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Full text of "Two of the Saxon chronicles parallel, with supplementary extracts from the others;"

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Prefatory Note vii 

Parallel Chronicles » 

Appendices 271 

Explanation of Glossary 297 

List of Contractions 298 

Glossary 299 

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I. Plan of the Wobk. 

"When in 1889 I issued the small edition of two of the 
Saxon Chronicles parallel for the years 787-1001 a.d., I ex- 
pressed the hope that in the course of the next year or two I 
might he able to accomplish a complete edition of the whole 
work. That hope has for various reasons not been realised. Of 
those reasons only one need be mentioned here. The Delegates 
of the Clarendon Press have honoured me with the request that 
I should re-edit for them the Latin Text of Bede's *Historia 
Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum/ Seeing that so much of the 
earlier part of the Saxon Chronicle is basM on Bede, it would 
be, in the strictest sense of the word, preposterous to under- 
take the criticism of the former before dealing with the latter. 
The publication of the introduction and notes to the Chronicle 
must consequently be deferred until I have completed my work 
on Bede. It has been decided, however, to issue the present 
volume, containing the text, appendices, critical notes and glos- 
sary, at once. It is complete in itself, and it is believed that 
in the glossary everything is contained that is necessary for 
the linguistic interpretation of the texts. 

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The plan of this work aims at reproducing the MSS. as 
nearly as possible ; and with this object all the texts have been 
collated afresh. I can honestly say that I have spared no pains 
to make the texts as correct as possible. But I have so often 
discovered errors where I had thought that everything was 
correct, that I dare not assert that none such have escaped me. 
Some additional various readings, chiefly from Wheloc's edition 
of the burnt MS. A. are given in Appendix C. Of these a few 
are of considerable importance. 

The plan of this edition of course precluded any idea of nor- 
malising the texts. I have however in the glossary carefully 
marked the length of the syllables, and distinguished late and 
abnormal forms by enclosing them in round brackets. 

In the glossary I have aimed at giving not only every word, 
but every form which occurs in the two MSS. S. and E. here 
printed in full. So that in regard to them the glossary will, I 
believe, be found to be a complete register of all variations. In the 
case of the other MSS. from which merely extracts are given, 
only the principal forms are registered in the glossary ; minute 
variations of spelling, &c., being, as a rule, ignored. As how- 
ever all passages in which the other MSS. vary to any important 
extent from H, and E. have been embodied either in the text or 
in the critical notes, it is believed that the glossary will afford 
a tolerably complete measure of the Anglo-Saxon historical 
vocabulary as represented by the Chronicles. 

The arrangement of the glossary was a matter of no slight 
mechanical difficulty, because it had to be compiled from texts 
varying considerably in date and place of origin. The actual 
plan is due to practical considerations; and that form was 
adopted as the type which would enable the greatest number 
of the words occurring in the texts to be brought together 
without alteration. Hence where the orthography of the two 
texts differs, the rather late forms of E. have been taken as 

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the type in preference to the occasionally archaic forms of X. 
The system thus resulting from a balance of convenience has, I 
hope, been carried out with consistency. Furtlier details as to 
the arrangement of the glossary will be found in the explanatory 
note which precedes it, which the reader is advised to consult 
carefully before making use of the glossary. 

A word must be said as to the punctuation. Here, too, I 
have endeavoured to mark the peculiarities of the MSS. The 
only stops which occur in the MSS. are as a rule the point 
either on or above the line (.) (•), the inverted semicolon (f), and 
the peculiar stops which occur in MS. 3^., represented in the 
text approximately by (r) and (:,). All these have been 
retained ; stops not in the MSS. are represented by commas 
and semicolons. In a few instances, so few that they might 
I think be counted on the fingers of one hand, the colon and 
semicolon do occur in the MSS. ; here the colon has been 
retained, the semicolon has been inverted. 

The text of ff. has been considerably interpolated. In a few 
cases these additions are in good and fairly early hands. Such 
passages are printed in smaller type, but not in italics. The 
bulk of these interpolations, however, are due to a hand of the 
twelfth century, and are given in small italics. 

Letters or words wanting in any MS., and supplied from 
other sources, are enclosed in square brackets. 

Passages in F. which are enclosed in round brackets are in the 
MS. insertions on the margin or above the line. In many cases 
it is very difficult to determine whether they are by the same 
hand as the text or a different one. 

In other cases words or letters inserted by the scribe of the 
text above the line are marked by convergent dashes, e. g. for'8'- 
ferde; 983 E. It seemed worth while to mark these cases, as 
they often appear to indicate a difference between phonetic 
and historical spelling. The scribe first spelt the word as he 

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pronounced it, then Lis. eye told him that something was 
wrong, and he inserted the missing letter above the line. 

The expansion of contractions is indicated in the usual way 
by italics. A few contractions have been left unexpanded, partly 
because of their frequent occurrence, but still more because it 
was impossible to be sure what was the exact form which the 
scribe had in his mind. A list of these unexpanded contrac- 
tions precedes the glossary. 

II. The Manuscripts. 

Discussion of the mutual relations, special characteristics, 
and comparative value of the different MSS. of the Anglo-Saxon 
Chronicle, must be reserved for the second volume. A brief 
list of them is however given here, for convenience of refer- 
ence, and in explanation of the critical notes. 

This, the first of our two parallel texts, is commonly known 
as the Parker MS., because it is one of the many treasures 
given by Archbishop Parker to Corpus Christi College, Cam- 
bridge. It is numbered 173 in Nasmith's Catalogue. It is 
described by Wanley, p. 1 30, and by Sir T. D. Hardy, * Catalogue 
of British History/ i. 651. It is often cited as the Winchester 
Chronicle, because it is believed to be based upon a Chronicle 
now lost which had its origin at Winchester. It belonged, 
however, to Christ Church, Canterbury, and it was at Canterbury 
that the later entries were made, and the passages alluded to 
above interpolated. A large number of these interpolations 
have to do with Canterbury' and its See. 


This is also a Canterbuiy book. It is now in the Cottonian 
Collection of the British Museum, (Tiberius A. vi.) It is 

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described by Wanley, p. 224, and by Hardy, i. 655. It ends 
with the year 977, and has hardly any special points of interest 
except the insertion of the Mercian Chronicle, which will be 
noticed more fully under C. 

This is also a Cottonian MS. (Tiberius B. i,) It is described 
by Wanley, p. 219, and by Hardy, i. 656. To name this MS. 
like S. afid E. from its place of deposit, would not distinguish 
it from B. D. and F. It is best therefore to designate it from 
its probable place of origin as the Abingdon Chronicle. Its 
main importance consists perhaps in its later entries. But 
even apart from these it contains many points of interest, of 
which the most striking is one which it shares with B., viz. 
the incorporation in an unchanged form of the little Mercian 
Chronicle, or * Annals of iEthelflsed,' embracing the years 
902-924, (Vide infra, pp. 92-3, 100, and notes.) 


This manuscript, like the last two, is Cottonian. (Tiberius B. 
iv.) It is described by Wanley, p. 220, and Hardy, i. 657. 
Like C, it is best designated by its place of origin, which was 
probably Worcester. To this origin it owes one of its salient 
features, viz. the embodiment of a considerable number of 
Northumbrian Annals. Through the medium of D., or some 
closely related MS., these Northumbrian Annals passed into 
E. The chief interest of D., as of C, lies in its later entries, 
but even from the beginning it represents a new recension of 
the Chronicle, and is more closely related in many respects to 
E. than to any of the preceding MSS, These however are 
points which must be discussed elsewhere. D. has embodied 
the Mercian Chronicle of B. and C., but has endeavoured to 

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digest it into chronological order with the rest of its materials. 
(Vide infra, pp. 92-3, 100, and notes.) 


This, the second of our two parallel texts, is among Arch- 
bishop Laud's MSS. in the Bodleian Library (Laud, 636). It 
is described by Wanley, p. 64, and Hardy, i. 657. Its place of 
origin was Peterborough, as is abundantly proved by the in- 
sertion of many pieces of local history. It was written in the 
first instance about the year 11 22, and continued in various 
hands to 11 54. Thus it carries us down three quarters of a 
century beyond any other MS. B. ends, as we have seen, in 
997, A. (W.) in looi, F. in 1058, C. in 1066, ?C. in 1070, 
D. in 1079. This MS. is, as I have said, largely based on D. 
or on some sister MS. But the scribe had other materials 
also which cannot be considered here. 


This is a Canterbury MS., and is now in the Cotton Collection. 
(Domitian A. viii.) It is described by Wanley, p. 220, and 
by Hardy, i. p. 660. I call it from its place of origin the 
Canterbury MS. This can create no confusion with ?C. or B. ; 
as B. is very rarely cited, and S. is best known from its place 
of deposit as the Parker MS. Tliis Chronicle is to a great extent 
of the nature of an epitome. The compiler probably had before 
him our ?C., and either E. or some MS. very similar to E. But 
the chief interest of this MS. consists in the fact that it is 
bilingual, written both in Saxon and Latin. Thus it forms a 
point of transition between the native Annals and the Latin 
Chronicles which ultimately supplanted them. I have gone 
carefully over both versions, and have been able to glean from 
the Latin some interesting illustrations of the Saxon text. I 

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PREFACE, xiii 

would instance especially the notes on pp. 58, 83 infra. The 
MS. is of the twelfth century. 

A. (G.) (W.) 

This is also a Cottonian MS. (Otho B. xi.) With the excep- 
tion of three leaves it perished in the Cottonian fire of 1731, 
and we are mainly dependent for our knowledge of it on 
Wheloc's edition of the Chronicle which was based on this MS. 
It has been customary to denote this MS. by the letter G. ; but 
Professor Earle rightly objected to this notation, as giving the 
impression that this MS. is later than F., whereas it is at least 
100 if not 150 years earlier. He suggested the notation A. to 
express the fact that it is an evident transcript of H, Mr. 
Thorpe called it W., the initial of Wheloc, and I have followed 
him wherever the readings cited are derived solely from Wheloc. 
When I wish to indicate the MS. as distinct from the edition I 
call it A. It ends, as I have said, at looi. (Vide infra, p. 132, 
and note p. 295.) 


This is a fragment of a lost Chronicle, and is described infra 
p. 245, note. 

It remains for me to express a few of the most prominent 
obligations which I have incurred in the preparation of this 
book. For the glossary I have naturally made constant use 
of the new Bosworth-Toller ' Anglo-Saxon Dictionary,' also 
of Mr. Sweet's * Anglo-Saxon Eeader,' the glossary to which 
contains an excellent selection of words. Grein's monumental 
' Sprachschatz der angelsachsischen Dichter ' has also been 
of the greatest service, especially for the poetical passages in 
the Chronicle. 

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My thanks to the many friends who have helped me and who 
are helping me with my work I defer. Three names I must, 
however, mention. In the first place I must thank Professor 
Earle, to whom I owe my original introduction to Anglo-Saxon 
studies, for the generosity with which he consented to the re- 
casting of his work by a younger hand, and not less for un- 
tiring help and sympathy throughout the work. I must thank 
Professor Napier, who has for this, as for the smaller edition, 
most kindly read the proofs of the glossary, and made very 
many useful corrections and suggestions. He is not, however, 
in the slightest degree responsible for the general arrangement 
and execution of the glossary. And I must thank the Reverend 
J. T. Lang, M. A., Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge, who, when I went to Cambridge to collate the 
Parker MS., received me, a perfect stranger, as if I had been 
an old friend. To his hospitality and kindness, and that of his 
colleagues, I owe many pleasant associations. It is a matter 
of genuine satisfaction to me that my first real experience of 
Cambridge life should have been in connection with the College 
which bears the same name as my own. 

CoBPDS Christi Collbge, Oxford, 
March ^ 1892. 

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ACENnesse 'cccc* wintra. ^ •xciiii- uuintra. ]f& Cerdic] Cyn- 
ric his sunu cuom up ^^ Cerdices oran, mid 'V scipum. j se 
Cerdic waes . Elesing. Elesa , EsKng. Esla , Gewising. Giwis . 
TViging. Wig . Preawining. Freawine . Fri]7ugaring. Fri- 
J7ugar . Bronding. Brond Bdeldseging, Bccldaeg Wodening. 

Ond l^ses ymb 'vi* gear J^ses J?e hie up cuomon ge eodon 
West Seaxna rice, "] J?aet uusBrun J?a serestan cyningas ]>e 
West Seaxna lond on Wealum ge eodon ^ ; •] he haefde J^aet 
rice -xvi' gear, ^ J?ahegefor J?afeng his sunu Cynric to 
J^am rice, ^ heoW* 'xvii' winter, pahegefor J^afeng Ceol 
to J^am rice, •] heold -vi-^ gear, pa he ge for J?afeng 
Ceolwulf to his broJ?ur, *] he ricsode -xvii* gear, *] hiera cyn 
g<e|7 to Cerdice. pa feng Cynegils Ceolwulfes broj^ur sunu 
to rice, ^ ricsode -xxxi-^ wintra, *] he on feng aerest ful- 
wihte Wesseaxna cyninga; j J^afeng Cenwalhto, *] heold 
xxxi* wintra, ^ se Cen walh waes Cynegilses sunu ; ^ J?a 
heold Seax burg his cuen an gear J^set rice sefter him. pa 
feng jSlscwine to rice, J^ses cyn gee]? to Cerdice, "^ heold 'ii- 
gear, pa feng Cent wine to Wesseaxna rice Cynegilsing, 
*] ricsode 'vii* "^ gear ; pa feng Cead walla to pam rice, |78es 
cyn gcej? to Cerdice, ^ heold -iii- gear. Da feng Ine to 
Seaxna rice^, J^ces cyn gccj? to Ceardice, ^ heold -xxxvii- 

^ Besides S. this genealogical pre- f. 1 78, a single leaf which has been 
face is only found in Cott. Tib. A. iii. thought to have belonged originally 

Digitized by 



T>rittene fgland* is ehta hund mila lang. 3 twa hund brad. 
-L^ ^ her Bind on J)is iglande fif ge )>eode. Englisc. 3 
Brittisc. 3 Wilsc. 3 Scyttisc. -3 Pyhtisc. 3 Boc Leden ^®. Erest 
weron bugend Jjises landes Brfttes. )>a coman of Armenia. 3 
ge saetan suSewearde Bryttene serost. pa ge lamp hit f Pyhtas 
coman suj)an of Scithian. mid langum scipum na manegum. ■] 
]>& coman serost on nor]> Ybernian up. 3 ]>8er b8edo[n] Scottas f 
hi tSer moston wunfan. Ac hi noldan heom lyfan. fortSan hi 
[cwaedon fset hi ne mihton ealle 8etg8§dere gewunian IpsEsr, 
3 }>a"] cwsedon J)a Scottas. we eow magon J)eah hwatSere rsed 
ge keron. We witan oJ>er egland her be easton. per ge 
magon eardian gif ge willatS. 3 gif hwa eow witS stent, we eow 
fultumiaS ^^ f ge hit magon ge gangan. Da ferdon J)a Pihtas. 3 
geferdon J>is land norjmn weard. 3 sufan weard hit hefdon 
Brittas. swa we aer cwedon. And ]>a, Pyhtas heom absedon wif 
8Bt Scottum. on J)a ge rad ^' f hi gecuron heora kyne cinn ik on 
pa, wif healfa. -f hi heoldon swa lange sySSan. "] pa. gelamp hit 
imbe geara rina. -f Scotta sumdsel gewat of Ybernian on Brittene. 

to MS. B. I indicate the readings has a metrical preface which is given 

of this leaf by the notation ^. elsewhere. 

' Da waes agangen. 0, *® ^Englisc. BrytWylsc. Scottysc. 

' set Wealuw genaman. 0. Pihttisc. t Boc Iseden. D. ; F. follows 

* T heold 'Xxvi. wintra. }?a he E., but omits Boc Leden. Angli, 
forCferde. p& feng Ceawlin t6. his Britoni, Waloni, Scithi et Picti. F. 
sunu, *j heold -xvii. gear. 0. Lat. 

5 V. 0, " From D. The omission in E. 

• XX. 0. is merely due to the recun-ence of 
^ viiiM'. 0. the word cwaedon. 

» West Sexna rice. 0. " fultumiad. MS. 

» This preface is in D. E. F. ; C. " t forewyrd. F. 

B 2 

Digitized by 


4 THE PARKER MS. (35) 

wintra. pafeng ^{^elheard to, J^aes cyn gdi)f to Ceardice, 
T heold -xiiii- winter ^. pa feng Cu); red to, J^aes cyn gd£i\ 
to Cerdice, *] heold 'Xvii* gear 2. pafeng Sigebryhtto, 
J?8BS cyn gdej; to Cerdice, *] heold an gear, pafeng Cyne- 
wulf to rice, J^aes cyn gcej? to Ceardice, ^ heold -xxxi* wintra. 
pa feng Beorht ric to rice, J^aes cyn g<e]7 to Cerdice, ^ heold 
•xvi* gear, pa feng Ecgbryht to J^am rice, ^ heold 'xxxvii- 
wintra. ^ 'vii- mona]; ; *] |?a feng -^J^elwulf his sunu to, "] 
heold nigon teo"Se healf gear. Se -^J?elwulf waes Ecg- 
bryhting. Ecgbryht . Ealh munding. Eahlmund . Eafing. 
Eafe. . Eopping. Eoppa . Ingilding. Ingild . Cenreding. ^ 
Ine . Cenreding. "] Cu)? burg . Cenreding. *] Cuenburg . Cen- 
reding. Cenred . Ceolwalding. Ceolwald . CuJ? wulfing. CuJ? 
wulf Cu]; wining. CuJ? wine . Celming. Celm . Cynricing ^. 
Cynric . Cerdicing. 

Ond ];a feng -^thelbald his sunu to rice, 3 heold -v* gear, 
pa feng ^];elbryht his bro]?ur to, "] heold 'V gear, pa 
feng ^J?ered hiera brojmr to rice, 3 heold •¥• gear*, pa 
feng Alfred hiera bro)?ur to ^rice, "5 ];a was agan his ielde 
•xxiii' wintra. *] ccc» ^ xcvi* wintra ]?8es ]7e his cyn aerest 
WesYseaxna lond on Wealum geodon ^ r :, 

ti.h. 5SER Cristes geflaescnesse -Ix* wintra. Gaius lulius se 
Casere aerest Romana Breten lond gesohte. "J Brettas nud 
gefeohte cnysede. ^ hie ofer swi]?de, 3 swa }7eah ne meahte 
];aer rice gewinnanr 

Snno 1. Octauianus ricsode 'Ivi*^ wintra. 3 on Jwim 
•xlii' "^ gealre his rices Crist waes acenned. 

2. pa tungel witgan of east d<file cuomon to ];on ]7aet hie 
Crist weorj^edon, 3 ]?a cild on Bethlem of slaegene waerun 
for Cristes ehtnesse from Heroder 

3. Her^ swealt Herodus from him selfum ofsticod, •] 
JCrchilaus his sunu feng to ricer 

^ xvi gear. i3. an ancient cross at the place marks 

^ fidk feng Cu^red .... xvii win- that something is missing. 
tra. Interlined man. rec. in jS., but 

Digitized by 



3 f>es landes sum dsel ge eodon. 3 wes heora heratoga Beoda 
gehaten. from J>am heo sind ge nemnode Dsel Eeodi. 

Sixtigum wintrum aer J)am J)e Crist were acenned. Gains 
Ixjlius Komana Kasere mid hund ehtatigum scipuw* geEohte 
Brytene. per he wes serost ge swenced mid grimmum ge feohte. 
"} micelne dael his heres forlsedde. 3 J)a he | forlet his here abidan f. i. b. 
mid Scottum. 3 ge wat into Galwalum. 3 J>er ge gadorode six 
hund Bcipa. mid J>am he ge wat eft in to Brytene. "3 J)a hi serost 
togedore gersesdon. ]>a man ofsloh tSes Caseres gerefan. se wes 
Labienus ge haten. Da ge namon fa Walas. 3 adrifon sumre ^a 
ford ealne mid scearpum pilum '• greatum innan J>am wetere. sy 
ea hatte Temese. J)a f on fundon 8a Bomani. J>a noldon hi faron 
ofer ]x)ne ford, pa flugon J>a Bryt Walas to f>am wudu fses- 
tenum^^ 3 se Kasere geeode wel manega hehburh mid 
mycelum ge winne. 3 eft ge wat in to Galwalum. 

Anno 1. Octauianus rixade dvi* wintra.3 on f>a?7i 'xlii* geare 
his rices. Crist wses acenned. 

2. Da tungel witegan of east daele coman to fan f hi Crist 
wurSoden. And fa cild on Bethleem ofslagene wseron for 
ehtnesse fram Herode. 3 he swealt of sticod fram him sylfuwi. 3 
Archelaus his sune feng to rice. 

F. 3. Her Herodes for^ferde. 3 f cild Crist wear<5 geboren agean f. 32. 
of Egiptan. 

' Cinric Creoding. GreodaCerdi- •) heold iii. gear, t xxxvi- wucena. 

cing. /3. buton .11. dagum. ]» he fortJ ferde. 

* \>A feng JEJ)ered ... .v. gear. om. ))a feng Eadgar to. his brotJor. t 

i3. ; but a cross marks the omission. heold .zvi* gear. 1 viii. wucan. "} 

' . . * rice .... geodon. om. /3. ; .ii* niht. ))a lie foi^ferde. J)a feng 

which continues: ") heold 6pra,n Eadweard to. Eadgares sunu. *] 

heal&n geare Ises \>e -xxx* wintra. ])a heold The writing stops at 

feng Eadweard to. .^freding. ~) the beginning of a line; so that there 

heold .xxiiii. wintra. ^a he foH5- never was any more of this preface. 

ferde, \>& feng-<E))elstan to, his sunu. • Altered from Ixvi., which is the 

■3 heold .xiiii. gear. *j vii. wucan. reading of B. C. D. 

"J iii. dagas. "psk feng Eadmund to. ^ Altered from Ixii. or Ivii. C. 

his bro>or. *) heoI[d] seofoSe healf reads Iii. 

gear butan .ii. nihtum. 6a feng ® Altered man. sec. into l. Cf. E. 

Eadred his brojwr to. *j heold .ix- • cgolum. D. 

gear, "j vi. wucan. fa feng Ead- ^° staengum. D. 

wig to. Eadmundes suna cinges. ^^ faerstenum MS. westenum. D. 

Digitized by 



6. Ihom fiymj^e middangeardes o\ \\& gear wseron agan 
•V' )?U8endu ^ wintra. ^ cc. wintrar 

11. Ktr onfeng Her odes Antipatres aunu to rice in ludea. *j 

12. Philippus ^ Herodes toddeldun Lysiam, ^ ludeaw 
feowricum ^ to dceldun r 

16. Her feng Tiberius to ricer 

27. Ser onfeng Pilatua to gymenne ouer }>a ludeas. 

30. Her waes Crist grfulluhtud. ^ Petrw* ^ Sndreas gc- 
hwierfede. *] Iacol3w* ^ lohannes ^ Philipp?^* j J?a -xii- apo- 

33. Her waes Crist ahangen ; from fruman middangeardes 
ymb 'V- }?usendo wintra. *] cc- *] xxvi* wintrar 

34. Her waes Paulw* gehwierfed. j scs Stephanus of 

35. Her se ead'ga Petrus se ^ apostol gesaet biscep setl in 
SCntiochia J^aere ceastrer 

39. Her onfeng Gains ricer 

45*. Her se ead'ga Petrus se apostol gesaet biscep setl 
on Borne r 

46 *. Her Herodes aswalt. sej^e lacobum ofslog ane geare 
aer his agnum dealper 

47*. Her Claudius o)?er Romana cyninga Bretenelond 
gesohte, ^ J^one maestan d«el J?aes ealondes on his gewald 
onfeng. "J eac swelce Orcadw* };a ealond Bomana cynedome 

under J^eodde. pis was "^es feor^es geares his rices. *j on J)y» ylcan 
geare gewear'6 se mycela hunger on Siria \>€ Lucas reciS on \>are hoc Act' 

f. 32. b. F. 38. Her Pilatus ofsloh hine silfne mid his agenre handa. 

39. Gaius feng to rice. 

40. Matheus on ludea agan his godspell to writen. 
44. Her se apt Petrus gesaet t). stol on Rome. 

^ The u has been erased, and bo These vowels have been restored on 
has the o in })asendo, infra 33, 614. the authority of W. 

Digitized by 



1 1 . Fram frymtSe middan eardes oj) J>is gear wseron agan 'V* 
J>usend wintra. ^ 'Cc- wintra. 

12. Philippus 1 Herodes to dseldon ludeaw. iiii« ricu to 

16. Her feng Tiberius to rice. 
26. Her on feng Filati^ gymene ofer Jm ludeas. 
30 ^ Her wses Crist ge fuUod. 3 Petrus 1 Andreas ge liwyrfede f. 2. 
^ lacoW^ •] lots 1 J>a 'xii' apts. 

33. Hser wes Crist aLangen, fram fruman middan eardes 
ymb -v- ]jusend wintra. 3 -cc- ;j -xxvi. 

34. Her wabs scs Paulus ge hwyrfed ;] scs Stephan«*« 

35. Her se eadiga apostol Petrus ge set biscop setl on 
Antiochia ceastre. 

39. Her on feng Gaius to rice. 

45. Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol geset biscop setl on 

46. Her Erodes swealt se "Se lacobum of sloh. anum geare ser 
his agenum deatSe. 

47. Her Claudius Bomana cining gewat mid here on Bry- 
tene. 1 f igland ge 6ode. 3 ealle Pyhtas. 3 Walas under ]?eodde 
Eomana rice. Dis ge feoht he ge fremede ]?am feorSan geare 
his rices, pam geare gewearS se mycla hunger on Siria. }>e 
wes forewitegad on Actibt^s Apto^ Ipuvh Agabum ]x)ne witegan. 
pa feng Nero to rice sefter Claudie. se aet nextan forlet Brytene 
igland for his uncafscipe. 

F. 45. Her lacobus Idhs bro^r. wearS of slagen fram Herode. 

46. Her Claudius se Kasere com to Brytlande. ] geeode mycel 
dael eglandes. 3 eac f egeland of Orcanie he ge ehte to Komanan 

47. Marcus se godspellere in Egipta aginj) writan f godspell. 

' fej)er rtcum. B. fyj)erricuin. C. * Originjdly 44,45, 46. f. 2. began 

on feower tetrarbchan. F. with the original 47, now erased. 

' Both here and in 45 the definite ^ f. 2. begins with 27. 
article has been erased. 

Digitized by 



f. 2. G2. Her lacobus frat^ Dni J^rowoder 

63. Her Marcus se god spellere forj? ferder 

69. Her Petrw* ^ Paula* J?rowodonr 

70. Her Uespassianw* onfeng rieer 

71. Her Titus Uespessianus sunu in Hierusalem ofslog 
ludea cxi* ]?usenda ; 

81. Her Titus feng to rice, sej^e s«ede J?aet he J?one djrg 

forlure J?e he noht to gode on ne gedyde ; 

83^. Her Domitianus Tites bro*8ur feng to ricer 

84 ^. Her lohannes se godspellere in Pathma \2M ealonde 

wrat J?a boc JCpocalipsisr 

99. Her Symon se ctpoatol vjcbs arihangen, *) lohannes se godspellere 
hine gereste in Upheso, 

101. Her Clemens papa foryerde. 

110. Her Ignati^ biscep J?rowuder 
f. 2. b. 155. Her Marcus AntoniuB "j AureUuB his broker fengon to rice. 

167. Her Eleutherii^ on Borne onfeng bisc dom, 3 }?one 
wuldor fsBst lice •xv» winter geheold ; To J?am Lucius Bre- 
tene kyning sonde sta&s, b<ed J^set he waere Cristen g^don, 
^ he J?urh teah^ J^set he b«edr 1 hi sydtfon wunodon on rihton 
geleauon o9Ce Diaclitianes rice, 

f. 3. 189^. Her Seuerus onfeng rice, t) ricsode -xvii* winter. 
Se Breten lond mid dice be gyrdde* horn Sce oj? s«e. i \a ge 
endode on Euertoic, 1 JSomanus his sunu feng to rice', 

f. 33. F. 48. On ^yssum geare wsbs ffwy^ 8ti)> hunger. 

49. Her Nero agann to rixiende. 

50. Her Paulus gebunden wear)) gesend to Rome. 

62. Her lacobus Cristes bro^r ¥rowode. 

63. Marcus se godspellere forJ>ferde. 

69. Her Petrus J>rowode on rode. 3 Paulus was ofslagen. (be- 
heafdod.) .... 
f. 33. b. 116. Her Adrianus se casere agan to rixienne^ 
137. Her Antoninus agann to rixienne ''. 

* The annals 83 and 84 have entered here the notices which the 

been altered into 84 and 87. At corrector has entered under 99 and 

?o-9a something has been erased. loi. The annal 96 has been en- 

t would seem that the first scribe tered twice. 

Digitized by 



62 '. Her lacobus frat^r Dfli • J)rowade. f. 3. b. 

62 ^^, Her Marcus se godspellere forSferde. 

69. Her Petrus ^ Pauli^^ frowodon. 

70. Her TJespasianus onfeng rice. 

71. Her Titi«* TJespasianus [sunu] in lerusalem of sloh ludea 
•cxi- JJusend. 

81. Her feng Titu» to rice, se 8e sede ^ lie ]?one dseg forlure 
Se he naht to gode 6n ne dyde. 

84. Her Domitianus Tites broSor feng to rice. 

87. Her lofcs se godspellere m Pathma J)am iglande wrat fa 
boo apocalypsin. 

100. Her Simon se apostol" wses ahangen. j lo^s se god- f. 3. 
spellere Line ge reste ^^ in Effesia. 

101. Her Clemens papa forSferde. 
110. Her Ignatitw biscop Srowade. 

114. Alexander hie constituit aquam benedictam fieri. 

124. Syxtus papa hie constituit ymnum decantare. Scs. Scs. 
Scs. in officio miss<e. 

134. Telesphorus papa Mc constituit ymnum angelicum 
cantari gijORIa in excelsis deo diebus festis. 

155. Her Marcus Antonius. 3 Aurelius his brotSer fengon to f. 3- b. 

167. Her Eleutheri«« on Rome onfeng biscop dom. 3 ]^ne 
wurj?lice ^' -xv- winteir geheold* To tSam Lucitt* Brytwalana cing 
sende men. 3 bead fulluhtes. 3 he him sona sende.^ 3 heo sit^San 
wonodon on rihtan ge lefan. otSSe Dioclitianus rice. 

189. Her Seuerus feng to rice. 3 ferde mid here on Brytene. 
] mid ge feohte ge code fes iglandea mycelne dsel 3 | J?a ge wrohte f. 4. 

{Continued on p. xo.) 

* By a little scraping and patch- ^ et regnauit ^xxi* annos. F. Lat. 
ing a has converted the simple prose • f . a. b. begins with 54, f. 3. with 
of ^ into the more pompous form,. 98, f. 3. b. with 145, f. 4. b. with 
him wsBxV ti]>od '^Bst he bsed.^ 238, f. 5. with 291^ f. 5. b. with 346. 

* f . 2. b. begins with 113, f. 3. » Cristes broker. F. 

with 187, f. 3. b. with 262, f.^4. witli ^^' This has been altered by a later 

346. hand into 63, and the original 63. 

* for gyrde. B. C. crossed out.. 

* From 262 to 693 there is a ** Cristes msei. add. F.^ 
chasm in MS. D. " on ])am daege. add. B. C. 

^ et regnauit •xxi> annos. F. Lat. '' niriliter regit. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 



200. Twahundgara, 
283. Her ^rowade 8c8 Albanua mr. 
>Ji300. Dreohundgcera. 
f". 4- 379. Her Gratianuafeng to rice. 

381. Her Maximianw* se casere feng to rice, he waes on 


Breten londe g^boren. "] yonne for in GraUia. t he fSar ofsloh 

^one casere Gratianum, 1 hU brofier adraf of cefiele. se wcm gehaten 
UalentinianviB, T se Ualentinianus eft ge samnode werod, *] ofsloh Maxi- 
mum. *] feng to rice. On Jxmi timan aras Felagies gedwyld geond mid- 
dan eard. 

409. Her Gotan abr«econ Rome burg, ^ nsefre sij^an 
Romane ne ricsodon on Bretone. J)«^ wees emhe -xi- hand wintra 

•J X' wintra ]>es \>e heo getimhred was. dalles hi rixodon on Brytene 
feower hund wintra *] hund seouanti wintra, st/^an cerost Gains lulins 
]><Bt lond eerost gesohte. 

f. 4. b. 418. Her Romane gesomnodon al )?a gold hord J^e on 
Bretene wseron, ^ sume on eorj^an ahyddon. J^set hie nsenig 
mon si]7]7an findan ne meahte, ^ sume mid him on Gallia 

423. Her DeodosiuB se gingrafeng to rice. 

vel Fatrieius 
430. Her Palladius^ se bisc wses onsended to Scottuw 
l^aet he hiera geleafan trymede. fro»i Ccelestino ]7am papanr 

(E.) he weall mid turfum. 3 bred ^ weall Sser on ufon. fram see to sse. 
Britwalum to gebeorge. He rixade 'Xvii* gear. 3 J)a ge endode 
on Eoferwic. Bassianiw his sunu feng to rice. oSer his sunu wes 
ge haten Geza. se for weartS. 

202. Victor papa hie constituit ut Pascha die dominico 
celebretur. sicut predecessor eius Eleutherius. 
f. 4. b. 254. Cornelius papa hie de catacumbas leuauit per noctem 
corpora apostolorum. et posuit Pauli quidem uia Ostensi ubi 
decollatus est. Petri autem iuxta locum ubi crucifixus est. 

f. 34. b. F. 200. On J)y8um geare was geftmden sec halige rod. 

* B. C. F. read Palladius. crebriBturribuscommunitum. F. Lat. 

^ breden weaU F. Dr. Bosworth ' f. 6. begins with 287. 

proposed ; br^denne weall. mag- * So B. C. F. 

nam fossam firmissimumque uallimi ^ Home seo burh. F. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 1 1 

286. Her Jjrowade Scs Albania mr. 

311. Scs Siluester papa -xxiii. Huius tempore celebratur f. 5- 
Nicenum concilium. Arelatense quoque primum, in quo fuit 
Auitianus Rotomagi archiepiscopus. 

379. Her Gratianus feng to rice. f. 5. b. 

379. Hoc tempore celebratur Constantinopolitanum concilium 
•cl' patrum aduersus Macedonum et Eunomium sub Damaso. 

380 '^. Her Maximus * feng to rice, he wses on Bryten lande t 6. 
geboren. 3 }>anon he for in Galwalas. 3 he Sser ofsloh J)one 
kasere Gratianum. 3 his broSer adraf of etfele. se wses ge haten 
Ualentinian«^. *] se Ualentinianus eft ge samnode weorod 3 of 
sloh Maximum. 3 feng to rice. On J)am tidum ards Pelaies 
gedwild geond middan geard. 

403. Innocentius papa hie misit decretalem epistolam Uic- 
tricio Rotomagensi archiepiscopo. Hie constituit sabbato ieiunare 
quia eo die Dfis iacuit in sepulchro. 

409. Her wses to brocen Romana burh * fram Gotum ymb -xi- 
hund wintra 3 -x* wintra. ]?8es ]>e heo ge timbred wses. SitSSan 
ofer f ne rixodan leng Romana cinigas on Brytene. Ealles hi 
Sser rixodan -iiii* hund wintra. 3 hund seofenti wintra. si8San 
Gaius lulius f land erost ge sohte. 

418. Her Romane gesamnodan ealle J)a goldhord tSe on 
Brytene wseron. 3 sume on eortSan behyddan. f heo nan man 
sySSan findon ne mihton. 3 sume mid heom on Gallia Iseddon. 

423. Her Deodosius se gingra feng to rice. 

425. Huius temporis setate extitit exordium regum Franco- f. 6. b. 
rum, primus Faramundus. 

430. Her Patricius wses asend fi*am Celestine f>am papan to 
bodianne Scottum fulluht. 

431. Hoc tempore diabolus in Greta ludeis in specie Moysi 
apparens ad terram repromissionis per mare pede sicco per- 
ducere promittit. sicque plurimis necatis reliqui ad Xpi gratiam 

433. Celestinus papa; huius tempore aggregata est Ephe- 
sina synodus ducentorum episcoporum. cui prefuit Cirillus 
Alexandrinus presul aduersus Nestorium Constantinopolitanum 

439. Leo papa ; hie sanciuit Calcedonensem sinodum. 

Digitized by 



443. Ker aendon Brytwnlaa to Home. *) heamfultomeslKBdon wi^ P'^o'htas. 
ao hi ^rna/dan nanne.Jbr^n^ehifyrdedon wifS ^tla Huna cyningtB, 
'] ])a sendon hi to Angltcm.. "3 Angel cyrmes al^elingae fScBS ylcan beedan. 

449» Her Mauricius^ y Ualentines onfengon rice. ^ rie- 
sodon »vii* winter. ^ on hiera d&gnm Hengest "J Horsa (rom 
Wyrtgeome geleafade Bretta kyninge g(?sohtoii Bretene 
on |7am staf e )?e is g^nemned Ypwines fleet, aerest Brettam 
to fultume, ac hie eft ©n tie fahtonr Se dnff het Ufeohtan 
agien Pihtas^ i hi iwa dydan^ "j sige hcefdon awa hwarswa hi comon. Mi iSa 
sende to Angle ') heton Aeom sendan mare fultuia. *) heom seggan Bryt- 
walana nahtnesse. ') iS6B8 landet cysta, Hy ])a eendan Aeom mare/tUtum» 
Ba comon ^amenqf^rim magfium Ghrmanie. Of Bald Seaxum. ofAngUimt 
of latum. Of lot am comon Canttoare "j Wihttoare. "p gs 9eo nueifi "Se nu 
eardafS on WilU, *] '^cet cgnn on West Sexum "pe man gyt hat lutna cyn. 
Of Eald Seaxon comon East Sexa T SuiSSexa T WestSexan. Of Angle 
comon. se a sifSfSan stodwesti heiwyx lutum ') Seaxum^ East Engla, Midel 
Angla. Mea/rca T ealle Noj^hymhra, 

f- 5- 455. Her Hengest 3 Horsa fuhton wi]^ Wyrt geome 
)7am cyning^, in J?aere stowe ]?e is g^cneden Tfg^eles ];rep ^ 
^ his bro]7ur Horsan man ofslog. ^ seft^ f a«j Hengest feng 
W rice T M&c his sunur 

457. Her Hengest •] iEsc fuhton wi^ Brettas in J^aere 
stowe )?e is gecueden Crecganford, ^. J?8er ofslogon •IIII* 
wera^, ^ J7a Brettas J>a forleton Centlond, ;) mid micle ege 
flugon to Lnndenbyrgr «,t-g 

465. Her Hengest ^ JEse gefuhton nuij> Walas neah 
Wippedes ffeote, "j J^ser -xii- "Wilisce aldormenn ofslogon, 

f. 35. b. F. 444. Her forSferde Scs Martinus. 

f. 36. 448. Her Johannes Baptista setywede twaw munecon. |?a comon 
fram east dsele to gebiddenne hi on lerusalem. his heauod. on J)are 
stowe ))e hwilan was Herodes wunung. On Jjone ylcan timan Mar- 
tianus 3 Ualentinianus rixodan. "] on ))aw timan cow Angelcynn 
to ^isum lande^ ge la^de fram Wyrtgeome cinge, him to helpe his 
fynd to ouercumende. Hi comon on \is lande mid ¥rim langon 
scipan. "] heora heretogan waeron Hengest ] Horsa; Eaha serost 
hi ^s cinges fynd ofslogon. "] aweg driuan. "] sy5^5an hi wenden 
agean fone cing. ] agean pa Bryttas. 1 hi fardydon furh fyr '] 
'Surh swyrdes qqqq. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 13 

443. Her senclon Brytwalas ofer*E«i^ to Kome. ^ heom falt- 
umes bsedon witS Peohtas. ac hi )j8Br nefdon nsenne. for]?an 8e hi 
feordodan wiS JEtlan Huna cininge. 3 ]?a sendon hi to Anglu7?i. 
1 Angel cynnes ^etSelingas ]?es ilcan bsedon. 

449 *. HuiuB tempore celebratur Calcedonense concilium f. 7. 
•dc-xxx* episcoporum aduersus Euticem abbatem et Dipecoram. 
Her Martianus 3 Ualentinus onfengon rice. 3 rixadon 'vii' winter. 
1 on Jjeora** dagnm gelaSode Wyrtgeom Angel cin hider. 3 hi 
J5a coman on J)rim ceolum hider to Brytene. on J>am stede 
Heopwines fleot. Se cyning "Wyrtgeorn gef beom land on 
sutSan eastan tSissum lande. witSSan \e hi sceoldon feohton wi'S 
Pyhtas. Heo f)a fuhton witS Pyhtas. -y heofdon sige swa hwer swa 
heo comon. Hy Sa sendon to Angle, heton sendon mara fultum, 3 
heton heom secgan Brytwalana nahtscipe. 3 ]?es landes cysta. 
Hy Sa sona sendon hider mare weored Jjam oSrum to fultume. 
Da comon J)a men of ]?rim meg8um €krmanie. Of Aid Seaxum. 
of Anglum. of lotum. Of lotum comon Cantwara. 3 Wilitwara. 
^ is seo megS J)e nu earda]? on Wiht. 3 -f cyn on West Sexum \q 
man nu git hset lutna cynn. Of Eald Seaxum coman East 
Seaxa. 3 SuS Sexa. 3 West Sexa. Of Angle comon se k sy"5San 
stod westig. betwix Iutum3 Seaxum. EastAngla. MiddelAngla. 
Mearca. 3 ealla NorJ)hymbra. Heora heretogan wjeron twegen 
ge broSra. Hengest. 3 Hiorsa. f wseron Wiht gilses suna. Wiht 
gils wses Witting ^ Witta Wecting. Wecta Wodning, fram f>an 
Wodne awoc eall ure cyne <5ynn. 3 SuSan hymbra eac. 

455. Her Hengest 3 Horsa fuhton wiS Wyrtgeme '\pQ.m 
cininge | on J>8Bre stowe J?e is cweden iEgeles J)rep. 3 his broSor 1 7. b. 
Horsan man of sloh. 3 «fter ]?onn feng to rice Hengest. 3 iEsc 
his sunu. 

466. Her Hengest 3 ^sc ge fuhton witS Bryttas on )?ere stow 
]?e is ge cweden Crecganford. 3 J)er ofslogon 'iiii- werad. 3 fa 
Bryttas forleton J)a Kentland. 3 mid mycclum ege ilugon to 
Lunden byrig. 

465. Her Hengest 3 JEsc ge fuhton wiS Walas neh Wippedes 

* B. C. read Mauricius. * f. 7. begins with 448. 
^ uEgeles ford. W. « Sic. MS. 

* nn = 4000. feower werod Britta. • Witting his, MS. 
F. feower weras. W. 

Digitized by 



3 hiera ]?egii^ an J^ser wearj? ofslaegen, ]7am wses noma 
Wipped ^ r 

473. Her Hengest ^ ^sc gefuhton wi]? Walas, ^ g^- 
namon un arimedlico here reaf, ^ )7a Walas flugon }?a Englan 
swa {fr ^r 

4:77, Her cuom -^Ue on Breten lond, ^ his -iii* suna. 
Cymen, ^ Wleneing, ^ Cissa. mid -iii* scipum, on \>a stowe 
)7e is nemned Cymenes ora, ;] J^ser ofslogon monige Wealas, 
;) same on fleame bedrifon on j^one wudu ^e is genemned 
3!ndredes leage^r 

485. Her -^Ue gefeaht wi]? Walas ^ neah Mearc r.edes 
human st.e?er 

488. Her Msc feng to rice, "3 was •xxiiii- wintra Cant- 
waja cyningr 
f. 5- ^^. 491. Her iEUe ^ Cissa ymb sseton JSndredes cester, ^ 
ofslogon alle J^a |?e j^ser inne eardedon, ne wear]? J^aer for)>on 
an Bret to lafe ; 

495. Her cuomon twegen aldormen on Bretene. Cerdie 
^ Cynric his sunu, mid -y scipum. in ]7one stede |7e is ge- 
cueden Cerdices ora, ^ yy ilean daege gefuhtun wi]? Walumr 

501. Her cuom^ Port on Bretene. "3 his -ii* suna Bieda 
^ Maegla mid -ii- scipum. on |78ere stowe ]>e is gecueden 
Fortes mufa, 'j ofslogon anne giongne Brettisc monnan, 
swij?e <e]7elne monnan r 

508. Her Cerdie ^ Cynric ofslogon senne Brettisc cyning, 
J7am was nama Natanleod. ^ v )7usendu wera mid him, 

]>an toear^ 

tefber was |78et lond ^ nemned Natan leaga o]> Cerdices fordr 

514. Her cuomon West Seaxe in Bretene mid -iii- 
scipu;». in |?a stowe \>e is gecueden Cerdices ora, Stuf ^ 
Wihtgar '^. ^ fuhtun wip Brettas ^ hie gefliemdonr 

f. 37. F. 482. Her se eadiga abbod Benedictus furli wuldor fara luilita. 
fisum middan earde scan, eal swa se eadiga Qregorius rec^ on Dia- 
logor«w J)are boc. 
f. 37. b. 509. Her scs Benedictus se abbud. ealra muneca fseder. ferde 
to heouenan. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 15 

fleote '. 3 tSser of slogon 'xii- Wilsce ealdor men. 3 heora an ]>egn 
wearS Jjser of slegen. ]?am wses nama Wipped*. 

473. Her Hengest -] Mbg gefuhton witS Walas. -] genamon 
unarimenlicu herereaf. 3 f>a Walas flugon J)a Englan swiSe 

477. Her com JElle on Bryten land. 1 his 'iii* suna. Cymen. ;j 
Wlencing. 3 Cissa. mid -iii- scipum, on 8a stowe ])e is ge 
nemnad Cymenes ora. *] J>8er of slogon manige Walas. 3 sume on 
fleame be drifon. on J>one wudu J)e is nemned Andredes lege. 

485 ^^. Her ^EUe ge feaht wiS Walas neh Mearcredes burnan f. 8. 

488. Her ^Esc feng to rice. -] wses -xxxiiii* wintra cining. 

490. Hoc tempore beatus Mamertus, episcopus Uiennensis, 
solennes Tetanias instituit rogationum. 

491 ^. Her JElla 3 Cissa ymbsseton Andredes ceaster. 3 of 
slogon eallef>a Se Jjserinne eardedon^*^. ne weartS f>aer forJ)en an 
Brit to lafe. 

495. Her coman twegen ealdor men on Brytene. Gertie 3 
Cynric his sunu, mid 'V* scipum on J>one stede. f>e is gehaten 
Cortices ora. 3 on )?am ilcan dsege ge fuhton wiS Walas. 

501. Her com Port on Brytene. 3 his twegan sunan. Bieda. 3 
Maegla, mid -ii- scipum in ]?8ere stowe [ J>e is ge cweden Fortes f. 8. b. 
muSa. 3 Bona land namon. 3 of slogon senne gungne Brytiscne 
man. swiSe seSelne ^^., 

508. Her Certic 3 Cinric of slogon senne Bryttiscne cining. 
J)am wees nama Nazaleod. 3 •¥• J?usend wera mid him. 3 sefter 
))an waes ^ land ge nemnad Nazanleog. k oj) Cortices ford. 

514. Her com West Seaxa in Brytene mid Jjrim scipum in f)a 
stowe 8e is ge cweden Certices ora. 3 Stuf 3 Wihtgar fuhton 
wits Bryttas. 3 hi ge flemdon. 

^ B. C. om. ))egn. before Stuf, and erased that after 

* The annal 468 omitted by ori- Wihtgar, Cf. E. 

ginal scribe. ^ vel Pippedes fleot. F.'Lat. 

' swa man flue's fyr. F. swa swa • vel Pipped. F. Lat. 

fyr. B. C. ^® f. 8. begms with 481, f. 9. with 

* leaga. B. lea. C. 522. 

* wij) Wealum. B. C. ^^ 411. MS. corr. man. rec. 

* The u in cuozn erased here ^ waeran. "^ |)ser ne weartJ furS- 
and in 477, 514. um. B. C. 

■^ The corrector has inserted an "] " sedelne. MS. 

Digitized by 



West Sexena 
519. Her Cerdic ^ Cynric ^ rice onfengun, ^ ^y ilcan 
geare hie fahton wij? Brettas Jfser mon nu nemnej? Cerdices 
ford. 1 sip^an ricsadan West Sexana q/nebeam of "pan dcege, 

527. Her Cerdic ^ Cynric fuhton wi|? Brettas. in J^aere 
stowe J^e is gecueden Cerdices leaga^r 
f.6. 580^. Her Cerdic *] Cynric genamon Wihte ealond. ^ 
ofslogon fea^ men on Wihtgarsesbyrgr 

534. Her Cerdic forj^ferde, 3 Cynric his sunu ricsode 
for]? 'xxvi- * wintra, 3 hie saldon hiera tuaem nefcim Stufe "3 

call ioiht ealand 

Wihtgare Wiehte ealondr 

538. Her sunne aj^iestrode -xiiii- dagu»i ser Kl Mart 
ivom 3r mergenne oJ> undemr 

540. Her sunne aJ?iestrode on -xii* Ki. lulii. "j steorran 
hie setiewdon ful neah healfe tid ofer undern r 

544. Her Uuihtgar forj^ferde, ^ hiene mon bebyrgde 
on Wihtgara byrgr 

547. Her Ida feng to rice, J?onon NorJ?an hymbra cyne- 

, T rixode twelfgear, T he timbrode BeV'Vanhvo'h. ^eo wees •] 

cyn onwoc. ^[Ida wses Eopping, Eoppa Esing, Esa waBS 
cerost mid hegge he tyned. ") par ^cefler mid toealle. 

Inguing. Ingui Sngenwitting. !Sngenwit TClocing. !Sloc ^ 
Benocing. Benoc Branding, Brand Baeldaeging. Bseldaeg 
Wodening. Woden Freo)?olafing, Freo)7elaf ^ Freo)?ulfing. 
Fri|7ulf Finning. Finn Godulfing. Godulf Geating.] 

552. Her Cynric grfeaht wi]? Brettas in j78Bre stowe ]?e ^ 
is gene;;ined ^ set Searo byrg. "] J?a Bret Walas g^iemde. ' 

Cerdic waes Cynri[ces feeder. Cerdic Elesing. Elesa Esling. 
Esla Giwising. Giwis Wiging. Wig Freawining. Freawine 
Freo)7ogaring. Freo[?ogar Bran[d]ing^. Brand ^ Bseldaeging. 1 \ 
Baeldseg Wodening.] ! « 

556. Her Cynric ^ Ceawlin fuhton \vi]; Brettas aet \ 

Beran byrgr i 


1 leag. B. C. 3 fea. B. C. 

^ f. 6. begins with 528. * xxvii. B. C.F. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 17 

519. Her Gertie 3 Kynrie onfengonWest Seaxna rice. 3 ]?i ilcan 
geare hi ge fuhton wit5 Bryttas. 8er man nu nemnatS Certices 
ford^°. •} sitJSan rixadon West Seaxna cynebarn of ]?am dsege. 

527. Her Gertie j Kynrie ge fuhton witS Brittas. on Jjsere f^ 9- 
stowa 8e is gecweden Gertices ford. 

528. Hoc tempore Dionisius in urbe R. circulum paschalem 
composuit. Tunc Priscianus profunda grammatica rimatus est. 

530. Her Gertie -] Gynric ge naman Wihtland. 3 of slogon 
feala manna, on "Wihtgaras birig. 

534. Her Gertie forJ)ferde. "] Gynric his sunu rixade for)? 
•xxvi- wintra. 3 heo sealdon heora twam nefum Stufe 1 Wihtgare 
eall Wihtland. 

538. Her sunne atSestrode. on -xiiii- kt. MR. from«rmorgene^^ 
oj) undeme. 

540. Her sunne aSeostrode on -xii- kt. lulii. ^ steorran heo 
aetewdon ful neh healfe tid ofer under[n]. 

544. Her Wihtgar forSferde. -y hine mon be byrig[de] on f. 9- b. 
Wihtgaras byrig. 

547. Her Ida feng to rice J)anon NorShymbra cynekyn serost 
awoc. 1 rixade -xii- gear. 3 he ge timbrade Bebban burh. sy wses 
serost mid hegge be tined. -] ^p^st sefter mid wealle. 

552. Her Kynrie feaht witS Bryttas on J)8ere stowe \>q is ge 
nemned Searo byrig. 3 ]?a Bryttas ge flemde. 

556. Her Kynrie 1 Geawling fuhton witS Bryttas set Beran 

F. 552. Her Cynric feaht wi^ Bryttas an fare stowe fe ys geclyped 
Saelesberi'^ "3 EgelbM wearS gebor[en] on ¥am....Eormenrices^^ 
sunu. ] [on ))am .... tJigo'San geare his rices he underfeng ful- 
wiht serost cinga on Brytene. 

* The original text of 7C has been from W. 

erased by a, in order to make room • W. omita Freo])elaf from the 

for matter more interesting to him- pedigree, 

self. His substituted text is here ^ set has been erased, 

given in interlined Italics. The * Braning. B. C. Branding, W. 

same is the case at 560, 565, 603, ' Bran. W. 

604, 626. At 55a and 611 the ge- ^® Ceardinges ford. F. 

nealogy has been erased, but nothing ^^ 8eran morgene. F. 

put in its place. In all these cases ^^ Seleberi. F. Lat. 

the text in brackets is that of B. and ,- * t^ -r^ . . -n. -r . 

C, and various readings are given '^^«- ^' Eonnenrici. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 



6. b. 560. Her Ceawlin feng to rice on Wes seaxum, ^ ^Ue 

Idan for^gefarenu-ai. -j heora 
feng to Nor)?anhy;;ibra riee^. [iEUe waes Yffing. Yffe 

cecf^er rixade xxa^*. wintra. 

Uxfreaing ^. Uxfrea Wilgisling ". Wilgisl * Wester faleing. 
Westerfalca^ SaefugKng. Ssefiigl Sabalding. Saebald Si- 
gegeating. Sigegeat Swebdseging. Swebdaeg^ Sigegaring. 
Sigegar"^ WsBgdaeging^. Waegdaeg Wodening^.] 

Mer feng JE^elbriht to Cantwara rice, "] heold 'Hit' wintra. 

565. [Her Columba presbiter^^ com of Scottum on 

On his dagum sends GregorixxB us fulluht T Columba masse preost 

Bryttas. Peohtas to laerenne. j on Hii )7am ealande 
com to Fihtum. t hi gecyrde to Cristes geleauan. 'P synd ])o»iie wcer- 
mynster worhte.] 

teras he nof*6uTa. morum. T "heora cyng Aim gesealde paet igland ]fe man li 
nemnafS. ^r syndon fif hida, \>cbs fSe man segga^. par se Columban 
getimbrade mgnster, "j he par was ahb\ xxxii. [wintra^ "j "par for^ferde. 
\>a he toas -Ixxvii' wintra. Da stowe hahbafS gyt his yrfnuman^^. Sup Pihtas 
wceron csr gefullode of Ninna hiscope. se was on Rome gelcered. his 
mgnster ys Hwiterne on 8. Martines naman gehalgod. par he restefS mid, 
mkinegum halgum. Nu sceal beon afre on li ahbod, T na biscop. -\ pan 
sculon beon under fSeodde ealle Scotta biscopas. for pan pe Columban was 
abbodf na hiscop. 

568. Her Ceaulin ^ Cu|7a gefdhton wi]? -^j^elbryht. "J 
hine in Cent g^fliemdon, ^ tuegen aldormen on Wibban 
dune ofslogon, Oslaf ^^ ^ Cnebbanr 

571. Her Cu)?wulf^^ feaht vnp Bretwalas^* set Bedcan 
forda. 'J iiii- tunas genom, Lygeanburg. ^ jEgelesburg. 
Baenesing tun. j Egones ham, ^ \>y ilcan geare he getor^erde^^, 

677. Her Cu)? wine T Ceawlin fuhton wi]? Brettas, ^ hie 

•iii« kyningas ofslogon, Coinmail, ^ Condidan, ^ FarinmaiP^, 

m |78ere stowe |?e is gecueden Deorha?». ^ genamon 'iii- 

ceastro^^ Gleawan ceaster, ^ Cirenceaster, ^ BaJ?an ceasterr 

583. Her Mauriciusfeng to Romana rice. 

* T ^ heold -xxx. wintra. B. C. ^ Sige-gearing. Sigear. W. 
^ Uscfreaing. Uscfrea. W. * Waegdaeing. W. 

3 Wilgising. W. » Woden Fri>owulfing. W. 

* Wilgis. W. Wilgils. B. *® M»sse Preost. W. 

* -falcning, -falcna. W. "So F. 

« Sw8ef-d. W. " So B. C, Oslac F. as E. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 19 

560. Her Ceawlicg rice onfeng on Weast Seaxum. j iElle 
feng to NorShymbra rice. Idan fortS ge farenuwi. ^ hyra SBgSer 
rixade -xxx- wintra. 

565. Her feng ^ESelbriht to Cantwara rice, j heold 'liii* f. 10. 
wintra. On his dagum sende Gregoritt* \is' fulluht. '* j fEcctia 
Columba messapreost com to Pyhtum. j hi gecyrde to Cristes ^'^t'. 
geleafan^'. -f sind ]?one wserteres ^® be nortSum momm. ^ heora 
cyning him ge sealde -f egland ])e man newinad ii. J?8er sindon 
•V' hida. Saes J>e men cwet5aj>. peer se Columba getymbrade 
mynster. •] "Sser he wees abbot -xxxii* wintra. •] f>8er forSferde 
Sa tSa he waes -Ixxvii* wintra. Da stowe habbaS nu git his erfe 
wserdes. SuSPyhtas wseron mycle aer gefullode. Heom bodade 
fulwiht Nimia ^^ biscop. eo wses on Rome ge kered. J?8es cyrice. ;] 
his mynster is set Hwiterne. on Martines naman ge halgod. J>8er 
he restaS mid manegum halgum wseruwi. Nu sceal beon sefre on 
Ii abbod nses bisceop. j faw Eculon [beon] " under J>8Bdde ealle 
Scotta biscopes. forf>am Se Columba wses abbod. nes bisceop*^. 

568. Her Ceawlin 1 Cuf>a ge fuhton wiS ^Selbriht. 3 hine 
on Cent geflemdon. 3 -ii* seldormen on Wibbanduna ofslogon. 
Oslac J Cnebban. 

571. Her CuJ>a gefeaht witS Brytwalas. set Biedcanforda. ^ 
feower tunas genam. Lygeanbyrig. j iEglesbyrig. •] Benesing 
tun. "3 Egonesham. ^ on J)am ilcan geare he forjjfor. se CuJ)a wses 
Ceawlines brotSor. 

577. Her CvSwine j Ceawlin ge fuhton witS Bryttas. •] hi f. 10. b. 
•iii- ciningas ofslogon. Coinmagil. 3 Candidan. j Farinmagil. in 
)>sere stowe \>q is ge cweden Deorham. j ge namon -iii- ceastra. 
Gleawcestre. ^ Cirenceaster. 3 Bajjan ceaster. 

583. Her Mauriciws feng to Romana rice. 

" CuCulf. B. C. 1^ on heom. add. B. C. 

^* Bryttas. B. C. ** (t> was on Cawt twa«» and J)rit(i- 

" The old-fashioned strong form goCan geare his rices.) F. 
gefor was to be converted by a ^* rihtan. F. 
into the later expression for])ferde, *** weartseres. F. (No correspond- 
but the operation was left incom- ing Latin.) 
plete. Above, in Iiygeanburg and ^^ Sic MS. 
^gelesburg, the u has been made ^ from F. 
into an i. ^* In F. Lat. Colmnba has been 

!• Conmsegl .... Farinmaegl. B. altered into Columbanus through- 

C. out. 

C 7, 

Digitized by 



584, Her Ceawlin 3 Cu|7a fuhton wi)? Brettas, in J^am 
stede J>e mon nemnej? FeJ^anleag, "5 CuJ^an mon ofslog. ^ 
CeauHn monige tunas genom, ^ un arimed lice here reaf, ^ 
ierre^ he hwearf J?onan to his agnumr 

588. Her ^Ue cyning forj? ferde, ^ -^|?ehie ricsode sefter 
him -v gearr ^ ^ 

591. Her Ceol ^^ ricsode •¥• gearr 

592. Her micel Wcelfill waes aet Woddes beorge, ^ Ceaw- 
lin wses ut adrifen. l GregoHwsfeng topapdome on Borne. 

593. Her Ceawlin *] Cuichelm ^ Crida forwurdon, ^ 

iEbelfrib feng to rice on NorfShymbrum. 

695. -Her Gregorius papa sende to Brytene Augtistinum. mid wel 
manegum. munecum. ]te Qodes word Engla fSeoda godspelledon^, 
f- 7' 597. Her ongon Ceolwulf ricsian on Wes seaxum, ^ simle 
he feaht. ^ won, o]7)?e wi)? Sngelcyn, o|?J?e xmip Walas, 
o]>]>e wip Peohtas, o|?J?e wi]? Scottas ; Se wses CuJ^a ing. 
Cu]7a Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa 
Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, 
Freawine Fri^ugaring, Fri'Sugar^Bronding, Brond Bceldse- 
ging, Bceldseg Wodeningr 

601. Her sende Gregorius papa Tfgustino . serce biscepe 
pallium in Bretene, ^ wel monige godcunde lareowas him 
to fultome ; ^ Paulina* bisc gAwerfde Edwine NoriShymbra 
cyning to fulwihter 

^gfSan Scotta cyngfedht uyi'6 DcelreodsL, -j toifS JEiSelfer^e 

603. Her [wses gefeoht aet Egesan stane.] 

Nor^hymra cynge at Dcegstane, "j man ofsloh mcBst ealne Ms here. 

AugustinuB ge halgode •u* hiscopas, Mellitum. t lustum. 

604. Her [EastSeaxe onfengon geleafan ^ fulwihtes 

Mellitum Tie sende to hodiende East Seaxum fulluht. ^ar was se dug gehaten 

bseiS. under Saebrihte cinge ^ Mellite bisceope.] 

Scehyrht, Ricolan sunu. ^fSelherhtes swyster. ]>one JE^elbyrht gesette to 
cynge. t ^fSelberht gesealde Mellite hiscop setl on Lundewic, t lusto on 
Hrouecystre *. seo ys -xxiiii' milafram Dortoit ceastre. 

F, 597. Her com Augustinus "] his geferan to Englalande ^. 

^ t of ierre erased, yrre. B. C. ' Written on erasure. But pro- 

^ Ceol. B. C. bably all that the corrector has done 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 21 

584. Her Ceawlin ^ Cu]?a gefuhton wiS Sa Bryttas on J)am 
Btede Se man nemnaj? Fejmnlea. j Cu)jan man ofsloh. "3 
Ceawlin maniga, tunas ge nam. j unarimedlice here reaf. 

588. Her ^Ue cining forSferde. j JESelric rixade sefter him 
fif gear. 

591. Her Ceolric rixade -vi* gear. Gregorius papa hie aug- 
mentauit in predicatione canonem: Diesque nostros in tua 
pace disponas. 

592. Her Gregorius feng to pap dome on Rome, j mycel 
wsel gewearS on Brytene J^es geares set Wodnes beorge. ;] 
Ceawlin wsbs ut ddrifen. 

593. Her Ceawlin •] Cwichelm ^ Crida forwurdon. j iESelferS 
feng to rice on Nor'Shymbruwi. | se wees-^tSelricing.^tSelric Iding. f. 11. 

596. Hoc tempore monasterium sancti Benedicti a Longo- 
bardis destructum est. Her Gregorius papa sende to Brytene Be aJl» 
Augustinum mid wel manegum ' munucum. J)e Godes word tt^Ltitu]. 
Engla ]7eoda godspellodon. 

597. Her ongan Ceolwulf rixian on Weast Seaxum. j 
symbpje he feaht j wan. otStJe witS Angel cynn. o}jJ>e wiS 
Walas, otSSe wi8 Pyhtas, otSSe wiS Scottas. 

601. Her sende Gregorius papa Augustine arcebiscope pal- 
lium on Brytene. ^ wel manega godcunde larewas him to 
fultume.'' J Paulini^^ biscop ge hwirfede Eadwine Nor^S'hymbra 
cining to fuUuhte. 

603. Her ^EgSan Scotta cining feaht wiS Deolreda.^ j wiS 
.^E?5elferJ)e NortShymbra kining at Dsegsan stane. •] man ofsloh 
maest seine his here. J)ser man ofsloh Theodbald ^ESelferSes 
broSor. mid eallan his weorode. Ne dorste siSSan nan Scotta 
cininga Isedan here on ]7as ]7eoda. Hering Hussan sunu Isedde 
}>one here Sider. 

604. Her Augustinus gehalgode -ii* biscopas. Mellitum j 
lustum. Mellitum he sende to bodianne East Seaxum fuUuht. 
f>aer wes se cing ge haten Sseberht. Ricolan sunu ^ESelberhtes 

is to transfer the entry from 596 to tannia. F. Lat. 
59^. B. and C. have it under 596. * manengiim. MS. 

* in ciuitate Hrophis. F. Lat. ^ ^ betwynan 8an was Panlinus 

^ plus minus centesimo quinqua- F. interlined, 
gesimo aduentus Anglorum in Brit- ^ An error for Del reoda ; cf. a. 

Digitized by 



606. Her foriSferde Gregorius ymb -x* gear j^aes )?e he us 
fulwiht sende^ ; 

607. Her Ceolwulf gefeaht wiS SuSSeaxe. And her 

^^elfri6 ladde hisfcerde to Leger cyestre, T '6ar ofsloh unrim Walena. "J 
swa loearfS gefgld Augustinns witegunge. \>e he cwcefS. €Hf Wealas neUaiS 
sibbe toifS us. hi scidan est Seaxana handa farwur^an. par man sloh 
eac 'CC- preosta fSa comon fSgder 1> hi scoldon gebiddan for Walena- here. 
Scrocmail was gehaten heora ealdormann. se at bcerst fSanon Jiftiga sum. 

611. Her Cynegils feng to rice on Wesseaxum, "3 heold 
•xxxi* wintra. [Se Kynegils wses Ceoling. Ceola CuJ?ing. 
Cu]7a Cynrieing]r 

614. Her Cynegils T Cuichelm gefahton on Bean dune ^, 
J ofslogon 'ii* j^usendo Wala ^ Ixvr^ 

616. Her ^|7elbryht Cont wara cyning for|? ferde, 'J Ead 

bald his SUnu feng to rice*. Se/orlet hiafulluhty t leouode on 
hafSenum. \>eawe. swa "p he htsfde his feeder laue to toiue, pa mynte 
Laurentias fSe ]>a was erce^ on Cent, 'p he wolde sufS ofer see T eallforlceton. 
ac him com. to on niht se apt Petrus. "j hine hetelice 8wang,for fSan fSe he 
wolde Godes hyrde forlcaton. "j het hine gan to ])am cynge, "j bodian him 
rihtne ge leaf an. "j he stoa dyde. t se cing ge cyrde to riktan ge leauan. 
On ]>i/8es cinges dagum LaurentiuB erce^ se was on Cent ceft&c Agiistine. 

f. 40. F. 614 wearS Laurentius arB. 'Sone jje Augs be his halan 

lyfe ))ar .... him arB. been scolde ". 

616. Her forS ferde ^^elberht Cantuare cing. (se serost fulwiht 
underfeng Engliscra cinga. ") he was Eormenrices sunu.) se rixode 
•liii. wintra. Mfter him feng to rice Eadbold his sunu. se forlet his 
cristendom. Swa ^ he haefde his faeder laue to wiue. To ^am timan 
was Laurentiws ar'b. "] far Jjare sari'n'esse ^e he haefSe far ]>e8 cinges 
ungeleauon. he haefde gemynt eal J)is land 'farlsetan. ^ ouer sae faran. 
Ac Scs Petrus se apt anes nihtes hine heardlice swung, far J)i ^ he 
wolde Godes heorde swa far laston. 3 het hine 'Sam cinge heardlice 
rihtne geleauan taecan. "] he swa dyde. and se cing ge cyrde to rihte- 
On ^yses ^ylcan Eadboldes' cinges daege J)e's' ylca Laurentiws forj? 
ferde. Se haliga Augustinus (be his halan Hue) hine hadode to 
biscope. to ^i ^ Cristes gela^ung. ^ ^a git was niwe on Engla 
lande. nane hwile 'aefter his forSsi^e' naere butan arbiscope. pa 
seft^ him feng Mellitus to arceb. stole ]>e was ser bi^cop on Lun- 
dene. "] fes binnan fif wintran ^aefber Laurentius forSsySe', rixi- 
ende Eadbalde. Mellitus for to Criste. 
f. 40. b. 619. Her for6 ferd[e] Laurentii«5 arcebiscop. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 23 

suster. J>one -^elberht gesette ]?8er to cininga. j iEtSelberht 
gesealde Mellite biscopsetle on Lu'n'den wlc. And lusto | he f. n. b. 
sealde Hrofes ceaster. seo is •xxiiii* mila fram Dorwit ceastre. 

605. Her fortSferde Gregorius papa. *And her ^8elfriS 
laedde his ferde to Lega ceastre. j Jjser ofsloh unrim Walana. j 
Bwa wear]? gefild Augustinus witegunge \>e he cwatS. gif Wealas 
nellaj> eibbe witS us. hy sculon eet Seaxena handa forwurJ)an. 
paer man sloh eac -cc* preosta f>a comon Sider -f heo scoldan 
gebiddan for "Walana here. Scromail'wses gehaten hyra ealdor, 
Be setbserst tSanon fiftiga sum. 

607. HerCeolwulf gefehtwiSSu'SSeaxum. 

611. Her Kynegils feng to rice, on "Weast Seaxum. 3 heol'd' 
•xxxi' wintra. 

614. Her Kynegils j Cwichelm gefuhton on Beandune. 3 
of slogon -ii- ]?usend Walana. "3 dxv. 

616. Her forSferde ^])elberht Cantware cining. se rixade 
•Ivi- wintra. j iEfter him feng Eadbold to rice his sunu. se forlet 
his fulluht. J lifode on heSenum J)eawe. swa ^ he heafde his 
feder lafe to wife. Da mynte Laurentius J>e Sawees ercebiscop 
on CaBut. ^ he wolde suj) ofer se. j $ eall forlseton. ac him com 
to on niht se apostol Petrus. •] hine hetelice swang forJ>an ^ he 
wolda swa f>a Godes hyrde forleton. j het hine gan to J>am 
cininge. ;] him rihte geleafan bodian. •] he swa dide. ;] se 
I cining gecerde. j weartS gefuUod. On fises cininges dagumf. 12. 
Laurentius ercebiscop tSe wses on Cent sefter Augustinus forS- 
ferde. J wses be byrged be Augustine in die AiuP- nonarum Feb. 
pa sefter him feng Mellitus to ^erce^iscop dome. J)e ser wses 
biscop on Lundene. pa wurdon Lunden ware heSene. faer 

{Cofttinued on p. 24.) 

^ His feeder wses haten Gordianus. huius erumnoBse uitse adeptus est 

^ his modor Siluia. B. C. add. consortium angelorum, qui fuit 

^ Beamdune. B. C. apostolus Anglorum, anno Domi- 

' xlv. B. C. xlvi. W. nicae Incamationis dcxiiii. Cui 

^ "i^y ilcan geare wses ag^ fram successit Laurentius, quem ipse 

frim^ middangeardes. .v. wintra t adhuc uiuens Augustinus ad hoc 

dccc. B. C. add. i vi. hund wintra consecrauerat, ut ei succederet in 

•J xvi. W. archiepiscopatu. 

' Cropped by the binder. Tlie • From this point P has this 

Latin is : Hoc anno vii. kJ. lunii entry only in Latin, 
beatus Augustinus, finite labore ^ Scrocmagil. R Lat. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

24 THE PARKER MS, '(35) 

for^ferde. itii- 2^. Feb, T "he was hehyred he Agustine, JSfter himfeng 
Mellitua to arcet dome, se wcu tscop of Imnd*, *) ^as hinnan fif wintre 
MelUt\xafo\rySferde. pa afUx him. feng to arce^dome Justus, ee was fr 
ofSrouedstre, T J^ar to gehalgode Romanwm to tscope, 

625. Her Paulinus fram lasto J?am erce bisc wses g^hadod 
NorJ?hyinbru«» to bisceper 

626. Her Eanfled Edwines dohtor cyninges wses g^ftd- 
wad in }?oiie halgan sefen Pentecosten ; ^ Penda hsefde 
•XXX- ^wintra' rice. ^ he hsefde -L- wintra J?a }?a h^ to rice 
feng. [Penda waes Pybbing. Pybba Creoding. Creoda 
Cynewalding. Cynewald ^Cnebbing. Cnebba Iceling. Icel 
Eomaering. Eomser S'ngelfeowing. SngelJ^eow Offing. Offa 
Waermunding. Wsermund Wihtlseging. WihtlaBg Woden- 

f. 7. b. 627. Her Edwine kyning wses gefiilwad mid his feode 
on Eastronr 

628. Her Cynegils "] Cuichelm gefuhtun wi|> Pendan set 
Cirenceastre, ^ gef ingodan Jwir 

682. Her was Eorpwald gefiilwad r 

633. Her Edwine wses ofslsegen> ] Panlinus hnerf eft to 
Cant waruw^, "] gesset J^set ^ biseep setl on Hrofesceastriar 

(E) Mellitus ser wses. 3 ]>es ]>a ymb -v* wintra rixiendum Eadbaldum 
Mellitt^ for to Criste. pa sefter feng to ))ain ercebiscop dome 
Justus. *] he gehalgode to Hrofeceastre Romanum Jjser he ser 
wses biscop. 

617. Her wserS -^ItSelfriS Nor?Shymbra cining ofslagen fram 
Reodwalde East Engla cininge. "3 Eadwine iElling feng to rice. 
1 geyde eall Brytene buton Cantware anre. "3 adrefde ut ]>a 
etfelingas iESelfritSes sima, $ wses serest. Eanfrid. Oswald. *] 
Oswiu. Oslac. Oswudu. Oslaf ^ Offa. 

624. Her forSferde Mellitw« ercebiscop. 

625. Her Justus arcebiscop gehalgode Paulinum to biscope^ 
on -xii. kl Augusti, Hie ciclus Dionisii quinque decennoue- 

* Wybbing. Wybba Crydincr. * arcebiscop^. F. 

Cryda Cynewolding. Cynewold. W. * f. 13. begins with 630. 

^ jwr. B. C. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 25 

nalibas constans, hoc est -xcv- annis. sumitque exordium d xxxo 
anno Incamationis Domini, et desinit in •dc'Xxvi- anno. Hie 
ordo decennouenalis quem Grseci Ennia kaiS Johannes papa 
Kaderida uocat, k SSis patribus in Nicea Sinodo fuit constitutus, 
in quo •xiiii- Imia Paschalis omni anno sine ulla dubitatione. 

626. Her com Eomer iram Cwichehne WestSeaxna cininge. f. la. b. 
|?ohte f he wolde ofstawgan Eadwine cininge. ac he ofstang 
Lilian his Segn. j ForShere. ^ ]>one cining gewundode. "3 Jjsere 

ilcan nihte wes Eadwine dohter acenned. seo wses gehaten 
Eanfled. pa gehet se cining Pauline $ he wolde his dohter 
gesyllan Grode. gif he wolde abiddan set Gode. f he moste his 
feonde afyllan. J>e f)one scatSan Jjider ser sonde. ^ he J>a for on 
WestSeaxum mid fyrde. *] afylde Jjser -v* ciningas. ^ fjses folces 
mycel ofsloh. ^ Paulinus gefullade his dohter on Pentecosten 
twelfa sum. ^ se cining binnan -xii* monatS wses gefuUod on 
Eastrum mid eallum his dugotSe. ]7a wseron Estran on 'ii- iiius 
Apr. Dis wses ge don on Eoferwic. ]?8er he ser het ge timbrian 
oyrican of treowe, seo waes ge halgod on sSe Petres naman. ]>8er 
86 cining sealde Pauline biscop setl. 3 J>8Br he het eft timbrian 
maran cyrican of stane. 3 her feng Penda to rice. *] rixade 'Xxx* 

627. Her wes Eadwine cining gefullod fram Pauline. -3 eac 
)?es Paulintt^ bodad fuUuht on Lindis'se. f)»r gelifde serest sum 
rice man mid ealre his duguSe, se wses ge haten Blecca. 3 in "Sas 
tid Honoritt^ feng to pap dome sefter Boniface J>e sonde Pauline 
hider pallium. ^ lustws ercebiscop fortSferde 'iiii- idiw Ndv. 3 
Honorit** wes ge halgod frawi Pauline on Lincollan. ]>am Hono- 
rmm se papa sende eac pallium, j he sonde Scottum gewrit -f 
hi scoldon ge cerran to rihtum Eastruw. 

628. Her Kynegils ^ Cwichelm gefuhton wiS Pendan set 
Cimceastre. ^ gejdngodon Jja. 

632*. Her wses Eorpwald gefullod. f. 13. 

633. Her weartS Eadwine cining of slagan. fram Cadwallan "} 
Pendan on HetSfelda on -ii- idw5 OctoB. 3 he rixade 'vii* gear. -3 
eac man sloh his sunu QsfriS mid him. *] fja syStJan foran 
Ceadwala ^ Penda ■] fordydan eall NortShymbra land, pa $ 
Paulinus geseah. J>a genam -^Selburge Eadwines lafe. -^ gewat 

{Continued on ^, 26.) 

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634. Her Birinus bisc bodude WestSeaxum fulwuhtr 

635. Her Cynegils waes gefulwad from Birino J>8em bisc 
in Dorce ceastre, *] Oswold his on fengr 

636. Her Cuichelm wses grfulwad in Dorces ceastre, ^ 
J>y ilcan geare for"8ferde ; ^ Felix biscep bodade East 
Englum Cristes geleafan^r 

639. Her Birinus fulwade Cu*8red on Dorces ceastre, ^ 
on feng hine him to sunar 

640. Her Edbald Cantwara cyning for]7ferde, *] he 

ricsode -XXV'^ wintr. He hafde twegene aunu Ermenred T Ercen- 
berht^ 1 ^er JErcenberht rixode cBftev his feeder. T Ermenred ge strynde 
twegen sunu. \>a st/fSfSan toui^an gemartirode of Dunore. 

642. Her Oswald NorSanhymbra cyning ofslaegen waesr^ 

643. Her Cenwalh feng to Wesseaxna. rice, ^ heold 
•xxxi- wint. "3 se Cenwalh het atimbran )?a ciricean on 
Wintun ceastre r 

644. Her Paulin^^^ forJ?ferde sewas aerccbisc on Eofor- 
wicceastre, "j eft on Hrofes ceastre. 

645. Her Cenwalh adrifen wses from Pendan cyninge. 

646. Her Cenwalh waes gefulwad r 

(E) on scipe to Cent. *] Eadbold "^ Honorius him onfengon switSe 
arwurtSlice. "^ sealdon him biscop setle on Rofescestre. *] he f)8er 
wunode to his ende. Beira, 

634. Her feng to Deamerice Osric. ]?one Paulinus ser ge 

^ Hie de BurgundisB partibus ue- under 643. 

nit ^episcopus/quidam nomine Felix, * So E. against all the other 

qui predicauit fidem populis Orien- MSS. 

talium Anglorum, hio aocersitus ' faesten. F. xl« dierum ieiunium 

a Sigeberto rege suscipere episcopa- ante Pasca. F. Lat. 

turn in Bomnoc ; in quo eedit .xvii. • his. MS. 

annis. F. Lat. on margin, with a ^ to rice in WestSexan. F. in 

mark of reference to the year 636. West Sexa. F. Lat. 

Thorpe has wrongly placed it under ® "p mynster on Wintanceastre on 

633. There is no Saxon correspond- S<S<b Petres naman. F. J)a ealdan ^ 

mg to this entry. cyricean. B. C. 
^ So B. C. xxiiii* F. * Instead of Oswine Edwines, 

• B. and C. place the death of there is only Oswines in E, but the 

Oswald and the succession of Cen- correction is obvious on comparison 

walh under 641 ; and the building of 634 and 650. 

of the old church at Winchester ^^ The annal 647 is omitted. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) • 27 

fullode. se wses JElfrices sunu -^dwines federan. ^ to Bsernicum 
feng ^tSelfriSes sunu EanfriS. ;] eac her Birinus bodade oerest 
Weast Seaxum fulluht under Cynegilse cininge, se Birinus com 
J^ider be Honorius wordum f>es papan. -3 he Sser wes biscop o\> 
his lyfes ende. And Oswold eac her feng to NortSanhymbran 
rice. *] he rixade 'ix- winter, man getealde him $ nigontSe for 
J)an hetSenscipe ]>e hi drugon ]?e hi J>et an gear rixodon betwix 
him "3 Eadwine. 

635. Her Kynegils wses gefullod fram Byrine ]>am biscope 
on Dorcaceastre. -] Oswold NorShywbra cining his on feng. 

636. Her wses Cwichelm gefullod on Dorceceastre. j J>am 
ilcan geare he forSferde. ^ Felix biscop bodade East Eanglum 
Cristes ge lefan. 

639. Her Byrint^ fullode CutSred on | Dorceceastre.;] on feng f. 13. b. 
hine him to sunu. 

639*. Her Eadbald Cantwara cining forSferde. se wees cining 
•xxiiii- wintra. pa feng his sunu Ercenbriht to Jmm rice, se to 
wearp ealla J>a deofel gyld on his rice. '^ serost Engliscra cininga 
he ge sette Eastor feasten*^. ]?8bs dohter wses ge haten Ercongota 
balifemne. "j wundorlic man, J>8ere modor wses Sexburh Annan 
dohter EastEngla ciningas. 

641. Her wses Osuuald ofslagen NortShymbra cining. fram 
Pendan Su)) hymbruwi on Maser feld on Sam desge no avg. ;) 
his lie wses bebyrged on BeartSan ege. ]>8es halines -^ wundor 
wseron sySSan manigfealde ge cydde geond Sis • egland. ^ his 
handa sindon on Bebbanburh un ge brosnode. And her Cen- 
walh feng to Wsest Seaxena rice '. j heold -xxi* wintra, se 
Cenwalh het atimbrian ]>a cyrican on Wintan ceastre. * ^ he 
wses Kynegilsing. *] ))am ilcan geare 8e Oswald wses ofslagen. 
feng Oswiu his broSor to NortSanhymbran rice. "^ he rixode twa 
IsBS 'Xxx- geara. 

643. Her forSferde Paulinus sercebiscop on Rofesceastre 'vi- 
idt^ Octobf . se wses biscop an laes -xx. wintra. "^ 'ii- monSas. ^ 
•xxi' daga. And her fetog Oswine Edwines* fedran suna sunu 
Osrices to Deame rice. 3 rixade -vii* winter. 

644. Her Cenwalh wees adrifen of his rice fram Pendan cininge. 
045. Her Cenwalh wses gefullod ^°. 

{Continued on p, 2Z.) 

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648. Her Cenwalh gesalde CuJ^rede^ his msege -iii- 
J^nsendo londes be ^sces dune ; se CuJ? red wses Cuichelm- 
ing. Cuichelm Cynegilsingr 

650. Her ^gelbryht of Gralwalum. seft^ Birine J?am 
Romaniscan bisc onfeng Wesseaxna bisc domeVr 

651. Her Oswine kyning wses ofslaegen, ^ Sidan bisc 

652. Her Cenwalh gefeaht set Bradanforda be JSfiier 

653. Her MiddelSeaxe^ onfengon under Peadan aldor- 
men ryhtne geleafanr 

654. Her Onna cyning wearj? ofslsegen. ^ Botulf ongon 
mynster timbran set Icanhor 

655. Her Fenda forwear]?, ^ Mierce wurdon Cristne. 
pa was agan from fruman middan geardes V wintr. ^ decc' 
*3 !• wint. ^ Peada^ feng to Mercna rice. Pendingr 

f. 42. F. 648. Her wearS ge timbrod ^ mynst^ on Winceastre $ Cyn- 
walh cing let macian on S. Petres naman, '] gehalgod. 

(E) f. 14. 648. Her Cenwalh ge sealde Eadrede his mege -lii- Jjusenda 
landes be ^sces dune. 

649. Her -^gelbriht of Galwalum sefter Byrine ))am Roman- 
isca biscop onfeng Sexena biscopdomas. 

650. Her het Oswiu cining of slean Oswine cining on .xiii- 
kt Septemb. ^ )>8es ymbe -xii- nilit fortSferde Aidant*^ biscop on 
•ii« kt Sept. 

652, Her MiddalEngle onfengon under Pendan ealdormsen 
rihtne geleafan. 

653. Her Anna cining wertS ofslagen. -^ Botuulf ongan 

^ So B. C. "'On the nether edige of f. 14. a. 

' Middel angle. B. C; cf. E. of the MS. is written in a hand of 

* I think the MS. has Penda. the 13th century : 

* And Sc-e Botulf agan to m^ji- 5^ ^^ ^j ^^i^^^, fuitUaberut 
ende t mynster on Icanho. F. (under » ^ y^^ miam. 

the following year), on margin. ^ 

* (et Thomas eps ob. in Domnoc.) ' abdode. MS. 

F. Lat. • altered into comon. 

* regulos. F. Lat. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 29 

timbiian mynster set Icanhoe*. ;) her fortSferde HonoriuB erce- 
biscop on -ii- kt Octob?''. 

654. Her Oswiu of slob Pendan on Winwidfelda. j -xxx* 
cynebeama* mid bim. 3 ]7a wseron sume ciningas. Sere sum wses 
.^ISelbere Annan brother EastEngla ciningas. Da wees agan 
frawi fruman middan geardes fif ]>usend wintra. 3 •dccc- wintra. 
3 Feada feng to Myrcena rice Pending. 

^ On his time ]>a comon to gadere beo 3 Oswiu Oswaldes Nota tit 
brotSor cyningas. 3 sprecon $ hi wolden an mynstre areren S!I^>.. 
Criste to loue 3 S6e Petre to wurtSminte. And hi swa diden. 98urcf)f. ' ^ 
3 nama hit gauen Medeshamstede. for]>an ]?et "Seer is an wsel J>e 
is gehaten Medeswael. 3 hi ongunnan ]7a ^ grundwalla. 3 
]78eron wrobteu. betabten bit Jm an munec, Saxulf wses 
ge baten. He wses swySe Godes freond. 3 biwi luuede al J>eode. 
3 be wses swytSe sej^elboren on weorulde 3 rice, be is nu J '^ 
mycelne riccere mid Criste. 

Oc se kining Peada ne rixade nane hwile. forjmn be wses 
be swicen fnirb bis agen cwen on Estren tide. 

655. Her ItSamar Rofe ceastre biscop ge balgode Dei^s dedit f- 14- b. 
to Cantwara byrig on •vii« kl Apr. 

656. Her wses Peada ofslagan. j "Wulfere Pending feng to 
Myrcena rice. 

On bis time wsex ]?et abbodrice Medeshamstede swiSe rice, f [33u]rc^ xu 1 J 
bis br[o]tSor hafde ongunnen. pa luuede se kining bit swiSe for ^™I P^ 
bis brotSer^ luuen Peada. 3 for bis wed brotSeres luuen Oswi. teg. ^^ ^ 
-} for Saxulfes luuen ]>es abbodes. cweS )>a Ipet be wolde bit 
wurtSminten 3 arwurtSen be his brotSre rsed JESelred 3 Merwala. 
3 be bis swustre red Kyneburges j KyneswitSes. 3 be se serce- 
biscopes raed se wses ge baten Dewsdedit. 3 be al bis ge witen 
rsed Isered 3 lawed pe on bis kynerice wseron. 3 be swa dide. -^ 

Da seonde se kyning sefter }>one abbode*. Jjet be seuestlice 
scolde to him cumon*. j be swa dyde. Da cwsed se kyning to 
]?an abbode. La leof Ssexulf ic baue ge seond sefter ]>e for mine 
saule }?urfe. 3 ic hit wile J>e wsel secgon for bwi. Min brotSor 
Peada 3 min leoue freond Oswi ongunnen an mynstre Criste to ^^ 
loue 3 Sancte Petre. oc min broSer is faren of fjisse Hue swa 
swa Crist wolde. oc ic wile "Se ge bidden la leoue freond f bii 

{Continued on p. 30.) 

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30 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

wir'ce aeuostlice on ))ere werce. j ic ]>e wile finden J>8er to gold 
;] siluer, land ;] ahte. ;] al Jet J>8er to behofetS. Da feorde 
se abbot ham ^ ongan to wircene, swa he spedde swa him Crist 
huSe. swa J>et in feuna^ geare waes ^ mynstre gare. Da J>a 

f kyning heorda J>8et gesecgon. J)a wsertS he switSe glaed. heot 
seonden geond al his* J>eode. sefter alle his Jjsegne. sefter serce- 
biscop. *] sefter biscopes. ^ sefter his eorles. j sefter alle ]>a 
]>e Gode luuedon, Jjset hi scoldon to him cumene. ;] seotte J>a 
d§ei hwonne man scolde -f mynstre gehalegon. 
I ^ f. 15- Da I man halgode sep mynstre, f>a waes seo kyning Wulfere 
Jjser. J his brotSer -^"Selred. *] his swustre Kyneburg "^ Kyne- 
suuith. J seo mynstre halgode seo aercebiscop Det*sdedit of 
Cantwarbyrig. *] seo biscop of Eofecsestre Ithamar. *] seo biscop 
of Lundone J>e waes Wina gehaten. ^ seo Myrcene biscop, 

/5' leruman waes gehaten. ^ Tuda biscop. ^ faer waes Wilfrid 
preost )>e sitSSon waes biscop. ^ f>aer waeron aelle his tSegnas J)e 
waeron on his kynerice. 

Da seo mynstre waes ge halgod on Sancte Petres nama^ j 
S. Paules "3 S. Andr. J>a stod seo kyning up toforen ealle 
yo his tSaegna. ^ cwaed Juddootefne. Dancod wurS hit J>on haege 
jiElmihti God J)is wurSscipe f her is gedon. j ic wile 
wur?Sigen )>is daei Crist ^ S2e Peter. ;) ic wille ^ ge ealle 
ge titSe mine worde. Ic Wulfere gife to daei See Petre -^ J>qne 
abbode Saxulf ;) J)a munecas of ))e mynstre J)as landes *] f>as 

^'5^ wateres -^ meres "3 fennes 3 weres 3 ealle f>a landes f>a Jaer 
abuton li^etS ?5a of mine kynerice sindon freolice. swa Set nan 
man na haue f>aer nan onsting buton s^o abbot ^ se muneces. 
Das is se gife. fram Medeshamstede to NorSburh. j swa to Set 
stede J>et man cleopeS Folies. *] swa ael se feon riht to Esendic. 3 

A) fra Esendic to f steode J)e man cleopeS FeSermude. 3 swa "f rihte 
weie -x. mile lang to Cuggedic. 3 swa to Raggewilh. 3 fra Ragge- 
wilh 'V- mile to ]?e rihte ae f>e gatS to JGlm 3 to Wisebece. T swa 
abutan dii- mile to prokonholt. *] fra prokonholt riht J>urh al "Se_ 
fen to Dereuorde f is -xx- mile lang. 3 swa to Graetecros. j fra 

a b Graetecros J>urh an scyr waeter Bradan ae hatte. 3 J>eonon -vi- mile 
to Paccelade. j swa forS ]>urh selle f>a meres 3 feonnes. J>a liggen 

1 hi. MS. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 31 

to ward Huntendune porte. *] J>as meres *] laces. Scselfremere 
3 I Witles mere ^ selle f>a o]>re $ f>ar abutan liggan mid land "^ f. 15. b. 
mid buses ]?a sindon on sestbalfe Scselfre mere. ^ J>eonen selle ]>a 
feonnon to Medes bamstede. "^ fra Medesbawistede al to Welmes 
forde. 3 fra Welmes forde to Cliue. and )>eonen to iEstune. "3 fra S^ 
iEstune to Stanford. "3 fra Stanford swa swa $ wseter rennetS to 
seo foren sprecone NortSburb. Dis sindon Jia landes j Sa 
feonnes f>e seo kyning gef into See Petres mynstre. 

Da cwseS seo kyning. Hit is litel ]>eos gife. ac ic wille ^ bi 
hit bselden swa kynelice j swa freolice. ^ ]>8er ne be numen {<> 
of na geld na gaule. baton to J>a munecan ane. Dus ic wille 
freon J)is mynstre f)et bit ne be under J>ed buton Rome ane. 
3 hider ic wille ^ we secan S2e Petre. ealle ]>a J>a to Rome 
na magen faren. 

Betwix fjas worde J>a geornde sgp abbe J>et he scolde him /,5* 
tyj>ian J>et be set him geornde. *] seo kining hit him tydde. Ic 
haue here godefrihte muneces J>a wolden drobtien here lif on 
anker setle gif bi wisten hwere. oc her is an igland -f man 
cleopeS Ancar ig. *] wile ]>es geomen f we moten ]>8er wircen 
an mynstre S2e Marie to loue. ]?et hi moten fser wunen }>atSa ^^ 
here lif wilen lesden mid sibbe "3 mid reste. 

Da andswerode seo kyning -^ J>us cw8b"S. Saxulf la leof. ne 
J>et an ;f Su geomest oc ealle ]>a f>ing ^ ic wat ]>et ?Su geornest 
on ure Dribtnes halfe. swa ic lufe •] tySe. And ic bidde J>e 
broSer -^Selred. *] mine swustre Cyneburb "3 Cynesuuith. for ^ 
^re sawle alesednesse, J>et ge beon witnesse. 3 ;f geo hit write 
mid jure fingre. And ic bidde ealle ))a Sa esfter me cumen, 
beon hi mine sunes. beon hi mine breSre, ouJ>er kyningas )>a 
sefter me cumen. f ure gyfe mote standen. swa swa bi willen 
beon del nimende on ))a ece lif. ^ swa swa hi wilen set beorstan ' "^ 
J>et ece wite. Swa hwa swa ure gife ouf>er oSre godene manne f. 16. *^*ij 
gyfe wansiaf>. wansie him seo heofenlice iateward on beofonrice. 
"3 swa hwa swa hit eceS. ece him seo heofenlice iateward on 

Das sindon ))a witne^ f>e J>8er wseron, ^ ]>a ;f ge writen mid Z b 
here fingre on Cristesmele. ;] ietten mid here tunge. Det 
waes fH'rst seo kyning Wulfere J>e ^ feostnode first mid his 

{Continued on p. 32.) 

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657. Her for]>ferde Peada, ^ Wulfhere Pending feng to 
Mierena ricer 

658. Her Cenwalh gefeaht aet Peonnum wi)? Walas, ^ 
hie gdiiemde of Pedridan ; \\& wses gefohten siJ?J?an he of 
EastEnglum Q,om. he waes J>8er 'iii* gear on wrece, haefde 
hine Penda adrifenne, ^ rices benumenne. forj7on he his 
swoVtor anforletr 

f. 8. 660. Her ^gelbryht bisc gewat frow Cenwale, ^ Wine 
heold )7one biseep dom 'iii* gear ; 3 se jEgel bryht onfeng 
Persa bisc domes on Gulwalum bi Signer 

661. Her Cenwalh gefeaht in Eastron on Posentes 
byrg, •] gehergeade Wulfhere Pending oj?^ JEscesdune ; ^. 
CuJ^red Cuichelming, "3 Coenbryht cyning on anum geare 
forj? ferdun ; "j on Wiht gehergade Wulfhere Pending, ^ 
gesalde Wihtwaran -^J^elwalde Su)?Seaxna cyninge. 
for]7on Wulfhere hine onfeng set fulwihte. "j Eopp.i. 

(E) worde j sitSSon mid his fingre ge wrat on Cristes mel. ;) f>us 
cwaetS. Ic Wulfere kyning mid ]>as kyningas 3 mid eorles 
3 mid heorotogas 3 mid ]>8egnas f)as gewitnesse mines gi fes 
toforan J>one sercebiscop Dewsdedit ic hit festnia mid Cristes 
mel. + . And ic Oswi Norfjhimbre kyning )>eos mynstres 
freond. 3 f>es abbotes Saxnlf hit l<me. mid Cristes mel. + . And 
ic Sighere kyning hit tySe mid Crystes mel. + . And ic Sibbi 
kyning hit write mid Cristes mel. + . And ic iEtSelred J>es 
kyningas brother J)et ilce tyde mid Cristes mel. + . And we 
J?es kyningas swustre Cjiieburh 3 Cynesuith we hit louien. 
And ic Kantwarabyrig sercebiscop Det*sdedit hit tySe. SiStSan 

V^ f)a getton hit selle ]>a otSre J>e Jjaer wseron mid Cristes mel. + . 
Det wseron be nanu Ithamar biscop of Eofecestre. and Wine 
biscop of Lundene. 3 leruman se wses M3n:cene biscop. 3 Tuda 
biscop. 3 Wilfrid preost seo wses sitJSon biscop. 3 Eoppa preost 
J)e seo kyning Wulhfere seonde to bodiajaJDristen doine on Wiht. 
1 ' 3 Saxulf abbot. 3 Immine ealdorman. 3 Eadberht ealdorman. 3 
Herefrid celdorman. 3^Wilberht seldorman. 3 Abon seldorman., 
iESelbold. Brordan. Wilberht. iElhmund. FreSegis. J?as 3 feola. 

1 on. B. C. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 33 

oj>re )>a wseron J>8er kyninges jTeonest men hit geotton ealle. 
Des writ wses gewriton setter ure Drihtnes acennednesse 
•dc-lxiiii- | f)es kyningas Wulhferes seoue'Sende gear. J>es serce- f. i6. b. 
biscopes Det^sdedit 'ix- gear. Leidon fja Godes curs ^ 
ealre halgane curs ^ al Cristene folces ]?e anifjing undyde $ 
}>8er wses gedon. Swa beo bit. seij> alle. Amcw. 

pa ]>is J>ing waes gedon. fa seonde seo kyning to Rome 
to sep papa Uitalianws J>e J)a was. 3 geornde $ he scolde tySian 
mid his writ ^ mid his bletdnge eal ]>is forsprecene }>ing. "3 
sep papa seonde J)a his writ )>us cwseSend. Ic Uitalianw« papa f ^? 
geate ]>e Wulhfere cyning ^ De^^sdedit sercebiscop 3 Saxulf a15B 
ealle J)e )?ing J>e ge geornon. *] ic forbede \>ei ne kyning. ne nan 
man ne haue nan onsting buton ]x)n a15B ane. ne he ne hersumie 
nan man buton ]?one papa on Rome 3 se^ SBrcebiscop^ on Cant- 
warbyrig. Gif hwa ]ns to brekej> senijjing. See Petre mid ^^ta. / 
his sweord him adylige. Gif hwa hit hsBlt. S. Petre mid 
heo&e keie un do him heofen rice. Dus wses seo mynstre 
Medeshamstede agunnen. ;f man sitStSon cleopede Burh. 

SiSSon com an ofjre serceB to Cantwarbyrig. seo wses gehaten 
Theodort^s. swiSe god man ^ wis. *] heold his BinoJ> mid his '^ 
biscopes ^ mid J)e lerede folo^ pa wses Winfrid Myrcene biscop 
don of his biscop rice. *] Saxulf aBB was ]>ser gecoren to 
biscop. "3 CuSbald munec of J)e selue mynstre wses coren to 
abbot., pis sinaS was gehalden sefter ure Drihtnes acenned- 
nesse seox hundred wintra. 3 'iii- ^ huDd seofenti wintra. 'V'^ 

658. Her Cenwealh gefeaht set Peonnum wij> Walas. '^ 
heo ge flymde otS Pedredan. J>is wses ge fohton sy"5San he of East 
Engla com. he wses J^ser aii* gear on wreccesiS. hsefde bine 
Penda adrefedne. *] rices benumene for]>an $ he his swustor forlet. 

660. Her iEglbriht biscop gewat fram Ce'n'wala. "3 Wine f. 17- 
heold Sone biscop dome -iii- gear. ^ seo ^glbriht onfeng 
Persa biscop domes on Galwalum be Sigene. 

661. Her Cenwealh feaht on Eastron on Posentes byrig. ^ 
gehergode Wulfhere Pending of ^-^sces dune. ^ Cufjred Cwic- 
helming. "3 Centbriht cining on anum geare fortSferdon. And on 
Wiht gehergode Wulfhere Pending. -^ gesealde Wihtwarum 
-^SSelwolde SutS Seaxena cininga. for}?an Wulfhere bine onfeng 

\Contvn%ted on p, 34.) 

Digitized by 


34 '^HE PARKER MS. (S) 

msesse preost. be Wilfer]?es worde "] Wulfhere cyning 
brohte Wiht wamm fulwiht serestr 

664. Her sunne a]7iestrode, *] Srcenbiyht Cantwara 
cyng forJ>ferde; ^ Colman mid his geferuwi for to his 
cy S^e. py ilcan geare wses micel man euealm ; *] Ceadda 
T WilferJ? waeron gehadode, "] J?y ilcan geare Deusdedit 

668. Her peodorus mon hadode to ercebiscr 

669. Her Eegbryht cyning salde Basse msesse prioste 
Reculf mynster ontotimbranner 

670. Her forj^ferde Osweo .Nor|7anhymbra cyning, ^ 
Ecg fer]? ricsode seft^r him ; ^ Hlo]7here feng to biscep 
dome ofer Wesseaxan^ -^gelbryhtes bisc nefa. ^ heold -vii* 
gear, peodor bisc hine g^halgode ; "] se Oswio waes -dEJ?el- 
fer)?ing, ^)7elferJ? -dE)7eh:icing5 ^J?elric Iding, Ida Eop- 

671. Her waes faet micle fuglaw<elr 

673. Her for)? ferde Cen walh ^ Seaxburg an gear ric- 
sode his cuen ddter himr 

673. Her Eegbryht Cantwara cyning forj^ferde; "] \j 
geare waes senoS set Heorot forda, "] See -^)7eldi7ht^ ongon 
J?8et mynstser set Elige : 

674. Her feng ^scwine to rice on Wesseaxn;», se wes 
Cen fusing, Cenfus CenferJ?ing, CenferJ? CuJ?gilsing, 
CuJ?gils Ceolwulfing, CeolwuTf Cynricing, Cynric Cerdic- 

675. Her "Wulfhere Pending "] jEscwine geftihton aet 
Biedan heafde ; ^ )>y ilcan geare Wulfhere for)? ferde, ^ 
jE)7elred feng to ricer 

(E) set fulwihte. "3 Eoppa preost be WilfertSes worde ^ Wulfheres 
cininges brohte Wihtwaruwi fulwiht serost manna. 

664. Her sunne aSestrode on 'V* no, Mai. ^ on Sissum geare 

* Westseaxnaland. B. Wessezna. * geaf. F. 

C. ' eccleBiam. F. Lat. 

2 uE>elbriht. B. C. « Eli cenobium, F. Lat. 

' to Cantuarb. add F 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 35 

com micel man cwealm on Brytene igland. ^ on J>am cwealme 
forSferde Tuda biscop. ^ wses bebyrged on Wagele. 3 Ercen- 
briht Cantwara cining fortSferde. ^ Ecgbriht his sunu feng to 
J)am rice, j Coleman mid his gefenim for to his cySSe. ^ 
Ceadde j WilferS wseron gehadode. j on J»am ilcan geare 
Beo aercebiscop De-wsdedit forSferde. 

667. Her Oswiu ^ Ecbriht sendon Wigheard preost to 
Rome, f hine man scolde halgian to sercebiscope'. ac he forS- 
ferde sona swa he ]?ider com. 

668. Her Uitalianus se papa gehadode Theodoras to arce- 
biscop. "3 sende hine to Brytene. 

669. Her Egbriht cining sealde^ Basse preost Kaculf, myn- f. 17. b. 
ster ^ to tymbrianne. 

670. Her Oswiu forSferde NorSanhymbra cining on •xv* \ Mf. 
'] Ecfer?S his sunu rixade seffcer him. 3 Hlothere feng to biscop 
dome ofer "Weast SeaxuJM JEglbrihtes biscopes nefa. ^ heold 
•vii- gear. -^ peodorus biscop hine halgode. 

671. Her wses $ mycele fugla well. 

672. Her forSferde Cenwalh. j Sexburh an gear rixade his 
cwen aefter him. 

673. Her ^Egbriht Cantwara cining fortSferde. j Theodoras rJFttntiati]0 
aercebiscop ge somnode sinoS set Heortforde. j See ^tSeldriJ) S^^^,^ 
ongan $ mynster jet Helige*. 

674. Her feng ^scwine to rice on Weast Seaxuw. 

675. Her Wulf here Pending ^ -^scwine Cenfusing ge fuhton 
aet Bedan heafde. "3 fja ilcan geare Wulf here fortS ferde. ^ 
^Selred feng to rice. 

On his time }>a seonde he to Rome Wilfrid biscop to J>am rColnfirm' 
pape \>Q fja wes. Agatho he wses gehaten. j cydde him mid writ J^fl'» 
] mid worde. hu his bre'Sre Peada ^ Wulfhere 3 se abbot ^^^^g r^j-| 
Saxulf heafden wroht an minstre Medeshamstede wses gehaten. BSutcjj. 
T $ hi hit heafden ge freod wit5 kyning ^ witS biscop of ^alle 
l)ewdoni. ■] bed him -f he scolde -f geten mid his writ 3 mid 
bis bletsunge. And seo papa seonde J>a his ge write to 
Englalande f>us cweSende. 

Ic Agatho papa of Rome grete wel seo wurtSfulle JESelred [JSjulla 
Myrcene kyning 3 se sercebiscop Theodorum of CanH'warbyrig. E??^^ . 

'^ {Contint4edon^,'i6.) »PM)^»^W» 
D 1 

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676. Her -^scwine forfferde, ^ Hedde feng to bisc 

(E) "3 seo Myrcene biscop Saxulf seo ser wses abbot, j alle J>a 
abbotes J>a sindon on Englalande Godes gretinge "^ minre 
bletsunge. Ic baije geb^rd seo kyninges JEtSelredes geom- 
f. 1 8. unge I ] fjes sercebiscopes Theodort^. j J>es biscopes Saxulfes. 
] J>es abbotes Cuthbaldes. 3 ic hit wille f bit on selle wise beo. 
swaswa ge bit sprecon hauen. And ic bebeode of Godes 
balf^ 3 S. Petres. "3 ealra halgan. 3 ealre badode beafde. ]>et 
ne kyning ne biscop ne eorl. ne 'n^an man ne haue nan onsting. 
ne gafle ne geold ne feording ne nanescinnes Seudom ne 
Be arci^t* nime man of f abbot rice of Medeshamstede. Ic beode see ^ 

" * be scyr biscop ne seo swa dyrstlece f he ne hading ne hale ging 

JJ;Jp ne do on ]?is abbot rice buton seo abbot hit him bidde. ne 

biscop wite ne sinatS ne naneskinnes ]>ing na haue J^ser nan 

^iibss onsting. "3 ic willed seo abbot beo gehealden for legat of Rome 

$*?*tii ^^^^ ®*^ ^ iglande. 3 hwilc abbot ]>e bej> Jjser coren of ]?e_ 

Home. munecan f he beo gebletsad of ]>&n sercebiscop of Cant 

warbyrig. Ic wille "3 tytSe f while man swa haued behaten 

to faren^ to Rome, and he ne muge hit forSian. ouSer for 

,untruwnisse. outSer forjauerdes neode. ou'Ser for haueleste. 

ouSer for hwilces cinnes ot5er need he ne muge ]>sdv cumon. 

beo he of Englelande ouSer of hwilc oSer igland beo he. 

cume to -f mynstre on Medesham stede. 3 haue f Tl'ce for- 

giuenesse of Criste ] S. Peter. "3 of J?onne abbot j of pone 

muneca f he scolde hauen gif he to Rome fore. Nu bidde ic pe 

broSer Theodorus f pn lete bed on geond sd. Engle lande J)et 

seo sinaS wurSe ge gaderod. *] f>is write wurSe ge redd 3 ge 

healdon. Al swa ic beode pe Saxulf biscop f swa swa pn hit 

geomest. f seo mynstre beo freo. swa ic for beode pe 3 ealle 

be biscopas pe sefter Se cumon of Criste j of ealle his halgan -f 

5mtentta ge nan onsting ne hauen of -f mynstre buton swa micel swa 

papae ^. p(^ne abbot wile. Nu wille ic hit se^e mid worde f hwa swa 

f. 18. b. halt J>is write 3 J»is bod^. | J>a wurSe he efre wuniende mid God 

^ The scribe at first wrote ' Here on the margin is a drawing 

sende. of a fish. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 37 

-Elmiliti on heuenrice. 3 hwa swa hit to breceS. J>a wurtJe he 
amansumed ^ anit^rod mid ludas 3 mid ealle deofle on helle 
buton he cume to dedbote. Amen. 

Das^ writ seonde seo papa Agatho j an hundred J fif ^ 
twenti biscopes bi Wilfrid sBrcebiscop of Eoferwic to Engla 
lande. pis wses gedon sefter ure Diihtnes acennednesse 'dc-lxxx* 
)?e8 kininges -vi- gear iESelredes. 

Da heot seo kining ]>one sercebiscop Theodort*« ;f he scolde 
settpn ealle ge witene^mot set Jjone stede $ man cleopetS Heat 
felde. Da hi wseron J>8er gegaderod. f)a leot he rsedon )>a 
ge write Jje seo papa Jjider seonde. j ealle hit getton j fiilfeost- 

Da seide * se kyriing, Ealle ]>a f)ing J?e min broSer Peada. j 
min brotSer Wulfere. 3 mine swuster Kineburh ^ Kynesuith 
geafon j getton See Peter ^ fjone abbot fja wile ic $ stande. j 
ic wile on min deei hit secon for here sawle. *] for minre sawle. 
Nu gife ic See Peter to dsei into his minstre Medeshamstede 
Jms landes. 3 eal -f )>8er to liggetS. f>et is Bredune. Hrepingas. 
Cedenac. Swines haefed. Heanbyrig. Lodeshac. Scnffanhalch. 
Costesford. Stretford. Wsettelleburne. Lufgeard. JSj^elhunig- 
lond. Barfjanig. Das landes ic gife See Peter ^ eal swa freolice 
swa ic seolf hit ahte. "3 swa -f nan min seftergengles fjser rian 
)?ing of ne nime. Gif hwa hit dotS. f>es papa^ curs of Eome j 
ealre biscope curs he habbe. ^ here ealre ]>e her be gewitnesse. 
J )?is ic festnie mid Cristes tacne. + . Ic Theodortw sercebiscop 
of Cantwarbyrig am witnesse of ]>as ge write of Medeshamstede. 
;) ic festnie mid min ge write. "3 ic amansumie ealle J?a J>8er 
anij^ing | ofbreke. 3 ic bletsie ealle J>a fje hit healden. + . Ic f. 19. 
Wilfrid serceb of iEferwic ic cam witnesse of J>as ge write. ] ic 
gaete J)a|s ilce curs. + . Ic Saxulf )?e waes first abbot 3 nu eam 
biscop ic gife hi min curs 3 ealle min seftergengle )?e f)is 
tobreket. Ic OstritSe JE?Sel redes cwen hit tySe. Ic Adrianus 
legat hit iete. Ic Putta biscop of Eofecestre ic hit write. 
Ic Waldhere biscop of Lundene hit festnie. Ic CutSbald 
abbot hit geate swa J?et hwa swa hit breket. ealre biscope 
cursunge j eal Cristene foces he hafe. Ame/i. 
^1^. Her jEscwine forSferde. 3 Hedde feng to biscop dome. 

{Continued on p, "iZ.) 

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dome, •] Cetitwine feng to rice ; *] Centwine was Cynegils- 
ing, Cynegils Ceolwulfing; "] -dE*8ered Miercna cyning 
oferhergeada Centlondr 

678. Her o\ iewde eometa se steorra. ^ Wilfri)? biseop 
wses adrifen of his biscdome from EegferJ?e eyninger 

679. Her ^Ifwine wses ofslaegen, ^ See -^j^elfryj? for]? 

f. 8. b. 680. Her gesaet peodorius serce biseop seno]? on H«e]? 

felda, forj^on he wolde }?one Xpes ^ geleafen geryhtan ; "3 

]?y ylcan geare for)?ferde Hild abbodesse on Streones healer 

682. On }?issum geare Centwine gefliemde Bretwealas 

o|? ^r 

685. Her Cead walla ongan sefter rice winnan ; Se 
Ceadwalla was Coenbryhting. Coenbryht Cading, Cadda 
Cu]7aing, Cuj7a Ceawlining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric 
Cerdicing ; •] Mul was Ceadwallan bro}?iir, ^ J?one mon efb 
on Cent forbsemde ; "] }?y ilcan geare EcgferJ> cyning mon 
ofslog ; Se EcgferJ? was Osweoing, Osweo -^J^elferjjing, 
-^l^elferj? -^)7elricing, ^J^elric Iding, Ida Eopping ; T 
Hlofhere J?y ilcan geare for)? ferder 

686. Her Ceadwalla ^ Mul Cent ^ Wieht forhergedonr 

687. Her Mul wear]? on Cent forbserned, T o)?re -xii- 
men mid him, ^ J>y geare Ceadwalla eft Cent forhergeadar 

f. 43» ^« F. 685. Her wear)> on Brytene blodi ren. "^ meolc ^ butere wuidon 
gewend to blode 

(E) "3 Centwine feng to "West Seaxna^ rice. ^ -^SJelred Myrcena 
cining oferhergode Cent land. 

678. Her ateowede eometa se steorra on Auguste. "^ scan -iii* 
mon'Sas selce morgen swilce sunne beam. *] WilfertS biseop wses 
adrifen of his biseop dome fram EcfertSe cininge. ] man ge 

* Xpea written above lustes in dode. 

the MS. * celico igni. F. Lat. 

" Wessexana. P. super ocdden- * sette. F. 

tales Anglos. F. Lat., with Saxonea • Wihtum. MS. 

interlined. ^ hyra)). F. 

• The scribe at first wrote geha- * Hagustaldes ea. F. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 39 

halgode' •li* biscopas on his stal. Bosan to Deniwi. -^ Eatan to 
Beomicum. -^ man gehalgode Lindiswarum to biscope £adlied. 
se W8BS on Lindissi serost biscopa. 

679. Her man of sloh -^Ifwine be Trentan \>dst Sser EgferS 
-] -^Selred ge fuhton. -^ her fort5ferde see -^ESeldriS. j Coludes 
burh for bam mid godcundum fyre*. 

680. Her geset'' Theodori^ sercebiscopes sinoS on HseS 
felda. forf>an f>e be wolde )?one Cristes gelsefan gerihtan. j 
))y geare Hild abboSessa on Streones beale fort5ferde. 

681. Her man halgode Trumbriht | biscop to Hagustaldes ea. f. 19. b. 
3 Trumwine Pihtum* forf>an by byrdon^ f>a hider. 

682. Her on tSissum geare Centwine geflymde Britwalas oJ> sse. 

684. Her on Sissum geare sende EcgferS here on Scottas. ^ 
Briht his ealdorman mid. ^ earmlice hi Godes cyrican byndan ^ 

685. Her beet EcgferS cining ge balgian CuSberbt to bis- 
cope. "3 Theodonis arcbieps bine ge halgode on Eoferwic J>am 
forman Eastordsege to biscope to Hagustaldes ham ^ for f>am 
Trumbriht waes adon of t5am biscop dome. "^ t5y ilcan geare 
man of slob EcgferS cining be norSan sse. j mycelne here ^ 
mid him on -xiiio. kt lunii. He wses 'xv winter cining. ^ 
AldfriS his brotSor feng sefter him to rice, j her ongan Ceadwala 
winnan aefter rice, j J)y ilcan geare Lot5ere Cant wara cining 
fortS'ferde. j man gehalgode loBs on Agust' to biscope. j he 
)58Br wses otSSe WilfriJ? in com. SytStSan feng lohes to Ceastre 
biscop dome. forSan Bosa biscop wses forSfaren. f>a wses 
WilfertS bis preost sytSSan gehalgod Ceastre to biscope. j tf i.e. John, 
for to his mynstre on Derawuda. 

686. Her Ceadwala "] Mul his broSor for hergodan Cent j 
Wiht. p8BS Csedwala gef into see Petres minstre Medesham- 
stede Hoge. "^ is in an igland Heabureahg hatte. \>b, wses abbot 
on )?8Bre minstre Egbalth wses ge baton, beo wses se f>ridde_ 
abbot aefter Saxulfe. ]?a wses Tbeodor-i** serceb on Cent. 

687. Her Mul wserS on Cent bsemed. j oSre 'xii- men mid 
bim. J J>y geara Ceadwala eft forhergode Cent. 

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4© THE PARKER MS, (2l) 

688. Her Ine feng to Wesseaxna rice,*'* T heold •xxxvii* 
.-. andhegeiim. ^i^** ^ ^J ^^^ ffeaxe Ceadwalla for to 
irade f menster Rome, ^ folwihte onfeng from pSLM papaT^, 
at Gl(BsUnga ^ ge papa hine heht Petrus. *] ymb 'vii' niht 
^^' he forJ>ferde. Iponne was se Ine Cenreding, 

Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceplwald was Cynegilses broJ>ur, ^ 
J>a waeron CuJ^wines suna Ceaulininges, Ceaulin Cynrieing, 
Cynric Cerdicingr 

690. Her peodorius aercebisc forJ?ferde, ^ feng Beorht- 
wald to ]?a/» biscdome. Mr waerun Romanisee biscepas, 
si]>}>an waBrun Engliseer 

694. Her Cantware geJ>ingodan wij> Ine, j him ge- 
saldon -xxx- m^. forJ?on ^e hie aer Mul forbaemdon; T 
Wihtred feng to Cant wara rice, ^ heold -xxxiii* wifit ; Se 
Wihtred was Ecgbryhting, Ecgbryht ffrcenbryhting, 
Erconbryht Eadbalding, Eadbald -^J>elbryhtingr 
f. 9- 703. Her Hedde bisc forj? ferde, ^ he heold }?one bisc 
dom •xxvii*^ wint on Winta ceastrer 

704. Her -^J>elred Pending Miercna cyning onfeng 
mnnuchade, ^ J^aet rice heold -xxviiii* wintra. J>a feng' 
Coenred tor 

705. Her ffldfer]?^ NorSanhymbra cyning forj? ferde ^ 
Seaxnulf biscr 

709. Her Sldhelm bisc forJ?ferde, se waes be westan 
wuda* bisc, ^ waes todccled in forewearduw^ Danieles 
dagum in tna biscscira WestSeaxna lond, *] aer hit waes 
an. oJ>er heold Daniel, oJ>er Sldhelm; iEfter JSldhelme 
feng Forj?here to; ^ Ceolred feng to Miercna rice, j 
Coenred for to Rome ^ Offa mid himr 

^ XXX punda. B. xxx punda. C, ^ cum adhuc esset in albis. F. 

D as E. xxx Jjusend (punda ?) to Lat. 

freondscipe. F. xxx milia librarum. * So F. Nihtred. E. 

F. Lat. ^ At this point D. begins again 

* So D. F. xxxvii. B. C. after the chasm. See p. 9. 

' EaldferJ). B. C. * f. 20. b. begins with 700. 

* be westan Selewuda. B. in • ad ^H'ripe, F. Lat. 
parte occidentis silue. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 41 

688. Her for Ceadwala cining to Rome. ■] onfeng fiilluht set f. 20. 
Sergium f)am papan. -j he him 6'c'op Petrum to name, j he 
sytSSan ymbe -vii' niht forSferde on 'Xii- kt Mai under Cristes 
clat5um*. ^ he wbbs gebyrged innan See Petres cyrican. -j Ine 
feng to rice on WsestSeBxna seffcer him. se rixade 'xxvii* wintra. 
J sytJSan gewat to Rome. ^ j?8er wunode o\> his endedseg. 

690. Her Theodoras serce'b forSferde. he waes 'xxii* wintra 
15. •] he W8BS bebyrged innan Cantwarbyrig. 

692. Her Brihtwold wses gecoren to cercebiscop on kt 
lui. he wses ser abbot on Raculfe. ser ]?issan wseron Romanisce 
biscopas. ^ sytStSan waeron Englisce. ]>a wseron -ii. ciningas on 
Cent. Wihtred«. ^ Wsebheard. 

693. Her wses Brihtwald gehalgod^ to sercebiscope fram 
Qodune Galwala biscop on •¥• no lul. innan f>as tyd Gifemund 
15 forSferde. ^ Brihtwald gehalgode Tobian on his steall. j 
Brihthelm wses of lyfe gelsed. 

694. Her Cantwara geSingoden witS Ine j him gesealdon 
•XXX' }>usenda, fortJan f>e hi ser Mul for?>8emdon. j Wihtred feng 
to Cantwara rice. ^ heold thre j twenti wintra. 

697. Her SuSanhvmbre of slogon OstrySe -^elredes cwen. 
EcgfriSes swuster. 

699. Her Pyhtas slogon Berht ealdorman. 

702 ^. Her Kenred feng to SuS hvmbra rice. f. 20. b. 

703. Her Haedde 15 forSferde. •] he heold J>one biscop dom 
•xxvii- wintra on "Wintan ceastre. 

704. Her -^TSelred Pending Mircena cining onfeng munuc 
hade. "3 J>et rice heold ^xxix- wintra. ))a feng Kenred to. 

705. Her Aldfrit5 Norf>an hymbra cining forSferde on ^xix- 
^ lafir. on Drifltelda. f>a feng Osred his sunu to rice. 

709. Her Aldelm biscop fort5ferde. seo wses be wsestan wudu 
B. J wses to dseled on foreweardum Danieles dagum on di- 
biscop scyra WsestSeaxna landes. j ser hit wses an. oSer heold 
Daniel. oSer Aldelm biscop. sefter Aldelme Forhere feng to. ^ 
Ceolred feng to Myrcena rice. "3 Cenred for to Rome j Offa mid 
him. ^ Cenred wses J)ser 08 his lifes ende. j f>i ilcan geare 
WilferS biscop forSferde in Undalum. ^ his lie man Isedde to 
Ripum'. he wses biscop 'Xlv- wintra. fone EcgfertS cining ser 
bedraf to Rome. 

Digitized by 



710. Her BeorbtfiiJ) ealdormon feaht wi}) Peohtas, T Ine T Nun big mseg 
gefiihton wij) Gerente Walacyninge. 

714. Her forj? ferde GuJ?lac se Lalgar 

715. Her Ine ^ Ceolred fuhton set Woddes beorger 

716. Her Osred NorJ?aii hymbra cyning wearj> of 
slaegen, *] ^ se haefde vii.^ winter rice aeft^r Jf ldfer]?e ; J?a 
feng Coenred to rice, ^ heold -ii* gear ; J?a Osric ^ heold 'xi* 
gear ; "j on j?am ilean geare Ceolred^ Miercna cyning for)? 
ferde, ^ his lie reste)? on Licet felda, ^ -^J^elrcfides Pend- 
inges on Bearddan igge ; ^ j?a feng -^J^elbald to rice on 
Mercium*, ^ heold 'xli- wint. -^J?elbald waes Slweoing, 
JSlweo Eawing, Eawa Pybing, |?aes cyn is beforan awriten ; 
T Ecgbryht se arwierj?a wer on Hii ]?am ealonde J?a mune- 
cas on ryht gecierde. J?8et hie EastrVn on ryht heoldon, 
;) j?a ciriclecan scare r 

718. Her Ingild^ for)? ferde Ines brofur, ^ hiera swostnr 
waerun Cuenburg ^ Cu)?burh, ^ sio Cu)?burg )?8et liif 
aet Win burnan araerde, ^ hio wsbs forgifen Nor)?an hymbra 
cyninge Sldferj^e, ^ hie be him lifgendum hie ged«eldunr 

721. Her Daniel ferde to Rome ; T )?y ilcan geare Ine 
ofslog Cynewulf r 

722. Her -rE)?elburg cnen towearp Tantun )?e* Ine 
aer timbrede ; ^ Sldbryht wr*eccea gewat on Su)? rige ^ on 

f. 9. b. Su)? Seaxe ; T Ine | gefeaht wi)? Su)? Seaxumr 

725, Her Wihtred Cant wara cyning for)?ferde. )?8bs cyn 
T Eadherhtfeng to Centrice. 
is beforan. ^ Ine feaht wi)? Su)?Seaxan, ^ )?8er ofslog 


T ])8er his feorh gesealde 
728. Her Ine ferde to Rome, j feng ^)?elheard to 
Wesseaxna rice j heold ^xiiii- gear, j )?y geare gefuhton 
-^)?elheard ^ Oswald se «3e)?eling ; j se Oswald was -^)?el- 
balding, ^)>ell;)ald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cu)?wining, 
Cu)?wine Ceauliningr 

I- 47* F. 714. Her forS ferde Gu'^ac se haliga. "3 Pipinus rex. 
715. Her for^ferde Dagobert se cing. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 43 

710. Her Acca WilferSes preost feng to ))am biscopdome 
\>Q be ser beold. ^ ]?am ilcan geare feobt BeorbtfriS ealdor man 
wiS Pybtas betwix Heefe ^ Caere. ^ Ine j Nun^ bis maei ge 
fabton wiS Gerente Weala cininge j f>am ilcan geare man 
of slob Hygebald. 

714 *. Her GuSlac seo balga fortSferde*. f. 21. 

715. Her Ine j Ceolred gefubton set Wodnesbeorge. 

716, Her Oared NorSanbymbra cininga wserS ofslagen be 
suSan gemsere. se bsefde -vii' winter aefter Ealdferjje. J?a feng 
Cenred to rice. ^ beold 'ii* gear. "^ })a Osric ^ beold -xi- gear, j 
eac on J>am ilcan geare Ceolred Myrcena cining forJ)ferde. j bis 
lie restaS on Licet felda. "3 -^t5elredes Pendinges on BearSan 
ege. "3 J>a feng -^elbald to rice on Myrcum. t beold -xli* 
wintra. "^ Ecgbyrbt se arwurf>a wer [gecyrde] le biwan to 
ribtum Ea strum, j to See Petres scsere. 

718. Her Ingild fort5ferde Ines broSor. "^ beo[ra] swustra 
waeron Cwenburb j CuSburb. ^ seo CuSburb f lyf set Win- 
buman sererde. ^ beo wses forgifen NorSbymbra cininge 
EaldferSe. ^ beo be bim lifigendum ge dseldon. 

721. Her Daniel for to Kome. "^ f>i ilcan geare me of slob 
Cynewulf j?one sej^eling. j ber forSferde se balga biscop loBs. se 
wses biscop -xxxiii- geara. ^ •viii- mont5as. "3 -xiii* dagas. ^ bis 
lie restate in Beoferlic. 

722. Her -^elburb cwen towserp Tantun Jjone Ine ser tym- 
brade. "3 Ealdbribt wrecca gewat on SuSrege. j on SuS Seaxe. 

725. Her Wibtred Cantwara cining forSferde on no kl Mai. f. ai 
se rixade 'Xxxiiii. wintra. ^^ ;] Ine gefeabt wiS Sut5seaxum. 3 
J?ser of slob Ealdberbt J?one sef>eling j?e be ser utflerode. 

726. Her Ine for to Kome.^* j feng -^elbeard to West 
Seaxna rice bis msei. 3 beold 'xiiii* gear. 

727. Her forSferde Tobias biscop in Rofecestre. 3 on bis stal 
Bribtwold serce biscop gebalgode Aldulf tobiscope. 

* S inserts this T after rice * f. 21 begins with 712. 
wrongly ; corrected from D. • geferde. D. 

' viii. D. *" T Eadberht rixade »fter him in - 

» Ceolwold. B. C. nan Cent. F. Obitus Wihtrediglori- 

* So MS., probably for Miercum, osi regis Cantie. F. Lat. 

» Inegild. C. " HerforCferdelnecing.F. Obiit 

* T "A and C. ; corrected from B. Ina rex. F. Lat. 


Nunna. B. G. 

Digitized by 



729. Her cometa se steorra hiene oJ>iewde, ^ Scs Ecg- 
bryht forj^ferde ; 

730. Her Oswald se «e];eling forJ?ferder 

731. Her was ofslsBgen Osrie Nor)?anliymbra cyning, ^ 
feng Ceoluulf to J>am rice, "] heold 'viii* gear^. j se 
Ceolwulf wses Cu]?aing, CuJ?a Cuj^wining, Cu)?wine Leod- 
walding. Leodwald Ecgwalding, Eegwald Sldhelming, 
Sldhelm Ocging, Oega^ Iding, Ida Eopping; j Beorht- 
wald spree bisc gefor; ^ ]7y ilean geare Tatwine^ waes 
gehalgod to aBl*ce biscr 

733. Her -^|?elbald ge eode Sumur tun ; ^ sunne aj^ies- 

734. Her waes semona swelce be waere mid blode 
begoten ; ^ ferdon for]? Tat wine j Biedar 

736. Her No)?hebn sercebiseep onfeng pallium itom 
Romana biscr 

737. Her ForJ?liere bisc j FriJ^ogiJ? cuen ferdun to Romer 

738. Her Ead bryht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to 
Nor]7anhymbra rice. ^ heold -xxi- wint. ^ his broJ>or waes 
Ecgbryht Eating aerce bisc, ^ hie resta)? begen on Eofor wic 
ceastre on anum porticer 

741. Her -^]?elheard cyning forj?ferde, ^ feng Cuj?r<ed 
to Wesseaxna rice, ^ heold -xvi'* wint, ^ heardlice gewon 
wij> -^]?elbald cyning ; ^ CuJ?bryht waes to aerce bisc gehal- 
god ^ ;) Dun bisc to Hrofes ceastre r 

f. 47. b. F. 742. Her waes mycel sino^ gegaderod set Cloueshou. 3 j)ar was 
A^lbald Myrcna cing 3 Cutberht arB. 3 fela o^re wise menn •. 

* D. inserts the death of Osric and -^Selbaldof the privileges granted by 
accession of Ceolwulf both under 729 Wihtred to the Church, as printed 
(as E. and F.), and under 731 as ff. by Birch, Cartularium, i. 235, firom 
B. C. this MS. To make room for this 

^ Ogga. B. Ocea. C. D. document all the entries Saxon and 

^ After Tat wine S inserts "3, Latin in F. have been erased up to 

(wrongly). 754. 

* xxvi. B. C. ^ reguli. F. Lat. 

* gehalgode. MS. ® He hsefde j> arii rice •iii« gear. 
« The Latin of this entry in F. F. add. 

runs off into the confirmation by * "3 wear]> eall pare sunnan trendel 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 45 

729. Her atewoden twegen cometan. ^ ))i ilcan geare Osric 
fortSferde seo wses -xi- winter cining. ^ seo halga Ecgbriht in If. 
J)a feng Ceolwulf to rice. "3 heold -viii' gear\ 

730. Her Oswald seSeling'' forSferde. 

731. Her Brihtwold sercebiscop fortSferde on Uu8 lanr. seo 
wees biscop -xxxvii* wintre. j six monSas j 'xiiii* dagas. 3 J?y 
ilcan geare man gebalgode Tatwine tor sercebiscop. seo wses 
ser in Mercuw preost in Breodune. bine balgodan Daniel 
Waentan biscop. ■] Ingwald Lunden biscop. j Aldwine Licet 
felda B. J Aldulf Eofeceastre 15. die .x« lunii mensis *. 

733. Her -^elbold geeode Sumortun, •] sunne aSestrode*. 
J Acca wses adrifen of biscop dome. 

734. Her wses se mona swilce be wsere mid blode begoten. 
■3 Tatwine forSferde erceK ^ eac Beda. 3 man gebalgode 
Ecgbribt to biscope. 

735. Her onfeng Ecgbribt 15 pallium set Rome. 

736. Her NoJ>belm ercebiscop onfeng | pallium fram Romana f. 22. 
biscope ^°. 

737. Her PortSbere biscop. 3 FrytSegi)? cwen ferdon to Rome. 
3 Ceolwulf cining feng to Petres scsere*^ 3 sealde bis rice 
Edberhte bis federan sunu. se rixade -xxi* winter. "3 -^Selwold 
biscop ^ Acca forSferdon. "^ Cynewulf man gebalgode to 
biscope. •] \>Y ilcan geare iESelwold^^ bergode Nort5hymbra land. 

738. Her Eadbriht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to NorS- 
hymbra rice. "^ beold 'xxi* wintra. "i his broSor wses Ecgbribt 
Eating sercelb. 3 beo restaS begen on Eoferwic ceastre on anum 

740. Her -^elherd cining forSferde." ^ fseng CuSred bis 
mseg to WestSeaxna rice, j heold' -xvi- gear. 3 heardlice 
ge wann witS JESelbold Myrcena cining. 3 Eadberht** wses to 
sercelb gehalgod. ^ Dunn 15 to Rofescsestre. 

741. Her forbarn Eoferwic. 

sice (read: swylce) Bweart scyld. ^^ So E. againBt all the other 

F. (inserted). Totus orbis solis quasi HSS. The mistake was due to the 

nigerrimo et horrendo scuto uideba- occurrence of the name .^^elwold 

tor esBe-coopertas drca ill*™, horam just above, 
diei. F. Lat. " forferde. MS. 

^^ et tenuit v. ann. F. Lat. add. ^^ So £. against all the other 

" feng to clerichade. F. MSS. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


743. Her ^J^elbald ^ Cu];rced fuhton wiJ>Walasr 

744. Her Danihel gesaet on Wintan ceastre, ^ HunferJ?- 
feng to biscdomer 

745. Her Danihel forJ?ferde, j?a was 'xliii* wint agan 
sij?)7an he onfeng biscdomer 

746. Her mon slog Selred cyningr 

748. Her wses ofslaegen Cynric Wesseaxna cej>eling, "] 
Eadbryht Cantwara cyning forJ?ferder i ^thelhyrM WiM- 
redes sunu cingesfeng to J)ar/i rice. 

750. Her Cu)?red cyning gefeaht uui]? -^]?elhun J^one 
ofermedan aldonnonnr 
f. lo. 752. Her CuJ?red gefeaht fy -xii*^ geare his rices set 
Beorgfeorda wi^ -^|?elbaldr 

753. HerCiifredfeahtwi)?Walasr 

754. Her Cu}?red forJ?ferde, ^ Cyneheard onfeng bisc 
dome aefter HunferJ?e on Wintan ceastre ; j Cantwara 
burg forbsem \j geare, ^ Sigebryht feng to Wesseaxna 
rice, J heold an gearr 

755. Her Cynewulf benam Sigebryht his rices j West 
Seaxna wiotan for unryhtum d*edu»*, buton Ham tun scire ; 
•] he haefde J?a oj? he ofslog J?one aldor mon j?e \nm lengest 
wunode^ ; j hiene J>a Cynewulf on Sndred adraefde, j h^ 
)?aBr wunade oJ^J^aet hiene an swan ofstang set Pryfetes 
flodan; ^ he wrcec )7one aldor mon Cumbran ; ^ se Cyne- 
wulf oft miclum gefeohtum feaht uui]? Bretwaluw* ; j jmh 
•xxxi'^ wint J?aes j?e he rice haefde, he wolde adraefan anne 
«e];eling se was Cyneheard haten, *j se Cyneheard wses J^aes 
Sigebryhtes bro)?ur ; "] J?a g^scode he )7one cyning lytle 
werode on wifcy};]?e on Merantune, ^ hine ]?aer bei-ad, ^ 
]?one bur* utan be code aer hine }?a men onfunden J?e mid 

t 48. F. 755. Her Cynewulf benam Sibcrte 'cinge' his rice. 3 Sibertes 
broker, Cynehard gehaten, ofsloh Cynewulf 'on Merantune'*. "} 
he rixode xxxi. gear. And ^as ylcan geares man ofsloh ^^elbald 
Myrcena cing on Hreopandune. And OflEa gefeng Myrcena 'rice', 
geflymdon Beomrede '. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 47 

743. Her iESelbald Myrcena cining ^ CuSred WestSeaxna 
cining gefuhton wiS Wealas, 

744. Her Daniel ge sset on Wintan csestre. ^ Unpertf] feng 
to % dome. ^ steorran foran swytSe scotienda, j WilfertS seo iunga 
se wses B on Eoferwic fortSferde on •iii» kl Mai. se wses -xxx* 
wintra biscop. 

745. Her Daniel forSferde. f)a wses •xlvi-'' wintra agan sytJSan 
he onfeng biscop dome. 

746. Her man sloh Selred cining. 

748. Her wses of slagen Cynric West Seaxna sejjeling. ] 
Eadbriht Cantwara cining forSferde. 

750®. Her Cut5red "Wsest Seaxna cining gefeaht wiS -^f>el- f. 22. b. 
hun tSone eofermodigan® ealdorman. 

752. Her Cuj?red Wsest Seaxna cining gefeabt ]?y -xxii. 
geara his rices set Beorbforda. wiS iESelbald Myrcena cing. 
J bine geflymde. 

753. Her CuSred Wsest Seaxna cyning gefeabt wiS Wealas. 

754. Her CuSred Wsest Seaxna cining forSferde. •] Cyne 
heard onfeng biscop dome sefter HunferSe on Wintan ceastre. 
J Cantwara byrig forbam t5y geare. j Sigbriht bis mseg feng 
to Wsest Seaxna rice. ^ beold a* gear. 

755. Her Cynewulf benam Sigebribte bis msege bis rice, j 
Wsest Seaxna witan for unribtum dsedum baton Hamtun scyre. 
J be bafde J?a oS be of glob Sone ealdorman J)e bim lengs[t] 
wunode. "3 bine )?a Cynewulf on Andred adrefede. ^ be f)ser 
wunode of> f an swan bine of stang set Pryftes flodan. sse 
swan wrsec Sone ealdorman Cumbran. "3 se Cynewulf oft feabt 
mycclum gefeabtum wiS Britwealas. ^ ymb 'xvi- wintra f>ses 
)5e be rice bsefde. be -^olde adrsefan senne set5eling se wses 
Cynebeard gebaten. se Cynebeard wes f)ses Sigebrihtes broSor. 
^ )5a acsode be f>one cining lyt wyrede on wifcySSan on 
Merantune. ^ bine )?ser berdd. •] )?one bur uto'n' beeodon. 

^ So B. C. D. • fugato Bemredo rege herede 

^ mid wunude. D. Adelb[aldi]. F. Lat. 

5 So B. C. xxi. D. ^ xliii. B. C. D. cf. S, 

* J)a burh. B. C. . ® f. 22 b. begins with 749. 

' Apud Meredune. F. Itat. * ofermodigan. D. 

Digitized by 



J?am kyninge waBrun; ] J7a ongeat se cyning J?aet, ^ he 
on J?a duru eode, j }?a unheanlice Line werede, q\ he on 
J?one cej^eling loeude, j J?a utrsesde on hine, ^ hine mielum 
gewundode. ^ hie alle on J?one Cyning waerun feohtende o\ 
j?aet hie hine ofslsegenne hsefdon ; ^ )?a on J78es wifes 
gebaBnim onfundon ]?8es cyninges J^egnas ))a unstilnesse, ";) 
J>a J?ider urnon swahwelc swa Jwnne gearo wear J? -j radost^ ; 
J hiera se ccj^eling gehweleum feoh j feorh gebead, j hiera 
naenig hit gej^iegean^ nolder So hie simle feohtende 
waeran o)? hie alle laegon butan anuw Bryttiscuw^ gisle, "] se 
swi|?e gewundad wsbs. Da on morgenne gehierdun )?aet 
j?aes cyninges J?egnas ]7e him be aeftan waerun J^aet se cyning 
ofsl<egen waes, ]?aridon hie J>ider, j his aldormon Osric, j 
WiferJ? his J>egn, j )?a men ]?e he be aeftan him laefde aer, ^ 
j?one eej?eling on J?aere byrig metton J^aer se cyning ofslaegen 
IsBg, 1 J^a gatu him to belocen haefdon j j?a J^aer to 
eodon; j ]?a gebead he him hiera agenne dom feos ^ 
londes gif hie him J^aes rices uJ?on, j him cyj^don J^aet hiera 
maegas him mid waeron J?a J>e him from noldon; j J?a 
cuccdon hie J^aet him naenig maeg leofra naere )?onne hiera 
hlaford, j hie naefre his banan folgian noldon, ;) J?a budon 
f. lo. b. hie hiera maegnm ]>aet hie gesund^ | from eodon ; j hie 
cu«edon J^aet taet ilce hiera gefe^uw^ geboden waere, )?e aer 
mid J?am cyninge waerun ; J7a cuadon hie J^aet hie ^hie' |78es 
ne^ onmunden ]?onma )?e eowre geferan J>e mid J^am 
cyninge ofslaegene waerun. ^ hie }?a ymb }?a gatu feohtende 
waeron o}?]7«t hie J>aer inne fulgon*, ^ }?one cej7eling of- 
slogon, J J?a men J?e him mid waerun alle butan anum, se 
waes ]7aBS aldor monnes^ god sunu, j he his feorh generede ^ 
J^eah he waes oft gewundad. 

J se Cynewulf ricsode -xxxi- wiut. j his lie lij? aet Win- 
tan ceastre, j J?aes cej?elinges aet ffscan mynster, j hiera ryht 

feeder cyn gcej? to Cerdice ; ^ J?y ilcan geare mon ofslog 
-^J^elbald Miercna cyning on Seccandune, j his lie li)? 
on Hreopadune; i Beomrccd feng to rice, j lytic hwile 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 49 

ser hine J?a mew afundaa f>e mid f)am cyninge wseron. ^ ]?a 
ongeat se cyning ^. j he on "Sa duru eode, ^ f>a unheanlice 
hine werode. oS he on f)one sejjeling | locade. j f>a ut resde £23. 
on hine. j hine mycclum gewundode. ^ he ealle on Sone cining 
feohtende wseron. otS J>et hig hine of slaegen haefdon. ^ \d» on 
t5<es wifes gebseron onfandon f>8es ciningas Jjegnas J>a unstil- 
nessa. j f>a f>ider umon. swa hwilc swa Sonne gearo wearS 
hratSost. ^ se seSeling gehwilcan feoh. -^ feorh bead, j heo 
naenig J>icgan noldan. ac heo symle feohtende wseron. o)? hig 
ealle of slagene weeron. buton anum Brytwyliscum gisle. j se 
swySe ^ge'wundod wses, pa on morgen gehyrdon -f f>es ciniges 
J)egna8 J>e him bsefton wseron -f se cining ofslagen wses. )?a ridon 
[hi] Jjider j his ealdorman Osric. ^ WiferS his J?egn. j }?a men 
)>e he him besefton Isefde ser. •] Jjone seSeling on Jjsere byrig ge 
metton J>8er se cining ofslagen Iseg. j heo )?a gatu heom* to 
belocen haefdon. j "Sa Ser to eodon. j J)a bead he heom • heora 
agene dom feos. j landes gif heo him Jjses rices uSon. j heom 
cydde ^ heora maga him mid wseron 8a f>e him fram noldon. 
J J>a cwetSon hig. -f heom nsenig mseg leofra nsere Jjone heora 
hlaford. ^ heo nsefre his banan folgian noldon. j J)a budon hi 
heora magon f hi heom ge sunde fram eodon. j hi cwsedon 
$ f ilce heora geferuw geboden wsere J?e ser mid f>am cininge 
waeron. Da cwsedon hi -f -f hi )?8es ne gemundon f>onne ma 
J>e heora geferen j?e mid f>am cininge wseron of slagene. hi 
)>a ymb Sa gatu feohtende wseron oS hi Jjser in flugon. ;) 
))one 8ef>eling ofslogon. ;) J)a men "Se mid him wseron ealle 
buton anum. se wses f)es ealdormannes godsunu. j he his feorh 
generede. *] he wsbs oft gewundod. j se Cynewulf rixade 
•xxxi« wintra. j his lie ligtS on Wintan ceastre. ;) Jjses 
aeSelingas on Axanmynster. j heora riht fsederan cyn gsetS 
to Certice. j f>y ilcan geare man of sloh -^Selbald | Myrcene f. 23. b. 
cining onSecandune. j his lie restaS on Reopandune. j he 
rixade -xli* wintra. ^ J)a feng Beomred to rice. ^ litle hwile 

{(Continued on p. 5a) 

^ B. as E. ; om. 1 raSost. B. C. * duxes. C. 

^ onfon. B. • to . . . heom. Inserted on mar- 

' hie JwBs hie sylfe ne. B. hi gin. Omitted owing to recurrence 

hit jwes ne. D. of the word lieom. For : he heom, 

* So C. D., wurdon. B. the scribe at first wrote : heom heora. 

Digitized by 



heold J ungefealice ; j J7y ilcan geare Offa feng to rice, ^ 

heold •xxxviiii- wint. j his sunu Egfer heold -xli* daga ^ 
c* daga. Se Offa waes pineg ferj>iiig, pinegferj? Eanwulf- 
ing, Eanwulf Osmoding, Osmod Eawing, Eawa Pybing, 
Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cneb- 
ing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomaering, Eomaer 7CngelJ>ow- 
ing, JSngelJ^eow OflSng, Offa WsBrmunding, Wsermund 
Wyhtlaeging, Wihtlseg Wodeningr 

758 ^. Her CuJ?bryht arce bisc for]? ferder^ 
759^. Her Bregowine waes to ercebisc gehadod to See 
Michaeles tider^ 

760. Her -^J?elbryht Cantwara cyning* forJ?ferder se was 

Wihtredea sunu c%ng[es\. 

761. Her waes se mycla winter 

763. Her^ lanbryht® waes gehadod to aercebisc on j?one 
feowertegan daeg ofer midne winter r"^ 

764. Her laenbryht® aercebisc onfeng pallium r 

768. Ser for\f€rde Eadberht ^Batin^ cing \ 

772. Her Milred bisc forJ?ferder^ 

773. Her oJ?iewde read Cristes m«6l on hefenum dsiter 
sunnan setlgonge; ;) J?y geare gefuhton Mierce j Cant- 
ware aet Ottanforda; ^ wuVderleca nccdran waeron gese- 
wene on SuJ? Seaxna londe^. 

777, Her Cynewulf ^ Offa gefuhton ymb Benesing tun 
^ Offa TLom ]7one tuunr 

(E) heold ~] unge fealice. ^ j?a ilcan geare Offa ge flymde Beomred 
-] feng tojjain rice. ^ heold -xxxix' wintra. ^ his sunu EcgfertS 
heold -^ili' daga. ^ -c* daga. se Offa waes pingc ferjjing. 

f. 48. b. F. 777. Her was .^^elbyrht gehalgod to 15 to Hwiteme on Euerwic. 

^ 758 and 759 have been altered '' (1 heold hit xxvi gear.) F. 

from 757, 769 from 768, 774 from * Eanbriht. B. Eadbriht. C. 

773; all by the first scribe. • Before secure a blank erasure. 

^ (T he heold j> ar'b. rice xviii- suscipit clerical^m tonsoram. F. Lat. 

gear.) F. ^^ viiii. D. 

' (T heold hit feower gear.) F. ^* Eadberhtus cognomento Eat- 

* f Wihtredes sunu cinges.) F. ing. F. Lat. 

5 (fortSferde Bregwine arb. i) F. " xiii. D. 

« Eadbriht. B. C. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 51 

1^1. Her Eadberht Nor8hymbra cining feng to scsere*. j 
Osulf his sunu feng to f>am rice. ^ rixade -i- gear, j hine 
ofslogon his hi wan on ax* Id Augusti. 

758. Her CuSbriht 8erce15 forSferde. 

759. Her Bregowine wses to serceB gehalgod to see Michaeles 
tyde. ■] Moll ^Etfelwold feng to rice on NorS hymbrum. ;) 
rixade -vi* wint^. j hit f>a forlet. 

760. Her iEtSelbriht Cantwara cining forSferde. j Ceolwulf 
eac forSferde. 

761. Her wses se myccla winter. "^ Moll Norf>hymbra cining 
ofsloh Oswine set -^dwines clife. on octauo idw* Augusti. 

762. Her Ianbe[r]ht waes gehadod to serceB on Son -xl* 
daeg ofer mide winter j FriSewald biscop set Witerne fortS- 
ferde on no Mai. se wses gehalgod on Ceastrum on -xviii- 1c 
Sept. ]5am -vi* wintra Ceolwulfes rices, j he wses 15 'xxix- 
wintra; f)a man gehalgode Pyhtwine to 15 set -^^etee on 
•xvi \ Aug' to Hwiteme. 

765. Her feng Alhred to NorShymbra rice, j rixade eahta ^® 

766. Her forSferde Ecgberht serce15. in Eoferwic on -xiii* kt f. 24. 
DecemB. se wses % 'xxxvi* wintra. ^ FriSeberht in Hagustaldes 

^, se wses biscop *xxxiii» wintra. ^ man gehalgode .^t5elberht 
to Eoferwic. ^ Ealhmund to Hagustaldes ee. 

768. Her forSferde Eadberht Eating" on 'idiii- kt Septembris. 

769. Initium regni Karoli regis. 
772. Her Mildred 15 forSferde. 

774. Her NortShymbra fordrifon heora cining Alhred of 
Eoferwic on Eastertid. ■] genamon iESelred MoUes sunu heom 
to hlaforde. ^ se rixade -iiii* gear. 3 men ge segon read Cristes 
mel on heofenum sefter sunnan setlangange. on f>y geare ge 
fiihton Myrce j Cantwara set Ottanforda. 3 wundorlice nsedran 
waeron geseogene on SutSseaxna lande. 

776. Her forSferde Pehtwine biscop on -xiii- \ OctoB. se 
waes b -xiiii' wintra. 

777. Her Cynewulf ;j Offa geflyton ymb Benesingtun. -^ 
Offa genam Jjone tim. 3 )?y ilcan geare man gehalgode -<Et5el- 
berht to biscope to Hwiteme in Eoferwic on 'xvii' kt lulii. 

{Continued Oft p, 52.) 
E 1 

Digitized by 



780. Her JSld Seaxe j Francan gefuhtunr 

784. Her C3aiehear(i ofslog Cynewulf cyning, "] he }>8er 
wearj> ofslaegen, j 'Ixxxiiii- monna mid him ; j ]?a onfeng 
Beorhtric Wesseaxna rices, "j he ricsode -xvi' gear^, ^ his lie 
li)? set Werham, ^ his ryht tedren cyn g«ej> to Cerdiee. To 

]>y8an timan rixode Ealh mund cing innon Cent. ' 

785. Her waes geflitfullic^ senoJ> aet CealchyJ?e, ^ laen- 
bryht aercebisc forlet sumne d«el his biscdomes, 'j from 

F. 778. Her feng Alwold to rice, 3 rixad .x. winter r 

779. Her ^^elbyrht arB forSferde. 3 Eanbald was ge halgud an 
his loh.'j Cynebald^ 'ge'set 'in' Lindisfarana ee. 

780. Her Alcmund 15 on Hagstdee forSferde. 3 Tilb^eht was 
gecoren j)ar to. 3 Hibald to Lindisferana ee.* ;) Alwold cing sende 
to Rome aefter pallium to Eanboldes arb behoue *. 

782. Her f orSferde Cynewulf b of Lind. J Sino^ was at Aclea. 
f- 49' 784. [Hie tunc temporis fuit in Cantia rex Ealhmundus. \>es 
Ealhmund cing was Egberhtes fseder. Egberht was A^ulfes 

785. Hersffit full sino^ at Cealchy6e. J lanberht arb. far let sum 
dael of his b.dome. ;) fram Offan cinge Higbyrht was gecoren ^ 
~} EgferS to cinge gehalgod. ;) on ^is timan waeron serendracan * 

(E) On f>as kinges dsei Offa. waes an abbot on Medeshamstede 
Beonne gehaten. se ilea Beonne ]?urh ealle Jm munekered of 
f>ere minstre ]>& let he CuSbriht ealdorma[n] .x- bonde land | 
f. 24. b. at Swines heafde mid Iseswe "3 mid msedwe. ;) mid eal f>et tSaer 
to Isei. J swa f seo Cut5briht geaf f>one abbote -l- punde 
]?8Brfore. j ilea gear anes nihtes feorme out5er -xxx- scyllinge 
penega. swa eac f eafter his daei scolde seo land ongean in 
to ]?a mynstre. At f>is gewitnesse waes seo kining Offa. j seo 
kining EgferS. j seo aerceb Hygeberht. j Ceolwulf biscop. 

' winter. B.C. * nuntii. F. Lat. 

2 geflit 3 fullic. C. » Heardberht. D. 

^ Cynewulf. D. (recte. cf. 737.) ^^ viii. D. 

* qui fuit. apud Soccabyri. F. Lat. " Sic MS. without mark of con- 

* ad opus Eanboldi archiepiscopi traction, cf. F. 

sui. F. Lat, 1* supplied from D. 

* later hands. " Cynehearh. MS. 

^ electus est ab Offa rege. F. Lat. ^* So E. against all the MS8. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 53 

^ Inwona 15. ;) Beonna abbot, j feola o)?re biscopes j abbotes. 
;) feola oSre rice men. On f>es ilea Offa dsei. wses an ealdor- 
man Brordan wses gehaten. he geomde at se k jninp. ^ he 
scolde for his luuen freon his ane mynstre Wocingas het. 
for}?i tSet he hit wolde ^iijen into Medeshamstede. j See 
Peter. •-) Jjone abbote J)e }?a was. he was Pusa gehaten; seo 
Pusa waes after Beonna. and seo kining hine luuede swiSe. 
;) seo kyning freode ]?a f mynstre Wocingas witS cining j witS 
biscop J wiS eorl. ^ witS ealle men. swa f nan man ne hafdc 
Jjser nan onsting. buton S. Peter ^ J>one aB. Dis waes don 
on ]?e cininges tune Freoric buma hatte. 

778. Her -/ESebald j Hearberht* ofslogon -iii* heahgerefan 
Ealdulf Bosing set Cininges clife. ^ Cynewulf. j Ecgan set 
Helajjymum on 'xi* kt Apr. j )?a feng Alfwold to rice, j 
.^Etfelred bedraf on lande. j he rixade -x* winter. Karolus 
in Hispanias intrauit. Karolus Saxoniam uenit. Karolus Pam- 
pileniam urbem destruxit, atque Cesar Augustam. exercitum 
suum coniunxit, et acceptis obsidibus, subiugatis Sarracenis, per 
Narbonam Wasconiam Franciam rediit. 

779. Her Ealdseaxe j Francon gefuhton. j NorShymbra 
heah ge refan forbeamdon Beom | ealdor man on Sele tune f. 25. 
on 'ix- *^ \ lanr. ^ -^ESelberht erceb fort5ferde in Ceastre. j on 
]?8es stall Eanbald wees gehalgod. ^ Cynebald' b gesset in 
lindisfarna ee. 

780. Her Alchmund biscop in Hagstdee" forSferde on 'vii* 
\^U8 Sept'. •] Tilberht man gehalgode on his steal on •vi« N^ 
Octob. J Higbald man gehalgode to biscop set Soccabyrig 
to Lindisfarna ee. and iBlfwold cining sende man sefter pal- 
lium to Kome ^ Eanbald dyde [to] ^* serceb. 

782. Her forSferde Waerburh Ceolredes cwen. ^ Cynewulf 
b in Lindisfarna ee. j seonod waes at Aclea. 

784. Her Cyneheard^' of sloh Cynewulf cining. ^ he waerS 
Jjaer of slagen. j Ixxxiiii- manna mid him. *] f>a onfeng Brihtric 
WestSeaxna cining to rice. "3 he rixade -xvi* gear. "J his lie 
litJ aer" Waerham. j his riht faedem cyn gaetS to Certice. 

785. Her forSferde Botwine abbot in Hripum. ^ her waes 
ge flitfullic sinoS aet Cealc hySe. ^ lanberht erceb forlet sumne 

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Offan kyninge Hygebryht waes gecoren, 3 Ecgfer]? to 
cyning^ gehalgodr 

787. Her nom Beorhtric cyning Offan dolitor Eadburge ; 
3 on his dagum cuomon aerest dii- scipu, j J^a se gerefa j^serto 
rad, ^ hie wolde drifan to J?aes cyninges tune ]?y he nyste hwaet 
hie waeron ; j hiene mon ofslog ; paet waeron ]?a serestan 
scipu Deniscra monna J>e Sngel cynnes lond gesohton r 

790. Her laenbryht^ aercebisc for]?ferde, j ]?y ilcan geare 
w^^s gecoren -^J?elheard abbud to bisc r 

792. Her Offa Miercna cyning het -rE]7elbryhte rex pest 
heafod ofaslean. 

(F) gesend fraw Adriane papan to Englalande to geniweanne ^ne 
geleauan. ^ scs Gregorius us sende. ") hi man mid wurSscipe 
under feng. 

787. Her Brihtric cing nam OfFan doht^ Eadburhge to wiue. 3 
on his dagan coman serost -iii- scipa NorS manna^ of Here¥alande. 
DaBt wseran ^ serostan scipa Deniscra manna ^ Angelcynnes land 
ge sohton '. 
.49. b. 788. Her was Sino^ ge gaderod on Nordhuwbra lande set Pincan- 

789. Her was Alwold Noi^ymbra cing ofelagen. 3 heouonlice 
lioht was gelome gesawen ¥ar ^ar he ofslagen was. (3 Osred 
Alcredes sunu feng to rice, for^n he was Alwoldes neua. And 
mycel sino^ was at Aclea.) 

790. Her lanbyrht arb foi^ferde. "j ¥as ylcan geares was 
gecoren A¥elhard (Hludensis monasterii) a15K to art). ;j Osred Nor6- 
hymbra cing was aflymed of rice. ;j ^E^lred A^elwaldes sunu eft 
feng to rice *. 

791. Her Baldulf was gehalgod to 15 fram Eanbalde £r15 "] fram 
-^^Ib^hte % to Hwiteme. 

792. Her Offa cing het ^E^elberhte 'cinge' f heauod ofaslean. 

793. Her wseran re^e fore bycna cumene on Nor¥hymbra land. 
;j ^ folc earmlice drehtan *. ^ wseran ormete ligraescas. ~] waeran 
gesawenaB fyrene dracan on ^m lifte fleogende. 'and'sona fyly'g'de 

^ Eadbriht. B. C. runt Britanniam uenenmt alias. F. 

» de Danis. F. Lat. Lat. 

* PrimsB fuere quia nunquam * Et -/ECelredus ACelwolding re- 
ante has postquam Angli intraue- cepit regnum. F. Lat. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 55 

dael his biscop domes. ■] fram Offan cininge Hygebriht wes 
gecoren. j EcgferS to cining gehalgode. ;) in 8as tid waeren 
serendracen gesend of Eome fram Adrianum papan to -^ngla 
lande to niwianne pone geleafan ;) }?a sibbe Se scs Qregorius 
us sende "purh pone B Augustinum. ;) hi ^mau' mid wurSscipe 
under feng*. 

787. Her nam Breohtric cining OfFan dohter Eadburge. ") 

on his dagum comon | serest 'iii. scipu Nor'Smanna'^ of HereSa f. 25. b. 
laude. "3 )>a se ge refa fger to rad. 3 he wolde drifan to "Ses 
cininges tune pj he nyste hwset hi wseron. ;) hine man of sloh pa., 
Daet wseron J)a erestan scipu Deniscra manna pe Angel cynnes 
land ge sohton. 

788. Her wses sinoS gegaderod on NortShymbra lande eet 
Pincanheale on aii^i'- n5 Sept*. ;) Aldberht a15lS fortSferde*. 
Earolus per Alemanniam uenit ad fines Bauuarie. 

789. Her Alfwold NortSanhymbra cining wees of slagan fram 
Sigan on 'ix* kt Octobr. j heofenlic leoht wses gelome seogen 
8aer per he ofslagen wses. "] he wses bebyrged on Hagust'dee. 
innan J^aere cyrican. "3 sinoS wses ge gaderod set Aclea. ] Osred 
Alchredes sunu feng to rice sefter him, se wees his nefa. 

790. Her lanbriht arcebiscop forSferde. ;) py ilcan geare wses 
gecoren -^Selheard al3b to arceB. 3 Osred NorSan hymbra 
cining wses be swicen 3 of rice adrefed. j JESelred ASelwaldes 
sunn eft feng to rice. 

791. Her wses Baldwulf ge halgod to b to Hwiteme on 'Xvi* 
1c AvG. fram Eanbalde arceB. ■] fram .^ESelberhte biscope. 

792. Her Offa Myrcena cining bet JEtSelbrihte f heafod of 
slean. ;) Osred pe wses NorJ)anhymbra cining sefter wraecsiSe 
ham cumenum gelseht wses. and ofslagen on -xviii* kt Octobr. 
"} his lie ligS set TinanmuJ>e. "] -^"Selred cining feng to niwan 
wife, seo wses rifled ge haten. on -iii* k Octobr. 

793. Her wseron reSe forebecna cumene ofer NorSanhymbra 
land. "3 f folc earmlice | bregdon ; f wseron ormete lig rsescas ®, f. 26. 
J wseron ge seowene fyrene dracan on )?am lyfte fleogende. J>am 

* The scribe at first wrote dregtan. . "^ So B. C. D. F. 

* I mid sibbe ongssn sseude. add. ^ in Hripum. add. D. 

D. . ® J)odenas T ligrescas. D. 

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56 THE PARKER MS. (2?) 

794. Her Sdjianw* papa j Offa cyning forJ?ferdon; T 
-^J?elred NorJ?an hymbra cyning waes ofslsBgen from his 
agenre ]?eode, j Ceolwulf bise j Eadbald bisc of ]?aem londe 
aforon ; j EcgferJ? feng to Miercna rice, j |?y ilcan geare 
for]?ferde; j Eadbryht onfeng rice on Cent. J^am was oj^er 
noma nemned Prsenr 

796. Her Ceolwulf Miercna cyning oferhergeade Cant- 
ware o]? Mersc, j grfengun Praen liiera cyning, 3 g^bun- 
denne hine on Mierce l.eddon ; 

797. Her Romane Leone j?aem pap<z» his tungon for- 
curfon, J his eagan astungon, 3 hine of his setle afliemdon ; 
J ]?a sona eft Gode fultomiendu^ he meahte geseon ;j 
sprecan, ^ eft was papa swa he aer waesr 

(F) mycel hunger. 3 aeffcer ^m ¥es ylcan geares earmlice hsB^enra her- 
gung adyligodan Godes cyrican in Lindis farena ^e. ^ur'h' reaflac 
■j manslyht ^. 
^' 50- 794. Her Adrianw« papa 3 OiFa cing forSferdon. | ;i A^lred 
NorSh. cing was ofslagen. ^ Ceolwulf 15 J Eadbald fe of ^n lande 
foron. "] Eg'c'fefS feng to Myrcna rice. "] on ^an geare fofSferde. 
J Eadber'h't Traen' onfeng rice on Cent. 

795. Her waes se mona a^estred. betwyx hancre "j dagung". "j 
Eardulf feng to NordK. rice. J gebletsod to cinge fram Eanbalde ar15 
-] iE=6elb^hte 15 -] Higbalde. 1 Badewulfe %. 

796. Her 'on' ^ys'on' gearae Ceolwulf Myrcna cing ouerhergode 
Cent. ;) ge feng 'Eadberht' Praen heora cing. "j gebundene laedde 
on Myrce (J let him pytan ' ut his eagan. *] ceorfan of his handa.) 
Ond A^lard arb. of Cantwareb. sette syno^, J getrywde J ge faest- 
node. ^urh ^as papan haese Leones ealle ^ ^ing be Godes mynstran. 
^a waeron gesett be Wiht gares daege, "] be o^ra cinga daege. 

f. 50. b. 798 (?). ... J iS^elbyrht b. forSferde. (l Alfhun b forSferde on 
Sudberi. "] he weafS bebyrged [on] Domuce. J Tidfri^ wearS ge coren 
aeffcer him. "J Siric East sexana cing ferde to Rome. Her on Jjysum 
ylcan geare Wihtburge lichama wear^ gefiinden eal gehal ^ un- 
for [brosnojd * a Deorham. lefter fif ^ fifti gearon j)as ^e heo of ^ysum 
Hue gewat.) 

^ Terram rapinis et homicidiis * Done inu])au. D. 

. . . Sci Albani Martyris. F. Lat. « on -iiii- "k. Agsf . D. (recte.) 

" inter gallicantmu et auroram . "^ Meroware. D. 

•vi- kt. lun. F. Lat. * ne erased in MS. 

' This word is doubtful. M.H.B. • From D. The omission in E is 

read it py can. euulsis oculis. F. Lat. due to the recurrence of the words : 

* sine oorruptione. F. Lat. on . . . "k KO V. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 57 

tacnum sona fyligde mycel hunger, j litel seffcer ]?am J^ses ilcan 
geares on -vi* \diU8 lanr earmlice heSenra manna hergung adiligode 
Godes cyrican. in Lindisfarena ee. Jmrh reaflac. j man sleht. ^ 
Sicga fortSferde on vii'i' It Mr. 

