi 

to build a pillar, 
'tfoodr© kundana, j. Pure gold. 
TE?oor3e)^^ kundavuni, c, v. {of'^^o 

cJosi) To reduce. 2. to boil 

down. 3. to repress, humble. 
^ood) kundu, s. Deficiency, 

defect, fault. 2. want. 3. loss. 

-O.C& a helper i^ac^pan- 

ion, comrade. — ao to make 


^oorij kunda 


^otfj, kukku 

up a deficiency. — ??^ want 
of money or means. 

t^oocSj kundUy s, A child of Pa- 
riahs. — csTl)^:) to bear, bring 
forth, as Pariahs. 

^oociJci kunduni (s'ooB), v.n. To 
decrease, abate, be reduced. 
2. to fade, wither. 3. to be 
boiled down, 

^oocSo^ kundel^^, s. Deficiency, 
as in the measurement of 
grain, etc, 

TS^oogj kundri, s, A small craft 
or vessel from the Maldive 
islands, adj. Little, small, 
short. — ^^^, -8cro«3 a puny 
baby, . bantling, —^'ft^* — s5)t:*) 
O30 a small kind of cocoanut, 
imported from the Maldive 

^oodjj'#Je)§i3 kundrukott, s. An 
old fort at Mercara. 

tfoosiD, ^oo53e)g^ kumpari, knjn- 
padri, s, A god-father. 

^joog)?) kumpuni, see ^jso^^ 

^Oo33 kumpS, see ^o^. 

^oo2J kumba, see ^oo?;i. 

^oo20ffe)6, i^oosoS kumbakare^ 

kumbare, see ^oobtotS. 
TE^ootob^ kumbatt^, see ^ooa^i. 
^oosodjji kumbaruni (^oowS), 

V, n. To quake, tremble. 
^oo2^d kombiiva, ^. A pumpkin 

or gourd. 
^oou?3* kumbas^, ^^^ ^002^. 

^oo2Je)6 kumbare, J. A potter; 
also £jti5. 

^jot!; kumbi, s. A mirage. 2. 
the penis. 3. an elephant. 

^ootJokumbu,^. Rottenness, adj. 
Rotten, carious, decayed. —1^ 
^ a rotten tree, —^h^ to rot. 

tfoog^d kumbuda, A pumpkin or 
gourd, Cucurbita agenaria, 
^5— an ash-gourd. w>l3— , 
e3jareo- a small kind of ash- 
gourd, dc;— , j^^ tfceood. 
—^jsoaob^, — eSs^or^ to boast, 
vaunt, t'/^. 

^Oozlisfei), kumbottu, see ^oowo. 

'S^ooSfJ kumbha, J. The eleventh 
solar month (Febr.-March). 
2. a pot, an earthen vessel. 
—"^^^ the name of a giant, 
Ravana's younger brother. 
— U5^ the sign Aquarius, 

^^0^, ^joZj^^ (^ kumbha, kumbha- 
sthala, s. The frontal globe 
of an elephant's head. 

"5^oC05*, ^jo^j^ kummakj, ku- 
mmiki, see ^o^t^. 

^Oo5jje)'crfokummaya, see ^oi^j^odo. 

^ootSro* kunrjil^, see iSo^f^, 

^ooiJjrJi kurntuni (^ooGf), v. n. 
To shrivel, shrink. 

^oocior kurndu, see ^uaorfor. 

^oodidF^ kurndodi, ^. A kind 
of fish. 

^oordo kumsu, see XoSjsjj. 

^0^0. kukku, s. A mango. 2. the 
mourning feast of the Pariahs. 
— c$ ^t5 a mango tree. —^ 
?iooa a young mango. —^ cro 
;J^5, -3l)^5 mango pickle. 




^oU kutta 

^ifjioridifi^h^ Pariahs to at- 
tend a funeral ceremony. 

^0^0,© kukkuli, s. Pecking. 

tfo^i©ai>j?i kukkuliynni (c^^^^Oj 
^), r. «. To peck. 

^0^ kukke, s, A basket, -^o 
Tl>^ a small basket. 

^ortj?^ kugrguni C^'^^), ^. ». To 
be humbled, depressed. 2. to 
sink; see ^otJcj^^. 

^os^otfo^^o kucukucu, s. A whis- 
per. — s»#do^ to whisper. 

^o2§ kuce, see ^o^. 

iSoziXf A kucodya, ^. Ridicule, 
derision, mockery, 

^jzSfcj* kuddat^, s. Shortness, 
smallness. adj. Short, little. 

i^zi dA, ^^zi fl, tfotae) ki kndca- 
nigi, kn65aniy knddata^ s. Re- 
probation, taunt, upbraiding. 

^oeft kucci, s. The cropped hair 
of the head. 2. the stump 
of a shrub. 3. a tassel, adj. 
Small, short. — Tro5 a copse, 
brushwood. — 75o5 grass- 
stump, stubble. — liwtf^ a 
thicket of thorns. ^Js^tS^?^ 
— ^^» to shave the head. 
SbC— a kind of fish. 8o5— an 
addition made to the tuft of 
hair on the crown of the head. 

^ot& S kucdile, s. A taunter. 


^otSo Ji kucdnni, see ^o^f^fi. 

^ozSrso^, ^oz|jsrc)o?i kuccenuni, 
kuccenuni (^»^^^? TS^otS^^f©), v. 
refl. To blame, censure, re- 

tfotSci kucdena, see tfo^e^^ 
^oto kuja, adj. Earth-born. s. 

A tree. 2. the planet Mars. 

-^TOT^ Tuesday. 
^otioU kujanti, see ^A&otf. 
^otiD* kujar^, ^. The stench of 

urine; any bad smell, 
tfofci©* kujalj, s. The hair of 

the head. 
tfjta^oji kujaluni, see ^ja^exj^. 

«ot3oejo, tfotijoeoo kujimbu, ku- 

JumbUy s, A chip, fragment. 
tfwfejso^j kntiyi, see tfjauow. 
^oU kuti, J. A hut. 

^jU^ kutini, J. A deceitful 

tf-U^ kutila,^. Trick, imposture, 
deception. 2. hypocrisy. 3. 
crookedness. — osoSsj, ??o«6 a 
cheat, impostor. 

'rfofeiootJ kutumba, s. A family; 
a household. 

tf jUoot:^?^ kutumbije, s. A house- 
holder, family-man. 

^oUo^o kutuku, s. The game of 
hide and seek. 2. a female's 

^oUj^oUj kutukutu, s. The 
rumbling of the bowels. 2. 
grinding the teeth. 

^oU kutta, see ^jsW^. 

^oUe^ kuttanj, s. A kind of 
tares. -JSoU a field over- 
grown with such tares; a 
barren field. 

^oUk) kuttana, see i^o^rf^ 


i^oU, katta 


^jt^ kana 

^^U?;*^ kuttas^, see t^^oa^. 

^o^kutti,^. A stake, peg, stump. 
— ?fj»teA) a short stick. ~#j»ee« 
^eco^^ to play at throwing 
a stick. 

^0^.0^ kuttil^, see !!?o«(s;. 

^oi^ kuttu, s. A blow given 

with the fist. 
^oiJo^Ji kuttuni (*ol^), v. a. To 

thump, give a blow, strike 

with the fist. 2. to crash, 

pound, bruise. 
"^jS kutti,^. Decay, rottenness. 

— ^^ a borer, that destroys 

trees, -si^^ to decay. -4»e 

^^ to be ruined, done up, 

^oWo^ kutru, ^. Cooing. — j^rf 

a spotted dove. — catl)?) to coo. 
tfoz^ kuda, adv. Again. -€^» 

once more. — 'S'ozS again and 

again, repeatedly. 
i^orfoZo kudariji, 5^^ =#j&zSo^. 
'j?02^5§Ji kudapuni, see ??Arf^^. 
^jcSD kudari, s. An axe. ??^— a 

"d^^^J^^^ kudikol-gi, see ^oW^ 

^jseOj, under t!?o« . 


"tfo^zSo* kudicel^, ^^^ ^'^^^• 
^o^ef d kudicele, see ^^>§ «?. 
tfoci: kud^, s. Horse-gram, 

Dolichos unifionis, 2, the 

testicles of dogs, cats, etc. 3. 

the fresh scars of small-pox. 

-cszl:^ to feed (cattle) with 

gram; to cuff, give blows. 

-eSg^or^, lit, gram to scatter; 

small-pox to break out. 

'^oci^oeS kndumbe, s. A jungle 
man. 2. a Eonkani speaking 
Roman Catholic. 

^^iTi^t^ kudutalS, see ?fo^A 

^orfoog), kudupu, s, A strainer, 

made of wicker-work. 
^ocSjcg)j:i kudupuni, see ^o7ij>^^ 

^ociirfo kuduma, s. A ferry. 

2. see ?roi3oow. 
'S^ociosSo kudume, see ^oric^o^, 
^oc8 kude, ^. A rat's hole. 
^orioeS kude^Ji, see #j©iSoa8. 

^jc8oe3rfod kudenjimara, j. The 
tree of oval-leaved rosebay, 
Wrightia antidysenterica. 

tfo^, tfo?3, kudki, kudki, s. A 
small earthen vessel. — dbsljr 
a kind of firework. 

^oc^j Ji kudcuni (^^^g.)? v. a. To 
drink excessively. 2. to swal- 
low liquor. 

^o:S ^ kudcelv, s. Drunkenness. 

'e^o^eS kuddele, s, A drunkard, 


^0^6 kudtalft, ^. The re- 
gistered right of paying land 

^od^, ^j^ kudpa, kudpft, see 

^od^^ kudpal^, s. A woman 
with uncombed hair. 2. the 
name of a female demon. 

'rfocio^^ kudpuni (^'^5), z^. ;2. To 
shiver, as from ague, v, a. To 
dust, shake oflf as the dust of 
a cloth, etc, 

"i^orasS, "sfoc^d kunali, kunile, see 

^03*^ kuttljL 


^oa kudi 

T^J3^0 kutt^i, see "^o^b. 
^oi kutta, s. Sickness. «^^ 

ci^ jaundice, ^ie&— dropsy. 
^o^y, kuttata, s. Pain, as in 

suppuration of a boil, 
^o^id, ^^)^^ kutt&tta, kut- 

tyat^, s. A granary, store. 
'^o^Jj kuttani, s. A superior 

kind of silk cloth, 
^j^^ kuttane, adv. Headlong. 
^j^O kuttari, see ^^o^o. 

'^^^^^p kuttamni (^^i,^» ^- ^• 
To feel a biting or itching 
sensation. 2. to ache. 

^j^^^o kuttalu, see ?ro^. 

^o^^>oji kuttaluni, ^^^ ^jao^ex:^^. 

^0^53 kuttale, s. A sickly man. 

^os^y kuttata, see ^oaj^u. 

1^03^0 kuttari, see ^o^o. 

^0^ kutti, s. A liquid measure, 
as of oil elc. 

^j^ kutti, s. The trunk <?r 
stump of a tree. — wrf^ fees 
levied for permission to fell 
trees on government land. 
— tfj»e»: a perpendicular post 
supporting a roof. -^sS pro- 
pitiation of demons, sup- 
posed to haunt a newly con- 
structed roof.. — o^odoo^ a 
race or family to be extinct. 
— X^r?) to dig up the stump 
of a tree. ^"^of^ a post 
planted in the water for 
supporting anything. 

"^^^"^^ kuttipuli, s. Tamarind. 

tfo^ kuttiri, s. A civet cat. 

^03(0^ knttu, s. A prick, punc- 
ture; very small hole. 2. a 
fomentation or poultice. 3. 
a basket-maker's knife; also 
?ro^^j»?<yo. —'^jaLr^ to foment. 
— srozli^ to prick, make a hole. 
—zxadi^i to become a hole. 

^o^i? kuttuni (^^5o), V. a. To 
bore, pierce. 

^02(^0 kutturi, s. A weel for 
catching fish with. 2. a basket- 
shaped cage for fowls. 

^o2(>i,do5i, liot^^ kutturuni, ku- 
truni, see ts^odoj^^. 

tfo|,^ kuttel^, s. A kind of 
brush used by toddy-drawers. 

"^oiJ^ a kuttodi, s. A cobra ema- 
ciated by devouring another 
species of snake called 

^ol^^tfj kuttyolu, see "^^^ 
#j8e€^^, under ^o^. 

tfodoB kudanti, see ^jsrfoa. 

tfocScs^ kudad^, see ^jscjS. 

^ocSrf, i#od^ kudanJ, kudani, s. 

The fruit of Solanu?n pubes- 

*oa kudi, s. Term, turn. ^*. 

Fixed, settled, -d??:^ to fix 

a time, 
^oa kudi, J^^ ^jati. 
^oa^DD* kudikar^, ^. Tiptoe, 
'e^ja^, kudike, A jackal, fox. 
tfoD^fi, ^oaoioOc^ kudipuni, ku- 

regret. ^ 

^oa kudi 


^023( knbe 

^0^33?^?^ kndipevuni (^od^S^), 
V. a. To be desiring, wishing. 
2. to be anxious. 

^odjotoo kudumbu, see ^j!>ci3o2Co, 

•s^jciJoeoj^j kudumbulu, ^. A 

^ocJo^ kuduke, see is^oo* 

•j^odjsi kudupa, ^^^ ax)ci3i5. 

^ocSo^ci kudupuni (^^5), z;.^. 
To cut; to reap. 

"Z^jcio^ kudupJ, s. A small kind 
of earthen vessel for boiling 
rice. 2. {fig^) the belly. 

'S^ociosSj kudumft, s. The side <7r 
cross roof of a house. 

^ododo kuduru, <f. A sand bank. 
2. a small island. 

^ociodoji kuduruni (^ocIdS), z^. ;^. 
To recover from sickness. 

tfocSod kudurS, s, A horse. 2. 
the lock of a gun. — 73>^, 
^TOcxSo a horsekeeper ; a rider. 
-a3e5 a saddle, -rf »^5 the 
mane of a horse. — e/aodj a 
stable. — ;ds5»& riding. -5)o 
^Ti)^, — ^ws^^j?) to mount a 
horse, to ride. 

•Sod kudS, s. A piece of wood. 

•j^od kudke, see Sod* 

•SjcJo kuddu, ^^^ soos^. 

"SocSj^ ku Ji kuddonuni, see So^^. 

"rfjcSje) kuddoli. see Xodd e. 

•Sod^, tfocl kuddya, kudya, s. 
Shortness. adj\ Short, small, 
dwarfish. — crooSo a dwarf, 
short man. 

^jrf^ kudpi, J^ Sod)^. 

^oC3^23^ kudrasji, ^. A square 

Socid kunalft, ^^^ *dce«3. 

^o35c)oz2 kupaijdi, ^. Concealing 
one's nature, acts, etc,\ hy- 
pocrisy. — 3j5>^Ti>^ to talk like 
a virtuous man; to impose 

tfos3e>od, ^O53e)od, kupinde, ku- 
plndre, see So85?t5. 

^o^^^o, ^j^^j kupulu, kupulu, 
s. The crow-pheasant. —So 
^ red eyes. — 2or© reddish 
colour. — zJoof!® a mole-hill. 

•SoS^od^ kupendre, see Sot3ei5. 

^o^^o kuppasa, s, A petty coat, 

So^ kuppi, ^. Glass-ware. 2. 
china-wares. 3. a pial, bottle. 

^0^ kuppi, see Xo^. 

^j2oe3^, Soe3e)€}^ kubal», kub%, 

^. A pinnacle, the top of a 

^JZjjtJ kubnja, adj. Dwarfish; 

•SoZJOzS kubujJ, s. A female 

Soejoa kubuddhi,^. Foolishness; 

folly. [tree. 

<So2S kubd, ^. The top of a palm 

'SoeS^dsiirf kuberamara, s. The 
mahogany tree. 

^023?6 kubere, ^. The Indian 
Pluto and god of wealth, pre- 
siding over the north quarter. 
2. a rich man. ^ 

tfo2j knbja 


ffjdj kuru 

tfozj knbja^ see ^oa)o». 

tforfo'5*, "tfoOo*, i^odoo*, ^odoo 
^j, ^odoj^ knmakf, kumiki^ 
knmuki^ kumnkny komukd, s. 
Aid, assistance. — 3ct)K unas- 
sessed land for the use of 

^od3«)odj kumindra, see ^o^ 

"^j^ljdol) kumaya, s. Chunam, 

lime. 2. mortar. 
^odJSD, tfodJe>3r komirij ku- 

martii s. A girl. 2. a virgin. 

3. a daughter. 
T^odJdd knmire, s, A boy. 2. a 

^odoo;^^^ komosalfy ^. Consul- 
tation. 2. conspiracy, plot, 
^o^ie?^ kametelf, s- Putrid 

meat or fish. 
*3dj5^5 kumevuni (^o^), ^f.^i. 

To decay , putrify, as meat, elc, 
^odotf, ^orfo?D*kujner^,kumer^, 

s. A waste land cleared for 

^o&^dj kumern, s. The south 

*oOaooe)5S?i kuyilavuni, see ^a 

^ocxJojA^ kuyukti, ^. Craft, cun- 

^ooJjJtwJi kuyuluni (s^ooImC), 

V. n. To inflame, as the eyes, 

or a boil. 

T^odorl knranga, s. A musk-deer. 

2- a monkey. 
■rfodoij* kurantf> jr^?^ rfj^xioO. 
■rfoOoyj J) kurantuni, ^^ ^oiioowo^ 
*odo^Jj kurantuni, ^^ ^jado^^. 

^odod^^e^ kurandrakallf, .s*. A 
kind of very hard stone. 

^oOoz:)©* kurambilv, s, A kind 
of grass growing in fields. 

^odo2oj kurambu, see tfjsdoeoo. 

^od^, *-o«)^ kurak^, kurik^, 

s. Food, sustenance. 
^oda,tfoOe)^ kuradi, kuradi, see 

*jOz8 kurade, see tfoTljA 
tfoDe)r3^ kuranji, s. The Koran. 
^00 kuri, s, A sheep. — a^s* 

foolish people. — ^^^^^alamb. 

— TSjaeiJo wool. 
tfjO kuri, s. A boil. CA)i)a_- a 

small boil. 
^J0e3e)3^ kurijatp, ^^ ^'odoaraS. 
'tfoO^fO* kurinir^^, J. A mixture 

of lime and turmeric water. 
•SoO^J^, ^ODojjoJi kuripuni, kuri- 

yuni (^^^), V, n. To decay, 

rot, putrify. 
"tfodo kuru, adj. Little, small. 
^odjollo kuruntu, s. A small 

bundle, as of rice efc. 2. a 

lump, as of tamarind eic. 3. 

*oc5ocUjJi kuruntuni (^J'otiooO), 

V, n. To contract, shrivel, 

shrink in. 
^odio^Se]^ kununbilf, 5. Curled 

hair. 2. j^^ ?rodo83€. *^ 

'S'orfo knru 


^Jc3e)F kurna 

Co- t<cr 

can6, kurukucci, s. Grumbling, 

'^ocJoe^ kuruci, see ^oe^r. 
^jdot3a>3^ kurujat?, s. A moidore. 
^odoeS kuruji, see Xo^r. 
^odocS kuruda, «^'. Blinji. -^e^ 

t5^odoc3e)05j kurudayi,^^^^'3^f="c^. 
'rfoc^orfo kurudu, ^^'. Blind. 
^odj?:^o5ioof^ kurudumannijL, see 

Potior »5oofi. [TiiF-ziot). 

^odociosJoD kurudumari, see *o 

^orfjrl, "J^odoi knrude, kurute, s, 

A blind man. 
'rfjdjeo^^e;* kurnbikil^, J. A 

postern, backdoor. 
'8rjc5o20o kurubu, J. The eyebrow. 
^jOozS knrube, ^. A shepherd. 
•j^odosS kurnlfe, ^^^ ^oe3r. 
^odjsS kuruvfe, ^^<? ^o^r. 
^0d^nJe)O* kurusal^^, ^. Servitude, 

slavery, bondage. 
^odJS3i, ^odJ35g) kurupa, kurupu, 

s. Deformity, ugliness, adj. 

Deformed, ugly. "^oTijit an 

ugly man. 
^06 kure, s. Filth, dirt. 2. 

swamp, pool. — ^€ stinginess 

in trifles. —^3^ decayed skin. 

— ^e^ a poor life, half-alive. 

— zijoF© filthy soil. 
t5^o62j^, "tfodsSc^ kurepini, kure- 

puni (^^^), ^'. a. To bore, 

scrape, excavate, drill. 2. 

see 'iji'^h^ 

^oSoiiJ^, ^jSsJJi kureyuni, ku- 

revani (^^^, ^'. «. To be worn 

out, washed away. 2. to decay, 

^06^ kurelijL, s. The nape of 

the neck. 
'tfj^r5)r5^^ kurkavuni, c, v. {of 

^o^or^) To shake, agitate. 

2. to wash well, as clothes. 
^0iiF€3* kurkilijL, j. A kind of 

^j^jrft kurkuni (^^^f), v* n. To 

shake, as a tree elc, 
^o^jrcJj kurknru, adv. Slowly. 

— cdiOE^^ to shut slowly, 
^o^r kurk^, see 7(o^f, 
^j2C^r kurni, see '^o^f. 
•j^oaSr kurci, s. A chair, seat. 
tS^o^ir kurci, ^. A kind of fish. 
^023e)r3^ kurjat^ji, see ^ojiods^E. 

'^jC5e)ro5o kurdayi, ^. A large 
black beetle that destroys 
the core of palm-trees. 

^oaraojsdo, "^^zi^r kurdibaru, 
kurdu, s. A kind of creeper. 

^jdjr kurdu, see "^o-d^Tki, 

^odordjof^ kurdumanniji, s. Soil 
or earth impregnated with 
the poison of kurduraari. 

^odjrdoO kurdumari, s. A kind 
of poisonous vermin. 

"^jzIf kurde, see "^cfdoiS. 

'erjJr, ^j Jr<2>^ kurt6, kurtel^i, s. 

Dirt, filthiuess. «^'. Dirty. 

^olr^S kurtele, ^. A filthy man. 

^Oc3e)r;!3* kurnasiji, ^. Snoring. 

^ojir kurni 


^ja$ kuja 

^o^F kumi,^. A sore in the eye- 
lid. — ^ofi sore eyes. 

^o^F kurpu, s. Manure, fer- 
tiliser. —75^^^ to be fer- 

^Ocgr kurpu, s. Sharpness, as 
of a cutting instrument. 2. 
dissection. — o^S)^ to dissect. 

^jCre5* kurbilji, see ^otIjocS^. 

^o2Jor kurbu, see tfoTi^eJo. 

^jolxiFji kuryuni, see tS^oOoIw^ 

^jo^F kurl^jL, s. Contraction, 
shrinking in. 2. parching, 

^^^'VFO, ^ooor kurlari, kurlu, j. 
Parched rice. 

^os^oFf) kurluni (^^^^f), 7;. «. 
To be contracted, to shrivel, 
shrink in, as from cold; also 

^o^r kurl6, s. A tender plantain 
tree. 2. a young pig. 3. the 
fresh shoots of grains e/c. 

^odrsioc^r kurlemard^^, s. A 
kind of bitter medicinal root. 

^o;3e>FO^ kurvayi, see ^:>7s^ro9o. 

^jsSf kurv6, s, A basket. 2. 


the belly to distend 
^o^Cp-o^ kursandi, s. A kind of 

sesamum imported from the 

ghauts. -oDoj« sesamum oil. 
T^oT^Fti kursani, see ^oTSo7i;>6, 
^jt^f kursu, s. A cross. 2. see 

^0^ kula, s. Family, race, tribe. 
— c3e^5 a family god. — qJsi^r, 
?roc;Dt5;)Tj duties and customs 

80o^ ^o^r ^uo.^ 


pertaining to a family or 
caste. — i5od one who belongs 
to a good family, -iuo^ji a 
caste or family to be degen- 
erated or ruined. 

ffov kula, see ^o«*. 

•i^oe^ kula, s. A sweet preparation 
consisting of cocoanut juice, 
jaggory, ripe plantains, and 
cardamoms; also x?o^. 

=^0^, "j^j^sj kula, kulavu, s. A 
kind of creeper. 

=^0^023 kulanji, see ^odoaS. 

^0^0^ kulayi, s. A kind of cap. 

'2?oo-c)o^o2J kulankula, adj. De- 
tailed. 2. whole, ^z'. In 
detail. 2. wholly. 

^oOc)?o* kulas^L, s. Discharge, 
acquittance, letting go. 

fi^Ot, ^0^^ kulipJ, kulupJ, 

see ^0^33. 

=3^0©??^ kulina,^^*. Noble, honor- 
able, "^oc^i a nobleman. 

^oe3 kul6, s, A ghost, apparition. 
— &T^ continual fever. 

^j53o23 kulenji, s, A plot of field. 

^0^ kulp6, see ^oe^. 

^je;?) kuUa, see sx>^. 

CO <*> 

^oe^^sjj^ kullavuni, see ^^ovo^^i^. 
^0© rt kullige, s. The buttocks. 
^osi^ kuvaka, see s'os^^. 
^os3 kuv6, s, A mast; a/j^ tfo£ 

^od kuv6, ^^^ ^jaiS.- 

^o2t kusa, ^.,,Th^,,(to^#t^ss, 
-P(?^ cyno sur aides ; also cJt^r. 

^0^ kusa 


^0$ kali 

^oi^ kuSala, s. Cleverness, skil- 
fulness. 2. welfare, happi- 
ness, adj. Clever, expert, 
able. — ^^^ keen wit, quick 

iSo35e)0^, kusalDL, s. Merriment, 
pleasure, frolic. — ^eX vene- 
real disease. — tJjs^^ to be 
merry, to lead a debaucher- 
ous life. 

T^oS knsi, s. Joy, pleasure ; hila- 
rity. 2. will. 3. agreement. 
?>ci— as you like, as you 

^oS^Ji, t#j3oi)Oc^ kusipuni, ku- 
siyuni (^'^^), ^. «. To contract, 
shrink in. 

T^^h kushi, see ^o^. 

^j3|. kuBhta, see ^^si^. 

^o;3 kufla, see ^o^. 

'^j::5;5 kusave, ^. A potter. 

^^joJcS^, ^0^5 kusinijL, knsini, s. 

A kitchen. 
^j^33)^ kusipuni, see '^ol^^i. 
"^jk^ kuairi, ^<?^ '^'^^ 
«^o;jjo23 kusumbft, j. The safflow- 

er. — 3085 safflower oil. — eoore 

a deep red colour. 
^j:^^o5 kusukuni, ^^^ ^o;?io^?). 
•j^oJJo^oJJo kuBukusu, see XotJj 

^o;!iot:) kuBubi, s. The safflower. 
^o^godo kusuma, s. The filament 

of a flower. 2. the pollen of 

a flower. 
i^o^o kusuri, s. Any thing given 

to boot, when a person buys 

commodities. 2. see ^o^ -*a 

hr^i to give something into 

the bargain. 
^Oisdobo kusuru, J. A bit, trifling. 

adj. Little, few. 
^o?ijdo?i kusumni (tfo^i^S), z^. n. 

To shiver. 2. to shrink in, be 

^o?ij^ kusulu, s. The small 

bead of a nose ornament. 
^^ji^^, '^o;^?^^ kusel^ kusel^ 

^. Ingenuity, cunningness, 

a sly artifice. 2. wittiness, 

_»i5«^o^?i to play tricks. 
^^tx^ kuskuni {^^^^), ^. «. To 

shrink, give way, sink in. 2. 

to sprain, 
'^o^^kusti, ^.Gymnastics, wrest- 
ling. -^eco^?>, -liis^?) to 

T^OrCj kusri, s. The pulp or soft 

part of a fruit. 2. see tS^osjoO. 
^oaS'er kuhaka, ^^'. Fraudulent, 

deceitful. ^os^tJ a cheat, 

Ti^o^ kula, ^. A tank or pond. 
tfov^^^ kulakji, J^^ *j»^^. 
'rfo^^^rfjsocj, kulamandra, ^. Dried 

juice of mangoes t?r jackfruit. 
•3fotfs3c)0* knlavir?, ^. Details. 

2. item by item. 3. a list of 

creditors, debtors, elc. 
^0^5;^ kulavu, see ^oe>4. 
^^^A kuligi, see Xo^^ 
^o*3§?i kulipuni (^o<?), v. a. To 

sting, as an ant. ^ 

^j« kuli 


^jsa kudi 

^0^35 knlipe, s. The large black- 

l^j^oo^Oci knlunkuni (*o«*jo^), 
V, a. To wet, moisten. 

1#o«*j^o^o kulukulu, ^^^ Xov»oXo5?o. 

^j^jogl kulupn, s. A piece of 
black stone etc., with a device 
or inscription on it to be used 
as a seal. 

^j^^Jogl kulupu, see ^oPt, 

^o^jCDD^ kuluviriji, see ^s^o^s^S 

l#ov^45), ^o<53e)5^^ kullSvuni, 
kull&pavuni, c, v. (of ^o^^^i) 
To make sit, to employ. 

tfj<5?A?i kulluni (^>^fv), v.n. To 
sit, sit down. 2. to lodge, 

^jd ku^ $, Response, responding 
to a call. 2. alarm. — s»rfo^ 
to respond to a. call; to give 

^JSo^ kunkJ, s. Shortness of 

^JSo^ kunkJ, s. The mock tri- 
bute given in a kind of game. 

^jaoti kunja, see ^ooa^. 

^Je)o23 kuriji, see Xj&oal 

^Je)o225>* kunjelj, j. A kind of 

weel for catching fish. 
^Je)ol3jc^ knntuni, sec ^j»w^^. 

knndoluy s. A wasp. 2bO— a 
large yellow wasp. 

!^J3o^Ji, i^J3os3)ci kuntuni, kum- 
pnni (^^o§, ^jao), 7'. (Z. To 
peck, strike with the beak. 2. 
to prick a hole. 3. to put out. 

^jf)* kuk4, see ^j^ot?. 

^JS/lo kugn, s, A cry, excla- 
mation, outcry. 

^jsrtj^i kuguni (^j*^, ^. «. To 
cry out. 

^J£?a kudi, s, A small goglet, 
filled with water and placed 
in a demon-shrine. 

^^^ kuJ4, s. An earthen goglet. 

Tl^j^iU kttta, s. An assembly, 
meeting. 2. mixture, amal- 
gamation. -^jj>Tl3?i to as- 
semble; to conspire. 

^Je)eJoao kutayi, s. Storing rice, 
granary etc. — oazio?) to store 

'S^jsUj kutu, s. The inner roof 
of a house. 2. the hip. -ae 
2b^, -s3;)Tij^ to place the roof 
on the wall. —'^^^ to con- 
struct a roof. 

ts^jsyo^i kutuni (*J»S), V, a. To 
sharpen. 2.tomix, mingle, ^js 
Cd, ^isUoD sharpened; mixed. 
^jatt6, ^jsBja^ sharpening ; 

^JSd kuda, ^^T'. With, along 
with, together with. 

"^SiXizL-^ kudapan^, s. A small 
country water-lift. 

^Je):3e)s3)?i, 'tfJS)a?3e)4?i kiidavunl, 
kudisavuni, c. v. (o/^j^Ti^^) To 
join, connect, unite. 2. to 
collect, gather. 3. to amass, 
store. 4. to mix; also ^jaz5t)5 

^Je)(^rt kudigJ, s. Joining^^j^on. 
2. collection. 3. assemblage. 

^Jdi^ kadi 


^JdO kali 

gathering. 4. storing. 5. 

^^Jsa^ooS kudisani (^^^5), v,a. 
To add, sum up. 

^JS)Cio kudUy see Xj»t1d. 

'B'JScSj^t^, 'tfjsciorlfe^kudukatti^, 
kudugatt^i s. The association 
t?r union of the members 
of the same caste or family. 

'S^JScio^ kuduni (^j»S), v. a. To 
join, unite. 2. to cohabit, 
copulate. 3. to embrace, 
adopt. V. w. To meet, as- 
semble, gather ; also ^'jaSS so 
2br?). 2. to be mixed, mingled. 
3. c, dat. Can, to be able, be 
possible. ^jarSo5^4 that which is 
practicable (?r possible. '^jstioS 
cannot, as oDc35 ^jazioS I can- 
not, it is impossible for me. 
^jazioD impracticable, impos- 
sible. ^jaTioOc;^;^ an impos- 
sibility. ^jaTioz3 not being 
able, or practicable, ^js^d, 
Tj^^zijo, ^^a^ joint, attached; 
assembled; as^ ^jaft^aiji the 
assembled people. ^jac^c^oSo 
a partner; an adherent. ^j» 
^«35)? a concubine. ^j&Aae is 
it possible, can I? etc, 

^Je)cS kuni, see saa^ 

^Jc)CS>J kunu, ^. Pudenda, Puden- 
dum muliebre, 

^j^i^ kutale, ^^<? "^c^^e. 

^J30 kudi, ^. The anus; poste- 
riors. 2. membre muliebre, 

^s©c^ kuni, J<?<? soa^. 

^JSrfod- kumaki, ^^^ ^oi5o^. 
^jscfijoo^i kuyiluni, see "^j^Coaj^ 

^JSOoT^o^ kurangeli^, s. Drow- 
siness, sleepiness. —cWrfj^^. 
s'jaTio^d a drowsy man; a 

'^jadoe::)©^ kurambily, ^. A kind 
of medicinal plant. 

^J30 kuri, s, A kind of weel for 
catching fish. — Delb^ to set 
it; Jig. to ensnare a person. 

he will not get into one or 
the other kind of weel ; what- 
ever you do, you will not 
catch him. 

^JSdo kuru, s. Boiled rice; vlg. 
— TTOoSoS rice and curry. 

tfjsdo kuru, ^. The dusty sub- 
stance contained in the fibrous 
covering of a cocoa-nut. — wo 
z^J^4^> to remove it. 

^jaojji kurnni (^^^, t, n. To 
be drowsy, sleepy. 2. to 

^Je>d^ kurele, s. A sleepy fellow. 
2. a sluggard. 

tfjsir kurtfe, see tfja-d^. 

^Je)c3e)roaj kurnayi, s. A fierce 

^Je)rior kunna, s. A turtle, 
tortoise. — e9^3t>T^ Vishnu's 
second incarnation, as a 
turtle. |-g!o^. 

^JS^o^ojl kulankusa, ^^^ ^oc;ao 

'jJJSO kttli, J. Hire. -tooSo a 
hireling, labourer. <^ 

i^jdd kali 


'iozi kenda 

tfJSi© kttli, s. A tooth. ~e5ec5 
tooth-ache. — s^zSodoo^i to gnash 
the teeth. ^^— swelling of 
the gums in teething. 

l#JS€)033c)SgJi, 'rfjaex^s^Ji kuliyi- 
yimi> kalyftvoni (^^e^cdja, t^j& 
ew^, T'. ^. To make faces, 
mock, mimic. 

^jat>o kulu, see ^j^t^o. 

^Je)e;>^ti kulyuni, see ^oaix>eo^. 

«tfv©S kuvi, ^. Arrowroot, Cur- 
cuma angusii/olia ; also ^a 

^JSd kuvft, ^. A mast; also ^o^ 

^J3S?^ kuveka, see ^o^^. 

^Jdi^o^ kusambriy s, A kind of 
condiment made of minced 
and fried pulse or other vege- 

^jsao^ kuhaka, see tfoi^^. 

^sQtf kttla, see axa^^. 

•s^^ kuli, see ^jjC. 

^j«)*o7^ kulingJ, ^. An irregular 

"^JSi^o kulu, see ^jaTix 

^^ loTjta, a^'. Done, made. s. 
Improvement; repairs; addi- 
tion. — 1^35^0^?) to improve, 
as land etc. 

'^\'iti i kr^tajnat^, s. Gratitude. 

^ioiX)r{, !irj3e)0ii)jrt kruitayuga, 
kr^jitayuga, s. The primeval 
golden age of the Hindus. 

^3e)J^r krjitartha, adj. Success- 
ful, fortunate, happy. 

^3 krijLti, s. Verification; 
literary composition. 

'^S'^ kri]Ltik6, s. The Pleiades. 

^v^rfj, ^^^sio kr^jittima, kr?- 
trima, s. A trick, artifice, 
deception. 2. sorcery, witch- 
craft, adj. Fraudulent. 

T^^ kr^^tya, s. An action, act. 
2. duty, conduct. 3. any 
thing proper to be done. 

^nS luT^pJ, s. Grace, mercy, 
compassion, favour, ^sro^i^j, 
^s3D;d37Cd lit, the ocean of 
mercy; the all-merciful God. 

ikZ^ kripii, see ■^^. 

•!^&i, T^35 kr^hi, kr^shJ, s. Agri- 
culture, husbandry. 

T^3^, 'Bf\3S kr^shna, kr^ishne, s. 
Krishna, the eighth incarna- 
tion of Vishnu, adj. Black. 
-33^ the dark lunar fort- 
night. -^X a buck antelope. 
—risiF a kind of black-serpent. 

iJo kem, ken, abbrev. of'So^ red. 

^oriofS^ kengannijL, see ^?o=^of^. 

•^ortozS kengude, s. An obstinate 
or refractory person, block- 
head. 2. one who has no 
feelings, a cruel man. 

•^os^, '^ozd kenca, kenci, adj. Red. 
2. fair. — i>J9?8 red whiskers. 

^ — ^w^o> to get red, become red. 

^otarfjj^ kenjaruni, see ^rfe/o^. 

•^otj kenja, <y^^ ^o^- 

•#oeS^ ke^Jel^, ^. The udder. 

iJo^ja?^ kenjola, ^. A red kind 

of great millet. ^ 
«orf kenda, ^^^ ^orf^oogle 


^oHe) kenda 


'id kedda 

^oC3e)d3 kendavar^, see ^o^^* 

*oJi, -^OfS keimi, kennJ, ^. The 

'io7ik:f. kempattijL, s. Reddish- 
ness. adj. Reddish. 

'^osJOkempalli, s. The red kind of 
water-lily, Nymphaea rubra. 

^0^ kempu, s. Redness. 2. a 
ruby. 3. chalcedony. — ^o?« 
red eyes; glaring eyes. — ^oo 
wo^ squash-gourd, CuCUrbita 
maxima. —^^ a reddish scurf 
generally affecting new-born 
infants. — *rfthe red wool or 
hair of animals. — ^^ a red 
kind of the vegetable Amaran- 
tus oleraceus. — to?rf«3 the red 
spinage, Basella rubra. — ^ 
c« red colour. — oSoof!© ^ej 


soil. — &ae* a fair complex- 
ion. — ^a&eX scurf. — ^Jos^^o^^i 
to make red. -t^wJj^ to turn 

•^oeoji? kembudft, s. A kind of 

^orfo kemma, see t^^. 

"^0 djz3 kemmadi, s. Dust. 2 . dirt. 
3. a kind of red insect; a 
glow-worm. 4. canker. — ^e 
h^ to corrode; to infest. 

•Sosiisixr! kemmamryga, s. A 
kind of deer. 

^osSJOe)^}* kemmaralijL, s. A ruby. 
2. a kind of red flower. 

^oOJe)?? kemmisft, s. Red whis- 

'Soc3f53^ kerndel?, ^. The udder. 

*%» *%^ ^®^^*> kekkil?, J. 
The neck, throat, -ci Xot) the 
pit of the throat; also #*^ 
090, ^^^^- —^85 lit. the neck 
and ear; a complete set of 
jewelry. -^^^ up to the 
neck or brim. —^ ^^^ the 
nape of the neck. — ^od^^ft 
to cut the throat; to de- 

•Stido^i, 'tftatuc^ kejaruni, keja- 
luni, see Xdoo^, •Rt^^. 

*2S^?) kejelpuni, see KA^^ 

^to kejja, see ^^. 

«#y ketta, adj. Bad, base, vile. 
— Xore a bad disposition, de- 
praved nature. — a^S a base 
kind. — ^c^ wickedness. ^?3 
rLt bad conduct. — sro^ bad 
language. — rfoXS a bad 

^ci, '^d^ keda, kedak^^, see 

^rf^ kedake, s. An oppressor. 

•Srfrto^ kedaguni C*^^, ^. «. To 
fall or slip down. ^^ a. To 
ruin, spoil; to deflour. 2. to 
remain, be left; also €tSe>j& 

«#do kedu, s. A mole, wart. 

iJcii^o keduku, ^. Nuisance, 
damage? loss. 

•Sci ?i keddasa, ^. A kind of three 
days' festival among the Tula 
people about February or 
March, when they go on hunt- 
ing excursions, and eat fried 

€c9 kena 


"S^ kebi 

grains. —^ ^»v a strong wind 
blowing during that time. 

^CQ^o^y^r?^^ kenakuniykofknni 
(^f«^, rff«j), V. a. To provoke, 
irritate. 2. to kindle. 

^rS keniy ^. Stratagem. 

'ii^^^y ^l^d^ji, 'i?35j^doj:j ket- 
taruni, kettaryuni^ kettarnni 
(t?£^5, #^5), V. n. To feel 
pain in the belly. 

'S^fi kettig^, s. Carving, en- 
graving, chasing. 2. setting, 
as jewels. -^^ a carved 
stone. --if^Ti carved work. 

«*4^5 kettuni (*§,), v. a. To 
carve, chisel, engrave, chase. 
2. to dig slightly. 8. to set, 
as jewels. 

*4 ketti, s. The bark of a tree. 
2. a piece, slice, chip. 

tf n^otf , ^doiJ kedjinkJ, kedankft, 
J. The tip of a bird's wing. 
2. a thin layer. 

'€vf^^ ked5Lk5Ll5L, see ^5^^, 

'ScSdoJi kedamni (^ci5), t;. «. To 
break out, burst forth. 2. to 
be excited, irritated. 

•5 a kedi, s. A feather. 

i^do kedn^ s. An artificial tank, 
pool, pond. 

iSrSjsrso^ kedonuni (^A&fi), v.n. 
To lie down, rest. 

^fi^ofi kenakuni, ^^^ rfrttfo^. 

^jy. kenni, see 'to^ 

^^d keppadJ, s. Swelling of 
the cheeks, rfo^i— swelling of 
the temples and cheeks. 

ij^^cj keppatana^ s. Deafness. 

•#^;3f kepparse, see ^33^., 

'Sh keppi, s. A deaf woman. 
2. a silly woman. 

•Ssfii keppu, J. Deafness. -^^^^^ 
deafness and old age ; dotage, 
-^ujj^ tp behave like a deaf 

•#35, keppe, s. A deaf man. 

•^^ keppft, s. The cheek. 2. the 
temples. —J\ ssa^o^ to slap 
on the cheek. ^8n)Tiis> to 
dislocate the cheek-bone. 

Tft!) kebi, s. The ear. -C5zSi^ 
deafening, ^^o^ pain in the 
ear. -*o& a boil in the ear. 
— ^^ a deafening noise. — *Wo^ 
X an ear-pick. -diaTJ half 
deaf. -^ a^oiS, -si^i a male's 
large ear-ring. -^ ^ozS the 
drum or tympanum of the 
ear. — ^ ^at^c-R a male's 
ear-ring. — eojaxiD the rim of 
the ear. — ^ oiwT^ a male's 
common ear-ring. —Zjzs^ ;J^ 
to give ear, listen. — •d^&oeoo^!) 
the ear to itch; to hear with 
displeasure. — ^oa^s> to bore 
the ear. —'i^t^^ to hear, 
listen. —'fj^hF^ to attend, 
give ear. — t?jscJjf Tfeceo^ to 
listen attentively; to over- 
hear. — S5o7^^^^, —Sbeoto^^ 
to twist the ear. — LaSrro^^ 
to turn the ear; to refuse; 
to be fickle. ^^^ ^85 c^^i^l 
(///.have you no ears?) don't 
you h^ar? *^ 


"^eoj kebn 


^6 kele 

«j?2oo6 tebure, s. A deaf man. 

2. an inattentive fellow. 
•#ufe3^ kebbatt^i, ^^^ ^®^^- 
*^^^ kebbattuni, see ^%^^^' 
^m kebbu, see x?^. 
tf si>|, kemma^ ^^^ ioiJo. 
•#o5o keyi, ^. The standing or 

growing crop in a field. — ^j» 

o^Sb^ to reap the crop. — cij^r 

^) to thrash. 
^dofeioji kerantuni, see ^ozio^, 
•i?dc3 kerana, see x^^re. 

^dc3, ^Ue)c§ kerani, kerani, J. 
Warts. 2. a kind of scab; 

•^drfj kerama, see ^^. 

^d kerJ, ^. An artificial tank. 
— ^oe:o the sluice of a tank. 
— ti?3rf the illumination of a 
tank. -^^ the adoration of 
a tank with pomp. 

'S6o7^ kerengijL, s. A sweet po- 
tato, the root Dioscorea a- 

^doe* kerenci, see -S^oel. 

^doe^o Ji kerencuni (^^o^, v. a. 
To scratch the ground, as a 
fowl. 2. to wipe off, as water 
from the ground. 3. to 
crush down a clod of earth. 

tf d*D kerekiri, see '^^. 

■SdtdOc^ kerejuni, see ^^Ja^o^ 

'S^^P kerepuni (^^r v. a. To 
scrape, remove, clear away. 
2. to polish. 

'i6t kerepi, s. Simplicity. 2. a 
simpleton. 3. a prattler. 

^r kerSi, s. A knot. -ssaTio^ 
to tie two cocoanuts toge- 

•^sJr kerpa, s, A slope, -adj. 

•i?S3e)rsJ?i kerpavuni, c. v. (of ?? 
2br^) To cause to kill. ' 

^&rtSs)o3o kerpinaye, s, A mur- 
derer, killer. 

"ihT^ kerpini(^&). v. a. To kill, 
murder, slay. 

■S^JF kerpu, ^. A kind of ladder. 
— Deb^ to place a ladder. 

•^^Jrcioci kerpudnni (^^^^^5), v. 
a. To cause to lean against ; 
to place against. 

^;Jr?i kerpuni (*5), v. a. To 
prop, support. 

•#33r kerpi, s. A clod of earth. 
sJoT^d- clods turned up when 
ploughing after the second 
crop. —'^^'^^ to be cloddy. 

•SlJOF kerbu, see tf^r. 

■Sdor©^ kennalji, s. A Pariah 

1?^, ^^ kela, kelavu, num. 
Some, few, several, -a^c^ a 

. few people. 

€^;j kelas'a^ s. Business, work. 
2. employment. 3. affair, mat- 
ter. 4. advantage. ^c;;5jaXo 
K>Tio5 it is of no use or ad- 
vantage, rfw^— a bad act or 
affair. #^— handiwork. 

•^^ro kelasi, j^<^ "S^f^, 

•jJ^SotS kelenji, ^^^ •d^^oaS. 

€e3o2oo kelembu, see ^e3o85. 

^6 kele 


€?Ji? keni 

^d^o^ kelekuni, see *e3^os). 

^?35g)?i kelepuni (^^, v. n. To 

crow, as a cock. v. a. To 

^?32oo kelebn, see ^^o83. 
«^§3sS?> kelevuni (^^, v. n. The 

ears to tingle. 
^;o, -SsSi^ kelesi, kelese, s. A 

•^O* kell^, s. Brink, edge. 2. 

vicinity. 3. a splinter, 
^^j rtJd) kelluguru, s, A toe nail. 

—:d5^ a whitlow. ~;^ab^8i^^ 

a whitlow to rise, 
^sid, ^4^2 kevade, kevude, see 

^7i& kesar^, s. Mud, mire. 2. 

i?xiD^^^ kesanjLkall^^, s. A foun- 
dation stone, —srozio^ to lay 
a foundation. 

'gjitio^ kesarnni (^^5), 7;. n. To 
be inflamed, as the eyes. 

^Ti^F kesarmft, s. The remain- 
ing symptoms of a sickness, 
before complete recovery. 

l??o^of5^ kenkann?, s. Sore eyes, 

l?(o^oC93J^ kenkannapakki^ s. 
The black Indian cuckoo. 

€?o^D0i)0ji kenkariyuni, see troo 

^?o^^o^, "S^o^^o^ kenkrakal- 
Ifiy kenkralfi ^. A kind of red 

^?* keka, s. Taking and giving 
goods on credit. — O5>ofib a 

customer. -doXa a shop 
supplying goods on credit. 

Tf^iS kekft, s. A shout of joy. 
2. a loud laughter. -S3»zij^ 
to shout joyfully; to laugh 

•#5cs^ kedji, J. Mischief, evil. 
2. danger, disaster. 3. loss. 
4. perdition; ^/^^ rfeTlx -w)© 
evil times, —^h^ evil t^r 
danger to happen, -^io^o^^) 
to do mischief. — eo^odoo^ to 
wish evil. 

^ed?^, 'S^^oA kedage, kedinge, 
s. A mischief maker. 2. an 
instigator. ^)^ a bad t?r 
mischievous neighbour. 

€?C90ci kenuni (^efi), z'.^. To 
hear, be attentive to. 2. to 
obey. 3. to ask, inquire, re- 
quest. ^eP^OcTOoSo a hearer; 
an inquirer. 

^?3^, ^e^o ket?, ketu, s. The 
dragon's tail or descending 
node, reckoned by Hindus 
as the ninth planet. 2. a 
standard, flag. 

•^^^ kete, s. A glutton. 

•^^n^ ked^jL, s. Mud, soft clay. 

€?c5o^, ^?c3c)oaj kedayi, kedayi, 
.y. The flower of the tree 
Pandanus odoratissimus ; 
also ^e^i* ??oA^5cl- a gold 
head ornament. 

'#?c5o^^3e>c5^ kedarDLmin?, ^. A 
kind of fish. 

'#?c^?o* kenir^, ^J^. (iChjev.«rous 
matter of a boil. 

•#e?5 kene 



^?^ ken6, s. A kind of yam, 
Arum campanulatum. ^s^ 
^— Dracontium polyphiU 

•#?sj^ kepalJ, see ^e^«s^. 

•^?obt3c3^ kepiJinijL, ^. A red- ant. 

^?5j kepu, ^. The cap of a 
musket, etc. 

^?53)^, =3^?^^ kepula, kepula, s. 
The shrub Ixora coccinea, 
-^ its flower. 

•S^sSj^c^ kebonya, ^. Hot ashes. 

T^^do kema, s. A blow, hit, box. 

2. meal, food. 
•i5?05j keyi, see *09o. 

Tf^ds;^ kerala, ^. The province of 

•f^D keri, s. A street, lane. 

•^^S ker6, ^. A kind of harmless 

•#?65c)0^ kerekary, s. A scaly- 
skinned leg. 

•^^StoJeidj kereburu, J. A kind of 

"iJ^dsSj^o^o keremeyi, s. A scaly 

€?53r kerle, s, A sound, noise. 
2. the mid-rib of a sago palm- 
leaf; cf. «e35d ^c5 i#eL- a 
kind of scoop for irrigating 
a field. 

^^ej^ kel?, s. The abode of a 

^?si23 kevaji, ^. A kind of fish. 

«#^rf^ kevala, adj\ Entire, sole, 
absolute, excessive, adv. Very 
much, entirely —ssalb a great 

sinner -Sj^^S great friendship 

— WcS^ a very poor man. 
^?^ kevu, s. Boat-hire. — cs 

Sazi a hired boat. -tooS^ a 

•^^sJ kesa, s. The hair of the 

^^aid kesara^ .f. A filament. 2. 

pollen. 3. the tree Mesua 
^^t^ keiave, s. Vishnu, one 

who is worshipped. 2. a 

man's name. 
^?;!g* kes^jL, s. A male's superior 

upper garment, made of red 

•i?^XD kesari, s. A lion. 2. the 

filaments of a flower, s'oo^o 

^ii— Spanish saffron. 3^^— 

the filaments of the lotus. 
i^e^sSoF kesanni, see ^ri^F. 
•^ kei, s. The hand. 2. a sleeve. 

3. the handle of an instrument. 

4. a branch or leaf of a plan- 
tain tree. 5. the arm of a 
river, elc. 6. a key. 7. a lot 
of five, as nuts, sheaves of 
hay, elc; c/. ^oso. ^oiio^r a 
handful; willingly, liberally. 
—Tf^S the hands and legs. 
—^13^ the hand proper, consist- 
ing of the palm and fingers, 
united by the vnrist to the 
arm. -^^i^otf^ the knuckles of 
the hand. ~09jj8, see ^^Xoc«. 
— so§ as long as the hand. ~S 
§p" subject to, dependent on. 
— cJjaTi beyond the reach of 

1?^ kei 


%. ^^^ 

the hand. ^A-, a>^~ under- 
hand; collusion. *3-— the 
arm of a river. b5os:x~, do 
•ii-, c$^-, L^- the left hand. 
^^- the handle of a plough. 
5^^ side by side, closely. «? 
;3^ ^tS^^S csi^ crod a child at- 
tached to its mother. »©-, w 
o^- the right hand. eS^Xil- a 
key. sJjd jdL- the ornamental top 
of a pillar supporting a roof; a 
roof projecting from, the trunk 
of a tree, ^o^^ the palm of 
the hand. ?i>oo^^ the elbow. 
cSc^ff^cSi^r^ Hi. to strike the 
hands against the ground ; to 
curse. — ^o» handful ; libe- 
rally. — ^ S?fOj^ to come to 
band, be within reach of the 
hand; to be caught. — ^ ero 
oaoK c^b^ ///. to be service- 
able for the mouth and hand ; 
to succour, help, as a grown 
up son to his parents. —^ 
croosoK ^bs> ///. to glance at 
the hand and mouth; to 
covet. — ^wo^^^ to cross or 
tie the hands. -toj^^ to 
expect or seek help ; to watch. 
—^ozSj^^ -^orfoioj^ to shake 
or dust off the hand, —^azss 
4^ to join hands, as in 
marriage. ^^js>rL^ to attain, 
gain; to succeed, prosper. 
— tfjafcr^ to shake hands; to 
help, assist. — a^us^^to draw 
the hand back. -art)Tjj^ the 
hand to slip; to slip from 

the hand. — Aj»ei35)4?>, see — ^ja 
zs^4^, ~~i&a^Tk>^ to close the 
hands, -^uo^^ to clap the 
hands; to pat on the back. 
— ?rf^^ to stop the hand. — ^ 
§^5 Dcbs) to misplace, miss; 
to place out of reach. —5 
cio Si to settle one's hand in 
writing. — ^b^ to feel the 
pulse; to observe the palm 
of the hand, as a palmister. 

tfo^, — cJg'Oj^, — d»5^o3'os> to wash 
the hand. —oebo> to dip ^r place 
the hand on the head; to 
ordain. — i3isr^ to lift the 
hand; to threaten; to assault. 
—tirisji^^^ lit, to direct the 
hand; to intermeddle; to 
manage a business, -cs^^^ 
///. the hand to move; to be 
energetic or able to work; to 
succeed in any undertaking. 
— s5oa»4^ to move the hands, as 
when busy. ^tjocJo^ the hand 
to shake. — ^3a^4^>to re-marry 
a widow or divorced woman. 
-z3^^ to stretch out the hand 
in order to receive; to show 
the hand ; to hold by the hand ; 
to marry; to be blessed with 
prosperity. — ci^tio^ to put or 
thrust the hand into any 
thing; to undertake; to in- 
terfere; to assault; to take 
liberties, as with a woman. 
— eot:^?) the hand to get tired. 
— 80sj^r;j?i to grope ; to give a 

"^A ^®^ 


•^^ keikra 

second coating of plaster ; to 
give permission to eat. — 83e 
8rfo^, — 85eid^ ^85e73o^ to move 
or wave the hand; to menace, 
threaten. -soozJoSb^ /^V. to let 
go the hand; to give over, 
forsake, desert. -es^Tio?) lU, 
the hand to fall down; to be 
unable to work; to meddle, 
interfere, take part. — tSexlD^ 
to lift the hand for strik- 
ing, ^-^t^^ to prepare 
to fight. -^«b^^ to bran- 
dish; to assault; to bargain, 
handsel, —x^"^^ to exchange, 
alter. -~^7i6^^ to trans- 
gress, violate; to menace. 
-iSooTvcxiw^ to close the hands 
out of respect, to salute. 
-oiMUj^S) to touch with the 
hand; the hand to reach. 
-.^ti^ji to rub the hand. 
w-^Tlio^exiS) to ease the hands 
after work. — jjpiti^^ to press 
or squeeze the hand. — 4»5^ 
4^> to ask permission to eat. 
— €exi)^ to go into one's 
possession, —ts^^z^^ the hand 
to get weary or exhausted. 
— s5;>3'o^ to strike a bargain, 
to make a cheap bargain; 
to promise, assure. — A^ocio^ 
to attain, gain. 

^eUa^ kei-attilj, s. Cooking 
for oneself. 

"^^"^^ kei-akshara, s. Hand- 

■^e^^ kei-aji^, see ^^(xii^^. 

^^oz^ keikariji, s. Cattle. 
^f^^ keikattj, s. A kind of 

A'rfd keikada, s. A temporary 

loan, without interest. 
^=^31. keikashta, s. Industry, la- 
bour, handicraft, husbandry. 
'f^ti^ keikanike, s. A present 

given to a superior on the 

occasion of a visit. 
•^i^DU^ keikarijL, s. The hands 

and legs. ~25a^^ to embrace 

the hands and feet; to cringe. 
•^^od, ^\tE#ooUo, 'S^^od keikin- 

dbf keikuntu, keikunda, s. A 

piece of cloth to handle heated 

vessels with. 
*^ooc5o, ^^^jodo^keikundujkei- 

kundelijL, s. Poverty, strsftt. 
*^ociD keikndari, s. A hatchet. 
•^I'tfoc^ keikudya, s. Shortness of 

means. 2. poverty, strait. 
^^ keiki, see ^^^. 
'i^^T^ keikelasa, s. Manual 

labour, handicraft. -c^oSj a 

manual labourer. 
^•Ss/ac^Oci keikonuni, ^'. r^. To 

hold. 2. to accept, receive, 

•a^^JS^O keikori, s. A kind of 

round or long scoop for serv- 
ing boiled rice with. 
**JS?5}* keikol^, s, A walking 

"S^^J^^^ keikola, s. Handcuffs. 
A^ojj keikraya, s. Cash. 2. 

purchasing for cash. 

tM keiga 


•d^S keip6 

^.jiob^ keigant^, s. Money in 
hand. 2. a hand-bag. 

^rirlFT^ keigargas^^, s, A hand- 

^rra^ keigidi, ^. A wheel-barrow. 
2. a go-cart. 

^>ne)OT? keigarikJ, s. Manual 
skill, dexterity; handi-work. 

"i^t^ keiguna, ^. The virtue or 
efficiency of the hand. 2. 
practice. 3. experience. 

T?^^F keigurta, s. A person's 

^2;^do3'9.d keidamatkara, s. 
Dexterity, sleight of hand. 
2. manual skill. 

"if^^^S ^3^^^ keicalakji, kei- 
calak^^, s. Quickness of hand. 

T^^cn^o^ keitapag^ry, s. A ges- 
ture made with the hand. 

"S^^ keitappu, ^. A mistake, 
slip of the hand. 

*^d keitali, s. A hand-rope to 
climb a palm tree with. |^by. 

^^drf keitadegv aiiv. Towards, 

*^^ keital?, adv. Near, by, 

*3e5oA^ keitang?, s. A hand rail 
for supporting when crossing 
a small bridge. 

*.^^ keitaia, s. A small cym- 

*^cS keitunda, see #^^od 

*^do^ keitudar?, s. A hand- 

^^ keid?, s. A sword, sabre. 
2. a prison. 3. arresting. 4. 
conclusion, end. — ^S^^ to 

conclude, end. —5 d?S)^ to 
confine, imprison. — »io5?o^^ 
to arrest; to stop, finish, ter- 

iJidorf keidanda, s. An unneces- 
sary loss. 

'Spod keidandi, s. A bracelet. 

•#^^ keidaddyJ, s. A kind of 
cake boiled in steam. 

*CTe)6 keidirft, s. A marriage 

1J^G keidi, s. A prisoner. 

•eTa^si keidipa, s. A hand-lamp, 

^^d^ keidu, see *^S. 

'g^o'C^A keinambigS, s. Giving 
or striking the hand in token 
of a promise or assurance. 

^.fj keinft, A nasty woman, fl^»^. 

^?S?(3^ keinen?, s. The knot of 
a fishing tackle. 

*^?ei keinota,^. Aim or direc- 
tion of a weapon swung by 
the hand. 

#^Sj^c3D^ keipattinSl?,.?. A wife. 

•Sv33e):3^ keipadj, s. Gain, ad- 

*;3g) keipu, see ^a8^. 

^^5g)rl keipude, s. The name of 
a certain class of Pariahs. 

=^^^^0 keipulu, s. A rake. 

*35)^o keipulu, pL of ^aS^. 

•#^S keip6, s. Bitterness, adj. 
Bitter. 2. envious. -*?i bit- 
terness; envy. — ^x^ a kind 
of fish. -8rooaiiro(iSo a miser. 
— »Ti)^ -0^0.^ to-be very bit- 
ter; to be envious, y^. 

'g^ keipe 


%^ ^eiyye 

"i^o^ keipel?, s. Bitterness. 

adj. Bitter. 
^j^e05S^ keiperipuli, s. Bitter 

orange of Aialantia mono- 

^)S^r3 s^ keiponjavu, s. A single 

^^^3^ keiphet?, s, A plaint, 

•^ejde^^ keibadalijL, s. Exchange. 

2. changing hands. — oSos^o^^ 

to exchange; to change hands. 
x?NpD^ keibarijL, s, A circle. 

^)Zjdsj) keibaravu, s. Hand-writ- 

^^^^.^^3^ keibarkat^, ^. The vir- 
tue or efiicacy of the hand. 

^eoO^ keibalikft, ^. Avarice, 
borrowing readily and re- 
turning tardily. 

T^eo^ kaibalJ, s. A bracelet. 

^23e>t3 keibiy[i, s. A small kind 
of chisel. 

'8^^ keibittv, s. A handful of 
seed sown on the fifteenth of 
Paggu Cabout the end of April) 
as a beginning of cultivation 

'^ keibireli^, s. The finger. 

*:::?j^r keibirsiji, J. Sleight of 
hand. 2. quickness of hand. 

^t^^ keibil^, s. Cash price. 

€^uo^c3e)o3j keibndtiniye, s, A 
destitute, or unhappy man. 
2. a wicked man. 

^^^;^ keibedi, s. A pistol; a 

•fteS^a keibadi, J. Handcuflfs. 

«^z2e^ keibevu, s. The neem- 
^ tree, margosa. 

"^Ap^d keibyara, s. Purchasing 
for cash. 

^^ keima, s. A small piece. 
^-^^^^ to chop into small 

•Sidoof^ keimannjL, ^. Fine earth 
used as a rough plaster. 
-jSjihF^ to plaster with it. 

^Y^jorS keimani, s, A hand-bell. 

^^sioeSro^ keimarcel?, ^. Dome- 
stication, taming, adj. Dome- 
sticated. — cJ ^J8e& a tame fowl. 
— ^«c^j^» to domesticate, tame. 

^^dj?j^ keimada, ^. A funeral 
ceremony. — ^prfj^iS such a 
cermony performed with mag- 

^;jje)?o^, "S^^t!^ keimasjL, kei- 
masa, s. A slow poison. 

•^rfjoU keimutta, s. Urgent 

•iS^oSo keimft, see ^co5o. 

•i^Alp keimetti, s. A kind of 
musical instrument. 

'g^^^Ti keimosa, s. A slip of 
the hand. 

•?|oi3e)rf keiyara, adv. With one's 
own hand; by handfuls; wil- 
lingly; liberally. 

^jOiJe) v^ keiyil^^, s, A dependent, 
an attendant. 

^oiv^ioi) keiyyakeiya, adv. 
Hand in hand. 

^oS^zS keiyyeddJ, ^. The virtue 

^o3j^ keiyyo 


^Jdotf konka 

or efficacy of the hand. 2. 

practice. 3. experience. 
*^a3j?g^?S, keiyyoppiffi, s. A 

^ip3j^© keiyyoli, s. The mouth 

of a weel. 
*o^, ^o«>3^ keini, keirat^, s. 

Welfare, health. 2. happiness, 

^codJ5)23^ keirumil^, s. A hand- 
'i^ keil^i, s, A spoon, ladle. 

2. the handle of a hoe or axe. 

3. a cluster or bunch of fruits. 
Woziost-, lijTlj^L. the handle of 
an axe. eoa^^ a bunch of 
plantains, -cazios* to fix a 
handle; to put forth a cluster 
of fruits, as plantains etc. 

^^"^zl keilakadi^ s. The handle 

of a ladle pointed towards its 

end. adj. Very thin, as the 

*e>c3 keiladJ, s. A kind of cake. 

2. a pigeon hole. 
*^^C)F, ^^^^*F keilapurli, 

keilapurli, s, A kind of creeper, 

the flowers of which are used 

in curries. 
tfjpoJ^S keilapuliri, s. A kind of 

creeper ; also w>o5o5j^^. 
^>5^;J keilasa, s. The heaven of 

Siva. — ts'^ a loan irrecover- 

ably lost. 
1?V2J^0 keiltiri, J. The feminine 

species of palmyra, 
'^rf^ keivalya, s. Heaven; 

eternal happiness ; beatitude. 

— ^^ » to attain beatitude. 

^^^<^gXo ^^^^ to die. 
"i-^i keivasa. s. Possession. 2. 

subjection, taming. — e^Sb^ to 

submit ; to get into possession. 

—•Jo^o^^ to take possession; 

to subdue. 
^;3^C3^ keivad^i s. Manual skill. 
*;3^D^ keivar^j, s. A pair of 

compasses. — o35>Tli^ to use 

7?^^^ keivodak5i, s. Progress; 

^^dp^rt, '*^5§p^ keivoppigi, 

keivoppu, see ^^o^^^. 
^^6 keiserJ, s. Arrest, capture. 
•S\35U keisatti, s. A round, 

wooden trough with a handle. 
^>23d keisare, s. A Caesar, em- 
^?3e)^ keisUa, s, A small or 

temporary loan without a 

pledge. [a wall. 

'ilJiJSoeS keisumbi, s. A hole in 
^^^^ keifluri, s. Plundering, 

'^;3je)ocS keisonni,^. A sign made 

with the hand. 
^9oe)^^ keihalita, s. An estimate 

made by the hand, i, ^., by 

handling a thing. 
*3oa keihidi, s, A vade-mecum. 

2. a warrant for arresting 

a person at once. 
•ifjSo^ra konkana, s. The Konka- 

na country. 
^j^o^cS konkani, ^.^he Kpnka- 

. , 'zed by LjOOQR 

ni language. ^ 

^Jdo^ konka 


^Jdod^ kondra 

ijjso^rf, leJjSo^c^ konkane, kon- 
kanye, s, A Konkani Brahmin. 

^J^o^ konki^ s. A hook. 2. 
crookedness; c/ ^j»^^. a^'. 
Crooked, curved, bent; also 
^ja* — ^ozi a crooked field ; 
an isolated field. 

•^vOon^ kong^, s. Irregularity, 
crookedness, adj. Bent, curv- 
ed, arched, irregular. 

'^jaort konga, s. The declivity of 
a mountain. 2. a name of the 
Cera or Kerala country. 

'Sj^orto^tfJS© kongar^kuli, s. An 
irregular tooth; also ^aobsB 

l?jaoh kongi, see ??j8?oTv. 

^Jciorto* konger^, ^. The lower 
class of Tamulians. 

€Je>oe4 konci, see ^ooel. 

"SsQcU konta, s, Viciousness. 
2. stupidity. ^.Vicious. 2. 
stupid. — ^ei6 a vicious buf- 
falo; a stupid fellow. — cszio^, 
— aijaiio^ to be vicious or res- 
tive; to limp, halt. 

tf JSote)s5jQi kontavuni, see ??j5eo6ro 

"^JSoyo kontu, ^^^ ^^eowo. 

i?JS)orf konda, ^. A pit, hole. 
^^- a fire-pit. 

^jaodic^, ^jaodsjfi kondapini, 
kondavuni^ see ^J^ozli8oSbF■^). 

^Je)o:3e)U kondSta, s. Praise, 
eulogy, applause. 

^Je)o:5c)dj?i kondaduni C^aozssS), 
V. a. To praise, applaud, 
glorify, celebrate. 2. to boast. 

^Jdo^ kondi, s. A sting. 2. a 
hook. 3. the staple that holds 
the latch of a door, elc. 4. the 
clasp of a bracelet; also ^oa; 

^J^odo kondu, pasl. fart, {of ^a 
ceos).) -srozio^ to put, lay- 
down. — sroii)^ to run away 
with. — ^e^5> to take away, 
carry, convey. -aibr^ to 

'^Jdoii kondi, s. A liquid mea- 
sure, equal to half a seer, or 
dry measure • equal to one- 
fourth or one-sixth of a seer. 

2. a hollow piece of a bamboo. 

3. the bush or socket of a 
wheel. — ^^ an umbrella with 
a small bamboo handle. 

^Je)odjdo!j^, "^JdflJdob^ikG^dGpini^ 
konopini, see #j»ozli4»e^s>. 

^JSoi konta, s. Strength. 

#Je)o^^ kontala, s, A large boat. 

^JSo^^>^fi kontalyuni (^jao^f), 
V, n. To burn, ache, pain, 
smart; also ^jso^^oiio^. 

'#J3o3e)ci kontana, adj. Bound- 
less, immeasurable. 

€jdo3 konti, s, A kind of fish. 

€j?)o^ kontu, s. The cross-beam 
of a hand-water-lift. 

i^sidozS kondi, ^. A kind of 

'SvjaocS kondJ, s. The pudding- 
pipe tree. Cassia fistula. 

■^JSog, kondra, adj. Small, little. 
— oija^asmall garland, rosary. 

^j«oSj kompa 


'gj^ii, kokka 

^Jeosi, ^J^JosS kompa, komp6, s. 

A heap. —zj^Tici^ to heap up. 
^JSoso komba, «///. Horned. -w> 

5 the pincers of a crab eU. 

— dexioe a kind of centipede. 

— ^ef a scorpion with shears. 

-,83^^ the thumb. -lioou^d a 

kind of cap made of the stalk 

of an areca-nut branch. 
^Jeiowo^ kombar^, s. A kind of 

cap worn by Koragars. 
^JSoudoJi kombaruni, see tfoow 

Tjs©3t^^s®?^ kombikol?, see ?fj»o 

l?J3o2^6o^ kombirel?, see ^^oeo. 

'J?J3oiirfod kombimara,^. A mast. 

-^Jdceoj komba, jt. A horn. 2. a 
musical horn. 3. a tusk. 
4. a branch. 5. spadix, the 
tender flowerbud of a palm- 
tree, prepared for the ex- 
traction of toddy. crv)T5*- 
the horn of a deer, epd^— , 

2ift23— , jjtoiB?— J Asezl— are va- 
rieties of horned buffaloes. 
Tj^o-^d- the staff of a palan- 
kin. — n3)oi> one who blows 
the horny a proud man. 
— •rodo music with the wind 
instruments. — A«oc3 the dis- 
tance of a horn-sound (about 
two miles). -ca)0^^ to blow 
a horn, —wbr^ the horns to 
appear ; to become arrogant. 

^JdotS kombi, s. A buck deer. 

^jao23e3^ kombel^ s. A horn 
used by a toddy-drawer to 

soften the flowerbud of a co- 
coanut tree in order to squeeze 
out toddy from it. 
^JSorfoD* kommary, see ?fj&o8o5. 

^vJe)o;3o kommi, ^. Corpulence, 

fatness, adj. Corpulent, fat. 

— ^fi^DcTOoi) a corpulent man; 

an arrogant fellow. — rciocrijo^ 

to diminish, become thin. — » 

^^i to get fat, become stout. 

-^Ti^5 ^e2bf> to become very 

fat, as cattle. 
^JSor\r korngi, s. The branch 

or spatha of a sago-palm. 
^Je)or\r-, ^J3or(jr-rfoo korngi-, 

korngu-mara, s. The Indian 

beech tree, Pongamia glabra. 

t-Jd eojaTii a kind of creeper. 
^JSorloF korngu, s. A crane, 

^jsortr kornge, see ^Aot\F, 2. a 

white cock. 
^JSoiSr korndJ, see rfjax^zS. 
^JSocior korndu, s. The stalk of 

a cocoanut or other palm 

i?j5t^ kokka, s. The game of 

hide and seek. — d?L^ to play 

at such a game. 
^Je)^o^ kokkari^, s. Roughness. 
^Je)^d, €j2)^6, €js>^d kokkara, 

kokkar6, kokkale, adj. Bough. 

adv. On half bended knees. 

-85^^t5 rough and crooked. 

-T^o^o^^ to sit on half bended 

knees. erooso Ti^^-d ^l ^f^tfjTJ 

the words are sweet, but the 

. . DiqitizQcl b- 

actions rough. <-^ 


•^JS^ kokki 


i?j;te), kotta 

^JS)^o5j kokkayi, see ^f^etraosj. 


•JjS^ kokkfi, s. A hook, clasp; 

cf, "SaC^, —zjt4^ speaking 

crossly. =5W^?i to crouch. 

—5 80j»Ti3^ to be entangled, get 

into diflSculty. 
i5je)^x5e)Oaj kokkekayi, s. The 

fruit of the tree Tabernae- 

montana coronaria, —^ ^"d 

its tree. 
^js^OoiDji, "^Ji^Cj^i kokkeri- 

yuni, kokkeruni (^ja^^5), v. n. 

The h^^ir to bristle or stand 

erect, to horripilate. 
"^JS^JS. kokko, ^. Boiled rice. 

2. cocoa. 
"is^Ti^j^zi kocakoca, s. Lisping. 

_sroiTl5^> to lisp. 
^JSS^O^ koccaru, s, A kind of 

black crab. 

t(x «0 tc ' to- 

kocdippadf, koccil^, koiicelf , s. 

A kind of pickle. 
^JStSo 5 kodcuni (^^^), ^. «. To 

prate, brag. 
i?Je)WoU kojanti, s. The refuse 

or offal of vegetables ^/^., 

from which the juice has been 

^JeitsoiS kojantt, s. A thicket of 

thorns, adj. Thorny; im- 

^JSts^ kojakji, adj\ Over-ripe. 

2. burst, broken. 
^J^u^ kojapu, s. Sour milk, 

curds. . 
€je>ti^t^, '#JS?23S?i, tfJ5t§^t^ 

kojapuniy kojepuni, kojelpuni 
(^aS^, ?fj&d8, rfA:£^), V. a. To 
spoil. 2. to break, cut in 

^j^t^^S^d eojddokojameda-buru, s. 
A kind of creeper. 

"isjuxf kojar^, see ^o&S. 

^JS:^^^ kojal^, ^^^ ^oa^^. 

^JtititxiQ^, ^J3e3e)Ot^, ^J^^^oji 
ko^aluni, kojiluni, kojeluni (^a 
&^, ?fjij2S^, ^js:*^), V, a. To 
burst, break in pieces. 

^j;)22cli kojenti, see ??j»3icfe!. 

^Je^ kojje, ^. An eunuch. 

^jsej^j^y kotakota, at^*. Defici- 
ent, short, little. ~?^os$^ small 
quantity of rice or food. — eo^? 
:^^) to serve out but little food. 

^j?.l!6 kotire, see ^^f&y 

^JSUsSor kotarmJ, see #j8W^&r.. 

^JdUeS, ^JdU^ kotaliy kotali, see 

1?J5)U. kotta, s- A hut d7r dwell- 
ed * 
ing of Koragars. 2. leprosy ; 

a leper, d53w^. 

l?Je)Uot3 kotta^Ji, s. A fruit with- 
out flesh, adj. Emaciated. 

"SjaJdo^ kottayi, s. A dried areca- 
nut. 2. contraction, stiffness, 
death, -'s'uo^^ to contract, 
become stiff, die. 

^jaUd kottarJ, see ^j^Bj. 

i?Jt)y.dor kottanni, s. Steward- 

'$Jdb|.d kot^ara, s. A palace, 
mansion. 2. a store-room. 


"gjl^ kodi 

•^j^to.O kottari, 5. A store- 
keeper, steward. 2. a sub- 
division of the Stidra class. 

ifjsUj^ kottigi, s. A kind of cake 
boiled in steam. 

T?Je)feij. kottu, s. A spade. 2. a 
cock's comb. 3. a peacock's 
tuft. 4. a veil. — srozio^ to 
cover with a veil. 

•^jsa kottt, s. The kernel of a 
nut. 2. the testicles. —^^ 
^ to harden. — Xo:^^ to 

iSje)B.^rtj kotteagra, see under 

iSja^^23c3* kottepijinv^'y.Akind 

of ant. 
•*j;)B,rijotfo, kottemullu, s. The 

plant Zizyphus xylopyrus. 
•SvQ^ kotya, ^. A shed, stall. 

8«>S— a verandah. c3o55— a 

^Jdl^c^ ko^iona, s, A lark. 
^jjg^ kotrJ, s, A spade. 

^Je)do^^, kodankatti, s. A kind 

of sickle. 
•^j^cioTV kodang^, see ?fj»iio^. 
^Je)rfo7^ kodangft, s. An ear-ring. 

^JSdo?^ kodangye, s. A buffoon, 
jester. 2. see rfj&ii^ under ?f^ 

€siS)do22, ^jsdotijkodanji,kodan- 
Ju, ^. A large kind of ape, 
a bftboon. c?B^ a devil dancer 
going a-begging in the Tulu 
month of ^^> 

^Je>2iod kodandi, s. A kind offish. 

^s^zioJSi^ kodandel^^ s. A snare 
set up for birds. 

^sQd^o rJ kodakyana, adj. Hot or 
strong to the taste. 

ifjsdrlo kodagu, s, Coorg. -de^ 
the province of Coorg. — ep^sj 
the Coorg language. rf^iS^ a 
Coorgman; a turbulent fellow. 

rfxdsjra, ^Je)d?iti, €j;ici53e)ri 
kodapana, kodapana, kodapana^ 
s. A metallic waterpot. 

^J«yd53^^t^ kodapSvuni, c.v, {of 
^ATi^^) To weld, forge to- 

^Jtirfflg}?^ kodapuni (^j^^, v, a. 
To forge, hammer. 2. to bite, 
as a serpent. 3. to peck,* 
strike with the beak. 

^Jv'dti kodape, s. A kind of bird, 
the hoop. 

€je)drfooc3e)oi) kodamandSye, s. 
The name of a demon. 

^jsrfD kodari, see tforfo. 

'sJjsa kodi, s. Point, end, ex- 
tremity. 2. a sprout. 3. a 
flag, ensign. 4. interdict, 
prohibition, -^^i a flag-staff. 
— ttiij^ to set up a flag in front 
of a temple as the first cere- 
mony of its car-festival. —^ 
wo^^) to tie, in the name of a 
demon, a handful of leaves to 
a tree in a forest or planta- 
tion, prohibiting its use until 
their removal. — 3s^^ a flag 
to be lowered as a conclud- 
ing ceremony of^a can-festi- 
val. — :3i^^ ^lo remove an 


€j^^ kodi 


^jaio^ kottu 

interdict laid on the use of a 
forest, etc. — srozSo^ to deco- 
rate a shed with cloth, etc, 
-^S top and bottom ; shelter; 
progeny, issue. -tooB issue- 
less- — crooScTOoSo, ~^zSo3o85«> 
0&) a vagabond; an issueless 

^J^asjc^ kodipuni (^*^), v. n. 
To bud, germinate. 

'sJj^ad kodiri, s. The top-leaf. 

'sjjssii^j koduku, s. The hymen. 
adj. Obscene. 

^Jdd kod^i s. An umbrella. 

^j;):Sot3 kodenji, <y. The inside 
of the cheeks. 

€j3cSo2)o koddeyi, s. A kind of 

€ja:«gf^, €j?)C^^c3* kodyan^, ko- 
dyan^, s. A small kind offish. 

^jsd « koddye, s. A bull or ox 
with a tuft of white hair on 
the tail. — «5 a cow with such 
a tail. 

€j3r32£ konaJ6, s, A fly infest- 
ing the eyes. 

^Je>c&eS*2;^ konajekallu, s. A 
large rock near Mudabidri. 

^j?)C^^?i konapini, j^^ ??j»ozi)to 
Lr^ under ^jsciId. 

^j?.C3^, €je)f€j3e3 konalJ, konolJ, 
J. The weed Papsalum pilo- 
sum. — cJ e3j3 a bad person. 
— d t^\ a kind of bird with a 
very long bill. 

^Jc!C^ koni, s. A sting, -cnndo^ 
to sting. ^^*. Cunning, de- 

€je)CWci konuni (*jaR5), a«. Ta 
take, hold, keep, in com^ 
pounds with other verbs; aSy 
*>ci3— to meet; ^^— to hold, 
keep; *^ to take to heart; 
Lcix- to recognise, discern. 
2. ^jaP«o^ (2jpw^) w used as 
an auxiliary verb to form 
r^xives; as^ ^^^%^t^ to be 
careful; 5rfj%rto?> to get en- 
tangled; t^^t^T^ to walk, 
behave; e3»5?j&r©of> to prosper, 
do well. lii^A ptoft to make 
for one's self. %.for its past 
part, see ^j&oiix 

€j«>fl konJ, see ?fj»rf. 

^Jeci/3i>c^ konopini, see *ao71> 
*eS:?i. [hit. 

€jsd?i konpini (rfja^), ^'. «. Ta 

*J5^c2oD, €je)^oe3o kottambari^ 
kottamberiy ^. Coriander, Co- 
riandrum sativum; also #« 

— e3;)4pe an ear-ornament of 

gold, strung with small corals. 
'Sjs^^ kottala, see "^a^^^. ^Ji33^«3. 
^JS^,^*i3, kottalakattJ, ^. A 

police station. 
^sO^Ort kottaligfe, s. A palm 

branch stripped of its leaves. 
T?J5^;75>6 kottavale, see ^j^s^^d. 

^Je)^^ kottala, ^. A bastion. 

2. bulwarks. 3. a troughs 

4. a stone pavement. 
^JS^o kottu, J. A mark showing 

the limit of a liqui4 measure. 

^J3i kotti 


'Ssi:&^ koyi 

"Sj^A kottJ, s. Trash, dirt. 

^J€>3e) ?3 kotvUe, ^. A police of- 

^JS)dol3, ^JSCjoUrt kodanti, ko- 
dantigiy s. A wooden hammer. 

^J3ds* kodadf^ s. A chopping- 

'^Je^d^ kodame, s, A blockhead, 

•^jaa kodi, ^. Greediness, eager- 
ness. — ^o*)S), — eodtij^ to be 
affected with the evil effects 
of greediness. — ^^^ to take 
away the evil effects of greedi- 
ness by charms. — eooJ^^i to 

^jaa5je)i3;^ kodipivuni, c v. {of 
^jacj^^) To cause to boil. * 

#Je)a5g?i, ^JsacxJojJi kodipuni, 
kodiyuni (?F«»^), v. n. To boil, 

#jsa33e3^, #Je)dj^©* kodipelf, 
kodapel^y s. The act of boil- 
ing. 2. lisping. — croS boiled 

^Je)doo2^kodumbu,^. Thecymbi- 
form sheath of a bunch of 

^jad kodd6, s. Stammering. 
2. lisping. — CTOOsoirooSo a 
stammerer; one who lisps. 

^JSd s*, ^JS&e;* koddel^, kodye- 
1^, s, A highly seasoned soup 
of pulse. 

^JScid, iJjsj)^ konal6, konilS, see 

^Xj3 konS, ^. A point, end, ex- 

'tfjsri^ koppa, s. The hut of 
the lowest grade of Pariahs 
called '*Marimanser^" ; cf. 

^JSs^d, '#v©^0 koppara, koppari, 
s. The dried cocoanut kernel. 

'sJjS^Drt kopparigfi, s. A caldron, 
boiler with a wide mouth; 
2. hidden treasure. —53^^?) 
to discover hidden treasure. 

^Je)^^ koppala, ^. A cocoanut 
garden. 2. a village of cocoa- 
nut gardens. 

l?vQ^*53)c^ koppalipuni (^j»^^), 
v. a. To gargle, rinse the 

^ ja^gk koppu, s, A female's upper 
earring. -cS SoXrrt its screw. 

^w©s3^ koppi, see Xo^. 

i?jS)2jD, ^jsuO kobari, kobbari, 

see ?fj5)^Ti. 
'Sjsslx kommi, ^^^ ?fj8o5o. 
^JSOJj koya, tf^^. Over, out. 

^Je)Oi)^Jsaio koyakoya, a^^'. Ex- 
cessively, exceedingly. -c3X4ft 
to have copious perspiration. 

^JS)0^oS5 Ji koyimpuni, see v^o^^. 

^v©oajo2oo;^^o koyimbusulu, ^. 
A sigh, long breath, —dig^^, 
— 2Co5L^ to sigh. 

^JSO^ob^ koyipini, see ^A^h^ 

^j^OSo©* koyili^, s. Reaping. 2. 
harvest. 3. a small paddy 
field; c/. ^j»e5o33. — zJst^^ to 
begin the harvest work. 

€jS05o^^ koyilatta, s. The pad- 
dy paid to a reaper as wages. 

^JSObJ koyi 


^JciS kore 

€jS)OSo^3^ koyilatti, s. A scythe 
or sickle. 

^J30^e3 koyile, s. Pudendum 
muliebre. —d&crJoo?) to become 
pubescent, to menstruate. 

ijjcjoios^ji koyyuni, see rf^s^LfD. 

^j5c^s>xo^)j kojryusulu, see ^^ 

^J3o3^©^ koyyeliji, J. liar vest. 

€j;>o3jS)o^j koyyolu, ^. Bivalve 
shell, Mytilus, 

^JSd kora, tf^. Brief, short. 

•^JSjoi? korantiji, ^. The kernel 
or stone of a fruit. 2. the 
cashew nut. — 'S'ti^^ the ker- 
nel to be formed in the stone. 

^Je)do^ korandi, see rfjsrJzS. 

^jac^oio^i korantuni (^i»i^o§), z;.a. 
To pretend to eat, handle food 
reluctantly. 2. to pick, as 
lice from the hair. 

€j€)do33 korainp6, s, A bruise, 
contusion. 2. a welt; cf, "Mz-t, 

^JStioZoC; korambara, adv. Abun- 
dantly, plentifully. — CA)f^?> 
to eat heartily. 

^JSoot::) korambi, s, A kind of 

'^S^to'C^x^ korambil^, s, A pro- 
tection for a creeper, especi- 
ally for one of a small kind 
of cucutnber. 

^Je)do2oo korambu, s. A groove 
shaped umbrella, made of the 
leaves of the dammer tree. 
2. a rib. 

€je)do23 korambJ, s, A swamp. 

^J3drtj?j koraynni, see ^^iXo^ 
^JddT^ korage, s. A man of the 

Koragar caste, a tribe that 

feeds on carrion and whose 

women wear leaves. 
'iSJe)0^2, ^JSOtio koraji, koraju, s. 

A serpent charmer. 
'iy^Cz^ koradv, s. A log, stump. 

Xoqiri— a piece of sandal wood. 

2, see '^jdhr^ 
•rJsj^oa koradi, see ?fj&ar. 
€jaod korade, s, A pollard. 
"^JSdS, "^JSidl korati, koratfi, s. 

Defect. 2. want, need; c/. 

^J5d?i^ koran^i, .?. A kind of fish. 
'^j^dsj^j korapalu, s. A Koragar 
woman. 2. a female's name. 
^J3d53)?i korapuni, see ^atSLs^. 

•^JSd^, '^J3d3353korape,korapele, 
^, One who snores. 

'€j^t£^ korapel^ij s. Snoring. 

^jads3^ koral^, s. An ear of 
corn. 7i3j5— a small or wither- 
ed ear of corn. ^TSod&- an 
after-ear of corn. 

^s®dd korali, see ^jaT^n?. 

^j3d;doa korasandi, ^^ ^orfro;:^ 

^JSd^ koral|^, see ^jsr56. 

^JS)d^ koralJ, s. Cold, catarrh; 

•^JSdJ koru, <y. A bar of metal. 
2fo7^5zL^ a bar of gold. 

*SJe)door(j, '^JSdjort korungu, ko- 

rong^i see ^jaoXor. 
'^jsS korJ, adj. Weak?^2? small. 

^jsd kore 


^j^^st. koshta 

4.2ZoT\-, i^J36o23-, '#J3d23-Si0d 

korengi-, korenji-, koreji-mara, 

see ^jscrrrfo*:^. 
^jsdz^c^ korejuni (^^t5S), 7/. a. 

To make a noise. 
^Je)6i5, ^JsSsSJi korepini, kore- 

puni (#J»^, ^'. a- To bark, 

roar. 2. to bore; c/. ^o-dh^ 
^JSdsSc^ korevnni, seti ^o-dco^^ 
^j^^r©^ korkal?, s. A kind of 

^JStSr korji, ^^ #jse35r. 
^JS^r, "ij^dr kordi, kordS, ^. 

A whip, scourge. 
^j^srareJ korpita, s. Giving, 

*s?J55T5)r4?i korpavuni, c. v. {0/ 

"iahf^i) To cause to give, to 

give through another. 
€j3irji korpini (^j»^), v. a. To 

give, grant, bestow. 2. to 

beat, flog. 
^jss^ojF^ konnuka, s. Startle, 

sudden alarm. 
^s©;iroa korsandi, see ^o;droa. 
^J5e^ kola, see Xo^. 
€j?.oo:3 kolambi, ^. Marshy 

^JS^^ kolakff, see ^j8«»^. 
^J2^^ kolaki,^. The third crop 

of rice. 
^Jii^^ kolam^i s. A very deep 

pit; an abyss, hell. 
^js^sS, '^j»e3-)oaj kolav6, kolayi, 

s, A clasp. 2. the metallic top 

of a cane. 3. a hollow tube. 
*#J20^, koliki, J. A clasp, hook 

and eye. — ^d«3 the upper end 
of a female's garment tuck 
up into her necklace. 
tfw©6 kol6, s. Murder. 2. see 
'^oe. -^ja:S continual hard- 


ship. [paddy field. 

^J553oz3 kolenji, j. A plot of 

^Je5^e3 koleji, s. A kind of fish. 

^jsd kolki, see ^j^c± 

T?ja6j^^0 kolkori, s. A long- 
legged fowl. 

^js€) kolci, s. Setting on edge. 

^Jei^Jc^ kolcuni (*«*|^), ^. «. 

The teeth to be set on edge. 

"iJiS \olih, see ^j»r^r. 

^J5>^s?, €j3^d, '^JS^jj,^ kolta- 
16, koltili, koltul^, s. A cross 
beam. 2. a clasp. 

^Je)®.?l kolninS, ^. A candle made 
of a piece of cloth twisted 
round a stick. 

^J50|^5j?jkolpavTini, ^.t'. (o/'^a 
c^^^) To fasten; to touch. 

^J3^ kolpu, J. A sprain. 2. 
the cramp. 

'Sjs^j^Ji kolpuni (^js^), z'. ^. To 
stick, cleave, come into col- 
lision. V. n. To touch, reach. 

^j?)d kolme, s. Nicety, delicacy. 
— a e3e^ delicate \^orkmanship. 

^J3t>^do kollataru, s. A kind of 
small fish. 

•SjsO koUi, J. A bay. 2. a fir^ 
brand. — aezi a firebrand used 
for a light. 

'^j^5S[, koshta, s. Leprosy. t -^ 

^W , Digitized by VjOCrgi^ 

030 a leper. ^ 

i^Jd;^ kosa 


'SjS^Si koti 

. ^ij^TiJf kosar(;i, see ^osijo. 2. see 

l?JS7;r3^'#JS^, '#Je)?32,* kosrakolli, 
kosrSIi, s. A perverse dis- 
position. 2. tale-bearing. 3. 
an ill-tempered man. 4. a 

'#JS)^oe3 kolambe, s, A drain. 
2. a bath. <z^*. Decayed, 
putrid, stinking. 

^JS)^^^ kolak^, s. Nuisance. 
aclj\ Filthy, dirty. 

'ij^^'S kolakJ; see ^ja<y* rgj-j^j^ 

^J3^r1 kolaga, j. A measure of 

^Jt>^2& kolaci, J. Buffoonery; mi- 
micry, jeering. — 'S'uoj^ to 
mimic, jest; to play tricks. 

'ij;)^^ kolal^, s. A fife. 

'^j^i^f^ kolala, s. War, battle. 

'3'js<;*s3 kolavfe, see ??j5>e)5. 

^J^^j^ kolpu, see ^j»eJo^. 

"SjSV^o^t^ kolpuni, see €jd^^^ 

'Sjs*, kolli, ^^£? '^aC. 

^JS)^o^ konki, see tS'jso^. 

^JS^o^^j^o::^ konkekanda, ^. An 
uneven field. 

€jS)^or{o2^ kongann^, jr. Asquint 
eye; ^. ??J5»eoJ. 

^Je^oA kong^i, s. Ridicule, jest, 
mockery. — t^feio^^, — ^v»o^^ to 
make fun, to ridicule. 

^JS^osS konca, s. Extravagance; 
c/. ??j»e8^. — ?rWo^^ to be ex- 

"^JS^ofeo^ kont^, see ?FjseoWo. 

^JS^oyortc;^ kontangelj, ^. Hob- 
bling, adj. Lame. 

^Je)?obc>53)?> kontavuni, c. v. (of 

?fjseouo?i) To halt, hobble. 
^Je)?oyj kontu, s. An angle, 

corner, crook. 
^ja^oeJjfi kontuni C^^eoS), v, n. 

To halt, limp. 
'Sja^od konde, ^. A stick to which 

fruits etc. are studded. 
•^JS^odj, •SJS^oCi), kondra, kon- 

dru, ^. Boasting. 
'^JS^ogj kondri, j^^ ^ooD). 

^JS'?o2J0^, 'Sjs^oejos? kombuli, 
kombule, <35^'. Soft, delicate. 

2. young. 

•Sx?^ koka, s. The game of hide 
and seek. — Debs> to play at 
such a game. 

'^JS)eSc)oaj kokayi,^. A bill, beak. 
— crooi) a quarrelsome man. 
— 'scf^ a quarrelsome woman. 
-CA)3l3r^ to rub the beak; to 

'^J5?^s3A* kokilegili, s. A sing- 
ing parrot. 

•^Jei^A^, '^JS^tSeS k6gil6, kojil6, 
s. A cuckoo. 

■^Jl^s^, ^JS?2§ koca, k6c6, ^. 
Boasting, ziw^si^— , zJ^j^cS- vain- 

'^JS^e^ koci, s, A kind of mask. 
— ^e^ maskery. ^^^^ to 
put on a mask. 

^JSetioeS kotanji, s. Sexual in- 

"^ja^yd kotalS, s. Pain, sick- 
ness. 2. the chicken-pox. 

3. hardship, distress. 

i5jS)^!3 koti, s, A crore, ten mil- 

^js^y koti 


iSjS)§wO k5ma 

lions. 2. remembrance, re- 
collection. 3. the name of a 
male. -^^^^^ by crores. -^ 
2b^ to recollect. 

^J^^U ko^i, s. A store, godown. 
CA)4^ss— a salt store. 

^JS^^Uoi) kotiya, see #j»?Ug. 

^JS^eio kotu, s. Losing a game, 
f/^. -^h^ to lose the game. 
~*5o«^^ to defeat. 

^JS?i3 kote, s. A fort, fortress. 

•f Je^^ei kotya, ^. A kind of sail- 
ing vessel. 

l?Je)?G* kod^, s, A horn. 2. a 
pod. —^\ the milk-hedge, 
Euphorbia anliquorum, 

^Jt/^rfoA kodangi, see ^js>no'R, 

cj2^ kodadabbuy kodidabbu, 
, kodedabbu, s. A demon wor- 
shipped by Pariahs. 

^v;e?a kodi, adj\ A lot of twenty, 
a score. 

^J5>fa kodi, s. Corner. 2, a 
place, quarter, d^^^z;^ fire- 
side. -o#^^ the hind part of 
the fire-place in a bathroom. 

^Jei^d) kodu, see ^j8?5. 

^Je?cl kodi, adv, Y^sterday. 
~c33o3j an upstart; a young, 
inexperienced man, a grifl&n. 

^Jj?r9 kona,^. An angle, corner. 
2. see ^?pe. By- a triangle. 

^J9>^r% koni, ^. A room, apart- 
ment. 2. a corner. 

^Jtf e^d^ konedappi, s. A female 

rfjs?rt?Oroa3o koneriraye, s. A 
demi-god. [stone, 

^J^^t^^ konkallv, s. A corner 

'Sj^^^S kotalJ, s. A kind of fish- 
ing net. 2. a straight grown 

^Jc)?3*k6ti, ^. A monkey. — ^e^^ 
the pranks of a monkey ; mis- 
chief. — '^^^^ to be silly, 

iJjs^ciod kodanda, s. A rope sus- 
pended in schools for punish- 
ing boys. 2. a bow. 

•Sjs^cS kfidlJ, see ^ja?i3<?. 

^jfti«?^ kona, s. A kind of sweet- 

'SjS?c3^0De)o3o konerir&ye, see ^j»e 

^j?)?3i kopa, s. Anger, wrath. 

^•ii^^^ to be angry, -e/rrs^si^ 

to provoke. 
•^ja^ss^d kop&ra, s. Buffoonery, 

low jesting. 
^J5?5j, €j5?2^3I kopi, kopishthe, 

s. An angry man. 
€je)?2joj^ kopin^, s. A piece of 

cloth to cover the privities. 
^JS?^ kopu, s. A cup. 
^JS^sS kop6, ^. A string of fruits, 

fish, eic. 
•Sje)?;!) koma, s. A crowd. 

^j;)?sjji}, ^J^e^^oii/^ komati, ko- 
matige, s. A class of mer- 
chants. 2. cunning, craft. 
3. a rogue. — crooSo a rogue, 
crafty fellow. 

^j^i^dors k6ma|i,Q^iPpiece of 

^Je)(do koma 


^js^^ kola 

cloth to cover the privities. 
2. the privities. 

^Je)?rfjo3j komaya, s. Home-sick- 
ness. 2. attachment. 

^j«)?rfo6 kdmari, s. An oracle. 

^s®erfo^ komala, adj. Tender, 
delicate, young. 2. pleasing. 

"Sj^^^^S komali, s. A handsome 

^JS^^joo komu, s. A crowd. 

^ja^d kora, s. Measles. 

'€ji>^i kora, adj\ Rough, not fine. 

2. curved. 3. harsh, jarring. 

-?focuo unbleached lawn cloth. 

— o^zS a curved tusk or fang. 

— t:sX a discordant song or 

tfjs?rfot2 korariji, s. A kind of 

T?JS?d3io;S korapanti, s. The fra- 
grant grass, Mollugo cervi- 


^j^^do^J, ^Je)?o^o^ korayi, ko- 
rayi, s. A basin. 2. lameness, 

iSjei^D'ss^koravu, ^^'.Lame. -v» 
B a lame leg. 

'Sm^^^'^ korivuni {'Sm'^)^ v. n. 
To halt, limp. 

^JS)?0 kori, s. A fowl, cock. 
2. poultry. 3. a kind of ladle 
for serving rice. — esei^ a 
small bean, dolichos, — tfw,, 
— rf «)o^ cock-fight. — W)5 
the right foot raised against 
anything. -*jaw^ a kind 
of medicinal plant. — 5*odore 

an entertainment with fowls. 
— rf ^^ a chicken. — ci ^^^^ 
— d ?jp a cock's comb. — c5 
XjstI) a poultry-yard. — z5:5?f^i 
a kind of preparation of fowl. 
^wc;3g5 a kind of fish, —to 
55 croo^^ to stand on the 
right foot. -'SrW^?) to get up 
a cock-fight. — ??«3«j?> to crow. 
^Tjo-^cxioj^ to crow fast and 
lustily. w>5- a jungle fowl. 
arti)cxi)- a teal, ^e- a short 
legged fowl. 

rfj»?D^, ^j;?Ort korikJ, korigi, 
s. Hope, desire, wish. 

"^JS^doJi koruni (^^eS), p. a. To 
desire, hope expect. 2. ^^^ 

^Je)?3 kori, adj. Curved, bent; 

cf. 48!^. 

'*js?23p" korji, ^. A measure of 
grain, consisting of forty-two 
muras of rice. -^^43^ by 

"^Jei^yor kortu, s. A court of 

T?JS)?l3r kordi, see rf^ar. 

^j^^lr kortJ, s. Preparing a 
field for sowing; also tfo:irf 

^Jt>?e}^ kol5i, see ^AeCD. 

"^vfS?^ kola, s. A devil-dance. — ^ 

wjj^ to assume a mask, to act 

a devil-dance. 
"Sje)^^^*, kSlakalli, s. A kind of 

€j»^^o&j kolayi, adv. In lines. 

^DeS:^ to place in lines. 

^J»e579 kois 


f^ozi kounda 

^j?P2J5)U koiata, ^. A game at 
which persons make alternate 
motions and strike mutually 
short sticks in each others' 
hands. — ^^oj^pS) to play at 
the above game. 

'uJ^^^D^^ kolahala, ^. Pomp, 
display. 2. din of war. 

^J5^© koli, see rfjaeCj. 2, uproar, 

^j^^^>j kolu, J. A stick, staflf, 
rod. 2. a sceptre. 3. a mea- 
suring rod about two and 
half English feet. 4. a kind 
of black oyster. ^7k^^ usaj— 
a king's sceptre. ^dO^cU a 
rod with a handle twisted with 

^J5?e>^^e)6, kolukare, s. A peon 
in general. 2. a peon whose 
duty is to measure salt, 

^Je)?^>od^ koludal?, s. A kind 
of white ants. 

'^J^^e;o:3?0 kolubeli, s. A fence 
of sticks. 

^JS^ 53 koli, adj\ Hollow, sunken ; 
c/l ?fj*e^, jia^'^. — 3*0?® a sunken 
eye, a large eye. 

'^JS^^d kolk&re, see ^jae^ovsT?. 
^ '^JS^cl kolde, see '^j^^^. 

^JSg53c8 koTana, see "fAt^t^. 

^Ji?^ kovi, s. A gun, firelock; 
, c/. €a^A 

€j3e^^^^ kovilffkatti, s. A 
mule; c/. Bo^sJdtf^^. 
r l?Je)?3 kovJ, s. A mould. 2. a 

"^Jd^dio^ kdvetemma^ s. Hoop- 

ing cough. — T5jse7< a disease 
• of the bowels of children. 

€Je)?dioov^o, ^ovemullu, s. Bar- 
leria longiflora. 

^wQ^^, ^Jc)^3^ kosa^ kosha^ s. A 
glossary, vocabulary, diction- 
ary. 2. the scrotum, esoci- 
the stomach. 

'^j»^?^ko8^,a^*. Oblique, squint. 
— troFi) a squint eye; cf, ^jseo 

'i?J3f2jotoO, ^js^^oJoeoO kosamba- 
ri, kosumbari^ s. A kind of 
condiment made of pulse. ' 

^JS^V^ kola, s. The stocks. 2. 
.y^^ ^fja^e;. 3. a veil. ^cJo«5, 
j£d ??Ae2^orl ^i'^ hand-cuffs. 

Tl)^ to put in stocks. 

iSjs^v^o?:) kolambi, s. A broad 

tfje)^« kdli, see ??jaeC>. 

€s®?^o kolu, see tfjsecw. 

"^j^e^ k616, ^. A kind of cake. 

'^J^'^oO koikuri, s, A kind of 
sheep with fatty posteriors. 

"i?j?h5j^ koipini, f. a. To cut, reap, 

«?j;sp3j?gV^o koyyolu, ^. Chopping. 
— x;5^ a species of the vege- 
table Amaranthus tristis, 

^J^^ koil^, see ^jaoa^^, !f^^. 

t?J^;5dc?T koiseranCTj ^' The 
mode of wearing a shawl by 
a bridegroom. 

^0^ kounca, adv. Topsy-turvy, 
upside down. — srozioji to up- 
set, overturn. <-^ 

i^ob^ kovLnti} 


«e>,cl krani 

"S^otfy ief^oeij kount^, kountu, s. 
Rancidity, adj. Rancid; see 

€^oki^Py ^orij Ji kountuni, koun- 
duni (9^oC, v^o5), v.n. To 
become rancid. 

^orfjc;^ koundurasa, see v"^S. 

^o«5)Ji koujnpuni (Tf^o), v. a. To 
bury. rn>o^ a^J\ a burial 
ground. tt^^o^cTOoSo a grave- 
digger; a term of reproach. 

•s^oTi^^, "^oisiJi/^kauEsan^jkau- 
ifisanigS, s. The scarf-skin, 

"S^zit^A koudanige, s, A kind of 

^li) koutUy see tf^oC 

^a^, 'ff^o^O^i koud|^, koudi^rasa, 

^. A cancer on the cheek. 
iS^^ koudi, s. A cowry. 

xf^art, ff^d koudigi, koude, s. A 
cowry; Cyprcea moneta. 

-e^clfi, tPd koudige, koude, ^. A 
milkman. 2. a man bringing 
contribution for temple feasts. 

'^^li^x^iti koudurasa, see tf^S. 

^;i5e)D koumSri, see tforfjit). 

^dsS kourave, s, A descendant 
of Kuru. 

^t keurJ, ^. A hailstone. ~«^j5> 
Ti)^ to hail. 

^e?*, xf^5;o koul^i, koulu, ^. A 
special agreement. 2. a docu- 
ment granted by government 
to a cultivator etc^ 3. the 
voucher of a vessel. 

^® kouli, see TR)*5e», w)4oC. 

^d koul6, see tr^^. 

^^^ kousala, s. Happiness, well- 
fare. 2. skilfulness. 

#®Sri kousige, ^. A name of the 
sage Visvamitra. 

^-A^ kousalyS, s. The mother 
of Rama. 

^*, 9^1??^ kouli, kouligi, s. A 
drinking vessel. 2. a bundle 
of twenty or twenty-five, w^ 
TJci- a bundle of about twenty- 
five betel leaves. 

tf^^o koulu, s. Odour, scent, 
smell. 2. a kind of perfume. 
3. stench. 4. the cheek. 

tf^^, ^^0 kouli, koulyi, see^'9, 

OTo^ kyati, see a^sgS. 

^^Ort kyidagJ, J^^' *ec$o^. 

^e>- ^ kyalu, 5. Diligence. 2. de- 
votion, attention. 

"i^^ kratu, s, A sacrifice, ob- 

ts^si) krama, ^. Order, method, 
regularity. — So??^ irregular, 
disorderly. — ^vsx^, ^.ijsS re- 
gularly, in order. 

t# oi) kraya, J. Price, value. — t^tJ 
a buyer, purchaser. — eleC 
a deed of sale; also — steqfsJ. 
— ^r«rodo settlement of price. 
— 2)^o;i: buying and selling; 
traflSc, trade, -^wo^^, ~iio«»o^^ 
to fix the price. ^oSaXo #a 
SiFS) to sell. ^oSaXo d^^ to 

•s^ra kr&na, ^^ X;^r*. 

^SjcS kr&ni, ^. The erruptive 
* kind of rickets. ^ 

*,^ kritti 


Siod khande 

-d-.^L^ krittima, s. A trick, arti- 

fice, deceit, 


-S;^ krimi^ s. An insect, worm. 

•ijOl), -S^jOi) kriya, kriyi, s. An 
act, action. 2. daily religious 
ceremonies. 3. obsequies, fu- 
neral rites. 

iS^aJ3e)3jCi kriyipada, s. A verb, 

-^cxi3e)cfj^kriyftphala, s. A reward, 
as the fruit of one's deeds. 

i8^ate>^^;3S[ro) kriyaviseshaoai s. 
An adverb, gram. 

iS;,?ci, ^?rS krida, kride, J. Sport, 
play, amusement. 

'^^t kruta, see i^5*. 

^;i^ krufisu, s. A chair; cf. 

^?i^, ^sg^?S kmssu, kruJ6, ^. A 

^<^d krura, j. Wickedness, 
cruelty, adj. Ferocious, ter- 
rible, -^c^, -aj^ cruelty. 
— epsiS cruel disposition. 

*^ kreiste, ^. A Christian. 

^^?q5kr6dha, J. Wrath, passion. 

^^?qSci krodhana, s. The fifty- 
ninth year in the Hindu 
cycle of sixty. 

^^?9 krodhi, s. The thirty- 
eighth year in the Hindu 
cycle of sixty. 

'^ozi krounca, s. A curlew. 2. 
a mountain in the Himalaya 

ts^o^ klupta, adj. Brief, short. 
2. fixed, determined. 


JD kha, The fifteenth letter 

of the alphabet. 
•OotsJ khai^fa, s. A kind of grass. 
SJozi khanda, s. A piece, part, 

portion. 2. a continent. 3. a 

chapter, —^h^ to fall into 

pieces. — ^^^) to break into 

SJozifi khandani^ s. Division. 2. 

dissertation. 3. criticism. 

—7505^0^?) to divide; to decide, 

settle; to criticise. 
5L)oC5e)2oK. khandabattS, see ^ozro 


Sjoa khandi, s, A weight equal 
to twenty maunds. 2. see 

5Uoaa khandita, adj'. Strict, se- 
vere. 2. positive, true, certain. 
adv. Strictly; positively. 

I0oa?io?i khandisuni (sooajo), v. a. 
To cut into pieces, to sever. 
2. to refute. 3. to criticise. 
4. to fix, settle. 

ajociirt khanduga, s. A measure 
of capacity, containing twen- 
ty kolagas. 

SOoiSdj^ khanderuni (sootf 5), v. a. 


s^r^ khatra 


sjocl) khtidda 


To chip, cut away a small 
piece. 2. to square, make 

sar\ khag^a^ s, A hird. — T^atS 
Garuda, the king of birds. 

50?^?^ khagola, s. The cele- 
stial globe. 

SJi&i khacita^ adj. Resolute, po- 
sitive, decided, adv. Reso- 
lutely, determinately, posi- 

5L):3e)c3^z3 khajan^ji, s. A trea- 
surer, cash-keeper. 

5L)t^e)cS khaJinS, s. A treasury. 
2. money. -^^^ a cash chest, 
cash box. 

soe3 kha]Ji, see X|^. 

5ac3e)5Da khadikhadi, see ^^^a. 

SL)zi khadga, s. A sword. 2. the 
horn of a rhinoceros. --•i>)'< 
a rhinoceros. 

suao^ khadirij, see ^^5. 

dj^ khani^ ^. A mine. 

sjwcs^, SJiotf khabadv, khabar^^ 
s. A report, rumour, news, 
message. 2. caution; c/.^^^' 
— TO5mind! take care! ^.^eo 
5n»>5. — C5«>&, — croO^ respon- 
sibility, control, management. 

soodo khaya, s. Depth. 

sod khara s. The twenty-fifth 
year in the Hindu cycle of 
sixty. 2. an ass. 

Ajd khara, adj. Sharp, hot, harsh. 

sudot5e)^Ji kharandivuni, see ^o 

sado?^^ kharaiduni, see ^'odor^ 

5uae)2:^ kharibfli, adj\ Bad, filthy, 

iUTOJi^3 kharamati, see "^^^^^ 

&)D^& khandiy s. Value, price. 
2. cost. -^^^ to settle the 

5L)3 khari, ^*. True, correct, 
certain, —^vb^s^ to prove. 

Utjjard kharjtira, see 7(^B. 

so^j^k klialasi, see ^w)^. 

Si^v^Tf khalasj, see ^cn>5. 

5Dro khasi, see ^^ 

SJ7^ khastj, ^^^ ^^. 

sje>D khadi, s. A coarse cloth. 

S3e)(3 khane, ^. A house, dwelling. 
2. an office. — ^orf»5 census, 
population, ^^j— a printing 

S3e)d khara, ^. A pungent or hot 
taste. 2. soda, adj. Hot, 
pungent. — ey2b?> to burn, feel 

SJe)© khali, <w?;*. Empty, vacant; 
unemployed. 2. vain, use- 
less. -^zj^4xi vain talk, useless 
words. — ^^ an empty house. 

jae>dod khavande, s. A master, 
owner, proprietor. 

icraX khasa, adj. Own, private. 
— XS, — ?\ one's own. — ^^ o 
one's own younger brother, 
immediate brother. 

^??!o> ^Qr^khistij, khisti, see *^. 

ajJdJsJ khudupa, ^. The princi- 
pal Mohammedan prayer. 

Sjodo khuddu, adj. Own, per- 
sonal, adv. Personally, -^uaaS 

SJ^^jQ khnla 


riokf gantij 

one's own consent. — «053adc5 

$iX>o^7^ khnliflf, see ^oo»J3. 
sjoe;^ khulla, adj. Open, not 


aooS khnii, see ^o^ 
ax>?^ khusti, see ^oa)^. 
«L)jdc^ khonix <f* Murder, man- 

SJJS^ khula, adj. Bad, mean, 

58?2;*6 khe&re, s. A demi-god. 
58etiTj??i8^, :5etiTOV a wandering 
priest, vagabond, vagrant, 

53Je)ea khodi, ^. Failing, defect, 
fault. 2. a simpleton. adj\ 
Incorrigible, irreclaimable. 

5Je^3 khyftti, ^. Fame, repu- 

rt ga, The sixteenth letter of 
the alphabet. 

rS, 7TO {mas.), rtd, ri^ (/^^O 
ar^ affixed to verbs in ad- 
dressing Pariahs, as ^^A ^ 
o A5) come (man) ; «© tv^ come 

rtort, rtoTO, rtort ganga, gangi, 
gangi, s. The river Ganges. 
2. a female's name. XoT^qJrS 
Siva, who received the Ganges 
on his head. Xo7^odn>*) pilgrim- 
age to the Ganges. Xo7^ste^?i 
bathing in the Ganges water. 

Tiered, rtorl^d gangara^gangasara, 
s. Arrack, liquor. 

rlozS^o^ ganJakkar^, s, A hoax, 
humbug. — •i>«*Ok.^, —5 c^tJo^ 
to hoax. —5 aiATi>?> to be 

rtotorSrt ganjanige, s. A frag- 
rant grass. 

rtote^ ganjani, ^i?^ XeSeSaS. 


T^ouO ga^jali, s. A kind of para- 

rtot3 ganji, s. Gruel, rice water. 
2. starch. 3. porridge. 

riot35|^, rto23?33^ ga^Jippu, ganji- 
py, ^. A kind of playing cards. 

rtotw?^ ganjuppu, s. Purified 
salt, table salt. 

riob^ ganty, s. The ankle. 2. 
a knot. 3. a bundle. 4. 
money; riches. — Xo|^asmall 
kind of jack fruit. — tf^o^, 
-'^^^ a pickpocket. -75t5o7\ 
a variety of syphilis in which 
the joints are affected. — ^Iw^ 
a sealed bundle, -^u^^ to 
pack; to amass wealth. — 7\ 
^rsi, — eooTiosro^^ to untie. 
— SeOsfc)^, — Tjocro^i^ to settle a 
debt. — c5>Tl)?> to tie, bind, 
knit. — wj&TJo?) to form a knot ; 
to come in contact with ; to 

Diqitized b 

attack. — ^^o^» to make a 


T^oli ganta 


T^oti ganda 

marriage alliance. e^aSe- a 
fabrication, false story. 
Tiofei ganta, see ^ow^. 

rtoy^eS gantapuc66, s. A male 

cat; also XoB. 
r1o&3e)^or^ gantamani^ s. A large 

riofejc)^ gantasS, s. Avarice, cove- 

rto83 ganti, s. A kind of earring. 

rtoJ3;^4^ gantisuttu, s. A child's 
necklace of beads, 

rIoUo gantu, s. The knot or joint 
of a reed or cane. 2. ^^^ XoO. 

rtoiJjS?3^ gantus^, ^. Stinking 
produced by breaking wind 

rtoK gantft, s. A bell, gong. 3. a 
clock. 4. an hour. 5. see 
XoK. — co*>^o^ to ring the 
bell, strike the hour. 

rtois^xyso^j gand^kayi, s. Papaw, 
the fruit of Carica papaya. 
2. manliness. • 

rtoo^sj^rt gandijLmr^ga, s. A 

rtoCo^^fi gand^stana, s. Man- 
liness, bravery. 

rtodrira gandagana, s, A host of 
demons. 2. a band of heroes. 

rtoc^eS^doorisi^ gandaberunda- 
pakki, s. A fabulous bird with 
two heads. 

r!odsiJ5)?3 gandamalS, s. Scrofu- 
la. 2. ulcers on the neck. 

?iocS^(i gandastana, see 7(oE^^, 

T\o^iiti gandakshara^ s. An as- 
pirated letter. 

7ioC3e)o^cJ gandantara, s. Danger, 

rtoC5e>nc>© gandigali, s. Inter- 
course, intimacy. 2. inter- 
ference. 3. slander, defama- 
tion. 4. a report. CJ'o^ Xoz5;> 
7^c eSjaa I will have nothing 
to do with him. 

r1oC3e)r(jo^ gandagnndi, s. Au- 
dacity, barefacedness. 

Tio^ gandi, s. A hole, opening, 
gap; c/. ^o^ _^«Jj^5) to 
bore a hole. 

rtoSd gandida, see sooa*. 

r(oas§J) gandipuni, see soo^Ti^^. 

7\ozL gandu, adj, Male. 2. brave, 
valiant. 3. large, stout. —^ 
£,c> large scissors. 

T^orl^nSo gandusu^ s. A husband. 

rtoc^ gannya, s. Esteem, re- 
gard, attention. 2. estimate. 
adj. Numerable; honorable.. 
— »5o^o^^ to esteem, regard, 
revere, care for. 

rtos^ ganty, see ^o§. 

riod, rioi ganti^ ganti, s. Raga, 
patched clothes. 

riocj, r(oqS ganda, gandha, s. San- 
dal wood, Santalum alburn^ 
2. smell, odour, ^e- a su- 
perior kind of sandal. ~si 
«5oj«, -rf ^^o sandal oil. — cJ 
tf^ a stone for grinding san- 
dal on. — cs ^j&TJ5 a piece 
^r log of sandal wood. — cl 
e5^ a cake of sandal powder. 
— cJ t5i5>8^ a sectarian mark of 

rtoqi gandha 


rtfc3 gaja 

sandal on the forehead. —^^ 
the distillary of sandal oil. 
— s$ Tk>Ti sandal tree, sandal- 
wood. — ^ste6 a sandal paste 
prepared with other ingre- 
dients. — ^e33 smearing sandal 
on the person. —TSd^ spices. 
— ^a^^ to smear sandal on 
the person. 

rloqJ^gandhaka,^. Sulphur,brim- 

rSoqiriO gandhagiri^ s. A kind of 
timber tree. 

