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Full text of "Two of the Saxon chronicles parallel, with supplementary extracts from the others;"

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I 892 






Prepatory Note 
Parallel Chronicles 


Explanation of Glossary 

List of Contractions 









I. Plan of the Wobk. 

When in 1889 I issued the small edition of two of the 
Saxon Chronicles parallel for the years 787-1001 a.d., I ex- 
pressed the hope that in the course of the next year or two I 
might be able to accomplish a complete edition of the whole 
work. That hope has for various reasons not been realised. Of 
those reasons only one need be mentioned here. The Delegates 
of the Clarendon Press have honoured me with the request that 
I should re-edit for them the Latin Text of Bede's 'Historia 
Ecclesiastica Qentis Anglorum.' Seeing that so much of the 
earlier part of the Saxon Chronicle is based on Bede, it would 
be, in the strictest .sense of the word, preposterous to under- 
take the criticism of the foifmer before dealing with the latter. 
The publication of the introduction and notes to the Chronicle 
must consequently be deferred until I have completed my work 
on Bede. It has been decided, however, to issue the present 
volume, containing the text, appendices, critical notes and glos- 
sary, at once. It is complete in itself, and it is believed that 
in the glossary everything is contained that is necessary for 
the linguistic interpretation of the texts. 


The plan of this work aims at reproducing the MSS. as 
nearly as possible ; and with this object all the texts have been 
collated afresh. I can honestly say that I have spared no pains 
to make the texts as correct as possible. But I have so often 
discovered errors where I load thought that everything was 
correct, that I dare not assert that none such have escaped me. 
Some additional various readings, chiefly from Wheloc's edition 
of the burnt MS. A. are given in Appendix C. Of these a few 
are of considerable importance. 

The plan of this edition of course precluded any idea of nor- 
malising the texts. I have however in the glossary carefully 
marked the length of the syllables, and distinguished late and 
abnormal forms by enclosing them in round brackets. 

In the glossary I have aimed at giving not only every word, 
but every form which occurs in the two MSS. 2S. and E. here 
printed in full. So that in regard to them the glossary will, I 
believe, be found to be a complete register of all variations. In the 
case of the other MSS. from which merely extracts are given, 
only the principal forms are registered in the glossary; minute 
variations of spelling, <kc., being, as a rule, ignored. As how- 
ever all passages in which the other MSS. vary to any important 
extent from 'R, and E. have been embodied either in the text or 
in the critical notes, it is believed that the glossary will afford 
a tolerably complete measure of the Anglo-Saxon historical 
vocabulary as represented by the Chronicles. 

The arrangement of the glossary was a matter of no slight 
mechanical difficulty, because it had to be compiled from texts 
varying considerably in date and place of origin. The actual 
plan is due to practical considerations; and that form was 
adopted as the type which would enable the greatest number 
of the words occurring in the texts to be brought together 
without alteration. Hence where the orthography of the two 
texts differs, the rather late forms of E. have been taken as 


the type in preference to the occasionally archaic forms of H, 
The system thus resulting from a balance of convenience has, I 
hope, been carried out with consistency. Further details as to 
the arrangement of the glossary will be found in the explanatory 
note which precedes it, which the reader is advised to consult 
carefully before making use of the glossary. 

A word must be said as to the punctuation. Here, too, I 
have endeavoured to mark the peculiarities of the MSS. The 
only stops which occur in the MSS. are as a rule the point 
either on or above the line (.) (•), the inverted semicolon (f), and 
the peculiar stops wliich occur in MS. 2?., represented in the 
text approximately by (r) and (:,). All these have been 
retained ; stops not in the MSS. are represented by commas 
and semicolons. In a few instances, so few that they might 
I think be counted on the fingers of one hand, the colon and 
semicolon do occur in the MSS. ; here the colon has been 
retained, the semicolon has been inverted. 

The text of A. has been considerably interpolated. In a few 
cases these additions are in good and fairly early hands. Such 
passages are printed in smaller type, but not in italics. The 
bulk of these interpolations, however, are due to a hand of the 
twelfth century, and are given in small italics. 

Letters or words wanting in any MS., and supplied from 
other sources, are enclosed in square brackets. 

Passages in F. which are enclosed in round brackets are in the 
MS. insertions on the margin or above the line. In many cases 
it is very difficult to determine whether they are by the same 
hand as the text or a difiPerent one. 

In other cases words or letters inserted by the scribe of the 
text above the line are marked by convergent dashes, e. g. for'tS'- 
ferde ; 983 E. It seemed worth while to mark these cases, as 
they often appear to indicate a difference between phonetic 
and historical spelling. The scribe first spelt the word as he 


pronounced it, then his eye told him that something was 
wrong, and he inserted the missing letter ahove the line. 

The expansion of contractions is indicated in the usual way 
by italics, A few contractions have been left unexpanded, partly 
because of their frequent occurrence, but still more because it 
was impossible to be sure what was the exact form which the 
scribe had in his mind. A list of these unexpanded contrac- 
tions precedes the glossary'. 

II. The Manuscripts. 

Discussion of the mutual relations, special characteristics, 
and comparative value of the diflferent MSS. of the Anglo-Saxon 
Chronicle, must be reserved for the second volume. A brief 
list of them is however given here, for convenience of refer- 
ence, and in explanation of the critical notes. 

This, the first of our two parallel texts, is commonly known 
as the Parker MS., because it is one of the many treasures 
given by Archbishop Parker to Corpus Christi College, Cam- 
bridge. It is numbered 173 in Nasmith's Catalogue. It is 
described by Wanley, p. 130, and by Sir T. D. Hardy, * Catalogue 
of British History,' i. 651. It is often cited as the Winchester 
Chronicle, because it is believed to be based upon a Chronicle 
now lost which had its origin at Winchester. It belonged, 
however, to Christ Church, Canterbury, and it was at Canterbury 
that the later entries were made, and the passages alluded to 
above interpolated. A large number of these interpolations 
have to do with Canterbury and its See. 


This is also a Canterbury book. It is now in the Cottonian 
Collection of the British Museum. (Tiberius A. vi.) It is 


described by Wanley, p. 224, and by Hardy, i. 655. It ends 
with the year 977, and has hardly any special points of interest 
except the insertion of the Mercian Chronicle, which will be 
noticed more fully under C. 


This is also a Cottonian MS. (Tiberius B. i.) It is described 
by "Wanley, p. 219, and by Hardy, i. 656. To name this MS. 
like H, and E. from its place of deposit, would not distinguish 
it from B. D. and F. It is best therefore to designate it from 
its probable place of origin as the Abingdon Chronicle. Its 
main importance consists perhaps in its later entries. But 
even apart from these it contains many points of interest, of 
which the most striking is one which it shares with B., viz. 
the incorporation in an unchanged form of the little Mercian 
Chronicle, or * Annals of ^Ethelflsed,' embracing the years 
902-924. (Vide in&a, pp. 92-3, 100, and notes.) 


This manuscript, like the last two, is Cottonian. (Tiberius B. 
iv.) It is described by Wanley, p. 220, and Hardy, i. 657. 
Like C, it is best designated by its place of origin, which was 
probably Worcester. To this origin it owes one of its salient 
features, viz. the embodiment of a considerable number of 
Northumbrian Annals. Through the medium of D., or Eome 
closely related MS., these Northumbrian Annals passed into 
E. The chief interest of D., as of C, lies in its later entries, 
hut even from the beginning it represents a new recension of 
the Chronicle, and is more closely related in many respects to 
E. than to any of the preceding MS8. These however are 
points which must be discussed elsewhere. D. has embodied 
the Mercian Chronicle of B. and C.. but has endeavoured to 


digest it into chronological order with the rest of its materials. 
(Vide infra, pp. 92-3, 100, and notes.) 


This, the second of our two parallel texts, is among Arch- 
bishop Laud's MSS. in the Bodleian Library (Laud, 636). It 
is described by Wanley, p. 64, and Hardy, i. 657. Its place of 
origin was Peterborough, as is abundantly proved by the in- 
sertion of many pieces of local history. It was written in the 
first instance about the year 1122, and continued in various 
hands to 11 54. Thus it carries us down three quarters of a 
century beyond any other MS. B. ends, as we have seen, in 
997, A. (W.) in 100 1, F. in 1058, C. in 1066, 2?. in 1070, 
D. in 1079. This MS. is, as I have said, largely based on D. 
or on some sister MS. But the scribe had other materials 
also which cannot be considered here. 


This is a Canterbury MS., and is now in the Cotton Collection. 
(Domitian A. viii.) It is described by Wanley, p. 220, and 
by Hardy, i. p. 660. I call it from its place of origin the 
Canterbury MS. This can create no confusion with H, or B. ; 
as B. is very rarely cited, and H. is best known from its place 
of deposit as the Parker MS. This Chronicle is to a great extent 
of the nature of an epitome. The compiler probably had before 
him our S., and either E. or some MS. very similar to E. But 
the chief interest of tliis MS. consists in the fact that it is 
bilingual, written both in Saxon and Latin. Thus it forms a 
point of transition between the native Annals and the Latin 
Chronicles which ultimately supplanted them. I have gone 
carefully over both versions, and have been able to glean from 
the Latin some interesting illustrations of the Saxon text. I 

PREFACE, xiii 

would instance especially the notes on pp. 58, 83 infra. The 
MS. is of the twelfth century. 

A. (G.) (W.) 

This is also a Cottonian MS. (Otho B. xi.) With the excep- 
tion of three leaves it perished in the Cottonian fire of 1731, 
and we are mainly dependent for our knowledge of it on 
Wheloc's edition of the Chronicle which was based on this MS. 
It has been customary to denote this MS. by the letter G. ; but 
Professor Earle rightly objected to this notation, as giving the 
impression that this MS. is later than F., whereas it is at least 
100 if not 150 years earlier. He suggested the notation A. to 
express the fact that it is an evident transcript of H, Mr. 
Thorpe called it W., the initial of Wheloc, and I have followed 
him wherever the readings cited are derived solely from Wheloc. 
When I wish to indicate the MS. as distinct from the edition I 
call it A. It ends, as I have said, at looi. (Vide infra, p. 132, 
and note p. 295.) 


This is a fragment of a lost Chronicle, and is described infra 
p. 245, note. 

It remains for me to express a few of the most prominent 
obligations which I have incurred in the preparation of this 
book. For the glossary I have naturally made constant use 
of the new Bosworth-Toller 'Anglo-Saxon Dictionary,' also 
of Mr. Sweet's ' Anglo-Saxon Beader,' the glossary to which 
contains an excellent selection of words. Grein's monumental 
' Sprachschatz der angelsachsischen Dichter ' has also been 
of the greatest service, especially for the poetical passages in 
the Chronicle. 

fcgjfifig Be via. Bj wvek I ^esSsr. T^n*« aomiec I sEast. 

Ll tae icai p2aree I muc ^aonk 

fo- tile sEBeraKCT widk w^Dcfik l» coosmisieii » tike 
«f im wk W m jumatj c t ^*^^ djnl mic Itfs^ ibr 
tiuBg fcc^ sal mnpBC&y tikeoB^gcfifiidE tiki^ vork. I smsc tirnsk 
Sj^icc. who las Sv ^iiSw as Sar tae snaZier «ilkasi. 

mad »g^estNO& He s isct^ ^' 

and rwnmtMML aE c&e ciaaHrr. A=ii I mn&t ^ssaJk ^&e HfTereni 
J. T. IflB^ If A. Feilbv ul Turr ii^Oaqpos CBxi^ C4S&^^ 

Csuabdd^t, wkoy w&ot I vott to Candbni^ c\> cctZitte t^ 
K»icsr XS^ reoBicd bbc. a fwcfiKt: sCEUEfiRr. as^ if I Bad biwc 
sm. fiui firicatL Ta ks koqctal^ ami tTm^m>««^^ ^aki ^^n^ «€ Lis 
'SflILcMae&. I iFve mamj jiifmmrrr aaBixialHB&. I( fis s latttcr 
4ii geBaiae asailactiaa to Be t&afi bet £1;^ ra£ expiSKSiee <iM: 
CmmJtmdtst Ii& ifcnirlif ksve liceft za cnHwctaMt wtui t&eCcZIesie 





L : 


ACENnesse«cccc«wintra.T 'xciiii* uaintra. j?aCerdic*3 Cyn- 
ric his sunu cuom up **' Cerdices oran. mid 'V scipum. "3 se 
Cerdic wses . Elesing. Elesa . Esling. Eda . Gewising. Giwis . 
TViging. Wig . Freawining. Freawine . FriJ?ugaring. Fri- 
J7ugar . Bronding. Brond B^eldaeging. Bdaldseg Wodening. 

Ond j?8BS ymb -vi' gear J^aes J?e hie up cuomon ge eodon 
West Seaxna rice, ^ J^set uuaerun ]7a serestan cyningas ]>e 
West Seaxna lond on Wealum ge eodon ^ ; ^ he hsefde J?aet 
rice .xvi. gear, ^ fahegefor J^afeng his sunu Cynrie to 
J7am rice, T heold* -xvii* winter, pahegefor }>afeng Ceol 
to J^am rice, ^ heold 'vi** gear, pa he ge for ]?afeng 
Ceolwulf to his broj^ur, *] he ricsode -xvii* gear, ^ hiera cyn 
g€e\> to Cerdice. pafeng Cjmegik Ceolwulfes bro|?ur sunu 
to rice, *3 ricsode -xxxi* ^ wintra, *3 he on feng serest ful- 
wihte Wesseaxna cyninga; ^ J^afeng Cenwalhto, *3 heold 
xxxi* wintra, ^ se Cen walh wsbs Cynegilses sunu ; "3 J?a 
heold Seax burg his cuen an gear J^aet rice sefter him. pa 
feng ^scwine to rice, j^ses cyn gce^ to Cerdice, "j heold -ii* 
gear, pa feng Cent wine to Wesseaxna rice Cynegilsing, 
^ ricsode 'vii' '^ gear ; pa feng Cead walla to J?a»* rice, }?aBS 
cyn g«ej7 to Cerdice, ^ heold -iii* gear. Da feng Ine to 
Seaxna rice®, |?«es cyn g«ej? to Ceardice, T heold -xxxvii* 

^ Besides 7S!. this genealogical pre- f. 1 78, a single leaf which has been 
£EM;e is only found in Cott. Tib. A. iii. thought to lukve belonged originally 



Tjrittene fgland' is ehta hund mila lang. 3 twa hund brad. 
-L-^ -^ her sind on )?is iglande fif gejjeode. ' Englisc. . ^ 
Brittisc. 3 Wilsc. ^ Scyttisc. -3 Pyhtisc. 3 Boc Leden ^\ Erest 
weron bugend j^ises landes Brittes. ]>& coman of Armenia. 3 
ge ssetan suSewearde Bryttene sero&t. . pa ge lamp hit ^ Fyhta^ 
coman 8u]?an of Bcithian. mid langum scipum na manegnin. '} 
]?a coman aerost on nor]> Tbemian up. 3 IpsBV b8Bdo[n] Scottas f 
hi Ser moston wunian. Ac hi noldan heom lyfan. forSan hi 
[cwaedon 'psdt hi ne mihton ealle aeigs^dere gewfinian ]>8Br. 
3 ))a"] cwsedon ]» Scottas. we eow magon ]?eah hwatSereTsed 
ge Iseron. We witan oJ>er egland her be easton. ]>er ge 
magon eardian gif ge willaS. j gif hwa eow wiS stent, we eow 
fultumiat^ ^\ f ge hit magon ge gangan. Da ferdon }>a Pihtas. 3 
geferdon ]>is land norj^an weard. 3 suj^anweard hit hefdon 
Brittas. swa we ser cwedon. , And )>a Pyhtas heom abaedon wif 
set Scottnm. on Jm ge rad ^' f hi gecuron heora kyne cinfi d4 on 
J)a wif healfa. f hi heoldon swa lange sySSan. y^ J>a gelamp hit 
imbe geara rina. f Scotta snmdsel gewat of Ybernian'on Brittene. 

io MS. B. I indicate the readings 
of thid leaf by the notation /3. 

' Da wses agangen. /3. 

' 8Bt Wealum genaman. fi. 

* "J heold •xxvi* wintra. }>a he 
forOferde. pa, feng Ceawlin td. his 
sunn, 1 heold •xvii* gear. fi. 

» V. fi. 

* XX. /3. 

^ viiin'. ^. 

' Weft Sexna rice. /3. 

* This pre&ce is in D. £. F. ; C. 

has a metricnl preface which is given 

»• i^Englisc. BrytWylsc. Scottysc. 
Pihttisc. T B8c Iseden. D. ; F. follows 
E., but omits Boc Leden. Angli, 
Britoni, Waloni, Scithi et Picti. F. 

*^ From D. The omission in E. 
is merely due to the recun'ence cf 
the word cwssdon. 

" fultumiad. MS. 

w -p forewyrd. F. 

B 2 

4 THE PARKER MS. (2?) 

wintra. pafeng ^J^elheard to, J^aee cyn g«c}7 to Ceardice, 
*] heold •xiiii- winter ^. pa feng Cuj; red to, j^aes cyn g«ej? 
to Cerdice, ^ heold -xvii- gear 2. pafeng Sigebryhtto, 
J?8es cyn gcej? to Cerdice, t) heold an gear, pafeng Cyne- 
wulf to rice, J^aes cyn g«e|? to Ceardice, *] heold -xxxi* wintra. 
pa feng Beorht ric to rice, J^aes cjm g«e]? to Cerdice, ^ heold 
•xvi' gear, pa feng Ecgbryht to J^am rice, ^ heold •xxx\di- 
wintra. *] 'vii- mona]? ; *] )?a feng ^J^elwulf his sunu to, ^ 
heold nigon teo^e healf gear. Se ^J?elwulf waes Ecg- 
bryhting. Ecgbryht . Ealh munding. Eahlmund . Eafing. 
Eafe . Eopping. Eoppa . Ingilding. Ingild . Cenreding. *] 
Ine . Cenreding. t) Cu)? burg . Cenreding. "j Cuenburg . Cen- 
reding. Cenred . Ceolwalding. Ceolwald . Cu]? wulfing. CuJ? 
wulf Cu}? wining. CuJ? wine . Celming. Celm . Cynricing ^. 
Cynric . Cerdicing. 

Ond J^a feng ^thelbald his sunu to rice, *] heold -v- gear, 
pafeng ^J?elbryht his broJ?ur to, ^ heold -v gear, pa 
feng -dEJ?ered hiera broj^ur to rice, *] heold 'V' gear*, pa 
feng -dElfred hiera bro}?ur to ^rice, ^ J?a was agan his ielde 
•xxiii* wintra. *] ccc* ^ xcvi. wintra J^aes J?e his cyn aerest 
Wes^t'seaxna lond on Wealum geodon * r :, 

1 1, b. 3lER Cristes geflaescnesse -Ix- wintra. Gains lulius se 
Casere aerest Bomana Breten lond gesohte. *] Brettas mid 
gefeohte cnysede. *] hie ofer swij?de, ^ swa J^eah ne meahte 
J^aer rice gewinnanr 

Snno 1. Octauianus ricsode -Ivi'*^ wintra. ^ on ]7am 
•xlii'"^ geare his rices Crist waes acenned. 

2. pa tungel witgan of east dcele cuomon to ]?on ]7aet hie 
Crist weor|7edon, "j J?a cild on Bethlem of slaegene waerun 
for Cristes ehtnesse from Heroder 

3. Her® swealt Herodus from him selfum ofsticod, ^ 
Srchilaus his sunu feng to ricer 

^ xvi gear. /3. an ancient cross at the place marks 

^ t^a feng Cut$red .... xvii win- that something is missing. 
tra^ Interlined man. rec. in j3., but 


-y }>es landes sum (IsbI ge eodon. ^ wes heora heratoga Eeoda 
gehaten. from Jmm heo sind ge nemnode Dael Reodi. 

Sixtigum wintrum »r J?am J>e Crist were acenned. Gait^ 
lulitf^ Eomana Kasere mid hund ebtatigum scipum' gesohte 
Brytene. per he wes serost ge swenced mid grimmum ge feobte. 
1 micelne dsel his heres forlsedde. 3 J>a he | forlet his here abidan f. i. b. 
mid Scottum. 3 ge wat into Galwalum. 3 J>er ge gadorode six 
bund scipa. mid J>am he ge wat eft in to Brjijene. "^ fa hi serost 
togedore geraesdon. }7a man of slob Ses Caseres gerefan. se wes 
Labienus ge haten. Da ge namon ]7a Walas. 3 adrifon sumre ^a 
ford ealne mid scearpum pilum '^ greatum innan ]7am wetere. sy 
^a hatte Temese. ]>a ^ on fundon t5a Eomani. ]m noldon hi faron 
ofer Jjone ford, pa flugon ]?a Bryt Walas to Jwtm wudu fees- 
ienum^^. ;} se Kasere geeode wel manega bebbnrh mid 
mycelum ge winne. 3 eft ge wat in to Galwalum. 

Anno 1. Octauianus rixade 'Ivi* wintra. 3 on J>am -xlii* geare 
his rices. Crist waes a<;enned. 

2. Da tungel witegan of eastdsele coman to ]7an ^ hi Crist 
wurtSoden. And })a cild on Bethleem ofslagene waeron for 
ebtnesse fram Herode. 3 he swealt of sticod fram him sylfum. ^ 
Archelaus bis sune feng to rice. 

F. 3. Her Herodes for^ferde. 3 f cild Crist wear^ geboren agean f. 32. 
of Egiptan. 

' CinricGreoding. Greoda Gerdi- 
<ang. /3. 

* |ia feng M^&kA . . . ^v* gear. om. 
/3. ; but a cross marks the omission. 

* . . * rice .... geodon. om. /3. ; 
which continues : *} heold ojiran 
healfiui geare Ises |>e •xxx* wintra. ]>a 
feng Eadweard to. .^fireding. *] 
heold •xxiiii* wintra. {$a he for^- 
ferde, )» feng^Jielstan to, his sunu. 
"3 heold •xiiii> gear. "3 yii. wucan. 
*} iii. dagas. ]>a feng Eadmund to. 
his bro^r. '^ heol[d] seofoVe healf 
gear butan ^ii* nihtum. 0a feng 
Eadred his bro]K>r to. "ij heold ^ix- 
gear. '^ vi. wucan. ])a feng Ead- 
wig to. Eadmundes sunu cinges. 

•J heold iii. gear, "j xxxvi* wucena. 
buton 'ii* dagum. \%, he for9 ferde. 
\fk feng Eadgar to. his bro'Sor. '] 
heold •xvi* gear. *} viii. wucan. "i 
•ii* niht. ])a he for^ferde. \9, feng 
Eadweard to. Eadgares sunu. *] 

heold The writing stops at 

the beginning of a line ; sq that there 
never was any more of this preface. 

' Altered from Ixvi., which is the 
reading of B. G. D. 

^ Altered from Ixii. or Ivii. C. 
reads Iii. 

^ Altered man. sec. into 1. Cf. E. 

• ceolum. D. 

*® stsengum. D. 

^^ fserstenum MS. westenum. D. 


6. Frw» frymj^e middangeardes o\ \\& gear waeron agan 
•v- )?aseiidu ^ wintra. ^ cc. wintrar 

11. Ktr owfeng Herodet Antipatres &unu to rice in ludea. "j 

12. Philippus ^ Herodes tod^eldun Lysiam, ^ ludeam 
feowricum ^ to d«eldun r 

16. Her feng Tiberius to rieer 

27. Ser on feng PtZa^us to gt/menne ouer jfa ludeas, 

30. Her wsbs Crist grfulluhtud. ^ Petrw* ^ Sndreas gc- 
hwierfede. ^ lacobw* ^ lohannes ^ Philippw* ^ J^a 'xii- apo- 

33. Her wses Crist ahangen ; from fruman middangeardes 
ymb 'V' l^usendo wintra. T cc« "j xxvi* wintrar 

34. Her wses Paulw* gehwierfed. ^ scs Stephanus of 

35. Her se ead^ Petrus se ^ apostol gesset biseep setl in 
Sntiochia J^sere eeastrer 

39. Her onfeng Gains rieer 

45*. Her se ead'ga Petrus se apostol gesset biseep setl 
on Borne r 

46 *. Her Herodes aswalt. sej^e lacobum ofslog ane geare 
ser his agnum dea]7er 

47*. Her Claudius o)7er Romana cyninga Bretenelond 
gesohte, ^ ]7one msestan d«el J?aes ealondes on his gewald 
onfeng. "J eac swelce Orcadw* J?a ealond Bomana cynedome 

under }7eodde. pis teas '^es feor^es geares his rices, "j on "pys ylcan 
geare geieearfS se mijeela hunger on Siria pe Lucas recfS on ]>are hoc Act* 

f. 32. b. F. 38. Her Pilatus ofsloh hine silfne mid his agenre handa. 

39. Gkdus feng to rice. 

40. Matheus on ludea agan his godspell to writen. 
44. Her se apt Petrus gesaet %, stol on Rome. 

^ The u has been erased, and so These vowels have been restored on 
has the o in ])a8endo, infra 33, 614. the authority of W. 


11. Fram frymt^e middan eardes o)> ]7is gear wseron agan -v* 
}>usend wintra. ^ -cc* wintra. 

12. Philippus 1 Herodes todseldon ludeaw. iiii« ricu to 

16. Her feng Tiberius to rice. 

26. Her on feng PilatiM gymene ofer ])a Indeas. 

30 *. Her wses Crist ge fuUod. 3 Petrus 3 Andreas ge hwyrfede f. 2. 
-} lacobtM 3 lots 3 J>a -xu* apts. 

33. Hser wes Crist abangen. fram fruman middan eardes 
ymb .V. fusend wintra. 3 -cc 3 -xxvi. 

34. Her waes sSs Paulus ge bwyrfed j scs Stephant« 

35. Her se eadiga apostol Petrus geset biscopsetl on 
Antiocbia ceastre. 

39. Her on feng Gains to rice. 

45. Her se eadiga Petrus se apostol geset biscopsetl on 

46. Her Erodes swealt se Se lacobum of sloli. anum geare ser 
bis agenum deat^e. 

47. Her Claudius Romana cining gewat mid bere oh Bry- 
tene. 3 ;f igland ge 6ode. 3 ealle Pybtas. 3 Walas under ]>eodde 
Romana rice. Dis ge feobt be ge iremede )>am feorSan geare 
bis rices, pam geare gewearS se mycla himger on Siria. J>e 
wes forewitegad on Actibt6« Apto^ Jnirb Agabum Jjone witegan. 
pa feng Nero to rice sefter Claudie. se aet nextan forlet Brytene 
igland for bis uncafscipe. 

P. 45. Her lacobus lots bro^r. weai^ of slagen fram Herode, 

46. Her Claudius se Easere com to Brytlande. 3 geeode mycel 
dael eglandes. '] eac ^ egeland of Orcanie be ge ebte to Romanan 

47. Marcus se godspellerc in Egipta agin]> writan f godspell. 

' fe]>er itcum. B. fyJ)erriciim.C. * Originally 44, 45, 46. f. 2. began 

on ieowet tetrarhchan. F. with the original 47, now erased. 

' Both here and in 45 the definite ' f. a. begins with 27. 
article has been erased. 


f. 2. G2. Her lacobas frat^ Dni Jnrowoder 

63. Her Marcos se god spellere forj? ferder 

69. Her Fetn^ ^ Faal»« J?rowodoiir 

70. Her Uespassiani^^ onfeng ricer 

71. Her Titus Uespessianns sonu in Hierasalem ofdog 
ludea cxi* J^usenda ; 

81. Her Titus feng to rice, sej^e Stede J^aet he fone dug 

forlure J?e he noht to gode on ne gedyde ; 

83^. Her Domitianus Tites broiSur feng to ricer 

84 ^. Her lohannes se godspellere \n Fathma \^m ealonde 

wrat J7a boc ?!^pocalipsisr 

99. Ker Synvon se apostol vxbs anhangen, *} lohannes se godspellere 
hine gereste in Epheso, 

101. Her Clemens papa for]ferde, 

110. Her Ignat^^ biscep J^rowuder 

f. 2. b. 155. Her Jfarcus AntonixiB *) AureUuB hU broderfengon to rice. 

167. Her Eleutheriw* on Borne onfeng bisc dom, ^ pone 
wuldor fsBst lice 'xv winter geheold ; To J?am Lucius Bre- 
tene kyning sende stafas, b<ed ]7set he wsere Cristen ge dpn. 

^ he I'nrh teah^ ]78et he b<edr' i hi sgdOon umnodon on rihton 
geleauotk odtfe Viaolitianes rice, 

f. 3. " 189^. Her Seuerus onfeng rice, tl ricsode -xvii' winter. 
Se Breten lond mid dice be gyrdde^ bom ScC o\ Sce. ^"^ge 

endode on Euertoic. 1 Bassianua his sunufeng to rice^. 

f. 33. F. 48. On ^yssum geare wsbb swy^e stij> hunger. 

49. Her Nero agann to rixiende. 

50. Her Paulus gebunden wear|> gesend to Rome. 

62. Her lacobus Cristes broker ¥rowode. 

63. Maircus se godspellere for]>ferde. 

69. Her Petrus J>rowode on rode. 3 Paulus was ofslagen. (be- 
heafdod.) .... 
f. 33. b. 116. Her Adrianus se casere agan to rixienne^. 
137. Her Antoninus agann to rixienne^. 

^ The annals 83 and 84 have entered here the notices which the 

been altered into 84 and 87. At corrector has entered under 99 and 

?o-92 something hais been erased. loi. The annal 96 has been en- 

t would seem that the first scribe tered twice. 


62 ®. Her lacobus frat^r Dili • }>rowade. t 2, b. 

62 ". Her Marcus se godspellere fortSferde. 

69. Her Petrus •] Pault£« J>rowodon. 

70. Her Uespasianos onfeng rice. 

71. Her Titu« Uespasianus [sunu] in lenwalem of sloh ludea 
•cxi* ]>usend. 

81. Her feng Titus to rice, se Se sede ^ he ]>one dseg forlure 
Ce he naht to gode 6n ne dyde. 

84. Her Domitianus Tites bro?5or feng to rice. 

87. Her lo&s se godspellere in Pathma ]7am iglande wrat ]>a 
hoc apocalypsin. 

100. Her Simon se apostoP^ wses ahangen. j lo^s se god- f. 3. 
spellere hine ge reste ^^ in EfiEesia. 

101. Her Clemens papa fortSferde. 
110. Her IgnatitM biscop t^rowade. 

114. Alexander hie constituit aquam benedictam fieri. 

124. Syxtus papa hie constituit ymnum decantare. Scs. Scs. 
Scs. in officio miss<6. 

134. Telesphorus papa hie constituit ymnum angelicum 
cantari gloria in excelsis deo diebua festis. 

155. Her Marcus Antonius. 1 Aurelius his broSer fengon to f. 3- b. 

167. Her EleutheriiM on Home onfeng biscop dom. ^ })one 
wurjjlice ^' 'Xv* winter geheold. To Sam LucitM Brytwalana cing 
sende men. 1 bead fulluhtes. 1 he him sona sende. ^ heo siSSan 
wunodon on rihtan ge lefan. oSSe Dioclitianus rice. 

189. Her Seuerus feng to rice. 3 ferde mid here on Brytene. 
^ mid ge feohte ge code f>es iglandes mycelne dsel ;j | ]?a ge wrohte f. 4. 

{Continued an p. xo.) 

' By a little scraping and patch- 
ing a has converted the simple prose 
of 7C into the more pompous form, 
him weezK ti]>od ])CBt he bed. 

' f. 2. b. begins with 113, f. 3. 
with 187, f. 3. b. with 262, f. 4. witli 

* for gyrde. B. C. 

' From 262 to 693 there is a 

chasm in MS. D. 

' et regnauit ^xxi* annos. F. Lat, 

^ et regnauit 'Zxi* annos. F. Lat. 

« f. 2. b. begins with 54, f. 3. with 
98, f. 3. b. with 145, f. 4. b. with 
238, f. 5. with 291, f. 5. b. with 346. 

• Cristes broCer. F. 

^^ This has been altered by a later 
hand into 63, and the original 63 
crossed out. 

'^ Cristes msBi. add. F. 

** on ])am dsege. add, B. C. 

^' uiriliter regit. F. Lat. 


200. TwahundgiBra, 
283. Ser ^rowade 8es Albanua ihr, 
ilJfiOO. "Breohundgcera, 
f' 4* 879. Her Oratianua/eng to rice. 

« 381. Her Maximianz^ se casere feng to rice, he waes on 


Breten londe g^boren. *] 'ponne for in Gallia. *j he fiar ofiloh 

^one casere QratianuaL *) hU brother adraf of tsfSele, se was gehaten 
Ualentinianua, *} se Ucdentinianua eft ge samnode werod, "j ofiloh Mctxi' 
mum. *) feng to rice. On ]>am timan aras Felagies gedwyld geond mid- 
dan card. 

409. Her Gotan abr<econ Rome burg, *] naefre sij^an 
Romane ne ricsodon on Bretone. ^t wtes embe -xi- hand wintra 

") X' wintra 'pes \e heo getimbred was. EaUes hi rixodon on Brytene 
feower hund wintra ') hund seowmti wintra. sifiSfSan <Brost Oaius IuUqb 
pat lond arost gesohte. 

f. 4. b. 418. Her Bomane gesomnodon al )?a gold hord ]fe on 
Bretene waeron, *] sume on eor]7an ahyddon. "psdt hie nsenig 
mon si)>)>an findan ne meahte, 'j sume mid him on Gallia 

423. Her DeodosiuB se gingrafeng to rice, 
vel Patricias 

430. Her Palladius^ se bisc waes onsended to Scottum 
|7set he hiera geleafan trymede. {rom C<elestino 'psun papanr 

(E.) he weall mid turfum. 3 bred * weall tSser on ufon. fram S8B to see. 
Biitwalum to gebeorge. He nxade •xvii- gear. ;j f>a ge endode 
on Eoferwic. Bassiant^ his sunu feng to rice. otSer his sunu wes 
ge haten Geza. se for wearS. 

202. Victor papa hie constituit ut Pascha die dominico 
celebretur. sicut predecessor eius Eleutherius. 
f. 4. b. 254. Cornelius papa hie de catacumbas leuauit per noctem 
corpora apostolorum. et posuit Pauli quidem uia Ostensi ubi 
decollatus est. Petri autem iuxta locum ubi crucifixus est. 

f. 34. b. P. 200. On jjysuw geare was gefunden sec halige rod. 

* B. C. F. read Palladiu8. crebriaturribuBcommunitum. F.Lat. 

' breden weall F. DrJBoawortli ' f. 6. begins with 287. 

proposed : br^denne weidl. znag- * So B. 0. F. 

nam fossam firmissimumque uallimi ' Rome seo burh. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) li 

286. Her Jjrowade Scs Albant^ mr. 

311. Scs Siluester papa •xxiii. Huius tempore celebratur ^. 5- 
Nicenum concilium. Arelatense quoque primum, in quo fait 
Auitianus Erotomagi archiepiscopuB. 

379. Her Gratianus feng to rice. f. 5. b. 

379. Hoc tempore celebratur Constantinopolitanum concilium 
•cl- patrum aduersus Macedonum et Eunomium sub Damaso. 

380 ^ Her Maximus * feng to rice, he wses on Bryten lande f. 6. 
geboren. 3 J^anon he for in Galwalas. ;j he Seer ofsloh ])one 
Jousere Gratianum. ^ his brotSer adraf of etSele. se w8bs ge haten 
UalentiniantM. 1 se IJalentinianus eft ge samnode weorod 3 of 
slob Maximum. 3 feng to rice. On ]7am tidum drds Pelaies 
gedwild geond middan geard. 

403. Innocentius papa hie misit decretalem epistolam Uic- 
tricio Botomagensi archiepiscopo. Hie constituit sabbato ieiunare 
quia eo die Dfis iacuit in sepulchro. 

409. Her wsbs to brocen Eomana burh ^ fram Gotum ymb 'xi- 
hund wintra 3 -x- wintra. f>8BS Jje heo ge timbred w8bs. SiSSan 
ofer ^ ne rixodan leng Eomana cinigas on Brytene. Ealles hi 
&er rixodan •liii- hund wintra. 3 hund seofenti wintra. siSSan 
Ckiius lulius ^ land crost ge sohte. 

418. Her Komane gesamnodan ealle ]?a goldhord ?5e on 
Brytene wseron. 3 sume on eorSan behyddan. ^ heo nan man 
sySSan findon ne mihton. *] sume mid heom on Gallia laeddon. 

423. Her Deodosius se gingra feng to rice. 

425. Huius temporis setate extitit exordium regum Franco- f. 6. b. 
rum, primus Faramundus. 

430. Her Patricius w8bs asend fram Celestine J)am papan to 
bodianne Scottum fulluht. 

431. Hoc tempore diabolus in Greta ludeis in specie Moysi 
apparens ad terram repromissionis per mare^ pede sicco per- 
ducere promittit. sicque plurimis necatis reliqui ad Xpi gratiam 

433. Celestinus papa; huius tempore aggregata est Ephe- 
sina synodus ducentorum episcoporum. cui prefuit Cirillus 
Alexandrinus presul aduersus Kestorium Constantinopolitanum 

439. Leo papa; hie sanciuit Calcedonensem^sinodum. 


443. Ser aendon Brytwalas to Borne, i heoiaifultomes IkBdon m^ P^o'htas, 
ac hi yar nafdan natme.forpan'pehifyrdedon wifS JStla Suna cyninga. 
•] J>a tendon hi to Anglwm, *) Angel cynnee ceS^elingas Hcu ylcan hadan, 


• 449. Her Mauricius^ ^ Ualentines onfengon rice. ^ ric- 
sodon 'vii* wint^. ^ on hiera dagnm Hengest *] Horsa trom 
Wyrtgeome geleafade Bretta kyninge g^ohton Bretene 
on ]7am sta]>e 'pe is g^nemned Ypwines fleot. serest Bretta^ 
to fultume, ac hie eft on hie fuhtonr Se dng het UfeoUan 

agien Pihtcu. ') hi moa dydan, *3 sige hcefdon swa htoar swa hi comon, Si fSa 
sende to Angle "^ heton heom eendan mare fultum, *) heem seggan Bryt- 
walana nahtnesee, ") iStBS landes cyeta. Hy ]>a eendan heom, marefvUum. 
Ba oomon "^menof^rini mtegiSum Germanie. OfEald Secixum.. ofAnghtm, 
of lotum. Of lot am. comon Cantware "] Wihtware. "ff ys seo nusHS ISe nu 
eardaiS on WHU. ") ^cet eynn on West Sexum ^e mem gyt hat lutna cyn. 
Of Said Seaxon comon East Sexa *} 8u^ Sexa 1 WeetSexan, Of Angle 
comon. se a sifSfSan stod westi betwyx lutum *) Seaxwm. EcutEngla, Midel 
Angla. Mearca *j ealle NorfS hymbra. 

f. 5- 455. Her Hengest 3 Horsa fuhton wij? Wyrt geome 
paxn cyninge, in J^aere stowe J?e is g^neden ?Cg«eles )>rep ^, 
•^ his bro)7ur Horsan man ofslog. j aeft^ 'pom Hengest feng 
W rice T JSsc his sunur 

457. Her Hengest *] iEsc fuhton wij? Brettas in J^sere 
stowe pe is gecueden Crecganford, *} Jiser ofslogon •mi' 
wera^, ^ J7a Brettas pa, forleton Centlond, ^ mid micle ege 
flugon to Lunden byrgr y^fs 

465. Her Hengest -j Msc gefuhton mnp Walas neah 
Wippedes fleote, *] fser -xii- Wilisce aldormenn ofslogon, 

f. 35. b. F. 444. Her foi^ferde Scs Martinus. 

f. 3(5. 448. Her lohannes Baptista setywede twam munecon. );a comon 
fram east dsele to gebiddenne hi on lemsalew. his heauod. on fare 
stowe )?e hwilan was Herodes wunung. On J)one ylcan timan Mar- 
tianus 3 Ualentinianus rixodan. "] on Jjaw timan com Angelcynn 
to ^isum lande^ ge la^de fram Wyrtgeome cinge, hiw to helpe his 
fynd to ouercumende. Hi comon on ])is lande mid ¥rim langon 
scipan. ;j heora heretogan wseron Hengest 3 Horsa; Ealra serost 
hi ^s cinges fynd ofslogon. "} aweg driuan. "] sy^5an hi wenden 
agean j?one cing. ^ agean J:a Biyttas. ] hi fardydon jjnrh fyr ^ 
^urh swyrdes egge. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 13 

443. Her sendon Brytwalas ofer *E8b' to Borne. 3 heom fult- 
umes bsedon wi8 Peohtas. ac hi f>8er nefdon nsenne. for]?an Se hi 
feordodan witS iEtlan Huna cininge. 3 ]7a sendon hi to Anglum. 
3 Angel cynnes setSeHngas ]>e8 ilcan bsedon. 

449 *. Huius tempore celebratur Calcedonense concilium f. 7, 
•dc-xxx* epiEcoporum aduersus Euticem abbatem et Dioscorum. 
Her Martianus 3 Ualentinus onfengon rice. ;j rixadon 'vii* wint^. 
1 on ]>eora ° dagum ge laSode Wyrtgeom Angel cin hider. ^ hi 
]7a coman on J^rim ceolum hider to Brytene. on ]?am stedc 
Heopwines fleot. Se cyning Wyrtgeom gef heom land on 
suSan eastan tSissum lande. wit^an ]?e hi sceoldon feohton wiS 
Pyhtas. Heo )>a fuhton wiS Pyhtas. 1 heofdon sige swa hwer swa 
heo comon. Hy Sa sendon to Angle, heton sendon mara fultum. 3 
heton heom secgan BrytvTBlana nahtscipe. ^ ]>es landes cysta. 
Hy Sa sona sendon hider mare weored })am oSrum to fultume. 
Da comon )>a men of })rim megSum Gkrmanie. Of Aid Seaxu97i. 
of Anglom. of lotum. Of lotum comon Cantwara. 3 Wihtwara. 
f is seo megS J)e nu eardaj) on Wiht. 1 f cyn on West Sexum }>e 
man nu git haet lutna cynn. Of EaldSeaxum coman East 
Seaxa. 3 SutS Sexa. 1 West Sexa. Of Angle comon se k sySSan 
stod westig. betwix lutum;] Seaxum. East Angla. MiddelAngla. 
Mearca. 3 ealla Nor}>hymbra. Heora heretogan wseron twegen 
ge broSra. Hengest. ;j Horsa. f wseron Wiht gilses suna. Wiht 
gils W8BS Witting ®. Witta Wecting. Wecta Wodning. fram J)an 
Wodne awoc call nre cyne cynn. 3 SuSan hymbra eac. 

455. Her Hengest ;j Horsa fuhton wiS Wyrtgerne J>awi 
cininge | on J^eere stowe J>e is cweden ^Egeles J>rep. 3 his brotSor f. 7. b, 
Horsan man of sloh. 1 sefter ]x)nn feng to rice Hengest. 3 iEsc 

his snnu. 

456. Her Hengest ^ -^sc ge fuhton witS Bryttas on J)ere stow 
))e is ge cweden Crecganford. ^ J>er ofslogon -iiii* werad. 3 ]?a 
Bryttas forleton J)a Kentland. 3 mid mycclum ege flugon to 
Lunden byrig, 

465. Her Hengest 3 JEsc ge fuhton witS Walas neh Wippedes 

^ B. G. read Mauricius. ^ f. 7. begins with 448. 

> ^eles ford. W. « Sic. MS. 

* ml - 4000. feower werod Britta. • Witting his, MS. 
F. feower weras. W. 


^ hiera fegn^ an J^aer wearji ofslaegen, )>am wses noma 
Wipped ^ r 

473. Her Hengest "3 -^sc gefnhton wi]? Walas, ^ g<?- 
namon nn arimedlico here reaf, '^ )7a Walas flugon )?a Englan 
swa ifv ^r 

^ 477. Her cuom -dSlle on Breten lond, *] his •iii- siina. 

Cymen, ^ Wlencing, "3 Cissa. mid ^iii* scipum, on |7a stowe 
J?e is nemned Cymenes ora, ^ J^ser ofslogon monige Wealas, 
•] sume on fleame bedrifon on j^one wudu fe is genemned 
Tfndredes leage*r 

485. Her -^Ue gefeaht wi)> Walas * neah Mearc r<edes 
human stceSer 

488. Her ^sc feng to rice, "^ was -xxiiii- wintra Cant- 
wara cyningr 
i'^.h. 491. Her iElle "3 Cissa ymbssefcon ^Cndredes cester, "3 
ofslogon alle )>a ]7e j^aer inne eardedon, ne wear)? J^ser forj^on 
an Bret to lafe ; 

495. Her euomon twegen aldormen on Bretene. Cerdic 
^ Cynric his sunu, mid -v seipmn. in J?one stede |7e is ge- 
cueden Cerdiees ora, ^ J>y ilcan daege gefuhtun wi]? Walumr 

501. Her cuom* Port on Bretene. "3 his di- suna Bieda 
^ Msegla mid -ii- scipum. on Jiaere stowe ]7e is gecueden 
Portes mu}>a, *] ofslogon anne giongne Brettisc monnan, 
swij?e *ej>elne monnanr 

508. Her Cerdic ^ Cynric ofslogon aenne Brettisc cyning, 
]?am was nama Natanleod. ^ v» j^usendu wera mid him, 

flefter was J>set lond ^ nemned Natan leaga oj? Cerdiees fordr 
514. Her euomon West Seaxe in Bretene mid -iii- 
scipum. in |7a stowe |7e is gecueden Cerdiees ora, Stuf ^ 
Wihtgar '^. ^ fuhtun wi]? Brettas ^ hie gefliemdonr 

f. 37. F. 482. Her se eadiga abbod Benedictus J)urh wuldor fara mihta. 
pisuin middan earde scan, eal swa se eadiga Gregoriws rec^ on Dia- 
\ogoTum ])are boc. 
f. 37. b. 509. Her scs Benedictus se abbud. ealra muneca feeder, ferde 
to heouenan. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 15 

fleote '. ;j tSser of slogon •xii» Wilsce ealdor men. 3 heora an J^gn 
weartS )>8Br of slegen. ]?am wees nama Wipped*. 

473. Her Hengest 3 -^sc gefuhton witS Walas. ^ genamon 
unarimenUcu herereaf. 1 ]>a Walas flugon ^p9, Englan swiSe 

477. Her com -^Ue on Bryten land. 1 his •iii« suna. Cymen. 3 
Wlencing. 3 Cissa. mid -iii* scipum, on Sa stowe ]?e is ge 
nemnad Cymenesora. 1 )>8Br of slogon manige Walas. ;j sume on 
fleame be drifon. on ]>one wudu ]>e is nemned Andredes lege. 

485 ^®. Her ^Ue ge feaht witS Walas neh Mearcredes human f. 8. 

488. Her -^sc feng to rice. ^ wses ^xxxiiii* wintra cining. 
490. Hoc tempore heatus Mamertus, episcopus Uiennensis, 
solennes letanias instituit rogationnm. 

491 ^. Her JElla 1 Cifsa ymhsaeton Andredes ceaster. 1 of 
slogon ealle f>a tSe j?8Brinne eardedon ". ne wear8 )?8er forf>en an 
Brit to lafe. 

495. Her coman twegen ealdor men on Brytene. Gertie ;i 
Cymic his snnu, mid •v» scipuw on J)one stede. ))e is gehaten 
Certices ora. 3 on f>am ilcan dsege ge fuhton witS Walas. 

501. Her com Port on Brytene. 3 his twegan sunan. Bieda. "] 
Msegla, mid ^ii* scipum in Jjsere stowe | )>e is ge cweden Portes 1 8. b. 
mutSa. 3 sona land namon. 1 of slogon aenne gungne Brytiscne 
man. swiSe setSelne^^. 

508. Her Gertie 1 Ginric ofslogon aenne Bryttiscne cining. 
J)am waes nama Nazaleod. 1 'V- ]?usend wera mid him. 1 sefter 
)>an wses -f land ge nemnad Nazanleog. 4 oj) Gertices ford. 

514. Her com West Seaxa in Brytene mid ]?rim scipum in )?a 
stowe Se is gecweden Gertices ora. 1 Stuf 1 Wihtgar fuhton 
wit5 Bryttas, 1 hi ge flemdon. 

^ B. G. om. "^egn, before Stuf, and erased that after 

' The annal 468 omitted by ori- Wihtgar, Cf. E. 

ginal scribe. ^ vel Fippedes fleet. F. Lat. 

* swa man fluctS fyr. F, swa swa • vel Pipped. F. Lat. 

fyr. B. C. ^' f. 8. b^ins with 481, f. 9. with 

^ leaga. B. lea. G. 522. 

* wij) Wealum. B. C. *^ 411. MS. corr. man. rec. 

* The u in cuoxn erased here ^^ wseran. j^ ))8cr ne wearS fur's- 
and in 477, 514. um. B. C. 

^ The corrector has inserted an *j '' sedelne. MS. 


West Sexena 

619. Her Cerdic "3 Cynric ^ rice onfengun, "3 J>y ilean 
geare hie fuhton wi)> Brettas ]7aer mon nu nemne]; Cerdices 

ford. *} ^)>a» ricModan West Sexctna cynebeam of \K»n d€Bge, 

627. Her Cerdic "3 Cynric fuhton wij? Brettas. in J^aere 
stowe ]7e is gecueden Cerdices leaga^r 
t6. 530 2. Her Cerdic ^ Cynric genamon Wihte ealond. *] 

ofslogon fea^ men on Wihtgarsesbyrgr 

534. Her Cerdic forj^ferde, ^ Cynric his sunn ricsode 
forj? 'xxvi- * wintra, 3 hie saldon hiera tusem nefum Stufe ^ 

eoZZ vnht ealand 

Wihtgare Wiehte ealond r 

538. Her sunne a)>iestrode 'xiiii* daguw* ser Kh Mart 
from 8Br mergenne dp undemr 

540. Her sunne a)>iestrode on -xii* Kl. lulii. ^ steorran 
hie aetiewdon fill neah healfe tid ofer undemr 

644. Her Uuihtgar for)>ferde, ^ hiene mon bebyrgde 
on Wihtgara byrgr 
^ 547. Her Ida feng to rice, J?onon Norfan hymbra cyne- 

*3 Hxode twelfgear. "3 he Hmbrode Bel^h'anbwrh, seo toeBs 

cyn onwoc. ^ [Ida wses Eopping, Eoppa Esing, Esa wsbs 

cerost mid heage he tyned. "] 'par tefter mid wealle, 

Inguing. Ingui SSngenwitting. SSngenwit Slocing. !5l1oc 
Benocing. Benoc Branding, Brand BaBldaeging. BseldaBg 
Wodening. Woden FreoJ^olafing, Freo)7elaf^ FreoJ?ulfing. 
Frifulf Pinning. Finn Godulfing. Godulf Geating.] 

552. Her Cynric grfeaht wij> Brettas in 'pssre stowe 'pe 
is genewined ^ set Searo byrg. *] J?a Bret Walas g^fliemde. 
Cerdic wses Cynri[ces fSaeder. Cerdic Elesing. Elesa Esling. 
Esla Giwising. Giwis Wiging. Wig Freawining. Freawine 
FreoJ?ogaring, Freo[?ogar Bran[d]ing^. Brand ^ Bseldseging. 
Bseldseg Wodening.] 

556. Her Cynric ^ Ceawlin fuhton wij? Brettas set 
Beran byrgr 

1 leag. B. C. 3 fea. B. C. 

a f. 6. begins with 528. * xxvU. B. C.F. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 1 7 

519. Her Gertie 3 Kynric onfengon "West Seaxna rice. 1 f>i ilcan 
geare hi ge fuhton witS Bryttas. 8er man nu nemnatJ Certices 
ford^°. 1 sit?San nxadon West Seaxna cynebam of J>am dsege. 

527. Her Gertie •] Kynric ge fuhton wiS Brittas. on ]>8ere f. 9- 
stowa t^e is gecweden Gertices ford. 

528. Hoc tempore Dionisius in urbe B. circulum paschalem 
composuit. Tunc Priscianus profunda grammatica rimatus est. 

530. Her Gertie 3 Gynric geuaman Wihtland. 1 of slogon 
feala manna, on Wihtgaras birig. 

534. Her Gertie for}>ferde. 1 Gynric his sunu rixade for}? 
•xxYi* wintra. 1 heo sealdon heora twam nefum Stufe ;j Wihtgare 
eall Wihtland. 

538. Her sunne atSestrode. on 'xiiii- kt. MR. from sermorgene^^ 
oJ> undeme. 

540. Her sunne atJeostrode on -xii- kl. lulii. ;i steorran heo 
aetewdon ful neh healfe tid ofer under [n]. 

544. Her Wihtgar fortSferde. ;j hine mon be byrjg[de] on f- 9- ^• 
Wihtgaras byrig. 

547. Her Ida feng to rice ]>anon NortShymbra cyne kyn serost 
awoc. 1 rixade 'xii* gear. ;j he ge timbrade Bebban burh. sy wses 
aerost mid hegge be tined. 3 J^aer sefter mid wealle. 

552. Her Kynric feaht wi8 Bryttas on ]?8Bre stowe f>e is ge 
nenmed Searo byrig. ;j J>a Bryttas ge flemde. 

556. Her Kynric 1 Geawling fuhton wiS Bryttas set Beran 

P. 552. Her Cynric feaht wi^ Bryttas an J^are stowe fe ys geclyped 
SfiBlesberi^^ 1 Egelbert wear^ gebor[en] on ¥am....Eormenrices^* 
Bunu. 3 [on ))am .... t]igo^San geare his rices he underfeng ful- 
wiht serost cinga on Brytene. 

* The original text of *R has been from W. 

erased by a, in order to make room ' W. omits Freo])elaf £rom the 

for matter more interesting to him- pedigree, 

self. His sabstitnted text is here ^ est has been erased, 

given in interlined Italics. The * Braning. B. C. Branding. W. 

same is. the case at 560, 565, 603, ^ Bran. W. 

604, 626. At 552 and 6n the ge- ^® Ceardinges ford. P. 

nealogy has been erased, but nothing ^^ seran morgene. F. 

pnt in its place. In all these cases ^^ Seleberi. F. Lat. 

the text in brackets is that of B. and ,. * -n -n^ • • i;^ t ^ 

C, and various readings are given "^^^ ^- Eonnenrici. P. Lat. 


6. b. 560. Her Ceawlin feng to rice on Wes seaxnm, ^ ^Ue 

Idan for^gefiirenuai. t heora 

feng to Nor}7anhy«ibra rice^. [iEUe wses Yffing. Yflfe 

<g^er rixade xxaf^, wintra, 

U xfreaing ^. Uxfrea Wilgisling ^. Wilgisl * Wester falcing. 
Westerfalca® Saefugling. Ssefiigl Ssebalding. ^sebald Si- 
gegeating. Sigegeat SwebdsBging. Swebdaeg* Sigegaring. 
Sigegar*^ Wseg^seging*. Wsegdaeg Wodening®.] 

Ser feng JEi^eVbriht to Cantwara rice. *} heold diii' wintra. 

565. [Her Columba presbiter^® com of Scottum on 

On his dagum sende Gregortua us fulluht *} Columba masse preost 

Bryttas. Feobtas to laBienne. ^ on Hii J?am ealande 

com to Fihtum, '} hi geeyrde to Cristes geleauan. j^ synd ]K>iine ireer- 

mynster worbte.] 

teras be notiSuxa morum. ") heora cyng him. gesealde ^at igland ]>« man li 
nemnaiS. ]>ar syndon fif hida. 'p(BS fSe man seggnd^. par se Colianban 
getimbrade mgnster, •) he J>ar was ahb\ xxxii. [wtnfra.] *j "^^ar forfSferde. 
\>a he was 'Ixxvii' wintra. Da stowe hahba'6 gyt his yrfnuman^^ . Su^Pihtas 
wcBron <Br gefuUode of Ninna hiscope. se was on Some gelared. his 
mgnster ys Hwiteme on S. Martines naman gehalgod. "par he resteltS mid 
nianegum. halgum. Nu sceal beon afre on li abbod, *i na biscop. -j pan 
sculon beon under iSeodde ealle Scotta biscopas. for }>an 'pe Colwmhan was 
abbodf na hiscop. 

568. Her Ceaulin *] Cu)>a geftditon wi]? -dSfelbryht. ^ 
bine in Cent g^iemdon, *] tuegen aldormen on Wibban 
dune ofslogon, Oslaf ^ *] Cnebbanr 

571. Her Cu)7wulf^^ feabt wij? Bretwalas^* aet Bedean 
forda. 'J iiii- tunas genom, Lygeanburg. "j iEgelesburg. 
Bsenesing tun. *] Egones bam. ^ \>y ilcan geare be ge{oT]ferd^^. 

677. Her Cu]? wine 1 Ceawlin fubton wi]? Brettas, *] bie 
•iii« kyningas ofslogon, Coinmail, ^ Condidan, ^ Farinmail^^, 

. w 

in ]78ere stowe fe is gecueden Deoihsim. ^ genamon aii' 


ceastro^^ Gleawanceaster, *] Cirenceaster, ^ BaJ^an ceasterr 

583. Her Mauriciusfeng to Eomana rice. 

* 1 ji heold .XXX. wintra. B. C. "^ Sige-gearing. Sigear. W. 
' Uscfreaing. Uscfirea. W. * Wsegdseing. W. 

» Wilgising. W. » Woden Prijwwulfing. W. 

* Wilgis. W. WilgilB. B. w Meesse Preost W. 
» -felcning, -felcna. W. " So F. 

* 8wwf-d. W. M So B. C, Oslac F. as E. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 19 

560. Her Ceawling rice onfeng on Weast Seaxum. •] uElle 
feng to NorShymbra rice. Idan forS ge farenum. •] hyra segSer 
rixade -xxx- wintra. 

565. Her feng iESelbriht to Cantwara rice, j heold 'liii* f. 10. 
wintra. On his dagum sende Gregoriws \is' fulluht. " •] £c£lta 
Columba messapreost cow to Pyhtum. j hi gecyrde to Cristes ^^* ♦ 
geleafan'*. -p sind Jwne waerteres *° be nort^uw* morum. j heora 
cyning him ge sealde ^ egland ]>e man nemnad li. ]>8er sindon 
•V- hida. 88BS }>e men cwe8a]>. peer se Columba getjmbrade 
mynster. j Seer he wses abbot »xxxii' wintra. 3 ]>8Br fortSferde 
"Sat^a he waes -Ixxvii- wintra. Da stowe habba8 nugit his erfe 
wserdes. SutSPyhtas wseron mycle ser ge fullode. Heom bodade 
falwiht Nimia ^ biscop. se W8BS on Home ge Isered. )>8bs cyrice. j 
his mynster is set Hwiteme. on Martines naman ge halgod. j^aer 
he restate mid manegum halgum waerum. Nu sceal been aefre on 
li abbod nses bisceop. j J>aw sculon [beon] " under Jjsedde ealle 
Scotta biscopes. for J)am 8e Columba wees abbod. nes bisceop*'. 

568. Her Ceawlin 1 Cu)>a ge fuhton wi8 ^Selbriht. 1 hine 
on Cent geflemdon. 1 A\' seldormen on Wibbanduna ofslogon. 
Oslac 3 Cnebban. 

571. Her Cu))a gefeaht wiS Brytwalas. set Biedcanforda. ^ 
feower tunas genam. Lygeanbyrig. j ^glesbyrig. 3 Benesing 
tun. •] Egonesham. ■;) on f>am ilcan geare he forjjfor. se Cuf>a wses 
Ceawlines brotJor. 

577. Her CvtSwine j Ceawlin ge fuhton witJ Bryttas. j hi f. 10. b. 
•iii- ciningas ofslogon. Coinmagil. j Candidan. j Farinmagil. in 
)>3Bre stowe J>e is ge cweden Deorham. j ge namon ^iii* ceastra. 
Gleawcestre. j Cirenceaster. ^ Ba]7an ceaster. 

583. Her Mauricitc« feng to Bomana rice. 

" CuSulf. B. C. 1^ on heom. add. B. C. 

" Bryttas. B. C. " ( j> was on Caw twam and )>ritti- 

>s Xhe old-i^hioned strong form go9an geare his rices.) F. 
gefor was to be converted by a ^ rihtan. F. 
into the later expression for]iferde, ^ weartseres. F. (Ko correspond- 
but the operation was left inoom- ing Latin.) 
plete. Above, in IiygeanbuTS and ^^ Sic MS. 
.ffigelesburg, the u has been made ^ from F. 
into an i. '' In F. Lat. Columba has been 

1* Connuegl .... Farimns^l. B. altered into Columbanus through- 

C. out. 

c a 


684. Her Ceawlin "^ Cuj^a fuhton \np Brettas, in jTam 
stede 'pe mon nemiiej^ Fejwnleag, ^ CupBH mon oMog. ^ 
Ceaulin monige tanas genom, "j on arimed lice here reaf, ^ 
ierre^ he hwearf ]H)nan to his agnumr 

588. Her -^le cyning forJ> ferde, 3 -iE)7elric riesode aefter 
him -v gearr ^ ^ 

691. Her Ceol \ riesode -v- gearr 

592. Her micel Wcelfill waes aet Woddes beorge, ^ Ceaw- 
lin waes ut adrifen. 1 Chregorixi&feng to papdome on Rome. 

593. Her Ceawlin "j Cuichelm 3 Crida forwurdon, *] 

/Ej^lfriJ? feng to rice on NorHhymbrum, 

595. Ser Chregoriut papa sende to Brytene AugwUinum. mid toel 
manegum. munecvm. ^ Godes word Engla fieoda godspelledon^, 

f' 7- 597. Her ongon Ceolwulf ricsian on Wes seaxnm, ^ simle 
he feaht. ^ won, oppe vd\> Sngelcyn, oppe uui)? Walas, 
oppe vnp Peohtas, oppe wi]? Scottas ; Se waes CuJ^ ing. 
CuJ^a Cjnricing, Cynric Cerdicing, Cerdic Elesing, Elesa 
Esling, Esla Gewising, Giwis Wiging, Wig Freawining, 
Freawine Fri^ugaring, Fri^ugar Bronding, Brond B<eldae- 
ging, Bceldaeg Wodeningr 

601. Her sende Gregorius papa Sgustino . aerce biscepe 
pallium in Bretene, "j wel monige godcunde lareowas him 
to fultome ; "J Paulinw* bisc gAwerfde Edwine NorShymbra 
cyning to fulwihter 

JSgtian Scotia cyng feaht trtS DalreodA, -j wiX JEfSelfer^ 

603. Her [waes gefeoht aet Egesan stane.] 

Nor\hymra cynge <Bt Dagstane, *) man ofiloh m^est ealne his here. 

AugustinvLB ge hdlgode >ii' hiscopas. Mellitum. *j lustum.. 

604. Her [EastSeaxe onfengon geleafan "j fulwihtes 

Mellitum. he sende to bodiende East Seaxumfulluht. iSar was se cing gehaten 

bae^. nnder Saebrihte cinge ^ MelUte bisceope.] 

Scehgrht. Ricolan sunu. JEiSeJberhtes swgster. yme ^^elbgrht gesette to 
cynge. *) JSlSdherht gesealde MelUte hiscop setl on Lundewic. '^ lusto on 
Hrouecystre *. seo ys 'Xxiiii- milajram Ihrwit ceastre. 

F. 597. Her com Augustinus J his geferan to Englalande *. 

^ t of ierre erased, yrre. B. C. ' Written on erasure. But pro- 

2 Ceol. B. C. bably all that the corrector has done 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 21 

584. Her Ceawlin •] CuJ?a gefuhton witS Sa Bryttas on ]?am 
stede 8e man nemnaj? Fe]>an lea. ■] Cujjan man of sloh. j 
Ceawlin maniga tunas ge nam. 3 unarimedlice here reaf. 

588. Her -^lle cining fortSferde. 3 ^Selric rixade sefter him 
fif gear. 

591. Her Ceolric rixade •vi» gear, Gregorius papa hie aug- 
mentauit in predications canonem: Diesque nostros in tua 
pace disponas. 

592. Her Gregorius feng to pap dome on Eome. ^ mycel 
wsel gewearS on Brytene f>e8 geares set Wodnes beorge. 3 
Ceawlin wees ut ddrifen. 

593. Her Ceawlin ^ Cwichelm ^ Crida forwurdon. j iESelferS 
feng to rice on NorShymbrum. | se wses-ZEJSelricing. JESelric Iding. f. 11. 