794. Her Adrianus papa ;) Offa cining forSferden. j -^Selred 
NorSanhymbra cining wses ofslagan fram his agenre ]>eode 
on -xiii- ^ Mai. j Ceolwulf B ^ Eadbald biscop of J>an lande 
aforon. j EcgferS feng to Myrcene rice, j ]3y ilcan geare fortS- 
ferde. j Eadbriht onfeng rice on Cent J>am wses oSer nama 
nemned Prsen. ^ iE'Selheard ealdorman forSferde on ^ Aug'. 
3 ]?a hsetSenan on NortShymbrum hergodon. j EcgfertSes mynster 
set Done mujje'' berefodon. *] }?8er heora heretogena sum of 
slsegen wearS. j eac heora scipu sume }?urh oferweder wurdon 
tobrocene. ■] heora feala Jjser adruncon. "] sume cuce to }?am 
stfletSe comon. "] J?a man sona of sloh set "Ssere ea muSan. 

795. Her wses seo mona atSistrod betwux hancred. ;) 
dagunge on -v- kt Apr. j Eardwulf feng to Nor}?anhymbran 
cine dome on -ii- idifc5 Mai. -] he wses sytSSan gebletsod. j 
to his cine stole ahofen on 'vii' fe lunii on Eoferwic fram 
Eanbalde arceb. -] -^"Selberhte. 3 Higbalde. ;] Badewulfe. 

796. Her forSferde Offa Myrcena [cining] on 'iiii- idms^ 
Augusti. se rixode 'xl* wintra. j Eanbald arceb on diii- idiV^ 
Aug' }?8es ilcan geares. j his lie ligS on Eoferwic. ■] }?es ilcan 
geares forS ferde Ceolwulf b. ■] man ge halgode o]3er[ne 
Eanjbald on J^ses oSres stal on ^xix- | kt Septe. "] J?y ilcan f. 26. b. 
geare Ceolwulf Myrcena cining ofer hergode Cantware j Mersc 
ware.'' ^ gefengon Prsen heora cining. -^ gebu'n'den[ne]' hine 
Iseddon on Myrce. 

797. Her Romane Leone J^am papan his tungan forcurfan. ;) 
his eagan ut astungon. and hine of his setle aflymdon. j ]7a sona 
eft Gode ge fultumiendum he mihte geseon ■] sprecan. ^ eft 
wses papa swa he ser wses. ;) Eanbald onfeng pallium on 'vi' 
i^u8 Sept. J -^elberht b for['S]ferde on ['Xvii. Ic. Nouemb. ;j 
Heardred man ge halgode on his steal to biscop. on]' -iii* t Nov. 

798. Her wses mycel ge feoht on Nor?5hymbra lande on leng- 
tene on -iiii- N®. Apr. set Hweallsege. ] J>ser man of sloh Alric 
Heardberhtes sunu. -\ oSre msenige mid him. 

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58 THE PARKER MS. (75) 

799. Her ^]?elheard^ aercebisc :) Cynebryht Wesseaxna 
bisc foron to Romer 

800. Her Beorhtric cyning forJ?ferde j Worr aldor mon ; 
J Ecgbiyht feng to Wesseaxna rice ; j J?y ilcan dsBge rad 

f. ii.b. JEJ?elmund aldor | man of Hwiceium ofer aet CynemaBres 
forda, J7a mette hine Weoxtan aldor man mid Wilsaetu^; 
paer wear]? micel gefeoht, j ]?8er begen ofslaegene J?a aldor 
men, j Wilssetan namon siger 

802. Her waes g<?hadod Beommod bisc to Hrofes ceastre^r 

803. Her JEJ^elheard aercebisc forJ?ferde, 3 Wulfred waes 
to aercebisc g^hadod, ^ For]?red abbud forJ?ferder 

804. Her Wulfred aerce bisc pallium onfengr 

805. Her Cu]?red cyning for]?ferde on Cantwarum, j 
Ceolburg abbudesse, 3 Heabryht^ aldor man r 

812. Her Carl cyning for^ferde, ^ lie ricsode -xlv- wint. 
^ Wulfred arcebisc ^ Wigbryht Wesseaxna bisc foron 
begen to Rome ; 

813. Her Wulfred aercebisc mid bledsunge j^aes papan 
Leon hwearf eft to his agnum bisc dome ; j J?y geare geher- 
gade Ecgbryht cyning on West Walas from easte weardu«» 
o]? weste wearder 

814. Her Leo se cej^ela papa j se halga for]?ferde, j aeft^r 
him Stepham^* feng to rice^r 

f- 51- F. 806. .(e)... (Eac on ^ys ylcan geaore. ii- n lufi. rodetacn 
wear^ ateowed on %am monan anes Wodnes dseges innan ^are da- 
genge. an eft on ^is geare an iii. kT. Sept. an wunderlic trendel 
wear^ ateowed abutan 'Sare sunnan *.) 

809. Her seo sunne a^strode on angynne ^are fifte tide ^Sas 
dages .xvii. kt. Aug. ii* teria, luna xx™*. ix*. 

^ So B. C. D. F. luna apparuit feria .v* aurora incipi- 

* D. places this entry in this form ente hoc modo 4=. Eodem anno oii- 
under the year 801 ; but repeats it \ Sept. luna xii- die dominica bora 
in the form in which it occurs in E. iiii* corona mirabilis in circuitu solis 
under the year 802. apparuit. F. Lat. 

3 Heabriht. B.C. Heard biyht. D. • So E. against all the MSS. 

* to papdome. F. ^ secunda bora noctis. F. Lat. 

' Hoc anno etiam .ii. N. lun. luna ' (filius Ealhmundi regis). F.Lat. 

xiiii- signum orucis mirabili modo in ' Wihstan. B. Weohstan. C. D. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 59 

799. Her iESelred* arceB ^ Cynebriht WgestSsexna biscop 
foran to Boma. 

800. Her wses se mona aSistrad on Ssere oSre tid onniht' 
on 'Xvii* kt. Feb?. ■] Brihtric ciuing forSferde. ;) Wo'r r aealdor- 
man. *] Ecgberht^ feng to WsestSeaxna rice. ^ ]?y ilcan daeg 
rad -^}?8elmund ealdorman of Hwiccum of ^er' aet CynemaBres 
forda. ]?a ge mette hine Weohstan ® ealdorman mid Wil ssetum. 
;3 ]?8er wserS mycel gefeoht. -] Jjser begen ofslagene wseron. 
})e ealdormen. "j Wilssete na[mo]n sige. Karolus rex imperator 
factus est, et a Bomanis appellatus Augustus ; qui illos qui 
Leonem papam dehonestauerant morte damnauit, sed precibus 
papse morte indulta exilio retrusit. Ipse enim papa Leo 
imperatorem eum sacrauerat. 

802. Her aSeostrade se mona on dagunge on -xiii* kt laflr.^® 

^ Beommod wsbs | gehalgod to B to Bofeceastre )?y ilcan geare. f. 27. 

803. Her forSferde Higbald Lindisfama 15 on -viii- Ic lulii. -] 
man gehalgode on his steal Ecgberht on -iii. idiv^s lunii. j -^Sel- 
herd arcelS fortSferde on Cent."] Wulfred [waes] to atceB gehalgod". 

804. Her Wulfred arcelS onfeng pallium. 

805. Her CutSred cining forSferde on Cantwarum. 3 Ceol- 
burh aBBe. ;] Heard berht. 

806. Her se mona^^ aSistrode on kt Sept. *] Eardwulf NorSan- 
hymbra cining wses of his rice adrifen. ■] Eanberht Hagusteald 
bs forSferde. 

810. Karolus cum Niceforo imperatore Constantinopot pacem 

812. Her Karl cining forSferde. j he rixade -xlv wintra. ;) 
Wulfred arceb. j Wigbriht WaestSsexna b foran to Borne. 
Cireneius Karolo imperatori legatos suos cum pace mittit. 
Karolus imperator obiit. 

813. Her Wulfred arceb mid bletsunge }?8es papan Leon hwearf 
eft to his agenuw biscop dome. ■] fy geare ge hergode Ecgberht 
cining on WestWalas fram easteweardum oS westewearde. 

814. Her Leo se seSela papa j se halga fortSferde. ] sefter 
him Stephanie feng to rice. 

" (Tunc temporis extitit Cuthre- ^^ Wulfred wear]) gecoren on his 

dus rex Cantie.) Inserted here in loh. F. 
the Saxon, not in the Latin of F. " Her Bona. D. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


816. Her Stephanw^ papa forj?ferde, j sefix^r him was 
Paschalis to papan gehadod; j J?y ilcan geare forbom 
Ongolcynnes scolur 

819. Her Cenwulf Mielrcna cyning forJ?ferde, j Ceolwulf 
feng to rice, j Eadbiyht aldormon forJ?ferder 

821. Her wear]; Ceolwulf his rices bescieredr 

822. Her tuegeli aldormen wurdon ofslaegene, Burg 
helm ^ Muca; j senoj? waes aet Clofeshoor 

823. Her waes Wala gefeoht ^ Defna aet Gaful forda ; ^ 
]?y ilcan geare gefeaht Ecbryht cyning ^ Beomwulf cyning 
on Ellen duAe, ^ Ecgbryht sige nam, j J>aer waes micel w«el 
ge slaegen 5 pa sende he -^];lwulf ^ his sunu of J^aere fierde, 
J Ealhstan his bisc, ^ Wulf heard his aldormon to Cent 
micle Werede, ^ hie Baldred J^one cyning nor]? ofer Temese 
adrifoH, j Cant ware him to cirdon, j Sa];rige, ^ Su]? Seaxe, 
J Enst Seaxe, \y hie from his maegum aer^ mid unryhte 
anidde waerun ; ^ ];y ilcan geare EastEngla cyning, 3 seo J?eod 

f. 12. gesohte Ecgbryht cyning | him to fri)7e j to mund boran for 
Miercna ege, j |?y geare slogon EastEngle Beomwulf 
Miercna cyningr 

825. Her Ludecan Miercna cyning j his -v* aldormen 
mon ofslog mid him "J Wiiglaf feng to ricer 

827. Her mona a]?istrode on middes wintres maesse niht ; 
J J?y ilcan geare ge code Ecgbryht cyning Miercna rice j 
al )?aet be suj^an Humbre waes, j he waes se eahtej^a cyning 
se]?e BretwalM'^a^ waes ; jErest ^Ue Su]? Seaxna cyning se 
|7us micel rice haefde, se aeftera waes Ceawlin Wesseaxna 
cyning, se]?ridda waes -^J?elbryht Cantwara cyning, se 
feorJ?a waes R^dwald East Engla cyning, fifta was Eadwine 
NorJ?an hymbra cyning, siexta waes Oswald se aeft^r him 
ricsode, seofo]7a waes Oswio Oswaldes broJ?ur, eahtoJ?a waes 
Ecgbryht Wesseaxna cyning ; ^ se Ecgbryht l<fidde fierd to 
Dore wi]? Nor)7an hymbre, ^ hie him |?aer eaJ?medo budon 
1 gej?uaernesse, ^ hie on ]?am tohwurfonr 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 6i 

815. Her Stephant** papa forSferde. 3 sefter him wses Pas- 
chalis to papan gehalgod. ;) ^pJ ilcan geare forbarn Angel 
cynnes scolu*. 

819. Her Cenwulf Myrcena cining forSferde. ;) Ceolwulf feiig f. 27. b. 
to rice. ;) Eadberht ealdormaTi forSferde. 

821. Her weerS Ceolwulf his rices bescered. 

822. Her twsegen aldormen wurdon of slagene Burhhehn 3 
Muca. -] sinoS [wees] set Clofesho. 

823. Her w8bs Weala gefeoht. j Defena set Gafol forda. ^ 
})y ilcan geare*' gefeaht Ecgberht WestSeaxna cining. ^ Beornulf 
Myrcena cining set Elian dune. "] Ecgberht sige nam. j ]?ser wses 
mycel wsel ge slsegen. pa sende he -^"Selwulf his sunu of )?8ere 
ferde. j Ealhstan his B. j "Wulfheard his ealdorman to Cent 
mycele wserede. ;) hi Baldred Jjone cining norS ofer Temese 
adrifen. 3 Cantwara him to cyrdon. j SuSrig. j SuSseaxe. 3 
Eastseaxe. ]?y hi fram his magum «er mid unrihte anydde wseron. 
-] J)y ilcan geare East Engla cining. 3 seo J?eod ge sohte Ecgbriht 
cining him to friSe. j to mundburan for Myrcena ege. 3 \>i 
ilcan geare slogon EastEngle Beornulf Myrcena cining. 

825. Her Ludecan* Myrcena cining. j his 'V'.ealdormen man 
ofsloh mid him. "] Wiglaf feng to rice. 

827. Her se mona aSistrode on middes wintres messaniht. 
^ }5y geare ge code Ecgbriht cining Myrcena rice. "] eal f 
besutSan Humbre wses. ■] he wees se eahtoSa cining se )?e 
Brytenwealda wses. j aerest wses iElle SutSseaxna cining se 
]5us mycel ' haefde. oJ>aer wses | Ceawlin West Seaxna cining. f. 28. 
]?ridde -^J^elbriht Cantwara cining. feorSe Redwald East Engla 
fining. fifta -^dwine Nor]?an hymbra cining. sixta wses 
Oswald ]?e sefter him rixade. seofatSe wses Oswiu Oswaldes 
brof>or. eahtoSa wses Ecgbriht WestSeaxna cining. j se 
Ecgbriht Isedde fyrde to Dore® witS NorJ>an humbra. j hi him 
Jjser eadmedo budon. ;) Jjwsernessa. -^ hi mid }?an to hwurfon. 

^ A))ulf. B. C. * The annal 816 is omitted : f. 

^ At this point begins the frag- 27. b. begins with an. 817. 

ment of MS. A (G.) ^ 8ys ylcas geares. F. 

' Bryten walda B. Bretenan- * Ludica. F. Lat. 

wealda. C. Bryten wealda. D. ^ So D. F. 

Biyten weald. F. octauus rex qui ^ quod est in aquilonari parte 

rexit Bryttanniam. F. Lat. Humbrse. F. Lat. 

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828. Her eft Wilaf onfeng Mierena rices, j ^J?elwald 
bisc forJ?ferde, ^ ]?y ilcan gear© l.edde Ecgbryht cyning 
fierd on Nor]? Walas, j he hie .to eaJ?modre hersumnesse 

829. Her Wulfred aerce bisc forj^ferder 

830. Her Ceolno]? waes g^coren to bisc 3 gehadod, ^ 
Feologid abbud forfferder 

831. Her Ceolno]? aerce bisc onfeng pallium r 

832. Her h«ej?ne men oferhergeadon Sceap iger 

833. Her gefeaht Ecgbryht cyning wi]? -xxxv^ scip 
hlsBsta set Carru?«. j J?aer wearj? micel w.el geslaegen, j J?a 
Denescan ahton Wcel stowe gewald ; :) HereferJ? j Wig|7en 
tuegen biscepas forJ?ferdon, j Dudda j Osmod tuegen aldor 
men forJ?ferdonr 

835. Her cuom micel sciphere on West Walas, ;) hie to 
anum gecierdon, 3 wij? Ecgbryht WestSeaxna cyning 
winnende waeron ; pa he faet hierde, j mid fierde ferde, j 
him wi|7feaht set Hengestdune, j J^aer gefliemde ge ]?a 
Walas g^ ];a Deniscanr 

836. Her Ecgbryht cyning for]?ferde, j hine haefde aer 
Offa Mierena cyning j Beorhtric Wesseaxna cyning 
afliemed 'iii* gear of ?Cngel cyimes lande on Fronc lond aer 

f. i2.b. he cyning | waere, j ]?y fultumode Beorhtric Offin )?y he 
haefde his dohtor him to cuene; ;] se Ecgbryht ricsode 
•xxxvii- wint [j] 'vii- mona]?. ^ feng E]?elwulf Ecgbrehting 
to Wesseaxna rice, ^ he salde his suna ^}>elstane^ Cant- 
wararioe 3 East Seaxna 3 Su];rigea 3 SuJ? Seaxnar^ 

837. Her Wulfheard aldor man gefeaht aet Ham tune 
wi]? -xxxiii-* sciphlaesta, j ]?8er micel w«el geslog, ^ sige 
nom ; j }7y geare forfrferde Wulfheard ; ^ J?y ilcan geare 
gefeaht -dE]7elhelm^ dux wi]? Deniscne here on Port mid 
Domsaetum, ^ gode hwile J^one here g^iemde, j |?a Deniscan 
ahton Wcel stowe gewald, "] )7one aldor mon ofslogonr 

838. Her Herebryht^ aldor mon waes ofslaegen from 
h«e}7num monnu^, j monige mid him on Mersc waruw*'', j 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 63 

828. Her Wiglaf eft onfeng Myrcena rice. ;) ^EtSelbald % fortS- 
ferde. j ]>j ilcJan geare Ecgbriht cining Isedde fyrde on NortJ 
Wealas. ;] he heom ealle to eadmodere hyrsumnesse ge dyde. 

829. Her Wulfred sercelS forSferde. 

830. Her CeolnoJ? wses to B' gecoren' j gehadod. j Feolagild 
abbot forSferde. 

831. Her Ceolnod serceB onfeng pallium. 

832. Her hseSene men oferhergodon Sceapege. 

833. Her Ecgbriht cining gefeaht wiS 'Xxv^® sciphlaesta aet 
Carrum. j Jjser wserhS mycel wsel geslagen. j Jja Deniscan 
ahton wselstowe ge weald, j HereferS 3 WigfertS "ii* 15 forS- 
ferdon. ■] Duda ■] Osmod 'ii- ealdormen forSferdon. 

835. Her com micel sciphere on Wsest Wealas. "j hi to anum 
ge cyrdon. ■] wiS Ecgbriht "Waest Seaxna cining winnende ^^ 
wseron. pa fyrdode him togeanes. "j vnS him feaht aet Hen- 
gestesdune. 3 J^ser segSer aflymde ge f>a Wealas ge Jja Deniscan. 

836. Her Ecgbriht cining forSferde. j hine ser hsefde Offa 
Myrcena cining. "j Byrhtric Waest Ssexna cining aflymde aii- 

gear of Angel | cynnes lande on Franc land aer he cining f. 28. b. 
waere.'^ ^ se Ecgbriht rixade -xxxvii* winter. ■] -vii' monSas. 
-] feng MpelwaU his sunu to West Seaxna rice, and ^"Selstan 
his otSer sunu feng to Cantwara rice, "j to SutSrigan. j to 
SaSseaxna rice. 

837. Her Wulf heard ealdorman gefeaht aet Hamtune witS 
•xxxiii- sciphlesta. j )?8er mycel wael gesloh. j sige nam. ■] 
]>j geare forSferde Wulfheard. j ^EJjelhelm ealdorman ge feaht 
wits p& Deniscan on Port mid Dorsaetum. "j se ealdorman 
waerS ofslaegen. ■] ]3a Deniscan ahton waelstowe ge weald. 

F. 829. Her Wulured afb. forSferde. ("j Felogild aBB wearS sdfter f. 52. 
him gecoren to ^an arB. stole vii. kt. Magi. ^ he wear^ gehalgud 
V. Id*. lufi. anes Sunnandages. j he wea[r6] dead iii. kt Sept.) 

^ So B and C. "^ Myrcwarum. D. 

« ^>e3tane. C. « £tb. F. 

' The letters in heavier type are • iii* td. lul. add. F. Lat. 

rubricated in the original. So infra, ^'^ So D and F. 

851. ^^ MS. wuniende ; and so D. 

* zxxiiii- C. '" -j sySSan he (com agean ')) was 

* ^J>elm. B. cing xxxvii* wint. T vii. monVas. F. 

* Ec^bryht. D. 

Digitized by 



]7y ilcan geare eft on Lindesse, ^ on EastEnglum, j on Cant- 
waruwz wnrdon monig^ men of slsegene from J?am heriger 

839. Her wses micel Wcelsliht on Lundenne, j on Cwant- 
awie, J on Hrofes ceastrer 

840. Her yE]?elwulf eyning gefeaht set Carrum wij? ^xxxv 
sciphlsBsta, j ]?a Denisean ahton wselstowe gewaldr 

845. Her Eanulf aldorman gefeahV mid Sumur saetuT/i, 
J Ealehstan bisc j Osric aldorman mid Domsaetuw gefuh- 
ton aet Pedridah mu)?an wi]? Denisene here, 3 j^aer micel 
Wcel g^slogon 3 sige namonr 

851. Her Ceorl aldormon gefeaht wij? haej^ene men mid 
Defena scire set Wicgan beorge, j ]?8er micel w<el geslogon, 
^ sige namon; ^ py ilcan geare -^]?elstan cyning, j 
Ealchere dux micelne here ofslogon set Sondwic on Cent, "j 
ix. scipu gefengun, ^ J?a oj^re gefliemdon; j li<e]7ne men 
serest ofer winter saeton ; j J?y ilcan geare cuom* feoV*Se' 
healfhund scipa on Temese muj^an, j br*econ Contwara 
burg, ;3 Lundenburg, "] gefliemdon Beorhtwulf Miercna 
cyning mid his fierdtf, j foron J^a suj? ofer Temese on 
Su|7rige, j hi»i grfeaht wi]? yEj?elwulf cyning j -^J^elbald 
his sunu aet S'clea mid WestSeaxna fierde, 3 J^aer J?/st 
maeste Wcel geslogon on \ii^VLwm herige ]7e we secgan 
hierdon oj? ]?isne ^weardan daeg, ;) ];aer sige namonr 

853. Her ^b^ed' Burgred Miercna cyning j his wiotan | 
f. 13- -^J^elwulf cyning ]?aet he^ him gefultumade ]?aet \Am Nor]? 
Walas gehiersumade ; He ]7a swa dyde, j mid fierde for 
ofer Mierce on NorJ? Walas, j hie him alle gehiersume 
\^ dydon ; 3 }7y ilcan geare sende ^J?elwulf cyning yElfred 
his sunu to Rome, pa was do»^ne Leo pap« on Rome, ^ 
he hine to cyninge g^ halgode, 3 hiene him to biscep suna 
na^ ; ^pa^ \j ilcan geare Ealhere mid Cantwarum, j Hudai 
mid Su]?rigiu»z g^ fuhton on Tenet wi]? hce]7nu»i herige, ^j 

^ he. bis. MS. ^ (T Lothwi se casere forS ferde.) 

^ So D. Cantwarabirig. C. F. add. 

Cwanta wic. B., altered apparently * ad os Pedredan cum Sumer- 

into Cynta wic. ssetan et Dorseton. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 65 

839. Her wses mycel wselslebt on Lundene. 3 on Cant 
wic^ ;] on Rofes csestre. 

840. Her ^Edelwulf cining gefeaht set Carrum witS -xxxv- 
sciphlesta. 3 J?a Deniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald'. 

845. Her Earnulf dux® mid Sumor sseton. *j Ealchstan 15. "j 
Osric dux mid Dorsgeton gefuhton set Pedredan mu)?an * wiS 
Denisc[n]e here. 3 Jjaer mycel wael ge slogon, 3 sige namon. 

851. Her Ceorl ealdorman gefeaht wiS hetSene men mid f- 29. 
Defene scire set Wic gean beorge. ■] ]38er mycel wael ge slogon. 

-] sige namon*. 3 hgeSene men® on Tenet ofer winter gesaeton. 
^ ]?y ilcan geare com feor]?e healf hund scipa on Temesemu]?an. 
^ hrsecon^ Cantware burh. "] geflymdon Brihtwulf Myrcena 
cining mid his fyrde. j foran }?a sutS ofer Temese on SuSrige. 
J him ge feaht wiS iESelwulf cining. ■] -^Selbald his sunu set 
Aclea mid WsestSsexna fyrde. ■] J^aer ^Y n^seste wael ge slogon 
on haeSene here f)e we sefre gesecgan herdon. j Jjser sige 
namon. And Jjy ilcan geare iESelstan cining. and Ealhere dux * 
gefuhton on scipum. j mycelne here of slogon set Sandwic. -] 
•ix'® Bcipu gefengon. "j }>a o8re geflymdon. 

852. Her on J^is tinia^leot Ceolred atiB of Medeshamstede JBe .^empg* 
J ]3a munecas "Wulfrede to hande Jjet land of Sempigaham, to [Pu^^]- 
^ forewearde ^ sefter his dsei scolde ^ land in to be minstre. 

^ Wulfred scolde gifen -f land of Sliowaforda into Medes- 
hamstede. 3 he scolde gife ilea gear in to ^ minstre sixtiga 
fotSra wuda. j twself foSur grsefan. ^ sex foSur gearda. j twa 
tunnan^^ fuUe hlutres alotS. 3 twa slseg nset. j sex hund hlafes. 
J ten nuttan Waelsces aloS. j ilea gear an hors j }?rittiga^ 
sclllin^ ■] ane naeht gefeormige. Her waes witS S£ cining 
Burhred. j Ceolred aercelS. and Tunberht B. ^ Cenred B. j 
Alhhun" 15. -^ Berhtred b. j Wihtred abb. ^ Werhtherd abb. 
-^elheard ealdorman. Hunberht ealdorman. *] feola oSre. 

852. Her Burhred Myrcene cyniwg under tSeodde him NortJ 
Wealas mid ^J^elwulfes | cininge fultume. ;] f)y ilcan geare f. 29. b. 
Ealhhere mid Cantwarum. "j Huda mid SuSrigum gefuhton 

' wig genamon. MS. ^ viii. B. C. 

• aerest. B. C. insert. *•* tunnnan MS. 
' *j ferdan upp *j brsecan. F. " Alhhim. MS. 

* ealderman. B. ealdonuann. C. 

Digitized by 



arrest gige namon, j J?8er wearj? monigmon ofslaegen, ^ 
adruncen on g^hwce|7ere hond. Ond l^aes ofer Eastron geaf 
^J?elwulf cyning his dohtor Burgrede cjming^ of Wes- 
seaxuw^ on Mercer 

855. Her hcej^ne men aerest on Sceapige ofer wint^ 
ssetun ; ^ J?y ilcan geare'gebocude -^J?elwulf cyning teoj^an 
dcfil his londes ofer al his rice Go[de] to lofe, 3 him selfuw 
to ecere hcelo ; ^ ]?y ilcan geare ferde to Rome mid micelre 
weorJ?nesse, 3 ]?ser was ^xii* mona]? wuniende, ^ ]?a hi»* haw* 
weard for, j him J?a Carl Francna cyning his dohtor geaf 
hiw to caene, ^ setter ^bm to his leoAxxm cuom, 3 hie J^sbs 
ge fsegene wserun. ^ jmh Ai- gear j^ses "Se he on ^ Francuw 
co»* he gefor. ;) his lie lij? set Wintan ceastre, j he ricsode 
nigonteo];e healfgear^. Ond se JEJ^elwulf wsbs Ecgbreht- 
in^g'^, Ecgbryht Ealhmunding, Ealhmund Eafing, Eafa 
Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding ; Ingild waes Ines bro]?ur West 
Seaxna cyninges, J^aes ]7e eft ferde to See Petre j J^ser eft 
his feorh g^sealde; j hie waeron Cenredes smia, CenredwsBS 
Ceolwalding, Ceolwald Cu]7aing, Cu]7a Cujrwining, CuJ?- 
Vine' Ceaulining, Ceawlin C3mricing, Cynric Cerdicing*, 
Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Giwising, Giwis Wiging, 
Wig Freawining, Freawine FriJ?ogaring, Fri]?ogar Brond- 
ing, Brond B«eld8Bging, Bceldaeg Wodening, Woden FriJ?o- 
walding, Fri];uwald Freawining, Frealaf^ FriJ^uwulfing, 
FriJ?uwulf Finning®, Fin God wolfing, Godwulf Geating, 
Geat Tcetwaing, T«etwa Beawing, Beaw Sceldwaing, Sceld- 
wea Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon Hra]?raing, 
se waes geboren in ]?aere earce ; Noe, Lamach, Matusalem, 
Enoh, laered, Maleel, Camon, Enos, Sed, Sdam. prim?^* 
homo et pat^r ni? est Xps, Smenr 

Ond ]?a feng^on' yE{?elwulfes suna tweg<?n to rice, -^]?el- 
bald to Wesseaxna rice, j JEj?elbryht to Cant wara rice, -] 
to East Seaxna rice "^^ ^ to SuJ^rigea, j to SuJ? Seaxna rice ; 
^ J7a ricsode -^];elbald 'V gearr 

860. Her JE|7elbald cyng for]?ferde, j his lie li]? set Scira 
human, ^ feng -^]7elbryht to alluw |7am rice his bro|7nr, ^ 

Digitized by 


' THE LAUD MS. (E) 67 

on Tenet wiS hseSene here, j jjser waeron feala of slsegene. ;) 
admncen on segSre hand. *] }?a eddormen bege dsede '. j Burh- 
red Mjrrcene cining feng to iEtfelwulfes dohtor WestSeaxna 

855. Her h8e]?ene men serest on Sceap ege ofer winter sfleton. 
;) )?y ilcan geare gebocade uEtSelwulf cining teoSan dael his 
landes ofer eal his rice Gode to lofe. j him selfum ecre hcele. 
And ]?y ilcan geare ferde to Kome mid mycclum wurSscipe. j )?8er 
wunade ^xii- nionatS. ■] he feng to Karles dohter Francna cining 
Jja he hamweard was®, j gesund ham com. j Jjaes ymbe -ii- 
gear forSferde. "] his lie litS on Wintan ceastre. ■] he rixade 
•ix- gear. He wses Ecgbrihting. ;) Jja fengon his -ii* sunu 
to rice. ^ESelbald to WestSeaxna rice, and to SuSrigean. ^ 
he rixade -v* gear'^ 

860. Her jESelbald cining forSferde. ;) his lie li"5 aet Scire- 
buman. j feng -^Selbriht to eallum J)am rice his broSor. ;) on 
his dsBge com mycel sciphere up. ■] abraecon Wintanceastre. 
■] wiS )?one here fuhton Osric ealdorman mid Hamtune scire. 
;3 iESelwulf ealdorman mid Barrucscire, j Jjone here ge 

B. and C. 855. . (3:) . . Itermon Hamming. HaJ^ra Hwalaing. 
Hwala Bedwiging. Bedwig" Sceafing. id est filius Noe, se waes 
geboren on j)8ere earce Noes ; Lamech. Matusalem. Enoh ^'^. Tared. 
Malalehel. Camon. Enos. Seth. Adam primus homo, et pater noster 
id est Xps. 

F. 855. . (^) . . to Su^sexan. (-Alfred his ))riddan sune he haefde f. 53. 
gesend to Rome. "J jja se papa Leo ge hyrde seggan "f he was forJS- 
faren, fa bletsode *he' Alured to cinge. T heold hine to b. handa ", 
eal swa his fseder A'Sewulf hine ^yder sende ^ baed.) 

^ of. B. C. (recte) ning. B. C, and practically D. 

' So B. C. D. XX. geara. F. ^ C. omits E%9ex. 

* Here D. interrupts the pedigree * begen deade. B. C. begen of- 
to give the succession of ^])elwulf s sleagon. D. 

sons, which it afterwards repeats in * ^seo was gehaten leothete'. F. 

a more correct form at the end of *° In E. the annal 856 is given 

the annal. E. follows in the main twice, 
the earlier incorrect version of D. ^^ Beowung. Beowi. D. 

* Cynric Creoding. Creoda Cer- ^* Enoo. B. 

dicing. B. C. and practically D. '^ benedixit et unxit eum in re- 

■ Sic MS. Freawine. W. gem, et eum ad confirmandimi te- 

* Woden Frealafing. Frealaf Fin- nuit. F. Lat. 

P % 

Digitized by 



he hit hebld on godre ge'pnsemesse j on miceire sibsum- 
f. 13. b. nesse^ ; j on his dsege cuom | micel sciphere ^up j abrcecon 
Wintanceastre/ 3 wi]; ]?one here gefuhton Osric aldor man 
mid Ham tun scire, j ^]7elwulf aldormon mid Bearruc 
scire, 3 ]?one here ge fliemdon, 3 w^el stowe gewald ahton ; 
^ se yE]?elbryht ricsode "V* gear, ;] his lie li]? set Scire 
human r 

865. Her sset hcej;en here on Tenet, •] g^namon fri]? wij? 
Cantwarum, j Cantware him feoh geheton wi]; yam fri)7e, 
^ under 'pam fri]?e j J^a^i feoh ge hate se here hiene on niht 
up be^cel, ;] oferhergeade alle Cent eastewearde ; 

866. Her feng jEyered jEpelhryhtes bro]7ur to Wes- 
seaxna rice ; j pj ilcan geare cuom micel here on Sngel 
cynnes lond, ^ winter setl namon on East Engine, ^ J?8er 
gehorsude wurdon, j hie him fri]? [wi]?] namon r 

867. Her tor se here of EastEngluw^ ofer Humbre 
mu]7an to Eofor wic ceastre on Nor]?hymbre, 3 ]>2dr waes 

micel un]7uaemes ]7aBre J?eode betweoV him selfuw^, 3 hie 
hsefdun hiera cyning aworpenne Osbryht, 3 ungecyndne 
cyning underfengon ^llan ; 3 hie late on geare to ]>a,m 
gecirdon ]?8Bt hie wij? ]7one here winnende wserun, ^ hie 
"pesh micle fierd gegadrodon, 3 ]?one here sohton set 
Eoforwic ceastre, 3 on ]7a ceastre brcecon, j hie sume inne 
wurdon, ;] ]78Br was ungemetlic Wcel g^lsegen Nor]?anhym- 
bra, sume binnan, sume butan ; j ]7a cyningas begen 
ofslsegene, -;} sio laf wi]; ];one here trip nam ; j ];y ilcan 
geare gefor Ealchstan bisc, 3 he haefde ^set biscrice J- wint 
set Scire human, j his lie lij; ]?8er on tuner 

868. Her for se ilea here innan Mierce to SnotengahaT;^, 
J ]?ser winter setl namon ; "j Burgr<ed Miercna cyning ;] 

f^ his wiotan b«edon ^J?ered West Seaxna cyning j -Alfred 
his bro]7ur J^aet hie him gefultumadon, |?set hie wi]; ]?one 
here gefuhton ; 3 pa. ferdon hie mid Wes^eaxna fierde 
innan Mierce op Snotenga ham, j ]?one here }?aer metton on 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 69 

flyindon. ^ wselstowe ge weald ahton. ^ se JESelbriht rixade 
•V- gear, j his lie liS aet Scirbuman. 

865 ^ Her sset se haeSene here on Tenet, ^ genam fritS wiS^- 30- 
Cantwai-um. "3 Cantware heom feoh beheton witS Sam friSe. 
;j on J^am feohbe.hate se here hine on niht up bestsel. '] 
oferhergode ealle Cent eastewarde. 

866. Her feng iESe Kred iESelbrihtes broSor to WestSeaxna 
rice. And J)y ilcan geare com mycel baetSen' here on Angel 
cynnes land, j winter setle naraon aet EastEnglum. "] Jjser 
gehorsade wurdon. ^ hi heom wiS friS genamon. 

867. Her for se here of EastEnglum ofer Humbre muSan. 
to Eoferwicceastre on NorSan hymbre. ^ J>8er waes mycel un 
Swaemesse ?5ere f>eode betwux heom sylfum. "] hi haefdon 
heora cining aworpene Osbriht. 3 ungecynde cining under 
fengon -^Uan. ^ hi late on geare to J>am gecyrdon. -f hi 
wiS j3one here wmnende waeron. j hi Seah myccle fyrd ge 
gadorodan. ^ Jjone here sohton aet Eoferwicceastre*. •] J?a 
ceastre braecdn. j hi sume inne wurdon. "3 f>aer waes ungemet 
wael geslaegen NortSanhymbra, sume binnan, sume butan. ^ 
)5a ciningas baegen ofslaegene. ^ seo lafe wiS J^one here fry "5 
nam. "3 f)y ilcan geare ge for Ealhstan b. j he haefde f 
biscoprice aet Scirebuman -l* winter, j his lie liS J)aer on tune*. 

868. Her for se ilea here innan Myrce to Snotingham j J^aer 
winter setle namon. and Burhcred Myrcena cining and his witan 
baedon -^SeTred "WestSeaxna cining "3 -Alfred his broSor f>et 

hi him | fultumedon. Jjaet hi wiS Jwne here ge fuhton. ^ f>a ^- 3o- l^- 
faerdon hi mid WaestSaexa fyrde in on Myrcene oJ> Snotinga- 

F. 861. Her forSferde S. Swi^un b. -) ^^elbald cmg. ■] he li^ f 53- b. 
on Scirbuman. "] ^^elberht feng to eallan ^an rice his broker; 
"] on his daege com mycel sciphere ^ abraecan Wintanceastrg ; "] 
wi^ ^ne here fuhtan Hamtimscir ^ Bearrucscir, ~] ^one here 
geflymdon. ^ ^es ^^elbyrht rixode -v. gear. ^ his lie li^ at Scir- 
buma;i *. 

^ B. and C. omit ■} on . . . sibsum- * on Eoforwic. B. C. 

nesse. D as E. The r of miceire is * ■} he tJar resteS. F. ubi requi- 

doubtful in S. eecit. F. Lat. 

* fol. 30 begins with 861. * F. Lat. has also this double 

=» So B. C. D. entry of ^Selbald's burial. 

Digitized by 



J^am g^weorce, j J^aer nan hefelic gefeoht ne wear)?, j 
Mierce fri]; namon wi]? ]7one here ; 

869. Her for se here eft to Eoforwiceeastre, j J^ser saet •!• 

870. Her rad se here ofer Mierce innan EastEngle ^ 
winter setl namon. set peodforda, ^ ^j wintry Eadmund 
cyning him wi]; feaht, ^ }7a Deniscan sige namon, j ]7one 
cyning ofslogon, ^ J^set lond all ge eodon ; j ]7y geare gefor 

Ceolnol? sercebisc^r l -^])ered Wiltunscire biscop wear)) gecoren to 
seix^biscpe to Cantuare beri. 

871. Her cuom se here to Readingum on West Seaxe, j 
]78es ymb 'iii- niht ridon 'ii* eorlas up ; pa gemette hie 
-^]7elwulf aldorman on Engla felda, j hi;;^ J^aer wi)? gefeaht 
^ sige nam ^ ; paes ymb -iiii- niht -dEJ^ered cyning j -^fred 
his bro]7ur )?8er micle fierd to Readinguw* gel<eddon, ^ wi]? 

f- 1 4- l^one here ge \ fuhton, j J^aer waBS micel Wcel geslsBgen on 
gehw«e]7re hond, j -^)?elwulf aldormon wear)? ofslsegen, "j 
J>a Deniscan ahton wal stowe gewald ; j J^aes ymh -iiii* niht 
^ gefeaht iEj^ered C3ming j -dElfred his bro]7ur wij; alne J^one 
here on * ^sces dune, j hie waBrun on tweem gefylcu^i, on 
o\vxxm waBS Bachsecg^ j Halfdene ]7a h<fi)7nan cyningas, ^ 
on ot?ru»i wsBron J^a eorlas ; "j ]7a gefeaht se cyning -dE]?ered 
wiJ? ]7ara cyninga getruman, j J^aer wear]? se cyning 
Bagsecg^ ofslaegen; j -dElfred his bro]7ur wiJ; ]?ara eorla 
getruman, "j J^aer wear}? Sidroc eorl ofslsegen se alda, ;) 
Sidroc \orY se gioncga, j Osbearn eorl, "j Frsena eorl, ^ 
Hareld eorl, ^ ]7a hergas begen g^emde, j fela ]7usenda 
ofslsBgenra, ;) onfeohtende waeron oj? niht. ^ J^ses ymh 
•xiiii* niht gefeahV yEj^ered cyning j -Alfred his bro"Sur 
wiJ? }?one here set Basengum, "j J^aer |?a Deniscan sige 
namon ; "j J^aes ymb -ii* mona)? gefeaht JEJ^ered cyning j 
-Alfred his bro)?ur wiJ? J;one here set Mere tune, ^ hie 

» to Rome, add D. * So C. D., and practically B. F. 

^ 1 heora Jraer wearG o}>er ofslegen. besieton. . C. I). 

]>8e9 nama wsea Sidroc. B., and prac- ' a Danis securitatem acceperunt. 

tically C. and D. F. Lat. 

' Bagflceg. B. Bagsecg. CD. * i t^one cing (Su^ Eadmund) of- 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 71 

ham. 3 }>one here metton Jjser on f>am geweorce. ^ hine iniie 
besetton*. ^ Jjser nan hefilic gefeaht ne wearS. ^ Myrce fritS 
namon witS }>one here •. 

869. Her for sehere eft to Eoferwicceastre. j ]>mr saet an gear. 

870. Her for se here ofer Myrce innon East-^ngle. j 
winter setle naman aet Deodforda. ^ on f>am geare see -Edmund 
cining him wiS gefeaht. ^ J?a Deniscan sige naman. "3 }>one 
cining ofslogon". ^ -f land eall geeodon. ^ fordiden ealle }>a 
mynstre J?a hi to comen. on }>a ilcan tima }>a comon hi to 
Medeshamstede, beorndon 3 brsecon. slogon abbot 3 munecas. 
3 eall f hi f>ser fundon. macedon hit ]?a -f ser waes ful rice. J?a 
hit wear? to nan J?ing. "3 J?y geare ge for CeolnoJ? arcebiscop. 

871. Her rad se here to Readingum on Westseaxe. 3 ]>ea 
ymb 'iii- niht^ridon twegen eorlas up. f>a gemette iESelwulf 
ealdorman hie on Euglafelda. j heoni ]>xr wiS gefeaht "3 
sige nam. 3 wearS }>8er se o}>er ofslaegen. Jjses nama waes 
Sidrac. Da ymb -iiii- niht -^ESelred cining. 3 -Alfred his 
broSor Ipssr mycle fyrd to Rsedingum gelaeddon. j wvS }?one 
here gefuhton. 3 J?aer waes my eel wael geslaegen on gehwaSere 
hand. 3 -^^Sclwulf ealdorman weartS ofslaegen. 3 ]>& Deniscan 
ahton waelstowe ge weald. And ymb -iiii* niht gefeaht -^Et^e- 
red cining. "3 ^Elfred his broSor wiS ealne Sone here on 
iEscesdune^. "3 hi waeron on twam gefylcum. on otSrum wes 
Basecg | 3 Halfdene 8a haeSene ciningas. -3 on oSrum waeron f. 31. 
]>Sk eorlas. 3 J?a feaht se cining -^Sered witS Sara cininga ge 
tniman. 3 J^aer wearS se cining Bagsecg ofslaegen. 3 -Alfred 

his broSor wiS J?ara eorla ge truman, 3 }?aer wearS Sidrac eorl 
ofslaegen se ealda. 3 Sidrac se geonga, 3 Osbearn eorl. 3 
Fraena eorl. 3 Harold eorl. 3 J>a hergas begen geflymde. 3 
feala }?usenda ofslagenra. 3 onfeohtende waeron oS niht. 3 
Daes ymb -xiiii- niht gefeaht iESered ciniug. 3 ^Elfred his 
broSor wiS ]?one here aet Basingum ^. 3 })ar }?a Deniscan sige 
genamon. 3 Jjsbs ymb twaegen monSas gefeaht -^Sered 3 
iElfred his broSor wiS J>one here aet Maeredune. 3 hi waeron 

slogan. 'J 'P land eall geeodon. (J^ara cingas hsetJene Bsegsaic *i Healfdene. 

heauod manna naman ]>a "^axke cing - *] eorlas fela. F. Halden. F. Lat. 

ofBloganwseranlngwareiYbba.) F. * ad Basingas. Sed peccatia exi- 

*. . . . .^scesdune. 1 9a Deniscan gentibus Dani campum ceperunt. 

wseron ouercumen. 1 hi hseddan ii* F. Lat. 

Digitized by 


72 THE PARKER MS. {7i) 

waerun on tnaem gefylciiiw, ^ hie butu gefliemdon, ;] longe 
on dseg sige ahton, "] \ddx wear]? mieel Wcel sliht on g^hw<e- 
)7ere hond, "j J?a Denisean ahton w<fil stowe gewald ; j J?8er 
wear]? Heahmund bisc ofslaegen, "j fela godra monna ; ;) 
seft^r ]7issu^ gefeohte cuo;;^ micel sumorlida; "] J^aes ofer 
Eastron gefor JE]?ered cyning, ^ he ricsode -v* gear, ^ his 
lie lij? set Winburnanr 

>{i pa feng Alfred -dE]?elwulfing his broj^ur to Wesseaxna 
rice ; ^ "^ses ymb anne monaj? gefeaht JElfred cyning wi|? 
alne J^one here lytic werede set Wiltune, j hine longe on 
dseg geflie^zde, "j J?a Denisean ahton w<el stowe gewald ; j 
);8es geares wurdon •viiii* folcgefeoht gefohten wi]? ];one 
here on J^y cynerice be su)7an Temese, j ^ butan )?a//^ J?e him 
JElfred ^aes cyninges bro]?ur, j anlipig aldormon, ;) cyninges 
]7egnas oft rade onridon |?e mon na ne ri;«de, j ]?aes geares 
waerun ofslaegene 'viiii* eorlas j an cyning ; j ]?y geare 
namon West Seaxe fri)? wi|7 ]?one herer 

872. Her for se here to Lunden byrig from Readingum, 
J J7aer winter setl VLum^ j ]?a namon Mierce fri)? wi]; ]?one 

873. Her for sehere on NorJ^hymbre, "j he na;^ wint^ 
setl on Lindess§ aet Tureces iege, j )?a namon Mierce frij? 
wij? ]?one herer 

874. Her for sehere fro»^ Lindesse to Hreopedune, ^ 
]?aer wint<9rsetl na^, ^ J;one cyning Burgr^^d ofer ScC 
adraefdon ymb -xxii* wint )?8es )?e he rice haefde, ^ J^aet lond 

f. 14. b. all ge eodon ; ;] he for to Rome j ]7aer ge ] saet^ ;] his lie 
lij? on Sea Marian ciricean on Sngel cynnes scole ; "] |?y 
ilcan geare hie sealdon oimm xmwi^um cyninges )?egne 
Miercna rice to haldanne, ^ he him aj^as swor j gislas 
salde, ]7aet he him gearo waere swa hwelce daege swa hie hit 
habban wolden, ^ he gearo waere mid him selfum, ^ on 
Mxxm ]>a.m ]>e him laestan woldon. to J?aes heres J^earfer 

875. Her for sehere fro»^ Hreopedune, "] Healfdene tor 
mid sumu;?^ pam here on Nor)? hymbre. ^ na;;^ wint^'r setl 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 73 

on twam gefylcum. j hi butu geflymdon. "3 lange on daeg 
sige ahton. ^ J)ar wearS mycel waslsliht on hweetSre band, j 
J>a Daeniscan ahton wealstowe ge weald. ^ Jjser [wearS] Hseb- 
mund biscop ofslagen "3 feala godra manna. ^3 seffcer J)isuw 
gefeohte com mycel sumerlida to B;eadingum'. "^ }?8es sefter 
Eastron ge for -ffiSered cining. ^ he rixade -V' gear, j his lie 
liS 8Bt Winburnanmynster^. 

Da feng Alfred ^Selwulfing his broSor \o West Seaxna Alfrede. 
rice. ^ f>8es ymb -i* monatS gefeaht iElfred cining wiS ealne 
)?one here litle werede set Wi[l]tiine. -] bine lange on deeg 
geflymde. ^ f>a Deniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald. -^ J>es 
geares wurdon -ix* folc gefeoht gefohten wiS J>one here'' on f)am 
cine rice besuSan Temese. butan J>am J)e hi[m] -Alfred }?es cinges 
brotSer. j ealdormen. ^ ciningas Jjsegnas oft rada** on riden 
]?e man na ne rimde, ^ Jjses geares wseron of slagene -ix* eorlas. 
'] an cyning. ^ })y geare namon West Seaxa friS wiS f>one here. 

872. Her for sehere to Lundenjbyrig fram Redingum, j f. 31. b. 
J>3er nam winter setle. j )?a naman Myrce friS wiS Jjone here. 

873. Her nam sehere winter setle. set Turcesige"^. 

874. Her for sehere of Lindesse to Hreopedune^. ;) f>ser 
winter setle nam. j f>one cining Burgred ofersse adrefdon ymb 
•xxii. wintra )?8es f>e he rice hsefde. ^ )?et land eall geeodan. 
^ he for to Rome ^ Jjser sset. j his lie \vS on sea Marian cyrican 
on Angel cynnes seole. "3 f>y ilean geare hi sealdon Ceolwulfe* 
anum unwisum cynges f>egne Myrcena rice to healdenne. j 
he him aSas swor ^ gislas sealde. f>et hit him georo wsere 
swa hwilce'® dsege swa hi hit habban woldon. j he geare weere 
mid him sylfum. j mid eallum f>am f>e him gelsestan wolden 
to )53es heres J^serfe. 

875. Her for sehere fram Hreopedune. ^ Healfdene for 
mid sumum f>am here on NortSan hymbre. j nam winter 

* Sic S*. W. (wrongly). contra Danos. F. Lat. 

* J)ar wunode ealto his lifes ende. • radan. D. 

F. "^ So D. Turkes ege. B. Tures- 

3 So B. C. D. igge. C. 

* So B. D. aet Scirebuman men- ® Hreopen dune. D. 
ster. C. 9 So B. C. D. 

^ nouiesbellatiimsitapertisbellis "^^ SoD.; B. hasswylce^C.swiloe. 

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74 THE PARKER MS. (2^) 

be Tinan J^aere ea^, j sehere ]7aet lond geeode. ^ oft^ hergade 
on Peohtas, "j on Str«ecled Walas ; ^ for Godrum "j Oscytel 
;3 Snwynd. ]7a "iii- cyningas, of Hreopedune to Grante 
brycge mid micle here, ^ saeton J^aer an gear ; ^ J^y sumera 
for yElfred eyning nt on s*e mid sciphere, "j gefeaht wi)? 
•vii- scip^hlaestas, ;) hiera an grfeng. j J?a oj^ru gefliemder 

876. Her hiene best«el sehere into Werhaw* Wesseaxna 
fierde, ^ wi)? )7one here se eyning fri)? na»«, j him ]7a a)?as 
sworon on }?am halgan beage, J?e hie aer nanre }?eode noldon, 
J?aBt hie hr<edlice of his rice foren ; "j hie )7a under J^am hie 
nihtes best<elon J^aere fierde segehorsoda here into Escan 
ceaster; "j J?y geare Healfdene Nor|?an hymbra lond ge 
decide. ^ ergende ^ waeron ^ hiera tilgender 

877. Her euom se here into Escan ceastre fro»^ Werha/w, 
^ se sciphere sigelede west ymb utan, j J^a mette hie micel 
yst on See, "j ]?aer forwear]? -cxx- scipa aet Swanawic ; 3 
se eyning Alfred aefter J^am gehorsudan here mid fierde 
rad oj; Exan ceaster, ^ hie hindan ofridan ne meahte aer hie 
on '^2m faestene waeron, J^aer him mon to ne meahte ; j hie 
him ]7aer fore gislas saldon. swa fela swa he habban wolde, j 
micle a]7as sworon, ^ ]?a godne fri|? heoldon ; "3 ]7a on haer- 
faeste gefor sehere on Miercna lond, j hit ged«eldon su«i, 
^ sum Ceolwulfe saldon r 

878. Her hiene best<fil sehere on midne winter ofer 
tuel[f]tan niht to Cippanhamme, j geridon Wesseaxna 

"^ lond J gesaeton micel J^aes folces ^ ofer Sce adraefdon, 3 J^aes 

o]7res )?one maestan d<el hie geridon, j him to gecirdon* 

buton ]7am cyninge ^Ifrede. 3 he lytic werede uniej^elice 

aefter wuduwi for, "3 on mor faestenum ; j )?aes ilcan wintra^ 

f. 15. waes Inwaeres | broj^ur j Healfdenes on West Seaxu^ on 

f. 54. b. F. 876. Her Rodla ^urhferde Normandi mid his here, "j he 
rixade fifti wintra. 

^ This has been read also 6t. * So B., ... . geridon, -j jJ folc 

^ The scribe originally wrote eft, hym to gebigde. C. ; D as £. 
* "Ji hie 8y))))an ergende. B. * wintres. B. C. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 75 

setle be Tinan Jjcere ea. ^ se here ]?et land geeode. j oft 
gehergode on Pehtas. j on StraetlfledWealas. ^ for Godrum. 
^ Oscytel. ■] Anwend. }>a ]>ry ciningas of Hreopedune to 
Grantan brycge. myd mycclum here. ^ saeton Jjaer an gear, j ]?y 
Bumera for -Alfred cyning ut on ssb mid scipliere. ^ gefeaht witS 
•vii« scip hlesta. 3 heora an ge feng. "^ J>a oSre ge flymde. 

876. Her Line bestsel sehere into Wserham WestSeaxna 
fyrde. ^ sitStkn wit5 }>one here se cyning fritS nam. ^ him fa 
gislas sealdon f>e on ]>am here weorf>uste waeron to f>am 
<;yninge^ "3 him f>a aSas sworon on }>am halgan beage^, ]?e hi 
aer nanre Jjeode don noldon f>et hi hredlice of his rice foron*. 

I J hi f>a under ]?am hi nihtes bestselon }>8ere fyrde se gehorsade f. 32. 
here into Exanceastre. 3 ]?y geare Healfdene NorSanhymbra 
land gedselde. j hergende weron. j heora tiligende wseron. 
Hollo cum suis Normaniam penetrauit et regnauit annis Jiii. 

877. Her com se here to Exanceastre fram Werham. ^ se 
scip here seglode west ymbutan. ^ J>a gemette hi mycel yst* 
on safe. J J>ear forwearS -cxx* scipa set Swanawic. ■] se cing 
iElfred aefter ]?am gehorsedum here mid fyrde rad 08 Exan 
ceastre. ^ hi hindan of ridan ne mihte aer hi on )>am feastene 
waeron )?8er him man to [ne] mihte. 3 hi him }?ar fore gislas 
sealdon swa feala swa he habban wolde*°. j mycele aSas sworon. 
'] ]?a godne fritS heoldan. ^ J?a on herfeste ge for se here " on 
Myrcena land, j hit gedaeldon sum. and sum Ceolwulfe sealdon. 

878. Her hine bestael sehere on midne winter ofer twelftan 
niht to Cippanhamme. -3 ge ridan WestSeaxna land ^ gc 
set ton. ^ mycel Jjaes folces ofer sae adraefdon. ^ J^aes otSres )?one 
maestan dael hi geridon butan J>am cynge Alfredo litle 
werede unySelice aefter wudum for. j on morfestenum. ^ 
Jjes ilcan wintra waes Iweres*^ broSor ;) Healfdenes" on West 

* •} him . . . cyninge. So B. C. D., iterum Bacramenta magna et obsiden 

and practically F. plures prioribus accepit ; et non post 

^ ioaiurandum super sacrum ar- multum teinporis a regno eius, uide- 

milium fecerunt. F. Lat. licet Occidentalium Saxonum dis- 

"... faran *] hi nihtes "^ to brse- cedunt. F. Lat. ; to which there is 

can. F. no corresponding Saxon. 

» myst. C. D. " seo heora. MS. 

^* Quos iterum sequent! anno in- ^^ So D. Inweres. C. Ingwsres. B. 

•equitur rex usque Exoniam^ et " Heafdenes. C. Healdsenes. D. 

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Defena scire mid -xxiii* scipum, j hiene mon )?8er ofslog, 
^ dccc* monna mid him. j xl* monna his heres ; ;) J^ses on 
Eastron worhte Alfred cyning lytle werede geweorc 'set 
JEj^elinga eigge, '2 of )?am ge weorce was winnende wij? 
]7one here, ^ Sumiir saetna se d*el se J^ser niehst wsbs ; pa 
on )?8ere seofoiSan wieean ofer Eastron he gerad to Eeg- 

bryhtesstane be eastan Sealwyda, ^ him to com J^aer 
ongen Sumorsaete alle, ^ Wilssetan, "] Hamtunscir se d<el 
se hiere behinon See was, ^ his gefsBgene wsermi ; j he for 
ymb aneniht of ]?am wicnm to Iglea, ') ]>d38 ymb ane to 
Ej?andune, 3 "pan gefeaht wi]; alne ]?one here, j hiene 
gefliemde, ^ hi;;^ asiter rad o)? ]?8et geweore, j J?aer saet -xiiii- 
niht ; j ]7a salde se here him fore gislas ^ miele a]7as, J^aet 
hie of his rice uuoldon, ^ him eac geheton ]7aet hiera 
kyning fulwihte onfon wolde, j hie }78et gelaeston swa ; ^ 
]7SBs y;;2b aii* wieean com se cyning to him Godru;;^ J^ritiga 
su^ J7ara monna J^e in psim here weor]?w^te wseron set Sire, 
') ]>sei is wi]? ^f elingga eige ; ^ his se cyning ]7aer onfeng 
set fulwihte, j his crism lising was set We]?mor, ^ h(? was 
•xii- niht mid ]>am cyninge?, j h^ hine miclu;^ j his geferan 
mid feo weorSuder 

879. Her for se here to Cirenceastre of Cippan ha^me. 
^ sset J^ser an gear ; j ]>y geare gegadrode on hlo]? wicenga, 
^ gesset set Fullan ha^me be Temese ; j ]>y ilcan geare 
aj^iestrode sio sunne ane tid dsegesr 

880. Her for sehere of Cirenceastre on^EastEngle, ^ 
gesset }7set lond, ;j ged<elde. j ]?y ilcan geare for sehere 
ofer s*e pe ser on Fullan ho^me sset on Fronc lond to Gend, 
J sset ]?8er an gearr 

881. Her for sehere ufor on Fronc lond, "3 ]?a Francan 
hi^ wi)? g^fuhton, ^ )7ser ^]?a' wear]? se here gehorsod sefte'r 
]>a>m gefeohter 

882. Her for sehere up on long Msese feor^ on Fronc- 
lond, ') J?8er sset an gear, j ]?y ilcan geare for yElfred 
cyning mid scipuw ut on sse. ^ gefeaht wij? feower scip 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 77 

Sexum on Defenan scire, j hine mon J^aer sloh. ^ dccc« manna 
mid him. ^ xl- manna his heres. ] J>ar wses se guSfana ge 
numen J>e hi rsefen heton*. ^ J^ses on Eastron wrohte 
iElfred cyning lytle werede geweorc aet -^ESelinga ige. ^ of 
J)am geweorce wses winnende wiS f)one here, j Sumerseetena 
se del J?e )?8er nehst wges. J)a on tSere seofetSan wucan ofer 
Eastron he gerad | to Ecgbrihtes stane be easton Wealwudu ^, -^ f. 32. b. 
him comon J^ser ongean Sumorsaete ealle. ;j Willssete. 3 
Hamtunscyr se dsel }?e hire beheonan ssb wses. ^ his ge 
fsegene wseron. j he for ymb ane niht of J>am wicum to -^glea. 
J f>8es ymb ane niht to ESandune. j J>8er gefeaht witS ealne 
here ^ hine geflymde. "] him sefter rad oS f>et geweorc. j 
J58er ssBt 'xiiii' niht. "] j^a sealde sehere him gislas. and mycele 
atSas. J)et hi of his rice woldon. ^ him eac ge heton f)et heora 
cyng fulwihte onfon wolde. ^ hi ^ gelseston. ^ J>aes ymb 
•iii» wucan cow se cyn[g] Godrum. Jjrittigum sum. J>ara manna 
]?e in J?am here weortSuste wseron set Aire, j f is wi'S JESelinga 
ige. ^ his se cyng onfeng }?ser set fulwihte. ^ his crism lysing 
wses set Wedmor*. ■] he wes 'xii- niht mid f>am cynge. ;) he 
hine mycclum ^ his geferan mid feo weorSode. 

879. Her for sehere to Cirenceastre of Cippanhamm6. j 
saet J>ser an winter, py geare gegaderodon an hloS wicinga. 
;) ge Eset set Fullanhawme be Temese. ^ ))y ilcan geare 
a}?ystrode seo sunue antid dseges. 

880. Her for se here of Cirenceastrfe on EastEngle. j gesset 
f land J ge dselde. j f>y ilcan geare for se here "^ ofer sse f>e on 
Fullanhawme sset on Frangland to Gent, j sset f)ser an gear. 

881. Her for se here ufor on Frangland. ■] J?a Francan 
him wiS gefuhton. j J^ser J>a warS se here horsad sefter J>am 
ge feohte. 

882. Here for se liere up andlang Msese ofor on Frangland 
^ f>8er sset an gear. ;) J>y ilcan geare for -Alfred cyng mid 
scipum ut on sse. ^ gefeaht witS -iiii- sciphlsestas Deniscra 

^ Or man. Selewuda. B, 

» So B. C. D. • So C. D. ; Weddmor. B. Wet- 

' ufor. B. D. ufur. C. mor W. 

* hraefh. B. C. D. ' Piratse. F. 

» Sealwucdu D. -wuda. C. W. 

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78 THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

lilaestas Deniscra monna, j J^ara scipa tu genam, "j J>a men 
ofslaegene waeron J;e %ddY on waeron, j tuegen scip 
lilaestas^ him onhond eodon^, j J^a waeron micluw for- 
slsBgene ^ forwundode aer hie onhond eodonr 

883. Her for sehere up on Scald to Cundo)?, "j )?aer saet 
an gearr 

884. Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum, ^ ]7aer 
saet an gearr 

885. Her tod<filde se fore sprecena here ontu, oj^er d*el 
east. o]7er d«fil to Hrofes ceastre ; "j ymb saeton iSa ceastre, ^ 
worhton oJ?er faesten ymb hie selfe. j hie )?eah ]7a ceastre 
aweredon oJ^J^aet -Alfred com ^utan^ mid fierde; J?a code 
sehere to hiera scipum, "ij forlet ]?aBt geweorc. j hie 
wurdon ]7aer behorsude, ^ sona yj ilcan sumere ofer s«e 
gewiton ; ^ yj ilcan geare sende -dEllfred cyning sciphere 
on EastEngle; sona swa hie comon on StufemuJ^an^ ]7a 
metton hie -xvi' scipu wicenga, ^ wi]? *8a grfuhton, ;) ]?a 
scipo alle ger«ehton, ^ ]7a men ofslogon ; J^a hie )?a ham 
weard wendon mid J^aere herehy)?e, t?a metton hie micelne 
sciphere wicenga, j ]7a wi]? J?a gefiihton J?y ilcan dsBge, ^ 
J'a Deniscan ahton sige ; py ilcan geare aer middu»^ wintra. 
for}?ferde Carl Francna cyning, ;) hiene ofslog an efor, ^ 
ane geare aer his bro'Sur for]?ferde, se haefde eac J^aet west 
rice, "3 hie waeron begen HloJ? wiges suna ; se haefde eac 
]7aet west rice, ^ forj^ferde J?y geare J?e sio sunne a]?iestrode ; 
se waes Karles sunu \g -^}?elwulf West Seaxna cyning his 
dohtor haefde him to cuene ; "3 ^J?y ilcan geare gegadrode 
micel sciphere on Sid Seaxuwt, j J?aer wearj? micel gefeoht. 
tua on geare, "j ]7a Seaxan haefdun sige, ;) J^aer waeron Frisan 
mid ; py ilcan geare feng Carl to \am west rice, ^ to allum 
|?am west rice behienan Wendel s<e, j be geondan ];isse s«e, 
swa hit his ]7ridda f<eder haefd^^ butan Lidwiccium^ ; se 

^ scip heras. Tf. W. ; corrected fugauit. F. Lat. 
from B. and C. ; D. E. F. omit. » So B. C. ; Sture. D. E. 

^ *] twa set burstan. F. et daas * This passage, ]>y ilcan . . . Pip- 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 79 

manna, j ]?ara | scipa twa genamon. ^ }>a men of slogon. j f. 33. 
twa him on hand eodon. 3 J>a men wceron myclum of slagene 
^ for wundode aer hi on hand eodan. 

883. Her for se here up on Scald to CundotS". *3 jjser sset an 
gear. ^ Marinus papa sende |>a lignum dfii ^Ifrede cynge^ 3 
Jjy ilcan geare Isedde Sighehn. "3 ^ESelstan }>a aelmessan to Home 
]5e iElfred cing gehet J>ider^. 3 eac on Indea to see Thome. 3 to 
see Bartholomee. ]?a hi sseton wiS J^one here set Lundene. -3 hi 
f>8er Godes }>ances swytSe bentigtSe waeron aeft«r }>am gehatum. 

884*. Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum. -3 J>8er 
saet an gear. 

885. Her todselde se forsprecena here on twa. otSer east. 
oSer dsel to Hrofeceastre. ^ ymbsaeton J?a ceastre. ^ wrohton 
o8er fsesten ymb hi sylfe. "3 hi ]?eah J>a ceastre aweredan otSSet 
Alfred cyng com uton mid fyrde. J^a code se here to heora 
scipum. -3 forleton ))et geweorc. "3 hi wurdon f>8er be horsade. 
^ sona |)y ilcan sumera eft ofer se gewiton. Dy ilcan geare 
ssende ^Elfred cyng sciphere of Csent on EastEngle. sona swa 
hi comon on SturemuSan ]?a gemsetton hi 'xvi* scipa wicinga. 
-] wits Sa^° ge fuhton. ^ ]?a scipa ealle ge rsehton. ^ f>a men 
ofslogen. J>a hi J?a hamweard wseron mid }?8Bre herehutSe. 
J>a ge metton hi mycelne sciphere wicinga. ^ witS J^a ge fiihton 
}?y ilcan dsBge. ^ J?a Deniscan ahton sige. ^ J?y ilcan geare aer 
middan wintra forSferde Carl Francna cyng. ^ bine of sloh 
an ^for. j ane geare ser his brotSor forSferde. se heafde eac 
f west rice, se forSferde | ]?y geare Jjo seo sunne aSystrode ; f. 33. b. 
se W8BS Carles sunu J?e AtSelwulf WestSeaxna cyng his debtor 
hsefde to cwene. Dy ilcan geare forSferde se goda papa 

penes snnu, is in 7C. B. C. D. Pro- multi essent inimici, Bonue. F. 

bably omitted from E. owing to Lat. 

recurrence of the words, ]>y ilcan. » (Her forf^ferde se welwillenda 

' Lidwiccum. B. Lidwicingum. tJ -^Selwold. Hie obiit uEUelwold- 

C. D. us episcopus Wentoniensis, et electus 

* Tunda9. C. Seal to Cundot. F. est in loco eius Alfegus. qui alio 

^ The scribe at first wrote cynde. nomine vocabatur Godwinus.) F. 

Marinus se maera papa sende ^1- Inserted between the lines and 

frede cinge of Cristes rode. F. on the margin by a later scribe, 

' Bex .^fredus misit elemosi- wrongly: the original scribe has 

nam, qoam uouerat dum sederet the entry rightly under 984, q. v. 

contra exercitum cum paucis, cum ^^ da. MS. 

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Carl was Hlo]?wiges sunu, se Hlo]?wig was Carles broj^ur, 
se W8BS IiiJ^yttan ^ feeder ]7e -^J7elwulf cyning haefde^, ^ hie 
waeron HloJ^wiges suna, se HloJ^wig was J^ses aldan Carles 
sunu, se Carl was Pippenes sunu ; ■] \y ^^^^^ geare for]?- 
ferde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Ongel cynnes seole 
be ^Ifredes bene WestSeaxna cyninges, ^ he sende him 
micla gifa, ;j ]?8ere rode dcel ]7e Crist on J^rowude ; ;j ]7y ilcan 
geare sehere on EastEngluwe br<ec fri]? wij? -Alfred eyningr 

886. Her for se here eft west J>e ser east gelende, ^ J?a up 
on Sigene, ^ J?8er winter setl namon. py ilcan geai-e gesette 
-Alfred cyning Lunden burg, ^ hi^ all Singel cyn to eirde, 
];aet buton Deniscra monna haeftniede was, ^ hie J;a befaeste 
J7a burg -^]7erede aldormen to haldonner 

887. Her for se here up )?urh J^a brycge set Paris, ^ J?a up 
andlang Sigene oj? Mseteme, o]? Cariei ; ^ J7a sseton ]?ara "j ^ 
innan lonan tu winter on ^2M twam steduw^ ; ^ J?y ilcan 
geare for]?ferde Karl Francna cyning, ^ Eamulf his bro)?ur 
sunu hine 'vi* wicuwi aer he forj^ferde ber^edde* set )?am rice, 
;j )7a wear]? ]78et rice todceled on •v ^ -v* kyningas to 
gehalgode^. J^aet wses ];eah mid Eamulfes ge]?afunge, ^ 
hi cUifidon )78et hie J^aet to his honda healdan sceoldon. 

f. i6. forJ?8Bm hira nan uses on f^edren | healfe to geboren. buton 
hi;;^ anu^. Eamulf J^a wunode on \ddm londe be eastan 
Rin, ^ RoJ?ulf J7a feng to J^sem middel rice, "j Oda to );8em 
west defile, ^ Beorn gar j Wi]7a to Long beardna londe, ^ 
to J?8em londum oil J?a healfe mimtes^, j J^set heoldun mid 
micelre unsibbe, ^ tu, folc gefeoht gefuhton, ^ J^aet lond oft 
^ gelome forhergodon"^, j seghw^ej^er o)7eme oftrcfidlice ut 
drccfde ; ^ )?y ilcan geare \% se here for for]? up ofer ]7a 
brycge set Paris. ^ JE]7elhelm aldor mon l^edde Wesseaxna 
.elmessan ^^' ^Ifredes cyninges to Romer 

888. Her l<fidde Beocca aldormon Wesseaxna celmessan 3 

1 In))ettan. B. Iu)>aettan. D. lud- ^ So B. C. >ara innan D. in. F. 
ettan. C. lothetan. F. lothetam. F. * bersedne. MS. 

Lat. ^ *} fif cingas par wseron to ge 

2 hedde. F. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 8i 

Marinus. se ge freode Angel cynnes scole be -^Ifredes bene Marin*. 
WestSeaxna cyninges. j he sende him myccle gifa. ;] Jjsere 
rode dael J>e Crist on tSrowode*. ^ }?y ilcan geare for se here 
on Estenglum. ^ brec friS wiS iElfred cyning. 

886. Her for se here eft west f>e ser east ge lende. ^ J>a up 
on Sigene. "j ]>8er winter saetu^^ namon aet Paris f>8ere byrig. 
Dy ilcan geare gesette -^fred cyning Lundenburh". -^ him 
eall Angel cyn togecyrde. -f butan Deniscra manna hsefnede 
wes. ] he" f>a befeste }?a burh iE)?erede ealdormen to heald- 

887. Her for se here up J>urh Sa brycge set Paris. ] J?a 
up andlang Sigene oS Mseteme. j ]?a up on Mseterne otS 
Caziei'^ ^ f)a saeton J>ar innan lonan twa winter on "Sam twam 
stedum. j }>y ilcan geare fortSferde Carl Francena cyng. -] 
Earnulf his broSorsunu hine -vi' wucan ser he forSferde be 
rsBdde set }>am rice, j }?a weartS J^et rice to dseled on -v* j iif 
cyningas togehalgode. }?et weas Jjseh mid Eamulfes J^afunge. 
3 hi cwaeSon ^ hi him })et tohanda healdan scoldan. forSan 
))et heora nan naes of fsedrenhalfe geboren butan him anum. 
Earnulf wunode on f>am lande be sestan E,ine. j HrotSulf ** 
J>a feng to }?am middel rice, j [Oj?a] f>a to J)aw weast dsele. ^ 
Beomgar ] WiSa^'' to Langbeardna lande. "] to }?am landum on 
J>a healfe^® muntes. "] J?et heoldan mid mycel unsibbe. "] twa 
folcgefeoht gefuhton. ^ ^ land oft ^ gelome forhergodon. ^ 
seghwetSer oSerne oftrsedlice utadrsefde. "] f>y ilcan geare 

]>e se here | for fortS up ofer }?a brycge set Paris. -^Selhelm f. 34- 
ealdorman Isedde Weast Seaxna selmessan ;j -^Ifredes cyninges T* / . - 

to Rome. . JE,lmojiita 

888. Her Isedde Beocca ealdorman WestSeaxna selmessan ^^ vepitti 


halgode. 1 ;^ mid Amalfes geffa- Domini et de reliquiis sanctorum. 

ftmge. ■} hie beheton ji hi to his F. Lat. 

handa healdan sceoldon. F. ^^^ setu. B. C. D. 

* regnum Longobardorum et alias ^* ])a burh Lundene. F. sedit in 
terras quae sunt nltramontana. F. Lundonia. F. Lat. 

Lat. ^^ So B. C. D. 

' for baemdon. C (only). " So D. F. Cariei. B. C. 

« Here ff. W. insert"], (wrongly.) " Rodull F. 

• micele giua on halidome. F. >* WitJ. F. Wido. F, Lat. 
plura donaria, scilicet de cruce. ^^ healfhe. MS. 

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-^Ifredes cyninges toEome. "j -^J^elswiJ? cuen, sio wses 
-^Ifredes sweostor cyninges, forj^ferde, ^ hire lie li]? ast 
Pafian; ^ \j ilcan geare -JCJ^eTred ercebisc j -dEJ^elwold 
aldormon. forJ>ferdon on anum monj^er 

889^. On ]7issum geare nses nan fcereld to Rome, buton 
tuegen hleaperas -dElfred cyning sende mid gewritu»ir 

890. Her Icedde Beom helm aBb West Seaxna .elmessan 
to Rome "j -^Ifredes cyninges; ^ Godruw* se norj^ema 
cyning for]?ferde, J?8bs fullnht nama waes iEj?elstan, se waBS 
JElfredes cyninges god sunu, ^ he bude on East Engine*, 3 
];8et lond aerest gesaet ; ;] ]7y ilcan geare for se here of 
Sigene to Sant Laudan, J78et is bntueoh Brettum ^ Fran- 
cum, ^ Brettas him wi]? gefuhton, "j haefdon sige, ^ hie 

bedrifon ut on ane ea, ;) monige adre^ctonr 

Her wses Plegemnnd gecoron of Gode' 1 of eallen his halechen. 

891. Her for se here east. ^ Eamulf cyning gefeaht 
wiiS'Saem raede^ here aBr ]7a scipu cuomonj mid EastFrancum, 
J Seaxu»i, "3 BaBgerum. ^ hine gefliemde; "3 J7rie Scottas 
comon to -Alfredo cyninge, on anuwt bate butan «elcum 
gCTe]?rum* of Hibernia^, ]7onon hi hi bestdslon forJ?on J^e hi 
woldon for Godes lufan on el]?iodignesse beon, hi ne rohton 
hwaer. Se bat waes g^worht of ]?riddan healfre hyde^ J^ehi 
onforon, "3 hi namon mid Yam J^aet hihaefdun toseofon 
nihtu»i mete ; ^ }?a comon hie ymb -vii- niht "^ to londe on 
Comwalu»2. ^ foron ]?a sona to -^Ifrede cyning^; ]7us 
hie waeron genemnde, Dubslane^ j Maccbethu^. "3 
Maelinmun^®. j Swifneh^^ sebetsta lareow J;e on Scottu7» 
waes geforr^^ 

f. 16. b. 3 J7y ilcan geare ofer Eastron. ymbe ""gang' dagas o]?J>e 
aer, aeteowde se steorra ]7e mon on boclaeden^* haet cometa, 
same ^^ men cwej^aj? on Englisc ]?aet hit sie feaxede steorra. 
for]7aem \ddx stent lang leoma of, hwilum on ane healfe, 
hwilum on aelce healfe :, 

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-y ^Ifredes cyninges to Rome, j -^SelswiS cwsen seo wees 
^Ifredes swustor cyninges. "3 heo for^ferde". "3 hire lie liS 
set Pauian. j f>y ilcan geare iE8ered arcebiscop ". 3 A}?ewold 
ealdorman forSferdon on anum mon}7e. 

889. On ]?issum geare naes nan fsereld to Rome, baton twegen 
hleaperes iElfred cyng sende mid gewritum. 

890. Her laedde Beomhelm a1515 WestSeaxna selmessan to 
Rome. ■] iElfredes cynges; ^ Godrum se norSeme cyning 
forSferde. faes fulluht nama waes ^ESelstan, se wses -^Ifredes 
godsune cyninges. 3 he bude on EastEnglnm. 3 ^ land serest 
gessBt. ^ J?y ilcan geare for se here of Sigene to Scandlaudan.^* 
J)et is betwix^® Bryttum 3 Francum. 3 Bryttas him wiSge 
fiihton. "3 hsefdon sige. j hi bedrifon ut on ane ea. 3 manige 
adrencton^^ Hie Plegemundus archiepiscopus a Deo et omni 
populo electus est. 

^ Altered from 887 by the ori- 
ginal scribe. 

' *;] of eallan folc to Jmuxl £rb rice 
on Cantwarebcri. F. , 

» i^de. B. rad. D. 

* retJrum. F. sine omni guber- 
natione ^Humana'. F. Lat. 

* So B. C. D. Yrlande. F. 

* in nauicula facta de dnobus 
coriis et dimidio. F. Lat. 

^ binnan vii* nihtan. F. septimo 
die. F. Lat. 

* Dublasne.©. Dubslana. F. Lat. 

* Maccbethath. B. Machbethu. 
C. D. Maccbethu. F. 

^® Maelinmuin. B. Maelinmnmin. 
C. Maelmumin. D. F. as ff. 

" Saifiie. B. 

"... Maelinmun. Nam quartus 
socius eorum obiit nomine Suifneh 
qui fiiit peritissimus doctor. £t 
eodem anno apparuit cometa stella 
circa Ascensionem Domini. F. Lat. 
This version is peculiar to F. Lat. 
The Saxon of F. follows the other 
MSS. in its account of Suibne*s 
death. It will be noticed that £. 
is the only MS. which omits this 

anecdote of the three ' Scots.' 

^* At this point, after writing the 
number 892, ends the first hand in 
TT. Three or four lines are left 
blank at the bottom of f. 16 t^. 
Then the new hand commences at 
the top of 16. v<>. Note that B. C. 
D. F. Lat. all place the appearance 
of the comet in the same year as the 
arrival of the ' Scots.' The Saxon 
of F. has no reference to the comet. 

^* on Lssden. D. 

i» sume. B. C. D. 

*• be Bome wege. F. in itinera 
Eome. F. Lat 

1^ se afb. of Cantwaraberi, F. 

" So F. Scan Leo^an. D. Sant 
Lo^dan. C. Sand Lo9an. B. 

i» betweoh. D. betuh. B. C. 
betwyx. F. 

^ inter Brittanes (altered from 
Bryttas) et Francigenas. Audientes 
hoc Brytones exeuntes dimicabant 
contra eos, et uictis Danis propul- 
sabant in quandam aqua[m], ubi 
plures eorum demersi sunt. F. Lat. 
The last part is not in the Saxon 

G % 

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893^. Her on \y^\xm geare for se micla here. ]7e we 
gefyrn ymbe spraecon, eft of J^sem east rice westweard to 
Bun»an. 3 ]78er wurdon gescipode, swa J^set hie asettan him 
on anne si]? ofer mid horsuwi mid ealle, j ]7a comon up on 
Limene muj?an. mid eel. hunde scipa. se mu]7a is on easte 
weardre Cent, set J^ses miclan^ wuda eastende J?e we 
Sndred hata? ; se wudu is east lang j west lang hund 
twelf tiges mila lang o]7]7e lengra, j J?ritiges mila brad ; seo 
ea ]7e we ser ymbe spraecon liiS ut of J^sem wealda ; on )>a ea 
hi tugon up hiora scipu oj? {?one weald, iiii* mila fram J?8em 
muj^an ute weardu;^. j J^ser abraecon an geweorc. inne on 
];aem f[aest]enne^ saeton feawa cirlisce men on, j waes sam 

pa sona aefber J^aem com Haesten mid Ixxx* scipa up on 
Temesemu^an, j worhte lii»^ geweorc aet Middeltune, j 
se oj7er here aet TCpuldre :> 

894. On ]>ys geare, J^aet waes ymb twelf mona'S )?aBS J^e 
hie on )?8em east rice geweorc ge worht haefdon. Nor]? 
hymbre j EastEngle haefdon ^Ifrede cyninge aj?as ge 
seald, ^ East Engle fore gisla -vi- j J?eh ofer J^a treowa, swa 
oft swa J7a oj7re hergas mid ealle herige utforon, "j^onne 
foron hie, oj7j?e mid, oJ?J?e on heora healfe on^. pa gega- 
derade iElfred cyning his fierd, j for J^aet he gewicode 
betwuh ]7aem twa»^ hergum, J?aer ]7aer he niehst rymet haefde 
for wudu faestenne, ond for waeter faestenne, swa ]7aBt he 
mehte aegj^eme geraecan gif hie aenigne feld secan wolden ; 
pa foron hie siJ?J?an aeft^r J^aem wealda hloj7u/» 3 floe raduwi. 
bi swa hwaj?erre efes^ swa hit ]>onne fierdleas waes. j him 
mon eac mid o]>mm floccuwi sohte maestra daga aelce, [op]>e 
on daeg]^ oJ^J^e on niht. ge of ]7aere fierde, ge eac of 'pdam 
burgu^i; haefde se cyning his fierd on tu tonumen, swa 
J7aet hie waeron simle healfe aet ham, healfe ute, butan ]>adm 
monnu;» )?e J?a burg^a' healdan scolden. ne com se here 
oftor call ute of J?aem setuw^ J^omi^ tuwwa. o]7re si)?e J?a hie 
aerest to londe comon, aer sio fierd gesamnod waere, oJ?re 

{Pontintted on p. 85.) 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 85 

892. Her for se myccla here ]?e we ge fym ser ymb sprsecon 
eft of J)am east rice weastward to Bunan. j Jjaer wurdon ge 
Bcipode swa f hi dssetton hi on senne sitS ofer mid horsum 
mid ealle. j J)a comon up on Limine mutSan mid J^ridde 
healfhund scipa. se mut5a is on eastwarde Cent set }>es 
mycclan wuda eastenda J>e we Andraed hatatS. se wudu is 
west lang j east lang hund twelftig mila lang. oSSe lengre. j 
•XXX- mila brad, se ea J>e we ser ymb sprsecon. litS ut of )>am 
wealda ; on fe ea hi tugon | up heora scipa ot5 "Sone weald f. 34. b. 
*iiii' mila fraw ]Jam mujjan utanweardum. ;] Jjser abrsecon an 
geweorc; inne on t5am fse[ste]nne sseton feawa cyrlisce men 
on. "] wses samworht. pa sona sefter ]?am com Hsesten mid 
•lxxx« scipa up inne Tsemese mujje, j worhte him geweorc set 
Middeltune. ^ seo otSer here set Apuldre. Hie obiit Wulf- 
here NortSan hymbrorum archiepiscopus. 

si]?e J^a hie of ]78em setum faran woldon ; pa hie ge fengon (!S!) 
miele herehyS"^, ^ J^a woldon ferian norj? weardes ofer 
Temese in on East Seaxe ongean J>a seipu. pa for rad sio 
fierd hie foran, j \Am wiiS gefeaht set Feamhamme, j 
]7one here gefliemde, j J^a herehy)>a ahreddon, j hi^ 
flugon ofer Temese baton aelcu»2 forda ]7a up be Colne ^ on 
anne iggaiS. pa besset sio fierd hie J?SBr utan J^a hwile ]?e 
hie ]78er lengest mete hsefdon. Ac hie hsefdon | ^]7a heora f. 17- 

{Continued on p. 86.) 

^ Originally 892, but increased by * miclam. MS. mucelan. F. il- 

a year as well as all following years can. B. 0. D. 
up to 939 (originally 928) inclusive. * faestenne. B. faestene. C. D. 

The first scribe seems to have omit- fenne. 'K, W. F. fbenne. E. From 

ted 930, which was a blank annal. the context, and from the evidence 

The corrector first alters 929 into of the Latin historians, there can be 

930, then strikes it out altogether, no doubt that the former is the true 

and proceeds to take a year ofiP, reading. 

making 931 into 930, and so on * So B. W. healfe. *j ])a. D. C. 

to the end of 937 (originally 938). The scribe of 7C. seems to have ori- 

Then 938 is inserted, 939 left as it ginally written an, 
was, 941 and 942 are made into ' healfe. D. 

940 and 941; 942 is inserted, and ' Omitted by TT. B.; supplied 

at 943 the original series is resumed from 0. D. 
unaltered. Up to 930, W., with one ^ -hy^e. B. C. D. 

exception, agrees with the corrected * Calne. C. D., and (originally) B. 

numbers in 'K, after that point it re- ' Here begins a new hand in 7i, 

tains the original numbering. 

Digitized by 



(A.D. 894.) stemn^ gesetenne, ^ hiora mete genotudne^, "j wses se 
cyng J?a J^ider weardes on faere. mid J^aere scire )>e mid \Am 
fierdedon ; pa lie J?a waes J?ider weardes, ^ sio oj^eru fierd 
W8BS ham weardes, ^ ^a Deniscan ssBton )?8er behindan, 
forJ?8Bia hiora cyning waes gewundod on J^eem gefeohte, 
]78et hi hine ne mehton ferian ; 

pa gegaderedon J7aj?e in NorJ? hymbru^* bugea?, j on 
East Englu/w, su»i hund scipa, j foron su^ ymb utan, 3 ^wm 
feowertig scipa nor]? ymb utan ^, j ymbsseton an ge weorc 
on De&a scire be J^sere norj? sae ; j }?a J?e su^ ymb utan 
foron. ymb sseton Exan cester. pa se cyng ]7aBt hierde, ]7a 
wende he hine west wi? Exanceastres mid eabe J^sere fierde, 
buton swij?e ge waldenu/w dsele easte weardes J^ses folces. 

pa foron forS o]7j?e hie comon to Lundenbyrg, 3 J^a mid 
J?8Bm burg waru»^ j J?8em ftdtume J?e hi;» westan com, foron 
east to Beam fleote ; waes Haesten J?a J?aer cumen mid his 
herge, J?e aer aet Middel tune saet. ^ eac se micla here waes |?a 
]7aBr to cumen, ]7e aer on Limene muj?an saet aet Spuldre ; 
haefde Haesten aer ge worht ]78Bt geweorc aet Beam fleote, "^ 
waes J?a ut afaren on herga]?, j waes se micla here aet ham ; 
pa foron hie to j gefliemdon )?one here, 3 J^aet geweorc 
abraecon, j ge namon eal J^aet |?aer binnan waes, ge on feo. ge 
on wifimi, ge eac on bearnu/w, 3 brohton call into Lunden- 
byrig, j J7a scipu call o^J?e tobraecon, oj7]7e forbaerndon, 
oJ?]7e to Lundenbyrig brohton oj7]7e to Hrofes ceastre. ;j 
Haestenes wif ^ his suna twegen mon brohte to J?aem 
cyninge, 3 he hi \^m eft ageaf, for]7aem J^e hiora waes o|?er 
his godsunu, o]7er ^E^eredes ealdor monnes; haefdon hi 
hiora onfangen aer Haesten to Beam fleote come, j hehiw 
^haefde' geseald gislas 3 a^as, j se cyng him eac wel feoh 
sealde, j eac swa ]7a he ]7one cniht agef j \^\> wif. ac sona 

f. 17. b. swa hie to Bleam fleote comon, j {?aet geweorc | geworc 

{Continued OH ^.Zj.) 

^ stemninge. B. G. steminge. D. tan, om. B. C. D. At this point 
* benotodne. B. D. is very carelessly written, and 

^ This clause, -] sum . . . ymbu- has many omissions. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



waes. swa herg^de he ^ his rice J?one ilcan ende )?e -ffij^ered (a.d. 894.) 
his cu;»p8Bder healdan sceolde, ;j eft oj^re sipe he waes on 
herga"? gelend on l^set ilce rice J^aJ^a mon his geweorc abraec. 

pa se cyning hine |?a west wende mid ]78Bre fierde wiS 
Exancestres. swa ic ser saede, j se here J^a burg beseten 
haefde; ]>sl he J^aer togefaren waes^ J?a eodon hie to hiora 

pa he J^a wi? J^one here )>8erwaBst abisgod waes, j J?a 
hergas waeron J^a gegaderode begen to Seeobyrig^ on East 
Seaxuwe, j J^aer geweorc worhtu«. foron begen aetgaedere 
up be Temese, j him com micel eaca to. aeg]?er ge of East 
Englu^i, ge of NorJ? hymbruwi, Foron ]7a up be Temese 
oJ^J^aet hie gedydon aet Saefeme, |?a up be Saefeme^. pa 
gegaderode -Sj^ered ealdormon, ^ -SJ^elm ealdorman. j 
iE}?elno]? ealdor man, j ]7a cinges J^egnas ]>e ]7a aet ham aet 
]7aem ge weorcu»^ waeron, of aelcre byrig be eastan Pedredan, 
ge be westan Sealwuda ge be eastan, ge eac be nor]7an 
Temese, "] be westan Saefern, ge eac su»^ dael ]7aes NorS 
Weal cynnes. pa hie ]7a ealle gegaderode waeron, ]7a offoron 
hie ]?one here hindan aet Butting tune, on Saefeme staj?e, j 
hine J^aer utan besaeton on aelce^ healfe, on anum faestenne. 
pa hie ^a fela wucena saeton on twa healfe )7aer[e] e, j se 
cyng waes west on Detnnm wij? |?one scip here, ]7a waeron 
hie mid metelieste gewaegde, ^ haefdon miclne dael ]7ara 
horsa freten. 3 J^a o]?re waeron hungre acwolen. ]>& eodon 
hie ut to ^aem monnu/w J?e on east healfe ]7aere e wicodon, j 
hi/w wij? gefuhton, j J?a Cristnan haefdon sige; j J?aer 
wear's Ordheh cyninges J^egn^ ofslaegen, ^ eac monige 
oj7re cyninges J?egnas, j J^ara Deniscra® J^aer wearS swij?e 
my eel wael geslegen"^, j se dael )7e J^aer aweg com wurdon 

{Continued oti^. 88.) 

^ gefaren hsefde. D. ^ >eng. D. 

* Sceabyrig. C. Sceore byrig. D. * j)a Bseniscan. D. 

' foron "})a up be Temese ^ be ^ I have here mended the text. 

Seefeme. D. ; B. and 0. omit the The scribe of S. wrote originally : 

sentence altogether. o])re cyninges ]7egn ofslsegen; (misled 

*■ selcere. D. by the preceding words and by the 

Digitized by 



(a.d. 894.) on fleame ge nerede. pa hie on East Seaxe comon to hiora 
geweorce. ^ to hiora scipu;«. {?a gegaderade sio laf eft of 
f. 18. EastEnglum, j of | ^Nor'Shymbru/w.micelne here onforan 
winter, j befaBston hira wif, j hira scipu, j hira feoh on 
East Englu;;^, ^ foron anstreces dseges j nihtes, ]>set hie 
gedydon on anre westre eeastre on Wir healuw, seo is Lega 
ceaster^ gehaten ; pa nemehte seo fird hie na hindan of 
feran, aer hie waeron inne on )?aBm ge weorce ; be sseton J^eah 
]78et geweorc utan some twegen dagas, j genamon eeapes eall 
]78et J?8Br buton wsbs, j J^a men ofslogon {?e hie foran forri- 
dan^ mehton butan geweorce, j J?aet com eall forbserndon, 
3 mid hira horsu»^ fretton^ on aelcre efeneh'Se. 3 ]>set wsbs 
ymb twelf mona*? ]78bs ]>e hie aer hider ofer sae comon. 

895. Ond J?a sona sefter J^sem on ?ys gere for se here of 
Wirheale in on Nor^Wealas. forj^sem hie ^ser sittan ne 
mehton ; ]7aBt wses forSy ]>e hie wseron be numene seg'Ser ge 
]7SBs eeapes, ge J^aes cornes, ^e hie gehergod haefdon; pa 
hie *Sa eft ut of NorS Wealuw^ wendon mid )?aere here hySe 
]7e hie "Saer ' genumen haefdon, J^a foron hie ofer NorS 
hymbra lond j EastEngla, swa swa sio fird hie geraecan 
ne mehte, o)?j7aet hie comon on EastSeaxna lond easte 
weard, on an igland J^aet is ute on J^aere sse, ]>set is Meres ig 
haten. j ]7a se here eft ham weard wende. ]7e Exanceaster 
beseten haefde, J^a hergodon hie upon SuiSSeaxum neah 
Cisse eeastre, j ]7a burg ware hie ge fliemdon, ^ hira monig 
hund ofslogon, j hira scipu sumu genamon. 

Da ]7y ylcan gere onforan winter^ J?a Deniscan )?e on 
Meres ige saeton. tugon hira scipu up onTemese, j J?a up 

{(Continued on p. 89.) 

recurrence of the termination -slae- ' Leg ceaster. B. Liege cester. C. 

gen.) The corrector altered )>egn Lige ceaster. D. 

into ))egnas. The above text is ^ of ridan. D. 

taken from B. and C, with the * fraeton. D. frettan. C. (on 

addition of the word wad from D. erasure). B. omits. 

^ Here, at the top of f. 18. r®, * on forewerdne winter. B. on 

there seems to be another change foreweardne. G. on fore weard 

in the handwriting of S. winter. D. 

Digitized by 


THE PARKER MS, (25) 89 

on Lygan^ ; paet waes ymb twa ger J^aes ]7e hie hider ofer s£b 

896. On )>y^ ylcan gere worhte se foresprecena here ge f. 18. b. 
weorc be Lygan^ 'xx* mila bufan Lundenbyrig. pa J?ses on 
sumera foron micel dael }?ara burgwara, j eacswa o]7res 
folces, J?8et hie gedydon set ]7ara Deniseana geweorce, ^ 

)?8er wurdon gefliemde, 3 sume feower eyninges ]?egnas 
ofslaegene. pa J^aes on haerfaeste ]7a wieode secyng on 
neaweste J^are byrig, J^a hwile J?e hie hira com gerypon, 
)?aet ]7a Deniscan him ne mehton J?aes ripes for wiernan. pa 
sume daege rad secyng up be J?aere eae, j gehawade hwaer 
mon mehte )?a ea for wyrcan, J?aet hie ne mehton ]7a scipu 
ut brengan. j hie "Sa swa dydon. worhton iSa tu geweorc. 
on twa healfe J^aere eas. pa hie "Sa J?aet ge weorc fur )>um 
ongunnen haefdon, j )?aer togewicod haefdon. J?a onget se 
here J^aet hie ne mehton )>a scypu ut brengan; pa forleton 
hie hie, j eodon ofer land J?aet hie gedydon aet Cwatbrycge'^ 
be Saefem, j J^aer* gewerc worhton. pa rad seo fird west 
aefter ]78Bm herige, j J?a men of Lunden byrig ge fetedon J^a 
scipu, J )?a ealle J?e hie alaedan ne mehton tobraecon, j J?a ]7e 
)?aer stael wyr'Se waeron binnan Lunden byrig gebrohton ; j 
)7a Deniscan haefdon hira wif befaest innan EastEngle aer 
hie ut of J?aem ge weorce foron ; pa saeton hie j7one winter 
set Cwat brycge ^. paet waes ymb J^reo ger ]7aes ]7e hie on 
Limene mu'San comon hider ofer S£e. 

897. Da )?aes on sumera on "Sysu/w gere to for se here, 
su;;^ on EastEngle, sum on NorShymbre, j }?a ]7e feoh lease 
waeron him ]?aer scipu begeton, j suiS ofer sse foron to 

Naefde se here, Godes | ]7onces. Sngel cyn ealles for f. 19. 
swi'Se® gebrocod ; Ac hie waeron micle swi]7or gebrocede on 

{Continued on p, 90.) 

^ Liggean. B. Ligenan. C. Li- * J)aet. B. C. D. 

gean, Lygean. D. * set Bricge. B. C. aet Brygce. D. 

* On Jjon. B. Ond J)y. C. Ond « Angel cynnes ealles fidswi])e. 

)» J)y. D. B. C. P. 

' »t Brygce. D. 

Digitized by 


90 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

(A. D. 897.) ];8Bm jTnm gearufw mid ceapes cwilde ^ monna, ealles 
swi]70st mid J^aBm J^set manige ]?ara selestena^ cynges ]7ena 
J^e J?8er on londe waBron forS ferdon on J^sem J^rim gearu;» ; 
]7ara waes ^nm Swi^ulf biscop on Hrofes ceastre, 3 Ceol- 
mund ealdor mon on Cent, j Beorhtulf ealdormon on East 
Seaxu^, ^ Wulfred ealdormon on Ham tun scire ^, j Ealh- 
heard* biscop «t Dorce ceastre, ^ Eadulf cynges J^egn on 
Su'SSeaxuTW, -) Beomulf wicgefera^ on Winte ceastre, ;j 
Ecgulf cynges horsj^egn^, j manige eac him ]7eh ic "Sa 
ge'Sungnestan® nemde. 

py ilcan geare drehton J^a hergas on East Englu/» j on 
Nor8 hymbru»i West Seaxna lond swi'Se be J^sem su'S stse'Se 
mid stael hergu^z, eaba swi]?ust mid ^sem aescum J?e hie fela 
geara aer timbredon. pa het -Alfred cyng timbran lang 


scipu ongen *6a aescas ; J^a waBron fulneah tu swa lang swa 
J^a o'Sru. sume haefdon -Ix* ara*^. some ma. J?a waeron aeg^er 
ge swiftran ge unwealtran^, ge eac hieran^ J^on?*^ ]7a o^ru. 
naeron nawSer ne on Fresisc gescaepene ne on Denisc, bute 
swa him selfii^i 'Suhte J^aet hie ny t wyr^oste beon meahten. 
pa aet sumu/» cirre J?aes ilcan geares comon ]7aBr sex scipu to 
Wiht, J J^aer mycel yfel gedydon, aeg'Ser ge on Defenu;^ ge 
wel hwaer be iSaem sae nman. pa het secyng faran mid 
nigonu;» to J^ara niwena scipa, j for foron \nm J^one mu^an 
foran on uter mere ; J^a foron hie mid J^rim scipum ut 
ongen hie, j ]7reo stodon aet ufewearduwi j^aem mu^an on 
f. 19. b. dryguw, waeron J^a men uppe on londe of agane, | J^a gefen- 
gon hie ]7ara J?reora scipa tu aet "Saem mu^an utewearduwi, 
J J?a men ofslogon, 3 ]7aet an o"5 wand ; on J?aBm waeron eac 
]7a men ofslaegene buton fifii^. J^a comon fbr'Sy on weg ^e 
'Sara oj^erra scipu asaeton, J^a wurdon eac swi'Se une'Selice 

{Continued on ^. 91.) 

* selestra. B. C. "^ arena. B. 

* B. C. D. omit Wulfred. * So C. untealran. D. ; B. ham 
^ Healh heard. B. unge- at the end of one line, and 

* So W. gerefa. B. C. D. -tran at the beginning of the next. 
" horsJ)en. B. hor sten. C. • hearran. B. C. hearra. D. 

* witan. add. B. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 91 

901. Her gefor Alfred cyning -vii' kt ijovkb. ^ he heold 

D. 901. Her gefor Alfred cyning .vii. Ic Nouembris. 3 heold )>one f. 44. 

{Continued on p. 93.) 
_ _ ^^ 

aseten. {?reo asaeton on iSa healfe J^ses deopes^ iSe "Sa Denis- (a.d. 897.) 
can scipu aseten wseron, ^ ]?a o^ru eall ^ on oj^re healfe, J^set 
hira nemehte nan to o<5ru»^. Ac "Sa ]78et waeter waes 
ahebbad fela furlanga ixom J^aem scipuwi. J^a eodan "Sa 
Deniscan from J^SBm ]?rim scipu/» to J^aem o^x\xm ]7rim J^e on 


hira healfe beebbade wseron, J ^]?a J^ser gefnliton. J^aer wear^ 
ofslsegen Lucumon cjnges gerefe. ^ Wulf heard Friesa. 3 
iEbbe Friesa, j -^"Selhere Friesa, ^ -^^elfer? cynges ge- 
neat, j ealra monna Fresiscra j Engliscra -Ixii' j ]7ara 
Deniscena 'Cxx- )?a com J^aem Deniscu^^ scipuwi ]?eh ser 
flod to, aet ]7a Cristnan mehten hira utascufan^, j hie 
for'Sy uto? reowon ; J^a wseron hie to J^aem gesargode*. )?8Bt 
hie ne mehton Su*? Seaxnalond utan be rowan, ac hira ]78er 
tu sae on lond wearp, j J^a men mon laedde to Winte 
ceastre^ to ]?8em cynge, j he hie ^ser ahon het. j J?a men 
comon on East Engle. J^e on )?8em anu»i scipe waeron. swiiSe 
forwundode. py ilcan sumera forwearS noises ]>ojine 'xx- 
scipa mid monnu;» mid ealle. be J?am su'S riman. py ilcan 
gere fofS ferde Wulfric cynges hors iSegn, se waes eac Wealh 
gefera ^. 

898. Her on ]>y8xim gere gefor iE^elm Wiltun scire 
ealdormon, nigon mhtnm aer middu»^ sumere. ;] her | for'S f. 20. 
ferde Heahstan, se waBS on Lundenne biscop. 

901. Her gefor jElfred* 3L]7ulfing, syx nihtuw^ aer ealra 
haligra maessan ; Se waes cyning ofer eall Ongelcyn butan 
^aBm daele J^e under Dena onwalde waes, ^ he heold ]>2Bt rice >Ji 

{Continued an ^. 92.) 

* ^sere dypan. B. * g^aderode. D. 

* ealle. B. C. D. ^ WUtun ceastre. D. 

' The scribe at first wrote scutan, • So W. gerefa. B. C. D. 

Digitized by 


92 THE PARKER MS, (25) 

^Tom healfii/w laes J^e -xxx* wintra. 3 )?a feng Ead weard 
his sunu to rice. 

pa gerad -^'Selwald his faedran sunu. ]7one ha»i set Win 
human, j aet. Tweoxn earn butan ?8bs cyninges leafe j his 
witena. pa rad secyning mid firde ^ he^ gewicode aet 
Baddanbyrig wi^ Win human, j -^*Selwald sset hinnan 
}?8em ha»^ mid J^aem monnu/w {?e him to gebugon, ^ haefde 
ealle J7a geatu forworht into hi»^, j saede J^aet he wolde 
o^er cSiSe J?aer libban o^iSe {^aer licgan. ]?a under J^aem J?a 
be stael he hine on niht on weg, j ge sohte ]7one here on 
Nor? hymbru/w, j se cyng het ridan aefter, 3 J?a ne mehte 
hine mon of ridan ; pa berad mon }?8et wif J^aet he haefde aer 
genumen butan ^ cynges leafe j ofer ]?ara biscopa gebod, 
forSon 'Se heo waes aer to nunnan gehalgod. j on J^ys 
ilcan gere foriS ferde -S]7ered. waes on Defenuwi ealdormon, 
feower wucuwi aer iElfred cyning. 

903. Her gefor 3Lj7ulf ealdormon Ealhswi^e bro'Sor j 
Uirgilius abbud of Scottum' j Grim bald maesse preost. 

viii idus lulii. 

904. Her com ^E'Selwald hider ofer sae mid J?aem flotan 
|;e he mid waes on East Sexe. 

905. Her aspon iE'Selwald J^one here on EastEnglu;^ to 
unfriSe, ]78et hie hergodon ofer Merenaland o? hie eomon 
to Crecca gelade, ^ foron |?aer ofer Temese, j namon aegSer 

f. 20. b. ge on Bradene | ge ^aer ymb utan eall J^aet hie ge hentan 
mehton, j wendan 'Sa eft ham weard ; pa for Ead weard 

^ ?J he. on erasure, and in the "^ The MSS.B. and C, after closing 

later hand (a). j> he. B. o» he. C. the year 915 (918 S.) fetch back to 

ot^e he. D. 896 (the annals 896 to 901 being 

' butan ])ses. B. C. D. blank) and introduce the present 

' obitus S. Grimbaldi sacer- episode, which may be considered 

dotis, et aduentus S. ludoci, et to close at 924 (925 7C.). Both are 

dedicatio Noui Monasterii Went. then barren to 934 (935 7C.), where 

F. Lat. I think the scribe wrote they fall in with the usual current 

Ludoces, Ludocif and so it was read of History. The episode forms 

by Mr. Thorpe. therefore a little Mercian Register 

* So B. C. geboden. D. of about twenty years, and might 
« So B.C. be styled the 'Annals of ^thel- 

• So D. eft. B. C. fl»d.' The compiler of D. has in- 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 93 

)?et rice 'Xxviii* wintra j healf gear. ■] J)a feog JEdward his 
sunu [to] rice. 

903. Her forSferde Grimbaldi J)es sac'. "3 )>ys ylcan geares was (F) 
gehalgod Niwe mynster on Wincestr^. "3 S. ludoces to cyme'. 

rice -xxviii. wintra J healf gear. ""] J)a feng Eadweard his sunu to (D) 

1 )^ [gerad] M\e\ wold SB^eling his fsederan sunu )>one ham set 
Win buman. "3 set Tweoxnam J)8bs cynges unfjances. '] his witena ; 
pa rad se cyning mid fyrde. o^e he ge wicode set Baddan byrig 
wi^ Win buman. ";] A|)elwold sset binnan ))am hame mid J)am mon- 
num )>e him to gebugon. "3 he haefde ealle ))a gatu forworhte 
into him. J saede $ he wolde oJ)))e ^ser libban o^^e )>aer licgean. ))a 
under jjam )ja rad se sefjeling on niht aweg, ";] gesohte )>one here on 
NorShymbrum, "3 hi hine under fengon him to cyninge, ~] him 
to bugon ; pa bera[d] man f wif J)e he haefde ser genum[en] 
butan }j8es cynges leafan J ofer jjsera biscopa gebodu, for))am heo 
I wses aer to nonnan gehalgod. "3 on )>ys ilcan ' geare forS ferde f. 44. b. 
-^|)ered, wses on Defenum ealdor man. iiii. wucan aer jElfred 

903. Her gefor A|)ulf ealdorman, Ealh swy^ broker, Eadweardes 
moder cynges, ~] Uirgilius abbud of Scottum, ";] Grimbald maesse 

904. Her com A^el wold hider ofer s« mid eallum ()am flotan fe 
he begitan mihte, J him to gebogen * waes on East Seaxe. 

905. Her cometa set eowde .xiii. kt Nouembris. 

Her gelsedde ' Afjelwold ))one here on East Englum to unfri^e, 
J hi ge hergodon ofer call Myrcna land o^ hi comon to Creocc- 
gelade. "3 foron J)aer ofer Temese, ";] namon aegfjer on Braedene ge 
fjser on buton call $ hi gehentan meahton, "3 wendon J)a easf 
ham weard. pa for Eadweard cyning aefter swa he ra^st mihte 

902 '. Her Ealhswi^ for<5ferde. "^ J)y ilcan gere wass -f gefeoht aet (C) f. 140. 
);am Holme Cantwara "3 )>ara Deniscra. 
904. Her mona aJ)y8trode. 

905. Her aetywde^ cometa. 

{Continued on p. 94.) 

corporated portions of this piece in their digested and undigested 

and attempted to reduce the whole condition. The text is from C, with 

to chronological order. The student various readings from B. 
can therefore compare the materials ^ o])y wde. B. 

Digitized by 



cyning sefter, swa lie ra'Sost mehte his fird gegadrian, ;j 
oferhergade eall hira land betwuh dicu;;^ 3 Wusan. eall 
o?S?a fennas norS ; pa he ^a eft )?onan ut faran wolde, J?a 
het he beodan ofer ealle ]?a fird J^aet hie foron ealle ut aet 
somne. pa aetsseton "Sa Centiscan {?8er beaeftan ofer his 
bebod, J seofon serendracan he hi;;^ hsefde to asend. pa 
^be'for sehere hie ^ser, ^ hie "Saer gefuhton, j J^ser wearS 
Sigulf ealdormon ofslsegen, j Sigelm ealdormon, j Ead- 
wold cynges 'Segen, 3 Cenulf abbod, ^ Sigebreht Sigulfes 
sunu, 3 Eadwald 3LCcan sunu, j monige eac him, J?eh ic ?a 
ge 'Sungnestan nemde. ^ on ^ara Deniscena healfe wearS 
ofslaegen Eohric hira cyng, ^ -^iSelwald se'Seling "Se hine to 
J78em unfii'Se gespon, j Byrhtsige Beomo'Ses sunu se^el- 
inges. J Ysopa hold, "j Oscytel hold, "j swi'Se monige 
'* eac him, ]?e we nu genemnan nemagon; ^ J^ser wses 
on gehwsB'Sre bond micel wsel geslaegen,' ^ J^ara Denis- 
cena J^aer wearS ma ofslaegen, J^eh hie wael stowe gewald 

3 EalhswiiS gefor J^y ilean geare. 

906^. Her on J^ys geare gefor -Alfred, waes aet Ba'Suw* 
gerefa. j on ]7aem ilean gere mon faestnode ]7one 61*8 aet 
Yttinga forda, swa swa Eadweard cyng geraedde, aegSer 
wi'S East Engle ge wi'S Nor^ hymbre. 

909. Her gefor Denulf, se waBS on Winte ceastre biscop ; 

»i< 910. Her feng FriSestan* to biscop dome on Winte 

f. 21. ceastre, 3 Ssser biscop gefor aefter ^aem, se waes aet Scire 

human | biscop. j {?y ilean gere sende Eadweard cyng 

firde aeg^er ge of West Seaxu»i ge of Mercu»i, j heo geher- 

gade swi'Se micel on J^aem nor8 here, aeg'Ser ge on mannuw 

(C) 907. Her waes Lig caster^ ge edniwod. 

909. Her wees see Oswaldes lie gelaeded' of Beardanigge on 

910. On ()ysum gere Engle 3 Dene gefuhton aet Teotanheale J 
Engle sige namon. J J)y ilean geare ^^Iflsed getimbrede J)a burh 
set Bremes byrig. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 95 

906. Her gefestnode Eadward cyng for neode fnS segtSer 
ge wis EastEngla here, ge witJ NortShymbre. 

910. Her Englehere j Dene gefubton set Teotanbeale. "] 
Mpered Myrcena ealdor fortJ | ferde. j Eadward cyng feng to f. 35. 
Lunden byrig. 3 to Oxnaforda. j to ealle ]?am landum ]>e J>aer to 
ge byredon. j mycel scipbere hider com Bu]?an of Lidwicum. j 
hergedon swiSe be Sefaern. ac hi faer msest ealle siSSan forforon. 

his fyrd gegaderian. 3 oferhergode eall hyra land betweoh(D) 
dicum J Wusan eall o^ fennas norS. pa he eft )>anon faran 
wolde. Jja het heo beodon ofer ealle fa fyrd. f hi foron ealle ut 
setsomne; pa SBtsseton J)a Centiscan J)ser | besBftan ofer his be- f- 45- 
bod. "3 vii. serend racan he him hsefde to asend ; pa befor sehere 
hi faer. j hi ^aer gefdhton. "3 ))8er [weai^] Siulf ealdorman of 
slaegen. ') Sihelm ealdorman. 3 Eadwold cynges feng. ";) Kenulf 
a^. J Sigebryht Siulfes sunu. ^ Eadwold Accan sunn. ^ manige 
eac to him, feah ic fa ge fungenestan nemde. "3 on faera De- 
niscena * healfe waes of slaegen Eoric cyning. J A^lwold aef eling 
fe hi him to cyninge gecunim ^ J Beorht sige Beorht no^s ^ sunu 
aefelinges. ^ Ysopo hold. J Oskytel hold, j swi^ msenige eac 
mid him, fe we nu genemnan ne magon. J faer wses on ge hwae- 
^re hand mycel wael geslaegen. "3 faera Deniscna* wear^ ma 
of slaegen, feah hi wael stowe ge weald ahton. J Ealh swi^ gefor 
fy ilcan geare. 

906. Her waes s?fe Oswaldes lichoma alaeded of Beardanigge. 
Her on fysson geare -Alfred gefor. waes"^ aet Ba'Sumtune gerefa. 
^ on fam ylcan geare man gefaestnode fone fri^ aet Ytinga 
forda, swa swa Eadward cyning geraedde, aegfaer ge wi^ East 
^nglum ge wi^ NorShymbrde. 

909 ^ Her Myrce J WestSeaxe gefubton wi^ fone here neb f. 45. b. 
Teotan heale. on .viii. idus Agustus. ";] sige haefdon. J fy ilcan 
geare -ffifelflced getimbrode Bremesburh. Her gefor Denewulf 
se waes on Wintan ceastre K 

910. Her feng Fri^stan to biscopdome on Winta ceastre. J 
Asser gefor aeffcer fam, se waes aet Scire human biscop. "3 fy il- 
can geare sonde Eadweard cyning fyrde aegfer ge of® West 

(Ctmiinued on p. 97.) 

^ 907. W. « Byrhsige ByrtnoCes. B. Beorh- 

^ Ligceaster geedneowad. B. edge Beorhtno]>es. C. 

* gelaedd. B. ^ The scribe at first wrote wffist. 

* Deniscra. B. C. * f, 45. b. begins with 908. 
' So D. gecuron. B. C. » ofer. MS. 

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ge on gehwelces cynnes yrfe, j manega men ofslogon ]7ara 
Deniscena. j };aer wseron fif wucan inne. 

911. Her braee sehere on NorS hymbini/w J^one fri'S, j 
forsawon selc fri^ J?e Eadweard cyng j his witan him 
budon. J hergodon ofer Merena lond; j se cyng haefde 
gegadrod suw hand scipa. j wses ]7a on Cent, ^ ]7a seipu 
foran be su'San east andlang sae togenes him, {?a wende 
se here J^aet his fultumes se msBsta dsel wsere on J^aem 
scipum, J ]78et hie mehten faran un be fohtene )?8Br J>8er hie 
wolden. {?a geascade se cyng J^set J^set hie ut on herga'S 
foron, J?a sende he his fird aeg'Ser ge of West Seaxu;;^ 
ge of Mercu»i, ] hie offoron 'Sone here hindan, ]7a he 
ha»^weard wses, j him |7a wij? gefiihton, ^ ]7one here ge- 
fliemdon, j his fela J?usenda ofslogon, j |?8er waes Ecwils^ 
cyng ofslsegen. 

912. Her gefor iE'Sered ealdormon on Mercuw^; ~} 
Eadweard cyng feng to Lunden byrg j to Oxna forda, j to 
Ssem landu/» eallu^i )?e ]7aer to hierdon. 

913. Her on ]7ys geare ymb Martines msBssan het Ead 
weard cyning^ atimbran |?a nor^ran burg set Heorot forda 
betweox Memeran^ j Bene ficcan j Lygean ; 3 ]7a aefter 
J?am J78es on sumera. betweox^ gang dagum j middum 

f- 21. b. sumera, | J?a for Eadweard cyning mid sumum his fultume 
on East Seaxe to Mc6l dune. ^ wicode J^ser ]7a hwile J^e man 
|?a burg worhte j getimbrede set Wit ham; ^ him beag 
god dael |;8es folces to ]?e ser under Deniscra manna anwalde 
wseron, j sum his fultum worhte J?a burg J?a hwile set 
Heorot forda on su]? healfe Lygean. 

(C) 911. Da ^s ojjre^ geares gefor*^ jEjiered Myrcna hlaford. 

912. Her com -^{)elfl8ed Myrcna hlsefdige on )>one halgan sefen 
Inuentione sde crucis. to Scergeate, '] \dsr ^ burh getimbrede. ~] 
J>8BS ilcan geares ))a set Bricge. 

913. Her Gode forgyfendum for ^EJielflsed Myrcna hlaefdige 
mid eallum Myrcum to TamaweorSige. "3 J)a burh jjser getim- 
brede. on foreweardne sumor, "^ ))8es foran to hlaf msessan. )ja set 
Stsef forda. 

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Seaxum ge of Myrcum. j he gehergode swy^e mycel on 
J)am nor6 here, 8Bg))8er ge on mannum ge on hwylcum yrfe, J 
manege men ofslogon Jiaera Dseniscra. J faer waeron .v. wucan 

Her ^ngle. J Dene gefdhton sBt Totanheale. 3 -^{)elred 
Myrcna ealdor for^ferde. J Eadward cyning feng to Lunden 
^y^' J to Oxnaforda. J to eallum J)am landum J)e fserto 
hyrdon. J mycel scip here hider com su^an of lid wicum. 
■3 hergodon swfS^ be Ssefem. ac hi ))aer msest ealle 8yJ)J:an 
for foran. 

911. Her brsec sehere fone fri'S on NorShymbrum. j for 
sawon aelc riht ^ J)e Eadweard cyning. 3 his witan him budon. | j f. 46. 
hergodon ofer Myrcland. J se cyning haefde gegaderod sum 
hund scipa. J waes fa on Cent. "^ }>a scipu foron be su^an east 
andlang sse togeanes him. pa wende se here f his fultum 
wsere se maesta dael on }>am scipum. "3 fsBt hi mihton un be foh- 
tene faran fser J)ser hi woldon. pa ge ahsode se cyning ))8et }>set 

hi on hergea^ foron, fa sende he his fyrd sBgSer ge of West 
Seaxum ge of Myrcum. J hy of foron fone here hindan, Jja he 
ham weard wses. "^ him wi^ fa gefiihton. ^ fone here geflymdon. 
^ his feola of slogen. "3 fser wses Eowilisc cyng ofslsegen. "3 
Healden cyng. "] Ohter eorl. 3 Scurfa eorl. 3 Afulf ^ hold ^ ";] Ag- 
mund hold. 

912. Her ge for M\e\ red ealdor man on Myrcum. J Eadweard 
cyning feng to Lunden byrig J to Oxnaforda. "3 to eallum fam 
landum fe f ser to hyrdon. 

913. Her ^felfled getimbrode Tameweor^. ^ eac Stafforda 
burh. Her on fyssum geare ymbe Martines msBssan het Eadward 
cyning atimbrian fa nor^an burh. set Heort forda, be tweoh ' 
Maeran. "^ Bene ficean. j Ligean. j fa sefter f am' f sbs on sumera. 
betwux gang dagum. ^ middan sumera for Eadweard cyning 

mid sumuw | his fultume on E^st Seaxe to Msel dune. "3 wicode f. 46. b. 
f aer fa hwile f e man fa burh worhte. ";) ge trymode set "Witan ham. 
J him beah god dsel f ses folces to f e ser under Daeniscra manna 
anwealde waeron. "3 sum his fultum worhte fa burh aet Heortforda 
on su^healfe Lygean. 

1 Eowils. B.C. ' OHf- B.C. 

^ The in has been erased. * T Benesing hold. ^ AnISf se 

3 Meran. B. Meran. C. Swearta. -] purfer© hold. T Osferd 

* So C. betuh. B. Hlytte. T GuSferC hold. •] Agmund 
' ])a o])re8 geares ))8eg gef5r. B. hold. 1 6u9fert$. B. C. 

• So B. C. 

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917. Her on J7ys gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of 
Ham tune, ^ of Ligei-a ceastre. ^ braecon )7one fri)?. j slogon 
monige men aBt Hoc nera tune, j J^ser onbutan ; j J?a swiiSe 
raj7e sefter J^aem, swa )?a o]7re ham comon, J)a fundon hie 
o]7re flocrade, )?8et rad ut wi^ Lygtunes, j ]7a wurdon )?a 
landleode his ware, j him wij? gefuhton, j gebrohton 
hie on fuUum fleame, ^ ahreddon eall ]78et hie genumen 
haefdon, j eac hira horsa j hira wsepna micelne dsel : 

918. Her on J^ysum geare com micel sciphere hider ofer 
su}?an of Lidwiccum, 3 twegen eorlas mid, Ohtor j Hroald, 
^ foron west onbutan ]?8Bt hie gedydon innan Saefeme 
muj?an, j hergodon on Nor]7Wealas aeghwaer be J?am sse, 
j78Br hie |?onne on hagode ; 3 ge fengon Cameleac ^ biscop on 
Ircinga felda, j Iseddon hine mid him to scipum, ^ J?a 

f. 22. aliesde Eadweard cyning hine eft jnid 'xl* pundu;». | ^pa 
sefter ]?am for se here eall up, j wolde faran J7a giet on 
heYgaJ? wi? Ircinga feldes ; J^a gemetton J^a men hie of 
Here forda j of Gleaweceastre. ^ of }>am niehVtum burgum, 
J him wi'S geftihton, j hie gefliemdon; ^ ofslogon ]7one 
eorl Hroald j J?8es oj^res eorles broJ?or Ohteres, ^ micel J?8bs 
heres. 3 be drifon hie on anne pearruc, j be sseton hie ]78er 
utan, oJ^J^e^ hie him sealdon gislas, J?8et hie of Eadweardes 
cyninges anwalde afaran woldon ; j se cyng hsefde funden 
J?8Bt him mon sset wi)? on su)? healfe Saefern muj?an, 
westan from Wealum, east oj? SfenemuJ^an, J^set hie ne 
dorston J^aBt land nawer ge secan on J^a healfe ; pa be 
stselon hie hie J^eah nihtes upp set sumum twam cirron, set 
oJ?rum cierre be eastan Waeced, j aBt oyrwn cierre aet Port 
locan ; pa slog hie mon aet aeg]7rum cirre, J^aet hira feawa 
on weg comon, buton J^a ane |;e )?aer ut aotswummon to 
]7am scipum, 3 J?a saeton hie ute on J?am iglande aet Bradan 
Relice, oj? )?one first ]?e hie wurdon swi)?e mete lease, ^ 
monige men hungre acwaelon, forJ?on hie ne meahton 

(C) 914. pa ^aes o}>re geare ))a set Eadesbyrig on foreweardne sumor. 
■3 JJSBS ilcan geres eft on ufeweardne hserfest fa set Wsering wicum*. 

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914. Her on gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Ham tune "3 
of Ligere ceastre. "3 brsecon ]>onne fri^ "j slogon manegan msen 
set Hoc cenere tune. "3 \dsr abuton. "3 J^a hwile swy^ ra^ sefter 
J>am. 8wa ojnre ham comon. J)a fundon hi o^re flocrade -f rad 
ut wi^ Lig tunes. "3 ))a wurdon )>a landleode his gew»r. "3 him 
wi^ gefuhton. "3 gebrohton hi on fullan fleame. "3 ahrseddon 
eall $ hi ge numen hsefdon. 3 eac heora horsa 3 heora wsepna 
mycelne dsel. 

915. Her on ))ison geare wses Wserincwic getimbrod. "3 com 
mycel sciphere hider ofer su^n of Lio^wicum, "^ .ii. eorlas 
mid, Ohter ^ Hraold *. ^ foron ))a west abuton f hi gedydon* innon 
Saefemmu^an. ^ hergodon on NorSWealas. seghwaer be ))am 
sta^um J)8er hi J)onne on hagode. *] ge fengon Camel ge eac 
bisceop on lercinga felda. "3 Iseddon hine mid him to scipe. "3 

J)a alysde Ead weard cyning hine eft mid .xL pundum. pa sefter f. 47. 
|>am ^ for se here eall up. ^ wolde faran fa git on hergea^ wi'S 
lercinga feldes. pa gemy tton hy of Here f orda. 3 of Gleawe ceastre. 
"] of ))am nyxtan burgum. "3 him wi^ ge fuhton j hi ge flymdon. j 
of slogon fane eorl Hraold. "3 fses ofres eorles brofor Ohteres. *] 
mycel fses heres. •] be drifon hi on anne pearroc. J be sseton hi 
)>8er utan 0^ hi him sealdon gispas]''. fset hi of fees cynges an- 
wealde faran woldo[n]. *] se cyng haefde funden ^ him mon sset 
wi'S [on] su^ healfe Ssefem mufan westan fram We[a]lum, east oj) 
Afenemufan, fsethi nedorsta[n] faet landnawsem^ on fa healfe ge 
secean. p[a] be stselon ' hi feah nihtes up set sumum twa[m] cyr- 
rum. set ofrum cyrre be eastan Weced. se[t] ofrum cyrre set 
Por locan. pa sloh hi mon set segferum cyrre, "p hyra feawa on 
weg comon buton fa ane [^] f ser ut 0^ swymman mihton to f am 
scipum. ■] fa sseton hi ute on f am iglande set Steapan Reolice ^** o^ 
fone fyrst f e hi wurdon swyf e mete lease. "3 manege men hungre 
acwselon, forf on hi ne meahton nsenne mete gersecan. foron fa 

{Continued on p. loo.) 

915. pa ^ses ofre geare on ufan midne winter fa set Cyric byrig (C) 
*3 fa set Weard byrig. "^ ^y ilcan gere foran to middan wintra fa set 
Rum cofan^^ 

* Camelgeac. B. C • gedyde. MS. 

» Sir T. D. Hardy thinks that ^ The letters in brackets have 

here, at the top of f. 22. r^, there is been lost on the margin, 

another change of hand, and per- • With modem punctum de- 

haps he is right. lens under the final n, nawem. C. 

» faet. B. otJ. C. D. nahw»r. B. 

* -wicon. B. * altered from bestselan. 

» mid Hraold. MS. ^" So B. C. " Riim-. B. 

H 2 

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(A. D. 918.) nanne mete ge raecan ; foran J?a J?onan to Deomodum, j 
f. 32. b. J7a ut to Ir|lande. ] l^is waes on hserfest; ^ J?a sefter 
)7am on J?am ilcan gere foran to Martines maessan, "Sa for 
Eadweard cyning to Buccinga^hamme' mid his firde, ^ sset 
J?8Br feower wucan, ^ geworhte J?a burga buta on aegj^ere 
healfe eas aer he J?onon fore ; j purcytel eorl hine ge sohte 
him to hlaforde, j J^a holdas ealle, ^ }7a ieldstan men ealle 
mseste "Se to Sedan forda hierdon, ^ eac monige )?ara J?e to 
Ham tune hierdon^. 

919. Her on J?ys gere Ead weard cyng for mid fierde to 
Sedan forda foran to Martines maessan, ^ be get )7a burg, ^ 
him cirdon to maest ealle J?a burg ware J?e hie aer budon, 3 
he saet j^aer feower wucan, ^ het atimbran J?a burg on su]? 
healfe J?aere eas aer he J?onan fore ; 

920. Her on |7ys gere foran to middum sumera for Ead 
weard cyning to Maeldune, ^ getimbrede J?a burg 3 ge sta- 
"Solode aer he |7onon fore ; •] \y ilcan geare for j?ur cy tel 
eorl ofer sse on Froncland. mid J?am mannum )?e him 
gelaestan woldon. mid Eadweardes cynges frij?e ^ fultume. 

{Continued on p. loi.) 

f.47.b.{D) jjanon to Deomedum. "3 J)anon to "^r| lande. "3 ))is waes on hserfest. 
■3 J)a sefter })am on Jam ilcan geare foran to Martines maessan. 
})a for Eadweard cyning to Buccinga hamme mid his fyrde. "3 saet 
J)aer feower wucan. ^ geworhte J)a byrig buta on aegfaer healfe eas 
aer he fanon fore. *] purcytel eorl hine ge sohte him to hlaforde. 
"] J)a eorlas ealle. J })a yldestan maen fe to Beda forda hyrdon. ^ eac 
maenege faera ))e to Ham tune hyrdon^. 

f.i4o.b.(C) 916. Her waes^ Ecgbriht abbud unscyldig ofslegen foran to mid- 
dan sumera. on xvi. kt ut. J)y ilcan daege waes sSe Ciricius tid faes 
^roweres. mid his geferum. ^ ^aes embe J)reo niht sende ^Efelflaed 
fyrde on Wealas. ^ abraec Brecenan mere "3 faer genam ^aes cinges 
wif feower j 'Sritiga sume. 

^ At this point B. and C. insert have been borrowed by D direct 

the Mercian register of the years from the * Mercian Register.' They 

WS2-924 which is given above. are therefore omitted here from D. 

^,The annals 917, 918, 919, 921 ' wearS. B. 

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THE PARKER MS. (35) loi 

921. Her on J?ysum gere foran to Eastron Eadweard (a.d. 921.) 
cyning het ge faran J?a burg set | Tofe ceastre. ^ hie ge f. 23. 
timbran ; ^ \d, eft aefter J?ani on J?ani ilean geare to gang 
dagu^i he het a timbran J?a burg set Wiginga mere ; 

\>j ilean sumera be twix hlaf msessan ^ middum sumera 
se here brsec J?one firij? of Ham tune, ^ of Ligera ceastre, "5 
)?onan norJ?an, ^ foron to Tofe ceastre, ^ fuhton on J?a biu-g 
eahie daeg, ^ J?ohton |7set hie hie sceolden abrecan ; ac hie 
J?eah awerede J?set folc J?e J^ser binnan wses o)? hinn mara 
fultum to com, j hie forleton J?a J?a burg, j foron aweg ; j 
|?a eft swiSe ra)?e aefter |7am hie foron eft ut mid stael herge 
nihtes, ^ comon on un ge arwe men, ^' genomon iin lytel, 
aBgJ?er ge on mannum, ge on ierfe. be tweox Byrne wuda ^ 
-^gles byrig. 

py ilean sij?e for se here of Huntandune, ^ of East 
Englum, J worhton l^aet geweorc set T<emese forda, j hit 
budon J bytledon, ^ forleton |7set oJ?er set Huntandune, j 
)?ohton J?set hie sceoldon )7anon of mid gewinne ^ mid 
un fri'Se eft J?ses landes mare ge rsecan ; ^ foran J?set hie ge 
dydon set Bedan forda, ^ )?a foran J?a men tit ongean )?e l^ser 
binnan wseron, ^ him wij? ge fuhton, ^ hie ge fliemdon, ^ 
hira | godne dsel of slogon. f. 23. b. 

pa eft aefter J?am J?a giet ge gadorode micel here hine of 
East Englum-^ j of Mercnalande, j foran to l^aere byrig aet 
Wiginga mere, ^ ymbsseton hie utan, ^ fuhton lange on 
dseg on, ^ namon J?one ceap on butan ; ] J?a men aweredon 

{Continued on p. 102.) 

917. Her jEfelflted Myrcna hlaefdige Gode fultum gendum' foran (C) 
to hlsef msessan^ begeat J)a burh mid eallum })am ^ fser to hyrde, 
))e ys haten Deoraby*. fser" waeron eac ofslegene hyre fegna 
feower ^e hire be serge wsBron binnan J)am gatum. 

(jContinued on p, 105.) 

^ The scribe after this wrote, dum. D. 

1 of EastEnglum, and then erased ^ hlam-. D. 

it. * altered from Deoreby. 

2 fultmigendum. B. fiiltumien- ' "3 ])8er. B. 

Digitized by 


102 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

(A.D. 921.) J?eali J?a burg fe J?8Br binnan wseron, ^ J?a forleton hie J?a 
burg ^ foron aweg. 

pa sefter J?ani J?ses ilcan sumeres gegadorode micel folc 
hit on Eadweardes cynges anwalde. of J?am niehstum bur- 
gum, J?e hit "Sa ^gefaran mehte, ^ foron to Tcemese forda. 
J besaeton -Sa burg. ^ fuhton ^aeron o^ hi hie abraecon^, 
J of slogon J?one cyning, j Toglos eorl, ^ Mannan eorl his 
sunu, ^ his bro)?or, 3 ealle )?a J?e J?8er binnan wseron, j hie 
wergan woldon, "] namon ]7a o)?re "] eal J?8Bt |?8er binnan waes. 

pa aefter J?am J?aBS for hraj?e gegadorode micel folc hit on 
hserfest, 8Bgj?er ge of Cent, ge of SuJ?rigum, ge of East 
Seaxum, ge sBghwonan of J?am nihstum burgum, ^ foron to 
Colne ceastre, j ymbsaeton J?a burg, ] J?aer on fuhton oj? 
f. 24. hie )?a ge eodon, ;) J^aet | folc call of slogon, ^ ge namon eal 
J?8Bt l^aer binnan waes, buton |7am mannum J?e J?aer oJ?flugon 
ofer J?one weall. 

pa aefter J?am J?a gi^e't J?aes ilcan haerfestes gegadorode 
micel here ^hine' of East Englum. aegj^er ge J^aes landheres 
ge l^ara wicinga J?e hie him to fultume aspanen haefdon, ] 
^ohton J?aet hie sceoldon ge wrecan hira teonun, ^ foron to 
Maeldune, ^ ymb saeton J?a burg, ^ fuhton )7aer on, o\ J?am 
burg warum com mara fultum to utan to helpe, ^ forlet se 
here J?a burg, ^ for fram; ^ |7a foron J?a men aefter ut of 
J?aere byrig, j eac ]>a )7e him utan comon to fultume, ] 
gefliemdon )>one here ^ of slogon hira monig hund, aegj?er 
ge aesc manna ge oJ?errar 

pa |7aes forhraJ?e J?aes ilcan haerfestes for Eadweard 
cyning mid West Sexna fierde to Passan hamme, ^ saet |7aer 
J?a hwile )?e mon worhte J?a burg aet Tofe ceastre mid stan 
wealle, -] him cirde to purferj? eorl, ^ J?a holdas, j eal se here 

{Continued on p. X03.) 

i'*>i rjij^ig passage, gefaran . . . ab- work and resumed the pen himself, 
rsecon, is in a different and inferior In fact in some places the old writ- 
hand. After abraecon there is a ing can be traced letter for letter 
long erasure, as if the original scribe under the new. 
had scratched out his predecessor's 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 103 

918. Her iESelflaed forSferde Myrcena hlcefdige. 

921. Her Sihtric cyng ofsloh Niel his brojwr. 
^ ; -.(S) 

)?e to Ham tune hierde norj? oj? Weolud, 3 sohton hine him (a.d. 921.) 
to hlaforde j to mmid boran ; 

J J?a se fird stemn for | ham, J?a for oJ?er ut, j ge for J?a f. 24. b. 
burg set Huntandune, ^ hie gebette j geedneowade J^aer 
heo ser to brocen wsbs, be ^E'ad weardes cyninges hsese, 3 
|?aet folc eal J?8Bt J^aer to lafe wsbs |7ara land leoda beag to 
Ead wearde cyninge, ^ sohton his firij? 3 his mund byrde. 

pa giet sefter J?am |>aBs ilcan geres foran to Martines 
msessan for Ead wear^d' cyning mid West Sexna fierde to 
Colneeeastre, "] gebette )?a burg j geedneowade y^sr heo 
ser to brocen wses, j him eirde mieel folc to, 8eg|7er ge on 
EastEnglum, ge on East Seaxum, ]7e ser under Dena an 
walde WSBS ; ^ eal se here on East Englum him swor 
annesse, J?8et hie eal J?8Bt woldon |78et he wolde, 3 call J?8et 
fri]?ian woldon )>8Bt se cyng fri]7ian wolde, 8egJ?er ge on sae, 
ge on lande ; 3 se here J?e to Grantan brycge hierde hine 
geces synderlice him to hlaforde t) to mund boran, ^ )?8et 
fsestnodon mid a]?um. swa swa he hit }?a ared. 

922. ^Her on "Sysum gere betweox^ gangdag^^ ^ 
ttiid^dW sumera for Eadweard cyng mid firde to Stean 
forda. ^ het gewyrcan "Sa burg on su^ healfe "SaBre eas, j 
"Sset folc eal^e to "Saere nor|^)?erranbyrig hierde. him beah f. 25. 
to, 3 sohtan hine him to hlaforde. ^ J?a on )?8em setle "Se he 
|?ser saet, J?a ge for ^J^elflaed his swystar aet Tame worJ?ige 
•xii» mhtam ser middum sumera ; ^ J?a gerad he )?a burg set 
Tame worjjige, ^ him cierde to call se J?eodscype on 
Myrcna lande |7e -Sj^elflaede aer under J?eoded waes; ] J?a 
cyningas on NorJ^Wealum, Howel, j Cledauc, ^ Ieo)?wel, 

{Continued onp, 104.) 

^ Here there is a change of hand ' Here there is another change of 

in MS. ?C. hand, which may be the resumption 

^ The scribe at first omitted the of the work by the last scribe but 

tr in betweox, and then inserted it one after the interval of four lines, 
wrongly before the t. 

Digitized by 



T eall Nor|7Weall cyn hine sohton him to hlaforde. pa for 
he J?onan to Snotingaham ^ gefor J?a burg, ^ het hie ge 
betan ^ gesettan. 8BgJ?er ge mid Engliscum mannu»i, ge 
mid Deniscum ; ^ him cierde eall J?8et folc to J?e on Mercna 
lande ge seten wses, 8egJ?er ge Denisc ge Englisce. 

923. Her on J?ysum geare for Eadweard cyning mid 
fierde on ufen hserfest to pelwaele, j het gewyrcan J?a 
bm*g, ^ ge settan, ^ ge mannian ; j het o|7re fierd eac of 
Miercna J?eode J?a hwile |7e he )?8er sset gefaran Mame 
ceaster on NorJ? hymbrum, ^ hie ge betan ^j' ge mannian. 
Her for|>ferde Pl^emund arcebisoeop. 

924. Her on )?ysum gere foran to middum somera for 
f. 25. b. Eadweard cyning mid fierde | to Snotinga ham, j het 

ge wyrcan J?a burg on su|7 healfe J?8ere eas, ongean J?a oj^re, 
■5 J?a bryege ofer Treontan betwix )7am twam burgum; ^ 
for J?a )7onan on Peaclond to Badeean wiellon, ] het ge 
wyrcan ane burg )?8er on neaweste, ^ ge mannian ; ^ hine 
geces J?a to fseder ^ to hlaforde Scotta cyning '^ eall 
Scotta J?eod ; ^ Raegnald, 3 Eadulfes suna, t) ealle J?a |7e on 
NorJ? hymbrum bugea|?, 8egJ?er ge Englisce, ge Denisce, ge 
Nor)> men, ge oJ?re ; ;) eac Straecled Weala cyning, ^ ealle 
Straecled Wealas^. 
f. 36. 925. Her Eadweard cing forJ?ferde, ^ ^|7elstan his sunu 
feng to rice. *J See Dunstan wear^ aksenned. *j Wulfelm feng to \>aH 
arcebiscop rice on Cantuarehyri. 

^ Here half a page is left blank, ^ rsedinge. D. 

and a new hand begins at the top * ]>us. D. 

of f. 26. '** nihtum. B. D. pridie ID lUNH. 

* This annal has been crossed out, add. D. 

I think by a later hand ; no doubt ** Tam weorffe. B. D. 

because of the mention of Edward's ^^ innan. D. 

death in the next annal. " dohtar. B. -er. D. 

' et a Streclsede rege Uualorum. ** This annal (921) is not in B. 
F. Lat. " on. B. 

* fultome. D. '• heora lie licgatJ. B. 
» geeimbsumlice. B. om. D. , " ^Ejwstan. B. 

* Legra-. B. Ligran-. D. * An asterisk here in the MS., 
^ hyre under ]>eod. D. perhaps to mark lacuna. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 105 

923. Her Regnold cyng gewan Eoferwic. 

924. [Her -Edward cyning fortJferde. ^ iEJ>elstan his sunu 
feng to rice] \ 

925. Her Wulfelm biscop wes gehalgod. ^ \j ilcan geare 
iEdward cyning forSferde. 

924. Her wearj) Eadward cing gecoren to fsedere "3 to hlauorde (F) f. 57. 
of Scotta cinge ^ of Scotton. "3 Regnolde cinge "3 of eallum NorShum 

brum "3 eac Streaclede Wsela cinge ^. ";) of eallon Streclasd Wealan. 

925. Her Eadward cing forJ)ferde. "3 -^^estan his sunu feng 
to rice. "3 Wulfebn wear)) gehadod to arb to Cant* "3 S. Dunstanus 
was geboren. 

923. Her Regnold cyning ge wan Eofor wic. (D) 

924. Her Eadweard cyning gefor on Myrcum set Fam dune. ^ 
-^Ifweard his sunu swy))e hra^e faes gefor ymbe .xvi. dagas set 
Oxan forda. "3 hyra lie li^ set Wintan ceastre. *] jE))elstan wses geco- 
ren to cynge of Myrcum. *] set Cynges tune gehalgod. "3 he geaf his 
sweostor Ofsse Eald Seaxna cynges suna. 

925. Her ^felstan cyning | "3 Sihtric NorShymbra cyng heo f. 48. b. 
gesamnodon set Tame weor^)>ige. iii. ^ Februarius. "3 -^})elstan his 
sweostor him forgeaf. 

918. Her heo begeat on hire geweald mid Godes fultume* on fore (C) 
weardne gear gesybsumlice '^ ))a burh set Ligra ceastre®. "3 se msesta 
dsel fses herges J)e ^ser to hirde wearS under ])eoded^. "3 hsefdon eac 
Eforwicingas hire gehaten. ^ sume onwedde geseald. sume mid 
a))um gefsestnod "f hi on hyre rsedenne ® beon woldon. Ac swi^e 
hrsedlice J)ses ^ hi J)ses* geworden hsefde heo gefor. xii. nihtun'*^ 

ser middan sumera. binnan Tamaweor))ige^^ ^y eahfco}>an geare 
))ses ^e heo Myrcna anweald mid riht hlaforddome healdende 
wses. ^ hyre lie li^ binnan Gleaw cestre on^^ fam east portico see 
Petres cyrcean. 

919. Her eac wearS ^felredes dohtor^' Myrcna hlafordes selces 
anwealdes on Myrcum benumen, 3 on West Sexe aleded, )>rim 
wucum ser middan wintra. seo wses haten -^Ifwyn. 

921. Her Eadweard cing getimbrede fa burh set Cledemufan". 

924. Her Eadweard cing gefor on Myrcum set Feamdune. "] 
jElfwerd his sunu swi^e hra^e fses gefdr. set^* Oxna forda. J hira 
lie li^^* set Wintan ceastre. "3 -^felstan*^ wses of Myrcum gecoren 
] to cinge. "3 set Cinges tune gehalgod. "] he geaf his sweostor*. f. 141. 

Digitized by 



931^. Her mon hadode Bymstan bisceop to Wintan 
ceastre -iiii' ki. iunu. 3 he heold )?ridde healf gear bis dom. 

932. Her for]? ferde Fry)7e stan bisceop. 

933. Her for JSj?elstan eyniiig in on Scotland, segj^er ge 
mid land here, ge mid scyphere, j his micel oferhergade. 
J Bymstan bisp forj? ferde on Wintan ceastre. to Omnium 

934. Her feng ^Ifheah bisp. to bisceopdome. 
937. 2 Her -^|?elstan cyning • eorla dryhten * 

beoma beah gifa • ^ his bro)?or eac • 
Eadmmid 8Bj?eling. ealdorlangne tir * 
geslogon set saecce^ . sweorda ecgum . 
ymbe BruVnan burh • bord weal clnfen • 
heowan heaJ?olinde . hamora lafen* ' 
afaran^ Eadweardes. swa him geael^ele waes • 
fro^ cneomaBguw • ^ hi set campe oft . 
wij? laj?ra gehwsBne * land ealgodon^ • 
hord ^ hamas * hettend*^ crungun • 
Sceotta leoda^ . ■] scipflotan • 
fsege feoUan. feld daennede^ ' 
f. 26. b. |secgas hwate^® . si^J?an sunne up • 

on morgentid • maere tungol • 
glad ofer grundas • Godes condel beorht * 
eces Drihtnes • orS^^ sio sej^ele gesceaft . 
sah to setle * paer laeg secg maenig • 
gBXiirn ageted^^ • guma norJ?ema • 
ofer scild scoten. swilce Scittisc eac • 

* Ab to the numbering of the ' eaforan. B. aforan. C. eofo- 
annals here, see note on A. D. 893 ran. D. 

(ff). « gealgodon. D. 

* This song is preserved in five ' heted. D. 

ont of the seven MSS. ; viz., ?C. A. * crungon Scotta leode. B. C. D. 

(W.)B.C.D. The later Chronicles » dennade. B. C. dennode. D. 

K and F. omit it. Yet see note 18. dynede. W. 

' gesl%an set sake. B. geslohgon ^® se<^8wate. B.C. D. 

set secce. W. " t seo. B. 

^ heowan hea'Solinda hamera ^^ garum forgrunden. B. 
]afum. D. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 107 

927. Her iEjjelstan cyning fordraf GuSfritS cyng. ^ her 
Wulfelm arcB for to 

928. WilkZm suscepit regnum. et -xv annis regnauit. 

933". Her adranc iEdwine SBSeling onsse. f. 35. b. 

934. Her for ^Ej^elstan cyning on Scotland, ge mid land 
here, ge mid sciphere. 3 his mycel oferhergode**. 

937. Her ^tfelstan cyning laedde fyrde to Brunanbyrig. 

927. Her ^^estan cing fordraf Ghiffri^ cing. 3 her Wulfelm arb (F)f.57.b. 
ferde to Rome ". 

928. Willelmus ^* feng to Normandi. ^ heold xv. gear. 

931. Her for^ ferde Fri^estan B Wentan'. ^ Bymstanws wear6 
gebletsod on his loh. 

934. Her for ^^estan cing to Scotlande mid land here ge mid 
sciphere. "3 his mycel ouer hergode ^^. 

935. Her feng ^Ifeah to b stole on Winc^^ 

937. Her -^^estan cing (*;) Eadmund his bro^r) laedde fyrde f. 58. 
to Brunan byri *•. "3 )>ar ge feht wf6 Anelaf. J Xpe fultumegende 
sige hsefde. ("3 ))ar ofslogan .v. cingas "3 .viii. eorlas *^) 

926. Her 0^ eowdon fyrena leoman on norS dsele )>8Bre lyfte. ;) (D) 
Sihtric acwsel. J -^}>elstan cyning feng to NorS hymbra rice. ~] ealle 
))a cyngas \e on fyssum iglande wseron he ge wylde. serest Huwal 
WestWala cyning. J Cosstantin Scotta cyning. "3 Uwen Wenta 
cyning. "^ Ealdred Ealdulfing from Bebban byrig. "] mid wedde ;) 
mid ajjum fryj) gefsestnodon, on fsere stowe ))e genemned is set Ea 
motum. on .iiii. idus luHi. J aelc deofol geld to cwsedon. "^ 8y})})am 
mid sibbe tocyrdon V 

934. Her for ^j)elstan cyning on Scotland mid here ge mid scip 
here. 3 his mycel ofer hergode."" 

" The annal 931 is entered twice, Willelmus does duty both for llio 

once at the bottom of f. 35 v^, and Latin and the Saxon entry, 

again at the top of f. 35 v^. ^"^ et Bymstanus episcopus XJuen- 

^^ Here B. and C. fall m once toniensis obiit. add. F. Lat. 

more with the general course of ^" Here half a page is left blank in 

the history. F. 

^' pro pallio. add. F. Lat. ^' Hie factum est illud magnum 

^' The scribe at first forgot his et famosimi helium in Brunanbyri. 

Saxon version, and then inserted it F. Lat. 

above the line, so that the word ^ comites. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 



werig wiges^ ssed • WesSeaxe forS • 

ondlongne daeg • eorod cistum^ • 

on last legdnn • laj?uni |7eodum • 

heowan herefleman^ • hindan j^earle • 

mecum mylen scearpan* • Myrce ne wymdon ' 

he eardes* hond plegun • hselej^a nanam 

J?aB* mid Sinlafe ' ofer sera ge bland "^ • 

on lides^ bosme • land gesohtun . 

faege to gefeohte. fife laegun • 

on |7am campstede . cyninges^ giunge^® . 

sweordu^i aswefede. swilee seofene eac • 

eorlas Sinlafes • unrim heriges ^^ . 

flotan ^ Sceotta. paer ge flemed wearS * 

Nor8 manna bregu^^ • nede gebeded^^ • 

to lides stefne • litle weorode ' 

cread enearen flot^* . cyning utgewat • 

on fealene flod^^ * feorh generede • 

Swilee J^aer eac sefroda • mid fleame eom ' 
on his cy^J?e norS . Costontinus • 
har^* hildering • hreman ne j^orfte * 
maBcan^"^ gemanan. he waes^® his maega sceard • 
freonda gefyUed • on folestede • 
beslagen^^ set saecce • ^ his sunu forlet • 

{Pontinued on p. 109.) 

» wigges. B. C. » -gas. B. C. D. W. 

^ andlangne dseg eored oystum. ^® geonge. W. B. C. iunga. D. 

B. C. D. " T finrim heiges. C. 
' here flyman. B. here flymon. ** brego. B. C. D. 

C. heora flyman. D. here fliman. ^' gebseded. B. neade gebseded. 
W. C. D. nyde. W. 

* scearpom. B. C. mycel scear- *^ Great. D. cnear on. W. B. C. 
pum. D. flod. D. 

* heardes. B. C. D. heordes. W. ; " cyning . . . flod. D. om. (due 
the true reading. to recurrence of the word ^e^, 

* J)e. W. j>ara«Je. B.C. Jwera *• hal. D. 

\q. D. ^^ mecea. B. meca. C. mecga. D. 

^ ear ge bland. B. C. €ar-. D. ** her wses. B. 0. 

geblond. W. " forslegen. B. beslegen. C, 

^ lij'es. C. bealsgen. D. 

Digitized by 



on waelstowe^ wundun fergrunden^ • 

giungne set guiSe. gelpan^ ne J?orfte • 

beom blanden feax • bil geslehtes . 

eald inwidda*. ne JCnlaf J?y ma. 

mid heora herelaftww * hlehhan ne Jwrftun . 

^ heo^ beaduweorca • beteran wurdun • 

yx&l cumhel 
on camp stede cul bod^ ge hnades • 
garmittinge . gumena gemotes • 
waepen gewrixles • J^aes"^ hi on wselfelda * 
wi|7 Eadweardes • afaran plegodan. 

Gewitan him J?a Nor^l^'men • ncegled enearrum ^. 
dreorig dara'Salaf • 8n dinges^ mere • 
ofer deep waeter . Difelin'® secan • 
'^' eft hira land^^ • sBwiscmode. 

Swilee J?a gebro|7er . | begen aetsamne • f. 27. 

cyning ^ sej^eling • cj]^]>e sohton * 

Wesseaxena land • wiges hramige^^. 


Letan him behindan • hrae bryttian^^ . 

saluwigpadan • J?one sweartan hrsefii * 
hymednebban • j J?ane hasewan^* padan • 
earn seftan hwit • aeses bracan • 
graedigne guiShafoc ' ;) J^aet graege deor * 
wulf 8n wealde. Ne wearS wael mare * 
on pis eiglande ' aefer^^ gieta • 

(^Continued on p. no.) 

^ stole. W. iges, D. dinnes. W. 

' wtmdum forgnmden. W. B. C. i<* Dyflen. B. Dyflin. C. Dyflig. 

' gylpan. W. B. C. D. *" T heora land. W. Ira land. B. 

♦ inwitta. B. C. inwuda. D. Yraland. C. D. 

« hi. C. D. hie. W. B. " hremige. B. C. D. hreamie. W. 

• cumbeL W. oumbol gehnaBtes. " hraw bryttigean. B. hrS britti- 
B. C. D. gan. C. hra bryttinga. D. hrsefh 

^ ])e add» D. Bryttian. W. 

" negled. C. dseggledongarum. ^* haso. B. hasu. C. D. haseati. 

D. W. 

' dynges. B. idnges. C. dyn- ^' »fre. B. C. D. 

Digitized by 



folces gefylled . beforan J?issu;/^ • 
sweordes ecgum. |78es |?e us secga'S bee * 
ealde u^ witan. 8iJ?|7an eastan hider * 
Engle ^ Seaxe • upbecoman • 
ofer bradbrimu^ • Brytene sohtan • 
wlance wigsmi'Sas • Weealles^ ofercoman * ^ 
eorlas arhwate . eard begeataN. 
941^. Her ^)>elstan cyning for'Sferde* on 'vi* kt nov'. 
ymbe "xli*^ wintra butan anre niht |?8es |7e iElfred cyning 
forj? ferde ; ^ Eadmund sej^eling feng to rice, j he was )?a 
•xviii- wintre. ^ JS|7elstan cyning rixade -xiiii* gear ^ -x*^ 
wucan. pa was Wulfelm arcebiscop on Cafit. 

942^. Her Eadmund cyning , Engla J?eoden , 
maga*^ mundbora , Myrce geeode , 
dyre daedfiruma , swa Dor scadej? , 
Hwitan wylles geat . ^ Humbra* ea , 
brada brimstrea^^ ; burga fife , 
Ligora ceaster • ^ Lindcylene^ , 
^ Snotingaha;/^ , swylce Stanford eac * 
[^]^^ Deoraby, Daene waeran ser^^ , 
under NorSmannum , nyde gebegde^^ 
on haej^enra^^ hsBfte clowmu»i , 
lange )?raga^* ; o^ hie alysde efb , 
for his weorj? scipe , wiggendra hleo , 
afera^^ Eadweardes ' Eadmund cyning 
f. 27. b. onfeng Snlafe^® | cyninge set fulluhte. ^ J?y ylecan geare 
ymb tela micel fsec^"^ he onfeng Rsegenolde^^ cyninge set 
bisceopes handa. arcebisceop. 

948. [Her Eadmund cing S. Dunstane Gl8es]tingeberig be teehte tJser he 
sy^SCan aerest abbud wear^^*^ 

944. Her Eadmund cyning geeode eal Nor)?hymbra 
land him to ge Wealdan^^, ^ aflymde ut twegen cyningas, 
TCnlaf Syhtrices sunu, j Raegenald Gu^ferj^es sunu^^. 

945. Her Eadmund cyning oferhergode eal Cumbra land. 
^ hit let to eaP^ Malculme^^ Scotta cyninge. on ^ gerad^* 
•p he waere his midwyrhta segj^er ge on see ge on lande^. 

Digitized by 




940. Her iESelstan cyning fortSferde. 3 feng Edmund to rice 
his broSor. 

942. Her Anlaf cyning fortSferde. Et Ricardus uetus sus- 
cepit regnum. et regnauit aft •Hi- 

944. Her -Edmund cyning geeode ealle NorShymbre. ^ ut 
aflymde twegen cyneborene m»n Anlaf -^ Eegnald *, 

945. Her ^Edmund cyning oferhergode call Cumbra land. 

D. 940. (S*. 941.) 

941. Her Nor^hymbra alugon hira getreowa^. "^ Anlaf off. 50. 
Yrland him to cinge gecuron. 

942. Her Eadmund cyning . . (^) . . Eadmund cyning. 

943. Her Anlaf abrsec Tame wurfe. 3 micel wael gefeol on f. 50. b. 
aBgj)ra hand, "3 fa Denan sige ahton. 3 micele here hu))e mid him 

aweg laeddon. J)8Br waes Wulfrun genumen on J)8Bre hergunge r 

Her Eadmund cjrning ymbsset Anlaf cyning. ^ Wulfstan arce- 
biscop on Legra ceastre. 3 he hy gewyldan meahte. nsere "f hi 
on niht ut ne set burston of J>8ere byrig. 3 sefter ))8Bm begeat Aiilaf 
Eadmundes cynges freondscipe. "3 se cyning Eadmund onfeng 
\b, Anlafe cyninge set ful wihte. "3 he him cynelice gyfode. "3 Dy 
ilcan geare ymbe tsela mycelne fyrst he onfeng Regnalde cyninge 
set bisceopes handa. 
944 (7C), 945 (TC). 

^ brade. B. C. D. brymum brad. 

« Wealas. B. C. D. 

' Altered into 940 and 941 re- 
spectiyely; see note on 893 (S), 

^ on Gteawe ceastre. D. 

^ altered into xl., which is the 
reading of B. C. D. xli. W. F. 

* teon. D. 

^ msecgea. B. mecga. C. mseg- 
K D. 

* Humbran. B. Hunbran. C. 
Himbran. D. 

* The d has been erased, and the 
V is a correction. Lindkylne. B. 
Lindcylne. G. Lincohie. D. 

I'* -), B. C. D. 

" Denum. B. Dene. W. C. 
wasron seror. B. C. D. 
" gebseded. B. gebseded. C. D. 
13 hse]>enum. B. 

" Jirage. W. B. C. D. 

»* eafora, B. afora. C. D. 

i« Anlafes. B. Onlafes. C.^ 

17 mycehie fyrst. B. micelne 
ferst. C. 

*« Ka^Bfnoldes. B,C. 

1* Cf.HerEadmmidcingbet8ehte 
Glsestingaberi S. Dunstane. 9ar he 
8i99an serest abbod wear5. Inser- 
tion on top margin of F. No corre- 
sponding Latin. 

^ gewealde. W. B. C. D. (recte). 

^ Here something has been in- 
terpolated and then erased. 

" So W. eallto. B. C. D. (recte). 

» Malculfe. D. 

^ gearsed. D. 

** Here on margin, very faint, 
Her for»ferde. W. 1 . .baa (?) 

* Reagnold. F. (Reinold). F 

Digitized by 



94f6. Her Eadmund cyning forSferde on Scs JCgustinus 
msesse dsege. ^ he haefde rice seofoJ?e healf g^ear ; ^ J?a feng* 
Eadred aej^eling his bro)?or to rice, ^ gerad eal NorJ^hymbra 
land him to gewealde. j Scottas him a)?as sealdan, ^ hie 
woldan eal ^ he wolde^. 

951. Her forJ?ferde -^Ifheah Wintan ceastres bisc on 
See Gregories maesse daeg^. 

955. Her for]?ferde Eadred cining. on See Clementes 
maesse dseg on Frome, ^ he rixsade teo|7e healf gear ; 3 J?a 
feng Eadwig to rice. Eadmundes sunu cinges. 
f. 28. 956. "^ aftemde See Dimstan ut of lande ^ 

958. Her forSferde Eadwig cyng* on Id Octobr. j Ead- 
gar his bro^or feng to rice :» 

959. Her he 8»*n'te efter See Dimstane. T gsef him tiriee on Wigracaestre, 
T t$8Br ddiier "p tJ riee on Lundene ®. 

f. 51. (D) 946. Her Eadmund cyning forSferde on See Agustinus maesse- 
dsBge f wsBs wide cu^. hu he his dagas ge endode. f Liofa hine 
ofstang set Puclan cyrcan. "3 -^felflded set Domerhame, -^Ifgares 
dohter ealdormannes, wses J)a his cwen. "J lie hsBfde rice, seofe^ 
healf gear. "3 J)a sefter him feng Eadred sefeling his brofor to rice, 
■j gerad J?a eall NorS hymbra land him to gewealde . "3 ))a Scottas 
him sealdon a])as. f hi eall woldon fset he wolde. 

947. Her com Eadred cjming to Taddenesscylfe. ^ fser Wulstan 
se arcebiscop. *] ealle NorShymbra witan wi^ ))one cyning hi getre- 
owsoden. 3 binnan litlan fsBce hit eall alugon, ge wed. *] eac afas. 

948. Her Eadred cyning oferhergode eall NorS hymbra land, for 
)>8em ))e hi haefdon gennmen him Yryc to cyninge. *] j)a on ))SBre 
hergunge waes "f msere mynster forbsemd set Rypon, f See Wilfer6 
getimbrede. *] ))a se cyning hamweard wses. ))a of ferde se here innan 

f. 51' ^' Heoforwie, waes fses cynges fyrde hindan aet Ceaster forda. | ^ 
})aer mycel wael geslogon r Da wear^ se cyning swa gram f he 
wolde eft infyrdian. "^ J)one eard mid ealle fordon. pa NorS hymbra 
witan f ongeaton, |)a forlaeton hi Hyryc. J wi^ Eadred cyning 
gebeton ))a daede. 

952. Her on J)yssiim geare het Eadred cyning gebringan Wulstan 
arce biscop in ludan byrig on J)sem fsesten'n'e. forJ)aem he waes oft 
to fam cyninge forwreged. ^ on ))yssum geare eac het se cyning 
ofslean mycel wael on J)aere byrig J)eot forda on faes abbodes wrece 
Eadelmes }>e hi aer ofslogon. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 113 

948. Her .^^mund cyning wearS of stungen. ^ feng -^dred his 
broSbr to rice. "3 he sona gerad eall NorShymbra land him to ge 
wealde. j Scottas him aSas sworon f hi eall wolden $ he wolde*. 

949. Her com Anlaf Cwiran on Nor?5hymbra land. 

952 '^. Her NortShymbre fordriflBin Anlaf cyning. ■] under f. 3<>- 
fengon Yric Haroldes sunu. 

954. Her NortShymbre fordrifon Yric. "] ^Edred feng to 
Nor?Shymbra rice. 

955. Her JEdred cyning fortSferde. j feng Eadwig to lice 
Eadmundes sunu. 

956. Her forSferde Wulstan arcB. 

959. Her Eadwig cyning fortSferde. "] feng Eadgar his broSor 

to rice. {jCoHtifti4ed m p. 114.) 

954. Her NorShymbre fordrifon Yric. "3 Eadred feng to NorS (D) 
hymbra rice. Her Wulstan arcebiscop onfeng eft biscop rices 

on Dorce ceastre. 

955. Her for^ferde Eadred cyning. "3 he rest on Ealdanmyn- 
stere *. 3 Eadwig feng to West Seaxena rice, "3 Eadgar his 
brofor feng to Myrcena rice. J hi w»ron Eadmundes suna 
cyninges. "3 See -^Ifgyfe. 

957. Her forSferde Wulf stan axcebiscop. on xvii kt lanuar*. ^ f. 52. 
he wses bebyrged on Undelan. 3 on J)am ylcan geare wses Dun- 
stan abb adrsefed ofer ssi. 

958. Her on })issum geare Oda arcebiscop totwsemde Eadwi 
cyning *] -^Igyfe. forfsem J)e hi wseron to gesybbe. 

B. and C. 956. Her for6 ferde Eadred cing. ^ Eadwig feng to rice. 
957. Her Eadgar 8e))eling feng to Myrcna rice. 

959. Her forS ferde Eadwig cing. "] Eadgar his bro^r feng to 
rice, seg^er ge on West seaxum. ge on Myrcum, ge on Nor^ hym- 
brum. "3 he wees fa -xvi. wintre. 

^ Two and a half lines added here ^ "^ Eadgar cing wear}) sefter him 

and then erased. On the margin ouer eal Brytene. E. 

against the annals 948-9, Her forff ' Cf. F. 959. Her Eadgar sende 

fer^Q B . . . b . . . sefter S. Dunstane. T gif hiw i> t>. 

^ F. Lat. is the only other MS. rice on Wigar ceastre. *] syj>j>an ^ 1). 

which has this entrv. rice an Lundene. 

^ Cf. F. (955) : 1 he aflymde S. ' quod quidquid uellet facerent. 

Dunstan ut of lande. Then as a foot- F. Lat. 

note F. has the further entry : 956. "^ f. 36. begins with 951. 

Her W8B8 Dunstan aBb fram Edwie ^ set (?) Winceastre. F. 
cing adriuen ut of Engla lande. 

Digitized by 


114 "^HE PARKER MS. (S) 

961. Her ge wat Odo arcetS, *} S?e Dxmstan feng to arcet^rice^. 

962. Her forSferde -^Ifgar cinges maeg on Defenuw^, 
-^ his lie rest on Wiltune. ;j Sigfer'8 C3ming hine of feoll, 
^ his lie Jig's set Wimbuman. ;) J?a ongeare waes swi'Be 
mieel manewealm, ;) se mieela manbryne wsbs on Lundene, 
;) Paules mynster forbam. ;) \j ilean geare wearS eft 
gesta];elad :> 

On |?jrs ilean geare for 5Jj?elmod msesse preost to Rome, 
^ J^aer forS ferde. xviii kt Septemfc :> 

963. Her forSferde Wulfstan diacon on Cilda msessedcege, 
J sefter J?on forS ferde Gyric maesse preost ;> 

On |7ys ilean geare feng 7Cj;elwold abbod to J^sem bisceop 
rice to Wintan ceastre. ;j hine mon gehalgode in uigilia 
S(Si Sndree. wsbs sunnan dsBg on dsBg :, 

(E) On his dagum hit godode geome. 

J God him geutSe, $ he wiinode on sibbe, 

J?a hwile ])e he leofode. 

3 he dyde, swa him J>earf wes, eamode Jjes geome. 

He arerde Godes lof wide. 
3 Godes lage lufode. j folces fritS bette, 
swiSost l^ara cyninga, ]?e aer him gewnrde, 
be manna gemynde. 

^ God him eac fylste, $ ciningas ^ eorlas 
geome him tobugon. 

•] wurden under J>eodde to ]?am J>e he wolde. 
*] butan gefeohte eal he gewilde, 
J?et he sylf wolde. 

^ Of. F. 961 : Her forSferde Oda ubique erigebat, legem Dei intente 

se goda arts. *) Dunstanw^ weai^ ge- meditabatur, meditando implere 

coren to arts. studebat, et cunctis edbi subiectis 

^ weorSan. D. secnndum Deum et sseculum sapi- 

^ Tempore istias meliorata est enter consulebat. F. Lat. This is a 

terra ^Aiiglorum', et Deus pacifi- fairly dose translation of the shorter 

cauit dies eius, ita ut quamdiu form of the poem which occurs in F. 

uiueret status pacia in nullo sit Besides £. D. is the only MS. which 

Isesus. Sine beUo omnia sui iuris has the poem in full, 

custodiuit, circa cultum Dei dili- * of. F. 
genter se exhibebat, laudes Dei 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 115 

He weartJ wide, geond J)eodland, 

swiSe geweortJad, 

forJ?am pe he weorSode Godes naman geome. 

•] Godes lage smeade, oft ;) gelome. 

