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Full text of "Twentieth annual reunion of the Fifth Indiana Cavalry Association held at Greenfield, Indiana, September 16 and 17, 1902"

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1473634 twentieth 

Annual Reunion 


Fifth Indiana Cavalry 


September 16 and 17, 19Q2. 

TtlOS. 11. BUTLER, 

lircwl Ulilliidirr-Ci 

Twentieth Annua! Reunion 


Fifth Indiana Cavalry Association. 

The Annual Session of the Association convened at the 
court house in Greenfield, Ind., Sept. 16, 1902. at 1:30 p. m. 
with President J. H. McMillen in the chair. 

Comrade L. J. Bruner invoked the Divine blessing. 

The Roll was then called and the decease of comrades 
reported. The President appointed comrades M. T. Morris, 
W. A. W. Dally, and John Hauger for Committe on Me- 
morial Resolutions. 

The President then addressed the meeting as follows: 


Eight years ago we held our Twelfth Reunion in this beauti- 
ful, patriotic city, ami it affords us much pleasure to meet you 
again in this our Annual Twentieth Session. 

This is the third time we have met you. ami it is indeed grati- 
fying to see the interest taken by the citizens and comrades in the 
gathering of the Fifth Indiana Cavalry Association. 

These meetings bring to mind the strife between the North 
and South, when so many Hoosier boys, more than 110,000, wen', 
to the trout to fight and die for their coun'ry's cause, and after 
the cruel war was over, and the South had laid down their arm.. 
more than 24,00(1 of our patriotic Hoosier boys were left on South- 
ern battlefields, to till the known am! unknown -raves of the 
Sunny South. 
"Ttaej- sleep the sleep that know, no waking, tut Resurrection morn." 

Scarcely a family in all this fair State, but that had cause 

for m ■inn;,, lint Indiana may well be proud of lu- 
ll, i pei pli i nl bj thousands at every call. 

The War Departmi nt had no fear that Indiana 
her quota of Boys in Blue when called upon. They 
every battle of importance. They wire at Gettysl 
ary Ridge, Antietam Chicamauga, Manassas, Prar 
derson's Mills), Rheatown, Blountsville, Wallersfoi 

America our country, Ian 
No other country can be con) 
It surpasses any other on thi. 

ferred to 

ends of 

and home of the hi 
It is grand, maie. 


c. Other 






but ; 

re ,U 





ried t 

■ all 


ons ; 

nd c, 





uld m 

in G 

a is. 


nd se 

< 'ng- 


have g, 


is . 



she c 


Great progress is being made in the Arts and Sciences. 
culture surpasses that of other countries. Emigrants arc CI 
our shores by thousands, and soon the great West will ' 


M i~-i 


:w Mexico, Ar 

- e,p 



very much inte 
eaus b. an int. 

; ms are tl... Phillippine Islands and the 

Rico, granted to the United States for tin sum of 
in indemnity fund, on accuuut of the Cuban war. 
All of these vast poses, ions coming under tht ol : Bag-, the SI u 
Spangh il Banner we love so well, and under which we ..1! fought 
so valiantly t,. maintain, in the years of 1861 to 1865, but f ir you 

Soon after the Civil War our people be 
ested in connecting the Pacific and Atlai 
ocean canal at Panama or by the Xicarauga route- Many - ut v. , - 
and estimates were made by the United State, navy and by the 
professors of United States Coast survey,, the estimated cost was 
SlUtV-00,000. In 1876 the Inter Oceanic commission reported and 
submitted its plans to the president after much debating in Con- 
gress, as to cost and the likelihood of having trouble with other 
nations, the project was dropped. 

In the same year the French people •• ith its great engineer 
M. de Lesseps, turned their attention to Cutting the isthmus after 
many surveys, an estimate of 132,000,000 was made as to the 

S15O,CC0,00t) had been spent and only ten p, r cent, of the work had 

doubt but that tin 

lade this country what 

close of the address I 
easurer's report, shov 

Total Receipts. . . 

Balance ill Tl 

Report approved. 
The Secretary tltei 

. ' 

licipalion of members of the Associate m in llie dedication of 
I - and Sailors' monument at Indianapolis, May 15, 
in the words ami figures following: Pursuant to instructions 
from the committee in charge of the dedication of the Soldiers 
and Sailors' monument, D. W. Patty, R. 1'. Finney. W. W. 
Angel, Robert Heller, J. H. McMillen, Barnard Hale. M. T. 
Morris, A. J. Kramer, L. J. Bruner and C. H. McCormic 
were detailed as Color Guard. All of said detail reported 
for duly except Robert Heller, for reasons unknown to 
the Secretary, and comrade Bruner, who did not receive 
notice of his detail. D. W. Patty, Color Bearer, by 
virtue of being Secretary of the Association, waived his right 
to serve as such, and company H having been the color 
company of the regiment, suggested Oiat Major Finney a for- 
mer member of said company act as color bearer, which sug- 
gestion was concurred in by the comrades present. 

The following named comrades were in the parade and 
followed our old banner in the line of march to the grand 
stand in front of the monument: 

Co. F. 

D. W. Patty 



B. W. Overstreet 

W. K. Crane 

Geo. Whitenac 

H. C. Harvey 

J. A. Samuels 

Geo. Aldrich 

C. J. Willctt 

E. A. Moore 

Geo. Duncan 

J. W. Nutt 

M. T. Morris 

Ira Shoaf 

Morris Fort 

1. L. Clifford 



John fcigcr 

Robert McMartin 

Maj R. P. Finney 

Capt. S. L. Pierce 



Barnard Hale 

Allen P.ricc 

John Sammons 

I. K. Davis 

J. IS. Hardabec 

Lieut. W. \V. Ange 



P.. F. Fairchild 

A. J. Kramer 



Lewis Graber 
Samuel Fondly 

John Duncan 

j. M. Johnson 

Lieut. J. 11. MrN 

lienj. Thompson 

C. 11. McCormic 

i ■ .iii I'.ision of the ceremonies Ci 
with 1). W. Fatty, M. T. Morris and Geo. Duncan felliu line 
witli the parade under the battle scarred banner ol o 
lant old Regiment and marched to the Sta House 
5:30 p. m. Ma; 15, 1902 bade gun! bye to our dear old flag 
■ ; it to the custodj of the State Librarian. 

After the reading of the foregoing report the comrades 
were favored with a short but excellent talk from coi 
King. Chaplain Dept. Ind. G. A. R. 

Letters were read from absent c miracles, express 
for the comrades and Association and regrets at being unable 
to attend the reunion. A cablegram of congratulations ficm 
comrade Gowdy, Consul General at Paris, France, was re- 
ceived and read. 

Comrade Dungau made a short address, comrade AVisb- 
aid following in his usual inimitable hi.r, >:,,,-•,!_. He was 
responded to by comrades Miller. Bruner aid others. 

The meeting then adjourned snd after a general hand- 
shaking repaired to a hotel and partook of a generous supper, 

which the hi 


of the comrades of Ci 


citizens of Gieenfield pr 


fed for the members of the 


M. K. church at S p. m. comrade McMill 

The exercises were opened with s 
"Tenting on the Old Camp Ground." 

Invocation by comrade Bruner. 

Address of welcome and tender of tin 
city by the Mayor, which was responded 
in his usual happy manner. 