596. Hoc tempore monasterium sancti Benedicti a Longo- 
bardis destructum est. Her Gregorius papa sende to Br3i;ene Be all* 
Augustinum mid wel manegum* munucum. J^e Godes word'**^^^!' 
Engla ]7eoda godspellodon. 

597. Her ongan Ceolwulf rixian on Weast Seaxum. "] 
symb[l]e he feaht j wan. otSSe wiS Angel cynn. o)>))e wiS 
Walas, otJSe wiS Pyhtas, otJSe wi8 Scottas. 

601. Her sende Gregorius papa Augustine arcebiscope pal- 
lium on Brytene. ^ wel manega godcunde larewas him to 
fulttmie."^ J Paulinas biscop ge hwirfede Eadwine Nor'tS^ymbra 
cining to fulluhte. 

603. Her JEgSan Scotta cining feaht wiS Deolreda.® ^ witJ 
iEtSelfer]?e NorShymbra kining set Daegsan stane. j man of sloh 
msest seine his here. )>8er man of sloh Theodbald iEffelfertSes 
broSor. mid eallan his weorode. Ne dorste sit58an nan Scotta 
cininga Isedan here on j?as ]>eoda. Hering Hussan sunu Isedde 
Jjone here Sider. 

604. Her Augustinus gehalgode 'ii- biscopas. Mellituw "] 
lustum. Mellitum he sende to bodianne East Seaxum fuUuht. 
fser wes se cing ge haten Sseberht. Ricolan sunu ^ESelberhtes 

is to transfer the entry from 596 to tannia. F. Lat. 

595. B. and C. have it under 596. ' manengnm. MS. 

^ in ciuitate Hrophis. F. Lat. "^ *} betwynan tJan was Paulinua 

' plus minus centesimo quinqua* F. interlined. 

gesimo aduentus Anglorum in Brit- ^ An error for Del reoda ; cf. a. 

2 2 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

606. Her forSferde Gregorius ymb -x* gear |?8bs J?e he us 
fulwiht sende^ ; 

607. Her Ceolwulf gefeaht wiS Sa'SSeaxe. And her 

JS^elfrifS ladde huftBrde to Leger cytttrty *j ^ar ofsloh unrira Walena, ^ 
awa weariS gefyld Augustinns witegunge. ^e Tie cwafi. GHf Wealcu ntMafi 
sibbe toifS U8. hi eculan at Seaxana handa /arumrpan, par man sloh 
eac -cc' preosta Ca comon figder j> hi scoldon gebiddan for Walena here. 
Scrocmail was ge haten heora ealdor mann. se at harst fSanonJiftiga sum. 

611. Her Cynegils feng to rice on Wesseaxum, "j heold 
•xxxi« wintra. [Se Kyuegils waes Ceoling. Ceola Cxiping, 
CuJ?a Cynricing] r 

614. Her Cynegils 1 Cuiehelm gefuhton on Bean dune ^, 
J ofslogon 'ii* j^usendo Wala ^ Ixvr^ 

616. Her ^f^elbryht Contwara cyning forj^ferde, "j Ead 
bald his sunu feng to rice*. Se for let hisfolluht, t leouode on 
hafSenuia \teafoe, 8wa "p he hafde his foderlaue to loiue. pa mynte 
LaurentiwA ^e "pa was erceb on Cent, "p he wolde su^ ofer see 'j eallforlceton, 
ae him. com, to on niht se apt Petrus, 'j hine hetelice twang , for ^an Se he 
wolde Godes hyrde forlcBt^on. "3 het hine gan to ]>am cynge. •] bodian him. 
rihtne ge leafan. *j he swa dyde. ') se cing ge cyrde to rihtan ge leauan. 
On 'pyses cinges dagum Laurentiua erce^ se was on Cent aftec Agustine- 

t 40. P. 614 wearS Laurentius ar'B. ^ne f e Augs be his halan 

lyfe )>ar .... him arK. beon scolde °. 

616. Her forSferde M6e\herhi Cantuare cing. (se flerost ful-wiht 
underfeng Engliscra cinga. "j he was Eormenrices sunn.) se rixode 
.liii. wintra. ^ft^r him feng to rice Eadbold his sunu. se forlet his 
cristendom. Swa % he hsefde his feeder laue to wiue. To ^m timan 
was Laurentit^ ar15. 3 far]>are sari'n'esse ^e he hsefSe far Jies cinges 
ungeleauon. he hsefde gemynt eal }7is land ^farlsetan. 3 ouer sse faran. 
Ac Scs Petrus se apt anes nihtes hine heardlice swang. far ])i ^ he 
wolde Godes heorde swa far Iseton. ;| het hine ^am cinge heardlice 
rihtne geleauan tsecan. *] he swa dyde. and se cing gecyrde to rihte. 
On ^yses 'ylcan Eadboldes' cinges dasge ))e's' ylca Laurentit^« for)> 
ferde. Se haliga Augustinus (be his halan line) hine hadode to 
biscope. to ^i ^ Cristes gela^ung. ^ 'Sa git was niwe on Engla 
lande. nane hwile 'sefter his forSsi^e' nsere butan arbiscope. pa 
SBft^r him feng Mellitus to arce'b. stole ])e was ser bwcop on Lun- 
dene. ;| J^es binnan fif wintran 'sefter Laurentius forSsySe', rixi- 
ende Eadbalde. Mellitus for to Criste. 
f. 40. b. 619. Her forS ferd[e] Laurentiw* arcebiscop. 



BUster. ]x)ne ^ESelberht gesette ]>8er to cininga. j jESelberht 
gesealde Mellite biscopsetle on Lu'n'den wic. And lusto j he f. n. b. 
sealde Hrofes coaster, seo is •xxiiii* mila fram Dorwit ceastre. 

605. Her forSferde Gregorius papa. "And her -/EtSelfriS 
laedde his ferde to Lega ceastre. j ]>8Br of sloh nnrim Walana. ^ 
swa wear]? gefild Augustinus witegunge }7e he cwaS. gif Wealas 
nella]? sibbe wiS us. hy sculon set Seaxena handa forwur]?an. 
pser man sloh eac 'CC* preosta ]7a comon tSider ^ heo scoldan 
gebiddan for Walana here. Scromail"^ wses gehaten hyra ealdor, 
se setbserst t^anon fiftiga sum. 

607. Her Ceolwulf gefetht wiS SuSSeaxum. 

611. Her Kynegils feng to rice, on WeastSeaxum. j heoPd' 
•xxxi. wintra. 

614. Her Kynegils ^ Cwichelm gefuhton on Beandune. j 
of slogon 'ii. ]>usend Walana. ^ Jxy. 

616. Her forSferde -/EJjelberht Cantware cining. se rixade 
•lvi« wintra. ^ iEfter him feng Eadbold to rice his sunu. se forlet 
his fulluht. ^ lifode on hetSenum ])eawe. swa ^ he heafde his 
feder lafe to wife. Da mynte Laurentius ]>e Sawses ercebiscop 
on Csent. ^ he wolde 8u]> ofer se. ^ ^ eall forlaeton. ac him com 
to on niht se apostol Petrus. j hine hetelice swang for]>an ^ he 
wolda swa ]?a Godes hyrde forleton. 3 het hine gan to J)am 
cininge. ^ him rihte geleafan bodian. j he swa dide. j se 
I cining ge cerde. j wearS ge fullod. On ]>i8es cininges dagum f. 12. 
Laurentius ercebiscop Se wses on Cent sefter Augustinus fortJ- 
ferde. j wses be byrged be Augustine in die 'iiiio. nonarum FeB. 
pa fiefter him feng Mellitus to 'erceOjiscop dome. }>e ser wees 
biscop on Lundene. pa wurdon Lundenware hetSene. ]?8er 

{Continued on p. 24.) 

^ His feeder wseshatenGordianus. 
"3 his modor Siluia. B. C. add. 

^ Beamdune. B. C. 

» xlv. B. C. xlvi. W. 

* *) ])y ilcan geare wses agdii fram 
frim^ middangeardes. >t> wintra *} 
dccc. B. G. add. "^ vi. hund wintra 
Txvi. W. 

' Cropped by the binder. The 
Latin la: Hoc anno vii* kt. lumi 
beatns Augustinus, finito labore 

huius erumnosse uitee adeptus est 
consortium angelorum, qui fuit 
apostolus Anglorum, anno Domi- 
nies Incamationis dcxiiii. Gui 
successit Laurentius, quem ipse 
adhuc uiuens Augustinus ad hoc 
consecrauerat, ut ei succederet in 

* From this point F has this 
entry only in Latin. 

^ Scrocmagil. F. Lat. 


for^ferde, iiii' JT. Feb, i lie was hehyred he AgvMine, JEft&c himfeng 
Mellitxxs to arcet dome, se vj<w tseop of lMnd\ "^ Jmm hinnan fif lointre 
MeUituBfo[r]Sferde, pa ceftes himfeng to ctrcetfdome Justus y se was ti 
of Hrouecistre, i ]>ar to gehalgode Somanum to tscope. 

625. Her Paulinus fram lusto J?am erce bisc wses gehsAoA. 
NorJ?hymbnu» to bisceper 

626. Her Eanfled Edwines debtor cyninges wses grful- 
wad in }7one balgan sefen Pentecosten ; "^ Fenda baefde 
•XXX- Vintra' rice. ^ he haefde -l* wintra J?a J^a \ie to rice 
feng. [Penda waes Pybbing. Pybba Creoding. Creoda 
Cynewalding. Cynewald ^Cnebbing. Cnebba Iceling. Icel 
Eomaering. Eomser SngelJ^eowing. 3SngelJ?eow Offing. Offa 
Wsermunding. Waermund Wihtlaeging. Wihtlseg Woden- 

f. 7. b. 627. Her Edwine kyning waes gefulwad mid his feode 
on Eastronr 

628. Her Cynegils "^ Cuichelm gefnhtun wij? Pendan aet 
Cirenceastre, "3 gej^ingodan J?ar 

632. Her was Eorpwald gefulwad r 

633. Her Edwine waes ofslsegen, ] Paulinus huerf eft to 
Cant waru/;^, *] gesaet )?8et ^ biscep setl on Hrofes ceastrer 

(E) Mellitus aer wses. "] )?es )?a ymb 'V* wintra rixiendum Eadbaldum 
Mellit^w for to Crista, pa sefter feng to )?am ercebiscop dome 
lustus. "j he gehalgode to Hrofeceastre Bomanum J>8er he ser 
wses biscop. 

617. Her wsertS ^t^elfriS NorShymbra cining of slagen fram 
Eeodwalde East Engla cininge. ^ Eadwine -filing feng to rice. 
•] geyde eall Brytene buton Cantware anre. ^ adrefde ut )?a 
etSelingas iESelfritSes stma, .f wses serest. Eanfrid. Oswald, j 
Oswiu. Oslac. Oswudu. Oslaf ^ Offa. 

624. Her fortSferde Mellittw ercebiscop. 

625. Her lustus arcebiscop gehalgode Paulinum to biscope^ 
on 'xii- kl Augusti. Hie ciclus Dionisii quinque decennoue- 

1 Wybbing. Wybba Crydinir. * arcebiacope. F. 

Cryda Cynewolding. Cynewold, W. * f. 13. begins with 630. 

^ b«r. B. C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 25 

nalibas constans, hoc est *xcy' annis. sumitque exordium d xxx^ 
anno Incamationis Domini, et desinit in •dc'Xxvi* anno. Hie 
ordo decennouenalis quem Grseci Ennia kait5 lohannes papa 
Kaderida uocat, 4 Scis patribus in Nicea Sinodo fuit constitutus, 
in quo ^xiiii* luna Paschalis omni anno sine ulla dubitatione. 

626. Her com Eomer^ fram Cwichelme West Seaxna cininge. f. 12. b. 
}>ohte -f be wolde ofstirigan Eadwine cininge. ac be ofstang 
liUan his 8egn. :| FortSbere. :| J^one cining gewundode. 3 )?»re 
ilcan nibte wes Eadwine dobter acenned. seo wses gebaten 
Eanfled. pa gehet se cining Pauline ;f he wolde bis dobter 

ge syllan Grode. gif be wolde abiddan set Gode. ^ be moste bis 
feonde afyllan. J>e )>one scatSan pider ser sende. "3 be )>a for on 
West Seaxum mid fyrde. •] afylde J>8er 'V- ciningas. 3 Jjaes folces 
mycel of slob, "j Paulinus gefuUade bis dobter on Pentecosten 
twelfa sum. 3 se cining binnan 'xii* monaS waes ge fullod on 
Eastrum mid eallum his dugotSe. ]?a wseron Estran on ai* {([us 
Ap:. Dis wses ge don on Eoferwic. )>fiBr be ser bet ge timbrian 
cyrican of treowe, seo waes ge balgod on see Petres naman. )>8er 
se cining sealde Pauline biscop setl. j J>3er be bet eft timbrian 
maran cyrican of stane. 3 her feng Penda to rice. 3 rixade -xxx* 

627. Her wes Eadwine cining ge fullod fram Pauline. 3 eac 
])es Paulint*« bodad fullubt on Lindis'se. Jjser gelifde serest sum 
rice man mid ealre bis dugutSe, se wees ge baton Blecca. 3 in tSas 
tid Honoritw feng to pap dome sefter Boniface J>e sonde Pauline 
bider pallium. 3 lustws ercebiscop fortSferde -iiii* idius n()V. 3 
Honorit^ wes ge balgod fram^ Pauline on Lincollan. }7am Hono- 
riv/nh se papa sonde eac pallium. 3 be sende Scottum gewrit -f 
hi scoldon ge cerran to ribtum Eastrum. 

628. Her Kynegils 3 Cwicbelm gefuhton witS Pendan set 
Cimceastre. 3 gejjingodon ]?a. 

632*. Her wses Eorpwald ge fullod. f. 13. 

633. Her wearS Eadwine cining of slagan. fram Cadwallan 3 
Pendan on HetSfelda on -ii* \^us OctolS. 3 be rixade -vii' gear. 3 
eac man slob his sunu OsfriS mid him. j pa sy?5San foran 
Ceadwala ■] Penda 3 fordydan eall NortSbymbra land, pa f 
Paulinus geseab. J>a genam iE8elburge Eadwines lafe. 3 gewat 

{Continued on ^, 26.) 



634. Her Birinns bisc bodude West Seaxom fiilwnhtr 

635. Her Cynegils wsbs gefulwad from Birino ]?aBm b: 
in Doree ceastre, *] Oswold his on fengr 

636. Her Cuiehelm wses g^ftdwad in Dorees ceastre, 
\Y ilcan geare for'Sferde ; "^ Felix biseep bodade Ej 
Englum Cristes geleafan^r 

639. Her Birinus fulwade Cu'Sred on Dorees ceastre, 
on feng bine him to smiar 

640. Her Edbald Cantwara cyning forj^ferde, ^ \ 

ricsode -XXV*^ wintr. Se hafde Uoegene sunu Ermenred i Erc< 
herht. T "^ Ercenberht rixode €BfteT Mi fadtr, ^ Ermenred gestryri 
twegen sunu, pa syfSCan ww^an gemariirode ofDunore. 

642. Her Oswald NorSanhymbra cyning ofslaegen waes 

643. Her Cenwalh feng to Wesseaxna rice, ^ heo 
•xxxi- wint. "J se Cenwalh het atimbran J^a ciricean < 
Wintmi ceastre r 

644. Her Paulin^^ forJ?ferde sewas aerce-bisc on Eofo 
wiceeastre, ^ eft on Hrofes ceastre. 

645. Her Cenwalh adrifen waes from Pendan cyninge. 

646. Her Cenwalh waes gefulwadr 

(E) on scipe to Cent. •] Eadbold ^ Honorius him onfengon swi< 
arwurSlice. ^ sealdon him biscop setle on Kofescestre. "] he \>i 
wmiode to his ende. Deira 

634. Her feng to Deamerice Osric. J?one Paulinus aer j 

^ Hie de Burgundise partibuB ue- 
nit ^episcopus' quidam nomine Felix, 
qui predicauit fidem populis Orien- 
talium Angloriun, hie aceersitus 
a Sigeber^o rege suscipere episcopa- 
tum in Domnoc ; in quo eedit 'Xvii* 
annis. F. Lat. on margin, with a 
mark of reference to the year 636. 
Thorpe has wrongly placed it under 
633. There is no Saxon correspond- 
ing to this entry. 

^ So B. C. xxiiii. F. 

' B. and C. place the death of 
Oswald and the succession of Cen- 
walh under 641 ; and the building 
of the old church at Winchester 

under 642. 

* So E. against all the oth 

' fsesten. F. xl* dierum ieiuniu 
ante Pasca. F. Lat. 

* his. MS. 

' to rice in WestSexan. F. 
West Sexa. F. Lat. 

® j^ mynster on Wintanceastre < 
S<% Petres naman. F. ]>a ealdi 
cyricean. B. C. 

* Instead of Oswine Edwine 
there is only Oswines in £, but tl 
correction is obvious on comparis< 
of 634 and 650. 

w The annal 647 is omitted. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 27 

fallode. 86 wses JElfrices sunu Ji^dwines federan. "j to Bsemicum 
feng ^Selfri8es sunu EanfnS. "j eac her Birinus bodade aerest 
Weast Seaxnm fulluht under Cynegilse cininge. se Birinus com 
fider be Honorius wordum ]?es papan. 3 he tSaer wes biscop o}> 
his lyfes ende. And Oswold eac her feng to NortSanhymbran 
rice. "] he rixade -ix- winter, man getealde him $ nigonSe for 
J)an hetSenscipe )>e hi drugon J)e hi J>et an gear rixodon be twix 
him "j Eadwine. 

635. Her Kynegils waes ge^llod fram Byrine )>am biscope 
on Dorcaceastre. ■] Oswold NortShymbra cining his on feng. 

636. Her W8BS Cwichelm ge failed on Dorceceastre. •] ]?am 
ilcan geare he fortSferde. 3 Felix biscop bodade East Eanglum 
Cristes ge lefan. 

639. Her Byrintw fdllode CutSred on | Dorceceastre. •] on feng f. 13, b. 
hine him to sunu. 

639*. Her Eadbald Cantwara cining forSferde. se waes cining 
•xxiiii' wintra. pa feng his sunu Ercenbriht to )>am rice, se to 
wearp ealla ]>a deofel gyld on his rice, j serost Engliscra cininga 
he ge sette Eastor feasten^. ]78es dohter wses ge haten Ercongota 
halifemne. 3 wundorlic man, ]?8ere modor wses Sexburh Annan 
dohter EastEngla ciningas. 

641. Her waes Osuuald ofslagen NortShymbra cining. fram 
Pendan Su})hymbrum on Maserfeld on 8am dsege no avg. ^j 
his lie wses bebyrged on BeartSan ege. ]?8es halines ^ wundor 
wseron sytSSan manigfealde ge cydde geond tSis ' egland. ^ his 
handa sindon on Bebbanburh un ge brosnode. And her Cen- 
walh feng to WsestSeaxena rice''. "] heold -xxi* wintra. se 
Cenwalh het atimbrian )?a cyrican on Wintan ceastre. * "j he 
wses Kynegilsing. •] J>am ilcan geare Se Oswald wses ofslagen. 
feng Oswiu his brotSor to NorSanhymbran rice. •] he rixode twa 
Ises 'Xxx* geara. 

643. Her fortSferde Paulinus sercebiscop on Bofesceastre 'vi* 
idtts Octobf. se wses biscop an Ises -xx- wintra. "] -ii* mon8as. 31 
•xxi- daga. And her fcfng Oswine Edwines® fedran suna sunu 
Osrices to Deame rice. ^ rixade -vii* winter. 

644. Her Cenwalh wses adrifen of his rice fram Pendan cininge. 

645. Her Cenwalh wses gefullod^^ 

{Continued OH ^, 28.) 


648. Her Cenwalh gesalde CuJ^rede^ his maege •iii- 
J?usendo londes be iEsces dune ; se CuJ? red wsbs Cuichelm- 
ing. Cuichelm Cynegilsingr 

650. Her -dEgelbryht of Galwalum. sefW Birine ]7am 
Romaniscan bisc onfeng Wesseaxna bisc domeVr 

651. Her Oswine kjoiing waes ofslaegen, ^ Sidan bisc 

652. Her Cenwalh gefeaht set Bradan forda be TCfher 

653. Her MiddelSeaxe^ onfengon under Feadan aldor- 
men ryhtne geleafenr 

'654. Her Onna cyning wearj? ofslaegen. ^ Botulf ongon 
mynster timbran set Icanhor 

655. Her Penda for wear]?, *J Mierce wurdon Cristne. 
pa was agan from fruman middan geardes V wintr. ^ dccc* 
^ !• wint. *] Peada^ feng to Mercna rice. Pendingr 

f. 42. F. 648. Her wearS ge timbrod ^ mynster on Winceastre f Cyn- 
walh cing let macian on S. Petres naman, 1 gehalgod. 

(E) f. 14. 648. Her Cenwalh ge sealde Eadrede his mege .iii* Jmsenda 
landes be iEsces dune. 

649. Her -^gelbriht of Galwalum sefter Byrine )>am Eoman- 
isca biscop onfeng Sexena biscopdomas. 

650. Her het Oswiu cining of slean Oswine cining on •xiii- 
kl Septemb. •] f>8es ymbe 'xii* niht forSferde Aidanws biscop on 
•ii« kt Sept. 

652. Her MiddalEngle onfengon under Pendan ealdormsen 
rihtne geleafan. 

653. Her Anna cining werS ofslagen. "3 Botuulf ongau 

^ So "B. C. ^ On the nether edge of f. 14. a. 

2 Middel engle. B. C; cf. E. of the MS. is written in a hand of 

^ I think the MS. has Penda. the 13th century : 

\ And Sc-e Botulf agan to ma^i- ^ ^^ ^ ^g^j^j, futttiaijeriit 

ende jJ mynster on Icanho. F. (under » ^ , etciam 

the following year), on margin. ^ 

* (et Thomas eps ob. in Domnoc.) * abdode. MS. 

F. I^t. * altered into comon. 

• regulos. F. Lat. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 29 

timbrian mynster set Icanhoe*. 3 her forSferde Honorius erce- 
biscop on •!!• kl Octob?". 

654. Her Oswiu ofsloh Pendan on "Winwid felda. "y -xxx- 
cynebearna' mid him. j J>a waeron sume ciningas. Sere sum wses 
iBSelhere Annan brother EastEngla ciningas. Da wsbs agan 
iram fruman middan geardes fif })usend wintra. "] •dccc- wintra. 
•3 Peada feng to Myrcena rice Pending. 

■^ On his time J>a comon to gadere heo "j Gswiu Oswaldes Wota iJt 
brotSor cyningas. j sprecon $ hi wolden an mynstre areren 25JS*v* 
Crista to loue "j S6e Petre to wurtSminte. And hi swa diden. ISutdy. 
31 nama hit gauen Medeshamstede. forJ>an }>et Cser is an wsel }>e 
is gehaten Medeswsel. 3 hi ongunnan ]m ^ grand walla. 3 
J>aeron wrohten. betahten hit )?a an munec, Saxulf wees 
ge haten. He wses swytSe Godes freond. 3 him luuede al J>eode. 
:) he w«3 swySe 8e)?elboren on weorulde :| rice, he is nu 
mycelne riccere mid Criste. 

Oc se kining Peada ne rixade nane hwile. forJ)an he wses 
be Bwicen )mrh his agen cwen on Estren tide. 

655. Her ItSamar Rofeceastre biscop gehalgode D«ws dedit f- 14- ^• 
to Cantwarabyrig on -vii* kl Apr. 

656. Her waes Peada ofslagan. •] Wulfere Pending feng to 
Myrcena rice. 

On his time wsex J)et abbqdrice Medeshamstede switSe rice, f [3Stt]rd)ri 
his br[o]8or hafde ongunnen. pa luuede se kining hit swiSe for Sj^J ^^ 
his broker luuen Peada. -^ for his wed brotSeres luuen Oswi. ^tg. 
3 for Saxulfes luuen J)es abbodes. cwe8 }>a J>et he wolde hit 
wurtSminten •] arwurtSen be his brotSre rsed jEtSelred •] Merwala. 
■] be his Bwustre red Kyneburges ^ KyneswitJes. 3 be se serce- 
biscopes rsed se waes gehaten Dewsdedit, ^ be al his gewiten 
raed leered 3 lawed J>e on his kyne rice wseron. 3 he swa dide. 

Da seonde se kyning sefter J>one abbode*. pet he seuestlice 
scolde to him cumon*. •] he swa dyde. Da cwsed se kyning to 
)?an abbode. La leof Ssexulf ic haue ge seond sefter J>e for mine 
saule )>urfe. 3 ic hit wile J>e wsel secgon for hwi. Min brotSor 
Peada ^ min leoue freond Oswi ongunnen an mynstre Criste to 
loue ^ Sancte Petre. oc min brotSer is faren of pisse line swa 
swa Crist wolde. oc ic wile Se ge bidden la leoue freond ^ hii 

{Continuid on p. 30.) 

3© THE LAUD MS. (E) 

wTr'ce sBnostlice on }>ere werce. ^j ic ]>e wile 6nden J?8er to gold 
•] siluer, land ^ ahte. •] al J>et )>8er to behofeS. Da feorde 
Be abbot bam :) ongan to wircene, swa be spedde swa bim Crist 
bn?$e. swa })et in feuna geare wses f mynstre gare. Da }>a 
kyning beorda }?8et gesecgon. pa. wsertJ be swiSe glsed. boot 
seonden geond al bis* Jjeode. sefter alle bis ]?8egne. sefter serce- 
biscop. ^ sefter biscopes. ■] sefter bis eorles. "j aefter alle })a 
]?e Gode luuedon, pset bi scoldon to bim cmnene. ^ seotte ]^ 
dsei bwonne man scolde f mynstre gebalegon. 
f. 15. Da I man balgode seo mynstre, )>a wses seo kyning "Wulfere 
}>8er. 3 bis brother -^Selred. 3 bis swustre Kyneburg ^ Kyne- 
siuiitb. "} seo mynstre balgode seo sercebiscop Det^sdedit of 
Cantwarbyrig. "j seo biscop of RofecaBstre Itbamar. 3 seo biscop 
of Lundone J>e wses Wina gebaten. "j seo Myrcene biscop, 
y leruman wses gebaten. ^ Tuda biscop. "j Jjser wsbs Wilfrid 

preost J>e si?58on wses biscop. 3 f>8er waeron aelle bis ?5egnas J>e 
wseron on bis kynerice. 

Da seo mynstre wses gebalgod on Sancte Petres nama 3 
S. Paules •] S. And?. f>a stod seo kyning up toforep ealle 
bis tSsegna. ^ cwsed luddor stefne. Dancod wurS hit })on baege 
-ZElmibti God J>is wurtSscipe f ber is gedon. ■;) ic wile 
wur?Sigen J>is daei Crist ^ S2e Peter. "3 ic wille f ge ealle 
ge titSe mine worde. Ic Wulfere gife to daei See Petre •] ))one 
abbode Saxulf 3 J>a munecas of J>e mynstre J>as landes 3 )>as 
wateres •] meres "j fennes 3 weres 3 ealle }>a landes J>a }>8er 
abuton liggetS tJa of mine kynerice sindon freolice. swa 8et nan 
man na baue ps&r nan ousting buton seo abbot ^ se muneces. 
Das is se gife. fram Medesbamstede to NortJburb. ■] swa to ?Set 
stede J>et man cleopeS Folies. -3 swa sel se feon ribt to Esendic. 3 
fra Esendic to f steode ]>e man cleopeS FeSermude. 3 swa f ribte 
weie 'X. mile lang to Cuggedic. 3 swa to Raggewilb. ■] fra Ragge- 
wilb -v* mile to ]>e ribte se Ipe gaS to -ZElm 3 to Wisebece. T swa 
abutan -iii- mile to prokonbolt. "j fra prokonbolt ribt f)urb al tSe 
fen to Dereuorde f is 'xx* mile lang. 3 swa to Grsetecros. 3 fra 
GrsBtecros }?urb an scyr wseter Bradanse batte. "j J>eonon -vi* mile 
• to Paccelade. 3 swa fortS )>urb selle )>a meres 3 feonnes }?a liggen 

1 hi. MS. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 31 

to ward Huntendune porte. ■] J>as meres ^ laces. ScsBlfremere 
3 I Witlesmere "j selle }>a o}?re $ far abutan liggan mid land 3 f. 15. b. 
mid buses ]>a sindon on SBstbalfe Scaelfre mere. 3 J^eonen selle ]>a 
feonnon to Medes bamstede. "j fra Medesba^Tistede al to Welmes 
forde. ;) fra Welmes forde to Cliue. and }?eonen to iEstune. "j fra 
-^tune to Stanford. "^ fra Stanford swa swa ;f wseter renneS to 
seo foren sprecone Nor8burb. Dis sindon Jm landes ^ 8a 
feonnes J>e seo kyning gef into See Petres mynstre. 

Da cw8et$ seo kyning. Hit is litel J^eos gife. ac ic wille ^ bi 
hit luBlden swa kynelice ^ swa freoUce. $ >«r ne be nutnen 
of na geld na gaule. buton to ]7a munecan ane. Dus ic wille 
freon J>is mynstre ]?et bit ne be underfed buton Rome ane. 
•] bider ic wille $ we secan S5e Petre. ealle }>a fa to Rome 
na magen faren. 

Betwix fas worde fa geomde seo abbe fet he scolde bim 
tyf ian fet be set bim geomde. "3 seo kining bit bira tydde. Ic 
baue bere godefribte muneces fa wolden drobtien bere lif on 
anker setle gif bi wisten bwere. oc ber is an igland f man 
cleopetS Ancar ig. 3 wile f es geomen ;f we raoten f aer wircen 
an mynstre S2e Marie to loue. fet bi moten f aer wunen fatSa 
bere lif wilen laeden mid sibbe 3 mid reste. 

Da andswerode seo kyning ^ f us cwsbS. Saxulf la leof. ne 
fet an $ tSu geomest oc ealle fa f ing $ ic wat fet 8u geornest 
on ure Dribtnes balfe. swa ic lufe "j tytSe. And ic bidde fe 
brotSer iEtJelred. ■] mine swustre Cyneburb 3 Cynesuuitb. for 
iure sawle alesednesse, fet ge beon witnesse. -^ f geo bit write 
mid iure fingre. And ic bidde ealle fa 8a aefter me cumen, 
beon bi mine sunes. beon bi mine breSre, oufer kyningas fa 
aefter me cumen. f ure gyfe mote standen. swa swa bi wiUen 
beon del nimende on fa ece lif. 3 swa swa bi wilen set beorstan 
fet ece wite. Swa bwa swa ure gife oufer otSre godene manne f. 16. ^ 
gyfe wansiaf . wansie bim seo beofenlice iateward on beofonrice. 
■] swa bwa swa bit ece8. ece bim seo beofenlice iateward on 

Das sindon fa witnes f e f aer waeron, •] f a $ ge writen mid 
bere fingre on Cristesmele. •] ietten mid bere tunge. Det 
waes fVrst seo kyning Wulfere f e f feostnode first mid bis 

{Continued on p. 32.) 


657. Her for)?ferde Peada, ^ Wulfhere Pending feng to 
Mierena ricer 

658. Her Cenwalh gefeaht set Peonnam wi)? Walas, ^ 
hie g^iemde o)? Pedridan ; )?is waes gefobten siJ^J^an he of 
EastEnglum, he waes |7aer -iii' gear on \vrece, haefde 
hine Penda adrifenne, *] rices bennmenne. forJ?on he his 
swoVtor an forletr 

f. 8. 660. Her ^gelbryht bisc gewat ixom Cenwale, ^ Wine 
heold )7one biseep dom dii* gear ; ^ se -^gel bryht onfeng 
Persa bisc domes on Gralwalum bi Signer 

661. Her Cenwalh gefeaht in Eastron on Posentes 
byrg, ^ gehergeade Wulfhere Pending oj?^ -^sces dune ; ^ 
CuJ^red Cuichelming, ^ Coenbryht cyning on anum geare 
for)? ferdun ; *] on Wiht gehergade Wulfhere Pending, ^ 
gesalde Wiht waran -dEj?elwalde Su)? Seaxna cyninge. 
for)7on Wulfhere hine onfeng aet fulwihte. "^ Eoppa 

(E) words ;3 siSSon mid his fingre ge wrat on Cristas mel. •] J)iis 
cwfietS. Ic Wulfere kyning mid J>as kyningas "j mid eorles 
3 mid heorotogas "j mid ]?8egnas ]>as gewitnesse mines gifes 
toforan fone sercebiscop Dewsdedit ic hit festnia mid Cristes 
mel. + , ' And ic Oswi Nor)?himbre kyning )?eos mynstres 
freond. ^ J>es abbotes Saxulf hit loue. mid Cristes mel. + , And 
ic Sighere kyning hit tytSe mid Crystes mel. + . And ic Sibbi 
kyning hit write mid Cristes mel. + , And ic JEtSelred J)es 
kyningas broSer J>et ilea tyda mid Cristes mal. + . And we 
J>es kyningas swustre Cynaburh ^ Cynasuith we hit louien. 
And ic Kantwarabyrig sercebiscop Det^sdedit hit \;f^, SitJSan 
pa getton hit sella J>a o8ra J>a )?8er wfieron mid Cristas mal. + . 
Det wseron be nam. Ithamar biscop of Rofacastra. and Wine 
biscop of Lundana. j laruman sa wses Myrcana biscop. "-^ Tuda 
biscop. "3 Wilfrid praost seo wses sitSSon biscop. j Eoppa preost 
J>e seo kyning Wulhfara saonde to bodian Cristen dome on Wiht. 
3 Saxulf abbot, j Immine ealdorman. 3 Eadbarht aaldorman. 3 
Herefrid ajldorman. j.Wilbarht seldorman. •] Abon seldorman. 
.^Selbold. Brordan. Wilbarht. iElhmimd. FretJegis. pas ■] feola. 

1 on. B. C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 33 

o}>re ]>a wseron })8er kyninges ]?eonest men hit geotton ealle. 
Des writ wses gewriton sefter ure Drihtnes acennednesse 
-dc'lxiiii* | )>es kyningas Wulhferes seoueSende gear. J)es aerce- f. i6. b. 
biscopes Deusdedit -ix- gear. Leidon )>a Godes curs ^ 
ealre halgane curs ■] al Cristene folces J>e ani}?ing undyde ^ 
}>8er wses gedon. Swa beo hit. sei]> alle. Amen. 

pa ]>is }7ing waes gedon. J^a seonde seo kyning to Eome 
to seo papa Uitalianw* })e |?a was. "] geomde $ he scolde tytJian 
mid his writ 3 mid his bletsinge eal )?is forsprecene J>ing. •] 
seo papa seonde ]m his writ ]?us cwsetSend. Ic Uitalian^^ papa 
geate J)e Wulhfere cyning 3 De««sdedit aercebiscop "] Saxulf abB 
ealle Jje }>ing J>e ge geomon. "3 ic forbede J?et ne kyning. ne nan 
man ne haue nan ousting buton }x)n abb ane. ne he ne hersumie 
nan man buton ]>one papa on Rome "3 se sercebiscop on Cant- 
warbyrig. Gif hwa J>is to brekej> seniping. See Petre mid Nota. 
his sweord him adylige. Gif hwa hit hselt. S. Petre mid 
heofne keie undo him heofenrice. Dus wees seo mynstre 
Medeshamstede agunnen. ^ man siStJon cleopede Burh. 

SitSSon com an oJ>re aerceb to Cantwarbyrig. seo wses gehaten 
Theodon**. switSe god man ^ wis. •] heold his sinoJ> mid his 
biscopes 3 mid ]?e lerede folc. pa wsbs Winfrid Myrcene biscop 
don of his biscop rice. "3 Saxulf abb was f>8er gecoren to 
biscop. 3 CutJbald munec of )>e selue mynstre wses coren to 
abbot, pis sinaS was gehalden sefter are Drihtnes acenned- 
nesse seox hundred wintra. 3 -iii. :) hund seofenti wintra. 

668. Her Cenwealh gefeaht set Peonnum wi)> Walas. *] 
heo ge flymde 08 Pedredan. J?is waes ge fohton sySSan he of East 
Engla com, he waes }>aer 'iii- gear on wreccesitS. baefde hine 
Penda adrefedne. 3 rices benumene for}>an ^ he his swustor forlet. 

660. Her ^Eglbriht biscop gewat fram Ce'n'wala. 31 "Wine f. 17. 
heold tSone biscop dome -iii- gear. ^ seo iEglbriht onfeng 
Fersa biscop domes on Galwalum be Sigene. 

661. Her Cenwealh feaht on Eastron on Posentes byrig. ■] 
ge hergode Wulf here Pending of *^sces dune, "j Cu})red Cwic- 
helming. 3 Centbriht cining on anum geare forSferdon. And on 
Wiht ge hergode Wulf here Pending. ^ gesealde "Wihtwarum 
iESelwolde SutS Seaxena cininga. for}>an Wulf here hine onfeng 

(Continued OH ^. 34.) 

j 34 THE PARKER MS, (25) 

' msesse preost. be WilferJ^es worde ^ Wulfhere cjnc 

I brohte Wiht wamm fulwiht aerestr 

! 664. Her snnne ajnestrode, ^ Srcenbiylit Cantv 

I cyngp for)>ferde; ^ Colman mid his gefenuw for to 

I cySSe. py ilcan geare waes micel man cuealm ; *] Cea 

• ^ WilferJ? waeron gehadode, ^ \j ilcan g^eare Densd 

\ forJ?ferder 

I 668. Her peodorus mon hadode to ercebiscr 

669. Her Ecgbryht cyning salde Basse maBSseprii 
RecTilf mynster on to timbranne r 

670. Her forj^ferde Osweo Nor|?an hymbra cyning 
Eeg ferj? riesode aBft(?r him ; ^ HloJ?here feng to big 
dome ofer Wesseaxan^ iEgelbryhtes bisc nefa. ^ heold < 
gear, peodor bisc hine gAalgode ; ^ se Oswio wses JEi\ 
fer)?ing, -dEj?elferJ? -^j^ehricing, -dEJ?elric Iding, Ida I! 

671. Her waes |?8et micle fiiglaw«elr 

672. Her for)? ferde Cen walh ^ Seaxburg an gear ; 
sode his cuen aeft^r himr 

678. Her Ecgbryht Cantwara cyning forJ?ferde; *j 
geare wsbs senoiS set Heorot forda, ^ See -^)>eldiyht^ on| 
J?8et mynstaer set Elige : 

674. Her feng iEscwine to rice on Wesseaxuwa, se 
Cen fusing, Cen fas CenferJ^ing, Cenfer)? Cufgilsi 
CuJ?gils Ceolwulfing, Ceolwulf Cynricing, Cynric Cere 

675. Her Wulfhere Pending "^ iEscwine gefiihton 
Biedan heafde ; "J \j ilcan geare Wulfhere for)? ferde 
-^)?elred feng to ricer 

(E) 8Bt fulwihte. ^ Eoppa preost be WilfertJes worde 3 Wulfhi 
cininges brohte Wihtwaruwi fdlwiht flerost manna. 

664. Her Bunne aSestrode on 'V* no. Mai. *] on Sissum g< 

^ Weetseaxnaland. B. Wessexna. ' geaf. F. 

C. ' ecderiam. F. Lat. 

« uEj)elbrilit. B. C. • EU oenobium. F. Lat. 
' to Cantuarb. add F 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 35 

com micel mancwealm on Brytene igland. ^ on ]>am cwealme 
fortSferde Tuda biscop. "j waes bebyrged on "Wagele. "3 Ercen- 
briht Cantwara cining fortSferde. "j Ecgbriht bis sunu feng to 
)>am rice. ^ Coleman mid bis geferum for to bis cySSe. 3 
Ceadde 3 WilferS wseron gebadode. •] on })am ilcan geare 
seo aercebiscop D€t6sdedit forSferde. 

667. Her Oswiu 3 Ecbriht sendon Wigbeard preost to 
Rome. ^ bine man scolde balgian to sercebiscope'. ac be forS- 
ferde sona swa be J^ider com. 

668. Her XJitalianus se papa gebadode Tbeodoros to arce- 
biscop. "j sende bine to Brytene. 

669. Her Egbribt cining sealde^ Basse preost Raculf, myn- f. 17. b. 
ster * to tymbrianne. 

670. Her Oswiu forSferde NorSanbymbra cining on -xv* \ Mf. 
;) EcfertJ bis sunu rixade aefter bim. 3 Hlotbere feng to biscop 
dome ofer "WeastSeaxuw JEglbribtes biscopes nefa. •] beold 
•vii' gear. "3 peodorus biscop bine balgode. 

671. Her wses ;f mycele fugla well. 

672. Her forSferde Cenwalh. 3 Sexburb an gear rixade bis 
cwen sefter bim. 

673. Her -Egbribt Cantwara cining fortSferde. '^ Tbeodorus fiFttttliatr 
aercebiscop ge somnode sino8 set Heortforde. j See ^EtSeldrif S^^j^ 
ongan -f mynster set Helige*. 

674. Her feng -ZEscwine to rice on WeastSeaxum. 

675. Her Wulfbere Pending 3 iEscwine Confusing ge fubton 
8Bt Bedanbeafde. ^ J>a ilcan geare Wulfbere forSferde. "] 
-^Selred feng to rice. 

On bis time f>a seonde be to Rome "Wilfrid biscop to )jam [Colnfitt 
pape J?e ]ja wes. Agatbo be wses gebaten. -j cydde bim mid writ Sf^^^ 
3 mid worde. bu bis bretSre Peada 3 Wulfbere j se abbot \^^ r^^] 
Saxulf beafden wrobt an minstre Medesbamstede wsbs gebaten. JSutrf;. 
3 -f bi bit beafden ge freod wiS kyning 3 wit5 biscop of ealle 
JDewdom. 3 bed him ^ be scolde $ geten mid bis writ 3 mid 
bis bletsunge. And seo papa seonde }7a bis ge write to 
Englalande |?us cweCende. 

Ic Agatbo papa of Rome grete wel seo wurtJfuUe jESelred [iS]ttIIa 
Myrcene kyning jse sercebiscop Tbeodorum of Can't'warbyrig. S?^^i.t^„ 

{Contmued on ^. 36.) ^5*^^"^ 


676. Her .^Iscwine forJ?ferde, "^ Hedde feng to bisc 

(E) 1 8^0 Myrcene biscop Saxulf seo ser wsds abbot, -j alle ]}a 

abbotes ]>a sindon on Englalande Godes gretinge ^ minre 

bletsunge. Ic haue geheord seo kyninges iESekedes geom- 

f. 1 8. unge I ^ }>es SBrcebiscopes Theodorw*. ^ J?es biscopes Saxulfes. 

^ ]7es abbotes Cuthbaldes. 3 ic hit wille f bit on selle wise beo. 

swaswa ge hit sprecon hauen. And ic bebeode of Godes 

half J S. Petres. ^ ealra halgan. '^ ealre hadode heafde. }7et 

ne kyning ne biscop ne eorl. ne 'n^an man ne haue nan ousting. 

ne gafle ne geold ne feording ne nanescinnes tSeudom ne 

IBe Btd^i* nime man of f abbot rice of Medeshamstede. Ic beode aec f 

^^^^ * )>e sc^r biscop ne seo swa dyrstlece f he ne hading ne haleging 

^^^^ ne do on \\a abbot rice baton seo abbot hit him bidde. ne 

biscop wite ne sinaS ne naneskinnes ]>ing na haue }78er nan 

Sbbas ousting. *] ic wille ^ seo abbot beo gehealden for legat of Borne 

SP^x ofer eal f iglande. •] hwilc abbot }>e be}> f>8Br coren of })e 

Kcime. munecan ^ he beo gebletsad of ]7an eercebiscop of Cant 

warbyrig. Ic wille "j tytSe ;f while man swa haued behaten 

to faren to Rome, and he ne muge hit forSian. ouSer for 

untrumnisse. ou8er for lauerdes neode. outSer for haueleste. 

ou8er for hwilces cinnes o8er need he ne muge pser cumon. 

beo he of Englelande ouSer of hwilc oSer igland beo he. 

cume to f mynstre on Medesham stede. ^ haue $ Tl'ce for- 

giuenesse of Criste 3 S. Peter. ^ of f>onne abbot "] of J>one 

muneca ^ he scolde hauen gif he to Eome fore. Nu bidde ic ]m 

brother Theodorus ^ ]?u lete bed on geond eel Engle lande bet 

seo einatS wurtSe gegaderod. ^ |?is write wurtSe geredd 3 ge 

healdon. Al swa ic beode }>e Saxulf biscop ^ swa swa }>u hit 

geomest. $ seo mynstre beo free, swa ic for beode J>e 3 ealle 

J)e biscopas f>e sefter tSe cumon of Criste 3 of ealle his halgan ^ 

iSenientk ge nan ousting ne hauen of f mynstre buton swa micel swa 

{rajroe ^. jjone abbot wile. Nu wille ic hit segge mid worde f hwa swa 

f. 18. b. halt ]?is write 3 ]?is bode. | })a wurtSe he efre wuniende mid God 

^ The Bcribe at first wrote ' Here on the margin is a drawing 

■ende, of a fish. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 37 

JSlmibti on heuenrice. ^ hwa swa hit tobreceS. Jm wtirSe he 
amansumed "j aniSrod mid ludas j mid ealle deofle on helle 
buton he cume to dedbote. Amen. 

Das writ seonde seo papa Agatho 3 an hundred ^ fif^ 
twenti biscopes bi "Wilfrid sercebiscop of Eoferwic to Engla 
lande. pis waes ge don aefter ure Drihtnes acennednesse •dc*lxxx« 
)>es kininges -vi. gear iESelredes. 

Da heot seo kining }7one eercebiscop Theodort^^ ^ he scolde 
setton ealle gewitenemot set ]?one stede ^ man cleopetS Heat 
felde. Da hi wseron f>8er gegaderod. )3a leot he rsedon )?a 
ge write }>e seo papa }>ider seonde. j ealle hit getton ■] fulfeost- 

Da seide * se kyning, Ealle )>a )>ing J^e min brother Peada. "j 
min brother "Wulfere. "j mine swuster Kineburh "j Kynesuith 
geafon 3 getton See Peter •] J>one abbot )?a wile ic ;f stande. "j 
ic wile on min dsei hit secon for here sawle. ^ for minre sawle. 
Nu gife ic See Peter to dsei into his minstre Medeshamstede 
J?as landes. "j eal $ J>8er to liggetS. J>et is Bredune. Hrepingas. 
Cedenac. Swines hsefed. Heanbyrig. Lodeshac. Scuffanhalch. 
Costesford. Stretford. Wsettelleburne. Lufgeard. JBjjelhunig- 
lond. Bar]>anig. Das landes ic gife See Peter ^ eal swa freolice 
swa ic seolf hit ahte. "3 swa ^ nan min seffcergengles ]7eer nan 
)>ing of ne nime. Gif hwa hit dotS. )3es papa curs of Home 3 
ealre biscope curs he habbe. ^ here ealre )3e her be gewitnesse. 
3 )>is ic festnie mid Cristes tacne. + . Ic Theodorw« sercebiscop 
of Cantwarbyrig am witnesse of )3as ge write of Medeshamstede. 
■] ic festnie mid min ge write. "] ic amansumie ealle f)a J>8er 
anij>ing | ofbreke. ^ ic bletsie ealle Jja |?e hit healden. +, Ic f . 19. 
WiKrid serceb of -^ferwic ic eam witnesse of J>as ge write. ^ ic 
gaete )38bs ilce curs. + . Ic Saxulf )3e waes first abbot •] nu eam 
biscop ic gife hi min curs j ealle min seffcergengle J^e J>is 
tobreket. Ic OstriSe ^Sel redes cwen hit tytSe. Ic Adrianus 
legat hit iete. Ic Putta biscop of Rofecestre ic hit write. 
Ic "Waldhere biscop of Lundene hit festnie. Ic CutSbald 
abbot hit geate swa ]7et hwa swa hit breket. ealre biscope 
cursunge 3 eal Cristene feces he hafe. Ame/i. 

676. Her -^scwine fortSferde. ^ Hedde feng to biscop dome. 

{Continued on p» 38.) 

38 THE PARKER MS. (35) 

dome, *J Centwine feng to rice ; ^ Centwine was Cynegils- 
ing, Cynegils Ceolwulfing; *j -^"Sered Miercna cyning 
oferhergeada Cent londr 

678. Her o)? iewde cometa se steorra. "j WilfriJ? biscop 
W8BS adrifen of his bisc dome from Eeg ferj?e cyninger 

679. Her -^Ifwine waes ofslsegen, ^ See -^J?elf ryj? forj? 

f. 8. b. 680. Her gesaet peodorius serce biscop seno|> on Hce)? 

felda, for)7on he wolde Jwne Xpes ^ gelea&n geryhtan ; ^ 

J?y ylcan geare for)?ferde Hild abbodesse on Streones healer 

682. On }7issum geare Centwine gefliemde Bretwealas 

of St^r 

685. Her Cead walla ongan sefter rice winnan ; Se 
Ceadwalla was Coenbryhting. Coenbryht Cading, Cadda 
Cu)7aing, CuJ^a Ceawlining, CeawUn Cynricing, Cynric 
Cerdicing ; "j Mul was Ceadwallan bro]7ur, "J J?one mon efk 
on Cent forbaBrnde ; ^ \j ilcan geare Ecgfer); cyning mon 
ofslog ; Se Ecgfer); was Osweoing, Osweo ^J?elferjring, 
-dEfelferJ? -dEj?elricing, -dSJ^elric Iding, Ida Eopping ; *) 
HloJ?here fy ilcan geare for)? ferder 

686. Her Ceadwalla ^ Mul Cent ^ Wieht forhergedonr 

687. Her Mul wear]? on Cent forbserned, T o)?re -xii- 
men mid him, "^ )?y geare Ceadwalla eft Cent forhergeadar 

f. 43« b. F. 685. Her wearj) on Brytene blodi ran. ■] meolc ;j butere wuidon 
gewend to blode 

(E) "D Centwine feng to "West Seaxna* rice. ^ iEtSelred Myrcena 
cining oferhergode Cent land. 

678. Her ateowede cometa se steorra on Auguste. "] scan -iii* 
monCas selce morgen swilce sunnebeam. "] WilfertS biscop wfles 
adrifen of his biscop dome fram Ecfer8e cininge. ^ man ge 

^ Xpes written above luites in dode. 

the MS. ^ celico igni. F. Lat. 

* Wessexana. F. super occiden- * sette. F. 

tales Anglos. F. Lat., with Saxones * Wihtum. MS. 

interlined. ^ hyra]>. F. 

' The scribe at first wrote ge ha- ^ Hagustaldes ea. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 39 

halgode ^ 'ii* biscopas on his stal. Bosan to Derum. ^ Eatan to 
BeorniGum. ^ man gehalgode Lindiswarum to biscope Eadhed. 
se wsea on Lindissi serost biscopa. 

679. Her man of eloh iElfwine be Trentan Ipdsr tSser EgfertJ 
3 JESelred ge fuhton. ^ her fortSferde see iEtSeldriS. j Coludes 
burh for bam mid godcundum fyre*. 

680. Her geset*^ Theodortw aercebiscopes sinot5 on HsetS 
felda. for]7an ]?e he wolde ]?one Crist es gelsefan gerihtan. 3 
\>Y geare Hild abbotSessa on Streones heale fortSferde. 

681. Her man halgode Trumbriht | biscop to Hagustaldes ea. f. 19. b. 
^ Trumwine Pihtum' for]7an hy hyrdon''^ ]?a hider. 

682. Her on tSissmn geare Centwine geflymde Britwalas o]? sae. 

684. Her on tSissum geare sende EcgferS here on Scottas. "3 
Briht his ealdorman mid. j earmlice hi Godes cyrican hyndan "} 

685. Her hset EcgferS cining ge halgian CutJberht to bis- 
cope. "3 Theodorus archieps bine ge halgode on Eoferwie jaam 
forman Eastordaege to biscope to Hagustaldes ham ^. for ]7am 
Trumbriht wass adon of Sam biscop dome. "3 t$y ilcan geare 
man ofsloh EcgferS cining be nortSan sae. "] mycelne here 
mid him on -xiiio- ki lunii. He waes 'xv winter cining. ^ 
AldfritS his brotSor feng aefter him to rice. 3 her ongan Ceadwala 
winnan aefter rice, j )>y ilcan geare LotSere Cant wara cining 
forS'ferde. "] man gehalgode lofis on Agust' to biscope. j he 
)>8er waes otSSe WilfriJ? in com. SytSSan feng lohes to Ceastre 
biscop dome. forSan Bosa biscop waes forSfaren. ]?a waes 
WilferS his preost sySSan ge halgod Ceastre to biscope. "3 1 1 i-«. Joli' 
for to his mynstre on Derawuda. 

686. Her Ceadwala ^ Mul his broSor forhergodan Cent "] 
Wiht. paes Caedwala gef into see Petres minstre Medesham- 
stede Hoge. f is in an igland Heabureahg hatte. ]7a waes abbot 
on ]?aere minstre Egbalth waes ge haten. heo waes se J^ridde 
abbot aefter Saxulfe. ]7a waes Theodort^ aerceb on Cent. 

687. Her Mul waerS on Cent baerned. 3 oSre -xii* men mid 
him. J ]7y geara Ceadwala eft forhergode Cent. 


688. Her Ine feng to Wesseaxna rice,*'* T heold -xxxvii' 
/. andhegeiim. wiSt. ^ J?y ilcan geare Ceadwalla for to 
hrade t tnenster Rome, ^ fulwihte onfeng bom "pskm papaf», 
at GltBsHnga ^ se papa hine heht Petms. ^ ymb -vii- niht 
^'^' he for)>ferde. \>onne was se Ine Cenreding, 

Cenred Ceolwalding, Ceolwald was Cynegilses broj^ur, 3 
)7a waeron Cu|7wines suna Ceaulininges, Ceaulin Cynricing, 
Cynric Cerdicingr 

690. Her peodorius aerce bisc for]? ferde, ^ feng Beorht- 
wald to ^d^m bisc dome. Mr wseron Bomanisce biscepas, 
8i]>}>a]i waerun Engliscer 

694. Her Cantware gej^mgodan wi)> Ine, ^ him ge- 
saldon -xxx* m ^. forJ?on ^e hie aer Mul for bsemdon ; ^ 
Wihtred feng to Cant wara rice, ^ heold -xxxiii* wiat ; Se 
Wihtred was Eegbryhting, Ecgbryht Srcenbryhting, 
Erconbryht Eadbalding, Eadbald JSfelbryhtingr 
f. 9. 703. Her Hedde bisc for]> ferde, ^ he heold J^one bisc 
dom 'xxvii*^ wint on Winta ceastrer 

704. Her JS]?elred Pending Miercna cyning onfeng 
munuchade, *] )>8et rice heold -xxviiii* wintra. fa feng' 
Coenred tor 

705. Her SldferJ?^ NoriSanhymbra cyning for]? ferde ^ 
Seaxuulf biscr 

709. Her TCldhelm bisc for]>ferde, se waes be westan 
wuda* bisc, ^ wsbs todccled in forewearduw^ Danieles 
dagum in tua biscscira "WestSeaxna lond, ^ aer hit waes 
an. o)>er heold Daniel, o)>er Sldhelm; jEfter Sldhelme 
feng For]? here to; ^ Ceolred feng to Miercna rice, ^ 
Coenred for to Rome ^ Offa mid himr 

^ XXX punda. B. zxx punda. C, ^ cum adhuo esset in albis. F. 

D as £. XXX ])usend (punda?) to Lat. 
freondscipe. F. xxx milia librarum. ' So F. Nihtred. E. 

F. Lat. ^ At this point D. begins again 

* So D. F. xxxvii. B. C. after the chasm. See p. 9. 

^ Ealdfer>. B. C. * f. 20. b. begins with 700. 

* be westan Selewuda. B. in » ad 'H'ripe. F. Lat. 
parte occidentis silue^ F. Lat. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 41 

688. Her for Ceadwala cining to Rome. "3 onfeng fuUuht set f. 20. 
Sergium )>am papan. "3 he him s'c'op Petrum to name. ^ he 
sytStSan ymbe •vii» niht forSferde on 'Xii- kt Mai under Cristes 
claSum*. "3 he wses gebyrged innan See Petres cyrican. ^ Ine 
feng to rice on WsestSsexna sefter him. se rixade •xxvii* wintra. 
"3 sytSSan gewat to Rome. 3 ]?8Br wunode oJj his endedseg. 

690. Her Theodora* sereeB fortSferde. he wses 'xxii* wintra 
B. 3 he wses be byrged innan Cantwarbyrig. 

692. Her Brihtwold wses ge coren to sercebiscop on kl 
Int. he wses ser abbot on Raculfe. ser j^issan wseron Romanisce 
biscopas. "] sytSSan wseron Englisce. J^a wseron ^ii* ciningas on 
Cent. Wihtred'- j Wsebheard. 

693. Her wses Brihtwald ge halgod "^ to sercebiscope fram 
Godune Galwala biscop on -v* no lut. innan ]?as tyd Gifemund 
B fortJferde. ;] Brihtwald gehalgode Tobian on his steall. ^ 
Brihthelm wses of lyfe gelsed. 

694. Her Cantwara getSingoden witS Ine ^ him gesealdon 
•XXX- J^usenda, fortSan ]?e hi ser Mul forbsemdon. "3 Wihtred feng 
to Cantwara rice. "3 heold thre "3 twenti wintra. 

697. Her SuSanhvmbre of slogon OstrySe iEtSelredes cwen. 
EcgfriSes swnster. 

699. Her Pyhtas slogon Berht ealdorman. 

702 ®. Her Kenred feng to SuS hvmbra rice. f. 20. b. 

703. Her Hsedde B forSferde. "3 he heold f>one biscop dom 
•xxvii- wintra on Wintan ceastre. 

704. Her -<E?5elred Pending Mircena cining onfeng munuc 
hade. "3 ]?et rice heold -xxix* wintra. ]>a feng Kenred to. 

705. Her AldfriS NorJ?an hymbra cining forSferde on -xix* 
\ laiir. on Driffelda. Jja feng Osred his sunn to rice, 

709. Her Aldelm biscop forSferde. seo wses be wsestan wudu 
B. "3 wses to dseled on foreweardum Danieles dagum on ^ii* 
biscop scyra WsestSeaxna landes. "3 ser hit wses an. oSer heold 
Daniel. otSer Aldelm biscop. sefter Aldelme Forhere feng to. 3 
Ceolred feng to Myrcena rice. "3 Cenred for to Rome ^ Offa mid 
him. "3 Cenred wses f>ser oS his lifes ende. -3 )?i ilcan geare 
WilferS biscop forSferde in Undalum. "3 his lie man Isedde to 
Ripnm®. he wses biscop 'Xlv* wintra. }>one EcgferS cining ser 
bedraf to Rome. 


710. Her Beorhtfri]) ealdormon feaht wi]> Feohtae, l Ine :j Nun his mseg 
gefuhton wi)) Grerente Walacyninge. 

714. Her for]? ferde Guflac se halgar 

715. Her Ine ^ Ceolred fiihton set Woddes beoiger 

716. Her Osred Norj^an hymbra cyning wearf of 
slsBgen, "] ^ se hsefde vii.^ winter rice seft^ SCldferj^e ; J?a 
feng Coenred to rice, ^ heold -ii- gear ; ]?a Osric ^ heold -xi* 
gear ; ^ on ]7am Uean geare Ceolred^ Miercna cyning for}? 
ferde, ^ his lie reste)? on Licet felda, ^ ^J^ebdedes Pend- 
inges on Bearddan igge ; j )?a feng ^]?elbald to rice on 
Mercium*, ^ heold -xli* wint. ^}7elbald waes Slweoing, 
Slweo Eawing, Eawa Pybing, |?8bs cyn is beforan awriten ; 
J Ecgbryht se arwier)>a wer on Hii J?am ealonde j^a mune- 
cas on ryht gecierde. faet hie EastrVn on ryht heoldon, 
^ |7a ciriclecan scare r 

718. Her Ingild^ for)> ferde Ines brofur, ^ hiera swostur 
wserun Cuenburg ^ Cuj^burh, ^ sio Cu]?burg J^set liif 
set Win human arserde, "] hio wses forgifen NorJ^an hymbra 
cyninge 5fldfer]>e, ^ hie be him lifgendum hie gedceldunr 

721. Her Daniel ferde to Borne ; T )?y ilcan geare Ine 
ofslog Cynewulf r 

722. Her jfEJ^elburg cuen towearp Tantun )?e® Ine 
ser timbrede ; ^ Sildbryht wrceccea gewat on SuJ? rige "j on 

f. 9. b. Su)? Seaxe ; *] Ine | gefeaht wi)? SnJ? Seaxumr 

726. Her Wihtred Cantwara cyning for]?ferde. J^ses cjm 

•J Eadherht feng to Centriee. 

is beforan. ^ Ine feaht wi]? Su]? Seaxan, *] )?ser ofslog 

"3 ])8er his feorh gesealde 

728. Her Ine ferde to Rome. ^ feng -^]?elheard to 
Wesseaxna rice ^ heold 'xiiii* gear. ^ J?y geare gefohton 
-dSj^elheard ^ Oswald se <e)?eling ; ^ se Oswald was ^)?el- 
balding, -^]>elbald Cynebalding, Cynebald Cu)?wining, 
CaJ?wine Ceauliningr 


f. 47- F. 714. Her forS ferde Gu^ac se haliga. J Hpinus rex. 
715. Her forSferde Dagobert se cing. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 43 

710. Her Acca Wilfer8es preost feng to }>am biecopdome 
)>e he 8er heold. ^ f>ain ilcan geare feoht BeorhtfriS ealdor man 
wits Pyhtas betwix Hsefe j Caere. "3 Ine ^ Nun^ his maei ge 
fubton wits Gerente Weala cininge ^ ]7am ilcan geare man 
of dob Hygebald. 

714 ^ Her GuSlac seo balga for8ferde^ f. 21. 

715. Her Ine ^ Ceolred ge fubton set Wodnesbeorge. 

716. Her Osred NorSanhymbra cininga waerS ofslagen be 
sntSan gemaere. se haefde -vii' winter aefter EaldferJ)e. ]?a feng 
Cenred to rice. ;] heold •ii« gear. ;j )>a Osric ^ heold 'ii* gear. "] 
eac on f>am ilcan geare Ceoh^d Myrcena cining for]?ferde. "3 big 
lie resta8 on Licet felda. "3 iEtSelredes Pendinges on BearSan 
ege. "3 ]?a feng w^ESelbald to rice on Myrcum. "3 heold 'xli- 
wintra. ^ Ecgbyrht se arwur]>a wer [gecyrde] ie hiwan to 
rihtum Eastrum. "3 to See Petres scaere. 

718. Her Ingild fortSferde Ines broSor. -3 heo[ra] Bwustra 
waeron Cwenburh j CuSburh. j seo CutSburh f lyf aet Win- 
buman aererde. "3 beo waes forgifen NorSbymbra cininge 
EaldferSe. -3 beo be him liflgendum ge daeldon. 

721. Her Daniel for to Eome. "3 \\ ilcan geare me of slob 
Cynewiilf )?one aej^eling. 3 her fortSferde se balga biscop lohs. se 
waes biscop -xxxiii* geara. j •viii* monSas. j 'xiii* dagas. -^ his 
lie restaS in Beoferlic. 

722. Her ^Selburh cwen to waerp Tantun ]?one Ine aer tym- 
brade. 3 Ealdbriht wrecca gewat on SuSrege. 3 on SuS Seaxe. 

725. Her Wihtred Cantwara cining forSferde on no kl Mai. f. 21. b. 
se rixade -xxxiiii* wintra.^® 3 Ine gefeaht wiS SuSseaxum. "3 

]7aer of slob Ealdberht ]7one ae]?eling ]7e he aer utflemde. 

726. Her Ine for to Rome." ^ feng iESelheard to West 
Seaxna rice his maei. ^ heold 'xiiii* gear. 

727. Her forSferde Tobias biscop in Rofecestre. "3 on his stal 
Bribtwold aerce biscop gehalgode Aldulf tobiscope. 

^ 'R inserts this "3 after rict ^ f. 21 begins with 713. 

wrongly ; corrected from D. • geferde. D. 

* viii. D. ^° T Eadberhtrixade»fterhimin- 
« Ceolwold. B. C. nan Cent. F. Obitus Wihtrediglori- 

* So MS., probably for 'MLUrcvm, osi regis Cantie^ F. Lat. 