•] Godes lof rserde, wide ;) side. 

;) wislice rsedde, oftost asimle, 

for Gode. j for worulde, eall his Jjeode. 
Ane misdseda he dyde ]>eah toswiSe. 

f he aeljjeodige unsida lufode. 

*] hseSene ]?eawas, innan ]?ysan lande, 

gehrohte tofseste. 

•] ut Isendisce hider in tihte. 

•] deoriende leoda bespeon to J>ysan earde. 
Ac God him geunne, f his gode dseda 

swytJran weartJan', "pojme misdaeda. 

his sawle to gescyrd'nesse | on langsuman sytSe*. f. 36. b. 

P ^leftonP^tt^^ 963. Her ^ram^ Eadgar cyniog to ?Se biscopdome on* 
5^ / 7 "Wintanceastra wes gecoren See ASelwold. 3 "be arc- 

biscop of Cantwarbyrig See Dunstan him gehalgod to biscop 
on pe fyrste sunnon daeg^ of Aduent. f wsbs on 'iii* kl Decemb. 

On ]>es otSer gear syj>jx)n he waes gehalgod. f>a makode he 
feola minstra. j draf ut f>a clerca of J)e biscop rice, for]?an -f 
hi noldon nan regal healden. 3 ssetta ]>8er muneca. He macode 
"pedT twa abbot rice, an of muneca oSer of nunna. f wses eall 
wits innan Wintanceastra. SySSan Jja com he to se cyng 
Eadgar. bed him pet he scolde him giuen ealle Jja minstre 
Jja haeSene men hsefden aer tobrocon. for?5i pet he hit wolde 
geeadnewion. •] se kyng hit blij>elice tySode. And se biscop 
com J?a fyrst to £lig. psdT S. iESeldriS li?5. 3 leot macen J»one 
mynstre. geaf hit ps, his an munac BrihtnotS wses gehaten. 
halgode hm ]?a abbot, ^ ssette J?8er munecas Gode to fewian. 
J>8Br hwilon waeron nun, bohte ^a feola cotlif aet se king. ■] 
macode hit swySe rice. 

SytflSon com se biscop ASelwold to psare mynstre pe wsfesBurdj. 
gehaten Medeshamstede, Se hwilon wses for don fra heSene 
folce. ne fand fjger nan ping buton ealde weallas 3 wilde wuda. 
fand J>a hidde in )?a ealde wealle writes |?et Headda alJb 

(^Continued on p. 116.) 
I 2 

Digitized by 



964. Her draefde Eadgar cyng J;a preostas ^ on Ceastre 
of Ealdan mynstre, j of Niwan mynstre. ;) of Ceortes ige. j 
of Middel tune. ;j sette hy mid muneean. ^ he sette ^J^elgar 

(E) h^fde ar gewriton, hu Widfhere kyng ^ JEtSelred his broSor 
hit heafden wroht. ;) hu hi hit freodon wiS king, ;j wiS B, 
f. 37. ;] wiS ealle weoruld }>eudom. *] hu se papa Agatho | hit 
feostnode mid his write. T se arcB De^^sdedit. Leot wircen 
]?a f mjustre. ;) ssette f>aer abbot se wees gehaten Aldulf. 
macede J)8Br munecas Jjeer ser ne wees nan |?ing. Com J?a to 
\)e cyng, •] leot him locon J>a ge write ]>e ar weeron gefunden. 
and se kyng andswerode Jja ;) cwgd. Ic ^Edgar geate ^ gife 
todeei toforen Gode *] toforen J>one eerceb Dunstan freodom 
See Petres mynstre Medeshamstede of kyng, *] of 15. •] ealle J>a 
Jjorpes J>e Seerto Hn. -f is JEstfeld. •] Dodes thorp, j Ege. ;) 
Pastun. ;j swa ic hit freo J?et nan biscop ne haue J>8er nane 
heese, buton se abbot of )>one minstre. And ic gife Jjone tun 
pe man cleopaS Vndela, mid call }>et J)eertoliS, f is \>et man 
cleopeS Eahte hundred. *] market "] toll, swa freolice f ne 
king ne b ne eorl ne sc['y]rreue ne haue J?eer nane beese. 
ne nan man buton se abbot ane, ;j Jjam ]>e he J)8erto seet. 
And ic gife Crist j See Peter, ;] Jjurh J>es b bene ASelwold. 
f>as land, f is Bar we. Wermi'gtun^. -^sctun. Ketering. Castra. 
EgleswurSe. Waltun. WiSringtun. Ege. Thorp. •] an myneter 
in Stan forS. Das land ^ ealla )>a otSre J>e lin into J>e mynstre 
]?a cwede ic scyr. f>[set is]' saca ;j socne. toll *] team •] in- 
fangen)?ef. pgs rihting j ealle oSre Sa cwetSe ic scyr Crist 
J S. Peter. And ic gife J>a twa deel of Witlesmere mid 
watres *] mid wseres ;] feonnes. 3 swa ]?urh Merelade on an 
to f weeter f man cleopeS Nen. 3 swa eastweard to Cynges 
daelf. And ic wille f markete beo in pe selue tun. j f nan 
of>er ne betwix* Stanford *] Huntandune. ;) ic wille f>et f>us 
be gifen se toll, fyrst fra Witlesmeere eall to J^e cinges toll 

^ )» canoiiicas. F. The text of P. Cod. Dipl. No. 575. 

is here an evident conflation of TT. and ' A space left blank in MS. 

E. No other MSS. have this entry. * Probably we should read ne 

* Wenningtun. Latin charter. [be] betwix. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 117 

of NortSmannes cros hundred. "J eft ongeanward fra Witles 
msere J>urh Merelade on an to Nen. •] swa swa ^ wflBter | reon- f. 37. b. 
neS to Cmlande. j fra Crulande to Must. ;) fra Must to 
Cyngesdself ^ to Witles msere. And ic wille f ealle J>a 
freodom -} ealle J>a forgiuenesse pe mine forgengles geafen J?et 
hit stande. *] ic write •] feostnige mid Cristes rodetacne. + . «^g 

D*a' andswerade se arcebiscop Dunstan of Cantwarbyrig *] 
Eseide. Ic tySe -f ealle f>a |?ing J>e her is gifen "^ sprecon. "] 
ealle J>a Jjing pe Jjin forgengles •] min geatton. pa. wille ic f 
hit stande. j swahwaswa hit tobrecoS. ]?a gife ic him Grodes 
curs ;3 ealra halga^ "] eallre hadede heafde *] min. buton he 
cume to dsedbote. "] ic gife tocnawlece See Peter min messe 
hacel, ;3 min stol, •] min rsef, Criste to J>euwian. Ic Oswald 
arcebiscop of Eoferwic geate ealle }?as worde. J>urh ]>a halgo- 
rode f>et Crist wses on ]?rowod. + . Ic ASelwold biscop 
blsetsige ealle f>e f>is healdon. 3 ic amansumie ealle )>e pia to 
brsecon. buton he cume to dsedbote. Her wses iElfs'tan 
biscop. Aj?ulf b. "2 Escwi abbot, j Osgar abb. "] JEJ>elgar abb. 
-] iElfere ealdorman. JESelwine ealdorman. Brihtno]?. Oslac 
ealdorman. ;j feola oSre rice men. ^ ealle hit geatton. •] ealle 
hit writen mid Cristes m8el. + . Dis wees gedon sytStSon ure 
Drihtnes acennednesse •dccccJxxii^* pes kinges 'xvi* gear. 

Da bohte se abbot Aldulf landes feola "} manega. ^ godede f>a jg^ ^j^ 
■f mynstre swiSe mid ealle. ^ wsbs f>8er f>a swa lange f se arce- ^«ltb* 
biscop Oswald of Eoforwic wses forS ge witon. 'j man cseg. him 
psk to erceb. ;] man cses f>a sona oSer abbot of pe sylfe 
mynstre, Kenulf wses gehaten. se wses sySSon biscop in 
Wintan ceastre. "] he macode fyrst f>a wealle abutan J?one 
[l&omm^y^s*^®' S^^^ ^i^ J'* ^^^' nama_^ Biirch. pe ser het | Medes- f. 38- Ji 
y\ama hamstede. wses Jjser swa lange f man sette him to biscop on 
turn. Wintan ceastre. pa cses man oSer abbot of pe silue minstre. 
pe wses gehaten -^Ifsi. se -^Ifsi wses f>a abbot sySSon fiftig 
wintre. He nam up Sea Kyneburh ^ S. KynesuiS pe Isegen ^ygj> 
in Castra. and S. Tibba pe Isei in Rihala. j brohte heom_to ^car* 
Burch. and offrede he^jQi eall S. Peter on an dsei. *] heold p& ^^ 
hwile pe he J>ser wses. 

964. Hie expulsi sunt canonici de ueteri monasterio. 

Digitized by 



abbod to Niwan mynstre to abbode. ;) Ordbirht to Ceortes 
ige. J Cyneweaxd to Middel tuner 
f. 28. b. 971 ^ [Her forSferde Eadmund aeSeling. ;) his lie li* 2st 
Rumesige.] ^ 

973. Her Eadgar wses , Engla waldend , 

corSre mieelre ^, to cyninge gehalgod . 

on "BsBre ealdan byrig , Seemannes ceastre . 

eac hi igbuend* o^re worde beomas 

Ba'Ban ^ nemna)'. pser wses bKs mieel , 

on J;a^ eadgan dsBge . ealluw* geworden . 

J^onne ni^abeam . nemna^ ^ ciga'8 

Pentecostenes daeg. paer wsbs preosta heap . 

mieel muneca ^reat . mine g^begei . 

gleawra ge gaderod. ;) "Sa agangen waes 

tyn hund wintra , geteled rimes . 

fraw gebyrdtide bremes cyninges , 

leohta hyi'des . buton "Saer tolafe 

J?a agan wsbs^ winter ge teles , ];8es ?e gewritu 
seega'8 . 

seofon ^ twentig. swa neah wsbs sigora frean . 

"Busend anrnen . ^aj^a *8is gelamp. 

J him Ead mundes eafora haefde . 

nigon J XX . niS weorca heard . 

wintra onwonJde . J^is*^ geworden waes . 

■3 ];a on *8am xxx® * wses ^eoden gehalgod;, 
975. Her ge endode • eorSan dreamas • 

Eadgar Engla cyning • ceas him o'8er leoht • 

wlitig J wynsu»^ • j J^is wace forlet • 

lif J?is IsBne • Nemna^ leoda beam • 

^ f, 28. b. begins with 968. At f. 28. y^ and f. 29. r^ single-lme an- 

969 a new hand begine in 'R. nals had been marked out, which 

Against the years 969 and 972 had afterwards to be erased to make 

stands in the margin the sign B. room for the poems. 
(Bissextilis.) 972 was a leap-year ; * Erased in ff. ; recovered from 

but not of course 969. All down W. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 119 

966. Her pored Gunneres sunu forhergode Westmoringa 
land*. •] J?i ilcan geare Oslac feng to ealdordome. 

969. Her on )>issum geare Eadgar cyng het oferhergian 
eall Tenet land ^^ 

970. Her for?5ferde Eadmund 8ef>eling. 

972. Her wses Eadgar e]?eling gehalgod to cyninge on Pente- 
coste msessedeei on •¥• \A.ub Mait fe 'Xiii* geare f>e lie to rice 
feng. set HatabaSum^^. 3 *he' wses J>a ana wana 'Xxx* wintra. 
^ sona aefter J>am se cyng geleadde ealle his sciphere to 
Lsegeceastre ^'. j ]?8er him comon ongean 'vi- cyningas. and ealle 
wiS trywsodon ^^ f hi woldon efen wy[r]hton " beon on ssb j 
on lande. 

975 ^^ Her Eadgar gefor 

Angla reccent 

I WestSeaxena wine f. 38. b. 

3 Myrcene mundbora. 

D.965. Her on ))issum geare Eadgar cyning genam -^lfp6r]ySe ^* 
him to cwene, heo wses Ord gares dohtor ealdor mannes. 

B. 971. Her forS ferde. Oskytel. arcebisceop. se waes serest to 
Dorke ceastre to leod bisceope gehalgod. ^ eft to Eoferwic ceastre 
be Eadredes cinges imnan ^ ealra his witena. ^f he wses' to aerce- 
bisceope gehalgod. ^ he wses .xxii. wintra bisceop^^. "^ he forS ferde on 
ealra halgena msesse niht -x. nihton ser Martines msessan. set Tame. 
^ Jhirkytel abb his mseg ferede J)ses bisceopes lie to Bedanforda. 
for^San J)e he wses J)8er ^a abbud on ^one timan. 

' mycclum. B. C. - ^' ealle him on hand sealdon. F. 

• eac hie egbuend. B. G. hie bu- fidem dantes spondent. F. Lat. 
end. W. " efenwyrhtan. D. efenwyhfcon. 

« Ba])on. W. E. efenwihte. F. 

• Ca get wses. B. C. ^* B. and C. have the longer poem 
^ Ca >i8. B. C. as in S ; D. (like E.) has the shorter 
' ^rittigej)an. C. B. poem. After the number of the 

• totam Westmoringa land. F. year D. adds, viii. Id. lulii, the 
Lat. date of Edgar's death. F. is con- 

"^^ totam terram de Tanet. F. Lat. tent with the simple prose entry, 

^* at Acemannes beri (^ ys at Ba- her Eadgar cing forSferde. 

»am). F. apud Ace mannes byri ^« ^ItyCe. D. .^JlftJryCe him to 

(•i. at BaSan). F. Lat. gebeodan. F. 

" Leiceastre, D. ^^ bisceos. MS. 

Digitized by 


120 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

men on moldan • ];8ene niona*8 gehwser • 

in "Bisse e*8el tyrf • J^a J?e cer wseran • 

on rimcrsefte • rihte getogene • 

lulius mono"? * ^ se geonga gewat , 

on J?one eahte'Ban ^ dsBg . Eadgar of life • 

beoma beah gy&. '] feng his beam sy^'Ban * 

to cyne rice ' eild unweaxen , 

eorla ealdor * }7am wses Eadweard nama. 

;) hi;;^ tir fsBst haele'B • tyn mktwm ser . 
of Bryiiene gewat . biseeop se goda . 
];urh ge cyndne erseft "Bam wsbs Cyneweard nama :» 
^- 29. I Da waes on Myrceon 2, mine gefrsege , 

wide "3 wel hwaer . Waldendes lof . 
afylled on foldan. fela wearS todrsefed . 
gleawra Godes^eowa. ^ waes gnomung micel 
^am]7e on breostu«» waeg byrnende lufen 
Metodes on mode. pa waes mserBa Pruma . 
to swi^e forsewen^. sigora Waldend . 
rodera Rsedend ; pa man his riht tobrsec. 
J J7a wearS eac adraefed , deormod haele*? , 
Oslac of earde . ofer y^a geweale ^ . 
ofer ganotes bae'8. gamol^feax haele*S . 
wis J wordsnotor. ofer waetera ge*Sring • 
ofer hwaeles e^el . hama bereafod. 

■3 ]7a wearS aet ywed . uppe on roderum . 
steorra on sta*8ole . J>one sti^ ferh]?e . 
haele*8 hige gleawe . hata^ wide . 
cometa be naman . eraeft gleawe men . 
wise so*Sboran^. Waes geond wer^eode . 
Waldendes wracu . wide gebegQ 
htmgor ofer hrusan . ^ eft heofonaWeard 

* eahtotJan, B. C. eahtateo«an.W. * gewalc. B. C. 
' wear9 on Myrcum. B. C. on * gomol. B. C. 

Myrce on. W. • wotJ boran. B. C. 

* forsawen. B. C. ' swi'Se. D. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 121 

CuS wses ]jet wide 
geond feola )>eoda' 
^ aferan Eadmund[es] 
ofer ganetes batS 

cyningas hine wide 
wurSodon side''* 
bugon to cyninge 
swa wses him gecynde. 

Nses se flota swa rang, 
ne se here swa Strang, 
•p on Angel cynne 
888 him gefetede. 
]?a hwile J?e se 8ef>ela cyning 
cynestol gerehte. 
And her Eadward Eadgares sunu feng to rice. ;) )>a sona on 
]?am ilcan geare on herfeste sete'o'wde cometa se steorra. j 
com )>a on J?am eaftran geare swiSe mycel hunger. 3 swytSe 
msenigfealde styrunga geond Angel cyn. *j iElfere ealdor- 
man het towurpon swytSemanig munuc lif fe Eadgar cyng 

{Continued on p. 122.) 

D. 975. . . . ♦ On his dagum, 
for his iugo^e, 
Godes wi|?8ersacan 
Godes lage brsecon. 
-^Ifere ealdorman. 
J oJ)re manega. 
J munuc regol myrdon. 
^ mynstra tostsencton. 
^ munecas todraefdon. 
^ Godes Jjeowas fesedon. 
J)e Eadgar kyning het ser 
J)one halgan biscop 
AJ)8elwo[l]d gestapSe]lian. 
J wydewan bestiyptan 
oft. ^ gelome. 
^ fela unrihta. 
^ yfelra unlaga. 
arysan up si^^an. 
"] aa aefter fam • 
hit yfelode swi^.* 

Digitized by 


122 THE PARKER MS. (35) 

gebette, Brego engla, geaf eft blisse gehwsem . 
egbuendra • J>urh eor'San westm^r 
978. Her wearS Eadweard cyning ofslegen. On J?is 
ylcan geare feng ^Selred ae^eling his bro8or to rice. 

(E) het ser Jx)ne halgan biscop ASelwold ge staSelian.* •] on J>am 
timan waes eac Oslac se msera eorl geutod of Angel cynne. 

{Continued OK p. 123.) 

C. 976. Her on Jjys geare waes se miccla hungor on Angel cynne. 

977. Her wses f myccle gemot set Kyrt ling tune, ofer Eastron. 
^ 'Sser forSferde Sidemann bisceop on hrsBdlican deaj)e. on .ii. 
kt Mai. se wses Defna scire bisceop. ^ lie wilnode f his licrsest 
sceolde been set Cridiantune, set his bisceop stole, pa het Ead- 
weard cing J Dunstan arcebisceop. f hine man ferede to SSa 
Marian mynstre. $ his set Abbandune. ^ man eac swa dyde. "3 
he is eac arwyr61ice bebyrged on ))a norShealfe on Scs Paulus 
portice ^ 

978*. Her on ))ysum geare weai^ Eadweard cyning gemartyrad. 
^ -ZEJ)ebcd sefeling his broker feng to fam rice. "3 he wses on 
^am ylcan geare to cinge gehalgod. On ))am geare for6ferde 
Alfwold se wses bisceop on Dorssetum. "] his lie li^ on ))am 
mynstre set Scire human; 

979. On J)ys geare wses -^J)elred to cininge gehalgod on )>one 
sunnandseig feowertyne niht ofer Eastron set Cingestune. "j 
J)ser wseron set his halgunge twegen ercebisceopas. "3 tyn leod 
bisceopas. J)y ilcan geare wses gesewen blodig wolcen on oft 
si^as on fyres gelicnesse. ^ f wses swySost on middeniht ofywed. 
^ swa on mistlice beamas wses gehiwod. J)onne hit dagian wolde. 
]>onne to glad hit. 

980. Her on }jys geare. wses -^))elgar abbod to bisceope gehal- 
god. on vi. Nonas Mai. to J)am bisceop stole set Seolesigge. "S 

{Continued on p. 124.) 

* w8B8tm. B. C. * at Corf geate. F. in loco qui 
^ Here ends MS. B. dicitur Porta Corf. F. Lat. 

' Here there seems to be a change ' Eodem anno ^t^elredus succes- 

of handin MS. C. sit fratri suo in regno. Tempore 

* in uno solario. F. Lat. suo multa mala uenerunt in An- 
^ halgan. MS. gliam et postea semper hue usque 

* in uno de laquearibus. F. Lat. evenerunt. F. Lat. 

"* TL^ ge dydon. D. sume hit mid ^* .^Iferus dux cum beato Dun- 

]>am liue hit gebohtan. F. (No stano. F. Lat. (S. Dunstanus) i 
corresponding Latin.) .^Ifere. F. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 123 

978. Her on )>issum geare ealle f>a yldestan Angel cynnes 
witan gefeoUan set Calne of anre upfloran*. butan se halga* 
Dunstan arcebiscop ana setstod uppon anum beame^ 3 Bume 
J)8er swiSe gebrocode wseron. ;j sume bit ne gedygdan'' mid 
p&m life. 

979. Her wses Eadward cyng ofslagen on sefentide set 
Corfes geate* on 'XV' 'k Apr. "] bine man bebyrigde set 
Wserbam butan selcum cynelicum wurSscipe. 

Ne wear?5 Angel cynne nan wsersa dsed gedon, 

]?onne J^eos wses* 
sySSon bi serest Brytonland gesobton. 

Men bine ofmyrtSrodon. 
ac God bine msersode. 

He wses on life eorSlic cing. 
be is nu sefter deaSe beofonlic sanct. 

Hine nolden bis eorSlican 
magas wrecan. 
ac bine bafaS bis beofonlica fseder 

gewrecen. f. 39. 

pa eorSlican banan woldon bis gemynd 
on erSan adilgian* 
Ac se uplica Wrecend* bafaS bis gemynd* 
on beofenum. j on eorSan tobraed. 

pa pe nolden ser 
to bis libbendum licbaman onbugan. 

pa, nu eadmodlice* 
on cneowum abugaS to bis dsedum banum. 

Nu we magon ongytan* 
f manna wisdom, 
T smeagunga, 
-} beore raedas 
syndon nabtlice 
ongean Godes ge]?eabt. 
And ber feng -^tSelred to rice®. *] be wses sefter Jjam swiSe 
braedlice mid mycclum gefean Angel cynnes witon gebalgod 
to cyninge set Cyningestun. 

980. Her on J?isum geare .^Ifere ^® ealdorman ge fette pea 

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983. Her for'Sferde -^If here ealdorman. 
f. 29. b. 984. Her fo]p*ferde se wellwillenda biseeop 7C«elwold, ^ 
seo halgung J>8es aefter filgendan bisceopes -^If heages, se^e 
o-Sran naman wsbs geeiged Godwine. wses xiiii* kt Not. ^ 
he gesaet J>on^ biseeop stol an J>ara twegra apostola daege 
Simonia ;j ludse. on Wintan ceastre. 

(C) on fam ylcangeare waes Su^hamtun forhergod fram scipherige. 
■;] seo burh waru msest ofslegen ^ gehsefb. J \f ilcan geare wses 
Tenetland gehergod. ^ J)y ilcan geare wses Legeceaster scTr ge- 
hergod fram NorS scipherige. 

981. Her on ))is geare wses S2e Petroces stow forhergod. ^ ))y 
ilcan geare wses micel hearm gedon gehwser be J>am sseriman. 
segjjer ge on Defenum ge on Wealum. ^ on )>am ylcan geare 
for^ferde jElfstan biseeop on Wiltunscire. "j his lie li^ on jwim 
mynstre set Abbandune. "^ Wulfgar feng Jki to ^am bisceopdome. 
^ on J)am ylcan geare forSferde Womser. abbod on Gent. 

982. Her on ))ys geare comon upp on Dorssetum iii. scypu 
wicinga, J hergodon on Portlande. py ilcan geare forbarn Lunden 
bj^g, ^ on J)am ylcan geare for^ferdon twegen ealdormenn. 
-^))elmser on Hamtun scire. "^ Eadwine on Su^ Seaxum. "^ M\^' 
mseres lie li^ on Wintan ceastre on Niwan mynstre. ^ Eadwines 

f. 144. on J)am mynstre | ^ set Abbandune. pses ylcan geares forSferdon 
twa abbodessan. on Dorssetum. Herelufu. on Sceaftes byrig. J 
Wulfwin. on Werham. "^ J)y ilcan geare for Odda Romana ca- 
sere to Greclande, ^ fa gemette he ))ara Sarcena mycele fyrde 
cuman up of sse. "3 woldon fa faran on hergo^ on fset Cristene 
folc. ^ fa gefeaht se casere wi^ hi. ^ fser wses micel wsel ge- 
slsegen on gehwsefere hand. ^ se casere ahte wsel stowe geweald. 
^ hwse^ere he fser wses miclum geswenced. ser he f anon hwurfe. 
^ fa he hamweard for. fa forSferde his brofor sunu. se wses 
haten Odda. ^ he wses Leodulfes sunu sefelinges. ^ se Leo- 
dulf wses f ses ealdan Oddan sunu. J Eadweardes cininges debtor 

983. Her forSferde -^Ifhere ealdorman. J feng -ffilfric to fam 
ilcan ealdor dom scipe. "] Benedictus papa forfferde. 

984. Her for6 ferde Af elwold 15 on kt Agustus. 

985. Her wses jElfric ealdormaw utadrsefed of earde. ;) on 
fam ilcan geare wses Eadwine to abbode gehalgod to J)am 
mynstre set Abbandune. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 125 

halgan cyninges ' lichaman set Wserham. "j ge ferode hine mid 
mycclum wurSscipe to Scaeftes byrig '. 

981. Her comon serest ]?a •yii« scipu* and ge hergoden 

983. Her for'S^ferde iElfere ealdorman. ^ feng ^Elfric to 
]?ani ilcan ealdordome. 

984. Her for?5ferde se halga biscop '^ AtSelwold muneca ^' 5c 
fseder. 3 her wses Eadwine to abb gehalgod to Abbandiine. ^^^\- 

985. Her JElfric ealdorman wses utadrsefed^ 

986. Her se cyning fordyde J?et biscop rice set Hrofeceastre. 
And her com aerest se myccla yrfcwalm on Angel cyn. 

987. Her "Wecedport wes gehergod''. 

988. Her wses Qoda se D8e[fe]nisca J>8egn of slagen •] mycel 
wsel mid him. ^ her Dunstan se halga arcb forlet ]?is lif. ^ 

ge ferde f heofonlice. And | iESelgar b * feng sefter him to f. 39. b. 
arcbstol. 3 he litle hwile sefter ]?am leofode, butan an gear. 
•] -iii.^ montSas. 

989. Her JEdwine abb fortSferde. j feng WuPfgar to. ^ her 
Siric wses gehadod to arceb. 

C. 986. Her se cyning fordyde f b rice set Hrofe ceastre. Her 
com serest se micla yrf cwealm on Angel cyn. 

988^*^. Her wses Wecedport geheregod. ";] Goda^^ se Defenisca 
J>egen ofslagen. ^ mycel wsel mid him. Her gefor Dunstan arcb. 
^ -^^Igar b feng sefter him to arcestole. J he lytle hwile sefte/- 
})8Bm lyfode. butan .i. gear ^ .iii. monjjas. 

{(Continued on p. 126.) 

F. 989. Her was Siric ^to' arb gehadod. (Her si))j3an ferde to f. 59. 
Borne seft^ his pallium ^^.) 

^ Here there seems to be another has octo, on erasure, 

change of hand in MS. C. ^° In S against the year 988 is 

^ Eadwardes. add. F. written in an ancient and very small 

^ Sceftoniam. F. Lat. hand : hoc anno obiit Scs Dun- 

^ Bcipum. MS. stanus areps. In C. against the 

^ (of Wincestre.) F. years 988 and 992 stands the sign 

• adrsefed of earde. D. B. C5f, note on 971 (TC). 
^ for baemd. F. " Her wses Goda. D. 

■ (abbod on Niwe mynstre.) F. i« Hie consecratus est, etc. . . . 

• viii. F., altered firom iii* F. Lat. (Hie iuit Bomam pro pallio.) F. Lat. 

Digitized by 



993^. Her on ^issu»z geare com Unlaf mid \rim j hand 
nigentigon scipu»« to Stane, 3 forhergedon ^ on ytan, -^ for 
"Ba "Banon to Sandwic, ;j swa "Banon to Gipes wic, 3 ^ call 
ofereode, ^ swa to Mseldune; "j hm |7aBr co»i togeanes 
ByrhtnoiS ealdorman mid his fyrde, ;) \nm wi'8 gefeaht. ^ 
hy }7on^ ealdorman J^ser ofslogon, j waelstowe ge weald 
ahtan. ^ \cLm man nam syS'Ban fri^ wi^, ;) hine na»» se 
cing sy'S'San to bisceopes handa. Curb Sirices lare Cantware 
biscpes, •} JElfeages WincaBstre tJ. 

994. Her forSferde Sigeric areebiseeop. ^ feng -^Ifric 
Wiltnnscire bisceop to "Sam areebiseeop rice. 

C. 990. Her Sigeric wses gehalgod to afc15.. ^ Eadwine a1b15 forS- 
ferde. J Wulfgar alb feng to ))am rice. 

f. 59. b. F. 991. Her wses Brihtno^ ealderman ofslagen at Mseldune. J on 
^m ylcan geare man gersedde $ man geald serost gauel Denis- 
can mannum. for ^an wundraen ))e hi worhton be sae riman. f 
was serost tyn ))usend punda. pene raed gersedde Siric ar15. 

992. Her Oswold se ediga arB forSferde. :j EaduPf abbud 
feng to Euerwic ^ to Wigorceastre. And her gersedde se cing "j 
ealle his witan f man gegaderode ealle ¥a scipa fe ahtes 
wseran to Lundenbjrri. to ¥an $ man 'scolde' fandian gif man 
niihte be trseppan ))ane here ah war wi)) utan. Ac iElfric ealder 
man. an of Jam fa se cyng hsefde maest truwe to. ^het' gewar- 
nian 'Sone here. J on ^Sare nihte ^ hi scolde anmorgen togse- 
dere cuman. 'se sylfa ^Ifric' scoc fram ^re fyrde. "] se here ^ 

993. Her was Bebbanburh tobrocen, *] mycel herehu^' far. 
ge numen. ^ after ^am com se here to Humbra mufan. ^ ^Sare 
mycel yuel ge worhtan. Da gegaderode man mycele fyrde. ^ ¥a 
hi to ge^re gan scoldan. fa onstealdan %a heretogan serost 
^one fleam, f was Fraena, ^ Godwine, ^ Fri^gist. 

f. 61. 994. Her cow Anelaf J Swegen to Lundene, mid feower "j 
hund nigantygon scipan. ^ fsestlice on fa burh fuhton. J hi 

{Continued on ^, 128.) 

^ Here again the sciibe was not writing on the margin, he has 

prepared for so long an entry, and managed to get room. Cf. note on 

marked out single-line annals as far 971. (!^). 

as I GO I inclusive. By erasing and ^ magna pecunia. F. Lat. 
altering numbers* by crowding and 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 127 

991. Her wses G[ypes]wic' gehergod. *] sefter J?am swi?5e 
raSe waes BrihtnoS* ealdorman ofslsBgen aet Mseldune. ^ on 
J)am geare man geraedde -f man geald serest gafol Deniscan 
mannum. for J?am mycclan brogan |?e hi worhtan be }}am sae 
riman. -f wses serest -x- ]?usend punda. Jjsene rsed gersedde 
Siric*^ arce15. 

992. Her Oswald se eadiga arceb forlet J>is lif. j geferde 
f heofonlice. 3 w^Selwine ealdorman gefor on ]?am ilcan geare. 
Da ge rsedde se cyng 3 ealle his witan f man ge gaderode ]?a 
scipu })e ahtes wseron to Lnndenbyrig. ^ se cyng Jja betsehte 
f>a fyrde to Isedene Ealfrice ealdor man. •] porode eorl. j JElf- 
stane b. ;] ^scwige b. *] sceoldan cunnian gif hi muhton ]?one 
here ahwaer utene betrseppen. Da sende se ealdorman iElfric. 
;3 het wamian ]?one here. ;) f>a on f>ere nihte Se hi on tSone 
dsei togsedere cumon sceoldon. Sa sceoc he on niht fram 
Jjsere fyrde him sylfum to mycclum bismore. j se here }?a 
setbserst, buton an scip J^ser man ofsloh. -^ ]?a gemsette se 
here Sa scipu of EastEnglum 3 of Lunden. j hi Sser of slogon 
mycel wsel. ^ f scip genaraon call gewsepnod j gewsedod ]?e 
se ealdorman on wses. j Da aefter Oswaldes arcb forS si8e. 
feng Ealdulf abb of Burch • to Eoferwic stole and to Wigera 
ceastre. *] Kennlf to J?am abbot rice set Burch. 

993. Her on tSissum geare wses Bsebbanburh to brocon ^ f. 40. 
;j mycel here huSe f>ser ge numen, "3 seffccr |?am com to Hum- 
bran muSe se here. 3 J?ser mycel yfel gewrohtan segSer ge on 
Lindesige ge on NorShymbran. pa ge gaderode man swi8e 
mycele fyrde. j |?a hi togsedere gan sceoldan. })a onstealdon 

J?a heretogan serest J?one fleam, f wses Frsena. 3 Godwine. -^ 
FritSegist. On J>ysum ilcan geare het se cyng ablendan JElfgar 
^Ifrices sunu ealdormannes. 

994. Her on J?isum geare com Anlaf -j Swegen to Lunden 
byrig on Nativitas see Marie mid 'iiii* *] hundnigontigum 
scipum. ;] hi tSa on Sa burh festlice feohtende wseron. ;] eac 

* Between G..,. and wio is a * Syric. C. D. 
blank in the MS., supplied from • of Burch only in E. 
C. D. T abrocen. C. D. 

* ByrihtnotJ. D. 

Digitized by 



eac mid fyre atendan woldan. Ac hi ))ar, Gode ^ng, wyrs ge 
ferdan J)onne hi sefre wendan. J ))a 'Sanon ferden. ^ f mseste 
yfel worhton J)e aefre aeni here mihte on eallon 'Singan. swa 
hwar hi ferdon. Da gersedde se cing J his witan. f heom 
man scolde gauol behatan. J man swa dyde. J 'hi' f under 
fengon. ^ ec heow fodan geaf ^ of eallan West Seaxana 
rice. J heow man geald -xvi. ^usend pundai Da sende se 
cing seftgr Anelafe cinge -^Ifeah 15 "^ -^gelword ealdorman. ^ 
man gislade ^ hwile into ^n scipan. J man Isedde mid my- 
celan wur^scipe Anelaf cingc to Andeferan. J se cing -^^Ired 
his afeng at bi»copes handa. ^ him cynelice gifode. ^ him fa 
Anelaf behet, ;) eac gelseste. f he naefre eft to Angel cynne 
mid imfri^ cuman nolde. 

995. Her was ateowod cometa (f ys se fexode) se steorra. "3 
Sine arib forSferde. ';3 -^Ifric. Wiltunscire lb. wearS gecoren. 
(on Easter dsei on Ambresbyri. fram -^gelrede cinge. "] fram 
eallan his witan.) Des EXfric was swy^e [gewis] mann. J)et nas 
nan snotere man on Englalande. Da for .^Ifric to his arce- 
[stole] ^ )>a he ))ider com. he was under fange of )>am hades 
mannum )?e him ealra 'un'ea^st was. $ was clerican. And sona of 
s . . . 'e'alla fa wisuste menn he awar ge cneow. ^ swy^e aeftcr 
cu^n mannum. fa cu'San fat so'Suste seggan hu selc fing 
Vearde' on ^is lande be heora ealdran dagan. to eacan fan [he] 
sylf geleomed hsefde' on bocan, ^ at wisen mannum. Him 
tealdan fa swy^e ealde menn. seg^r ge gehadode ge laewede 
[•p] heora yldran heom tealdan hu hit was gelagod sona sy^S'San 
Scs. Ags. to f isan lande com. Da fa Agustinus f one lb. stol 
fenge hsefde on fare burh. fa was [heafodburh ealles fes] 
cinges rice iEgelberhtes. swa hit ys to raedon on Ystoria An- 

glorum . . . . e setl wyrcan be fes cinges fultume on 

f. 6o. ealdan Romaniscan wearde onginnon. sa . . | ^ forS to spry- 
tanne. On fam geferscipe waeran fa fyrmestan. Mellitws. Ins- 
til. PaulintM. Rufiani^. Be fysan sende se eadiga papa fone 
pallium*. J farto gewrit. ^ tacnunga. hu he b halgian. ^ on 
hwylcum stowe on Britane hi settan scolde. ^ fam cinge -^^1- 
[berht] he sende gewrita. ^ manega woruldgiua on mistlicum 
'Singum. And fa cyrican fe him gegearcod haefdan. he het 
[halgian on] Drihtnes naman hselendes X-pes J Sea Marian. ";) 
himsylfum far eardung stowe sette. ^ his aeffcer filigendum eallan. 
■] fat he sfcolde] ^r innan settan fas ylcan hades menn fa he 

{^Continued on p. 129.) 

* censum et pastum. F. Lat. * Something interlined here. ^ la erce (1). 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 129 

hi inid fyre ontendan woldon. ac hi )?ar gefeordon maran 
hearm j yfel )?oime hi sefre wendon. ;f heom aenig burhwani 
ge don sceolde. Ac se halige Godes modor on Sam ^ hire mild- 
heortnisse f>sere burhware gecySde. j hi ahredde wiS heora 
feondum. ^ hi ]mnon ferdon. ■] wrohton ;f mseste yfel )je sefre 
aenig here don mihte on bsemette ^ hergunge j on manslihtum 
segSer be "Sam S8e riman on EastSeaxum, j on Centlande. j 
on SuSSeaxum. ■] on Ham tun scire. "3 set nyxtan naman heom 
hors. ^ ridon swa wide swa hi woldon. j un asecgendlice yfel 
wircende W8Bron. pa gersedde se cyng j his witan ^ him 
man to sende. *] him gafol be hete j metsunge wiS f>on }?e 
hi J^aere hergunge geswicon. j hi }?a |>et under fengon. ■] com 
})a eall se here to Hamtune. ^ }?8er winter setle namon. •] hi 
man Jjser fisedde geond eall WestSeaxna rice. ■] him man 
geald ^ -xvi- J^usend punda. pa sende se cyn[g] sefter Anlafe 
cyninge. ^Ifeach 15 j JBSelward ealdorman. ^ man gislade ]?a 
hwile I in to }?am scipum. ■] hi }?a Iseddan Anlaf mid mycclum f. 40. b. 
wurSscipe to |>am cynge to Andeferan. j se cyng ^"Selred 
his anfeng set Bes handa. •] him cynelice gifode. ^ him ]?a 
Anlaf behet swa he hit eac gelseste. -f he nsefre eft to Angel 
cynne mid unfri'Se cumon nolde. Hie Ricardus uetus obiit. 
et Bicardus filius eius suscepit regnum. et regnauit ^xxxi* a£l. 

995. Her on |>issum geare seteowde cometa se steorra. j Siric 
arcb forSferde. 

)>yder to lande sende. "3 fa he sylf wes. ^ eac $ selc of [er ^ (F) 
scolde beon mu]nec hades mann fe fone ar15 stol ge saete on 
Cantwarebyri. 3 $ scolde beon sefre gehealden be Godes leafe 
[■3 blet]8unge. 3 be S. Petrus. 3 be ealra J>a sefter hiw coman. 
Da fees sand angean cow to -^gelberhte cinge ^ to Agustine. 
[hi] wurSan 'JSa swy'JSe blife furh swilce wissunge. And se afl5 
fa halgode $ mynst^r on Xpes naman J S. Marian [on f am] 
dage f e ys ge cweden twegra martira msessa dsei. Pnmi et 
Feliciani. 3 far binnan munecas gelogode*. [eal] swa [Sde] 
Gregoriws behead. 3 hi Godes ^eowdom clsenlice beeodan. "3 
man nam of fam ylcan munecan biscopas to gehwylcre [stowe] 
swa fu rseddan miht on Ystoria Anglorum. Da was -^Ifric 
a¥b swy^ blif e. $ he swa fela gewitnesse hsefde [f ara f e . . .] mih- 

{^Continued on p. 130.) 

^ daege. add C. D. {recte), ^ geald feos. C. D. * gelagode. Thorpe. 


Digitized by 



tan betst to ^aw timan wi^ Jjone cing. Gyt ))a ylcan witan 
^e mid 'JSan a?B. wseran cwsedan ; Dus eal swa we ge[teald] 
habba^. J>urh wunedan munecas on Xpes cyrican on Agustines 
dage. "] on Laurenties. . Mellites. lustes. Honor[ies. Deusjdedit. 
Theodores. Brihtwoldes. Tatwin^s. Notbelmes. Cuthbertes. Breg- 
win^s. lanbertes. A^elhard^5. Wulfred^s. Felogild^s. Ac j^es 
geares. jja Ceolno^ com to }?aw af b rice. wearS swylc man- 
cwealm f na belaf binnan Xpes cyrcan butan fif mun[ecan] . . . 
to eacan his timan wearS gewinn "3 sorh on Jjysuw lande. ^ nan 

mann ne mihte ^encan embe naht elles butan Nu Gode 

l^anc. ys hit on ))as cinges anwealda "3 on ]>jmim hwse^er hi leng 
}>ar binnan lengre beon motan. forjjon na mihte[man hi] nsefre 
ut bet bringan jjonne man nu mai gif fas 'cinges' willa is "j )>in. 
Se arb \>b, butan selcre lettinge mid eallan jjam wisum mannum 
ferde anan to ^a,m cinge, "3 cyddan him eall ealswa we her be- 
foran tealdan. Da wear)) se cing swy|)e bli^e [|)is]sere tidunge. 
^ cwae^ to ^B,m afb J to )>am o^ran ; Me )>in^ raed. fat fu 
ealra aerost fare to Rome 2dfter J)inon 8e[rce "j ] J)u f am papan 
cyfe eal J)is. "3 sy'S^an be his rsede far. "3 hi ealle andswaredan 
f ^ was se betst a raed. Da ^a [preostas] 'JSis gehyrdan. fa 
rseddan hi. ^ hi naman twegen of heom, J sendan to }>am 
papan, "3 budon him mycelne garsuman "3 seolfer. wi^ ^n ^e 
he scolde gifan heom ))one erce. Ac fa hi to Rome coman, fa 
nolde se papa naht f don, far hi ne brahtan nan gewrit. nafer 
na of fam cinge na of fan folce. "3 het hi faran loc whar hi 
woldon. Son[a swa] 'JSa preostas fanon gecyrred wseron. com se 
arb Mlfric to Rome, J se papa hine underfeng mid mycelan 
wur6[sci]pe, "3 het hine a morhgen maessian at S. Petres weo- 
fode. "3 se papa sylf dyde on his agene pallium *3 hine swyfe 
wyrSede. fa fis was gedon. se arb ongan to tellende fam 
papaw eal embe fa clmcas, hu hit ge[faran] was. "3 hu hi 
binnan fam mynstre at his afb'rice' waeran. "3 se papa him 
agean gerehte hu ^a p^-eostas to him cum[an] wseran, "3 mycelne 
gsersuman budan, farfi f he scolde heom 'JSone pallium gifan. 
Ac cwse^ se papa ; far nu to [Englajlande angean. mid Godes 
bletsunga, "3 S. Petres, "3 minre. "3 swa fu ham cume. do into 
finan mynstre f[as ylcan] hadesmenn. ^e beatws Gregoriw^ be 
bead Augustine ^ar inne to londe. be Godes be bode, "3 S. Pe- 
tres. "3 minre. Se arb fa mid fysan ge cyrde to Englalande. 
Sona swa he ham com. he gesset his a?bstol. "3 si|>fan to fan 
[cinge] ferde. J se cing "3 ealle his leode Gode fancode his an- 

{Continued on p. 131.) 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 131 

996. Her on |>issuin geare wses jElfric gehalgod to arplSe 
to Xpescyrcean. 

997. Her on Jjissum geare ferde se here abutan Defnan 
scire into SsefemmuSon. ^ |>8er gehergodon eegSer on Com- 
wealum ge on NorSwalum. •] on Defenan. ■] eodon him f>a up 
set Wecedport. *] )?8er mycel yfel wrohtan on baernette. •] on 
manslihtum. •] sefter })am wendon eft abutan Penwiht^steort 
on Sa^uShealfe. and wendon ]?a in to Tamer *mu8an. ■] eodo'n' 
})a up oS ^ hi comon to Hlidaforda^. ^ selcjjing bsemdon •] 
slogon ;f hi ge metton. -3 Ordulfes mynster set Tefing stoce * for- 
bserndon. ■] un asecgendlice here hu8e mid him to scipa** brohtan. 

998. Her gewende se here eft eastweard into FrommuSan. 
J Jjaer seghweer up eodon swa wide swa hi woldon into Dorsaetan. 
3 man oft fyrde ongean hi gegaderode. ac sona swa hi to 
gsedere gan sceoldan. )?onne wearS )?8er aefre }?urh sum}>ing 
fleam astiht. j sefre hi set ende sige ahton. ■] }?onne oSre 
hwile lagen heom on Wihtlande. *] eoton heom* Jja hwile of 
Hamtun scire. ■] of SuSseaxum. 

999. Her com se here eft abuton into Temese. "3 wendon 

j>a up andlang Medewsegan to | Hrofe ceastre ''. ^ com )?a seo f. 41 
Centisce fyrde |>8er ongean®. ^ hi )>aer fseste to gedere fengon. 
ac wala ^ ^ hi to hraSe bugon. ■] flugon. for }?am )?e hi nsefdon 
fultum |>e hi habban sceoldan. ]?a ahton )?a Dseniscan wselstowe 

geancumes, "] $ he swa ge semdod swa ^an ealra leofuste wes. He ^a (F) 
eft to Cantwarebiri gecyrde. J fa clericas ut of Jjaw mynstre adraf. 
3 far binnan munecas sette. eal swa se papa him be beod ^^ 

996. Her was Wulstan gehadod to b into Lundenbm. 

997. Her uElfric '^'b ferde to Rome sefter his arce (pallium"). 

^ PenwseS. D. ^^ This document ia written in a 

^ Camer. D. very small hand on the margin and 

^ Hlydanforda. C. D. on an inserted leaf, and has been 

* mynster Tsefingstoc. C. D. set much injured by the use of galls, 
aetefingstoce. E. The portions enclosed in square 

* scypon. C. D. . brackets can now no longer be read, 

* Is^on him . . . seton him. D. but rest on the authority of M.H.B. 
lagon. C. The Latin version will be given in 

^ Hroue ciestre. F. an Appendix. 

' ibi obuiam habuit exercitum '^ 'pallium written above arct as 

Cantie. F. Lat. if a gloss to it. 
' wala wa. D. 

K 2 

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1001^. Her on ]?ysu/» geare waes micel unfri-S on Sngel 
cynnes londe J?urh sciphere, ^ welgehwser hergedon ^ 
b8er[n]don, swa ^ hj upp asetton on aenne si]? ^ hy coman 
to JEj7elinga dene. ^ fa com J^aer to geanes Hamtun scir, ^ 
him wiiS gefuhton. ■] iSser weariS -^J?elweard cinges heah 
gerefa ofslegen. 3 Leofrie set Hwitciricean, ^ Leofwine 
cinges heah gerefa, j Wulfhere bisceopes 'Segn, j Godwine 
set WorSige, -^Ifsiges bisceopes sunu. ■] eaka manna an j 
hund eahtatig. j J?8er wearS J?ara Denescra micle ma 
ofslegenra. feah'Se hie wselstowe ge weald ah tan. 
f. 30. ^ foran 'Sa J?anon west oj? ^ hy coman to Defenan, ^ him 
]?8er to geanes com Pallig mid J?an scipan iSe he gegaderian 
mihte, forJ?am J?e he asceacen waes fra»^ -^'Selrede cyncge 
ofer ealle iSa ge trywSa 'Se he him g§seald haefde, j eac se 
cyng him wel gegifod haefde on hamon, ^ on golde j 
seolfre. j forbaemdon Tegntun, j eac fela oiSra godra 
hama ]?e we genemnan ne cunnan, "] heom man sySiSan 
]78er friiS wiSnam. ^ hy foran ]?a j^anon to ExanmuiSan, 
swa ^ hy asettan him upp on aenne siiS oiS hy coman to 
Peon ho, j J^aer waes Kola 'Saes cyninges heah gerefa, ^ 
Eadsige J^aes cynincges gerefa to geanes him mid "Saere 
fyrde "Se hy gegaderian mihtan, j hy 'Saer aflymede 
wurdon, j "Saer wear? fela ofslegenra, ^ 'Sa Denescean 
ah tan wael stowe geweald ; j 'Saes on mergen forbaemdon 
]7one ham aet Peonh5, j aet Glistune, j eac fela godra 
hama ]?e we genemnan na cunDan, ^ foran "Sa eft east 
ongean oiS hy coman to Wiht ; j J?aes on mergen forbaem- 
don "Sone ham aet Wealtham. j oiSra cotlifa fela^. *j heom 

man ra))e Jjaes wiSJ)ingode. *) hy namon friC 

^ Here again after looi several • ylcodan J)a deman. C. ilkede 

single-line annals had been marked man. D. 
out, which had to be subsequently • • Iseg. C. D. 

erased. Cf. notes on 971. 993 (7C). ^ fortJ werdre. C. for© waerdre. D. 

' MS. A. (W.) closes here, and has ® Cumber. D. 

not the latter entries of 3*., in which • Rikerdes. D. 

a change of hand is noticeable at ^^ of, omit C. D. (recte). 

this point. " beah t folo. C. 

» horsan. D. " into Wihtlande. C. D. 

* wel neah call West Cent. F. " (to geneatecan.) F. interlined. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 1 33 

ge weald ^ naman Jja hors '. ^ ridan swa wide swa hi woldon 
sylf. ^ fornseh ealle Weast Centingas* ifordydon. "3 forhergodan. 
Da rsedde se cyng wiS his witan ^ man sceolde mid scipfyrde. 
J eac mid land fyrde him ongean faran. ac 8a f>a scipu gearwe 
wseron. }?a elkede man'' fram dsege to daege. ^ swencte -f 
earme folc jje on t5am scipon lagon *. *] a swa hit forSwearde "^ 
beon scolde. swa hit Isetre waes fram anre tyde to oSre. ■] a 
hi leton heora feonda waerod wexan. ^ a man rymde fram 
J?sere see. j hi ferdon aefre fortS sefter. "3 )?onne set J)am ende 
ne beheold hit nan )?ing seo scipfyrding. baton folces ge 
swine. ^ fees spilling, j heora feonda fortSbylding. 

1000. Her on tSissum geare se cyng ferde in to Cumer^ 
lande. j hit swiSe neah eall forhergode. ^ his scipu wendon 
ut abuton Legceastre. and sceoldan cumon ongean hine. ac hi 
ne mihton. ]5a ge hergodon hi Msenige. ^ seo unfriSflota wses 
|>8es sumeres gewend to Eicardes^rice. 

1001. Her com se here to ExanmuSan. •] up Sa eodan to 
tSere byrig. j \>dsr faestliee feohtende wseron. ac him man 
swySe faestliee wiSstod. ^ heardlice. Da ge wendon hi geond 
^ land. J dydon eall swa hi bewuna wseron. slogon ^ beorndon. 
pa gesomnode man J)8er ormaete fyrde oV^ De'fe'nisces folces. 
J Sumor ssetisces. j hi 8a tosomne comon set Peonnho. *] 
sona swa hi togsedere fengon. ]5a beah seo Englisce fyrd". 

j "j hi ]?ser mycel wsel of slogon. •] ridan })a ofer ;p land. "3 wses f. 41- ^' 
aefre heora seftra syS wyrse Jjonne se serra, "3 mid him )?a 
mycele here huSe to scipon brohton. "3 J)anon wendon in Wiht 
land^^. J })ser him ferdon onbuton swa swa hi sylf woldon. j 
him nanf>ing ne witSstod. ne him to ne dorste sciphere on sse". 
ne landfyrd. ne eodon hi swa feor up. Wses hit f)a on selce 
wisan hefig tyma. forSam ]5e hi nsefre heora yfeles geswicon. 

1002. Her on ]?issum geare se cyng gersedde j his witan. 
f man sceolde gafol gyldon f>am flotan. *] friS wiS hi geniman 
wiS \>on \>e hi heora yfeles geswican sceoldan. Da sende 
se cyng to ]?am flotan Leofsig ealdorman. j he |>a J^ses cynges 
worde j his witena griS wiS hi gessette. "3 \>ei hi to met- 
sunge fengon 3 to gafle. j hi ]?a f under fengon. j him man 
J)a geald -xxiiii* J)usend punda. Da on gemang J?ysum ofsloh 

{Continued on p. 134.) 

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134 THE PARKER MS, {'K) 

1005. Her ^Ifricus arceft forSferde. 

1006. Her mann halgode Mltehg to arce biscope. 
f. 3o.b. 1007. 


is the next year 

in S. 

(E) Leofsig ealdonnan iEfic ]?8bs cynges heah ge refan. ■] se cyng 
hine Sa geutode of earde. And |>a on f>am ilcan lengtene 
.com seo hlaefdige Ricardes dohtor^ hider to lande. On tSam 
ilcan sumera Ealdulf arcb forSferde. -3 on 8am geare se cyng 

{Continued on p. 135.) 

f. 62. F. 1003. Her was Execiester abrocen far aneV Frencisce's' 
ceorres' fSingan) Hugo hatfce. ^one se hlsefdige hefde geset to 
gerefan. "J se here )?a bui'li mid ealle fordyde. Da gegaderade 
man swyj)e mycele fyrde, "3 J)a scolde -^Ifric ealderman laedan 
Jja fyrde. ac be teh for)) his ealdan wrencas. Sona swa hi 
wseran swa gehende -f segfer heora on o})er hawede. ^ ge 
braede he hine to spiwenne. J cwsed ^6 he seoc waere. "J swa "f 
folc beswac. Da Swegen geseah $ hi anraed nseron. ^ Isedde [he] 
his here into Wiltune. J (j:one tun) forbsemdan. "3 eodan fa to 
Searbyrig "j Jjanon sefb to sse. 

1004. Her com Swegen mid his flotan to Nor))wic, J {:a burh 
eall forheregodan "3 forbsemde. ^a ger'a'edde Vlfcytel wi^ fa 
witan on East Englum -f man scolde fri^ian wi'S ^onne here, far- 
fan hi unwaeres coman. na he fyrst nsefde $ he his fyrde ge 
gaderian mihte. Ac under ^aw gri^e bestsel se here up of 
scipan. "j foran to Heortfordan*, J Yfcytel gegaderode his here 

{Continued on p. 136.) 

* Ymma (.^fgiua) adds F. here Gp into Wiltimscire in«er^ C. D. 

2 So F.. against C. D. E. « werd. C. D. 

3 S. Britius. F. * becyrde. C. D. 

* besyrwan. C. besyrewan. D. '** to foran. C. toforon. D. 
be syrwian. F. ^^ forbeernde. C. D. (recte.) 

• (butan selcre wi5 cweSenesse) ^^ wucan. C. D. 

a<?(?« F. ^* C. inserts "p hi jjser togsedere 

• buruh. C. f6n sceoldon. 

^ T on fam ilcan geare code Be ^* seo yldesta. D. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 135 

het ofslean ealle 8a Deniscan men Jje on Angel cynne waeron 
on Bricius' messedfleg. for]x)n )?am cynge wses gecydd $ hi 
woldon hine be syrewian * set his life. ■] sytStSan ealle his witan. 
;) habban eyfj'San his rice^ 

1003. Her wees Eaxeceaster abrocen ]3urh }?one Frenciscan ceorl 
Hugon ]5e sec hlefdige heafde hire gesett to gerefan. j se here 
]?a burh* mid ealle fordyde. ■] mycele herehuSe |>8er genamen'^. 
Da gegaderode man swiSe mycele fyrde of "Wiltun scire j of 
Hamtun scire, "j swiSe anrsedlice wiS )?8es heres weard * waeron. 

Da sceolde | se ealdorman iElfric Isedan )?a fyrde. ac he teah f. 42. 
forS ]5a his ealdan wrenceas. Sona swa hi wseron swa ge 
hende ]5et segSer heora on oSer hawede. Jja gebraed he hine 
seocne. j ongan hine brecan to spiwenne. "3 cweS f>et he ge 
siclod W8ere. j swa ;f folc beswac ^ ^ he laedan sceolde swa hit 
gecweSen is. Donne se heretoga wacatJ J)onne bitS eall 
se here swiSe gehindred. Da Swegen geseah $ hi anraede 
naeron. j ealle tohwurfon*®. ]?a Isedde he his here into Wil- 
tune. J hi tSa burh* gehergodon j forbserndon. j eodon ]5a to 
Searbyrig. j J^anon eft to sse. ferde J^ser he wiste his yt5 

1004. Her com Swegen mid his flotan to NorSwic. j J>a 
burh ealle ge hergade. 3 forbsemdon ^\ pa gersedde Ulf kytel 
wiS )?a witan on EastEnglum. ^ him bsetere weron -f man 
wits jjone here friSes ceapode. ser hi to mycelne hearm on 
Jjam earde ge dydon. for})am f)e hi un wares comon. j he fyrst 
nsefde ^ he his fyrde ge gadrian mihte. Da under J)am griSe 
]3e heom betweonan beon sceolde. )ja be steal se here up fram 
scipon. *3 i/7endan heora fore to peodforda. Da TJlfcytel -p 
under geat. |>a seonde he ^ man sceolde Jja scipu toheawan. 
ac hi abruSon ]?a tSe he to]?ohte. ■] he ]?a gegaderode his 
fyrde diglice swa he swySost muhte. ■] se here com f>a to 
peodforda binnon dii- wuca^^ f>8es J^e hi aer gehergodon Nor^- 
wic. J f>8er binnon ane niht wseron. j )?a burh hergodon •] 
forbaemdon. ]3a on morgen ]?a hi to scipu[m] woldon. Jja com 
TJlfcytel mid his werode ^'. *] hi J>8er to gseder^ feastlice fengon. 
3 mycel wael J^aer on segtSaere hand gefeoll. Daer waerS East 
Engla folces seo yld'* ofslagen. ac gif })et fulle maegen )?aere 

{Continued on p, 136.) 

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136 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

w8Bre. ne eodan hi neefre eft to scipon. swa hi sylfe 
saedon ^. 
f. 42. b. 1005. Her on )?yssum geare wees se | mycla hungor geond 
Angel cynn swilce nan man ser ne gemunde swa grimne^. j 
se flota )?8es geares gewende of J?issum earde' to Daene- 
mearcon. and litelne fyrst let. f>et he eft ne com. 

1006. Her forSferde iElfric arceB. "] iElfeah biscop feng 
aefter him to Sam aerce stole. ^ Brihtwold 15 feng to )?am rice* 
on' Wiltun scire. *] Wulfgeate wses call his are ofgenumen^ 
•] Wulfeah ;) Ufegeat wseron ablende. ^ iElfelm ealdorman 
wearS of slagen. ■] Kenulf biscop forSferde. ■] )?a ofer |>one 
midne sumor com J?a se Denisca flota to Sandwic. ^ dydon 
eall swa hi ser gewuna wseron, hergodon j bsemdon. j slogon 
swa swa hi ferdon. pa het se cyng abannan ut ealne Seod- 
scipe of Westseaxum. j of Myrcean. ^ hi lagon ute )?a' ealne 
|>one herfest on fyrdinge'^ ongean |>one here, ac hit naht ne 
beheold J?ema )?e hit oftor aer dyde. Ac for eallum Jjissum 
se here ferde swa he sylf wolde. ■] se fyrdinge® dyde ]3aere 
landleode aelcne hearm. J?et him naSor ne dohte ne inn here ^ 
ne uthere. 

Da hit winter leohte ^^ ]5a ferde se fyrd ham. •] se here com 
|>a ofer Martinus messan to his frytS stole to "Wihtlande. j 
tilode him }?8er aeghwer J^ses 8e hi behofdan. j })a to Sam 
middan wintran eodon heom to heora garwan feomie ut f>urh 

(F) "3 for aefter, "3 hi ))ar togaedere faestlice fengan. ^r was East 
Engla folces yld mycel" ofslagan. 

1005. Her on jjyssum geare waes se mycla hungar geond Angel 
cynn swylce 'n'an man aer ne ge munde swa griwne. "3 se flota 
))8BS geares gewende of ^ysuw earde to Denmearcan. "3 sona 
angean cyrde. *• 

* C. D. add j> hi nsefre wyrsan geate eall his ar (are. D.) onge- 
hand plegan on Angel cynne ne numen. C. D. 

gemitton (gemetton. D.). ]K)nne ® A faint line above the a of )». 

Ulfcytel him to brohte. ^ permansit^expeditione. F.Lat. 

* grymme. D. ® seo fyrding. C. D. 
' gearde. C. • -inghere. C. 

* Ji stole. F. episcopatum Serbe- ^"^ Isehte. C. D. leahte. F. 
riensem. F. Lat. ^ optimi (qq') seniorum (princi- 

^ "7 on \9»m ilcan geare wses Wulf- pum) Orientalium Saxonum. F. Lat. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 137 

Hamtun scire in to Barruc scire ^ to Rsedingan. and hi dydon (a.d. 1006.) 
heora gewuna, atendon heora beacna^ swa swa hi ferdon. ■] 
ferdon ^ )?a to Wealinga forda. ^ f>et eall forsweldon*. ^ waen- 
'd'on him )?a andlang*^ ^scesdune [to Cwicehnes hlsewe. j 
f>8er onbidedon beotra gylpa. forjjon oft man cwseS. gif hi®] 
Cwicchelmes hlflBwe gesohton. J>et hi naefre to sse gan ne 
sceoldan. wendon f)a oSres waeges hamweard. pa waes J>8er 
fyrd ge somnod aet Cynetan '^, ■] hi })8er to gsedere fengon. | ^ £ 43. 
sona J?et wserod on fleame gebrohtan, ^ sySSan hyra here 
huSe to B8B ffleredon. f>8er mihton geseon Winceastreleodan® 
rancne * here. "^ un earhne. ;f hi be hyra gate to sse eodon. ^ 
msete "^ madmas ofer -l* mila him fram sse faettan. 

pa wses se cyng gewend ofer Temese into Scrobbesbyrig scire. 
^ nam jjser his feorme in J)sere middewintres tide. }?a wearS 
hit swa mycel sege fram ]?am here. f>et man ne mihte ge 
J^eoncean ^® ne asmsegian hu man of earde hi ge bringon sceolde. 
otSSe Jjisne eard witS hi ge healdan. forj^an ]?e hi haefdon aelce 
scire on West Sexum stitSe ge marcod mid bryne. ^ mid 
hergunge. Agan se cyng geome to smeagenne wiS his witan 
hwet heom eallum rsedlicost Jjuhte. ;p man ]?isum earde ge 
beorgan ^^ mihte ser he mid ealle fordon wurSe ^*. Da ge rsedde 
seo cyng j his witan eallum ]?eodscipe to J^earfe. Jjeah hit him 
eallum laS wsere. f man nyde moste fam [here] gafol gyldan. Da 
sende se cyng to f>aw here. ^ him cyf>an het ;p he wolde 
^ heom griS betweonan beon sceolde. ^ him man gafol and 
metsunge syllan sceolde. ^ hi Sa ealle ;p under fengon. j him 
man metsod[e]^' geond Angel cyn. {Continued on p. x^^.) 

^ Bearruh scire. D. tan, *j syC^an swa to sae foran. F. 

* hiora herebeacen. C. hiora ^ leode. C. D. F. 

here beacna. D. • prutne. F. strenuum et nichil 

' wendon. C. D. timentem exercitum. F. Lat, 

* forspeldon. E. forswseldon, C. ^^ To J)are ylcan Xpes msessan 
forswselldon. D. forbemde. F. After was se cing at Scropesbyri. *) his 
which C. D. insert t wseron him )>a feorme 5ar hec»ld. Da wear^ swa 
ane niht set Ceolesige. mycel ege ouer eal of J)am here, swa 

* iand lang. C. ' nan man ne mseg ot$ran seggan. F. 

* Omitted in E. owing to homoio- ^^ gebeorhgan. C. 
teleuton. Restored from C. D, ^^ wurde. C. D. 

^ Cynestan. D. Cynetan. *J hi ^^ ") him ametsode ])a. D. 

t5ar jJ Englisce folc a fleame broh- 

Digitized by 


138 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

1007. Her on tSissum geare wses J?et gafol gelaest f)am 
unfriSehere^ f wses 'Xxx*^ )?usend punda. ■] On tSissum geare 
eac wses Mdvic gesett to ealdorman on^ Myrcenarice. 

1008. Her behead se cyng f man sceolde ofer eall Angel 
cynn scipu feastlice wircean. f is }>onne [of] J^rym huiid 
hidum. -3 of -x- hidon senne scegtS*. ^ of •viii* hidum helm ^ 

1009. Her on };issum geare gewurdon J?a scipu gearwe pe 
f. 43. b. we ser ymhe sprsecon. j heora wses swa | feala swa nsefre ser 

"pes Se us bee secgatS on Angel cynne ne gewurdon on nanes 
cynges dteg. ^ hi man pa ealle togaedere ferode to Sandwic\ 
-] J>aer sceoldan licgan. j J>isne eard healdan wiS selcne ut 
here, ac we gyt nsefdon pa. ge selSa. ne }>one wurtSscipe $ seo 
scipfyrd nytt wsere Sisum earde. pe ma pe heo oftor ser 
wses. Da geweartS hit on ]nsum ilcan timan oSSe litle s^r 
J?et Brihtric Eadrices brotJor ealdormannes forwregde Wulf- 
noS cild }>one SuSseaxscian ^ to }>am cyning. j he }>a utge 
wende. j him pa, to aspeon ]?et he heafde 'Xx- scipa. •] he }>a 
hergode seghwer be Sam suSriman. j selc yfel wrohton. pa. 
cydde man into Jjsere scipfyrde. }>et hi mann eaSe'^ befaran 
mihte. gif mail ymbe beon wolde®. Da genam se Brihtric 
him to hundeahtatig ^cipa. j J>ohte -f he him myceles wordes 
wircean sceolde. -f he "WulfnoS cuconne oSSe deadne begytan 
sceolde ^. ac p& hi f>yderweard wseron. ]?a com him swilc wind 
ongean swilce nan mann ar *ne' gemunde. j pa scipo Su 
ealle to beot. ^ to )>r8esc ^^. "] on land wearp ". -^ com se Wulf- 

^ )>amhere. C. jwemunfriShere. D. eorles. quendam nobilem uirum no- 

^ xxxvi. C. D. mine WlnoSum (patrem Godwini 

^ geond. C. D. ouer eal. F. super duels.) F. Lat. The last three words 

totam Merciam. F. Lat. After wluch interlined. 

D. adds Her for ^Ifeah bisceop to ^ hy man m&fSe. T>, 

Rome, sefter pallium. * gif man embe wsere. C. 

* of ]fnm hund hiduw *j of tynuw ® Da wolde Brihtric geeamian 

senne sceg?5. C. of )>rym hund scipum. him here word. *) nam 8a Lxxx. scipa 

'-} X. be tynum. anne scaegS. D. unani for^ mid him. i "Sohte 8 he wolde 

magnani nauemquse Anglice nomina- ^ WulnoS gelseccan cucene o??5e dead- 

ti}r sceg)). F. Lat. ne. F. Tunc cogitauit Brihtricus 

^ scoldon })is land werian wi© aelc- adquirere sibi laudem &c. F. Lat. 

ne ut here, ac *hit' to nahte ge wear?J. ^" to beost. D. to jwersc. C. D. 

ealswa *hit' oftor aer ge lamp. F. '^ a wearp. C. onlandeaweorp. D. 
'^ F. interlined. God wines feeder 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 139 

noSsona. *] 8a scipo forbsemde. Da J>is cuS wses^ to "Sam (a.d. 1009.^ 

oSrum scipon J>8er se cyng wses hu Sa oSre geferdon. wses 

]?a swilc hit call rsedleas waere. j ferde se cyng him ham. •] 

J>a ealdormenn. j }?a heahwitan. •] forleton ]?a scipo ]?us 

leohtlice. ■] )?et folc )3a ]?e on Sam scipe wseron fsercodon ^ Sa 

scipo eft toLundene. "3 leton ealles Seodscipes ge swincg * Jjus 

leolitlice forwur'San. ■] nses se ege* na betera }>e eall Angel 

cynn tohopode. pa Seos scipfyrd "Sus ge ended wses. ]?a com 

sona oefter hlatnmessan '^ se ungemetlica unfriShere* to Sand- 

wic. J sona wendon heora fore to Cantwarbyrig. j J>a burh 

raSe geeodon. gif hi ]?e ratSor to him friSes to ne girndon. 

3 I ealle EastCentingas'' wiS }>one here fritS genamon. 3 him f. 44. 

gesealdon -iii* ]?usend punda. 3 se here }>a sona sefter J^am 

gewende abuton 08 f>et hi comon to Wihtlande. ■] J>ser aeghwer 

on SuSseaxum. j on Hamtun scire. 3 eac on Bearruc scire 

hergodon j baerndon swa heora gewuna wees ^. }>a het se cyng 

abannan ut ealne J>eodscipe }>et mann on aelce healfe wiS hi 

gehealden sceolde. ac })eahhweSere hi ferdon loc' hu hi 

woldon. pa sum si"Se heafde se cyng hi fore began mid eah*e 

fyrde. J)a hi to scipan woldon. j eall folc gearu wees heom on 

to fonne. ac hit wses "Sa ]?urh Eadric ealdorman gelet swa 

hit ]?a^^ sefre wses. Da sefter e2s Martinus msessan. f>a ferdon 

hi eft ongean to Cent. 3 namon him winter settl on Temesan. 

J lifedon^^ of EastSeaxum. j of Sam scirum J>e ]?sernyxt'- 

wseron on twam healfe ^' Temese. j oft hi on ]?a burh Lundenc 

gefuhton. Ac si Gode lo£ J>et heo gyt gesund stent, j hi 

Jjser sefre yfel geferdon. Da sefter middanwintra hi namou 

jja senne lipgang ^lit' J)urh Ciltem. j swa to Oxneforda. j f)a 

burh forbsemdon. ■] namon hit ]3a on twa healfe Temese to 

{jContinued on p. 140.) 

^ Da ])is ])U8 cuO wses. C. Da Ois ^ principes Cantie. F. Lat. 

gehyrde se ciug Ce mid Jjan oSran * swa hiora gewuna is. C. D. 

scipan beliuen was. ]ia ferde he ham. ' loca. G. D. 

T ealle Ca ealdermen. F. ^® swa hit gyt sefre waes. C. D. 

« fercodon. CD. '^ lifdon him of East Seaxum. C. 

' Iseton ealle })a scypas geswinc. D. D. 

* se sige. C. D. " nex». C. neaxst. D. 

^ laf msessan. C. D. ^* on twam healfum. C. on twa 

' ]}ewehetonDarkille8hereacfc^C. healfum. D. 

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scipan weard *. J?a gewamode^ man hi ^ \>Bsr wees fyrd set 
Lundene ongean. hi gewendon \>b. ofer set^ Stane. ^ ]3us 
ferdon ealne Jjone winter, j Sone lencten waeron him on Cent, 
and bettan heora scipa. 

1010. Her on Sissum geare com se fore sprecenda* here ofer 
Eastron to [East] Englum. j wendon up set Gipeswic. ^ eodon 
an reces ^ })ser hi ge axodon Ulfcytel mid his fyrde. Dis wses 
on ]7am dseg prima ascensio Dili. "] }?a sona flugon EastEngla. 
|>a stod Grantabrycgscir fsestlice ongean*. Jjser wses ofslsegen 
-/ESelstan f>es cynges aSum. *3 Oswi ^ his sunu. ^ 'Wulftic'^ 
Leofwines sunu. ^ Eadwig -^Efices broSor. -^ feala oSra godra 
f. 4ii. b. |>egna. ■] folces unge rim. |>one | fleam serest astealde purcytel 
Myranheafod. ^ J)a Dseniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald, j 
|>8er wurdon gehorsode. ^ sySSon ahton EastEngle ge weald. 
^ f>one eard -iii* monJ?as hergodon j bserndon. gefurSon® on 
J)a wildan fennas hi ferdon. ^ menn j yrfe hi slogon®. ^ 
bserndon geond f>a feonnas. ^ peodford forbsemdon. ^ Granta- 
brycge. ^ sySSon wendon eft suSweard into Temese. *] ridon 
J^a gehor sedan menn ongean \>2k scipo. ■] sytJSon hreedlice 
wendon westweard on Oxnaford scire, j )?anon to Bucingham 
scire. "] swa andlang * Usan. 08 hi comon to Bedanforda j 
swa for® otS Temesanford. ^ a bserndon ^° swa hi ge ferdon. 
wendon ]?a eft toscipon mid heora herehuSe. ■] }?one^^ hi to 
scipon streddon". )?onne sceolde fyrd ut eft ongean $ hi up 
woldon. })onne ferde seo fyrd ham. j ]?onne hi wseron be 
easton. )?onne heold man fyrde be westan. "] J)onne hi wseron 
be suSan. ]x)nne wses ure fyrd be norSan. Donne bead man 
ealle witan to cynge. ^ man j>onne rsedan scolde hu man 
J?isne eard werian sceolde. Ac J^eah man hwset \>oxme rsedde. 
^ ne stod furSon senne monaS. set nyxtan uses nan heafod 

^ to scype weard, C. D. T naman • ingean. D. Grante brige ana 

J)a to scipan weard. F. faBstlice stod. F. 

2 gehwamede. D. "^ Wulf. D. 

^ hi. wendon him ]» ofer »t. CD. ' fyrtJon. C. 

") hi gewendan ouer at. F. * orf ofslogan eal j^ hi to comon. F. 

* So £. F. ; sprecena. G. specena. '*^ a bserndon. C. 

D. " ]>onne. C. D. 

« anitecea. C. D. anan »ar. F. " ferdon. C. D. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 141 

man ^ fyrde gaderian wolde. ac aelc fleah ^ swa he msest myhte. 
Ne furSon nan scir nolde oSre gelsestan aet nyxtan. 

pa fletforan bcs Andreas msessan. 8a com sehere to Ham- 
tune. ^ J>one port sona forbserndon. ^ |>8er namon abuton swa 
mycel swa hi woldon sylfe. "] f)anon wendon ofer Temese in 
to WestSeaxum. ^ swa wiS Caningan* msersces. j ^ eall 
forbaemdon. pa hi swa feor gegan hsefdon swa hi })a woldon. 
})a comon hi to tSam middanwintra to scipon. 

1011. Her on )?issum geare sende se cyng 3) his witan to 
tSam here, j geomdon friSes. | j him gafol •] metsunga be f. 45. 
hetan. wiS Jjam J?e hi heora hergunga ge swicon. 

Hi heafdon Jja ofergan EastEngla -i- and EastSeaxe -ii' •] 
Middel Seaxe 'iii- "3 Oxena ford scire -iiii* j Grantabrycge 
, scire -v* ■] Heortford scire •¥!• ^ Bucingaham scire -vii- j 
Bedanford scire -viii* "3 healfe Huntadun scire 'X*' j be suSan 
Temese ealle Centingas. j SuS Seaxe. •] Hsestingas. •] SuSrig. 
•] Bearruc scire, j Hamtun scire. ^ micel on Wiltun scire *. 

Ealle f>as unge sselSa us ge lumpon )?urh unrsedes. -f mann 
nolde him to timan gafol bedan''. ac Jjonne hi msest to yfele 
ge don hsefdon. )?onne nam man gri8. j friS wiS hi. j naSe Ises 
for eallum )?isum griSe j friSe j gafole. hi ferdon seghwider 
folcmaelum^ j hergodon. j ure earme folc raepton j slogon'^' 
3 On Jjissum geare betwix Natiuit' s8e Marie j sSe Michaeles 
maessan hi ymbessetan Cantwara burh. j hi J^serinto comon 
J?urh syre wrenceas®. for}?on ^Imser hi be cyrde Cantwara burh ®. 
]?e se arSb JElfeah ser ge nerede his life ^°. "3 hi J^aer ]?a ge naman 
J>one arCb iElfeah. 3 jElfword J^ses cynges gerefan. 3 Leofwine'* 
ab15. "j Qodwine b. 3 -^Imser abb hi Isetan aweg. 3 hi Jjser 
ge naman inne ealle ]3a ge hadode menn. 3 weras. 3 wif. ^ wses 
un asecgendlic^^ aenigum menn hu mycel f>ses folces wses. 3 on 

{Continued on p. 142.) 

^ selfeah. D. "^ T heregodon ure earme folc, *j hi 

' Canegan. C. D. rypton ^ slogon. C. 

^ *) ix- healfe Huntadun scire. *) ^ syru wrencas. C. hyre wren- 

micel ^x'. on Hamtun scire. C. "^ healfe cas. I). 

Huntedun scire ix* "^ micel on Ham- ' Cantwara burh. E. only. 

tunscire -x. D. '•* »t his life. C. 

* Wilte scire. F. " Leofrune. C. D. 

^ o)>J)e witJ ge feohtan. a(W* C. " unaseggend. F. 

^ fiocmselum. C. D. recte. 

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142 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

fjsere byrig siS'Son wseron swa lange swa hi woldon. j f)a hi 
haefdon J)a burh ealle asmeade*. wendon him ]?a to scipon. 3 
Iseddon })one arCb mid him ; 

Wses "Sa rsepling^. se fe aer waes 
Angel cynnes heafod. j XpSndomes. 
]58er man mihte ]5a geseon earm'Se^ 
]58er man aer ge seah blisse 
on jjsere serman* byrig. J)anon us com serest 
Xpendom. j blisse for Gode. "] for worulde^. 
"j hi heafdon J>one ardB mid him swa lange oS ]5one timan ]?e 
hi hine ge martyredon. 
f. 45.b. 1012. Her on )?issum geare com Eadric | ealdorman. j ealle 
J)a yldestan witan gehadode "j leawede Angel cynnes to Lun- 
den byrig to foran J?am Eastron. waes jEsterdaeg f)a on "Sam^ 
datarum tqus Apr. j hi J)aera 8a swa lange waeron oS ^ gafol 
waes eall gelaest^ ofer Eastran. ^ waes -viii* J?usend^ punda. pa 
on Jjone Saetemesdaeg wearS swiSe gestired^ se here ongean 
J?one biscop. forjjan ]?e he nolde heom nan feoh be haten. j 
forbead -p man nan ]?ing wiS him syllan ne moste. waeron hi 
eac swySe druncene. forjjam ]?aer waes ge broht win suSan '^. 
ge namon J)a ]5one b\ leaddon hine to heora hustinga^^ on J)one 
Sunnan efen^^ octabas Paschce. ;) hine f>a J^aer oftorfodon^' mid 
banum. j mid hrySera^* heafdum. ;) sloh hine f>a an heora mid 
anre aexeyre^^ on )?et heafod. J>et he mid }?am dynte niSer asah. 
J his halige blod on tSa eortSan feoU. j his ]?a haligan sawle to 
Godes rice asende. j f)a biscopas EadnoS "3 iElfhun. ^ seo 

^ asohte. F. "^ T J)as witan waeron to Si gej^ade- 

2 rsewling. MS. rode "^ man scolde gelsestan 1^ gafol. 

^ yrmSe. C. ermSe. D. Sam JDeniscan here. F. 

* earman. C. D. ® So F. ehta *] feowertig ))U8end. 
^ F. has a shorter version of this C. D. 

quasi-poem reduced still more nearly * astyred. C. D. 
to prose; after which comes the fol- ^® sudan. MS. 
lowing Latin paraphrase : — Tunc ^^ hustinge. C. D. hustingje. F. 
fuit preda Paganorum. qui paulo in concilium suum. F. Lat. 
ante fuit caput totius Brytanniae ^' xiii* kJ. Mai. add C. D. 
et X^Jntatis. Potuit tunc maxima ^^ 'jhinejJserSabysmorliceacwylni- 
miseria uideri ubi pridie habebatur don. oftorfedon, &c. C. 
maximum gaudium, et unde nobis ^* hrySeres. F. hr3'J)era neata 
pullulauit fides uera. heafedum. D. 

• So C. J>8em. D. twam. E. ^' eaxe ere. D. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 143 

burhwaru under fengon J>one haligan lichaman on mergen 
J feredon hine to Lundene mid ealre a^wur'Snisse^ ^ hine 
bebyrigdon on s2fs Paulus mynstre. j Jjser nu God swutelatS 
))8es' halgan martires mihta. Da \>ei gafol gelest' wses. j )?a 
friS aSas ge sworene. f>a to ferde se here wide swa he aer 
ge gaderod wses. Da bugon to }?am cyninge of J>am here 'xlv- 
scipa. J him beheton f>et hi woldon J^isne eard healdan. ;] he hi 
fedan scolde j scrydan. 

1013. On )3am aeftran geare J>e se arffB wses gemartyrod. 
se cyng ge ssette Lifing B to Cantwara byrig to Sam arce stole. 
-] on )?am ilcan geare toforan )?am monSe Augustwa com 
Swegen cyning mid his flotan to Sandwic. j wende swySe ratSe 
abutan East Englmn. in to Humbran mu'San. -^ swa tipp weard 
andlang Trentan J>et he com to Gegnes burh*. j J>a sona abeah 
Uhtred eorl. | j eall NortShymbra to him. ^ eall ^ folc on f. 46. 
Lindesige. j sySSan J^et folc of Fif burhingan. j raSe })8es eall 
here be norSan Wsetlinga strsete ^. j him man sealde gislas of 
selcere scire. SytSSan he undergeat )?et eall folc him to 
gebogen wses. J)a bead he ^ man sceolde his here metian j 
horsian. ^ he ]?a ge wende sySSan suSweard mid fulre fyrde. 
^ betsehte his scipa j ]?a gislas Cnute* his sunu. •] sytSSan 
he com ofer Wseclinga strsete ''j hi wrohton -f mseste yfel J)e 
senighere don mihte. wende ]?a to Oxnaforda. j seo burhwaru 
pona abeah ^ gislode. j }>anon to Winceastre. ^ f ilce dydon. 
wendon ]?a f>anon eastward® to Lundene. *] mycel his folces 
adranc® on Temese. forSam hi na^n're brycge ne cepton^^. Da 
he to )?sere byrig com. )?a ncld^e' seo burhwaru abugan ac 
heoldan mid fuUan wige ongean. forSan ]5ser wses inne" se 
cyning iE]?elred'^ "] purkil mid him. pa wende Swegen 

{Continued on p. 144.) 

^ T mon )>one lichaman on mergen ^ stratam quoB nominata Uuec- 

ferode t6 Lundene, -] ]7a bisceopas linca Strata. F. Lat. 

EadnoJ) i JElfun, "] seo buruhwaru * ") swa to Winceastre. 1 ba tJa 

hine underfengon mid ealre arwurtJ- burh abugan i gislodan. ^ swa he 

nysse. C. D. ferde eastward, &c. F. 

' Jwer. MS. * adrang. C. adrangc. D. 

^ geauen. F. *® quia non curabant quserere pon- 

* Genesburuh.C. Gaeignesburh.D. tem. F. Lat. csepton. D. 

* populuB Aquilonarium Anglo- *^ inge. C. 

rum. F. Lat. ^' acmidfullan wige ageanheold. far 

* Cnude. F. 5an se cing iECelred was Car inne. F. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

144 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

cyning J^anon to "Wealinga forda. j swa ofer Temese west- 
weard to BatSon. 3 seet J^eer mid his fyrde. j com M\>e\- 
mer ealdorman }?ider. j }?a weasternan^ J^aegnas mid him. 
J bugon ealle to Swegene. j gislodon. pa he eall^ J?us 
ge faren heafde. wende J?a norSweard to his scipon. j eall 
J?eodscipe hine heafde for fuUne cyning. 3 seo burhwaru eefter 
J?am on Lundene beah •] gislode. forJ?am hi ondreddon -f he hi 
fordon wolde. bead J)a Swegen full gild j meVsunga to his here 
J?one winter. •] purcyl bead -f ilce to ]5am here ]5e laeg on 
Grena wic. j buton J?am^ hi hergodan swa oft swa hi woldon. 
Da ne duhte natSor }>isse j^eoda nesuSan*. ne norSan. J?a wses 
se cyng sume hwile mid J?am flotan ]5e on Temese weeron. j seo 
hlafdige wende J?a ofer seo* to hire brotSor Kicarde. •] -^Isige 
abbot of Burh mid hire, j se cyng sende -^Ifan B mid ]5am 
8e]5elinge Eadwarde. •] ^Elfrede ofer s^ f he hi bewitan 
f. 46. b. sceolde. j se cyng ge | wende J?a fram f)am flotan to Sam 
middan wintra to Wiht lande. 3 wsbs ]58er J?a tid. •] sefter 
J)8ere tide ge wende J?a ofer ssb to Kicarde. j waes JTser mid him 
oS "Sone byre ]>e Swegen dead weartS. 

® J Da hwile f>e seo Ijefdige mid hire broJ?er wses begondon sae. 
-ffilfsige aBb of Burh f)e Jjser wses mid hire for to ]5one mynstre 
J?e is gehaten Boneual J>8er s8e Florentines lichama laeg. fand 
J)8Br aerm stede. aerm abbot j aerme mimeces, forj^an J?e hi 
forhergode waeron. bohte J?a ]5aer aet ]3one abb j aet ]^ muneces 
s2e Florentines lichaman eall buton^^ heafod to -V' hundred 
punda. J Jja ]3e he ongean com Jja ofPrede hit Crist 3 s5e Peter. 

1014. Her on J^issum geare Swegen geendode his dagas to 
candel maessan -iii* No Febr"^. j se flota eall gecuron^ Cnut to 

^ wsestrena. D. ferde sefter. *] was ])ar begeondan eal 

^ sel. D. gislodon, "j si^an sona C Swegen wear© dead. F. 

eal tJeod hine fullice underfeng, T ' T for eallon ])am. C. 

lieold for fulne cing. 1 see burh- * sudan. MS. 

warn on Lundene abes^ to hiw -j * Sic MS. 

gislode. And se cing .^Egelred sende ° This paragraph is peculiar to E. 

his cwene .^ITgiue Ymma to hyre ^ 1 J>y ilcan geare man hadode 

brotJer ofer see Eicarde. T ^Isige -^fwig bisceop on Eoforwic to Lun- 

aBb (of Burh) mid hyre *] uSlfun denburuh on SSa luliana msesse 

b mid 9am seOelingum Eadward *] dseg. 1 Se flota, &c. D. 

JElfrede ouer sse. "^ he hi bewitan ^ Principes autem regis et qui 

scolde. And se cing sona him sylf cumeouenerantinAngliam. F Lat., 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 145 

cyninge. Da gerseddan )>a witan ealle ge hadode ge Isewede 
^ man eefter J)am cyninge -^ISelrede sende, j cwsedon $ him 
nan leofre hlaford naere J>onn« heora gecynde^ hlaford. gif he 
hi rihtlicor healdan wolde J?onne he aer dyde. Da sende se 
cyng his sunu Eadward mid his serendracan hider. j het gretan 
eahie his leodscipe^ •] cwaetS ))8et he heom hold hlaford beon 
wolde. J ffilc J?8era ]?inga betan J>e hi ealle ascunedon'. j aelc 
)?8era )>inga forgifan beon sceolde J>e hi[m] ge don oSSe 
gecwetSen waere. witJ )>am J?e hi ealle anraedlice buton 
swicdome to him ge cyrdon. j man )>a fullne freondscipe 
ge faestnode mid worde j mid waedde on eegSere healfe. j sefre 
aelcne Denisc[n]e cyning utlagede* of Englalande gecweedon. 
Da com iESelred cyning innan )>am lenctene' ham to his 
agenre t^eode. 3 he glsedlice fram heom eallum onfangen wbbs. 
;) )>a syStSon Swegen dead wees, seett Cnut mid his here on 
Gegnesburh* otJtSa Eastron. j gewearS him | j )>am folce on f. 47. 
Lindesige anes. -f hi hine horsian sceoldan. j sytSSan' ealle 
setgaedere faran j hergian. Da com se cyning -^Selred mid 
folre fyrde J>ider eer hi gearwe waeron to Lindesige. *] mann 
))a hergode. j bsernde j sloh eall }?et man cynn -f man arsecan 
mihte. Se Cnut ge wende him dt mid his flotan. j wearS }>et 
earrae folc )>us beswican f>urh hine. j weende )>a suSweard 
otS $ he com to Sandwlc. j let J^ser dp* J>a gislas J?e his feeder 
gesealde weeron. •] cearf of heora handa j heora nosa'. j 
baton eallum ]?isum yfelum se cyning het gyldan ]7am here 
}?e on Grenewic leeg 'xxi* Jjusend punda. j on Jjissum geare on 
sde Michseles maesse aefan. com ]?et mycele sae flod geond wide 
]>isne eard. j aem^® swa feor dp swa naefre aer ^ne' dyde. ;] 
adrencte feala" tuna, j mann cynnes un arimaedlice ge tealP^. 

1016. On J^issum geaFe waes -f mycele gemot^' on Oxona 
forda. "] Jjaer Eadric ealdorman beswac SigeferS j jtforcaer^* 

{Continued on p. 146.) 

1 gecynda. C. D. cyne hlauord. F. * l€t don (ip Jwer. C. Iset man 

^ ealle his leode. F. )>8er up. D. 

' ascunudon. C. ascunodon. B. * handa. "3 earan. *] nosa. C. D. 

ascunedan. F. *® am. C. earn. X>. 

* utlah. C. D. " fela. D. F. 

' innan ])am Lsencten tid. D. ^^ getel. C. D. getsell. F. 

• Genesburah. C. Gseignea-. D. " magnum placitum. F. Lat, 
^ wi» J)an. D. " SiferC. C. D. Marcer. F. 

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146 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

]?a yldestan f>8egenas into SeofonburgumK bepsehtehi into his 
bure*. 3 hi man Jjeer inne of sloh un ge risenlice'. "] se cyng ]3a 
genam eall heora sehta*. j bet nimon SigeferSes'' lafe j gebringon 
binnon Mealdelmes byrig*. ]?a sefter litlum fece ferde Eadmund 
seSeling to. •] ge nam ^ wif ofer J)es cynges willan"^. •] beafde 
him to wife. Da to foran natiuitas sCe Marise ferde se seSeling 
wflBston* norS in to Fif burgum. j ge rad sona ealle SigefertJes 
are 3 Morcares. 3 -f folc eall him to beah. j f)a on Sam ylcan 
timan com Cnut cyng to' Sandwfc. j wende sona abutan^** 
Cent land in to West Seaxen oS he com to FromuSan. j hergode 
]?a on Dorsaetum j on Wiltun scire ^^. j on Sumser saeton. Jja 
laeg se cyng seoc set Cosham. Da gaderode Eadric ealdorman 
f. 47. b. fyrde j ^^se eeSeling Eadmund | benorSan. Da hi togsedere 
comon. J)a wolde se ealdorman beswicon J>one eej^eling. j hi 
to hwurfon J?a baton ge feohte forJ?am. j rimdon heora feondum. 
;j Eadric ealdormann aspeon Jja ^xl* scipa fram J)am cyning. ;j 
beah ]?a to Cnute. j West Seaxe bugon j gislodon. j horsodon 
J?one here. ] he wees }>8er fa otJ midne winter. 

1016. Her on J)issum geare com Cnut cyning mid his here 
•clx- scipa. J Eadric ealdormann mid him ofer Temese into 
Myrcan eet Creecilade. j wendon Jja to Weering scire innon 
J)8ere midde wintres tide, j hergodon j bsemdon ;j slogon eall 

(F)f.65.b. 1016. Her cow Cnut mid -clx. scipa. *] Eadric ealderman mid 
hiw ouer Temese into Myrcan set Crecalade. "] wendan ))a to Wse- 
ring scire, inne %are hi bsemdan *] slogan eal ^ hi to coman. And 

^ istiip8iprincipabantur*yii*ciui- '® eal abutan. F. 

tatibus. F. Uat. " Wiltescire. F. 

* in camera sua. F. Lat. *^ T J)ohte beswican ])one se^el- 
' So C. ungerysenlice. D. un- ing Eadmund. ac he ne mihte. ac he 

gerinselice. E. ungerisedlice. F. aspeon zl* scipa of t^es cinges scipon 

* eahta. F. T abeah to Cnut. F. 
5 SiferCes. C. F. SiferCsea. D. " Sic MS. 

* Ealdehnesbyrig. C. D. " forleton. MS. 
' gewil. C. wiL D. ])as cynges " Sic MS. 

un]7ances. F. ^' heom Car to. C. 

® westan. C. wsBstan. D. ^^ Leg-. 0. 
» up at F. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 147 

f hi to comon. Da ongan se aeSeling Eadmund togadrienne (a.d.ioi6.) 
fyrde. pa Be[o] fyrd gesomnod waes. }?a ne onhagode him 
buton se cyng J)8ere wsere. j hi hsefdon Jjsere burh ware fultum 
of Lundene. ge swicon )>a Jjeere fyrding. ^ fserde selc mann him 
ham. Da sefter J)8ere tide }>a bead mann eft fyrde be fiilluw 
wite.-f aelc mann J>e feor^' wsere forS gewende. j mann sende to 
]^am cyninge to Lundene. ;;) bsedon hine f he come ongean 
]5a fyrde mid Jjam fultume J>e he gegaderian mihte. Da hi 
ealle tosomne comon. ]?a ne beheold hit naht J)e ma Jje hit 
oftor ser dyde. pa cydde mann Jjam cyninge -f hine mann 
beswi6on wolde. J)a J?e him on fultume been sceolden. Forlet ^* 
Sa )>a fyrde. j cyrde him eft to Lundene. 

Da rdd se 8e}>eling Eadmund to NortShymbran to Vhtrede 
eorl. J wsende selcmann -f hi woldon fyrde soTwnian ongean 
Cnut cyng. pa ferdon hi into StsefPord scire, j into Scrob- 
besbyrig. ;j to Legeceastre. ;j hergodon hi on heora h^e'alfe 

{Continued on p. 148.) 

1016. Her on ))is8um geare com Cnut mid his here. "] Eadric (D) f- 66. 
ealdorman mid him ofer Temese into Myrcum. set Cricgelade. 
;) wendon })a to Wserinc wic scire ingang faere middan wintres 
tidsB. ;) hergodon. "] bsemdon. "] slogon eall f hi to coi?ion. Da 
ongan seo^' Eadmund sefeling to gadrigenne fyrde, ):a seo 
fyrd gesomned waes. Ja ne onhagode hy fserto^* buton ))8efc wsere 
f se cyng fser mid waere. ^ hi hsefdon ^aere buruhware fultuiji 
on Lundene ; geswicon fa ^aere fyrdinge. J ferde aelc man him 
ham. Da aefter faere tide, fa bead man aeft fyrde be fullum 
wite. ))8Bt aelc man Jje fere waere for^ wende. ^ man sende to faem 
cyninge to Lundene. "] bedon hine faet he come ongean fa 
fyrde mid Jam fultume fe he gegaderian mihte. pa hi ealle 
to somne comon. fa ne be heold nan fine f e ma ^e hit ofter aer 
dyde. pa cydde man faem cyninge faet hine man beswican 
wolde, fa ^ him on fultume been sceoldon ; forlet fa fa fyrde, 
"3 cyrde him eft to Lundene. 

Da rad se aefeling Eadmund to Noi^hymbron to Uhtrede 
eorle. "] wende aelc man faet hi woldon fyrde somnian ongean 
I Cnut cyng. pa fyrdodon hy into Staefford scire. ^ into Scrob- f. 66. b. 
bes byrig. ^ to Laeg^ceastre. "] hergodon hi on heora healfe. ;] 

L ^ 

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148 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(a.d. ioi6.) -^ Cnut on his. j wende him ]?a ut Jjurh Buccinga ham scire 
in to Beadaford scire. "] J?anon to Huntandun scire, jlang 
fennes to Stanforda. j Sa in to Lincolne scire. Jjanon to Snot- 
ingaham scire. ;) swa to NortShyinbran to Eoforwfc weard. 
f. 48. Da I Uhtred ge axode J)is. Sa forlet he his hergunga j efeste 
norSweard. j beah J>a for nede. j ealle NorShymbran mid him. 
J he gislode. j hine man SeahhwaBSere ofsloh. j purcytel 
Nafanan sunu mid him. j }ja sefter J)am se cyng Cnut ge saette 
Yric into NortShymbran to eorle. call swa Uhtred wsbs. j 
sySSan wendon him suSweacd oSres weges. eall be westan. 
J com J>a eall se here toforan ]3am Eastron to scipon. j se 
8eJ?eling ^Edmund wende to Lundene to his feeder. 3 J?a 
eefter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallum his scipum to 
Lundene weard. 

Da ge lamp hit ]5et se cyng jESelred forSferde eer Sa scipu 
comon. he geendode his dagas on sds Georius maessedsege 
sefter mycclum ge swince. j earfoSnissum his lifes. ;] ^|?a' aefter 
his ende. ealle J>a witan J^e on Lundene weeron j se burhwaru 

(F) Eadmund ae^eling wende to Lundene to his fseder. "3 Cnut ferde 
mid eallon his scipon to Lundene weard. 

Ac se cing ^gelred ser forSferde aer ))a scipan comon. he for 
ferde on S. Georgies maesse dseg SBft^r miclum geswince "] earfo^ 
nissum his liues. ^ sefter his ende ealle Angel cynnes witan ge 
curon Eadmund to cinge. J he his rice heardlice werede on his 

pa comon ^a scipato Grenwic to ^aw gangdaguw *] sona wendan 
to Lundene, J dulfon ane die on ^a su^ healfe J drogon heora scipa 
on westhealfe Jiare brigge^."^ be dicodon si^an ^a burh utan^.f nan 
man ne mihte ne in ne ut. *] oft on ^a burh fuhtan. *] hi heom 
heardlice wi^stodon. 

^ ex occidental! parte pontis. * The scribe at first wrote beb 

P. Lat. dicodon. 

' et iteram foderunt (fecerunt ^ efste. C. 

ati) alium fossatum (contia ciuita- * Nafenan siinu. C. 

tern). F. Lat. ^ toforam. MS. 

' gangdagum. C. ' ne tug ne dt. G. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 149 

gecuron Eadmund to cynge. j his rice he heardlice werode Jm (a.d.ioi6.) 
hwile )?e his tima wees. 

pa comon J>a scipo to Grenawic to f>am gandagum^. ;j binnon 
lytlum feece wendon to Lundene. "] dulfon J>a ane mycele die on 
Sa sutShealfe j drogon heora scipa on westhealfe Jjsere brycge. "] 
be dicodon * sytSSon }>a burh uton $ nan mann ne mihte ne Inn 
ne tit. ;j oft rsedlice on tSa burh fuhton. ac hi heom heardlice witS 
stodon. pa waes Eadmund cyng ser ]?am ge wend tit. ^ ge rM Jja 
WestSeaxan. j him beah call folc to. j ratSe eefter J>am he ge 
feaht wits Jx)ne here set Peonnan wiS Gillinga. j oSer ge feoht he 

(Continued on p. 150.) 

Cnut on his. Wende him ^ tit jjuruh Buccingaham scire into (D) 
Bedan fordscire. ";) fanon to Hunta dun scire. "] swa into Ham 
tun scire, andlang fennes to Stanforda. ^ fa into Lincolne 
scire, jjanon Jja into Snotingham scire. ";) Swa to Nor^hym- 
bron to Eoforwic weard. Da Uhtred geahsode })i8. Jja forlet he 
his hergunge. "] efstte' noi^ weard, "] beah ^a for nyde. "3 
ealle NorShymbra mid him. "] he gislode. "] hine man feah 
hwse^ere ofsloh. ^ purh cytel Nafen sunu • mid him. ^ fa sefter 
faem. Se cyng gesette Yric into NorShymbron to eorle, eal 
swa Uhtred waes. "3 syJS^an wende him su^ weard o^res weges. 
ealswa be westan. J com fa eall se here toforan' fam Esistron 
to scypon. J Se sefeling Eadmund wende to Lundene to his 
faeder. ^ fa sefter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallon his 
scypon to Lunden weard.-* 

Da ge lamp hit f set se cyning -^f elred for^ ferde ser ^a 
scypo comon; he geendode his dagas. on Sc(§ Georgius msesse 
dseg. sefter myclum geswince. 3 earfo^nyssum his lifes. 3 fa 
aefter his ende. ealle fa witan fe on Lundene waeron. 3 seo 
buruhwaru gecuron Eadmunde to cyninge. | 3 he his rice heard f. 67. 
lice wserode fa hwila f e his tima wses. 

pa comon fa scipo to Grenawic to fam gandaguw' ^ binnan 
litlan faece wendon to Lundene. "] dulfon fa ane micle die on su^ 
healfe. ^ drogon hera scipo on west healfe f sere bricge. "] bedicodon 
fa sy^S'San. ^ fa buruh utan, f set nan man ne mihte ne inn. ne ut ". 
"] oftraedlice on fa buruh fuhton ; ac hi him heardlice wi^ stodon. 
pa waes Eadmund cyng aer fan gewend ut, J gerad fa West 
Seaxon. "] him beah eall f folc to. "J ra^e aefter fam he ge 
feaht wi^ faene here set Peonnan wi^ Gillinga ham. J of aer 

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150 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1016.) gefeaht eefter middan sumera aet Sceorstane. 3 )>8Br mycel waell 
feoll on aegSre healfe. j f>a heres^ him sylfe to eodon on "8am ge 
feohte. "] Eadric ealdorman j -ffilmser Deorlingc waeron J>am here 
on fultume ongean Eadmund cyng. ^ f>a ge gaderode he •iii« sitfe 
fyrde J ferde to Lundene. j })a bnrhware ahredde. 3 Jjone here 
aflymde to scipon. j J>a waes ymbe twa niht -f se cyning 
gewende ofer set Brent forda. 3 Jja witS )>one here gefeaht j 
f. 48. b. hine aflymde. ^ J)8er adranc mycel | ^n[g]li[s]ces folces on 
heora agenre gymeleaste. f)a Se ferdon beforan fwre fyrde. ;) 
fang woldon fon. ^ se cyning wende sefter J)am to West Seaxan. 
3 his fyrde ge somnode. Da ge wende se here sona to Lundene. 
^ ))a burh utone be sseton. j hire stranglice wiS feaht ge be 
weetere lande. ac se aelmihtiga God hi ahredde. 

Se here gewende J)a eefter Jjam fram Lundene mid heora 
scipum into Arwan. ^ ]3ar up foran. j feordon on Myrcean. 
;) slogon J bsemdon swa hwaet swa hi oferforon. swa heora 
gewuna wses. j heom metes tilodon. j hi drifon eegSer ge 
scipa. ge heora drafa in to Uledewsege. Da ge somnode Ead- 
mund cyng aiii. sij>e ealle Engla}?eode. j ferde ofer Temese to 

(F) Se here ge wende ^a sefter fam fram Lundene mid heora scipum 
into Arwan. J ^ar up foran on Myrcan. j slogan J baemdon swa 
heora gewune was. Da ge gaderode Eadmund cing feorSe si^ eal 
Engla^eode. J ferde into Cent, ";) se here fleig mid horsan into 
Sceapege. "] se cing ofsloh swa fela swa he of faran mihte. And 
Eadric ealder man ge wende })ene [cing] ongean at ^Egeles forda. 
nas nan mare unrsed ge rsed ^anne se wses ^. 

Se here ferde eft into Myrcen. ^ gehyrde se cing; ^ ge gaderode 
he fifta si^an eal Engla^eode. ^ ferde sefter ^an here "^ of ferde 

{Continued on p. 153.) 

* heras. C. * Altered from -ware. 

^ Sed cum peruenieset rex ad ' geflymde to hiora scypon. C. 

iEgelesford, dux Eadricus per do- • Bregent forda. C. 

lum fecit exercitum Anglorum re- ^ mycel wael. C. 

dire. Non fiiit peiua concilium " embs^t. C. 

factum in Anglia de tali re. F. * So C. 

Lat. ^° MedwsBge. C. 

' eal be norCan Temese, T swa ut 
]7uruli Clseighangran. add% C. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 151 

Brent forda. j ferde innan Cent, j se here him fleah beforan mid (a.i).ioi6.) 
hira horsa into Sceapige. j se cyng ofsloh heora swa feala swa he 
of faran mihte. j Eadric ealdormann gewende J)a tSflene cyng 
ongean set iEgeles forda. nses nan mare unrsed ge red }>onne se 


Se here gewende eft tip on EastSeaxan. j ferde into 
Ulyrcean. j fordydon call -f he ofer ferde. Da se cyng ge 
axode f se here uppe wees. 8a ge somnode he 'V' siSe ealle 
EnglaJ)eode. j ferde him set hindan. j of ferde hi innau 

{Continued on p. 152.) 

gefeoht he gefeaht sefter middan sumera set Scor[b]tane. J (D) 
))8er mycel waell feoll on aeg^re healfe. "J fa heres^ him sylfe 
to eodon on fam gefeohte. "] Eadric ealdorman. J ^Imer Dyr- 
ling waeron ))am here on fiiltume ongean Eadmunde cyning. ;) 
)>a gegaderade he ))riddan si^e fyrde. ^ ferde to Lundenne^ 
;] ))a buruhwarv* aredde. "] })aBne here aflymde to 8cipe^ "^ fa 
faes ymbe twa niht se cyning gewende ofer set Brsegent forda ^. 
J )>a wi^ fone here gefeaht. ^ hine aflymde. ^ fser adranc 
mycel'' -^nglisces folces on hyra agenra gymeleaste, fa fe fer- 
don beforan fsere fyrde. J feng woldan fon. ^ se kyning sefter 
fsem gewende to Westseaxan. ^ his fyrde samnade. pa ge 
wende se here to Lundenne. ^ fa buruh | utan ymbe saeton *. f. ^7- 1^- 
^ hyre stearclice on feaht, segSaer ge be wsetere ge be lande. 
Ac se selmihtiga God hi ahredde. 

Se here gewende fa sefter fsem fram Lundene mid hyra 
scipum into Arewan. J f ser up foran. and ferdon on Myrcan. ^ 
slogon. J bsemdon swa hwset swa hi ofer foran. swa hyra ge- 
wuna is®. J him metes tiledan. J hi drifan segfser gescipa ge 
hyra drafa into Mede wsege ^°. Da samnede Eadmund cyning. 
feorfan si^e. ealle Englefeode. "] ferde ofer Temese set Brse- 
gent forda. J ferde inon Csent. ^ se here him fleah beforan mid 
heora horsum into Sceap ege. "] se kyning ofsloh hyra swa feola 
swa he offaran mihte. "] Eadric ealdorman gewende fa fone 
cyning ongean set ^Egeles forda. Nses nan mare unrsed geraed 
f aenne se wses. 

Se here gewende eft up on East Seaxan. "] ferde into Myrcan. 
J fordyde eall "f he oferferde. Da se kyning geahsade J se 
here uppe waes, fa ge samnade he fiftan si^e ealle Englafeode, 
"] ferde him aet hindan. "] of ferde hi innon East Seaxan. aet 

(Continued on p. 152.) 

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152 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. ioi6.) East Seaxan at ^re dune J>e mann heet Assandun. 3 Jjser 
togeedere heardlice fengon. Da dyde Eadric ealdormann swa 
he oftor ser dyde. astealde Jjone fleam eerest mid Mage seeton. ^ 
swaaswac his cynehlaforde. ^ ealle ]5eode. J>8er haefde Cnut 

t7el )>eode 
sige. ;j gefeaht him eall Englaland. f>8er weartJ ofslagen 
EadnotS. ;j Wulsige aBB. 3 JSlfric ealdorman. ^ Godwine eal- 
dorman. and Ulfcytel of East Engl an. j -^Selward -^Selsiges^ 
sunu ealdormannes. ;j eall se dugoS on Angel cinne. 

Da sefter J)isum gefeohte wende Cnut cing upp mid his 

f. 49' here to | Gleawe ceastre scire. J>8er he ge herde secgan ]?et se 

cyng waes Eadmund. Da geraedde Eadric ealdormann j ))a 

(D) f*re dune ))e man hset Assandun ^ "^ Jiaer tog^edere heardlice fen- 
gon. pa dyde Eadric ealdorman swa swa he aer ofter dyde, 
astealde ])8ene fleam aerast mid Magessetan. ^ swa aswac his 
kyne hlaforde. J ealle ))eodae Angel cynnes '. Daer ahte Cnut 
.-^ f. 68. sige. "3 ge | feaht * him wi^ ealle Engla ))eode. pa wear^ ))8Br 
ofslaegen Eadno^ hiscop. J Wulfsie* aW. 3 jElfric ealdorman. 
•3 Godwine ealdorman. J Ulfkytel of EastEnglan. J ^EJ^elward 
iElfwines^ sunu ealdormannes. "] eall seo dugu^ of Angel cyn- 
nes ))eode ®. 

Da sefter })isum gefeohte wende Cnut cyning up mid his 
here to Gleawcestre scire j)8er he ofaxade f se cyning wsbs 
Eadmund. Da geraedde Eadric ealdorman J ))a witan ))e Jjaer 
gegaderade wseron. -f Jja cyningas heom betweonan seht ge 
worhtan. "J coman begen ))a cyningas togaedre aet Olanige. 
wi^ Deor hyrste. ^ wurdon feolagan J wed bro^ra, ";) ge faest- 
nadan aeg^r mid wedde. J eac mid a^an. ^ f gyld gesettan 
wi^ Jjone here. "3 hi seo^an tohwurfon. "] feng ))a EADMUND 
cyng to WestSexan. "J Cnut to ))am norSdsele. Se here ge 
wende j)a to scipon. mid jjam j)e hi gefangen haefdon. j Lim- 
denwaru gry^ede wi^ fone here, ^ heom fryS bohtan. J hi ge 
, brohtan heora scypa on Lundene. "] haefdon ))aer winter setl. 
Da to Sde Andreas maessan forS ferde EADMUND cyng, J is be 
byrged mid his ealdan faeder Eadgare on Glaestingabyri. 

^ MpelmneB. C. recte. new hand begins in D. 

* Altered from Assendun. * Wulfsige. C. 

' T ealre Angel cynnes )}eode. C. • T eal Angel cynnes duguO J>ar 

* Here, at the top of f. 68. r**, a wear© fordon. C. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 153 

witan ]?e tJser weeron -f J)a cyningas seht namon heoin be tweo- (a.d.ioi6.) 
nan*. ;j hi gislas sealdon heom be tweonan*. j J>a cyningas comon 
togfledere set Olanige. ;) heora freondscipe J?8er ge fsestnodon. 
ge mid wedde ge mid atSe. ^ f gyld setton witS Jjone here, j hi 
tohwurfon ))a mid J)isum sehte. "] feng Eadmund cing to 
Weast Seaxan j Cnut to Myrcean. 

Se here gewende J)a to scipon mid J)am ))ingum J>e hi ge 
fangen haefdon. ;) Lundene wani griSede wiS f>one here. ;] heom 
fritJ fee bohtan. ^ se he[re] ge brohton heora scipa on Lundene. 
;) heom winter setle Jjeer inne namon. 

Da to sSs Andreas msBssan fortSferde se cyng Eadmund. ^ is 
byrged mid his ealdan feeder Eadgare on Glsestinga byrig. 
;) on Jjam ilcan geare fortSferde Wulfgar abB on Abbandune. j 
feng iESelsige to^. 

hine at Assandune, "] ^ar to gsedere fsestlice fengon. | '' Da dyde (F) f. ^^. 

Eadric ealdorman swa he oft ser dyde. astealde fone fleam serest 

mid Magesseton. j swa aswac his cyne hlaforde*. J ealle ))eode. 

pser hsBf&e Cnut sige. ^ ge feaht him eall -^nglaland. Der wear^ 

of slagen Eadno'S. ^ Wulsi abb. J ^Elfric ealdorman. J Ulfcytel of 

East Englan. "] ^Efelward jE^lsiges** sunu ealdor mannes. j eall 

seo duga^ on Angel cynne. 

Da aefter fisuw ge feohte ge wende Cnut cyng upp mid his here 
to Gleaweceastre scire, fser he ge herde secgan -f se cyng wses Ead- 
mund. Da geraedde Eadric ealdor mann j fa witan ^e fser 
waeron. f J>a cyningas seht namon heow betweonan. j hi gislas 
sealdon heom betweonan. *] fa cyningas comon togsedere set 
Olanige* . "3 heora freondscipe fser ge fg&stnodon ge mid wedde ge 
mid a^. "] ^ gyld setton wi^ fone here '^. "j hi to hwurfon fa mid 
fisum sehte. J feng Eadmund cyng to West Seaxan. "] Cnut to 

Da to® S. Andreas msessan for^ferde se cing Eadmund. j ys be- 
byrged mid his ealdefseder Eadgare on Glaestingabyri®. 

^ betwynan. C. habuenint apud Olanige. F. Lat. 
' ') M, feng to ])am abbodrice. C. "^ oonstituerunt censum exercitui. 

' From here to 8, Andreas below F. Lat. 
there is a different hand in F. " Here the former hand resumes. 

* natalem dominum sumn. F. Lat. * et Cnut postea regnauit super 

* ^])elwines. C. recte. Angliam totam. addt F. Lat. 

* Olanege. C. et colloquium 

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1017. Her Cnut wearS ge coran to kinge. 

(D) 1017. Her on fisan geare feng Cnut cyng to eall Engla 
landes rice. "] todselde hit on feower. liim seolfan West Sexan. 
;] purkylle EastEnglan. j Eadrice Myrcean. J Eiric'. NorShym- 
bran. On fisum geare waes eac Eadric eal'dor man of slaegen '\ ;) 
NorSman Leofwines sunu ealdor mannes. j ^EJielward ^Egel- 
meres 'sunu' greatan. ;) Bryhtric jElfeges sunu on Defena scire, 
f. 68. b. J Cnut cining aflymde ut Eadwi sejjeling \ J Eadwi ceorla | kyn- 
ing. ^ J)a toforan Kt. Augusti het se cyng feccean him ^aes 
o'Sres kynges lafe -^j^elredes him to wife Ricardes dohtor. 

1018. On ))i8um geare waes f gafol gelsest ofer eall Angel- 
cynn. f waes ealles twa ^ hundseofonti J)usend punda. butan 
))am j)e seo burhwaru on Lundene geald. endlifte healf ))usend 
punda. J se here pa ferde sum to Denmarcon. j .xl. scypa beli- 
fon mid fam cynge Cnute. *] Dene. "} Engle wurdon sammaele 
aet Oxanaforda. to Eadgares lage. 

1019. Her Cnut cyng ge wende mid .ix. scypum to Denmarcon. 
"2 ))aer wunode ealne winter. ^ her for6 ferde ^Elfstan arce15. 
Se W8B8 Lifing genemned. "3 he waes swi^'e' raedfaest man. 
aeg^er for Gode ^ for worulde. 

1020. Her com Cnut cyng eft to Engla lande. "] j)a on East- 
ron waes micel ge mot aet Cyrenceastre *. ]>i> ge utlagade man 
iE^lward ealdor man. J on ))isan geare for se cyng. J purkyl 
eorl to Assan dune. J Wulfstan arce b. "J o^re biscopas. *] eac 
abbodas. ^ manege munecas. J ge halgodan f mynster aet Assan 
dune. J iE^lno^ munuc. se fe waes decanus aet Cristes cyrcan. 
wearS on ))am ilcan geare. on Idus Nouembris. to biscope ge 
halgod into Xpes cyrcan. 

1021. Her on J>isan geare. to* Martines maessan Cnut cyning 
ge utlagade porkyll eorl. j -3Elfgar b. se aelmesfulla for^ ferde. 
on Xpes maesse uhtan. 

1022. Her Cnut kyning for ut mid his scypum to Wihtlande. 
J ^J)elno^ b. for to Rome. *] waes ))aer under fangen mid myc- 

f. 69. clan weorSscype fram Benedicte | ^am arwurSan papan. ^ he 
mid his agenum handum him pallium on asette. *] to arce.bpe. 

^ Irce. C. King' is placed by C. under the 

2 on Lundene swySe rihtlice in- year loao. v. note 8 infra. 
serts F. iustisaime occisus est. F. * Cyring ceastre. C. 
Lat. " See. inserted manu sec. 

3 8e])eling. t eft hine het 6f slean. • f was -^Ifgiue (on Englisc.) 
C. The expulsion of *Edwi Churls' Ymmsk (on TrenciBC.) adds F. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 155 

1017. Her on Jjisuw geare feng Cnut cyning to eall Angel 
cynnes rice. ;j hit to dseld on fower. him sylfum "West Seaxan. 
3 purcylle EastEnglan. j Eadrice Myrcean. ^ Yrice^ NorS- 
hymbran. j on J^isum geare wses Eadric ealdormann of slagen*. 
J NorSman Leofwines sunu ealdormannes. ^ -^Selword iESel- 
mseres sunu f>8es grsetan. j Brihtric iElfgetes sunu on Dsefe- 
nan scire. ^ Cnut cyng aflymde ut -^dwig seSeling'. j Eadwig 
ceorla cyng.-' j J?a to foran kt Aiig het se cyng feccan him iESel- 
redes lafe J>es otSres cynges him to cwene Bicardes dohtor *. 

1018. On J)isum geare wses $ gafol geleest ofer eall Angel 
cynn. ^ wees ealles -Ixxii' ))U8end punda. buton J)am ^pe seo 
burhwaru on Lundene | guidon -xi- Jjusend punda. ^ se here f. 49- ^• 
ferde Jja sum to DenmeVrcon. j 'xL scipo belaf mid }>am 
cyninge Cnute. ;j Dene ;j Engle wurdon sammsele aet Oxna 
forda. -^ her iEtSelsige abB forSferde on Abbandune. j feng 
iEtSelwine to. 

1019. Her gewende Cnut cyng to Denmearcon. j Jjser 
wunode ealne'' winter. 

1020. Her com Cnut cyng to Englalande. j J)a on Eastron 
W8BS mycel ge mot on Cym ceastre. ]?a ge fit lagode mann 
iEtfelword ealdorman*. ^ on J>issum geare se cyng for to 
Assandune*. ^ Lining arcb fortSferde ^*^. ;] -^elnoS munuc j 
decanus est Xpes cyrcan wses J>e ilcan geare f>arto gehadod 
to biscop ". 

1021. Her on J)ysum geare Cnut cyng to Martin-i^ msessan 
ge ut lagode purkil eorl. 

1022. Her Cnut cyng for tit mid his scipum to "Wiht. j 
iE8elnoS biscop for to Rome**. ^ wees under fangen Jjeer fram 
Benedicte }>am papan myd mycclum wurtSsciJ^e. ;] mid his 
agenum handum him his pallium onsette. ^ to arCfb arwurtS- 

^ ealne ]>one. C. hit his anum preoste ])as nama was 

• "J Eadwig ceorla cyngc. "J on Sis- Stigand.) F. de lapidibus (et ce- 
um geare se cyng f6r t5 Assandune, mento). F. Lat. 

•3 Wulfstan arcet) T purkil eorl. *j ^® Lyuing a?e{ki. (qui et -^Elsta- 

manega bisceopas mid heom, *] ge hal- nus). F. I^t. 

godan t> mynster set Assandune. C. " fraw Wulstane itftJ. adds F. a 

* *] let timbrian Car an mynster Wulstano are{k> Eboracend. F. 
(of stane "3 lime, far 8are manna Lat. 

sawle 0e 9ar o&lagene wsran. '] gief ^^ This annal ends here in C. 

Digitized by 


156 * THZ PARKER MS. (S) 

1031. Her com Cnut a[gan to Engla lande.] Sona swa 

(D) f. 31. swi^e arwur'Slice gehalgade. ^ gebletsade. on NdN. Octob. ;] 
se arceb. sona ))sermid msessan sang on ))aw sylfan daege. ^ 
sy^^an \dsr softer mid J>am sylfan papan arwnr^ lice ge reordade. 
■j eac him seolf ))one pallium genam on S2e Petres weofode. "3 
fa seo^an bli^elice ham to his earde ferde. 

1023. Her Cnut kyning. binnan Lundene on s2e Paules 
mynstre sealde fuUe leafe jE^elno^ J Bryhtwine. be. 
"3 eallon })am Godes ))eowum J)e heom mid wseron. f hi moston 
nyman up of Jam byrgene j)one arceb s5e jElfheah. "3 hi fa swa 
dydon. on .vi. Idus Iunii. "J se brema cyng. *] se arceb J leod 
biscopas. 3 eorlas. J swi^e manege had ode J eac Isewede. fere- 
don on scype his fone halgan lichaman ofer Temese to Su^ge 
weorke. "j fser j)one halgan martyr fan arce biscope J his gefi- 
rum betsehton^ 3 hi fa mid weor^lican weorode ^ wynsaman 
dreame hine to Hrofes ceastre feredan. Da on fam fryddan 
dsege com Imma seo hlaefdie mid hire cynelican beame Hearda 
cnute, J hi fa ealle mid mycclan frymme J blisse "3 lofsange 
fone halgan arceb into Cantwarebyri feredon. J swa wur61ice 
into Cristes cyrcan brohton. on .iii. Id. Iu5f. Eft sy^an on f aw 
eaht'e'o^an dsege. on .xvii. kt lulii. t^E^elno^ arceb. "j -ffilfsieb. 
^ Bryhtwine b. ^ ealle fa fe mid heom wseron. gelogodon s2e 
iElfeages halgan lichaman on nor^ healfe Xpes weofodes. Gode 
to lofe. ^ fam halgan arce be. to wurSmynte. ~} eallon fam to 
f. 69. b. ecere hael^e | f e his halgan lichoman f aer mid estfulre heortan 
■j mid ealre eadmodnysse dseghwamlice secea^. God aelmihtig 
ge miltsie eallum Cristenum mannum furh s5e ^Ifeges halgan 
ge geamunga. 

1026. Her for -^Ifric b to Rome. "J onfeng pallium set lohanne 
papan. on .ii. Id. Novem. 

1028 .... 1030. D. as E. 

1031. Her for Cnut cyng to Rome. *] sona swa he ham com, 

( Continutd on/.xsg.) 

^ be betsehton. MS. any corresponding Saxon, 

a fses. MS. far. F. ^ SweotJode. F. 

* et LiofuuinuB al5b Eligensis ce- • far farene. F. 

nobii puigauit se de his de quibus ^^ scipum Engliscra f egena. F. 

fiiit calumniatus, ante apostolicum de nobilibus Anglie. F. Lat. 

teste aref^o i^gelnodo. F. Lat. ^^ go agenede. F. geahnade him 

* T -^gelnotJ arb. hine bletsode on eall. D. 

Cantwareberi. F. 1* (6a he ham com) inserts F. 

5 ^SelnoltJ. MS. »3 r^^ g^j^be at first wrote Onlaf 

« lichaman. F. corpus. F. Lat. or Anlaf. 
^ F. has this Latin entry without 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 157 

lice gehalgode. j he sytSSan mid f>am pallium paer msessode 
swa se papa him ge wissode. j he hine ge reordode sefter J>awi 
mid J>am papan. j sySSon mid fulre bletsunge ham ge wende. 
;) Leofwine aBB se was unrihtlice of Elig adrsefed wses his 
ge fera. j hine }?8er ' selces ]5inges ge cleensode f>e him mann 
on ssede. swa se papa him tsehte on J?es ardB es ge witnesse ^. ^ 
on ealles Jjses ge ferscipes Jje him mid wses. 

1023. Her forSferde Wulfstan arCB. ;] feng iElfric to*. ^ 
)>3e8 ilcan geares iESelnoS'' ardfbiscop ferede sCe iElfeges arSB 
reliquias^ to Cantwarbyrig of Lundene. 

\ 1024. Hie Eicardus secundus obiit. Bicardus filius eius reg- f. 50. 
nauit prope uno anno, et post eum regnauit Rodbertus frater 
eius -viii* annis.'' 

1025. Her for Cnut cyng to Denmearcon mid scipon to 
J?am holme set ea })8ere halgan. j f>8er comon ongean Vlf j 
Eglaf. ;j swiSe mycel here aegtSer ge land here ge sciphere 
of SwaSeode*. j J?8er wees switSe feala manna forfaren' on 
Cnutes cynges healfe. segSer ge Deniscra manna ge Engliscra. 
^ ]>a Sweon heafdon weallstowe ge weald. 

1028. Her for Cnut cyng of Englalande mid fiftig scipum'^ 
to NorwegUTn. j adraf Olaf cyning of J?am lande. 3 geahnode^^ 
him ]?et land. 

1029. Her com Cnut cyng eft ham to EnglalaTid^. 

1030. Her com Olaf cyng eft into Norwegum. 3 J^et folc 
gegaderode him togeanes. ;] him witS gefuhton. j he wearS 
]?8er ofslagen. 

1031. Her for Cnut cyng to Rome, j )>y ilcan geare" he 
for to Scotlande. j Scotta cyng him tobeah Maelcolm. ^ 

1023. Her Cnut cyning com eft to Englalande, *] purcil ^ he (C)f.i55b. 
wseran anrsede ; ^ he betsehte purcille Dene mearcan. j his sunu 
to healdenne, J se cyning nam purciles sunu mid him to Engla 
lande.*' J he let ferian sy'S'San see jElfeges reliquisis of Lundene 
to Cantwara byrig. 

1028. Her Cnut cing for to Norwegon. mid .1. scipum. 

1030. Her wses Olaf ^' cing ofslagen on Norwegon of his agenum 
folce. ^ waes sy^an hi,lig. ^ J)8es geres ser ^Sam forferde Ha- 
cun. se dohtiga eorl on sse. 

{Continued OK p. 158.) 

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he \}QQom to Engla lande. he geaf into Xpes cyrican on 
Cantware hjii J7a hsefenan on Sandwic. ^ ealla )7a 
gerihta )7e )?aer of arisaj? of aei'Sre healfe ?are haefene. swa 
^ loc whenne ^ flod byj? ealra hehst ^ ealra fuUost 
^beo' an scip flotigende swa neh )7an lande swa hit nyxt 
msege. *] ]7ar beo an mann stande on J^an seipe ^ habbe 
ane taper aex on his hande . . . 

(C) 1034. Her gefor M\mc 15. *] he li^ on Ramesige. 

1035. Her for^ferde Cnut cing. on .ii. Id. NouemB. set Sceftes 
hyrig. 1 hine man ferode fanon to Winceastre. "] hine })8er 
bebyrigde. ^ ^Ifgyfu. 'Imme' ^. seo hlsefdie. ssBt j)^ ^r binnan. 

f. 156. J Harold ))e ssede f he Cnutes sunu wsere | ^ \2srQ o^re M\i- 
gyfe. ))eh hit na so^ naere. he sende to, "] let niman of hyre 
ealle fa betstan gaersuma ^e heo of healdan ne mihte \q Cnut 
cing ahte. J heo saet peh for^ fser binnan ^ hwile \q heo 

1036. Her com ^Elfred se unsce^iga sejjeling jEfelrsedes sunu 
cinges hider inn, ^ wolde to hia meder })e on Wincestre sset. 
ac hit him ne gej)afode Godwine eorl, ne ec o)>re men J)e 
mycel mihton wealdan, forSan hit hleo^rode j>a swi^ toward 

Haraldes. feh hit unriht wsere. 

Ac Godwine hine fa gelette , 
"} hine on haeft sette; 
"] his geferan he todraf; 
J sume mislice ofsloh, 
sume hi man wi^ feo sealde, 
sume hreowlice acwealde , 
sume hi man bende, 
sume hi man blende* 
sume hamelode' 
sume hsettode^; 

Ne wear^ dreorlicre' d»d gedon 
on J>ison earde; 
syjjfan Dene comon, 
J her fri^ namon . 

Nu is to gelyfenne . 
to ¥an leofan Gode, 
■f hi blission 
bli^e mid Xpe, 
fe waeron butan scylde 
swa earmlice acwealde. 

^ Imme is written above ,<Elfgyfu 
as if it were a gloss to it. 

^ *] eac sume blende, i heanlice 
hsettode. D. 

' dreorilicre. D. 

* And Rodbert eorl of Normandi 
ferde to lerhn T ])ar wearf$ dead T 
WilleZm 8e was siSt^an cing on 
Engla lande feng to Normandi 6eh 

he cild waere. F, 

^ In F. Lat. a space is left after 
ignis. The scribe did not know how 
to translate wildefyr into Latin. 

* capellanuB regis. F. Lat. 

^ Against the year 1036 is written 
on the margin in 7^. : Cnut 0%. 


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THE LAUD MS. (E) 159 

twegen oSre cyningas. MaelbseJ^e. '} lehmarc. Rodbertus 
comes obiit in peregrinatione. et successit rex Willelmus in 
puerili aetate*. 

1032. Her on f>issum geare atywde f wildefyr'*. 8e nan 
mann seror nan swylc ne gemunde. j gehwser hit derode 
eac on manegum stowum. ^ on }jam ilcan geare forSferde 
iElfsige biscop on Winceastre. '] iElfwine J?8es cynges preost* 
feng Jjser to. 

1033. Her on Jjisum geare forSferde Merehwit 15 on Sum- 
ersfleton. ^ he is bebyrged on Glsestinga byrig. 

1034. Her for«ferde ^Seric B. f- 50. b. 
1036'''. Her fortSferde Cnut cyng aet Sceaftes byrig. ^ he is 

bebyrged on "Winceastre on Ealdan mynstre. ^ he wses cyng 
ofer eall Engla land swySe neh .xx« wintra. '] sona sefter his 
forsiSe wses ealra witena gemot on Oxnaforda. j Leofric eorl 
-} msest ealle J>a f>eg6nas benorSan Temese. ^ J^a liSsmen on 
Lunden. ge curon Harold to healdes ealles Engla landes. him ;] 
his broker Hardacnute f>e wees on Denemearcon. ;] Godwine 
eorl. ^ ealle J?a yldestan menn on West Seaxon. lagon ongean 

)>a'for he to Scot lande. ^ Scotta cyng code him on hand, j wear% (P) 
his mann. ac he f lytle hwile heold. 

1033. Her forSferde LeoMe B. j his lichama rested on Wigra 
ceastre. ^ Brihteh w8Bs on his setl ahafen. 

1034. Her wsbs ^Ifric® 15. forSfaren. j lige^ on Ramesige. J \i 
ilcan geare forS ferde Mselcolm cyng on Scot lande. 

1035. Her forS ferde Cnut cyng. j Harold his sunu feng to 
rice. He ge wat est Sceaftes byri. on .ii. Id. Noub. J hine 
man | ferede to Wincestre. "3 fasr be byride. "J -ffilfgyfa seo hlsef- f. 70. 
die saet )>a \vir binnan. ^ Harold ssede $ he Cnutes sunu wsere. "J 
^Ifgyfe ))8ere Hamtunisca. feh hit so^ nsBre. he sende to. ^ 

let nyman of hire ealle fa betstan gaersaman ]>e Cnut cyng 
ahte. J heo saet feah for^ jjsBr binnan ]>a hwile J>e heo moste. 

1036. Her com -Alfred se unsce^iga sefeling -^j;elredes sunu 
cynges. hider inn. J wolde to his modor. fe on Wincestre sset. 
ac f ne ge)>afodon fa J>e micel weoldon on fisan lande. for 
fan hit hleofrade swi^ to Harolde. feah hit unriht wsere. Da 
let he hine on hsBft settan. 3 his geferan he eac fordraf. ^ 
sume &c. 

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1040. Her Eadsige arcefe for to Rome. ^ Harold king 

(C) Se 8eJ)eling lyfode )>a gyt, 
selc yfel man him gehet^. 
0^ f man geraedde, 
•f man hine lasdde 
to Eligbyrig 
swa^ gebundenne. 

Sona swa lie lende , 
on scype man hine blende* 
■J hine swa blindne* 
brohte to ^am munecon. 

"3 he far wunode, 
¥a hwile )>e he lyfode. 

Sy^an hine man byrigde . 
swa him wel gebyrede, 
[f wses] * ful wur61ice , 
swa he wyr^e wbbs* 
set J)am west ende , 
]>am styple * ful gehende , 
on ]>am su^ portice , 
seo saul*^ is mid Xpe. 

1037. Her man geceas Harald ofer eall to cinge, ~} forsoc 
Har^a cnut, for^an he waes to lange on Dene marcon ; 3 man 

f. 156. b. draf ^S ut his modor, ^Ifgyfe | 'Sa cwene. butan selcere mild- 
heort nesse ongean j)one weallendan ^ winter "j heo cow ^ to 
Bricge'' begeondon sse. "J Baldwine eorl hi ^ser wel underfeng. 
^ hig j)aer geheold )?a hwile ^e hire neod wses. '2 )?8es geres aer 
gefor ^fic. se ae^la decanus on Heofeshawme ^ 

1038. ^Her gefor ^jielno^ se g6da arceb. J M]>elnc 15 on Su^ 
Sexuw, ^ iElfric t on EastEngluw. ^ Byrhteh % on Wihra 
cestre scire -xiii. It Ian. 

1039. Hgr com se mycla wind ; ^ Byrht mser B gefor on Licet 
felda. "J Wealas slogon Eadwine Leofrices bro^or eorles. J 
purcil ~} iElfget. ^ swi^ fela godra manna mid heom. J her 
com ec HarSacnut to Bricge. )>ar his modor waes^^ 

1040. Her swealt Harald cing. pa sende man softer Har8a- 
cnute to Bricge, wende f man wel dyde. J he com ¥a hider 
mid Ix scipum foran to middansnmera. "J astealde ))a swi^» 
Strang gyld, f man hit unease acorn ", f wses .viii. marc tet ha^^ 
J him waes fa unhold eall f his sir gymde. ^ he ne gefremede 

behet. D. 

ealswa. D. 

Supplied from D. 

stypele. D. 

sawul. D. 
' wallendan. D. 

Brygce. D. 

Eofesham. D. 
' Against the year 1038 in Tl, 

is written on the maigin, Hie o1^. 
Athelnot aSf t). 

^® This annal (1039) is not in 

'^ xnihte acuman. D. 

^^ aet hamelan. D. 

^ Godwine eorl -j ealle 6a betstan 
men on West Sexan wiC cwsedon. ac 
hi naht na ge speddan. F. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) i6i 

swa hi lengost mihton. ac hi ne mihton nan J?ing ongean ' 
wealcan'^. ^ man gersedde Jja -f -^Ifgifu Hardacnutes modor 
ssete on Win ceastre mid f>8es cynges huscarlum hjTa suna. ;] 
heoldan ealle West Seaxan him to handa. ^ Godwine eorl waes 
heora healdest mann. Sume men ssedon be Harolde -p he waere 
Cnutes sunu cynges. j iElfgiue iElfelmes dohtor ealdormannes. 
ac hit ]5uhte switSe ungeleaflic manegum mannum. ;] he waes 
f>aeh full cyng ofer eall Englaland. 

1037. Her man drgefde ut uElfgife Cnutes cynges lafe. seo 
waes Hardacnutes cynges modor ^*. ^ heo gesohte ]?a Baldewines 
grits be sutSan sae". '} he geaf hire wununge on Bricge. j he hi 
mundode^®. ;j heold ]?a hwile J?e heo }?aer waes. 

1038. Her fortSferde iESelnod^*^ arcelSon kt Nov.' ^ )?aes ymbe 
lit el iESelric 15 on SutS Seaxum^®. '] J^a toforan Xpes maessan 
Brihteh B on Wigra ceastre scire. ;j raSe J>aes uElfric B on 
East Engl um. ^ ]?a feng Eadsige" 15 to J^am ar2b rice. ^ 
Grymcytel to Sam on SutS Sexum. "] Lining 15 to Wigra ceastre 
scire. ^ to Gleaw cestre scire. 

1039. HerforSferde Harold cyng on Oxna forda on -xvi* t Apr. f. 51. 
^ he waes bebyrged aet West mynstre. ^ he weolde Engla landes 
•iiii« gear ;j .xvi- wucan. ^ on his dagum man geald -xvi. scipan 

aet aelcere hamulan 'viii* marc, eall swa man aer dyde on Cnutes 
cynges dagum. "] on ]?is ilcan geare com Hardacnut cyng to 
Sandwic •vii* nihtum ser middan sumera. ;] he waes sona under 
fangen ge fram Anglum ge fram Denum. J)eah ]?e his raedes 
menn hit sy?5tSon strange fcrguldon. tSa hi geraedden f>et man 
geald 'Ixii- scipon aet aelcere hamelan^® 'viii' marc. 3 on ]?is 
ilcan geare code se eaester hwaetes to "Iv* penega ;] eac furSor. 

1040. Her waes ]?et heregeold gelaest. -f waeron -xxi- f>usend 

1038. Her for'^ferde iE¥elno^ arceb se goda. "]) ^j^aelric 15 on (D) 
Su^ Sexan. se gewilnode to Gode ^ he hine ne lete lybban nane 
hwile. sefter his leofan feeder iE^elno^e. 3 he eac binnan seofon 
nihton Jaes gewat. J Brihteh b on Wigra ceastre -xiii. kt Ian. 

** laue. T Eadwardes moder. "j SuS Sexan. F. 

Hardecnutes. F. " Saes cinges prest. F. capellanus 

*5 gritJ on Flandre. F. regis. F. Lat. 

" Brigge T wurdlicehi h^e'old. F. ^ pro (altered from apM^«aBt)una 

*^ Sic MS. qiiaque hamele. F. Lat. 
^* embe litel fyrst iEgebic IJ of 

Digitized by 


1 62 THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

1042. Her forSferde HarSacnut king. 

1043. Her w«es Eduuard gehalgod to kinge. 1056 

,__ next. 

^C) ec naht cynelices fa hwile ^e lie ricxode. H6 let dragan up^ 
jjaene deadan Harald ^ hine on fen sceotan ^. 

1041. Her let HarSacnut hergian eall Wihracestre scire for 
his twegra hus carla fingon ^ -f strange gyld budon ; fa sloh 
f folc hi binnan port, innan ^aw mynstre. J fees geres sona co«* 
Eadward his bro^or on medren fram begeondan see. JEfebsedes 
sunn cinges ^e waes ser for fela gearon of his earde adrifen. J 
¥eh waes to cinge gesworen. ^ he wunode fa swa on his bro¥or 

f. 157' hirede fa hwile ¥e he | leofode. J on fison gere 6c swac Har^acnut 
Eadulf eorl under his gri^e. "]) he waes |)a wedloga. 

1042. Her gefor HarSacnut swa "f he aet his drince stod. ;] he 
faeringa feoU to faere eor^an mid egeslicum anginne, ";) hine ge- 
laehton 'Se far neh waeron, ^ he sy^¥an nan word ne gecwae^. "3 he 
for^ferde on vi Id Iun. J eall folc underfeng ^a Eadward to 
cinge, swa him gecynde ^ waes. 

1043. Her waes Eadward gehalgod to cinge on Wincestre on 
forman Easter daeig mid myccelum wyrSscype. "3 ^ waeron 
Eastron .iii. Non' Apt Eadsige arcebisceop hine halgade, J to 
foran eallum fam folce hine wel laerde. "]) to his agenre neode 
■] ealles folces wel manude. j Stigant preost waes gebletsad to 
biscp. to East Englum. "]) ra^e f aes se cing let geridan ealle fa 
land fe his modor ahte him to handa. ^ nam of hire eall f heo 
ahte. on golde ";) on seolfre. ^ on unasecgendHcuw fingum. for- 
^m heo hit heold ^r to faeste wi^ hine. '^ ra^e faes man sette 
Stigant of his bisceop rice. ^ nam eal -f he ahte fam cinge to handa. 
forSam he waes nehst his modor raede. ;] heo for swa sw^ he hire 
raedde. faes ¥e men wendon. 

1044. Her Eadsige arceb forlet f bisceop rice for his untrum- 

^ on sceotan. D. dedit caput S. Valentini martyris 

* wel gecynde. D. eiflem ecclesie. F. Lat. 
^ sororis Kicardi iunioris, filise Ri- * Sic MS. 

cardi senioriB. F. Lat. ^ wel Iserde to his agenre neode, 

* F. continues : ';| he lit$ a Win- t to ealles folces freme. F. Edsinus 
ceastre an Ealdamynstre. ^^ his mo- . . . docuit eum . . . ea quae sibi 
der for his sawle gief into niwan facienda erant ad honorem suum, et 
mynstre S. Valentines heafod ©as ^ad' utilitatem sibi subjecti popnli. 
martires. ") aer se cing &c. Sepul- F. Lat. 

tus est Wentonia in uetere monas- "^ quia nimis tenaciter ea contra 

terio. Pro cuius anima mater sua ilium tenuit. F. Iiat. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 163 

punda. and •xcix* punda. ;j mann geald sytSSan -xxxii. scipon 
•xi' J>usend punda ;j •xlviii* punda. ^ On "Sis ilcan geare com 
Eadward JEtSelredes sunu cinges hider to lande of Weallande. 
se waes Hardacnutes cynges brotSor, hi wseron begen -/Elfgiues 
suna. seo waes Ricardes dohtor eorles^. 

1041. Her forSferde Hardacnut cyng set L^mbhySe on -vi- 
ID* lUN.' ^ he wees cyng ofer eall Englaland twa gear butou 
•X' nihtum*. ^ he is be byrged on Ealdan mynstre on Win- 
ceastre mid Cnute cynge his fgeder. ;j ear ]?an J?e he bebyrged 
wsere. eall folc gcceas Eadward to cynge on Lundene. healde 
}?a hwile f>e him God unne. 3 eall $ gear wses switSe hefig 
time on manegum J)ingum. ^ mislicum. ge on unwsederum. ge 
on eortS waestmum. 3 swa my eel orfes waes J>8es geares forfaren. 
swa ndn man aer ne gemunde. aegSer ge f)urh mistlice coSa 
ge Jjurh ungewyderu. " On j^is ilcan tyme forSferde JElf [sine] 
abbot of Burh. ^ man ceas J?a Arnwi munec to a15b. for]?an f>e 
he waes swiSe g6d mdn ^ swiSe bilehwit. / 

1042. Her waes iESward*^ gehalgod to cyng on Winceastre on f- 51- 1^- 
-^ster daeg mid mycclum wurSscipe. ^ J^a waeron Eastron on aii- 

No Apr. Eadsige arCB hine halgode. ^ foran eallum folce hine 
well laerde. ^ to his agenre neode. ;j ealles folces well monude*. 3 
Stigand preost waes gebletsod to biscope to East Englum. ;j raSe 
J>aes se cing let geridan ealle )3a land J^e his modor ahte him to 
handa. ;] nam of hire eall f heo ahte on golde j on seolfre. ;j on 
unasecgendlicum J>ingum. for}?an heo hit heold to feste wiS hine'. 

1043. Her Eadsige ar2B forlet }?et biscop rice for his un- 

{Continued on p. 164.) 

1041. . . . . wedloga. 3 her man hadode -^gelric fe to Eofer- (D) 
wic on iii Id. lanuarii. 

1042. D. as C. 

1043. Her waes Eadward gehalgod to cynge aet Wincestre. f. 71. 
on forman Easter daeg. ^ ))aes geres .xiiii. 'nihton' aer Andreas 
maessan man geraedde J)an cynge f he md of Gleawcestre. J 
Leofric eorl ^ Godwine eorl. ^ Sigwar8 eorl, mid heora genge 

to Wincestre on tinwser on Jia hlaefdian. 1 bereafedan hi aet 
eallon fan gaersaman )>e heo ahte. jja waeron unatelle'n'dlice. for- 
J)an J)e heo waes aeror Jjam cynge hire suna swi'Se heard, f heo 
him laesse dyde jjonne he wolde aer J)am fe he cyng waere. ^ eac 
sy^an. ;] leton hi faer si'S^n binnan sittan. 

M 2 

Digitized by 


1 64 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

trumnisse. ^ bletsode J^aerto Siward abbot of Abbandune to 
biscope be J^aes cynges Isefe ^ raeda. ;] Godwines eorles. hit 
waes elles feawum mannum cuS aer hit gedon wses. forj^an se 
ardbiscop wende -f hit sum oSer mann abidM'an wolde • otStSe 
gebicgean ^ ]?e he his wyrs truwude and uSe. gif hit ma manna 
wiste. ^ On ]?isum wses swySe mycel hungor ofer Engla land. 
"^ com swa dyre swa nan mann aer ne gemunde. swa -f se 

(C) nysse. ~] bletsade J)8erto Siward afeb of Abbaw dune to bisceope 
be ^868 cinges leafe "] rsede. "]) Godwines eorles. hit wses elles 
feawum mannum cu^ ^r hit ged6n waes. forSam se arceb wende. 
■f hit sum o^er man abiddan wolde oJ)J)e gebicgan fe he wyrs 
truwode. "J u^e. gyf hit ma manna wiste. J on ^isum gere wses 
f. 157. b. swy'^e mycel hunger | ofer eall Engla lande, ;j com swa dyre 
sw^ n^n man ser ne gemunde. swa ;f se sester hwaetes eode to 
.Ix. pen. ^ eac furSor. ~] fees ylcan geres se cingc for ut to 
Sandwic mid -xxxv. scypon. ^ iE[;elstan cyricwyrd feng to )jam 
abbodrice. set Abbandune. J on Jam ylcan gere Eadward cing 
nam Eadgyfe Godwines eorles dohtor him to wife -x. nihtum 
aer Candel maessan. 

1045. Her on Jjysum geare forSferde Bryhtwold b. on x- kt Mai. 
■J Eadward cyng geaf Hera manne his preoste "f bisceoprice ^. J on 
J)an ylcan sumera for Eadward cyng ut mid his scypan to Sandwic. 
■J J)ar waes swa mycel here ge gaederod. swa nan man ne geseh scyp- 
here naenne maran on J;ysan lande. ^ on })is ylcan geare for6- 
ferde Lyuync b. on .xiii. kt Apr. J se cyng geaf Leofrice his preoste 
■f biscoprice. 

1046. Her on fysum geare for Swegn eorl into Wealan, ^ Griffin 
se norfema cyng forS mid him, "J him man gislode ; pa he ham- 
werdes waes, J: a het 'h'e feccan him to fa abbedessan on Leo 
mynstre, J haefde hi j:a hwile fe him geliste, ^ let hi syj)]>an 
faran ham. ^ on Jis ylcan geare man ge utlagode Osgod Clapan. 
foran to middan wintre. ^ on fis ylcan geare aefter Candel- 
maessan com se stranga winter mid forste "] mid snawe "] mid 
eallon ungewederon, f naes nan man };a on line f mihte gemun- 
an swa strangne winter swa se waes. ge \\ixh. mancwealm ge 
|?urh orf cwealm. ge fugelas ";] fixas furh fone micelan cyle ^ 
hunger forwurdan. 

1047. Her on J)ysum geare forSferde Grim cytel bisceop. he waes 

^ a rege ant pretio aut seruitio ^ At this point there is a change 

illud quereret. F. Lat. of hand in C. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 165 

sester hwaetes eode to Jx* penega. ^ eac furSor. ^ Jjses ylcan 
geares se cyng for tit to Sandwic mid 'Xxxv* scipon. ^ 
iESelstan cyriceweard feng to Sam abbotrice est Abbandune. 
;] Stigand feng to his biscop rice. 

1043^. Her nam ^Edward cyng Godwines dohtor eorles him 
to cwene. ^ on J^is ilcan geare foiSferde Brihtwold B. 3 he 
heold )53es biscop rices 'Xxxviii* wintra^ ;j Hereman }?es cynges 
preost feng to ]?am biscop rice. 3 on jjysum geare man halgode 
Wulfric to abb set See Augustine to Xpes msessan on Stephanes 
msesse dseg'. be J?es cynges ge Isefan ^ iElfstanes abbotes for his 
myceh'e untrumnysse. 

1044. Her forSferde Liuing b on Defena scire. ;] Leofric f. 52. 
feng J^serto se wses J^ses cynges preost. And on f>isum ilcan 
geare forSferde ^Ifstan abbot set S2e Augustine 'iii' No Ivlh. 

;j on )5is ilcan geare wearS aflemed ut Osgot Clapa. 

1045. Her forSferde Grymkytel b on SuS Sexum. 3 feng 
Heca Ses cynges preost Jjserto. And on J?ysum geare for'tS'- 

(jContinued on p. 166.) 

1045.* Hergefor .Elfward b. on Lundene. on .viii. kl Ag. He (D) 
wses abb on Eofeshamme serest. 3 "f mynst^r wel geforSode fa 
hwile f e he faer wses. ge wende fa to Ramesege, ~] fser his lif al^t. 
■3 Manni wses to abbode gecoren. J gehadod. on .iiii. i?tAg. j 
)j8Bs geres man draf Gunnilde tit -f se^ele wiL Cnutes cynges 
magan. J heo syS^an saet set Brygce lange hwile. J for to Den 
marcon sy^an. 

1046. Her gefor Brihtwold b. on Wiltune scire, "] man sette 
Hereman on his setle. On jjam geare ge gaderade Eadward cyng 
mycele scyp ferde on Sandwic furh Magnus freatunge. on | Nor- f. 71. b. 
wegon. ac his gewinn 3 Swegenes. on Denmarcon geletton "f he her 

ne com. 

1047. Her forSferde Lyfing se wordsnotera b. x kt Ap^. ^ he 
hsefde -iii. b rice, an on Defena scire. "] on Com walon. J on Wigra 
cestre. pa feng Leofric to Defena scire ;j to Comwalon. J Aldred 
b to Wygracestre. 1 her man ut lagode Osgod stallere. "3 Mag- 
nu8 gewann Denmarcon. 

1048. Her waea se stifa winter, "j fees geres for6 ferde -^Ifwine 

^ Thus MS. 1043 repeated. * This should be 1044, Ac. (so 

* "^ was 8 b. rice of Scire- Flor.), but D. has omitted that 

bum*. F. figure. He rights it at length by 

^ an ot^eme Xpes xnaessedseg. F. putting 1052 twice. M. H. B. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

1 66 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

ferde JElfwine biscop on Winceastre. on 'iiii* t SeptemB. 3 feng 
Stigand B benorSan J?8erto. ^ on Sam ilcan geare ferde 
Swegen eorl ut to Baldewines lande to Brycge, ^ wunode J?ser 
- ealne winter. ^ wende ]?a to sumere lit. 

1046. Bellum apud Uallium Dunas. Her forSferde -^]?el- 
«tan abbot on Abbandune. and feng Spearhafoe munue to of 
S2e Eadmundes byrig. ^ on J>is ilcan geare forSferde Siward 
biscop. ^ feng Eadsige arcb eft to eallum J>am 15 rice. ;] on J>is 
ilcan geare comon to Sandwic. LotSen ;] Yrliug mid 'Xxv- scipon. 
^ namon J)aer un asecgendlice here huSe. on mannum 3 on 
golde ^ on seolfre, J>et nan man nyste hwset J>8es ealles wes. 
J wendon J>a onbuton Tenet. ;j woldon J>8er J>et ilce don. ac 
)3et landfolc hardlice wiSstodon. ^ forwemdon heom segSer 
ge up ganges ge wseteres. ^ aflymdon hi ]?anon mid ealle. 3 hi 
wendon heom J^anon to East Seaxan. ^ hergodon fser ;) namon 
menn. ^ swa hwset swa hi findan mihtan. ;] ge wendon him J?a 

(C) f. 158. on Su^Sexan 15. J he li^ on Cristes cyrican on Cantwara | byrig. ^ 
Eadward cyncg geaf Hecan. his preoste. $ 15 rice. 

■J on J)is ylcan geare forS ferde iElfwine 15. on .iiii- kl Sffi. ^ 
Eadward cyncg geaf Stigande b "f bisceoprice.^ J JE})el8tan abb on 
Abbandune forS ferde on );an ylcan geare on .iiii. kl Aprt. )>a wses 
Ester daeig. .iii. non' Aprt. ^ wses ofer eall Englaland swyj)e 
mycel man cwelm on fan ylcan geare. 

1048. Her on })isum geare wses mycel eor^styrung wide on 
Engla lande ; J on ]>am ylcan geare man ge hergode Sandwic. 
■J Wiht. J ofslohan jja betsta men })e far wseron. 3 Eadward cining 
3 fa eorlas foran sefter faw tit mid heora scypun ; "j on faw ylcan 
geare Siward b for let -f bisceoprice for his untruwnysse, 3 for 
to Abbandune, "J Eadsige arceb feng eft to faw bisceoprice. ^ he 
forS ferde fses binnan .viii. wucan on .x. kt Nouembris. 

1049 ^. Her on fisum geare se casere gaderode unarimedlice 
fyrde ongean Baldewine of Brycge, furh f -f he brsec fsene palant 
set Neomagan, ^ eac fela o^ra un fanca fe he him dyde. seo fyrd 
wses unatellendlic fe he gegaderod hsefde. Dser wses 'Leo' ^se papa 
of Rome. J fela mserra manna of manegan J^eod scipan* He sende 
eac to Eadwerde ' cing'ce' "] bsed hine scip fultumes. f he ne gefa- 
fode "f he him on wsetere ne setburste. ^ he for ¥a to Sandwic, ^ 
fser laeg mid myclan scyphere. forS "f se casere hsefde of Bald wine 
eall f he wolde. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 167 

east to Baldewines land. ;] sealdon J>8er J?et hi ge hergod haefdon- 
^ ferdon heom sytSSon east J?anon J>e hi aer comon. 

1046'. Her on f)isum geare wses se myccla synoS aet SCe 
Eemei*. Dser wses on Leo se papa*^. ^ se arSB of Burgundia. 
^ se arce15 of Bysincun. ^ se arceB of Treueris. 3 se arceB of 
Hemis. ^ manig mann J?8er to | ge hadode ge laewede. ^ Edward f. 52. b. 
cyng sende )?ider Dudocc B. 3 Wlfric al&B of SSe Augustine. ^ 
Elfwine aBB. f hi sceolden j^am cynge cySan hwset J?aer to 
Xpendome gecoren wsere. ^ on }?is ylcan geare ferde Eadward 

(Continued on p. i68.) 

^ on Wincestre. J Stigand fe wses on his setl ahafen. ^ ser J)aw. on (D) 
))an ilcan gere for^ ferde Grimcytel B on Su^Sexum. "j Heca 
preost feng to fam b rice. ^ Swegen eac sende hider, baed him 
fylstes ongean Magnws Norwega cyng, -f man sceolde sendan -l. 
scypa him to fultume. Ac hit j)uhte unrged eallum folce. ^ hit 
wearS }>a gelet. )>urh -f fe Magniis hsefde micelne scyp crseft. ^ he 
J)a aytte jia Swegen tit. "3 mid mycclan manslihte f land gewann. 
^ Dena him mycel feoh guidon, "j hine to cynge underfengon. "3 
J)i ylcan geare Magnws forSferde. 

1049. Her com eft Swein to Denamarcon. "j Harold for to 
Norweguw. Magntw fsedera. sy^^n Magnw« dead waes. "] Normen 
hine underfengon. 3 he sende ymb fry6 hider to lande. ^ Swegen 
eac sende of Denmarcon, "j baed Eadward cyng scyp fultumes. 
■f sceolde been aet laestan .l. scypa. ac eall folc wi^ cwae^. ^ her 
waes eac eor^ styrung on kt Mai on manegum stowum. on Wygra 
cestre. "J on Wic. 3 on Deorby. "J elles gehwaer. 3 eac waes swi^e 
mycel man cwealm J orf cwealm. ^ eac $ wilde fyr on Deorby scire 
micel yfel dyde. 3 ge hwaer elles. 

1050. On })isan geare se casere gegaderode unarimedlice fyrde f. 72. 
ongean Baldwine of Brygce. Jjurh -f he braec )>a palentan aet Neo- 
magon. "j eac fela o})ra unfanca fe he him dyde. seo fyrd waes 
unarimedlic })e he gegaderad haefde. faer waes se papa 6n ^ se 
patriarcha. "J fela o¥ra maerra manna of gehwilcuw leodscypum. he 
sende eac to Eadwarde cynge, J baed hine scyp fultumes f he ne 
geJ)afode^ f he ne aetburste on waetere. J he for fa to Sandwic. 

3 laeg ))8Br mid mycluw scyphere for8 f se casere haefde of Balda- 
wine eall $ he wolde. 

^ Here begin fresh hands in C. * S. Remigi. F. 

2 ?man. sec. * se papa Leo. ^ mani wis man. 

^ Sic MS. 1046 repeated. D. puts ge hadodre T laewedre. F. 

the synod of Rheims under 1050. v. * j> he ne g. written twice by the 

inf. p. 170. scribe. 

Digitized by 


1 68 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. 1046.) cyng ut to Sandwic mid mycclan sciphere. ;) com Swegn eorl 
in mid -vii* scipon to Bosenham. ^ griSode witS f>one cyng. 
^ behet man him -f he moste wurSe [beon] selc j^aera J>inga 
))e he ser ahte. Da witSlaeg Harold eorl his broSor ;} Beorn 
eorP, -f he ne moste beon ^nan' }?8era J)inga wurtSe J>e se cyng 
him ge unnen haefde. ac sette man him "iiii* nihta griS to his 
scipon. Da wearS hit under )5am \>ei f>am cynge com word 
■f unnfri'S scipa Isegen be westan and hergodon. Da ge[wende] 
Godwine eorl west onbuton mid ]?es cynges -ii- scipum. }?am 
anan steorde Harold eorl. ^ J>am otSran Tostig his brotSor. j 
landes manna scipa -xlii- pa scj'fte man Harold eorl up Jjses 
cynges scipe J^e Harold eorl aer steorde. J^a ge wendon hi west 
to Peuenesea. ^ Isegen J>8er wederfeste. pa j^es binnon -ii- 
dagum. ]?a com Swegen eorl J?ider. ^ spec wi5 his feder ;} witS 
Beorn eorl. ^ bed Beorn f he sceolde faran mid him to Sam 

(C.I 049.) Dar com 'eft ongean'^ Swegen eorl to Eadwerde cinge,J gymde 
to him landes, -f he mihte hine on afedan. Ac Harold his bro^or 
f. 158. b. wi^cwse'S. "] Beorn eorl, -f hig noldon him agyfan nan fringe | J)aBS 
\e se cing heom gegyfen hsefde. He com hider mid hiwunge, 
cwae^ f he wolde his man beon. "] baed Beorn eorl "f he him on 
fultume wsere, ac se cingc him selces ))inges forwymde. Da 
gewende Swegen to his scypon to Bosanham. J for Godwine eorl 
fram Sandwic mid .xlii. scypon to Pefenasse, "] Beorn eorl forS mid 
him. ^ );a se cing lyfde eallon Myrceon ham, "] hig swa dydon. 
Da cydde man fam cinge -p Osgod lage on Ulpe mid .xxix- scy- 
pon. fa sende se cing sefter J)am scypon J)e he of sendan mihte, 
J)e innan NorSmuJ)an lagon. Ac Osgod sette his wif on Brige, 
";) wende eft ongean mid .vi. scypon. j Jia o^re foron on East 
Seaxon to Eadolfes naesse, *] faer hearm dydon. ^ wendon eft to 
scypon. pa laeg Godwine eorl J Beorn eorl on PefenassB. mid 
heora scypon. Da cow Swegen eorl mid facne, "^ bsed Beorn 
eorl f he his gefera waere to faw cinge to Sandwic. cwae^ $ he 
hiw a))as swerigan wolde J him hold beon. Da wende Beorn 
for Jjgere sibbe "f he hiw swican nolde. nam ^a -iii- geferan mid 
him. ^ ridon J;a to Bosanham, eall swa hi sceoldon to Sand- 
wic, Jjser Swegenes scypa lagon. ^ hine man sona geband 'j 
to scype laedde, ";] ferdon };a 'to' Daerenta mu^an, 3 hine far let 
'of slean. J deope bedelfan. Ac hine Harold his maeg faer fette 
3 to Wincestre laedde, ^ faer bebyride wi^ Cnut cing his earn. 

{Continued on f. 17X.) 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 169 

cynge to Sandwic. ^ fylstan him to f>8Bs cynges freondscipe. (A.D.1046.) 

•] he f>8es titSode. ge wendon heom J^a svvylce hi woldon to tSam 

cynge. Da amang J?am J^e hi ridon. J?a baed Swegen hine 

]^t he sceolde faran mid him to his scipon. tealde -f his 

sciperes woldon wsendon fram him baton he J>e ra'Sor come. 

Hi ge wendon )?a begen ]?ser his scipu Isegen. ]?a hi J^yder 

comon. f>a bsed Swegen eorl hine f he sceolde ge wendon mid 

him to scYpe. he forweomde switSe. swa lange otS his sciperes 

ge fengon hine. ^ wurpon hine on J?one bdt. ^ bundon hine. 

•] reowan to scipe. ^ dydon hine fjser on. | tugon J?a up heora f. 53. 

segel. 3 umon west to AxamuSan. ;] hsefdon hine mid heom. 

otS ]?et hi ofslogon hine. ^ namon )5one lichaman. ^ bebyrgedon^ 

innan anre cyrican*. ^ comon J?a his freond j litsmen of 

Lundene. 3 namon hine up. *] feredon' hine to Win ceastre to 

paer com eac Swegen eorl, jje for aer of fisan lande. to Den- (D. 1050.) 
marcon, "J jjser forworhte hine wi^ Denum. He com hider mid 
hiwunge. cwse^ f he wolde eft bugan to |;am cynge. J Beorn eOrl 
him gehet -f he him on fylste beon wolde. Da syS^an faes caseres 
seht waes "]) Baldwines. foron fela scypa ham, "] se kyng belaf 
basftan aet Sandwic mid feawum scypum. J Godwine eorl eac for 
'mid' xlii. scypum fram Sandwic to Peuenes ea. "] Beorn eorl himi 
for mid. pa cy'^de man Jjam cynge f Osgod lage on Ulpe mid 
.xxxix. scypon. *] se cyng ))a sende sefter Jam scypum Jje he of sen- 
dan mihte, fe aer ham wendon. "] Osgod sette his wif on Brygce. ^ 
wendon eft ongean mid -vi. scypum, J fa o^re foron on Su^Sexe 
to Eadulfes naesse. "] \sdr hearm dydon. j wendon eft to scypon ; 
■j heom com j^a strang wind to, swa f hi waeron ealle for- 
farene buton feower. jja man ofsloh begeondan sae. On fam 
})e Godwine eorl 3 Beorn eorl lagon on Peuenes ea fa com Swein 
eorl, "3 baed Beorn eorl mid facne, fe waes his eames sunu, f he his 
gefera waere to fam cynge to Sand wic. "] his wisa wi^ hine gebette. 
He wende | fa for jraere sibbe mid f reom geferum mid him. ^ he f. 72. b. 
hine laedde fa to ward Bosanham, f aer his scypu lagon. J hine man 
J>a geband, J to scypa laedde. Wende fa f anon mid him to Derta 

(Continued on p, 170.) 

* F. continues, T swa 1> hit (?hine) niretur in Anglia, deberet poni in 

man het ut binnan feower 'nihtan. cuRtodia. F. Lat. 
T he ferde Ca T spaec wiS his faeder ^ ? man. sec. 

?Je laeg at Peuenes ea. ") witJ Beorn ^ bebyrigendan. F. 

eorl. Se tJar was mid Godwine. T he * in ecclesiola. F. Lat. 

baed &c. ut si post triduum inue- ' ferendon. F. 

Digitized by 


17© THE PARKER MS, (ff) 

1050. Her forSferde Eadsige arcet . ^ Rodbert feng to 
arcet rice. 1053 « 

(D) mu^an, ^ hine jjaer het slean. "3 deope be delfan. Hine man 
funde eft, 3 ferede hine to Wincestre, "3 byrigde wi^ Cnut cyng 
his earn. Lytle ser jjan })a men of Hsestinga ceastre "^ jjser abutan 
gewunnon his twa scypa mid heora scypan, "J J)a men ealle of- 
slogon. ;j J)a scypa brohton to Sandwic to fan cynge. Ehta 
scypu he hsefde ser he Beom beswice. sy^an hine forleton ealle 
buton twam. 

On ))am ilcan geare comon upp on Wylisce Axa of Yrlande 
xxxvi. scypa, J Jjser abutan hearmas dydon mid Gryfines fultume Jjses 
Wseliscan cynges. Man gegaderade )?a folc togenes, )?8er waes eac 
* Ealdred b mid. ac hi hsefdon to lytelne fultum, j hi comon 

unwser on heom on ealne seme mergen. 3 fela godra manna Jjser of 
slogon. ^ })a o})re setburston for^ 'mid' faw be. J>is wses gedon 
on .iiii. kt Aug. 

Dses geres forSferde on Oxnaford scire. Oswi abb on pomege. 
■3 Wulfno^ abb on Westmynstre. J Ulf pt waes geset jjam 
brice to hyrde )>e Eadno^ haefde. ac^ he waes sy^S^n of adryfon. 
forJ)an J)e he ne gefremede naht biscoplices jjaeron. swa $ us scea- 
ma^ hit nu mare to tellanne. "^ Sigward b gef6r, se lige^ on 
Abban dune. 
[1046 E] "j her man halgode "f miccle mynster aet R^mys. paer waes 
se papa 'Leo', j se casere. "j mycelne sino^ Jiaer haefdon embe 
Godes J)eowdom. pone sino^ foresaet scs Leo papa'^. hit is ear- 
fo^ to witane fara biscopa J)e J)aer to comon "j hum abbuda. ^ 
heonon of lande waeron twegen gesende. of s2e Agustine. ;] of 
Rammes ege. 
f. 73- 1051. On ))isan geare gefor Eadsie arceb on Cantwarebyri. J se 
cyng sealde Rotbearde. jian Freoncyscan ))e aer waes b on Lundene 
■f arcerice. "3 Spear hafoc abb of Abbandune feng to J)an brice on 
Lundene. ^ hit waes eft of him genumen aer he gehadod waere. J 
Hereman b ^ Ealdred b foron to Rome- 

{Continued on p. 173.) 