7loqSs5Jor3 gandhamnnci, s. Cu- 
bebs, Piper cubeba. 

rtoqJsir gandharva, s, A horse. 
2. a musician of the demi- 
gods, having a human face 
and a horse's body. — fJoj^ ^ 
handsome woman. 

l\oX^7S^^ gandhas&l6, s. A su- 
perior kind of table-rice. 

riocJ ganna, s. A sugar-cane. 

rtoci^^O gannakatteri, s. A burg- 
lar's instrument; also "^^y^ 
Xi ^ 2. a deceiver. 

rioc^ gannya, see Xoreg. 

rio3j gampa^ s. Mire, mud. adj\ 
Muddy, sticky. ~^ozS a fertile 
paddy-field. -%^ a large 
tract of fertile land. 

T{otp?d gambhira, adj. Honora- 
ble, revered, venerable. 2. 
deep, profound. — ag, honora- 
bleness; profoundness. — n» 
o3o an honourable man. 

r{o;i3^ gammi^^ s. A good or bad 

rtorfo3^ gammati^, s. Merriment. 
2. happiness, —-z^^^^i to be 

rt^cS gakkanft, adv. Quickly. 

rtrt oqJ gaggandha, a^". Very dark. 

T\TUi, rirt 6 gaggara, gaggare, s. 
A petticoat. 2. a bell-ornor 
ment. 3. a kind of liquor. 

rtrt ^ gaggall?, s. A rock. 

rtrtid, rtrijdi gaggura, gagguru, 
s. A kind of curry. 

rtrfj Ooi)o?i gagguriyuni (X^^^, 
z'. 7^. To bark. ^. a?. To 

?irtDe>5^?i gaggerSvuni (t^^R^^), 
V. a. To frighten, alarm. 
2. to censure, scold. 

riT^o gaggela, s, Fulmination, 
denouncement; cf. Xz^<s^. 

T\f{ ^^ gaggelyuni (7<^^), ^. n. 
To roar, cry. z^. a. To frighten. 

riea , rts^o gacci, gaccu, ^. Mortar, 
plaster. 2. a lump. -^o^?> 
to stick fast. 

rltd gaja, ^. An elephant, adj. 
Elephantine. —^i«:8 Ganesa, 
with the head of an elephant. 

rit;i, rizS gaJa, gaj6, s, A yard 
measure. 2. a ramrod. — ^o 
^aflag-staflf. — '^'Wj^ a stan- 
dard in purchasing elephants. 
— ??w»e(sw a yard measure. 

ries3oi3^ gajant?, je^ ^?5oQ. 

rttirtw gajagaja ^. Jostling, jolt- 
ing. 2. trembling. 

rltdji gajani, s. Poor ^r infertile 

rlto gaja 


rtz3^ gadj 

ground. — assK, — spja^ an 
infertile land, 
riwsgji gajapuni, ^^^ T^de^o^^ 
ritjo^ gajaiij, o^. Confused, dis- 
tracted. 2. filthy, foul. 3. 
rough, not fine. -«>6 a foul 
or rough sort of rice. — 3«)K 
a filthy place, 
ritit^oji gajaluni, see XzSo^^ 
nta^Ji gajalpuni, see XzSe/c^?). 
r(t3e)53^ gajSlj, fl'^'. Boasting. 

ritSrt g^'iffS, ^. The Molucca 
bean, Guilandina bondtic, 

rteSsS?) gajipuni (X23), ^r.^. To 
fasten, strengthen. 

rizSz^JtS gajibiji, J. Complication, 
entanglement, confusion. — eo 
^^ bad hand-writing, scrib- 
bling. — ziiaXr a miry road. 

rtxS gaji, ^^^ x&. 

rleS^osij gajekampa^ ^. A stick 

for flogging. 
rtzS^ gajeni, see xa^ 
rteSsg)?^ gi^epuni, ^^^ "^^^^ 
r(?Soo^ gajeluni (Xe!«), «;. n, 
A sore to form or suppurate. 
rt^St^j:^ gajelpuni(7<2?^), v.a. To 
cause a sore to form or sup- 

r(23 gajji, s. Itch, scab. — S3» 


^ii ^ & ^® ^^^ suffers from 
itch has no shame. 
rItS gajjira, ^* The marsh date 
tree. — tJoSf* its fruits. 

ris| g(^JJ6, ^^^ ^|. 

riy gata, see ?ou 

riUrtU gatagata, s. A gurgling 
noise, as produced when 

rtiJc^ gatani, see n^w^rf. 

rltd gatta, ^^^ ^w^. 

riy^cS, rty^rS?^, rtUjflgattani,gat- 
tanigi, gatta^^i s. The founda- 
tion of a building. 

riW,^ ffattalft, see ^^u^^. 

ri^ gatti, dk^'. Firm, secure. 
2. solid, hard. 3. clever, able, 
strong. -crv)V a narrow, thick 
chisel. -=#osi substantial 
work. — 833oai a loud speaker, 
a talkative person. — "^rw^^ 
to coagulate, curdle, freeze. 
-z5^ a to hold fast. — ^ 
<^^ to make strong, fix firm- 
ly; to bake. a kind of cake; 

of. X«3. 

rl^ri^ gattigatti, s. Clot after 
clot, clod after clod. adj\ 
Very cloddy, very hard. 

T^^J^ gattige, s. A clever man. 
Xa^X^e^ cleverness, ability, 

rtWjCxJooJi, r!l^^5 gattiyuni, gat- 
tyuni (XBjaS«),^.a.Towipeoff. 

t\'& gatti^ s. A kind of cake. 
2. a clod, lump. 

rtB, gatlJ, see ^UjA 

rtcs^nJ^ ga4v89> ^J' Powerful, 
strong, able. 2. clever. 3. 
brave, firm, gallant. , 4. se- 
vere, strict. -^^S^erity, 

rlzi^o gadan 


rici) gadu 

strictness, streugtli; ability. 
— iTO(^. 7<5?8 an able or wealthy 

rldoA^ gadangflL, ^. Axgjriown, 
store-room. 2. a toddy-shop. 

ridozoe3 gadambalJ, s, A poison- 
ous snake. 

rtrf^, rtrfrt gadaka, gadaga, ^^^ 

rtci^ gadakka, ^z'. Suddenly, 
rtdrtrf gadagada, ^. A chattering 

noise. ^^rtioTO^ to shiver, 

tremble with cold. 
r(rftia gadabadi, ^^<? XaeSa. 
ricio&j, rii3e>o&ogadayi,gadiyi, J. A 

long pole with spherical bells, 

shaken in temples; cf, X7(-6. 

2. a hillock, hill. -^^ the 

name of a rocky hill. 
rizii^ gadasij, s. A heifer, young 

r(c3e>2Je>z3 gadab&Ji, s. A rocket. 

2. an independent person. 

3. heedlessness, recklessness, 

rta gadi, s. An incision, cut. 

2. the half of a cocoanut. 

3. a limit, boundary, frontier. 

4. authority, power. 5. ap- 
pointment of a headman or 
chieftain. ej)rfo^^sU a piece 
of mango-pickles. — ^^ a 
boundary stone, land-mark. 
— ^a, — ?i3a nomination and 
appointment of a headman 
with certain privileges in a 
demon shrine. — S3s5 banish- 
ment, transportation. —sdS 

zSo^ok^ ^xssokiTii^ to banish. 
— #j&br?> to appoint a head- 
man. — cwowo^to transgress, 
violate the bounds. — s»t1)^ 
to make an incision, mark 
out a tree to be cut down. 
a^5- a slip. ti^XF^ the 
boundary of a land. 

T\^f{ gadige, s. A small earthen 
ware, a pot. 

rta^^ gadipuni (7(^), v.n. To 
agree, harmonize, be in uni- 
son. 2. to suit, be con- 
venient. ^^ z>^ '^€ X^tjoE 
a house black with smoke 
will not suit, (said of a rest- 
less or fickle-minded man). 
AfteS'os^K xa^aS they do not 
agree together. 

ria^a gadibidi, s. Bustle con- 
fusion, disorder, tumult, dis- 
turbance. —Tio^^ to bustle; 
to disturb; c/. 7<€>^c. 

riasi) gadima, s. A large piece 
of any thing. 

riao3J5)V^ gadiy&l\>, s. A watch, 
clock. — ITO0&3 a watch- 


rtacxJoj^ gadiyuni, see Xa^?). 

rlrfj gadu, s. A term, fixed 
time or place. — XtI) periodi- 
cally, now and then. — oeSi^ 
—stotIj^ to fix a time. 

rtdo;3e)K^ gadnvadv, s. Halt, stay. 
—85^^ a halting place. 

Tidj^P^i gadustana, s. Bravery, 
manliness. 2. power, strength, 

Diqitized b; 

greatness; c/. XozL^ti. 

lid gadda 


r13 gati 

rid gadda, ^. The chin. 2. the 
beard. -siS^S j^aa^cwsi to 
entreat a person by taking 
hold of his beard in token of 

rirfoao gaddayi, s. Compulsion, 
force, adj. Compulsory; also 
Xz35 oao. — rf ??c;ri compulsory 
work. — ^^uo^^ to compel, 

ria gaddi, see ^a . 

rfrS gaddS, s, A bulbous root. 
2. a lump, clod. — ^w^» to 
coagulate, curdle. 

ria^^fi gadsijitana, see XrffS, 

ric3 gana, s. A flock, host, multi- 
tude. 2. a retinue, train of 
attendants. 3. a class of 
spirits. 4. a foot of three 
syllables. 5.a number, anVA. 
6. series of asterisms class- 
ed under three heads, c^^i- 
human, ^tx^^ infernal, and 
6^tL. divine. —335 Ganesa the 
leader of Siva's retinue. Xo 
tL- evil spirits, clja*- angels. 

lit^oZf gannanijL, s. A tinkling 

7ic3*e3i>?) ganakalepini (Xr«^^), 
v.n. To be pensive, thought- 
ful and sad. 

rirsnSi ganagati, s. Leg orna- 

lirSfJ ganani, s. Regard, esteem. 
2. calculation. 

At^Tf ganasijL, s. The link of a 
chain. 2. a hook. 

7\f^^ ganil?, see Xrf^. 

rtc^i ganita, s. Arithmetic, cal- 
culation. adj\ Counted, num- 
bered. — ^cJ^ arithmetic. 

rtc^sgifi ganipuni, see Ms^^ Xorf 

rtcSe?^ ganil^ji, s. Tinkling, -ef 
h^ to tinkle. 

r(fl ganJ, s. A pole, staff. 2. 
an arrow. daotSTSL. a tum- 
bler's pole; ^tfrt. 

7ifi(2$, rtsl;;3 ganesa, ganese, ^. 
The chief of demi-gods and 
remover of obstacles. He is 
invoked at the commence- 
ment of auspicious cere- 
monies; also Xc«33S. 

r(c^ ganya, see Xoreg. 

rts* gatj, s. Fatigue, weari- 
ness, trouble. t3o5 do5 x§ 
e?o&5 he is done up by work- 
ing continuously. 

rti gata, adj. Past, gone, ante- 
cedent. — CJ^L?) to expire. 
aSeit- suicide, extinction of 
life. ^Aae- intention, wish, 

r<3 gati, ^. Destiny, fate, fortune, 
condition. 2. protection, sup- 
port. 3. means, resources, 
income. 4. motion, course. 
— ^e^ means and family. 
— ^e^o^oflcTOo&j a poor, help- 
less man. C£>$oe~ a down- 
ward course; perdition. cr\n 
^S/'— ^^ upward or heaven- 
ward course; salvation, troe/^ 
the progress of time. X^^^ 
the motion of planets, their 

rtiii gatu 


ri^jo gama 

influence on the human desti- 
ny. 5l)5— a bad condition; 
future misery, ^l^— fate, 
destiny. -^^^s> to help, 
show means ; to make funeral 
ceremonies, -^c^ »5— who 
will protect or save me? ^oo^. 
TOc5— what support have I? 
what is to become of me? 
^o^ XS cGi^ I have no means 
or support. 

rtii gatu, see XS. 

rid fs^iz^ysee Xd 

ricSrtd gadagada, s. A crackl- 
ing noise. — esoorji to burn 
or blaze with a crackling 

rtcio^ gadar?, j. A lump. 2. an 
object of love. 

riaog)?^ gadipuni, see f:^^^ 

rtdo^o^, rtcS^^igadukuni, gadkuni 
(X5), V. n. To lap, jolt. 

rid gade s. A weapon ; a club, 

rtd e> gddala, s. Confusion, dis- 
turbance, noise. ^-^^^ to 
make noise, to reprove, re- 
buke; to exhibit magnificence, 

rtd^, rtc3e)sS gaddavu gaddavu, 
J. An earthen plate. 

rtcs^^Sc^ gaddavuni, c.v. {ofT^^^ 
^) To shake, move, rock. 

rta f\ gaddigft, s. A throne, seat 
of honour. 

rtdJ^ gadduni (X5), ^.«. To 
shake, quiver, be agitated. 

ri^^ gaddela, see Xd ©. 

rid^ gaddya, s. Prose, -s^dg 
prose and verse. 

rizj gadhe, j^^ 7<d 

r(ci gana, j^^ v^c^- 

ricSe)rt^ ganlgatti, s. A tinkling 
article. 2. anklets and toe- 
ornaments, adj. Powerful. 

rtf^^^O gannakatteri, see tCotS 

ri35« gap», s. Concealing; sup- 
pression. 2. misappropria- 
tion. — e?l3, — 8l?c^ silence, 
quietness. — •l3^o»^?> to hide; 
to misappropriate. 

r(5i^3f^ gapalatv, s. A lie, false- 
hood. 2. shuffling, as cards. 
3. misplacing. 

ri^, rt^, rt^ gap6, gappi, gappft, 
s. A lie, falsehood. 2. a hoax, 
humbug. — a^&v?), — so^s'o^ to 
tell a lie; to hoax. — lio^^i. 
to hide, conceal, suppress. 

rtsj gappa, «^". Silent, quiet; 
"c/. X33. 

rtzortto gabagaba, s. Gulping,, 
swallowing. -^^^ to gulp^ 
swallow up. 

t\zx gabba, see 7(^r. 

rirfjririogamagama,^. Fragrance,. 
• odour; c/, XoSo. 

7^^:^ gamatv, see XooiiS. 

ri^(i gamana, s. Going, moving,, 
motion, course. 

T^zi^T^f gamasv, ^.^agrance,. 
odour. 2. stmfif, stench. 

7{dj grama 


rtdj?) garo 

rtrfoisoo^i gamasuni (XrfofJ), v. n. 
To smell, scent; stink. 

rirf3e)0^7i)^ gamayifluni (X;rfj»oai 
53), ^f. «. To be fragrant, 
odoriferous. 2. to strike, flag. 

risSooiooJi, ridoexi^i, rtrfos^ji ga- 
meynni, gameluni^ gamevuni (tC 
A3, X^^, X^), 27. «. To be 
hot, feel hot, as in a fit of 

rtoi) gaya, see ^cxij. 

ricrfo gaya, s. A place of pilgrim- 
age. — S3^5 the people of 
Gaya — ^^^ the sacred 
place at Gaya. 

r(ai3e)^ gayal^, adj. Prodigal, 
extravagant. — *c^ prodiga- 
lity. Xodjav an extravagant 
woman. Xo^»h? an extrava- 
gant man. 

rto^v^ ffayilflL, see ^^f . 

rio^, rtd, rtrfrtd gar^, gara, gara- 
gara, s. A whirling noise, 
turning with rapidity. -55o 
Xo^ to turn round with rapid- 
ity, as a top. 

rtd^ci garakena, cuij\ Clean, 

rtdrto garagari, see t<6. 

T\ri'r:^7;f garagas?, see -Kt^f^. 

r(d^ garadi, see ^2^, X€j»a. 

ridd garade, ^(^^ XxiozS. 

?idc3 garana, ^^^ X^^c*. • 

rtddj^ garamij, ^^*. Hot, warm. 

s. Heat, warmth; 5/". Xior. 

-^^sfe6 spices for curry, 
rtd^ garaate, j^^? ^e)^^- 

rtoe)eoj garlbu, see ^tra^. 
rJo gari, s, A wing, feather. 
rtOOo garimi, see X^or. 

riodogarime, ^. Severity, strict- 

rtDoJojJi gariyuni (XD), v. n. To 
break off, give way ; cf. X^r^. 

riO?23^ garlb|^, o^. Poor. X0ee5 
a poor man. 

rtdo garu, s. A rafter. 2. a 
mould; cf. ^Tio. ^^^ Rough. 

rtdort garuga, see XXr. 

ridjc^, 7^<S^d garuda, garnde, s. 
The gon of Kasyapa, having 
a hiTman form, with a bird's 
bill and wings, and described 
to be Vishnu's vehicle. 2. the 
Brahmany kite, eagle; also 
--zj"3jj. Xt^t^soco^ a wooden 
form of Garuda, used to carry 
an idol in procession. 7<ji^zi 
^off a post or pillar in front 
of a temple, with the figure 
of Garuda on its top. Xt1> 
zs^^fS a seat of an idol with 
the figure of Garuda — sass'c' 
a kind of bush, Ophiorrhiza 
mungos, s:5>W)«>— a drag to 
catch things under water; an 
outer part of a palm-leaf, 

rtdJ^JU garupntta, J. A crucible. 

ri6 gare, s. The shaft of a 
country water-lift; cf. *t5. 
— * 4oe^ a broken tile. 

rtdaije)ii gareyata, s. A kind of 
game. ^ . 

rid©a gJ&^^if; ir^^ff^ slirine of 

rtd^ garra 


7\€> gaU 

the demons called e5^?3exir. 

2. a veranda. 3. a fencing 

school, gymnasium. —7i^4^ 

gymnastic exercise. 
rid^fS garranft, see XiiX-d. 
7\itr garka, adv. Suddenly, 
rtrtr garga, s. A kind of medi- 
cinal plant, Eclipta ereda. 
rtrtroci garganda, adj. Profound, 

2. thick. -«'i«3 thick dark- 

rtrtro^ gargayi, adj\ Half-ripe, 

half-grown, as an arecanut 

j\TX^r7;f gargiB^, s. A saw. -rf 

?rj8eD the teeth of a saw. 
rtteF^S garjanS, j. Roaring. -^ 

^o^» to roar, bellow. 
rtzSr garji, s. Need, necessity, 

occasion. —^ ^^r a time of 

r(3r garti^ s. A married woman. 

2. a chaste or continent 

r1c3e)ra^ garnSly, s. A mortar. 

2. a bomb, cannon, 
rt^r^ garpuni (X5), v. a. To 

rtSre/ garpelv, s. Scooping, 

rttJF garba, see X^r. 
rt::j^rti garbija, s. A melon, the 

fruit of Cucumis melo. 
riejjF garbha^ s. The womb, ute- 
rus. 2. pregnancy. 3. embryo. 

_ft«3, — rfjs)© disorder in the 

womb; colic. ~^2l3^, — ca)o 

*5?> to be conceived. — c34^^ 

to cause abortion. — ft»eS5?> 
to miscarry. 7(^fXo 3dXj^, 
-z5^?> to be afraid; to touch 
the vitals. 

r(^r;l}«^ garbhasuti, s, A web 
of cloth woven with red and 
black thread. — Tjbrfj^^ a 
turban of this kind. — "^e^ 
a female's garment of this 

rttprcJ garbhini, s. A pregnant 

r{sJor?TOv3 gannasalft, see under 

r\l^T^ rtdoor garmf, garmu, s. 
Heat, burning, warmth; zeal. 

rtojjorji garyuni, see 7<^ai^^. 

rtrfr garva, s. Pride, arrogance. 
-TOO&) a proud or arrogant 
man. ^s^^^^ to be proud, 
one's pride with eflfort. 

rtOr, r(;)r3| garvi, garvishte, s. 
A proud man. 

rt^^rtoo* gal^gul^ji, s. A rumb- 
ling in the stomach. 

T^oiiv galagala, s. A noise caused 
by bracelets. 

ri^zoo galabu, s. Tumult, con- 
fusion, noise. 

ri^sSoci galamena, see X^c^. 

rit>?ioJi galasuni (Xe;), v, a. To 
use, employ. 

fi^TtiTf galasijL, s. A tumbler. 2. 
a swinging glass lamp. 

rtOfci, ri©^t3^ galija, galijv, s. 
Dirt, filth, nuisance. — liis^o^ 
o) to soil, make filthy, o 

-^woj^ to subdue 

ri© gall 


7Te>oe3e) gUjl 

riOtlD© galiWli, s. Disorder, con- 
fusion, tumult; anarchy; c/. 
xaesa. -Cfb» to be confused. 
--*5o5;^o^a to disturb. 

rtOdj galimJ, s. Acquirement. 

rt w^o, rio^, rloj. galuku, galkj, 
galku, s. A noise produced as 
when sinking or diving. 

rie^o^ galjuni (X|^), v. a. To 
confuse, disturb. 

ri^ galti, s. Error, mistake. 2. 

rl^Tg* galpas^ji, see X^!3. 

r(e|cj galmena, s. Freshness, 
briskness, vigour. 

t\o^ gallj, see Xe^. 

r(e> galla, s. The lower part of 


the cheek. ~c)»;d whiskers 
on the lower part of the 
cheek; also 7<«i5^e?5. 
rl23^, r!^ galli, gallu, ^. The 


gallows. 7(6a7(o s3;)Zl)Si to 
hang, execute a person. 
ri0 galli, ^. A street. 


7^^ gava, ^. Sense, sensation, 
consciousness. — ^^^> to be 
out of senses, be disturbed. 

risjt) gavala, s. A handful, mouth- 
ful. 2. a buffalo's horn ; 
also ^?i^, ^eos?. 

rirf;;IcSrt gavasanigft, ^. The case 
or cover of a fiddle, efc, 

rtO gavi, ^. A cave, hole, cell. 

risja gavudi, see Tf^a. 

rtsiJ^S gavude, see Tf^zl 

?is3)^5Jo gavutama, ^^^ 7f^4^ 

rt^eS ganle, ^^^ Tf^d. 

rts^ gavya, ^. The product of a 

cow. adj\ Of or belonging to 

a cow; cf. sJodXrfo. 
rtd gavve, «^'. Very tender, 
rtisdoij^ gasant^, ^^^ ^^oS. 
?i;!ori?i gasagasa, j. Coarseness, 

roughness, o^'. Coarse, rough. 

adv. Coarsely, roughly. — «> 

"Sh^ to grind coarsely. 
T^Tixf gasarij, see '^^7^5. 
7\k gasi, s. The sediment of oil, 

pickles, elc. 
rtisJoJooc^ gaseyuni (7n!?5), 2;. «. 

To rub. 
rt;i3?J) gasini, j. Difficulty, /m?;*. 

Narrow, strait. 
r(^ gasti, J. A patrole. — tocA) 

a patrole, watchman. —SSo 

Xo^ to patrole. 
Mr\^ galagala, s. A noise, as in 

drinking fast or by shaking 

a cocoanut. 
7\^^^ galamena, see X«3^c^. 
ritf^Ji galasuni, see Xc^^ii^. 

rt«rt galigi, ^. A fold, crease, 
wrinkle. 2. see ^"9^. -sJaJ^^Si 
to arrange folds, —t^^^^^ to 
fold, double. 

rttfj, rt^ gain, gal4, ^^ X;ix 

rt^^^^galpasy, ^. A halter round 
the neck, a noose. 2. death by 
hanging. 3. a lie, falsehood. 

ri^o^ galpu, see xSI 

ne>o^e)gaDja, s. The hemp plant, 
Cannabis saliva^ whose leaves 
and fructification are smoked, 

T^oii ?anti 


rrazo giba 

or ground in water and 
drunk for inebriating pur- 
TTOoJi ga^ti* ^' ^ ^^^ ^f sweet- 

rrsozs^, rreodo gind?* g&94^ '^• 
A coward. 2. a man without 

7TOo?3e)n^ gand^<>^ii* -^^ ^^^^ 

fuss, much ado. 
7\"soaoi)0^ gandiyuni, see viri^^^. 

JTOoS^, 7Ve)o^d, 7TOoJgantv,gan- 
tara, gantra, s. Depth, tf^'. 

rrc)oC3e)o3o gandaye, see 75)r«c3»o&3. 

rraoC3e)0, 7Te)oa?)glndari, gandini, 
^ ^. A roving woman. 

7Te)oa gKvti,^^*. Local, country. 

TX^r^ gagra, ^. A child's petti- 

7Ti>23, rratw gSJi, gaju, s. Glass 
ware. 2. China ware. 3. see 
TjsaS; cf. 7^^. 

rrefcs^, rraSi gaty, gati, adj. Hot, 

7Tc)a^, rrerf gady, gada, ^. Tor^ 
ment, yexation. 

7Te)a gMi, <y. A bandy, cart, 
r coach. —7^^, — o»o&> a coach- 

man. -^wjj5> to harness horses 
or bullocks to a coach, cart 
or bandy. — cSeii)^ to drive 
a cart. 

TTsaoJjoJi, ne)zi^ci gadiyuni, ga- 
dyuni^ see vDZioo^ 

rreaoix)* gadiyuli, s. A small 

ni>4 gidha, ^". Strong, firm. 
2. excessive, much, great. 
— ft^ sound sleep. 

ne>C9 gapa, s. An oil-mill. 2. a 
sugar-mill. — cJ -oort oil ex- 
pressed in a mill. —^ ^^8, —^ 
Xrf the perpendicular roller 
of a mill. -^ aSz^ the ex- 
cavated trunk of a tree, 
used as the body of a mill. 
— oBo&j an oilman, —srotli^ to 
work a mill. 

ne)c5rt g&nige, s. An oil-miller. 

ne)C90ji ganuni (t^^, 2^. «. To 
smoke, burn to cinders, glow ; 
c/. X«So(yo5>. 

TTe)^, 7T5)^^, 7T5)^ gata, gStaka, 
gati, ^^ ^*- 

rrai**, TTc)^?^ gatake, gatuge, s. 
A treacherous man. 

Ae)^ gatra, s. The body. 2. a 
member or limb. d^'. Stout, 

TTOQJi, TOa:) gadini, gadivi, see 

TOcS, rroz? gadi, gadhft, s. A pro- 
verb, adage. 

7Te)ci gana, ^. Psalmody, music. 
— 5)ciothe science of psalmody. 

rre^S gSpn, see t^®^. 

TTOwa gabadi, ^. A leak, hole in 
a vessel. — xistl)^ to repair a 
leak. -©^Oj?> a vessel to leak. 

TOWD, ne)2:)0 gabari, gabiri, s. 
Perplexity, confusion, alarm, 
perturbation, ^^h^ to be 
perplexed, alarmed, confused. 
^-^^^^ to alarm, perplex. 


n^C) g&bi 


n^« gili 

7Te)£) gibi, s. Darkness. 

TT^i::^^, T^eoja gibidi, gSbadi, 
see T^to^. 

rn)too, 7Ve)23 g&bu, gibi, ^. Agita- 
tion, commotion, disturbance, 
ferment. 2. rumour. Tsie^e 
T^wo rumour upon rumour. 

rR)^ gabri, ^^ t^s^^- 

7Te)Do5 gajnini, s. Confluence, 


TOOJj gaya, see ^^^ox .^^^^^ 

nsoio'tf gSyake, s. A singer, musi- 

rraoJj^ giyatri, j. The most 

sacred incantation of the 

Brahmans, namely fcc ^2^r 

sit Ti^t ia|^C)*jd^^er«oo zf^^r 

TTOOJjci gayana, ^. Singing, mu- 
7\e>tf gSr\jL, <x^'. Dry. 2. hot. 
-tfozi a dry field. -CJ'L^ to 
be dried, heated. 
TTOdrf, nc)dr5 girtoi> garanJ, s. 
Whitewashing or painting 
walls, eic. — !?j»2br^ —cdtIjs), 
—•i)^^ to whitewash or paint 
them. [^^ fritter. 

7^07^ girigi^ s. A kind of cake 
rreO^Sc^ garipuni, see t^c^?^ 
7Te)d gari, s. Lime plaster, a 
composition of lime, earth, etc. 
7X^6 gire, An affix of nouns 
denoting profession, employ- 
ment, etc,\ as^ '^oc^-6— a horse- 
keeper, tro^- a backbiter. 
to^- a seller of bracelets. 
siJ^- a liar. 

TT^rtrori'rf^d, T^rtr^d gar- 
gandakattali^ gargattald, see 

rra?irc3^, rraror glrsany, garsi, 
s. A store, provision. 

T^^doe^ gUfsiel|^ya^/i^. Head- 
long, topsyturvy. 

TTe)^ gala, J^ 7Q^. 

He)© gili, s. A wheel. 2. see tqv. 
— SSoXosi the wheel to turn 
round. tto^sI- a cart wheel. 

7Te)©5S?i galipuni (7^«=>), v. a. To 
strain, filter. 

7\e)€)oi)jJi, 7Te)^5 galiyuui, ga- 
lyuni (7^<^), ^. ». To be 
strained, filtered. 

rTc)©?djJi gUisuni (7^e55i), v. a. 
To separate* grain from re- 
fuse by washing. 2. to strain, 

TTsrf^gSvalJ,^. Jugglery, -jsdo&j 
a juggler. -5>si^ conjuration. 

rce)^ gavu, ^. Heat. 2. fomenta- 
tion. 3. glare; c/. w>4. 

ne)s3)cS gavuda, j. A stage or 
distance of twelve miles. 

r^k gisi, s. Fatigue, exhaustion, 
toil, pain, trouble. 2. the state 
of being emptied. 3. end, 
termination, death. -€?lb^ to 
be distressed, wearied; to be 
confused, dissatisfied. 

r^^ gila^ s. An angle, fish- 

rre* gali, s. Wind, air. 2. 
breath. -XoB a falsehood. 
-35W a paper kite. -TJ^riSwtiJ, 
— sJoD an unfounded rumour, 

rro* gSli 


r\d gidde 

a false report. — cDzio^ to 
fan. ^8^8w?> wind to blow. 

lyuni, see T^Coi^^ 
hoS^y Aoc^, no^ gindi, gindya, 

gviijh, s. A goblet, small 

metal vessel. 
r\ot^^ giwal?, s. A goglet, cup 

of bell-metal. 
Ao^ gimpn, J^ ^^• 

horfo, horfoo gimma, gimmu, see 
Xoo»io, Tioodja. 

ntdD^, nt;i D^ gijarsij giJJar»> ^^^ 

nt3*!3j gijikitti, ^^ i^^*«j. 

f\23nt3 gijigiji, adj. Soft, pul- 
^ pons. s. A chirping noise. 2. 

a rattle, toy. -j2^ the shrub 
/ Crotoloria verrucosa. 

T\'&'C^'& gijibiji, see Xa383a5. 

rstSc^ g^ilV? -^^ Confusion ; ^/^^ 
7^a3e)»u. adj. Confused. -e^5 
4oe&^ to become confused. 

ntJ g«Ia, adj. Thick, full. j. A 
heap, mass, crowd. 

n&j^, nWj, n!3j gitt^, gitta, gitti, 

s. Scoria, dross of smelted 
iron. — c»Tl3^ to repair an 
earthen vessel with its paste; 

T^ gitta, adj. Proximate, near. 

n^ gi|tJ, see rO^ 

T\T3foT^y T\TjfiS^ gid»ng^, gidyk?, 
see ^5^. 

Tsc^fx, T\Tkf\ gid?g6, gidagft, see 
rva^^S gid»pu, see r^. 

Aa^^?i gldjpnni, ^^^ ra^^ 

Arf gida, ^- A shrub, -^ii^o^ 
a medicinal drug. 

Ts'dri gidaka, ^^ ^^• 

Aa gidi, s. The falcon ^r hawk ; 
an eagle. -«•« a kind of 
game. -de^^ to play at 
such a game. w>t)L- a black 
eagle or hawk. ^obs_ a red 

na*, na^ gidiki, gidikJ, see rzSj. 

Aa^5> gidipuni (^a), v. a. To 

make fast, 
nat:)^ gidibfdi, s. A small drum 

played by turning it up and 

down in the hand. 
A^otosSc^ gidiyivuni, c.v. {of 

7\aodw?i) To cause to run, to 

drive, race. 
naoJoo Ji gidiyuni (^Z^), v. n. To 

run. r.5i5jar«o eolbr^ to attack, 

CO ' 

t\& gidft, s. A partner in a game. 

2. see a5zS. -3i^?> to choose 

a partner. 
Acs^ gidkij, s. A stopper, cork. 

2. a mouthful, draught. ~c&e5 

a mouthful of water. 
T\A, gidkft, J. A blind or screen, 

made of palm leaves. 2. a rib. 
nd gidda, adj. Small, short. 

--^ti smallness. 
fsa , Arfj giddi, giddu, s. A short 


n^, n^d, T\^, T\^6 gidde, 
giddele, gidye, gidyele, s. A 
dwarf, short man, *^ 


t\d gidda 


r\« ffili 

r\d gidda, ^. A kind of tonsure. 
ArS rfo gidderu, s. A race-buflfalo. 
Ac^ gidpu, s. Thickness. adj\ 

Thick, stout. 
t\d^ gidye, s. A kind of cock. 

adj\ Short; c/. rzS^. 
f\t^cSo3odo gidyedayeru, ^^ t. 

r\d gini, see f\^. 

AcShcS, AcSo* ginigini, ginil|j, s. 

The tinkling sound of a small 

na^^Sc^, Acs^doji, Arfodjfi, ndo,^ 

gid^puni, gidju'nni, giduruni, 

gidmni, see Tvi&r^. 
Aa«S?i gidipuni, see ^d^^. 2. ^^ 

AciJ>^ gidpu, J. Loosening. 

Ati^, Ab'c);^ giravu, giravu, ^. 
Epilepsy; also 'hJi4'Sji^7(. -zJ 
3{;^c:> to suffer from it. sioaS- 
a kind of epilepsy. 

t\u^-Sr, TT^'Sr gir&ki, graki, s. 
A customer, purchaser. 

noe>ri^ giragati, s. Family af- 
fairs. 2. influence of evil stars 
upon one's fortune, fate. 

AD giri, s. A mountain. 

AD'Sjs?©^ girikol^, see 'N^jb^r^, 

r\t>T\ girigi, s. A female's under- 
dress of striped cloth. 

ADAU girigitti, s. A child's toy, 
with wheels whirling round 
by means of a string between 
them. 2. a kind of gambling 
by turning round a ball, dot- 
ted with figures, in a plate. 

AO AO girigiri, s. Creaking, adv. 

Quickly, speedily. -55oXos) 

to turn round with great 

A0n^«5(i?&^ giridjipopini, see Tv 

^r^. 2. see T\5cxix)^. 

AOodiog giriyantra, s. Ruin. 

ADOJray giriyata, s. Wandering; 

AOcxi>o^ giriyuni (^&), 7f. n. To 
wander, roam. 2. to suffer 
from giddiness, ^^ to be 

ADc&ieS giriyele, s. A wanderer^ 

A^r girk^, see 7\€^. 

A^c)r©^ girkalij, s. The smallest 
fraction of a coin. [mg. 

A^JS?FO* girkol^, s. A wooden 

A^r^ girpuni ('^5), v. a. To 
loosen, untie, break, pull 
down. ^^~ to pull down a 
house. V. n. To be loose, be 
pulled down, to break. 

A20JFC3c)O girbudari, s. Fate^ 

t\^o^ gil^mbi, see aSe^. 

A®*^ gilikitti, see i^aS^IS^. 

Ao^, AO^ gilk?, gilki, s. Fear;, 

A* gill, s. A parrot; cf. 7\rf. 
— ^otfc>j a kind of mango. — ^ 
55»d, — e3;>4oe kinds of ear- 

A*A* giligili, s. A jingling 
sound. ^ , 

r\9M gilige:|jf8,^?^^liecklace. 

A9 ffili 


rloo^ gumma 

/^^dojs^o gilimukn, s. A hooked 
nose. 2. an ornamental carv- 
ing on door posts. 

.n?2*oJi glcuni C^e^, ^. a. To 
draw lines, to rule. 2. to 
scratch over with a pen, 
scrawl, erase; c/. ^etio^i. 

T\^k;f gitji, s. A line, stroke, 
mark. — cszli^ to draw a line. 

n?3^ gitji, ^^ i^eS. 

/^?^ gita, ^. A song, hymn. 

AfO^, n?Oo gir^, giru, s. A 

scratch, superficial wound or 

mark, slight incision. 
-A?dOci giruni f^eS), z/. ^. To 

scratch, wound slightly by 

the nails, efc. 
A?o* gily, see i^eS. 
A?XjJi* gisuni fNec^), ^, a. To 

pare, strip oflf, shave, scrape. 

**- to shave the head. 7^^;*) 

c35>o&5 a barber. 
A?;io* gwnli, ^^^ *erfo^. 
rbort gungJ, s. Mould, downy 

substance -tJ^S) to mould, 

get mouldy. 
Tboto gnnji, see Xj^oal 

7iJol3, rtooii, rijoiS gunta, gunti, 
guntJ, see 7t»o\i. 

rlooU'S guntake, ^. A bastard. 

jijozi gunda, ^. The idoVs apart- 
ment in a pagoda. 2. a 
closet, small room. 3. a kind 
of cake or pudding boiled over 

7l)od^ gundala^ s. An ear-orna- 

r!oo:3e)o^dgundlntara,^. Sapping 
the foundation, undermining, 

riooa gnndi, s. An abyss, gulf, 
great depth. — ^rof^crooSo one 
with deep or large eyes. 

rtoo^T^ gundigJ, s. The breast, 
heart. 2. bravery, courage. 

Ti^ozi^ gundu^ s, A ball, bullet, 
anything round, adj. Kound, 
globular. — ^^ a grinding 
stone, roller. — cJasS a pin. 
— Ti)^ round. —Tiii a necklace 
of large gold beads. — sss^^ 
guess, surmise. — srozSo^), — bso 
^0^ to fire with a bullet, 

rloodo* gi?duli, s. A round 

ri^od gunde, s. Courage, adj. 
Round. — w)O90 the heart. 

Ti^o^ gumpu^ adj\ Secret, con- 

rioo^S gnmpu, s. A flock, as- 
semblage, crowd, multitude, 
heap. —'^Jdzs^^^ to collect. 
— T^jft^^ to assemble. — Xoo 
5355 in crowds, flocks. 

r^ozif gummji, see Xoo-dw. 

rioosjo gumma, s. Stench, stink- 
ing. 2. a quick, sharp noise. 
— Cf§b^ to make a sudden, 
sharp noise; to stink. 

rl)orfj gumma, adj. Unequal, 
irregular. — •!) «« an irregular 

rtoosio^, rioorforS gummate gum- 
made, s. A statue of Buddha. 
2. a kind of drum. 

rbosjoj guamu 


rtod guda 

rbodoo gonunn^ s, A noise pro- 
duced, as in firing a gun. 

2. cooing, as a wild dove, 

3. a cuff, blow. 

rtjodooji gummuni (XooSo), v.n. 
To blow, cuff. 

rtoosSo gummfe, s. An owl. 2. a 
bugbear. -5)3^5 a kind of 
fish. — TuaTii?) to hoot. 7^»5 
c$- the nave of a wheel. 

rioodjcrfjjfi gmnmeyuni (Xoo^), 
V, n. To rise. 

rtoo^i) gumsn, see iKoii^T^. 

rtoo^, rtootSr gnrmpi, gurmbi, 
s, A pond, pool, puddle. 

riooeooF gurmbu, see #jaTio8xx 

rl)^ gnkki, j^^ c^^. 

rt)^ o^ guggil?, ^. Damp soil. 

7\^7i:i D gugguri, ^. Soaked grain. 

r^^rid do gugguru, s. A small in- 
sect infesting grain or corn. 

rtjrlos;^ guggula, s. Bdellium, 
a fragrant gum of the tree 
Boswellia glabra. 

r(oe4 gu6i, s. Buttress, stay. 

rto25 guddi, see ^o^. 

rlot^jrora, rije^TOcS^, rbta^o^, rto 
e3e)d gi^jar&ni, gujaran^, gu- 
Jar^L, gujara, s. The mode of 
passing time. 2. livelihood, 
living, life. --^^^^ to live 
according to one's means. 

rbt3, rb&io guji, guju, ^^*. Short 
and stout. 2. whispering, 
speaking in an under tone. 
^3^joe, _XoofcS a stout dwarf. 
— saW talking in whispers. 

rtjfciortjts^ gujugnju, s. A boiling 
^?r bubbling noise. — *ftD^^ 
to bubble up. 

rtoeS guje, see Xo^. 

rtJte JiT^ gnjjanigft, s. A metallic 
oil-pot with a tapering mouth. 

rtots c3 gnyJanJ, ^. Quarreling. 

i\^u giijjari /x^*. Fruitful. 

rbtiiS gtijjare, ^. A native of 

rt)t3 gujji, see Xoa5r. 

rl)e3, rtotao guJJi, gujjui -y- A 
pole or post fixed in water. 
2. conversing in'whisper. — S35> 
^s> to fix a pole in water. 

riot3 0^ gtijjirj, adj. Curled. —^^ 
a^^, — *5 curled hair. 

r{o2§ gtijjfe, J. A tender (?r half- 
ripe jack-fruit. 2. a kind of 
buffalo. — ^'^^ a very tender 
jack fruit, oe^)- the fruit 
of Arlocarpus incisa, bread- 

j\^iiA gutigft, s. A kind of drum. 

rijfeJo*, r(oUj=e?o gutuka, gutuku, 
s, A single gulp, a draught; 

rbti). guttu, J. A secret, mystery. 
2. one's private affairs, adj. 
Secret. — o^oSo a reserved 
man. — 75^^s> to find out a 
secret, to trace. — rfoDi^?) to 
consult secretly. 

rio^j gutti, see s^ois^. 

rtorf gnda, ^. Coarse sugar. 

rioda gudadi, see Xoa . 

rtocse) ffuda 


rl)C9 gona 

rtJCJe)^ fftidik\^, s, A narcotic 
composition of tobacco and 
other ingredients, used for 
smoking or snuff. 

rbae>ci gndina, s. A large vessel 
with small mouth; c/. Xotfr. 

rbo^d gudira^ s. A tent. 

rb^ gudii s. A small pagoda or 

7l)^7ie)6 gudigare, s, A turner 
and cabinet maker. 

rbarba gudigu4i, see XoTl^Xoa. 

rbatio*, rtoa^jo^, rioa^oo^ gu- 
4icil\ji^ gudisalfi gndisilf^ ^. 
A hut, shecl. 

rto^O gudidi, see TOa. 

r{ja?o gudisi, ^^^ XoC)^. 

r(jci)ozoo gadumbu, ^. Gulping. 
2. the noise of anything fal- 
ling into a well eic. 

rlodor(>)a gudugudi, s. A hubble- 
bubble, hooka. 

rtjrfortodo gudugudu, s, A rum- 
bling noise, as of thunder. 

2. a noise made in smoking 
tobacco in a hubble-bubble. 

3. a noise made in shaking 
a cocoanut whose kernel has 
dried within. — 3«>o2Co, j^^ a^Sj 

rtJzi);Jo gudosu^ see XoTij^. 
Tiid gudJ, see tfoif. ^^^ 

rbcaS, TiitL^ gndkji, gudka, see 
rbci^rbcfx gudkugudku, adv. 

Hastily, hurriedly, 
riozi gudke^ s, A crooked man. 

2. a small earthen vessel. 

rtoa o^ gudcily, ^^ Xoael«. 

rto5osi)0rt guddumalligft, s. A 
short, thick kind of jassamine. 

Ti^d guddJ, s. A hill. -w>o8Do a 
kind of mushroom. -.2)ow>^;i5) 
to ascend a hill; to forget 
what is learnt. 

rL^U guddetti, s. A kind of 
small prawn. 

rlorJ^S guddele, s. A cultivator, 

riodsS^ guddamj, s. A blow, 
cuff, box. 

Ti^ti Oei^ guddallmfi s. An arti- 
fice, expedient, shift. 2. fraud, 
deception. 3. a kind of mint. 

rto^ guddi, s. The stopper of a 
small phial. 

rbcfe ^ gudyale, ^^^ Xoi^d 

rlo^ gudsi, ^. The embodied form 
of letter <^ ^z* ^, as in ^, i^e. 

rtjao^ gudflil^, see 7(o:^zS€, 

rtocio gndsn^ J. A kind of broom. 
2. a fetid smell, stench. — 13 
ow2b5) to stink. 

r{o5j«)^t)0 gudsolu, s. Hitting 
from a distance, —^j^rio^i to 
hit ^/ strike from a distance. 

rl>r9 guna, s. A quality, pro- 
perty, attribute. 2. temper, 
disposition. 3. excellence, 
merit. 4. moral or physical 
improvement, recovery from 
sickness, restoration to health. 
5. use, advantage. — zSjjecigood 
and evil. — iio« an excellent 
man. — c^Sb^ to recover from 

7ioc9 guna 


sickness; to win, gain. —5 
'^^^^ to derive benefit. — •^^ 
^ to cure a disease; to 
decide in one's favour. 

ri^t:^'^ gunaka, s. The multiplier, 

,r{oc9?ie)d, riof3e)art gunagare, gu- 
nadige, s. A good ^r virtuous 
man. — o a virtuous woman, 

rioJTO^f^d gunakara, s. Multipli- 
cation. -^'fiJo^^ to multiply. 

tIjcS^ gunita, see Xrf^. 

r(oc^ Ijsraojjgunitonuni, v. reft. To 
be pondering, thinking. 2. to 
be calculating, reckoning. 

riorS^Ji gunipuni .(^^f^), v. a. 
To multiply; to calculate. 

rtorsojioUo., r(ors)ortoc3J gunugu- 
ttu, gunugunu, s. Murmuring, 
muttering, grumbling. 

r!oraor{oyo.?i gunuguttuni (XreoXo 
8), V, n. To mutter, murmur, 
grumble; also XoreoXop«o 2:» 

*^^ [murmurs. 

rijC9,p| gunpanne, ^. One who 

r(or9o gunya, ^. The multiplicand, 
rlo^ gutta, ^^^ XoSb^, Xo4^^. 
rio^n^d guttadare, see Xo£^cro^. 
rb^oij gnttaya, s. A stipulated 

supply, as of liquor, 
tIjv^ gutti, see e'oS^. 

rt'i^T^ gnttigJ, ^. An ale-house, 
liquor-shop. — crooSo the keep- 
er of an ale-house or liquor- 

rio^c5©)o3j guttinaye, s. A Bant. 
2. the holder of a manor or 

landed property with certain 
privileges attached to it. 

r{o;i^ guttu, .r. A manor-house 
with certain privileges at- 
tached to it. 2. a leap, 
jump. 3. a stride, -nsoij, 
see Xo£^crao3o, -DeL^ to take 
strides. — e;*>Xoo5i to jump. 

rto^C3s)3 guttedare, s. The hold- 
er of a monopoly, a liquor 

rio^Jj guttruni, see Xo^^. 

rlodrl, rtodcS gadani, gndani^ .r. 
Solatium ptlbescens^ a kind 
of thorny shrub used in medi- 
cine. — TOOw its fruit. 

rfoart gudigj, s. A club, cudgel. 
-330^ a blow, hit with a 
cudgel. -^^ resorting to 
force, transgressing law. 

rtoa^JJi gudipuni, sec ^ovi^?i, 

Ti^ti^TidzS^ gudugudu, see Xoaso 


rtod f^ guddany, s. A long pole. 

'S'og'Oj if lost it will be a stick, 
if gained it will be a mango 
(said of a doubtful enter- 

r(jd O guddali, see Xodja^o. 

rtocSs^ guddalj, ^. A worn out 

r{jn|^U, rbcra ^y guddata, gud- 
dyata, «. Boxing cuffing, 

riodo guddu, JqA^J^w, box, 
cuff. — ^^ a stone used by 

rtorl^ guiiu 


rtoD guri 

toddy-drawers, a pounding 

rtocSj Ji gudduni {'^^^)y v. a. To 
box, cufif, beat. 

riicS^© guddoli, ^. A kind of 
pickaxe. — #t5oJ\ a kind of 
sweet potatoes. — ?^oJ\ a kind 
of fish. — s35)rfo?) to burrow, 
dig ; to dig a pit as the first 
ceremony of the Moharam 
festival; to ramp, leap and 
frisk about in play. 

r5jd^®33)Ji guddolipuni (t^'^^^), 

V, a. To dig with a pick-axe. 

rlifiirioci) gunugunu, see Xorw 

rtoSb^, rto^ gupita, gupta, adj. 

Hidden, concealed, secret. 
T^^^^ guppuni (Xo), v.a. To 

pour, shed, spill; also Xjado^, 

rl)^ gnppft, s. A heap. 

rlit:)^ gubita, see 7(oh^. 

rtiiSi,, rtotS^ gubbi, gubbft, s. A 

stud, ornamental knob. 2. a 

button. 3. J^^ XosSr. 

riosioB gumate, ^^^ XooziDS. 

rtorfJe)cS gumana, s. Doubt, sus- 
picion. 2. regard, notice. 
-•5o5^?> to suspect; to take 
notice, attend. 

Tlosi^S gumani, adj. Suspicious, 
doubtful. —^ti suspicious 

r!osj3e)r^7^ gnmastigft, s. Clerk- 
ship, writership. 

rtorfje)^ gumiste, s. A clerk, 
writer. 2. an assistant. 

rtooioorlorfjo gnmugumu, s. Noise 
of a multitude. -eOftTia^ to 
box, cuflF, beat. 

riorfooUo gumutu, s. Fighting, 

riosioooo gumulu, s. Fire burn- 
ing in embers. 

rtorfooewji gumuluni, see X^odw^. 

rto^Joo;;)0 gumusn, s. A stroke, 
cuff", box. —^jsSbrf)^ — srozl3» 
to strike, box. oJ^^j ajoa3 Xo 
•iw?ij#^ rfjs^F ^e) mind, I will 
slap you, if you do not look 

rbrfoo;i)ji gumusuni (XozSoo?;), 
V. a. To box, strike, 

rtosS^ gumma, see Xoo&. 

rtoo^osS goripipe, s. A temporary 
reservoir in a dry field for 
the use of crop. 2. a puddle. 

rtodrtolUfi guraguttuni, see X^> 

rtodcS guranJ, s. The snarling of 

a dog. 
rioO guri, s. A hole, pit. ^^s^^ 

to dig a hole, a pit or a grave. 
rtoOguri, s. An aim, mark, butt. 

2. liability, responsibility. — e^ 

fc^ to be liable, ^^b^), —tJ 

5^^o> to aim, mark. 
r(oO«2)6 gurikare, see Xow>n5. 
rtoOrfooSg) gurigumpu, s. Uneven- 

ness, roughness. 
rl)Oo^^^ guriyala, s. A game of 

the Pandu princes. *^ 

rtjcJo gum 


rtJtSr gnrji 

riodo ffuru, j. A spiritual pre- 
ceptor, teacher, guide, priest. 

2. the planet Jupiter, Brqi- 
haspati. adj. Heavy, weigh- 
ty; venerable. — cwzSzSe^ the 
instruction given by a Guru. 
— 95rf# a present or gift to 
a Guru, -a??^ venerable per- 
sons. — 3(^. —^^ the position 
of a Guru; respectability, 
dignity ; heaviness , gravity. 
— cscJ the foot of a Guru. 
—8?^ devotion to him. — ^tsJ 
his house or residence, espe- 
cially of a Lingaita priest, 
-o^ heavy and light; great 
and small, -s^tj Thursday. 
— ^e^ service due to a Guru. 
-*^^^^ to get a blessing 
from a Guru. 

rtoc5jo5g, rtorfoo33 gurumpu, gfu- 

rumpi^ see 7(oq^f. 
rbdooeS gurumbft, s. Anything 

rbiii^o guruku, see 7(o^of. 

rtodo^ootS, rtodorlooto gurukunji, 
gomgu^Ji^ ^^^'XoXoroeS. 

rbdotfoyo.^ gurukuttuni (XotIj^o 
^, v.n. To snore. 2. to purr. 

3. to coo. 4. phlegm to rattle 
in the throat. 5. to roar. 

rtiCiiiS gurukft, see Xo^fr. 
rtocJorbUo. guruguttu, s. Snoring. 

2. see XofcoXouOj. 
rtodoriodo guruguru, s. Snoring. 

2. the rattling of phlegm in 

the throat, 
riociosf guruta, see Xo^. 

rtocJo^ gumtva, see under Xostix 
riodod guruda, see Xociar. 
riodot:^ gumbi, s. A sparrow; cf 

riodo;3e)d guruvara, s, Thursday. 
rtoS^Jc^ gurepuni, see ??j^^^ 
rto6?yoJi guretuni (XoT5eG), v. a. 

To hit a mark. 
r(odo,^Je)65g)^ gurrukorepuni (Xo 

doj#j5>T5), z'. 7Z. To bark, growl. 

2. to snore. 
rto^FSJ^ gurkallj, s. Standing 

steadily or motionless. 

yisuni, gurkSysuni (XovsrosjJ))^ 

V. a. To frown, knit the brows. 

2, to grunt, growl. 3. to 

menace, frighten . 4 . to'snore 
rto^^rS gurklre, s. Ahead-man, 

foreman, manager, master. 

— o a mistress, matron. 
rtotfoF, rto^jrrio'rfor gurku, gnr- 

kugurku, s. Roar of a tiger. 

2. grunting of a pig. ^t^oBJj$> 

to roar, as a tiger ; to grunt, 

as a pig. -^^id?i phlegm to 

rattle in the throat. 
rto^orfeio^Ji gurkuttuni (Xo^orC), 

2^.7Z. To grunt. 2.^^^XoTi)^oWj»j?>. 
rto^F gurkJ, s. A very large 

rtortorotS, rtortJSFotS gurgunji, 

gurgo^Ji, s. The seed of the 

country liquorice, Abrus 

rtotSF gurji, j.pA. temporary 

halting place^ tor idols, deco- 

Ti^^r gurta 


rIosS gnhe 

rated with leaves, flags eic. 
2. a temporary shed covered 
with awning for offering ob- 
lations to the manes of the 
deceased Sudras. adj\ Fine, 
small, short, little, -^e^r 
offering rice eU, to the manes. 
— «^wo^^ to erect a temporary 
shed decorated with leaves, 
flags etc, 

rto^r gurta, s. A mark, sign, 
token, symbol. 2. acquaint- 
ance, recognition, —^h^ to 
become acquainted. — S^Oj^ 
to identify, recognise. — *»? 
aft>4^> to point out. — oe^b^ 
to mark. — 33rf^s> to describe. 
—23^^ to recognise. — srozlj^ 
to sign, make a mark. — »i) 
^» to note, mark: 

rbcior gurdu, s. Sounding lead. 
2. a buoy. 3. a post planted in 
water to mark the spot where 
a net is spread. — csTio^ to 
fathom water; to plant a post 
as a mark. 

rioter gurbi, s. A sparrow. »o 
7(^^-, 80rf 090- the ordinary 
sparrow, ^o^ a species of 
sparrow which builds a hang- 
ing nest. 

rto^ gnla, s. Condensation. 2. 
condensed sugar ready for 
putting in forms. 

rtjeT©?^, rbeJe)tJo gulabi, gulabu, 
s. A rose. — w>s>, — to» a 
goglet for sprinkling rose- 
water. -^5 rose-water. 

rloeJe)rfoQ gnlamali, s, A buffoon, 

rt)e:jc)sSo gnUme, s. A slave. Xo 
««>zio^c^ slavery, servitude. 

rtoe^^ guiaj, s, A crimson 
powder used at the Holi 
festival; also — ^a. — woe* 
crimson colour. 

rtoO gull, see Xo^. 

riowoijo gulumbu, see Xo^'jo. 

rto^on* gulkandjj, s. Confection 
of roses. 

rtoe^, rtot^sj^oiij, rto^ guhna, 
gulmaviyu, gulm6, s. A disease 
of mesenteric glands ; a kind 
of colic. 2. see XoSosS. 

rto^ gulmu, see Xo^o. 

T^o gulla, s. A kind of small 

moUusk. 2. see Xo^. 
rtoO gulli, see ^ov . 

7ii^:> gullu, s. A grfeat noise, 

shout, uproar. 
rlje3 gullA, see Xoh? . 

CO ^ 

rtoS©^ guvelj, ^. A well ; c/. cro 


rlo;^ gusu, x. A whisper. -Xo 
\i\^ — Xo?i3sro*dJ5) to whis- 
per, lisp, talk in a low tone. 

7i>7id^^ gussuni, see Xo^^ 

r(j2o guhsk, s. A name of Gana- 

rtogs^c^sSfi guhanipuni (Xoss^^), 

71. n. To meditate, 
rtoao guh6, ^. A cave, cavern, 

grotto. 2. a den^lair. , 

rtotf gula 


rlJd^JO gUBTL 

7ii^ gula, see ^o**. 

rto« guli, ^. A pit. 2, loss, ruin. 
3. end, death, -^h^ to sink 
in, disappear; to fall into 
ruin; to die. -lio^b^^ to ruin 

7\^«f{ guligJ, s, A pill, globule, 
bolus. 2. the name of a 
demon. 3. the son of Saturn. 
~d 3f5o<9^ a fatal hour, in- 
auspicious time; a bad omen. 
wo^xi- a demon haunting the 

rtos;^oo, rtos^^o'E^j, rto^od^ gulum, 
guluku, gnlumfi s. A noise 
made by the falling 'of a 
stone eU. into a well. 2. loss. 
3. cheating, fraud. -^^:^ a 
cheat, defrauder. — c^fc^ to 
fall into water; to be lost. 
^lio^^^ to defraud. 

rto^orio^j •gulugulu, s. A noise 
made, as in filling a pitcher 
with water. 

rto^ golla, s. A kind of round 
brinjal, Solatium Jacquini. 
-8Dcic3 Solatium fer ox, 

7io|, gullJ, ^. A bubble. 2. 
blister, pustule, vesicle. 3. 
see AJ8^. 

rijj)orto gungu, s. The cry of an 

rtJSotS gunji, ^. The stalk in the 
midst of a jackfruit. 2. the 
germ-matter of a boil. dXe3 
cu the core of the heart. 

r{J5)oU, rlJSoUrt gunta, guntigi, 
^. A peg, pin, stake. — tf ab 5) to 

make a peg. — scj^i^^, —a^r^oi^j 
^ ^t^\^^^ to drive in a peg, 

rtJe)rt gugi, see Xoo^ 

rUe^oJi gucuni, see 7<o^?>. 

rtJSt3^4c^ g^J5vuni, c. V. {of TCa 
a*3^) To cause to ooze. 

rti?)tiOc^ gujuni (T^jsrf), V. n. To 
ooze; cf. CAna^^. 

rtJe)^ giiji, J. A goglet made of 
cocoanut shell. 

rtjaii, rtJe)i3 guta, gutft, ^^ Xj^ow. 

rlJ3C5e)^ gudSk^, ^^^ X0Z3»^. 

rtJSrfo gudu, ^. A nest. 2. a co- 
coon. 3. a bird-cage. 4. the 
hollow in a seal for receiving 
a stone. -t5?u^» to build a 
nest. 5Xe3cU the hollow of 
the chest. 

rlidrS gudd^ s. A kind of basket. 

rU)c3 gudJ, s. Prolapsus of the 
anus. 2. see XorfS. 

rtJSfi) gunu, s. A hump. 2. a 
mushroom. tCacS a hunchback. 

r(j^do goru^ ^. Asthma. 2. 
cough. ^«roe5^erf asthmatic 

r{Je)c3oJi guruni (Xj&5), v. a. To 
pile up, as rice, firewood, 
stones, etc.\ also Timdyti^h^ 
2. to stick in, fix. 3. to hoot. 
4. to make a plough c»o&35- 
to stick the pole of a yoke 
into the ploughshare; to 
make a ploughshare. 

rlJe)^ gurkft, see Xo^or. 

rtjsdor gurme, s. A kind of bird. 

risOrfjJi gusuni, see Xo^^^ 

rtj«)5? gtLlft 


^5|) geppu 

Tija^ gulJ, -y. People leaving a 
place en masse on accoant of 
invasion or famine. 

Tiv^ grfha^ ^. A house, mansion. 
adj. Domestic. -^^^ house- 
hold affairs. -^^ domestic 
trouble or quarrel, 

rt^^^€)rt,ri^3i;3^0rt gruhastali- 
gi, gri^ihastoligJ, s. Respectabi- 
lity, honesty. — oso&i a honest, 
upright man. —cidf an honest, 
upright woman. 

1^^^ gr^kaste, s. A house- 
holder> married or family 
man. 2. an honest man. -o 
a respectable woman. 

fi ghf a particle signifying^ It is 
said, they say etc.; also #^. 
to^T^, z^4j-d it is said that he 
came. wsSr:^ w^Sr^M he says 
that he is coming. -^^ a 

Aoxi genda^ s, A live or burning 
coal. -OJiroda a dance upon 
burning coals; also — ;8eA 

rtod genda, adj. Beddish. — ^t5, 
^^ :^od9. —33^ , see :^od. 

rtocJ«, ?^od^ gendali, gendalft, ^. 
A reddish coloured cocoanut 
tree. — "ddeX a kind of red 
eruptions on the skin. 

fiot^ gendiy s. A reddish cow. 

rtocSOc^ gendunl, v. a. To win, 
conquer, v. n. To be hot, to 

fkoA gende^ s. A reddish colour- 
ed ox. c9T^Foa3-. a tawny 
coloured cocoanut. 

fiU, fit 


rtrt d geggara, ^^^ tCX x^. 

rtdoo^ gejeluni, ^^^ Xrfoo^i. 

gejja, geJJJ, s. A small 
bell, tinkling orna- 
ment. — *Sv -K a knife <7r 
sword with the handle orna- 
mented with spherical bells, 
etc. — *^ small stones, iron- 
ore. — tfjaec^^ a stick with 
bells attached to it. -«*^ 
a neck ornament of gold 
with chasings. -^^ the act 
of worshipping gingling bells 
when put on dancing girls for 
the first time. 

fX^, fi^ getti, gettt, s. A lump, 

j^Urfoo^^S gettimandele, s. A 

rtcStf genikft, s. Calculation, 
estimation. 2. regard, esteem. 

?^c3sg)& genipuni, v. a. To count, 
reckon, number. 

?^e* ge^J, s. Coupling; cf, ^^. 
^7^-^ an associate. 

rti^raoc^ gettonuni, see -^^^ 

A^o7\^^t^ ged^ngivuni, c. v. 
{of ^5oXos>) To get rammed, 
stuffed in. 

rto^ortoji, ?^05g)Jiged^nguni,gedi- 
puni (^5oJ\, :^o),z^.d;. To stuff, 
push in, ram. 

rtddoji gadaruni^ see ?fc^^ 

rtOcxJooJi gediyuni (^o), v, n. To 
be rammed, stuffed. 

fi^^ geppuni (^), V. a. To take, 
2. to buy, purchase. 



At^ gebba 


A^o^ ger\^ 

3. to draw, pull out. 4. to 
steal. 5. to draw back, open. 
6. to dismiss, discharge. 7. 
to dig, excavate. 8. to re- 
move, take away. 9. to ex- 
communicate, interdict. 10. 
to press, express. 1 1. to dis- 
hon^our; to ruin. a^Ooio <igi^— 
to i?uin a person. ^j55^ cleTi 
i^ to draw out the purse 
from the pocket. ^j»0— to 
knock out a tooth. XoC— 
to steal a bundle. XoG- to 
dig a pit. tro^ to discharge 
from service. 3«>S— to excom- 
municate. i^clS— to take one's 
name; to dishonour one. ero 
■*^- to open the door, ^^iw^o^- 
to draw out a thorn. "^76— to 
express juice. Ti^^h^^ to 
purchase articles. ;^o- to 

rtufc^ gebbattVi ^. Confusion, 

rtzj^i^^^iSJi gebbattivuni, c v. 
{of 5^8^w^5>) To perplex, con- 

rtuWoj^i gebbattuni ij^'^J^^y 'v.n. 
To be confused, perplexed. 

T^Ejd gebbu, s. The temples. -Xo 
rfjsbr^, — Xo €e^5i^ —Ti^r^ to , 
beat on the temples. 

rtoaoJjJi geyipini, see -R^h^ 

Atio^ geranti, see t^oS. 

rtd23c>d gera5ara, see T^waxi 

Atii^ geratte, see X^^^. 

i^cJrfo gerama, see t^^. 

A6^ geravu, see %tj4. 
rtd^ geraste, see X^^^. 

A^ ger6, ^. A line, row. 2. a 
stroke. — cs)tl) ^jse^^) a ruler. 
— sro^^, — ^^i^^ to draw a line, 
to rule. — ^iwwjj^ to insist. 

T^d^t^, T^d^^gerepuniigerevonij 
see X)2oii^. 

A^F^ gerpuni, v. a. To raise, 

lift up; 6el. ^Si^r^ 
rt^sg gelavu, ^. Sprightliness, 

liveliness, vivacity, courage. 

rt4)s3)^» ^^ij'^ gelipuni, gelpuni, 
see ^odO((). 

T^e^o^j gelkayi, s. Victory, win- 
ning. adj\ Victorious. 

A^ gelpu, ^. Victory, gain. 
—^^i^ gain and loss. 

Ao^ gell», ^. A branch, twig. 

A^:^ gedjj, see *e5. 

rt?R^, rtew gen^, gena, s. A span 
from the tip of the thumb to 
that of the little finger. ^vMzi 
a span long. 

At'A geni, s. Rent, contract. 
vsoi^cu., TijACiL. a permanent 
lease, perpetual rent. — eleO 
a lease. — a»t5, — irooi) a tenant, 
contractor. «j;>o-. tenancy 
at will, annual rent. n;>09j 
d- rent for a fixed time. 
-tS'mjj^ to fix the amount of 
rent. — K ^0^5 tfjabr^ to lease 
out. -4»*^6" a tenant 

A^^ gena, ^^ a^5^. 

j^?o^9^oao, rte6tfc>05o gerjkiyi, 

T^fti gera 


AJi± gottA 

gerekiyiy s. The marking nut. 
-d •io'd the tree Semicarpus 

T^^d gera, fl^^^^. Around. — c»^ 
^ to surround. 

rte^r gerja, s. A kind of bird; 
also --25^^. 

rtf© geli, J. Ridicule, jest, mock- 
ery, insult. 

T^od^ geindale, see ^orf^. 

7^5bji geipini {j^^, v. a. To do, 

rtjpj gaibu, J. Missing, disap- 
pearing. 2. ^^^ X5e^. 3. see 
»TO^. — c^L^ to disappear. 

?Wgeiryi,^. Unoccupied, adv. 
Not, without. — C55)atf5 absence. 
— so»3e5 c^S:^ to be absent. 

7^6aJj geireya, J. Red chalk. 

f^ geilf, ^. A bell-sound. 

rtJSort gonga, ^. A large cowrie, 

rtJSortotf gonguka, s. An oil tree. 
2. a bunch. 

rtJ^o?*, rUiotAo* gonci, gonflly, 
s, A bunch, cluster. 

Tiootio goriju, ^. A tassel. 

As^od gonda, j^^ ^j&oii. 

fiJ^Q^ gondi, J. A button. 

rtJSorS gondd, ^. A cluster, tassel^ 
topknot. ~cJ &ie a fringe 
with tassels. — ^ a kind of 
flower resembling the mari- 
gold, cwobd- an ornament 
put in the hair of females. 

f^ot^ gontn, ^. Knowledge, un- 
derstanding, acquaintance. 

^^h^ to become acquainted. 

^CrtJ^j^ to know. -liov^o^^ to 

find out, ascertain, o&io^ 
' AaoB^ I do not know. 
rtJe)odo;3f^2S, T^JeJodo ;3p?2 gonda- 

laptJJ, gondlup^Ji, see ^^oxi^ 

7Vfi)o23 gomb^i s. An image, 
puppet, doll; also djscd. 

AJmti doci gojjaranna, see Xoa^rorf. 

7^Jeie3 gojji, s. Boiled juice or 
pulp of any fruit, mixed with 
cocoanut, salt, chillies elc.^ 
seasoned, and eaten with 
boiled rice to make it savoury. 

As^A goIJe, see ^j&« . 

rtj^y^ gotta, see ^fjau^. 

rt^b|.rf gottfaa, see Xowo^, 

rtj^y. gotti, s. A kind of play. 

T^jaiij. gottu, s^ The kernel of 
a nut, as cocoanut, almond, 
castor oil seed elc, 

rtJe)ds5 godavJ, s. Interference, 
connection, intercourse, con- 
cern with. 

rtJSrfj goddu,^^*. Barren, sterile, 
—^ci barrenness, sterility. 

T^Jddo ?3e)0^ goddusiryi, s, A kind 
of pepper-water made of tama- 
rind, chillies elc, 

Aj^d godde, s, A Pariah, pi. 
^zS 5, ^tS^f the name of a 
sub-division of Pariahs. 

fV©C9?j* gonasji, see Xrejj. 

7^2(^ gottu, see ^o^. 

j^Je>^ gottft, s. Sweepings- rub- 
bish °'^' '^^"^ ^^ vjOCTgk 


As^tii goda 


Aje)(od) gonin 

jVodrtJSrf godagoda, see ^Ati 

J^vjscjj ?i godduni (3^5^, v. a. To 
pick or devour, as a fowl. 

Aj^& goddfi; S' Lisping, stam- 
mering. — c3D09oc»o&) a lisper, 

rtjSjS gonbf s. A bunch of fruits, 
as plaintains, cocoanuts. 

f^^^ goppu, see *j>^. 

Z^Je)^ gOpp6, ^^ 7<;5. 

?^ead gobbara, ^. Manure, 

sweepings. —S337l3s> to manure. 
?liS)2J|^U gobbata, s. Diversion, 

rtJ3Z3|^^Ji gobbavuni, c. v. {of 

^®^^) To make one play. 
Aie)2oa gobbu, s. A play, dance, 
• game. —&f5>K a play-ground. 
tvS^t;^ gobbuni (5^^). ^. «. To 

play. 2. to trifle with, mock. 
T^m© gobbuli, s. A bubble. 
7^2|^ gobbJ, su t^e5^. 

?U:doB, ?listia gorant*, goratt^ 

see ^e^oO. 
l^j^d^o goraku, see ^#f. 
T^d^Oj^ gorastaligft, see T^^rf^ 

?^Uc)tici gorijana, see fj^^^A^^^. 
7Hje)^F gorkJ, ^. Snoring. 
j^Je)ir gortft, ^. The final pre- 
paration of a field for sowing. 

^joood golambudd, gollnmbude, 
gollumnndi^ s. The angular 
leaved physic-nut, Jatropha 

AJdd golle, s, A man of the 
cowherd or milkman caste. 
-D a female of this caste. 
-5 cowherds. 

As^^ii golaka, ^<?^ *j»«^. 

?l©f go, ^. A cow. -^^ a 
block of stone set up by the 
roadside for cattle to rub 
themselves against. -^^ a 
gift of cattle. -liocdo cowdung, 
— liwso a spout or fountain, 
made like a cow's head. 
— ^e^ the sacrifice of a cow. 

rtJe)fo^o gonku, s. A cashew 
fruit. — ci -Afi the cashew tree, 
Anacardium occidentale. 

ftj^fo^odo, 7\©?o'^ gonkuru, 
gonkru, s. Rocking, as a child 
does on its legs and hands. 
2. a lullaby used when so 
rocking, adj. Large, great; 

Ai^eolii gontu, adj. Dried. -3p 
TO0A5 a cocoanut the kernel 
of which has dried within. 
-^s;Jo an unripe dried betel- 
nut. -=3?U0jft to get dried. 

7lje)?ocSs;^5;2l522, ?^?ocib sja?! gon- 
dalapuj6,gdndlupuj6,^. A speci- 
al worship of Durga in ful- 
filment of a vow, performed 
by decorating her image in- 
doors and by dancing in the 
outer court, with music and 

rtJ2?ocSo gondu, ^. Gum; the 
gum arabic oi^Acadoiarahica^ 
— SDT^^^ to gum. ^ 

fiJ^^o^ gompa 


7^J2>?53) SOfn 

.rtJ3eo35D^ gompaiTj, ajj. Large, 
great. —^^. see T^eo^. — S^ 
a large cocoanut shell. — ^siw 
Wj«3 a large kind of cap made 
of the areca leaf-stem. 

Ao^o^ gompfe, s. 4- toad, pad- 
dock. 2. see #j&?33. 

^?^rar gokarna, s. lit. A cow's 
ear. 2. a celebrated place of 
pilgrimage in North Canara. 

A©?^s) goku, see ^?o^o. 

Aa^^o^ gokula, ^. Cattle. 2. a 
station of cowherds. 3. the 
place of Eryishna's earlj life ; 
also c^od^ef^oe;. — «)75^i>o the 
birthday of Krishna, ^e^o 
©5)U Krijshna's frolics when 
at Gokula. 

Ai^^d, rtj«>?25e)d g5cara, godara, 
s. Perception, conception, pe- 
netration. 2. an object or 
organ of sense. — e^2i^ to be 
visible; to comprehend, un- 

-AiS^eS goji, s. Interference. 2. 
intercourse. 3. confusion. 
_5 ifi^h^ to forget, c^cbj 3^e 
aSK ^erfri have nothing to do 
with him. 

A/5?yo gotu, s. Embroidery; 
lace. -DeSb^ to put on a lace 
border etc. adj. see ^eotu 

rtJ3?dgoda,^.Ahorse; bet.^^^- 

mukhei gd4asirf ga^ •f . A dunce, 
fool, simpletop. ^ 
^Jt)?a godi, adj. Erect, straight, 
direct. -*e?:^ to go straight. 

7^eaaS:i)5^Ji godiyavuni, c. v. 
{of ^e^cxioo^) To join, knit 
together. 2. to prepare, get 

j^e^aJoo^i g6diyuni(^ea),z'.^. 
To join, connect. 

As^^iSi g6d4, s. A wall. -DeS)^ 
to raise a wall. 

rtJ3?r9 gona/ s. A he-buffalo; 
see ^ei?. 

jVfi)?cS goni, ^. A sackcloth, 
gunny bag. 2. a malignant 
kind of small-pox. —^53^ 
sacking. _sji>TiJ5> to fall a 
victim to malignant small- 
pox, ahus. 

rtsis^d gone, ,s. A he-buffalo. 
I.fig. a stupid fellow. 

z^§^ gotra, s. A family, tribe, 
lineage. 7\S ^e^ osoSp^?^ a 
destitute man. 

7^Je)ec3e)dO godavari, s. A river 
so called. 2. the name of a 

7lje)?a, rtJ3?9 godi, godhi, s. 
Wheat. -^'o^o^ a kind of 

rtJ2>?a* godikke, s. An unmar- 
ried Pariah. 2. a nickname. 

Aa^cJoa godudi, s. A quilted 
bed sheet. 

7^vi«)?o3e)^ gopile, s. A herdsman. 
2. Krishna. 3. a beggar. 4. 
the name of a man. 

7^?ob gopi, ^. A herdswoman. 
2. yellow ochre; also'^^ti^o 

' to 

rtJS^Sj gopu, s. A thin girdle. 

^^^ gopu 


rtjses^ gosvfc 

jl©?s3)Ji gopuni (^e> v.n. To 
hold fast a tree with hands 
or with a rope. 2. to join. 

?^Je)e^d gopura, s. A tower. 

rtJe>^33 gope, s. A chief of herds- 

rtJSesjj ffopya, ai/. Secret, hid- 
den, preserved. — tJoXS a 
secret. ^?^^^ secretly. 

l^Je)??:) gobi, s. A cabbage. 

T^Jd^do goma^^. A peevish woman. 

?l/e)erioo^, rtJ5)?sSj?9^ gomanta, 
gomedhika, s. A gem of a 
yellowish or tawny colour, 
topaz, onyx. 

F^J^e^oiS, 7^?da goranttjgoratft, 
s. The prickly amaranth, 

rtJS)?043^ goraty, see ^atjoS. 

^?d23fi gdrajina, see ^e^eSrf?^. 

7^j«)^d2j^ gdrabal6^ s. A large 
hand-net. j-uet. 

Fl(e)?dd goralfe, s. A small hand- 

z^frotifi goraJana,^^^^e^Aeftfci. 

7V®?0 gori, s. A grave. 2. a 
burial ground. 

rtJ^f d)^ goruni (^e5), v. a. To 
dig from, out, or up, as coals 
etc. 2. to gather, collect, pile 
up. 3. to catch fish by a 
hand-net.. 4. to level a 
ploughed field with a plank. 

rtJ&?6 gorJ, J^^ ^a«t5. 

7lo?3o* gorelyi, ^^^ ^?TJd 

7^Je)?6^oijjJi goreynni (^e^e), 
z'. ^. To drive together. 

rtJSedie)?fc5ci gorojana, s. Gall of 

cattle, Calculus cysHcus. 
rtja^ir gorte, see *j&t*r. 
rtJe)?^r gorlft, see ^e"rfe3. 

rtJ^eJ^r^t^ gorsavuni, v. a. To 

j^ee^^ golj, cuij\ Round. -^*5^ 
9 to make round. 

rtJS^e^ocraTg^golandas?,^. A gun- 

?^j;)^^otood golambudJ, see ^oo 

rtJ^e© goli, ^^ ^e*. 

rtJS?©^JS)^ golikottft, 5. The 
great great grand-father. 

rtJ^eOrforf golimara, see ^es?^Ti. 

rtJS)?^j golu, s. Grief, lamenta- 
tion. — S5)Xo», —d^r^ to be 
affected with the evils of 
another's grief. 

7^J5eoJor\w golungila, s. A plain 
ring, a guard ring. 

Aj^^^ goli, see :^e^. 

rtJS?rf3 govati, see ^e^*^ 

rtjs?dq5rfi govardhana, s. The 
name of a mountain. 

?^ed^, rtjserfs?^, ;^J5?;i5)^ go- 
vale, govalige, govile, s, A 
herdsman; ef. ^?s3*>^, ^^-t, 

rtj^eOotS govinde, s. A name of 
Vishnu. 2. the name of a 

rtJe)^^ govu, see ^e. 

rtviseS govJ, s. Goa. 

rtsiSfraD, rU)?5^6 goSvari, go- 
svirt, &,1? abstract, sum- 
mary; also ^^7^y 

rtja^&j ffoshti 


7^^ ffOUl^ 

rtJS^^ goshti, s. Conversation, 

Aj^^^^, 7^?;io gOBif^ goBu, adv. 
Leeward. 2. seaward. — ^ 
w^?> to shift the sail in order 
to direct the vessel seaward. 
—25*^^ -^eS^^ to steer sea- 

As^^'Aoti^^ t^^i^ohA gosampa- 
yi, gosampigi, s. The flower of 
the wild champaka tree, Plu- 
meria acuminata. 

rtJe)??3c)0^ gosiyi, s. A sect of 
Sivites. 2. a religious mendi- 
cant. I^a cow. 

7^?ad2^ gohatya, s. Killing of 

fiS^i^ gola, s. A globe. 

7^?tf^g51ake,^. An illegitimate 

son of a widow. * 
rtJ5?v«>^Jc)d golaklra, adj\ Globu- 
lar, spherical. 
rtJei?s^eJ golata, see ^ec^ 
rtJS^* goli, s, A marble. 2. a 

ball, bullet. -^^ gun fire. 
7^Je)^$ci^d golidamara^ s. The 

large banyan tree, Ficus 

As^^^zL&^ golipadpJ, s, A kind of 

potherb, Nyctanthes tristis. 
rtJS^^o golu, see ^eeu. 
Ajs?^ goli, s. Hollowness. adj. 

Hollow, void within. — rfoT^ 

a hollow tree. 
7f5>oa goundi, s. A female slave, 

maid servant. 
7t^o:t) goundu, s. Swelling. -^ 

WJ^^ the body to be puflfed up. 

rt^o:! gounde, see 7f^. 

tT^zS gouji, s. A noise, tumult, 
uproar. 2. alarm agitation. 
3. magnificence, grandeur. 
-^ouo^^ to make noise; to 
threaten. — ^o«b^o> to shout; 
to be magnificent. 

f^Ti gouda, s. The district of 
Gour. %.see 7f2>A 

rf^a goudi, see t^oXs. |•f^l, 

n^cio goadu, adj\ Peevish, fret- 

n^:l)2oons)« goudubangali, s. A 
trick, artifice, stratagem. 2. a 
trickster, cheat. 

7?*^cl goude, s. The headman of 
a village, etc. 2. a man of a 
caste of farmers. 

n^f^a^ gounadikJ, ^. Great- 

zT^rt gouni, ^^^ ^^«*- 

i^tz^y A^^do goutama, gouta- 
me, s. A name of Sakya 
Muni, Buddha; cf. Xoo^IdB. 

Tf^afJ goudigft, s. The seat of a 

rPogouri, s. A name of Parvati. 
2. the name of a woman. 
— ^ balsamine. 

7t^DS3e)3Se>ca) gouripashina, ^. A 
tawny coloured mineral poi- 

rf^d goule, adj. Tender, unripe, 
sapless, as a sugarcane. 

rf^^oc^rt gousanigft, s. A bag, 
case, cover. 

j^s^T^s^ goul^goul^, s. Chew- 
ing or eating voraciously, as 
betel leaves etc. *^ 

7f^^ goula 


m.A grlAte 


tT^^, T^^g^T^ goula, goulas^, s. 
Digestion, -^h^ to be di- 

7f^§ gouli, s. A kind of lizard. 
— ^^oci the chirp of a lizard, 
considered ominous. — ^^ 
a treatise on the omens pres- 
aged by the chirps ^/^. of a 

Tf^^fi goulige, s, A milkman. 
2. see »^H?3^. 

if^^o goulu, see Tf^f 7^f . 

t!^^ gpulJ, see 7^6. 

He) ci gnana, see a^e^. 

n^ ^ gnani, see ^%^. 


7Te) 3J* gnSpaka, ^^^ a^^s^. 
rtoqJ grantha, ^. A book, work, 

5i®^»6^'^®'^ grastaligJ,gra- 
stolige, see t^^^o^ 

rla6 graha, s. A planet. 2. an 
evil spirit. — ^roozie; an astrolo- 
gical diagram or table. — ^aU 
conjunction of planets. — X5, 
— ty^d the motion of the 
planets; their influence on 
the human destiny ; fate, luck. 
_TO^ the mansions of the 
planets, c^^i- the nine planets 
its enumerated by Hindus; 
vtZy ?ijacdir the sun, t^od) the 
moon, ziooX^ Mars, ^^4 Mer- 

cury, 8^^^^5 Jupiter, ^0^ 
Venus, ^^i Saturn, ^^ the 
ascending node, ^e^ the des- 
cending node. croejL- convul- 
sion of children. 

r^^vs grabana, s. Reception, 
acceptance. 2. comprehen- 
sion. 3. an eclipse, —woe/ the 
occasion of an eclipse. 

rl^Soc^ grahanii s. Rickets, a 
wasting disease. 

rtjSo^ grahikJ, s. Understanding, 

rt^Jo^a, rt^3;i?ijji grahipuni, gra- 
hisuni ('^2o), v. n. To under- 
stand, comprehend, perceive. 
2. to consider, ponder. 

n^o^ granti, s. Habit, practice. 
2. appetite, longing, eager 

rrajt5e)d gracara, see under Xj^. 

rr^jCc) grana, see X^sore. 

n^c§ grani, see t^j^a, 

TT^j^j grama, s, A village, ham- 
let. -"^^^ the custom of a 
village. — ^aW a village coun- 
cil. — ck)o3j, -;3 a villager. 
A5;oi:>g rural, rustic, unpolish- 
ed, inelegant. 

7T^;:5 grasa, s. Amouthful of food. 
2. food, subsistence. 

n^^ graste, see t^^^. 

Digitized by 


^ gha 


s^js^O ghora 

^J* gha, the seventeenth letter 
of the alphabet. 

^oki ghanta, see ^ousij. 

5J0S3 ghanti, see Xoil 

^o& giants, s. An hour. 2. a 
clock; see Xotf. 

^oa ghandi, ^,^^ ^oT^. 

^ozif ghamy, see XoSo. 

^ki ghata, J. A large earthen 
water-jar. 2. the body. 

^Ut^cJ ghatakkanJ, ^^ t^^^^^ 

^Uc3 ghatanft, s. Contact. 2. as- 
semblage, bringing together. 

5J»i3:si33r ghatasarpe, s. A large 

^il ghatta, s. A ghaut, defile, 

pkXf^ ghattanJ, see ^iJUcS. 

^!J^ ghatti, ^^ 7<fc5j. 

?J»C5e)dc5 ghadivanS, s. Joining, 
uniting. 2. invention, manu- 
facture, coining. 3. fabri- 
cation, concoction. 

^^ gkadi, see Xa. 

^ra^raghanaghana, s. The sound 
of a ringing bell. 

^^ ghana, s. Respectability, 
honour, dignity. 2. hardness. 
3. solidity, substance, adj. 
. Heavy. 2. noble, great. -^ 
greatness, nobility, . glory. 
— ?5jaa€^ the cube root. 


sf^rfoghama, s. Fragrance, odour. 

^^^, ^t^^ gharim?, gharmi, 
see X«DOF. 

^^A ghaligJ, see X^ 

pf^k;f ghity, see t^O. 

sp»e)^, ??e)^^, ^^rt ghata, gha- 
taka, ghataga, s. Murder, 
slaughter, killing. 2. trea- 
chery, fraud, e?^- suicide. 
a3e?i- destroying life, mur- 
der; suicide. ^^^^^ treach- 
ery, breach of trust, ^w, 
^^^ a murderer; an execu- 
tioner; a cheat. 

5?e)3 gh&ti,-?. A matter becoming 
serious. ®S^ ^^^ y>^^ ^oS 
what was meant for a joke> 
has become serious. 

p^^tii ghada, s. Depth. 

;{y^200 ghabari, see T^eoo. 

^cxJo ghaya, s. A wound* 

jpr^jj ghara, see t^B- 

^k ghasi, s. Fatigue, trouble, 
toil. 2. conclusion, exhaus- 
tion, termination, death. — ^ 
l3?5 to be troubled, fatigued; 
to die; to conclude, finish. 

sjye)« ghUi, s. Air, wind, breeze. 

^Je)?rf ghoda, ^. A horse. 

^J«)?d ghora, «^'. Frightful, 
horrible, dreadful. 

Digitized by 


2S na 


zioti^ Sandra 



2S Aa, The eighteenth letter of the alphabet. No words begin 
with this lette^r. 


zi &, The nineteenth letter of 
the alphabet. 

^oTif cang^, s. Guimbard, Jew's- 

^007^^ canga, cangani^ danga- 
manga, cangeimangei^ s. A 
frolic, gambol. 2. hoax, hum- 
bug, deceit. -lio^o^^ to de- 
ceive, impose upon. 

e^orrao^ cangayi, s. A friend. 2. 

t^orlo© canguli, s- A preparation 
consisting of jackfruit, jag- 
gory, the juice of cocoanut 
and rice. 

^ozi i9&6^, s. A spoon. 

e^oe^o dan6ala^ adj. Fickle, wa- 
vering, unsteady. — ^c^, — aj^ 
fickleness. -oioc^iJJ fickle 
mindedness. jiotid a fickle 

zioT:^ candj^i see tSoS. 

ziozi &nda, s. Vehemence, fierce- 
ness, obstinacy. 2. offspring. 
3. host, multitude, adj. Vehe- 
ment, fierce, obstinate. 2. 

e^o:3e)zi)c^ {andidunii see elozso 

zioU^S dandUei s. An outcast, 
Pariah. 2. a wicked man. 

zio^ candi, s. Wetness. adj\ 
Wet, moist, humid. — ^oa 
very wet. — ^^^ to wet. 

t^o^, ^0^^ candid candiki^ s. A 
name of Parvati. 

t^ocSo dandUi see «^o& 

ziod cand6^ s, A kind of drum. 

eSorSdod can^emara, see *oiS. 

ziozi candai j- Beauty, elegance. 

sSocSrt, z^odo^, s^QCiort candaga, 
candakai candnga^ s. A small 

ziodi^ candana, s. Sandal, Sania- 
lutn album. 

e^og^ candra, s. The moon. -=5^^ 
a digit of the moon. — vs^ 
the colour of the rising moon, 
red. ^??xir©, — X^coc^ an eclipse 
of the moon. -eSoeo the 
moon's disk. 

2^og^^ candraka, s. The eye in 
a peacock's tail. 

e^od^'^o^ candraklnta^^. A kind 
of gem. 2. alabaster. 

zio^ candra 


zi^ cdk^ 

t^od^^o3 5andrakinti| s. The 
moon-flower, Ipomoeagrandi- 

"(Ao^^s^^h 5andrajdti> s. A blue 
light, a kind of firework. 

eSogjc^e)?^ candranfije, s. A ser- 
pent with a crescent-like 
stripe on its head. 

do^2Je)d dandrabird; s. A red 
kind of plantain tree. 

^^od^e^^^O candrabivali) s. A 
kind of ornament for females. 

c^odj^ocJo 6andraman4ala; s. 
The moon's orb. 2. an idol's 
whirling car. 

e^od^^rj^ candramadakiy s. A 
kind of fish. 

zSogjrfoodo candrimnru, s. A fe- 
male's ear-ornament in the 
form of a half-moon. 

'AoJ^^ot dandravai&sai s. The 
lunar race. 

t^oC32,aJojq5 Sandrayudha, see ei^. 

^Soq^)^ candrari, s. Ketu, the 

ascending node. 
2ioci3,^.3 dandrSvati, s. The name 

of a city. 2. the name of a 

rfoa^^ candrikJ, s. Moonlight. 

2. the covering of a letter 

written on a palm leaf. 3. 

palm leaves rolled and tied 

t^od dandre, s. The moon. 

e^oci Sanna^ adj. Red. 2. hand- 
some, well. 
ei^oc^cS^Od^ (annaniyij s. A wolf. 

rforf*rt dannalige, s. The red 

t^ocSe)ZOsie)dj, e^O(3zoJe)do canni- 

bom, cannebum^ s, A kind of 

^^OfS danne, s, A kind of game 

with cowries. — ^i5 a board 

with two rows of seven holes 

for arranging the cowries. 

-^eoo^ft to play at such a 

'iiotM campaka, s. The flower of 

Michelia champaka; bet. t^o 


e^oS dampi, see c^^. 

e^o2J, e^otco camba^ camba^ s. A 
small water-pot; cf. 8lo80o. 
2. a barge, fishing boat. 

z^o23i>d dambire^ see eiozSj^T?. 

t^o?:)/^, 2)^02007^ cambigi dambngi^ 
s, A shoe. 2. a bad smell. 

2^o23eO dambelii s. A cunning 

e^o2i(dd, e^odo^ dambo4i| eam- 
madii s. A sledge hammer. 
2. skin, leather. 3. a scourge, 

2;^o^l5e)d dammare^ s. A shoe- 
maker, chuckler; cf. -A-^Tsst. 

"^^li^ dammiy s. Dampness, mois- 
ture. 2. a kind of water- 

e^ceoor darmbu, s. A blossom 
without setting fruit, adj. 

rfozooFO darmburi^ see tiiixDro. 

e^^ dakv, see ti^^. 

2^9^iooe^ dakfbandi; 



zi^ dakv 


zik;f catf 

t^'S^rfoo* t^T^doo*, Sakfinuki, 
dakamuki, s. The steel with 
which fire is struck. — *^ a 
flint stone. — 555>^o^ to strike 
fire with a flint and steel. 

rf^od &kanda, see tirf^od. 

e^^^^^daka&kfiO^/^'.Slow. adv. 
Shortly, suddenly. 

rftfje)?^ cakotra, see t^^^^^. 

si^dakk^^,^^'. Hollow, without 
kernel. 2. stunted, short, lean. 
3. flat. -w)T35>o9o a hollow 
cocoanut. —zho'S a flat head. 
— ^j? a low seat. — ^Joa^o a 
flat nose; also ^oETixuff^. 

zS^cakka, adv. Quickly, at once. 
— ^o^o^ft to sit at once, with- 
out observing where. 

speciousness. adj. Plausible, 
specious. -cR)c^ a plausible 
man.^d a plausible 
speech, flattery. -.53a*ii?> to 
say what is plausible, to flat- 

tS^fe^ cakkatt», adj. Low. 

t^^3d &kkappa, adv. Down, be- 
t^^d:;^ Sakkamv, see ai»Ex 
^^^^ &kkamukki, see c*^ 

2^t^d &kkariy s. Sugar. 

e^iSK Sakkii ^. An ornament worn 

by female children. 
ziifx Jakku, see ti^^. 

zi^^t^o^ &kkubandi| s. Boun- 
dary-stones. 2. jurisdiction. 

zii^O &kkuli, s. A cake made 
of rice flour, salt elc.^ and 
fried in oil; also tfo^p§ci^«. 

e^^^Odod dakkulimara, s. The 
Manilla tamarind tree, Ing-a^ 

zi^^O Sakkulli, s. The pum- 

^ CO 

plemose or shaddock, Citrus 

7i^. cakke, see ^\. 

'^'ijif dakkel^, s. The bosom. 

ei^ dakra, s. A quarter rupee. 
2. a wheel, circle. 3. a pot- 
ter's wheel, coach wheel. 4. a 
discus. — Xa two equal parts, 
as of a cocoanut. — ^ot1> a 
kind of small white cloth. 
— e3af« a wheel shaped fire- 
work. — 5»si^ a mendicant's 
drum. —T^ a necklace of 
gold ringlets. 

2;i^rf3r dakravarti, s. An em- 
peror. — ?> an empress. 

'nAh^ cakri, s. Vishnu. 2. a 
potter. 3. a snake. 

eiSrtcS fiiganft, see t^oX. 

zif^'i cagulJ, s. A bug. 

zi'Axi 6ac$ara^ s. Haste, speed, 

e^tS^tf dafieooka^ s. A square, 

zik;f 5at\^, intj\ Fie, fie! adj. 
Useless, excessive. ^^tiO 
very sour. -3iO, j^ wGsJQ, 

e^b^^ 5atfka, ^. A snapping 
sound, adv. Quickly, briskly. 
"tfisit^ to walk briskly. 

zii^ dat» 


zi^ cadi 

e^&j^^c8&t?kkane,^^7^. Harshly, 
ru(lely. — ^«^^> to say rudely. 

ziki &ta, s. Energy, vigour. 2. 
the germ of a disease, the 
remaining symptoms of a 
disease. — ^^^> to eradicate 
a disease. —ifi^h?i to lose 
energy, be tired, weary. 

ziki^d cataka^ s, A summary me- 
thod of offering to the manes 
of departed ancestors. 

ziki'^ fiatakka, s. A slapping or 
cracking sound; c/, ^i^^. 

zikiziki, zikiz^ki 2ata^ata^ gata- 
pata^ s. Noise produced, as 
in slapping or cracking a 

ziliti datini, s. Grain or fruit 
pounded, made into a thick 
paste with chillies, salt, elc. 
and eaten as a condiment 
with curry ; chatney. 

zSiJiU catipiti, adv. For noth- 
ing, uselessly. 

z^U?^ catila, s. A cracking 

fiif. &tt^f, End, dissolution, 
termination, death. 2. ex- 
haustion, consumption, ruin, 
demolition , extinction . -^-^ wo^ 
^ — d^^, — zi35^o^?> to exhaust, 
spend away, tire. 

ziii Satta^ s. A litter, sort of 
a palanquin. 2. a bier. 3. a 
window frame. — ^ wjj^ to pre- 
pare a bier. 

s^idcS caftane, adv. Suddenly; 

e^U oat^; s. A broad-mouthed 
spittoon. 2. a chamber pot. 

zilX'^ cat^ni, see 2^«f5. 

EclL dattn, s. A country pony. 
2. see 8iG,. 

rfa &ttt, adj\ Flat, level, with- 
out inclination. — ^^ a flat 

2;S^nc)6 &ttegSre, s, A native 
who assumes European dress. 

ziii, rf8i^5atni, &tni, see «ii5r3. 

e^cs*rfa^ cad^dad\^, adv. Quickly, 
speedily. — »rfK ^n^^^rh?^ to 
mount a ladder quickly. 

2^(3^^, zid^ cad^ta^ cadata^ see 

^d^ cadati^ s. Dissimulation. 
2. see TiSr. 

2;^ae)e^a &dicadi, see eiue;iw. 
2. see dSe^S. 

2^:5e)05o7Jo5 cadayifluni (t^zsDOwJj), 
V. a. To increase, raise or bid 
higher, as price. 2. to beat, 
strike, flog, "^jse^— to put 
in stocks. XoXsjt^— to swal- 
low liquor. ^^^^ to smoke 

2iSae)s;J 6ad5vu, s. An ascent, 
uphill. 2. increase, enhance- 
ment. 3. a kind of country 
shoes. — T±>«b^^ to raise, en- 
hance, as the price; cf. tizn> 

e^:?9^^ &divani| v. a. To as- 
cend, climb. 
2ia9;jJc^ dadasuni, see eizs^ososb^ 
tAQ^ cadi^ s, A notch, indentation. 
2. a whip, stripe. -^^^ 


Tizid dadu 


zi^ cani 

^Tid^^^ to make a notch. 
— (So^^'o^ to whip. — ^ o^-irf a 
joining bench, groove-plane, 

^dd cadu, s. The belly. 2. a 
pleasing discourse. 

zizLli^ cadugu, adj. Bad, de- 

zizio^ 6aduta, s. Persistency, 
obstinacy. 2. a bet or wager. 
— sro^rl)?) to speak persistently, 
to provoke. 

zid cade, s. A kind of bag. 

^d^ cadta, J. Daily or regular 
observance of rites or cus- 
toms; c/, t^cxjor. 2, see tizLM. 
ti^-^ B. diary. 

zizix cadpui ^. Leanness, thin- 

t^rs) cana, ^^^ ?x^' 

zid^ danil^^, ^^^ 2^5>€. 

e^3^6oA &t»rengi, see afti^^S. 

s^^D^ catury, num. Four. — 7< 
^ the four sides or boundaries 
of a land elc. [rous. 

e^^d gatura, adj\ Clever, dexte- 

e^^dort caturanga, s. Chess. 

2;^^dori2oo Saturangabala, s. An 
army consisting of infantry, 
cavalry, elephants and war 

2^ ^6 cature, see to^t5. 

zii^^F 6aturthi, adj\ Fourth. 
s. The fourth day of the lunar 
fortnight. -^8?^ the dative 
case, gram. 

sS^cirS caturdasi, s. The , four- 

teenth day of the lunar fort- 

z^^drrtr caturvarga, The four 
objects of pursuit: justice, 
wealth, pleasure, and heaven. 

e^i^jdrr^r daturvarna, s. The 
four castes. 

e^^jS^fcS caturyeda, s. The 
four Vedas or ancient scrip- 
tures of the Hindus. 

2^^3S^c5 catushpada, adj\ Qua- 

r^i, cadara, s. Dispersion, dis- 
sipation, scattering. -~^h^ 
to be dispersed, scattered. 
— oi)^^ to disperse, scatter. 

e^cSo^sJc^, 2;^c50sSc^ cadaravuni, 
cadaripuni, c. v. {of tiM^?i) 
To disperse, scatter, 

e^ddjci &daruni (e^dS), v.n. To 
be scattered, dispersed; also 

zi^ &di, s. Obstinacy, pertina- 
city. — oi)?*^^ to be obstinate. 
t^o^_ revenge, retaliation. 

zir^^ fiadupu, s. Skill, ingenu- 
ity, cunning. — i^ea^si^ to 
play tricks. 

s^cJod dadnra, see ti^^i, ej^^cxJor. 

s^cSjS fiadure, see i^^'d. 

^d cade, s. Severe fighting. 2. 
destruction of life. 

sScisji ian&ni, ^. Great harm. 
2. quarrel, riot. 3. desola- 
tion, waste, ruin. 

zi^ cani, see 7i^, ^see 7i^€. 

zi^^ danil?, "^^ al'^quirrel. 2. 

zit^ amna 


zit^ &ba 

zit^ 6anna, see tio^- 

fi^zizj 6apa6apa, s. A noise made 
with the mouth, as a pig in 

zSsiB gapate, see e^»j. 

ziziu^T^i^ caparisv, see tix»j5). 

e^rio, rfsJs* capala, &pala, aJf. 
Waving, moving. 2. fickle, 
unsteady. 3. swift, quick. 
-.^5^, — a(^ fickleiless; quick 
perception. — c^»Jj»o) a man 
of quick perception or ap- 
prehension. — oiDF^cvJ fickle- 
mindedness. c^^id a woman 
with quick and moving eyes. 
2. Laxmi, the goddess of 
wealth. [oao^ii?). 

2^S3c)0^?;io^ capayisuni, see ^zj;> 

2Ss3e)53 capavu, see qJc^Ji. 

zih 6apdi, see t^^^> 

zizj fiappa, adv. Fast, firmly. 
2. suddenly. ^^^^ to stick 
fast. -s55)^o^ to fix firmly. 

zi^ cappa, see e^^. 

2^^ori 6appanga, ^. The sappan 
tree, Caesalpinia sappan. 

2^3ito* cappat^, adj. Tasteless, 
insipid. 2. bad, worthless. 

e^sliS cappa^e, s. A worthless 
person. «(//*. see t^^. 

2^si a, cappatt6, s. Cooling. 

ti^ae)^4 cappadadi, s. Coaxing, 
flattering. 2. fabrication, in- 

zit^ a cappadi, see ti^a. 

^^^ 8appanna, ^'. Fifty-six. 
— z3e^ the fifty-six countries 

enumerated by the Hindu 

7At> xf iSappar^, s. A kind of 

dried fish. 
Tizi^xf cappar?, adj. Low, cast 

down. — #jso20o an ornament 

of a devil-dancer. -a^owio^ 

to be low. 
'dti d cappara, s. A shed, pandal. 

.-^oti a cot with posts and 

curtains. — stotId^ to put up 

a temporary shed. 
2^^0355 capparipuni (e^^^, 'v. 

a. To smack the lips. 
si^^, '^^'^ cappal?, cappal?, 

s. A shoe, sandal. 
e^^* cappali, s. Clapping the 

e^3i^«c55i cappalipuni («^^^), v. a. 

To clap the hands. 
2^S3|^0^xJoJi cappayisuni, see e;Jc5> 

^^35|j5$ dappavu, see ^zs;>^ 

zih^, ^^ ^PP^» ^PP** ^' ^ 

stamp, seal, mark. 
2^?S^a cappudi, s. Concealing. 

2. legerdemain, jugglery; dho 

^Xc. 3. the play of 'hide 

and seek'. 
ziA cappS, adj. Tasteless, insi- 
pid, unsavoury. 3. cool, vapid. 

4. trifling, worthless. — tj^S 

quite worthless, 
^issc),?/ caprasu, s. A kind of 

drill cloth. 
e^w^fsd,2:^2oo^d cabakara, cabu- 

k&ra, s. Soap ; fuller's earth ; 

also 7Ja509*)5, ste&Dj»f^. ^ 


ziix^ (^abu 


eSO cari 

z^u^'s^dod 6abnkpaara^ see ^4^ 

2^t.)o^o cabuku, s. A whip, -rf 
^^ a Casuarina tree. 

e;^^7Te)6 damfgare^ s, A shoe- 
maker, chuckler. — -rf cron? a 
chuckler's awl; also ;^5o7^. 

rfdb^zi canufca, see ei^. 

s^^liT^ camatigei ^. A sledge 

e^^c^ damadai s. The skin, 

t^dos^rf 6amatk5ra, s. Clever- 
ness, dexterity, artifice. 2. 
astonishment, surprise. 3. 
wit, eloquence. 4. anything 
curious, ingenious or ex- 
traordinary; also ti»i35Dj5^ 

«irfj^fi,camattig6,J. The flower 
of Pyrethrum indicum. 

tSrfjOrfj^rt camarimr\^ga, s. The 
yak, or bos-grunniens, 

rfsi3e)c3^ caman^f, see a^SoroS. 

e^^o^c^ camipuni, see ^^^S). 

e^;i) camca^ ^. A spoon, ladle. 

e^oJo caya, see ^cdo, 

t^oao dayi, see t^^. 

sioao^ cayila, ^^^ jS^^^. 

tSo^otoo (Sar^mibu, ^^ c^oeoor. 

^xi cara, a^*. Moveable, lo- 
comotive. — 83oci^, t^TTO^ move- 
able or personal property, 

e^cJ«^, z^cJ^j carak^f, Saraku, ^. 
Merchandise, cargo. 2. goods, 
articles; fe/. ?Jd^. 

2^d9^ darak^,^. Machinery. -So 
T^r^?i to set a machine in 

zit'nAt caracara^ s. A noise made 
in spurting (?r throwing water 
from a pump. 2. see eloevO. 
— ^)e5 an even accumulation 
of water in a field, ^sso^db^ 
to prattle. 

^^di3 &ratd| ^. What is coarse; 
leavings or stalks. 

e^dc^ Sarana^ s. The foot. 2. a 
foot in poetry. — ;6et5, ^^ ssdcJ 

e^Ofl caranJ, ^. Pasturage, graz- 

rfrosSd caracara, adj. Moveable 
and immoveable. ^-^Ti^y^ 
animate or inanimate things; 
the creation, world. 

t^Oc)^ carasti, see under e^xJ. 

e^Drt carigft, s, A cooking utensil 
of copper or brass. 2, see 

2)^0/^ carigJ, ^^^ tiocrior. 

2^D;^, e;SD^, ^^dI^ carita, 8aritra^ 
caritrS, s, A history, story, 
narrative. 2. conduct, be- 

s^Dog) caripu, J. An offering 
presented to an idol and 
then distributed among the 
people present. 

rfOsSc^ &ripuni (8^e>), v. a. To 
quake, tremble, shudder, shi- 
ver; cf. ci^4^>. 

rfO^^i caripuni (^t)), ^ «. To 
move; wander.^^^8^^ 

zi^ &ru 


zit> calla 


:eSbo, e^ciid cant, caruva, s. An 
oblation of rice and other 
ingredients to the gods or 
demons. 2. a small fish. 

e^dotoo cambu, see tioa^r. 

zi6 6sah, s. Small shots. 2. the 
head; 6et #i5. 

ziiiF carka, ^^. Straightly, 
directly, -"dwo^^ to splash 
off, as mnd. 

^*F 6arkl, ^^ tiTi«^. 

tStir, 2^?8f ftirSi, darce, s. Dis- 
pute, wrangling. — ^^?> to 
dispute, reason, argue. 

-rfar cardi, s. Vomiting. 

tSsJrb^, e^jJri^, 2^33e>ri/ &rpa- 

tV9 darpattf^ darpaty, adj\ 

e^^F carpu, ^^ «^&4. 
tiS^SF &rbi, ^. Fat, grease. 2. 

arrogance, pride, y?^. 
t^sSoF canna, s. The skin, hide, 

leather, -a^suo^^ to flay, peel, 

skin, bark. 
tSdooFO dannuri, s. Parched rice. 

tiiodoF, zio&^F carya, caryJ, s. 
Observance of rites or cus- 
toms. 2. conduct, demeanour. 
titi— a diary, chronicle. 

-e^sSf carva, see t^Tio. 

tiirfFt^ carvana, ^. Chewing betel. 

zi^^k;:^ cal^fpat^, see ti^Q. 

^v cala, ^^^ «|i«y. 

zi^^ 6alak\^, J. Dexterity, parti- 
cularly of the hand or tongue. 

zi^>zit> calacala^ s, A noise in 
wading through water, as 

children make while playing. 

zi^^ calan6| s. Motion, move- 
ment, adj. Wandering, roam- 

e^orib^ 6alapat?, see ti^C. 

2;^od'i> calavala, s. Alarm, con- 
sternation, agitation. 2. ex- 
haustion, weariness; c/. ^^eoe;. 

e^eT^sJ^ oalipala, s. Agitating 

£;ioe)rfc^ calivaijii, s. Currency, 
genuineness, as of a coin. 
c^oc^ drawing a bill of ex- 
change. — sJ erof«^ a current 
coin. — ii3^?> to make pass 
or current. 

ziO call, s. Cold, chilliness, 
shivering, as in ague. aJj\ 
Cold, chilly; also 7ic. -toc; 
the cold season. — ^|j> see «^ 
6j§. —^v cold wind. —8^ 
ague. — *09j^^ to warm. — tsf 
ow*QCto?> to be warming one- 
self. ^7i^^ to catch cold; 
to be afraid, -a^oilj apeSb^ to 
be relieved of cold; fear to 

e^€)5j5i dalipuni («^«5), v. a. To 
shake, move. 

2^000, zi€^ calimi, calmi, see 

^%§ &lpatte, J^^ ti^. 

tSo^ call^, ^^'. Stupid, dull. 
2. timid, timorous. 3. imbe- 
cile, weak, useless. [bell. 

t^^'i dallf ke, s, A kind of small 


zi^ ialla^ s. A noise ofja fall 

<*'.,, /. Digitized by VjOOQ It 

Tiv Sana 


zi^ cala 

ea^orreoao callangayi, s. The 
Sepistan plum, Cordia myxa. 

xi^Q^ callanti^ s. A kind of 

2;^oc9, 'd^'^y e^cj^ci callana, cal- 
laxLa, callana^ s. Short breeches, 
reaching only to the middle 
of the thighs. 2. a mat of 
straw rope. 3. a covering 
for a horse. 

sSej^ 2jfi dallapini {^^'^ 'o. n. To 
get weak. 2. to become use- 
less. 3. to fail, lose ; cf, t^^. 

e;S53e)5}€) callSpilli, ^. Confusion, 
disorder. 2. dispersion, scat- 

^^ calliy s. A chip. 2. a reed. 
3. a potsherd. 4. a kind of 

?^^w Ji calluni {^^, «'. »• To 
spill, -shed; to disperse. 

zi^ calle^ s. A weak or timid 
man. 2. the name of a man. 

2^e3 Jb€ callepill6, s. Youngsters. 
^ t^«3 h6 5 orfj»5 ifiazSK ^j»ot1j 

00 oo 

^^h^ where shall I take these 
little ones? 

zSrfart cavadigS, see w^a^^. 

z^dcl cavanJ, s. An instrument 
for drawing wire, pincers, 
tweezers. —5 sro5^ ^^^^ to 
draw wire through it. 

2^dti cavara, ^. A fly-brush. 2. 

e^rf^ cavala, ^. Half a rupee. 
2. the ceremony of tonsure 
of a child. — ^^ interest 
at 12| per cent. 

2^0 cavi, s. A disease of newly 

born infants. 
2;i53)oUo cavuntu, see ear^ouo. 
^^s^oUjc^ cavuntuni, see ti^oUi^ 
2^5^^ cavuka, ^^^ 2^^- 
e:^53)^« cavukali, j^^ ti^^^. 
2;5s3)^3?d,2^s3)^c>^^vuka8a, cavn- 

kasi^ s. Cleverness in dealings, 

marketing with judgment. 

2. leisure, respite; bet. Tkfsi 

tSsJ*, zi^'S cavuki, cavukd, see 

zi^6 cavura, see eiW. 

^is^Oc)?^ cavuras^^, s. A square 

2;SsS0 cavuri, j<^ «^c>. 

2^40, ^^^ aavttli, cavuli, <i^*. 
Cold, —^i?5 cold water. —8^0 
as very cold water. 

zi^s^y sSsS^j cavul^, cavulu, 
adj. Brackish, saline. —^^ 
poor or infertile land. — ^^• 
nitre ; earth salt, 

zi^'Sw^:^ cavulikayi, s. The ve- 
getable Dolichos fobas for 

e^ade;*, e^aoe)D^ cahal^, cahSr^i, ^. 
Expertness, dexterity. 2. 

rf^=ff^ calak^, see 8^<y^. 

2^ ^3- 6alaki, s. A kind of bra- 
celet, made of gold and coral 

^^1^^ calacala, s. A bubbling 
noise. 2. glittering, -^o 
eio^toglitler, glimmer, shine. 

zi^ (ala 


la^^ clpa 

s^^^o^, e^^otw 5alatumm», 
caltombu^ s. A double cone- 
shaped ear-ornament worn 
by females. 

e^* call, see tie. 

s^v^ call», ^/?^ ^^' 

7^^ callai ^^ K*«j,- 

zi^^d callamara, s. The mon- 
key-fruit tree. 

tj^ ca, ^. The. tea plant, Thea 
vtridis. 2. lemon grass, 
Andropogon schoenanthus, 
3. infusion or decoction of 
the leaves of tea or any medi- 
cinal plant. -^4^ the tea 
leaves. —^^?> to prepare tea. 

treob^ cantf 9 see «^G. 

t99o^ canti, adj. Lame, crippled. 
— w)5 a lame leg. 

23^or3e)e3 candale, see tiozs^d 

t5e)ocl)Ji cinduni («^o5), v. a. To 
fling or dart a spear. 

taF«>o3radjci campaduni (tn>os35>5), 
V. a. To withdraw, get out. 

t7e)0Q§ campUy s» A knot, as of 
an angling tackle. 

traoeooji cimbuni (»ao^, v. n. 
To flee, escape, run away. 
2. to close, shut, shrivel, as a 
flower. v.a. To lift with a 

t?^^ dikfy s. Chalk. 

tro^fc^ cakatt^, s. A kind of 
bracelet made of coral and 
gold beads. 2. a packet of 
tea. — c^ »^f^i e^^8.!y^O90 ^ 
bead of such a bracelet. 

t5e)T#0, tie)*, cakaii, cakri, s. Ser- 
vice, employment. — tooSo a 
servant. — i^jh^S) to do ser- 

i55>2;So5 cacuni (e^^, v. a. To 
stretch out, hold out. 2. to 

£5e)i3^ catnf, s. Exchange, barter ; 
also ;d3l3. .-•io^'o^^ to barter, 

ta^fcj^ cat^f, s. Force, current. 
^eSd- current of water. 

t3e)U^, e^y^doo J cataka, cata- 
kamantra^ s. An incantation 
for destroying or subjugating 
a person. 

t5^&3, t5i>B cati, cit6, ^^^ ^S. 

ta^a cadi, J. Defamation, slan- 
der. 2. talebearing. -7^^ 
a slanderer, talebearer. —^ 
■d^, — sro^d, ~?i3D slanderous 

t5«)acxJjo;i cMiyuni (w^), ^.«. 
To slander. 

2TO^3^ cStappu, ^^^ ^• 

25c)4 cati, J^^ 9^^- 

t5e)i)6 cature, s. A clever, dex- 
terous person. 

I5e)^ai^r caturya, s. Eloquence. 
2. dexterity. 3. cleverness; 
also ^^^^' adj. Skilful, clever. 
^crooS^ a dexterous man. 

iye)c3«)a5c)5i canahani, see k^cto^, 

t3e)cio cinu, see tSeS. 

t3e)fiJ3o>) canulu, s. A woman's 
neck ornament. ^ , 

£aFe)5i9e)c3 6apakan6, ^(P^SiScS. 

tT^sJ 6^)a 


tcFe)^ ci?a 

t7e)3jf$ c&pa^dy s. A lever. 2. 

t5e)ob?oo5 capisnni ^^^ qroSbrfo^. 

t7^^ cipuy ^. The cock, as of a 
gun. 2. a piece of a cloth 
or web, containing several 
garments eic. 3. a shop; 
6eL 354. — c^ 25€;30&j a thin 
metal plate. «)o:^e^ci-, ^e/ 
^bL. a piece of cloth contain- 
ing several towels or hand- 

t9e)3S cap^i s. A mat; 6et, ^^- 2. 
^^ ^^. ^Tivo^ a kind of 

ti^rfo cama, ^^ w)rfo. 2. 5^^ aft>^. 

t3e)dod camara, s. A fly-brush 
of the hair of yak or bos 

t3^^j5)^d cimikara, s. Gold. 

i7^;j>)0oS camandi, s, A goddess 
so called, a form of Durgi. 
2. the name <rf a female 

tie) do cim^y see ?*>»5o. 

t5e)oi},e5^o3^caya, ciyJ,5^^ qpoax 

tJc^'i^Sj 65yi, ^. Ink. 2. see fpc&>. 

t3e)0^ car^, ^. A kind of pepper- 
water; also w>5. 
t5e)0 cira, J^^ ^'^' 
z^6f{ carage^ s. A cocoanut. 

iT^tfeS, e^dfl cirani, oarand^ s. 
Smearing a wall or floor 
with mud, chunam or cow- 

t3e)D cari, j. A traveller, srod- 
a traveller on foot. 

troD;^, caritra, ^^ «^^^. 
t7e>:l)9e)(S8;6 cimkaneslri, ^^ ^^ 

I5e>6 carJ, ^. Features. 2. food. 
3. a cocoanut tree; of. «5>^. 

t?e>S3e)r^3;d darkh&nesird^ s. A 
female's cloth with inter- 
woven flowers. 

2^53c)r^ carvaka, adj\ Sceptical. 

2. sophistical. 3. opposed to 
the Hindu scriptures. — ^^ 
scepticism. wDsarrf a sceptic; 
a sophist. 

i5e>o* cal\^, see ^^c, 2. see h^. 
-.ti^^ behaviour. 

ta^e^T^^rS calageni^ s. Bent for 
one year. — eleO a writtea 
agreboibiit for one year's 

ts^Oc)^ calft^f, s. Dexterity^ 
cleverness. — crocA) a dex- 
terous man. 

t5c)€) cali, s. Nature. 2. habit. 

3. conduct. 4. scorn, mockery, 
scoffing. — ^«^?> to mock. 

t5e)0?g)c^ 6alipuni («<5), v. a. To 

mock, ridicule, jest, 
t3e)0dod cllimara, s. The tree 

Ocimum gratissimum. 
t5e)©o8o fiiliye, see b»Oo&>. 
t3^€)^Ai^ cilis^, ««^. Forty, adj. 