« In^d. C. " HerforCferdelnecing.F. Obiit 

* *] 7 and C. ; corrected from B. Ina rex. F. Lat. 
^ Nunna. B. C. 



729. Her cometa se steorra hiene oj^iewde, ^ Scs Ecg- 
bryht for|?ferde ; 

730. Her Oswald se «ej>eling for]? ferder 

731. Her was ofslaegen Osric Nor]?an hymbra cyning, ^ 
feng Ceoluulf to )>am rice, ^ heold •viii« gear^. ^ se 
Ceolwulf waes Cufaing, Ca)7a CuJ^wining, Cu]>wine Leod- 
walding. Leodwald Eegwalding, Eegwald TCldhelming, 
SQdhelm Oeging, Ocga^ Iding, Ida Eopping ; ^ Beorht- 
wald »reebisc gefor; ] ^y ilcan geare Tatwine^ waes 
gehalgod to serce bisc r 

733. Her JE]>elbald geeode Sumurtun ; -] sunne aj^ies- 
^ 734. Her waes semona swelce he waere mid blode 

begoten ; ^ ferdon for]? Tatwine ^ Biedar 

736. Her NoJ?hebn sercebiseep onfeng pallium irom 
Romana biscr 

737. Her ForJ?here bisc ^ FriJ^ogi]? cuen ferdun to Romer 

738. Her Eadbryht Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to 
Nor)?anliymbra rice. :i heold -xxi- wint. ^ his broj^or w»s 
Ecgbryht Eating aercebisc, i hie resta]? begen on Eoforwic 
ceastre on anum porticer 

741. Her -^]?elheard cyning for]? ferde, ^ feng Cu]7r«ed 
to Wesseaxna rice, ^ heold -xvi'* wint, ^ heardlice gewon 
wi]? yE]?elbald cyning ; ^ Cujybryht waes to aetce bisc gehal- 
god^, ;3 Dun bisc to Hrofesceastrer 

f. 47. b. F. 742. Her wses mycel sine's gegaderod set Cloueshou. 3 J)ar was 
A'Selbald Myf cna cing 3 Cutberht arB. 3 fela o'Sre wise menn ®. 

^ D. inserts the death of Osric and 
accession of Ceolwulf both under 729 
(as E. and F.)i and under 731 as ^. 

2 Ogga. B. Ocea. C. D. 

^ After Tatwine 3! inserts ^, 

* xxvi. B. C. 

* gehalgode. MS. 

* The Latin of this entry in F. 
runs off into the confirmation by 

-iESelbald of the privileges granted by 
Wihtred to the Church, as printed 
by Birch, Cartularium, i. 235, firom 
this MS. To make room for this 
document all the entries Saxon and 
Latin in F. have been erased up to 

^ reguli. F. Lat. 

* He hsefde j> ai^ rice 'iii* gear. 
F. add. 

* *] wear]) eall pare sunnan trendel 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 45 

729. Her atewoden twegen cometan. ^ \>i ilcan geare Osric 
forSferde seo wsbs •xi» winter cining. "] seo halga Ecgbriht in li, 
]7a feng Ceolwulf to rice. "3 heold 'viii* gear\ 

730. Her Oswald setSeling ^ fortSferde. 

731. Her Brihtwold sercebiscop fortSferde on Idw« lam*, seo 
w»8 biscop 'Xxxvii- wintre. "3 six monSas ^ 'xiiii* dagas. "3 ]?y 
ilcan geare man gehalgode Tatwine to sercebiscop. seo wses 
ser in Mercum preost in Breodune. bine balgodan Daniel 
Waentan biscop. 3 Ingwald Lunden biscop. "3 Aldwine Licet 
felda %, ^ Aldulf Eofeceastre IS. die .x« lunii mensis ^, 

733. Her -/ESelbold geeode Sumortun, j sunne aSestrode', 
•3 Acca waes adrifen of biscop dome. 

734. Her wsbs se mona swilce be wsere mid blode begoten. 
^ Tatwine for8ferde ercelS. "3 eac Beda. "3 man gebalgode 
Ecgbribt to biscope. 

735. Her onfeng Ecgbrlbt la pallium sat Rome. 

736. Her No]?belm ercebiscop onfeng | pallium fram Eomana f. 22. 
biscope ^®. 

737. Her FortShere biscop. "3 FrySegi)? cwen ferdon to Rome. 
■3 Ceolwulf cining feng to Petres scsere^^. j sealde his rice 
Edberbte bis federan sunu. se rixade -xxi* winter. ^ iESelwold 
biscop "3 Acca forSferdon. "3 Cynewulf man gebalgode to 
biscope. ^ ]?y ilcan geare iESelwold^'* bergode NortJhymbra land, 

738. Her Eadbribt Eating, Eata Leodwalding, feng to NorS- 
bymbra rice. "3 heold -xxi* wintra. *3 his broSor wses Ecgbribt 
Eating aercela. -^ heo restate begen on Eoferwic ceastre on anum 

740. Her iESelherd cining forSferde." "3 fseng CutJred bis 
maeg to WestSeaxna rice. "3 heold' 'xvi* gear. 3 heardlice 
ge wann wiS iESelbold Myrcena cining. "3 Eadberht^* waes to 
?drceB gehalgod. -3 Dunn % to Rofescsestre, 

741. Her forbam Eoferwic. 

nice (read: swylce) sweart scyld, ^ So K against all the other 

F. (inserted). Totus orhia soils quasi MSS. The mistake was dae to the 

nigerrimo et horrendo scato uideba- occurrence of the name .^BSelwold 

1^ esse ooopertos circa iii*™. horam just above. 

diei. F. Lat. " forferde. MS. 

^ et tenuit y. ann. F. Lat. add« ^* So E. against all the other 

u feng to derichade. F. MSS. 

46 THE PARKER MS. (35) 

743. Her ^elbald ^ CuJ^^ed fohton wiJ^Walaer 

744. Her Danihel gesaet on Wintaneeastre, ;] Hnnfei^ 
feng to bificdomer 

745. Her Danihel forf ferde, |?a was -xliii- wint agan 
8i)?]mn he onfeng biscdomer 

746. Her mon dog Selred cyningr 

748. Her waes ofslaegen Cynric Wesseaxna <e)^eling, ^ 
Eadbryht Cantwara cyning forJ?ferder i ^fheUyrJU WM- 

redes tunu cingesfeng to )Nzm rice. 

750. Her CuJ?red cyning g^feaht uuij? ^]7elhnn fone 
ofermedan aldormonnr 
f. lo. 752. Her CuJ^red gdTeaht }fj -xii*^ geare his rices aet 
Beorgfeorda wi^ .^E}?elbaldr 

753. Her Ca^red feaht wij? Walasr 

754. Her Caj^red forj^ferde, ^ Cyneheard onfeng bisc 
dome aefter Hunferj^e on Wintaneeastre; 3 Cantwaia 
burg forbaem \j geare, 3 Sigebryht feng to Wesseaxna 
rice, ^ heold an gearr 

755. Her Cynewulf benam Sigebryht his rices 3 West 
Seaxna wiotan forunryhtum d^edu^, buton Ham tun scire ; 
^ he hsefde }?a o}> he ofslog ]?one aldormon ]>e hi^ lengest 
wunode^ ; ^ hiene }?a Cynewulf on Sndred adrsBfde, 3 h^ 
}?aer wunade o\ }?set hiene an swan ofstang aet Fryfetes 
flodan; ^ he wrcec ]?one aldormon Cumbran; ^ se Cyne- 
wulf oft miclum gefeohtum feaht uui]? Bretwalum ; ^ yi»b 
.xxxi.3 wint )>8es J?e he rice hsefde, he wolde adraefan anne 
«ej?eling se was Cyneheard haten, i se Cyneheard waes J^sbs 
Sigebryhtes bro)>ur; ^ J?a g^ascode he ]7one cyning lytle 
werode on wifcy>fe on Merantune, :i hine J^aer berad, :i 
J?one bur* utan be code aer hine )7a men onfimden J;e mid 

f- 48. F. 755. Her CynewtQf benam Sib^rfce 'cinge' his rice. 3 Sib^rtes 
bro'Ser, Cynehard gehaten, ofsloli Cynewulf 'on Merantune' °. 3 
he rixode xxxi. gear. And ^s ylc^ geares man of sloh ^^Ibald 
Myrcena cing on Hreopandone. And Offa gefeng Myrcena 'rice', 
ge£ymdon Beomrede ^ 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 47 

743. Her ^ESelbald Myrcena cining ^ CutSred WestSeaxua 
cining gefahton wiS Wealas. 

744. Her Daniel gesset on Wintan caestre. "] Un[ferS] feng 
to % dome. ;] steorran foran swy8e scotienda. ^ WilferS seo iunga 
86 wses B on Eoferwic forSferde on •iii* kt Mai. se wses ^xxx- 
wintra biscop. 

745. Her Daniel for'Sferde. )>a wsbs •xlvi*'' wintra agan sySSan 
he onfeng biscop dome. 

746. Her man slob Selred cining. 

748, Her wses of slagen Cynric West Seaxna 8e]>eling. "3 
Eadbribt Cantwara cining forSferde. 

750*. Her Chi8red "WsBst Seaxna cining gefeabt wiS -^el- f. 32. b. 
hun Sone eofer modigan® ealdorman. 

752. Her Cu}>red WsBst Seaxna cining gefeabt f>y -xxii* 
geara bis rices set Beorbforda. wi'S iEt^lbald Myrcena cing. 
•3 bine geflymde. 

753. Her CuSred Weest Seaxna cyning gefeabt witS Wealas. 

754. Her OulSred Wsest Seaxna cining fortSferde. j Cyne 
beard onfeng biscop dome sefter HunfertSe on Wintan ceastre. 
*} Cantwara byrig farbam Sy geare. ^ Sigbribt bis mseg feng 
to Wsest Seaxna rice. ^ beold d- gear. 

765. Her Cynewulf benam Sigebribte bis msBge bis rice. •] 
Wsest Seaxna witan for unribtum dsedum buton Hamtun scyre. 
J be bafde ]7a oS be of slob Cone ealdorman ]7e bim lengs[t] 
wunode. ^ bine )>a Cynewulf on Andred adrefede. ;] be Jjaer 
wunode o]? ^ an swan bine of stang set Pryftes flodan. sse 
swan wrsBC tSone ealdorman Cumbran. j se Cynewulf oft feabt 
mycclom gefeabtum wiS Britwealas. •] ymb •xvi« wintra J?5bs 
]>e be rice bsefde. be wolde adrsefan senne seSeling se wses 
Cynebeard gebaten. se Cynebeard wes }>8es Sigebribtes brotSor, 
*] J?a acsode be ]?one cining lyt wyrede on wifcy?5San on 
Merantune. 3 bine )>ser berdd. ;] ]?one bur uto'n' beeodon. 

* So B. C. D. • fugato Bemredo rege herede 
3 mid ^unnde. D. Adelb[aldi]. F. Lat. 

» So B. C. xxi. D. ^ xliii. B. C. D. cfl 3*. 

* ]» burh. B. C. * f. 23 b. begins with 749. 
' apad Meredune. F. Lat. ' ofermodigan. D. 

48 • THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

J?am kyninge wsDrun; ^ ]?a ongeat se cyning ]?8et, 3 he 
on ]7a duru eode, ^ |7a un heanlice hine werede, o]? he on 
J?one «ej?eling locude, "} j^a utraesde on hine, ;j hine miclom 
gewundode. ;j hie alle on ]7one Cjning wsBrun feohtende o|? 
|7aet hie hine ofslaegenne hsefdon ; ;j J7a_pn. J?aBS wifes 
gebsenim onfandon ]?8bs cyningesi ]?egnas ))a nnstilnesse, ^ 
]>a J?ider urnon swahwelc swa J?onne gearo wear]? ^ radost^; 
^ hiera se <ej?eling gehwelcum feoh ^ feorh gebead, 3 hiera 
naenig hit ge)7iegean^ nolder TCc hie simle feohtende 
wseran oJ> hie alle laegon butan anu»i BryttiscuTw gisle, ;3 se 
swi]7e gewundad waes. Da on morgenne gehierdun )?8Bt 
)78es cyninges j^egnas ]>e him be aeftan waerun }?8Bt se cyning 
ofsl«egen wsbs, ]>aridon hie )>ider, ^ his aldormon Osric, 3 
WiferJ? his ]?egn, ^ ]>a men ]>e he be aeftan him Isefde ser, ^ 
|?one «e]7eling on ]78ere byrig metton \>mr se cyning ofslsegen 
Iseg, ^ ]?a gatu him to belocen haefdon -] ]7a j^aer to 
eodon; ^ J?a gebead he him hiera agenjie dom feos ^ 
londes gif hie him J^sds rices u]>on, ^ him cyfdon J^aet hiera 
msegas him mid wseron ]7a }?e him from noldon ; 3 }?a 
ciuedon hie ]>8et him naenig msBg leofra nsere )?onne hiera 
hlaford, ^ hie naefre his banan folgian noldon, ^ J7a budon 
10. b. hie hiera maegum J^aet hie gesund^ | from eodon ; ^ hie 
cucedon J^aet tjet ilce hiera geferu^ geboden waere, J>e aer 
mid J?am cyninge waerun ; J>a cuajdon hie )?8et hie ^hie' |78e8 
ne^ onmunden ]?onnia J?e eowre geferan J?e mid J?am 
cyninge ofslaegene waerun. ^ hie |7a ymb |?a gatu feohtende 
waeron o|7]7aet hie ]?aer inne fulgon*, ^ |?one «€j?eling of- 
slogon, ^ fa men )7e him mid waerun alle butan anum, se 
waes |?aes aldormonnes® godsunu, ] he his feorh generede ^ 
J^eah he waes oft gewundad. 

;j se Cynewulf ricsode 'xxxi* wint. ^ his lie li]? aet Win- 
tan ceastre, ^ J?aes dej7elinges aet TCscan mjmster, ^ hiera ryht 


feeder cyn gde|? to Cerdice ; ^ J?y ilcan geare mon ofslog 
-/EJ?elbald Miercna cyning on Seccandune, ^ his lie lif 
on Hreopadune; *] Beomiied feng to rice, 3 lytle hwile 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 49 

ser hine ]?a men afundan pe mid ]?am cyninge wseron, "3 )?a 

ongeat se cyning -f. ■] he on "Sa duru eode, ^ ]?a unheanlice 

hine werode. 08 he on J)one 8e)?eling | locade. ^ ]>& ut resde f 23. 

on hine. "j hine mycclum gewundode. 3 he ealle on tSone cining 

feohtende wseron. 08 f>et hig hine of slsegen hsefdon. ^ ]?a on 

8*8 wifes gebseron onfundon J^jes ciningas ],egnas J^a «nstil- 

nessa. 3 J^a. ]?ider nmon. swa hwilc swa Sonne gearo wearS 

hraSost. 3 se setSeling gehwilcan feoh. ;] feorh head, ^ heo 

nsenig J^icgan noldan. ac heo symle feohtende wseron. o]> hig 

ealle ofslagene wseron. huton anom Brytwyliscum gisle. 3 se 

S¥^?Se 'ge'wundod wses. pa on morgen gehyrdon f J>es ciniges 

^egnas ]>e him hsefbon wseron f se cining of slagen wses. ]>& ridon 

hi] Jjider j his ealdorman Osric. ■] WiferS his pegn. ■] ]?a men 

pe he him besefton Isefde ser. :i })one seSeling on }?8ere by rig ge 

metton pser se cining of slagen Iseg. "3 heo ]?a gatu heom* to 

belocen hsefdon. ^ tSa Ser to eodon. ■] J>a bead he heom ® heora 

agene dom feos. "3 landes gif heo him psds rices uSon. 3 heom 

cydde "^ heora maga him mid wseron Sa pe him fram noldon. 

3 p& eweSon hig. f heom nsenig mseg leofra nsere f)one heora 

hlaford. j heo nsefre his banan folgian noldon. ^ ]?a budon hi 

heora magon f hi heom ge sunde fram eodon. "3 hi cwsedon 

f f ilce heora geferum geboden wsere pe ser mid p&m cininge 

wseron. Da cwsedon hi "^ ^ hi J^ses ne gemundon ponne ma 

pe heora geferen pe mid ]?am cininge wseron ofslagene. hi 

p& ymb 8a gatu feohtende wseron 08 hi )?ser in flugon. 3 

pone sejjeling of slogon. 3 f>a men 8e mid him wseron ealle 

bnton anum. se wses pes ealdormannes godsunu. 3 he his feorh 

generede. "3 he wses oft gewundod. 3 se Cynewulf rixade 

•xxxi* wintra. 3 his lie .lig8 on Wintan ceastre. 3 )?ses 

seSelingas on Axanmynster. 3 heora riht fsederan cyn gse8 

to Certice. -3 pj ilcan geare man of sloh iESelbald | Myrcene f. 23. b. 

cining onSecandune. -3 his lie restaS on Reopandune. "3 he 

rixade 'xli- wintra. 3 p& feng Beomred to rice. 3 litle hwile 

ijContirmed on p. 50.) 

^ D. as E. ; om. '^ ra9ost. B. C. ^ duxes. C. 

' onfon. B. ^ to . . . heom. Inserted on mar- 

' ' hie ]«8 hie sylfe ne. B. hi gin. Omitted owing to recurrence 

hit ^OM ne. D. of the word 'heom. For : he heom, 

^ So C. D., wurdon. B. the scribe at first wrote : heom heora. 



heold ^ ungefealice ; ^ )7y Ucan geare Ofl&i feng to rice, ^ 

heold •xxxviiii- wint. ^ his suna Egfer heold 'xli* daga *] 
c- daga. Se Offe waes pineg ferj^ing, pinegferj? Eanwulf- 
ing, Eanwulf Osmoding, Osmod Eawing, Eawa Pybing, 
Pybba Creoding, Creoda Cynewalding, Cynewald Cneb- 
ing, Cnebba Iceling, Icel Eomaering, Eomaer TCngelJ^ow- 
ing, Sngelj^eow OflBng, Offa Waermunding, WaBrmund 
Wyhtlseging, Wihtlseg Wodeningr 

758 ^. Her CuJ^bryht arcebisc for]? ferder^ 

759 \ Her Bregowine waes to ercebisc gehadod to See 
Michaeles tider^ 

760. Her -^]?elbryht Cant wara cyning* for]?ferder se was 

Wihtredes sunu cing[e&]. 

761. Her waes semycla winter 

763. Her^ lanbryht^ waes gehadod to aBrcebisc on J^one 
feowertegan daeg ofer midne winter r'' 

764. Her laenbryht^ aercebisc onfeng pallium r 

768. Ker foT\ferde EadherM ^Eating' cing ^ 

772. Her Milred bisc forj^ferder^ 

773. Her o]>iewde read Cristes m«el on hefenum «eft^ 
sunnan setl gonge ; ^ ]7y geare gefuhton Mierce 3 Cant- 
ware aet Ottanforda; ^ wuVderleca n<edran waeron gese- 
wene on SuJ? Seaxna londe^. 

777, Her Cynewulf 3 Offa gefiihton ymb Benesing tun 
^ Offa nam J?one tuunr 

(E) heold ^ unge fealice. ■] }>a ilcan geare Offa ge flymde Beomred 
■3 feng to )?aiii rice, "3 heold -xxxix* wintra. j his sunu EcgfertJ 
heold 'xli- daga. ^ -c* daga. se Offa waes pingc fer)?mg. 

f. 48. b. F. 777. Her was iE^elbyrht gehalgod to 15 to Hwite/ne on Euerwic. 

^ 758 and 759 have been altered ^ (1 heold hit xxvi gear.) F. 

from 757, 769 from 768, 774 from * Eanbriht B. Eadbriht. C. 

773 ; all by the first Bcribe. * Before scare a blank erasure. 

^ (1 he heold j^ arK rice xviii* 8U8cipitclericalemtonsuram.F.Lat. 

gear.) F. 10 viiu. D. 

^ (*) heold hit feower gear.) F. ^^ Eadberhtus oognomento Eat- 

* (Wihtredes sunu cinges.) F. ing. F. Lat. 
« (for«ferde Bregwine m15. i) F. " xiii. D. 

• Eadbriht. B.C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 51 

757. Her Eadberht Nor8hymbra cining feng to scsere'. ^ 
Osulf his sunu feng to )?am rice. ^ rixade •!• gear, "j hine 
of slogon his hiwan on ^ix* ki Augusti* 

758. Her CutSbriht serceB forSferde. 

759. Her Bregowine wses to sercela gehalgod to see Michaeles 
tyde. "^ Moll ^EtSelwold feng to rice on NorS hymbrum. -3 
rhcade •vi« wintw. 3 hit J>a forlet. 

760. Her ^EtSelbriht Cantwara cining forSferde. ^ Ceolwulf 
eac for8ferde. 

761. Her wses se myccla winter. 3 Moll Nor]?hymbra cining 
ofsloh Oswine set iBdwines clife. on octauo idms Angusti. 

762. Her Ianbe[r]ht w8Bs gehadod to sercelS on Son 'xl- 
daeg ofer mide winter "3 FritSewald biscop 8Bt Witerne forS- 
ferde on no Mai. se wses gehalgod on Ceastrum on -xviii* \ 
Sepi. ]?ani -vi* wintra Ceolwulfes rices. "3 he waes B ^xxix- 
wintra; ]7a man gehalgode Pyhtwine to B set iElfetee on 
•xvi t Aug' to Hwiteme. 

765. Her feng Alhred to NorShymbra rice. •] rixade eahta ^® 

766. Her forWerde Ecgberht serceB. in Eoferwic on 'xiii- kt f. 24- 
Decern^, se wses B •xxxvi- wintra. 3 FriSeberht in Hagustaldes 

e6. se W8BS biscop ^xxxiii- wintra. ^ man gehalgode ^tfelberht 
to Eoferwic. 3 Ealhmund to Hagustaldes ee. 

768. Her for8ferde Eadberht Eating" on -xiiii- kt Septembris. 

769. Initium regni Earoli regis. 
772. Her Mildred B forSferde. 

774. Her NorShymbra fordrifon heora cining Alhred of 
Eoferwic on Eastertid. 3 genamon iESelred Molles sunu heom 
to hlaforde. 3 se rixade -iiii* gear. 3 men ge segon read Cristes 
mel on heofennm aefter sunnan setlangange. on \>j geare ge 
fiihton Myrce ^ Cantwara set Ottanforda. 3 wundorlice nsedran 
wseron geseogene on SuSseaxna lande. 

776. Her forSferde Pehtwine biscop on -xiii* ^ OctolS. se 
w»s B •xiiii* wintra. 

777. Her Cynewnlf ^ OflPa geflyton ymb Benesingtun. ^ 
0& genam ]>one tun. 3 ]?y ilcan geare man gehalgode iEtSel- 
faerht to biscope to Hwiteme in Eoferwic on •xvii* kl: lulii. 

{jCotUvmed OH p, 53.) 
£ % 

L . 

52 THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

780. Her Sid Seaxe ^ Francan gefuhtunr 

784. Her Cyneheard ofslog Cynewulf cyning, ^ he J^aer 
wear]> ofslaegen, ^ •Ixxxiiii* monna mid him ; ;j J>a onfeng 
Beorhtric Wesseaxna rices, *] he riesode -xvi- gear^, 3 his lie 
lij? aet Werham, 3 his ryht fiedren cjm g«ej> to Cerdice. To 

l^ysan timan rixode Ealh mund cing irmon Cent. 

785. Her waes geflitfullic^ seno]? 8Bt CealchyJ>e, ^ laen- 
bryht aercebisc forlet sumne dccl his biscdomes, ;j from 

F. 778. Her feng Alwold to rice» "3 rixad .x. winter r 

779. Her -^^elbyrht ar15 forSferde. *] Eanbald was ge halgnd an 
his loh.'3 Cjniebald^ 'ge'set 'in' Lindisfarana ee. 

780. Her Alcmund 15 on Hagstdee forSferde. 3 Tilb^reht was 
gecoren j>ar to. "] Hibald to Lindisfarana ee.* '2 Alwold cing sende 
to Rome sefier pallium to Eanboldes ail!) behoue ". 

782. Her f orSferde Cynewulf "b of Lind. ^ Sino^ was at Aclea. 
f. 49. 784. [Hie tunc temporis fuit in Cantia rex Ealhmundus. j^es 
Ealhmund cing was Egberhtes feeder. Egberht was A^ulfes 
feeder «]. 

785. Hersset full sine's at Cealchy^e. "] lanberht arb.farlet sum 
dsel of his t).dome. rj fraw OfFan cinge Higbyrht was gecoren ^ 
^ Egfer^ to cinge gehalgod. ^ on ^is timan waeron serendracan ' 

(E) On ]7as kinges dsei OfiPa. wses an abbot on Medeshamstede 
Beonne gehaten. se ilea Beonne }7urh ealle ]>& munekered of 
]?ere minstre ]>& let he CutSbriht ealdorma[n] .x» bondeland | 
f. 24. b. at Swines heafde mid Iseswe ^ mid msedwe. j mid eal J)et ISssr 
to Isei. J swa f seo CuSbriht geaf )?one abbote -l* punde 
]>8erfore. •] ilea gear anes nihtes feorme ouSer ^xxx* scyllinge 
penega. swa eac f eafter his dsei scolde seo land on gean in 
to ])& mynstre. At f>is gewitnesse wses seo kining 0S&. -} seo 
kining EgferS. ;) seo eerceb Hygeberht. "3 Ceolwnlf biscop. 

^ winter. B. C. * nuntii. F. Lat. 

^ geflit T fuUic. C. » Heardberht. D. 

' Cynewulf.' D. (recte. cf. 737.) *° viii. D. 

* qui fuit. apud Soccabyri. F. Lat. ^^ Sio MS. without mark of oon- 

' ad opus Eanboldi archiepiscopi traction, cf. F. 

sui. F. Lat. ^' supplied from D. 

' later hands. " Cynebearh. MS. 

^ electus est ab Offa rege. F. X^at. ^* So £. against all the MSS. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 53 

^ Inwona 15. "] Beonna abbot. ^ feola o)?re biscopes ^ abbotes. 
•3 feola oSre rice men. On ]?es ilea Oflfa dssL wses an ealdpr- ) 
man Brordan wses gehaten. he geornde at se kyning. ^ he ' 
scolde for his luuen freon his ane mynstre Wocingas het. / 
for]?i Set he hit wolde giuen into Medeshamstede. ■] See 
Peter, j J)one abbote ]?e ]?a was. he was Pusa gehaten; seo 
Pusa wses sefter Beonna. and seo kining hine luuede switSe. 
•] seo kyning freode ]?a f mynstre Wocingas wiS cining j wiS 
biscop ■] wiS eorl. •] wiS ealle men. swa $ nan man ne hafde 
J)8er nan onsting. buton S. Peter j ]?one ab. Dis waes don 
on J>e cininges tune Freoric buma hatte. / 

778. Her JESebald ^ Hearberht* ofslogon 'iii- heahgerefan 
Ealdnlf Bosing set Cininges clife. ^ Cynewulf. "3 Ecgan set 
Helajjymnm on ^xi* kt Apr. j ]?a feng Alfwold to rice. "3 
.^tSelred bedraf on lande. "3 he rixade -x* winter, Karolus 
in Hispanias intrauit. Karolus Saxoniam uenit. Karolus Pam- 
pileniam urbem destruxit, atque Cesar Augustam. exercitum 
suum coniunxit, et acceptis obsidibus, subiugatis Sarracenis, per 
Narbonam Wasconiam Franciam rediit. 

779. Her Ealdseaxe ^ Francon gefuhton. *3 NorShymbra 
heah ge refan forbearndon Beorn | ealdor man on Sele tune t 25. 
on 'ix' ^® t lanr. "3 iESelberht erceb fortJferde in Ceastre. "3 on 
Jjses stall Eanbald wses gehalgod. ^ Cynebald' b gesset in 
Ldndisfarna ee. 

780. Her Alchmund biscop in Hagstdee" fortSferde on -vii* 
i&U8 Sept'. ^ Tilberht man gehalgode on his steal on -vi* N© 
OctoB. "3 Higbald man gehalgode to biscop set Soccabyrig 
to Lindisfama ee. and Alfwold cining sende man sefter pal- 
lium to Eome ;] Eanbald dyde [to] ^* serceb. 

782. Her forSferde Wserburh Ceolredes cwen. "3 Cynewulf 
b in lindisfama ee. "3 seonod wses at Aclea. 

784. Her Cyneheard^^ of sloh Cynewulf cining. "3 he wserS 
]>ser of slagen. '^ Ixxxiiii* manna mid him. "3 ]7a onfeug Brihtric 
WestSeaxna cining to rice. ^ he rixade 'xvi* gear. '3 his lie 
liS ser^* Wserham. ^ his riht fsedem cyn gseS to Certice. 

786. Her forSferde Botwine abbot in Hripum. "3 her wses 
geflitfiillic sinoS set CealchySe. "3 lanberht erceb forlet sumne 


Ofian kyninge Hygebiyht waes gecoren, ;j EcgfferJ? to 
cyning^ gehalgodr 

787. Her nom Beorhtric cyning Ofian dohtor Eadbuige ; 
J on his dagum cuomon serest -iii* scipu, ^ ]7a se gerefa j^serto 
rad,*] hie wolde drifan to J^aes cyninges tune f y he nyste hwaet 
hie waeron ; j hiene mon ofslog ; paet waeron J?a serestan 
scipu Deniscra monna J?e TCngel cynnes lond gesohton r 

790. Her laenbryht^ aercebisc forj^ferde, ;j J?y ilcan geare 
w€B8 gecoren -^J?elheard abbud to bisc r 

792. Her Offa Mierena cyning het -^)?elbryhte rex J?«t 
heafod ofaslean. 

(F) g^send fram Adrianc papan to Engla lands to geniweanne ^ne 
geleauan. ^ scs Gregorius us sende. J hi man mid wur^scipe 
under feng. 

787. Her Brihtric cing nam OfFan dohter Eadburhge to wiue. "} 
on his dagan coman serost -iii. scipa Nor^manna^ of Here^a lande. 
Dset wtieran ^a aerostan scipa Deniscra manna ^ Angelcynnes land 
ge sohton '. 
f. 49. b. 788. Her was Sino^ ge gaderod on Nordhumbra lande set Pincan- 

789. Her was Alwold Nor^hymbra cing ofslagen. "] heouonlice 
lioht was gelome gesawen ¥ar ^ar he ofslagen was. (^ Osred 
Alcredes sunu feng to rice, for^n he was Alwoldes neua. And 
mycel sino^ was at Aclea.) 

790. Her lanbyrht arb forSferde. ^ ^as ylcan geares was 
gecoren A¥elhard (Hludensis monasterii) aW to aj/b, 3 Osred NoriS- 
hymbra cing was aflymed of rice. 3 -^^elred A^lwaldes sunu eft 
feng to rice *. 

791. Her Baldulf was gehalgod to 15 fraw Eanbalde £rl5 "3 fram 
iE^elberhte 15 to Hwiteme. 

792. Her OfFa cing het ^^elberhte 'cinge' f heauod ofaslean. 

793. Her wseran re^e fore hyena cumene on Nor¥hymbra land. 
3 ^ folc earmlice drehtan *. ^ wseran ormete ligrsescas. ^ wseran 
gesawense fyrene dracan on ^mlifte fleogende. ^and'sona fyly'g'de 

^ Eadbriht. B. C. runt Britanniam uenerout aliss. F. 

^ de Danis. F. Lat. Lat. 

^ Primffi fuere quia nunquam ^ £t .<E9elredus A9elwolding re- 

Ante has postquam Angli intraue- cepit regnum. F. Lat. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 55 

dsel his biscop domes, j fram Oifan cininge Hygebriht wes 
gecoren* ;] EcgferS to cining gehalgode. j in t^as tid wseren 
aerendracen gesend of Borne fram Adrianum papan to iEngla 
lande to niwianne J^one geleafan j pa, sibbe "Se scs Gregorite^ 
us sende ]7urh ]7one b Augustinum. j hi ^man' mid wurSscipe 
under feng*. 

787. Her nam Breohtric cining Offan dohter Eadburge. ;j 

on his dagum comon | serest -iii. scipu NorSmanna"^ of HereSa f. 25. b. 
lande. ;] )>a se ge refa ]?8er to rad. j he wolde drifan to "Ses 
cininges tune J>y he nyste hwset hi wseron. "3 hine man of sloh J>a. 
Dset wseron ]>& erestan scipu Deniscra manna ]>e Angel cynnes 
land ge sohton. 

788. Her wses sinoS gegaderod on Nort^hymbra lande set 
Pincanheale on -iii^i'- no Sept*, j Aldberht atJb forSferde*. 
Karolus per Alemanniam uenit ad fines Bauuarie. 

789. Her Alfwold NorSanhymbra cining waes of slagan fram 
Sigan on ^ix* kl Octobr. j heofenlic leoht waes gelome seogen 
t&er }?er he ofslagen waes. j he waes bebyrged on Hagust'dee. 
innan faere cyrican. ;] sino8 waes ge gaderod aet Aclea. j Osred 
Alchredes sunu feng to rice aefUr him, se waes his nefa. 

790. Her lanbriht arcebiscop forSferde. j J>y ilcan geare waes 
ge coren jEtSelheard alJb to arceb. j Osred NorSan hymbra 
cining waes be swicen j of rice adrefed. j iEtSelred At5elwaides 
sunn eft feng to rice. 

791. Her waes Baldwulf gehalgod to b to Hwiterne on 'Xvi* 
Ic AvG. fram Eanbalde arceb. j fram JESelberhte biscope. 

792. Her Offa Myrcena cining het JEtSelbrihte f heafod of 
dean, j Osred ]>e waes NorJ>anhymbra cining aefter wraecsiSe 
ham cumenum gelaeht waes. and ofslagen on ^xviii* kt Octobr. 
3 his lie ligS aet Tinan mu]>e. 3 -^"Selred cining feng to niwan 
wife, seo waes iElfled ge haten. on -iii' k Octobr. 

793. Her waeron reSe forebecna cumene ofer NortSanhyn^bra 
land. "J f folc earmlice | bregdon ; f waeron ormete lig raesias ®, f. 26. 
3 waeron ge seowene fyrene dracan on )?am lyfte fleogende. ))am 

* The scribe at first wrote dregtan. ^ So B. G, D. F. 

* "i mid fldbbe oxigseu ssende. add. * in Hripum. add. D. 

D. * ])odena8 *} ligrescas. D. 

56 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

794. Her ?f drianw* papa ^ Offa C3niing forj^ferdon ; ^ 
iEj?elred NorJ^an hymbra cyning waes ofslaegen from his 
agenre J?eode, 3 Ceolwulf bisc j Eadbald bisc of Jwein londe 
aforon ; ^ EcgferJ? feng to Miercna rice. ;] |?y ilcan geare 
for)?ferde ; ^ Eadbiyht onfeng rice on Cent. J^am was oj^er 
noma nemned Prsenr 

796. Her Ceolwulf Miercna cynmg oferhergeade Cant- 
ware oj? Mersc, ;] grfengun Praen hiera cyning, j g^bun- 
denne hine on Mierce l«eddon ; 

797. Her Romane Leone J?aem papa;* his tungon for- 
curfon, ^ his eagan astungon, ^ hine of his setle afliemdon ; 
^ ]7a sona eft Gode fultomiendu^* h^ meahte geseon ^ 
sprecan, j eft was papa swa he aer waesr 

(F) mycel hunger. ^ sefter ¥am ¥es ylcan geares earmlice hsB^enra her- 
gung adyligodan Godes cyrican in Lindis farena ^e. %ur^V reaflac 
■3 manslyht ^. 
^- ."io- 794. Her Adrianws papa 3 OfFa cing forSferdon. | ;j A^elred 
Nor6R. cing was ofslagen. "3 Ceolwulf IS J Eadbald b of ^n lands 
foron. "3 Eg'c'ferS feng to Myrcwa rice. J on ^an geare for^ferde. 
3 EadberVt Traen' onfeng rice on Cent. 

795. Her wses se mona a^estred. betwyx hancre "3 dagung'. 3 
Eardulf feng to NordK. rice.^ gebletsod to cingg fram Eanbalde jTrB 
•3 .E^elberhte 15 3 Higbalde. J Badewulfe B. 

796. Her ^on' 'Sys'on' gearsB Ceolwulf Myrcna cing ouerhergode 
Cent. 3 ge feng 'Eadberht' Prsen heora cing. ^ gebundene laedde 
on Myrce (;] let hiw pytan ' ut his eagan. "j ceorfan of his handa.) 
Ond A^lard a?b. of Cantwareb. sette syno^, ^ getrywde ^ ge faest- 
node. ^urh ^as papan haese Leones ealle 'Sa 'Sing be Godes mynstran. 
^a waeron gesett be Wiht gares daege, "3 be o'Sra cinga daege. 

f. 50. b. 798 (?). . . . :) ^^elbyrht b. for6ferde. C) Alfhun b for^ferde on 
Sudberi. "3 he wear6 bebyrged [on] Domuce. ^ Tidfri^ wearS ge coren 
aefter him. ^ Siric East sexana cing ferde to Rome. Her on )?ysum 
N ylcan geare Wihtburge lichama wearS gefunden eal gehal ^ un- 
for [brosno]d * a Deorham. «fift«r fif "3 fifti gearon )?as 'Se heo of ^ysuw 
Hue gewat.) 

* Terram rapinis et homicidiis ' Done inu])an. D. 

. . . Sci Albani Martyria. F. Lat. • on .iiii. ^. Agst'. D. (recte.) 

^ inter gallicantum et auroram "^ Mercware. D. 

•vi. kt. lun. F. Lat. * ne erased in MS. 

» This word is doubtful. M.H.B. » From D. The omission in E is 

read it^^can. euulsis oculis. F. Lat. due to the recurrence of the words : 

* sine oorruptione. F. Lat. on . . . "^ NOV. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 57 

tacnum sona fyligde mycel hunger, j litel eeffcer J>am J>ses ilcan 
geares on -vi. idws lanr earmUce hetSenra manna hergung adiligode 
Godes cyrican. in Lindisfarena ee. Jnirh reaflac. 3 man sleht. ;) 
Sicga fortSferde on viri' It Mr. 

794. Her Adrianus papa j Offa cining fortSferden. j JEtSelred 
NorSanhymbra cining wses of slagan fram his agenre ]?eode 
on -xiii' "fe Mai. ;] Ceolwulf 15 j Eadbald biscop of ]?an lande 
aforon. "3 EcgfertS feng to Myrcene rice, j f>y ilcan geare forS- 
ferde. j Eadbriht onfeng rice on Cent ]?am waes oSer nama 
nemned Praen. "3 iESelheard ealdorman fortSferde on Ic Aug*. 
J ]?a haeSenan on NortShymbrum hergodon. j EcgferSes mynster 
set Done muj^e^ berefodon. j }?8er heora heretogena sum of 
slaegen wear8. "j eac heora scipu sume }?urh oferweder wurdon 
tobrocene. j heora feala fser adruncon. ^ sume cuce to }?am 
stsetfe comon. *] j?a man sona of sloh set tSaere ea mu8an. 

795. Her waes seo mona aSistrod betwux hancred. j 
dagnnge on •¥• kt Apr. j Eardwulf feng to Nor}?anhymbran 
cine dome on 'ii* idi^ Mai. j he waes sySSan gebletsod. j 
to his cine stole ahofen on 'vii* fe lunii on Eoferwic fram 
Eanbalde arcelS. j JEtJelberhte. 3 Higbalde. j Badewulfe. 

796. Her fort5ferde Oifa Myrcena [cining] on •iiii* idtt5® 
Augusti. se rixode -xL wintra. j Eanbald areeb on diii* id^s 
Aug' ]?aes ilcan geares. 3 his lie ligS on Eoferwic. j )?es ilcan 
geares for8 ferde Ceolwulf b. j man ge halgode of)er[ne 
Eanjbald on J>8es oSres stal on -xix- | kt Septe. j J>y ilcan f. 26. b. 
geare Ceolwulf Myrcena cining ofer hergode Cantware j Mersc 
ware.'' j gefengon Praen heora cining. 3 gebu^n'den[ne]« hine 
laeddon on Myrce. 

797. Her Homane Leone J?am papan his tungan forcurfan. j 
his eagan ut astungon. and hine of his setle aflymdon. ;] ]?a sona 
eft Gode ge fultumiendum he mihte geseon j sprecan. "3 eft 
waes papa swa he aer waes. j Eanbald onfeng pallium on -vi- 
vdiua Sept. 3 iESelberht b for[tS]ferde on [-xvii' Ic. Nouemb. j 
Heardred man gehalgode on his steal to biscop. on]® -iii* t nov. 

798. Her waes mycel ge feoht on NortShymbra lande on leng- 
tene on -iiii* N®. Apr. aet Hweallaege. j )?aer man of sloh Alric 
Heardberhtes sunu. *^ ot5re maenige mid him. 



799. Her -^felheard^ aercebisc ^ C3mebryht Wesseaxna 
bisc foron to Romer 

800. Her Beorhtric cyning forj^ferde ;) Worr aldor mon ; 
J Ecgbiyht feng to Wesseaxna rice ; j J?y ilcan daege rad 

f. II. b. ^J?elmund aldor | man of Hwiccium ofer aet Cynemaeres 
forda, J?a mette bine Weoxtan aldor man mid Wilsaetuwe; 
paer wearj? micel gefeoht, ;j J^aer begen ofslaegene fa aldor 
men, ^ Wilsastan namon siger 

802. Her waes g^hadod Beommod bisc to Hrofes ceastre^r 

803. Her -dEJ^elheard aerce bisc forj^ferde, ^ Wulfred waes 
to aercebisc g^hadod, j Forfred abbud for]7ferder 

804. Her Wulfred aerce bisc pallium onfengr 

805. Her CuJ?red cyning forfferde on Cantwarum, j 
Ceolburg abbudesse, j Heabryht^ aldor man r 

812. Her Carl cyning for);ferde, ^ he ricsode -xlv- wint. 
J Wulfred arcebisc j Wigbryht Wesseaxna bisc foron 
begen to Rome ; 

813. Her Wulfred aercebisc mid bledsunge ]7aes papan 
Leon hwearf eft to his agnum bisc dome ; ^ J?y geare geher- 
gade Ecgbryht cyning on West Walas from easte wearduw^ 
0^ weste wearder 

814. Her Leo se ce)>ela papa 3 se halga forj^ferde, ;] aefter 
him Stephanw* feng to rice^r 

f- 51' F. 806. .(e)... (Eac on ^jb ylcan geare. ii- n luii. rodetacn 
wear^ ateowed on ^am monan anes Wodnes dseges innan 'Sare da- 
genge. an eft on ^is geare an iii. kT. Sept. an wunderlic trendel 
wear6 ateowed abutan ^re sunnan *.) 

809. Her seo sunne a^strode on angynne ^are fifte tide ^as 
dages .xvii. kt. Aug. ii* feri<i, luna xx™*. ix*. 

1 So B. C. D. F. 

^ D. places this entry in this form 
under the year 801 ; but repeats it 
in the form ih which it occurs in E. 
under the year 802. 

3 Heabriht. B.C. Heard bryht.D. 

^ topapdome. F. 

^ Hoc anno etiam ^ii* N, lun. luna 
xiiii* signum crucis mirabili modo in 

luna apparuit feria •¥• aurora incipi- 
ente hoc modo # . Eodem anno 'lii* 
£ Sept. luna xii« die dominica hora 
iiii< corona mirabilis in circuitu solis 
apparuit. F. Lat. 

^ So E. against all the MSS. 

^ secunda hora noctis. F. Lat. 

* (filius Ealhmundi regis). F.Lat. 

» Wihstan. B. Weohstan. C. D. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 59 

799. Her iESelred* arce15 j Cynebriht WsestSsexna biscop 
foran to Boma. 

800. Her wses se mona aSistrad on tSaere oSre tid onmhf 
on 'xvii' kl. Feb?, j Brihtric cluing fort5ferde. j Wo'rr sealdor- 
man. ^ Ecgberht* feng to WaestSeaxna rice. "^ f>y ilcan dseg 
rad JS]?8ehnund ealdorman of Hwiccum oV&/ set Cynemaeres 
forda. ]?a ge mette hine Weobstan * ealdorman mid Wil saetum. 
-^ J?8Br wfiertS mycel gefeoht. j J)8er begen ofslagene wseron. 
]?e ealdor men. 3 WilssBte na[mo]n sige. Karolus rex imperator 
factus est, et a Bomanis appellatus Augustus; qui illos qui 
Leonem papam dehonestauerant morte damnauit, sed precibus 
papsB morte indulta exilio retrusit. Ipse enim papa Leo 
imperatorem eum sacrauerat. 

802. Her aSeostrade se mona on dagunge on 'xiii* kt lafir.^® 

3 Beommod wses | gehalgod to £ to Bofeceastre f>y ilcan geare. f. 27 

803. Her forSferde Higbald Lindisfama b on 'viii- 1^ lulii. "3 
man gehalgode on his steal Ecgberht on ^iii. idius lunii. ■] iESel- 
herd arceb fortSferde on Cent. "3 Wulfred [waes] to arceb gehalgod ^^ 

804. Her Wulfred arceb onfeng pallium. 

805. Her Cu8red cining fortSferde on Cantwarum. j Ceol- 
burh abbe, j Heard berht. 

806. Her se mona^^ atSistrode on kt Sept. j Eardwulf NortSan- 
hymbra cining waes of his rice adrifen. ^ Eanberht Hagusteald 
bs fortSferde. 

810. Karolus cum Niceforo imperatore Constantinopot pacem 

812. Her Karl cining forSferde. 3 he rixade -xlv* wintra. j 
Wulfred arceb. ■] Wigbriht WaestSaexna b foran to Borne. 
Gireneius Karolo imperatori legates suos cum pace mittit. 
Karolus imperator obiit. 

813. Her Wulfred arceb mid bletsunge ]?8es papan Leon hwearf 
eft to his agenum biscop dome. 3 ]>y geare ge hergode Ecgberht 
cining on WestWalas fram easteweardum 08 westewearde. 

814. Her Leo se eeSela papa ;] se halga fortSferde. *3 aefter 
him StephantM feng to rice. 

" (Tunc temporis extitit Guthi*e- ^^ Wulfred wear]> gecoren on his 

das rex Cantie.) Inserted here in loh. F. 
the Sftxon, not in the Latin of F. " Her sona. D. 


816. Her Stephana* papa forJ?ferde, 3 aeft^r him was 
Paschalis to papan gehadod; j J?y ilcan gpeaxe forbom 
Ongol cynnes scolur 

819. Her Cenwulf M ierena cyning forJ?ferde, t) Ceolwulf 
feng to rice, j Eadbryht aldormon for);ferder 

821. Her wear]; Ceolwulf his rices bescieredr 

822. Her tuegen aldormen wurdon ofslaegene, Burg 
helm J Muea ; ^ senoj? waes set Clofes hoor 

823. Her waes Wala gefeoht j Defna set Gaful forda ; 3 
J?y ilcan geare gefeaht Ecbryht cyning j Beomwulf cyning 
on Ellen dune, j Ecgbryht sige nam, j )>8er waes micel w«el 
ge slaegen ; pa sende he -^f Iwulf ^ his sunu of J^aere fierde, 
-) Ealhstan his bisc, ^ Wulf heard his aldormon to Cent 
micle werede, ^ hie Baldred )7one C3ming norj? ofer Temese 
adrifon, ^ Cant ware him tocirdon, j Su]7rige, ^ Su]? Seaxe, 
~] EastSeaxe, J^y hie from his maegum aer^ mid unryhte 
anidde waerun ; j ];y ilcan geare EastEngla cyning, j seo J>eod 

f. 12. gesohte Ecgbryht cyning | him to frij^e ^ to mund boran for 
Miercna ege, ^ )?y geare slogon EastEngle Beomwulf 
Miercna cyningr 

825. Her Ludecan Miercna cyning ^ his 'V aldormen 
mon ofslog mid him "5 Wiiglaf feng to ricer 

827. Her mona a];istrode on middes wintres maesse niht ; 
J ];y ilcan geare ge code Ecgbryht cyning Miercna rice ^ 
al j?aBt be suj^an Humbre waes, ^ he waes se eahte)?a cyning 
sej>e BretwalM'^a^ waes ; jErest JElle Su]; Seaxna cyning se 
|?us micel rice haefde, se aeftera waes Ceawlin Wesseaxna 
cyning, se]?ridda waes -dE]?elbryht Cantwara cyning, se 
feorJ>a waes Rcedwald East Engla cyning, fifta was Eadwine 
Nor]7an hymbra cyning, siexta waes Oswald se aeft^ him 
ricsode, seofoJ?a waes Oswio Oswaldes bro]?ur, eahtoj^a waes 
Ecgbryht Wesseaxna cyning ; ^ se Ecgbryht Icedde fierd to 
Dore wi]? Nor]7an hymbre, ;j hie him }?aer ea]7medo budon 
3 ge]?uaemesse, j hie on J?am tohwurfonr 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 6i 

815. Her Stephanie papa fort5ferde. j aefter him wsbs Pas- 
chalis to papan gehalgod. j ]>j ilcan geare forbarn Angel 
cynnes scolu*. 

819. Her Cenwulf Myrcena cining forSferde. ■] Ceolwulf feng f. 27. b. 
to rice, j Eadberbt ealdorman forSferde. 

821. Her waertS Ceolwulf his rices bescered. 

822. Her twsegen aldormen wurdon of slagene Burhhelm ^ 
Muca. ■] sino8 [wses] set Clofesho. 

823. Her wses Weala gefeoht. j Defena set Gafol forda. j 
J?y ilcan geare* gefeaht Ecgberht WestSeaxna cining. "j Beomulf 
Myrcena cining set Elian dune, "j Ecgberht sige nam. j })ser waes 
mycel wael ge slsegen. pa sende he AtSelwulf his sunu of Jjsere 
ferde. 3 Ealhstan his b. *] Wulfheard his ealdorman to Cent 
mycele waerede. j hi Baldred })one cining nor8 ofer Temese 
adrifen. j Cantwara him to cyrdon. 3 SutSrig. ■] SutSseaxe. j 
Eastseaxe. f>y hi fram his magum aer mid unrihte anydde wseron. 
J J>y ilcan geare East Engla cining. ■] seo }?eod ge sohte Ecgbriht 
cining him to fnSe. j to mundburan for Myrcena ege. j ]pi 
ilcan geare slogon EastEngle Beornulf Myrcena cining. 

825. Her Ludecan* Myrcena cining. 3 his -v- ealdormen man 
ofsloh mid him. "3 Wiglaf feng to rice. 

827. Her se mona aSistrode on middes wintres messaniht. 
;] ]>j geare ge code Ecgbriht cining Myrcena rice. 3 eal f 
besutSan Humbre wses. j he waes se eahtotSa cining se J>e 
Brytenwealda wses. ^ aerest wses JEl\e Su'Sseaxna cining se 
)nis mycel ' hsefde. oJ>8er wses | Ceawlin West Seaxna cining. f. 28. 
Jjridde -^J?elbriht Cantwara cining. feortSe Redwald East Engla 
cining. fifta -^dwine NorJ>an hymbra cining. sixta wses 
Oswald J?e sefter Lim rixade. seofatSe wses Oswiu Oswaldes 
bro]?or. eahtoSa wses Ecgbriht WestSeaxna cining. "3 se 
Ecgbriht Isedde fyrde to Dore® witS NorJ?an humbra. j hi him 
"pBdT eadmedo budon. j }?wsemessa. ■] hi mid j?an tohwurfon. 

* Apvlt B. C. * The annal 816 is omitted: f. 

^ At this point begins the frag- 27. b. begins with an. 817. 

meut of MS. A (G.) * fSya ylcas geares. F. 

' Bryten walda B. Bretenan- * Ludica. F. Lat. 

wealda. C. Biyten wealda. D. ^ 80 D. F. 

Bryten weald. F. octauus rex qui ^ quod est in aqoilonari parte 

rexit Bryttanniam. F. Lat. Humbrse. F. Lat. 


828. Her eft Wilaf onfeng Mierena rices, ^ xEpelwM 
bisc forj^ferde, ^ ]?y ilean geare l«edde Ecgbryht cyning 
jBerd on NorJ?Walas, ;j he hie to eaj^modre hersumnesse 

829. Her Wulfred aercebisc forJ?ferder 

830. Her Ceolno)? waes g^coren to bisc j gehadod, ;j 
Feologid abbud forfferder 

831. Her CeolnoJ? aercebisc onfeng pallium r 

832. Her h*e]?ne men oferhergeadon Sceap iger 

833. Her gefeaht Ecgbryht cyning wij> -xxxv^ scip 
hlsBsta sBt Carru»*. ^ J^aer wearj> micel Wdel geslaegen, ^ J?a 
Denescan ahton Wcel stowe gewald ; ^ HereferJ> ^ Wig|?en 
tuegen biscepas forj^fei-don, ^ Dudda j Osmod tuegen aldor 
men forj^ferdonr 

835. Her cuom micel sciphere on WestWalas, j hie to 
anum gecierdon, ^ wi]? Ecgbryht WestSeaxna cyning 
winnende wseron ; pa he J^aet hierde, j mid fierde ferde, ^ 
him wi)?feaht set Hengestdune, ^ J^ser gefliemde ge J?a 
Walas ge ]?a Deniscanr 

836. Her Ecgbryht cyning forj^ferde, ^ hine hsefde ser 
Offa Mierena cyning j Beorhtric Wesseaxna cyning 
afliemed -iii* gear of TCngel cynnes lande on Fronc lond aer 

r. i2.b. he cyning | waere, j ]?y fultumode Beorhtric Offan "py he 
haefde his dohtor him to cuene; j se Ecgbryht riesode 
•xxxvii- wint [^] 'vii* mona)?. *] feng Ej^elwulf Ecgbrehting 
to Wesseaxna rice, ^ he salde his suna JEpelstsaie^ Cant- 
wararice *] East Seaxna *] Su]?rigea *] Su]? Seaxnar^ 

837. Her Wulfheard aldor man gefeaht aet Ham tune 
wip •xxxiii-'* sciphlaesta, j J^aer micel w«el geslog, ;j sige 
nom; ^ py geare forj^ferde Wulfheard; ^ pj ilcan geare 
gefeaht -^J^elhelm^ dux wi]? Deniscne here on Port mid 
Domsaetum, j gode hwile "pone here g^iemde, j p& Deniscan 
ahton Wcel stowe gewald, ^ pone aldor mon ofslogonr 

838. Her Herebryht^ aldor mon waes ofslaegen from 
h«ej?num monnu^i, j monige mid him on Mersc warui»^, 3 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 63 

828. Her Wiglaf eft onfeng Myrcena rice.;) iESelbalcl 15 forS- 
ferde. ;] ]>j ilcan geare Ecgbriht cining Isedde fyrde on Nor8 
Wealas. 3 he heom ealle to eadmodere hyrsumnesse ge dyde. 

829. Her Wulfred aercelS forSferde. 

830. Her CeolnoJ> w»s to B' gecoren* 3 gehadod. ;] Feolagild 
abbot fortJferde. 

831. Her Ceolnod sercelS onfeng pallium. 

832. Her hseSene men oferhergodon Sceapege. 

833. Her Ecgbriht cining gefeaht wiS -xxv^® sciphlsesta set 
Carrum. j Jjser W8erh8 mycel weel geslagen. ;) J>a Deniscan 
ahton wselstowe ge weald, j HereferS 3 WigferS ^ii- 15 fortS- 
ferdon. j Duda j Osmod -ii- ealdormen forSferdon. 

835. Her com micel sciphere on Wsest Wealas. 3 hi to anum 
ge cyrdon. j wi8 Ecgbriht "Wsest Seaxna cining winnende *^ 
wseron. pa fyrdode him togeanes. j wi8 him feaht set Hen- 
gestesdune. •] ]?8er segtSer aflymde ge j?a Wealas ge }?a Deniscan. 

836. Her Ecgbriht cining forSferde. •] hine ser hsefde Offa 
Myrcena cining. "3 Byrhtric WaestSsexna cining aflymde -iii- 

gear of Angel | cynnes lande on Franc land ser he cining f. 28. b. 
wsere.** ;] se Ecgbriht rixade 'Xxxvii* winter. ;] 'vii* monSas. 
;) feng iE3]?elwiilf his sunu to "West Seaxna rice, and JEtSelstan 
his otSer sunu feng to Cani^ara rice. -} to Sut5rigan. 3 to 
SntSseaxna rice. 

837. Her WuKheard ealdorman gefeaht set Hamtune witS 
•xxxiii- sciphlesta. ;] jjser mycel wsel gesloh. j sige nam. 3 
J>y geare forSferde Wulf heard, j iE]?elhelm ealdorman ge feaht 
vfiS p& Deniscan on Port mid Dorssetum. j se ealdorman 
wserS ofslsegen. 3 ]>& Deniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald. 

F. 829. Her Wulured afb. forSferde. (■;] Felogild aB15 wearS sdfter f. 52. 
him. gecoren to ^San ar15. stole vii. kT. Magi. "3 he wearS gehalgud 
V. Idl lufi. anes Sunnandages. ^ he wea[r^] dead iii. kt. Sept.) 

* So B and C. ' Myrcwarum. D. 

* JEjfesUune. C. « d-b. F. 

* The letters in heavier type are • iii. Kl. lul. add. F. Lat. 
rubricated in the original. So infra, ^® So T> and F. 

851. ^^ MS. wuniende ; and so D. 

* xzxiiii. C. '^ *} syStSan he (com agean *}) was 
' JB>ehn. B. cing xxxvii* wint. "} vii* mon^as. F. 

* Ecgbryht. D. 


];y ilcan geare eft on Lindesse, "] on EastEnglum, "] on Cant- 
waru/» wurdon monig^ men of sisegene from J?am heriger 

839. Her wsbs mieel w«elsliht on Lundenne, "^ on Cwant- 
awie, J on Hrofes ceastrer 

840. Her -^J?elwulf e3ming gefeaht set Carrum wij? 'xxxv* 
sciphlaesta, 3 J^a Denisean ahton wselstowe gewaldr 

845. Her Eanulf aldorman gefeahV mid Sumursaetuw, 
J Ealch stan bisc j Osrie aldorman mid Dom ssetnm gefiih- 
ton aet Pedridan muj^an wij? Deniscne here, "^ j^aer mieel 
w«el geslogon ^ sige namonr 

851. Her Ceorl aldormon gefeaht wij? haej^ene men mid 
Defena scire aet Wicgan beorge, j J^ser mieel w«el geslogon, 
^ sige namon; ^ py ilcan geare -dE]?elstan cyning, j 
Ealchere dux micelne here ofslogon aet Sondwic on Cent, j 
ix. scipu gefengun, ^ )?a oJ?re gefliemdon ; 3 h«ej?ne men 
serest ofer winter saeton ; j J?y ilcan geare cuom feoVSe' 
healfhund scipa on Temese muj^an, j br«econ Contwara 
burg, ^ Lundenburg, ^ gefliemdon Beorhtwulf Mierena 
cyning mid his fierd^, ^ foron J^a suj? ofer Temese on 
Su|?rige, j him gefeaht wi)? -^f elwulf cyning ^ JSj^elbald 
his sunu aet !S!clea mid WestSeaxna fierde, ;] J^aer ^ai 
maeste Wcel geslogon on h«e]?nu»^ herige fe we secgan 
hierdon o]? J^isne jweardan daeg, "^ J^aer sige namonr 

853. Her ^bced' Burgred Mierena C3niing ^ his wiotan ] 
f. 13- -^]?elwulf cyning J^aet he^ him gefultumade J^aet \nm Nor}? 
Walas gehiersumade ; He ]?a swa dyde, ^ mid fierde for 
ofer Mierce on Nor]? Walas, j hie him alle gehiersume 
iji dydon ; j \j ilcan geare sende ^)?elwulf cyning -dElfred ^ 
his sunu to Rome, pa was do;;2ne Leo pap« on Rome, j 
he hine to cyninge ge halgode, j hiene him to biscep suna 
TL2m ; ^pa' J>y ilcan geare Ealhere mid Cantwarum, ^ Hud^ 
mid SuJ?rigiu»z ge fahton on Tenet wij? h<e)?nu»i herige, j 

* he. bis. MS. ^ (-j Lothwi se casere forCferde.) 

^ So D. Cantwarabirig. C. F. add. 

Cwantawic. B., altered apparently * ad os Pedredan cam Sumer- 

into Cynta wic. ssetan et Dorseton. F. Lat. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 65 

839. Her wsbs mycel wselslebt on Lundene. 3 on Cant 
wic^ :) on Eofescastre. 

840. Her .^Idelwulf cining gcfeaht set Carmm witS «xxxy« 
sciphlesta. j J>a Deniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald*. 

845. Her Eamulf dux' mid Sumor Bseton. "j Ealchstan %. ^ 
Osric dux mid Dorsseton gefuhton set Pedredan mu]>an ^ witS 
Deni8c[n]e here, j ]>ssr mycel wsel geslogon, 3 sige namon. 

851. Her Ceorl ealdorman gefeaht wi8 hetSene- men mid f. 29. 
Defene scire set Wic gean beorge. 3 J^ser mycel wsel geslogon. 

■] sige namon ^. ;] hseSene men* on Tenet ofer winter gesaeton. 
3 }>y ilcan geare com feorj^e healf Imnd scipa on TemesemuJ^an. 
3 brsecon' Cantware burh. *] geflymdon Brihtwnlf Myrcena 
cining mid bis fyrde. "j foran ]>a suS ofer Temese on SutSrige. 
] him ge feaht wiS ^ESelwulf cining. j ^^elbald bis sunu set 
Aclea mid WsestSsexna fyrde. ;j Jjser ^$' mseste wsel geslogon 
on haetSene here ]>e we sefre gesecgan berdon. 3 ]>ssr sige 
namon. And ]>j ilcan geare iESelstan cining. and Ealhere dux ' 
gefuhton on scipum. j mycelne here ofslogon set Sandwic. ^ 
•ix'* Bcipu gefengon. ;] )?a oSre geflymdon. 

852. Her on ]>is tima leot Ceolred a15B of Medesbamstede IBe Jkm{rs< 
] ytk munecas Wulfrede to bande "pet land of ^empigabam, to Lpyawj. 
f forewearde f sefker his dsei scolde f land into ]>e minstre. 

•^ Walfred scolde gifen f land of Sliowaforda into Medes- 
hamstede. ^ be scolde gife ilea gear in to ]>e minstre sixtiga 
foSra wuda. ;j twself fotSur graefan. ;j sex fo8ur gearda. j twa 
tannsai^^ fulle blutres alotS. "j twa siseg nset. j sex bund hlafes. 
3 ten mittan Wselsces alotS. j ilea gear an hors 3 ]?rittiga 
scillinga. '^ ana nsebt gefeormige. Her wses wiS ^e cining 
Burhred. 3 Ceolred sercelS. and Tunberbt ^. 3 Cenred B. j 
Alhhun^^ B. ;] Berhtred 15. j Wibtred aBB. ;) Werbtberd aBB. 
j£8elheard ealdorman. Hunberht ealdorman. 'J feola otSre. 

852. Her Burhred Myrcene cyniwg under Seodde him Nor'S 
Wealas mid .^elwulfes | cininge fultume. ;] ])j ilcan geare f. 29. b. 
Ealhhere mid Cantwarum. ;] Huda mid SutSrigum gefuhton 

' wig geDamon. MS. * viii. B. CL 

* mresL B. C. insert. ^^ tunnnan MS. 
"* -J ferdan npp *} bnecan. F. '^ Alhhim. MS. 

* ealdemum. B. ^ihldormann. C. 