^ ac written over "j (and). baculum suum, quia nesciuit minis- 

^ pone .... papa, inserted on terium suum. F. Lat. 
lower margin. • gerihta. F. 

* episcopus Aquilonarium Sax- ' 1050 F. Hie Eaduardus rex de- 
onum. F. Lat. dit Rodberto, qui fuit abbas Geme- 

* Sancto Sabbato. F. Lat. tiese, archiepiscopatum Cantuarise. 
5 staef. F. sed fere perdidit ibi F. Lat. . 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 171 

Ealdan mynstre. ^ he is f>3er byrged wiS Cnut cyng his earn. (A.D.io4r).' 
J Swegen gewende )?a east to Baldewines lande. ;) sset ]?8er 
ealne winter on Brycge mid his fullan griSe. 

^ on f>am ylcan geare fortSferde EadnotS 15 benorSan'. ^ sette 
man Ulf to biscop. 

1047. Her on ]7isam geare wsbs mycel gemot on Lundene 
to midfestene. ^ man sette ut -ix* lits manna scipa. "^ fif belifan 
wits seftan. 

^ on jjysum ilcan geare com Swegen eorl into Engla lande. 

J on ]?ysum ilcan geare wses se mycele sinoS on Rome. ;) 
Eadward cyng sonde J>ider Hereman B. ^ Ealdred 15. ^ hi comon 
jjyder on Easter sefen *. ^ eft se papa hgefde sinotS on Tiercel. 
•] Vlf B com j38Brto. ^ forneah man sceolde tobrecan his stef^ 
gif he ne sealde j^e mare gersuman. forSan he ne cutSe don his 
ge rihte* swa wel swa he sceolde. ^ on ]?i8um geare fortSferde 
Eadsige arceB -iiii* kl NovemB. 

1048. Her on f>isum geare Eadward cyng ge sette Rodbyrd 
on Lundene to arceb to Cantwarabyrig'^ on Lengtene. 3 J?8bs 
sylfan Lehtenes he for to Rome aefter his pallium. ;] se cyng 

* (Continued on p. 172.) 

T se cing J)a "] eall here cwsedon Swegen for nixing, viii. scypa (C) 
he hsefde ser he Beom amyr^rode. sy^an hine forleton ealle 
butan .ii. ^ he gewende ))a to Bricge, J jjar wunode mid Baldwine. 

J on fysum geare forJSferde Eadno^ se goda B on Oxnaford 
scire. J Oswig abb dn pomige. ^ Wulfno^ abb on West myn- 
stre. ^ Eadwerd cing geaf Ulfe his preoste -f b rice, J hit yfele 

J on ))yson ylcan geare Eadwerd cing scylode -ix. scypa of male, 
^ hi f oron mid scypon mid eallon anweg. "J belifon .v. scypa bsBftan. 
•;) se cing heom behet | xii. mona'S gyld. f. 159. 

■3 on Jjam ylcan geare ferde Hereman b ^ Ealdred b to Rome to 
%am papan. on )}des cinges serende. 

1050. Her on ]>y8um gere Comon fa bisceopas ham fram Rome. 
•J man geinlagode Swegen eorl. j on )?ys ylcan geare for^ 
ferde Eadsige arceb. on .iiii. kt Nouembris, "j eac on J^ys 
ylcan geare -ffilfric arceb on Eoferwic cestre on .xi. kt Feb. ^ 
his lie li^ on Burh. pa hsefde Eadwerd cing witena ge mot on 
Lunden to midlencten. "3 sette Hrodberd to arceb to Cantware 
byrig. ^ Sperhafoc abb to Lunden. J geaf Ro^ulfe b his msege 

{Continued on p, 172.) 

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172 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1048.) geaf J?et biscoprice on Lundene Sparhafoc abbot of Abbandune. 
;) se cyng geaf [-f] abbot rice RoSulfe b his msege. Da com 
se arceb fram Rome ane dsege ar s2s Petrt^ maesse sefene. j 
gesset his arceb stoP aet Xpescyrcean on scs Veiius maesse dseg. 
;j sona J^ses to J>am cyng gewsende. Da com Sparhafoc abb 
f. 53. b. be weg[e] to him mid J?8es cynges ge write ^ insegle. | to \>B.n 
\>Qi he bine hadian sceolde to b into Lundene. J?a witScweS 
se arceb. j cwseS f>et se papa hit him forboden hsefde. J?a 
gewende se abb ongean j^one arceb eft to Sam, 3 )?ser J?es 
biscophades gernde. ^ se arceb him anrsedlice forwernde. •;) 
cwse'S J>et se papa hit him forboden hsefde. Da ge wende se 
abb to Lundene. ^ sset on }?am biscoprice J>e se cyng him 
ser ge unnan hsefde be his fuh*e leafe ealne J?one sumor j 
f>one haerfest. 

•] com J5a Eustatius fram geondan sae sona aefter J?am biscop. 
^ ge wende to Sam cynge. "j spaec wiS bine -f -f he J>a wolde. 
^ gewende J?a hamweard. pa he com to Cantwarbyrig east 
}3a snaedde he J5aer ^ his menn. 3 to Dofran ge wende. Da he 
waes sume mila oSSe mare beheonan Dofran. J>a dyde he on 
his byrnan. ^ his geferan ealle. ^ foran to Dofran. pa hi 
J?ider comon. )?a woldon hi innian hi ]?aer heom sylfan gelicode. 
)?a com an his manna. ^ wolde wician aet anes bundan huse 
his unSances. "j ge wundode f>one husbundon. ^ se husbunda 
ofsloh ]?one oSeme. Da wearS Eustatii^s uppon his horse. ;j 

(C) $ abbudrice on Abbawdune. "] Jjbbs ylcan geares he sette ealle. 
))a litsmen of male. 

1051. Her on })ysum geare com Rodbeard arceb hider ofer sae 
mid his pallium. J on ):ys ylcan geare man flymde Godwine 
eorl. J ealle his suna of Englalande. *] he gewende to Bricge, 
■3 his wif J his -iii. suna. Swegen. J Tostig. J Gyr8. J Harold 
■3 Leofwine wendon to Irlande. ^ fser wunedon fsene winter. "3 on 
J>ys ylcan geare forSferde seo ealde hlaefdige, Eadwerdes cinges 
moder "]) HarSacnutes, Imme^ hatte. ii. Id Maft. ^ hyre lie li^ on 
Ealdanmynstre wi^ Cnut cing. 

^ inthronizatur cathedra archi presulatus sui. F. Lat. 
^ Imme written on erasure. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 173 

his gefeoran uppon heora. ^ ferdon to J?aw» husbundon. ^ of- (a.d. 1048.) 

slogon hine binnan his agenan heorSse. j wendon him J>a up 

to }38ere burge weard. ^ ofslogon segSer ge wiS innan ge 

wits utan. ma J?anne -xx* manna ^. ^ J?a burh men ofslogon 

•xix' menn on otSre healfe. ^ ge wundoden f hi nystan hu 

fela. ^ Eustatius set bserst mid feawum mannum. 3 ge wende 

ongean to )5am cynge. ^ cydde be' dsele hu hi ge fareu haefdon^. 

3 weaitS se cyng swij?e gram' wiS ]?a burhware. ;] ofsaende 

se cyng Godwin e eorl. ^ bsed hiDC fa ran in to Cent mid 

unfriSa to Dofran. for j^an Eustatius heefde ge cydd j^am cynge 

J>et hit gceolde beon mare gylt jjsere burh warn )?onne his. ac 

^hit' naes na swa. ^ se eorl nolde na ge "Swsei ian j^sere infare. | f. 54- 

forfjan him wses la^S to amyrrene* his agenne folgatS^ 

Da sende se cyng sefter eallon his witan^ ^ bead heom 
cuman to Gleaweceastre neh f>gere seftre s2a Maria msessan. 
pa hsefdon )?a welisce menn ge wroht aenne castel on Here- 

(jConttnued onp.xj^) 

1052. Her forSferde ^Elfric arceb. on Eoferwic, swi^e arwyrSe HD) 
wer "j wis. ^ on |)an ylcan geare alede Eadward cyng -f heregyld 
$ ^f elred cyng ser astealde. ^ wses on Jjam nigon J }}rittigo^n 
geare Jjses J:e he hit ongunnon hsefde. f gyld gedrehte ealle Engla 
j^eode on swa languw fyrste swa hit bufan her awriten is. -f wses 
flefre setforan o^rum gyldum fe man myslice geald. 3 men mid 
menig fealdlice drehte. 

On Jam ylcan geare com Eustatius up aet Doferan, se hasfde 
Eadwardes cynges sweostor to wife, pa ferdon his men dys- 
lice 8Bft€r inne. J sumne man ofslogon of Jam porte. J o^r 
man of \di,m porte heora geferan. swa ^ ];aBr lagon vii. his 

* J?a he hsefrle gespecen ))at lie ^ Feede Saw cinge wyrs tJonne hit 

wolde. \k cyrde he agean. "^^k his wsere. F. aliter multo quam acta 

men coman to Doferan, ])a wolde sit. F. Lat. 

his an man herebeorgian at anes ' wraC. F. 

mannes his unSances, swa i^ he * amyrrende. F. 

wundode ['one husbunda, ■) se hus- ' praecepit . . . ut congregaret ex- 

bunda of»luh )>one man. pa waes ercitum et intraret Cantiam, omnia 

£uHtati«8 BwySe wraC, "j weai t$ upan deuastando, et maxime Dofras. (on 

his horse *] his men, ^ ferdon to, *) margin : at. ut deuastaret Dofhts.) 

ofslogon ))one yltian huHbandan, t Sed Godwinus nolens destruere co- 

eac to eacan him lua 9oi)[ti]e xx man- mitatum suum, dissimulauit ire iUuc. 

na. F. per snperbiam uoluit ui F. Lat. 

accipere hospitium, et uulnerauit * omnes optimates eius. F. Lat. 
dominum domus &c. F. Lat. 

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174 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D. 1048.) fordscire on Swegenes eorles folgo'Se. "] wrohten selc Jjsera 
harme. j bismere Jjses cynges mannan Jjser abutan f>e hi 
mihton. Da com Godwine eorl ^ Swegen eorl j Harold eorl 
togsedere set Byferes stane. 3 manig mann mid heom. to "Son 
f hi woldon faran to heora cyne hiaforde. j to J>am witan 
eallon f>e mid him gegaderode wseron. f hi Jjses cynges rsed 
hsefdon 3 his fultum. j ealra witena. hu hi mihton J^ses cynges 
bismer awrecan j ealles Jjeodscipes. Da wseron ]3a wselisce 
men^ setforan^ mid )?am cynge. 3 forwregdon tSa eorlas. Jjet 
hi ne moston cuman on his eagon ge sihtSe '. ForSan hi ssedon 
•f hi woldon cnman Jjider for )?es cynges swicdome. Wses j^aer 
cuman Siward eorl ^ Leofric eorl. ^ niycel folc mid heom 
nor]3an to J)am cynge. 3 wses ]3am eorle Godwine 3 his sunan 
gecydd ■}) se cyng 3 J>a menn J>e mid him waeron. woldon 
rsedon on hi. j hi trymedon hi fgestlice ongean. J^aeh him laS 
wsere -f hi ongean heora cyne hlaford standan sceoldan. Da 
ge raedden )?a witan on segtSer halfe f man tSa selces yfeles 
ge sw^c. J geaf se cyng Godes griS* 3 his fulne freondscipe on 
segSre healfe. 

Da geraedde*^ se cyning j his witan f man sceolde oSre 
sytSan habban ealra ge witena® ge mot on Lundene to haer- 
festes emnihte. 3 het se cyning bannan tit here. segtSer ge 
besutSan Temese ge benorSan eall f sefre betst waes. Da 
cwse'S man Swegen eorl ut lah. j stefnode'^ man Godwine eorle 
J Harolde eorle to J>on ge mote swa ratSe swa hi hit ge faran 
f. 54. b. mihton. pa hi }>ider ut comon. J>a stefnede heom man | to 
gemote, fa gymde he gritSes 3 gisla. \>et he moste unswican 
into ge mote cuman. j ut of ge mote. Da gymde se cyng ealra 
Jjgera )>egna J>e J)a eorlas ser haefdon. j hi letan hi ealle him 
to handa. pa sende se cyng eft to heom. j bead heom -f hi 

^ quidam de Normannis. F. Lat. • gewitena. F. too. In E. the ge 

* aeror. F. The scribe of E. at is underlined, 
first wrote taet foran. ' bead. F. 

* neh 8an cinge. F. ita ut rex ® to 8am cinge. F. 
interdiceret eis presentiam suam. ' sec. F. 

F. Lat. ^® Here, at the top of £ 73. vo., 

^ se cing gif 8am eorlan his fullan begins a new hand in D. 

freondscipe. F. ^^ altered from gereddon. 

* gehet. F. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 175 

comon mid 'xii' mannum into Jjaes cynges rsede*. pa geornde (A.D.1048.) 
se eorl eft griSes j gisla. f he moste hine betellan set 8b1c* 
}78era ]nnga )?e him man on lede. pa wyrnde him mann tSera 

(Continued on p. 176.) 

geferana. j micel hearm \mr gedon wses on segSre healfe mid (D. 1052.) 
horse J eac mid wsepnum. 0^ "f folc gegaderede. J hi jja set 
flngon f hi comon to ))am cynge to Gleawcestre. "j he heom 
gryS sealde. pa under nam God wine eorl swy^e "f on his eorl 
dome sceolde swilc geweorSan. ongan ))a gadrian folc ofer eall 
his eorl dom. "j Swein eorl his sunu ofer his. T Harold his o^er 
sunu ofer his eorldom. "] hi gegaderedan ealle on Gleawcester 
scire set Langatreo mycel fyrd J unarimedlic. ealle gearwe 
to wige ongean Jjone cyng. buton man ageafe Eustatsius "j his 
men heow to handsceofe. "] eac J)a Frencyscan \q on ))an cas- 
telle wseron. pis wses gedon .vii. nihton ser jjsere lateran sCa 
Maria maessan. pa wses Eadward cyng on Gleawcestre sittende. 
I ^^Sende j)a setter Leofrice eorle "] norS sefter Siwarde eorle- f' 73* h. 
■j b^d heora gencges. "] hi him Jja to comon serest mid medemum 
fultume. ac si^an hy wiston hu hit Jjser be su^n wses, J^a sendon 
hi nor6 ofer ealne heora eorldom. 3 leton beodan mycele fyrde 
heora hlaforde to helpe. "] Raulf eac ofer his eorldom, *] comon 
^a ealle to Gleaweceastre ))am cynge to helpe, )jeah hit Iset wsere. 
Wurdan ))a ealle swa anrsede mid ))am cynge. "f hy woldon God- 
wines fyrde gesecan. gif se cyng ^ wolde. pa leton hy sume 
■f "p mycel unrsed wsere. "p hy to gedere comon, for Jjam Jjser wses 
msest -p rotoste "p wses on -^ngla lande on f am twam gefylcum. J 
leton "p 'hi' urum feondum rymdon to lande. J betwyx us sylfum to 
mycclum forwyrde. Ge rseddon '^ Jja f man sealde gislas betweonan, 
"] setton stefna ut to Lundene. J man bead ))a folce J)ider ut ofer 
ealne ))isne norSende. on Siwardes eorldome. J on Leofrices. "^ 
eac elles gehwser. ^ sceolde Godwine eorl. "] his suna jjser cuman 
to wi))er male, pa comon hy to SuJ) geweorce, "j micel msenegeo 
mid heom of West Ssexum, ac his wered wanode sefre J^e leng ))e 
8wi¥or. "] man borhfseste )jam kyninge ealle )ja Jjsegnas J^e wseron 
Haroldes eorles. his suna. ;3 man utlagode )>a Swsegn eorl. his 
o¥eme sunu. pa ne onhagode him to cumenne to wi^rmale 
ongean ))one cyng ^ agean J)one here J)e him mid wses. For 'Sa on 
niht awseg. J se cyng hsefde Jjsbs on morgen witena gemot, "] 
cwse^ hine utlage ^ eall here, hine "] 'ealle' his suna; ") he 
wende su^ to pom ege, "] his wif "j Swegen his suna. "] Tostig 
■] his wif, Baldwines mage set Brycge J "] Ger6 his suna ; "] Harold 
eorl J Leofwine foran to Brycg stowe on f scip J)e Swegen eorl 

{Continued on p. 176.) 

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176 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A..D.1048.) gisla. J sceawede him mann •¥• nihta griS dt of lande tofarenne. 
J gewende J>a Godwine eorl j Swegen eorl to Bosenhawi •] 
scufon tit heora scipu. j gewendon heom begeondan sae. j 
ge soli ton Baldewiues gritS^ j wunodon Jjaer ealne )5one winter. 
J Harold eorl ge wende west to Yrlande. j wses J>9er ealne J)one 
winter on J>es cynges griSe. j sona f>8es \>q J>is waes. jm forlet 
se cyng J>a hlaifdian. seo wsps ge halgod him to cwene. j let 
niman of hire eall f heo ahte. on lande. j on golde. ^ on 
seolfre j on eallon J>ingon. j be tsehte hy his swyster to 

J Sparhafoc^ abb weartS ?S4 adrifen tit of Jjam biscoprice 

(D) f. 74. hiefdc him silfum ser gegeai-cod |"j ge i metsod*. "] se cining 
sende Ealdred b of Lundene mid genge ; "] sceoldon hine of ridan 
ser he to scipe come, ac hi ne mihton. o^^e hi noldon. "] he 
wende Jja ut of Afenemu^an. "] feng swa sti^ weder f he un- 
ease awaeig com, "j him Jjaer micel forferde. Wende \s> for6 
to Irlande. ^a him weder com. "] Godwine "] fa Jje mid him waeron 
wendan of Domege to Brycge to Bal'd'wines lande on anum scipe 
mid swa micluw gaersuman swa hi mihton faeron maest gelogian to 
sel'cum mannum. f wolde ^yncan wundorlic selcum men fe on 
Engla lande waes, gif aenig man aer fam saede "p hit swa ge wurfan 
sceolde. for ^am \e he waes ser to fam swy^e up ahafen, swylce he 
weolde j:aes cynges "] ealles Engla landes. "] his sunan waeron eorlas. 
') )jaes cynges dyrlingas. ^ his dohtor fsem cynge beweddod. "] 
beaewnod. fa man gebrohte to Hwaerwellan. ^ hy faere abedissan 

Da sone com Willelm eorl fram geondan s^ mid myccluw we- 
rode Frencis[c]ra manna, "] se cyning hine under feng. "] swa feola 
his geferan swa him toonhagode. "j let hine eft ongean. Daes ilcan 
geres man sealde Wyllelme preoste -f brice on Lundene. fe waes ^r 
Spaerhafoce geseald. 

1052. Her forfferde iElfgyfu seo hlefdige. jE=Selredes laf cynges 
■] Cnutes cynges on ii N<*. Mar. 

On } am ilcan gere hergode Griffin se Wylisca cing on Hereford 
scire ^ he com swyfe neah to Leomynstre. "] men gadorodon 
ongean, aegSer ge landes men ge Frencisce men of ^am castele. "] 
man faer ofsloh swyfe feola Engliscra godra manna. "^ eac of f am 
f. 74. b. Frenciscum. | f waes faes ylcan daeges. on 'Sreottene geara. fe man 
ser Eadwine ofsloh mid his geferum. 

(^Continued on p, X79.) 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 177 

on Lundene. j wes "WilleZm ]?8es cynges preost gehadod (A.D.1052). 
})8erto''. J man sette J5a Oddan to eorle ofer Defena scire, j 
ofer Sumer sseton. j ofer Dorseton. j ofer Wealas. j mann 
sette -^Ifgar Leofrices sunu eorles 8ane eorldom on handa }>e 
Harold ser ahte. 

1052®. Her on Sisum geare fortSferde iElfgiue Ymma Ead- 
wardes cynges modor j Hardacnutes cynges. j on J^am sylfan 
geare gersedde se cyng ^ his witan f mann sceolde fortSian 
ut to Sandwic scipu. j setton Haulf eorl ^ Oddan eorl to 
heafod mannuTTi J>gerto. Da ge wende Godwine eorl tit fram 
Brycge | mid his scypum to Yseran. and let ut ane daege ser f. 55. 
midsumeres msesse sefene -f he com to Neesse. }>e is besuSan 
Rumen ea. pa com hit to witenne }>am eorlum ut to Sand- 
wic. J hi })a ge wendon ut eefter )?am oSrum scipum. 3 
bead man landfyrde ut ongean J5a scipu. pa amang J?ison 
}5a wearS Godwine eorl gewarnod. j ge wende him })a into 
Pefenesea. j weartS f wseder switSe Strang, f }>a eorlas ne 
mihton ge witan hwet Godwine eorl gefaren hsefde. j 
ge wende ]?a Godwine eorl ut agean -f he com eft to Brycge. 
^ 8a oSra scipu ge wenden heom eft ongean to Sandwic. j 
ge rsedde man J>a -f J5a scipu ge wendan eft ongean to Lundene. 
3 Bceolde man setton oSre eorlas j otSre hasseton to J^am scipum. 
8a lengde hit man swa lange -p seo scipfyrd call belaf. j 
ge wendon ealle heom ham. Da geaxode Godwine eorl J?et. 
J teah ]3a tip his segl j his liS. 3 ge wendon heom }?a west 

{Continued on p. 178.) 

1051. Her forSferde -^Ifgiua Ymma fas cing^ moder Eadward^s. (F) f. 70. 
And Godwine eorl ferde ut of Brige mid his scipan to Yseran, 
J swa to Englalande. J cow up at Nsesse be su^an Rumenea, 
^ ferde swa to Wiht. "] nam ^ar ealle 'Sa scipan 'Sa to ahte 

^ ]Mi wyrnde me hiw T bead him archiepiscopo. F. Lat. 

ut binnan .y. nihtan. -j he ferde • E. misses 1049, 1050, 105 1, and 

ofer sae to Baldwines lande. F, agrees with C. and D. upon 1052, 

* Hwere wylle. F. where harmony is restored between 
3 Spearhauoc. F. C. and D. by the repetition of 1052 

* Here, at the top off 74 r^., in D. Thedeathof Emmais put by 
begins a new hand in D. C. under 1051 (p. 172), his year 

3 Et consecratus est a Bodberto ending at Easter. M. H. £. 


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178 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A .D. 105 2.) ondn to Wiht. ;| eoclon J)8er tip. ;| hergodon swa lange )?8er f f 
folc geald heom swa mycel swa hi heom on legden. "^ 
ge wendon heom )?a west weard 08 )>et hi comon to Portlande. 
;} eodon J^ser (ip j dydon to heanne swa hwet swa hi don 

pa wes Harold ge wend ut of Yrlande mid nigon scipon. 
J com Jja tip 8Bt Portlocan. •] wes Jjser mycel folc gegaderod 
ongean. ac he ne wandode na him metes to tylienne. eode dp. j 
ofsloh jjser mycelne ende }>es folces. j nam him on orfe." j on 
mannum. j on sehtum. swa him gewearS. j gewende him 
fa east weard to his feder. j gewendon heom }?a begen 
east weard ^ hi comon to Wiht. 3 namon J?8er -f him ser 
wiSseftan wses. 3 gewendon heom ]?a ]7anon to Pefenesea. 
■j begeat fortS mid him swa fela scipu. swa J>8er fera wseron. j 

(C) 1052. Her com Harold eorl of Irlande mid scipum on Saefern 
mu^an. neh Sumers^tan gemseran and Defene scire. "] faer my- 
cel gehergode. j f land folc him ongean gaderodan seg^er ge of 
Sumersffiton ge of Defene scire. ^ he hig aflymde. J fser ofsloh 
ma ))onne -xxx. godera ))egena butan o^rum folce, ^ sona seft^r 
J)an for abutan Penwi^ steort. ^ J)a let Eadward cyng scypian 
.xl. snacca, %a lagan set Sandwic manega wncan. ]>a sceoldon 
saetnian Godwines eorles. ])e on Brycge waes J)8Bne winter, "j he 
))eh com hider to lande serest swa hig hit nysten. ^ on ^am 
f. 159. b. I fyrste. ))e he her on lande wses. he gespeon him to ealle 
Kentingas. ^ ealle J)a butsecarlas of Hsestingan ^ ^r seghwar 
be {)8Bro 88B riman, j eallne ))8Bne East ende. J Su'S Sexan. j Su^- 
rigan. •] mycel elles to eacan );an. pa cwsedon ealle f hi mid 
him woldon licgan ■] lybban. Da ge axedon f li^ f on Sandwic 
IsBg embe Godwines fare, setton J)a sefter. "j he heom sBtbaerst. 
•3 him sylfan gebearh ])8er ))8Br he J)a mihte, "] f li^ wende agen to 
Sandwic. J swa hamwerd to Lunden byrig. Da ))a Godwine geax- 
ode "f f li^ )je on Sandwic laeg waes ham gewend, j)a for he eft 
ongean to Wiht, "] J)8er abutan be fam ssBriman swa lange IsBg f hig 
comon to gaedere, Harold eorl his sunu "] he. ^ hi na mycelne 
hearm ne. dydon syJ^an hig togsedere comon, buton f heo met- 
sunge namon, ac speonnon heom eall ^ land folc to be ^m s^ 
riman, j eac up on lande ; "] hig foron to werd Sandwic, ^ laeson 
sefre for6 mid heom ealle fa butsecarlas J)e heo gemetton, j comon 
Jja to Sandwic mid geotendan here. Da Eadwerd cyng "f geaxode^ 

{Continued on p. i8o.) 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 179 

swa forS f he cow to Nsesse. j begeat ealle )ja Ecipu. }?e (^•^.1052.) 
I wflBron on Rumenea. j on Hy)?e j on Folces stane. j gewendon ^* 55- ^• 
J>a east to Dofran. 3 eodon ]?8Br dp. ;| namonhim J)8Br scipu. 
■3 gislas. Bwa fela swa hi woldon. j ferdon swa to Sandwic. j 
dydon hand -f syl&. 3 heom man geaf seghwer gislas. j met- 
sunga. J?aer Jjser hi gymdon. 3 gewendon heow ]3a to 
NortS mu8an ^. j swa to Lundene weard. ;j sume )?a scipu 

{Continued OH p, 180.) 

J sona com Harold eorl of Irlande mid his scipum to Saefem (B. 1052.) 
. mu^n neh Sumer saeton gemsere "^ Dafena scire ^ ))8Br mycel geher- 
gode, ■] $ landfolc him on gean gaderode. segjjser ge of Sumor saeton 
ge of Dafenascire. ^ he hyg aflimde*. ^ fser ofsloh mafonng 
•xxx. godra 'Segna. buton o^re folce. 3 sona sefter ^5am for 
abuton Penwi^ steort. "] J)a last Eadward cyng scypian .xL 
snacca Jja lagon aet Sandwic. ))a sceoldon cepan Godwines eorles 'Se 
on Brycge waes Jjone wint«»*. j he ¥eah com hider to lande aerest 
swa hy hit nystan. ^ on ))am ))e he her on lande waes. he gespeon 
ealle Centingas. ^ ealle )>a butsekarlas of Haestingum j J^aer aeg 
hwar abuton be f aere s^ riman. "^ ealne East Sexan. "] Su)?erege. "^ 
mycel elles to eacan J)am. ))a cwaedon ealle $ hi woldon mid him 
libban "j licgean. pa geaxedon $ li^ f on San'd'wic laeg embe 
Godwines fare, setton J)a aeft^r. "^ he heom aetbaerst. "] "f li^ wende 
ongean to Sandwic ^ swa hamweard to Lundenbyrig. pa fa 
Godwine ge axede $ f li'S f e on Sandwic laeig waes ham ge wend. 
])a for he aefb ongean to Wiht, ^ )>aBr abutan be )>am sae riman swa 
lange f hi comon togaedere Harold eorl his suna. "] hi noldon no 
mycelne hearm don sy^S^n. butan "f hyg metsimge namon. Ac 
speonnan heom ]7a eall ^ landfolc to. be )}am s^ riman, 3 eac 
uppon lande; "] hi foran to weard Sandwic "] l^son aefre for6 
mid heom ealle fa butsecarlas | J>e hy gemetton "j coman fa 'to'f. 75. 
Sand wic mid geotendan here, pa Eadward ^ ge axode fa sende 

mihtan "] gislas, "] cyrde him swa east ward. "] Harold was cu- (F) 
men mid .ix. scipon up at Portlocan. 3 ofsloh ^Sar mycel folc, 
3 nam orf 3 menn "J eahta ; "j ge wende him eastward to his 
faeder. ") hi begen ferdan to Rumen ea. to Hi^e. to Folcstane, 
to Doferan, to Sandwic. "] aefre naman ealle ^a scipan ^ hi 
fundan ^a to ahte mihte. "] gislas. eal swa ferdan. 3 ge wendon 

^ mudan. MS. ' afligde, MS. 

N % 

Digitized by 


i8o THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1052.) gewendon binnon Scepige. ^ dydon f>aer mycelne hearm. j 
ge wendon heom to Middeltune J>8es cynges. j forbearndon f 
eall. ^ weeron heom to Lundene weard sefter J^aw eorlan. Da 
hi to Lundene comon. J>a Igeg se cyng j J5a eorlas ealle J>8er 
ongean mid 'L* scipum. pa sendon J?a eorlas to f>am cynge. 
J gerndon to him f hi moston beon wurtSe selc f>8era f>inga 
]?e heom mid unrihte ofgenumen wges. Da wiSlsBg se cyng 
sume hwile |?eah. swa lange 08 }?et folc J>e mid J?aw eorle 
wes. wearS swiSe astyred ongean }?one cyng. j ongean his folc. 
swa f se eorl sylf earfoSlice ge stylde f folc. )5a ferde Stigand 

(C. 1052.) fa sende he up eeft^r maran fultume. ac hi comon swy^e late. "] 
Godwine sah him sefre to werd Lundenes mid his li^e, f he com to 
Su^ ge weorce. "] ))8Br on bad sume hwile 0^ "f flod up eode. On j)am 
fyrste he eac ge fadode wi^ Jja burh ware, f hi woldon msest ealle "f 
•f he wolde. pa he hsefde ealle his fare gerecenod, })a com se flod. 
3 hig brudon up ¥a sona heora ancran, "] heoldon J)urh J)a 
brycge be ^am sy^ lande. ^ seo land fyrd com ufenon. ^ trym- 
edon hig be J^am strande. "J hi hwemdon J)a mid ))am scypon 
wi^ J)8es noi"^ landes. swylce hig woldon J)8Bs cynges scipa abutan 
betrymman. Se cyng haefde eac mycele land fyrde on his healfe 
to eacan his scyp mannum, ac hit wses heom msest eallon la^ -f hig 
sceoldon fohtan wi^ heora agenes cynnes mannum, for J)an ])ar w8bs 
f. 161. lyt I elles^ ))e aht my eel myhton buton Englisce men on 8Bg6er 
healfe. "] eac hig noldon f utlendiscum ))eodum waere ])es eard 
j)urh "f );e swi^or gerymed. J)e hi heom sylfe selc o^erne for fore. 
Geraeddon j)a $ man sende wise men betweonan. "] setton gri^ on 
seg^re healfe. "] Godwine for upp. ^ Harold his sunn, "] heora li^ 
swa mycel swa heom ))a ge))uhte. "] wses ))a witena gemot. ^ man 
sealde Godwine claene his eorldom, swa full "j swa forS swa he 
fyrmest ahte. "] his sunum eall sw^ eall $ hi ser ahten. j his 
wife. ■] his dehter. swa ful "] swa for^ swa hi ^r ahton. J hi 
gefaestnodon heom J: a fulne freondscipe betweonan, "] eallum folce 
gode lage beheton. And geutlageden ))a ealle Frencisce men Jje ^r 

^Continued oti p, 182.) 

^ Here, in MS. C, occurs a mis- now numbered 161, and with it also 

placed folio, numbered 160, and be* begins a new hand, 

ginning with the year 1065. The * The scribe at first wrote hwen- 

word elU» begins the folio which is dan. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) i8i 

biscop to mid Godes faltume. ^ )?a wise menn segtSser ge binnan (A.D.1052.) 
burh ge buton. ^ gerseddon f man tremede gislas on segSer 
healfe. j man swa dyde. Da geaxode Kotberd arSb j fa 
Frencisce menn f. genamon heora hors. j gewendon sume 
west to Pentecostes castele. sume nortS to Rodbcrtes castele. 
^ Rodberd arCb 3 Vlf b ge wendon ut set iEst geate. j heora 
geferan. j ofslogon. j elles amyrdon manige iunge men. j 
gewendon heom on dn to Ealdulfes nsese. j weartS him }?8er 

he upp after maran fulltume. ac hy coman swijje Isete. "j God- (D. 1052.) 
wine s^h him sefre toward Lundenne. mid his li))e f he com to 
SuJ) weorce. "j jjaer ab^d sume hwile. o^ "f $ flod upp eode. on Jjam 
fyrste. "] sec ser he ge fadode wij) ^a burh warn, f hi msest ealle wol- 
don ^aet he wolde. pa))a he hsefde ealle his fare gereconod. Jja 
com -f flod, ■] hy brudon sona upp heora ancras ^ heoldan ))urh jja 
brycge ^ bi J)aem suj)lande, J seo landfyrde coman ofenan. j try- 
medon hy be jjsem strande. ^ hy hwemdan '^ 'Sa mid J)am scipum 
swylce hy woldon 'Ses cynges scypu abuton betrymman. Se cyning 
hsefde eac micle landfyrde on his halfe to eacan his scipmannum. 
Ac hit wes msest eallan la^ to feohtanno wi^ heora agenes cynnes 
mannum. for6am Jjser wses lytel elles ))e aht mycel myhfcon. butan 
Englisce on segSre healfe. ^ eac hi noldon f utlendiscuw mannuw 
wsere jjes eard ))urh f ^e swi^or gerymed. Jje hi him sylfe selc 
o)>erne forfore. Gerseddan Jja $ man sende wyse men be tweonan 
■3 setton gri^ on seg^re halfe. ^ Godwine for upp "] Harold "] heora 
li^ swa micel swa heom ))a gej)uhfce. ^ wses ))a witene gemot, "] man 
sealde Godwine clsene his eorldom swa full ^ swa forS swa he 
fyrmest ahte. "] his sunum eallum eall f hy ser ahton. ^ bis 
wife "3 his dohtor, swa full "] swa for6 swa hi ahton; ^ hi 
fsestnedon Jja fulne freondscipe heom betweonan. ^ allum folce 
fuUe lagu beheton. ;3 ge ut | lagedon ealle ))a Frenciscean jje ser f 75. b. 

{^Continued on p. 182.) 

^a to Lundene. Da hi to Lundene Qomon, ^a Iseg se cing "] (F) 
ealle his eorlas )?ar ongean mid .l. sc'i'pon. pa sendan ^a 
eorlas to ^aw cinge, "] georndan ^ hi moston beon heora J)inga 
^ are wurSe ^ heom mid unrihte benumen was. Da wi% laeg 
se cing sume hwile. ac Stigand (J)e was )?es cinges rsed gifa "] 
his handprest) "] ^a o'Sre wise men . . . "] gerseddan. "f man getrymde 
gislas on seg^rse healfe ("] swa scolde se freondscipe beon ge 
fsestned.) pa Rodbert afb 'S ge axode. ^a nam he his hors, j 
ferde him to Eadulfes nsesse, 3 wear6 him on anum un wrsestum 

Digitized by 



1053. Her Goduuine eorl fortSferde. ^"^^ 


(C) unlage raBrdon ^ undom demdon, "] tinrsed rseddon into ^issum 
earde. buton swa feala swa hig gerseddon -f J)aw cynge gelicode mid 
him to hsebbenne, fe hiw getreowe waeron j ealluw his folce. 
J Rodbeard bisceop, ^ Willelm t. ^ Ulf 15. unea^ setburstan, 
mid ))aw Frenciscuiw mannum fe heom mid waeron. "] swa ofer 
8^ becomon. ^ Godwine eorl, j Harold, j seo cwen sseton on 
heora ^re. Swegen for seror to Hierusalew of Bricge. "] wearS 
hamweard dead eet Constantinopolim to Michaheles msBsse. Deet 
wses on |7one Monandseg seft^r sCfa Marian maesse. ^ Godwine mid his 
scipum to Su^geweorce becoiw. "^ jjses on merigen on J)one Tiwes 
daeg hi gewurdon sehte. swa hit her beforan stent. Godwine fa 
gesiclode hra^ Jjsbs \% he up com. "] eft gewyrpVe. ac he dyde 
ealles to lytle daedbote of jjaere Godes are J^e he haefde of manegum 
halgum stowum. On }?am ylcan geare com se stranga wind on 
Thomes maesse niht, "j gehwaer mycelne hearm dyde. Eac man sloh 
Hris Jraes Welscan cynges broj>er. 

1053. On J)ysum geare wses se cyning on Winceastre on Eastran. 
J Godwine eorl mid him, "j Harold eorl his sunn, "j Tostig. Da on 
f. i6i. b. o^ran Easter daege | saet he mid ^am cynincge aet gereorde, fa 
faeringa sah he ni^r wi^ faes fotsetles spraece benumen "] ealre 
his mihte ; "j hine man 'Sa brted into ^s kinges bure, ^ ^ohtan 
$ hit oferg^n sceolde, ac hit naes na swa ; ac J)urh wunode swa un- 
specende "] mihteleas for^ o^ fone Dunresdaeg, ^ 'Sa his lif 
alet. "3 he li^ faer binnan Ealdan mynstre. J his sunn Harald 
feng to his eorldome, J let of ^an fe he ^r haefde. "] -^Ifgar 
fengc 'Saerto. 
Daes ylcan geares gefor Wulfsie % on Licedfelda. J Leofwine 

(D) unlagon raerdon* "j undom demdon. "] unraed raeddan into 
'Sissum carded buton swa fela swa hi geraeddon $ "fam cynge 
gelicode mid him to habbenne fe him ge treowe waeron. "j eallum 
his folce. ^ Rodbeard arceB. J Willelm %, ^ Ulf B. -unease 
aetburstan mid fam Frenciscean mannum j)e him mid waeron. 
"3 swa ofer s^ comon. 

1053. Her waes se micla wind on pomes maesse niht. "j eac 'eall' 
fa mide winter waes mycel wind. 3 man raedde f man sloh 'H'rfs. 
fees Wyliscean cynges brof er. for6y he h'e'armas dyde. J man 
brohte his h'e'afod to Glewcestre^ on twelftan «Sfen. "] faes ylcan 
geres. foran to alra halgena maessan. for'^'ferde WuPfsyg % aet 
Xicctfelda. "3 Godwine atJb on Wincelcumbe. "j JEgelward al&b on 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 183 

on anon unwrseste scipe. 3 ferde him 6n dn ofer Sfie. ;| forlet (A.D.1052.) 
Lis pallium 3 Xpendom ealne her on lande. swa swa hit God 
wolde. J>a he ar begeat Jjone wurSscipe swa swa hit God nolde. 
Da cwsetS mann mycel gemot wiSutan Lundene. ^ ealle ]>a 
eorlas ^ ]7a betstan menn ]>e wseron on j^ison lande waeron 
on }?am gemote. })8er bser Godwine eorl dp his mal. 3 
be tealde hine }>8er wi8 Eadward cyng his | hlaford j witS f- 56. 
ealle landleodan. ]7et he waes imscyldig J^ses j^e him geled 
wses. 3 on Harold his sunn, j ealle his beam. 3 se cyng 
forgeaf )?am eorle j his bearnum his fulne freondscype 3 fulne 
eorldom 3 eall \Qi he ser ahte. ;j eallon ]?am mannon j^e him 
mide wflBron. j se cyng geaf J?8ere hlsefdian eall $ heo ser ahte. 
^ cwe8 man dtlaga Rotberd arCfb fuUice, 3 ealle J>a Frencisce 
menn. for8an ]?e hi macodon msest }>et unseht betweonan God- 
wine eorle 3 J>am cynge. j Stigand B feng to J?am arSbrice 
on Cantwara byrig'. 3 On Jjis ilcan tyme forlet Amwi abb of 
Burh abbot rice, be his halre life, j geaf hit Leofric munec 
be Jjes cynges leafe 3 b[e] Jjeere munece. 3 se abbot Arnwi lifode JBe 98ar^o. 
sySSon •viii« wintre. ^ se abbot Leofri[c gojdede * J'a f mynstre ^ 
swa -f man hit cleopede Jja Gildene bdrh. J>a weex hit swi[tSe] on (R^l^o^ i 
land J on gold j on seolfer. 

1053. Her on )?isum geare forSferde Godwine eorP on xvii 
k Mai. 3 he is bebyrged on Winceastre. on Ealdamynstre. j 
feng Harold eorl his sunu to 8am eorldome. 3 to ealluwi Jjani 

{^Continued on p. 184.) 

scipe. 3 ferde hiw on an ofer sse. "^ for let his pallium. Da (F) 
cw8B^ man mycel gemot wi^uton Lundene, J on ])am gemote 
wseran 'Sa betstan men Jje wseran on 'Sysan lande. Dar bser 
Godwine up his mal, 3 be tealde hine wi^ Eadward cing be 
ealluwu^w ^ingan 'Se hiw wees on geled. "j his beamum. And man 
cwse^ Rodbert arb ut laga. ^ ealla ¥a [Frencisce]® 'men. forjjan hi 
wseran intinga J)are wrse^ ^e was betwyx him "] ^an cinge. 
And Stigand b feng to ^n arb rice on Cantuarebe/i. 

' The scribe at first wrote tardum. but by the same hand. 

^ Altered from GleaceHre. * g^dede. Gibson, Ingram, 

' The annal originally ended at Thorpe; godede. M.H.B. Earle. 

this point. The remainder is for the ^ Her was Godwine eorl dead. F. 

most part inserted on the margin, * Frencisce erased in MS. 

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1 84 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

\>Q his fieeder ahte. j feng ^Ifgar eorl to Sam eorldom ]?e 
Harol[d] ser ahte. 

1054. Bellum apud mare mortuum. Her on fisum geare 

(C) a15b on Cofantreo feng to ^m bisceoprice. J iEgelward abbud. on 
Glsestingabyrig gef6r"3 Godwins a15b on Wincelcumbe. 

Eac Wylsce menn goslogan mycelne dsel Englisces folces 'Ssera 
weard manna wi^ Waest byrig. 

On ¥isson geare nses n^n arcebisceop on Nissan lande, butan 
Stigand B. heold "p bisceoprice on Cantwara byrig on Cristes 
cyrcean. "] Kynsige on Eoforwic. ^ Leofwine. ^ Wulfwi foran 
ofer sae, "] leton hig hadian J)8er to bisceopum. se Wulfwi feng 
to ^am biscoprice J^e Ulf hsefde be him libbendum j of 

[1054.] Her for Siward eorl mid mycclum here into Scot- 
lande. ^ mycel wsbI of Scottuw gesloh. j hig aflymde. ^ se 
cing sBtbserst. Eac feoU mycel on his healfe 8Bg6er ge Densce 
ge Englisce. ^ eac his agen sunu. Dses ylcan geares man 
halgode f mynster on Eofeshamme. on vi Id Octobris. On ^am 
ylcan geare ferde Ealdred bisCp su^. ofer s^ into Sexlande. 
^ wearS ))8Br mid mycelre arwur^nesse underfangen. py 
ylcan geare swealt Osgod Clapa faeringa swa swa he on his 
reste Iseg. 

[1055.] On Jjysnm geare foi^ferde Siward eorl on Eoforwic, "] 
his lie li^ binnan fam mynstre set Galmanho. J)e he sylf ^r ge- 
timbrade Gode to lofe. J eallum his halgum. Da ^aersBft^r 
binnan lyttlan fyrste wses witenagem6t on Lundene. "j man ge- 
utlagode ))a -^Ifgar eorl. Leofrices sunu eorles butan selcan 
^' 163. gylte. ') he 'ge'wende ^ to I'r lande. | ^ begeat ' him 'Sser li^, 
■f wses .xviii. scipa butan his agenan. ^ wendan ^a to Brytlande 
to Griffine cinge mid Jjam werede. ^ he hine underfeng on his 
gri^e. J hig gegaderadan 'Sa mycle fyrde mid ^am Yriscan 
mannan. 3 mid Walkynne. "] Rawulf eorl gaderade mycele fyrde 

^ Here comes in another mis- esse, licet verbum illud improuiso 

placed folio, numbered 163. The exprim(eret). F. Lat. 

words : t hegeaJb begin f. 163. r®. • eolr. MS. 

» Algar. F. '/added man. sec. Ealgar. F. 

* wearp uppan. F. ' Here there is a change of hand 

* T he was >as gewyrde. F. Et in D. 

Algarus comes exul factus est prop- ® The scribe at first wrote gerere^ 

terea quod debuit esse delator pa- and onderfangen^ 
triae, quod ipse (ante) cognouit ita 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 185 

forSferde Leo se halga papa on Eome. ^ on )?isum geare . 
waes swa mycel orf cwealm. swa man ne gemunde fela wintrum 
eer. "] Uictor waes gecoren to papan. 

1055. Her on J)isum geare fortSferde Si ward eorl. j ]3a bead 
man ealre witena g6 m6t •¥!!• nihton i^r mid lenctene. j dtlagode 
mann uElfgar^ eorl. fortSon him man wearp 6n'. f he wses 
f>es cynges swica. j ealra land leoda. 3 he f>8es geanwyrde wes* 

{Continued on p. 186.) 

Glestingabyrig. ealle binnan anum mon))e. "j Leofwine feng to (D) 
Jam B rice set Licedfelde. "j Aldret B feng to J)am abb rice on 
Wincelcumbe. ^ jEgelna^ feng to ))aw abb rice on Glestincga 
^7^' ^ faes ylcan geres foi^ferde jElfric Oddan broker on 
Deorhyrste. "] his lichama reste'S on Perscore. "j faes ylcan 
geres for^ ferde Godwine eorl ^^ 3 him ge yfelode f aer he mid fam 
cynge sset on Wincestre. 3 Harold his sunn feng to faw eorl 
dome J)e his feeder aer hsefde. "] -^IT gar ^ eorl feng to Jam eorl- 
dome fe Harold eer hsefde. 

1054. Her ferde Siward eorl' mid miclum here on Scotland, 
aeg^er'' ge mid scyphere ^ mid landfyrde. "] feaht wi^ Scottas. 
j aflymde j)one kyng Macbeo'Sen. ^ ofsloh eall $ Jjaer betst waes 
on J)am lande. "j laedde J)onan micele herehujje. swilce nan man aer 
ne begeat. Ac his sunu Osbarn. ^ his sweostor sunn Sihward. 

■] of his hus carlwm. | "] eac ))aes cynges. wurdon faer ofslaegene. f. 76. 
on ))one daeg Septem Dormientium. Daes ilcan geres ^ for Aldred 
b to Colne. ofer sae. Jjaes kynges aerende. "j wear6 J)aer vnderfangen ® 
mid mycclan weor6scipe fram );am casere. "] )?aer he wunode wel 
iieh an ger. ^ him geaf aeg^er feneste ge se b on Colone "] se 
casere. ^ he lofode Leofwine be. to halgianne $ mynst^r aet 
Eofeshamme. on .vi. fb Octb. "j on j^isan geare swalt Osgod 
faeringa on his bedde. ^ her forSferde SSS Leo papa. ^ Victor 
waes to papa gecoren on his stede. 

1055. On J)isan gere forSferde Syhward eorl on Eoferwic. ^ 
he lige^ aet Galmah6 on fam mynstre j)e he sylf let timbrian j 
halgian on 'Godes "]' Olafes naman. 3 Tosti feng to Jjan eorl- 
dome. fe he haefde. 3 Kynsie arceb fette his pallium aet Victore 

"] ))aer aeft^ sona man utlagode -ZElfgar eorl Leofrices sunu 
eorl^. fomeh butan gylte. Ac he gewende to 'Hirlande. 3' Bryt- 
landc, "3 begeat him faer micel genge, ^ ferde swa to Hereforda. ac 
him com faer togenes Raulf eorl mid mycclan here. "3 mid lytlan 

Digitized by 


l86 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

^ setforan eallum }>am mannum J^e J^ser gegaderode wseron. )>eah 
him $ word ofscute his uimj^ances. 

3 se cyng geaf J?one eorldom Tostige GMwines sunu eorles. 

(C) agean to Hereford port, j hi sohtan hi 'SsBr. ac ^r ))8Br waere 8Bnig 
spere gescoten, ser fleah ^t Englisce folc. for^n fe hig wseran 
on horsan, ^ man sloh ^r mycel wsel, abutan feower hund manna. 
0^5^ fife. ^ hig nsBnne agean. ^ hig gewendan ^ to ¥am 
porte. ^ ^t forbsemdan, J -f msere mynster ^ jEjjelstan. se 
arwur^ biscop ser let getimbrian. f hig beryptan ^ bereafo- 
dan 8Bt haligdome ^ set hreaue. ;3 aet eallon ^ingan, ^ $ folc 
slogan, •] sume onweg Iseddan. Da gaderade man fyrde geond 
eall Englaland swy^e neah, ^ hig coman to Gleaweceastre, ^ 
wendan swa ^nfeorr lit on Wealas. ^ J^aer lagon sume hwile. "J 
Harald eorl let dician ^ die abutan $ port );a hwile. pa on ^m 
))a spsBC man to fri^. J Harald eorl ;3 'Sa ^ mid him wseron 
coman to Bylges lege, ^ ^r fri^ j freondscipe heom betweonan 
gefsestnodan ; ^ man geinlagode ])a jElfgar eorl, j man ageaf him 
eall f hiw wses ser ofgenumen, *] -f scipli^ gewende to Legeceastre, 
;) ^r abiden heora males. j)e -^Ifgar heow be hgt. Se mannslyht 
wses. on .ix. kt Novb*. On ^Sam ylcan geare forSferde Tremerig se 
Wylsca biscop sona sefter 'Ssere hergunge, se wses iEJjelstanes 
biscopes gespelia sy^an he unfere wses. 

[1056.] Her gefor iEfelstan se arwurSa B. on .iiii. id' Febmi. 
J his lie li^ on Hereford port. J man sette Leofgar to biscupe, 
se wses Haroldes eorles msesse preost, se werede his kenepas on 
his preosthade o^set he wses biscop. Se forlet his crisman 
J his hrode, his gastlican wsepna, ^ feng to his spere ^ to his 
f. 163. b. sweorde sefter his biscuphade. "] swa | for to fyrde ongean Griffin 
))one Wyliscan cing, j hine man ¥ar ofsloh j his preostas mid him. 
J -ZElfno^ scir gerefa J manega gode menn mid heom, ^ ^ o'Sre 
setflugon. pis wses .viii. nihton ser middan sumera. Earfo^lic 
is to atellanne seo gedrecednes "j seo fare eall "] seo fyrdung. 
J f geswinc. ^ manna fyll ^ eac horsa. \e eall Engla here dreah. 
o'^set Leofric eorl com wi^, "] Harald eorl j Ealdred 15, ^ macedan 
seht fser betweonan, swa "f Griffin swor a%as "f he wolde beon Ead- 
warde kinge hold underkingc ^ unswicigende. "] Ealdred 15 feng 
to ^m biscuprice J>e Leofgar hsefde ser .xi. wucan. "^ .iiii. dagas. 
On ^Sam ylcan geare gefor Cona se casere. Dses geres gefor Odda 
eorl, ■] his lie li^ on Perscoran, "] he waes to munece gehadod ser 
is ende. he gefor on .ii. kt Septb.^ 

{Continued OH ^, zgo.) 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 187 

tSe Siward eorl aer ahte. ^ ^Ifgar eorl ge sohte Griffines 
ge heald on Nor8 Wealan. ;| on fisum geare Griffin 3 jElfgar 
forbflBmdon sCe iESelbryhtes mynster. 3 ealle )ja burh Here- 

1056. Hie Henricus Eomanoram imperator obiit. cui sue- 
cessit ^us eius Henricus. 

1057. Her on {^isum geare com Edward setSeling Ead- f- 5^- ^>- 

• (Continued on p. x88.) 

gewinne hi on fleam gebrohte. ^ micel folc on J)an fleame (D) 
ofsloh. J gewendon fa into Hereford porte. ^ forhergode f, J 
forbsBmde "f msBre mynster. fe iEfelstan % getimbrode. ^ ofsloh 
))a preostas innan ))an mynstre. ^ manege fser to eacan. "j namon 
|}8erinne ealle J)a magmas, "j mid heom aweg laeddon. And ])a J)a 
hi hsefdon msest to yfele gedon. man gersedde })one rsed f man 
iElfgar eorl geinnlagode. "] ageaf him | his eorldom. 3 eall "f f. 76. b. 
him of genumen wses. Deos hergung wses ge worden on won* kt 
Nouewb. On fam ilcan geare for^ferde Tremerin* se Wylisca b. 
sona sefter ]78Bre hergunge. ^ he wses iB|)elstanes b ge spelia si^^n 
he unfere wses. 

1056. Her forlet -^gelric bisceop his bisceoprice. set Dunholm. 
■j ferde to Burh to s2e Petres mynstre. "3 his bro'Sor -^gelwine feng 
^rto. ^ eac her forS ferde -ffi^elstan biscop. on .iiii. Id' Feb.* ^ 
his lie li^ on Hereforda; J man sette Lefegar to b. se wbbs 
Haroldes eorles msesse preo«<. ^ on his preosthade he hsefde his 
nepas o^ $ 'he' b wses. Se forlet his crisman ^ his rode. "] his 
gastlican wsepnu. 3 feng to his spere J to his swurde, "j swa for 
to ferde ongean Griffin ))one Wyliscan cining. ^ he wearS J^eer 
ofslagen. ^ his preostes mid him. j -^Ifno^ scirgerefa. j ma- 
nega o^re gode men. pis w8bs ehtannihte ser middan sumere. 
J Ealdred bisceop feng to ^am b rice. J?e Leofegar heefde -xi 
wucan. ^ iiii. dagas; Daes geares for^ ferde Odda eorl. ^ he li^ 
on Perscora. se wses to muneca gehadod. ser his eude. god man 
■j clsene. ^ swi^e se^le. J he ge wat on .ii. kt Sept*. And ' Cona 
se casere for6ferde. 

1057. Her com Eadward sejjeling to Englalande* 

se wses Eadwerdes bro^r sunu kynges 
Eadmund 'cing'; Irensid wses geclypod 
for his snellscipe. 

(Continued on p. 188.) 

' Here half a page is left blank merin, 
in the MS. ' Seems to have been altered 

^ The scribe at first wrote Try- from ond. 

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1 88 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

mundes sunu cynges hider to lande. 3 sona J?ges gefor. j his 
lie is bebyrged innon sCs Paulus mynstre on Lundene. j Victor 
papa for8ferde. 3 waes Stephanie gecoren to papan. se waes 
abbot on Monte Cassino. "] Leofric eorl fortSferde. j feng 
iElfgar his sunu to fam eorldome Jje se fieeder ser hsefde. 

1058. Her on fisum geare fortSferde Stephanus papa. 3 wses 
Benedicts* gehalgod to papan. se ylca seende Stigande arCB 
pallium hider to lande. j on Jjisum geare for8ferde Heaca 

(D) pisne 8B))eling Cnut cyng hsefde for send 

on Ungerland to beswicane. 

Ac he J)8er gefeh to godan men, 
swa hiw God u^, "] hiw wel gebyrede. 
swa -f he begeat ))8e8 caseres mSga to wife, 
■] bi Jjsere fsegeme beam team gestrynde, 
seo waes Agathes gehaten. 

Ne wiston we for hwylcan intingan 
f ge d6n wear6, f he ne moste 
f. 77. his I msBges Eadwardes cynges geseon. 

WSla "p W8BS hreowlic si^. ^ hearmlic 
eallre jjissere J)eode, 
f he swa ra^ his lif ge endade* 
jjses j)e he to Engla lande cdm. 
for ungesselh^e ])issere earman feode. 
On })an ilcan gere for6 ferde Leofric eorl. on .ii. kt OfS. se waes 
swi^e wis for Gode. ^ eac for worulde. $ fremode eallre J)isre 
'Seode. he li^ set Cofentreo. ^ his sunu -^Ifgar feng to his rice. 
J on )}am geare forSferde Raulf eorl. on 'xii. kt IXS. ^ li^ on 
Burh. Eac ge for Heca b on Su¥ Sexum. ^ jEgelric waes on his 
setl ahafen. ^ her Yictor papa for¥ferde. ^ Stephant<« waes to 
papa gecoren. 

1058. Her man ytte ut jElfgar eorl. ac he com sona inn ongean. 
mid strece. furh Gryffines fultum. ^ her com scyphere of Nor- 

F. M. ... Her forS ferde Stephant<« papa. ^ Benedictw* was 
gebletsed Jjarto. se ylca sende Stigande ai15 pallium hider to 
lande. ^ Heca b forS ferde. J Stigand a?b hadode -^gelric on 
Xpescirican to b to Su^ Sexum. ^ Siward abb to b to Rof 

^ Here ends MS. F., much worn and effaced. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 189 

B on Su8 Seaxan. ] Stigand arcebiscop hadode iEgelric 
mwnrac ^ aet Xpes cyrcean to B to SuS Seaxum. ^ SiwarM' abbot 
to biscop to Hrofeceastre. 

1059. Her on f>isum geare waes Nicolaus to papan gecoren. 
se waes biscop set Florentie f>8ere burh. ] wees Benedicti6« 
ut adrifen se wses ser papa. 

1060. Hie Henricus rex Francorum obiit. cui successit 
Phylippus filius eius. On J^issum geare forSferde Kynsige 
ar^B on Eoforwic on -xi* kt lafir. j feng Ealdred b Jjserto. 
J Walter feng to Jjam b rice on Hereforda. 

1061. Her on j^isutn geare forSferde Duduc b on Sumer 
sseton. ;) feng Gisa to. And on J>am ilcan geare forSferde 
God wine b set s8e Martine on .vii* Idms Mf. And on f)am 

{Continued on ^. 190.) 

wegan. hit is langsum to atellanne eall hu hit gefaren waes. On (D) 
J)aw ilcan gere Ealdred b halgode f mynst^r on Gleawcestre fe 
he sylf gefor^ode Gode to lofe. "] see Petre. J swa ferde to 
Hierusalem. mid swilcan weor6scipe swa nan o^er ne dyde set- 
foran him. "] hine sylfne Jser Gode betaehte. "] wurSlic lac eac 
geoffrode to ures Drihtenes byrgene. f waes an gylden calic on 
fif marcon. swi^ wundorlices geworces. On );am ilcan gere 
forS^ferde' Stefani<5 papa, j Benedictt^s waes to papan geset. se 
sende pallium Stigande be. ^ ^Egebic waes to be gehadod to 
Su'SSexum. j Sihward abb to bpe to Hrofecestre. 

1059. Her on ))isan gere waes Nicolaus gecoren to papan. se 

waes I b aer aet Florentia jjaere burh. j Benedictw^ waes ut adryfen. f. 77. b. 
))e faer waes aer papa. "] on J)i8an gere waes se stypel ge halgad aet 
Burh. on .xvi. M No?8. 

1060. On J)isan gere waes micel eorSdyne. on Translatione 
sci Martini. "] Heinric se cyng forSferde. on Francrice. "] Kynsie 
arceb on Eoferwic gewat on .xi. kl IkSti: ■] he lige'S on Burh. j Eal- 
dred b feng to fam rice. "] Waltere feng to fam brice on Here- 
fordscire. ^ Duduc b eac for^ferde. se waes b on Sumer s^tan. "] man 
sette Glsa preost on his stede. 

1061. Her for Ealdred b to Rome aeft^ his pallium, j he hine 
underfeng aet J)am papan Nicolae. "] se eorl Tostig. j his wif 
eac foron to Rome. "] 'se' bisceop "] se eorl gebidan mycele 

^ m. MS., the abbreviation for monachus. 

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sylfan geare forSferde Wulfric abB set see Augustine innon 
fjsere Easter wucan on -xiiii' k Mai. Da com f>am cynge 
word f se abB Wulfric forSgefaren wses. f>a geceas he 
-^tfelsige munuc pser to of Ealdon mynstre. folgode pa, Sti- 
gande arcb. ;) weartS gehalgod to aBB set Windlesoran. on 
scs Augustint^s msesse dseg. 
f. 57- 1062. Hoc anno subiuguta est Cynomannia comiti Nor- 
mannise Willelmo. 

1063. Her for Harold eorl j his broSor Tostig eorl. eegSer 
ge mid land fyrde ge mid scip here into Brytlande. j ]>et land 
geeodon. ;) f folc heom gislodon ] to bugon. j foron sySSan 
to ;) ofslogon heora cyng GriflBn. ;) brohton Harolde his heafod. 
^ he sette oj^erne cyng Jjaerto. 

1064. Her on J>isuw geare foron NorShymbra togsedere. 
^ utlagodon heora eorl Tostig. ] ofslogon his hiredmenn ealle 
pa, hi mihton tocuman segSer ge Englisce ge Dsenisce. ^ 
namon ealle his wepua on Eoferwfc. ] gol ;) seolfor. ] ealle 
his sceattas J>e hi mihton ahwar Jjaer ge axian. ;) senden eefter 
Morkere ^Ifgares sune eorles. 3 gecuron hine heom to eorle. 
;) he for suS mid eallre J>8ere scire. ;) mid Snotingham scire. ^ 
Deorbi scire. ;) Lincolna scire. 08 he com to Hamtune. ^ his 
broSor Eadwine him com togeanes mid pa.m manmim pe on 
his eorldome wseron. j eac fela Bryttas comon mid him. Daer 
com Harold eorl heom to geanes. j hi leegdon eerende on hine 

(C) f. 1 60. 1065. ^Her on J)issum geare foran to hlafmsessan het Harold 
eorl bytlian on Brytlande set Portascih^ fa \a, he hyt gegan haefde. 
^ ))ar my eel god ge gaderode. "] J)ohte f one kingc Eadward far to 
habbenne fo[r] huntnofes fingon. "] fa hyt eall msest gegaderod 
W8B8. fa for Cradoc Griffines sunu to mid eallum faw f e he begytan 
mihte. ^ f folc msest eall ofsloh f e far tinbrode '^. "] $ god genam 
f e far gegaderod wses. "3 se mann sliht wses on see Barf olomeus 
msBsse dseig. "] fa seft^r Miehaheles maessan foran fa fegnas 
ealle on Eoferwie scire to Eoferwic. "J Tostiges eorles hus karlas 
far ofslogon ealle fa f e hig geaxian mihton. "] hys gsersuman 

^ Here there is a change of hand wrote the annal 1048 and the latter 
in MS. C; but I think the new part of 1047. See also notes on 
hand is the same as that which pp. 180, 186. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 191 

to f)am cynge Eadwarde. ^ eac eerendracan mid him sendon. ^ 

(Continued an ^» 192.) 

earfo^nysse ))a hi hamward foran. ^ her for^ferde Godwine 15 (D) 
set sCe Martine. "] Wulfric abb set sSe Agustine. on .iiii. x. kt April. 
^ Nicolaus papa forS ferde. "j Alexander wses to papan gecoron, se 
W8BS B set Lucan. 

1063. On J)i8suni geare for Harold eorl. seffcer middan wintre. 
of Gleawe ceastre to Rudelan, ))e Griffin'es' wees. J J)one ^ ham for 
bsernde. "] his scipa ^ alle fa gewseda \e J)8Br to gebyrede, ;) hine on 
fieame gebrohte ; "] J)a to );am gong dagan for Harold mid scipum 
of Brycgstowe abutan Brytland. ^ $ folc grifede "] gisledon ; ^ 
Tostig for mid land ferde ongean. "] f lan'd' ge eodon. Ac her on 
Nissan ilcan ' geare on herfeste wearj) Griffin kync ofslangen 2. on 
nonas Agusti fram his agenum mannum, J)urh f gewin fe he won 
wi}> Harold | eorl; se wsbs kyning ofer eall Wealcyn. ^ man f. 78. 
brohte his eafod ^ to Harolde eorle, J Harold hit J)am kynge brohte, 
■3 his scif)es heafod, ^ fa bone fer mid ; j se kyng Eadward betsehte 
$ land his twam gebrofran. Blefgente "] Rigwa'tlan, j hig afas 
sworon J gislas saldan fsem cynge "J fsem eorle, ^ 'h'eo him on 
allum fingum unswicende beon woldon, "] eighwar him gearwe on 
wsetere j on lande. ^ swylc of fam lande geLestan swylc man dyde 
to foran ser ofrum kynge. 

1065. Her on fissum geare. foran to hlafmeessan h^t Harold 
eorl bytlian on Brytlande set Porta scih'S. fa fa 'he' hit gegan 
hefde *, "j f ser mycel g6d to gegaderode. ^ f ohte fonne cyng Ead- 
ward fser to habbane for himto^s fingon. Ac fa hit eall wses 
gearo. fa for Cradoc to Gryffines sunu mid eallon f am genge f e he 
begeotan mihte. "] f folc eall msest ofsloh f e f ser timbrode. ^ f god 
fe fser gegearcod wses namon. Ne wisten we hwa fone unrsed 
aerest geraedde. pis wses gedon on sCe Bartholomeus msesse dseg. 
And sona sefter f isan. ge gaderedon fa f egenas hi ealle on Eoforwic 
scire "] on Nor%hymbra lande togsedere. ^ geutlagedan heora eorl 
Tosti. 3 ofslogon his hired menn ealle fe hig mihten tocumen 
segfser ge Englisce ge Denisce. "] naman ealle his waepna on 
Eaforwic. ^ gold. 3 seolfer. ^ ealle his sceattas. fe hig mihton 
ahwser fser geacsian. "] sendon sefter Morkere *^lfgares sunu 
eorles "] gecuron hine heom to eorle. "] he for su'S mid ealre 
f .fire scire. "] mid | Snotinghamscire. "] Deorbyscire. "] Lincolna- f. 78. b. 

^ Sic MS. ^ The scribe at first wrote 'ponne, illcan, 

* Altered man. sec. into hoefde. 

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192 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. 1064.) baedoD -p hi moston habban Morkere heom [to] eorle. j se 
cyng Jj8BS ge utSe. j sende eft Harolde heom [to] to Hamtnne. 
on see Simones ;) ludan maesse sefen. ^ kydde heom f ilce. ^ 
heom f>et on hand sealdon. ;) he niwade ]?ser Cnutes lage. 
■] ]ja norSeme men dydan mycelne hearme abutan Hamtune. 
)?a hwile J?e he for on heora serende. segSer f hi ofslogon men. ^ 
bserndon hus and cornn. ;) namon eall Jjet orf \>e hi mihton 
tocuman. f wses fela J^usend, j fela hand manna hi namon. 
^ Iseddon norS mid heom. swa pet seo scyre ] Jja oSra scyre 
Jje )>8er neh sindon. wurdon fela wintra pe wyrsan. ;] Tostig 

(C. 1065.) namon. "] Tostig waes J)a set Brytfordan mid Jjam kinge. ^ 
))a wel ra^ ))ar seft^r wees mycel gemot set Nor6 hamtune. "] swa 
on Oxenaforda on ))on dseig Simonis "] lude. J wsbs Harold 
eorl Jjar. "] wolde heora seht wyrcan gif he mihte. ac he na mihte. 
ac eall hys eorldom hyne anrsedlice for soc. "] ge utlagode. J ealle 
J)a mid hym ))e unlage rserdon. for \>a,m ^e [he] rypte God serost. J 
ealle ))a bestrypte J)e he ofer mihte set life ^ set lande. "] hig 
namon heom fa Morkere to eorle. ■] Tostig for fa ofer s^ j 
hys wif mid hiw to Baldwines lande. "] winter setl namon set sCe 
Audomare. And Eadward kingc cow to Westmynstre to faw 
middanwintre, 3 "p mynster far l^t halgian fe he sylf getimbrode, 
Gode to lofe J sCe Petre. ■] eallum Godes halgum. j seo circ 
halgung W8BS on Cilda msesse dseig. *] he forSferde on twelftan 
sefen. "] hyne man bebyrigde on twelftan daeig on fam ylcan 
mynstre. swa hyt her seffcer seig^. 
f. 160. b. Her Eadward kingc* Engla hlaford* 

sende so))faes[te*] sawle to Criste* 

on Godes wsera* gast haligne' 

He on worulda her wunode frage* 

on kynefrymme* crseffcig raeda. 

xxiiii. freolic wealdend. 

wintra gerimes* weolm brytnodo'n'* 
3 healfe tld* haele^a wealdend* 

weold wel gefungen* Walum 3 Scottum* 

J Bryttuw eac* byre -^^Iredes* 

Englum ■] Sexum* oretmsegcum* 
Swa ymb clyppa'S* ceald brymmas* 

f eall Eadwarde* senium kinge* 

hyrdon holdlice* hagestealde menn. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 193 , 

eorl. and his wif j ealle f)a J?e woldon f he wolde, foron suS (A.D.1065). 

scire, o^ he com to Hamtune. "] his brofor Badwine him com (D. 1065.) 
togeanes mid Jam mannum J)e on his eorl dome weron. j eac 
fela Brettas comon mid him. per com Harold eorl heom togeanes. 
"] hig IsBgdon serende on hine to );am cyninge Eadwarde. "3 
eac serendracan mid him sendon. "] b^don f hi moston habban 
Morkere heom to eorle. "3 se cyning J)8bs geu^ae. ^ sende sefter 
Harald'e' heom to to Hamtune. on sCe Symones "] luda msBsse 
aefen. "] ky^e heom f ilce. "] heom f ahand sealde. "] he nywade 
J>8Br Cnutes lage. ^ fa RySrenan dydan mycelne hearm abutan 
Hamtune J^a hwile \q he for heora serende. 8Bg))8Br f hi ofslogon 
menn. "] bserndon htis. "] corn. ^ namon eall ))8et orf )?e hig mihton 
to cuman, );8et waes ^ feola ))usend. *] fela hund manna hi naman. "] 
Iseddan nor8 mid heom. swa ^ seo scir. "] ]?a o^ra scira )?8e ^aer neah 
sindon wurdan fela wintra ^ wyrsan. "3 Tostig eorl. •] his wif. "] 
ealle J)a ^ woldon J)8Bt he wolde faran su^ ofer sde ^ mid him. 
to Bald wine eorle. "] he hi ealle underfengc. "] hig wseron^ ealne 
})one winter fsBr. "] Eadward cyng com to West mynstre to J?am 
middan wintre. "] f et mynster fser let halgian. Jye he silf getim- 
brode. Gode to lofe ^ sCe Petre. "3 eallum Godes halgum. ^ seo 
cyric halgung wsbs on Cilda msessse deig. "] he f or6 ferde on twelftan 
aefen. ■] hine man bebyrigde on twelftan dsBg on fam illcan 
minstre .'. swa hit her sefter ssegS. 

Her Eadward cing, Englene hlaford, 

sende so^feste saule to Kriste , 

on Godes wera gast haligne ; 

He on weorolda her wunodae J)rag8B 

on I kine )>rymme' creftig raeda. f. 79. 

xxiiii. freolic wealdand 

wintra rimes weolan britnode. 
■] he hse'lo'tid^, h^le'Sa^ wealdend, 

weold, wel ge ^ungsen ^, Walum. "j Scottum 

■3 Bryttum eac, byre ^E^elredes, 

Englum "3 Ssexum oret * msegcum ; 
Swa ymb cly'p'paj> cealda brymmas ^ 

$ eall Eadwardse, sej^elum kinge, 

hyrdan hoTdelice , hagestalde menn. 

^ In all these cases the first scribe ^ hxlo is written on an erasure, 

wrote By which has been altered into ^ -g^^n* Manus prima, 

cp by a later hand. * orec. MS. 


Digitized by 



>f. 31- b. 1066^. Her forSferde Eaduuard king. ^ Harold eorl 
feng to iSam rice. ^ heold hit -xl* wucena. ^ aenne daeg. j 

(C) Waes ^ bli^e mod* bealu leas kyng' 

J)eah he lang ^r* lande bereafod* 

wunode wrseclastum* wide geond eor^n* 

sy^an Cnut ofercom* kynn JS^ebedes* 

^ Dena weoldon' deore rice* 

Englalandes* xxviii* 

wintra gerimes* welan brynodan ". 

Sy^an forS bec6m' freolice in geatwum* 

kyningc kystum god* clsene "3 milde* 

Eadward se sB^la* e'Sel bewerode* 

land J leode. o^ f lunger becom* 

dea^ se bitera* and swa deore genam* 

aBj)elne of eor^n* englas feredon* 

so|)f8Bste sawle* innan swegles leoht. 
") se froda swa J)eah' befteste f rice* 

heah J)ungenum menn* Harolde sylfum* 

8eJ>elum eorle* se in ealle ttd* 

hyrde holdlice* hserran sinuw 

worduw ■] dcedum* wihte ne agselde* 

J)8BS J)e J)earf wsbs* Jjsbs feod kyninges. 
■] her wear's Harold eac to kynge gehalgod. "] he lytle stillnesse far 
on geb^d. ))a hwile J)e he rices weold. 

[1066.] [0]n J)i8uw geare com Harold kyng of Eoforwic to West- 
mynstre to fam Eastran J)e waeron sBft^r J)am middan wintran 
|)e se kyng for6ferde. J [waeron] fa Eastran on J)one dseig. .xvi. 
kt Mai. pa wear^ geond eall Engla land swylc tacen on heo- 
fenum ge sewen swylce nan mann ^r ne geseh. Sume menn cwsedon 
f. 162. -f hyt com§ta | se steorra waere, fone sume menn hata'S ))one 
fexedon steorran. "3 he seteowde aerest on Jwne aefen Lftania 
Maiora.^ "f ys -viii. kl Mai. J Swa scean ealle ])a .vii. niht. "3 
Sona far aeft^r com Tostig eorl fram begeondan s^ into Wiht 
mid swa miclum li^e swa he begytan mihte. J him man geald 
far seig^r ge feoh ge metsunge. "^ for fa fano[n]. "] hearmas 
dyde aegwar be fam saeriman far he to mihte o^ f he be com 
to Sandwic. Da cydde man Harolde kynge. fe on Lundene 
waes. ^ Tostig his bro^r waes cumen to Sandwic. fa 'ge'gado- 
rade he swa mycele scipfyrde ^ eac landfyrde swa nan cingc 

f. 31. v<». begins with the year 1055. ^ Sic MS. 


Digitized by' 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 195 

ofer sse | mid him to Baldewine eorle. j he hig ealle under feng. f. 57. b. 
J hi wseron ealne Jjone winter f)8er. 

1066. On f)issum geare man halgode f)et mynster aet West 
mynster on Cilda maesse dseg. ^ se cyng Eadward fortSferde 

Wses ^ bli^e mod bealeleas king, (D) 

J)Sh he langa ^r, landes bereafod* 

wunoda wreclastum wide geond eor6an, 

seo*^'})an Knut ofer com cynn JS'Selredes, 

■J Deona weoldon deorerice 

Engla landes .xxviii. 

wintra gerimes' weolan brytnodon. 

Si^an forS be com, freolic in geatwum, 

kinigc ^ cystum g6d , claene • "] milde* 

Eadward se se^le e'Sel bewarede, 

land J leodan. o^^set lunger be com 

dea^ se bytera , ^ swa deore genam 

ae^lne of eor^n ; englas feredon 

so^feste sawle inne swegles leoht* 
^ se froda swa ^eah befceste f set rice 

heah ¥ung'e'na menn, Harolde sylfum, 

ae¥elum eorle ; se in ealne tid 

herdae hol'delice herran synum 

wordum ^ dcedum* wihte ne agcelde* 

JjsBs J)e ^earfe waes ^aes feod kyngces. 
■] her wear^ Harold eorl eac to cynge gehalgod, ^ he lytle stilnesse 
{jaer on gebad. ))a hwile ))e he rices weold. 

1066. On Jjissum geare com Harold cyng of Eoferwic to West- 
mynstre. to )?am Eastran ]?e waeron sefter )jam middan wintre 
))e se cyng for^ferde. J waeron J)a Eastran on J)one daeg -xvi. kt 
Mai. pa wearS geond eall Eiigla land swylc tacen on heofenum, 
gesewen swilce ^ nan man aer ne ge seah. Sume men cwedon. ^ 
hit cometa se steorra waere. J)one sume men | hata^ fone faexe- f. 79« ^^• 
don steorran. "3 he aeteowde aerest on J?one aefen Letania Maior. 
•viii. kt Mai. "3 Swa scan ealle fa seofon niht. J Sona feraefter 
com Tostig eorl tn fram begeonde see into Wiht. mid swa mic- 
lum li^e swa 'he' begitan mihte. "j him man geald ))aBr aegJjaBr 
ge feoh^ ge mefcsunge. And Harold cyng his brofor gegaedrade 
swa micelne sciphere. "] eac land here, swa nan cyng her on 

Sic MS. ^ altered into %wylce, ^ The scribe at first wrote weoh. 
O % 

Digitized by 



(A.D. io66.) her com Willelm ^ ge wann Mvig]& land. "] her on *8ison 

geare bam Xpes cyrc\ ^ her atiwede cometa xiiii kl Mat. 1070 


(C. io66.) ser her on lande ne ge gaderade. for ^am ))e hiw wsbs to so^an 
gessed. ^ Willelm eorll fram Nonnandige Eadwardes cingces 
mseg wolde hider cuman "3 ))is land gegan eall swa hit sy^an 
aeode. pa Tostig $ geaxode f Harold cing wsbs toward Sand- 
wic. fa for he of Sandwic. ^ naw of })am butsekarlon. Sume 
mid him. Sume J^ances. Sume un))ance8. "] gewende ))a norS into 
[Humbran]^. "] J)8er hergode on Lindesege. "] fser manegei^ gode 
men ofsloh. pa Eadwine eorl. "] Morkere eorl f under geaton. 
J)a coman hi jjyder. "3 hine of ))8em lande adrifon. "3 he for ^a to 
Scot lande. J Scotta cynning hine gri^de. J hiwt to metsunge 
fylste. ^ Jjser ealne sumor wunode. Da cow Harold ciningc to 
Sandwic, J fser his li^s abad. for y&m ))e hit wses lang aer hit 
man gegaderian mihte. "] })a his li^ gegaderad wsbs. J)a for he 
into Wiht. "] fsBr IsBg ealne J)one sumor. "j jione hsBrfest. "^ man 
hsBfde landfyrde sBghwar be sse, feh hit SBt y&m ende naht ne 
forstodey Da hit wsbs to Natiuitas sdsB MarisB. ]>a wsbs manna 
metsung ag^n. j hig nan man far na leng gehealdan ne mihte. 
Da lyfde man mannum ham. j se cyngc rad up. j man draf )>a 
scypu to Lunde[ne]. "] manega forwurdon sBr hi fyder comon. 
pa ^a scypu ham coman, Jja com Harold cyning of Norwegan 
norS into Ttnan. on unwaran. mid swy^ miclum sciphere. J 
n^ lytlan. f mihte beon [mid ^eom hund scypum] ^0^6^ ma. 
f. i6a. b. 3 I Tostig eorl him com to mid eallum J)am |)e he begiten hssfde 
eall swa hy ssr gesprecen hasfdon. J foran fa begen mid eallum 
^am li^ andlang Usa[n] up to Eofer wic ward *. Da cydde man 
Harolde cynge be su^an fa h[e] of scipe cumen wsbs. f Harold cyng 
on Norwegan. "] Tostig eorl wsBron up cumene . neh Eofer wic. pa 
for he nor^weard dsBges ^ nihtes swa hra^ swa he his fyrde 
ge gaderian mihte. pa ssr f am f e se cynning Harold fyder cu- 
man mihte. fa gegaderode Eadwine eorl. ^ Morkere eorll of 
heora eorl dome swa mycel werod swa hi begitan mihton. j wi^ 
fone here ge fuhton. ^ mycel wsbI ge slogon. "] f ssr wsbs f sbs 
Engb'scan folces mycel ofslagen. ^ adrenct. ^ on fleam bedrifen. 
;) Norme'i'n ahton wsbI stowe ge wald. "] fis gefeoht wsbs on 
yiGiuA MATHEi aAi. ^ WSBS Woducs dsBg. J fa 8Bft«r fam gefeohte 

{Continued on p, 197.) 

^ At this point there is a change ^ Sic MS. 

of hand in X * Here there seems to be a change 

* A space left in the MS. of hand in C. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 197 

on twelfta msesse sefen. ■] hine mann bebyrgede on twelftan (a.d.io66.) 

msesse dseg. innan f)aere niwari halgodre circean on Westmynstre. 

3 Harold eorl feng to Engla landes cyne rice, swa swa se cyng 

hit him ge utSe. ;) eac men hine J^ser to gecuron. 3 wses gebletsod 

to cynge on twelftan maesse daeg. j Jjy ilcan geare J>e he cyng 

W8BS. he for tit mid scip here to geanes WilleZme. j \>k hwile com 

Tostig eorl into Humbran mid -Ix* scipuwi. Eadwine eorl cow 

[mid] land fyrde. 3 draf hine tit. j }?a butse carlas hine for socan. 

3 he for to Scotlande mid 'xii- snaccum. 3 hine ge mette Harold 

se Norrena cyng mid 'Ccc* scipum. ] Tostig him tobeah. ;) 

hi bsegen foran into Humbran. otS J?et hi coman to Eoferwfc. 

3 heom wiS feaht Morkere eorl. 3 Eadwine eorl. 3 se Norrena 

cyng ahte siges ge weald, j man cydde Harolde cyng hu hit 

wses f>8er gedon ^ geworden. 3 he com mid mycclum here 

{Continued on p. 198.) 

lande ser ne dyde. for ))am J)e him waes gecjrSd )>8et Wyllelm H). 1066.) 
bastard wolde hider "] ^is land gewinnen. eall swa hit sy^an 
aeode. "] J)a wile com Tostig eorl into Humbran mid sixtigum 
scipum. ■] Eadwine eorl com mid lanferde ^ 3 adraf hine ^t. "] 
J)a butsa carlas hine forsocan. "3 he for to Scotlande. mid -xii. 
snaccum. "3 hine gemette })8er Harold cyng of Norwegon mid 
J)reom hund scypum. j Tostig him tobeah, ^ his man wearS. j 
hi foron fa begen ^ into Humbran. o'S f hi comon to Eoforwic. j 
heow J78er wi'S fuhton. Eadwine eorl. "] Morkere eorl his bro^or. 
ac ))a Normen ahton sige. Man cy^de J)a Harolde Engla cynge 
f J)is waes pus gefaren. 3 J)is gefeoht wses on Vigilia s2i Mathei. 
Da com Harold ure cyng on unwaer on ))a Normenn. 3 hytte hi 
begeondan Eoforwic. set Stemford brygge ^ mid micclan here 

for Harold cyningc of Norwegan ^ Tostig eorl into Eoferwic /Q. 1066.) 
mid swa miclum folce swa heom fa gefuhte. "] hi mon gislade 
of fsere burh. "] eac to metsunge fylste. ^ swa fanon to scipe 
foran j to fuUan fri^e ge sprsecon. f hig ealle mid hiw su^ 
faran woldon. "] fis land gegan Z Da ^mang J)i8san com Harald 
Engla cyningc mid ealre his fyrde on ^one Sunnan dseg to 
Tada. "3 fser his li^ fylcade. "] for fa on Monan dseg furh ut 
Eoferwic. ■] Harold cyningc of Norwegan. "] Tostig eorl ;) heora 

{Continued on p. 198.) 

^ Sic MS. hand in D about this point. 

^ There is possibly a change of ' Or Steinford. 

Digitized by 


198 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D. 1066.) Engliscra manna. ;) ge mette hine eet Steeng fordes brycge. ^ 
hine ofsloh. ;) f)one eorl Tostig. ^ eallne J?one here ahtlice 
ofercom. j J?a hwile com Wille/m eorl upp set Hestingan on 
see Michaeles msessedseg. ;) Harold com nor&n j him wiS 
feaht ekv J?an f>e his here come eall. j ]?8er he feoll. j his 
twsegen gebrotSra GyrtS ^ Leofwine. ^ Willelm J)is land ge eode. 
^ com to Westmynstre. ^ Ealdred arcel5 hine to cynge 
ge halgode. ^ menn guidon him gyld. ;) gislas sealdon. ;) sytSSan 
heora land bohtan. 
Leofrit* J Da wses Leofric abbot of Burh set ^ ilea feord. ;) sseclode 
Jjser ^ com ham. ^ wses daed sone Jjsersefter on selre halgan 

f. 58. maesse niht. God | are his saule. On his daeg wses ealle 
blisse J ealle gode on Burh. ^ he wees leaf eall folc. swa 
•f se cyng geaf sSe Peter ;] him f abbotrice on Byrtune. ;) se 
of Couentre f se eorl Leofric \>e waes his eam ser heafde macod. 
^ se of Crulande. ^ se of porneie. j he dyde swa mycel to gode 

f^j^ into f mynstre of Burh on golde ^ on seolfre ^ on scnid ^ on 
lande. swa nefre nan oSre ne dyde toforen him ne nan aefter 

(C. 1066.) &^fylc® weeron afaren of scipe begeondan Eofcrwie to Stanford 
brycge. for J)am J)e hiw wseron behaten to gewissan f him man 
))8er of ealre fsere scire ongean hy gislas bringan wolde. Da 
com Harold Engla cyning heom ongean on unwaran. begeon- 
dan J)8ere brycge. "] hi })aer togsedere fengon. j swySe heardlice 
lange on daeg feohtende weeron. "] J^ser waes Harold cyning of 
Norwegan "] Tostig eorl ofslagen. ^ ungerim folces mid heom. 
f. 164. aegSer ge Nqrmana ge Englisca. "] J)a Normen | flugon pa Eng- 
lisca. T^a wes per an of Nor wegan ]>e wv^od pet Englisce folc^ 
pet hi ne micte, pa hrigge oferstigan, ne sige gerechen, T^a seite 
an Englisce mid anreflane^, ac hit nactes ne tmdstod. cend pa com 
an oper under pere hrigge. end hine purustang en under pere 
hrunie. pa com Harold Engla chinge ofer pere hrigge "] hys furde 
for*6 mid hine, ^ pere michel wel ge slogon. ge Norweis ge Flceming, 
"3 pes cyninges sunu ^ Hetmundus let Harold faran ham to Norweie 
mid alle pa sctpe ^. 

* Partly erased. later English, and it is printed in 

^ End of MS. C. The last para- italics to shew distinct. 

graph, beginning with f. 164, is in 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD jMS. (E) 199 

hvm. pa wearS gildene burh to wrecce burb. Da cus^ J>a (a.d. 1066.) 

munecas to abbot Brand projiost. forSan f he wses swiSe god 

raan j switSe wis. j senden him )>a to iEdgar seSeling. for "San 

f>et f>e land folc wendon -f he sceolde cyng wurSen. j se aeSeling 

hit him geatte J)a bliJ>olice y pa J>e cyng Willelm ge herde f 

secgen. J)a weartS he swiSe wratS. "3 ssede -p se abbot him heafde 

for segon. pa eodon gode men heom be twenen j sahtloden 

heom forSan f se abbot waes goddera manne. Geaf f)a |7one 

cjrng 'xl* marc goldes to sahtnysse. ;) J)a lifede ^he' litle hwile 

Jjser gefter buton J)ry gear. SyStSon comen ealle drseuednysse ] 

ealle ifele to J)one mynstre. God hit gemyltse. 

(Continued on ^. 200.) 

Englisces folces. "] fser wearS on dseg swi^ stranglic ge feoht (D. 1066.) 
on ba halfe. par wear^ ofslaegen Harold HSrfagera. ^ Tosti 
eorl. ■] ))a Normen J)e peer to lafe wseron wurdon on fleame. j 
)>a EngHscan hi hindan hetelice slogon. o^ f hig sume to scype 
coman. sume adruncen. | "] sume eac forbsemde. "3 swa mislice f. 80. 
forfarene. $ J)8er wses lyt to lafe. "] Engle ahton wselstowe ge- 
weald. Se ^ng J?a geaf gry^ Olafe Jjsbs Noma cynges suna. 3 
heora bpe. ^ fan eorle of Orcanege. ;) eallon ))an J)e on J>am 
scypum to lafe wseron. ^ hi foron ]^ upp to uran kyninge 
;) sworon g,^as. f hi aefre woldon fry^ j freondscype into J>isan 
lande haldan. j se cyng hi let ham faran^ mid .xxiiii. scypum. pas 
twa folcgefeoht waeron ge fremmede binnan fif nihtan. 

Da com Wyllelm eorl of Normandlge into Pefnesfea on sSe 
Michaeles msesse ^fen. "3 sona ))8es hi fere wasron, worhton castel 
set HsBstinga port, pis wear^ fa Harolde cynge gecydd. 3 he 
gaderade fa mycelne here. "] com him to genes set fsere haran 
apuldran. 3 Wyllelm him com ongean on unwser ser his^ folc 
gefylced wsere. Ac se kyng feah him swi^ heardlice wi^feaht 
mid fam mannum fe him gelsestan woldon. 3 fser wear^ micel 
wael geslsegen on seg^re healfe. Dser wearS ofslsegen Harold 
kyng. 3 Leofwine eorl his bro^r. ^ GyrS eorl his bro^or. 3 fela 
godra manna. ^ fa Frencyscan ahton wselstowe geweald. eall 
swa heom God u^e for folces synnon. Aldred arceb 3 seo burh 
warn on Limdene. woldon habban fa Eadgar cild to kynge, eall 
swa him wel ge cynde wses ; 3 Eadwine. "] Morkere. him beheton 
^ hi mid him feohtan woldon. ac swa hit sefre forSlicor beon 

{Continued OH p. aoo.) 
* fefan. MS. 3 Altered from }?w. 

Digitized by 


200 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

1067. Her for se cyng ofer ssb. ^ hsefde mid him gislas ;) 

sceattas. j com )?8es otSres geares on see Nicolaes msessedaeg. 

io*bustio ^ J?8es dseges forbeam Xpes cyrce on Cantwara bjrrig. j he 

Cantuar* ^^*^ selces mannes land J>a he ongean com. j J>aes sumeres 

(D. 1066.) sceolde. swa wear^ hit fram dsege to dsege Isetre "] wyrre. eall 
f. 80. b. swa hit I set faw ende eall geferde. Dis gefeoht waes ge d6n 
on J)one daeg Calesti pape. ^ Wyllelm eorl for eft ongean to 
Haestingan. j ge anbidode pser hwse^r man him to bugan wolde. 
ac ]>a he ongeat ^ man him to cuman nolde. he for upp mid 
eallon his here J)e him to lafe waes, "] him sjrS^an fraw ofer sse 
com. ^ hergade ealne fone ende ))e he oferferde. o^ f he com 
to Beorh ham stede. J ))8er him com ongean. Ealdred arceb. ^ 
Eadgar cild. "] Eadwine eorl. J Morkere eorl. ^ ealle fa betstan 
men of Lundene. J bugon J)a for neode, J)a msest waes to hearme 
ge don. ■] f waes micel unraed f man aeror swa ne dyde. ))a hit 
God betan nolde for urum synnum. J gysledan "] sworon him 
a^Sas. ■] he heom behet ^ he wolde heom hold hlaford beon. ^ 
feah onmang J)isan hi hergedan eall f hi oferforon. Da on 
midwintres daeg hine halgode to kynge Ealdred arceb on West 
mynstre. "] he sealde him on hand mid Xpes bee. "] eac sw6r. 
aer J)an J)e he wolde fa corona him on heafode settan, $ he 
wolde J)isne feodscype swa wel haldan. swa aenig kyngc aet 
foran him betst dyde, gif hi him holde beon woldon. Swa 
feah leide gyld on mannum swi¥e sti'S. "] fdr fa on fam leng- 
tene ofer s^ to Normandige. "3 nam mid him Stigand arceb. ^ 
^gelna'S abb on Glbr [GlcB8tingabitH]\ ^ Eadgar cild. ;) Ead- 
wine eorl. J Morkere eorl. 3 Waelfeof eorl. "] manege o^re gode 
men of Englalande. "J Oda b "] Wyllelm eorl belifen her 
aefter. ^ worhton castelas wide geond fas* feode. ;) earm 
folc swencte. ■] S sy6^an hit yflade swi^. WurSe 'god'^ se 
ende* fonne God wylle. 
f. 81. 1067. Her com se kyng eft ongean to Englalande on sCe 
Nicolaes maesse dsege. J faes daeges forbam Cristes cyrce on 
Cantware byri. j Wulfwi b forSferde ^ is bebyrged aet his b 
stole on Dorkacestre. ^ Eadric cild "] fa Bryttas wurdon un- 
sehte ^ wunnon heom wi^ fa castelmenn on Hereforda. J fela 
hearmas heom dydon. "] her se kyng sette micel gyld on earm 

' Interlined, perhaps by a later hand. 
^ Altered from ]ja. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 201 

for Eadgar cild ut. ;) Mserle swegen. j fela ^anna mid heom. 
;) foran to Scotlande. j se cjmg Melcolm hi ealle under feng. "^ 
genam J>es cildes swuster to wife Margaretan. 

{Continued on p. 202.) 

folc. ■] J)eahhw8B^re let sefrV hergian eall f hi oferforon. (D. 1067.) 
An'd' J)a he ferde to Defena 'scire', J besset )>a burh Exancester 
•xviii. dagas. "] Jjser wear6 micel his heres forfaren. ac he heom 
wel behet. "] yfele gelseste. j hig him )>a burh ageafon for fan fa 
fegenas heom geswicon haefdon. 

And fses sumeres Eadgar cild for tit. mid his modor 'Agatha'^ 
^ his twam sweostran. Margareta. "] Xptna. J Mserla swegen. 
J fela godra manna mid heom. "] comon to Scot lande on 
Malcholomes cyninges gry^. "] he hi ealle underfeng. Da be- 
gann 'se cyngc Malcholomf gyman his sweostor him to wife 
Margaretan. ac he. ^ his menu ealle lange wi^cwsedon. "j eac 
heo sylf wi^ soc. 

^ cwsB^ f heo hine ne nanne habban wolde. 

gyf hire seo uplice arfsestnys geunnan wolde. 

f heo on msegShade mihtigan drihtne. 


mid lichoman heortan . on fisan life sceortan . 

on claenre forhsef e'dnysse cweman mihte. 
Se kyng befealh georne hire brewer o^ f he cwae^ i^ wi^. "3 
eac he elles ne dorste. forfan fe hi on his anwald becumene 
wsBron. Hit wear6 fa swa geworden swa God fore sceawode on 
^r. J elles hit | beon ne mihte. eall swa He sylf on His god- f. 81. b. 
spelle seeing, f furSon an spearwa on gryn ne mseg befeallan foru- 
tan his foresceawunge. Se forewitola Scyppend wiste on sir hwaet 
he of hyre gedon habban wolde. forfan fe heo sceolde on fan 
lande Godes lof ge eacnian ^ ^ f one kyng gerihtan of fam dwe- 
liandan pae^. "J gebegean hine to beteran wege J his leode 
samod. "j alegcean fa unfeawas fe seo feod ser be code eallswa 
heo syS^n dyde. Se kyng hi fa underfeng feah hit hire un- 
fances wsere. ;) him gelicade hire feawas J fancode Gode fe 
him swylce gemseccean mihtiglice forgeaf. "] wislice hine be- 
fohte swa he full witter wses. "^ awende hine sylfne to Gode. "] 
aelce unsiuemysse oferhogode. Be fam se apostol Paulus ealra 
f eoda lareow cwse^, Saluabitur uir infidelis per mulierem fidelem. 

{Continued on p, 202.) 

* Interlined, perhaps by a later hand. 

* Over eacnian is written yoean. 

Digitized by 


202 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

1068. Her on Jjissum geare Wille/m cyng geaf Bodberde 
e^o'rle Jjone eorl dom , on NortS hymbra land. Da comon f>a 
landesmenn togeanes him. j hine ofslogon. ^ -ix- bund manna 
mid bim. And Eadgar setSeling com J>a mid eallum NortS bym- 
f. 58. b. bram to Eofer wic. j J)a port men wiS hine | griSedon. ^ se 
cyng WilleZm com suSan mid eallan his fyrde. ;) f>a burb 
forbergode. ] fela bund manna of slob, j se seS^ling for eft 
to Scotlande. 
i>ei8tttff0. 1069. Her man wrsegde f>one biscop -^gelric on Burb. j 
sende bine to West mynstre. ;) tit lagode bis broker iEgelwine 
%. pa betwyx f)am twam sea Marian msessan. comon easton 
of Dsenmarcun^ mid 'Ccc* ^scipum. f wseron Swsegnes sunan 

(D. 1067.) Sic et mulier infidelis per uirum fidelem. et rt. ^ is on uran ge 
peode. ful oft se ungeleaffalla wer bi^ gebalgad. J gehseled 
J)urh f rihtwise^ wif. ^ swa gelice f wif J)urh geleaffulne wer. 
Deos foresprecene cwen seo^an on ))am lande manege nj^ 
wyr^e daeda gefremede Gode to lofe. j eac on fa kynewisan 
wel gej)^h eallswa hire gec^nde waes. Of geleaf fuUan ^ se'Sel- 
an cynne beo waes aspningon. hire fseder waes Eadward 
aefeling Eadmundes sunu kynges. Eadmund iEJ)ebeding. -^fel- 
^ red. Eadgaring. Eadgar. Eadreding. j swa for^ on f cynecynn. 

"3 hire modor cynn gae^ to Heinrice casere fe hsefde anwald ofer 

J her ferde GySa lit Haroldes modor. "] manegra godra manna 
f. 82. wif mid byre into | Bradan Reolice. "] )>aer wunode sume hwile. 
^ swa f5r J)anon ofer sae to sCe Audomare. 

On ))isan Eastron com se kyng to Wincestre. "] J)a wseron 
Eastra on -x. kt Aprl. ^ sona aeft^r fam com Mathild seo * 
hlaefdie hider to lande. "] Ealdred arceb big gehalgode to 
cwene on Westmynstre on Hwitan Simnan daeg. ))a ky^e man 
J)an kyninge f $ folc be norSan baefdon heow gegaderad togae- 
dere j woldon him ongean standan gif he come, he for J)a to 
Snotingaham j worhte f>aer castel. J for swa to Eoferwic ^ 
J)aer worhte twegen castelas. j on Lincolna. j gehwar on fan 
ende. "^ Gospatric eorl "^ J>a betstan menn f5ron into Scot- 

* A stroke over -««. fulle. 

^ hund written, and then erased. * Altered from sc. 

3 Over rilLtwise is written leaf- 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 203 • 

cynges. j his brotSer Osbeam eorl. j f>a ferde se eorl WaltSeaf 

lit. ;) cow he ;) Eadgar sBSeling. ;) fela bund manna mid beom. 

J ge metton J>et litS innan Humbran. j ferdon to Eofer wic. ;) 

lipp eodan j J)a castelas gewunnan. ^ of slogon fela bund manna. 

J to scipe Iseddon sc6attas fela. j J?a beafod men bsefdon on 

beandon. ^ lagon betwyx Vsan j Trentan ealne J>one winter, 

J se cyng WilleZm for into fjsere scire, j bi call for[dy]de. 

J on f)isum ilcan geare forS ferde Brand abb of Burb. on BtantJo 

.y. kt Decembf. ^^^^8. 

J amang Jjisan com an Haroldes suna of Yrlande mid scyp- /D. 106-.) 
here into Afenanmu^an unwser. "3 bergode sona ofer eall jjone 
ende. foron J)a to Biygcstowe "] fa burb abrecan woldon. ac 
seo burbwani beow beardlice wi^ feabt. ^ ))a hi ne mihton of 
J)8ere burb naht gewinnan. hi foron ))a to scypan mid J)an ))e hi 
gehergod hsefdon. "] swa hi foron on Sumersaeton. ^ Jjaer upp 
eodon. "] Eadno^ stallere beom wi^ gefeaht. "^ wearS faer of 
slsBgen. ■] manege gode menn on sBg^re healfe. "^ fanon aweig 
foron J)e jjser to lafe wseron. 

1068. Her on })issuw geare Willelm cyngc geaf Rodbearde 
eorle. )?one ealdordom ofer Nor^hymbra land, ac ))a landes 
menn bine beforon innan fsere burb aet DUn holme. "^ bine of- 
slogon. ■] ix.c. manna mid him. ■] sona ))8er sefb^r Eadgar 
sealing, com mid eallum | NorShymbrum to Eoforwic. "] Ja f. 82. b. 
burb menn wi^ bine gry^edon. "] Wyllelm kyng c6m su^an on 
unwsBr on beom mid geotendan here. "] hi aflymde. J J)a of sloh 
Jja J)e set fleon ne mihton ; f waeron fela bund manna. "J fa burb 
for bergode. ^ sCe Petres mynst^ to bysmere macede. J ealle fa 
o^re eac for bergode. "J forhynde. ^ se se^eling for eft ongean 
to Scot lande. 

jEft^r fisum coman Haroldes sunas^of Yrlande to fam middan 
sumera mid .Ixiiii- scypuw into Tawmu^an. "3 fser unwaerlice 
up eodon. "] Breon eorl com on tinwaer beom togeines mid 
imlytlan weorode. "] wi^ gefeaht. J ofsloh fser ealle fa bet- 
stan menn fe on fam ly^e wseron. j fa o^re lytlan werode 
to scypuw setflugon. "] Haroldes sunas forpn eft to Yrlande 

Her * forS ferde Aldred arce b on Eoferwic. "J is f ser be byrged 

' There is no break in the MS., making a new annal (1069) begin 
but Thorpe is probably right in here. 

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204 THE PARKER MS, (25) 

1070. Her Landfranc se J?e wees aIBb an Kadu^ cow to 
^nglalande, se efter feawuwt dagum wearS arcefe on 
Kantwareberig. He waes gehaded 'iiii' kl Septewbris. on 
his agenuw biscpsetle frawt eahte biscopum his under 
iSioddum ; iSa oj^re "Se J^ser nseron J^iirh serend rakan ' ^ J?urh 
g(9 write atiwdon hwi hi iSser beon ne mihton. On \2m 
geare Thomas se waes g(9 coran bisc[o]p to Eferwic com to 
Cantwareberig ^ man hine "SsBr g(9 hadede efter J?an ealdan 
g(9 wunan. Da "Sa Landfranc crafede faestnunge his gAer- 

(D. 1069.) set his B 8t61e. ^ he ge wat on ])one daeg. Proti. & lacinthi. "] he 
heold J)one arce'stol' mid mycclan weor^mynte -x. gear, buton 
.XV. wucan wanan. Sona j)8er8eft«r coman of Denmarcon j)reo 
Swegenes suna kyninges mid -cc scypum. ";] xl. J Esbeom eorl. 
J purkyl eorl. into Humbran ^. ^ heom com J>8er togenes Eadgar 
cild. "3 Waldjjeof eorl. j Maerleswegen. ";] Gospatric eorl mid 
Nor6hymbrum. "3 ealle fa landleoden. ridende "] gangende mid 
unmaetan here swi'Se fsegengende, J swa ealle anrsedlice to 
Eoferwic foron. ^ jjone castel tobraecon. "3 towurpan. J unari- 
mendlice gaersuman J^serinne gewunnan. "] fela hund manna 
Frenciscra. jjser ofslogon. j fela mid heom to scypan laeddan. 3 
f. 83. ger j)an jje ))a scypmenn | j)ider comon haefdon ))a Frenciscan j)a 
burh forbaemed. J eac -f halie mynsterses Petrus eall forhergod 
J forbaemed. pa se kyng j)is geaxode. |)a for he nor6ward mid 
ealre his fyrde ))e he gegaderian mihte. J j)a scire mid ealle 
forhergode "3 aweste. "3 "f li^ laeig ealne winW innan Humbre. 
))8Br se kyng heow to cuman ne mihte. And se kyng waes J>one 
mid wintres daeig on Eoferwic. "3 swa ealne ))one winter on ))am 
lande. J com to Wincestre on jja ilcan Eastron. "3 ^gelric 15 waes 
for wreged |)e waes on Burh. ^ hine man laedde to West mynstre. 
"3 utlagode his bro^or ^gelwine %. 

1071. Her se eorl Wael))eof gry^ode wi^ j)one cyngc^. "3 j)8es on 
lengten se kyngc let hergian ealle j)a mynstra ))e on Engla 
lande waeron. ^ Jjses geres waes micel hunger. "3 man hergade 
f mynster aet Burh. -f waeron fa menn fe se 15 ^gelric aer 

^ Altered from -raken. ' Here there is a change of hand 

" Altered from Hmnbram. in MS. D. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 205 

1070. Her se eorl Waljjeof griSede wiS Jjone cyng. ^ J)8es 
on lengten se cyng let hergian ealle ]7a mynstra ]7e on 
Engla lande waeron. pa on \>B.m ilcan geare com Swegn cyng 
of ^ Denmarcan in to Humbran. j f land folc comen him ongean 
'-\ griSedon wiS hine. wsendon -f he sceolde J)et land ofergan. 
pa comen into Elig Xpistien J)a Densce lb j Osbeam eorl 3 
J)a Densca hus carles mid heom. j J)et Englisce folc of eall }>a 
feon landes comen to heow. wendon -f hi sceoldon winnon eall 
-^ land, pa herdon \>a. munecas of Burh ssegen f heora agene 
menn wolden herg^ Jjone mynstre, ^ wses Hereward ^ his JTerefcartr. 
genge. ^ wses forSan f)et hi herdon ssecgen J?et se cyng heafde 
gifen -f abbot rice an Frencisce | abbot^Turolde wses gehaten. f. 59. 
J f he wses swiSe styme man. j wses cumen }>a into Stanforde IBe ^Liiii'e 
mid ealle hise Frencisce menn. pa wses Jjser^ an cyrce weard ^^"^^ I 
Yware wses gehaten. nam f)a be nihte eall J)et he mihte. )?et 
wseron Xpes bee ^ msesse hakeles j cantelcapas j reafes ^ swilce 
litles hwat. swa hwat swa he mihte. j ferde sona ser dseg to 
}>one abbot Turolde j ssegde him -f he sohte his griSe. j cydde 
him hu }>a titlages sceolden cumen to Burh. ^ he dyde eall 
be )?8Bre mu^n'ece, raede. pa sona on morgen comen ealle 
^a utla^ mid fela scipe, j woldon into J)am mynstre. j 
]7a munecas wiS stoden ^ hi na mihton in cumen. pa Isegdon 
hi fyr on. 3 forbsemdon ealle ]>a munece. buses ^ eall ^ 
tun buton ane huse. pa comen hi Jjurh fyre in set BolhiSe 33olfj | 
geate. j ]>a munecas comen heom togeanes. beaden heom 
griS, ac hi ^ rohten na J)ing. geodon into J)e mynstre. clumben ^ 
upp to ^ halge rode, namen J)a }?e kynehelm of ure DrihYnes -^jj 
heafod^ eall af smeate golde. namen f)a pet fotspure }>e wses 
undernaeSen his fote. -f wses eall of read golde. Clumben ^' 
upp to \>Q stepel. brohton dune f hsecce J>e Jjser wses be hid. 
hit wses eall of ^gold'_ j of seolfre. hi namen J?aere twa gildene 
scrin^ 3 -ix' seolfeme. 3 hi namen fiffcene mycele roden. ge 
of golde ge of seolfre. hi namen J^sere swa mycele gold ^ seolfre 
3 swa manega gersumas on sceat ^ on scrud j on bokes swa 
nan man ne msei otSer tsellen. ssegdon -f hi hit dyden for tSes 

The 8cribe at first wrote on. 

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(A.D.1070.) su^nesse mid a'S swerunge^. ]7a for soc he* ^ saede ^ he ^hit' 
nahte to donne. pa ge wraiSede hine se arb Landfranc. ^ 
behead J?a«t hiscopan "Se J?ar cumene waeran be iSas arb hand^ 
frances hsBse J?a serfise to donde^ -^ eallan J?an munecan, ^ 
f. 32. hi scoldan hi un scrydan. j hi be his hsese swa didan. | Swa 
Thomas to J?am timan agean ferde baton bletsunga. pa 
sona aefter J^ysan be lamp ^ se a?b Landfranc ferde to 
Rome J Thomas forS mid. pa J?a hi J?yder comon j umbe 
oJ?er J?ing gesprecon haefdon umbe ^ hi sprecan woldon. J7a 
angan Thomas his spaece hu he com to Cantuuarebyri, ^ hu 
se ai15 axode hyrsumnesse mid a]? swerunge at him. •] he hit 
for soc. pa agann se arb Jjandfranc atywian mid openum 
gesceade. ^ he mid rihte crafede J?as J^a he crafede. -^ mid 
strangan cwydan ^ ylce gefaestnode toforan J?am papan 
' Alexandre. ^ toforan eallan J?am concilium J?e J?ar ge 
gadered was. j swa ham foran. Miter J7ysan com Thomas 
to Cantwarebyri j eal ^ se arb at him crafede . eadmed- 
lice ge fylde. 3 syJ?J?an J^a bletsungan under feng^. 

(D) amansumade. for ))on j)e hi namon j)8er call f he ahte. ";] J>aes 
ilcan sumeres com -f li^ into Temese. J lagon ))8er twa niht. "3 
heoldon sy^^an to Denmarcon. j Baldawine eorl forSferde. 3 
Amulf his sunu feng to ))an rice. "^ Francena kyning j Wyllelm 
eorl sceoldon beon his geheald. ac j)8er com Rodbeart^. ";] ofsloh 
Amulf his maeig "3 jjone eorl Wyllelm. J j)one kyngc aflymde. 3 
ofsloh his manna fela jjusenda. 

1072. Her Eadwine eorl j Morkere eorl hlupon tit. "3 mislice 

ferdon on wuda. J on feldon. o^ ^ Eadwine wearS ofslsegen 

f. 83. b. fram his agenum mannum. 'j'Morkere mid scype ge wende | to 

^ Here another hand begins, with the consecration of his sue- 

which is the same hand that cesser Anselm. This piece will be 

wrote the charter above under given in the Appendix. 
1 03 1. ^ hriht written over -heart. 

^ Here ends the Englisc text of * The MS. punctuates after cu- 

MS. 7C. The history of Lanfranc men instead of after men, 
ia continued in Latin, and closes ^ A space left for the name. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 207 

mynstres holdscipe. SytSSon geden heom to scipe. ferden heom yy 

to Elig, betsehtan }>aer J)a eallaf>a gsersume ; ^pa. Denescae menn 
wsendon -f hi sceoldon ofercumen f)a Frencisca men*- }?a to 
drefodon ealle ]7a munekes. beleaf ]?8er nan butan ^ mnnec 
he wees ge haten Leofwine Iwige.^he Isei seoc in }?a seci^man ^ 

I in. Da com Turold abbot j sehte sij>e twenti Frencisce men f. 59. b. 
mid him -3 ealle fullwepnode. pa he f)ider com f)a fand he 
forbsernd wiSinnan j wiSutan. eall butan f>a cyrece ane* 
J>a weeron )?a utlagas ealle on flote. wistan ^ he scolde J)ider 
cumen. pis wses don J)8es dseges iiii^ No luniiy pa twegen 
kyngas Willc/m ^ Swsegn wurSon ssehtlod. f>a ferdon J>a 
Dsenesca menn tit of Elig mid ealle J)a foren sprsBcena gsersume 
^ Iseddon mid heom. pa hi comen on middewarde ]?e sae. 
J)a com an mycel storm j todrsefede ealle f>a scipe }?8er )?a 
gersumes wseron inne. sume ferdon to Norwaegel ^sume tq 
Yrlande. sume to Dsenmarce. 3 eall "f f)ider com -f w»8 f>oiifi^ 
haecce ^ sume serine ^ sume roden 3 fela of J>a oSre gsersume. 
3 brohten hit to an cynges tun ' hatte. 3 dyden hit ^ 

eall J>a in )?one cyrce. Da sySSon }?urh heora gemelest 3 
}?urh heora dru Veen bed on 4n niht forbsemde ba^ cyrce. 
3 eall ]>et Jjser inmg, wses. Dus wees se mynstre of Burch comhmtio 
lorbeemd ^ forhaergod. selmihtig God hit gemiltse ]?urh his^ ^ 
mycele mild hertnesse. And J?us se abbot Turolde com to Burh. 
^ f>a munecas comen f>a ongean. 3 dydan Xpes f>eudom in 
Jjaere cyrce. $ ser hsefde standen fuUe seofeniht forutan selces 
cynnes riht. Da herde ^Egelric biscop }>et gesecgon. J?a aman- 
sumede he ealle )?a men f>a ^ yfel dsede hsefden don. Da waes 
mycel hunger J^aes geares. "^ J>a ]>8es sumeres com f>et litS nortSan 
of Humbran into Tajmese. j lagon ]>8er twa niht. j heoldan 
sytStSon to Dsenmercan. And Baldewine eorl forSferde. -] his 
sunu Amulf feng to rice, j Wille/m eorl sceolde ben_ his 
geheald. j Franca cyng eac. ^ cor/i J)a Rodbriht eorl 3 of sloh 
his mseg Amulf. 3 J?one eorl. j J)one cyng aflymda^ and his 
menn of sloh fela Jjusenda. 

1071. Her ^dwine eorl j Morkere eorl | uthlupon ;] f. 60. 
mislice ferdon on wudu 3 on felda. Da gewende Morkere 
eorl to Elig on scipe. And Eadwine eorl weartS ofslagen 

(Continued oti p. 208, and thenceforward ivitkaut interruption,) 

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2o8 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

arhlice fram his agenum mannum. j com se 15 Egelwine. *] 
Si ward Beam. ;] fela hund manna mid heom into Elig. 
^ )?a f>e se cyng WilleZm ;f geaxode. )?a bead he tit scip 
fyrde ^ land fyrde. ^ J)et land abutan sset. •] brycge ge wrohte. 
•;] inn for. j seo scip fyrde on f)a saehealfe. j J)a ut lagan J)a 
ealle on hand eodan. ^ wses Egelwine b. ;] Morkere eorl. j 
ealle J)a J?e mid heom wseron buton Herewarde ane. j ealle 
f)a J)e mid him woldon. ^ he hi ahtlice utlaedde. 3 se cyng 
genam scipa 3 wsepna j sceattas manega. ^ ]7a men he ateah 
swa swa he wolde. j ]?one b Egelwine he sende to Abbandune. 3 
he f>8er forSferde sona f>aes wintres. 

1072. Her Willelm cyng laedde scipfyrde ^ landfjoxie to 
Scotlande. ^ -f land on ]?a ssehealfe mid scipum ymbelseg. 
;] his land fyrde set J)am G-ewsede innlsedde. j he J^ser naht 
ne funde f>8es f>e him J)e bet wsere. ^ se cyng Melcolm com 
J gritSede wiS )?one cyng Willelm ^ gislas sealde. ^ his man 
wses. •] se cyng ham gewende mid ealre his fyrde. ^ se b 
Egelric forSferde. he wses to biscop hadod to Eoferwic. ac 
hit wees mid unrihte him ofgenumon. ^ man geaf him ^ 
brice on Dunholme. j he heafde hit f>a hwile f>e he wolde. 

(D) Helig. J \dsr com Egelwine b. J Sigwar^ Bam. '^ fela hund 
manna mid heom. Ac fa se kyngc Wyllelm ))is geahsade. J>a 
bead he ut scyp fyrde. J land fyrde. ";] "f land eall utan emb- 
sette. ■;] brygce worhte, J scypfyrde on })a ssehealfe. J hi ealle 
J>a eodon j)an kyninge on hand. ^ waes Egelwine b. J Morkere 
eorl. J ealle J)a };e mid heom wseron. buton Here werde anum. ^ 
ealle ))a ))e mid him set fleon mihton. J he hi ahtlice ut alsedde. 
■3 se kyng nam heora scypa ^ wsepna. ^ manega sceattas. "3 J>a 
menn ealle he toe. ^dyde of heom -f he wolde. ^ Egelwine b 
he sende to Abbandtine. ^ he ))ser forS ferde. 

1073. HerWyllelin kyng laedde scyp ferde 3 land fyrde to Scot 
lande. 3 f land on J)a ssehealfe mid scypum ymblseig. 1 him 
sylf mid his landfyrde ferde inn ofer f Wse^. 3 he j)8er naht ne 
funde ))8es J^e heom J^e betere wsere. 3 Malcolm cyngc com 3 gry^de 
wi^ WylleZm cyngc. 3 wses his mann. 3 hiw gyslas salde. 1 he 
sy^^n ham gewende mid ealre his fyrde. "3 se b jEgelric for^ 
ferde. he wses to bpe. gehadod to Eoforwic. ac hit wses mid 
unrihte him ofgenumen. "] geaf him f brice set Dtinholme. 3 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 209 

3 for let hit sytSSan. ^ ferde to Burch to see Petres mynstre. 
J Jjser drohtnode 'xii. gear. Da eefter )?am )?e Willelm cyng 
gewan Englalande. ]m nam he hine of Burch -^ sende'hine' 
to "West mynstre. ^ he forS ferde on ii>iw OctolS. 3 he is 
be byrged Jjser innan f)am mynstre. innon bcs Nicolaus portice. 

1073. On J^isum geare Willelm cyng Isedde Engliscne here 
•] Prencisce ofer sse. *] gewan ^ land Mans, 3 hit Englisce 
men swytSe amyrdon. wingearSas hi fordydon. 3 burga for 
bserndon. -^ swiSe ]?et land | amyrdon. *] hit eall abegdon "Wil- f. 60. b. 
lelme to handa. '^ hi sytSSon ham gewendon to Engla lande. 

1074. On J)isum geare for "Willelm cyng ofer see to Nor- 

he hit haefde ))a hwile j)e he wolde. "] forlet hit sy^an j ferde (D) 
to Burh. to sCe Petres mynstre. ^ faer drohtnode xii. gear. J)a 
SBfter j)am ))e Wyllelm gewann Engla land, he let hine nyman 
of Burh. J sende hine to "West mynstre. "] he ))8er for^ferde. on 
ID* OoTB. ;] is ))8er bebyrged innan sSe Nicolaes portice. 

1074. I On fisan gere Willelm eyngc Isedde Englisce fyrde ^ f. 84. 
Frencisce ofer s^. "^ gewann ;f land Mans. "] hit Englisce menn 
swi^ ameerdon. win geardas hi for dydon. ^ burga for baemdan. 

"3 -f land swi^ amyrdon. ^ eall -f land gebegdan fan kjminge 
to handan. ^ hig seo'grSan ham gewendan. 

1075. On ))issum gere "Wyllelm cyngc for ofer ssb to Normand- 
ige. ^ Eadgar cild 'com' of Fleminga lande into Scot lande. on 
s5e Grim baldes msesse dseg. "3 se kyngc Malcholom 3 his sweos- 
tor Margareta. hine underfengon mid mycclan weorSscype. On 
faere ilcan tide sende se kyng of Francrice Filippw5 gewrit to 
him. J bead him f he to him come. 3 he wolde geofan him 
jjone castel est Mustrsel. -f he mihte sy^an dseghwamlice his 
unwinan unjjancas don. Hweet j)a se cyngc Malcolm. J his 
sweoster Margareta. geafon him myccla geofa. 3 manega gaer- 
sama. J eallon his mannan. on scynnan mid paelle betogen. ^ 
on merSeme pyleceon. 3 graschynnene. "3 hearma scynnene. 3 
on paellon. 3 on gyldenan faton. "3 on seolfrenan. J hine. "3 
ealle his scyperan mid mycclan weorSscipe of his grySe alaedde. 
Ac on J)8Bre fare heom yfele gelamp. ))a hi ut on sse waeron. $ 
heom on becom swi^e hreoh weder. 3 seo wode s^. 3 se stranga 
wind hi on -f land awearp -f ealle heora scypa toburston. 3 hi 
sylfe earfo^lice ^ to lande coman. "3 heora gaersama forneh eall 

^ earforSlice. MS. 

Digitized by 



mandig. •] Eadgar cild com of Scotland to Normandige. j 
se cyng hine geinlagode. j ealle his men. "^ he w»s on 
J)es cynges hyrede. ^ nam swilce gerihta swa se cyng him 
ge uSe. 

1075. On f)isnm geare Wille^m cyng geaf Raulfe eorle 
Wille/mes dohtor Osbearnes sunu. 3 se ylca Raulf wses Bryttisc 
on his moderhealfe. "^ his fseder wses Englisc Eaulf hatte. 
•3 W8BS geboren on NorSfolc. J?a geaf se cyng his sunu f>one 
eorldom on NorSfolc. ^ SutSfolc. J?a Isedde he -f wif to 

pser wes -p brydeala 

mannuTTi to beala. 

Dser wses Roger eorl. ^ WalJ?eof eorl. ^ biscopas 3 ^bbotes. 
3 rseddon J^aer swa ^ hi woldon Jjone cyng ge settan tit of 

{T)\ losade. ";] his men eac wurdon sume gelsehtse of Frencyscan 
f. 84. b. mannan. ac he sylf "j his ferestan menn f erdon eft ongean | to 
Scotlande sume hreowlice on fotan gangende. J sume earmlice 
ridende. Da gersedde se kyngc Malcholom him f he sende to 
Wyllelme cynge ofer sae. J baede his grySes. ^ he eac swa dyde. 
J se cyngc him fees ge tirade. "] seft^r him sende. "3 se kyngc 
eft Malcolm ^ his sweostor. him. "] eallon his mannan imari- 
mede gsersama geafon. J swi^e weor61ice hine eft of heora 
grySe sendon. "] se scirgerefa of Eoferwic com him togeanes 
aet Dunholme. "^ ferde ealne weig mid him. "] let him findan 
mete. J foddor. set selcan castelle faer hi to comon. o^ "f hig 
ofer sae to J)am kynige coman. J se kyngc Wyllelm mid micclan 
weorSscype fa hine underfengc. "^ he waes faer )>a on his hirede 
J toe swilce gerihta swa ho him gelagade. 

1076. On [.issan geare Wyllelm cyngc geaf Raulfe eorle Wyl- 
lelmes dohtor Osbames sunu. "3 se ylca Raulf waes Bryttisc on 
his modor healfe. "3 Rawulf his faeder waes Englisc. ^ waes ge^ 
boren on NorSfolce. J se kyngc geaf forfl his suna faer J>one 
eorldom. j Su^folc eac. He fa laedde ;f wif to NorSwic 

paer waes f brydealo . 

;p waes manegra manna bealo. 

Daer waes Rogcer eorl. j Walfeof eorl. "3 biscopas. ^ abbodas. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 2ii 

Englelandes cynedome. ^ hit wearS sona gecydd )?am cynge 
to Normandige hu hit wses ge rsed. $ wees Koger eorl. j Eaulf 
eorl. J)e weeron yldast to tSam unreode. ;] hi speonan )?a 
Bryttas heom to. ^ sendon east to Denmearcan sefter scip here 
heom to fultume. ^ Roger ferde west to his eorl dome. ^ 
gegaderode his folc to J)8es cynges unj^earfe. ac he wearS 
gelet. ;] Eaulf eac on his eorldome wolde forSgan mid 
his folce. ac }>a castel men )?e wseron on Englalande ^ eac 
■J land folc him togeanes com en. *] gemacodon ^ he naht 
ne dyde. ac for to scipe set NorSwic. -^ his wif wses innan 
pam castele. "^ hine heold swa lange $ man hire griS sealde. 
3 heo ut ferde J?a of Englalande. ^ ealle hire men J>e hire 
mid woldon. -^ se cyng siStSan com to Engla lande. ;] genam 
Roger eorl his mseg. ^ gefestnode hine* j Wal)?eof eorl he 
genam eac. 

3 sona sefter ]?am comon eastan of Den mearcan *cc* scipa. f. 6i. 
"3 )38Br on waeron twsegen heafodmenn. Cnut Swsegnes sunn. 
^ Hacun eorl. j hi n6 dorstan nan ge feoht healdan wiS WilWm 

^ raeddon J^ser -p hi woldon heora kyne hlaford of his cyne rice (D) 
adrifan. ";] fis wees jjam kyninge sona to Normandie ge cy6ed. 
Bawulf eorl. ^ Rogcer eorl. wseron hofdingas aet fisan unrsede. 
J hi speonon heom to ))a Bryttas. ^ sendon eac to Denemarcon 
seftgr scyphere. J Rogcer ferde west to his eorldome. ^ gaderade 
his folc )>an cyngce to un j)earfe he j)ohte. ac hit wear6 heom 
seolfan to mycclan hearme. Rawulf eac wolde mid his eorl | dome f. 85. 
for6gan. Ac j)a castel menn fe waeron on Englalande. '^ eac 
■f land folc heom togenes comon. ";] hi ealle geletton. -f hi naht 
ne dydon. ac wses fsegen ^ he to scypum set fleah. "3 his wif be- 
laf sefter in ))am castele. 3 hine swa lange heold 0^ "f man 
hire gry^ salde. 3 heo fa ut ferde of Englalande. 3 ealle hire 
menn j)e hire mid woldon. 3 se kyngc syS^an com to Engla 
lande. 3 geferig Rogcer eorl his mseg 3 sette on prisun. j 
WalJ)eof eorl ferde ofer sae. 3 wreide hine sylfne 3 bsed forgy- 
fenysse 3 bead gaersuman. Ac se kyngc let lihtlice of o^ -f he 
com to Englalande. 3 hine let sy6^an tacan. 

And sona sefter J^isan coman of Denemarcon twa hund scypa. 
faeron. waeron heafdesmenn Cnut Swegnessunu cynges. J Hacon 
eorl. 3 ne dorston nan ge feoht healdan wi^ Willelme cynge. ac ^ 

ac written over -), 
P % 

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212 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

cynge. ac heoldon ofer sse to Flandran. 

*J EadgiS seo hlaefdig forSferde on Winceastre 'Vii* nihton 
aer Xpes msessan. j se cyng hi let bryngan to Westmynstre 
mid mycclan wurSscipe. •;] laegde hi wiS Eadward kyng hire 

^ se wses on West mynstre Ipone mide winter. "^ man for dyde 
f>8er ealle J)a Bryttas J)e wseron eet J)am bryd ealoS »t NorSwic. 
sume hy wurdon ablsende 
J snme of land adrifene. 
swa wurdon WilWmes 
swican geniSrade. 
1076. On f)isuw geare forSferde Swaegn cyng on Dsenmercan. 
^ Harold his sunu feng to ^]>e kyne rfce. 

•3 se cyng geaf West mynster Vithele abbode se wses aer 

/D) ferdon to Eoforwic. ^ braecon sCfe Petres mynst^. ";] tocon ]>ser 
inne mycele aehta "J foron swa aweg. ac ealle pa forferdon ]>e 
set y&m raede wseron. f wses Hacones sunu eorles ";) manege o^re 
mid him. 

And EadgyS seo hlsefdie for^ ferde. seo wses Eadwardes cynges 
geresta. seofon niht ser Xpes msessan on Wincestre. J se cyngc 
hig let bryngan to West mynstre mid mycclan weor^scype. ;] leide 
heo wi^ Eadwarde cynge hire hlaforde. 

Se kyngc waes j)a J)one mid winter on West mynstre. J>8Br 
mon fordemde ealle J>a Bryttas ]>e wseron set J)am bryd lope set 

Sume hi wurdon geblende . 

"3 sume wrecen of lande . 

^ sume getawod to scande . 

])us wurdon J)8es kyninges 

swican geny%erade. 

1077. On J)isan geare for6 ferde Swegen kyngc on Denemarcon. 
J Harold his sunu feng to his cynerice. Her Wyllelm cyngc 


f. 85. b. geaf I f abb rice set Westmynstre. Fi))ele abbode. se wses ser munuc 
set Bemege. And her wses WalJ)eof eorl be heafdod. on Win- 
cestre on s2e Petronella msessedseg. ^ his lie wearS gelsed to 
Crulande. ^ he ))ser is bebyrged. 3 Wyllelm cyngc for ofer sse. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 213 

aiSB on Bsemege. j Waljjeof eorl wes beheafdod on Win ceastre. 
J his lie weartS ge lead to Crulande. 

;j se cyng for ofer sae. ^ Isedde his fyrde to Brytlande. ^ 
be set fone castel D61. •] fa Bryttas hine heoldon ^ se cyng 
cow of Franc land. ^ Willelm ]?anon for. *] J)8er forleas segtSer ge 
men ge hors. '^ feola his gersuma. 

1077. Her on J>isum geare wurdon saehte Franca cyng ^ 
"Willelm Englalandes cyng. ac hit heold litle hwile. 

J Des geares for bam Lunden burh anre nihte ser Assuwiptio ttmb | 
see Mariae swa swy8e swa heo nsefre ser nses syS ]?an heo 
ge stabeled * wses. 

And on f)isum geare forS fyrde JSgelwig aBb on Euesham on 
Jmm dsege 'xiv- ^ Mr. And Hereman b eac forS ferde on fam 
dsege 'X' Ife Mf . 

1079. On ]?isum geare com Melcolm cyng of Scotlande into 
Englelande betwyx })am twam Mariam masssan mid mycclum 
fyrde. *] gehergode NorShymbra land | otS hit <5om to Tine. f. 61. b. 

^ Isedde fyrde to Brytlande. ^ be saet J)one castel set D61. ac fa (D) 
Bryttas hine heoldon o^ "f se cyngc com of Franc rice. ^ Wyl- 
lelm cyngc ))a ))anon for. ^ ))aer forleas aegSer menn. "3 hors. 
^ unarimede gaersaman. 

1078. Her se mona a))ystrode j?reom nihton aer Candelmaessan. 
■3 -^gelwig se woruldsnotra abb on Eofeshamme forSferde. on 
sCa luliana maesse daeg. "^ Waltere waes to abbe geset on his 
stede. "3 Hereman b forS ferde se waes b on B'e'arrucscire. "3 on 
Wiltunscire. J on Dorsaitan. J Her Malcholom kyngc gewann 
Mselslsehtan modor^. ************* 
* * * "3 ealle his betstan menn J ealne his gaersuman. j his orf. 

;] he sylf unease aetbaerst '. 



"3 her waes se dria sumor. "3 wilde fyr com on manega scira J 
forbaemde fela tuna. "3 eac manega burga forbu[r]non. 

1079. I Her Rodbert ))aes cynges sunn WilleZm[es]. hleop fram his f. 86. 
faeder. to his eame Rotbryhte on Flandron. for fan fe his faeder 

^ Sic MS. 3 Nearly a line left blank in MS. » gi^ lines left blank in MS. 

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214 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

J ofsloh feala hund manna. '} ham Isedde manige sceattas. 
■;] gersuma. ^ menn *on h^eftninge. 

And pi ilcan geare se cyng "Willelm gefeaht togeanes his 
sunu Rotbearde witSutan Normandige be anum castele Ger- 
bomeS hatte. 3 se cyng Wille/m wearS Jjser ge wundod. ^ his 
hors ofslagen Ipe he on saet. j eac his sunu "Willelm weartS ]mr 
ge wundod. j fela manna of slagene. 

1080. On })isam geare wses se % Walchere ofslagen on 
Dunholme set anum ge mote. 3 an hund manna mid him Fren- 
cisce J Flemisce. "^ he sylf waes on HlotSennga geboren. J>is 
dydon NorS hymbran on Maies monSe. 

1081. On J)isuw geare se cyng laedde fyrde into Wealan. -3 
pesr ge freode fela hund manna. 

1082. Her nam se cyng Odan b. "^ her wses mycel hungor. 

1083. On J>isuw geare aras seo ungehwsemes on Glaestinga 
byrig betwyx )?am abbode purstane. ^ his munecan. iErest 
hit com of ]m3 abbotes unwisdome. ^ he misbead his munecan 
on fela )?ingan. "^ Da munecas hit msendon lufelice to him. 
•;j beadon hine ^ he sceolde healdan hi rihtlice. "3 lufian hi. 
3 hi woldon him beon holde. 3 gehyrsume. Ac se abbot 
nolde J?8BS naht. ac dyde heom yfele. ^ beheot heom wyrs, 
Anes dseges ]?e abbot eode into capitulan. j sprsec uppoii pa, 

(D) ne wolde him laetan waldan his eorl domes on Normandige. pe 
he sylf. 3 eac se kyng Filippw« mid his ge j?afunge him gegyfen 
hsefdon. '] |>a j?e betst waeron on Jjam lande heefdon a^as hiw 
gesworon. ";] hine to hlaforde genumen. Her Rotbert feht wi^ 
his fsBder ";) hine on pa, hand gewundade. ";) his hors wear6 
under of scoten. ";] se pe him o^r tobrohte wearS J)8errihte mid 
anan arblaste of scoten. f wees Tokig Wiggodes sunu. ^ fela 
pddT wurdon of sleegen ";) eac ge fangene. "3 Rotbert eft ge wende 
to Pleminga lande. ne wylle we J)eh her na mare sca^e awritan 
pe he his fseder ge ^ * * * * 
f. 86. b. 1080. Her werp Anagus ofsleien frdm Scotta eere. Sf per toerp 
micel weell ofsleigen. mid him, \er wea codes ript ge sochen on him 
for pet he toes all for swoom '. 

1 f. 86 i8 only half a leaf, the re- « Here ends MS. T>. Cf. note on 

mainder of it having been cut away. p. 198 supra. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 215 

munecas. ^ wolde hi mis tukian. ;j sende sefter laewede mannnm. 
3 hi comon into capitulan on uppon J)a munecas full gewepnede. 
;j )?a wseron )?a munecas switSe aferede of heom. nyston hwet 
heow to donne wsere. Ac to scuton. sume umon in to cyrcean. 
*] belucan ])a duran into heom. ^ hi ferdon sefUr heom into 
)>am mynstre. ^ woldon hig utdragan* J>a8a hig ne dorsten ..x^ 
wi. ut gan. Ac reowlic J>ing | J)8er gelamp on dseg. f f>a f. 62. 
Frencisce men brsecen ]>one chor j torfedon towaerd J)am 
weofode Jjser 8a munecas wseron. ^ sume of San^^nihtan ferdon 
uppon fone tippflore. ^ scotedon adunweard mid drewan 
toweard J)am haligdome. swa -f on Jjsere rode f)e stod bufon 
J>am weofode sticodon on msenige arewan. j f)a wreccan munecas 
lagon onbuton J>am weofode. ^ sume crupon under. ^ gyme 
cleopedon to Gode his miltse biddende. Da f>a hi ne mihton 
nane miltse set mannum begytan. Hwaet magon we secgean. 
buton ^ hi scotedon swiSe. "5 J?a oSre tSa dura brsecon f>ser 
adune ^ eodon inn. ^ of slogon sume ]?a munecas to deaSe. 
•;] maenige gewundedon )>8erinne. swa ^ Set blod com of 
"Saw weofode uppon ]?am gradan. j of Sam gradan on J)a 
flore. f>reo J^ser wseron ofslagene to deaSe. ^ eahteteone 

J on f>8es ilcan geares fortJferde Mahtild Wille/mes cynges 
cwen. on }>one daeg seftcr ealra halgena msesse daeg. 

And on J)es ylcan geares sefter midewintre se cyng let beodan 
mycel gyld ^ hefelic ofer eall Engla land. ^ waes set selcere hyde 
twa ^ hund seofenti peanega. 

1084. Her on 8isum geare forSferde Wulfuuold aBB on 
Ceortesege. on f>am dsege 'xiii- 6 Mai. 

1085. On J?isuw geare menn cwydodon ;j to sotSan ssedan. 
•f Cnut cyng of Denmearcan Swsegnes sune cynges fundade 
hider ward, j wolde ge winnan J>is land mid Rodbeardes eorles 
fultume of Flandran. forSan 'J^e' Cnut heafde Eodbeardes dohter. 
Da WilleZm Englalandes cyng J)e J>a wses sittende on Nor- 
mandige. forSig he ahte segSer ge Engla land ge Normandige. 
}5is ge axode. he ferde in to Englalande mid swa mycclan here 
ridendra manna, j gangendra of FraVc rice and of Brytlande. 
swa nsefre ser f>is land ne gesohte. swa f menn wundredon 

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2l6 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1085.) hu I J>is land mihte eall )x)ne here afedan. Ac se cyng ^let' 
f. 62. b. to scyfton f>one here geond eall f>is land to his mann^m. J 
hi feeddon ]?one here selc be his landefne. j men heafdon 
mycel ge swine f>8es geares. ^ se cyng lett awestan -f land abutan 
J)a S8B. ]?et gif his feond comen upp. $ hi nsefdon na on hwam hi 
fengon swa rsedlice. Ac *J)a' se cyng geaxode to soSan ^ his 
feond gelsette wseron. 3 ne mihten na geforSian heora fare. 
]?a lett he sum })one here faren to heora agene lande. j sum 
he heold on J)isum lande ofer winter. 

Da to }>am mide wintre waes se cyng on Gleawe ceastre mid 
his witan. "^ heold J^ser his hired •¥• dagas. "3 sySSan J)e 
arceb ^ gehadode men hsefden sinotS f>reo dagas. D«r wses 
Mauriciw* ge coren to 15 on Lundene. *] Wille/m to NorS folce. 
3 Rodbeard to Coaster scire, hi wseron ealle )?8es cynges clerecas. 
-^ffcer f)isum haefde se cyng mycel gej^eaht. ^ swiSe de'o'pe 
spsece wiS his witan ymbe )?is land hu hit wsere ge sett. otStSe 
mid hwylcqn mannon. Sende J)a ofer eall Englaland into 
selcere scire his men. "^ lett agan ut hu fela hundred hyda 
wseron innon Jjsere scire. oSSe hwet se cyng him sylf hsefde 
landes. "] orfes innan f>am lande. oStSe hwilce gerihtse he 
ahte to habbanne to 'xii* monj^um of t^sere scire. Eac he 
lett ge writan hu mycel landes his arcebs hsefdon. ^ his leodbs. 
3 his abbs. 3 his eorlas. 3 J?eah ic hit lengre telle, hwset 
otStSe hu mycel aelc mann hsefde )7e landsittende wses innan 
Engla lande. on lande. otStSe on orfe. '^ hu mycel feos hit 
weere wurS. Swa swySe nearwelice he hit lett utaspyrian. 
f uses an selpig hide, ne an gyrde landes. ne furSon, hit 
is sceame to tellanne. ac hit ne ]?uhte him nan sceame to 
donne. an oxe. ne dn cu. ne kcL swin. uses belyfon. $ uses 
ge sset on his ge write, j ealle J?a ge writa wseron ge broht to 
him sytJSan. 
f. 63. 1085^ Her se cyng beer his corona 3 heold his hired on 
Win ceastre to )?am Eastran. "3 swa he ferde $ he waes to 
J)aw Pentecosten set Wsest minstre. j dubbade his sunu 

* Thus MS. 1085 repeated. Owing behind the true date. The scribe 
to this mistake the annals in this ultimately rights matters by omit- 
chronicle tip to 1089 are one year ting the number 1088 altogether. 

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THE LA UD MS, (E) 217 

Henric to ridere }>8er. SyStSan he ferde abutan swa ^ he (A.D.1085.) 

com to^Lammsessan to Scare byrig. ^ J)8er him comon to 

his witan. and ealle f>a land sittende ^ men. )?e ahtes wseron 

ofer eall Engl eland, wseron )?8es mannes men f>e hi wseron. 

^ ealle hi bugon to him. 3 weron his menn. "3 him hold a8as 

sworon -f hi woldon ongean ealle oSre men him holde beon. 

Danon he ferde into Wiht. for J>ig he wolde faran into Norman- 

dige. "3 swa dyde sytSSan. And )>eah he dyde serest »fber 

his gewunan. begeat swi'Se mycelne sceatt of his mannan 

J?8Br he mihte senige teale (toiiabban JotSSe mid rihte otSSo 

elles. Ferde f>a sytSSan into Normandige. "^ Eadgar sej^eling 

iEdwardes mseg cynges beah })a fram him for}>ig he nsefde 

na mycelne wurtSscipe of him. ac se selmihtiga God him 

gife wurSscipe on J)am toweardan. ^ Cristina J?8es setSelinges 

swuster beah into mynstre to Kumesege. "3 under feng halig 


;j )>8BS ilcan geares wses swiSe hefelic gear. •] swi'Se swincfuU 
■3 sorhfiill gear innan Englelande on orfcwealme. "3 c6rn. -3 
wsestmas wseron set standene. 3 swa mycel ungelimp on wseder- 
unge. swa man naht seSelice ge]?encean ne mseg. swa stor 
)?unring. 3 leegt wes. swa $ hit acwealde manige men. 3 44 hit 
wyrsode mid mannan swiSor ^ switSor. Gebete hit God elmih- -i^^ 
tiga. J?onne his willa sy. "^^^ 

1086*. JSfter ure Drihtnes Hselendes Cristes gebyrtide. an 
]?usend wintra 3 seofan 3 hundeahtatig wintra. on ]?am dn 
3 twentigan geare })8es ]?e WillcZm weolde 3 stihte Engle land 
swa him God utSe. gewearS swi'Se hefelic and swi'Se woldbe- 
rendlic gear on J?issum lande. Swylc co'Se com on [ maunum. f- 63. b. 
$ full neah eefre J>e oSer man wear's on f)am wyrrestan yfele. 
})et is on 8am drife. 3 f)et swa stranglice. ;f msenige menn 
swulton on Sam yfele. SySSan com J?urh J>a mycclan im ge wi- 
derunge f>e comon swa we beforan tealdon. swytSe mycel hungor 
ofer eall Engle land. ^ manig hundred manna earmlice deaSe 
swulton J)urh Jjone hungor. Eala hu earmlice 3 hu reowlic 

* landst sittende. MS., st being underlined. 

' Thus MS., though the body of the annal has 1087 (rightly). 

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2i8 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1086.) tid wses 8a. Da Sa wreccse men Isegen fordrifene full neah 
to deatSe. ^ sytSSan cow se scearpa hungor "j adyde hi mid 

Hwam ne meeg earmian swylcere tide? o?5Se hwa is swa 
heard heort ^ ne mseg wepan swylces nngelimpes % Ac swylce 
J)ing ge wurtSa)? for folces synna ^ hi nellatS lufian God 3 
rihtwisnesse. Swa swa hit wses ]>a on 8am daguw. -f litel 
rihtwisnesse waes on J>iBum lande mid senige menn. buton mid 
munecan ane J^ser f>8er hi wsell ferdon* Se cyng "^ f)a heafod 
men lufedon Bwi8e ^ ofer swi8e gitsunge. on golde. "j on seolfre. 
^ ne rohtan hu synlice hit wsere begytan buton hit come to 
heow. Se cyng sealde his, land swa deore to male, swa heo 
de^o'rost mihte. Donne com sum o8er •] bead mare fonne 
J>e^ o8er ser sealde. •] se cyng hit lett f>am menn pe him mare 
bead. Donne com se f>ridde. ^ bead geat mare. "^ se cyng 
hit let )?am men to handa f)e him eallra meast bead. 3 ne rohte 
na hu swi8e synlice ]?a ge refan hit begeatan of earme mannon. 
ne hu manige unlaga hi dydon. Ac swa man swy8or spsec 
embe rihte lage. swa mann dyde mare unlaga. hy arerdon 
unrihte toUas. j manige o8re unriht hi dydan. J^e sindon 
earfej)e to areccenne. 

Eac on 8am ilcan geare set foran hserfeste for barn -f halige 
mynster see Paule ^e B stol on Lundene. 3 msenige o8re 
mynsti^s. 3 -f mseste dgel 3 ^ rotteste ealle Jjsere burh. Swylce 
eac on 8am ilcan timan forbam full neah selc heafod port on 
eallon Engle lande. Eala reowlic 3 wependlic tid wees Jjses 
geares. f)e swa manig un gelimp wses for8 bringende. 
f 64. Eac I on J?am ilcan geare to foran Assumptio see Marie for 
WilleZm cyng of Normandige into France mid fyrde. 3 hergode 
uppan his agenne hlaford Philippe J>am cynge. *] si oh of his 
manuqn mycelne dsel. 3 forbeamde J>a burh Ma8ante. j ealle ]?a 
halige mynstres J^e wseron innon Jjsere burh. 3 twegen halige 
menn J^e hyrsumedon Gode on ancer settle wuniende. J>ser 
wseron forbearnde. 

Dissum )?us gedonerse cyng Willelm cearde ongean to Nor- 
mandige. Reowlic ]?ing he dyde. 3 reowlicor him gelamp. 
Hu reowlicor? him geyfelade. 3 $ him stranglice ^glade. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 219 

Hwfiet mseg ic teollan? Se scearpa dea"S f>e ne for let ne rice (a.d.io86.) 
menn. ne heane. s^ hine genam. He swealt on Normandige 
on f)one nextan daeg sefter natiuitas see Marie. *] man be byrgede 
hine on Cajmm set see Stephanes mynstre .•* serer he hit arserde. 
*J sySSan mseni fealdlice ge godade. 

Eala hu leas "j hu unwrest is }>ysses middan eardes wela.^ , P^,^-- 
Se ]?e wses serur rice cyng. "j maniges landes hlaford. he naefde ^ ^ j * , ^ 
J?a ealles landes buton seofon fot mael. j se f)e waes hwilon L^^ 
ge scrid mid golde. "j mid gimmum. he Iseg f>a ofer wrogen mid 

He Isefde sefter him J)reo sunan. Rodbeard h^t se yldesta. 
se wses eorl on Normandige sefter him. se oSer h^t Willelm. 
}>e bser sefter him on Engleland J?one kinehelm. Se J>ridda 
het Heanric. f>am se fseder becwsetS gersuman imateallend- 

Gif hwa ge wilnigeS^ to ge witaiie hu ge don mann he wses. 
otStSe hwilcne wurSscipe he hsefde. otStSe hu fela lande he 
wsere hlaford. Donne wille we be him awritan swa swa we 
hine ageaton. t5e him onlocodan. "3 o"Sre hwile on his hirede 
wunedon. Se cyng Willelm ]>e we embe specatS wses swiSe 
wis man. *] switSe rice, j wurSfulre and strengere f>onne senig 
his fore genga wsere. He wses milde J>am godum mannum 
l>e God lufedon. *] ofer eall gemett stearc }>am mannum 
)?e wits cwsedon his willan. On Sam ilcan | steode J?e God f. 64. b. 
him geutSe -f he moste Engleland gegdn. he arerde msere 
mynster. j munecas f)ser gessette. *] hit wsell ge godade. On 
his dagan wses -f msere mynster on Cantwarbyrig ge tymbrad. 
•J eac swiSe manig oSer ofer eall Englaland. Eac }>is land 
wses switSe afylled mid munecan. '^ f>a leofodan heora lif sefter 
scs Benedicts* regule. ;) se Xpendom wses swilc on his dsege 
;f selc man hwset his hade to belumpe. folgade se ]?e wolde. 
Eac he wses swytSe wurSful. J?riwa he bser his cynehelm selce 
geare. swa oft swa he wses on Englelande. On Eastron he 
hine bser on Winceastre. on Pentecosten on West mynstre. 
on midewintre on Gleaweceastre. *] )>senne wseron mid him 

ge wilniged. MS. 


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220 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1086.) ealle f)a rice men ofer eall England, arce biscopas. ^ leodBs. 
abbodas j eorlas J ^egnas "j cnihtas. Swilce he wses eac swytSe 
stearc man "j rseSe. swa f man ne dorste nan )>ing ongean 
his wiUan d6n. He hsefde eorlas on his benduwi. )>e dydan 
ongean his willan. Biscopas he saette of heora biscoprice. j 
abbodas of heora aBb rice. ^ Jjsegnas on cweartem. ^ set nextan 
he ne sparode his agenne brotSor. Odo h^t. he vses switSe 
rice b on Normandigc. on Baius wses his b stol. j waes manna 
fyrraest to eacan }>awi cynge. j he hsefde eorldom on 
Englelaude. "3 ]x)nne se cyng [waes] on Normandige. f)onne waes 
he maegest* on Jdsum lande. *] hine he saette on cweartern. 
Betwyx oSrum J)inguwi nis na to for gytine) ^ gode friS )?e 
he macode on J^isan lande. swa ^ ^ man ]7e him sylf aht 
waere. mihte faran ofer his rice mid his bosum full goldes 
ungederad. *] nan man ne dorste slean oSerne man. naefde 
he naefre swa my eel yfel gedon wiS ]x)ne o8eme. *] Gif hwilc 
carl man haemde witS wimman hire untSances. sona he forleas ]7a 
limu )>e he mid pleagode. 
f. 65. He rixade ofer Englae | 'land. ;) hit mid his geap scipe swa 
]>urhsmeade. ^ naes dn litd landes innan Englae lande. ^ he 
nyste hwa heo haefde. otSSe hwaes heo wurtS waes. ;) sytSSan 
on his gewrit gesaett. Brytjand him waes on gewealde. ^ 
he ]?ser inne casteles gewrohte. *] f)et Manncynn mid ealle 
gewealde. Swilce eac Scotland he him under ]>aedde. for his 
mycele strengj)e. Normandige f land waes his gecynde. "j 
ofer f)one eorldom J)e Mans is gehaten he rixade. *] Gif he 
moste f)a gyt twa gear libban. he haefde Yrlande mid his 
werscipe gewunnon. •] wiSutan aelcon waepnon. Witodlice 
on his timan haefdon men mycel ge swine. 3 swiSe manige 

castelas he 16t wyrcean. 

•J earme men switSe swencean. 

Se cyng waes swa switSe stearc. 

"3 benam of his under }>eoddan man^. manig marc 

^ The extension of this contraction ^ This man is probably a- mere 

is uncertain : msegeste, Gibson, In- error due to the word manig which 
gram, Thorpe. follows. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 22 1 

goldes. "] md hundred punda seolfres. (a.d. 1086.) 

Det he nam be wihte. *] mid mycelan unrihte 

of his landleode, for litte[l]re neode. 

he wses on gitsunge befeallan. 

"J grsedinsesse he lufode mid ealle. 

he ssette mycel deorfriS. "j he Isegde laga J)8erwiS. 

■f swa hwa swa sloge heort otSSe hinde. 

^ hine man seeolde blendian. 

he forbead f>a heortas. swylce eac )>a baras. 

swa swiSe ^he' lufode }>a headeor 

swilce he waere heora feeder. 

Eac he ssette be J^am haran* ^ hi mosten freo &ran. 

his rice men hit msendon. j ]7a earme men hit bece6-> 

Ac he [waes] swa stiS* -f he ne rohte beora eallra niS. 
ac hi moston mid ealle J>e8 cynges wUle folgian 
gif hi woldon libban . otSSe land habban . 
land otfiSe eahta . otStSe wel his sehta . 
Wala w4 . -f aenig man seeolde modigan swa . 
hine sylf Ipp ahebban . j ofer ealle men tellan. 
Se selmihtiga God cyj^ae his saule mild heortnisse* 
3 do him his synna for gifenesse. 

Das ]?ing we habbatS be him ge writene. segtSer ge gode ge 
yfele. f J^a godan men niman sefter }>eora godnesse. *] for 
leon ^ mid ealle | yfelnesse. j gan on tSone w^g. \>q us lett to f. 65. b. 
heofonan rice. 

Tela f>inga we magon writan f>e on t5am ilcan geare ge- 
wordene wseron. Swa hit wses on Denmearcan. $ ^pB, Daenes- 
can \>Q wses semr geteald eallra folca getreowast. wurdon 
awende to J^sere meste un triwSe. j to }>am msesten swicdome ]?e 
sefre mihte ge wurSan. Hi ge curon "j dbugan to Cnute cynge. 
•3 him aSas sworon. *] sytSSan hine earhlice of slogon innan anre 
cyrcean. Eac weartS on Ispanie f J>a hseSenan men foran ^ 
hergodan uppon f>am Xpenan mannan. 3 mycel abegdan to 
heora anwealde. Ac se Xpena cyng, Anphos wses ge haten, he 

1 Sic MS. ?forfleon. 

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222 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.T086.) sende ofer eall into selc^g lande. •] gymde fultumes. *] him com 
to fultum of selcen lande )>e Xpen waes. "3 ferdon j of slogon ^ 
aweg adrifan eall }>et hseSena folc. "j gewnnnon heora land 
ongean. f)urh Godes fultum. 

Eac on )>isan ilcan lande on )>am ilcan geare. forS ferdon 
manega rice men. Stigand 15 of Ciceastre. "3 se aBB of see Augus- 
tine. •] se al&fe of BaSon. "3 )>e of Perscoran. "3 Da heora eallra 
hlaford Willelm Englselandes cyng. )>e we sfer beforan embe 
spsecon. ^fter his deaSe his sune. WilleZm hset eallswa \>q 
fseder. feng to )>am rice j weartS ge bletsod to cynge fram Land- 
france arceB on Westmynstre. )>reom dagum ser Mich^a'eles 
maesse dgeg. "3 ealle J)a men on Engla lande him to abugon. "3 him 
aSas sworon. Disum f>us ge done, se cyng ferde to Win ceastre. 
^ sceawode $ madmehus. -3 f)a gersuman }>e his feeder aer 
ge gaderode. f>a wseron un asecgendlice senie men hu mycel f>8er 
wses gegaderod. on golde "3 on seolfre. -3 on faton. "3 on 
psellan. '^ on gimman. ;] on manige ot5re deorwurSe }>ingon. 
\>e earfoSe sindon to ateallene. Se cyng dydef J>a swa his faeder 
him be bead ser he dead wsere. dselde }>a gersuman for his fseder 
saule. to aelcen mynstre \>e wes innan^ Engle lande to suman 
f. 66. mynstre -X' marc goldes. to suman -vi- "3 to selcen cyrcean | uppe 
land 'Ix' paene^a. "3 in to selcere scire man seonde hundred punda 
feos. to dselanne earme mannan for his saule. ^ aer he forSferde 
he bead $ man sceolde un lesan ealle J?a menn }>e on haeftnunge 
waeron under his anwealde. ^ se cyng waes on Sam mide wintre 
on Lundene. 

1087. On )>isum geare waes f>is land swiSe astirad. ^ mid 
mycele swicdome afylled. swa $ f>a riceste Frencisce men J>e 
weron innan J>isan lande. wolden swican heora hlaforde f>am 
cynge. "3 woldon habban his broSer to cynge Rodbeard f>e waes 
eorl on Normandige. On ]?isum raede waes aerest Oda 15. 3 
GosfriS 15. "3 Wille/m 15 on Dunholme. Swa waell dyde se cyng 
be J?am b. ;f eall Engla land faerde aefter his raede. -3 swa swa he 
wolde. ^ he )>ohte to donne be him eall swa ludas Scarioth dyde 
be lire Drihtene. ^ Rogere eorl waes eac aet )>am un raede. ;3 

' altered from on. 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 223 

swiSe niycel folc mid lieow ealle Frencisce men. ^ J^ges unrsed (A.D.1087.) 

waertS ge rsed imian ]?am lengtene. Sona swa hit com to f>am 

Eastron. f>a ferdon hi ■] hergodon "3 bserndon *] aweston )>aes 

cynges feorme hames. 3 ealira Jjsera manna land hi for dydon J>e 

wseron innan ]?8es cynges holdscipe. "j heora selc ferde to his 

castele. ^ )>one mannoden "3 metsoden swa hig betst mihton. 

GosfritS B ;] Rodbeard a Mundbraeg ferdon to Bricg stowe ;) 

hergodon ^ brohton to )>am castele ]>a hergunge. ^ sytSSon foron 

ut of Sam castele *] hergodon BaSon. j eall -f land j^ser abutan. 

•J eall Beorclea hyrnesse hi awseston. *] Da men \>e yldest 

wseron of Hereforde. ^ eall \>^ scir fortS mid. ^ )>a men of ^ 

Scrob scyre mid mycele folce of Bryt lande comon 3 hergodon 3 

bserndon on WiSre ceastre scire fortS -f hi comon to )>am porte 

sylfan. ^ wold on )?a Ssene port bsernen. j -f mynster reafian. "j -^^ 

f>se8 cynges castel gewinnan heom to handa. Das J?ing geseonde 

se arwnrtJa B Wlstan. wear?5 swiSe ge drefed on his mode. forSig 

him wses betseht \>q castel to healdene. J>eah hweSer | his hired f. 66, b. 

men ferdon tit mid feawe mannan of )>am castele. "3 }>urh Godes 

mild heortnisse ^ Jjurh )?sbs bs geeamunga ofslogon ^ gelsehton 

fif hundred manna. 3 ]?a oSre ealle aflymdon. Se b of Dunholme 

dyde to hearme -f he mihte ofer eall be nortSan. Roger het an 

of heom. se hleop into f)am castele aet NorSwic. ^ dyde git 

ealira waerst ofer eall $ land. Hugo eac an f>e hit ne gebette 

nan f>ing. ne innan Lsegreceastrescire. ne innan NorShamtune. 

De b Odo fje f)as )?yng^ of awocan ferde into Cent to his eorldome. 

J for' dyde hit swytSe. ^ J>8es cynges land. *] }>ses arcebs mid ealle 

awestonj brohte eall ^ g6d into his castele on Hrofe ceastre. 

Da(W)cyng under geat ealle ]?as }?ing. *] hwilcne swicdom V 
hi dydon toweard his, ]?a weartS he on his mode switSe ge 
drefed. sonde ]7a sefter Englisce mannan. ^ heom fore saede 
his neode. *] gyrnde heora fultumes. j behet heom J>a betsta 
laga f>a sefre ser wses on J>isan lande. *] selc u[n] riht geold 
he forbead. -3 geatte mannan heora wudas. and slsetinge. ac 
hit ne stod nane hwile. Ac Englisce men swa f>eah fengon 
to '^pB.m cynge heora hlaforde on fultume. Ferdon f>a toweard 

cyng. MS. 

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224 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1087.) Hrofeceastre. *] woldon f>one 15 Odan begytan. }>ohtan gif hi 
hflefdon hine }>e wses serur heafod to t5am unrsede. f hi niihton 
f)e bet begytan ealla f)a otSre. hi comon f)a to J>am castele 
to Tonebricge. )?a waeron innan f)aw» castele Odabs cnihtas, 
•J oSre manige {)e hine healdon woldan ongean J>on« cyng. 
Ac f>a Englisce men ferdon. ^ tobrsecon ]?one castel. j ]?a 
men J)e fjserinne waeron. griSodon wiS f>one cyng. Se cyng 
mid bis here ferde toweard Hrofeceastre. ^ wendon -f se b 
wsere }>8erinne. ac hit wearS J>am cynge cutS f>et se b waes 
afaren to 8am castele aPefenesea. -3 se cyng mid his here 
ferde eefter. -^ bessett )>one castel abutan. mid swiSe mycele 
here fuUe six wucan. 

Betwyx )?issum se eorl of Nor mandige Eiodbeard }>es cynges 
broSer gaderode switSe mycel folc. "3 jx)hte to gewinnane 
Engleland mid ]?8era manna fultume J>e waeron innan J^isan 
lande ongean ^pone cyng. j he sende of his mannan to ]?isum 
lande. "3 wolde cuman himsylf aeft^r. Ac }>a Englisce men 
J7e waer'd'edon J^aere sae. gelaehton of ^pB.m mannon. "3 slogon. 
"3 adrengton ma ]?onne aenig man wiste to tellanne. 

SyStSan heom ateorede mete wi"S innan fjam castele. Sa 
gyT[n]don hi griSas. -3 agefan hine \>B.m cynge. "3 se b swor 
^ he wolde tit of Engle lande faran. "3 nk mare cuman on 
tSisan lande butan se cyng him aeft^r sende. "3 ^ he wolde 
agifan ^pone castel on Hrofeceastre. Ealswa se b ferde "3 
sceolde agifan \>ojie castel. "3 se cyng sende his men mid 
him. t5a arisan f>a men f>e waeron innan }>am castele. 3 
namon )>one b ^ )>e8 cynges men. 3 dydon hi on haeftnunge. 
Innan ]?am castele waeron swiSe gode fenihtas^ Enstatit** ^^ 
iunga. -3 Rogeres eorles ]?reo sunan. ^ ealle )>a betstboren 
men. )>e waeron innan f)isan lande. otSSe on Normandige. 

Da se cyng under geat Jjas {jing. f)a ferde he aeft^r mid 
}>am here )>e he Saer haefde. ;) sende ofer eall Engla lande. 
3 bead ^ aelc man J?e waere unniSing sceolde cuman to him, 
Frencisce j Englisce. of porte ;) of uppe lande. Him com 
)>a mycel folc to. ^ he for [to] Hrofeceastre. "3 besaett f)one 
ca,stel. otStSet hi gritSedon J?ae J^aer inne waeron. ^ }>one castel 
ageafon. Se b Odo mid ]?am mannum J)e innan }>am castele 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 225 

wseron ofer b8B ferdon. -j se B swa for let )?one wurSscipe 
f>e he on )>is land hasfde. Se cyng sytSSan sende here to 
Dunholme. "3 let besittan J>one castel. "3 se B griSode and 
ageaf J>one castel. "3 for let his biscoprlce. "j ferde to Nor- 
mandigd. Eac manige Frencisce men for leton heora land. 
3 ferdon ofer sse. "j se cyng geaf heora land J)am mannuw 
J?e him holde wseron. 

1089. On J?isum geare se arwurSa muneca feder ^ frouer f. 67. b. 
Landfranc arcB ge wat of )>issuwi life, ac we hopiatS f he ferde 

*to' ^ heofanlice rice. Swilce eac ge wartS ofer eall Engle land 
mycel eortS styrunge. on ]?one dseg 'iii* IDt^ Aug*, j wses 
swiSe Isetsum gear on come. ^ on selces cynnes wsestmum. 
swa -f manig men rsepon heora corn onbutan Martines mses- 
san. "3 gyt lator. 

1090. Indictione xni. Dissum f>us gedon. eall swa wse ser 
abufan saedan be Jjam cynge. ^ be his broSer. ^ be his 
mannon. Se cyng wses smsegende hu he mihte wrecon his 
broSer Eodbeard swiSost swencean. "3 Normandige of him 
gewinnan. Deah }>urh his geapscipe. o'SSe }>urh gsersuma he 
begeat f)one castel set see Waleri. j f>a hsefenan. "3 swa he 
begeat J?one set Albemare. 3 ]?ar inne he sette his cnihtas. 
•3 hi dydon hearmes uppon )?am lande on hergunge 3 on bsernete. 
Mi^er }>isuwi he begeat ma castelas innan )>am lande. -3 *)>ser' 
inne his rideras ge logode. 

Se eorl of Normandige B^odheard sySSan he under geat f his 
gesworene men him trucedon. "3 agefon hera castelas him 
to hearme. J?a sende he to his hlaforde Philippe Francena 
cynge. "3 he com to Normandige mid mycelan here. "3 se cyng 
"3 se eorl mid ormsetre fyrde besseton )x)n6 castel abuton. 
f)8er f)ses cynges men of Engle land inne wseron. Se cyng 
Willelm of Engla lande sende to Philippe Francena cynge. ;] 
he for his lufan ot5Se for his mycele gersuma forlet swa his 
man Ipone eorl Rodbeard ;] his land. 3 ferde ongean to France 
•3 let heom swa weorSan. 3 betwyx J)isum J)ingum J^is land 
wses swiSe for don. on unlaga gelde. 3 on oSre manige 
un gelimpe. 

1091. On f>isum geare se cyng WilleZm heold his hired to 

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2 26 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1091.; Xpesmessan on Wsest mynstre. ;] j^ser sefter to | Candel msessan 
f. 68. he ferde for his browser un f>earfe ut of Engla lande into 
Normandige. On mang \>a.m Ipe he )>8er waes. heora sehte to gae- 
dere eode. on f gerad f se eorl him to handan let Uescam. 
^ )>one eorldom aet Ou. j Eiseres burh. And f>8er to eacan 
J>es cynges men sac leas beon moston. on p&m castelan. J>e 
hi ser f>es eorles unf>ances begiten haefdon. "3 Se cyng him 
ongean ]?a Manige behet, ]>e eer heora feeder gewann. ;] J>a fram 
J?am eorle gebogen wses, gebygle to donne. j eall f his feeder 
jjser begeondan haefde. butan )>am J?e he }>a[m] cynge }>a 
geunnen haefde. j f ealle ]?a ]?e on Engle lande for ]?am 
eorle aeror heora land forluron. hit on J^isum sehte habban 
sceoldan. "j se eorl on Engle lande eall swa mycel swa on heora 
forewarde waes. And gif se eorl forS ferde butan sunu be 
rihtre sewe. waere se cyng yrfenuma of eallon Normandig. Be 
J?isre sylfan forewarde gif se cyng swulte. waere se eorl yrfenuma 
ealles Engla landes. Das forewarde gesworan -xii* pa. betste 
of }>es cynges healfe. and 'xii* of J?es eorles. f>eah hit sytSSan 
litle hwile stode. 

On mang J?isum ssehte weartS Eadgar ae)>eling be landed, of 
)>am pe se eorl him aeror Jjaer to handa gelaeten haefde. j ut 
of Normandig for to ]?am cynge his aSume to Scotlande. ■] 
y to his swustor. 