Weak or near sighted, s, A 

pair of spectacles. 
tJc)^, t5^© calti, cUdi, adj. Of 

daily occurrence, practical. 

s. A routine of business. 
»e);ja cavadi, ^. An open hall, 

or veranda in front of a house. 

u^^ i&va 


ak;f at» 

2. a public place where busi- 
ness is transacted. 3. a lodg- 
ing place for travellers. 4. 
a demon shrine. 

ta«)si^ cSvala, see tiiio. 

t5^*5j?i calipuni, see troo^^. 

tftorld cingara, s. Ornament, 
decoration, embellishment ; 
beauty; 6ei. ^ot^t^. 

tSofNO dingiri^ s. A kind of fish. 

tSo A 'S dinglike, ^. A large kind 
of ape. [^^^e^- 

zio^o7ii^6 dimdimsakkar^, see ^ 

2fto3e)^oi dintikrante, s, A 
man overwhelmed with sor- 
row or anxiety. 

t}o3e)^rS cintamani, s. A fabu- 
lous gem which gratifies its 
possessor's wishes. — ^^* a 
book on omens. — ^o^ an 
incantation supposed to grati- 
fy one's desires, ^^ij^fj a kind 
of pill, -oboo^ a talisman. 

t5o3 ointi, s. Thought, reflec-. 
tion, consideration. 2. dis- 
tress, grief, sorrow. 8. an- 
xiety, care, uneasiness. — ^ 
^oi to be anxious or sor- 
rowful. -T±)i;«o^?) to reflect; 
to care. 

t4oa cindi, s. A rag. 

tftoD^ cindidi, adj. Spotted. 
— T^j^iji^ a spotted turban of 
black or red colour. 

tftocJ cinnaj s. Gold. 

e&oc7e)$ oinnaii, s. An immodest 
or incontinent woman. 

tJo^ Mmpn, see zStoh. 2. see 
cab^. 3. a bunch, cluster, sro 
T5e^ a bunch of plantains. 

TAozii dimma, see Mii. 

tJ^ cik\>, inij. Fie! 

tj^^o^ dikfTf, see eaf\5, 5J\5. 

tJ^O cikara, see eoe^. 

tJdrJ cikini,^'. Tender, young, 
small, s. A chicken. -^«^ 
a piece of tender, boiled 
arecanut. ^?fj»e^ a young 

ei^5 cikitsJ, s. The practice of 

t^^ cikk\^, ^^ 5^^. 

^^y cikka, a^*. Little, young, 
small, short. 

ei^^rS cikkSni, see tiowrf. 

2*9^75^ dikkasf, s. A cash, trifle. 
-c^ trifling, worthless. -ci 
d:)0D a mean disposition. 

ti^cikk^i s. A dwarf; the name 
of a man. 

^'Sj^j^'B ciknoli, s. A syringe. 

^rfi ciCTti, s. A slit of a leaf, 
e^c: bet, S^ . 

257^0* cigi^, ^. A sprout, bud, 

tan^cij^i, ?*rVido?i cig^rMi, digu- 
rnni (8af\5, zaTi^'S)^ v, n. To 
sprout, bud, germinate. 

tJrt©?3* digalis?, s. A method of 
treating diseases by oils and 
ointments. 2. see ^l^^- — ^ 
«<o;^?i to treat a patient by 
that method. ^ . 

t*l3^ dit», s. The mffu^Sti of 

^5fcJf 6it» 


7i^ iim 

evil eyes. — csTli^ to be af- 
fected by evil eyes. 

e*b^^, e*83*, tik^ cit»k», citlki, 
oitka, J. A snap of the fingers. 
2. a pinch, as of snuff. — srotio 
^) to snap fingers. 

z8l3 citi, see c5tf^. 

tjUtJli citiciti, s. The throbbing 
pain of a boil, when suppurat- 
ing or forming. 2. a crash- 
ing or crackling noise. 

2&U. citti, s. A small spot or 
speck. adj\ Spotted, speckled. 

tSiS cittJ, s. The foundation or 
platform of a house. 2. the 
register of a land. 8. a 
rough, daily account. — o^ok) 
5 the registered number of 
a land. 

a^ dittA, adj. Small, little. 
—ti^-^^ a small man. — ^^eO 
a small cock. 

t*^, tJ3e), t*3, t*l cita, citi, citi, 
citJ, s, A funeral pile. —^^ 
the wood for burning it. 
—^^^ the ashes of a funeral 
pile. —z?7i^^^-6 Siva, smeared 
with the ashes of burnt bodies. 

tSS citi, see ^^. 

tJ3e)>d citkira, s. The whirling 
noise of a war-car. 2. the 
notes of superior birds. 

^53^ dittf, s, A blot or erasure. 
— c^6 a rough copy, draft. 
— •ii^'o^^ to blot, erase. 

tJ^ fitta, s. Will, desire, wish, 
inclination, disposition, plea- 
sure. — ^D correctness of 


disposition, purity of heart. 
— ^w>Ti as one pleases. 

^5|^d cittira, see cS^. 

^^Of citturli, s. An orange. 

tJsfc oitya, see eS^. 

tJ^ citra, s. A picture, painting, 
carving. — t^^ a painter. — rf 
^otS a painted picture; ap- 
pearances. — ^8a^ a curiosity, 
rarity, wonder. — ^el^ •io5;<o^^ 
to work wonders; to make 
much of a thing ; to mystify. 

^J^^J^)U citrakuta, s, A moun- 
tain so called, to which Rama 
retired in exile. 

?*^epe)fij aitrabhanu, s. Fire. 2. 
the sun. 3. the sixteenth 
year of the Hindu cycle of 

tS^sJjJS)^ citramula, s. The lead- 
wort, ^oi^ rose-coloured 
lead-wort. Plumbago rosea. 
e^^:^^ the Ceylon lead-wort. 
Plumbago zeylanica, 

^^"^^^^ 2dl^ citranakshatra^ 
iitthf s. The fourteenth lunar 

td^c^rsr^ citrapurnami, s. 
ihe full moon of the first 
lunar month «5^^, which is 
observed as a holiday. 

^5A53)^ oitlipuli, s. A kind of 

24g^ cidra, ^^^ ^^. 

e*5C)oU cinimitti, adj. Trifling. 
— rf©rf trifling work. 

^J;i;3^35 eSci^T^dr oinivlre, cina- 
virde, s. A money-changer. 


ziv ^illa 

jeweller. elaswDr^ money 
changing, dealing in jewelry. 

^t^ cinna, see elocrf. 

ti^^k:f cinpitv, see e5?>co«j. 

cipnlfy cipulyikottdy cipnlott^ 
s. The poisonous seed of the 
drug Cocculus suberosus. 

t3r^6 cippal6, see S^JA 2. a 
clamp used for torture. 

'ihl^ cippi, s. A cocoanut shell. 
2. an oyster shell. 3. a pearl; 
also 3^. 

2A^F^ cippige, ^. A tailor. 

2&c^ cippuy ^. A crust, scurf, 

24m dbbu, ^. White spots on 
the body ; also ^^020^. 

t&djli, t&^li cimati, cimiti^ s. 
Tongs, tweezers, pincers. 

«4^e*0o cimicimi, adj. Faint. 
-.s33#T^ prattle. — e3j3^ a faint 

tSsiu^o^ cimukuni (cSsiwF), z^. a. 
To press, throng, throb. 2. to 

tJ5i>024doo cimucimu, adj. Ner- 
vous, weak. 2. throbbing, 
painful. — eSfc? pain caused 
by a slight wound ; a nervous 
pain ; throbbing. 

"iht cira^ s, A long time, adj. 
Lasting, durable, firm, --vd^ 
a long time, always, ever. 
— aSe^, eSx^oaSci) long lived; a 
crow; a younger member of 
a family. 

t4d^ SiravU; see eSeii* 

t40c)T5^ dirak^, s, A lamp. 

tiCtiO ciriciri, 5. Gabble, babble. 
2. drizzle. 3. a certain game 
played by boys, tip-cat. — «c>75r 
a drizzling rain. — sj^^o^ to 

j4i^r dirka, see /j^r. 

tJtJr cirke, see S?fr. 

t^irSj© cirtepili, ^. A leopard. 

t43ire3 cirpalS, ^^^ el^^. 

t4sSr cirve, ^^*. Tender, green. 

tSo^o?:^ cfl^mbi, s. The fire bowl 
of a hooka. 

t4e}^'ef^, ?*o^6il^?i, cilkji, ^. Lift^ 
ing, raising; a push. 2. the 
catch or bolt of a window. 
^^\- a wooden pin used in 
playing at tip-cat. 

tSOotS, e40;3j, e4e^ cilimbi, ci- 
Iim6/cilm6, s. A small tank; 
2, see cl^'osS. 

e4©?e}^ cilil^, see eSd ^5. 

£&eA)3e)fJ ciluvana^ ^. The odd 
money, over a round sum. 
adj. Little, small, trifling, 
mean, low. 

t8?3 cil6, s, A fishing rod. 

t4e>^^ cilkuni (8«?^^), ^.^. To 
lift up. 2. to flay. 

£4o^ Hll^, s, A small round 
piece, a piece for playing at 
draughts. 2. see el^. 

tJo3 cillarft, j. Small money, 
change, trifle, adj. Little, 
trifling. -«>QXa a petty war^ 
shop. .-^cIf trifling (7r contin- 
gent expenses. — ^o;j little 

efteTe) ciUi 


2*ecJ cirft 

work. —TO<^ a man of inferior 
mind, a simpleton. — ®^^ 
mean understanding. 

t*Oe), t4d cilli, cillft, see eSo^. 

2d© , z4e3 cilli, 6ill6, s, A leaf 
stitched or folded in the form 
of a spoon or funnel. 2. a 
kind of cucumber. — 2b6 
scattered, dispersed; cf. e^^ 
2b^. -(douOj?> to stitch a leaf 
into the form of a spoon. 

t4®?e}* cillflyi, s. The screech of 
an eagle. 

Z4e3?© cilleli, s. A sharp stick 
to dart a fish with. 

?d25e>fi cilvana, see eaooaD?^. 

tie, tieta? ci, cici, tWy. Fie! 

t^^o^O, t&^oiS'O cinkari, cinkiri, 
s. The stalk of a cocoanut 
leaf. 2. thin splitters of bam- 
boo used for stitching leaves 
etc. together; also Seo*&, 
A»eo*o. — icj ^ a kind of cake. 

eJ^otJeo cincin, s. The chirping 
of birds. -*?.^i -3^*» a 
spongy cake; cf, ti^os^^o. 
el^oCaeozld^K ziDoociftcii ^ofi the 
5in&in cake has many {lit. 
300) eyes or holes. 

«4eot^c^ cidcuni (CacoeS"), ^. «. 
To chirp. 2. to be scorched, 

t4eolSo^ Mntnni, see ^owo^ 

uJ?o3JoJi cintnni (e^eoS), v. n. To 
burn. 2. to roast as a fruit. 

t&(o&, ei(oQ ounpi, bimpu, s. A 
bolt, bar, latch. 2. a kind 
of sail. 

zJ^is^zl oikadi, ^. A kind of 

tie^d olkara, adj. Not pungent; 

tJf^^O cikari, see CaezSj^D. 

zi^b^, ti^U city, fiti, s. A note, 
short letter. 2. a bill, bond. 
3. a ticket, label, stamp. 4. 
chintz, coloured cloth. e9cX 
r^cU a shop-bill. wcs)6- a 
postage stamp. oSoef— a 
transfer deed, a mortgage of 
title-deed. 3^o2^ a bill of 
exchange. — 3j<5g^4s> to paste 
a stamp. — eo^SSb^ to write a 

tS^fj cina, ^. The empire of China ; 
also — deitf. — Ty^XaS Chinese 
paper, ^toc^ a Chinese. 
— sj9^ a kind of medicine. 
^7ix>o85 a kind of pepper. 

aJ^Ji Mni, ^'. Chinese. ^"^o^Xs 
a telescope. — ty^^ialum. — tsa 
a blue light. -^^^ a 
kind of music, used especially 
among Muhammedans. — sJ^t^tJ 
white sugar. ^ 

ti^cS^Jd^to cinekolu, s. A music 
band of Maplas. 

2*e2), «*e3S oipi, cipu, see eleob. 

zJ?5S cipu, J. A wedge, wooden 
peg. 2. a comb or cluster of 
plantains. 3. see eleo^- 4. su 

^l;;toD clmiri, s, A loathsome 

zft(d cira, <^. Lead. 2. bark, rind. 

3. a cloth made of bark. 

t&^ti 6lra 


ZisS^ 5u 

t4?dsg) ciravu, s. A bag, purse, 

t4?Jir^ cDmikft, s. Carved or 

chiselled workmanship. — tro 

o^ an artist, -eooro^^s) to 

carve, chisel. 
ti?d«ir cirlo, s. Responding to 

a call in a game. r^^f^. 

tJ^o^ cflyi, s. A split, splinter ; 6ef. 

tJ^do^ Client, s. Forced converts 
to Mohammedanism. 

tij cu, see eij». 

zi^oii cunka, see Ti^o^^f, 

t;ioonc)r5 cungani, s. A tobacco- 
pipe. 2. see c^TTSjrS. 

t^orl)^ cnngndij s. A trifling 
sam, odds, small coins, 
change. 2. anything of little 
value. — 83t)^xi a' petty trade. 
— ?tec? a trifling debt. 

zi^^oA conge, s- A kind of rice. 
2. awn. 

ti^ot^o cumciun, see doSoeioSa 

2;^oott) cnnna, see T^ot^, 

trfoof& cunnei, s, A kind of cloth. 
2. scab, scurf. 3. shabbiness. 

t;^oo20fj cumbana, s. Kissing. 

eioooi) Summa, see tioSotioSo. 

t^oO^oe^ooO^o cuiylcunyi, s. The 
hissing noise of a heated 
metal dipped into water. 

^"S^zi^^ cuk]|icuk]|i, s. Chirping 
of birds. 

t^o9e>rS, e^o'^rS cukani, cnkk&ni, 
s. The rudder, helm of a ship. 

t^orl^zS (higude, s. A smart man; 
also 3i5^oa. 

e^orfo* cuguli, s. The rind of a 

fruit or vegetable. 
e^eSo^o cuccuku, see tio^tio^. 


e^^^o 5 cucbuni (^^)i ^. a. To 
pierce, bore. 2. to bite; c/. 

-0 ' Co- 

zi^li cuti, adj\ Smart, clever. 

2. sharp, pungent. 

e^oU cutta, s. A cheroot, cigar. 
eSoU cutti, J. A span. 2. ^^ 

c^B. 3. see ticfdo'So. 
t^og, cudra, see cjJodj. 

e^o^ls^t^o^ cnmycumyii ^. Pain 
caused by the sting of an 
insect. 2. sleeping of the 
hand or leg; cf. 8aoix)8adoo. 

e^o^iooe;, t^odo cumula, cumla, 

see a^^. 
do0502;SoO^ cuyiSuyi, see c^ooow 


e^do^o curukn, s. Quickness, 
haste, speed. 2. sharpness. 

3. zeal, activity, adj. Quick, 
vigorous, zealous. 2. vivid. 
—eDoo quick understanding, 

e^odj^;Sorfo curucuru, s. A hissing 
noise caused by frying, burn- 
ing, e^c. 

zi^o^ 6ulaka, ad/. Light; c/. 

e^^ cuvu, see ^a. 

zi^^ culi, see ?i)^. 

e^o^ culli, s. The plant of Bar- 

leria obovata. 
e;^ cuy s. Setting on a dog. 2. 

driving a dog away, ^.see ^«. 


t^Jdo dun 



e^jSo cum, see t^SoeioSo. 

2^J5?3, siJsUo cuti, cutu, s. Es- 
caping from the grasp in 
wrestling. 2. aim; device. 3. 
perception. 4. cessation from 
work, leisure. 

ei^j^ cu^, see ^8. 

t^rf cuda, s. The lock of hair 
left on the head at the time 
of tonsure. tijuzssf^'s^r the 
ceremony of tonsure. 

^sS^d, 'iASiXifk cuda, cudaga, s. 
A kind of gold bracelet. 

t^ac);ioe§ cudamani, ^. A jewel 
worn in a crest or diadem. 

e^jaa cudi, s. The coil of a rope. 
2. a bundle, as of fagots, 
betel leaves etc.\ also i^t^. 

s^jsri) cudu, s. Heat, warmth. 
2. zeal. adj. Hot, warm. 

e^jscS cfid6, see e^j&^i. 

eSjsrJ cuni, ^. The front, van. 
2. strength. adj\ Former. 
adv. Before. 

2^J5c^ cunya, see rfiaw^. 

E^je)D curi, s. A knife, small 

zSJSdo 6uru, ^. A piece, bit, 
small fragment. — ^«^o^^ to 
pulverise, cut into small 
pieces or bits, -^^^v^h^ to 
break to pieces. 

t^csr curna, s. Powder, dust, 
any pulverised substance, 
medicinal powder. 2. see t^a 

23or(r5 cengani, j. A friend. 2. 

2§on^ cei^dyi, s. A ball. -:^a^?) 

to play with ball. 
tloG^dj£)7^ cand^malligd, s. A 

species of clustered jasmine. 
tlorae)ci)^ cendaduni (e^ozs^S), v. 

a. To play with ball. 2. to 

destroy, ruin. 
^SocS cendi, s. A large drum; a 

kettle-drum. -e3jau^f:> to beat 

a drum. 
^So^sjod cendemara s. The tree 

Cerbera odollam ; also ^oiSdox^. 

— cs 83§^ its poisonous seeds. 
zSodsSoo^ c6ndemuli,J^^*ozSdoov. 
slocl^ cendel^, see ioiS^. 
«locic3e)oao cennanayi, see tio^i 


zSocS cennA, see e^od. 
zSofJeoJado cenneburu, see tio^s^ 

eSoz^:^ cembate, ^. A coppersmith. 

slo2oo cembu, ^. Brass, latten. 
2. a small copper or brass 
pot. — '^^^ a coppersmith. 

ei^^ cekkji, j<£^ t^^^. 

E^^fej^ (Sekkat^, a^'. Thin, lean. 
tS'^sSor Sekkarme, see #^^^r. 
ei^ cekki, see ti^^. 
zS^, sl^ cekki, cekki, s. A 

cnip, split, splinter. 
^^.^ cekkel^, see ei??j6. 
t^il cetti, J^^ e^«j- 
zSBj cettS, ^^ eiBpoogle 

2l^ 6edi 




ela cedl, ^^ t^2^ 

t3^ deppd, s. A splinter, chip, 
slice, paring. 2. disappoint- 
ment, failure. adj, see d-^. 
-€yb?j, -,80u&Ti)?> to fail; to 
rest, lie down. 

tSdcs^ cerady, s. The ear. -jSS, 
5 Leo6ro^^ to twist the ear. 

ǤD?^ cerigft, see titi-R. 

7$6 c&rh, see tiT5. 

^§tlr cercJ, ^^^ t:^^F. - 

tSi^ir carbi, j^^ e^eSr. 

eSsir oenra^ ^^^ «^^. 

zS^d 6elav4, ^^*. Damp, moist. 

tStwO^ celuvikJ, ^. Beauty, 

tIewS celuve, ^. A beautiful or 
handsome man. 

tSoe) ej cellata s. Scattering, dis- 


persing. 2. spilling, shedding. 
t3^5 (Selluni («^^), ^. ^. To 

sprinkle. 2. to spill, shed. 

V. n. To spill, drop, shed. 
tS^o^J celvayi, s. Dyed cotton. 
eSd celve, ^^^ tSew^. 


zS? ce, ^^^ ele. • 

«5?^d cekarJ, ^^^ *^^^. 

eSeB, eSe^ ceti, cetti, ^^^ d^A^. 

el?a oedi, j^^ ^eZ^. 

f&^t^ cenfL, ^. An awl, chisel. 

adj. Even, smooth. — ssazl)^ 

to chisel. 

ti^driy 2$?cScS Sedana^ cedand^ see 

tl?a cedi, ^. One of the fiftysix 
countries of the Hinduwriters. 
^^^^ i5en\f, see d^f^. 

tl?rforte3* cepangel]|i, adj. Curv- 
ed, inclined; c/. icsJo^^. 

e§e^^^ celakadi, ^. The Indian 
turnsole, Tiaridium Indicum. 

eS^d cel6, see ^e^. 

tl^dJd 0^ celgondi^ ^. The sting 
of a scorpion. 

eS^dPo^^d celgondimarai see 

e§?^ cevu, see *?^. 

e§e^ ceshtij ^. A grimace, trick, 
gesture. 2. jest, mockery, 
joke. ^0— ridiculous gri- 
maces. — t^tJ one who makes 
grimaces, a jester, mocker, 
wag; a humorist, -•ii^^o^sjto 
make gestures, to mock; to 

25?^ cely, see *ef. -a^Xo^c:^* 
a kind of sport. 

dkfiei, ^^ ^^ 

d^ici, ^S^^^cio 6eitana, ceitanya, s. 
Strength, liveliness, vigour, 
animation. 2. life. — woSb, 
^i5o^ a vigorous man. —"^oo 
cJo?> to lose strength. 

eSv^ ceitra, j. The first lunar 
month, corresponding to 

slit) ceila, see *^e;. 

sl>0 ceili, J^^ *^^. 

cymbals. ^ 


s3Je)oS3 co^ti 


e^Jd^lb coin 

zljaoU 6onti, see AaBj. 
e|je)o«g)a compudi, s. Copper 
powder. 2. verdigris. 3. see 

zIjsozjB combate, see tlotoB. 
elootoUo^ combattalv, s. Brazen 

pot and plate. 
t|jSo2oo combn^ see tiow. 
zIjs^ cokka, adj. Pure, genuine. 

2. neat. —83^^ pure silver. 
e3je)^U cokkata, adj. Neat, 

choice, agreeable. e^j&i^^«^ 

beauty, handsomeness. 
tSja^d cokkalft, see ^% 2. j^ 

zSJcI^U dokkata, see tJja^^w. 
^SsO^o, cokku, adj. Stupid, silly. 

— «Sj&i^^well riped. 
tlJS'^ 6okke, s. A stupid man. 
tSviSrSo* cogaryi, adj. Astringent. 

—e^lb^ to be astringent, to 

have an acrid taste. 
t§Je)y. cotta, s. A Pariah's hut; 

also t^jitt^. adj. see tljswjj. 
tSjdU cottiy ^. A woman with a 

maimed hand. 
t|je)lio. cottu, adj. Handloss, 

maimed or deformed in the 

eSjaK. cotte, s. A man with a 

maimed hand. [of Pariahs. 
tlj^^J cottete. ^. The headman 

w •. ' 

2§j«)r3oAc3c)oao conanginiyi, s. A 

2$Jer^o^, t§Je)f& coninki^ (onkd, 

^. The scab of itch etc. 

e5je>£[^ coppi, s. A cap, hat. 
e§j^5^ coppu, see ^^, 3^^. 

eSjssirb^ corpat^, adj. Loose ^tt 

thin, as cowdung eic. 
tlXflg)r corpu, see tio^ 
tSja^^rji corpuni, ^^^ *«4^^ 

colakdy colikd^ colkl^ colnmpi, 

see tlj!>eC. 

eSje)6 collJ, ^. Halt, crippled. 

— ^X a hyaena, 
sij^^o^^ 6dnkattf^ adj. Lank, 

lean, thin. >-d»e&^ to become 

eSjseo^d 66nkara, see t^X5. 

eSJd^otfo^ conkuni, see ^e^^>. 

eSJd^oti concij s. The beak of a 

e3viS?olJo contu, see j^j^^^^ 

t5jt)?ot3 contS, see i^^ots. 

e|j«)?^o coku, adj. Sapless, un- 
fruitful; exhausted, old. s. An 
unfruitful or old tree. 

z^^'SJt>€ dokoli^ s. A merry 

^Sjs?r(o^ cogaryi, see d^XB. 

tlje)?^ c6g6, s. A leaf t?r branch 
of a palm tree ; det. ;^e^ 

e|j«)?te) coti, adj. Short, small, 

tlJS^Uo, slJei^lJo. cotu, cottu, s. A 
span from the tip of the 
thumb to thatuof the fore- 
finger. °'^' '^^"^ ^^ CjOOgk 

eSjs?a codi 


t^a coudi 

ttJe);D^> eSjd^c^ cadika^ codya, 
s. A curiosity. 2. surprise. 
adj. Curious, wonderful, -c? 
h^ to wouder, to be surprised ; 

^SNisesifc^ copatt^, s. A kind of 
pitching or calking a boat. 
— ^^Lr^ ~c3zl)?> to calk a boat 
with a mixture of tallow (^ 
oF) and chalk. 

t3Je)?53c>s;Jc^ copavuni, see Aaecs 

tSJe)?5g) copu, see Ase^^. 

2ljs?33 cope, s. A scrap, scratch. 

t5Je)?05o coyi, s. Milk. -3^^?) to 
suck the breast. 

7§jaed&j^ corat^, see tS^azsrS. 

73jd(dC9 corana, s. A festoon of 
leaves and flowers, hung over 
the door-way or across the 
highway on a joyful or 
triumphant occasion, a tri- 
umphal arch; 6eL AaeT^w. — ?? 
^^ to put up a festoon. 

•^JS^d^fi, ^Svis^Ocoratana, cori, s. 
Theft, robbery. -<rfo«^o^^ to 
steal, rob. 

t3j3?d core, s, A thief, robber, 

tlje)?© coli, i. Skin, bark, rind. 
— ^^^ to peel, skin, pare off. 

tSja?e3 cole, see d^e^. 

•tSja?tfd?i, 25jt)?^De)25^ coladesa, 
colariyfya, s. The Coromandel 
coast; the ancient kingdom 
on the Kaveri delta. 

^af^oiJo countu, see :u^owo. 

tf^oUoc^ countnni (ti^oS), v, a. 
To pinch, nip. 

^o^ coundi, see w*)oix>o2i. 

25^^ couka, s. A square. 2. the 
linga box. adj. Square. — •^ 
«8 a square stool. — d^r a 
square piece of cloth, e^- 

15^*6^ coukattyi, s. A door- 

tf^^a, tJ^^cS coukadi, coukani, 
flw?/*. Quadrangular, s. A quad- 

tJ^^;i coukasa, ^^^ ;d575w)^. 

t3^^* coukali, adj. Square, j. 
An earring set with four 
pearls. — ^e^ a female's gar- 
ment with small square pat- 

^Wcirfy t?^^e)rf doukasu, couka- 
sa, see diiw>5. 

tS^-S- couki, s. A railed veranda, 
pial. 2. a watch-house. — totJ 
a guardsman. 

tf^^o* coukuli, ^^^ tfs^^. 

tf^t? couk6, s. A stool, chair. 

t^iy^ coukkilv, s. A kind of 
earring; c/. w^^^. 

tf^Uo, coutu, see ;d^ouo. 

t3^C5e)0^ coudal^, s. A square 

tf5)a7^coudig6, s. A one-stringed 
guitar formed by a small 
barrel, open at one end and 
covered with a skin at the 
other. 2. a peculiar kind of 

_ Diqitizecrb'. , 

neck-ornament. 3. a kind 

t3^^ conta 


qj^ ShBlA 

of ear-ring. — trocAj a man 

playing upon such a guitar. 
ef^^Uoci coutatuni («i^^Q), v. a. 

To sing a lullaby. 
a?»3 6outi, see ti^J^r, 
ts^sJcJ coupada, s, A quadruped. 

2. a kind of verse. 
2f5)c conra, s. Shaving; dei. 

if^o^, t3^cJcR)o3^courake,coura- 
daye, s, A barber. 

tf^D couriy 5. The tail of the 

yak. 2. a fly-brush. 
tS^t) 5oalai ^^^ «^^^' 

if5)^ coula, adv. At once. — c5 
*eoSj he went at once, —^rw 
again and again, one after 

zP^^^:^ coulikfiyi, see ti4^w> 



qi cha^ ^. The twentieth letter of 
the alphabet. 

qjod chanda, see tiod. 

^ki^ki chatachata, see dueiu. 

qjb^o chatala, ^. The noise of 
a slap or lash, —ss^^osi to 
beat or strike heavily. 

^cs^s^ chadavu, see tizs^^ 

^u^^ chadali, ^. A stupid fel- 

qj^ chadi, see ti^. 

^i^ chatra, J. An umbrella; also 
^^. 2. an inn, choultry, n^g^ 

^s^o^O chatrlntara, s, Wander- 

^99^93:^3 chatradhipati^ s. A king, 

sovereign. o3oe^_ an emperor. 
qJA, chatri, s. A barber. 2. j^^ 

^5;. S.see «f^ 
qj53e)oao?io^ chapSyisuni («jJc»o^ 

5), z'. a. To conceal, secrete. 

2. to deceive, defraud. 


ejioTss^ chapavuy s. Concealment, 
secretion. 2. absconding. 3. 
deceit, fraud. — c?2b?> to ab- 
scond. —Tid^^^ to conceal. 

^^ chappa, see ti^. 

^^oti chappanna, num. Fifty- 
six. — ?3e^ fifty-six countries 
enumerated by Hindu writers. 

^rij^ chappaka, adv. Backwards, 
on the back. -e^jaTio^ to fall 

qJ^Ort chapparigJ, see *^^^ 

qJri^O^c^ dhapparipuni, see e^3g^t> 

qjdqjd bharachara, see ti-dtiJi. 

qj^ chalai ^. Fixed purpose, 
firmness, determined resolu- 
tion, 2. obstinacy. — ^ ^iwi3^ 
exceedingly obstinate. — s»ti a 
resolute or obstinate person. 
-?dt)qic5 perseverance in a pur- 

qj^ Shak 


^;D Steii 

pose. -25^^, — •i)5;'j^^ to be 
obstinate; to persevere. 
ejje>s^ chalaku, see c*«^. 

cfi^qj^ chalaehala^ ^. Glitter; 

^* chali, ^^^ ^^^ 
epB^ chadi, j^ «^^. 
q3e)d dhati, J. The breast, bosom. 

2. courage, bravery. — z5o* a 

brave man ; a bold trader or 

epdC ch&dara, s. A silk garment, 

a shawl. 
^ti7<^, ^^h chanasy, chftnasi^ 

s. Being peculiar or singular 

in what one does; nicety, 

fastidiousness. 2. accuracy, 

epi>h7ijp chaplBuni (q?5)2b5J), v. a. 

To stamp, seal. 2. to print. 
^^ chapu, see ^^^ 

epci^, ^e)s3 chapuy chapd^ s. A 
printing press. 2. a shop. 

^05o, 9e>oi) chayi, chaye, s. 
Shadow, shade. 2. colour, 
tint, dye. ^^i^- black colour. 

cpoa chindiy see c5oa 

cpoci chinna, adj\ Cut, divided. 

$ocro£poci broken, fractured, 
as a limb. 

€pd^ chidra, s, A hole, vacuity, 
perforation. 2. flaw, defect. 
3. disaster, trouble. 4. sor- 
cery, witchcraft. — crooaj a 
sorcerer, wizard ; a defective 
man. — id3«<o^^ to assume an 
air; to bewitch, enchant. 
7^^- domestic quarrel or 

??> Cp^cp? chi, ohidu, iW/. Fie! 
— 35arffie, fie, it is bad. -^^sro 
fie, you rogue! 

eiig^ chudra, adj. Small, little. 
2. low, mean. ^. Smallness; 
baseness. 2. sorcery, witch- 
craft; 6el. fl'^^. 

dod chudra, j. A base man. 2. 
a sorcerer. 

^(d cheda, ^. Loss, ruin. 

^^d, ^(C^cS cheda, chedand, s. 
Cutting, dividing. -?i)^?) to 
cut, divide; to circumcise. 
3ja- a part, fragment; circum- 

^^a^c^ chedipuni («?eCi), v. a. To 
cut, divide.. 2. to circum- 

Digitized by 


Zi Ja 


tio3 Janti 

ti Ja, The twenty-first letter of 

the alphabet. 
no jam, s. Rust, -^ja^^^ to 

become rusty, 
tio^ jank]|i, ^^ ^^^Qio^, 
teo^fe)cS, t3o5Je)c5 Jank&n6, Jankhi- 

taort janga, s. Being across, 
transverseness. 2. a ceiling 
of boards ^/^. over a fireplace. 

tiortdj Jangama,^^^'. Locomotive, 
moveable. 2. of or belonging 
to a Lingait priest. -^^ the 
residence of a Lingait priest. 
— ?dt)c; a debt, which is urgent- 
ly demanded, -^si)^ a move- 
able thing. 

taortsSo jangamS, s. A Lingait. 

tsJortsSorfod Jangamemara; see ^d^ 

tiorto*, t3one>D^, tioTXt)^ Janga- 
1?, Jangaryi, Jangaly, ^. A 
wooden platform placed on 
boats. — 35«^ the rafts of a 
ferry boat to carry large or 
heavy things. — ^^ a green 
colour, the subacetate of lead. 

t;jone)05j Jangayi, see t^oT^cxso. 

ZioT\ jangi, s. Force, compulsion, 
oppression, — ?^4^^ to force; 
to plunder, pillage; to rebel. 

taort, uo^ Jange, Janghe s. The 
calf of the leg. 2. an old 
man. -8:ft)Ti3^ the calf of the 
teg to be disjointed. 

tooA Jangli, J. A forest, jungle, 
waste land. adj. Wild. — cgic/d 
s8 the forest department. 

tdo2Pe)05j jannayi, see eicT^oax 

tioti6, uou^ Janjara, janjari, ^. 
Fetters. —^i^:>Ji^ a bail for 
a prisoner. 

tJotid janJara, adj. Serial, ordi- 
nal. — c^odiS serial numbers. 

toot3e)y JanjSta, s. Trouble, an- 
noyance, grief, 

t3oi3e)d Janjara, see sjoej^t^. 

tiot3e>© janjali, s. A wall-piece 
or long swivel gun. 2. flatter- 
ing, fawning. 

tiot3^e3 Janjale, s. A talkative 
man; a boaster. 

tioZdOo Jamjum, s. A sound, utter- 
ance. — r;c©o^i he does not 
say a word. 

taozf Jand^, see s5o5. 

tiod JandS, s. Delay. 2. a 
tassel on the tail of a tiger 
in a masquerade. 3. an 
ensign, standard, flag. — ^ 
^^y^^ to hinder, stop. rolj^fi. 

tioR^tiof^ jannyjann^, see c^oPi 

tioi Janta, ^. Ivory, the tusk of 
an elephant. 2. see ^o^. 

tio^Ti Jantaga, s. A halter-band- 

tao^o^ Jantar^i, s. A kind of 

tJo3 Janti, s. A rafter, a piece 
of timber crossing a rafter. 

tio^ Jantu 


tJrt Jaga 

tio^Jantn,^. A creature, animal. 

2. a worm, 
tjol Janti, ^^^ a*o^. 
tio^ Jantra, see cdjo^ 
tao^ Jantri, s. A calender. 2. 

a table of interest. 

tao^?dJc)S^ Jannirolyi, see «oex)?>e 
tiOfS Janne, s, A burnt ofifering. 

t^jo^i^d t;2o3S;jod Jampamara, 

jampemara; see ^eoo^o. 
tioSSe)^ JampStala, J. A mode of 

beating time in music, 
tsiow Jamba, see ^o^, 

tsio2od, 2^o2Je)d Jambara, Jambara, 

s. An affair, business. — croo&i 

a busy man. — Set>?J35i?i to 

finish a business. [99^. 

tao2ooaje)c3^ jambukhanji,' ^^^ ^^ 

tiotw^^sJ Jambudvipa, ^. India. 

tioe.^o^?5Je)9^, 2aoWci?3v©* Jam- 
bunirolf , Jambnniroli, s. The 
rose-apple, Syzigium jambo- 
lanum, 2. Jambosa malac- 

t^oeoorfjjao Jambumuri, s. An 
offensive smell. 

trfotJa© jambuli, s. A kind of 
basket made of date leaves. 

tioEjj jambha, s. Pomp, ostenta- 
tion, display. 2. foppery; 
also afoep^w. [Indra. 

tiozp^D Jambhlri, s. A name of 

t3o£? jambhft, s. A giant. 

tiorfo Jamma, ^^ a*?^^- 

esorioc^?^ Jammanige, s. Headman- 
ship among Pariahs. 2. idle 

eao^cS Jammani, s. A demon 
priest. 2. a headman of 

ti^o Jakam, see wsoSo. 

ti'^cS Jakani, see ^th^A. 

^^ ^^, ti^^ Jakk^, Jakka, 
Jakkadi, <2^*. Worthy. 2. 
youthful. 3. J^^ e^%. -«5i^c5 
a youthful man. — 3i*j the 
ruddy goose. — ooyaT^oS), — o^x^^ 
to undersell- 

to*,c^ Jakkini, J. A married 
woman who dies in her 
husband's lifetime, and causes 
demoniac possession. 

tJ^j. Jakku, see ^\' 

t3*^© Jakkuli, see t^^>^e). 

ta^^J akkS, s. Vanity, foppishness. 
-crooSi a fop. — crof^ a coquette. 
-.FiOrf strut, affectation of 
diginity in walking. — S33*dj 
^ to boast. • 

^;5'#^o^ Jakkely, s. The lap; cf. 

za*^ Jakri, J. Plenty. 

tiSjrfj^ Jakhamyi, j. A wound. 
— eyib?) to be wounded, bruised. 

tart Jaga, 5^^ a^^. 

tjrt, torts^, tari^o Jaga, Jagatt?^ 
Jagatya, s. The world, uni- 

tirtoc3e)qJ Jagannatha, s, A cele- 
brated place of pilgrimage. 

tartoc3e)Cp jagannathe, s. The lord 
of the universe, c^^ name of 

ized by VJlJ^ 


8j«. -^ocico^S) to tarry, 

nA iaga 


t^d Jadd 

tiTiuTi Jaga, Jaga, see Ti^oXTtpx. 
tirt© jfagali, s. An open veranda. 

tjjrt^, tJirlve)^ jfagala, Jagalata, s. 
Quarrel, fight, dispute. -Xo 
y a vixen, shrew. 

Zdrtjd Jagnde, s. An old man. 

tdrtov^ Jagul^, J^ aiX«<. 

t3?^ JagJ, s, A sigh, groan, 
ejaculation; c/. &f^. — '^u^j^ 
to be unable to breathe, 
to breathe hard. — e^2^?) to 
groan, sigh. 

zar^ Jagg^, ^. A kind of small 
fish. 2. delay, postponement. 
—K zj^tL?^ to delay. — ?iti^5j»c^ a 
sluggard, lazy fellow ; also ai^ . 

2sirr?) z^p Jaggavuni, see ^7^4o>. 

^^ Ws^^ •^- Stooping, bending. 

totsioji M^i" (^^)» ^- ^- 'tTo 
bruise, squash, crush, pound. 

irfb^sJij^ Jat^patyi/^^^. Smartly, 
promptly, speedily. 

uli Jata, see a^. 

tate)2siy, tibe)2j8J jatajata, Jati- 
pati, s. Strife. 2. hurry, con- 

2^lje)dJe)oro jatamafisi, s. The 
Indian spikenard, Nardo- 
stachys jatamansi. 

z^Sie3 Jatile, s. A hermit, ascetic, 

tiiS Jati, see ajzj. 

tjfei jatka, adj. Soon ; ^. a^^. 

tsj^ Jatti, ^. Awaist-band, belt. 
2. a wrestler, boxer. -tov'X 
a boxers' combat. —3^ a brave 

man; the tutelar god of 
wrestlers. — ^iMTi> a pair of 

fc3^d Jathara, s. The belly, stom- 
ach. 2. womb. adj. Firm, 
hard. a*T^o5)T\;| digestive power, 

^xjf Jad^, s. Origin, root. -'^ 
c39C> the ultimate source. 

?arf Jada, s. Fatigue, weariness. 
2. dullness, adj. Sick. 2. 
dull, stupid. 3. inanimate. 
4. cold. — w>€; cold weather. 
— Xor« sluggish disposition. 
— ^M full of dullness, a^as 
?5j(^ a very stupid man. —?? 
e5L^ to stretch oneself. 

t=jC3c)0^rfj^5ja4ayisuni, ^<?^ a^aL^. 

t^a jadi, see csa, 2. j^^ ciS^??. 

t^a^, t;i^ Jadita, Jadta, s. Ram- 
ming, stuffing. — sroil)^ see 

tj^A jaditi, ^^ c^oas. 

e^^Sjt^, t^d^t^, tcidojjo^ jadipi- 
ni, Jadipuni, jadiyuni (a^a, aa 
cd3*), T'. ^. To ram, stuff, 2. 
to load, as firearms. 2. to 
drive cattle. 3. to rain in- 
cessantly. aia5i^ovs,4oi to 
drive in, fix. 

tiC^o Jadu, s. Apathy. 2. fright, 

tszS jadS, s. Matted or clotted 
hair. 2. plaited hair. 3. the 
hood of a serpent. '-'^\ a 
kind of cactus. — ^ small, 
circular, ornamented, gold 
plates attached in succession 

Zid Jade 


tir^ Janma 

on or along with a woman^s 
plaited hair. — :^orS orna- 
mented tassels suspended 
at the end of a woman's 
plaited hair. -'^^^ to fasten 
braided or matted hair, -ai 
^ in clots, braids. 

^^^c^ Jadepuni, see &t^h^ 

t^ci Jadka, adv. At once. 

toC3^ Jaddy, s. Callosity, hard- 
ness, as of the skin of the 
hand, elc. from mttch use; 
also ci5. ad/\ see 225. 

ti^ jaddi, s. Land subject to be 
overflowed by salt watea: ; del. 

^^ jadti, J^<? o^oas. 

tdf^tjjf^ Jan^tjana, ^^^ oWiotjpf®. 

ta^ Jata, see aj?f. 

ti^ci jatana, s. Carefulness, adj. 

Secure, careful, fast. 
ti3 Jati, see crioS. 

ut jat6, ^. A pair, couple. 2. a 
set. 3. equality of shape, size, 
elc. adj. Equal, —7^^, ~-^c&> 
a companion, colleague. — =2? 
w^oi to make a pair. 

taJ^ Jatna, 

see cxJojk 

tdddoci, t^djdjji Jadaruni, jadu- 
runi, see t^dd)^. 

2jid, Jadra, s. Poverty, want, 
penury, distress. 2. ailment, 
indisposition. adj. Poor, 
indigent, distressed. 2. mean, 
worthless. — toq31) an unfortu- 
nate or worthless man. — s3d 

*d vulgar speech. -zla^S) to 
be indisposed. 

t;3ci Jana, s. Man, individually 
^r collectively; people, po- 
pulation, community. —^»^ 
persons, both old and young, 
mankind, ^ci ^cj^f da>ij-^Vt>F 
is it the people or festival 
that attracts most? 

ti^^iZDd janakabariy s. A kind 
of plantain tree. 

tifd^ Janake, s, A progenitor, 

u^u^ Janajana, s. Every one. 
—zs!>t6o?i be talked of by every 

fcJci^c^^ janajanita, adj\ Rumour- 
ed abroad, generally known. 

ti^^ Janana, s. Birth; c/. a^sj^. 
^ii)Cr« birth and death. 

ticic^ Janani, s. A mother. 

t3cidot!dci Janaranjana, s. Popular, 
pleasing to people in general. 

t;3c5c)or! Jan&nga, s. A nation, 
body of people; generation. 

tic3e>353c)c5 Janapavada, s. Public 
censure. 2. disgrace, infamy. 

^c^^c^ Janipuni (a^^), v. n. To 
arise; to be born. 

te^ej^ Janil^i, see XrJ^^ 

taji53e)rf Janivara, s. The brahmi- 
nical thread, —z^tki^ to put 
on the brahminical thread. 

t;jc^ Janma, s. Birth, nativity, 
state of existence. —"Sfslir, 
— 535s; inherent siiK- --zJSj^ a 

, ed byVljC -^ 

horoscope. '-^ 




za^i Jami 

2^c3%o^c5 Janmantarai ^. Another 
birth. 2. regeneration. 3. 
transmigration. [beget. 

ti^^^ Janmipuiii (a^^), v. a. To 

to3i Japa, ^. Repeating prayers, 
incantations or the names of 
the gods, as an act of adora- 
tion. —^25 religious devotions. 
^•5j5^, — tW a rosary. — ^t>^S), 
-^^^ to pray, to repeat 
prayers, etc. 

esi53e)?ici japasana, see AAec^rfci. 

t2ob^^, ?^^?ij^ Japipuni, JapisuEi, 
(asb), V. a. To repeat prayers 
etc,^ as an act of adoration. 

t33g)ro>5Sci Japudavni, c.v, (of ^ 
^^^) To cause to let down, 
to lower. 

ti^Jcioji Japuduni, v. a. (a^^S) 
To let down, lower. 

ti^ Japti, s. Confiscation, se- 
questration. 2. attachment, 
law. ---^^^i^ to attach, con- 

tj^orts^ Jappangelji, s. Goods etc. 
remaining after selection. 

Zi^Jappu, s. Selection, choos- 
ing; cf. epai^. 

to5|^?)iappuni (a^), v,a. To open. 
2. to descend, come down, 
alight. 3. to select, choose; 
cf. «>aJs^^ 833*5- to open 
the door. S§r_ to descend, 

ta^o^ Jappelji, s. A descent, 
slope. 2, ebb. 

tiWD^tSe)^, l!S20O^CJ?3^, txiZJO^d?^ 

Jabaryjasti j Jabarydasty Jabarf - 

dastij ^. Violence, force, ur- 
gency; also 2iv^xi7^. — 7i3 
"^^^ to force; to dun, set on. 

tjeoD^sSoO^o Jabar^imeyi, s, A stout 
body. adj\ Stout. 

tiZJseoo Jababu, see a^sw^. 

t520oe;o Jabulu, adj. Slack. 

ti^ Jabti, see a^S^. 

titSi, tarn Jabbi, Jabbu, s. An old 
woman, a hag. 

tim JabbUj s. Delay. ^'. Hol- 
low, empty within, not solid. 
2. old, infirm. 

te A Jabbe, s. An old man. 

JamykanijL Jamakanyi, J amakanf ^ 
^. A carpet. 2. a blanket. 
t3Si:^Ji?6je)tfo Jam^jinirolu, see «© 

t^^(3^ Jamanyi^ s. A kettle. 

ti^sjoS^, 2adJe)2ooD Jamabandii 
Jamabandi^ ^. Settlement of 
the assessments. --d^^^Ti to 
settle assessments. 

tarfoej^^jsa Jamalykotte, s. Cro- 
ton seed. 

tarfjs^tiF, tjrfje)iut4r Jamakarci, 
Jamakharci, s. The receipts 
and disbursements, 

tiSi3e)0^;4)c5 Jamayisuni (2rtJj»o»j 
?3), v.a. To collect. 

ti^sjji Jamipuni {^^), v. a. To 
utter incantations, in order 
to gain the favour of an evil 
spirit or dempn, or to charm 
it away. ^^^^^^^^8^^ 

ti;:^j^ Jam! 


tid Jara 

ti^^5&^ jamm^, s. The soil, 
ground, land. — c»t5 a land- 
holder, zemindar. 

t;idoj^o Jamnku^ s. Rashness, in- 
considerateness. 2. pride, 
haughtiness; c/. d»5»€^, zi^xid^o. 

zssto^oji Jamukuni (a^^iw^), v. a. 
To brandish. 2. to smack. 
3. to frighten, threaten. 

tj^ Jam^ s. A collection, gather- 
ing, assemblage. 2. assess- 
ment. 3. receipts. 4. cogni- 
zance. 6. lurking. 6. over- 
hearing. —"^ZaF, see diTiJV^ 

c5r. ^^h^ to lurk, spy; 
to overhear; to estimate. 
-iii^5> to collect, gather, 

2as5one)6 Jamedare, s. A native 
military oflScer. 

tasSo^c^ Jamepuni (a^), v. a. To 
assemble, collect. 2. to rec- 
kon, estimate; to meditate; 
also a^oSoSzS^ ^ 

tadiO Jameri, s. The hair about 
the body. -^^^ a hairy man. 

ti^^do* Jamnimli,. see aioeDos^e 

tasivj^ Jammanye, see ^az^^. 

tasS^jammu, see wo^. 

tdOJo Jaya, s. Conquest, victory, 
success, triumph. -aioJo hail ! 
vivat! —^^ the sound or 
shout of victory. — eJcC) a war- 
drum, -e^lbft to conquer, 
succeed, gain. 

ti0l)o3 jfayanti, s. The public 
rejoicing on the birthday of 

a god. Ts;>^^ the festivity 
of Rama's advent. 
tjaSb:)o^ jayamini, see ^^^^ 

zaoidzioi, tiCrfose>© jayavante, Ja- 
yasali, s. A conqueror, victor. 

tsoi)Oteo3oD^ JayaviiJayer^, s. 
The door-keepers of Vishnu's 

eeototsioi) layajaya, s. Victory 
and defeat. 

taO^cSe)^^ JayinadigS, see d^croD:^ 

t505oc5 jayine, see sS^A 

tj0^cS?i, tiO^^iJc^ Jayipuni, Jayi- 
suni, see ^^^o>. 

taO^o^ Jayil?* ^^ %^' 

ted Jara, s. Fever. ctotJ^- a 
hectic fever. ^^— a fever 
from morbid heat in the body. 
Sb^^— bilious fever. ^j^&cU 
small-pox. sro^- rheumatic 
fever, ?5o?)c^i- typhus fever. 
?j^— , ^^^— fever with ague. 
--eoLrS) to be attacked with 
fever. — eooJ^^ fever to abate 
or leave. 

tid Jara, s. Old age, decrepitude. 
2. hardness. 

tid^o^ Jarakandft, J. Enlarge- 
ment of the spleen, ague- 

tJd* Jarakka, see a^. 

tiiit;iti Jarajara, see eiT^c^xi. 

tjdo^ Jarad^, adf. Vain, unsub- 
tid3e)0^, ted3c)0 Jaratarj, Jarata- 

ri, ^^^ aiejafd. ^ 
tedcS Jarani, j^^ f^poqle 


uti Jara 


u^ Jala 

tatit^^ uis^vf Jarabu, Jarabf, see 

tiOe>eoO Jarabari, s. Tall and 
stout, well-proportioned. 

tiiOe>^dr9 Jaramarana, ^. Old age 
and death; death in old age. 

tiOe)7JoqS larisandhe, s. A king of 

tiO Jari, s. A precipice, slope. 

2. gold or silver thread or 
lace. 3. cuttings. 4. grit, 
granule. 5. sand. — so^Tio?*, 
see aiC)^^. 

ti033)?i Jaripuni (a^o), v. a. To 
insult, jeer, despise. 2. to 
shake, make tremble; c/. rib 

t^aijo^ Jariyuni (a^t)), v. n. To 
fall or slip down. 2. to wear 
away. 3. to shiver, tremble. 
-5 eodxio^ to fall off, drop off; 
to be cut away. 

tadJSdj Jaruru, s. Necessity, oc- 
casion, urgency. 2. want. 

3. pressure, adj. Necessary, 
urgent. artl&Sd pressing, 
urgent, ^ixi^riozki urgently. 

tad jarA, see a^. 
ti65g)Ji Jarepuni, see &^^^. 
tod^Jarra,^^^^. Suddenly, quickly. 
— 3s5>Tl)^to slide down suddenly. 
tj*- Jarka^ see ti'gr. 
fciJeFrao^ Jartonuni, see d^^ 
tsi^r Jarpu, see ci^r. 
u^^ Jarpuni, see a^^^^x 2. see 

ZiZ^F Jarbu, s. Oppression, 

undue authority, overbearing 
conduct. -7^^ a tyrant, 
oppressor. — ^ 33D*i3^ to 
speak in an overbearing tone. 
~t1) ifi^h^i to walk with a 
haughty mien. ^ti)5^^ to 
show undue authority. 

tdej^otSsSJi Jalipnbevuni (a^^oe5), 
T*. n. To be born. 2. to be 

ti^ti^ Jal^jal^, adv. Brightly. 
2. see a^^a^of. 

taw Jala, s. Water, -^erf sport- 
ing in water, -zs^^ water 
beverage. -ocJoo^ a water- 

uv^ jalakV; s. Glitter, gleam. 
— 55»^o^ to glitter, gleam. 

ea^>tf Jalaka, s. Bathing, ablu- 
tion. -^^0^^ to bathe. 

tao9e)S3)c^ jalaklvuni, c. v. {of 
eie>?ro^) To cause to shine. 

taw^j^ jalakuni (««>^), v.n. To 

t2W7Ve)d Jalag^e, s. A man 
searching for gold in sweep- 
ings, etc. 

tjoe^c^, taotao^j Jalacara, Jala- 
Jantu, s. An aquatic animal. 

tao^d, tao9e)d Jalatara, Jalatara, 
s. Gold or silver thread, or 
lace. -cJ 3i^a a turban with 
gold laca 

ta^o^ Jalady, see aio^. 

tawcs^d Jaladare, ^^ a^e;?^. 

tawg;3e)^ Jalapravaha, ^. An 
inundation ok stream of 
water. -^dbyL.O ^ 

tiV jftlA 


23^0^ ji&ki 

tJt)g^^a5j jalapralaya, s. The 
deluge; a flood. 

ti^sJjU jalamatt&9 s. A level ; a 
mason's level. 

tit>zijv^ jalamalak^y s. A com- 
plete set of ornaments. 

libil&li, jaUlibulali, s. A mas- 
querade at the Moharam. 

ttf©;jf), t^iOcxJjjJi Jalipuni,Jaliyu- 
ni, see ^^c^^, 

ti© Jaldi, adv. Quickly, speedily, 

zs^Jalma, see a^c^. 2 honour. 
— Sb*5^ imprisonment for life- 
time. — ^^^> to di^onour. 

tat^U jjalmatta, see ^^^^^. 

taC^^^, ti^S^P Jalmiyuni, jal- 
mevuni (a^e^, »«3^), v. n. To 
be born, come into existence. 

^^^ Jalla^ s. A boatman's pole. 

ti© Jalli, s, A chaplet of flowers. 
2. anything dangling or hang- 
ing loosely. 3. boast, brag- 
ging. 4. broken stones, ^oouo 
d- clothes loosely worn. ^*— 
a chaplet of flowers ; flowers 
dangling down the head, etc. 
— ^^2^f>, — sro^T^^ to boast, 
brag. -aii^Tl)^ to wear flow- 
ers loosely; to suspend a 
garland of flowers. — cSeco^ 
flowers to hang loosely. 

wdoJooJj Jalliyuni (*^), v. n. 
To boast, brag. 

ut, ti?3djae3 JaUft, JallMollA, 


see QAo. 
t^fl, t)»2r$, tiSi^r^JavaneJavanei 

Javanye, <y. A youth, young 

javantana, javantana, javandigii 
Javandigi, s. Manhood, manli- 
ness, courage, hardiness. 

tj^c|, 'u^'U javandi, javandi, s. 
A young woman. 

tisici javana, see a^^?^. 

tirf* javali, see a&^v. 

fcisi5? javale, see aJ^^?. 

toSe)a javldi, ^. Civet. — rf i^^ 
a civet cat. 

txi;3e)c3^, tiS3e>cS javSni^ javliie, s. 
A peon. 2. a servant, porter. 

t3ae)e3^, t3nc)2oo javSb^, javibui 
s. An answer, reply. — #j»br^ 
to answer, reply. 

b^dirigi, Javabnd&rigd, s. Res-* 
ponsibility, accountability, 
liability. afssseDoosd a res- 
ponsible man. 

ta^* javuli, see aj'^v. 

tasST^Je)^^ javegodhi, s. Barley. 

tesici jawana, ^. Youth, virility, 
maturity; bet. o*?^^?^. — a^;) 
^^ to fade, get old. 

tesi(5 jawane, ^^ a^id 

t3V^^ jalaka, ^^^ a^c???. 

tjv^eov^ jalabala, ^. A noise made 
by agitating water; bubbling, 
as of boiling water. 

t^< jalla, see »© . 

23«)o* jSnki, ^. Prattling,^ chat- 
tering. Digitized by VjOOglt 


23e)of1 ja&jra 


t3e>c^ jSda 

t3e>ort?i jingati, see aft>Xo«. 
t3c)ori€) jangali, see a^o-h . 
t3e)o^(i Jantana, ^<?^ aape^c:^ ««^r 

Ke)o3Jo* jampaiT^, see toossS. 
t^5)ozo Jamba {^Wr. o/^fi^'S ^^, 
What will you do? what are 
you doing? 

23e)o2odoi jambavante, s. The 
king of bears. 2. a fat old 
man ; fern. 8«)ot5cx5 a fat old 

23e)o2o^ j&mbave, s, A bear. 2. 
a strong, bold man. 3. a hairy 

esrao^/^, 23e)ody7^ jimbigi, ji- 
anm^gJ, s. A flower twig of 
the wild jack. 2. a piece of 
coir rope used for igniting a 
gun, etc, 

t3e)o23 jimbe {abbr. of a^5oc5), 
What is he doing? 

t3c)oe3e3^ jambel^, adj. Large. 
— ^€ a large breast. 

23^*ci jakina, s. Regard of per- 
son. 2. partiality. 3. respect, 
consideration. 4. kindness, 
compassion; bet, o»t\^^ 

t3e)^ jiktft, see a^XoW. 

t3e)-3- j&ktiy see 8^e3?R>O30. 

t3e>n* jag^, ^. A place, dwelling, 
station. 2. space, room. 3. 
land, ground. 

tSDrioiS jagantJ, s. A circular 

t^rid, t3c)rfdcl jagara, jigarani. 
Si Waking, watchfulness. 

-535)sJ the eleventh day of the 
first half of the lunar month 
Kartika, which is observed 
by the Hindus as a day of 
fasting and wakefulness. —^ 
ci)^5> to be awake. — ^o«b ^ 
to keep awake. 

ts^r^r^sj^ jiginapattfty s, A kind 
of garment worn by females. 

essAfo^ ilgirii s. A rent-free 
land, a freehold ; cf. ouoeSiftV. 

^^f{ jige, see aft)f\. 

t3^r^3 jigrati, s. Caution, care- 
fulness, vigilence. 2. dili- 
gence, assiduity. -Cfdi^^, 
— ^^?i to be careful, cau- 

t3e)t3^, t3e)t3 jSj^, jiji, s, A ship. 

t3e)23 jaji^ s. The great flowered 
jasmine, Jasminum grandU 
florum, -^^ red chalk. -^ 
jasmine flower. 

t^t5^e)o;^o jijikayi, s. The nut- 
meg. — ^tJ the nutmeg-tree 
Myristica moschata. 

t3e)t33ii^ jajipatrft, s. Mace. 

t3c)a^ jad^, s, A broom, bisom. 

t3e>C3^rfo© jadfljualli, J. A sweep- 
er. 2. a scavenger. 3. a 
servant in charge of a travel- 
lers' bungalow. 

Z3e)Cicl J^ani, s. Purging, loose- 
ness of bowels. 2. sweeping. 
3. see TliJ^S. 

t3c)3^c3e)o3j jadadaye, see ksA 

»e)ci5jO jadapuri, s, A spider. 

mS^ jidi 


23^^ J&pi 

7^^ Jidi, s. A large earthen 

t3e)a5S?i jidipuni (^^), v, a. To 

shake off. 2. to sweep, clear. 
tsisarfod jidimale, see aaS^Joo . 

ts^d, Z3^ jade, V^l^> ^- A 

weaver. 2. a spider. 
-t3e)C^ jadya, ^. Carelessness, 

negligence. 2. sickness, 

disease. 3. heaviness. 4. 

folly, stupidity. 
tSe)^) Jina, ^. Skill, wisdom; cf. 

ai^^^. -^^^skilfulness, ability. 
t3e)ra-3- janaki, see as)?^*. 
t3«)P5e)0?^ janadigi, s. Cleverness, 

t3c)c3, tJc>c3 jani, jane, s. A wise 

t3S3^ jat^f, see o5)§. 2. jp^^ xs;^^, 

as&i jata, ^'. Born, produced. 
-J^-^T the ceremonies per- 
formed on the birth of a 

.23^;^^ jataka, ^. A horoscope. 
5^2^— a horoscope cast up 
without sufficient data, ^t^ 
re— a horoscope prognosticat- 
ing one's death. 

t3e><^ jftti, s. Kind, sort, class, 
tribe, caste. 2. birth. 3. social 
position, status. adj> Pure, 
unadulterated; superior, high- 
bred. -*^. -'^•i) the rules 
regulating a caste. — ^»i)p- 
ceremonies peculiar to a caste. 
— ^ocJot5 a horse of a superior 
breed. -i3^e=i, -^^ the mu- 

tual jealousy of castes. -^ 

— Oro^ the usage and custom 
of a caste. -^^^ -€a^croo&3 
an outcaste. — tJotj teak wood. 
— 3oec5 a man of low caste. 
-€wj.5) to lose caste. -5 :3 
^^ to excommunicate. — ^ *e 
t:94o) to admit into a caste. 
— oTOTi order of castes ; accord- 
ing to castes. 

Z3e)3, t3c)3'rf rfodjati, jatika mara, 
see Si^sS. 

i3ft)32J3j jatipatri, see a^oso^^S^. 

«e>35je> Jitiphala, J^^ aft)O90Tyso3^ 

t3e)l jatrft, ^. The annual festival 
of a temple; cf. cdj»*). — d 
sSdrfi the people attending a 
festival, pilgrims. 

t3e>n*, Z3^d) Jad^, Jada, 5. Sor- 
cery, conjuration. -»i)v>^^ 
to conjure. 

t3^D jMi, ^^ a«>a8. 

t3e)ci J*na, ^^^ 8%?^. 2. ^^ ^^' 

t3e)fi* janaki, ^. Sita, daughter 
of Janaka. 

t3e)ci jini, see ^^ 

t3c)5^?, t3e)ci)ci Jftnipuni, jSnuni, 
see ^^^^ 

t3c)fS jani, see troc5. 

Z3e)53e)5S? japSvuni, c.v. (o/^h^) 
To put down, as a load; to 
unload, lighten. 

t3e)2J^ japaka, see ai^75??. 

essSbci, t3e)^?i japini, JSpuni (&;>), 
V. n. To be unkaded^ light- 

, Digitized by VjOOQli 

23e)^ jipn 


^e)d jUe 

2?e>^ J&puy ^. A kind, sort, form. 
—aft)!^ different sorts. 

t2c)33a* Jipelj, J. Putting down, 
as a load. 2. unloading. 3. 
a stone pillar for placing 
a load temporarily. 4, a 
halting place. 

t3e)3:^ Jipya, s. Delay, loitering, 
^j^*. Slow, backward, linger- 
ing, loitering. 

ta^dyrt Jim^gA, see art)o85^. 

«3e)5i) jima, s. A watch ^r a 
period of three hours. — ci 
^^e^ a cock crowing at three 
in the morning; c/, art)£5. 

23e)^ae)c^ Jimadani, ^- ^ knap- 
sack; c/. 5»Xa!ft>id. 

t3^^Je)cS^ Jaminf, s. Bail, se- 
curity. — iTOoSo a surety, se- 

«3e)siwri Jamugi, see a^oeS^ 

t3e)»So jamei s. A cunning (7^* 
artful man. 8«>zii^^^ a 
great thief. 

t3e)02>0TO02k) jjiyikayi, j. The nut- 

e3e)0^c5^oao Jayinayi, s, A grey- 

t3e>oao3i^ Jayipatri, ^. Mace. 

t3i)o3o J5ye, ^^^ crooSsj. 

e3c)d, t3e)d^ Jara, Jaratva, ^. 
Adultery, incontinence. 

t3e>do?^ J5raig6, see fc;>03t 

e3e)do?^e3^ Jirangel?, s. Slip- 
periness, glibness, smooth- 

23^doZ3e)o3o Jirandtye, s. The 
name of a demon. 

t3^dt39^ Jlurajata> adj. Illegiti- 
e3e)Oe)5^Ji Jaravunl, c. v. {of a^ftfo 
^) To let slip. 2. to strip 
off, as clothes, etc,\ to bark, 
peel, flay. 3. to lop off, as 
the branches of a tree. 4. to 
steal. 5^5- to remove the 
thatching of a roof, rf^- 
to turn the cheek-bone by a 
slap. e3t)^^^ to leave the door 
ajar, i^d^k^ to throw earth, 
as into a pit, etc. or fill it 
with earth. . 

^e>0 Jari, s. Enforcement, exe- 
cution. — ?^iSilD^j ^z5o«bv^ to 
put into operation; to enforce, 

t^5)0r^ Jarigi, s. The Mysore gam- 
boge tree, Garcinia pictoria. 
— ?SV its fruit. — &»e* an ugly 

t3e>doc3e>o3o jlrunaye, s. An un- 
steady man, a backslider. 

e3e)tfoJj jaruni (s«)5), t).n. To 
slide, slip down; to move 
further. 2. to be slippery or 
smooth. 3. to tumble, fall 
down. 4. to be dislocated, 
as a limb. 5. to shrink, hesi- 
tate; to backslide. 6. to flee, 
run away. 7. to stretch, as 
the lobe of the ear etc. 

e3e)do5Ja jSrttpadi, see aft)2:5ra. 

t3e)d jire, s. An adulterer, 

e3?>d?3 Jarele, s. A f filft*l§r. 2, 

ta^rtr jirgA 


^oti^ jiojn 

an unsteady mas. 3. a back- 
slider. 4. a coward. 

la^rtr J&rgi, see a»C)^ 

t3e) Jr, ts^cSr JirtJ, JSrdi, J. The 
sign Scorpio, the eighth Tulu 

t3c)3ira jarpadi, s. Running 
away, decampment, retreat. 
^^Kf^^ to run away, decamp ; 
to sUnk, escape. 

t3^o* ja^, s. A thrashing floor. 
2. a courtyard. 

tSe)^ Jala, s. A net. 2. the lattice 
of a window. 3. magic, con- 
juration, illusion. 4. pride. 
csiorf)- producing, by magic 
art, supernatural appear- 
ances. i^Seorf^ bringing into 
existence, by sorcery, any 
thing required. 

t3^e;o* Jalar^, s. A fringe, net- 
work. 2. the borders of a 
garment, eU. 

t3c)Oe) iala, see iw©^. 

t3e)eTS)og^ j&lindra, s. Any wood 
work with bored holes. 2. 
an ornament worked into 
small perforations or holes. 

t3c)®^U JUikatta, J. Black 
stripes on the throat of a 

»?)Osg)JiJalipuni, see 7^e5^^. 

t3e)€)5i)d Jilimara, s. The tree 
Ocymum gratissimum. 

t3e)^ Jili, ^. Heat. 2. burning 
sensation. 3. pity, compas- 
sion, sorrow; cf. aftj^A 

TS^^^zf JivakaU^, s. A block of 


stone by the road-side to 
rest a load upon, a porter's 

t3e>sJtfocSo3j5vabidur6, s. A grass- 

t3e)ria Jivadi, s. A kind of verse. 
2. see t5«)oi2^ 

t3^dv^c3^03j Jfivalaniyi, s, A wolf- 

eSc)S3^s;J9 Javfivuni, see afi)S35)4)^. 

Z^e>^rt, t3e)5^rt Jlvlgft, JlVUgft, ^^ 

t3e)5S c^ Javuni (»«>), ^^^ a^^^- 

e3c)Se3^ Javel^, see ^t€. 

t3^^ Jisti, s. Increase, addition. 
2. injustice, violence. -5 di^^ 
r«o^ to take by force, -s:^* 
Ti)^ to speak in a violent 
tone, to abuse. — t1)«^o> to 
force, compel; to increase, 
promote; to raise, as rent e^c, 

e3e)3oo*Jahir^,^. Representation, 
showing, informing. adj\ Ob- 
vious, plain, clear. -efL^ 
to become known ; to be clear 
-^^'j^^ to explain, inform. 

23e)V^ Jil?, see aj^6. 

t3e)^ ra j&kshana, ^^^ °5^t\^- 

^o'S Jinki, ^. An antelope. 

e3onD Jingiri, ^^^ eSo-hj. 

t3ot3 Jinja, see ooa;. 

23ot3e)S3)?i Jinjavuni, see oo8i;>4^. 

23oe3rt JinJigA, ^^^ aSoo^^ 

eSotiOji Ji^Juni, ^^^ Doa^ilgl^ 

^ozi jinda 


tSd jirJ 

zSocJrraji, e3oan«>Ji Jindagani, 
Jindigani, s. Treasure, trea- 
sury, wealth. 

t3oart JindigA, s. Property, 
estate. tirL- moveable pro- 
perty. -^Ti- immoveable pro- 

23o(3, tSocS^S Jinne, Jinnesvarei 
s. The name of a personage 
peculiar to the Jaina sect, 
who is ranked by them as 
superior to the gods of other 
sects. 2. a teacher. 3. a 

t3o2005 Jimbuni, see a^oowo?). 

t3o2JO0, tioCi Jimboliy Jimbli^ see 

t3orfo jimma, ad^zf. Suddenly. 

t3oaS jinhJ, see aS^i^. 

23*0* Jikiry, ^. Care, anxiety. 

2. interference, 
^rt Jiga, see SX. 

drteSrt, eSAeSn Jigajiga, Jigijigi, 
s. The jingling noise of danc- 

23ne)0* Jigir^r ^^^ 2^7^^. 
z3«e> 7i JiiJnasa, s. Asking, inquir- 
ing. 2. search, investigation. 
t3U jitti, see t^ij^. 
23^0. Jittu, see aJouo^. 

23B^ Ji^U, s. A lump, unshapen 

tScS Jidi, see a^zl 
t3c^, 23rf Jidd^, Jidda, s. Kanci- 

dity, mustiness. adj. Rancid, 

musty. 2. see d5 . ^oijoie 

rancid oil. 

23a Jiddi, adj. Back, postern. 
^. A small, raised platform. 
-e35)*^ a back door ; a small 

23:i Jiddft, s. A kind of mortar. 
2. see a85^ «)t)^s^_ a 
wooden mortar for pounding 

23^ Jita, adj. Conquered, sub- 
dued, overcome, —^js^ learn- 
ing a lesson by heart. — e^^ 
a disposition under discipli ne ; 
a firm mind. 

e3i?o0^o3o Jitendriye, s. One who 
has subdued his passions. 
2. an ascetic. 3. a sage. 

^io^^t jittekalli, see dii^v^ under 

^zf Jiddy, s. Enmity, hatred. 
23ne>23c3* Jiddyidd^, s. Mutual 

tSciJ Jiddu, see a85 . 

^^?fy zi^T^ Jin^s^, Jinasy, s. 
A thing) article, goods, pro- 

ti^TS^ti Jin^sSra, s. Variety, 
diversity, adj. Various, di- 

tSwtfo, eSeoooj, 22200^0 Jibalu, ji- 
bulu, Jibulu, s. Boiled, tender 
areca nuts. 

23200* jibuli, s. A kind of boys' 
game, similar to hopscotch. 

232a jibba, see ^^. 

23oe)nJc)6 Jirisali, see ^e^;*>«3. 

236 Jiri, adj. LitUe, small. -i»6 
light redpdbyCiO ^ 

^^ jn^j 


e3(rf Jiva 

tB^ot^ Jil»mbi, see 8io<!o5a 
t3®23® jilijili, ^. Splashing. 
tSeS??:), z3©^jaebi, Jilbi, ^. A kind 
of sweetmeat; also aS€>83o, 

Z3ex);3), zS^too, t3^ Jilupu, Jilu- 
bu, Jilpu, s. Locks of hair left 
above the ear as an ornament. 

z3^Jiljni, see 8ioe;oSo. 

t3o|^ , 23^ Jilla, JillJ, s, A district, 

e3o|>i3?^J32oa JillStigobbu, s. A 
Knd of gamjB ; c/, cl^. 

tS^ p jUlya, -y. A curl. — oet^^ to 
dress the hair in curls; c/. ^c^. 

23a§ JihvJ, s. The tongue. 

t3? Ji, a^j' Small, little, short. 
— ??ja?o a short legged fowl. 
— c^^js)^ a dwarf. — ?roo3o a 
lapdog ; a small kind of dog. 

t3?5^ Jik^, ^. Creaking, as san- 
dals, shoes, etc. when walking 
in them. —^ ^^^ creaking 

23^83?^ Jitigfe, ^. A torch, flam- 
beau. — o3cAd a torch-bearer. 

23;3* Jit^, s. Advantage, gain. 
adf. Profitable, advantageous. 
-o^Oj^ to win, gain. 

e3?c3*, 23? Ji Jin^, Jini, s. A saddle. 
.-^WD^?), -sTOTio^ to saddle. 

tS^c^ jina, ^^*. Niggardly, parsi- 
monious, stingy. — ^c^ parsi- 
mony, stinginess. 

e3?c! Jine, s. A miser, niggard. 

23?3g9 Jipnni, see De&^. 

23?dciO jlradari^ ^. The seed 
Cuminum Cyeninum. 

t3?d?oe)€ jirasili, ^. A superior 
kind of rice, a fine table rice. 

t3?0rt Jirigi, see eSexicit). ^jd^*. 
Small, short. -tSoooe^, — ^kSoo^ 
a small species of capsicum 
(perhaps bird-pepper) of a 
stronger taste than other sorts. 

zS^doJi jiruni, see J\fi^^ 

tS^d jire, s. A hero, brave man. 

t3?6se)d, 23es3e)rd jirevalft, jir- 
valJ, s. A wasted palm-leaf. 
2. a worn out ear-ornament, 

tS?rtr Jirgft, see a3eC)^. 

'd^^T jirna, s. Digestion. adj\ 
Digested. 2. tattered, old, 
worn out ; cf. t\^^- — ^^ the 
power of digestion. — e^Sb^ 
to be digested; to be worn 
out, reduced. -iSos^^o^S) to 

t3?rarq5e)d, t3eciJe)?Fn^ ti Jirna- 
dhara, Jirnoddhara, s. Bepara- 
tion, renovation. 

e3?flr jlrni, see 38?r©r. 

tS^cSrO Jirdari, see aSex^cit). 

23?cir Jirna, see aSecor. 

^^7^t6 Jirsali, see aSex^steA 

t3$sj Jiva, ^. Life, existence. 
2. vitality, strength. 3. a 
living creature. — ess^XS, 
-esSXS languor, prostration. 
— ci XoB dear, fond. — ^e»i 
full of life; fresh. — iroo* 

?3^d Jiva 


t^ootoo lamba 

lifeless. -cJ •io^r fainting. 
— ^=?fAFXo at the risk of life. 
-Cflb^ to be quickened, ani- 
mated. -^s?L^, -^^^. -z3 
^» to take away life, to 
kill. — ^^*)r©o^, — dd«r«o^ to 
commit suicide; to bother 
oneself, —tj^^^ to be animat- 
ed; to spring, sprout. — x»t1)^ 
to swoon, faint; to be alttrm- 
ed. — *e2b^ to die, expire. 
— ftDoJ^S) to die; to endeavour, 
aspire after. — lio^'o^^ to 
revive, renovate, —^c^^ to 
be envious. c3e©g- vital pow- 
ers. a^e^X'i 35e»5 Aabr^ to 
help at the risk of one's life. 

t3?rfoi Jivante, s. A living man. 

zS^^^^y e3?rf*5? Jiyakali, Jiva- 
kaliy s. Animation, vitality. 

to animate, i. e. consecrate 
an idol. 

23(^9e)oS jivakante^ s. A hus- 

t3e55i5^e^ Jivakala, s. The life- 
time, existence. 

^3esispe)2i, t3?d??^^rt Jivaghita, 
jivaghataga^ s. Danger to life. 
2. murder. 3. treachery. a3erf 
^ji^^ a murderer ; a betrayer, 
treacherous man. 

t3?rftioi) jivajantu, s. A living 
creature, animal. 

t3?rfz3e)ci jivadina, s. Gift of life. 

^3^5jcra5 jivad&si, s. Care for life. 

23;d(j jivanay s. Subsistence, 

livelihood. 2. life, existence. 
8. means of sustenance. -^^ 
^ to deprive one's means of 
livelihood, ^-d^^^^ to live; 
to earn one's livelihood; to 
follow a trade. 

23(dc^$ jivanathe^ s. A hus- 
band. 2. Yama. 

e3?ri5i:e>fi jivamana, s. Duration 
of life, lifetime. 

e3?dTOj jivarali, s. The animal 
kingdom, living creatures. 

e3;d;^o^2J jivasankada, s. Fa- 
tigue, weariness. 2. languor, 
exhaustion, -e^b^ to be fa- 
tigued, exhausted. 

z3(dnJe>N jivasthana, s. A vital 

e3?;3e>^jivatma, s. The sentient 
soul, spirit. 2. life; cf. s^pt. 
a3esro^ man, as a sentient 

t3?3e)Ci jividi, s. Living crea- 
tures, animal kingdom. 

t3(^d^ d jivakshara^ s. A vowel. 

^?^ jivi, s. A living creature. 
2. a worm, an insect. 

zS^:^i jivita, adj\ Living, alive, 

tSe^rfjJi jivisuni (a8eC)!3), v.n. 
To live, exist, subsist. 

^?«d Jivu, see ti^^ 

tioofcijo Jumjum, see a^oSoa^oSa 

twotJOci Jumbuni (a^o^), v. n. 
To suck, sip, lick. 

t^otooO, tiooejj^jambuliyjamba- 
11, see €k)Z^c, ^ 

ti^ozi:^ jumma 


t^^ jndi 

t^ijodo Jumma,^. A sudden stun- 
ning or smarting sensation. 

tioodo Januiii> s. Custody, 

2^o0&>) Jufiyi, s. A boiling or 
bubbling noise. 

t^ia^D^oO^ Jukasuni (aiow)?3), 7/. n. 
To nod, be drowsy, sleepy. 

ts3j^o3 Jukuti, see cdoo^. 

t^ij^o, jukku, ^. A measure of 
seren sticks in a game. 

tiwrt Juga, s. A pair. 2. twins. 
3. see aiooX. 

tiorrao*, tssorvsO Jugar^i Jugiri, J. 
Gaming, gambling. —^^ 
c5»o3j a gamester, gambler. 
— ^ejo^^ to gamble. 

taoUo. juttu, s. A tuft of hair of 
the head, cue. — ^uo^?), — XoQ 
zjsitL>?i to tie the hair into a 

u^d JuddA, see ^tS^. 

tdjea Jubba, s. A short jacket. 

txiJtjOL Jubbu, s. A spheroid, 

ta^z^z^^ junyum, s. Numb- 
ness, sleeping of the limb. 
2. a throbbing pain. 3. horri- 
pilation. — c?fco> a limb to be 
benumbed; to be horrified; 
to feel pain, as when a boil 

t^j^ljdS:) Jumadi; s. A demon so 

tiosijow Jumula, see ao»^. 

tdjol^jfuniinay see s^osi}. 

twd^^JununA, see a^oo&x 

ttfjdo jumla, s. Total, whole. 
twOjortoJi Jumnguni (a^TiioK), 
V. n. To hesitate, be reluctant. 
tiJdJSiJSfS Juruxninft, see aoew 

tdOOT)2oo Julabu, s. Purging, 
looseness of bowels. 2. a 
purgative. — c?Jb?) to purge. 
-Jijihr^ to administer a pur- 
gative. —^%^ to take a 
purgative. —*e2i^ to suffer 

. from looseness of bowels. 
CA)m>j^— vomiting and diar- 
rhoea, cholera. 

t30®d, tioe;ocg), tiOOJ^Julipi, Ju- 
lupu, julpu, see ^<yo^. 

tswex)rf^, t;ij^>^Julum5i, Julmu, s. 
Oppression, tyranny, injus- 
tice: also &Joew^, 8tfo«3,. ^a?;)^ 
tyrannical procedure, violent 
measures. ' 

Julaman6> Julmanf ^ Julmand^ s, 

A fine, penalty. —^1^^ to 

tiOCJcia juvadi, see a3es»o. 
t530S3c)* juvili, s. A kind of reed. 
tdjv^tiov^ jul^jul?, s. The noise 

of falling water. 
t!iJe)t3, toJ«)tij jiiji, juju, s. Gaming, 

a wager, as with cocoanuts. 

— ^WOj?> to gamble. — t^tJ a 

gambler. — c$ Tfj5>e^ a fighting 

tsiJeib^, toJe)Wi jut?, jfttu, s, A lie, 

tJJsa^rtS judii^ti^(W,^i?^ kind 

uj^^ Juti 


^ Jen? 

of tobacco imported from 

the Ghauts. 
taJS^ juti, s. Shoes. 
tiJd^ jul^, s. The cover of a 

saddle, horse-cloth. 
t3Je)£) juli, s. A funnel, pipe, 

spout. — ci 3^ a distilling pot 

with a pipe, -e^owo a pot 

with a spout. 
^02^0*, zSowo© jembil^, jembuli, 

see diozxiC. j-iegg. 

eSo23 jembfe, adj. Insipid, taste- 

^^d jekwii ^^ ^^d«^- 

eS*^ jekkel^, ^^<? ^%€. 

tSrt Jegi, ^^ »5^. 

2Sn^ jegg?, ^^ ^^. 

tSrt jegge, see &i5j^. 

eSy^ jetti, see asfcSj. 

2Sa jedi, ^. A speck in the eye; 

tSasg)^ jedipuni, ^^^ fti^L^. 2. 

2S:I jed6, see a^tS. 

j22g|^5, sS^^iFci jeppuni, jerpuni 
(«S), z^. «. To lie down. 2. to 
sleep, rest; also sSJ^rw?). 

22£ jeppft, s. . The last cowrie 
put in an empty bole of a 
playing board (t^ocS^tf) at 
the end of one's turn. 

zSdo Jemi, see a^^. 

eSo^ jer?, see tSeS. ' ^^^^ 

23^. jishti, ^. Misfortune, cala- 

2S^o^are)53)?i jenkivuni, <:. v. {of «Seo 
tfo?i) To detain, stop. 2. to 
delay, put ofif. 

sS^o'rfo? jenkuni (^eo^, v.n. To 
delay, be deferred. 2. to 
hesitate, waver; ^. ieo^o^. 

^S^o'^ jenkft, ^^^ ^eo^. 

e§?a jedi, s. Glutinous clay, 

chalk, a kind of white earth ; 

also fi(^ 
2S?D jedi, it. past part, of ^^ 

or *^^ 
eS^^S, tS?2oo Jepu, jebu, s. A 

eS?o^ jer^, -f. A Pariah's child. 
2S?o^, sS^ti jer^, jera, ^. Descent, 

declivity, precipice. 
?2?D*©e)Oao jer^kayi, see 3^?5tj«>09o. 
eS^e^jF jerlu, s. Pariah children. 
tS^^J) jevu, ^. A child. 2. a lad, 

youth. c?f®- a male, man. 

^fi- a female, woman. 
^^^ jel?, see %€. 
^§5^ jeshta, J^^ JSgesi^. 
«g?3^si)q5o jeflhtamadhu, ^<^ 5*^?^^ 

2S?3| jeshte, ^^ «ge^. 

e|^c5e)S^7^ jemadigi, s. Abstinence 
from meat and liquor. 

2&f5 jeine, ^. A Jain. 

2S\S3e>ci jeipaaa, adj. Invulne- 

?^5j?i, ?^;io J) jeipuni, jeisuni (*^, 
V. a. To conquer, win, be 

23)Oo^ jeimini^ s. A sage so called. 

"S^ jeily, s. A jail, prison. 

e3jdo^ jfonki 


As^^d^ jddu 

A©o'^, eSj^o^Q^ jonki, jonkelj, 

J. A bunch, cluster, 
^oxid, 2§Jdo^S jompadi, jom- 

pudi, s, A shed, hut. 
tiftrtj Joggu, J^ a^K. 
?iisri) d joggura, ^aie^*. Oyerripe. 
tSje)3 jot6, J^^ a^*. 
22j8^ jottft, /«J/ /. ^ srf^^ (7r 

-d;?)^ jollJ, s. Spittle; 5/; jS;©^. 

2Sje>^o^^ jompudi, see A^osja. 

jSjs^^o joku, s. Ostentation, dis- 
play; vanity, foppery. 

dJS^^osis^ jokum^, s. Danger, 
risk. adj. Dangerous. 

52jb?1^o^o jokulu, s. Children; 
c/". A&e4' Ase^ovsfcS^ childish- 

tSs©?^ J6k6, ^. Care, heed, cau- 
tion; safety. — Ti)««^^ to take 

^J5?r( joga, s. Abstraction of 
mind; see o3«eK — CfSb^ to 
be in ecstasy. — wbr^ to 
be seized with demoniac 

tSJe)?r^osi) Jogamma, s. A female 

tSje)?r(d jjogattJ, s. Sitting cross- 
legged. — jpodoo^^ to sit on 

jSjS^A Jogi,^. A religious, mendi- 
cant. 2. the name of a caste. 
3. the name of a man; also 

t3ja?r^3ion*r Jogipamd^j, s, A 
kind of fruit. 

?2-j«)?n^^r Jdgipurse, ^. The 
name of a demon. [flower. 

^?Ac;2P Jogipu, s. A kind of 

^Je)er\siod Jogimara, ^. The por- 
tia tree, Thespasta populnea; 
also 3Sj8?7\ e^ rfrf -^Ti, 

?3^?rio jogu, s. A water-fall, 
cataract. [vessel. 

29j«>eriorS Joguni, s. A drinking 

jSja^rt)^, dj^erto* Jogula,j6guli, 
s. A lullaby. 

2iQ?ti35^ciiJj jojapaduni (-csS), 
V. a. To sing a lullaby; to lull. 

dJe)?e3aJoo Jj, tSj^etw^JoJiyuni, jo- 
juni (AaeaS, A©?^), v. n. To 
lull to sleep. 

eSjei^^? Jojo, intj\ expressive 
of blessings Be happy, etc. 
It terminates every song of 
certain lullabies. 

e§Jc)^S3 J6ti, s. A plait. 

eSjSfzirf JodanJ, s. Joining, unit- 
ing, union, collecting. * -^ 
^o^o) to join; to get ready, 
prepare. [eSj^e^ 

2Sjc)?C3e)5bci Jodapini, see under 

ti©?C3e)sSJi Jodavuni, c. v, (0/^^ 
acdoo^) To make join, unite. 

eSjSi^a jodi, see ^^rid, 

2Sja?art Jodigft, see *»e^88. 

?2vJe>?a^c^ jodipuni (^e2^), v. a. 
To join, pair, unite. 

^^aoix)^ Jodiyuni (A«?5), v. n. 
To be joined, united. 

?Sje)?rfo Jddu, s. A pair, yoke, 

match, couple. 2. a pair of 

sandals, adj. Equal, like. 

— tfijaeTio two and two. —^h^ 


T^j^^d Jodne 


ta^^ jnini 

AfiezJ^b^ to join, couple, pair. 
-•i35;b^^ to join, pair, unite. 
2. to assist, countenance, pa- 
tronise. ^^— a pair of gloves. 
cssj^^ a pair of slippers. 
&O90— a pair of stockings. 
As^^d Jodne, see ^^riA. 


diSe3c)rioJi Jotaduni (tfiaes^S), 
V. n. To wave, move, oscillate, 
dit)?^ joti, see AigeS. 

&i3e^*'J«>?«>i Jotikolu, s. A long 
walking stick. 

^(35^, e§ie)e3?o jotiBha, Jotisa, 
see Aage^M- 

22>i«^33Sg Jotiflhye, see Aa^^sSg. 

?Sj5)?^ Jotra, see d^e^. 

«2j»?cirt Jonage, s, A wicked per- 
son; a lewd fellow. 

2S>Jeiesia jopadi, see eJ^ozsa. 

t2jS)^sic5, 2SJ5?3i?i(i, do^s^ci Jo- 
pane, Jopasana, Jopana, s. Care, 
circumspection, adj. Cau- 
tious, careful, -^^^'o^^ to 
take care of; to keep care- 

e3vie);;j3e)c3;^d Jomllesara, s. A 
kind of gold necklace. 

eSj^eo^ joyi, see ^i^. 

2Sjs?oao;5j6yi8e, s. An astrologer. 

^Sjei^djora, see sSeS/ 

eSjsedi, tSj»?Ue)dO Joru, Jorivari, 
s. Force, pressure, violence. 
2. importunity. 3. power, 
strength. 4. severity, harsh- 
ness; also *Ae5, «Si9e5. — ef£>?> 
to become importunate; to 
become powerful, to be af- 

fected with liquor, tobacco, 
etc.; to be harsh. — w^^ to 
be hard, —zid^^ to force, 

jSje)?^ Jola, see «Ae^. 

«Sjei?e;oA Jdlangi, see c?Wo7^. 

;Sj2;e7e>U Jolata, s. Oscillation, 

e§Je)?©, ?iQ?£)?^ Joli, Joligi, s. A 
small bag for receiving alms. 
2. a piece of cloth suspended 
by a woman down her shoul- 
ders to carry about her baby 
in it. 

?Sja(t>o Join, adj. Soft, moist. 
2. pendent, flapping. —^% 
a soft or moist kind of jag- 

22>Jei?^ Jovu, ^. A child, baby, 
youth, youngster. 2. a fe- 
male child. -9^0^, efte*o«<o 

A©^^ Jola, s. The great millet, 
Sorghum vulgare. e90^ a 
small kind of millet. Sorghum 
saccharatum^ the Chinese su- 

«2j5?* Joli, see rR^eO. 

diSJ?*, el©?*rt Joli, JoligA, su 

t3^*Jouli, s. Cloth. -TOO&) a 
'cloth merchant, draper. 

t3^5? Joul6, adj. Tasteless, insipid. 

eSc) ci Jnaaa, s. Knowledge, wis- 

^e>^ Jnani, s. A wise, learned 

man, a sage. 


ts^fjj Tninn 


di:pe)^ jhima 

239 fl)t^ Jninnni, see ^^^^^ 

zs^BZi^ Jnlpaka^ s. Memory, re- 

«^?^ Jyeshtlia, s. The third 
lunar month, adj. Best, ex- 
cellent. 2. elder-born; c/. 

^^^^ ^^ JyeshthamadhOi s. Li- 
quorice root. 

t^?35 jyeshthe, s. The eighteenth 
lunar mansion. 2. an elder 
sister. 3. the goddess of 
poverty (^«5c^^, misfortune. 

t^(3S jfyeshthe^ s. The elder son 
or brother. 

^5?^ JyS**> -^^ Liglit? lustre. 
2. a star. — ^^ astrology. 

«2j^?3^ Jyotisha, s. The science 
of astronomy ; astrology. 

^^?33§^ Jyotishye, ^ An astro- 
nomer, astrologer. 

uti Jvara, see ^m. 

i3^o^siiojajva&nukhi,J. A vol- 

23^6 jvil6, s. Flame. 2. heat, 
warmth. 3 . inflammation . 


dp jha, The twenty-second letter 

of the alphabet. 
dipo9e)d jhankara, see dpeo^T^. . 
t^oxi^o Jhamjham^ see c(jpSj 

^^ [^^. 

dpoSa^d^ jfhampetala^ see ^o-^ 

dl:p«c)05o;!i)Ji Jhakayisuni (o^oro 
oa)^), v.n. To bluster, tyran- 

dprtdprt Jhagajhaga, s. Brilli- 
ancy, -^oe^^ to shine bril- 

xi^T\^ Jhagala^ see a^Xc^. 

Ti^T^^ Jhaggane, adv. Quickly, 

hastily. — iSooe^^ to flash, 

as lightning. 
d::pb9^l3 Jhatapati, see ^^^hi, 
dl:pa3, dp^ jhaditi, Jhadti, s. 

Examination, as of accounts. 

2. search, rummage. 


di:pS^^ Jhadipuni^ see oi^h^i. 

d:pf^d:pP5^, dprij^dprf^ Jhaini- 

Jhan^j, Jham^jham^j, s. The 

tinkling of ornaments when 

di¥>s5oD Jhameri, see a^5. 
dpO Jhari, s. A spring. 2. a 

cascade, waterfall. 
dl:po^ jhall^, s. Sudden terror. 

2. palpitation. 
dpo^, d4Je>ae> Jhadj, Jhada, s. 

Settlement t^r payment in full. 

2. completion, termination. 

-e^Ji^ to be settled or paid 

fully, to be over, finished. 

-^^^ to pay entirely, to 

dcpdC^cS jhadane, see 8^^i& 
ci^rfj, d^j^d Jhima, ihlv2L,psee 


dcpe)^ jhila 


kifn> taka 

d43e)tJO^, d43s)^0lhalarf,jhUari| 

see a»©5. 
d4Je).«rt jhAligi, see AutC. 

&p(o9e>d Jheikara, s. The buz- 
zing (7r humming of bees. 
&pJ3?osJa jhompadi, see A«o252^ 

rsc na, The twenty-third letter of 
the alphabet. 

'SOo^c^, 'so^ nann\j, nakk^j, s. 
Crushing, bruising into a 
jelly or mass. —^2:^ to be 
crushed into a mass. — ^ 
^0^^ to crush into a mass. 

'SO^'sr^ nakkanakka, adv. Quick- 
ly, swiftly; coarsely. 

'SC'iM, 'sorlsifej^ nakkat^, nagar 
pat^, adj. Lean, thin, stunted, 

rsct^ nappJ, see rspcs^. 2 



'soo^'sro^ nar^ar^, 

2. ^^^ SiSc^TJO. 



'srd'srrf, 'sr* r'sr^r naranara,nar- 
kanarka^ adj. Slight, little* 
— t5ec5 slight pain. 

'ST^r narke, see e^^r. 

'snsJ^'sn^S*, '3r5j^?*'so^*navu- 
linapulij nolinappali, adi/. In- 
discriminately. — S^^ to eat 

rsc^^ nani, see a^^ 

'3p8je)o2So nonnu, o^*. Shrivelled^ 

rs/fiJ^^C noli, ^. Anything sticky^ 
gummy glutinous, viscous. 
2. saliva. —Tiri Aloe Ittoralis^ 
—v^iSo^ to vomit' phlegm. 

y ta, The twenty-fourth letter 

of the alphabet. 
^0^*^0=5* tank^tankv, s. Pit-a- 

pot, twang, as of a wire, etc. 
kiov^ tankana, s. Borax. 
l!oT5^?3e5^ tankasali, see T^o3?7ted. 
lio^e)C^ taikar^ see ^^^. 
Uc'S^o tanku, ^. The twang of a 



iiorf tang^, s. A saddle girth. 

UotSf^ tantanfi s. A noise made- 
in sounding a brass vessel^ 
eic.^ with the knuckles. 2. the 
striking of a clock. 

l3«e>oaj?uwJi takayifluni, see t^ 

y^^o^, ii^e)0 takar^i, takiri, see 

y^ takk^ 


13?^ tik^ 

'i3^, U^a takkf, takku, see 

13* takke, ^^ ^^. 

tirio^ tagaJT^i '^- A ram. 

i3^ tappa, flrfz'. Flatly. -535) 

, zio^ to drop down flatly, -eo© 
xi)S) to fall flatly. 

iisTO^a^ tappfl?, ^. The post. 
2. a relay of bearers, bullocks, 
etc.\ also M^. — ^«j the post- 
office. — TOXa3 a letter-paper; 
a post-letter. - ^osJotS a post- 

WsJofcS, y^ tamatJ, tamki, s. A 
tambour. 2. proclamation by 
beat of tomtom. — c55>^o^ to 
proclaim in such a manner. 

i3ae)0^?i)5i tariyisuni, see ^usoa) 

l3Dc)dfl taravanS, see '^^'^^. 
Urid tavani, see ^^rf. 
13;3, y^, tasft, ^flsS, see ^A 
^0^ tinkf, s. The nib of a 

pen. 2. basting down a 

stuffed bed, to make it secure. 

— sstId?), — ^o^5j»tl3S) to nib a 

pen; to baste down a stuffed 

l3e>o^c^^, too^t^ tftnkanfj tanka- 

lUj see 633?^f®. 
irsto* tanki, ^. A trough, or 

i3i)o*t^ tSnkini, see to^fi. 

iji)^R*, to^c?^ takanij, takani^, 
^. A Pegu pony. 

k^, takotik^, adj. Quick, hur- 
ried, hasty. 
ta)fl, te)r9o tane, tinya, see -^t^. 

fc3e)o5, te)Qgi)^d, i3e)33 tipu, ta- 

pupituvft, tape, s. Banishment, 
transportation, —^h^ to be 
punished with transportation. 

Irao^ tary, see 35>5. 

Irad tara, see ttoS. 

fejc)S^, te)5Sl3?r5)P3^ tavu, tavu- 

tikanj, see -^^ 
fcje)^ tali, s. A lie, deceit. 
te'P^g^ talipuni (^^), ^^ a. To 

deceive, cheat; ^. ^^c^?^. 
iioTj* tink^, ^. The sound of a 

stringed, musical instrument, 

as a guitar, etc.\ also fe5o-*r5. 
JjtC^JizSP* tii^tiAVj ^' Tinkling. 
U^ tik^, s. The sound, as of 

a pendulum. -e^S^^ to tick. 
83?fe)E^, li^rarS tikanj, tikani, 

13*, tikki, s. Hitting one marble 
with another in a game of 
marbles. — ssail)?) to hit a 

83^ tikke, see ^^. 

i3U^ tittibha, s. A lapwing. 

\itt rl tippani, ^. A commentary; 
an explanatory note. 

13?^ tibbi, see iSej^. 

Jig tilli, s. The spleen, milt; 

83^=5*, 63^^o tik^, tiku, s. Mean- 
ing, interpretation, glossary. 
Be*rfb5> to transkte.^inter- 

Diqitized by VjOOSi It 

pret, explain. 


83^=5* tik? 


Oe)r5 th&na 

13?^ tik^, ^^^ ^e^- 

13^3- tiki, s, A small precious 
object; a small bell; c/, ^^. 
-^rf a gold necklace. 

iJ?5j tipu, s. A stitch; a/^^ feSe^O 
^c^ — 3533^0^ to stitch. 

e3?;D tivi, see ©es. 

iJj^sxUj^^, Uo^jj^ tukkutukku, 
tuktukf , adv. Rapidly, quick- 
ly. -e;»Xogs> to dart, flit, fly. 

i3o'^?3e)€, ^09^^ tenkasali, t^nk- 
salJ, see T^o^sted. 

i3?siRe>^, tSe^rS tevanati, teva- 
ni, see "^eo^^roS. 

^oi^ tonka, s. The loins, hip. 

-5^^, -535)ri)?> to hop, leap 

on one leg. 
Bje)&i^ toppi, s. A cap, hat, ^r 

helmet. 2. fraud, cheating. 

3. failure, defeat, -^h^ to 

fail. — oebsj a hat to put cfe. 

— C3rl)5> to cheat. 
tSJS^o, tollu, see zSas^o . 
iSjs?^, aJe)^^o ^ok^, toku, ^. 

Cash, ready money. 2. total, 

aggregate; also ttdeoa'o, ttae^. 

— 75r«si money in cash. — tI© 

335030 total rupees. 

^ tha, The twenty-fifth letter 
of the alphabet. 

^0'^?^^^ thankasild, s. A mint. 

•^^e)05o?iifi thakayisuni (^w>ow 
5j), zf. ^. To deceive, cheat. 
2. to gain time by false re- 

d^c)D thakari, adj. Spurious, 
false, counterfeit. — -siw^j a 

^^, ^^a thakkfli, thakku, s. 
Kssimulation, deceit, pre- 
tence, hypocrisy, fraud. -^?J 
chicanery; hoaxing. — 33fJ^^ 
to lie; to pretend. ^^^j!> to 
cheat, deceive, defraud. 

^i^ thakke, s. A cheat, dissem- 

cJrto* thagar?, see wX5. 


^Oe)05j2i);^ tharayifluni (^teoso^j), 
V. a. To compose, execute 
any literary work. 2. to fix, 
determine, settle. 

dirarfpS tlwtf^vane, s. Composi- 
tion, combination of the 
parts of any literary work or 
discourse; diction, style* 2. 
settlement, determination. 

d^fl thavand, s. Simple and 
compound addition. — ^j»ro> 
4?> to add up figures, -ca 
rki^ to write down figures for 

d;S, d^ ih&aif thassi, s. A seal, 
stamp. 2. stamp duty. — w> 
Xa3 a stamp paper. 

0e)r9, Ue)r^ th&na, th&nya, ^. A 
place, station; lodging; a 
garrison, police-station. 

u^xf tharf 


ziii, dakka 

s^C3^ thar^, adv. At one stroke; 

completely, fully. 
0^^ thava, s. A place, abode, 

lodging. 2. cause, occasion; 

also T?«)^&v9fi. 

©7e)?^, ^e)rl thikanf^ thikini, 
* J. Resort, residence, station. 

2. means, room, opportunity. 
©C-S^, ©^^0 thik|j, thiku, adj. 

Proper, fit. 2. exact, complete. 

3. true, -ss oio§5 a sumptuous 

©?5g thlpu, see fe5e^. 

©^O thivi, s. Ostentation, dis- 
play. 2. condition, state. 3. 
gait, figure, mien. 

3o^e)d, 5?o^e)rf thenkara, then- 
kira, s. The twang of a bow. • 
2. haughtiness, pride. 

S(SJE96)<B, Se^rS thevanati, the- 
vani, s. Deposit of cash. 2. 
ready-cash. 3. keeping money 
in a bank, ~oe&^^ to deposit, 
keep money in a bank. 


d da, The twenty-sixth letter of 
the alphabet. 

d da, a conditional particle af- 
fixed to verbs^ signifying: 
If. e^oSo ei*^Ti if he should 
come. »^r«rf if he does not 

do dam, see ^Sj. 

cio^ , cSo^, c^o'S^cS da&k^, danka, 
dankani, s. A large, double 
drum. *^ov5C33^ a drummer. 

cio^e)d dankSra, s. The sound of 
a double drum. 

doa daiki, see <^o^. 

cSoTi^, ziorto dangy, dangu, ^. 
Surprise, wonder, —^h^ to 
be surprised, stunned, over- 

c^orl, dorlo danga, dangara, see 

dor\doT\ dangadanga, adv. Hasti- 


dortjji danguni, see cioXo^ 

ciort dangd, see rfo^ 

dofi^ dangra, s. Proclamation by 

beating of a gong etc, — sso 

^0^ to proclaim in such a 

dod^ dandanf, s. The sound 

of a large drum or gong. 
dou damba, see t^o^. 

doVit dambara, s. Pomp, gran- 

cioeoS dambard, see ^oeorJ. 

doz^ dambha, s. Ostentation, 
display. -=#j8i^a to boast, 

do2pe)i?e)tf, dozpDli dambhlcara, 
dambhlta, s. Ostentation, 
empty show. 

ci^, C3* dakka, dakkJ, s. A large 
kind of double drum, shaped 

dt^ dana 


zhz^ dubdu 

like an hour-glass. —^ ^c 
carrying an idol in proces- 
sion round its temple with 
beating of such a drum, —no 
oSi a drummer, adv, see c^^^. 

dz^Tit^ danadaoa, s. The sound 
of a large bell. 

d^ dappu^ s. A small drum 
beaten on one side ; a tabret. 

du dabba, s. A noise of any- 
thing falling into water. -20» 
■rfo^ to fall into water with 
a noise. 

dz^. dabba. s. A tin box, as of 
kerosine oil. 

dtX^ dabbi, ^. A small box, chest. 
2. a box kept in temples, for 
receiving offerings, ^a- a 
snuff box. 

zjm dabbu, s. A lie, falsehood. 
2. a boast, brag. 3. a half 
anna piece. — t^^ a liar; a 
braggart. ~?s*>^o^ to tell a 
lie; to brag. 

d^ dam, s. The noise of firing 
a gun. — ^So the noise of a 

dAiXfy ddocJo*, dsiodort dama- 
rf , damaruka, damamg^a, s. A 
small drum, shaped like an 

z^s:SJe)(j, c^^j^d damana, damarai 

s, A kettle-drum. 
^dJdOo damimi, s. A hollow 

sound, empty noise. 2. false 

dignity ; ostentation, empty 


dOe)05ol dalayite, s. A belted 

d^y^z^, rfse)© davilj, dav&li, s. 

A peon's belt. — c»A&f©o^ to 

put on a belt. 
d^^ davulu, see zfsexx 

C3e)oz::)^, Cde)otp7^dambike,d&mblii- 
ge, s. A pedant, one given 
to affectation. 2. a hypocrite. 

Oc)^ dik]^, s. Vaccination. — cs) 
^?> to vaccinate. 

ne)s:tfrfjsir damdom, see p^So 

OeJO^ dal^, ^. A shield. 
:5e>© Ji dUdini, see o5>g.^ 
C3c)* dali, J. An army, 
do^ dinki, ^. A gymnastic 

dodo^ dindindi, s. The knoUing 
' of a bell. 
do^^, ^ddJ dindima, didima, 

s. A small drum. 
^23^, ^23^^23* dib, dibdib, s. 

The noise of a violent blow/ 
azoOv dibbu, ^. A push with the 

a?C^ dil|j, adj. Loose, not tight. 

2. free, unrestrained; a/^<? 2i? 

do^ duk, ^^^ fcD^J'.^wo^Oj. 
zLii^ dnggUi s. Uneasiness. 
rfj23e)0^?i)a dubiyifluni (tlieroow 

!3), z^.^. To drown 2. to 

cause loss. 3. to deceive, 

zLiZXiZ:^ dubdub, s. The sound 

Ota small drum^S^^ 




^j^Jeie^o dhokn 

riou dubba, see rfw^. 

dosjjo d^ dumdum, ^. The sound 
of a large drum. 2. ^^ ^^. 

cij^orrfo^OF duriudurku, s. The 
noise of breaking wind down- 

rSocici dennana, see sssTi^ctf. 

rl^d dere, s. A tent. -ca^S), 
~355>!?os) to pitch a tent. 

lisj>:e)c3^ deimauT^, s. Diamond 
in cards. 

llJeio^, ^o^j donkT^, donku, s. 
Crookedness, adj. Crooked, 
curved. 2. perverse, cross. 
-3rotl3?i to limp, hobble. 

d;3o* danka, see Bj»o^. 

z3je)o^o^ donkelij, J. Crooked- 
rSJcJofS donne, ^. A cudgel, club. 

dJe)ot)ae)U, die)oeoe)U dambai&ta, 

dombata, see dAO£ou«>u. 
iiAo23e>6 dombare, ^^^ dAod. 
ziidoQ, ciJdoeS dombi, dombe, see 

zifto23o^ dombery, ^^^ d^otSS. 
^JSozSo* dombel^, ^^^ daotStf. 

n^o^, dje)ri) fdokka, dokkili^, 
doggal^, dogffil?, doggu, see 

ddX ^- ddXo . 

A ' A 

^je^ doppa (-^-^^), /<m//. 

With, together with. c^odOL.. 

with him. c^dz5j»erf^ with 

man; cf, Cj^. 
rSjasS^ doppe, su d^^. 
djd^A dollu, a^'. Fat, stout, 

large. 2. void, hollow, s. A 

ciA^ dolle, s, A pot-bellied man. 
zSJe)?^o doku, see TS/ae^o. 
Aj?)?tS dobi, s. A washerman. 
d/e)?o^ ddl|j, see zj^eo. 
djeJ^ooA dolangi, see cf^oTv. 
die)?© doll, ^. A dooly or litter. 
^?^>^, zSJd^^o dolu, dolu, ^^^ 

r2j«)?Ve) dola, s. The eye. adj. 

jS^^-^ doulat?, see o^a§. 
cf^oj doulu, ^. An estimate, 

valuation. 2. appearance; 

mien; air; demeanor. 


zi dha,The twenty-seventh letter 

of the alphabet. 
zioii dbanka, see Tio^, 


2^?3 dherd, see zSe^. 
l^^^j dhoku, s. Injury, defect. 
2. fear, alarm. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

C9 na 


^0^ tandi 

K) na, s. The twenty-eighth letter 

of the alphabet. 
wri^d nappada, s. Weariness, ex- 


haustion; harassing. -4Re5b^ 
to be done up, harassed. 
C9^ nala, adj. Smooth. 

i ta, s. The twenty-ninth letter 

of the alphabet, 
^c^ tanka, s. The lungs. 2. the 

liver. 3. see 7k>^. — ^'aodjo^ 

— ^Z35)ii5> to be very much 

io* tanki, see too^. 
^orf tanCT, see s5)oJv. 
iorirf tangada, see ?5oXTi. 

^ortS tangadi, ^. A male's 
younger sister; also ^o%. 

^ortd tangada, adv. Together. 

ione)* tangili, s. A cool breeze. 

iot\^7^ taigis?, adj. Cold, chill. 
s. A fishing tackle, fishing 

iorto* tanguli, ^^ eioXoo. 

^o2Cfl^oes;l tannanenunnand, ^. 
Deception, imposition, pre- 
tence. — lio^EO^S) to impose 
upon; to pretend. 

^oti tanoi, s. A bag, purse. 

^o&i tanja, s. Evening, sunset, 
night. ~cJ eSia^ the evening 

iorso^ tannana, s. Bice boiled 


in the preceding evening, 
stale food. 
iolrs^Ji tantlvuni, see w>o6»^^ 
^oUot^ tantuni, see sdoUo^ 
^oiS ta^te, s. Annoyance, 
trouble, difficulty. 2. mischief. 
3. interference, meddling, con- 
nection. — 7^^,— e^^ a trouble- 
some, mischievous or obsti- 
nate man. —^n^B vexation, 
molestation. — ^^, — ^JdF bad 
goods; rotten things. — ^^ 
^> to annoy, trouble. ^^^ 
Cfod) ^0(3 eSia^ have nothing 
to do with him. 
ioC5^ tand?, s. Whole. 2. ^^ 

cSoS. oi//'. Entire, whole. 
^oc:^, tozi tand|^, tan^a, ^. Multi- 
tude, crowd, host, army. 2. 
a side, party. 
tozs^i^ozL tandatu^du, see ^ot4> 

iozs^T^ tandisij, s. A privy on 

the bank of a river. 
ioS tandi, see eioa. 
^oart tandigS, see ^<^^ 

iozL tandn 


^OfS tannd 

^ocij^odotandutim^ni see ^ozL 
^orix [raw state. 

;^oci^e> tandola, s. Rice in a 
^oc2 tandft^ ^. A silver anklet. 

^odzfj iod6 tandelf, tandelOi s. 
The captain of a native vessel ; 
a boatman, tindal. 

ictz tannai see 7iot%, 

;^or^rJ, i^oc^dor^ tannana^ tanni^- 
mena^ see ^^c^« 

^orsTg^ tan^as)^ see ^t^^ 

^ocS tannic adj. Cold; 5^. Jbo^ 
^of«e5 cold water. 

^o:3fy ^0^ tantf, tantOi s. 
Thread. 2, pulse, vein, nerve. 
ao§ lij^^ Tjodootlj only the 
pulse beats. 

to^ tanti, s. Wire. 2. the string 
of a musical instrument. — u 
cg^^ the telegraph. 

^ogj tantra, s. Craft, cunning, 
device, trick, intrigue, plot. 
2. worship performed by hand 
without formulas. 3. a reli- 
gious treatise on formulas, 
rites, elc. for the worship of 
the deities. 4. the part of the 
Yedas treating of magical and 
mystical formulas. 5. subser- 
vience, service, dependance. 
—7^^, — iroo&)^ ^TixoSF" a crafty 
man. —odS, see ^od|. -~t^^^ 
to play tricks, to deceive. 

^o^e§ tantrajne^ ^. A man of art. 

^o^, JoAi? tantrli tantrike^ s. 
One versed in mystical formu- 
las, rites, eU. for the worship 
of the deities. 

^ozf tand?, see TioS. 

^oz:^^^^ iozf^i^S^ tandfpudii 
tandfmudi, see ^od^T^ 

;^od(J tandana, s. An unmean- 
ing sound, used in humming 
a tune. 2. red sandal ; c/, e^o 
drf. adj\ Small. 2. deterio- 
rated, reduced, worn out ^ 
?JX *od^ cf o5 this ornament 
is worn out. 

tod^ tanddlf, s. A cudgel, 
club; also — 7<oo^. 

^odJdd tandodii s. The handle 
of a plough. 

^odJdfT^ tandoligd^ s. The white 
dammer tree Valeria Indica, 

^oc^c^ tannana, see e^od?^. 

;io(i53)tannavu,^^». One's own; 
his own. 

^oc5e)S, to^ti^ tannate^ tanna- 
tegy, pron. For oneself, him- 
self, itself, adv. Of one's own 
accord, by itself. — c^*»r«o5> 
to walk for oneself, i. e. to act 
as one likes. 

^oc5^c&) tannaye^ s. One's own 
man; a dependant; a friend, 

^0c^sj3e)r3rS tanninUboiga^ s. The 
name of a female demon. 

^ocS tamiJ, ctdv. Near, by, close, 
s. A bystander. -^o*i5> 
to stand by one« -^^xj<d^ 
to vex. — eofcr^ to come to- 

^0(StJ tannena^ adj. Cold, cool. 

^o(S&ocS tann^inniy J. The old 
and young. 2. box and dice. 

^orSf tanne 


^0^ tamme 

^0(S(Z§ tannedd, see ^^A 

ioz^d tampadd, s. Two slips of 
a bamboo placed close to 
each other, and tied together. 

^0^^ tampn, s. Coolness, cold. 
adf. Cool, cold, ^^ja^ cool 
breeze. — c^Sb^ to become 
cool ; to be appeased, pacified, 
—Tiis^o^^ to cool ; to appease, 

ioii's^ tambak^, s. The prince's 
metal, an alloy of certain 
metals, pinchbeck. 2. tobacco 

^oeoy, ^oeo^ tambata, tambati, 
A tambourine, war-drum. 2. 
boast, bragging. 3. see e^od^a. 
— rfjae;^^ to brag. 

;^oeocj tambada, s, A large drum. 

^oeod tambara, s. Coriander. 2. 

see sJoBTOT^. 

^otodo^S tambarand^i s. Garlic. 

^o2J^^ tambak^, see *oeo^. 

^o'C:iA tambig^i s. A small, round, 
metal vessel, 

^o2^e> tambila, s. An ordinary 
offering to demons, etc. ^^ 
^— see under ^^€, c3*>X— an 
offering to serpents. ^*-. 
a grand offering to demons. 
— T?^Lr5> to give such offerings. 

;!Jo2oo tambu, s. A tent, —cdil) 
^ —553^0^ to pitch a tent; to 
remain, stay; to delay. -^ 
oeo&>5> to halt, stop in a march. 

;^o2^0, iiJoeoJdO tambori^ tambfi- 
ri, s. A five-stringed guitar. 
2. a soldier's drum. 

ioX^^ tambuli, s. A kind of 
chatni or sauce, prepared of 
cocoanut milk, condiments 
etc. with or without greens, 
and eaten with rice. 

:^osjo^o tambulu, s. Tamil. 

^oe3^D^ tamber^, ^. A kind of 
reckoning in the game of 
yekkadi (•^^2^). 

:^oe3^cJoJi tamberuni, eee io^^xh^, 

io2i©a, tambodi, see ^ozdks, 2. 

see eiodft^. 
^ozSjS'ff tamboli, see ^oz^v. 
^o^iS tammati, see ^oeou. 

^odjcd tammana, s. Hospitality, 
entertainment ; dinner. — c$ 
Zi^^ a grand wedding dinner. 
— S3t)ili^ to give a dinner to a 
pregnant women. --zi3i^si 
to give a dinner to a wedding 

og^ tammanipum^ tammanynni, 
tammanipuni (^oziDrf, j^orfo^), 
V. a. To entertain a guest, 
to give a dinner. 

sSo^cS tammalij s. A maternal 
uncle. 2. a father-in-law. 
3. a kind of tare growing 
among corns etc, t^otSj*- 
a kind of tare found in \ 

^orfoort tammuge, see ^o^. 

^odoc? tammena^ set ^'^^' 

^odooge^ tammepuni, \f^^ ^^^^ 

;^odoo^, ^od)0 tammerf, tanune- 
ri, see ^-SoS. ^ 

to^ tamme 


ine) tagffi 

^osSoex)?) tammeluni, see «^««^ 
^od^ol) tammeiya, s. An affec- 
tionate form of addressing a 
younger brother. [rice, 

^odo tammgi, s, A kind of 
^oiJorji tamtuni (^oOr), v. n. 

To shrivel. 
3Jtf ^ takatt^, J. A throne. 

^^^^, ^^c;^ takataka, takapaka^ 
J. Agility in dancing, eic. 
2. bubbling in boiling, adv. 
Nimbly, briskly. 

^^ takka, adj. Fit, suitable, 
proper, deserving, worthy. 
— ^ei fitness. ~s3©^ a proper 
word. —rf»^aJo a good opportu- 
nity, favourable season. ^ 
^& suitably, properly, de- 

;i^ocJ takkanda, see ei^^orf. 

^^to^, ^^6^ takkat^, takkatt^ 
adj. As much as is suitable; 
adequate, sufficient. 

^^a takka4i9 s. Large scales. 
— tooSj one who cheats in 
weighing; a rogiie. 

^'^CQ, ^^c^ takkana, takkana^ s. 
A small spoon. 2. a small 
kind of mat; also 5rf?r^?^s5A 
adj. Little. ©OodoocizSK ^^o§ 
^ sJa^tTOcAi /xV, one who holds 

a spoon where (anything) 
drops, i. e. one who takes 
advantage of another's weak- 
ness, a stingy man. 

^*c»jsiojo7^ takkeyimuigei, s. 
he upper arm and forearm. 


i'Sr.^rf, ^*?3jsris)takkelaCT,tak- 
kelogu, see ^33>je?jsXo under ^ 

;^^JS,fd takkona, see ^"^^^ 

^^D^ takrary, s. Interference, 
hinderance. 2. dispute, quar- 

;^*^?o^takrir|;i, s. Objection, pro- 
test. — «)^r a counter peti- 
tion, -^ii^o^^ to object, pro- 
test, quarrel. 

^*^^D* taksir^, s. An offence, 
crime, fault. 