66 THE PARKER MS, (31) 

aerest sige namon, ;5 fser wear)? monigmon o&kegen, ;j 
adruncen on ^e hw<e]7ere hond. 0»^ ]?ses ofer Eastron geaf 
^f elwulf cyning his dohtor Borgrede cyning^ of Wes- 
seaxu7» on Mercer 

855. Her lice)>ne men serest on Sceapige ofer wint^ 
ssBtun ; J J?y ilcan geare geboeude .^J^elwulf cyning teo)>an 
dcel his londes ofer al his rice Go[de] to lofe, ;] him selfum 
to eeere hcelo ; ^ f y ilcan geare ferde to Rome mid micelre 
weor]7nesse, 3 J^ser was -xii* mona]? wuniende, ^ )?a hi»* ham 
weard for, 3 him J7a Carl Francna C3niing his dohtor geaf 
\i\m to cuene, 3 seft^r ^f^an to his leodu;^ cuom, ^ hie f aes 
g^ faegene waerun. 3 y;»b 'ii* gear f aes "Be he on ^ Franciu» 
co/» he gefor. j his lie li)? set Wintan ceastre, ^ he ricsode 
nigonteo]?e healfgear^. 0«rf se -^f elwulf waes Ecgbreht- 
in^g'^, Ecgbryht Ealhmimding^ Ealhmund Eafing, EafSsi 
Eopping, Eoppa Ingilding ; Ingild wsbs Ines broj^ur West 
Seaxna cyninges, J^ses f e eft ferde to See Petre ^ J^aer eft 
his feorh g^sealde; ^ hie waeron Cenredes smia, Cenredwses 
Ceolwalding, Ceolwald CuJ^aing, CuJ?a CuJ^wining, Cu);- 
^wine' Ceaulining, Ceawlin Cynricing, Cynric Cerdicing*, 
Cerdic Elesing, Elesa Esling, Esla Giwising, Giwis Wiging, 
Wig Freawining, Freawine FriJ^ogaring, FriJ^ogar Brond- 
ing, Brond Bceldseging, B«eldaeg Wodening, Woden Frijw- 
walding, FriJ?uwald Freawining, Frealaf^ FriJ^uwnlfing, 
Fri];uwulf Finning^, Fin Godwulfing, Godwulf Geating, 
Geat T<etwaing, T«etwa Beawing, Beaw Sceldwaing, Sceld- 
wea Heremoding, Heremod Itermoning, Itermon HraJ'raing, 
se waes geboren in J^aere earce ; Noe, Lamach, Matusalem, 
Enoh, laered, Maleel, Camon, Enos, Sed, Sdam. prima* 
homo et pat^ nr ^5t Xps, TCmenr 

Ond J7a feng'^on' -^}>elwulfes suna tweg^n to rice, ^f el- 
bald to Wesseaxna rice, 3 -^J^elbryht to Cant wara rice, j 
to East Seaxna rice'', j to Suj^rigea, ^ to Su]? Seaxna rice ; 
;] J7a ricsode -^J?elbald 'V gearr 

860. Her -dEj^elbald cyng forj^ferde, 3 his lie lij? aet Scira 
burnan, 3 feng -^J^elbryht to allu»i J?am rice his brojmr, ^ 



on Tenet witS hsetSene here, j ]78er waeron feala of slsegene. "^ 
adruncen on segt^re hand. ;] ]7a ealdormen bege dsBde ^. "3 Borh- 
red Myrcene cining feng to iEISelwulfes dohtor WestSeaxna 

855. Her hsB]>ene men serest on Sceap ege ofer winter sseton. 
J )>j ilcan geare gebocade .^ISelwolf cining teotSan dsel his 
landes ofer eal his rice Gode to lofe. ;] him selfiim ecre haele. 
And J>y ilcan geare ferde to Rome mid mycclum wurtSscipe. j J^aer 
wunade •xii* monaS. ;] he feng to Earles dohter Francna cining 
]7a he hamweard wses*. ^ gesund ham com. 3 J^ses ymbe -ii* 
gear forSferde. "3 his lie litS on Wintan ceastre. "3 he rixade 
•ix* gear. He wses Ecgbrihting. 3 ]>a fengon his •ii- sunn 
to rice. JBtSelbald to WestSeaxna rice, and to SutSrigean. 3 
he rixade •¥• gear'*. 

860. Her jEt^lbald cining fortSferde. j his lie liS set Scire- 
bnman. '^ feng iESelbriht to eallum ]>am rice his broSor. ^ on 
his d«ge com mycel sciphere up. ^ abracon Wintanceastre. 
'^ wits ]>one here fahton Osric ealdorman mid Hamtune scire. 
;j -^SSelwulf ealdorman mid Barrucscire, j J>one here ge 

B. and C. 855. . (^) . . Itermon Ha%raing. Ha])ra Hwalaing. 
Hwala Bedwiging. Bedwig^' Sceafing. id est filius Noe, se wses 
geboren on |>sere earce Noes ; Lamech. Matusalem. Enoh ^^. lared. 
MalaleheL Camon. Enos. Seth. Adam primus homo, et pat^r noster 
id est Xjps. 

F. 855. . (5C) . . to Su^Ssexan. (-Alfred his ))riddan sune he haefde f. 53. 
gesend to Borne. ^ J)a se papa Leo ge hyrde seggan $ he was forS- 
faren, fa bletsode 'he' Alured to cinge. T heold hine to B. handa ", 
eal swa his feeder A^wulf hine %yder sende J bsBd.) 

» of: B. C. (recte) 

* So B. C. D. XX. geara, F. 

' Here D. interrupts the pedigree 
to give tbe Buccession of ^^Iwulf 8 
■0118, wluch it afterwards repeats in 
a more correct form at the end of 
the aniial. £. follows in the main 
the earlier incorrect version of D. 

* Cynric Creoding. Creoda Cer- 
didng. B. C. and practically D. 

» Sic MS. Freawine. W. 

* Woden Frealafing. Freakf Fin- 

ning. B. C, and practically D. 

^ C. omits Essex, 

^ begen deade. B. C. begen of- 
sleagon. D. 

* ^seo was gehaten leothete'. F. 

^® In £. the annal 856 is given 

** Beowung. Beowi. D. 

" Enoc. B. 

*' benedixit et unxit eum in re- 
gem, et eum ad confirmandum te- 
nuit. F.Lat. 

P a 


he hit heold on godre g^];nsemesse j on micelre sibsum- 
F. 13. b. nesse^ ; j on his dsege cuom | micel sciphere \ip ;] abr<6Con 
Wintanceastre/ ^ wij? }?one here geftihton Osrie aider man 
mid Ham tun scire, 3 -dEJ^elwulf aldormon mid Bearrac 
scire, 3 ];one here ge fliemdon, 3 Wcel stowe gewald ahton ; 
■] se -dEj^elbryht ricsode •¥• gear, ^ his lie lij? 8Bt Scire 
human r 

865. Her saet h<6);en here on Tenet, ^ g^namon fidj? wij? 
Cantwarum, j Cantware him feoh geheton wi> ]?a«* fn);e, 
^ under {^a/Tz fri];e j )>a^ feoh g^ hate se here hiene on niht 
up bestccl, J oferhergeade alle Cent eastewearde ; 

866. Her feng -dEJ^ered -^J^elbryhtes bro);ur to Wes- 
seaxna rice ; j J?y ilcan geare cuo/» micel here on Jfngel 
cynnes lond, j winter setl namon on EastEnglum, j }>aBr 
gehorsude wmdon, j hie him frij? [wij>] namon r 

867. Her fSr se here of EastEngluw* ofer Humbre 
muj?an to Eofor wic ceastre on NorJ^hymbre, 3 J?»r wses 

micel unj^usemes J^aere J^eode betweoV him selfo^, ;] hie 
hsefdun hiera cyning aworpenne Osbryht, 3 ungecyndne 
cyning underfengon -dSllan ; 3 hie late on geare to J?a»» 
gecirdon J^aet hie vn^ >one here winnende wserun, 3 hie 
J>eah micle fierd gegadrodon, j );one here sohton set 
Eoforwic ceastre, j on ]7a ceastre br«econ, j hie sume inne 
wurdon, 3 J^aer was ungemetlic w<el g^lsBgen NorJ^anhym- 
bra, sume binnan, sume butan ; j J?a cyningas begen 
ofslaegene, ^ sio laf wij? J^one here frij? nam ; t) J^y ilcan 
geare gefor Ealchstan bisc, j he haefde ]78et bisc rice 'l* wint 
jet Scire human, j his lie li}> J>aer on tuner 

868. Her for se ilea here innan Mierce to Snotengahawt, 
J ]?8er winter setl namon ; j Burgrced M iercna cyning ^ 

>J< his wiotan b<edon JEJ^ered West Seaxna cyning j jElfred 
his broj^ur J^set hie him gefultumadon, \ddt hie wij? f one 
here gefuhton ; j J?a ferdon hie mid Wesseaxna fierde 
innan Mierce oJ> Snotenga ha«i, j J?one here J/ser metton on 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 69 

flymdon. ^ wselstowe geweald ahton. -^ se JStJelbriht rixade 
•V gear. ^ his lie US set Scirburaan. 

865*. Her sset se hse'Sene here on Tenet, 3 genam fri8 wi8^- 30- 
Cantwamm. ^ Cantware heom feoh beheton wiS Sam friSe. 
"3 on ])am feoh be hate se here hine on niht up bestsel. 3 
oferhergode ealle Cent eastewarde. 

866. Her feng iESe'l'red iESelbrihtes broSor to WestSeaxna 
rice. And J>y ilcan geare cow mycel haetSen' here on Angel 
cynnes land. ^ winter setle namon set EastEnglum. 3 ^p^bT 
gehorsade wurdon. 3 hi heom wiS fritS ge namon. 

867. Her for se here of EastEnglum ofer Humbre mutSan. 
to Eoferwicceastre on NorSan hymbre. ^ jjser waes mycel un 
tSwsBmesse Sere ]?eode betwux heom sylfum. ^ hi hsefdon 
heora cining aworpene Osbriht. 3 ungecynde cining under 
fengon ^llan. 3 hi late on geare to ]?am gecyrdon. ^ hi 
^viS ]?one here wmnende wseron. 3 hi Seah myccle fyrd ge 
gadorodan. ^ ]jone here sohton set Eoferwicceastre*. ^ }?a 
ceastre brsecon. ^ hi sume inne wurdon. 3 J^ser wses un gemet 
Wsel geslsegen NorSanhymbra, sume binnan, sume butan. 3 
]>a ciningas bsegen of slsegene. "j seo lafe wiS ]?one here fryS 
nam. "j ]7y ilcan geare gefor Ealhstan B. j he hsefde j> 
biscoprice set Scirebuman 'L* winter, 3 his lie liS J)8er on tune®. 

868. Her for se ilea here innan Myrce to Snotingham 3 ]7ser 
winter setle namon. and Burhered Myrcena cining and his witan 
bsedon -^ESe'l'red "WestSeaxna cining ^ Alfred his broSor }?et 

hi him | fiiltumedon. Jjset hi wiS J>one here ge fiihton. ^ J)a f. 30. b. 
fserdon hi mid WsestSaexa fyrde in on Myrcene o)? Snotinga- 

F. 861. Her forSferde S. Swi^un 15. -} iE^lbald cing. ^ he li« f. 53- b. 
on Scirbuman. "3 ^^Ibcrht feng to eallan 'San rice his broker; 
3 on his dsege com mycel sciphere 3 abrsecan Wintanceast^; "] 
wi^ ^ne here fuhtan Hamtunscir 3 Bearrucscir, 3 ^one here 
geflymdon. "3 ^s iE^lbyrht rixode .v. gear. "] his lie li^ at Scir- 
buman •, 

^ B. and C. omit '3 on . . . ribsam- ^ on Eoforwtc. B. C. 

nesse. D as E. The r of micelre is ^ -) he Car rested. F. ubi reqni- 

doubtful in *R. escit. F. Lat. 

' fol. 3ob^ns with 861. * F. Lat. has also this double 

' So B. C. D. entry of ^Velbald's burial. 


]7am g^weorce, 3 J^aer nan hefelic gefeoht ne wear)?, 3 
Mierce frij? namon wij? J^one here ; 

869. Her for se here eft to Eoforwicceastre, 3 J^aer saet •!• 

870. Her rad se here ofer Mierce innan EastEngle 3 
winter setl namon. set peodforda, 3 J^y wintry Eadmund 
cyning him wij? feaht, 3 J^a Denisean sige namon, "j ]7one 
cyning ofslogon, 3 J^aet lond all ge eodon ; 3 J^y geare gefor 

Ceolnol? serce bisc ^ r *J -^J>ered Wiltunscire biscop wear]> gecoren to 
sercebiscpe to Cantuare beri. 

871. Her cuom se here to Readingum on West Seaxe, 3 
]78es ymb ^iii* niht ridon di* eorlas up ; pa gemette hie 
-^J^elwulf aldorman on Englafelda, 3 him J^aer wi)? gefeaht 
3 sige nam ^ ; paes ymb -iiii* niht -^J^ered cyning 3 -fflfred 
his bro]7ur J^ser micle fierd to Beadingu;;^ gelceddon, 3 vnp 

f. 14- ]7one here ge | fuhton, 3 J^aer w8bs micel Wcel geslaegen on 
gehw«e]7re hond, 3 -^)?elwulf aldormon wearj? oMsegen, 3 
]7a Denisean ahton walstowe gewald ; 3 J^sbs y«»b -iiii- niht 
>!• gefeaht -^J^ered cyning 3 -dElfred his broj^ur wij; alne J?one 
here on * ^Esces dune, 3 hie waerun on twsem gefylcu7», on 
6]^rxim waes Bachsecg^ 3 Halfdene J^a h(e]7nan cyningas, 3 
on o^mm waeron pa, eorlas ; 3 J^a gefeaht se cyning -^J?ered 
wij? J^ara cyninga getruman, 3 J^ser wearj; se cyning 
Bagsecg^ ofslsegen; 3 -dElfred his broj^ur wij; J;ara eorla 
getruman, 3 J^ser wear)? Sidroc eorl ofslsegen se alda, ] 
Sidroc ^eorl' se gioncga, 3 Osbeam eorl, 3 Fraena eorl, 3 
Hareld eorl, 3 J?a hergas begen gefliemde, 3 fela ]?usenda 
ofslsegenra, 3 onfeohtende waeron oj? niht. 3 J^aes y«tb 
•xiiii' niht gefeahV -^)?ered cyning 3 JElfred his bro'Sur 
wi)? }?one here aet Basengum, 3 J?8er ]>sl Denisean sige 
namon ; 3 J^aes ymb di* mona)? gefeaht -^j^ered cyning 3 
-^lifred his bro)?ur wij? ]7one here aet Mere tune, 3 hie 

^ to Rome, add D. ^ So C. D., and practically B. F. 

' -3 heora ]>8er wearO o]>er ofslegen. besseton. 0. D. 

|>8es nama wses Sidroc. B., and prac- * a Danis securitatem acceperunt. 

tically C. and D. F. Lat. 

' BagBceg. B. Bagsecg. CD. * *] Oone cing (Sc4& Eadmund) of- 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 71 

bam. ^ Ipone here metton J>8er on J>am geweorce. j hine inne 
besetton*. 3 jjser nan hefilic gefeaht ne wearS. j Myrce MS 
namon wiS ]7one here '. 

869. Her for sehere eft to Eoferwicceastre. ^ J>8er 8«Bt an gear. 

870. Her for se here ofer Myrce innon East^ngle. 3 
winter setle naman set Deodforda. 3 on ]>an] geare see ^Edmund 
cining him wiS gefeaht. j ]>& Deniscan sige naman. ^ ]7one 
cining ofslogon*. 3 -f land eall geeodon. ;) fordiden ealle ]ja 
mynstre ]7a hi to comen. on ]>& ilcan tima ]7a comon hi to 
Medeshamstede, beorndon 3 brsecon. slogon abbot 3 munecas. 
J eall f hi ]7aer fundon. macedon hit ]>& ^ ser wees ful rice. ]?a 
hit wear8 to nan j^ing. ^ jjy geare ge for CeolnoJ> arcebiscop. 

871. Her rad se here to Eeadingum on Westseaxe. ^ pes 
ymb -iii* niht ridon twegen eorlas up. ]>& gemette iESelwulf 
ealdorman hie on Englafelda. j heom ]>edr wiS gefeaht ;] 
sige nam. j wearS ])8Br se o]>er ofslsegen. psBs nama waes 
Sidrac. Da ymb -iiii* niht -/ESelred cining. j -Alfred his 
bro8or ]>asr mycle iyrd to Eaedingam gelaeddon. ;) wiS J?one 
here gefuhton. j J>8Br was mycel wsel geslsegen on gehwaSere 
hand, j ./ESelwulf ealdorman wearS ofslsegen. j ]?a DeniBcan 
ahton wselstowe ge weald. And ymb 'iiii* niht gefeaht JESe* 
red cining. j iBlfred his bro'Sor wiS ealne Sone here on 
Pisces dune ^ -^ hi w^ron on twam gefylcum. on oSrum wes 
Basecg | 3 Halfdene Sa hsBSene ciningas. "j on oSrum wseron f. 31. 
>a eorlas. :) ]>a feaht se cining ^Sered wi8 Sara cininga ge 
truman. ^ ]?8er wearS se cining Bagsecg of slaegen. ^ iBl&ed 

his broSor wiS ]jara eorla ge truman, j J^aer wearS Sidrac eorl 
ofslsegen se ealda. j Sidrac se geonga, j Osbeam eorl. ;} 
Frsena eorL 3 Harold eorl. ^ J>a hergas begen geflymde. ;) 
feala ])usenda ofslagenra. "j onfeohtende wseron oS niht. j 
Dses ymb •xiiii* niht gefeaht ^Sered cining. ^ Alfred his 
broSor wiS Ipone here set Basingum ^. 3 j^ar ]7a Deniscan sige 
ge namon. 3 J^ass ymb iwsegen montSas gefeaht -^ESered ;) 
.^Hfred his broSor wiS J)one here set Maeredune. ;) hi wseron 

slogan. "J "P land eall geeodon. (])ara cingas hseSene Bsegssec 1 Healfdene. 

heauod manna naman ])a "Sane cing "3 eorlas fela. F. Halden. F. Lat. 

ofsloganwseranlngwareiYbba.) F. * ad Basingas. Sed peccatis exi- 

*. . . . ^scesdune. *} fStk Deniscan gentibus Dani campam ceperunt. 

w»ron ouercumen. *) hi hseddan 11* F. Lat. 


wserun on tuaem gefylciu«w, 3 hie butu gefliemdon, ^ longe 
on daeg sige ahton, j \ysx wearj? micel w^el sliht on gAwoe- 
]?ere hond, 3 )^ Deniscan ahton Wcel stowe gewald ; 3 )>ser 
wear]? Heahmond bisc ofslsegen, "j fela godra monna ; ;] 
seft^ ];issa9» gefeohte oxaom micel sumorlida ; ^ ]?ses ofer 
Eastron gefor -dEfered cyning, 3 he ricsode -v- gear, 3 his 
lie lij? aet Winburnanr 

^ pa feng -Alfred -dEJ;elwulfing his bro)?ur to Wesseaxna 
rice ; ^ J^ses ymb anne mona)? gefeaht Alfred cyning wi|? 
alne ]7one here l3rtle werede aet Wiltune, ^ hine longe on 
dseg geflie^de, j J^a Deniscan ahton w«el stowe gewald ; ;] 
|?8es geares wurdon 'viiii* folcgefeoht gefohten wij? ];one 
here on ]>y cynerice be su)7an Temese, "j ^ butan ]?a«* J?e him 
Alfred ^ses cyninges broj^ur, j anlipig aldormon, j cyninges 
]?egnas oft rade onridon }?e mon na ne ri;»de, 3 ]?ses geares 
wserun ofslsegene 'viiii* eorlas j an cyning; 3 J?y geare 
namon West Seaxe fri)? wi[? fone herer 
' 872. Her for se here to Lunden byrig from Beadingum, 
^ ]78er winter sell na»^, j ]7a namon Mierce fri]? wij? J?one 

873. Her for sehere on NorJ^hymbre, ^ he xhsm wint^ 
setl on Lindess9 aet Tureces iege, ^ Jwi namon Mierce fri)? 
wij? ]7one herer 

874. Her for sehere itom Lindesse to Hreopedune, "j 
faer wint^nsetl nai», ^ pone cyning Burgr^ed ofer s<e 
adrsefdon ymb -xxii* wint )?aes \% he rice haefde, j J^aet lond 

f. 14. 1>. all g^eodon; ^ he for to Rome 3 J^aer ge|saBt^ ^ his lie 
lij? on Sea Marian ciricean on Sngel cynnes scole ; "j |>y 
ilcan geare hie sealdon anu;?^ unwisu;?^ cyninges J^egne 
Mierena rice to haldanne, ^ he him a]7as swor j gislas 
salde, j?8et he him gearo waere swa hwelce daege swa hie hit 
habban wolden, ^ he gearo waere mid him selfum, "^ on 
allu^ '^2km )7e hi»i laestan woldon. to |?8es heres J^earfer 

875. Her for sehere frow Hreopedmie, 3 Healfdene for 
mid sumuw J?a»i here on NorJ; hymbre. 3 v^m winter setl 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 73 

on twam gefylcum. j hi butu geflymdon. j lange on daeg 
sige ahton. "j ]>ar wearS mycel wselsliht on hwae'Sre hand, j 
})a DsBniBcan ahton wealstowe ge weald. 3 ]?8er [wearS] Haeh- 
mond biscop ofslagen 3 feala godra manna. 3 sefter J^isum 
gefeohte com mycel sumerlida to B«adingum^ 3 ]?8es sefter 
Eastron ge for .^EiSered cining. j he rixade •¥• gear. 3 his lie 
li« «t Winburnan mynster*. 

Da feng ^Elfred jESelwulfing his broSor W West Seaxna Alfrede. 
rice. 3 ]78es ymb •!• monaS gefeaht iElfi*ed cining wit$ ealne 
]7one here litle werede set Wi[l]tune. 3 hine lange on d»g 
geflymde. 3 ]7a Deniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald. 3 ]7es 
geares wurdon 'ix* folc gefeoht gefohten wiS J)one here* on J>am 
cine rice besuSan Temese. butan ]>am ]>e hi[m] Alfred ]>es cinges 
brother. 3 ealdormen. 3 ciningas ]?segnas oft rada' on riden 
)>e man na ne rimde, 3 j^ses geares wseron of slagene ax* eorlas. 
3 an cyning. 3 }?y geare namon West Seaxa friS wiS }?one here. 

872. Her for sehere to Lunden|byrig fram Eedingum. 3 f. 31. b. 
}>8Br nam winter setle. 3 J)a naman Myrce friS wi"S jjone here. 

873. Her nam sehere winter setle. set Turcesige^. 

874. Her for sehere of Lindesse to Hreopedune*. 3 jjser 
wintersetle nam. 3 ]7one cining Burgred ofersee adrefdon ymb 
•xxii- wintra ])ses ])e he rice hsefde. 3 ]7et land eall geeodan. 
3 he for to Bome 3 J^ser ssBt. 3 his lie lit$ on sea Marian cyrican 
on Angel cynnes scole. ^ \>j ilcan geare hi sealdon Ceolwulfe^ 
anum nnwisum cynges ]7egne Myrcena rice to healdenne. 3 
he him aSas swor 3 gislas sealde. ]7et hit him georo wsere 
swa hwilce*® dsege swa hi hit habban woldon. 3 he geare wsere 
mid him sylfum. 3 mid eallum ]>am ^q him ge l^stan wolden 
to 1«B8 heres l,«rfe. >• ..'* 

875. Her for sehere fram Hreopedail&. 3 H*ealfdene for 
mid sumum ]7am here on Nort^an hymbre. 3 nam winter 

* Sic X". W. (wrongly), contra Danos. F, Lat. 
' ]»r wnnode ealto ms lifes ende. * radan. D. 

F. ^ So D. Turkes ege. B. Tures- 

> So B. C. D. • igge. C. 

* So B. D. 8Bt Soirebuman men- ^ Hreopen dune. D. 
ster. C. » So B. C. D. 

^ nooies bellatum sit apertis bellis ^® SoD.; B.has8wyloe,C.8WJ 

74 ^^^ PARKER MS. (S) 

be Tinan J^aere ea^, ^ sehere )?8Bt lond geeode. 3 oft^ hergade 
on Peohtas, "j on Str«ficled Walas ; j for Godmm j Oscytel 
J Snwynd. J?a 'iii* cyningas, of Hreopedune to Grante 
brycge mid micle here, ^ sseton ]78er an gear ; "j ]>y sumera 
for -Alfred cjoiing nt on s«e mid sciphere, "j gefeaht wij> 
•vii.- Bcip'hasBstas, 1 hiera an grfeng. ^ \^ oj^ra gefliemder 

876. Her hiene bestcel sehere into Werha«» Wesseaxna 
fierde, ^ wij? J^one here se cyning firi]? na;», ^ him J?a a]7as 
sworon on ^am halgan beage, ]?e hie ser nanre }>eode noldon, 
)?aet hie hr<edlice of his rice foren ; ^ hie ]7a under Jiam hie 
nihtes besttelon ]?8ere fierde segehorsoda here into Escan 
ceaster; ^ J^y geare Healfdene Nor)?an hymbra lond ge 
dtelde. ^ ergende ^ waeron ^ hiera tilgender 
• 877. Her cuom se here into Escan ceastre frow* Werhaw*, 
^ se sciphere sigelede west ymb utan, j J?a mette hie micel 
yst on See, j J^ser forwearj? -cxx* scipa aet Swanawic ; 3 
secyning -Alfred aefter J?am gehorsudan here mid fierde 
rad oJ> Exan ceaster, ^ hie hindan ofHdan ne meahte aer hie 
on \2M faestene waeron, J^aer him mon to ne meahte ; ^ hie 
him ]7aer foregislas saldon. swa fela swa he habban wolde, ;) 
micle aj^as sworon, ^ J>a godne fri]? heoldon ; j J?a on haer- 
faBste gefor sehere on Miercna lond, ;} hit ged<eldon sum, 
^ sum Ceolwulfe saldon r 
^ 878. Her hiene bestdel sehere on midne wint^ ofer 
tuel[f]tan niht to Cippanhamme, ^ geridon Wesseaxna 
>!• lond J gesaeton micel J^aes folces ^ ofer Sce adraefdon, j Jwbs 
oj^res )7one maestan d«el hie geridon, j him to gecirdon* 
buton ]7am cyninge -dElfrede. j he lytic werede uniej^elice 
aefter wudu«« for, ^ on mor faestenum ; ^ )7aBS ilcan wintra* 
f. 15. waes Inwaeres | brofur ;) Healfdenes on WestSeaxu«» on 

f. 54. b. F. 876. Her Rodla ^urhferde Normandi mid his here. ^ he 
rixade fifti wintra. 

^ This has been read also ei. ^ So B., . . . . geridon, *] j^ folc 

' The scribe originally wrote eft, hym to gebigde. C. ; D as E. 
^ j) hie By}>])an ergende. B. ' wintres. B. C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 75 

setle be Tinan })8Bre ea. 3 se here ]>et land geeode. 3 oft 
gehergode on Pehtas. 3 on StrsBtlsedWealas. 3 for Godrum. 
3 Oscytel. 3 Anwend. )?a J)ry ciningas of Hreopedune to 
Grantan brycge. myd mycclum here. 3 sseton }?8er an gear. 3 J>y 
Bomera for JBlfred cyning ut on ssb mid scip here. 3 gefeaht witS 
•vii- scip hlesta. 3 heora an ge fen^. 3 )>a oSre ge flymde. 

876. Her hine be steel sehere into Wserham WestSeaxna 
fyrde. 3 sitStSan wiS J)one here se cyning friS nam. 3 him }?a . 
gislas sealdon ]7e on ]>am here weorj^uste wseron to ]7am 
cyninge^ 3 him ]7a aSas sworon on ]7am halgan beage'^, ]7e hi 
aer nanre ]?eode don noldon ]7et hi hredlice of his rice foron^. 

I 3 hi ]7a nnder ]?am hi nihtes bestselon ]78ere fyrde se gehorsade f. 32. 
here into Exanceastre. 3 }?y geare Healfdene NorSanhymbra 
land gedselde. "] hergende weron. 3 heora tiligende waeron. 
EoUo cum suis Normaniam penetrauit et regnauit annis diii. 

877. Her com se here to Exanceastre fram W6rham. 3 se 
scip here seglode west ymbutan. 3 J)a gemette hi mycel yst* 
on Sfi6. 3 J?ear forwearS 'Cxx. scipa set Swanawic. 3 se cing 
.^ired sefter ])am gehorsedum here mid fyrde rad oS Exan 
ceastre. 3 hi hindan of ridan ne mihte ser hi on ]?am feastene 
waeron >8er him man to [ne] mihte. 3 hi him }>ar fore gislas 
sealdon swa feala swa he habban wolde^*^. 3 mycele aSas sworon. 
3 }>a godne friS heoldan. 3 J)a on herfeste ge for se here ^^ on 
Myrcena land. 3 hit gedseldon sum. and sum Ceolwulfe sealdon. 

878. Her hine bestael sehere on midne winter ofer twelftan 
niht to Cippanhamme. 3 ge ridan WestSeaxna land 3 ge 
setton. •] mycel J)8es folces ofer S8b adraefdon. 3 J)8bs oSres ]?one 
msestan dsel hi ge ridon butan ]?am cynge ^Ifrede litle 
werede unytSelice sefter wudum for. 3 on morfestenum. 3 
])es ilcan wintra wses Iweres^* broSor 3 Healfdenes ^' on West 

* :) him . . . cyninge. So B. C. D., iterum Bacramenta magna et obsides 
and practically F. plures prioribus accepit ; et non post 

V iaaiurandmn super sacrum ar- multum temporis a regno eius, uide- 

millnm fecerunt. F. Lat. licet Occidentalium Saxonum dis* 

^ • . • faran *] hi nihtes "^ to bras- cedunt. F. Lat. ; to which there is 

can. F. no corresponding Saxon. 

• myst. C. D. ** seo heora. MS. 

'* Qnos iterum sequent! anno in- ^'' So D. Inweres. C. Ingwar 

lequitur rex usque Exoniam^ et ^' Heafdenes. C. HeaUbot 


Defena scire mid 'xxiii* scipum, ^ hiene mon )?ar o&log, 
^ dccc* monna mid him. ^ xl« monna his heres ; "j ]7aes on 
Eastron worhte -Alfred cyning lytle werede geweorc set 
-^)7elinga eigge, ^ of )?am ge weorce was winnende wi)? 
J^one here, ^ Sumnr saetna se ddel se J^aer niehst waes ; pa 
on }?aere seofo^an wiecan ofer Eastron he gerad to Ecg- 

bryhtesstane be eastan Sealwyda, j him to com J^aer 
ongen Samorssete alle, ^ Wilsaetan, ^ Hamtonscir se d«el 
se hiere behinon Sce was, j his gefaegene waerun ; 3 he for 
ymb aneniht of ]7am wicum to Iglea, ^ J^ses ymb ane to 
E)7an dune, ^ J^ajr ge feaht wi]? alne ]7one here, ^ hiene 
gefliemde, j him 2s{ter rad o]? J^aet geweorc, j J^aer saet -xiiii* 
niht ; ;] ]7a salde se here him fore gislas j micle aipas, "psst 
hie of his rice uuoldon, ^ him eac geheton yset hiera 
kyning fulwihte onfon wolde, j hie J^aet gelseston swa ; j 
]78es ywb -iii* wiecan com se cyning to him Godruwt ]?ritiga 
su7» J?ara monna J>e in ]7a»* here weor|?w*te wseron set 3!lre, 
^ j78Bt is vfip -dEfelingga eige ; ^ his se cyning ]78Br onfeng 
set fulwihte, ^ his crism lising was set WeJ^mor, ^ h^ was 
•xii' niht mid J7a^ cyning^, j h^ hine miclu»i ^ his geferan 
mid feo weorSuder 

879. Her for se here to Cirenceastre of Cippan hamme. 
^ sset j78Br an gear ; j ]7y geare gegadrode on hloj? wicenga, 
-} gesset set Fullan hawme be Temese ; ^ ]?y ilcan geare 
afiestrode sio sunne ane tid daegesr 

^ 880. Her for sehere of Cirenceastre on^EastEngle, ^ 
gesset ]78et lond, j geddelde. j J^y ilcan geare for sehere 
ofer See ]>e ser on Fullan ho^me saet on Fronc lond to Gend, 
;) saet faer an gearr 

881. Her for sehere ufor on Fronc lond, ^ J^a Francan 
him wi)? grfuhton, ^ j^aer ^]7a' wear]? se here gehorsod sdfter 
\2m gefeohter 

882. Her for sehere up on long MsBse feor^ on Fronc- 
lond, J J78er saet an gear. ^ ]7y ilcan geare for -dEllfred 
cyning mid scipuwi ut on sae. ^ g-efeaht wij? feower scip 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 77 

Sexuin on Defenan scire. 3 hine mon j^ser sloh. j dccc* manna 
mid him. ^ xl- manna his heres. -3 ]mr wsbs se gutSfana ge 
numen ]>e hi rsefen heton*. 3 J>8es on Eastron wrohte 
-fflfired cyning lytle werede geweorc set iEtSelinga ige. ] of 
J)ain ge weorce wees winnende wiS J?one here. ^ Sumer ssetena 
se del J)e J)8er nehst w»s. ]?a on Sere seofe'San wucan ofer 
Eastron he gerad | to Ecgbrihtes stane be easton Wealwudu '. ^ f. 32. b. 
him comon J^eer ongean Sumorssete ealle. ^ Willssete. 3 
Hamtunscyr se dsel ]>e hire beheonan sae wsbs. j his ge 
fegene waeron. :| he for ymb ane niht of J>am wicum to ^Eglea. 
^ JjSBS ymb ane niht to EtSandune. j J)8er gefeaht wiS eahie 
here 3 hine geflymde. ;) him sefter rad oS f>et geweorc. ;) 
|?8Br sset •xiiii* niht. 3 ]7a sealde se here him gislas. and mycele 
atSas. ]>et hi of his rice woldon. 3 him eac ge heton ]?et heora 
cyng fulwihte onfon wolde. 3 hi ^ gelseston. j Jjsbs ymb 
•iii- wucan com se cyn[g] Godrum. J)rittigum sum. J>ara manna 
)?e in J)am here weorSuste wseron set Aire. ;) ^ is wiS JESelinga 
ige. "3 his se cyng onfeng J>8er set fulwihte. 3 his crism lysing 
WSBS «t Wedmor«. 3 he wes -xii- niht mid J?am cynge. -^ he 
hine mycclum 3 his geferan mid feo weorSode. 

879. Her for sehere to Cirenceastre of Cippanhamme. ;] 
sset fser an winter, py geare gegaderodon an hloS wicinga. 
;] gesset set Fullanhamme be Temese. *] ]7y ilcan geare 
a)>y8trode seo sunue antid dseges. 

880. Her for se here of Cirenceastre on EastEngle. ;) gesset 
f land 3 ge dselde. j J>y ilcan geare for se here ^ ofer sae J>e on 
Fullanhamme sset on Frangland to Gent. 3 sset J>sBr an gear. 

881. Her for se here ufor on Frangland. •] J?a Francan 
him wits gefuhton. -] Jjser })a warS se here horsad sefter J>am 
ge feohte. 

882. Here for se here up andlang Msese ofor on Frang land 
•3 jjaer sset an gear, j f>y ilcan geare for -Alfred cyng mid 
scipum ut on .sse. ;] gefeaht wiS 'iiii* sciphlsestas Deniscra 

^ Or ina«. Selewuda. B. 

» So B. C. D. • So C. D. ; Weddmor. B. Wet- 

' ufor. B. D. ufur. C. mor W. 

* hnefii. B. C. D. ^ Piratse. F. 

» Sealwudo. D. -wuda. C. W. 

78 THE PARKER MS. (35) 

hlsestas Deniscra monna, ^ J^ara scipa tu g^nam, ^ J^a men 
ofslflBgene waBron J^e "Bder on waeron, ^ tneg^n scip 
hlsestas^ bim onhond eodon^, ^ }^ wseron miclo^ for- 
slaegene ^ forwnndode aer hie onhond eodonr 

883. Her for sehere up on Scald to Cundo)?, ^ ^bst saet 
an gearr 

884. Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum, "j J^aer 
saet an gearr 

885. Her toddelde se fore sprecena here ontu, oJ?er d*el 
east. o]7er d«el to Hrofes ceastre ; j ymb saeton Sa ceastre, j 
worhton oJ>er faesten ymb hie selfe. ^ hie )?eah J?a ceastre 
aweredon oJ^J^aet \^lfred com ^utan' mid fierde; J?a eode 
sehere to hiera scipum, ^ forlet ]?aBt geweorc. j hie 
wurdon faer behorsude, ^ sona ]7y ilcan sumere ofer s<fi 
gewiton ; j ]7y ilcan geare sende -Alfred cyning sciphere 
on East Engle ; sona swa hie comon on Stufe mu]?an^, ]?a 
metton hie 'xvi* scipu wicenga, ^ wi]? 'Sa grfiihton, j J?a 
scipo alle gercehton, j ]7a men ofslogon; ^ hie J^a ham 
weard wendon mid J>aere herehyj^e, j?a metton hie micelne 
sciphere wicenga, ^ )7a wij> J?a gefuhton ^y ilcan da^e, ^ 
]7a Deniscan ahton sige ; py ilcan geare aer middum wintra. 
forj?ferde Carl Francna cyning, j hiene ofelog an efo r, j] 
ane geare aer his bro'Sur forJ;ferde, se haefde eac |?8et west 
rice, "} hie waeron begen HloJ? wiges suna ; se haefde eac 
]78et west rice, ^ forj^ferde )?y geare ]7e sio sunne a|?iestrode ; 
se waes Karles sunn |?e ^j^elwulf West Seaxna cyning his 
dohtor haefde him to cuene ; ^ *]?y ilcan geare gegadrode 
micel sciphere on Sid Seaxu»», ^ }?aer wearj? micel gefeoht. 
tua on geare, ^ fa Seaxan haefdun sige, j J^aer waeron Frisan 
mid ; py ilcan geare feng Carl to '^am west rice, j to allum 
J7am west rice behienan Wendel s^e, ^ be geondan J^isse ScC, 
swa hit his J^ridda feeder haefde, butan Lidwiccium*^ ; se 

^ scip heras. 3^. W. ; corrected fugauit. F. Lat. 
from B. and C. ; D. E. F. omit « So B. C. ; Sture. D. E. 

^ -) twa set burstan. F. et duas * This passage, ]>y ilcan . . . Pip- 



manna, "j J^ara | scipa twa genamon. ^ ])a men ofslogon. ^ f. 33. 
twa him on hand eodon. "j ]7a men wseron myclum of slagene 
^ for wundode ser hi on hand eodan. 

883. Her for se here up on Scald to CundoS^. ^ |?8er sset an 
gear. '3 Marinus papa sende j^a lignum dUi ^Ifrede cynge^ j 
])j ilcan geare Isedde Sighelm. "j JS'Selstan ]>a selmessan to Eome 
J>e -Alfred cing gehet J)ider*. j eac on Indea to see Thome. 3 to 
see Bartholomee. ])a hi sseton wiS ])one here set Lundene. j hi 
]>8Br Godes }>ances swytfe bentigtSe weeron sefter J>am gehatum. 

884'. Her for se here up on Sunnan to Embenum. 3 J)8Br 
sset an gear. 

885. Her todselde se forsprecena here on twa. oSer east. 
ot$er dael to Hrofeceastre. j ymbsaeton ]ja ceastre. 3 wrohton 
ot$er fsesten ymb hi sylfe. j hi )?eah )?a ceastre aweredan otSSet 
JSlfred cyng com uton mid fyrde. )>a eode se here to heora 
scipum. 3 forleton j^et geweorc. "j hi wurdon ]j8er behorsade. 
^ Bona ]7y ilcan sumera eft ofer se gewiton. Dy ilcan geare 
ssende .^Slfred cyng sciphere of Csent on EastEogle. sona swa 
hi comon on Sture mu'San }>a ge msBtton hi •xvi- scipa wicinga. 
J wits tSa^*^ gefohton. 3 }?a scipa ealle ge rsehton. 3 }?a men 
of slogan. ]m hi ]?a ham weard wseron mid j^sere here hutSe. 
)>a ge metton hi mycelne sciphere wicinga. 3 wiS ]?a ge fuhton 
]7y ilcan dsege. 3 ]?a Deniscan ahton sige. 3 }7y ilcan geare ser 
middan wintra forSferde Carl Francna cyng. 3 hine ofsloh 
an ^for. 3 ane geare ser his broSor fortSferde. se heafde eac 
f west rice, se fortSferde | J>y geare J)e seo sunne aSystrode ; f. 33. b. 
Be wsBS Carles sunu J)e ASelwulf WestSeaxna cyng his dohtor 
hsefde to cwene. Dy ilcan geare fortSferde se goda papa 

penes Bunu, is in ^. B. C. D. Pro- 
bably omitted from E. owing to 
iQcorrence of the words, ])y ilcan. 

' Lidwiocmn. B. lidwicingum. 

• Tnnda». C. Seal toCundot. F. 

^ The scribe at first wrote cynde. 
Marinus se msera papa sende j£l> 
frede ciDge of Gristes rode. F. 

^ Bex .^UfreduB misit elemosi- 
pam, quam nouerat dmn sederet 
contea ezerdtamciim panels, cum 

multi essent inimici, Komse. F. 

• (Her fort^ferde se welwillenda 
tJ ^»elwold. Hie obiit uE«elwold- 
us episcopus Wentoniensis, et electus 
est in loco eius Alfegus. qui alio 
nomine vocabatur Godwinus.) F. 
Inserted between the lines and 
on the margin by a later scribe, 
wrongly: the original scribe has 
the entry rightly under 984, q. v. 

" da. MS. 

8o THE PARKER MS. (35) 

Carl was Hlofwiges sunu, se HloJ^wig was Carles broj^ur, 
se wflBS Iii]7yttan ^£eder ]>e -^j^elwulf cyning haefde^, "} hie 
waeron Hlo]7wiges suna, se Hlo]7wig was J?aes aldan Carles 
sunu, se Carl was Pippenes sunu ; j ^y ilean geare for)?- 
ferde se goda papa Marinus, se gefreode Ongel cynnes scole 
be -dElfredes bene WestSeaxna cyninges, ^ he sende him 
miela gi&, j J^aere rode iel 'pe Crist on J^rowude ; j J?y ilean 
geare se here on East Englu»i br^ec frij? wij? -^fred cyningr 

886. Her for se here eft west ]7e aer east gelende, tl J^ ^P 
on Sigene, ^ J^aer winter setl namon. py ilean geare gesette 
iElfred cyning Lunden burg, ;] him all Sngel cyn to eirde, 
]7£et buton Denisera monna haeftniede was, j hie ]7a befiaeste 
J?a burg -dEj^erede aldormen to haldonner 

887. Her for se here up )7urh J^ brycge SBt Paris, 3 J?a up 
andlang Sigene o]? Maeteme, op Cariei ; ;] )?a saeton Jwura j^ 
innan lonan tu winter on pa,m twam stedu;;^ ; "} ]?y ilcan 
geare for)?ferde Karl Franena cyning, ;] Eamulf his brojmr 
sunu hine -vi* wicu»i aer he forfferde ber«edde* aet J?am rice, 
^ ]7a wear]? j^aet rice to dueled on 'V j 'V- kyningas to 
gehalgode^. faet waes J?eah mid Eamulfes ge]?afunge, ^ 
hi cucedon ]?aet hie ]?aet to his honda healdan sceoldon. 

f. 16. for]7aem hira nan naes on f<edren | healfe togeboren. buton 
him anurn. Eamulf ]7a wunode on ptem londe be eastan 
Rin, ^ RoJ^ulf J7a feng to ]>aem middel rice, ;] Oda to jnem 
west ddele, ;] Beorn gar j WiJ^a to Long beardna londe, j 
to faem londum on J?a healfe muntes®, ^ J^aet heoldun mid 
micelre unsibbe, ;] tu folc gefeoht gefuhton, j J^aet lond oft 
;3 gelome forhergodon"^, j aeghw«e]7er o)7eme oftr«edlice ut 
dr«efde ; ^ |?y ilcan geare pe se here for for]? up ofer )?a 
brycge aet Paris. ®-dE]7elhelm aldormon Ledde Wesseaxna 
celmessan ^j' -dElfredes cyninges to Romer 

888. Her Ledde Seocca aldormon Wesseaxna celmessan ^ 

^ Iii)>ettan. B. Iu]wettan. D. lud- ^ So B. C. ptirtk innan D. in. F. 

ettan. C. lothetan. F. lothetam. F. * benedne. MS. 

Lat. ' -] fif cingas ])ar wnron to ge 

« hedde. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 8i 

Marinas, se ge freode Angel cynnes scole be iBlfredes bene Marin\ 
WestSeama cyninges. •] he sende him myccle gifa. 3 ]>8ere 
rode dael )>e Crist on tSrowode*. "3 }>y ilcan geare for se here 
on Estenglum. ^ brec £ri8 wiS iElfred cyning. 

886. Her for se here eft west J>e ser east ge lende. -^ J)a up 
on Sigene. ^ J)8Br winter ssBtu^® namon set Paris f>»re byrig. 
Dy ilcan geare gesette iBlfred cyning Lundenburh". 3 him 
eall Angel cyn togecyrde. f butan Deniscra manna hsefnede 
wes. ^ he^* ])a be feste )>a burh JS]7erede ealdormen to heald- 

. 887. Her for se here up J>urh Sa brycge set Paris. 3 )ja 
up andlang Sigene oS Meeteme. 3 ]:>a up on Mseteme o& 
Caziei'^ 3 ]7a sseton ]:>ar innan lonan twa winter on Sam twam 
stedum. 3 )>y ilcan geare fortJferde Carl Francena cyng. ;) 
Eamulf his bro8orsunu hine •vi» wucan aer he forSferde be 
rsedde «t J>am rice. 3 J)a wear8 }?et rice todseled on •¥• 3 fif 
cyningas togehalgode. j^et weas ]:>8eh mid Eamulfes ]?afange. 
J hi cwsbSou -^ hi him J^et tohanda healdan scoldan. forSan 
]>et heora nan uses of fsedrenhalfe geboren butan him anum. 
Eamulf wunode on ]7am lande be sestan Bine. ;] HrotSulf ^^ 
}» feng to Jjam middel rice. 3 [0)ja] }?a to }?am weast dsele. 3 
Beomgar 3 WitSa^ to Langbeardna lande. 3 to j^am landum on 
}» healfe^' muntes. 3 J>et heoldan mid mycel unsibbe. 3 twa 
folcgefeoht gefuhton. 3 ^ land oft 3 gelome forhergodon. 3 
aeghweSer oSeme oftrsedlice utadrsefde. •] J?y ilcan geare 
J)e se here | for forS up ofer }>a brycge set Paris. -^tSelhelm f. 34- 
ealdorman Isedde Weast Seazna aelmessan •] -filfredes cyninges 7" / . - 
to Rome. 4/^'"?, 

888. Her laedde Beocca ealdorman WestSeaxna aelmessan "^ u^PwK 

halgode. *j ^ mid Amulfes get^a- Domini et de reliquiis sanctorum. 

fimge. 1 hie beheton t^ hi to his F. Lat. 

handa healdan iceoldon. F. ^° setu. B. C. D. 

* regnnm Longobardorom et alias ^^ ])a burh Lundene. F. sedit in 
terras qusB sunt nltramontana. F. Lundonia. F. Lat. 

Lat " So B. 0. D. 

^ for bffimdon. C (only). " So D. F. Cariei. B. C. 

» Here S. W. insert -), (wrongly.) " Rodulf. F. 

• mioele ^ua on halidome. F. " WiC. F. Wido. F. Lat. 
plura donaria, scilicet de cruce. ^* heal&e. MS. 



xElfredes cyninges to Rome, j -^J^elswiJ? cuen, sio waes 
^Ifredes sweostor cyninges, forj^ferde, ^ hire Kc lij? set 
Pafian; 3 ]7y ilcan geare -dGJ;eTred erce bisc j .^J^elwold 
aldor mon. forj^ferdon on anum mon)?er 

889^. On J^issum geare naes nan fiereld to Rome, buton 
tuegen hleaperas -Alfred cyning sende mid gewritiuwr 

890. Her l<edde Beom helm aBB West Seaxna celmessan 
to Rome ;) JElfipedes cyninges; ^ Godru^i se norj^ema 
cyning forj^ferde, J^aes fulluht nama waes ^]7elstan, se waes 
^Ifredes cyninges god sunu, ^ he bade on East Engine, 3 
J?aet lond aerest gesaet ; j ]7y ilcan geare for se here of 
Sigene to Sant Laadan, j^aet is butaeoh Brettum ^ Fran- 
cum, ^ Srettas him wi)? geftihton, ^ haefdon sige^ ] hie 


bedrifon ut on ane ea, j monige adre^ctonr 

Her wses Plegemund gecoron of Grode^ i of eallen his halechen. 

891. Her for se here east. "^ Eamulf cyning gefeaht 
wi"8"8aem raede^ here aer ]7a scipu cuomon, mid EastFrancum, 
^ Seaxuwi, j Baegerum. ^ hine gefliemde; ^ |?rie Scottas 
comon to -^Ifrede cyninge, on anu»i bate butan <elcnm 
g^ej^rum* of Hibernia^, ]7onon hi hi bestdelon forj^on ]7e hi 
woldon for Godes lufan on elj^iodignesse beon, hi ne rohton 
hwaer. Se bat waes g^worht of J?riddan healfre hyde* J?ehi 
onforon, ^ hi namon mid \i\m ]7aBt hihaefdun toseofon 
nihtu/» mete ; ^ |?a comon hie ymb 'vii- niht "^ to londe on 
Cornwaluwz. ^ foron J7a sona to ^Ifrede cyninge; J?us 
hie waeron genemnde, Dubslane^ ^ Maccbethu^. ;) 
Maelinmun^®. j Swifiieh^^ sebetsta lareow J?e on Scottuw 
waBs geforr^^ 

f. 16. b. ^ ]7y ilcan geare ofer Eastron. ymbe ^gang' dagas 0)7)76 
aer, aeteowde se steorra )7e mon on boclaeden^* haet cometa^ 
same ^^ men cwe)?a)? on Englisc )?aBt hit sie feaxede steorra. 
for)7aem )7aer stent lang leoma of, hwilum on ane healfe, 
hwilum on aelce healfe :, 



3 ^Ifredes cyninges to Rome. "^ JSSelswi'5 cwaen seo wses 
JSlfiredes swnstor cyninges. 3 heo for^'ferde ^•. ;] hire lie 118 
aet Pauian. 3 }?y ilcan geare iESered arcebiscop ^''. 3 A)jewold 
ealdorman fortSferdon on anum mon]?e. 

889. On ]?issam geare nses nan fsereld to Home, buton twegen 
hleaperes iElfred cyng sende mid gewritum. 

890. Her Isedde Beomhelm abB WestSeaxna selmessan to 
Rome. 3 iElfredes cynges; j Godrum se nortSeme cyning 
forSferde. }7ses fulluht nama wses ^Selstan, se wees JElfredes 
godsune cyninges. 3 he bude on EastEnglum. j ^ land serest 
gesset. •] )>y ilcan geare for se here of Sigene to Scandlaudan.^* 
)>et is betwix^' Bryttum "3 Francum. 3 Bryttas him wiSge 
fuhton. 3 hsefdon sige. 3 hi bedrifon ut on ane ea. 3 manige 
adrencton^. Hie Plegemundus archiepiscopus a Deo et omni 
popolo electus est. 

' Altered from 887 by the ori- 
ginal scribe. 

' *j of eallan folc to JHun £rb rice 
on Cantwareberi. F. 

» ^de. B. rad. D. 

* r^rmn. F. sine omni guber- 
naiione ^humana'. F. Lat. 

» So B. C. D. Yrlande. F. 

* in nanicula facta de duobus 
coriifl et dimidio. F. Lat. 

^ binnan vii* nlhtan. F. septimo 
die. F. Lat. 

' DublasncD. Dubslana. F. Lat. 

' Maccbethath. B. Machbethu. 
C. B. Ifaocbethu. F. 

^® Maelinmoin. B. MaeliDmumin. 
C. Maelmmnin. D. F. as "R, 

» Soifiie. B. 

^' . . . Maelinmun. Nam quartus 
Bodus eorum obiit nomine Suifneh 
qoi fdit perinssimus doctor. £t 
eodem anno appaniit cometa stella 
drca Ascensionem Domini. F. Lat. 
This version is pecnliar to F. Lat. 
Hie Saxon of F. follows the other 
H8S. in its account of Suibne's 
death. It will be noticed that £. 
is the only MS. which omits this 

anecdote of the three ' Scots.' 

^' At this point, after writing the 
number 892, ends the first hand in 
?r. Three or four lines are left 
blank at the bottom of f. 16 j9. 
Then the new hand commences at 
the top of 16. yo. Note that B. C. 
D. F. Lat. all place the appearance 
of the comet in the same year as the 
arrival of the ' Scots.' The Saxon 
of F. has no reference to the comet. 

^* on Lseden. D. 

" sume. B. C. D. 

^* be Rome wege. F. in itinere 
Home. F. Lat. 

*^ se arb. of Gantwaraberi. F. 

" So F. Scan Leo«an. D. Sant 
Lo'Sdan. 0. Sand Lot^an. B. 

" betweoh. D. betuh. B. C. 
betwyx. F. 

^ inter Brittanes (altered from 
Bryttcbi) et Frandgenas. Audientes 
hoc Brytones exeuntes dimicabant 
contra eos, et uictis Danis propul- 
sabant in quandam aqua[m], ubi 
plures eorum demersi sunt. F. Lat. 
The bst part is not in the Saxon 

G % 


893^. Her on )?ysu«* g^are for Be micla here. J^e we 
gefym ymbe spraecon, eft of ]7sem east rice westw«mi to 
Bun/^an. ^ ]>sbt wurdon gescipode, swa ]>mt hie asettan him 
on anne sif ofer mid horsu^ mid ealle, ^ )>a comon up on 
Limene mu]7an. mid ccl. hande scipa. se mu]7a is on easte 
weardre Cent, set ]78es miclan^ wuda eastende 'pe we 
Sndred hataiS ; se wudu is east lang ^ west lang hund 
twelf tiges mila lang o]>]>e lengra, ^ )>ritig«s mila brad ; seo 
ea ]>e we ser ymbe spraecon li'S ut of )>8em wealda ; on ]?a ea 
hi tugon up hiora scipu o]> ]7one weald, iiii* mila £ram ]7sem 
muj'an ute weardu;^. "] |?8er abrsecon an geweorc. inne on 
];8em f[8est]enne^ sseton feawa cirlisce men on, "] wses sam 

pa sona sefter J^aem com Hsesten mid Ixxx* scipa up on 
Temese muiSan, ^ worhte him geweorc rot Middeltune, ;) 
se o)?er here set Spuldre :> 

894. On ]>y6 geare, ]>sdt wses ymb twelf mona'8 ]78bs J?e 
hie on J^aem east rice geweorc ge worht hsefdon, Nor}? 
hymbre ^ EastEngle hsefdon j^lfrede cyninge a]7as ge 
seald, ^ EastEngle foregisla 'vi* ^ )?eh ofer J^a treowa, swa 
oft swa ]>3, o]7re hergas mid ealle herige utforon, yonne 
foron hie, o]>]>e mid, o|7)?e on heora healfe on*, pa gega- 
derade -/Elfred cyning his fierd, ^ for J^set he gewicode 
betwuh J78em twa;» hergnm. Jjser J^ser he niehst rymet hsefde 
for wudu fsestenne, ond for wseter faestenne, swa jfedt he 
mehte seg]7eme gersecan gif hie senigne feld secan wolden ; 
pa foron hie si]7]7an sefter ]78em wealda hlo}m^ ^ floe radu^. 
bi swa hwaj^erre efes* swa hit yonne fierdleas wses. ^ liim 
mon eac mid opmm Aoccvm sohte msestra daga selce, [oJ?J?e 
on dseg]^ oJ^J^e on niht. ge of )?8Bre fierde, ge eac of ys&m 
burgu;;^; hsefde se cyning his fierd on tu tonumen^ swa 
]7SBt hie wseron simle healfe set hsM, healfe ute, butan ]fBsm 
monnu^ ]7e ]?a burg^a^ healdan scolden. ne com se here 
oftor call ute of ]7sem setua^ poime tuwwa. o]7re si]7e pa hie 
serest to londe comon, ser sio fierd gesamnod wsere, o]>re 

(Continued on p, 85.) 



892. Her for ae myodft here )« we ge fnm er vmb sprsecon 
eft of Jiam eutrke weastward to Bonan. 3 |)Kr wnrdon ge 
edpode swa f hi iBetton hi on sBiine siV ofer mid horsom 
mid ealle. ;| ]ia oooMm np on limine mutSan mid )>ridde 
healfhnnd scqpa. se mntSa is on eastwarde Cent let )>es 
myodan wnda eastenda ])e we Andned hataS. se wndu is 
westlang 3 eastlang hundtwelftig mila lang. 06& lengre. 3 
•XXX- mila brad, se ea ])e we ler ymb sprsecon. liV at of )>am 
wealda ; on ])e ea hi togon | np heora scipa oS Sone weald 1 5^ b. 
-iiii- mila firaiw ])am mn)>an ntanweardum. 3 ]>8er abrscon an 
geweorc; inne on Sam fie[ste]nne sseton feawa cyrlisce men 
on. 3 wses samworiit. pa scma sefter ]>am com Hsesten mid 
•Ixxx- scipa up inne Tasmese ma)>e, "^ woriite him geweorc let 
Middeltnne. ;j seo oSer here st Apnldre. Hie obiit Wnlf- 
here NortSan hymbrorom archiepiscopns. 

si)^e }f2k hie of ]?sem setam &ian woldon ; pa hie ge fengon (S) 
mide herehylS^, 3 )m woldon ferian lior]? weardes ofer 
Temese in on East Seaxe ongean )^ scipo. pa for rad sio 
fierd hie foran, 3 hist wiiS gefeaht set Feamhamme, j 
}H)ne here gefliemde, 3 )m herehj]?a ahreddon, ^ hi^ 
fingon ofer Temese baton selcam forda ]?a ap be Colne ^ on 
anne iggaiS. pa besset sio fierd hie }>aer atan ]?a hwile ]7e 
hie Jraer lengest mete hsefdon. Ac hie hsefdon | ^]^ heora £ 17* 

^ Originally 89a, bat increMed by 
a year as well as aill following yean 
TO to 929 (originally 938) inclnsiTe. 
*&& fitst BcrilM seems to have omit- 
ted 950, which was a blank annaL 
The corrector first alters 929 into 
930, then strikes it oat altogether, 
and proceeds to take a year off, 
making 951 into 950, and so on 
to the end of 937 (originally 958). 
Then 938 is inserteil, 939 left as it 
was, 941 and 942 are made into 
940 and 941 ; 942 is inserted, and 
at 943 theoriginal series is resomed 
onaltered. Up to 930, W., with one 
' exception, agrees with the corrected 
numbers in TT, after that point it re- 
tains the original nambering. 

* miclam. MS. mocelan. F. il- 
can. B. C. D. 

' fiestenne. B. fiestene. G. D. 
fenne. X W. F. fienne. £. From 
the context, and firom the evidence 
of the Latin historians, there can be 
no doubt that the former is the true 

* So B. W. healfe. *j >a. D. C. 
The scribe of TT. seems to have ori- 
ginally written a». 

' healfe. D. 

* Omitted by TT. B.; supplied 
from C. D. 

^ -hy«e. B. C. D. 

' Calne. G. D., and (originally) B. 

* Here begins a new hand in TT. 


(a.d. 894.) stemn^ ge setenne, *] liiora mete genotudne^, ^ wses se 
cyng |7a fider weardes on faere. mid j^aere scire ]7e mid \n.m 
fierdedon ; pa he )?a waes J^ider weardes, *] sio oj^eru fierd 
W8BS hamweardes, ^ iSa Deniscan saeton J^aer behindan, 
forj^aem hiora cyning waes gewundod on ]78em gefeohte, 
J^aet hihine ne mehton ferian; 

pa gegaderedon J^aJ^e in NorJ? hymbrma bngeaiS, ^ on 
East Engluwi, su«i hund scipa, ;) foron suiS ymb utan, "j fluwr 
feowertig scipa nor J? ymb utan ^, ^ ymb saeton an geweorc 
on De&a scire be J^aere nor)? sae ; ^ )?a )?e su"? ymb utan 
foron. ymb saeton Exan cester. pa se cyng J^aet hierde, ]?a 
wende he hine west wiiS Exanceastres mid ealre J?aere fierde, 
buton swi)?e ge waldenuwi daele easte weardes J^aes folces. 

pa foron for^ oJ^J^e hie comon to Lundenbyrg, ;) J?a mid 

|7aem burg waru^ ^ J?aem fultume J?e hi«* westan com, foron 

east to Beam fleote ; waes Haesten J^a J^aer cumen mid his 

herge, J?e aer aet Middel tune saet. ] eac se micla here waes j^a 

faer to cumen, fe aer on Limene mu)?an saet aet Spuldre ; 

haefde Haesten aer ge worht J^aet geweorc aet Beam fleote, j 

waes )7a ut afaren on hergaj?, ] waes se micla here aet ham ; 

pa foron hie to ^ gefliemdon }?one here, ] )?aet geweorc 

abraecon, ^ ge namon eal ]?aet j^aer binnan waes, ge on feo. ge 

on wifum, ge eac on beamu;», ] brohton eall into Lunden- 

byrig, ^ 'pa, scipu eall o^pe tobraecon, oppe forbaerndon, 

oppe to Lundenbyrig brohton oJ^J^e to Hrofes ceastre. ^ 

Haestenes wif j his suna twegen mon brohte to J^aem 

cyninge, ^ he hi him eft ageaf, forj^aem pe hiora waes oj^er 

his godsunu, o)?er -^*8eredes ealdor monnes ; haefdon hi 

hiora onfangen aer Haesten to Beam fleote come, ^ hehi;» 

^haefde^ ge seald gislas -} a'Sas, ^ se cyng him eac wel feoh 

sealde, ;) eac swa fa he J^one cniht agef -} J^aet wif. ac sona 

f. 17. b. swa hie to Bleam fleote comon, '2 )?aet geweorc | geworc 

(Cotttinued OH p, 87,) 

^ stemninge. B. 0. steminge. D. tan, om. B. C. D. At this pomt 
' benotodne. B. D. is very carelessly writton, and 

^ This clause, *] sum . . . ymbu- has inany omissioiis. 



waes. swa hergode he ^ his rice fone il6an ende 'pe -^fered (a.d. 894. 
his cu^pseder healdan seeolde^ 3 eft oj^re sife he wsbs on 
heigaiS gelend on j^set ilce rice fa fa mon his geweorc abraec. 

pa se cyning hine fa west wende mid f aere fierde wi?S 
Exancestres. swa ic aer saede, ] se here fa burg beseten 
haefde; fa he faer togefaren W8es^ fa eodon hie to hiora 

pa he fa wi'8 fone here faerwaest abisgod waes, ;) fa 
heigas waeron fa gegaderode begen to Sceobyrig^ on East 
Seaxu;», ^ faer geweorc worhtu». foron begen aetgaedere 
up be Temese, 3 him com micel eaca to. aegf er ge of East 
Englu»^, ge of Norf hymbru»2. Foron fa up be Temese 
offaet hie gedydon set Saefeme, fa up be Saefeme^. pa 
gegaderode -^fered ealdormon, *] JEfelm ealdorman. ;) 
^f elnof ealdor man, ;) fa cinges f egnas f e fa aet ham aet 
f aem ge weorcuw^ waeron, of aelcre byrig be eastan Pedredan, 
ge be westan Sealwuda ge be eastan, ge eac be norfan 
Temese, *] be westan Saefem, ge eac sum dael faes NorS 
Weal cynnes. pa hie fa ealle gegaderode waeron, fa offoron 
hie fone here hindan aet Butting tune, on Saefeme staf e, ^ 
hine faer utan besaeton on aelce* healfe, on anum faestenne. 
pa hie "Sa fela wucena saeton on twa healfe f aer[e] e, ^ se 
cyng waes west on Defnnm wif fone scip here, fa waeron 
hie mid metelieste gewaegde, ;) haefdon miclne dael fara 
horsa freten. y fa of re waeron hungre acwolen. fa eodon 
hie ut to "Saem monnuw^ f e on east healfe f aere e wicodon, j 
him wif gefuhton, ] fa Cristnan haefdon sige ; ;) faer 
wear's Ordheh cyninges fegn^ ofslaegen, ^ eac monige 
of re cyninge^ f egnas, ;) fara Deniscra^ faer wearS swife 
mycel wael geslegen'', -} se dael fe faer aweg com wurdon 

{Continued OH p, 88.) 

^ gefaren hsefde. D. ' ]>eng. D. 

' Sceabyrig. C. Sceore byrig. D. • ])a Dseniscan. D. 

' foron ]>a tip be Temese *) be ^ I have here mended the text. 