Lee O. Harris addressed the meeting 
words, after which b> the request of the c 

meeting of the Association held in Greenl' 


The bugle sounds! Fall in! Fall in! 

i ! ■ ■ up! Right dress! So, stead] ! Front! 
Sergeant, the linos arc formed; begin 

To call the roll as you were wont 
In those rough days of long ago, 

Ere these young men and maids were born, 
As from the past floats soft and low 

The music of the bugle horn. 
And with its 'chocs seemed t orise 

A vision of the vanished years, 
Till o'er that twilight landscape lies 

The dew of memory's silent tears. 
The vanished years when staFvarl men 

Touched elbows down the long blue line. 
And charged through Southern wood anil glei 

Till earth was drunk with Death's red wine 

Ay, redder wine than e'er was crushed 

From purple grapes, an 1 richer far, 
Was trod from hero hearts, and gushed 

About the crimson feet of War. 
And pangs that time can ne'er assuage 

Were gathered then for all the years, 
On fields new named for history's page. 

Whose christening font o'erilowed with tear: 

The long blue line! how swift it sprang 

In answer to the bugle peal! 
That charging shout! how loud it rang - 

Along the ranks of leveled steel! 
What gallant souls flew up to God! 

What hero hearts amid the fray, 
Poured rich libation on the sod 



mhood, tall and s» 
>f limb and dauiltlc 

With strength of ; 
The youth, still wearing on his 1 

A cherished lock of golden hai 
The father, whose stout heart w< 

At memories of domestic bliss; 
The- boy, whose beardless check: 

The moisture of a mother's kis 




Such V* 

as the h 

-' « hich Freedom sen 

To gi 

i!,! hei 

temple's holy fain. 

Till in 

ear Sou 

hern land was spent 

•J he s 

to;,,, of 

Trea, ,n's leaden rain 


t we ca 

1 the roll again. 



"Here?" Not all! N 


ire the i 

auks of. stalwart men, 

Who sprang to the first,bugle call? 

Look down the line and see to-night 

Old men whose heads are silver-crowned; 
Too blind to see the musket's sight. 

Too deaf to hear the bugle sound. 
That stooping form is out of line: 

That crutch, my friend, is much too slow; 
That armless sleeve, old comrade mine, 

Could never strike the charging foe. 

That trembling frame could never stand 

The weary march, the tentless bed; 
No foe would fly that nerveless hand. 

And fear would mock that palsied tread. 
The gallant host, which, in its prime. 

Once seemed to spurn the earth they trod. 
Stands shaken by the hand of Time, 

And dwindled to an "awkward squad." 

Yet all these gaps along the line, 

So vacant unto other sight, 
Dear comrades, to your eyes and mine. 

Are filled with shadow forms to-night. 
Here some who sleep beneath the clay 

Of Southern fields stand forth again: 
Here some, who grieved their lives away. 

Shut up in Treason's prison pen. 

In manly beauty, strong and tall; 
And a we call each cherished name 

That grief has blotted with a tear. 
Life seems to stir each spectral frame 

And ghostly voices answer, "Here!' 

Each year some dear, familiar face 

To Memoi v's keeping we consign; 
Each year some comrade takes his pla> 

Among the shadows in the lit 
Ami thus the living ranks groi 11. in. 

Ah, few must be the years, a: must, 
Before we are all mustered in. 

To serve among the silent to 


we live, though hall and 
ittered by the storms of w 

Our country's bugle call will End 

"All present— or .accounted i r." 
And 'neath our flag of Stripes and Star 

We'll gather still as comrades true, 
Till freedom stoops to kiss the scars 

Of her last, dying Boy in Blue. 

and Patty. 


ptu talks by Comrades Miller, Bruner, Duncan 


Wednesday, Sept. 17th, Association convened at court 
house pursuant to adjournment. 

Comrade Dally invoked the Divine blessing. 

The Memorial Committee submitted the following re- 
port, which was approved as read: 

Whereas, The following named comrades of our Association, 
to-wit: Isaac Overly, George McKinney, I. P. Henderson, John 
Huston, Allen Lowe, Eli V. Chaney, John Hoke, Samuel Rock. 
.Alexander Cauble, Jesse Harris, H. W. Talhelm, Dan Gorham, 
Henry Idlewine, Col. Felix Graham. Surg. A. C. Fo»dic, John 
Wirts, W. W. Price and Benjamin Gellinger, who fought in the 
Civil war from 1861 tor 1865, have been mustered into the Grand 
Army of Eternity, be it 

Resolved, That the surviving comrades and brothers of those 
dear and beloved ones bow our heads aald hearts in humble sub- 
mission to Him who doeth all things well; that so long as life 
shall last we will cherish their memory and remember their deeds 
of valor, their sacrifice'for and devotion to our loved country and 
e-lorious flag. Be it further 

Resolved, That we, their surviving comrades here 
bled, extend to their wives and children and friends our p 

sympathy in their sad bereavement, and that a copy of tl 

W. T. Morris, 
W. A. W. Dally. 
Johx Hauger. 

Comrade Dally spoke at some length on the character 
and soldierly qualities of deceased Comrades Henderson, 
Gellinger and Talhelm. Comrades Bruner and Modlin paid 
tribute to the memory of Comrade Talhelm. Mrs. Alice Me 
naugh spoke of the virtues of Comrade Chaney. Comrades 
Patty, Miller and Geo. Duncan spoke of Col. Graham as a 
brave soldier, and claiming for him unexceptional ability as 
a cavalry commander. Comrade Morris spoke very feelingly 
of the decease of Comrade Price. 

At the conclusion of the memorial services a collection 
was taken, by which S34.00 was contributed by the comrades 
. present. 

The election of officers being next in order, a ballot was 
had by which W. W. Angel was elected President for the en- 
suing year. Comrades Geo. Duncan was elected Vice-Presi- 
dent, D. W. Patty Secretary and Treasurer and W. A. \V. 
Dally Chaplain by acclamation. 

■ The city of Portland, Ind., was chosen as the place for 
holding our next reunion, and the time fixed for the second 
Wednesday and Thursday in October, 1903. 

Comrade L. J. Pminuer was appointed Chairman of Ex- 
ecutive Committee, with authority to select assistants. 

On motion of D. W. Patty, Comrade R. P. Finney was 
endorsed for Department Commander, Indiana G. A. R., and 
all comrades of our Association requested to use their best 
endeavors to secure his election. 

A resolution of thanks to our comrades of Co. G and 
the good people of Greenfield for the hearty manner in which 
we were welcomed and hospitably entertained during the re- 
union, was adopted. 

The meeting then adjourned to meet at Portland, C) 
ber 14th and 15th, 1903. 

a general hand-shaking and hearty good-byes 

comrades pre led to depart for their several homes, all 

satisfied, and we believe no one regreted the time and mc 
spent tn be present on the happy occasion. 

W. \V. ANGEL, President. 
1). \V. PATTY, Secretary. 


President of the Assocll 

Contributions oinee VLineteenlh Sfieeting. 

C. D. Potter fl 00 

Dutton Jackson 1 00 

L. J. Brunner 1 00 

K. P. Finney 2 00 

J. C. Veach 2 00 

R. L. Miller ... 50 

R. McGrew 1 00 

A. J. Johnson 50 

S. K. Griffith 1 00 

William Mann 1 00 

W. H. Dungan 1 00 

L. J. Brunner 1 00 

K. M. Nieck 1 00 

Frank Brizendine 1 00 

C. J. Willitts 1 00 

Almon Keifter 1 00 

Nathan Haskett 1 00 

John Waubsgan 1 00 

Andrew Idlcwine 1 00 

Andrew Maxwell 1 00 

Harvey Turpen 1 00 

W. H. Biggerstaff 1 00 

Thomas L. Reyman 1 00 

John Haugcr 2 00 

W. H. Harvey 1 00 

David Burton 1 00 

John Ktger SO 

John Duncan 1 00 

Joe Cranor I 00 

C. G. Potter 1 00 

Ben Ovcrstreet 1 00 

Andrew Kramer 3 00 

Mike Coniff 1 00 

J. C. McMillen 

Mrs. E. Lamar Sheri 

Morris Fort 

W. W. Angel 

Abe Sauers 

Joseph Modiin 

Mrs. Alice Menaugh. 
Mrs. John Duncan... 