^ric5^ tagad^, s. A thin metal 
plate. — ^oT^T^ pure gold. 
??o7QT^ci-. a gold leaf. 

irtSo tagaru, see wX5. 

;^rt do Ji tagaruni (^X&), v.n. To 
draw near. 

^ris^, ^rraa, ;^nc):3, ^rras^i 
tagavu, tagadi, tagadS, tagavu, 
s. Dunning for payment. 2. 
peremptory demand. 

^rto;5o tagume, see ^^. 

^rtoeS tagulJ ^. A bug. 

;^rt tagS, s. A female's elder 

^fl^o^, ^7^6 tageir^, tageirJ, ^. 
Discharge, dismissal. — »^«*o^ 
?> to turn out, dismiss. 

^rtJt>D tagori, s. The potter's 

^7^ taggv, s. Low ground, a 
dale, valley, descent, decli- 
vity, adj. Low, depressed. 
~^c^ lowliness, humility. 

iTTSS^Ji taggavuni, c, v. (of ^tvj 





i^j tatti 

5i) To lower, humble. 2. to 
diminish, lessen. 3. to level 

^rio Ji tagguni (^^), v. n. To be 
humble, modest. 2. to in- 
cline, lean. 

irt^ tagrgele, s. A lowly or 
humble man; also ^n>e3»c£i. 

tfs^ tagmal?, s, A female 
slave, maid-servant. 

iA tagme, s. A male slave, 

it;io^ tajankv, s. The plant 
Cassia tora, 

tx^-^ tajapu, ^. Notching, inden- 
tation, adj. Indented, notch- 
ed. — 5ro^o> to cut into a 
row of teeth. 

^ti^?i tajapuni (^»), v. a. To 
chop, cut in pieces. 

it3t::)23 tajib^[i, j. Endeavour, 
effort, exertion. 2. cogita- 
tion, reflection. ~iio«'^^ to 
endeavour, try; to reflect; to 
get out of a scape by unlaw- 
ful means. 

^b*rt tat^ga, s. A ladle. 

^U tata^ s, A shore, bank. 

^y^ tatak?, s. A drop. 

^U^ tatakka, see ^w^cS. 

^y^^U tatapata, s. A slapping 
sound, 2. loquacity. 

;iU^ tatappa, ^z'. Heavily, 
with a jerk. 2. suddenly. 
-2ii!>Tii§> to fall heavily ^r 

^fe3e)(5 ta^ne, ^^ ^Mj* 

^te)0^, ^te)^, ^^0 tatal», ta- 
tala, tatali, see <5Jtoo. 

;^b^sS tatavu, s. A lake, pond. 

tVSi^^ tatila, •^. A snapping noise. 

^fc^ tatty, ^. A country pony, 
a pack-horse. also — ?rocii^. 
2. the forearm; also ^^*^^- 
adj. Serious, critical. —^4 
much delay. — ?ioT^zS a serious 
illness. •iooozJowsi- the stalk 
of screw pine. 

^i/.^;^ tattyvas?, see *&3^!1 

^Wj tatta, see s^w^A 

iU^ tatta, see eiw^. 

^Uo9^ tattanki^, s. Hinderance, 

;^y.f5 tattane, adv. Speedily, 
quickly. 2. suddenly, unex- 
pectedly, without premedita- 
tion. — oi^Jdi^, — ^eSi)^ to go 
quickly or suddenly. — ^^fj^^ 
to say instantly or without 

t\^ tattappa, see *m^. 

ifcj^sS?) tattavuni, c. v. (of ^wo^^) 
To cause to hit, strike. 

i^l^a, ^to|j73^ tattMi, tattis^i, 
see *&ro^S. 

iJj tatti, ^. A screen or blind 
made of split bamboos, cadjan 
palm leaves, etc. 2. a honey- ^ 
comb. €9^ TJd- a mat made 
of split canes, x?^- a small, 
low kind of wooden trough. 
— ^oziij^ a wicker strainer, 
sieve. — ^i^iwr^ the wooden 
lid and the strainer of a 

^{3^ tatti 


^d tade 

cuKnary vessel. — ^wj^Si to 

put up a screen or blind as 
protection from rain. 
^^sio^lk tittimuttu, s. A vessel 

for distilling liquor. 2. 

culinary utensils. 3. house- 
hold stuff. 
^Uj^ tattu, see ^53^. 
ilUrl tattuga, s. A flat kind 

of trough for serving boiled 

^kix^ tat^uni, see ^e^reo^x 
iUo,riooyo, tattumuttu, j. Strait, 

dilemma; c/. ^w^^iwwjj. 
;^a tatte, ^'. Empty, void 

within. -TJd^ good and bad 

^a©.raoc^ tattonuni v. reft. To 

{of ^w^^), carry on the 

haunch, as natives do a child. 
ifeja?3^ tatvas?, s, Un evenness, 

inequality, variation, as in 

•ivf-t tad»pS, see ^. 
^^3j«>C90c^ tad^tonuni, v. reft, {of 

^ai^5>) To quarrel or dispute 

ixi tada, see ^^. 
^d tadai s. Wool, fur. 2. skin 

with soft hair. 
'ixi'^ tadakf, s. Intoxication, 
id^ tadapu, see ^iJ^. 
^dd3i>U tadamatai s. Fumbling, 
^cjdo tadamd, s. A kind of stile 

or narrow entrance to a 


ixi^ tadayi, ^. A small earthen 
cup or plate. 

^Tizi tadava, see dzss^. 

^ci^ tadavu, ^. Delay, hinde- 
rance, impediment. 2. a slow- 
coach or dilatory person. 
~<^S3^ to get late, to be de- 
layed. --lij^S) to delay, 

^a tadi, s. An inferior kind of 
saddle. — cii^g) to join imper- 

^^53)? tadipuni (^2^), v. a. To 
quarrel, dispute, contend, 
struggle. tTO^odx- to dispute, 

id tadi, S, Hinderance, obsta- 
cle. 2. charm for serpents. 
-"'^^^' -DeL^ to stop the 
motion of a serpent by incan- 
tations; to obstruct, hinder, 
-^sjjs^^^to remove the charm, 
to break a spell, ^srozl)^ to 
hinder, impede ; to charm. 

ij|s3c>sjji tadepavuni, c, v. {of 4 
"dh^) To hinder, impede, ob- 

i^Sob^, idoi^r^tadepini, tadepuni, 
(^, V, a. To hold off: to 
hinder, keep back, prevent, 
stop; to oppose. 

ido^ tadeppu, s. Stoppage, 
resistance. 2. anything put 
up to stop a passage. 

izio^ tadeyi, see ^oso. 

irSaJoOc^, srS^j) tadeyuni, tade- 
vuni (^, v.n^. ^^halt, stop, 
tarry. 2. to bear, endure, 


^d tade 


^O tadi 

suffer. oSo5i5 <ici *SM «>e 

I can bear it no more. 
tdz^ tadevu,^. A halt, stopping, 

tarrying. 2. impediment, 

^rSsgpraoJ^ tadevonuni, v.r^. {of 

^rfcdio^) To bear, suffer; to be 

-ixi^ tadpu, s. A foreign cloth. 

-^X a kind of loom. 


tdi^ ^ tadpuni, see ^^?>. 

td tadpJ, s, A sieve for cleans- 
ing grain, etc, --*iwon»oJ a 
large turban. — ^^^ lit, a 
sieve and a brom: a bad 
omen ; a cruel woman. 

^ric, td^^ tadya, taddya, s. A 
step, stair. '^•S^^ the middle 
step. h^T-d^ the lower step, 
threshold. ^^^ the lintel 
of a door. 

tt^Tf tanas^, s. Wetness, damp- 
ness, adj. Wet. — c5e^ wet 

;^c^^c^ tanipuni (^^rf), v, a. To 
cool, pacify, soothe, comfort. 

^rSoi)oJi taniyuni (^rf), v. n. To 
become cool, calm. 

^d^ tanil?, see ti^'S. 

^c^ tanu, s. Coolness, cold. 2. 
quenching, appeasement. —'•^ 
5?o^s> to cool; appease, as 
hunger, etc. 

^3*^ratatk8hana,«^t^. Instantly. 

iiort tatanga,^. Obstacle,hinder- 
ance, complication, entangle- 

ii^ji tateilasa, s. A joyous 

is^^ tatkaa, adj. The time 
then or now. «s»jdAXo for 
the present, for the time 

a tatta, s. A shuffle, artifice; 
2. jesting, joking, ^z'. Shuffl- 
ingly. 2. jestingly. ^sk)* 
■rfo^ to speak shufflingly or 

^3e^d tattira, see *s5j^^. 

^1^ tatti (past part, of *J^^), 
adj. Missed, beyond reach, 
failed. -i)Siodo, —TjoX^what is 
past; a lost opportunity; a 

ii tatra, s. An umbrella. 

if-i tatva, ^. Essential nature, 
real nature of the soul. 2.. 
the Supreme Being. 3. truth, 
reality, substance. 4. mind, 
intellect. 5. identity. — tS^eiJel 
instruction in the real nature 
of the Supreme and human 
spirit; cf s5^^. 

;^3e> D tatvadi, s. Mystical theo- 
logy, [want. 

;^9e>d tatvara, s. Destitution* 

;^3^qJr tatvSrtha, s. The essen- 
tial purpose. 

;^cScio^dtadanantara, «^^. After- 
wards, subsequently. 

^DAC9 tadigina, s. Beating time 
in dancing to music. 2. in- 
trigue, plot. S. upsetting, fall. 
— xs>rfo^ to dance ; to be over- 
turned. ~^^o^^ to intrigue. 

^D tadi 


^sS^ tappa 

^^A iAdigi, s. The third day 
of the lunar fortnight. 

^o^ taddf 9 s. Retch, qualm. 

^CJJ tadda^ s. An eruption or 
swelling, erysipelas. 

^tig^ taddnni (j^S). v. n. To 
retch, puke, to be qualmish. 

^^ tana, An affix to form ab- 
stract nouns \ e.g. ol)zS good, 
cAirf ici goodness. 2. genit. of 

t^^, t^i^ tanaki, tanikhi, s. 

Examination, investigation, 

i^tiTf tanasT^, see ^r©?!. 
^c^^^ tanipnni, see ^ti^^. 
it^ojjoji taniyuni, ^^^ ^Aqo^^ 
3i(i) tann, ^^^ *r#o. 2. the body. 

ifii^os^o tanokula, pron. hon. 
plur. of s»5. 

si^StanJ, s. Conceiving, breeding, 
as cattle, sheep, etc. -e^Sb^ 
to be conceived. — »do^, --Do 
a^o> to be big with young. 
^— the incipient stage of 
being with young. 

ifSoiwJi taneyuni (^cJ), v.n. Cat- 
tle t?r animals to be big with 

^sJ tapa, see ^t>'^. 

i^t'A tapatapa, s. Palpitation. 

i5iDe)9*, ^SJCJe)^, ^3iC3e)3* tapa- 

raki^y taparaki, taparatf, s. 

Slapping the cheek or temple. 
iti^ tapala, s. A spear, lance. 
.'itt€ tapal^i s. A large metallic 

cooking vessel, saucepan. 

^3iS?55^ tapasilT^, see ^>^?^. 

:i't7t tapasff, s. Prayer, devo-. 
tion, religious austerities. 
^75.0 a devotee, ascetic, ^^e 
20© power of devotion. 

;^53e)0^ tapUft see wcj^^- 

;^33e)d3^ tapavatf, ^. Difference, 
discrepancy. 2. cheating, de- 
ceit. 3. prevarication, equi- 
vocation, evasion. 

^&oi>Jc^ tapiyuni (*2b), v. n. To 
burn, be inflamed, hot. 

^«Sl^^c;S(i tapodhane, s. An ascetic. 

^«^^c^3^ taponishtha^i. The prac- 
tice of religious austerities. 

i'^^z^^\xto\iii2ki see under *2^5j. 

i^ tapta, adj. Heated, inflam- 
ed, boiling, burnt. 2. affected 
with pain or grief. -c3e5o 
heated body. — oiJcioJ mind 
affected with grief. 

;^s;:^ tapp?, see ^^. 

^^ tappa, s. Sap; cf. ^A t^^- 

^^oTOO^ tappangayi, s. Scram- 
bling for cocoanuts thrown in- 
to a crowd of people, -crozior^ 
to gamble with cocoanuts. 

^^^^^^» ^^^^ tappadatap- 
pada, tappadappa, adv. Occa- 
sionally, now and then, alter- 

^^^^ tappadeppu, s. Conceal- 
ing one's fault. 

isrf^drfjfi tappadesuni (^^^5i), 
v.a. To hide, conceal, as one's 
fault. V. n. To escape, evade. 

^^t>fi tapparigft, see ^t^A 

^3j tappa 




^^*5SJi tappalipuni, see ^^«5 

^sj^sjji tappavuni, cv, {pf^^ 
») To cause to err, evade. 
2. to extricate, disentangle, 

;^o^ tappu, s, A fault, mistake, 
error. 2. an offence, crime. 
— ^08ro4?i to accuse, charge 
with a fault or crime. — »5o^o\ 
^> to err; to commit a crime. 

^3^ tappu, s. A leaf, foliage. 2. 
vegetables, greens. 

^^zijji tappuduHi (^^5^5), v. a. 
To beat the bush in hunting. 

^55^33^ tapputippu, see ^ej^s^. 

i3^^ tappuni (^), V, n. To mis- 
take, err, sin. 2. to miss, 
escape, slip. 3. to fail in an 
engagement <?r promise; also 
^§*eSb^. o9lic^5 j^§o5Imade 
a mistake; I missed. <oo? ^ 
S^oS it slipped from me, or I 
have lost. 

3J2SjOrt tapperige, j^ *^^^ 

;io§(j^€)cxix)Ji tappoliyuni (^^^. 
^. «. To be covered with foli- 
age as a tree, to grow to leaf. 

tl:^^ tapiilT^, s. An analysis, 
detail, the particulars of an 
account. [a tray. 

^20^ tabakf , s. A salver <7r plate, 

ib^ojj tabakuni (^a^^, v. a. To 
desire, wish, covet, v.n. To 
be allured, enticed, tempted. 

ieoio^ tabatf, s. Unsavouriness, 
acerbity. -75^§i to be unsa- 

^zoWo?) tabatuni (^3oG), v, n, To 

be unpalatable to the taste; 

to remain as after-taste. 
^2oB tabatd, s. A kind of fish. 
^20^ tabati, s. The name of a 

creeper. -zJoSr the fruit of 

it, (eaten by children). 
^u© tabali, see ^a^e. 
^2^) tabi, s. Flavour, taste; also 

;?385. adj. Savoury, delicious. 
^t^^ tabite, see ^^^. 
^z:)5Sfi tabipuni (<85), v. a. To 

appease; as the appetite. 2. 

to smack. Z.see ^2a^^ 
^tSdo tabimi, s. A follower. 
ti^'i^ tabuku, see ^eo^. 
^tjo'^jcS^jod tabukuda-mara, ^^ 

^woa;|t, tabildippu, see ^%^' 

^2000 taburi, s. A pot. r^^^^ 

i^toodo taburu, j. A kind of red 

^200© tabuli, ^^^ ^8^^. 

^Eood tabule, ^^^ *^^^. 

t'&z^^ tabepuni (^«3), zf.«. To 
long, eagerly desire. 

;^t3do^ taberuni (^«35), ^f. tf. To 

^d^ tabela, ^. A stable. 

iz^ tabta, J^ ^^. 

^2^)^ tabdil^, s. Change, alter- 
ation, variation. 

^^^ tabbibbu, s. Distraction, 
confusion. 2. variation, dif- 
ference, adj. Irregular. 

ti^^ tabbilj, see *e5^C. 2. see 

*eOO O. _ zed by Google 

;^2^ tabbi 


iti tara 

^t^,^ tabbila, see ^a<v. 
iiJ^O tabbili, ^^ ^^s^^^^. 

^tuji tabbnni (*^, ^. ^ To 
feel, grope. 

^Eoj^am tabbudibbu, see ^eS^^- 

im© tabbuliy ^. An orphan. 
adj. Low, vulgar. 2. weak, 
infirm. 3- cowardly, timid. 

;^;Jo tama, s. Darkness. 2. mental 
darkness, ignorance. 3. world- 
ly delusion. 

^^^ tamaki^ s. Leisure, respite, 
opportunity. 2. delay, pro- 
crastination, —rfja&r^ — DeSb^ 
—TOrfj^ to delay, put oflf, 

^do^ tamatd, s. A taml)our. 
2. a little drum. 

^sSofioijoc^i tamaniyuni, see ^oTk) 

^^0^, ^^d tamar^^ tamara, s. 

^^o^, i^^D, ^dj6 tamarf, ta- 

mari, tamare, see *^5. 
^do?2^ tamasf^ ^^^ ^^• 

:izi5^^^ ^dJe>doo tamamf, ta- 
mamu, s. The whole. ^*. All. 

^dJe)l, ^dJe);!S tam&siy tamasi, s. 
A show, fun, sport, amuse- 
ment. —7^^ a pantomime, 
one fond of show or amuse- 
ments; a w^g. -s3;>*dJ5> to 
crack j okes, —lio^^o;^^ to make 
fan. [^^5. 

^^0^ tainiry,j.Agimlet. 2. see 

^djo^, izi^^>i tamtilfi tamulo, 
s. Tamil. 

i^sixoxi^ tamfisak?, s. A bond. 

^do^St^ tamepuni (*^), v. a. To 
pour, spill. 2. to cast into a 

^A^t^ tamepel?, s. EfEusion, 

^rfooix)^ tameyuni, see ^^<i^^ 

^&xf tamer^f, s. One who gives 
a bride away in marriage; a 

^SoDcxJjoJi tamerijruni (^^5), 
V, n. To extricate, disen- 
tangle, save. 

^sSoOjJi tamenmii see ^Mo^ 

tSj^^^y ^^^^ tameluni, tame- 
vuni, V. n. To overflow, run 
over or out. 2. to menstru- 

^s5J«)?nocs tamoguna, s. The 
quality of darkness; igno- 
rance ; passionate or angry 
disposition; cf. ^^. 

;Soi^53Ji tayapuni, see ^^^^. 

^ote)0^ tayar^, s. Preparation, 
readiness.. ad/\ Ready. — ^ 
h?i to become ready, —ti^h^i 
to keep ready. ^'^^^^ to 
prepare, make ready. 

io5J tayi, see z3^. 

io^j^ tayila, see ^^c?. 

io5o© tayili, see ^^c. 

^ti tara, s. Kind, sort, class, 
grade. 2. manner, mode. 3. 
a line, row, range. — *i 
variety ; variegation ; gra- 
dation, order, method, ^^^o 
^ a good match. ^ 

^d tara 


^6 tare 

^tio¥, ^don^ tarankfli, tarauCT, 
see TidoK. 

^tiok^^ tarantuni, see ^owor^i. 

^d^ tarakui, see ^'^^• 

^<3^e)0 tarakari, s. Vegetables 
in general. 

id^jsrsj?! tarakonuni (^^jsfi), 
7;. r§^. To receive, accept. 2. 
td hear, listen, mind. 

^dc5^ taradfli, see ^5r. 

idra tarana, ^. Fording, cross- 
ing, passing over. 

^d^d^ taratamya, see ssT^^^i^g. 

^d^ taratra, see *J^ 

^d^J tarapu, s, A side, party. 
2. care, custody. adv. To- 

^d«3)Ji tarapuni (^), 2^. a. To 
rivet, fasten firmly, v. n. To 
be riveted, fixed. 

ttii^^ tarapoli, set^ Tixi^^. 

^023^3^, ;^d23^3 tarabetf; tara- 
beti, s. Training, education. 
— 7i)5?j^^ to train, instruct. 

^ds3c)^ taravali, see ^to^v. 

^C7^ taras^i, see 3^)5^. 

^d^ taralJ, s. Slander, calum- 
ny. 2. backbiting, tale- 
bearing. -^ a>8j a mischiev- 
ous backbiter. — 7v%)i5 a sland- 
erer, talebearer. — zsrf^?) to 
slander, backbite. 

^Oe)oid tarintara, see ^<w>o^. 

iOe)id taratara, j. Variety in 
goods. 2. distinction of rank, 
efc; i/. ^. 

^Oe>^jt: taratnri, s. Haste, speed. 

^Oc)2c*,^o^rf* tarabali, taravali, 
s. Kind, species; variety, 
diversity, adj. Various, di- 

^D^Ji taripuni (^^), v. a. To 
lop off, as the superfluous 
branches of a tree; to clear, 
as a jungle. 

^Dcrfj-fi tariyuni (^^), v. n. To 
stay, stop, tarry, delay. 

;^dj taru, s, A small kind of fish ; 
any little fish. ~a>j^r, ~a:o 
•do5 a swamp with such fishes. 
— eojs^ow a small kind of 

^dootoo tarumbu, s, A bunch of 

^dod taruni, s. A girl, young 
woman. 2. a wife. [man. 

t6^^ tamne, s. A youth, young 

^dorf taruva, ^^^ 2^^. 

;^6 tarfe, s. The head, top. 2. the 
hair of the head. 3. gener- 
ation. --5^ ^ from generation 
to generation. —SSr^sS i>oS^ 
long. —tjt^^ poll-tax. —^3 a 
head-load. —soot^S head-orna- 
ments. —e3eeS headache. — ^^^ 
to behead , decapitate; to injure, 
ruin. — ?^«3b^ to leave the 
head bare. ~?fjabr^ liL to 
offer the head ; to undertake, 
engage in ; to submit ; to take 
the risk. — TsOodoo^, ^BoXorjj 
to be giddy, confused; to be 
tipsy ; to become proud. — ^ 
ss)Zl)?i to impute, jattribute. 

^6 tare 


^iJj^r tarko 

-zJodo^ lit. the head to shake ; 
to be improved in one's cir- 
cumstances; to gain power. 
— eoTTO^^ to bow the head; 
to humiliate; to be modest, 
polite. — toXo ^ the head to be 
bowed down ; to be ashamed ; 
to be humiliated. — eotior^i to 
comb the hair, ~»i>oa4^^ to 
introvert the tuft-knot. -^ 
w^^oi to thrive, prosper. —^ 
^^^ the head to ache. o&5o€^ 
^ 051^ lit, I have no head; 
I have a severe headache. 

^6i taretra, s. A turban, head- 

;^6c:i?o^ tarenirv, s. Spring or 
fountain on the top of a hill, 
irrigating the land below. 2. 
amniotic fluid or fruitwater. 
— TiOo:^^ the amnios to burst 
or break. 

;i3^Ji tarepuni (^), v. a. To 
grind, rub. 2. to try, assay 

tt'C^^ tarebili, s. Exorbitant 
price, overcharge. 2. the 
price fetched by the first sale 
of goods. 

;^ddoozS taremand^^ s. The skull. 
—rf^AFTe^^to quarrel ; to break 
> one's head over a business. 

i6six)0 taremuri, s. Determina- 
tion, resolution, —^f^^ to say 
definitely, decisively ; to make 
known one's resolution. 

^iojjoji tareyuni (^^j, v, n. To 
be rubbed oflf; to abrade; 

wear away, to become thin, 

i6o^ taroli^, adj. Worn out. 
— ffS^ a blunt or worn out 

^i^^ tarevuni, see ^odjj^ 

^dja« taroli, s. A kind of 
creeper ; also ^^i-. 2. the tree 
Rhynchoglossum obliq.^ the 
leaves of which are used for 
cleansing the head in bathing. 
o96?5or— a larger species of 
the same. 3. a milky plant, 

^tJh^^i tarolu, s. A kind of tree 
the leaves of which are used 
by toddy-drawers to rub the 
horn of palm trees. «3jas;0^— 
a white species of the same. 

^dif)?id tarotara, see ^usa^. 

it^ tarra, see 7S6j, 

^itf tarka, s. Dispute, discussion, 
reasoning. 2. logic. — tooSj 
a disputant, sophist. — ^^^» 
-TO^ the science of logic. 
—T^^^^ to dispute, discuss, 

i^F^, 2[^F^ tarkatti, tarkatte, 
s. The curved knife of a toddy- 

^iSjsrrsoJi tarkonuni (^^rfi), 
V. a. To hold up in one's arms, 
as a sick person; c/, ^rJ^jar^o^. 

^^Ji;^53*, ^'^JSj^Ftxi tarkolu, tar- 
koln, s. A key. 2. a mid- 
wife. 3. assisting a woman in 
labour. -«?o^o ^to assist a 

woman in labour. 



^!\F tazga 


i^ tale 

^r<ro5o targayi, see XXroso. 

^Aj^rd targodi, s. Leanness, 
thinness. 2. a lean man. 

ieSrdo, it;iors3o tarjimi, taqu- 
mi, s. Translation. — zi5«b^?> 
to translate, interpret. 

in^r tard^^ s. The testicles. 

^3jrc9 tarpana, s. Satisfaction. 
2. a religious rite, present- 
ing water to the manes of the 
deceased or to the gods. 
— ^jaLr^ to present such water ; 
to satisfy, please. 

;^33e)r53)^, ;i5grci)ci tarpivuni, 
tarpuduni, c. v. {of ^^r^) To 
cause to hring, send for. 2. 
to get, obtain. 

^^r?i tarpuni (^^, v. a. To 
rivet, fix firmly. 2. to depress, 
humble, v. n. To be riveted. 
2. to be depressed. 

^^rra tarmena, see ^^^5^. 

^^F tarva, see e^xi). 


isSro* tarveli^, s. Holding up in 
i^F tarli, see ^^. 
i^ tala, see ^^ & 7i^. 

^^otoo talambu, s. The sun- 
hemp, Crotalaria juncea, 

^^^ talaki^ s, A slip or lath of 
a bamboo, "^^i- the bone bet- 
ween the wrist and elbow. 

i^rl)^ talagulli, see tGs^. 

^^s^Ji talapuni (^c'), z'. «. To 
arrive, reach; cf, ^^>^ 

^^200, ^e>^ talabn, talavn^ s. 
Pay, wages. 2. a tribute in 
a game of cards. 

t^t talara, j. A kind of whit- 
low between the toes. 

;^t>;iifi talasuni, see ^ti;!^i^^^:y^ 
under ^©5>55. 

^e:^o^d, ^e7e>o^ talintara^ ta- 
lintra^ s. A generation; an 
age; cf. idsroo^. 

^o^^ talivu, J. A large tank. 

^2^?^ talasfli, s. Inquiry, search. 
2. procuring, providing — ii> 
<^^ to search ; to procure. 

^0^ talipn, s. Sprinkling. 2. 
see *0i^ 

^©3^^ talipuni (^e), z^. a. To 

^e>J talu, ^^'. Thrashed, beaten. 
-cS^ thrashed straw. 

^^^0^03:^^^ talukupadika, ^. A 

^d tali, ^. A rop, for climbing 
palm trees. ^^— the hand- 
rope, ^5- the foot rope, 
—Aftiio^ the whole apparatus 
of a toddy drawer. 

^Glosoo talembn, s. A pillow. 

^e3oi?o^ talenir^i, see ^?)e5, 

^eSsiU talepatta, s, A head-orna- 
ment of a devil-dancer. 

$^X^ talepn, s. Interruption, 

i^sSJi talapuni {^^. v. a\ To 
interrupt, hinder, stop, detain, 

^d^c^ talemani, s. A head 
ornament worn by a devil- 
dancer. -.^^^^"9 a tasselled 
headband of a demon-priest. 

^6 tale 


^^ tola 

^6zi^6 talemara, s. The frame 
of a thrashing stool. 

^g^lp talkatti, see ^^f'^. 

^ex^talkn, 5. An ambush. 

^^x^ talkuni, see ^c^^ 

^^^ talpuni (^^), ^. a. To 
drop. 2. to knock, shake off, 
as fruit from a tree. 3. to 
thrash, as paddy. *ew^ e5j&eO 
a thrashing ox. 

^^ talmena, s. Refreshment, 
revival, relief. adj. Cool, 
cold, refreshing, bracing. —^ 
V a cool breeze. 

^^C9 tallana, adj. Wavering, 

^g talliy s. A kind of cucumber 

^ew c^ talluni (*^), ^.a. To pene- 
trate, push in, press through. 
2. to hide, conceal. 

^^ talle, see ^%, qJ^, ¥^. -^^^ 
Ti)^ to be proud, arrogant, 

^d Jjd tallJpmi, ^^i? ^ocSLoA 


^o^G^ talvar^^ s. A scimitar. 

^;5d tavara, s. Tin. 

^Oc)0^ taviyi, 5. Delay, deten- 
tion. 2. halting in a journey. 
-jzk>^^?i to halt, stop, delay. 

isgh tavu-, see under s^. 

^s^o^o tavunku, s. Agitation. 

^4^^^^^ tavnkuda-mara, s. A 
kind of fruit tree. ^^^xi 
35o5r its fruit. 

i^rfo tavudu, see s'^rfo. 

i^3 tavutJ, see s^*. 

i^JcJjt^ tavuruni (*4^), v. a. To 

cut away any leaves (?r brush- 
wood, to clear a bush. 

^?TOd tasara, see ^^-d. 

^?02^) tasibi, see ^^. 

i?oS,^?ld \A8tot, taskara, s. A 
trick, wile, pretext. 2. a mis- 
take, error. 

^;iD^ taskari^, s. Theft, robbery; 
also ^Ti^'d^ci. 

^7ii taskari, s. A thief^ robber. 

^J^, ^^ tastfli, tastu, s. A 
basin, broad mouthed vessel. 

^^^, ^2i>^> ^ci^^i ^?i^ 
tastikq, tastigf ^ tastikf , tas- 
tige, s. A government allow- 
ance for a temple. 

i^, ^k. taspi, tasbi, s. The 
rosary of Mohammedans. 

^^, ^aoe) taha^ taha, s. Consent, 
agreement. 2. a contract ; 
also ^s55)c3»A), — .ios^^ to 
agree; to contract. 

^^i(^ tahasilfy ^. Collection 
of revenue. — tot5 the revenue 
officer of a taluk, a tahsildar. 
^^h^Cif the post of a tahsil- 

^^ tala^ ^. Low ground, base, 
bottom. 2. see ^«3. — enoT;^^ 
to find out a place for a 
building. —^^^ to lay a 
foundation. -75*3^^ to lie 
flat on the ground; to be 
in a great calamity; to be 

^5^^o^ talatantrav^ s, Buin, 
desolation, destrud't?(S? 

i^ tola 


3^0^ tont& 

:^^i^ telato}a, s. Glitter, lustre. 
-^odo^ to glitter, flash, 

^^3ieJ,, ^^sifc^ tolapata, tolapat- 
tfli, s. Ruin; c/. ^^^o4), adj. 
Vacant, empty, deserted, 
waste. — ^^o^^ to devastate, 

i^^t.'i talapala, see e^««ei^. 

^^2j^, i^v^^j^ tolabala^ tolamala, 
s. Alarm, agitation. 2. ex- 
haustion, weariness. 

t^zs^t telavare, s. A village 

^Ve)o;^d tolintora, see -A^o^, 

;^Ve)d tolara^ s, A sore in the toes. 

^«3g)5 telipuni, ^^^ ^e)4^. 

•i'ixT talirfli, ^. A sprout, bud, 
shoot. — qt5 a tender leaf. 

i*^?i tolepuni, ^<?^ 2^<^^^, ^cfs^S). 

^^o^Ji tolpuni, ^^tf ^c^^ 

^^^ci Ulmena, see ^^c^. 

^^ tolli, s. Slander, calumny, 
defamation. 2. intercourse, 
interference, association. 3. 
see ^^. adj. Slanderous. 
2. anonymous. — ^33r an ano- 
nymous petition. 

t^x^ tolluni, ^^^ ^«^^ 

i^ toll^ s. A heap. 2. plunder. 

a:e)o'i^c^ to&ka^a^ s. Fosterage, 
fostering. — rfo^ a foster 
father. -c$^ a foster mother. 
—3$ 833«3 a foster child. 

3e)o^c)S3)ci tankavnni, c. v. (of 
35)0^0^) To cause to nurse. 
2. to cause to give {said by 

s^o^oo^ tankuni (s5>o^), v. a. To 
take care of, nourish, bring 
up, foster, nurse, feed; shel- 
ter. 2. to give {said by Pa- 

ge)on^ tang^i, s. A support, prop. 
— rfjabr?), —srazliS) to prop, sup- 
port, provide with support. 
— ^r^ supporting by holding 
up in arms. 

3«>ortoji tanguni (s^joK), v. a. To 
assist, help. 2. to prop, sup- 
port, sustain. 

3e)o?U)«3g)Ji tangolipuni (s^o^ 
V), v.a. To support. 

3e)o2SX)Ji tannuni, see ssoXo^. 

3e)o2;S tanca, see rfaoei. 

3i>oZ5e)Sj?i tancavuni, see sao&a 

3e)osiOci tancuni, see si>cW3^. 

3e)ofcj*55sie>?ob^ ta^ttipuont^, adj. 
Crooked, bent. 2. vain, useless. 
s. Debris, fragments. 

3c>ote)5j^ tantavuni, c. v. {of 
35>oU5^) To make touch, to 
bring into collision or con- 
tact. 2. to set one person • 
against another. 

s^olbji tantuni (s*>oO), v. n. To 
touch, hit, come into collision 
or contact with. 2. to quar- 
rel, fight. 

3e)o^ tanti^ adj\ Lean, thin, 
slender. — 9t>5 lean slender 

39od( tinde 


3^^ Uta 

— &oeo» a cripple, a 
decrepit person, -^aosoo a 
slender horn. 

3«)od?d tindele, see ^o-dS, 

3e)o^ofl tantanne^ s. A glutton. 

3i)o^* tantrike, see ^oS^. 

^e)oeoi3, 3e)o2o^ timbati, tim- 
bate, see tSowa 

3^oe3e)C9 timb&na^ ^. A metallic 

. dish or tray. 

3e)a20Je)t) timbffla, s. Betel leaf 
and areca nut. —e^^rrt chew- 
ing betel. 

3^oU tambra, 5. Copper, adj. 
Copper-coloured. — c5 tloeoo a 
copper-pot. *-rf ^X5 a cop- 
per plate. -2;S?i^,-^oz;ij»T5calx 
i?r oxide of copper. 

9e)^^djd tikatemara^ ^. The 
tree Morinda citrifolia, 

3^*^ tttika, s. True report, 
correct information. 

3€>*3f , 3e)*C3^, 3e)*0 takit», tS- 

kid^i, takidi, s. An order, 
command, injunction. — ^^ 
fcr^, — •Jo^^ to order, direct. 

3c)!*0iJ5)?^O, 3c)^0dJe)?^0 UkutO- 

ku, takudoku, J. Responsi- 
bility; risk, liability. adj\ 
Responsible; liable. 

3S^oJi takuni (s^^), .^.«. To 
hit, touch; ^. ssXo^. 

3Drt taga, fl^^. Pointedly, direct- 
ly; explicitly. -'^^^ to say 
directly, refer pointedly. 

3e)nc)5^5 tagavuni, c. v. {of ssXo 
ft) To cause to touch, make 

hit. CjDodiS Sjodjrfv- to set 
one against another. 

3^rtOci taguni (s5)?\), v. a. To 
touch, hit, come in collision 
or contact with. * v, n. To be 
impressed, sensible. ^qA^K 
tjoZs^z^ saKoS he was impress- 
ed by what was said. 

3^e^^ ticuni (35)eS), v. n. To 
come in collision. 

3c>t?e) tSja, adj\ Fresh, new ; ge- 
nuine. 2. fair, correct. -?r©So 
nota bene, a postscript. -^S a 
fair copy; -irfj»^ a genuine 

3e>23?S3^ t*Jipv^ ^^'. Marvellous. 

3^Uo^ tatanka^ s. An ear-orna- 

3e)li^ tatakiy J. A female giant. 
2. a quarrelsome woman. 

3c)J3 tati, J. Clapping the hands; 
applause. — eSjsWji ^ to clap 
the hands; to applaud. 

3c)a tati, s, A kind of fish. 

^nd^ t&dani^ s. Beating, whip- 

3e)a t&di, see tj^a. 

39C^ tadn, J. Goring ; also ^&is^ki. 

3e)rfo5i taduni (s^S), ^f. ^jj. To 
gore with the horns ; to butt. 

3e>cS^ tadel^i, s. The act of 
goring or butting. ' 

3e)C0 tana, s, A place; cf. ;d3c^. 
— o^, ^d ^^5 a lampstand. 

3«)^o^, 3e)3e)o5o tatayi, tStayi, 
s. Caraway seed, Curum 
carui\ cf. ^eTJcso. 


^3 tati 


3^d tara 

9e)3 tati, s. A kind of ornament; 
also ssSsSorf. 2. se£ 35>fcl 

9e)^D tatnriy ^. Eloquence, 
ability, cleverness; cf. tf7>^ 
ocfor. 2;love, aflfection; c^. 

9^S tate, <f . A grand-father. 2. 

a^^oior, 3e)|^c^ tatparya, s. 
Sentiment, opinion, notion. 
2. love, affection. 3. purport, 
meaning. 4. object, intent, 
design, purpose. — ^ifj^si to 
tell one's opinion. -DeL^ to 
care, favour. 

3iS)3e)d tatfllra, s. Slight, dis- 
respect, contempt. 

ge>a tadi, see ?feo. j-g^^^g 

3^;f3^ tan^, s. A web of piece- 

3e)^* tan^i, ^/"^w. Self, one's self. 

3e>?^ tana^ ^^^ J^^^- 

3i)^* tanike, ^^(? ^^*- 

3e)3j tipa, ^. Heat, burning. 
2. fever, inflammation. 3. an- 
guish, distress. 

3c>si^„ 3e)3i;^.ol)tapatra,tSpatra- 
ya, 5. Grief, distress, trial, 

3e)i tapi, J. A trowel. 

3e)5li^t^ tapipuni (S5>S)), v. a. To 
burn. 2. see Td^h^^ 

3e)og) tapu, s. A watchman's 
stand in a field. 2. an ambush. 

3S)&wo^ tabulu, s. A tinsel, brass 
leaf. 2. the cuts, as of a 
precious stone. 

3e)2oja^ tabutu, s. The cage 

made of paper and tinsel by 

Mussalmans at the Moharam. 
3c)23 tSbfe, s. Control. 2. charge, 

care. ^^ sseSS ca>s?^ he is in 

your charge. 
3e)sij^e)05o timakiyl, see ^t^'i. 
3^5i>r3 tama?d, see ^^-^a. 
3ft>^0^ timayi, see ^ssoax 
39;l)d timariy ^. The lotus 

flower, Nymphcea pubescens ; 

also 35^^^. — dorf the seed 

of a lotus. — cJoS the stalk 
of a lotus. 
a^^ddJd^rl tamareroga, s. A 

wasting disease of children. 

2. green sickness. 

3e>^;^ tamasa, s. Laziness, in- 
dolence. 2. delay, procrasti- 
nation. 3. anger, passion. 
— TOcA), 3»doA; a sluggard; a 
passionate man. 

STc)^^ tamisra, s. Great dark- 
ness. — ^^ the dark half of 
the lunar month. 

3e)s5j \JkssAj see ste^So. 

SDsSoD^ tameriji, see ^^5. 

3^5ii tamra, see ^oz^j 

9e)0^ tHyi, ^. Mother. 

3e)0Q>)rtocS tayigande, s, A rogue, 
cheat, scoundrel, obsc. 

3«>o^23^o* tayiberji, s. The prin- 
cipal root of a tree, taproot. 

3e)0^ tar^, s. A rivulet. 2. tar. 

3e)d tara, j. A star. 2. two pie. 

3. crossing, passing over. 
3^Ct9 tarana, s. The eighteenth 

year of the Hindu cycle. 2. 

3e)d t&ra 


9e>Oe) tala 

the act of crossing. 3. perse- 
cution. 4. a raft, float. 

3c)d^sj>^ Uratamjra, s. Rank, 
state, condition. 2. distinc- 
tion, discrimination. 

3e)0e>c^ tlrayl^ s. A cocoanut. 
-d Sfc^, -d eoorJjzS the shell of 
a cocoanut. rio^zU a large 
cocoanut. '^jae^- a small hard 
cocoanut. D?4ci- a cocoanut 
of the (Laccadive) isles, ^o 
j3— , see ^ocJ^. — ^wo^^ to play 
with cocoanuts by knocking 
one against, the other, the 
person who breaks the co- 
coanut of the other gains it. 

3e)ro5Soi tiravuni, c. v. (o/9^Tio?:i) 
To drive in. 2. to immerse. 

3^0 tari, s. The palmyra. Bo- 
rassus flabelliformis, — ^ozS 
the bulb of a fragrant grass, 
Cyperus rotundus. — rf ^^ 
palmyra toddy. — ci 'S'oaSo a 
vessel for palm-wine. -XoeSf 
a kind of sparrow, building 
its pendent nest on a palm 
tree. — sioS a kind of grass, 
Cyperus hexasiachyus. — s5o5r 
. the fruit of the palmyra tree. 
— ci e3ej^ jaggory made from 
palm juice. — ^Tie3 a poison- 
ous snake. —z^ tSo^Sa^ the 
midrib of a palm-leaf. 

S^DcS tarini, s. A goddess pe- 
culiar to the Jains. 

3e)e?^, 3e)Oe*o tarik|ji, tiriku, 
s. A date, day of the month. 

330?Sg) taripu, ^. Praise, com- 

mendation. 2. novelty, rarity. 
— oi)^^ to commend, praise. 

3e>cJoc% tlmnya, s. Youth, man- 

38)do5i taruni (s5>^, v. n. To 
sink in, plunge. w>5- feet to 
sink, as in mire. 

3e)dorfoe)0^ tammirf^ s. Con- 
fusion, disorder, -^^h^ to 
become confused. 

3^6 tarJ, s. The cocoanut palm, 
Cocos nuci/era. XoaS— ashort 
cocoanut palm. ^^-, oe^ci-.a 
species from the (Laccadive) 
isles, bearing small cocoa- 
nuts, "dotf— a species, bear- 
ing large cocoanuts. ^ci *a 
^^^ the stalk or midrib of a 
cocoanut leaf. 

3e)dJS^ tiroli, see ^6(«v. 

33^rE^ tarkanJ, s. Substantia- 
tion, proof, demonstration. 
2. apparition. ^^jBlbFib, _ ?Jo 
^?ito substantiate. 

3e>*r'# tarkike, s. A sophist, 

3e)tfjsre}^ tarkol^, see ^"^j^f^, 

3e)rfJe)ro* tarmarji, j^^ a©xi)»:$3»5. 

3e>^ taa, s. The metallic lid of 
a cooking utensil. 2. see ^^. 

3e)^oria talangadi, s. The wooden 
peg by which a water-lift is 
fastened to the stem. 

3e)e^;^^ talavya, s, A palatal 
letter, gram, 

3e)ae)c'* talanke, rr k name of 
Balarama. *^ 


3e)0 tali 


SoT^ tingo 

3^Qtali^^. The marriage badge, 
worn by a female. 2. a metal 
tumbler or small pot. 3. a 
kind of grass, -tf wo^S) to tie 
the marriage badge to the 
neck. — ^^ a kind of climb- 
ing shrub. 

35>Oo3o taiye, see ss^^ 

3e)0^djo tilimu^ s. Gymnastics, 
athletic exercise, -^e^^ to 
practise gymnastics. 

sreoo ttlu, s. The throat. 2. the 

3e)^;o^o taluku^ s. The division 
of a district. 

3c)^c^ taluni (^^), v, n. To fall 
off, drop down; cf. sok^o?^ 

Sc)53 tale, ^^^ ss^^. 

3?)W^5i talponi, see ^^^. 

3c)^^oor4) tilyatundu, s. A 
special cloth worn only by 

3^^3ife^ tSlyapattji, s. A cob- 

3e>^flg)0 talyapuri, s. A spider. 

3e)e^ talye, s, A weaver. 2. a 

ge)^e3 tavaji, s. A metallic tube 
for keepiiig an amulet, money, 

3e)s3d tavari, see ss^^. 2. see 



3e)^ tavn, J. A sheet of paper. 

2. death; of. ?te4. 3. place, 

3c)^ tasha, s. A kind of drum. 

^^7^ t&s^, J. An hour. 
gc)rfo^ tasayi, ^^^ sas^oax 

3^rfo5j tasaye, j^^ o5)?doax 
3e)^eer|6 tisildftre, ^^ ^Be^ 

cdT$ under ^so^e^* 
3s?3 tase, ^^^ 95>4. 
3e);oDo tasemi, ^^^ od;i3;^o. 
3^30 taha, J^ ^^. 
3e)^ tala, ^. A cymbal. 2. tune^ 

beating time in music. — ^e^ 

music and play. — eSjaUo^^J to 

beat time. 
3^* tall, see saO. 2. see sso. 

3?)^Jci taluni (ssf ), z^. n. To 
bear, endure, suffer, forbear, 
have patience. 

3S^ tal4, set 33^. 

3e)^. talmi, ^. Patience, forbear* 
ance. 2. endurance. 

So"8- tinki, ^^^ ^©^ 

3o*D, 3o^O tinkiri, tinkeri, 5» 
A very small piece or strip 
of anything. adj\ Thin, fine^ 

So'i? tinki, ^<?^ S'*J^. 

3o* tinkri, ^^ Seo*5. 

SortsJD tingapuri, J. A larva,, 

^Sori^3e)6 tingabari, see -^oXctot?. 

Aortd tingara, J. Ornament, de- 
coration, 2. J^^ t)oXiJ. 

hoT\ tingi, J. Poison. -^©^^ 
lit. to mix poison; to foment 
a quarrel, —sssiio^ to poison; 
to taint. 

Aoftje):8 tingodi, s. The first 
day of a solar month, which 
is considered unlucky. 

3ortJ3 tingo 




3oAie)5?o tingolu, s. The moon. 
2. a month. ssXo^ April. «3e2^ 
May. vz4^6 June. ^^ July. 
35j»ett August. T^tJo ^r 5)c33ro 
September. tSjao*^ ^r ^rf 
October. afi)c3r November, 
35x35i3r December. ^oaoo*^ 
January. ^iSj^oso February. 
?ii7\ March. —^^ a kind of 
large worm. — s^ ^^^ moon- 
light, moon-shine. —^ idow?* 
monthly pay or salary. 

3or3 tinna^ s. Repetition. 
^otid tindada, s. A rag. 

^oci)^5 tindruni (^o^))* ^' ^- '"^^ 
eat all, guzzle; c/. S^^ 

3otoi3^ timbati^, adj. Worthless. 

3o2o^ timbatte, s. A vagabond, 

worthless man. 
^o2o6 timbarJ, see *o&)t5. 
^oeoos^o timbniuy s- A thimble. 
3o23«3 timbele, ^. A glutton. 
^oTfFzf tiruCTdji, pasl part. 

{of SoXor^) Having turned. 

adv. Again, once more. — *e 

23^ to return, go back, go 

again. — wbr?) to come again ; 

to return from a walk. ~8aaT3o^ 

to be upset, overturned; to 

rebel, revolt, 
^ortrd tirngani, s. A pivot, 

hinge, swivel. 2. a screw. 
ioriFrfooortr tirngamurnga, adv. 

topsy-turvy, pell-mell, 
^on^ry tirngita^ s. Excursion, 

walk, roaming. 2. turning, 



Sorrar^jji tirngavuni, c. v. (of 
SoXor^) To turn, whirl, make 
return. 2. to change, convert, 
gain over. f35><w>O90- to break 
a promise; to deny, •ioc^fj^ 
to change the mind, 
to gain over a witness. 

3orijrc3e)o5j, Sortr^ tirngunaye, 
tirngele, s. A rover, vagabond. 
2. a backslider, unsteady man. 

^ortoFji tirnguni (S^^^), v. n. 
To turn, revert, revolve, 
whirl, turn back. 2. to shift, 
as the wind. 3. to move, 
wander, travel about. *j5^ 
to be giddy; to become proud. 
So^r5 ifi^h^ to go for a walk, 
take a walk; cf. SoKrS. 

SoUoFji tirntuni, see ^^owo?). 

do2Sr tirmbi, s. A kind of fern ; 
also SoeSftjoS. 

d9e)cJ tikini, see ©w>fi. 

5^ tikk^, s. Entanglement, 
intricacy, perplexity. 2. dif- 
ficulty, distress, trouble. Z.see 
B*j. — ?JWJ^^ to get entangled. 
— eojaTi)^ to be entangled. 

S^ij^ tikkattiyi, s. A labyrinth, 
maze, intricacy. 

A^WoJi tikkatuni (^%53), v. n. 
To be matted, as hair. 2. to 
be entangled; to be intricate. 

S^^ tikkali^ adj. Short and 

A^^Ji tikkavuni, c. v. {of S^^o^ 
^) To ensnare, entangle. 2. 
to fix. 3. to button.*^ 




3D tidi 

^^^^ tikkuni (SF,), 7;. a. To 
rub, brush, polish. 7'.n. To 
be ensnared, caught. 2. to 
be seized, apprehended. c.daL 
To find, get, obtain. 

^'^JSjiJ tikkote, see S^j&rfe5. 

ArV^i tig|^t6, ^. A split, splinter, 
slip, piece, -oi^'sb^^i to split, 
divide, saw. 

3?^^Ji tig^puni, see St\4^. 

^rfti^^ tig^runi, see SXoTio^ 

iSrt tiga, s. A beehive. 2. honey. 
-^ ?fe5o^ bees, -i ^«^ -^ 
350j a honeycomb. -^ eJosoo 
honey. — ^ lij^cxioerf bees' wax. 
-^ AaSioiS a small kind of 

3rta tigadi, J. The Indian jalap, 
Ipomcea turpethum, 

drtaz::)rta tigadiblgadl, s. Con- 
fusion, tumult. 

3r<i, ,Sri^ tigati, tigatti, j^^ 

3rt^ tigal6, ^. The breast, chest, 
heart. 2. courage. -Xo« a 
giant; a big, lazy fellow; a 
desparado. —Ti Xjsoa3, ^cJ T^szij, 
-cs ^a^ the hollow of the 
breast; bravery. — e5eS pain 
in the chest. — rf d^j^j anger, 
wrath. — #jaS!)r^ to brave 
encounter with courage; to 
be bold. —5 o^b^ to give in 
charge; to hold responsible. 
-?^«5j^^ the heart to palpitate. 
-?^^r^ the heart to break; 
to labour hard. —5 kjatj^^ to 

have charge. —T^iki^T^ to suf- 
fer from heart-burn. 
hr\t tigitJ, see SKiS. 

sSn^c^, 'SrtosgiJi tigipuni, tigu- 
puni (^Tv, 5Fv), V, a. To split, 
slit, cut, saw, tear. 

^riodj:^, ^rto,?i, 3r(o^J^ tiguru- 
ni, tigmni, tiguluni (5Xo5, 
SK)), 7'. n. To sprout, shoot, 
germinate. 2. to split. 

hf^ tigte, ^^^ SK^. 

3U titti, J. White spots on 
leaves; cf. ela^. 

3i3, titti, ^^ aSa . 

SB.^Aj tittesi, ^. Interference, 
intermeddling. 2. annoyance, 
trouble; ^/^^ eaB^e^ 

3ri tini, ^. A small open ve- 

hh titi, see -^S. 

3^0 tittiri, s. Playing upon a 
pipe, etc. 2. a top. 3. a 
partridge, -f^^^ to play at 

3^0ii>|,D tittiribittiri, s. An 
unfair dealing. 

3^ tlthi, s, A lunar day. 2. 
the annual ceremony per- 
formed to one's deceased an- 

3n^, 3a tidji, tidi, adj. Small. 

Sn^o^d tid^nkara, ^. Sitting on 
the feet. -^^osAj^s^ to sit on 
the feet. 

3a tidi, see 55. 2. ^^^ ^'^ 

3a2ios^ tidipai^^^^j^ Dwar- 
fish, short. ^ 



ddoo timu 

3a^ s^tj tiddavuni, c, v. (p/B^^s^) 
To get corrected, rectified, 

30 rt tiddig^^. Correction, train- 
ing, renovation. — s'oxSo an 
erect pillar. — eoriii settled 

3ci)ji tidduni (55^), ^. a. To 
correct, mend, reform, rectify, 
alter. #^— //^. to correct the 
hand; to acquire a good pen- 

3cij Slid, 3ds) 33e)y tiddupadi, tid- 
dupata^ s. Correction, amend- 
ment, modification. 2. refoi> 
mation. -^t^^^^ to correct, 
amend, modify. 

3 do tiddya, adj\ Junior, young- 
er. — ^ an aunt, i. e. mother's 
younger sister, or younger 
uncle's wife. — o£o an uncle, 
i. e. father's younger brother, 
or aunt's husband. 

Ac3^^o3o tiddyaye, s. A young 

3do^ tidpu, see 5^r. 

^tih tidma, s. A kind of fish. 

3cS?3^ tinasyi, ^^ <?^5. 

3c3 tiniy i^^ ^i^ 

Ac^sJJi tinpivuni, c. v. (o/Sf^^) 
To feed, nurse. 

3^?^ tinpini (5^, ^'. a. To eat, 
consume. 2. to destroy, waste. 
3. to receive, as bribes, blows, 
ei£. 33Gj-- to get blows, ood- 
to take bribes. 

^AS tinpele, s. A glutton. 

SsidtipalJ, s. The creeper Cly- 
pea Burmanni. 2. an appli- 
cation for the head, generally 
prepared of the leaves of this 

3Sj^, 32^^ tipila^ tipoli, see 

^^ tippa, adj. Small. 

3^ tippi, s, A cocoanut shell. 
— #j8e^ lit. a cocoanut shell 
and a stick; beggary, -"^js?^ 
zj§ 5 c^U).^ to come down to 
beggary. —^i5 a small breast, 
resembling a cocoanut shell. 
^f^ the lower half of a 
shell, tfio^^— the upper half 
of a shell. ^9<- the skull. 

3i) S) tippili, s. A kind of borer. 

3&^5S«^^e/, 3^^"^^ tippivok- 
keli^, tipyokkel^, s^ A poor 

33^ tippu, see e5^. 

3^ tipp6^ s. A heap, pile. 2. a 

3^!^^ tibila, s. A hand-lamp, 

32wdj tiburu, J. A crack, split. 
-.80o2K^, fieooTio^, see SXjd^?i. 

3za^, 3t3^tibbi,tibb6, J. Hemming. 

3t32^o^ tibrfilyi, J. Treble dis- 
tilled arrack. 

3si>d timari, ^. The Pennywort, 
Hydrocotyle asiatica. 

hZ^^rf^ timing^l^, s. A whale. 

35JjJ'^ocijJi timukuduni (B*ix3 
*o5), z'. a. To jostle, push: 

-" Diqitizedb*' ^ ' 

to try to escape from a crowd. 

Sdx) timn 



^'ixF tirkei 

dt:l)^T^o^, S^joodoc^ timaknni^ ti- 
muruni (Soioo^, Szi)o5), v. n. 
To throng, crowd. roo. 

^do'#Je)^^o timekolu, see ^e^ #jse 

3oi)b tiyara, see -^e^d. 

^o^oriofi tirflinguni, see SoXor^. 

3d tira, ^^^ ^^• 

3d;!g^ tirasji, j<?^ s;;?^. 

3d?%d tiraskara, s. Contempt, 
disrespect, reproach, affront. 

30 tin, s, A sprout, shoot, sprig, 
germ ; the tender branch of a 
palm. 2. the wick of a lamp ; 
cf, ^0. —833030 a harelip, —"^l 
a thin body. — e9zS^^ to cease 
to sprout. — 4^3^ii^>? — 3i2br5) 
to sprout, shoot. ooXozIjcU 
the point of the nail. 

30^1:^ tirikatt^, see ^s^^O^- 

30oi)d tiriyara, adv. Within 
reach of the hand; below, 
3do tiru, s. A bow string. 2. a 
short stick used to tighten, 
as the string of a bow, etc. 
-g'uo^^, -cozl)5) to tie a bow- 
string, [church. 
^j^ tiru, adj. Holy. -sJt? the holy 
3djor{o?i tirunguni, see SoXor^ 
3dortcl tirugani, see 5oXri«. 
3doc5ra tirudana, see ^do^p©. 

3dJsi, 3djS tirupa, tirupJ, s. 

Alms, charity. 
3do^3 tirupati, s. A celebrated 

place of pilgrimage in North 


3dJ^ tirupu, see S^r. 
3dJt)o23 tirubanji, see SaoroaJ. 

3djsi)odo tirumum, s. Property, 
wealth. 2. exchange. 


3dorf tiruva, see Srfr. 

3dorfc9 tiruvana, s. A nitpick. 

3dos5 tiruvJ, see ^^^r. 

3do^ tiruli, s. A kind of round 
chisel or gimlet. 

3d, 3d^z3;J tir&, tirekajipn, see 

3^r tirkji, s. A band, tie made 
of the fibre taken from the flat 
side of the cocoanut branch; 
c/, Ai^F, -cazio^ to fasten the 
cocoanut blossom with such 
a tie. 

3^rfe^ tirkatti^, s. The slip-knot 
of a rope used for drawing 
water. 2. see ^%^. — cszli^ 
to fasten a band, peg, etc. 

^fffd tirkadi, s. The lower part 
of any thing. 

3^r5)ro&^ tirkayi, see S^^r. 

3'ffe)FS3) Ji tirkSvuni, c. v. (^5?J^or 
^>) To make lean, to weaken. 

^^rs>r7f tirkisji, adj. Oblique, 
slant, sloping, adv. Obliquely, 
aslant. [garment. 

3^o^oiJj tirkuntu, s. An under- 

^^JF^ tirkuni (^^0» ^- ^- To 
be lean, weak; also ^f^or^ 

I'Sf tirkJ, s. A split, splinter ; 
also ^F. 

3'#jr tirkei, s. A water jar, pit- 
cher. 2. a handful. —25^ » 

3tfja?r tirko 


dt> tila 

to join the hands for receiv- 
ing anything, tf^- a small 

^^JeJrB tirkoti, s. A lean or 
weak man. 

3'#J«)?re>o tirkolu, see §)tfjs<y. 

3riFfl tirganJ, see SoXrrf. 

ArioF^ tirguni, see SoXor^ 

32SFcS tirnan^, see SoXrsS. 

33^r tirt^, ^^z'. Down, beneath, 
below, under, adj. Lower, 
subordinate. —^^ topsy- 
turvy. --e^Tis^ to fall down. 

diFt:^ tirtatt^, J. Lower side or 
level. —^ tfozi a lower field. 

3iFC^ tirtadya, s. The thresh- 
old, lower step, under frame. 

3;^Fcl tirtani, s. The lower part 
of a slope; cf. e5i6. 

3^Fd tirtara, s. An inferior kind. 
adj\ Lower, inferior. adv. 
Below, under. 

^4^^:^^ tirthattfli, see S^fOj. 

^doF^i tirduni (S5f), v. n. To 
turn. 2. J^d 5ci3 5). 


3siFrai^ tirpanatrft, s. A place 
near Cochin ; the former resi- 
dence of the Cochin kings. 

3JjFC^ tirpani, s. A fund for the 
repairs of a temple. 

3siF3 tirpati, see ^^ssS. 

SSjFO tirpali, s. Long pepper. 

33iFe3 tirpalft, see Ss^d. 

353e)F53)^ tirpivnnl, c. v. {o/^^r 
^) To get made, settled. 
2. see SfCSF^^t). $07q5— to 
make gold ornaments. 

&^ tirpu, ^. A swivel. -^ ^ 

a head-ornament. 
35^^?^ tirpuni (56), v. tjj. To 

twirl round. 
3eoFo23 tirbanji^ s. The abdomen, 

3e3F tirbJ, s. A piece, chip; cf. 


3rfojFrfo tirmuru, s. Exchange. 

3o4jFozI tiryande, s. A kind of 

3o3oFd tiryara, adj\ Low. adv. 
Below, downward, under. 

3e}^F tirlji, s. The core, heart of 
a tree. — s'jazio^ to come to 
age, to be full-grown. 

353f tirle, s. A full-grown, strong 
Daan. [tree. 

3siF tirva, s. A kind of timber 

3^F tirsJ, see ^^A- 

3^F tirli, s. The bandage or 
crown of a stack of corn. 

3e}^ til^, s. The spleen, milt. 
2. see ti€. 

3^ tila, ^. The gingely oil seed, 
Sesamum indicum. — f^o^iido 
the sesamum flower. — ^sjrre, 
Sdj9ed?^ sesamum seed and 
water, presented as an of- 
fering to the manes of the 
departed ancestors. -'^^^ 
gingely oil. — cr>?^, $©5>to?^ a 
gift of sesamum. 

3t)^ tilaka, s. A sectarian or 
ornamental mark on the 
forehead. 2. a freckle, jnole. 

3^4c^ tilavSir^^^^iSS^'^ 

^^0^ tni 


A(d tira 

A3e>r9 tfla^a, see ^^^' 2. see 

SOe>^ tilavu, see i^^i. 

Sdid^d^ tHoiaiig, see under da 

3o^rfo;i tilladuni (d®g,S), zf. ^r. 
To dissipate, disperse, scatter. 

Se7e)r3 tillina, s. Hamming a 

30e)?3^, 4we)o) tivasi^, tlvwi, s. 
A kind of carpet, a rug. 2. 
a cushion. 

^^ till, adj. Transparent, clear. 
2. distilled; c/. «^, t^. -j&eS 
clear, or filtered water. 

3v^orf«i?, 3<?orf«7^ tiluvaliki, ti- 
luvaligS, J. Understanding, 
intellect ; knowledge, infor- 

^ij^% tillapilla, see s^c^^^- 

3^ till6, see el^. 

3eo*C, *Seo^O. 3?©*, tinkiri, 
tinkeri, tmkri, s. Preparing 
for the festival of the female 
demons ^^^ totj^ 2. ^^^ 

aeo^j tinku, see Se^. 
3eoT?o^ tinkelyi, see So^e>. 
3?ciioJi tintuni, ^^^ Aeowo^ 
S^o?S)ii tintata, see .^eotou. 

3^o;3e)d, Seoqse)0 tmtira^ tintha* 
ra, s. Dispersion, dissipation. 
2. ruin, waste, -^^h^ to be- 
come dispersed ; to be ruined. 
~»i3^o^^ to waste. 

>^^o3e)6 tintare, s. A destitute 
(?r miserable man. 

^^(o3^sSc^ tintivnni, c. v. {of^^o 

^^) To cause to splash. 
3?o^c^ tintuni (SeoS), v. n. To 

splash; also ft^o^^. 
3?oqg) timpa, ^^^ e^coi^. 
^?o3gJi timpuni (Seo), z'. «. To 

snort, breathe heavily. 2. to 

snivel; cf. ^oaoo^i^ 
3?o^6 timpele, s, A sniveller; 

a^oUoFj) tirntuni, see if owo^ 
•Ifff^ tikji, adj. Tasteful, savoury. 

Ae^b, hi'^xf tikara, tikeq^, ^at^'. 
Sweetish; not pungent, not 
properly seasoned. 

d^^Jdd tikod^y s. A kind of fish. 

A^fi ivghj see ^^^ 

&^zL^ tiduni (Se5), v. a. To rub, 
press. 2. to irritate. 

3?c3*, 3?ci tinv, tini, s. Food, 
meal, diet. 2. a glutton. 

viesid tipalft, see Sj^e. 

3^^ tip6, ^. Sweetness. adj\ 
Sweet, fresh. — 3^2^ the liquo- 
rice. — *5o?\ sweet potato, Goa 
potato, Dioscorea aculeata. 

3?rfoo^o^ tiinullu, s. A kind of 
touch-me-not, Cxsalpina mi- 

3?0^ tirji, s. A nit. 2. the egg 
of a bug. 3. see 5?^r. -^eg? 
a small louse. — ^eS)^, j^ 5e 


5^83— a crushed nit. 

3?0 tira, adj. Entire, whole, adv. 
Wholly, entirely. 2. decided- 
ly, positively. 

>l^doD tirandi, see under SeTii^ 

3;d tira 


3Soor( tongs 

A?da tiratJ, see <eT^otf. 

3?a^s3)?i tirlyuni, see 5e&ste^^. 

3?0 tin, see *?t>. 

3?0^ tirikS, ^. Conclusion, end. 

3?Dc3e)3^ tirinatsL, ^^^ SeTlifjsS. 

SeOii^i^s^^, ^eOToOc^ tirisivimiy 
tirisun^ c v. {of^f^^) To fi- 
nish, conclude, complete. 2. 
to settle, decide, determine. 
3. to pay off, as a debt. 

3?dj?ra3* tininat^ adv. As far 
as practicable, to the extent 
of one's ability. 

3?do5i tinmi (5e5), v. n. To be 
finished, settled, c. dot. To 
be able. S?TioD (neg. part,) 
incapable, infeasible, unset- 
tled ; endless, inexhaustible. 
Se^oo a^^T? work beyond one's 
ability to perform. c^ccJoK 
^eTiiaS he is not well. c^odoS 
Se^oS heit not able to do it. 
d«5o& is is done, de^^e^^t 
5e55 ifith^ to end, expire, 

3?Cj;^<i tirumina, s. Conclu- 
sion, settlement, completion. 
adj. Complete, final, adv. Fin- 
ally. — cs 85^, — ^odj the lowest 
price. — oSj^o^^ to settle, re- 
solve, determine. 

3^djCiT? tiruvikft, see fie^r*. 

3^6 tiri, see Se^^. 

3?6o^ tireljL, s. Termination, 

Atrirzl tirgadJ, s. Completion. 

2. see ^eXrzS. 

A?ir, 3?qJr tirta, tirtha, ^. Pure 
water, sacred water in which 
an idol is bathed; a bathing 
place of pilgrimage. 2. a 
bathing place. -odji^ pil- 
grimage to a sacred river. 
—"^^ bathing in sacred 
water. —^aLf^ to administer 
sacred water, to give water to 
drink. ^8o2iF^ to spring forth, 
as water from a fountain. 
3?^rtJ, timiki, see eleS>F* 
3^S5e)r4Ji tirplvuni, see «e^ 

3(2gr tirpu, S' Settlement, 
adjustment, decision, decree. 
-(5^2b^ to be settled. -^«'^^ 
to decide, adjudge. 

3?53^rji tlrpuni, see Set)sj5>4^ 

3^^rtf tirvikft, s. Conclusion, 
settlement, adjustment. 

3c^r tirvi, s. Land assessment, 

3??TOFoJJi tirsSvuni, see SeOTte 

^^7i tisa, see ^e?;^ 

3e^C9, 3e^v tikshana, tikshna, 
.s. Haste, hurry. 2. heat, 
warmth, pungency. adj\ 
Sharp, quick; hot, warm, pun- 

^0^0 5 tunkuni, see ^o^o^ 

^ort tunga, s. The river Tunga. 
2. height, loftiness. a^.High, 
lofty. —2?^ the river formed 
by the junction of Tunga 
and Bhadra. rc^c^ci\o 

Diqitized by VjOpy Iv, 

^or(o&) tuiigaye, ^. A tall man. 

^o7l tonga 


^rt toga 

ioortc^j tungayi, s. A kind of 

^o7Te>o5o tungayi, s. A fragrant 

kind of grass, 
^orto tungu, see ^oXo. 
^joU tunta, adj\ Mischievous, 
impudent, wicked. —^^ impu- 
dence, wickedness. 
t^oli, ^o&€^ tunti, tuntedi, s. 
A mischievous or impudent 
^oB tunte, s. A wicked (?r impu- 
dent man. 
;^orio tundu, s. A piece, slice, 
bit. ~*oowo a rag. -Xod^ 
-Xorf fi a short cudgel. -*io 
Tl5 pieces, fragments, -^s^ 
4^ to patch, join pieces. — s^ 
ti)i!i to fell a tree in blocks. 
^•o^^^ to cut into pieces. 
^od tundJ, s. Thecover of leaves 
round the loins, as worn by 
Koragar women. — c8*^ a 
black kind of the five-leaved 
^ooC9 tunna, see ?J3oce. 
^^ot^oTfy ^oc^ tunnangv, tun- 
nel, s. The scurf or mealy 
crust of the body. 
^ow tumba, tf^'. Full, complete. 

^owssj)^ tumbSvuni, c. v. {of 
^o8oo?>) To cause to fill, load, 
lade. 2. to accuse, impute, 

;iio2^ tumbi, s. The blackbee. 
2. see ^o«3. e^cScU, j^^ Tdioa^. 

^ot^^ tumbilsL, s. Sneezing. 
-sDbr^, -<yj^?> to sneeze. 

^o2oo?i tumbrnd (^o^, v. a. 
To bear, carry, as a load. 2. 
to fill. 3. to endure, suffer. 
V. n. To be filled, full. «)z5 
•55>ci-, srotd- to suffer from 
a false accusation, sso^*^^— 
to be guilty. idi2- to carry a 
load. 7^v— to be in debt, ^o 
eood) coc toSbr^ to carry an idol 
in procession, round its tem- 
^oiojci) tumbum, see ^ott«J. 
^otoodo, iootoo6 tumburu, tum- 
bure, s. A celestial chori- 
;&ot3 tumbft, s. The plant Phlo^ 

mis indica, 
iJotScS^^ tumbenekkilv, s. Wild 
vegetation. -Tf^ai^?) wild vege- 
tation to grow; to fall in 
^oozSjaraoJi, ^osloraop tnmbo- 
nuni, tummonuni, refl. v. {of 
^o8;>o?)) To bear or suffer for 
one's self, to be patient, 
ioowor tunnbu, see ^t^joko. 
;^^a tukadi, s. A piece, rag, 
fragment, bit. 2. the division 
of a district. 3. rank and 
file. -Td3«»o^?> to divide, to 
put into files, 
^^^^^^tukkutukku, s. Skip- 
ping; strutting. 2. arrogance, 
haughtiness. -c/^XogSi to skip; 
to strut. 
^* tukre, see ^o^ 
^orta, iiirioa tugadi, tugudi, see 

^7i tnga 


^d) tnda 

^rta^ tugalj, s. The skin, bark, 
rind, -^^fcs), -.aft)^^^, — d 
^^ to skin, pare, peel. 

^^ tudca, ^'. Small, little, 
mean. 2. void, empty, desert- 
ed. — ^5^ contempt, scorn, 
vileness. — ®^^ low-minded- 
ness. — ;d)5;^^ to despise, 

^l?e>U tnocata^ s. Biting. 2. 
dispute, quarrel. — "rfo^o^^ to 
dispute or abuse mutually. 

^eTO53)?i tuccavuni, c. v. (of ^ 
e^^) To cause to bite, chase. 
2. to join, unite. 

^oti tucci, see ^^ . 

^zio^ tuccuni (^^), «'.^. To 
bite. 2. to be joined, united. 

ijeS ^ tuc5el^, s. A vicious ani- 
mal; a biting animal, adj. 
Vicious; biting. 

^z3 tujji, see Aa^. 

^53, t^li, tuti, tutti, ^. Dearth, 
scarcity, adj. Dear, scarce, 

^rf tuda, ^^*. Bored, scooped 
out; c/. ta^n. —TiiT^oso a 
trough made of a palm stump. 

^c^o^, ;^Ge)a^ tudarfi^ tad&rv^ 
s. A light ; a lamp. ^^^^ an 
iron hand-lamp. -oSji* lamp 
oil. — eoc the lamp-light pro- 
cession of an idol, e^c, — fta 
^4?> to light a lamp. 

^ti6 tudali^ see i^Tie. 

;^a tudi, see c^a. 

^rioSj^ tudupini, see Ti^rkih^. 

^d tud6, s. The thigh, shank, 
side piece; c/. ^ri, ^^-do 
^ the hip. ~^7jvo^ a side 
plank, -wv*, -835^ a bubo, 
venereal ulcer; c/. *»zSsro?. 

siocSo^c^ tudepnni^ see ^azSs^^. 

^C9on^ tunangjL, j^^ ^oreoK. 

^d tunft, s. The gummy juice 
exuding from the stalk, eic. 
of certain fruits. 2. arro- 
gance, pride, -^wo^^ to be 

^oS tuti, ^. A sort of drone 
corresponding a bagpipe. 2. 
see ;^5. 

^3^0 tuttari, see ^^0. 

i03^5$Ji tuttSvunl, c, V. {of ^ 
^^) To cause to dress, clothe. 

^sSoi^tuttu, ^. Dressing, -^oouo 
clothes, raiment. — ^cJ^j dress, 
clothing, covering. 

^3(i^ tuttuni (*^1^), ^. ^. To 
dress, wear, clothe. 

^^^0 tutturi, s, A trumpet, 
horn, pipe. — tooSo a trum- 
peter, piper. -av)&^^ to blow 
a horn or trumpet. 

^a tudi, ^. Point, end, extre- 
mity, top. — xf^ the arm from 
the elbow. — ^^w^ complete- 
ly; up to the top. -ziwd^ top 
and bottom. — oiwcJ^ f^3tfo5 
aimless, purposeless. — eojax^si 
to be sufficient, convenient. 
— ziwWOj^ to finish, complete. #^ 
5sl- the point of a sword. 

^Cioo^d tudunkara, see SSo^t^. 


^d tuii 


^d) tora 

^od tud6, s. A river, stream. 
—Sit) the bank of a river. — * 
iSi^?), — oaowos) to ford a river. 

iotfsSo*, tudeculli, s. The holly- 
leaved acanthus, Dilivaria 

' ilicifolia, 

^ocSdoadoA tudemadirengi, s. 
The tree Cratceva nirvala. 

^^T^, :^jfij?3 tunusu, tunusft, J. 
A kind of grass or nettle. 
Tragia involucrata, 

i^-^ tan6, see ^i5. 

^53e)«^, ^S3e)* tup&kjL, tuptti, 

J. A gun, musket. 

^j^U tuppati, see cl)^«. 

^£ tupp6, s. A stack, heap 
of corn or rice. S^r— a 
stack with a crown of twisted 
rope of straw and ears of 
paddy. ^e»— the crown of a 
stack. -tWoK a kind of 
jdkm^Dioscorea airopurpurea. 
— ol)a§ ^'os^Jo^^ to sit in a coil, 
as a serpent. 

^^c^ tuphin^, s. A cyclone, 
storm. 2. calamity, misfor- 
tune. 3. a serious imputation. 

^m tubbu, see ;^a>^. 

t^Vix tubbu, s. Discovery, as of 
stolen property; detection, 
as of an offence. 

i>^z!i:i:M^ tumuku, s. Pressure, 

^;j>>o^o5itumukuni, see 5?iw^os>. 

;^0^ tuyi, s. A feather, quill, 
the plume of birds. 

^oaoocg)?^, ^Obooejoji tuyimpuni, 

tayimbum (^o^oo, ^osoo^, 

V. n. To hiss. 2. to grow 

angry. 3. to blow the nose ; 

cf, Tioowoeoog). 
^O^o^dtuyimpele, s. A fretful 

person. 2. a sniveller. 
;^jO^^ tuyilff, see :?5oo^«. 
^jrfort turanga, see sI^t^oX. 2. 

see ^"dooXo. 
^odrs turana, see ^f^. 
^d^ turala, j^^ s^tSa^o. 
^d^ tural6, J^^ AftT^^. 
^Oe)0&^ turiyi, s, A crest-like 

head-ornament worn by males. 

2. a crest, plume of feathers. 
^D turi,^. A cramp-iron, brace. 
ioD^ turita, see ^^r. 

ti^h^, ^03g)Ji turipini, turipuni 
(^&), 7/. a. To string, as 
beads. 2. to bore, perforate. 
^83_ to bore the ears; to wish- 
per; to backbite. 

;i)OaJjo?i turiyuni {^^), v, n. To 
be stringed. 2. to be bored, 
perforated. ^^S axaTlD^ to 
fall, as powder from decayed 

^do turn, adv. Violently, strong- 
ly. — iS^j^?) to pick flesh from 
a carcass, as a vulture, eic.\ 
to vie as puppies when suck- 
ing, etc, 

^Coorio turungu, s, A prison, 

^dJo2^)J turumbu, s. Chaff. — ^ 
4oi to winnow. 

^dofeio turutu, see ^\^7'. 

^d> torn 


^^0 tnlln 

;^Oorsj turuna, see ^r©. 

^do^ turuta, see ^^r. 

^do^Oo turuturu, adv. Swiftly, 

-^^^ tumpu, s. Cavalry. 2. a 
.trump or winning card. 

^dj^c^ turupuni, see ^^h^ 

^dorfoeu turuvayi, see ^ijaoai. 

^jdo53)ci turuvnni, see ^OccJoor^. 

^Oodpraoji tumvonuni, v. refl. 
To embrace, take in. 

iodJScJj turudu, adv. Fast, 
tightly. -3i8|o^» to hold fast. 

^6ttir6, J. A water-gourd, pump- 
kin. —8^ e£>ozS a large calabash 
used by toddy-drawers for col- 
lecting toddy, or by mendi- 
cants as a vessel. — ^ 4»?^ 
the shell of an over-grown 
gourd. ~8^ eoftT^o the creeper 
of water-gourd. 

ij^rdo;^ turkamata, s. Moham- 

^T#r© turkali, s. Distention, 
puffing. 2. pride, insolence. 
— J8f»eSi^> to be proud, insolent; 
to be troublesome. 

^^r^o^S turkalyuni (^^r^), 
V, n. To be distended, as an 
overloaded stomach. 

;^^r turke, s. A Turk, Mus- 

^Uor turtu, s, A female's hair 
tied into a knot. 

^ors>r turna, ^^^ ^^• 

;^^r, ^^r turta, turtu, s. 
Swiftness, haste, speed, adj. 

Quick, hasty, swift. — •io^o^^ 
to hasten, accelerate, be quick. 

^©F turli, s. Obeisance. 

^^ tula, s. A balance. 2. simi- 
larity. %.see ^e^. 

^oe*, ^o^)^tulaci,tula8i,J. The 
holy basil, Octmum sanctum \ 
also #«e^^ — ^Bj the embank- 
ment round a basil plant. 
_^?5 worship paid to it. — ^rf 
beads made of wood of the 
holy basil. — ^j^<5, — ^Jd a 
necklace of those beads. — ^iw 
Tio a kind of earring, crooaj- 
the wild basil, Octmum aL 

;^23e) tula, s. The sign Libra. 
2. the seventh solar mouth. 

^Oe)4?j tulavuni, see ?ioe;o4^ 

^Qe>rg^ tuUs^, see ^?j. 

^j© tuli,^^*. Sweet, fresh. — ^>eS 
fresh water. 

^©3g)ci, ^©oijo^ tulipuni, tuli- 
yuni (^«5), zf. ^f. To churn, 
make butter. 

io©oJjo5> tuliyuni, j^<? ?:5oOcdoo^. 

^d tul6, ^^<? ^<5- 

^5323Dd tulebara, ^. Weighing 
one's self against gold, etc. 
~-^AV^^^ to get one's self 
weighed against gold and dis- 
tribute it in charity. 

^e>o tulya, adj. Comparable, 
analogous, equal. 

^^^oe; tuUatuUa, see ^%^^^' 

en CTi ' V V 

^§ tuUi, see e^o . 

^^^ tulluni, see ^%f^^\e 


^d tulle 


^0^0 tonkn 

^6v, ^oej^o^ tuUela, tullyala, 
see ^^o. 

^rf tuva, s. Overflowing, run- 
ning over. 

^^ tuwi, see *30w. 

io?i), tusku, adj. Useless, vain, 
unmeaning; also ^7^^> 

io^^o tulasi, see ^©el. 

^v^h^, ^0Ve>s3)^ tulapini, tula- 
vuni (^vs), 7;. (Z. To row, 
paddle, steer; c/. i^^^^i- 

^« tuli, see t^'^. 

^«53)ci tulipuni, see t^^s^^- 

ij*oi)Jci tuliyuni, see t^CoS^^, 

2Jotfo tulu, ^. Tulu. ad/. Of ^r 
belonging to Tulu. — &fcrfthe 
Tulu people. -j3e^ the Tulu 
country. -epzj the Tulu 

^V^o^jji tulukuni, see z3a©o^o^. 

io^03e)a3o tulutaye, ^. A native 
of the Tulu country. 

^^os3 tuluve, s. Softness, as 
that of a variety in fruit, etc. 
adj. Soft, as a fruit, etc. --^offo^ 
a soft kind of mango. 

^^0^ tuluve, s. A Tulu man. 
— oSoto an ox born and bred 
up in the Tulu country. 

^ov^j^J) tulpuni, see 7^^^^. 

^^ tulp6, s. A shell, skin, rind. 

^tf^ tulya, see ^e^^. 

;ij^^^tullatulla,^2^. In an out- 
spoken manner, straightfor- 
wardly. 2. suddenly, hurried- 
ly. — 3if^^ to speak out or 

^0*. tulli,^^^ «^^. 

^^o,ji tulluni (^fj, V. n. To 
roll, turn. 2. to leap, jump. 

^4.^ tullelj, s. A marriage 
among Pariahs; also ,ca)5?^^. 

ija tu, s. Fire. adj. Fiery. 
2. bright. 3. ardent. -^ *2^ 
matches. — ^ ^^ soot. — ^ ^^ 
the scar of a burn. -^ ^^ a 
flint stone, -ii *«, -^ *a, -* 
o5oof« a spark. — ^ ^ootS, — * 
#aotS, — ^ ^oti a fire pit. — ^ 
#A^ a firebrand. — * ^©^ 
burning coals. -* essc^oaj 
flame. — ^ ^^ smoke. — ^ ^^^ 
a box of matches. -* *^i» 
-*^7 — ^ J8f»^^ a burn, scald,^ 
blister. -^ ^ the heat of 
fire, -csoor^ fire to burn. 
_cn)t>^^ to blow fire. ~-2^^^^ 
to poke fire. — ?Fjs^^^ fire to 
blaze. — 7^c^s> fire to burn fit- 
fully. — ^w>j4^ to quench or 
extinguish fire. — ^tB'Oj?) fire to- 
extinguish. — ^i^r^, — d«o^o^ 
to tread on fire ; to smother. 
— DeSb?), — crozSo^ito set fire. — ^ 
9^ ;^o> to light, kindle a fire. 
—•5»aJoo^ fire to smoulder 
^Jeio^ra tuftkana, ^. Swinging. 

2. dependence. 
;^o'^©aioo^ tunkaliyuni, see ^ 

^0* tunki, see ^o^ce. 
^0^0 tunku, ^. Swinging. 2. 

drowsiness. 3. reeling. 4^ 

deliberation. ^ 

^o'5^>) tnnkn 


I^Jd^Jd tutu 

^Je)o^Oc^, i^orloc^ tunkuniy ton- 

guni (^o^, ^oK)^ V. a. To 

swing, toss. V, n: To reel. 

2. to doze, be drowsy. 3. to 

^orto* tungalsL, adj. Awny, 

full of beard, as corn. — etoC 

awny paddy, 
^orto tungu, s. The beard of 

barley, etc. 
^o2& tnneiy adj. Thin, fine, 

small. 2, see ciioeS. 
^o23 tunji, see ci«83. 
;^oS3 tunti, see t^oVL 

^Je>o^e;* tundal^, ^. A nest of red 

ants. 2, see ^ozS. 
.;^ocio?i tunduni (^o5), v. a. To 

aim, point at. 
^o'A^^ tundelsL, s. Pointing, 

4^oeoG^ tumbarf , s. A big hole. 

2. see Tdiaceoj. 

.^o2oc! tnmbara^ ^. The eye of 
a spade; cf. -^^6, 

•;^ot)o, ;^oz3 tumba^ tombi^ see 

■^JdotSjc) tnmbOy see TijdotSA. 

-<iJe)^ tuka, J. Weight ; weighing. 

— d Xoozl) a plummet ; weights. 

— ^L)^ to ascertain the weight. 

— •i)5;*j^^ to weigh. 
d^ii tuka, {imperat, first pets, 

pL of ^L^). Let us see ! 
^is^'fixi tukara, s. Turbulence. 

— ^e2:^> to be turbulent. 
-^^^ tukala, see ^^oo. 
.^^®oi)o^, ^^t^^ji tukaliyn- 

ni, tukalyuni (^^^), v. n. To 

doze, be drowsy. 
;^^e)s5Ji tukivuni, c, v. (of ^ 

^0^) To cause to weigh. 2. to 

hang up. 
^*0 tukiri, ^^^ ^??oc. 

^^0 tuku, J. Hanging. — ^7i5 

a hanging lamp. 
^t^o^ tukuni (i^^), ^. ^. To 

weigh. 2. to hang suspend. 

3. to swing, rock, as a cradle; 

cf, ^^CorfjOi^. 

^^0^ tukula, s. A hanging 

;^^o©, ^*j tukuli, tukri, ^. 
Annoyance, distraction. — fta? 
2^^> to annoy, distract. 

^Jt)7i^ tugadi, ^. Drowsiness, 
sleepiness. 2, see ^?ra. 

;^rta^5i tugadipuni (^Xa), 
T'. «. To be drowsy, sleepy. 

^r(o?i tuguni, see ^^o^ 

tJtiki^ tutanji, s. A mixture of 
rubbish and earth, burnt and 
used as manure. 

;^^ tat6, s, A torch, made of 
palm leaves, etc. 2. a fierce, 
quarrelsome woman; also 
TiA^. -i55s;<X, — cftJ a mock-fight 
with torches. — •5j«w>vd a 
quarrelsome woman. 

^Uo'Sjs^^^o tutukdlu, J. A sol- 
dering rod. 

^a tudi, see ^&. 

^c^ tuna, see ^^. 

;^Je) A tuti, s. Appetite ; desire. 

^^Jd tutu, inf. Fie! shame! 

^j^icJ tnna 


iod tende 

^ci tuna, s, A stake, post. 
-*5oK a kind of yam, Dios- 
corea alata, 

;iJei3Jra tupana, s. A sign. 

^S3e)5;Jc^ tupavuni, c, v. {of ^ 
L^ & ^^^) To show, point 
out. 2. to cause to winnow. 

t^h"^ tupini (aos), 77. (^. To see, 
look, observe. 2. to try, test, 
examine. 3. to visit. 4. to 
seek; to consider, regard. 5. 
to take care. [grain. 

^JS)o§ tupu, s. Winnowing, as 

^53)?^ tupuni (^), V, a. To 
winnow, fan. 2. to blame, 
abuse; see ^s'os). 

;^23 tubi, s. A hole. 

iJSd tura, J. A contract, parti- 
cularly for toddy, —si ^O 
toddy supplied according to 
contract, -rf eS^rS a toddy- 
drawer who has contracted 
to supply toddy. —^ ^^ ^^ 
^^^> to consign toddy accord- 
ing to contract. 

^0 turi, s. An earthen water- 
pot; c/, tij8t>. -^^ a man 
with a dropsical belly. 

^Drfoo^o, turimullu, s. Zizi- 
phus cenoplia, — sk)^^ to^ 

^xrfo turn, J. A crack, chap, 
fissure. — 80ot^^ to crack, 

ts.t^^ turuni (^^, ^. n. To 
crack, as a vessel. 

;^6Jstfo turolu, s*. A kind of 

rattan. Calamus rotang\ cf. 
:^^j»^. — d ^otS the root of 
the same. — ci eoc3 a thicket 


of the same, —ci t5^ a walking 
stick made of the same. 

^JSoJor turya, s. A musical in- 

^Je)^ tula, {imperat. 2nd pers. 
sing. ^^J!>2b^)See! ^^seeTi^^- 

:^^oT\ tulangi, see 7iA^oi\, 

^e7e)4c^ tulivuni, see 7i^^^^- 

^JS© tuli, see e^jse«5. 

^ooji tuluni (^^), ^. «. To 
totter, reel; to nod, be drowsy. 

^^on tuleigi, see i^^o^^ 

^^ tula, s. Inspiration; en- 
thusiasm, ecstacy. 

t^^o tttlam, s. A kind of cotton. 

^jSV^j tulu, see qi««^. 

^b* tq^t^ ^. An instant. 

^C9 tr^a, ^. Grass, hay, straw. 
2. a bit. adj. Light (7r trifling, 
as a straw. — srojo^ contempti- 
ble; short life. 

^.S^ tr^pti, ^. Satisfaction, gra- 
tification, contentment. -<» 
h?i to be satisfied. -25iSsK)iis> 
to satisfy. [desire. 

^3S trjshi, s. Thirst. 2. wish, 

io^o^o tenkfcyi, see i^rr^o^ 

io^,^ tenkrUv, s, A red kind 
of stone. 

ioT^ teuCT, ^. The cocoanut 
tree. 2. a swelling. 

iod tende 


iljb, tettu 

iozScoo©, lodrfjo* tendemuli, 
tendemali, s. A species of 
thatch grass. 

$6d^ tendelsL, s. A very young 
cocoanut just out of bud. 
— ^erf a shrivelled or wan 
fa(5e. -^w^^ the face to 

io^ tenw^f adv. Now. 

%o^7f tennas^, see *c^& 

iosjd, So2od tembara, tembari, 
s. A small drum. —e^udUo^^ to 

%ot^ tembi, 5. The lower part of 
a cocoanut shell. 2. the back 
of the head. 

totiX^^ SoeSo tembiri, temberi, s. 
A burning sensation in the 
throat. 2. a raw taste, as of 
imperfect seasoning of food. 

iiotSoaiooJi temberiyuni (^oe55), 
V, n. To feel a burning sensa- 
tion in the throat. 2. to taste 
raw, as imperfectly seasoned 

ioEOoci tembuda, adv. Yet, still, 
up to this time. 

3 023 temb6, see eSozSoi^x^. 

Jo2f 6 temberi, see ^o2dTi. 

Joe325* tembel^, see 6ot26. 

Jodo temmai s, A cough, cold. 
?r^— the whooping cough. 
#jae^ cough with dyspnoea, 
bronchitis, t^^^- a catarrhal 
cough. -®^^ to cough, 

i^ tekk^^, see ^^^. 

t^6 tekkarJ, ^. A cucumber, 

cucumis saliva, 
3^doF tekkarmft, s. A kind of 

ornament; also ei*j. 2. see 

i^^ tekkalft, see i%-e. 


i^sJc^ tekkavuni, c, v. 

^Oj^) To quench, put out, 

34, tekki, s. Teakwood, Tedona 

grandis, -ci ^tj the teak tree. 
3^i^ tekkuni (*^i), v. n. To be 

extinguished. 2. to be calm, 

be pacified. ^ ^^^o5 the 

fire is quenched, ^m^^ anger 

to be pacified. 
J^ tekki, see ^\ 2. see ^\ 
1*6 tekkerft, see «^^t3. 
in*o^ teg^l^^, J. A sprout, bud. 
irs^ewji teg^luni (^?\^), t/.«. To 

sprout, shoot, bud. 
irtofi teoruni (^K), v. a. To take. 

2. to abuse, revile, ^^e making 

a threatening noise. 
i/HooJ) tegeluni, see ^Kcw^. 
3rtd tegel6, s. Abusing, reviling. 

— <Xoft to abuse. 
3fa^ tett^, «4/. B^<ii wicked. 2. 

rotten, decayed ; also €G . 
3to|.;SJi tettavuni, ^. v, {of iuo^ 

?>) To cause to be damaged, 

corrupted or failed; also 

ilk?i tettuni (^S^, ^. «. To rot, 
decay, be damaged. 2. to 
become corruj)t.^^^V?l^ail; 



1^ tedi 


id tere 

3a tedi, see €<^. 

t^^ tedilv, s. Thunder, thun- 
derbolt, thunderclap, -^oel 
a flash of lightening. -^^^ 
c^^, _^i5<yo?), --rfooTS;?!)?^ to 
thunder. -z:5i^r?), -c3j»e^5>, -^» 
^0^ to be struck by lightening ; 
to be thunderstruck. 

it^T^ tenassL, see ^?^c3. 

i^ tetti, ^. An egg. 

i^^ tettuni (^S), ^. ». To 
throb ^r distend, as the kid- 
neys from accumulation of 

i^ ien^tf see ^©5. 

i^^c^, 3c3^oaotenvkayi,ten- 
kiyi, s. South. adj\ Southern. 
2. the Malabar province. 

if^Tf tenasiji, s. Food, feeding. 

ij) teni, see ^t^ 

iAfi tenkere, irregular gerund 
of «5^^. 

isj teppa, s, A float, raft. 2. a 

shoal of fish. adj\ Dense; cf. 


-^wo,§) to make a float. 

i^Drt tepparigft, s. A cloth- 
like substance which wraps 
round the base of the cocoanut 

isgl teppu, s. The fibrous cover- 
ing of certain nuts. 2. see ^^. 

i^ tepp6, J^ *^- 

izjUo^ tebatuni, see *eowo^. 

izoiS tebatft, s. A kind of fish. 

itoa tebbu, j. A bow string. 

i^^ tebbubbu, see ^eS^®^- 

irfoSr! tematigS, ^^ €e^S;R. 

;id^teinina, see io-d^, 

io5j, ioi^ teyi,teyya, s. Beating 
time in dancing. 

ioJj^ teyya, see j3cxJog. 

JOo^ terantS, ^^^ ^exioB. 

id'^o&o terakayi, s. Breadth. 2 
making way. adj. Broad, 
wide; also #t^w>O90. 

itizjb^ teraduni, see ^rStl^Si. 

idK) terana, ^^^ ^^• 

idsS terapu, s. Space, room. 

id?3^ teras^^, see ^c3. 

SDrt terigfi, s. Taxes. 

iDsyss^c^ teripavnni, ^. v, (of ^t> 
aiw?5) To make known, com- 
municate, inform. 2. to ex- 
plain, expose. 

3Dq3)c^ terlpuni, see ^t)odw^. ♦ 

looio teriya, ^. A cirular pad of 
wicker or straw, placed under 
a vessel to make it steady. 

iDcx^o^ teriyu, s. A circle. 

Sooiwci teriyuni (^o), v, n. To 
be known, understood, com- 
prehended, c. dat. To under- 
stand. 2. to be able. 3. to 
feel, perceive, conceive, o&io^ 
iOodoooTl) I know, or I can. 
efojoK i&^ he did not know, 
he could not. 

3dooUo?i teruntuni, see 4^o}^^ 

idJsS teruvft, see 3e^r. 

id tare, ^^^ *^- 

I3^02)j terekay£^6^^^- 

$6 tere 


i^ti teja 

J6do^ tereduni (jS^S), v. n. To 
be confounded, confused. 2. 
to roll down. 

t^F^ terpuni (^5), v, a. To 
separate. ^Sf5 sroT<o?> to 
make one sit in a cross line 
as an outcaste at dinner. 
d§r oeS)^ to keep separate; 
to interdict, excommunicate. 

^33r terp6, s. Sod thrown up by 
ploughing; cf, ^e^Sr. 

isSr tervft, see Se^r. 

iej^oeii^ teljntuni, ^^^ if owo^ 

ie)5$, 3oe)^J) telavu, tellvu, s, A 
young <?r half grown cock. 

3^5g)c^, 3e^4?^ telavuni, telavu- 
ni (*CJ, i<w)), e^ n. To go aside, 
make way. 2. to avoid, shun. 

Serdob^ tel&nt^^ s. Coming 

t€> teli, s. Gruel, rice water. 
2. see ^c. 

tO^ telikJ, s. A laugh, smile, 
laughter. 2. ridicule, de- 
rision. zSooXoTjj— a gentle 

i€s3e)555 telipavuni, c. v. {of ^c 
^5)) To make laugh. 

JOogJi telipuni (*^, v. n. To 
laugh, smile, v. a. To deride. 

JOojJSSjJj teliylvuni, see i^Oodro 

iOoJooji teliyuni, j^^ ;*e>cxioo^ 
i^ telu, J<^ ic^. 

ie^Jorb, J^orio telungu, telugu, 

^. Telugu. 
i5>oo?^ telunge, s. A Telugu man. 

3^oyj^[teluntuni, see if owos>. 
3^ telpu, s. Thinness, adj. 

Thin, lean. 2. few, little. 
Se;o^^ telpuni, see ie^^ 

i^^, lo^sS tellavu, tellivn, s. 
A thin, flat kind of cake, 
made of rice flour, eU. 

Joj ^ telluni (i^, V. a. To 
winnow, sift. 

Ie3 tell6, ^^^ te . 

CO <^ 

idfi tellena, adj. Thinnish; cf. 

CO "^ ' 

isj^^ tevalsL, ^. Desire, wish. 

2. attachment. 
iv^oUoc:^ tel^tuni (if o53), ^. «. 

To contract, shrivel. 2. to 

wither, grow thin. 
^* tell, see tc. 
J*oi)oji teliyuni, see i^Ocxiw^. 
^?o^o^ tenkuni, j^^ i^eo^o^. 
J^oiS tenkJ, see Ao^f. 
J?^six)^r, Je^doj^r tek^- 

mnrkfi, tekamurka, s. Cloying, 

palling, satiation. 
3?^ teka, see ?5e^. 
i^'i tek6, flf^'. Brimful, up to 

the brim only. — e5& about 

three quarter seer of rice. 

-c?j^§> to mete up only to the 

brim of a measure. 
i?n^ teg^, s. Belching. 

Mri)^ teguni (^e^, ^. n. To 

iezsi, ^?2^?;^ teJa, tejass^^, s. 

Lustre, light, splendour. 2. 

glory, fame. *^ 

Mti te]i 


Mt tere 

i?e3 teji, s. A gift ; c/. A^. 
I^e3 teji, s. A horse of superior 

breed, adj. Swift, fast. 2. 

sharp, as a knife, 
i^b^ tet^, s. The beard of grass; 

c/, ^oXo. ^^'. Pure, clear; 

glaring, downright. — tooSo 

a tall man. — oSios? pure oil. 

— 7jj5^ a glaring lie. 
j;S3^, i^ki tetlla, tetla^ ^. A 

kind of vegetable, Caladium 

M^ tett, see eSe^^. |-^^^^ 

l?dobo tedayi, s. A base woman, 
3^:5e)05o tedayi, j^^ *e^. 
i^^ tedi, ^^^ J5?2i. 

J?do, J?cS tedu, tedft, j. A slice, 
piece, as of a jack fruit ; cf. 

M^ tedft, s. A kind of fish. 

^_, TiwoXoC- are its diflfer- 

ent species. 
3?:Srfcov^a tedemullu, s. A kind 

of tree. -75o5r the fruit of 

the same. 
i?a tedi, s, A day of the solar 

ieJiorrao^j tepangayi, see ^7^0 

ies^orta* tepangel^, s. kxLj 
article with an inclined sur- 

Mti"^^ tepakall^, J. A polishing 
stone, whetstone. 

M^^ tepanft, s. Rubbing, polish- 
ing, as a precious stone. 

i(3je3 tepali, s. A kind of trough 
(7r jDucket used for watering 
trees, etc, 

M"^ tepu, s. Rubbing, whetting, 
polishing, as a precious stone. 
— ^^ a polishing stone; a 
corundum. — t^tJ a polisher. 
~s3©o^ a whetting board. -35 
^4^> to polish, cut, as a 
precious stone. 

i^SgJitepuni (*e), v. a. To throw 
water with a bucket or 
trough, 2. to irrigate. 3. to 
rub, polish.- 

i?2oi3 tebatJ, see ^e^a. 

I^rfo^rt tejnatigi, see i*e^S^ 

J^^t^, i^;l5e)(^ temana, temana, 
s. Loss in assaying metals, 
waste caused by rubbing or 
polishing metals. 

i^dooao, i?s3j temayi, temft, see 

S^oi) teya, see *03j. 

t^xf ter^, s. An idol-oar. 2. the 

car-festival. — o^^5) to draw 

a car in procession. 
i^xf tery, s. Bark, rind, peel. 

^^ to peel, bark, flay. s^icS— 
the peelings of cucumber. 

3?doi3 teranti, s. A centipede, 

S^Oe)U terita, s, A car festi- 

M^ tern, see <e5. 

i?6 terJ, see ^e5. 

SeScisJod tereda-ma]?^lQr. The 

i^rtr terga 


iSiTi toga 

marking-nut tree, Semecarpus 

MT\ri& tergadft, ^. Settlement; 
conclusion ; acquittal. 2. 
passing, as an examination. 

ifsSr terpJ, s. Mire sticking to 
a. plough. 

i^ii^ra terbidi, s. The street 
through which an idol-car is 
drawn; the car-street. 

i?o* tel^ see *ef. 

ie^^e)^?^ telavuni, see 4v4^, 

Je^^oji teluii (^e^), v.n. To 

t^^ tevuy s. A kind of yam. 
Arum colocasia\ Calladium 

3?V* tel5i, s. A scorpion. — 7<oo2^ 
the hook of a chain, to which 
a coin etc, is suspended, —osd 
^0^ a scorpion to sting. 

3y tei, see i3^. 

iv^3 teiniti^ ^. Being in one's 
charge or care. 2. a peon 
attending on a superior offi- 
cer; an orderly. 

^i)^ teipini, see f^^h^ 

3%0f4 teJranJ, see t^A. 

^Coji teinmi, see ^bodjo^ 

iv^ teil^, s, A money bag, 

^<y, ij(s3 teila, teilJ, s. Oil, 

iio^g teilasa^ see ^^^e^id 

A€ teili, ^^ <^^. 

^o4 tonkiy J. Void, vacuum. 

3j€)o?^, tJ^of{^ tongi, tongelji, 
s. A cluster of blossoms; 
a bunch of fruits, ^/^. 

3je)orS tondft, j^^ ^oA 2. see 

ij^orS^e^ tondekalpu, ^. The 
northern frontier of the Tulu 
land. AftozSs'c^o^Ti) TTs:d^er:l) 
^tS^ •ixju^ ^«b de^ the Tulu 
country extends from Tonde- 
kalpu down to. the ford of 

JjSo^?i tondtini, see ^^^. 

ijdoci^^ tondappi^ s, A tadpole. 

^odd tondardy s. Entangle- 
ment, confusion. 2. perplex- 
ity, annoyance, trouble, vexa- 
tion. 3. misfortune, distress. 

^ocSot^ tonduni (AaoS), v. a. 
To work hard, labour; cf, 

jjdoz^OJ, iJdodJddo tondoru, 
tendon^ s. A baking pan; a 
copper vessel for baking cakes 
by steam. 

ivQod tondi^^^'. Big, distended. 
-eooaS a big belly. -^0 a 
tadpole. --^dJdS a kind of 

Sjdoeod tombarai adj\ Abundant, 
much. adv. Heartily, freely. 
-oorf^^ to eat heartily. 

3JSot3«)9^ tombikjL, see ^oeos^. 

;|j^od) tonimiy s. The lobe of 

the ear. 
3Je)rtD, tJ^iM togari, togarJ, 

s. The pigeon-pea, Cajanus 

Svidrl toga 


iJ^zL todda 

indicus. -eSe^, -j!iw>O90 doll, 

split pigeon-pea. 
ts^fiZf togal?, see ^7(6. 
^rtJe)D togori, see *ftX&. 
iJSt^o^ tojankjL, see ^a^olF. 

3Je)titf , Jjstj^zS tojakft, toJakadJ, 
^. Malice. -s33*jo^ to talk 
maliciously ; to give vent to 

^t3 tojji, ^. Itching, scratch- 
ing. 2. the scum of water, 
collected into bubbles. 

ivOii toti, s. An old woman. 

iJe)B tote, s. An old man. 

iJ^li totti, ^. A bucket, trough, 


^U.ej^ tottil^^, s. A cradle, cot. 

—33*^ a bat. -33;>od a large 

kind of butterfly. — ^o^o5> 

to rock a cradle. 
SjsiJo. tottu, s. The stem or 

stalk of a leaf or fruit. 2. 

the nipple of a breast. 
sJjsUbjj:), 3Je)av|jCW?itottuni,tot- 

tonuni (*»53^, ^a^jf®), z/. a. 

To embrace, hug, hold fast; 

ijd^tott^, s. A basket made of 
cocoanut leaves. 2. a honey- 

comb; c/. ^«^. 
kind of crane. 

ij^U^O^ totrayi, s. A wooden 

iudy ^ totlaU, s. A child in the 


cradle ; also ^^€2396, ^^^ 
t^ a wife to return to her 
husband^s house, with the 
new-born child. 

iJ^cs^ozS tod^bi, s. A cluster 
of flowers. 

iJ^do^ todanki^, s. A clasp, 

i^d'^ todakf, s. Entanglement ; 
obstacle, hinderance. 

ijartrloj) todaguni (Aa^K), v. n. 
To begin, commence. 2. to 

is^Tif\^ todagel^^, ^. Beginning, 

ije)Z^^rltodajnan6, J. Entertain- 
ing a son-in-law or a mother- 
in-law for the first time. 

Su^r^o^, t^xi^ todarfL, todani, 
s. Entanglement, obstacle. ^ 

Jjc)Z^^ todaU, s. The funeral 
dinner. 2. hardship, trouble. 
— cJ c^^ food earned with 

JjS)^ todi, see ^rL. 

ij^S^A todigJ, s. Clothes, dress, 
2. ornaments. 3. avidity, 

iJ5>cl), ijsz^odej^ todu, toduveli^, 
s. Greediness. ij^ri^^^ a 
greedy man. 

tj^d todJ, see ^tS. 

3Je>:S^c^ todepuni (^^, v. a. 
To anoint. 2. to paint. 3. 
to smear, rub. 

^Je)2ls3i)S^ todevil^i, s. A bubo. 

iJScSosj todduvJ, s. A. large bee. 
2. a beehive, honeycomb. 3. 
a lump of musty flour. — ^wj^ 
c:> to build a beehive; to be- 
come musty. —^4^^ to ex- 
tract honey from a beehive- 

iJdzS toddi 


jjdd tolke 

iJe)d toddi, s. A large kind of 

bee. 2. its hive; c/. #dzi^^. 
iJd^So^ toddelfi^ ^. Greediness. 

2. a large bee. 
ijdzS toddeli, see A^a ^. 
Sjt):3e3, SJdd.c3 toddele^ todtele^ 

^. A greedy man. 
3v©^?i todtini, s. A greedy 

ij^^^ totta^ ^. A maid serrant. 
^d6 todalei s, A stammerer. 
$j^ci4 todali, s. Stammering. 

2. indistinct pronunciation. 

3. untruth. —ss^iTio?) to stam- 
mer; to lisp; c/. ddoi^ 

^ciocj^d todunkara, see 35o^. 

^cioojW todungeilv, s. Long- 
ing, eagerness. 

ividdocg todapn^ s. A vain hope 
or desire. [orfoo^. 

Jjd^^^^ toppalipani^ see ^^o 

ivA^ toppi^ J. A cap, hat. 

ivA^ toppuy see ^^. 

jjdodj^ toyali^ ^. A washer- 

isJe)0^5g^ toyipuni, see Ao^^S). 

iodobo^ toyila^ see taj^S. 

3j€)0^O toyili, see <Aodov. 

ijsd tora, .y^ ^^^. 

iJe)bon^ torang^^, see ^t^oX. 

^d^ torakiy s. A large flat 
seaflsh, a skate, thornback. 
sj*^-, Le~ different species of 

tj^tif{ toragi, see A&Ti^ 

ijabra torana, see iaeTice. 

iJdd^^ torapnni^ z^. a. To wash 
superficially. 2. to flatter. 
3. to heal a disease by incan- 
tations, fumigation, eU.] also 

3Je)dO torali, see a^v. 

iJddeS toraldy s. The mucus of 

the nose. 
iwADo^c^ toripuni^ see tf^a^jr^. 
ijdd^ torely, ^. Abandonment. 

SJsdsSc^ torevuni (^^, ^. aj. To 

abandon, give up. 
2!JS^r©od)oJi torkaliyuni, see ^ 

^^oFci torkuni (*i5>^r), z;. a. To 

play. 2. see ?5je>^or^. 
3j3^r^^ torkel^i, ^^^ i^Axfr^. 
ije)^r torpa^ ^. A kick. 

^^rji torpuni (^ja^), ^. a. To 

kick. 2. to tread. 
3je)0^oe3 tol^^mbft, ^y^^ ^©oots. 
Jjaoort tolanga, see ^e^oK. 
SvAortoQi tolaguni (*Ae;K), ?;. «. 

To depart, move away; to 

leave, forsake, desert. 
^e7e)qye)OtoIadhari^^. A weigher. 
3Je)0tf tolikJ, s. The skin, bark, 

SvAooo^o^ tolunkuni^ see ^aOo 

^^>oo23 tolnmbd^ j. A bunch, 

ijS^osS toluvJ, ^. A hole, -iae 

Tio^) to bore a hole. 
ije)6 tol4, s. The weight of a 

rupee. 2. a beam, log. ^ 
^d^e3^ tolkel^i, j^d ;5;!)TfF^. 


jjd^ tolpu 


ijd^cse) tdd& 

l©5;o^Ji tolpuni (*i^«). v.a.&n. 

To prick. 2. to open, as a 

boil. 3. to split, as a tender 

cashew nut. 
3vfi)^>o toUu, s. Substance, pro- 

perty. — ^ozsj^?) to dissipate. 
tJh^^ tolliini ('^J^^), ^. «. To 

pluck out, as hair, feathers, 

AjS^ta tolaci, see 5^oe5. 
iJe)$oz3, iid^jozStolimbi^tolam- 

b4, i"^^ A»0ooe3. 
ij«)*53* toUlji, J. Trade, business. 

2. ^^^ ^•ftcdov. 
ijs^o tolu, s. A hole. tf^*. 

3j5)^oo^o5 tolunkuni, ^^^ ^c>o 

3js5? tol6, ^^^ *J»<3. 

ijsA tolkft, see t^jse^, Aaerf. 

3JSV^o,Ji tolluni, see ^c^^ 

ij5)^ tollft, ^^^ A»^^. 

ij^^Ji toipuni (^a^, z'. a. To 
strike, beat. 2* to wash, as 

^j^o2Jo toimbu^ adj. Large, tall. 
2. fat, stout. 

•iSj^ toilji, s. Plenty, abun- 

Jja^o^o tonku, see *»e^o. 

^JS^o^oJ^ tonkuni, ^^^ i^^eo^o^. 

^^otf tonkft, 5^^ A«o*, *»o^- 

ijs^o^o' to^kelji, 5-^^ *»e^. 

Sjs^ort tongft, see *»o^. 

ijS^otS tombft, see ;^o^^ 

3je)fotoor tormbu^ see *5Ti)oK>o. 

3je)^t^j toku, J. Danger, risk. 
2. collision. 

iJe)?'ffj^o tokulu, see ^erfj»ex). 

ijs^*, ^Jse**^ tdkft, tokel?, ^. 
A slope, declivity, adj. Se- 
cluded, retired. 

ijS)^^j?,e;o tokolu, ^. A kind of 

iJS^^s? tokkalft, see ;4jarfr«3. 

ii2)^t3^sS?i tojivuni, ^. v. (of 
Afteaio^) To show, point out. 

ij3efc30?i tojuni (^jae*), v, n. To 
appear, be seen. c. dat. To 
seem, think. tA^2Ao^i^{b^ 
to disappear, vanish; to 

ts^^ tota, ^. A garden, orchard, 
plantation, -noo^ a garden- 
er, planter. tr>2^ a coffee 
plantation, ss^ci- a cocoa- 
nut garden. 

ii«)^U toti, J. A scavenger; 
a sweeper. 

i^^V^fs totige, s. A class of 
Brahmins, working in planta- 

3J5?yj tottt, see t^jaeWJ. 

%^%xi toda, ^. Faintness exhaus- 
tion. 2. iJ^ ^Aftio. — ea«TiJS) 
to be exhausted. 

JjS^doF^ej^ todangelji, adj. Scoop- 
ed, burrowed. 

^^rfrfodo^j todaxnarayi, s. A 

trough scooped out of a single 

log of wood. 

3ja?C3e>55ji todavuni, c.v. (pf^^ 

tl)^) To cause to dig, to have 

dug. Digitized by VjO 

jjd^c^ todn 


^oL^o toni^ta 

Ap^do todu, s. A drain, sewer, 
gutter. 2. a brook, water- 
course, canal. 

^Je)?cii?j toduni (iiAeS), v, a. To 
dig, burrow, mine. Xo^^— to 
dig or sink a well. 

ijs^^c^ todtini, see ««^^ 

Jjs^c^ tona, see ;4«er«. 

$j^^t^ totra, see 3*fj,e^. 

3Je)f3ir3 topana, ^. A drain or 
opening on the border of a 
garden to let out rain water ; 

3j5^5b topi, see Asb^. 

^?53) topu, s. A grove, clump 

of trees. 2. a cannon. 3. a 

red coloured cloth. adj\ Red. 

— ^?^ a female's garment of 

red colour. 
Jj3?33q^ topel?, ^^^ *«ee5. 
^eg,, ^ejOj topra, tobra, J. A 

gram-bag for horses. 
Jjcifto toba^ s. A fault, crime. 

— ^ew eyb5> to be harassed, 

or defeated. — ^jfj^^o to plead 


^?e3, iM^^^ tobJ, tobelji,^^*. 
Big,' large. -^^oaS a pot- 

t,S>^^t6m9,,see^a^^. 2.?^?^ 

Jjd;^c5 tomara^ s. An iron crow. 
2. an arrow. 3. a javelin. 

ij^^dj toya, j. Water. 

*J«)?o5o^Ji toyipuni, see €»^^^. 

ijdfd tora^ s. Stoutness, thick- 
ness, adj. Thick, stout, large. 

ijd^drd torana, s. A festoon of 
leaves, flowers, efc. hung over 
a doorway or across the 
highway, a triumphal arch. 
— 'swo^^ to put up a triumphal 

3jS)?0^, iJS^DT^ torikJ, torigJ, s. 
Appearance, show, exhibition. 

^^do toruy s. Leaking. 

|j?)?doJi toruni (*J»e5}, v,n. To 
leak, ooze, run. 2. see ^es^ojo. 
JjS)?^;o tolu, see €b>.^^. 
iJe)?^Ji tolpuni, see A!>e^a. 

isi^zy^4 tovile, s. A cultivator, 

3j€)?sS tovu, see ^^4- 

^^s3 tovJ, s. Boiled pigeon- 

|j?)?si tosha, J. Joy, delight, 

iJe)f ^d3e)cS, Sjd(73^ (S tofilieklianft^ 
toskhani, ^. A treasury. 

^?^ tol?, J. The arm. 2. a 
wolf; ^Jf/j^ ^flt^^'^SjjX. — eoe; 
strength of arm. — 2i&:^ an 
ornament worn on the arm. 
— sSea^os) to wave the arm. 

ij^^^orf tdlangy, s. Shaking of 
the arm. 

ijti^s^o tolu, s. A beam. 

Jjei?^ tolJ, see ^d 

^j^ toi-, see after ^\. 

3^- ton-, see *^. 

s^oyoji tou^tuni (s^oC), ^. a. 
To shake, wave. 


;^^o touktt 


S,2te triSn 

gs^o tottku, see ^w^. 

3^e3 touji, i^^ 351^33. 

5^ci touda, see s*^. 

if^dofl toudangft, The creeper 

Asparagus sarmentosus 
3^ciotoudu,J.Bran,hu8k. -wor© 

brown, ruddy colour. — ^o 

dftJi a kind of viper. 
3^rfo7^e* toudugoli, s. A kind 

of wild fig tree. 
3^3 touti, see c^S. 
3^i touts, s. A cucumber. 

3^c5oJi touruni (s^^), ^. ^. To 

strip off, as the leaves of a 

tree etc,^ to remove. 
s^aJjT, 3^c^ tourya, ^. Music. 
3^©, 3^* touli, touli, see ^^C. 
33^C9 trSna, s. Power, strength, 

ability. — too8o a strong 

2gjcS^ tranike,/. A strong man. 
3^?^ trasji, s. A balance, pair 

of scales. 
2g^3o trahi, imperat. Nourish, 

protect {poetic). 
3j^do trikadu, s. A medicine 

composed of three ingredients 

^"^dra trikarana, ^. Thought, 

word and deed. 
h^%> trikala, s. Morning, noon 

and night. 2. past, present, 

and future tenses. 
3,^J5?cs) trikona, s. A triangle. 

adj. Triangular, 
priors triguna, s. The three 

qualities, t.^., truth, passion. 

and ignorance, adj. Three- 
fold, treble. 

^t3e)0&o triJSyi, s. A third part. 

^^?o4) tritiya, adj. Third. -^> 
9^ the instrumental case. 

A^Drf tridiva, s. Heaven. 

d^c^do trinama, s. The secta- 
rian mark worn on the fore- 
head by Vaishnavaits. 

S ^o triphala, s. Three kinds of 
fruits, I. e. «>^, c5e , TOoSw>a9o, 
used in medicine. 

3^2;jjdc^ tribhuvana, s. The three 
worlds, heaven, earth and 

3^rfod trimara, s. A holy tree; 
also &^Tkf6. 

3,rfoJS)3r trimurti, s. The Hindu 
triad, Brahma Vishnu, and 

^zi^t> trimula, s. Three kinds 
of medicinal roots. 

^,o5j?^ triyeka, adj. Triune. 

3®ort trilinga, s. The three 
genders, namely: masculine, 
feminine, and neuter. 

^ dJ?)?^ triloka, see Sja^od?^. 

^rfr(F trivarga, ^. The three 
human objects, namely : love, 
duty, and wealth. 

3 O^io trivikrame, s. A name 
of Vishnu. 

3 ;)qJ trividha, s. Three kinds. 

^^fl^'. Threefold. 

^ SjzS trivndfe, ^. A kind of metre. 

^ aJjse; trisula, s. The trident of 

'§iva. -dbvGoogl 

^e^ treta 305 

do^^ dankyn 

l^^^oJoort tretaynga, s. The 
second or silyer age of the 

J,^d/3?^^ treflokya, see 5)^ 

i'S^ tvakk?, s. The skin; the 
rind, bark, as of fruits, trees, 

^D^ tvarita^ s. Haste, speed, 


4 fha, The thirtieth letter of 
the alphabet. 

^rfd thagfdi^ see tsK^, 

qStoe; tlla^la9 s. The sound of 
an unexpected slap. 

tjJb^ thatt^^, see ^0^. 

qjy.c3 thattanJ, see ^m^A 

ZjJiJj thatti, ^^^ ^43. 

qSlLrt thattuga, ^^^ ^w^t^. 

qi^^d?^ thattetarakf^ s. House- 
hold furniture. 