Sefeme. B. ; B. and C. omit the The scribe of *R. wrote originally : 

aeotenoe altogether. o]n:e cyninges ]>egn ofslsgen; (misled 

D. by the preceding words and by the 


(A.Q. 894.) on fleame ge nerede. pa hie on East Seaxe comon to hiora 
geweorce. ] to hiora scipum. )?a gegaderade sio laf eft of 
f. 18. EastEnglum, ^ of | ^Nor'8hymb^u»^.micehle here onforan 
winter. ] befaeston hira wif, ^ hira scipu, ^ hira feoh on 
EastEnglu»^, *] foron anstreces daeges *] nihtes, )?8et hie 
gedydon on anre westre ceastre on "Wirhealmw, seo is Lega 
ceaster^ gehaten; pa nemehte seo fird hie na hindan of 
farpji, aer hie waeron inne on )?8Bm ge weorce ; besaeton }?eah 
]7aet geweorc utan sume twegen dagas, j genamon ceapes eall 
J?aet J^aer baton waBS, *] fa men ofslogon j^e hie foran forri- 
dan^ mehton butan geweorce, ] J^aet com eall forbaemdon, 
^ mid hira horsu/w fretton* on aelcre efenehiSe. *] J^aet waes 
ymb twelf monaiS J^aes ];e hie aer hider ofer sae comon. 

896. Ond J^a sona aefter J^aem on iSys gere for se here of 
Wirheale in on NofSWealas. forj^aem hie "Saer sittan ne 
mehton ; J^aet waes forSy ]?e hie waeron be numefte aegiSer g« 
]?aes ceapes, ge J^aes cornes, "Se hie gehergod haefdon; pa 
hie "Sa eft ut of NoriS Wealuw^ wendon mid J?aere here hySe 
}?e hie "Saer gennmen haefdon, J?a foron hie ofer NorS 
hymbra lond ;j EastEngla, swa swa sio fird hie geraecan 
ne mehte, oJ^J^aet hie comon on EastSeaxna lond easte 
weard, on an igland |7aet is ute on J^aere sse, j^aet is Meres ig 
haten. ^ ]7a se here eft ham weard wende. \^ Exanceaster 
beseten haefde, ]7a hergodon hie upon Su'SSeaxum neah 
Cisse ceastre, ] fa burg ware hie ge fliemdon, ] hira monig 
hund ofslogon, j hira scipu sumu genamon. 

Da fy ylcan gere onforan winter^ fa Deniscan fe on 
Meres ige saeton. tugon hira scipu up onTemese, ] fa up 

{.Continued on P» 89.) 

recurrence of the termination -sIsb- ' Leg ceaster. B. Liege cester. 0. 

gen.) The corrector altered ))egn Lige ceaster. D. 

into ]>egnas. The above text is ^ of ridan. D. 

taken from B. and C, with the ^ frseton. D. frettan. C. (on 

addition of the word voml from D. erasure). B. omits. 

^ Here, at the top of f. 18. r®, * on forewerdne winter. B. on 

there seems to be another change foreweardne. C. on fore weard 

in the handwriting of TT. winter. D. 


on Lygan^; prot wsbs ymb twa ger faes J?e hie hider ofer sse 

896. On J7y^ ylcan gere worhte se foresprecena here ge £ 18. b. 
weorc be Lyg^^ 'xx* mila bufan Lunden byrig. pa J^aes on 
somera foron micel dsel j^ara buigwara, ^ eacswa oj^res 
folcefi, J^aet hie gedydon set J?ara Deniscana geweorce, 3 

Jwer wurdon gefliemde, *] sume feower cyninges j^eg^nas 
oMaegene. pa )>8es on hserfaeste )^ wicode seeyng on 
neaweste }?are byrig, J^a hwile J^e hie hira com gerypon, 
}?8Bt J?a Deniscan him ne mehton J^ses ripes for wieman. pa 
some daege rad seeyng up be faere eae, ] gehawade hwaer 
mon mehte J?a ea for wyrean, faet hie ne mehton J^a scipu 
ut brengan. "3 hie "Sa swa dydon. worhton iSa tu geweorc. 
on twa healfe J^aere eas. pa hie "Sa J?aet ge weorc fiir J7um 
ongnnnen haefdon, ^ j^aer togewicod haefdon. fa onget se 
here f^aet hie ne mehton ]?a scypu ut brengan; pa forleton 
hie hie, ^ eodon ofer land J^aet hie gedydon aet Cwatbrycge^ 
be Saefem, *] J^aer* gewerc worhton. pa rad seo fird west 
aefber ]7aem herige, j ]?a men of Limden byrig ge fetedon ]?a 
scipu, ] J7a ealle J^e hie alaedan ne mehton tobraecon, 3 J?a J?e 
J?8Br stael wyrSe waeron binnan Lunden byrig gebrohton ; 3 
}7a Deniscan haefdon hira wif befaest innan East Engle aer 
hie ut of j78Bm ge weorce foron ; pa saeton hie J^one winter 
set Cwatbrycge®. paet waes ymb J?reo ger faes J^e hie on 
Limene mu'San comon hider ofer sse. ^ 

897. Da J^aes on sumera on "Sysu/^ gere to f5r se here, 
su;?^ on East Engle, sum on NorShymbre, 3 )?a J?e feoh lease 
waeron him J^aer scipu begeton, 3 su'S ofer sse foron to 

Naefde se here, Godes | J>onces. Sngel cyn ealles for f. 19. 
swi'Se^ gebrocod ; Ac hie waeron micle swi)?or gebrocede on 

{Continued on j^, 90.) 

^ Liggean. B. Ligenan. 0. Li- ^ ]>8et. B. C. D. 

gean, Lygean. D. ^ set Bricge. B. C. set Brygoe. D. 

^ On ]>on. B. Ond ]>y. G. Ond " Angel cynnes ealles fulswi]>e. 

>a >y. D. B. C. D. 

' set Brygce. D. 


(A. D. 897.) faem )?rim geara«;» mid ceapes cwilde ^ monna, ealles 
swi)?ost mid J^sem J^aet manige j^ara selestena^ cynges }?ena 
J?e f aer on londe waeron for^ ferdon on }?8em ]7rim geanu» ; 
J^ara wsbs ^\xm Swi'Sulf biscop on Hrofes ceastre, 3 Ceol- ' 
mund ealdor mon on Cent, j Beorhtulf ealdormon on East 
Seaxuwi, ^ Wulfred ealdormon on Ham tun scire ^, *] Ealh- 
heard^ biscop aet Dorce ceastre, *] Eadulf cynges ]?egn on 
Su*8 Seaxuwi, ^ Beomulf wicgefera* on Winte ceastre, ;) 
Ecgiilf cynges horsj^egn^, 3 manige eac him J?eh ic "Sa 
ge*8ungnestan ® nemde. 

py ilcan geare drehton J^a hergas on East Englu;» 3 on 
NorS hymbru^ West Seaxna lond swi'Se be J^aem su*S stae'Se 
mid stael herga;^, ealra swi]?ust mid "Ssem sescum J^e hie fela 
geara aer timbredon. J?a het -Alfred cyng timbran lang 


scipu ongen "Sa aescas ; fa waeron fulneah tu swa lang swa 
fa 0*8 ru. same haefdon -Ix* ara*^. sume ma. fa waeron aegiSer 
ge swiftran ge un wealtran®, ge eac hieran® yoTMiie fa oSru. 
naeron nawSer ne on Fresisc gescaepene ne on Denisc, bute 
swa him selfii/;^ *8uhte f aet hie ny t wyrSoste beon meahten. 
pa aet sumuwi cirre f aes ilcan geares comon f aer sex scipu to 
Wiht, ^ f aer mycel y fel g^ydon, aeg'Ser ge on Defenua^ ge 
wel hwaer be "Saem sfe riman. pa het se cyng faran mid 
nigonu;;^ to f ara niwena scipa, ^ for foron hi«i f one mu'San 
foran on uter mere ; fa foron hie mid f rim scipum ut 
ongen hie, ;) freo stodon aet ufewearduw^ faem mu'San on 
f. 19. b. dryguwi, waeron fa men uppe on londe of agane, | fa gefen- 
gon hie f ara f reora scipa tu aet *8aem mu^an uteweardu;?^, 
^ fa men ofslogon, ^ f aet an oiS wand ; on faem waeron eac 
fa men ofslaegene buton fifu^. fa comon foriSy onweg Se 
•Sara oferra scipu asaeton, fa wurdon eac swi*8e une*8elice 

{Continued on p, 91.) 

^ selestra. B. 0. ^ arena. B. 

^ B. C. D. omit Wulfred. « So C. untealran. D. ; B. has 

^ Healh heard. D. unge- at the end of one line, and 

^ So W. gerefa. B. C. D. -tran at the beginning of the next. 
^ hors))en. B. hor sten. C. ' hearran. B. C. hearra. D. 

* witan. add. B. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 91 

901. Her gefor Alfred cyning -vii- kt iitovkb. j lie heold 

D. 901. Her gefor -Alfred cyning .vii. ^ Nouembris. ^ heold ))one f. 44. 

{Continued on p. 93.) 

aseten. )?reo assBton on *8a healfe j^ses deopes^ *8e ^a Denis- (a. d. 897. 
can scipu aseten waeron, ] )?a cSru call ^ on oj^re healfe, J^aet 
hira nemehte nan to o^rwn. Ac *8a J^set waeter waes 
ahebbad fela furlanga fro«* J^aem seipu^. J?a eodan "Sa 
Deniscan from J^aem J?rim scipu^ to J^aem oSruwi frim ]?e on 

hira healfe beebbade waeron, ] ^ )?a J^aer gefuhton. J?aer weariS 
oMa^en Lucumon cynges gerefa. ^ Wuif heard Friesa. ^ 
JEbbe Friesa, 3 ^iSelhere Friesa, ^ jE^elferS cynges ge- 
neat, ^ ealra monna Fresiscra ^ Engliscra -Ixii- ^ J^ara 
Deniscena 'Cxx- )7a com ]7aem Deniscu»i scipu;» ]7eh aer 
flod to, ser ]?a Cristnan mehten hira utaseufan^, j hie 
for'8y uto'8 reowon ; ]?a waeron hie to J^aem gesargode^. J^set 
hie ne mehton Su'S Seaxnalond utan be rowan, ac hira ]7aer 
tu sae on lond wearp. ^ fa men mon laedde to Winte 
ceastre^ to j^aem cynge, "j he hie "Saer ahon het. 3 )?a men 
comon on East Engle. \e on J^aem anu7» seipe waeron. swiiSe 
forwundode. py ilcan sumera forwearS nolaes yonne 'xx- 
scipa mid monnu;;? mid ealle. be J'am su'S riman. py ilcan 
gere for^ ferde Wulfric cynges hors *8egn, se waes eac Wealh 
gefera *. 

898. Her on )?ysu;» gere gefor iEiSelm Wiltun scire 
ealdormon, nigon nihtiia» aer middu/w sumere. ^ her | for^ t 20. 
ferde Heahstan, se waes on Lnndenne biscop. 

901. Her gefor -Alfred* Sj^ulfing, syx nihtu/» aer ealra 
haligra maessan ; Se wees cyning ofer call Ongelcyn butan 
^aem daele f e under Dena on walde waes, 3 he heold J^aet rice >{< 

(jConttnued on j^. 93.) 

* 'Ssere dypan. B. * gegaderode. D. 

' ealle. B. C. D. * Wiltun ceastre. D. 

' The scribe at first wrote scutan. • So W. gerefa. B. C. D. 



oyrxim healftiw* laes J^e -xxx* wintra. ] J?a feng Ead weard 
his sunu to rice. 

pa gerad iEiSelwald his fsedran.sann. }?one ha«^ set Win 
human, ] aet Tweoxneam butan "Saes cyninges leafe 3 his 
witena. pa rad secyning mid firde ^ he^ gewicode aet 
Baddanbyrig wiiS Win human, ] -/EfSelwald saet binnan 
]7aem ha^ mid |?aem monnu^ \e him to gebugon, "] haefde 
ealle ]7a geatu forworht in to \n.m, ^ saede ]7aet he wolde 
o'Ser oiSiSe J^aer lihban oiSiSe )?aer liegan. }7a under J^aem ]?a 
be stael he hine on niht on weg, ] ge sohte J?one here on 
NoriS hymbra^, ^ se cyng het ridan aBfter, ] ]?a ne mehte 
hine mon of ridan ; pa berad mon )?aet wif J^aet he haefde aer 
genumen butan ^ cynges leafe ^ ofer }?ara biscopa gebod, 
forJSon "Se heo waes aer to nunnan gehalgod. *] on }?y8 
ilcan gere for^ ferde jEj^ered. waes on Defenuw* ealdormon, 
feower wucu^ aer MMveA. cyning. 

903. Her gefor Sj^ulf ealdormon EalhswiiSe broiSor ;) 
Uirgilius abbud of Scottum' 3 Grim bald maesse preost. 

viil iduB lulii. 

904. Her com j51'8elwald hider ofer sse mid ]7aem flotan 
\q he mid waes on East Sexe. 

905. Her aspon iE'Selwald )?one here on EastEnglu;^ to 
unfriSe, J^aet hie hergodon ofer Mercnaland o^ hie comon 
to Crecca gelade, ] foron j^aer ofer Temese, ] namon aeg^er 

f. 20. b. ge on Bradene | ge "Saer ymb utan call J^aet hie ge hentan 
mehton, ] wendan "Sa eft ham weard; pa for Ead weard 

^ he. on erasure, and in the 
later hand (a), j^ he. B. ot^ he. C. 
o09e he. D. 

^ butan ]>8e8. B. C. D. 

' obitus S. Grimbaldi sacer- 
dotis, et aduentus S. ludoci, et 
dedicatio Noui Monasterii Went. 
F. Lat. I think the scribe wrote 
Zudoces, Ludocit and bo it was read 
by Mr. Thorpe. 

* So B. C. geboden. D. 
» So B. C. 

• So D. eft. B. C. 

^ The MSS.B.and G.,after closing 
the year 915 (918 S.) fetch back to 
896 (the annals 896 to 901 being 
blank) and introduce the present 
episode, which may be considered 
to close at 924 (925 TT.). Both are 
then barren to 934 (935 'X,), where 
they fSaJl in with the usual current 
of History. The episode forms 
therefore a little Mercian Register 
of about twenty years, and might 
be styled the 'Aiinals of ^thel- 
flssd.* The compiler of D. has in- 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 93 

J)et rice •xxviii- wintra •] healf gear, j J?a feng Edward his 
sunn [to] rice. 

903. Her for^ferde Grimbaldi J>es sac\ J ))ys ylcan geares was (F) 
ge halgod Niwe mynster on Wincestre. 3 S. ludoces to cyme '. 

rice .xxviii. wintra ^ healf gear. ^ J)a feng Eadweard his sunu to (D) 

^ }>a [gerad] M^\ wold se^eling his fsederan sunu ]H)ne ham set 
Win human. ^ set Tweoxnam J)8bs cynges unjjances. ^ his witena ; 
pa rad se cyning mid fyrde. g€6q he gewicode set Baddanbyrig 
wi^ Winbuman. ^ Aj)elwold ssBt binnan )«Lm hame mid J>am mon- 
nuw J)e him to gebugon. ^ he hsefde ealle J)a gatu forworhte 
into him. ^ ssede $ he wolde oJ>J>e ^ser libban o^e J>8er licgean. J)a 
under ]7am ))a rad se 8e}>eling on niht aweg, ^ gesohte ))one here on 
Nor^hymbrum, ^ hi hine under fengon him to cyninge, ^ him 
to bngon ; pa bera[d] man $ wif J>e he hsefde aer genum[en] 
butan J>8es cynges leafan ^ ofer ))8era biscopa gebodu, forj^am heo 
I W8BS ser to nonnan gehalgod. j on J)ys ilcan geare foi^ ferde f. 44. b. ] 
^|>ered, wsbs on Defenum ealdor man. iiii. wucan ser -Alfred ' 


903. Her gefor A))ulf ealdorman, Ealh swy^ bro^or, Eadweardes 
moder cynges, ] Uirgilius abbud of Scottum, ^ Grimbald msesse 

904. Her com A^l wold hider ofer s» mid eallum )«Lm flotan J)e 
he begitan mihte, ^ him to gebogen * wses on East Seaxe. 

905. Her cometa set eowde .xiii. kt Nouembris. 

Her gelsedde ® AJ)elwold Jwne here on East Englum to unfri^, 
J hi gehergodon ofer eall Myrcnaland 0^ hi comon to Creocc- 
gelade. ^ foron J)8Br ofer Temese, ^ namon aBg))er on Brsedene ge 
)>8er on buton eall ^ hi gehentan meahton, '] wendon ])a east^ 
ham weard. pa for Eadweard cyning sefter swa he rarest mihte 

902"^. Her Ealhswi^ for6ferde. ;) J>y ilcan gere waBs $ gefeoht set (C) f. 14c 
])am Holme Cantwara *] }>ara Deniscra. 
904. Her mona a))ystrode. 

905. Her aetywde* cometa. 

{Continued on p. 94.) 

corporated portions of this piece in their digested and undigested 

and attempted to reduce the whole condition. The text is from C, with 

to chronological order. The student yarious readings from B. 
can therefore compare the materials ® o])y wde. B. 


cyning sefter, swa he ra*8ost mehte his fird gegadrian, '] 
oferhergade eall hira land betwuh dicuw 3 Wusan. eall 
0*8 ^a fennas norS ; pa he *8a eft J^onan ut &ran wolde, fa 
het he beodan ofer ealle )7a fird }?8et hie foron ealle ut set 
somne. pa aetsaBton *8a Centiscan j^aer beaeftan ofer his 
bebod, ^ seofon aerendracan he hi;;^ hsefde to asend. pa 
""be'for sehere hie iSaBr, ^ hie 'Saer gefuhton, ;) }>aer wearS 
Sigulf ealdormon ofslaegen, ^ Sigelm ealdormon, ^ Ead- 
wpld cynges "Segen, ^ Cenulf abbod, ^ Sigebreht Sigulfes 
sunn, ;) Eadwald Scean sunu, ^ monige eac him, }>eh ie iSa 
ge 'Sungnestan nemde. *] on iSara Deniseena healfe wearS 
ofslaegen Eohric hira cyng, ] -/EiSelwald aeiSeling iSe hine to 
]78em unfri'Se ge spon, ^ Byrht sige Beomo'Ses sunu ae'Sel- 
inges. ^ Ysopa hold, ^ Oseytel hold, ;) swiiSe monige 
eac him, J?e we nu genemnan nemagon; ^ J^aer waes 
on gehwae'Sre bond micel wael geslaegen, ^ fara Denis- 
eena J^aer wearS ma ofslaegen, J^eh hie wsel stowe gewald 

^ EalhswiiS gefor J^y ilean geare. 

906^. Her on fys geare gefor -Alfred, waes aet Ba'Suw 
gerefa. ^ on )?aBm ilean gere mon faestnode J^one in^ aet 
Yttinga fprda, swa swa Eadweard cyng geraedde, aegSer 
wi*8 East Engle ge wi*8 Nor^ hymbre. 

909. Her gefor Denulf, se waes on Winte ceastre biscop ; 

>h 910. Her feng FriiSestan* to biscop dome on Winte 

f. 21. ceastre, '-} Ssser biscop gefor aefter Saem, se waes aet Scire 

human | biscop. ^ )?y ilean gere sende Eadweard cyng 

firde aegSer ge of West Seaxu/» ge of Mercuw^, ^ heo geher- 

gade swi*8e micel on J^aem norS here, aegSer ge on mannuwj 

(C) 907. Her waes Lig cester^ ge edniwod. 

909. Her waBs see Oswaldes lie gelseded ' of Beardan igge on 

910. On Jjysum gere Engle ^ Dene gefuhton set Teotanheale J 
Engle sige namon. J \f ilean geare ^^elflaed getimbrede ])a burh 
aet Bremes byrig. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 95 

906. Hep gefesinode Eadward cyng for neode fnS 8Bg?5er 
ge wits EastEngla here, ge witJ NortJhymbre. 

910. Her Englebere ;) Dene gefahton aet Teotanheale. -] 
M^pered. Myrcena ealdor fortJ | ferde. ^ Eadward cyng feng to f. 35. 
Lunden byrig. 3 to Oxnaforda. 3 to ealle ]7am landum ]7e }7ser to 
gebyredon. •] mycel scipbere hider com 8u]7an of Lidwicum. 3 
hergedon swiSe be Sefeern. ac bi Jjaer msest ealle sitSSan forforon. 

his fyrd ge gaderian. ^ ofer hergode eall byra land be tweob (D) 
dicum 3 Wiisan eall 0*5 fennas norS. pa be eft ])anon faran 
wolde. fa bet beo beodon ofer ealle ))a fyrd. -f bi foron ealle ut 
^tsomne ; pa set sseton ]7a Centiscan J^asr | be asftan ofer bis be- f. 45- 
bod. ;] vii. serendracan be bim bsBfde toasend; pa befor sebere 
bi Jwr. ^ bi ^aer gefubton. ;] Jser [weai^] Siulf ealdorman of 
sla^en. ^ Sibelm ealdorman. 3 Eadwold cynges ))eng. ^ Kenulf 
aBb. ] Sigebrybt Siulfes sunu. ^ Eadwold Accan sunu. ^ manige 
eac to bim, ])eab ic )>a ge ])ungene8tan nemde. ^ on ])SBra De- 
niscena^ bealfe waes ofslsegen Eoric cyning. ^ A^elwold sejjeling 
))e bi bim to cyninge gecumm ^^ ^ Beorbt sige Beorbt no^s ® sunu 
aejielinges. ] Ysopo bold. ^ Oskytel bold. ^ swi^ masnige eac 
mid him, J>e we nu genenman ne magon. "] J)8Br wses on ge bwae- 
^re band mycel wael geslsegen. ^ jjsera Deniscna* wear^ ma 
of slsegen, J)eab hi wael stowe ge weald ahton. ^ Ealb swi^ gefor 
]fj ilcan geare. 

906. Her waes sSe Oswaldes lichoma alaeded of Beardanigge. 
Her on fysson geare -Alfred gefor. waes"^ set Ba^umtune gerefa. 
3 on ]}am ylcan geare man gefsestnode ]7one fri% set Ytinga 
forda, swa swa Eadward cyning gersedde, segj^aer ge wi% East 
Jlnglum ge wi^ Noi^hymbrcfi. 

909 ®. Her Myrce ^ West Seaxe gefahton wi^ ))one here neb f. 45. b. 
Teotan beale. qn .viii. idus Agustus. ^ sige bsefdon. ;] J)y ilcan 
geare -ffi)>elfl«ed getimbrode Bremesburb. Her gefor Denewulf 
se waes on Wintan ceastre IS. 

910. Her feng Fri^stan to biscopdome on Winta ceastre. ^ 
Afiser gefor aefter Jam, se waes aet Scire human biscop. ^ ))y il- 
can geare sende Eadweard cyning fyrde aegfer ge of West 

( Continued onj^.^j.) 

' 907. W. • Byrhsige ByrtnoSes. B. Beorh- 

* Ligoeaster geedneowad. B. ^ige Beorhtno]>es. C. 

' geLedd. B. ^ The scribe at first wrote wsst. 

* Beniacra. B. C. * f. 45. b. begins with 908. 
» So D. gecuron. B. C. » ofer. MS. 


ge on gehwelces cynnes yrfe, 3 manega men ofslogon Jmra 
Deniscena. 3 J^aer wseron fif wucan inne. 

911. Her brsec sehere on NortS hymbru;^ ]7one 61*8, -} 
forsawon selc friS J^e Eadweard cyng *] his witan him 
budon. ] hergodon ofer Mercna lond; *] se cyng hsefde 
gegadrod «am hand scipa. ] wses J^a on Cent, ] ^a scipu 
foran be su'San east andlang sse togenes him. ]?a wende 
se here ]78et his foltumes se msBsta dsel wsere on J^sem 
seipnm, "^ J^set hie mehten fSsuran nn be fohtene J^aer J^aer hie 
wolden. J^a geascade se cyng J^aet J^set hie ut on heiga? 
foron, J7a sende he his fird aegSer ge of WestSeaxim 
ge of Mercuw*, 3 hie offoron "Sone here hindan, ]7a he 
ha«iweard waes, 3 him j^a wij? geftihton, 3 ]7one here ge- 
fliemdon, 3 his fela ]>iisenda ofslogon, 3 j^asr wses Ecwils^ 
cyng ofslaegen. 

912. Her gefor jE'Sered ealdormon on Merem»; 3 
Eadweard cyng feng to Lunden byrg *] to Oxna forda^ 3 to 
iSsem landuTW eallu;» ]>e ]>8er to hierdon. 

918. Her on )7ys geare ymb Martines msessan het Ead 
weard cyning^ atimbran J^a nor^ran burg rot Heorot forda 
betweox Memeran^ 3 Beneficcan *] Lygean; 3 ]7a sefter 
J7am ]?8es on sumera. betweox* gang dagnm 3 middnm 
^- 21. b. sumera, | )?a iov Eadweard cyning mid snmnm his fiiltame 
on East Seaxe to M<i§l dune. 3 wicode J^ser )?a hwile J^e man 
J7a burg worhte *] getimbrede set Wit ham; *] him beag 
god dsel l^ses folces to ]>e aer under Deniscra manna anwalde 
wseron, 3 sum his fultum worhte J^a burg J^a hwile set 
Heorot forda on suj? healfe Lygean. 

(C) 911. Da ^868 oj)res geaxes gefor*^ -^J>ered Myrcna hlaford. 

912. Her com ^]>elflffid Myrcna hlsefdige on ]70ne halgan sefen 
Inuentione sSe crucis. to Scergeate, 3 )>8er ^a burh getimbrede. 3 
]>ses ilcan geares ]}a set Bricge. 

913. Her Gode forgyfendum for iEjjelflsed Myrcna hleefdige 
mid eallum Myrcum to Tamaweor6ige. "] f^ burh J)8er getim- 
brede. on foreweardne sumor, "3 }>8es foran to hlaf msessan. ]>a set 
Stsef forda. 


Seaxtim ge of Myrcum. j he gehergode swy^ mycel on 
]«un noi^ here, 8eg]>8Br ge on mannum ge on hwylcum yrfe, "3 
manege men ofslogon J)8Bra Dseniscra. ;) J)8er wseron .v. wucan 

Her ^ngle. "3 Dene gefuhton set Totanheale. "3 M^lreA 
Myrcna ealdor for^feide. ^ Eadward cyning feng to Lunden 
byrig. ^ to Oxnaforda. ^ to eallum ]>am landum ]7e ])8erto 
hyrdon. ^ mycel scip here hider com su^an of lid wicum. 
;] hergodon swy^ be Ssefem. ac hi })8Br maest ealle sy))J:an 

911. Her brsec sehere j)one fri^ on Nor^hymbrum. ;) for 
sawon selc riht * )« Eadweard cyning. •] his witan him budon. | 3 f. 46. 
hergodon ofer Myrcland. "3 se cyning hsefde gegaderod sum 
hundscipa. "3 wses J)a on Cent. ;] })a scipu foron be su^an east 
andlang b» togeanes him. pa wende se here f his fultum 
wsere se msBsta dsel on ])am scipum. "3 ])SBt hi mihton un be foh- 
t«ne faran ])8er ]>8Br hi woldon. pa ge aJisode se cyning J^set ]>8et 

hi on hergea^ foron, J)a sende he his fyrd aeg^r ge of West 
Seazum ge of Myrcum. "3 hy of foron |)one here hindan, J)a he 
ham weard waBs. 3 him wi^ J)a gefuhton. ;] J)one here geflymdon. 
3 his feola of slogen. ^ )>8er wses EowiHsc cyng ofslaegen. 3 
Healden cyng. "3 Ohter eorl. "3 Scurfa eorl. "3 A^ulf "^ hold ** "3 Ag- 
mund hold. 

912. Her ge for M}^e\ red ealdor man on Myrcum. "3 Eadweard 
cyning feng to Lunden byrig "3 to Oxnaforda. ^ to eallum ))am 
landum ))e ))8er to hyrdon. 

91B. Her ^]>elfled getimbrode Tameweor^. ^ eac Stafforda 
burh. Her on jiyssum geare ymbe Martines msessan het Eadward 
cyning atimbrian J)a noi^n burh. set Heort forda, be tweoh ' 
Mseran. ^ Bene ficean. "3 Ligean. "3 ])a aefter ))am ])8es on sumera. 
betwux gang dagum. '3 middan sumera for Eadweard cyning 
mid sumum | his fultume on East Seaxe to Mael dune. ^ wicode f. 46. b. 
))8Br Jwi hwile )>e man )>a burh worhte. "3 ge trymode aet Witan ham. 
3 him beah god dsel J^ses folces to ])e aer under Daeniscra manna 
anwealde waeron. ^ sum his fultum worhte J)a burh aet Heortforda 
on su^healfe Lygean. 

1 Eowik. B. C. ^ 0]mlf. B.C. 

^ The in has been erased. " "^ Benesing hold. "^ AnlSf se 

' M^ran. B. Meran. C. Swearia. 1 J>arfer0 hold. -3 Osferd 

* So C. betuh. B. Hlytte. -3 GuSferO hold. *] Agmund 
' ^ ojves geares Jnes gel6r. B. hold. "^ Gu9f(nV. B. C. 

• SoRC. 

98 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

917. Her on ]7ys gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of 
Ham tune, ^ of Ligera ceastre. ^ brsecon }7one fri]?. "3 slogon 
monige men set Hoe nera tmie, j j^ser onbutan ; ^ ]7a swiiSe 
ra]?e sefber ]>8em, swa |7a o]7re ham comon, ]7a fundon hie 
o)?re flocrade, J^set rad ut wi'S Lygtimes, ^ J^a wnrdon ]wi 
landleode his ware, j him wi)? gefuhton, *] gebrohton 
hie on fullmn fleame, 3 ahreddon eall J^sBt hie genmnen 
haefdon, *] eac hira horsa *] hira wsepna mieelne dael : 

918. Her on J^ysum geare com micel sciphere hider ofer 
su)7an of Lidwiccum, ] twegen eorlas mid, Ohtor ^ Hroald, 
3 foron west onbutan )?8et hie gedydon innan Ssefeme 
mu]?an, ] hergodon on Norj^Wealas seghwaer be ]7am s8b, 
J78er hie )?onne on hagode ; j ge fengon Cameleae^ biscop on 
Ircinga felda, 3 Iseddon hine mid him to scipum, 3 ]?a 

f. 22. aliesde Eadweard cyning hine eft mid -xl* pundu»i. | ^pa 
sefter ]7am for se here eall up, 3 wolde faran }>a giet on 
heYga]? wiiS Ircinga feldes ; }?a gemetton J>a men hie of 
Here forda 3 of Gleaweceastre. *] of )?am nieh Vtum burgum, 
3 him wi'S gefahton, 3 hie gefliemdon; 3 ofslogon }?one 
eorl Hroald 3 }?8es oj^res eorles bro)?or Ohteres, 3 micel jwes 
heres. 3 be drifon hie on anne pearmc, 3 be sseton hie Jwer 
utan, o]7]7e^ hie him sealdon gislas^ ]>sBt hie of Eadweardes 
cyninges anwalde afaran woldon ; 3 se cyng haefde ftmden 
J7aet him mon saet wij? on su)? heaUe SsBfem mu]>an, 
westan from Wealum, east oJ> 55fenemu]7an, }?aBt hie ne 
dorston ]7set land nawer ge secan on ]7a healfe ; pa be 
staelon hie hie ]7eah nihtes upp aet sumum twam cirron, set 
oj^rum cierre be eastan "Wseced, 3 aet 6^tom cierre aet Port 
locan ; pa slog hie mon aet aegj^rum cirre, J^aet hira feawa 
on weg comon, buton J^a ane );e J^aer ut aetswummon to 
)?am scipum, 3 J?a saeton hie ute on J^am iglande aet Bradan 
Relice, oj? J?one first ]7e hie wurdon swi)7e mete lease, 3 
monige men hungre acwaelon, forj^on hie ne meahton 

(C) 914. pa ^868 o|)re geaxe J>a aet Eadesbyrig on foreweardne sumor. 
3 |)aBS ilcan geres eft on ufeweardne hflerfest J>a aet Wseringwicum*. 


914. Her on gere rad se here ut ofer Eastron of Ham tune *] 
of Ligere ceastre. *] brsecon ]H)nne fri% ^ slogon manegan meen 
set Hoc cenere tnne. '^ )>8er abuton. ^ ))a hwile swy^e ra%e sefker 
|Kun. swa o]nre Iiam comon. ])a fandon hi o^re flocrade ^ md 
nt ^% Lig tunes. "} ]>a wnrdon ))a landleode his gewser. ^ him 
wi% gefhhton. ^ gebrohton hi on fdllan fleame. ^ ahrseddon 
eall ^ hi ge numen hsBfdon. 3 eac heora horsa ^ heora wsepna 
mjcelne dseL 

915. Her on ]>ison geare wees Wserincwic getimbrod. ;] com 
mjcel sciphere hider ofer su^n of Lio^wicum. ^ di. eorlas 
mid, Ohter ^ Hraold *. ^ foron ))a west abuton "f hi gedydon* innon 
Ssefemmu^an. *;] hergodon on Noi^Wealas. eeghwser be )>am 
sta^mn ]>8Br hi ]>onne onhagode. ^ gefengon Camel ge eac 
bisceop on lercinga felda. *] Iseddon hine mid him to scipe. *] 

]ia aljsde Ead weard cyning hine eft mid .xL pundum. pa sefter f. 47. 

)>am ^ for se here eall up. ^ wolde faran ])agit on hergea^ wi% 

lercinga feldes. pa gemytton hy of Here f orda. *] of Gleawe ceastre. 

3 of |«un nyztan buigum. "] him wiH$ ge fuhton ^ hi ge flymdon. ^ 

of slogon Jjane eorl Hraold. ^ faes o)>res eorles brojjor Ohteres. "] 

mycel ]>8e8 heres. ^ be drifon hi on anne pearroc. ^ be seeton hi 

|«er utan 0% hi him sealdon gi8[las] '^. ]>8et hi of )>8bs cynges an- 

1 wealde faran woldo[n]. ^ se cyng heefde funden ^ him mon sset 

wi^ [on] su^ healfe Ssefem mu])an westan fram We[a]lum, east oj> 

Afenemii])an, )>8ethi nedorsta[n] )>8et landnawsem^ on ])a healfe ge 

secean. p[a] be steelon * hi |7eah nihtes up set sumum twa[m] cyr- 

rom. set ojnrum cyrre be eastan Weced. 8B[t] o))rum cyrre set 

Por locan. pa sloh hi mon set 8Bg))erum cyrre, "f hyra feawa on 

weg comon buton ]>a ane [^] |>ser ut 0% swymman mihton to ]>am 

sdpum. ^ ]>a sseton hi ute on ]>am iglande set Steapan Reolice ^^ 0% 

JK)ne fyrst ^e hi wurdon swy))e mete lease. ^ manege men hungre 

acwselon, for])on hi ne mealiton naenne mete geraecan. foron ]7a 

{Continued on j^. loo.) 

915. pa ^8 o))re geare on ufan midne winter pa set Cyric byrig (C) 
] ]4 set Weard byrig. ^ ^y ilcan gere foran to middan wintra )?a set 
Bam cofon^^. 

^ Gamelgeac. B. C. * gedyde. MS. 

' Sir T. D. Hardy thinkB that ^ The letters in brackets have 

bere, at the top of f. 32. r**, there is been lost on the margin, 

another change of hand, and per- ^ With modem pundum de- 

haps he is right. lens under the final n. nawem. C. 

* ]wBt. B. ofS. C. D. nahwser. B, 

* -wicon. B. * altered from bestselan. 

» mid Hraold. MS. ^« So B. C. " RGm-. B. 



(;a.d. 918.) Banne mete gersecan^ foran ]7a ]7onan to Deomodum, ;] 
f. 22. b. |7a ut to tr|lande. ^ \h& W8bs on haerfest; tJ J^* aefter 
]7am on ]7am ilcan gere foran to Martines msessan, «a for 
Eadweard cyning to Buccinga^hamme' mid his firde, ^ saet 
]78Br feower wucan, 3 geworhte ]7a borga buta on aegj^ere 
healfe eas aer he J^onon fore ; 3 purcytel eorl hine ge sohte 
him to hlaforde, 3 ]7a holdas ealle, ^ ]7a ieldstan men ealle 
msBste $e to Bedan forda hierdon^ 3 eac monige ]7ara ]7e to 
Ham tune hierdon^. 

919. Her on ]7ys gere Ead weard cyng for mid fierde to 
Bedan forda foran to Martines msessan, j be get ]7a burg, ;] 
him cirdon to maest ealle ]7a burg ware ]7e hie aer budon, ;] 
he saet J^aer feower wucan, j het atimbran ]7a burg on su)? 
healfe ]7aere eas aer he ]7onan fore : 

920. Her on ]7ys gere foran to middum sumera for Ead 
weard cyning to Maeldune, ^ getimbrede J^a burg ^ ge sta- 
"Solode aer he ]?onon fore ; ^ ]7y ilcan geare for pur cy tel 
eorl ofer sae on Froncland. mid ]7am mannum ]7e him 
ge laestan woldon. mid Eadweardes cynges frij^e j fultume. 

{Continued on p, xoi.) 

f.47.b.(D) fanon to Deomedum. ^ fanon to "^r | lande. ^ Jjis wses on haerfest. 
^ ])a aefter ])am on ];am ilcan geare foran to Martines meessan. 
>a for Eadweard cyning to Buccinga hamme mid his fyrde. '^ sset 
))8er feower wucan. ^ geworhte fa byrig buta on 8eg]>8er healfe eas 
8Br he );anon fore. ^ purcytel eorl hine ge sohte him to hlaforde. 
^ ))a eorlas ealle. ^ J>a yldestan maen )?e to Beda forda hyrdon. ^ eac 
msenege faera fe to Ham tune hyrdon^. 

f.i4o.b.(C) 916. Her waes' Ecgbriht abbud unscyldig ofslegen foran to mid- 
dan sumera. on xvi. kt ivt. J>y ilcan daege waes sSe Ciricius tid j>aBS 
^roweres. mid his geferum. ^ ^aes embe J>reo niht sende JSJjelflaed 
fyrde on Wealas. "3 abraec Brecenan mere ^ j>aer genam ^aes cinges 
wif feower ^ ^ritiga sume. 

^ At this point B. and C. insert. have been borrowed by D direct 

the Mercian register of the years firom the ' Mercian Register.' They 

902-924 which is given above. are therefore omitted here from D. 

^ The annals 917, 9181 919, 921 ' wear9. B. 

THE PARKER MS. (35) loi 

921. Her on J^^ysum gere Eastron Eadweard (a.d. 921. 
cyning het ge fiuran ]7a burg set | Tofe ceastre. j hie ge f. 23. 
timbran ; ^ )7a eft aefber ]?am on ]7am ilcan geare to gang 
dago^ he het a timbran )7a bnrg aet Wiginga mere ; 

"pj ilcan sumera be twix hlaf msessan ^ middum sumera 
se here brsec ]?one firi]? of Ham tune, j of Ligera ceastre, ^ 
]K>nan nor]7an, ^ foron to Tofe ceastre, j fohton on J?a burg 
ealne daeg, ^ ]7ohton ]78Bt hie hie sceolden abrecan ; ac hie 
]7eah awerede ]7aet folc ]7e ]7aer binnan wses o]7 him mara 
Mtnm to com, ^ hie forleton ]?a }7a burg, j foron aweg ; 3 
]?a efb swiSe ra]7e aefber )7am hie foron efb ut mid steel herge 
nihtes, ^ comon on ungearwe men, ^' genomon unlytel, 
aBg]7er ge on mannum, ge on ierfe. betweox Byrne wuda 1 

]>jr ilcan sij^e for se here of Huntandune, ^ of East 
Englum, J worhton J^aet geweorc aet T<emese forda, 3 hit 
budon ^ bytledon, ^ forleton J^aet oj^er aet Huntandune, ^ 
)?ohton )78Bt hie sceoldon )7anon of mid gewinne j mid 
onfri'Se eft ]7aes landes mare ge raecan ; j foran ]7aet hie ge 
dydon aet Bedan forda, ^ ]7a foran ]7a men ut ongean ]7e )>aer 
binnan waeron, ^ him wi)? gefuhton, ^ hie gefliemdon, ^ 
hira | godne dsel of slogon. f. 23. b. 

pa efb aefter ]?am ]7a giet ge gadorode micel here hine of 
East Englum^ ^ of Mercnalande, ^ foran to ]?8Bre byrig aet 
Wiginga mere, ^ ymbsaeton hie utan, ^ fuhton lange on 
daeg on, j namon )7one ceap on butan ; ^ J^a men aweredon 

(Continued OH ^. xo2.) 

917. Her JSfelflded Myrcna hlsefdige Gode fultumgendum'* foran (C) 
to hlsef msessan' begeat ))a burh mid eallum ))am ^ Jj^r to hyrde, 
))e ys haten Deoraby*. Jjser* waeron eac ofslegene hyre ]>egna 
feower %e hire besorge wseron binnan ]7am gatum. 

{Continued on p, 105.) 

^ The scribe after this wrote, dum. D. 

1 of EastEnglum^ and then erased ' hlam-. D. 

it ^ altered from Deoreby. 

' Mtmigendum. B. fultumien- ' *] >er. B. 

102 THE PARKER MS. (3S) 

.D. 931.) J^eah ]?a burg J^e ]?ser .biimaii wseron, ^ ]?a forleton hie J^a 
burg ^ foron aweg. 

pa aefber ]?am ]?8es ilcan sumeres gegadorode micel folc 
hit on Eadweardes cynges anwalde. of )?am niehstum bur- 
gum, ]?e hit "Sa ^ge&ian mehte, ^ foron to T<emese forda. 
J bessBton "Sa burg. ^ fuhton "Saeron 0*8 hi hie abrsBCon^ 
3 of slogon J?one cyning, ^ Toglos eorl, ^ Mannan eorl his 
sunu, ^ his bro)7or, ^ ealle J?a \q Jiaer binnan, wseron, ^ hie 
wergan woldon, ^ namon ]7a o|^re ^ eal ]?set \yst binnan wses. 

pa sefter )?am ]?ses for hra]?e g^^orode micel folc hit on 
hserfest, aeg^er ge of Cent, ge of SuJ?rigum, geof East 
Seaxum, ge seghwonan of ]7am nihstum burgum, ^ foron to 
Colne ceastre, ^ ymbsseton ]7a burg, ^ ]78er on fuhton o]? 
f. 34. hie ]7a geeodon, ^ ]7aet | folc call of slogon, ^ ge namon eal 
J^aet ]7aBr binnan was, buton J^am mannum J^e J^ser oj^flugon 
ofer ]7one weall. 

pa sefter ]?am ]7a giVt ]78es ilcan hserfestes gegadorode 
micel here ^hine^ of East Englum. segj^er ge ]?8bs landheres 
ge )^ra wicinga ]7e hie him to fiiltume aspanen hsefdon, 3 
]7ohton ]?SBt hie sceoldon ge wrecan hira teonun, ^ foron to 
Maeldune, ^ ymbsaeton ]7a burg, ^ fuhton j^aeron, o]? J^am 
burg warum com mara Mtum to utan to helpe, ^ forlet se 
here ]7a burg, ^ for fram; ^ ]7a foron ]?a men sefber ut of 
)78Bre byrig, ^ eac J?a )7e him utan comon to fiiltume, ^ 
gefliemdon )7one here 3 of slogon hira monig hund, s^]?er 
ge sesc manna ge o]7errar 

pa ]7aes forhraj^e ]7aes ilcan haerfestes for Eadweard 
cyning mid West Sexna fierde to Passan hamme, ^ saet ]?aer 
]7a hwile )7e mon worhte ]?a burg aet Tofe ceastre mid stan 
wealle, ^ him cirde to purfer]? eorl, ^ ]?a holdas, ^ eal se here 

{Continued OH ^, io3*) 

1...1 fi^\^ passage, gefaran . . . ab- work and resumed the pen himself, 
rsecon, is in a different and inferior In fact in some places tibe old writ- 
hand. After abrsecon there is a ing can be traced letter for letter 
long erasure, as if the original scribe imder the new. 
had scratched out his predecessor's 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 103 

918. Her iElSelflsed forSferde Myrcena Hlffifdige. 

921. Her Sihtric cjng of slob Niel hb bro]x)r. 

^ (H) 

|?e to Ham tune hierde nor]? oj? Weolud, 3 sohton hine hira (a.d. 921.; 
to hlaforde ^ to mtmd boran ; 

3 }^ 86 fird stemn for | ham, )» for oj^er ut, ^ ge for ]?a f. 24. b. 
biu^ SBt Hnntandmie, ^ hie gebette "j geedneowade ]?ser 
heo ser to brocen wses, be ^E^ad weardes cyninges hsese, ^ 
|7set folc eal ]?8Bt ]?8Br to lafewses ]7ara landleoda beag to 
Eadwearde cyninge, ^ sohton his fri]? ^ his mundbyrde. 

pa giet aefber ]?am J^ses ilcan geres foran to Martines 
msessan for Eadwear^d^ cyning mid WestSexna fierde to 
Colneceastre, ^ gebette ]?a burg ^ geedneowade ]?8Br heo 
©r to brocen waes, ^ him cirde micel folc to, segj^er ge on 
EastEnglum, ge on East Seaxum, ]7e ser under Dena an 
walde wses; ^ eal se here on EastEnglum him swor 
annesse, J^set hie eal ]7set woldon ]78et he wolde, j call ]?set 
firi]?ian woldon J?set se cyng fri]7ian wolde, segj^er ge on s®, 
ge on lande ; ^ se here ]?e to Grantan biycge hierde hine 
geces synderlice him to hlaforde j to mund boran, ^ )7set 
^estnodon mid a]?um. swa swa he hit ]?a ared. 

922. ^Her on "Sysum gere betweox^ gangdagu^ ^ 
mid^dW sumera for Eadweard cyng mid firde to Stean 
forda. ^ het gewyrcaii "Sa burg on su'S healfe iSsere eas, ^ 
?set folc ealiSe to "Ssere nor|^]?erranbyrig hierde. him beah f. 25. 
to, 3 sohtan hine him to hlaforde. ^ \vl on ]?sem setle iSe he 
])8er sset, J?a ge for ^]?elflsed his swystar set Tame wor]?ige 

•xii* nihtu^ ser middum sumera ; j ]?a gerad he J^a burg set 
Tame worj^ige, j him cierde to eall se J^eodscype on 
Myrcna lande J^e -^j^elflsede ser under ]?eoded wses; ^ J^a 
cyningas on Norj^Wealum, Howel, 3 Cledauc, ^ leoj^wel, 

{Continued on f, 104.) 

^ Here there is a change of hand ^ Here there ia another change of 

in MS. %, hand, which may be the resumption 

' The scribe at first omitted the of the work by the last scribe but 

w in betweoz, and then inserted it one after the interval of £6ur lines, 
wrongly befiore the t. 


-] eall Nor]? Weall cyn hine sohton him to hlaforde. pa for 
he ]7onan to Snotingaham "j gefor )7a burg, ^ het hie ge 
betan ^ gesettan. seg]?er ge mid Engliscnm mannam, ge 
mid Deniscum ; ^ him cierde eall ]?set folc to \^ on Mercna 
lande ge seten wses, segj^er ge Denisc ge Englisee. 

923. Her on ]?ysam geare for Eadweard cjning mid 
fierde on ufan heerfest to pelwsele, "3 het gewyrcan Jwi 
burg, 3 ge settan, ^ ge mannian ; ^ het o]7re fierd eac of 
Mierena ]7eode ]?a hwile ]?e he ]?8Br saet gefaran Mame 
coaster on Nor]? hymbrum, ^ hie ge betan ^^^ ge mannian. 

Her for)>f6rde Plegemund aroebisoeop. 

924. Her on J^ysom gere foran to middum somera for 
f. 25. b. Eadweard cyning mid fierde | to Snotinga ham, 3 het 

ge wyrcan ]?a burg on su]? healfe ]?sere eas, ongean ]7a o|?re, 
^ ]7a biycge ofer Treontan betwix )7am twam bnrgam; ^ 
for \2k ]?onan on Feaclond to Badecan wiellon, ^ het ge 
wyrcan ane burg ]7ser on neaweste, ^ ge mannian ; ^ hine 
geces ]?a to feeder 3 to hlaforde Scotta cyning ^ call 
Scotta ]?eod ; ^ BsBgnald, 3 Eadnlfes snna, ^ ealle ]?a ]?e on 
Nor]? hymbrum bugea]?, 8eg]?er ge Englisee, ge Denisce, ge 
NorJ? men, ge o]?re ; 3 eac Strsecled Weala cyning, ^ ealle 
Strsecled Wealas^. 
f. 26. 925. Her Eadweard cing for]? ferde, ^ ^]?elstan his sunn 

feng to rice. *] SSe Donstan weai^ aksexmed. ';) WvXftlm feng to ^an 
areebiseop rice on Cantuarehyri. 

^ Here half a page is left blank, ^ rsedinge. D. 

and a new band b^fins at the top * )>U8. D. 

of f. 26. ^^ nihtnm. B. D. pridie ID lUNn. 

* Thisannal has been crossed out, add. D. 

I think by a later hand ; no doubt ^^ Tarn weor9e. B. D. 

because of the mention of Edward's ^' innan. D. 

death in the next annal. ^ dohtar. B. -er. D. 

' et a StreclsBde rege XJoalorum. ^* This annal (921) is not in B. 

F. Lat. " on. B. 

* foltome. D. ^' heora lie liogaff. B. . 
' gesimbsumllce. B. om. D. " M^s^n, B. 

* Legra-. B. Ligran-. D. * An asterisk here in the MS., 


hyre under ]>eod. D. perhaps to mark lacuna. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 105 

923. Her Regnold cyng gewan Eoferwic. 

924. [Her iEdward cyning forSferde. 3 iE]?elstan his aunu 
feng to rice] *. 

925. Her Wulfelm biscop wes gehalgod. ^ \j ilcan geare 
^ward cyning fortSferde. 

924. Her wear]> Eadward cing gecoren to fsedere J to hlauorde (F) f. 57. 
* of Scotta cinge *] of Scotton. ^ Regnolde cinge ^ of eallum Noi^hum 

bram 3 eac Streaclede Wsela cinge '. ^ of eallon Streclsed Wealan. 

925. Her Eadward cing forj^ferde. ^ ^^stan his sunu feng 
to rice. ^ Wnlfelm wear]? gehadod to ar15 to Cant' ^ S. Dunstanus 
was geboren. 

923. Her Begnold cyning ge wan Eofor wic. {Tji\ 

924. Her Eadweard cyning gefor on Myrcum set Famdune. ^ 
^Ifweard his sunu swy))e hra^ ]>ses gefor ymbe .xvi. dagas set 
Oxan forda. "} hyra lie li¥ set Wintan ceastre. ^ -ffi|)elstan wses geco- 
ren to cynge of Myrcum. ^ set Cynges tune gehalgod. J he geaf his 
sweostor Ofsse Eald Seaxna cynges suna. 

925. Her ^ J)elstan cyning | ^ Sihtric Nor^ hymbra cyng heo f. 48. b. 
gesamnodon set Tame weor%|>ige. iii- 1^ Februarius. J ^)>elstan his 
sweostor him forgeaf. 

918. Her heo begeat on hire geweald mid Godes foltume* on fore (C) 
weardne gear gesybsumlice^ ))a burh set Ligra ceastre ^ ^ se msesta 
dael jwes herges J)e ^r to hirde wear^ under ]>eoded'^. ^ hsefdon eac 
Eforwicingas hire gehaten. '3 sume onwedde geseald. sume mid 
a)nun gefsestnod "f hi on hyre rsedenne® been woldon. Ac swi^ 
hrsedlice |>sbs ^ hi ]>8es' geworden hsefde heo gefor. zii. nihtun^^ 

sr middan sumera. binnan Tamaweor|>ige^^ %y eahto)>an geare 
jiees %e heo Myrcna anweald mid riht hlaforddome healdende 
W8B8. ^ hyre lie li^ binnan Gleawcestre on^^ fam east portice see 
Petares cyrcean. 

919. Her eac wear^ ^felredes dohtor^' Myrcna hlafordes selces 
anwealdes on Myrcum benumen, ^ on WestSexe aleded. ))rim 
wacum ser middan wintra. seo wses haten JSlfwyn. 

921. Her Eadweard cing getimbrede ]>a burh set Gledemu]>an^^. 

924. Her Eadweard cing gefor on Myrcum set Feamdune. ^ 
^Ifwerd his sunu swi^ hra^ Jises gefdr. set" Oxna forda. ^ hira 
lie li^'* set Wintan ceastre. ^ ^^elstan^^ wses of Myrcum gecoren 
J to cinge. *] set Ginges tune gehalgod. ^ he geaf his sweostor*. f. 141. 

io6 THE PARKER MS, (35) 

931^. Her mon hadode Bymstan bisceop to Wintan 
ceastre •iiii- kl iunu. 3 he heold ]?ridde healf gear bis dom. 

932. Her for]? ferde Fiy|>e stan bisceop. 

933. Her for ^J^elstan cyning in on Scotland, 8Bg]?er ge 
mid land here, ge mid scyphere, ^ his micel oferhergade. 
"^ Bymstan bisp for]? ferde on Wintan ceastre. to Omnium 

934. Her feng ^Ifheah bisp. to bisceopdome. 
937. ^Her jSlJ^elstan cyning • eorla dryhten • 

beoma beah gifa • ^ his broj^or eac • 
Eadmund se]7eling. ealdorlangne 1^ . 
geslogon SBt ssecce^ . sweorda ecgum . 
ymbe Bru Vnan burh • bord weal clufan • 
heowan hea]7olinde . hamora la&n^ * 
afaran* Eadweardes. swa \nm geae]7ele wses • 
fro^ cneomaegu^ ' ^ hi set campe oft . 
wij? la]7ra gehwsene • land ealgodon* • 
hord J hamas • hettend''^ crungun • 
Sceotta leoda® . ^ scip flotan • 
fsege feollan. feld daennede® • 
f. 26. b. |secgas hwate^® . si'8]?an sunne up * 

on morgentid • msere tungol • 
glad ofer grundas • Godes condel beorht • 
eces Drihtnes • 0*8^^ sio 8B]?ele gesceaft . 
sah to setle • paer laeg secg msenig * 
gBXum ageted-^^ • guma norJ?ema • 
ofer scild scoten. swilce Scittisc eac • 

^ Ab to the numbering of the * eaforan. B. aforan. C. eofo- 

annals here, see note on a. D. 893 ran. D. 

(JT). • gealgodon. D. 

* This song is preserved in five "^ heted. D. 

out of the seven MSS. ; viz., S. A. * crungon Scotta leodiB. B. 0. D. 

(W.)B.C.D. The later Chronicles » dennade. B. C. dennode. D. 

E. and F. omit it. Yet see note 18. dynede. W. 

^ geslogan set sake. B. geslohgon ^° secgaswate. B.C. D. 

set secce. W. ** js seo. B. 

^ heowan hea^linda hamera ^' garum forgrunden. B. 
lafum. D. 



927. Her iE|>elBtan cyning fordraf GuSMtS cyng. ;) her 
Wnlfelm arcB for to Rom. 

928. Will^Zm suscepit regnnm. et •zv* annis regnauit. 

933 ^^ Her adranc .^^wine SBtSeling onsse. f. 35. b. 

934. Her for ^]>elstan cyning on Scotland, ge mid land 
here, ge mid sciphere. 3 liis mycel oferhergode^*. 
937. Her iESelstan cyning Isedde fyrde to Brunanbyrig. 

927. Her -ffi^stan cing fordraf Ghiffri^ cing. ^ her Wulfelm arB (F)f.57.b. 
ferde to Rome **. 

928. Willelmus ^' feng to Normandi. ^ heold xv. gear. 

931. Her foi^ ferde Fri^eatan % Wentan*. ^ BymstanMs wear^ 
gebletsod on his loh. 

934. Her for ^^stan cing to Scotlande mid land here ge mid 
sciphere. ^ his mycel oner hergode ^^. 

935. Her feng iSlfeah to % stole on Wine ^«. 

937. Her iE'Sestan cing (^ Eadmund his bro'JSer) laedde fyrde f. 58. 
to Bronan byri ^'. ^ ))ar ge f eht wi^ Anelaf . ^ Xpe ftdtumegende 
sige hsefde. i^ ))ar ofslogan .v. cingas ^ .viii. eorlas *^.) 

926. Her 0^ eowdon fyrena leoman on nor^ dsele Jjaere lyfte. ^ (D) 
Sihtric acwael. J ^felstan cyning feng to Nor^hymbra rice. ^ ealle 
fa cyngas |)e on Jjyssmn iglande wseron he ge wylde. aerest Huwal 
WestWala cyning. ^ Cosstantin Scotta cyning. ^ Uwen Wenta 
cyning. J Ealdred Ealdulfing from Bebban byrig. J mid wedde ^ 
mid a])um fty|7 gefsestnodon, on |>8ere stowe ]>e genemned is set Ea 
motmn. on .iiii. idus lulii. J selc deofol geld to cwsedon. ^ sy]7)?am 
mid sibbe tocyrdon V 

934. Her for JS|>el8tan cyning on Scotland mid here ge mid scip 
here. ^ his mycel ofer hergode r" 

^ The annal 931 is entered twice, 
onoe at the bottom of f. 35 r^, and 
again at the top of f. 35 y^. 

'* Here B. and C. fall in once 
more with the general course of 
the history. 

^' pro pallio. add. F. Lat. 

^* The scribe at first forgot his 
8ax<Hi Terai<m, and then ins^ted it 
above the lixie, so that the word 

Willelmus does duty both for the 
Latin and the Saxon entry. 

^^ et Bymstanus episcopus XJuen- 
toniensis obiit. add. F. Lat. 

^^ Here half a page is left blank in 

^* Hie factum est illud magnum 
et famosum helium in Bfunanbyri. 
F. Lat. 

^ comites. F. Lat. 



werig wlges^ saed • WesSeaxe foi*8 • 

ondlongne daeg • eorod cistum^ • 

on last legdun • laj^nm ]?eodtim • 

heowan herefleman^ * hindan ]7earle ' 

mecum mylen scearpan^ • Myrce ne wymdon * 

lie eardes^ hond plegan * haele]7a nanum 

]7ae* mid !?!^nlafe • ofer aera ge bland ''^ • 

on lides^ bosme * land gesohtun . 

faege to gefeohte. fife laegun • 

on ]7am campstede . cjrninges^ giunge^^ . 

sweordnm aswefede. swilce seofene eac * 

eorlas Snlafes • tmrim heriges ^^ . 

fiotan J Sceotta. psBr ge flemed wearS ' 

NorS manna bregu^^ • nede gebeded^^ • 

to lides stefne • litle weorode • 

cread cnearen flot^* . cyning ntgewat • 

on fealene flod^* • feorb generede • 

Swilce ]7aer eac se&oda • mid fleame co»^ • 
on his cy^]7e norS . Costontinus • 
hari« hildering • hreman ne J?orfte • 
maecan^'^ gemanan. he waes^^ his msega sceard ' 
fireonda gefyUed • on folcstede • 
beslagen^^ aet saecoe • ^ his sunu forlet • 

{Continued an ^. 109.) 

^ wigges. B. C. 

^ andlangne dseg eored cystum. 

B. C. D. 

' here flyman. B. here flymon. 

C. heora flyman. D. herefliman. 

^ scearpum. B. C. mycel scear- 
pum. D. 

' heardes. B. C. D. heordes. W. ; 
the true reading. 

• ]». W. ])ara Ce. B. C. Jwera 
])e. D. 

7 ear ge bland. B. C. 6ar-. D. 
geblond. W. 

» lij>e8. C. 

» -gaa. B. 0. D. W. 

'" geonge. W. B. C. ionga. D. 

^^ '^ ^nr^ herges. C. 

" brego. B. C. D. 

" gebffided. B. neade gebseded 
C. D. nyde. W. 

** Great. D. cnear on. W. B. C 
flod. D. 

" cyning . . . flod. D. om. (du 
to recurrence of the "word flod), 

^7 mecea. B. meca. C. me(^. D 
*' her W8BB. B. 0, 
^ forslegen. B. beslegen. C 
m. D, 


on waBlstowe^ wundun fer grunden ^ • 

giungne aet guSe. gelpan^ ne ]?orfte • 

beom blandenfeax * bilgeslehtes . 

eald inwidda*. ne Jfnlaf J?y ma. 

mid heora herelafii^ * hlelilian ne ]>orftnn . 

f heo^ beadnweorca • beteran wurdun • 

ueZ cumhel 

on campstede col bod® gehnades * 
garmittinge . gomena gemotes ' 
wsBpen gewrixles • J^aes"^ hi on waelfelda • 
wip Eadweardes ' a&ran plegodan. 

Gewitan him ]>sk Nor^'men • n«egled enearrum ^. 
dreorig dara'Salaf • on dinges^ mere • 
ofer deop waeter . Difelin^® secan • 
';)' eft hira land^^ • aewiscmode. 

Swilce J?a gebroj^er . | begen aetsamne * f. 27. 

cyning j sspelmg * cy)7j?e sohton • 


Wesseaxena land • wiges hramige^^. 

Letan him behindan • hrae bryttian^^ . 

saluwigpadan • >one sweaxtan hrseih • 

hymednebban • 3 J?ane hasewan^* padan * 

earn aeftan hwit • aeses bracan • 

graedigne gu"8hafoe * j J^aet graege deor • 

wulf on wealde. Ne wearS wsel mare • 

on ]7is eiglande * aefer^^ gieta • 

{Continued on p. no.) 

^ stole. W. iges. D. dinnes. W. 

' wnndum forgninden. W. B. C. i<> Dyflen. B. Dyflin. C. Dyflig. 

B. D. 

» gylpan. W. B. C. D. " -j heora land. W. Ira land. B. 

* inwitta. B. C. inwuda. D. Yraland. C. D. 

» W, C. D. hie. W. B. " hremige. B. C. D. hreamie. W. 

' combeL W. cumbol gehnastes. " hraw bryttigean. B. hrS britti- 

B. C. D. gan. C. hra bryttinga. D. hrsefh 

' )» adds D. Bryttian. W. 

' n^led. G. dseggledongarum. ^^ haso. B. hasu. G. D. hasean. 

D. W. 

• dynges. B. idnges. G. dyn- " sefre. B. G. D. 


folces gpefylled . beforan yisawm ' 
sweordes ecgnm. ]?9es ]?e us eecga'S bee * 
ealde u'S witan. si]?]7an eastan hider ' 
Engle J Seaxe • up becoman • 
ofer bradbrimu^ • Brytene sobtan • 
wlance wigsmi'Sas • Weealles^ ofercoman • 
eorlas arbwate . eard begeataN. 
941^. Her -^]7elstan cyning fop's ferde* on -vi* kf nov'. 
ymbe -xli*^ wintra butan anre niht ]?8bs J?e jEljfred cyning 
for]? ferde ; ^ Eadmund sej^eling feng to rice. ^ he waes )?a 
•xviii* wintre. ;) -^J^elstan cyning rixade 'xiiii- gear 3 -x*^ 

WUCan. p« was Wulfelm arcebiscop onCafit. 

942^. Her Eadmund cyning , Engla ]?eoden , 
maga*^ mundbora , Myrce geeode , 
dyre dsed&uma , swa Dor scade]? , 
Hwitan wylles geat . ■] Humbra® ea , 
brada brim strea«» ; burga fife , 
Ligoraceaster * ^ Lindcylene® , 
3 Snotingaha^ , swylce Stanford eac • 
[j]^® Deoraby, Dsene waeran aer^-^ , 
under NorSmannum , nyde gebegde^^ 
on haej^enra^^ heette clommxim , 
lange )?raga^* ; oj? hie alysde eft , 
for his weor]7scipe , wiggendra hleo , 
afera^^ Eadweardes • Eadmund cyning 
1 27. b. 8nfeng Snlafe^^ | cyninge aet ftdluhte. ^ ]fy ylecan geare 
ymbtelamicelfsBC^'^ he onfeng Raegenolde^^ cyninge set 
bisceopes handa arcebisceop. 

943. [Her Eadmund cing S. Dunstane Glses]tiiigeberig be tehte Sser he 
sy^fSasi serest abbud wear^". 

944. Her Eadmund cyning geeode eal NorJ?hymbra 
land him to ge wealdan^^, ^ aflymde ut twegen cyningas, 
Snlaf Syhtrices sunu, ^ B/segenald Gu'Sferj^es sunu^. 

945. Her Eadmund cyning oferhergode eal Cumbra land. 

'} hit let to eaP^ Malculme^^ Scotta cyninge. on f gerad^* 
•p he waere his midwyrhta aegj^er ge on s© ge on lande^^. 