George Aldrich 

Ira Shoaf 

Capt. Jeffries 

W. E. Crane 

J. W. Sharp 

F. M. Champion 

J. A. Clemens 

J. W. Clemens 

Geo. Lichty 

J. T. Xash 

Jackson Pearson 

Geo. Miller 

J. (J. Keller 

W. A. W. Dally 

David Fudge 

George W. Duncan... 

Elijah Stevens 

M. H. Soper 

J. R. Haugh... 

S. F. Rinehart. 

C. H. Graham 

Chester S. Williams . 
J. C. Gowdy 


John W. Huston, Co. C, Sept., 186S. 

Allen Lowe, Co. F, 1900. 

Eli V. Chancy, Co. E, 1900. 

Isaac Overly, Co. D, April 12, 1900. 

George McKinney, Co. I, 1900. 

I. P. Henderson, Co. B, Sept. 30, 1900. 

John Hoke, Co. E, March, 1901. 

Samuel Rock, Co. E, September, 1901. 

Alexander Cauble, Co. ptcmber, 1901. 

Jesse Harris, Co. B, October 6, 1901. 

Hezekiah W. Talhelm, Co. B, Oct. 6, 1901. 

Dan. Gorham, Co. F, January 7, 1902. 

Henry Idlewine, Co. K, June 1-5, 1902. 

Col. Felix Graham, April 9, IWi 

Surgeon A. C. Fosdic, 1902. 

John Wirts, Co. G, June,. 1902. 

W. W. Price, Co. G, July 7, 1902. 

Benjamin Gellinger, Co. B, April, 1902. 



War Departmest Li'br 

Was i 

I). C-, March 20, 1902 



Secretary Fifth Indiana Cavalry Association, 
Carmel, Indiana. Sir:— I write to acknowledge with many thanks 
the receipt of the proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Re- 
union of the Fifth Indiana Cavalry, which will find a perma- 
nent place in our files. The following numbers are still 
needed to complete our file: Second (1884)^ Third, Ninth 
(1S91-). Very truly yours, 

I. W. Chinkv, Librarian. 


Warsaw, Inc., March 10, 190;. 
1). W. Patty, 

Dear Comrade:— I received the report of the Nine- 
teenth Annual Reunion and was glad to hear from the boys 
once more. Owing to my crippled condition I. cannot meet 
with you, but my heart is with you every time yon meet. 1 
have not walked any for six years; otherwise, ray general 
health is good. Give my love to all. Find enclosed 

Eatoxvilt.e, Wash. 

1). W. Patty, 

Dear Comrade: — I am happy to acknowledge receipt of 
invitation to attend our reunion at Greenfield. Am sorry 1 
can't come. There is nothing I would enjoy more, but it is 
a pleasure I never expect to enjoy in this life, but 1 hope ' 
meet you in a better world than this. Mi 
all. Hope you will have a good time. 

My dear comrades, if this reaches yen 

Please read it while you stand in line; 

If you are like me you would. 

For I should be glad to hear from all I 

God bless y< 

As v..-;i all Irm-iv li..-i"i.: •. 

1 was married in eighteen sixty-four; 

Children were born to us -eleven - 

Bui through sickliest and death there are but seven. 

And n iw in nineteen hundred and two. 

Children at h.mie v\ e have bul two; 

Ami grandchildren, great and small, 

We only have ten in all. 

Now, if you do as I request, 

Don't say he did not do his best; 

And if any in the line did better. 

Let him say so, and I'll send hiin a letter. 

J. J. Carter, Co. H. 
Stockdale, Tex., Sept. S, 1902. 
1). \V. Patty: 

Your kind invitation to attend the reunion at Greenfield 
on the 16th and 17th inst., is at hand. Sorry 1 can't be with 
you; nothing could give me more pleasure. Give my love to 
all the boys. Hope you will have . good time. Enclosed 
find Si. 00. Wm. Mann, Co. C. 

Sand Lake, Mich., Sept. 14. 
Dear Comrade: 

I received your notice of reunion; was glad to hear from 
you. Owing to bad luck I can't meet with you this time, but 
1 hope to meet you all at some future time. Give my love to 
all. Good-bye, dear old comrade. 

Sami 1:1. Overly, Co. D. 

CONNEKSVIU.K, Sept. 14. 

1). \V. Patty: 

Dear Comrade: — It is with much regret that I can not 
be with you at the reunion. Please remember me to all the 
comrades. I hope you will have a good reunion. Best 
wishes to all. Unclosed find Ji.oo, my contribution to the 
expense fund. S. !■'. Kinfiiakt, Co. I'. 

M utland, Mo., Sept. 6, Kjo2. 

lotice of the 



I cannot attend. Would like to take all the old comi 
the hand, but it is not to be this time. While I cannot be 
with you in person I will be with you in my feelings, and will 
ask the Good Father and Captain to guard all who are pres- 
ent, and also those who are unable to attend. Wisl 
health and happiness, I am 

Yours in F. I.. C, 

J. W. McDaxiel, Co. E. 
Chicago, Ii.I-., Sept. 14, 1902. 

Old Comrade and Friend:— Your favor reached me in 

due time aud was pleased to hear from you and quite amused 
at the way it was got up, I presume J. Whitcomb Riley must 
have been in your neighborhood. 1 am at present in poor 
health, am suffering from rht .matism; had made up my mind 
last fall to attend this reunion but my condition is such that 
1 cannot, in fact 1 cannot put my shoes on, my ankles are so 
badly 'swollen. I should dearly love to meet the old com- 
rades in reunion, I have often planned but something to pre- 
vent has always turned up at the time, but if God spares my 
life another year I think I will be with you, I am 7- years old 
this month and I suppose I shall soon have to answer the last 
roll call. Give my love to all the boys (for I still call them 
boys). I hope you will have a good meeting and 1 hope to 
be with you at the next reunion. Again wishing you all a 
happy time, 1 am yours 

Harry A. Whitman, Late Capt. Co. D. 

Louisville, Kv., 203 Chestnut St. 
Dear Comrades:— It is with deep regret that I must pen 
greetings to you rather than clasp your hands in joyous wel- 
come, but illness prevents me. One of mj happiest anticipa- 
tions the past yea! was the hope of attending this reunion.. 
My heart and mind are with you today and I again renew my 
allegiance to you and promise to stand by you through life, 
and when the last taps are sounded from on High for the last 
time, comrade, 1 will still be by your side and if possible min- 
istering to your wants, and only relinquish my claim on the 


comrades of the Fifth Ind. Cav. when you reach the brink of 
the silent river and the Commander-in-Chief on high escorts 
you into the vast beyond. May this be the happiest reunion 
you have ever held and shall look forward to the next annual 
reunion, hoping then to meet with you. (".reelings to all. 

Mks. Effik Lamar Sheridan. 
Rushville, Ind., Sept. 16. 1902. 