■qJd thara, see ^. 

^^ thalai J^ ^^* 


q5^qj5? thalathala, ^^ *<'*«^. 
zpoUoJi thantuni, see 35>owo?i. 
q5^Uo thatu, s. Gaiety, mirth, 

zpUoa thituni, see 35>owj5). 
qj^i3 thatJ, see s^B. 
q5e)rfo5i thMuni, ^^^ s»tl3^ 
zpe)z3 tha46^ ^. An ox that gores. 
qje)cl thani^ see u^re. 
zp^o thisa^ ^. Heat, burning. 

2. inflammation, fever. 3. 

anguish, distress. 
$;^ thediy see A^. 

Ci iA, The thirty-first letter of 

the alphabet. 
do iSLVHf see vj^Sx 
rio^e)5^Ji dankavuni, c. v. {of do 

■3^0^) To cause to kick, etc. 
doiJoiiOji dankiyuni^ see cJo^og^ 
rSotfj^ dankuni (c^o^), t^. a. To 

kick, ^ throw with the foot, 

AS a ball. 2. to despise, treat 


with contempt. 3. to flaunt, 
strut. t^oFS ;j9#t^^ to speak 
defiantly. t5£or- to mock at 
fear. 8o&odj»*o5?{5 rfo#5 ey»io5 
elders should not be despised. 
cio^> Ji dankyuni (s^o^), v. n. To 
crow lustily, as a cock. 2. 
mucus. to discharge from the 
nose; to suffer from catarrh. 

zioTf dangy 


do^ dandi 

cJort danga^ j^^ cio^ 

cSor^&^ dangapini^ see under 

cJo7to4? daigavuni, c. v. {of rio 
Xo^) To cause to bend, bow. 

cSoA dang^i, see do^ 

cJoA, cSoAa dangi, dangidi, adj\ 
Bent, inclined. — ^^ a bent 
tree, s^^aix- bent with age; 
old, infirm; cf. doXojk 

cJortj dangn^ see c^oK. 

cJortoji danguni (2^0^, v. n. To 
bend, incline. 

cSoT^ dangi^ ^. Rebellion, mutiny. 
-i^<^^ -ow>j4f5i to rebel. 

cJorto* daigelji, adj. Bent, in- 
clined. ^. Bending, inclina- 

dob^ dantf, s. The stalk of cer- 
tain grains and vegetables. 
2. any pot-herb, as spinage, 

doi3e)53)ci dantavnni, c, v. {of cio 
W3^^) To cause to stumble, 
trip. 2. to give oflfence. 

cJoUj^ dantuni (c$oG), zf. n. To 
stumble, z^. a. To throw with 
the foot, as a ball. do05 
t^"^^ to stumble; to be of- 

do^ daBti^ s. A walking staff, 

zioJ^ dandf, s. A spring of water. 
2. an army. — Scqfr a sacred 
bathing place near Udapi. 
^xs^d^ a soldier, —csscx^^ a 

general. 5>e5si- a spring of 
water. -^^^ to levy an 
army. — ;?tervcxiws> to go to war. 

doC5^ dandf ^ s. The stalk, as of 
a plantain leaf. 2. an oar, 
paddle. -tS^Tij^ -;Sj;^ to row, 

Titd danda^ j. A staff, stick; also 
cioTSTfj»e»3. 2. punishment, 
fine. 3. obeisance, salutation ; 
also Bio^o5§^. 4. loss, waste. 
—TOSj^ an ascetic's staff. — a»c£) 
a worthless fellow. — »?5 
polity ; ethics, ^^h^ to be- 
come worthless; to be wasted. 
-j§AhF^ to pay fine or dam- 
ages. — ii)«b^?> to waste. 

dod^ dandaka^ s. A sort of 
metre. 2. the name of a 
forest mentioned in the 

cJodcS dandan&9 s. Punishment, 
pain, torment. :2esl- penance, 

JioxiTf dandasfy s. A black- 
smith's tongs; a large pair of 

do^ dandi, ^. A mace-bearer. 
2. an ascetic. 

tio^fi dandigi, s. A kind of open 
palanquin. 2. a palanquin 
pole. 3. a sunbeam. 

doa^SJ), do^JioJi dandipuni, 
dandiBuni (^^^o^), v. a. To 
punish. 2. to mortify, as the 

do^ote^sj^ dandiyavuni, c. v. {of 
cioaorfojf)) To cause to stretch 

do^ dandi 


ziozi^ dammn 

out the hand, as by offering 
to give something, to offer; 
also ziozssto^^. 
cJoaaJ^oji dandiyuni (»oa), v, a. 
To put forth, stretch the hand 
to receive anything; also ^o 

CJozS dandi, s. Ornament worn 
on the arm. 2. a dam, mound, 
bank, bar. 3. the back of a 
pial. -^-^yd a log of wood 
placed across the brink of a 
well to stand upon. 

docio dandyi, see dd^-R, 

doii danta, s. A tooth, tusk. 2. 
V ivory. 

do3^d^, dod dantavali, danti, 
s. An elephant. 

do^ dantya, adj. Dental. 

dos:^^ dampati, s. A married 
couple. 2. a household. — i[^, 
see croosSajg. — ^sS adoration 
or honour paid to a married 

dow damba, see Tioff. 2. see cJooio. 

douU dambatiy see ^oeou. 

dou^T^ dambadigi, s. Delight, 
pleasure. 2. love, good will, 
r 3. acquiescence. 4. persua- 

sion. -rfo5;<j^^ see doaoa^^ 

dot)d^c^, doeo^oio^;^, doto^ . 
Ti^^ dambadipuni, dambadiyuni^ 
damba^jsuni (c^oeod), v. a. To 
please, delight. 2. to recon- 
cile, appease, bring to acquie- 
scence. 3. to persuade, con- 

doeosS dambadi, see ^oedu. 

dotod^c^ dambadyuni, see riozi 

doeo^ dambatti, see rfozJ^. 
doz^je; dambila, see *oe3e;. 
dozoo dambUy see doziio. 
doeoj^ dambudi, s. A pie. 

doeoo^, dotlQi? dambuli, dambo- 
li, J. A thunder bolt. 

do23 dambi, s. The hollow slip 
of a palm or bamboo used 
as a drain. 

doeSo* dambelji, see z3od5. 

tio^^ dambha, see rioBf. 

dodo dainma, see Tfik>r. 

dodo damma, adj\ Left. 2. see 
5$^. -^i^ the left hand. -*^ 
sdoSj a left-handed man. 

dodooS, dodjoiooS danunantiy 
dammayanti, see c^odood. 

dodooio danunaya, s. An humble 
mode of entreaty; craving 
mercy or indulgence; also 
rfo»l3oDd^^odx — ^f*.c& to crave 
mercy. -sjdiSo^ to entreat, 
importunate, dun. 

dod3e)0^ dammar^y see oosiiS. 

dodJ^S dammare, see e^orfjsTS. 

dodvX) dammu, j. Breath, hard 
breathing. -.?^^5 gymnastics. 
-=*w^^ to hold one's breath ; 
to be silent. • — slatD^^ to hold 
one's breath. — oaxli^ to die. 
^8;xi<:^^ to breathe; to sigh. 
— •ix)^OjS> to breathe in. — ^^ 
a^^> breathe hard ; to smoke. 

dodooa dammndi, see rfoa>oC^ 

do3^. daffishtra 308 

tiTi dagga 


do3i. daffishtra, s. A tusk, fang, 
large canine tooth. — ^u^^ 
a person having projecting 
teeth; a demon so called. 

do^, doro da£sa, damsa, s, A 
gadfly. 2. a bee. 3. ^^^ ^^o?i- 

d^O^ dakkjidikka, adv. Soon, 

cJ^ dakka, s. Trouble. -B^0j5> 
to get into trouble. 

d^^'h dakkatiy^. Possession, con- 
trol. 2. appropriation. 3. di- 
gestion. — ^b^ to be appro- 
priated; to be digested. 

d^^ dakka, ^. Weight. 2. Diffi- 
culty. — oeS^^ to place a weight 
upon anything; to press; to 

x3^4t^ dakk&vuni, c.v. ((j/'ci^Oj 
5>) To cause to throw, expel. 
^. n. To place a weight upon 

zi^5§praoJi dakkavonuni, r^, v. 
(o/^v^4^) To retain, digest 
anything eaten. 2. to mis- 
appropriate successfully. 3. 
to carry a load or burden. 
4. to take charge of. 

dM dakkita, see ^%B. 

zi^^Ji dakkuni (ci^^), v. a. To 
cast out, throw away, expel. 
2. to reject; also rji'^^rL?^. v. n. 
see rfs^o^ft. cs^^5^e2b^ to be 
thrown away, lost, tsa- to 

d* dakkft, s, A quay, pier, 
embankment. 2. see ^^^. 

cS^J^c^ dakkoti, see ^^B. 

cS^^ti daksavuni, c.v. (o/^^^ 
o>) To bring into another's 
possession, v. a. To defend, 
retain, or appropriate to one's 
self what belongs to another; 
also cJv3^49r«o^. 

Otfjjji daksuni (z^^), ^. «. To 
be retained, digested, as food 
medicine, e^c. 2. To be mis- 
appropriated successfully. 

zir^Qi dag^di, s. A rogue, im- 
postor. 2. a termagant, vixen. 

drt daga, see ri^. 

dr(el dagani, 5. An amazon, 
masculine woman, adj. Bold, 
masculine. 2 . ill-tempered. 
— erooco an aggressive or quar- 
relsome tongue or temper. 

cSrtorl, drt&jrtdagadaga, dagaba- 
ga, adv. Brightly. -©Oirs) 
to blaze. 

cSrt6 dagarJ, s. A funeral drum; 
also dX^cSjseeo. 

cir(o^23e>e3dagal^biji,^. A rogue, 
cheat, impostor. 2. roguery, 
dishonesty, imposture. 

cSr1§3 dagalft, J. A coat; livery. 
— s3%)Zio^ to put on a livery. 

dr!?3^ dagasji, s. Corn, grain in 

cSrt dagi, s. Deceit, trickery, 
imposture. — 7tot5, — 3;>o&> a 
deceiver, impostor. -^^^s> to 
deceive, cheat; to disappoint. 

cirt , cSr( rS dagga, dagganJ, adv. 
Suddenly, -escwr^ to blaze 
up suddenly, Google 

tzi da&ca 



d^ dad^v 

cSz^ daoda, see ciu. 
cJe;^ fS dadcanft, ^^^ ^isfi- 

tar • ' •^ 

dtio Ji d^uni, see cJador^ 

cSU data, ^. Thickness. 2. coarse- 
ness. 3. closeness. adj. 
Thick, stout, coarse. 2. close. 

c3fcjc)05j;4i^ dat&yisuni (dtooao 
5), z;.^. To fix, make firm. 

Zill dat^i, s. A waist-band. 
^ cS^oJoo^, cSeJAcc^ dattiyuni, dat- 

tynni (^^j)' ^* ^- "^^ ^^^ ^^*'' 
obliterate, wash off. v. n. To 
be dense, crowded. 
zizf dady, see dE, 

\ cSa^oWe)?3^, cSc3^^ dad^mbasy, 
dadfkf, ^". Coarse. — ^oouo 
a coarse cloth. 

cSs^tiCS^ dadjLjaddji, s. Callosity. 
adj\ Callous. 

zid dada, s. A shore, bank. 

cSrf^ dadakka, ^z'. Suddenly. 
— 20j&Ti)^ to fall suddenly. 

dr^dzi dadadada, s. The noise of 
fast walking or talking. —^ 
^^> to walk very fast. — sro* 
^^> to speak e^ talk rapidly. 

dr^2oc^, cJc^zo^ dadabada, dada- 
badi, s. Rapidity, hurry ; cf, 
cftirfrf. 2. the noise of falling 
suddenly. -^^^ hurry, haste. 
— tocAd a bouncer, blusterer. 
— aoAib^ to fall suddenly. 

cJc<^ dadal^, adj. Talkative, 
loquacious, —eroosj loquacity. 

dcid dadal6, see csa^. 

zi:izSoi dadavante, ^. A strong, 
powerful or influential man. 

tirs^S^ dad&dadi, adj. Quick, 
active, smart, adv. In hot 

zi^ dadi, s. A speck in the eye. 
2. anger, rage. 3. see erf. 
4. see *2i. — eojaTi)^ to have a 
speck in the eye. — d«uj^S) to 
stamp the ground with the 

ti^'S dadikJ, s. A kind of rash, 

d^Q^c^, d^o^c^ dadipn^i, dadi- 
yuni (2^2^), v!a. To drive away. 
2. see ^t^h?i. 

cSa^ dadila, adv. Suddenly. — oi> 
Xorio^ to drop suddenly. 

cSrfjzocJj dadubadu, see z^aozi. 

tid dadd, s. An obstacle, hinder- 
ance. 2. a screen, blind. 3* 
a charm. 4. a scaffold, plat- 
form. 5. a roller, lever. 6. a 
weight equal to seven pounds. 
— ^MOj^ to charm a serpent; 
to hinder by witchcraft. —G 
Deb^ to postpone; to come 
to terms. —0 stotId^ to lift 
upon a scaffold. — ^vo^^ to 

cScs* daddji, s. Short stubble left 
in the ground. 2. worthless 
paddy. 3 . callosity, hardness, 
as of the skin of the palm 
from manual work, eic. adj. 
Dull, stupid, idle; void. —"^ 
S a blunt knife. — ^ci stu- 
pidity, idleness. -^t5o?\ in- 
dolent syphilitic^lcersi — «5> 


5 a bad kind of lice. — ^ixiozS 

tid dadda 


d^ dapta 

osj a kind of wild screw-pine. 

— ^tfrecdw^ an indolent sore 

to suppurate. 
cSrf dadda, adv. Suddenly; c/. 

zSd^^, — ^Xo)?ito fall suddenly. 
dzi^ daddalji, s. The tree Ca- 

reya arborea, - 
did oh, daddalakki, s. An inferior 

kind of rice. 
cj^ daddi. s. A stupid woman. 

2. see craU o. 
cSa cxJjo Ji daddiynni, see i\rs^aj^^^. 
cSd dadde, s. A stupid fellow. 

2. a sow. 
cjzij?' daddoli, s. The American 

diiS^ dadinena, s. Sluggishness, 

torpor. 2. indigestion, 
dc^o^ danal?, ^. The sound of 

a bell.* 
dfS dani, see qi^. 2. ^^^ qi^Si- 
dc5t? danikfe, ^. Fatigue, weari- 
ness, exhaustion. — c^2b^ to 

become weary, fatigued, tired. 

cir353«)4c^ danipavuni, c v. {of 
drfodoo^) To fatigue, weary, 

cirSoJo daniya, adj. Heavy. ' 

cSclaJojfi daniyuni (cif*), v.n. To 
be fatigued, tired, exhausted. 
2. satiated, satisfied; also cirf 

cjrao danu, s. Fatigue, weari- 
ness, exhaustion. 

ci5^ datt^, s. The left side. 

d|p datta, «^'. Left. -??^ the 
left hand. 

d^ datta, s. Adoption. 2. a 
gift, adj. Given, presented, 
made over. 2. adopted. —^ 
i^, -_ii5^ an adopted son. 
— ^^?TT3Ti adoption. c$^e<? a 
deed of adoption. — ^^^i 
-.oi)«*o^S) to adopt. 

d3^?jQoe)d dattapahara, s. Taking 
back a gift. 

tA^ datte, s. An adopted son. 

cS3^^e3 dattdji, see cJ^^^^ 

ciJsP^?§3 dattolJ, see under c^^. 

cicSooji dadaluni (cSrf^, v. a. To 
give, distribute. v. n. To 
tremble. 2. to boast. 3. to 

cSisS^ dadevnni (rf^), 7^ «. To 
become hard, get stiff. 

dJio daddu, s. The ringworm, 
herpes, -*ioS«^ the shrub 
cassia alata, 

cS^ dana, ^^^ ^5^. 

dji dani, ^^ i;i^ 2. see qJ^s^ 

dcij danu, ^. A daughter of 
Daksha. 2. see zf^. 

tizifi dapana, s. Burying. -^ 
^o^^>to bury, commit to earth. 

C3s3, ti^ dapi, dapW, s. A turn, 
time. — cJsS every time, again 
and again, frequently. 

ds3c3e)6 dapedare, see rf^oaA 

d^a^, ds3^D^ daptarj, dapttuT^, 
s. A bundle of papers tied 
together in a cloth; records. 
— ^^ an annual ceremony 
observed by merchants on 
closing their old and opening 

ziS^ dipti 


ddje) dama 

their new accounts on the 1st 
day of Vikram&ditya's era. 

dS^ dapti, see ^^B, 

c53^ dappa^ s. Thickness. adj\ 
Thick, stout. —^00130 a thick 
or coarse cloth. 

d?^ dappu, s. Occasion, conveni- 
ence, opportunity ; making 
room or forming an open file 
in a gathering of people. 
2. ploughing. 3. an umbrella 
stripped of its leafy covering. 

cS^ Ji dappuni (sJ), v.a. To plough. 

d?5rf daphana, see cisj?^. 

d^?ne)d daphedare, s.' A head 

£220^ dabakka, adv. Suddenly. 
2. headlong. — si^Tli^ to fall 
suddenly. — c;»Xoo^ to jump 
down suddenly. 

cizid dabadd^ s, A capacious 
leathern bottle. 

zii^tizi dabadaba^ s. Palpitation 
of the heart. — eroXoo^ to pal- 

dzj^ dabana, see ^^t%, 

deod dabari, s. A kind of brazen 
pot. 2. confusion, disorder. 

dwcSr^ dabardasti, see a^eoS 

d23e)05o^^, d27«>?^e^ dabayisuni^ 
dabisuni (rferooaj?*), v. a. To 
menace. 2. to force. 3. to 
chidej frighten. 4. to stop, 
detain. 5. to keep under, 
press down. 

d^ dabi, s. Sense. -^^^ to 

lose one's senses, become in- 

cSt:)© dabili, see ^ej^c. 

tliV^h dabuti, see c^^3. 

cJwoOiJ? daburasji, see sJerorS. . 

CJtooO daburi, s. Division of pro- 
fit. 2. a writer. 3. see ieooO. 

dy^D^ dabtar^, see rfsss^S. 

d^ dabti, see d^S. 

dz^cSUfJ dabbadabbanft, see rfa^^. 

ducQ dabbana, j. A bodkin, a 
large packing needle. 

dzo^d^ud dabbaradibbara, adj. 
Disorderly, confusedly. — S3*> 
tl)^ to put into confusion. — sro 
^^^ to speak incoherently. 

cJ?^ dabbi, see i^eS^. 

dzS^© dabbili, see WfiS^o. 

cSjool dabbu, s, A crack, break. 

2. J^^ ^200^. 

dma dabbudi, J. The wicker- 
work of a cart, 
dm* dabbuli, see ^soo^^. 
cizi dabbJ, ^. A splinter, slip of 

bamboo, etc, adj. Cracked, 

ddo* dabbely, s. A split, cleft, 

chink, adj. Cracked, split. 
d^oaijo3 damayantii s. The 

name of Nala's wife. 
ddJe)c^^ daman^y s. The large 

sail of a boat. 
ddJt)^ damami^ s. The noise 

of a drum. 
cSrfje)?3* daxii5s5i,^.(A^stamper, 

beater, large wooden block 

ddJd daml 


do dari 

with a handle, used to level 
the ground. 
dd3e)?j dam&sa,^. Damask cloth. 

dsixi^e)53)?^ damukivuni, c. v. {of 
cJsixj's'o^), To cause bluster, 
tumult, noise. 

cSsJ-O^o?) damukuni, ^. n. To 
bluster, storm, swagger. 

cSsiojDJo damxnaya, see cio^cxjo. 

cjojo daya, s. Kindness, favour; 
compassion, pity, goodness. 
— D?§b^ to favour, condescend, 
oblige, -irfo^^o^^ to honour 
with a visit; to give; to 
come; to sit down; to go. 

xi^^ii^T^ dayasuni (ciodDc^), v. n. 
To suit, be fit. 

daJ3e)^c^ dayakara, adj. Kind, 

^o^c^p dayanidhi^ s. The trea- 
sure of kindness, God. 

daJ5e>sioJ dayavante, s. A kind 
or generous man. 

cSo;i3e)7;)e>r(d dayaslgara^ s. The 
ocean of kindness, God. 

dodJe)^o dayalu, adj. Kind heart- 
ed, merciful, compassionate. 
u-:3e^5 the merciful God. 

cSd dara, s. Price, rate. 

do dara, s. Fear, terror. 2. a 
hole in the ground. 

cSd^^d darakara, s. Power, 
authority; right. 

dd^e)?g^, dd^e)?3^daraka8?,dara- 
kistji, see rfTy;)rSp. 

cStf rs^ daragij, see d^-dK. 

dtizS daraji, see daSr. 

cidra darana, ^* Bursting, split- 
ting. 2. see i^ftice. 

ddcj :5 daradara, ^. A noise, sound. 
—^^4^ to drag with a noise. 

cideod darabara, adv. Greedily, 
voraciously. — 5§^^ to eat 
voraciously ; cf. «)T^eiT^. 

rfC23e)0* darab&rji, see cSerorS. 

dd^j^ darasigi, s. A kind of 

cjo^ darasi, ^. The day of the 
new moon. 

do dari, s. Coloured border of 
a cloth; cf. ^t>, 2. a window 
blind. 3. railing. — ^oow the 
peg of a railing; a wooden 
post to fasten a racing buffalo. 

cSOd daridra, adj\ Poor, indi- 
gent, s. Poverty. —^55 the 
state of poverty. 

cSoA daridre, s. A poor, desti- 
tute man. 

ciosgji daripuni (ci&), v. a. To 
shudder, shiver, tremble (as 
a demon priest); cf. ai04^>. 

cSOoJo dariya, s. The sea. -83» 
dSX^ a small island off the 
coast of Udapi, called the St. 
Mary's Island. 

cSOotoSi^ dariySpti, s. Enquiry, 
investigation, trial, exami- 
nation. — ^^5> to make an 

dOoJooJi dariyuni (cS^), v. n. To 
break, burst, spring open; 
also TitEifi^h^, 

dD^cJ darisana^ s. A necklace 
of shells. 2. see zj^^f^. 

ddj daru 


tizi dava 

dOo daru, s. A door. 2. see c$d. 

iSdocS daruni, see xfiia. 

ddocSodo daruduru, o^*. Rough, 
coarse. — 25«i^^to speak eva- 

ddotjodj daruburu, s. Sipping. 

cScJoaJci darusana, see ti^rtS. 

d3 darJ, s. A fence, parapet, 
wall; 9^ a^^. —srorfs) to fence, 
raise a wall. [whole. 

z3dja?w;!^ darobastji, adj* AH, 

iS9e>F0* darkSr^, see cJd^T^. 

z5^e)F;!^ cS5Uc>r;!3^darM8t?i, dar- 
khastf , s. A tender for the 
cultivation of land; an oflfer 
for liquor contract. ^-^^^^^ 
to bid for a farm, eU. 

zir(r darga, s. A tomb supposed 
to work miracles. 

zSt3F darji, s. A tailor. 

iStJorJi daquni (cJ^r), ^.^z. To 

dwr darna, 'J^^ cirjce. 

diro* dartelji, ^. Breakage, 
what is broken. 

zHfS dartele, s. A striker, break- 
er; also d33r<3; c/. cJi&r?>. 

rJSjSFWO? dartonuni, reft. v. (of 
ri^F^) To beat one's self in 
sorrow, elc, SX«3fv— to beat 
the breast ; to mourn. 

risJF darpa, s. Pride, arrogance. 
— csdoSoaproud, arrogant man. 

tiZjFV^ darpana, s. A mirror, 
looking glass. 

dflgiF darpu, s. Swelling, inflam- 

dSjFji darpuni {^^), v. a. To 
thrash, beat, strike, break. 
V. n. To swell, inflame. c8© 
*^— to curse, anathematise. 

cSe3e)F0^ darbir^, s. An audience. 

2. an audience hall, a court. 

3. grandeur, pomp, ostenta- 
tion, show. 

dtSF, xi^^F darbA, darbhi, s. 
Sacrificial grass, Poa cyno- 

doi)F darma, see t$^f, 

ciote)F2j^ daryipti, see sSOcdjsb^. 

daJFcd, c5;;)Fc^ darsana^darsana,^. 

A vision, sight. 2. a visit, 

dt) dala, a^'. Stout, strong, 

robust, thick. 
t^t>z^zf, dosj^a dalavad?i,dala- 

vidi, see rf^s:3>o^. 
der^a dalSdi, ^. Depth. adj\ Deep. 

— 5>c5 deep water. 
ciOe)55^, dej^© dalalji, dalali, see 

ci© dali, ^^^ ^^• 
cSe^ dall?, see ci5 . 

CO *^ 

de^e)©, dOe>$ dallali, dall&li, ^. 
A broker, agent. 2. agency, 
commission, brokerage. 

cJ© oi) dalliya, s. A foot-cloth. 

cSgodw? dalliyuni (c^^, 2^. a. To 
slap, beat. 2. to smear, ^e 
tSK liDofi^ to smear a wall 
with mud; cf. ^^^^^ 

ddzS davadJ, s. The jaw, cheek. 

cSrfc^, drfc* davani, davani, s. A 
fixed term of payment. -t^tJ 


dzi dava 


d^ dasta 

one who pays by installments. 

— c5eQ a written agreement 

fixing installments. 
cSrfrttje:^ davanebally, s. A long 

rope to which cattle are tied 

in rows. 
cSrf^ davati, s. An inkstand; 

also o^-S- 
drfci davana,^.Akindof fragrant 

cJria^ davar^, s. The flapping 

selvedge of a garment. -j8p 

oj^ hemming the selvedge 

of a garment. 
cS^do davaru, fl^^*. Loose, -c^o 

ci loose breeches. 
cirf;j davasa, s. Produce of the 

field; corn, grain in general. 
dCe)© dav&li, s. A peon's belt. 
d4:t) davudu, s. Expedition; 

march, speed. 2. a gallop. 
Vi^d davudJ, see cJiJiS. 
cSsJ^ davuti, see cJi5S. 
cS^rior\ davurangi, s. A loose 

jacket, long coat. 
cS^Oo davuru, j^^ cJiJxio. 
cSi dasa^ «2^/«* Ten. -^ tenth. 

-:>qJ ten kinds ^r sorts. 
di^ dasami, ^. The tenth day 

of the lunar fortnight. 
dalwOJ^ dasamnkhe, ' ^. Havana 

the ten-faced giant, 
cjjjdoje)^ dasamMa, s, A medi- 
cine composed of ten ingredi- 
ti^tiJ$ dalarathe, s. The father 

of Rama. 

ds^orl dalanga^ s. A composition 

of ten fragrant substances, 

used as perfumery. 
d9e)o^ daslmsa^ s. The tenth 

part, tithe. 
d8e)d3e)d das&vat&ra, s. The 

ten incarnations of Vishnu. 

— cf w a dramatic performance 

exhibiting puranic episodes. 
cS3 dase, s. Condition, fortune, 

luck, influence of the planets; 

c/. d€. 
tii^^y tikoiixi^ daSevuni, da- 

siyuni (^^^ ci*^), v. a. To tread 

down, press in. 
c5&^oJoo?i dashtiyuni (5^^, v. a. 

To clean, as a slate. 
cS;d dasa, see ci^. 
cS?iej?i dasabasa, see eo;?Jtori. 
d?oD dasari, s. A kind of striped 

linen cloth worn by Brahmin 

females when cooking or du- 
ring meals. 2, see cJ^ 
Zi7i6 dasari, see cs^j, 
c5s5e)0^ dasil^, see w?fe*. 
dro dasi, s. A painted palmyra 

d^ dasi, see ^^, j3*. 
lij^^^s^^^ daseminf, s, A kind of 

ciTUf daskatijL, s. A signature. 

— D»:i)^, _Tios^^ to sign, 
d?^ dastijL, s. A parole. 
d:;! dasta^ s. A quire of paper. 

2. a pack of cards. 
d^9^ distakf, s. A passport, 

permit. 2. a sumo^ns. 

ri^^^ dastu 


ae>c^ dindi 

cS^iPpO dasturi, J. Custom, usage. 
2. likeness, similarity. 3. 
a signature. 4. fees, duty, u 
C3^5— postage 

d^^rfeS, d;5^ee3 dasteivaji, da- 
stoji^ s. A legal paper, 
voucher, document, exhibit. 

riJio dasya, see ^7i^^, 

cS:^ dasyUi s. A demon. 2. an 
enemy. 3. a barbarian. 

d^, d§ dasrai dasri^ s. A popu- 
lar festival observed in 
honour of Durga for the first 
nine days of the lunar month 

d^, dasri, see rf?JO. 

dsdfi dahana, s. Fire. 2. burn- 
ing, especially of a corpse. 
3. digestion, -eoo a burnt 

dSo^Sc^ dahipuni (cJ8o), r. «. To 
burn, consume. 

d5? dala, j. An army. 2. bottom. 

3. the shore of a river, eic. 

4. the petal of a flower. 5. a 
fragment, adj. Thick, stout, 
robust; c/. ^^. — rfj&o^^ to 
foam, bubble up. ^^ Cf^zio 
d^ e^4fi>^ it must be thick 
and stout. 

dtf o^ dalank^, see da^o'^. 
dv^o^ dalankJ, adj. Large. 2. 

loose. — w)^ a loose bracelet 

or bangle. 
d^2o^ dalabala, adj\ Thin, clear, 

lucid. 2. loose. 
d«^Cc)rf dalavida, s. Artizan's 

tools. 2. an assembly of 
people. 3. an army. 

d^s^o^j dalavSyi, s. The general 
of an army. 

ov^;iD dalasari, s. Strength, thick- 
ness, robustness. 

d* dali, s. A line of reepers or 
splits of bamboos. 2. wooden 
or iron railings; c/. cit). —^ tsz 
"^^ a travellers' inn. — ^Wo,^ 
to erect a frame work of 

d^ojo da]iya, J. A mode of puri- 
fying clothes on account of 
pollution from birth or death 
of a relative ; also CA)rS . 

d^?rf dalena, adj. Torpid, in- 
active, as the stomach. 

d^.fi dalmena, see ^^.^. 

d^r? dakshina^ s. South, adj. 

d^ ^^aijcj dakshinayana^ s. The 
sun's course south of the 

d^ dakshe, s. A son of Brahma. 

C3e) da, m/^. /r^w. What? 
which? c/. ^. tTOcS what? to 
o&iK why? croe;^ anything. 
/«/;*. A sound for calling 

c^ofeJOci dantuni (tooG), v, a. To 
cross, ford, pass by; also 

cje)o^ d&ndi, ^. A stone-mark on 

the seashore. 
C3^oa?^ dandigf^^^Gcib^^rong, 

stalwart man. 


De)od dindi 


o^c^ dann 

C3e>oddod dindimara, see bsoS 

C3c)oA danti, neg, part. What is 
not; destitute; less, a^s*- 
uninhabited. ^e^ fruitless. 
6^30— senseless, imprudent. 
troe/s trooScTOoSo a man without 
means. odj^^ odoS ijp^r 
during my absence. 

C3e)o3 dantft, neg. ger. Without, 
except, not being, ^e^^- 
without fear, fearlessly. 

r3e)0(3e) dannl, tntg. pron. 
Whether. 2. I know not what. 
cyo&D ^^c3^ I doubt whether 
he will do or not. «>4 ^^o 
Z35)— I doubt {or I cannot say) 
whether it will happen or not. 

De)o3J3^o dampatya^ ^. Married 

C3e)otooji dSmbuni, see oo?!)?). 

23^d-ci dakina, ^^^ to*j^p«. 

S3e)^o^, C3e)^e}^ dlklialf^ dakhi- 
1^1, s. Arrival. 2. entry in a 
book or register, —^h^ to 
arrive; to be registered or 
put on record, as a petition, 
etc. ^^^» to make an 
entry; to file, register; to 

23e)Sje3, Qe)^ dakhaU^ dikhli, s. 
Demonstration, proof, docu- 
mentary evidence. — ^j»2br^ 
to give proof. 

ne)7T^ digji, s. A scar. 2. dis- 
grace, infamy. 

Z3e>r{dj^z3 d&gadojii s. Repairs. 

— 7i)^5> to repair. 
D^rlo^o digayi, s. The left hand. 
S3e)^ dadij s. The beard. 
De)^ dadi, s. Harm, risk. 
cn)rfoJi dadnni, see sstIj^ 
a^d dadi, s. A tusk, fang. 
tT5)3^ datji, see qw^. 

08)3^0 datiri^ s. Protection, 
support. 2. see to^. 

23e>d^, S3e)S7^ d&tike^ datige^ s^ 
A strong, courageous man» 
2. a thriving, prosperous- 

C5^^j datu, J^ 9a*>. 

C3e)2|v^ datr^^tva, ^. Liberality^ 

n^S date^ ^. A generous or 
liberal man. 

ae)3c) D datvari, see ooso^. 

nscS^ dadavu, intg. pron^ 
Which, what? 

c:^^ dana^ s. A gift, donation. 
— qjrfjr liberality, charity. — 2> 
^ a deed of gift, -^^j^:^ gifts 
and honours. — ^ee^ generous, 
liberal. -T?j»Sbr^ _iio^j^5> ta 
bestow alms. 

n^(jd danave^ s. A demon, 

C3e)Ji dSni, ^^^ o»c5. 

C3^ji dini, ^. A giver, donor. 
2. an elephant. 

n^cii? d&nuni, def. v. What is 
to be done? vppci^ what are 
you doing ?-^^^^OOg'^ 

ne>c3 dani 


zje>6 dare 

r3e>c3 dinJ, iW^. /5r^«. What? 
-to^ what did you come for? 

Z5J>Aorfozi danendjinda, conj\ (Itl. 
If you say what), namely, 
thus, as follows, because, for. 

23e>^ dapn^ see <sd^. 

r3e)eorS2oa^ dibaniballf, see z&^ 

23^20$ dibali^ s. A kind of white 

Z3e)20J dabu, s. A child's girdle, 

a silver belt. 
Z3e)2oo^ dabndiy ^. A joint-piece. 
^3e>23 d&bi^ ^. A pigeon-loft. 2- 

bodily care. 

.o^rfoD^ dSmar\j, ^^^ c^S. 2. 
see Tro**. 

X3e)rfo73^ dainas\^, ^^ rf5i»c3. 

.C3sd35)a damidi, ^^^ c^cdocSg. 

-CTSSJJSTOObo dSmfilIyi, J. Pro- 
portion, apportionment. 

zs^^T^ damisf, adj. Useless, 
worthless. 2. worn out. 

Z3e);3Jd;dd d&modare, ^. A name 
of Krishna. 

23c)Cdo diya, s. Heritage, inheri- 
tance. 2. a gift, present from 

zj^oi^^ dSyake, ^. A giver, donor. 

Z3e)0l)C9 diyana^ s. Illusion. 

-c3e)aJoz^, ne)a33e)0 dayadye, dSya- 
di, s. A kinsman, relation, 

Z3e)o3o daye, (-^ -^(AS) see under 

DftioSj, n^oSjH^ diye, dayeg^^, 
intg. pron. Why, for what 

Qii. Why, if you say) Where- 
fore, because. 

cje>D^ dar|^, see cro^J. 


C3e)d d^a^ ^. A thread, string. 
2. a wife, -ca^i)^ to stitch. 

n^doci daranda^ ^. A door frame. 
-33«^ a lintel. 

ro)drt daragi, j. The second of 
the female twin demons; cf. 

ro>dc4 dSrani, s. Price, value, 

charge; cf, M- 2. see o^x^rt. 

J3"9doJo dSraya, s. A star. 2. see 

o^O dari, ^. Road, way, path. 

C3c)c5oc5jado darudum, j. A false 
accusation; slander. 

ne)d dari, see 95t5. 

Ui)t dire, -4 personal affix 
denoting an office bearer, 
holder, ^/^.; as^ ^soS^cro^, a{;Sj 
aoi5, d^cTOi5, etc,\ cf, 7^t3. 

ne)32j?3 darepirS, j. The fruit 
of Cucumis acutangula^ a 
variety of 2^e^. 

ae>dQ^l? darepuli^ s. The caram- 
bola fruit, Averrhoa caranp- 

Z3e)d^el dareman6^ s, A seat 
occupied by bride and bride- 
groom during the marriage 

cj^6^ dire 


ao?3e) dinja 

craSe^f, darekalli, s, A kind of 
striped milk-hedge, Euphor- 
bia antiguorum, 

n^rJF darnfe, see ^'^^^ 

u^^ZlFX^ darbad^, see c^eo^rS. 

Oe>^;e^c^ dalacini, see ^^^ 

C3e)e3e) dala, s. Anything; cf. cro. 
^rsj^, toC^ there is nothing. 

n^eys© daai, see Ti^c. 

ae>€)o20, n^Ooz^dalimbayd&limbi, 
see cro^oeo. 

ae)0t3 dalijji, see under a5>cn>. 

23^© 5 dalcini, s. Cinnamon. 

ZT5)rfr52je3^ divaniball^, see ^-^^ 


C5e)rf^ davati, s. Grief, sorrow, 
distress, suflfering. 2. weari- 
ness, fatigue. 

C3e)si* d&vali, see ^^"9. 

z^^ davu, s. Glare, lustre, heat, 

ne)sS dav6, ^. A suit, claim ; com- 
plaint. 2. enmity, spite, -os^ 
a complainant. — ^«^o^5) to 
claim; to complain. 

z^-^i dasatva, s. Slavery, bond- 
age, servitude. 

cj^;3fi d^ana, s. The shoe-flower 
plant. Hibiscus rosa sinensis ; 
also ctotJc^^. 

ne)?i3Jo3 dasapanti, s. A kind of 
grass, used as a blister. 

C3e)?iaj0 dasaya, see ^rfrcdo. 

ctsi^oSj, n^?io3og dasaye, dasayye, 
s, A Vishnuite mendicant. 

zs^h dasi, ^. A female slave, 

maid servant. 
u^>^^ dasina, s. The colouring 

of the teeth. 2. a kind of 

grass. 3. see crocrosi. 
zs^Si dase, ^. A slave, servant. 

2. a mendicant; cf. c^sioSo. 
cra?30j dasemi, ^. Mustard. 

cje>^ri, C3c)?3^ (5* dastaua, dastta?, 
^. A store, storing. -.oe2bs> to 
store. — i5o«^o^?) to collect, 
make ready. 

Oc);i^ dasyatva, see trorfi^. 

cje>ao daha, ^. Burning. 2. thirst, 
ardent desire. — Sei^r^ to 
quench thirst. 

C3c)* dill, ^. Marauding, plunder, 
sacking. [nate. 

0^^020 d&limba, s. The pomegrar 

zs^i rs), CTe)* r^ dikshina, dikshi- 
nya, ^. Regard, respect, con- 
siderateness. 2. partiality. 
?iooax- regard of person. 

a di, A feminine affix of nouns\ 
as, ai^c5 a youth; a^JcJcs ^ 
T$oD a maiden. orfoa^iijBcS a 
master ; cdoai7i3Jc5D a mistress. 

Ooriodo^, Oortj?:i din^rudum, 
dinguni, see ^oXo^ 

aotJi dinja, ^. Plenty, abundance. 
adj. Full, complete, replete. 
2. much. 3. violent, severe. 
adv. Very, often. -»5i plenty 
of people. -t3ec3 severe pain. 
-^Sr often, many times. 

aot3?)4?i dinjavuni,^-^'. (^aoa;o 
i ?)) To cause to fill, load, heap. 

^otdo dinjn 


a* dikki 

aotsijji duijuni (oo^, v. n. To be 
filled, full, replete, v. a. To 
fill. woaS- Hi. to fill the 
belly ; to earn one's livelihood ; 
to be pleased. 

aozSa^ dirijelji, s. Fullness. 2. 

aoof dindji, s. The festival of 
illumination, when the idol of 
a temple is carried in pro- 
cession. — ^w^^ to decorate ; 
to prepare for an illumina- 

Oocs^ dind\^, adj. Strong, stout. 
2. rash. — ^c^, see dozjsK^ 
— to^tooSj a tyrant, bully. 

aoC3^ dind^, s. The tender stalk 
inside a plantain tree. 

Ood dinda, adj. Proud, mischiev- 
ous, impudent; cf. oozS. 

Oocs?)tJ?^ dindatigft, ^. Mischief, 
impudence. 2. stupidity. 

Ooci) dindu, see do5. 

Dod dinde^ s. A strong, stout 

. man; a mischievous fellow. 
— 3t>T3 a large cocoanut tree. 

Oora dinna, see doors. 

aoa?^ dindigJ, see 83od^. 

Do?3 dinn6^ s, A hillock, eminence. 
— ^^ hill and dale, ups and 

^odj dimma) s. The sound of a 
small finger-drum. 

Do^OfJ dimmanJ, adv. Quickly, 

aorfj5>5* dimmakf^ see o^3»^. 

aosSj dimmS, s. A wedge; a 
stopple, plug. 

Oorf>:s^^^o5o dimmflkSyi, see Xo 

a?s^ dikkji, 5. Direction, side, 
region or quarter of the 
world. 2. refuge, shelter, 
protection, cto^— four points 
of the compass. — irooS des- 
titute, helpless. — iTOo8croo&> 
a destitute man, an orphan. 
— i3;>o< without protection. 
-^^ giddiness, confusion; 
roaming, wandering. — ^^^> 
to miss the direction. 

a^dikka, adv. Quickly, speedily. 

2^^0^c^ dikkaripuni (o^e^)' ^•^• 
To despise, condemn, censure, 
reproach. 2. to disdain, re- 

Q^v^ dikkali^, see ty^j^^^^o, 

0^531)53^ dikkapal^^, s. Disper- 
sion, dissipation, ruin. — e?5 
ifi^h^ to be dispersed, dissi- 
pated, ruined. 

a^^^jg^ dikkamalli, ^. A kind 
of resin tree. Gardenia lucida. 

D^S dikkara^ ^. Disrespect, in- 
sult, contempt; disdainment, 

a-&. dikki, see ^\ 

a*,t3^oc3 dikkijjyandft, see Ci^^ 
oaoi under d^^. 

a^, dikke, s. A Pariah. 


a*, a^e;^ dikkJ, dikkel^, s. A 
hearth, fireplace, -c^ ^0^ the 
front of a hearth-. oAaoX^ 
the hearth-place. ^ 

Q^j^ dikko 


DcJ dina 

a'^J^V^ dikkolji {fern, of o*^), 
s, A Pariah woman. 

©^^"^ dikpalake, s. The guar- 
dian of one of the eight points 
of the compass. 

ar^D^ diCT^V* ^> Disregard, in- 
difference. 2. resentment. 
adj. Adverse, contrary. — c^ 
^, _rfTO^ an adverse state- 
ment or reply. — ^^?> to 
resent; to disregard. 

Ortosi diganta, ^. The horizon. 

Orfoid digantara, s. A foreign 

artowd digambara, adj. Naked, 
uncovered. oXoe^rS a nude 
man; a recluse, anchorite. 

t^T\^ digilji, ^. Fear, alarm. 2. 

arits diggaja, s. One of the 
fabulous elephants support- 
ing the globe. 

^K^oqSc^ digbandhana^ ^. A general 
charm to keep off all evils. 

t^A do digbhrama, s, Unsteadi- 

an^Jr digv&rtJ, s. News from 
different directions. 

orveaoio digvijaya, s. Universal 

aii dita, see ^^* 

aii. di^ta, adj. Confident, bold. 

— ^c^ boldness. 
a«, ditti, see T^^U^ ^^^^ 

a45. ditte, s. A bold, or clever 
OC3^o200 didjimbu, adj. Corpulent. 
acs^otSo^ didjimberv, s. A deified 

bull, an ox belonging to a 
Siva temple. 2. Siva's steed. 

OCT'C^ didjika, see Dzij. 

an^ad dld^idida, adv. Quickly. 

ao^dori didjunena, see t£&^. 

ad dida, see xi^. 

aa^ didika, see Dzij. 

a:i)oZjj didumbn, s. A big drum. 

adj. see o5oa>o. 
adootSd) didumberu, see D5ot35. 
arl didka, adv. Immediately, 

quickly; suddenly. 
ac5^ diddfL, s. An elevated ground, 

a mound. 2. rancidity. 
arS diddJ, ^^^ aS^. 
az^ri didmena, see t^^. 
az:iod), acj^ didamme^ didappd. 

see ^looiSo. Sd. 

>23 o 



t^-^Tf dinjis^, J. Likeness. 2. 

kind, sort. 
ac3^?3e)d dinjisSra, ^.Different 

kinds or sorts, as of goods, etc. 
aci dina, s. A day. -^w^^ daily 

routine. --MAti daily wages. 

— tiz^ daily. -siS). —rob a 

diary, day-book, chronicle. 

— tjcxior daily conduct. — oAa 

^0 daily. -^j»ci the length 

of a day, a day in general; 

the times. ^sWr© passing time. 

csi£^cU the present time. 

— ^^?) to spend time, to live. 
ariog^vS dinamprati, adv. Daily, 

every day. 
aci?^ dinasji,dii?ftS^I^ 

Dc^ dina 


0;53e) dipi 

ac3e)ciGfidinaiiadina, s. A certain 

ac3e>?3e) dinila, adv. psAlj. 

Dura dibbana, s. A bridal party, 
a marriage procession, —to 
^o5;'o, oa^rf^S persons belong- 
ing to a marriage party. 

023^,^ dibr%, see c^es^^^. 

O5i3^?3^05j dim^gkayi, see Xo 

^zi^'^ dimak^^ s. Haughtiness, 
arrogance, pride, disdain. 

&^ei dimiti^ s. A kind of stout, 
white cotton cloth, ribbed or 
figured ; dimity. 

aOoaOo dimidimi, ^. Agility, 
dancing nimbly. 

OoJ,^, ad, diyya, dirra, adv. Sud- 
denly, at once; c/, o^^. 

Do^ dil^, s. The mind, heart. 

ad, arf^ diva, divasa, ^^^ ^^' 

Os3e)^d divakare, ^. The sun. • 

CiZSt>^y a;:c)c3 diving, divane, s. 
The minister ^r secretary of a 
•native state. 2. an idiot, fool. 

O;3e)0e)l, divaratrJ, s. Day and 
night, adv. By day and night. 

0;3c)6j?je3oC3 divarohana, s. As- 

ase)* divali, J. Bankruptcy. 
2.J^ oecro^. —:^ff6 a bank- 
rupt; a spendthrift. — e?lbs>, 
— z3^^ to become insolvent. 

aO divi, ^. Heaven, the sky. 

O^Jj diviti, see a5eW^. 

a^a^sioti dividivimara, ^.The di- 
vidivi tree, Casalpina cor tar a. 

ado divya, ^*. Divine, celestial. 
2. beautiful, agreeable, excel- 
lent, supernatural. — Xore 
excellent disposition, —ara ^ 
divine knowledge. — sixaSr the 
Divine Being, God. --^^ a 
rare gem. — 'd;?^ quicksilver; 
also sroc^ri. — dj»etf heaven. 
-^:^ an excellent substance; 
a holy being. 

a^o^d dilSntara, see ^e^o^. 

a9e)Uc3 dilitani, see z3e7;)Uc^. 

a^disi, s. Direction, side, space, 
region ; cf, o€jj, 6€. 

a^l dishta, ^. Fate, destiny, 

a^ dishti, see d^Sj^. -»5orf glass 

beads put on the neck of 

an infant to ward oflf the 

effect of evil eyes, 
a^ disft, s. Fortune, luck, -os'oj^i 

to be lucky, o^^— good luck. 

z5a#— bad luck. 
aeei?^ ditigi, see ^?B5?. 
a?c5*;s5* din^sji, see ^5c3. 
a?ri dina, adj. Poor, indigent, 

needy, 2. modest, humble, 

a^fS dine, s. A poor or weak 

man. 2. an humble man. 
a?3i dipa, s. A lamp; a light. 

— JdP'S lighting lamps in a 

temple as an act of devo- 
a?3Jci dipana, s. Hunger. 
a^53e>«, a?S5c)d«dipali, dipavali, 

^. {lii. A row of lights), a 

a?S3e) dipl 


d^otJo dnmbn 

festival with nocturnal illu- 
minations in honour of a 
DtS3e>^c^ dipavuni, c.v, (o/tifh^) 
To cause to place, keep, put, 

Gi^zs^^t^^ diplvonuni, rg«. v. 
{of oesro;^^) To keep, etc, for 
one's self. 2. to keep a con- 
cubine, vlg, 

t^^lA dipikft, see oesS. 

a^^ dipti, s. Light, lustre. 2. 
fire. 3. a lamp kept burning 
near an idol. 

a^Jb;) dipini (c^e), v. a. To place, 
keep, put, reserve, lay by. 

a?cxJj diya, see ocdo^. 

0^6 dire, see Oe^J. 

a??J^r dirgha, adj. Long. j. The 
long form of a vowel, the 
letter e. — cf oiws^ a long life. 
— c^^r a prophet, seer. — i^ccbsi 
death. -^oS long suffering, 

a^?o5)r6 dirsalJ, s, A superior 
kind of rice. 

a?rfi} divati, see ^e«A 

a^d^ divali, ^^^ oe5:5>v. 

a?0, a?5^ divi,divu, J. Anisland. 
— rf Xo^ the bread fruit, -4r/^- 
carpus tncisa. 

a?5?^o^ dikshinta, ^. The fulfil- 
ment of a vow or austerities. 

a?^ dikshS, J. The initiatory 
ceremony of a sacrifice, etc, 
2. a vow, resolve to accom- 
plish anything. 3, under- 

taking a service, austerities, 
etc. ^35^^ to take a vow; 
to undertake any pious work. 

cSoo^ofi donkuidy see dflox^o^ 

djoe* dunoi, s. Shag, nap, as of 
a cloth. — ^W0jS> to hem a 
garment. -oerjjS> to become 
woolly or shaggy. 

ciJoeSo^ duncelji, adj. Shaggy, 
woolly, as a cloth. 

dJocJo dundU) adj. Round, globu- 
lar. --805? a kind of bracelet 
worn by females. — ^ije^ 


a kind of round jasmine, 
yasminum samhac. 
dJo^S dundi, see d&oA 

djoCQ dunna, s. Heaviness, adj. 

Ciioci) dundu, adj. Prodigal, 
wasteful. — 7^&#, — ^?^ prodi- 
gality, waste. —7^^ a prodi- 

• gal, squanderer. 

doodotp dundubhi, s. The fifty- 
sixth year of the Hindu cycle 
of sixty. 2. a kettle-drum. 

dooci dunna, see cJjors. 

dJocSJdoed dunnonci^ ^. A kind 

of earring. 
doooboijjjj dumpiyuni (cJjoL), 

v.n. To stumble. 

dooun* dumbagv* ^^^^- 1^ future, 
next year; cf. cDowa ^^^i^ 

dooeo^ dumbatta, adv. First, at 

doot^cSe)^ dumbin&niy adv. The 
day before, previous day. 

d«)o20J dumbn, s. Front. 2. past 
time. 3. futurity, adv. In 

doosjjd dummi 


d)^ dnppa 

front. 2. early, beforehand. 

3. at first, in the beginning. 

4. formerly. 5. in future, 
hereafter ; also cJ^oesK. — tocdSo 
the first man, firstborn. — <Re 
t^^ to go in advance. — bTj^ 
before and behind, front and 
rear. [sorrow. 

doo;J39c^ dnmminay s. Grief, 

cijooao duifiyi, s. The sound of 

a mosquito. 
doo2$, t^oTi du£saji dniSsa^ see 

cSo8 duh, see cl)5. 

zi^%^ duhkha, s. Sorrow, grief, 
affliction. -JiAhr^ to afflict, 
grieve, tease. ^^5;bvS> to 
mourn, lament. 

cSJ82DaijoJi duhkhiyuni {js^i&), 
V. n. To mourn, lament. T&i%& 
d^s^S ^hF^ to sob, weep 

dos^^Oci duhlakuna, s, A bad 

cSo^^cS^ dukanf ^ s. A shop. 

CiOT^ dukka, ^^z'. Suddenly, at 
once, quickly; cf. o^^j. — »^0j 
» to get up at once. 

Z^t^ dukkha, see cSosso. 

dorisi, dj7Te)c^ dogani^ dogga- 
ni, s. Two pie. 

doy. dutta, ^^^ c^5:a^. 

ziio^ dndi, ^. The lip. 

dod^, doai dn^ita, dQ4iti, ^. 
Gain, acquisition. 2. proper- 
ty. —zJ^^^^o^^, j^ cijaolws). 

doSolx)^, d)a^^dadiyani^dadi- 

pini [^^)^ V. a. To acquire, 
gain, earn, obtain. 

doci^otJOc^ dudombani (do^o^), 
V. a. To drive. 

zS^zLii^^ do:^^o;^(d dudakUy dn- 
dukutana, s. Hurry, rashness. 
2. violence, injustice. 3. pride, 

dociotf jji dudukuni (ciiTij€=), v. n. 
To be rash or hasty. 2. to 
be violent, haughty, v. a. To 

djzio^ duduta, see ci^a^. 

doQ?) U dnddata, s. The game of 

doc?e) ^ dnd^asi^ <f . Covetousness. 

dod) dnddn, ^. A copper coin 
worth four pie. 2. copper 
coin in general. 3. money, 
cask c?c5~, X«^- a thick 
copper coin that was current 
in former days. 

ci)c55g)Ji dunipuni {^^), v. n. 
To struggle, strive. 2. to 
flutter, flap the wings in agi- 
tation, as a bird. 3. to bustle, 
be in a hurry. 

docisio^ danipel|^5 adj. Strug- 
gling, striving, fluttering. 2. 

dor^^^ dnpipele^ s. A bustler, 

t!i^^ dunna, see cl^oc*. 

dJ3(0, duttu, see cJotJo . 

do^ duppa, adv. Suddenly; 

do^li, do:^^ dappa(i^ dnppati, 

^. A laced or other cloth 

cSjsS. dttpp6 


dortor durgn 

loosely thrown over the body. 

2. a sheet, tablecloth. 
c3o^ duppi, ^^ '^^• 
dotJOe)©^ dubaralji, see siaessj^. 
cSjwOe)^* dubaUkv, «^". Twice 

distilled; double. 
cSjta^O dub&ri, adj. Double. 2. 
needless, useless. -'^eSr 
double or needless expense. 

3, see c3oe33)5. 

cSje3e)?c dnbisi, s. An interpreter. 

2. a broker, agent, etc. 
x^vs^p^ dubrllv, ^^ Twice dis- 
tilled arrack. 
Ciodoo^oji dujnukuni (clD^iM^, 

V. a. To jump down; to alight 

c5jdjo;i) dumusu see Xo^ko?^ 
cSocrfjsSs^ duyamv, adj- Second- 
ary, subordinate. 2. middling, 

cJoo^, t^^^ ctnr, dus, Praxes 

denoting Bad, ill, wicked. 

2* difi&cult. 3. inferior, vile, 
ciodon durangi, adj. Differently 

coloured on both sides, as 

some cloths. , 

dodzp^^^i durabhyasa, s. A bad 

habit or practice. 
ciidaJj duraya, see ^^^. 
cSoOe)t3^d duridara, s. A bad 

custom or usage. 2. wicked 

doQTsJ^ duratme, ^. An evil spirit. 

2. a wicked man. 
c5jo^^JS?2;Sn duralocanft, j. Wick- 
ed thoughts. 
Ci>0e)3 duraai, s. Covetousness. 

2. a vain or forlorn hope, 
upattainable desire. 
doO;^ durita, s. Sin, transgres- 
dotio23 duruji, see 7(o^r. 
dodod dumda, see i^^. 
dodot!) durubi, ^4^*. Inebriating. 
2. surfeiting. —^5^ inebria- 
tion; surfeit. 
dotio?:)?) durubini, see zi^^r^ 
dJCJo^?w dumbija, see ci^e^erw. 
dod^?oO durusu, see zi^T^r. 
dodosji durustu, s. Repairs, im- 
provement, adj. Proper, well, 
right, —^'c*^?) to repair, mend, 
put in order. 
dodo^ durula, adj. Wicked. -^5^ 

ti:iZ^4 durule, ^. A wicked man. 
dorlr durga, s. A castle, hill-fort. 

2. see rio?\r. 
dortroqJ durgandha, s. A stench^ 

fetid smell. 
dortrU, do^fi^rU durgata, dur- 
ghata, adj. Difficult of attain- 
ment, insurmountable. — ^ 
aJor an object difficult to ac- 
dorlr^Sdurgati, s. A bad destiny, 

misery. 2. hell. 
dorrsF^oJo durgUaya, ^. A temple 

of Durgi. 
ti^rsr durgi, s. A name of Parvati. 

2. the name of a female. 
dortoFtt) durguna, s. A bad dis- 
position or temper, corrupt 
nature, adj. Ill-natured. 

ci)?^r durgJ 




dai^r durgJ, see ^7\r. 

doedr durci, s. A sheet of paper. 
2. see d^aSr. 

dotsrcidurjana, j. Wicked people. 

c5ot3e)r3 durjati, s. A disreput- 
able caste. 

lijt3rduqi,^^^7voa3r. 2.seeda^F. 

2:l)cSr^ dnrdali, ^. Misfortune, 

dO(ir:^S dumadatiy s. Bad con- 

do^i^ra durnudi, s. A bad word. 

do^J^t) durbala, ^. Weakness, 
impotency. adj\ Weak, im- 
potent; helpless. 

zidC^r^ durbini, s. A telescope. 

ci)2:^?rtd durblja, s. lit. A bad 

seed. adj\ Of bad family, of 

disreputable descent. 

cSoeoor^ dorbaddhi, s. A wicked 
mind, bad disposition. 2. folly, 

want of sense. 

2JJ23Jd(rqS^ durbodhani, s. Bad 

cJotpr^ durbhikshft, s. Scarcity, 

dorfoF^ dunnati, s. The fifty-fifth 
year of the Hindu cycle of 
sixty. 2. an evil mind. 

dodoFcJ;^ dnnnanasiL^ s. A bad 

dJ»Jordco durmarana, s. An un- 
timely death, death by acci- 

dJoirarrtr durmarga, s. Wicked- 
ness, yice. 

do OofI^ durmitre, s. A bad friend. 
dorfooFA) durmukha, s. An angry 

d)dooF£) durmukhi, s. The thir- 
tieth year in the Hindu cycle 

of sixty. 
d)o3j3^Fd^ duryodanft, s. The 

elder of the Kuru princes. 
doe^FZjJ durlabha, adj\ Difl&cult 

of attainment, scarce, rare. 
dJCe)FiF durvartft, s. Bad news. 
do;3e)F;;icS durvasani^ ^. A stink, 

dos^FOi) durvyaya, see r^-^f^. 
do^F^ofi durvyasana, s. A bad 

habit, evil practice. 
didjFOi) durvraya, s. A useless 

expense, squandering, waste. 
tSi^li^F dursu, s. Rockets; also 

djrfoFcssr©. 2.seet^'^7^, — wo 

2^?> to fire rockets. 
dod/^a dullodi, s. A kind of 


dorajS dttsmine, ^. An enemy, 

opponent. cSo^^:^ enmity, 

di&?w dussaa, ^. A bad dispo- 
sition or practice. 
dosldJF dushkanna, s. An evil 

deed, crime, sin. d^s^ior a 

wicked man. 
dosl^^doshkale, s, A great thief. 
doss:?>o dushkala, s. An evil 

time. 2. famine, scarcity. 
do5^?,SF duflhkirti,^^. Infamy, 

bad nam^. ^ 


dossl, doBta 


diddo duru 

cl)3l dushta^ adj. Bad, wicked, 
depraved. 2. low, vile. —Xoc©, 
— epo^ a bad disposition. — ^c^ 
wickedness, depravity. — aoo 
^ an evil mind; a minister 
so called. — ii»Xr wicked 
conduct. -^X a wild beast, 
mischievous animal. 

ci)3S, dushte. s. A wicked ^r bad 

dj^d dusUra, adj\ Difficult, 
trying, hard. 

do^d dustale, j. An unhappy 
man; a bad man. 

Ci)?io dustUy s. A suit of clothes. 

ci);iep^d dusvabhiva, s. An evil 
msposition, ill-nature. 

ci,27o or( dnssangay s. Bad compar 
ny or intercourse; evil com- 

cije)cy dunta, see 7C«ow. 

cSjSod dfinde, see ^aozI. 

dJdotS, dJdo23e^ dumbe^ dombelf , 

see Tdodoeoo. 
cSjStS duji, ^. A needle, pin. 

-*^ a magnet, -^tj the 

tinian pine, 
ciftrii^ duduni, see ^'^o^ 
dJS3 duti, s. A pimp, procuress. 

2. a female messenger. 
cSj5)I dute, s. A messenger, spy. 

5e»i- an angel, odozij-- the 

messenger of death. 
cSJS)CSjdudu,^^^aij»aS. 2.see^Ji'(io, 

c$Jdsi, desjcd dnpa, dupana^ ^^^ 
clQ33 dupd, ^. Food laid out for 

the dead; ^a mound marking 
the burial place of a Sudra. 
2. a temporary shed, covered 
with awnings, for offering 
oblations to the manes of 
deceased Sudra. — c^ ^ori a 
field in which such a mound 
or shed has been raised. — rf 
cS^^ oblations of boiled rice 
offered to the manes of a 
deceased Sudra. — K •d^^>x^?i to 
prepare such food. — J\ ^^s> 
to serve such food; to serve 
a person with a large quanti- 
ty of food. 

cJjS^ci dubina, ^. A comb. 

cJJSd dura, s. Distance, adj. 
Distant, remote. cIa^Xo- 
very far. — a5o&3 a low-caste 
man; a man come from a 
distance. — oo? a female in 
her menses; a low-caste wo- 
man. -^^ foresight ; long- 
sighted. — TijaXr, — ?d*>D a long 
way. -CA)o^5i to stand at a 
distance. — jReb^ to go far, 
move further. — eo^TJo^ to 
be deferred, delayed. — •i^^ 
^ to separate ; to shun. 

cSJdOe)ii dorata, s. Aspersing, 
calumniating ; complaining. 

dJddo dam, s. Aspersion, blame, 
reproach. 2- a complaint. 
^^jihr^ — ^^^ to complain. 
^539?1>^ to accuse, blame, 

cSJddOcS^oSo dfimnaye, s. An ac- 
cuser, censurer, complainant. 

cSvQdo duru 


d^^ dekka 

cSJe)doJi duruni (c^^, v. a. To 
accuse, complain ; to blame, 
reproach, censure. 

zis^tS durele, see ci»Tl3troo&>. 

l3Je)irici durtatana, s. Crafti- 

dJS^r durte, s. A deceiver. 

dJei2^^ dushake^ s, A blasphem- 

dJS)34cl dushanJ, s. Cursing. 2. 
censure, reproach. ^^^— blas- 

i3Jci&l5Sc^ dushipuni (^^), v. a. 
To blaspheme. 2. to blame, 
censure, reproach. 

dja;i) dusu, s. Fine powder; 

dJa^io^^ dufluni (^^, v. a. To 
spill, sprinkle. 

ri©;3e3^ dnseliiL, ^. Powder, dust, 
adj\ Powdered, dusty. 

dja* dull, see 4ft^o. 2. a dis- 
picable person. 3. a high num- 
ber. —3^^, —3575 unreliable. 

Cij^^o dulu, see qi«^o. 

tk"^ ixuflv^i s. The eye. 2. sight, 

clq^ dr^dha, J. Firmness, sta- 
bility. 2. certainty, flwf/'. Firm, 
stable. -32> firmness; truth- 
fulness. -.^^^?i to afl&rm, 
declare ; to fix, make certain. 

cJi^^dK) dr^dhikarana, s. Con- 

Cl3l dr^shta, adj. Visible, appa- 

liv5S|jO^ dryshtinta, s. An ex- 

ample, illustration, evidence. 
— ifj&tr^ to exemplify, illus- 

r^h. dr^shti, s. Sight, seeing. 
2. an eye. 

don* dengji, s. A hiding place. 

dorresj^ dengivuni, c, v. (o/^o 
Xo?)) To cause to be hidden, 
concealed; hide, conceal. 

dorto^ deiguni (^oK). ?;. n. To 
be hidden, concealed, lie in 

dortd dengele, s. One who hides, 
a refugee. 

dotS denjiy s. A crab. — ero^^ an 
abscess between the thumb 
and the forefinger, ^^e^ 

•ioo^o^Tix-, ;Soi — , 7im>nL-. are 
some of the species of crab. 

dotSO denjeli, s. A kind of um- 
brella made of palm leaves. 

Aohf dent\^, see cJoG. 

cSociK) dennana, see ss)T|^5i. 

dotoj dembn, see daoeco. 

do23e3^ dembelji, ^^^ doo^S. 

d^UOj?) dekkattuni (^a^, ^.^. 
To shuffle, or move in a slo- 
venly manner, as a person in 
a tight dress or when the foot 
is entangled in anything. 

d^y^ dekkatti, s. A kind of nut- 
cracker used for cutting the 
areca-nut into pieces. 

d^oQo dekkayi, s. The betrothal 
badge, -^wj^^ to put the same 
on the person of a bride. 


d^ dekka 


ded devg 

d^6, d^o^, c5i5^d) dekkari, 
dekkarfy dekkirn, s. The space 
between the legs, when they 
are apart. adv. Between 
the legs. 

d«%t3 dekka]i^ s. A kind of 

iSv^fl dekkini^ adv. Tightly. 

dv^o^t^i dekkavuni, c. v. {of d 
^5^^^) To cause to wash. 

d^dekki, s. Space, room, place. 

tyi:^ dekkuni (^^e)» ^- ^- To wash 
(anything except clothes), 
lave, cleanse. 

d^^tfo dekkulu, see d^^croi^oH^b. 

d^^O dekkuli, j. Irregular 
teeth, projecting teeth. 

tf^ dekkJ, see zS^otf. 

d33|^og Ji deppivuni, c. v. (o/d^^) 

To cause to take. 
^% deppu, ^^ <^. 2. 5^<f 

d^S^^ deppuni (j3), «;.«. To take, 
receive; c/. ^^^ i3§^5 sa 
^^> to abolish, take away, put 
aside; to pull out; to remove, 

AA debbJ, see de3^. 

dcSs^ deyya,^^^ z3^crfo. 2. ^^^ i3^*i 
3. see ^^. 

do^d deyiva, see z3^^. 

z5cJort05o derangayi, ^^^ :^e5w>oax 

zSsgr^ derpuni (i35), ^f. a. To 
lift, raise. 

1S4 deyva^ s. A demon, evil 

&i, d^ des6, dese, ^. Condition, 
state. 2. fortune, luck. 

Aiz^ deseddv, P^s^p- From, by, 
on account of, for. 

d^'Sr deki, j. Nicety. 2. manage- 
ment or foresight, adj. Nice, 

d?t5i deja, 5^ ^e3*. 

d^z3 debd, j. A quarrelsome 

c3?De>y derata, ^. Driving. 

deboji deruni («3e5), z?. a. To 
drive, drive away. 

d;^ dela, ^. A small temple. 
2. God. -Xoozi the idol's 
apartment in a temple. «ss>6 
;^dc3«>o3j dtv zija^-S a man 
bereft of his child blasphemes 
against God. 

d^ooSJd^ delantottu^ s. A 
Brahmin's house. 

d^ood^d, d^o^d delandapnda, 
delapuda, s. A temple pigeon. 

d;d deva see ^^^. 2. the male 

d?;iod devanda, adj. Pertaining 
to temples. — ^eTl> a small 
kind of tiles. 

d(d& devakiy s. Krishna's 

d(d7ic9 devagana, s. The race 
of gods. 

ded^^, d^ddT^ devadiko; de- 
vadige, s. One of the caste of 
musicians. ^ 

d?rf3e)2^rfJ devatircani, s. Wor- 
ship of a god. ^ 

cS^rf deva 


d(99 desa 

ii^zii dev&ti, s. A demi-god. 
z5?rfi devatva, s. Divinity; 

d?rfcii devadatta, adf. Given 

by God. 
z5?dne)0^, c5?dc3e)6devadirj, de- 

vadari^ s, A cedar. 
zSeddAi devadute, s. An angel. 
c3?ddg,?3S devadroha, s. Aposta- 

cy, heresy. 
d(dcSe)^ devanama, ^. The 

name of God, [phemy. 

z5?ri^ol3 devanindi, s. Bias- 
d^sisJiJeS devap^J4, s. Adoration 

of God, divine worship. 
cS(^^33S devapratishthi^ s. The 

consecration of an idol. 
xS^deo^d devabari, s. A superior 

kind of plantains, [yotion. 
d?d2^4» devabhakti, s. Piety, de- 
d^dsfJ^ devabhakte, s. A pious 

man, a devotee. 
d(^^ocrad deTamandarai s. A 

kind of flower. 
l5?rfrf39r(r devamirga, s. God's 

ways. 2. pious behaviour. 
lS(ddo7^deyaranga^ ^.The centre 

of a temple. 
d^dOd^S deyarl^e, s. Indra. 
d^zifSsA^^ devaloka^ ^. Heaven. 
d?sie^ devalya, see dt^^cxsx 
li^dTi ieytMf s. Temple-lands 

or property. 
{S(d;j^dort devasiunarangai s- 

Presence; God*s presence, 
dt^^^tiref devasamarpanii s. 

Offering to God. 

z3;d;^ cJ devasthina^ s. A temple. 
c5?S3e>ort deviftga, s. A Lingayat 

class of weaver^. 2. an ape. 

— croo^ one of the weaver 

d;;je>9;c^ devadhma^ s. Death. 

adv. In God's disposal. —^ 

h?i to die. 
cS^ss^D^qSc^deviridhani^^r. Divine 

cS;;7e)^od)devalayai s. A church; 

a temple. 
d^^ devi, s. A goddess. 2. Par- 

vati. 3. a queen. -^* the 

Sakti worship. 
d?:)0, d?S3c)0 deviri, devSri, ^. 

A Brahmin's dress. 
tf^do^ dever^^, s. God. 2. an 

honorific title, applied to 

persons of rank. de^xJ Twodir 

a sacred work or undertaking. 
d?sS?od^ devendre, ^. Indra. 
d^i iei&f s. A country, land, 

territory, district, region. — ^e 

2^ one who has left his 

country, an exile. — SoXor?) 

to travel. 
c3(^2pe)3S desabhishi^ s. The 

language of a country. 
c5ei^3|^ desabhraBhta, s. Trans- 
portation, expatriation. 
r5ei?3 desasthe, s. A native, 

inhabitant. 2. a class of 

Brahmins. [country. 

c5?TOo^ desintra, s. A foreign 
derooi^, desintri, i^ A foreigner ; 

a traveller. <-^ 

z3(9e) deii 


dAo^o donkn 

cS^s^tT^d delicira, s. The custom 

of a country, local usage. 
d^Se)^?^ des&tana^ s. Travels; 

d^s^Q^^e)^, c3(9e)93:i3 desidhi- 

kiri, delidhipati, s. A sovereign 

d^s^OdJ delayi^ s. A chief man 

among the Lingayats. 
d^TOsid, t3e5e)53c)d dejivara, de- 

flSvIra, adj. Foreign, exotic. 

s. A present, gift, alms. 
d^i deiJ, see j3tf. 

df2^ delya, adj. Local, of or 
belonging to a country. ~ep»25, 
see ^^^zp;>A' 

i5?ad deha, s. The body. — rforSiS 
corporal . punishment, pe- 
nance, mortification. 

d?ao dehi, adj. Having a body, 

d^dei, s. A plant, young tree. 

c^d deindi^ s. The name of a 
tree. 2. a staff, stick. 

d^d deinde, see CioA 

1i^pd deindi^ see c^oZ^^. 

titan, demon, giant. — ^zior 
a giant's deed; a wicked act. 

tS^, d^ deina, deinya^ ^. Mean- 
ness, humility, servility. 2. 
poverty. adj\ Mean, humble, 
lowly. 2. cringing, servile. 
— 8iro»5 humble disposition. 

f^P deipuni, see ^^?^ 

Aojj deiya, see d^A — W3)rf^ a 
gift or offering to demons. 

-Tiwa^ treasure devoted to a 

diOJoo^d deiyankadft, adv. To- 
wards god or a demon, s. Aa 
inclosure of an idol. 2. the 
name of a village. 

d^aJ3e)3 deiyare, s. The name of 
a demon. 

daJvr, ddj deirya, see i^^r. 

dirf deiva, s. A deity; God. 2. 
an evil spirit, a demon. 3. 
destiny, fate. adj\ Divine, ce- 
lestial. -^^^ -^o^ a divine 
act. —^^^^ —^^^^ divine 
origin, God's will. — ^^^ 
ordained by God. -X5,-cxi>aj;^ 
— oSfteX fate, God's decree. 
— Xof© divine nature. — ^Wc5, 
-rio^UcJ God's help. -»«; 
divine strength. — liooso the 
face of God ; divine grace. 

d;3e)9((^ deivadhina^ adj. Sub- 
ject to God's will. s. Fate, 
God's decree; death. 

A^^li deivika, adj. Divine, 
d^o^ deisuni, see ^S^sJosj. 2. see 

dJdo^ donka, see (Sao^. 

dviSo* donka, adj. Tall. -»«'^ft 
to grow tall. 

dJt)o^ffe>;3)c^ donkavuni, c. v. {of 
6ao^o^) To cause to tread, 

dJ^o'SciT^ donk^l^, see ^o^, 

dJSo^o?^ donkuni (j3ao^, v. a. 
To tread, trample, ^rf^^- 
a Pariah woman to become 
pubescent, z'/^.-^OOglt 

zJjdotf do&ki 


cSsftt^ dokki 

didoife^ donkelf, ^. What has 
been trodden. adj\ Trodden, 

dJSortj^ donguni, see rfoXo^ 

dJS^oB donti, see d^eoa 

cSJdod dondi) see doozld. 

cleoil dondi, ^. The throat. 
-ti^^^ {lit. to wet the throat) 
to drink, allay thirst. 

dsidoC9 donna^ s. Self-confidence. 
— 7^i5 a man carrying a club ; 
a self-confident man. 

cSJdor^iS^ donnappe, <f. A self- 
confident or conceited man. 

cS-ftod donnJ, s, A cudgel, club, 

dJdod^ dondappe, s. A com- 

dJe>o& dondi^ ^. A small torch 
made of a rag. 

djdod) dondu^ s, A couple, pair. 
2, see dAodA* 

dJdodogD dondepuri^ see 4Ao^^b 
under Aaod 

dJdocS donni, s. A cup made of 
plantain leaves, etc. -cSwj^^ 
to make such a cup. 

dJdosJ dompa^ s, A pandal, shed, 
temporary covering of matted 
palm leaves, etc. ; cf. t^^T^, 2. 
a frame-work of bamboos, etc. 
erected for training a creeper. 
— rf ^^S Cynamopsis psora^ 
loides^ a kind of bean. -3i wo 
the annual festival of a demon I 

celebrated under a pandal. 
— rf e;xftTi3 the succulent creeper 
purslane, Basella rubra; cf. 

cSJe)o5iCXi)oJi dompiynni {^oh)^ 
V. n. To stumble. 

dJdoT^ dombi^ s. A mob, rabble. 
2. a riot, uproar. — t^tJ a 
rioter, turbulent man. 

cSsQotJO dombu^ s. Sunshine, heat 
of the sun. — ^odo^ mirage. 
— «nj^^ the heat to decrease. 
— Xo zJSiTki^ to expose to the 
sun. ^eD^T^^ the sun to 
shine. — ss^^s'o^ the sun to 
strike, ^'rix- very hot. c3?J5- 
the morning sun. c3cciog-,the 
evening sun. s^o^ twilight. 

c5jt)ot»>ja dombudi, see ddotS^. 

cSsQctS dombe^ s. A tumbler, 
rope-dancer, —tow tumbling, 
rope-dancing. — t5 eSo^ a 
female tumbler. 

diSozSej^, d»odj;>0 dombel\^, 
domboli^ s. A chap, cleft in 
the surface of the earth. 

d/e)osiod dommare, see cSAotS. 

dfiio^J doifisa, see x^^oTiu 

dJJ)^t5e)tfov^o, cSJei^^^o dokklnS- 
kulu, dokkuln, ^. A mode of 
addressing high caste people 
by Pariahs. 

diS^dokki, s. Breath; breath- 
ing. — C^Sb^, — ?rjaTl)^, _80?!)r?> 

— 5i e^b^ to revive. — ^aoiw^, 
— 3roT^s> to cease to breathe; 
to expire. — oa^tfoj^, -oJO^?> to 
palpitate. *^ 

Aj^r\ dogga 


didO dpri 

dJS)r(o^ doggal», s. Kneeling. 

-saTio^, -eOftiJo?) to kneel. 
dJ5)?ij doggn, adj\ Kneeling. 

-rfe^so /jV. saluting pn one's 

knees; submission, yielding. 

—Ti^o zj^Th^ to submit, yield, 
derto? dogguni (^^J, ^^.«. To 

A^Aj^O zid^ doggoli padp6, s. 

A short kind of the vegetable 

Amarantus oleraceus. 2. the 

As^u^ dojJal», ^. Uncleanli- 

ness; rubbish. 
dJStdoJi dojjuni (^«), ^.^. To 

stammer; to hesitate. 
dJS^ dojTe, ^. A st0,mmerer. 
dJsB. dotte, see ^A^ 
dJSd^' dodak^ ^^^ Perplexed, 

confused. 2. broken, damaged. 
&^d dode, s. A greedy man; 

^. ^zl). 2. 5^^ c^etS. 3. see 

^tS. —^;:i greediness. 
dJe)rf dodda, adj\ Great, large. 
dJe)docl doddanne, s. An elder 

Cd .... 

dsfirf o3 doddanti, s. Birthday. 
dJdr^rsD^ol) doddanadaye> s. A 

powerful man. 
dJS^sg^ol), 23Je)^o3o doddappaye, 

doddaye, s. A father's elder 

djsrffi doddare,^y. A kind of 


d;sdA c5js^ doddali, dodlft, s. 
a ' CO • • • , 

A wild orange, Atalantta 

t^-d^A doddastigJ, ^. Great- 
ness, loftiness. 2. riches, 
power. 3. ostentation, pride. 

dJ^rfo doddu, see zbiS^. 2. see 

dJ^d dodde, ^^^ c^- 
dJ5P853^ donel?, ^. A club. 
c5Je)C3 donna, ^^^ ^ot^, 
diStS doddJ, J«« ^%- 
die)(3a^ donel», see dasSo. 
dosS^ doppe, ^. A kind of grass. 
dJc)23e)0 dobari, see ci3e3;>e>. 
dJe)?^ dobbi, see tSeJ^. rj^g^ 

dj;)m dobbu, s. Pushing, shov- 
e^uxl^ dobbuni (^^, ^.«- To 

push, shove, put oflf. 
dJSdo'S^ doranky, ^^ ^^^• 
diSdo^Oci doranknni, see daT^^os). 
ds^toTf dorangy, see ^"^fi 
disdod^rt, djs>doc5j3®fi do- 

randaligi, dorandoligi, s. Self- 
praise, egotism, elation. 
dJc)d^?)?Sji dorakavuni, cv. {of 

da^o^) To cause to obtain; 

to procure. 
d/e)dtfo?i dorakuni (z^^^, v.n. 

& c.daL To be got, obtained, 

procured, found, 
djsd^ doraki, see ^axi^. 
diadn* doragj, adj- Coarse, 

dod?^ dorastui, see ri:id>7^. 
djao dori, adj. Poured, as corn, 

e^c.\ cf. dii9t>crfoo5>. 
c5js053c)4c^ doripivuni, cv, (of 

dii9t>^») To cause to flow down, 

dldO dori 


cSjt^cl) dodu 

run out, or run oyer as com, 

zSJdO^^ doripnni {^^), v. a. 
To shoot out as corn, eic, 
from a sack or bundle. 

dJSOcrfoofi doriyuni (^^), v. n. 
To flow down, run out, or 
run over as corn, eic.^ from 
a sack or bundle. 2. to 
fall, as rain, to shower. 3. to 
feel a limb heavy. 

i3je)6 dori, see ^-S. 

di€)t3r, ^5J^i^3Fo^ dorji, dorjil^j, s. 

A kind of rafter. 
jSvia^ro^ dortely, adj\ Partially 

empty or loose, as a bundle 

of rice. 
dJe>5g)Fji, cSJSeoorfi dorpuni, dor- 

boni, see ddC)^^ 

dJt)^o^o5 dalankuni (d»(yoF), 
V. a. To relax, loosen. 

dsiSoo dolln, adj\ Useless, un- 
profitable, vain. 2. empty, 
void. 3. see zXa^^.^. 

tSjsdl^ dolli, J. Saliva, spittle. 
— v*)xi3^ to cough hard. 

zlotfo^, die)tfoo^o dolank^^, do- 
lunku, adj\ Loose, lax. s. 
Looseness ; also d©v*oo^^. 
-*"i^ to tie loose; to 

dJS^oo^jJi dolunkuni (datfooF), 
V. n. To be loose, lax; be 

di35? dol6, see 4^6, 

AJti^^P dolpuni, see *»ew^^. 2. 
see *ft4Fa. 

diJv^o, dollu, see A&5^. 
c3jd5?, dolU, see ^^ . 

cSJe)(o^?;^ ddntasf, ^. A tall 

man; c/. dj^oB. 
dje)fo!3 donti, j. A long pole 

with a hook to pluck fruit. 
djd^o^ donte,^. Tallness, length. 

2. a tall man. adj\ Tall, long. 

—m>5 long legs. — ^t) a long 

c5>©Cod^ dondala, see ^eod^^^rf. 
dJS^'rfj doku, see *»e^o. 
c5je)?r( doga, s. Crawling. 
cSjt)?rtoJi doguni (c2j»eF\), v. a. To 

crawl on hands and knees or 

in a sitting posture. 2. to 

grub up grass. 
dx?y data, ^^^ ^eu. 
C5j8?i3 do^i, ^^^ :3a?oB. 
djd^c^fl dodani, s. Furniture, efc. 
dj;)?aoix)5 dodiyuni (dj&ea), jf.;^. 

To arrange. 2. to collect, 

gather, provide, store; c/. cii 

jiJ^^d dod6, s. A talkative 

Ajs^c^ doni, J. A boat. 2. a 
spirited ^r quarrelsome wo- 

dje)?^ dotra, J. A Hindu's lower 
garment, the cloth wrapped 
round the loins. —^ iB^oeS the 
colored borders of such a 

dJS^dj dodu, adj\ Tbin^watery. 
2. see a^a3. ^ 

As^^A dode 


Z3^T^ drikflha 

Aj^^d^ dodelv, s. Thinness. 

r5J3?z^ dobi, s. A washerman. 

dJ^^t dora, see to^t^. 

dJS?d^ dowka, see cro^'ds'. 

•AJS^dfl doran^, ^^^ S^eTJrf 

diSeO dori, ^. A rope. 

dJ5>e3 dori, ^. A kind of gold 
bracelet. 2. the thread used 
for fastening a knife to 
the legs of a cock in cock- 

c5j5^65e>o5o dorekayi, s. A ripe 

dJf)?rtrorf dorganda, see cSoXrw. 

c5J3?t)oi3, dft?^rtoB dolantJ, do- 
laganti, s, A drum and bell, 

dJS^© doll, see AaeC. 

r5JS?t)0 dolu, s. A drum. — eoc^ 
a pot-belly. — cJ ^ the hollow 
cylinder or hemisphere of a 

cSjd^d dole^ s. A man with a pot- 

As>^^, Aj^^Ti dosha, dosai s. 
Fault, defect, blemish. 2. sin, 
ofifence, crime. 3. error, mis- 
take. — TiSoi a man of unble- 
mished character. 

dJ5^?3 dosi, s, A cake of rice 

rfj^e^i dosti, s. Friendship, inti- 
macy. 2. a friend. 

dJe^^^ doli, s. Desire. 2. the 
lin plant. 

c3j2^* doli, see A»eO. 

dje)?^o dolu, see iSa^cw. 

djf)e*> dolki, i. A small drum. 

zS^oTi dou'Ssa, see Tf^oTi. 

cJ5)do doudu, s. A gallop. 2. a 

quick motion. 3. arrogance. 

4. speed, haste. cf^zj^cfDa 

great haste, 
d^d doudft, s. The jaw, cheek. 

— f\ ^jdhm to slap the cheek. 
^^ douta, s. Loss, destruction. 

—•505^0^^ to destroy. 
zS^^ douti, J. An ink-stand. 

n^doA, n^or^ dourangi, dou- 
langi, s. A long coat 

o^os^, z3^^Je)^o doulaty, doalo- 
tu, ^. Rule, government. 2. 
pomp, ostentation. 

Z3^t)o doulu, J^ ^»>. 

d^s5 douvfe, adj. Toothless. 

ti^^zi dravida, see i^^s^zi. 

djSi dravya, s. Wealth, proper- 
ty, substance. 2. elementary 
substance, namely: earth, 
water, fire, air, ether, time, 
space, soul, intellect. 

d,;:^! dravySfli, s. Love of 
gold, avarice. 

a^Orf dravida, adj, Dra vidian 
or Tamil. —5?^ properly the 
country from Madras to Cape 
Comorin. — eo^jso^re a Brahmin, 
native of the South of the 
Vindya mountains. — epss? one 
of the Dravidian languages. 

C3^^, eg?** draksha, drakshi, s. 
Grapes. — aSjseU a vineyard. 
— a:xftTio the fi^rane vine. — "d^i 


Digitized by 


6>^^^ droha 


qSd dhara 

d^?25o droha, J. Treason, treach- 
ery, rebellion, revolt. J^^i- 
apostasy. ;*>Si:>'5- treason. 
^j^^io an apostate, traitor, 

ciocS dvandva, s. A couple, pair. 
2. strife, dispute. -crfood 
single combat. — rf^is^^i a form 
of grammatical combination 
of words. 

cratf dyara, s. A door. — rf, — sk> 
e;^ a doorkeeper. 

crad^dvSraka,^. The city where 
Krishna, reigned. 

Cy dvi, adj. Two 

at5 dvija, adj. Twice born. 
^. The oviparous class of 
animals, as birds, snakes, 
fish, eU.^ which are first born 
in the shell or egg and then 
produced from it. 

a.t3e)3 dvijati, s. One of the 
twice born castes. 

D23 dy^e, s. A Brahmin, whose 
investiture with the sacred 
thread is supposed to con- 
stitute a second birth. 

ft 3f0jj dvitiya, adj. Second. 
-:xf^ the accusative case. 

CXziA dvipadg, s. A metrical 
composition in couplets. 

C^S3e)C^ dvipadi, s. A biped. 

&^e^(j dviva5ana, s. The dual 

•^ number, ^ra;«. 

ft^^qj dvividha, adj. Twofold. 

tx^zi dvipa, s. An island. 

d^3^ dvesha, s. Hatred, enmity. 
^-^^^^ to hate, detest. 

Ayi dveita, s. Dualism. -^* 
a sect that regards God and 
matter as distinct. 5^^* one 
of this sect. 

qS dha, The thirty-second letter 

of the alphabet. 
q5^ dhakka, see d^^. -^** 

a peremptory demand. 
q5^ dhakkft, see c^^. 
qStS dhadi, see ^* 2. see ^. 
q$r^ dhani, see rf^ 
qjfl dhan6, see ^c5. 
z^^ dhana, ^. Riches, wealth, 

property. — 3iS, i^e35>p25S Ku- 

bera; a wealthy person. -•5o 

^ a rich man. 


qS^ dhanii ^. A proprietor 
master, lord. 2. a wealthy 
man. 3. see 4^?i* 

qjfitf dhanike, ^. A wealthy 

qSc^. qSc^^ri^ dhann, dhannssn, ^. 
A bow. 2. the ninth solar 
month. — u»^ the sign Sagit- 
tarius, jj^c^paro an archer. 

qS^qijdj^ dhamfdhomiL, see ^ 

. . -, Dipped by VjOOQIC 

qjtf dhara, su ot. o 

qSd dhara 


zpd dhiri 

qSdf^ dharan^, s. An old coin 
equivalent to one Rupee. 

qSdro dharana, see 9s^j«. 

qSdcS, ^Q^y qSddharani, dharitri, 
dhart, s. The earth. qWrfzSS a 

qSDTl)^^, qSoijQ)C^c^ dharisuni, 
dharitonuni (^^), v. a. To 
wear, dress, put on, assume a 
form. 2. to retain in mind, 
hold. «>o5«sTi- to become in- 
carnate. X??F*_ to become 
pregnant, i:^^ to be silent. 

qS^jor dharma, s. Justice. 2. 
charity, Kberality. 3. duty, 
obligation. 4. usage, practice* 
5. fitness, propriety. 6. vir- 
tue, merit. — 93)t5 a wedding 
in which the bridegroom in- 
curs no expense. —^^ a 
wedded wife. — tooSo the 
oldest of the Pandu princes ; 
Yama. -^^ a code of laws. 
-^j»Lr^, -»io5;>j^^ to give alms. 
— .ij^^?) to do justice. 

qjrije)r^^ dhannanuje, s. A 
charitable man. 

qJ;jj3F^r, qSsi:5>rqjF dharmarta, 
dharm&rtha^ adj. Gratuitous, 
charitable, free. qJrfjsrs^r 
5, xfj6j9F4jir7^^ gratuitously, 
freely, gratis. 

qSdJe)FqS;joF dharmadharma, s. 
Right and wrong. [judge. 

qS^je)F$9«)0dharm&dhikari, s. A 

qJC)0F, q5D0F3| dharmi, dharmi- 
shthe, s. A charitable or liber- 
al man. 

qJs3^ dhavala, adj. White, fair. 
—-^^F white colour. 

qj^* dhavali, s. A white cow. 

zp>^, zpi^ dhit^, dhStu, ^. The 
pulse. 2. any constituent 
part of the body, as flesh, 
blood, etc. 3. a primary or 
elementary substance, as 
earth, air, eic, 4. the proper- 
ty of a primary element, as 
odour, colour, eic. 6. a gram- 
matical root. 6. a fossil or 
mineral. 7. the tenth year 
in the Hindu cycle of sixty. 
-t^sij spermatorrhoea, emis- 
sio seminis, —^\ full pulse ; 

z^^ dhanya, s. Grain, corn in 

qys^qSosjy dhamfdhumf, s. 
Prodigality, dissipation. 2. 
the noise of a drum or a 

qrsd dhara, see o^xi. 

qje)dcl dharani, s. Price, charge. 
2. holding, having, maintain- 
ing, wearing. 3. keeping the 
mind collected, breath sus- 
pended, and all natural wants 

qic>Ue)CJ|o dhiradatta, adj. Given 
bypouring water on the hand. 
~-^^^^ to give by pouring 
water on the hand. 

qys>6 dhari, s. Sharpness, as of 
a knife, etc. 2. the stream of 
a jet of water poured. 3. a 
wedding ceremony. ' -3ia{j^» 

qs^d dhava 


zjJ^cxJoF dheirya 

to pour water etc. in a 
stream. — ^^^oi to solemnise 
a wedding by pouring water 
on the hands of the bride 
and bridegroom. 

zp^zih dhiivatij s. Thirst, desire, 
ardour, heat, hotness. 

zp^^ dhayUy s. Heat, warmth. 

2. purse-pride, pride of wealth. 

3. being care-worn from ex- 
cessive love of money. 

ip^d dhivft, see o^^S. 

^^ftJoS, t^^zi^t dhimati, dhimate, 
s. A wise or intelligent man. 

^etf dhira, adj. Brave. ^2. firm, 
steady. — ^jg^bravery, boldness, 

t^^t dhire, s. A hero. 

^j^ , dhukkj, see ci^^^. 2. see 

^0^ dhuttn, adj. Reproached, 
reviled. 2. abandoned, de- 

qjoji dhnni, s, A river. 

z;Jowocioeoo dhnbndubu, see tioa^^ 

^jd dhura, s. War. 

i^JodoCjiO dhurandhara, adj. Pow- 
erful, able. Tp^oxfQ a strong 
or powerful man. 

l^D, qSoD^ dhurii dhuriki^ s. A 

qi)D?rc) dhurina, s. A bad disposi- 
tion or mind. 

ijjodo dhuru, s. A yoke. 

^^0 dhukshu, adj\ Elevated. 

Z^Zj dhupa, ^. Incense. -d*(s;rf, 
— 2ow^^ a censer. — sJ ♦i^d the 

dammer tree Valeria indica \ 
of. *odftV^. —xi rfj^oi)?^ its 
resin. -'^'^^^ to burn in- 
qJj53iotoo4^ dhupambutti, see cap 

QSje)o3e>d3, ZjSJd33e>3r, tjSj^^O^ 

dhuparati^ dhnparti, dhupundi^ 
s. A censer. 

qJvQjj^Ji dhupipuni («^2^), v. a. 
To offer incense, burn in- 

qjj;)si) dhfima, s. Smoke. -#e^ 
a comet. 

qjjsrfot) dhumala, see qSja^. 

qiJd^^^d dhumavatii see a^ 

qSje)^ dhumra, s. A sort of 
purple colour compounded of 
black and red. -3i^ tobacco. 

qijd^ dhomre, s. The name of 
a demon. 

qjjsir dkurta, ^^'. Fraudulent, 
crafty, -^c^, ~«^t\^ crafti- 
ness; dissimulation, qt^^r a 
deceitful man. ' 

qjja;ii dkusu, ^^^ cjj5?i3. 

qJja^So* dhuseli^, ^^^ ci®;!36. 

qjja^o dhulu, ^. Dust. — sSrS 
mildew; cf. s^^. 

2J5?cio dhenu, s. A milch cow. 

zj?ti)tfe)0, Z?eci)^ dhenukari, dhe- 
nuke^ .s. A name of Krushna. 

zJhCrfor dheirya, s. Courage, 
bravery. 2. firmness, steadi- 
ness. — crooij a courageous 
man, adventurer. — 3oec3 a 


^d dhode 


^oo^ nandf 

timid man, coward. — 7^35^0^ 

5> to take courage. 
^j^d dhodij see djiiS. 
cJjadocSort, zjJjadodST^dhoranda- 

rigi| dlioraiidalig:^, see daTJod 

^d dhor6, s. A master, lord, 
king, tuler, 2. a European. 
— ^?^ sovereignty, lordship, 
mastership. ' — ?te^ a lady, 

C^f'rfj dhoku, see ^e^o. 

ejjs^ll dhodJ, see daeA 

z^edP? dhorani, ^. Manner, way, 
mode. 2. display. 3. prowess. 
4. ability. 

zp^ dhouta, adj: Washed, 
cleansed, white. -^^oz::fd 
washed cloth. 

q^fj dhyana^ s. Meditation, 
reflection, -^s^^^i to medi- 

9^Ji53)Ji dhyinipuni {^^^), v. n. 
To meditate, reflect. 

d 0^ dhvaifisa, s. Loss, de- 
struction, extinction. — ^^ 
5> to destroy, desolate, anni- 

d ti dhyaja, s. A flag, standard, 

q5^ dlwani, s. Sound, voice, 
noise, report. 


fi na, The thirty-third letter of 
the alphabet. 

5^0^ nanky, (pron. dat. plur. 
of t^) To us. 

^orf nangj, s. A kind of fish. 
— eroS useless paddy. 

ciorio^, t^ortcj* nangar^, nangalj, 
s. An anchor. 

(ioz3,ciot^iia4iijnanju,^. Poison. 
2. puerperal convulsions. 3. 
impurity in the blood, scro- 
fulous tendency. 4. the af- 
ter-birth. 5. envy, jealousy. 
6. see c^oo. adj. Poisonous, 
impure, unwholesome. — w) 
c»3 Menispermum cocculus; 
any unwholesome fruit, —to 


o&) a man with a scrofulous 
constitution ; a malicious 
man. — ^xj a poisonous tree. 
— ilwv^o^ a poisonous thorn. 
— ^ijeX a scrofulous disease. 
-s5c3s*F*, -^si^ anything tend- 
ing to deteriorate the quality 
of blood. -»Tio?>, -ZiJd^^ to 
have puerperal convulsions, 
ciotioo:! nanjuittde, s, A name of 

fiob^,rioU^?^, fioUo nant^, nan- 
tastigJ, nantn, s. Kin, rela- 

cios^ n&ndji, O'dj, Chronic, viru- 
lent, festering. 2. shrunken, 
shrivelled; also c^oii. — 7i;5 

(^ocS nanda 


ti^ naka 

dampness. — ^^ a festering 
sore. — ^ixftS'o a shrivelled 
nose. — ^?i5 a slender spring 
or fountain, ^^u^^ to be- 
come shrunken or shrivelled. 
— f\ aij8TJos> to become indu- 

^ocJ nanda, s. The foster-father 
of Krishna ; also Nod^eA c^o 
cJtooSo. — ^etfoo Krishna's 

ciodfi nandana, s. Delight, joy. 
2. the twenty-sixth year in the 
Hindu cycle of sixty. 3. 
Indra's garden; a pleasure 
garden; also j^odt^rft^. 

cJorJfS nandana, s. A son. 

(^odC^ nandariki, s. A class of 

c^od^ nandala, s, A lamp-post 
in front of a temple. 

fione)a?si nandadipa, s. A lamp 
always kept burning before 
an idol. 

^oQ nandi, s. A bull. 2. one of 
Siva's principal attendants; 
also c^oti#e^^T5. 3. joy, plea- 
sure. 4. the name of a man. 
— ^«t8 the name of a demon ; 
the statue of a bull. —^^^^ 
a kind of white flower. 

tio^p nandini, s. A daughter. 
2. a celestial cow. 

<iotoo3o nambaye, see c^oeS. 

ciozoo^ nambar^, s. A number. 2. 
a suit, case. * 3. any criminal 
proceedings, 4. an imputa- 
tion, charge. 

ciotODe)^ nambarapu, see «>oa> 

^oZJh^p namb&vuni, c. v. {of cio 
800?)) To make believe, in- 
spire with confidence. 2. to 
hoax, deceive. 

<iot^ nambi, s. A Vaishnava 
priest; also e^oeJodj^oa:, c^oe^ 

^oCfi nambigJ, s. Fidelity, 
faithfulness, honesty, loyalty. 
2. trust, confidence, belief, 
faith. — trooSj $t confidential 
or trustworthy man. 

(Jo2oo^ nambudi, see ;^c2cuq. 

cioeoj& nambuni (c3o^, r. a. 
To believe, trust, rely upon, 
place confidence or faith in. 

cio2JJ^D namburi, i. A Brahmin 
of Malabar. 

c5ot3js€rt namboligj, see ^o^^. 

ciodos^ nammavu, see ^•^. 

^0^3^"^ nammikft, see c^oe!)^. 

c^o;^^ nanununi, see tio^X)^ 

ci^ naka, s. The shell of a fish. 
c/. T^n6ts^^odo. 2. see c^so. 
— Xojji a kind of perfume. 

(d^DcxJooci nakariyuni, see c^??x^^. 

ci'rfo^ nakal\^, j. A copy, tran- 
script. —iS^^, — ai^b^ to copy, 
transcribe; to take a copy. 
— •iD^o^S) to make a rough 

(it#0 nakali, s. Ridicule, satire, 
caricature; imitation, adj. 
Spurious, counterfeit. -osoSo 
a buffoon, satirist. — irfo^^'o^^ 


fJ9^ naka 


tizi nac& 

to ridicule, caricature; to 

^^c)D nakari, adj\ Useless, worth- 
less, adj. Inferior, 
fil^o^ nakula, s. A mungoose. 

2. the fourth of the five 

Pandu princes. 
^i$d nakera^ s. A nail, claw. 

adj. Claw-like 
fj^doji nakeruni (^^^ v. n. 

To neigh. 2. to titter, giggle. 
(d^^rfjoU nakktoutti, s, A sort 

of gambling. 
(d^sjc^ nakkavuni, c. v. {of «^0j 

^>) To cause to lick, 
(i^^ji nakkuni (c^^e)> ^'- ^' To 

lick, lap. 
fi^^do nakkuru, s. An earth- 
worm. 53^6- a red worm. 
(d^doj) nakkeruni, see tS'f-di^. 
ti**,^ nakkelu, see ^^A. 
(^^6 nakkele, ^. A man who 

licks, especially the plate in 

which food had been served. 

2. a greedy man. 
r^^.O nakkeldi. j. An abandoned 

woman. 2JAe/em.qfzi^^€. 
fi^, nakra, s. A crocodile. 
^^^^ nakrajittu, s. Vishnu's 

weapon. [kettle-drum. 

r^^,^cSs(e)d nakramaddoli. s. A 
^^ nakm, see c^OjiJo. 
ci* nakli, j^^ ^'^c. 


(JSJ nakha, ^. A nail, talon, 
claw. 2. a fragrant substance 
resembling a nail. 

(J£jr(o3 nakhagnti, s, A market 

ci5Je)rf* nakhavali, s. A row, as 
of nails. 

Tiii nakhi, s, A perfume. ad/\ 
Having claws. 

tin^c;^?) nagi^puni, see ^r\^?^ 

(drt naga, s. Jewels, ornaments. 
2. goods, property. 3. a 
mountain. 4. a sailing vessel 
or craft. —^ Vishnu. 

firtcs^ nagadj, adj. Fibrous; nap- 
py. 2. overgrown. 

firics^, cirta nagad^j, nagadi, s^ 
Ready money, cash. — rfj»br^ 
to pay in cash. 

<^7io^, c^rSd nagarf , nagara, s. A, 
city, town. 2. the name of a 
town. — s»i^ a citizen, town^ 

<irto, cin«)D, rfrraSnagari, nagari^ 
nagari, s. A large kettle- 

^A nAgij s. Mouldiness, rotten- 
ness. -25^5^ to moulder, 
become moijldy; to be rot- 

(irt5g)& nagepuni (t^^), v. n. Ta 
mould, get rusty. 

^n* naggfli, adj. Stunted, not 
fully developed. -e35>5 stunt- 
ed paddy. 

(dn^ ^:ir\:^ naggjinnggu, adj. Stunt- 
ed, diminutive. 

(je^ naica^ s. Pricking. 2. peck- 


ing. 3. see ^. —^f^^^ to. 
prick, peck. -^OOglc 

^zi nacea 341 


fjd nada 

^zi ^ nacfcatra, see ^'^^^ 
^^ nacdi, see ?^. 

titi^ najarfli, s. Sight, seeing. 
2. estimate, value. 3. a pre- 
sent to a superior. —coodB 
t^e^o> to keep in surveillance. 

^U nata, see s^Uj. 

^Uc^U natanata, adv. Briskly, 
nimbly. 2. with a crackling 
noise. ~^^«^^^> to frisk, 

'fili^ natani^ s. A dance, danc- 
ing. 2. sham respect or 

fiije>s2) natavu, see tibs^^^ 

filb^o, natuku, s. Cracking the 

^fe^, ^k^ nattfli, natta, adj. Beg- 
ging; beggarly. — ^^ sores 
about the underlip, believed 
to be curable only by partak- 
ing of food earned by beg- 

:^il natta, see ?isij. 

^ii natta, adj. Middle, central. 

2. trifling. -ti^^B midnight. 

--tt^ a trifling, bit. — zi^qsgci 

riik3|j, ?ib|j4 natta, nattavu, s. 

A loan, lending. c^toj^Xo 

■^jihF^ to lend. 
tito|jSicinatti7uni,^.z'* (o/^^^^) 

To cause to beg; to send for 

^11 natti, s. Planting, trans- 
planting. ^^-R-^ a kind of 

tobacco grown in South- 

c^Uo.r3e)Q3j, r^^d nattunajfe, nat- 
tele, s. A beggar ; a beggarly 

^kh^ nattuni (5^53^), v. a. To beg, 
request, apply, pray. 

cia^r1otfj3o!jr?i nattogukorpini, 
see under c^fiJOj. 

^T:fh^ nad\;ipini, see ^^j^ 

^•dri nadak6, s. Walking. * 2. 
pace, gait. w>5-. travelling 
on foot. 

ciciid nadatara, see j^^. 

'^'dt nadatd, s. Behaviour, con- 
duct. 2. intercourse, fami- 
liarity. Cy^OS?K S^ti* 090^ 

they have no intercourse with 
each other. 

^cjiidc^^ nadatonuni, refl. v. 
{of crfrf^?)) To behave, con- 
duct one's self. 

cids3e)U nadapata, s. Walking, 
exercise. 2. behaviour, con- 

cid53e)s4^, f:;d;Sdo2i nadapivnni, 
nadapuduni, c.v. {of^^?^) To 
cause to walk. 2. to manage, 
direct, guide, lead. 

^zi^ nadapu, see citisj^u. 

^ci^ji nadapuni (^), v. n. To 
walk, proceed, go on. 2. to 

^ddod nadamada, s. Noise, cry- 

cidD nadiari, s. The periodical 
feast of a temple. ^ 

fi:i nada 


fifl nan6 

cirfd nadari, j. A native hearth. 
cidrfD nadavari, see cSzib. 

(idri*# nadavalikS, s. Inter- 
course, familiarity. 2. ma- 
nagement, control. 

(dcs^rf^ nadavali, s, A grand festi- 
val occurring once in 1 2 years 
at Dharmasthala. 

cia nadi, s. Behaviour, conduct, 
walk, cioa— , see under ortS. 

rJS'^, cJ^T^ nadiki, nadigi, ^^^ 
c^K^. 2. .c^rti* 

ciaoJjoJi nadiyuni {^^\ v. n. To 
be planted, or transplanted. 

"^^xf nadirj, see s^z^^S. 

cSao^ nadilli^, ^. The middle 
room of a house. 

cia?o^, ri^e^^r naduT^, nadirlj, 
s. Midnight. 

^::^o nadu, s. Centre, middle. 
2, the waist, loins. adj\ Cen- 
tral, middle. — :^e^ a middle 
or cross wall. — art>^ the court- 
yard before a house. -^, 
— c5S^ the crown of the head. 
— ssoSj one who is in the 
middle; an intermediate son 
or brother, -^ozli a middle 
piece. — cJoK the middle arm. 
— dfio8:)o the midday-sun. 
— lixi^b the* backbone. — to^ 
midnight. --^^ the middle 
row. -?rwo^^ to gird up the 
loins. —^^4^ to have pain in 
the loins. -sJ^^ to hold by 
the waist. r^^^ 

(dci)otJ05?o nadumbulu, see ^Stk^^ 

ricl).io?) naduguni (?:^^K), v. n. 
To tremble, shake, shiver, 
quake, totter. 

cictirbSJS^r! naduguroga, s. The 
palsy, tremor. 

cirfj^d nadutara, adj\ Middling 

(^ct)^^^ nadupuni, see ^tL^^ 

c^c^^^^o nadupuln, s. The waist, 

c^dodo^e)^ nadnvantadi, s. The 
residence of a priest. 

cJci)d& naduvadi^ s. Conduct. 
2. a customary observance. 

c^zi)^f8 nadnvaniy adj\ Central, 
middle. ^too3j the inter- 
mediate brother. 

cirforfrS naduvandi, s. The inter- 
mediate daughter or sister. 

(drfosS naduvJ, see ^irh. 

(id nadi, s. Walk, step, gait. 2. 
conduct, behaviour. 3. a 
closet, side-room. 4. the lower 
space between the two veran- 
das of a house or temple. 
-dvol) a cloth spread on the 
road for a procession to pass 
over. — ?Joa conduct and 
speech, or word and deed. 

?S^o3e)a naddantadi, see ?itl5»io 

^^^ nadpini (?^S), v. a. To 

fiC9si5 nanavarJ, see ^tS^tfff, 
c5^^, ^d6 nanilj, nanild, see 

^^ nani, Mf^k^^M. 

fS^ natt? 


i:ixi namu 

.?iSj>, ^^^. ?i^^ natt^, nattu, 

nartn^ s. A female's ornament 

for the nose. 
ti^oA nattiije, s. An owlet. 

2. a man who is partially 

fiD^o^, (ddtf nad^^, nadar?, ^^ 

ciCi nadi, j. A river. 

cici, fifiOT) nana, nanalS, adv. Yet, 
still, once more, farther on. 
croodS c^e^ t1)^o3s3 I shall no 
more do this, tit^^ wS tf he 
has not yet come. 

cifiic^ nanapini, see cScJ^s^ 

tici^S^ nanavariki, see ^^^t^. 

ci?i^ nanike, s. A brother-in- 

f^cS53e)53)?i nanepSyuni, c. v. {o/^t 
2j^) To make wet, to moisten, 

nanapini, nanepuni, naneynni, 
nanevuni (?^c2), 7'- n. To be 
moist, wet, damp. ^^ cijJoti 
d5>ozS«;a o^cJiS lit, if the hand 
be wet, the throat also will 
be wet; if you work, you will 

c^cSo naneri (c^c5e)t>), s. Wet rice. 

^^s^t;^ napasff, see ctosj^Jj. 

^z^oT^ii napufisaka, adj\ Neuter. 
— 3|^ impotency. —CoX the 
neuter gender. ?^^o?j# a 

jisS nap6, ^^ si#. 

^^^ nappada, see f«^^ 

ci^ nappu, s. Injury, degrada- 

tdsS napp6, ^^^ '^oejs*. 2. ^^5^1?. 

rf^ naphft, s. Profit, gain, ad- 
vantage; also c^^. 

<i202523^ nab&by, see c^sw^S. 

^23 nabi, see ^^. 

(dz^, ri2^?^ nabha, nabhass^, ^. 
The sky, atmosphere. 2. a 
cloud. c^cJjae^oTScj the firma-» 

<irfo nama, ^r^«. (/>/. d?/ odj^S) 
We, including the person or 
persons addressed^ of, oSootB^o 
^. ;;io»iD^ ours. ^Jo*SJ»o5J 
one of us, one of our party. 

^irfOci namana, s. The act of 

ci^r^^, c^c:of:!^ namanat^^, na- 
manama, s. Union. —^^^ to 

^sjoa* namar^ji, see c^^ 

fi;jo^0^5 namaskaripuni (^^ 
7i^t>), ^. ;^. To bow, make 

cidj7;;^d, F^rfo?^ namaskara, na- 
masya, s. Salutation, prostra- 
tion, obeisance; also ns^:^^. 
_ 333713^ to prostrate, fall down. 
_»i>^o^^ to salute, bow, do 

(dO-^j:^, iiDJ?oo5> namipuni, na- 
misuni (?^^c3), v. a. To bow, 
reverence, do obeisance. 

fidojfS, ficJoJ^cS namnni, namuni, 
s, A pattern, sample, model, 
form. *^ 

fjdoJ^) namu 


(jd nara 

ci;ixisa?So5 namudisuni (c^^j^ci^J), 
v.a. To mark; to mention, 
state, show. 

cirfjJe)cSj namudu,^. Appearance, 
mark. 2. mentioning, stating, 
showing. -cy2b?i to appear, 
be mentioned. — tSj^o^^ to 
mention, show. 

tid)^^ namepuni, see ti^4^. 

|is3oaJoo^ nameyuni (c^^), ^'.«. 
To wear away. 2. to become 

<idj^j^ nameluni, see X^orfoj?>. 

jidj^namma, see ci^. 

^^ namra, adj. Humble, sub- 
missive, gentle. — ^, — ^^ hu- 
mility, submissiveness, gentle- 

^ojo naya, s. Gentleness, meek- 
ness. 2. kindness. 3. fine- 
ness, polish, softness, delicacy. 

4. a bait to catch alligators. 

5. cheapness. 6. see cto^cxjo. 
/idj\ Fine, soft, smooth, glossy. 
2. gentle, meek. 3. kind. 4. 
<;heap. —Xor©, — ^ec; an amiable 
or gentle disposition. -cioZ^, 
— s:;)^ an elegant expression 
or kind word. 

tiO^oi^ooWJ nayikumbu, adj. Half 
cotton and half woollen. 2. 
see «3j&o7l3. 3. J^^ 83jj>«<ooa>o. 

tio&o'SrJe)© nayikuli, ^. The tree 
Wrighiia tindoria, 

tioSo'iJ nayike, j^ 5s>ad5=#. 2. j^ 

fio^Sb© nayipili, see croo5jt)0. 

cio^ciodo nar\^nuru, s. see ^srioXo-^, 
adj. Bruised. 

cid nara, s. A vein, nerve, ten- 

ci8 nara, s. A man. d;^^'. Human. 


-aic^ human existence. mankind, —we human 
sacrifice, —^a?^ the earth, 
nether world. — ^3(g murder. 

cidortj^ naranguni (o^^oK), ^. «. 
To waver, hesitate, be reluc- 

^doo^ narandy, see e:^5. 

fidozoJ narambu, ^. A sinew, 
nerve, pulse. — ^^^^> sinews 
to contract, to feel cramped. 

cid^ naraka,' s. Hell, hades. 2. 
dirt, filth. ~cJ T?j8oi^ the abyss 
of hell. -^ *» the hell-fire. 
— iSerfS hell-torments. 

^d9e)o^^ narakantake, s. A 
name of Vishnu. rma. 

cid^fe)95i3narakadhipati, ^. Ya- 

cid* naraki, ^*. Hell-worthy. 
2. dirty, filthy. 

fid^j?i narakuni (e^^), 'v. a. To 
sigh, groan, moan, grumble. 

?id*d narakele, ^. A grumbler. 

jidrbcioc^ naraguduni (c:i^Xo5), 
7'. ^. To bruise, crush ; to tor- 

(iorbji naraguni, see tiri^^^ 

(ddrtoD naraguri, s. A sheepish 
man, coward. 

fidrtd;^^* naragoli, see a^tio^e^. 

^dWjJi naratuni (<^G), ^. «, To 
grumble; c/. ti^^o^. 

fid nara 


(j^r narta 

^tzf narad^, s. Roughness. 2. 
a wart, protuberence. 3. 
stantedness. 4. false preg- 
nancy. adj\ Rough, craggy, 

cJcid;^, ri6t^ naradeya, narapa- 
ti, s. A human ruler. 

(iOfSd naranara,^^'. Slow, gentle. 
— t3ec3 slow labour. 

(id^O narapuri, s. A mortal. 

cidrfJe>5, cid5JJe>(3, tidrfje)?^ na- 
ramani, naramane^ naramanye, ^. 
Man; a mortal. 

c^oSo naraye, ^. A kind of crane. 
2. a grey-haired man. 3. a 
white-spotted ox. adj\ Grey. 
2. white-spotted. 

cidooji naraluni, see c^d^o?>. 

cidsij naravu, see c^. 

c^d^o^ narasilfiha, s. The fourth 
incarnation of Vishnu. 

fjd^^oji naraluni, see ?W^o^. 

fiOe)qJdonar£dhame, s. The mean- 
est of mankind. 

(J0e)9;jd naradhipati, s. The 
ruler of men. 

fjO nari, s. A jackal, fox. 

fiti^ narikJ, see c3*r. 

1^053) naripu, ^^^ c^^?*. 

cidortodo, cidofi)do narugura, na- 
mnuru, s. A crack, crash. 
2. a sound produced while 
eating anything crisp. 

c^doS§|e)^>o naruvolu, s. A kind of 
aromatic tree of which the 
leaves are used for curry or 
medicine, Saccharum Munja, 

?i3 nar6, see sW. 

^6 nariy s, Greyness, hoariness- 
adj\ Grey, hoary. —?foai^, 
— ^ grey hair. -rS^oSj a grey- 
haired man. — to2br?> to be- 
come grey. 

ci6o^ nareigi, see c5?^ok 

ciSorto^ narenguni (j^oK), z^.^. 
To hesitate; cf, cW^o^- 

ci6o7^d narengele, s, A dull, 
tardy, slow, hesitating man. 

'i^th nareti, J. A white-spotted 

<ide^jji nareluni, see rS6^o^ 

cidoj^ narevuni (c^^, z>. n. Hair 
to become grey, grow white. 

ci6?og^ narendre, s. A king. 

^lir narka, see ?W^. 

ji^orji narkuni, see fWs^o^. 

^^r narke, s. The skin, hide, 

cine)rU nargata, s. Bruising. 

cJrrar^c^ nargavuni, c. v. (of ^ 
T^oF^) To bruise, crush. 

^rtorfj narguni (c^^0> ^•^- ^^ 
be bruised, crushed. 2. to be 
close, as a cluster of fruits. 

cirtordo narguru, see sfdoXoxl). 

ciz^r^S nargele, s. A grumbler. 

fis^Ffij^rnarti^nurtu, adv. For- 
cibly ; by dint of perseverance. 

fiir narta, ^^'. Soft, pure. 

rf^rrt nartage, j. A dancer, 

tiiF(i nartana, s. Dancing, act- 

. Diqitized b - 

mg. -55ovo|^?) to dance. 

^ir nartt 


t^d naya 

^ir narti, s. A bivalved shell- 
fish, moUusk. 

(ifird narnara, see ?WoXoTi3. 

ti^Firo^ narnurtely, adj. Half 

c353)F narpu, ^. Deserting, for- 
saking. 2. disgust, dislike. 

^^F^ narpuni (c^5), v, a. To 
desert, forsake. 2. ^^^ c5br^. 
2'. w. To be disgusted. 

tidor narma, ^. Sport, amuse- 
ment, pleasure. 

^sJorcS narmada, s. The river 

cie^JF^ narluni {^^^), v.n. To 
rattle, as phlegm in the 
throat. 2. see ttd^o^ 

rf^FciS narvante, s, A small uni- 
valved sholl-fish, muUusk. 

ris^Foo narvolu, see c«o43<yo. 

cio*, fie; nal?, nala, adj\ Good. 
2. cheap. 

tie) nala, see ci^. 

(ie;r{j?i nalaguni (^^^, v. n. To 
grumble, murmur. 2. to 
fade, wither. 3. to be pro- 
strated, reduced from sick- 
ness; Cf, cS^'^O^ 

^€ nali, s. Dent, dimple, as of 
a metallic vessel. -^^^> to 
remove the dimple of such a 
vessel. — eoja^o^ to be indented. 

jiO"* naliki, s. Dancing, jump- 
ing. —TOo3^ a dancer; one of 
the class of demon-dancers. 

fiOrt naligS, see ?^v. 