940. Her JESelstan cyning forSferde. 3 feng Edmund to rice 
his broSor. 

942. Her Anlaf cjning forSferde. Et Eicardus netus bub- 
oepit regnom. et regnauit afl Jii* 

944. Her j^Eldmnnd cyning geeode ealle NortShymbre. *] ut 
afljmde twegen cyneborene msen Anlaf ^ BegnaJd ^. 

945. Her ^Edmund cyning oferhergode eall Cmnbra land. 

D. 940. (S. 941.) 

941. Her Noi^hymbra alugon hira getreowa^. ^ Anlaf off. 50. 
Yrland him to cinge gecnron. 

942. Her Eadmund cyning . . (^) . . Eadmund cyning. 

943. Her Anlaf abrsec Tame wurj)e. ^ micel wsel gefeol on f. 50. b. 
aBg]nra hand, ^ ]>a Denan sige ahton. ^ micele here hu)>e mid him 

aweg IsBddon. ))8Br wses Wnlfrun genumen on )>8ere hergunge r 

Her Eadmund cyning ymbseet Anlaf cyning. 3 Wnlfstan arce- 
biscop on Legra ceastre. ^ he hy gewyldan meahte. nsere ^ hi 
on niht ut ne set burston of ]>8ere byrig. *] sef ter )>8em begeat Anlaf 
Eadmundes cynges freondscipe. ^ se cyning Eadmund onfeng 
)ia Anlafe cyninge set ful wihte. ^ he him cynelice gyfode. J Dy 
ilcan geare ymbe teela mycelne fyrst he onfeng Begnalde cyninge 
set bisceopes handa. 
944 (S). 945 (a:). 

^ brade. B. G. D. brymumbrad. 

* Wealas. B. C. D. 

' Altered into 940 and 941 re- 
spectiyely; see note on 893 (S), 

* on Gleawe ceastre. D. 

' altered into zl., which is the 
readmg of R 0. D. xli. W. P. 

« teon. D. 

^ miie<^[ea. B. mecga. C. mseg- 
J». D. 

' Hmnbran. B. Hunbran. C. 
Himbran. D. 

' The d has been erased, and the 
y is a correction. Lindkyhie. B. 
Lindcylne. C. Lincohie. D. 

»• 1. B. C. D. 

" Denum. B. Dene. W. C. 
wseron nror. B. C. D. 

" gebleded. B. gebeeded. C. D. 

tt hflejyenum. B. 

" prage. W. B. C. D. 

^' eafora. B. afora. 0. D. 

^* Anlafes. B. Onlafes. C.^ 

^T mycehie fyrst. B. micebie 
ferst. C. 

i« Ee^gnoldes. B. C. 

'* Of. Her Eadmund cing be tsehte 
Glsestingaberi S. Dnnstane. 8ar he 
sit^San serest abbod wearV. Inser- 
tion on top margin of F. No corre- 
sponding Latin. 

*> gewealde. W. B. C. D. (recte). 

^ Here something has been in- 
terpolated and then erased. 

" So W. eall to. B. C. D. (recte). 

» Malcnlfe. D. 

** gearsed. D. 

^ Here on max^n, veiy faint, 
Her forCferde. W. 1 . . bsa (?) 

"• Beagnold. F. (Reinold). F 


946. Her Eadmund cyning forSferde on See Sgustinus 
msBsse dsBge, ^ he liaBfde rice seofoj^e healf gear ; j ]7a feng 
Ead red aej^eling his broJ?or to rice, j gerad eal NorJ?hymbra 
land him to gewealde. ^ Scottas him aj^as sealdan, ^ hie 
woldan eal ^ he wolde^. 

951. Her forj^ferde JElfheah Wintan ceastres bisc on 
See Gregories msesse daeg^. 

955. Her for]?ferde Eadred cining. on See Clementes 
msBsse dsBg on Frome, j he rixsade teoj^e healf gear ; ;j ]?a 
feng Eadwig to rice. Eadmundes snnu cinges. 

f. 38. 956. *} afUemde See Dunstan ut of lande '. 

958. Her forSferde Eadwig cyng* on kt Octobr. j Ead- 
gar his bro^or feng to rice :» 

959. Her he sse^n'te efter See Dunstane. *] gsef him tiriee on Wigracsestre, 
") "Saer sef tcr "JJ tJ rice on Lundene ". 

f. 51. (D) 946. Her Eadmund cyning forSferde on See Agustinus msesse- 
dsege $ wses "wide cu^. hu he his dagas ge endode. $ Liofa hine 
ofstang set Puclancyrcan. ^ ^J>elflced set Domerhame, -ffilfgares 
dohter ealdormannes, wses fa his cwen. ^ he hsefde rice, seofe^ 
healf gear. ^ J>a sefter him feng Eadred 8e]>eling his broj>or to rice. 
^ gerad ))a call Nor^ hymbra land him to gewealde . "^ J)a Scottas 
him sealdon a)}as. ^ hi eall woldon |>set he wolde. 

947. Her com Eadred cyning to Taddenesscylfe. "j fser Wulstan 
se arcebiscop. ^ ealle NorShymbra witan "wi^ ))one cyning hi getre- 
owsoden. ^ binnan Htlan fsece hit eall alugon, ge wed. ^ eac a)>as. 

948. Her Eadred cyning oferhergode eall NorS hymbra land, for 
))8em ))e hi hsefdon genumen him Yryc to cyninge. "^ )» on ])8ere 
hergunge wses -f msere mynster forbsemd set Rypon, $ See Wilfer^ 
getimbrede. "3 ))a se cyning hamweard wses. J>aof ferde se here innan 

f. 51' b. Heoforwic, wses J>ses cynges fyrde hindan set Ceaster forda. | ^ 
pser myeel wsel geslogon r Da wear^ se cyning swa gram ^ he 
wolde eft infyrdian. ^ fone eard mid ealle fordon. pa Nor^hymbra 
witan -f ongeaton, ))a forlseton hi Hyryc. ^ wi^ Eadred cyning 
gebeton ))a dsede. 

952. Her on ))yssum geare het Eadred cyning gebringan Wulstan 
arce biscop in ludan byrig on Jjsem fsesten Ve. forJ)sem he wses oft 
to Jam cyninge forwreged. "3 on ))yssum geare eac het se cyning 
ofslean mycel wsel on jjsere byrig peot forda on Jjsbs abbodes wrece 
Eadelmes ])e hi ser ofslogon. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 113 

948. Her iBdmimd cyning weartS of stungen. -^ feng ^Edred his 
broSor to rice. ^ he sona gerad eall NorShymbra land him to ge 
wealde. 3 Scottas him aSas sworon f hi eall wolden f he wolde^ 

949. Her com Anlaf Cwiran on NorShymbra land. 

952 ^. Her NorShymbre fordrifan Anlaf cyning. "3 under f. 36. 
fengon Trie Haroldes snnu. 

954. Her NortJhymbre fordrifon Yric. *] -ZEdred feng to 
NorShymbra rice. 

955. Her .^Idred cyning forSferde. 3 feng Eadwig to rice 
Eadmundes sirna. 

956. Her fortSferde Wulstan arcB. 

969. Her Eadwig cyning forSferde. ;) feng Eadgar his brotSor 

^ rfce. {ContmuedoH^. 114.) 

954. Her Nor^hymbre fordrifon Yric. "3 Eadred feng to Nor^ (D) 
hymbra rice. Her Wulstan areebiscop onfeng eft biscop rices 

on Dorce ceastre. 

955. Her for^ferde Eadred cyning. 3 he rest on Ealdanmyn- 
stere^ J Eadwig feng to WestSeaxena rice, ^ Eadgar his 
brojjor feng to Myrcena rice. ^ hi wseron Eadmundes suna 
cyninges. J See -ffilfgyfe. 

957. Her for^ferde Wulf stan areebiscop. on xvii kt lanuar*. 3 f. 52. 
he wses bebyrged on Undelan. ^ on fam ylcan geare wses Dun- 
Btan ab15 adrsefed ofer ssi. 

958. Her on ))issum geare Oda areebiscop totwsemde Eadwi 
cyning 3 -ffilgyfe. forjjsem ))e hi wseron to gesybbe. 

■ -*— — — -- 

B. and C. 956. Her forS ferde Eadred cing. 3 Eadwig feng to rice. 
957. Her Eadgar 8e)>eling feng to Myrcna rice. 

959. Her for^ ferde Eadwig cing. 3 Eadgar his bro^r feng to 
nee. aeg^r ge on West seazum. ge on Myrcum, ge on Nor6 hym- 
brum. 3 he wses pa .xvi. wintre. 

^ Two and a half lines added here ^ *} Eadgar cing wear]> seffcer him 

and then erased. On the margin ouer eal Brytene. F. 
against the annals 948-9, Her for6 ' Cf, F. 959. Her Eadgar sende 

ferde B . . . b . . . sefter S. Dunstane. "^ gif him j^ t). 

• F. Lat. is the only other MS. rice on Wigar ceastre. t By)>>an j> 15. 

which has this entry. rice an Lnndene. 

' Cf. F. (955): *} he aflymde S. * quod quidquid uellet facerent. 

Dunstan ut of lande. Then as a foot- F. Lat. 
note F. has the further entry : 956. "^ f, 36. be^s with 951. 

Her wses Dunstan a'bb &am Edwie ^ set (?) Winceastre. F. 

cing adriuen at of Engla lande. 



961. Her ge wat Odo arcet), '^ S?e Donstan feng to arcet^rice^. 

962. Her forSferde jElfgar cinges maeg on Defenuw, 
;} his lie rest on Wiltune. ^ SigferS cyning hine of feoU, 
-) his lie Kg"? set Wimbuman. ^ )>a ongeare wses swi'Se 
mieel mancwealm, ^ se micela manbryne waes on Lundene, 
^ Paules mynster forbanj. ^ )?y ilean geare wearS eft 
gesta]7elad :> 

On J7ys ilean geare for 7C)7elmod msesse preost to Rome, 
^ )78Br forS ferde. xviii kt SeptemtS :> 

963. Her forSferde Wulfstan diacon on Cilda msBSsedaege, 

:, ffifter f on fortS ferde Gyric msesse preost :, 

On J7ys ilean geare feng 3!)7elwold abbod to J^sem bisceop 
rice to Wintan ceastre. ^ hine mon gehalgode in uigilia 
S6i ?Cndree. wses sonnan dseg on dseg :> 


On his dagum hit godode geome. 
•] God him geuSe, f he wunode on sibbe, 
|?a hwile Jje he leofode. 
•] he dyde, swa him J?earf wes, eamode J?es geome. 

He arerde Godes lof wide. 
■] Godes lage lufode. ^ folces fritS bette, 
swi«ost I?ara cyninga, J^e aer him gewurde, 
be manna getnynde. 

"3 God him eac fylste, f ciningas j eorlas 
geome him tobugon. 

■] wurden mider)?eodde to J?am )?e he wolde. 
■] butan gefeohte eal he gewilde, 
}?et he sylf wolde. 

^ Cf. F. 961 : Her forCferde Oda 
se goda arb. i Dunstan«8 weartS ge- 
coren to art>. 

^ weorSan. D. 

^ Tempore istius meliorata est 
terra ^Ajiglorum', et Deus paclfi- 
cauit dies eius, ita ut quamdia 
uiueret status pacis in nullo sit 
laesus. Sine bello omnia sui juris 
custodiuit, circa cultum Dei dili- 
genter se exhibebat, laudes Dei 

ubique erigebat, legem Dei intente 
meditabatur, medibando implere 
studebat, et cnnctis sibi subiectis 
secundum Deum et sseculum sapi- 
enter consulebat. F. Lat. This is a 
fairly close translation of the shorter 
form of the poem which occurs in F. 
Besides £. D. is the only MS. which 
has the poem in full. 
* of. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 115 

He weartS wide, geond ]^odland, 

swiSe geweortSad, 

for])am )>e he weortSode Godes naman geome. 

3 Gk)des lage smeade, oft 3 gelome. 

] Godes lof rserde, wide j side. 

3 wislice rsedde, oftost asimle, 

for Gode. ^ for worulde, eall his J?eode. 
Ane misdaeda he dyde ]7eah toswiSe. 

^ he 8el]>eodige unsida lufode. 

3 hsetSene J^eawas, innan ]?ysaii lande^ 

gehrohte tofseste. 

J ut Issndisce hider in tihte. 

J deoiiende leoda hespeon to J^ysan earde. 
Ac God him geunne, ^ his gode dseda 

swytSran weartSan^, ]>omie misdseda. 

his sawle to gescyrd'nesse | on langsuman sySe '. f. 36. b. 

M|}^4^ ^Mpp 963. Her ^fram' Eadgar cyniDg to Se biscopdome on* 
' 7 "Wintanceastra wes gecoren See ASelwold. ■] ]?e arc- 

biscop of Cantwarbyrig See Dunstan him gehalgod to biscop 
on J?e fyrste sunnondsBg of Aduent. ^ wses on 'iii- ki Decemb. 

On ]?es oSer gear sy]5}>on he wsbs gehalgod. ]5a makode he 
feola minstra. 3 draf ut ]5a clerca of fe biscop rice, for}?an $ 
hi noldon nan regal healden. 3 ssetta ]?8er muneca. He macode 
])8Br twa abbot rice, an of muneca otSer of nunna. f wses eall 
wits innan Wintanceastra. SytSSan J?a com he to se cyng 
Eadgar. bed him ]7et he scolde him giuen ealle J^a minstre 
J)a hsetSene men hsefden ser tobrocon. forSi ]5et he hit wolde 
geeadnewion. 3 se kyng hit bli]?elice tySode. And se biscop 
com |?a fyrst to Elig. Jjser S. -^SeldriS liS. ^ leot macen J>one 
mynstre. geaf hit }?a his an munac Brihtno'S wses gehaten. / 
balgode him }?a abbot, j ssette }?8er munecas Gode to Jjewian. 
))8Br hwilon wseron nun. bohte J)a feola cotlif set se kiug. 3 
macode hit swySe rice. 

SytStSon com se biscop ASelwold to Jjsere mynstre ]?e wsfes iSurdj. 
gehaten Medeshamstede, 8e hwilon wses for don fra heSene 
folce. ne fand }?8Br nan J?ing buton ealde weallas ^ wilde wuda. 
fand ]?a hidde in })a ealde wealle writes f>et Headda aibb 

{Continued on p. zx6.) 
I 2 


964. Her draefde Eadgar cyng J>a preostas ^ on Ceastre 
of Ealdan mynstre, ^ of Niwan mynstre. ^ of Ceortes ige. 3 
of Middel tune, j sette hy mid munecan. j he sette JEj^elgar 
1— — 

(E) heafde ar gewritoD, hu Wulfhere kyng ^ -^8elred his hroSor 
hit heafden wroht. "3 hu hi hit freodon witS king, 3 wi8 B, 
i". 37. ;] wiS ealle weoruld ]?eudom. 3 hu se papa Agatho | hit 
feostnode mid his write. 3 se arc15 Der^sdedit. Leot wircen 
]7a ^ mynstre. ^ ssette ]?8er abbot se wses gehaten Aldulf. 
macede ]78er munecas J^ser aer ne wsbs nan ]?ing. Com ]?a to 
}?e cyng, ;] leot him locon J>a ge write J)e ser wseron gefunden. 
and se kyng andswerode |?a j owed. Ic ^dgar geate 3 gife 
todsei toforen Gode ^ toforen J?one sercelS Dunstan freedom 
See Petres mynstre Medeshamstede of kyng, ;] of 15. 3 ealle J>a 
forpes J>e Ssertolin. -f is -^stfeld. 3 Dodes thorp. 3 Ege. j 
Pastun. "j swa ic hit free ]7et nan biscop ne haue ]78er nane 
hsese, buton se abbot of ]>one minstre. And ic gife }>one tun 
)?e man cleopat^ Vndela, mid eall fet }?8ertoli8, -f is }?et man 
cleopetS Eahte hundred. ^ market j toll, swa freolice ^ ne 
king ne b ne eorl ne sc[y]rreue ne haue J^ser nane hsese. 
ne nan man buton se abbot ane, 3 J^am . ]7e he J^serto sset. 
And ic gife Crist ^ See Peter, j }?urh ]5es b bene ASelwold. 
J>as land. ^ is Barwe. Wermi'gtun^. -^sctun. Ketering. Castra. 
EgleswurSe. "Waltun. WiSringtun. Ege. Thorp. ^ an myneter 
in Stan fortS. Das land 3 ealla ]5a oSre ]5e lin into J?e mynstre 
J?a cwede ic scyr. )>[3et is]' saca j socne. toll "j team ;] in- 
fangen]7ef. pas rihting "^ ealle oSre 8a cweSe ic scyr Crist 
J S. Peter. And ic gife })a twa dael of Witlesmiere mid 
watres ^ mid wseres "j feonnes. j swa J?urh Merelade on an 
to f wsBter -f man cleopeS Nen. 3 swa eastweard to Cynges 
dself. And ic wille f markete beo in }?e selue tun. j f nan 
ofer ne betwix* Stanford j Huntandune. j ic wille ]?et f>us 
be gifen se toll, fyrst fra "Witlesmsere eall to J^e cinges toll 

* Jwcanonicas. F. The text of F. Cod. Dipl. No. 575. 

is here an evident conflation of 7. and ' A space left blank in MS. 

R No oUier MSS. have this entry. * Probably we should read ne 

3 Wermingtun. Ladn charter. [be] betwiz. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 117 

of NortSmannescros hundred. ^ eft ongeanward fra Witles 
mssre ]>urh Merelade onan to Nen. j swa swa ^ wseter | reon- f. 57. b. 
neS to Crulande. ^ fra Crulande to Must. 3 fra Must to 
CyngesdaBlf ^ to Witles maere. And ic wille $ ealle )>a 
freodom ^ ealle }>a forgiuenesse ]7e mine forgengles geafen ]>et 
hit stande. 3 ic write 3 feostnige mid Cristes rodetacne. + * ■^fl 

D'a' andswerade se arcebiscop Dunstan of Cantwarbyrig 3 
sseide. Ic tytSe ^ ealle J^a J^ing ]>e her is gifen ^ sprecon. "j 
ealle }>a J^ing ]>e {^in forgengles j min geatton. \>q, wille ic ^ 
hit stande. ^ swahwaswa hit tobrecoS. ]7a gife ic him Godes- 
curs ^ ealra halgan ^ eallre hadede heafde 3 min. buton Im 
cume to dsBdbote. ^ ic gife tocnawlece See Peter min messe 
hacel, ^ min stol, 3 min rsef, Criste to ]7euwian. Ic Oswald 
arcebiscop of Eoferwic geate ealle J^as worde. ]?urh ])a halgo- 
rode ]?et Crist wsbs on J?rowod. + . Ic ASelwold biscop 
blsBtsige ealle ]>e ]ns healdon. 3 ic amansumie ealle ]>e J^is to 
brsecon. buton he cume to dsedbote. Her wses JSlTs'tan 
biscop. A)?ulf B. J Escwi abbot. 3 Osgar aBb. 3 -^J>elgar at^B, 
3 iElfere ealdorman. iESelwine ealdorman. BrihtnoJ). Oslaa 
ealdorman. ^ feola oSre rice men. 3 ealle hit geatton. "] ealle 
hit writen mid Cristes m8el. + . Dis wses gedon sySSon ure 
Drihtnes acennednesse -dcccc'lKxii^* }^8 kinges 'Xvi* gear. 

Da bohte se abbot Aldulf landes feola ;] manega. ;] godede }>a ^e ^U 
$ mynstre swiSe mid ealle. 3 waes J>8er ]5a swa lange f se arce-^^^» 
biscop Oswald of Eoforwic waes forSgewiton. -y man caes him 
fa to erceb. j man caes fa sona oSer abbot of ]>e sylfe // 
mynstre, Kbnxtlf waes gehaten. se waes sySSon biscop in 
Wintan ceastre. 3 he macode fyrst fa wealle abutan fone 

n^mynstre. geaf hit fa 'to' nama Buroh. f e aer het | Medes- f. 38. 

^ hamstede. waes faer swa lange ^ man sette him to biscop on 
Wintan ceastre. pa caes man oSer abbot of fe silue minstre. 
fe waes gehaten -^Ifsi. se -^Ifsi waes fa abbot sySSon fifbig 
wintre. He nam up Sea Kyneburh j S. KynesuiS f e laegen ^^t 
in Castra. and S. Tibba f e laei in Eihala. 3 brohte heom to ^Jar' 
Burch. and offrede heom eall S. Peter on an daei. -^ heold fa S.?!^* 
hwile f e he faer waes. 

964. ELic expulsi sunt canonici de ueteri monasterio. 


abbod to Niwan mynstre to abbode. j Ordbirht to Ceortes 
ige. ^ Cyneweard to Middel tuner 
f. 28. b. 971 ^ [Her forSferde Eadmund SB'Seling. 3 his lie li^S set 
Rumesige.] ^ 

978. Her Eadgar wsbs , Engla waldend , 

cortSre mieelre ^, to cyninge gehalgod , 
on "Ssere ealdan byrig , TTeemannes eeastre . 
eac hi igbuend* 0*810 worde beomas 

Ba'San * nemna)'. pser wses blis mieel , 

on \2m eadgan dsege . ealla«» geworden . 


Penteeostenes dseg. J^aer wses preosta heap . 

mieel muneea "Sreat . mine ge&ege . 

gleawra gegaderod. ^ "Sa agangen wses 

tyn hund wintra , geteled rimes . 

ix2M gebyrd tide bremes cyninges , 

leohta hyrdes . baton "Sser tolafe 

J?a agan wses^ winter ge teles , J^ses "Se gewritu 

secga'S . 
seofon J twentig. swa neah waes sigora frean . 
"Susend a amen . "SaJ^a "Sis gelamp. 
^ 'W\m Eadmundes eafora hsefde . 
nigon J XX . ni 8 weorca heard . 
wintra on worulde . J?is *^ geworden wses . 
J J7a on "Sam xxx^ * wses "Seoden gehalgod:, 
975. Her ge endode • eor^San dreamas • 

Eadgar Engla cyning • ceas him o^er leoht * 
wlitig 3 wynsu»^ • j J^is wace forlet • 
Kf J^is Isene • Nemna"? leoda beam • 

^ f. 38. b. begins with 968. At f. 28. v^ and f. 29. r<> single-line an- 

969 a new hand be^na in 'R. nals had been marked out, which 

Against the years 969 and 972 had afterwards to be erased to make 

stands in the margin the sign B. room for the poems. 
(Bissextilis.) 972 was a leap-year; * Erased in TC.; recovered from 

but not of course 969. All down W. 



966. Her pored Guimeres sunu forhergode West moringa 
land^ 3 ]?i ilcan geare Oslac feng to ealdor dome. 

969. Her on J^issum geare Eadgar cjng het oferhergian 
eall Tenet land ^^ 

970. Her fortSferde Eadmund 9e]?eling. 

972. Her wsbs Eadgar e]?eling gehalgod to cyninge on Pente- 
coste msBssedaei on -v* idtw Mai J ]5e -xiii- geare |?e he to rice 
feng. set HatabatSuw*^. 3 'he' wsbs ]?a ana wana 'xxx- wintra. 
3 sona sefter ]7am se cyng geleadde ealle his sciphere to 
Lsegeceastre ^^. 3 \>Bsr him comon ongean •vi» cyningas. and ealle 
wis trywsodon ^* f hi woldon efen wy[r]hton ** beon on ssb j 
on lande. 

975 ^^ Her Eadgar gefor 

Angla reccent 

I WestSeaxena wine f. 38. b. 

J Myrcene mundbora. 

D. 965. Her on ))issum geare Eadgar cyning genam -^lfp5r]y^e ^° 
him to cwene, heo waes Ordgares dohtor ealdor mannes. 

B. 971. Her foi^ ferde. Oskytel. arcebisceop. se wsea aerest to 
Dorke ceastre to leod bisceope gehalgod. "3 eft to Eoferwic ceastre 
be Eadredes cinges unnan "^ ealra his witena. ^f he waes' to serce- 
bisceope gehalgod. "^ he waes .xxii. wintra bisceop". "^ he for^ ferde on 
ealra halgena maesse niht .x. nihton aer Martines maessan. set Tame. 
3 purkytel abb his maeg ferede Jjaes bisceopes lie to Bedanforda. 
for^n fe he waes Jjaer ^ abbud on ^ne timan. 

' mycclmn. B. C. 
^ eac hie egbuend. B. C. hie bu- 
end. W. 
5 Ba])on. W. 
® 8a get waes. B. C. 
^ »a ])i8. B. C. 

* t$rittige])an. C. B. 

* totam Westmoringa land. F. 

^® totam terranl de Tanet. F. Lat. 

^^ at Acemannes bm (j> ysat Ba- 
9am). F. apud Ace mannes byri 
(•i* at Ba9an). F. Lat. 

^ Leiceastre. B. 

^^ ealle him on hand sealdon. F. 
fidem dantes spondent. F. Lat. 

" efenwyrhtan. D. efenwyhton. 
£. efenwihte. F. 

^ B. and C. have the longer poem 
as in ^ ; D. (like £.) has the shorter 
poem. After the nmnber of the 
year D. adds, viii. Id. lulii, the 
date of Edgar's death. F. is con- 
tent with the simple prose entry, 
her Eadgar cing forSferde. 

i» JEltyCe. D, ^Elf»ry«Je him to 
gebeodan. F. 

^^ bisceos. MS. 


men on moldan ' J^sene mona'S gehwaer • 

in "Sisse e'Seltyrf • J^afe ser wseran • 

on rim crsefte • rihte ge togene • 

lulius mono'8 • ^ se geonga gewat , 

on )>one eahte'San ^ dseg . Eadgar of life * 

beoma beahgyfa. j feng his beam sy««an • 

t8 cyneriee • eild unweaxen , 

eorla ealdor * )f2^m wses Eadweard^nama. 

3 \nm tirfsBst hsele'S • tyn nihtui» ser . 
of Brytene gewat . bisceop se goda . 
J7urh ge cyndne ersBft "Sam wsbs Cyneweard nama :» 
f- 29. I Da W8BS on Myrceon ^, mine gefrsege , 

wide J wel hwaer . Waldendes 18f . 
afylled on foldan. fela weartS todrsefed . 
gleawra Godes'Seowa. ^ wsbs gnommig micel 
famj^e on breostuw* waeg bymende lufen 
Metodes 8n mode. pa wsbs maerSa Fruma . 
to swiSe forsewen^ sigora Waldend . 
rodera Bsedend ; pa man his riht tobraec. 
J J7a wearS eac adraefed , deormod hsele'S , 
Oslac of earde . ofer ySa gewealc * . 
ofer ganotes bse'S. gamoPfeax hsele'S . 
wis J wordsnotor. ofer waetera ge'Sring • 
ofer hwseles e'Sel . hama bereafod. 

3 )7a wearS set ywed . uppe on roderum . 
steorra on sta'Sole . J^one sti'8 ferhj?e . 
hsele'S higegleawe . hata'8 wide . 
cometa be naman . craeftgleawe men . 
wise BO'S boran ^. Wses geond wer 'Seode . 
"Waldendes wraeu . wide gebege 
hungor ofer hmsan . ^ eft heofonaWeard 

^ eahto9an. B. 0. eahtateo^an.W. ^ gewalc. B. 0. 

* wearG on Myrcum. B. C. on * gomol. B. C. 

Myrce on. W. • wotJ boran. B. C. 

' forsawen. B. C. ^ gwitSe. B. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 121 

Cut? W8BS J?et wide 
geond feola |?eoda* 
^ aferan Eadmund[es] 
ofer ganetes bat$ 

cyningas hine wide 
wurSodon side^' 
bugon to cyninge 
8wa wses him gecynde. 

Naes Be flota swa rang, 
ne se here swa Strang. 
f on Angel cynne 
ses him gef^tede. 
J)a hwile f)e se 8e]?ela cyning 
cynestol gerehte. 
And her Eadward Eadgares sunu feng to rice, j J^a sona on 
]»m ilcan geare on herfeste aete'o'wde cometa se steorra. 3 
com )?a on J?am eaftran geare swiSe mycel hunger, j swySe 
DMBnig fealde styrunga geond Angel cyn. * ^ -^Ifere ealdor- 
tnan het towurpon swySemanig munuc lif |>e Eadgar cyng 

{Continued on p. 122.) 

D. 975. . . . * On his dagum, 

for his iugo^e, 
Godes wi|78ersacan 
Godes lage brsecon. 
^Ifere ealdorman. 
^ ojjre manega. 
J munuc regol myrdon. 
3 mynstra tostsencton. 
^ munecafl todrsefdon. 
•] Godes Jjeowas fesedon. 
^e Eadgar kyning het ser 
]>one halgan biscop 
AJ)8Blwo[l]d gestapSe]lian. 
J wydewan bestryptan 
oft. ") gelome. 
J fela unrihta. 
"3 yfelra unlaga. 
arysan up si%%an. 
'3 aa sefter ]>am * 
hit yfelode swi^.* 



gebette, Brego engla, geaf eft blisse gehwaem . 
egbuendra * J^urh eorSan westm^r 
978. Her wearS Eadweard cyning ofsl^en. On J?is 
ylcan geare feng JB«elred fiB«eling his bro«or to rice. 

(E) Let ser ]>oiie halgan biscop ASelwold ge statSelian.* 3 on ]>am 
timan wses eac Oslac se msera eorl geutod of Angel cynne. 

{CoHtinued OH p. 123.) 

C. 976. Her on J)ys geare wsbs se miccla hungor on Angel cynne. 

977. HerwsBS f myccle gemot set Kyrfc ling tune, ofer Eastron. 
:i «8er forS ferde Sidemann bisceop on hrsedUcan dea})e. on .ii. 
kt Mai. se wses Defna scire bisceop. ^ lie wilnode ^ his lie rsest 
sceolde beon set Gridiantune, set his bisceop stole, pa het Ead- 
weard cing *] Dunstan arcebisceop. ^ hine man ferede to Sea 
Marian mynstre. "f his set Abbandune. J man eac swa dyde. "] 
he is eac arwyi^lice bebyrged on J>a nor^healfe on S5s Paulus 
portice ^. 

978'. Her on fysum geare wear^ Eadweard cyning gemartyrad. 
■] ^J>elred sejjeling his bro^r feng to J>am rice. "3 he wees on 
})am ylcan geare. to cinge gehalgod. On |)am geare for^ferde 
Alfwold se wses bisceop on Dorssetum. J his lie li^ on J)am 
mynstre set Scire human. 

979. On J)ys geare wses -^Jjelred to cininge gehalgod on )>one 
sunnandseig feowertyne niht ofer Eastron set Gingestune. ^ 
})8er wseron set his halgunge twegen ercebisceopas. J tyn leod 
bisceopas. py ilcan geare wses gesewen blodig wolcen on oft 
si^as on fyres gelicnesse. "^ f wses swy^st on middeniht ojjywed. 
■3 swa on mistlice beamas wses gehiwod. ]>onne hit dagian wolde. 
}>onn« to glad hit. 

980. Her on Jjys geare. wses ^J)elgar abbod to bisceope gehal- 
god. on vi. Nonas Mai. to Jjam bisceop stole set Seolesigge. '^ 

{Continued on p. 124.) 

^ weestm. B. C. 

^ Here ends MS. B. 

® Here there seems to be a change 
of hand in MS. 0. 

^ in uno solario. 7. Lat. 

' halgan. MS. 

* in uno de laquearibus. F. Lat. 

^ ny ge dydon. D. sume hit mid 
]7am line hit gebohtan. F. (No 
corresponding Latin.) 

® at Corf geate. F. in loco qui 
dicitur Porta Corf, F. Lat. 

* Eodem anno uSSt^elredus succes- 
sit fratri suo in regno. Tempore 
suo multa mala uenerunt in An- 
gliam et postea semper hue nsqne 
evenemnt. F. Lat. 

^® .^ferus dux cmn beato Dun- 
stano. F. Lat. (S. Dnnstanoi) '] 
uElfere. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 123 

978. Her on }>issum geare ealle fa yldestan Angel cynnes 
witan gefeollan sat Calne of anre upflors^n^. butan se halga^ 
Dunstan arcebiscop ana setstod uppon anum beame^. 3 sume 
]J8Br swit5e gebrocode waeron. ^ sume hit ne gedygdan''^ mid 
J)am life. 

979. Her wses Eadward cyng ofslagen on sefentide set 
Corfes geate® on -xv* Ic Apr. ^ bine man bebyrigde eet 
Wserham butan selcum cynelicum wurSscipe. 

Ne wear® Angel cynne nan waersa dsed gedon, 

]7onne ]?eos wses* 
sy'SSon hi serest Brytonland gesobton. 

Men bine ofmyrSrodon. 
ac God bine maersode. 

He wses on life eorSlic cing. 
be is nu sefter deatSe beofonlic sanct. 
Hine nolden bis eorSlican 
magas wrecan. 
ac bine bafat^ bis beofonlica fseder 

I swiSe gewrecen, f. 39. 

pa eorSlican banan woldon bis gemynd 
on erSan adilgian* 
Ac se uplica Wrecend* bafaS bis gemynd* 
on beofenum. "j on eorSan tobraed. 

pa \>Q nolden ser 
to bis libbendum licbaman onbugan. 

J^a nu eadmodlice* 
on cneowum abugaS to bis dsedum banum. 

Nu we magon ongytan* 
^ manna wisdom, 
;} smeagunga, 
3 beore rsedas 
syndon nabtHce 
ongean Godes ge]?eabt. 
And ber feng jESelred to rice*. 3 be wses sefter )?am swiSe 
brsedlice mid myccluw gefean Angel cynnes witon gebalgod 
to cyninge set Cyningestun. 

980. Her on fisum geare ^Ifere^® ealdorman gefette }?es 


983. Her fortSferde iElfhere ealdorman. 
f. 39. b. 984. Her forSferde se wellwillenda bisceop SKSelwold, ^ 
seo halgung J78BS SBfterfilgendan bisceopes -^Ifheages, scSe 
oiSran naman waes geciged Godwine. waBS xiiii* kl Notj. 3 
he gesset \owe bisceop stol an J^ara twegra apostola dsege 
Simonis j ludse. on Wintan ceastre. 

(C) on J)am ylcan geare waes Su^hamtun forhergod fram scipherige. 
■;) seo burh warn msBst ofslegen "^ gehaeft. 3 Jjy ilcan geare waes 
Tenetland gehergod. "^ \f ilcan geare waBS Legeceaster scTr ge- 
hergod fram NorS scipherige. 

981. Her on J)is geare waes S2e Petroces stow forhergod. 3 Jjy 
ilcan geare waes micel hearm gedon gehwair be ]7am saeriman. 
aegjjer ge on Defenum ge on Wealum. ^ on J)am ylcan geare 
for^ferde ^Elfstan bisceop on Wiltunscire. "3 his lie li^ on ))am 
mynstre aet Abbandune. "^ Wulfgar feng )>a to ^am bisceopdome. 
■;) on J)am ylcan geare forSferde Womaer. abbod on Gent. 

982. Her on Jjys geare comon upp on Dorsaetum iii. scypu 
wicinga, "] hergodon on Portlande. J)y ilcan geare forbam Lunden 
byrig, ■;) on J)am ylcan geare for^ferdon twegen ealdormenn. 
iE)>elmaBr on Hamtun scire. ;] Eadwine on Su^Seaxum. *] -^)>el- 
maeres lie li^ on Wintan ceastre on Niwan mynstre. '^ Eadwines 

f. 144. on J>am mynstre | ^ aet Abbandune. paes ylcan geares for^ferdon 
twa abbodessan. on Dorsaetum. Herelufa. on Sceaftes byrig. "] 
Wulfwin. on Werham. "J J)y ilcan geare for Odda Romana ca- 
sere to Greclande, "3 J^a gemette he Jjara Sarcena mycele fyrde 
cuman up of sae. "^ woldon fa faran on hergo^ on J^aet Cristene 
folc. "3 J)a gefeaht se casere wi^ hi. "J Jjaer waes micel wael ge- 
slaegen on gehwaejjere hand. "3 se casere ahte wael stowe geweald. 
J hwae^ere he J^aer waes miclum geswenced. aer he Jjanon hwurfe. 
^ fa he hamweard for. fa forSferde his brofor sunu. se waes 
haten Odda. "^ he waes Leodulfes sunu aefelinges. "^ se Leo- 
dulf waes faes ealdan Oddan sunu. "] Eadweardes cininges dohtor 

983. Her forSferde JElfhere ealdorman. J feng JSlfric to fam 
ilcan ealdor dom scipe. "^ Benedictus papa forfferde. 

984. Her forS ferde Afelwold 15 on kT Agustus. 

985. Her waes JSlfric ealdorman utadraefed of earde. J on 
fam ilcan geare waes Eadwine to abbode gehalgod to fam 
mynstre set Abbandune. 



halgan cyninges ' lichaman ast Wserham. •] ge ferode Line mid 
mycclum wurSscipe to Scaeftes byrig ', 

981. Her comon serest ]?a -vii- scipu^ and gehergoden 

983. Her for'S'ferde JElfere eaJdorman. j feng /Elfric to 
]7am ilcan ealdordome. 

984. Her forSferde se halga biscop" ASelwold muneca ®' £c 
fseder. -^ her wsbs Eadwine to aBB gehalgod to Abbandime. ^^u^^C 

985. Her ^IMc ealdorman w8bs utadraefed^. 

986. Her se cyning fordyde }?et biscoprice set Hrofeceastre. 
And her com serest se myccia yrfcwabn on Angel cyn. 

987. Her Wecedport wes gehergod^ 

988. Her wses Goda se D8B[fe]ni8ca ]?8egn ofslagen ^ mycel 
wsel mid him. 3 her Dunstan se halga arcb forlet ]7is lif. j 
geferde f heofonlice. And|-^Selgar b® feng aefter him to f. 39. b. 
arcbstol. J he litle hwile seffcer ]7am leofode, butan an gear. 

] 'iii-' monSas. 

989. Her -^Edwine abB fortSferde. ;] feng WuPfgar to. 3 her 
Siric W8BS gehadod to arceb. 

C. 986. Her se cyning fordyde ^ b rice set Hrofe ceastre. Her 
cow serest se micla yrf cwealm on Angel cyn. 

988^°. Her waes Wecedport geheregod. ^ Goda^^ se Defenisca 
)>egen ofslagen. ;j mycel wsel mid him. Her gefor Dunstan arcb. 
;] -^^Igar b feng sefter him to arcestole. "] he lytle hwile sefter 
))sem lyfode. butan .i. gear J .iii. mon)>as. 

{Continued on p. 126.) 

P. 989. Her was Siric Mio' arb ge hadod. (Her sij)})an ferde to f. 59. 
Rome sefter his pallium ^*.) 

^ Here there seems to be another 
change of hand in MS. 0. 
' Eadwardes. add. F. 
' Sceftoniam. F. Lat. 
^ scipum. MS. 
« (of Wincestre.) F. 

* adrsefed of earde. D. 
' for b»md. F. 

* (abbod on Niwe mynstre.) F. 

* yiii* F., altered from iii* F. Lat. 

has octo, on erasure. 

^® In ^ against the year 988 is 
written in an ancient and very small 
hand : hoc anno obiit Scs Dun- 
stanus afeps. In C. against the 
years 988 and 992 stands the sign 
S. Cf. note on 971 (S). 

'* Her wsBS Goda. D. 

^^ Hie consecratus est, etc. . . . 
(Hie iuit Bomam pro pallio.) F. Lat. 


993 ^ Her on '8issu«» geare com Unlaf mid J?ri;» j hund 
nigentigon scipu»2 to Stane, ^ forhergedon ^ 8n ytan, 3 for 
•Sa 'Sanon to Sandwic, ;] swa 'Sanon to Gipeswic, ^ ^ eall 
ofer eode, j swa t8 MsBldune ; "3 lii»i ]?8Br co;» togeanes 
Byrhtno'8 ealdorman mid his fyrde, •] Vvn wi"? gefeaht. 3 
hy ]7on^ ealdorman ]78er ofslogon, •] wselstowe ge weald 
ahtan. -^ lii»i man nam sy*8'8an fri^ wi'8, 3 hine na»^ se 

eing syS"8an to bisceopes handa. Curb Sirices lare Oantware 
biscpes, '^ ^Ifeages Wincsestre b. 

994. Her forSferde Sigeric arcebisceop. j feng -^Ifrie 
Wiltmiscire bisceop to "Bam arcebisceop rice. 

C. 990. Her Sigeric waes gehalgod to af6B. "^ Eadwine alblS for^ 
ferde. "^ Wulfgar a15 feng to |)am rice. 

f. 59. b. F. 991. Her waes Brihtno'6 ealderman ofslagen at Maeldune. "J on 
%am ylcan geare man gersedde ^ man geald serost gauel Denis- 
can mannum. for ^an wundrsen J)e hi worhton be ssb riman. ^ 
was serost tyn Jjusend punda. pene rsed gersedde Siric arlb. 

992. Her Oswold se ediga arB for^ferde. ;] EadulT abbud 
feng to Euerwic "^ to Wigorceastre. And her gersedde se cing "^ 
ealle his witan ^ man gegaderode ealle %a scipa \q ahtes 
wseran to Lundenbyri. to ^an "f man 'scolde' fandian gif man 
mihte be trseppan Jjane here ah war wij) utan. Ac ^Ifric ealder 
man. an of \t>m ^a se cyng hsefde msest truwe to. 'bet' gewar- 
nian ^ne here. ;j on ^re nihte ^ hi scolde anmorgen togae- 
dere cuman. 'se sylfa -^Ifric' scoc fram ^are fyrde. J se here ^ 

993. Her was Bebbanburh tobrocen, ;j mjcel herehu^* {;ar 
ge numen. "j after ^am com se here to Humbra mu})an. "3 ^are 
mycel yuel ge worhtan. Da gegaderode man mycele fyrde. "] ^ 
hi to ge^ere gan scoldan. J^a onstealdan %a heretogan serost 
^one fleam, f was Fraena, ;j Godwine, "^ Fri^egist. 

f. 61. 994. Her cow Anelaf ;j Swegen to Lundene, mid feower 3 
hund nigantygon scipan. J faestlice on fa burh fuhton. "^ hi 

{Continued on p, 128.) 

^ Here again the scribe was not writing on the margin, he has 

prepared for so long an entry, and managed to get room. Gf. note on 

marked out single-line annals as far 971. (^). 

as 1 00 1 inclusive. By erasing and ^ magna pecunia. F. Lat. 
altering numbers, by crowding and 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 127 

991. Her waes G[ypes]wic' gehergod. j sefter J>am swit5e 
rat^e wses BrihtnoS^ ealdorman ofslsegen set Mseldune. 3 on 
]>am geare man gersedde ^ man geald serest gafol Deniscan 
mannuw. for }?am mycclan brogan }je hi worhtan be |?am sae 
riman. ^ wsbs SBrest -x- ]?usend punda. ]?8ene rsed gersedde 
Siric*^ arceB. 

992. Her Oswald se eadiga arceB forlet ]?is lif. 3 geferde 
^ heofonlice. "j iESelwine ealdorman gefor on ]7am ilcan geare. 
Da ge rsedde se cyng ;] ealle his witan ^ man ge gaderode ]7a 
scipu )>e ahtes wseron to Lundenbyrig. j se cyng J?a betsehte 
j>a fyrde to Isedene Ealfrice ealdorman. 3 porode eorl. j -^If- 
stane B. "3 iEscwige b. j sceoldan cunnian gif hi muhton ]?one 
here ahwser utene betrseppen. Da sende se ealdorman ^Ifric. 
3 het wamian J?one here. '^ }?a on )?ere nihte Se hi on Sone 
dsei togsedere cumon sceoldon. tSa sceoc he on niht iram 
Jjsere fyrde him sylfum to mycclum bismore. 3 se here }>a 
setbserst, baton an scip ]78er man ofsloh. -j ]7a gemsette se 
here Sa scipu of EastEnglum j of Lunden. "j hi Saer ofslogon 
mycel wsbI. j -f scip genamon eall gewsepnod j gewsedod J?e 
se ealdorman on wsbs. j Da sefter Oswaldes arcb forSsiSe. 
feng Ealdulf abb of Burch • to Eoferwic stole and to Wigera 
ceastre. ^ Kenulf to ]?am abbot rice set Burch. 

993. Her on Sissum geare wees Bsebbanburh to brocon "'. f. 40. 
^ mycel here hutSe fser ge numen, 3 sefter J?am com to Hum- 
bran muSe se here, j Jjser mycel yfel gewrohtan segSer ge on 
Lindesige ge on NorShymbran. pa ge gaderode man swiSe 
mycele fyrde. "^ }?a hi togsedere gan sceoldan. J)a onstealdon 

))a heretogan serest )?one fleam, -f wses Frsena. 3 Godwine. ;] 
FriSegist. On ]?ysum ilcan geare het se cyng ablendan -^Ifgar 
^Ifnces sunu ealdormannes. 

994. Her on ]?isum geare com Anlaf ^ Swegen to Lunden 
byrig on Nativitas see Marie mid aiii* j hundnigontigum 
scipum. J hi t5a on "Sa burh festlice feohtende wseron. j eac 

* Between G,,,, and wie is a * Syric. C. D. 
blank in the MS., supplied from " of Burch only in E. 
CD. ' abrocen. C. D. 

* ByrihtnoS. D. 


eac mid fyre atendan woldan. Ac hi Jjar, Gode ^ng, wyrs ge 
ferdan ])onne hi SBfre wendan. 3 J)a %anon ferden. "^ f mseste 
yfel worhton J)e sefre aeni here mihte on eallon ^ingan. swa 
hwar hi ferdon. Da gersedde se cing J his witan. -f heom 
man scolde gauol behatan. "3 man swa dyde. "^ %i' $ under 
fengon. ^ ec heow fodan geaf ^ of eallan West Seaxana 
rice. ^ heom man geald .xvi. ^usend pundai Da sende se 
cing sBft^r Anelafe cinge -^Ifeah % "] ^gelword ealdorman. J 
man gislade ^a hwile into 'JSan scipan. "] man Isedde mid my- 
celan wui^scipe Anelaf cingc to Andeferan. "^ se cing -^^Ired 
his afeng at bwcopes handa. "J him cynelice gifode. "J him )« 
Anelaf behet, ^ eac gelaeste, ^ he naefre eft to Angel cynne 
mid imfri^ cuman nolde. 

995. Her was ateowod cometa ($ ys se fexode) se steorra. ^ 
Siric arB for^ferde. "3 -^Ifric. Wiltunscire 15. wear^ gecoren. 
(on Easter dsei on Ambresbyri. fram iEgelrede cinge. "^ fram 
eallan his witan.) Des EXfrie was swy^e [gewis] mann. J)et nas 
nan snotere man on Englalande. Da for ^Ifric to his arce- 
[stole] ■] ))a he ))ider com. he was under fange of J)am hades 
mannum ]7e him ealra ^un'ea^est was. ^ was clerican. And sona of 
s . . . ^e'alla J>a wisuste menu he awar ge cneow. ^ swy^ sefter 
cu^n mannum. ]7a cu^an ])at so^uste seggan hu sbIc ]ying 
Vearde' on %is lande be heora ealdran dagan. to eacan ]7an [he] 
sylf geleomed haefde' on bocan, "^ at wisen mannum. Him 
tealdan ))a swy^e ealde menu, aeg^er ge gehadode ge IsBwede 
[f] heora yldran heom tealdan hu hit was gelagod sona sy^^Kan 
Scs. Ags. to Jjisan lande com. Da ))a Agustinus ]>one B. stol 
fenge haefde on ])are burh. }>a was [heafodburh ealles ]yes] 
cinges rice ^gelberhtes. swa hit ys to raedon on Ystoria An- 

glorum . . . . e setl wyrcan be Jjes cinges ^Itume on 

f. 60. ealdan Eomaniscan wearde onginnon. sa . . | ^ foi^ to spry- 
tanne. On J)am geferscipe wseran J)a fyrmestan. Mellit««. Ins- 
til. Paulint^^. Rufianu^. Be ])ysan sende se eadiga papa ]K)ne 
pallium*. "3 J)arto gewrit. "^ tacnunga. hu he B halgian. *] on 
hwylcum stowe on Britane hi settan scolde. "3 J)am cinge iE^l- 
[berht] he sende gewrita. "^ manega woruldgiua on mistlicum 
^ingum. And fa cyrican J)e him gegearcod hsefdan. he het 
[halgian on] Drihtnes naman hselendes Xf es ^ Sea Marian. 3 
himsylfam J)ar eardung stowe sette. "^ his seffcer filigendum eallan. 
*] ]>at he 8[colde] ^r innan settan ])as ylcan hades menn )>a he 

{Continued on p, 129.) 
^ censum et pastum. F. Lat. ' Sometliiiig interlined here. 1^ is erce (t). 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 129 

bi mid fyre ontendan woldon. ac hi ]?ar gefeordon maran 
bearm 3 yfel )>oiine hi sefre wendon. f heom aenig burhwaru 
ge don Bceolde. Ac se halige Godes modor on Sam ^ hire mild- 
beortnisse ]?8ere burbware gecySde. ^ hi abredde wiS beora 
feondum. ^ hi ]>anon ferdon. ^ wrobton f maeste yfel \>e aefre 
senig liere don mibte on bsemette 'j bergunge ^ on manslibtum 
legSer be Sam sseriman on EastSeaxum, ;] on Centlande. "3 
on SaSSeaxum. "j on Ham tun scire. "3 set nyxtan naman heom 
bors. J lidon swa wide swa hi woldon. ^ un asecgendlice yfel 
wircende wseroD. pa gersedde se cyng ^ his witan f him 
man to sonde. "3 him gafol be bete ^ metsunge wiS ]?on pe 
hi ]78ere bergunge geswicon. ;) hi ]?a }>et under fengon. ^ com 
)>a eall se here to Hamtune. 'J ]>gdr winter setle namon. -) hi 
man pt&r ftedde geond eall WestSeaxna rice. ^ him man 
geald ^ -xvi* ]?U8end punda. pa sende se cyn{g] sefter Anlafe 
cyninge. JBlfeacb % ^ JBSelward ealdorman. "j man gislade ]7a 
bwile I in to ]7am scipum. 3 hi ]7a Iseddan Anlaf mid mycclum f. 40. b. 
wurtSscipe to )>am cynge to Andeferan. -3 se cyng ^Selred 
bis anfeng set 15es banda. ^ him cynelice gifode. 'j him ]>& 
Anlaf behet swa be hit eac gelseste. f be nse&e eft to Angel 
cynne mid unfriSe cumon nolde. Hie Bicardus uetus obiit. 
et Bicardus filius eius suscepit regnum. et regnauit ^xxxi- aH. 

995. Her on ))is8um geare seteowde cometa se steorra. ^ Siric 
arSIS forSferde. 

fyder to lande sende. "j ):a he sylf wes. ^ eac f selc op[er B (F) 
scolde beon mu]nec hades mann ])e ])one arb stol ge ssete on 
Cantwarebyri. "j "f scolde beon sefre gehealden be Godes leafe 
[■3 blet]sunge. 3 be S- Petrus. 3 be ealra J)a sdfter him coman. 
Da ))8B8 sand angean com to JSgelberhte cinge 3 to Agustine. 
hi] wur^n ^ swy^e blij)e J)urh swilce wissunge. And se artj 
)a balgode "^ mynster on Xpes naman ") S. Marian [on ]:am] 
dage )>e ys gecweden twegra martira msessadsei. Pnmi et 
Feliciani. 3 }}ar binnan munecas gelogode^. [eaJ] swa [Sde] 
Gregoriii« bebead. 3 hi Godes ?8eowdow clsenlice beeodan. '} 
man nam of )>am ylcan munecan biscopas to gehwylcre [stowe] 
swa )>u rseddan miht on Ystoria Anglorum. Da was JSAfiic 
a?b swy^e bli];e. f he swa fela gewitnesse bsefde [})ara })e . . .] mih- 

{Continued on p. 130.) 

* ds^;e. add C. D. (rec^e). ' geald feos. C. D. ^ gelagode. Thorpe. 



tan betst to ^w timan wi^ Jjone cing. Gyt )ja ylcan witan 
%e mid %an aFB. wseran cwsedan ; Dus eal swa we ge[teald] 
habba%. ])urhwunedan munecas on Xpes cyrican on Agu^^tnes 
dage. J on Laurenties. Mellites. lustes. Honor[ies. Deusjdedit. 
Theodores. Brihtwoldes. Tatwine*. Nothelmes. Cuthbertes. Breg- 
wines. lanb^es. A^elbard^. Wulfrede*. Felogilde*. Ac J)es 
geares. Jja Ceolno^ cow to fam a?brice. weai^ swylc man- 
cwealm ^ na belaf binnan Xpes cyrcan butan fif nian[ecan] . . . 
to eacan his timan wear% gewinn ^ sorh on )>78um lande. % nan 

mann ne mihte %encan embe naht elles butan Nu Qode 

)anc. ys hit on })as cinges anwealda "3 on ))ynum hwsB^r hi leng 
)ar binnan lengre beon motan. for}}on na mihte [man hi] nsefre 
ut bet bringan ]>onne man nu mai gif }:as ^cinges^ willa is ^ ])in. 
Se a?B ]>a butan selcre lettinge mid eallan ])am wisum mannum 
ferde anan to ^am cinge, ^ cyddan him eall ealswa we her be- 
foran tealdan. Da wear)) se cing swyj^e bli'Se [))i8]sere tidunge. 
^ cw8e% to ^m a?B J to ])am o^ran; Me )>in% rsBd. )>at ]>u 
ealra serost fare to Rome seft^y* ]}inon 8B[rce 3 ] J^u )>am papan 
cy)>e eal Jjis. ^ syS^an be his rsade far. ^ hi ealle andswaredan 
^ % was se betsta rsed. Da ^ [preostas] %is gehyrdan. ))a 
rseddan hi. % hi naman twegen of heom, ^ sendan to )am 
papan, "j budon hiw mycelne garsuman ^ seolfer. wi^ ^5an ^e 
he scolde gifan heom ]>one erce. Ac ]}a hi to Rome coman, \q> 
nolde se papa naht ^ don, far hi ne brahtan nan ge writ, naffer 
na of ])am cinge na of ]>an folce. ^ het hi faran loc whar hi 
woldon. Son[a swa] ^ preostas ]>anon gecyrred wseron. cow se 
arb EXfric to Rome, ^ se papa hine underfeng mid mycelan 
wur6[sci]pe, ^ het hine a morhgen msBSsian at S. Petres weo- 
fode. ^ se papa sylf dyde on his agene pallium ^ hine swyj^e 
wyr6ede. })a \\a was gedon. se a2l5 ongan to tellende |>am 
papan eal embe ]>a cl^ricas, hu hit ge [faran] was. 'J hu hi 
binnan Jam mynstre at his afb^rice' wseran. ^ se papa hiw 
agean gerehte hu ^a p^'^ostas to hiw cum[an] wseran, "j mycelne 
gsersuman budan, far^i ^ he scolde heow ^ne palliuw gifan. 
Ac cw8B^ se papa ; far nu to [Engla]lande angean. mid Godes 
bletsunga, "j S. Petres, ^ minre. "] swa ))u haw cume. do into 
]>inan mynstre ))[as ylcan] hadesmenn. ^e beatt^ Gregori«s be 
bead Augustine ^ar inne to londe. be Godes be bode, ^ S. Pe- 
tres. ^ minre. Se a?b ]>a mid );ysan gecyrde to Englalande. 
Sona swa he haw cow. he gesset his afl^stol. J sijjj'an to |)an 
[cinge] ferde. "3 se cing j ealle his leode Gode ])ancode his an- 

i^ontintted on p. 131.) 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 131 

996. Her on pissum geare wees JElfnc gehalgod to Bi^te 
to Xpescyrcean. 

997. Her on )>i8sam geare ferde se here abutan De&an 
scire into SsefemmuSon. ^ ]?8er gehergodon segSer on Com- 
wealum ge on KorSwalnm. j on Defenan. ^ eodon him ]>& up 
set Wecedport. "3 J)8er mycel yfel wrohtan on bsernette. ^ on 
mancdihtnm. ^ teher ]7am wendon eft abutan Penwiht^steort 
on tJa BuShealfe. and wendon >a in to Tamer«mu«an. 3 eodo^n' 
]>a up otS ^ hi comon to Hlidaforda'. ^ 8elc]7ing bsemdon -) 
dogon f hi ge metton. ^ Ordulfes mynster set Tefing stoce ^ for- 
bsemdon. ^ un asecgendlice here hntSe mid him to scipa*^ brohtan. 

998. Her gewende se here efk eastweard into FrommuSan. 
1 J,»r «ghw»r up eodon swamde swa hi woldon into Dorsatan. 
"] man oft fyrde ongean hi gegaderode. ac sona swa hi to 
gffidere gan sceoldan. ]7onne weartS ]>Bsr aefre ]7urh sumj^ing 
fleam astiht. ^ sefre hi set ende sige ahton. ^ ]7onne oSre 
hwile lagen heom on Wihtlande. ^ eoton heom' ]>& hwile of 
Hamtan scire, "j of SuSseaxum. 

999. Her com se here eft abuton into Temese. ^ wendon 

)>a up andlang Medewsegan to | Hrofe ceastre ''. "J com ]7a seo f. 4i' 
Centisce fyrde \>dsr ongean^. j hi ]>ssr fseste to gedere fengon. 
ac wala* ^ hi to hratSe bngon. ^ flugon. forj^am \>e hi nsefdon 
iultum \>e hi habban sceoldan. ]>a. ahton ]>& Dseniscan wselstowe 

geanenmes, ^ f he swa ge semdod swa ^an ealra leofuste wes. He ^a (F) 
eft to Cantwarebiri gecyrde. ^ J)a clericas ut of J)am mynstre adraf 
"} ^ax binnan munecas sette. eal swa se papa him be beod ^^ 

996. Her was Wulstan gehadod to t> into Lundenbm. 

997. Her JElfric ^&^ ferde to Rome seffcer his arce (pallium ^^). 

^ PenwseS. B. ^° This document is written in a 

' Gamer. B. very small hand on the margin and 

' Hlydanforda. 0. B. on an inserted leaf, and ha^ been 

* mynster Tsefingstoc. C. B. aet much injured by the use of galls. 

aetefingstoce. E. The portions enclosed in square 

5 Bcypon. G. B. brackets can now no longer be read, 

' la^on him . . . seton him. B. but rest on the authority of M.H.B. 

lagon. G. The Latin version will be given in 

^ Hroue ciestre. F. an Appendix. 

' ibi obuiam habuit exercitum ^ pallium written above arce as 

Gantie. F. Lat. if a gloss to it. 
' wala wa. B. 

K 2 


1001 ^. Her on J?ysuw geare w8bs micel unfriiS on Sngel 
cynnes londe J?urh scip here, "3 wel gehwsBr hergedon ;] 
baBr[n]don, swa ^ hy upp asetton on senne si]? ^ hy comau 
to JSj?elinga dene. ^ J?a com J^aer to geanes Hamtan seir, -\ 
hiwi wi'S gefuhton. •] "Saer wearS -^]?elweard einges heah 
gerefa ofslegen. ^ Leofrie set Hwitciricean, ^ Leofwine 
einges heah gerefa, j Wulfhere bisceopes "Segn, ^ Godwine 
aet WoirSige, -^Ifsiges bisceopes sunn. ^ ealra manna an j 
hund eahtatig. ^ J^ser wearS J^ara Denescra miele ma 
ofslegenra. J^eah'Se hie waelstowe ge weald ahtan. 
f. 30. ^ foran "Sa J?anon west oj? ^ hy coman to Defenan, j hiw/ 
]?aer to geanes com Pallig mid J?an scipan "Se he gegaderian 
mihte, forJ?am J?e he asceacen waes fi2m -^iSelrede cynege 
ofer ealle *Sa ge try wiSa "Se he him geseald haefde, ^ eac se 
•cyng him wel gegifod haefde on hamon, ^ on golde 3 
seolfre. 3 forbaemdon Tegntun, 3 eac fela o'Sra godra 
hama j^e we genemnan ne cunnan, ^ heom man sy'S'San 
]?aer fri*S wi'Snam. j hy foran J^a ]?anon to ExanmaiSan, 
swa ^ hy asettan him upp 8n senne siiS 0*8 hy coman to 
Peon ho, ;} Jjser wsbs Kola "Ssbs cyningea heah gerefa, j 
Eadsige J^aes cynincges gerefa to geanes him mid iSaere 
fyrde iSe hy gegaderian mihtan, ^ hy 'Baer aflymede 
wurdon, 3 iSaer wearS fela ofslegenra, ^ 8a Denescean 
:ihtan wael stowe geweald ; j *Saes on mergen forbeemdon 
J^one ham aet Peon ho, ^ aet Glistune, ^ eac fela godra 
hama j^e we genemnan na cunnan, ^ foran 'Sa efb east 
ongean oiS hy coman to Wiht ; ^ J^aes on mergen forbaem- 
don iSone ham aet Wealtham. ^ o*Sra cotlifa fela^. 1 heom 

man ra|)e )>aB8 wiC))ingode. t hy namon friO. 

^ Here again after looi several ' ylcodan ]>a deman. C. iikede 

single-line annals had been marked man. D. 

out, which had to be subsequently ' |f^g. G. D. 

erased. Cf. notes on 971. 993 (^). ^ fbra werdre. C. fort^ wserdre. B. 

* MS. A. (W.) closes here, and has * Cumber. D. 

not the latter entries of TT., in which ' Bikerdes. B. 

a change of hand is noticeable at ^* of, omit C. B. (recte). 

this point. ^^ befib j^ folc G. 

» horsan. B. " into Wihtlande. G. B. 

^ welneah eall West Gent. F. ^' (to geneabecan.) F. inlerlined. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 133 

ge weald ^ naman ]7a liors '. j ridan 8wa wide swa hi woldon 
sylf. 3 fornsBh ealle Weast Centingas* fordydon. "] forhergodan. 
Da radde se cyng witJ his witan f man sceolde mid sdpfyrde. 
'] eac mid landfyrde him ongean faran. ac Sa ]?a8cipu gearwe 
vseron. ^p2k elkede man" fram dsege to dsege. ^ swencte ^ 
eanne folc ]7e on t^am scipon lagon'. ^ a swa hit forSwearde^ 
beon scolde. swa hit Isetre wses fram anre tyde to oSre. ^ a 
hi leton heora feonda wserod wexan. ^ a man rymde fram 
|>8ere sse. ^ hi ferdon sefre fortS sefter. 3 ))onne set ]7am ende 
ne beheold hit nan ]?ing seo scipfyrding. buton folces ge 
swine. ^ feos spilling. -3 heora feonda for'Sbylding. 

1000. Her on Sissnm geare se cyng ferde in to Cumer* 
lande. 3 hit switSe neah eall forhergode. ^ his scipu wendon 
ut abaton Legceastre. and sceoldan cumon ongean hine. ac hi 
ue mihton. ]?a ge hergodon hi Msenige. ^ seo nnfriSflota wses 
])8es someres gewend to Ricardes^rice. 

1001. Her com se here to ExanmuSan. ^ up Sa eodan to 
Sere byrig. ;] ))8er fsestHce feohtende weeron. ac him man 
swySe fsestlice wiSstod. ^ heardlice. Da ge wendon hi geond 
f land. 3 dydon eall swa hi bewuna wseron. slogon ^ beomdon. 
pa gesomnode man J^ser ormsete fyrde oP^ De'fe'nisces folces. 
'] Sumor ssetisces. "3 hi tSa tosomne comon set Peonnho. 'j 
sona swa hi togsedere fengon. ]?a beah seo Englisce fyrd^^. 

I :| hi }>«r mycel wsel of slogon. ^ ridan l>a ofer $ land. ^ wses f. 41. b. 
ffifre heora seftra syS wyrse ]?onne se serra. ^ mid him ))a 
mycele herehnSe to scipon brohton. ^ ]7anon wendon in Wiht 
land^'. *3 Jjser him ferdon on buton swa swa hi sylf woldon. *3 
Mm nan]7ing ne wiSstod. ne him to ne dorste sciphere onsse^'. 
ne landfyrd. ne eodon hi swa feor up. Wses hit ]7a on selce 
wisan hefig tyma. forSam ]>e hi nsefre heora yfeles geswicon. 