Dear Comrades of the 51H Ixi> Cav.: — 1 intended to 
be with you today in our reunion but circumstances will not 
admit at this time, but my heart and best wishes are with 
you. May God bless you all. May we meet in many more 
reunions and finally meet in the grand reunion above, is the 
fervent prayer of your comrade 

I. L. Clifford, Co. B. 
Jefkersonville, Ind., Sept. 11, 1902. 
I). W. Patty, Secretary, 

My Dear Comrade: — Present my sincere regrets to our 
comrades for my absence at our reunion, which I have looked 
forward to with a sincere desire and expectation of attending. 
But as you know I am a delegate to the National Encamp- 
ment and can not get leave to attend both meetings. While 
my inclination is to attend our own Association's reunions it 
is duty that I should attend the G. A. R. Encampment be- 
cause 1 have the honor of representing the third district as a 

Well Patty, I want you and comrades Morris and Dun- 
can to tell the comrades all about the grand turnout of our 
regiment on their last inarch behind the dear, old flag of the 
5th Indiana Cavalry, that we all followed during the long. 
dark night of the Civil War and how we four carried it back 
and restored it to its last resting place, perhaps nevermore to 
pass in grand review. Indeed it was a great privilege to have 
seen with your own eyes the grand stand after the deposit of 
the flags, festooned ;'s it was with the old, battle-scarred flags, 
surrounded by tens of thousands of upturned faces with moist 
eyes, in memory of the loved ones who followed those sacred 

iSSOCl -. ur>: 

colors. That scene has given me new hope in the patr 
of the masses of the people. 

Well dear comrade, I hope this reunion will be 
and numerously attended of any in all the years ; 
there are enough living members of the dear old regiment to 
make it so. Tell all the boys and girls present howdy for me 
(.they never get old in my eyes). And may God in his mercy 
shower youall with his blessings is the prayer of your 
comrade R - P ' F « SEV - 

Horton, Kan., Sept. 4, 1902. 

D. W. Patty, 

Dear Sir and Comrade:— Notice of the reunion of the 
old boys of the 5th Cavalry received yesterday 3rd inst. I 
regret very much my inability to be with the boys on this oc- 
casion, but be sure that my heart will be there, life size. W ill 
you kindly give all the boys my best regards and if the good 
Lord spares my life the coming year 1 will try to be with you 
at the next reunion. . ^ ours ' 

M. H. Soitr. 

Lilly Ills., Sept. 12, 19°-- 
Dear Comrades:— Again I find myself unable to meet 
with you this fall, have not been well since the 1st of June. 
I would love to meet with you all once more, give my love to 
all the boys, if we should never meet here on earth again I 
hope we will meet in the sweet by and bye 

Lloyd Et.kiss, Co. F. 

Santa Paula, Cal., Sept. n, 1902. 
D. W. PATTY, Secretary 5 th Ind. Cavalry Association: 

MY Dear Comrade:- I am in receipt of the invitation 
to attend the reunion of the old 5th Ind. Cav. at Greenf.ield, 
Ind. on the .6-.;, inst. It brings most vividly to my mind 
the last reunion I attended before leaving for California, 
which was held at Greenfield. It makes my heart thrill yet 
to think of the open handed hospitality with which we were 
received by the old comrades of Co. G. and of the good citi- 
zens of Greenfield, 1 have seen nothing to exceed it unless it 


was the marvelous capacity of the boys to stow away the go. id 
things set before them in their baraacks. it would warm up 
my old heart again to meet with you and greet my old com 
rades again. On the appointed day 1 will be with you in 
thought and in spirit and hope you will have the time of your 
lives. Say, Dave, that invitation you got up was not only 
novel but worthy of its author. Remember me most kindly 
to all the visiting comrades and assure them that 1 would be 
most happy to take them by the hands, the distance is too 
great and my business pressing so I will not be with you. 

Very truly, J. K. Haugh. 

Neodesha, Kan. 

The report of the 19th Annual Reunion at hand, I am 
always glad to hear of the old boys meeting and having a 
good time, I am too old to try to meet with you any more. 
On the 1st of May 1S64 at Camp Nelson my horse fell with 
me and injured my back, which has troubled me ever since. 
Am drawing a pension for wounds received at Henderson's 
Mills, Oct. 11, 1863. Wishing you al! many more happy re- 
unions I am faithfully yours, 

A. J. Johnson, Co. F. 
Oak Valley, Kan., Sept. 10, 1902. 


Dkar Comrade: — Your invitation to the 20th Annual 
Reunion at hand, thanks for former reports of the meetings 
of our Association. Chester S. Williams, Co. I. 

Pollock, Mo. 
Ukak Comrade: — Your cordial invitation to meet you in 
reunion at Greenfield on the 16th and 17th inst. to rail in me- 
morial the days of battle strife and war's turmoil is to hand. 
I am sorely sorry that circumstances are such that I cannot 
be with you in person, but in spirit of true patriotism I am 
with you all. My extreme old age and ill health renders it 
impossible to meet with you. Give my sincere regards to all 
velfare and happiness of all the 
John D. Smart. 

and fervent wishes for 
survivors of the old 5U1 


; Awarded a Medal (or Gallantry in 
at Walter's Ford, December, 1S$3 

1>. \Y. I'VITV. 

Dear OiMk-Mir.:— The 19th Annual Report of 01 
imental Association received, please accept my thanks. It 
would give me great pleasure to meet with you om 
bill 1 am afraid it will never be. I am with you in spirit 
however if I cannot be in person. With greetings to all 
I am yours, 

H. C. Veach, Co. C. 
Zurich, Kan., Sept. 8, 1902. 

Dear Oi.n Comrades: — It would be a great pleasure to 
meet with you and talk over the battles, skirmishes and scouts 
through which we were engaged together and alas the months 
that we spent in those horrid prison pens of the South, which 
ruined the health and made life so unpleasant for so many of 
our brave comrades. Please excuse me from answering at 
roll call on the 1 6th inst. My health is poor and the dis- 
tance so great, being one thousand miles, makes it impossible 
to be there. I still hope to meet you in reunion again and 
sit around the camp fire and call to mind the stirring scenes 
and incidents of the days of yore. Please send me report. 
Regards to all. C. H. Graham, Co. F. 

Paris, France, October 25. 1902. 
Mr. David Patty, Carmel, Indiana. 

Dear Sir and Comrade:— I did not receive your letter 
in time to answer before the reunion. I cabled you that day. 
which 1 hope you received, and that the reunion was a great 
success. It gives me pleasure to enclose herewith S5.00 for 
the expense fund. Hoping I may soon receive the annual re- 
port, and with best wishes, I am 

Yours in V. C. and 1... 

John K. Gowdy. 




so ma 

■kea thus, were prese. 


las'. Rev. 


Effie Lamar Sheridan, Da 

lighter of the Regiment 


e, Kj 

Ira Christian, Xoblesville, Ind. 

W. S. Christian, 

P. P 


G. S 

. Christian, 

J. \\ 

. Christian, 


Carrie Pfeiffer Brn 

ier, Portland 


Lea Landis Bruner, Portland, 



Car Lou Bruner, 


K. Enyart. 

Ed. F. Krarr 

er, Indianapol 

a, 1 


Dicy Ray. 


M. M. 



Kate D. Clifford. 


Mary K. Clifford. 


Lola L. Clifford. 


Lena C 



Josie Clifford. 


Capt. J 

. S. Chittendei 


Lida Morris, Green 




Grace Morris, 


Fannie Gowdy, Par 

is, France. 


Mary Hillman, Sed 

an, K 


Joshua Poulson, W 




Mary E. Kinnick. 


C. J. Willett. 


John Smith. 


John Samuels 


Eliza Stevens. 


J. Hutson. 


William Sleeth. 


Elizabeth Kli 



N. H. Haskett. 


Peter Rowe. 


R. I. O'Hara. 


Sarah Idlewii 


L. H. Jonas. 


Mary Cranor. 