"- On mang f>am ]>e se cyng Willelm ut of Engle lande waes. 

ferde se cyng Melcolm of Scotlande hider into Englum. ;] his 
mycelne dael oferhergode. 08 f f>a gode maen Ipe pis land 
bewiston. him fyrde ongean gaendon. ^ hine gecyrdon. Da 
J?a se cyng Yfilldm into Normandige J>is ge hyrde. f>a gearcode 
he his fare. "^ to Engle lande com. ^ his broSer se eorl Rod- 
beard mid him. -^ sona fyrde h^t ut abeodan. aegtSer scip fyrde 
^ land fyrde. ac seo scip fyrde aer he to Scotlande cuman 
mihte. aelmaest earmlice forf6r. feowan dagon toforan see 
Michaeles maessan. And se cyng j his broSer mid J^aare 

f. 68. b. land f}Tde ferdon. ac f>a tSa | se cyng Melcolm gehyrde ^ 
hine man mid fyrde secean wolde. he for mid his fyrde ut 
of Scotlande into LoSene on Engla land -^ pddv abad. Da 
J?a se cyng Willelm mid his fyrde ge nealehte. pa, ferdon betwux 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 227 

Rodbeard eorl "3 Eadgar' SBtJeling "j ]?8era cinga sehte swa (A.D.1091.) v 

ge macedon. ^ se cyng Melcolm to uran cynge com. j his man 

weartS to eallswilcre ge hyrsumnisse swa he ser his feeder 

dyde. 3 "f mid aSe gefestnode. j se cyng WiUdm him beh^t 

on lande ;] on ealle f>inge pads pe he under his feeder ser 


On )>isuwi sehte wearS eac Eadgar(eJ)eling wiS )>one cyng / 
gessehtlad. *] f>a cyngas f)a mid myccluw sehte tohwurfon. 
EC f litle hwile stod. And se eorl Eodbeard her oS Xpes 
maesse forneah mid pa,7n cynge wunode. *] litel sotSes psdv on 
mang. of heora^forewarde onfand. "3 twam dagon ser ]>8ere 
tide on Wiht scipode. "j into Normandig for. ^ Eadgar seSeling 
mid him. 

1092. On }>isum geare se cyng Willelm mid myceh*e fyrde 
ferde nortS to Cardeol. ^ '] f>a burh ge setSstaJjelede. "j )>one 
castel arerde. ^ Dolfin Itadraf pe seror J^aer pea landes 
weold. ^ }>one castel mid his mannan gesette. ;] By?58an hider 
suS gewsende. *] mycele msenige Eyrlisces^ folces mid wifa ;] 
mid orfe f)yder ssende. f>8er to wunigenne -f land to tilianne. 

1093. On )>isum geare to pa.m Isengtene warS se cyng WiUdm 
on Gleaweceastre to pam swiSe geseclod. f he waes ofer eall 
dead gekyd. *] on his .broke he Gode fela behsesa beh^t. 

his agen lif on riht to Isedene. t| Godes cyrcean griSian "j \x 
friSian. "3 nsefre md eft mS feo gesyllan. j ealle rihte lage 
on his f>eode to habbene. And f arceBrice on Cantwarbyrig 
pe ser on his agenre hand stod. Anselme betaehte. se wses 
ser aBB on Baec. ^ Kodbeard his cancelere f biscoprice on v 
Lincolne. *] to manegan mynstren land ge uSe. ac f he sytSSan 
set brsed. )>a hiwi gebotad waes. j ealle pa, gode laga | for laet. pe f. 69. 
he us ser beh^t. 

Da sdfter )>isson sende [se] cyng of Scotlande. "j f>8ere fcre- 
warde gymde pe him behaten wses. and s6 cing WiUelm him 
steofnode to Gloweceastre. 3 hir» to Scotlande gislas sende. 
J Eadgar sej^eling aefter. ;] f>a men sySSan ong^an. pe hine 
mid mycclon wurSscipe to pam cynge brohtan. Ac ]?a 8a he 

Carleol : Gibson's correction. 

Englisces : Gibson's correction, cyrliscea. Thorpe. 

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228 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

CA.D.1093.) ix) f)am cynge cowi ne mihte he beon weor'Se naSer ne ure 
cynges spsece. ne J^sera forewarde }>e him ser behatene wseron. 
•J for \\ hi fja mid mycelon un sehte to hwurfon. "3 se cyog 
Melcolm ham to Scotlande gewsende. Ac hraSe ]?8es f>e he 
ham com. he his fyrde gegaderode. ;) into Englelande 
hergende mid maran unraede ferde )>one him abehofode. ^ 
hine f)a Eodbeard se eorl of NortShymbran mid his mannan 
unwseres besyrede -^ ofsloh. Hine sloh Morsel of Bsebba- 
K/ burh. se wses Jjaes eorles stiward. "j Melcolmes cynges godsib. 
Mid him wses eac Eadward his sune ofslagen. se seftcr him 
cyng beon sceolde. gif he hit ge lifode. Da f)a seo gode cwen 
Margarita J^is gehyrde. hyre )?a leofstan hlaford 3 sunu )>us 
beswikene. heo wear"S o?5 deaS on mode ge ancsumed. 3 mid 
hire prestan to cyrcean code. ^ hire gerihtan underfeng. •] 
set Grode absed. ^ heo hire gast ageaf. ^ Da Scottas }>a 
Dufenal to cynge gecuron Melcolmes broSer. •] ealle )>a Englisce 
tit adrsefdon. )>e ser mid ]?am cynge Melcolme wseron. Da 
]pa Dunecan Melcolmes cynges sunu )?is call gehyrde J?us 
gefaren. se on ]?aes cynges hyrede 'Willehnes wses. swa swa 
his fseder hine ures cynges fseder ser to gisle ge seald hsefde. 
3 her swa syt5tSan belaf. he to J>am cynge com. *] swilce 
getrywSa dyde. swa se cyng set him habban wolde. j swa 
mid his unne to Scotlande for. mid f>am fultume J?e he begytan 
mihte Engliscra ^ Frenciscra. and his msege Dufenal pes 
rices benam. ^ to cynge wearS under fangen. Ac f)a Scottas 
f. 69. b. hi eft Bume gegaderoden. •] forneah | ealle his msenu of slogan. 
•3 he sylf mid feawum setbserst. SytSSan hi wurdon sehte. on 
f>a gerdd f he nsefre eft Englisce ne Frencisce into }>am lande 
ne ge logige. 

1094. Her hsefde se cyng Willelm to Cristes msessan his 
hired set Gleawe ceastre. j him )>ider fram his broSer Kodbearde 
of Normandig bodan coman. J?a cyddon f his brother griS 
3 forewarde eall seftercwseS. butan se cyng ge Isestan wolde 
eall J>et hi on forewarde hsefdon ser gewroht. j uppon -f hine 
forsworenne j trywleasne clypode. buton he J)a forewarda 
geheolde. otSSe )>ider ferde *] hine ]?ser betealde Ipser seo fore- 
warde ser wses ge wroht "j eac ge sworen. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 229 

Da ferde se cyng to HsBstingan to \zm Candel maeBsan. "3 (A.D.1094.) 
on mang ]?am )?e he )?ser wederes abdd. he let halgian -f mynster 
set J^aere Bataille. "j Herbearde Losange J^am B of peot fordan 
his stsef ben am. "j Jjser aefter to mid lengtene ofer sse for 
into Normandige. SySSan he }>ider com. he j his broSer 
Kodbeard se eorl ge cwaeSan. ^ hi mid griSe to gsedere cuman 
Bceoldan. j swa dydon. 3 gesemede beon ne mihtan. SytStSan 
eft hi toggedere coman mid f>am ilcan mannan ]?e ser ^ loc 
makedon. *] eac )>a aSas sworen. "3 eahie }>one bryce uppon 
j?one cyng tealdon. ac he nolde f>aBS ge)?afa beon. ne eac 
f)a forewarde healdan. ^ for]?am hi j?a mid mycelon unsehte 
to cyrdon. 

And se cyng sy?58an fjone castel aet Bures gewann. ^ ]?es 
eorles men J^aer inne genam. ])a sume i hyder to lande sende. 
Dser togeanes se eorl mid ]?es cynges fultnme of France gewann 
f)one castel set Argentses. -^ f)ear inne Rogger Peiteuin genam. 
■3 seofen hundred J>es cynges cnihta mid him. ^ sytSSan Jjonc ^ 
set Hulme. *] Oftrsedlice heora segSer uppon otSeme tunas 
bsemde. j eac menne Isehte. 

Da sende [se] cyng hider to lande. "3 het abeodan ut -xx. 
Jjusenda Engliscra manna | him to fultume to Normandig. ac f. 70. 
)>a hi to sse coman. J^a het hi man cyrran. "] ;f feoh syllan 
to )?ses cynges beh6fe )?e hi ge numen hsefdon. J?et wses selc man 
healf punda. -3 hi swa dydon. 

•3 se eorl innon Normandig sefter )>ison mid )>am cynge of 
France, j mid eallon )>an J?e hi gegaderian mihton ferdon 
to wardes Ou fjser se cyng Willelm inne wses. "3 J?ohtan hine 
inne to besittanne. "3 swa foran otS hi coman to Lunge uile. 
Daer wearS se cyng of France )?urh gesmeah gecyrred. "3 swa 
syt5tSan eal seo fyrding tohwearf. Her on mang J?ison se 
cyng Willelm sende aefter his brother Heanrige. se waes on pam 
castele aet Damfront. ac forj^i pe he mid fri"Se )>urh Normandig 
faran ne mihte. he him sende scipon aefter. "3 Hugo eorl of 
Ceastre. Ac ]?a "Sa hi towardes Ou faran sceoldan j^aer se 
cyng wses. hi foran to Engle lande. "3 up coman set Hamtune on 
ealra halgena maesseaefiae. "3 her sytStSon wunedon. j to Xpes 
maessan waeron on Lunden. 

Digitized by 


23© THE LAUD MS, (E) 

Eac on }>isum ylcan geare }>a Wylisce menn hi gegaderodon. 
-^ wiS J?a FrenciEce \q on Walon. otRJe on J^sere neawiste waeron 
-^ hi a^r belandedon. gewinn dpahofon. *] manige festena 
3 castelas abrsecon. *] men of slogon. An ^ sytJSan heora ge fylce 
weox. hi hi on ma todsBldon. WiS sum ]?8Bra dsele gefeaht 
Hugo eorl of Scrobscire "3 hi aflymde. Ac J?eah hweSer 
]?a oSre. ealles J^ees geares nanes yfeles ne ge swicon J?e hi don 

Dises geares eac }>a Scottas heora cyng Dunecan bes3rredon 
J of slogan. J heowi sySSan eft ot5re sySe his fsederan 
Dufenal to cynge genamon. ]?urh }>es lare 3 totihtinge he 
weartS to deaSe beswicen. 

1095. On J?isum geare waes se cyng WilleZm to Xpes msessan 
)?a feower forewarde dagas on Hwitsand. *] sefter \djm feorSan 
daege hider to lande f6r. *] upp com aet Doferan. And Heanrig 
f. 70. b. Jjes cynges broSer her on lande oS | lengten wunode. "3 }>a 
ofer sae for to Normandig mid mycclon gersuman. on J^aes 
cynges heldan uppon heora broSer Bodbeard eorl .•' 3 gelomlice 
uppon Jjone eorl wann. ;] him mycelne hearm aegtJer on lande 
J on mannan dyde. 

And )>a to Eastran heold se cyng his hired on Winceastre. 
;) se eorl Rodbeard of NortShymbran nolde to hirede cuman. 
J se cyng forSan wear? wi8 hine switSe astyrod. *] him to 
saende "j heardllce bead gif he gritfes weorSe beon wolde. f 
he to Pentecosten to hired come. On f>isum geare waeron 
Eastron on 'viii**' fe Ajm:. •] f>a uppon Eastron on sSe Ambrosius 
maesse niht. -f is -ii- no Apr waes ge sewen for neah ofer eall f)is 
land swilce for neah ealle f)a niht swiSe maeni fealdlice steorran 
of heofenan feollan. naht be anan otSSe twam. ac swa f>iclice 
^ hit nan mann ateallan ne mihte. Her aeftcr to Pentecosten 
waes se cyng on Windles oran. "3 ealle his witan mid him. butan 
)>am eorle of NorShymbran. forjjam se cjmg him na}>er nolde 
ne gislas syllan. ne uppon trywtSan geunnon -f he mid griSe 
cumon moste •] faran. 

J se cyng for]?i his fyrde bead. ^ uppon J?one eorl to 

I sic MS. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 231 

Nor8 hymbran f6r. ^ sona J?es f)e he J?ider ccmw. he manege (a.d. 1095.) 
3 forneah ealle f>a betste of ]?e8 eorles hirede innan anan 
faestene gewann. j on hseftene gedyde. *] J?on6 castel set 
TinemutSan besaet o?58et he hine gewann. •] ]?aBS eorles brotSer 
]78erinne ^ ealle J?a J?e him mid waeron. and syStSan ferde 
to Bebbaburh. *] J>on« eorl J^serinne besaet. Ac fja tSa se 
cyng geseah ^ he hine gewinnan ne mihte. J?a het he makian 
senne castel toforan Bebbaburh. ^ hine^ on his spsece Malueisin 
het. ^ is on Englisc Yfel nehhebur. "j hine switSe mid his 
mannan geseette. "3 sytStSan suSweard for. Da sona after )>am 
]>e se cyng wses suS afaren. feorde se eorl anre nihte ut of 
Bebbaburh towardes TinemuSan. ac )>a f>e innan | )>am niwan f. 71. 
castele wsBron. his gewser wurdon. •] him aeftcr foran j onfuhton. 
'•J hine gewundedon. j sytSSan gelsehton. "j J>a J?e mid him 
wseron sume of slogan, sume lifes ge fengon. 

On man[g] J?ison wearS }>awi cynge cutS. -f J>a Wylisce 
men on Wealon sumne castel heafdon to broken Muntgumni 
hatte. •] Hugon eorles menn of slagene J^e hine healddh sceol- 
dan. ^ he forjji oSre fyrde h6t fearlice abannan. j sefter 
sSe Michaeles maesse into Wealan ferde. ■] his fyrde to scyfte. 3 
■f land eall J>urh for. swa $ seo fyrde eall togaedere com to 
ealra halgena to Snawdune. ac J^a Wylisce a toforan into 
muntan and moran ferdan ^ heom man to cuman ne mihte. 
^ se cyng f>a ham weard ge wende forj^am he geseah $ he f>8er 
|?es wintres mare don ne mihte. 

Da Jja se cyng ongean cow*. ]?a het he niman f>one eorl 
Rotbeard of NortShymbran j to Baebbaburh laedan. j aegtSer 
eage utadon. buton )>a J?e f>aer inne waeron ^one castel agyfan 
"woldan. Hine heoldan his wif. "3 Moreal se waes stiward ■] 
eac his maeg. Durh ]?is weartS se castel f>a agyfen. j Moreal 
weartS ]?a on 2 }jes cynges hirede. 3 fjurh hine wurdon manege 
aegtSer ge gehadode *] eac laewede geypte. \>e mid heora raede on 
J3es cynges un heldan waeron. ]?a se cyng sume (jer J^aere tide h^t 
on haeftneSe ge bringan. "3 sytStSan switSe ge mahlice ofer eall )>is 
land beodan. ^ ealle f>a ]?e of ]?am cynge land heoldan. eall swa 

altered from his. ' altered from in or un. 

Digitized by 


232 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1095.) hi friSes weortfe beon woldan. -f hi on hirede to tide wseron. 
And J?one eorl Rotbert h^t se cyng to Windlesoran Isedan. "J 
]78er innan \^in castele healdan. 

Eac on Jjis^ylcan geare togeanes Eastron com ))ses Papan 
sande hider to lande. -f wsbs Waltear bisceop swiSe godlifes 
man of Albin |?8ere ceastre. *] }>am arceb Ansealnie uppon 
Pentecosten of Jjses Papan healfe Urbanws his pallium geaf. ^ 
f. 71. b. he hine under feng set his arce stole on Cant wara byrig. | and 
fie biscop Waltear her on lande Jjses geares sytSSan lange wnnode. 
^ man syt^an ^ Eom ge sceot be him sende. swa man manegan 
gearan seror ne dyde. 

Dises ylcan eac geares wseron switSe un tid ge widera. "j forJ?i 
geond eall ]?is land wurdon eort5 wsestmas eall to medemlice 
ge wende. 

1096. On fjison geare heold se cyng WilleZm his hired to 
Xpes msessan on Windlesoran. •] Wille^m bisc of Dunholme 
)58er forts ferde to geares dsege. Snd on Octab Epiphan' waes 
se cyng *] ealle his witan on Sear byrig. pser beteah Gosfrei 
Bainard WilWm of Ou J>es cynges maeg ■}> he heafde cge beo^) 
on )?es cynges swicdome. "j hit him on gefeaht. *] hine on 
orreste ofer com. ^ sy^San he ofer cumen waes. him het se cyng 
J?a eagan utadon. •] syf>San belisnian^. -^ his stiward WilkZm 
hatte. se waes his modrian sunu. het se cyng on rode ah6n. 
Dser wearS eac Eoda eorl of Campaine f>8es cynges atSum "j manege 
otSre belende. "3 sumne man to Lundene Isedde. *] ]?8er spilde. 

Dises geares eac to J?am Eastran wearS swi"Se mycel stjrrung 
geond ealle )>as f)eode. ^ fela oSra )>eodan J?urh Urbanw* se wses 
Papa gehaten J?eah J?e he )>8es setles na)>ing nsefde dn Rome. ^ 
ferde un arimedlice folc mid wifan 3 cildan to )?i ^ hi uppon 
hsetSene )>eodan winnan woldan. Durh ])as fare wearS se cyng 
;) his brotSor Rodbeard eorl sehte. swa ^ se cyng ofer sae for. "j 
eall Normandig set him mid feo alisde. swa swa hi }>a sehte 
wseron. and se eorl sytStSan ferde. *] mid hiw se eorl of Flandran. 
*] se of Bunan. ^ eac manige otSre heafodmen. ^ se eorl Rot- 
beard "3 J>a )?e mid him ferdon J>on« winter on Puille wunedon. 
Ac f)es folces j?e be Hungrie for. fela J?usenda Jjser ^ be wsege 

^ belisman. MS. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 233 

earmlice forforan. ;] fela hreowlice -^ hunger bitene ongean 
winter ham tugon. 

Dis wees swiSe hefig time gear geond eall Angel cyn. aegSer 
ge )?urh msenig fealde gylda. ^ eac J^urh swiSe | hefig tymne f. 72. 
hunger, fje ])isne eard f>8es geares swi"Se gedrehte. 

Eac on ])ison geare f>a heafod men f>e f>is land heoldan oft rsed- 
lice fyrde into Wealon sendon. ;] maenig man mid 'f>am' swiSe 
ge drehtan. ae man ]?ser ne ge speedde. butan man myrringe. ^ 
feoh spillinge. 

1097. Her on f)ison geare weas se cyng Willelm to Xpes 
msessan on Normandig. ^ f>a togeanes Eastron hider to lande 
for. for ]5am he )>ohte his hired on Win ceastre to healdenne. ae 
he weartS f>urh weder gel^t. otSSet Eastre sefen -f he up cow 
aerost set Arundel. 3 forJ?i his hired set Windlesoran heold. 

^ f>8er seft^r mid mycclum here in to Wealon ferde. *] f land 
swiSe mid his fyrde Jjurh for. J?urh sume ]?a Wyliscean J?e him 
to wseron cumen 3 his laedteowas waeron. T J)8er innewunode fram 
midde sumeran for neah otS August. ;) my eel ]:8er inne for leas 
on mannan ^ on horsan. ^ eac on manegan otSran f)ingan. Da 
Wylisce men sySSon hi fram ])am cynge gebugon. heom manege 
ealdras of heom sylfan gecuron. sum ]?8era wses Caduugaun 
ge haten )>e heora weorSast wees, se wees Griffines broSer sunu 
cynges. Ac fja Sa se cyng ge seah f he nan f>ingc his willes 
J?8Br ge forSian ne mihte. he ongean into fjison lande for. •] hratSe 
sefter }>am. he be J)am ge mseron castelas let ge makian. 

Da uppon see Michaeles msessan -iiiio. N®. Octobr. setywde kn. 
selcuS steorra on sefen scynende ^ sona to setle gangende. He 
wies ge sewen sutSweast. "j se leoma )>e him ofstod. wses swiSe 
lang ge ]?uht sutS east scinende. ;) for neah ealle ]?a wucan on ])as 
wisan setywde. Manige men leton ^ hit(^cometa wsere. ^' 

Sona sefter f)yson. se arceb Ansealm of Cant war byrig. leafe set 
)?am cynge nam. )?eah hit )>am cynge unge will wsere f>ses ])e men 
leton. ^ ofer sse for. for]?am him )>uhte -f man on ]?isne ]7eodan 
lytel sefter rihte 3 aefter his dyhte dyde. 

And se cyng f>8er sefter uppon see | Martines msessan ofer sse f. 73. b. 
into Normandig for. ac )?a hwile fje he wederes abdd. his hired 
iunon )>am sciran f>ser hi lagon. |?on« mseston hearm dydon J?e 

Digitized by 


234 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

sefre hired o'SSe here innon fritJlande don sceolde. Dis waes 
on eallon })ingan swiSe hefigtyme gedr. ^ ofer geswincfuU. on 
ungewederan })a man oSSe tilian sceolde. oSSe eft tilSa 
ge gaderian. ^ on un gyldan J)a nsefre ne ablunnon. Eac manege 
sciran J^e mid weorce to Lundenne beluwpon. wurdon J^serle 
gedrehte. J?urh "pone weall ]?e hi worhton on butan ^pone tur. ;j 
}mrh })a brycge }?e for neah call to flotan wses. ;j })urh })ses cynges 
heallegeweorc })e man on Westmynstre worhte. ;) maenige man* 
Jjaer mid ge drehte. 

Eac on f>ysum ylcan geare sona uppon see Michaeles msessan 
ferde Eadgar 8eJ>eling mid fyrde Jjurh })ses cynges fultum into 
Scotlande. ^ }>et land mid stranglicum feohte gewann. ^ J)on6 
cyng Dufenal ut adrsefde. ^ his mseg Eadgar se wses Melcolmes 
sunu cynges ^ Margarite f>8ere cwenan he }j8er on f>8es cynges 
Willelmes heldan to cynge gesette. ^ sySSan ongean into 
Engleland for. 

1098. On f>ysum geare to Xpes meessan wees se cyngWillelm 
on Normandig. ^ Walcelin B on Win ceastre. ^ Baldewine aBb on 
s2e -Edmund innan Jjsere tide bsegen forSferdan. ;j On jjisum 
geare eac Turold aBb of Burh forS ferde. 

Discs geares eac to f>an sumeran innan Barruc scire set 
Finchamstsede dn mere blod weoU. swa swa manige trywe men 
ssedan J?e hit ge seon sceoldan. 

^ Hugo eorl wearS of slagen innan Angles ege fram tit wikin- 
gan. J his brother Bodbert wearS his yrfe numa. swa swa he hit 
set })am cynge of code. 

Toforan sCe Michaeles msessan setywde seo heofon swilce heo 

for neah ealle Ipa, niht bymende wsere. Dis wses switSe ge swinc- 

fuU gear Jjurh manigfealde ungyld. ^ f>urh mycele renas }?e 

f. 73. ealles geares ne ablunnon. for neah selc tiltS on mersc | lande 

for ferde. 

1099. Her wses se cyng WiWelm to midewintra on Norman- 
dig. ^ to Eastron hider to lande com. ;j to Pentecosten forman 
siSe his hired innan his niwan ge byttlan set West mynstre heold. 
J f>8er Rannulfe his capellane f biscop rice on Dunholme geaf. ]>e 

^ altered from men. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 235 

seror ealle his gemot ofer eall Engleland draf. ^ bewiste. ^ 
sona J>aer sefter ofer see for. ^ J?oii« eorl Elias of Jjsere Manige 
adraf. ;j hy sySSan on his ge weald gessette. ^ swa to sde 
Michaele^ maessan eft hider to lande com. 

Dises geares eac on sSe Martinet msesse dseg* asprang up to ^ 
)>an switSe sse flod. ^ swa mycel to hearme ge dyde. swa nan man 
ne ge munet $ hit sefre seror dyde. j waes "Sses ylcan dseges luna 

And Osmund biscop of Sear byrig innon Aduent fortJferde. 

1100. On J?ison geare se cyng Willelm heold his hired to • 
Xpes maessa on Gleawe ceastre. j to Eastron on Win ceastre.^;) 
to Pentecosten on West mynstre. 

J to }5am Pentecosten rwses 'ge'sewen innan Barruc scire set 
anan tune blod weallan of/eor}?an. swa swa maenige saedan ]>e 
hit gcseon sceoldan. And/ Jjser aeftcr on morgen aefter hlam 
maesse daege wearS se cyng Willelm^'on huntnoSe fram his anan 
men mid anre fla of sceoten/;) sytfiSan to Winceastre gebroht. 
^ on }5am biscop rice bebyrged^z-f waes f>8es }5reottet5an geares 
pe he rice onfeng^^ 

He waes swiSe Strang ^ reSe ofer his land ^ his maenn. ^ wiS 
ealle his neahheburas. ^ swiSe on draedendlic. ^ ^ f>urh yfelra 
manna raedas f>e him aefre ge cweme waeran.^j J>urh his agen^ 
gitsunga. he aefre }>as leode mid here ^ mid/un gylde tyrwigende 
waes. for}?an pe on his dagan aelc riht/afeoll. ^ aelc uu riht for ' 
Gode ;j for worulde tiparas./ Godes cyrcean he nySerade. j J>a i: 
bcop rices ;j abfericei^J>e J?a ealdras on his dagan feoUan. | Ealle f. 73. b. 
he hi dSSe wiS feo/gesealde. dSSe on his agenre hand heold. j to 
gafle gesetteyforjjan Ipe he aelces mannes gehadodes ^ laewedes 
yrfe numa beou/ wolde. ^ swa f }>aes daeges J>e he ge feoll. he 
heafde on his/agenre hand f arc^brice on Cantwarbyrig. ^ f 
bisceop rice on Win ceastre. ;) ^ on Sear byrig. "5 'xi- ab&^ces. 
ealle to gafle gesette. And J?eah }?e ic hit laen^'ylde. eall J>et )>e 
Gode waes latS ^ rrh'tfullan mannan. eal| -f waes ge wunelic on 
)>isan lande on his tyman. ^ for}>i he^waes for neah ealre his 
leode laS. ^ Gode andsaete. swa swa hi^ande aetywde. forJ?an J?e 

» to to. MS. 

Digitized by 


236 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(aj).iioo.) he on middewardan his nnrihte haten^behreowsunge *] selcere 
daed bote gewat^ 

On Jjaene punresdaeg he waes ofslagen. •] ])aes on morgeiy 
bebyrged. ^ sySj^an he bebyrged waes. )?a witan )>e Jja neh handa/ 
waeron. his broSer Heanrig to cynge gecuran. •] he Jjaeriihtcp 
bisc rice on Winceastre WillcZme Giffarde geaf. *] si)>J? 
Lundene for. ^ on )>an Sunnandsege )?8er aefiUr to foran^J^am, 
weofode on West mynstre Gode ^ eallan folce beh^t ealle )» ^ 
unriht to aleggenne^/)>e on his brotSer timan wseran. ^ J>a 
betstan/lage to healdene \>e on aeniges cynges daege toforan 
him stodan^ And hine syt^an aeft^r "pdon se biscop of Lundene 
Mauricii^ ^o cynge gehalgode. ^ him ealle on J^eosan land e to 
abngan. ^/aSas sworan. ^ his men wurdon./ 

And se cyng sona aefter ]7am be J^aere raede ]>e hifn abntan 
waeran. J)onc biscc^THannulf of Dunholme let niman. 3 into f)afi» 
ture on Lundene let ge bringon. ^ Jwer healdan. Da to foran 
sCe Michael65 maessan cow se arce.biscop' Ansealm of Cant 
warbyrt^r hider to lande. swa swa se cyng Heanrig/be his witena 
raede him aefter sende. forJ>an J>e he wses ut of' f>is^lande gefaren. 
for J?an mycelan un rihte f>e se cyng WilWm him dyde. 

And sitSJ^an sona her aefter se cyng genam Mahalde hiw/to 
wife Malcolmes cynges dohter of Scotlande. j Margareta f)8ere 
f. 74. goda I cwaene Eadwardes cynges magan. ^ of )>an rihtan /iElngla 
landes kyne kynne. j on sSe Marines msesse daeg heO/ weartS 
him mid mycelan weortSscipe forgifen on Westmynstr^w ;3^se 
arcebisc Ansealm hi him bewaeddade. "3 siStSan to cwen^' gehal- 
gode. And se arce b Thomas of Eoferwic her aefter sona forS 

Deoses ylces geares eac innan haerfest com se eorl Rotbert 
ham in to Normandi. ^ se eorl Eotbcrt of Flandran. ^ Eustatit^ 
eorl of Bunan fram lerusale^ro. ^ sona swa se eorl Rotbert into 
Normandig com. he wearS fram eallan )>am folce blif)elice 
under fangen. butan })am castelan ?5e waeron gg saette mid ]>aes 
cynges Heanriges manna, togeanes J^an he manega ge wealc j 
gewinn haefde. 

1101. Her on J>isum geare to Xpes maessan heold se cyng 
Heanrig his hired on West mynstre. j to Eastran on Winceastre. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 237 

J f>a sona f>8er8efter tvurdon J>a heafodmen her on lande (a.d.m^x) 
wi'Serraeden togeanes J>am cynge. segSer ge for heoran agenan 
mycelan ungetrywSan. ^ eac jjurh 'pone eorl Kodbert of Nor- 
mandig. J>e mid un friSe hider to lande fundode. And se cyng 
sySSan scipa ut on sae sende his broSer to dsere ^ to Isettinge. 
ac hi sume seft set J^sere neode abrutSon. 3 fram J>am cynge 
gecyrdon. ^ to })am eorle Rotbcrte gebugan. Da to midde 
sumeran ferde se cyng ut to Pefenesse mid eall his fyrde 
togeanes his broSer ^ his Jjser ab4d. ac on mang ]?ison cow 
se eorl Rotbert up set PortesmutSan -xii- nihtan toforan Hlaf- 
msessan. ^ se cyng mid ealre his fyrde him togeanes com. ac )?a 
heafod men heom betwenan foran. ^ }>a broSra ge sehtodan on )?a 
ger4d. })et se cyng for let eall -f he mid streangSe innan 
Norraandig togeanes f>am eorle heold. y^ ealle J>a on Engle 
lande heora land ongean heafdon. f>e hit ser ]?urh f)one eorl 
forluron. ^ Eustaties eorl eac eall his fseder land her on lande. 
J Jjet se eorl Rotbert sbIcc geare sceolde of Engla lande | })reo f. 74. b. 
J>usend marc seolfres habban. ^ loc hwetSer 'j^aera ge'broSra 
oSeme oferbide. wsere yrfeweard ealles Engla landes "3 eac 
Normandiges. buton se forS farena yrfe numan heafde be rihtre 
sewe. ^ }>is ]:>a mid aSe gefestnodan -xii- ]?a hihste of aegtSre 
healfe. And se eorl sySSan oS Set ofer sCe Michaeles msesse 
her on lande wunode. j his men mycel to hearme sefre ge dydon 
swa hi geferdon. }?a hwile j^e se eorl her on lande wunode. 

Discs geares eac se B Rannulf to )?am Candel msessan ut of 
Jjam ture on Lunden nihtes oSbaerst ]?8er he on hseftneSe 
wses. "3 to NormandigiB for. f)urh f)es macunge maest 3 to spryt- 
tinge se eorl Rotbcrt J>ises geares f)is land mid un fritSe ge sohte. 

1102. On ]?isum geare to NatiuitetS waes se cyng Heanrig on 
West mynstre. ^ to Eastron on Win ceastre. 

J sona ]?8er sefter wurdon un sehte se cyng "j se eorl Rotbert 
of Baelsesme se liaefde f>one eorldom her on lande on Scrobbes 
byrig ]?e his fseder Roger eorl ser ahte. ^ micel rice f>8er to. 
aegSer ge be heopon sse ge be geondon. ^ se cyng ferde ^ besaet 
]>one castel aet Arundel, ac J>a he hine swa hratSe gewinnan ne 
mihte. he let J^ser toforan castelas ge makian. "j hi mid his man- 
nan gesette. •] sytSSan mid ealre his fyrde ferde to Brigge. -j 

Digitized by 


238 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(a.d. 1 102.) J?8er wunode otSSet he })one castel haefde. ;j Jjone eorl Rotbert 
be leende. ^ ealles be nsemde. J>es he on Engla lande heefde. ^ se 
eorl swa ofer sse gewat. ^ se fyrde sySSan ham cyrde. 

Da ]?8er sefter to see Michaele« maessan waes se cyng aet Waest 
mynstre. j ealle J)a hsefodmen on })isjande gehadode j laewede. 
J se arce b Ansealm heold ge hadodra manna sinoS. ^ hi J>8er 
'""■"*' manega beboda setton J)e to Xpendome belimpaS. ^ segSer 
manige Frencisce ;j Bnglisce ]?8Br heora stafas 3 rice for luron. 
Jje hi mid un rihte begeaton. ot58e mid woge J>8Br on lifedon. 

^ On tSisum ylcan geare on Pentecosten msBSsan wuce. J>a 

f. 75. coman | ]?eofas sum of Alueamie. sum of France. ^ sum of 

Flandres. j breokan })a mynstre of Burh j fjser inne naman 

mycel to gode on golde 3 on seolfre. J?et waeron roden ^ calicen 

;} candel sticcan. 

1103. Her on J?isum geare to midewintra wsbs se cyng Hean- 
rig set West mynstre. j J^aersefter sona ferde se b Willelm 
GifFard ut of f)is land. forf>an J?e he ongean riht nolde his hades 
on fon aet J>am arce b Girarde of Eoferwic. -] f>a to f>an Eastran 
heold se cyng his hired on ^maeastre, j J)aer aefter ferde se 
arce b Ansealm of Cantwarbyrig to Rome, swa swa him ^ J?am 
cynge gewearS. 

Discs geares eac com se eorl Rotbert of Normandig to sprec- 
ene wiS J>one cyng her on lande. ;j aer he heonne ferde he 
lorgeaf J?a })reo f>usend marc J?e him seo cyng Heanrig be fore- 
weard selce geare gifan sceolde. 

On Jjisum geare eac aet Heamstede innan Barruc scire, waes 
ge sewen blod of eorSan. Dis waes swiSe gedeo'r'fsum gear her Q 
on lande. J>urh maenifealde gyld. ^ J?urh orf cwealm. ^ waestma for 
weorJ>enesse aegtSer ge on come. 3 eac on eallon treow waestman. 
Eac on morgen uppon sCfe Laurentte« maesse daeg ge dyde se wind 
swa mycel to hearme her on lande on eallon waestman. swa nan 
man ne ge munde -f aefre aenig aer ge dyde. 

On tSisum ylcan geare Mathias abb of Burh for'Sferde. se ne 
lyfode na leng J?a7i an geare. sySSan ^he' abb waes. Miier sde 
Michaelc* maessan on 'xii* It Nov' he waes mid procession under 
fangan to abb. ^ on "Sam ylcan daege ]?es oSres geares he w^eartS 
dead on Gleaw ceastre. *] f>aer bebyrged. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 239 

1104. Her on ]?isum geare to Xpes msessan heold se cyng 
Heanrig his hired set "Wsest minstre. ^ to Eastron on Winceastre. 
^ to Pentecosten eft on Westmynstre. 

Dises geares waes se forma Pentecostes daeg on no' Iun'. j on 
Jjam I Tiwaes dsege J^aer eeft^r setywdan feower circulas to )?am f. 75. b. 
mid dsBge onbutan J^sere sunnan hwites hiwes. selc under oSran 
gebroiden. swylce hi gemette waeron. Ealle f>e hit gesawon 
wundredon. forjjan hi nsefre ser swilce ne ge mundon. 

Hersefter wurdon sehte se eorl Rotbert of Normandig. ;) 
Rotbcrt de Bselesme ]?e se cyng Heanri seror be Isend hsefde j 
of Engla lande adrifen. -j }5urh heora sehte wurdon witSer rsede 
se cyng of Engla lande j se eorl of Normandig. 3 se cyng his 
folc ofer sae into Normandig sende. 3 J?a heafodmen J^ser on 
lande hi under fengon. ^ on heora hlafordes f>8es eorles swicdome 
into heora castelan ge logodan. ]?anon hi manige ge drecednissa 
on hergunga j on bseminge J?am eorle gedydon. Eac }>ises 
geares Willelm eorl of Moretoin heonon of lande into Nor- 
mandig for. ac sy"SSan he afaren wes. he wiS })one cyng 
geworhte. for hwan hine se cyng ealles be naemde. -] be Isende 
}78es }?e he her on lande haefde. 

Nis eaSe to asecgenne })ises landes earmSa \>q hit to J?y san 
timan dreogende wses. J>urh mistlice 3 msenig fealdlice un riht "5 
gyld. J)8e nsefre ne ge swican ne ne ateorodon. ^ sefre ealswa se 
cyng for. full hergung })urh his hired uppon his wreccea folc 
waes. ^ J?8er on mang for oft bsemeta. ^ man slihtas. 

Eall }>is wses God mid to gremienne. 
^ })as arme leode mid to tregienne. 

1105. On J>isum geare to NatiuitetS heold se cyng Heanrig 
his hired set "Windlesoran. 3 J^sersefter to J?am lengtene he for 
ofer sae into Normandig uppon his brot5er Eotbert eorl. ^ 
on mang ]:>am ]?e he J?ser wunode he gewann of his brother 
Cajjum ;j Baius. j msest ealle ]?a castelas ^ })a heafodmen 
Jjser on lande him wurdon under })eodde. ;} se sytTSan to herfest 
eft ongean hider to lande com. ;j -f he on Normandig gcwunnen 
hsefde. sytStSan on sibbe ^ him gebygle wunode. butan J>a \>q 
f>am eorle WilleZme of Mortoin ahwser neah wunedon. })a he 

Digitized by 


240 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1105.) ge I lomlice geswaencte swa he switSost mihte. for his land lyre ^ 
^- 76- her on lande. And f>a to foi*an Xpes meessan com Rotbert de 
Bselesme hider to lande to ]5am cynge. 
Dis wges swiSe gedyrfsum gear her on lande ]?urh wsestma 
forwordenessa. ^ f>m-h f>a msenigfealde gyld )>e nsefre ne 
ge swican aer se cyng ofer fore. ^ ]?a hwile }je he })8er waes. ^ eft 
sytStSan he ongean com. 

1106. Her on J?ison geare wses se cyng Henrig to NatiuitetS 
on Westmynstre. ;} J^ser his hired heold. ^ nppon f>8ere tide 
Rotbert de Bgelesme mid nn sehte fram J^am cynge ut of Jjison 
lande into Normandige for. 

Da her aefter onforan laengtene waes se cyng set NortSham 
tune. ;} se eorl Rotbert his brother of Normandig J)yder to him 
com. "3 for)?am se cyng him nolde agifan f Jje he on Normandige 
uppon him genumen haefde. hi mid un sehte to hwurfon. ;} se 
eorl ferde ofer s^ sona eft ongean. 

On f>aere forman laengteu wucan on )?one Frige daeg 'd- xiiii Ic 
Mr' on aefen aetywde an ungewunelic steorra. ^ lange stunde 
)>aer aefter waes aelce aefen ge sewen hwile scinende. Se steorra O 
aetywde innon -f suS west, he waes litel ge ]?uht. and deorc. ac se 
leoma ]?e him fram stod waes swiSe beorht. ^ swilce ormaete beam 
ge }?uht nort5 east scinende. ^ sumne aefen waes ge saewen swilce 
se beam ongean weardes wiS J>es steorran ward fyrcliende waere. 
Ge hwylce saedon -f hig ma on f)ison timon un cu"Sra steorra 
ge sawon. ac we hit openlicor ne awriton. forf)am ]?e we hit sylfe 
ne sawon. On f)a niht }?e on morgen waes Cena Dni. -f is se 
punres daeg toforan Eastran. waeron ge sewen twegen monan on 
)?aere heofonan toforan fjam daege oSer be eastan. ^ se oSer be 
westan begen fuUe. j f>8es ylcan daeges waes se mona xiiii.* 

To Eastran waes se cyng aet BaSan. ^ to Pentecosten set 
Sear byrig. for]?am J>e he nolde on his fundunge ofer sae hired 
f. 76. b. healdan. Daer aefter to | fora'n' August ferde se cyng ofer sae into 
Normandig. ^ ealle maest }>e J>aer on lande waeron him on his 
willan to ge bugon. witSuton Rotbert de Baelesme. j J>am eorle of 
Moretoin. ^ feawa ot5re of }?am heafod mannan J>e mid J>am eorle 
of Normandige }?e gyt heoldan. j for]?an se cyng sytStSan mid 
fyrde for. •] besaet J^aes eorles aenne castel of Moretoin Tenerce- 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 241 

brai hatte. Onmang J)am J?e se cyng f>on6 castel besset. com se (a.d.iio6.) 
eorl Rotbert of Normandig on see Michaele« msesse aefen uppon 
J>one cyng mid his fyrde. ^ mid him Rotbert de Bselesme. j 
Willelm eorl of Moretoin. j ealle )>a J?e mid heow woldan. Ac 
seo streongSe j se sige wearS Jjses cynges. Dser wearS se eorl 
of Normandig ge fangen. ^ se eorl of Moretoin. ^ Eotbert de 
Stutteuile. ^ to Englalande sySSan gesende. ^ on hseftneSe 
ge brohte. Rotbert de Baelesme f>8Br weartS aflymed. j Wille&n Q 
Crispin ge Iseht. ^ manige fortS mid. Eadgar 8e]?eling })e litle ser 
fram f>am cynge to f>am eorle wses ge faren Jjeer wees eac gefangen. 
)?one let se cyng sytSSan sacleas faran. SytSSan ge eode se cyng 
eall -f on Normandige wses. ^ hit on his willan ;j geweald ge sette. 
Dises geares eac wseron switSe hefige ^ sinlice gewinn be twux 
)>am Casere of SexTande ^ his sunu. ^ on mang })am ge winnan 
se fseder forS ferde. j se sunu feng to }jam rice. 

1107. On f)isum geare to Xpes msessan wses se cyng Henri 
on Normandig. j $ land on his ge weald dihte. ^ sette. ^ ]?8er 
aefter to Isengtene hider to lande com. j to Eastran his hired on 
Windles oran heold. j to Pentecosten on West minstre. ^ syStSan 
eft to Augustes anginne on West mynstre wses. ^ ]?8er ]?a biscop 
ricen j abbod ricew geaf. ^ sette. J>e on Engle lande oSSe on Nor- 
mandige buton ealdre ^ hyrde [wseron], Dera wseron swa fela 
swa nan man nses )>e ge mvnde -f sefre ser swa fela to gaedere gy- 
fene wseron. 

J set ]?es ylcan | sySe^. onmang J>a otSSre \>q aBb rices under f. 7;. 
fengon. Ernulf f>e ser wses prior on Cant war byrig feng to ]?am Q 
aBbrice on Burh. Dis wses rihtlice ymbe -vii* gear J^ses f>e se q 
cyng Henri cynedomes on feng. j wses ^ an and fowertige'Se 
gear ]?ses })e Francan J>yses landes weoldan. Manege ssedon J^et J) 
hi on l?am monan Jjyses geares mistlice tacna ge sawon. j ongean 
cynde his leoman wexende ^ waniende. 

Dises geares fortSferdon. Mauricitfcs biscop on Lunden. ^ 
Rotbert abb on s5e Eadmundes byrig. ^ Ricard abb on Elig. 
Dises geares eac fortS ferde se cyng Eadgar on Scotlande tdus 
lafir. ^ feng Alexander his brotSer to ]jam rice swa se cyng 
Henri him ge uSe. 

» syde. MS. 

Digitized by 


242 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D. 1108.) 1108. Her on J^isum geare wes se cyng Henri to NatiuiteS on 
West mynstre. j to Eastron on Winceastre. 3 to Pentecos^eri eft 
on West mynstre. ^ j^ser seftcr toforan Aug' he ferde in to Nor- 

^ se cyng of France Philippe* forS ferde N<>. Aug\ -^ feng 
his sunn Lot5ewis to f>aw rice. 3 wurdon sySSon manege ge winn 
betwux ]?am cynge of France j \m.m of Engle lande. ]?a hwile f>e 
he on Normandig wunode. 

On ]?isum geare eac fortS ferde se arceB Girard of Eoferwic 
toforan Pentecoste?i. j wearS syt?5an Thomas f>8er to ge sett. 

1109. Heron f)ison geare wses se cyng Henri to Xpes msessan 
T to Eastron on Normandig. j to foran Penteco^icw hider to lande 
com. •] his hired on Westmynstre heold. Dser wurdon J?a fore- 
wearda full worhte. 3 )>a aSas ge sworene his dohter Jjam Casere 
to gifene. 

Discs geares gc wurdon swiSe fela f)unra. -3 J>a swiSe seges- 
lice. And se arceB Ansealm of Cantwara byrig forS ferde on Jjam 
dsege -xi- ^ Apr. j wses se forma Easter dseg on Letania maior. 

1110. On })isum geare heold se cyng Henri his hired to Xpes 
f. 77. b. msBSsan set Westmynstre. 3 to Eastron | he wses set Maerle 

beorge. ^ to Pentecos^en forman sif)e his hired on }jam niwan 
Windlesoran heold. 

Discs geares sende se cyng to foran Isengtene his dohter mid 
maenig fealdan madman ofer sae. ^ hi }?am Casere forgeaf. On 
]:)sere fiftan nihte on Maies monSe. setywde se mona on sefen 
beorhte scinende. ^ sytSSan litlan j litlan his leoht wanode. swa 
•f he sona nihtes to )?am swiSe mid ealle acwanc. ^ na})er ne 
leoht ne trsendel ne nan f>ing mid ealle of him wses ge saewen. ^ 
swa fjurh wunode fullneah oS dseg. ^ sytS]?an full j beorhte 
scinende setywde. he wses f>aes ylcan dseges feowertyne nihta eald. 
ealle }?a niht wses seo lyft swiSe clene. 3 ]?a steorran ofer eall ]?a 
heofon switSe beorhte scinende. ^ tr^e'owwsestmas wurdon f>sere 
nihte })urh forste switSe for numene. Dser sefter on lunies montSe 
setywde an steprra nort5an eastan. ;} his leoma stod to foran him 
on ]?et suSwest. •] j^us manega niht wses gessewen. j furtSor 
nihtes sytStSan he ufor astah. he wses ge sewen on bsec on -f 
norS west gangende. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 243 

Dises geares wurdon be Isende Philippt^ de Brause. j WiWdm (a.d. i i 10.) 
Mallet. ^ WiWelm Bainart. 

Eac Jjises geares forS ferde Elias eorl. f>e J>a Mannie of Jmwi 
cynge Heanri ge heold. j on cweow. j sefter his forsi8e feng to 
se eorl 'of Angeow. -} hi togeanes f>aw cynge heold. 

Dis waes swiSe ge deorfsuw gear her on lande )>urh gyld }?e se ^ 
cyng nam for his dohtergyfte. 3 })urh ungewsedera. for hwan 
eortSwestmas wurdon switSe amyrde. j treowwestmas ofer eall 
]?is land forneah eall for wurdon. 

Dises geares me began aerost to weorcenne on ])&m niwan 
mynstre on Ceortes aege. 

1111. On J?ison geare ne bser se kyng Henri his coronan to 
Xpes msessan. ne to Eastron. ne to Ventecosten. j innan August 
he ferde ofer ssb into Normandig. for unsehte ]>e witS him 
hsefdon sume be fam gemseran of France. ^ swiSost for J^am 
eorle of Angeow ]>e ]?a Mannie togeanes him heold. and | sytSSan f. 78. 
he Ipjder ofer com. manega un rdda j bsernetta ;j hergunga hi 
heom betweonan ge dydan. 

On J>ison geare fortJ ferde se eorl Rotbert of Flandran. 3 feng 
his sunu Baldewine J>8erto. 

Dises geares wses swiSe lang winter, j hefig tyme. 3 Strang, j 
})urh -f eorS wsestmas wurdon swiSe amyrde. j gewearS se meesta 
orf cwealm J>e eenig mann mihte ge munan. 

1112. Eall Ipis gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig 
for ]?aere un sehte ]>e he hsefde wiS France, j witS J>one eorl of 
Angeow J?e f>a Mannie to geanes him heold. j on mang J>am J>e 
he f>8er wses. he be laende Ipone eorl of Eureus. j WilWm Crispin. 
3 ut of Normandi adraf. ^ Philippe de Braus his land ageaf. Ipe 
ser waes belsend. j Rotbert de Baelesme he let niman j on 
prisune d<5n. 

Dis wses swiSe god gear j swi8e wistfull on wudan ^ on 
feldan. ac hit wees avnSSe hefig tyme ^ sorhfull Ipurh. ormaetne 
man cwealm. 

1113. Her on })ison gear wses se cyng Henri to NatiuiteS ;j 
to Eastron. ^ to Fentecosten on Normandig. ^ ]>sdr miter to 

R 2 

[1113] swa f hig unease specon mihton. ]>ar softer ge (H) 


Digitized by' 

244 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

sumeran he ssende hider to lande Rotbert de Bselesme into 
Jjam castele to Wserham. ^ himsylf sona fsersefter hider to 
lande com. 

1114. On J)ison geare heold se cyng Henri his hyred to 
NatiuiteS on Windlesoran. j f>8es geares sytSSan he ne heold 
hired nan oftar. 

And to middan sumeran he ferde mid fyrde in to Wealon. ~] })a 
Wyliscean coman j witS Jjone cyng griSedon. ^ he let J?8er inne 
caste] as weorcean. j f>8er sefter innan SeptemB he for ofer see 
into Normandig. 

Dises geares on aefteward Mai wses ge sewen an selcutS steorra 
mid langan leoman manege niht scinende. Eac on f>is ylcan 
geare wses swa mycel ebba aeghwser anes dseges swa nan man 
seror ne ge munde. ^ swa -f man ferde ridende j gangende ofer 
Tsemese be eastan ]?8ere brigge on Lunden.*' pises geares 
wseron switSe mycele windas on OctolSr monSe. ac he waes or 
maete mycel on J>a niht OctaB sci Martini, j -f gehwser on wudan 
f. 78. b. J on I tunan ge cydde. 

Eac on Jjisum geare se cyng geaf )>et arcelS rice on Cantwara 
byrig Raulfe. se waes seror biscop on Hrofe ceastre. And se 

(H) for se abb Petrus on Glowecestre on Jjone dseg -xvi kT Avg. "^ se 
king sette Wille^w ^arto waes munuc on ^am ylcon mynstre on 
■^am daeg .iii. N® Octob^ 

[1114] ON DYSUM GEARE W^S se king Henrig on Win- 
deles oran to ^m midanwintran, ^ baer ^ar his kinehelm. 
^ geaf ^ar 'f ' b rice on Wigracestre Teobalde his clerice. Eac 
he geaf -f abb rice on Ramesige Rainalde waes munuc^ on Ca^- 
um. Eac he geaf f abb rice on Eoforwic Ricarde waes munuc 
on ^am ylcon mynstre. Eac he geaf f abb rice aet Domige Rod- 
herte waes munuc aet SSe Ebroulfi. Eac he geaf J?one eorldom 
on Nor6ham tun scire Dauide waes ^re cwene broker, par aefte^* 
gefor Thomas se arceb on Eoforwic on ^ne daeg .xiii 1^ Mar*. 
))araeftgr he geaf f abb rice aet Cemel. Willelme waes m^unuc 
aet Ca^um. 

^ A later hand has begun to add ; * Written m, the abbreviation 

eac he beb .... for monachis, and so frequently. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 245 

arcelS on Eoferwic Thomas forSferde. ;j feng Turstein J)8erto. se (A.D.1114.) 
wses seror })aes cynges capelein. 

On J)8es ylcan tyme feorde se cyng toweard J>one sa^ ^ ofer 
wolde. ac weeder \nm laette. Jja hwile f)a sende he his writ sefter 
J>one aBb Ernulf of Burh. ^ be bead him $ he efeostlice scolde 
to him cuman. forJ?i j) he wolde sprecon mid him dseme sprece. 
Da he to him com. J?a neodde he him to f>am biscoprice of 
Hrofeceastre. ^ J?a arCbiscopes ^ biscopes ;j $ duge8 -f wses on 
Engla lande forS mid se oyng. j he lange wiS stod. ac hit ne 
for heol naht. ^ se cyng ]?a behead J?one ar^ B $ he sceolde him 
Iseden to Cantwara byrig ^ blaetson him to 15 wolde he nolde he y 
}?is wses don on Jjaere tuna f>a man cleopaS Bume. $ wses f)es 
dseges 'xvii. ^ Octob?. Da })e munecas of Burch hit herdon 
ssegen. )?a wseron hi swa sari swa hi nsefre ser ne wseron. forj^i -f 
he wses swi"Se god j softe man. ^ dyde mycel to gode wiSinnan 

pa to ^am Eastran he wses set p6rp wi^ NorShamtune. par (H) 
seftcr he geaf ^ ercebrice on Cantwarabyrig Rawulfe wses b 
on Rofeceastre. 3 he feng far to on ^one dseg. vi kt Mar*, pa 
^ar sefter ge for se aBfe Nigel on Byrtune on ^one dseg .v. N<* 
Mai. parseffc^r forbam Cicestre "J "p mynster ^Sax for6mid on 
^one dseg -iii- N® Mai. 

pa to ^am Pentecosten wses se king set see Albanes stowe. 
Her sefUr he ferde mid his fyrde in to Wealan to mide sumeran 
^ macode castelas ¥arinne. ^ ^a Wyliscean kingas coman to 
him ^ be coman his menn ^ him held a^as sworan. 

par sefter he cow to Wincestre ^ geaf ^ar -f erce brice on Eofor- 
wic Turstane his clerice. 3 "f abbod rice set see Eadmunde he geaf 
Albolde wses munuc on Becc. on ^ne dseg. xvii kt Sept. par 
seffcer he geaf f abb rice on Myclan yge Ealdulfe wses mufittc on 
^m ylcon mynstre. on ^one dseg Exaltatio Scg .^- Eac he 
geaf f abb rice on Byrtune Goisfri ^e wses munuc on Ealdan 
mynstre. set 'Saw ylcon ssele se arceb Radulf geaf $ brice on 
Rofe cestre . . . 


* This fragment of an indepen- it forms a single folio — f. 9. It was 

dent Saxon Chronicle (which for pablished by him in Anglia, vol, i. 

facility of reference I call H.) was pp. 195-7, and is here printed from 

discovered byProfessorZapitza in the an independent transcript. 
Cottonian MS., Dom. A. ix., where 

Digitized by 


246 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1114.) J wiSutan. J?a hwile f>e he J>8er wunode. God selmihtig wanie 
sefre mid him. 

Da soDa J>8er seftcr f>a geaf se cyng ]jon« aBb rice an munec of 
Sseis lohan wses ge haten. J)urh Jjses arcelS geamunge of Cant- 
warbyrig. "^ sona f)8er sefter sende se cyng him j se arceB of 
CantwarbyW^ to Rome 'aefter ]jes serceB pallium'. ^ an 'munec' 

mid him Warner is gehaten'. ^ f>one sercedisecne lohan J)es 
arcel) neafe. ;} hi }?8er well spseddon. Dis wses don f>es dseges 
•xi« \ Octob?, on Jx)ne tuna }je man cleopatS Rugenore. j }>es 
ylces dseges eode se cyn'g' on scipa on Portes muSe. 

1115. Her wses se cyng Henri to NatiuitetS on Normandig. ;j 
on mang J>am }?e he f)8er waes. he dyde f ealle ]>a heafod msen on 
Normandig dydon man rseden ^ hold a"Sas his sunu WilleZme j^e 
he be his cwene hsefde. ^ sdher pan sytSSan innon lulies montSe 
hider into lande com. 

Dises geares wses swa Strang winter mid snawe ^ mid forste. 
f. 79. swa nan man pe ]>& lifode | ser })an nan strengre ne ge munde. j 
wearS Jjurh f un gemote orf cwealm. 

On J>i8on geare ssende se papa Paschalt^ Raulfe serceB on 
Cantwarabyrig pallium hider to lande. j he his oufeng mid 
mycelan wurtSscipe set his arce stole on Caniwara byrig. Hine 
brohte Ansealm aBb of Rome se waes nefa Ansealmes serceB. 

") 86 atJD lohan of Bturh^. 

1116. On Jnson geare wees se cyng Henri to NatiuiteS set see 
Albane. ;} fser let f mynster halgian. ^ to Eastron on Wudi- 
ham. ^ Wes eac Jjyses geares switSe hefig tyme winter j Strang ;) 
lang. wiS orf ^ witS ealle J>ing. And se cyng sefter Eastron 
sona ferde ofer sse into Normandig. ^ wurdon manega unrada j 
rsefunga. ^ castelas genumene betwux France^;] Normandig. 
llilsest }?is unsehte wses forjjan J>e se cyng Henri fylste his nefan 
)>am eorle Tsedbalde de Blais. f>e J>a wyrre haefde to geanes his 
hlaforde }?am cynge of France LoSewis. 

Dis wses swiSe ge swincfull gear ^ byrstfull on eorS wsestman. 
J>urh )?a ormsete reinas ]?e coman sona onforan August, j swi6e 
ge drehton j ge swencton pe gyt "pe com Candel msessan. Eac 

^ The words after . . . pallium f hand, probably that which wrote the 
muneCf wceSj are added above the annal 11 22. 
line, or on the margin by a later * On the maigin, by a later hand. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 247 

}3is gear waes swa gsesne on msestene. swa -f on eallon J^ison 
lande. ne eac on Wealon ne gehyrde me of nanan segcean. Dis 
land J J?as leodon wurdon eac ]?yses geares oftraedlice sare 
geswencte. \\xx\l ]ja gyPd' J>e se cyng nam. segSer ge binnan 
burgan •] butan. 

On })isum ylcan geare baemde eall -f mynstre of Burh. ^ eallse comiiustio 
)?a husas butan se Captelhus j se Slaepperne. ^ Jjser to eac ^^^**'- 
bsernde eall }>a mseste dsel of ]?a tuna. Eall \\& belamp on an 
Frig dseg. -f wses 'ii- No Aug*t. 

1117. Eall }?is gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. for 
}>e8 cynges unsehte of France ^ his oSi-a nehhebura. ^ ]ja to 
San sumeran com se cyng of France ^ se eorl of Flandra mid 
him mid fyrde into Normandig. ^ ane niht jjser inne wunedon. 

J on morgen butan ge feohte on | gean ferden. j Normandig f. 79. b. 
wearS swiSe gedreht. segtSer gc }?urh gyld. ge J>urh fyrde ]?e se 
cing Henri Jjser ongean gaderode. Eac J>eos }3eode ]?urh J>is 
ylce Jmrh manigfealde gyld. wearS strange ge swenct. 

Discs geares eac on Jjsere nihte kl Decemb wurdon ormsetlica 
waedera mid J)unre. "3 lihtinge. 3 reine. j hagole. And on ]?8ere 
nihte aiio* idt*« Dec wearS se mona lange nihtes swylce he eall 
blodig wsere. j sySSan aSistrode. Eac on ]?8Bre nihte -xvii- ^ 
lanr wses seo heofon swySe read gesewen. swylce hit bryne 
wsere. And on Octab sci Jo'his EugJ<e wses seo mycele 
eorS byfung on Lumbardige. for hwan manega mynstras j turas. 
3 buses ge feoUon. ^ mycelne hearm on mannan ge dydon. Dis 
wses swySe byrstful gear on come. J?urh f>a renas f>e fomeh 
ealles geares ne ge swicon. 

' And se abb Gilebert of "West mynstre forS ferde •viii- \^us 
Dec. And Farits abb of Abbandune 'vii* Ic Martn. And on 
f>isum ylcan geare * 

1118. Her eall }?is gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. 
for f)es cynges wyrre of France. ^ )>8bs eorles of Angeow. 3 )?8es 
eorles of Flandran. ^ ee eorl of Flandra warS innan Nor- 
mandig ge wundod. j swa ge wundod* in to Flandran for. Durh 
Jjisra un sehte wcarS se cyng swySe ge dreht. •] mycel for leas. 

* More than a line and a half left ' ge wundon. MS. 

vacant in the MS. 

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248 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1118.) aegSer ge on feoh j eac on lande. 3 msest hine dryfdon his agene 
msen J)e him ge lome fraw^ bugon. ^ swicon. ^ to his feondan 
cyrdon. ^ heom to J^ses cynges hearme ^ swicdome heora castelas 
ageafon. Eall f)is strange gebohte Engla land. }jurh J>a nwenig 
fealdlice gyld J)e ealles J)ises geares ne geswicon. 

On )?ison geare on Jjsere wucon Theophanie wses anes sefenes 
swySe my eel lih tinge. ^ ungemetlice slaege )?8er sefW. 
f. 80. And seo cw^n Mahald | forS ferde on West mynstre f>8es dseges 
kt Mai. ^ J)8er wsbs bebyrged. And se eorl Rotbert of Mellent 
jjises geares eac forS ferde. 

Eac on f>ison geare to s6e Thomas msBSse. waes swa switSe 
ungemetlice myce! wind, f nan man f)e }>a lifode naenne maran 
ne gemunde. ^ f wees seghwer geseone. »gSer ge on husan. 
'2 eac on treowan. 

Dises geares eac forS ferde se papa Paschah>. j feng lohan 
of Gaitan to ])&m papd6me. J>am wses oSer nama Gelasius. 

1119. Dis gear eall wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. 
J wses ]?urh Jjses cynges wyrre of France. *j eac his agenra 
manna J>e him mid swicdome fram wseron mid abugon. oft rsed- 
lice 8wy}3e gedreht. otStSet J?a twegen cyngas innan Normandige. 
mid heoran folcan coman togsedere. J^ser weartS seo cyng of 
France aflymed. ^ ealle his betste msen genumene. ^ syStSan 
J^aes cynges msen Heanriges manega him to gebugen. j witS 
hine acordedan \)e seror mid heora castelan him togeanes wseron. 
^ sume f>a castelas he mid strength genam. 

Dises geares ferde "Willelm J^aes cynges sunu Heanriges ^ 
psere cwene Mahalde into Normandige to his fseder. ^ J^ser 
wearS him forgifen 3 to wife be weddod Jjses eorles dohter 
of Angeow. 

On see Michaele* maessesefen waes myeel eorSbifung on 
sumau steodan her on lande. J>eah swySost on Glowe ceastre 
scire. ^ on Wigre ceastre scire. 

On Ipis ylcan geare forS ferde se papa (Jelasius on ]>&& halfe 
Jjsere muntan. j waes on Clunig bebyrged. 3 aefter him se 
arceb of Uiana weart5 to papan gecoren. pam wearS nama 
Calixtus. se sy'SSan to see Lucas maessan euglista com into 
France to E^ins. -} Jjser heold concilium. ^ se arceb Turstein 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 249 

of Eoferwic j>yder ferde. 3 for]>i J)e he togeanes rihte j 
togeanes \>Bm arce stole on Cantwara byrig. j togeanes ]?8es 
cynges willan his had set j>am papan under feng. him wit5 cwse'S 
se cyng eelces gean fares to Engla lande. ■] he }>us his arcelS rices 
]?8ernode. "] mid "Sam | papan to wardes Eome for. f- 80. b. 

Eac on Jjison geare for"S ferde se eorl Baldewine * of Flandran 
of ]5am wundan \>e he innan Normandige gefeng. j sefter him 
feng Carl his faSa sunu to ]?am rice, se wses Cnutes sunu }?8es 
haligan cynges of Denmarcan. 

1120. Dises geares wurdon sehte seo cyng of Engle lande 
3 se of France. ^ sefter heora sehte acordedan ealles J^ses 
cynges Heanriges agene msen wi"S hine innan Normandige. 
^ se eorl of Flandran. •] se of Puntiw. SytJSan hersefter 
ssette se cyng Henrig his castelas 3 his land on Normandi 
sefter his willan. 3 swa to foran Aduent hider to lande for. 

•] on ]?am fare wurdon adr[u]ncene f>8es cynges twegen 
sunan Willelm ^ Eicard. ^ Ricard eorl of Ceastre. "] Ottuel 
his broSor. *] swy"Se manega of ]?8es cynges hired, stiwardas, 
^ bur})enas, ^ byrlas, "] of mystlicean wican. ^ un gerim s\vy"Se 
flenlices folces forS mid. Dysra dea"S waes heora freondan 
twy fealdlic s4r. an \>%t hi swa fearlice }?ises lifes losedan. o^er 
■f feawa heora lichaman ahwser sySSan fiindena wseron. 

Dises geares com ]?et leoht to Sepulchrum Dfii innan Jeru- 
salem twiges. eenes to Eastron. and oSre sitSe to Assumptio sc§ 
Marie, swa swa geleaffuUe ssedon J>e }?anon coman. 

An^ se arcelS Turstein of Eoferwic weartS ]5urh ]5one papan 
wits )?one cyng acordad. "3 hider to lande com. "^ his biscopricefl 
onfeng. j>eah hit ]?am arceB of Cantwarabyrig swySe un gewille 

1121. Her wses se cyng Henri to Xpes msessali on Bramtnne. 
^ {jseVsefter to foran Candel msessan on Windlesoran him to 
wife forgyfen ASelis ^ sytStSan to cwene ge halgod. seo wees })8es 
here togan dohtor of Luuaine. 

And se mona a})ystrode on })8ere nihte Non§ Apr. ( j waes f. 81. 
X'iiii- luna. 

^ The scribe at first wrote Bab dewine. ' Sic MS. 

Digitized by 


250 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

And se cyng waes to Eastran on Beorclea. and J^aeraefter 
to Pentecosten he heold mycelne hired on "West mynstre. and 
sySSan j>8es sumeres mid ferde into Wealan for. "3 })a Wyliscean 
him ongean coman. ^ sefter f)es cynges willan hi wit5 hine 

Dises geares com se eorl of Angeow fraw Jerusalem into 
his lande. ^ sytSSan hider to lande sende. "] his dohter let 
feccean seo wsbs WilleZme J^es cynges sune seror to wife forgyfan. 

And on Jjsere nihte uigilia Natat Dni waes swy"Se myeel 
wind ofer eall ]?is land. •] ]?et wearS on manegan Jjingan 
swySe ge sene ^ 

1122. On f>is geare wses se king Heanri on Cristes maessan 
on Norht wic. ^ on Pasches he weas on Norht hamtune. 
combtts I J ^^ 1^0^® lententyde J>aBr toforen for beam se burch on 
dKIoiicegt |<51eawe ceasti;e. f>a hwile }>e ]>a munecas sungen f>aere messe. j se 
daeene hafde ongunnan J>one godspel Preteriens Ihc. J>a com se 
fir on ufenweard f>one stepel. ;] forbearnde ealle f>e minstre. "^ 
ealle }?a gersumes J>e J?aer binnen waeron foruton feawe bee. j 
•iii- messehakeles. J>et wes '}>es' daeies 'Viii- idits Mr. 

;} ]5aer aefter }?e Ty wesdaei aefter Palmes Sunendaei waes switSe 
micel wind on ^ daei -xi- k Ap?. paer aefter comen feale tacne 
widehwear on Englaland ^ feole dwild wearen geseogen j 
ge heord. ^ J>es niht -viii. k AVG' waes switSe micel eor"5 dyne 
ofer eal Sumer sete scire ^ on Gleawecestre scire. SiSSon on 
l?aes daei -vi* idus Sept' fet waes 'on' see Mari§ messe daei. }>a 
wear's switSe mycel wind fram ]?a undern daeies to })a swarte nihte. 

peos ilce geares forS ferde Raulf seo aercebiscop of Cant 
warbyrig. ^ waes on J>aes daeies •xiii*'* k NouemB. peer aefter 
waeron feole scip men on sae. ^ on waeter. ^ saedon -f hi saegon 
% . on nortS east fir micel "3 brad witS }?one eorSe. j weax on leng}>e 
f. 81. b. up on an to fam | wolcne. ^ se wolcne un dide on fewer healfe 
and faht J^aer to geanes. swilc bit scolde a cwencen. j se fir weax 
na ]?a ma up to fe heouene. paet fir hi seagon in "Se dsei rime 
and laeste swa lange ^ hit waes lilit ofer eall. ]5et waes f)ae8 
daeies •vii^'. idvs Decembr. 

^ Here ends the first hand in MS. E. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 251 

11,23.' On ]?yssum geare wses se king Henri on Cristes tyde 
aet Dunestaple. ;} f>8er comen }>es eorles sander men of Angeow 
to him. J ]?eonen he ferde to Wudestoke. ^ his biscopes j his 
hird eal mid him. pa tidde hit on an Wodnes dei. ]?et wses on 

- -iiiio- idw5 laflrii. J>et se king rad in his der fald and se biscop 
Roger of Seres byrig on an half him. and se biscop Rotbert Bloet 
of Lincolne on otSer half him. j riden ]?8Br sp'r'ecende.^ pa aseh 
dune se biscop of Lincolne "3 seide to ]5am kyng. Laferd kyng ic 
swelte. ■] se kyng alihte dune of his hors "3 alehte hine be twux 

/ o his earmes. ;] let hine beran ham to his inne. ;} weartS J>a sone 
dead, j man ferode hine to Lincolne mid micel wurSscipe. j 
be byrigde hine toforen sc§ Mari§ wefod. ^ hine be byrigde se % 
of Ceastre Rotbert PecceS wses gehaten. 

Da sone |?aer sefter sende se kyng hise write ofer call Engla =f;J5 
^ lande. ^ bed hise biscopes ^ hise abbates "3 hise ]?eignes ealle )?et 
hi scolden cumen to his ge witene mot on Candel messe deig to 
Gleawceastre him to geanes. 3 hi swa diden. Da hi waeran J>8er 
gegaderod. Jja bed se cyng heom )?8et hi scoldon cesen l)em 
aerce biscop to Cant wara byrig swa hwam swa swa hi woldon. j 

"- - he hem hit wolde ty)?ian. Da sprsecon Sa biscopas hem 
betwenan. and sseden Jjset hi nsefre mare ne wolden hafen 
m)inec | hades man to erce biscop ofer hem. ac iedon ealle f. 82. 
samodlice to J>one kyng and ieomden -f hi mosten cesen of 
clerc hades man swa hwam swa swa hi wolden to ercebiscop. j 

- se kyng hit hem tidde. Dis wees eall ear ge don Surh se 
biscop of Seres byrig. ^ f)urh se biscop of Lincolne ser he 
wsere dead. forSi ])et nsefre ne luueden hi munece regol. ac 
wseron sefre to gaenes muneces ;} here regol. and se prior "■] se 
munecas of Cantwarabyrig. ;} ealle ]5a o"Sre j>e tSser waeroii 

". munec hades men hit witScwaeSen fulle twa dagas. ac hit naht ne 
beheld, for se biscop of Saeresl?yrig waes Strang ;] wealde eali 
Engle land. ^ waes f>8er to geanes eall ^ he mihte j cuSe. Da 
cusen hi an clerc Willelm of Curboil waes gehaten. he was 

^ Here there seema to be a change cende^ then inserted the r wrongly 
of hand. The ink is much paler. before the p, 

' The scribe at first wrote spe- 

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252 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

.(A.D.1123.) canonie of an mynstre Cicc hatte. ^ brohten him toforen se 
kyng. ;] se kyng him geaf Sone eerce biscop rice. ^ ealle }>a 
biscopas him under fengen. him wit5 c waetSen muneces "3 eorles ^ 
}>eignes ealle meat }>e ]?8Br wfleron. 

On }>a ilea tyma ferden J>es eorles Bander men mid un sflehte 
fram kyng. na of his gyfe naht ne ix)hton. 

On J>a ilea tyma com an Legat of Rome Henri wses ge haten. 
he wses abbot of S' Johs mynstre of Anieli. ;] he com sefter }>e 
Rome Bcot. "y he ssede }>one cyng ;f hit waes to geanes riht ^ man 
'6 Bcolde setten clerc ofer muneces.;} swaswa hi hsefden cosen 
aercebiscop aeror in her*e' capitele aefter rihte. ac se cyng hit 
nolde un don. for fes b luuen of Saeres byrig. Da ferde se 
aercebiscop sone )?aeraefter to Can't'warabyrig ^ waes J>aer 
under fangan ]?8eh hit waere here un}>ancas. ;} was ]?aere sone 
- f. 82. b. ge bletsod to biscop | fram se biscop of Lundene. ^ se b Ernulf of 
Roueceastre. ;] se b WilleZm Gifard of Winceastre. ^ se tJ 
Bernard of Wales. ^ se b Roger of Scares byrig. Da sone in J^e 
lenten ferde se aercebiscop to Rome aefter his pallium. ;} mid 
him ferde se b Bernard of "Wales. ^ Sefred abbot of Gleast- 
ing byrig. ;] Anselm abbot of S' -Sidmund. ^ lohan aercedaecne 
of Cantwarabyrig. ^ Gifard waes }>es kinges bird clerc. 

On ]?a ilea tima ferde se aerce biscop Durstan of Eoferwic to 
Rome furh ]?es papes hese. -y com ]?ider t5re dagas aer se aerceb 
of Cantwarabyrig come. ^ waes Jjaere under fangan mid micel 
wurtSscipe. Da com se aerceb of Cantwarabyrig ^ waes Saere 
fulle seoueniht aer hi mihte cumen to f>es papes spraece. -f waeB 
forjjan ;f hit waes don Sone pape to understanden -f he haefde 
under fangen "Sone aer[c]ebiscoprice togeanes )m muneces of J^e 
mynstre ^ togeanes rihte. Ac -f ofer com Rome f>et ofer cumetS 
eall weoruld ;f is gold ^ seolure. ^ se pape sweSolode ;] gaf him 
his pallium. ^ se aerceb swor him under})eodnysse of ealle t5a 
f>ing -f se papa him on leide on S' Petres heuod and S' Paules. 
;3 sende him ham Sa mid his bletsunge. 

Da hwile ;f se aerceb waes ut of lande. geaf se kyng Sone 
biscop rice of BaSe f>es cwenes canceler GodeYreiS waes ge haten. 
he waes boren of Luuein. -f waes }?es daeiges Annuntiatio S' Marie 
at Wudestoke. Da sone }?aer aefter ferde se king to Winceastre -y 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 253 

wses ealle Eastren tyde f>8ere. ^ J>a hwile -f he J?8er wsbs }>a geaf (A.D.1123.) 
he J>one biscop rice of Lincoln^ an clerc Alexander wses ge haten. 
he W8BS f>es biscopes nefe of SeareslByrig. Jjis he dyde eall for }?e8 
biscopes luuen. 

Da ferde se kyng ]7enen to PortesmuSe. ^ Isei j>8ere eall ofer 
Pentecostewuce. ]>a sone swa he haefde wind swa ferde he 
ofer I in to Normandie. "3 be tsehte f>a 'eall' Engle land to geamene f. 83. 
•] to weal den J>one B Roger of Seares byrig. Da wses se kyng 
eall J>es geares in Normandie. "] weax ]5a micel un fritS betwux 
him ;3 hise f>eignas. swa ^ se eorl Walaram of Mellant. ^ 
Hamalri. ^ Hugo of Mundford. j "Willeto of Romare. and fela 
o?$re wendan fram him ^ helden here castles him togeanes. j 
se kyng held stranglice hew to geanes. ^ f>es ylces geares he wan 
of Walaram his castel Punt Aldemer. •] of Hugo Mundford. •] 
siSSen he spedde sefre leong ]?e bet. 

Des ylce geares ser se biscop of Lincolne com to his Brice 
for beam eall meast se burh of Lincolne. ^ micel ungerime 
folces wsepmen ^ wimmen forburnen. "] swa mycel hearm J>8er 
wses gedon swa nan man hit cu'Se o])er secgen. ]?et wses ]7es 
dseges xiiii^ kt lunii. 

1124.^ Eall }?is gear wes se king Heanri on Normandi. ;f 
wes for se miccle un fri"S ;f he heafde witS se king LoSewis of 
France."] witS se eorl of Angeow. ^ witS his agene men aire mest. 

pa gelamp hit on J)es dseges Annuntiatio sc^ Marie ^ se eorl 
Waleram of Mellant ferde fraw his an castel Belmunt het to his 
an o"Ser castel "Watteuile. mid him ferde }?es kinges stiward of 
France Amalri. •] Hugo Gerueises sunu. ^ Hugo of Munford. -] 
fela oSre godre cnihte. pa comen 'hem' togeanes ]?es kinges 
cnihtes of ealla ]?a casteles "Sa J>ser abuton wseron ^ fuhton wi?5 
hem ;] aflemden hem ^ namen ]?one eorl Walerara "3 Hugo 
Gerueises sunu. ;] Hugo of Mundford. •] M"] twenti oSre cnihtes 
3 brohton hem to l?one kinge. ^ se king let don j>one eorl 
Waleram -y Hugo Gerueises sunu on heftnunge^ on tSone 
castel on Ro"Sem. ^ Hugo of Mundford he sende to EngTe land. 

^ Here there seems to be another the annal 11 22. 
change of hand and ink ; probably a ^ altered from heftninge. 

reversion to the hand which wrote 

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254 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.I 1 24.) •] let hine don on | ifele bendas on Jjone castel on Gleucestre. ;] of 

^- 83. b. jjj^ ^5"gj.g g^j^ fglj^ g^g^ jjj^ Jjuhte he sende nor8 ^ sutS to hise 

casteles on heftnunge. Da sitJSon ferde se king "3 wan ealle )>e8 

eorles castelas Waleram J>a wseron on Normandi. j ealla f>a oSre 

]?a his witSre wines healden hiwi to geanes. 

Eall Vas' ]?es unfriS for ]?e8 eorles sunu Eotbert* of Nor- 
mandi Willelm het. Se ilce WilleZm hefde numen Fulkes eorles 
gingre dohter to wife of Angeow. ;] for Si se king of France ^ 
ealle ]?as eorles heolden mid him ^ ealle }>a rice men. 3 sseidon 
Jjet se king heold his broSer Rotbert mid wrange on heftnunge. 
3 his sunu WilleZm mid unrihte aflemde ut of Normandi. 

Des ilces geares wseron fsela untime on Engle lande. on corne 
3 on ealle westme. swa ;f betweonen Cristes messe ;] Candel 
messe man sffilde -f acer ssed hweete -f is twegen sed Isepas to six 
scillingas. ^ ^ beerlic f is J>re sed Isepas to six scillingas. ^ ^ 
acer ssed aten ;f *is' feower sed laepas to feower scillingas. pet 
wses for J>i -f com wses litel. "3 se penig wses swa ifel -f se man }?a 
heefde at an market an pund he ne niihte cysten )?8Brof for nan 
f>ing twelfe penegas. 

On j>es ilces geares fortS ferde se eadig biscop Ernulf of 
Roueceastre se seror wses abbot on Burch. )?et waes J>es dseies 
iDwa Martii. ^ Jjaer aefter forS ferde se king Alexander of 
Scotlande on J>e8 daeies ix kt Mai. ;] Dauid his broker )>a 
waes eorl on NorShamtune scire feng to rice and haefde tSa 
baSe togedere J>one kinerice on Scotlande. ^ J>one eorldom 
on Engle lande. ;] On J>8es dseies ^xix* kt lanr fortS ferde 
f. 84. se pape on Rome Calistus waes ge haten. ^ Honorius | feng to 
pape dom. 

Des ilces geares aefter S' Andreas messe toforen Cristes 
messe held Raulf Basset ^ J>es kinges t5aeines gewitenemot on 
Le]?ec8estre scire at Hundehoge. ^ ahengen J^aer swa fela f>efas 
swa naefre aer ne waeron. })et waeron on J>a litle hwile ealles 
feower -^ feowerti manne, ;] six men spilde of here aegon ^ xof 
here stanes. Fela soSfeste men saeidon ;f })8Br* waeron manege 
mid micel unrihte ge spilde. oc ure Laford God selmihtig }?a eall . 

* The scaribe seems to have written Sot bert. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 255 

digelnesse seS j wat. he SCO'S ^ man Iset -f serme folc mid ealle 
unrihte. serost man hem bersefotS her eahte and siJ^tSon man 
hem of slsetS. Ful heui gser waes hit se man ]?e eeni god heafde. 
him me hit be rsefode mid strange geoldes "3 mid strange motes. 
^pe nan ne heafde steerf of hungor. 

1125. On }>is gaer sende se king Henri toforen Cristes messe 
of Normandi to Engla lande ■] be bead ]?et man scolde beniman ^KTota tie 1 
ealle f)a minitere ]?e waeron on Engle lande heora liman. ^ waes 
here elces riht hand j heora stanen beneSan. ^ waes for se^ man 
tSe hafde an pund he ne mihte cysten aenne peni at anne market. 
;3 se biscop. Roger of Saeresbyrig sende ofer ^all Engla lande 
J be bead hi ealle $ hi scolden cumen to Winceastre to Cristes 
messe. pa hi Cider coman Sa nam man an 3 an ^ be nam aelc 
Sone riht hand ^ ]?a stanes beneSan. Eall ]?is waes gedon witS 
innon ]?a twelf niht. ;} ;f waes eall mid micel rihte fortSi -f hi hafdeh 
for don eall -f land mid here micele fals. -f hi ealle abohton. 

On J>es ilces gaeres sende se papa of Rome to tSise lande an 
cardinal lohan of Creme waes ge haten. He | com first to Jjone f. 84. b. 
king on Normandi. j se king hine under feng mid micel wurt5- 
scipe. be teahte hine si8tSon )?one aerceb Willelme of Cantwara- 
byrig. ^ he hine ledde to Cantwarabyrig. "^ he waes J>aer under 
fangen mid micel wurtSscipe ;] mid micel processionem. j he. 
sang Cone heh messe on Eastren daei aet Cristes wefod. ^ sitSSon 
he ferde ofer eall Engla lande to ealle ]?a biscop rices j abbot rices 
Ipa, waeron on Ipia lande. 3 ofer eall he waes under fangen mid 
wurSscipe 3 ealle hine iaefen micele gife ^ maere. ^ siSSon he 
heold his concilie on Lundene fuUe Ipreo dagas on natiuitas sc§ 
Mari§ on Septemb mid aerce biscopes ^ mid leodbisc ^ abbotes j 
laered "] lawed. j bead ]5aer Ipa, ilce lagas Ipa. Anselm aerceb haefde 
seror beboden j feala ma J>eah hit litel for stode. ^ Ipeonon he 
for ofer sae sone sefter see Michaeles messe ■] swa to Rome. ^ se 
aerceb Willehn of Cantwarabyrig. j se aerceb Turatein of 
Eferwic. j se bisc Alexander of Lincolne. 3 se b of Lo]?ene 
lohan. J se abbot of see Alban Gosfreiff ^ waeran J?aer under fan- 
gen of J)one pape Honoritt* mid micel wurtSscipe. ;] waeron J>aere 
eall J>one wintre. 

On tSes ilces geares weartS swa micel flod on see Laurenttes 

Digitized by 


256 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

messe dseig f feola tunes j men weorSan adrencte. j brigges to 
brokene. j corn ^ msedwe spilt mid ealle. ^ hunger ^ cwealm on 
men "^ on erue. ^ on ealle westme swa micel un time wearS swa 
hit ne waes feola gear ser. 

J })es ilces geares for"S ferde se abbot loAan * 'of Burch on -ii- 
iim^ Octobris. 

1126. Eall ]?is gear wses se kyng^ Heanri on Normandi call 
to sefter heruest. j>a com he to j>is lande betwyx natiuita* see 
Marie ^ Michaeles messe. mid him com se cwen "3 his dohter ^ 
he seror hafde giuen f)one kasere Heanri of Loherenge to wife, 
f. 85. J he brohte mid him | )>one eorl Waleram j Hugo Gerueises sunu. 
;3 j>one eorl he sende to Brigge on heftnunge. ^ J>eonon he sende 
him to Walingeforde siSSon. 3 Hugo to Windlesofra. ^ let hine 
don on harde bande. 

^ ]?a seftdr Michaeles messe com se Scotte kyng Dauid of 
Scotlande hider to lande. j se kyng Heanri under feng hine 
. mid micel wurSscipe. ^ he wunode J?a eall }>et gear on J>is 
lande. * 

^On j^es ilces geares let se kyning nimen his broker Rotbert 
fram f)one biscop Roger of Sseres byri. ^ be tahte hine his sune 
Rotbert eorl of Gleucsestre. ^ let hine Iseden to Bricstowe ;] ]?8Br 
diden on J?one castel. p8Bt wses eall don "Surh his dohtres rsed.-, 
^ f)urh se Scotte kyng Dauid hire eam. ^ 

at(l|tic| 1127. Dis gear heald se kyng Heanri his bird set Cristes 
msBsse on Windlesoure. j>8er wses se Scotte kyng Dauid. j eall 
tSa heaued Isered j laeuued f wses on Engle land. ;] ]?8er lie let 
swere'n' ercebiscopes "] biscopes ^ abbotes ^ eorles j ealle }?a 
Seines Sa J^ser wseron his dohter -^Selic Engla land ^ Normandi 
to hande sefter his daei. \>q ser waes f>es Caseres wif of Sexlande. | 
J sende hire siSSen to Normandi. ^ mid hire ferde hire broSer 
Rotbert eorl of Gleucestre. j Beian })es eorles sunu Alein 
Fergan. ^ leot hire beweddan J>es eorles sunu of Angeow 
GosfreitS Martael wses gehaten. Hit of]?uhte naj?ema ealle 
Frencisc "] Englisc.*' oc se kyng hit dide for to hauene sibbe of se 

^ The words : * of Burch .... kyng' by another hand, 
are inserted partly on the margin ^ Here there is another change of 

and in a different ink, and perhaps hand and ink. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 257 

eorl of Angeow. ^ for helpe to hauene togsenes his neue (A.D.1127.) 

Des ilces gseres on }>one lententide w«s se eorl Karle of 
Flandres of slagen on ane circe J?8Br he kei j bsed hine to Gode 
to for }>one we'o'fede amang ]?ane messe fram his agene manne. 
J se kyng of France brohte j>one eorles sunu "Willc/m of Nor- 
mandi j iaef hine J>one | eorldom. ^ }?et land folc him wi"5 toe. f. 85. b. 
pes ilce Wille^m hgefde eeror numen t5es eorles dohter of Angeow 
to wife oc hi weeron siStSen to tweamde for sibreden. J^et wes eall 
Surh f>one kyng Heanri of Engle land. SitStSen }?a naw he J>e8 
kynges wifes swuster of France to wife. ^ for \>i iaef se kyng him 
}>one eorldom of Flandres. 

Des ilce geeres he gsef ]?one abbot rice of Burch an abbot aW f^enr* 
Heanri wees ge haten of Peitowe. se hsefde his abbot rice S' Jots 
of Angeli on hande; ;] ealle }>a eercebiscopes j biscopes seidon f 
hit waes to geanes riht. ^ -f he n« mihte hafen twa abbotrices on 
hande. Oc se ilce Heanri dide J?one king to under standene -f 
•he hsefde Iseten his abbot rice for -f micele unsibbe f wses on ^ 
land. ^ f he dide tSurh J>es papes rsed ^ leue of Rome, j tSurh 
}>es abbotes of Clunni. ^ l?iirh f>8et he wees legat of Cone Rome 
scott. oc hit ne waes naSema eall swa. oc he wolde hauen batSe 
on hand. ^ swa hafde swa lange swa Godes wille wees. He wees 
on his cleerchade biscop on Soesscuns. sitSt^an wartS he munec 
on Clunni. ^ sitSSon prior on j>one seolue minstre. ^ siSSon he 
waer"S prior on Sauenni. ]5ar eeftor J?urh $ he wees Ses kynges 
meei of Engle land ;] ]?es eorles of Peitowe }>a geaf se eorl him 
Jx)ne abbotrice of S' lofis minstre of Angeli. SitJSon }?urh his 
micele wrences Sa be iset he )?one eerce biscop rice of Besencun ^ 
heefde hit )m on hande f>re dagas. J?a forlees he ^ mid rihte for}>i 
■f he hit heefde eeror beieten mid un rihte. sitSSon ]?a (beiet he 
}?on€ biscop rice of Seintes ;f wees fif mile fram his abbot rice -f 
he heefde \fal neah seoueniht on hande. }>enon brohte se abbot 
him of Clunni swa swa he eeror dide of Besencun. pa be]?ohte 
he him ;f gif | he^ mihte ben rotfest on Engle land ^ he mihte f. 86. 

* With £ B61*. begins a larger a brief Chronicle of Britain in 

sized vellum ; and on f, 86 v®. be- French, beginning with the com- 

gins to be written on the margin Ing of Brutus in 1200 B,o., and 


Digitized by 


258 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.I 1 27.) habben*e'al his wille. besohte J?a Cone kyng •] sseide him ^ he 
wses eald man ^ forbroken man, ^ ^ he ne mihte Solen )?a micele 
unrihte "3 J>a micele unsibbe tSa wseron on here land, j isemde 
}>a ]5urh him ;j Surh ealle his freond nam cuSlice J>one abbot 
rice of Burhc, ;] se kyng hit him iaette forSi f 'he' wees his meei. 
;j for J?i f he waes an hsefod 8a aS to swerene 3 witnesse to 
berene )?3er Sa eorles sunu of Normandi ;} }>es eorles dohter of 
Angeow wseron totwemde for sibreden. pus earmlice wses 
]?one abbot rice gifen betwix Cristesmesse ;] Candelmesse at 
Lundene. j swa he ferde mid }>e cyng to Wincestre ;j ]?anon he 
com to Burch. ^ J^eer he wimede eall riht swa drane doS on hine. 
_ Eall "f f>a beon dragen toward swa frett ]?a drane j dragatS 
fraward. swa dide he eall -f he mihte tacen wiS innen j wiS uten 
of laered 3 of laewed swa he sende ouer sse j na god J^aer ne dide. 
ne na god tSser ne laeuede. Ne }>ince man na sellice ^ we sotS 
seggen for hit w«es ful cu"S ofer eall land -f swa radlice swa he 
]>8er com f wses ]>es Sunendseies ^ man singaS Exubge quabe o. 
D.** ]?a son J^ser eeftw ]5a saegon 3 herdon fela men feole buntes • 
hunten. Da huntes weeron swarte ^ micele j ladlice. 3 here 
hundes ealle swarte ;] bradegede "] ladlice. ;] hi ridone on swarte 
hors J on swarte bucces. pis wses segon on J>e selue derfald in 
J?a tune on Burch ■] on ealle l?a wudes tSa weeron fram f>a selua 
tune to Stanforde. ^ ]?a muneces herdon 8a horn blawen ^ hi 
blewen on nihtes. SoSfestemen* heom kepten on nihtes. sseidon 
J?es j>e heom Jjuhte -f )?8er mihte wel ben abuton twenti o8er 
}>ritti horn blaweres. pis wees ssegon j herd fram -f he J>ider 
f 86. b. com eall ;f lented^ tid on an to Eastren. | pis was his in gang, of 
his ut gang ne cunne we iett noht seggon. God sea we fore. 

1128. Eall }?is geare weas se kyng Heanri on Normandi 
for ]?one unfriS f wses betwenen him ^ his nefe 8one eorl 
of Flandres. oc se eorl wear8 gewunded at an gefiht fram 
anne swein. j swa gewundod he for to S' Berhtines minstre. 
^ sone J>ear wearS munec ^ liuode sitSSon fif dagas. •] he wearS 
f>a dsed ^ ]?8er bebyriged. God geare his sawle. f wses Ses 
dales 'vi* kt Avg'. 

ending abruptly on f. 90 v«. with about which it was written, 
the accession of Edward I. This * Sic MS* 

latter event probably fixes Uie date 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 259 

Des ilces geares forSferde se biscop Randulf Passeflawbard (A.D.1128.) 
of Dunholme. j })8ere be byriged on N6 S^pt. 

■] J?es ilces geares ferde se foren sprecene abbot Henri bam to 
his agen minstre to Peitou be J>es kynges leue. He dide Cone 
' king to understanden f be wolde mid alle forlseten Ipone minstre 
■] f land ^ })8er wunien mid bim on Englalande. j on tSone 
mynstre of Burh. oc bit ne was naSema swa. be bit dide forSi 
f be wolde J?urb bis micele wiles Seer beon wser it tweolf monS 
oSSe mare, j sitJSon ongeon cumen. God selmibtig baue bis 
milce ofer f wrecce stede. 

Des ilces geares com fram lerusalem Hugo of J?e temple 
to Sone kyng on Normandig. •] se kyng bim under feng mid 
micel wurSscipe. ^ micele gersumes bim geaf on gold ■] 
on silure. ^ siSSon be sende bim to Engla lande. ;] Ipmr be 
waes underfangen of ealle gode men. ■] ealle bim geauen 
gersume j on Scot lande ealswa. ;] be bim senden to lerusalem. 
micel eabte mid ealle on gold ^ on silure. ^ be be bead folc 
vt to lerwsalem, j f)a for mid bim j sefter bim swa micel 
folc swa naefre ser ne dide siSSon f se firste fare was on 
VBbanes dsei pape Ipeah. bit litel bebelde. He seide f fulls 
feobt was sett be twenen tSa Cristene "3 Ipa. beSene. ]?a bi }?ider 
eomon Sa ne was bit nobt buton laesunge. J>us earmlice wearS 
*eair f folc swengt. 

1129. On Dis gear sende se kyng to Englaland eefter J)one f. 87. 
eorl Waleram. "] sefter Hugo Gerueises sunu. 3 f>8er bi gisleden 
bem. J Hugo ferde bam to bis agen land to France. 3 Waleram 
be laf mid ]?one kyng. 3 se kyng bim geaf eall bis land buton 
bis castel ane. SiStSon Ipa, com se kyng to Englaland innou 
beruest. ^ se eorl com mid bim. ^ wurtSon Ipa. alswa gode freond 
swa bi wseron eeror feond. 

Da sone be pes kynges reed ■] be bis leue sende se aerce- 
b "Wille&Q of Cantwarbyrig ofer eall Englaland. j bead biscopes 
■] abbotes ■] sercedeBcnes. j ealle ]>& pnores muneces j canonias 
J?a wseron on ealle J>a cellas on Engla land. •] sefter ealle ]>& })et 
Cristendome bsefdon to begemen j to locen. j ^ bi scolden 
ealle cumen to Lundene at Micbaeles messe. j Jjser scolden 
sprecon of ealle Godes ribtes. pa bi Sider comen f>a be gan f 

S 2, 

Digitized by 


26o THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.I 1 29.) mot on Monendseig j heold on an to Se Fridaeig. pa hit eall 
com for"S, }?a weortS hit eall of earcedsecnes wifes j of preosted 
wifes ^ hi scolden hi forlseten be sc^ Andreas messe. -} se 
)?e f ne wolden done forgede his circe ^ his hus j his ham 
^ nefra ma nan ^ clepunge J?8er to na hafde mare. })is be bsed se 
aerceb WilleZm of Cantwarabyrig 3 ealle }>a leodbiscopes tSa 
)5a^ weeron on Englalande. j se kyng hem geaf ealle leue 
ham to farene. 3 swa hi ferdon ham. ^ ne forstod noht ealle 
]?a bodlaces. ealle heoldon here wifes be f>es kynges leue swa swa 
hi ear didon. 

Dis ilces geares forSferde se biscop "WilleZm Giffard of 
Winceastre ^ ]?ear bebyriged on 'Viii* kt FebP. •] se kyng 
Henri geaf }?one biscoprice sefter Micheles messe Jx)ne abbot 
Henri his nefe of Glastingbyri. ^ he wses gehalgod to biscop 
fram ]5one sercelS WilleZm of Cantwarabyri ]5es dseies 'xv* k 
Decemb y 

pes ilces geares forS ferde Honori«*« papa, -^r he wsere wel 
f. 87. b. ded. \>B. wsere J?ger coren twa papes. | Se an wses gehaten Petrt^. 
he wses munec of Clunni. •] weas boren of ]?a ficceste men 
of Rome, mid him helden tSa of Rome, "3 se due of Sicilie. 
Se otSer het Gregorian, he wees clerc "3 weerd flemd ut of Rome 
fram Jx)n oSer pape j fram his cinnesmen. mid him held 
se Kasere of Sexlande 3 se kyng of France ^ se kyng He'anri 
of Engleland. ;] ealle }?a be ]?is half }?a muntes. Nu wserS swa 
mycel dwyld on Cristendom swa it naefre ser ne wses. Crist 
sette red for his wrecce folc. 

Dis ilces geares on S' Nicholaes messe niht litel ser daei wses 
micel eortS dine, 

1130. Dis geares wses se mynstre of Cantwarabyri halgod 
fram f>one sercelS WilleZm f>es dseies -iiii'® N^ Mai. Dser wseron 
)ms biscopes. lohan of Roueceastre. Gilbert Uniuersal of Liin- 
dene. He'a'nri of Winceastre. Alexander of Lincolne. Roger 
of Sseresbyri. Simon of Wigorceastre. Roger of Couentre. 
Godefreith of Bathe. Eourard of Noruuic. Sigefrid of Cic'a'es- 
tre. Bernard of S' Dauid. Audoent** of Euereus of Normandtgre 
lohan of Sseis .•' 

* altered from nen. * wa, MS. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 261 

Des feorSe dseges fser setter wses se king HeVnri on Roue- (A.D.1130.) 
ceastre. ^ se burch forbemde selmsest. ^ se sercelS WilWm 
halgede S' Andreas mynstre ^ Sa forsprecon bis2 mid him, 
^ se kyng Heanri ferde ouer see into Normandi on heruest. 

Des ilces geares com se abbot Heanri of Angeli sefter ^steme Burg' f. 90. 
to Burch. •] seide ^ be bsefde forlseten f>one mynstre mid 
ealle. Miier him com se abbot [of] Clunni Vetrua ge haten to 
Englelande bi J>es kynges leue ;] wses underfangen ouer eall 
swa hwar swa he com mid mycel wurSscipe. To Burch he 
com "3 J>8er be het se abbot Heanri him -f he scolde beieton him 
Jjone mynstre of Burch "f hit scolde beon undertSed into Clunni. 
oc man seitS to biworde. hsege sitteS ]:>a aceres dseleth. God 
selmihtig adylege iuele raede. ^ sone ]?8er seft^r ferde se abbot 
of Clunni ham to his serde. 

1131. Dis gear sefter Cristesmesse on an Moneniht aet )>e f. 88. 
forme sleep wses se heouene o "Se nortJ half eall swilc hit wsere 
baemende fir. swa ;f ealle Se hit ssegon wseron swa of feered 
swa hi nsefre ser ne wseron, ^ waes on iii loua Ianr. Des ilces 
geares wses swa micel o'/f cwalm swa hit nsefre eer ne wses on 
manne gemynd ofer eall Engleland. -p wses on nset j on swin. 
swa ^ on )3a tun )?a wses tenn ploges oSer twelfe gangende ne 
be Isef J>8er noht an. 3 se man }?a beafde twa hundred oSj^e tSre 
hundred swin ne be leaf him noht an. pser seffccr swulten 
]>a henne fugeles. }>a scyrte tSa flescmete 3 se ceose j se butere. 
God hit bete J?a his wille betS. 

J se kyng Heanri com ham to Engleland toforen heruest 
seft^r S' Petres messe J>e firrer. 

Des ilces geares for se abbot Heanri to foren Eastren fram 13urg' 
Burch ofer sse to Normandi ■] ]?ser spreac mid ]?one kyng. 
3 sseide him f>et se abbot of Clunni heafde him beboden ^ he 
scolde cumen to him ;} betsecen him fone abbot rice of Angeli. 
^ sit5]?en he wolde cumen ham be his Isefe. ^ swa he ferde 
ham to his agen mynstre 3 fser wunode eall to midsumer 
dsei. ^ Ses oSer dseies sefter S' lohes messe dsei. cusen }>a 
muneces abbot of hem self and brohten him into cyrce mid 
processionem. sungen Te Deum Laudamus. ringden )>a belle, 
setten him on f>es abbotes settle, diden him ealle hersumnesse 

Digitized by 


262 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1131.) 8wa swa hi scolden don here abbot. ^ se eorl ;] ealle ]?a 
heafed menn ^ )>a muneces of fa mynstre flemden se oSer abbot 
Heanri ut ^of }?a mynstre. hi scolden nedes. on fif *j twenti 
wintre ne biden hi naefre an god daei. Her him trucode ealle 
his mycele crseftes. nu him behofed -f he crape in his mypele 
codde in selc hyrne gif Jjser wsere hure an unwreste wrenc ^ he ~ 
mihte get beswicen anes Crist "] call Cristene folc. pa 
ferde he into Clunni "] j>8Br man him held ^ he ne mihte na 
f. 88. b. east na west, sseide se abbot of Clunni | -p hi heafdon forloron 
S' loBes mynstre ]?urh him j ]?urh his mycele sotscipe. pa 
ne cu]5e he him na betre bote bute behet hem ^ a"Ses swor 
on halidom ^ gif he moste Engleland secen ]?et he seolde 
begeton hem ^one mynstre of Burch. swa -f he seolde setten 
J^ger prior of Clunni ^ circeweard ^ hordere 3 reilj?ein ^ 
ealle \>b, Sing f>a weeron wiSinne mynstre 3 wi"5uten eall 
he seolde hem betsecen. pus he ferde into France j ]?aer 
wunode eall f gear. Crist rsede for ]?a wrecce muneces of 
Burch J for -f wrecee ^stede'. nu hem behofeS Cristes helpe ^ 
eall Cristenes folces. 

1132.* Dis gear com Henri king to fis land. }>a com Henri 
abbot 3 uureide ]?e muneces of Burch to j^e king forf>i S 
he uuolde underj?eden tS mynstre to Clunie. sua tS te king 
was wel neh be paht. ^ sende eftcr ]?e muneces. ;] f>ur*h' 
'G^des milce 3 ]?ur*h' }>e b of Seresberi ^ te b of LincoZ 
^ te o]?re ricemen J>e f>er waeron J>a wiste ]?e king S he 
feorde mid suicdom. pa he na^jmor ne mihte. }>a uuolde 
he "S his nefe sculde ben abb in Burch. oc Xpist it ne uuolde. 
Was it noht suithe lang f>er eft^ J>atte king sende efter him. •] 
Btttg* dide him gyuen up "S abb rice of Burch -] faren ut of lande. 
Wah'min^ te king iaf 8 abb rice an pWor of S' Neod Martin was 
ge haten. he com on S' Vy^tres messe dei mid micel wurscipe 
into the minstre. 

, 1135. On Jjis gaere for se king "Kenri oner sse eet te Lam- 
masse. ^ "S o}>er dei fa he lai an slep in scip. fa festrede 

* Here begins the last Continuator. 

Digitized by 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 263 

})e dsei ouer al landes, 3 uuard J>e sunne suilc als it uuare thre- (A.D.1135.) 
niht aid mone. an sterres abuten hiwi at mid dsei. 

Wur)>'en men sui"Se ofuundred ^ of dred, ^ sseden S micel 
}>ing Bculde cumew herefter. sua dide. for ]jat ilc gser warth 
}>e king ded. tS oJ>er dsei efter S' Andreas masse daei on 
'^Gtmandi. pa westre* sona fas landes. for seuricman sone 
raeuede of>er J>e mihte. pa namen his sune ^ his frend -^ 
brohten his lie to EDglelaTic^ 3 bebiriend in Bedingd. God 
man he wes 3 micel seie wes of him, Durste nan man mis don 
wit5 otSer on his time. Pais he makede men ^ dser. Wua 
sua bare his byrthen gold ^ sylure. durste nan man sei to him 
naht bute god. 

I En mang f>is was his nefe cumen to Engle \ande Stephne f. 89. 
de Blais. 3 com to Lundene. ^ te Lundenisce folc him under 
feng. J senden <efter J>e serceb "WilleZm Curbuil, ^ halechede 
him to kinge on mide wintre daei. On ]?is kinges time wes al 
unfritS 3 yfel ^ weflac. for agenes him risen sona ]?a ricemen 
}>e waeron swikes. Alrefyrst Balduin de Keduers "3 held Exe- 
cestre agenes him. ^ te king it besaet. ^ siSSan Baldmw 
acordede. pa tocan ]7a otSre j helden her castles agenes him. 
J Dauid king of Scotland toe to uuerrien him. J>a J>ohuue- ^cot' 
there )3at here sandes feorden betwyx heom. ^ hi togsedere 
comen 3 wurtSe saehte. Jx)}? it litel for stode. 

1137. Dis gaere for J>e *ktn^' Stephne ofer sae to Normandi 3 
ther wes under fangen for)>i S hi uuenden 8 he sculde ben 
alsuic alse the eom wes. -y for he hadde get his tresor. ac he 
todeld it ^ scatered sotlice. Micel hadde Henri \iing gadered 
gold "3 syluer. "] na god ne dide me for his saule thar of. 

pa ^f>e' king Stephne to Engla law^ com }?a macod he his IBiswensio 
gadeiing aet Oxene ford. "] }?ar he nam ]?e b Roger of Sereberi j rtjSm^ 
Alexand^ b of Lincol j te Canceler Roger hise neues. ^ dide 
aelle in prisun. til hi iafen up here castles, pa the suikes 
under gaeton 8 he milde man was ^ softe j god. ;} na iustise 
ne dide. J?a dide^n' hi alle wunder. Hi hadden him manred 
maked 3 athes suoren. ac hi nan treuthe ne heoldeu. alle 

wes trege. Thorpe's suggestion. 

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264 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1137.) he waeron forsworen "} here treothes forloren. for seuric 
rice man his castles makede ^ agSBnes him heolden. "^ fylden 
J>e land ful of castles. Hi suencten suy8e ]>e uurecce men 
of ]>e land mid castel weorces. ]>& pe castles uuaren maked 
]>& fylden hi mid deoules j yuele men. pa namen hi ]>a 
men ]>e hi wenden tS ani god hefde^n'. bathe be nihtes ^ be 
daeies. carlmen ^ wimmen. ^ diden heom ^in pWsun' efter 
gold J syluer. "^ pined heom.*' untellendlice pining, for ne 
uueeren nseure nan martyrs swa pined alse hi waeron. Me 
henged up bi the fet ^ smoked heom. mid ful smoke. Me 
henged bi the ]?umbes. other bi the hefed. j hengen bryniges 
f. 89. b. on ^her' fet. Me dide cnotted strenges abuton here | hseued. ^ 
uurythen to 8 it gsede to ]>e ^h'semes. Hi dyden heom in 
quarterne }?ar nadres "^ snakes ^ pades wfleron inne. ^ drapen 
heom swa. Sume hi diden in crucethus tS is in an c<€ste 
}?at was scort "^ nareu. ^ un dep. ^ dide scserpe stanes }?er inne. 
"} ]?rengde ])e man "pmr inne. tS him brsecon alle f>e limes. In 
mani of Ipe castles wseron lof ^ grin, tS wseron rachenteges "S 
twa of>er thre men hadden onoh to bseron onne. ]?at was sua 
maced. 8 is fsestned to an beom. -^ diden an scserp iren abuton 
]>& mannes throte "^ his hals. "S he ^ne' myhte nowiderwardes. ne 
sitten ne lien ne slepen. oc bseron al S iren. Mani |7usen 
hi drapen mid hungser. 

I ne can ne i ne mai tellen alle pe wunder ne alle pe 
pines 8 hi diden wreccemen on ]?is land, j 8 lastede }?a 
•xix' wintre wile Stephne was king ^ seure it was uuerse 
■3 uuerse. Hi laeiden gseildes o^n' the tunes seure um wile -3 
clepeden it tenserie. }?a ]>e uurecce men ne hadden nan more 
to gyuen. ]?a rseueden hi "3 brendon alle the tunes. 8 wel ]?u 
myhtes faren all a dseis fare sculdest thu neure finden man 
in tune sittende. ne land tiled, pa was corn dsere. '2 A^c 
;) csese ;) butere. for nan ne wees o ]?e land. Wreccemen 
sturuen of hungser. sume ieden on selmes J?e waren sum wile 
rice men. siime flugen ut of lande. 

Wes nseure gset mare wreVcehed on land, ne nseure hethen 
men werse ne diden J?an hi diden. for ouersithon ne for 
baren ^hi' nouther circe ne cyrceiserd. oc namew al ]>e god 8 

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THE LAUD MS. (E) 265 

]?arinne was. •;) brenden sythen }?e cyrce ^ al te gsedere. Ne (A.D.1137.) 
hi ne forbaren b land ne abb ne preostes. ac rseueden munekes 
•;) clerekes. ^ seuric man other ]?e ouer myhte. Gif twa men 
()))er •iii» coman ridend to an tun. al \>e tunscipe flugsen for 
heom. wenden tS hi wseron rsBueres. pe biscopes "} lered men - 
heom cursede seure. oc was heom naht J>ar of. for hi uueron al 
for curssed -] for suoren "3 for loren. 

Warsaw me tilede. )?e erthe ne bar nan corn, for J>e land 
was al for don. mid suilce dsedes. ^ hi seeden openlice "S 
Xpist slep. ;) his halechen. Suilc ^ mare ]?anne we cunnen saein. / o 
we ]?olenden -xix* wintre for ure sinnes. 

On al J>is yuele time heold Martin abbot his abbotrice 'xx* iSurg' 
wintr« ^ half gser -^ viii« dseis. mid micel suinc. ^ fand )?e 
munekes j te gestes al J>at heom be houed j heold mycel carited 
in the bus. j ]>o)? wethere wrohte on )?e circe -} sette )?ar to - 
landes ^ rentes. ^ goded it suythe. -] Iset it refen ^ brohte 
heom into J>e neuuse mynstre on S' Petres msesse dsei mid micel 
wurtscipe. "S was anno ab incarnatione Domini Mcxl. a combus- 
tione loci xxiii. *] he for 'to' Rome. ^ J>8er wsbs wsel under 
fangen fram J)e pape Eugenie. 3 be gset thare priuilegies. an of ^ <^ 
alle J)e landes of Jjabbot rice, j an o]?er of ])e landes }>e lien to ]?e 
circewican. j gif he leng moste liuen, alse he mint to don of )?e 
horderwycan. "^ he begset in landes )>at rice men hefden mid 
strengthe. of WiUeim Malduit Jje heold Bbgingham J?8e castel. he Na 
wan Cotingham ^ Estun. -] of Hugo of Walteuile he uuan-J^ autie- 
Hyrtlingbm. ^ Stanewig. 3 'Ix* sol of Aldewingle *8elc gser'. ^ uugncle 
he makede manie munekes -3 plantede winiserd. -3 makede mani 
weorkes. j wende J>e tun betere J>an it eer wsbs. 3 wses god 
munec ^ god man. -^ for}?i him luueden God ^ gode men. 

Nu we willen ssegen sumdel wat belamp on Stephwcs kinges 3ie 5c*o ? 
time. On his time Jje ludeus of Noruuic bohton an xpisten ^^^"-^^ 
cild beforen Estren, j pineden him alle J?e ilce pining "S ure 
Drihten was pined. ^ on lang fridsei him on rode hengen for ure 
Drihtines luue. -3 sythen byrieden him. Wenden tS it sculde ben 
for holen. oc ure Dryhtin atywede tS he was hali martyr, "] to^ • 
munekes him namen. •;) bebyried him heglice inj^e minstr«. j he 

» Sic MS. 

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266 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

maket )5ur ure Drihtin wunderlice •;) manifeldlice miracles. 3 
hatte he S' Willelm. 

Scot* 1138. On ]?is gser com Dauid king of Scotlarw^ mid ormete 

fserd to J?is land, wolde winnan f>is land. 3 him com to gsenes 

- Willelm eorl of Albamar J>e )>e king adde beteht Euorwic ^ to 

other seuez men mid fseu men "3 fuhten wid heom. "3 flemden J>e 

king 8Bt te Standard. ^ sloghen suithe micel of his genge. 

f. 90. b. 1140. On J>is gser wolde f>e king Stephwe taecen Rodbcrt eorl 
^ of Gloucestre J)e kinges sune Henries, ac he ne myhte for he 
' y wart it war. 

J)er efter in J?e lengten J^estrede J>e sanne j te daei. abuton 
non tid dseies. ]?a men eten. S me lihtede candles to seten hi. •] 
))at was -xiii* k Aprtl. waeron men suythe of wundred. 

per eft«r fordfeorde WilWm aercelS of Cantwarben*. •;) te king 

- makede Teodbald serceB )>e was abbot in the Bee. 

per efter wsex suythe micel uuerre betuyx J>e king 3 Eandolf 
eorl of Csestre noht for ]?i tS he ne iaf him al 8 he cuthe axen 
him. alse he dide alle othre. oc aefre J>e mare he iaf heom. J>e 
waerse hi waeron him. pe eorl heold Lincol agsenes ]?e king. ;] 
^ ' benam him al tS he ahte to hauen. "3 te king for Jnder. ^ 
bessette him ^ his brother WilleZm de R[om]are in J>e castel. -^ 
te aeorl stsel ut "^ ferde efter Eodbert eorl of Gloucestre. ^ 
brohte him J>ider mid micel ferd. ^ fuhten suythe on Candel 
masse dsei agenes heore lauerd. "^ namen him, for his men him 

- suyken -^ flugsen. j Ised him to Bristowe ^ diden J>ar in pT^un. 
;) [fejteres. pa was al Engle Xarid styred mar })an ser wses. ;) al 
yuel wses in lande. 

per efter com ]?e kynge« dohter Henries ]?e hefde befi Empe- 
rice in Alamanie. "3 nu wses cuntesse in Angou. •;) com to 
Lundene ;) te Lundenissce folc hire wolde tsecen. ^ scse fleh ;] 
for les ]?ar micel. 

per efter J>e biscop of Wincestre Henri f>e kinge« brother 
Stephwe* spac wid Rodbert eorl ^ wyd Jjemperice ^ suor heom 
athas S he neure ma mid te king his brother wolde halden. j 

- cursede alle J>e men J>e mid him heoldon. ^ ssede heom tS he 
uuolde iiuen heom up Wincestre. •;) dide heom cumen J>ider. pa 
hi J>8er inne waeren. ]m com }>e kinge« cuen mid al hire strengthe. 

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THE LAUD MS, (E) 267 

■3 besflet heow. tS ]?er wses inne micel hungser. pa hi ne leng (A.D.1140.) 
ne muhten }?olen ]3a stall hi ut "^ flugen. ^ hi wurthen war wid 
uten ■] folecheden heom. ;) namen Rodbert eorl of Glouce^^r^. 
;) ledden him to Roue cestre. ^ diden him J>are in pWsun. -3 te 
_ emperice fleh into an minstre. | ^pa feorden ]>e wise men be twyx £.91. 
J?e kinges freond ;) te eorles freond. ^ sahtlede sua S me sculde 
leten ut ]?e king of pnsun for )>e eorl. ^ te eorl for }?e king. ^ 
sua diden. 

Sithen f>ereft«r sahtleden ]3e king ^ Randolf eorl at Stanford. 
10 1 athes suoren j treuthes faeston tS her nouJ>er sculde be suiken 
other. ^ it ne for stod naht. for ]?e king him sithen nam in Ham- 
tun, ]?urhc wicci rsed. "^ dide him in prtsun. ^ ef sones he let 
him ut J>urhc wserse red. to 8 forewarde tS he suor on halidom ^ 
gysles fand. f>at he alle his castles sculde liuen up. Sume he 
- iaf up, J sume ne iaf he noht. ^ dide ]?anne wserse ]?anne he 
haer sculde. 

pa was Engleland suythe to deled, sume helden mid te king. 
^ sume mid f>emperice. for ]?a J?e king was in pWsun )?a wenden 
]?e eorles j te rice men )>at he neure mare sculde cumeT^ ut. ^ 
: ' sseh't'leden wyd Jjemperice. "3 brohten hire into Oxen ford, j 
iauen hire J>e burch. pa J>e king was ute J?a herde S saegen. 
^ toe his feord "^ besset hire in ]3e tur. ^ me Iset hire dun on 
niht of )?e tur mid rapes. ^ stal ut. -^ scse fleh ^ iaede on fote 
to "Walingford. 

pser eft6r scae ferde ouer sse. 3 hi of Normandi wenden alle 
fra J)e king, to J?e eorl of Angseu. sume here J>ankes ^ sume 
here un)?ankes. for he be sset heom til hi a iauen up here castles. 
;) hi nan helpe ne haefden of )>e \ingt. 

pa ferde Eustace J>e kinges sune to France ^ nam ]?c 
^ -' king6* suster of France to wife, wende to bigaeton Normandi 
]paer Jjurh. oc he spedde litel. "^ be gode rihte for he was an 
yuel man. for ware se he [com he] dide mare yuel ]?anne god. 
he reuede J>e landes 3 laeide mic[ele gikle]8 on. he brohte 
his wif to Engleland. ^ dide hire in J>e caste[l on Can]^ 

* With f. 91 there is a reversion ^ The MS. is here mutilated. The 

to the smaller sized vellum. 1;. letters in brackets are supplied by 
p. 257, note, conjecture. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

268 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.I 140.) tebm. God wiwman scsb waes. oc scae hedde litel blisse mid 
him. 3 Xpist ne wolde t5 he sculde lange rixan. 3 wserd ded 
3 his moder beien. 

j te eorl of Angseu wserd ded. ^ his sune Henri toe to J?e rice. 
- J te cuen of France to dselde fra J>e king. ;) scae com to ]3e iunge 
f. 91. h. eorl Henri. ;) 'he toe hire to wine. ;) al | Peitou mid hire, pa 
ferde he mid micel fserd into Engle land. ;) wan castles. 3 te 
king ferde agenes him mid micel mare ferd. j J?oJ>w8ethere 
fuhtten hi noht. oc ferden f>e sercelS ^ te wise me'n' betwux heom. 
3 makede S sahte t5 te king sculde ben lauerd ;] king wile he 
liuede. ;) aefter his dsei ware Henri king. ;) he held'e' him for 
fader ;) he him for sune. ^ sib 3 ssehto sculde ben betwyx heom. 
J on al Engle land, pis ^ te othre foruuardes )?et hi makeden. 
suoren to halden f>e king 3 te eorl ^ te B & te eorles ^ rice men 
' alle. pa was }?e eorl under fangen set Wincestre 3 set Lundene 
mid micel wurtscipe. ^ alle diden him man red. 3 suoren ]3e pais 
to halden. j hit ward sone suythe god pais, sua 6 neure was 
here, pa was ]?e \ing strengere ]?anne he seuert her was. j 
te eorl ferde ouer sse. ^ al folc him luuede for he dide god iustise 
J makede pais. 

1154.^ On }?is gser wserd ]3e king Steph^ie ded 3 beby- 
ried J?er. his wif'j his sune' waeron bebyried set Fauresfeld. 
]?8et minster hi makeden. pa }?e king was ded. ]?a was be 
eorl beionde sse. 3 ne durste nan man don o]?er bute god for 
f>e micel eie of him. pa he to Engleland com. f>a was 
he under fangen mid micel wurtscipe. ^ to king bletcaed in 
Lundene on f>e sunnen dsei be foren midwinter dsei. 3 held J^ser 
micel curt, 

pat ilce dsei }?at Martm affi of Burch sculde J?ider faren. |>a 
sseclede he ;) ward ded *iiii- N®. Ian. ^ te muneke* innen dseis 
cusen o]5er of heom sself. WilleZm de Walteuile is gehaten. god 
clerc ^ god man. 3 wsel luued of J>e \inge ;) of alle gode men. 3 
o[n cyricjen byriec^ JjabB hehlice ; 3 sone ]?e cosan a15 ferde j 
te muneces [mid him to] Oxen forde to f>e king [•;) he] iaf him 
J)at abbrice. *] he ferde him son[e to Linc]ol ;) was ]?[8er bletcaed 
to] abbot ser he ham come. -^ [sithen] was under fangen [mid mic]el 

^ No annals are marked in the MS. between 1 140 and 11 54. 


Digitized by' 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 269 

[wui-tscipe at] Burch. mid [mice]l processiun. -3 sua he was alsua (A.D.1154.) 
at Ramesseie. "3 at Torn*. 3 at ... ;) Spall' ^ at S . 1 . beres. •;) 

;) [nu is] abbot. 3 fa[ir] haued begunnon. Xpus him 

un[ne]^ . . . : • 

* The MS. at this point is both in brackets are more or less con- 
mutilated and defaced. The words jecturaL 


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In MS. C. the Chronicle is preceded by the following com- > 

position, which consists of two parts; the first a sort of metrical 
calendar, the latter a string of proverbial sayings. These Poems 
were first printed by Hickes in his Thesaurus (1705), vol. i. 
p. 203, with a Latin translation : and again (after Hickes) in a 
separate form by the Rev. Samuel Fox with an English transla- 
tion and notes, with the title Menologium seu Calendarium 
Poettctmhy etc, {1830). EbeHng included them in his Angdedch-' 
sisches Leaelmch (1847). 

The Calendar was re-edited by Bouterwek with an interlinear 
Latin translation and notes, under the title : Calendcwide i. e. 
Menologium Ecclesice Angh'Saxonicce Poeticum {1857). 

Grein included both poems in the second volume of his 
monumental work : Bihliothek der AngeladchsiscJi^n Foesie (1858), 
now in course of republication by Wtllker. 

Professor Earle printed them in the Preface to the former 
edition of the present work (1865), justly remarking that 
' their intimate association with the Chronicle seemed to call for 
their insertion.' 

Mr. Sweet has printed the Gnomic Verses in the various 
editions of his Anglo-Saxon E^eader, Clarendon Press, 1876 fP. 

Cronica Saxonica Ahhingdonice ad annum 1066^. 


on midne winter.*' msere Jjeoden* f. 112. 

ece selmihtig."' on J?y eahteot^an dseg' 

hselend ge haten.*' heofon rices weard- 

Swa f>a syl&n tiid."* side herigeas* 5 

folc unmsete."' habbatS fore weard gear* 

for J>y se kalend us.*' cymeS gej?incged» 

on ^m ylcan dsege.*' us to tune 

^ Note in Joecelin's hand. 

Digitized by 







f. 112 b. 

forma monaSy hine folc mycel- 

ianuarius gerum heton* lo 

And J>8e8 embe fif nihty J>8Btte fiilwihttiid 

eces drihtnesy to us cymetS* 

]>8ene twelfta dflegy tireadige* 

haeleS heaSu rofe/ liatatS on brytene* 

in foldan her/ 15 

Swylce emb feower wucan 
]>8ette solmonaSy sigetS to tune* 
butan twam nibtumy swa bit getealdon geo* 
februarius fser/ frode geBiJ>as* 
ealde segleawe. And J^ses embe ane niht* 
^ we Marian* msBssan healdatS; 20 

cyninges modor* for J?an heo Crist on J?am dsege 
beam wealdendes* brohte to temple ; 
Dsenne ))8B8 emb fif niht* $ afered bytS* 
winter of wicum/ 3 se wigend J?a« 
sefter seofentynum/ swylc^ J^rowade- 25 

niht ge rimes/ nergendes f>egen; 
Matbias mserey mine gefrsege- 
J?8es J>e lencten on tun/ geliden hsefde* 
werum to wicum/ 

Swylce eac is wide cuS» 
ymb -iii* ^ twa/ J?eodum gewelbwaer* 30 

his cyme Kalend/ ceorlum ^ eorlum 
butan ))8Bnnd bises/ geboden weortSe- 
feortSan geare/ pBdune he furtJor cymeS 
ufor anre niht/ us to tune- 

hrime gehyrsted* hagolscurum fsertS- 35 

geond middan geardy Martius retSe- 
hlyda healic* Dsenne se halga 
]?8es emb xi niht sej^ele scynde 
Gregorius in Godes waere* 

breme in Brytene- swylce Benedictus 40 

embe nigon niht* f>8es nergend sohte* 

Grein and Bouterwek read swylt. 

Digitized by 



heard ^ hige Strang/ )>8Bne heriaS wel 

in gewritum wise/ wealdendes J^eow- 

rincas regol faestey swylce eac rim crseftige* 

on J?a ylcan tiid/ em niht healdatS- 45 

fortSan wealdend Gody worhte set frymSe 

on )>y sylfan dsegey sunnan -^ monan ; 

Hwset ymb feower nihty feeder onsende* 
J58es J?e emnihtey eorlas healdatS* 

heahengel his/ se hselo ahead- 50 

Marian mycley -f heo meotod sceolde- 
cennan kyninga hetstX swa hit gecySed weartS- ^^i&* 

geond middan geardy wses f msere wyrd- mona» 

folcum gefrsegey Aprille 

Swylce emb feower ;) J?reoy 
niht ge rimes fte nyrgend sent; 55 

Aprelis monaSy on Jjam oftust cym"S- 
seo maere tiidy mannum to frofre^ 
drihtnes seristy ]?8enne dream geristy 
wel wide gehwaery swa se witega sang. 

pis is se dsegy Jjsene drihten us* 60 

wisfaest worhtey wera cneorissum* 
eallum eortSwarumy eadigu7/i to blisse- 
Ne magon we J>a tidey be getale healdan- 
dagena rimesy ne drihtnes stige* 
on heofenas upy for J?an he ^ hwearfatS a a- 65 

wisra gewyrdum- ac sceal wintrum frody 
on circule crsefte findan* 
halige dagas. Sculan we hwaeSerey 
gyt martira | gemyndy ma areccan- 

wrecan wordum fortSy wisse^ gesingan 70 f. 113. 

f embe nihgontyne nihty 
J?8es J?e Easter monaS* to (is cymetS* 
J?aet man reliquiasy raeran onginnetS* 
halige ' ge hyrste* f is healic daeg 
bentnd bremuy Swylce in burh ra]?e- 75 

^ )>e, Grein. hi, Bouterwek. ' wise, Bouterwek, Grein. 

* — ga. Gr. — gra, Bk. 

T 2 

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Alihi ^ smicere on gearwum.*' 

^jruiylce wudum 3 wyrtutn cymeS wlitig scriSan- 

J?rymlice' on tun- pearfe bringetS/ 

Mains micle geondy menigeo gebwser- 

Swa ])i ylcan dsBge/ seipeie geferan- 80 

Philippus "^ lacob/ feorh agefan* 

modige mago Jjegnas/ for meotudes lufan ; 

And ptea embe twa niht* fie tsebte God* 

Elenan eadigre/ 8e]?elnst beama* 

on ))am Jjrowode.*' ^eoden engla* 85 

for manna Infan.-' n»eotud on galgan- 

be faeder leafed swylce ymb fyrst wucan 

butan anre niht* fie yldum bringSy 

sigelbeorbte dagas< Sumor to tune.** 

wearme gewyderu* pBdune wangas braSey 90 

blostmum blowaS- swylce blis astibSy 

geond middan geard- manigra bada/ 

cwicera cynna* cyninge 16f secgaS/ 

majnifealdlice- mseme bremaSy 

selmihtigne« pses emb eabta 3 nigon.-* 95 

dogera^ rimes* fie drihten nam.-' 

in otSer leobt- Agustinus- 

bliSne on breostumy pssa J>e hi on Brytene b^r* 

eaSmode bim/ eorlas funde- 

to Godes willany swa bim se gleawa be bead* 100 

Gregorius. ne byrde ic guman awym-* 

senigne ser* sefre bringan.-* 

ofer sealtne mere* selran lare* 

bisceop bremran.-* nd on Brytene resty 

on Cantwarum cyne stole neaby 105 

mynstre mseruw 

^ Half a line seems wanting though the marginal notes are in a 

here ; Bouterwek marks a lacu- much later hand, 

na ; Grain conjectures : Smylte T ' Altered into dagera. 

smeCe. * Sic MS. Grein reads conjec- 

* We should probably read })ry- turally gumena fym^ Bouterwek 

milce in accordance with the margin ; gwmanna wyrn. 

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psenne monatS bringSy «{«*» 

ymb twa ^ freo tiida lange- ^^^^ 

serra liSay us to tune* June 

Junius on geard/ on f)am gim astihtS« 
on heofenas up.-* hyhst on geare- no 

tungla torhtust/ 3 of tille agrynt- 

I to sete sigetS. wyle sySSan lengy f. 113 b. 

grund behealdan* ^ gangan latorX 
ofer foldan wang« fsegerust l[e]ohta.''^ 
woruld ge sceafta* Ipsdxme wuldres J^egn.*' 115 

ymb ))reotyne« peodnea dyrling- 
Johannes in geardagan.-* weartS acenned* 
tyn nlhtum eacy we J?a tiid healdaS* 
on midne sumory mycles on 8eJ>elum.' 
Wide IS geweorSody swa ^ wel gerist* 120 

haligra iid« geond hseletSa beam/ 
Petrus ^ Paulus' liwset ]?a apostolasy 
J>eoden liolde- J^rowedon on Romey 
ofer midne sumor- miccle gewisse/ 
ftirSor fif nihtum- folcbealo Jjrealic.-' 125 

mseme martyrdom- hsefdon mflenige sfer. 
wundra geworhte- geond wserj^eoda* 
Swylce hi' sefter f>amy unrim fremedon* 
swutelra ;) ge synra/ J^urh sunu meotudes- 
ealdorjjegnasy paenne sedre cymtS* 130 

emb twa niht "pses* tidliceus« 

lulius monatS- on J>am lacobus- Julius 

ymb feower niht- feorh gesealde* 
on* twentigum trum in breostum* 
frod ^ fsBstraed- folca lareow 135 

Zebedes afera* ^ }?8es symle scrij?- 
ymb seofon niht f>8BS« sumere' gebrihted- 
weodmonaS on tun* wel hwset bringeS* 

Augustus yrmenJ>eodum» Augustus 

hlafmsessan daeg- swa ])8es hserfest cymS- 140 

1 lohta. MS. 

' Grein suggests ^fSlam. 

' Altered into hy by a later hand. 
' on[d], Bk. * smicere, Bk. Gr. 

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ymbe o?5er swylc* butan anre wanan* 

wlitig waestmum hladen* wela by8 gejrwed* 

fegere on foldan* pBdnne forS gewat* 

yrnb J>reo niht J>8bs* J>eodne getrywe« 

]?xirh martyrdom* msere diacon* 145 

Laurentius hsefS nu Kf wiS J^an. 

mid wuldor feeder* weorca to leane- 

Swylce ]>8es ymb fif niht fsegerust maegtSa* 

wife wnldor* sohte weroda God* 

for suna sibbe* sigefsestno ham* 150 

f. 114. neorxna wange'^ | hsefde Nergend J>a* 

fsBgere fostorlean* faemnan for golden* 
ece to ealdre ; psdnne ealling byS 
ymb tyn niht J>8es* tud geweorSad* 
Bartholomeus* in Brytene her* 155 

wyrS welj?ungen* swylce eac wide byS- 
eorlum geypped- aej^elinges deaS* 
ymb feower niht* se J^e fsegere iu* 
mid wfletere oferwearp* wuldres cynebearn* 
wiga weortSlice* be him "Wealdend cwsetS* 160 

f nan mserra man* geond middangeard* 
be tux wife 3 were* wnrde acenned* 
Ond J>8BS ymbe J?reo niht* geond J^eoda feala* 
■f te' haligmontS* hele]?uw gef>inged* 
fereS to folce* swa hit foregleawe* 165 

ealde uj>witan* seror fundan* 

September Septembres fser* ^ J>y Beofo)?an dseg* 

f acenned weartS* cwena selost* 
drihtnes modor* Ipsdnne dagena worn* 
ymbe J>reotyne* }?egn unforcuS* 170 

godspelles gleaw* gast onsende* 
Matheus his* to metod sceafte* 
in ecne gefean* psBnne ealling cymS* 
' ymb ]?reo niht Jjses- ]>eodnm wide 
emnihtes dseg* ylda bearnum ; 175 

Grein and Bouterwek read, wanges. * [se] halig, Bk. 

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HwsBt we weorSiaS' wide geondan eortS* 
heahengles tiid* on hserfeste* 
Michaheles swa ^ menigo wat« 
fif nihtum ufor« }?8bb }?e folcuw byS* 
eorlum geywed' emuihtes daeg* 180 

And ]78es embe twa niht- f se teoSa monS* 
on folc fereS' frode ge}?eahte« 
October on ttin* us to genihte* 
winter fylleS- swa hine wide cigS-^ 
igbuende Engle j Seaxe* 185 

weras mid wifum* swylce wigena tiid« 
ymb twentig J?8es« twegra bealdaS* 
•] fif* nibtum samod setgaedere' 
on anne dseg* we ]7a ssj^elingas* 

fym gefrunan. f by foremaere- 190 

Simon | 3 ludas- symble wseron* 
dribtne dyre« for}?on bi dom blutan* 
eadigne (ipweg* 3 fjaes ofstum' bringS* 
embe feower nibt* folce genibtsum* 
blotmonaS on tfin* beomum to wiste« 195 

Nouembris' ni8a beamum* 
eadignesse swa nan oSer na de8« 
monaS maran* miltse dribtnes* 
And J>y ylcan dsege* ealra we bealdatS* 
Sancta symbeb Jjara Jje si8 o?5Se afer 200 

worbtan in worulde* willan dribtnes* 
Sy]5}?an wintres d»g* wide gange8« 
on syx nibtum* sigelbeortne genim8« 
bserfest mid berige* brimes j snawes* 
forste gefeterad' be frean bsese* 205 

^ us wunian ne mot* wangas grene* 
foldan fraetuwe* Jjses ymb feower nibt« 
Jjte Martint4«« msere geleorde* 
wer wommaleas* wealdend sobte* 


f. 114 b. 


* cig&fS, Grein, Bouterwek. 
' seofon, Bouterwek. And this 
seems required both by the allitera- 

tion and the date. 
' ofetum, Bk. 
* m6ton, 6r. 

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upengla weard- ]>8Bime embe eahta niht« 210 

^ feowerum« f te fangode*^ 

besenctun on ssegnind* sigefaestne wer* 

on brime haran* ]?e iu beoma felda* 

Clementes oft- clypiaS to Jjearfe* 

3 }?8es embe seofon niht* sigedrihtne l[e]of'^ 215 

eejjele Andreas* up on roderum* 

his gast ageaf- on Godes wsere* 
alihi fiis on forSweg- 'psanne folcum bringS* 

iT^^b^* morgen to mannum* monaS t6 tune. 

Decembris- drihta beamum 220 

serra iula* swylce emb eabta 3 tweK» 

niht ge rimes* JjsBtte nergend sylf« 

Jurist by digum* Thomase forgeaf* 

wi8 earfeSum ece rice* 

bealdum beomwigan* bletsunga bis* 225 

paenne emb feower niht» J^sette faeder eng1a> 

his sunu sende* on ]>as sidan gesceaft- 

folcum to frofre* nu ge findan magon« 

haligra tiid- ]>e man healdan sceal* 

Swa bebugetS gebod geond Brytenricu* 230 

Sexna kyninges* on }?as sylfan tiid; 


ceastra beoS feorran gesyne« 

orSanc enta geweorc* J>aJ>e on )?ysse eortSan syndon* 
wrsBtlic weallstana geweorc« wind byS on lyfte swiftust- 
Jjunar byS Jjraguw hludast* J>rynimas syndan Cristes 
myccle* 236 

wyrd byS swiSost* winter bytS cealdost* 
lencten hrimigost* he bytS lengest ceald* 
sumor sun wlitegost* swegel byS hatost* 
hsBrfest hretS eadegost* hseleSum bringetS- 240 

geres^ westmas* ]5aJ>e him' god sendeS. 

^ feogande, Bk. Grein retains ^ lof, MS. 

the reading of the MS. but gives no ' Altered man. sec. into geares 

explanation of it. and hiom. 

Digitized by 



soS biS swicolost'^ sine byS deorost* 

gold gumena gehwam' ^ gomol snoterost* 

fymgearum frod* se Jje fkr feala gebideS- 

wea biS wundrum clibbor* wolcnu scriSaS* 245 

geongne sej^eling sceolan gode gesi'Sas* 

byldan to beaduwe* 3 to beahgife* 

ellen sceal on eorle« ecg sceal wiS hellme* 

Kilde gebidan- hafuc sceal on glofe« 

wilde gewunian* wulf sceal on bearowe* 250 

earn* ^nhaga* eofor sceal on holte* 

toSmsBgenes trum* til sceal on etSle 

domes wyrcean- daro8 sceal on handa* 

gar golde fab* gim sceal on hringe 

standan steap ^ geap* stream sceal on ytJum- 255 

mecgan mereflode* maest sceal on ceole- 

segelgyrd seomian* sweord sceal on bearme* 

drihtlic isern" draca sceal on blsewe- 

frod frsBtwum wlanc* fisc sceal on wsBtere* 

cynren cennan- cyning sceal on healle* 260 

beagas dselan* bera sceal on bsBtJe* 

eald 3 egesfull' ea of dune sceal 

flod grseg* feran* fyrd sceal 8etsomne« 

tirfsestra getrum* treow sceal on eorle* 

wisdom on were* wudu sceal on foldan* 265 

blsedum blowan* beorb sceal on eorjjan 

grene standan* God sceal on beofenum 

dseda demend* duru sceal on bealle* 

rdm recedes muS* rand sceal on scylde 

fsest fingra ge beorb* | fugel uppe sceal* 270 f. 115 b. 

lacan on lyfte* leax sceal on wsele* 

mid sceote scr'i'San- scur sceal on heofenum* 

winde geblanden- in Jjas woruld cuman* 

Jjeof sceal gangan Jjystrum wederum* 

Jjyrs sceal on fenne gewunian* 275 

* swutolosb, Sweet. of the MS., and is retained by Grein 

^ earm, Gr. Sw. and Sweet. Earle would read gej)u- 

' foldgrseg, Gr. Sw. nian for the sake of the allitera- 

^ gewunian is certainly the reading tion. 

Digitized by 



ana innan lande* ides Bceal dyme crsefte* 

fsemne hire freond gesecean* gif heo neUe on folce 

^ hi man beagum gebicge* brim sceal sealte^ weallan* 
lyfthelm j laguflod* ymb eabra landa gehwylc" 
flowan firgen streamas* feoh sceal on eorSan* 280 

tydran ^ tyman* tungol sceal on heofenum* 
beorhte scinan* swa him behead Meotud« 
god sceal wiS yfele- geogoS sceal wiS yldo" 
lif sceal wiS dea]5e» leoht sceal wiS Jjystrum* 
fyrd wiS fyrde« feond wiS oSrum- 285 

laS wi8 la]5e- ymb land sacan« 
synne stselan- a sceal snotor hycgean 
ymb J?ysse worulde gewinn* wearh hangian* 
faegere ongildan* ^ he ser facen dyde* 
manna cynne* Meotod ana wat* 290 

hwyder seo sawul sceal* sySSan hweorfan* 
J ealle J>a gastas }?e for Gode hweorfaS 
aefter deaSdaege- domes bidaS* 
on feeder fseSme* is seo forS ge sceaft* 
digol ^ dyrne- Drihten ana wat* 395 

nergende feeder • nseni eft cymeS* 
hider under hrofas* ]>e $ her for soS« 
mannum secge- hwylc sy Meotodes gesceaft* 
sige folca ge setu- ]?ser he sylfa wunaS ; 

jER CEISTES GEFLiEscnesse&c. Ac.^ 

sealt, Gr. ^ v. sup. p. 4. 

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I, — ^A.D. 694. After this annal is inserted in F. King 
Wihtred's grant of privileges to the Church. This has been 
printed in Saxon and Latin from this MS. by Birch, Cartu- 
larium Saxonicum, i. 137-140, Nos. 94, 95. He also gives 
other versions of the document, Nos. 91-93. Of these No. 92 
had been already printed by Kemble, Cod. Dipl. v. 36, and 
Thorpe, Diplomatarium, p. 9 (who mark it as spurious). Nos. 
91, 92, 94 had been also printed by Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 
238 ff., and No. 94 in M.H.B. pp. 324 f., Thorpe, Chronicle, 
i. 66 f. It is not, therefore, reprinted here. 

II. — A. D. 796. This annal in F. runs on into Archbishop 
-^Selheard's declaration of the Pope's commands respecting lay 
power in the Church. This is given in Saxon and Latin 
from this MS. by Birch, Cartularium, i. 404-5, No. 290 A, in 
Saxon by Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 516-7 ; M.H.B. pp. 338-9, 
Thorpe, Chronicle, i. 102-3. Another Latin version is given 
in Kemble, Cod. Dipl. v. 56-7 (who marks it as spurious). 
Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 517-8, Birch, i. 402-3. It is therefore 
unnecessary to reprint it here. 

III. — A.D. 870. After the mention of Archbishop CeolnoS's 
death, F. continues (on the margin) as follows : — Da ferdef . 54. 
.^ered cing to ^ jElfred his broker, j naman iEtSelred Wiltun 
scire lb. ;] settan hine to Sr'b to Cantuare beri. forSan he was eer 
munec of San ylcan mynstre of Cantware heri, Ealswa hraSe 
swa he com to Cantuarebcri ;] he wartS getremmed on his 
arce stole. ]>& he tSohte hu he mihte ut adrsefan "Sa clericas ]>e 
}?ar binnan [wseran] Jja se arb CeolnoS Jjar biforan sette far 
swylcre neode getSy[ed] swa we seggan wyllaS. Das forman 
geares Ipe he to arb geset was. J?a wear® swa mycel man cwealm 
f of eallan ])s.n muneca/i pe he J^ar binnan funde. na belifan na 

Digitized by 



ma ]x)Dne fif monecas. pa far })are j ^ ]?reng[d]e he bis hand 

preostas. j eac some of his tun preostan. ^ hi scoldan helpan ]7an 
feawan munecan J>e f>ar bylifen wseran to donne Xpes tSeowdam. 
for San he na mihte swa ferlice munecas findan. )?a mihtan be 
heom sylfdm ]?one 'Seowdom don. j far Sissen he het f t^a preostas 
]7a hwile eal f God giefe sibbe on J^is lande )>a7i munecan helpan 
scoldan. To J>an ylcan timan was J^is land swy}>e geswent' mid 
gelowilican feohten. j farjji se SB na Jjar embe beon [mihte]. far 
San ealne his timan was gewinn j sorhge ofer England, j far}7i 
belifan ]>a clericas mid San munecan. Nas nsefre nan tima ^ 
J^ar naeran munecas biunan. -^ aefre hefdan ^pone hlaford scipe ofer 
Sa preostas. Eft se ffB Ceolno^ f>ohte ] eac to J)an Se mid him 
waeran ssede. eal swa hra]>e swa God gif]> sibbe on ]>isan lande. 
oSSe ]>as preostas scolan munecas beon. oSSe ic elleshwar 
munecas eal swa fela don binnan ]7an minstre wylle ^ magan 

Jjone Seowdom be heowi sylfan don. far San Gbd wat S ic 

Tunc iESered rex et iElfredus Yrater eius' dederunt episcopo 
Wiltun scire archiepiscopatum Cantie, eo quod ^ante fuerat 
monachus' eiusdem ecclesie. Cum autem uenisset Cantuariam, 
statim cogitare cepit quomodo possit eicere clencos de ecclesia 
Christi, quos Ceolnothus pro tali necessitate compulsus ibi 
posuit. Prime ^igitur' anno ordinationis suae tanta mortalitas 
facta est in ecclesia Christi, ut de tota congregatione monacho- 
rum non remanerent nisi quinque. Qua de causa quia ita subito 
non potuit inuenire tot monachos qui ibi seruitium Dei facere 
possent, ex simplicitate cordis precepit capellanis clericis snis, ut 
essent cum eis usque quo Deus pacificaret terram, quae tunc 
nimis erat turbata propter nimias tempestates bellorum. Accepit 
etiam de uillis suis presbiteros, ut essent cum monachis, ita 
tamen ut monachi semper haberent dominatum super clencos. 
Cogitauit idem ' archiepiscopus' et sepe suis dixit, quia statim 
cum Deus pacem nobis dederit, aut isti clerici monachi fient, aut 
ego ubicumque monachos inueniam quos reponam. Scit enim 
Deus, inquid, quod aliter facere non possum. Bed nunquam 
temporibus suis pax fuit in Anglia, et ideo remanserunt clerici 

^ The text here is defective. A that about two lines are wanting, 
reference to the Latin seems to show ^ Sic MS, 

Digitized by 



cum monachis, nee ullo tempore fuit ecclesia sine monachis. 
Sed nee iste iESeredus archiepiscopus potuit faeere. 

IV. A.D. 995. The following is F/s Latin Version of this 
annal, which was promised above, p. 131, note 10 : — 

Iste fuit prudens ualde, ita ut illo in tempore nullus 
sapientior haberetur in Anglia. Kecedente itaque inde rege, 
^Ifrieus pergit Dorobemiam. XJbi cum uenisset, reeeptus est, 
a tali ordine clerieorum, a quo minus uellet. Cogitauit igitur 
et multum secum tractans, quali modo possit eieere eos, quos 
sciebat in ecclesia Christi iniuste mansisse. Ut supra diximus, 
ualde fuit prudens, et ecclesiasticis disciplinis plurimum instruc- 
tus. Itaque preecepit congregari omnes quos sciebat pruden- 
tiores per totam Angliam, et maxime senes. Ad quem cum 
pro reuerentia uiri /csft'wanter uenissent, requisiuit ab eis si 
quid aut ipsi a suis antecessoribus de ecclesia Christi CantiaB 
audissent, aut ipsi in aliquo loco ^e^'ssent, quis ordo in prsedicta 
^cclesia Deo seruire debuisset, ^clerieorum aut monachorum/ 
aut ^ quis ' eo tempore postquam Agustinus Angliam ingressus 
est, ibi loeatus esset in initio. Ipse uero multa a multis antea 
^ inde ' audiuit, et in libris legit. Tunc seniores et prudentiores 
narrauerunt ei, quod inde a suis patribus audissent. Postquam 
Deus, Mnquiunt/ per beatum Augustinum aperuit cor regis 
iEdelberti ad suscipiendam fidem Christi, ipse Augustinus elegit 
sibi sedem in ciuitate Dorobernia qu(z crat caput totius regni 
.^Edelberti regis, ^ vbi ' inuenit quoddam opus inceptum Homano 
opere, quod auxiliante rege statuit perficere. Quod dum per- 
fectum Mset rex -Sigelbertus cepit consilium quserere ab 
Augustino et a cseteris eonsiliariis suis, quem ordinem mona- 
chorum uel clerieorum conuenientius in ilia ecclesia ad 
seruiendum Deo eonstituere potuisset. Qui omnes dederunt 
consilium, ut rex ex sua parte mitteret nuntios suos, et 
Augustinus monaehos suos cum nuntiis regis Romse, ad papam 
Gregorium, et eius consilio sicut antea idem Augustinus uenit 
in Angliam, ita et ecclesia iam nominata dedicar^^ur et ordi- 
naretur. Quod et factum est. Nam rex statim paratis nuntiis 
suis, misit Romse, et Augustinus nichilominus suos. Cum 
autem uenissent ad papam, et nuntias^e/i^ quod Angli susce- 

Digitized by 



pissent fidem Christi, gauisus est ualde. Auditis itaque omnibus 
quaB a rege Augustino mandata fuerant, statim remisit nuntios, 
cum quibus hos uiros misit Augustino ut essent ei in adiutoiium 
ad fidem Christi confirmandam; Mellitum, lustum, Paulinum, 
Bufianum. Per istos etiam misit Augustino pallium, aique 
in quo loco deberet episcopos ordinare, et ponere mandauit ; 
ecclesiam quoque quam fecerat in honorem Ihesu Christi, et S. 
Mari» matris eius, prsecepit dedicari, eiti^emque ordinis quo 
ipse Augustinus, et alii quos ipse sibi misit, erant, in eadem 
ecclesia ad seruiendum Deo ponere, sibique ibidem sedem archi- 
episcopalem et omnibus vsGLitcessorihis suis statuere, omnesque 
archiepiscopos sibi succedentes monachos esse debere, ex parte Dei 
uiuentis, et beati Petri, et ex sua, et omnium succe^^orum prsecepit. 
Cum autem nuntii reuersi uenissent ad regem et ad Augustinum, 
gaudio maximo repleti sunt pro tali mandato. Tunc Augustinus 
festinanter dedicauit ecclesiam illo die quo festum sanctorum 
Primi et Feliciani, ^ v, Idus lunii,' habetur, posuitque ^ in ea ' 
monachos sicut papa mandauit; et ex ipsis ordinabantur 
episcopi per Angliam sicut ipse legisti in Ystoria Anglorum. 
Itaque cum ista iElfricus archiepiscopus audisset, et tales testes 
habuisset, qui illo tempore maxime in consilio regis erant, 
gaudio repletus est. Addiderunt adhuc prsedicti uiri : Ita 
sicut diximus, permanserunt monachi in ecclesia Christi Can- 
tuariae, tempore Augustini, Laurentii, Melliti, lusti, ffonoru, 
Deusdedit, Theodori, Brihtwaldi, Tatwini, Nothelmi, Cuthberti, 
Breguuini, lanberti, AtSelhardi, Wulfredi, Fe^ologildi. Hlo uero 
primo anno quo CAelnodus suscepit archiepiscopatum Cantise 
tanta mortalitas facta est, ut in ecclesia Christi non remanerent 
nisi V. monachi, et ideo pro tali necessitate idem C. archiepiscopus 
accepit de clericia suis presbiteros, qui quousque restauraret 
ecclesiam monachis, iuuarent paucos monachos qui remanserunt. 
Nunc autem est in potestate regis et tua, si diutius uultis ut 
ibi clerici r^maneant, quia postquam pro tali necessitate ibi 
positi sunt, non potuerunt leuius eici quam modo. -Tunc 
archiepiscopus cum magna festinatione cum his omnibus quos 
secum ibi habebat, perrexit ad regem iEgelbertum, et indicauit 
ei per ordinem hsec omnia. Tunc dixit accepto consilio rex : 

Digitized by 



Hoc uidetur ^ mihi ' melius consilium, ut eatis EomsB pro pallio 
uestro, et indicetis apostolico h(zc omnia, et secundum suum 
consilium per omnia fieri concedo. Dixerunt omnes optimum 
esse consilium regis. Archiepiscopus autem paratis rebus suis 
perrexit Bomam. Statim uero ut clerici audierunt consilium 
regis, parauerunt duos ex ipsis qui irent Eome, portantes secum 
multum auri et argenti, quod darent papse pro pallio. Sed 
nuntii archiepiscopi precesserunt. Nam cum clerici peruene- 
runt ad papam, respondit se nolle illorum uerba suscipere, quia 
nullum signum nee a rege nee a populo terrae secum haberent. 
Discedentibus clericis, uenit archiepiscopus ad papam, qui 
suscepit eum cum magno honore. In crastino fecit eum 
celebrare missam ad altare beati Petri, et ipse impo«i^it ei 
proprium pallium suum. Cum hsec ita facta essent, archi- 
episcopus cepit dicere pape de clericis, et de ecclesia Christi 
sicut superius dictum est, et papa ei de clericis quomodo 
uenerunt ad eum, et quod obtulerunt sibi magnam pecuniam pro 
pallio ; et adiecit papa : Redite in Angliam cum benedictione 
Dei, et Sancti Petri, et in ecclesia tibi commendata, eiusdem 
ordinis in ea ponite quem papa Gregorius Augustino precepit, 
et hoc tibi precipio ex parte Dei et beati Petri, et nostra. 
Tunc archiepiscopus ita rediit. Cum autem reuerti««c< in 
Angliam, statim adiit ecclesiam suam, et post adiit regem, et 
letatus est rex, et omnis AngUa, de reditu suo, et quod omnia 
secundum uoluntatem regis peregit. Post hsBC reuersus ad 
sedem suam, et eiectis clericis, locauit ^cclesiam monachis 
sicut papa ilium tm2)€ratiercU, secundum quod beatus Gre- 
gorius praecepit Augustino facere in primordio §cclesi§.^ 

V. The following piece contains the Latin Acts of Lanfranc 
referred to above, p. 206, note 2. 

Hoc anno Lanfrancus Cadomensis abbas, compellente rege 
Willelmo, et iubente papa Alexandre Angliam uenit, et 
primatum regni Anglorum in secclesia Cantuariensi suscepit, 
eligentibus eum senioribus eiusdem secclesise, cum episcopis et 
principibus, clero et populo Angliae, in curia regis. Cum 
autem Cantuariam uenisset, obuiam ei processit honorabiliter 

' The words and letters printed in italics are now no longer legible. 

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conuentus secclesie Christi, coniuncto Bibi toto conuentu Sancti 
Angastini cum ^electo eiusdem secclesifle' abbate Scotlanda 
Ad quern consecrandum omnes episcopi regni Anglonim, 
seruato antique more, uenerunt, et qui uenire non poterant, 
litteris et legatione sese humiliter excusauerunt. Non multis 
post diebus Thomas Eboracensi consecrandus archiepiscopus Can- 
tuariam uenit. Cumque Lanfrancus, cum sufEraganeis episcopis, 
quos ad banc consecrationem aduocauerat, indutus ante altare 
Christi consideret, et totus conuentus, ut in tali Sacramento 
fieri solet, albis honorifice indutus, in choro staret, adducitur 
Thomas examinandus. Cum uero inter alia professionem ab eo 
Lanfrancus cum sacramento requireret, respondit Thomas se 
hoc minime facturum, quia suos antecessores hoc Lanfranci ante- 
cessoribuB fecisse non cognouerat. Lanfrancus autem quanuis 
sufficienti ratione hoc eum ex antiquo more facere debere 
monstraret, non tamen ille adquieuit. Surrexit itaque Lan- 
francus et Thomas non sacratus abscessit^ regem adiit, et de 
Lanfranco querimoniam fecit ; quem Lanfrancus mox subsecutus, 
se et secclesiam suam rationem habere in iis qu8e postulauerat 
ostendit; nee destitit, donee Thomas, licet multo labore, 
Cantuariam rediit, ibique, quicquid Lanfrancus ab eo quserebat, 
humiliter exhibuit. Nee multo post Lanfrancus ab omnibus 
Anglici regni episcopis professionem qusesiuit, et accepit. 

Secundo anno ordinationis suae Eomam iuit, quem papa 
Alexander in tantum honorauit, ut ei contra morem assurgeret, 
et duo pallia ob signum prsBcipui amoris tribueret ; quorum 
unum Eomano more ^ab altare' accepit, alteram uero ipse papa, 
unde missas celebrare consueuerat, sua manu porrexit. Li cuius 
preesentia Thomas de primatu Cantuariensis secclesise, et de sub- 
iectione quorundam episcoporum, calumniam mouit, quae qualem 
finem postea in Anglia accepit, Lanfrancus breuiter et absolute 
scribit in epistola, quam prsefato Alexandre papae direxit. Hoc 
quoque anno generale concilium "Wentonie celebrauit, in quo 
et Wluricum, Noui Monasterii abbatem deposuit, multaque de 
Christianse religionis cultu seruanda instituit. Post dies paucos 
in Lundonia Osbernum, Essecistrensi episcopum, et Cantuarie 
Scotlandum, aecclesiae Sancti Augustini abbatem, sacrauit. 

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Tercio anno in Gloecistra sacrauit Petrum Licifeldensi sine 
Ccstrensi episcopum. Hoc quoque anno habitum est magnum 
placitum in loco qui dicitur Pinenden, in quo Lanfrancus 
diratiocinauit se suamque secclesiam omnes terras et consuetu- 
dines suas ita liberas terra marique habere, sicut rex habet 
suas, exceptis tribus, uidelicet, si regalis uia fuerit effosa, si 
arbor incisa iuxta super eam ceciderit, si homicidium factum 
uel sanguis in ea fusus fuerit ; in iis qui deprehensus, et ab eo 
pignus acceptum fuerit, regi emendabit ; alioquin liber a regis 
exactoribus erit. 

Quarto anno Patricium Dubliniae ciuitati in Hybernia 
sacrauit episcopum Lundonie, a quo et professionem accepit, 
et litteras ei deferendas regibus Hybemiae dignas ualde 
memoriae contradidit. 

Quinto anno generale concilium Lundonie celebrauit, cuius 
gestionem rogatu multorum litteris commendauit. 

Sexto anno dedit Hemosto, monacho in capitulo secclesise 
Christi, secclesiam Rofensem regendam, quem et Lundonie 
sacrauit. Wentonie concilium celebrauit; et Hernostus hoc 
ipso anno ab hac uita migrauit. 

Septimo anno Gundulfo monacho secclesiam Eofensem tradidit, 
quern etiam Cantuarie sacrauit. Hoc quoque anno misit ei 
litteras Thomas archiepiscopus Eboracensis, in quibus rogauit 
ut sibi mitterentur duo episcopi ad consecrandum clericum 
quendam^ qui ei litteras de Horgadis insulis detulit, ut ipsarum 
insularum episcopus consecraretur. Cuius petition! Lanfrancus 
annuens, mandauit Wlstano Wigorniensi, et Petro Cestrensi 
episcopis; ut Eboracam irent, et cum Tboma tantam rem 
complere satagerent. 

Octauo anno concilium Londonie celebrauit, in quo Ailnodum, 
Glastingensis ccenobii abbatem, deposuit. 

Anno xi. celebrauit concilium apud Claudiam ciuitatem, ubi 
et Thomas archiepiscopus Eboracensis, iubente rege, et Lan- 
franco consentiente, sacrauit Willelmum Dunelmensi episcopum, 
eo quod a Scottorum episcopi s qui sibi subiecti sunt, habere 
adiutorium non potuit. Huius ministerii cooperatores fuerunt, 
Lanfranco praecipiente, Wlstanus, Osbemus, Giso, Eotbertus 


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episcopi. Eo quoque tempore misit in Hibemiam Donaldo 
episcopo litteras sacrae doctrinee pinguedine refertas. 

Sexto decimo anno sacrauit Donatum monachum suum 
Cantuarie ad regimen Dubliniae, petente rege, clero, et populo 
Hybemise, quibus etiam literas exortatorias misit. Hoc quoque 
anno, apud Cleucestram concilium celebrauit, in quo Wlfketelum 
Crulandensis coenobii abbatem deposuit. Rotbertum Cestrensi 
et Willelmum Helmeanensi siniul uno die episcopos Cantuarie 
sacrauit. Mauritium Lundoniensi secclesise apud "Wentoniam 
consecrauit ; qui sacratus, post paucos dies matri suae secclesise 
Cantuariensi cum honestis muneribus se prsesentauit. 

Octauo decimo anno, mortuo rege Willelmo trans mare, 
filium eius Willebnum, sicut pater constituit, Lanfrancus in 
regem elegit, et in ecclesia beati Petri, in occidentali parte 
Lundonise sita, sacrauit, et coronauit. Eodem anno Godefridum 
Cicestrensi sBCclesisB antistitem, et Widonem secclesie Sancti 
Augustini abbatem, et lohannem Wellensi secclesise epi- 
scopum Cantuarie in sede metropoli examinauit, atque sacrauit. 
In crastino buius consecrationis Widonem abbatem per semetip- 
sum Lanfrancus, associato sibi Odone Baiocensi episcopo fratre 
regis qui tunc Cantuariam uenerat, ad Sanctum Augustinum 
duxit, mandans fratribus eiusdem aecclesise, quatenus eum 
susciperent ut proprium abbatem atque pastorem ; qui unani- 
miter animati responderunt, se illi nee uelle subesse, nee ilium 
suscipere. Venit itaque Lanfrancus adducens abbatem ; et cum 
monachos pertinaciter uideret resistere, nee ei uelle parere, 
prsecepit ut omnes, qui sibi nollent oboedire, continue exirent. 
Exierunt ergo pariter fere omnes, et Lanfrancus cum suis 
abbatem bonorifice introductum in sede locauit, et secclesiam 
commendauit. Priorem autem eiusdem aecclesise, nomine 
-^Ifwinum, et alios quos uoluit cepit, et Cantuariam clau- 
strali custodia seruandos protenus transmisit ; eos uero qui 
fortiores, et caput scandali extiterant, in castellum duci, ibique 
in carcere custodiri prsecepit. Cumque omnibus rite peractis 
domum rediret, nunciatum est ei monachos, qui exierant, sub 
castro secus secclesiam Sanctse Miltrudse consedisse. Quibus 
mandauit ut, si uellent, ante horam nonam ad secclesiam impune 

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redirent; set bi illam prseterirent, non iam libere, sed ut 
fugitiui reuenii'ent. Hoc audito, in ambiguo habebant redire, 
uel remanere. Hora autem refectionis cum esurirent, plures 
ex eis pcenitentes suae pertinacisB ad Lanfrancum miserunt, et ei 
omnem obcedientiam prcwniserunt. Quibus continuo pepercit 
mandans ut redirent, et professionem suam preefata abbati se 
seruaturos Sacramento confirmarent, Itaque redierunt, et se 
deincepa fore fideles et oboedientes Widoni abbati super corpus 
beati Augustini iurauerunt. Qui vero remanserant cepit Lan- 
francus, et per secclesias Anglise diuisit, constrinxit, donee eos 
obedientiam profiteri coegit. Circa idem tempus ^luredum 
unum ex illis uagantem fugiendo cepit, et Cantuarie in sede 
metropoli cum quibusdam sociis illius qui abbati malum 
moliti sunt, ferro compeditos, multis diebus rigorem ordinis in 
claustro discere fecit ; sed postquam suflficienter humiliati sunt, 
ut estimatum est, et emendationem promiserunt, misertus eorum 
Lanfrancus, de singulis locis, quo eos disperserat, prsecepit 
reduci, et suo abbati reconciliari. 

Eodem anno dissensione reiterata, pemiciem abbati clam 
macbinati sunt; et dum unus ex eis, nomine Oolumbanus, 
deprehensus fuisset, iussit eum Lanfrancus sibi adduci. Cum- 
que coram eo astaret, interrogauit si abbatem uoluisset peri- 
mere. Qui confestim, Si, inquit, potuissem, pro certo eum 
interfecissem* Prsecepit itaque Lanfrancus, ut ante poi-tas 
beati Augustini, spectante populo, ligaretur nudus, flagellis 
afficeretur ; deinde, praeciso capicio, ab urbe pelleretur. Factum 
est ut imperauit, et ex hoc inquietudinem cseterorum^ donee 
uixit, sua formidine quassauit. 

Nono decimo anno defunctus est Lanfrancus uenerabilis 
archiepiscopus, et sepultus est in sede metropoli Cantuarie; 
qui in sede pontificali sedit annis decem et octo, mensibus ix, 
duobus diebus. De cuius actibus, edificiis, elemosinis, laboribus, 
scriptura quae in eius anniuersario legitur ex parte commemorat. 
Multa enim era' n't ualde. Post eius obitum, Monachi Sancti 
Augustini, praefato abbati suo Widoni palam resistentes, ciues 
Cantuariae contra eum concitauerunt ; qui ilium armata manu 
in sua domo interimere temptauerunt. Cuius familia cum 

tj 2 

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resisteret, pluribus utrinque uulneratis, et quibosdam inter- 
fectis, uix abbas inter manus illomm illesus euasit ; et ad 
matrem secclesiam, querendo auxilium, Cantuariam fugit. 
Huius facti fama citati sufiraganei eiusdem secclesise, Walkelmus 
Wentanus et Gundulfus Rofensis episcopi, Cantuariam cum 
quibusdam nobilibus, quos miserat rex, ueniunt, ut tantse 
offensae uindictam adhibeant. Auditis ergo rationibus seditionis, 
monachi a culpa excusari non poterant : quos coram populo 
subire disciplinam, quia palam peccauerant, ii qui aduenerant, 
decreuerunt ; sed prior et monachi secclesise Christi pietate 
moti restiterunt; ne, si palam punirentur, infames deinceps 
fierent, sicque eorum uita ac seruitus contemneretur. Igitur 
concessum est, ut in secclesia fieret, ubi non populus, sed soli 
ad hoc electi admitterentur. Vocati sunt ad hoc monachi 
ecclesiae Christi, Wido uidelicet, et Normannus, qui disciplinam 
ad episcoporum imperium intulerunt. Deinde diuisi sunt per 
aecclesias Anglise, et loco illorum xxiiii. monachi eecclesiae 
Christi admissi, cum priore nomine Antonio, qui subprioratus 
officio Cantuarie fungebatur. Ciues vero, qui abbatis curiam 
armata manu intrauerant, capti ; et qui se ab eius impugnatione 
purgare non poterant, oculos amiserunt. 

Post obitum Lanfranci caruit secclesia Christi Pastore iiii^r. 
annis, mensibus ix., et diebus ix. in quibus multa aduersa per- 
pessa est. Anno uero Dominicse incarnationis millesimo xciii. 
datus est pontificatus Cantuarberiae Anselmo Beccensi abbati, 
ii. Nofu Martii, uiro probo, bono, apprime erudito, et sui tem- 
poris nominatissimo. Venit autem Cantuariam vii. kat. Octob. 
multis eum causis rationabilibus detinentibus quod prius ue- 
nire nolebat ; et sacratus est ii. Nofi. Decemb. 

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p. 2. Note I. Delete the word " only" ; and add : It is found also in 
the Cambridge MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Version of Bede (University 
Library, Kk. 3. 18), from which it is printed in the E. E. T. S. edition of 
that Version ; pp. 486-8. The principal variants are as follows : 

p. 2. line II. ])am rice, *j hit heold xxvii wintra. Da he for)>ferde ]>a 
feng Ceaulin his sunu to, *j heold seofon winter. 

— line 17. xxxi] J)rittig. 

— line 21. vii] nigon. 