(iOrf nalina, s. The lotus. 

^0^^ nalipuni (c^^), v. n. To 

dance, leap; to turn round. 

V. a. To let fall, as a vessel. 

2. to indent, bruise. 
ci©oi>oji naliyuni {^c)^ v.n. To 

be indented, dimpled, as a 

metallic vessel. 
ci©o8j naliyi, see ti^-^ 
^6 nale, see ^^. 
^6o^ nalenci, see cSe3ocl. 
(id, ii^x^ nalkJ, nalpu, see ti^. 
ci^ji nalpuni, ,y^ 5^o^5>. 

ci^nalmi, J. Goodness, friend- 
^^ nail?, ^. A kind of flea 


which infests poultry, cats, 
eU\ 2. a sprain. 
fig nalli, s. The bone of the leg 
below the knee, shinbone. 
2. see ci€, 


ci©?^, ci^, ci^^ nalligi, nallA, 
nallyA, 5. A weed, tare, Pas^ 
palum pilosum. 2. a hollow. 
-eojaib^ to be dimpled, de- 

cirf nava, adj\ New, fresh, num. 

cidrl^^ navagraha, s. The nine 
planets, viz,^ the Sun, Moon, 
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Ve- 
nus, Saturn, Rahu {Caput 
draconis)^ and Ketu {Cauda 

(isJC3e)d, fidcs^d navad&ra, nava- 
dvftra, s. lit. The nine doors. 
2. the human body which has 

ti^ nava 


cj;^ nasa 

nine inlets or outlets, as the 
nostrils, ears, mouth, ek. 

<isjq7e)?^ navadhanya, s. Nine 
kinds of corn, as easS paddy, 
3^tO wheat, ^^«3 Bengal gram, 
*J8X5 dhoU, ^oTl) gram, ^^^ 
gingely seed, ^^"^ country 
beans, cn)::l)r black gram, and 
t>6o'h green gram. 

rf^fiJS^f^ navanutana, adj. Very 
beautiful, handsome; singu- 

ii^^^ navapatt^, s. Fungosity. 
2. music accompanied with 
beating of drums, adj. Fun- 
gous, excrescent. 

cidsi) navama, num. Ninth. 

(i^^s^Ti navamasa, s. Nine 
months, the period of preg- 

firf^ navami, s. The ninth 
lunar day of either fortnight. 

ri^d navara, s. A kind of grain; 
c/. ciTi-6. 

^^d^^^navaratna, s. Nine kinds 
of precious stones or gems, 
viz., liio^j^ pearl, #o^ ruby, 
^^ diamond, ^^^cxjor cat's 
eye or beryl, ^e^eO^ onyx, 
^j^toX topaz, ^ee; sapphire, 
and 23^ emerald. 

^siOe)^ navaratri, ^. A festival 
observed for the first nine 
days of the seventh lunar 
month in honour of the god- 
dess Durga. 

<j^6 navare, s. A kind of rice. 

cj^;^r1d,c^»j?7e)dnava8&garai na- 

vas&ra, s. The salt Sal am- 

cis3e)23 navabe, s. A Nabob, 

ci;3e)05j3 navayite, s. A Konkani 
speaking class of Mohamme- 
dan cloth-merchants. 

cis3e)0*, ci2e)D*d3jU navar^, na- 
var^jda-patti, s. Tape, band, 

ci^^3i*5 navil^^pakki, s. A pea- 
cock; also '^^' 

ci^?^dc9navikarana,^. Renewal, 
renovation. — ^'cb^?>to renew. 

^C.?<i navina, adj. New, fresh, 

^z^oki navunta,^. Itching, irrita- 
tion in the throat. —35^^ 
?^4oUo^, see cf^oi^^ 

^5io«S?^ navumpuni, see ^o^^ 

fid nave, see ciX. 

i^h^^ naiipnni {^% v. a. To 
destroy, ruin. v. n. To perish, 
decay. 2. to work hard, 
exert one's self beyond one's 

i^h^zf, ciS?wo nasib^, naSbu, s. 
Fate, destiny. 

ci^nasJ, s. Snuff, medicinal snuff. 
— ^^ a snuff box. 

ci3l nashta, s. Loss, damage, 
injury, adj. Lost, destroyed, 
damaged. ~-^h^ to be lost; 
c. dat. to lose. 

il^T^^ nafl^^k^, see oJcJj. 

fi;is3e)r5, fi?JOe){^, «i?73^c5nasapa- 
ni, nasarani, nasrani, s. A Naza- 

^k nasi 


c3^o£^ nindi 

rene or Syrian Christian. 
2. a nasty, base, mean, or 
worthless fellow. 

rfA) nasi, see rf?5. 

tdAiOJjjJi nasiyuni (c^^), v. n. To 
submit, subdue. 

fi^ecxJos* nasiyat^ji, s. Punish- 

ci^io^o nasukn, see ?^oJj. 

fi;i:i^ nasndi, s. The forehead. 

f^^ nasi, adj\ Soft, gentle. 2. 
moist, damp, humid, s. Moist- 
ness. 2. softness. — t^^ a 
man in good circumstances. 

iriTf, naskv, J. Twilight, dawn, 
early morning. 

^7^^ naskyatra, see ti^^ 

^7^ nasya, see ?^^. 

^^ nala, ^. The fiftieth year of 

the Hindu cycle of sixty. 

2. see 5^^. — 5WT^ superior 

fi^^oz^ nalakambha, s. A pole 

planted in the middle of a 

stack of straw. 
fii nali, see cSc, 
td«, fi«r? nali, naligi, s, A tube, 

pipe. 2. the barrel of a gun. 
^«cj nalina, ^^^ c:^^«^- 
<i^cg)?i nalipuni, j^ o^«5:SS). 
ci«o4wci naliyuni, ^^ s^eodwf^ 
^^ nale, s. A celebrated king, 

the husband of Damayanti. 
<^^^nalme, see ei^. 
^5?^ nalyi, J^(? 5^^^- 

ci^ nall», ^^^ ^<5,- 

ci^ nalli, J. A spool, --t^oz^^ 
to spool. 

rj^, cJ'^ naksha, nakshi, s. A 
map, plan, chart. 2. a paint- 
ing, picture, photograph. 7io 
^TS:i— a genealogical table, 

ci^ ^ nakshatra, ^. A star, planet. 
2. a constellation or lunar 
mansion. — "rfootSe;, — dae^ the 
planetary system. cS^ts^cSo 
^jse; favourable conjunction 
of natal stars. 

^ ni, Aninterrogattve particle 
affixed to nouns, pronouns 
adjectives^ verbs and adverbs ; 
as^ TO&cTO is it Rama? c^c^cto 
is it ]ie? oSoz^e35) is it good? 
^e25f35> are you going? xfj»e^ew 
was it yesterday? 

c3e)ot;io?i n&ncuni (55»o?S*), v. n. 
To dance. 

c3e)oyj?i nintuni, see fj^wos^. 

^TOori ntodft, s. A measure of 
grain, equal to one-sixteenth 
or one-twentieth of a seer. 

^oc^ ninnya, see orof«g. 

53e)o^ ninta, ^^^ ^^' 

^s^oa nandi, J. Benedictory 
verses recited at the com- 
mencement of an auspicious 
ceremony. 2. a ceremony per- 
formed to preserve a marri- 
age party from the pollution 
of birth ^r death in the 
family. -dbyGoogk 

cS^oUj nambu 


c3^rt nige 

't3e)oWJ nambu, see c^soeoo. 

<3e)^ n&ka, <f. Heaven, paradise, 
sky, atmosphere. 2. j^^ cTO^o. 
—«^o a sacrifice to all the 
gods on the fifth day of a 

^^e>D nSk&ri, see ?^w>&. 

;^^o n&kn, s, A female calf. 

t3^r( nSga, s, A snake, serpent. 
2. a class of demi-gods. 3. the 
image of a serpent. — ^c^^ a 
class of demi-goddesses. ~^^ 
the stone image of a serpent. 
—^oT^s?, —zIj^ the young of a 
serpent. — Xooiic; an ear-orna- 
ment in the form of a serpent's 
hood. — ^zS the hood of a 
serpent. -«5j8e^ the infernal 

t3e)rt naga, see c^X. 

t3^r1^j3l nagakushta, s, A kind 
of leprosy. 

t3c)r!t2cSs3|5 nagajjidepu, s. A head 
ornament like the extended 
hood of a serpent. 

<3e)r^3c>* nagatali, s. The cactus 
Trichosanthes anguina. 

^3c)r(cioa^ nagadand?, s. Stag- 
nant water of yellowish color. 

t3c)r{rfrlo naganagari, s, A kind 
of drum. 

^risiU nagapatta, s, A kind of 

c3e)rt2jr3, c3c)r(2jfi nSgabana, naga- 
bana, s. A grove haunted by, 
<7r sacred to, serpents. 

t5e)rtt^^a nagabidi, s. A locality, 
affecting the health of those 

dwelling there, or the purity 

of any thing, as water, etc. 
crartzS^ nSgabetta, s. A species 

of cane with black spots 

about the joints. 
cre>rtdj©rt nagamalligi, s. The 

flower Justicia nasuta. 
'^r\^7^t^ nagar^suttu, s. A 

gold or silver thread. 
cTsrtd nagara, s. Dry ginger. 

2. the cobra. 3. see tiTixi. -jjo 
ti^ a feast on the fifth day 
of the fifth lunar month. — 20 
^ii the Nagari or Sanskrit 
character. z3e^l- the Bengal 
Nagari character, c^od- the 
Peninsula Nagari character. 

c3e)riD^ nigarika, adj. Civilized, 
refined, cultured. 2. elegant. 

3. prudent. — ^c^ civilization ; 
elegance; prudence. ctoX&^F 
a civilized, neat, or prudent 

c3«)r(rfoart nagavandigJ, s. A shelf. 

c3e)r(rfi?^ nSgavalli, s. A very pun- 
gent species of betel leaf, 
piper betel. 

c3e>rirfo2jr^, c3e)ri?io^ nagasam- 
pigft, nagasampei, s. The flower 
Mesua speciosa. 

c3e)r1;ody c^r(;o d n&gasara, n&ga- 
Bvara, s. A pipe answering to 
the drone of the bagpipe; a 
snake pipe with two holes. 

c3e)?^ nage, s. A serpent. 2. the 
image of a serpent. ^€?— a 
spotted serpent. ^430c3-, f3o?3~, 


?rsrt nagre 


c3e)2^ n&nf 

^rto^ nageiTji, ^. Native Ro- 
man Catholics, so called by 

c3e)?^eod^ nfiyendre, ^. The chief 
of the serpents. 2. the name 
of a man. 

f3e)?^JS^d nagolft, s. The conclud- 
ing ceremony of a marriage 
among Brahmins. 

?3e)t3* nac^, s. Dancing, a nautch. 

?3e)?S^, ^D2&^ nadikft, nacigft, ^. 
Shame, modesty, blushing. 
— ^eS shameless, impudent. 
— e^L^ to be ashamed, modest ; 
to blush. 

c3e)ta^ A. c3^e*rtc^ nacikedei, n5- 
digedei, s. The sensitive plant 
Mimosa pudica, 

cS^doJi nicuni (^3^«S), v, n. To 
blush, be ashamed. 

o5e)tiD^, r5e)ti6 nljar?, najare, s. 
A sheriff. 

c3e)23 naji, ^. A kind of dance. 

^ysiiJeitfj najuku, adj\ Delicate, 
fine, soft. -rf©7J delicate 

^3e>^ najre, see cwaS. 

fy^y n&ta^ s. A pole used for a 
hedge. 2. a pole used for 
supporting a plantain tree, 
or for training up a creeper. 

c5e)U*, r5e>yr( nataka, nStaga, s. 
A play, drama. 2. a theatri- 
cal performance. — tooSo, ?j3 
feS^ an actor. — ^^ a theatre. 

c3cyi3e)sSci natavuni, c z\ {of -^ 
uo?i) To cause to affect or 

c3e)Ji niti, s. Fixing, pitching, 

c3e)i3oe)r^ natiiaga, s. A prelude. 

^e)UjJi natuni (<3»G), v. a. To 
affect, impress, move. 2. to 
operate, act upon, as a medi- 
cine. ^^^ asc;^ cS5)Uj2«) will 
nothing move you? or will 
all the telling be lost upon 

?3e>i3 nitt, see f»w. 

r3e)ii natya, ^. Dancing, acting. 

T^x^ nad^ji, ^, A district, village. 

c3R)C5e)5Sc^ nadavuni, c,v, (o/fS;>rh 
^>) To cause to search. 

(3e>^ nadi, s. The pulse. 2. a 
blood-vessel, artery, (7r vein. 
3. vital air or breath. 4. an 
astrological term connect- 
ed with natal stars. -=erjay 
the planetary conjunction 
consulted by astrologers when 
matrimonial alliances are to 
be formed. — ^^efx exami- 
nation of the pulse. — CA)oa<JS» 
the pulse to cease. —^h?i 
to feel the pulse. ^^^^ 
— 55os5o^ the pulse to beat. 

^qA nadige, s. One of the 
cultivating classes in the 
northern part of Canara, 

53e)do nadn, see ?5>5. 

^eii^ naduni («3»5), v. a. To 
search, seek. 

^d nadS, s. A cord, rope. 

fTSR*, Kii>t^ nan^^ nana, s. Naked- 
ness, nudity. 2. the buttocks. 

c3«)rs) niiia 


cye>d)( n&me 

parvosi, nanapravesi, see frojrf 

c3e>rS5;^ nanil^, s, A species of 
olive. — rf oSdo!? oil prepared 
from its fruit. 

c3e)C3o nanya, ^. Money, coin. 
csioTw a counterfeit coin. 

c3€>^n^nm69 s. Manipulation. 

-^t nata, s. Smell, odour. 2. 

stink, stench; also sJ^^f ewi^, 

— ^oe; a base family. 
tye)^«^ natapu, s. The plant 

Lantana aculeata. 
(3c)^o natu, J^^ cTO^; cf, erocSo^. 

e32)tp nathe, ^. A husband, master, 

lord, protector. 
(5^cS nada, s. A sound, report, 

noise or note, ^e^io— thunder. 

*o^- the roar of a lion ; a 
war cry. 
c3e>C5Dc:i nadani, adj. Stupid, 

(3e>ae)D, c3e)qn)D naddrl^ nadhari, 

s. Poverty, pauperism. 2. 

bankruptcy, insolvency, adj. 

Indigent, poor. 2. bankrupt. 
(3c>cl)^ naduni (^J^S), v.n. To 

smell, stink. 
t3«>dj nadre, see s^^e^. 

^(^Sjd^^r nanaparavarshi^ ^. 
A pension, gratuity; superan- 

c3e) c3e) nana, adj\ Various, diverse, 
different. -^ different sorts. 
— 7Sp«r diverse colours. — i)qJ 
various ways. 

c3c)fi)j) nanuni (?3s5), v. n. To 

shrink; cf. crocJoTio^ 
cyi)(^o nanya^^r. Likeness. 2. kind. 

nipas^^ nap^^, napi, nipes^ji, 
tf^*. Worthless, useless. 2. 
powerless, helpless. 3. stingy, 

c3e)ob^ napike, ^. A barber. 

c3e)?p nabhi, ^. The navel. 2. 
the holes in the leaves of a 
palm book, to string them 

t3c>sJo nama, s, A name, appel- 
lation. 2. a sectarian mark 
on the forehead. — ^riir© the 
ceremony of naming a child 
after birth. — c5 tjs^ a kind 
of bangles. — sroei^ a noun. 
— T^t^rt invoking or repeating 
the name of God. — e^Jb^, ^v^ 
^0^ to fail, be defeated, -co 
^^> to put on the sectarian 
mark; to cheat, deceive. 

c3e>^dz3?o^ namadaber^, J. Coun- 
try sarsaparilla, Hemidesrnus 

^e)^do^ namarad^, adj. Peevish. 
2. impotent. 

c3e5dodr namarde, s. A eunuch, 
impotent man. ' 2. a sneak, 

cS«)dj^o^^ nEmankita,^. Aname. 
adj. Dedicated, as a work to 
a person. 

^e>sjoo?g* namus^ji, s. Disgrace. 
2. shame. [-^5^. 

c3e)s3-?;^ nimesa, s. Nothing, a 


^ojo naya 


c5e)0^ nal? 

^3c)0Jj naya, see frogcrf3. 

t3e)OJo'5 nSyake, ^. A guide, lead- 
er. 2. a chief, head, general. 
3. an honorary title given to 
a Roman Catholic or a Kon- 

t3c>oJ^6 nayare, see frooao^Sjs^. 

t3c)05o nayi, s. A dog. -75^o7\ 
an acute form of syphilis. 
?>?5— an otter. 

c3e)05j*c^ nayikini, s, A mistress. 

c3e)Oao^ nayike, ^^^ cwccio^. 

t3e)(^|jS)S^2^ nayitolaci, ^. The 

white basil or country tea, 

Octmunt album. 
t5^o5o3id niyipallft, s. A kind 

of tree. 
oSe)0^j2jS nayipili, s. A hyena. 
N*;oa>)t3e)d;jy nayibadam^, s. The 

wild almonds. 
cTO05orfJ«)6 nSyimare, ^. ANayar 

of Malabar. 
c5c)oaoai>j<|, nayiyulli, see tSi&Xo ^. 

e3e)05o?3j«)rao7^ nayiflonang^j •^• 
The plant Mucuna pruriens. 

c3e)o3oD* nayer^, J. A plough. 

^S . _cJ XosJ ^, — c$ Xodft "^ a 
worn out plough, 
^3e>D* nar^, s. The hemp of 
plants, fibrous bark of trees, 
etc.\ linen, —si *oouo, — tJoS 
a linen cloth. -cJ e:)?^ a 
hempen rope. — ^Wo^^) to be- 
come stringy or tough. —2^ 
a3^S) to twist hemp or fibre 
into ropes. 

cSa>dorra05o narangSyi, see cTO^oT^. 

^do?^ nirangi, ^^^ sto^oTu 

c3e>d^|^, t3e>d^ nlrakatti, ni- 
ratti, s. A kind of sword used 
by the Nayars. 

^dc5 nirade, s. A celebrated 
sage and legislator, the son of 
Brahma, and inventor of the- 
lute. 2. a tell-tale, slanderer^ 

•^tjf naras^ji, s. A very thia 
wire. 2. the hook of a. 
native woman's nose-ring* 
adj\ Thin, lean, emaciated^ 
2. stingy, miserly. ^o;3— a 
rod with which the measure- 
of a i^^fi) kalasfe is struck. 

c3e>dr>)o3o naraslMa, su c^A)o^* 

c3^0c)aijra, c3e)De)aJocl n&rayana^ 
nar&yane, s. A name of Vishnu.. 
2. the name of a man. — «^e^ 
a kind of amulet. 

c5e)Oe>o;:^oc5 narayani, s. The wife^ 
of Vishnu and goddess of 
prosperity. 2. the wife of 
Siva and goddess of de- 
struction. 3. the river Ganges* 

(S^D nari, s. A woman. 

c5c>do narn, see e35>5. 

c3c)6or\ narengi, s. A kind of 

c3e)6?3^ nares^ji, s. An instrument 
to make either gold or silver 
wire. 2. see t^xj^. 

-^-^T nardft, ^^^ c5?^f^. 

^3e)0^ nal^ji, wa^. Four. — caMj^ 
cTOOjaTJo ///. four towns; some 
countries or parts of the- 

t3e)23* nal^ 


(3e)3l nashta 

world. cTO^ tfXTfdo 5o:^rrli 
. one should travel abroad. 
_?f^s*)o3o the name of a 
demon. —^^^ the four points 
of the compass. — siecij, cw 
c'j^jci) four hundred. — »ix«^ 
four corners, a square. — ^e^ 
the four Vedas. 

:^^ nal^ji, s. A horse-shoe; c/. 
w>6. — too5 a farrier, shoe- 
smith; farriery. -^uo^?>,— ss^ 
^0^ to shoe a horse, e^c, 

^voTi nalanga^ s. The hands, 
legs, eyes, and ears. 

fra^^ nalane, adj. Fourth. 

.<3^e>o^, c^Oe>05o nalayiy nalayi^ 
s. The tongue. -^ S3^ faith- 
fulness to a promise. «^— 
speaking faintly, as a sick 
person. rs^S- //V. double 
tongued; hoarseness; dupli- 
<5ity, equivocation. ■6ro5)— , 
-8^^- the uvula. — sJosi)^ to 
be able to speak. -SbaSdos) ///. 
to retract one's tongue, to 
break a promise. ^z^rSo^ 
to falter, cease to speak, as 
a dying person; to pledge 
one's word. — ^ioTCd)^ to speak 
fluently; to break a promise. 

t3e)579rf3r nHavarti, s. The four 
seasons, adv. Four times. 

^0 nili, s. The throat, wind- 
pipe. 2. a pipe, tube. 3. the 
stalk of a lotus. 4. see ts^^. 

:^^€)nf nlliBi^, s. Disparagement, 
detraction, censure. 2. dis- 
honour, disgrace. — zio^^ to 

disparage, censure; to dis- 

c3«)d nal6, s. A sewer, drain. 2. 
a pipe. 

c5c>e3PiV^o nalkoln, adv. Four 
times; also ti^j^^^o. 

tS^^JMoki^ nalkontu, s. Four 

c3c>^ nalpa, num. Forty. 

c3e)Oi^rfjd nalpSmara, s. The 
bark, eic. of four kinds of 
milky trees used in medicine, 
namely: ^e^, ^f^^, ^^^^ 
and A)D^?o. 

53c)Qc) nalla, s. A fourfold 
ploughing. 2. see c35)4o^. 

c3e)s3 nalli, see tsi>f3, 


^6 0^ nilver^, ^. Four persons. 

^^d nivade, s. A man belong- 
ing to a tribe so called. 2. 
the claw of cattle, beasts or 

c3e>rf^ navala, see ?5)4©^. 

5^^'*, t^^f{ nivike, navige, s. 
A sailor. 

^d nivi, s. A ship, vessel. 

^s§pv^ nSvola, s. Four seers. 

c3e)^, cSe)^c^ nasa, nasana^ ^. De- 
struction, ruin, loss. 2. 
annihilation, death. — ^ a 
destroyer. — "dSoi God, the 
immortal. -^&?i, -ef 5 ^eS^s^ 
to be destroyed; to fall in 
ruins ; to die. — ii)«^o^^ to de- 
stroy, ruin. 

cSe)sl, c^'dsS. nashta^ nashta, s. 
Breakfast. 2. luncheon . 

^;;f nasti 


^7\ niga 

c3-S)aJ* nasi^, s. Snuff. 

c3c)?0e)rt, nasagra, s. The top of 
the nose. 2. see ^7i7dt>X-d. 

c3e)o)^ nasika, s. The nose. 

^k^ nasti, jr. Denial, refusal. 

t3s)rOp^ nastika, ^^*. Infidel, he- 
retical, -^pi infidelity, athe- 
ism, heresy. 

c3e)A)pi? nastika, ^. An atheist, 
infidel, heretic. 

c3e)^ nal^, see sro^. 2. jr^^ <w)^. 

c3e)^, c3e)* nala^ nali, ^^^ t^€>. 

c3c)*^^d nalikera, ^. A cocoanut 

Jiotfjfi ninkuni, ^^^ ^<y^?>. 
^orteJ*' ningalji, ^. Broken rice, 

grit. ^iiA^o- Tery fine grit, 
oiortorfoc^, ^oii^^ ninguduni, nin- . 

guni (^oXo5, ^oK), V. a. To 

f)o7l©v^o ningolu, see ^oX€, 
?iocS ninni, see ?io?>. 

fioasgiJi, oioa^ojji, ^ocSoJi nindi- 
pani, nindisuni, ninduni (^>o5, 
^oDc3), V, a. To abuse, re- 
proach. 2. to blame, censure. 
3. to mock, ridicule. 4. to 

l^od nindi, s. Abuse, blame, cen- 
sure, reproach. 2. mockery, 
ridicule. 3. blasphemy. —7^^, 
— croo&i an abuser, censurer, 
scoffer, blasphemer. 

c^oS, fiOfis^ ninna, ninnavu, see 

^0^ ninni, s. An echo, rever- 

beration. 2. mimicry. —^20^ 
the sound of an echo. — S3;>^ 
Trfo?) to mimic. 

JiocS?4Ji ninnevuni (^ocSe), v. n. 
To echo. 

jjo23 nimbe, ^^<? «5oe5. 

J)^ nika, ^. A marriage among 
Mohammedans. —^^5) to 
marry a Mohammedan wo- 

^^0^0 niknln, fron. {J>L o/^) 

^i}v, ^ii^ nikhila, nikhila, adj. 
All, the whole, entire, com- 

jir^^a nig^di, s. Instalment. 2. 
a fixed period or sum for 
payment, as the assessment 
on land. 3. fixing, settlement. 
Ti/v^rB^ government assess- 
ment. — oi)?^?) to resolve, 

jjn*«g)5i nigjipuni, see ^7\^^. 

?irt2^o5> nigacuni {^^^), 'v.n. To 

jirid nigada, see «3XtS. 

?iria, c^rizS nigadi, nigadi, su 

jiria nigadi, ^^^ ^Kd. 
Jirtsgji nigapunl, ^/?<? c3X^^ 
5>r(dJ nigama, s. The Vedas. 

2. a fair. 
JirtoejJfJeri* nigayinen^, ^. A cord 

or rope for fastening a buoy. 
^rto^ nigar^ji, ^^ e^^^- 
^riort nigarigft, ^^<? cSXdA 
JirtdJc^ nigaruni, see SXiij^ 

^Ti niga 


fitJo. nittu 

J^rlOr nigarvi^ s. An unassum- 
ing, modest person. adj. 
Unassuming, modest. 

^rtsj nigavu, s. A buoy. 

^n7f nigas^, s. Food, victuals. 
2. disregard, disdain. 

^7i^ nigal^, ^^^ cSx?". 

Jins^^i^nigasji,^. Glitter, shining. 

;ins3c)SS?i nigipavuni, c, v. {of ^r. 
^c^) To cause to level. 

^T\^^ nigipuni {^'^), v. a. To 
level. 2. see t^t\^t^ 

c^AoiooJi nigiynni (?>'^), v. n. To 
be levelled. 2. to be filled 
up, as a pit. 

^rtodo^ niguruni, see c5Xt^^. 

Jirtv^d nignLha, see ^7(f^. 

?in* , ^^Acj niggv, niggira, ^. In- 
elegance. 2. filthiness, nasti- 
ness. 3. disgust. adj\ Un- 
pleasant, filthy. —croo5j a filthy 
man. — lio^^o^S) to make foul, 
render filthy. 

^T^^T^^ niggis^^, s. An unclean 
man; also ^T^"do»D3j. 

Fullness, completeness. ^^*. 
Full, complete. 
Jirt. nigra, ^^^ ^\^' 

^r1^3d nigraha, s. Punishment. 
2. killing; also ?>7s"dBo. _ zio 
^ii^ to punish; to kill. 

^HOjJi nigrum, ^^^ c5Xdo^ 

t:)c5j»ofe3^, ^s;i'oUonighant^,nighan- 
tu, s. A dictionary, vocabu- 
lary, glossary. 

5)2^ nicca, see o^^o. 

^1^ oi) niccaya, ^^^ ^^°=^- 

Ji2^ ^ niccala, ^^^ ^>^^• 
Iff t« 

Jii;j nija, J. Condition, circum- 
stances in life. aJj. Own. 
~Tl»^ one's own or natural 
form. 4o^odo o>&J S3'oJ^* to un- ' 
derstand a man's disposition 
or character. 

5^;i nija, s. Truth, veracity, cer- 
tainty, reality. adj\ True, 
certain, sure, real. -t?5, ^ 
a«)S truly, certainly. —^^ 
certainty. — tooS uncertain, 
unreliable. — d^^ a true 
word or statement, a fact. 
-S?ro^^ to ascertain the truth. 
— liD^o^S) to prove. 

523i?^^, fiZ3^s3)?), Ji2J^SS?> 

nijikatruni, niJikSvuni, nijkavu- 

ni, (^)^^Sj, ^^Tj;), ?>3tfi)j), V, n. 

To grin; also "^aCz^:^^. 
JitS^o^ nijikuni (^^^), v. n. To 

appear, seem. 
Jjz3 nyji, s. The gums. -A&ert 

a toothless mouth. 
^li^ nitila, ^. The forehead. 
^kl nitta, ^. Pleasure. adj\ 

Pleasant. 2. ^^^ o>^. 
JiUcSrt nittanigft, ^. A ladder. 

2. a pile, heap. 3. a row, line. 

4. the name of a village. 

filkd, fili^d nittura, nittnra, 
sigh ; loud sobbing. ^ 

^^ nitte 


Jig, nidrft 

;;&3 nitte, sec ?i-^. 2. 5^^ c2oe. 

;)feS S3^ nittel\;L, ^. The hip, loins, 
waist. 2. the bosom. 

Jirio^o?> nidankuni (^^c^), v. n. 
To incline; cf, ^^o^o^. 

Jia nidi, ^^*. Straight, high, 
lofty. -'^^ a lofty stone, 
an erect stone, —cdot) («)&) 
rice not broken by pounding. 

j^asi nidipa, see ^^. 

J^acrfooc^, ?iaJ)?i nidiyuni, nidi- 
pini (s>2^), V, a. To wash. 
^eJi- to wash the face. 

^zi^ nidu, adj\ Long, tall, high. 

^rfootj6 nidumbari, s. Barracks ; 
also ^Tl)oa50"d. 

Jido^ niduppa, ^. Tallness, 
length. I.see ^>^. 

t^n^^^Co, c^c^do, Ji^^a niddi- 
ditaru, nidyaru, nidyedi, s, A 
kind of small fish. 

^d^ nidpa, j^^ ^>^- 

Jirt nine, ^^^ ^ic5. 

Ji^oZJ nitamba, ^. The buttocks. 
2. a mountain side. 

^loi\ nitinga, adj. Strong, hard. 
2. serious, dangerous. — rfo^ti 
a serious illness. 

Ji3oti nitinja, see ^eSo». 

?j^e5^ nittelji, see ^^^€, 

^i^ nitya, <2;^*. Eternal, con- 
stant, perpetual, everlasting. 
2. daily, regular. ~-^^f daily 
expenses. — '^^r daily cere- 
monies. — ^^^ daily obser- 
yance. —35e^ eternal life. ~c5^ 
^^^ daily and occasional. 

^^i nityatva, ^. Eternity. 

Jj35o Jt, nityatme, s. The eter- 
nal Spirit, God. 

c^s^rfod nityananda, s. Ever- 
lasting happiness. 

^i^c^sfe nityanitya, s. Eternal 
and temporal. 

ji^^^cs nitrana, s. Weakness, 
debility. adj\ Weak, faint. 
5>35)r5 a weak man. 

^rft nid^jipa, see ^^. 

c^C3^3g)rfj?i nid^puduni, see ^^ 

^dirfi nidarsana, s. An ex- 
ample, illustration, evidence, 

JidSfi nid&na, ^. Ascertaining 
the cause; the study of symp- 
toms with a view to trace the 
remote or proximate causes, 
as of a disease. 2. a work 
on pathology. 3. see'^^cS. 

JiG nidi, see ^i>. 

SD niddhi,^. Abundance, plenty. 
—eobr?) to prosper. 

JicS nidpa, adj\ Straight, up- 
right, erect. aJv. Straightly, 
erectly. — cn)o^^ to stand 

JiciJjrfo^ nidpnduni (^sS^5), v. a. 
To erect, set up, stay. 2. see 

^A nidri, s. Sleep, drowsiness. 

sleepy man. j5^^, — eobrs» to 
become drowsy. — ^tfo^^ to 

sleep. Digitized by GoOgk 

^^ nidre 


^ol) niya 

c^^Qi^Ji nidredpini (^^5), v, n. 
To sleep, be asleep ; to go to 

5q5c>cj nidhana, s. Caution, deli- 
beration, calmness, quietness. 
2. slowness, dilatoriness. adj. 
Cautious, deliberate. 2. calm, 
quiet. 3. slow, dilatory. —^ 
^e£^c5 a careful considera- 
tion, deliberate judgment. 
— Xoc© quiet disposition. — ?^xf 
slow motion. t^r^^Atki care- 
fully, quietly, slowly. 

^q5c)Ji5g)5> nidhanipuni(^95>5>),^.a. 
To consider, examine care- 

5iq5e>d nidhira> see ^^t^, 

Jipnidhi, s. Concealed or buried 
treasure. 2. a receptacle, 
place of accumulation. — ^^ 
^4 an opulent man. 

^cj nina^ s. The serum of the 
flesh. 2. the marrow of the 

Ji^ nina, pro. {gen. of ^) Thy. 
s^cto^F; by or of thyself. ^"^^^ 
?iOtS^ thine. 

ji(3 niuh, s. A wick. 2. a very 
young fruit. 

fijSsg) ninepu, see cJc5^ 

^^li ninosa {^^ ^^), Thy care 
or charge. 

^33e)9^ nipat^^ s. Ruin. 

^o3e)^ nipata, s. Falling, coming 
down, alighting, adj. Irre- 
gularly formed, gram, ^isros*) 
^^odj interjection. 

Ji^C3 nipuna, adj. Clever, skill- 
ful, conversant. -a(^ skill, 
proficiency in any art, etc. 

55jfl nipune, s. A clever man. 

c^ogS^ niputrBi s. A sonless man. 

^ejoqScS uibandhandy s. Order, 
mandate. 2. appointment, 

nib&sani^ nibhasuni^ nibhayisa- 
ni, V. a. (ft23;>53, ^ep«)5J, ^jepa 
owco), To bear, endure. 2. to 
manage, sustain. 

Jjura nibbana, see ^^^^f*. 

Jitpcjrfcl nibhavanft, s. Endu- 
rance, toleration. 2. under- 
taking, sustaining. 

5irije)t3 nimiji,^. A Mussulman's 
ritual or form of prayer. 

^Oo^, c^Oo^, JiCjos^ nimita, ni- 
mitta, nimitya^ -f. Cause, rea- 
son. 2. object, motive, pur- 
pose. 3. consulting stars, an 
omen, or fate-book, posip. 
For, on account of. — #jae& 
result of soothsaying. —tooSj 
an astrologer, soothsayer. 
^^h^ to consult stars or a 

^^3^ nimiflhai s. The twinkling 
of an eye, a second, instant, 

Jirfoodoji nimuruni (^^iio5), v,n. 
To become straight. 

JjoJj3^ niyat^ji, s. Restraining 
the natural appetites and 
passions ; good rmprals or 
conduct. *^ 

Jicrfj niya 


^0e> nira 

aoi):^ niyata^ adj. Checked, 
restrained, as the natural 
appetites and passions. 

acdosio niyama, s. An agreement, 
contract, engagement. 2. a 
religious observance in gene- 
ral; voluntary penance. 3. a 
rule, law; cf, c5?^. 

JioJoo^ niyukta, adj\ Appointed, 
ordered. 2. attached to. 

JioSja^ri niyoga, s. An order, 
command. 2. authority, ap- 
pointment. 3. occupation, 

tio3JS?r\53)Ji niyogipimi (^oaaer), 
V. a. To order, command. 2. 
to authorize, appoint. 

^xf, "^1^ nir^, ni8^, prefixes 
implying Certainty. 2. nega- 
tion, want. 3. out, without; 
as: ^>T^^iT:^qJ innocence; »d«e^M 
blamelessness; oi^o^ci child- 
less; ^^oi3e3o undoubted, 

JidoWti niranjana, adj. Immacu- 
late, pure, spotless. 2. ab- 
^sorbed in. — ^j^, tsdoZi-$ 
God, the immaculate one. 

Jitfo^C nirantara, <2^/. Continued, 
continuous, perpetual. 2. 
unimpeded, constant. adz\ 
Ever, always, generally, fre- 

5iC^^* nirak^, s. Current or fixed 
price. 2. assize or tariff. 

5)da niradi, see ^et^u. 

c^dsJDe)qS niraparadhai s. Inno- 

^drue)^ niraparadhiy s. An 
innocent person, adj. Inno- 
cent, not guilty. 

Jid^ nirapn, s, A frame of 
boards, fitted with planks, as 
a shutter or a door. rj^. 

^tx^ niravn, s. The anus; cf. t^ 

JiO?5 nirasa^ s. Want of flavour 
or passion. 2. dryness, want 

. of juice, adj. Insipid, tasteless. 

Jjd3do^c)d nirahaikara, s. Ab- 
sence of pride, humility, 
modesty, ^tjcooo^g a modest 
person, one without egotism. 

JiDc)^b^^, ?ioi)^o?io;j nirakari- 
puni, nirakarisuni (^no^C), ^uo 
^^5), V. a. To transgress, 
disobey, disregard. 2. to re- 
ject, set aside, refuse, decline. 

ciDe)?r30 nirakara, s. Shapeless- 
ness, absence of form. 2. 
censure. 3. denial, negation. 
adj. Shapeless, formless. Si^:^^ 
w)^ God, who has no mate- 
rial form. 

Ji0e>50^ nirSkh^, see ^-dl^- 

5iOe>t3 niraji, s. A kind of cloth 
with gold borders. 

JiOe)io^niratanka, adj. Uninter- 
rupted, unmolested. 

JiDc)q5e>d niradhara, adj. Unsup- 
ported, unsustained. 2. poor, 
destitute, ^iu;>9^& a destitute 

tiUe>ti nirini, s. A kind of erup- 
tion on the skin, eczema, 

^0e)3:^0e)^ nir&paradhiy see ^t^;^ 

"TOp. Digitized by VjOOQlt 

^u^ nir$ 


Jir(or nirgu 

?iDc)rfooij nirdmaya, adj. Well, 
hale, free from sickness. 

c^O^c^e);;! nirayasa, adj. Easy, 

?iOe)0lwqJ nirSyndha, adj. Unarm- 
ed, defenceless. 

^DDd nirara, see 5)^3^5)t^. 

Jiass^) uirSvu, see ^"d^. 2. see ^4- 

JiOsS niras6, s. Despair, des- 
pondency. 2. disappointment. 
— e^L^ to be disappointed. 
— 7i)«o^^ to despair. 

^Oe>^ojj nirasraya, adj. Without 
refuge, asylum or support; 
helpless, destitute. 

J)Oe>oj nirasi, see ^au^^. 

?iaso5e)d nirahara, s. Fasting. 

?iO'5^fsi,5>Oe)^e3irf nirakshepa, 
nirakshepanJ, flc//". Unquestion- 
able, unobjectionable. 

^0 niri, see ^^• 

P^^i^P nirikshipuni (^^?t\^> 
7'. a. To hope, desire, look for, 

^^^^ niriksW, s. Hope, expec- 
tation, waiting. 

ciCJocSj^^A nirudyogi, s, A man 
without employment, a lazy 

^O^d nirnddha^ a^*. Obstructed. 

JidJSsi nirupa, s. A letter, epistle, 
representation in writing. 

^6 nirft, s. Neighbourhood ; also 
^^■69A adj\ Neighbouring, 
adjoining. -^e^o^ a bad 
neighbour. — s^oSj a neigh- 

Jidog) nirepn, see ^-^^ 

J)6s5^ nirel^, s. A shadow, resem- 
blance. 2. shade, shelter. 

pt'^'P nirevuni (^^), v. n. To 
be ready; cf. ^^^^ 

c^6Jdf A nirogi^ ^. A man who is 
free from sickness, a healthy 

^di;)^qS nirodha^ s. Loss, destruc- 

JitfrocS nirkandft, s. A soft root. 

Jit^r"^ nirkakkJ, s. The sea-gull. 

Ji^rrf nirkanJ, s. A small branch 
of bamboo. 

Jitfrfij nirkanya, s. A water- 

^tfjFoU nirkunta, s. A post 
fixed in water. 

Ji^^roUo nirknntn, su s^e^orowj. 

Ji^jF2§^0c^ nirknjeluni (^^orc!6), 
V. n. To curdle, coagulate. 

?^^^^i nirkutta, s. Dropsy. 

Qi^jr|j^ nirkutti, s. The post of a 

Ji^JSrsS nirkuve, s. A kind of 

^T^T nirgji, see ^7<or^ 

JiriroqJ nirgandha, adj. Inodo- 
rous, without smell. 

Jirtr^jj nirgama, s. Setting out, 
exit. 2. total loss or depar- 

J^riorra nirguna, adj\ Void of all 
properties. 2. destitute of the 
qualities incident to humani- 
ty. 3. having no good quali- 
ties, bad, worthless. ^ 

•itor nirja 


t^;joJdr ninna 

^z^F^ nirjana, adf. Lonely, un- 
inhabited. —^5?^, --Spja^ a 
deserted country. 

^UF^ nirjala, adj. Waterless. 

^2o?rrf nirjiva, adj. Lifeless, 
inanimate. 2. wqak, help- 
less. 3. inactive, lazy. ^aSer^ 
a dead body. 

^K)roi) nirnaya, s. Resolution, 
determination. 2. certainty, 
positive conclusion. 3. settle- 
ment, final arrangement. 
—Ti^^^?i to resolve, settle, 

Jir3ro^?Jo^ nirnayisuni (^^perojo 
c3), v.a. To resolve, decide, 

^■iF nirta, see c3^r. 

^cSroJj nirdaya, s. Unkindness. 

JiC3e)r* c^ nirdakshinya, s. Dis- 
regard, want of attention. 
2. severity, strictness. 

cidJe>?r3S nirdosha, ^.Blameless- 
ness, innocence. 2. freedom 
from blemish, adj'. Innocent, 
sinless. 2. unblemished. 

j;)qye)rd nirdhara, s. Certainty, 
ascertainment. 2. determina- 
tion, resolution. 

JicScJ^sijnirnama, s. Extirpation, 

Jicraro^o nimayi, s. An otter. 

Jic3e>r^ nimSla, s. The sixth 
Tulu month between Sep- 
tember and October. 

t^c^DrO nimali, ^. A water-spout. 

t^c^rfie^^ nirnirely, see ^e5^^^. 

^isjri^ nirpattji, adj\ Moist, wet. 
2. diluted. — ;5e5 diluted milk. 

Ji2o«^oqJ, Ji2jroq5fi nirbandha, nir- 
bandhana^ s. Violence, oppres- 
sion, force, constraint. — ^ 
^o^S) to constrain, or oppress. 

Jizojra nirbuddhi, s. Foolish- 

^'£f, ^2^r nirbJ, nirbhft, s. A 
kind of oblation given to a 
priest. — tJ^^ to prepare. 

Jie^irojo, Jitp^r^ nirbhaya, nir- 
bhlti^ s. Fearlessness. adj\ 
Fearless, undaunted. 

Ji dor dninnad6,ejj^. Uncovered. 

^sior^nirmala, s. Purity, clean- 
liness, ad/. Pure, transpa- ^ 
rent, pellucid, clear. 

5irfJe>Fr3 nirmana, s. Creation, 
manufacture, production, in- 
vention. — •5j«^o^^ to create, 
produce, invent. 

ji^jF^ nimita, adj\ Made, in- 
vented. 2. fabricated. 3- 
artificial. -.e3^s> to produce, 

Ji^^sJoJi ninnisuni (^5or53), v. a. 
To create, produce. 2. to 
manufacture, invent. 3. to 

JisSsioFfS ninnuni, s. An appa- 
ratus for watering a field. 
adj. Blunt. 

?is3ooFdoo?^6 ninnurungele, ^. An 
arrogant man. 

JisixQFw ninnula, s. Extirpation , 
eradication. — ii35?o^Si to ex- 
tirpate, eradicate, o 

^diS^r ninnd 




^s5j«?rad nirmoha, s. Want of 
aflfection or love. 

^ai3e)rc9 niryina, s. Death, 
demise; final beatitude. 

^^F22 nirlajji, ^. Impudence, 

^?3?r2) nirlepi, adj. Undefiled, 
untainted. 2. innocent, 


^rfroe;S^nirvancani,^. Sincerity, 

^arao?3oji nirvahisuni (^^rSoS), 
V. a. To manage, transact, 
sustain, effect. 

^Se)r^, Jiae)r3d nirvika, nirvi- 
ha, s. Management, power or 
ability to perform, execute, 
sustain, etc. ; also sjsror. — too* 
without power to manage, 
elc; unavoidably. 

^D^FK) nirvana, s. Nakedness. 
2. reunion of the soul with 
the deity, final beatitude. 

$;3c>rcS, JiDrs^cS nirvMa, nirvi- 
vida, adj. Undisputed, un- 
questionable, unobjection- 

5iSF3S nirvisha, s. An antidote 
for poison. 2. the plant Cur- 
cuma /erumbeL 

;is5r nirve, see ^dr. 

t)sS?rcS nirveda, s. Humility. 2. 
despair. 3. weariness. 4. see 

^P^BTcS nirstoi, see 5^^?^. 
;io nila, see cScj. 

^^o nUam, s. Ballast. 2. the 
bottom of a vessel. 

c^^o^e)d nUankara, s. Disfigure- 
ment. 2. ruin. 

^v^ti nilakara, see c5(yW. 

jje;^^u^ nilak&rji, ^. Stretching. 
—^^4^ to stretch out the 
forelegs, to scrape along the 

c^^rtzS nilagadS, s. Settlement, 
adjustment, conclusion, de- 
termination. 2. cessation, 

^t>^, ?ie7e)53) nilavu, nilavu, see 
^64. 2. see AiCQ^. 

^€, ;iO?€ niliki, niliki, adj. 

Full, replete. 
^0^^ nilipuni, see ^o^^ 
Ji ex)rfo Aniluvangi, s. A long coat. 
^6 nili, s. The bottom, as of a 

well, eU.'^ depth, profundity. 

2. a secret, mystery, adj'. 

Firm, fast, abiding. 2. quiet, 

still, calm, -^do^^ to be 

firm, steadfast, -^h^ to be 

^60^ nilenSi, see c5^oel. 
^6^^ nileppu, s. State. 2. pos- 
ture, station. 
JisSsJ nilevu, s. Balance, arrears. 

2. standing, residence. 
cie345 nilevuni (^«3), v. n. To 

be steadfast. 
5)2%5S5i nilkavuni, c v. {of t^^^ 

^) To cause to peep. 2. to 

cause to reach. 
5^ji nilkuni (^^a)i ^- ^- ^o 

peep, look slily, get a glimpse 

of. 2. to reach. 


Jid nilke 


^3l nishka 

^d nilke, see ^o??. 

^^d nilgadi, see ^oXzS. 

j:)t)0 nilpu, s. A pause, stop, 

interruption. 2. stay, dura- 
^e;^rfjc^ nilpuduni, c.v. {of » 

e;o>^?>) To put a stop, cause 

to stop, make stand. 
jioo.?) nilpuni (^^), ^. «. To 

stay. 2. to cease; to become 

JjOc) ^fi nillavuni, ^^^ 2:€;ag4». 
Jid^FfS nivartani, s. Cessation. 

2. remission, forgiveness. 
fiS3c)e3, ?iS3i)a nivaji, nivadi, see 

J^c^eI nivarane, J. A remedy. 

2. averting. 3. deliverance. 

4. prevention. 
fiS3c);i nivasa, ^. A habitation, 

dwelling. [tant. 

^SJsAi nivasi, s, A citizen, inhabi- 
?iS3e)^ nivali, ^. Taking away 

the effects of evil eyes. 
JiJ3^«53)?i, JiSie)«;io;i nivalipuni, 

niv^Iisuni (?>»ro^, ^st)^5), v, a. 

To take away the effects of 

evil eyes. 
"^^^h^ nivr^^tti, s. Cessation. 2. 

abandoning. 3. repose, rest. 
J)s5?dci nivedana, s. An offering. 

2. an address. 3. informing. 
Jii nisa, s. Inebriation, intoxi- 
cation. -.:5jie^ an inebriate 

5^38)2^5 nisa&re, s, A fiend, 

goblin. 2. a night-walker. 

t^9e)^, ^9e)cS nlsani, nisani, s, 
A mark, sign. 2. a flag, 
standard, banner. 

JiS nisi, see ^^. 

Ji3?o nisin, adv. Together with, 

Jisjjsa nisudi, s. A bill of acquit- 

^i nis6, s. Night, midnight. 

Ji^3Sr niskarsha, see ^z:^zi,f. 

^i oio nisdaya, s. Certainty, as- 
certainment, positive conclu- 
sion. 2. resolution, determi- 
nation. — 33080/3 e; a present of 
betel, ^/^., at the settlement of 
a marriage. — n^o^ uncertain. 
~^^^' ^^osoT^^ to resolve, 
settle, determine; to ascer- 
tain. — ^^rfjaLrs) to prove. 

^i V niscala, s. Firmness stabi- 
lity. adj\ Firm, steady, fixed. 

^Sol niscinti, s. Ease, freedom 
from care or anxiety. 

^h^ niscita, adj. Determined, 

^&^^^ nistika, see ^?i^^. 

^^.2j nissabda, adj. Noiseless, 
stillj quiet. 

^&lCj nishiddha, adj. Prohibited, 

Ji35?q5 nishedha, s. Negation, 
prohibition. 2. the negative 
mood, gram. 

Jicilriy nishkapata, s. Sincerity. 
adj, Frank, sincere. 

5i3l dors nishkarujftji, a^'. Pitiless, 
cruel, harsh. ^^^^ ' 


^3l nishka 


^(U nita 

^3l3ir, 5>3l3Sr niahkarsha, ni- 
shkarsh^^ s. DetermiDation, 
settlement. 2. certainty. 

;i3l^o^, ?i3l^o^^ nishkalank^ 
nishkalank^^, adj. Irreproach- 
able, spotless, unblemished. 

^3lj.d, c^ssl^d nishtura, nishtara, 
adj. Cruel, harsh, severe, s. 
Harshness, severity. 

^3S^o3Je>^tici nishprayojana, s. 
Uselessness. adj. Useless, 
vain, bootless. 

Ji3Sv^ nishphala, adj\ Fruitless, 

Ji^jrtr nisarga, s. The natural 

5r3c)^ nisani, see ^TOo>. 

^^D5S?i nistaripuni (^^^), v. a. 

To endure, bear, sustain. 2. 

to cross or pass over. 
^;jj^^ nistuka, adj. Critical, 

serious, as the turn of a 

^^ot\ nissanga, s. Separation. 

2. seclusion, retirement. 3. 

^Ti^ots nissangi, s, A man who 

mortifies himself to the world, 

a recluse. 
J^;^o3:e>fS nissantana, adj. Child- 
less, issueless, heirless. — e^ 

h^ to die childless; to be 

ruined, annihilated. 
^;^od^3o, ^i^o^ojo nissandehai 

nissaifilaya, s. Confidence, adj. 

5i?3«) d nissara, s. Worthlessness. 

adj. Sapless, pithless, dry; 

worthless. -h?j8^ unfertile, 

barren land. 
^7iy^ nissuni, see sJocst)^^. 
Jj^ oi) nikshaya, see ^^o^. 
JiT??3i nikshepa, s. Hidden or 

buried treasure. 2. a deposit. 
?i?oC3e)U nindSta, s. Swimming. 

.2. floating. 
Ji?oC3e)S^fi nindavuni, c.v. {of s>?o 

cJo^) To set afloat. 2. to 

cause to swim. 
Ji?ocJo5i ninduni (^eo5), v. n. To 

swim. 2. to float. 
5?^©cxJoJcjnikaliyuni (^e^*^), v. a. 

To peep. 
5i?Tye)53)^ nikavuni, c. v. {of s^e^o^) 

To grin. ^jae~ to show the 

teeth, as dogs, monkeys. 
Jj?^o?i nikuni (^?^, v* n. To 

appear, as the projecting 

Ji^rioji niguni, see cSXt^d^. 
Ji^zi nica, adj. Mean, low, base, 

vile, abject. — ai*>S low caste. 

—^^^ — ag meanness, baseness, 

vulgarity, —o^dji^^ a mean 

man. — sro^d a mean, vulgar 

^^e^SD^fS nicatadan^i s. A kind 

of beating. 
ci?2;^oJi nicuni (^e^S), v. n. To go 

through, pierce. 2. to extend ; 

cf s^eodo^. 

Ji52§ nice, s. A mean fellow. 2. 

a demon so called. 
Jj^y nita, adj\ Long, extended, 

high, upright. 2. straight » 


Ji?ije> nita 


Ji?D^ nir^ 

direct, e?^^ lengthwise and 
crosswise, zigzag; confound- 

ti?te)5i?83 nitaniti, adv. Straight- 
ly. 2. lengthwise. 

ci?fcrc)4c^ nitavuni, c.v. (p/^^u^ 
^) To cause to stretch, length- 
en, e^c] also ^^zsn>4o^ 

Ji?eJj nitu, see s>eU. 

Ji?yoJ), Ji?rfoJinituni,niduni(5>eO, 
^)e5), V. a. To stretch out or 
forth, hold out, lengthen, "rf^— 
to stretch out the hand, 

5^5^ niti, s. Morality; righteous- 
ness, justice, equity. ~#e5 
injustice, iniquity. — i^r 
morals. —tooSo, ^ziod a just 
man. — S)rerocio justification. 
— sj5#d a just word, moral 
saying. — eSjaeqicJ moral teach- 
ing. — zijsXr the way of 
righteousness, upright con- 
duct. —B5>^ moral philosophy, 
ethics. --:^T^ essence of mora- 
lity; a treatise on ethics. 
-3oe^ immoral. 

5e3ori mtinga, see ^SoX. [-•j^g. 

Ji?3otj nitinja, see ^^B?a^ci under 

Ji?D*' nir^j, ^. Water, -ozij-d a 
water jar. —^^ a whale. 
— cro^r a water bubble. — 5^^^ 
^e^jse^o furrows between a row 
of plants, elc,^ for watering 
them. — ^ojSjaa a water snake. 
—'^^ a sea-gull, shag. — #j&e^ 
a water-fowl. -^^^ ^ a kind 


of cake. — ^e^ a species of 
yam. — 9st3 a falling stream 

of water. — too&d a water- 
carrier. — ji^oaS poison in 
water, miasma. — ctooso an 
otter. — ?y^^, -^eS perspira- 
tion ; fatigue. -z3rf a drop of 
water. — sra^, s^ecsr^ fixed 
hire for watering rice fields. 
«^^»5— a mode of watering rice 
fields. CA)i^- salt water. <o:^— 
fresh water. ^oct- tears. 
??orfe5 "^^^ to weep, shed 
tears, ^rfe;- sea water. b'oOl- 
yellow water. ti^«- cold 
water. tft>^^^^ brackish water. 
^C— , ^v~ sweet water. 
rfO-, <<p- clear ^r filtered 
water. ^'9— rain water fall- 
ing down from a roof. *co 
^o"dx- muddy water. «5^— 
hot water. ^io4€— putrid 
water, ^oso- sweat ; urine^ 

to leak, ooze. — e^b^ to melt,, 
dissolve. — &)««^ to water a 
rice field. — ^wo a to turn the 
course of water on a land. 
—^^i^^, — f?j8D^^ water to boiL 
—ffg^eO)^ to water, —v^orh^ 
water to be very hot. -^2^ 
cri3»^^ to squirt, spirt. — K> 
ci3 ^ water to run down. — ^o 
4^ to sprinkle water. — *v 
crfoo^, ^;3^crioo^ water to be- 
come clear. — *e4?> to water. 
— D?2l3^ lii, to lay water; 
c. dat, to involve one in diffi- 
culties; to ruin. —25^4^ 
water to flow. — ^ouo^ water 

^^ti nira 


ti^ji nnga 

to wring out. -eoe^^ water 
to dry up. —e^oJ^?) to irrigate 
or water, as a field. -^X^^, 
— »ij3>5j^, ^^^i^?) to draw water 
from a well or tank. ~^^^ 
^ to pour water. [ringe. 

fjfdo:? nirand6, s. A small sy- 

^^tf^JS^ozS nirakolambft, s. The 

damp or swampy ground, 
ti^drio^ niragTilI6, s. A bubble. 
.^^tiu nlraja^ s. A lotus. 

f^^dU, ^eci^ nira^, nlradi^ s, A 
water plant, Pistia stratio- 
tes; also ^o^XoiR* 

ti?ds5o§ nirasuli, s. A whirlpool. 

.^^ti^ nlral&5 s. Butter-milk dilut- 
ed with water. 

v^^Oe)^ nlr&ta, s. Bathing for 
sport. 2. see ^ei\i. 

?)?do3i^r3* niruppad^j, s. Green 
fruits pickled in salt-water. 

J>?do*, nirulli, s. Onions. 

ti?'e?oroy nirkunta, see ^^orow. 

^f^jroUo nirkuntu, s. Water- 
proof cloth. 2. a small piece 
of cloth put on in mourning. 
4i?^0F^ nirkutta, s. Dropsy. 
— TOoSo a man suffering from 

;i?f!r6o^ nimireli/, s. Water 
poured on a corpse, a funeral 
ceremony. ["thin. 

ti?3irfe3^ nirpatij, adj. Watery, 
^?S3e)ro^ nirpal^j, see under ^e5. 

4^^dooFi^ nlrmnttn s. An in- 
ferior kind of pearl. 
4^(e) nilai s. Blue colour. 2. the 

sapphire; also^^^"^^. 3. see 
^e«5. adj. Blue, dark blue. 
-80or«, -o5f«r blue colour. 

fi^^'^oS mlakanthe, s. The blue 
necked Siva. 2. a peacock. 

Ji?^AO nilagiri, s. A blue 
mountain ; the Nilagiris. 

ci?OT)ot;Jci nilinjana, s. Blue vit- 
riol. 2. a small lamp. 

Ji?© nili, s. The indigo plant. 
2. blue colour. — 35f^c^tomock 
at. — 5^^» to become blue. 

fi?d nile, s. One of the monkey 
chiefs. 2. the planet Saturn. 
— ^jae^ a dark or black fowl. 

fijort nuiga, see ^^o7(o. 

ciiorresgiji nungavuni, c. v. {of 
ci^oXo?)) To get dried, cause 
to dry. 

fiooTio nungu, J. A species of mite, 
tick, which infests cattle. 

ciiorl)Jinunguni(c^o?v), v.a.^n. 
To dry up, become dried; 
also c^oXodo^eS:o). 

ciio?^e3^ nungel^j, s. Drying, adj. 
Dry, dried. — ^ooWo a dry 
cloth. ~s»5 dry fish, salted 
fish. -c3e^ dry ground. 

fii^oc!o?i nukuduni, see sioXoTSo^ 

cio^aj^ nukkuni (c^^^), v. a. To 
bruise; cf. c^t>i^^. v.n. To 
decay, rot. 

ci37\^a nug^di, see ^Ko. 

ciorl nuga, ^. A yoke. 

flirtl nugate, ^^^ ?i3Xo^. 

cl^risiel nugapanft, s. The joint- 
piece of a watering machine. 

ciwA nugi 


ti>6 nuTh 

tdiA^c^ nuffipani (?^^), v. a. To 

fill up, as a pit. 
ciihojjoji nugiyuni (?^'^), v. n. 

To b3 filled up. 
fiorij2i)ji nuguduni (c^^XoS), z^. ;^. 

To labour. 2. to become 

rich; c/. j^XotId^o. 
ci)rtiS nugutft, s, A dot over a 

letter, as in Persian. 2. 

ri)riJ53)? nugupuni (c^oXo), ^'. ^. 

To throng, press. 2. to ac- 
cumulate. 3. to loosen. 4. 

to fill up; c/. tio7\s^^, 
cSortodof) nuguruni (c^^oXoS), v. a. 

To loosen, slacken, make 

rior^ojojji nuggiyuni (^\), v. a. 

To press. v,n. To be filled 

fijrtj nuggu, ac/j. Small, little; 

also oiooXo. 


rfort Q^ nuggel^j, s. Smallness. 
?iirio nuggru, ^^^ t^T^o, 

(iie^ , cios^J nucci, nuc5u, see A»^S . 
to- to- ^ 

^k' ^Jtdo niijji, nujju, s. A 
contusion, bruise. 

<i)a nudi, s. A word, speech, 
saying. ^^0^ an oracle, 
as uttered by a demon-dancer. 
oa^ciiTij-. the counter-part of 
a deed or document. 5^zl- 
conduct and speech. 

ci)^S3e>5;J5j nudipivuni, c.v, {of 
^^r^A^) To cause to speak, 
speak through another. 2. to 
play on a musical instrument 

fioa^?) nudipini (c^^^^), v, a. To 

speak, talk. 
(io^ajjoji nudiyuni (5^2^), ^. n. 

To pronounce, utter. 
cio5^ nuppu, s. Boiled rice. 

'^'^^ nuppuni (?^^), v. a. To 

ci)m nubbu, adj. Mouldy, 

musty. — ^Xo sJe^^osj musty 

split dhoU. • 
jioort nurigS, s. The drum-stick 

tree, HyperantJiera moringa. 
ci)Oia^ nuritel^^, ^. Bruising. 

2. chips. 
ciiO,53e)Sjji nuripavuni, c. v. {of 

c^t)^^) To cause to crush. 2. to 

press into a hole. 
ci)053)c^ nuripuni (?^oO), v. a. To 

break, powder, granulate, 

ciobojojj) nuriyuni {^^^)y v. n. To 

break, go to pieces. 2. to 

decay ; also ^t^^^h^ j^&d 

^dodo a broken heart. 
rioCooyo nnrnntu, see .doorijouj. 
ciodJoUoJ^ nuruntuni, see zSooTiio 

ciodoo^ nurumpft, ^. A hole; cf 
7\ootF. — *j&e^^ to make a 

ri)dJo200 nurumbu, j. Alluvium; 
wood-dust; iron-rust. r^. 

ciodooejoji nurumbuni, see Ti^ozx> 

ciidociocio nurunuru, s. A crack- 
ing noise; cf j^^oXot^. 

^^6 nur6, J. Foam, froth, scum. 
-a^oXocS a small kind of fish. 

fiw3 mire 


cSiS-, nekki 

^TOTi)?) to vomit froth. — tIjo 
20o?> to foam, froth. 

<iod^e)05j nurekayi, s. The soap- 
nut, Sapindus emarginatus, 

<ijT^r nurka, adv. Suddenly. 

ci)5ro^ nurkall^j, s. A kind of 
pebbles found in rice. 

cii'sfor Ji nurkuni {^^^\ v. a. To 
press on. 2. to elbow, push, 
make way. 

riirtjFji nurguni (J^^^, v.n. To 
pass over. 2. to sprain. 3. 
to decay; also c^oXordo^peSb^. 

riirtr nurgft, see erfot>;^. 

cio3rort nurtinge, s, A malicious 
<?r spiteful man. 

ciolroh nurtengi, J. A climb- 
ing shrub, Bryonia scabrella, 

?io3r25^ nurtel^j, see ?iot>«^. 

jio^Jr^i, (i)53jFrfjJi nurpuni, nur- 
pudnni^ see c^^4^>• 

fioex>^^ nurluni (?^^?"), ^. aj. To 
wind up, fold, shrink. 

fij© null, s, A bit,, fragment. 

cSjOoiooJi nuliyuni (c^^), ^. n. 

To be broken, shattered. 
cij;ioe;o nusulu, ^^ cA);d3©o. 
ciJSorto nungu, see ?i)oXo. 
?iJ5^3c)^ nukaUka, s. Fighting. 
NwO^ofi nukuni («^j»^, v. a. To 

thrust, push. 2. to reject. 
ciJe)te)S$c^ nfitavuni (e^j»&»), r. a. 

To show. 
ciJS:^ci nutana, adj\ Fresh, new, 

recent, j. Newness, freshness. 
ciJ3^ nutra, «^'. All. 2. a 


ciJ3Clc5 nudanft, num. adj. The 

t^Jddo nudn^ f^/^;». A hundred. 
^vQrfS nunatft, ^^^ j^vftg?:^^. 

riJSSgfi nupuni (c^j»), ^. a. To 
spin, twist, string. 

(iQ^d nupura, s. An ornament 
of the leg, foot-ring. 

cije)djji nuruni (5^5), v.n. To 
creep in, enter with diffi- 

ciJSt;o nftlu, s. Thread, yarn. 
ei^odx- fine thread, siore- thin 
or short thread. — SbaSi^^ to 
spin. -si)odosi to spool. — ?i3 
^^) to twist thread. 

(^Je)dJe):i) nulodui ^. A spindle. 

^ti nr^pe, s. A king, sovereign. 
?^3j5>25oi a royal throne. 

f^i» ^i^\ nr^jtta, nr^jtya, s. A 
dance; dancing. 

i^ofi (-<Oort) nengS (-eng6), 
/^j//. Till, until, as long 
as. 8Do— till one comes. 
^v'o^— till it is done. 

cJoiiri,^ nentastigi, s. Relation- 

c3oi3 nente, s. A relation. 

cSocg) nempu, see ^^^ 

tt'd, fS^ neka, nekk^, {contrac- 
tion of csioi3F) To or for this. 

fJ^6, rJ^^D^ nekkari, nekkar^j, 
J. The plant Melastoma 
malabathrica. c5cx_ a kind 
of grass. 

cS*. nekki, s. Five leaved chaste 
tree, Vitex trifolia. ^0- FiV^;r 

f3^ nekki 


^^ netti 

negundo, ^ozS— , ^^-^ Clero- 
dendrum inerme. ~^^ its 
leaves, used by Koragar 
women for clothing, and by 
some other castes for certain 

fS*,^3Jd^ nekkil^jpadpS, s. A 
variety of Amarantus. 

^rtd negada, adv* Near. 

cJrta, fSrtrS negadi, negadft, s. 
Cold in the head, catarrh. 
— z5^^^ to catch cold. 

cJrts^ negatt^j, s. Overflowing, 
running over. 

^rt^ji negapuni \t7^), v. n. To 
overflow, run over. 2. to 
ooze. 3. to perspire. 

^rio^ negar^, s. Loitering, 
lingering, as a sick person. 
2. a sea-animal, the vehicle of 
Varuna. 3. a whirlpool, ed- 
dy. -^^;^?) to be caught in 
a current. 

fSrtOrt negarige, s. Lingering. 

^Srtdo^i negamni (SX5), v. n. To 
linger, loiter. 2. to procrasti- 

fJrts^ negavu, see ^X^ 

t3r(^ negal^j, ^. An alligator, 
crocodile. 2. see c3X5. 

^A negi, ^^^ c57^- 2. see ^^. 

^r\^?i negipuni (5^), v. a. To 
leap, jump, spring up. 2. ^^^ 
^Tv^^ c8^5 ^©0^ to sew 

^fNoiwJi negiyuni (c5^), ^. «. To 
rise, come up. 

c3h53*53oj^o, negil^jmullu, see c3e?v 

cSri neggi, s. Shyness; shame, 

cS^, c5rt^ neggi, neggya, tf^*. 
Full, complete. 

jSfeT. nett^j, (a33r. ^/ ca)oi3C) In 
this, herein. 

?5Ujrt nettagi,^'. Straight, up- 
right, adv. Straightly; pro- 

cJU«rt nettaligft, s. The ground- 
floor of a storied house. 

eS^j netti, see c55^. 

^yo. nettu, J. A deep breath. 

cJae3^ nettel^j, see ^b^^. 

cSrfo^ ne4ankv, ^<?^ &»^oF. 

cSdo^oJi nedankuni, ^^^ ^rfo^o^i. 

cSa nedi, ^zt^'. Long; .^. ^^ 
-j^jd^^^ a long stick, pole. 

(JaSjJi, ^a^?i nedipini, nedipuni, 
see ^L^od^^. 2. ^^^ ^^^^• 

^^^^ nedil^j, s. A kind of bush. 

o * 

From this, herefrom. 

cJrfo^Ji nedpuni, ^^^ ti^^^ 

jSrt nen6, ^^^ ^e^- 2. see o>c5. 

cJ^ netta, (adbr. o/rs(o6^) Of this. 

?5^ netti, s. The forehead; the 
crown of the head. 2. the 
front, vertex. 3. a whirlpool. 
4. cracking the fingers. 5. the 
tender stalk of fragrant screw- 
pine. ^STh- top, vertex. — ^ 
^^ to crack the fingers. — o^ 
i^F^ to make the fingers 

crack. Digitized by GoOgk 

cSi netti 


fiO neri 

^^'^od nettikandft, s. Dysen- 

fS^ nette, see ;So£^; c/. c55^. 

c5£o^ netterv, ^. Blood. ^^rfB 
clotted blood, -rf *a^©, -rf 
*e^o<p a stream of blood. ~sJo 
z^oT^ consanguinity. — C90ajoo?i 
to bleed. —Xo^^ to shed blood. 
—aii^?> blood to run out. -^^ 
cx)^ to menstruate. -*c2b^ to 
have bloody stools. 

cScf si nedfpa, ^^ ^^. 

cSd nedS, see ^5^. 

cS(i53) nenapu, see c5c5^. 

c5(irfOi? nenavarike, ^^^ iS^-dtrR, 

f3c5^K)Oji, fJ^^bfi nenetonuni, 
nenepini^ see dd^^. 

f5cS^ nenepu, <y. Thought, inten- 
tion. 2. remembrance, recol- 
lection, memory, o&io^ c3c5i^ 
^^ I do not remember. -^ 
fe^4^> to remind, bring to re- 
collection. -'Ai^^?i to remem- 
ber, recollect. 

<5c353)c^ nenepuni (c5c5), ^. «. To 
think, imagine, mind, reflect, 
intend. 2. to recollect, re- 

c5c5dD/^ nenevarigJ, s. Remem- 
brance, recollection; recogni- 

^jj nepa, see cScS^. 

cSoiorfo neyama, see ^cdoziD. 2. 
see c5e^. 

cSo5o neyi, s. Clarified butter, 
ghee; grease, fat. 

^oao7Te>6 neyigare, s. A weaver. 

cSobo?^ neylgJ, ^. Weaving. 2. 

cJo^iiJi neyipini (^^, v. a. To 

weave, plait, braid. 
cSo^3io3 nayipanti, s. A smooth 

kind of grass, soft straw. 
cJo&osioo© neyimuli, s. Soft grass. 
cJo&oA) neyimft,^'. Fine. -=^oow^ 

a fine cloth. 
cSo^o^ neyil^, s. A peacock. 
c50&je>0ci neyilnni {^oxi)^ v. n, To 

fade, as a bunch of cocoa- 
nut. 2. see c3ec/o^. 
^d^A neyisrS, s. A cloth used 

for cleaning an oilmill. 
cSoJjoJi neyuni i^^^), "o.a. To 

weave, as a spider, 
^oi)^ neyya, see %^. p^^^f^ 
c5o3j3o *neyyoli, ^. A tender palm- 
jSd nera, see ^^. 
^tid neradft, s. Abuse, bad 

language ; nickname. —^ s3»> 

#d abusive language. 
jJd53) nerapu, see ^t^^. 
fJdrfcJrt neravanigft, see ^-dtiii. 
cSosS neravu, s. The privities of 

the male sex. 
c5o neri, s. A fold ^r gather in 

clothes, wrinkle, crease ; also 

c3t>^ — a;>oScrooSo an upright 

man. — z3a^S) to gather into 

folds. -^^o^s> to fold; to 

cJDoJooc:^, cSSoSji neriyuni, nere- 

vuni (c3&, c3t3), z^. n. To be full. 

2. to assemble. /^-tohe^B.i- 

tached. 4. to be tn cotfu. 

(3d nerd 


fS© nelli 


c33 nerS, se^ s>^. r^^^ 

f35o*, ^6v^ nerel^j, nerel^, see 

c3^r nerta, flf^'. Straight. 2. true, 
tf^z^. Straightly. 2. truly. 

ci^rdo nertama, ^. Straight 

cSsjo^rji nertruni, see ^hr^ 

fSsird!, cJsSrcS, rSsrory nerpadft, 
nerpani^ nerpata, see c$x^. 

cS55e>r5^ji nerpavuni, c. v. {ofihr 
^) To cause to abuse. 

fiS^rji nerpini (c55), z;. a. To 
abuse, revile. 2. to give nick- 
names, [reviler. 

cSsSrd nerpele, s. An abuser, 

c3e3r.nerb6, j^^ ^«3?". 

cJ^orci nerluni, ^^^ f^^o^. 

cJoSr nervS, ^^^ c5«^r. 

cSe^^oUoji nelfnt'uni, see <f owo^ 

{5t) nela, s. Earth, soil, floor, 
ground. 2. bottom. -XG^ 
the foundation of a building. 
— XzS, see ?)e)XzS. — Stj^w an 
earthquake; of. ^js^osJ. ^-ds^ 
^ a ground floor, cellar, 
— crooS bottomless. ~-??^ciiisr^ 
to curse, im- precate. — ssa 
"^^^ to bury. 

fS^^c^d nelakandi, ^. The plant 
Naregamia alata. 

r3t)^dd nelakadali, s. The 
ground-nut, Arachis hypo- 

fS^^d nelakara, s. Fertility of 

?Jt)^?3 nelakalS, s. A mark on 
the ground. 2. see SiC^XzS. 

c5^9e)C^ nelakSr^, \y^^ t^v^B, 

cJt)^re)6 nelakale, j*. Palsy affec- 
ting on one side of the body. 

cit>^oo2jodnelakuinbada9.^. The 
vegetable Batatas paniculata. 

c5^ri?2 nelagadS, see ^^is-S^ 

'^^'^^A nelanalig^, s. A medi- 
cinal plant. 

cJe^cS^d nelanekkarJ, see ^^^S. 

cJe^cS© nelanelli, s. Phyllanthus 
maderaspatensis^ P, niruri, 

^e;33e)^ nalap&li^ s. A kind of 

ii^UTi^ nelabasaU,^. The spread- 
ing hogweed, Bxrhavia dif- 

f^^^' [gentian. 

f3^E3?sJ nelabevu, s, A sort of 

cSt)^oood nelamonda, s, A kind 
of fern, CurcuUgo orchioides. 

t3e>;lx)t^e}^ nelamuccil^, s, A 
kind of medicinal plant. 

c3^;!SosJo^nela8ampayi, J. Kamp- 
feria rotunda. 

jJeS neli, see ^>d 

c5e3oe& neleiici, s. Dysentery. 
— <Pet^^> to have dysentery. 

fSeSoiJofi nelentuni, see *fowo^. 

f5^^?3 nelekali, su iS^e. 

^v^tL^ nelpuduni, c. z\ (of c5 
«^^) To hang. 

^e^o^Ji nelpuni (c5^, v. n. To 
be hung, suspended. 

fS€) nelli, s. The emblic myro- 
balan, country gooseberry, 
Phylanthus emhlica. c3eoS 
pickle made of emblic myro- 
balan. -^"^^ its dried fruit. 

fig nelli 


cS^O neri 

cS€) 3eFo3j nellirtiye, s, A demon 
so called. 

c3ri?^ nevana, s. Pretence, pre- 
text, trick. —^^^ to make 
excuses ; to pretend. 

^rf^, fJrf^ nevala, nevala, see 

c3s5?c^ nevedya, ^<?^ ^^^^^5- 
f5?3^ 0* nes^^r^^, ^a^'. Morning. — dao 
800 the morning sun. 

c5?3c*, fS^^* nesar^, nesal\^, ^. 

Seasoning. — ^j»br^, _33;>t^ofi 

to season. 
c3?d^* nesalij,^. The forehead; 9^. 

c5?i5. — ajTJs^ fate, fortune. 
cSpv^, ^7j^ nesaI6, nesal^^ s, A 

silly fellow. 2. a large, broad, 

frying pan; also ^7i6, 
f3Aj53)?i nesipuni (?3^), zf. a. To 

press down, make tight. 
c3eo^2^c)6 nendrabarft, s. The 

Malabar plantain. 
iS^rt nega, s. Beauty, nicety. 

adj\ Beautiful, nice, fair. 
<3?Ao^ negil^, s. Small caltrops, 

Tribulus lanuginosus, — t5jo 

^ its thorn. 
^?t3 neji, ^. A nursling, young 

plant of rice, etc, — ci ^0% 

— cJ ^«< a nursery. -ci^c& to 

transplant. -s53zi)^to sow in 

a nursery. 
fS?Ji neti, see SS^. 

f!^C9, cSec^onena, nenu, s. A cord, 

rope; a bow-string. 
fS?3c)y neUta, s. Hanging; 

swinging. 2. entanglement. 

^?3e)j:i)Ji netaduni (c5e35>5), v,n. 

To be pendent, to hang, swing; 

to depend. 2. to be involved 

in difficulties. 
c5^^ netra, s. An eye. — tSj^^X 

fS^^rfoo'S'^* netramukkuli, s, A 

demon so called. 

^^3^)^^ netrivati, s, A river 

so called. 
c3?c^ nedya, see ^^^^^^ 
cS??i) nenu, see cSer®. 

^?53e>^22?o^ nepalaber^, J. The 
root of swallow-wort, Ascle- 
pias asthmatica, 

^e2b? nepini, see c3ooo2)». 

(S^^ nema, s. The annual fes- 
tival of a demon. 2. see ^> 
odozSo. — c3^5 a priest seized 
with a demon. 

(3^;jo^ nemaka, s. Regulation, 
rule, law; determination, 
choice. 3. appointment, no- 
mination to a. post. —^^0^^ 
to appoint, fix. 

cJ^^^?do5) nemisuni (c3e^c3), v. a. 
To determine. 2. to appoint. 

cS^oSo neya, see cS^cxjo. 

c5?o5o neyi, ^^^ c3o3o. 

^?05ort neyigft, j^^ c^oso;^. 

cS?oiooJi neyuni, see cSosoL^. 

c5?0&o^ neyisrft, see ^o^t^, 

c3?0 neri, see »^. 

cS?Oo*iScd2^, r3?Oo€5Srt6 neriike- 
natti,nerinkepuger6, s. A varie- 
ty of country tobacco. 

fS?6 nerft 


^sQzi noeca 


tJ?6ner6, s. Straightness. 2. jus- 
tice, truth. 3. agreement. 
adj. Straight; just, true; 
even, like; thin, delicate. 

cJ?6of^ nerengi, The name of a 
village, -c^^i see H^to^cHS^- 

cS?6Je>e5^, cJ^6^^o nerol^j, nerolu, 
s. The newel fruit, Syzigi 
jambolanum, arfoa^j- the rose 
apple, Jambosa vulgaris. 

<3?c3r nerdS, adv. Early in the 

<5?^r nerme, adj. Fine, thin, 
delicate. — iroo^ a delicate 

cJ?^, (J?e>on^ nela, nelangiji, s. A 
hanging rope. 2. a square 
piece of white cloth tied over 
a cradle, to divert or amuse 
the baby in it. -srati)^ to 
hang a rope for drying 
clothes upon it\Jig. to make 
frequent visits. 

cJf^oh nelangi, see under ^^^^ 

cS^eTe)Si?inel4vuni,^.z^. (o/^^^^) 
To hang, suspend. 

(5?0 neli, see f5e<y^. 

cJ?©^ neliki, s. Hanging, swing- 

cJ?ojJi neluni (c5e5), v. n. To 
hang, be suspended; to swing, 
vibrate. 2. to hang on, stick. 

^?d nel6, see c3eo. 

<S?^ nelya, adj. Great, large, ex- 
tensive. — e9o7\, c3e«3oT\ a long 
coat. —^ uncle, father's 
elder brother, husband of 

mother's elder sister. —^ 
aunt, wife of father's elder 
brother, mother's elder sister. 

t3?rf0^g?i nevaripuni (c2e^S), v. a. 
To fondle, caress. 

f3erf5? nevala, s. A silver or gold 
girdle worn round the loins. 

cJ^sJO nevuri, s. A kind of cake. 

^^;i nesa, s. Asthma. 

^3^^ nelS, see cJec^. 

A nei, ^^^ c5o3o. 

cSij^j^© neikuli, ^. The tree 
Wrightia Hnctoria. 2. ^^ 

fia d neidilJ, s. The water-lily. 

fl3g)rso neipunya, s. Cleverness, 

ciojj neiya, adj. Soft. — :3ao8:)o 
the evening sun. 

Ad?c^ neivedya, ^. Food pre- 
sented to an idol, an oblation 
to a deity. 

t^toTf neisarangij, see cs^osj 

cl/doCQ, ilfi)oC97^ nonnai nonnag^, 
adj. Soft, nice. 

cJj8^o.Ji nokkuni (c5j»^e)» ^-^^ To 
stroll abbut. 

tJjS^ nokki, s. Sweepings, rub- 
bish. 2. the name of a woman. 
^cJat^S all rubbish. 

fSjS)^^ nokkele, s. A trifling 
or destitute man. 

fSj«)rt noga, see ci^X. 

c5j5rf nocca, see c^^. 2. ^^^ ^o 

X^. Digitized by VjOOQlt 

i^jk^i nooci 


^oi}e> nountd 

tified nocci, s. Rice cooked with 
ghee, cocoanut, efc, 2. ^^^ 
<5*j. — os^t5 a> leaf used for 
various ceremonies. 

<Sje)2^o, (Sj5€| noecu, nocci^ aJj. 
Minute. 2. light. 3. beneath 
notice, paltry. 

^ra nonna, see cSaocq. 

tJje^O^o*" noyir?, s. Whiting, lady- 
fish; C/. W)l«. 

^Jddo^ noradfi ^. Rubbish. 

c5j5>6 nor6, ^^^ f^^t?. 

cSJe)tx) nollu, s. A kind of water- j 

fSJe^oog) nompu^ s. Any meritori- 
ous act of devotion. 2. a 
festival, especially the one 
observed on the 14th day of 
the 6th lunar month in honor 
of Ananta. 

tl©?o20on6mbii, s. Fasting among 
the Mohammedans; fast, pe- 
nance. (3AoeDo?> to fast. 

fii5)^'e?i5, f5je>e^Je)i3 nokatft, noko- 
ti, s. The name of a tree. 

flo^^o, c3js?r(o noku, nogu, adj. 
Small; inferior. 2. bad. 

^?y nota, s. Sight, vision, 
view. 2. aim. -t^tJ a for- 
tune-teller; one who hits 
the mark. — ^^a(o fortune- 
telling; guess, surmise. —7^6 
aiming. -Ofb^, sJ^^ to aim; 
to hit. ~-c;)t1)^ to watch, 
look after. 

^?U;^ notice, s. Notice, inti- 

(3je>ty-> i^otu, s. A bill of ex- 
change; a promissory note: 
a currency note. 

cSjd^cJdo^^, cSx^cn)^^^ nddadru- 
ni, nddavuni, v. a. To point at, 
show. 2. to rake up, stir. 

fjj^j^^e;* nodal?, s. c3a^. 

?5J5?fl n5n6, s. Saliva, spittle. 

f3j€)?53c)SiJi nopavuni, c, v. (o/^i 
i^^J) To cause to beat or strike. 

cSJe)(obc^, cSje)e^(^ noplni, nopuni 
(c3j&c), v. a. To beat, strike, 
flog, knock. 2. see ^A^os^h^. 

(3j«^Qgc5e>Q3j, (Jj^e^d nopunaye, 
nopele, s. A beater, striker. 

fJjS?0^ noyi, see fSacoo. 

(iJSeo^jSbJinoyipini (c3j»eod^), v. n. 
To ache, pain. 

($JS?do noru, s. Freight, fare, 
hire. 2- see c5j»03o5. — erozSoso 
fixed hire. 

^?d norJ, s. A kind of water- 
plant. 2. a kind of tare. 
— 13^?> to root out the tares. 

c5jc)?5 norJ, s, A kind of crane. 

f5js?© ndli, see «^sp3acC. 

^^OTiti nolisara, s. A species 

of aloe, Aloe litoralis. 
fSje)5^^i nolu, see ^eio. 
f5j€)?e3 n5l6, adj. Very sour. 

fJsiS?s3) ^ovu, s. Pain, ache. 2. 

(Jj^^Jo nohi, ^. A meritorious 

act or vow. 
c?® nou, adj\ Naval. 

cS^obe)^t^ nountSvuni, c.^v. {of 
c3^owo^) To cause to^^nch. 


^3^oUo nountu 


^.^ nyuna 

^oUo nountu, s. Pinching. 
?;7^oUofi nountuni (<3^o53), 7/. a. 

To pinch. 
^o^ nountu, s. Squeezing, 
pinching, crushing. 2. chew- 
ing. — ^^f^ to masticate, 
ruminate. — Ci^L^ to loosen 
^ot^^ nountuni (e3^o§^, v. a. 

To chew. 
(3^0^ noumpu, see cS^eoj^. 
c3^o53)?) noumpuni (cJ^o), 7'. a. To 

chew. 2. to entangle. 
^^ nouka, s. A ship. 
^^d, c3^9e>6 noukare, noukare, 

^. A servant. 2. a lascar. 
e?)e3 nouji, ^. A spear, lance. 
^^ nout^ see c^^oUj. 
c?^fe3«)or^ noutangVj ^- A weight 
equal to about three Rupees 
or one-eighth of a seer. 
^yo noutu, see <3^owo. 
^a noudi, s. Kubera's nine 
gems; also c^^?)^. — ^Ji>r3^^ 
the imaginary gem on the 
head of a serpent. 
^Oo noumi, see ci^^. 
^^^^ nouluni (?J^^), ^'. «• To 
itch, be irritated. 2. to be 

distressed, r. a. To covet, 
desire eagerly. 

^S!>^o noulu, s. Longing, hope ; 
cf. ^i^«o. 

cJ^crS nyandS, ^. One-sixth of a 

cS^Qf nyadv, s. Pain, aching. 

c3^aJo nyaya, s. Justice, equity, 
propriety, fitness. 2. law. 
3. logic. 4. morality. 5. 
quarrel. adj. Right, just, 
proper, reasonable. —7^^ a 
logician; a lawyer; a quar- 
relsome man. — S?t)^, — S?^?" 
a judgment, decision, verdict. 
-^Sj logic; a work on law. 
-;dsoJ a court of justice, 
judgment seat, --^a^^, -^ 
s?o^?> to quarrel, fight, dispute. 

(3^oto)93J3 nyayadhipati, s. A 
judge, tribunal. 

^zS^ nyavala, see c2e^«*. 

^x^ nyasa, ^. Abandonment. 
2. a deposit, pledge. 3. mental 
appropriation, accompanied 
with certain prayers and 

^ocS nyuna, adj, Blamable. 

2. less, deficient, defective. 
c5%rfl nyunatft, s. Defect, defi- 
ciency; omission. 

Digitized by 


^ pa 


^ozi penca 

zi pa, The thirty-fourth letter of 
the alphabet. 

^o^ pank^, s. The hair about 
the privities. 

3Jo^ panka, s. A fan, pankah. 
2. mud, mire. 3. evil, sin. 

sJo^ta pankaja, s. The lotus. 

5io^e)?3* pankas? s. Sprinkling. 

Zjo^v pankila, adj. Muddy. 

3jo*p paikti, see sSo^. 

3ioSJ pankha, see zJo^. 

sjori panga, ^^^ 35o^. 

3Jort:^ pangada, adj\ Distinct, 
apart, s, A division, part, 
portion. 2. a group. 

Tjorl^cgji pangadipuni (=ioX5), 
V. a. To straddle; to place 

3JoAcirf pangidana, ^^^ srochdc^. 

sJoriopangu, ^^*. Lame, cripple. 
s. A cripple. 

sijorSot) pangula, s, A horse of 
a silvery white colour. 2. a 

siorioO panguli, adj. Soft, slip- 
pery. 2. see t^oXoC. _5j;>^a 
soft word. 

^ozi pancai s, A rice field. 2. 
a breed, sort, kind. o3ozS — 
a good breed. Sc^ a small 

tfozi panca, «^'. Five, consist- 
ing of five. —'5' five, made 
of five; a pack of five, as of 

sjoe^^tioio pancakajjaya, ^. An 
aggregate of five articles: 
dholl, gingely seed, jaggory, 
cocoanut and cardamoms, 
as an offering to Ganesa. 

^JosS^osSr paricakurvfi,^. A wick- 
er basket or box. 

3io?^r(^o&o pancagajjeyi, see sice^ 

sjos^rt;:^ paricagavya, s. Five ar- 
ticles derived from the cow: 
viz.f milk, curds, ghee, urine, 
and dung, mixed together 
and drunk as a means of 

sjoe^^o J panbatantra, s, A popu- 
lar book of fables in five 
chapters, containing stories 
illustrative of five qualities 
necessary to kings and great 

3ioe^^^ pancatatva, see t>oii2^^. 

t,o^^ pancani, s, A variegated 

3io2;S(5^6, 3io2;^^*j pancanekkar^, 
paricanekri, s. A nettle creeper. 

3jo2;^2i3-?6 pan&pakire, s. A 
pauper, vagabond. 

3Jo2;^3il,pancapatre, s. The worm- 
wood plant. 

rloe^s3e>o^do^ pancapandaver^, 
s. The five Pandu princes. 

•sio^^D^^ pancapataka. j^^ ^^^ 


3Jo2c panca 


^JotTe) panda 

sio2^53e)i^ pancapatri, s. A small 

metal tumbler, cup. 
sJo2^S3*e)ob pancapapi, see under 

sJozSsj^^rs pancaprSna, s. The 
five vital airs in the body. 

sJc::^t;OparicabaU, s. An offering 
to the five elements. 

sJceSej^^ pancabhuta, s. The five 
elements: earth, air, fire, 
water, and ether. 

sioci^si) pancama, adj. Fifth. 

3Joe^dog5e)S3e>^9 pancamab&pa- 
taka, 3. The five most heinous 
sins: murdering a Brah- 
man, stealing gold, drinking 
spirits, seducing the wife of 
one's spiritual preceptor, and 
associating with a person who 
has committed such sins. 3io 
ti^soDs:*^^^, 3io£j5:sb one guilty 
of these sins. 

sios^Cwe)s:^ pancamal^, s. The 
local market of a town. 

sJos^Co paricami, s. The fifth day 
of a lunar fortnight. 

sioSa^jaS pancamukhe, s, Siva 
with five faces. 

sjct^^js^ pancamula, ^. A medi- 
cine of five ingredients. 

3Jc^0onpancaranga,^^<? ^^oc^rfrer. 

siosSd^ pancaratna, s, A poem 
of five verses. 2. five princi- 
pal gems: diamond, emerald, 
pearl, ruby, and sapphire. 

sjos^DoSjo^ pancariyer^^, see ^Jo* 

ttozitoTs pancarengi, see Ji^TJor. 

jioe^^vO^sd pancaloha,^. The five 
chief metals: gold, silver, 
copper, iron, and lead; or 
copper, brass, tin, led, and 
iron. 2. a metallic composi- 
tion, bell-metal. 

3Joe;^dr(r pancavarga, s. The five 
classes of letters in the al- 
phabet from ^ to ^. 

3So!^rfrer pandavarna, s. Five 
colours: white, black, red, 
yellow, and gre^n. 

sio2^rf*2je* 6 pancavalibaccirS, see 

sJo2^S3e)Ci pandavadya, s. Five 
principal ipusical instru- 
ments: the lute, cymbals, 
drum, trumpet, and a kind 
of hautboy. 

5Jot3c)or{ pancanga, s. An alma- 
nac. 2. the foundation of a 

5JoiSFc)3?^ pancatigi, see z3otj;>o&i$. 

sijotTe)^, pancatma, s. The con- 

5iot5e)5raa^ pancapad^j, s. Dis- 
persion, scattering. 2. waste^ 

rioerorf^^ pancamrvta, s. The 
aggregate of five articles, 
used in bathing an idol : milk, 
curds, butter, honey, and 

32ot5c)05o^, 3io'eTOoao3j^ paidiyi- 
tiy pandayitigi^ s. Arbitration. 
2. an assembly composed of 
five or more persons to settle 

Diqitized b 

a matter by arbitration. ^lo 

s^Dca^ panca 


jo^ panta 

z:^03^i5 arbitrators. — oi3^^ 
to settle by arbitration. 

^ot5e)0 pancdli, see 7:>ot^^. 

3JotaFe)€)2x& 6 pancalibacciri, see 

3Jot5c)?3D^ pancaler^, see x5otjs^5. 

^ot5e)^3 pancasati, s. Pentecost. 

5iot5c>« panbali, s, A braggart, 
talkative man. 

-5iot5e>^D* pancaier^i, s. The five 
classes of artificers: gold- 
smiths, blacksmiths, carpen- 
ters, braziers, and masons. 
2. the name of a warrior 

5iotS?oa^aJj pancendriya, s. The 
five organs of sense : the eye, 
ear, nose, tongue, and skin. 

55o«S?o^ pancer^i, s. One-eighth 
of a maund, 3| pounds. 

^o^^o^ panceiver?, see zicOToai 
^5 under zJotroowS. 

^ot§J«)* pancoli, s. A very pun- 
gent kind of betel leaf. 

ioti panja, s. The hand with 
fingers extended. 2. a repre- 
sentation of the same carried 
in procession at the Moharam, 
supposed to represent the 
hand of Ali. 3. the tuft of a 

5Jotj panja, s. Scarcity. 2. 

sJot^jd panjara, s, A cage. 2. a 

5joi3c)d panjira, s, A fritter. 2. 
a kind of amulet. 

3io23 panji,.^. A pig, hog. 2. a 
torch. — 1355 a male bamboo, 
Bambusa stricta. — ^IdotI), see 
zjotf. —"rfoooiSoso, see cSAs O. 
ttooo— , ^d-, ilw^o^— a porca- 
pine. =3^^€^— a porpoise. ^^— 
a hand-lamp. S:e- the country 

siot^o pa4ju, s. A torch. 

3jotsiJ©r panjurli, s. The name 

of a demon. 
r!o2§ panJJ, ^. A kind of towel 
3iob^ pantv, see si^S. 

pandf df korpini, pandf korpini, 
see under 35^?i. 

sJod panda, J. Discernment, learn- 
ing, wisdom, understanding. 
2. articles ^r things in gene- 

sio^^pandite,^. A learned man. 
2. a teacher. 3. a doctor, 

sio^O pandili, s, A musk-rat. 

siorSjsrao^ pandonuni, see ^r^S). 

rioras^ pannavu (<:^ir. of ^dt^ 
ci4), ^^^ under '^^^- 2. ^^ 

3Joc5 panni, see '^o^, 

sJcc^ pannft, s, A bunch of plan- 

3JortJe)^rt pannoligft, s, A basket 
or wooden trough for draw- 
ing water. 

3Jor^ pannya, s, A comb. 

3io3^ pantj, s, A trap. 

3io^ panta, s. A purpose, vow, 

3Jo3 panti 


sJc^o pambu 

resolution. 2. a bet or wager. 
^^t^^^- a manly resolution. 
— CA)^^ to be resolute. —^^ 
^^> to bet. — ?5j5?i^^ to lose a 
wager. 3jo^jj7vo resolutely, 
positively, purposely. 

tioh panti, s. Grass. 2. a 
dauble nail. 

sJo^fioA pantirengi, see •t^o'h, 

tiot^t pantura, see riossTj. 

sioi panti, ^. Aline, row, range. 
—^0^0^^ to sit in a line. ^ 
^- the succeeding line of 
guests at a meal. 

t»ot^^^ pantoji, s. A school- 
master, teacher. 

?JoSo pantyi, s. A small lamp. 
o^-_ mud lamps used at an 
illumination (c^^tse^i). 

3ioqS pantha, see ^o^. 

z^oCd pandadfe,^. Fructification, 
productiveness of a tree. adj\ 

SioC3e)5;iJi pandivuni, c.r. {pftio 
^^ To rock, swing, move, 
wave, shake, oscillate. 

zLo^ pandi, adj\ Reserved, cau- 
tious. — 5W*i3»?i a reserved 

^JoaOpandili, s, A kind of mouse; 
also ^^ C ; cf. Tjo^C: 

3Jocl)?i panduni (sioS), v. n. To 
shake, be loose, wave, move, 
be agitated, oscillate, vibrate. 

JiocrSjO pandrali, s. A very 
talkative man. 

sjoqSjo«>^02)rt pndhuraliraga, s. 
The name of a tune. • 

Co^ panna, see ^^^' 

3ioc^o2^:J, sjoc^oaojdpannambara, 
pannambura, ^. Ambergris. 2. 
affectation, ado. 3. mystpry, 
mystification, —^^o^c^ to make 
a mystery of anything. 

Sjoc^rt pannaga, s, A serpent. 

3J0N panni,^. Bragging, boasting. 
2. egotism, self-conceit. 3. see 
e^Sr. ^s2o^ profession and 
practice, exhortation and ex- 
ample; advice, admonition. 
— do^ ^ereorf he cares neither 
for exhortation nor for exam- 
ple. -^ ^js?^ a braggart, an 
idler. —"^Tix^, — tfjBa^o ^, — sro^f 
•doa, — eSs'jr^ to boast, brag. 

SjoJ^^d^ pannir^, s. Rose water. 
— ^'^iS^ to sprinkle rose water. 

3jo?i^d pannira, <5r<//". Rose-scent- 
ed. — Xcqi rose-cented sandal 

3JocS pann6, see ^oA. 

sJOfS pannJ, s. The cheek. 2. 
tonsure at the forehead in the 
form of a comb. 3. see zJ^- 
adj. Small. 2. worn-out. — ^#^3 
uo^, — ^jaBj a worn-out spade. 
~^^ a parasol. -&^Ti)^ the 
cheeks to fall in. — ScJor^ to 
ornament the beard or the 
hair about the face with 
tweezers. — ^tJo^oo^ to be- 
come proud. 

ZjoZjA pambade, s, A devil- 
dancer belonging to a low 
class of Sudras. 

3io2oj pambu, see ^^fgJgle 

sjo^o pamma 


i*, pakki 

sJodo pamma, s. Fraud, trict. 
sio^or?) parnkuni (sic^r), r. a. 

To pluck out, scratch with 

nails. [nut. 

'^ot\Si^^ parngottfe, s. A cashew- 
zio2^ur^ parncuni (3ic^r), v. a. 

To trouble. [some man. 

3iat§r53 parncele, s. A trouble- 
zL-JC^^ parnd]^, ^. Ripeness. 2. a 

ripe fruit. 3. ripe plantains. 

adj\ Ripe. 2. gray. 
^ocrar^fi parnddvuni, c, i\ {of 

Tioz^ffS) To ripen. 2. to per- 
siocijp*Ji parnduni (^ioSr), z'. w. 

To be ripe, mature. 2. the 

hair to turn gray. 
3io2JO^c^ pannbuni, see t^^^r^. 
sj^.^ pak^di, s. A long, narrow 

turban. \i^g* 

zi^z^ pakad^, s. Seizure; fetch- 
si^ 3* pakat^,/^^z'. Only, merely, 

simply. 2. entirely, wholly. 

— ?jo^o^ a daring lie. 
5:02:^ pakapaka, aJ7\ Quickly; 

much, excessively. — <w>Xoo^ 

to palpitate, as the heart; to 

pant; to leap, hop. 
sJ^d pakara, s. Sap, juice. 2. use, 

profit, osc'^ Tj^'d osi^ it is 

good for nothing. 
^^^, z:,Tisf pakala, pakala, s. 

Coral. 7i^^ ^6 5 33*© s>o?xoSb 

i^"/. having learned everything, 

he swallowed a coral (bead); 

he is a jack of all trades and 

master of none. 
5i^5€)© pakali,^. A leathern water 

bag carried on a bullock, etc. 

2. one who supplies water 
in such a manner; a water 

5i=3^?j^ pakas», see ^:^^?3. .^^^^ 
3JA?6 pakire, s. A fakir, mendi- 
3J^o3i pakuru, s, A rascal. 
3i^, 3i^r5 pakk^, pakkane, adr. 

Suddenly, unexpectedly. 2. 

zi% pakka, adj. Foreign, of 

another country. 2. see Jiv^^. 

3. see 7j^^. 4. see tj^. -tooSo 
a foreigner. 

sJT^^ pakkale, s. A glutton. 2. a 
small net. d.see 33^e5; cf,'^'^^^. 

ti^jTf pakkas^ s. A rafter. 

sis^ pakka, «^'. Ripe, mature. 
2. fit, proper. 3. substantial, 
solid. 4. exceeding, perfect, 
complete, —^'^^o a consummate 
falsehood. --^^o5 a downright 
rogue. ^"S^-A a clever stroke 
of business; excellent work- 
manship. ■^^•^7^^ a clever 
man. — si^iSTj a proper word ; 
an apt reply. —^srooa) a 
valiant soldier. 

si^© pakkali, see tm^c. 

ti^. pakki, s, A bird, 'jfeo^ore— 
a kind of partridge. — *at^^, 
— i:)j^5 kinds of fish. >-croo3o 
a fortune-teller. — s^ooso a 
lintel, headpiece of a door 
frame. — ^eX croup, bron- 
chitis, peculiar (^^ children. 
—"A^ a hawk. *^ 

si^o, pakku 


zi'^ paca 

z^^x pakku, see :i^^. 
jT^pakke, s, A rogue, rascal, 

cunning fellow. 2. a clever 

c;^ pakki, s. The side; c/, ^t: 

2. a banner. — c^ a nb. 
3J^ pakta, see 2i^§. 

3i^ pakva, aJj. Mature, ripe, 
fit, suitable, proper; cooked. 
^^h?i to ripen. 

3in^a pag?di, see ss^J^ 

sJn^rfo©* pag?mal», see ^X^f . 

sjn^o* pag^iry, s. Cleverness, 
skill. 2. trickery, cunning. 

3. see 25X5. 

3ir(cS pagadi, s. An ace, one in 
games, dice. — ^e:^s>to play 
at dice. 

z:T\i pagati, j. Exchange, re- 
turn; revenge. —f\ in ex- 
change, instead of. — K ^7^^ 
like for like. [custom. 

cria pagadi, ^. Tribute, tax, 

^r\zj^^ pagapuni (^7<), 7'. a. To 
change, exchange, substitute. 

sirto^ pagary, s. Time, turn. 2. 
making signs with the hand. 
3. hire, rent, wages. 

sirid pagara, s. Exchange. 2. 

3iricre>iJ pagarata, s. Changing, 

3SrtO pagari, ^..An arrow, dart. 

sjridjc^ pagaruni (^7(5)^ v. n. To 
be infected. 2. to shift, change 
place. "djaeX— to take the 

sirfslr pagarci, sec t.7(^. 

t»j\^ pagalj, see ^9.6. 

nrte;, siri^ pagala, pagala, see 

t»T\6 pagale, see ^M, 

zit\ pagi, s. A rent, splint, split. 

3:na pagidi, ^^j? zJ«^2^ 

siAsSJi pagipuni (^i^), i'. a. To 
rend, split. 

z^r\^^ pagipel^, see t.^^. 

sinodijji pagiyuni (3^^), v. n. To 
split, rend; to crumble, fall 
in pieces; to give way. 

ttA pag6, s. Hatred, enmity, 
malice, hostility. — essoSo a 
foe, adversary. — zJXo anti- 
pathy, spite. -z5a{^^ to en- 
tertain hatred. — ^5?o^^ to 
hate. — e:)jsUo?), — ;*>Da5oo^ to 
seek revenge. 

z:A^ pagel», s. The day-time. 
-2oS^ a blue light. 

^F^d pagelft, ^. A kind of harm- 
less snake. 

3jrb paggu, s. The first Tulu 
month; the sign Aries in the 

3if^^ pagtel^, s, A rent, slit. 

3je^^ pacakka, ^. Plash, splash. 
-eojaili^ to fall with a splash- 
ing noise. 

ridfS padana, s. Cooking. .2. 
digestion. — e^2b^ to be di- 
gested. -^^^1^ to dress 
food; to digest. 

3ie^2J£^ pacapaca, ^. Licking. 2. 
a clacking noise, adj. Little, 

^i3t) pa6& 


sJtf pa]Jl 


scanty. —^^5 scanty water. 
-S^^ to lick, eat with a clack- 
ing noise. 

3jt9e)d pacara, s. Punishment, 
castigation. 2. a fine, penalty. 
—•505^0^^ to fine; to reverence. 

3ieSd padili, s, A kind of oyster. 

3J2*?3 paciti, s. Plight, predi- 
cament ; trouble, distress. 
2. disgrace. 

^e;^ pacca> jt. An emerald, adj. 
Green. 2. fresh. —7i^€ broad 


^zi ot^ paccangri, see z;^t5o?s. 

^zi ©art paccandigS, J^^ t^omosoB, 

^zi'if^Fti paccakarpura, s. A 

superior kind of camphor. 
7jZii;f paooatj, see Tizi^B. 
sjeia pac&di, s. Minced vege- 


tables, salad. 
Titid paccadi, s. A silk cloth 

worn by males; a shawl. 
^zi fi pacSana, see ^ticrf. 


si2^(S^6 paccanekkirS, see 33^ 
^zi^ paccala^ s. The buttocks. 


3it5c> ert paccarigi, ^^^ zitj;)^^. 


ri2*D*, sSe*d padcinjij-paccirft, j. 

The pulp enclosing the seed 

of a jackfruit. t^orf- a small 

layer of it. 
jj^ 3on pa6cirengi, see zS^^oTs. 
^^v paccila^ s. A medicinal 

zit&^Tf pacoisfy s. A kind of 

game with dice or cowries. 

3ie5 pa6ci, s. Greenness, fresh- 
ness. adj\ Green ; fresh ; c/. 
z5^. —wor* green colour. 

sitS^Jdde^ paecekoralv, ^. A 
kind of fragrant flower. 

sJtSdorN paooerengi^ s. A kind 
of nettle, Tragia involucrata, 

^ts P*^y*' '"^ ""&• [mat. 

s22d9^ P&I&kfy s, A bag maide of 

3ito9c)05J pajakayi, sie iwwow. 

2. ^^^ «)T^83*)t5. 

3St3 paji, adj. Wet, damp. 2. 
full of sap. 3. green, fresh. 
— ^j^a green grass, tender 
shoot, sprout. -253^ quite raw, 
green, —^t^ a tree or timber 
in a fresh state. — il>o a green 
whip-snake, — t5 a green leaf. 
— »do^ to revive, as a faded 
plant. -^*i,^ -i&wjj» to 
grow green, become stout. 

3jt3o^ paJirTj, s. Grass. 

3J233 pajirft, {abbrev. 0/ t^^ ^ 
A green or fresh leaf. 

2j23?^ pajiti, see sicled. 

rIzS pajS, ^. A mat. rc^zsn?- 
a mat plaited with double 
leaves. e^zJ^^?— a mat plaited 
with single leaves. ^^^re- 
a very small mat. — sJSj^^ a 
worn-out mdt. •iooti^iroTSd— 
a fine mat. -sJ^io^ to be 
confined to bed from sick- 
ness; to be very sick. 

3j^sJoaS6 pajemadipele, s. A 
laree kind of bee. 

sJzS pajji, see zie8. 


i^ pajje 


^y. patta 

neS p^e, see e>* . 
z:i!f pat]^, «^*. Sharp, skilful, 
clever, strong. — ^a a dodge. 
sJU pata, J^ ^• 
siliort patanga, ^^ ^Jw^oX 
zikirL patakka, see sstoe;. 

ziUci, ^kii^ patan6, patani, ^. 
Reading, perusal, recitation. 

3!jli3!jU(3 patapatani, s. A flap- 
ping or rattling sound. 

sSU^ patala, see sJu . 

siUo^sl:^ patalam^, ^. A regi- 
ment, army, battalion, —o^ 
. ^ a soldier, sepoy. 
siydiS^fzi) patalkodu, see ^^ 


sjyd?5o^o^ patavasuttu,^. A kind 
of drum. 

^be>S' patikiy s. A squib, crack- 
er. -20oa^^ to let oflf a 
cracker, to crack up ; to tell 

3ji3c>*^ patakila, see zsu w)0^. 

3iiJe)i3 patatft, see cc^&saB. 

3!jiie)el pataniy s. A class of 
Mohammedans. 2. see eotorf. 

5Sfe3e)c3*nc)ol) pa^in^daye, s. A 

3iije)t> patala, adv. Smartly, 
sharply. — ^o^s^oji to strike 

5jte)^o pat&lam, see xiuc/^Sj. 

jjfejsO patali, see zitov. 

sifac)^ patavu, see ssu^oX. 

sjbe)? patili, s. A buffalo with 
wide-spread horns. 2. a palan- 
quin bearer. 

3i?3 pati, ^. A rafter. s»&ci_ a 
palmyra rafter. 

sjiiort patinga, fl^'. Roguish, 
knavish. —^^ roguery, kna- 
very; prodigality. 

sjUort patinga, s. A rogue, rascal, 
knave, scoundrel. 2. a pro- 

sji39e)d patikira, s. Alum. 

TiU'iy zilifi patiki, patige, s. 
Urine. [w)Ow. 

3il3e3*5e)05o patiljkayi, see ^iw 

riSfo*', 3iS?6 patel^, patele, s. 
The headman of a village. 

Zikf, patt^, s. A nest. 2. abun- 
dance. —K Tfl^tri^?^ lit. to 
thrust hand into a nest; to 
divulge a secret. iix>^o^3i- 
abounding in thorns. — ^^o^^ 
to build a nest. — ^^^^^ a 
nest to be pulled down ; to be 
dispersed; a secret to be di- 

^U patta, s. A metal plate 
with astrological inscriptions, 
fastened on the forehead of 
a Brahman, to avert the 
consequences of having been 
born under an unlucky star. 
2. crowning, anointing, instal- 
lation, ordination. 3. a 
throne, office, rank. 4. title 
or appointment of office. 5. 
a deed of lease or gift, a 
grant. —^ -dxiS) a royal seal. 
z3&rojEj4e^ anointing a king, 
or priest, coronation, ordina- 
tion. —7d;>6, see t>Ti7i6. ^^^^^ 

ikS patta 


^^ pat^ 

to reign, rule. -^Wo^a, -!fj8> 
h^^ to crown; to ordain. 

si^ patta, adv. Suddenly. 2. see 
7^^, -.z5t^^ a vow suddenly 
made when in trouble. — ^i 
z55)4o> to break suddenly. 

3iUo2S, ^'^on pattanna,pattanga, 
bragging, boasting. —^Ji^^Srio^, 
-xs^o^ to talk idly and 

5:Uori pattange, ^. A braggart. 

3J^cejo pattambara, s. A robe 
of state. [lace. 

siUa pattadi, s. A kind of neck- 

3J€J,zS pattadi, see ^^^zS. 

sib rs pattana, s, A city, town. 

sie^.a^cS pattadaniy s. A royal 

siej.d^Ci pattadevi, s. A queen. 

^:^c3 pattani, see zJw,. 

siUtJoqi pattabandha, ^. Coro- 

si^odo pattaya, ^^^ ^^• 

z^klzj^'^ pattavali, s. A striped 
silk cloth. 

sjy^sj pattavu, ^^^ ^w^- 

3:fej|,or( pattSnga, ^^^ siWjoX. 

sifcra.cS pattani, see a:>6rof^. 

5ifej|^c^ pattanye, see 3i6ro5CTjoSo. 

sS^t^sS^^ pattibhiaheka, see 
under siWj. 

siij|jOao5b€) pattayipili, s, A royal 

3Jfejs.O pattari, ^. Ruin. ~^e2i?> 
to go to ruin. 

5iiJc).^ pattala, see 3ito«>. 

3ite.5S pattavu, see zJw^oX. 

sitej^ifi pattavuni, c. v, (^suoj^) 
To cause to be distributed, etc, 

si^ pa^ti, s. A list, catalogue, 
voucher. 2. a note, short 
letter. 3. the fastenings of a 
box, etc\ cf, 55Bj. 4. a strip 
of cloth, collar of a coat. 5. 
a lathe. 6. a kind of tonsure. 
7. a bundle of betel leaves; 
also 7i«ai|?T5. -wD^a kind of 
glass bangles. — ^wj^a to 
apply a bandage (7r ligature. 
-j^AhT^ to appoint. — ?\e?^^i 
to shave the head in stripes. 
—8^1)^ to write a list, note, 

siUori, sjy^oF^pattinga, pattinge, 
see 3iiSoX. 

t^^ pattigft, see 2i«* 

3jUsi)Jdo pattimuru, s. A kind 
of earring. 

sJiJo^ pattu, see 7^13^. 

rifeJOj^ pattuni (^53^, v. a. To 
divide, distribute, apportion. 

3Ji3 patt6, ^. A strip, stripe. 2. 
silk. 3. a document specify- 
ing a grant of land, etc\ cf. 
si^j- 4*^ slip ^^ strip of a 
palm tree. 5. a piece of cloth ; 
a tape. — ^oel a silk border. 
—t^tS a silk merchant; a 
dealer in silk. -cIscaj raw 
silk, silk thread. — ^€^3 a 
female^s silk garment, tfb 
cdo- a black stripe. 835)t5- 
a black or yellow coloured 

Digitized by 


i&j^ patto 


?j^ padi 

3JBj?.rajc:i pattonuni, r^. v. (of 

^"i^) ^^ share, divide, etc. 
ca.^ pattyi, see 75«^. 2.see s^B^. 

3jy patna, 5^^ s^up*. 

3ifeJ^?fc)05o, siU'??JSi?rfo patlakayi, 
patlakodu, s. The snake-gourd, 
Trichosanthes anguina. 

tt^ patha, J. A picture, drawing. 
2. a boy's kite, adv. Much. 
— zJ^^fi to fear much. — s»)n;> 
4^J to let fly a kite. 

sics^z^, s:cs*2^ pad^i6a, padjici, ^^^ 

sic3<^?3^, 5ic3^53) pad\ip»j padypu, 

see 3iT^. 
3JC5^33 pad^ipe, see t;^^, 
35ci pada, «^. Not sufficiently 

sloping. 2. placing or laying. 

— ►SjsS a flat roof. — eojaTiofi 

to fall ^r lie at length. 
Cc^ pada, ^. A boat, 
rirfort padanga, see srorioX. 

3ido?oo padambu, j. A rough 

canvas cloth. 
zMo^^ padamboli, s, A liar. 

2. see cizlft «5. 
55d2^ padaca, see sJ^. 
3jrf3ic^ padapada, see s^wzsw. 

3iri«Sfi padapuni, j^<? sirixio^. 2, 
j^^ sJ;5L^. 3. see eoti^^. 

sjc^sS padap^i ^. A whore; a 

SjCJsSdcs^ padaperadf, s. A kind 
of grass. 

2jd^?;!3* padaposv, ^J* Superfi- 
cial, shallow, not profound. 
— TOoSo a flatterer. 

sJdsS, padappJ, see tjt^^. 

sirfoJo padaya, ^z^. One upon 

another. — eoaT^j^ to fall one 

upon another. 
3irfD padari {^Th^^)^see under 'i*'^. 
siddj^i padaruni (^i^^), 7'. «. To 

ssrss^) padavu, ^. A vessel. 2. ^^^ 

5id?o* padas^i, see iprtjj. 

sjd?^3d padasalft, ^. A veranda, 
reception hall. 

3jC5e)05o padayi, s. Trouble. 2. 
see 3i^ oso. 

3JC3e)^ padavu,^. An imputation, 

ti^ padi, J. A daily allowance 
of food, extra pay to servants 
when travelling. 2. alms in 
kind. 3. a small weight. 
4. a thrashing frame ; also 25& 
ziootii^. 5. a door or shutter 
made of slips of bamboos 
tied together. — «5>& rice for 
charity. — ^^ a building over 
a gateway, a porter's lodge. 
— 's'uoj?) to be reduced. — ^j» 
Ibr^, -e?^^ to pay allowance 
to labourers, etc\ to distri- 
bute alms. —0 rfsgr^a to 

3ia^ padikJ, s. Wickedness, 
corruption, depravity; also 
— *?^. adj. Bad, corrupt. 

s^ai^oS padikenti, adj. Bad, 
wicked, corrupt. 

3jai#Jaoro)03jpadikond|ye, s. The 
name of a demon. ^ 

ziQ pad! 


zi£^ pana 

^^zi^ ziS^iA padica, pa^ici^ see 

zJdtai^d, 3J^t7e)Cii$padicare,padi- 
carake, s. A peon, attendant. 

ziS^i padita,. s. A stripe, streak. 
2. a wale, mark of a whip, eU.^ 
as on a bullock. 

sia^JJi padipuni (^^)^ v. a. To 
learn. 2. to plunge. 3. to 
swell. 4. see sJzSb?). tot^ to 
learn a lesson, exercise. 

^^23e)Uo padibatlu, s. Straits, 


difficulty, trouble. 
53^53^ padily, s. Waste land. adj. 

Waste, barren, unfruitful, 

fallow. 2. fallen in ruins. 
5ici) padu, adj. Pure. 2. see 

231^030. — *o pure palm wine. 
3j2::jootoo padambui see jp^ceoo. 
^ci>>5g padupu, J^^ ^^. 
2Jz3 pad^i s. A multitude, mob, 

rabble. 2. an army, —^c)^ 

the general of an army. 

— FTOOdo a stray dog, a^wj. 

^^AZ554?> to raise an army. 

—^crioo^ an army to halt. 
3iz8o A padengi, «^'. Old. — (^;Sof 

a very old she-buflfalo. 
sidiS padetali^ s. The helix or 

border of the ear. 
Tid^^ padenaliy s. Leanness. 

— ^woj^ to become lean, or 

3id53«>53)5 padepivuni, c. v. {of tSiS 

aiw?)) To cause, occasion. 2. 

to inflict, dossou. to inflict 

pain, cause sorrow. T^oiee 

<- to make glad. 

sidh^ padepini (s^^, v. a. To 
get, attain, acquire, obtain. 
2. to possess, have. 3. to 
beget, bear, bring forth. 

trScxJoo^, 3J:§^^ padeyuni^ pade- 
vuni (3i^, ^. n. To suffer, 
feel, experience, enjoy, ciosso— 
to suffer grief, t^o^a^^— to 
enjoy pleasure. 