R. P. Fii 


Mrs. J. H. McMillen, Logansport, 
Mrs. W. A. W. Dally. Winchester, 

*Mrs. Alice Menaugh. *1 

Mrs. Sarah A. Evans. > 

*Mrs. John Duncan, Nora, Ind. 
Capt. Alexander Hardy, Loganspoi 
Henry Richardson, Carmel, Ind. 

*Mrs. Elizabeth Nash. •] 

ude Mcn a^JU . 



Maude J" 

Arabelle Sli 

Sioster of the Association. 

Names marked with a * were present 
Greenfield, Ind., September 16 and 17, 1902. 

3ield and Staff 

(Followed by Company Rosters in their 
C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M.) 
Col. Thomas H. Butler, 36 Gem Bldg., Bal 
Maj. J. R. Haugh, Santa Paula, Cal. 
Maj. C. H. Thompson. 
Maj. Mel H. Soper, Horton, Kan 
*Surg. J. M. Wishard, Greenwood, Ind. 
Assl. Surg". Howard Osgood. Franklin. In 
Asst. Surg. C. C. Hiatt. Winchester. Ind. 
'■Lieut W. H. Dungan, Reg'l Q. M., Greenw 
Sergt.-Major, I. O. Bowman, Nat'l Home i 

Company 31. 
..Capt. G. L. Swupe, North Wichita, Kan. 

Lieut. T. H. Fisher, 149 W. 90th St.. New 

Abbott, A. J.. Mace. Ind. 

Amnions, John M., Marion, Ind. 

Amnions, Bradford, Marion, Ind. 
*Aldrich, George. W., 150 Maumee Ave., F 

Abrams, Samuel, Marion, Ind. 

Barley, John C. Marion, Ind. 

Batson, Robert, Noblesville, Ind. 

Bates, Charles, Kantoul, 111. 

Brown, Hugh A., Blair, Neb. 

Bowman, Israel, Pierce, O. 
•Crane, William E., Greenfield, Ind. 

R. No. 
,-ille. II 

"Champion, F. M., Catlin, 111. 

Cook, James W., Big Valley, Tex. 

Delvin, William, Huntington, Ind. 

Ellis, Geo. W., Carmel, Ind. 

Fortner, Harrison, Marion, Ind. 

Gapen, H. C, Logansport, Ind. 

George, Dempsey, Erie, Kan. 

Huselton, Henry B. , Somerset, Kan. 
"Harvey, Henry H., 1450 Hoyt Ave., Indi 

Hurley. John, Marion. Ind. 

Havens, James W., Cicero, Ind. 

Hawkins, Levi, 949 Ross Ave., Chicago 

Hamble, Philip, Long Beach, Cal. 

Jackson, Dutton H., 182 W. Philips Si. 

King, Samuel. 

Lowe, John S., Kokomo, Ind. 

Mills, P. E. J., Hopkins, Mo. 

Mills, Samuel P., Kokomo, Ind. 

Mitchell, J. L., Lafayette, Ind. 

Moore, George H., Carthage, Mo. 

Moore, Edward, Kokomo, Ind. 

Maker, Horace P., Noblesville, Ind. 

Nutt, John F., Moorcsburg, Ind. 

Nutt, James \V., Carmel,' Ind. 
•Patty, D. W., Carmel. Ind. 

Parker, T. H., Ellswjrth, Ind. 

Pence, Solomon, Meir, Ind. 

Pyatt, J. B., Marion, Ind. 

Payne, James, Anderson, Ind. 

Rush, John C, Olney, 111. 

Robbins, Enoch, Wray, Col. 

Roberts, Isaiah, Noblesville, Ind. 
*Shoaf, Ira, Arcadia, Ind. 

Stoits, A., Lithapolis, O. 

Stewart, David F., Kokomo, Ind. 

Sumner, Bowater, Knoxville, la. 

ith. li. 






C, Scandia, Kan. 



Hi, 715 West 8th St 

, A 




m C. Jeffries, Cheste 

, It 

•.^'»cii riON 

Capt. K. J. H.-Uer, Builder's Exchange. Indianapolis, 

Abden, James, Centerton, Ind. 

Armstrong, Martin, Soldier's Home, Marion. Ind. 

Armstrong, Elam, Acton, Ind. 
•Biggerstaff, Henry, New Paris, O. 

Beesoii, John. 

Baldwin. Lewis, Dalton, Ind. 

Baylis, Albeit. Rockport, Ind. 

Barnes, Nelson, Central City, Xeb. 

Car.-, Thomas J.. Greenfield. Ind. 

Campbell, Geo. H., Lindsey. Kan. 

Cox, W. B. 

Carey, Alonzo, Richmond, Ind. 

Clifford, Irvin L., Rushville, Ind. 
*Coni!i, Mike, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Cooney, Griff, Lewisville, Ind. 

Daugherty, J. F., Rowland. Ala. 

Daugherty, J. P., Jacksonberg, Ind. 
*Daly, W. \V., Winchester, Ind. 

Feasel, J. B., Soldier's Home. Kan. 
*Fudge, David, Winchester, Ind. 
. Hiatl, John, Portland, Ind. 

Hill, Frank M.. 2221 Bellefontaine St.. Indianapolis, Ir 

Harris, M. L. 

Jay, W. F., West Milton, O. 

Long. John, 115 S. Davidson St., India! p .lis. Ind. 

Lamar, Nathan S.. Richmond, Ind. 
'-Moulin, Joseph. IS S. Sth St.. Richmond. Ind. 

Minor, William, Indianapolis. Ind. 

Martin, Marshall. Connersville. Ind. 

McMartin. Robert M. 

Moore, John W. 

Moore, Joseph. 

Oinbitt, John. 

Pike. Wayne IV, Los Angeles. Cal. 

-Potter, Charles G-, New Corydon. Ind. 
Pollard. Daniel B.. Hagerstown. Ind. 


ndlev C. Wincli 


nt, E. E., Kiel 
John, Y.. Cen 
James K, Syl 

\V., Cambridge City, 
Ottawa, Kan. 

South, Tho 

Roberts, Robert. 

Scott, Elwood F. 

Scott, S. A., Hagerstown, Ind. 

Scott, Thomas C." 

Shaffer, Daniel, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Stewart, Harrison, National Home, 

Thome, David M., Lynn, Ind. 

Thornburg, I. M., Perry. la. 

Walton, Joseph P.. Dublin, Ind. 

Wright, Thomas M., Snow Hill, In, 

Williams, J. T.. Hagerstown, Ind. 

Williams, H. C, Dublin, Ind. 

Company C. 

Capt. S. L. Pierce, Indianapolis. Ind. 
Lieut. Philip S. Binkley, East Germantown, 
Lieut. A. B. Simmons, Fillmore, Cal. 
Adams, A. E., Middletown, Mo. 
Alcon, Albert, Hotel Enterprise, Indianapoli 
Bitemon, Samuel, Geneva, Ind. 





Brown, H. V. 

Cring, John, Portland, Ind. 
*Clemens, J. A., Bunker Hill, Ind. 
*Clemens, J. W. Waterloo, Ore. 

Crumrine, D. J., Union City, Ind. 

Davis, Isaac, Portland, Ind. 

dwell, James, Alaska. 

Foist, John. 

Good, L. C. Medora, Ind. 

Himer, John. Cambridge City, Ind. 

Huston. James, Houston, O. 

Kennedy, David C, Hobbs, Ind. 
*Lichty, George, East Germantown, 

Lontz, David M., Hagerstown, Ind. 

Moist, A. J.. Miflintown, Penn. 

Mann, William,, Wilson , 

Meek, A. J., Warsaw, Ind. 

Maines, James, Winchester, Ind. 