— line 23. xxxvii] twa ^ ]>rittig. 

p. 4. lines I and 6. ))ae9 cyn . . . Cerdice] omit. 

— line 3. xvii] sixtyne. 

— lines 10, II. Eafing, Eafa] Eabing, Eaba. 

— line II. Eopping, Eoppa] lopping, loppa. 

— line 15. Cynric Creoding, Creodda Cerdicing. 

— line 18. hiera] his. 

This copy ends where 5C does, and has not the additional matter of jS. 
p. 3. line 4. bugend] buend D. 
p. 5. Note 6. add : and W. 

— Note 7. add : W. reads Ixii. 

p. 7. Note 2. add: feopericum W., and this was the original reading 
of 'K ; the text has been tampered with, and a second 8 in Lysedam erased. 

p. 6. A.D. 27. This is partly written on an erasure. W. has : 26. 
Her onfeng Pilatus gyminge ofer ludeas. 

— A.D. 47. insestan] maran W. 

p. 8. A.D. 167 ad Jin. j>adt he baed] -p gebed. W. and the whole entry 
comes under A.D. 189, after the notice about Severus. 
p. 9. A.D. 189. ge wrohte] ge worhte D. 
p. 10. A.D. 381. ))onnc] J)onon B.W. |)anon C. 
p. 10. A.D. 409. This entry is in W. placed under the year 435. 
p. 12. A.D. 449. gelea)>ade] gelaJ)ode. B. C. W. 

— kyidnge] t5 fultume i hie, W. add. 

Digitized by 



p. 14. A.D. 473. BwS fyr] Bwa Cser fyr wsere. W. 

p. 16. A.D. 530. A seems to have read fea, though Wheloc has put 
feala in his text. 

p. 18. Note I. add: andW. These words should have been in the 
text within the bracket. 

p. 20. A.D. 584. he hwearf] gehwearf W. 

— A.D. 592, Woddnesbeorlige W. 

p. 22. A.D. 606 ad fin, •) his feeder wses haten Gordianus. W, add. 
p. 24. A.D. 626. Wybbing, Wybba W. 
p. 26. A.D. 640. Redbald W. 

— Note 5. before faesten, insert : Easter, 
p. 28. A.D. 654. set lean ho.] om. W. 
p. 32. A.D. 660. Persa] Parisiana W. 

p. 34. A.D. 672. an gear ricsode.] heold an gear rice. W. 
p. 37 b. foces] sic MS. 

p. 40. A.D. 688. I believe the words in the margin to be by the 
original scribe. They are in the text of W., and of Florence. 

— Note I. add : xxx manna. W. 
p. 42. A.D. 715. Wodnesbeorhe W. 

— A.D. 716. Eaping, Eapa. Wybing W. 

— wseron in J)am ealonde W. 

— A.D. 725. Ealbyrht W. 

p. 44. A.D. 731. Eadhelming, Eadhelm W. 

p. 45. A.D. 740. Myrcena cining] *j Nothelm erce'b forSferde F. add. 
(above the line). 

p. 49. Note 2. add : geCingian W« 

p. 48 m. belocen hsefdon] belogene wseron W. 

p. 48 1. on munden )>on.] so D. amundan ]>e B. amundon)>e C. (in B. and 
C. a- seems to have been altered from o-). 

— eowre] so C. heora B. D. (as E.) 
p. 50 h. Wybing, Wybba W. 

p. 53. A.D. 778. Ealdulf] altered in D. to Ealwulf. 

— on lande] so D. 

p. 54. A.D. 792. rex] cyninge W. om. B. C. 

p. 55. A.D. 789. gelome] lome D. 

p. 64. A.D. 853. dowine] Sonne W. 

p. 66. A.D. 855 ad fin, earce ; Noe,] earce Noes. B.C. Nones D. 

— Su])rigea] -gean W. 

p. 68 t. Bearruc-] Bearwuc- W. 

p. 80. A.D. 886. hseftniede] -nede B. C. D. W. 

— Note 4. add : bseredne W. 

p. 83. Note 13. add : W follows X 
p. 84. A.D. 894. gewicode] bewicode W. 
p. 85 1. J>a herehyj>a] >a here hi "Sa W. 
p. 87 h. segjjer] sejjer W. 

Digitized by 



p. 87 1. Butting-] Butdiging- W, 
p. 87 1. gews^de] gewsehte W, 

— Ordheh] Ordhelm W. 

p. 90 h. .^fred] Alfred W. 
p. 91. Note 2. add : and W. 

— m. Deniscena] Deniscra B. C. D. W* 
p. 92. Note I. after B. add : and W, 

p. 94 h. Sigulf, Sigulfes. ) Siwulf, Siwulfes W. 

p. 96. A.D. 911. ■) his witan] *j his sunu W. 

p. 98. A.D. 918. burgum] burhum W. 

p. 100. Note I. add: The following annals 919 to 932 (inclusive) are 
peculiar to S and W. 

p. 1 01 h. Byrne-] Bume- W. 

p. 102 h. burgum] burhgum W. 

p. 103 m. Jwet se cyng fri)>ian wolde] J^aet he fri'Sode W. 

p. 103 1. ared] arsed hsefde W. 

p. 104. A.D. 923. Mame-] Manige- W. 

p. 112. A.D. 958, 959. W. puts both these entries (the latter in 
brackets, showing that he took it from a) under the year 957. The 
following entries, 958-971, are peculiar to S". and W. 

p. 119. Note 4. after C. insert : ac. 

p. 132 1. Glistune.] Clistune W. 

— Note 2. Cancel the note and substitute : At this point a change of 
hand is noticeable in 3*. W. has the following words (down to/r?15), but 
has not the later entries in ^. 

p. 133. A.D. 1002. gyldon] -dan C. D. gildan F. 

— geald] gegeald C. gegeald •), D. 

p. 135. A.D. 1004. ^ ^^"^ bsetere weron] jJ hit betere waere C. D. 

— besteal] bestsel C. bestal D. 

— iram] so D. of C. 

— diglice] digolice C. D. 

— com Ulfcytel] cw. U. C. 

— feastlice] fsestlice C. D. so infra, a.d. 1008. 
p. 136 1. garwan] gearwan C. D. 

— wintran] so C. D. (in D. altered from -tre or -tren). 
p. 137 h. gewuna] so D. -nan C. 

— fseredon] feredon D. -dan C. 

— faettan] fetton C. D. 

P' '37 !• geJ)eoncean] ge pencan C. D. 

— asmsegian] asmeagan C. D. 

— gemarcod] -mearcod C. -mercod D. 

p. 1 38. A.D. 1009. ge selSa] -sselCa C. D. 

— two lines from bottom, swilce] swylce D. swilo C. 
p. 139 h. fiiCes to] om, to C. D. friCses D. 

Digitized by 



p. 1 39 1. sam sTCe] smne n9e C. D. 

p. 139. Cancel note 6, and substitute: C. reads : se ungemetlica un- 
{ritS ]:e we heton Durkilles here, 
p. 141 h. msersoes] mersoes CD., 
p. 141 m. unnedes] -das C. D. 

— bedan] beodan D. beodon G. 
p. 142 h. blisse] blis 0. bliss D. 
p. 1 42. m. )>aera] )»er C. D. 

p. 144 h. duhte] dohte 0. D. 

— Temese wseron] T. laeg C. D. 
p. 144 1, »B|?elinge] -gum C. D. 

p. 145 h. forgi&n] -gyfen C. D. (D. altered firom -fon.) 
p. 145 1. beswican] -swicen C. D 
p. 146 h. fece] faece C. D. 
p. 146 m. rimdon] rymdon C. D. 
p. 161. A.D. 1040. heregeold] -gild F. 

p. 220. Cancel note i. There is no doubt, as Prof. Napier has shown, 
that this word should be read : uuegester. 

Digitized by 



In the references A. has been written for ff. throughout ; this will cause 
no confusion as the few quotations made from MS. A. are cited from 
Wheloc's edition, and are indicated by the letter W. 

The interpolations in MS. Tl, are indicated by a. 

After 1080 A. D. no MS. is noted, except in the case of the fragment of H. ; 
because, with that exception, E. is the only MS. which extends beyond that 

The Menologium or Metrical Calendar contained in Appendix A is cited 
as M., with the number of the line suflfixed ; and, for convenience of 
reference, the Gnomic Verses which follow the Menologium are counted 
as part of it. 

An asterisk after a form or reference means that the form or passage 
cited will be found in both the principal texts, Ti, and E. 

Where a word occurs in two or more different forms these forms are 
numbered in the head-line, and to save repetition corresponding numbers 
affixed to the references given, thus : S-flyman* (i), S-flieman (A) (2). 
-mdon. 797 A. (2) E. (i). This means that the form E-flyman occurs in 
both texts, the form S-flieman only in 'X. ; and that the preterite plural 
will be found at the year 797, in TT. in the form ^fliemdon, in E. in the 
form aflymdon. 

A dagger prefixed to a word means that it occurs only in the poetical 
portions of the Chronicle (including the Menologium). 

Forms which are abnormal or corrupt are included in round brackets. 

"Where the corruption is in the syntax and not in the form (e. g. a, fern. 
article agreeing ynik a subst masc.) it is not, as a rule, noted in the 

Eeference is made by means of annals, tmless the annal covers more 
than a page, in which case the page is generally given in addition. The 
letters t, h, m, 1, b, suffixed to page-references indicate top, high, middle, 
low, bottom. 

Names of persons and places are not included in the glossary ; indices of 
these will be given in vol. 2. 

A reference without any form preceding it indicates that the head-word 
occurs in that place in an unchanged form ; i. e. verbs in the infinitive, 
substantives in the nominative or in an oblique case which does not differ 
in form from the nominative. 

Unless otherwise noted the finite mood intended is always the indicative, 
the person, always the third person (singular or plural). 

The abbreviations st. str. tok, applied to verbs and nouns indicate strong 
and weak respectively. In the case of adjectives the terms indefinite and 
definite are sometimes used to express the strong and weak declensions. 

Digitized by 



^.= preterite. |7.^.«= past participle, /j. frequently. 
The ordinary grammatical abbreviations reqnire no explanation. 
Words which appear to be compounds have sometimes to be sought 
under their simples. 

German words are given for comparison only when they are nearer in 
form or meaning to the Anglo-Saxon than any word in modem English. 
Obsolete or provincial words are printed in spaced type, e.g. * lave.' 
i and y are often interchanged. 
SB e „ „ 

" " (especially in terminations), 

w — ^^ »• >» 

y 6 » >» 

Words in which a occurs have often to be sought under ea, 
„ u and y y, „ eo. 

„ eo, ie, 1, e „ „ y. 

e. g. in the case of the umlaut of ^a, 60^ the Late West Saxon $ has been 
taken as the type, and not the Early West Saxon ie, 

r, and 2, and 10, initial, are sometimes found for hr, hi, and hto, and (in 
the case of the first two) conversely, 
t- initial often stands for ge-. 
]) and fi are not distinguished. 

The terminations -Z«?, -lice, have been marked long in accordance with 
tradition ; but later researches have shown that before the chronicles were 
written the % had probably been shortened. 




abbot, abbod, abbud, and its various cases. 



abbodesse, abbudesse. 



and, ond. 

arb. arceb. ercetJ. 


1 arcebiscop, arcebisceop, ercebiscop, &c., and its 
1 various cases. 

b. bs. biSc. biSp. 


bisceop, biscop, &c., and its various cases. 







n. N\ No. No. 





pening> and its cases. 

SCS. 8(%. 


sanctus or sanct, &c. 



solidus, or scilling. 



Jwet, J)et, ©set. 



winter, wintra, &c. 

The names of the months are frequently abbreviated, but will cause no 


Digitized by 



The student is advised before imng the Glossary to consult 
the explanatory note given on pp. 297, 298. 

a, V, an. 

a, prep, on, at. 995F. p. 130I. 

1065D. p. 193 h. 1087 p. 224 h. 

V, on, 
a, adv. (i) of time ; ■* ay/ always. 

449- 959» 999E. Sa. p. 3I. E. 

975D. 1065C. D. (ii) of space ; 

continuously, a o]> Certicesford, 

all the way to C. 508E. 
a-b8eman, wk.v. to bum. (trans.) -ndon. loio D. 
a-bannan, st.v. to proclaim, summon. 

1095 p. 231 m. a. lit, to call 

out. 1006E. p. 136 m. 1009E. p. 

139 m- 
abbud (i), abbod (2), abbot (3), 

sh.m.str. an abbot. 803A. (i). 905 

A. (2). 963E. p.iisb. (S).gen. -tes. 

1083E. 1 1 31. dat. -de. 964A. 

1083 E. (2). nom. ace. pi. -das. 

1086 p. 220 1. (2). (abbates) 

1123 p. 251m. (abbotes) 675E. 

p. 36 1. 1075E. gen, pi. -da. 1050D. 

ad fin. (i). 
abbudesse (i), abbodesse (2), sh, 

f.wk. abbess. 805A, (i). 680A. 

(2), (abboSessa) E. ace. (abbe- 

dessan) 1046C. -san. 982 

C. (2). 
abbod-rice (i) abbot- (2) sb.n.str. 

abbey ; office, or jurisdiction of an 

abbot. 656E. ad init. {i\ (used 

even of a convent of nuns). 963 E. 

p. 115I. (2) pi. (-ces) 1127 p. 

257m.(-cen) 1107. 
a-b6gan, tck.v. to bend, to subdue. -gdon. 1073 E. -gdan. 1086 p. 

221 b. 
'a-be-hofian, uJc.v. to behove, fit. -fode. 1093 p. 228 h. 
a-b§odan, st.v. to order, proclaim. 

Ht a. to call out. 1091 p. 226 b. ahead. M. 50. 
a-bidan, st.v. to abide, wait. p. 5 t. 

E. p. »g. Shad. 1091 p. 226 b. with 

gen. to wait for. 1094 p. 229t.^ (abiden) 1055C, adjin. v. 

a-biddan, st.v. to pray, pray for, 

get by praying. 626E. 1044C. Sbaed. 1093 p. 228 m. 

absedon. p. 3 1. E. 
a-blendan, wk.v. to blind, put out 

the eyes of. 993E. p.p. pi. -de. 

1006E. (dblsende) 1075E. p. 212 h. 
a-blinnan, st.v. to cease, 

ablunnon. 1097 p. 234 1. 1098. 
E-brecan, st.v. to break down, de- 
stroy. 921A. p. loih. 

894A. p. 87 1. abr^con. 409A. 

893A. p.p. abrocen. 1003 E. 
^breodan, st.v. to fail. 

abruSon. 1004E. iioi. 
E-biifan, adv. above. 1090. 
a-bugan, st. v. to bend, to incline, sub- 
mit. 1013E. -gaS. 979E. ab^ah. 1013E. abugon. 

10S6 p. 222h. -gan. ib. p. 221b. 

V. on-bugan. 
a-btitan (i), -ton (2), prep.acc. 

dat. of place; about, around. 963E. 

<idjin. (1). loooE. (2). (abuten) 

II35« with dates and numbers; 

about, roughly, 656 E. p. 30 b. 

1055C. (i). 1 140 (2). put after its 

case. 1 100 p. 236h. adverbial. 

9i5l).999E. (2). 1087 p. 224h (i). 

v. on-butan. 
a-bycgan, wk.v. to pay for, expiate, 

cf. *dear abye.' abohton. 

a-bysgian, wJc.v. to busy, to occupy. 

p.p. abisgod. 894A. p. 87 h. 
ao, conj. but. 897A. ad init. 959E. 

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ad fin, 1095. (oc) 656E. 1127 p. 
^ 2571. & A. 
a-oennan, wk.v, to beget, bring 

forth, p.p, -ned. i*. M. 117. -ny<L 

M. I. (akoenned) 925 a. 
a-cenned-ness (i), a-oen-ness (2), 

sb.fistr, birth, generation, ace. -se. 

963E. p. 117I. (i). p. 2h A. (2). 
acordian, wk.v, to make terms, to 

reconcile, -dede. 11 35. 

-dedan. 11 20. p,p. -dad. 11 20. 
aosian, wk.v. to ask, ascertain, 

demand, (axen) 1140., -sode. 

755E. Uxode. 1070A. 
a-ouman, stv, to come to, to bear, 

endure. 1040 D. p. 160 n. p.fg, 

ac6m. 1040C. 
a-owelan, st.v. to die, perish, p.*^. 

Ecwsel. 926D. j).p2. acw^lon. 918 

A. p.p. hungre acwolen, starved. 

894A. p. 87I. 
a-cwellan, wk.v, to kill,* quell', 

acwealde. 1036C. 1085 p. 2171. 

p.p. pi. acwealde. 1036C. 
E'Cwencan, wk.v. to extinguish, 

* quench.* (-cen) 11 22. 
a-owinoan, st.v. to go out, be ex- 
tinguished, acwanc. mo. 
E-cwylman, tok.v. to slay,, 

-mdon. 1012C. p. 142 n. 
a-dil(i)gian, wk.v, to destroy, devas- 
tate. 979E. p.8^, -igode. 793E. adyligodan. ib. F. imper. ^rd 

9g, adylige. 656E. p. 33 m. -lege. 

E-don, st.v. to take away, remove, 

destroy. p.9g. adyde. 1086 p. 218 1. 

p.p, adon. 685E. ut ad6n, to put 

out. 1096. 
S-drrofan* (i), a-drgfan (E), (2), 

wh.v. to drive away, expel., 

-fde. 755A. (i) -fede. E.(2) ut-fde, 

drove out. 1097 ad fin. -fde fit. 

617E. (2). -fdon. 878* (i). 

874E. <2). p.p. -fed. 975A. (I). 

790E. (2). ace. m. -fedne. 658E. 

(2) Gt -fed. 985E. (i). dat. m. of 

>fdum, driven away. 1053C. ad 

fin, (i). 
a-drenoan, fok.v, to submerge, to 

drown,* drench.' -de. 1014E. 

ad fin, -cton. 890*. -gton. 

1087E. p. 224m. j).2).adrenct. 1066 

C. p. 196 b. pi. -cte. 1 1 25 ad fin. 

a-drinoan, st.v. to be drowned. 
p.8g. adranc. 933E. adruncon. 
794E. p.p. Edruncen. 853*. pi. 
-ne. 1 1 20. 

E-ebbian, wTc.v, to ebb away, re- 
cede. ^.j?.ahebbad. 89 7 A. p. 91 1. 

a-drifan, st.v. to drive out, expel. 
1076D. p.8g. SdHif. 380E. 1028K Edrifon 8 23 A. -fen. E. -fan. 
1086 p. 222t. p.p. adrifen. 645*. 
ace. m. -fenne. 658 A. pi. -fene. 
1075E. ad fin. of (adryfon), driven 
away. 1050D. ad fin. ; Ut adrifen. 
592'*'. (itEdraf. 1092. adrifon sumre 
ea ford . . . mid . . . pilum, they 
staked the ford of a river with 
piles, p. 5 E. 

Aduent, Advent. 963E. 11 20. 

a-diine, adv. ado^^n, down. 1083. 

a-diin-weard, adv. downward. 1083. 

SDoer, sh.m.str. a field, an acre. ace. 
pi. (aceres) fields. 11 30. 

eooer-siied, fib.n.str, ? seed enough 
for an acre, (acerssed) 11 24 p. 
254 h. 

t^dre, adv, straightway. M. 130. 

de-fsBst, adj. * law-fast,' trusty, 
(^uez) men, trusty men. 11 38. 

&fen, 8h.m.str, evening, eve. 6 26 A. 
9 1 2C. (efen) 1 01 2E. gen. (of point 
of time) -nes. 1 1 1 8. ace, (of dura- 
tion of time) 1 106. the eve before 
a festival, (cf. maesse-aefen) 62 6 A. 
on twelftan ^fen, on the eve of the 
Epiphany (Jan. 5.) 1053D. 

&fen-tid, sb.f.str, evpu-tide, even- 
ing, dat, -de. 979E. 

&fre, adv. ever, always. 998E. (^fer) 
gieta, ever yet. 937A. p. 109 b. 
^fre. B.C.D. eall t ^fre, all that 
ever, whatever. 1048 E. p. 1 74 1. 
^fre J>e 8Cer man, every second 
man. 1086 E. (aure um wile) from 
time to time. 1137 p. 264 1. (efre) 
675E. p. 36 b. (aeuert) 1140 ad 
fin. V, ^uric. 

f SDftan, adv. from behind, behind. 
937 A p. 109 b. 

SDfter, prep. dat. instr. after ; of time ; 
871* k fq. (efter) 1070A. 1 135. 
(eafter) 777E. (after) 1052D. p. 
i8ih. of persons ; after, in pursuit 
of, 879E. 896 A. ; of things ; in 
search of, for, 685*. 1048E. ; with 

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verbs of sending = for. 994E. along, 
following (secundum) 878*. ac- 
cording to, 11 23 p. 252h. (efter) 
1070A. 8efter])on, J^an, ])am, ])aim, 
thereafter. 508 E. 963A.893*. 1097. 
aefter J>am J)e, after that. 1095 p. 
231 h. 8Bfter])is8on,here after. 1093. 
ae.)>ysan.io7oA.8e.))yson.i097. put 
after its case. 878*. preceded by 
another preposition ; to sefter (her- 
uest), till after (the beginning of 
autumn). 11 26. adverbial, after- 
wards, 508A. 616E. ad fin, after, 
in pursuit. 905A. 999E. behind. 
1076D. V. niman. 

eeftera (A), sDftra (E), adjxomp. 
hinder, next, second. 8 2 7 A . 1 00 1 
E, rfa^-tran. 1013E. (eaftran) 975 
E. dat.f. (seftre) 1048E. p.i73m. 

sefter-Gwedan, at, v, to renounce, 
abjure,, -cwsetJ. 1094. 

sefter-fyligend, -fQigend, jwc«.jpar^. 
following after, succeeding ; as 
subBt, a successor. gen.8g,wk, -dan. 
984A., -dum. 995F. p. 1 28 b. 

SDfter-gengl, 8h,m.8tr. a successor. (-gles) 675 E. p. 37 m., (-gle) ih. 1. 

sefte-weard, adj, hinder, latter, on 
ae. Mai, in the latter part of May. 

6eg-hw8er, adv, everywhere. 91 8 A. 
998E. (%hwer) 1006E. p. 136I. 
1 1 18. (eighwar) 1063D. 

8eg-hwcD]?er (A), 6g-hwe1$er (E), 
pron. each, every. 887*. 

6g-hwider, adv. ' every-whither,' 
in all directions. 101 1 E. 

eeg-hwonan, adv, * every-whence,* 
from all parts. 921 A. p. 102 m. 

fsB-gleaw, adj, * juris prudens,* 
learned in law, wise, pi, -we. M. 1 9. 

SBgper, pron. either, both, hyra 
^gtJer, both of them. 560E. 
%5er cage, both eyes. 1095 p. 
231 1. acc.m. -J)eme. 894A. ad init. 
dat.m. -])rum. 918A. /. -])ere. 
ib. 1014E. --Sre. 853E. (-Caere) 
1004 E. (-tSer) 1048E. p. 174m. 
(ieiSre) 1 03 1 A. %?Jer . . . 66er, 
each . . . the other. 1003E. 

segfSer, conj. either, both. & 

ge = both .... and. 906* Se 

and. 994E. ^. ge .... ge .... ge 

^ac. 897 A. p. 90m. (^gCaer) 1052E. 
p. i8i t. (a])er) 894W. p. 294 b. 

feht, sh.fistr. possessions, property. 
ace. (ahte) 656E. p. 30 1 (eahte) 
1128 ad fin. gen. (^ahte) 11 24 aehta. 1015E. (^ahta) 
F. 1089 p. 221I. £htum. 
1052E. p. 178 h. 

<elc, pron.suhst. & adj. each, any, 
all. 91 lA. 1014E. acc.m. -cne. 
1006E. 1014E. /. -ce. 892A. 
1009E. p. 139 m. gen.m, -ces. 
919C. 1070E. ad fin. 1 1 19. 
(^Ices) 1 1 25. inst.m. -ce. 894 A. 
p. 84 1. 678E. n. (ilcag^ar) 852E. 
dat.m, -cum. (894A) p. 85 1. -can. 
1055C. /. -ere. 894A. p. 87 m. 
-cere. 1086 adfin,dat.m.f.n, {-cen) 
ib. -can. ib., -cum. 891A. 
-con. 1086 p. 220 1. ^Ic mann, 
every one. 1016E.D. «lc under 
5t$ran, each under other. 1104. "^ 
hi heom . . . ^Ic 60eme forfore, 
that they should destroy each other 
Qif, destroy themselves, each the 
other). 1052C.D. pp. 1 80-1 1. 

SDlmes-fiill, a^j. *alm8-ful,' cha- 
ritable. nom.m.wJc. -la. 102 iD. 

ed\m.eaBe^sb.f.wk. alms, acc.-san. 887*. 
888*. dat. (selmes). 1137 p. 246b. 

SBl-mihtig, aa;. almighty. 1070E. 
ad fin, 1 1 30. M. 3. (aelmihti) 
656E. p. 30 m. 675E. p. 37 1. now. 
m.wk, -ga. 1016E. p. 150 m. (el-) 
1085 adfin.acc.m.str. -gne. M. 95, 

£lpig, V. an-lipig. 

fsDl-pSodig, V. el-. 

&nes, adv. (strictly gen. of an), 
once. 1 1 20. cf. anes. 

£nig, pron.adj. any. nom.m, & /. 
994E. acc.m, -gne. 894 A. ad 
init, f. 'ge, 1085 p. 2i7h. gen, 
m, -ges. 1 1 00 p. 236h. dat.m, 
-gum. lOiiE. -ge. ic86 p. 2i8h. 
(6nie) 1086 ad fin. (t^m) ])ing, 
anything. 656E. p. 33 m. (dni) 
1 137. (^ni) >ing. 656E. p. 33 h. 

675E.P. 371- 

&n-lio, adj. unique, excellent, gen, 
n, -ces. 1 1 20. 

^r, adj. early, on Ser, previously. 
1067D. p. 201 1. acc.m. on ealne 
£eme mergen, very early in the 
morning. 1050D. p. 170 m. dat, on 

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^ran morgene. 538F. (cf. ^r-mer- 
gen.) comp. £rra, earlier, former. 
looiE. M. 108. 321. sup. ^rest, 
first. 943a. ^rost. 661 E. 678E. 
pLwh, ^restan. 78 7A. (er-)E. 

fer, adv. *ere,' formerly, previ- 
ously. 797*. (^ar). 1 1 29 p. 260 h. 
(h^r) 1 1 40 p. 267 m. &T beforan 
1086 p. 222 h. comp. ^ror, before, 
earlier. 1032E. 1121. (^rer) 1086 
p. 219!, (^rm") i5. sap^ ^rest, 
first, for the first time, in the first 
instance. 787*. 99 lE. ierost. p. 3E. 
(erest) %b. (erost) 409E. 

&Ty prep.dat. before, p. 4 1. A. ^r 
him. 959E. 971B. ^r jjam, )>an, 
before that, previously. 105 2I). 
p. 176 m. 1 1 15. ^r ]>am )7e, (ear) 
])an ])e, ere that .... p. 5E. 1066E. 
p. i98t.aBr daeg. 1070E. ». Ses. 

6r, conj. *ere,' before that (prob- 
ably shortened fi^om * ^r J)am ])e.') 
877*. 91 9 A. (with*M6;.). ii23od 
fin. (with indie). 

f&r, 8b.m.8tr. wave. gen,ph cera. 
937A. p. io8h. r. ear. 

eeroe, v. arce. 

serende, sh.n.8tr. an errand, mis- 
sion. 1054D. -de. io64E.i6. p.i92h. 

Srend-raca, sh.m.wk. a messenger. 
|)Z.-can. 905A. (-cen) 785E. (-kan) 
1 070 A. 

f dB-pist, sh.m.f.str. rising, Besurrec- 
tion. M.58. 

ser-mergen (A.), -morgan (E.), ah. 
m.str. early morning, dat -ne. 538*. 

fdes, sb.n.sir. (i) food, meat, carrion. 
gen. ^ses. 93 7 A. p. 109b. hence, 
generally (ii) prey, booty. 975 E. 

0B8C, eh. m.str, ash- tree; and hence 
anything made of ash, a ship (but 
only of the Banish ships), 
-cas. dat. -cum. 897A. p. 90 m. 

eesc-mann, sh.mMr. one of the crew 
of such ships, a viking, a pirate., -na. 921A. p. 102b, 

sestaxx, 88 7E. v, eastan. 

89t, prep.dat. at. of place ; at, in, 
887*. 866E. &/2. (at) 777E. 782 
E. 1070A. ad fin. 11 28. of circum- 
stance ; set campe, in battle. 93 7 A. 
ad init. set ])^re n^ode. 11 01. 
with verbs of depriving, &c. = of, 
887*. (governs ace. 1 048E. p.i75t). 

with verbs of buying, asking, learn- 
ing, irom a person = of. 626E. 
963E. p. 115b. 995F. ad init. 
(at) 1 070 A. ad fin, connecting 
persons with places &* of, Godwin 
8Bt WorCige, G. of W* looiA. 
So: biscop set Dorceceastre, bishop 
of D. 897A. p. 90 h. set, before a 
place name, forms a componnd 
expression which is treated as a 
single word. 55 2 A. With super- 
lative, set l^stan, at least. 1049D. 
set Ulcere hyde, on every hide, 
(of a tax) 1083 flki fin, cf. 1039 
E. (at) Enes mannes, at (the house) 
of a man, 1048F. p. 1 73 n. 

aet-berstan, st.v, to escape ; with 
dat. to escape from, (setbeorstan) 
656E. p.31 L setbserst. 605 
E. (at-) 605a. 99 2E. 1 05 2D. p. 
179 m. ^.p2.8etburston.943D. p. 
8g.8ubJ. setburste. 1049C. 1050I). 
V. oS-berstan. 

set-bredan, et.v, to take away, 
withdraw. p.8g. setbraed. 1093. 

eet-fleon, st.v, to flee away, escape by 
flight. 1 068D. ^.*^. setfleah. 1076 
D. p. 211 1. setflugon. 1056C. 

ffit-foran, adv, before, beforehand. 
1048E. p. I74h. 

eet-foran, prep.dat. before, in the 
presence of. lOioE. of time. 1052 
D. 1066D. ad fin. 

eet-gsedere, adv. together, beci^en ae. 
p. 3E, 894A, p.87h. 1014E. 

p. 145 1- 
QBt-hindan, prep.dat, behind, after. 

1016E. p. 151 h. 
iet-sanine (i), set-somne (2), adv. 

together. 937A. p. 109 l(i).905A, 

M. 263 (2). 
ffit-sittan, st.v. to sit by, to remain. setsseton. 905 A, 
set-standan, st.v, to stand, stand up. 

trans, to check. p,sg. 8etst8d. 

978E., -dene. 1085 p. 317m. 
set-swimman, st.v, to escape by 

Hwimmiug. p,pl. (it setswummon. 

91 8A. V, o^-swimman. 
8Bt-yw(i)an (i), 8Bt-Sow(i)an* (2), 

8Bt-iew(i)an (3), at-yw(i)an (4), 

^t-eow(i)an (5), at'iw(i)an (6), 

fo^.v. to appear, to display. 1070A. 

(4),, -wde. mo (i), 893A. 

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995E.(2). 1032E. (4).-wede. 11 37 
p. 265 b.(4). 678E. (5). io66A.(6). 
p,pl, -waon. 540A. (3). 1070A. 
(6). (ffitewdon) 540E. (atewoden) 
729E.-wdan.iio4E.(i). ^j.^.-wed. 
975A. ad Jin, (i). (ateowod) 995 
F. adinit. v. o'5-ywan. 
SDpel-boren, p.jpart. noble-born. 

BBpele, adj, ttitly noble. 1056D, 

M. 38. nom.m.wk- la. 814*. neut 

wk. -le. 1045D. /. -le. 937A. p. 

106 b. acc.m. -Ine. 501*. dat. m, 

-lum. 1065C.D. pp. J92-3 b. n. -Ian. 

106 7D. p. 202 1. pL -le. M. 80. 

superl. -lust. M. 84. 
eelSeliiig, sb.m.str. prince. In the 

Chron. nearly always of members 

of the West Saxon royal family. 

(In the Menologium it is used in a 

general sense of various saints. 

157. 189.) 905 A. 933E. &fq, (e>el- 

ing) 972E. 1091 ad fin. gen. (-gas) 

755E. p. 49b.-ges. 905A. 1085 

p. 217 m. (of a foreign prince). 

982C. dat, -ge. 1013E. 

-gum. CD. p. 296. (recte)., 

.ga8.443F. (e«-)6i7E. 
+6pelu, nobility, race. -lum. M. 119 (Grein 

suggests eSlum). 
(6urio) pron. a^j. every, {for aefre 

aelc). 1 137 pp. 264 1. 265 t. 
&Wj sh.n.str. marriage. /. a wife. 

dat. be rihtre ^we. 1091 p. 226. 

m. 1 100 p. 237.1. 
, ffewisc-nidd, adj. disgraced in mind, 

abashed, -de. 937A. p. 

109 m. 
eexe-yr, sb.f.str. an * axe-iron,' axe- 
head, dat, sexe yre. 1012E. (eaxe 

ere) D. 
a-fsBT^n, wk.v. to terrify, frighten 

p.p. afered. M. 23. pi, aferede. 

1083. V, of-faeran. 
afara, afera, v. eafora. 
a-faran, st.v. to go out, to depart. 

91 8A. Sforon. 794*. p.p. 

afaren. 1087 p. 2 24h. ut a. gone 

out. 894A. p. 861. 
a-feaUan, st.v. to fall down. p.8g. 

afeoU. 1100. 
a-f§dan, tok.v. to feed, maintain. 

J085 p, 2 16 1. hine on t. tq main- 

tain himself thereon. 1049C. p. 
168 m. 

a-findan, st.v, to find, discover, 
afundan. 755E. p.49t.v.on-findan. 

a-flyman* (1), a-flieman (A) (2). 
a-fliman (3), a-fleman (4), tok.v. 
to cause to flee, to banish. p.8g. 
aflymde ut. 994A. ut a. E. 
(afl^mde) 956a. 1052D. p. i79h 
(3). 1124E. p. 254 h (4). (-mda) 
1070E. adfin. {1) -mdon. 797 
A. (2) E. (i). (-den) 11 24 (4). p.p. 
-med. 836A. (2). 1 106 p. 24ih(i). 
1044E. (i).^Z.-mede. looiA, (i). 

a-fyllan, ivk.v. to cause to fall, to 
overthrow, to slay. 626E. 
-Ide. ib, p.p. -led. 975A. 

a-fyllan, wk.v. to fill, p.p, -led. 
1086 p. 219 b. 1087. 

f a-gselan, wk.v. to neglect, be care- 
less. p.8g. -Ide. 1065C.D. adfin. 

agan, st.wk.v. to own, to possess. ahte. 98 2C. 1042E. ic ahte. 
675 E. p. 37 1. ahton. 833* 
&/j. ahte = ought. 1085 p. 216 1. 
agan ut, to make out, discover. 
1085 p. 216 m (Prof. Earle 
considers this as belonging to the 
next word). 

a-gan, st.v. to go, pass, come to pass. Seode. 1066C.D. pp. 196-7. 
p.p. agan. 6A. iiE. 973A. spent, 
finished. 1066C. p. 196 m. pi. of 
agane, gone away. 897A. p. 90 1. 

fa-gangan, st.v. to pass away, to 
pass. p.p. agangen. 973A. 

a-gean, adv. (i) again, back, in 
turn, 3F. 1 070 A. p. 206 h. 1052E. 
995F. p.i3oh.(agan)io3i A.(aggn) 
1052C. p. 178 1. (ii) against, 
in opposition. 1013F. p. 143 n. 

a-gean,^rep.acc.against. 448F. 1052 
D. p. 175I. (agien)449a. v.on-gean. 

agen, adj. ti^tny own, one's own. 
654E. 1054C. accm. -enne. 1086 
p. 218 1. 755A. p. 48 m. -ene. E. 
gen.n. -nes. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1 
m. dat.f. -nre. 794*. 1042E. 
(-ra) 1016D. p. 151 m. m. -num. 
813E. agnum. A. So: 46*. 
agenan. iioi. inst.m.n. agene. 
1085 p. 2i6h. 1127. 
-nra. 11 19. absolute \ t8 his ag- 
num, to his own (land, &c.). 584A. 

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a-g§ane8, prep. dat. against, (agenes) 
1 1 35- (agaenes) 1 137 p. 264 1. 

fa-getan, wk,v, to destroy, lay 
low. p.p. -ted. 937 A. p. 106 b. 

a-gifan, st.v, to give up, to restore. 
1087 p. 224 1. agyfan. 1095 p. 
231 1. p.8g. ageaf. 11 12. 894A. p. 
86 b. agef. tb, p. pi. ^geafon. 
1087 p. 224 b. agyfan. tb. 1. age- 
fon. 1000. (aiauen) up, they gave 
up. 1 140 p. 267 1. p.8g.8ubj. Sgeafe. 
105 2D. p. 175 h. p.p. agyfen. 
1095 P- 231 b. 

a-ginnan, stv. to begin. pre8.8g. 
Sgin]). 47F. agan. 1006E. 
p. 137 1. agann. 1070A. p. 206 
m. p.p. Sgunnen. 656E. ad Jin. 
V. on-ginnan. 

a-gitan, st.v. to understand, to 
know. p. pi. Sgeaton. 1086 p. 219 
m. T. on-gitan. 

fa-gryndan, st.v. to descend to 
earth, pres. sg, agrynt. M. iii. 

a-hebban, stv, to lift up, exalt, 
bine upp ahebban, to exalt him- 
self. 1086 p. 221 1. Gp 
ahofon, stirred up, began. 1094 
p. 230 1. p.p. Gp ahafen. io52l). 
p. 176 1. (ahofen) 795E. 

a-hebbian, v. a-ebbian. 

a-hon, st.v. to hang. 897A. adfin. 
1096. (ahengen) 11 24 
p. 259 1. p. p. ahangen, crucified^ 
33*. anhangen. 99 a. 

a-hreddan, wJc.v. to *rid,' to de- 
liver, rescue. p.8g. -de. 1016E. p. 
150 h. -de witJ, delivered from, 
994E., -don. 91 7 A. 

aht, 8h.n,8tr, aught, anything, aht 
mycel, anything much. 105 2C. 
p. 1 80 1. )>e himsylf aht wsere, who 
was of any account. 1086 p. 220m. 
gen. ))e ahtes w^ron, which 
were of any value. 99 2 E. So : dat. 
to ahte mihte. 105 2F. p. 179 b. 

aht-lice, adv. stoutly, courageous- 
ly. 1066E. p. 198 t. 1071E. 

a-hw^r, adv. any where, every 
where. 992E. 1105. ahwar. 1064E. 
(awar) 995F. ad init. 

a-hydan, wk.v. to hide. ahyd- 
don. 41 8A. 

a-lseocan, wk.v. to catch, to take. 
p.8g. alehte. J 123. 

^-l^dan, wJc.v. to lead off, take away. 

896 A. ut al^dde. 107 2D. p.p. 

-ded. 906 A. 
aid, aldorman, all, v. eald, etc. 
S-I6tan, 8t.v. to give up, resign. 

p.8g. alet. 1053C. (al^t) 1045D. 
a-lecgean, wh.v, to put down, sup- 
press, abolish. 1067D. p. 201 b. Slede. 1052 D. sup. to 

aleggenne. iioo p. 236 h. 
a-l§ogan, st.v. to belie, be false to. alugon. 94 1 D. 
a-lihtan, wk.v. to alight. j}.8g. 

alihte. 1 1 23. 
aloV, v. ealo. 
a-lysan (1), a-liesan (2), E-lisan 

(3)* *o redeem, ransom, free. -sde. 942A. (i). 918A. (2). 

1096 (3). 
^lysed-ness, sh.f. str. redemption. 

dat. alesednesse. 656E. p. 31 1. 
a-mang, prep. dat. among, during. 

1127. p. 257 h. a. )>am >e, during 

the time that, whilst. 1046E. p. 

169 1. a. ))issan, meanwhile. 1066 

C. p. 197 b. V. an-mang, on-m. 
a-mansumian, wk.v. to excommu- 
nicate, pres. sg. ic -mie. 963E. p. 
117 m. -mede. 1070E. p. 
207 1. -made. 107 iD. p.p. -med. 

675E. p. 37 t. 
a-metsian, wk.v. to provision, pro- 
vide with food, -sode. 1006 

D. p. 137 ». 

a-xnunan, st.wk.v. to mind, care for. -ndon. 755C. -dan. B. p. 

294. V. on-munan. 
S-myrran, wk.v. to hinder, spoil, 

destroy, *mar.* amyrdon. 

1073E. (amsBrdon) D. 

-rde. HIT. sup. td-rene. 1048E. 

p. 173 m. -rende. F. 
a-myitJrian, wk.v. to murder. p.8g. 

-rode. 1049C. adfin. 
an (once written o», 879A.), a^j. (1) 

one. 875* 8c fq. acc.m. anne 893 A. 

senne. E. lOoiA. (onne) 11 37 p. 

264 m./. ane.879A. an.E. dat.m. 

ammi. 888*./. anre.94iA. 999E. 

(answering to 6t$re). in this sense 

also used definitely, dat. n. 

]7am anan . . . ))am otJran. 1046E. 

p. 168 h. inst. ^ne. 885* ane [anum 

E.] g^are «r, one year previous- 

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ly. 46* ; (ana) wana, less by one. 
97 2E. with ordinal numbers, j) an 
T foweriageCe gear. 1107. on an, 
i-ight on, straight on. 963E. p. 
116 b. BO : anan. 995F. p. i3oh. t<5 
anum gecierdon, they united. 
835*. geweartJ him ") ))am folce 
.... anes, they agreed. 1014E. 
p. 145 1. an *j an, one by one. 
1 1 25. (2) a certain one. rls, 
his an munac, a monk of his. 
963E. p. 115I. dat. fram his 
anan men, by a man of his. 1 100. 
an of ))am, one of them. 99 2F. 
gen, ^nes. 806F. (3) a, an. an 
efor, a boar. 885*. (a) 1137 p. 
264 1. dat. on anum bate. 891 A. 
anon. 1052E. p. 183 1. ^an. 
iioo. y. anre. ib. (4) alone (in 
this sense it is used also defini- 
tely, and in the plural), nom. 
m. ana. 978E. M. 276. neut. 
ne "p Hn, not that alone. 656E. 
p. 31I. datf. anre. 61 7E. pi. 
ane. 1086 p. 218 h. )>^ ^ne, those 
alone. 91 8 A. (e^), be ^nan 
oiSfSe twam, by ones or twos. 

an, pr^. 984 A. 1070A. v. on. 
anoer-setl, sKn.ttr. an anchorite's 

settlement or cell. dat. (anker)- 

setle. 656 E. p. 31m. ancer settle. 

1086 p. 218 b. 
ancor, sb.m.8tr. ancra, sb.m.wTc. 

an anchor, a^.pl. -ran. 1052G. 

p. 1 80 m. -ras. D. p. 181 h. 
and (E.), ond (A.), conj, and. 

generally abbreviated, *j ; when 

written in full it is ond in A« 

e.ff. 853. 855. pp. 2. 4. and in E. 

e.g. 852. 855 8c fq. ond. 798F. 

(end, send) 1066C. ad Jin. (an) 

1 1 20. 1 135. (on) M. 134. 
and-l&ngfprep.gen. along. 887* &.fq. 

(onlong) 882A. written : *jlang. 

1016E. p, I48t. 
fand-lang (i), ond-long (2), adj. 

continuous, all along. acc.mMr. 

-ne dseg, all day long. 93 7 A. p. 

io8t. (2) B. C. D. (I). 
and-s£te, adj. hateful, abominable. 

1 1 00. 
and-swerian, noJc.v. to answer. 

-ade. 96 3E. p. ii7h, -ode. t&.p. 

ii6h. -swaredan. 995F. 
p. 130m. 

and-weard, adj. present, of time. 
ace. def. "^weardan. 851 A. 

anes, adv. (strictly gen. of an) 
once, get . . . anes, yet once. 11 31 
p. 262 h. cf. ^nes. 

an-for-lietan, at.v. to desert, for- 
sake. p.8g. anforl^t. 658A. 

an-gean, adv. again, in turn, back. 
995F. p. 130 b. 1005F. V. a-gean, 

an-g§an-came, 8h.m.8tr. a return, 
coming again, gen. -es. 995F. 
ad fin. 

an-ginn, 8b.n.8tr. a beginning, at- 
tempt, dat. -ne. 1107. angynne. 
809F. hence : a struggle, con- 
vulsion, dat. -ne. 1042C. 

an-ginnan, st.v. to begin. p,8g. an- 
gan. 1070A. p. 206 h. 

fan-haga, sh.m.wk. one who live 
in solitude, a solitary. M. 251. 

a-niSrian, wk.v. to thrust down. p.p. 
-rod. 675E. p. 37 t. 

an-Iipig, adj. single, one by one. 
87 1 A. ad fin. (^Ipig) 1085 p. 

an-ness, 8h.f.8tr. unity, agreement, 
covenant, acc.-se. 921A. p. 103m. 

an-r&d, adj. unanimous, agreed, 
resolute, pi. -de. 1003E. a. mid, in 
agreement with. 105 2I). p. 175 m. 

En-r&d-llce, a<2i7. unanimously, re- 
solutely. 1003E. 1014E. 

^-reces, adv. straightway, right 
on,&va^Xiy. loioC.D.E. perhaps 
a mistake for : 

an-streoes, adv. at one stretch, con- 
tinuously. 894A. p. 88 b. 

an-weald (i), an-wald (2), «6.«i. 
8tr. power, jurisdiction, domi- 
nion. 918C. (i). 1067D. (2). gen. 
-des. 919C. (i). dat. -de. 921 A. 
pp. 102 t. 103 m (2). 1086 p. 
221 b (i). V. on- weald. 

an-weg, Wv. away. 1049C. ad fin. 
V. on-weg, S-weg. 

a-nydan, a-nidan, wJc.v. to compel,, 
force. anidde. 823 A» 
Snydde. E. 

Apocalipsis (Latin word), the 
Book of Revelation. 84A. ace 
-sin. 87E. 

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apostol, 8h,mMr. apostle. 35*. 45*. 

pi, -las. 30A. M. 122. -la. 

Aprelis, sb.m, the month April. 

M.56. (April) 1 1 40. 
axmldre, sb.f.wk, an apple-tree. dat. 

-dran. 1066D. p. 199 1. 
ar, th.fatr. (C) are, ah.f.wJc. (DE), 

honour, dignity, estate, property. 

1006. gen.dat.aee. are. 1052F. p. 

181 1. 1015E. 10520. ad fin. (For 

the change of meaning &om 

honour to land at the Latin honor 

in sense of landed estate, e. g. FL 
^ TFtfir. ii. 54.) 

ar, shf^tr. an oar., Era. 

897A. p. 90m. arena. B. 
a-Tooan, tok.v. to reach, get at. 

1014E. p. 145 1. 
a-r^dan, to take counsel, appoint, 

determine, (generally tok.v. but 

in the following instance it 

is sir.). p.8g. ared. 921 A. p. 

103I. (W. reads araed hsefde ; 

where ar^d would be p.p. for 

ar^ded. v. p. 295.) 
^r&ran, a-reran, wk.v. to rear, to 

set up, to exalt, (areren) 654E. arfrde. 959E. 1086 p. 

219 1. arserde. t&. t. 718A. (^r- 

ierde) E. Ererdon. 1086 p. 

arblast, sh.m.str. (foreign word), a 

cross-bow. dat. -te. 1079D. 
aro9 (i), erce (2), serce (3), ab.m. 

sir, the archiepiscopal pallium. 

995^. P- 130m. (2, 3). 997F. (I). 

glossed pallium, 
aroe-bisoeop, -cop (i), fleroe- (2), 

erce- (3), sh.m.str, an archbishop. 

994A. 888E. (i). ib, A. 736E. 

963E. p. iijrb (3\ 727E. 870A. 

963E. p. iioh(2)& fq. gen. -pes. 

075E. p. 36 h (2). dat, -pe. 601 A. 

(2) E. (I), pi, -pas. 979C. (3). 

(-pes) 1125(2). 
arce-bisoop-dom (i), erce- (2), 

8h.m.slr. archbishopric, dat, -me. 

616E. (2). 
arce-bisceop-rice (i), aroe-biscop- 

rice (2), serce-biscop-rice (3), 

8h,n.str, archbishopric. 994A. (i). 

995F. p. 130b (3). ii23i>. 252I 


aroe-bisoop-stol, i.h.m.8tr, archi- 
episcopal see. 988K 
aroe-diacon, sb,m.8tr. an archdea- 
con, (serced^ne) ii23p. 252 m. 

ace, (sercedi8eone) 11 14 p. 246 h. 

pi. (sercedSecnes) 1129. (earce- 

d^cnes) ib. 
aroe-zice, 8b.n.str, archbishopric. 

aroe-stol (i), esroe- (2), sh.m.str. 

archiepiscopal se^. 1009I). (i). dat. 

-le. 988C. 1 1 15 (i). 1006E. (2). 
a-reccan, wk.v. to ' reckon,' relate. 

M. 69. 8up. t6 areccenne. 1086 p. 

218 m. 
arewe, sib.f.wk. arrow, nom, &. dat. 

pi, -wan. 1083. 
far-hwaet, a^j, eager for glory., arhwate. 937A. ad fin. 
far-fsest-nyss, sh.f.str. honourable- 

ness, goodness, mercy. 1067D. 
arh-lice, adv, basely, treacherously. 

1071E. cf. earh-llce. 
arian, lok.v. (i) to honour, (ii) to 

have mercy on. pre8.subf, God 

are his saule. 1066E. p. 198 h. 
a-risan, st.v. to arise, 

-sa)>. 1 03 1 A. p.8g. arafl. 380E. 

1083. up aras, rose up. iioo. arisan. 1087 p. 224 1, (ary- 

san) 975 D. 
ap-weoiU (i), -wTirb (2), -wier]! 

(3), adj, honourable, reverend. 

nom,m.wk. -J>a. 716A. (3) E. (2). 

dat.m.wk, -9an. 1022D. (2). 
ar-weoiUe (i), -wyr5e (2), adj. 

honourable, reverend. 105 2D. (2). 

p. 173. 
ar-weox1$ian (i), -wurtJian (2), 

iok.v. to honour, reverence. (-tJen) 

656E. (2). 
ar-weoi1$-lioe (i), -wuiU- (2), 

-wyilJ- (3), adv, honourably. 633 

E. (2). 977C. (3). 
ar-weoiU-nias (i), -wuilJ- (2), 

8h.f.8tr, honour, reverence, daf. 

-nisse. 1012E. -nysse. CD. -nesse. 

1054C. (2). 
a-soeaoan, st.v, (i) to shake off, rtv 

move, (ii) intr. , to remove, to 

flee. p.p. asceacen wees fram, 

had deserted. looiA. 
E-8oiifan, st.v. to shove, push. 0t a. 

897A. p.9im. 

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a-sounian, wk.v. to shun, hate. p.pL 

-nedon. 1014E. -nudon. C. -nodon. 

a-secan, wh.v. to search out, ex- 
plore. ^.«^.as6hte. loiiF. p. 14211. 
a-Becgan, wJcv, to declare, express. 

sup. to Esecgenne. ^104. 
a-sendan, wk.v. to send out, send. 

p.8g, -de. 1012E. |7.j7.aseiid. 430E. 

to asend, sent to. 905A. 
a-settan, wk.v. to put, to place. him pallium on asette, put 

on him. 102 a D. intrans, to trans- 
port oneself, to go. aset- 

tan. 893A. (assetton) E. upp 

asetton. 100 1 A. 
a-sigan, at.v. to fall down. p.8g. 

asah. 1012E. (aseh) 1123. 
a-8ittan, et.v. to settle ; (of ships) 

to ground, &s£ton. 897A. 

p. 90b. p.p. aseten. »&. p. 9 it. 
a-8ni§agan, wk.v. to look closely into, 

examine, devise. 1006C.D. p. 295. 

(asm^ian) E. p. 137 m. p.p. ace, 

f. asmeade. loiiE. ad Jin, 
a-spanan, st.v, to allure, to seduce. 

p.sff. aspdn. 905 A. aspeon. 1009E. 

p.p, aspanen. 921 A. p. 102I. 
a-springan, st.v, to spring, arise, 

be bom. p.8£/. asprang Cp. 1099. 

p.p. (aspnmgon) 1067D. p. 202 

a-spyxian, wk.v, explore, search 

out. ut a. 1085 p. 216L 
a-8tellan, wk.v. to set on foot, in* 

stitute, begin. p.fg, astealde. 

loioE. 1040C. 
a-8tigan, et.v. stetgm, to mount, 

ascend. pre8.8g. astthV. M. 91. 

p.8g.^\ah, mo. 
a-8tihtan, wk.v, to determine on, 

decree, p.p. astiht. 998E. 
a-stingan, st.v, to bore out, pierce 

out. astungon. 797A. uta. 

a-styiian (i), a-stirian (a), wk,v, 

to move violently, to excite, p.p, 

-red. 1052E. p. 180 h (i). -rod. 
^1095 (i). -rad. 1087 (2). 
i'a-swebban, wk.v, lit, to make 

to sleep ; metaph, to kill. p. p. pi, 

a-swefede. 937A. p. 108 m. 
a-8weltan, st.v. to die. p.8g. Oswalt. 


a-8Wican, st.v. to desert, betray. 

(with dat^ aswac. 1016E. 

p. 15a h. 
ate, sb.f.wk, oats. pi. (aten) 1124 

p. 354 m. 
a-tendan, wk.v. to set on fire, to 

kindle. 994F. P-pl' Etendon. 

1006E. p. 137 1. V. on-tendan. 
a-tellan, wk.v. to tell, recount. 

(atealhm) 1095. 9up.t6 atellanne. 

1056C. (ateallene; 1086 p. 222 

a-teon, st.v. to draw away, dispose 

of. at^ah. 1071E. cf. D. 
a-teorian, wk.v. }d)iren» to fail, to 

cease, -reae. 1087 p. 224nu -rodon. 11 04. 
a-tinibT(i)an, wk.v. to build up. 

-bran. 643A. 91 3 A. -brian. D. 

641 E. 
a]>, 8h.m,str. an oath., tXe. 

1016E. p. 153 b. EjMts. 

874*. (a»es) 1 131 ad Jin. (a«) 

1 1 27 p. 258h. (Ethas) 1140. 

(athes) tb. p. 267 h., E))um. 

92 1 A. ad Jin, &fS&ii. 101 6D. p. 

152 1. 
a]>-swerang, sh.f.str. oath-swearing, 

oath. dot. -ge. 1070A. 
a-pystrian (i), E-]>§ost- (2), ^-pist- 

(3), a-}?iest- (4), a-pest- (5), wk.v. 

to grow dark; (of the sun or 

moon) to be eclipsed,, -rode. 

885. 879A. (4) E. (I). 540E. (2). 

538E. (5). 827* (3). -rade. 802 

E. (a). p,p. -rod, -rad. 795. 800 

E. (3). 

alSum, sb.m.str, tX^2iVH, a son-in- 
law. loioE. brother-in-law. 1096. 
dat, -me. 1091 p. 3a6m. 

August, 8b.m,6tr. the month Au- 
gust, ^en. -tes. 1 1 07. dat, -te. 
678E. Agusf 685E. undeclined. 
1 106. 1 1 16. In Latin form: Au- 
gustus. 1013E. Agustus. 909D. 
Latin gen. Agusti. 1063I). 

a-wsecnan, st.v. to awake, arise, 
originate,, awoc. 449E. ckI 
Jin, 547E. awocan. 1087 p. 
3331. 17. on-wsecnan. 

a-weg, adv. away, out. ?94A. p. 
87b. 101 lE. v, on-weg. 

a-wendan, wk.v. to turn, turn 
away, pervert. p,sg. hine awende, 

X 2 

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turned. 1067D. p. aoi b. p.p.pL 

awende. 1086 p. 221 b. 
a-weorpan, *t.v. to cast, to cast off, 

reject. P'»ff- awearp. 1075I). 

1009C. faweorp) D. p,p.<icc.m. 

Sworpen(n)e. 867*. 
a-weiian, lok.v. to ward off, defend. 

p.sff. iiwerede. 921 A. p. loih. p, 

pi. aweredon. 885A. -dan. E. 
a-westan, wk.v. to lay waste, 

ravage. 1085 p. 2i6t. p^sg. -te. 

1069 D. ad Jin. p. pi, -ton. 1087 

p.223 1. (aw«ston) ib. h. 
a-wrecan, stv. to avenge, * wreak.' 

1048E.P. I74h. 
a-writan, sf.v. to write down, de- 
scribe. 1086 p. 219m. p.istpl. 

Ewriton. 1106. p.p.Ewriten. 716A. 
fawym, corrupt reading. M. loi. 
f a-yman, at.v. to run away, pass, 

go. p.p. aumen. 973A. 
a-ytan, wk.v. to expel, drive out. aytte . . . Ht. 1048D. 

ba. V. begen. 

besc, 8b.n.8tr, back, on beec . . . 
gangende, going back or away. 

beef tan, v. be-seftan. 
bedr-lic, sb.m.lHr. barley. 11 24 p. 

254 m. 
besman, foJc.v. to bum. (generally 

transitive; intrans. 1116. 1131.) 

(baemen) 1087 P* 323 m. p.ttg. 

bsemde. 1014E. p. 145I. p. pi. 

bsemdon. lOOiA. ad init. 997E. 

(beomdon) 870E. looiE. (bren- 

don, -den) 1137 pp. 264 L 265 t. 

p.p. -ned, 687 E. pres.part, -nende. 

1 131. ct beoman. 
besmett, sb.n.atr. burning, arson. 

dat. -iQ. 994E. pi. 1 1 04. I II I. 
bedming, 8b.f,8tr. burning, dat. 

-ge. 1104. 
b8E(5 (A), heX (E), sb.n.8tr. bath. 

604B.O. ganotes b., the gannet*s 

bath, t. e. the sea. 975'". 
ban, 8b.n.str. bone, banum. 

979E. IOI2E. 

bana, sb.m.wJc. 'bane,' a slayer. 
dat. banan. 755*. pp. 48-9 L nom. 
pL banan. 979E. 

bannan, 8Lv. to proclaim, summon, 
b. ut, to call out I048E. p. 174I. 

tbar, ^.m.8tr. a boar, baras. 
1086 p. 221 h. 

bastard, sb.m.8ir. (foreign word), 
bastard. 1066D. p. 197 in. 

bat, 8b.m.8tr. a l:H>at 1046E. p. 
169 h. 89 1 A. dat. hiXe. ib. 

bade, 1 1 24 p. 2 54 1. 
1127 p. 257I. (bathe) 1137 p. 
264 h. (borrowed from S^ndi- 
navian. cf. Icel. baGir). 

be, bi, prep.dat.in8t. by. (i) by, 
on, near. 648*. be Temese, on or 
near the Thames. 879'*'. bi Signe. 
660A. be. E. be ))ia half, on this 
side. 1129 adjin. But, (2) be T., 
be Ssefeme, along the Thames. 
894 A. p. 87 m. cf. bf sw& hwa- 
)>erre efes, along, or on whatever 
side. tb. p. 84 L (3) by, accord- 
ing to. 885* adJin. (4) in propor- 
tion to. 1085 p. 2i6t. (5) of time; 
in, about, be heora . . • dagan. 
995F. p, 1281x1. be him lTf(i)gen- 
dum, during his life. 718*. be 
nihte, by night. 1070E. (v. dseg). 
be . . . gemynde, within memory. 
959E. (6) of time ; by, i.e. before. 
II 29 p. 260 1. (7) by means of. 
bt Wilfrid. 675 E. p. 37 t. 1057 
D. ad Jin. ; be him. 1095 ad Jin. 
(8) in the case of, in regard to. 
1087. (9) concerning, about. 
1036E. 1086 p. 21 9 m. (10) of 
circumstances, manner, &c. ; be 
fullum wite, under full penalty. 
1016K bi .. .(leue), by leave. 1 130. 
be diele, partially, ex parte. 1048E. 
p. I73h. benaman. 975 A. p. 130b. 
(11) by, by way of, &c. be wsetere 
... be lande. ioi6£. p. 150 m. 
be Huugrie, by way of Hungary. 
1096. (v. weg). adverbial, to 
^^ten) bi, to eat by. 1140. be 
eastan, be nort^an, &c. v. eastan, 

beaoen, 8b.n.str, a beacon, 
beacna 1006E. p. 137 t. 

+beadu, 8b.f.8tr. battle, slaughter. 
diU. beaduwe. M. 247. 

t beadu-weorc, 8b.n.8tr. war- 
work. -aek. 937 A. p. 10911. 

be-SBftan, adv. after, behind. 905 A. 

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755A. bsefton, be sefbon. E. pp. 

48-9 nu bseftan. 1050D. p. 1691x1. 
be-£wnian,trAr.9. tojoin in marriage, 

to marrj. p.p, -nod. 1052D. p. 

b6ah, 8b.m.str. a ring, bracelet, dat 

beage. 876*. pi. beagas. M. a6i., b^agum. M. 278. 
fbeah-gifa (i), -gyfa (2), sb.fn.tek. 

ring-giver. 937A. odiwtV. (i). 975 

A. ad init. (2). 
fbeah-gifu, ^.f.6tr. the giving of 

rings (a royal office), dat. -fe. M. 

fbeald, adj. bold, brave. daU -dum. 

M. 225. 
fbealu, sh.nMr, bale, destruction. 

bealo. 1076D. dat. (-la) 1075E. 
fbealu-leas, beale-, adj. 'bale- 
less,' innocent. 1065 CD. pp. 

194-5 t. 
b§am,«i.m.8^r. hzMXtl, (i) a tree.^en. 

pi. -ma. M. 84. (2) a beam, rafter. 

dat. beame. 978E. (beom) 11 37 

p. 264 m. (3) a beam, ray. iioiS. -mas. 799C. 
fbearm, th.m.6tr, bosom, dat. -me, 

M. 257. 
beam, «6.n.«/r.* bairn/ child. 975 A. 

dat. -ne. 1023 D. beam. 

975A. adinit. 1052E. p. i83h. 

dai.pL beamum. t&. 894A. p. 

fbeam-team, sb.m.str. issue, oflf- 

spring. 105 7D. 
fbearu, sb.m.ittr. a wood, grove. 

dat, bearowe. M. 250. 
be-beodan, it. v. to command, enjoin. 

pre8,8g. ic bebeode. 675 E. p. 36 h. bebead. icx>8E. 1070 A. (be- 

*^«<xi) 995F. CM^/n. (beb^)ii29 

p. 26oh. p.p, beboden. 1125. 

be-bod, sh.n.str. a command. 905A. 

dat. -de. 995F. p. 130 b. pL -da. 

canons. 1102. 
f be-bugan, st.v. to reach, extend. 

prc8.8ff. -gets. M. 230. 
be-byr(i)gian, wk,v, to bury. p.8g, 

-gde. 544A. 979E. -gede. 1066E. 

p. 197 1. bebyride. 1035 ^' 0^" 

biriend) 11 35. -gdon. 1012E. 

-gedon. 1046E.P. i69h. (bebyried") 

1 1 37 p. 265 b. p.p, -ged. 789E. 

1 1 29. (bebyried) 11 54. (bebyred) 

616 a. 
fbe-ceorian, wJt.v. to complain, la- 
ment,, -rodan. 1086 p. 221 m. 
be-cuman, st.v, (i) to come, to 

arrive. p.8g. becdm. 1031 A. p,pl, 

bec6mon. 1052C. p. i82h. dp 

becdman, came up, came to land. 

93 7 A. ad Jin. forC becdm. 1065C.D. 

pp. 194-5 h., becumene. 

1067I). p. 201I. (ii) to become.» becdman. 1114H. 
be-owedan, st.v. to bequeath. p.Bg. 

becwaetJ. 1086 p. 219 m. 
be-oyrran, tok.v. to deliver up, 

betray. p.8g, -rde. loiiE. 1003 

C.D. («beswacE.). 
bedd, sh,n,Bir, a bed. dcU. -de. 

be-delfan, 8t,v. to bury, inter. 

1049C. p. 168 b. 1050D. p. 170 1. 
be-dioian, wk.v, to surround with a 

dike, to fortify,, -eodon. 

1016E. p. 149 h. 
be-dnfan, st.v. to drive, to pursue. 

p.8g. bedraf. 778E. bedrifon. 

477*. 890*. p.p. bedrifen. 1066C. 

p. 196 b. 
be-ebbian, toJc.v. to leave aground 

by the ebb. beebbade. 

897A. p. 91 h. 
be-feB8tan, wk.v. to put in safe 

keeping, secure, entrust, -te. 

886 A. (befeste) E. 1065C.D. ad 

Jin., -ton. 893 A. p. 88 1. p.p. 

befaest. 896A. 
be-faran, st.v. to overtake, to sur- 
round. 1009E. P'Sg. befor. 905 A., befdron. 1068D. 
be-feallan, st.v, to fall. 1067D. p. 

201 1. p.p, (-Ian) 1086 p. 221 1. 
be-feolan, tft.v, to cleave to, to urge. 

p.8g, befealh. 1067D. p. 201 1. 
be-foran, adv. before. 7 1 6 A. 7 2 5 A. 

995F. p. 130 m. 
be-foran, prep.dai. before, (i) of 

time, 93 7 A. suh fin. ibeforen) 

1 154. (ii) of place ; before, in front 

ofl 1016E. p. 150 b. put after its 

case. ih. p. 1511. 
be-gan, 8^.1?. (i) to surround. p.8g. 

beeode. 755A. pi, -don.t6. E. (ii) 

to occupy oneself with, engage in, 

practise. p»8g, beeode. 1067D. p. 

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aoil. p-pl' be^odan. 995 F. p. 
129 b. 

bagen, ma%c. ba, fem, new/., adj. 
Tpr<,\io\ki, 871* 867A. (b^gen) 
E. (b%e) 852E. (beien) 1140 p. 
268 t. ba. 1013F. p. 143 n, 1066 
D. p. 199 h. V. bfitfi. 

be-geondaii, adv. beyond. 1013F. 
p. 144 n. 1091 p. 226 b. 

be-geondan, prep.dat. beyond. 
885A.-<lon. IOI3E. p. 144I. &am 
b. 8iB. 1041C. 

b«-geondey prep, beyond. 1066D. 
(beionde) 11 54. 

be-g6otan,«^.v. begiefden,to pour out, 
sprinkle, cover, p.p. begoten.734*. 

be-ginnan, 8<.v. to begin. |).8y. began. 
1 1 10. 1 1 29. p.p, (begunnon) 1154. 

be-gitan, 6t.v. to get possession of, 
to obtain. 904D. begytan. ioo9£. 
(begeotan) 1065 D. (bigseton) 
1 1 40 p. 267 1. (begeton) 1131 p. 
262 nu (beieton) 1130 p. 261 1. 
p.8g. begeat. 918D. (beget) 910 
A. (beg»t) 1 137 p. 365 m. (beiaet; 
1 1 27 p. 257 b. (beiet) ih. 
g^atan. 937 A. ndjin. 1086 p. 218 
in. begeaton. 1102. (begetonj 
897A. ad init. p.p. (begytan) 
1086 p. 218 h. (begiten; 1091 p. 
226h. (beieten) 1127 p. 257b. 
begeat for© mid Lim, took with 
them. 105 2E. p. 178 m. 

be-gyman, wh.v. to take care of, 
to rule. 9up. t6 (beg^men) 11 29. 

be-gyrdan, wk.v. to begird, sur- 
round. p.8g. -dde. 189 A. 

be-h&8, 8b.f.8tr. a promise, vow. pi. 
-sa. 1093. 

be-hatan, st.v. (i) to promise, vow. 
994F. (behaten) 1012E. 
1)ehet. iicx) p. 236h. 994E. subj. 
behete. tb. p. pi. beheton. 865 E. 
-tan. lOiiE. p.jf>. behaten. 675E. 
p. 36 m. pi. -ne. 1093 p. 228 t. (ii) 
to threaten, ^.sg. behet. 1036D. 
(beheot) 1083. 

be-h6afdian, wk.v. to behead, p.p. 
-dod. 69F. 1076D.E. 

be-healdan, st.v. (i) to hold, to 
inhabit. M. 113. (ii) to avail, 
effect. p.8g. beheold. 999E. (be- 
held) 1123 p. 251b. 8uhj. {he- 
h61de) 1 12S ad Jin. 

be-heonaa (i), be-hinon (2), be- 
hienan (3), prep.dat. on this side 
of. 878A. (2). E. (i). 885A. p. 
T^b. (3). ge beheonan nSi ge 

be-hidan, be-hydan, wJc.v. to bide, 

conceal, p. pi. behyddan. 41 8E. 

p.p. behtd. 1070 E. p. 205 b. 
be-hindan, adv. behind. 894A. 

p. 86t. 
fbe-hindan, prep.dat. behind. 937 

A. p. 109 1. 
be-hdf, sh.m.'istr, behoof, profit. 

dat. -fe. 1094 p. 229 1. (-ue) 780F. 
be-hofian, wk.v. to need, require. 

impern. to behove, concem,belong. 

pre8.Bg. -ieiS. 656E. p. 30t. 1 131 

ad fin. (-fed) 1 131 p. 262 t. 

(beh6ued) 1137 p. 265 h. ppl. 

behdfdan. ioo6£. 
be-horsian, wk.v. to deprive of 

horses, -sude. 885A. -sade. 

be-hr6ow8ung, 8b.f.8tr. repentance. 

dat, -ge. 1 100 p. 236 1. 
be-landian, wk.v. to deprive of 

lands. j9.|}{. -dedon. 1094 p.330t. 

p.p. -dod. 1 09 1 p. 226 m. 
be-lendan (i),be-l8Bnda]i (2), wk.v. 

to deprive of lands. p.8g. -de. 1 102. 

Ill 2 (2). p.p. belsend. 1104. 

II 12. |}2. belende. 1096. belsende. 

I no. 
be-lifan, st.v. to remain, be left. belaf: 1018E.1052E. (bel«0 

1 131. (beleaf) ih. belifon. 

1018D. -fan. 1047E. p.p. (bylifen) 

870F. p. 284 1. (beliuen) 1009F. 

p. 139 w. (belyfon) 1085 p. 216b. 
be-limpan, st.v. (i) to o(mcem, 

pertain to. -pa9. 1102. belumpon. 1097 p. 234 h. 

p.8g.suhj. belumpe. 1086 p. 219 b. 

(ii) to happen. p.8g. belamp. 

be-lisnian, wJc.v. to castrate. 1096. 
bell, «6./.«/r. bell. pi. (belle) 11 31. 
be-lucan, st.v, to shut up, fasten, 

lock. belucan. 1083. p.p, 

belocen. 755* pp. 48-9 m. p[. 

(belogene) W. p. 294. 
ben, sb.fstr. a prayer, *bene.' (of. 

* bootless bene,* Wordsw.) ore. 

bene. 963E. p. 116L daJL. 885*. 

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be-n&man, yblcv, to take away, 
deprive. ^.«gr. -mde. 1102. 1104. 

bend, besxid, 8bf.m.8tr, bond, im- 
prisonment, ace. (bande) 11 26. 
pL bendas. 11 24 p. 254 1. 
bendum. 1086 p. 220 1. (beandon) 

fbendan, wk.v. to bind, fetter. -de. 1036C. 

be-nedl^an, adv, beneath. (benetJan) 

be-ninxan, 8t.v. to deprive, take 
away.^. benam. ib. 755*. 
p.p. benumen. 919C. ace. -menne. 
658 A. -mene. E. pi. -ne. 895 A. 

be-notian, wk.v, to use, consume. 
p.p. masc.acc. -todne. 894 B. 
p. 86 n. 

fben-tid, 8b.f.8tr, * prayer-tide ' ; in 
M. 75. applied to the season which 
ended on 'Litania Major/ April 

bSn-tifi^e, -tISSe, adj. having ob- 
tained a prayer. 883E. -tT))ige. 
B. -ti]?e. C. 

beo, sh.f.wh. a bee. pi. beon. 
1127 p. 258 h. 

beodsbn, st.v, (i) to command, to 
proclaim^ summon. 905 A. 1095 
p. 231b. (b^don)675E.p. ^6\.pre8. 
ic biode i&. h., bead. loioE. 
of taxes, to exact, collect. 1083 
ad fin. budon. 1041C. bead 
folce Gt, called them out. 105 2D. 
p. 175I. 107 1 E. b€ad him fit, 
banished him. 1048F. p. 177 n. (ii) 
to offer. loi iD. beodon C. (be dan) 
E. V. p. 296. p.8g. bead. 75 5 B. p. 
49 h. & m., budon. 827*. 

beon, v-suhst. to be. 891 A. 999E. 

1 1 30. (ben) 1 1 2 7 ad fin. pres-sg. 
by)). 1 03 1 A. M. 23 & fq. biS. 
1003E. M. 242. be©. 675E. p. 36 m. 

1 1 31. beoC. M. 233. 
beon. 656 E. p. 31 1. (be) 675E. 
ad fin. pres.8ff,8ubj. (be.) 963E. 
p. 1 1 6b. beo. t6. 103 1 A. p.p. (bin) 
1 140. j»re#.«^. ic (eam), ic (am) 
675E. adfin. is. 893*. ys. 995F. 
]>. 128 1. sindon. 641E. 
675E. 1064E. syndon. 979E. sind. 
p. 3E. 565E. pr€8.8g.8uhj. Bte. 892 
A. bT. 1009E. 1085 ad 

fin. (jBieo) 675E. p. 36 h. r. wesan. 

+beorli, 8h.m.8tr* htXQ, a mountain, 
hill. M. 266. 

beorbt, adj. bright. 93 7 A. p. 106I. 
1 106. 

beorhte, adv. brightly.iiio. M.228. 

fbeorn, 8h.m.8tr. a roan, warrior. 
93 7A. p.io9t. -nas. 973A. 
gen.pL -na. 93 7A. ad init. 975 A. 
ad init. -num. M, 175. 

beoman, byman, sUv. to bum. 
{intrans.) bam. 1066A. pres. 
partf.acc. byrnende. 975A. p. 
1 20 m. 1098* cf. baernan. 

tbeom-wiga. sb.m.wh. a warrior. 
daf. -gan. M. 225. 

b^otian, wh.v. to boast. 
beotra gylpa (/or bSotedra), by 
way of boasted vauntings. 1006 

be-p&oau, wJc.v. to deceive. ]f>.8g. 
bep^hte. 1015E. p.p. (bep^ht) 

tbera, 8h.m.iJDk. a bear. M. 261. 

be-r£dan, wlc.v. to def)rive, dis- 
possess, ber^dde set, de- 
prived of. 887*. 

beran, st.v. (i) to bear, carry, wear. 
1 1 23. (b»ron) 1 137 p. 264 m. baer. 1086 p. 2i9h.b. (bar) 
Ii37p. 265h. 8uhj. (bare) 1135. b^ron. 1 137 p. 264 1. sup. 
to berene. 1127 p. 258 h. baer 
. . . Cp, bore up, expounded. 
1052 E. p. 183 h. (ii) to bear, bring 
forth, p.p. boren, bom. 1 1 29 adfin. 

be-reafian, wh.v. to * bereave,* to 
despoil, (ber^fotJ) 1124 
adfin. p.8g. (ber^fode) 1*6. p. 
pi. -fedan. 104 3D. (berefodon) 
794E. p.p. bereafotl. 975A. 

be-ridan, st.v. to overtake, sur- 
prise, capture. p.8g. berad. 755*. 
901 A. 

be-ripan, tcit. v. to rob, to strip. beryptan. ,1055 C. 

be-rowan, st.v. to row past or 
round. 897A. sub fin. p. 91 m. 

be-soierian (A), be-soerian (E), 
tck.v. to deprive, p.p. -red. 821*. 

be-secan, wk.v. to beseech, p.uj/. 
be66hte. 1127 p. 258 t. 

f be-sencan, wk.v. to sink, to drown. 
(Jrans.) -ctun. M. 21a 

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be-8ittan, it. v, to besiege. 1087 
ad fin. p^sg. besset. 894A. p. 85b. 
1 106 p. 240b. beset. 1076B!. p^L 
beszton. 91 8 A. p. 98 b. 1090. (be- 
setton) 868E. p.p, beseten. 895A. 
»vp. to besittanne. 1094 p. 229!. 

i-be-fllean, st.v, to cat off, deprive. 
p.p. beslagen. 937 A. p. 10 8b. be< 
slegen. C. 

be-8org, adj. what one cares for, 
dear, beloved, pi. -ge. 917C. 

fbe-spanan, bUv. to {dlure, attract. 
p.8g. bespeon. 959E. 

be-8telan, $t.v. reflex, with gen. 
to steal away from. p.sff, bestsel. 
& best^Ion. 876*. (ip b., stole 
away inland. 865*. (besteal) up 
fram. 1004E. (bestal) D. bestxl 
C. p. 295. 

be-8tr^an, lolc.v. to strip, despoil. 
p.8g. -pte. 1065C. p. 192 m. 
-ptan. 975D. 

be-swioan, st.v. to deceive, betray. 
1015F. p. 146 n. (-con) 1015 E. ad 
fin.{-cen)ii^i p. 262 h.(be8atken) 
1 140 p. 267h. p.8^. beswao. 1003E. 
1015E. tuhf. beswice. 1050D. 
p. 170 h. p.p. beswicen. 790E. 
(-can) IOI4E. pi. (-kene) 1093 p. 
228h. »w|). t6-cane. 1057D. 

be-syrwan (C), be-syrewan (D), 
be-syrewian (E), wk.v. to en- 
trap, deceive, with set, to be- 
guile one of. icx>2. p.8ff. besy- 
rede. 1093 p. 228 h. -redon. 
1094 ad Jin, 

bet, adv. comp. better. 1072E. 1087 
p. 224t. eup.hetBt. ib. p.223h. 

be-tdeoan, wk.v. to entrust, commit, 
put in trust, (-cen) 11 31. p. eg. 
betxhte. 99 2 E. 943 a. (beteahte) 
1 1 25. (betahte) 1126. (be- 
tahten) 654E. p.p.het^ht. 1087 p. 
223 m. (beteht) 1 1 38. 

fb^tan, wk.v. to amend, improve. 
1014E. pre8.8g.8uhj. bete. 11 31. 
p.8g. bette. 959E. bettan. 
1009E. ad Jin. 

be-teUan, lok.v.reflex. to justify 
oneself, to answer, hine b. set 
£lc ])xra )>inga, clear himself 
of &c. 1048E. p. i75t. p.8g. be- 
tealde. 1052E. p. 183 h. 1094. 
b. hine be eallum ])ingan. 1053F. 

be-t6on, st.v. Vtil)tXl, to accuse, p. eg. 
beteah. 1090. 

be-t6on, 8t.v. IXt^tXi, (i) to cover, sxir- 
round. p.p. betogen. 1075D. (ii) to 
bestow, hit yfele beteah. 1049G. 
ad Jin. 

betera, comp.adj. better. T009E. 
p. 139 h. nom.n. (betere) 1004E. 
betere. CD. acc.f. (betre) 1131. 
p. 262 h. dat.m. beteran. 1067D. 
p. 201 1. beaduweorca 
beteran, better in respect of ... . 
937 A. p. 109 h. 8up. betst. 1048 
K p. 174I. wk. se betsta. 891 A. 
accf.wk. ]>Iibetsta[n].io87 p. 223 
b. pl.m.wk. ]>a betstan. 1052K 
p. i83t. ])a(bet8te) 1091 p. 226m. 

be-trssppan, wk.v. to entrap, catch. 
inf. (betneppen) 992E. 

be-trymman, wk.v. to enclose, 
besiege. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1. 

betst-boren, p.part. best-bom. 
1087 p. 224I. 

be-tweoh. (1), be-twnh (2), be- 
tweox(3), bo-twux(4), be-twyx 
(5), be-twix (6), betux (7), 
prep.dat.acc. of persons, places 
and dates; between, dat. 921 A. 
adinit. 890E. (6). (butueoh) A. 
905A. (2). D. (i).9i3A. (3). 1126 
(5). M. 162 (7). (betuyx) 1 140. 
ace. 795 E. (4) F. (5). 656E. p. 
31m. (6). 1 1 23 (4). of things; 
among, betwyx 60rum J>ingam. 
1086 p. 220 h. betwyx Jnssum, 
meanwhile. 1087 p. 224h. ad- 
verbial. 1 09 1 p. 226 b (4). 

be-twdonan, prep.dat.acc. between. 
1052 E. p. 183 m. (-nen) 11 24. (be- 
twenan) iioi. (betwenen) 1066 E. 
p. 199 h. I J 2S ad Jin. put after 
its case, 1004E. 1016E. p. 153 1. 
betwynan C. adverbial. 105 2D. 

p. 1751. 
be-tynan (i), -tinan (2), wk.v. to 
enclose, surround, p.p.-ned. 547 E. 

W ». (1). 

be-pencan, wk.v. to consider, re^. 

to bethink oneself. p.8g. be)>dhte. 

Ii27p. 257b. 
be-warian, wk.v. to keep, guard. 

p.8g. -rede. 1065 D. sub Jin. 
be-weddian, wk.v. to espouse, to 

marry, (-dan) 1127. p.8g. (-weed- 

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dade) i loo p. 236 1. p.p, -weddod. 

1119. 1052D. p. 176I. 
be-werian, wh.v. to defend. p.8g, 

-rode. 1065 0. sub fin, 
be-wioian, wk.v, to encamp, p.8^. 

-code. 894 W. p. 294. 
be-witan, gt.wk.v. to superintend, 

govern, take charge of. 1013E. 

p. 144 m. p.8g. bewiste. 1098-9. 

p.j)2, bewiston. 1091 p. 226I. 
be-wuna, adj.indecl. accustomed, 

wont. lOOiE. 
bidan, st.v, to abide, await, endure, 

experience, -datJ. M. 293., (biden) 1131P. 262t. 
biddan, stv, to ask, to intreat, beg ; 

with gen. to ask for. pres.»(j. ic 

bidde. 656 E. p. 31 1. pre8.8g.suhf. 

bidde. 675E. p. 36 h; p-sff. bsed. 

853 A. 1046E. p. 169 h. (bed) 

963E. (id init (bead) 167E. 

biSdon. 868*. (beadon) 1083. 

psg.8ubj. b^de. 1075 D. guh fin, 

pr€8.part. biddende. 1083, reflear, 

he baed bine td Gode, he prayed. 

ii27p. 257 1. 
bi-foran, adv. formerly. 870 F. p. 

283 1. 
bile-hwit, adj. simple, innocent, 

gentle. 1 041 E. 
f bil-ge-8leht^ 8h.n.8tr. clashing of 

bills or falchions, ^en. -tes. 937 A. 

p. 109 1. 
bindan, 8i.v. to bind. bundon. 

1046 E. p. 169 h. 
binnan,* binnon (£), adv. in- 
side, within. 1004 E. (binnen) 

binnau*, binnon (E) , prep, dat.acc. 

within, (i) of place, ace. 896 A. 

1052 E. p. 181 1. dat. 901 A. 

1048 E. p. 173 t. 1052 E. p. 180 1. 

(ii) of time. dai. 947 D. 1016 E. 

p. 149 1. 
bisoeop*,biscop*, biscep*,«5.m.«fr. 

a bishop, dat. biscupe. 1056 C. 

passim, in all cases, sing, and pi. 

pi. (biscopes) 565 E. 

(biscope) 675 E. p. 37 1. datpl. 

biscopan. 1070 A. p. 206 1. bi- 

soeopum. 1053C. 
bi8O0op-d6m (i), biacop- (2), 

bisoep- (3), th.m.str. a bishopric. 

660A. (3). gen. -nies. 660E. (2). 

bisc- A. dat, -me. 670 A. (3). E. 
(2). 98 iC. (i). pi, -mas. 649E. (2). 

bifioop-had (i), bisoup- (2), sb.m, 
sir. state or office of a bishop, ordi- 
nation as bishop, gen. -des. 1048E. 
p. 172 h(i). dat. -de. IC56C. (2). 

blacop-Uo, adj. bishop-like, epi- 
scopal, gen.n. -ces. i05oD* ad fin. 

biaoop-iloe, 8}).n.8ir. a bishopric. 
1 1 29 p. 26oh. ^en. -ces. 1043C. 
p. 165 h. dat. 963E. ad init. 
biscup- 1056C. pi. (-cen) 1107. 
(-ces) 1 1 25. 

biscop-setl (i), bi8oep-(2), sh.nstr, 
a bishop*s seat or see. 35 A. ( 2 ) E. 
(i). 45 A. (2) E.(i). dat. -le. 
1070A. (i). ace. -le. 633E. (as if 
fern. cf. winter-setl.) 

biscop-scir (i), -soyr (2), 8h.f.8tr. 
a bishop*s * shire' or district, a 
diocese, pi. -ra. 709A. (i) E. (2). 

a see. 984A. dat. -le. 980 C. 

bisoep-stmu, 8h.m.8tr. a < bishop- 
son,' 1. e. godson at ' bishoping ' m' 
confirmation, cf. Laws of Ine, 
§ 76. dat. -na. 85 3A. 

biscop-wite, 8h.n.8tr. a bishop's fee 
for visiting, procuration. 675E.P. 
36 m. 

fbiaes, 8b.m.8tr. 'bissextus/ the 
additional day intercalated in leap 
years. (In these years the 24th 
of Feb., i.e. the sixth of the ca- 
lends of March was doubled. 
Hence the name bissextus.)M. 32. 

bismor (1), bismer(2), 8b.n.8tr. dis- 
grace, indignity. 1048E. p. i74h 
(2). dat. -re. 992E. (1). bysmere. 
ioi58D. (-re) 1048E. p. 
i74t (2). 

bisxnor-lice, adv. disgracefullyi 
miserably. bysmorlTce. 1012C. p. 

f biter, byter, adj. bitter. nom,in. 
wk. -ra. 1065C.D. ad fin. 

bi-word, sb.n.atr. a * by-word,' 
proverb, dat, -de. 11 30. 

fbl^d, 8b.f.8tr, flower, blolsom. -dum. M. 266. 

tblanden-feax, adj. grizzly-haired. 
937A. p. io9t. 

blawan, st.v. to blow. (-wen) 
1 1 27 p. 258I. blewen. xb. 

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f blendan, blendian, wk.v. to blind. 
1086 p. 221 h p^g, blende. 1036C. 

bl§t8ian, wh.v. to bless, consecrate. 
(bUetson) 11 14 p. 245 h. pres, 
ic bletsie. 675E. p. 37 1. (blit- 
sige) 963E. p. 117 m., blet- 
sade. 1044C. -sode. 1043E. p.p. 
rbl^tcaed) 11 54. 

bletsung (i), blddsung (2), 8hf.8tr. 
blessing, consecration, dai. -ge. 
813A. (2) E. (i). -inge. 656E. 
P* 33 1 (i)' -ga- 1070A. p. 206 h 
(i). ace. (-gan) ih. m (i). 
-ga. M. 225 ^i). 

fblind, a^;. blind, ace. -dne. 1036 
C. p. 160 b. 

fblissy »b.f.8tr. joy, merriment. 973 
A. blis. M. 91. (blisse) loiiE. 
ad fin. blis, bliss. CD. v. p. 296. 
ace blisse. 975 A. ad fin. 101 iK 
dat. -se. 1023D. 

tblissian, wk.v. to enjoy bliss, re- 
joice. -sion. 1036C. 

bli]>e, adj. blithe, glad. 995F. p. 
129b. acc.m. -"Sne. M. 98. 

bljKe, adv. blithely. 1036C. 

bli]}e-lice, adv. blithely, willing- 
ly. g6^E. ad init. 1022 D. iioo 
ad fin. (bli>olioe) 1066E. p.i99h. 

f bli'8e-in6d, adj. blithe of mood, 
cheerful. 1065C.D. pp. 194-5 1. 

bl6d, 8b.n.8tr. blood. 1012E. 1083. 
1103. dat. bl6de. 734*. 

bl6dig, adj. bloody. 979C. 1117. 
(bl6di) 685F. 

f blostma, sh.m.wk. flower, blossom. -mwn. M. 91. 

fbl6t-ni6na;S, sb.m.str. 'sacrifice- 
month/ i. e. November. M. 195. 

f bldwan, at. v. to bloom, to flower. 
M. 266. -waC M. 91. 

b6c, eb.fistr. a book, a charter, 
84A. 87E. dat. (b6c) 47a. 482 F. bee. 937 A. p. not, 1009 
E. (b6kes) 1070E. p. 205 b. dat. 
(b5can)995F. p. 128m. 

b6o-l^den, sb.n.str, 'book-Latin,' 
book language, learned language, 
Latin, on b8c;l«den. 892 A. (-leden; 
p. 3K 

bod, 8b.n.8tr. ge&Ot, a command, 
order, (bode) 675E. p. 36 b. 

boda, sh.m.wlc. hote* a messenger, 
ambassador, pi. -dan. 1094. 

bodian, proclaim, to preach. 

61 6E. 656E. p. 32 b. p.8g. -dade. 

636*. (bodad) 627E. -dude. 634 

A. 9up. to bodianne. 430E. 6o4£. 

-diende. a. 
bod-lac, 8b.n.8tr. decree, ordinance. 

pi. (-ces) 1 1 29 p. 260 h. 
bonde-land, 8b.nMr. 777E. x. bonde 

lande -« * terram x. manentium.* 

Birch, Cart. 1. 378. 'manentes 

sunt qui ia solo alieno manent* 

Hanfridus, in Ducange, s.v. The 

first part of the word is probably : 

bunda, bonda, a householder, q.v. 
fbord-weall, 8b.m.8tr. shield-wall, 

i. e. a rank of warriors, ace. 937 A. 

bone, ace, some part of a ship. FL 

Wig. renders it by 'omatura.' 

borh-fssstan, wk.v. to bind by a 

* borh,* pledge or surety. p.8g. 

-te. 1052 D. p. 175 1. 
bosum, bosom. 1086 p. 

220 m. dat. b6sme. 937 A. p. 

108 h. 
bot, 8b.f.8tr. amends, remedy, ace. 

bote. 1 131 ad fin. 
brad, adj. broad, p. 3E. 893*. 1122. 

masc.nom. tok. brada. 942A. 
f brad-brim, 8b.n.8tr. broad-wave. -mu, 937 A. sub fin. 
brad-eagede, adj. broad-eyed. pi. 

(-egede) 11 27 ad fin. 
breoan, 8t.v. to break ; (in military 

sense) to storm, break into. pre*. 

sg. (breket) 675E. p. 37 b, pres. 

pl.8ubj. (breke) ih. 1. brsec 

9a I A. adinit. (brec) 885E. 

br^on. 851*. (braecen) 1 083. 

(breokan) 1 102. reflex, hine bre- 

can, to retch. 1003E. 
bredan, 8t.v. to move quickly, to 

draw. p.8g. br^d, drew, carried. 

1053C, (bred) 189D.E. brC- 

doniip, arew up. 1052C. p. i8om. 

p.p. breden. 189F. 
bregan, wk.v. to terrify, 

bregdon. 793E^ 
+breg^, -go, 8b.m.indecL lord. 

Brego engla, i. e. God, 97 5 A. 

ad fin. bregu. 93 7 A. p. 108L 
fbrSman, tok. v. to celebrate, extol. -ma^, M. 94. 

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brSme, adj. glorious, renowned. 

M. 40. nom.mjok. se brema. 1023 

D. /. bremu. M. 75. gen, bremea. 

973A. coinpar.acc. bremran. M. 

brengan, wk.v, to bring. 6t b., to 

bring out. 896A. p.8ff. brohte. 

661*. 963E. ad Jin, 11 15. p,pl, 

br6hton. 894A. p. 861, 1063E. 

br6htan. 997E. 1092. (br5hten) 

1 1 23 p. 252 t. (brahtan) 995F. p. 

130I. br6hte him of, got him 

away from. 11 27 p. 257 b. 
't'br^ost, sb.n.8ir, breast, datpl. 

-turn. 975 A. p. 1 20 m, M. 98. 
f brimm, brymm, 8b.m.8tr. the sea, 

ocean, brim. M. 278. dat brime. 

M. 213. pi. brymmas. 1065 CD. 

pp. 192-3 b. 
tbrim-strgam, 8h,in.8tr. ocean, surf- 
stream. 942A. 
bringan, 8t.v. to bring. 995F. p. 

i3oh. 1066C. sub Jin. bryngan. 

1075E. p. ai2t. pre8.8g. -ge"S. 

M. 78. -gC. M. 88. 
broo, 8b.n.8tr. trouble, sickness, dat. 

(broke) 1093. 
broga, sb.m.wk, terror, horror, dat, 

-gan. 99 1 E. 
brSSor (i), brojjur (2), br6Ber (3), 

8b.m.8tr, a brother. 871 A. (2) E. 

(I). & so fq. 738*. 903A. (i). 

656E. lioi (3). (brSther) 1140. 

gen. brSSer. 656E. 11 00 (-Saer) 

1091. dat. breSer. 1067D. p. 

201 1. 7>Z. broCra. iioi. (breCre) 

675E. (br6»re) 656E. 
br^or-sunu (i), brojjur- (2), 

br68er- (3), 8b.fn,str. a brother's 

son, nephew, p. 2A. 887A. (2). E. 

(I)- 1097 (3)- 
fbriioaxi, st.v. hraudjett, to use, 

enjoy, * brook.' with gen. 93 7 A. p. 

109 b. 
bronie, v. byme. 
bryoe, sb.m.atr, breach (of treaty, 

&c.). 1094 p. 229 h. 
bryog, sb.f,str, a bridge, gen. -ge. 

1013E. bricge. 1016D. p. 149 1. 

acc.dat, (brigge) 1066C. adfin. 

1 1 14. ace, -ge. 887*. pi. (brigges) 

1 125. ad fin. as a place-name 

Brycg,Bricg= Bridgenorth, 896 D. 

91 iC. 

br^d-ealo (i), -eala (2), 8b.n.8tr. a 
bride-ale, bridal, marriage-feast. 
io76D.(i). 1075E. (2). dat. -lots, 
ib. adfin, 

bryd-lop, 8b,n,8tr. (Icel. brfiC- 
-hlaup), bridal, marriage-feast. 
dat. -pe. 1076D. adfin. 

biryne, 8h.fn.8tr. burning, fire. 1 1 j 7. 
dat. bryne. 1006E. p. 137 1. 
(?) pi, Q)Tjmges) 1 1 37 p. 246 h. 
* fires ' Thorpe. * coats of mail,' 
Stevenson, v, byme. 

Bryten-wealda (E), Bret-walda 
(A), 8b.m,wk. Bretwalda, Wielder 
of Britain. 827*, where see note. 

fbrytnian, wk.v. to dispense, dis- 
tribute. p.8g. britnode. 1065D. brytnodon. 1065C.D. (bry- 
nodan) C. 

fbryttian, wk.v. to divide, dis- 
tribute. 937 A. p. 109I. 

buoo, 8b.m.8tr. a buck, male deer. 
pi, (-ces) 1 127 adfin. 

bufan, adv. above. 105 2D. 

bufan,bufon,^rcp.da^. above. 896 
A. 1083. 

bugan, st.v. (i) to bow, to submit. 
1050D. p. 109 m. p.8ff, beag. 913 
A. beah. 922 A. (i). bugon. 
959E. (i). heom to bugon, beah, 
submitted to him. 1063E. (ii) to 
flee. p.8g, beah. looiE. 
bugon. 999E. beah . . . firamhim, 
revolted. 11 85 p. 217 m. him 
fram bugon. 1118. beah int6 
mynstre, took refuge in. tb, 

bugean, wk.v, to dweU, inhabit, 
(i) intrans. bugeaC. 
894A. p. 86 h. 924A. p.sff. 
bude. 890*. (ii) trans, 
budon. 919A. 

bugend (E), biiend (D), 8b.m,8tr. 
an inhabitant, pi. (unchanged). 
PP- 3, 293. 

bunda, sh.m.wk. a householder. 
ffen, -dan. 1048E. p. ipl. 

biir, 8b.m.8tr. a * bower, chamber. 
755*. dat. bure. 1015E. 

burg (i), burh (2), buruh (D), 
sb.f.str. a fort, a walled town, 
'borough.' 919A. (i). 994E. (2). 
(bm-ch) 1 1 40 p. 267 m. gen. 
burge. 1048E. p. I73t. (burh) 
1086 p. 218 1. gen,daU byrig. 

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896 A. 92 1 A. p. loab. dat. bnrh. 

1059D. E. nom^OiCcpl, burga. 

P42A. 894A. p. 84b. 1073E. 

byrig. 91 5D. (burh) loi 3F.p. 143 n. 

daU buigum. 91 8A. 1015E. bur- 

gan. 1116. 
burg-ware, sb,m,pl,Hr. inhabitants 

of a * burg/ burghers. 895A. ^en. 

•ra. 896A. dat -rum. 894A. p. 

86 m. 
burh.-xnann, 8h.m,8tr, a townsman, 

burgher, pi. -men. I048£. p. 

173 t. 
burh.- warn, buruh- (D), th.f.str. 

the inhabitants of a borough or 

town collectively. 994E. ace. -re. 

1048E. p. I73h. gen. (-ru) ih. 

-re. ioiojE. p. 147 1. dai. -re.994E. 
bume* sb.f.wk. a brook, a 'burn.' 

gen. -nan. 485*. 
bur-pegen, -]7§n, sb.mMr. a cham- 
berlain, 'bower- thane.' pi. -])enas. 

1 1 20. 
butan (i), buton (2), adv. outside. 

867* (i). 894A. p. 88h. (2). 
butan*, buton*, prep.dat.acc. (i) 

except, all but, but only. d}it. 

941 A. 878*. ace. 918 A. 988E. 

(biite) 1135.1154. with clause as 

object; buton 'j^, except that. 

1083. (2) without, dat. 891 A. 

1 107. (buten) 1 100 p. 236 1. (3) 

out of, free from. dat. 886*. (4) 

besides, in addition to. 105 2 C. 

(5) in spite of, bfiton ]>am. 1013 

E.p. 144 h. 1014E. p. 145I. 
butan (E), buton*, conj. (1) with 

indie, except that, but only. 889*. 

978 E. (2) with suhj. unless. 963 

E. p. Ii7h. (3) if only, pro- 
vided that. 1086 p. 218 h. 
bute, conj. but. 897 A. p. 90I. 11 31 

butere, sb.f.wh. butter. 11 31. 1137. 

p. 264 1. 
butse-carl, d).m.8tr. a boatman, 

mariner, pi. -las. 1066E. p. I97h. 

1052C. butsia- 1066D. p. 197 m. (-karlon) 1066C. p. 196 h. 
biitu (i), buta (2), 

both. occ. 71. 871* (i). acc.f. 

918A. (2). v.begen. 
bycgan, tok.v. to buy. p.^g. bohte. 

963E. p. 115I. ppl. bohtan. 

1066E. p. 198 h. bohton. 1137 

p. 265 b. 
i-byldan, wJc.v. to encourage, ex- 
hort. M. 247. 
byre, 8h.m.$tr. event, opportunity, 

£ikvourable time. 1013E. p. 144m. 
fbyre, sh.m.str. a child, descendant. 

1065C. D. pp. 192-3 b. 
byrgen, eh./ sir. a tomb, sepulchre. 

dat. -ne. 1058D. 102 3D. (where 

it is m. or n.). 
b7r(i)gian, tok.v. to bury. 

-gde. 1036C. p. 160 h. 

(byrieden) 1137 p. 265 b. p.p. 

byiged. 1016E. ad fin. 
byrle, 8h.m.ttr. a cup-bearer, pi. 

-las. 1 1 20. 
byrnan, st.v. to bum (intrans.^. 

pres.part.f.acc. bymende. 975 A. 

p. 1 20 m. 1098. 
byme, ah.f.wlc. a * by mi e,* coat of 

mail, (brunie) 1066C. od fin. 

ace. -nan. 1008E. 1048E. p. 172I. 

\ pi. (hryniges) 11 37 p. 264 h. 

V. bryne. 
byrst-fuU, adj. disastrous, calami- 
tous. 1 1 16. 1 117. 
bytlian, wk.v. to build. 1065C. D. 

j».^/. -ledon. 92 1 A. p. loiL 
byi^n, ah./.str. a burden, (byrthen) 


c6g, 8b.f.8tr. a key. dat. (keie) 
656E. adfin. 

oalend, ti).m.8tr. a month. (In 
Latin also Calendae poetically 
means a month), (kalend) M. 7. 

oalic, 8b.fn.8tr. a cup, chalice. 1058 

D. pi. (-cen) 1102 adfin. 
foamp, 8h.m.str. katttpf , battle, war. 

dat. -pe. 937A. p. 106 m. 
f camp-stede, sb.mMr. battle-field. 

dat. 937 A. p. 108 m. 
oanoeler, 8h.fn.8tr. chancellor. 1137. 

(cwenes) caneeler, the queens 

chancellor. 1123 p. 252 b. dat. 

-re. 1093. 
candel (i), condel (2), sb.f.8tr. 

candle. 937A. p. 106I. (2) B.C.D. 

(i). pi. (candles) 1140. 
Candel-nuDsse, sb.f.wk. Can d lemas, 

feast of the Purification, Feb. 2 

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(-megse) 11 27 p. 25811. dat. 

-san. 1014E. (-masse dsei) Candle 

TbsA Day. 11 40. (-messe deig) 

oandel-fltiooa, eb.m.wTc. a candle- 
stick. pL -can. 1 102 ad fin. 
oanonio, sb.mMr, a canon, (canonie) 

ii23p. 252 t., -cas. 964F. 

(canonias) 11 29. 
cantel-cap, 8b.m.8tr. a cope. pi. 

-pas. 1070E. 
oapellan, 8b.m.8tr.& chaplain, (cape- 

lein) 1 1 14 p. 245!. dat. -ne. 

oapitel, 8b.m.8tr. oapitula, sh.m.wJc. 

a (cathedral or monastic) chapter, 

meeting of a chapter, dat. -ele. 

1 1 23 p. 252 h. -ulan. 1083. 
oaptel-hus, fh/n.Btr. a chapter 

house. 1116 ad fin. 
oardinaly 8h.m.8tr. a cardinaL 11 25. 
carited, 8h.f.8ir. charity, cheer. 

1 137 p. 265 h. 
oarl-mann, 8b.m.8!tr. a male, a man. 

1086 p. 220 m. pi. -men. 1137 

p. 264 h. 
oasere, 8h.mMr. emperor, p. 4h. 

A. 98 2C. 840F. (kasere) p. 5E. 

1 1 29 ad fin. gen. -res. p. 5h.E. 

1057D. 8uh fin. 1 127. dai. -re. 

1 106 ad fin. 
cast el, 8h,m.8tr. a castle, town. 

1 124. dat. -le. 1052D. p. 175 h. 

1052E. p. 181 h. -telle. 1075D. 

ad fin. pi. -las. 1069E. (casteles) 

1 1 24. (castles) 1137. -Ian. 

1 1 00 ad fin. 
castel^mann, 8h.m.8tr. an inhabitant 

of a castle, pi. -men. 1075E. 

-menn. D. 1067D. 
oastel-weorc, 8&.9».8^r. 'castle-work,' 

the making of castles, pi. (-ces) 

ii37p. 364 1. 
fceald, adj. cold. M. 238. pl.m. 

(-da) 1065D. p. 193 b. (ceaid) C. 

p. 192 b. 8uperl. -dost. M. 237. 
o6ap, 8b,m.8tr. cattle. 921 A. p. 

loi b. gen. ceapes. 895A. 
ceapian, ick.v. kaufen, to buy, pur- 
chase, (with ffen.) p.8g. -pode. 

oeaster, 8b.f.8tr. a town, fort (fre- 
quent in place names), dat. -tre. 

35* 894A. 8ubfi^. 1095 ad fin. -tra. M. 233. 

-tro. 577A. -tra. E. 
0311, 8h.m.8tr. a (monastic) cell. pi. 

cellar. 1 1 29. 
cenep, 8h.7n.8tr, moustache. Icel. 

kanpr. cf. * camp,' a cat's whisker 

(New Eng. Diet.), accpl. (kene- 

pas) 1056C.D. 
tcennan, wk.v. to beget, to give 

birth to. M. 52. 260. 
c6ol, ib.m.str. a keel, a ship. deU. 

-le. M. 256. 4um. 449E. 

p. 3 «. D. 
ceorfan, 8t.v. to cut^ to * carve.' c. 

of, to cut off. 796F. p.8g. cearf 

of, cut off. 1014E. ad fin. 
oeorl, 8b.fn.8tr. a freeman of the 

lowest class, 'churl.' 1003E. g^n. 

8g. -les, 1003F., -la. 

1017E., -lum. M. 31. 
o6o8an, 8t.v. to choose, (c^en) 1 1 23. 

p.8g. ceas. 975 A. ad init. 1041 

E. (c^s) 963E. ad fin., (cu- 

sen) 1006E. ad fin. 11 54. p.p. co- 

ren. 656E. p. 33I. 675E. p. 36 

m. (cosen) 1123 p. 252h. (cosan) 

cepan, wk.v. to observe, look out 

for. (with gen.) 105 2D. p. I79h. cepton. 1013E. with refieac. 

dot. heom (k^pten), they noticed. 

1 1 27 ad fin. 
c^ae, 8h.fn.8tr, cheese, (c^se) ii37p. 

264 b. (ceose) 1 1 31. 
cest, 8b.f.8tr. a chest, ace. (caeste) 

1 137 p. 264 h. 
ch6r, S.m.8tr. choir (of a church). 

fcigan, wk.v. to call, to name. pres. 

pi. cIgaC. 973A. (cigtJ) M. 184. 
oUd, 8h.n.8tr. child. 975A. pi, cild, 

2*. cildan. 109^ as a 

title. 1009E. (WulfnoC). 1067E. 

(Eadgar seCeling). gen. -des. ib. 

1067D. (Eadric). 
Oilda-msBsse-dfiBg, 8b.m.8tr. ' Child- 
ren's Mass-day,* i.e. Innocents' 

Day, Dec. 28. 1066E. dat. 

-daege. 963A. 
ciroul, Bb.m.str. a circle, the Zodiac. 

dat, -le. M.67. pi. -las. 1104. 
cl&ne, adi. clean, pure, clear. 

1056 D. (cl^ne) mo. dat.f. -nre. 

1067D. p. 201 m. 

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oUene, adv. clearly, ^u^y, entirely. 

1053 CD. pp. 180-1. 
oUen-lice, <idv, cleanly, purel}-. 

^95F. p. 1 29 b. 
olatfy 8h.m,6tr. cloth, in pi, clothes. under CrTstes claOum, i. e. 

in baptismal garments. 688E. 
foleofan, stv. to cleave. p.pL 

clufao. 93 7 A. <id init. 
oleopian,clepian,ol7pian,«7Jl;.r. to 

call. pres.ftg. cleopeO. -paC. 963E. 

p. iiom. II 14. pZ. clypia'S. M. 

214. p.8g. cleopede. 656 £. p. 

33 m. 105 2E. adjln. clypode. 1094. cleopedon« 1083. clepeden. 

1 137 p. 264 1. 
olepung, 8b.f.8tr. a calling, a claim. 

aec.'ge. 11 29. 
olerio, olereo, clero, ib,m,str. a 

clergyman, clerk, (secular clergy 

as opposed to monks), clerc. 

1 1 29 p. 260 1. j7Z. clerecas. 1085 

p. 216 h. clericas. 995F. p. 130 1. 

(clerca) 963E. ad init, (clere- 

kes) 1 137 p. 265t. dat, -can. 

995 P. ad init. Cynges clerec, 

clerecas, royal chaplain, chaplains. 

1085 p* 216 b. So: his clerice. 

oler(i)o-hSd, ab.mMr. the condition 

or state of a (secular) clerk, dat. 

derichade. 73 7 F. (claerc-) 11 27 

p. 257 1. 
cler(i)c-hades-maim, 8bjm.8tr. a 

(secular) clerk. 11 23. 
fclibbor, adj, clinging, adhesive. 

M. 245. 
olimban, st.v. to climb, clum- 

beu. 1070 E. p. 205 1. 
fcnearr, «^.wl.a<r. a ship, galle}'. 

nom.8g. cnear. 937 B.C. p. io8». 

(the reading of A. is corrupt). 

dai.pU cnearrum. 937A. p. 109 h. 
ton6o-m6gas, 8h.pLm.str. kinsfolk. 

(cneow, lit, knee, means a step in 

the pedigree.) dat, -gum. 937 A. 

ad init, 
fcn6o-ris8. 8b.f.8tr. a generation. 

dat pi. -rissum. M. 61. 
tonSow, 8h,n,8tr, knee. datpL 

cneowum. 979E. 
oniht, 8b.m,8tr, (1) a boy, a lad. 

ace. 894 A. p. 86 b. (2) a servant, 

retainer, soldier, pi. -tas. 1087 

p. 224!., -ta. 1094 p. 

229m. -tan. 1083. (3) 

a knight. p2. -tas. 1086 p. 220 t. 

1087 p. 224I. (-tes) 1124. gen. 

pi. (-te) 1 1 24. 
cnyssan, v?J:.v. to press, overcome. 

p.8g, cnysde. p. 4 A, 
cnotted, p.part. knotted. 11 37 p. 

264 h. 
codd, 8h.m.6tr. a bag, a pouch (cf. 

peascod). dat. codde. 1131 p. 

262 h. 
cometa, tlb,m.v3k, a comet. 678*. 

89 2 A. 975*. 1 066 A. pi. -tan. 

729 E. 
ooncilium (Latin word), council. 

1070 A. ad fin. 11 19. (concilie) 

com, 8h,m,8tr,. com, grain. 894A. 

ad, fin, 896A« 1043 E. gen. 

comes. 895 A, cfa^. come. 11 03. 

1124 p. 254 h. 
corona (Latin word), a crown. 1066 

D. suhfin, 1085 p. 216 b. with 

Saxon CKC. -nan. 1 1 1 1. 
f corner, fib.n.f.str. a band, a 

troop, dat, -tJre. 973 A. (/. A. «. 

cot-lif, 8b,n,8tr, a hamlet, village. 963E. p. 115 b. gen,pl. 

cotltfa. 1 00 1 A. ad fin. 
codu, 8h.f.8tr. code, sh.f.wk, dis- 
ease. co9e. 1086., cot$a. 

creeft, 8b.m.str. strength, art, know- 
ledge, virtue, ctcc. 975A. dat. -te. 

M. 67. 276. pi. (crseftes) crafts, 

stratagems. 1 131 p. 262 t. 
tcr89ft-gl6aw, ctdj, learned in 

science. nom.m.pL -we. 975 A. p. 


foraeftig, adj, * crafty,* powerful, 

skilful, with gen. c. i^da, wise in 

counsel. 1065'C.D. pp. 192-3 1. 
orafian, wk.v. to crave, demand. 

p.8g. -fede. 1070A. 
creopan, s/. v. to creep, crupon. 

1083. p.8g.8uhj, (crape) 11 31 p. 

262 t. 
fcringan, 8t,v, ' to cringe,* yield, 

succumb, die. p,pl, crungun. 

93 7 A. p. io6m. 
crisma, 8h.m.wk. chrism, unction, 

holy oil. ace. -man. 1056 CD. 

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crism-lysins, -Using, sKfMr, the 

looaing of the chrismale or bap- 
tismal fiUet. 878* fittJ/ii. 
Ciist, sb,m,str. Christ. 963E. p. 

117m. ffen.'tes,ib, dat -te, ib, 
Cristen, adj. Christian. 167 A. 

1086 sub Jin. fwm.toJc. se Cristenn. 

1086 p. 221 b. accn.wh. -ne. 

982C. gen, -nes. ii^i ad Jin, pi. 

Cristene. 11 28 ad Jin. Cristne. 655 

A. wk .]>a Cristnan, the Christiani*; 

i. e, the English as opposed to 

the Danes. 894A. p. 87 b. 

wk, Cristentin. 1086 p. 221 b. 

8tr, Cristenum. 1023 D. 
ciisten-dom, 8b.m.8tr. Christianity, 

Christendom.6i6F.ioi iE.(-d6me) 

656 E. p. 32 b. 1 1 29. gen, -mes. 

lOiiE. sub Jin. d^t. -me. 1046 

E. p. 167 h. 
cristes-boo, 8b,f.str- * Christ's book,' 

a book containing the Gospels. 

dot. -bee. 1066D. p. 2cx>m. pi. 

-bee. 1070 E. 
Ciifltes-m&l, -mel, sh. m. n. sir. 

•Christ's mark/ i.e. the Cross. 

773 A. 774 E. Crystes- 656 E. p. 

32 1. (Cristemel) xb. dat. -mele. ife. 

p. 31 b. 
Ci^tes-msdssey sh.f.tok. Christmas ; 

(the old word is midwinter q.v.). 

loaiD. (-messe) 1127 p. 258)1. 

dat. -san. 1038 E. 1043 E. 1076 D. 

sub Jin. 
Cxistes-mmsse-dsBg, sb. m. sir. 

Christmas Day. an 66eme C, the 

day after Christmas Day. 1043 F. 

p. 165 n. 
Cnstes - taon. sb.n.str. * Christ's 

token,' i. e. the Cross. 675E. p. 37 1- 
Cri8tes-tid,-tyd, 8b/.8<r. Christmas- 
tide, dat. -de. 1123. 
cruoet-hus, 8h.n.str. a torture-house. 

1 137 p. 264 m. 
fcrudan, to * crowd,' to press, to 

hurry- p.sff. creail. 937A. p. 108 h. 
cii, ^.f.str. a cow, 10S5 p. 216 b. 
cuman, st.v. to come. 982C. 992E. 

(cumon) 1000 E. (cumen) 1123. 

p. 252 1. (cumene) 656 E. p. 30 

h. cymeC. M. 7 <fe fq. 

cymtJ. M. 56. 2 & 

3.cume.995 F. p. 130 b. 963 E. p. 

117 b. pi. cumen. 656 E. p. 

31 1. cumon. 675 E. p. 36 b. 
cudm. 477 A. 501 A. c6m. E. 
87S*. subj. c6me. 894 A. p. 
86b. 1016E. 1 1 33 p. 2e,2\ 
cu6mon. 495 A. 787A. comon, 
^« 893*- (comen) 1070 E suhj. 
c6mon. 1048 K P*i75t. p.p. 
cumen. 894 A. p. 86m. 1070 E. 
(cuman) 1048E.P. 174 m. dat.abs, 
-num. 792E. pi. -ne. 793 E, 
1070A. p. 206 1. sup. td cumene, 
105 2D. p. 175 1. with prepp. c6m 
foi%, came out, came to light. 1 1 29 
p. 260 1. in (cumen), to enter. 1070 
E. o6m inn. 1058 D. in c6m, came 
in (to office), succeeded. 685E. 
com ofer, ofer c6m, crossed, came 
or went over. 918 A. iiii. 
cu5m tip, up cu6mon, landed, p. 
2 A. c5mon up. 893*. subj. c6men 
upp. 1085 p. 2i6t. up 
cumene. 1066 C. p. 196 1. (cumen) 
dt. 1 140 p. 267 m. ut comon. 
1048 E. p. T74I. com wit$, came 
against, came to meet. 1056 C. 
itnpers. otJ hit com t6 Tine, as 
far as the Tyne. 1079 E. followed 
by the infin. of another verb of 
motion. cymeO scrlOan, comes 
marching. M. 77. 

foumbel-geh-nad (A),ouinbol-ge- 
linaat (B. C. D.), sb.n.str. conflict 
of banners. 937 p. I09h. (Original 
reading of A. culbod-.) 

cumpsBder, sb.m.8tr. a godfather. 
894A. p. 87 1. 

cnlman, st.wJc.v. to be able, to 
know. 1 00 1 A. pres. 1st sg. can. 
1 137 p. 264 1. \si pi. (cunne) 
1 1 27 ad Jin. cunnen. 1137 p. 
265 h. cuCe. 1047 E. 1123 
ad Jin. 1131 ad Jin. (cuthe) 1140. cut^an. 995P. ad init. 

cunnian, wk.v. to prove, try. 993 

cuntesse, tsb.f.wh. countess. 11 40. 

ours, 8b.m.str. curse, ace. 656 E. 
p. 33I1. 963 E. p. ii7h. 

oursian, wk.v. to curse, (-sede) 
1 1 37 p. 265 h. 1 140. 

cursung, sb.f.str. cursing, curse. 
aco. -ge. 675 E. ad Jin. 

curt, ib.lf.str. (foreign word), court. 

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cuSJ, adj. (i) known. 975 E. 1009 E. 
p. I39t. (ii) celebrated, excellent. 
995 F. ad init. t?. un-ctiC 
owealm, 8h.m,n,8ir, death, pesti- 
lence, 'qualm.* 1 1 25 ad fin, dat. 
I -me. 664 E. 

oweart-em, sKn^str, a prison. 1086 
p. 32oh. (quarteme) 11 37 p. 

fcweman, uik.v, to please. 1067 D. 
p. 201 m. 

cw6n (E), ou^n (A), (and 11 40 
p. 268 t). sb.f,8tr, * queen* (i) a 
woman. gen,pL cwena. M. 168. 
(ii) a queen. 888 A. (cwin) E. ffen. 
cwene. 11 19. (cwacne) iioop. 236I. 
(cwenes) 1123P. 252 b. dat. -ne. 
885*. 1 1 15. 

owene, tb.f.wJc, ' quean/ a woman, 
a queen, gen. -nan. 1097. ad fin. 

oweow, 1 110. corrupt reading, for 
which cneow should probably be 

cwelBan*, ouefSan (A), st.v. to say, 
to speak, to declare, to summon. 
pres. ic cwe9e. 963 E. p. T16I. 
(cwede) ib. cwetJaJ). 565 E. 
p.sff. cwselS (cweC, cwsed) 656 E. 
p. 29 L (owed) 96 3E. p. ii6h. cu^on. 887A. (cw^Con)£don. 1014E. cwabdan. 995^^. 
p. I30t. (cw^don) p. 3 E. (cwe- 
fSon) 755E. p. 49 m. pre8.part. 
cweCende. 675 E. (cwaetJend) 
656E. p. 32 h. p.p. cweden. 455E. 

cwiou, oucu, adj. 'quick,* alive, liv- 
ing, accm. cuconne. 10C9K cu- 
cene. F. cuce. 794E. ^en. 
pi. cwicera. M. 93. 

cwide, 8b.m.8tr. discourse, argu- 
ment. cwydan. 1070A. 
ad fin. 

cwidian, wJc.v. to report, say. 
cwydodon. 1085. 

owild, sb.m.f.n.str. plague, pesti- 
lence, murrain, dat. -de. 897 A. ad 

cyle, 8h.m.8tr. cold, *chill.*i046C. 

foyme, 8b.m.8tr. coming, arrival. 
? dat. M. 31. 

oynd, 8b.n.8tr. nature, * kind.* dat. 
cynde. 1107. 

cyne-beam (i), -barn (2), 8\n.8tr. 
a kingly child, royal offspring. M. 

'59 (0- P^' 519 a- (0 E. (2). -na. 654E. (i), 
cyne-boren, p.part. royally bom. -ne. 944E. 
oyne-cynn, -cinn, 8h.n.str. royal 

race, royal pedigree. 449E. 547 A. 

{-kjn) E. (kynecinn) p. 3E. 

1007 D. P* 202 1. dat. (kyne- 

kynne) 11 00 ad fin. 
oyne-d6m, cine-, sh.m.str. king- 
ship, kingdom, gen. -mes. 1107. 

dat. -me. 47 A. 795E. 
cyne-helm, cine-, 8b.m.str. a royal 
' crown, diadem. 1086 p. 219 b. 

(kine-) ih. h. (kyue-) 1070E. 
cyne-hlaford, 8b.m.8tr. royal lord, 

sovereign, 1048E. p. 174 m. dat. 

-de. 1016E. p. 152 1. (kyne-) J). 
oyne-lio, adj. royal. gen. -ces. 

1040C. -cum. 979E. -can. 

oyne-lloe, adv. royally. 994K ad 

fin. ^kyne-) 656E. p. 31 h. 
cyne-nce (i), cine- (2), sb.n.Hr. 

kingdom, dat. 871A. (i) E. (2). 

1066E. (i). (kyne-). 656E. 1076 

B. (kine-) 1124 p. 254 1. 
cyne-st61 (i), cine- (2), 8b.m.8tr. 

royal throne. 975E. (i). dat. -le. 

795E. (2). M.io5(i). 
fcyne-prymm, ^.m.8tr. a kingly 

host, royal majesty, dat. (kyne-, 

kine)>ryrame) 1065C.D. pp. 192- 


cyne-wise, sb.f.wk. royal estate, 
royal properties, ace. (kynewTsan) 
1067D. p. 202 m. 

cyng*, cing*, shortened form of 
cyning, cining. passim, (kyng) 
1123 p. 253h. (king) 963E. p. 
116I. (chinge) 1066C. (xd fin, 
gen. cinges. 894A. p.87 m, cynges. 
874E. (kynges) 1127. (kinges) 
1 140 p. 267I. dat. cyncge. 
1 001 A. cinge. 604B. C. cynge. 
878E. (kin?e) 1140 p. 267 L 
pi. (kyngas) 1070E. p. 207 h. 
(kingas) 1114H. cinga. 
1091 p. 227 1. 

csniing*, cining*, king. 
passim, in all cases, (kyning) 
878A.777E. (kining) i6. (kinigc) 
1065D. ad fin. (cininga) 716E. 
gen. cynincges. looiA. (-gas) 

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654E. Hcyiiingas) 656R p. 32 1. 

(cyniges) 755E. p. 49 h. dat. 

(kyninge) 785A. (cyninga) 604E. 

661E. pi. (-ges) 937A. p. 108 m. 

(kyningas) 557A.887A. (cinigas) 

oyiin (i), cinn (2), sb.nMr. (i) race, 

pedigree, tribe. 71 6 A. 725 A. 449 

E. gen. cinnea men, kinsmen. 

1 1 29 ad fin. heora agenes cynnes 

mannum. 1052C. D. pp. 180-1. 

dat. cynne. 1067D. p. 202 m, (i). 

hence (ii) sort, kind. gen. -nes. 

910A. 1070E. ad fin. (i). 675E. 

p. 36 h. (2). (kinnes) ih. dat. 

cynne. M. 290. cynna. 

tcyn-ren,*b.n.*^r. progeny. M. 260. 
cyrioe (i), oirioe (2), sh.f.wk. a 

church. 789E. (i). cyrce. 1067C. 

oirce. 1 137 p. 264 b. datsg. ciri- 

cean. 874A. cyrican. E. 1031A. 

cyrcean* 996E. circean. 1066E. 

(circe) 11 27. ace. (cyrece) 

1070E. p. 207 h. (cyrce) ib.l. 

cyrcean. iioo. 
cyric-geard, sb.m.str. a church- 
yard. (cyrceiflBrd) 1137 p. 264b. 
oyrio-halgung, 8b.f.$tr, the hallow- 
ing or consecration of a church. 

1065 D. p. 193 1. circ-. C. p. 192 1. 
oyrio-lic, adj. ecclesiastical, ace. 

f.wk. ciriclecan. 716A. 
oyric-weard, ih.m.8tr. a church- 
warden, sacristan, cyricwyrd. 

1044C. (cyriceweard) 1043E. p. 

165 1. (cyrceweard) 1070E. 

(circeweard) 1131 ad fin. 
oyrio-wioe, sb.f.tok. a church-office. (circewlcan) 1 137 p. 265 1. 

cf. wice, horder-wtce. 
oyrliso (E), oirliso (A), adj. of or 

belonging to a 'ceorl,' rustic, 

common, 'churlish.' -ce. 

oyrr (i), oItp (2), oierr (3), sb.m.str. 

a turn, an occasion, a time. dat. 

sg. -re. 918A. (2 & 3). 915D. (i). 

datpl. -ron (2). -rum (i). t6. 
oyrran, oirran, oierran, wk.v. to 

turn, to return ; and so, to submit. 

1094 p. 229I. p.8g. cierde. 

92 2 A. cirde. 886A. (cearde) 1086 

p. 218 b. cirdon. 823A. 

cyrdon. E. 1 1 18. refiex.pjtg. cyrde 

hSm eft, returned. 1016E. p. 

147 m. 
cyst, sb.fMr. choice ; Tienee, ex- 
cellence, virtue, pi. cysta. 449E. cystum god, good in 

virtues. 1065C. D. pp. 194-511. 
cystan, wk.v. to spend, lay out, get 

the value of. (cysten) 11 24 p. 

254m. 1125. 
cyVan, wJi:.v. to make known, to 

show. 1046E. p. 167 h. pre8.8ubj. 

(cyjwe) 1086 p. 221 1. 2nd sg. 

cy)>e- 995F. p. 130 m. 

cydde. 675E. 1009E. (kytJde) 

1067D. p. 202 1. (kydde) 1064E. 

p. 192 1. cy])don. 755A. 

p. 48 m. cyddon. 1094. cyddan. 

995F. p. i3oh. 
cyjjp, sb.f.str. native country, 'kith.' 

ace. cy))])e. 937 A. bis. pp. 108I. 

109 1. dat. cyCCe. 664*. 


d&d, sb.f.str. deed. 979E. accsg. 
d^de. 948D. 1070E. ad fin. pi. 
d^da. 959E. (d^des) 11 37 p. 
265 h. -da. M. 268. dat. 
pi. -dum. 755*. 

ed-bdt, sbjf.str. ' deed-bettering,' 
amends, ace. -te. 1052C. ad fin. 
dat. -te. 96 3E. p. ii7h. (ded- 
b6te) 675K p. 37 1. 

jfd^Bd-fnun&ySb.m.tok. a deed-doer, 
doer of (great) deeds. 942A. 

dsBg, sb.m.str. day. 81*. 851 A. (dsei) 
852E. 1 135. (dei) ih. dat. inst. 
sg. sume cUege, one day. 896A. 
1048E. ane d^ge. 1052E. on his 
dsege, in his time. 860A. (dsei) 
777E. II 28. so: on his 
dagum. 787*. dagan. iioo. on 
hiera dagum. 449*. gen.8g. dseges. 
879*. (dseiges) 11 23 p. 252 b. 
(daeies) 1122. (dales) 1128. 
(dseis) 1 1 54. anes aaeges, one day. 
1083. dseges, by day. 894 A. p. 
88h. dteges *] nihtes, by day and 
night. 1066C. p. 196 1. with pleo- 
nastic insertion of be ; be nihtes *] 
be (daeies) 11 37 p. 264 h. so: on 
dseg. 894C. p. 84I. on daeg, that 
day. 1083 p. 215 h. dagas. 


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894A. ad Jin. 72 lE. (dseie) 11 37 
p. 265 h. his dagas, his life. 
1014E. daga. 643 E. 
894A.P. 84h. dagena. M. 64. 169. dagum. 1070A. dagon. 
1091 ad Jin. 
dteg-hwani'llce, adv. daily. 102 3D. 

deeg-rima, sh.m.tok. day-brink, day- 
break, (daei rime) 1122 ad Jin. 
d6l, sb.m.str. tfjetl, part, *deal.* 

885*. (del) 878E. Biim dail, a 

part, some. p. 3E. dat. -le. 901 A. 

1094 p. 230 1. cydde be dlie, 

made a partial, ex parte gtate- 

ment. 1048E. p. 173 n. 
d&lan, wJc.v. to divide, distribute. 

M. 261. pre8.8g. (d^leth) 11 30 

p. 261 h. p.8g. dielde. 1086 ad 

Jin, sup. t6 d^laime. 1086 ad 

dsel-nimende* 8b.m.str. tfjetl^nej* 

mettti, a * part-taker,' partaker. 

pi. (delnimende) 656E. p. 31 1. 
+d8enxiian, v. dennian. 
dserne, v. dyme. 
dagian, wk.v. to become day, to 

* dawn.* 979C. 
dagung, sh.f.str. dawning, dawn. 

dat. -pre. 795E. 802E. 
fdaralB (i), dare's (2), sh.m.8tr. a 

dart, a spear. M. 253 (2). 

-tJa. 937A. p. 109m. (i). 
daru, ^.f.str, damage, hurt., dat. 

daere. iioi. 
datanim (Latin word),date. (treated 

as a dative plural. 1012E.). 
dead, adj. dead. 1013E. ad Jin. 

1014E. (daed) 1066E. p. 198 h. 

(ded)ii29p. 260 m. acc.m.str. 

deadne. 1009E. wit. -dan. 1040C. 

^Z. (daide)852E. da^.^^. (d^dum) 

deatJ, «5.w.*/r. death. 11 20. M.157. 

dat. -«e. 46* 979E. 1086. 
fdeat^-dsBg, sh.m.str. death day. 

dat. -ge. M. 293. 
deoanus (Latin word), dean. 1020 

E. 1037C. 
delfan, bUv. to dig, delve, 

dulfon. 1016E. p. I49t. 
dema, sh.m.wh. a judge, pi. -man 

999C. p. 132 ». where it seems to 

mean commanders^ (duces ezerci- 

tus. Fl. Wig.), though it is not 
improbable that this reading of 

C. is a mere error, which Fl. has 
uncritically followed. 

deman, wk.v. to judge, pronounce 

* doom,' or judgment. 
demdon. 1052C. D. p. 182. 

fdemend, 8b.m.8tr. a judge. M. 268. 

fdenzdan, wk.v, ?to become slip- 
pery. So Ettmiiller and Grein. 
Zupitza would connect it with 
Mod. Engl, den, giving it the 
meaning : to hide, to cover. In the 
former case we must read with 
B.C. : feld dennade secga swate ; 
in the latter with A. ; feld (dsen 
-nede) Be<^;a8 hwate. 937 p. 106 1. 
and notes. 

d^ofol, 8b.m.n.8tr. the devil, pi, 
(deofle) 675 E. p. 37 1. (deoules) 
1 1 37 p. 264 1. 

dJofol-gyld (i), -geld (2), 8h.n.str. 

* devil-tribute,' idolatry, idol. 926 

D. (2). pi. deofelgyld. 639E. 
d§op, adj. deep. 937A. p. 109 m. 

acc.f. -pe. 1085 p. 216 h. 
d§op, 8h.n.8tr. dype, sb.f.wJc. the 

deep, the sea. gen. \^s deopes. 

897 A. p. 9it. "Saere dypan. B. 
d^ope, adv. deeply. 1050I). p. i7ot. 
d^or, sb.n.8tr. tfjtet, (i) an animal. 

cf. Shakesp. 'such small deer.' 

937 A. p. 109 b. dat. (daer) 1135. 

(ii) deer. pi. ])a hea deor. 1086 p. 


deoro, adj. dark. 1106. 

deore, adj. (i) dear, beloved. 1065 

C. D. pp. 194-5 h. *tt^cr/. deorost. 

M. 242. (ii) dear, high priced. 

(daere) 1137 p. 264 b. v. dyre. 
deore, adv. dearly, at a high cost 

or price. 1065C.D. pp. 194-5 m. 

1086 p. 218 h. super I. d^rost. 

d§or-fald, sh.m.str. a * deer-fold/ 

inclosure, park, (derfald) 11 23. 

1 127 ad Jin. 
+d§or-fri8, 8h.n.Btr. protection for 

deer or game. 1086 p. 221 h. 
fdeor-mod, adj. bold of mood. 975 

A. p. 120L 
dSor-WTU^, adj. ' dear-worth,' 

precious. 1086 p. 222 m. 
derian, wk.v. to injure, hurt. 

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derode. 1032E., 

(deoriende) 959E. 
diaoon, sh.m.str. a deacon. 963A. 

M. 145. (d^cne) 1122. 
die, sh.mMr. (Beemafem, 1016D. E. 

F. 1055C.), a dike, ditch, ace, 

die. 1055C. datsg, dice. 189A. dicam. 905A. 
dician, wk.v. to make a dike or 

ditch. 1055C. ad Jin, 
•j-digol, adj. secret. M. 295. 
di£;ol-lice, adv. secretly, diglice. 

1004E. digolTce. C. D. p. 295. 
digol-ness, sh.fMr. secrecy, a secret 

thing, ace. digelnesse. 11 24 ad 

dilit, 8b.m.8tr. direction, order, dat. 

dyhte. 1097. 
dihtan, wk.v. to arrange, dispose, 

order, dihte. 1107. 
fdinge, sb.m. (?) sir. noise, dashing 

(?). gen. dinges. 937A. p. 109m. 

See the various readings. Grein 

suggests that it may be a proper 

'td6gor, 8b.m.n.8tr. a day. 

ddgera. M. 96. 
dohter (i), dohtor (2), 8h.f.8tr. 

daughter. 787A. (2) E. (i). so : 

855*. 852E. (2). gen. (dohtres) 

1 1 26. dat. dehter. 1052C. p. 

180 b. 
dohter -gift, 8h.f.8tr. a daughter's 

marriage (in this sense generally 

pi. -gifta). dat. -gyfte. 1110 ad 
dohtor-sunu, 8b.m.8tr. a daughter's 

son, grand-son. 982C. 
dohtig, adj. * doughty,' valiant. 

nom.m.tvk. se -ga. 1030C. 
doxn, 8h.mMr. (i) doom, judgment. 

heora agenne dom. 755* pp. 48-9 

m. V. note. gen. -mes. M. 293. 

(ii) glory, blessedness. M. 192. 

gen. -mes. M. 253. 
domne, 8h.m.8tr. lord. 853A. 
d6n, 8t.v. to do, to make, to put, 

to place, to cause. 876E. 11 31 

(d6ne) 11 29 p. 260 1., 

deS. M. 197. (d65) 675E. p. 37 1. 

pi. dotJ. 1 127 p. 258 h. imper. 

do. 995F. p. 130 b. pres.8ubj, 

sg. d6. 675E. p. 36 h. 1086 p. 

221 h. p^. dyde. 853A. 959E 

dide. 616E. 1 132. dydon. 
853A. looiE. dydan. 1070E. p. 
207 1. didan. 1070A. (dyden) 
1070E. p. 205 b. (diden) 654E. 
1 1 26. p.p. d8n. 777E. 1126. 
8up. to donde. 1070A. t6 donne. 
lb. 1091 p. 226 h. to (don) 1137 
p. 265 L with prepp. don of, de- 
prived of. 656E. ad fin. dyde of 
heom, did with them. 107 2D. ad 
fin. dyde on, put on. 995F. p. 
130 b. dyde to aercebiscope, ap- 
pointed archbishop. 780E. don up, 
to put ashore. 1014C. p. 145 n. 

draca, a dragon, serpent. 
M. 258. pi. -can. 793E. 

dr&fan, ioJc.v. to drive, expel. 
dr^fde. 964A. fit dr^fde, drove 
out. 887A. 1037E. 

drsBfed-ness, sb./.str. trouble, dis- 
tress, pi. (drieuednysse) 1066E. 

draf, sh.f.str. a drove, herd. ace. 
pi. -fa. 1016E. p. 150 m. 

dzugan, si.v. to drag, to draw. dragatJ. 1127 P* 258 h. dragen. ib. 
drogon. 1016E. p. 149 1. dragan 
fip, to take up. 1040C. (it d. drag 
out. 1083 p. 215 h. 

dran, sbf.str. a drone, pi. drane. 
1127 p. 258 h. 

fdream, sb.m.str. joy, pleasure. 
M. 58. -me. 102 3D. ace. 
pL -mas. 975 A. 

di^ccan, wk.v. to vex, to afflict. 
jp.«gr.drehte. 1052D. drehUyn. 
897A.p.9oh.drehtan. 793F. 

drefan, dryfan, toh.v. to trouble, 
to vex. diryfdon. 11 18. 

dreogan, 8t.v. (i) to do, to practise. drugon. 634E. (ii) to suffer, 
*dree.' p.8g. dreah. 1056C. pres. 
part, -gende. 11 04. 

fdreorig, adj. blood-stained, bloody. 
937A.J). 109m. 

f (ireor-lio, dreori-lio, adj. bloody. 
comp. -ere. 1036C.D. 

drepan, st.v. to kill. (drapen) 
1 1 37 p. 264 h. 

drif, 8b.'im.n.8tr. fever, dat. -fe. 

drifan, st.v. to drive. 787*. aweg 
(driuan) 448F. p.8g. draf. 1099 

Y 2 

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(? harassed), draf ut. 963E. ad 
init.p.pL drifon. 1016 E. p. 150111. 

drino, ib.mMr. drink, drinking. 
dot. -ce. 1042C. 

drohtnian, drohtiaxiy wk.v. to lead 
a certain kind of life, such as the 
monastic, or anchoritic. (droh- 
tien) 656 E. p. 31 m., -node. 
107 aE. 

drunoen, p.part. drunken, drunk. 
pi. -ne. 1012E. 

drunoen-had, sb.m.itr, drunken- 
ness, (-hjed) 1070E. p. 207 1. 

dryge, drige, diie, adj. dry. nom. 
m.wk. se <ma. 1078D. dutsg. on 
drygum, on dry ground. 897A. 
p. 90 b. 

fdryht, driht, sh.fMr. people, men., drihta. M. 220. 

dryhten (1), drihten (2), sb.m.sir. 
a lord, the Lord. 9 3 7 A. ac? init. ( i ) . 
M.60. 1137 ad jin. (a). (l>yh- 
tin) ib. (Drihtin) ib. gen. eces 
Drihtnes, of the Eternal Lord. 
937 A. p. 106 b. 963E. p. 117 L 
(a). Drihtenes. 1058D. (Drihti- 
nes) 1 1 37 p. 265 b. dat. -ne. 
1087. M. 19a (a). 

+dpyht-lic, driht-lic, adj. lordly, 
noble. M. 358. 

dubbian, wh.v. to strike, to dub. 
p.8ff. -bade. 1085 p. 316 b. 

duo, 8b.m.str. (foreign word), duke. 
1139 ad Jin. 

dugan, st.wk.v. tattgen> to avail, 
be of use. p.8g. dohte. 1006E. 
(duhte) 1013E. p. 144 h. 

dugiiJS (i), dugciS (a), 8b.f.8tr. man- 
hood, force; hence, the effective 
force of a people or chief, the 
nobility, best men. 1016E. p. 15a 
h. (wrongly masc.) (a) D. (i). 
(-geC) II 14 p. 354 h. dat -tJe. 
6a6E. (masc.) (a). 6a7E. (i). 

diin, sb.f.str. • a down, hill. dat. 
dune. 1016D.E. p. 15a h. M.a62. 

dun, dime, adv. down. 11 40 p. 
367 m. 1070E. p. 305 b. 

durran, (?) et.wh.v. to dare, presume. 
p.«(jr.dor8te.6o3E. icx>iE. (durste) 
1 135* P'Pl-^OT^ion. 91 8 A. dorstan. 
1075 E. sub fin. (dorsten) 1083 
p. 3i5t. 

duru, sb.fMr. a door. M. a68. ace. 

dura. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 
dura. 1083. (duran) ib. 
dux (Latin word) = ealdorman, here- 
toga. 85 1 A. In 845 dux in E. = 
aidorman in A. gen. duxes. 755 

C. p. 49 n. 

dwellande, pres.parf. misleading, 
deceitful. dat.m.wk. -dan. 1067 

D. p. 30I 1. 

dwyld (i), dwild(3), 8b.n.8tr. error, 

heresy. 11 39 ad Jin. (i). hence, 

pi. illusions, prodigies. 1133 (2). 
fdynnan, wk.v. ? to * din ,* resound, p. 

8g. dynede. p. 106 n. (W). v. den- 

dynt, 8b.fn.8ir. a blow, ' dint.' dat. 

-te. 101 3 E. 
dype, V. deop. 
dyre, adj. (i) dear, beloved. 94aA. 

M.i93.(ii) dear, expensive. 1043E. 

p. 16411. V. deore. 
dyrling ^i), d^orling (3), 8h.mMr. 

a * darling,* favourite. M. 116 (i). 

As a nickname, ^Imser d. 1016E. 

(3) D. (1). pp. 150-1. pi. -gas. 

105 3D. p. i76h. (i). 
dyme, adj. secret. M. 395. (dseme) 

II 14 p. 345 h. dat. dyrne. M. 376. 
dyrst-lio, adj. bold, presumptuous. 

(-lece) 675 E. p. 36 h. 
dys-Iice, adv. foolishly. 1053D. 

§a, sb.f. (generally undecl. in eg. 
but wiUi anomalous gen. eas), 
a river, nom. 893* (wrongly maac. 
in E). nom. 8c gen. p. 5E. ace. 
890*. dat. 875* (where see note). 
^86. 896A. l§e) 656E. p. 30 1. 
gen. 794E. ^. 894A. p. 87I. eas. 
91 8A. occurs in the NL. 
Tweoxn^am. in : £a mo- 
tum (set), v. Index Locorum. 

6ao, eonj. also, * eke.' 878*. ge . . . 
eac, both . . . and also. 894A. 
p. 87m. (ec) 994F. (^c) 675E. 
p. 36 h. eac swa, likewise. 896A. 
t;. £g]>er. 

6ao, prep.dat. together with, in ad- 
dition ta eac him. 905A.=eac to 
him. D. eac mid him. ib. 

6aoa, sb.m.wk. an addition, rein- 
forcements. 894A. p. 87h. to 
Sacan, in addition to (with dat.) 

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995F. ad int^.«next to, after. 

1086 p. 23oh. V. J)^r. 
eadig, adj, happy, prosperous, bless- 
ed. 1 1 24 p. 254 L se eadga. 35. 

45 A. se ead^a. E. ace,m.str, 

-gne. M. 193. dat.mAoJc. eadgan. 

973A. datfMr. -gre. M. 84. dai, 

pi. -gum. M. 62. 
feadig-ness, 8b,f.8tr, happiness, 

prosperity, riches, aec, -se. M. 

ead-m^do (E), §a]>-m6do (A), sb.f. 

sir. humility, oliedience. 827*. 
ead-mod (E), eap-mod (A), adj, 

humble, lowly, submissive, dot. 

f.Hr. -dre. 828*. pi, eat$m5de. 

M. 99. 
ead-mod-lioe (i), §ad-med-Iioe 

(2), adv. humbly. 979E. (i). 1070 

A. ad Jin, (2). 
ead-mod-nyss, 8h.f.8tr, humility. 

dat. -se. 1023D. 
feafora (i), eofora(2), afora (3), 

afara (4), afera (5), sh.m.wh. off- 
spring, son. 973A. (i). 942A. (5). 

ace. -ran. 975 E. (5). pi. -ran. 937 

A.p. 106 m. (4)D.(2)C.(3). 
eaftra, v. seflra. 
eagan-ge-sih'S, sh.fMr. * eye-sight,' 

presence, dat. eagongesihSe. 1048 

E. p. I74h. 
6age, sb.n.wk, eye. 1095 p. 231 1., eagan. 797*. 1096. dat. 

pi. (segon) 1 1 24 p. 254 b. 
eahta, num. eight. 765E. M. 95. 

eahte. 1070A. (sehte) 1070E. p. 

207 1. ehta. 1012C.D. p. 14271. 

ehtan. 1056D. ehtahund. p. 3£. 
eahta- tyne, num. eighteen, (eahte- 

teone) 1083. 
eahtopa (i), eahtepa (2), num.a^. 

eighth. 827A.(i)& (2) E.(i). dat. 

-San. 975A. p. I20t. (2). 918C. (i). 

eahteoSan. M. 3. 
eala, interj. alas! oh! 1086 pp. 

218L 2i9h. 
ea-land, ^a-lond (A), sh.nMr, an is- 
land. 530A. 534 A. a. gen. -des. 

47A. dat. -de. 565B.C. 716A. 

pi. ealond. 47A. v. Tg-land. 
eald* (I), aid (A) (and 1135) (2), 

adj. old. 937A. p. 109 1. mo (i). 

nom.m.wk. -da. 871 A. (2) E. (i). 
/. -de. 1051C. gen.vh. -dan. 885 

A. p. 80 1. (2). dat.wJc, -dan. 
1070A. (i). no«i.pL«<r. -de.937A. 
sub Jin, (1). accpLwk, -dan. 1003 
E. comp,, -dran. 995F. 
ad inU. (i). mp, (in the Uteral 
sense), se yidesta. 1086 p. 2i9h. 
(in the sense of principal) yldast. 
1075E. yldest. 1087. ])a ieldstan 
men. 918A. ])a yldestan witan. 
978E. ]>a y. J^genas. 101 5E. v. 
fseder, hl^fdige, mynster. 

fealdor, 8b.n.8tr. age, life. dat. to 
ealdre= for ever. M. 153. 

ealdor, 8h.m.8tr. (i) a prince, 
chief, ruler, leader. 605 E. eorla 
ealdor. 975 A. p. i2oh. dat. -dre. 
1 107. pi. -dras. 1097. 1 100. (ii) 
alderman. 910E. 

ealdor-dom, 8b,m,8tr. elder-ship, 
authority, the office of alderman 
or earl, dat, -me. 966E. 1068D. 
(where E. has eorldSm). 

ealdor-dom-soipe, 8b.m.str. the 
office of alderman, dat. 983C. 

tealdor-lang, adj, life-long. ace. 
m,str. -gne. 93 7 A. ad init, 

ealdor-xnan (i), -mon (2), aldor- 
man (3), -mon (4), -monn (5), 
alderman, chiefofficer of the shire. 
837A. (4). 800A. (3) E.(i). 903A. 
(a). 993A. (i). 750A. (5). (aeldor-) 
656E. p. 32 b. (sealdor-) 800E. 
gen, -nnes. 755 A. p. 48 1. (3). 894 
A. p. 86b. (2). 993E. (1). dat. 
-men. 886A. (3) E. (i). (-mgen) 
652E. {i).pl. -men. 800A. (3) E. 

- (i).-menn. 465 A. (3). (aeldormen) 

'|'ealdor-])egn,«b.«».*<r. a chief min- 
ister, chief, pi. -nas. M. 130. 

feaXgian, wh.r. to defend, 
ealgodon. 93 7 A. p. 106 1. geal- 
godon. D. 

eall, eal, all, al, adj. all. call. 921 
A. p. 103m. 886E. all. A. eal. 
921A. p. 103m. 827E. al. A. 1 135. 
(sel) 656E. p. 30 1. 1013D. ace. 
masc. ealne. 87 lE. alne. A. (sslne) 
603E. (ealle) 972E./. ealle. 865 
E. alle. A. (selle) 675E. p. 36 h. 
n. (with following gen.) ceapes 
eall. 894A.ac2/n. allandes. 1135. 
eall NorShymbra. 1013E. in ap- 
position to a plural subst. al ]>a 

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goldhord. 41 8 A. dat.m,n, eall- 
urn. 860E. allum. A. (eallan) 
603E. 1070A. eallon. 1091. p. 
226 h.^. ealre. 894A.p.86h. instr. 
ealle. 675E. pL ealle. 885E. aJle. 
A. 656K p. 3oh. 1 140. (ealla) 
963E. p. 116I. 1031A. 1 1 24. 
(aelle) 656E. p. 30 b. (eallae) 11 16. 
(ealles) 11 20. ^^ ealra. 901 A. 
1055E. eallra. 1087 p. 223t. 
alra. 1053D. (ealire) 963E. p. 
117 h. (ealre) 675E. p.371. 1055 
E. (selre) 1066E. p. 198 h. dat, 
ealluin. 1055E. eallon. 994F. 1049 
C. eallan. 1070A. (eallen) 890 a. 
(ealle) 910E. Adverbial uses : ofer 
eall, into all parts. 1086 p. 222 t. 
gen.8g. & pi. ealles, ealra 8wi]>08t, 
most of all. 897 A. adinit. (aire) 
fyrst, first of all, in the first place. 
1 135. ealles «= altogether, ealles 
forswtSe. 897 A. a^im^.409E. 1018 
E. 1124 ad Jin. instr. midhorsum 
mid ealle = and everything. 893*. 
80 in pi. mid scypon mid eallon. 
1049C. ad fin. mid ealle = withal. 
963E. p. 1 17 h.« utterly. 948D. 
mid alle. 11 28. eall gew^pnod, all 
armed. 99 2 E. al . . . forloren. 
1 137 p. 265h. cf. 1080D. eall 
t6 . . . all too . . . 1095 adfin. eall 
be westan. 1016E. p. I48h. eall 
to sefter (heruest) 11 26. ealC, un- 
til. 101 3F. al (te gaedere), every- 
thing together. 1 137 p. 265 1. V. 
&Ty maest. 

fealling, adv. always. M. 153. 173. 

eall-mSst, adv. most all, nearly all, 
'almost.' 1065C.D. (aelm^st) 
1091 p. 226b. 1 130. 

eall-riht, adv. just as, exactly as. 
1 1 27 p. 258 h. 

eall-swa, eal-, adv. just as, as, as 
if, even so, so, like, 'also.' looiE. 
995F. ad/». 1049C. p. i68b. 
1087. 1 1 27. ealswa. 1016D. p. 
149 1. 1104. alswa. 675E. p. 36b. 
(aisua) = also. 1 1 54. (alse) = as. 
1137. (als) 1135. 

eall-swilc, pron.adj, ' all-such,' 
just such, (alsuic) 1137. dai.f. 
-ere. 1091 p. 227 1. 

eall-pus, adv. ' ail-thus/ just thus. 
1013E. 8«&/n. 

ealo, alo, ib.n.str. ale. ^en. aXofS. 

gam, sh.m.8tr, ofjetmy an uncle, 
'eam.' 1046E. adfin. 1066E. p. 
198 m. (eom) 1 1 37. gen, -mes. 
1050D.P. 169 b. dat. -me. 1079D. 

earo, th.f.str. ark (of Noah), dat. 
earce. 85 5 A. 

eva6^8b.m.8tr. home, country. 937A. 
adfin. 948D. loioE. dat. earde. 
959E. ad^n. (aerde) 1130. 

eordian, wJc.v. to dwell, to live. p. 
3E. pre8.8g. -da|). 449E. 
-dedon. 491*. 

eardung-stow, 8b.f.str. a habita- 
tion, dwelling-place, ace. -we. 
995F. p. 128b. 

§are, ^.n.v)Tc. an ear. pi. -ran. 10 14 
CD. p. 145 n. 

fearfe6e,8&.».8<r. difficulty, trouble. -t$um. M. 224. 

earfdS (i), earfe]>e (2), earfotSe (3), 
a^j. difficult, laborious. 1050D. ad 
fin.{i). 1086 p. 3i8m. (2)" t6. p. 
222 m. (3). 

earfdS-lio, adj, difficult, hard. 1056 

earfdS-lioe, adv. with difficulty. 
1052E. p. 180 h. 1075D. 

earfot$-iii88,8&^.«^r. difficulty, hard- 
ship. dat.6g. -nysse. 1061I). dat. 
pi. -sum. 1016E. p. 148 m. 

tear-ge-bland,«6.n.«/r.the mingling, 
'blending,' of the waves. 937 
B.C.D. p. 60 n. 

earh-Iioe, adv. basely, cravenly. 
1086 p. 221 b. cf. arh-lTce. 

earm, sh.mMr. an arm. pi. (earmes) 
1 1 23. 

earm, arixiy adj. WCVX* poor, wretched, 
probable reading in M. 2 5 1 . (serm) 
1013 E. adfin. n.fok. f earme 
folc. 999 E. acc.f. arme. 1104 cul 
fin. dat.f.wlc. (aerman) loiiK 
earman. CD. pi. -me. 1086 
p. 222 b. (aerme) 1013E. adfin. 

earmian, wk.v. reflex, to pity, com- 
miserate. 1086 p. 218 1. 

earm-lice, adv, amtlic]^, wretchedly, 
miserably. 793E. 1075 D. 

earmdu, v. yrniSu. 

feam, 8h.m.8tr. an eagle, 'erne.' 
937A. p. 109b. (in M. 251, eam is 
prob. a mistake /or earm). v. hwit. 

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feamian, v?k.v. to merit, attain, 
* earn/ (with gen.), he . . . 
eamode ])e8. 959E. 

6a8t, adv. in an easterly direction. 
891 A. 1046 E. ad fin, 11 31 
ad fin, 

dastan, adv. from the east. 937A. 
sub fin. be eastan, to the east. 
1 1 06. with dat. to the east of. 
II 14. 878 A. (-ton) E. 1069 E. 
her be easton, to the east of this. 

east-d&l, 8b.m.8tr, eastern parts, the 
east. dat. -le. 2*, 

east-ende, sh.m.str. eaBt-end, east 
quarter, dat, -de. 893 A. (-da) E. 

^ ace. -de. 1052 C. 

Baster, 8b.n.8tr. Eastre, sh.f.wk. 
Easter ; in the Chron. always pi. 
and generally tok.f. ; the 
Eastra, occurs^: 1067 D. p. 202 1. Eastran. 1066C. D. 
-tron. 716 A. 1042 K (Estran) 
626 E., on Eastron, ofer fi. 
878*. t5 Eastran. 1107. ^astrum. 
627E. 716 E. (fiastren) 1131. 
(Estren) 11 37 ad fin. (-^steme) 


Saster-eefen, sb.m.str, Easter-eve. 

^ 1047 E. (fiastre-) 1097. 

£aster-d8dg, tib.m.atr. Easter-day. 
on forman £. i.e. Easter Sunday. 
1043 D. dat. on 68ran ^aster- 
dsege. i.e, Easter Monday. 1053 C. 
Eastor-daBge. 685 E. ( -^ster) 
daeg. 1012E. on {M.) 1042E. on 
faster (daei) 995 F. ad init. on 

^ (Eastren-daei) 1125. 

Easter-faesten, Hh.n,8tr. * Easter- 
fast/ Lent. 640 F. p. 294. (fiastor- 
jeasten) E. 

fEaster-monad, ab.m.str. 'Easter- 

^ month,' i.e. April. M. 72. 

£aster-tid, Easter-tide. 
774 E. ace. (Ea8tren)tyde. 11 23 
P- "^5^ *• (Estren)tTde. 654 E. 

]^aster-wuoe, 8h.f.wk. Easter-week. 
dat. -can. 1061 E. 

ea8t(e)-weard, adj. eastward, east- 
erly, ealle Cent eastewearde, all 
the east of Kent. 865*. on easte- 
weardre Cent — in the east of Kent. 
893A. on eastwarde Cent. 892E. 
on East Seaxna lond easteweard, 

to the eastern part of Essex. 

895 A. c2a^.^2. from easteweardum 

o^ westewearde, from the eastern 

to the western parts. 813*. ad- 

verhial. 998 E. -ward. 1013E. 

gen. used as adv. easteweardes. 

894 A. p. 86 m. 
6ast-healf, east side. dat. 

-fe. 894 A. p. 87 b. (^sthalfe) 

656 E. p. 3 It. 
6a8t-lang, adv. in an easterly direc- 
tion, e. 1 westlang =s east and 

west. 893 A. 
dast-rioe, sb.n.str. eastern kingdom. 

dat. 89 3A. 
^SkdejCUJlJ. easy. 11 04. 
eade, adv. easily. 1009 E. (^a^e) D. 
eade-Cce, adv. easily. (^8e-) 1085 

p. 217 m. 
ebba, 8h.m.wJlc, ebb (of the tide). 

^oan, wJc.v. to increase, augment. 

(aecon) 675 E. p. 37 h. 

ecetJ. 656 E. p. 31 1. pr€8.8g.8uhj. 

ece. lb. 
§oe, adj. eternal, everlasting. 656 E. 

p. 31 1. M 3. acc.m.8tr. ecne. M. 

173. gen.m.str. eces. 937 A. p. 

io6b. M. 12. dat.f.str. ec(e)Ye. 


't'ece, adv. eternally, for ever. M. 

ecg, sh.f.str, an edge. M. 248. 

dat. Qgge. 448 F. ecgum. 

937 A. ad init. ib. p. not. 
efenehS, sbfi.str. a neighbourhood, 

neighbouiing district, dat. -6e. 

894A. ad fin. 
efen-wyrhta, sb.m.tok. a fellow- 
worker, helper, pi. (-ton) 97 2E. 

-tan. D. 
efes, sb.f.str, * eaves,' edge, side. 

bt swa hwa])erre efes, on which- 
ever side. 894A. 
efest-lioe, adv. hastily, (aeuestlice) 

656 E. (aeuostltce) ib. p. 30 1. 

(efeostlice) 1114 p. 245h. 
efor (i), eofor (2), sb.m.str. tbtx, 

a wild boar. 885 A. (i) E. (2) 

M. 251 (2). 
efstan, uk.v. to hasten, -te. 

1016C. efeste. E. p. 148 1. cf. 

ofost. i; i - , . 

eft, adv. (i) again, back. S8<i*v. 

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893*. (ii) afterwards. 449 A. 

838 A. 855 A. (aeft) iioi. 
eft-sdna. adv. * eft-soons/soon again. 

(efsones) 1 140 p. 267 h. 
§g-buend, v. tg-. 
ege, 8h.m.8tr. fear, terror. 1009E. p. 

I39h. (8Bge)ioo6E. p. 137 m. (aeie) 

Ii3.*)» (eie) 1154- dai' ege. 

feges-full, adj, terrible, fearful. 

M. 262. 
eges-Hc, adj, dreadful, terrible. 

datm. -cum. 1042C. pL (aegeslice) 

1 109. 
§g-land, V. fg-. 
eglian, tok.v, (used impersonally) 

to ail or grieve one. p.8g. j> him 

. . . eglade, it afflicted him. 

1086 p. 2i8b. 
eht-ness, sh.fMr. persecution. daU 

-se. 2*. 
eig-land, v. tg-. 
elcian, wk.v, to delay. p.8g. (elkede) 

999E. (ilkede) D. jp.jpl. ylcodan. 

fellen, sh.m.n.8tr. valour, bravery. 

M. 248. 
elles, adv, else, besides. 1043 E. p. 

164 1. naht e. 995 F. p. i3oh. 

otherwise. 1085 E. p. 21 7 h. ge- 

hw^r elles, everywhere else. 1049 

D. elles gehw^r. ib. elles hwar. 

870F. p. 284 h. 
f el-J)eodig, • adj. foreign, pi. (sel-) 

))eodige. 959E. 
el-peodig-ness, sb.fMr. a being 

abroad, pilgrimage, dat. eljno- 

dignesse. 891 A. 
embe, v. ymbe. 
em-niht, 8h.f.n.8tr. equinox, ace. 

-niht. M. 45. -te. M. 49. gen. -tes. 

M. 175. 180. (fa^ t6 hserfestes -te, 

at the autumnal equinox. 1048E. 

p. 174 b. 
emperioe (foreign word), empress. 

Jemperice, te emperice, the em- 
press (Matilda). 1140. 
ende, 8h.m.8tr. (i) end. 894A. p. 

87 1. (sende) iicx> p. 235 b. oS 

his lifes ende, t5 his ende, till 

his death. 709 E. 633 E. set ]7am 

ende = finally. 999E. So: aetende. 

998 E. (ii) part, portion. 105 2E. 
. |>. Jf78h. 1066 D. p. 200 h. 

ende - dseg, ^.m.8tr, ' end - day,' 
death-day. 688 E. 

fengel, sh.m.atr. an angel. ^Z. englas. 
1065C.D. pp. 194-511. 
engla. 975A. ad fin, M. 85. 

endlyfta, num. a(£/. eleventh, fern. 
-lifte. 1018D. 

en-mang, v. on-mang. 

+ent, 8h.m.8tr, a giant, -ta. 
M. 234. 

6ode, eodon, v. ^n. 

eofer-modig, v. ofer-. 

Bofer-wic-stdl, 8b.m.8tr. the see of 
York. dat. -le. 992 E. 

eofor, V. efor. 

feored-oyst (i), Sorod-cist (2), «6. 
f.8tr. a select company, a troop. -tum. 937 A. p. loSt. (2) 
B.C.D. (i). 

eorl, sb.mMr. (i) a noble, opposed 
to a peasant,, ceorlum 1 
eorlum. M. 31. (2) In poetical 
passages the word is used in the 
geneittl . sense of fighting men, 
warriors, men. dat.8g. eorle. M. 
248. pi, eorlas. M. 49. 937A. 
ad fin, gen. pi. -la. 937A. 975A. -lum. M. 177. (3) name of 
a Danish officer, a jarl. In 871*, 
the eorl of the Danes is opposed to 
the ealdorman of the English; 
but from the Danes the title was 
adopted by the English, and it 
ultimately supplant^ the older 
ealdorman, cf. 975E. ad fin. gen. 
8g. eorles. 91 8 A. 1064E. dat. 
-le. 105 2 E. ad fin. pi. eorlas. 
871*. 918A. 1052E. p. 183 h. 
(eorles) 656E. p.. 30 h., 
-la. 871*. -lum. 105 2E. 
-Ian. ih. p. i8ot. (4) After 1066 
it occurs frequently in the modem 
sense of earl, (aeorl) 1 140. 

eorl-dom, 8h.m.8tr. an earldom. 
1048E. ad fin. io6Sl^. (where D. 
has ealdordom.) gen. -mes. 1079 
D. dat, -me. 1052D. p. i75h. 
i053D.E. = the people of an earl- 
dom. 1076D. 

teormen-j>eod (i), yrmen- (2), «6. 
f.8tr. a mighty people, 
-dum, to all peoples. M. 139 (2). 

eoi^-byfung, -bifung, sh.fMr. an 
earthquake. 1117. 1119. 

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eoil$-dyiie, •dineysh.m.ttr. an earth- 
quake. 1060D. 1 1 22. 1 1 29 ad fin, 
eotfie, sb.f.wk. the earth. 1122. 

(erthe) 11 37 p. 265 h. ace. 

eortJan. 1012E. 1065C.D. pp. 194- 

5 h. ffen, eorVan westm. 975A. 

adinit, <7a^. eor9an. 418*. 979E. 

(ertJan) ih, 1103. 
teor1$-lic, adj. earthly. 979E. worn. 

pl.wk. -can. ib. 
eollS-styrung, 8b.f.8tr. an earth- 
quake. 1048C. 1049D. (-ge) 

eoi^-w8Dstm (i), -westm (2), sh.m. 

sir, fruit of the earth. pL -mas. 

1 110 (2). nil (i). datpl. 

-mum. 1041E. (i). -man. 11 16 

(i). V. eorSe. 
feoTO-wani, sb.f.str. the inhabit- 
ants of the earth, datpl. -rum. 

M. 62. 
eow, 6ower, v. ))u. 
eower, pron.po88. your. gen.f. (ture) 

656E. p. 31 1. dat.m. (ture) tb. 

pl.m. eowre. 755A. p. 48 1. 
Spiphania (Latin word), Epiphany. 

eroe, v. arce. 
6resty adj. v. ^r. 
erfe, v. jrrfe. 
erian, wk.v. to plough, * ear.' pres., ergende. 876A. her- 

gende. E. 
Sst-full, adj. kind, devoted, dat.f. 

-Ire. 1 02 3D. 
etan, H.v. to eat. (seten) 1140., (eten)t6. r«^. to provision 

oneself, (eoton) him. 998E. 

aiton. D. 
dSel, 8h.m.n.8ir. country, home, 

domain. 1065C. D. pp. 194-5 h. 

hwseles elSel, i. e, the sea. 975A. 

p. 72 1. dat. -le. 380E. (i«ele) 

a. eSle. M. 252. 
fSBel-txirf, tib.f.8tr. native *turf ' or 

soil, country, dat. -tyrf. 975 A. 

p. I20t. 


faoen, 8h.n.8tr. deceit, treachery. M. 

289. dat. facne. 1049C. D. pp. 

168-9 1. 
foeo, sb.n.str. fa(j^, a space of time. 

a while. 942 A. dat fsece. 947D. 

1016E. p. 149 1. (fece) 1015E. 
feeder, sb.m.8tr. a father. 552B.C. 

984E. gen. (feder) 61 6E. feder. a. 

1086. ad Jin. dut 924A. fader. 

1 140. sub fin. (feder) 1052E. p. 

178. 1089. eald feeder, grand- 
father. 1016E. ad Jin. ))ridda 

feeder, great-grand&ther. 885A. 
feeder-cynn, v. fsedren-. 
feeder-land, sb.n.8tr. paternal land, 

inheritance. 11 01. 
feedera, feedra, sb.nuwk. a paternal 

uncle. 1049D. ace. faederan. 1094 

ad fin. gen. faedran. 901A. Tfede- 

ran) 634E. 73 7E. (fedran) 043E. 
feedren-oynn, v. riht-f. 
ffledren-healf (A), -half (E), ab.f. 

str. the father's side, dat -fe. 

fffiege, adj. * fey,* doomed, fated. 

nom.pL 937 A. p. 108 h. 
feegen, a^j. glad, *fain.' 1076D. 
feegenian, wk.v. to rejoice, be glad. 

pr 68. part, fsegengende. 1069D. 
ffsBger, adj. fair, beautiful, ace. 

m. -gerne. 105 7D. superl. -rust. 

M. 114. 148. 
feegere, adv. fairly, kindly, justly, 

well. M. 143. 152. 158. 289. (fair) 

itSsmne, ^.f.wh. a maid, virgin. M. 