;i?ic93^o3j padkanattye, see ^^ 

tid padoa, s. Settlement, ar- 

tcr * 

rangement. 2. determination, 
disposing. 3. clearance, con- 
sumption. —^2;^ to be settled 
or disposed of. — zii^'o^^ to 
settle; to dispose. 
3id rt paddani, adj. Sloping, flat. 


tJi o&J, 3Ji37) 0^ paddayi, paddayi, 

s. The west. 
3irfg, 3Jrf ^ padya, paddya, s. A 
spittoon, especially an earthen 

33^ padta, see t>ht. 
ttXi^ padpuy s. A plain. 2 . waste 

si^ padpe, j^^ ^^. 
sjri^n), 3Jz3^$ padposiy padpoli^ 

see ^JAj^coj. 
3Jrlo6 padyele,"^. An honorific 

title among the Jains, 
^rd pana^ s. Senselessness. 
5iK)i# panakS, J. Pairing together 

with a rope, as cattle. 
S«« panaja.^^^ A lp;nd of 

grass. o 


^vs pana 


il pati 

^Jr^^Jd^panatuka^^f. The weight 
of a gold fanam. 

t^t^^, zif^^ panaviiy panayu^ 
s. A quarter rupee. 2. money 
in general. 8. wealth, riches 
in specie. 

3ir5 pani| s* Dew, fog, mist, snow. 
2. see ^f^. — T^^odoo^ to be 
moist. • — 3^J^o) dew to fall. 

jitli panita^ s. Praise, adj. 
Praiseworthy. — Tii«<o^» to 
praise, eulogise. 

^d^^ panipuni (25^), v. a. To 
give a shape, v. n. To drizzle. 
tW— to shape a vessel. 

SjC^aS:e>d paniyara, see 33s>crij»T^. 

^fl pan6, s. The forked stem of a 
water-lift; also^A^oB^^TiA^Ti. 

3iri panfta^'. Proper, due. adv. 
Duly. — ^^ due weight. 

5iflwe)oaj panekayi, s. The fruit 
of palmyra. 

Zjfi^ p&nolfii s, A kind of tree. 

3jrtJe)do panoru, s. A plough- 

sirfje)© panoli, ^. A kind of pal- 
myra tree. 2. a kind of um- 
brella made of palmyra 

3ifl panne, see t^oA, 

CO * * 

3if^,4c^ panpSvuni, c.v. (^/^rf\ 
^) To cause to say, let say, in- 

7i^^ panpini (■^^), v. a. To say, 
tell, inform, narrate, relate, 
recite. 2. to teach, instruct. 
TL-i^ to recite a verse, sing a 

song. 33o55T?j»&r^ to teach^ 
advise, instigate; to back- 
bite. t>oh^^, z3ope;i what was 
said. T^oAar^o^ to talk to 
one's self; to address, repre- 
sent, announce. zJoSS^s^ 
ri^^ to send word. 
sjfIo panyS, see ^Jorf. 

Zj^ pat?, see sJn 

sj^ pata, s. Maintenance, sup- 
port, alimony. 2. see 33^. 
^^^x^Ti to maintain. 

sj^ort patanga, s, A bird; a 
winged moth. 

titofi^ patangelj, s. Harmony, 
fitness. 2. adherence, —^h^ 
to fit. 

2j^ot;3® patanjali, s. The name 
of a celebrated teacher of the 
Yoga philosophy. 

ttt^ patana, adj. Falling, liable 
to fall. rflag. 

3J3^^ pataki, s. A standard, 

sis^oaj patayi, s. A large chest, 

tt^ pati, s. A husband, master, 
owner. 2. a match, equal. 
— ^ssqidor faithfulness to a 
husband. — :^tj<, — ^;f a vir- 
tuous wife. ^o. husband and 

t»h pati, s. Similarity, equality; 
cf, ^S. -K zjB equal to. 

t^h'i patita, adj. Fallen, over- 
thrown, defeated. 3. wicked. 

3J3l patite, s. A sinner. 2. an 
outcast, a heretic. 

3J3^ patini, see t^^. ^gl^ 

zii pate 


t,ij^, patro 


sJiortt) patengala, see sJ^o^^. 

3j3rf3c)0^ patemarj, see 33£^Trfj9C>. 

sJs^ pattp, num. Ten. ^. A 
nail, peg, pin, particularly 
used for a plough. 

3i^ patta, adv. Quite, fully, 
entirely wholly, effectually; 
at all. ^ej»3so^ to be quite 
dry. — d?c34o> to boil fully. 
— cn> fcisfi th,ere is nothing at 

Zj^oAo'^ pattangel», s. Tight- 
ness; c/. ti^oM. 

sj^SeS, Sj|of^^> siic3€)t3 patta- 
ra^h, pattanadya, pattan&Ji, s. 
The tenth day of the Tulu 
month Besya. 2. a feast 
celebrated at Dharmasthala. 

sJ^fS pattanft, ad/. Tenth. 

sJ^oi), ria^oio, 3j3^o&o patta- 
ya, pattaya, pattSyf, see T^mzoso. 
3i3^ patti, see-^^. 

^3^d^, 5i3^^ pattSvalS, patta- 
li, ^. Bribery ; cf. ti^^iic. 

tt^z^^ pattivuni, c.v. {o/t,^ 
o>) To cause to join, stick, 
attach, adhere, affix. 2. to 
cause to hold, seize, catch. 

3J3^?v^ pattis^i, s. A kind of 
sweetmeat. 2. see 3535>03o. 

3i5^ pafti, s. A trace. 

sJ^fi pattigi, see 25£^. 

si^Ji pattuni (^5o)' ^'- ^- To 
hold, catch, v. n. To adhere, 
stick, be joined, united, -h^o 
^— to contract a habit. ^ 
6r— to turn mad. 

ti% , patti, s. A patch. 2. trace, 
discovery, ^.seeti^^ — Det^i 
to patch. 

zi^siJe)0 pattemari, s. A pat- 
temar, sailing vessel with one 

3:ji^ot3 pattonji, num. Eleven. 

sJIsPj^o^SfS pattonjeni, adj. 

3ii^© pattoli, see ti^^^^. 

sj^^patni, s. A wife. 

tit^ patya, s. Regimen, diet. 2. 
see ^^. adj. Suitable, agree- 
ing with. — ^2b^ to suit, agree 
with. —^^0^^ to observe diet. 

3j^ patyS, see si*,. 

5j^ patra, s. The leaf of a tree 
or book. 2. a written bond. 
3. see tih^. 4. a passport. 

to execute a bond. 
353r9,e3 patriji, j. Bragging, 

3j3^si©, sJ3r^* patrSvali, patrS- 

11, s. A plate formed of leaves 

stitched together. 
3i3^ patri, see ^i). 
3i^^ patrikft, s. An epistle, 

letter. 2. a memorandum of 

some important event. lioT^r©— 

a testament, will. 
3j|^ patrS, s. A twig with the 

leaves on. 2. mace. 
3i j£jS., z^iJ^^d patrotti, patro- 

d6, s. A kind of cake made 

of the leaves Hof y*m or 

other pot-herbs. 




t^ patha 


t,z:jt> pada 

siqj patha, s. A path, road, way. 

3iqjg pathya, see zJajg. 

SJC3^D« padfliry, ^. A fold, layer, 
stratum. 2. a plait. 

sJcs^ddU, 2ic50e):2^ pad\^ata, pa- 
darad^i, s. Flight, retreat. ^5 
iroSsrorios) to run away, de- 

3JC3* D9C5* pad|jirad\i, num. Twelve. 
zJ5usTic3 twelfth. 

sin^rfjfi padpruni, see i^^Ado^. 

3JcS pada, s, A foot, step. 2. a 
foot-mark. 3. a word; a con- 
nected sentence. 4. a verse, 
song. -^Jrf^^ to sing a song. 

sjd pada, s. Abatement, subsi- 
dence ; tranquillity, —^h^ to 
abate, as storm or rain. 

3i:Jo^ padanka, s. see 33i2?f. adj. 
see zScJ^Trf. 

^cjo^d padankara, adv. In a 
stooping posture. 2. see ^^ 
^T^. —T?o^j,^ to cower, crouch, 

sJcioeScS padannane, s. A lazy 

ridot! padanji, see ^6o%. 

3Jdo^ci padampuni (35cioS3), v.n. 
To become wet. 

^ci^ padaka, s. An ornamental 
breast-plate. 2. meditation. 
3. see ^^^. -^ova,^^ to Set 
a breast-plate with precious 

sJc^o* padakar?, s. Breadth. 
^d tfja'doeoo a kind of concave 
umbrella made of leaves. 

3id^rf padakara, adj. Dense, 
thick, adv. Densely, thickly, 
closely. -eojaxio?) to fall 

sijdrso^, TJdcl^c^ pada^uni, pada- 
nuni (3icjf«, TJciS), v. n. To 
become soft. 2. to get wet,, 
be chilly. 

sJdr^, TJdr^^ padana, padanappa^ 
adv. Well, nicely. -^3io^ 
to smear well. 

sid^i^aijoc^ padaniyoni, see ^^ 

^^ [man. 

Sjdc^oSj padaniye, s. A wealthy 

sjdsjc^ padapadya, s. Singing; 

sJd^Sj padappu, s. The temples. 
2. see t>6^, 

zitizf padarp, s. Ambiguityv 
vagueness. adj\ Ambiguous^ 
vague. — cs^x^ an ambiguous 
statement; speaking vaguely. 

3idd padara, see ^555. 

SjdOe)23 padarSji, see ^^^ 

ziti:^ padavi, ^. Wealth, property, 
possession. 2. rank, degree, 
grade. 3. road, path. 4. 
fortune, luck. 

ziti^ padavu, s. A plateau, table- 

3Jd^ padaste, s. A moderate 

siC3e)ori padanga, ^. A syllable. 

3iz3e)83rt padatigft, see stotow^. 

Sjae>ra padina, see 35^?^. 

3JC3e)d, ^jne)^ pad&ti, padadi, s^ 
A foot-soldier. o 

ziu^ pada 


sjc^ padma 

^dse^rcS pad&rcand^ s. Homage 
paid by falling at one's feet. 

'SiDe)dr padarti^ s. A class of 
drummers, attached to the 
service of a temple. 

sjo^qir padarthai s. A thing, 
article. 2. vegetable curry, 
sauce. 3. the meaning of a 
word or sentence. 

'Zi^ padi, s. A basket 

^a padi, num. Ten, esp. used 
in comp.\ as, — croa3 sixteen. 
—5:5)6 fourteen. ~c3r^ eigh- 
teen. — c3ef seventeen. — c3^5 
fifteen. — AaoeDr nineteen. 
^•ixaa5 thirteen. 

5icSjrfj paduma, see ^Jc^. 

sJdodoodJ padomnkha/ s. A kind 
of medicine. 

:SjdoA, 3:ldot3 padengi^ padenjii 
s. Green gram, Phaseolus 
mungo. ^oT^^ «^e^^, ^&~' 
35e5— are varieties of it. 

sJdt? padeka, s. Collection; re- 

^dtSo^ padeccilj, see sSodoTf^. 

3Jc5A padeti, ^. A midwife. 
^^[Jdsj^ padepad^^ ^^^ 7ide;:sd 
zJtf Sbfi padepini (^«3), zf. a. To 

collect, recover. 
3jr5^ padepu, ^. The crown of 

the head. 
-sidcxJooJi padeynni (25c3), v.n. To 
^ sink down. 2. to become in- 

s^ci^^JrS padepadiy adv. Fre- 
quently, again and again. 

zididd, sidsie)^ padoli^ padoli, s. 
The principal hall of a house. 
— ^'ftWj^ an out-house. 

3Jdo&37^, 3:jdoJ7^, tiXiih paddan- 
\\%hi paddantig^^ paddati^ see 

sicSo^ padduni (*^), z^. «. To 
sneak, crouch, hide, lurk. 
2. to be afraid, perplexed, 

3iz3?oaj paddeyi, j. Ornaments, 

sidJe) © paddoli, see sidi&e. 

sjc^ 3 paddhatiy s. Custom, prac- 
tice, habit, rule. 

sJcSo. padpu, 5. A particle, atom ; 
a very small quantity. 2. a 
dot, clotted blood on the skin. 
—^^ nothing at all. 

3jd padpJ, s. The common herb 
Amaranthus oleraceus. t?oj;J- 
a red kind of the same. eS^^o^ 
a white kind ,of the same. 

3id padma, ^. A lotus, Nelum- 
Hum speciosum. 2. the 
Egyptian or Pythagorian 
bean. 3. coloured marks 
on the throat of a serpent 
or on the face and trunk of 
an elephant. — ^e:^5 the fila- 
ment of a lotus. — o3;>?? a 
name of Vishnu. — toX a 
ruby. —-^^ a weaver^ "^^^ 
f;^ the seed of alotus. 

^C^ padmi 


s!oao payi 

^^ padxnini, s. One of the four 

classes of females. 
sJti padya, s. A verse, metre. 
zifi^ 3^cJ33e)cJ pana^ panap&na^ see 

' 3:^c^o2od panambara, s. Amber- 
gris. 2. boasting, making a 
mountain of a mole-hill. 
—•ii^^o^^ to boast, make a 
great ado about trifles. 
^^ paniy s. Drizzling rain. 2. 
see 35r3. adj. Little, small. 
3. few; c/. h^ -=3^^ a small 
kind of frog. -^^ a small 
umbrella. — c3j»o2i a tempo- 
rary shed, -wrfr drizzling 
rain. — aioT^^i to drizzle. —^^ 
crioo^ to abate, as a drizzle. 
^^'^P panipuni (sJ^), v. n. To 

drizzle, shower. 

SjcicaJe)dpaniySra, s. An offering 

to a god, efc.^ consisting of 

preparations of fruits and 


sici^do, 3jSje)cio, sjfjjsfdo panu- 

m, panoru, panoru, see zJAat^ 

3j(S, ^(S^o^ pan&9 panekuttii see 

SjfS^Je):! panem&de^ s. A demon 

so called. 
3J(Sj2)* panoli, ^^^ sJAjav. 
3j(3>P5?0 pankori, s. A kind of 

sijy^panni, see ^o?). 
sifl pannS, see sjocJ. 
3J^ panpu, see eoreo^. 
Sj^d, 3J^^ pappada, pappala^ 

s. Pappadam, a very thin 
kind of cake made of pulse, 
salt, elc. 

3j^ pappu, s. A carcass, carrion. 

sJu pabba, see 35»r. 

3iaJo paya, s. An ear of rice, 
eU\ 2. gum, resin. 3. see 
caoiio. — c?L^ an ear of rice 
to shoot. 

sjcrfj^^', r;cxio23o*, 3joi.e5o^ 

' ' to- 

payakelf^ payacelf^ payaceelf, 
s. The time of shooting of 
the ears of corn. 
sSoJJc^ payana, see ^cdj^rt. 

r!oij3e)o3o payataye, ^. A thriving 

3icxJjdon^3c)o3j payarandjjitaye, s. 

A demon so called. 
zjojj^^, SjOJJe)^^ payavnni^ pa- 

yavuni (siocJo, 75od»), z;. «. To 

shoot, as an ear of corn. 
^oS^iTf payas?, s. Water 2. 

rio&o payi, s. An ear of corn; 

c/. JJOJO. 

c:oaJ24e5^ payigil?, 5. A bag 

made of palm-leaves. 
3io5o^& 55* payiccilji, ^^^ ^cdorf^. 

payin&nfii s. A kind of silver 

^^ payinali, payinilayi, payi- 
nili, see t>^ocQ^c, 
3Joaje3c5*3?6 payitinjsiri, see ^^ 

^o^j payi 


sjd para 

io^iJS)?i3 payitota, s. A young 

garden or plantation, 
io^o^ payiljjL, s^e jJc^^gC. 

ioSJO^rfjsj^rt payil^jmSnigS, see 

io3o2S$3^ payecel?, s. Subscrip- 
tion, contribution. 2, see ^ocJo 

Ja5Jt3^ payebel?, see ^^ot35. 
io3je)0 payoli, ^<?^ ^^^5^- 
iot^, 2Jo3^ payya, payyS, ^^^ 

ioi^ci payyana, ^'. Gently, 
softly, quietly; c/. JiocJor©. 
— 5o7^^^ to conceal quietly. 
— csrfo^ to put gently. 

ic3-va* payyery, s. A horse. 2. 

!io3j?ge3^, 3ia3jSgO payyol?,- pa- 
yyoli, s. A horse. 2. riding, 
galloping. -^Z3j^^^ to gallop. 

iO para, adj. Distant, remote. 
2. subsequent, after, follow- 
ing. 3. other, different. 4. 
more, exceeding. 5. before. 
-axDTio a strange place, fo- 
reign country. 

id para, adj. Old, worn out. 
— tfooyo worn out clothes. 

!jd para, ^. Regard, respect. 
— naoSp^oSb a careless man. 
~"^^^ to have regard or res- 
pect. — 75t>4^ to lose respect. 
— ^cJ4^ be careless, regard- 
less. -^5^0^^ to regard, give 
attention. ^^^ xs^^ t^ f^a^ 
have you no regard? do you 
not care? 

sJdo^j^i parankuni, see ^Jo^or^i. 

T^tiorf parangflL, see tS^^o-RS, 

sidoA parangi, see t,i3oJ\. 

sJdortoJi paranguni (^i^oK), v. n. 
To become stale, musty; to 
decay; also sixioKSiSssSb^. 

sJdoT^o^ parangelp, s. Staleness, 
decay, adj. Stale, decayed, 
decrepit, zjdo^d a decrepit 

3jdosioci parancuni, see ziTJoeio^ 

sido^Sci, 3jdot§o* parancena, pa- 
rancelf^ s. Prattling. 2. 
grumbling, murmuring. 

SjOozSd parancele, .y. A prattler, 
babbler. 2. a grumbler. 

3jdo23 paranji, ^^<^ s^TJoeS. 

2Jdo?Sj^^3 paranjyoii, s. The 
Supreme Being, Light of 

sJdoij^ parantflL, s. A bull frog. 

sidoU paranta, s. Murmuring, 
grumbling, —sro^ofi to grum- 
ble, talk nonsense. 

sidoli^, sJdoU^r? parantal^, pa- 
rantaligft, s. A kind of creeper. 

sJdoUoJi parantuni (^J^oG), v. a. 
To gripe, grasp, seize, lay 
hold of. 2. see zSTJoeio^. 

3Jdo^ parant^^ s. An old buffalo. 

3jdoi36 parantele, s. A prattler, 

sJdoci paranda, s. Murmuring, 

sjdorfj^ paranduni, see 337^:1^^. 

sJdoqrs^i) parandhama, s. Vish- 
nu's paradise. *^ 

Zjti para 


sjd para 

3ido3i6 paramparfe, s. Succession ; 
race, lineage, descent, adj. 
Successive, proceeding from 
one to another, hereditary. 

3ido20j^ parambuni, see t^z^f^. 

rid'S^ paraki^, see ^dS^. 

^ti^k;f parakatj, see ^^fU^- 

sid^, 3idTO«parakale,parakali, 
s. A long cloth. 

:5Jd^e)CxJo parakaya, s. Another 
body, —^^e^ transmigration. 

^d* paraki, see si^r. 

sidiJ parakS, s. A vow made in 
trouble; beseeching. 2. see 
7jTO?f. — sifj^ci to vow, make a 
vow. — sj^tIj^, ~#jabr^ to fulfil 
a vow. — rfotro4^ to do a 
work carelessly. sJodo^avow 
to be fulfilled. 

^d^j^parakei, s. Depositing with 
another, as the stake of a 
wager, -^^wo^^ to deposit in 
this way. 

sidrtoi paragantft, see ^^^^' 

3iCrt3 paragati, s. Future des- 

■sidtoci parajana, s. Strangers. 

sJdza^^ parajata, ad/. Adopted, 
fostered by a stranger. 

zidt3^5 parajati, s. A foreign 

tribe or caste. 
3id23 paraji, see ^o^ 

5ida paradi, see tj-^a^. 
zi6do^ paraduni (^^S), v.n.&a. 
To grope. 2. to spread. 

^6d6 paradele, s. One who 

gropes about. 2. a lazy man» 

3Jd3^ paratj, adj. Old, worn 
out. -^h^ to become old. 

3id^o^ paratantra, adj\ Depend- 
ent, obedient, subservient. 

sid^do^, sidiido^ paratanuii, 
paratamni (^^^^^ 25x^^5), ^.». 
To spread, extend, diffuse. 
2. to creep, as an ant, etc. 

3id3 parati, see 35Sr. 

^dD, ^dcS paradi, paradi, s. A 
curtain, blind, screen. — ^ 
w^^ ^33»zl35) to put up a 

3idz3?;53 paradevatS, s. A fo- 
reign deity. 

3idd?2J paradesa, s. A foreign 

3idr3e4 paradesi, j. A foreigner. 

2. a vagrant, vagabond. 
SjdA?3^ paradeisi^, s. Paradise. 

3id(3e)0 paranari, s. Another's 

^idciocS paranindfe, s. Abusing 

3idJi?o^ paranirj, s. Hi. Old 

water. 2. flowing water. 3. a 

perennial fountain. 4. water 

stored the preceding day. 
ridrioeS parapanca, see ^^os^. 
3id3J^ parapasha, J. Partiality. 

—•5j^?) to show partiality, 

be biased. 
sidrid parapara,^. The noise of 

rending clotb^OOgk 

Zjti para 


;dd para 

^d^ parapa^^. A sandbed. adj\ 
flowing, running. 

sid^J) parapuni (2^^, v. n. To 
flow, as water. 2. to creep, 
crawl on hands and legs. 8. 
to spread, as a creeper. 

3idt3e)D parablri, s. Assignment. 
adv. Separately. 2. indi- 
rectly. — 3ro#dJ5) to speak in- 
directly. — *e2b?> to avoid, 
as a place in a journey, and 
go another way. — »io^?) to 
transfer, deliver over to an- 

sidwo parabu, j. An old woman. 

3Jde3 parabe, s. An old man. 

^^B^ parabrahma, s> The Su- 
preme Being. 

^dsi) parama, adj. Best, most 
excellent, 2. principal, chief, 
supreme. — XS a blessed con- 
dition, salvation. — Xor© an 
excellent disposition. — Xot^ 
a supreme, religious guide. 
— ^js^^, —^A. a very wicked 
man. —^^ superior under- 
standing. — z5d^ heavenly 
bliss. # 

siddoo^io paramandala, s. Hea- 
ven, the sky, 

Zj^z^^-i paramata, s. A strange 
religion. 2. another's inten- 

sJdrfJSoci, 3JddJc)ai)ciparamanna, 
paramayana, s. Bice or wheat 
boiled in milk with sugar, etc. 

zJdrfJi)^ paramitme, s. The Su- 
preme Being. 

3jd;jje)cJod paramftnanda, s. Great 
happiness, heavenly bliss. 

^ddje)^ paramapte, s. A best 
friend, intimate friend. 

sJddJsqSr paramirtha, s. Chief 
object or intention. 2. truth, 

;^d;i:e)4^r param&rthi, s. A truth- 
full, honest man. 

?jddJe)C^F paramarthe^ s. God* 

?Jdd3e)?g^ paramasi^i adj. Best, 

3:!d;iJe)ro paramasi^ j. Command, 
mandate, order; will, plea- 

^dsi) parame, s. A clever man. 
2. a cunning, tricky fellow. 

3Jd53o?2i3 paramesvare, s. The 
Supreme Lord. 2. a name 
of Siva. 

sids3o?&^ param^shti, s. The 
Creator. 2. a name of Brahma. 

rldoSj paraye, see sic^oSo. 

Sjdoe)tao pararijya, s. A foreign 

?Jdo* paralj, see ^^€. 

siddja?^ paraloka, s. The next 
world, heaven. 

3Jdrf parava, s. Concern, care^ 
regard, respect; c/. t>^r. 

zitiziozi paravanca, see ^zJod. 

sJddrfsS paravadavi, J. Another'a 
property or thing. 

TiCziS paravaia, s. Subservi- 
ence, dependence. 2. ecstacy. 
8. absence of mind. 

sid^s^^i paravasa, ^Residence 
in a foreign landf exile. 

3jd para 


t,u^ para 

sJdO paravi, see ^a>o. 

3ids3 parave, s. A man belong- 
ing to a low class of devil- 

3jdsS^3S[ paravesha, s. Persona- 
tion. 2. see ^^e^. 

sjda^j parasa^ s. A hatchet, an 
axe. 2. the philosopher's 
stone: also ^^^^"^^ ' — T:*)5othe 
sixth incarnation of Vishnu, 
who is said to have peopled 
the coast of Malabar. 

zi^ii parasi, s. Pilgrims going 
to or assembled at any sa- 
cred place or festival of an 
. "si^T^f parasol, s. Benediction. 

3Jd;?e>qS^ parasSdhaka, s. Means 
of obtaining heaven. 

3Jd^ parasi, s. The perforations 
of a small machine for mak- 
ing a kind of vermicelli (€e 
ii3O30rf ^TS\n 2. see 3dd€. 

3Jd;3^sS parasevfe, s. Serving 

^6ti ^ parasthala^ s, A strange 
place, foreign country. 

sio\^ parastri, s. The wife of 

7JS:^d paraspara, adj\ Mutual, 
reciprocal. —^^ mutual ha- 
tred, — ;6;^e^ mutual friend- 

ZjCt^ parasva, s. Another's pro- 

3iw?3^^?ci parasv&dhina, see zJ 

^^^^- [tion. 

;3:jdooo^ parahimsi, s. Persecu- 

?jd3o^ parahita, s. Kindness to 
strangers, benevolence. 

td^s©^ paraloppa, adv. Wholly, 
totally, fully. 

3JDc) para, pre/, implying Su- 
premacy. 2. liberation. 3. 
invested order. 4. pride. 
5. excess. 6. encounter. 7. 
overcoming. 8. going. 9. 

;5Jae>o20^io parannmnkha, s. An 
averted face. 

5iOe>oci parSnna s. Living on 
others; food supplied by 

sJDc)otiD^ parimbariki, s. Care, 
protection. 2. enquiry, in- 

SjOe)o2:Do3)^ partobaripuni (^too 
205), V. a. To take care of, 
watch over, nurse. 2. to in- 
vestigate, consider. 

sioeJ'ff* parik|^, see cjj^. 

siOcJi? parakJ, intj. Attention! 
2. calling attention while ad- 
dressing a superior. 

siOD^rfo parakrama, s. Power, 
valour. 2. exertion. — csac^, 
— TO€5 a powerful man, hero. 

3JOe>aJ3^ parSkhati^, see ^toso§. 

2Joe)toaJo parfijaya, s. Conquest, 

sJoe)raj,5L), paranmukha, see 2te>o 

3JOc)^6 paritpare, s. The Su- 
preme Being, God. 

SjOe)^?cipar5dhina, s. Possession 
by another, alienation, adj. 

si^Oe) pari 


3J0 pari 

Dependant on, subject to 
another. —^^5> to alienate, 
as property. 

^D^c^parinna, see zJosocrf. 

3JOi)3^ddXo0 parftparavastay see 

3iDe)2j5sj parabhava, s. The forti- 
eth year of the Hindu cycle 
of sixty. 2. discomfiture. 
3. destruction. 

riae)20O parabari, see zJdero^ 

3Ja5)rfjO€, 3iDi)rfo2Jr paramari- 
k6, paramarsa, see z^TOoeoa* 

3iDD05o parayi, adj\ Strange, 
foreign. — 3rf?i foreign people. 
-^^ another's things. 

3JDe)0 parari, see ^tj^o. 

sio^qSr parartha, J. The property 
of another. 2. another mean- 
ing, adv. On account of an- 

sjod^ol^ parasraya, s. Taking 
refuge with another. 

si 9 pari, s. A path, way. 2. an 
opening, gap ; a vacant space. 
Td)o^5ci- a rabbit's path. ~^ 
Wj^i ~e:^7\^S) to repair, as a 
gap in a hedge. — ^t)c:>toseek 
a way; to track the path. 
— sJ^^ to go one's way; to 
escape, —sroiii^ to plant again 
where the previous plants 
have perished; to repair a 
hedge. ^tSo^^o^^ to take care. 
— djo8^^, — ziw&cKiws) a path 
to be out of repair. 

SjD pari, pre/, implying Ubi- 

quity. 2. part, portion. 3. 
abandonment. 4. end, term. 
5. sickness, infirmity. 6. 
stress. 7. separateness, dis- 
tribution. 8. encircling. 9. 
depreciation, exposure of 
faults. 10. respect. 11. re- 
jection, turning off or away. 
12. ornament. 13. diffusion. 
14. sign. 15. sorrow. 16. 
cessation; impediment. 17. 
truth. 18. an exclamation of 
pleasure or satisfaction. 

rlDc^rid parinkigaddi, j. The 
Telinga potato. Arum cam- 

3JDo^oJi parinkuni, see sio^or?). 

3iDortJe)B. paringott^i ^^^ sSoj^rBj. 

Sj0^fe>5? parikalS, see tid^^. 

3i0* pariki, see t^hr. 

sio€ parikS, see '^'^^ 2. see 

3iOa3?c3 parikhyati, see "i^ss^^, 
siort pariga, s. An iron club. 

tSS paricaya, paricarya, paridi- 
ti, pariciti, s. Acquaintance, 
knowledge; intimacy. 

sJ02Je)d^ paricirake, s. An at- 
tendant, servant. 

sJOeS^cSc? paricchedanJ, s. Divi- 
sion, section, as of a book. 
2. circumcision. 

siOtofi parijana, s. Dependence. 
2. retinue. 

sJOeSS, slD^ parijiti, pariji, su 

3JD pari 


siD pari 

5:IDf^do, 3iD;3?sio parinama, pa- 
rinema, see t^^F^. 

^Os^rt parityaya, s. Separation, 

sJDrp?)^ paridhivi, s. The forty- 
sixth year of the Hindu cycle 
of sixty. 

5iOc5c)do parinama, see T^croFrii. 

sJDsi^ paripaksha, see sJt^sJ^. 

si Q 5^0 paripari, adj\ Diverse, 

5iDS3^^cS paripSlanft, s. Protec- 
tion, care, fostering. 

5iOsg)c^ paripuni {j^^), v. a. To 
tear, rend. 

siOsS^rar paripurna, adj\ Com- 
plete, full. 

3JOc3l53F paripurti, s. Fulness, 
completion, satisfaction. 

^02ooq$ paribandha, 5. Relation- 
ship. —TOoSo a kinsman. 

^0^^ paribhram^y s. Turning 
round, flurry. 

siorfov' parimala, s. Fragrance, 
perfume. — ^^ perfumery. 
— 5>?5 fragrant water. 

?j0djS)C9 parim^a, s. Measure, 
amount, quantity. 

sJOsirov^ parimSlj, s. An honori- 
fic title amongst Bants. 

3^0^^ parimita, adj\ Measured, 
meted, s. Estipaate, value. 

^Ddoor^ parimo^ci, s. Country 

TiD^JooC^ parimndii s. Perishing. ' 

siOOJo pariya, adj. P] enty, exceed- 
ing, much. 

riDoJooid pariyantara, adv. Till, 

3JDai3e)yf3pariyatan6, J. Wander- 
ing, roaming; revolution. 
— ^«^o^5) to wander, roam; to 

siOote)o3o pariyiya, J. Order, 
arrangement, succession. 2. 
opportunity, occasion. 3. a 
grand festival once in two ^ 
years at Udipi, celebrating 
the occasion of a Svami's 
succession to the management 
of Krishna's temple there. 

sjooiioji pariytini {^^), v. n. To 
run, flow. 2. to rend. 

^DoSjdV^o pariyoln^ s, A kind of 

3i053e)d parivarai s. Followers, 
retinue; army. 

?JO^cS pariluddha, adj\ Sacred, 
holy, pure. — tooSJ, — tJo^, 
J5&!^^a holy man. -^5^?> to 

sJDaJone) ^parUudhatme, s. The 
Holy'^Ghost, Holy Spirit. 

rfoi parisJ, see t^tA 

sio3Je)?qSf3 parisodhanS, s. Ex- 
amination, investigation. 2. 
temptation. ~»i3«^0|^^ :5Mj8et> 
4^> to investigate; to tempt. 

sJD^do pariarama, ^. Fatigue, 
difficulty, exhaustion. 2. 
practice, exercise. 

sJOTTdcJ paris&iuii s. Death. 

jJOadO^Jc^ pariharipuni (25t>^0), 
V. a. To forgive, absolve, 
pardon. 2. to clear, as a debt. 

^aO pari 


3dd( pare 

2iDG5e)d parihara, s. Bemoval. 
2. healing, relief. 3. absolu- 
tion, pardon. ^t^^^^ to 
heal, relieve ; to pardon, ab- 
solve; to propitiate, as an 
evil spirit, eic. 

sJDQSe)^, 3JD95e>?;^ parlhlsai pa- 
rihisya, s. Jeer, mocking, 
raillery, sport. — oSov^j^gi to 
jeer; to sport, 

siO^oi) pariya, see ss&cdo. 

3J0?^ parikshii J. Trial, experi- 
ment, investigation, exami- 
nation, test, discrimination. 
^itooSj, sJOe^^ an experi- 
menter; examiner; a tempter. 

examine, test, try. 

si do paru, s. The teeth, as of 
a beast, saw, file, eic. -tf* 
a tooth-pick. -cpzSii?) to set 
teeth on edge, —wdydo^ 
-tf d4?> the teeth to fall out. 
^crocJoF^ to file the teeth of 
a saw. ~!^zift!)cd, »^zScdjj^ to 
gnash the teeth. --zj^Tki^ to 
furnish a saw, eic, with 
teeth. -eo2^r^ to teeth. 

sJdo^il, parukatti, see t^^fS^. 

sJdo^o paruku, see ^^r. 

sicSorf paruva, see 33rfr. 

sidodo^ paruvelj, s. Food, meal, 
as of a Pariah. 2. see iSRX^iS^. 

^doaj, ^dj2^ paruia^ paruiui ^^^ 

sjd pariy ^. A cataract or 
web on the eye. 2. ^^ sssf^. 

sjdors parengi^ s. A Frank (7r 
Portuguese. 2. an Euro- 
pean, o^" European; foreign. 
—35em^o^3 ananas, pine-apple. 
—•iwgS^ Spanish pepper. Capsi- 
cum annuum. — "djsfX syphi- 
lis. XoCL-, ija^— , c350dJu_, i^W— 
are some of the different 
kinds of venereal diseases. 

si6oj^dparengele,i. A syphilitic 
man. 2. see 7j^od6. 

ziioziz^, ^dot7e>U paren5ana^pa- 
rencata, s. Prattle. 2. twaddle. 

sidoZiSofi parencuni (25^oBSr), v. n. 
To prate, prattle. 2. to find 
fault with, censure. 

sjdotS^ parencele^ s. A prattler, 
tattler. 2. one given to fault- 

3ido23, 3i3t3 parenji, pareiji, s. A 
scaffold, temporary platform. 
-^^^^ to erect a scaffold. 

tit^ parel|^; s. A grain of sand, 
grit, gravel; a bit of glass, 
etc. 2. a grain of corn, etc. 
— ^^ a pebble, tsa^- small 
shot. — oSjzSg^ a washerman- 
barber of low class. 

sidooji pareluni, see sseur^). 

3i6dofl pareldenn^i^. Castor oil. 

t»t^ parel|^, see t>-e6. 

2i3?t3, 3i3?tio pareji, pareju, adj\ 
Equal, corresponding with; 
cf. TSido^ 

i3?3 paretJ, s. Crawling on 
hands and feet. 

x!d?* pareae, see Ti^t^ ^^le 


sjdie) paro 


sj^r parpu 

3Jdidd parodii s. Dissimulation, 

hypocrisy. 2. skill, craft, 

scheme. — tto^ a hypocrite. 

. ^T^^^ to simulate, pretend ; 

to play tricks. 

3i6j«>?5i9e)d paropakira, s. Kind- 
ness to strangers, henevo- 
lence. 3j^e7Jff^5 a philanthro- 

2icg)03o parriye, s. A stranger, 

3i^r, sj^rb^, 2i^FiS, ri^rB^ 
park|^9 parkattf 9 parkati, parkat- 
t4, adj. Old, worn out, ragged. 

3J?rrc5^, sJtfnS parkadi^, parkadS, 
adj\ Grinding or gnashing of 
teeth. — ^t^^ to grind or 
gnash teeth. 

3i??ra, si^ra parkadi, parkaddi, 
s. A tooth-pick. 

"SjiiF^, Zj^Fi^ parkatti, parkat- 
t6, s. A scythe, sickle. 

3j^e)r4^ parkavuni (^^f)^ 7j.a. 
To draw in, call in. 2. to 
confiscate. 3. c. v. of s^or^ 

3i*r, -tih^FTf^ 3i€re5^ parki,par- 
kisfy parkeltiy adj. Destitute, 

ri^orji parkuni, see zSo^or^. 

tyir parkfe, see tSt^. 

ri^r parkS, s. Bedding. 2. sleep, 
rest. — s^Z^ the mat under a 

ritfjsra, 3ji*j»Fi^ parkott, par- 
kottj, see sstfrl^. 

2iiJj»Fi5oix>^ parkodeyuni (ssrfjar 
zS), z/. ^. To grin, gnash. 

sJrtFfl pargani, j^ ^S^f^. 

sJe^FoJiF, 3i2aF^ par&rya, par- 
Sita, see sibeiodj. 

3i23F parji, ^^^ z3t5o83. 

siraF parna, ^^^ ^s^f^. 

tihv parti, J. Cotton, (?t?wjy^M<»» 

sJiF parti, J. Sharpness, edge. 
^^'. Sharp, quick, keen, —•io 
^s> to whet, sharpen. 

ti%F^ ziiF^ parti, partel^i, j. 
A rent, tear, as in clothes, 
eU. adj. Torn, tattered, old. 

3j|F6partele, s. A man in rags. 

rlcSF^ pardatti, see t^^fB. 

siOF pardi, see ^c. 

si^F, zidF pardi, pardi, see ssda 

3jz3?fS pardesi, see 7^6^l. 

3Jc^F parna, ^. A leaf. 2. a feather. 

;3jrJF9e)d parnas41i, s. A hut 

made of leaves, hermitage. 

2. a booth. 3. a bower. 
3jcSe)FdJ parn&ma, s. Health, 

welfare. 2. prosperity. adj\ 

Thriving, prosperous. 
riss^FU parpata, s. Drinking. 

?J33e)FU^ parpataka, s. The shrub 
Mullugo cerviana. 

3is3^4?> parpavuni, c. v. {of 25 
h?^ or ^i4^^>) To cause to 
drink. 2. to have pulled out, 
cause to pluck or pull. 

3i&Fci parpini (^55), v. a. To 
drink, sip. 2. to take food, 
as a Pariah. 

't'^F parpu, see tidi^. 

si^Fji parpuni (^^S), v. a. To 

sisSr parpe 


?ie7e) p&lK 

pluck, pull out, aa roots, 

grass, etc; cf, *i^r^ 
J^rd parpele, s. A drunkard. 
tii^T parba, s, A festival, feast, 

5ie3^F sgjf) parMvuni, c, v. {of sJ 

»^r^) To cause to spread, 

extend, dilGfuse. 
tiV^v parbn, see t^. 

siejorji parbuni (3^^^), ^.«. To 
spread, multiply, diffuse; to 

sirfoFji pannana, see ti6^T^o^, 

sirfoFO parmari, see ;3;i)F0. 

3isi3c)Ft3* parmani^, j. A pole at- 
tached to a boat's sail. 

ti^i^VTf pannasj, see j^^j^^j. 

sidJe)F^ pannalft, s. The name of 

a hill. 
sioJoF parya, see sitJccb. 

sJcxJTOFUfI parylta^J, see zJOcdja 

sJo^jcFOi) paryiyiL, j^<? sJ&odjaodo. 
3ial>0Fji paryuni, ^^^ ss&odoo^ 

sJ^^iFji parluni i^^^)^ v.n. To 
be washed, as a dam or re- 
servoir. V, a. To cut sharply, 
as a knife. 

3JriF parva, s. Awe, fear, rever- 
ence, respect, regard; cf. ^irj. 

sJrfF parva, ^. A knot, joint of a 
cane. 2. a name given to 
certain days in the lunar 
month, as the full and change 
of the moon. 3. division of 
a year, as the equinox, sol- 
stice, etc\ cf, 3580F. 4. a 

section, division, chapter. 5. 
stage or degree of ripeness 
in fruits. — wae; a holy day. 

sirfFocS parvanda, adj. Honor- 
ary. -3jg^zS a robe of honor. 

sJ^F^ parvatai s, A mountain, 

SjsSfo^, SjsSfO parveli^, parveli, 
s. A feast or meal among 
Pariahs. 2, see t>h^^o, 

sJSf parsS, see tid€, 

^^^^ parleppu, see ^J^^j*^. 

3io pala, see ^^. 

^vo'i^ palankena, adv. Early. 

2. see 2ir«^. 
zivoT^ palangj, see ^%o7(. 

;3je;o2od palambara, s. Fulness. 
2. see sic^oaDT^. 

si^otocii?) palambaruni (srfoowS), 
V. n. To be full. 2. see tf owo 

siootoj^ palambuni (sJe^o^, ^f, a. 

To lament. 
sJoUoJi palatuni (3i<s;l3), 7/.«. To 

be altered, changed. 
^^«S palapU; ^. A boundary, 

3i^o^ palayi, ^. A plank, board. 

-^78^ the Indian cod. 
3ioo5opalaye, s. An elder brother. 
2j^5g) palavu, J^^ ^««4. 
sio^fi palana, j^^ ^e/scS. 

xIsTdOiOcJ palayana^ ^. Flight, 
retreat. -^5?o|^^ to retreat, 

sJOTO^j pal^ri^^^Qfi^I^ 


ivs pali 


?jd pava 

sio^oSo palaye, see jJocA). 

3i©e>d palira, see ^^n. 

^jeTe)^ paUia^ s. The tree ^2^/^^ 

?J€) pali, ^. An elder sister. 

sj© pali, ^^^ 250. 2. 5^^ 25V. 

3rf©i? palikft, s. A valley, decli- 
vity. 2. a pond, ditch. 

3J0^ palita, see ^c^ 

^€)^, r!d^ palita, palipu, s. 
Effect, virtue, efficacy, as of 

• a hand, medicine, etc. 2. 
durability, survivance 

siO^c^palipuni, see ^Oi^s>. 

Sjtx) pala, s. Ripening, as of fruit. 
2. see 250#. adj\ Half ripe. 

?j6 pale, ^^^ 25©oSb. 

3J^^^ palkuni {^^^^ 'v.n. To 
be very soft, as an over- 
ripe fruit. 2. to be pliant, 

3i6 a palgsedi, see 23;^4.. 

^S ^^ palgedi, s. A base, mean 

3i£) paldi, see t^c. 

2j®j;d^ palnir^^, see tjo^^^.' 

sJo^ paU», see 25eo, 

sJo palla, s. A small enclosure 
of wicker work for keeping 
cooked food during an enter- 
tainment. 2, see 3d^. 

sj^ort pallanga, s, A canopy 
over a couch or bedstead. 

7i^^ pallaki, s. ^^o^. 

^ie^y pallata, adj. Overwhelmed. 
2. altered. 3. misplaced. -^ 

^^ to be altered. -^^^'^Si to 

zivti pallana, s. Rags. 2. patch- 
work of a garment. — csto^^ 
to wear patched garments. 

3Je;0^ pallayi, s. An earthen 

zio zi pallava, s. A sprout, shoot. 


ricJe) palla, s. A port. 2. see 


x!o|irfo?> pallidum (^«^5), z^.«. 
To be unsteady. 

3JS palli, ^. A house lizard. 
2. a fork. 3. a rake. -^^^ 
to grasp one's hands in a 
children's game. 

3J€;o pallu, adj. Stupid, simple. 
2. timid, spiritless, wanting 
boldness; cf, c*§^. 3. see 
;^cx) . — ^oirfo^a mad ^r howl- 


ing jackal. — jM^iro^ a weak 
fellow; a stupid man. 

sJsS pallS, s. The spleen. 2. the 
large bean of Entada mona^ 
stachya\ also — ttooso. -S^o^ 
tL- the knee-cap. —ci ;V oioo^ 
a bundle of the said beans. 
— ecuT^ the creeper of Entada 
monastachia. — ^eoo^o^toplay 
with Entada seeds. 

3Je3o* pallenki, s. A palankeen. 

3id^3j3?/1 pallekkiroga, s. 

3isJc3^ pavanj, s, A gold coin 

equal to twenty shillings. 
sjrfci pavana, s. A sieve, strainer. 

sjdfj, r!;jdj;)cJ pavana, pavami- 
na, s. Air,- wind. ^ 

3Jd pay a 


i*^ paski 

?Jdo, zi^^ pavalai pavala^ see 

-siO^ pavitra, ^j^'. Clean, pure, 
purified, s. Sacrificial (or 
kusa) grass, Poa cynosurot- 
des. 2. a ring of kusa grass 
put on the fourth finger by 
a Brahman while performing 
a ceremony. 

Ti^ot^ pavunci; s. A bracelet of 
gold beads. 

si^otS pavu^Ji, s. The Dasara 

sJs^oe3nc)6 pavunjigSre, s. A fop, 
dandiprat; a vain or proud 

^^23 pavuji, see ^^^. 

^s^p© pavoli, see sro^o. 

tiitti pasapasa, see ssd^ti. 

^2^ pasui s. An animal in 
general. 2. a beast. 3. horned 

3id pali^ see ^^. 

^9e>3e)oJ, »j919 3j^o!J paSCatSpa^ 

paflcatt&pa^ j. Contrition, re- 
pentance, remorse, sorrow. 
2. pity, compassion, ^^h^ 
to be penitent. — sJiS^scw^, 
— "rfj^S) to repent. 

ZjTfo^^ sJ;^oz3pas|^mb69pa8ambi^ 

^. A sack or bag made of 

Zj7ioj\^ pasangari^ s. A kind of 

^Ao^^ 3:j;!Jon^ pasantfL, pasandf , 

adj. Comely, handsome, well, 

pleasing, nice. 

sji^o^, SjTio^ pasantra, pasandra^ 
s. Vicinity, neighbourhood, 

3i;j^ pasakkai see ^Jti^^. 

sirfOoJooji pasariyuni, see T^txio^. 

"SjJi^ pasalf I s. The share of a 

siTiO pasali, see ^Tic. 

3i;TOa pasidi, see a^id^a. 

^T^zf pasadi^; j. Transpiring, 
becoming public. 

SjT^if pasarj, see ^7i^5. 

Zj7^^ pasEri^ ^. A druggist. 

"sih pasi, s. A boy. 2. a child. 

isiko^ti pasinkara, s. Dampness, 
wetness. 2. yielding, softness. 

?Jr07^U, ZjkA& pasigettiy pasiget- 
tt, see 35^^L^. 

3i;jj pasu, see sJ^. 

•SjI^ pasi, s. Moisture, wetness, 
dampness. 2. greasiness, 
oiliness. 3. essence, sub- 
stance, strength. ^eSrf— 
dampness. c^osj^— greasi- 
ness of ghee. ^^-dzL- the 
strength of tobacco. 

si;:5djji paseruni (^^^S), v. n. & 
a. To extend, diffuse, spread. 

•SjT^s paskj, s. Collection, fee. 
— D^?> to collect a fee. 

^;lU, ^A^ paskattiy pasketti^ 
s. Turf, sod, sward, removed 
from the earth for covering 
a wall, elc.^ with it. 

3i;^tf paskarj, see sjtotj. 

Zjf^ paskiy s. Punishing a* boy 


7ix paska 


35e)on p&ngi 

by making him to stand and 
sit alternately with both 
ears seized by his fingers 

^^i paskutta, s. Sickliness. 
—ctooSj a sickly man, invalid. 

"siA^ paskedi, see ^^^^* 

sirio^ paspu, adj. Clear. 2. wet ; 
c/. 7jA 3. see Tidy^ 

3i^o^ passar^, s. Clipping, cut- 
ting asunder. 2. killing, mur- 

3isb^Ji passuni, see sJ^^. 

siv^o^, si^on^ palank^^, palangj, 
see 3:ie)oX. 


si^o^ci palankena^ see t^^^^, 

^^o^A palantigS, s. Declivity. 

3i^c^ paladya, s. Sauce or pep- 
per-water with or without 

"si^zi^ palapala, s. The rippling 
noise of water. adv,, see 

3i^^(3 palani, see ^e;»c5. 

3J§ pall, s. A long rice-field. 2. 

see ^c, 
3i«* palikS, J^^ 230*. 

si^o^o Ji palenkuni (^^o^), t^. a. 
To upset, overturn. 

2i^i.?i palkuni, see sjc^o^^ 

5i< palla, s. A shallow stream, 
pond, ditch. 2. a hollow, low 
spot. 3. a hole, pit. —-do^io^ 
to roll in a pond; to fill up 
a hollow. 

3i^ palli, s. A mosque. 2. see 


siv^o, pallu, J^^ 23c^. 

si^ palli, see ^^. 

3i^(i pallena, s. Light, shine. 
2. ^^^ 35c©?f. — e^Lsi to become 
light; to shine. 

zi^ paksha, s. The dark or 
bright half of the lunar 
month. 2. a side, flank. 3. a 
party. 4. partiality. 5. an 
argument; a position ad- 
vanced or to be maintained. 
— crooSo a partisan, adherent. 
^cs^,z5d— partiality. — swS 
a partial person. — to4. —sro^ 
pairalysis. — to^ctooS^ a para- 
lytic. ^^— the dark lunar 
fortnight, ^^f,— the bright 
lunar fortnight. sJ^^Xo^fJeSb^, 
tj'^^X^ €eT^o5i to take a side. 

si^^Se)^, 3i^ CTsoijj pakBhav&ta, 
pakshavayu, s. Paralysis. 

3^9e) o^d pakshantara, s. Another 
side or part. 2. the opinion 
of a party. 

sJ* pakshi, see ^\ 

rid-sjs©^ pakshivaljL, ^^ zJ^oa 
o^ under si^. 

33e>o^ pank?, J. A kind of 
musical instrument. 

53e)o* pinka, see ^o^. 

S3?or1^ pangala, s. A portion, 
share. — ss^^^o^ to divide; to 

S3e)or\^fi, o3e)ohdci, o3e>onC3e>ci 

pang^itana, p&ng^idana, pangida- 
na, s. Scorn, mockery, jeering, 
despising. ^ 

33e)or\ ptngi 


53e)^ pika 

S3^oAaiJe)s4c^ pSngiyavuni, c. v. 

(^srooTvodoj^) To despise, jeer, 

53e)oAol>oJi, S3e)or{^Ji p&ngiyuni, 

pingyuni (srooj^, v. n. To be 

despised, jeered, mocked. 
55e)o A?^ piigila, adj. Precious. 
S3e)orl) p&ngu^ s. Sickness. 2. a 

share. 3. proportion. 
S3^otys^o^ pancalerjL, see -i^ot^^B, 
33e>oti panja, adj. Oblique, slop- 
S3e>cz;jd, 53e)o23^d pSnjara, p&nja- 

ra, J. A den, cave, cavern. 2. 

a cage. 
53^ofcj^, S3c)oUo pant^, pa^tu, s. 

Fatigue, weariness. — ^wo^^ 

to get weary. 
S3e>oa pants, ^. A spool. pman. 
S3e)o^ pante, s. A stiff, stunted 

S3e)o^e; pantela, s. Stiffness; 

S3e)o:i panda, see srooa. 

S3e>ocJd p&ndara, s. Pale or 
yellowish white. 

33«)orfrieoi3 o5o ptodava bajjei, s. 
A large kind of areca nut. 

^;se>ocJ«S, S3e)o:^d pandavn, panda- 
ve, s. A pigeon, dove. 

S3e)orfdD^ p&ndaverj, s. The five 
Pandu princes. 

o3^od pandi, s. A country in 
the south of India, compre- 
hending part of the modern 
Tamil provinces. — ^o^, 
— 7i3oozio a male's garment 
manufactured there. —oSot^, 
see zN>ot^6, 

S3c)oao*, ^i>od^ pandilj, p5n- 
del|^, s. A kind of tree ; cf. 
croode^. — #8D large ears. 

53e)orfo pandu, s. The father of 
the five Pandu princes and 
sovereign of ancient Delhi. 
adj. Pale, yellowish white, 
piebald. -2bai^ liver complaint, 
— T5j»e>^ the white leprosy. 

33e)odo pandya, see csoa. 

S3e)oFSd pannerfe, see stozS^t? under 

33c>o^ panta, adj. Linear, regu- 
lar, methodical. 

33c)o^e^ pantuni {^o^^v.n. To 
be eager, impatient. 2. to 
vie, compete. orooS33;}o§5 
eagerly, ardently. srooSc^oS 
5 •R^t:^ to purchase eagerly. 

'S3e>oi pants, s. A butterfly. 

?3e)ocJd, S3e)od^ pandava, pan- 
davu, s. A thin strip of a 
cocoanut branch or of other 
fibrous trees, generally used 
as a band or tie. -cJ eof^ a 
string or cord made of such 

S3e)oae3^, 53e)od^ pEndil?, pan- 
del?, s. A kind of bush. 

S3^oo3) pampu, see s:5>^ 

53e)oz3JS^ pambolj, s. A kind of 
flat, long fish. adj. Long, 
slender. — ^?^ a rat-snake. 

o3e)^ pik|^, adv. Once a day. 
— TiijsTi)^ to cut once ; to tap, 
as a palm-tree. ^ j 

53e)t^ p5ka, adj. Some, several, 

^e)^ p&ka 


S3e)d pidi 

a few. —^^ a few persons. 
— ?j;i3a5o some time. 

53e)^ paka, s. Maturity, the state 
of being boiled or ripened. 
— e^lb^ to be fully ripe; to 
be properiy prepared, as food, 
elc. -tJov'oi^^ to cook, boil. 

^3e)'rfo paku, see sroS^. 

33e)^oU pakutti, s. A knife for 
cutting betel-nuts. 

^3^r(d, s:i«)ne)d pagara, pagira, s. 
An inclosure, fence; a ram- 

-S3e)rt pagJ, J. A kind of tree. 

zst>7i paca, s. The lungs of fish. 
2. the skin of the leg. 

^^s^2& paci, s. A sponge. 2. see 

^fi)tA7^, 33e)S^o pacigJ, p5cu, s. A 

kind of pill. 
^■5)2^^, sje)ta6 padilj, p5cil6, s. 

A bivalve shell, Mythilus. 
53e)^$ pSc6, <y^^ S33ei. 2. see zis^, 

^e)^o3o, 53e)23c)5^ paccayo, pa- 
Javu, s. A pasha, sovereign, 
ruler. — esr^^c^ royalty of a 

4Ce)t3 paji, s, A servant, menial. 
TTO25 ^ec^ sroaS e^^ even a Kazi 
may become a menial; mis- 
fortune may reduce a great 
man to obscurity. 

53e)^, 33e)tSo5o paJ6, pajeyi,' s. 
Algae, lichen. -sJ^^ algae 
to grow. 

5Je)2So5^, 33e)?S?^ Pajeyi, pijevn, 
s. The tree Ficus conglome- 
rata ; also 7<7<f^ ^^. 

53e)b* patj, see 5ro5. 

53c)y p&ta, see sra^. 

33c)li^ patala, s. Pale red, rose 
colour. 2. the trumpet flower 
plant; also e»wo. — ^ the 
trumpet flower. 

S3e)be)^ patali, s. The manager 
or warden of a temple. 

S3e)Ji pati, s. A gang of work- i 
men, particularly working 
on roads. 2. road-work ; also 
ss)Bd c3ed 3.'a party, set of 

S3e)d patha, s. A lesson, task, i 
2. reading, -is^ a school. 
— tf (i;j^^ to commit to memory. 
— #j»br?) to deliver a lesson. 
— ^^^^ to learn or commit 
to memory, as a lesson; to 
practise, do frequently; to 
contract a habit. 

STSO^ pW|^> -y- Likeness, simila- 
rity, mode, form, order. 

53e>rf p5da, s. An oil vessel. 
2. a liquid measure equal to 
about one maund. 

55c)Cirt padaga, s. An anklet. 

z^zi^ padalfli, see t>^€. 

S3e)23e)0 padari, adj\ Destitute, 
poor. 2. extravagant, reck- 
less, ruinous. 

5!3e>C3e)5i'^ padivalli, see S^sd. 

S3c)rs«)5^Ji padavuni, c. v. {of ss*) 
tio^) To cause to throw, place, 

S3c)a padi, s. An under-wood, 
small forest; also sss^ 

S3e)Ci) pldu 


S3e>S pKte 

STOciori pMuga, see cf^TiX. 
33e)rfoc5o3o6p5duniyer6, see under 

33c)rfOc^ paduni (33»S), v. a. To 
throw, cast, fling; to dis- 
charge, as a missile weapon 
or fire-arm. 2. to place, put. 
3. to put on, dress. 4. to 
pour. esoTw-to put on a coat. 
XootIdu- to shoot. i^rfS— to 
name. tfri^S- to pour into a 
pot. Xo^^S- to throw into 
a well. 33i5j^5- to put into 
a hox. 533^ thrown, dis- 
charged; worn; poured. 3joa 
e3e6 sroa ei:^ lit, the task 
set and the food doled out; 
slavery which exacts the 
largest quantity * of labour 
for the least pay, srozior5oSoT5, 
sro^T?, sjsoj^ lit, put for eat- 
ing; any thing serving as 
sauce or pepper-water. 

33^rSc5e)oao padenayi, see -ti&^o^, 

33e)djscs)0ci padonuni, refl, v, (of 
sTOTi)^) To wear, dress; to put 
on a mask. 

sracS 6 padnerS, see under sro^S). 

zs^ti -^ paddanai J. A legendary 
account of the demons and 
heroes of the Tulu country in 
verse. aio*iji>cx- the tale of 
the demon Jumadi. — zJ^^ 
to recite such verses. 

srarfo pftdya, s. The first lunar 
day of either fortnight. 

sracii^t^ pSdruni, see c^tI)^. 

33e)c5 pini, s. The hand. — X^56rt 
a marriage. 

53e>cJ pini, s. A large water- 

STdrS^ pftnini^ s. A celebrated 
Sanskrit grammarian. 

S3e)fS pani^ s, A large earthen 

ss^rf 6 pSnnerS, see under srotio^. 

S3e>^, 57S)^c^ pata, p&tanai see 

53c)^^, STO'iri pStaka, pStaga, s. 
Sin, crime. sj»>*^, sro^^, sro^^ 
a sinner. 

S3e)3e)^ pStSla, ^. The infernal 
regions, hell. -Xxijrf, -XxijzS 
a drag to catch things under 
water; cf. Xt^ot^sj^s^^' under 
XtI^t^. — Xo«5^ a demon so 
called. -Xj^f9 an eclipse 
below the horizon. -«?^^5 a 
demon so called. 

S3e)«^ pati^ ^. A small boat. 2. 
a trough or bathing tub. 3. 
a spout, drain, sluice, tube. 
4. a nursery for plants. 

33e)^B^o pititya, s, A lapse, fall. 
2. loss of caste. 

S3c)30 patiri, s, A priest. 2. a 
demon priest. 

53e)3rf^^o pativratya, s. Chastity. 

S5^^o pitu, adj. Bent. -*?S)^ 
to bend, be curved. 

S5e>^Ji patuni, see srosro^^ 

S3e)id pitera, s, A word, speech, 
saying. 2. language. 3. a 
promise. — #j;>bF^ to promise* 

S3^S p&te 


53^^ pipa 

oSoo^ Zio^ S3»#d cn)oti) I have 
something to say. 

s;e>ioe>4t^, 53e)i33^F5^^ p&teri- 
vuni, paterpivuni, c v. {of c»* 
■rfosi) To cause to speak. 2. 
to make reproach. 

33t)3D pftteri, see toSO. 

S3e)idoJi pateruni {s3a^5), v. n. 
To speak, say, converse, talk. 
V. a. To reproach, scold, 

53«)^ patra, adj. Worthy, fit, 
suitable, s. Worth. 

nc)^, S3e)J pitra, patr6, s. A 
vessel in general; a plate, 
cup, jar. — ^^ a round kind 
of water-gourd. 

3TO^ pStri, see swSt). 

STOCS pida, J. A foot. 2. the 
foot or line of a stanza. — Se 
ijJr water in which a spiritual 
guide has washed his feet; 
a foot-bath. — 2^e^ a foot-stool. 
— ^<fi worshipping the feet, 
as of a guru. — ^^ a sandal, 
shoe. — :5e^ prostration ; per- 
sonal service. 

55e)cS^F^ padattigS, s. The pe- 
destal of a column. 

srorfd^g padarasa, s. Quicksilver, 

55e)cJD padari, s. The tree Big- 
nonia chelonoides. 2. see c^O). 

S3e>C3c)!3/^ padatigi, see z:^^^^^, 

S3^C3a)d padara, s. A pair. 

syscijTf, 55^cSo/^ padukS, pMugi, 
^. Wooden sandals. 

S5^c5 pld6, ^. A rock. — ^ a 
flower growing on rocks. 
— tIjov'o Polycorpaea corytnbo^ 
sa\ cf. «5WdTi. 

sro:^ pMya, s. Water for wash- 
ing the feet. 

33e>a^, 53e>d^ pldri, pMrfe, s. An 
European clergyman. 2. a 
Christian missionary, mini- i 

33e)c3^ pinj, J. A page. 

53e)ci pana, J. Drinking. ^cJg-. 
drinking spirituous liquors. 

S3e)fi^ panaka, ^. The cooling i 
drink made from jaggory, 
pepper, and water mixed 
together, lemonade. -53i»* 
offering 3uch a drink to a 

s:e)ci53e) J pinapitra, s. A drink- 
ing vessel, cup. 

53e)c^?3^, zs^'^Tf plnas?, pKnSsfL, 
s. A lantern. 

55e)ci pani, s. Water. 

S3e)(3 p&niy ^. A kind of brass 
vessel. 2j55^— a vessel made 
of palmyra leaves. — 23^?> 
to make a small basket of 

S3c)fi panka, see zs>^. 

33e)Si pipa, s. Sin, fault, trans- 
gression, iniquity, crime, 
guilt wickedness, evil. 2. 
pity. adj. Vile, mischievous- 
2. pitiable. «>oSJ!g^- alas! 
what a sin ! what a pity ! —^ 
^F a wicked act. — Xor* a 

S3e)r; P&pa 


33^c;Sjs) p&yi 

depraved nature. -sJo^e^FcJ, 
— ci&?? confession of sin. —?» 
^ci, — 3oTic© ^7jG®5>'d pardon, 
atonement of sin, absolution 
from sin. — rfo^zi distress 
occasioned by sin. -^^^ 
vice and virtue. — ^wo^^ to 
commit evil; to incur guilt. 
-^ttft^rw^ to be hardened in 
sin. ^^^0^^ to sin. 

^s^Sj^ pipat^, s. The parting 
of the hair on a female^s 
^ 53^3i^ papatu, see ssa^^. 
I 53^3iO papari, s. Pauperism, des- 
titution. 2. a pauper, adj. 

' Insolvent. fpers. 

zs^^Tf pipaei^, s. Shoes, slip- 

sid^^^c^ papavuni, see zjs>zj;i4^. 

^3e>3jD7^ paparigi, s. Insolvency. 

S79xSe)l^ pap&tme^ s. A sinner, 

33e>3TS)53) P^P^vu, adj. Bent. 
53e)S3e)S;3)c^ pSpivuni (srocD), V. a. 

To bow, bend. v. n. To be 
: sufficient, enough. 

STOSTO?;;^ pipisy, see s»;rf55. 

53c)2j, zy^hA pSpi, papishte, s. 
A sinner. 2. a destitute man. 

S3e>^ pipu, s. A small bridge; 
a stone or log of wood, etc.^ 
serving for a bridge. 

53e>^ plpu, adj. Enough. 

^e)^ papi^ s. An image, statue, 
puppet, doll. adj\ Bent, in- 
clined. — ^Ti a bent tree. 
— Defi^, ~5»z4)» to offer a re- 

presentation of one's self as 
a thank-offering to a deity. 

33e)«^3(>^ pipottu, adj\ Suffering 
innocently. — c^^»^ an in- 
nocent sufferer. 

S3^^&9^ pama5f^ s. A small 
wooden bridge. 

33e)^t^ pamaoca^ s. A kind of 

S3e)sl)t3, STddotd) pamaji, pamaja^ 
s. Moss. 2. a green substance 
floating on stagnant water. 
~-7j^^ to become mossy. 

83^^d pamara, adj\ Ignorant, 
stupid, foolish. 2. wicked, 
vile, base, rude. — a^c^ low, 
ignorant people. — ^crf igno- 
rance, rudeness. 

sjddoD pimari, adj. Vile. 2. scab- 
by. -TlaeX scabbiness; itch, 

S3e)aJo paya, s. Foundation. 2. 
gain, profit; cf. ssaosod. ^^ 
h^ to look to one's own 
advantage. — Aoezio^i, —^4^^ 
to dig a foundation. — cail)^ 
to lay a foundation. — ^^ 
^ to gain. 

o3e)0d^ piya^ s. Coming into ex- 
istence, or being delivered 
of a child, as among Pariahs, 
etc. 2. see 25crij. — e^l)^, ss^criw 
h^ to be born, delivered of 
a child. 

ss^cxio;^ payasa^ s. A preparation 
consisting of rice, milk, and 
sugar. £f»«^- 

53e)aJ3e) piy& 


33e)09 p&ri 

33e>ai3e>s3)S piyivnni, c. v. {of 
sroc3dM§i) To ripple, agitate 
the surface of water. 

53e)05o p5yi, ^. A sail. 2. a mat. 
3. see 5330*3. — ^woj^, — •ija^?) 
to take the sails in ; to de- 
camp, run away. -«Tfa»t>F§i, 
-c^TliS), —eooZ^^ to set sail. 

s3e)05jTn>(J, 33c)0^5ae)(5 pSyikinJ, 
piyikhinft, ^. A privy. 

53c)05Jd, 33e)0&jc3 p&yida, piyidJ, 
s. Profit, advantage, gain. 
2. ready money. 

S3e)05ocS^ pSyidala, s. Infantry. 

53^0S)Jc5e>« piyinili, see sJowoq:^^. 

S3c)05oo^sS3e>cS piyil»inine, see 3^ 

53c)0^?^ piyisv,' Public, 
published, known. 2. see sro 
odo;^. 3. see 35^!3. -•5o5;b^5) to 
publish, advertise, notify, 
make known. 

33c>oSj?i pSyisa^ see c^cdoTt 

53e)OijjJi piyuni (c;>o9o), v. n. To 
ripple, be agitated, as the 
surface of water. 2. to be 
diffused, as molten metal, 
etc.^ in a mould. 

sraoJoi^o* pSyekkel», see zJcdj*^. 

53e)o3o?o* pSyesDL, ^^^ '^^' 

5TO0i^ci P*yyan&5 "^^^ 5icxi3g>J, 

zs^xf p&Tf I ^. An islet. 

sreo^ pirjL, ^. The opposite 
bank of a river. 2. end, 
extremity, -e^fc^ to pass, 
ford, cross over; to get 
through or over a difficulty. 

— TJo^ij^^i to make pass or 
cross over; to deliver from 
a difficulty. 
S5c)tf o5p?&c^ pari^pdpini, see c» 

335)CJ pira, ^. Guard, custody, 
keeping. — V5>i^^>, — iSo^^?) to 
guard. -^o^'^^ to guard, 
watch. — oeS^^i, — caiSoSi to 
place a guard. — osoaj a 
sentry, guard. ZJsQA-d^ ti^h^ 
to put in a lockup. 

ST5)d pira, s. Brooding, hatch- 
ing, incubation. z^-^A^i^ "^^^^^ 
^ to brood, sit on eggs. s» 
tSaXj Deb^ to place the eggs 
for brooding or incubation. 
oa^jiXo tobF^ to prepare to 
sit on eggs after a fowl has 
finished laying them. 

33e)rfo5j6, S3e)do3jOi)r paramparJ, 
piramparya, s. Continuous 
order or succession. 2. tra- 

33e)d«3e)^ pirajlta, see 73t>art)^ 

S3^dr3^o5j piradiye, s. A guard, 
sentry, or watchman. 

S3e)dd^^^^P*raniarthika,^. One 
intent upon another world. 
adj. Real, true, sincere. 

sraOe)y parita, s. Running, a 

S3c)TOo4)C9 piriyana, s, Reading 
from a sacred book the lesson 
for the day. 

S3^D^^ci parlvnni, c. v. (o/^^ 
cd) To cause to run; to drive. 

S3^& p&ri 


S3e)^) pala 

^e>0 pari, s. A milk pot. 2. 

water. 3. ^<j^ sssO. 
53c)Ort pirigJ, ;r^^ stotow. 
53e)Ot3e>^ pirfjlta, s. One of the 

trees of paradise, Nydanthes 

arbor tristis, 2. the tree 

yielding every wish. 
5Je)02J pariaa, see cw^f'. 

53e)ti0 parU, J^^ S3»5. 2. ^^^ S3»T^. 

^•sdoj) pamni (sro5), z^. «. To 
run. 2. to fly. 3. to escape, 
^e^l- to expire. sroTiicrooSo, j^^ 

^^^- [rain. 

53c)do3ir5 pampani, ^. A drizzling 

23e>do3j^ parapatya, s. Manage- 
ment, superintendence. — t^^ 
a manager, superintendent. 

53c)do<s^o parulu, see ssstJjs^o. 2. 

53e)6 pari, s. The hip, haunch. 
2. the shoulder. 3. the scom- 
ber, a kind of fish; also s33t55)3»5. 
4. see s:3T^. 5. ^^^ ^^r^. 
— aft)Ti>^ the hip (7r shoulder 
to be dislocated. 

533 6oh pSrengi, s. An iron 
crowbar, used for digging. 
2. a lever. 

tae)6ot3 parenji, see zJ^al 

53c>d^ pSrely, s. A fugitive 
animal. 2, see zx^a^^. 

33e>6c3 parele, s. A runner; a 
run-away, truant; a fugitive. 

S3e)dJe)^o pirolu, s, A young she- 

sra^FPS pirkanJ, s. Paying in- 
to a government treasury 

the revenue collected by a 
village oflScer. 2. examina- 
tion of coins, assaying. 

53slr parts, see -tt7, 

sroqSr partha, s, A name of 
Arjuna. -?teT:^5> Krushna. 

53e)drci pirdana, see zi^pi^, 

zsb'tiT^^ parpadily, ^f/;^. Empty. 

o3e)5ircs parvana, s, A particular 
funeral ceremony. 2. a cake 
used at a funeral ceremony. 

33e)rfr3 parvati, s. The wife of 

S5e)Sr parsi, s, A Parsee. 2. the 
Persian language. — ^3?^, 
—'^^ the kingdom of Persia* 

S3c)^r parlva, s, A side. 2. a 
part. 80(y- the right side. 
odoz^ the left side. 

038)53^ paljL, s, A share, portion, 
part, division. — 7^t5, — ctooSj 
a partner, owjj- on all sides ; 
dispersion, —^h^ to be di- 
vided. -.^J3§br^ to give a part, 
portion or share. ~*i^F^ to 
apportion, -oelbsi, — zii^'j^S) to 

divide. S3;>^ ^'^ someHmes 
added to cardinal numbers 
for the purpose of forming 
multiplicatives ; as^ cTO^- qua- 

S3e)o* pilaki, see ^s^o*. 

o3c)^^ palake, ^. A keeper, guar- 
dian ; a protector, preserver* 
^^^— a doorkeeper, porter. 
Ci^e«f5 the regents of the 
eight points of the compass. 


S3e)^ pala 


S3e)^j pasn 

33?>t>(Jpalan6, ^.Cherishing, pro- 
tecting, nourishing, nursing ; 

see 250sroe?e5. 

S3e>^7j, S3e>e7e>?3pila8a^pili8&^^^^ 

S3e)0 pili, s. Invoking, address- 
ing in , prayer. 2. a vow, 
— zjrf^^ to implore ; to make a 

pilipuni, piliyuni, paisuni {^ 
e, c^Cco), V, a. To nourish, 
cherish, protect, keep. 2. to 
bestow, give, grant, distri- 
bute, vouchsafe. 

S3s)^, 53c)e3o2oo pal6, pUembu, s. 
The spatha of palm-blossoms 
or of an areca branch. 2, a 
cap made of areca spatha. 
3. the sole of the foot. 4. 
the tree Alstonis scholaria. 
is^oel- the stalk of a spatha. 
—Deb^ to put on a cap; to be 
in servitude. — zJ^» to hold 
a spatha ; to beg. — o^Oj^ the 
spatha of an areca branch to 
fall oflf. cJcx- a kind of grass. 

S3e)e35S pHevu, s, A large tor- 

33e)e;oC3 pUguna, see ^oore. 

S3e)t^ palya, s. A grant. 2. see 

S3e)sii5 pavatJ, s, A step or stair. 

— ^w^S) to erect steps. 
33c)rffc5 pavati, s. The bush 

Pavetta Indica. 
^^z^d pavadS, i. A foot-cloth; 

cloth spread on the floor at a 
wedding for the bride and 
bridegroom to tread upon. 

2. a girl's garment, skirt. 

3. a cover. 4. the cloth put 
on the back of a buffalo. 
^Ji- a petticoat. 

S3e>rff^ pavan^, see 3iz55. 

33^;ifl, 53a)3e>cl pavanft, pavani, , 
^. A quarter anna, three pie. 

53e>si^ pavati, s. An acknowledg- 
ment. 2. payment, -"d^eta a 

33e)^cJ pivana, s. Purification. 
2. penance, adj. Pure, puri- 

S3e)rf€) pSvali, see sra^o*^. 

33e)SS pSvu, s. A quarter seer. 
2. curing, as tobacco, etc,\ 
see cptSsto^. — ^fjaSbr^ to cure, 
as tobacco, etc, 

S3e)S3)33^53* pSvupeicil^, s, A sub- 
scription given to a demon. 

S3«)4^D pavori, s. A leech. o3j 
^r— a larger kind of leech. 

53e>4«>® pivoli, s. A quarter 

S3e)^ pUai s. A fetter, chain, 
bond, tie. 2. a noose, snare. 

33^S pisi, s. Hanging by the 
neck. 2. algae. 3. a kind of 
glass beads. 4. bleeding of 
the nose or the gums. — TSf o»ij 
gallows. — ?\ "S^hF^ to hang. 

S3e>^ pasu, s, A mattress. 

S3^^j?ji pisupata, s. A Sivite 
sect. 5»^ozJs3^ a kind of 

53^^ pBva 411 

hota pMja 

charmed weapon ; Siva's tri- 
srai pasva, see zs;>^^r, 

S3e)3^oCJ pishanda^ s. Heresy, 

S3e)3^o:S pashande, s. A heretic, 
impostor. 2. a bigot, en- 

S3^ss^C9 p&shana^ s, A stone in 
general. 2. arsenic. — e?eD 
the plant Frianthema pen- 
tantra, ^c~^ white arsenic. 
7f3a~, 75o^— are some of its 

z^7f pisfi, s. The warp of a 
loom. 2. see c^^. -zJlS^ a 
border. — S:J4^f) to prepare 
the warp. — cazi)^ to fix the 
warp in a loom. 

ZS^Tf pisf^ s. Passing, as an 
examination or test. — Cffcsi, 
535);dsL^ to pass, as an exa- 

STO?3*3iO^, 53e>?/3j«€pi8?iparikJ, 
pasf paliki, s. A mattress, ^/i:. 
2. sound sleep. 3. cohabita- 
tion, conjugal harmony. 

S3e>rj pasa, s. Fasting; cf. ero:A>7j. 
2. the eleventh lunar day of 
either fortnight. 

S3c)75e>oi^ pSsantra, ^. Neighbour- 
hood, vicinity, suburbs. 

53e)?3c>a pasadi, postp. With, a 
sign of the social case; as, ^ 
odo sro^a ^e^ go with him. 
— tocAd a companion, associate. 
— 4Pe^^ to accompany. 

S3e);^C9 pasina^ see ssdc^re. 

33^;^obt^ p&sipini, ^^^ under cdfo. 
S3e)o) pasi, ^^ sroS. 
S}e);3 p&s^i ^. A kind of grass. 
S3e);io paspu; see ssaii)^. 

S3e)V^ paljL, ^^^ 555)^. 

S3^« pili, ^. A rag, shred. 2. 

S3c>*, 5TO^ pall, pilJ, ^. The tip 
of the ear. 

53e>^^, S3e)^o pSlya, pMyJ, J. An 
army. 2. a halting place, ^o 
rk^zj^^^7^-6 a petty chieftain. 

holi pinga, ^^^ &oXe;. 

obor(c9, obortc^ pingana, pingani, 

see fcoTQfi 

Sjorld, SjortS pingara, pingari, s. 

The blossom of the areca tree. 
SjortO pingari, s. Dissipation. 
S^oTivy hoM pingala, pingala, s. 

The fifty-first year of the 

Hindu cycle of sixty. 2. 

tawny colour; gold colour. 
Aborts? pingala, s. A demi-god, 

called Yaksha. 2. fire. 
oborrscS pingani, s, A small plate; 

porcelain, China ware. 
oborrad pingSra, see LoXx^. 

&o2St3, oboes^rS pinnana, pin- 
nini, see ho7^(6, 

obotS pinci, s. Parsimony, stingi- 
ness, adj. Parsimonious, stin- 
gy, miserly. -.w>5i a miser, 

2)otsjd, hozStiy pinjara, pii^ira, s. 
A bird's cage. 2. the body. 


Siion piQja 


^ pija 

2)otiD piijari, adj. Dejected, 
spiritless. 2. timorous; timid. 

SjoU, oboUoT^o^ pinta^ pintangelf , 

see &eoG. 

S^zi pinda, s. A lump, heap, 
quantity. 2. a ball, globe. 
3. a mouthful. 4. an oblation 
to the manes, as a ball or 
lump of rice mixed with 
milk, elc. 5. the foetus or 
embryo, in the early period 
of gestation. 6. the body. 
Sboz3»0TOG a man entitled to 
make oblations to the manes 
of his deceased relations, t^o 
A»e^^ the formation of the 

obo:3e)orf pindSnda, s. The body. 

ho^ pindi, s, A bundle, parcel, 
burden. 2. what is squeezed 
or ground. 3.^^^ ^o^. —^ 
cif^c^ harassing, dunning, teas- 
ing, e'oouoci- a bundle of 
cloth, eo^^ci- a bundle of 
betel leaves, -^w^?) to tie 
into a parcel or bundle. 

hod^ pindu, see ^ork). 

hod pindJ, see ^o^. 

obocS pinda, see h?^^ 

pindinava, pindinlye, pindonu- 

ni, see under ^^^ 
oboc^ pinni, see t>^ 
obo(S pinn6, s. A hole. 2. the 

eye of a needle, etc. — ^^cxjoo 

?> the eye ' of a needle to 


hot^Q pimbili, see 85o85«5. 

oboaJjosJ pinyanvu, adj\ Small, 

Jj*o^ pikiry, see 1^5. 

&^e7e)y, &9^li pikilata, piklata^ 
s. Cheating; wheedling, dis- 
honest dealing, -^^'o^^ to 
cheat, deal dishonestly. 

hir. pikka, adj\ Fast, as colour, i 

2j^?g*, o!j^?3^ pikkasf, pikkas^i^ 
s. A pickaxe. 

&^e> ?i pikdftni, see h^v^^ 

h^h^ picipici, adj. Miry, mnd- 
dy. 2. oozing, trickling. -5>e5 
oozing water. 

hzi pidca, adj. Left. ~^^ left 

obS^O^, &Z^0^, ob^^d, obt7e)od, 

obt?^ ^ piccdanda, pi6cand.^pi6- 
dadi, piccandi, piccadi, s. The 
hind part. 2. fetters. — ^^ 
a rope to tie a horse's hind 
legs. ^^WJj^ to pinion, tie 
the hands behind. 
h2^ O picSali, see ^c. 

It *^ 

h^ pic5i, s. Mammon; alsc^ 
hza de^S. 2. the testicles of 
animals. 3. a nut, especially 
the cashew nut ; also — ^jaxioC 
— zij^S a nursery field. — ^ 
^o> to play with cashew nuts^ 
—^^^ to castrate. 

h7i picci, adj. Left. -*^ left 

to" ^ 

5b«8J?) €) piccoli, see ^^C. 
hu pija, ^^^ 33af.Google 

obti p^a 


h^ pita 

^ea^ pijakri, see tSd^j. 
&z3 p^Ji, s. A twist. 
i^^o'i p^inkJ, see lbaS#. 

SiZSofej^ pijittt^^^ ^' Twisting, 

^t3ote)5jJi p^Jintavuni, c.v. {of 

23a3ouo^) To twist, writhe. 
4)t3olioji pijintuni (IbaSoG), v, n. 

To he twistea, writhed. 2. to 

be distorted, deformed. Aae*- 

the face to be distorted; to 

make a wry face. 
«be3p^d pijintele^ s, A man 

whose features are distorted, 

a deformed man. 
obtS^ p^ikJ, s. A kind of tree. 

2. a twist. 
2ie3*, pyikr§, see eSai^. 

are some kinds of ants. 
•2)t35Sc^ pijipuni (S^aSS), v. a. To 

twist, as a rope, yarn, eic. 
JbeSo^ V^irl^f s. A thin ear-ring. 

5>23ort pijirigj, ^. The matrix 
of a screw. 

dSbeScJjJj pijiruni (§ba§5), v.n. To 
turn, return. 2. to abate, 
subside; as rain, fever, efc. 

'2jt3 pijjji, s. A great grand- 

^2S pijje, s. A great grand- 

h^ piQfri, ^. The corner end of 
a female's cloth. 

«!jfe3«>6 pitarJ, s, A chest or 
trunk of rattan. 

5b!3 piti, s. Fear. 2. regard. 

obiiotjl3 pitipiti,<r. A small noise. 
-^^^^» to walk with short, 
rapid steps, as a child. 
— c/oXo^^ to hop, skip, jump. 

hii^ pitil?L, s. A fiddle. 

&fc^, &Uj pitty, pitta, s. The 
tartar of the teeth. ^^^ ^ 
the teeth to be in crusted 
with tartar. 

obyj?3^, obi3^?5^ pittas^, pittasji, 
adj. Brittle, fragile. 2. not 
properly baked or burnt. 3. 
delicate, frail, thin. 5. sordid, 
stingy, mean. -^li a half bak- 
ed earthen vessel. — sa^rooso 
a thin^helled cocoanut. — cW 
'sij^^ a man of delicate consti- 
tution; a mean person. — ste 
rij^S brittle ware. 

SjS.^ pittele, s. A miser, stingy 

S^ai, SjQ^, 2j^ pidita, piditta, 
pidta, s. Discrimination, judg- 
ment; bel, ?oTi tri 

i)^^ piditft, ^^^ ^X5. [razor. 

obaeJe)^ pidibSl\^, ^. A kind of 

^csS pidk\^, ^. Indisposition, 

oli^, ob^ pita, pitr\^, s. A father. 
2. the manes or deceased 
progenitors of mankind. — ^ 
skiF, — TOoiir worship of the 
manes by oblation of water, 
food, elc, -S^ the day on 
which offerings are made to 
the manes of an ancestor. 

&3«) piti 


&c3e) pin& 

-didt^ the peculiar region 
or habitation of departed 
ancestors. —"^^ a cemetery. 
_7te ?i like a father : a father's 

5b3c)o20, pitimbra, see h^^oz^ji, 

&3e)rfo&, 2)3e)0o pltfaiahi, piti- 
mi, s. A paternal grand- 

&;5e)doao, Sb3e)s3o pitamahe, pita- 
me, s. A paternal grand- 
father. 2. Brahma, the great 

h^o^^ pitulaty, see S^^e/sa 

5b^Je)D pituri, see ?5^t>. 
'3bi pita, see h^- 

h^ pittji, s. Bile. 2. shifting, 
changing position; fickleness. 
--o?b?> to shift, change posi- 

hi^ pitta, (idj\ Bilious, choleric. 
— Tj^^o a jaundice producing 
salivation, -a^ bilious fever. 
— ^t>eTi a bilious constitution 
^r temperament. — 3i^^, _t? 
dd>^, -cADeT^^ to be bilious; 
to be irritated. 

&^^ pittappe, s. A man of 
bilious or irritable temper; 
a crack-brained man. 

ob^d pittara, see hzi^, 

h^6 pittalft, s. Brass. 2. tinsel. 
-??83iTOcA3 one who listens to 
tales. ^e5- pure brass, the 
mixture of copper and zink. 

ob^^O pitturi, see ?i^t>. 

ht^ pitre, see t^. 

2jd pida, adj. Outer. 2. lucky ; 
^. LdOA). -^^ allurement, a 
lucky hand. ~"#^^^^5> to 
allure, entice. —3^ outside, 

2jdo^ pidankJ, see sSdo* 

Sbdortd pidangara, see ^cJoXt^. 

SidoJoo pidambu, see t^o2^ 

S^cS'j^pidakei, s. 'A water-vessel ; ' 
^. sSrfoXTJ. 2. ^^^ under 2bd. 

J)ddJ5>e3 pidamalS, .y^^ ^cjrfj^. 

2jCi05o pidayi, adv. Out, outside, 
abroad, adj. Outer. — ci ^o 
f« a covetous eye. — tooSo an 
outsider, stranger, outcaste, 
heathen. —03^ a strange 
woman; a woman in men- 
struation, —^h^ to be in 
monthly course. — ^e2b?> to 
go to stool. 

obcSd pidara, s. The tie-beam of 
a roof, a beam resting on the 
pillars of a veranda. 

Sjd^oji pidaluni (2is$^, v. n. 
To stumble, be sprained, in- 

5bnc)C3c)4Ji pidadavuni, c. v. {of 
LcTOTio^) To cause to start, 

Sbn^doji pidaduni (IjtoB), v. n. 
To start, depart. 

obc3c)d pidara, see tdr^. 

2:cSj^J5C9o?i pidukonuni (^^cl)!?^), 
V. refl. To know, understand, 
comprehend, ascertain, for 
one's self. 

obc3c)0 pinari, see S^ePjp.^ 

h^ pin& 


&0 piri 

&c3^3 pinasi^ s. A cold afifecting 
the nose. 2. a disease of the 
nasal membrane. 

Siji pini, adj\ Little, small, 
slight, trifling. -2^^ very 
slight ; as, -h^ ^Tir a very 
slight drizzle. 

obc^&i^ pinkat^; s. An atom, mite, 

&cJ|^;SJi pinpavuni, c. v. {of t>^ 
^) To make known, commu- 
nicate, inform, report, reveal. 

Sb^fi pinpini (^5), v. a. To know, 
understand, comprehend, ho 
Cic^4 what is known; know- 
ledge, acquaintance, infor- 
mation. SboDcTOoSj a man who 
is informed ; a learned or wise 
man, scholar. fcc^oOerooSo an 
ignorant man, a simpleton. 
obodijreo^ to know for one's 
self. 2b?^odo (you) don't know, 
(you) don't understand. 

5b^€) pippali, s. Long pepper. 
Piper longum. 

&^ pippiy see i^. 

&oi^ piyya, see 2^eoa«^. 

Zsi pira, adv. Behind, after, as 
to either situation, or time\ 
cf. ti^^> 2. again, back. 
— '^^ support, help; as, -=#^ 
*A&>r^ to support, help. — a^ 
^ an after-thought. -efroX 
tne hind part. — ^iioso abate- 
ment. cJooe^o^ front and rear. 
—e^^» to abate, subside, -^ja 
tr^ to give back. — a^t^o^ 

to backslide; to with-draw. 
— DeL^ to place behind, lay 
aside; to postpone, put off, 
defer, -zjsi'dd^ to throw or 
put behind; to defeat, van- 
quish, —^^h^ to go back, 
return. — wbr^ to come 
back. -eojaTi)^ to lag be- 
hind; to fall back; to be 
defeated, vanquished; to be 
put off, deferred. —^^^^ to 
do again; to delay, dilate. 
e^cA) hii 8«>T^cA5 he will not 
shrink back; he can be 
relied on. 
Sjdo^ pirankjL, see hjioR 

obdo^^ pirangi, s. A cannon. 2. 
see 7j^ot\. 

Sjdo^, obdois^ piranty, pirantf^ 
see tSdoS. 

3bti^ piraka, see s^^. 

obdrfoji piraduni, see tStSzIj^. 

obdcs pirana, see sj^^c^. 

5bdi pirata, see j^tj^ 

5)rf3 pirati, see ^S. 

&rfdcS piradanJ, ^^ ^cic5. 

&d3J pirapa, a^z^. Back; again. 

2)dsS piravn, ^ait/z'. Behind, in the 
rear. — waS a kind of brace- 
let. ~80br^ to follow, -^ifi^h^ 
to go back, retreat, return. 

5bO piri, s, A twist. 2. the spiral 
thread, as of a screw. 3. cure, 
healing. 4. abatement, re- 
moval, adj. Curing, healing. 
— ziiSr an antidote. <^ 

5jD piri 



i)Ot^fc^ pirikatt^, s. Cancel- 
lation, reyocation, repealing, 
as an interdict, oath, etc. 

5bO^ pirikft, s. Twisting; wind- 

• ing. 2. the state of being 
shaped like the spiral thread 
of a screw. 

5jD3?i piritini, s. A ceremony 
at Dharmasthala. 

5jD53e>sJ?i piriplvuni, c.v. (o/hb 
^^) To turn, twist. 

S^^h^ piripini, see bbcxiw^. 

5^0obO piripiri, adv. In a con- 
tinuous drizzle. 2. pratingly, 
loquaciously. ~sro#do^ to 
prattle, prate. — eosir zc>hr^ 
to rain, drizzle continuously. 

^D^ piripu, s. Abatement, re- 
moval; cessation. 2. anti- 

5j&^^ piripuni (^&)i v. a. To 
twist, as a rope. 2. to cancel, 
repeal, revoke, as an inter- 
dict, oath, e^c. 3. to counter- 
act; to abate, remove. 

3bOoJo piriya, see hj(^. 2. see hb. 

5^Dol3-)a piriyadi, see ^^cjdjjrD. 

i)Doioo?i piriynni {l^^y v. n. To 
be sober, sane, or lucid, as 
after being drunk or insane. 
2. to be cancelled, repealed, 
as an interdict or oath. ^ 
^r7\ a>o22 objirX ajo^ indicates 
a changeable character. 

ht>^l piriti, see ^eS. 

a)ddJc^ pireduni, see tSrL^. 2. 
see ^T5tiofi. 

Sid^c^ pirepuni, see hSii^^ 

hic^p, hdz^^ pireyuni, pire- 
vuni (2!)t5), v.n. To ache, gripe, 
as the belly or bowels. 

ht^^ piresuni (^^), v. a. To 
peel, scrape or pare off, as the 
outer coatings of certain 
nuts ; to' grate, as a nutmeg 
or cocoanut. ^ 

h'^v pirpu, see sS^r. 

obdoFC^ pirmara, see ^^^. 

obsijro pirmari, see fi^Ft>. 

S^oiJsrO pirySdi,^^ ?3t>od390. 

h^ pila, see ^e>. v 

3b® pill, s. A tiger. -tfod»a a 
big viper. — tfa»oz!€, _ ^jjoz!© 
»5 a large kind of wasp. 
-rfjaTirf a spotted thornback. 
553090— a hyena. 

obdot^, obOoeS pilimbi^pilimbi)^. 
A low ground. [fish. 

obO^ct^ pilikucci, s. A kind of 

obO'tfo^ pilikutta, J. Swelling of 
the head. 

h€>rf pilis^, s. A span. 

obe3 pil6, s. Impurity from birth. 
2. the menstrual. 3. humili- 
ty. — ^woj^ to humiliate. 
esj^j- defilement, especially 
on account of birth or death 
in a family. 

h^o^ pilcandi, s. A demon so 

Jjg, h6 pilli, pilli, s. A silver- 
ring worn on the toes. — ^o 
W^ the same ornament con- 
sisting of four silver rings 

5b§ piUi 


&;obe) pinti 

ni, pillyavuni (fc>e^^, v,a. To 
despise, scorn, slight. 

obroaS pisaci, s. A demon, 
evil spirit. 

i>a^FS pisune, s. A talebearer, 
informer, spy, calumniator. 

hjfx^^ pi8»r\^5 -y- Displeasure, 
anger. 2. self-conceit, ar- 
rogance. — ?3i^^ to humiliate, 
humble. — eobr^, -zii^o^^i to • 
be angry, offended. 

Sjrfob* pisant^i s, Fretfulness, 
peevishness. 2. anger, dis- 
pleasure. — ^W0jS> to be fret- 

o!^;;!o^, ht^o^ii pisante, pisantele, 
s, A fretful or peevish man. 

^;JozS pisand^^ s. A kind of 

isio^ pisarj, see ^535. 

ob^^oiS pisinte, see 2b:do0. 

obrj9,0 piskari, s. A syringe. 

5j?7S^5g?i piskavuni, c,v, {of Sb;^^ 
^) To take by force, extort. 
2. to compel payment. 

Is^^ piskuni (2^?Jj), v. a. 
To squeeze, press. 2. to pay 
on compulsion, pay in ready 

^^\^ piflnari, see fcec^o. 

l^^h^, h^h^ pilapila, pilipili, 
adj\ Sparkling, twinkling, 
glittering. — tfofi sparkling 

5j^ pillfe, s. A child, baby. 

i^ pi, s. The ordure, excrements 
of human beings, dogs, pigs, 

&?o^R^, 2:?o^c3^ pinkan^, pin- 
kanjL, s. The buttocks. 

&?o^e)ci)j?i, ^^o9D5;J)Ji pinkMru- 
ni, pinkavuni, c, v, (of h^o'^;^ 
tio^) To cause to slip, move 
or fly out. 2. to press out, as 
tamarind seeds or the testi- 
cles of animals. 8. to get 
on the sly. 

Ji^otfocioji, ob^o'tfof) pinkuduni^ 
pinkuni (^eo^, Ibeo^oS), v. n. 
To escape, slip out. 

3b?o^to^ pinkrat^, see h^njG, 

ob^orio^oji pinguluni, see h^o^o 

ob?oe*?f5)0&j pincikayi, see *>oXt5. 

o!j?otio^ pincily, adj. Thin, slen- 
der. 2. bent or crooked. 
— w)5 thin or bandy legs. 

ob?otle3^ pineal^, adj\ Without a 
handle. — ^^« a knife with- 
out a handle. 

ob^o?3e)D^ pinjSry, see hodid. 

&?ot3^ pinjil^, see h^ozS6. 

h^ok:f pi9t\^j ^' A twist ; distor- 

i?oUo7^^, Sj^oiSe;^ pintangely, 
pintely, adj. Twisted, dis- 

obeote)Sj?i pintavuni, c.v. (of 

Leouo^) To cause to twist or 

distort. ^j5»e!i-^o make gri- 
maces. Digitized by V^O' ^ 

&?oUo pintu 


^0^ punkf 

^eoUo^i pintuni (SiJeoO), v. a. To 

twist, turn, wring. 
Jb^oSo^^fd pinteli^tana, s. The 

state of being twisted or 

distorted. 2. perverseness, 

crossness, wryness. 
ob?oz:>©, ob^o20J© pimbili, pimbu- 

11, see 8^o^D0€^. 
5b?T^ae>Ji pikadani, s. A spittoon. 
&?^to^ pikratjL, see h^^, 

^e'^ddod pinadamara, s. The 

pine tree. 
h%^ pitha, s. A seat; a throne; 

a pulpit. Tjaii-. the seat of 

Udipi Svamis. 
ob^©* pithiki, s. A preface, 

preamble, introduction. 
ob^dcl, ob^z^cS pidan^^ pidan^, s. 

Vexation, pain, suflfering, 

anguish; cf, S^ezS. 

ob^^Q^, ob^;>!jc^ pidipuni, pidi- 

suni (^e^, 2:e2ic3), v. a. To vex, 

annoy, molest. 
Sb^^oJooji pidiyuni (S!^?^^), v. n. 

To be vexed, annoyed; to 

3b?lS pidS, see ^e^A 
Sj?^ pita, <2^'. Yellow. 
ob^^D^^iorS pitarymani, s. A kind 

of medicine, Veratram album. 

2. antimony. 
ob?3e)oeod pitajnbara, s, A yellow 

silk cloth, —^t Krijshna, as 

wearing such a garment. 
^%'^Tf pina8\^, see h^^, 
ob^c^O pmari, adj. Stinking, 

emitting a disagreable odour. 

— jWsJjasi a miser, niggard. 

^•ioT^ the poon tree, Sterculia 

foetida^ Ailanthus. — iSjaeX, 

see IbtTO^. 
2j?si, 3bes3e)oao pipa, pipayi, s. A 

cask, tub. 
h%h plpi, s. A kind of pipe. 
ob(^^ pipuni, see h^^^, 
h^v^6 pibilJ, s. A little child. 
ob^sioof^ pimannjL, s. Miry earth. 

SbeoJjsg) piyavu, s. A small 

ob^oSj^ pi3T0> ^^^- An expres- 
sion of ridicule, mockery, 
generally accompanied with 
clapping of hands. 

ob?0oi)oji, ob?rfjJi piriyuni, piru- 
ni (beb, &e5), v. n. To ooze, 
percolate. 2. ^^ ^exio^. 

Jb?(3 pirS, s, A potherb, Ze^ 
acutangula. t^oo^tI-, ^c8a^— ^ 
ot)^— are varieties of the 

ob^doA pirengi, see hiior., 

2j?© pili, s. Pith, a kind of 
rush used as corks. 2. a 
peacock's feather, adj. Dry, 
thin, light, —"^cd the soft 
part of a bird's tail. — «>^ 
ocbosi to die out. -rf T^of« 
the star in a peacock's 
feather. — *w^^^ to be stunt- 
ed, to grow lean. 

5b??3^ pis\^, see ?5eo^- 

Jb?rfoJi pisuni, ^^^ Lrfo^^. 

^0^, «;§o^o punkjgi, punka, ^^ 

^0#. _ izedbyVjO 

^0^ pnnka 


^oCQ pnnna 

5jot^f5* punkan^y see "d^o^^^. 
5gort:;S pungave, s. An excellent 

or pre-eminent man. »iw?>- 

the chief of sages. 
53)or\, Sgorto pungi, pungu, s. A 

sort of drone or bagpipe. 
?g)orb pungu, s. The Indian 

beech, Pongamia glabra, 

2. see ^^oXo. 

^ortoji punguni (^o^, ^. <2. To 
rock, toss, as a boat, etc, 

c^ort, s^ortsS punge, pungele, s, 
A fickle-minded man. 

^c2Si3* punnaty, adj. Tender, 

sgosS punca, s. A white-ant-hill. 
2. a snake's hole. 3. a kind 
of poison. — T^oTi a very 
good rice-field. — rf oiiof® the 
termite soil used for chemi- 
cal processes. — ^ a kind of 

Qo^i^o^ puncaly, see ^oti. 

cgoe^^ puncala, s, A kind of 
fly-brush, held by a devil- 

?glot3 punja, s, A heap, collec- 
tion. 2. property consisting 
of ready money. 

«g)ofcje)s4ci puntavuni, c. v, {of 

isiowo^) To cause to wring, 

press or express. 
^oUo?i puntuni (^oO), v. a. To 

wring, as a wet garment. 2. 

to press or express, as juice 

from fruits, etc, 
Qoc^ punda, adj. Mischievous, 

quarrelsome, wicked. —^5^ 

Q^oc^d pundad^, s. A kind of 

cgorfO pundari, see under ^d^, 

^oC3e)y, fi;goc?e)ii7^ pundata, pun- 
datigi, s. Mischievousness, 

^0^ pundi, s. The fist. 2. a 
handful. 3. the refuse of 
expressed cocoanut, etc,^ oil- 
cake. — oo, i^otib spare rice. 
e^cSci- the dung of an ele- 
phant. -^^, ^^^ s^rf^^. "is^^t^ 
fowl curry and rice balls 
boiled in steam, and served 
on particular occasions. 

^0^^ pundittj, see 4o2ie5§^. 

^0^^;^ punditappu, s. The red 
sorrel. Hibiscus sabdariffa, 

^odc3e)0^ pnndinar^, s. Jute. 

^oftzS^ pundibitt^, s. lit, A 
handful of seed. 2. a mode 
of sowing seed in the third 
rice crop (^js^xf). 

^oaojooji pundiyuni, see ^oWj?>. 

^odo pun4U; s, A crowd, herd, 
flock, swarm. 

s^o^r^OT^, ^oel)^c^ pundugft- 
rig&, pundutana, see 4oz3«)U. 

ci^oz^pundd, s, A bush, thicket. 
^d zJ^^, see J^o^d e555rf— a 
thicket of bamboos. 

^orSo^ pundelf, see ^oz!5. 

Qors)do punnami, s. The day 
of full moon. ^ 

Z^o$ puntd 


^rt puge 

^o^ puntj, see ^o4. 

3goa pundi, adj. Sapless. 

flg)0Tjri3^ purnkat^, s. Storing, 
keeping. 2. see ^oXfE. 

5g)o*or purnku, see ^^or. 

flg)ortri3^ purngat\^, s. Fermenta- 
tion. 2. decomposition, decay. 
adj. Fermented. 2. decom- 

^Jon^F^Ji purngSvuni, c. v, {of 
cQoXor^) To cause or allow to 
ferment or decompose. 

^orbr^ purnguni {^o'Rf)^ v.n. 
To ferment, undergo fermen- 
tation. 2. to decompose, 

^oriro^ purngeljL, adj. Fer- 
mented. 2. decomposed, de- 
cayed, mouldy. 

cg)o7^re3 purngele, s. A dirty 

35otSorJj purncuni (^o^f), v. a. 
To squeeze, as a lemon, etc. 

5g)orlr purndfe,^. A thorny bush; 
cf. ^ozS. adj. Shaped like a 
bush. 2. distended, enlarged. 
— tfwj^s) to be shaped like a 
belly to distend 

^o;ipuSsa,^. Manhood, virility. 

5j'tf eje)OSj?i)c^ pukalayisuni, see 

^^^c^, ?g)^«^^ pukSra, pukari, s. 
Rumour, report. 2. alarm, 
noise, -^^o^^i, — ew>j^§) to 
raise an uproar. 

;j^077e>^ pakusat^y adj. Vain, 

eooaS i^ozSr ^w^?> the 

useless. 2. false, untrue. 
adv. For nothing, in yain; cf. 

Sg'j^j* pukuli, s. The anus. 

53)9S pukk^t, see ^^Oj. 

cg)T^i3 pukkati, see ^^ostoa. 

33)^^e J^c)r sj Ji pukkalersavuni, 
see i&^eTfer^^. 


53)T^«aJooJi pukkaliyuni, see -^^ 

c^^o, pukkn, s. Fear, timidity. 
adj. Timid. ^e^i^sJ- being 
easily overcome by fear; a 
frightened goose. —^^ co- 

5g|i^, "^"i^ pukka, pukkele, ^. A 
timid man, coward, sneak. 

^=5?) 05o?iOci puklayisuni, ^^^ ^?5 

^'^eJTOFsSt^ puklersavuni, c. v. 
To instigate, incite. 

^iM, ^rlO/^ pugarigJ, s. Praise, 
eulogium, flattery. 

5jrtdo5i, 5g)rts?jji pugaruni, puga- 
luni (^7<5, ^X^), V. a. To 
praise, laud, eulogise, flatter. 

5j7^ pugJ, s. Smoke, vapour, 
fume. — »^o3od — ^ ^-^^ 81 
steamer. —^ 7^2^ a railway 
train. ^^2:?) to wish for 
one's ruin. — zs^l^^si to be 
affected with smoke. — JJe/^oso 
a shelf in the kitchen. —0 
tieS^^, — S3&^^ to expose to 
smoke; to fumigate. 

^fl5jc^ pugepuni (^d^, v. a. To 

expose to smoke; to fumi- 
gate Digitized by VjOOQli 

^rt puge 


^zi puda 

^rtoioo^ pugeyuni (^^), ^. w. 

To smoke, reek. 
3grt5 pugert, s. Tobacco, c^^^j-, 

eo^oao— , 7i?rfoFc^ are some 

kinds of tobacco. 
5S^^j ^^^ Pigfel?, puggeli^, 

^. The shoulder. -43^?> to 

give shoulder; to help, assist. 
^Jsio^Oj pucukku, s. The force, 

as of spitting. — cn^eJ^odoo^tj'to 

spit out with force. 
5St5e)a puccadi, s. The hind 



^'^ puccJ, ^. Braiding or plait- 
ing hair. 2. braided hair. 
— 2po7^S ornaments worn in 
the braids of hair. -eSeL^ 
to plait, braid. 

5g)?§ puc6e, s, A cat. «^- a wild 
cat. ^oU- a male cat. s^reoo 

Xo— a civet cat. 

-^5js)^ a 

cat-fish. -^5ooU3^ a kind of 

^2§^j3© puccekuli, s, A tooth 
growing after the eightieth 

^^sJoD^F pucceparnd^, s. The 
fruit of Pavetta Indtca, 

Z^^ puta, ^. A page of a book. 
2. folding or doubling. 3. a 
pair. 4. the purifying or 
calcining of metals, etc,^ by 
fire. ^^— the hands joined, as 
in supplication, etc, 5:^?te— 
both nostrils. 2?o7^5 j^feSjaXo 
tieSb^ ^r ctt1>^ to subject 
gold to the process of purifi- 

^b«)ci putani, see 35^«^ 

^U putta, adj. Small, little, 

diminutive, —^jarfo^ a small. 

kind of earring. 
cg)U.R^ puttan^, s. A kind of 

^U^ci puttana, s, A thistle. 
«S^|l^^ puttavuni, c^ v, {of ^ 

WoJ^>) To produce, originate, 

give birth to, cause to be 

born, cause to take place. 
5j!3. putti, s. A small round 

basket. -^4j a wickered 

'^^\ puttu, s. Cowries; also 

—55030. 2. see Coou^,. — ^ 

20^^ to play with cowries. 
^Ik^ puttuni (=^^), ^. n. To 

be born, come into existence. 

2. to arise, originate, spring 

up or from, be produced. 

^T^ooe— to feel pity, rfoso— 

to be sorry, z:^^— a child 

to be born. ?^^— a report 

to be afloat. 
«5^, puttfe, ^. A fox, jackal, 
^y putla, J. A bubble, blister, 

pustule. -lys'Oj^ a blister to 

-^7^ putha, s^-e s&w. 
^d puda, see s^^. 

ojdis;^ pudatel^, ^. A bruise, 
crack, adj. Bruised, broken, 

sjc^^c^ pudapuni (^^), v. a. To 
break, burst. 

^rfo5o pudayi, ^^.^^A^fiMS^f. 


Qd pnda 


^co pima 

^rfp^ pudas^i, see *tS|j. 
^cs^do^;) pndadnni (^I3d5), v. a. 

To prostrate, bow, salute. 
^cn)(^^ pudayi, see 4^cxw. 
5ja^?iJi pudavuni (4a5>), v. n. 
To break, burst. 2. to ache, 
smart. «^of^ lit. the eye 
to break, smart; to lose one's 
sight, abus. ^oO— a boil 
to open. *5— to have head- 
ache. ddozS— to have sore 
throat; to become hoarse. 
^a pudi, s. A sore, ulcer, abs- 
cess. 2. see tfi^- 
^a pudi, s. A handle, haft, hilt; 

cf, ^^ 
^a^ pudikS, s, A small basket. 
^a^S pudipu, s. Covering, cloth- 
ing. 2. see id^^. 
^a«St^ pudipuni (^2^). v. a. To 
oflEend, provoke. 2. to quar- 
rel, fight; cf. ^ai^^. ^a^ 
cw?) to be offended ; to quar- 
rel with each other. 
Sjri) pudu, s. Holding, grasp- 
ing, handling, -t?^ the shaft 
of a plough. -8^^ a rope 
attached to the yoke of a 
plough, to serve as the 
5jcii^j pnduku, s. Slight, dis- 
paragement, depreciating. 2. 
insult, indignity. 
^grfo^o?! pndukuni (^^^, v, n. 

To be afflicted, grieved. 
^cio^ puduta, adj. Foolish. 
Qrfjcgji pudupuni, see ^^^^* 

i^zS pudi, s. Border, edge, brinks 
margin, brim. 2. interval, 
space. ?^o7irf- the border of 
a field. ^oficU the eye-lid. 
Xo^^cU the brink of a well. 
^erfcU the side of a wall. 
— 4©3{o^^ to trim the borders, 
as of a field. -^^Wj up to 
the brim. 

flg^S^o^ pudekuni, see *^*o^ 

^'d^^ pudepuni (4tS), v. a. To 

winnow, fan. 
^rSdjfi puderuni (^^^), ^.«. To 

suppurate, break, burst. 2. 

to be haughty. 
^^^1 pudki, adj. Plump, fat. 

—vs^6 a plump child. 
55^1 pudke, s. A stout man. 
«3)rf^c^ pudpuni, see j^a^?). 
^:3 e3 pudpele,^. A quarrelsome 

53)C3^cdoJi pudyaduni, see ^Z3^ 

^Cc) puna, s. A dead body, corpse. 
adj. Dead. 2. inactive. — ^ 
UJjo> to grow stiff. -ff^o4?> to 
bury a corpse. 

o3)r^^fe^ pnnakatt^i, adj. Emaci- 
ated, slender, reduced to 
skin and bone. 

^TO^ punaki, see sJct* 

;5g)C9ti53)* punarapuli, s. The 
mate mangosteen, Garcinia 

'^t^^ piinalj, s. Floating. 

53)^^0^ punaluni, see 4«^4^ 

^ci pu^ 


^d puda 

^cS puni, s. The border of a 

;Jr5^o* punikall^i 5. lil. A 
hand-stone (^ct^^6^. 2. a 
small pestle for grinding 
turmeric, elc. 

Z^'i pn^iki^ s. Tamarind. 
— •ioTi the tamarind tree. 

Qc^'^Jc)^ pnnilLotU^ s, A tama- 
rind seed. 

Qrojortj, Qr^r(j pimungn, pu- 
nngUi s. Civet. — ci 4^ a civet 

Qd Tfunh, s. Security, bail. 
— S50&) a surety. 

ni, pnnepnni, pnnevuni (^^i^), 
V. a. To persevere till one has 
avenged himself; to contest 
to the last, as a suit. 2. to 
compete, vie. 
^d^ ponevu^ s. Resoluteness. 

5gc^ pnnya, s. Religious merit, 
virtue. 2. a good action. 3. 
purity, purification. adj\ Vir- 
tuous, good, meritorious. 2. 
pure. — ^^r a virtuous deed; 
a meritorious act. — ^roe; an 
auspicious occasion. — SeqJr 
a sacred river. —^^ a sacred 
day. -^^ the fruit of one's 
merits. — d^e^ heaven. — ^o 
< a virtuous man. — ^^» 
— ^e^ a sacred place of 
pilgrimage. -ii35^^ to per- 
form holy or virtuous acts. 

;3)W^4t, ^^^'^ puj^yStme, 

puyfidige^ s. A virtue usman, 
a fortunate man. 

5jR^Drt pujjyidigi, s. Good- 
ness; well being; good for- 
tune, prosperity. 

SSWc^ao punyiha, s. A lucky 
day. 2. purifying. ^rodcJ 
. purifying a house, eU., after 
accouchement, etc. 

5S^, 5S%i 5S|o putta, puttn, 
putti, s. A darling, adj. 
Darling, beloved. 

iSg)^©, ;33^« puttali, puttoli, s. 
A gold coin, -^od an image, 
puppet. -2?o7^5 gold of 12 
carats. — ^ a string of such 
coins, worn by females. 

^i^ putre, s. A son. rf^,- an 
adopted son. s^^Tio^ti hav- 
ing a family. 4$*S«w>Ti adop- 
tion of a son. 

sgcS pnda, s. A dove, pigeon. 

53)C5ond, ^ti^zi6 pudangara,pu- 

dakadali, see ^cJoXtj. 
5g)dtf pudakS, see *crtf. 2. ^^^ 

Q^d^^^pndakei) s. A kind of game 
by making alternate motions 
and mutually clapping each 
other's hands. — cros'o^, — :^ 
^^ to play at such a game. 

Q^d239d padab&ri^ s. A demon 
so called. 

^dC3^ pudarj, s. A name, ap- 
pellation, designation. 2. 
fame, celebrity, reputation. 
_cf 2b?>, -c)3^0j^ ^0 become 

;o bee 


;o utte 

known. — ^^s>i;o luter a 


^:3e) pudi 


^d pura 

person's name; to bring 
one's reputation into discre- 
dit. — sj^cI)^ to name. — ^e 
t^ to be celebrated. 

o;Sne)5jc^ pudapini, see ^^ ^h^ 
under ^^^ 

^afi pudina, s. A kind of mint. 

^cio^o puduku, s. Boasting. 

53)CS'i^Ox pudukku, adv. Sudden- 
ly, at once. — dft&ocfoo^ to 
pour suddenly, as a bag of 
rice. [paddy. 

jgcJoz^D^ pudubani, s. New 

^d pud6, s, A load, burden. 

^zSqS)^^ pudepuni, see *c3^^. 

«g)dG^ pudely, s. A bush, shrub. 

53c3e) D^ puddarj, s. The harvest 
feast; a ceremony observed 
in partaking of new produce 
for the first time. 

;5jd pudde, see i^^^, 

^f38 punah, adzf. Again, once 

;5jrirf^^ punarapuli, see ^t^Ti^^ff. 

5jcidJ3^?i punarutthana, s. Re- 

^ci2;irc|, 3g)ri2iiF^^ punarjanma, 
punarjalma, s. Being born 
again; regeneration. 2. trans- 
migration of the soul. 

53)ci;ir;^ punarvasu, s. The 
seventh of the lunar man- 

53)N^F25«)df^ punarvicaranS, s. 
Reconsideration, review. 

5Sc5^p";3c)3o punarvivaha, J. Re- 

^ciew^ punaiuni, see id«;»4^. 

^c^^ dsl pnnascarani^ s. Repeti- 
tion of mystic formulas or 

cgr^;^3jcS punasthapand, s. Re- 

5g)ci3o punaha, see ^cit 

^^€ puniki, see ^rSxf. 

^^^i punita, adj. Free from 
sin, purified, —t^o^^ to ab- 
solve, purify; to justify. 

cg)ciorio punugu, see ^ceooXo. 

^^^ puppala, see si^Ti. 

^^» ^^ P^PP*' P^PP^> ^- De- 
cay, rottenness. 

c^oSooile:?^ puyintelj, s. The 

tenth Tulu month. 
^ti pura, s. A city, town. 2. a 

house or any receptacle. 

-sro*^ a citizen. 
5jd pura, see ^"^^ 

cg)doci6 purandare, s. A name 
of Indra. ^Ticd:6r^^ a cele- 
brated Canarese poet. 

'^ti'S purakS, s. A bad smell. 

53)^3^ puratj, s. A dowry. 

Sj^dodPN puramardane, s. Rub- 
bing of the body with aiv 

^dsSo purame, see sjoc©^. 

^ddooSo purameyi, s. A mucous 
body. [^€. 

?$dc*, ^t^ puralj, puralft, se^ 

5g)d?:^ pnrasj, see ^c?5- 

53)^?^^ puraskara, s. Reverence^ 



3^05 puri 


figc^ pnrn 

^o^^^ purakrjta, see ^^^tf. 

^Oe)rQ purlna^ s. A sacred and 
political work comprising the 
Hindu theology. adj\ Old; 
ancient. — ^^ an old story. 
-^4^34 God. There are 
eighteen acknowledged Pura- 
nas, namely, s^^-, ^^~? 

^D^rSi? puranike, ^. One who 
reads or narrates sacred his- 

cgOe>^fi puritana, adj\ Ancient, 

;g)0 pnri, see ^xi. 

^0 puri, s. A worm, mite, moth. 
2. skin parasite. 3. twining, 
twisting, as threads. 4. coir 
yarn. — ^^ mulberry leaves. 
—80^ coir. — ^^i^f^) to twine 
coir yarn. — t^^^?) to prtepare 
a rope from cocoanut fibre. 
— -SoeSb^ to suffer from ring- 

^Dorio^ puringuni, see s^oXor^. 

•5g)Dr(ofe3^ purigantj, s. Anything 
eaten or perforated by worms. 
adj. Worm-eaten. 2. envious, 
jealous. 3. obstinate, stub- 
born. — c^i^^ira^, :goXofc5 an 
envious or obstinate fellow. 

^Otsio^ purijantra, s. Malice, 
envy. 2. mischief. 3. obsti- 

nacy, self-will. -ci>#do^ to 
talk maliciously. 

^Dog) puripu, s. The twist, as of 
a rope or cord. — rf eoTi) a 
bullock-driver's whip or rod 
with its handle twisted with 

«SOo3j8 w puriyolu, s. An eel. 

;53)rfopuru,^. A snail. adj\ Small, 
tender. 2. snail-like. . -^^ a 
tender fruit, bud. ^8ro«3 a 
suckling. — ai;)db^ to be very 
slippery; to glide like a 

^S^o^o^i puruftkuni, see ^o^^t^, 

^doorioji purunguni, see s^oXor^. 

S^doortd purungele, see ^o-Rre. 
2. a sickly person. 3. a reluc- 
tant worker. * 4. a stingy 

^Jdoot? purundi, see ;^oz!r. 

^do^o puruku, see ^'^of. 

5g)do^osSK), 53)do^o Jj purukucca- 
na, purukutse, see s'ot^o^o^cJ. 

^Jciozuo purubu, see ^2doF. 

^dos^^ purushatva, ^. Manhood, 

og)rfo3id^puru8haratna, s, A kind 
of medicinal plant, lonidium 

«3)do35c>qSr purushlrtha, s. Hu- 
man desire, object of life. 
2. benefit, use. 

;^do3S purushe, s. A man, male. 
2. a husband. 

^do3§J5?^s?o purusbottame, s. 
The best of mankind. 2. a 

5SCJ purn 


z^v pnla 

name of Vishnu. 3. the name 
of a man. 

5jdj;i4i) PW^sattu, see ^?ir§. 

5j6 puri, s. A roof, ceiling, 
^e^- the upper part of a 
roof; pL ^-6^^"^ materials 
of a roof. 