McFarland, Norman, New Pittsbur; 

Norman, Charles, Mu ncie, Ind. 


Sash, Isaac T.. Sharpsville, Ind. 
Pritchard, Finley, Winchester, Ind. 

, Jackson, Lewisville, Ind. 
Kaber, Benjamin, Cambridge City. Ind. 
Routh, C. W. 

Ross, James, Lewisville, Ind. 
Rhinehart, Samuel F., 107 Eastern Ave.. 
Rowe, Peter, East Germantown, Ind. 
Stanbrough. Sol., Helena, Mo. 
Saners, Abe, Richmond. Ind. 
Smith, Joshua, Lewisville, Ind. 
Sivey, DeWitt C, Greenfield, Ind. 
Sipe, J. B.. Deerfield, Ind. 
Shonert, Henry, Falmouth, Ky. 
Simons, Edward, Union City, Ind. 


Elijah, West Liberty, 
Spidell, D.,vid, Circleville, Ka 

Stahl. David. , Ind. 

Shaffer, E. W., Clarksville. It 
Veatch. H. C, Oroville, Butte 

Company 2). 

Capt. Harry A. Whitman, 328 Austin A, 
"Capt. W. W. Angel, Bluffton. Ind. 
Lieut. A. W. Stevens, Logansport, Ind. 
Bennett, James, Kokomo. Ind. 
Brooks, James, South Whitely, Ind. 
Brooks, George. Frankfort. Ind. 
Baker, Jacob Jr., Garr Creek, Ind. 
Bird, Lewis, Sheridan.- Ind. 
Baker, Alex., Garr Creek, Ind. 
Bleam, D. C, Sidney, Wash. 
Donovan, Daniel, Pekin. 111. 
Emrioks, Henry, Hoagland, In, I. 
Emison, John A., Bluffton, O. 
Eyrick, William, 5719 Princeton Ave., E 

Falkenburg, Caleb, . Mich. 

Favorite. George, Huntington, Ind. 
Foltz, Samuel. 
Falkenburg, Samuel. 
Gray, Sylvester. 
Heibriny. Fred. 

Heibring, Levis. 

Hutehens, Harrison, Glenn, Mich. 

Harris, Edward, San Louis, Cal. 

Hadley, F. M. DeMotte, Ind. 

Henton, X. W. 

Jeffries, William, Mount Etna. Ir 

Johnson, William C, Lebanon, In 

Kraus, David, Aboit. Ind. 

Limecooly William A., Mt. Verne 

Lankenaw, Henry. Bingen, Ind. 

McClanahan, Gus. Areola, Ind. 


Nave, Isaac, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Overly, Charles W., 1412 W. 3rd St., Marion, Ind. 

Overly, Thomas. Fort Wayne, In :. 

Overly, Daniel. Fort Wayne. In.i. 

Overly, Samuel, Sand Lake, Mich. 

Owen, David, Areola, Ind. 

Ponoeler, Joseph C. 

Paige, C. H. 

Rtsden, Nathaniel. 

Reed, Thomas G. 

Rine, Jacob. 

Riley, Thomas G., Columbia, City. Ind. . 

Rice, Perry O., Rochester. 1 

Richardson, Samuel. 

Randall, William, Insane Asylum, Washington, D. I 

Stalter, John, Daisie, Van Wert county, O. 

Sudbrinks, William, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Steah, John, Garr Creek, Ind. 

Thomas, Cal. L., 1813 Goode Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Thomas, William. 

Thomas, Orioti T., 1152 Fedora St., Los Angeles, Ca 

Trisse, August. 

Workman, Rans., Cherubusco, Ind. 

Young, Lewis Pickering, Fort Wayne. Ind. 

Yost, Henry. 


Capt. W. M. Collin, Indianapoli 
Lieut. T. J. Mcnaugh, Salem, 1 
Alexandei, James II., Arthur, I 


Baker, T. H. B., P. 
Berkeley, J. W.. Sa 
Brooks, J. S.. Saleii 
Brooks. John, Box 5 
Brookings, J. H.. T 
Dundy. Chris II., New Philadelphia 
Baynes, James, 323 Dearborn St., C 
Brown, James G., Palmyra. Ind. 
Crim, William L., Frankfort, 111. 
Cauble, A. J.. Pekin, Ind. 
Cauble. Peter G., Mansfield, Mo. 
Colvin, W. C, Martinsburgh, Ind. 
Corchran. John, Garden City. K m. 
Corchran, Mike, Martland, Mo. 

Dennis. David, New Albany. Ind. 

Dennis, Isaiah, Hitchcock, Ind. 


II.. M- 


Denny, Jordan J., 
Denny, S. P., Salem, Ind. 
Grider, Simeon, Millport, Ind. 
Gee, John, Areola, 111. 
-Hauler, W. J., Salem, Ind. 
Hardin, Alfred V., Salem, Ind. 
Helbig, A. S., Wingate, Ind. 
Hodgin, D. B., Clarence. Mo. 
Lyon, Henry, Decatur, 111. 
Leeson, William, Jeflersonville, Ind. 
Lester, Levi, Boston, Mass. 
Morris, Silas R., Annabille, Mo. 
McDaniel, John W., New Point. Mo. 
Masterman, B. F.. Independence. Ka 
Menaugh, Eli W., Salem, Ind. 
Massey, H. J., Salem. Ind. 
Mitchell, H. F., Salem. Ind. 
Myers, James R., 4539 Lucky St.. St 
Miller. Sylvester, Chicago, 111. 
Naugle, Henry, Salem, Ind. 
Naugle, N. J., Campellsburg. Ind. 
Naugle, W. II., Salem, Ind. 
Overman. C. V., Hazen, Ark. 
*Reyman, Thomas L., Salem. Ind. 
Robinson, B. F.. New Philadelpia, I 
Stanley, W. M.. Salem, Ind. 

Stalker, Henry, St. Jo 
Triieblood, R. M., Smi 
Wingler, II. J., Bordei 

iams, A., Rush 
Is, Moses. Medi 
ig, B. H., Sale 

Company 3. 

Lieut. W. H. McLaughlin, Eubank 

Lieut. J. S. Kephart, Morgantown, 

Armstrong, George. 

Bruce, Willis, Monrovia, Incl. 

Brown, M. IX, Samaria, Ind. 

Braden, J. M., , 111. 

Beegles, Thomas M. 

Clark, George M., Morocco. Ind. 

Comeford, David, Bogard, Mo. 

Clendenin, Joseph. 

Carroll, J. H., Cumberland county, 

Dowser, Louis. 
■'Duncan, John, Clermont, Ind. 

Ennis, William N., Exchange, Ind 

Elkins, Lloyd, Lilly, 111. 

Edwards, A. T., Vinton, la. 

Firestone, George W. Charleston, I 

Fraker, Joseph, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Gill, T. J., Naturita, Col. 

Gardner, Hiram, Exchange, Ind. 

Grear, A. C, Independence, Kan. 

Greenwood, O. P. 

Gadd, William, Sherman, Mo. 

Graham, C. H., Zurich, Brooks cou 

Halfacre, John, Pittsborough, Ind. 

Holmes, Erastus, Ceil. Ind. Hospit; 
♦Henderson, John W., Greenwood, I 

Harbert, Moses A., Findlay. 111. 

Harmon, George, Brooklyn, Ind. 

Johnson, J. M., New Augusta. Ind 

Johnson, A. J., Brooks, Kan. 

Jordan, II. C, 7.(3 Steyenson Build 

. A. J., Neodesha, Kan. 
Andrew, Ml E. New York 
James W.. 824 Vila Ave.. 