277. dat. -nan. M. 152. 
faer, 8b.n.ttr. a journey, an expe- 
dition. £?af. onfsere. 894A. p. 86t. 

fare. 11 20. 
ffaer, adj^ M. 18. 167. — feeger, fair; 

Grein. vehement, stwmy ; Bou- 

fsereld, 8b.n.8tr. a journey, an ex- 
pedition. 889*. 
fi^ringa, adv. suddenly. 1042C. 

fiSer-lioe, adv. suddenly, quickly. 

(ferlice) 870F. p. 284 1. (fear-) 

1095 p. 231 m. 1120. 
ffflBst, adj. firm, strong. M. 270. 
feestan, wk.v. to make firm, ratify. faeston. 11 40 p. 267 h. 
feeste, adv. (i) fast, firmly, bravely. 

999E. 1043C. (feste) E. (ii) fast, 

quickly. 959E. 8uhfin. 
faesten, sb.71.8tr. a fort, a fortress. 

885*. dat feestene. 1095 p. 23it. 

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877A. (feastene) E. feestenne. 

894A. p. 87I. accpL (featena) 

1094 p. 2301. 
f898t-lice, adv. firmly, constantly. 

1 00 1 K(fesUice) 994E. (feastlice) 

fsestnian, whv, to fasten, make 

firm, ratify, pres, ic (festnia) 

656E. p. 32 1. (festnie) 675E. p. 

37 1. (feostnige) 963E. p. ii7t. 

p.sff, -node. 906 A. (feoetnotle) 

963E. p. ii6h. p,pl, -nodon. 

g2iA. ad Jin, p.p. fsestned. 11 37 

p. 264 1. 
fffistnung, lib.f.str, confirmation, ra- 
tification, ace. -ge. 1070A. 
tfBBst-Pced, adj. firm of counsel. M. 

135. cf. raed-fsest. 
faet, sh.n.atr. a vessel, *vat.' cf. 

* wine-fat.*, faton. 1075D. 

1086 suhftn. 
f fae^Sm, th.m.8tr. the outstretched 

arms, * fathom * ; embrace, bosom. 

dat. faeSme. M. 294. 
fah, adj. coloured, variegated. M. 


fals, sb.n.str, falsehood, forgery. 

fandian, tck.v. to try, prove, at- 
tempt. 99 2 F. 

fang, sh.m.str. booty, plunder. 1016 
E. p. i5oh. 

faran, 8t,v, to go, set forth, 'fare.* 
918A. (faron)p. 5E. (faren) 656 
E. p. 31 h. 1 1 54. faerS. M. 
35. imper, far. 995 F. p. 130 b. 
pres,8ubj, 2nd sg, fare, ib, m. 
p,8g, for. S6'j*t&fq. suhj, fore. 
918A. ad Jin, 919A. 675E. p. 
36 1. p,pl, foron. 81 2 A. foran. E. 
91 8E. suhj. foren. 876A. foron. 
E. 905A. re/lex. him hamweard 
for. 855A. p.p. faren. 656E. 
sup. to farenne. 1048E. p. I76t. 
to farene. 11 29 p. 260 h. With 
prepp. and adverbs, for for)), 
went forwards, onwards. 887*. 
foron fortJ. 894 A. p. 86 m. f6rfor]> 
Cp, went on inland. 887*. inn for. 
107 lE. ofer faran, to go over, to 
cross. aer se cyng ofer 
fore. 1105. ^' faran, foron . . . 
ut, foran ut ongean, went out, 
out against. 905 A. 921 A. p. 

loi 1. for . . . 8Bfter, foron . . . ajfler 
ut, went, went out in pursuit. 905 
A, 921A. p. 102 1. for fram, went 
away. 16. faran ... to, to go to 
or against. 89 7 A. p. 90 1. 1063E. 
foron togsedere, met. 1064E. J)urh 
for, traversed. 1095 p. 231 m. up 
foran. 1016E. p. 150 m. ut . . . 
for. 1091. p. 226I. 

faro, shj^.gtr, journey, marching, 
expedition, nom, (fare) 11 28. 
ace. fare. 1085 p. 216 h. 1096. 

fa;Sa-sanu, sb.m.str. father's sister's 
son. (faSasunu) 1 1 19 ocf fin. 

fetL, few. 530A.B.C. (altered 
by a. into feala to agree with E.). 
V. feawa. 

feallan, st.v. to fall, to die. p.8g. 
feoU. 1016E. p. I50t. feol- 
lan. 937 A. p. 106 1. 1095. 1 100. 

ffealo, feale, adj. * fallow,' yellow- 
grey, acc.masc. fealene. 937A. 
p. 108 1. fealone. B.C. 

fear-Hoe, v. faer-lice. 

feawa, few. 893*. 1 106. (fe- 
awe) Ii22.(faeu) 1138. <^^. -wum. 
1048E. p. I73h. 1070A. -wan. 
870F. p, 284h. (feowan) 1091 
p. 226 1. (feuna) 656E. p. 30 1. 
is gen. in form ( = fiawena), but 
dat. in construction, v. fea. 

feaxede, adj. hairy, haired, feaxede 
steorra = stella cometa. 89 2 A. 
(fexode) 995F. ad. init. acc.wJc. 
(fexedon, fsexedon) io66C.D. 

feccan, feocean, wh.v. to fetch, 
bring. 1017E.D. 1121. 

fedan, wh.v. to feed, to provision. 
1012E. (fSidde) 994E. 
(faeddon) 1085 p, 216 1. 

fela (i), feala (2), feola (3), adj. 
indecl. btcl, many, much ; some- 
times followed by a genitive, 
sometimes in agreement. 8 77 A. 
(i) E. (2). 963E. p. 117I. 1076 
E. (3). fela wucena. 894A. p. 87b. 
with singular verb ; e. g. 975A. p. 
1 20m. (i). (feale) 1122. (feoie) ib. 
(faele) 1124 p. 254h. 

feld, 8b.m,str, field. 894A. p. 84I. 
93 7 A. p. 106I. -da. 1071 
E. -don. ib.D. -dan. 1112. 

feng, 8h.m.8tr. prey, booty. 1016D. 
p. 151 m. 

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fen-land, sKriMr, fen-land, marshy 
land. pi. (feonlandes) 1070E. 

fenn, 8h.m.8tr, mud, mire ; a fen, 
marsh, fen. 656E. p. 30 b. (feon) 
t6. gen. fennes. 1016E. p. 148 1. 
dat. teime, M. 275. accpL fennas. 
905 A. loioE. (feonnas) ib. (fen- 
nes) 656K p. 30 L (feonnes) ib. b. 
(feonnon) ib. p. 3ih. 

feoh, Bb.n.8tr. btefj, cattle. M. 280; 
arid Thence: property, money. 755*' 
865* dat mid feo. 878* ad fin, 
wi8 feo. 1093. on feoh. 11 18. gen, 
feos. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 999E. 1086 
ad fin. 

feoh-be-hat (i), feoh-ge-hat (2), 
ib. n.str, promise of money, dat, 
-te.865E. (i)A. (2). 

fieoh-leas, adj. money-leas, without 
money.'9e. 897A. ad init. 

feoh-spilling, 8b.f.8tr. waste of 
money, dat. -ge. 1096 ad fin. 

feoht, 8b.n.8tr. a fight. 11 28. dat. 
-te. 1097 ad fin. (-ten) 
870F. p. 284h. 

feohtan, 8t.v. to fight. 449a. (feoh- 
ton) E. fohtan. 10520. p. 180 1. 
p,8g, feaht. 755*. faht. 1122. feht. 
1079D. (feoht) 710E. fuh- 
tori. 449*. 860E. 92 1 A. ad init, 
fuhtun. 514A. (fuhten) 1138. 
(fuhtten) 1 1 40 81^ fin. With o», 
to fight against ; on fuhton. 1095. 
fuhton . . . on, f. tJ^r on, J)aer on 
f. 92 1 A. pp. loil. 102 h & m. feohtende. 755* pp. 
48-9 h. 994E. on f. 871*. 8up. to 
feohtanne. 1052D. p. 181 m. 

feo-laga, sb.m.wk. partner, fellow. 
pi. -gan. 1016D. ad fin. 

feolan, at. v. to stick to, betake one- 
self to, to enter, fulgon. 755 
A.C.D. p. 48I. (;flugon) E. 

feondy 8h,m,8tr, feintl, enemy,* fiend.' 
M. 285. ^ond. 11 29. fynd. 448F. (feonde) 626E. 
gen. pi, -da. 999E. rfo/. -dum. 
994E. -dan. II 18. 

feoTla.^ 8b.m.n,8tr. life. 755* pp. 48- 
9. 93 7 A. p. 108I. f. ge8yllan,=« 
to die. 728 a. So : f. agifan. M. 81. 

feorm, 8b.f.8tr. provision, enter- 
tainment, quarters, dat. -me. -me.t6.p.i37m. 777E. 

feorme-ham, ab.m.atr. 'provision- 
home,* farm. pi. (-mes) 10S7 
p. 223t. 

feorr, adv. far. feor. 1001 E. 
lOioE. ad fin. 1014E. ad fin. 
(in 88 2 A. feor is probably a mere 
error for i^or). 

ffeorran, adv. from afar. M. 233. 

feotfStkf num. adj, fourth. ma8c. -}>&. 
827A. -Se. E. neut. feor«e. 85 1*. 
dat.m. -Can. 47E. 1095. (a strong 
gen. feorOes. 47 a. strong dat. 
feortJe. 1016F. p. 150I.) 

fSower, num-. four. 896A. ad init. 
M. 54. 1095. (fower) 1017E. 
feower hund. 1055C. p. i86h. 
declined: dat. flowerum. M. 

fSower-tig, num. forty. 894A. p. 
86 h. f. J)fisend. 1012C.D. (feo- 
werti) 1 1 24 p. 254b. 

feower-tige'Sa, num.adj. fortieth. 
neut. (fowertigede) 1107. accm. 
(feowert^an) 763A. 

feower-tyne, num. fourteen. 979C'. 
II 10. 

fSow-iice, 8b.n.8tr. a tetrarchy, or 

feow-rioa, 8b.m.wk. a tetrarch (for 
feower-r.) -cum. 12 A. 
(but the MS. has been tampered 
with; the original reading was 
feo))ericum, and this is confirmed 
by W. which has feoCericum. E. 
reads iiii. ricu. v. fy))er-). 

f§ran, wlcv, to go, travel, to pro- 
ceed. M. 263. pre8.8g. fereiS. M. 
165. 182. p,8ff, ferde. 835A. 1018 
E. 8c fq. (faerde) 1087. (feorde) 
656E. p. 30t. 1132. ^.pZ. ferdon. 
868A. (faerdon) E. ferdun. 737A. 
(ferden) 1117. (feordon) 101 6E. 
p. 150m. (feorden) 11 35. 11 40 p. 
267 1. r^ex, ferde him. 1 154. him 
ferdon. 1001 E. withprepp, ferdon 
betwux, intervened. 1091 p. 226I. 
ferdon forC, they died. 734A. (r. 
forC-feran). ferdon fortJ aefter, 
went on in pursuit. 99 2 E. ferde 
inn. 1073D. ferde ofer. 1123 ad 
fin. ferde to. 1015E. Qt ferde, de- 
parted. 1075E. p. 211m. 

fercian, wk.v. to bring, to convey. -codon. icx)9C.I). p. 139%. 
(faercodon) E. tb. h. 

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fere, adj. able to go, capable of 

(military) service. 1016D. (feor) 

E. pl.neut. (fera) 1053E. p. I78h. forestall. 1075I). 
fer-grunden, v. for-grindiui. 
ferian, wk,v, to carry. 894 A. pp. 

85 L 86 h. p.sff. ferode. 1009E. 

1 1 23. ferede. 102SE. subj, ferede. 

977C. i?.pZ.feredon.ioi2E. 1006D. 

-dan. C. p. 295. (feredon) E. p. 

ffesian [?-S-], wit. r. to put to flight., fesedon. 975D. 
feter, 8b/.8tr, a fitter, pi. (feteres) 

1 1 40. 
fetian, wk.v. to fetch, to bring. 

p.8g. fette. 1049C. p. i68b. 

(fsettan) 1006E. p. 137 m. fetton. 

fif, num. five. Generally undeclined. 

fif wucan. 910A. 887E. 1124. fif 

))iisend. 654E. but, burga fife, the 

five (Danish) boroughs. 942A. cf. 

937 A. p. io8h. feower hand . . . 

otfSe fife. 1055C. p. 186 h. dat. 

fifum. 897 A. p. 90b. 
fiffca, num. adj. fifth. 827*. dat.m. 

-tan. 1016D. p. 151b./. iiio. 
fif-tig, w«i». fifty. 963E. p. 117b. 

1028E. gen. -ga. 605E. 
fif-tyne, num. fifteen, fiftene. 1070 

E. p. 205 b. 
findan, stv. to find, to provide, 

contrive. 1046E. 41 8 A. (-don) E. 

(-den) 656E. p. 30«^. fand. 963 

E. p. 115b. 1 137 p. 265h. funde. 

1050D. p. i7oh. 1 07 2 A. 

fundon. 91 7A. -dan. M. 166. p.p. 

funden. 918A. pi. (-na) 1120. 
finger, bh.m.8tr. a finger, dat. -gre. 

656E. p. 31 L -gra. M. 

f firgen-stream, ah.m.atr. a moun- 
tain stream, pi. -mas. M. 280. 
(flrrer), comp.adj. former (cf. Icel. 

fyrr, fyrri). 1131. 
fisc, sh.m.8tr. fish. M. 259. pi. fix- 
as. 1046C. 
fla, sb.f.str. an arrow, dat. fla. 

HOC. cf. flan, 
fldeso, sh.n.8tr. flesh. (flee) 11 37 

p. 264b. 
fldBSC-mete, 8h.m.8fr. flesh -meat, 

meat, (fl^c-) 1131, 

flan, sb.fMr. an arrow. doL -ne, 
1066C. adjiti. 

fl§am, tib.m.str, flight. 993E. 998K 
dat, -me. 447*. 937 A. p. 108 L 
on fleam gebrengan, to put to 
flight. 1006E. p. I37h. 

fleo, V. fl^sc. 

flSogan, st.v.intrans. to fly, take to 
flight p.8g. fleah. loioE. sub 
Jin. (fleh) 1140. (fleig) 1016 F. p. 
150. flugon. 457*. 894A. 
p. 85 L 999E. (flugen-gsen) 1137 
pp. 264b. 265 1. 
-gende. 793E. v. feolan. 

fleon, sLv.trans. to fly from, to 
escape, avoid. pre8.8g. (flucth) 
473F. {for : flyh>). flugon. 

flooo, sb.m.str. a 'flock,' a company. floccum. 894A. p. 84L 
floc-m&lum, adv. in companies or 

troops. 1 01 1 CD. 
floc-rad, sb.f.str. a riding company, 

a troop. acc.«^. -de. 91 7 A. dat. 

pi. -dum, in troops. 894A. p. 

flod, sb.m.8tr. tide, flood. 897A. p. 

91 h. 937A. p. 108L 1031A.1125. 

M. 263. 
flot, sb.n.str. deep water, the sea. 

ace. 93 7 A. p. 108L dat. on flote, 

afloat. 1072E. p. 207 h. 
flota, sh.m.tok. a fleet. 975E. 1014 

E. gen. dat. flotan. 904A. 937 A. 

p. 108L 1013E. ad init. 

-tan. i&. p. I44h. 
flotian, wk.v. to float, pres.parl. 

-tigende. 103 1 A. 
f flowan, st.v. to flow. M. 280. 
flyman, fl§nian, wk.v. to expel, 

banish. p.8g. flymde. 105 iC (flemden) 1131 p. 262 1. 

1 1 38. p.p. (flemd) 1 1 29 ad Jin. 

with prep. (itflemde. 725E. 
foda, 8h.m.wk, food. ace. -an. 994F. 
foddor, sb.n.str. fodder, provender. 

1075D. ad Jin. 
folc, sb.n.8tr. folk, people. 921 A. 

p. 102 h. 793K gen. -ces. 878*. 

1 1 3 1 ad Jin. (feces) 6 75E. ad Jin. 

dat. -ce. 963E. p. 115 b. I042E. 

1 100 p. 23611. -ca. 1086 

p. 221 1. M. 135. daf.pL -cum. 

M. 54. -can, 1 1 19. 

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ffolo-bealo, sb.nMr, a popular or 
public execution. M. 135. 

folo-gefeoht, sb.n,8tr, a general en- 
gagement, pitched battle. nom,pl, 
871* suhjin. 887*. 

folc-m&lum, adv. in bands. loiiE. 
but the true reading is probably 
floc-m^lum, q.v. 

ffolc-stede, lib. m.*<r. a ' folk-place,* 
place of meeting, battle-field, 
da^. 937A. p. io8b. 

+folde, sb.f.tok. earth, ground. 
gen.dat, foldan. 975A. p. laom. 
M. 15. 114. 

folgalS (i)yfolgoV (3), sh.m.str. a 
following, retinue (comitatus) ; 
Tience: office, dignity; and so: 
jurisdiction, district, earldom 
(comitatus). 1048E. p. 173m. (i) 
(comitatum suum F. Lat.) dat. 
-»e. %b. p I74t. (2). 

folgian, tok.v. to follow. 755* pp. 
48-9 1. 1086 p. 23 1 m. p.ssi. fol- 
gode. 1 06 1 E. -gade. 1086 p. 2 19 1. (folecheden) 1 140 p. 267 1. 

f6n, stv. to take. 1016E. p. i5oh. 
to meet with. p.8g. feng sttS we- 
der. 105 2D. p. i7oh. f5n t6 rice, 
etc. of succession to the throne, 
or any other office, pamm , With- 
out any case expressed, feng Wulf- 
gar t5, W. succeeded. 989E. also 
of maniage, feng t6 Karles deb- 
tor. 852. 854E.oftakingpossession 
of places, etc. 910E. p.8g. feng. 
passim, (feng) 740E. fen- 
gon. 855*. suhj, J)et hi t6 gafle 
fengon, that they should receive 
tribute. 1002E. p.p. (fenge) 995 
F. p. 128L with on, to attack, p. 
pl.8ul)j. on hwam hi fengon. 1085 
p. 2i6h. sup. heom on t5 fonne. 
1009E. p. 139L fengon t5 ])am 
cynge ... on fultume, = were 
on ^e side of the king. 1087 p. 
223b. V. t6-g8edere. 

for, prep.accdatinst, for, because 
of, owing to; for ege, for fear. 
823*. 975D. in re^nl to. 959E. 
1 100. in the place of, equivalent 
to, as. 675E. p. 36 m. 1013E. p. 
I44h. 114.0 ad Jlp. for s6t$, as 
truth, * for sooth.' M. 297. in ex- 
change for. 1 140 p. 267 h. on 

behalf of. 1131 ad Jin. of time; 

for, during. 1041C. in spite of. 

ICX36E. preceding the supine ; 

for to (hauene), for to have, in 

order to have. 11 27. (frequently 

written yar in F. and a.) 
for, conj, for, because, (fajr) 995F. 

p. 130 m. 1123. 1125. 1140. for 

]>et, because that . . . 1080D. 

(shortened from for9y, for]>^m 

fSe, q.v.) 
toTf sbff.str, a journey, a course. 

ace. fore. 1004 E. 1009 E. p. 

foran, prep.adv. in front, before, 

in the presence of. 894A. ad fin. 

89 7A. p. 90 1. 1042E. cf. on-foran, 

foran-to, prep.dat. before. 918A. 

for-bsDman, wk.v. to burn, consume 

by fire. -nde. 685A. 1009E. 

p. I39t. (-beamde) 1122. 

-ndon. 694*. (-bearndon) 779E. 

1052 E. p. i8ot. p.p. -ned. 687 

A. -nd. 947D. 1070E. p. 207 h. pi. 

(-beamde) 1086 p. 218 1. intrans. 

to be consumed by fire, p.sff. -nde. 

loyoE. ad Jin. (-bemde) 1130. 
for-b6odan, st.v. to forbid, pres. 

sg. ic -de. 675E. p. 36 b. (-bede) 

656E. p. 33h. -bead. 1012E. 

1087 p. 223b. ^.^. forboden. 1048 

E. p. 172 h. 
for-beoman, stv. to bum, be con- 
sumed by fire. forbam. 815 

E. 962 A. 1114H. forbom. 816A. 

forbeam. 1067E. (forbsem) 754A. forbumon. 1078D. ( -nen) 

112^ ad Jin. 
for-beran, stv, to forbear, abstain 

from. (forbaren) 1137 p. 

fop-brocen, p.parf, broken down, 

decrepit, (-ken) 11 27 p. 258 1. 
for-ceorfan, si.v. to cut off, * carve * 

off. forcurfon. 79 7 A. -an. E. 
for-ouTsed, p.part. utterly ac- 
cursed. ( -ssed) 1 1 37 p. 265 h. 
ford, sb.m.8tr. a ford. p. 5E. dat. 

forda. 894A. p. 85 1. 
for-d^man, wk.v. to condemn, 

sentence. p.sff. -mde. 1076D. ad 


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toT-d6n, stv. to undo, destroy. 1013 
E. p. I44h. fordyde. 986E. 
p.pL (fordiden) 870E. fordydon. 
999E. -dan. 633E. p,p, fordon. 
963E. p. 115 b. 1090. 1 137 p. 
265 h. 

for-drifan, st.v. to drive away, 
expel. p,8g, fordraf. 92 7E. p.pL 
fordrifon. 954E. -an. 952E. fordrifene. 1086 p. 218 1. 

fore, prep, v. fore-sceawian. 

fore-beacen, sh.iustr, an omen, pro- 
digy., -becen. 793E. 

fore-be-gan, st.o. to intercept, p.p. 
-^n. 1009E. p. 139I. 

fore-genga, sh.m.wk. a predecessor. 
1086 p. 219I. 

fore-gisel, 8b,in,str, a chief host- 
age, or a preliminary hostage., -slas. 877*. 878A [gtslas E]. 
( -sla. 894A. ad init, 

ffore-gleaw, adj. provident, fore 
seeing, pi. -we. M. 165. 

-j-fore-mdere, cidj. very famous. 
pi. M. 190. 

fore-soeawian, wJc.v. to fore-show, 
provide, pres. suhj. God scawe 
fore. 1 127 ad fin. p.8g. -wode. 
1067D. p. 201 1. 

fore-soeawung, sb.f.str. providence. 
dat. -ge. 1067D. p. 201 1. 

fore-secgan, wk.v. to foretell, to 
announce, p.sff. -s^de. 1087 p. 
223 1. 

fore-sittan, st.v. to ^ sit before,* to 
preside over, p-sff. -saet. 1050D. 
ad Jin. 

fore-spreoen (A,D), for- (E),p. 
parf. fore-spoken, afore-said, (-con) 
1«7^.-na.885*. (-cenda) 
loioK /. -ne. 1067D. p. 202 h. 
(foren-) 11 28. (forensprecone) 
656E. p. 31 h. pi. forsprecene. 656 

E. p. 33h. (forensprsBcena) 1070E. 
p. 207 h. (forsprecon) 11 30. 

fore-weard (i), -ward (2), 8b.f.str. 
agreement, covenant, (forewyrdj 

F. p. 3w. 1 103 (i). (-warde) 
1094. ace. -de. lb. (2). gen -de. 1093 
(2). dat. -de. 852K (l). 1094 ^2). 
pi. -da. ib, (2). 1 109 (1). (tor- 
uuardes) 1 140 wb^in. (-de) 
1093 p. 228t. (2). 

fore-weard, adj. 'forward,' early, 

first. M.6. on -dne sumor, early 

in summer. 913C. pi. -de. 1095. 

dat, pi. on -dum Danieles dagum, 

early in D.'s time. 709*. 
fore-wltigian, wlcv. to prophesy, 

foretell, p.p. -gad. 47E. 
fore-witol, adj. fore-knowing, 

prescient. nom.m.wTc. -la. 1067 

D. p. 201 1. 
for-faran, aLv, (i) to pass away, 

to peridi. p.8g. forfor. 1091 p. 

220 b. forforon. 910E. -ran. 

10^6 sub fin. p.p. forfaren. 1025E. 

1041E. pi. -ne. 1050D. p. 169I. 

(ii) to cause to perish, to destroy. 

p.8g.8ubj. forfSre. 1 05 2 CD. pp. 

for-faran, st.v, to get in front 

of, obstruct, forforon him 

)K>ne mfi9an foran, obstructed the 

mouth in front of them. 89 7A. 

p. 90 b. 
for-feran, wk.v, to pass away, 

perish, -rde. 1016F. 1030. 

C. 1 05 2D. p. 176 m. 1098. 

-rdon. 1076D. p. 212 m. 
for-fl^on, V. for-leon. 
for-gan, wh.v. to forgo, lose. p.8g. 

9ubj, (f orgede) ii29p. 26ot. 
for-gengel, 8h.m.8tr. predecessor. (forgengles) 963E. p. 

for-gifan, -gyfan, st.v. to give, to 

grant, give in marriage ; to re- 
mit, forgive, forgeaf 92 5D. 

1052E. p. i83h. 1103. I no. 

pres.part.dat.abs. Gode forgyfen- 

dum. 91 3C. p.p. forgifen. 718*. 

So : t8 wife forgyfen. 1 1 2 1 . (-fan) 

1014E. 1122. 
for-gife-ness, ab.f.str. indulgence, 

forgiveness, ace. -se. 1086 p. 

231 L (forgiuenesse) 675E. p. 

36L 963E. p. ii7t. 
for-gitan, st.v. to forget, sup, to 

forgytane. 1086 p. 22oh. 
ffor-grindan, at.v. to grind to 

pieces, p.p. forgrunden. 937B.C. 

fergrunden. A. p. I09t. 
for-gyldan, st.v. to pay for. 

-guidon. 1039E. p.p. -golden. M. 

for-gyrdan, wTc.v. to enclose, en- 
circle, p^g. -de. 189 B.C. 

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foT-h»fed-ny88, sh.f.8tr, continence. 

dot. -se. 1067I). 
for-healdan, v. for-helan. 
for-helan, st.v. to cover over, con- 
ceal, protect. ?^.^. forholen. 1137 

p. 265b. ? p.8(f. hit (forheol) naht, 

it protected him not, availed not. 

1 1 14 p. 245 h. or (more probably) 

for : forheold, though the usiutl 

sense of for-healdan is * to restrain.' 

cf. be-healdan. 
for-hergian, trA-.r. to harry> ravage. 

p.sff. -gode. 68 7E. io68E1 (-geada) 

A., -gedon. 686 A. -godan. 

E. -godon. SS'j* ad Jin. p.p. -god. 

980C. 1069D. ( -hsBrgod) 1070E. 

ad Jin. pi. -gode. 1013E. ad Jin. 
for-hrape, adv. very quickly, soon. 

92 1 A. p. 102 h. b. 
for-hwan, for-hwy, conj. 'for 

why,* wherefore, (really for with 

the inst. neut. of hwa) forhwT 

656E. forhwan . 1 1 04. 1 1 1 o ad Jin. 

cf. for-)>^m, for-]>y. 
for-hynan, wk.v. to outrage, treat 

with indignity. p.8ff. -nde. 1068D. 
for-lffidan, wk.v. berleitm, to lead 

astray, -laedde. p. 5E. 
for-l&tan, st.v. bftlassen, (i) to re- 
linquish, forsake, (-ton) 616E. 

(-leton) t&. (-Iseten) 11 29 p. 26ot. 

pre8,8g. (forlet) 1086 p. 2i9t. 

forlet. 885A. 937A. p. 108 b. 

1043E. 1090. (forlet) 1093.^.^2. 

forleton. 885E. 921 A. p. loi h. 

1087 ad Jin. (-l^ton) 948D. p.p. 

-laeten. 1 130. (ii) to allow, permit. forlet. p. 5E. 
fop-leon, 1086 p. 221 1. probably /or 

-fleon, to fly from, avoid ; or for- 

l^tan, q.v. 
for-leosan, 8t.v. to lose, destroy. 

p.8g. -leas. 1076E. (-lacs) 11 27 p. 

257 1. (-16s) 1 1 40. -luron. 

1 1 01. p.8g.8ubj. -lure. 81 A. p.p. 

-loren. 11 37 p. 264 1. (-loron) 

1131 p. 262 h. 
forma, 0(2;'. fir8t,earlie8t.M. 9. 1104. 

1 109. gen.n.dat.m. -man. 685E. 

870F. p. 283b. 1 1 10. (-me) 1 131. 
for-neah, adv. very nearly, almost. 

1097. 1 100. (fomeh) 1 1 17. (for- 

n^h) 999E. 
foT-niman, stv, to take away, 

waste, destroy, -numene. 

fop-oft, adv. very often. 1 104. 
for-ridan, 8t.v. to ride before, to 

intercept. 894A. ad Jin. p.fg. 

forrad. 894A. p. 85 1. 
for-saoan, st.v. to object, refuse, 

forsake. forsoc. 1037C. 

1070A. forsdcan. 1066E. 

p. I97h, 
ffor^sendan, tcJc.v. to send away, 

banish, p.p. forsend. 1057D. 
for-s§on, 8^.t7. betseijen, to overlook, 

despise, look down on. P'Pl. 
^ forsawon. 911 A. p.p. forsewen. 

975 A. p. laol. (forsegon) 1066 

E.J). I99h. 
for-sitS, sh.m.str. departure, death. 

dat. 'fSe. lo^GE. 1 1 10. v. forC-siS. 
for-slean, st.v. to strike violently, 

break, slay. p.p. forslegen. p. 

io8«. (B). pi. (forslaBgene)882A. 
for-speldon, v. for-swaelan. 
for-spreoen, v. fore-sprecen. 
forst, gb.m.8tr. &ost. dat. -te. M. 

205. 1046C. iiio. 1115. 
foT-standan, st.v. to avail, profit. 

p.8g. foi-stod. 1 1 29. 1 140 p. 267h. forstode. 1066C. p. 196 

m. 1125. 1135. 
for-sw&lan, tck.v. to bum up. -Idon. 1006C.D. p. 137 V. 

(forspeldon E. wrongly). 
for-switJe, adv. very much, utterly. 

897A. ad init. ful-swi>e. B.C.D. 
for-sworen, p.part. perjured, for- 
sworn. 1 137 p. 264t. (-suoren) 

lb. p. 265 h. (-swoom) 1080D. 

acc.m. -nne. 1094. 
forp, adv. forth, forwards, con- 
tinuously, thenceforward. 534*. 

887*. 995F. p. 128 1. 1052E. p. 

I78h. swa full T swa fortJ,as fully 

and continuously. 1052 CD. pp. 

1 80-1 1. forC mid, together with. 

1070A. 1 106 ad Jin. 1114H. 

V. cuman. 
for-]>&m, -bam, -Van, -))on, conj. 

(i) therefore (really /or with the 

dat. or inst. neut. of se, for that 

reason). 101 5K ad Jin. 1095. 

(ii) because (i.e. for the 

reason that, owing to the fact 

that). forl>aBm. 887A. forSan 

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)>et. E. for))£m )>e. 894A. p. 861. 

for]ralm ))e. icx>iA. for])am. 1097. 

forJ)on. 1055E. 658A. for>an. E. 

for])an ])e. 1100. for)>on ]>e. 

891 A. 
foi1$-bringan, st.v, to bring forth, 

produce, pres.part, -gende. 1086 

p. 2 1 81. 
for1$-bylding, sh.f.8tr, emboldening, 

encouragement. 999E. 
foxIS-farany st.v. to depart, die. p,tig. 

forJ)f6r. 57 lE. p.p. -faren, dead. 

685E. wk, se -na. iioi. 855 

foxIS-fBraii, wTc.v. to depart, to die, 

perish. p.8g. -rde. passim, (ford- 

feorde) 1 140 (forCfyrde) 1077E. -rdon. 838*. -rdun. 661 A. 

V. feran. 
foitJ-gan, to go forth, take the field. 

1075E. p. 211 h. 
foitJ-ge-faran, stv. to go forth, 

depart, die. p.p. -ren. igSiE. ckU. 

(abs.) -renum. 560E. 
ffoi1$-ge-8oeafb, sh.f.8tr, the future. 

foiV-ge-witan, st.v, to go forth, to 

die. p.p. (-witon) 963E. p. 11 7I. 
foi^ian, wh.v, to further, send for- 
ward, accomplish. 675E. p. 36 1. 

fort5-lic, adj. forward, advanced. 

comp. -cor. 1066D. p. 201 b. 
forbon, v. fur)>um, for-J)im. 
foTO-8i!K, sh.fn.8tr. departure, detith. 

dat. -«e. 616F. 992E. 
foi^J-weord, adj. forward, ready. 

foi1$wearde.999E. (Probably error 

for the comp. forCwerdre. C.) 
ffozt^-weg, sb,m.8tr, departure, 

going. M.218. 
for-tJy, for-15i, for-Vig, conj. for 

that, therefore, because. forJ)t. 

1097. for^y J)e. 895 A. fortJi ))et. 

963E. p. 1 15 1. for))ig. 1087 p. 

223 m.' v. for-]>^m. 
for-utan, prep, {(icc.) dat. except, 

without. io6*jl>. p. 201 1. 1070K 

ad fin. -ton. 1122. 
for-weoiVan (i), -wur]>an (2), gt.v. 

to come to nought, to pensh. 605 

E. (2) p.sff. forwear]). 877*. p,pl. 

forwurdon. 493*. 11 10 ad Jin. 
for-w6ox^6-n688 (i), -woro6-ne88 

(2), 0&./.«M perishing, ruin. ace. 
-se. 1 103 (i). occ.pL-sa. 1105 C^)- 

for*WT§gan, wic.v. to accuse, p-sg. 
-gde. 1009E. -gdon. 1048 
E. p. I74h. p.p. -ged. 952D. 
1069D. ad fin. 

for-wundian, wTc.v. to wound 
seriously, p. p. pi. -dode. 882*. 

for-wyrcan, wJc.v. (i) to barricade, 
obstruct. 896A. p.p. forworht. 
901A. pi. -te. D. (ii) to ruin, 
destroy, forfeit. {reflex.) 
forworhte hine. 1050D. p. i69h. 

fop-wyrd, sb/.n.slr. fate, ruin, per- 
dition, dat. -de. 105 2D. p. 

for-wyman (i), -wiernan (2), 

-weornan (3), -weman (4), wk.v. 

to refuse, oppose; to keep back 

firom, prevent (with gen. of the 

thing, and dat, of the person). 

896 A. (2). -nde. 1046E. p. 

169 h. (3). 1048E. p. 173 h. (4). -ndon. 1046E. p. 166 h. 
tfostor-l^an, 8b.n.8tr. a reward for 

fostering or nurture. M. 152. 
fot, sh,m,8ir. foot, dat, (fote) 1070 

E. p. 205 1. 1 140 p. 267 1. pi. 

fet. 1 1 37 p. 264 h., fotan. 

fdt-no^l, sh.n.str, a foot-measure, 

foot-space, pi, 1086 p. 219 h. 
fot-setl, sh.n.8tr, a foot-stooL gen. 

-les. 1053C. 
fSt-spure, 8b.n.8ir. a foot-rest, a 

foot-support. 1070E. p. 205 1. 
fdSar, sh.n,8tr, a *fother,* a load. fotJur. 85 2E. 

f5«ra. ih, 
ffiwtuwe, ornaments. M. 

207. dat. frsetwum. M. 259. 
firam (i), from (2), prep.dat, from; 

of place and persons, implying dis- 
tance, departure, separation from. 

875A. (1) E. (^). looiA. (i). (fra) 

656E. p. 30 1. 1 140 p. 267 b. of 

time. 6A. (2). iiE. 973A. (i). 

of the agent, by. 430A. (2). E. 

(I). 625A. (i). (fra) 963E. p. 

115 b. of derivation or descent 

from. 937A. ad init. (2).449E. (i). 

of naming, from (yr after, p. 5E. 

(2). placed after its case. 755A. 

(2) E. (i). pp. 48-^ m. iio6"(i). 

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Adverbially or in compoBition, 

away. f5r fram. 921A. p. 102 1. 

f. eodon. 755A. (2) E. (i). pp. 

48-9111. 1 106 (i).fram )),from (the 

time) that. 11 27 (u2^n. with other 

prepp. and advs. fram geondan. 

1 048E. p. 1 7 2 m. fram begeondan. 

io66C. f. begeonde. D. frasn. ofer 

ax. 1066D. p. 200 h. 
fira-ward, adv, (opposed to t6ward), 

away, backwards. 1127 p. 258 h. 
ffp^a, sh.m.tok. lord. gen, dat. 

frean. 973A. M. 205. 
f fipemman, wk.v, (i) to do, effect. fremedon. M. 128. (ii) to 

avail, profit. p.8g, -mode. 1057D. 
fremu, shf.str, profit, advantage. 

dat, freme. 1042F. 
freo, adj. free. 675E. p. 36 1. 1086 

p. 221 h. 
freo-dom, «6.m.*<r. freedom. 963E. 

p. ii6h. 
ffreo-lic, adj. free, noble. 1065C. 

D. pp. 192-3 1. 

freo-lioe, adv. freely, nobly. 656E. 

p. 30 1. 963E. p. Ii6m. 1065C. p. 

194 h. 
freon, wk.v. to free. 656E. p. 31 h. 

'pres. icfreo. 963E. p. ii6m., 

freode. 777E. ppl' freodon. 903 

E. p. ii6h. 

fir^ond, «6.m.8^r. (i) a friend. 654E. 

656R pi. freond. 1046E. p. 

169 h. 1 1 29. (frend) 11 35. gen. 

pi. -da. 937 A. p. 1 08 b. 

-dan. 1 1 20. (ii) a lover. M. 277. 
freond-scipe, 8h.m,str. friendship. 

694F. 943D. 1014E. -Bcyiie. 1052 

E. p. i83h. 
fretan, st.v. ftntsseit, to eat, devour. frett (for fretatS) 1127 p. 

258 h. fr«ton. 894I). ad Jin. 

p.p, freten. 894A. p. 87I. 
firettan, wk.v. to graze, ppl. fretton. 

894A. ad fin, 
Fxige-dffig (i), Frig- (2). sh.m.atr. 

Friday. 1106(1). 11 16 (2). (Fri- 

dseig) 1 1 29. 
fWK, ih.m.str. ftittJe, peace, security, 

refuge. 906*. 959E.fry'S. ^6*j'E.gen, 

fritJes. icx>4E. 1095 ac2 fin, dat. 

fritJe. loiiE. 1094 p. 229 1. of 

a person, almost » protector. 

823* c£ 921A. p. I03t. V, griC. 

friS-alS, sb.m.str. oath of peace, pi. 

-a^as. 1012E. 
fidpian, wTcv. (i) to give * £0*8 ' to, 

to be at peace with, protect. 92 1 A. 

p. 103 m. 1093. p,8g. -8ode. 

92 iF. p. 295. (ii) to make peace 

with. icx>4F. 
fr^land, sh.n.str. * peace-land,' a 

land with which one is at peace. 

dat. -de. 1097 p. 234 1. 
friS-stdl (i), fiyU- (2), sb.m.str. 

^peace-stool,' asylum, safe quar- 
ters, dat. -le. 1006E.D. (2) 

C. (I). 
ffrod, adj. wise, prudent. M. 135. 

instr. frode, M. 182, hence : aged. 

M, 66. 259. se froda. 937A. p. 

108L 1065C. D. pp. 194-5 ^' P^' 

frode. M. 18. 
frdfer, sb./.str. comfort, solace, (frd- 

uer) 1089. dat. frofre. M. 57. 

firuma, sb.m.tok. beginning, author. 

975A. p. 120m. dat. -man. 33*. 

654E. 655A. 
frymj), sh.m.f.str. beginning, dat. 

-))e. 6 A. iiE. frimfe. 616C. 
fugel, sh.m.8tr. bogel, a bird, * fowl.' 

M. 270. pi. fugelas. 1046C. gen. 

pi. fugla. 671*. 
ful, adj. foul. 1137 p. 264 h.- 
full, adj. full, complete, utter. 1013 

E. p. 144 h. 1036E. ad Jin. 1104. 

mo. ful. 1 1 37. nom.n.tok. -le. 

1004E. acc.m.8ir. -Ine. 1013E. 

1048E. p. 174 m. wh. -Ian. F. 

dat.m.n.str. -lum. 91 7A. 1016E. 

-Ian. 101 3E. dat.f.8tr. -Ire. ib. 

nom.acc.pL -le. 852E. 1106. fuUe 

six wucan, six whole weeks. 1087 

p. 224 h. 
full, adv. fully, entirely, very. 1036 

Cad fin. 112^ ad Jin. ful cGtJ, 

thoroughly known. 1127 ad fin. 

v. forC. 
fall-fsBstnian, wk.v. to ratify fully. (fulfeostnodon) 675E. p. 

37 h. 

full-ge-w^pned, p.part. fully- 
armed, pi. -wepnede. 1083. 

Itillian, fulwian, wk.v. to baptize. 
p.8g. fuUode. 639E. fulwade. A. 

ful-lic, €idj. full. 785C. (probably 
wrong reading). 

Digitized by 




fal-Uce, €idr, entirely, completely. 

1013F. p. I44«. 1052E. suh fin. 
full-n6ah, fill-, adv. very nearly, al- 
most. 897A. p.9om. ii27p. 257 

b. 540 A. (-neh) E. fullneah. i iro. 
full-rice, ftd-, adj: very rich. 870E. 
full-swipe, V. for-swtSe. 
fuUuht (i), fulwiht (2), fulwuht 

(3), sh.nMr. baptism ; and hence, 

Christianity. 634A. (3) E. (i). 

663*. (2). gen. -tes. 167E. (i). 

604B. C. (2), dat. -te. 601 A. (2) 

E. (I). 661*. 878* (2). 942A. (i). 
fulluht-nama, sh.m,wk. baptismal 

name. 890*. 
ffallulit-tid, ah.fMr. baptism-tide. 

fulwiht-tiid. M. 11. 
full-w&pnod, p.part. fully armed. 

pi. -wcpnode. 1070E. p. 207 h. 
foll-wyrcan, wh.v. to fulfil. ^p.p.pL 

fullworhte. 1109. 
fultum (i), fultom (2), Bb.m.8ir. 

aid, help, reinforcements. 921 A. 

p. loih. 999E. 1097 ad fin. (i). 

gen. -mes. 911A. 443E. (i) a. (2). 

dat. -me. 449*. 920A. 852E. 601 

E. (I) A. (2). 
foltumian, wh.v. to help, 

(with fat. sense), we -miatJ. p. 3 

E. p.8ff, -mode. 836A. p.pLsuhj. 

-medon. 868E. pres.part.dat.ahs. 

Gode fultomiendum, by God's 

help. 797A. fultumgendum. 91 7C. 
fiindian, wk.v. to set forth, intend, 

hasten. p.8g. -dade. 1085. -dode. 


fundung, sb.f.str. setting forth, de- 
parture, dat. -ge. 1 106. 
fiir-lang, 8b.n.8tr. a furlong, 

-ga. 897A.p.9it. 
fuiUop, adv. of place and time; 

further. 1039E. 1043E. M.33. 125. 

f. nihtes, later on in the night. 

II 10. 
furpum (i), ftu^on (2), foppon (3^ 

(piv. even, just, at first. 896A. (1). 

491 A, (3)B.C.(i) (for)>eu) E. loio 

E. (2) fyrSon. C. 1085 p. 216 1. (2). 
ffus, cidj. ready, eager. M. 218. 
f^lcian, wk.v. to assemble folk, to 

collect or marshal troops, p.8g. 

-cade. 1066C. p. 197 b. 
fyiigian, wk.v. to follow. p.8g. -gde. 


fyll, 8b.m.8tr. fall, destruction. 1 056C. 
lyilan, wk.v. to fill. (fylden) 

1 137 p. 264 1. 
fylat, sh./.l m.8tr. help. ffen. fylstes. 

1048D. dat. on fylste been, to 

help. 1050D. p. 169 m. 
jEyistan, wJe.v. to help, support (with 

dat.). 1046E. p. i69t. fylste. 
^r, fir, Bh.n.str. fire. fyr. 47 3 A. 

1032E. 1070E. fir. 1 122. 1 131. 

gen. fyres. 979C. dat, fyre. 994E. 
fyrclian, wk.v. to flash, to flicker. 

pres.part. -liende. 1106. 
fyrd (i), fird (2), flerd (3), ferd (4), 

sh.f.str. {masc. 1068. 1079E.) a 

going, expedition ; hence^ military 

service ; and 80, the (national) 

army or militia, the * fyrd.' nom. 

894A. ad fin. (2). looiE. (i). 

1 1 40 p . 2 68 1. (4) . (fyrde) 948D. 

999E. 1095 p. 231 L (faerd) 

1 1 40 p. 368 1. (furde) 1066C. 

ad fin. ace. fierd. 827. 828A. fird. 

905A. (feord) 1066E. p. 198 h. 

1140 p. 267 m. ace. -de. 910A 

(2).993E.(i).605E. (4) (faerde) 

a. dat, -de. 823A.(3) E. (4). 851 

E. 993A. (i). V, here, 
fyrdian, fierdian, wk.v. to go on an 

expedition. p.8ff, fyrdode. 835R, fierdedon. 894A. p. 86 1, 

fyrdedon. 443 a. (feord odan) E. 
fyrding, sh.f.str. (i) a hosting, an 

expedition. J006C.D. 1 094 p. 

229 1. dat.'ge. 1006 E. 1016I). 

(fyrding) E. ace. fyrdung. 1056 C. 

(ii) the right of exacting military 

service, ace, (feording) 675 E. 

p. 36 h. V. here. 
fyrd-lSas (i), fierd- (2), adj. *fyrd- 

less,' unprotected by the fyrd. 

894A. p. 84I. (2). 
fyrd-stemn (i), fird- (2), sh.m.str. 

terra of military service ; hencCj 

the body of men which serves 

such term. 921 A. p. I03t (2). 
fyren, a^j. fiery, pi. -ne. 793K 

(-na) 926D. 
fyrmest, sup.adj. foremost, first 

1086 p. 220 h. pl.wk. ]>a -tan. 

995F.P. 128I. 
fyrmest, sup. adv, at firsts most, 

best. 1052 CD. pp. 180-1 1. 

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+fym, adv. formerly, anciently. 

M I9d. (conjectured by Grein in 

M. loi). 
f fyrn - gear. sb. n,p I. str. bygone 

years, dat. -rum. M. 244. 
fyrst (i), first (2), adj. first. 963 E. 

ad init. {1). nom.f.wk, -te. 11 28 

ad fin. (2). 
fyrst (i), first (2), adv. in the first 

place, firstly. 963 E. p. 116 b. (i). 

656 E. p. 31b. 1125(2). 
fyrst (i ), first (2), ferst ( 3), sh.m.str. 

ftUSt, a space of time, time. 


(3). dat. -te. 1052 D. 
fyper-rice, sb.n.8tr, a tetrarchy, or. 

-rica, sh.m.wk. a tetrarch. dat. 

pi. -cum. 1 2 C. fe])er- B. (the 

original reading in 5C. was feo- 

perTcum ; feoSericum. W.) v^ 



gad(e)rian, ioJc.v. to gather, collect. 

1009 R ad fin. 1052 D. p. 175 h. 

p.8g. -rode. 11 17. -dorodon. 

1052 D. p. 176b. pp. -red. 1137. 

sup. t6 -rienne. 1016 E. -rigenne. 

gadering, sb.f.str. a gathering, 

assembly. 11 37. 
gsdrsum, «5.m.?».«^r. and gSBrsama, 

garsTuna, sh.m.wk. a jewel, trea- 
sure, honorary gift, ace. -an. 995 F. 

p. 130 m. & 1. 1078 D. pL get- 

snman. 1047E. gaersaman. 1035D. 

(gersumas) 1070E. p. 205b. f-me) 

ib. p. 207 t. (gersumes) 11 28. (-maj 

(gersuma) 1035C. 1090. (ger- 

sume) 1 1 28. (gersuma) 

1076 E. 
gffisne, adj. barren, sterile. 11 16. 
gafol, 8b.n.8tr. tax, tribute. 99 lE. 

1018E. (gafle) 675E. p. 36h. 

(gaule) 656 E. p. 31 h. dat. 

gafle. 1002 E. 1 100. gafole. loii 

fgamol (i), gomol (2), adj. old. M. 

243(2). , 

i'ganiol-feaz, adj. ' old-haired, 

hoary-headed. 975 A. p. 120I. 
gan, 8t.v. to go. 616 E. 1006 E. p. 

137 ^* g^fS. p. 2. A. 

755* PP- 48-9l>- (ga») 656 E. 

p. 30b. eode. 775*. 885*. 
(g^de) 1137 p. 26411. (iaede) 
1 1 40 p. 267 1. p.pL eodon. 
775* PP- 48-9 m. (geodon) 
1070 E. (geden) ib. p. 207 1. 
(iedon) 1123. (ieden) 11 37 p. 
264 b. with prepp. from, fram 
eodon. 755* pp. 48 - 9 1. eodon 
inn. 1083. dp . . . ^odan. looi 
E», (reflex.) eodon him , . » up, 
997 E. Ct gan. 1083. 

fganet (i), ganot (2), 8b.m.8tr. 
a gannet. gen. -tes. 9 75 A. p. 
120I. (2) E. (i). V. baeS. 

gangan, 8t.v. to go, to march. M. 
113. 274, pres.8g. -geS. M.. 202. 
2>^rc8.i?ar<.gangende. 1097. mo. ri- 
dende *} g. on horse and foot. 1114. ridendra manna "j gan- 
gendra, of horse and foot. 1085. 

gang-dagas, sb.m.pLstr. 'perambu- 
lation days, ' Bogati on days. 89 2 A . 
dat. -gum. 921 A. ad init. gan- 
dagum. 1016 E. p. 149 1. gong- 
dagan. 1061I). 

fgar, 8b.m.8tr. a spear, dart. M. 
254. daf. pZ.garum. 937 A. p.io6b. 

+gar-mitting, sb.f.str. meeting of 
spears, battle, gen. -ge. 937A. 
p. 10911. 

gast, 8b.m.8tr. 'ghost,' spirit. 1065 
CD. pp. 192-3 1. heo hire gast 
ageaf, gave up the ghost. 1093 
p. 228m. pi. -tas. M. 292. 

gast-lic, adj. * ghostly,' spiritual- 
pl.wJc. -can. 1056 CD. 

g§, conj. both, and. ge . . . ge, both 
. • . and. 835*. ge » . ♦ -J gac 
947D. cf. %?Jer. 

ge-^rendian, wk.v. to perform one'a 
errand, to speed, p.p. ge^mdod. 
995 F. ad fin. 

fge-sepele, adj. due by birth, 
natural, suitable. 937A. ad init. 

ge-agnian, ge-ahnian, tcJc.v. to 
make good one's claim to, to 
appropriate, i^.sgf. geahnode. 1028 
E. -nade. D. geagenede. F. 

tgealga, galga, 8b.m.wh. a gallows, 
the cross, dat. galgan. M. 86. v. r6d. 

gealgian, v. ealgian. 

geamene, v. gyman. 

ge-an-bidian, wk.v. to abide, wait. -dode. 1066 D, p. 200 h. 

Z 2 

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ge - anostunJan, tolc.v. to make 
anxious, vex, distress, p.p, -med. 
1093 p. 328 h. 

gdan-feer, 8l.n.str, a going again, 
return, gen. (-ftures) 11 19 ad 

ge-an-wyrde, cmT;. known, confessed, 
he psdB g. wses, he confessed it. 
1055 E. [gewyrde F.] 

fgeap, <w?;- broad, ample. M. 255. 

geap-solpe, 9b.n.str. craft, cunning. 
1086 p. 320 m. 1090. 

g§ar, ger, th.n.str. [seems masc, 
9 1 8C. ] a year. 869*. (g^r) 1 1 25. 
1^35- 9^^' geares <teg, New 
Year's Bay. 1096. dai. geure. 
866* & passim, gere. 924 A. & 
fq. (geara)687E. (g^re) 1135. gear. 860* & passim, ger. 
895 A, geara. p. 3E. 
1 05 2D. (g^ra) 200 a. 
gearon. 1041 C. -ran. 1095 ad fin. gerum used adverbially 
= formerly. M. 10. of 
point of time. ])8es geares. 871* 
&. passim, geres. 921A. p. io3h. 
(g^res) 1 1 25. of duration of time : 
ealles geares.1117. 

gearcian, wJc.v. to make ready, 
prepare, p.sgr. -code. 1091 p. 226 1. 

geard, sb.m.str. an enclosure,* yard * ; 
and hence, a habitation, home. 
M. 109. dat -de. 1005 C. 

geard, sh.f.str. astake^stick, faggot. -da. 85 2E. 

fgear-dagas, days of 
yore, -gan. M. 117. 

ge-arian, wk.v. to have mercy on, 
to pity. pres. subj. geare. 1 1 28. 

geamung, v. gymung. 

gearo, adj. ready. 755* pp. 48- 
9h. gearu. 1009 E. p. 139 1. 
8 74 A. (georo) geare. E. (gare) 
656 E. p. 30 1. dat.J.wJc. (^gar- 
wan) 1006E. gearwan. CD. nom. 
pl.m. & n. gearwe. 999 E. T014 
E. (cf. Shakspeare, yare, 
tgearwe, vesture, cloth- 
ing, dat. -wum. M. 76. 
ge-ascian (i), ge-axian (2), wTe.v. 
to learn by asking. 1064 E. (2). 
geacsian 1065 D. -ode. 
755 A. (i). 1071 E. (2). -ade. 911 

A. (i). geahsode. D. p. pi. -odon. 
loioE. (2). 
gSa, ia, ado. *yea/ yes. ia. 1067D. 

p. 201 1, 
geat, V. gyt. 

geat, gat, 8h,n.str. a gate, door, 
opening. 942 A. dat. gate. 1006 
E. geate. 1070 E. geatu. 
901 A. gatu. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 
& 1. gatum. 917 C. 
gSatan, wJcr. to say yea, consent, 
grant, (geten) 675 E. pres. ic 
geate. 656 E. p. 33 h. 963 E. p. 
116 h. ic (gitte) 675 E. p. 37 L 
(iete) t&., geatte. 1066 £. 
ad fin. (i^tte) 1127 p. 258 h. g^atton. 963 E. p. ii7h. 
(getton) 656 E. p. 32 b. (geotton) 
ib. p. 33t. (ietten) %b. p. 31b. 
fgeatwe, arms, trap- 
pings, dat. -wum. 1065 CD. 
pp. 194-5 h. 
geat-weard, sb.m.str. a ' gateward, 
porter, (iateward) 656 E. p. 31 b. 
ge-axian, v. ge-ascian. 
tge-b&dan, tok.v. to force, compel. 
p.p. (gebeded) 937A. p. 108I. 
geb^ded. B.C.D. 
ge-b£re, sh.n.str. bearing, gesture. -rum, -ron. 755* pp. 48-9h. 
perhaps = cries, 
ge-bedda, sb.f.wJc. consort, wife. 

dat. (gebeodan) 96 5 F, 
ge-b§d, sb.n.str. gebet, prayer, 
request. 189 W. ( «= 167 A.) p. 293. 
ge-began, v. ge-bygan. 
ge-beodan, st.v. (i) to order, com- 
mand, p.p. geboden. M. 32. (ii) to 
offer, gebead. 755 A. p. 48 h. & 
m. p.p. geboden. 755* pp. 48-9 L 
(ge-beon), p.part. been. 1096. 
ge-beorh. m.n.str. defence, protec- 
tion. M. 270. dat. -rge. 189 E. 
ge-beorgan, st.v. to protect, defend. 
(with dat.) 1006E. ad fin. 
gebearh. 1052 C 
ge-beran, st.v. (i) to bear, bring 
forth, p.p. geboren, bom. 381*. 
855 A. 1080 E. to g. bom there- 
to. 887 A. (ii) to bear, to carry. 
p.p. geboren. 3 F. 
ge-betan, tffk.v. to improve, repair, 
to make amends, or 'hot,* 92 2-3 A. 
pre8.subj. -te. 1085 p. 217 1. 

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gebette. 921A. p. loi h. 975 A. 

ad Jin, 1087 p. 223 1. 

gebiette. 1050 D. p. 169 b. p:pL 

gebeton. 948D. 
ge-bidan, st.v. to abide, meet with, 

experience. M. 249. pre8.8g. -de©. 

M. 244. p,8g. gebad. 1065C.I). 

ad Jin. p.pL gebidan. 1061D. 
ge-biddan, stv. to pray. 605 E. 

(-den) 656 E. sup. {reflex,) to 

gebiddenne hi. 448F. 
ge-bindan, 8t,t\ to bind. p. eg. 

geband. 1049C.D. pp. 168-9 b. 

p,p. gebunden. 50F. ace. ?».-denne. 
796*. 1036 C. 
f ge-bland, 8h.n.8tr. mingKng, com- 
motion, ace. 937 A. p. 108I. V. 

f ge-blandan, st.v. to mix, mingle. 

p.p. -blanden. M. 273. 
tge-blendan, loJc.v. to blind. 

geblende. 1076 D. ad fin. 
ge-bletsian, wk.v. to bless, con- 
secrate, p.p. gebletsod. 795 E. 

1042E. -sad. 675E. p. 36I. 
ge-b6cian, wk.v. to * book,' to con- 
vey land by *book* or charter. 

p.8ff. -cude. 855 A. -cade. E. 
ge-bod, 8b.n.8tr. command, order. 

901 A. ad fin. M. 230. -du. 

901 D. 
ge-b6tad, i).i)ar^. bettered, mended. 

])a him g. waes, when he re- 
covered. 1093. 
ge-br6dan. st.v. to draw, to weave ; 

and hence y to feign, pretqpd 

{reflex.). p.8g. gebr^. 1003E. 

(-de) F. p.p. (gebroiden) inter- 
twined. 1 104. 
ge-brengan, wk.v. to bring, p.sff. 

gebrdhte. 959E. 1106. ge- 

br6hton. 896A. 1016E. p. I53h. 

-tan. 1006E. p. I37h. p.p. gebroht. 

1012E. 1 100. 
fge-brihtan, wk.v. to brighten, 

adorn, p.p. -ted. M. 137. 
ge-bringan, st.v. to bring. 952 D. 

1095 P- 231b. (-gon) 1015E. 

1 100 p. 236 m. 
ge-brocod, -oed, p.part. broken, 

afflicted. 897A. ad init, pi. -cede. 

ih. -code. 978E. 
ge-bT6)>er (i), -t?ra(2), sh.m.pUtr. 

QjtbxutitX, brothers, brethren. 937 

A. p. 109I. (i). 449 E. 1066K p. 

I98h. (2). gen. -Cra. iioi. dai. 

-J)ran. 1063 D. 
ge-bugan, st.v. to bow, to submit ; 

to turn away, revolt, gebu- 

gon. 901 A. 1097. -gan. iioi. 

(-gen) 1 1 19. p.p. gebogen. 904D. 

1013E. 1091. 
ge-bycgan, wk.v. to buy, purchase, 

pay for. gebicgan. 1044C. gebic- 

gean. 1043E. -bicge. 

M. 278. p.8g. gehohte. 1118. 

gebohtan. 978F. 1016E. p. I53h. 
ge-bygan, ge-bigan, ge-b§gan, 

wk.v. to cause to submit, to bum- 
ble, geb^gean. loSjI). -bigde. 

p. 74 n. (C.) geb^gdan. 1074 

D. gebegde. 942 A. 
ge-bygle, adj. submissive, obedient. 

1105. pi. 1091. 
ge-byrd-tid, sb.f.str. birth -time. 

dat. -de. 973 A. gebyrtide. 1086. 
ge-byrian, wk.v. to belong, pertain, 

be fitting, -rede. 1036 C. 

-redon. 910E. 
ge-bytlu, a building, generally 

indecl. but -byttlan. 1099. 
ge-ceosan, sLv. to choose, elect, ap- 
point, geceas. 1041 E. 1061 E. 

geces. 92 1 A. ad fin. 924 A. 

gecuron. 9411). 1014E. (-rum) 

905D. -ran. iioo p. 236 1. p.p. 

gecoreii. 830*. 1119&/5. (-ron) 

890a. (-ran) 1017A. 
ge-cigan, wk.v. to name, to call. 

p.p. -ged. 984A. 
ge-ol&nsian, wk.v. to cleanse, 

purge. Idne. . . geclaensode, 

cleared himself. 1022 E. 
ge-dypian, wk.v. to call. p.p. -ped. 

552 F. -pod. 1057!). 
ge-onawan, st.v. to know, p.sff. 

(gecneaw) 99 5 F. ad init, 
ge-owefSan, -cuetSan, g^.r. to say, 

to call, to agree, (gecwxCan) 

1094 p. 229h. ^.p. gecweden. 

456 E. -cueden. 455 A. 577 A. 

(-cweSen) 1014 E. 
ge-cweme, adj. pleasing, agreeable. 


ge-cynde, adj, natural, native, 
fitting. 975E. 1014E. (-da) CD. 
accm. -due. 975A. p. i2oh. As a 
»uhst. native land, natural in- 

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heritance. (cf. icunde lond. Lay- 
amon, 22155) 1086 p. 220 1. (or 
this might be dat. of gecynd, sb. 
f.n.8tr. nature, « by natural right, 
right of birth.) 

ge-oyrran (i), -cirran (2), -cier- 
ran (3), -cerran (4), ick,v. (i) 
intrans. (a) to turn, return, be 
converted. 62 7 E (4J. -rde. 
995F. adfin. (i). 616 K {4). 
•rdon. 867 A. (2). E. (i). v. se. p.p. 
-red. ib. p. 130I. (i). (6) to 
submit, -rdon. 835A. (3) 
E. (i). (ii) trans, (a) to turn back. -rdon. 1091 p. 226 1. (i). p.p. 
-red. 1094 p. 229I. (i). (b) to 
reduce, make to submit, 
-rdon. 878 A. (c) to convert. p.8g. 
-rde. 565 E. (I). 716A. (3). 

ge-oylSan, wk.v. to make known, to 
show. p. eg, -Cde. 994E. -cydde. 
1 1 14. p.p. gecydd. 1075E. gecyCd. 
1066 D. p. I97h. gecyCed. 1076D. 
(gekyd) 1093. pi. -cydde. 641E. 

ge-d&lan, wk.v, to divide, dis- 
tribute, p.^g. -Ide. 876*., 
-Idon. 877*. reflex, hie. . . hte 
-Idon, liiey separated, 718 E. 
-Idun. A. 

ge-deorf-stixn. adj. troublesome, 
grievous. 1103. gedyrfsum. 1 105. 

ge-don, st.v. (i) to do, to make, 
effect, 994E. p.ggr. gedyde. 1103. gedydon. 11 17. p.p, ged6n. 
167A. 979E. p. 117 1. 1043E. hu 
gedon mann, what sort of man. 
1086 p. 2 1 9 h. dat.abs. iBissum pus 
gedone, this being done. ib. p. 
2 1 8 b. cf. 1090. (ii) to reduce. p.»g, 
gedyde. 828*. (iii) to reach, anive 
at., gedydon. 918A. 

ge-dreocan, wk.v. to vex, oppress. 
^.8^. gedrehte. 1052D. iog6 adfin. gedrehton. 1 1 16. -tan. 1096 
adfin. p.p. gedreht. 11 17-8. pi. 
-te. 1097 adfin. 

ge-dreced-ness, -niss, sb.f. sir. 
tribulation, oppression. 1056 C. 
pi. -sa. 1 104. 

ge-dr§fan, wk.v. to disturb, offend. 
p.p. -fed. 1087 p. 223 m. 

ge-dwild, 8b.n.8ir. error, heresy. 
380 E. gedwyld. a. 

ge-dygan, tck,v. to come through. 

p. pi. hit ne gedygdan mid )^m 

life, did not survive it. 978E. 
ge-eacnian, wk.v. to increase, 

augment. 1067 D. 
ge-eamian, wk,v. to earn, to win. 

ge-eamung, sb.f.8tr. * earning,' 

merit, pi. -ga. 1087 p. 223 1. 
ge-ed-neowian, wk.v. to renew, i*e- 

store. inf. (geeadnewion) 963K 

ad init. -wade. 921 A. p. 

103 h. p.p. -wad. 907B. -niwod. 

ge-ed-sta)>elian, wk.v. to re-esta- 
blish, restore. p.8g. (-fle6staj>e- 

lede) 1092. 
ge-6htan, wk.v. to reduce, subdue. 

p.8g. geehte. 46 F. 
ge-endian, wk.v. to end, to finish. 

p.8g. geendode. 975A. ad init. g. 

his dagas, died. 1014E. So : absol. 

189 E. p.p. -dod. icx>9E. p. 

ge-fadian, wk.v. to arrange, to 

settle. p.8g. -dode. 1052 CD. pp. 

1 80-1 h. 
ge-fssgen, adj. glad, *fain*of (with 

gen.), -ne. 855A. 878*. 
ge-fisestiiian, wk.v. (i) to make 

firm, to ratify, establish, 

-node. 1014 E. 1070 A. adfin. 

(-festnode) 906E. -nodon. 

926I). (-festnodan) iioi. p.p. 

-nod. 918C. (ii) to make fast, im- 
prison. p.8g. (-festnode) 1075 E. 

|>. 2 1 ih. ( = sette on prisun D.) 
ge-faran, st.v. Ti) to go, depart. 

infin.refl. 921 A. p. 102 t. 

gefor. 877*. p.p. ))aer to gefaren, 

gone thither. 894 A. p. 87h. iitg. 

1 100 p. 236 1. (2) to die. passim. 

(3) fco get by going, to conquer, 

to accomplish. 923A. 1048 E. p. 

174I. p.ftg. gefor. 92 2 A. (4) to 

speed, to happen, p.p. gefaren. 

1048 E. p. 173 h. 1093 adfin. 

(-ran) 995F. p. 130I. 
ge-fea, 8h.m.wk. joy. acc.dat. 

-an. 979E. M. 173. 
ge-feaUan, st.v. to &11, to die. 

gefeol. 943D. gef^oll. 1004 E. 

1100., gefSeollan. 978E. -Ion. 

ge-feoht, sh.n.8tr. a fight, battle. 

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603 B.C. 868A. (gefeaht) K (ge- 
fiht)ii28. dat-ie, 871*. 1117. ^t 
pi, -turn. 755 A. (gefeahtum) E. 

se-feohtan^ st.v, to fight* 
gefeaht. 833* A/g'. gefaht. 607 
E. p,pL gefuhton. 868* & fq, 
-tun. 495 A. 780 A. p,p. gefohten. 
871* ad fin. (-ton) 658 E. hit 
him on gefeaht, maintained it by 
battle against him. 1096. 

ge-feormian, wk.v. to entertain, pur- 
vey for. -mige. 852E. 

ge-f§ra, 8&.m.t<7Ar. a companion. 1022 
E. pi, -ran. 878* ad fin. 755 A. 
p. 48 1. (-ren) E. (gefeoran) 
1048 E. p. 173 1. geferana. 
1052D.P. 175 i.datpt -rum. 664*. 

ge-flran, wk.v. (i) to go, proceed. 

(2) to get by going, to attain, 
acquire, -rde. 988E. p.pL 
-rdon. p. 3 E. (gefeordon) 994E, 

(3) to fare, to speed,, -rdon. 
1009 E. p. 139 1. -rdan. 994F. 

(4) to depart, to die. p, sg. -rde. 

ge-ferian, wk.v, to carry, convey. -rode. 980E. 
ge-fer-scipe, sb.m.8tr, fellowship, 

company, daf. 995F. p. 128I. 

gen. -pes. 1022 E. 
ge'fetiaja.,fok.v. to fetch,bring., 

-tede. 975E. -tte. 980E. 

-tedon. 896A. ad fin. 
fge-feterian. icJc.v. to bind, to 

fetter, p.p. -rad. M. 205. 
ge-findan, st.v. to find. p.p. ge- 

funden. 963E. p. ii6h. 
ge-fl^8c-ness, 8h.f.str. incarnation. 

dat. -se. p. 4 1 A. 
ge-flit, 8b.n.8tr. contention, dispute. 

785 C. 
ge-flitan, wk.v. to contend, fight. gefly ton. 777 E. 
ge-flit-fal-lic, afy.contentious.785*. 
ge-flyman (i), -flieman (2), -fle- 

man (3), wk.v. to put to flight, 

banish, -mde. 871A. (2) 

'E. (i) & fq. So : -mdon. ih. 

kfq. 514 A. (2) K (3). p.p. -med. 

937 A. p. 108 1 (3). dot. gefly mdon 

Beomrede, fugato Bernredo. 

755 F- pi' -mde. 896A. (2). 
ge-fon, st.v. to seize, capture, get. 

p.8g. gefeng. 875*. 1119. 

gefengon. 851*. 897 A. p. 90 b. 
-gun. 796 A. p.p. gefangen. 1016 
E. ad fin. 1106 sub fin, pi. -ne. 
1079 D. ad fin. 
ge-forp-feran, wk.v. to depart, die., -rde. 571 a. (a conflate form. 
V. footnote.) 
ge-fordian, wk.v. to carry out, ac- 
complish, advance. 1085 p. 216 h. 
1097., -©ode. 1045 D. 
fge-frgge (i), ge-frtege (2), adj. 

talked of, famous. 975A. ad fin. ( 1 ). 

M.53. (2). 
+ge-firege, ge-fr&ge, 8h.n.8tr. report, 

hearsay. insLabs. mtne ^ehtgey 

as I have heard say. 9 73 A. 975 A. 

p. 1 20 m. M. 27. 
ge-fremman, wk.v. to accomplish, 

bring about. -fremede. 47 E. 

1040C. P'' -fremmede. 1066D. 

p. 199 m. 
ge-fr§on, wlt.v. to make free, to free., geMode. 887*. 1081. p.p, 

gefreod. 675 E. 
fge-frinan, st.v. to find out by 

asking, to learn, -frunan. M. 

ge-ftdlian, ge-ftilwian, wk.v. to 

baptize, -lade. 626E. p.p. 

-lod. 30E. 626E. -wad. 6 2 6-7 A. 

pi. -lode. 565E. 
ge-fulluhtan, K^^.t;. to baptize, p.p. 

-tud. 30 A. (only), 
ge-fultumian, wk.v. to support, 

help. ^.*^.*«5;.-made.853A., 

-madon. 868A. pres.part.dat.abs. 

-miendum, 79 7E. 
ge-fylce,, a company of 

folk, a band, an army. 1066 C. p. 

198m. 1094 ad fin, -cum. 

871*. -cium. ib. A. 
ge-fylcian, wk. v. to gather folk, 

collect an army. ^.p. -ced. 1066 

D. p. 199 1. 
ge-fyilan, wk.v, to fulfil, accom- 
plish, -Ide. 1 070 A. ad fin. 

p.p. gefild. 605E. gefyld. a. 
tge-fyUan, wk.v. to cut down, de- 
prive of (with gen.), p.p. -led. 

937A. pp. 108 b. not, 
ge'tjm,adv. formerly, long ago. 893*. 
ge-gad(e)rian, -gadorian, wk.v. to 

gather, collect, reflex, to assemble, 

come together. 905 A. looiA. 1016 

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E. 1094 p. 229!. p.9g, -derade. 

894A. p. 88 1. -dorode. 921 A. p. 

loib. -derode. 99 2 E. -drode. 

879A. -drodon. 867A. -doro- 

dan. E. -derodon. 1094 ctdjln. 

(-deroden) 1093 ad fin. p.p. 

-drod. 911A.-derod.973A.788E. 

-dered. 1070 A. ad fin, (-gsederod) 

1045 C* Pl' -derode. 894A. p. 87I. 
ge-gangan (i), ge-gan (2), st.v. to 

get by going, to overrun, conquer. 

p. 3E. (i). 1066 C. p. 196 h. (2). 

1086 p. 219 1. (2). geeoide. 

942 A. 944* h.fq. geyde. 6E. 

geeodon. 870*. geodon. p. 4 A. 

p.p. geg^n. loio E. ad fin, 
ge-gearoian, wic.v. to prepare, get 

ready, 'p.p, -cod. 995F. p. 128 b, 

1052 B. p. 176 h. 
ge-geamung, v. ge-gymung. 
ge-gifan, st.v. to give. p.p. gegyfen. 

1049 C. p. 168 m. 
ge-gtfian, wJc.v. (with dat.) to enrich 

with gifts, p.p. gegifod. lOoiA. 
ge-g6dian. wJc.v, to enrich with 

goods. p.8g. -dade. 1086 p. 219 1. 1. 
fge-gyldan, st.v. to pay. ge- 

geald. 1002C.D. p. 295. 
ge-gymung, 6b.f.str. * yearning/ 

desire, intercession, pi. (-gear- 

nunga) 1023 D. 
ge-hadian, wk.v. to consecrate, or- 
dain. p.9g. -dode. 668 E. -dede. 

1070 A. p.p. gehadod. 830* & 
fq. -ded. 1070 A. gen. -dodes. 

1 100. pi. -dode. 664*. g. menn, 

clerics. 99 5 F. ad init. ge- 

hadodra manna. 1102. v. wita. 
ge-hsBftan, vik.v. to arrest, seize. 

p.p. gehsBfb. 98CC. 
ge-h^lan, wh.v. to heal, to save. 

p.p. -led. 1067 D. p. 202. 
ge-hal, adj. whole, uninjured. 798F. 
ge-halgian, wk.v. to hallow, 

sanctify, consecrate. 685 E. (ge- 

halegon) 656 E. p. 30 h. 

-gode. 797E. 853A. iicx)p. 236 1. 

(-god) 963E. ad init. p.p. -god. 

731A. 815E. pi. -gode. 887*. 
ge-hat, 8h.n.8fr. a promise, vow. dat. 

pi. -turn. 883E. 
ge-hatan, st.v. (i) to call, name. 

p.p. gehaten.495 E.963E. p. 115b. 

(ii) to promise, to threaten, 

gehet. 883E. 1036C. 
878*. j>.|).gehaten. 918C. 1154. 

ge-hawian, wk.v. to look at, recon- 
noitre. p.8g. -wade. 896A. 

ge-heald, 8h.m.8tr. (i) protection, 
guard. 1055 E. adfin.{ii) guardian, 
protector. 1070 E. ad fin. 1071 D. 
ad fin. 

ge-healdan, gt.v. (i) to hold, main- 
tain. 1006 E. 8vb fin. r-den) 
1009 E. p. 139I. (-don) 075 E. 
p. 36 1. p.8g. geheold. 1 67*. 1 1 1 o 
ad fin. p.8g.8uhf. geheolde. 1094. 
p.p. -den. 995F. p. 129I. gehal- 
den. 656E. p. 33 1. (ii) to hold, 
consider, p.p. -den. 675E. p. 36 m. 

ge-hende, (idv. near, at hand. 1003 
E. fulg. very near. 1036 C. 

ge-hentan, wk.v. to seize, take. 
905 A. ad init. 

ge-heoran. t;. ge-hyran. 

ge-hergian, tok.v, (i) to harry. -gode. 875E. -gade. 910A. 
•geade. 661 A. -godon. 
lOOoE. p.p. -god. 991E. -regod. 
988C. (ii) to get by harrying, 
to capture, p.p. -god. 895A. 1046 
E.p. i67t. 

ge-hindTed, p. part, hindered, im- 
peded. 1003 E. 

ge-homian, wh.v. to horse, provide 
with a horse or horses, p.p. -sod. 
881 A. nom.m.tvk. -soda. 876 
A. dat.m.wk. -sudan. 877 A. 
-sedum. E. pi. -sude. 866 A. 
-sade. E. -sode. 1010 E. pl.wk. 
-sedan, tb. 

ge-hlwian, tok.v. to form, to fiBkshion. 
p.p. -wod. 979C. 

f ge-hwa, pron. everyone, whoever. 
acc.masc. gehwsene. 937A. ad init. 
dat. gehwaem. 975A. ad fin. ge- 
hwam. M. 243. 

ge-hw&r, adv. everywhere. 975 A. mi 
init. 98 1 C. 1 1 14. V. eUes, wel- 

ge-hwseper, |>ron.either, both. fern, 
dat. -]>re. 871 A. (gehwa?Jere) E. 
-j>ere. 871A. ad fin. 

ge-hweorfan, 8i.v. to turn, turn 
back. p.8g. gehwearf. 584W.P. 294. 

ge-hwilo (i), ge-hwelo (2), pron. 
each, every, gehwylc. M. 279. 
neuf.gen. -ces cynnes, of every 

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kind. 9ioA.(3). dat.m. gehwelcum. 

75 5 A. gehwilcan. E. pp. 48-9 h. 

/. gehwylcre. 995 F. p. 126 b. 

pi. m, gehwylce, Bomemen. 1106. -ciim. 1050 D. (i). 
ge-h-wyrfan (i), -hwierfaii (2), 

-hwirfan (3), -hwerfan(4), wJc.v. 

to turn, to convert. p.8g. -fde. 601 

A. (4). -fede. E. (3). p.p. -fed. 34 

A. (2) E. (i). pi. -fede. 30 A. (2) 

ge-hyran (i), -liieran(2), -heoran 

(3)» wk.v. to hear, p.sff. -de. 

S^e,^. 1091 p. 226 1. (1). 

-dun. 755 A. (2). -don. E. (i). pp. 

48-9h. -dan. 095 F. p. 130 m. (i). 

p.p. geheord. ^5 E. p. 36 h. 1 1 2 2. 
't'ge-hyrst, sb.f.8tr. ornament, ace. 

-te. M. 74. 
fge-hyrstan, wk.v. to adorn, p.p. 

-ted. M. 35. 
ge-hyr-siun (i), -hier-smn (2), adj. 

geijorsam) obedient, submissive. 

pi. -me. 853A. (2). 1083 (I). 
ge-hyr-sumian (i), -hier-sumian 

(2), wk.v. to make obedient, re- 
duce. p.8g.suhj. -made. 85 3 A. (2). 
ge-hyr-sum-niss (i), -her-siim- 

nes8 (2), 8h.f.8tr. subjection, 

obedience, gen.dat. -se. 1070 A. 

(2). 1091 p. 227 1. (i). 
ge-in-lagian, wk.v. to inlaw, 

-gode. 1050 C. 1074 E. 
ge-lseccan, wk.v. to seize, to catch. 

1009 F. gelsehton. 1042 C. 

1087 p. 224m. fi.p. gelaBht.792E. 

1 106. pi. (-tae) 1075D. p. 210 m. 

ge-liedan, wk.v. (i) to leail, carry. 

p.8g. (geleadde) 97 2 E. 

gelaiddon. 871* ad init. p.p. 

gelaeded. 909 C. geliedd. B. (ge- 

lead) 1076 E. wses of lyfe gel^d. 

i.e. died. 693 E. (ii) to lead away, 

seduce, gelsdde. 905I). 
ge-l&fe, V. ge-leaf. 
ge-l£ran, wk.v. to teach, (-ron) p. 

3E. p.p. -red. 565 E. 
ge-l£stan, wk.v. (i) to fulfil, to 

perform, to pay. 1012 F. p. 142 n. 

874E. 1094. p.8g. gelsBste. 994E. 
ad fin. gel^ston. 878*. p.p. 
gelaest. 1007 E. 1012 E. (gelest) 

1012 E. (ii) to follow, to serve, to 
help. 920A. 

ge-Uetan, 8t.v. to allow, to assign. 
p.p. gelseten. 1091 p. 226 1. 

ge-lagian, wk.v. to establish by 
law, ordain, -gade. 1075D. 
ad fin. p.p. -god. 995F. ad init. 

ge-la3$ian, wk.v. to invite, to sum- 
mon. p.8g. -Code. 449E. 
-Code. 448 F. -lea])ade. 449 A. 

ge-laVung, 8b.f.8tr. a congregation, 
church. 616F. 

ge-leaf, 8b.f.8tr. leave, permission. 
dat. (-l^fan) 1043E. p. 165 h. (as 
if from a wk. gelaefe). 

ge-leafa, 8b.m.wk. belief, faith, ace. 
dat. -fan. 430A. 565E. 680A. 
(gel^fan) E. (gelefan) 167E. 
(geleauon) 167 a. 

ge-l§af-full, adj. (i) credible, trust- 
worthy, pi. -le. 1 1 20. (ii) be- 
lieving, christian, aec.m. -fulne. 
1067D. p. 202 m. daf.neut. -ful- 
lan. ib. \. 

ge-leapian, v. ge-laCian. 

ge-leogan, wk.v. to lay. p.p. jjaes 
]>e him geled wses, of that which 
was laid to his charge. 1052E. 
(Ce him waes on geled. F.) 

ge-lendan, wk.v. to come to land ; 
and 80^ to come, to go. p.8g. ge- 
lende. 886*. p.p. gelend. 894A. p. 

fge-leoran, wk.v. to go, depart, die. 
p.8g. -rde. M. 208. 

ge-leornian, wk.v. to learn, find 
out. p.p. -ned. 995F. ad init. 

ge-lettan, wk.v. to let, to hinder. gelette. 1036C.' -ton. 
1046D. p.p. gelet. icx>9E. p. 
139 1. 1097. pi. (gelsette) 1085 
p. 216 h. 

ge-Uce, adv. in like manner, swa g. 
1067D. p. 202 m. cf. swilce. 

ge-llcian, wk.v. to please ; impers. 
it pleases, it likes. p.8g. heom . . 
geltcode. 1048E. p. 172 1. with 
following p^. noun, him gelTcade 
hire ])eawas. 1067D. 

ge-lic-nes8, 8h.f.8tr. likeness, ap- 
pearance, aec. -nesse. 979C, 

ge-liflan, wk.v. to live, to live 
through, gif he hit gelifode, 
if he had survived. 1093 sub fin. 

ge-limpan, st.v. to happen, befall. 
p.8g. gelamp. 973 A. 1016E. p. 

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148 m. 1083. p. pi, gelmnpqn. 

tge-HtSan, at.v. to pass, to come. 

p.p, -liden. M. 28. 
ge-logian, iok.v, to place, to lodge, 

introduce. 1052D. p. 176 m. pres. 

8g.subj. -gige. 1093 ad fin. p.8g. 

-gode. 995F. p. 129b. 1090. p.pL 

-godon. 1023D. -dan. 1104. 
gorlome, adv. frequently, often. 887*. 

111% kfq. 
ge-lom-lic, adj. firequent. 

-can. 870F. p. 284 h. 
ge-lom-llce, adv. frequently. 1095. 

1 105. 
gelpan, v. gylpan. 
ge-lyfan, -lifan, wk.v. to believe. 

p.8g. gelifde. 627E. sup, id gely- 

fenne. 1036C. 
ge-lystan,tcA:.t7.(u8ed impersonally), 

to list, to please, p.s^. ))a hwile 

]>e him geliste, as long as he listed. 

ge-niacian, tck,v. to make, (ge- 

makian) 1097. p,pl. -codon. 

1075E. -cedon. 1091 p. 227 1. 
ge-JiisdOoea,,8b.m.f,wk, a companion, 

consort, 'make.* ace. -cean. 1 06 7D. 
ge-mah-Iioe, adv, importunately, 

peremptorily. 1095 p. 231 b. 
ge-m&re, 8b.n.8tr. a boundary, 

*meer.* -re. 716E. 1052 

D. p. 179 h. -ran. 105 2C. 

mi. -ron. 1097. 
fge-niana,8&.9».w^. intercourse, gen. 

-nan. 937A. p. io8b. 
ge-mannian, ivk.v. to man, to gar- 
rison. 923A. 
ge-martyrian, wk.v. to martyr, 

-Tedon. 101 lE. ad fin. p.p. -rod. 

geme-, v. gyme-. 
ge-mearcian (i), -marcian (2), 

wk.v. to mark, to brand, p.p. 

-cod. 1006E. p. 137 1. (2) C. Ci). 

-mercod. D. p. 295. 
ge-m§tan, wk.v. (i) to meet with, 

find. gemette. 871*. (ge- 

maette) 992E. gemetton. 

91 8A. 885E. 1004D. (gemaetton) 

885E. With following in/, gemette 

(hte) cuman, he met them coming. 

98 2 C, (ii) to invent, and so : to 

paint, gemHie. iiOi^. 

ge-mett, measure, ofer eall 
g., beyond measure. 1086 p. 219I. 

ge-metsian, wk.v. to provision, p.p. 
-sod. 105 2D. p. I76h. 

ge-miltsian, wk.v. (with dat.) to 
show mercy, to pity. pres.8g.mhj. 
-sie. 1 02 3D. (-se) 1070E. ad fin. 
(-my Use) 1060E. ad fin. 

ge-mittan, wk.v. to meet with, find. 
jp.|ji.gemitton. 1004C. gemytton. 

ge-m6t, sb.n.8tr. a meeting, assem- 
bly, *moot.* 977C. 1015E. gen. 
-tes. 93 7 A. p. logh. dat. -te. 
1048E. p. 1 74 1. 1080E. pi. gem6t. 
1099. V, ge-wita, witena-gemot. 

ge-munan, st.wk.v. to remember, 
take account of. 1046C. iiii. (-net) 1099. P-^- -nde. 
1032E. 1 1 14. -ndon. 755E. 
p. 491. 1104. 

ge-mynd,, memory, me- 
morial. M. 69. 979E. 1 131. dat. 
-de. 959E. 

ge-n^al&oan, wk.v. to approach, 
draw near. p. 13271. F. p.8g. 
-lehte. 1091 p. 226 b. 

ge-ndat, sh.m.atr. jg^enpsse, com- 
panion, cynges g. 89 7 A. p. 91 h. 

ge-myntan, wk.v, to determine, re- 
solve, p.p. gemynt. 616F. 

ge-nemnan, wk.v, to name. 905A. 
p.p. -ned. 552*. 926D. -nad. 447 
E. pi. genemnde. 891 A. -node, 
p. 5E. 

ge-neowian,-niwiaii,w^. renew, 
restore, sup. togeniweanne. 785F. 

ge-nerian, wk.v. to save, deliver, 
p.s^. -rede. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 937 
A. p. 108 1. loiiE. -rede. 
894A.P. 88t. 

genge, sb.n-str. a gang, company. 
1055D. 1070E. gen, genges. 1052 
D. p. 175 m. dat. genge. ib. p. 
176 h. 1 1 38. 

f ge-niht, sbf,n.str. plenty, abimd- 
ance. daf. -te. M. 183. 

fge-niht-sum, adj. abundant, plenti- 
ful. M. 194. 

ge-niman, st.v. to take, capture. -nim?5. M. 203. fri)> g. = to 
make peace. 1002E. genam. 
865E. 882A. 1094 p. 229m. 
genom. 57 1 A. 584A. genam. E. 

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p.pL genamon. 473*. 865A. 882E. 

gen5mon. 921 A. p. 10 ih. gena- 

man. 530E. lOiiE. p.p. genu- 

men. 901A. a<2/n. 993E. pl.-ne. 

1119. of genumen, on g. taken 

away. 1006E. D. (-mon) 1072E. 
tge-nidrian, wk.v. to put down, 

humble. p.p.pL -rade. 1075E, 

ad fin* genySerade. D. 
se-noh, adj. enough. (on6h) 1137 

p. 264 h« 
+g§o, adv. formerly, already. M. 1 7. 

iu. M. 158. 213. 
ge-notian, wk.v. to use, consume. 

p.p.acc.m. -tudne. 894A. p. 86 1. 
ge-offrian, wk.v. to ofier, make an 

offering, p.sff. -rode. 1058D. 
fgeogc^ (i), ingdfS (2), sb.f.str. 

youth. M. 283 (i). dat -Ce. 975 

h. (2). 

fgeola (i), iula (2), sh.m.wh. the 
Yule-month, ^rra iula, December. 
M. 221. 

g^ol-mSnaV, iul-, 8b.m.8tr. the 
Yule-month, December. M. p. 
280 margin. 

geond, prep.acc. through, through- 
out. 380E. 975*. 994E. 1096. 

geondan, prep.acc. beyond, fram g. 
8^, from beyond sea. 1048E. p. 
172 m. 1052D. p. 176 1. 

geong (i), giozig (2), adj. young, 
se gioncga. 871 A. geonga. E. 975 
A. ad init. (iunga) 744E. 1087 
p. 224 1. (iunge) 1 140 p. 268 h. 
acc.w.*<r. giungne.'937A.p. 109 1. 
giongne. 501 A. (gungne) E. ge- 
ongne. M. 246. giunge. 
93 7 A. p. 108. geonge. B. C. (iun- 
ga) D. ace. (iunge) 105 2E. p. 
181 h. compar. gingra. 423E. 
acc.f. gingre. 11 24 p. 254 h. 

gSotan, 8t.v. gie^en, to pour, to 
stream, pres.part.dat. mid geoteu- 
dan here, with an overwhelming 
army. 1052O. D. 

ge-rad, sb.n.str. condition, stipu- 
lation. 945 A. 1 09 1, pi. p. 3E. 

ge-r&can, tvk.v. to reach, get at, 
seize. 895 A. 91 8A. (gerechen) 
1066C. ad fin. geraehton. 

ge-r£dan, tolc.v. (i) to advise, deter- 
mine, plan. p.Bg.. geraedde. 906A. 

991 E. 1036C. -ddan. 1014E. 

(-dden) 1039E. p.p. geraed. 1075 

E. p. 211 1. (gered) 1016E. p. 

151 1. (ii) to read. p.p. (ge- 

redd) 675E. p. 36 1. 
ge-r&san, wk.v. to rush, p-pl- 

-sdon. p. 5E. 
ge-reooan, wk.v. (i) to relate, ex- 
pound, p.f^g. gerehte. 995F. p. 

130I. (ii) to direct, rule. 975E. 
ge-reoenian, -reconian, tch.v, to 

arrange, settle, p.p. -nod. 1052 

C. D. pp. 1 80-1 m. 
ge-refa, sb.m.wk. a reeve, bailiff. 

787*. 906A. D. accdai. -fan. p. 

5E. loiiE. 1003E. pi. -fan. 

1086 p. 2i8m. 
ge-reord, 8h.n.8tr. a meal, food. 

dat. -de. 1053C. 
ge-reordian, wk.v. to feed, reflex. 

to dine, to feast. p.8g, he hine 

gereordode. 102 2E. 
ge-resta, 8b.f.wk. a bed-fellow, con- 
sort. 1076D. ad Jin. 
ge-restan, wk.v, to rest, reflex, to 

rest oneself, repose, hine 

gereste. looE. 
ge-re|7ru, f^.n.plMr. steering oars, 

rudders, dat. -rum. 89 lA. 
ge-iidan, st.v, (i) to ride,, 

gerad. 878*. (ii) to get by riding, 

to surprise, conquer. 1042E. 

gerad. 901 A. 948*, geridon. 

878A. -dan. E. 
ge-riht, 8h.n.8tr. (i) a right, due. 

pi. -ta. 1 03 1 A. 1074E. (-tje) 

1085 p. 21 61. (ii) a rite, office 

(of the church), pi. -ta. 1047F. 

(-te) E. (-tan) 1093 p. 228 m. 
ge-rihtan (i), -ryhtan (2), wk.v. 

to set right, correct, amend. 680 

fge-rim, 8b.n.8tr. number, compu- 
tation, gen. used adverbially: 

gertmes, by number. 1065C. D. 

pp. 194-5 h. 
ge-ripan, et.r. to reap. ge- 

rypon. 896A. 
fge-risan, st.v. to be fitting, pres. 

8g. -rist. M. 58. 120. 
ge-ryman, wk.v. to make room for, 

to open. p.p. -med. 1052C. D. 

pp. 1 80- 1 1. 
ge-ssBiS, 8b.f.8tr. happiness, good 

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fortune. pZ.-Ca. 1009C. D. (-aelCa) 

E. V, p. 295. 
ge-samnian (i), ge-somnian (2), 

wk,v, to assemble, collect. p,8g. 

-node. 380K (i). 673E. looiE. 

(2). p,pl. -nodon. 41 8 A. (2), 

-nodan. E. (i). reflex, to meet. 

heogesamnodon. 925I). p.p. -nod. 

894A. p. 84b. (i). 1016E. (2). 
ge-sargian, wJc.v. to damage, dis- 
able. p,p.pL -gode. 897 A. ad fin, 
ge-8o6ad, 8h.n,str, discrimination, 

argument dai, -de. 1070A. ad 

tge-8oeaft, sh.fMr, (i) creation, 

creature, created thing. 937A. p. 

106 b. M. 227. (ii) fate, decree. 

M. 298. 
ge-8ceotan, st.v, to shoot. p,p. 

-scoten. 1055C. 
ge-8cipian, wh.v, to provide with 

ships,, -pode. 893*. 
ge-8orydan, wJcv. to clothe, p.p, 

gescrid. 1086 p. 219 h. 
tge-scyld-ne88, sh.f.Htr. protection, 

shielding. dat, -se. 959E. ad 

ge-scyppan, stv, to form, create. 

p.p,pl, (gescsepene) 897A. p. 

90 1. gesceapen. B. C. D. gegrfjaffen. 
ge-86can, tck,v, to seek, to ask for, 

to invade, attack, to come to. 

91 8 A. (-cean) B. M. 277. p,gff. 

ge86hte.823*. io85.p.p^.ge86hton. 

787*. -tun. 937A. p. 108 h. 8uhj. 

-ton, 1006E. 
ge-seogan, w^.v. to say. 85 lE. 

herde (gesecgon), heard say. 1070 

E. p. 207 1. cf. p. 30 1. p.p. ge- 

s^d. 1066C. p. 196 1. 
ge-8ehtian, tvk.v. to reconcile, p. pi, 

-todan. 1 1 01. 
ge-sehtlian, wk.v. to reconcile. 

p.p. (gesaehtlad) 1091 ad fin, 
ge-seman, wJc.v. to con»pose,\ to 

reconcile, -mede. 1094 

p. 229 h. 
ge-8endan, wk.v, to send. p.p. 

gesend. 785 E. 85 5F. (geseond) 

656 E. pi. -de. 1 1 06 sub fin. 
ge-8§on, 8t,v, to see. 797*. 1098. 

p.*^.ge8eah. 633 E. 1095 p. 231 h. 

geseh. 1045 C. p. pi. gesawon. 

1106. gesegon. 774 E. preapart. 

gesSonde. 1086 p. 223 m. p.p. 
gesewen. 979C. 1106 (ges«won) 
tb. (geseogen) 1122. gesawen. 
789F. pi, (-nae) 793F. geseowene. 

E. gesewene. 773A.(geseogene) E. 
't'ge-8et, tib.nMr, abode. pL -tu. M. 

ge-8ettan, tok.v. (i) to set, to put. 
p.8ff. gesette. 11 06 ad fin. p.p. 
(gesBBtt) 1086 p. 220 m. (gesaet) 
1085 p. 216 b. (2) to plant, occupy. 
p.sff, gesette. 886*. p.p2.ge8etton. 
878E. gesettan . . . mid, to gar- 
rison with. 92 2 A. p.p. gesett. 1085 
p. 2 16 h. pi. (gesaet te) 1 100 ad fin. 
(3) to establish, decree, appoint. 
p.8g. gesette. 604 E. 1097 ad fin. 
(gesaette) 1002E. gesettan. 
ioi6I>. p. 152I. p.p, gesett. 796 

F. 1003 E. 1 108. (4) g. 6t, to 
remove, expel. 1075E. ( = adrifan 
B.) (5) t6 gafle gesette, let at a 
rent, farmed out. iioo. 

ge-sibb, adj. near of kin. pi, ge- 

sybbe. 958D. 
ge-sib-sum-lice (1), ge-8ixnb- (2), 

ge-8yb- (3), peaceably. 91 8 B. (2). 

ge-8iclian (i), -seclian (2), wk.v. 

to be taken ill or sick,, -lode. 

1052C. ad fin. (i). p.p. -lod. 

1003 E. (I). 1093 (2). 
fge-singan, st.v. to sing. M. 70. 
ge-sittan, st.v, (i) to settle, to 

occupy, gesaet. 744*. 874 A. 

890*. p.8ff.8ubj. ges^te, 995F. 

p. 129L gesxton. 851 E. 

878 A. -tan. p. 3E. p.p. geseten. 

92 2 A. (2) to sit out. p.p.ma8c.acc. 

-setenne. 894 A. p. 86 1. (3) to 

preside over. p.8ff., gesaet. 680 

A.B.C. (geset) E. 
+ge-si'8, 8b.m.8tr. a companion, pi. 

-©as. M. 18. 247. 
ge-slean, 8t.v. (i) to smite, to slay. 

p. 8/7. geslog, gesloh. 837*. p,pl. 

gesl6gon. 845* & fq. p.p. ge- 

slaegen. 823*&/(2'.ge8legen. 894 A. 

p. 87 b. (ii) to get by smiting. 937A. ad iniL 
ge-8m6ah, 8h,n.8tr. intrigue. 1094 

p. 229 1. 
ge-sochen, v. ge-wrecan. 
ge-spanan 8Lv, to allure entice. 

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p,*g. gesp6n. 905 A« gespeon. 

1052 CD. 
ge-spedan, wk.v, to speed, to 

prosper. p.8g. (gespledde) 1096 

ad Jin, p-pl* -ddan. 1036 F. p. 

160 M. 
ge-spelia, 8h.m.iok. a substitute, 

deputy. 1055 CD. ad fin, 
ge-spillan, tvk.v. to destroy, 

-Ide. 11 2 \ ad fin. 
sre-spreoan (i), -speoan (a), st.v. to 

speak, p. pi. gespr^con. 1066 C. 

p. 197 b. p.p, -cen. ib. p. 196 1. (i). 

1048F. p. 173 ». (2). (-con) 1070 

A., ad fin, (i). 
gest, 8b.m.8tr. a guest, stranger, pi, 

(-tes) 1 1 27 p. 265m. 
ge-8ta^lian, v)k,v. to found, esta- 
blish. 975E, ad fin,, -Colode. 

9aoA. p,p. -lad. 962A. (gesta- 

beled) 1077 E. 
ge-strynan, wJc.v. to get, beget. 

p.8g. -nde. 640 a. 1057 D. 
ge-8tillan, wk.v. to still, pacify. 

p.8g. gestylde. 1052 E. p. i8oh. 
ge-8tyrian, wk,v, to stir, excite. 

p.p. gestired. 1012 E. 
ge-sund, adj, gesunti, safe, sound. 

855 E. i>Z. -de. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 
ge-8wencan, ivk.v, to barass, weary. 

p,8g, (-swaencte) 1105. p. pi. 

-cton. II 16. p.p, -ced. p. 5 E. 

982 C -ct. II 17. (-swent) 870 F. 

p. 284 h. pi. -cte. 1 1 16. 
ge-8werian, stv. to swear, take an 

oath. -swdt-an. 1091 p. 

226 m. p.p. -sworen. 1094. pi, 

-ne. 1012 E. 1109. to administer 

an oath, swear in. p.p, id cinge 

gesworen. 1041 C 
ge-8wican, st.v, (i) to leave off, 

desist ; with gen. to cease from. 

1002 E. p.8g. geswac. 1048 E. 

p. 174I. p,pL geswicon. lOOiE. 

I II 7. -can. 1 104-5. p»pl»tubj, 

geswicon. 994E. (ii) to betray. 

jj.p. (geswicon) 1067 D. 
ge-8wlno, 8b.n,8tr, labour, oppres- 
sion. 999 E. 1085. geswincg. 1009 

E. p. 139IU daL -ce. 1016E. p. 

148 m. 
ge-8winc-fiill, a^J. laborious, hard, 

oppressive. 1098. 11 16. 
ge-syllan, wk.r. to give, to give up, 

sell. 626 E. 1093. p,8g. gesealde. 
855 A. 1095 p. 235 1. 648 E. ge- 
salde. A. so: 661*. jp.j^Z. geseal- 
don. 694E. gesaldon. A. p.p. 
geseald. 894 A. ad init. 1093 
p. 228 L pi. -de. 1014E. ad 

ge-syne (i), -s^ne (2), adj. visible, 
evident, notable. M. 233 (i). 1122 
(2). (geseone) 1118 ad fin, gen, 
pi. -nra. M. 129(1). 

getan, wlc.v. to get, to obtain, p.p. 
get (/or geted) 11 37. 

fge-tawian, wh v. to bring or re- 
duce to a certain condition, p.p. 
-wod. 1076 D. ad fin. 

ge-tel (i), -teal (2), -tsel (3), 8h.n. 
str. a *tale,* number, reckoning. 
1014 E. ad fin. {2), CD. (i). F. 
(3). dat. be getale. M. 63. 

ge-tellan, tok.v, to tell, to reckon. 
p.8g. -tealde. 634E. p-pl* -teal- 
don. M. 17. p.p. geteled rimes, 
reckoned by number. 973A. g^- 
teald. 995F. p. i3ot. 1086 p. 221 1. 

fge-teon, 8f.v, to bring up, instruct.-, getogene, 975 A. ad init, 

ge-timbran (i), -brian (2), uk,v, 
to build. 921 A.(i). 626E.(2).2?.«^. 
-rede. 91 3 A. -rade. 547 E. -tym- 
brade. 565 E. p,p, -rod. 648 F. 
915 D. -red. 409 E. -tymbrad. 
1086 p. 219 1. 

ge-tiVian, wk.v, to grant, confirm 
(with gen.), (with 
loss of final n) -Ce. 656 E. p. 30 1. 
p.8g. -Cade. 1075 D. 

ge-treowe (i), -try we (2), adj. 
true, trusty. 1052CD. ad^n. (i). 
M. 144 (2). 8uperl. -wast. 1086 
p. 221 1. (i). 

ge-treowsian, wh,v, (reflex,) to 
plight one'a futfa. p,pl, (-sodenj 

ge-treowd (i), -tryw'B (2), 8bJ.8tr. 
faith, pledge, •'Sa, 100 1 A. 
1093 ad fin. (2), (-treowaCa) 941D. 

fge-trum, 8h,n.8tr. a troop, company. 
M. 264. 

ge-truma, sh.m.wls, a troop, com- 
pany, ace, -man. 871*. 

ge-trymman, wk.v, to strengthen, 
confirm. p,ftg, -mode. 91 3D. -mde. 

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796 F. p.p, -tremmed. 870T. p. 
283 1. 

ge-pafa, fsb.m.wJc. a consenter, fa- 
vourer, allower. 1094. 

se-pafian, wk.v. to allow, permit. 
p^g. -fode. 1036 C. suhj. -fode. 
1049 CD. P'P^' -fodon. 1036 D. 

ge-pa^ing, «&./«^r. permission. daU 
-ge. 887 A. 

gre-peaht, fth.n.8tr, thoughj;, pur- 
pose, deliberation, ace. 979 E. 
1085 p. 2i6h. dat. -te. M. 

ge-pencan (i),-J)encean(2), tok.v. 
to think, conceive. 1006 sub Jin. 
CD. (i). p. 295. (-))eoncean) E. 
1085 p. 218 1. (2). 

ge-J)eode, sh.nMr. language, dat. 
1067 D. p. 202 m. pi. p. 3. E. 

ge-picgean, st.v, to accept, re- 
ceive. 755 A. p. 48 h. 

ge-peon, st.v. to thrive, grow up. M. 
277. ^.«gr. ge))eh. 1057 D. 

fge-pingan, wk.v. to determine, fix. 
p.p. -ged. M. 164. -cged. M. 7. 

ge-plngian, wk.v. to make terms, to 
come to an agreement. 755 W. p. 
294. p. pi. -godon. 628 E. >dan. A. 

. 694A. (-den) E. 

fge-'Kring, 8b.n.8tr, throng, tumult. 

975A. p. I20l. 

ge-tSungen , p .part, grown, thriven ; 

hence, excellent, distinguished. 

1065 CD. pp. 192-3 1. 

Ca ge'Sung(e)nestan. 897 A. p. 

90 h. 905 A.D. 
ge-dw8crian, wk.v. to agree, consent 

to (with dat.) 1048 E. p. 173I. 
ge-pwffir-ness, -puser-ness, 8b.f.8tr, 

concord, peace, ace. -se. 827 A. 

860 A. 
ge-pyn, wk.v. to press, compel, p.p. 

-pyed. 870F. p. 283 b. 
ge-pyncan, wk.v. imper8. to appear, 

seem good. p.8g. gejjuhte. 1052 

CD. pp. 1 80-1 1. p.p. ge))uht. 1097. 
ge-\innan, st.wk.v. to grant, give. 

(with dat. of person & gen. or ace. 

of thing) 1067 D. (geunnon) 1095. 

pre8.8ubj. geunne. 959 E, p,8g. 

geuSe. 16. 1064 E. p. 192 1. 1093. 

p.p. geunnen. 1040 E. p. 168 h. 

1091. (-nan) 1048 E. p. I72h, 
ge-utian, wk.v, to baiiiish, expel. 

p.8g. -tode. 1002 E. p.p. gefitod. 
975 E. ad Jin. 

ge-ut-lagian, wk.v. to outlaw. p.8g. 
-gode. 1020-1 K -gedaiu 
1065 D. 

ge-W8ecan, wk.v. to weaken, afflict. -w^hte. 894 W. p. 295. 

ge-wffid, 8h.n.8tr. a ford. dat. -de. 
1072 E. 

ge-w&de, 8b.n.8tr. dress, clothing, 
cf. * war-weeds,' * widow's weeds.' 
pi. -da. 1063 D. 

ge-w&dian, wk.v, to dress, to equip. 
p.p. -dod. 99 2E. 

ge-w&gan, wk.v. to weigh down, 
distress, -gde. 894A. p. 

ge-w&pnian, whv. to arm, furnish 
with weapons, p.p. -nod. 992 E. 

ge-W8Br, adj. aware of (with gen.) 
914 D. 1095 p. 231 h. 

ge-wamian, wk.v. to warn. 992 F. 
p.6g. -node. 1009 E. ad Jin. (ge- 
hwamede) D. p.p. -nod. 1052E. 

ge-wealc, 8b.n.8tr. a rolling, toss- 
ing. 975A. p. 1 20I. metaph. a con- 
test, mo ad fin. 

ge-weald (i), ge-wald (2), «5. 
n.8fr. jjefnalt, power, sway. 83 3 A. 
(2) E. (i) & so fq. 1099 (i). dat. 
gewealde. 946*. 1086 p. 220 1. 
944 B.C.D.W. for which : geweal- 
dan. A.^ is probably a mistake. 

ge-w(e)aldan, st.v. to wield, con- 
trol; hence, p.p. gewalden, sub- 
ject, inconsiderable, small, dat. 
-num. 894A. p. 86 h. 

fge-weder (i), ge-wyder (2), sbM. 
str. weather, pi. -ru. M. 90 (2). 

fge-wel-hw^r, adv. everywhere. 

ge-wendan, wk.v, (i) intrans, to 
turn, to go. (-don) 1046E. p. 169 h. -de. 998 E. 1019E. (ge- 
wsende) 1048E. p. 1726. 
-don, 1001 E. reflex. 1048 E. 
p. 176 t. (-den) 1052 E. sub;'. 
-dan. ib. p.p. gewend. loooE. with 
prepp. p.8g. gewende abuton. 1009 
E. for© gewende. 1016E. {sub;'.) 
g. ofer ib. p. i5oh. g. ut. I052£. 
fit g. 1009E. p.p. gewend fit. 
(ii) trans, to turn, change, 
gewende. 1095 adjin„ 

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ge-weorc, sh.nstr, (i) a work, esp. 
a military work, fortification. 
878*&/g'. gewerc. 896A. daf. 
-ce. 868*. pi. geweorc. 896A. -cum. 894A. p. 87 m. (ii) 
workmanship, gen. geworces. 

ge-weorpan, st.v. to become, hap- 
pen, to exist. 1052D. p. I75h. 
(-wur'San) ib. p. 176I. 1086 
p. 221 1. (-wurSa))) ib. 
p. 2i8t. gewear©. 592E. 
8wa him g., as it befell him. 
1052E. p. I78h. gewar©. 1089. gewurdon. 1109. p.pLsuhj. 
(with loss of final n) gewurde. 959 
^.p.p. geworden. 973A. his. ip66E. 
p. 197 h. pi. -ne. 1086 p. 221I. 
geweartJhimT J)amfolceane8,they 
agreed. 1014E. swa swa him -} 
J^am cynge g., as he and the king 
agreed. 1103. with gen., to attain, 
hi ])8e8 geworden haefde. 918 C. 

•j-ge-weoilJiaii, ivk.v. to honour. 
p.p. -Sad. 959E. M. 154. -©od. M. 

ge-wician, wk.v. to dwell, to en- 
camp, -code. 894A. ad init. 
p.p. -cod. 896A. 

ge-will, 8b.n.8tr. will, pleasure. 1015 

ge-wilnigan, ge-wilnian, wk.v. to 
will, desire, -nigeS, 1086 
p. 219 m. p.8g. -node. 1038D. 

ge-winn, 8h.n.8tr. (i) battle, contest. 
dat. -ne. 921 A. p. loil. 1094 p. 
230t, -nan. 1106 ad 
fin. (ii) trouble, sorrow. M. 288. 
870F. p. 284 h. 995F. p. 130 h. 

ge-winnan, 8t.v. (i) to fight, 
gewon. 741A. gewann E. (ii) to 
get by fighting, to win. p. 4I. A. 

1090. (-nen) 1066D. p.8g. gewan. 
923E. 1072-3E. gewann. 1066 A. 

1 09 1, gewunnon. 1050D. p. 
i7oh. -nan. 1069E. p.p. ge- 
wunnen. 1105. (-non) 1086 p. 
220I. sup. to gewinnane. 1087 
p. 224h. 

ge-wiss, adj. geilig, sure, certain. 
dat. t6 gewissan, as certain, as a 
certainty. 1066C. sub fin. gewis. 
995F. ad init., is probably/or wis, 

fge-wisse, adv. certainly, surely. 

M. 124. 
ge-wissian, wJc.v, to instruct, to 

direct, p.8g. -sode, 102 2E. 
ge-wita, sb.m.wk. properly a witness ; 

but used incorrectly instead of 

wita in the sense of: a wise man, 

councillor, -tena gemot. 

1048E. p. 174I. (-tene) m6t. 675 

E. p. 37 h. 1 1 24. sub fin. (-ten) 

raed. 656E. v. wita, witena-ge- 

ge-witan, st.wJc.v. to understand, to 

know. 105 2E. sup. to gewitane. 

1086 p. 219 m. 
ge-witan, st.v. (i) to depart, 

gewat. 722*. 1 102. lit gewat. 937 

A. p. 108I. gewiton. 885*. 

(2) reflex, to withdraw. him 

. . . gewat. 975 A. p. i2oh. 

gewitan him ))a NorJ)men. 93 7 A. 

p. I09h. (3) to die. p.8g,^6iB.. 

for© gewat. M. 143. 
ge-wit-ness, sh.f.8tr. (i) witness, 

testimony, ace. -se. 995F. p. 

129b. dat. -se. 1022E. (ii) a wit- 
ness, pi. -se. 656E. p. 32I. 675 

E. p. 371. 
ge-wralSian, wk.v. to make angry. 

refl£x. to grow angry. -tJede. 

ge-wrecan, st.v. to avenge, ' wreak.' 

921A. P.102I. p.p. gewrecen. 979 

E. (gesochen) 1080D. is probably 

an error for (gerochen) which was 

meant for the p.p. of this verb, 
ge-writ, sh.n.str. a writing, letter, 

writ. 627E. 995F. p.1281. dat. 

-te. 1048E. p. 172 1. 1085 p. 2i6b. 

pi. -iu. 973A. (-ta)995F.p.i28b. 

1085 p. 2i6b. (-te) 963E. p. ii6h. 

1070A. -tum. 889*. 
ge-WTitan, st.v. to write. 1085 p. 

216I. gewrat. 656E. p. 32 m. (gewriten) ih. p. 31b. p.p. 

(gewriton) 963E. p. ii6t. pi. 

gewritene. 1086 p. 221 1. 
ge-wuna, sb.m.wk. custom, wont. 

1009E. p. 139 m. 1019E. p. 150 m. 

(-ne) F, dat. -nan. 1070A. 1085 

p. 21 7 h. ace. -nan. 1006C. (-na) 

D.E. p. I37t. «.p. 295. 
ge-wuna, adj.indecl. accustomed, 

wont. 1006E. ad init. 

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ge-wundian, wlc.v. to wound. j^.ig. 

-dode. 755* pp. 48-9 h. 

-dedon. \o%}^adfin. (-doden) 1048 
E. p. I73h. j?.|?. -dad. 894A. p. 

86 1. 1079E. 755A. -dod. K 1118. 

(-ded) 1 1 38. 'pL -dade. 1038 E. 

ge - wune - lio, adj. accustomed, 

wonted. 1 100. 
ge-wunian, v)k,n, to dwell, inhabit. 

p. 3E. M. 350. 
ge-wyldan (i),ge-wildaii (2), wJco. 

to reduce, conquer, rule over. 

943D. (i). |).«^.-lde. 926D. (i). 

959E. (2). 
ge-wyrcan, whx. to work, to make, 

to fortify, to do. 92 3 A. ' ge- 

worhte. 918A. ad fin. gewrohte. 

189E. 1086 p. 220I. p. pi, ge- 

worhtan. 1016D. p. 15 2I. ge- 

wrohtan. 993E. ^.p. geworht. 894 

A. ad init. gewroht. 1048E. p. 

173m. 1094. 
tge-wyrd> sb.n.8tr. decree, rule, or- 
dinance., -dum. M. 66. 
ge-wyrde, v. ge-an-wyrde. 
ge-wyrpan, wJc.v. to recover, get 

better. p.»g. -pte. 1052C. ad fin. 
ge-ycean, «?A'. D. to increase. 1067D. 

inan. see. 
ge-yfelian, tok.v. to become ill or 

Bick.{tmper8.) him gey felode. 

1053 D. -lade. 1086 p. 218b. 
ge-yppan, wJc.v. to reveal, make 

known, discover, p.p. -ped. M. 

157- P^- -yP*e- 1095 p. 231 b. 
fgo-ywan, fok.v. to show, reveal. 

p.p. -wed. M. 142. 180. 
gif, conj. if. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 894A. 

p. 84I. 992E. 1014E. 
gifan, 8^.17. to give. 995F. p. 130I. 

1 103. geofan. 10750. (gifen) 852 

E. (gyuen) 1132. (giuen) 963E. 

ad init. pres. ic gife. t6. p. 

Ii6h. fhe] gif)). 870F. p. 284h. 

pre8.8uhj.8ff. gife. 1085 p. 217m. geaf. 853A. 963E. p. 115 b. 

gaf. 1123 p. 352I. (gaef) 1127 

p.257h.959a. (giQF. (iaef) 1127. 

p. 257t. (iaf) 1 1 54. (gfafen) 

963E. p. II 7 1. (geauen) 11 28. 

(gauen) 654E. (iaefen) 1125. (ia- 

uen) 1140 p. 267 m. p.p. gifen. 

963E. p. Ii7h. 1070E. 1127 p. 

258 h. (giuen) 11 26. (geanen) 
loi 2F. ad fin. sup. to gifene, to 
give (in marriage). 1109. (tiuen) 
Gp, to give up, surrender. 1140. 
p.8g. (iaf) up. ib. ppl. (iafen) up. 

gifian, tok.v. to bestow gifts on. 

p.8ff. gifode. 994E. 
gifu, shf.str. a gift, (gyfe) 656E. p. 

31 1. ace. gife, gyfe. ib. gen. 

(gifes). 16. p. 32 m. dat. gyfe. 

1 1 23 p. 252 h. acc.pZ. gifa. 885* 

ad fin. geofa. 1075D. (gife) 1125. 
ginun, ih.fn.8tr. a genij a jewel, gim. 

M. 254. gimmum. 1086 

p. 219 h. gimman. ib. p. 232 m. 

poejdcally of the sim. gim. M. 109. 
gisel, sb.m.str. geisel, a hostage. 

<fa/. gisle. 755* pp. 48-9 h. 1093 

ad fin. accpl. gislas. 874* & fq. 

(gysles) 1140 p. 267 h. gen.pL 

gisla. 1048E. p. 174I. I75t. 
gislian, wTc.v, to give hostages. p.8g. 

gtslade. 994E. -lode. 1013E. 

-lodon. ib. (-leden) 11 29. gyAt- 

dan. 1066D. sub fin. 
gitsung, 8b.f.8tr. avarice, covetous- 

ness. ace. -ge. io86 p. 231 h. 

(-ga) 1 100. 
glmd, adj. glad, joyous. 656EI. p. 

30 1. 
glsBd-Iice, ctdv. gladly, joyfully. 

fgleaw, adj. learned, wise. M. 171. 

nom.m.wK. -wa. M. 100. gen.pL 

-wra. 973A. 975A. 
fglidan, st.t. to glide. p.8g. glad. 

937A.P. 106L 
fglof, 8b.f.8tr. a glove, dat. -fe. M. 

249. (so Sweet : Grein doubtfully 

to a supposed: glof, 8b.n.8tr. a 

fgnomung, 8bf.str. mourning. 975 

A. p. 1 20 m. 
Qod, sb.m.str. God. nom.gen.dat. 

959E. nom. 1016K p. 150 m. 

gen. 937 A. p. 106 b. 1127 p. 357I. 

(Codes) 1080D. rfaf. ii27p. 357t. 
god, adj. good. 1153 ad fin. god 

dsel, a good part. 913A. god iTfes 

man, a man good of life. 1095 ad 
fin. se g6da. 885*. sco gode. 1093 
p. 228 h. 1> gode. 1086 p. 23oh. 
acc.masc.8tr. godne. 877*. accf. 

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gode. 837A. gtn.f.wh. (gSda) 
1 100 ad fin, dat.f. gSdre. 860A. gode. 959E. 1086 p. 
221 1. def. ))a godan. i&. gen.str. 
g6dra. 971*. goddera. 1066E. ad 
fin. (gSdre) 1 1 24, wk. (g6dene) 
656E. p. 31 1. dat. g5dum. 1089 
p. 219I. 

god, 8b.n.8tr. good, a good thing, 
goodness, goods, property. 1065D. 
1 1 24 ad fin. dat. g6de. 81*. 1066 
E. p. 198 m. pi. (g6de) ib. 

god-cund, adj. religious, sacred, 
heaven-sent. dat. -dum. 679E. 
pi. -de. 601*. 

god-fHht, adj. god-fearing, pi. 
(godefidhte) 656E. p. 31 m. 

godian, iJDk.v. (i) to grow good, im- 
prove. g6d^e. 959E. ad 
init. (ii) to endow with goods. 
p.sff. g6dede. 963E.P. 1 17 1. doubt- 
ful reading: 105 2 E. ad fin. (g6- 
ded) 1 1 37 p. 265 m. 

god-ness, sb/.str. goodness, dat. 
-se. 1086 p. 221 1. 

god-sib, sb.m.str. a sponsor, 'gossip.* 
1093 p. 228h. 

god-spell, 8b.n.8tr. gospel. 40. 47F. 
1 122. gen. -les. M. 171. dat. 
-le. 1067D. 

god-spellere, 8b.m.8tr. a 'gospeller/ 
evangelist. 63*. 87*. 

god-spellian, tok.v. to preach the 
gospel, to evangelize, -lodon. 

god-siinu, 8b.m.8tr. god-son. 755*. 
pp. 48-9 1. 890A. -sune. E. 

gold, 8b.n.8tr. gold. 1070E. (gol) 
1064E. ffen. -des. 1066E. ad fin. 
1086 p. 221 1. dat. -de, looiA. 

gold-hord, 9b.n.8tr. a * gold hoard,' 
treasure, pi. 418*. 

gomol, V. gamol. 

grad, 8b.m.8tr. a step, grade, dat. 
pi. -dan. 1083 ad fin. 

fgr^dig, adj. greedy, acc.m. -gne. 
937A. ad fin, 

fgr^dig-ness, 8b.f.8tr. greed, avar- 
ice, ace, (gr^dina^sse) ioi86 p. 
221 h. 

grsBfe, gr8Bfa[?], i^.iok. generally 
rendered * coal ;* Prof, l^le ren- 
ders it 'gravel.* 85 aE. 

fgp^g, adj. grey. M. 263. neut. 
wk. -ge. 93 7 A. ad fin. 

gram, adj. gram, furious, angry. 
948D. 1048E. p. I73h. 

gra-Boinnen, adj. made of 'grey- 
skins,* grey fur (miniver, Thorpe). 
(cf. Icel. gra-skinn, from which 
it is probably borrowed.) pi. 
-schynnene. 1075D. 

gr6at, adj. great, tall. gen.8g.wk. 
-tan. 1017D. (grictan) E. dat. 
pi. -tum. p. 5E. 

fgremian, wk.v. to irritate, pro- 
voke, sup. t6 gremienne. 11 04. 

fgrene, adj. green. M. 267. pL 
M. 206. 

gretan, wk.v. to greet, salute. 
1014E. pres. ic . . . grete. 675E. 

grating, sh.f.str. greeting, ace 
-ge. 675E. p. 36t. 

grimm, adj. 'grim,* severe, sharp. -mum. p. 5E. ckjc. -mne. 

grin, gryn, 8b.n.8tr. a snare, gin. 
ioiS7D. 1 137 p. 264m. (?) 

griS, sh.n.8tr. peace limited in time 
or place ; truce, protection, 
asylum, (often coupled with the 
more general word: fnfS). 1002 
E. 1037E. 1046K p. 168 h. gen. 
-Cea. 1048 E. p. 174b. 1095. (-«as) 
1087 p. 224I. dat. -Se. 1095. 
Hence almost » jurisdiction, e.g. 

griSisn (i), grySian (2), wk.v. to 
make a truce or peace ; with ace, 
to take under one*8 protection. 
1093 (i). p.8g. -iSede. 1016E. p. 
I53h. (i) 1). (2). 1066C. p. I96h. 
1070E. (i). -"Sode. 1046E. p. i68t. 
(i). -tJedon. 1 1 14. io68E. (i). 
D.(2). -©odon. 1087 p.224h. (i.) 

■{"grund, sb.m.str. ground, the bot- 
tom, abyss. M. 113. in pi., the 
earth, world, -das. 937 A. 
p. 106I. 

grund-weall, sb.m,8tr. a founda- 
tion, (-walla) 654E. 

fgiuna, sb.mAok. a man. 937A. p. 
106 b. gumena. ib. p. 
109 h. ^ Grein in M. loi, where 
the MS. has acc^g, guman. 

fgiiB, sb.fistr, war. dat. gGCe. 937 
A, p. 109 1. 

A a 

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gulS-fana,,wk. war -banner. 

tgu9>hafoo, sb.m.ttr. war-hawk. 937 
A. ad Jin. 

gyld (1), gild {2)y8hji.9tr, payment, 
tribute. 1049G. ad Jin, 1066E. 
p. I98h. (i). 1013E. p. I44h. 
(2). (geld) 656E. p. 3ih. (geold) 
675E. p. 36 h. 1087 p. 223b. 
acc.pL gyldL 1103. (gylda) 1096 
ad Jin, (gsBildes) 1137 p. 264I. 
(glides) 1 1 40 p. 267 b. (geoldes) 
1 1 24 ad fin, gyldam. 

gyldan, pay. 1014E. 1002 G. 
D. gildan. F. p. 295. (gyldon) E. geald. 99 lE. p. pi, guidon. 

gyldaa, wk.v, to gild. p,8g, gildede^ 
doubtful readiog : J052E. ad 

gylden, adj. golden. 1058D. nom. 
acc.f. gildene. 105 2E. ad fin, 
1066E. oc^^n.p^. gildene 1 070E. 
p. 205 b. datpL gjlden&n. 1075D. 

gylp, Bh.m.str, arrogance, os- 
tentation., gylpa. 1006 
CD. p. 137 h. V. beotian. 

tgylpan(i),gelpan(2),««.v. to boast, 
'yelp.' 937-^- P' 109* (2). B. C. 

gylt, 9b.m,8tr, guilt, crime. 1048E. 
jp, I'jSh. daf. -te. 1055C.D. 

gyman, wk,v, to take care of, ad- 
minister, sup, t5 (geamene) 
1123 p. 253h. 

gyme-least (i), geme-lest (2), 
shj.atr. carelessness. 1070E. p. 
207 1. (2). dat, -te. 1016E. p. 
H^'h, (I). 

gymen, $b.f,8tr, care, administra- 
tion, rule. dat. -ne. 26E. -nne. 
27a. [gyminge. W. p. 293.] 

gyrd, *b.f.8tr, a rod ; as a measure 
of area, a rood, (gyrde) 1085 
p. 216 1. 

gyman (i), girnan (2), geoman 
(3), geman (4), wh, 'yearn,' 
desire, entreat. 1067D. (i). 
(geomen) 656E. p. 31 m. pres, 
Cu geomest. ib. ge geor- 
non ih» p. 33 h. p.8ff, -nde. 777E. 
(3). 1048E. p. 172 K (4). ib, p. 
174b. 1093 (1). (iffimde) Ii27p. 

258 h., -ndon. 1009E. (2). 

101 1 E. (3). 105 2E. p. 180 h. (4). 

1087 p. 224I. (i). (ieomden) 

gyme (i), geome (2), adv, gemt, 

eagerly, gladly, well. 959E. 

1006E. ad fin. (2). 1083 (1). 
gymung (i), geornung (2), sh.f. 

istr, 'yearning,* desire, ace, -ge. 

675E. p. 36 h. (geamunge) 11 14 

p. 246 1. 
gyt (I), git (2), giet (3), gieta (4), 

9^^ (5)> ^v* yet, still, again. 

icx>9E. ad fin, 1089 (i). 918A. 

921A. p. 102 m. (3). 937A. ad fin. 

(4). 1131 p. 262 h. (5). 565E. 

1087 p. 223 1. (2). (gffit) 1137 p. 

264 b. (geat) 1086 p. 318 h. 

(iett) II 27 ad fin, J>e gyt, for ))a 

gyt. 1106? 


ha, sh.mMr, (Icel. bar) an oar-thole, 
rowlock, hencey set ha » per man. 
1040C. V. hamele, ha-sseta. 

habban, wk,v. (i) to have, to possess. 
(ii) as auxiliary verb, infin. 874*. 
1002E. 1087. 1 1 01. (habben) 11 27 
p. 258 1. (hafen) 1 123. (hauen) 
675E. p. 36 1. 1 1 40. pres,8g, 
ha&)>. 979E. h8ef>. M.146. (haued) 
675E. p. 36 1. 1154. ic (haue) 
675E. p. 36 h. subj^ habbe. ib, 
p. 37L 1031 A. (hafe) 675E. adfin. 
(haue) 963E. p. Ii6m. 11 28. 1st and 3rd, habbaS. 565 
E. 1086 p. 221 L 2nd (hauen) 
675E. p. 36^ h. p.8g. haefde. 874* 
d; passim Hieafde) 885E. 
1131. (hafde) 656E. 755E. 11 22. 
(hefde) 1124 p. 254 h. (hedde) 
885F. 1 140 p. 268 1. (hadde) 
1 137. (adde) 11 38. With r^lex, 
dat. added : him .. . h8efde.973A., ind, <k 8ubj, hsefdon. 867 * 
A passim,, (hsefden) 1070K adfin, 
(heafdon) 1012E. iioi. (heafden) 
675E. (heofdon) 449E. (hafden) 
1 1 25. (hefdon) p. 3E. (hefden) 
1^37 P' 264 h. (haeddan) p. 71 
n. F» (hadden) 1137. sup. id 
haebbenne. 1052C. adfin. hab- 
bene. D. habbiume.. 1085 p. ai6 1. 

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habbene. 1093. (hauene) 1127. 
haefdon to (with supine), had to, 
were bound to. 11 29. 
had, rank, condition, order, 
esp. holy orders. 1 1 19. gen. hades. 
995F. p. 128b. 1103. 

1086 p. 219 b. hada. M. 

hades-mann, 8b.m.8tr. a man of a 
particular kind or order, cf. * in 
orders.* -num. 995F. ad 

hadian, wJc.v, to ordain, consecrate. 
1048E. p. eg. hadode. 931 A. 
p.p. hadod. 107 2E. pi. hadode. 
1014E. gen. (hadede heafden), 
clerics. 963E. p. 1 1 7 h. (hadode 
heafde) 675E. p. 36 h. 
(-dre) 1046F. p. 167 w. 

hading, sb./.8lr. ordaining, ordina- 
tion. 675E. p. 36 h. 

hfleooe, sb.(l)f.wk. a crosier. 1070E. 

hsdfen, sb.f.str. hsefene, sh.f.wh. 
a haven, harbour, gen. -ne. 1031 
A. ace. -nan. it. 1090. 

hseft, 8b.m.str. a bond, imprison- 
ment. 1036C.D. 

fhsdfte-olomm, 8b.m.str. a fetter, 
bond. dat. -mum. 942 A. 

hseften, sb.f.str. captivity, custody. 
dat. -ne. 1095 p. 231 1. 

hsBft-noV, sh.m.8tr. custody, im- 
prisonment, dat. -ne^e. 1095 p. 
231b. loii ad fin. 

hsBftnnng, sb.f.str. confinement, 
custody, dat. -ge. 1086 ad fin. 

1087 p. 224I. (heftnunge) 11 24. 
(heftninge) 1079. 

hseft-nyd (1), -nied(2), -nSd (3), 

s}).f.str. captivity, thraldom, dat. 

-de. 886A. (2). B. CD. W. p. 294. 
(3). (h8efnede)E. 
H&lend, 8&.m.8^r . J^etktUl,a Saviour. 

gen. -des. 995E. p. 128b. 1086. 

fhsele]), 8&.m.jR^r. aman, hero. 975 A. 

p. 120I. pi. hselelS. ih. M.14. gen. 

pl.-^ 93 7 A. p. io8h. M.I 2 1. -Sum. M. 240. (helepum) 

M.I 64. 
h&lo, h&l, 8b.f.str. fjtil, health, sal- 
vation. M.50. dat, h^lo. 855A. 

h^le. E. 

f h^lo-tid, sb.f.8tr. a prosperous 

time. 1065D. p. 193I. (healfe 

tid. C.) 
h&Vi, sb.f.str. health, salvation. 

dat -«e. 1023D. 
h^man, wk.v. to lie with. 

svbj. -mde. 1086 p. 220 m. 
hsen-fogol, sb.m.str. a * hen-fowl,* 

hen. pi. (henne fugeles) 11 31. 
hesrfest, sb.m.str. j^etbst, autumn, 

'harvest.' on hserfest. 91 8A. 921 

A. p. 102 h. 1048E. p. I72h. 

(herfest) 1006E. (heruest) 1126. 

gen. heerfestes. 1048E. p. 174I. 

(of point of time). 921 A. p. 102 b. 

dat. -te. 1086 p. 218 1. 877A. 

(herfeste) E. (-faeste) 896A. 
hssmes, sb.n. ? str. \)ixn, the brain. 

pi. hsemes. 1137 p. 264 h. 
hfes, sb.fstr, command, dai. -se. 

92 1 A. p. 103 1. 1070A. ace. -se. 

963E. p. 116 m. (hese) 11 23 p. 

thsdttian, wh.v. to take the hair 

and skin off the head, to scalp. 

p.8g. -tode. 1036C. 
t h^, sb.fMr. a heath, dat. -Ce. M. 

h&pen, a^j. heathen; in the Chron. 

practically equivalent to Dane, 

Danish. 865A. 866E. (hethen) 

1137 p. 364b. nom.m.wJc. (-ne) 

865E. nom.n.wTc. (-na) 1086 p. 

222 1. dat.m.str. -]>num. 851 A. 

(-«ene) E. (he«enum) 616E. 

pLstr. -)>ne. 851 A. -"Sene (hefS- 

ene) E. 1128 ad fin. pl.wTc. 

-]>nan. 851 A. -Senan. 794E. gen. 

pi. ->enra. 942A. (heS-) 793E. 
hStSen-scipe, sb.m.str. heathenism. 

(heCen-) 634E. 
hai'en-l§ast, sb.fstr. lack of means, 

poverty, dat. (haueleste). 675E. 

p. 36I. 
hagol, sb.fnMr. hail. dat. -le. iii 7. 
f hagol-sour, «ft.9n.«^r.a hail-shower. -rum» M. 35. 
f hago-steald, -staid, hage-, ad[/. 

unmarried,, independent, pi. -de 

menn, young warriors. 1065 CD. 

pp. 192-3 b. 
hal, adj. whole, hale. dai.n. h^an. 

614F. 616F. /. halre. 1052E. ad 


A a 2 

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halfl^ian, wTc,v. to consecrate, ordain. 
667E. 1094. p,8g. halgode. 670E. 
1006 A. halgode him abbot. 963 
E. p. 115I. halgede. 11 30. 
(halechede) 1135 ad fin. 
-godan. 731E. p.p. halgod. 1130. 
datf. -die. 1066E. sup. to 
halgianne. 1054D. r. ge-hal- 

(halgo-rod,) 8h.f.8tr.* holy-rood/tlie 
cross, ace. -de. 963E. p. 117111. 

l^^l£mng, sh.fMr. hfdlowing, con- 
secration. 984A. (haleging) 675 
E. p. 36 h. dot. -ge. 979C. 

halig, adj. holy ; as suhst. a saint. 
1085 p. 217 h. (hali) 1 137 ad fin. 
nom.m.wk. halga. 714*. 814*. 
haliga. 616F. f.wk. halige. 994 
E. halge. 1070E. neut.wk, halige. 
1012E. (halie) 1069D. ad fin. 
dat.8ff.wh. halgan. 876*. ace. 
m.str. haligne. 1065C.D. pp. 
192-3I. wk. halgan. 626A. 975D. 
ad fin. acc.m.f.wk. haligan. 
1012E. gen.m,wk. halgan. ib. pi. 
m.str. halige. 1086 p. 218I. wlc. 
(halechen) 1137 p. 365 h. ffen. 
pl.8tr. haligra. 901 A. wh. hal- 
gena. 97 iB. 1083 odfin. (halsrane) 
656E. p. 33 h. (halgan) 675E. p. 
36h. 1066E. p. I98h. 
halgum. 565E. halgan. 675K p. 
33h. (halechen) 890 a. 

hAlig-dom, 8b.m.8tr. sanctity ; and 
80, holy things, relics, 'halidome.' 
(hklid6m) 1131 ad fin. dat. 
haligdome. 1083. (halid6me)885F. 

halig-f&mne, tb.f.wk. a sainted 
woman, (halifemne) 639E. 

fhalig - m6na1$, 8b.m.8tr, * holy- 
month,* September. -m6nC. M. 

halig-^ess, 8h.f.8ir. holiness, sanc- 
tity, (halines; 641 E. 

hals, V. heals. 

ham, 8b,m.8tr. (i) home. M. 150. set 
ham, at home. 894A. ad inii, 
ham, home, homewards. 792E. 
91 7 A. 1 1 29. hama berea- 
fod. 975A. ad fin. (ii) a hamlet, 
manor. looiA. datsg. set )>aem 
ham. 901A. hame. D. pi. 
hamas. 937A. ad init. gen.dat. 
pi, hama^ Mmon. looiA. 

hamele, hamole, sh.f.wJc. (Icel. 
hamla), an oar-loop, rowlock; 
hence, set Ulcere -Ian = for every 
rower, per man. 1039E. v. ha. 

f hamelian, vJc.v. to mutilate. -lode. 1036C. 

fhamor, sh.m.str. a hammer, gen. 
pi. -ra. 937A. ad init. r. laf. 

ham-weard, adv. homeward, on the 
way home. 885*. 911 A. 1095 p. 
231 1. -ward. 1061I). 

ham-wear des, adv. homewards, on 
the way home. 894A. p. 86 1. 
•werdes. 1046C. 

han-orSd, 8b.m.8tr. cock-crow. ace. 
795E. (hancre) F. 

hand, adv. just, exactly, h. "p syl&, 
juRt the same. 1052E. p. I79h. 

hand* (i), hond (A) (2), 8h.f.8tr. 
hand, on ^g9re hand, on either 
side. 852E. A. (3). cf. 871*. 
dat, (hande) 1031A. on hand 
gan, to submit, surrender. 882 
E. A. (2). From hand-shaking 
being the sign of concluding a 
bargain, on hand syllan » to bar- 
gain, promise, onh. sealdon, ' fidem 
dantes spondent.' 97 2 F. 1064E. 
p. 192 1. a hand sealde. 1065D. 
p. 193 h. on (hande), in hand. 
1 1 27 p. 257 h. set handa, at 
the hands of. 605E. set bis- 
ceopes handa onfon, to i*eceive 
(a child, &c.) at the bishop's hand 
(at confirmation, as sponsor). 942 
A. so : t6 bisceopea handa niman, 
healdan. 993A. 855F. t6 handa 
. abegan, to reduce, subject. 1073 
E. td handa healdan, to hold (land, 
&c.) of another. 887E. A. (2). to 
(hande) l^tan, to let (land,&c.) to 
another, to deliver up. 85 2E. 
1048E. p. 174 b. t6 handan let. 
lopi. heom td hand scufan, to 
deliver up, abandon to them. 
1052D. p. 175 h. on handa settan, 
to entrust, commit. I048£. ad fin. 
W. handa. 641E. 1014E. d< 
handum. 102 2E. 

hand-plega (i), hond- (2), t^.m. 
wk. hand-play, i.e. fighting, gen. 
-gan. 937A. p. 108 h. (2). ace. 
-gan. 1004c. D. ad fin, (i). 

hand-pr6o8t, 8b.m,8tr, chaplain. 

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•prest. 1051F. p. 181 b. pL -taa 

870F. p. 284 h. 
f hangian, wk,v, to hang, be hanged. 

M. 288. 
har, adj. hoar, hoary. 93 7 A. p. 

1 08 b. dat.mMr. haran. M. 213. 
f.vjk. haran. 1066D. p. 199 1. 
fhara, sb.m.wk. a hare, 

-ran. 1086 p. 221 m. 
ha-sseta, sh.m.wTc. a rower. (Icel. 

ha-seti, lit. 'thole-sitter*), pi. 

-ton. 105 2E. V. ha. 
fhasu-pad, adj. having a grey 

coat (of an eagle.) ]K>ne hasu- 

padan. 937. ad fin. CD. with 

both parts declined : ];ane base- 

w^an padan. ih. A. 
fhat, hot. mperi. -tost. M. 239. 
hatan, stv. §tt§en. (i) to order, 

command, het. 792*. (h^t) 

685E. (heot) 656E. p. 30 1. het 

Gt, ordered out of the country, 

banished. 1046F. p. 16971. 

heton. 449E. (ii) to call, to name. h^t. (for hatetJ) 449E. 

892A. 1016D. E. p. 152. 

1st & 3rd, hataS. 893*. 975A. ad 
fin. p.8g. het. 688B. C. heht. A. heton. 878E. p.p. haten. 

755 A. 895 A. (lii) to be called, 

'hight.* het. 777E. 963E. 
p. 117I. (hiet) 1086 sub fin. the 
form : hatte, was called or named, 

(656E. p. 30 b. 1070E. sub fin. 

1106. p. 241 t.) is an interesting 
and unique relic of the old in- 
flected passive, oiiginally present, 
but used always as a preterite, 
hawian, wh.v. to look, to gaze. 

p.»g. -wede. 1003E. 
he, heo, hit, pers.pron. 3rd sg. he, 
she, it. (note that the masc. & 
fem. refer not only to persons, 
but to any substantive of corre- 
sponding gender. We have how- 
ever hit referring to a masculine 
Bubst. in 892A. There being no 
reflexive pron. in Anglo-Saxon 
the pers. pron. is often used re- 
flexively: SigfertJ . . . hineof feoll, 
S. slew himself. 96 2 A. This re- 
flex, pron. in the dat. isoftenjoined 
with verbs of motion, v. gan. &c., 
also with the verb eubst, 1009E. 

ad fin. with libban, 1009C. D. ad 
fin.) nom.m. he. 787* &fq. (heo) 
654E. ic86 p. 218 h. (hi) 1123 
p. 252 1. /. heo. 91 oA. 718E. hio. 
A. ?hT. 918C. n. hit. 877* &.fq. 
hyt. 1065C. p. 192 1. (it) 1137 
p. 265 b. acc.m. hiene. 787A. 
hine. E. 871* & fq. (wrongly for 
dat. 1125. 1127 p. 257 h.) acc.f. 
hie. 919A. hy. 1048E. ad fin. 
hig. 1037C. gen.m.h.i3. 'jS'j* &fq. 
gen.f. hiere. 878A. hire. E. hyre. 
917C. log^ 8uh fin. (hyra) 1036 
E. n. his. 933*. dat.m. him. 789 
E. 838A. datf. hire. 91 7C. hyre. 
1035C. hie. 78 7 A. hi. E. 
hii. 656E. hy. 993A. 449E. hig. 
755E. p. 49 m. 1087. (heo) 449 
E. 937 A. p. 109 h. hie. 
871* (he) 787E. (heo) 925D. hira. 895 A. 1016E. p. 
151 1. hiera. 8 75 A. hiora. 894A. 
p. 86 1. heora. 794E. 937A. hyra. 
560E. 905D. 1006E. p. 137 
h. (hera) 1090. (heoran) 
iioi. 1 1 19. V. infra, (heore) 
979E. (here)675E.p.37m. 1131 
p. 262 t. (her) 1 1 35. by contami- 
nation with iSara we have : ())eora) 
449E. 1086 p. 221 1. 
him. 877*. heom. 994E. (hem) 
1 123. (The use of the dat. for 
ace. which is completed in Modem 
EngL (him, her, them) is found in 
E. and F. (12th cent.), him, as 
accsg. occurs e.g. 654E. 963E. 
ad init. 11 23 p. 252 1. 1154. & 
fq. heom, for 828E. where 
A. has hie. It occurs once in CD. 
1052, pp. 180-1 1. ; so: hem. 11 24. 
ad fin.) so in fem. hire as accsg. 
1 127. 1140 pp. 267m. 268 h. In 
1087 p. 224, we have him si/lfsLS 
nom., whereas in 1083 we have he 
sylf. The^en. hisyisln one instance 
treated on the analogy of Gre, 
&wer, as a pos8.pron.adj. and de- 
clined : pi. hise. 1 128. The form 
heoran which occurs above {jgtn. 
pi.) is probably due to a similar 
tendency to create a possessive 
pronoun for the 3rd pers. pi. 
fheafoo, hafuc, sh.m.str. a hawk. 
M. 249. 

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hSafod, 8b,n,8tr, head. 79a*. loiaE. 

1063E. (eafod) D. (hefed) 1137 

p. 264 h. (h^aed) ib. (heuod) 

1133 P- 352 b. dat. h^afode. 

1066D. ad fin., (heafde) 

675E. p. 36 h. 963E. p. Ii7h. dat. 

pi. h^afdum. 1012E. of the figure- 
head of a ship. 1063D. metaph. 

head, chief. lOiiE. ad fin. 1087 

p. 224 1. (hdifod) 1127 Bubfin. pi. 

(heaued) 1127. 
h6af od-burh, 8h.f.8tr. head -borough , 

chief town. 995F.p. 128I. 
h6af od-mann, 8b.mMr. f)att|Ttsmann* 

a 'head-man/ captain. lOioE. 

pi. -men. iioi. (h^fod-) 1 102. 

(^-mssn) 1 1 1 5. heafed menn. 1 1 3 1 

p. 262 t. also: heafdesmen. 1076 

D. >manna. 870F. p. 71*1. -mannum. 1052E. -nan. 

h§afod-port, 8h.m.8tr. chief town. 

1086 p. 218I. 
li§ah, adj. high. dat.8g. (haege) 

656E. p. 30 m. hea. 

1086 p. 221 h. hteran. 

897A. p. 90in. hearran. B. C. 

superl. hehst. 1031 A. pi. hihste. 

II 01 ad fin. 
f h§ah, adv. high. sup. hyhst. M. 

bgah-burh, 8b.f.8tr. chief town. atec. 

pi. (heh burh) p. 5E. 
f h6ah-engely tb.m.8tr. archangel. 

M. 50. aen. -gles. M. 177. 
h6ah-ge-refa, S.m.wh. high reeve. 

lOOiA. acc.8g. -fan. T002E. nam. -fan. 778E. 779E. 
i-h§ah-lic» adj. illustrious, notable. 

healic M. 37. 74. 
hSah-Hoe, adv. highly, solemnly. 

(hegltce) 1137 p. 265 b. (heh- 

iTce) 1 1 54. 
hSah-msesse, sh.f.wh. high mass. 

(hehmesse) 1125. 
f hdah-tSimgen, p. part, distinguish- 
ed, of high rank. dat. -num. 1065 

C. ad fin. (-na) D. 
h6ah-wita, ib.m.wlc. high or chief 

councillor. |>2.-tan.ioo9E. p.139 1. 
heald, 8b.n.8tr. protection, rule. t6 

healde (healdes MS.) ealles Engia 

landes, to rule all England. 1036 


heald, adj. (IceL hallr), sloping, in- 
clined ; hence, partial, devoted. 
superl. -dest. 1036E. (or it may 
be miswritten for : boldest.) 

healdan (i), haldan (2), st.v. (a) 
to hold, keep, to maintain, rule, 
govern. 887*. 1014E. iioo. p. 
236 m. (i). (healdon) 1687 p. 
224 h. pres.8ubj.8g. healde. 1041 
E. pi. (hsBlden) 656E. p. 31 h. 
p.8g. heold. 611*. 931 A. (held) 
1 135. heoldun. 887A. -dan. 
E. (hdden) 1135. subf. heoldan. 
1036E. pre8.part. healdende. 
918C. sup. to haldanne. 874A. 
haldonne. 886A. healdenne. E. 
(b) to keep, observe, maintain 
(laws, promises, peace, &c.), (heal- 
den) 963E. pr€8.8g. (haelt) 656 
E. ad fin. (halt) 675E. p. 36 b. healden. ib. ad fin. 
-don. 963E. p. 117m. heol- 
don. 877A. -dan. E. (-den) 1137. 
sup. t5 healdene. 11 00 p. 336 h. 
(halden) 11 40 ad fin. (c) to hold, 
celebrate (courts, festivals, &c.) 
M.63 (i). healdaS. M.20. 
p.8g. heoll 11 10 k fq. (heald) 
1 127. 8up. t6 healdenne. 1097. 
(d) to hold, consider. p.8g.8tJij. 
(helde) 11 ^o ad fin. (e) to hold 
out, maintain one's ground. p.8g. 
(held) 1 1 23 ad fin. ongean h. to 
resist. 1013K (/) to hold on 
one's course, heo\d&n. job, 2 
D. p. 181 h. 1070E. ad fin. (g) 
h. mid, to hold, take part with, 
support, (halden) 1140. p-pl- 
heoldon. ib. (helden) 1129. ad 

healf, hal^ 8b.f.8tr. half, part, side, 
on ))a healf muntes, on the far 
side of the mountain. 887*. 891 A. 
be ))is half. 1129 ad fin. on 
an half ... on 6t$er half, on one 
side ... on the other side. 11 23. 
so metaph. on heora healfe. 894A. 
ad init. 1014E. halfe. 656K 
p. 31 1. 1048E. p. 174m. pi. on 
ba halfe. 1066D. p. 199 h. healfe. 
1009E. ad fin. 1 1 22. 
healfum. 1009C. D. p. 139 b. 
(healfe) E. 

heal^ half, adj. half, healf gear. 

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a half year. 901E. half (g^r) 
1 1 37 P- 265 h. healf (punda) 1094. 
noin,pl. hie wacron liealfe set ham, 
]i. ute. they were half of them at 
home» &C. 894A. ad init. idioma- 
tic use with numerals. ]>ridde healf 
gear, lit. the third a half year, i.e. 
2| years. 931A. cf. 946. 855A. 
851*. of ))riddan healfre hyde. 
(made) of the third a half hide, 
i.e. 2 J hides. 891 A. cf. liritt^fjalil. 
6])rum healfum l«s jje xxx. wintra, 
= 28i winters. 901 A. 6])ran heal- 
faa geare lies )>e xxx. w. p. 5 n. j3. 

cf. antrertsjjali^ 

+hea-lic, «. heah-lTc. 

fheall, Bhfjdr. a hall, dat -le. 

M. 260. 
healle-ge-weoro, sh.nMr, * hall- 
work,' the work of building 

(Westminster) hall. 1097 ad Jin. 
heals, hals, 8h,m.8tr, f^alS) the neck. 

hals. 1 1 37 p. 264 1. 
Ii6aii, adj. low, mean, jpl- heane. 

1086 j>. 219 t. 
fh^axi-lioe, <tdv, ignominiously, 

miserably. 1036 D. 
th§ap, sb.7n.8tr. a crowd, multitude, 

* heap.* 973A. 
heard, adj. hard, stem, brave. 

1043 D. M. 42. with^en. ni]>weorca 

h., brave in battles. 973 A. gen. 

-des. 937 A. p. 108 1. pi. harde. 

1 1 26. 
heard-heort, adj. hard-hearted. 

1086 ad init. 
heard-lice, adv. hardly, resolutely, 

severely. 616 F. 741 A. looi E. 

hardllce. 1046 E. 
hearm, sb.m.8tr. harm, damage. 

994 E. 1052 E. p. 180 1. 1097. 

(hearme) 1064 p. 192 h. dat. 

-me. 1090. hearmas. 1053 

D. (hearmes) 1090. 

(harme) 1048 E. p. i74t. 
hearma - soinnen, adj, made 

of ermine skins, pi, -scynnene. 

fhearm-lic, adj, harmful, grievous. 

1057 D. 
fheapo-lind, 8b.f.8tr. war-linden, 

i. e. shields made of linden-wood. 

ace, -de. 937A. ad init, pi. -da. 


f hea9a-r6f, adj. famed in war. pi. 

-fe. M. 14. 
fhSawan, 8t.v. to hew. heo- 

wan. 937 A. ad init. 
hefe-Ho, hefi-lio,a<7/. heavy, serious. 

868*. 1086. 
hefig, adj. heavy, serious, (heui) 

1124. ad Jin. pL -ge. 1106 

ad fin, 
hefig-tima, -tyma, adj. grievous, 

disastrous. looiE. -tyme, -time. 

1041 E. 1096. 1097. acc.w. 

-tymne. 1096. 
hege,s&.m.8^r. ahedge, fence, (heege) 

1 1 30. da«. hegge. 547 E. 
held', helde, v, hyld-, hylde. 
hell, «J/.8tr. hell, dat, belle. 675 

helm, 8h.m,8tr, a helm, helmet. 

1008 K rfaf. -me. M. 248. 
help, 4tb.f.str. help, aid. ace, -pe. 

1 127. ^en, -pe. 1 131 ad fin, dat. 

-pe. 921 A. p. 102 1. 
helpan, stv. to help. 870F. p. 

284 1. 
heofen (i), heofon (2), sKm-str. 

heaven. 1098(2). dat, (heouene) 

1 1 22. -na. 975 A. p. 120b. 

^2). (heofne) 656 E. ad fin, dat pi. 

-num. 979 E. 774E. (i). hefenum. 

heofene (i), heofone (2), shf.wk, 

heaven, (heouene) 1131. dat. 

-nan. 1095 (i). 1106 (2). 
heofen-Uo (i), heofon- (2), adj. 

heavenly. 979E. (2). nom.m. 

iiok.-ca„%h. (2).y. -ce. 656 E. p. 

31b. (i). neut.wk, -ce. 988E (2). 

heofanHce. 1089. 
heof en-rice (i), heofon- (2), heo- 

fonan- (3), «l).».8<r. the kingdom 

of heaven. 656 E. p. 31b. (2). 

1086 p. 221 b. (3). (heuen-) 675 E. 

P« 37 *• 9^^' "C68. M. 4 (2). 
heonon, adv, hence. 1050I). ad fin. 

heonone,a(2v. hence, (heonne) 1 103. 
h§oran, «. hyran. 
heord, 8b.f.8tr, a herd, flock, ace. 

-de. 616 F. (hyrde)E. 
fheort, 8b.m.8tr. a hart, a deer. 1086 

p. 221 h. pi. -tas. %b. 
heorte, sbj^.wh. the heart, dat. 

-tan. 1023 P. 1067 D. 

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heord, 8b.m.8tr. a hearth, dat, 
(-»8e) 1048E. p. 173 1. 

hSr, adv. here. p. 3 E. (hir) 33 E. 
(here) 11 40 ad Jin. in this docu- 
ment. 903 E. p. 117 h. in tem- 
poral sense ; at this point of time, 
at this place in the Annals. 

her-aefter, adv. hereafter, afiter- 
wards. (-efter) 1135. 1095. 1104. 

here, sh.m.str. jjecr, (i) a host or army, 
but almost always of the Danish 
army ; the native force is fyrd. 
(See however land-here, scip- 
here.) In 910E., the insertion of 
here is an evident mistake. In 
906 E., East Engle here means : the 
Danes settled in !^ast Anglia. 
In 1006 E., in here is used of the 
native force, perhaps as being 
nearly as fatal to the people as the 
Danes ; in 684E., here is used of 
the force which EcgferC sent to 
invade Ireland; in 1052 D. p. 
175, of Edward's army opposed to 
Godwine; in 1052 CD. pp. 178- 
9 b, of Godwine's invading force ; 
in 1054 CD., of Siward's English 
force invading Scotland (cf. 933 A. 
where, on a like oocasion, we 
have land here, scip here) ; in 
1056 C, of English troops act- 
ing against the Welsh. In 1063 
E.,on alike occasion, we have land- 
fyrd, but scip-here. In 1066 D. 
pp. 195 b. 199 1., 8cip here, land 
here, here, and in 1066 E. p. 197, 
scip here, here, &re used of 
Harold's preparations against Tos- 
tig and William, where Cp. 194 b., 
has scip fyrd, land fyrd. In 
1073 E., here is used of William 
I's English force invading France, 
where D. hKsfyrd; in 1085 pp. 
215-6, here is used of his foreign 
mercenaries; in 1087 p. 224 h., of 
William II's English troops which 
operated against Odo and his 
allies ; in 1090, of Philip I's 
invasion of Normandy, though his 
forces combined with those of 
Duke Robert are called/yrei. (ii) In 
1 100, here seems to mean military 
service. nom.acc, here.passim. gen. 

heres. 874*. heriges. 937A. p. 

108 h. hez^es. C dat. herige. 

838 A. mid ealle herige, in fall 

force. 894 A ad init. here. 875*. 

(eere) 1080 D. hergas. 

871*. heras. 1016C p. 15071. 

(heres) E. ( = the Danish and Eng- 
lish armies), datpl. hergum. 894 

A. ad init. (iii) in a general sense; 

multitude, pi. herigeas. M. 5. 
here-beaoen, tsb.n.str. a war-beacon. -beacen. 1006 C-beacna. D. 
here>beorgian, tok.v. to * harbour,* 

take up one's quarters. 1048 F. 

p. 1 73 ». ( = hi innian. E.) 
fhere-flyma (i), -flema (2), sb.m. 

wk. a fugitive in war. 

-man. 937A. p. 108 1. (2). B. (i). 
here-gyld, 8h.n.8tr. tribute paid to 

the (Danish) host. 1052 D. -gild. 

1040 F. p. 296. (-geold) E. 
here-hy]), -huU, 8h.f.8tr. war-spoil, 

booty, ace. -hyfS. 894A. p. 85 m. 

-hy»e. B. C D. -hu«e. lOOiE. 

jgrew. -hutSe. 993E. dat. -hy])e. 

885A. -hiiiSe. E, -hyj>a. 

fhere-laf, sb.fstr. what is left of an 

ftrmy. -fum. 937 A. p. 109 1. 
here-r§af, *?).».s^r. war-spoil, booty. 

pl' 473* 584* 
here-toga, sb.m.wk. !^et|Og» a leader 

of an array, commander. 1003E. 

(hya-) p. 5 1. E. gen. -gan. 1121. -gan. 449E. 993E. (heoro- 

togas) 656E. p. 32 1. -gena. 

here-word,«&.n.8^r. praise, applause. 

hergap, sh.m.str. harrying, plunder- 
ing. 91 1 A. hergea'S. D. hergo8. 

hergian, wk.v. to harry, ravage. 

1014E. 1070E. (hergon) t6. p.6g. 

hergade. 8 75 A. hergode. 1086 p. 

218 1. hergedon. 91 oE. looi 

A. hergodon. 905A. 794E. 1087. 

hergodan. 1013E. p. I44h. here- 

godon. loiiC |>rc8.|)ar<.hergende. 

1093 p. 228 h. 
hergnng, sh.fstr. (i) harrying. 

793E. 1 104. ace. -ge. 1016D. p. 

149 m. (-ga) K dat. -ge. 994E. 

-ga. 1104. pi. -gsk. nil. 

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-ga. loiiE. (ii) what is got by 

harrying, plunder, ace. -ge. 1087. 
fheriaxi, wk.v. to extol, glorify. -riaC. M 42. 
fherra, sh.m.wk. htn, a lord. dat. 

-ran. 1065D. ad Jin. (hserran) C. 
hete-Hoe, adv. fiercely, vehemently. 

61 6E. 1066D. p. 199m. 
fhettend, sb.m.gtr. an enemy, an- 
tagonist, pi. 937 A. ad init. 
hid, 8h.f.8tr. a hide of land. 1086 

p. 220I. (hide) 1085 p. 216 1. 

dat. hyde. 1083 ad Jin. pi. htda. 

565 E. hyda. 1085 p. 216 

m. (2a^.p2. hidum, hidon. 1008E. 
hidan, wk.v, to hide. p.p. htdd. 

pi. hidde. 963E. p. 1 15b. 
hider, adv. hither. 895A. 1002 E. 

1057 E. M. 297. hider in, in hither. 

959E. cf. i-hider. 
hider-ward, adv. hitherward. 1085. 
•fhild, tb.f.8tr. battle, fight, gen. 

-de. M. 249. 
fhilde-rino, sh.m.8tr. a warrior, 

hero. -ring. 937 A. p. 1 08 b. 
f hind, eb.f.str. a hind. ace. hinde. 

1086 p. 221 h. 
hindan, adv. from behind, behind. 

877*. 948D. 
hi-red (i), bird (2), 8h.m.8tr. a 

household, court. 1085 p. 216 b. 

1104(1). 1123. 1127(2). hyred. 

1 1 14. dat. hirfde. 1086 p. 319 m. 

hyrede. 1074K 
hl-red-olero, 8b.m.gtr.A court chap- 
lain, hird-. 1 1 23 p. 2^2 m. 
hi-red-mann, a member 

of a household, a follower, pi. 

-menn. 1064E. -men. 1087. 
hise, V. he. ad Jin. 
hittan, wk.v. (Icel. hitta), to fall in 

with, to meet. p.8g. hytte. 1066 

D.p. 197 1. 
hiw, 8b.n.8tr. shape, appearance, 

hue. ^en. hiwes. IT04. 
hiwan, the members of 

a family, household, or religious 

house. 716E. 75 7E. 
hiwung, 8bf.8tr. shaping, feigning, 

guile, dat. -ge. 1049C. 
fhlsdan, 0^17. to load. p.p. hladen. 

M. 142. 
hl&fdige, sb.f.wk. lady, usually as 

title of the king's wife. 917C. 918 

E. (hlefdige) 1003E. hlfefdie. 

1035C.D. hlafdige. 1013E. adjin. 

(lafdige) tb. (hl^fdig) 1075E. 

ad Jin. ace. dat. -dian. 1048E. 

ad Jin. 1052E. ad Jin. seo ealde 

hlafdige, the queen dowager. 

105 iC. 
hUew, 8b.m.8tr. a 'low,* a mound, 

natural or artificial, dat.-we. 1006 

CD. p. 137 h. where it is evidently 

a burial mound, cf. M. 258. 
hlaf, th.m.str. a loaf. 

(hlafes) 852E. 
hlaf-msesse, sb.f.wk. Lammas, Aug. 

I. gen.dat. -san. 921 A. ad init. 

iioi. M. 140. hlacf-. 917C. hlam- 

msesse, -san. 1100. 1009E. (laf-) 

CD. (lammasse) 1 1 35. (lammsBS- 

san) 1085 p. 2i7t. 
hlaford, sb.m.str. a lord. 755* pp. 

48-9I. 1014E. (laford) 1 1 24 adJln. 

(jaferd) 1123. (lauerd) 1140. rfa^. 

-de. 91 8 A. ad Jin. 1075E. ad fin. 

gen. -des. 91 9C 1104. (lauerdes) 

675 E. p. 36I. 
hlaford- dom, 8b.m.str. lordship, 

authority, dat. -me. 918C. 
hlaford - soipe, sb.m.str. lordship, 

authority. 870F. p. 284 h. 
hlSapan, st.v. laufm, to leap, to 

run, flee. p.8g. hleop. 1079D. 

1087 p. 223 1. Sit hlupon. 

1071E. hlupon (it.D. 
hleapere, sb.m.str. laufer, 'leaper,' 

runner, courier, a^ -ras. 889 

A. (-res) E. 
fhlehhan, v. hlyhhan. 
fhl^o, sb.n!8tr. shelter, refuge, 

*lew.' 942 A. 
fhl§otan, st.v. to get by lot, obtain. hlutan. M. 192. 
hleodrian, wk.v. to sound, resound.'hSt hleo^rode (-J)iade. D.), 

the general voice was. 1036C. 
hldS, sb.f.str. a band, a troop. 879*. -]>um, in troops. 894A. p. 

hliid, adj. loud, dat.f.str. (luddor) 
far hlGddre. 656E. p. 30m. 

superl. -dast. M. 236. 
hlutor, tidj. lauter, clear, pure. gen. 

-tres. 85 2 E. 
f Hlyda, sb.m.wk. a name for March, 

the * loud,* noisy month, (ci 

Digitized by 




Tennyson 'this roaring moon of 

daffodil and crocus.*) M. 37. 
fhlyhhan, hlehhan, st.v, to laugh. 

937 A. p. 109 1. 
hofdingy 8b.m.8tr. a chief, leader. 

CIcel. hofSingi). pi. -gas. 1076D. 
hold, sh.m.8tr. a title introduced 

into England by the Danes ; 

probably, a holder of allodial 

land. 905A. pi. -das. 9aiA. p. 

hold, adj. (i) kind, gracious (of a 

superior to an inferior). ioi56D. 

ad Jin. (ii) faithful, loyal (of an 

inferior to a superior). 1056C. holde. 1083, 1085 p. 217 h. 

M. 123. v.heald. 
hold-ad, tib.mMr. oath of allegiance. 

pi. -©as. 1083 p. 217 h. II 15. 
hold-hlaford, 8b.m.8ir. gracious 

lord, liege lord. 1014K 
fhold-Iioe, holde-lioe, a^t>. loyally. 

1065C.D. pp. 192-5, 
hold-80ipe, 8b.m.8tr. loyalty, alle- 
giance, dat. 1070E. p. 207 1. 1087 

p. 223t. 
holm, sb.m.8tr. an island, especially 

in a river, creek, &c set ))am 

Holme. 902C. 1025E. (This mean- 
ing is borrowed from the Norse 

holmr; the original Old Eng. 

holm meant wave, 8ea.) 
tholt, 8b.n.8tr. Jjolj, a wood. dat. 

-te. M. 251. 
hon, 8t.v. to hang. (hengen) 

11.^7 PP« 264 h. 265 b. a tck. 

pret. (henged) tb. p. 26411. 
hopian, lok.v. to hope, ist pi. 

hopia9. 1089. p.8g. hopode (with 

t6). 1009E. p. I39h. 
thord, sb.n.m.8fr. a hoard, treasure. 

937A. p. 106 m. 
hordere, 8b.m.8fr. the ^hoarder,' 

keeper of the * hoard,* treasurer. 

1 1 31 ad Jin. 
horder-wloe, shj.wh the oflSce of 

treasurer, dat. -wycan. 11 37 p. 

265 1. 
horn, 8b.m.8tr. a horn. pi. (horn) 

1 1 27 ad fin. 
hom-blawere, 8b.m.8tr. a hom- 

blower. pi. (-res) 11 27 ad fin. 
hors, sb.n.8tr. a horse. 852E.1079E. 

dat. -se. 1048E. p. 172 1. ace. 

pi. 994E. 1 1 27 ad fin. 

-sa. 91 7 A. -sum. 893*. 

-san. 1097. (-sa) 1016E. p. 151 1. 
horsian, icJc.v. to provide with 

horses. ioi3£. -sodon. 

1015K adfin. p.p, horsad. 881E. 
hors-pegn, sb.fn.8tr. 'horse-thane,* 

an officer of the royal household. 

897 A. p. 90 h. V. J'egn. 
fhrfe, 4ib.n.8tr, corpse, carrion. 937 

A. p. 109I. hra. C. D. hi^w. B. 

hrJBW. a.. 
hrfied-Uo, adj. quick, sudden, dat. 

-can. 977C. 
hr8ed-lice,hred-lioe, o^t;. suddenly, 

quickly. 876*. loioE. (nedlice) 

1085 p. 2i6h. (radlice) 11 27 

hr&d-ni5xiad, v. hred-m. 
hr»fii, 8h.m.8tr. (i) a raven. 937A. 

p. 109 b. (ii) name of the Danish 

banner. 87 iB. C. D. raefen. E. 
hT8dgl-)>egn, 8h.m.8tr,. 'vestiarius,' 

the keeper of the wardrobe. 

(reilj)ein) 1 131 adfin. 
hratSe, adv. quickly, soon. 999E. 

1097. superl. hraCost. 755 E. p. 

49 h. V. ra9e« 
hr6af, r. reaf. 
hred- m5nad, 8h.m.8tr. March. 

hr^d-. M. p. 274 margin, 
hrifan, iok.v,io roof, (refen) 1137 

p. a65m. 
f hrSman, wJk.v. to cry out, to exult. 