5;j6oe^o^, i^tziop purenftini, pu- 
recuni, see potior ^. . 

z^^^^ purepuni (^^, v. a. To 
roll, turn oyer. 2. to retract, 
recant. 3. to impute, attri- 

5j5e>oJi, ;5g)3aJooJi pureluni, pure- 
yuni (4^, V. n. To roll, turn, 
^o^^ to come out, as a young 
bird from the egg-shell. 

5S3;i)5>, ;S3^^o;i puresuni, purei- 
suni (id^?j, ^'^m^ ^- «• To 
complete, fulfil. 2. to afford. 
3. to be satisfied, ^o^ ^^7^^ 
I cannot afford. 

5S3jse2o3 purohite, s. A family- 

Z^^F purlca,^. Remains, residue, 
saving. 2. frugality, econo- 
niy. [eyes. 

SS^rof^ purkannj, s. Purulent 

^S^rfcj*, 33)*Fi5 purkat?i, pur- 
IsAih, adj. Diminutive, small. 

5j?rc)r4?i purMvuni, c. v. {of 
4^oF^) To bake in embers, 
half bake. 2. to save, lay 
up, rake, hoard. s^vzrS DeSb^ 
to spare, save, reserve; to 
lay out frugally. 

5j^fe>r;:i^ purkSsj, s. A very 
small thing. 

^^oF purki, s. The rheum of 

the eye. 
53)=2?or^ purkuni (^^^^r), v. n. To 

be half baked. 2. to become 

soft. 3. to rot, decay, become 

Z^TiF purga, s. Sour gruel or 


SgrtOFji purguni (^^0» ^'^' ^o 
be well boiled, as rice. 

ogt^Fji purcuni, see ^ot^r^ 

^teFoiti purjantara, see 4t>^io^. 

33)3jF purpa, s. The tender areca ^ 
blossoms. 2. see ^^- 

^JtWF purbu, s. The eye-brows. 

5Jo3jsf^o puryolu, see ^t>c&av^. 

^©F purli, s. The wild hog- 
plum. 2. see tf»ci4«5F. 

z^TiF^, 5S3dFa|i pursatj, pur- 
sattu, s. Leisure, opportunity, 
occasion, time. 2. relief, rest; 
also s^-Aa^fU^. —^^^ ^0 be at 
leisure. —^ij&reo?) to take 
time. — liovb^o) to find an op- 

Z^TTSFCi pursMa, see ^^fecJ. 

z^t> pnla, s. Pasturage, graz- 
ing ground. 2. reminiscences, 
recollection of old associa- 
tions. — 3or«o5) cattle to low 
for their old pasturage; to 
call to mind old associations. 

33)t>o*N pulankena, see ^^^^ 

z^^oZ^P pulampuni (^^'o), ^. a. 
To set afloat; c/. ^cq^sj. 

^v pnla 


sge^e) pnlli 

^^^ pulaka, s. Horripilation, 
erection of the hair from 
ecsitasy. 2. rejoicing, festi- 
yity. — «)2psAe^, i^^^wssp^eS'bath- 
ing an idol in scented water 
on a festive occasion. 

^033e)^;i pulapivuni, c. v. (o/^ 
o»ji^) To cause to float. 

5g)^)W0, ?g)^^ pnlabu, pulamS, 
see ^CJaoo. 

z^vzs^t^, 5§Oe)apulav5d?i,pull- 
di, s. Pasturage, grazing- 

^Oe)^?i pnlavuni (4<w>), v. n. To 

^0 pull, s. Acidity. 2. a sour 
fruit. 3. tamarind. 4. leaven. 
5. pride, arrogance. adj.Sonr^ 
acid. -^^^ a tamarind seed. 
— odj, — ^oB, — XoG, — t^C any- 
thing very sour. — #^d^€ 
sauce, condiments, ^/^. mixed 
with acids, boiled and sea- 
soned. — ^j»e!* a wry face. 
— ^A^ajD^i^ to be arrogant. 
_^cWo^ to squeeze a lemon 
or other sour fruit ; to check 
one's arrogance, to humiliate. 

^^ a^rS— , i^rfrf— , eSoaooe— , 
tSoSp"-, «5ct3— are varieties of 
sour fruits. 

550 puli, see 4C>. 

2g)©tio^ pulijantra, see ^^dio4^. 

Z^e^j^^^ pulipavuni, c.7\ {of 

4dorfoos>) To make sour; to 

^£)53), 4^53) pulipo, pulupu, s. 

5S®^c^ pulipuni (^«5), «f. J. To 
irritate, itch. 

^©3^^, ;g)0crfooji pulipuni, puli- 
yuni (^^)i ^.«. To become 
sour; to be leavened. 

^©sS^ci pulippena, adj. Sour. 

«3)©3^ pulisj, s. Police. 2. 
money, cash. 

zg)doaj puleyi, s, A skin. ^^ 
*- a deer's skin. 

;3)83oi)o5), «3d5S?ipuleyuni,pule- 
▼unj {^^)^ ^- «. To smart, 
feel sharp pain. 

^^5$ pulevu, J. A crack. 2. a 
patch. 3. a crook, bend, 
curve. — ^^^^ to remove the 

550, pulka, see ^o^. 

5jo>a pulkadi, s. A handful of 
grass given by a vendor to 
the purchaser of cattle in 
token of striking the bargain. 

5g)6J5,{^ pulkottS, s. Tamarind 

^e>o pulpu, adj. Tepid, luke- 
warm; also ^v^^, CA)Xo"d> 

-^^ pulya, see ^%^^ 

-^^ a pulladi, s. A place over- 

grown with rushes. 
tii^O&o pullayi, s. A kind of 

^©i?>5j?i puUavuni, see ^4». 

d)C) pnlli 


Qf pali 

^£) puUi, s, A sheet of paper. 
2. see ^\. 

^© ort pulliiga, ^. The mascu- 
line gender, gram. 

^^j pnlla^ s. A rush. 2. a 
kind of grass. — xa, see 4 
©jft, ^?>e& grass and water, 
cattle fodder, —tit a mat 
made of rush. — ^c3^ a bush 
of rushes, bulrush. -«arfo^^ 
to pluck out a grass blade; 
to twist the ear. — 3«)u;>^» 
to pluck the feathers. 

^d pull6, s. An off-shoot. 2. 
a split, splint. 3. se^ ^«i,^- 
— ^X a kind of deer. —^TSi> 
4^>, ~D?L?), — e;^Oj^to sprout, 

^^03 J pulleyi, s, A kind of 

«g)s3a^ pullelj, s. Abundance, 
increase. 2. gluttony. 

^%«5^ ^^"^^^ 55eJ;^^JSd pu- 

lya, pulyakela, pulyakoli, s. 

Morning, day-break. adv. 

Early in the morning. 
55)SJ^o, ^^s^o puvalu,puvolu,^. 

The navel. 
o§5l^ pushkatj, see ^7!>^. 
z^^sp pushkala, adj. Copious, 

full, complete. 2. much, 

many. 3. excellent, eminent, 

55^ pushta, adj. Nourished, 

fed. 2. strong, stout. 
?g)^ pushti, s. Increase, thriving. 

2. stoutness, strength. 
^5l^ pushpa, s, A flower, blossom. 

c^^g pnahya, s. The tenth lunar 

De>r( puflhyariga, s. The to- 
paz, chrysolite. 
^3§j puahyS, s. The eighth of 
the lunar mansions. 

layiBuni^ pusalyasnni, {^-^^ 
0^55, JdJ?i«3gc3), V. a. To coax, 
cajole, persuade, fawn. 
^^' ^^ puflkj, posku, see 

^^^1 5S?ii3 puskatj, puskati, 
adj. Vain, useless, feigned. 
2. empty, ^^dfe'. In vain, for 

53>^^ pustaka^ s. A book, volume. 

flg^ pnsti^ ^. Instigation, abet- 
ment, incitement. 2. help, 
support. 3. a portfolio for 
keeping loose papers in or 
for placing under a paper 
while writing on it. ^^aI>f^ 
to instigate, back up. 

"^'^» ^^ pussj, pu88u, s. The 
hissing sound of a flash in 
the pan, when the gun does 
not go off. 2, unsuccessful 
termination of an undertak- 
ing, coming to nothing, de- 

5^^ pula, see j^o. 

sg)«s^^ pulaka, see s^ej^. 

^3)^201 pulabbu, see Spoex. 

53)^ pull* -y^^ ^^' 2. see ^o. 

Sj^od pulinde, ^^A hunter, for- 
ester, savage.^^^8^^ 

Q« pnli 


;^23 puji 

^^'erob^ pulikantj, see under 

^*t5e>D^ puliciri^, s. A sour 

kind of sauce. 
^«Sg) pnlipu, s. Acidity. 

5g)«odOc):Jo^ puliyiral?, s. The 
yellow wood-sorrel, Oxalis 

;53)^o^j puluku, s. Slipping out, 
anything soft or greasy. 

5g)^4c^ pulevuni, see ^dji^. 

Sjtfo, pulku, see ^^or. 

5g)^J^53^ pulkottS, see ^d^^jW. 

Z3)^ pulla, see ^c). 

SQ)^ pulli, s, A grand-child. 

5g|i^j, pullu, see ^co . 

5g)^^ pullena, see ^^^^ 

;^ pu, ^. A flower, blossom. 2. 
a cataract in the eye. — «> 
X) a sore mouth. •— tt^oso a 
very young fruit. — ^ ^»«3 a 
garland of flowers. — ^s?ce3 
a bunch of flowers, nosegay. 
— ^iijaO a disagreable smell of 
flowers. — e5)Ti<io^, — i&»?5L?i, —so 
2br^ to flower, bloom, blossom, 
-.^iooas^^.to wear flowers. 

55(5o'# punki, s. Mould, mildew. 
— #j&a^^, — TiiO^^ to become 

i^porfoji punguni (^oK), v.n. To 

s2po?§ punje, s. A cock. 2. a 
family-name among Bants. 
— ???3;^^ a cock to crow. 

«2(8ol3oji puntuni, see ^ouo^. 

^orS^^ pundelj, s. A thicket, 

clump, as of bamboos. 2. 

matter from a sore. 
Sgpol puntfe, adj. Light, very 

light, not heavy. 
s^pozS pumbfe, s. The flower bud 

of a plantain. 
o3|3^3 pukarft, s. An ornamental 

structure, as the stake of a 

bullock race. — c^tI^sj to fix 

a post of such a structure; 

to ornament the ridge of a 

racing field. 
«2pA puki, s, A fart. 
5^^ji3 pukuti, adj\ Empty, 

void, s. An empty mouth. 
Sgis^jrfo, 33(5^0, pukuru, pukru, 

adj\ Tender, young, little. 

2. sallow. 
Sjp^ pukre, s. A sickly man. 

Z^pri puga, s. A betel-nut. 

^e3 puc6, see ^^. 

S2p^c)t) pujari, s, A demon priest* 
2. a Billavar or toddy-drawer- 

«3|5e3e)s3oF pujarme, s. The office 
of a priest. &&4-. c^Dj^ a 
demon priest who is also the 

5^e3c)4?> pujavuni, c.z\ {of ^^aa 
^)) To cause to smear or 

Z^'&t pujita, adj. Worshipped, 

'^u^^ pujuni (^^), v> a. To 
smear, rub, daub, apply. 

'^'S, puje, ^. Worship, adora- 
tion; prayer, t^osq^— princi- 
pal worship^j^^^^pple. 
-W5;^5>, -rb^o^^ to worship. 

z^^ pujya 


«;^;39r purva 

^Zi^ pujya, adj\ Worshipful, 
adorable, venerable. 2. 
blank, void. s. A cipher. 
— ^ dignity, nobleness. 

c^!3 pnti, s. Membrum mulie-- 

i^cio pudu, see ^^o. 

Z^i puta, ^. Of <?r belonging 
toaflower. 2. purified, cleans- 
ed. Z.see ^o4, 

tl^i^ putani, ^. A giantess kill- 
ed by Krishna. ^*?ro& 

sgp^fS punini, s. A very tender 

^(i?o^ punir^i, s. Flower and 
water placed in a demon 
shrine. — c>e2b?i to place flower 
and water before a demon. 

Z^^P papuni (^), V. n. To 
break wind, fart, vl£'. 

Z^^S pupele, s. One who farts 
frequently, z//^. 

;^23e)d pubariy s. A kind of 

«^;joe>e3, «^;1^0^ piLmali> pu- 
maliki) see under ^. 

«3iaD3e)c3^ pumin?i, s. A trout. 

^d pura, see 4»r«r. 2. id^*?^; 
cf. ^rfr. 

tgjsdod puranda, tf^'. Vindictive. 
2. implaccable, unappeasable. 
—23^ implaccable hatred. 

sgl^rf^O purattara, j^^ ^ijper^"^. 

s^pc^s^d purappara, adj. Clear 
^r full understanding. 

o3f»Oe> pur&, ^^ ^r^r. 

Z^^t ptirita, adj. Filled, com- 
«;^d;;>Oc^ pureisnni) see ^St^^ 
«;^did(^d pnrdttara, see ^i^^r 

Z^C7>r purna, ad/. Full, filled, 
complete. 2. all, entire. 3. 
able, powerful, adv. Wholly, 
completely. -*, — ig fulness ; 
the whole; ability. 

z^v5f:^, z^z^f;S^ purnaml, pu- 
rnamS, see jjort^. 

Z^^F parti, s. Fulness, com- 
pletion. — •i3v'^?i to complete, 

Z^zSf purva, adj. Former, prior, 
first, before, in front of. 2. 
east, eastern, s. Ancient 
times, days of old ; the east. 
-~?r^r former actions. — w>o 
former time. — «55 progeni- 
tors, ancestors. —^^ the first 
member of a compound word, 
sentence or verse, gram. ^ 
4oriio in olden times. 

^^FSJ^ ptirvapaksha, s. A 
proposition, assertion, the 
first part of an argument. 

52ps:e)F3Jc5 purvapara, s. Past 
and future, former and lat- 
ter. -sioXS past and future 

;2p;3e)r2jJc)^ purvabhadri, s. The 
twenty-fifth lunar mansion. 

«2l^S3c)rsc)Z^ purvashadha, s. The 
twentieth lunar mansion. 

33f»S3^r3o^purvahna, s. The early 
part of the day, forenoon. 

^:)r punri 


tvf pedf 

zjfi^F^ purvike^ s. An ancestor, 

5^s2p?r^d purvottara, s. Cir- 
cumstances, particulars of a 
person or event. 

5^ do puvari, s. Rice used at 
the worship of a demon. 
— rfB^Oj^ to throw rice on a 
demon priest. 

Z^^ puv6, s. The day preceding 
the full moon. 

32ps§pv^j puvolu, s. The navel. 
2. a thin film between the 
pulp and seed of a jack fruit. 

Z^i6 pusara, J. A kind of gar- 

;^3^r9, ^^fi pushana, pushani^ 
see ^^Mrt. 

Z^Ti^^ pusuni, see ^a^o^. 

;3P^ocy9o3jpulandaye, J. A demon 
so called. 

^^j pulu, s. A chip, small 
piece of anything. 2. a piece 
of betel nut. —^aSift a vegetable 
curry. — ^^o small pieces. 
TT^oa^d- a piece of a fruit, c^o 
^^— a piece of dry betel nut. 
to* oaorf- a piece of fresh or 
preserved betel-nut. — neL^, 
_*io^o^^ to slice, chip, cut. 

sij^O, 3^^^ pri^tliivi, pr^thvi, s. 
The earth. 

3Jx3S prjshtha, s. The back. 2. 
the rear, last. 3. the back 
or hind part of anything. 

sSortofS penganne, see io^. 

£or(^c^ pengatana, s. Silliness, 
stupidity, foolishness. 

^or!6, ^oHe):^ pengari, pengara, 

see t^oXji. 
sSorto pengu, adj. Blackish. 

^07^, ^o2s3 pengSi penne^ s. A 

fool, stupid fellow, simpleton. 
Ss^ pecca, see e5^. 
33t3 peja, s. The wild jack, 

Artocarpus pubescens. — tt^ 

O90 its fruit. 
^tsjo'rfoji, Sta^jR pejankuni, pe- 

Jakuni, see ^a^og^o^i. 
StSobJi, ^tiJc^ pejipini, pejjuni 

(35^, 35^), v.a. To select, 

choose. 2. to pick up. 3. to 

pick or remove stones or 

paddy from rice, etc, 
33t33c3c)o3o peJirenSye, s. A demon 

so called. 
tt^ pejjft, s. Gruel, rice water, 

porridge. — * ^, see 83;)o83^ 
tt\;f, pettj, s. A blow, slap, cuff. 

— =#ALr^ to beat, slap, cuff. 

— Sr^^ to receive blows, be 

beaten. — srozl)?) to eat 


^b^r^ pett^iCTi ^^^- Immedi- 
ately, directly. 

^Uos^ pettanky, see ^a^o^. 

^IXfi pettigS, s, A box, chest. 
— ^oocJ a square pillar or 

tli^fi pettigi, see f>^J.. 

tki petla, see ^e« . 

^H?,% petlnpu, see ^w^J,^- 

35^ petta, s, A cow. -^^wo^ a 
kind of Cassia tora\ cf, ^a^o^. 

35n*s5oa pedjmedi, see sSd^D. 

tzi peda 


33o peri 

33cJo^ pedanki, s. Stumbling, 
tripping. 2. sprain. — eOft-rfo 
o> to be sprained. 

35cio7\^ pedanyj, adv. Behind 
the back. — ^«0j^ to pinion 
behind, as the hands. 

Sciortd, ^rfoHDO^o, sScJoft pe- 
dangara^ pedangdyi, pedangei, 
s, A water-pot placed out- 
side a house for washing 

idosojpedambu, adv. Obliquely, 
not directly. — ^^ocio^si to cut, 
shave, eU,^ obliquely. 

^ci^«)d pedakale, s, A demon so 

^dsSjeJdpedamale,^^^ hd^^^e. 

53c3js€) peddoldi, s€e 35:3^d. 

^C3^^c^ pedpavuni, c. v. {of ^ 
^^>) To assist a woman in 
child-birth, serve as a mid- 

330^5, sSrfj ?) pedpini, pedduni (^ 
5), V, a. To bear, bring forth, 
as a child. 

^da pedmedi, s, A woman in 
child-bed, lying-in woman. 

sScSf^ pens^, s. The lutigs. 

^?) S3* pensil^i, J. A slate or led 

33^ , ^^ peppu, peppi, s. Dumb- 
foundedness, speechlessness, 
as from amazement, etc, — S3;> 
*^o?) to stammer; to speak 

^d pebbe, ^. A dolt. tq^ 

Sdorrso^o perangayi, see -t^^oT^ 

^doi^ perantj, see tSdoO. 

o3do3^ perantj, ^^^ t3do5. 

£0c2 perade, 5. A hen. —s^TJ^^i, 
^^^4?), -jS-Qz^^ to cluck. 

^^ perata, ^. A ceremony per- 
formed in behalf of females 
who have become pubescent. 
2. see -tyt^- 

-tth perati, see ^S. 

^ddcS, ^drforf peradani, pera- 
mani, s. A grater, scraper. 
— ^ a kind of moss. 

^dd peradi, ^^^ 5^t3. 

Sd^ci perastana, ^^^ ^cdo^. 

Sos) Jr perarte, ^^^ ^3^^. 

sSoejrSr perardfe, s. The ninth 
Tulu month. 

^0 peri, see i^acdj. 

£d^ perike, ^. A bullock's load. 
2. any burden. — s3;)tio^ to 
load. — eojsTJo^, j^^ ^ojor. 

SdcxJj periya, «^*. Large, great, 
high, superior. — cSoso honey. 
— ;03D a highway. 

sSDoioosSo periyamme, ^. A 
father's elder brother, or a 
mother's elder sister's hus- 

^Oodo^periyappS, J. A mother's 
elder sister, or a father's 
elder brother's wife. 

35ooi) periyS, s. A heap, pile. 

£Da3j;>v^o periyolu, s. An eel. 

ti'^rf peristal, s. The contents 
of a book, library, etc, — e:^ 
2bs> to write such contents. 

;3dj peru 


t^oQ pent6 

^dosjoo perumari, see t^r^, 
A6zL^ pereduni (^^5), v. n. To 

roll, move, wallow. 2. to 

scrape, shave. 
t^th"^ perepini (^^5), v. a. To 

grate, scrape. 2. to bore, 

35drfjcl peremanS, see ^dcic5. 
^Ss^^Ji perevuni (sStS), v.n. To be 

grated, scraped. 2. to be 

bored, perforated. 
336;iiji peresuni (^S^oj), see hSj^^, 
33€f, -&Af perkft, perg6, see tt>i§, 
sSrir perga, s. Winnings made 

in a game of eiocSilijl 2. 

profit, gain. ^^ ^cOdK ;5Xf 

he had a good meal to-day. 
^rlrtl pergadfe, s. A chieftain, 

headman. 2. an honorary 

^rtord pergudS, s. A bandicoot, 

large rat. — e;»o80o a kind of 

^Ar pergS, s. A kind of bag. 

2. see :^o^r^. 
sStir perci, s. Shying, starting 

suddenly. — ^B^^ to shy, as 

a horse, eU. 
^zi:iFp percuni (^^f), if, n. To 

shy, start aside suddenly. 

2. to rise, increase. 
53z3^rd perjiva, s. Life, spirit. 

^t;5orJi perjuni (^^^), v. n. To 

ic3e)rdo pemama, see t^^r-A^. 
33c3e)ro*, t-^^^ pernal^^, per- 

nal?i, s. A festival on the 

conclusion of fiisting among 
the Mussulmans. 

sS^r perpu, s. Anything put 
into milk in order to curdle 
it. — CfSb^, see -t^^^, -S'j&Uo 
?>, —-^rh^i to put in milk any 
thing to curdle ^r turn it sour. 

33«S^c^ perpuni (^^), v,n. To be 
curdled, as milk. 

^rfj^D permari, s. A boa or large 
serpent. 2. sheaves of straw 
placed in the form of a ring 
to serve as a granary, -^w^ 
^> to make such a granary. 

s3S-r permi, s. Sluggishness, 
laziness. 2. haughtiness. 

33oi)r perya, s. A largo bee. 2. 
see 35&c3rfo. —rf ^i! a beehive, 
honey-comb. — aoj^Tii^ to be- 
come dense; to fall densely. 

£o53e)Fa peryadi, s. A highway, 
public road. 

33o3or peryft, s. The toadstool, 
mushroom. 2. a rush. 

ti^ pela, s. The jack, Artocarpus 
integrifolia. — c^oao the jack- 
fruit, -^t) the seed of the 
jackfruit. -^o-d the jack-tree, 
jack-wood. ;^^o^— ,20?fr-.,^joo 
^— are varieties of jackfruit 

fj^ov^ pelambu, see o5o(2;o2co. 

£0 peli, 5^^ ? ?5. 

Ss3?r1o pelegu, ^^'. Rude, mean. 

33?o£* psnci, .y. Filth, dirt. 

^?o!3 penti, .y. A good meal. 

£^0^ penti, jr. The mercantile 

market. ^ 


Jet3e) peca 


sSjOCi peimda 

Se25e)y pecata, s, Eflfort, exer- 
tion. 2. affliction, distress, 

^f^5c)doJi pecaduni (^e^^S), v,n. 
To try, exert, strive. 2. to 
be in distress, trouble. 

^t^^ pecilj, see t3e2l€. 

^^S^oji p3cuni, see ^e^osoo^. 

^^ej, S^fj^, sSe^ petal petla, pe- 
tl6, s, A pop-gun. — eooJ^a 
to shoot a pop-gun. 

£ei3 pets, 5^^ ^eofcl |-j^^gj^ 

d^cS ped6, ^. A kind of thorn- 
^^3^, S^^j petj, petu, i. Partu- 
rition, child-bed. 2. fear. 
^?^6 petals, s. A greedy man. 

sSe^, ^^5)*^ P^*^^> petrikall^^, 
J. A large stone. 

33^d pedi, s. A peon; ^z/jy? srood 

35?^ psn^j -y- A louse. 2. a pen. 
^jafcs^— , 35»5j»O30^ a very large 
louse. 55— a small louse. 
e3j»5?,— a white-nit found on 
dirty clothes; see t^^. 

S?£ pepi, ^^^ 33GodJi5^. 

£?;Sj peme, ^^^ 33Dod3o^. 

sS^O^ peyi, J. A demon. 

SfD^ per^i, «y. Milk. 2. cocoanut- 
juice. 3. the milky juice of 
plants. — oaobj a milkman. 
^e^83j^«5 a milk-pail. 

33^0o7Te>o^^ perangayi, s. The 
guava fruit, Psidium pomu 

£^drf peranfe, see ^e^^rt. 

d^0c)ejperata, J. Lading, freight- 
ing, shipping. 

sS^Oe);:^^ peravadi, s. A kind of 

Phaseolus trilobus. 
'tv^^'^ peravuni, c. v. (of-^^Tiy^) 

To lade, load, burden. 
^^D^ parita, see ^?oa 
^^6^^ pernni (^e^), v. a. To 

load, burden. 
33?do?^2;^ perengelj, s. A kind 

of creeper. 
33?6^ccl perepani, see t^rS^T^A. 
33edJS)C8?3^ peronas^i, s. The meal 

just preceding the celebration 

of a wedding. 
sSeriF perga, see tXr. 
£^Af Tfeigby see ^^r. 
33et4F perci, see iear. 
S^z^OFjj percuni, see ^tiorsk 
^^sSjf permS, s. Fame, glory. 

2.J^^ i^r. 
33fSp"perv6,^^'. Outside. — liooo 

ti^ an outer court. 
35?^rt pesige, j. Disgust, loath- 
ing. 2. dirt, filth, -zi^^^^ 

to be disgusted. 
SeSo^oj?) pesiyuni (^S?^), 7'. a. To 

loathe, be disgusted. 
Sf3sr^o^, ^e3S^3 peshkary, pe- 

shkare, s. A subordinate re- 
venue officer. 
s3^A)rt pesig6, see ^e^^. 
sSipei, ^. A pie, one-twelfth of 

an anna. 
3^orl) peingu, s. Pegu. 
^osSe?* peincelj, s. Ten pairs. 
33\odJi peindani, see TSoaoa^S. 

sJ^ocSd, d^od peindalS, peindli, s. 
A notch, nick. 




t^^ pels? 

^ow^ peimbala, s. Ten seers. 
s^o2j5? peimbale, s. A iBatterer. 

2. a potbelly. 3. a glutton. 
^023 peimbi, s, A bag. 

5^=5*, fj^ peik^i, peika, ^. A 
pouch, scrip made of rushes 
or palm leaves. 

^i peiki, posip. Of, out of. 2. 
concerning, respecting, c^— 
out of it. ^e^o^— of e^r re- 
specting these persons. 

^i^oji peikuni (^^^), ^. «. To 
contract, shrivel. 

^^JS?0 peikori, s. A kind of fowl; 
game fowl. 

^^^ peicilj, see sJcdo*^. 

^^St>f^^, t^^^ peijani^, peiJSni, 
see 7j0^aj>S- 

^tScJD^ peijar^j ^' Shoes, slippers. 

^'S0=»^© peinali, s. Bragging, 
boasting. 2. hoaxing, deceiv- 
ing. --?r7^^, -sj;)#do^ to brag. 

3^t3c^ peitini, .y. A country so 
called. — ^?^ a female's cloth 
made of silk and cotton. 

^\^, t^o peita, peitya, .y. Bilious- 
ness, adj. Bilious. —7^x5 a 
man of irritable temper; a 
lunatic, fool. 

^^ peitri^, see h^^. 

3^d, ^^ peida, peidfe, J^^ S330&5CJ. 

&nrs>7^ peidastj, s. Produce, 
crop. ~c^2;^ to grow, pro- 
duce, --^s^^ to grow, raise 
a crop. 

z^ peina, see zJcdj^re. 

3^fi«3 peinali, j^^ t^o^e. 

^^c3e)€) peinSli, ^<?^ ^S^^s^c. 

3|^c;i?o^ peinirvi -y- Turbid water 

of a river. 
^^P peipuni (-^, r. ^. To cut^ 

reap; c/, tf^^^ 
3^siJS)^ peimali, 5^(? ^os^^tj. 
^rfjsi, 33v^Jc)^ peimasi, peima- 

si, s. Measurement of land, 

^dooa peimndi, see under t.6, 
^o3jo*, Ac&^o^ peiyerj, peiyye- 

r», see \^^ 
^cxl^ peiyya, s, A child. ~ci ^^5 

a small cloud. 
^^oJys^cS peiyyani, s. A kind of 

medicinal tree, Bignonia 

3^o3^ peiyyi, s, A child, boy; a 

Pariahs child. 2. akind offish. 
£^p^ peiry, s. Standing or grow- 
ing coin. 2. goods or cattle 

imported from the ghauts. 
•t^^ peil?i, see ^^€. 

djp^Ce)Jiri peil^^vanigi, s. Tumb- 
ling, rope-dancing, gymnas- 

3^2>*S3e)c5peil9ivane, s. A tumbler, 
acrobat, gymnast. 

^Ofi)o^ peilandi, .y. Brag, boast. 
— o,)^^!^^ to brag. 

A^^, ^d^ peivast^ji, peivastJ, 
s. Endorsement of a letter, 
specifying the date of its 
receipt. — sro^i}^, ^^^^^ to 

^j5Rj* peisj, adj. Distant, remote. 
inlj. Get away, make way. 


A)74 peisa 



sSv^ peisa, s. Four pie. 2. money. 

^?o©*, 4)^53, s^xJoo* peisalj, 
peisalfe, peisulj, s. Settlement, 
adjustment. 2. decision, de- 

^^^^- [pretty. 

^of^ ponka, <2^'. Handsome, 

^o«^d ponkara, see ^eo^r-d. 

«5po^o ponku, s, A kind of boil 

or sore; 9^. 4»o7<rS. 
^o^jOj ponkuru, ^^^ ^eo^jdi. 
o5po^ ponke, see *o#r. 

o2pond pongadi, ^. Proud flesh. 

^Leo^o^ proud flesh to form. 
^oriS pongar^, j. The Indian 

coral tree, Eryfhrina indica, 
o5;5on«)02k) pongSyi, s, A canoe. 

ogiaonDd pongara, s. Borax. 2. 
see ^oXd 

«5|5orre)Sjj:) pongavuni, /:. v.- {of 
^oXj^) To cause to rock or 
tumble, as a boat. 

«5portj pongu, see tSjsoXo. 

«5por1ofi ponguni (j^oF;), ^z. n. 
To rock, reel, tumble, toss, 
as a boat. j-jnan. 

export ponge, J. An unsteady 

cgpor^s)* pongelvi, ^. Tumbling, 
rocking. 2. unsteadiness. 
i&)o7?d a fickle man, dolt. 

o^Poecf^ ponnan^, j^^ ^oXzS. 

*5pors) ponna, ^^*. Female, 
feminine. 2. bridal. — ^^jb?;^ 
a bride's parental home. — s^ 
3^o«^j a bridal cartege. — 2»ec? 
a female's conduct or dis- 

«S)doroio2ood ponnambura, see zSc 

o2pors>j ponnu, 5. A girl, female, 
maid. -X2i the upper half 
of a cocoanut. — bcdS the 
female sex. -ea%>6 a female 

Q^Pofl ponniy ^^^ ^oc3. 

«Sl)orSjd^/^ ponnoligi, ^^ sSroo^ 

cSpocsiS ponnjavu, j^^ *^^ 

«5f8otoJ ponju, J. A purse or 
bundle of money. 

^o^fi pontana, s. Favourable- 
ness, auspiciousness. 

t5(5od.?i ponduni, see ^osJos). 

o^ocJrS ponnani, s, A kind of 

o^poS*?^ ponnaligS, s. A kind of 

jungle tree. -^^ leaves of 

this tree used as medicine. 
^ocSe)o^or§ ponnankanni, s. A 

kind of vegetable, Altern- 

anthera sessilis, 
e^PoFij ponnu, s. Gold. 2. see 

o^pOfS ponne, s. The tree Rot- 
tlera tinctoria, ^S— Boswel- 
lia thurifera; Calophyllum 

^o2o53. pombatti, s. A yellow 

S^potJcJ pojnbade, see s5o20i3. 

^oeoDoioj^i pombariyuni (*oea 
^), ^. «. To start, wince, 
shudder; to be startled, 
amazed, astounded. ^ 

•2^0^ F pornk^ 



sjpo^r, «2po^oFpornky,pornku, 
adj. Slovenly, dirty, filthy. 

sJpoijBrsSfi porikavuni, c.v, {of 
ipo^or^) To cause to roll. 

^ot^jrjj pornkuni(*o^r), v. a. 

To roll, run over. 2. to make 

fun. ^.see ^oXor^. 
•5f^o'i?r, ^o€rd pornke, pori- 

kele, J. A dirty man. 
^oiJro^pornkel^f, s. Dirtiness, 

filthiness. I 

«5PorR)r53)fj porugavuni, cv, {of i 

iPoXor^) To make stiflf, bar- , 

sSportoFj^pornguni (4»oKfj, v.n. 

To become stiflf or hard. 
^odFrJ porndana, s. A Pariah 

^oUe>FU pormbata^ s. Strife, 

struggle. 2. wrestling. 3. 

«2po200Fjipormbuiii (^o^f), v,a. 

To wrestle, strive. 
Hfio'&T^ pormbele, s. A wrest- 
ler, wrangler. 2. a quarrel- 
some man. 
55ptfo«^jJi pokankuni (*«^oF), 

V. a. To learn by looking on 

^s5p^d pokkadi, adi\ Without 

cause, reason, or meaning. 

2. for nothing. 3. gratis, 

gratuitously. 4. for pastime. 

5. without success, adj. False, 

vain, mere, empty. 
^^\ pokku^ s. A game of 

throwing pebbles in the air 

and catching them as they 
fall down. — cJ ^^ pebbles 
used in this game. — ^a^^ 
to play at such a game. 

t^%, pokki, J. A sore, ulcer ; a 
blister, pustule. —'^ ^^ the 
scar of a sore. — e^^Oj^ a ve- 
sicle or blister to form. 

a^^^ pokkele, see ^% 

tSpni pogatJ, see ^X«. 

•S^rldofi, ;29riv^ofi pogaruni, po- 
galuni, see ^Xt^^ 

c^r(jS pogutiy s. A shameless 

ejpriov^o pogulu, J. Praise, eu- 
logium. 2. renown. 

t^A pogJ, see ^^. 

^A^^ pogepuni, see 4^^- 

^TX^^P poggavuni, c. v. (of * 
Xo^^) To cause to enter, pene- 
trate or interfere. 2. to 

^rio 5 pogguni (*^), r. a. To 
enter, penetrate. 2. to inter- 

^TTg^sJ Ji pogpSvuni, see *7^4^. 

«5pt;io^0c^, c^Pto'rfoJi pojankuni, 

pojakuni, see ^jfio^o^ 
^u^ pojak^f, see ^33^. 

^2i'^JiC9o^ pojakonuni, v. refl. 
To be grieved. 2. to be distort- 
ed, as from pain. 3. to rub the 
face, as in grief or shame. 

«5pt3o^ pojil^f, s. A germ, spKOut, 
bud. — ot) rice made of 
germinated paddy. — ^jjt^oO 
a germinated cashew-nut. 

^^3 poje 


^G^ podi 

—855^ malt, grain steeped in 
^tSo^^s;^?^ poJenkSvuni, c, v. 
{of ifi^Q'^o^) To strangulate. 

2. to cause to knead. 
^2So^jc^, c^2§9^Jc^ pojenkuniy 

pojekuni (^sSo^, v, a. To 
knead. 2. to shampoo, rub. 

3. to squeeze. 4. to strangle, 
?P*j^_ to strangle. 

^tSo^d pojenkele, s. lit. A 
squeezer. 2. a sycophant, a 
man seeking to please. 

^22^^53)?^ pojekavuni, see *^o 

^2rf pojja, see eSja^. 

«5piJ?d potira, see ^^^^%; 

^y^oT^Q^ pottanjelji, s. Any. 
thing useless. 

3§(^U.j3o po^tadyJ, s. A kind of 
cake made without jaggory. 

«^U pottii s, A dumb or taci- 
turn woman. 2. a silly woman. 

^Uj^ pottu^ s. Husk, chaff. 2. a 
fruit or seed without kernel. 

3. a blighted ear of corn, etc, 

4. a crack, hurt. adj. Dumb. 
2. empty, useless. 3. stupid. 
4. injured. — XotS^ a dry well. 
-3305)030 an empty cocoanut. 
-Tio^ vain bragging. -8ro5 
blighted paddy. -^ofi a 
blind eye. — =5^0?* a blind 

^Uo^rtii pottugatti, see ^w^^^- 

^^^^^' tgplij.cis* pottutatte, 

pottttdadd^, s. Blighted corn. 

uo^i«j Hii^^ ajt)o5 he sold the 
grain and kept the chaff. 

^a potte, s. A dumb man. 
2. a demon so called. 

c^pB. potti, s. The calf of the 
leg ; also w)t:^^Bj. 2. a tender 
ear of corn. 3. the hollow 
of a stalk or tree. 4. preg- 
nancy, vlg, 5. thickness, as 
that of a blade of a knife. 
-zioiiodoo?) to whet the thick 
part of a knife. 

^S.C3e)'S^ potted%, s, A preg- 
nant Pariah woman. 

oJpB.zooeS pottebanji, s. A pot 
belly. 2. a corpulent man. 

^y potla,^. A pustule, blister. 
2. swelling of the gums. 3. 
sec SPeW. 

^K^ Jjsreofi pod^ftonuni, v. r^. 
To struggle, strive. 2. to 
flutter, flap the wings, as a 
bird. 3. to bustle, be in a 

a^xitt podatarJ, s. The side- 
bone of the scull. 

^r^O podavi, s. The earth; of. 

^^5^^- [fish. 

'^Ti'^ podas^f, s. The scales of 

^a podi, s. Powder, dust, 
crumbs. 2. flour. 3. snuff. 
— ^^ gravel. — ^^^^ a miser, 
abus, — ^ ^^j^ to sow in 
dry land. -~zx^^^ — ^^^ 
dust to rise up or be dis- 
persed. ^T^^\^ to pulverize, 

*• Diqitized by •^ 

powder. *^ 

^d podi 


^cl) poda 

;§pa3^s3)Ji poditUvuni, see *e2^ 

;2p^CrfooJi podiyuni {^^), v, a. 

To powder, pulverize. 
«2|d:l)otoj podnmba, adj. Stupid, 

stolid. 2. cowardly. 3. 

sneakish. s. Cowardliness. 
^djotS podumb6| s. A stupid, 

or spiritless man, 
sgpiS podi, s'^e 5&iS. 

■Jp^^^Ji podekuni (*^^), v, a. 
To regret, repent. 2. to be 

^c2^?i podepuni, see ^zJ^^. 

tg^Ti podda, adj\ Foolish. 

^4)^ podpele, see *t1)o23. 

^w^ ponakJ, see t»^* 

^rs^, ponakki, s. A scab, 

ojpr^i^oji ponaluni, see ^e/a^^. 

^fl pon6, see ^rt. 

^r3^c;j, ^fl sjponjavu, ponjevu, 
s. A female in general; a 
grown up woman, —^ht^ to 
become pubescent. Four clas- 
ses of females are enumer^ 
ated by Hindus; namely: 
Tfs^^, ^jae3o^, ^o^^, TjO,^, or 
coA^^, elS;^, ^o*^, z;a^^^, c;/- rio 
iS-a, «3c"d-^, ido^-^, tjD.^. 

:3§(8fp potta, adj. Hot, burning. 

sJjas^pO pottari, s, A burnt co- 

coanut tree. 
^3^s3)?i, ^Sps^rl}^;:^ pottavuni, 

pottadruni, c. i\ {of ?8p^^) To 

light, kindle, burn. ^ri5— 

to light a lamp. 

^2{^Ji pottnni (*fe), v.n. To 

•Sji^i^'^c^i ^^? potturuni, po- 
truni {^^^, *f)), V. a. To 
kindle, set fire. 2. to incite 
to a quarrel. 

^^oA^ pottengri, s. Burnt 

tfit^^ potteliji, s. The testicles. 
— dj»o scrotal eczema. — Xo 
Bi^^> to castrate. ^%— a 
vulgar name for tieozSjae^j. 
— ^tSoK wild kind of yam, 

«5pn*^J3^o* pod^kolf, J^^ tfi^ 

«SfdCJ^podakd, J. The eye lashes. 

«S|dde>Oc^ podaluni (^c^^), v. n. 
To come out, rise up. 

^atf podikft, J. Stale food, 
food prepared for a journey. 
2, hoarded money, savings. 
— ^Wo^^ to put up food for a 
journey; to hoard money. 

•Spasgji podipuni, see *:3^s). 

«2pDcxJ:Jc^ podiyuni, see iSpt^ 

^c3j podu, s. Relationship or 
connection by marriage, —sj^ 
t^:^^^ to propose an alliance 
by marriage. 

^cjo^o podunkulu, podunklu, 
podnkn, podnklu, s, A tuft; 
a handful of grass, etc, 
gjpdjoeofcif. podumbatt^f, see tSja 

Diqitized by VjOQ^LC 

podumba, see ^jsrfaoe^. 

^cjj poda 


^d pora 

55pcSo^J5?o* podukol\^, s. A 
small broom for broiling ^^. 

3&acio53)ci podupuni (*), v. a. To 

broil, parch, ^do^xi, Hfitbh 

^Ti a broiling pan. 
^Ci^£^ podupeliji, ^.Parching. 

adj. Parched, broiled. — e3»5 

parched paddy. 

55pc5s3«)4c^ podepivuni, c. v. (of 
^£3^^) To cause to put on 
clothes, to dress. 

sgpdsS podepu, s. Wearing 
apparel; also ^ab^^d^. 

^d^c^ podepuni (*c3), v, a. To 
pu^ on clothes. 2. to brood, 
as a hen her chickens. 

tgku^-^ poddina, s. A distant 
relationship; also ^"ctoo^^cJo. 

sgpa T? poddikJ, see 4f«3^. 

^aoiojji, o^pd^c^, poddiyuni, 
podduni, (*=^), ^. «. To roll, 
cover, wrap. 2. to encircle, 
wind, twine. 

^cSj poddu, see *»=ii. 

'S^'& podde^ s. A^ relative, kin- 
dred. — t)7A,5 relations and 

^ c3^ c* , 35p d JS 5^j poddoI\^, pod- 
dolu, s. Broiled grain ; cf, ^&. 

^C5j^s3)fi podpSvuni, c, v. {of 
*^^) To roast, broil, toast, 

^d) Ji podpuni, see ^ci^^^. | 


5§pds^5) podynni, see *o^ocud^. j 

53^235 c^?i poddyivun; 

,1, C, V, 


^aocjoj^) To cause to roll, 
cover, encircle. 
^c^^i «SPfJ> ponikJ, ponkA, see 

•5)^^^ poppala, see t^^^ 

^^ poppi, see ^^^. 

«5po^j^oP5* poyikanniji, j. A veil 
or mask. ^^'. Short-sighted. 

t^poQjJj?) poyipini (*o9j), ^. a. 
To twist, as a rope. 2. to 
tap with a horn, as the tender 
blossoms of a cocoanut tree 
for toddy-drawing. 

^o^jsteo^ poyimiriji, s. Vio- 
lence, force. 2. extortion, 
pillage. — ^e<So an anarchical 

Q^pO^^^^o poyimuBula, see 

^o5o^* poyilff, s. An abscess. 
2. tapping. — ottIj^ to tap 
the tender blossoms of a palm- 
bud in toddy-drawing. 

"^^^74^ poyisaliji, see 4ocxdo;rf^. 

«5poJ>^cJ poyyamanJ, see i^c 

^oix)^;^ poyyuni (*o^^)» v. n. 
To sit cross-legged; dei, ®Bj 

^ol)j<;;ije;o poyyusulu, see ??* 

^ol^ poyyJ, s. Sand. «'^- 
coarse sand, -^:i^o^^) to be 
afflicted with small measles. 

^dotJe)^;^ poranjaliji, see ifiTi€. 

oSoOcfe:* porantu,^^ sJt^oO. 2. see 

«^d pora 


^t)JF porlu 

«5pdtf^0c^ porakaluni, see **r 

;5pc3tofi porajana, see ^oS«e&?^. 
•SpdtS porajS, see tjA, 
^dG« poralv, s. A fife, flute. 

S^pdo^, «5pdv* poraliji, poral», ^. 
P'ishy smell. 

«^Dpori,^. A harrow. 2. a spark. 
3. see «Sp23p €. —^oiS the 
whole root of a tree. -^s'uo.S) 
to harrow. -^yL^ to lose in 
the game of vi^>^A, ^ifi^h^ 
to get broiled, as grain. 
— ^vcj^^ to broil grain. 

«5p^^? poripuni (*»^), v,a. To 

broil, parch. 
^Oajjoc^ poriyuni (*^), v. n. 

To be broiled, parched, 
^doo^o porunku, see *oFr. 
:s5pdjd poruvi, ^^^ *^J^. 
«5pdjd©* poruvel^^, J. The under 

part of a fowl's wings. 

2. the side, flank. 
^d pori, see ^-6, 
•^pScS^oj;) porencuni, see 4o^^'^^^). 
^6ccOji poreduni, see ^i5e;o^ 
«5p353)?> porepuni, see ^t3^^ 
^6e* porel^, s. Reeling, 
^6t>0c:i poreluni, see ^i5€o^. 
«2p3^o^c^ porelpuni, see ^-d^fi. 
'^6^:^^ poresuni, see ^-67^?^. 
^^r^jgc^, cjp^r^jj^ porkal- 

yuni, porkeluni (**f^, H^^f 

^), 7'. ;2. A boil to form or 


i^^r^ porkel?, see *o#r^. 
«5p^rs3 porkele, see ^c^r, 
"^ti^F^ porcuni, see ^cijr^ 
«5p3rQrtj«)«Jj portingolu, see Hfi 

«5(S^jr portu, s. Time, daylight; 
the sun. -.«)o^0cxjoo^ the sun 
about to set. ^^o^^ the sun 
to set. — *eb^ time to pass, 
to be late, -irfo^^^ the sun 
to rise. 

35pire3% «5piPcr^oportel\^,por- 
tyolu, s. The month ^r time 
of birth. 

^nsirs^Ji pordavuni, c. v, {of 
jftador^) To bring together, 
make friends; to familiarize; 
to reconcile. 

c^pcSor pordn, s. Inclination, 
leaning of the mind. 2. battle, 

«5pc4)r?i porduni (*>Sr), v,n. To 
approach, draw near; to be 
attached, adhered. 2. to be 
accessible, sociable, familiar. 
3. to be in harmony; to be 
reconciled, -oo^ ^odoii ^dor 
^ I cannot cope with him. 
e^cxjoK B»3i ^doroTli the curse 
cleaves to him. 

^SP'i^ pornana, see *)odrc^. 

Ǥp5g)Fji porpuni (*^)? nua. To 
pull, pluck off, root up or 

^'iWF porlu, ^. Beauty, comeli- 
ness, ad]. Beautiful, hand- 
some, fair, pleasant, fine. 

^i3r. porle 


^d polle 

—^fi a handsome boy. — sw^ 

"^ a pleasant word. —^oU 

very beautiful. 
;^^r porle^ s. A handsome man. 
^tjF porvS, s. A wild duck. 
^s3r^^ porveliji, see *tfo5^. 
«S9^o^^ pol&mpani(^^o), v. a. 

To clean, wash, rinse. 2. J^^ 

«2)dt)20o polabUj^f. Acquaintance. 
2. familiarity, friendship. 3. 
exercise, practice. 4. ability. 
5. the outline or plan of a 

^^^^ polasiji, aclj. Dirty, un- 
clean; c/. AiOco. s, see ^ 


^© poli, J. Interest in .kind. 
2. increase, abundance. — e^ 
Z3»^^^ a farmer to bring home 
a sheaf of the first crop, shout- 
ing ^ctjfiC 3oe^© (increase! 
multiply ! —K '^aIf^ to lend 
rice before the harvest and 
receive it back with 25 per 
cent after the season. — 33;> 

7l)^, -?5j|>^^ to shout ^C4Pe5 

rSv^^, while gathering corn 

in a barn. —soLr^ to increase. 

^©^, ^€>f{ polikS, poligi, J^^ 

ifi€>-^ 2. see ifi^o^. 


^O^P polipuni (*«5), V. a. To 

break. 2. j^^ ^c;j|^^. 
g5(5©dopS poliman6, s, A wooden 

instrument for levelling and 

smoothening the flooring of 

a building, e/c. 

^©oi-oji poliyuni (ifi^), t'. n. 

To break, be broken. 
i^€7:f polisiji, see ^C^ 
i^v^^ poluv^, see ifi^"^- 
^^>j?dJ polusu, see ifi&^Tid. 
^d poW, s. Pollution, defile- 
^d polki, see ^^vo* 

^•yj^Ji polpuni (**), 7Ka. To 
level and smoothen, as the 
flooring of a building, efc.^ 
with a wooden instrument. 
c/. ifiCs^^. dsz6^ to level a 
courtyard so. 

^%^^ pollakattj, s. Mending 
upon mending, patch upon 

^^si?i poliavuni, c. V. (of * 
€^0j^) To cause to sew or 

^€7^ poUigS, s. Sewing, stitch- 
ing, needle-work. 

t5p€ai)oJi, ^wJipolliyuni,pol- 
luni (^^), ^. ^. To sew, 
stitch, knit. 2. to slander, 

o§ptA) poUu, adj. Devoid of pulp, 
(7r kernel, as a fruit, 2. empty, 
void. 3. timid, spiritless. 

o5p^j^c3c)oi), «2p4c3«)o3j polluna- 
ye, polvedSye, s. A tailor. 2. 
a slanderer. 

t§p^>o d poUuvJ, set ^%^' 

QS|d^j;do pollosu, s. Interest, 
gain, profit. 2. luck, good 
fortune. 3. money in reserve. 

^e3 polli, see ^^. 2. see ipe ^ 

^S polU 


Q^^eio pota 

i^^5 poll6, s. Slander, talebear- 
ing. — cs 4»sSj a slanderer, 

^6 polv6, see *^^. 

^e;j polBu, J^^ !68c;o^5!5o. 

e^psd posa, ^fl^. New, novel. 2. 
fresh, recent. 3. strange, 
wonderful, unheard of. —2o 
Tiozoa^ the New Testament, 
Chr, — «)C> rice of the new 
crop, —s'oofei) a new cloth. 
—?5i^»5j5a a stranger. —JJ&new 
kind; a new path. — &3;)38a 
new custom, an innovation. 
-^s^f^ a new year. —^% 
strange or wonderful news, 

^;ooi3 posante, see ^?i3»o3o. 

"i^Tis^ posat^, s. That which is 

new, fresh, elc, adv. Newly. 

— Cforf^^to observe the harvest 

c§p3^3e)o3-, ^5323 posataya, po- 

sabe, s. A new man, novice. 
^?7ft)rt SopoBftgamfe, see S^sTteX^ 
^2;kidoJi posumni, see *3|o^t^o^. 
zgp;! poskJ, see *C)?f. 
^^0^^^ polankuni (*^o^, v. n. 

To be in distress. 2. to have 

^1? poll, see *e. 
^Sp^o'*, gjp*"^ polink^, polikJ, s. 

A present in cash to an actor. 

2. bark, skin, peel, crust. 
^*5g)?i polipuni, see ifiC^^, 
•SP^i poltu, see ifi^r, 
^^, ^^0, polla, pollu, see *<»o,. 
^?of#d ponkara, adj. Dirty. 

Ǥp?o^jdo, cJp^c'E^ponkuru, pon- 
kru, s, Slough, mire. adj\ 
Miry. 2. dirty. ~-&c^ nasty 
people, >-^>e5 muddy water. 
-zSojaD a dirty smell, —"^j^^ 
^^, ^Tisjo^^ to be covered 
with mire. 

«5peo^, ponkrJ, see *e^. 

*§p^5^D pok^ri, see *e*e>. 

«5pe^ poka, (idj. Profligate, de- 
baucherous. 2. mischievous, 
turbulent. 3. jocose, droll. 
-3s?^ profligate, or debauche- 
rous people. 

«Spe^^rJ, «^?s^!ir^ pokatana^ 
pokatigft, s. Profligacy, de- 
bauchery. 2. mischief. 3. 
waggery, drollery. 

Ǥp^5^^) pokUa, s. Perdition, 

o^P^'d'O pokiri, s. Diminutive 

o/i^^'i- adj\ see i^e^^. 
o5p?^j poku, s. Means; end. 2. 

passing off. 
c^pe^oo* pokulji, see *^. 
^?tJ poke, s, A profligate, de- 
bauchee. 2. a mischievous 

person. 3. see sd^e* 4- ^ ^^6» 

wit; of, ^e*0. 
«5p?^ci poktana, see ^e^^c^. 
^ei^^^Si, ^?y potapoti, 

poti, s. Rivalry, emulation, 

^eU, ^e^ poti, poti, s. A 

woman with a beard. 
^eW^c^ potuni (*eG), ^. a. To 

embrace sexually, 2///r' 

^e^ podi 


i5p?5? p614 

^e^rt podig6, s. Fear, fright, 
terror. — ^6ro^^s>, -4tej4s> 
to frighten, intimidate, threa- 

^^aoto)5;Jjj, o5p^as3c>53)ji podi- 

yavuni, podipavuni, c. v, {of 
;8f»?c^oDo?>) To frighten, threa- 
ten, terrify. j 

^e^oiooji podiyuni (*e^),V.«. | 
To fear, be afraid. ^Pe^^S^e | 
h^ to be alarmed, frightened, 

^?^ potra, 5". Coincidence 
in measurement, agreement, 
likeness, adj. Right, correct, 
equal, uniform; cf, iSPeO^. 

^^h^ popini (*e)' ^'•^- To go, 
go oflf or away. 2. to be lost, 
disappear. 3. to pass, depart, 
start. rsi€— a house to be 


ruined, a^ to pass time; 
to support one's self or his 
family. *?si& when going. 
4»e3i^ eoTiro when going and 
coming, ^ecl) e:;Sr let me 
take leave, ^e^oads^^ not to 
go, so as not to be lost, z^ 
tSK *e* where had you been ? 
^?^Xc5ejust when going. ^ 
4»e^T5 z^c^ you cannot go. ^ 
4»e4!>^ you must go. 

^Sp^O, «Sp^3 pora, pore, s. A lad. 

«^^D pori, s. A lass. 2. 5^^ 

•Jpe^rt porigi, ^. Full or cor- 
rect measurement of grain, 
eU. ^^L^ to measure cor- 
rectly, measurement to be 

correct, ^li^^^ to give a 
correct measure of grain, 
efc, as a seller to a pur- 

^eooiijji poriyuni (*e^), 7'. a. 
To give a correct measure of 
grain, efc. 2. to tease, 
trouble, annoy. 3. to wrestle, 
quarrel. e^oeJ^;^— to. wrestle 
from insolence. 

o2p^6j5Uj porotu, s. The side 
slips of a piece of timber. 

^^01^5^ Jj poryavuni, c v. (of *e 
Docbo^) To cause to measure 
correctly, as grain. 

c§p^0 poli, s. Speaking irrele- 
vently. 2. plunder, extor- 
tion. a^'.Irrel event, imperti- 
nent. 2. plundering, extor- 
tionate. — ^^os^^ to plunder. 

«2pe^ poU, see *?5?. 

^^^e polyi, s, A small kind of 

poshanai poshan^, s. Nourish- 
ment, maintenance, feeding, 
^^^o posa, s. Sunset, evening. 
—si ^^r evening time. — cq 
• o3o one who observes the cus- 
tom of taking his supper be- 
fore sunset, as a Jain. 2. see 

^e^ posra, s. Urine. 

«5p?5^c^o1) posraladaye, s, A 
demon so called. 

^^^ p616, s. A cake of rice 
flour, elc,^ baked on a pot- 
sherd or iron pla?<£ 

^e^ pole 


gvl prati 

t2p?^^e)0^ polekayi, s. Writing 
a large, crooked hand, as 
children do. 

53^ pou, see sro^. 2. see ^. 

sS^ot* pounci, see TS^oeS. 

55^ot3, 33^ pounji, ponji, see 

53^23, 5p>t;w pouji, pouju, see 
^ralk, sS^ciW^ pounattu, pouna- 

ttu, s. Doing things by halves. 

~^e;rf a work done by half. 

^3, poutri, s, A grand daughter. 

53^Co3i poumsha, ^. Heroism, 
manliness. 2. boast, brag. 

5Je^d pyadJ, see 35ed 

5l pra, A Sans, prefix implying 
ProgressivQ motion. 2. ex- 
cess. 3. excellence. 

^^y prakata, adj. Displayed, 
unfolded, revealed, manifest, 
public. •~^«'o^5i to proclaim, 
make public. 

g^'tffejrf prakatanJ, s. Revelation, 

^^tic^ prakarana, s. A chapter, 
section. 2. an introduction, 
prologue, prelude. 

prakara, s. Manner, 
method, mode, adv* Accord- 
ing to, conformably with. 

^^«)aJ prakasa, s. Sunshine, 
lustre, light, splendour. 2. 
expansion, diffusion, mani- 
festation, —tsh^ to shine. 
— cn>^^ to have lustre. — #jae 
aJo^ light or splendour to 
appear, —^e^^^ light to fade 
away; light to shed forth. 


^^N^ prakr?ta, s. The present, 

this time. —Xo for the present. 

t^\^ prakryti, s. Nature. 2. 

the natural state of anything. 

8. the root. 4. cause, origin. 

^50^^ prakhyata,^^' Celebrat- 
ed, famous; notorious. 

^S3^o^ prakhy&ti, s. Publicity, 
fame, notoriety. 

tj^^Ti prafeanda, adj. Intolera- 
ble, insupportable. 2. bold 
confident, presumptuous. 3. 
violent, fierce. —^j»^ tempest, 
storm. —-^^^^ a bold, vali- 
ant or fierce man. 

riptSeJCJ pra65ra, s. Precept, ob- 

^t3^3i^ praJSpati, s. Brahma, 
the creator. 2. a king. 3. a 
decent term for the memb- 
rum virile, 

^?2 praJ4, s. People, subjects. 
2. offspring, progeny. 

g^gSjs?!^^ prajotpatti, s. The 
fifth year in the Hindu cycle 
of sixty. 

g^td©;3oJi prajvalisuni (^^^«^5j), 
v.n. To shine, glitter. 2. to 
blaze, be inflamed. 

g,23^53 praJvalS, s. Shining, glit- 
ter, blaze. [affection. 

rijC^oij pranaya, s. Friendship, 

gjStSj pratapa, s. Dignity, ma- 
jesty. 2. valour, prowess. 

gj3e)^pratdpu, s. An old Indian 
coin equivalent to one rupee. 

t».^ prati, A Saats^ prefix im- 
plying bubstitution. 2. seve- 


^3 prati 


^qi pratha 

ral, in order. 3. direction, 
designation. 4. belonging to. 
5. exchange, return, j. A 
substitute; a copy, adj. Each, 
every. — cici every day. — sW 
^3»^) each man. — ^^^> to 
take a copy. 
ri^3^e)d pratikara, s* A remedy, 
antidote. 2. a return of 
offices either good or bad. 
— irfj«»o^^ to revenge, retaliate. 
^3^j50 pratikula, s. Oppo- 
sition, clashing, disagree- 
ment, adj. Adverse, contrary. 
g,3?2 pratijni, s. Promise, as- 
sent. 2. resolution, vow. 
rij3qJ Ji pratidhvani, s* An echo. 
2^3^)9 pratinidhi, s. A resem- 
blance of a real figure, image, 
picture. 2. a representative, 
proxy. 3. a surety. 
g,3(3^rfo pratinema, s. Daily 

religious observance. 
t^h't'i pratipalcsha, s. The op- 
posite side or party, 
^^^w pratiphala, s. Reward; 

return, requital. 
^^tooqJpratibandha, s. Obstacle, 

g^3eooq5(S pratibandhanJ, s. A 
demoniacal possession. 2. 
^32:)o2o pratibimba, s, A reflec- 
tion, resemblance or coun- 
terpart of a real form, as a 
picture, image, shadow. 
^3^0 pratimiy s. An image, 
idol, puppet. 

gjldJtisS pratirupu, s. A picture, 
image, counterpart. 

^^e5e)2j3 pratilabha, s. Twofold 
gain, profit. 

g^Arfe^S, g^^Ce)^^ prativacana, 
prativakya, s. A reply, answer. 

^30e)a prativadi, s, A defend- 
ant, respondent. 

g^^35 pratishthft, s. Fame, cele- 
brity. 2. consecration. 3. 
endowment. 4. staying, stand- 
ing, fi:?ation. --^h^ to be 
consecrated. — ^^o^^ to con- 

^A?9^d pratikara, see ^StotJ. 

^^f^ pratikshi, s, Hope, ex- 

^2^0 ojj pratyaya, s. An affix. 

t^t^ pratyaksha, adj. Percep- 
tible, perceivable, present. 
— * appearance, advent. 

gj^^d pratyuttara, s. An 
answer, reply. 

g,^3j©e)d pratyupakara, s. Re- 
ciprocated favour, return of 
good offices. 

^%?^ pratyeka, adj. Separate, 
distinct, ^^r^ one by one. 

^^^*^Ji, g,^^?*?iofi pratyeki- 
puni, pratyekistlni (5)^.3^' ^ 
*^f*?j), v,a. To separate. 

g^qSrfo prathama, adj. First, 
prior. 2. chief, principal. 
— i^T^si the third person, 
gram, --^^^ the nomina- 
tive case. — * at first. 

sicJA) prathame^J. The first 

gd prada 


gdo? prame 

^dirrf pradarlana, s. Showing. 
2. explaining. 

gjd^c9, gjCS^fl, ^cS*ra pra- 
dakshana, pradakshani pradak- 
shina, s. Reyerential circum- 
ambulation around an object 
of worship. [tion. 

^C3c)?i pradina, s. A gift, dona- 

g^d?i pradeia, ^. A place in 
general. 2. a country, dis- 

^c5j€)^3S[ pradosha, s. The first 
part of the night. 

^zp>^ pradhana, adj\ Principal, 
chief, superior. — cdj^aiuP a 
high priest. 

g^qse)^ pradhini, s. A prime 

^sJoZa prapanSa, s. The world, 
universe. 2. illusion, delu- 
sion. 3. partiality. adj\ 
Worldly, secular. -^^J|^^ 
to be partial. ^o^S TidTjoti 
^^ there is no distinction at 
a Snner table. 

^S3^i prapita, s. A cliflf, preci- 
pice. 2. a water-fall. 3. a 
bank, shore. 

^2ooqi prabandha^ s. An essay, 
literary composition, con- 
nected discourse. 

^tjo prabala, adj. Strong, 
powerful. 2. abounding, pre- 
vailing, —^h^ to become 
powerful; to prevail; to 
spread widely. 

^9^ prabhava,^. The first year 
in the Hindu cycle of sixty. 

^2f^^ prabhSva, s. Majesty, 
dignity. 2. power, energy. 

^tpe)rf5?prabhaval4, s. The shrine 
of an idol. 

g^Jji) prabhUy s. A lord, master, 
prince. — a^ power, author- 
ity, government. 

gz^ prabh^i s. Light, splendour, 

g^si)^ pramatta, adj. Intoxicat- 
ed. 2. infatuated, proud. 

^^2^ pramathe^ s. An attend- 
ant on Siva. 

ri^rfjcS pramada, see ^A»eii 

^;^r9 pramana, s. Measure, 
size, dimension, quantity. 
2. proof, testimony. 3. an 
oath. 4. limit, -^iw^ d a 
document containing the 
terms of an oath. — •iiv'o^^ 
to take an oath. 

^dJe)r3 pramanii j. Ahead-man, 
chief. |-rf^. 

^^3e)c^^ praminika^ see zs^y^ 

^dje>d pramada, s. Mistake, in- 
. accuracy. 2. carelessness. 

^dJe)& pramadi, s. The thir- 
teenth year in the Hindu 
cycle of sixty. 

^^IsdD^e^ pramadlga, s. The 
forty-seventh year in the 
Hindu cycle of sixty. 

^^^sj pramukha, adj\ Chief, 
principal, first. 2. excellent, 

g,3o?aJo prameya, s. Opportu- 
nity, occasion. ^2. the subiect 

''I . . jOOqI J 
or topic of a conversation. 


^do? prame 448 

^d)??Ojfl;s?Uo prameBrinotu, s. 
A promissory note. 

ri^^?3o prameha^^. The venereal 

g,dJ3?d pramdda, s. Joy, glad- 
ness, happiness, delight. 

g,dJ5?ciJt)i pramoduta, s. The 
fourth year in the Hindu 
cycle of sixty. 

^oJo^^prayatna, s. Endeavour, 
effort. 2. act, action. — ^ 
"^^^ to try, endeavour. 

ri^oi3e)rt prayaga^ s. Sacrifice, 
oblation. 2. the confluence 
of the Ganges and Yamuna 
at Allahabad. 

^a33c)r3 prayana, s. Journey, 
march. -too3o, -^ a passen- 
ger, traveller. — •ii^o^^ to 
travel, journey. 

rijCdrarf prayasa, s. Labour, 
trouble, fatigue 2. difficulty, 
embarrassment. 3. pain. 

g,o;J>>o^ prayukta, adj. Endowed 
with, possessing, as an attri- 
bute, postpo. For, on ac- 
count of. 

g,o3J3?rt prayoga, s. Conse- 
quence, result. 2. the opera- 
tion or effect of magical or 
mysterious rites. 3. effort, 
exertion. 4. act, action. 5. 
use of a word. 6. the admi- 
nistration or prescription of 
medicine. — ca)^^^ to be in 
use, as a word. — ^H^?>,^oSAe 
7\^?) to perform any magical 
rites, etc. \ to administer, as 

^^39 prava 

medicine, poison, etc.\ to use, 
make u^e of. 

gj03js?2atf prayojake, s. A clever 
man. es-, ^^\- a worthless 

gj03a5>etj(i prayojana, s. Cause. 
2. motive. 3. result. 4. oc- 
cupation, business. 5. profit, 
use, advantage, -^^h^ to be 
of use. TOcS- of what use ia 
it? —c33oS useless, worthless. 

g^t)aJo praUya, s. A general 
deluge, the world's destruc- 
tion. »«/- the deluge. 

^Oe)3i pralipa, s. Sorrow, lamen- 

ri^d^F^ pravartake,^. An author. 
2. an arbiter, judge. 

g^rf^Fci pravartaaa, s. Action, 
business. 2. conduct, be- 

rijrilFiiioc^pravartisuni (5)^^f5))^ 
V. n. To be going on, to be 
in a state of action. 2. to 
behave, conduct one's self. 

^dqS^cSpravardhanft, s. Increas- 
ing, thriving. 

ri^rf^Frfj^j pravardhifluni (^^o? 
5J), V. n. To increase, pros- 
per, thrive. 

rijSJ5)d pravada, s. Report, ru- 

g,S3e)cS(S pravadani, s. Prophecy, 
prediction. —'^^^, ^TOO?i3?y 
to prophesy, foretell. 

gjC^a pravadi, s. A prophet. 

^z^Ti pravisa, see sii^srorf. 

ri^c^aopravaha, s. A stream cur- 

^Z2^ pravi 


^Tj^ prastS 


rent; the flowing or course 
of any thing. 

gjCc)^ pravEla, s. Coral, -^t^ 
calcination of coral. 

g^^i^ra pravina, adj\ Skilful, 
clever. -^ cleverness, skill. 

^^?rf pravil^e, s. A skilful man, 
a clever man. 

^^^ pravrijitti, s. Activity, 

^z^d pravri^ddha, adj. Full 
grown, expanded, spread 
abroad, dispersed, increased, 

^d?i pravesa, s. Entrance. 2. 
arrival. 3. commencement, as 
of learning. — c^b^ to inter- 
fere. -^tfO|^s>, -^-^^^7^^ to 
enter; to commence. 

g^iorf praaaiEfisa, s. Praise, flat- 
tery. 2. subject, matter. —5 
^^ to refer to a matter. 
^Tii^^ to praise, flatter ; to 
speak on a matter. 

g^aJ^ prasasta, adj. Good, com- 
mendable, excellent, illustri- 
ous, famous. 2. convenient, 

^i prainJ, s. A question, inter- 
rogation. 2. soothsaying. 
— DeSb^ to consult stars on a 
matter or event; to make 
an astrological calculation. 
-j^<^^ to ask, question. 

,(^d prasnottara, s. A 
dialogue, catechism. 

^;^Qrt prasaiga, s. A sermon, 
preaching. 2. a discourse. 


lecture. 3. a Hindu drama. 
:^7ioJ\ a preacher. — Ti)«b^o> 
to preach, discourse. 

^7io^ prasanna, adj\ Pleased, 
delighted, gracious, favour- 
able, auspicious, —^h^ to 
be pleased, favourable. -^ 
^ ^*ft r«o5> to win over. 

^isirf prasava, s. Bringing forth 
or bearing young. 2. birth, 
production. —^ecic3 the travail 
of childbirth. 

^T^zi prasida, s. Favour, kind- 
ness, propitiousness. 2. food, 
eU., offered to a deity or to 
a guru. c3«^^- God's favour; 
what is offered or conse- 
crated to God. [rice. 

^sjsdfi prasadana, s. Cooked 

^?Te)qJ(3 prasadhanJ, s. Dress, 

g^?od praaiddha, adj. Famous, 
celebrated, public, notorious. 
— e^bf) to become famous or 
notorious. -75o^^ to publish. 

^h^ prasiddhi,J.Fame,notorie- 
tyf celebrity. 

^;!ifi)3pra8uti,^. Bringing forth 
as young. 2. birth. 

^^ prasta, s. Any auspicious 
ceremony. 2. marriage, ^^e 
^c^— consummation of a 

rij^s^rlprastSpa,^. Opportunity. 
2. incidental reference to a 
person or thing. -»5o««o^s>, 
^;?te hji^^ to speak on an af- 
fair; to seize an opportunity. 

^77^ prasti 


332^cxi) prSya 

^73^;j(3 prafltivani, s. Com- 
mencement, introduction. 

^aocJ prahara, s. A watch, or 
the eighth part of an entire 
day and night. 2. a weapon. 
3. a blow. 

^35^d prahlide^ s, A pious son 
of Hiranyakasipu. 

g^tf oJo pralaya, see ^^co^. 

^9^5;^(S prakshEIanii s. Wash- 
ing, cleaning. 

s^o3$, ^0^^ prlnta^ prantya^ 
s. Edge, border, frontier, part, 
neighbourhood, adj. Near, 

33^^ prakf^ adj. Before, prior, 
old, precediDg. 2. past. — ^ 
x^2?^from past time. — ^^ an 
old account. —5 formerly. 

scgj'erx^ prakrijita, adj. Natural. 
2. low, vulgar, s. A peculiar 
dialect of Sanskrit. 

33^tS(cJ pridlna, adj\ Former, 
prior, ancient, old. 

ss^ta prajna, adj. Clever, intel- 
ligent. — ?W^i3a?i,3^^aclever 

33^raprana,^.Life,vitality. 2.air 
inhaled, breath. — o^^i — ^;|e 
8o^, S35)TO)^ an intimate friend. 
— ^j»«?f a murderer. — sJjSsf; 
consecration of an idol. — ;^o 
^t$ dangerous illness. — ^e 
&fd to die. — e3o839iAC%3^ to be 
weary of life; to consume 
one^s self. 3:>oe^s^c^^o the 
five vital airs, or modes of 
inspiration and respiration. 

zs^ti prini, s. A living being, 
an animal. 

02)^8^«>^> sj^^?7^'s> pr&tah- 
kala, pr&tasUla, s. The dawn, 

scg)^ prapta, ad;\ Obtained, 
gained, received. 2. profi- 
cient, efficient. — Cfdo^^^ to 
be competent. 

^S^ pripti, s. Gain, profit. 2. 
acquiring, obtaining. 3. suc- 
cess, improvement. 4. power 
or faculty of acquiring. 5. 
luck, fate, fortune, -e^^^ to 
happen ; to be obtained. — c^ 
^^ to be able or lucky. 

scg^rfjftjc^^pramanika,^*. True, 
of great force, credit, or 

33*9x030 praya, 5". A state or con- 
dition of life, as age, youth, 
etc. ~oSoe§ how old are 
you? ti^^>^- middle age, prime 
of life. -^ a young man. 
~e^L^ to be old; to come 
to age. There is a saying 
about the different stages of 
human life; namely: — ^^ 

«)aj^, «)Aft^Tl) tooio*, •^^JJ^^ 

o^oc^j, c^c3S zSod3ro childish- 
ness at ten (years), beauty 
at twenty, youth at thirty, 
manhood at forty, dotage at 
fifty, longing at sixty, a stick 
at seventy, cripple at eighty, 

33^oJj pr&ya 


^d playa 

prostration at ninety, and 
departure at hundred. 

53^aJoS ^ prSyaScitta, s. Punish- 
ment. 2. expiation, penance, 
atonement. -^PjaSbr^ to pay 
a fine, -^t^^^^^ to punish, 
fine; to atone, expiate. 

so^dozjj prirambha^ s. Com- 
mencement, beginning. 

532)^0^^?^ prirambhisuni (s^j 
Tio£f ji), V, a. To begin, com- 

scr^dzj, ^^2J prarabdha, pr2i- 
labdha, s. Destiny, fortune, 
fate, luck. 

532,^^fS prarthanft, s. Prayer, 
supplication, asking. 2. di- 
vine service. — ii)«^0|^s>, zj^'^f 
?^^ to pray. 

^ra^ifi prasana, s. Feeding, eat- 
ing. -Ti^^^ to eat; to drink. 

53^33 prasa, s. Alliteration, 

oj^:^ praste, s, A prime minister. 

5^030 priya, adj\ Dear, beloved, 
desired. 2. dear, high in 
price. 3. see ^bcoo. ^Tiai a 
beloved companion. 

i^^^ priti, .y. Love, affection, 
regard. 2. delight, pleasure. 
3. the second of the twenty- 
seven astronomical yogas. 

-w)Tij — ep»5 an affectionate 
disposition, —^es^^^ —t^ 
^^^ to love. -DeLs> to be 

^?i preta, s, A corpse. 2. a 
ghost, goblin. 

^(;jj prema, s. Affection, kind- 
ness. 2. pleasure, sport, pas- 
time, joy. — 35>rf a friendly 

^?dT? prerake, s. An inciter, 
mover, instigator. 

^etirt, ^?6?3irt prerani, prere- 
pani, s. Sending, direction, 
passion or operation of the 
organs of sense. 2. incite- 
ment, instigation. 3. inspi- 
ration. — iSo^oi, ^fT5e2b7l3^ to 
inspire; to incite, induce. 

g,?Di prerita, adj. Sent, di- 
rected; inspired. 

^?2;*?i, iifij^^t^ procana, prok- 
shana^^. Sprinkling. —T^sf^^^ 
ifi)^7^^ to sprinkle. 

3:^r^proudlia,a^'. Skilful, clever. 

^'^ proudhe, s, A skilful or 
clever man. 

3i zi plava,^. Thethirty-fifth.year 
in the Hindu cycle of sixty. 

siSort plavanga, s. The forty- 
first year in the Hindu cycle 
of sixty. 

Digitized by 




^e}'S) phali 


5! pha, The thirty-fifth letter of 
the alphabet. 

^d^6 phakire, s. A dervise, 
Mussulman mendicant. 2. a 
destitute man. 3. a solitary 

^^a phakkani, adv. Suddenly, 

5J23e3 phajiti, see 25c3e5. 

^liori phatinga, adj. Rude, ill- 
behaved,unsteady, dissipated. 
2. dishonest. — ^c^ dissipa- 
tion; dishonesty. 

^lioA phatinge, s. A rake, pro- 
fligate. 2. a dishonest man. 

^l^sS, ^d phadica, phad6a, s. 
Settlement, adjustment. 2. 
determination, decision. — cf 
2b^ to be settled; to be de- 
cided. ^^^o^5i to settle; to 

^ds^^T^, ^dj^^k phadpo8», 
phadposi, s. Carelessness, per- 
functoriness. 2. answering 
without thinking. 3. getting 
through a business by hook 
or by crook, adj. Superficial, 
careless ; also sjzSjj^cL ~#e/?J a 
work done anyhow. — ?Wrfja^ 
a superficial man. ~-zR>t6o^ 
to say more than one knows ; 
to speak at random. 

5Sc3c)05j phadayi, s. Difficulty, 
great distress. 


55r^ phani, s. A serpent, cobra. 
— cijoTSo a festive ceremony 
in the name of the serpent- 
god; also croX^iooTie;. 

^fi phand^ see ^sS. 

^£ phattft, see 23£,. 

cpo^X^' phayisalf, see 3^?^^. 

5!d^ pharakf, s. Discrimina- 
tion, distinction. 2. recogni- 
tion, identification; cf. ^^e^- 
—-dd^^^ to discriminate. —25 
^» to recognise, identify ; to 

5j0^5U3* pharSkhatf, adj\ Free, 
unrestricted, well oflf. 

?!Oe)D phararijJ. Running away. 
— e^L^ to abscond, desert. 

^jSJj^fJ phannani, s. A mandate, 

^z> phala, s. A fruit in general, 
the fruit of any plant. 2. 
result, produce, consequence. 
3. prosperity, thriving. 4. 
gain, profit, advantage, -irf 
5o fruits, -c^fc^ to be fruit- 
ful. — #j»2!)r^ to yield fruit. 
~*de&fo» to see the conse- 
quence of an act. 

^23i)?3 phalanft, fir on. Such a 
one, such and such. — rfe;sJ 
such a work. 

^e^e)d phalara, s. A slight re- 
past of fruits-^ sweets, col- 

- ,. biqitizedby VjOQSt', 

lation. 2. any food except 

^e phali 


uoA bange 

rice, --^^^fi to take some 
light food. 

^©^ phalita, adj. Fruitful. 2. 
profitable. 3. prosperous, 
thriving. 4. effectual. 

^d«;^c^, ^Oi^oo^ phalipnni^ phali- 
suni (^i<5), V, n. To yield fruit, 
be productive. 2. to be suc- 
cessful, profitable. 3. to come 
to pass, fulfill, as a prediction. 

^7iO, ^h phasali^ phasli^ s. The 
current revenue year, (from 
July to June). 

55og)t3 phavuji, s. Ah army, 
troops, host. 

^OSocS phayidS, see c^owd. 

5pe)02L)3^ phSrikhat^, s. Receipt, 
acquittance, divorce. 2. pay- 
ment of a debt. 

^w cs) phQguna, s. The twelfth 
lunar month. 

4^;^JdO phituri, s. Any secret, 
deceitful or underhand pro- 
ceeding, intrigue, conspiracy. 
2. instigation, incitement. 
-rfjsbr^ to incite. -»io5;<o^^ 
to intrigue; to betray. 

^doA phirangi, see 2jt5oi\. 

4^0aJ3e)Q, ^o;S3e)ra phiriyadi, 
phiryidi^ s. A complaint, an 
accusation in law. 

^^7f phisf, s. Fees, remunera- 

^dJSf^^ phnroktu^ s. Sale, 
particularly of stamps. 

Ao^ pheilf, s. A register, file, 

^^^ pheisal?, see ii^7i€. 

to ba, The thirty-sixth letter of 

the alphabet. 
tjo-S- banki, see zs^o^. 
tjo*c3'e)OJo^ bankinayake, s, A 

honorific title amongst Billa- 

tiori, 200© banga, banna, see ??oX. 
t)orid bangali, see 20o^. 
toorraU bangS^, see ??07^i3. 
t)o7Te)0^, 2oone)d bang&Tf ^ bangg- 

ra, see ^ot^S. 
ejone)d9^ddo bang&rakayii s. 

The Indian acalypha, Aca- 

lypha Tndica. 


UoT\i>^ bang&la, s. Bengal. 

Won?)* bangali, s. Jugglery, 
legerdemain, trickery, impos- 
ture. 2. an impostor, cheat. 

tooA bangi, s. Hemp, Cannabis 
sativa. — e!)^ one addicted 
to hemp smoking, —tt^^ to 
becomeintoxicated with hemp. 
•^^4^> to smoke hemp. 

eoortorl bangudft, s. The mac- 

soortod baAgura, see eSo^o. . 

eoorlod banguli, see eooT?^. 

zjorto* bangery, s. A title of 

eoortj baAgra 


eoo23 b&nji 

certain old chieftains. 2. a 
family name amongst the 
Bants and Billavars. 
too^, ^oT^ bangra, bangri, see 

woT^ bangli, s. A bangalow, 
residence of an European. 

eoo^, too^l353|^c^ banghi, ban- 
ghitappal^, s. Parcel or pac- 
ket post. 

too2S baina, see ^oX. 

too2^rJ3e>o3j banjanatayo^ J. A 
demon so called. 

tootSfS bancani, see •5otic5. 

zoorfoji bancuni, see ^o8ai^?>. 

eootid ba^Iata, ^^^ sJoanj. 

zooterf banjara, ^^'. Sterile, bar- 
ren. -2?j»^ uncultivated land; 
waste land. -~2^Th^ to re- 
main uncultivated. 

eoo2^d banjarai adv. Heartily^ 
freely, largely. — efb^ to 
have a hearty meal. — crorf^si 
to eat heartily. — sro^ios) to 
serve food profusely. 

eoo23 banji, s. The stomach. 2. 
the belly. 3. the womb. 4. 
the interior or inner part, as 
of a tree, eic. 5. the thinner 
portion of the shell of a cocoa- 
nut. 6. the mind, heart, ^e^ 

' CO 

80oa3croo&3 a corpulent ^r clum- 
sy man. —^5 a long worm 
infecting the bowel. —^^ 
voracious, eager; patient, 
long suffering. — J\ ^^ there 
is nothing to eat. — t3ecS colic, 
gripes; y?^. envy. — cs 5^ the 

stomach. — c5 ^fjau^ want o 
food, starvation. — e9eors> to 
be hungry; to be distressed. 
*i»cu. a big belly, potbelly. * 
B^_ pregnancy by illicit inter- 
course, ^e^— an early stage 
of pregnancy, —^h^ to be 
pregnant, ^f^'^^r^ the belly 
to subside. -<ic^oaioo^, -CA)t3^ 
•do^, — oSj^or^ the belly to 
distend, -^"dt^^ to miscarry, 
cause an abortion. -^^tJ5>^s> 
to digest. — tfo^^oi, — 33t54^ ^ 
to feel a griping pain in the 
bowels. — oosjo^ to fill the 
belly, to have a hearty meal, 
hunger to be appeased. — * 
^^ to be aggrieved, -wbrsi, 
— ^5?£^reo^ to become preg- 
nant through illicit inter- 
course. — •JoK^^, — ftioJ^^^ to 
retch, to have nausea, qualm. 
_do«o^?i to cause pregnancy 
through illicit intercourse. 
—5 i8f^eSi^> to have looseness 
in the bowels, to purge. 

toodci, 2ooe3(isS banjina, banjina- 
vu, s. Pregnancy. 2. stools. 
adj. Pregnant. — tS^o^sj, wo 
^c^K ifi^h^ to go to stool. 

Woe3cia banjinadi, s. The belly 
of a beast or fish. 

eoot3c3e)V^ banjinal^, s. A preg- 
nant woman. 

Woe323^6 banjjibeire, s. A glutton^ 

20ot3dJji banjiruni (e^oa55), v. a. 
The (distended) belly to 
subside, ^oogl. 

tdoeS banji 


2ood banda 

tootS banji^ s. A barren woman. 
adj. Barren, sterile. 

20oi§c3 banjele^ s. A glutton. 

tJoiSeici banjeltana, s. Gluttony. 

20oe§J«)3(0j, banjottu, see a^oair^. 

200^3^ bantf, ^. Pride, vanity. 
2. bragging, boasting. 

eooiy^y, 200^13/^ bantata, ban- 
tatigi, see 2fozsn)ii, 

WoiJo bantu, see a^oG. 2. heroic, 
courageous. 3. glutinous. ~* 
c^ courage, pride. 

200^ bante, s. A man belonging 
to the principal class of culti- 
yators, called Bants. 2. a 
servant. 8. a demon so called. 
^^cJ- a demon priest. 

tjoo^ bandy, see ^o5. 

z^oziJf bandas)^, s. A kind of fish. 

Ziozi7^ii6 bandasald, s. A store- 
house, warehouse, granary. 

uozij^ bendasi, see eoozioJ. 

eooG^y, 2ooC3e)i3/^band&ta,band&- 
^ig6, see ^ozsa&S^. 

WoC5e)da^ bandiyi, ^. Conspiracy. 

toone)CJ bandara, see 2fozsifd. 

tooC5e)0 bandari, see ^ozs^^. 

20oa bandi, see ??oa. 

uozkiy 2oo:^j;^cJ bandu, banduta- 
na, see 2?oS. 

tio:3 bande, see sf^oTS. 

toord banna, ^. Colour, paint, 
dye. 2. exaggeration. 3. a 
degree of fineness, , touch in 
metallurgy, -t^^ a painter, 
dyer; ^;Sjf . a man given to 
exaggeration. -??j&l!)r^, -d^ 

^, — srozio^ to colour, paint, 
dye ; to exaggerate. -.<pc2j?> 
colour to fade. 

toorooTTdO^bannangayi, s. A half 
grown cocoanut. 

eoor^iiT^, t^oc^ii?^ bannatigd, 
bannitigi, s, A piece of wood 
driven through rafters to 
keep them fast. 2. carving, 

eoocQ^rt bannanigJ, see eoocJs^^. 

uor9^d bannasara, s. A coral 

tdor^T^ bannige, s, A painter. 

t^ozf bandy, s. Shutting, closing. 
2. stoppage, suspension, ceas- 
ing. 3. prohibition, forbid- 
ding. -c^L^ to be shut; to 
cease, stop. — ^^i see eoodoi^Q. 
^7^^^ to shut, close; to 
secure; to prohibit; to cease. 

wod banda, s. Dough. ^^^ leav- 
en. -'^c^iiSi, >--^'c*o^5> to knead 
flour to dough. 

ZJod banda, see s^oz^. 

eoodrl bandaddye, s. Half bak- 
ed or boiled cake. 

tjodd ^d bandada-mara, s. The 
wild mangosteen tree, Dios- 
pyros embroypteris. 

ejodA bandagi, s. Slavery, ser- 

eoocJc^, eoocJrS bandana, bandani, 
see eooi^. [plant. 

zooc^t^^ bandanigi, s. A parasitic 

Wodo^ bandary, s, A port, har- 
bour. -^^Ov^ ^ make a 
port, to aucA^^^^^gf^ 

eooD band! 


&>^ baka 

eooa bandi^ s. A kind of neck- 
ornament of gold. 

2J0& bandi, s. Imprisonment, con- 
finement. ^^B- temporary 
confinement. — W)c3, — aaj>c5 a 
prison, jail, imprisonment, 

tJoG'^Je)?^ bandikolu, s. A pair 
of cudgels used by a gymnast. 

20oa53c)c3 bandivane, s. A pri- 
soner. 2. a criminal, culprit. 

eoodj, eood bandu^ bande^ see 

Eoocio©* banduk^, ajccift^. 

toocJoi^i/ bandukatf,^. Securing, 

making fast. 2. compactness, 

union. 3. fineness, nicety. 

aJj\ Secure, fast. 2. compact. 

3. fine, nice. 
2JodJd'5^ bandukf 9 s. A gun. 

eoocSe^ bandel\^9 ^. A residence, 

tJodieJ^ej;!^^ bandobastf, s. Set- 
tlement, arrangement, ma- 
nagement. 2. safety, security. 
-T^^^^ to settle; to secure. 

2Joqi, sooqirj, eooqici bandha, 
bandbana, bandhand^ s. Bind- 
ing, tying. 2. imprisonment, 

tJoqio bandhui s. A kinsman, 
relation. — w^X relations^ 
in the aggregate. — ?5^?5o love 
of relatives. 

too(jf^ bannana, s. Trouble, ca- 
lamity, affiction, torment. 
2. see eoo:^. -oooSb a tor- 
menter. — S^o>, — 25tl4^, v^ozi 

^rh eofti^osi to be afflicted. 
— 2o2br^ to be involved in 
troubles. -xii^^'o^S) to afflict, 
torment, trouble. 

20oc3e>tJ?^ banni^igi, see eoorrofcS^. 

2*;opSc^rt bannanigft, see eoorf^^ 

^o^D^ bannal^ see Tix>ri^(v, 2. 
a family name. 3. lineage. 

eooc^^od, 2oo^^d bannimara, 
bannemara, s. The tree Mimosa 

2oo33o* bampelf, see z5^ot,6. 

wotJ05s) bambayi, s. The thorny ( 
part of a palmyra branch. 

wotoo bainbu, s. Layers of the 
fibrous coverings of a plantain 
tree. 2. the bamboo. 

2Jo2ooDbamburi, s, A small kind 
of oyster. 

20o23 bambi, s. The core or 
inside stalk of a plantain 
tree. 2, flattery, false praise, 
3. prattling, -d^^ the rind 
of a plantain. — ^tScdjj?^ to 
work for nothing or in vain. 

20odorJ bammanai s. Slander, 
backbiting. — ^f^^, — cfa^do^ 
— ^^j^^, eoc^Siig^ to backbite. 

200^0^:^0^^ bammaniyuni^ see 

to^ baka, s. A crane, —c^ eroOA) 
a loud talking person. —^^^ 
a glutton. 

tot?2o^ bakabaka,^^^^. Voracious- 
ly, eagerly. -S^» to swallow 

20"!^^ bakala, s. A gash, deep 
incision, --^h^ to be gashed. 

zj^ baka 


tort baga 

eo'j^^docJ bakalamara, s. The tree 
Mimusops elengi\ also t5o^5 

t07e)^od bakasnre^ s, A monster 

so called. 2. a glutton. 
t)i^6 bakire, see ^*e^. 
eoi8-?U bakiti, see eo#?a. 
ti*?e5^ bakil^, J. A glutton. 

20^0, eoB'orfj^o, t)^ baku, baku- 
mari, bake, see 8C)TR);!i3T5. 

to^e^ bakedi, ^. Loss from bad 
debts, insolvency. 2, diffi- 
culty, distress. 3. necessity, 
want. — cW;5j»^ a needy 
man; an insolvent. 

zoT^bakka, see ^i^r^. 

to^Ji^S?^* eo^riig?^ bakkanipuni, 
bakkanyuni {^%^^ ^o^Tj^), v. a. 
To ask repeatedly. 

to^D^ bakkar^i, s. A stride. 
• 20t^?5* bakkasv, ^^^ tSA??^:?^. 

t)^?iOc^ bakkisuni (eow)^?:), v,a. 
To devour. 

2JiSj^cqo Ji bakkonuni, see eoodo^o^ 

2J^6, eon^^d baktaW, bajrvtaW, 
5. Parting the hair in the 
middle of the head by com- 
bing. 2. combing the hair 
into curls. 3. the crown of 
the head. 4. a chaplet. 

eo^ bakra, s. A sheep, jungle 

ViTfh buCTti, see z^\^. 

%^Tf^ bag^lf, see eoX^. 2. see 


zjriodd, 2or(od5^ bagandara, ba- 
gandala, s. A carbuncle, 

malignant abscess on the 

eortUoJi bagatuni (eoXS), v. n* 
To straddle, stand astride. 

torici£ bagadatti, s. The name 
of a giant. 

wrieortbagabaga, s. The crackling 
noise of confliigration. — e^exjr 
^ fire to blaze with a noise. 
eocoooS 80<y ^7^, 80O225 eoX 
807TO (he says) "come son", 
while inwardly regards you 
with jealousy. 

zorto^ bagar^, see a^^^S. 

ZiT\xi bagara, s. A bow. 

2or(o^ bagalv, s. The armpit, 
the side from the armpit to 
the hip. — K zj;>xki^ to put or 
keep under the arm; to mis- 

^o^le;o5 bagaluni, see eoX^o?). 

eorieS bagale, s. An Arabian 
ship. —835030 a large mouth; 
a glutton. 

ejr{vc)U bagalata, s. Barking. 
2. clamouring, vociferation. 
— -rfj^js.^, see eoX^oft. 

i^l\^'^ bagalu, s. Raving, wander- 
ing in mind, talking irra- 
tionally. -;^o^ delirium, in- 

wrts^oji bagaluni (s^xf ), v. n. To 
bark, clamour, vociferate. 
2. to rave, talk irrationally. 

tor(^bagal6,^. Distress, anguish, 
sorrow. 2. trouble, difficul- 
ties. — cTOo^: a man in trouble. 


Zi7\^ bagi 


tjz^o baccu 


cjrrac^ bagSr^, s. Seasoning. 

ZJ7Te)?oo5i bagrSfluni (wt^Jj) v. a. 
To desire. 

tjrlo bagu, see a^K . 

torto^^ bagutalft, see w^^. 

eortowci, zorto^s^j^ baguluni, ba- 

l^'gnluni, see eoX^Jo^. 

tort bagft, J. Kind, manner, way, 
species. 2. means, resource, 
income. — cros^^ to have pro- 
perty, stock, means, or sub- 
stance. — ^^o^?i to acquire 
wealth; to pay off; to do a 
favour; to commit mischief. 

2orteort bagebagft, s. Rank, grade, 
class, adj. Diverse, various. 
— ?tez5j»5 a variety of goods. 

eorioJoo?^, eorlsjfi bageyuni, bage- 
vuni (2*^^), ^- ^« To think, 
suppose, guess, imagine. ^^— 
to deceive, intend evil, play 
the traitor. o3oo^ tSE 80^o3o 
he intended to ruin me. 

tor^, ^^ ^aggu, baggu, s. Flat- 
tery, praise. 2. backbiting, 
tale-bearing. — S3»#d5^ to flat- 
ter; to bear tales. 

2jn^s3)?i baggavuni, c. v. {of &)Xo^ 
?>) To cause to stoop, make 
bend, cower. 
tjr\ baggi, s. An iron hook 

pointed at its both ends. 
eortoji bagguni (eoJx^), v. n. To 
bend, bow, stoop. 2. to yield, 
tort ^3 baggele, s. A bending or 

crouching man. 
W7^^ bagtali, see fio^eS. 

20^ bagte, see ??#,. 

v^K bagyft, postp. For, on ac- 
count of. 

tit5e)S3) bacavu, s. Protection, 
deliverance, escape. — e^b^ 
to escape, —^b^ to seek pro- 
tection. — oii^o^^ to protect, 

zos^ bacca, s, A fault, mistake. 
2. a young, as of an animal. 
^.see 2?|x^- -'5'o83 a calf of 
not more than a year. — s3) 
tSos> to pay a fine. i 

J02;rfo7\e)0^ baccangayi, s. The 
water-melon, Cucumis cit- 

sjsiorte}^ badcangelu, s. Tired- 


ness, fatigue. 

U7i fS baccani, j^^ eot^rcS. 

ejs;^ €, tJ2^ ^ bac6al6, ba6&16, see 


WtJ9 5$^ baccivuni, ^. ^. {of a^ 
43 ?i) To cause to dry, fade, 
stunt. 2. to tire, fatigue. 

wt* 6 baccirft, s. The betel leaf. 
-rf aDU^^ a betel salver. -^ 
'^^ a venomous insect found 
on betel leaves. — ^ J^^ a 
bundle of about one hundred 
betel leaves. — ^^^ to chew 
betel leaves; to make peace. 
^■doiS^— or 'S'SjdC^^ c5«)7v«i^— or 

•i)ooTi»59— (?r oiMotSfid— are 
varieties of betel leaves, 
eotSo ?i baccuni (^^\ ^. «. To 
become lean, thin^ 2. to 

tos3 b&oce 



eoej bate 

dry up, evaporate. 3. to be 
weary, tired, fatigued. #^vs 
5— the hands and legs to be 
tired, crae/aoso- to falter in 
speaking; to be thirsty, ai^ 
5^eti^) to get tired ; to grow 
lean; to be dried up, as a 

202§ ^ baccel^, ^. Fatigue, weari- 
ness, tiredness. 2. leanness. 
3. ebb; c/. &A^€. -:3^» to 
take rest, refresh one's self. 

totS 6 bacdele, s. A thin man. 


^o^3 baja, see eoaro^. 

z^ta^, 2Jt3ri, 2ot3c3 bajan^, baja- 
na, bajan6, see b?^^. 

20&}Wt5 bajabaja, adj\ Moist, 
moderately wet or softened 
with water. — ^e& cattle- 
fodder soaked in water. 

2JW^J) bajavu, see a^a^^^. 

eo23e)rS, w23->clrt bajaiii, bajanigft, 
s. A broom, besom. 2. clean- 
liness, freedom from dirt, elc. 
3. a plain, open ground; c/. 
^croS. -^«»o|^^ to sweep, 

tot3e)rc)0c fi bajanyuni (waiDg), v. a. 
To long, wish; be greedy. 

2ot3e)05o;:iici, toe3e);ii5i bajayiauni, 
bajasuni (8oai^09o{3, eoa«)5J), v. a. 
To beat, strike. 2. to eat 
heartily. 3. to do anything 
freely, without restraint. 

zjt3c)0 bajari, s, A harlot, whore, 
prostitute. 2. an immodest 
or indecent woman. 

t^Z3e)5S baJSvu, s. Dried leaves 
etc, used as fuel. 2. beating 

totS baji, adj\ Empty, mere, only. 
2. vain, useless, false. —^^ 
an empty hand. -;^v^o^an ut- 
ter falsehood; an unfounded 

' report, etc. 

twtS^Sc^ bajipuni, see 2;ie37i3^ 

tot3o^bajilv,J. Paddy, moistened, 
dried, broiled, and beaten 
into wafers in a mortar. 
-Jtid^ a kind of grass. —TSri 
a kind of wreath made of 
similar wafers of gold. 

U22 baj|6, s. Sweet-flag, Acorus 
calamus, -tSrf a mixture 


of sweet-flag and butter. ^ 
jS5 c35c;30SoK c^flTO^^o) to apply 
the paste of sweet-flag to the 
tongue (of children to im- 
prove articulation). 
wt3 rSrt bajjanigft, see eoa^rS. 

zot3 bajji, s, A mode of prepar- 
ing certain vegetables by 
baking them in embers, ^ 
kind of condiment. — ^fe^osi, 
-^7i:«cio^^to prepare the above. 

zoeSeoaj bajjeyi, s. The areca- 
nut, betel-nut. 

20g^ bajra, see eat)&D5. 

2ob^s3ft)cl, wlj;3e)^ batfvSdi, ba- 

tavadi, s. Distribution of 

money, etc. 
eoU, wte) bate, bata, adj. Open, 

wide. — «3^^ an open plain. 

— »5j»Xf- a highway. 


tote) bati 


z:i^ badi 

eobe)^ baUt6i s, A potato. 

tote>c3 batani, s. A kind of pease, 
Pisum sativum, — t3e^ -?3e;» 
O30 split pease. 

wlioda batuvadi^ see eoCswzS. 

eoUos3 batuvft, s. A bag, purse, 
satchel : cf. ^e3 S . 

to^v^o batoln, ^. A sack, bag. 
2. ^^ ^^3^. 

toij^ ba^tf, ^. The foreskin. -?rj 
ciiiS^) to circumcise. 

ukX batta, ^. A globe, sphere. 
adj Circular, round. 2. see 
^3^. — D-do an ox with cir- 
cular horns. — *5 a bald 

tiUo^ battal^, s. A plate, ^jr/. 
of bell-metal. 

toii. batti. ^. A ratan basket. 
2. a still, kiln, distillery. 3. 
distillation. 4. a kind of sco- 
lopendra. -5Uj^^ to distill. 

eo{3. battft, s. A cloth in general, 
garment. 2. a road, path. 

10^ batte, ^^^ ^»j. 

toiS^^j battolu, ^^^ a^w^^. 

tofej^rl batvade, ^^^ eoQsszS. 

2oa batvft, see eouo^. 

eos^^doji, 2ja*;^doJi, zo^^t^, 
20^3^ c^c^ bad^taruni, badftorn- 
ni^ bad^truni, bad^pnni (^^ 

To ascend, climb, mount. 
XozS F— to ascend a hill. ^ 
^^- to climb a tree, 
zod bada, tf^'. Poor, indigent. 
2. lean, thin, -ic^, -sjS , ^-^i^i 

poverty, indigence, leanness. 
— ^ a poor man, pauper. 
uz^o^do^ badantaruni^ see e^S^ 

torf^e)OSj badakayi, s. The North, 
flf^*. North, northern. — t^^^ 
the north point. 

z^ziiL badakka, adj\ Sudden, ab- 

z^xi-i^ badatana, s. A marriage, 
wedding among Pariahs; cf. 

2JZ^^do^, eod^t^ badatamni, ba- 
daponi^ see soS^do?). 

i^^TiuTi badabada, s. The noise of 
a drum. 2. babbling gar- 
rulity. — sro^o^ to babble. 

torfsj badavu, s. Hunger, ap- 
petite. ^e?Ls> to be hungry. 

zocj^, 2o:^^fj badave^ badastana^ 
see under eozl 

tciC3c)05o badayi, s. Boasting, 
bragging. — sro*i}5i to boast, 

eoc5e>o5j;4)c^, tO(3e)?i)Ji, badiyisu- 
ni, badasuni (a:>z3»o»o5, waso>)» 
V. a. To augment, increase, 
enlarge. z\ n. To increase, 
thrive, prosper. 

20C52>^ badala, see eoTi^^. 

20C5e>53) badftvu, see aiti;^. 

zja badi, ^. The fold of a gar- 
ment. adj\ Folded. ^S— 
double, two-fold. 

to^^o* badikallf, s. A stone 
slab on which a washerman 
washes his clothes. . 2. aa 
anvil °'^' '^^"^ by LjOOgk 

to^ badi 


&)d» batti 

eoart badigft, s. Carpentry. 2. 

a carpenter; also eoa:^o3o3^. 
t)^;^^, tj^oJooo^ badipuni^ badi- 

yuni (^^), V. a. To strike, 

beat, thrasb. 
t)asc)d badivara, see 80ro)oa3. 
t)zi} badu, ^. A stick, cudgel. 

—zs^Th^^ —0 3ot>T^o5) to beat, 

eocij^ji budupuni(8ozl>),z^.a. To 

climb; cf. z^U^^^ 
tocJod baduve, . s, A pimp, pro- 
curer. 2. see eo^iS. 
tozS bad6, adj. Thin, lean. — ^ 

w^o> to become thin. 
so^S^TdcS badekani, s. A large 

cofifer, cash-box. 
torlrSjd^cig badesopu, s. Sweet- 
fennel, Anisum fxniculum. 
ijc^ baddy, adj\ Blunt, edgeless. 

2. dull, stupid, obtuse, s, 

Bluntness, dulness, stupidity. 

^^^ a blunt knife, ^^h^ 

to become blunt. 

get dull or obtuse, 
toa^c;^* baddypuli, see ^c^-d^^. 
Vtd bdda, see w^sr,. 
^)^ baddi, s. Interest on money. 

e9rf^~ principal and interest. 

-^ ^^ compound interest. 

-Jiskhv^ to pay interest. -K 

^jabr^ to lend on interest. 
to^oi^f) baddiyuni (^^, v,n. 

To fly, run away. 
20zS badde, ^. A stupid man, 

dunce. 2. a refractory man. 
zj^tfoji badtaruni, see eoS^do^. 

"^^J^ to 

zjrf^jj badyuni, ^^^ coa^orfoo^. 
2os^o«g banympu, ^. A kind of 

timber tree, Terminalia cori- 

WC9 bana, see ^^. ^^^ 

80C9one)OSo banangiyi, see eoopeo 
UC9Z37^ banajige, ^. A Lingait 

merchant. 2. a Lingait. 
20C9e3 banab^, ^^*. Light, not 

heavy. 2. weak, imbecile. 

^. A stack. 
eorad banali, ^^^ ^^^, 
Wf3c)0 banari, ^. A tear, sob. 
eoc^ bani, ^. Colour, hue; cf. 

^oce. 2. breed, kind. 3. 

eoroo^, ejre)o^ banupn, banpu, see 

eoK) banna, see eoore. 

eo3fj, battf, ^. A gander, duck. 
oii^cU well boiled rice; a 
glutton. -21^07^5 all kinds of 

eo^ batta, see ^£^. 2. see f^tu 

20^rf battada, see ^o-^. 

?o^e3 battal6, tf^'. Naked, un- 
covered, without clothes. — ^sJ 

to^^rt battaligft ^. A quiver. 

t:3^oao battayi, ^. An inferior 
kind of tobacco. 

203^75^ battas^, s. A kind of 

U^ batti, 3. A wick, candle, 
match. 2. a cigar, cheroot. 
•ijBccJorecS- a wax-candle. — ^ 

20^, batti 


eoQ badi 

«o^^> to make a cigar, -^s;^^ 
^ to twist the wick of a lamp. 
-^^i^^ to smoke a cigar. 

203^^2^ battikajja,^.Thebusiness 
on which one has come. 

z^^^^^ battiminf, s, A kind 
of fish: also £)Uo8oS . 

202(jj,Ji battuni, see ^^^ 

20^ batt6, see ??£^. 

toi^o* battel^, see 20^^. 

eon^^ badfkj, s. Living, liveli- 
hood. 2. estate, wealth, pro- 
perty. — ep;)X^ a comfortable 
living.. — ^©Xos> to be im- 
poverished, reduced to pover- 
ty. —^^^?) to acquire wealth. 

20C5^^e)53)fi badjkivuni, c. v, {of 
805^0^) To cause to live, 
to save, protect. 2. to heal, 

tjcs^^o^i bad9kuni(2o5^),Toliye, 
exist, subsist. 2. to survive, 
recover, be saved. 

tod bada, see ec^cix 

tjdorto badangala^ s, A large 
sore. 2. a carbuncle; cf. 

2odo2o, zodoto^ badamba, ba- 

dambatte, adj. Flabby, not 

tJdc3e)do badanSme, see aoci«;rfj«. 
&;drSbadan6, s. The brinjal plant, 

Solatium esculentum^ or S. 

melongona\ cf. Xo^. •iw^o^^ 

the love-apple. 
ViXiiZ^Ti badabada, adj. Loosely, 

not tightly. -^^^^ to dress 
2odO badari, see ^A-Ks^t. 

zodD, 2od0^e)^do badari, badari- 
kasrama, s. The residence of 

zodO-S badarikft, see ^oj* 

tjdo^ci badaritana, s. Dishonour, 

2odo^ badalf, s. Exchange, com- 
pensation; of, wrf^socJ^. pro. 
Other, another, adj. Substi- 
tuted, acting for another. 
adv. Instead of. — K in lieu of, 
instead of. 8ici6K eosi^ tit 
for tat, retaliation. —zs&^ 
a contradiction. — •ii^o^?), see 

2cdt)s5j^, wds>e)rfoj badalam^, 
badalamu, s. Disrepute, igno- 
miny. 2. responsibility, risk. 
3. a false accusation. 

wd53e)05orfo^ badalayisuni (sorfe/s 
cx3o53), v.a. To change, alter. 
2. to exchange, substitute, 

2od© badali, s. A substitute; cf. 
eocJ^. adj. Acting, -^c^rf an 
acting appointment* 

20CJe)oi)j badamu, s. Almonds. 

eone)€>^ badSlf, see eori6. 

2oO badi, s, A dowry. 

20 a badi, see eDO. 

eoaoi)^ badiyelf, s. A side-bone, 

2oa6 badirft, adj. Deaf, ^rsd^^ 
deafness. ^edbyGoogk 

Zj^ badi 


2Joi) baya 

toadoh badirengi, see s^tpSor^. 

zoci) badu, adj\ Thin, fvatery; 

also &^^20c$. 
2odo?rs53)t^ badukivuni, see 2o6w> 

20cSo=^oJi badukuni, see 8o5^j^ 
todo^Oo^ badenkuni (a^rSo^), z;, ;^. 

To dangle, as a weak limb. 
2jc3or{o badengala, see KirfoXa 
toci , badda, adj. True, certain. 

2. bound. 
ejdj badra, ^^^ 2?^. 

2jd^djj&. badramushti, see 2^^ 

2oD, badri, ^^^ 2^ci5. 

tjg,^, t)a^?^badrik6, badrigi, see 

Ud baddha, adj. Tied, bound. 

2. astringent. 
2003) ri,5^ badlimj, ^^^ eocie^Sa. 


^Jfi bana, ^. A grove, pleasure 
garden. ?3t)X-. a thicket 
haunted by serpents. 

torfo^ banampu, see a^fioi^. 

t0ci6 banal6, s. A kind of frying 
pan. adj. Thin. — ^oowo a 
thin kind of cloth. 

Wc3e)3* banat?, s. Woollen cloth, 
broad cloth. 

20c3e)OSo?iOcibanayi8uni (eoerooaojo), 
V. a. To invent, forge, fabri- 
cate, as a false document, etc. 
2. to prepare, as a dish. 

tOt3c)0 banari, s. Saliva or juice 
of fruits drivelling about the 
corners of the mouth, etc. 

20c3^rfcl, 20c3c)rf5 banavanft, ba- 

navani, s-. Invention, forgery, 
fabrication, adj. Forged, fab- 
ricated, false, fictitious. -^ 
'^^ to forge, fabricate. 

20c3e)S3) banavu, s. Agreement, 

2oJi bani, see eorf. 

WcS'^D banekeri, see 20pi)t). 

cosrf^oTTso^, eosra^oSo bappaigayi, 
bappayi, s. The papaw fruit, 
Car tea papaya. 

wri^o* bappar^, s. Obscenity. 
cuij'. Obscene. — ds#t^ obscene 

2o;S^ bappu, s. Stupidity, sense- 
lessness. adj\ Stupid, simple. 

w& bappe, s. A simpleton, stu- 
pid man, glutton. 

wuOsi3e)o23 babbarimanji, s. A 
kind of fish. 

tou& babbarye, s: A demon so 
called. -^^Uo its shrine. 

202JS^Qg)D babrapuri, s. Disorder, 

^osjOci bamana, s. Backbiting. 

ejrijji53)fi bamanipuni {^^^), 
V. n. To backbite. 

toojj baya, see s^iodo. 

eja5oo2oo bayambu, s. Chaflf, shell. 
2. a hollow, hole. adj. Hollow. 
—^h^ to become hollow. 

wojo^oji eoaJj^gOji bayakuni, ba- 
yasuni (soodo^, toodoji), v. a. To 
long for, desire eagerly. 

woiij^ bayakft, s. Desire, especi- 
ally the longing occasioned 

• by pregnancy. — srotio?) to en- 

e».oao bayi 


z^ti bara 

tertain sumptuo^usly a preg- 
nant woman. — oi>5^o a cere- 
mony observed in the fourth 
or sixth month of pregnancy. 

zoo^j bayi, see tS^^ 

ZjC^^z^ bayitad^, see eS^^S. 

tJO^fS bayin6, see d^A 

zoo^Oe)?^ bayiras^, see e5^u»oi. 

eoo^e}^ bayilf, see t2^€. 

too5o^6 bayilari, s. Very low 
fields which are under water 
in the rainy season and 
yield only one crop. 

eooi^ bayya, s. Evening, even- 
tide; also e3^ocJo. 

2joJ3^y bayyata, s. Abusing. 

Eocrfjog^ bayyuni (^^^^), "o, a. 
To perch, roost. 

u^h^ bayyel^, s. Running. 
2. riding. — <^z3^^4oi to ride a 
horse, etc, —^^^ to run, as 
cattle, etc, 

tooSiSo^ bayyoli, s, A walk. -J\ 
LcTOTl)^ to take a walk. 

2od bara, s. Famine, scarcity. 2. 
coming. 3. weakness. — 7^c>, 
80^7»w a time of famine, 

200 bara, s. Divorce, dissolution 
of marriage. — ^fJ^^^ to di- 
vorce a wife. [sloping. 

toOot^cS barankanft, adj. Steep, 

iodorto^j barangayi,^. Boundary, 
limit, shore. 

tidofa^ barant^, s. Scurf, lean- 
ness, adj. Scurfy, scabby, 
2. scaly, as the skin. 3. lean^ 

thin. — W)»5jO, — T5j8e7< a scurfy 
jaundice, seurvy. — s^rfo^S a 
disease of children. — ^s^w^s^to 
grow thin, scabby. 

eodofeioji barantuni (e^-doO), v,n. 
To grow dry, become lean 
or thin. 2. a sore to heal. 

2odo20J barambu, see eSjsT^oax). 

2od^ barak^, adj. Full, filled, 

2od^3^ barakattf, s. Success, 
prosperity, thriving, blessing, 
fortune, luck. 

2jd^^, 2od^5^ barakala, barakala, ^ 
see «>&T^e/. 

ZJd'^e}^ barakelf, s. Inundation. 
2. see ttfd. 

v^tJjf^ 2odcl) baradf, baradu, adj. 
Useless, unprofitable, vain. 
2. barren, childless. 3. {im- 
perat, of ailbr^) let (him, etc), 
come ; see wSbr^. ^o3o^r an 
old she-buffalo past milking. 

tjdcS, 2jdsl barani, barani, s, A 
china jar. 2. the trough of 
a water-lift. 

2jdi barata, see 8?^r. 

z:iri^ barati, see ^Sr. 

2odci barana, adj. Scarcely com- 
ing or occurring; rare, un- 

2jdfijcfi baranyuni (eo^iS), v. a. 
To curse. 2. see w^r*^ a. 
v,n, see toT5»3?). 

2J033|5do barapuru, adj. Full, 
plenty, ample, brimful. 

t;d^d barabara, ^. A noise, as 
of rain pouring on a palm- 

eod bara 


2j6 bare 

leaf umbrella, or of parching 
paddy over a fire. 

eotiwo barabu, s, A boundary. 

zodrfoo baramu, s. Respect, ho- 
nour, reputation. 

tJtirfrSrt baravanigi, s. Compo- 
sition, style. 

eodsJiJi baravasa, see ?;W»5;d. 

lodsj baravu, s. A small excava- 
tion in a well or tank for 
water to collect in. 2. see 
aiTTD^. — ^zSo^?> to make such 
an excavation. 

2od^c^ baravuni, see ^-u^^^ 

tjdso baraha, see eoxro^- 

toosl] barata, J. A kind of fire- 

too^rSrt baranigJ, s. Agreement, 
coincidence, as between any 
two measures of grain, etc. 
2. fulness, completeness. 3. 
see eo'd^rf^ 

toDe)Q barSdi, s. Coming, haste. 

eooe)2oD barabari, adj. Right, 
proper, just. ^.Equality. 2. 
good order or arrangement. 

eoOc)^^ baravu, s. Writing, manu- 
script. 2. learning. — ^Jossi 
20Sbr?i to be able to read and 

20Oc);S5 baravuni (^^), v. n. 
To be benumbed. 9i)5~ the 
foot or leg to sleep, to have 

20De);:5^ barSfl^, s. A carpenter's 
forked instrument. 

eoO bari, ^. Side, border. 

too bari, ^^^ weS. 

2oO bari, s. Lineage, descent, 

family, race, tribe, -wod, 

-.eoore, ^worf; relations. 
20 Oo^ barinka, ^. A small kind 

of deer. 
toO^, 2001? karika, barikJ, ^^*. 

Hard (distinguished from 

soft), as the pulp of a fruit. 

— tfjg^o^ a hard kind of mango. 
toO^ barita, see ??^r. 
wOsioa^r bariparnd^, adj. Al- 
most ripe. 
t0O5g)5i baripuni (20&), 7/. ^. To 

gash, cut, scratch. 2. to 

trim, as the border of a field. 
eoOC)5e)cS^ barimln^, ^. A kind of 

eoOOJoo^ bariyuni {^^), v.n. To 

encase a bottle, jar, etc.^ in 

a kind of net-work. 
2oO?3 barita, adj. Full, complete. 
eodo baru, s. Boast, brag. adj. 

see tSjdfio. [eoSiF?). 

eodod baruvJ, see eod. 2. see 
2o6 barft, s. A mud-wall round 

the premises. — oSoe^^si^^ to 

erect such a wall. 
2o6 barft, ^. Branding the arm, 

etc., with a piece of red-hot 

copper in certain diseases. 

-s:sTio^, -^^j^^ to brand in 

this way. 
to5, 2o6e bar6, bare, ^^^ w^- 
to6ne)0 baregala, ^^^ e^Wi^r eox^. 
zoSt^ci barejana, ^. Low caste 

people. 2. talkativeness. 

2o6 bare 


u^r barphi 

2o6^ bareta, s. A line, mark, 
scar. 2. a wale, stripe. «>c 
^^ci- creases in the hand. 

to6s3^5^fi barepavuni, c, v. {of 
zy^h^) To dictate, cause to 
write. 8«D^sj»4icroo3»> a school- 

to6oLi?i barepini (a^^), v. a. To 
write, draw. 

toS^ofi bareluni (eo^^, ^./«. To 

Eo6^ fi barelpnni, c.v. (^e^^oj?)) 
To cause to starve. 

u6S)d baroni, ^^^ sorlrf- 

2«)dj;>?2oO barobari, j^^ eo^a:)©. 

to'rfr barka, ^^*- The noise of 
rending a cloth. 

zo^rs^ barkat^, s. Prosperity, 

zoT^r^ barkala, see f^f^^^. 

totr5)r?3^ barkis^,<x^'. Bad, mean, 
base, vile; unpromising. 

eo^rsr?^ barkast^, s. Rising, 
breaking up, as an assembly. 

to^r barki, s. A title among 
the Bants. 2. see aDD?r. 

zo^Fci barkena, adj. Solid, fast ; 
2, see 80^^. 

t)rtr^ bargatt^, ^^*. Reduced, 

t)rtrfe3|j55)f^ bargattavuni, c. v. (of 
soXruo^^) To neglect, waste. 

zortryo^Ji bargattuni (8^^'^53j), 
z/. n. To run waste, be ruined. 

eortjarsS^ bargottu, s. Threaten- 
ing, menacing. 2. frowning. 

tortj^F^ic^ bargottuni (^OT^J^fJ, 

V. n. To threaten, menace 

2. to frown. 

toz^FcS barcani, ^. A comb.