Marsh. W. C. 
Mitchell, Frai 

S.. 314 Blackfo 

Mitchell, John G. 

Mead. E. S. 

McClain, Robert. 

McLaughlin. W. H., Frank! 
*0'Harra, "Henry, Exchange, 

Orme, Edward, Kokomo, In 
Hlverstreet, B. W.. R. I". D. 

Owens, William. 

in, Charl. 

Richardson, J. W. 

Rowe, Jacob. 

Scott. Job, Exchange, Ind. 

Smith, John E., Irvington. Ind. 

Sodel, James W. 

Trent. J. W., Exchange, Ind. 
"'■"Turpen, Harvey, Brownsburg, Ii 

Todd, James, 61 Church St., Ind 

Turpen, Doctor, Decatur, 111. 

Thompson, Benjamin, Morgantov 

Tapp, Evan M., Wintield, Kan. 

Warren, Granville. 

Watson. J. D. 

Wimer, Fred, Cope, Ind. 
*Whitenac, George, Greenwood, I 

Whitenac, David S., Indianapoli 

Wagoner, Pit. 

Young, Vachel. 

Zaring, Lee. Kinder, Ind. 



iv S. 







d. In. 


Geor fc 






Andrick, Per 

ry H. 






, Alex 





Belveal, Leandeus, Pittsbur;, David, Washington, 
Barwick, William D., Lerua 
Blakely, Alfred. 

*Bri2endine, Frank M.. Green 

•Duncan, Geo. W., Greenfield 
Fisher, William. Tipton. Inc 

*Fort. Morris, Fortville, Ind. 
Grigsby,, Sullivan, 
Gant, Benjamin F., Pieree C 

•Haskett, Nathan H., Knights 
Hoobler, J. R.. Red Top, Mo 
Hutton, Adam, Shumway, II 
Hutson, James, Knightstovvn 




Holeman, John E., 3720 Lyle St 
Johnson, Lewis F., 1219 W. Oli 
Johnson, Berry. 

•Keifer, Almjn. Greenfield, InJ. 

•Kiger, John. Greenfield, Ind. 
Marsh, Ellas, Greenfield, Ind.' 
Meek, R. M.. Philadelphia, Ind 
Meek, Marshal M., Genola, Ku 

'Morris, Milton T., Greenfield, J 

•Miller, George W., Box 4o, Sun 
Matchett, John R., Jordan, Ind. 

•Meek, Jared C, Greenfield, Inc 
Magee, George. Willow Branch, 
Martin, Joseph, Miami Station, 
Osborn, G. W., Maxwell, Ind. 


Smith, John II 
Smith, A. J., I 
Sleeth, Williai 

"Samuels, J. A 
Stevens, Josepl 
Snyder, T. C. 



. James, Hobbs Station, Ind. 


J. W. 

Vail, J 

hn, Noblesville, Ind. 


, C. S., Greenfield, Ind. 

Company 5i. 

Lieut. J. J. Carter, Eatonville, Wash. 


A. J., Mace, Ind. 


jn, John, Winterroud, Ind. 


Louis J., Portland, Ind. 


David H., New Marion, Ind. 


Elijah, Columbus, Ind. 

Cole, L. W. 

Rising- : 


Castled ine 
Coke, Henry. 

Dunbar, David, Wichita, Kan. 
Ennis, W. T. 

Elder, J. M., Island Center, la. 
Evans, Jerry, St. Paul, Ind. 
Grubbs, Eli, Mt. Sterling, la. 
Griffiths, Henry, National Home, Marion, In 
Hardebeck, John B., Shelby ville, Ind. 
Happy, Benjamin. 
Homsher, James, Hope, Ind. 
Hale, B. C, Summit St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Homsher, C. W. 

Hughes, Thomas, New Marion, Ind. 
•Idlewine, Andrew, Geneva, Ind. 
Idlewine, Lewis, Milhousen, Ind. 
Kennedy, James, Greensburg, Ind. 
Kitts, John, Napoleon, Ind. 
Moore, J. C, Xenia, Mo. 
Mosier, W. A., Osgood, Ind. 
Millis, Edward, 501 North 6th St., Terre Ha 
McCormic, James B., demons, la. 
McCullough, S. M., Oden. la. 
Morse, John M., Lamar, Neb. 
Mewhinney, B. F., Elizabeth, Ark. 
Matherly, Isaac, Vandalia, III. 
Parker, Downey, Mt. Sterling. la. 
Rathnell, Charles, H., 120, \V. VGA St., Ne' 
Roezell, James M., Butlerville, la. 
Rccs, H. C, 733 W. Main St., Ottumwa, la. 


Ragsdale, S. N., Washington, Ind. 

Randall, WSliam, Butlerville, Ind. 

Randall Robert. Butlerville, Ind. 

Richeson, Alpheus, Trenton, Mo. 

Smiley. Thomas H. 

Smart, J. I)., Pollock, Mo. 

Spear, J. B., New Marion, Ind. 
*Sammons, John, Napoleon, Ind. 

Thackery, Samuel, Mayhattan, Kan. 

Tucker, M. G. W., Portland, Ind. 

Watterson, T. O., Eldorado, Kan. 

Wildman, James, Osgood, Ind. 
*Wambsgans, John, Batesville, Ind, 

\Vell3, Jesse, Pieracfield, Ind. 


h'V ,«'vlLl'. 

Company S. 

Capt. J. S. Lauderback, Valparaiso, Ind. 

Lieut. Samuel Miller, Rochester, Ind. 

Adams, W. H., Hebron, Ind. 

Allen, Solomon, Hebron, Ind. 

Bryant, J. M., Hebron, Ind. 

Brown, George A. 

Brecount, F. M. 

Buzzard, Samuel, Hebron, Ind. 

Bell, James, Valparaiso, Ind. 

Brown, John, Crown Point. 

Cochran, William, Leroy, Ind. 

Cottrell, Sylvester P. 

Davis, George, Hobart, Ind. 

Drum, Joseph, Peru, Ind. 

Essex, J. R., Hebron, Ind. 

Fisher, John, Denmark, Ark. 

Foudray, Samuel T., Medaryville, Ind. 

Foltz, Andrew. 

Fairchilds, J. H., Independence, Kan. 

Fairchild, B. S., Medaryville, Ind. 

Foster, E. H. 

Gassett, Benjamin, Hebron, Ind. 

Graber, Lewis, Battlecreek, Mich. 

Hart, Frank B., 22.S Winchester Av. Chicagi 

Harlan, Joshua, Belleville, Kan. 

Huffman, J. S. 

House, William, Royal Center, Cass county, 

McSnmpsey. John. 

Moore, Anderson, 

Palmer, Frank M., Hebron, Ind. 

Rathburn, Ed, Hebron, Ind. 

Shroyer, Samuel, Shroyer, Kan. 

Sigel, S. H., DeMotte, Ind. 

Sweet, H. J., Hebron, Ind. 

Sweet, Young A., Oswego, Kan. 

Wycoff, John. 

Wicoff, J. P. 

Williams, Richard. Lynn, Ind. 

Williams, Chester S., Oak Valley, 

Company 5i. 

Lieut. B. G. Smith, Reynolds, Ind. 
'Lieut. James H. McMillan, Logansport, Ind. 
Lieut. Robert McKaig, Hamilton, Minn. 
Alkire, Simon P., Vandalia, la. 
Bagley, Samuel A., Laporte, Ind. 
Bowers, Dudley. 
Bowers, Arthur. 

Brandt, William H., Logansport, Ind. 
Baker, Isaac. 
Cripe, Jacob. 