1002. Her on J^issum geare se cyng gersedcle "3 Lis witan. 
f man sceolde gafol gyldon ]7am flotan. ^ fritS wiS hi geniman 
wiS ]7on ]?e hi heora yfeles geswican sceoldan. Da sende 
se cyng to ]7am flotan Leofsig ealdorman. ^ he ]7a ]7ses cynges 
worde ^ his witena griS wiS hi gessette. ^ ^pei hi to met- 
snnge fengon ^ to gafle. -3 hi ]7a f under fengon. ^ him man 
])a geald -xxiiii* ])U8end pnnda^ Da on gemang ]7ysum ofsloh 



134 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

1005. Her ^fiicus arcet for«ferde. 

1006. Her mann halgode ^Ifehg to aree biscope. 
f. 30. b. 1007. 


i% the next year 

in K. 

(E) Leofsig ealdorman iEfic ]>tea cynges heah ge refan. ^ se cyng 
hine Sa geutode of earde. And pa, on ]>am ilcan lengtene 
com 860 hlsefdige Eicardes dohtor^ hider to lande. On Sam 
ilcan sumera Ealdulf arcb fortSferde. j on Sam geare se cyng 

'^ {Continued on ^, zs5>) 

f. 62. F. 1003. Her was Execiester abrocen far aneV Prencisce's' 
ceorPes' (%ingan) Hugo hatte. ^ne sehlsefdige hefde geset to 
gerefan. ^ se here Jja burh mid ealle fordyde. Da gegaderade 
man swy]>e mycele fyrde, ^ ]>a scolde JSlfric ealderman IsBdan 
]}a fyrde. ac he teh for}> his ealdan wrencas. Sona swa hi 
wseran swa gehende ^ sBgJjer heora on o)>er hawede. %a ge 
braede he hine to spiwenne. ^ cwsed ^ he seoc wsere. "J swa "f 
folc beswac. Da Swegen geseah ^ hi anrsBd nseron. ^ Isedde [he] 
his here into Wiltune. ^ (fone tun) forbsemdan. "j eodan J)a to 
Searbyrig ^ }>anon sefb to ssb. 

1004. Her com Swegen mid his flotan to Norjjwic, ^ Jja burh 
eall forheregodan ^ forbsemde. ^a ger^a'edde Vlfcytel wi^ )» 
witan on East Englum ^ man scolde fri^ian wi% ^nne here, fen- 
]?an hi unwseres coman. na he fyrst nsefde f he his fyrde ge 
gaderian mihte. Ac under ^m gri%e bestsel se here up of 
scipan. "j foran to Heortfordan', ^ Vfcytel gegaderode his here 

{Continued on p, 136.) 

^ Tmma (.^fgiua) adds F. here Gp into WiltunBciretiMar^ CD. 

» So F. against C. D. E. « werd. C. D. 

8 S. Britiua. F. » beoyrde. C. D. 

^ besyrwan. G. besyrewan. D. *® to foran. C. toforon. D. 

be syrwian. F. ^^ forbnnide. G. D. (recte.) 

' (butan selcre wiO cweSenesse) ^^ wucan. G. D. 

a(2(2« F. ^' G. ^fM0r<« j^ hi ]78dr togaedere 

* bnmh. G. f5n ■oeoldon. 

^ *:) on ]>am ilcan geare eode se ^' seo yldesta. D. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 135 

Let ofslean ealle tSa D^niscan men )?e on Angel cynne weerou 
on Bricius' messedsBg. for]>on ]7am cynge wses gecydd ^ hi 
woldon hine be syrewian ^ set his life. ^ sySSan ealle his witan. 
3 habban syj^n his rice^ 

1003. Her wses Eaxeceaster abrocen ]7urh ]x)ne Frenciscan ceorl 
Hugon ]7e seo hlefdige heafde hire gesett to gerefan. "3 se here 
J?a burh* mid ealle fordyde. "3 mycele herehuSe \>9sr genamen^. 
Da gegaderode man swiSe mycele fyrde of Wiltun scire ^ of 
Hamtnn scire. ^ switSe anrsedlice wiS ))8es heres weard ^ wseron. 

Da sceolde | se ealdorman iElfric laedan ]>a fyrde. ac he teah f. 42. 
forS }>a his ealdan wrenceas. Sona swa hi wseron swa ge 
hende ]7^t segtSer heora on o8er hawede. ]7a gebrsed he hine 
seocne. "^ ongan hine brecan to spiwenne. 3 cweS ]7et he ge 
siclod wsere. ^ swa ^ folc beswac ^ ^ he Isedan sceolde swa hit 
gecwetSen is. Donn^ se heretoga wacaS ]>onxi6 biS eall 
se here swiSe gehindred. Da Swegen geseah ^ hi anrsede 
nseron. "3 ealle tohwurfon*®. J?a Isedde he his here into Wil- 
tone. ^ hi Sa burh' gehergodon -3 forbsemdon. ^ eodon }>a to 
Searbyrig. ^ ]>anon eft to sae. ferde Jjser he wiste his yS 

1004. Her com Swegen mid his flotan to NorSwic. ;} J)a 
burh ealle ge hergade. ^ forbsemdon ^\ pa gersedde Ulf ky tel 
wiS }>a witan on EastEnglnm. ^ him bffitere weron ^ man 
wits ^one here fnSes ceapode. ser hi to mycelne hearm on 
]7am earde ge dydon. forj^am }pe hi unwares comon. ^ he fyrst 
nsefde ^ he his fyrde ge gadrian mihte. Da under ]?am gritSe 
}7e heom be tweonan beon sceolde. ]7a be steal se here up &am 
scipon. ^ wendan heora fore to peodforda. Da TJlfcytel f 
under geat. ]7a seonde he ^ man sceolde ]>a scipu toheawan. 
ac hi abruSon ]?a Se he to]7ohte. ^ he ]7a gegaderode his 
fyrde diglice swa he swySost muhte. ^ se here com }>a to 
peodforda binnon -iii- wuca^* J)ses J)e hi ser ge hergodon NorS- 
wic. 3 J)8er binnon ane niht wseron. ^ J>a burh hergodon ;) 
forbsemdon. ]7a on morgen ]7a hi to 8cipu[m] woldon. ]?a com 
TJlfcytel mid his werode^'. ^ hi f>ser togsedere feastlice fengon. 
^ mycel wsel ]78er on segtSsere hand g^feolL Dser wsertS East 
Engla folces seo yld" ofslagen. ac gif ))et fulle msegen ]?8ere 

{jContinuedon^, 136.) 

136 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

wsere. ne eodan hi naefre eft to scipon. swa hi sylfe 
ssedon ^. 

f. 43. b. 1005. Her on ))7ssuiii geare wses se | mycla ' hunger geond 
Angel cynn swilce nan man ser ne gemonde swa grimne^ ^ 
se flota ]?8es geares gewende of )>issum earde' to Dsene- 
mearcon. and litelne fyrst let. ]7et he eft ne com. 

1006. Her forSferde iElfric arceB. ■] iElfeah biscop feng 
sefter him to Sam serce stole. ^ Brihtwold % feng to ]7am rice^ 
on Wil tun scire. -3 Wulfgeate wses eall his are ofgenumen". 
•3 Wulfeah -y Ufegeat wseron ablende. "3 iElfelm ealdorman 
wearS of slagen. -3 Kennlf biscop fortSferde. "3 J?a ofer J)one 
midne sumor com ^a se Denisca flota to Sandwic. "3 djdon 
eall swa hi ser g^wuna wseron, hergodon y bsemdon. "3 slogon 
swa swa hi ferdon. pa het se cyng abannan ut ealne tSeod- 
scipe of Westseaxum. "3 of Myrcean. "3 hi lagon ute J?a* ealne 
}>one herfest on fyrdinge'^ ongean }>one here, ac hit naht ne 
beheold J>ema ]?e hit oftor aer dyde. Ac for eallum ]7issam 
se here ferde swa he sylf wolde. ;) se fyrdinge' dyde J)8Bre 
landleode selcne hearm. J^et him naSor ne dohte ne inn here' 
ne uthere. 

^ Da hit winter leohte^*'. J^a ferde se fyrd ham. -3 se here com 

J>a ofer Martinus messan to his fryS stole to "Wihtlande. 3 
tilode him J^ser seghwer ]?aes Se hi behofdan. "3 ]>a to Sam 
middan wintran eodon heom to heora garwan feomie ut ]7urh 

(F) ^ for sBfker, ^ hi Jar togsedere fsestlice fengan. ^ar was East 
Engla folces yld mycel" ofslagan. 

1005. Her on }>yssum geare wses se mycla hungar geond Angel 
cynn swylce 'n'an man ser ne ge munde swa griwne. 3 se flota 
]>8es geares gewende of %ysum earde to Denmearcan. '3 sona 
angean cyrde. 

^ G. D. add, j:^ hi nsefre wyrsan geate eall his ar (are. D.) onge- 

Land plegan on Angel cynne ne numen. 0. B. 
gemitton (gemetton. B.). ]>onne ' A faint line above the a of }». 
Ulfcytel him to brohte. ^ permansitinexpeditione. F.Lat. 

* grymme. D. * seo fyrding. C. D. 
' gearde. C. ® -inghere. C. 

* t» stole. F. episcopatum Serbe- ^"^ Isehte. 0. D. leahte. F. 
riensem. F. Lat. ^^ optimi (qq') seniorum (princi- 

^ 1 on ]>aiii ilcan geare wses Wulf- pum) Qrientidium Saxonum. F. Lat. 



Hamtun scire into Barruc scire* to Raedingan. and hi dydon (a.d. 1006. 
heora gewiina, atendon heora beacna' swa swa hi ferdon. -j 
ferdon ' )>a to Wealinga forda. 3 J?et eall forsweldon*. -3 w»n- 
'd'on him )>a andlang" JSscesdune [to Cwicehnes hlsewe. -^ 
Jjaer onbidedon beotra gylpa. forJx)n oft man cwsetS. gif hi*] 
Cwicchelmes hlsewe gdsohton. ]7et hi nsefre to sse gan ne 
sceoldan. wendon ]^ otSres waeges hamweard. pa wses ]?8er 
fyrd ge somnod eet Cynetan ^. ^ hi Jjser to gsedere fengon. | -3 f. 43. 
sona ]>et wserod on fleame gebrohtan, ^ sytSSan hyra here 
huSe to B8B fseredon. ]>8er mihton geseon Winceastre leodan* 
rancne' here. ^ nnearhne. ^ hi be hyra gate to s» eodon. "^ 
msete ^ madmas ofer -l* mila him fram b8b fsettan. 

pa W8B8 se cjrug ge wend ofer Temese into Scrobbesbyrig scire. 
3 nam ]>8er his feorme in })sere middewintres tide. ]7a wearS 
hit swa mycel sege fram ]7am here. )>et man ne mihte ge 
])eoncean *^ ne asmsegian hu man of earde hi ge bringon sceolde. 
oSSe ]7isne eard witS hi ge healdan. forj^an ]7e hi hsefdon selce 
scire on West Sexum stiSe ge marcod mid bryne. ^ mid 
hergunge. Agan se cyng geome to smeagenne wiS his witan 
hwet heom eallum rsedlicost ))uhte. ^ man ]7isum earde ge 
heorgan ** mihte aer he mid ealle fordon wurSe *'. Da ge rsedde 
seo cyng ^ his witan eallum J^eodscipe to J^earfe. J)eah hit him 
eallum latS waere. f man nyde moste ]7am [here] gafol gyldan. Da 
sende se cyng to J^am here. -] him cyj^an het ^ he wolde 
f heom grits betweonan beon sceolde. ^ him man gafol and 
metsunge syllan sceolde. ^ hi tSa ealle ^ under fengon. 3 him 
man metsod[e]" geond Angel cyn. iConttnuedonp.x^^.) 

^ Bearrah scire. D. 
^ hiora herebeacen. 0. hiora 
herebeacna. D. 

* wendon. 0. D. 

* fonpeldon. E. fonwseldon. C. 
forswslldon. D. forbemde. F. After 
which 0. D. insert 1 wseron him ]>a 
Ene niht set Ceoles^e. 

' iand lang. G. 

* Omitted in E. owing to homoio- 
teleuton. Restored firom C. D. 

^ Cynestan. B. Cynetan. 1 hi 
tJar '^ Englisce folc a fleame broh- 

tan, 1 sytrSan swa to sse foran. F. 

"» leode. C. D. F. 

* prutne. F. strennnm et nichil 
timentem exercitnm. F. Lat. 

^® To ]>are ylcan Xpes nuessan 
was se cing at Scropesbyri. 1 his 
feorme 8ar heold. Da weax^ swa 
mycel ege oner eal of jyam here, swa 
nan man ne mseg oOran seggan. F. 

*^ gebeorhgan. C. 

» wurde. C. D. 

^' -] him ametsode ]». D. 



1007. Her on Sissom geare wses \>et gafol gelaest ]?am 
unfritJehere*. $ wses -xxx** ]7usend punda. ^ On Sissum geare 
eac wses iBdric gesett to ealdorman on' Myrcenarice. 

1008. Her be bead se cyng f man sceolde ofer eall Angel 
cynn scipn feastlice wircean. .f is }H)nne [of] \>rjm bund 
bidum. ^ of -x- bidon senne scegtS*. "^ of •viii- bidum belm j 

1009. Her on ^issum geare gdwurdon ]>& scipu gearwe }>e 
f. 43. b. we ser jmbe sprsecon. "3 beora W8bs swa | feala swa nsefre ser 

]>es Se ns bee secgaS on Angel cynne ne gewardon on nanes 
cynges dseg. •;} bi man ^a ealle togaedere ferode to Sandwich 
^ ])a&r sceoldan licgan. ^ ]nsne eard bealdan wiS selcne ut 
bere. ac we gyt naefdon }>a ge selSa. ne }H)ne wurSscipe f sec 
scipfyrd nytt wajre Sisum earde. \>e ma ]>e beo oftor ser 
wses. Da gewearS bit on ]nsum ilcan timan oWSe litle ser 
J>et Bribtric Eadrices broSor ealdormannes forwregde Wulf- 
noS cild ]>one SuSseaxscian ^ to ]>&m cyning. ^ be ]>a ntge 
wende. "3 bim ]>a to aspeon J^et be beafde ^xx* scipa. j be }>a 
bergode segbwer be Sam suSriman. ;] aelo yfel wrobton. ]>& 
cydde man into ]7sere scipfyrde. J^et bi mann eaSe'^ befaran 
mibte. gif man ymbe beon wolde^ Da genam se Bribtric 
bim to bundeabtatig scipa. "j ]>obte f be bim myceles wordes 
wircean sceolde. f be "WulfnoS cuconne oSSe deadne begytan 
sceolde •. ac }?a bi ]>yderweard wseron. J?a cow bim swilc wind 
ongean swilce nan mann ser ^ne' gemunde. ;] }>a scipo Sa 
ealle to beot. -} to )>r8esc ^°. ^ on land wearp ". j com se Wulf- 

^ ]>amliere. G. JraemuniriOhere. D. 

* xxxvi. C. D. 

* geond. G. D. ouer eal. F. super 
totam Meroiam. F. Lat. After which 
D. adds Her for .Mfeah bisceop to 
Borne, sefter pallinm. 

* of yrim hand bidum *} of tynum 
aenne scegV. G. of ]>rym bund scipum. 
*] z* be tynum. anne BcsegO. B. unam 
magnatn nauemquae Anglice nomina- 
tur sceg]). F. Lat. 

' scoldon ]>iB land werian wi8 8b1o> 
ne ut here, ac ^bit' to nabte ge wearS. 
ealswa ^bit' oftor aer ge lamp. F. 

* F. interlined, Godwines £»der 

eorles. quendam nobllem uirum no- 
mine WlnoVum (patrem Godwini 
ducis.) F. Lat. The last three words 

^ by man ssaXe, D. 

^ gif man embe wsere. G. 

' Da wolde Bribtric geeamian 
him here word. *} nam fS& LXXX. scipa 
foT^ mid him. ") "Sobte tS he wolde 
WulnoSgelsccan cucene o95e dead- 
ne. F. Tunc cogitauit Brihtricus 
adquirere sibi laudem &c. F. Lat. 
^^ to boost. D. to )ffiersc. G. D. 
'^ a wearp. G. on lande aweorp. D. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 139 

not$ sona. *3 tSa scipo forbsBmde. Da ]7is cuS wsbs ^ to t^m (a.d. 1009/ 

oSmm scipon ^r se cyng wsbs hu 8a oSre geferdon. wses 

]?a swilc hit eall raedleas wsere. "-^ ferde se cyng him ham. ^ 

]>a ealdormemi. 3 ]7a heahwitan. ^ forleton ])a scipo ]?us 

leohtlice. ^ ]?et folc })a ]>e on. Sam scipe wseron faercodon' Sa 

scipo eft toLnndene. j leton ealles Seodscipes ge swincg ' ]7us 

leohtlice forwurSan. ^ nses se ege^ na hetera ]>e eall Angel 

cynn tohopode. pa Seos scipfyrd Sos geendod wses. ]7a com 

sona softer hlammessah' se nngemetlica nnfriShere' to Sand- 

wic. 3 Bona wendon heora fore to Cantwarhjrig. ^ ]>a hurh 

raSe geeodon. gif hi ]>e raSbr to him MSes to ne gimdon. 

] I ealle EastCentingas'^ wiS ]>one here friS genamon. -3 him f. 44. 

gesealdon ^iii- J^osend punda. ^ se here ]7a sona sefter ]7am 

gewende abuton otS )>et hi comon to Wihtlande. ^ ]78er aeghwer 

on SuSseaxum. 3 on Hamtnn scire. ^ eac on Bearruc scire 

hergodon ^ bsemdon swa heora gewuna wees ^. }>a het se cyng 

abannan at ealne ]>eodscipe ]>et mann on selce healfe wiS hi 

gehealden sceolde. ac J^eahhwetSere hi ferdon loc^ hu hi 

woldon. ]>a sum siSe heafde se cyng hi fore began mid ealre 

fyrde. }>a hi to scipan woldon. ^ eall folc geani wsbs heom on 

to fonne. ac hit wses Sa ]>arh Eadric ealdorman gelet swa 

hit })a^° aefre wses. Da sefter scs Martinus msessan. ]7a ferdon 

hi efb ongean to Cent. 3 namon him winter settl on Temesan. 

^lifedon^^of EastSeaxum. "^ of Sam scirum J?e Jjaernyxt'^ 

wseron on twam healfe ^' Temese. "3 oft hi on )>a borh Lundene 

gefuhton. Ac si Gode lo£ }>et heo gyt ge&und stent. ^ hi 

}78er aefre yfel geferdon. Da aefker middanwintra hi namon 

])a aenne lipgang Mt' J^nrh Ciltem. "^ swa to Oxneforda. ^ }>a 

burh forbaemdon. ^ namon hit ]7a on twa healfe Temese to 

{CimttHttedoHp. 140.) 

^ Da ]>is ]>aB cn9 wses. C. Da 9is ^ principes Gantie. F. Lat. 

gebyrde se ciog 9e mid ]»ii oSran " swa hiora gewuna is. C. B. 

scipan beliuen was. ]» ferde he ham. ' loca. 0. D. 

*;) calle 8a ealdermen. F. ^® swa hit gyt sefre wss. CD. 

^ feroodon. 0. B. ^^ lifdon him of East Seazum. C. 

' Iffiton ealle }» scypas ge8¥dnc D. D. 

* se sige. G. D. ^^ nez9. G. neaxst. D. 

' laf nuessan. G. D. ^ on twam healfum. G. on twa 

^]>ewehetonDnrkillesheread(28G. healfum. D. 

140 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

scipanweard*. J?a gewamode'* man hi f )?8er wses fyrd »t 
Limdene ongean. hi gewendon }>a ofer set' Stane. '■\ ]?us 
ferdon ealne J)one winter, ^ tSone lencten waeron him on Cent, 
and bettan heora scipa. 

1010. Her on Sisfinm geare com se foresprecenda* here ofer 
Eastron to [EastjEnglum. -j wendon up set Gipeswic. -3 eodon 
an reces ^ Jjser hi ge axodon Ulfcytel mid his fyrde. Dis waes 
on ]>am daeg prima ascensio Dili. "3 ]7a sona flugon EastEngla. 
]7a stod Grantabrycg scir fsestlice ongean^ ]78er wses ofslsegen 
./ESelstan J)es cynges aSum. ^ Oswi "3 his sunn. "3 Wulfric'^ 
Leofwines sunn. ;j Eadwig JSfices broSor. "3 feala oSra godra 
f. 4^. b. I^egna. "3 folces unge rim. ]7one | fleam aerest astealde purcytel 
Mjranheafod. -3 ]>a Daeniscan ahton wselstowe ge weald. 3 
Jjser wurdon gehorsode. -3 sy'SSon ahton EastEngle ge weald. 
;) f)one eard ^iii* mon}>as hergodon ;} bsemdon. gefurSon' on 
]?a wildan fennas hi ferdon. "3 menu "3 yrfe hi slogon^. -3 
bsemdon geond )?a feonnas. ^ peodford forbaemdon. "3 Granta- 
brycge. ^ sytSSon wendon eft sutSweard in to Temese. "3 ridon 
)7a gehorsedan menu ongean ]7a scipo. ;3 syt^on hrsedlice 
wendon westweard on Oxnaford scire. 3 J^anon to Bucingham 
scire. ;} swa andlang Usan. otS hi comon to Bedanforda 3 
swa forS 08 Temesanford. "3 a baemdon*® swa hi ge ferdon. 
wendon J)a eft toscipon mid heora herehuSe. "3 ]?one" hi to 
scipon streddon". Jjonne sceolde fyrd ut eft ongean f hi up 
woldon. ]>onne ferde seo fyrd ham. 3 ]?onne hi wseron be 
easton. ]?onne heold man fyrde be westan. ^ J^onne hi waeron 
be suSan. ]>onne waes ure fyrd be norSan. Donne bead man 
ealle witan to cynge. 3 man ponne raedan scolde hu man 
]>isne eard werian sceolde. Ac ]>eah man hwaet ))onn6 raedde. 
f ne stod fur'Son aenne monaS. aet nyxtan naes nan heafod 

^ to scype weard. 0. B. 1 naman ' ingean. D. Grante brige ana 

]>a to scipan weard. F. fsestlice stod. F. 

« gehwamede. D. ^ Wulf. D. 

' hi wendon him ]» ofer aet. CD. * fyrtJon. C. 

-) hi gewendan ouer at. F. * orf ofelogan eal ^ hi tooomon. F. 

^ So E. F. ; Bprecena. G. specena. ^^ i beemdon. G. 

T>. " ]>onne. G. D. 

' uni^ces. G. D. anan fka. F. " ferdon. G. D. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 141 

man f fyrde gaderian wolde. ac eelc fieah ^ swa be mse&t myhte. 
Ne forSon nan scir nolde oSre gelsestan set nyxtan. 

pa setforan scs Andreas msessan. Sa com sehere to Ham- 
tune. "^ ^one port sona forbsemdon. ^ ))ser namon abuton swa 
mycel swa hi woldon sylfe. ^ J^anon wendon ofer Temese in 
to WestSeaxum. ;j swa wiS Caningan* msersces. j ^ eall 
forbaemdon. pa hi swa feor gegan hsefdon swa hi ))a woldon. 
]7a comon hi to 8am middan wintra to scipon. 

1011. Her on J^issum geare sende se cyng 3 his witan to 
Sam here. "3 geomdon friSes. | ^ him gafol ;} metsunga be f. 45. 
hetan. wiS }>am ]7e hi heora hergunga ge swicon. 

Hi heafdon ]7a ofergan EastEngla -i* and EastSeaxe ^ii* ^ 
Middel Seaxe -iii- ^ Oxena ford scire ^iiii* j Grantabrycge 
scire -v- ^ Heortford scire -vi* ^ Bucingaham scire 'vii* ^ 
Bedanford scire .viii- "3 heaKe Huntadun scire -x*' ;) be sutJan 
Temese ealle Centingas. ;) SuS Seaxe. •] Hsestingas. ^ SuSrig. 
3 Bearruc scire. ^ Hamtun scire. ^ mice! on Wiltun scire *. 

Ealle ]?as ungesselSa us geltimpon ]?urh unrsedes. ^ mann 
nolde him to timan gafol bedan'^. ac ]7onn6 hi msest to yfele 
ge don hsefdon. J)onne nam man griS. j friS wiS hi. ^ naSe Ises 
for eallum ]>isum griSe j friSe j gafole. hi ferdon seghwider 
folcmsBlum*. j hergodon. j ure earme folc rsepton j slogon''. 
^ On ))i8sum geare betwix Natiuit' sSe Marie ^ sSe Michaeles 
msessan hi ymbe saetan Cantwara burh. j hi ]?8er in to comon 
))urh syre wrenceas*. forjjon iElmaer hi be cyrde Cantwara burh'. 
]?e se ar5b JSlfeah ser ge nerede his life ^^. 'j hi ]?8er J^a ge naman 
)jone arCb iElfeah. j JElfword ]?8es cynges gerefan. j Leofwine'* 
abb. "3 Godwine b. "3 iElmser abb hi Isetan aweg. "j hi f>8er 
ge naman inne ealle ]?a ge hadode menn. ^ weras. ^ wif. ^ wses 
unasecgendlic^^ aenigum menn hu mycel f)8es folces wses. j on 

{Continued on p, 142.) 

^ selfeah. D. ^1 h«regodon ure earme folc, *) \\\ 

* Ganegan. C. D. rypton T slogon. C. 

' *;) ix* healfe Huntadun scire. *} " syru wrencas. C. hyre wren- 

micel ^x'. on Hamtun scire. C. 1 healfe cas. D. 

Hantedun scire ix* 1 micel on Ham- ' Cantwara burh. E. only. 

tunscire ^x* D. ^"^ set his life. C. 

* Wilte scire. F. " Leofrune. C. D. 
' o]>]>e wi9 ge feohtan. a^< C '^ unaseggend. F. 

* flocmselum. G. D. recte. 



JMere byrig siSSon waeron swa lange swa hi woldon. ^ }?a hi 
hsefdon J^a burh ealle asmeade^. wendon him J^a to scipon. ^ 
, - laeddon Ipone arSt) mid him ; 

WflBs 8a wepling'. se )?e 8Br wses 
Angel cynnes heafod. ^ Xpgndomes. 
]>8er man mihte J^a geseon earmtSe' 
]>8er man ser geseah blisse 
on f>8ere serman* byrig. J^anon ns com serest 
XpSndom. 3 blisse for Gk>de. ^ for worulde*. 
"3 hi heafdon ]?on6 arSB mid him swa lange oS ]7one timan \)t 
hi bine ge martyredon. 
f. 45. b. 1012. Her on J^issom geare comEadric | ealdorman. j ealle 
J?a yldestan witan gehadode j leawede Angel cynnes to Lun- 
den byrig to foran f>am Eastron. wses JSsterdseg J>a on Sam* 
datarum idu8 Apr. ^ hi ]78era Sa swa lange wseron otS ^ gafol 
W8BS eall ge IsBst'' ofer Eastran. $ waes -viii* Jjusend* punda. pa 
' on ]7one Ssetemesdseg weartS swiSe gestired^ se here ongean 
]?one biscop. for]?an ]>e. he nolde heom nan feoh be haten. -] 
forbead f man nan J^ing wiS him syllan ne moste. weeron hi 
eac swySe druncene. for]?am J)8er wees gebroht win suSan^*^. 
ge namon fa fone b\ leaddon hine to heora hustinga" on fone 
Sunnan efen*^ octabas Pasch«e. ^ hine ]?a ]j8Br oftorfodon" mid 
banum. j mid hryt^era^^ heafdum. ^ sloh hine J^a an heora mid 
anre sexeyre" on ]>et heafod. ]?et he mid )?am dynte niSer asah. 
^ his halige blod on Sa eortSan feoll. "3 his ]?a haligan sawle to 
Godes rice asende. j f>a biscopas EadnoS j iElfhun. ;] seo 

^ asohte. F. 

^ rsewling. MS. 

' yrmSe. C. ermVe. D. 

^ earmazL C. D. 

^ F. hadi a shorter version of this 
quasi-poem reduced still more nearly 
to prose; after which comes the fol- 
lowing Latin paraphrase : — ^Tunc 
fait preda Paganorum. qui paulo 
ante fuit caput totius Brytannise 
et Xj^ntatis. Potuit tunc maxima 
miseria uideri ubi pridie habebatur 
maximum gaudium, et unde nobis 
pullulamt fides uera. 

* So C. )>8em. D. twam. E. 

^ *] ]>as witan wseron to 0i geqade- 
rode j) man scolde gelaestan ^ gafol. 
Sam Deniscan here. F. 

^ So F. ehta 'j feowertig ]>usend. 

• astyred. C. D. 

i^' Sudan. MS. 

^^ hustinge. C. D. hustingse. F. 
in concilium suum. F. Lat. 

" xiii.kl.Mai. addC.p. 

" '^hineJffiertJabysmorliceacwylm- 
don. oftorfedon, &o. C. 

^* hrytJeres. F. hry])era neata 
heafedum. D. 

^' eaxe ere. D. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 143 

burhwaru under fengon jH,ne haUgan lichaman on mergen 
;) feredon hine to Lundene mid ealre arwurSnisse^. ^ hine 
bebyrigdon on sSfs Paulus mynstre. ^ \mt nu Ood swutelaS 
})ffis' halgan martires mihta. Da J^et gafol gelest' wses. ^ ]?a 
frits aSas ge sworenel ]7a to ferde se here wide swa he ser 
ge gaderod wses. Da bugon to ]7am cyninge of ]7am here -xlv* 
scipa. "3 him be heton ]?et hi woldon ^isne eard healdan. ^ he hi 
fedan scolde j scrydan. 

1013. On ]>am seftran geare ]7e se arCfB wses ge martyred. 
se cyng ge ssette Lifing B to Cantwara byrig to Sam arce stole. 
^ on ]7am ilcan geare toforan ]7am monSe AugostiM com 
Swegen cyning mid his flotan to Sandwic. ^ wende swytSe ratSe 
abutan East Englnm. in to Humbran mutSan. ^ swa tipp weard 
andlang Trentan ]>et he com to Gegnes burh^. -3 J^a sona abeah 
Uhtred eorl. | ^ call Nort5hymbra to him. ;j eall ^ folc onf. 46. 
Lindesige. ^ sytSSan f>et folc of Fif burhingan. j raSe ]?8bs eall 
here be norSan Wsetlinga strsete °. j him man sealde gislas of 
selcere scire. SySSan he undergeat ]>et eall folc him to 
gebogen wses. ]>a bead he ^ man sceolde his here metian "3 
horsian. "3 he ]?a ge wende syt^an suSweard mid folre fyrde. 
3 betaehte his scipa "j )?a gislas Cnute* his sunu. ] sytSSan 
he com ofer Waeclinga strsete ''j hi wrohton f meeste yfel f>e 
senig here don mihte. wende f>a to Oxna forda. -3 seo burhwaru 
sona abeah 3 gislode. ^ J>anon to Winceastre. 3 ^ ilce dydon. 
wendon ]7a J^anon eastward^ to Lundene. ^ my eel his folces 
adranc® on Temese, forSam hi na^n're brycge ne cepton^^. Da 
he to J>8Bre byrig com, J>a nold^e' seo burhwaru abugan ac 
heoldan mid fullan wige ongean. fortSan ]?8er wses inne^^ se 
cyning -^elred". ] purkil mid him. pa wende Swegen 

{Continued on ^. 144.) 

^ 1 moo ]>one lichaman 5n mergen ^ siratam qnse nominata TJuec- 

ferode t5 Lundene, -] ]» bisceopas linca Strata. F. Lai. 

Eadno]> 1 JSlfun, *} seo buruhwaru " *} swa to Winceastre. 1 ba t$a 

hine underfengon mid eabre arwurC- burh Abugan *) gislodan. 1 swa he 

nysse. G. D. ferde eastward, &c. F. 

' )ffier. MS. ' adrang. C. adrangc D. 

' geauen. F. ^° quia non curabant quserere pon- 

* Grene8buruh.C. Grseignesbnrh.D. tem. F. Lat. csepton. D. 

' populus Aquilonarium Anglo- ^ inge. G. 

rum. F. Lat. ^' ac midfullan wige ageanheold. far 

' Gnude. F. VaneecingiBt^elredwas^arinne. F. 



cyning J;ai:on to Wealinga forda. j swa ofer Temese west- 
weard to BaSon, ^ saet )j»r mid his fyrde. j com -^J>el- 
mer ealdorman ]?ider. j ]?a weasternan^ ]?8egnas mid him. 
"2 bugon ealle to Swegene, "] gislodoD. pa he ealP f)us 
ge faren heafde. wende J>a nortSweard to his scipon. ;] eall 
J?eodscipe hine heafde for fuUne cyning, ^ seo burhwaru sefter 
}jaw on Lundene beah ^ gislode. for)>awi hi ondreddon f he hi 
fordon wolde. bead f)a Swegen full gild ;] meVsunga to his here 
J?one winter. ^ purcyl bead f ilce to ]>am here ]>e laeg on 
Grena wic. ^ buton )jam' hi hergodan swa oft swa hi woldon. 
Da ne duhte naSor j^isse ))eoda ne suSan *, ne norSan. pa wses 
se cyng sume hwile mid f)am flotan "pe on Temese wseron. ^ seo 
hlafdige wende ]?a ofer seo* to hire broSor Eicarde. ^ JElsige 
abbot of Burh mid hire, ^ se cyng sende JSlfun 1^ mid }7am 
8e]>elinge Eadwarde. ^ JSlfrede ofer s^. f he hi be witan 
f. 46. b. sceolde. 3 se cyng ge | wende ]>& fram J^am flotan to Sam 
middan wintra to Wihtlande. "^ W8bs Jwr J?a tid. 3 sefter 
]?sere tide ge wende ]?a ofer sse to Eicarde. 3 waes psdr mid him 
otS tJone byre J>e Swegen dead weartJ. 

• 3 Da hwile ]?e seo IsBfdige mid hire bro)?er w»s begondon sse. 
2Qlfsige abb of Burh pe pter waes mid hire for to ]7one mynstre 
pe is gehaten Boneual ]>mr sSe Florentines lichama IsBg. fand 
Jjser aerm stede. serm abbot j aerme mimeces, forJ>an ]?e hi 
forhergode weeron. bohte ]>& ]mT set )?one abb 3 sert )>e muneces 
sSe Florentines lichaman eall buton pe heafod to 'V' hundred 
punda. j| f>a pe he ongean com )>a ofifrede hit Crist j s2fe Peter. 
1014. Her on ]jissum geare Swegen geendode his dagas to 
candel msessan -iii* No Febr''. 3 se flota eall ge curon® Cnut to 

^ wsBstrena. D. 

^ sel. D. ffislodon, "j siffOan 8ona 
eal t^eod hiiie fullice underfeng, "j 
heold for fulne cing. -j seo burh- 
waru on Lundene abeah to him "j 
gislode. And se cing .^Egelred sende 
his cwene ^IT giue Ymma to hyre 
broker ofer asd Eicarde. '} .^sige 
afitj (of Burh) mid hyre *| uElfun 
b mid Sam seOelingum Eadward "j 
MlGcede ouer sse. "^ he hi bewitan 
scolde. And se cing sona him sylf 

ferde aefter. "j was ])ar begeondan eal 
fS Sw^en wearS dead. F. 

^ T for eallon J)am. C. 

* Sudan. MS. 

' Sic MS. 

^ This paragraph is peculiar to £. 

^ 3 ))y ilcan geare man hadode 
./Elfwig bisceop on Eoforwic to Lun- 
denburuh on S^a luliana maesbe 
dsag. -J Se flota, Sec, J), 

" Principes autem regis et qui 
cum eo uenerant in Angliam. F. T^at. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 145 

cyninge. Da gerseddan ]7a witan ealle ge hadode go Isewede 
^ man sefter ]>aiii cyninge .^ESelrede sende. ^ cwaedon ^ him 
nan leofre hlaford nsere J^onne heora ge cynde^ hlaford. gif he 
hi rihtlicor healdan wolde ]7onne he SBrdyde. Da sende se 
cyng his sunn Eadward mid his serendracan hider. -] het gretan 
eahie his leodscipe', ^ cwsaS Ipddt he heom hold hlaford beon 
wolde. ^ aelc ]?8Bra ]7inga betan ]>e hi ealle asconedon^. ^ selc 
]78Bra ]?inga forgifan beon sceolde ]>e hi[m] ge don otStSe 
gecwetSen wsere* witS ]7am }pQ hi ealle anrsedlice buton 
swicdome to him gecyrdon. ^ man ]7a fullne freondscipe 
ge fsestnode mid worde j mid wsedde on aegtSere healfe. j sefre 
selene Denisc[n]e cyning utlagede^ of Englalande gecwsedon. 
Da com ^tSelred cyning innan ]7am lenctene^ ham to his 
agenre Seode. ^ he glsBdlice irzm heom eallum onfangen wses. 
;] ]7a sytSSon Swegen dead wees, ssett Cnut mid his here on 
Qegnesburh* oStSa Eastron. "j gewearS him | j )jam folce on f. 47. 
Lindesige anes. $ hi hine horsian sceoldan. j sytSSan'^ ealle 
setgsedere faran ^ hergian. Da com se cyning iEtSelred mid 
fiilre fyrde J^ider ser hi gearwe w«ron to Lindesige. ^ mann 
]7a hergode. ;] bsernde ^ sloh call ]?et mancynn ^ man arsecan 
mihte. Se Cnnt ge wende him dt mid his flotan. ^ wearS J^et 
earme folc )>U8 be swican ]>urh hine. "j wsende )>a suSweard 
otS ^ he com to Sandwfc. "j let )>8er tip® )>a gislas )>e his feeder 
gesealde wseron. ^ cearf of heora handa ^ heora nosa®. ;] 
buton eallum ]7isum yfelum se cyniug het gyldan J^am here 
pe on Grenewic l^g -xxi. ]>usend punda. j on |?issum geare on 
sSe MichsBles msBsse^sBfan. com J)et mycele ssb flod geond wide 
}>isne card, j aem^*^ swa feor up swa nsefre :8Br *ne' djde. -} 
adrencte feala^^ tuna. ^ mann cynnes un arimsedlice ge tealP^. 

1015. On ))issum geare waes ^ mycele gemof on Oxona 
forda. "3 )J8Br Eadric ealdorman beswac SigeferS j jtforcser^* 

{Continued on ^. 146.) 

1 gecynda. C. D. cyne hlauord. F. " let don lip )wer. C. Iset man 

^ ealle his leode. F. Jraer up. D. 

' ^uniidon. 0. ascuBodon. D. ^ handa. "] earan. 1 nosa. 0. B. 

ascanedan. F. ^° am. C. earn. D. 

* utlah. CD. " fela. D. F. 

' innan ])am Lssncten tid. D. ^' getel. G. D. getsU. F. 

' Gknesburuh. G. Gseignes-. D. " magnum placitum. F. Lat. 

^ witJ >an. D. " SiferC. 0. D. Marcer. F. 

146 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

]?a yldestan )78egenas into Seofonburgum^ bepsBhtelii into his 
bure^ ^ hi man ])8Br inne of sloh un ge risenlice'. j se cyng ]7a 
genam eall heora sehta^. j het nimon SigefertSes' lafe ^ gebringon 
binnon Mealdehnes byrig*. ]?a sefter litlum fece ferde Eadmund 
seSeling to. ^ ge nam ^ wif ofer ]?eB cynges willan"^. "j heafde 
him to wife. Da to foran natiuitas sSe Marise ferde se set^eling 
wseston^ norS in to Fif bargum. j ge rad sona ealle Sigefer'Ses 
are ;) Morcares. ^ ^ folc eall him to beah. ^ ]>a on Sam ylcan 
timan com Cnut cyng to* Sandwic. ^ wende sona abutan" 
Cent land in to West Seaxen otS he com to FromutSan. j hergode 
]7a on Dorssetum j on Wiltun scire ^^ j on Sunuer ssBton. )7a 
IsBg se cyng 8e6c set Cosham. Da gaderode Eadric ealdorman 
f. 47. b. fyrde ^ ^^se aet^eling Eadmund | benorSan. Da hi togsedere 
comon. ]>a wolde se ealdorman beswicon ]?one Bsj^ling. '^ hi 
to hwurfon \>2k buton ge feohte for]7am. j rimdon heora feondum. 
^ Eadric ealdormann aspeon ]>a -xl- scipa hsm ]mm cyning. -^ 
beah ]?a to Cnute. ^ West Seaxe bugon ^ gislodon. j horsodon 
]7one here, j he wses ]78er ]7a 08 midne winter. 

1016. Her on j^issum geare com Cnut cyning mid his here 
'clx* scipa. J Eadric ealdormann mid him ofer Temese into 
Myrcan get Crsecilade. ;j wendon )>a to Waering scire innon 
JTsere midde wintres tide, j hergodon ^ bsemdon j slogon eall 

(F)f.65.b. 1016. Her cow Cnut mid .clx. scipa. *] Eadric ealderman mid 
hiw ouer Temese into Myrcan set Grecalade. ^ wendan })a to Wsb- 
ring scire, inne %are hi bsemdan ^ slogan eal "^ hi to coman. And 

^ istiipsipTincipabantar-yii^ciui- ^^ eal abutan. F. 

tatibus. F. Lat, " Wiltescire. F. 

^ in camera sua. F. Lat. ^' *) ]>olite beswican ]H>ne seOel- 

^ So €. ungerysenlice. D. un- ing Eadmund. ao he ne mihte. ac he 

gerinselice. £. ungerisedlice. F. aspeon zl> scipa of Ves cinges scipon 

* eahta. F. ') abeah to Cnut. F. 
« SiferCes. C. F. SifertJses. D. ^» Sic MS. 

• Ealdelmesbyrig. C. D. " forleton. MS. 
^ gewil. C. wiL D. )>as cynges " Sic MS. 

un))uice8. F. ^' heom Car to. C. 

' westan. C. ifseitan. D. ^^ LSg-. C. 
» up at F. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 147 

f hi to comon. Da ongan se seSeling Eadmund togadrieime (a.d.ioi6. 
fyrde. pa 8e[o] fyrd gesomnod wses. ]7a ne onhagode him 
baton se cyng ]>8ere wsBre. j hi haefdon J^sere burh ware faltum 
of Lundene. ge swicon ])a ]78ere fyrding. j fsBrde selc mann him 
ham. Da seffcer }>8Bre tide ]?a bead mann eft fyrde be fiillum 
wite.f selc mann })e feor^^ waere forS g6 wende. ^ mann sende to 
]>am cyninge to Lnndene. j bsBdon hine f he come ongean 
])a fyrde mid ]7am foltume ))e he gegaderian mihte. Da hi 
eaUe tosomne comon. ])a ne beheold hit naht ]>e ma ])e hit 
oftor ser dyde. pa cydde mann ])am cyninge f hine mann 
beswicon wolde. )>a )>e him on foltume been sceolden. Forlet ^* 
8a J>a fyrde. ^ cyrde him eft to Lundene. 

Da tAA se 8e)}eling Eadmund to NorShymbran to Yhtrede 
eorl. ;] wsende selcmann ^ hi woldon fyrde somnian ongean 
Cnut cyng. pa ferdon hi into Stsefford scire, "j into Scrob- 
besbyrig. j to Legeceastre. ^ hergodon hi on heora hValfe 

{Continued on p. 148.) 

1016. Her on Jdssum geare com Cnut mid his here. ^ Eadric (D) f* 66. 
ealdorman mid him ofer Temese into Myrcum. set Cricgelade. 
;] wendon )^ to Wserinc wic scire ingang })8ere middan wintres 
tidsB. "^ hergodon. "] bsemdon. ^ slogon eall ^ hi to comon. Da 
ongan seo'^ Eadmund 8e})eling to gadrigenne fyrde, );a seo 
fyrd gesomned wses. J^a ne onhagode hy J^seirto ^' buton ))set wsere 
^ se cyng ))8er mid wsere. '^ hi hsBfdon ^sere buruhware fultom 
on Lundene ; geswicon ):a ^sere fyrdinge. ^ ferde selc man him 
ham. Da sefter })8ere tide. \b, bead man seft fyrde be fullum 
wite. ])fiet selc man \% fere wsere for% wende. ^ man sende to ))sem 
cyninge to Lundene. ^ bedon hine }>set he come ongean ):a 
fyrde mid })am fultume J^e he gegaderian mihte. pa hi ealle 
to somne comon. \b, ne be heold nan })inc \e ma %e hit ofter ser 
dyde. pa cydde man })sem cyninge ))set hine man beswican 
wolde, })a %e him on fultume beon sceoldon ; forlet ):a );a fyrde, 
^ cyrde him eft to Lundene. 

Da rad se se]>eling Eadmund to NorShymbron to Uhtrede 
eorle. ^ wende selc man ))set hi woldon fyrde somnian ongean 
I Cnut cyng. pa fyrdodon hy into Stsefford scire. "3 into Scrob- f. 66. b. 
bes byrig. j to Lseg^^ ceastre. J heigodon hi on heora healfe. ^ 

L a 

148 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. ioi6.) j Cnut on his. j wende him )>a ^t ]?urh Buccinga ham scire 
into Beadaford scire. ^ ]7anon to Hontandun scire, jlang 
fennes to Stanforda. j Sa in to Lincolne scire, j^anon to Snot- 
ingaham scire, j swa to NorShymbran to Eoforwic weard. 
f. 48. Da I TJhtred ge axode j^is. tSa forlet he his hergonga j efeste 
norSweard. ^ beah )?a fornede. "j ealle NorShymbran mid him. 
^ he gislode. 3 hine man tSeahhwsetSere ofsloh. ^ purcytel 
Nafanan sunu mid Litti. j ]7a^fter J^am se xsyng Cnut gessBtte 
Yric into NorShymbran to eorle. eall swa Uhtred waes. "j 
sytStSan wendon him suSweacd oSres weges. eall be westan. 
^ coT/i ]?a eall se here toforan ]7am Eastron to scipon. ^ se 
sejjeling iBldmund wende to Lundene to his feeder, j )?a 
sefter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallum his scipum to 
Lundene weard. 

Da gelamp hit ]>et se cyng iEtJelred forSferde aer 8a scipu 
comon. he geendode his dagas on s£ls Georius msessedsege 
aefter mycclu/w ge swince, 3 earfoSnissum his lifes. ^ ^J>a' aeffer 
his ende. ealle ]?a witan ]7e on Lundene wseron 3 se burhwaru 

(F) Eadmund ae^eling wende to Lundene to his fseder. 3 Cnut ferde 
mid eallon his scipon to Lundene weard. 

Ac se cing ^gelred ser fof6ferde ser ))a scipan comon. he for 
ferde on S. Georgies msesse dseg sefter miclum geswince "3 earfo=6. 
nissum his lines. •] sefter his ende ealle Angel cynnes witan ge 
curon Eadmund to cinge. "3 he his rica heardlice werede on his 

pa comon ^a scipa to Grenwic to ^am gangdaguw "3 sona wendan 
to Lundene, "3 dulfon ane die on ^a su^ healfe "3 drogon heora scipa 
on westhealfe ))are brigge^."^ be dicodon si^an ^a burh utan'.f nan 
man ne mihte ne in ne ut. 3 oft on 'Sa burh fuhtan. 3 hi heom 
heardlice wi^stodon. 

^ ex occidentali parte pontis. * The scribe at first wrote beb 

F. Lat. dicodon. 

" et iterum foderunt (fecerunt ^ efste. C. 

ati) alium fossatum (contia ciuita- " Nafenan sunu. C. 

tem). F. Lat. ^ toforam. MS. 

^ gangdagum. C. ' ne tng ne Ut. C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 149 

gtfcuron Eadmnnd to cynge. j his rice he heardlice werode ]7a (a.d.ioi6.) 
hwile )?e his tima wees. 

pa comon ]7a Bcipo to Grenawic to ]7am gandagum^. ^ binnon 
Ijtlum fsece wendon to Lundene. j dulfon ]7a ane mycele die on 
8a ButShealfe ^ drogon heora scipa on westhealfe ]?8ere brycge. ^ 
be dicodon * sy88on )>a burh uton $ nan mann ne mihte ne inn 
ne ^t. ^ oft rsBdlice on t$a burh fuhton. ac hi heom heardlice witS 
stodon. pa wses Eadmund cyng aer ]?ani ge wend tit. ^ ge rM ]7a 
WestSeaxan. ^ him beah eall folc to. '3 raSe sefter ]?am he ge 
feaht wiS ]x)ne here set Peonnan wiS Gillinga. "j oSer ge feoht he 

(Continued on p. 150.) 

Cnut on his. Wende him ^ fit })uruh Buccingaham scire into (D) 
Bedan fordscire. ^ )>anon to Hunta dun scire. "3 swa into Ham 
ton scire, andlang fennes. to Stanforda. ^ )>a into Lincolne 
scire. J^anon J?a into Snotingham scire. "3 Swa to Nor^hym- 
bron to Eoforwic weard. Da Uhtred geahsode fis. ))a forlet he 
his hergunge. ^ efstte' nor6 weard, 3 beah ^ for nyde. ^ 
ealle Nor^hymbra mid him. 3 he gislode. "3 hine man ))eah 
hwae^re ^ofsloh. 3 purh cytel Nafen sunu • mid him. "3 J>a SBffcer 
)>sem. Se cyng gesette Yric into Nor6hymbron to eorle, eal 
swa Uhtred waes. ^ sy^SSan wende him su^ weard o^res weges. 
ealswa be westan. "^ com ))a eall se here toforan'^ ):am Eastron 
to scypon. ■] Se sefeling Eadmund wende to Lundene to his 
feeder. 3 J^a aefter Eastron wende se cyng Cnut mid eallon his 
scypon to Lunden weard.*' 

Da ge lamp hit jjset se cyning iE})elred for^ ferde ser 'Sa 
scypo comon; he geendode his dagas. on Sci§ Georgius msesse 
dsBg. SBfter myclum geswince. "3 earfo^nyssum his lifes. 3 J)a 
sefter his ende. ealle fa witan J>e on Lundene wseron. "3 seo 
buruhwaru gecuron Eadmunde to cyninge. | 3 he his rice heard f. 67. 
lice wserode J)a hwila ))e his tima wses. 

pa comon })a scipo to Grena wic to J)am gandaguw' "] binnan 
litlan fsece wendon to Lundene. ^ dulfon fa ane micle die on su^ 
healfe. *] drogon hera scipo on west healfe fsere bricge. *] bedicodon 
fa sy^S^n. 3 fa buruh utan, f set nan man ne mihte ne inn. ne ut ". 
3 oftrsedlice on fa buruh fuhton ; ac hi him heardlice wi^stodon. 
pa waes Eadmund cyng aer fan gewend ut, ■] gerad fa West 
Seaxon. 3 him beah eall $ folc to. 3 ra^e sefter fam he ge 
feaht wi^ fsene here set Peonnan wi^ Gillinga ham. J ofser 


A.D.ioi6.)gefeaht sBfter middan sumera set Sceorstane. ^ ]?8Br mycel waell 
feoU on 8BgSre bealfe. ^ ]?a heres^ him sylfe to eodon on tSam ge 
feohte. J Eadric ealdorman ■] -ffilm»r Deorlingc wseron ]>awi here 
on fultume ongean Eadmund cyng. j J^a ge gaderode he •iii* siSe 
fyrde J ferde to Lnndene. j )?a borhware ahredde. j )?one here 
aflymde to scipon. j )?a w»s ymbe twa niht ^ se cyning 
gewende ofer set Brent forda. ^ )>a wiS )>one here gefeaht ;] 
f. 48. b. hine aflymde. j J>8er adranc mycel | -^n[g]li[8]ces folces on 
heora agenre gymeleaste^ ]?a 8e ferdon beforan Jwere fyrde. "^ 
fang woldon fon. ^ se cyning wende aefter ]7am to West Seaxan. 
^ his fyrde ge somnode. Da ge wende se here sona to Lnndene. 
;] ]>a burh utone be sseton. j hire stranglice witS feaht ge be 
wsetere ge be lande. ac se selmihtiga God hi ahredde. 

Se here gewende ]7a seffcer )7am fram Lundene mid heora 
scipum into Arwan. j J>ar dp foran. j feordon on Myrcean. 
J slogon J bsemdon swa hwaet swa hi oferforon. swa heora 
gewuna wses. j heom metes tilodon. ^ hi drifon aegtSer ge 
scipa. ge heora drafa in to Medewsege. Da ge somnode Ead- 
mund cyng 'iiii* 8i]>e ealle Engla]?eode. j ferde ofer Temese to 

(F) Se here ge wende ^ seffccr ))aw fram Lundene mid heora scipum 
into Arwan. ^ ^ar up foran on Myrcan. "3 slogan ^ bsemdon swa 
heora gewune was. Da ge gaderode Eadmund cing feor^e si^ eal 
Engla^ode. ^ ferde into Cent, "3 se here fleig mid horsan into 
Sceapege. ^ se cing ofsloh swa fela swa he of faran mihte. And 
Eadric ealder man ge wende )>ene [cing] ongean at ^geles forda. 
nas nan mare unrsed ge rsed %anne se wses ^. 

Se here ferde eft into Myrcen. 'S gehyrde se cing; ^ ge gaderode 
he'fiffca si^an eal Engla^eode. ^ ferde sefter ^n here J of ferde 

[Continued on p. 153.) 

^ beras. C. * Altered from ^ware. 

^ Sed cum peruenisset rex ad ' geflymde to hiora scypon. C. 

^gelesford, dux Eadricus per do- ' Bregent forda. 0. 

lum fecit exerdtum Anglorum re- ^ mycel wsbI. C. 

dire. Non fuit petus concilium * embs^t. G. 

factum in Anglia de tali re. F. * So C* ^ 

Lat. *® MedwjBge. C. ' ^ 

^ eal be nor^an Temese, *) swa ut 
]>uruh Clseighangran. a44A 0. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 151 

Brent forda. ^ ferde innan Cent. ^ se here him fleah be foran mid (a.d.ioi6 
hira horsa into Sceapige. j se cyng ofsloh heora swa feala swa he 
of faran mihte. ^ Eadric ealdormann gewende ]?a SsBne cyng 
ongean set ^geles forda. nees nan mare unrsed ge red J^onne se 


Se here gewende eft ^p on EastSeaxan. "j ferde into 
ICyrcean. ^ fordydon eall ^ he ofer ferde. Da se cyng ge 
axode ^ se here uppe wses. tSa gesomnode he •¥• siSe ealle 
Engla l^eode. ^ ferde him set hindan. 3 of ferde hi innan 

{Pontinued on p. 152.) 

gefeoht he gefeaht SBfter middan sumera set Scor[s]tane. ;] (D) 
jiaer mycel wsell feoll on aeg^re healfe. ^ J>a heres* him sylfe 
to eodon on fam gefeohte. ^ Eadric ealdorman. *] -^Imer Dyr- 
ling wseron ))am here on fultume ongean Eadmunde cyning. ^ 
^ gegaderade he ]>riddan si^e fyrde. "] ferde to Lundenne'. 
;) })a buruhwarv* aredde. "3 faene here aflymde to scipe*. *] ))a 
)«B8 ymbe twa niht se cyning gewende ofer set Brsegent forda*. 
^ )>a wi^ fone here gefeaht. "j hine aflymde. "3 J>ser adranc 
mycel*' ^nglisces folces on hyra agenra gymeleaste, fa ))e fer- 
don beforan J)sere fyrde. "3 feng woldan fon. "^ se kyning sefter 
J)aBm gewende to Westseaxan. "] his fyrde samnade. pa ge 
wende se here to Lundenne. "] J>a buruh | utan ymbe sseton *. ^ 67. b. 
;j hyre stearclice on feaht, seg^ser ge be wsetere ge be lande. 
Ac se selmihtiga God hi ahredde. 

Se here gewende )^ sefter ))8em fram Lundene mid hyra 
scipum into Arewan. ^ jwr up foran. and ferdon on Myrcan. "j 
slogon. ^ bsemdon swa hwset swa hi oferforan. swa hyra ge- 
wuna is^ ^ him metes tiledan. j hi drifan 8eg)^r gescipa ge 
hyra drafa into Mede wsege ^®. Da samnede Eadmund cyning. 
feor)>an si^. ealle Englefeode. ^ ferde ofer Temese set Brse- 
gent forda. ^ ferde inon Csent. ^ se here him fleah beforan mid 
heora horsum into Sceap ege. ^ se kyning ofsloh hyra swa feola 
swa he ofTaran mihte. ^ Eadric ealdorman gewende })a )>one 
cyning ongean set ^^geles forda. Nses nan mare unrsed gersed 
])senne se wses. 

Se here gewende eft up on East Seaxan. ^ ferde into Myrcan. 
^ fordyde eall ^ he oferferde. Da se kyning geahsade ^ se 
here uppe wses, ))a ge samnade he fifban si%e ealle Engla ))eode, 
^ ferde him set hindan. ^ of ferde hi innon East Seaxan. set 

{Continued OH p. 152.) 

162 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.ioi6.)EastSeaxan aet J?ere dune f>e mann hset Assandun. "j )?8er 

togsedere heardlice fengon. Da dyde Eadric ealdormann swa 

he offcor ser dyde. astealde ]?oiie fleam aerest mid Mage sseton. ^ 

Bwaaswac his cynehlaforde. j ealle ]>eode. \>mr hsBfde Cnut 

vel ]>eode 
sige. ^ gefeaht him eall Englaland. ]?8Br weartS ofslagen 

EadnoS. j Wulsige a1515. j -^Ifric ealdorman. ^ Godwine eal- 

dorman. and Ulfcytel of East Englan. "j iEtJelward JESelsiges^ 

Bona ealdormannes. ^ eall se dugoS on Angel cinne. 

Da aefter ]>i8um gefeohte wende Cnut cing upp mid his 

f- 49» here to | Gleawe ceastre scire. J>8Br he ge herde secgan J^et se 

cyng waes Eadmund. Da gersedde Eadric ealdormann j ]?a 

(D) f»re dune J>e man hset Assandun ^ ^ Jjser togsedere heardlice fen- 
gon. pa dyde Eadric ealdorman swa swa he ser ofter dyde, 
astealde })8ene fleam sBrast mid Mage ssetan. ^ swa aswac his 
kyne hlaforde. "] ealle jjeodse Angel cynnes '. Dser ahte Cnut 
f. 68. sige. "3 ge | feaht * him wi^ ealle Engla )>eode. pa wear^ \dst 
ofslsegen Eadno^ biscop. "3 Wulfsie* a1)15. ^ -^Ifric ealdorman. 
'-] Godwine ealdorman."] Ulfkytel of East Englan. ^ iE))elward 
^Ifwines' sunu ealdormannes. "] eall seo dugu^ of Angel cyn- 
nes j)eode *. 

Da sefter })i8um gefeohte wende Cnut cyning up mid his 
here to Gleawcestre scire ))8er he ofaxade ^ se cyning wees 
Eadmund. Da gersedde Eadric ealdorman J ))a witan ]>e ]>8er 
gegaderade wseron. ^ ]»a cyningas heom betweonan seht ge 
worhtan. *] coman begen |)a cyningas togsedre set Olanige. 
wi^ Deor hyrste. "] wurdon feolagan "3 wed bro^ra, ^ ge f 8Bst- 
nadan segSer mid wedde. ^ eac mid a^n. "3 f gyld gesettan 
wi^ ))one here. "3 hi seo^an tohwurfon. "3 feng ))a EADMUND 
cyng to WesfcSexan. ^ Cnut to j)am norSdslle. Se here ge 
wende j)a to scipon. mid Jam fe hi ge fangen haefdon. "3 Lun- 
den warn giy^ede wi^ J)one here, ^ heom fry6 bohtan. "3 hi ge 
brohtan heora scypa on Lundene. "3 hsefdon j)8er winter setl. 
Da to See Andreas msessan forS ferde EADMUND cyng, ^ is be 
byrged mid his ealdan f seder Eadgare on GlsestingabyrL 

' ^jTelwmes. C. recte. new hand begins in D. 

* Altered from Assendun. * Wulfsige. C. 
^ ^ ealre Angel cynnes ])eode. C. * *} eal Axigel cynnes dugutf J^ar 

* Here, at the top of f. 68. r<>, a weai% fordon. C. 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 153 

witan ]7e t&er wsBron ^ ]7a cyningas seht namon Leom be tweo- (▲.D.1016.) 
nan^. ^ hi gislas sealdon heom be tweonan^. j ]>a cyningas comon 
togsedere set Olanige. ^ heora freondscipe Jjser ge fsestnodon. 
ge mid wedde ge mid a?Se. ^ f gyld setton wiS ^one here, "j hi 
tohworfon "pa, mid }>isum sehte.. "j feng Eadmund cing to 
Weast Seazan 3 Cnut to Myrcean. 

Se here gewende |>a to scipon mid ])am Ipingam "pe hi ge 
femgen hsefdon. 3 Lundene warn griSede wiS ]?one here. ;] heom 
frits ge bohtan. 3 se he[re] ge brohton heora scipa on Lundene. 
3 heom winter setle pter inne namon. 

Da to sSs Andreas msessan forSferde se oyng Eadmund. 3 is 
byrged mid his ealdan feeder Eadgare on GIsestinga byrig. 
3 on ])am ilcan geare fortSferde Wulfgar abB on Abbandune. 3 
feng ^^QSelsige to^.. 

hine at Assandune, 3 ^Sar to gsedere faestlice fengon. | * Da dyde (F) f. 66. 

Eadric ealdor man swa he oft ser dyde. astealde }>one fleam aerest 

mid Magesseton. 3 swa aswac his cyne hlaforde*. "j ealle })eode. 

p8Br hsefde Cnut sige. "3 ge feaht him eall iBnglaland. Der wear% 

of slagen Eadno%. 3 Wulsi dbb. ^ iElfric ealdor man. "3 Ulfcytel of 

East Englan. 3 -ffi})elward -ffi^lsiges* sunu ealdor mannes. "3 eall 

seo duga% on Angel cynne. 

Da sefter ]>i8um ge feohte ge wende Cnut cyng upp mid his here 
to Gleaweceastre scire. J)fler he ge herde secgan f se cyng wses Ead- 
mund. Da gersedde Eadric ealdor mann 3 ]>a witan %e })8er 
wseron. ^ ]»a cyningas seht namon heom betweonan. 3 hi gislas 
sealdon heom betweonan. 3 )>a cyningas comon togaedere set 
Olanige'. 3 heora freondscipe J)8Br ge fsestnodon ge mid wedde ge 
mid a^. 3 J gyld setton wi^ J)one here ''. "j hi to hwurfon ]>& mid 
)>isum sehte. J feng Eadmund cyng to West Seaxan. *] Cnut to 

Da to* S. Andreas msessan for^ferde se cing Eadmund. "j ys be- 
byrged mid his ealde fseder Eadgare on Glaestingabyri^ 

^ betwynan. C. habuenmt apnd Olamge. F. Lat. 
' *) JBi. feng to "pain abbodrice. C. ** constituenmicensum exercitui. 

* From here to 8, Andreas below F. Lat. 

there is a different hand in F. ^ Here the former hand resumes. 

* nM^l<*»" dominum suum, F. Lat. * et Cnut postea re^ipiauit super 
'..^pelwines. C. recte. Angliam totam. addsF, Lat. 

* 01an.^;e. C. et colloquium 

164 THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

1017. Her Cnut wearS ge coran to kinge. 

(D) 1017. Her on })i8an geare feng Cnut cjng to eall Engla 
landes rice, n todselde hit on feower. him seolfan WestSexan. 
J purkylle EastEnglan. "^ Eadrice Myrcean. "^ Eiric\ Nor^hym- 
bran. On ]>isum geare wsbs eac Eadric eal'dor man of slaagen ^. ^ 
Nor^man Leofwines sunu ealdor mannes. ^ iB])elward ^gel- 
meres *8unu' greatan. "3 Bryhtric -ffilfeges sunu on Defena scire, 
f. 68. b. -3 Cnut cining aflymde ut Eadwi 8e})eling *. J Eadwi ceorla | kyn- 
ing. ^ ]>a toforan El Augusti het se cyng feccean him ^ses 
o^res kynges lafe -^jjelredes him to wife Ricardes debtor. 

1018. On )>isum geare waes ^ gafol gelaest ofer eall Angel- 
cynn. ^ wses ealles twa "j hundseofonti ]>usend punda. butan 
})am ))e seo burhwaru on Lundene geald. endlifte healf })usend 
punda. ■] se here fa ferde sum to Denmarcon. ^ .xl. scypa beli- 
fon mid J)am cynge Cnute. ^ Dene. ^ Engle wurdon sammsele 
aet Oxanaforda. to Eadgares lage. 