93 7 A. p. 108 b. 
fhremig (i), hramig (2), adj. cla- 
morous, exulting in (with ffen.). 
pl.'ge. 937A. p. 109I. (2) B. C. 
hreoh, adj. rough. 1075 D. 
hr6ow-Iio, €UJ(j. grievous, wretched. 

1057D. (reowlTc) 1086 p. 218b. 

comp. (rSowlicor) ib, 
hrSow-lioe, adv. wretchedly, miser- 
ably. 1036C. 1096 p. 233 1. 
i-hr§o-§adig, acfj. joyous, glorious. 

8uperl. -d^ost. M. 240. 
fhiini, sb.m.str. rime, hoar-frost. 

gen, -mes. M. 204. dat. -me. M. 

f hrimig, adj, rimey, nosty. superL 

•gost. M. 238. 
+hping, 8b.m.8tr. a ring. dat. -ge. 

M. 254. 

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hiingan, wJcv, to ring (bells). |).|>2. 
rringden) 1131. 

lipi!8er, hrylJer, sh,n.str, homed 
cattle, 'rother.' Shaksp. ^en.vL 
-ra. 1012E. gen,8g. -res. F. (as 

hrod, V, rod. 

fhrdf, «i.m.«^r. a roof. pi. -fas. 
M. 297. 

f hruse, sb.f.wk, the earth, ground, 
ace. -san. 975A. p. 120b. 

hu, adv, how. 963E. p. ii6h. 10 11 
E. 1070A. V, ge-don. 

hund, 8b.m.8tr. a hound, dog. pi. 
(hundes) 11270^ Jifi, 

hiind, sh.n, hundred, xi hund. 
409E. ^hund. loSoE* tynhund. 
942A. Bex hund. 852E. nionig 
hund. 895 A. feor^e healf hund, 
= 350. 851*. mid )>ridde healf 
hund scipa. 89 2E «» mid ccl. 
hunde scipa. 893A. v. healf. 

hund-, is prefixed in Anglo-Saxon to 
the numbers from 70 to 1 20. hund 
(seofenti) (70). 409E. 656E. ^fin, 
hund eahtaiig (80). looiA. dat 
hund ehtatigum. p. 5t. E. hund 
nigentigon (90). 993A. hund 
nigontigum. 994E. hund twelftig 
(120). 892E. ^e».liundtwelftige8. 

liiindred, sb.n.str. a hundred; (i) 
as a number. 656E. adjin. 1085 
p. 2 1 6m. (ii) as a territorial division. 
963E. p. ii7t. 

hunger (i), hnngor (2), 8b.m.8tr. 
hunger, famine. 975 A. p. 120b. 
97 7E. 1082 (2). 793E. 1070E. ad 
fin. i096p.233t.(i). (-g»r) 1137 
p. 264. dat. -gre. 894A. p. 87 b. 

hunger-biten, p.part. hunger- 
bitten, pi. -ne. 1096 p. 233 1. 

hunta, sb.m.wk. a hunter, pi. 
(huntes) M2*jadfin. 

huntian, wh.v, to hunt, (hunten) 
1 1 27 ad fin. 

huntnoV (i), htmtdS (2), sh.m.str. 
hunting, gen. -J)e8. 1065C. (i). 
D (2). dat. -tJe. 1 100 (i). 

huru, adv. at least, at any rate. 
1050D. ad fin. (hure) 11 31 p. 
262 h. 

hus, 8b.n.8tr. house. 11 29. dat.8g. 
huse. 1048E. p. 172 1. 1070E. 

pi. 1064E. p. 192 h. (hGsas) 

1 1 16. (buses) 656E. p. 31 1. 1070E. 

1 1 1 7. dat. pi. husan. 1 1 18 ad fin. 
hus-bunda, sh.m.wJc. the master 

of a house, householder, * hus- 
band.* 1048K p. 172 1. ace. dat. 
-don. ih. -dan. F. 

hus-oarl, &b.m.8tr. (borrowed 
from Scandinavian, the native 
form would be -ceorl) a 'house- 
carle,* member of the king's body- 
guard, pi. (-les) 1070E. gen. -la. 
1041C. dat. -lum. 1036E. 

hu8-ting, «&.n.<8^r. (borrowed fipom 
Scandinavian, the native form 
would be -))ing) a meeting, coun- 
cil, 'busting.' dat. -ge. 1012 CD. 
(.g«) F. (-ga) E. 

hwa, hwset, (i) pron. inter, who, 
what. hwa. 1080 p. 218 1. (wua) 
1135. hwset. 787*. 1086 p. 2191. 
(hwet) 1006E. p. 137 1. 1052E. 
(hwat) 1070E. (wat) 1137 ^^ 
jfin. gen. hwses. 1086 p. 220 1. 
dat. hwam. ih. p. 218 1. ace. 
(hwam) 1 1-2 3. (ii) pron. indef. 
anyone, anything, something, 
hwa. p. 3E. 1086 p. 219m. 
hweet. ioioE.lTtle8(hwat), some- 
thing trifling. 1070E. v. swa, for- 
hwan, liwy. 

f hwsdl, a whale, gen. -les. 
975 A, p. 120I. V. etJeL 

hw^r, adv. (i) where. 891A. 896A. 
swa hwar, = wherever. 994F. 
1130. swa (hwer) swa. 449E. 
(hwere) 656E. p. 31 m. (whar) 
995F. p. 130I. (ware se) « hw^r 
swa. 1140 p. 267 b. (war sie) 
1 1 37 p. 265 h. (ii) everywhere, 
f . ge-hw^r, wel-hw^r. 

thw89t, €idj. active, brave, pl.m. 
bwate. 937A. p. 106I. V. denuian. 

hwset, tidv, (strictly neut. of hwa), 
then, moreover, lo ! (the meaning 
is very indefinite. It calls atten- 
tion to the statement which 
follows.) 1075D. M. 48. 122. 

hw&te, 8h.m.8tr. wheat. 1124 p. 
254 m. ^en. -tes. 1039E. 1043E. 

hwaenne, hwonne, adv. when, 
hwonne. 656E. p. 30 h. (whenne) 

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hwselSer, hwaper, pron. either, both. 

dat.f. hwaeSre. 87 lE. (hwa])erre) 

894A. ad init. v. swa. 
hwaBtSer, conj. whether. 995 F. p. 

hwaelSere, adv. however, neverthe- 
less. 982C. M. 68. 
hwemman, wk.v. to slope, to incline. 

|>.p{. hwemdon. 105 2G. p. 180 m. 

-dan. D. 
hweorfan, stv. to turn, turn 

back, to go ; to change, alter. M. 

291., -fa8. M. 292. 

(hwearfaS) M. 65. p.8g. hwearf. 

584A. 813*. huOTf. 633 A. suhj, 

hwurfe. 98 2 0. 
fhwider, hwyder, adv. whither. 

hwil, i^.fMr. a while, time. ace. 

gode hwile. 837A. cf. 988E. 

hwile, for a time. 1106. ])a 

hwfle "pe, while. 91 3A. 1072E. 

& fq. also in pi, ]>a hwila pe. 

loioD. p. 149 1. so: fS& hwile 

"p. 1 1 23 p. 252 b. in this sense: 

(wile) -= while. 1137 p. 264 1. 

(um wTle), from time to time. ib. 

(sum wfle) * some while,' once. ib. 

b. ])a hwile, meanwhile. 994E. 

1 1 14. ))a (wile) 1066D. p. 197 m. hwilum, at times, * whiles.' 

89 2 A. hwilon, formerly, * whilom.' 

903E. p. 115I. 1086 p. 2i9h. 

-Ian. 448 F. 
hwilo (E), hwelo (A), pron. which, 

whichever, any, of every kind. 

hwylc M. 298. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 

(while) 675E. p. 36 m. acc.m. 

-cne. 1086 p. 219 m. gen.n. 

-ces. 675E. p. 36 1. dat. m. A n. 

hwylcan. 1057 ^* hwylcum. 

910D. intt. swa -ce dsege, on 

whatever day. 874*. ace. & dat. 

pi. hwilce, hwylcon. 1085 p. 

hwit, adj. white, earn seftan hwit. 

937A. p. 109b. (cf. Gk. iwyapyosy 

and ^9ch. Agam. 116. olon/ds 

. . . k^6mv dpyds.) gen.n. -tes. 

1 104. on Hwitan Sunnan dseg, 

on Whit Sunday. 1067D. p.202 1. 
hwy, hwi, adv. (strictly instr. of 

hwset), why. hwi. 1070 A. cf. )>y, 


fliyogean, wk.v, to think, reflect. 

M. 287. 
hyd, *b.f.str. hide, skin. dat. hyde. 

hyf, 8b.f.8tr. a hive. dat. (hlue) 

1127 p. 258 h. 
fhyge-gleaw, adj. prudent in mind, 
wise, higegleawe. 975A. 
p. 1 20 b. 
fliyffe-strang, adj. brave in mind. 

hige-. M.42. 
hyld-atS, 8&.m.8^r. oath of allegiance. heldaSas. 1114H. 
hylde, helde, sb.f.wk. allegiance, 
fealty, dat. heldan. 1095. 1097 
hynan, wk.v. to abuse, to ill-treat. hyndan. 684E. 
hyran, hiran, hieran, h^ran, h6o- 
ran, wk.v. (i) to hear. p.8g. hierde. 
835A. herde. 1070E. ad Jin. 
(heorda) 656E. p. 30 h. we 
hterdon. 851 A. herdon. E. 11 14. 
(ii) to obey, be subject to, be- 
long to. hyra]). 681F. p. 
38 w. p.8g. hirde. 918C. hyrde. 
D. 1065C. ad Jin. (h^rdsB) D. 
hterdon. 91 2A. hyrdon. 68i£. 
905D. p.p. (h^rd) 1 127 ad Jin. 
hyrde (i), hirde (2), 8h.m.9tr. fjirte, 
a * herd,* guardian, gen. -des. 973 
A. (i). C. (2). dat. hyrde (of 
bishops and abbots). 1 107. 
hyre-wrenoe. v. searu-. 
hyme, ah.f.wk. a corner, angle. 1 1 3 1 

p. 262 t. 
fhymed-nebb, adj. hating a horny 
beak, acc.m.wk. -ban. 93 7A. p. 
109 b. 
hyr-ness, sh.fMr. subjection, a 
subject district, cufc. -se. 1087 
J). 223 h. 
hyr-sumian, her-, wk.v. to obey, 
serve. pre8.8ubj. hersumie. 656E. 
sub fin. hyrsumedon. 1086 p. 
218 b. 
hyr-sum-ness (i), hSr- (2), 
obedience, submission, ace. -se. 
1070A. (i). 1 131 (2). dat. -se. 
828E. (i). A. (2). 
-hyU, 8h.f.str, (only in place names 
in Chron.) a Hithe, landing 
place, dat. -hy])e. 785*. Hy])e, 
105 2E. p. 179. 

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la, V. gga. 

iCj^ron.I. 905A. 963E. pp. 68-9. 

(!, 1). 1137 P- 264I. dat. me. 

995F. p. 130m. pi. w6. 893*. 

905A. (wac) 1090. gen, lire. 

449E. 963E. p. 117I. loiiE. 

dat. <i8. 606 A. 605E. 93 7A. ad 

Jin, loiiE. 
fides, sh.fMr. a woman. M. 276. 
f ig-buend, ig-buend, sb.mjitr. an 

inhabiter of an island, islander. 

worn. pL tgbuend. 973A. ad init. 

-de. M, 185. egbuendra. 

975A. ad fin. 
igga]), sh.mMr. an eyot or small 

island, ace. 894A. p. 85 b. 
ig-land (I), Sig- (2), gg- (3), «b.n. 

str. an island, p. 3E.(i)(3). 895 A. 

(i). 641 E. (3). egeland. 46F. gen. 

-des. 46F. (3). 189E. (i). dat. -de. 

p. 3E. 918A. (i). 937A. svbfin. 

(2). ^ 

(i-hyder), adv. hither. 1094 p. 
229 h. probably /or in hyder. 

iloa, yloa, pron. the same, se ilea. 
868*. ylca. 1058E. 1075E. (ilea) 
1 1 24. ])set ilce rtce. 894. A. p. 87 t. 
1013E. suhfin. ylce. 11 17. (ilc) 
1135* inst. dat. ]>/ ilcan geare. 
867* & passim, on ])am ilcan 
daege. 495E. ylcan. 942 A. 1 103. 
gen. (in same sense) ])se8 ilcan 
geares. 91 2G. 1083. 
ib. wrongly str. ilces. 112S kfq. 
ylces. 1 1 14. ad Jin. (ilce) 11 27. 
(ylce) 1 1 23 ad Jin. on ^es ilces 
geares (!) 1 1 26. J)a ylcan 
witan. 995F. p. i3ot. plf. \>a 
(ilce) lagas. 11 25. ilcan. 
1094. V, ^Ic. 

in, prep.dat.ace. in, into; on, at. 
with ace. looiE. 1135. withda^. 
731 E. 894A. p. 86 h. 9 75 A. p. 
i3ot. joined with on its use 
seems to be adverbial : (cf. inn.) in 
on. 868E. 895A. (with ace.) this 
alternates with innan. q.v. MS. 
A. shows a tendency to use in for 
on, e.g. 626. 635. 666. 709 (bis), 
where B.C.D.E. have on. advert 
hial, 1 1 37 p. 265 1. (en) under, 
in under. 1066C. cut Jin. 

iji-£uigen-}>6f, the right of judging 

a thief taken within the limits 
over which such jurisdiction is 
granted. 963E. p. 116I. 

in-faru, sh.f.str. inroad, invasion. 
dat. -re. 1048E. p. 173 m. 

in-fyrdian, wk.v. to make an ex- 
pedition into, to invade. 948D. 

-ing, this termination often indi- 
cates a patronj^mic in Anglo- 
Saxon. Ceawlin Cynricing = C. 
son of Cynric. 8 55 A. 

in- gang, 8h.m.str. entry, beginning. 
1 1 27 ad fin. V. innan. 

inn, sb.n.str. a house, chamber, 
lodging, *inn.' (secr» man) in, 
the sick men's chamber, i.e. the 
infirmary. 1070E. p. 207 h. dat. 
inne. 11 23. 

inn, adv. in, inwards. 1016E. p. 
149 h. (ing) C. frequent with 
verbs of motion, cf. cuman, faran 

innan (i), innon (2), prep.gen. 
dat.acc. within, into, with ^en. 
(innen) 11 54. with dat. 789E. 
959E. (i). 1072E. (i) (2). (in- 
gang) 1016D. with ace. 868* (1). 
870A. (i). E. (2). 1065C. ad fin. 
1 100. (id fin. (i). 1 106 (2). 

inne, adv. inside, within. 867*. 868 
E. 910A. used as a prep, with 
dat. 892E. ^ 1016F. with ace. 
1065D. ad fin. V. J)«r. 

inn-here, sb.m.str. home force, 
native army. 1006E. (ing here) 

innian, wk.v. to put up, to lodge. 
rejlex. 1048E. p. 172 1. 

in-segel, 8h.n.str, a seal. dat. in- 
segle. 1048E. p. 172 h. 

in-tinga, sb.m.wk. a cause, occasion. 
105 iF. ad fin. dat. -gan. 105 7D. 

in-tOf prep.dat.aec. into, to, against, 
in. dat. 852E. 902A. 1015E. 
1048E. 105 2C. 1083. ace. 876*. 

finwid, €tdj. hateful, malign. 
nom.wh, -da. 937A. p. I09t. 

iren, 8b.n.str. iron. 1137 p. 264 m. 

firen-sid, adj. (?) Iron-side ; nick- 
name of Edmund son of .^thel- 
red. 105 7D. q.v. cf. Icel. I&m- 

iman, st.v. to run. umon. 

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755*. 1083. of ships. 1046E. p. 

169 h. 
fisem, 8b.n.8tr. iron. M. 258. 
iu, iugdS, iung, v, geo, geogo9, 

lulius (foreign word), the month of 

July. 975A. gen, lulies. 1115. 
lunius (foreign word), themon^ of 

June. gen. lunies. mo. 
iustioe (foreign word), justice. 1137. 

1 140 ad fin. 

[For words beginning with R look 
under C] 

la, inter j. lo ! see ! 656E. 

lac, 8b.n,str. a gift, a present. 

flaoan, stv. to fly. M. 271. 
laou, sb.f.8ir. a pool, a lake, pi, 

(laces) 656E. p. 31 1. (Prof. Earle 

thinks it means * running stream.*) 
16ooan, tch.v, to seize, to capture. laehte. 1094 p. 229 m. 
l&dan, iok.v. to leaA, to take. 603 

E. 1095 p. 231 1. (l^den) 656E. 

p. 3 1 1. 1 T 26. pre8.»ff. (lett) 1086 

p. 221 1. p,8g. Iffidde. 827*. 887*. 

1096. (ledde) 1 125. l^don. 

418*. 796*. (leaddon) 1012E. 

(l^d) 1 1 40. (ledden) ib, p. 267t. 

sup. td l^den[n]e. 992E. 1093. 

wif l^dan, to take a wife, marry. 

1075D.E. inn laedde, led in. 1072 

E. (it l^dde. 1071E. ad Jin. 
Ij&dexi, adj, Latin, on L., in 

Latin, p. 8371. D. 
l&d-teow, 8h.mMr. a leader, guide. 

pi. -was. 1097. 
l&fan, wk.v. to leave, leave behind. 

p.8g. liefde. 755* pp. 48-9 h. 

1086 p. 219 h. (liBuede) 11 27 

sub Jin. 
l&gt, V. Itget. 
tl6ne, adj. transitory, poor, * lent.' 

97 5 A. ad init, 
l&ran, wJc.v. lefn^eit, to teach, 

instruct. p.8g, lierde. 1042. G.E. 

6up. to l^renne. 565B.C. p,p, 

liired, learned, opposed to l^wed. 

q,v, hence, clerical as opposed to 

lay, 8pirifual to temporal. 656E. 

(lerede) tb. ad Jin. (lered) ii37p. 

265 h. 
16s, *b.f.8tr, a pasture, 'leasow.* 

dat, laeswe. 777E. 
l&s, adv.comp, (but used also as a 

noun), less. 641K 643E. 901A. 
Iffissa, adj.comp. less. neut. Izsse. 

1043D. 8up. l^st. set liBstan, at 

least. 1049D. 
Iffistan, wk,v. leiftm, (i) to follow, to 

serve. 874A. (ii)to endure, * last.* 

p,8g. Iseste. 11 22 ad Jin. (lastede) 

1 137 p. 264. L 
laet, adj. late, slow. 105 2D. p. 175 m. 

pi. late, laete, ib. CD. pp. 180- 1 h. 

comp. laetre. 9p9E. dat, lateran. 

1052D. p. I75h. 
l^tan, 8t.v. to let. (i) to allow. 

1079D., letan. 937A. p. 109I. 

leton. 999E. p.8g.8ubj, lete. 1038 

D. (2) to let go, release, give up, 
leave,, letan. 1048K p. 
1 74 b. (Ixtan) loi I E. p.p, lleten. 
Ii27p. 257m. vniliprepp. let of, 
gave up, resigned. 1053C. let Qp, 
put ashore, i o 1 4E. iivfin. (leten) 
fit, to let out. 1 140 p. 267 h. (3) 
to consider, suppose, think, 
leton. 1097. 16t lihtlice of, he 
made light of it. 1076D. p. 2 1 1 b. 
(4) to let (land, &c.). let. 
777E. 945A. leot. 852E. (5) to 
cause a thing to be done, or cause 
one to do a thing. 963E. p. i i6h. 
cf. laffen. pres.8ub), 2nd sg, (lete) 
675E. p. 36 1. p.8g, let. 1042K 
lett. 1085 p. 2i6h. (l£t) 1 1 37 p. 
265 m. leot. 675E. p. 37 h. 1 1 27. 
(6) let fit, he put out (to sea). 
105 2E. (*j) (l^t) dun, letdown. 
1 140 p. 207 m. 

lset-8uzn,a(/;. 'latesom/backward. 

Uewed, adj, lay, unlearned, ' lewd.' 

(opposed to liered. q.v,) 1 127 svh 

Jin, (l^uued) ib. ad init. (la wed) 

656E. 1 1 25. gen.8g. -des. iioo. 

pi, 'de, 1014E. 1046E. p. 167 h. 

1083. (leawede) 1012E. 

(-dre) 1046F. 
laf, 8b.f.8tr, (i) remnant, remainder, 

'lave.' sto laf. 867A. (lafe) 

E. t6 lafe » remaining. 491*. 

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937 A. hamoralafum,what 

is left by the hammers, i.e. the 

beaten swords. 93 7D. ad init. 

-fim. A. (ii) relict, widow. 

1052D. ace. ISfe. 6t6K 1017 

D.E. 1037E. 
lagu, 8h.f.»tr, (borrowed from Scan- 
dinavian), law. ace. lage. 959E. 

1086 p. 2i8m. (laga) 1087 p. 223b. 

dai. lage. icaSD. laga. 

1086 p. 221 h. lage. 1 100 p. 236 h. 

(lagas) 1 1 25. an old lagn. 

105 2D. p. 181 1. (cf. Icel. log). 
flagu-flod, sb.m.8tr. water-flood, 

waters. M. 279. 
land* (i), lond (A). (2), .tib,n,8tr. 

land, country. 787A. (2) E. (i). 

937A. ad init. (i). gen. -des. 

855A. (2). E. (i). so : 648*. dat. 

-de. 794A. (2). E. (i). 1031A. 

(i). lond. 876A. land. E. (landes) 656E. p. 30 1. landa. M. 279. (lande) 

1080 p. 219 m. -dum. 

887A.(2). E.(i). 9i2A.(i). 
land-efen, measure or pro- 
portion of land. dat. • efne. 1085 

p. 916 1. 
landes-mann, 8h.m.8tr. a man of the 

country, native, pi. -menu. 1068 

E., -manna. '1046 E. p. 

168 h. 
land-folo, 8b.n.8tr. the people of 

the country, inhabitants. 1046E. 

1070E. 112*7. 
land-fyrd, 8b f. sir. an expedition by 

land, landforce. looiE. (-de) 1052 

I).p.i8i h.acc. -de. 1052E. 1072E. 

dat. -de. 999E. 1066E. -ferde. 

1063D. ^aiiferde)io66D.p. 197 m. 

V. fyrd, nere. 
land-here, 8b.m.8tr. a land army. 

933* (of the English), gen. -res. 

92 1 A. p. 104 1. (of the Banes), v. 

land-l6od, sb.fMr. the people of the 

land. dat. -de. 1006E. 1086 p. 

221 1. 
land-l§oda, 8b.m.wJc. one of the 

people of the country, «n in- 
habitant. -dan. 1052 

E. suhfin. (-den) 1068D. ad fin. 
land-l6ode, Uxdltuit, 

the pepple of the land. 91 7A. -da. 921 A. p. 105 h. 1055 
land- lyre, 8b.m.8tr. loss of land. 

1 105. 

land-sittende, |>r684>ar^ occupying 
land. 1085 p. 216I. pi. 1085 p. 
217 1. 

lang, adj. long ; (i) of length or dis- 
tance, p. 3E. 893*. 897A. p. 90 ra. -gum. p. 3 E. -gan. 11 14. 
tall, (lai^) 1070 E. p. 207 h. (ii) 
of time. 1 116. acef. -ge. 94 2 A. 

1 106. dat.m. -gum. 105 2D. -ge. M. 107. comp. 
lengra. 893A. (-re) E. neut. -re. 
1085 p. 216 1. 

langa-frige-dsBg, 8b.m.str. * long 

Friday,* i.e. Crood Friday, (cf. 

Icel. langa-fasta, the long fast. 

Lent; langi-frjadagr, Good Fri- 
day), (lang frid»i) 1137 p* 265 b. 
lange*, longe (A), adv. long, a 

long time, far. 1. on dseg, far on 

in the day. 871*. 921A. p. 101 b. 

swa 1.1>« until. 1052E. swal. oiS. 

1046E. p. 16911. (lang, langa) 

1065 CD. pp. 194-5 h. comp. 

leng. 995F. p. 130 h. 1 103. 

M. ii2.(lfleng) iioo. (leong)ii23 

ad fin. ne . . . leng, no longer, 

never again. 409E. ««;?. lengest. 

894A. p. 85 b. 755A. lengs[t]E. 

lengost. 1036E. 
lang-8oip, f^.n.8tr. a long ship, 

ship of war. -pu. 897A. 

p. 90m. 
lang-sum, adj. long, lasting long, 

tedious. 1058D. datmasc. -man. 

959E. ad fin. 
lap, ib.f.8tr, * lore,' instruction, ace. 

lare. 993 a. 1094 ad fin. M. 103. 
lar^ow, 8b.m,str. a teacher, learned 

man. 891 A. Paulus ealra ))eoda 1. 

^doctor gentium. 1067D. p. 201 b. 

folca 1. (of St. James). M. 135. 

pi. -was. 601 A. (larewas) E. 
tlast, 8h.m.str. footstep, trace, on 

last (with dat.), in pursuit of. 

937A.P. io8t. 
late, adv. late. 867*. comp. 

later, 1089. M. 113. 
lap, adj. ' loath,' hateful, hostile. 

1006 E. p. 137 1. IIOO. as 8ub8t. 

an enemy. M. 268. dat. -]>e. tb. 

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GLOSSARY, la]>ra. ^^'jA.adinit.dcU. 

pl.\si.^Mm. ib. p. io8t. 
lad-lio, adj. loathly, hideous, pi. 

(ladlTce) 1127 ad}2n. 
leaf, sb.f.str. leave, permission, ace. 

-fe. 1023D. 1097. dat. -fe. 1048E. 

901A. -fan. D. (as if from a 

weak form Uafe). (liefe) 1043E. 

p. 164 1. 1131. (leue) 1129. 
leaf-full, adj. believing, acc.n.tok. 

-le. 1067D. man. sec. 
flean, 8b.n.8tr, a reward, dat. -ne. 

M. 147. 
fl6as, adj. free from, devoid of. 

womma leas, spotless. M. 209. 
leas, a^lj. vain, false. 1086 p. 210 h. 
leasung, sb.f.8tr. Measing,' lying. 

dai. (liisiinge) 11 28 ad fin. 
fleaz, sb.mMr. lac^S, a salmon. 

M. 271. 
leogan, tok.v. (i) to lay, to put, 

to establish. p.8g. laegde. 1086 p. 

221 h. (laeide) 1140 p. 267 b. Isgdon. 1064K 1070E. 

(leidon) 656K p. 33 h. (laeiden) 

1137 p. 264 1. (2) to bury. p.8g. 

l»gde. 1075E. adjin. (leide) D. 

(3) with on, to impose upon, 

charge with. p.8g. him on lede. 

1048E. p. I75t. (leide) 11 23. 

p. 252 1. heomon (legden). 

1 05 2 E. p. 178 t. (4) intrans. to 

betake oneself, go. legdun. 

937 A. p. io8t. 
legat, 8h.m.8tr. a legate. 675E. p. 

36m. ii27p. 257 m. 
lenoten (i), lengten (2), 8h.m.8tr. 

'lent,' spring. 1009E. ad Jin. 

(i). 1 140 (2). (Isengten) (lenten) 

112 3 p. 252m. ff^» (lentenes) 

1048E. dat. -ne. 798E. (2). 

1014E. (i). ^aengtene) 1106. 
lenoten-tid, -tyd, 8b.f.8tr, * lent- 

tide,' spring- tide. (Isencten-) 10 14 

D. (lentedttd) 1 127 ad Jin. 

dat. (lententyde) 1 1 22. (lenten- 

ttde) 1 1 27. 
lenoten-wuoe, sKf.wJc. a week in 

Lent. dat. (Isengtenwucan) 1 106. 
flendan, wle.v. to come to land, 

arrive. p.9g. lende. 1036c. ad 
lengan, wk.v, to protract, delay. 

p.8g, lengde. 1052E. 

lengp, 8b.f.rtr. length, dat. '])e. 

leod, a people, nation, in 

pi. people, ace. -de. 1104 ad Jin. 

dat. -de. iioo. pi. -da. 937A. 

p. 106 1. 959E. of. leode. 
l§oda, sb.m.wk. one of the people 

or country, pi, -dan. 1006E. 

1065D. ad fin. (where other 

MSS. read: leode, q.v.) (-don) 

1 1 16. 
leod-bisoeop, 8b.m.8tr. a suffragan 

bishop, dat. -pe. 97 iB. pi. -pas. 

979C. (-copes) 1 1 29. 
leode,, ittsit, people. 

937B.C.D. p. 106 n. 995F. p. r3ob. 

1006C.D. 1065C. ad Jin. 

-da. 975A. ad init., -dum. 

855A. V. leod, leoda. 
l§od-soipe, 8h.m.8tr. a people, 

nation. 1014E. -acypum. 

1050 D. 
l§of, adj. Iteh, acceptable, dear. 656 

E. (leaf) X066E. p. 198 h. nom. 

m.wk. (leoue) 656E. daUm.wk. 

leofan. 1036C. comp, leofrtu 

755* PP- 48-9 ™- leofre. 1014E. 

9up. leofuste. 995F. ad fin, pi. 

wh. leofstan. 1093. 
l6oht, adj, light, bright, llht. 

leoht, 8h.n,str. light. 975A. ad 

init. 106 5C.D. ad fin. 11 20. 789K 

(lioht) F. gen, pi. -ta. 973A. 
leoht-Uce, adv. lightly, inconsider- 
ately. 1009K p. 139 h. lihtllce. 

1070D. p. 211 b. V. l^tan. 
lioma, sh.m.iok, light, ray, beam. 

892A. 1 106. pi, -man. 926D. 

1 107. dat.8g. or pi. -man. 1 1 14. 
lesan, str.v. to collect, 'leaze' 

(« glean),, Uraon. 1052G. 

D. pp. 1 78-9 1. 
lettan, wk.v. to delay, hinder, op- 
press. pre8.8g. (laet) 11 24 ad fin. 
for : leiefS, or it might be : liet, for 

laedeS. p.8g. (Isette) 11 14. 
letting, eb.f.8tr. let, hindrance. 

dat, -ge. 995F. p. i3oh. (Isettinge) 


Ubban (1), lybban (2), liflan (3), 
leoflan (4), wk.v. to live. 901 A. 
1086 p. 220 1. (i). 1038D. (2). 
(liuen) 1 1 37 p. 265 1. p,8ff, leo- 

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fode. 988E. lyfode. C. 11 03. lifode. 
616E. 1052E. ad fin, 1 1 18. lifede. 
1066E. ad fin, (liuode) 11 28. 
(liuede) 11 40 ad fin, life- 
don. 1 1 02. 1009E. p. 139I. lifdon. 
CD. leofodan. 1086 p. 219I. pres, 
part.dat. libbendum. 979E. dat. 
pi. lifgendum, lifigendum. 718*- 
libban i Hcgean ; licgau "j lybban, 
to live or die. 1052C.D. pp. 

.^78-91. ,., 

lie, sKn.str, letdpe, a body, corpse. 
716*. 855*. 860* 1 135. pi. 

licgan, Bt.v. (i) to lie, to lie dead. 
1009E. 90 1 A. licgeanD. (lien) 
1137 p. 264 1. pre8.8g. ligC. 792 
E. 96 2 A. ligeC. 1050D. ad fin. \\\. 
855*. 860*. lt«. 924C, 
licgatJ. B. (ligge«) 656E. p. 30 1. 
(ligfifen, liggan) ib, IsBg. 
755* pp. 48-9™. 937-^- P- io6b. 
1052E. p. 180I1. (iaeig) 1052D. p. 
179 1. (laei) 1127. (lai) 1135. laegon. 755A. p. 48 h. laegun. 
937 A. p. io8h. (lagon) (laei) 
(l%en) 963E. p. 11^ b. 1046E. p. 
168 h. refiex. (lagen) heoni. 998E. 
Isegon hiui. D. 999E. 
lage. 1050D. p. 169 1. (2) of a 
stream, road, &c., to run, to ga litJ. 893*. (3) to belong 
to, pertain to. pres^g. 8c pi. ]>&r 
to liggeS, Itf?, lin. 675E. p. 37 m. 
963E. p. ii6m. Qien) 1 137 p. 
265 1. . (laei) 777E. (4) 
with prep. (lagon) ongean, 
opposed. 1036E. V. libban. 

Ho-hama (i ),llc-lionia (2) , sb.m.toJc, 
a body. 101 3E. ad fin. (i). 906D. 
(2). dat.acc, -man. 979. 98oE.(i). 
1023D. (2). pi. -man. 11 20 (i). 

f fic-ham-lio, adj. bodily, corporeal. 
dot./, -homltcre. 1067D. 

lio-rest, a place of rest for a 
dead body, tomb, (-raest) 97 7C. 

flid, sb.n.str. a ship. £fen, -des. 
937A. p. 108 b.l. 

lif, (i).n.str.(}) life. 975 A. admit. 656 
E. p. 31 m. 1002E. gen. -fes. 709 
E. 1095 ad fin. 1 1 20. lyfes. 634E. 
dat. -fe. 975A. ad init. 978E. 
lyfe. 693E. (Hue) 656E. gen. (used 
adverbially) sume If fes gefengon, 

they captured some alive. 1095 

p. 231 m. on (liue), alive. 1046C. 

(ii) in the sense of munuc-lif, q.v. 

a monastery, liif. 718A. lyf. E 
Jiget, l^get, 8b.n.«tr. lightning. 

(l«gt) 1085 p. 217I. . 
Hg-raesc, 8h.m.str. lightning, a flash 

of lightning, pi. -cas. 793E. 
liht, V. leoht. 
lihtan, &c. v. lyhtan, &c. 
lim, sb.n.str. a limb, member, pi. 

limu. 1086 p. 220. (limes) 11 37 

p. 264 m. limsm. 11 25. 
JLim, sb.m.str. lime, mortar, dat. 

lime. 1020F. 
lij), 8b.n.str. a fleet, (borrowed from 

Scandinavian, the native word is 

lid, q.v.) 1052C.D.E. 1069E. gen. > 

litJes. 1066C. p. I96h. dat. liHe. 

1052C.D, pp. 1 80-1 h, lytJe. 1068 

f Iiipa, sb.m.wk. a name given to 

the months of June and July. 

^rra LtSa, June. M. 108. 
Iji'Sa-m6na;8, sb.m.str. the month of 

June. M. p. 276 (margin). 
ItSs-mann, sb.m.8tr. a ship-man, 

sailor, pi. -men. 1036E. (lits- 

men) 1046E. p. 169 h. gen. (lits- 

manna) 1047E. v. \\fS. 
loc, 8b.n.str. an enclosure, folfl; 

metaph. a settlement, conclusion. 

16c-li"d, advL however. 1009E. p. 

139 1. 16ca hii. CD. 
loc-hwoBniie, adv. whenever. (16c 

whenne) 1031 A. 
loc-hw^r, adv. wherever. (16c whar) 

995F.P. 130L 
16c-liW8E^er, pron. whichever. 16c 

hwetJer. iioi. 
16oian, icJc.v. to look, (locon) 963 

E. p. Ii6h, 16cude. 755 A. 

-cade. E. pp. 48-9 t. (with 

on), we ... . him on locodan. 

1086 p. 216 m. to look after, care 

for. *Mp. t6 (I6cen) 1129. 
\ot,8b,m.n.str. lob, praise, glory. 975 

A. 959E. s! Gode lof, God be 

praised. 1009E. p. 139 1. dat. lofe. 

855*. (loue) 656E. 
lof, apparently some instrument of 

torture, lof i gri» (or griw) 1137 

p. 264 h. 


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lofian, wh.v. to praise, approve, to 

allow. presAstsg. (loue) 656E. 

p. 32 1. pi. (louien) ib. p.8g. 

lofode. 1054D. cf. lufian. 
tlof-sang, 8b.m.8tr, a song of praise, 

hymn, psalm, dat. -ge. 1023D. 
loh, 8b.n.str, place, stead, on his 

16h, in his place. 779. 93 rF. 
lome, adv. frequently, 789D. p. 294. 

cf. ge-lome. 
losian, toJc.v. to perish, be lost. losade. 1075D. ad fin. with 

ffen. losedan. 11 20. 
lufe, jhf.voTc. love, dat.acc. -fan. 

891 A. 975A. p. 1 20m. 1090. 

(luuen) 656E. 1 123 ad fin. (luue) 

113^ p. 265 b. 
lufe-lioe, adv. kindly, amiably. 

In flan, wk.v. to love, to approve. 

1083. 1086 p. 218 t. sg. 

lufe. 656E. p. 31 1. lufode. 

959E. 1086 p. 221 h. (luuede) 

654E. 656 E. 777E. lufedon. 

1086 p. 218 h. (luueden) 11 23. 

(luuedon) 656E. p.p. (luued) 

1154. cf. lofian. 
flungre, adv. quickly, suddenly. 

lunger. 1065C.D. ad fin. 
lyfan, lok.v. to allow, permit. 

p. 3E. p.8g. lyfde. 1049C. p. 

168 1. 
lyft, sh.m.f.Hr. luft, the air. mo. 

gen.dat. -te. 926D. 793E. 
flyft-helm, sb.m.8tr. * air-covering,' 

mist. M.279. 
lyhtan, wk.v. to light, kindle. p.8g. 

lihtede. 1140. 
lyhting, sKfistr. lightning, (liht- 

inge) T 1 1 8. dat. iThtinge. 1 1 1 7. 
lyt, indecl.adj. little, small. 75 5E. 

8ub8t. little, a little. 105 2C'. p. 

180 1. 1066D. p. 199 m. 
lytel*, litel*, ddj. little, small ; as 

subst. a little, a little while, (y 

prevails in A ; T in E.) 656E. p. 

3ih. 1052D. p. i8im. 1097. 1140 

p. 267 1. Ittel sefter pam. 793E. pses 

ymbe iTtel. 1038E. acc.m.8tr. 

iTtelne. 1005E. lytelne. 1050D. ad 

fin. f. Ittle. 988E. lytle. 105 2C. 

ad fin. gen.n. litles hwat, some- 
thing small, trifles. 1070E. inst. 

-tie. 871*. 937A. p. 108 1. 1009 

E. dat.m.8tr. lyttlan. 1055C. /. 
litte[l]re. 1086 p. 221 h. datM. 
(adverbial). iTtlan t Ittlan, little 
by little. 11 10. 

ma, adv.compar. more. 937A. p. 1 09 1. 
]>on ma, ]>onne ma \>e, any more 
than. 755* pp. 48-9 1. used also 
as a substantive with following 
ffen. 897 A. p. 90 m. 905 A. 1043E. 
1 106. 

xnacian, wk.v. to make, to do. 648 
F. (niakian) 1095 p. 231 h. (macen) 
963E. ad init. pre».8g. (maket) 
1 137 ad fin, macade, (ma- 
kode) 963 E. ad init. macede.ife. p. 
1 1 6 h. macocle. 1 086 p. 2 2oh. (make- 
de) 1 140 adfin. (macod) 1 J37.p,pl' 
macedon. 870E. macodon. 1052K 
ad fin. macedan. 1056O. (make- 
don) 1094. (makeden) 11 40 cul 
fin. p.p. macod. 1066E. p. 198 m. 
maced. 11 37 p. 264 m. (maked) 
ib. ad init. sup. to maciende. 

xnaciing, eb.fistr. making, doing. 
ace. -ge. iioi. ad fin. 

xnadm, v. mziSm. 

ixUed, 8b.f.8tr. mead, meadow, dat. 
maedwe. 777E. 

mSdwe, sb.f.wh. meadow, meadow- 
land. 1 125 ad fin. 

xnedgfSt.wk.v. I am able, have power, 
may. 1st & ^rd maeg. 
1085 ad fin. (miei) 1070E. (raai) 
1 137 p. 264 1. (muge) 675E. p. 
36 1. 2nd sg. miht. 995F. p. 129b. 
istd 2nd pi. magon. 905 A. 979E. 
p. 3 E. 1083. (magen) 65 6K p. 31 h. 
pr€8.8ubj.8g. maege. 1031A. 
mehte. 901 A. meahte. 877 A. 
mihte. E. looiA. myhte. 1137 
p. 264 1. (muhte) 1004E. (micte) 
1066C. ad Jin. 2nd.8g. myhtes. 
1 137 p. 264 1. meahten. 
897A. p.901. -ton.9i8A. mehten. 
91 lA. mihton. D. 418E. 1048E. 
p. 174I. 1070A. myhton. 105 2C. 
p. 180 1, mihtan. 1046E. 1094. 
mehton. 8 94 A. p. 86 1. mihten. 
1085 p. 216 1. (muhton) 992E. 
(mrditen) 1140 p. 267 t. 

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m&g, sh,m.str. a relative, kinsman. 

755* PP- 48-9 1. 962A. (msei) 710 

E. 726E. 1127 p. 258 h. gen. 

m%e8. 105 7D. ad Jin. dat. 

m%e. 755E. 1095 ad Jin, 648A. 

mege. E. mage. 105 26. p. 175 b. magas. 979E. m^as. 755 

A. (maga) E. maega. 937 

A. p. 108 b. maga. 94 2 A. dat, 

pi. m%um. 823 A. magum. E. 

magon. 755E. p. 49 1. 
msBgen, sb.n.str. might, 'main/ 

a military force. 1004E. 
inaDgester, 8b.m.6tr. a master. 1086 

p. 220 h. v.p. 296. 
ni6g]), sb.f.&tr. a clan, kindred. 

megtJ. 449E. (mseiS) a. 

m%))a. 942D. m^gSum. 

449 a. megt$um. E. 
fmaDgd, 8b.f.8fr. a maiden, 

-tJa. M. 148. 
•j-maDfi^-had, sb.m.str. maiden-hood, 

virginity, dat. -de. 1067D. 
la&l, 8b.n.8tr. a mark, a sign. v. 

Cristes m^l. 
m&nan, wJc.v. to mean, intend, p. 

pi. mscndon. 1083. 
't'xn^nan, wk.v. to lament, com- 
plain of. m^ndon. 1086 p. 

221 h. 
xneonu, v. menigu. 
m&re, axJj. glorious, splendid. 937 A. 

p. 106 1. 948D. 1086 p. 219 1. nom. 

wk. se maira. 975B. ace.m.8tr. 

m^rne. M. 94. dat.n.8tr. m^rum. 

M. 106. pi. m^re. 112^., 

mserra. 1050 D. compar, mierra. 

M. 161. 
fxn&rsian, wk.v. to make great, to 

honour. p.8g. -sode. 979B. 
fmierj), sbj'.str, glory, a mighty 

work,, m^r^a fruma, i. e, 

God. 975 A. p. 1 20m. 
msBSse, sh.f.wh. (i) a mass, (messe) 

1 127. ace. msessan sang. 1022D. 

(ii) a festival day. ymb Martines 

msessan, about Martinmas, i.e. 

Nov. II. 913A. t6 sSs Andreas 

imessan, on St. Andrew^s day. 

1016E. ad Jin, (messan) 1006E. 

(masssa) iioo. msessan. 

1068E. kfq. 
meBsse-^fen, sh.m.^tr. the eve of a 

festival. 1119. (-^fan) 1014E. ocZ 

Jin, dat, -^fene. 1048E. p. 172 t. 
-^fne. 1094 p. 229 b. 

msesse-deBg, 8b.m.8tr. a mass day, 
festival. 054A. 1103. (messe-) 1002 
E. (-daei; 1137 p. 265 m. (messe- 
dseig) 1 1 25 ad Jin. (messe daei) 
1 1 22. (messe dei) 1132. (masse 
daei) 1135. dat. -ge. 1016E. 
p. 148 m. 

m»88e-liaoele, sb.f.wk. a mass-gar- 
ment, cope or chasuble, (messe- 
hacel) 963B. p. 117 m. pi. (-hake- 
les) 1070E. (messehakeles) 1122. 

n:iS88se-iiilit, 8b.f.str. the eve of a 
festival. 827A. (messa-) E. 97 iB. 
1095. (messe-) 11 29 ad Jin. 

messse-preost, sb.m.str. a mass- 
priest, a priest. 661A. 903A. 
(messa-) 565E. dat. -prloste. 

m»s8ian, wk.v. to say mass. 995F. 
p. 130I. p.»j. -sode. 102 2 E. 

fxneest, 8h.m.8tr. a mast. M. 256. 

newest, adj. sup. most, greatest, ion 
E. (meast) 1086 p. 218 m. nom. 
m.wk.Be-ta>. 911A. ini. neut. 
Jwet -te. 851*. acc.m.wh. -iB,n. 47 A. 
878*. (-ton) 1097. dat.m.wl'. 
(-ten) 1086 p. 221 1. /. (meste) 
ib. ealle mseste, almost 
all. 918A. ad Jin. genpl. -tra. 
894A. p. 84b. 

xn^st, adv.sup. (i) mostly, for the 
most part. 980C. 1052E. ad Jin. 
I loi ad Jin. to the greatest extent. 
1 05 2D. p. 1 76 m. (fdre mest) 1 1 24. 
(ii) joined with eall, almost, mxst 
ealne. 603 a. maest ealle. 910 E. 
919A. eall (meast) 1123 ad fin. 
ealle (mest) ib. p. 252 t. 

maesten, 8b.m.8tr. mast, pasture for 
swine, da^. -ne. 1116. 

mage, tb.f.wk. a kinswoman, ace. 
magan. 1045I). (maga) 1057D. 
gen. -gan. 11 00 ad Jin. 

f mago-pegn, sb.m.str. a minister, 
servant, pi, -nas. M. 82. 

Maius (foreign word), the month of 
May. gen. Maies m6nt$e. 1080E. 
mo. (Magi) 82 9F. 

mal, 8h.n.8tr, a suit, cause, agree- 
ment. 1052E. ad Jin. dat. scylode 
ix scypa of male, paid off, dis- 
missed. (Icel. skilja af mali). 1049 


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C. ad Jin. so: sette of male. 1050 
C. d^ore td male, on hard terms. 
1086 p. 218 b. gen. abiden beora 
males, awaited their pay. 1055C. 

• ad Jin. 

man, mon, indef.pron. one, they, 
people, man. 455*. mon. 544*. 
787A. man. E. so: 877*. man. 
1055E. mann. ib. 1006A. (me) 
7aiE. 1048P. p. 177 ?t. 1124 ad 
Jin. 1137 P- 265 b. 

man-bryne, sh.m.str. a fatal, de- 
structive fire. 96 2 A. 

man-owealm, 8b.m.str. a plague, 
pestilence. 96 2 A. 11 12. 604E. 
-cuealm. A. -cwelni. 1047C. 

manian, monian, wk.v. to remind, 
admonish. p.8g. manude. 1043C. 
monude. 1042E. 

manig (i), msenig (2), monig (3), 
maneg (4), acfj. many. 937A. 
p. 106 b. 1096 ad Jin. (3). 853 A. 
895A. (3).975E. 1089(1). (mani) 
1137 p. 264m. (manie) (b. p. 265 1. 
gen.8g.n. -ges. 1086 p. 2i8h. (i). 
pl.nom.-ge. 905A.(3).897A. p. 90t. 
1 106 a<i}fM.(i). 1108(4). -ga. 1 1 16 
(4). -ge. 584A. (3). 798 
E. 1086 p. 2181.(2). 477E. 1104 
(i). 910D. (4). -ga. 910A. mi 
(4). 584E. (i). (manegei) 1066C. 
p. 196 b. -gra. M. 92 (i). 
1076D. (2). -gum, 1036 
E. (4). -gan. 1 121 ad fin. (4). 

manig-feald (i), maBnig- (2), adj. 
manifold, divers, pi. -de. 641E. 
1098 (i). 975E. 1096 adjin. (2). 
(maenifealde) 1103. -d&n. 
iiio (2). 

manig-feald-lic (i), meenig- (2), 
adj. * manifold-like,' various, pi. 
-ce. 1 104 (2). (mseni-) 1095. 
(manifaeldlice) 11 37 ad Jin. 

manig-feald-lice, adv. in various 
ways, menig- 105 2D. (mseni-) 
1086 p. 219 h. M. 94. 

man-myrring, 8h,f.8fr. 'man-mar- 
ring,' destruction of men. dat. 
-ge. 1096 ad Jin. 

mann* monn(A),*!).w.*<r.(i)a man, 
a human being, (of a woman. 639 
E.) mann. 1016E. mon. 853A. 
man. 639E. 1005E. gen. mannes. 
1 1 57 p. 264 1. dot, men. 105 2D. 

ad Jin. 1135. (manne) 11 27. nom. 
& men. 687*. 882*. menn. 
lOiiE. 1085. (menne) 1094. 
(maen) 11 20. (msenn) 11 00. gen. 
pi. monna. 78 7 A. manna. E. So : 
882*. manna. 1087. (manne) 1066 
E. ad fin, 11 31. (man) 1070E. 
p. 207 1. monnum. 838A. 
mannum. 921 A. p. 102m. 1083. 
1048E. p. 173 h. mannan. ib. 
p. 174 1. io87.mannon. 1085. (ii) 
in a feudal or semi-feudal sense ; 
liegeman, vassal. 1031D. 107 2E. 
See especially for this sense the 
famous passage 1085 p. 217 1. 
manna, monna, 8b.m.wk. a man. 
ace. monnan. 501A. (man. B.C. 


mann-cynn, 8b.n.8tr. mankind, the 
race of men. man- 1014E. gtn. 
-cynnes. ib. 

mannian, wk.v, to man, to garrison. 
p. pi. mannoden. 1087. 

man-r£den, 8h,f,8tr, homage. 1 1 15. 
(-r^d) 1 1 37. 

man-slylit (i),-sliht (2), -slelit (3), 
8b.m,str. slaughter, murder. 793E. 
(3). 1055C. (i). dat, -te. 1048D. 
(2). -tas. 1 104 (2). 
-tum. 994E. (2). 

mara m, mare, f.n. (mare. masc. 
1016D.E. p. 151). adj.comp. 
more, nom.m. mara fultum. 921 
A. p. loi h. 449E. (wrongly for 
acc^, ace. maran bearm. 994E. 
1 1 18. maran cyrican, maiorem 
basilicam (Bede). 626E. dat.m. 
maran. 1093. new^.mare. 1048E. 
1 140. the neuter used Rubstan- 
tivally; psss landes mare. 921 A. 
93 7 A. p. 109 b. neuter used ad- 
verbially, 1047E. 1087 p. 224I. 
1 1 23. (mar) 11 40. 

maro, sb.nstr, a mark, half a pound. 
(Tl)is, like all higher denomina- 
tions of value in Anglo-Saxon 
times, was merely money of 
account. Only the penny and 
its fractions were actually coined). 
1039E. 1040C. 1086 p. 220 b. ib. 
ad Jin. 1 103. marcon. 

market, sb.n.9tr. a market. 963E. 
p. 1 16m. (-te) ih.l. 1125. 

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martir, sh.mMi'. a martyr, iiyj ad 

fin, martyr. 102 3D. gen,8g. -res. 

1012E. pi, (martyrs) 11 37 p. 

264 h., -ra. 995F. p. 129b. 

M. 69. 
tmartir-dom, martyr-, sb.m.str. 

martyrdom. M. 126. 145. 
ma1$m, madm, 8b.m.8tr, a precious 

thing, treasure, jewel, 

mat^mas. 1055D. ad fin. madmas. 

1006E. p. 137 m. dat, madman. 

mo., (madme) hGs. 1086 

ad fin. or = 
maUm-hus, sKn.str, treasure-house, 

me, V, man. 
fmeoe, sb.m.8tr, a falchion, sword. 

dai.'pl. -cum. 937A. p. io8t. gen. 

pi. meca. %b. C. mecea. B. p. 108 w 

(where A. has wrongly miecan). 
f mecgan, v, mencgan. 
niedre]i,a€7;.matemal. his br69or on 
niedren, uterine brother. 1041 C. 
medume, medeme, adj. moderate, 

middling, dat, medemum. 1052 

D. p. 175 m. 
medum-lice (1), medem- (2), adv. 

moderately, in a middling way. 

1095 ad fin. (2). 
fmencgan, wh.v. to mix, im'ngle. 

(mecgan) M. 256. 
meiiigu,85;/.8fr. a multitude, crowd, 

followers, menigo. M. 178. ms- 

negeo. 105 2D. p. 175 1. (msenu) 

1093 ad fin. ace, msenige. 1092. 

menigeo. M. 79. 
meolo, sbfMr. milk. 685F. 
mere, sb.m,sfr. meet, (i) the sea 

(in this sense only in poetry.) 937 

A. p. 109m. M. 103. (ii) a mere, 

a lake, pool. 1098. pi. (meres) 

656E. pp. 30 b. 31 1. 
fmere-flod, 8h.m,8tr, sea-flood, dat, 

-de. M. 256. 
mergen, 8b,fn,8tr. morning, morrow. 

looiA. 1012E. merigen. 105 2C. 

ad fin. cf. morgen. 
mersc, 8h.m.8tr. a marsh, gen. 

mersces. lOioC.D. p. 296. (msers- 

ces) E. 
merso-land, 8b,n.8tr, marsh-land. 

dat. -de. 1098. 
mexl^em, ctdj. made of martin-skins. 

pi. -ne. 1075D. 

m6tan, tvhv, to meet, find. 

m6tte. 877 A. mutton. 755 

A. p. 48 m. 868*. 
mete, sb.m.str. meat, food. 891 A. 

918A. 1075D. ad Jin, 1087 p. 

224m. (m»te) 1006E. p. 137 m. 

gen. metes. 1016E. p. 150 m. 1052 

E. p. 178 h. 
mete-l^as, adj. without food. pi. 

-se. 91 8A. 
mete-lyst (i), -Heat (2), 8h.f.8tr. 

want of food. dat. -te. 894A. p. 

87 1. (3). 

metian, iok,v, to supply with food, 

provision. 1013E. 
f Metod (i), Meotod (2), Meotud 

(3), 8b.m.8tr. Creator, Lord. M. 51 

(2). M. 86 (3). gen. -des. 975A. 

p. i2om. (i). M. 298 (2). M. 82 


fmetod-soeafb, 8h.f.8tr. decree of 
fate, doom, dat, -te. M. 172. 

xnetsian, vk.v, to supply with food, 
provision. p.8ff. metsod[e]. 1006 
E. ad fin, -soden. 1087. 

metsiing, 8h.f.8tr. provisioning, pro- 
visions. 1066C. p. 196 m. dat. 
-ge. icx)2E. axx, -ge. 994E. -ga.* 
101 3E. p. 144 h. 1052E. p. 179 h. 

mioel (i ) , myoel (2) , adj. 'm i c k 1 e, ' 
great. 664*. 1123 ad fin. (i). 877 
A. (I). E. (2). (michel) 1066C. ad 
fin. nom.m.tnk. micela. 962 A. 
micla. 894A. p. 861. mycla. 47E. 
76 1 A. myeda. E. (mycele) 1047 
E. (miccle) 1 1 24. nom.n.fck.imcle, 
67 lA. mycele. E. mycele. 977C. 
acc.m.8tr micelne. 885A. mycelne. 
E. miclne. 894 A. p. 87I. acc.f. 
luicle. 867A. mycele. E. micele. 
1 1 27. mycele. 1092. acc.f. wh. 
mycelan. 1086. (;en.n.«fr. myceles. 
1009E. gen.m.wJc. niiclan. 893 A. 
mycelan. E. dat.m.8tr. mycclum. 
855E. mycelan. 1085. mycelan. 
iicx> ad fin. (mycelon) 1094. 
(mycclon) 1093. dut.f.8tr. mi- 
celre. 855A. 887A. (mycel) E. 
inst.m, micle. 8 23 A. my sole. E. micla. 885A. mycele. 
E. accpl.m. micle. 87 7A. my- 
cele. E. micele. IJ27 p. 257 1. 
neuter used substantivally. micel 
J)aes folces. 878A. mycel. E. 

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dat. used adrerbially ; much, 
greatly, miclum. 8 78 A. mycclum. 
E. 882*. so: imtr, micle. looiA. 
(with compar.) mycle. 565E. (my- 
celne) 654JI. ffen, mycles, greatly, 
exceedingly. M. 119. 

mid, prep.dat.inst mit, with, (i ) in 
conjimction with, together with. 
845'*'. (here and often mid is used 
of the friends with or on whose 
side one fights ; wid of the enemies 
with or against whom one fights). 
(inst,) mid micle here. 875 A. (dot.) 
myd mycclum here. E. (2) through, 
with, by means of. 897A. ad init. 
918A. 926D. myd. loaaE. mid 
]>an, thereupon, with that. 8a7E. 
mid ]>am, therewith. 1096. (3) 
among, mid mannan. 1085 p. 
21 7 1. (4) of the material with 
which a thing is done. 189E. (5) 
indicating the accompanying cir- 
cumstances, mid unryhte. 823*. 
mid sibbe. 926D. mid gepaiunge, 
887*. ■■ unrightfully, peaceably, 
by peimission. put after its case. 
pe him (mide) w^ron. 105 2E. 
ad Jin. used adverbially. 684E. 
918 A. 894 A. ad init. 1104. v. 

midd, adj. mid, middle, dat. &v 
middum wintra, sumere, before 
Christmas, Midsummer (June 24). 
885A. 898A. acc.masc. on, on 
ufan, midne winter, at, after,Christ- 
mas. 878*. 91 5C. ofer midne 
sumor. 1006E. f. on midde niht. 
979C. gen. on middes wintres 
mffisse niht, on Christmas Eve. 

mid-d»g, sh.m.8tr. mid-day, noon. 
(-daei) 11 35. dat. -ge. 1104. 

middan-eard, sb.m.str. the middle 
dwelling (between heaven and 
hell), the earth, the world. 381 a. 
gen. -des. iiE. 1086 p. 219 h. dat. 
-de. 48 2F. 

middan-geard, sh.m.str. the middle 
dwelling, the earth, world. 380E. 
gen. -des. 6A. 655*. 

middan-sumer, 8h.m.8tr. mid-sum- 
mer (June 24th). dat, -ra. 1016 
E. p. I50t. 1039E. 1040C. -re. 

middan-winter, sh,m.n.8tr. mid- 
winter, Christmas, gen, -tres 
ttd, Christmas tide. 1016D. dat. 
-tra. 1009E. ad fin. 1013E. ad 
fin. -tre. 1066D. (-tran) C. 1006 

middel-rioe, sh.n.str. the middle 
kingdom. 887*. 

midde-stimer, sh.m.str. Mid-sum- 
mer, dat. (-ran) 1097. uoi. 

midde-weard, adj. mid-ward. mid- 
dle of. dat, on -wardan his un- 
rihte, in the midst of his wicked- 
ness. 1 100 p. 236 1. on -warde )>e 
Bse. (J'or: on -dre s^). 1070E. p. 
207 h. 

midde-winter, 8h.m.n.str. mid-win- 
ter, Christmas, mide-. 762E. 1075 
E. p. 212 h. gen. in -tres tide, at 
Christmas tide. 1006E. p. 137 m. 
1016E. dat. midewintre. 1085. 
-tra. 1099. 1 103. 

midde-winter-dsBg, sb.m.str. mid- 
winter-day, Christmas-day. (mide- 
wintredaei) 11 35. 

znid-fiBBsten, sb.n.str, * mid-fast,' 
mid-Lent. dat. (-festene) 1047E. 

mid-lenoten, sb.n.8tr. mid-Lent. 
1050C. dat. -ne. 1055E. -leng- 
tene. 1094. 

mid-sumer, sb.m.8tr. mid-summer, 
i.e. St. John Baptist's Day, June 
24. gen, t5 midsumeres msesse 
^fene, i.e. on the eve of St. John 
Bapt. 105 2E. 

mid-sumer-deeg, sb.mMr, midsum- 
mer-day, i.e. St. John Baptist, 
June 24. (-daei) 11 31. 

mid-winter, sb.mMr. mid- winter, 
Christmas, ^cn.-tres daeig. 1069 
D. ad fin. 1076D. ad fin. 

mid-winter-deeg, sh,m.str. mid- 
winter-day, Chnstmas-day. (-dsei) 

mid-wyrlita, 8b.m.wJc. co-operator, 

aider. 945A. 
miht, S.f.str. (i) might, power. 

gen. -te. 1053C. (ii) a mighty 

work, miracle, pi. -ta. 1012E. 
mihte-leas, adj. powerless, devoid 

of strength. 1053C. 
fmihtig, adj. mighty, dat. -gan. 


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militig-lice, adv, mightUy, by 

power. 1067D. p. 201 1. 
mil, 8h.f.8tr. a mile. nom. & gen.pL 

-la. 893*. (mile) 656E. p. 30 1. 

ii27p. 257I. 
milde,aclj. gentle, mild. 1065C.D. 

pp. 194-5 h. 1086 p. 219 m. 1 137. 
mild-heortniss, 8b./.8tr. mercy, 

loving-kindness. 1087. ^>^^« ~^^- 

994I). -hertnesse. 1070E. ad Jin, 

dat -nesse. 1037C. 
milts, 8&./.«fr. mildness, compassion. 

acc.datp miltse. 1083. M. 198. 

(milce) 1 1 28. 
mln, adj.pron. my, mine. 675E. 

P- 37- 96 3E. p. ii7h. gen. mines. 

656E. p. 32 m. inst.n, mine. 656 

E. p. 30 h. 975 A. p. 120I1. datf. 

-nre. 675E. 995F. p. 130b. nom. 

pi mtne. 675E. p. 37 h. 963E. 

p. Ii7h. 
miracle (foreign word), miracle, pi, 

-les. 1 1 37 ad fin, 
mis-b6odan, str.v, to misgovern, 

ill-use. p.8g. -bead. 1083. 
fmis-d^d, 8h.f.8tr. a misdeed. acc.8g. 

(-da) 95 9E. pLnom, -da. ib, 
mis-don, wk.v, to misdo, transgress. 

mis-He (i), mist- (2), adj. various. -ce. 979C. 1041E. 1 104 (2). -cum. ib. (i). 995 P. p. 

128b. (2). (mystlicean) 11 20. 
mis-lice, adv. in various manners, 

aimlessly. 1036C. 1071E. 1072D. 

myslice. 1052D. p. 173. 
mis-tucian, wJc.v. to ill-treat, (-kian) 

mitta, 8b.m.wk. a measure, pi. -tan. 

m6d, 8b.n.8tr. ' mood,' mind, heart. 

dat. -de. 975A. p. 120 m. 1087. 
moder (i), modor (2), 8b'f.8tr. 

mother. 994E. 1043C. (2). 1140 

8vb fin. (i). gen. moder. 903 D. 

dat. meder. 1036C. m6dor. D. 
moder-cynn (i), m6dor- (2), 8h.n. 

str. 'mother-kin,' maternal de- 
scent. 1067D. p. 202 1. (2). 
moder-liealf (i), m6dor- (2), sb.f. 

8tr. the mother's side, dat, on 

-fe. 1075E. (i). 1076D. (2). 
tm6dig, a^J, high-spirited, mag* 

nanimous. pi. -ge. M. 82. 

f modigan, wJc.v, to become proud, 

bear oneself proudly. 1086 p. 

221 1. 
modrige, sb.f.wh. a mother's sister, 

aunt. gen. modrian. 1096. (amitse. 

Fl. Wig.) 
molde, sb.f.wJc. * mould,* earth, the 

world, da^. -dan. 975 A. p. 120 1. 

io86p. 2i9h. 
m6na, db.m.wk, the moon. 734*. 

827* 8c fq. (m6ne) 1135. ace. 

dat. -nan. 800F. M. 47. pi, -nan. 

1 106. 
Monan-dffig, 8b.m.8tr. Monday. 

105 2 C. ad fin. (Mdnendaeig) 

1 1 29. 
Monan-niht, ^b.f.dr. Monday eve, 

the evening of Sunday. (Mone-) 

m6na]>, 8h,m.str. a month. lOioE. 

975A. p. i20t. mdnotJ. ib. dat. 

m6n])e. 888*. 1080E. 11 10. pi. 

m6na)). 855*. 871A. m8n5as. E. 

678E. cf.S^^A. ad init. (tweolf 

m6nS), a twelve-month, year. 

1128. m6n]>am. 1085 p. 

216 1. 
m6T, 8h.m.8tr. a *moor,' hill. dat. 

pi. m5rum. 56^E. m5ran. 1095 

p. 231 1. 
m6r-f888ten,-fe8ten,8&.n.«^. 'moor- 
fastness,' position defended by 

swamps, -num. 878*. 
morgen, 8b.m.8tr. morning, morrow. 

995F. p. 130I. 755E. p.49h. iioo. 

M. 219. dat. -genne. 755 A. p. 48h. 

})aes on m., on the morrow. 1100. 

cf. mergen. 
fmorgen-tid, 8h.f.str. morning tide, 

morning. 93 7 A. p. 106I. 
mot, sb.n.sir. a moot, assembly, 

court. 675E. p. 37 h. 1 1 29. pi. 

(motes) 1124 ckZJ^w. u. gem6t. 
mo tan, et.wk.v. to be allowed, may, 

must, m5tan. 995 F. p. 

i3oh. pre8,sg.8ubj, mote. 656E. 

p. 31 1. pi. moten. ih. m, p.8g. 

subj. mSste. 626E. 1006E. ad fin. 

ii^y 8ub fin. ^l. moston. p. 3.E. 

1023D. mosten. 11 23. 
mund-bora, sb.m.wJc. a protector, 

guardian. 942A. 975E. dat. -ran. 

823 A. -buran. E. 
miind-byrd, 8b.f.8tr. protection, 

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patronage, ace. -de. 921 A. p. 
103 h. 

xnundian, wh.v. to protect, 
mundode. 1037E. 

xnunt, sb.mMr. a mountain ; speci- 
fically, the Alps. gen. -tes. 887*. 
(-tan) as if from a wk.f, munte. 
pi. (-tes) 1 1 29 ad fin., 
muntan. 1095 p. 231 1. 

munuo (i), munec (2), sh.m.str. a 
monk. 1020E. 1077D. 1113H. (l). 
1041E. 1 137 ad fin. (2). (munac) 
963E. ad init, dat. -ce. 1056C. 
(-ca) D. (2). pi. -cas. 716A. 
963E. p. 115b. 1123 (2). (-ces) 
1013E. ad fin. 1123 (2). (-ekes) 
1 1 37 p. 265 t. -ca. 933-^^- 
984E. (2). (-ce) 1123 (2). (-eke) 
777E. -cum. 596E. (i). 
-con. 1036C. (2). -can. 675E. p. 
39 ra. 964A. 1086 p. 218 h. (2). 

miinuc-had, 8h.m.8tr. monkhood, 
the mona^^tic life. dat. -de. 704*. 

miinuo-liades-mann (i), munec- 
(2), 8b.m.8tr. a man of the mo- 
nastic order, a monk. 995F. p. 
129 1. 1 1 23 (2). pi. -men. 46.(2). 

mimuo-Iif, sh.n.str. * monastic life/ 
place where that life is lived, 
a monastery. 975E. 

munuo-regol, 8b.m.8tr. monastic 
rule, mode of life. 975D. 

miitS, 8b.m.8tr. mouth, mouth of a 
river, dat. set Tinan m(ij)e, at 
Tynemouth. 792E. metaph. a door, 
gate. M. 269. 

mupa, sb.m.tch. the mouth of a river, 
estuary. 893*. flat. -)>an. ib. fre- 
quent in composition with names 
of rivers. 

fmylen-scearp, adj. sharpened in 
the mill, i.e, on the grindstone. -pan. 937A. -pum. B. C, 

mynetere, sh.m.str. (Latin mone- 
tarius) a moneyer, minter. (myne- 
ter) 963E. p. ii6\,pl. (minitere) 
1 1 25. 

mynster, sb.n.str. a monastery, a 
church, (the form minster only 
occurs in the late parts of E. e. g. 
963. menster. 688 a. (minstre) 
675E.) 565B. E. 962A. 794E. 
(mynstaer) 673A. (mynstre) 654 
E. 1 132. gen, -tres. 1070E. p. 

207 1. dat. mynstre. 685E. 1 131. 
minstre. 686E. 1137 ad fin, of 
Ealdan mynstre "j of Niwan myn- 
stre, the old and new minster, i.e. 
the Cathedral and Hyde Abbey 
at Winchester. 964A. 1036E. on 
(Ealda mynstre) 105 3E. nompl. 
(-tras) 1 1 1 7. (-tree) 1086 p. 2 1 8 1., -tra, 975D. 1070E. (-tre) 
870E. -tran. 796F. (-tren) 

xnyntan, iolc.v, to purpose, be 
minded. p.8g.' mynte. 616E. 
(mint) 1 137 adfin* 

niyran-liSafod, 8h.n.str. * mare's- 
head,* a nickname. lOioE. 

't 'my rran, wk.v. to hinder, obstruct, 
* mar.* myrdon. 975!). 

na (no, 1052D. p. 179 1.), adv.conj. 
no, not, nor. p. 3E. lOOiA. 656E. 
p. 30I. na . . . na, neither . . . 
nor. ib, p. 31 h. joined with tic, 
nE ne. 87 1 A. empha.«dsing a pre- 
ceding ne. 894A. ad fin. 1083. 
joined with naj^ing. 1070E. na ?Je 
1^9, none the less. loiiE. na 8e 
ma, none the more. 11 27. na ())a) 
ma. 1122. (nammore), no more. 
1 132. 1 137 p. 265 1. V, nawtJer. 

nabban [ne-hbabban], wh.v. not 
to have. nsefde. 897 A. ad 
init. 1096. p,pl. nsefdon. 999E. 
1085 p. 2i6t. -dim. 443a. (nefdon) 

niedre, sh.f.wk, an adder, pi. n^d- 
ran. 773*. (nadres) 1137 p. 264 h. 

n^fre [ne + fefire], adv, never. 409 
^' 755* PP- 48-9 1. looiE. 1097 
p. 234t. (nefre) 1066E. ad. fin. 
(nefra) 11 29. (n^ure) 1 137 p. 
264 h. (neure) ih, 1. nSfre swa 
mycel, never so much. 1086 p. 
220 m. 

fneBgled-onearr, sb.m.str. a nail- 
fastened vessel. -rum. 
937A. p. 109m. 

n^nig [ne + 6nig], pron.adj, & 
8uh8t. not any, none. 41 8 A. 755* 
pp. 48-9 h.l. (n^ni), no one. M. 

nsBS [ne+wsBs], was not. 889*. 
1085 p. 2i61. 565E. (nes) ib, (nas) 

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870F. p. 284 h. 9\j^j, n^re. 755* 

pp. 48-9 1. 1014E. pi, D^ron. 897 

A. p. 90I. 1003E. 1070A. 
nagan [ne + agan], stwicv, not to 

owe, not to be bound, p^sg. 

nahte, ought not. 1070A. 
naht (i), noht (2) [na + wiht], sb. 

n.8tr, not a whit, nought, nothing. 

81 A. (2). E. (i). 995F. p. 130 h. 

1006E. 1016E. 1072E. (1). 1 128 

ad Jin. (2). ^rew. used adverbially. 

(nactes) 1066C. ad Jin. dat. 

nahte. 1009F. 
naht, adv. not. 995F. p. 130 m. 1095. 

nSht. 1 131. 
fnaht-lic, adj. * nought-like,* worth- 
less, of no avail, pi. -ce. 979E. 
naht-ness, sbj.str. ' noughtness,* 

worthlessness. ace. -se. 449 a. 
naht-soipe, sb.m.str. * nought-ship,* 

worthlessness. 449E. 
na - hwider - weardes, adv. no- 

whither, in no direction, (nowider- 

wardes) 11 37 p. 264 1. 
na-l&s (1), nd-1^8 (2), adv. (used 

also as a substantive), no less. 897 

A. ad Jin. (2). v. \&i. 
nama (i), noma (2), sb.m.toln. name. 

508* (I). 465A. (2).E. (I), so: 

794*' 975A. p. i2oh. 1 118 (i). 

acc.dat. -man. 565E. 959E. 975A. 

p. 1 20b. (I), dat. (name) 688E. 

(nam) 656E. p. 32 1. 
nam-oiiS-lice, adv. by name, especi- 
ally. 1 127 p. 258 1. 
nan [ne-han], pron.adj. not one, 

none. 868*. acc.m. nanne. 91 8 A. 

n^nne. 443E. 1118 ad Jin. /. 

uane. 654E. 963E. p. Ii6m. gen. 

n. nanes. 675E. p. 36 h. 1094 ad 

Jin. gen J. nanre. 1013E. datj". 

-nre. 876*. dat.m. -num. 937A. 

p. 108 h. -nan. 11 16. adverbial. 

1 114. 
NatiuiteV (foreign word), the Na- 
tivity, Christmas. 1 113 and later, 

fq. Of the Nativity of the Virgin, 

t.e. Sept. 8. 1 1 26. 
na-ping, 8b.n.8tr. nothing. 1070E. 

na-wer [na -I- hw^r], adv. nowhere. 

918A. naw^m. 915D. 
nS"w15er [na-hhw^Uer], conj. 

neither, na wtJer ne . . . ne, neither 

. . . nor. 897A. p. 90m. na])er na 
. . . na. 995F. p. 130I. na]>er. 
1 1 10. natSor. 1006E. (nou}>er)i 140 
p. 267 h. (nouther) 11 37 p. 264b. 

ne, adv. conj. not, nor. 877*. 937 A. 
p. 109 1. 975E. 1 154. emphasising 
the negative contained in a pre- 
ceding nllre. 943D. v. na, nawtf'er. 

n§ad, V. nyd. 

neah, adj. near. 9up. next, nearest, 
last. acc.m.wh. nextan. 1086 p. 
219 1. niehstum. 921 A. 
p. 102 1. nthstum. xb. m. set nyx- 
tan, finally. 994E. loioE. set 
nextan. 1086 p. 220 t. almost. 
47E. (pene amisit. Bede). 

neak, adv. nearly. 9 73 A. loooE. 
swylSe n., very nearly, almost. 
1055O. near at hand. 1105. sup. 
ntehst,. most nearly, in closest 
proximity. 894A. 878A. nehst. E. 
nyxt. 1031A. 

n6ak, prep.dat. near to, near. 895A. 
654A. neh. E. 909D. 103 1 A. neh 
handa, near at hand. 1 100 p. 2 36 1. 

n^ah-ge-buT, neah-he-biiry ab.m. 
str. a neighbom*. nehhebdr. 1095 p. 
231 h» pi. neahhebGras. 1100. nehhebCra. 1 1 1 7. 

nearu, adj. narrow, (nareu) 11 37 p. 
264 h. 

nearu-lice, adv. narrowly, closely. 
nearwelTce. 1085 p. 216 1, 

neat, sb.n.str. a neat, an ox or cow. 
(nxt) 1 131. neata. 1012 
D. cf. sleg-neat. 

nSawest, nearness, neigh- 
bourhood, dat. on -te (with gen.) 
near. 896A. ]>£r on n., near there- 
to. 924A. on ))£re n^awiste, in the 
neighbourhood. 1094 sub fin. 

nefa, sb.m.wk. nephew. 670*. 789E. 
1 1 1 5 . (neafe) 1 1 1 4 ad fin. (nefe) 
1 1 28. 1 1 32. (neue) 11 27. dat. 
nefan. 11 16. pi. (neues) 1137. nefiim. 034*. 

neninan, wk.v. to name, call. pre8.8g. 
-nej). 519. 584 A*. -naC. E. (-nad) 
565E. pi. -na>. 9r3A. ic 
nemde. 905 A. p.p. -ned. 477*. 

neom [ne + eom], am not. ^rd 8g. 

pres. nis. 1104. 
fneorxna-wang, 8b.vfi.8tr. Paradise. 

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dat. -ge. M. 151 (where gen. -ges, 
should probably be read). 

fnergan, wJcfs. to save, deliver. 
pres.part. -gende. M. 296. 

fNergend (i), Nyrgend (2), sb.m. 
str. Saviour. M. 41 (i). 55 (2). 
gen, -des. M. 26 (i). 

nigon, num,suh. & adj. nine. ace. 
97 3 A. as a(Jj.u»decl.dat. nigon 
nihtum. 898A. 1052E. p. 178 h. 
as 6ub8t.decl. mid -num ]>ara scipa. 
897A. p. 90I. joined with an ordi- 
nal number. 1052D. p. 173. 

iiigon-tdo)>e, nuin.adj. nineteenth, 
p. 4A. 855A. 

fnigon-tyiie, num.adj. nineteen. 

nigo^a, num.adj. ninth, nevi. (ni- 
gontJe) 634E. 

niht, 8b.f.8tr. (i) night. (Time is 
more often reckoned by nights 
than days, as in our fort-night, 
cf. Tac. Germ. ch. xi. * nee die- 
rum numerum, ut nos, sed 
noctium computant.*) accsg. niht. 
878*. 1004E. (nseht) 85 2E. dat. 
nihte. 992E. 1077E. mo. pi. 
nihte. 1056D. (nihtes) 1137. ace. 
niht. 688*. 871*. nihta. 
1048E. p. 176 1. mo. 
(point of time) -tum. 898A. 
1041E. -ton. 97 1 B. 1056C. -tan. 
iioi. a gen. nihtes. 77 7E. anes 
nihtes. 616F. s6na, furtJor nihtes, 
early, later in the night, mo. 
used adverbially; by night, nadjts. 
876*. 1 101. so: on niht. 894A. 
ad init. (ii) the evening preced- 
ing a day or festival, the eve. 
(cf. msesseniht) 11 06. 

f niht-ge-rim, 8h.n.8tr. a number of 
nights (in time reckoning), gen. 
-mes. M. 26. 55. 

niman,«^.i7.nef)mm,to take. 1100 sub 
fin. nymAn. 1035I). (nimon) 1015 
E. (nimen) 11 26. pre8.8uhj. nime. 
675E. p. 36 h. p.8g. nam. 787E. 
nom. A. took to wife. nam. 
1127. namon. lOioE. 1087 
ad fin. naman. 1I02. (namen) 
1 1 24. p.p. numen. 656E. p. 31 h. 
1 1 27. frequently of making 
peace, &c. with ; fritJ wijj . . . 
nam, namon. 867*. S66A. nam 

fjp, took up. 963E. ad fin. niman 

sefter, to take after, to imitate. 

1086 p. 221 1. 
tm5, ^.mMr. ndlJ, envy, rancour. 

1086 p. 221 m. 
fniSas, men. gen, -9a 

beam, the children of men. 973 

A. M.196. 
nider, adv. xdttitT, down, down- 
wards. 1012E. 1053C. 
mderian, wk.v. to depress^ oppress. 

p.8ff. nyCerade. 1 100. 
wXing, sh.m.8tr. a *nithing,' vile 

person* 1049C. ad fin. 
fiiitJ-weoro, 8b.n.8tr. work of feud, 

battle, -ca. 9 73 A. 
niw©, adj. new, fresh. 616F. niwa. 

1066E. (neuuae) 1137 p. 265m. 

dat.n.f. -wan. 792E. 1099. mo. -wena. 89 7 A. v. myn- 

mwian, wXi.v. to renew, restore. niwade. 1064E. p. 192 1 

sup. t6 ntwianne. 785E. 
n6lit, V. naht. 
n6-1^8, &c. V, na-lsis, &c 
n6n-tid, 8b.f.8tr. strictly, the hour of 

nones, 3 p.m. ; but later, noon- 
tide, mid-day. 1140. 
noiU, adj. northern, acc.f. -Can. 

91 3D. -Sum. 565E. comp. 

acc.f. 'fSrajo.. ib. A. nor])erran. 922 

nortJ, adv. northwards. 823*. 937A. 
p. 108I. 1064E. p. 192 h. foron 
norS ymbutan, went north about. 
894A. p. 86h. 

noTpan, adv. from the north. 921 A. 
€td init. 1066E. p. 198 1. be 
nor]>an (with dat.), to the north 
of. 894A. p. 87m. 1048E. p. 174I. 
without a case. loioE. 1045E. 

nordan-§astan, adv. from the 
north-east. mo. 

nordan-weard, adj. northward, 
northern. ]7is land n., the northern 
part of this land. p. 3E. 

nozV-d&l, 8h.m.8tr. the northern 
part. dat. -le. 926D. 

nord-east, 8h.m.8tr. the north- 
east, on n. 1 122. 

nord-east, adv. in a north-easterly 
direction. 1106. 

nord-ende, 8h.m.8tr. the north end. 

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northern quarter. 105 2D. p. 

175 1. 
norpeme, adj, northern, masctok. 

-na. 890A. (-ne) E. -na. '1046C. 

pi. -ne. 1064E. p. 192 h. 
nozV-healf, ah'f.str, the north side. 

-half. 1 131. .ace. -healfe. 977C. 

1 02 3D. 
notS-here, 8h.m.str, the northern 

army. 910A. 
nord-land, %h.n.8tr, the northern 

land or shore, gen. -des. 105 2C. 

p. 180I. 
nor8-8£, 8b.f.8tr. a sea on the north. 

894A. p. 86 h. 
noi^-8cip-here, 8b.m.8tr, the north- 
ern fleet, dat, -rige. 980C. v. 

noil^-weard, adv. northwards. 

1016E. p. 148 h. -ward. 1069D. 

norp-weardes, adv. northwards. 894 

noilS-west, 8b.m.8tr, the north-west. 

I no. 
nosu, 8h.f. 8tr. nose, pi, nosa. 1014E. 
Nouembris (Latin word), the 

month November. M. 196. 
nu, <idv. now. 519*. 905A. 979E. 

nunne (i), nonne (2),8&/.wAr. anun. 

dat. nan. 901 A. (i). D. (2). (nun, 

nunna) 903E. ad init. 
nyd, n§d, nead, n§od, 8b.n.f.8tr. 

need. need. 656E. p. 36 1. 1037C. 

dai. nede. 1016E. p. i48h. 937A. 

p. 108 1. neade. CD. neode. 

675E. p. 36 1. 906E. iioi. nyde. 

942 A. 1006E. adfin. gen, adver- 

oial, nedes, needs, of necessity. 

1 131 p. 262 1. 
nydan, n8odan, wk.v. to compel. 

p.8g. neodde. 11 14. 
nyllan[ne + willan], st.wk.v. not to 

will, nella]). 605 E. 1086 

p. 2i8h. pre8.8g.8uhj. nelle. M. 

277. p.8g.iiolde. 755A. 995F. p. 

130m. 1052E. p. 183 1. 1 106. 

subj. nolde. 994E. wolde h^, nolde 

he, nolens volens. 11 14. p. pi. nol- 

don. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 876*. -dan. 

755E.P. 49 h. (-den)979E. 
nytan [ne + witan], st.wh.vb. not to 

know, to be ignorant. p.8g. nyste. 

787*.I046E. 1086 p. 220 1., 

nyston. io83.-tan. 1048E. p. I73h. 

subj. -ten. 1052C. 
nytt, adj, useful. 1009E. 
nyt-wyi15e, adj. usefuL 1067D. 

p. 202 m. -tJoste. 897 A. 

p. 90I. 


00. V. ac. 

ootabas (Latin word), really, ace. j^Z. 

of octaba,/or octava; the octave 

of a festival. loi 2E. 
ot,prep.dat. of, from, of place; from. 

836* & fq, of time ; from. 519E. 

of the agent ; by. 675E. p. 36 m. 

890 a. of the cause ; of, (sturuen) 
of (hungaer). 1137 p. 264 b. of 
persons ; from, on the part of, of 
Godes half, on God's behalf. 675 
E. 1127. of the material; madeot'. 

89 1 A. derived from, belonging 
to. 649E. 650A. 887E. hence, as 
in modem usage, a mere sign of 
the possessive case; abbot of' 
Burch, abbot of Peterborough. 
99 2 E. 1 1 27. (A/g'. in later parts 
of E.) in a pajrtitive sense, an of 
]>am, one of them. 99 2F. he 
sonde of his mannan, he sent 
(some) of his men. 1087 p. 
224 m. of, concerning. 11 16. in 
respect of. 1123 p. 252 1. dyde 
of heom, did with them. 1072D. 
with verbs of depriving ; of, be- 
lauded of . . . 1091 p. 226 m. 
1 1 24. put after its case. 1097. 
Adverbial. 897A. p. 90 1. 1053C. 
1076D. cearf of, cut off. 1014E. 
ad Jin, v. don, ]>&t, 

of-a-gan, v. a-gan. 

of-a-slean, 8t.v. to smite off. 792A.F. 

of-axian, wk.v. to find out by ask- 
ing, to learn. p.8g. -xade. 1016D. 

of-drdedd, p.part. terrified, af- 
frighted, (-dred) 11 35. 

ofenan, adv, from above. 105 2D. 
p. 181 h. cf. ufenan. 

out. (i) with ace. of place ; of er sle, 
across the sea. 874*. 1105. (ouer) 
1 140 p. 267 1. fram ofer b», from 
beyond the sea. 1066D. sub Jin, 

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ofer Myrce, over Mercia. 870*. 
ofer land, over land, by land. 896 
A. ofer }>a brycge, past the bridge. 
887*. throughout, over. 670A. 
(where E. has daU) 855*. {v. eall.) 
metajph. against, contrary to. 901 
A. looiA. I015E. with numbers ; 
more than, over. 1006E. p. 137 m. 
of time ; over, through, ofer winter. 
855*. 1085 p. 216 h. ofer t^, be- 
yond that point, afterwards. 409 
E. metaph. ofer eall gemett, be- 
yond all measure. 1086 p. 219 1. 
(ii) with dot, of time ; after. 878*. 
of authority; over, above. 11 23. 
Adverbial, 800*. 893*. 11 23 ad 
fin, ofer wolde, "wished to cross. 
1 1 14. [se] ))e (ouer) myhte, who 
had the greater power. 1137 p. 
2651. with adjectives a too. 1097 
p. 234 1. 

ofer-bidan, gt.v. to out-last, out- 
live. p.Hg.8ubj, -hide, iioi. 

ofer-ouman, st.v. to overcome, 
(-men) 1070E. p. 207 t. 
-cumeC. Ii23p. 252I. p.8ff. -com. 
ib. 1066E. p. 198 t. 1096., 
-c6man. 937A. ad fin. p.p. -cu- 
men. 1096. sup. t6 -meude. 448 

ofer-faran, st.v, (i) to cross, r. 
faran. (ii) to come upon, meet 
with. -f6ron. 1016E. p. 
150 m. 

ofer-feran, wk.v, to traverse, to 
come upon, meet with. p.8g. 
-ferde. 1016E. p. I5ih. 1066D. 

ofer-gan, st.v. (i) to over-run, con- 
quer. 1070E. -code. 993A. 
p.p. -gan. loiiE. (ii) to pass off, 
pass away. 1053C. 

ofer-hergian, wk.v. to ravage, over- 
run. 969E. -gade. 905A. 
-geade. 796A. -gode. 945*. 1091 
p. 226 1. 676E. (-geada) A., 
-geadon. 83 2 A. -godon. E. 

ofer-hogian, wk.v. to despise, scorn. -gode. 1067D. p. 201 b. 

ofer-m6de, adj, proud, arrogant. 
acc.m.wk, -dan. 750A. 

ofer-m6dig, adj. proud, arrogant. 
acc.m.wk. -gan. 750D. (eofer-) E. 

ofer-8]!5, 8b.m.8tr. a time that re- 

curs too frequently, (used 

adverbially) (ouersithon; 11 37 

p. 264 b. cf. oft-sT§. 
ofer-stigan, st.v, iihetfleijm, to 

climb over, to scale. 10^ C. ad 

ofer-8wi]>an, wk.v, to over-power, 

conquer. p.8g, -])de. p. 4 1. A. 
ofer-switJe, adv, over much. 1086 

p. 218 h. 
fofer-weorpan, st.v, iiherfcerfen, 

to cast something over another, 

to sprinkle (with water). p.8g. 

-wearp. M. 109. 
ofer-weder,8&.n.«^r. storm, tempest. 

ofer-wrSon, stv, to cover over. 

p.p. -wrogen. 1086 p. 219 h. 
of-fered, p. part, afeard, terrified. 

1 1 31. cf. a-faeran. 
of-faran, st.v. to overtake. 894A. 

ad fin, 1016E. p. 151 1. 

oflforon. 91 1 A. 
of-feaUan, st.v. to fall upon, to kill. hine oSeoU, killed himself. 

of-feran, wk.v, to overtake. 

offSrde. 948D. 1016E. p. 151 h. 
offrian, wk.v. to offer. p.8g. -rede. 

963E. ad fin, 1013E. ad fin, 
of-gan, st,v, to obtain., ofeode. 

of-healdan, st.v. to withhold, re- 
tain. 1035C. 
+of-myi15rian, wh,v, to murder. -rodon. 979E. 
ofor, V. ufor. 
tofost, sb.f.str, haste, speed, dat. 

pi. (used adverbially), ofstum, 

speedily. M. 193. cf. efstan, &c. 
of-Tidan, st.v, to overtake by riding. 


of-sceotan, st.v. (i) trans, to shoot. 
p.p. -scoten. 1079D. (-sceoten) 
1 1 00. (ii) intrans. to shoot forth, 
to escape., -scute. 1055 

of-sendan, wk,v, to send for, sum- 
mon. 1049C. p. 168 1. 
-ssende. 1048E. p. 173!). 

of-8l§an, st.v. to kill, to slay. 650E. 
792E. -sl^C. 11 24 ad 
fin, ofslSg. 46A. 755A. 
787A. ofsldh. E. 1079E. 

Digitized by 




of8l6gon. 87o*&/g'. -gen. 885E. 
-gan. 1095 ad Jin, -han. 1048C. 
p.p. ofslagen. 617E. 789E. (-gan) 
ih. 656E. -slsegen. 871*. -slegen. 
46 5E. 100 1 A. (-sleigen) 1080D. 
(-sleien) ih, (-slogan) 1095 p. 
231 m. acc.m. -slsegenne. 755 A. 
p. 48 h. pi. -slagene. 1083. 800 
E. -slaegene. A. 867*. 
-slagenra. 87 lE. -slsegenra. A. 
-slegenra. lOOiA. 

of-stician, wk.v, to stab, pierce. 
p.p. -cod. 2E. 3 A. 

of-stingan, st.v. to stab. 626E. p. 
sg. ofstang. ib. 755*. 946D. p.p. 
ofstungen. 946E. 

oft, adv. oft, often. 755*. 871* &/q. 
comp. of tor. 894A. p. 84 b. 1009 
E. (of tar) 1 1 14. sup. of tost. 959 
E. oftust. M. 56. 

of-torfian, wk.v. to pelt with stones 
or other missiles, to stone, 
-fodon. 1012E. -fedon. C. p.p. 
-fod. 34*. 

oft-rsBd-lioe, adv. frequently. 887*. 
1016E. p. 149 h. 1 1 16. 

oft-slS, 8b.fn.8tr. a time that often 
recurs, on oft-st"Sas, frequently. 
979C. cf. ofer-si5. 

of-pyncan, wk.v. impers. to give 
offence, displease. -])uhte. 

of-wiindred, p.part. astonished. 
1 140. -uundred. 1135. 

on, an r984A. 779F.),(o) 1131.1137 
p. 204 b. prep.dat.acc. on, in, 
at, into, (i) with dat. local ; on. 
85 1 E. 887* ad fin. on sae, at sea. 
933E. of countries, peoples, &c. 
in, among. 611*. 855*. 891 A. hfq. 
(in 855A. on Francum is prob. an 
error for of the reading of B.C.) of 
towns, &c.,at, 614*. 839*&/2'.bis- 
cop on Hrofesceastre, ealdormon 
on Cent., bishop of Rochester, &c. 
897A.p.90t. temporal, of a period 
of time; in, during, on his dagum, 
in his time. 787* &/g. on ];i8um, 
here upon. 1043E. on ))am, there 
upon. 82 7 A. on |)am ))e, while. 
1 05 2D. p. 179 m. of a definite 
date ; at, on. 827* &>fq' of circum- 
stances, condition, &c. on twaem 
gefylcum, in two bands. 871*. on 

fleame. 91 7A. on hjrre raedenne, 
at her disposal. 91 8C. with verbu 
of swearing, promising, &c., « on, 
by. 876*. on wedde, on security. 
918C. with verbs of learning", dis- 
covering, &c. = from, or by. 755*. 
geleomian ... on b6can. 995 F. 
ad init. with verbs of accusing, 
charging, &c. = against, v. lecgan, 
secgan. consisting in, on f^o . . . 
on wifum ... on beamum. 894A. 
p. 861. 997E. indicating measure, 
weight, distance, &c. on fif 
marcon. 1058D. (ii) with ace. 
local; into. 885* & fq. tSdseled 
on v., into five parts. 871*. with 
verbs of placing, looking, &c. 
on, upon. 755*. 1064E. indi- 
cating purpose, occupation, &c. 
on hergat^ f aran, to go a-harrying. 
91 1 A. ; on last, in pursuit. 937 A. 
p. 108 1. = against. 755*. 994E. (cf. 
feohtan) . without any clear idea of 
motion. 813*. indicating the man- 
ner ; on mistlice beamas, like, in 
the manner of. 979C. on Englisc, 
in English. 892 A. was sunnandaeg 
on dsBg, as regards the day. 963A. 
of time; at, during, on. 97 iB. 
979C. 1 131 p. 262 1. cf. on J)ere 
niht {dat.) tJe hi on Sone daei 
(ace.) togsedere cumon sceoldon, 
on the eve of the day on which, 
&c. 992E. with adj, on unwser, 
unawares. 1043D. on ^r. 1067D. 
on ryht. 7 16 A. Adverbial, 669 A. 
894A. ad init. dyde on, put on. 
995F.P. 130. 1049C. laegdon , . . 
on. 1070E. So, emphasising a 
preceding on. 893*. 1083. joined 
with uppon. 1083. 

on-bidan, st.v. to wait, await, p. 
sg. -bad. 105 2C. p. 180 m. v. a- 

on-bidian, wk.v. to wait, stay. p. 
pi. -dedon. 1006C.D. p. 137 h. 

f on-biigan, st.v. to bend in rever- 
ence, to bow. 979E. V. a-bdgan. 

on-butan (i),-ton (2)yprep.dat.acc. 
about, with ace. 1046E. (2^ 
with dat. 1083 (2). H04 (i). 
Adverbial. 91 7A. (i). looiE. 
(2). with words denoting the 
points of the compass, west on- 

Digitized by 




bdtan faran, to go west about. 

01 8 A. 1046K p. 168 h. V. E- 

oud, V. and. 
ond-long, v. and-lang. 
on-dr^dan, wk.v, to dread, to fear. (-dreddon) 1013E. sub fin, 
on-dr&dend-Iio, o/dj, dreadful, 

fearful. 11 00. 
on-feolitan, v. feohtan. 
on-findan, it.v, to find, diBoover. 

p,8g. -fand. 1091 adfin, p.pL 
-funden. 755A. -don. to.* p. 5E. 
on-fon, st.v. to receire. 878*. (with 

ace. gen, & dat. esp. of a godparent 

receiving a godchild at baptism or 

confirmation). p.8g, onfeng. 47A. 

635*. 804*. o. bine him t6 suna. 

639*. onfengon. 633E. 653*. 

-gun. 519A. p.p, onfangen. 894 

A.p. 86 b. 1014E. followed by fa 

by false analogy with f6n. 1 1 a. 

39E. V, an-fon. 
ou-f or an, prep. occ. before, o. winter. 

894A. p. 88t. 1 1 16. (with dat.) 

1 106. 
on-gean (i), on-g^n (2), prep.dat, 

OAic. against, contrary to, towards, 

to meet. ace. 894A. p. 85 L 897A. 

(2). 979E. loioE. (i). dat. 972E. 

999E. 1 107 (i). put after its 

case. 972E. (i). with a clause, 

ongean 't^ hi ... in case they . . . 

lOioE. Adverbial, 878A. (2). 

loioK (i). (ingean) D. v, an- 

on-g§an, adv, again, back again. 

777E. icxJiA. 1048E. p. I73h. 

1097. (ongeon) 11 28. 
on-gean-ward, adv, going back or 

again or towards. 963E. p. Ii7t. 

-weardes. 1106. 
on-ge-mang, prep.dat, among, dur- 
ing, o. }>yBum, meanwhile. 1002E. 
on-ginnan, st.v, to begin, 

-netJ. M. 73. p.8g, ongan. 685*. 

597E. ongon. A. so : 655. 673., ongunnan. 654E. (-nen) 

656E. p,p. ongunnen. 4b, 896A. 

(-non) 1052D. p.i 73 1. (-nan)i 122. 
on-gitan, st.v, to understand, per- 

ceive. ongytan. 979E. p,8g. on- 

geat. 755*. onget. 896A. 

ongeaton. 948D. 

ton-gyldan, it,v, to pay for, atone 

for. -gildan. M. 289. 
on-hagian, wJcv.impers. to suit, to 

please., -gode. 918A. 1016E. 

with to, 1052D.P. 176I. 
on-leogan, v, lecgan. 
on-lysan, st.v, to release, (unlesan) 

1086 adfin, V, a-lysan. 
on-mang, prep,dat. among, during. 

1091 p. 226 1. 1 106 adfin, (with 

<icc,) 1 107. o. ]>ison, meanwhile. 

iioi. (enmang ]7is) 1135. ^- )^^ 

]>e, while. 1105. 1112. 
on-munan, wk.v. to esteem, r^ard. 

p.phsubf. -munden. 755 A. p. 48 1. 
onoh, V. ge-n6h. 
ou-ridan, st.v. to ride on (a raid, 

&c.). -ridon. 87 1 A. -riden. R 
on-seogan, v, secgan. 
on-sendan, wk.v. to send on (a 

mission), to send forth., -de. 

M. 48. 171. p.p, -ded. 430 A. v, 

on-settan, v. settan. 
ou-8tellan, wk.v. to set on foot, 

give the example of., on- 

stealdon. 993E. v, a-stellan. 
on-sting, sh.m.str. authority, juris- 
diction. 656E. pp.30 1. 33 m. 777E. 
on-tendan, wk.v. to kindle. 994E. 

V. H-tendan. 
on-w8Bonan, st.v. to awake, to arise, 

be bom. p.sff, onw6c. 547 A. 
on-weald (1), -wald (2), 

power, jurisdiction, dat. -de. 901 

A. (2). 17. an-weald. 
on- wag, acfv. a- way. 90TA. 1055C. v. 

open, cufj. open. dat.n,str, -num. 

open-lice, adv, openly, unreserved- 
ly. 1 137 p.265 h. comp, -licor.i 106. 
t6ret-m8egc, sh.m.str, a warrior, 

champion,, -cum. 1065 

CD. pp. 192-3 b. 
orf, sb.n.str, cattle, live stock. 1064 

E. p. 192 h. 1116. ffen. orfes. 

1041E. 1085 p. 216 1. clat orfe. %b. 

1052E. p. I78h. 
orf-owealm (i), -cwalm (2), 

8&.77i.8^r. a pestilence among cattle, 

murrain. 1054E. 1103 (i). 1131 

(2). dat, -me. 1085E. p. 217 m. 

(i). cf. yrf-cwealm. 

Digitized by 




or-m&te, adj. immense, ezcesaiye. 
1 106. ormete. 11 38. accm, -tne. 
II 12. occ./. -mlBte. lOOiE. dat.f, 
-tre. 1090. ^l. -mlete. 11 16. -mete. 

or-m£te, adv. immensely, exces- 
sively. 1 1 14. 

or-m&t-Ho, adj, excessiye., 
(-ca) 1117. 

orrest, 8h.f.8tr. battle, combat. 

^ dat -te. 1096. (A Scandinavian 
word, Icel. orrosta. The native 
word corresponding to orrusta is 

+or-J)anc, adj. ingenious. M. 234. 

op, prep.dat.acc. up to, as far as, 
until, ace. of place. 682*. 868* & 
fq. of time. 709E. oj) niht. 871*. 

odJ, conj. until. 755*. 942A. looiA. 
loioE. cf. o))-))flet, o]>-J)e. 

od-berstan, st.v. to break away, 
escape. -bserst. i loi ad fin. 
cf . set-berstan. 

o]>-fleon, st.v. to flee away, escape. 
p.'pl. -iiugon. 92 1 A. p. 102 m. 

6j)ep,^ro?i.<w7;.&«b. other, the other ; 
the second, the next; one of two ; 
another. (6)wer) 827E. (other) 1 140 
p. 267 h. (6?Jre) 656E. ad fin. 1066 
E. ad fin, se 6])er , one of the two. 871 
E. 6]>er . . . 5];er, the one . . . the 
other. 885*. so : 6^er . . . se 6?Jer. 
1 106. sum 6Ser . . . J)e 6tJer, 
another, the other. 1086 p. 218 h. 
his ^n 6t$er castel, another castle 
of his. 1124. ^fre ])e 59er man, 
every second man. 1086. nom.f. 
8^0 6J)eru. 894A. p. 86 1. acc.m, 
6]>eme. 1063E. %hwaBl)er 6)>eme, 
each . . . the other, each other. 
887*. ^Ic 6?Jeme. 105 2C. p. 
180 1. acc.f. 8))re. 91 7 A. 998E. 
gen.m. 8))re8. 878*. neut. 896 A. 
dat.m. 8))rum . . . 6J«'um. 871*. 
85ran. 984A. (t>. healf). 1046E. p. 
168 h. datf. 85re. 999E. on Caere 
6^re tid, at the second hour. 
800E. inst. 6]ire st]7e . . . 5])re 
8i]>e, once, . . . another time. 
894 A. p. 84 b. 6]7re 8t]>e, a second 
time. ih. p. 87 1. 8)>re geare, 
the next year. 914C. pl.m. djnre. 
687*. 91 7 A. 105 2E. atJtJre. 1107. 

(5thre) 1140. /. 5tJra. 1064E. 

p. 192 h. neut. 8Cru. 897 A. p. 

90 m. 8J)re. 851*. 8Cra. 105 2E. 6J)erra. 897A. p. 90 b. 

85ra. lOOiA. loioE. 1117. (6t5re) 

656E. p. 31 1. 6'5rum. 

897A. p.9it. 1052E. 8tJran. 1097. 

V. oCtJe. 
6der, cor\f. either, or; either . . . 

or. 1 1 27 ad fin. 1131. (6ther) 

1 1 37 p. 264 h. (oul)er) 65 6E. p. 

31b. 675E. p. 36m. 777E. /or: 

a-hwse^er. cf. nawt^er. 
o^-rowan, st.v. to escape by rowing. 

pp.l. fit oSreowon, they rowed out 

and away. 897A. p. 91 m. 
dS-swimman, stv. to escape by 

swimming. -Bwymman. 91 5D. 
op-pflBt, oi8-1$et, conJ. until. 755*. 

885*. 1087 ad fin. used loosely 

as a prep. iioi. 
oppe, conj. or. 892 A. 11 31. 6Cer, 

ofSfSe . . . ofSfSe, one of the two, 

either ... or. 901A. four times 

repeated. 597*. 894A. p. 861. 
o]>-pe, conj. until. 685E. 894A. 

p. 86 m. 91 8 A. probably short for : 

oppsdi )>e. cf. of-JwBt. used loosely 

as a prep. 167E. a. 
olS-windan, stv. to escape, get away. 00 wand. 897 A. p. 90 b. 
ol?-yw(i)an (i), -6ow(i)an (2), -le- 

w(i)an (3), wk.v. to show, to a,p' 

pear.|>.8gr. -wde. 678A. (3). 905B. 

(i). reflex. 729A. (3).i>.pZ. -wdon. 

9260.(2). p.p. -wed. 9790.(1). 

cf. set-ywian. 
oxa, sh.mMr. an ox. (oxe) 1085 p. 

216 b. 

padde, pade, sb.f.wJc. a toad, frog. 
pi. (pades) 1 137 p. 264 m. (Scandi- 
navian word. Icel. padda, a toad, 
cf. Shaksp. * paddock ' ). 

peell, 8b.m.8fr. (i) * pall,* costly robe. paellon. 1075D. psellan. 
1080 ad fin. (ii) purple, dats^. 
paelle. 1075D. 

peed, sh.m.str. path. dat. -tJe. 1067 
D. p. 201 1. 

pais (foreign word), peace. 11 35. 
1 140 ad fin. 

pallium, sb.m. (Latin word) the 

Digitized by 




archiepiscopal pall or pallium. 

804* &/j. 
palant, Bb.mMr. palente, ti>,f,u:h. 

a palace, (icc. palant. 1049C. 

•lentan. D. 
Palm-sunnan-dfldg, ih.mMr, Palm 

Sunday. (Palmes Sunen daei) 1 1 2 2. 
papa, 8b.m.v)k, the pope. 814*. 1 123 

p. 252 1. (pape) 16. gen.dat. -pan. 

813*. 797*. 1022E. gen, (papes) 

1123 p. 252 L daU (pape) t&. 

675 E. pi. (papas) 1 1 29 ad fin, 
pap-d6m, 8h.m.str. the popedom, 

papacy, (papedom) 11 24 ad fin. 

dat-me. 59 2 E. 11 18. 
Pasoh (foreign word), Easter. 

patriaroha (Latin word), a patri- 
arch. 1050D. 
pearnio, l^.mMr. an enclosure, 

* park.' 91 8A. 
penig, peneg, sh.m.Hr, a penny. 

penig. 1 1 24. (peni) 11 25. pi. 

penegas. 1124. penega. 777 

E. 1039E. (peanega) 1083 ad fin, 

(paenega) 1086 ad fin, 
Fenteoosten, sb.m.ttr. Pentecost. 

626*. 1 104. 1 107. -nesdaeg. 973 

A. (-costes daeg) 1104. (Pen- 

tecoste msesse dsei) 97 2E. (-cosie 

wuce) 1123 sub fin, on Pente- 

costen maessan wuce. 1102. 
pU, sb.m,6tr, a pile, stake, 

pilum. p. 5E. 
pileoe, sb.f.tolc. a pellisse, robe of 

skin, jpl pyleceon. 1075D. 
pin, 6b.m.6tr. pain, torment, pi. 

(pines) 1 137 p. 264 1. 
pinian, wk.v. to pine, to torture, p. 

pi. (-neden) (-ned) 11 37 p. 265 b. 

p. 264 h. pp. -ned. ib, 
pinung, sh.f.str, torture, torment. 

pining. 1 1 37 p. 265 b. 
plantian, wh.v. to plant. p.8g, -tede. 

1137 p. 265 1. 
plegian, wh.v. to play. (plea- 

gode) 1086 p. 220m. -godan. 

937 A. p. 109m. (with gen.) 
pl6g, 8h.m.itr. a plough. pi. 

(ploges) 1 1 31. 
port, sh.m.nMr. a town. loioE. ad 

fin, 10S7. dat.-te. 1052D. of porte 

■J of nppelande, from town and 

country. 1087 ad fin. 

portio, tb,m,8tr, a porch, chapel, 
sanctuary {v. Ducange, s.v, por- 
tions), dat. -ce. 738*. 997C. 1072 
E. on ]^m east -ce. 918C. on])am 
sGC -ce. 1036C. 

port-mann, 8b,m.8tr, a ' port-man/ 
townsman, pi. -men. 1068E. 

pr§08t, sb.fn.str. a priest. 710E. 
1032E. gen. -tes. 1137 p. 265 1. 
dat, -te. 105 2D. p. 176I. pi. -tas. 
964A. 1056C. (-tes) D. 1 129. (pr^stan) 1093 p. 228 m. 
gen,pl, -ta. 605E. 973A. 

prSost-had, 8h.m.8tr. priesthood. 
dat. -de. 1056. CD. 

prior ("Latin w;ord), prior. 1 107. pi. 
(-res) 1 1 29. 

prisan(foreign word) , a prison. 1 076 
D. p. 211I. 1 137. prisune. 1112. 

priuilegies (foreign word), privi- 
leges. 1 137 p. 265 m. 

procession (Latin word), a proces- 
sion. 1103.-un.1154. Lat. ace. used 
as dat, processionem. 1125. 11 31. 

pr6fo8t, 8b.m.8tr. a provost (of a 
monastery), (prouust) 1066E. 
ad fin. 

prut, aJ;. proud. acc.m.8tr. prutiie. 

pund, sb.n.8ti'. a pound. 11 25. 
(punda) 1094. g^ -da. 991 E. 
1018E. (-de) 777E. 
91 8A. V. marc, scilling. 

pytan, pycan fit, wk.v. to put, or 
pick out. Doubtful reading in 

[For several words beginning witli 
R 8ee under Hr.] 

racent-tSah, a chain, fetter. 

pi. (rachenteges) 1137 p. 264 in. 
rSd, so./.8tr. a riding, expedition, 

* raid.' pi. rade. 871 A. rada. K 
r^d, sb.m.str. (i) * rede,' counsel, p. 

3E. 1 1 29. 991 E. (red)656E. 1129 

ad fin. dat. -de. 11 00 ad fin. 1043 

C. (-da) E. pi. -das. 979E. gen. 

pi. rieda. 1065C.D. pp. 192-3 1. 

(ii) a council, dat. -de. 1048E. 

r£daii, wk.v. (i) to counsel, advise. 

loioE. pre8.8g.8ubj, rsede. 1131 

Digitized by 




ad fin., r^dde. tb. 959E. p. 

pi, rseddon. 1075E. raeddan. 995F. 

p. 1 30 m. with on, to take measures 

against, (r^don) on hi. 1048E. p. 

174 m. (ii) to read. in/*, r^d- 

dan. 995F. p. 129b. sup. t6 (rae- 

don) t5. p. laSl. 675E. p.37h. 
rslde-here, sb.m.str. a mounted 

force. 89 1 A. 
r&den, shf.str. rule, government, 

disposition, dat. -enne. 918C. p. 

105I. V. r^dinor. 
•\T&deiid,sb.m.8tr. a ruler, governor. 

rodera B., *'. e. God. 975^ p. 1 20 1. 
r&des-mann, 8b.m.8tr. a counsellor. 

pi. -men. 1039E. 
rffid-feest, adj. firm in counsel, wise, 

prudent, -fest. 1019D. cf. fest- 

r£d-gifa, 8b.m.wk. a 'rede-giver/ 

coimsellor. 1051F. p. 181 b. 
Tiding, 8b.f.8tr, rule, government, 

disposition, dat. -ge. 918D. p. 

10471. V, r^den. 
r£d-l6as, adj. 'redeless,* devoid 

of counsel, helpless. 1009E. p. 

r&d-Iio, ctdj. advisable, sup. -cost. 

icx>6E. ad fin. 
r&pan, tok.v. to bind (with a rope), 

capture. p.pL r^pton. loiiE. v. 

frfepling, 8b.m.8tr. a captive. loi i 

E. ad fin, 
r&ran, wk.v. to rear, elevate, pro- 
mote. M. 73. p.8g. -rde. 959E. p. 

Ii5h. -rdon. 1052C. p.i82t. 

r&san, wk.v. to rush. p.8g. dtraes- 

de. 755A. (rgsde) E. 
rano, cidj. proud, *rank.' rang. 

975E. acc.m. -cne. 1006E. p. 

137 m. 
•jTrand, 8h.m.8tr. XBXCtif a border, edge 

(of a shield). M. 269. 
rap, 8b.m.8tr. a rope. pi. (rapes) 

1 140 p. 267 1. 
ra)>e, adv. soon, quickly. 917A. 991 

E. 1038E. c<ymp. ratk>r. 1009E. 

p. I39h. Mfp. raiSost. 901 A. ra- 

dost. 755A. cf. hraCe. 
r^ad, a/jij. red. 773*. 1070E. 11 17. 
T§af, sb.n.str. a robe, vestment, 

hangings, (r^f) 963E. p. 117 m. 

dat. (hreafe) 1055C. pi. (-fes) 

r^afere, 8b.m.8tr. a reaver, robber. 
pi. (racueres) 11 37 p. 265 1. 

rSafian, wk.v. to plunder, to rob. 
1087 p. 323 m. p.8g. (r^uede) 
1135. (reuede) 1140 p. 267 b. p. 
pi. (riueden) 11 37 p. 265t. 

rSaf-U^o, robbery, plun- 
dering. 793E. (rieflac) 1 135. 

rSaftmg, ^~f.8t. reaving, plunder- 
ing, pi, (r^funga) 11 16. 

Tecan, tok.v. to reck, to care. 
rdhte. 1086 p. 218 m. roii- 
ton. 891 A. 1 1 23 p. 252 h. rShtan. 
1086 p. 2i8h. (rdhten) 1070E. 

reooan, tok.v. to narrate, tell. pres. 
sg. rectS. 47 a. 482F. 

f recoend, sh.m.str. a ruler, -cent. 

freoed, 8b.m.n.8tr. a house, hall. 
gen, -des. M. 271. 

refen, v, hrefan. 

tegn, rSn, 8h.m.8tr. rain. nom. ren 
685F. dat, (reine) 11 17. pi. renas. 
ib. 1098. (reinas) 11 16. 

regol (i), regul (2), sb.m.str. a rule, 
monastic rule. 963E. (2). 11 23 (i). 
dat. -le. 1086 p. 219 b (2). 

fregol-fcBSt, adj. observing rule. 
pi. -te. M. 44. 

reil-]>ein, v. hr8egl-]>egn. 

reliquisa (Latin word), relics, ace. 
-ias. 1023E. M. 73. 

rente (foreign word), rent. pi. 
rentes. 11 37 p. 26511. 

repan, st.v. to reap. r«pon. 

rest, d>^.8tr. rest, repose; bed, 
couch. 1085 p. 217 m. dat. -te. 
656E. p. 31m. 1054C. 

restan, wk.v. to rest, to lie. pres. 
sg. rest. 962 A. reste©. 716A. 
867F. restaS. 716E. 72 lE. pi. 
resta]). 738*. 

rStJe, a^J. fierce, terrible. 793E. iioo. 
M. 30. (raeCe) 1086 p. 220 1. 

r98ru, 89 iF. v. ge-r^^u. 

rioe, sb.n. (masc. 90 iD.) sir. xtidj, 
power, authority, kingship, king- 
dom. Used of the district or office 
of any officer (cf. bisceop-rtce, 
abbot-rice). Of the royal power. 
passim. Of a bishopric. 1060D. 

C C 

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cf. II02. Of the papacy. 814*. 

Of an earldom. 1102. pe«. -ces. 

658*. 821*. dat, rice. 16* & pas- 

Htm. pi. ricu. 12E. Of a roign, 

as a period of time. 167E. gen. 

-cea. I*. 752*. 
rice, adj. reicfj, powerful, rich. 

963E. pp. 115b, 117m. 654E. 

1 137. oomp. licceTcih. sup, rioeste. 

1087. Hcceste. ii2g ad fin. 
liosian (i), rixian (2) , tcJt.tJ. to rule, 

to reign. 597A. (i), E. (2). (rtx- 

an) 1 1 40 p. 268t. 

534A. 855A. rtxade. E. 941 A. rtx- 

sade. 955A. rtxode. 796E. p.pL 

rixodon.634E. rixadon. 449E. pres. 

partdaLti^endvan.. 616E. -de. F. 

wp. t6 rixiende, -enne. 49. 116F. 
ridan, sf.v. to ride. 901A. 

rid. 787*. 1 123. rad . . . dp. 896A. ridon. 755* pp. 50-1 h. 

(riden) 11 23. (ridone) 11 27 ad 

fin. ridon ... lip. 871*. pre8.part. 

ridende. 11 14. (ridend) 1137 p, 

265 t. -dra. 1085. 
ridere, 8b.m.8ir. a rider, trooper, 

knight, dat, 1085E. p. 217 1. pi, 

-ras. 1090. 
riht, sh.n.str. (i) law, right. 91 iD. 

975 A. p. 120I. iicx>. ii23p. 252h. 

i^rijjt) 1080D. dat. sefter, mid -te, 

rightly.ii23w.«. 11 27 p. Q^yLpl. 

(-tes) 1 1 29. (ii) a rite, divine 

service. 1070E. ad. fin. 

rihtan. 565 F. probably includes 

both senses, 
liht, adj. (i) right. 656E. p. 30 1. 

neut.wk. rihte. ib. acc.m.8tr. rihtne. 

65 2 E. ryhtne. A. dat.tolc. -tan. 
^ 1100 ad fin. dat.m.8tr. -t&n. i6'i 

E. -ton. a. dat.f.8tr. -ire. 1091. 

pi. rihte. 1093. -turn. 627 

E. on ryht, rightly. 716A. on riht. 

1093. (ii) right (as opposed to 

left). 1 1 25. 
•jrihte, adv. rightly, duly. 975A. 

p. I20t. 

riht-fsBdren-oynn (E), ryht- (A), 
8b.n.8tr. direct paternal descent, 
or pedigree. 784A. (-fsedem-) E. 
-feeder- 75 5 A. p. 48 b. (altered in- 
to: -faederen-) (-federan-) E. 

rilit-ftill, adj. rightful, honourable. AxsL iioa 

riht-hlaford-dom, sb.m.str. lawful 
authority, dat, -me. 918C. 

rihting, ib.f.str. direction, order.. 
In 963E. p. 116I. it seems to mean 
body of rights, privil^e, or privi- 
leged district. 

riht-lioe, adv. rightly, correctly, ac- 
cording to rule or law. 1083. 
1 107. comp. -cor. 1014E. 

riht-wis, adj. righteous. neut.tDk. 
-se. 1067D. p. 202 m. 

riht-wis-ness, sh.fMr. righteous- 
ness, justice, acc.gen, -se. 1086. 

"iTim, f^n.8tr. number, gen. -mes. 
973A. 1065D. 

riman, wk.v. to count, number. 
p.8g. -mde. 871*. 

tiim-orsBft, 9b.m.str. the art of 
reckoning, arithmetic, dat. -te. 
975A.P. I20t. 

trim-or»fbig, adj. skilled in num- 
bers, pi. -ge. M. 44. 

fplno, 8h.m.8tr, a man. pi. -cas. 

rinnan, st.v. to run. (ren- 
neC) 656E. p. 31 h. (reonneiff) 963 
E. p. Ii7t. 

rip, A.n.8tr. reaping, harrest. gen, 
-pes. 896A. 

xisan, 8t.v. to rise. ppl. (risen) 1 135. 

rod, 8h.f.8tr. a cross, 'rood.' 
200F. ace. r8de. 1070E. 1056D. 
(hr6de)C. gen. xSde. 885*. rode 
tacn, the sign of the cross. 963E. 
p. ii7h. dat. r6de. 69F. 1083. pL 
(roden) 1070E. 1102. a gallows, 
on r6de ah5n. 1096. «. gealga. 

froder, sh.m.str. the firmament, 
heaven, -ra, -rum. 
975 A. p. 120I. M. 216. 

B6m-ge-8oeot (i), Bome-scot (2), 
8h.n.8tr. * Bome-scot,* Peter's 
pence. 1095 ad fin. (i). 1123 
p. 252 h. (2). 1127(2). 

rot, adj, noble, excellent, sup. 
rotoste. 105 2D. p. I75b.r6tteste. 
1086 p. 218 1. 

rot-feest, adj. ' root-fast,' firmly 
established, (cf. Icel. rdt-faetr). 
(-fest) 1 1 27 p. 257 b. 

r6wan, st.v. to row.* reowan. 
1046E. p. 169 h. 

friiin, adj. roomy. M. 269. 

ryznan, iok.v. taunwn, to make 

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room, retire, rymde. 999E. rymdon. 105 2D. p. 175I. 
1 01 5 ad Jin. CD. rimdon. E. cf. 

p. 395. 
rymet, sb,n.str. room, space. 894A. 

ad init. 
ryne, a running, course. 

(rina) p. 3E. 
rypan, wk.v. to plunder, spoil. rypte. 1065C. p. 192 m. 

rypton. lOiiC.D. 


fsacan, str, to contend. M. 286. 
saoerd, sb.m.str. a priest. 903 F. 
sao-leas, adj. free from charge, 

innocent, unmolested. 1091. 11 06 

ad fin. 
f saou, 8h.f.8tr. strife, conflict, daf. 

saecce. 93 7 A. ad init. 
sacu T socn, sbs./. sir. *8ac and soc'; 

jurisdiction, right of holding a 

court for criminal and civil mat- 
ters, ace. sAca "3 sdcne. 963E. 

p. 116I. 
86, sb.m.f.str. (generally indecl.) 

the sea. 877*. 878*. 911 A. (se) 

616E. 885E. 1106. (seo) 1013E. 

ad fin. be )7am s^. 918A. 
B^clian, V. sTclian. 
tssed, adj. gatt, (with ffen.) sated 

with, weary of,* sad.' 937 A. p. 108 1. 
B^d-leap, ah.m.str. a 'seed lip,* 

basket for holding seed. pi. (sed- 

l^pas) ii24p. 254m. 
86-fl6d, 8h.m.n.8tr. * sea-flood,' tide. 

1014E. ad fin. 1099. 
fs&-grund, sh.m.str. the bottom of 

the sea, the abyss. M. 212. 
8&-healf, sh.f.8tr. the sea-side (as 

opposed to the laud side), ace. -le. 

B^-rima, fib.m.wk. (fern. 1052C.D. 

pp. 178-9.) the sea-shore, coast. 

dat -man. 897A. p. 90I. 994E. 
Ssetemes-dsdg, sh.m.str. Satuiday. 

adtnian, wJc.v. to waylay, lie in 

wait for (with gen.). 1052C. 
saht, &c. V. seht. 

fsaluwig-pad, adf, having a * sal- 
low,' dusky coat (of a raven). 937 

A. p. 109 b. 


same, adv. likewise. 892 A. (but the 
reading is doubtful ; B.C.D. have 

sazn-m^le, adj. agreed, united. 

samnian (i), sonmian (2), wk.v. 
to assemble, collect. ioi6£. p. 
147 h. (2). p.8£f. -nade, -nede. 
1016D. p. 151 (i). 

saxnod, adv. ttigether, also. 106 7D. 
p. 20ib. M. 188. 

samod-lice, adv. together, un- 
itedly. 1123. 

sam-worht, p.paH. half-wrought, 
unfinished. 893*. 

sanot, 8h.m.str. a saint. 979E. -ta. M. 2cx>. 

sand, sb.f.8tr. an embassy, mission. 
995F. p. 129I. (abstract for con- 
crete) a messenger, ambassador, 
(sande) 1095. ad fin. pi. (sandes) 

1 135. 
sander-mann, 9b,m.8tr. a messen- 
ger, ambassador, pi. -men. 

1 123. cf. Icel. sendima^r. 
sar, sb.n-str. a * sore,' grief. 11 20. 
sare, adv. sorely, grievously. 1 1 16. 
sarig, adj. 'sorry,' grieved, (sari) 

1 1 14. 
sarig-ness, 8h.f.str. sadness, grief. 

dat. (sarinesse) 616F. 
sawl, 8b.f.8lr. soul. nom. saul. 1036C. 

sawul. D. acc.gen.dat. -le. 656E. 

p. 31 1- 675E. p. 37 m. 959E. 

1012E. 1128. saule. 656E. 1066E. 

ad fin. 
fscadan, 8t.v. grfjeiUm, to divide. 

pre8.8g. -de]). 94 2 A. 
(ao&), pr on. f. she. 11 40. 
fsoand, sb.f.str. grijanUe, ignominy, 

shame, disgrace, dat. to scande. 

1076D. ad fin, 
8oaterian,ti;Ar.v. to scatter, squander. 

p.8g. (-red) 1137. 
8ca;8a, V. sceatJa. 
sceaoan, atv. to 'shake,' to flee, 

abscond. p.»g. sceoc. 99 2 E. 
sceamian, wk.v. to feel or cause 

shame. imper8.pre8.8g. us sceamiaS, 

pudetnos. 1050D. ad fin, 
soeamu, th.f,8tr, shame, (-me) 

1085 p. 216 b. 
fsceard, adj. with gen, bereft of. 

937A. p. 108 b. 


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soearp, adj, sharp, bitter, (scserp) 

1 137 p. 264m. nom,m.wk, -pa. 

io86p. 2i8t. jpL (scserpe) 1137 

p. 264 m. . ^um. p. 5E. 
soearu, soaru, sb.fMr, a shaving, 

shearing ; eccl, the tonsure, ace. 

scare. 716A. dat. (sosre). 716E. 

sceatty sb.mstr. scf^at^ tribute, 

money, treasure. 1085 p. 217 h. 

sceat. 1070E. pi, Bceattas. 1064E. 

1069E. 1079E. 
soeaSa, 8oa;8a, sh.m.wk, a criminal, 

thief, assassin, ace. seaman. 626E. 
Boea^Su, soalSu, 8b.f.8tr. scathe, 

hurt, ace, scaSe. 1079D. 
80§awiaii, wk.v. (i) to view, 

inspect. p.8ff. -wode. 1086 ad fin, 

(ii) to decree, grant. p,8g. -wede. 

1048E. p. 176 t.v. fore-sceawian. 
soes^ (i), sosBfi^ (2), 8b.m.str. a 

light swift-sailing ship. 1009C.E. 

F. (i). D. (2). cf. IceL skeiS. 
tso6ot, sb, ? n,8tr, rapid motion. 

dat. -te. M. 272. 
soeotan, sUv. to shoot, to cast. 

1040C., ? (seite) 1066C. ad 

fin. p.p. scoten. 937A. p. 106 b. 
soiftan, wh.v. to distribute, appoint, 

to place. p.8g. scyfte. 1046E. p. 

168 h. 
solid, 8h.m.8tr. a shield. 937A. p. 

106 b. scyld. 733F. dat. scylde. 

M. 269. 
soilian, wJc,v. to separate, remove. 

[he] scylode ix scypa of male, he 

paid off nine ships. 1049C. orf^n. 

(This is the Icel. phrase skilja af 

mail. E. has : sette dt.) v. mal. 
soilling, sh.m.str. a shilling. (The 

shilling in Saxon times was not a 

coin, but merely money of account, 

consisting of a varying number of 

pence.) pL -g&B, 11 24 p. 254 m. -ga. 85 2E. (scyllinge) 

777E. V. marc, 
soman, st.v. to shine. M. 283. p.8g. 

scan. 678E. 1066D. 8c^n.C. 

pres.part. -nende. 11 14. 1097. 

scynende. ib. 
scinn, 8b.n.8tr. a skin, scyn- 

nan. 1075D. 
soip, 8h.n.8tr. a ship. 1031A. 1135. 

ffen. -pes. 1063D. dat.8g. scipe. ib. 

633E. (scypa) 1050D. p. 169 b. 

pi. scipu. 787*. icx>8E. scypu. 

896A. scipo. 1009E. 885 A. -pa. 

E. 1013E. (scipe) 1070E. p. 207 h. -pa. 851*. 1012E. (scipe) 

1070E. -pum. 885*. 

1028E. -pan. 1009E. p. 139I. 

1 00 1 A. -pon. E. 1009E. scypun. 

soip-crsBft, sh.mMr. a naval force. 

soipere, 8bjn.8tr. a ship-man. Bailor. 

pi. {-reR) 1046E. p. i69h. (-ran) 

1075D. (as if v)h.). 
fsoip-flota, 8b.m.wk. a sailor, pi. 

-tan. 93 7 A. p. 106 m. 
scip-fultum, 8h.m.8tr. naval aid, 

naval reinforcements, gen. -mes. 

1049C. Bcyp-. D. 
soip-fiTd, ^.f.8tr. a naval force or 

expedition (always of the national 

force. V. fyrd, here). icx)9E. (-de) 

1071E. 1091. ace. -de. %b. dat. 

-de. 999E. 1009E. 
soip-fyrding, 8b.f.8tr. a naval ex- 
pedition. 999E. 
soip-here, soyp- (933 A.), 8b.m.8tr. 

a fleet, squadron, (used not only of 

the Danish, but also of the English 

naval forces.) (i) Of the English. 

875*- 885*. 933*. 972E. looiE. 

918A. 980C. icxjiA. (ii) Of the 

Danes. 835*. 860*. 877*. 894A.P. 

87 1. 910E. 918A. 980C. icx>iA. 

pi, scipheras. 88 2 A. (a wrong 

reading for : -hlsestas.) v. here, 
soip-hlsast, 8b.m.8tr. a ship-load, 

crew. pi. -tas. 882B.C.E. 

-ta. 833*. -hlesta. 837E. 
soipian, wk.v. (i) to take ship, 

embark. p.8ff. -pode. 1091. ad fin. 

(ii) to man or equip a ship. 

scypian. 105 2C. D. 
soip-liS, ^.n.«fr. a naval force. 1055 

C. ad fin, V. li]>. 
Boip-mann, 8h.m.8tr. a ship-man, 

sailor, pi. -men. 11 22. scypmenn. 

1069D. ^a<.p2.-mannum.i052D.C. 

pp. 1 80-1. 
80ir, 8b.f.8tr. a division, a district, 

a shire, or jurisdiction. loioE. 

(scyre) io64E.p.i92h. ace. scire. 

1006E. ad fin. <2af.8cire.894A.p. 

86 1. 1064E. cwe»eic(Bcyr), I de- 

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clare to be a shire. 96 3E. p. 11 61. 

|}Z.Bcira. 1065D. p. 193 h. (scyre) 

1064E. p. I92h. (sctran) 1097., Bcirum. 1009E. ad fin, 

sctran. 1097. 
Bcir-biacop, sb.m.str. a shire-bishop. 

scyr-. 675E. p. 36 h. 
scir-ge-refa, ah.m.wk. a shire-reeve, 

sheriff. 1056C. D. (scyrreue) 963E. 

p. 116 1. 
80ir-w»ter, sh.n.8tr. a dividing or 

boundary water, scyr-. 656E. p. 

30 b. 
Boolu, sh.f.gtr. a school. 816*. ace. 

daU -le. 885*. 874*. (The usual 

form is 8c6l, whence Mod. Engl. 

school. The dat. & ace. forms 

might equally come from sc6l.) 
soort, soeort, adj. short, nom, scort. 

1 137 p. 264m. dat.neut, sceor- 

tan. 1067D. p. 201 m. 
sootian, wk.v. trans. & intrans. to 

shoot,, -tedon. 1083. pres. 

part, (-tienda) 744E. 
serin, sh.n.str. a shrine, casket. 

pi. (serines) 1070E. (serine) ih. 

ad fin. 
tscri%an, st.v. to go, proceed. M. 

77. 372. scriS. M. 136. -iS&fS. M. 245. 
sorud, 8b.n.8tr. a * shroud,' dress, 

vestment. 1066E. ad fin. 1070E. 
scrydan, wk.v. to clothe. 1012E. 
scufan, st.v. to shove, thrust, push. Bcufon lit. 1048E. ad fin. p. 

sg. suhj. (sceofe) 105 2D. p. I75h. 

V. hand, 
sculan, st.wh.v. am to, ought, shall, 

should, sceal. M. 248. & 

fq. 565E. pi. sculon. 16. 605E. 

Bceolan. M. 246. scolan. 870F. 

p. 284 m. Bceolde. 894A. 

p. 87 1. 994E. &fq. scolde. 852 

E. 1012E. 1 1 30. (sculde) 1 140 p. 

267 h. 2nd8g. (sculdest) 1137 

p. 264 1. sceoldon. 1070E. 

887A. scoldan. E. 1070A. sceol- 

den. E. scolden. 894A. p. 84b. 

1 1 23. scoldon. ih. sceoldan. 99 2 E. 

maenige hit geseon sceoldan — 

were alleged to have seen it. (cf. 

gollen) 1 100. 
fsoiir, sb.m.str. a shower. M. 272. 
fioyftan, v. sciftan. 

f scyld, 8h.f.str. srijuUl, guilt, dat. 
-de. 1036C. 

fsoyndaii, wk.v. to hasten, depart. -de. M. 38. 

Boyppan, st.v. to shape, make, 
create. 8c6p. 688E. 

Soyppend, sh.m.str, the Creator. 
1067D. p. 201I. 

scyrtan, wk.v. to run short. 
scyrte. 11 31. 

se, [s§,] bSo, tJflBt, (i) dem.pron. 
that ; he, she, it. (2) rel.pron. (of 
the 3rd pers.) who, which. (3) die/, 
art. the. It is not possible to 
draw an exact line between senses 
(i)&(2),or(i)&(3). The prevail- 
ing sense is (3), which occurs : — 
sing.nom.m. se gerefa. 787*. (sac) 
755 E. /. sto. 867 A. seo. E. so: 
879*. (sy) p. 5E. by contamina- 
tion with J)e, (J)eo) 1087. n. jfsdt 
ni^ste wsel. 851*. in one instance 
"pBet becomes tset, after a preced- 
ing ]>8et. 755A. p. 48 1. acc.m. 
'pone. 867*. 1 127. iSaane. 1016E. 
p. 151 1. ])ane. 937A. p. 109b. 
lo^SE. ad fin. 1127. Oonne) 675 
E. p. 36 1. /. ©a, ])a. 885*. n. 
Jwet. 885 A. j^et. E. gen.m.n. Jwes. 
787A. 1032E. 1096. ^es. lb. 787 
E. Oeos) 656E.P. 32I. ©as. 1070 
A. /. Jj^re. 876*. pare. 896A. 
1031A. dat.m. & n. ]>am. 875*. 
887E. 1023E. 1070A. tJam. 1086. 
jf^m. 887 A. 891 A. )>an. 656E. 
1031A. 1070 A. San. 1 1 17. (pa) 
675E. 755E. (probably a mistake 
for ])y)./. \>^re. 885*. ios9E.(])ere) 
456E. 656E. inst.m. Son. 656E. 
p. 33h. 1 1 29. 762E. (unless this 
is a mistake for })one). n. py. 
871A. 737E. ])i. 823E. pi. >a. 
787*. ]>ara. 871*. ]>^ra. 
1014E. 1052E. p. 180 1. (Sera) 
1048E. p. 175 1. (})eora) v. hg. >aem. 887*. >am. E. J>an. 
looiA. 1031A. The demon- 
strative force appears in the 
following instances : — fim.riom. 
(ay), it. 547E. acc.m. nemna'S 
. . . ])sene monaS . . . lulius 
m6no9y they call that month 
July. 975 A. p. i2ot. jK)ne 
mon . . . forbsemde, him they 

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burnt. 68 5 A. ]>one mannoden, 
they maimed it. 1087. acc.f. on 
\iB, healfe muntes, on that {i.e. the 
far) side of the mount. 887*. |)a 
man gebr6hte, her they brought. 
1052D. p. 176I. n. Jwet lond. 890*. 
])at was, that occurred. 1 140. dat. 
/. bt ])^re, by her. 1057D. ad fin. 
instr.m.fBtiier (|?onn), after him or 
whom. 455E. ^am.A. n.J»y geare, 
that year. 879*. pi. Ca of B5me, 
they of Rome, the Romans. 11 29 
ad fin. ]>unra, *j ])a . . . segesltce, 
thunderings, and those, terrible. 
1 109. (5era) 1107. (Cere) 
gum, one of them. 654E. 
on]>am twam stedum, in those two 
positions. 887*. ))an. 1094 p. 
229I. With proper names; se 
E<^bryht, that or the aforesaid 
E.836*. This dem. takes the 
place of a subst.: betwux J)am 
cynge of France "] ])am of Engle- 
lande, and that of England. 1108. 
Neut. (in various phrases) ; refer- 
ring to a preceding plural. ))8Bt 
w^ron ]7a ^restan scipu, those were 
&c. 787*. 565E. geascade * . . J>8et 
]»Dt, learned the fact that. 911 A. 
gen. \ix% gefsegene, glad thereof. 
85 5 A. ]>ses, from that point of 
time. 871* & passim. Jwes ]>e, 
from the time when. 874* & fq, 
))8es on Sastron, the following 
Easter. 878*. "Saes 6})re geare, the 
next year. 914C. ])8es])e Gs secgaC 
bee, as far as books tell us. 937A. 
ad fin, 973A. 1009E. Jwes Ce men 
wendon, as men judged. 1043C. 
so: 565E. dat. t6 ])am gecir- 
don ];«et, came to the resolution 
that. 867*. t6 J>jem . . . )?8et, to 
Buch an extent that. 89 7 A. p. 
90 m. so : to ]7am []>an], swT9e. 
1093. 1099. (ear) ]>an, previously. 
1041E. sefter ]>on, {inatr.) "pxm, 
{dat.) thereafter, after that. 963A. 
895A. mid ])am, therewith. 1096. 
mid ]>£m J^set, owing to the 
fact that. 897 A. p. 90 1. biitan 
]}am ]>e, besides the fact that. 
871*. imt. wit5])on ])e, on condition 
that. ICX52E. to >on [))an E.] Jwet, 
for the purpose of. 2*. ])y ma, more 

by that, the more. 937 A. p. I09t. 
Con ma, any more. 755A.D. p. 
48 1. J)e. B.C. («onne) E. ))e mare. 
I047E. 1 140. ))e ma ]>e. icx>9E. 
V. na. ]>y . . . j>y, for that reason 
. . . namely because. 835*. cf 
for-Jwcm, for-])y, o])-])8et, siC-San, 
jwet, ])y. V. aefter, ^r, a-mang, be, 
biitan, mid, ofer, on, on-mang, 
sdna, t6, under, uppon, wiC. 
Frequendy as dem, antecedent 
to the relative particle *Se. J)a 
a})as . . . ]>e, those oaths which. 
876*. se^e, he who, who. 
984A. he . . . se ])e, he . . . who. 
827*. ]>a ))e, those who. 975 A. p. 
laot. (for which ]>a Ca. 656E. 
p. 31 m. &c. is probably a mis- 
take, though it may be also in 
some cases, ])a Ca, those who.) ])ara 
|)e, of those who. 918A. ad fin. 
mid eallum ])am )}e, with all those 
who. 874*. wi]> Sa, against them. 
885*. The relative force ap- 
pears in the following instances: — 
Be diel se, the part which. 878A. 
Oswald se sefter him rtcsode, Os- 
wald who &c. 827*. paet, that 
which, what. 167A. all . . . Jwet 
. . . was, all that was. 8S6*. faet, 
referring to a feminine antecedent. 
91 7A. so: ]>et, 963E. p. ii7h. re- 
ferring to a plural antecedent, 
(l^at) 1 137 p. 265 1. a^c.m. 
^nne. 973A. jjone. 634E. gen. 
))8e8. 937 A. p. 109 b. J)es. 1 102. 
dat.m. ))am. M. 85. /. tJare. 1 016 
F. In the following cases it 
might be either pers. or rel. 
pron, probably the latter, sio, 
seo, she or who. 888*. se, he or 
who. 789E. 890*. Jwes, his, or 
whose, th. ])ara, of them, or of 
whom. 897A. p. 90 1. In the 
later portions of E. (including 
such entries as 656, 675, 963, 
&c.) the genders and cases of the 
article are in hopeless confusion. 

fsealt, adj. salt. accm. -tne. 
M. 103. 

fsealt, sh.n.str. salt. dat. -te. 
M. 278. (unless this is an adv., 
Grein reads sealt, adj.) 

searu-wreno (i), syru- (2), «6.f». 

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sir. a trick, deceit, pi. -cas. loii 

C. (syre wrenceas) E. 
8§oan, wk.v. to seek, to visit, to 

attack. 656E. p. 31 h. 894A. 

€id init, 937A. p. 109 m. (secean) 

1091 p. 226 1. (secen) 1131 

adfin, seceaC. 1033I). 

p.8g. s61ite. fe94A. p. 84I. p.pL 

sohton. 867*. 921 A. p. 103 1, -tan. 

fsecg, ah.mMr. a man, warrior. 

937 A. p. 106 1. -gas. ih. 

(fen. -ga. B. C. D. v. dennian. 
secgan, wJcjo. to say. 851 A. 449E. 

(seggan) a. 995F. (secgon) 656E. 

(secgean) 1083. (segcean) 11 16. 

(secgen) 11 23 adfin, (seggon) 

1 1 27 adfin. (ssegen, ssecgen) 1070 

E. (segge) 675E. p. 36 b. (sei) 

1 1 35. (ssein) 1 1 37 p. 265 h. 

pre%.8g. (seigtJ) 1065C. p. 192 ]. 

(S8eg6) T). pi. secga©. 93 7 A. 

adfin. 1009E. (sei>) 656E. p. 

33 h. 1130. (saeiiS) 1067D. 

pre8.8uhf.8g. secge. M. 298. pi. 

(seggen) 1127 adfin. s^de. 

1066E. adfin. (saeide) 963E. p. 

117 h. /1 127 p. 258t. (seide) 675 

E. 1 1 28 adfin. (saegde) 1070E. 

(sede) 81E. ic saede. 894 A. p. 

87 h. saedon. 1004E. s^dan. 

1 1 00. (-den) 1 1 23. (sacidon) 

1 1 24 p. 254 h. (seidon) 11 27 p. 

257 m. (saegdon) 1070E. wes^dan. 

1090. p.8g.8uij. gif man s^de, 

if they had said. 105 2D. p. 176I. 

with prep. ))e him mann on s^de, 

which men charged him with. 

segel, 8h.m.n.8tr. a saiL 1046E. p. 

169 h. segl. 1052E. 
fsegel-gyrd, s'b.f.8tr. a sail-yard. 

M. 257. (Grein takes this as a 

part. * sail-girt.*) 
segelian, sigelian, wlc.v. to sail. 

p.8g. sigelede. 877A. seglode. E. 
seht (i), sflBht (2), saht (3), 8h.f.n. 

str. reconciliation, peace, (sehte) 

1091 p. 226t. (ssehte) 11^0 adfin. 

ace. -te. ih. (3). 1104 (i). seht. 

1016E. p. 153 1. dat. -te. 1091 

(2). ih. adfin. (i). 1016E. p. 

I53h. (i). pi. his sehta, peace with 

him, his favour. 1086 p. 221 m. 

seht (i), SflBht (2), adj. reconciled, 

agreed, at peace, pi. -te. 1093 

adfin. 1104(1). 1077E. 1135 (2). 
sehtlian (i), ssBhtlian (2), saht- 

lian (3), wh.v. (i) to reconcile, 

bring to an agreement, 

-loden. 1066E. adfin. (3). p.p. 

-lod. 1070E. p. 207 h. (2). (ii) 

to agree, come to terms. P'8g. 

-lede. 1140 p. 267 (3). 

-leden. ih. (3) (2). 
seht-ness (i), saht- (2), fib.f.8tr. 

an agreement, terms, dat. -se. 

1066E. adfin. (2). 
seJte, V. sceotan. 
seld-oud, adj. strange, uncommon. 

selcutJ. 1097. 1 1 14. 
seld-Uce, ctdv. strangely^ wonder- 
fully. sellTce. 11 27 8ubfin. 
s^lra,^ [sella]; s§lest. adj.eomp. 

& super, better, best, most excel- 
lent. comp.ace.f. selran. M* 103. 

sup. selost. M. 167. sele- 

stena. 897A. p. 90 1. selestra. B. C. 
sendan, wh.v. to send. 449 a. 

(-don) E. (seonden) 656E. p. 30 h. sent. M. 55. for : sendetJ. 

M. 241. p.8g. sonde. 601*. 889*. 

(ssende) 885E. 11 15. (ssente) 

959a. (seonde) 656E. 1004E. 

1086 ad fin. sendon. 

449E. -dan. a. (-den) 1064E. 

1 1 25. (saendon) 109 1. 
s§oo, adj. sick. 1015E. adfin. 1070 

E. p. 207 t. aec.m.8tr. seocne. 

icx>3E. (secrse) 1070E. 

p. 207 h. 
seofon, seofen, num. seven, un- 

decl. nom. 1094. seofan. 1086. 

ace. 905A. gen. 1086 p. 219 h. 

dat. 89 1 A. decl. nom. seofene. 

937A. p. 108 m. 
seofon-niht (i), seofen- (2), sh.f. 

pl.str. a * sennight,' week. 1076 

J), ad fin. (i). ealle ))a 8. 1066D. 

(i). 1070E. adfin. (2). (seoue- 

niht) 1 1 23 p. 252 1. dat. -ton. 

1038D. (i). V. niht. 
-seofontig, v.hund. 
fseofon - tyne (i), seofen- (2), 

nvm. seventeen, dat. -num. M. 

25 (2). 
seofopa -"pe (i), seofalSa -Ue (2), 

8eofe>8a (3), num.adj. seventh. 

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827A. (1) E. (2). 946A. (i). neut. 

-ffe. p. 53. (i). (seoueCende) 

656E.P. 33 1. dat.f, -«an. 878A. 

seolfor (i), seolfer (a), sh.nMr, 

silver. 095F. p. 130m. 1052E. 

(2). lo^E. (i). (siluer) 6r6E. p. 

30 1. (syluer) ii37.(gylure) 1135. 

(seolure) 1123 p. 252 1. gen. 

-frea. iioi. dat. -fire. looiA. 

1046E, 1070E. (silure) 11 28. 
seolfem, -fren, adj. silvern, made 

of silver, pi, -feme. 1070E. daU 

pL -finnan. 1075D. 
fseomian, wk v. to hang, to swing, 

sway. M. 257. 
s^on, st.v. to see. presjig. (setJ, 

seoC) 1 1 24 ad fin. sawon. 

1 106. FiSegon. 1 1 22. (seagon) ih. 

p.p. (segon) (8»gon) 11 27 ad fin. 

(seogen) 789E. 
Septembres (Latin word), Septem- 
ber. M. 167. 
serfis,85./.8^r. (foreign word) service, 

duty. ace. -se. 10 70 A. 
sester, 8b.m.str. (Latin sextarius) 

a measure (of com). 1043E. 

saster. 1039E. (according to Hen. 

Hunt. vi. § 21, equal to a horse- 
set, 8h.n.8tr. a ' seat,' entrenchment. setum, camp. 894 A. p. 84b. 

of the sun ; setting, dot, sete. M. 

setl, 8h.n.8tr.^ 'settle,* a seat, sit- 
ting, setting; eccl. a see. 1033 

D. gen. setles. 1096. dat. setle. 

797*. 922A. 937 A. p. io6b. 1097. 

settle. 1 131. 
settan, wk.v. to set, to place, to 

establish, appoint, prepare. 1036 

D. (setton) 675E. p. 37 h. 

Tsetten) ii23p. 252h. pres.8g. 

(88Bt)963E. p. 116I. pre8.8uhj.8g, 

sette. 1 1 29 ad fin. p.8g, sette. 

Q63E. ad fin. (saette) (ssetta) 

ib. ad init. (ssette) 1086 p. 221. 

(seotte) 656E. p. 30 h. 

setton. 1 102. (setten) 1131. p.p. 

sett. 1 1 28 ad fin. with prepp, 

setton sefter, they went in pursuit. 

1052C.D. pp. 178-9 1. sette 

hy mid . . ., set them, planted 

them with. 964A. sette . . . 

of his . . . rice, deposed. 1043C. 
1086 p. 220 h. him ... on sette, 
put it on him. 102 2E. man 
sette Ct ix scipa, dismissed, paid 
off. 1047E. but: [lit] setton 
stefha (it, they issued summonses. 
1052D.P. 175I. 
sibb, 8h.f,8tr, (i) peace, nom. sib. 1 140 
ad fin. ace. dat. -be. 605E. 785 
E. 959E. 926D. 1 1 27. (ii) rela- 
tionship, dat. -be. 1049C. 1050 

D. pp. 168-9 1. (iii) love. dat. 
-be. M. 150. 

sib-r&den, sh.fMr. consanguinity. 

(-reden) 11 27 (bis). 
sib-sum-ness, 8h.f.8tr. peacefulness, 

peace, dat. -se. 860A. 
siclian, wk.v. to sicken, grow sick. 

p.8g. (swclode) 1066E. ad fin. 

(s^clede) 1154. 
fsid, adj\ ample, vast, acc.f.wk. 

-dan. M. 227. pi. -de. M. 5. 
f side, adv. widely, far. wide T side, 

far and wide. 959E. cf. 975E. 
sie, V. beon. 
sigan, 8t.v. to fall, to sink, to move. 

pre8.8g. -getJ. M. 16. 112. p.8g. 

sah. 937 A. p. 106 b. 105 3C. 

reflex, to move, to tend. p.8g. 

sah (s^h D.) him iefre towerd 

Lundenes, kept moving on Lon- 
don. 1052C. p. 180 h. 
sige, 8b.m.str. sieg, victory. 800*. 

845* & fg. geA. siges. 1066E. p. 

197 h. 
fsige-dryhten, sb.mMr. lord of 

victory, dat. -drihtne. M. 215. 
tsige-fsast, adj. victorious, acc.hi. 

-tne. M. 150. 212. 
fsige-folo, 8h.n.8tr. a victorious 

people, -ca. M. 299. 
'fsigel-beorht, adj. sun-bright. 

acc.m. -tne. M. 203. pi. -te. M. 89. 
fsigor, 8b.m.8tr. victory, -ra. 

973A. 975A.P. i2om. 
simle, adv. always, constantly. 894 

A. p. 84b. 959E. 755A. svmle. 

E. symble. M. 191. (symbe) 597 

fsin, pron.po88. his, her, its, their. 

dat.m. sinum. 1065C. ad fin. 

synmn. D. 
f sine, 8b.n.8tr. treasure, riches. M, 


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sind, sindon, syndon, v. beon. 
singan, st.v. to sing. pre8,8g, -ga9. 

1 1 27 ad fin. p.8g. sang. 102 2D. 

1 1 25. p.pL (sungen) 1122. 
sinotS (i), 8eno)> (2), syndS (3), 

8b.m.8tr. a synod, council. 796F. 

I046E.(3). 822A.(2) E.(i). So: 

673*. fiinaC. 656E. ad Jin. 

(seonod) 78 2 E. 
sittan, st.v. to sit, take up one's 

position, settle, remain. 895A. 

1043D. (sitten) 1 137 p. 264 m. 

pre8.8g. -tefS. 11 30. p.8g. Met. 

865*. 869*. 874E. 8»tt. 1014E. 

svbf. B^te. 1036E. B^ton. 

875*. s^tun. 855A. pre8.part. 

-tende. 1052D. p. 175 1. 11 37 p. 

264 1. with ace. of related action. 

92 2 A. with prepp. )>e he on saet. 

1079E. abutan saet, beset, sur- 
rounded. 107 1 E. 
siJ$, syU, 8b.m.8tr. (i) a journey, 

expedition, dat. ByfSe. 959E. ad 

Jin. (ii) a time, turn. stC. 893*. 

1001 A. sy'S. E. dat. sume atSe, 

at one time. 1009C.D. ad Jin. 

(sum. E.) 6]>re bi]>e . . . 8])re eiipe, 

on one occasion ... on another. 

894A. p. 84 b. 1 1 20. forman 8T]>e, 

for the first time. mo. 1016E. 

pp. 1 50- 1. By tSe. 1094 ad fin. as if 

wk. {aytSan) 1048E.P. J74I. j)Z. 

(sTJje) 1070E. p. 207 t. 
+81©. cldv. late, later. M. 200. 
8it$-8an, adv. If or siS Can, or Con, 

after that.] afterwards, afber. 418 

A. 876E. 894A. 1127 p. 257 1. 

sitJCon. ib. 675E. p. 32. syCCan. 

99 3 A. 963E. ad init. 1086. 

sy])))am. 926D. 8i])an. 409A. 

sytJCon. 1087. (seotSjf&n) 1065D. 

ad fin. (siCtJen) 11 27. (sithen) 

1 1 40 p. 267 h. (sythen) 1137 

ad Jin, 
ai6-1SaD.,conj. since, after that. 937 A. 

I). io6\.ib.adfin. sy'SCon. 963E. 

p. 117I. syCjjan. 1077E. 
sJtS-tSan, prep.acc. since. syCCon. 

963E. p. 117 m. (a very late 

six, syz, sex, num. six. six. 73 lE. 

1 1 24. syx. 90 1 A. sex. 89 7 A. 

p. 90I. 852E. (seox) 656E. ad 

sixta (E), siezta (A), num.adj. 

sixth. 827*. 
siztig, nwm. sixty, (sixtiga) 85 2E. 

dat. sixtigum. p. 5E. 
sl&p, 8b.m.str. sleep. 1131. 
slffipan, 8f.v. to sleep, (slepen) 1137 

p. 264 m. p.8g. slep. 1 135. 1 137 

p. 265 h. 
sl^p-em, 8b.n.8tr, a sleeping place, 

dormitory, (se slseppeme) 11 16. 
slieting, 8h.f.8tr. hunting, the right 

of hunting, ace. -ge. 1087 p. 223b. 
sl§aii, st.v. to slay, to strike. 1086 

p. 220 m. p.«^. sl6g. 918A. 746 

A. sloh. E. 633E. tuh^'. sl6ge. 

1086 p. 221 h. sl6gon. 699E. 

823*. (slSghen) 1138. 
siege, N).m.8tr. a blow, a clap of 

thunder, pi, (slsege) 11 18. 
8leg-n§at, sb.n.8tr. cattle for 

slaughter, (slsegn^t) 85 2 E. 
smsete, adj. pure, refined, (of gold). 

dat. (smeate) 1070E. 
sm^agan, t^'it.v. to meditate on, con- 
sider. p.8ff, smeade. 959E. pres. 

part, (smacgende) 1 090, 8up, t6 

-genne. 1006E, adjin. 
tsmeagung, 8b.f.8tr. thought, con- 
trivance, pi. -ga. 979E. 
f smicere, adj, beauteous, elegant. 

fsmioere, adv. beauteously, ele- 
gantly, (probably to be read in 

M. \ 1*1 for Bumere.) 
smooa, ^.m.wlc, smoke, (smoke) 

ii37p. 26411. 
smooian, voJc.v, to smoke, p.^. 

(smoked) 1137 p. 264 h. 
snaca, sh.m.wk. a snake, pi. (snakes) 

1 137 p. 264 h. 
snaoo, sh.fMr. a small vessel, a 

smack, snacca. 105 2 C. D. 

pp. 1 78-9. -cum. 1066 D.E. 
sn&dfm, wk.v, to eat, take a meal., sn^dde. 1048E. 
snaw, 8h.m.8tr. snow, gen, -wes. 

M. 204. dat. -we. 1046C. 11 15. 
fsnell- soipe, 8b.mMr, quickness, 

boldness. 105 7D. 
snoter, adJ, prudent, wise, snotor. 

M. 287. compar. -re. 995P. ad 

init. 8uperl. -rost. M. 243. 
soon, V. sacu. 
sofbe, adj, soft, mild. 1137. 

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tSol-m6nad, sb.mMr. February. 

sonai adv. Boon. 797*. sSna awa, 

as soon as. 667E. 885*. sSna )«», 

soon after. 105 7 E. s6na J>es )>e, as 

soon as. 1095. (B6ne) 11 23. (son) 

1127 ad fin. 
sorh, sb.fMr. sorrow. 995F. p. i3oh. 

(sorhge) 870F. p, 284 h. 
Borh-fiiUf adj. sorrowful. 11 12. 
sot-Hoe, adv. foolishly. 11 37. 
sot-8cipe, sh.m.str, folly. 11 31 ad 

a^, adj. sooth, true, dat, to 

soSan, of a truth. 1085. sup. ^at 

sotSuste, the truest account. 995 F. 

ad init. 
B$S, 8h.n.9tr. truth. M. 242. 297. 

gen. soffes. 1091 ad fin. 
fadiS-hoT&fSb.m.str. a* sooth-bearer/ 

sooth-sayer, astrologer, pi. -ran. 

975 A. ad fin. v. woC-bora. 
s^-fsBst, adj. trustworthy, true, 

faithful. /. -faeste. 1065C. (-feste) 

D. pi. (-feste) 112^ ad Jin. 
sp&o, itbj'.str. (later form of sprSc. 

q.v.) speech, acc.gen. -ce. 1070A. 

1085 p. 216 m. 1093. 
spanan, st.v. to allure, seduce, p. 

pi. speonon. 1076I). -nan. E. 

B}ieonnon, -nan. 1052C.D. pp. 

sparian, wk.v. to spare. p.8g. 

sparode. 1086 p. 220 h. 
spearwa, a'Kin.wh. a sparrow. 1067 

D. p. 201 b. 
si>ecan,8^.o. (later form of sprecan. 

q.v.) to speak, (specon) 1113H. specaS. 1086 p. 219 m. 

p.8ff. spaec. 1048E. 1086 p. 218 m. 

(spec) 1046E. p. 168 hu (spac) 

1 140. P'Pl' we specon. 1086 

p. 2 22 h. pres.part. specende.i 1 23, 

altered into : sprecende. 
spedan, wk.v. to speed, to prosper. 

p.8ff. spedde. 656E. p. 30 t. 1 140 

p. 267 b. (sp^ddon) 1 1 14 

spere, 8h.n.8tr. a spear. 105 5C. p. 

186 h. dat. 1056 CD. 
spillan, wk.v. to destroy, mutilate, 

deprive. p.8g. spilde. 1096. p.p. 

(spilt) 1 1 25 ad fin. pi. spilde. 

1 1 24 adfin. 

spilling, 8b.f.8tr. destruction, waste. 

spiwan, 8t.v. to spew, vomit, sup. 

to spiwenne. 1013E. 
spreeo, sb.f.str. 8prac{)e, speech, ace. 

gen.dat. -ce. 1053C. 1123 p. 252. 

(sprece) 1114. t. sp^c. 
spreoan, st.v. sqprecfjen, to speak. 

797*. 1070A. (sprecon) 1114. p. 

sg. sprsec. 1083. (spreac) 1131. sprecon. II 23. (sprecon) 654 

E. we sprecon. 893*. 1009E. p.p. 

(sprecon) 675E. 963E. p. 11 7 h. 

pres.part spYecende. 1123. sup. 

to sprecene. 1103. 17. specan. 
sprytan, sf.v. to sprout, to grow. 

sup. -tanne. 995F. ad init. 
stsBf, sb.m.str. a staff, (i) a pastoral 

staff. 1094. (etef) 1047E. pi. 

stafas. 1 102. (ii) in the sense of 

letters, writings. 167A. cf. imd)« 


tst&lan, wk.v. to institute, carry 

on. M. 287. 
steel-here, sb.m.8tr. a predatory 

army, a marauding band. 

-herge. 921 A. p. loim* dat. pi. 

-hergum. 897 A. p. 90m. 
steel- wyiUe, ctdj. * stalwart,' service- 
able. 896A. 
steelS, sh.n.8tr, a shore, dat. stseSe. 

794E. 485A. (ste«e) E. cf. 8u5- 

staeVe. 897A. p.9oh. sta]>e.449A. 

on Saefeme sta])e. 894 A. p. 87 1. sta^um. 91 5D. 
Stan, 8h.m.8tr. stone, a stone, dat. 

stane. 626E. 1020F. pi. (stanes) 

1 1 24 adfin. 1 1 25., (stanen) 

standan, st.v. to stand, remain ; to 

stand out, resist. 1048E. p. 174. 

(standen) 656E. p. 31 1. 

stent. 1009E.P. 139 b. «u&/.stande. 

963E. p. Ii7h. 1031A. p.«5r.st6d. 

449E. lOioE. 1093. subj. stode. 

1 09 1, st6don. 897 A. p. 90 1. 

stodan. iioo p. 236 h. p.p. stan- 
den. 1070E. adfin* With prepp. 

him fram stod, stood out from it. 

1 106. So: him of stod. 1097. 

stent ... of. 89 2 A. st6d . . . 

ongean, resisted. lOioE. stod . . . 

up. 656E. p. 30 m. 
standard, sb.nLstr. (foreign word}, 

Digitized by 




a standard ; set te S., at (the battle 

of) the Standard. 1 1 38* 
stan-weall, sb.m.str. a stone- wall. 

dat. -le. 92 1 A. p. 102 b. 
fstaSol,, the firmament. 

dat. -le. 975A. p. i3ol. 
steall (i), stall (2), sb.mMr. a stall, 

stead, place. 693E. (i). 779E. (a). 

steal. 797E. 803E. stal. 678E. 

steallere (i), stallere (2), sb.m.str. 

the *staller'; an oflScer of the 

royal household answering to the 

later constable or marshal. 1047D. 

1067D. ad fin. (2). 
fsteap, adj. lofty, prominent, 

* steep.' M. 255. 
stearo, adj. * stark,* stem. 1086 pp. 

219 1. 220 b. 
stearc-lioe, adv. ' starkly,* stoutly. 

1016D. p. 151 1. 
stede, sb.m.str, a place, a 'stead.* 

495*. 1013E. <id fin. dat. stede. 

449E. (steode) 1086, p. 219 1. on 

his stede, in his stead. 1054D. 

<?a^.|>^. -dum. 887*. (steodan) 11 19. 
fstefn, 8h.m.8tr. the prow of a ship. 

dat. -ne. 937 A. p. 108 1. 
stefn, sh.f.str. a voice, message, 

summons, dat. -ne. 656E. p, 

30 ra. pi. -na. 105 2D. p. 175 1. 
stefnian, wk.v. to summon, p-sg. 

-node, -nede. 1048E. p. 174L 

(steofnode) 1093. 
stelan, st.v. to steal. stsel tit, 

stole out. 1 140. (stal) ut. ib. 

(stall) ut. ib. 
stemn, 8h.m.str. a summons, term of 

military service. 894A. p. 86 1. 
stenming, sh.f.str. a term of service. 

p. 86 n. B.C. 
steng, 9b,m.8tr. a stake,, 

(staengum) p. 5 n. D. 
steoran, ivk.v. to steer, command. 

p.8g. -rde. 1046E. p. 168. 
steorfan, st.v. gtethen, to die, 

'starve.' (staerf) 11 24 ad 

fin. (sturuen) 1137 P* 264b. 
steorra, sh.m.wh. a star. 891A. 

995E. 1097. ^^^' "'^*^- 1066C.D. 

pi, -ran. 540*. 1.095. (sterres) 

1 1 35. (steorra) 1106. 
stician, wk.v. to stick, to inhere. -codon. 1083. 

fstige, sh.mMr. ascension. M. 64. 
stihtan, wk.v. to rule, dispose. j>- 

sg. -te. 1086. 
still-ness, 8h.f.str. stillness, quiet. 

ace. -se. 1065. CD. ad fin. 
stt5, adj. stiff, inexorable. 105 2D. 

p. 170m. 1086 p. 22ih. nom.m. 

wh. -))a. 1048D. 
. stitJe, (zdv. severely. 1006E. ad fin. 
tstl8-ferh]>, adj. firm of mind. pi. 

-))e. 975 A. p. 1 20 b. 
sfi-ward, sb.m.str. a steward. 1095. 

1096. pi. -das. 1 1 20. 
st61, 8b.lm.str, a stole. 963E. p. 

stor, adj. strong, great. 1085 p. 

21 7 1. cf. Icel. storr. 
storm, sb.m.8tr. a storm. 1070E. 

sub fin. 
stow, 8b.f.str. a place, acc.dat. -we. 

455*. 501* 5H*- (-wa) 527E. dat. 

stow. 456E. datpl. -wuiu. 1032 

strand, sb.m.str. a strand, shore. 

dat. -de. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1. 
Strang, adj. strong, violent, severe. 

975E. 1052E. 1 1 15. nom.m.tck. 

-ga. 1046C. neut.wk. -ge. 1041 

C. acc.m.str. -gne. 1046C. pi. 

-ge. 1 1 24 ad fin. -gan. 

1 070 A. comp.m. (strengere) 

1086 p. 219 1. 1 140 ad fin. n. 

strengre. 11 15. 
strange, adv. strongly, severely. 

1039E. 1 1 17. 
strang-lio, adj. strong, stout, severe. 

1066D. p. 199 h. dat. -cum. 1097 

strang-lloe, adv. strongly, stoutly. 

1016E. p. i5oh. 1085 p. 217 b. 
fstrSam, «5.m.8<r. a stream. M. 255. 
streo, (?-e-) sb.ln.str. violence, force. 

mid strece, by force. 1058D. 
stregdan, stredan, wk.v. to scatter, 

disperse, straggle, streddon. 

lOioE. [ferdon] CD. 
strong, sb.m.8tr. a string, cord. pL 

(-ges) ii37p. 264h. 
streng!K,86./.«^r. strength, (military) 

force,8uperiority. (streongSe) 1 106. 

dat. -Se. 1086 p. 220I. 1 1 19. (-the) 

1 140. (streang^Je) iioi. 
stuiid,8&./.*fr.gtunijC,a time, period. 

ace. -de. 1106. 

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stypel (i), st^pel (a), 8b.m.Btr, a 
steeple, tower. 1059D. (i). 1070 
E. 1 1 22 (2). dat. styple, stypele. 

styriaii, wh.v, to stir, disturb, p.p, 
styred. 1140. 

styrne, adj. stem. 1070E. 

styrung, sb.fMr. disturbance, com- 
motion. 1096. pi. -ga. 975E. 

sum, pron.8b.adJ. one, some, some 
one. (i) as subst. heretogena sum, 
one of the leaders. 794A. ])ara 
sum. 897A. p. 90t. with numbers, 
fiftiga sum. 605E. ]n^tiga sum, 
one of fifty, thirty, avrbs rpioKo- 
cr6i. 878A. (})rittigum. E. is an 
en'or.) So inpl. feower *j Srttiara 
sume, thirty -four in alL 91 6C. 
the sing.acc, seems used collect- 
ively, sumne. 1096, pi. sume. 794 
E. sume . . . sume, some . . . others. 
418*. 897A. p. 90m. (ii) as adj, 
hit . . . sum . . .sum, pi^ of it . . . 
the rest. 877*. cf. 897 A. ad init. 
nom.m. sum d^l, part. p. 3 b. 
E. adverbial y (sum del),