Creery, Henry, 624 11th St. Logansport, Ind. 
Cavender, Michael, Box 57, Oakland Pa. 
Deuberry, E. J., 411, Walden Av., Goshen, Ind. 
Enyart, Martin L., Macy, Ind. 
Fender, William, Spencer, Ind. 
Henderson, J. P., Grapevine, Tex. 
Haver, Charles M., 240 63d St. Chicago, 111. 
Hatfield, A. R., Lake Park, la. 
Harger, 1. S., Brazil, Ind. 
Johnson, C. II., Portsmouth, O. 
Ketchum, Anson, A., Hebron. Ind. 
Lunsford, George E., Virdin, 111. 
Landry, Hugh M., Clymers Station. Ind. 
Learning, Cyrus, Maple Grove, Mo. 
Miller, Aaron L., White City, Kan. 
Miller, P. B., South Bend, Ind. 
Mahan, Matt T. 910 N. 7th St., Arkansas City. 
Morrison, Daniel, West Liberty, O. 
Munster, Antone, Minister, Lake county. Ind. 

Post, William B., Crown Point, I. 
Peterman, John, Carpenterville, II 
Pope, Harlan H., Ottawa, Putnam 
Ross. Samuel, Logansport, Ind. 
Rogers, Isaac, Lafayette, Ind. 
Smith, J. 13. 
*Sharp, James W.. Camden, Ind. 
Schmidt, Fred \V., 823 Franklin S 
Simmons, Jacob, Medaryville, Ind 
Slocum, George W., Texas City, I 
Smith. John. 

Warner, John P., Rensselaer, Ind 
Whorwell, G. \V., LaPorte, Ind. 
Wilson, Charles M., Chicago, 111. 
Warner, Martin V. B., Boise City, 

Company JJ. 

Lieut. A. McCullough. 
Armstrong, Druce, Lafayette, Ind. 
Ball, Isaiah, Knoxville, la. 
Ball, Lafayette, Hiawatha, Kan. 
Barry, Benjamin, Lafayette, Ind. 
Chambers, William B., Pratt, Kan. 
Chambers, J. W., Clapp Block, Des Moi 
Connor, Larkin O., Lafayette, Ind. 
Dickerson, S. B., Lebanon, Ind. 
Gillis, G. W., Wallace, Ind. 
Gowdy, J. K., United States Consul, P.- 
Harrison, J. P., Wellsville, Kan. 
Heath, Thomas, Wellsville, Kan. 
Hasty, Jasper M., Lafayette, Ind. 
Harding, John. 
Haines, J. K., Galion, O. 




Humbert, P., Sugargrove, Ind. 
Humbert, Joseph, New Richmond, 
Moore Alf., Ladoga, Ind. 
Myers, William. 

McCormick, C. H., Woodlawn Av., 
McCarty, Flavins J., Lafayette, It 
Moss, Jacob 10., R. F. D. No. 2, SI 
'Maxwell, Andrew, K. F. D. No 5, 
Miller, Samuel, Wellington, 111. 

McCarty, T.F., Lafayette, Ind. 
McGrew, R. S., Brovrnsburg'. Ind. 
Owens, Thomas A., Racoon, Ind. 

O'Connor, , Lafayette. Ind. 

Porter, John, Round Grove, Ind. 
Ryder, William, Waynetown, Ind. 
Ross, Thomas J. 
Ross, James, Lewisville. Ind. 
Scott, Lewis, 204 E. Oklahoma Av., Guthrie. ( 
Singer, William E., Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Stewart. John W., Lafayette. Ind. 
Stewart, Thomas P. 
Strande, John, Medaryville, Ind. 
Smith, John C. Lewisville, Ind. 
^Vick, Noah, Lafayette, Ind. 
Vick, Anderson, Lafayette, Ind. 
Vaughn, John E., Lafayette, Ind. 
Vore, James W., 1105 N. Saulsberry St., Lafa 
Williamson, Thomas B., Lafayette, Ind 
White, William W., Hillsdale, O. 


Capt. R. P. Finney, New Alban; 
Lieut. A. J. Keltner, 1113 S. Ad: 
Lieut. J. L. Thrall, Huston. Fla 
Bettiker, Henry, Mecca, O. 
Bagshaw, E. W., New Albany. 1 
Buraker, Jacob, Hanfield, Ind. 
Clegg, James A., Henryville, In( 
Clause, Jacob, East St. Louis, I 
Duncan, David. 

Durment, Charles R., Newberry. 
Findlay, Wolford. 
Frazier, John. 

Finch, Lafayette, Fremont, Ind. 
Good. Aaron O., Newman, 111. 
Griffith, S. K., Warsaw, Ind. 
Hewett, Jesse M., Van Buren, Ii 
Howell, Stephen, Blue River, In. 
Holloway, Tim, Rural, Ind. 
King, J. II., Jonesboro, Ind: 
•Kehler, J. P., R. F. D. No. 2, \\ 
Layman, P. W., Ha/elldell, 111. 


Morse, W. 
Nelson, Ma 

\ 9 




Oren, Henry, Ha 

Patterson, D. H., National Hoi 

Parker, James G. 

Powell, R. M. 

Priser, John, Pierceton, Ind. 

Rock, Daniel, Muncie, Ind. 

Richmond, Fred D. , Nappanee 

Sheets, George. Fremont, Ind. 


M. F. 

Shaffer, Samuel, Claypool, Ind. 
Shaffer. Daniel, Warsaw, Ind. 
Taylor. Wes. Mier, Ind. 
Teets, Alexander, Atwood, Ind. 
While. Charles. Freemont, Ind. 
Whitcman, James. Marion. Ind. 
Walters. William, Bass River, I 
White, C. M . Edon, O. 
Zant, J>.hn. 


Pear Comrades. — We forward you this Report of our 
Twentieth Annual Reunion, hoping that you will pardon the 
delay in getting it out, which delay has been owing to the 
poor health of the Secretary, who has been ill the greater 
portion of the winter. Our next meeting will be held in the 
city of Portland, Ind., October 14 and 15, 1903. your attend- 
ance is. earnestly requested. We fully expect Col. Butler to 
be with us on the occasion. Comrade Lou Kruner writes 
that the citizens of Portland are greatly pleased to have us 
meet there this year and assures free entertainment to all 
members of the Association who may attend; that more per- 
sons have asked to entertain comrades than there will be 
comrades present. 

We again call your attention to our Roster which contains 
a number of names of comrades without P. O. address. 
There are doubtless other names on the Roster of comrades 
who are deceased as we do not hear from them. Now com- 
rades we again urge you to carefully go over the rolls and 
where there is a mistake in spelling, name or P. O. address 
omitted, or the comrade deceased, please notify the Secretary 
giving the necessary correction. 

Comrade, as a member of the Association, you are entitled 
to a copy of this Report which is sent to all the members, 
and as the cost of getting up and mailing these Reports, notify- 
ing the comrades of the time of meeting, together with other 
incidental expenses, costs the Association about $100 per 
year, and these expenses are borne by a comparatively few 
members, and as the reports are for all the members of the 


Association anil are surely interesting to all the comrades 
we do deem it right to call on yon for a small contributioi 
from 20c to Si.oo as you may feci able. If, however, vol 
were present at the last Reunion and contributed or done si 
by letter, you are not asked for anything. If you have no 
attended the recent meetings or written the Secretary, plea- 
acknowledge the receipt of the Report so that we may kno\ 
that we have your correct address. 

Hoping to meet you at Portland next October, we are 
Yours in F. L. C. 
1). \V. Patty, Secretary. W. \V. Am.i si, President 

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Pc '= 3 ff 3 - -= y o. n- g » o 

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