1019. Her Cnut cyng ge wende mid .ix. scypum to Denmarcon. 
^ \vst wunode ealne winter. "J her for^ ferde ^Ifstan arceb. 
Se wses Lifing genemned. ^ he waes swi^'e' rsBdfsest man. 
aeg^r for Gode ^ for worulde. 

1020. Her com Cnut cyng eft to Engla lande. ^ )>a on East- 
ron wses micel ge mot set Cyrenceastre ^. }>^ ge utlagade man 
-ffi^lward ealdor man. "j on j)isan geare for se cyng. ^ purkyl 
eorl to Assandune. J Wulfstan arceb. "] o^re biscopas. "j eac 
abbodas. 3 manege munecas. ^ ge halgodan f mynster set Assan 
dune. "3 iE^lno^ munuc. se fe wses dec^nus set Cristes cyrcan. 
wearS on ))am ilcan geare. on Idus Nouembris. to biscope ge 
halgod into Xpes cyrcan. 

1021. Her on })isan geare. to^ Martines msessan Cnut cyning 
ge utlagade porkyll eorl. "J -^Ifgar b. se selmesfiilla for^ ferde. 
on Xpes msesse uhtan. 

1022. Her Cnut kyning for ut mid his scypum to Wihtlande. 
3 -^)>elno^ b. for to Rome. "3 waes fser under fangen mid myc- 

f. 69. clan weor^cype fram Benedicte | j^m arwui^n papan. ^ he 
mid his agenum handum him pallium on asette. "3 to arce.bpe. 

^ Irce. C. King' is placed by C. under the 

3 on Lundene swySe rihtlice in- year 1020. v. note 8 infra, 

Berii F. iustissime occisus est. F. * Cyring ceastre. C. 

Xiat. ' B<%. inserted manu sec 

' SQpeiing. *) eft bine hgt 6f slean. ' -p was JSlfgiue (on Englisc.) 

C. The expulsion of 'Edwi Churls' Ymma (on Frenoisc.) adds F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 155 

1017. Her on ])isum geare feng Cnut cyning to eall Acgel 
cynnes rice, j hit to dseld on fower. him sylfiun West Seaxan. 
J purcylle EastEnglan. "j Eadrice Mjrrcean. ^ Yrice* NortJ- 
hymbran. ^ on j^isum geare wses Eadric ealdormann of slagen^ 
^ NortSman Leofwines sunu ealdormannes. j -SltSelword iEtSel- 
mseres sunu {^ses grsetan. j Brihtric iBlfgetes sunu on Dsefe- 
nan scire. ^ Cnut cyng aflymde ut JSdwig aeSeling'. "j Eadwig 
ceorla cyng.*' ^ )?a to foran kt Aug het se cyng feccan him -^Sel- 
redes lafe J)es oSres cynges him to cwene Bicardes dohtor *. 

1018. On ]>isum geare wses f gafol gelsest ofer eall Angel 
cynn. f w8bs ealles •Ixxii* ]7usend punda. buton J^am \^ seo 
burhwaru on Lundene | guidon 'xi- ]7usend punda. ^ se here f. 49« 1^- 
ferde ]>a sum to DenmeVrcon. j ^xl* scipo belaf mid |7am 
cyninge Cnute. ^ Dene "j Engle wurdon sammsele set Oxna 
forda. J her .^ISelsige abb forSferde on Abbandune. "j feng 
.^ISelwine to. 

1019. Her gewende Cnut cyng to Denmearcon. j faer 
wunode ealne^ winter. 

1020. Her com Cnut cyng to Englalande. j ]?a on Eastron 
wses mycel ge mot on Cym ceastre. \9, ge tit lagode mann 
./EtSelword ealdorman^. ^ on ]7issum geare se cyng for to 
Assandune*. ^ Lining arcb forSferde^^. ^ JESelnoS munuc ;] 
decanus aet Xpes cyrcan waes \q ilcan geare ]?arto gehadod 
to biscop *\ 

1021. Her on ]>ysum geare Cnut cyng to Martiu't^ msessan 
ge tit lagode purkil eorl. 

1022. Her Cnut cyng for tit mid his scipum to Wiht. j 
-/EtJelnotS biscop for to Rome**. ^ wees under fangen j^ser fram 
Benedicte ))am papan myd mycclum wurSsci]>e. ^ mid his 
agenum handum him his pallium onsette. "j to arCfb arwurtS- 

^ ealne }K>ne. G. hit his annm preoste ])as nama was 

' '3 Eadwig ceorla cyngc. *) on t^is- Stdgand.) F. de lapidibus (et ce- 

Hi ll g eare se cyng fSr t6 Assandune, mento). F. Lat. 

-J Wulfstan arcetS *} purkil eorL ^ ^® Lyuing arefte. (qui et .<^8ta- 

manega bisceopas mid beom, -^ ge hal- .nus). F. I^t. 

godan ^ mynster aet Assandune. C. ^^ fram Wulstane arb. adds F. a 

* "^ let timbrian 9ar an mynster Wulstano a?e{k> Eboracend. F. 

(of etane 1 lime, far 9are manna Lat. 

Mwle 9e t^ar oftlagene w»ran. *} gief '^ This annal ends here in C. 


1031. Her com Cnut a[gan to Engla lande.] Sona swa 

(D) t 31. swi^e arwur'Slice gehalgade. J gebletsade. on Now. OcjtoS. "3 
se arceB. sona ]>8ermid msessan sang on ]>am sylfan dsege. '3 
sy^an fser aefter mid Jiam sylfan papan arwor^ lice ge reordade. 
3 eac him seolf Jwne pallium gen am on S2e Petres weofode. "j 
)ja seo^an bli^elice ham to his earde ferde. 

1023. Her Cnut kyning. binnan Lundene on sSe Paulas 
mynstre sealde fulle leafe -^^elno^e 3 Bryhtwine. be. 
3 eallon }>am Godes ))eowum }>e heom mid waeron. f hi moston 
nyman up of ))am byrgene fone arceb sSe -ffilfheah. 3 hi )>a swa 
dydon. on .vi. Idus Iuwii. *] se brema cyng. "3 se arceb 3 leod 
biscopas. 3 eorlas. 3 swi^e manege had ode 3 eac IsBwede. fere- 
don on scype his fone halgan lichaman ofer Temese to Su^ge 
weorke. 3 })88r ]>one halgan martyr ))an arce biscope 3 his gefe- 
rum betsehton^. 3 hi fa. mid weor^lican weorode 3 wynsaman 
dreame hine to Hrofes ceastre feredan. Da on ))am })ryddan 
daege com Imma seo hlaefdie mid hire cynelican beame Hearda 
cnute, 3 hi J)a ealle mid mycclan J)rymme "3 blisse 3 lofsange 
Jjone halgan arce % into Cantwa^ie byri feredon. *3 swa wur^ce 
into Cristes cyrcan brohton. on .iii. Id. luSf. Eft sy^an on J)am 
eaht'e'o^an dsege. on .xvii. kt lulii. -ffi^lno^ arceB. 3 ^Ifeieb. 
3 Bryhtwine B. 3 ealle ))a fe mid heom wseron. gelogodon s5e 
^Ifeages halgan lichaman on nor% healfe Xpes weofodes. Gode 
to lofe. 3 ))am halgan arce Be. to wur^mynte. 3 eallon jxim to 
f. 69. b. ecere hael^ | |>e his halgan lichoman ])fier mid estfulre heortan 
3 mid ealre eadmodnysse daeghwamlice^ secea^. God selmihtig 
gemiltsie eallum Cristenum mannum )}urh sSe ^Ifeges halgan 
ge geamunga. 

1026. Her for ^Ifric B to Rome. 3 onfeng pallium est lohanne 
l)apan. on .ii. Id. Novemb. 

1028 .... 1030. D. as E. 

1031. Her for Cnut cyng to Rome. "3 sona swa he ham com, 

(Continued on p, 159.) 

^ be betsehton. MS. any corresponding Saxon. 

2 ]>gBS. MS. >ar. F. ^ SweoCode. F. 

^ et Liofuuinus a1^ Eligensis ce- ^ far farene. F. 

nobii purgauit se de his^ de quibus ^^ scipum Engliscra ]>egena. F. 

fiiit calumniatusy. ante apostolicum de nobilibus Anglie.- F. Lat. 

teste are{)o ^gelnodo. F. Lat. ^^ ge agenede. F. geahnade him 

^ *] ^gelno^ arB. hine bletsode on eall. D. 

Cantwarebcri. F. ^" (8a he ham com) inserts F. 

5 ^Selnol«. MS. " Thg g^j^be at first wrote Onlaf 

® lichaman. F. corpus. F. Lat. or Anlaf. 

^ F. has this Latin entry without 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 157 

lice gehalgode. ^ lie sySSan mid ]?am pallium |?8er msessode 
swa Be papa him ge wissode. ^ he hine ge reordode aefter ]>a97d 
mid ]>am papan. j sySSon mid fulre bletsunge ham gewende. 
^ Leofv^ine aBB se wees umihtlice of Elig adrsefed wses his 
gefera. ^ hine J^ser* selces ]>inges geclsensode J?e him mann 
'on ssede. swa se papa him tsehte on ]?es ar&15 es ge witnesse ^. '3 
on ealles ]?8es ge ferscipes ]>e him mid wses. 

1023. Her fortSferde Wulfstan arCB. 3 feng iElfric to*. 3 
Jjaes ilcan geares iEtSelnotT'' artfbiscop ferede aCeJElfeges arCB 
reliquias* to Cantwarbyrig of Lundene. 

1 1024. Hie Eicardus secundus obiit. Bieardus filing eius reg- f. 50. 
nauit prope uno anno, et post eum regnauit Bodbertus frater 
eius -Yiii* annis.'' 

1025. Her for Cnut cyng to Denmearcon mid scipon to 
\wm, holme set ea ]?8Bre halgan. j ]78er comon ongean Ylf j 
Eglaf. *3 BwiSe mycel here SBgSer ge land here ge sciphere 
of Swatfeode*. j Jjser wses swiSe feala manna forfaren' on 
Gnutes cynges healfe. seg'Ser ge Deniscra manna ge Engliscra. 
^ }>a Sweon heafdon weallstowe ge weald. 

1028. Her for Cnut cyng of Englalande mid fiftig scipum^^ 
to Norwegum. j adraf Olaf cyning of "J^am lande. 3 geahnode^^ 
him ]?et land. 

1029. Her com Cnut cyng eft ham to Englalam^. 

1030. Her com Olaf cyng efb into Norwegum. "j )>et folc 
g^aderode him togeanes. j him wi8 gefuhton. 3 he wearS 
]78Br of slagen. 

1031. Her for Cnut cyng to Rome. 3 Jjy ilcan geare^' he 
for to Scotlande. j Scotta cyng him tobeah Mselcolm. ;) 

1028. Her Cnut cyning cow eft to Englalande, ^ purcil ^ he (C)f.i55b. 
wseran Enrsede ; ^ he betsehte purcille Dene mearcan. 3 his sunu 
to healdenne, 3 se cyning nam purciles sunu mid him to Engla 
lande.'' 3 he let ferian sy^^San see iElfeges reliquias of Lundene 
to Cantwarabyrig. 

1028. Her Cnut cing for to Nor wagon, mid .1- scipum. 

1030. Her wbbs Olaf ^' cing ofslagen on Norwegon of his agenum 
folce. 3 W8BS sy6^n hilig. 3 fees geres ser ^Sam forferde Ha- 
cun. se dohtiga corl on ssb. 

{ConHtwedoH/. 258.) .. 


he beco»^ to Englalande. he geaf into Xpes eyrican on 
Cantware byri ]7a hsefenan on Sandwic. ^ ealla J^a 
gerihta }7e J'ser of arisa}> of sei'Sre healfe "Sare hsefene. swa 
^ loc whenne ^ flod byj? ealra hehst ^ ealra fuUost 
^beo^ an scip flotigende swa neh }>an lande swa hit n3rxt 
msege. ^ ]7ar beo an mann stande on J^an scipe j habbe 
ane taper sex on his hande . . . 

(C) 1034. Her gefor M\&n.c b. ^ he li^ on Ramesige. 

1035. Her for^ ferde Cnut cing. on .ii. Id. Nouem15. set Sceftes 
byrig. ^ hine man ferode ))^non to Winceastre. ^ hine fser 
bebyrigde. "j -^Ifgyfu. 'Imme' ^ seo hlsefdie. saet J>^ ^r binnan. 

f. 156. ^ Harold \q saede f he Cnutes sunu w»re | ^ J)8Bre o^re ^If- 
gyfe. ))eh hit na so^ nsere. he sonde to, ^ let niman of hyre 
ealle )>a betstan gsersuma %e heo of healdan ne mihte \% Cnut 
cing ahte. ;j heo sset J^eh for% ]>8er binnan %a hwile )>e heo 

1036. Her com Alfred se unsce^iga 8B}>eling JS|)elrsBdes sunu 
cinges hider inn, ^ wolde to his meder fe on Wincestre sat. 
ac hit him ne ge|>afode Godwine eorl, ne ec o]>re men ))e 
mycel mihton wealdan, forSan hit hleo^rode j>a swi^ tbward 
Haraldes. )>eh hit unriht wsere. 

Ac Godwine hine J)a gelette , Ne wear^ dreorlicre ' drod gedon 

;j hine on hseft sette; on })i8on earde; 

*] his geferan he todraf; syjj^an Dene comon, 

^ sume mislice ofbloh , "^ her fri^ namon . 

sume hi man wi^ feo sealde , Nu is to gelyfenne . 

sume hreowlice acwealde , to ¥an leofan Gode , 

sume hi man bende, J hi bKssion 

sume hi man blende* bli^e mid Xpe, 

sume hamelode* fe wseron butan scylde 

sume hsettode*; swa earmlice acwealde. 

^ Imme is written above -<El%yfu he cild wsere. F. 

as if it were a gloss to it. ' In F. Lat. a space is left after 

' ') eac sume blende. "] heanlice ignis. The scribe did not know how 

hsettode. D. to translate wildefyr into Latin. 

' dreorilicre. D. ' capellanus regis. F. Lat. 

^ And Kodb^rt eorl of Normandi ^ Agahist the year 1036 is written 

ferde to lerhn 1 ))ar wearS dead "] on the margin in 7C. : Oimt otS. 

WilleZm 6e was siSOan cing on ' Sio MS» 
Engla lande feng to Kormandi Cseh 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 159 

twegen oSre cyniogas. MaelbaeJ^e. j lehmarc. Eodbertns 
comes obiit in per^rinatione. et successit rex Willelmus in 
puerili aBtate\ 

1032. Her on J^issum geare atywde -f wildefyr". tJe nan 
niann seror nan swylc ne gemunde. j gehwaer hit derode 
eac on manegum stowufn. j on ]7a97i ilqan geare for'Sferde 
iElfsige biscop on Winceastre. j iElfwine ]?8es cynges preost* 
feng ]>8Br to. 

1033. Her on J^isum geare fortSferde Merehwit fc on Sum- 
ersseton. ^ he is bebyrged on Glsestinga bjnrig. 

1034. Her forSferde JEtSeric 15. f- 50. b. 
1036''. Her fortSferde Cnut cyng sBt Sceaftes byrig. 3 he is 

bebyrged on Winceastre on Ealdan mynstre. j he wees cyng 
ofer eall Englaland swytSe neh -xx* wintra. j sona sefter his 
forsitSe wses ealra witena gemot on Oxnaforda. j Leofric eorl 
J msBst ealle ]7a ]7egenas benorSan Temese. j ]7a litSsmen on 
Lunden. ge curon Harold to healdes ealles Engla landes. him 3 
his brotJer Hardacnute ]?e wses on Denemearcon. j Godwine 
eorl. J ealle ]7a yldestan menu on West Seaxon. lagon ongean 

J)a 'f5r he to Scot lande. '^ Scotta cjmg eode him on hand. ^ wear^ (P) 
his mann. ac he ^ lytle hwile heold. 

1033. Her for^ferde Leofsie B. '^ his lichama rested on Wigra 
ceastre. ^ Bnhteh wses on his setl ahafen. 

1034. Her wsbs JElfric® b. forSfaren. "] lige^ on Ramesige. J \i 
ilcan geare for% ferde Mselcolm cyng on Scot lande. 

1035. Her for^ ferde Cnut cyng. "j Harold his sunu feng to 
rice. He ge wat set Sceaftes byri. on .ii. Id. Noiib. ^ hine 
man | ferede to Wincestre. ^ fser be byride. ^ JElfgyfa seo hlsef- f. 70. 
die sset )>a Jjaer binnan. ^ Harold ssede ^ he Cnutes sunu wsere. "] 
^Ifgyfe ))8Bre Hamtunisca. )?eh hit so^ naere. he sende to. j 

let nyman of hire ealle ]>a betstan gsersaman ))e Cnut cyng 
ahte. ^ heo sset )>eah for% ))9er binnan )>a hwile \% heo moste. 

1036. Her com JElfred se unsce^iga sejieling -ffij)elredes sunu 
cynges. hider inn. ^ wolde to his modor. )?e on Wincestre sset. 
ac f ne ge]>afodon ))a \% micel weoldon on ])isan lande. for 
))an hit hleo)>rade swi^ to Harolde. )>eah hit unriht wsere. Da 
let he hine on hsefb settan. ;] his geferan he eac fordraf. j 
same &c. 



1040. Her Eadsige arceft for to Borne, j Harold king 

(C) Se SBfeling lyfode J»a gyt, 
aelc yfel man him geliet\ 
0% f man gersedde, 
f man hine leedde 
to Eligbyrig 
8wa^ gebundenne. 

Sona swa he lende , 
on scype man hine blende* 
"j hine Bwa blindne* 
brohte to ^am munecon. 

*] he J»ar wunode, 
¥a hwile fe he lyfode. 

Sy^an hine man byrigde 
swa him wel gebyrede , 
[$ w8Bs] ^ ful wurSlice , 
swat he wyi^e w8bs* 
8Bt )>am west ende , 
J)am styple* fulgehende, 
on J)am su^ portice , 
seo saul" is mid Xpe. 

1037. Her man geceas Harald ofer eall to cinge, J forsoc 
Har^a cnut, for^an he wsbs to lange on Dene marcon ; ^ man 

f. 156. b. draf ^^ ut his modor, iElfgyfe | ^ cwene. butan selcere mild- 
heort nesse ongean Jjone weallendan * winter "] heo com ^^ to 
Bricge^ begeondon sjb. "I) Baldwine eorl hi ^ser wel nnderfeng. 
"} hig ])8Br geheold Jja hwile ^e hire neod wsbs. 3 Jjsbb geres ser 
gefor ^fic. se se^ela decanus on Heofeshamme \ 

1038. *Her gefor iEJ)elno^ se g6da arceB. ^ -^J)elric .15 on Su^ 
Sexum, "3 -^Ifric 15 on EastEnglum. ^ Byrhteh B on Wihra 
cestre scire -xiii. ^ ISn, 

1039. H§r com se mycla wind ; "} Byrhtmser B gefor on Licet 
felda. J Wealas slogon Eadwine Leofrices bro^or eorles. "] 
purcil "3 iElfget. ^ swi^ fela godra manna mid heom. J her 
com ec HarSacnut to Bricge. ))ar his modor w8bs*°. 

1040. Her swealt Harald cing. pa sende man seft^ HarSa- 
cnute to Bricge, wende f man wel dyde. "} he cornea hider 
mid Ix scipum foran to middansumera. "} astealde J)a swi^e 
Strang gyld, f man hit unease acom ^\ f wsbs .viii. marc set ha^^ 

him W8BS pa unhoJ 

la eall y nn 

3 8Br gymae. j ne ne geiremeae 

^ behet. D. 

18 written on the margin, Hie oB. 

^ ealswa. D. 

Athehiot aSf B. 

^ Supplied from D. 

^^ This annal (1039) is not in 

* stypele. D. 


' sawul. D. 

i^ mihte acuman. D. 

' wallendan. D. 

" sethamelan. D. 

"^ Brygce. D. 

" God^nne eorl 1 ealle 9a betstan 

* Eofesham. D. 

men on WestSexan wi9 cwsedon. ac 

' Against the year 

1038 in a:. 

hi naht na ge speddan. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) i6i 

swa hi lengost mihton. ac hi ne mihton nan ]7ing ongean 
wealcan^'. j man gersedde ]7a f ^Ifgifu Hardacnutes modor 
ssete on Win ceastre mid J^ses cynges huscarlum hyra suna. j 
heoldan ealle West Seaxan him to handa. j Godwine eorl wses 
heora healdest mann. Sume men ssedon^be Harolde ^ he waere 
Cnttes Bunu cynges. j iElfgiue ^felmes dohtor ealdormannes. 
ac hit ]7uhte swi'Se UDgeleaflic manegum mannum. ^ he wses 
jTseh full cyng ofer eall Englaland. 

1037. Her man drsefde dt jElfgife Cnutes cynges lafe. seo 
waes Hardacnutes cynges modor'*. ^ heo gesohte ]?a Baldewines 
grits be sutSan sae^**. ^ he geaf hire wununge on Bricge. j he hi 
mundode". j heold )?a hwile J?e heo f>8er wses. 

1038. Her fortSferde iEtSelnod" arcelS on kl Nov.* ^ Jjsbs ymbe 
litel j^Selric 15 on SuS Seaxum^^. j ]7a toforan Xpes msessan 
Brihteh 15 on Wigra ceastre scire, j raSe ]>8bs iElfric 15 on 
EastEnglum. ^ ]>a feng Eadsige*® fc to f>am arCbrice. "^ 
Grymcytel to tJam on SutS Sexum. 3 Iduing 15 to Wigra ceastre 
scire. ;] to Gleaw cestre scire. 

1039. Her forSferde Harold cyng on Oxna forda on -xvi- k Apr. f. 51. 
^ he wses bebyrged set West mynstre. j he weolde Engla landes 
•iiii* gear 3 -xvi* wucan. 3 on his dagum man geald •xvi- scipan 

set selcere hamulan •yiii- marc^ eall swa man ser dyde on Cnutes 
cynges dagum» j on J^is ilcan geare com Hardacnut cyng to 
Sandwic •vii- nihtum ser middan sumera. j he wses sona under 
fangen ge fram Anglum ge fram Denum. ]7eah ]7e his rsedes 
menu hit sy'StSon strange forguldon* tSa hi gersedden |7et man 
geald 'Ixii- scipon set selcere hamelan*® •viii- marc. 3 on J>is 
ilcan geare code se ssester hwsetes to -Iv- penega j eac furSor. 

1040. Her wses ]?et here geold gelsest. -f wseron -xxi- ]?usend 

1038. Hgr forSferde -ffi^elno'8 arceB se goda. 3 ^jwelric % on (D) 
Su^ Sexan. se gewibiode to Gode "f he hine ae lete lybban nane 
hwile. sefter his leofan fseder ^^elno^e. 1 he eac binnan seofon 
nihton jjses gew^t. ^ Brihteh 15 on Wigra ceastre .xiii. kt Ian. 

^^ laue. *] Eadwardes moder. *) SuS Sexan. F. 

Hardecnuies. F. ^* tJses cinges presfc. F. capellanus 

*» gri» on Flandre. F. r^s. F. Lat. 

K Biigge 1 wurdlice hi h^e'old. F. ^ pro (alter^ from a/pvd » set) una 

^ ffic MS. qnaque himiele. F. Lat. 
'* embe litel fyrst ^gelric t) of 



1042. Her foriSferde HariSacnut king. 

1043. Her w<es Eduuard gebalgod to kinge. 

(C) ^c naht cynelices )>a hwile ^ lie ricxode. H6 let dragan up 
|>SBne deadan Harald *] hine on fen sceotan ^. 

1041. Her let Har^Sacnut hergian eall WihracestfTe scire for 
bis twegra hus carla )>ingon %e ^ strange gyld budon ; ])a slob 
$ folc bi binnan port, innan ^m mynstre. "j ))8Bs geres sona com 
Eadward bis bro^or on medren fram begeondan s^. JEJ>elr8edes 
sunu cinges ^e wsbs ser for fela gearon of bis earde adrifen. "] 
¥eb wass to cinge gesworen. "j be wunode J)a swa on bis bro¥or 

f. 157- birede )ja bwile ¥e be | leofode. ^ on J)ison gere §c swac Har^acnut 
Eadulf eorl under his gri^. *] be w8bs |)a wedloga. 

1042. H^r gefor Har^cnut swa $ be set bis drince stod. *] be 
fsBringa feoU to )>SBre eoi%an mid egeslicum anginne, J bine ge- 
Isebton ^e {>ar neb wseron, ^ be sy^an nan word ne gecwsB^. *] be 
for^ferde on vi Id Iun. ^ eall folc underfeng ^a Eadward to 
cinge, swa bim gecynde ^wses. 

1043. Her wass Eadward gebalgod to cinge on Wincestre on 
forman Easter dsBig mid myccelum wyi^scype. J ^ waeron 
Eastron .iii. Non' Apt. Eadsige arcebisceop bine balgade, ^ to 
foran eallum ]}am folce bine wel Iserde. *;] to bis agenre neode 
J ealles folces wel manude. ^ Stigant preost wses gebletsad to 
biscp. to East Englum. ^ ra%e ]>8Bs se cing let geridan ealle \b. 
land )>e bis modor abte bim to banda. J nam of bire eall ^ beo 
abte. on golde ^ on seolfre. "3 on unasecgendlicum ]>ingum. for- 
^m beo bit beold ^r to fasste wi^ bine. "] ra^ J)^s man sette 
Stigant of bis bisceop rice. *] nam eal $ be abte J)am cinge to banda. 
for6am be wsbs nebst bis modor rsede. J beo for swa swS be bire 
rsedde. Jjsbs ¥e men wendon. 

1044. H^r Eadsige arceB forlet $ bisceop n'ce for bis nntrum^ 


^ on sceotan. D. 

^ wel gecynde. D. 

' sororis Kicardi iunioris, filise Bi- 
cardi senioris. F. Lat. 

* F. continues : *) he lit$ a Win- 
ceastre an Ealdamynstre. 1 his mo- 
der for his sawle gief into niwan 
mynstre S. Valentines heafod tJas 
martires. 1 ser se cing &c. Sepul- 
tu8 est Wentonia in uetere monas- 
terio. Pro cuius anima mater sua 

dedit caput S. Yalentini martyris 
eidem ecclesie. F. Iiat. 

« Sic MS. 

* wel Iserde to his agenre neode, 
') to ealles ibices freme. F. EdainnB 
. . . docuit eum . . . ea quse sibi 
facienda erant ad honorem sumn, et 
^ad' utilitatem sibi subjecti populL 
F. Lat. 

^ quia nimis tenaciter ea contra 
ilium tenuit. F. Lai. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 163 

punda. and *xcix. panda. :i mann geald sySSan -xxxii. scipon 
•xi* ]7usend panda '^ •xlviii* punda. ") On tSis ilcan geare com 
Eadward ^Selredes sunu cinges hider to lande of Weallande. 
86 W8BB Hardacnutes cynges brotSor, hi waeron begen iElfgiues 
Bona, see wses Ricardes dohtor eorles'. 

1041. Her fortSferde Hardacnut cyng set LdmbhytSe on .vi- 
is' iun.' ;] he waes cyng ofer eall Englaland twa gear baton 
•z« nihtiun^ ;] he is be byrged on Ealdan mynstre on Win- 
oeastre mid Cnute cynge his fseder. j ear ]7an ]7e he bebyrged 
wsere. eall folc geceas Eadward to cynge on Lundene. healde 
]>a hvile ]>e him God unne. 3 eall ^ gear wsbs swiSe hefig 
time on manegmn bingum. 1 mislicum. ge on anwsederum. ge 
on eorS w«stm^ j swa mycel orfes w J ^bs geares forfaren. 
Bwa n^ man ser ne gemande. aeg'Ser ge }>urh mistlice coSa 
ge ]nu4i ungewyderu. On J^is ilcan tyme fortSferde ^If [sine] 
abbot of Barh. ;] man ceas ]7a Amwi monec to a1515. for]?an ]7e 
he WSBS swiSe g6d min ;] switSe bilehwit. 

1042. Her wsbs iESward' gehalgod to cyng on Winceastre on f- 5i- b- 
.^ster daeg mid mycclu97i wurSscipe. j \>dk waeron Eastron on ^iii- 

No Apr. Eadsige arSB hine halgode. j foran eallam folce hine 
well Iserde. j to his agenre neode. j ealles folces well monude*. ^ 
Stigand preost wses gebletsod to biscope to East Englum. ^ raSe 
IfBSB se cing let geridan ealle ]7a land J^e his modor ahte him to 
handa. 3 nam of hire eall ^ heo ahte on golde 3 on seolfre. j on 
unasecgendlicum ]?ingum. forj^an heo hit heold to feste wiS hine^. 

1043. Her Eadsige arSl5 forlet J^et biscop rice for his un- 

(JConiinued OH p. 164.) 

1041 wedloga, 3 her man hadode ^gelric % to Eofer- (D) 

wic on iii Id. lanuariL 

1042. D. as G. 

1043. Her wsbs Eadward gehalgod to cynge SBt Wincestre. f. 71. 
on forman Easter dsBg. J ]}sbs geres .xiiii. ^nihton' ssr Andreas 
msBssan man gersBdde ]>an cynge ^ he rad of Gleawcestre. ^ 
Leofric eorl ^ Godwine eorL J SigwarS eorl. mid heora genge 

to Wincestre on dnwsBr on J)a hlesfdian. '-^ bereafedan hi 8Bt 
eallon |)an gsBrsaman ]>e heo ahte. \^ wssron unatelle^n'dlice. for- 
]>an )>e heo wsbs SBror J^am cynge hire suna swi^ heard. ^ heo 
him IsBsse dyde \onne he wolde sBr ))am ]>e he cyng wsBre. J eac 
sf&Seju ^ leton hi \2e1t si^S'San binnan sittan. . 

1 64 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

trumnisse. j bletsode ]?8erto Siward abbot of Abbandune to 
biscope be f>8es cynges Isefe ^ rseda. j Godwines eorles. hit 
wses elles feawum mannum cuS aer hit gedon wses. forj^an se 
arSbiscop wende -f hit sum oSer mann abidM'an wolde • o?5tSe 
gebicgean ^ ]?e he his wyrs truwude and vSSe. gif hit ma manna 
wiste. J On ]7isum wees SY^ytSe mycel hungor ofer Engla land. 
3 com swa dyre swa nan mann aer ne gemunde. swa ^ se 

(C) nyssc. *] bletsade j>^rto Siward al5b of Abbandune to bisceope 
be ^SBs cinges leafe "] rsede. ^ Godwines eorles. hit wsbs elles 
feawum mannum cu^ ^r hit ged6n wsbs. for^am se arceB wende. 
^ hit sum o^er man abiddan wolde o)>J)e gebicgan J)e he wyrs 
truwode. ^ u¥e. gyf hit ma manna wiste. ^ on %isum gere wsbs 
f. 157. b. swy¥e mycel hunger | ofer eall Engla lande, ^ com swa dyre 
sw^ n^n man ^r ne gemunde. swa ^ se sester hwsetes eode to 
•Ix. pen. ^ eac furSor. J ))8Bs ylcan geres se cingc for ut to 
Sandwic mid .xxxv. scypon. ^ JEj)elstan cyricwyrd feng to )?am 
abbodrice. SBt Abbandune. J on ))am ylcan gere Eadward cing 
nam Eadgy)>e Godwines eorles dohtor him to wife .x. nihtum 
SBr Candel msBssan. 

1045. Her on by sum geare for^ferde Bryhtwold B. on x. kt Mai. 
1 Eadwarcf cyng geaf Heramanne his preoste $ bisceoprice \ :| on 
))an ylcan sumera for Eadward cyng ut mid his scypan to Sandwic. 
"^ |)ar WSBS swa mycel here ge gsederod. swa nan man ne geseh scyp- 
here nsenne maran on )>ysan lande. J on )>is ylcan geare foi^ 
ferde Lyuync b. on .xiii. kt Apr. ^ se cyng geaf Leofrice his preoste 
$ biscoprice. 

1046. Her on J)ysum geare for Swegn eorl into Wealan, ^ Griffin 
se nor]}ema cyng for% mid him, ^ him man gislode ; pa he ham- 
werdes wsbs, J)a het 'h'e feccan him to )ja abbedessan on Leo 
mynstre, ^ hsBfde hi Jja hwile J>e him geliste, J let hi sy)j))an 
faran ham. ;) on ]}is ylcan geare man ge utlagode Osgod Clapan. 
foran to middan wintre. "] on J)is ylcan geare sefter Gandel- 
msessan com se stranga winter mid forste ^ mid snawe J mid 
callon ungewederon, f nsBS nan man ]>a on Hue ^ mihte gemun- 
an swa strangne winter swa se wsbs. ge )>urh mancwealm ge 
)?urh orf cwealm. ge fugelas "] fixas J)urh J>one micelan cyle ^ 
hunger forwurdan, 

1047. Her on j)ysum geare forSferde Grim cytel bisceop. he wsbs 

^ a rege aut pretio aut seruitio ' At this point there is a change 

illud quereret. F. Lat. of hand in C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 165 

sester liwsBtes eode to •lx« penega. j eac farSor. j J^aes ylcan 
geares se cyng for dt to Sandwic mid -xxxv- scipon. ^ 
iESelstan cyriceweard feng to Sam abbotrice set Abbandune. 
J Stigand feng to his biscop rice. 

1043^. Her nam JBdward cyng Godwines dobtor eorles him 
to cwene. ^ on ]7is ilcan geare forSferde Brihtwold b. j he 
heold |,«8 biscop rices -xxxviii. wintra'. ^ Hereman l^es cynges 
preost feng to ]7am biscop rice, j on }>ysum geare man halgode 
Wulfric to abb set SSe Augustine to Xpes msessan on Stephanes 
msesse dseg'. be J^es cynges ge Isefan ^ ^Ifstanes abbotes for his 
mycelre untrumnysse. 

1044. Her fortSferde Lining b on Defena scire. 3 Leofricf. 52. 
feng ]78erto se wses ]>8es cynges preost. And on ]?isum ilcan 
geare forSferde ^Ifstan abbot set S2e Augustine -iii- N© IvLn. 

3 on \>\s ilcan geare wearS aflemed ut Osgot Clapa. 

1045. Her forSferde Grymkytel % on SuS Sexum. ^ feng 
Heca Ses cynges preost f>serto. And on f>ysum geare for^- 

(jContinued on p. i66.) 

1045. * Her gefor ^Ifward b. on Lundene. on .viii. kt Ag. He (D) 
wses abb on Eofeshamme serest. "j $ mynster wel gefor^ode J)a 
hwile j>e he J)8Br wses. ge wende J>a to Ramesege, ^ ))8Br his lif al^t. 

^ Manni waes to abbode gecoren. ^ gehadod. on .iiii. l?tAg. "] 
))8Bs geres man draf Gunnilde dt ^ se^ele wlf. Cnutes cynges 
mdgan. J heo sy^S^n sset set Brygce lange hwile. J for to Den 
marcon sy^S'San. 

1046. Her gefor Brihtwold b. on Wiltune scire, "] man sette 
Hereman on his setle. On J^am geare ge gaderade Eadward cyng 
mycele scyp ferde on Sandwic j>urh Magnus j>reatunge. on | Nor- f. 71. b. 
wegon. ac his gewinn "j Swegenes. on Denmarcon geletton $ he her 

ne com. 

1047. Her for^ferde Lyfing se wordsnotera b. x kt Apf. ^ he 
hsefde .iii. b rice, an on Defena scire. "^ on Com walon. "] on Wigra 
cestre. pa feng Leofric to Defena scire J to Comwalon. "] Aldred 
b to Wygracestre. ^ her man utlagode Osgod stallere. ^ Mag- 
nus gewann Denmarcon. 

1048. HerwsBS se stij>a winter. *] j>8Bs geres for^ ferde JElfwine 

* Thus MS. 1043 repeated. * This should be 1044, &c. (so 

* j> was tJ b. rice of Scire- Flor,), but D. has omitted that 
bum'. F. figure. He rights it at length by 

^ an ot^eme Xftes msasedseg. F. putting 1052 twice. M. H. B. 

i66 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

ferde JQlfwine biscop on Winceastre. on •iiii* ^ Septem15. j feng 
Stigand 15 benorSan ]78erto. ^ on Sam ilcan geare ferde 
Swegen eorl at to Baldewines lande to Brycge, j wunode ^pesr 
ealne winter. ^ wende ]7a to sumere tit. 

1046. Bellum apud Uallium Dunas. Her forSferde JE^^pe\^' 
Btan abbot on Abbandune. and feng Spearhafoc munuc to of 
Sde Eadmnndes byrig. ^ on ^pm ilcan geare forSferde Siward 
biscop. *;) feng Eadsige arSb eft to eallum ]7am 1^ rice. ^ on \\& 
ilcan geare comon to Sandwic. LoSen 3 Yrling mid •xxv- scipon. 
J namon ]78er un asecgendlice here huSe. on mannnm 3 on 
golde J on seolfre, ]7et nan man nyste hwaet ]?8es ealles wes. 
J wendon ]7a on baton Tenet, j woldon ]78er ]7et ilce don. ac 
J>et landfolc hardlice witSstodon. j forwemdon heom aegtJer 
ge up ganges ge wasteres. ^ aflymdon hi ]7anon mid ealle. j hi 
wendon heom ]?anon to East Seaxan. j hergodon J^ser 3 namon 
menn. j swa hwset swa hi findan mihtan. ^ ge wendon him ]>a 

(C) f. 158. on Su^ Sexan B. ^ he li^ on Cristes cyrican on Cantwara | byrig. ^ 
Eadward cyncg geaf Hecan. his preoste. ^ B rice. 

^ on j>is ylcan geare for^ ferde .^Ifwine B. on .iiii. kl Sfft. *] 
Eadward cyncg geaf Stigande B $ bisceoprice.^ *] -^|>elstan abb on 
Abbandune for% ferde on );an ylcan geare on .iiii. Id: Apit. )>a wsbs 
Ester dseig. .iii. non' Aprt. J waes ofer call Englaland swy)>e 
mycel man cwelm on J)an ylcan geare. 

1048. Her on )?isum geare wass mycel eor^styrung wide on 
Engla lande ; *;] on ])am ylcan geare man ge hergode Sandwic. 
^ Wiht. "] ofslohan ))a betsta men j>e )?ar wseron. ^ Eadward cining 
*] |>a eorlas foran sefter ))am fit mid heora scypun ; ^ on )>am ylcan 
geare Siward b for let $ bisceop rice for his untrumnysse, ^ for 
to Abbandune, *;] Eadsige arceb feng efb to ]}am bisceoprice. "} he 
forS ferde {>8bs binnan .viii. wucan on .x. W Nouembris. 

1049 ^ Her on ]>isum geare se casere gaderode unarimedlice 
fyrde ongean Baldewine of Brycge, J»urh -f $ he brsec ]>8Bne palant 
set Neomagan, ^ eac fela o^ra un )>anca )>e he him dyde. seo fyrd 
wsBs unatellendlic ]>e he gegaderod hsefde. Dser wses ^Leo' 'se papa 
of Rome. *] fela mserra manna of manegan l^eod scipan* He sende 
eac to Eadwerde cing'ce' "] baed hine scip faltumes. f he ne gejnt- 
fode "f he him on waetere ne SBtburste. ^ he f5r ¥a to Sandwic, J 
|)»r laeg mid myclan scyphere. for^ $ se casere hssfde of Baldwine 
eall -f he wolde. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 167 

east to Baldewines land. '2 sealdon ]>Bsr pet hi ge hergod haefdon. 
3 ferdon heom gy'SSon east ]>anon ]?e hi ser comon. 

1046'. Her on jTisum geare w8bs se myccla syno'S set SSe 
Remei^. Deer w8bs on Leo se papa*^. j se ar8l5 of Burgondia. 
;] se arceB of ByBincon. j se arce15 of Treuerb. j se aroe15 of 
Remis. j manig mann psdr to | ge hadode ge Isewede. ^ Edward f. 52. b. 
<jyng sende ]>ider Dudocc 15. j "Wlfric aBB of S^e Augustine, j 
Elfwine a15B. ^ hi sceolden )>am cynge cySan hwaet J^aer to 
Xpendome gecoren wsere. j on ]7is ylcan geare ferde Eadward 

{Continued on p. z68.) 

B on Wincestre. J Stigand 15 wses on his setl ahafen. j ser ])am. on (D) 
)»n ilcan gere for^ ferde Grimcytel % on Su^Sexum. J Heca 
preost feng to ]>ani B rice, "j Swegen eac sende hider, bsed him 
fylstes ongean Magnt/« Norwega cjmg, "^ man sceolde sendan ^l. 
scypa him to fultume. Ac hit |)uhte unraed eallum folce. "] hit 
wear^ Jja gelet. J)urh ^ J)e Magnus haefde micelne scyp crseft. ^ he 
]>a aytte ])a Swegen Ht. 3 ^d mycclan man slihte ^ land gewann. 
^ Dena him mycel feoh guidon. ^ hine to cynge underfengon. ^ 
]>i ylcan geare Magnt<8 for^ferde. 

1049, Her com efb Swein to Denamarcon. "] Harold for to 
Norwegum. Magnus fsedera. sy^an Magnt/« dead wsbs. J Normen 
hine underfengon. J he sende ymb fry% hider to lande. ^ Swegen 
eac sende of Denmarcon, J bsed Eadward cyng scyp f ultumes. 
^ sceolde been set Isestan .l. scypa. ac eall folc wi% cw8b%. *] her 
W8BS eac eor^ styrung on kt Mai on manegum stowum. on Wygra 
cestre. 1 on Wlc. ^ on Deorby. ^ elles gehwser. ^ eac wees swi^ 
mycel man cwealm ^ orf cwealm. J eac $ wilde fyr on Deorby scire 
micel yfel dyde. J gehwsBr elles. 

1050. On ]>isan geare se casere gegaderode unarimedlice fyrde f. 72. 
ongean Baldwine of Brygce. |>urh f he braec ])a palentan set Neo- 
magon. "3 eac fela o)>ra un);anca )>e he him dyde. seo fyrd wses 
unarimedlic )>e he gegaderad hsefde. ]>8er wses se papa 6n "] se 
patriarcha. ;] fela o%ra mserra manna of gehwilcum leodscypum. he 
sende eac to Eadwarde cynge, J baed hine scyp fultumes ^ he ne 
gefiafode' $ he ne setburste on wsetere. "3 he for fa to Sandwic. 

^ IflBg )wBr mid myclum scyphere for^ "f se casere hsefde of Balda- 
wine eall ^ he wolde. 

^ Here begin fresh hands in G. ^ S. Bemigi. F. 

' ?man. sec. ' se papa Leo. *] mani wis man. 

' Sic MS. 1046 repeated. D. puts ge hadodre *) Isewedre. F. 

the synod of RheimH under 1050. v. ' j^ he ne g. written twice by the 

inf. p. 170. scribe. 

1 68 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. 1046.) cjmg lit to Sandwic mid mycclan sciphere. "^ cow Swegn eorl 
in mid -vii* scipon to Bosenham. j gritSode witS Jjone cyng. 
J behet man him -f he moste "wurtSe [beon] selc }>8era ]7inga 
}?e he aer ahte. Da witSlseg Harold eorl his broSor ^ Beorn 
eorP, -f he ne moste beon ^nan' J^sera J^inga wurtSe )?e se cyng 
him ge unnen hsefde. ac sette man him 'iiii* nihta griS to his 
scipon. Da wearS hit under f>aw Jjet J>am cynge cow word 
^ tinniiri'S scipa Isegen be westan and hergodon. Da ge[wende] 
Godwine eorl west onbuton mid ]?es cynges ^ii* scipum. |?aw 
anan steorde Harold eorl. j J>aw oSran Tostig his broSor, j 
landes manna scipa •xlii* pa scyfte man Harold eorl up }>8es 
cynges scipe ]?e Harold eorl ser steorde. ]?a ge wendon hi west 
to Peuenesea. j Isegen J>8er wederfeste. pa }>es binnqn -ii- 
dagum. ]?a com Swegen eorl Jjider. j spec wiS his feder j witS 
Beorn eorl. j bed Beorn ^ he sceolde faran mid him to Sam 

(C.1049.) Dar com 'eft ongean'* Swegen eorl to Eadwerde cinge, ^ gymde 
to him landes, $ he mihte hine on afedan. Ac Harold his bro^r 
f. 158. b. wi'ScwaB^. ^ Beorn eorl, $ hig noldon him agyfan nan Jnngc | j)8e8 
|)e se cing heom gegyfen hsefde. He com hider mid hiwonge, 
cwsB^ "f he wolde his man beon. "j baed Beorn eorl $ he him on 
fiiltume wsBre, ac se cingc him selces )>inges forwymde. Da 
gewende Swegen to his scypon to Bosanham. ^ for Godwine eorl 
fram Sandwic mid -xlii. scypon to PefenassB, ^ Beorn eorl for^ mid 
him. "I) fa se cing lyfde eallon Myrceon ham, "] hig swa dydon. 
Da cydde man J)am cinge $ Osgod lage on Ulpe mid .xxix- scy- 
pon. )>a sende se cing sefter ))am scypon ]>e he of sendan mihte, 
j>e innan Nor^muJ)an lagon. Ac Osgod sette his wif on Brige, 
"3 wende eft ongean mid .vi. scypon. J Jia o^re foron on East 
Seaxon to Eadolfes nsBsse, ^ Jjasr hearm dydon. "] wendon eft to 
scypon. pa laeg Godwine eorl ^ Beorn eorl on PefenassB. mid 
heora scypon. Da com Swegen eorl mid facne, ^ bsed Beorn 
eorl f he his gefera waere to ^>am cinge to Sandwic. cwse^ $ he 
him a))as swerigan wolde ^ him hold beon. Da wende Beorn 
for ])8ere sibbe ^ he him swican nolde. nam ¥a .iii. geferan mid 
him. ^ ridon )>a to Bosanham, call swa hi sceoldon to Sand- 
wic, jjasr Swegenes scypa lagon. ^ hine man sona geband ' *] 
to scype laBdde, *] ferdon ])a 'to' Daerenta mu¥an, ^ hine J)ar let 
'of slean. ^ deope bedelfan. Ac hine Harold his maeg j)8Br fette 
3 to Wincestre Isedde, *] J)8Br bebyride wi^ Cnut cing his eaim. 

(CoHtinued on p. 171.) 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 169 

cynge to Sandwic. 3 fylstan him to ]?8es cynges freondscipe. (A.D.1046 
3 he ]>8e8 titkxle. ge wendon heom ]?a swylce hi woldon to "Sam 
cynge. Da amang ]>a9n J^e hi ridon. ]7a hsed Swegen hine 
])et he sceolde faran mid him to his scipon. tealde ^ his 
seiperes woldon waendon fram Jiim buton he ]7e ratSor come. 
Hi ge wendon ]7a begen ]78er his scipu Isegen. ]7a hi }7yder 
comon. ]7a heed Swegen eorl hine f he sceolde ge wendon mid 
him to scYpe. he forweomde swiSe. swa lange oS his seiperes 
gefengon hine. :) wurpon hine on ]>one b4t. ^ bundon hine. 
3 reowan to scipe. ;] dydon hine J^ser 6n. | tngon ]7a np heora f. 53. 
segel. 3 umon west to AxamatSan. j hsefdon hine mid heom. 
oS ]7et hi ofslogon hine. 3 namon ]7one lichaman. ;] bebyrgedon^ 
innan.anre cyrican^. j comon ]7a his freond j litsmen of 
Lundene. 3 namon hine tip. j feredon'^ hine to Win ceastre to 

paer com eac Swegen eorl, Jje f5r aer of J)i8an lande. to Den- (D. 105c 
marcon, 3 J>aBr forworhte hine wi^ Denum. He com hider mid 
hiwunge. cwse^ f he wolde eft bugan to J)am cjmge. J Beom eOrl 
him gehet ^ he him on fylste beon wolde. Da sy^an ]}8es caseres 
seht wses *] Baldwines. foron fela scypa ham, "] se kyng belaf 
bsBftan 85t Sandwic mid feawum sQypum. ^ Godwine eorl eac f5r 
*mid' xlii. scypmn fram Sandwic to Peuenes ea. "3 Beom eorl him 
for mid. pa cy¥de man Jam cynge "f Osgod lage on Ulpe mid 
.xxxix. scypon. ^ se cyng ))a sende seft^r J)am scypum Jje he of sen- 
dan mihte, J)e ser ham wendon. ^ Osgod sette his wif on Brygce. ^ 
wendon eft ongean mid .vi. scypum, ^ J)a o'iSre foron on Su^Sexe 
to Eadulfesnsesse. "3 ))8Br hearm dydon. ^ wendon eft to scypon; 
^ heom com J»a strang wind to, swa ^ hi wseron ealle for- 
farene buton feower. |>a man ofsloh begeondan see. On ))am 
))e Godwine eorl j Beom eorl lagon on Peuenes ea. )?a com Swein 
eorl, "3 bsed Beorn eorl mid facne, j>e wsbs his eames sunu, f he his 
gefera wsere to ))am cynge to Sand wic. "3 his wisa wi^ hine gebette. 
He wende | fa for jjaere sibbe mid J>reom geferum mid him. 3 he f. 72. b. 
hine Isedde ])a to ward Bosanham, \mt his scypu lagon. ^ hine man 
)>a gebandy J to scypa Isedde. Wende fa fanon mid him to Derta 

{.Continued on p, 170.) 

^ F. eontinttes, *) swa j^ hit (Ihixie) niretur in Anglia, deberet poni in 

man het ut binnan feower nihtan. cuntodia. F. Lat. 
1 he ferde 9a 1 spseo wi9 his feeder ^ ? man. sec. 

be Leg at Peuenes ea. 1 wi9 Beom ' bebyrigendan. F. 

eorL Se 0ar was mid Grodwine. 1 he 'in ecolesiola. F. Lat. 

Imd &c. ut si post triduum inue* ^ ferendon. F* 


1050. Her forSferde Eadsige arceti . j Bodbert feng to 
arcet^ rice. 105- 

(D) mu^an, ^ hine ))flBr het slean. "3 deope be delfan. Hine man 
fiinde effc, ^ ferede hine to Wincestre, "] byrigde wi^ Gnut cyng 
his earn. Lytle ser ])an \^ men of HsBstinga ceastre ^ ]>8er abutan 
gewunnon his twa scypa mid heora scypan, ^ )>a men ealle of- 
slogon. J ])a scypa brohton to Sandwic to )}an cynge. Ehta 
scypu he hsfde ser he Beom beswice. sy^^San hine forleton ealle 
buton twam. 

On ])am ilcan geare comon upp on Wylisce Axa of Yrlande 
xxxvi. scypa, ^ ])8Br abutan hearmas dydon mid Gry£nes fultume ])ses 
Wseliscan cynges. Man gegaderade ))a folc togenes, \mt wsbs eac 
Ealdred B mid. ac hi hsefdon to lytelne fultum, ^ hi comon 
nnwser on heom on ealne seme mergen. ^ fela godra manna ]>ser of 
slogon. ^ ])a o])re eetburston for% ^mid' ])am Be. })is wses gedon 
on .iiii. kt Aug. 

DsBs geres for^ferde on Oxnaford scire. Oswi abb on pornege. 
*] Wulfno^ abB on Westmjmstre. ;] Ulf gt waes geset J>am 
brice to hyrde J)e Eadno^ hsefde. ac* he wsbs sy^^n of adryfon. 
for])an )>e he ne gefremede naht biscoplices ))8eron. swa ^ us scea- 
ma^ hit nu mare to tellanne. 3 Sigward B gefdr, se lige% on 
Abban dune. 
[1046 E] 3 hir man halgode ^ miccle mynst^ set B^mys. peer wses 
se papa 'Leo'. J se casere. *] mycelne sino^ fser hsefdon embe 
Godes j>eowdom. pone sino^S foresset sSs Leo papa^ hit is ear- 
fo% to witane ])ara biscopa \^ ))SBr to comon *] hum abbuda. "^ 
heonon of lande weeron twegen gesende. of sSe Agustine. J of 
Rammes ege. 
1 73. 1051. On ]>isan geare gefor Eadsie arceB on CantwarebyrL ^ se 
cyng sealde Rotbearde. ])an Freoncyscan \% ser wses B on Lundene 
^ arcerice. J Spear hafoc abB of Abbandune feng to ))an Brice on 
Lundene. ^ hit wsbs eft of him genumen ser he gehadod waere. J 
Hereman B ^ Ealdred B foron to Borne* 

{Continued tmp, 173.) 

^ ac written over (and). baculum snom, quia neeoiuit minis* 

^ ]>one .... papa, inserted on terium sumn. F. Iiat. 

lower margin. * gerihta. F. 

' episcopiis Aquilonarium Sax- ^ 1050 F. Hio Eadoardus rex de- 

onum. F. Lat. dit Bodberto, qui fuit abbas Geme- 

* Sancto Sabbato. F. Lat tio», archiepiscopatum CantoaruB. 

3 stsef. F. Bed fere perdidit ibi F. Lat. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 171 

Ealdan roynstre. ;] he is ))8er byrged wiS Cnut cyng his earn. (aj>. 1046.) 
J Swegen gewende )7a east to Baldewines lande. ;] Bset ]78er 
ealne winter on Biycge mid his fullan griSe. 

;] on }?am ylcan geare forSferde EadnoS B benorSan'. "^ sette 
man Ulf to biscop. 

1047. Her on J^isum geare wses mycel gemot on Lundene 
to midfestene. ;] man sette at ^ix* lits manna scipa. ^ fif belifan 

;] on ]7ysum ilcan geare com Swegen eorl into Engla lande. 

J on ]7ysum ilcan geare wses se mycele sinoS on Rome. "^ 
Eadward cyng sende }>ider Hereman 15. "^ Ealdred 15. *;) hi comon 
])yder on Easter aefen ^. ;] eft se papa heefde sinoS on Uercel. 
^ Vlf B cow J?8erto. j forneah man sceolde tobrecan his stef, 
gif he ne sealde ))e mare gersuman. forSan he ne cuSe don his 
ge nhte' swa wel swa he sceolde. j on \mxm geare forSferde 
Eadsige arceB •iiii* M NovemB. 

1048. Her on J^isum geare Eadward C3mg ge sette Bodbyrd 
on Lundene to arceb to Cantwara byrig'^ on Lengtene. j ]^s 
sylfian Lentenes he for to Eome aefter his pallium. 3 se cyng 

(Coniinued on p. 172.) 

•] se cing )>a ^ call here cwfledon Swegen for ni'Sing. viii. scypa /C) 
he hsBfde ser he Beom amyr^rode. sy^^an hine forleton ealle 
butan .ii. J he gewende ]>a to Briege, ^ ])ar wimode mid Baldwine. 

^ on |>ysam geare forSferde Eadno% se goda b on Oxnaford 
scire. ^ Oswig abb on pomige. ^ Wulfno^ abb on Westmyn- 
stre. "3 Eadwerd cing geaf Ulfe his preoste $ b rice, J hit yfele 

J on Jyyson ylcan geare Eadwerd cing scylode -ix. scypa of male, 
^ hi foron mid scypon mid eallon anweg. *] belifon .v. scypa beef tan. 
*] se cing heom behet | zii. mona% gyld* f. 159. 

"3 on ])am ylcan geare ferde Hereman b ^ Ealdred b to Rome to 
%am papan. on ]>se8 cinges serende. 

1050. Her on ]>y8um gere comon \2» bisceopas ham fram Rome. 
*] man geinlagode Swegen eorL "3 on J)ys ylcan geare for^ 
ferde Eadsige arceb. on .iiii. kl Nouembris, j eac on J»ys 
ylcan geare ^Ifric arceb on Eoferwic cestre on -xi. kt Feb. "3 
his lie li% on Burh. pa hsafde Eadwerd cing witena ge mot on 
Londen to midlencten. *] sette Hrodberd to arceb to Cantware 
byrig. ;] Sperhafoc abb to Lunden. ^ geaf Ro^ulfe b his maege 

{CoHttMued on/, 173.) 



172 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D. 1048.) geaf Jjet biscop rice on Lundene Sparhafoc abbot of Abbandune. 
"3 se cyng geaf [-f] abbot rice RoSuKe B his maege. Da com 
se arce15 fram Eome ane dsege ser sSs Fetr^^ msesse aefene. ^ 
ge sset his arce15 stoP set Xpescyrcean on sSs Vetrus msesse dseg. 
J sona ]78es to ]?am cyng gewsende. Da com Sparhafoc abb 
f. 53. b. be weg[e] to him mid J^ses cynges ge write j insegle. | to J>an 
]7et he hine hadian sceolde to % into Lundene. ]7a wiScwetS 
se arceb. "] cwsetS ]?et se papa hit hiw forboden hsefde. J?a 
gewende se abb ongean |7one arceb efb to Sam, 3 ]>8er ]7es 
biscophades gemde. ^ se arceb him anreedlice forwemde. ;) 
cwseS }'et se papa hit him forboden hsefde. Da gewende se 
abb to Lundene. 3 sset on ]7am biscop rice ]>e se cyng him 
ser geunnan hsefde be his fiike leafe ealne ]>one sumor ^ 
)jone hserfest. 

*] com }>a Eustatius fram geondan sse sona sefter ]7am biscop. 
•3 ge wende to tSam cynge. j spsec witS hine -f -f he ]m wolde. 
"3 gewende J^a hamweard. pa he com to Cantwarbyrig east 
]>a snsedde he J^ser ^ his menn. 3 to Dofran ge wende. Da he 
wses sume mila oStSe mare beheonan Dofran. ]>a dyde he on 
his byman. j his geferan ealle. ^ foran to Dofran, pa hi 
]?ider comon. ]?a woldon hi innian hi ]>ser heom sylfan ge licode. 
]>a com an his manna, j wolde wician set anes bundan huse 
his unSances. "} gewundode ]7one husbundon. ^ se husbunda 
ofsloh ]>one o'Seme. Da weartS Eustatii£« uppon his horse. ^ 

(C) $ abbudrice on Abbandune. 3 J)8bs ylcan geares he sette ealle 
])a litsmen of male. 

1051. Her on )?ysum geare com Rodbeard arceb hider ofer sse 
mid his pallium. "3 on J)ys ylcan geare man flymde Godwine 
eorl. "3 ealle his suna of Englalande. "^ he gewende to Bricge, 
*] his wif ^ his -iii. suna. Swegen. ^ Tostig. J GyrS. ^ Harold 
•3 Leofwine wendon to Irlande. ^ Jjser wunedon j^aene winter. "3 on 
J>ys ylcan geare for^ferde seo ealde hlsefdige, Eadwerdes cinges 
/ moder ^ Har^acnutes, Imme^ hatte. ii. Id Maft. J hyre lie li^ on 

JEaldanmynstre wi^ Cnut cing. 

^ inthronizatur cathedra arcbi presulatuB Bui. F. Lat. 
^ Imme written on erasure. 



his gefeoran uppon heora. j ferdon to ]7am husbundon. '^ of- (a j). 1048.) 
slogon hine binnan his agenan heorSse. ^ wendon him ]7a up 
to ]>SBre burgeweard. 3 ofslogon segtSer ge witSinnan ge 
wiSutan* ma Jeanne ^xx* manna ^. j ]?a burhmen ofslogon 
-xix* menn on otSre healfe. j ge wundoden '^ hi nystan hti 
fela. ;] Eustatius set baerst mid feawum mannum. ^ ge wende 
ongean to )>am cynge. "3 cydde be daele hu hi ge faren hsefdon'. 
J wearS se cyng swij^e gram^ wiS ]?a burhware. j of ssende 
se cyng GodwinB eorl. '^ bsed hine faran into Cent mid 
unfritSa to Dofran. for ]7an Eustatius haefde ge cydd J^am cynge 
]7et hit sceolde beon mare gylt ]78ere burhwaru ]7onne his. ac 
^hit' nses na swa. j se eorl nolde na ge tSwserian J^sere infare. | £ 54- 
for]>an him wsbs latS to amyrrene* his agenne folgaS*. 

Da sende se cyng aefter eallon his witan^ j bead heom 
cuman to Gleaweceastre neh ]?8ere seftre sSa Maria msessan. 
pa haefdon ]7a welisce menn ge wroht senne castel on Here- 

iJOontinued on p. 174.) 

1052. Her for^ferde iElfric arceb. on Eoferwic, swi^e arwyr^ H)) 
wer ;) wis. ^ on ))an ylcan geare alede Eadward cyng $ heregyld 
f JS)>elred cyng aer astealde. $ wsbs on fam nigon "] ^rittigo'San 
geare ])8es ])e he hit ongunnon hsefde. ^ gyld gedrehte ealle Engla 
]>eode on swa langum fyrste swa hit bufan her awriten is. ^ wses 
aefre setforan o^rum gyldum ))e man myslice geald. 3 men mid 
menig fealdlice drehte. 

On ])am ylcan geare com Eustatius up set Doferan, se hsefde 
Eadwardes cynges sweostor to wife, pa ferdon his men dys- 
lice sefber inne. ^ sumne man ofslogon of ])am porte. "3 o%er 
man of ]>am porte heora geferan. swa $ ])ser lagon vii. his 

^ )>a he hsefde gespecen ])at he 
wolde. )» eyrde he agean. ]>a his 
men coman to Doferan, ]» wolde 
his an man herebeoigian at anes 
mannes his imt^ances, swa j^ he 
wundode l^one husbunda, *] se hus- 
bunda ofsloh jK>ne man. ]>a wses 
£u8tatiiM swySe wrat$, *] weart$ upan 
his horse *] his men, *} ferdon to, *} 
ofslogon ]K>ne ylcan husbandan, 1 
eac to eacan him ma 9on [n]e xz man- 
na. F. per superbiam noluit ui 
aocipere hoepitium, et nulneraoit 
dominum domos &c. F. Lat. 

^ Bsede %wm, cinge wyrs tJonne hit 
wsere. F. alitor molto quam acta 
sit. F. Lat. 

' wra». F. 

* amyrrende. F. 

' pnecepit • . '. ut congregaret ex- 
ercitum et intraret Cantiam, omnia 
deuastando, et maxime Dofras. (on 
maigin.: at. ut deuastaret Do&as.) 
Sed Godwinus nolens destrueire 00* 
mitatam suum, dissimulauit ire i 
F. Lat. 

* omnes optimates eias. F» \ 

174 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.0. 1048.) fordscire on Swegenes eorles folgot$e. ^ wrohten aelc }>sera 
barme. j bismere )>seB cynges mannan ]>ser abutan )>e bi 
mibton. Da com Godwine eorl ^ Swegen eorl ^ Harold eorl 
togeedere 8Bt Byferes stane. ;] manig mann mid beom. to Son 
f bi woldon faran to beora cyne blaforde. "^ to ysm witan 
eallon ]>e mid bim gegaderode wseron. ^ bi pvda cynges rsed 
baefdon j bis fultum. ^ eah% witena. bu bi mibton ]>8eB cynges 
bismer awrecan ;] ealles J^eodscipes. Da wseron p& wselisce 
men^ setforan^ mid pskm cynge. j forwregdon Sa eorlas. "pet 
bi ne moston coman on bis eagon ge sibSe \ ForSan bi ssedon 
f bi woldon cuman ]>ider for )>es cynges swicdome. Waes padT 
cuman Si ward eorl ;] Leofric eorl. ^ my eel folc mid beom 
nor]^n to ]>am cynge. ^ wses ]>am eorle Godwine ;] bis sunan 
gecydd f se cyng j ]7a menn ]7e mid bim wseron. woldon 
raedon on bi. j bi trymedon bi fsestlice ongean. ]>8eb bim laS 
wsere f bi ongean beora cyneblafprd standan sceoldan. Da 
gersedden ))a witan on segSer baKe f man Sa selces yfeles 
ge sw4c. J geaf se cyng Gknles griS^ j bis folne freondscipe on 
segSre bealfe. 

Da gersedde'' se cyning j bis witan f man sceolde o'Sre 
syt^an babban ealra ge witena^ ge mot on Lundene to beer- 
festes emnibte. 3 bet se cyning bannan tit bere. segSer ge 
be suSan Temese ge be norSan eall f aefre betst waes. Da 
cwseS man Swegen eorl utlab. 3 stefhode'^ man Godwine eorle 
J Harolde eorle to ]>on ge mote swa raSe swa bi bit ge faran 
f. 54. b. mibton. pa bi ]7ider ut comon. pa, stefnede beom man | to 
gemote, pa. gymde be griSes ^ gisla. ]?et be moste onswican 
into ge mote cuman. 3 tit of ge mote. Da gymde se cyng ealra 
)>8Bra pegna, pe ]>a eorlas aer bssfdon. "3 bi letan bi ealle bim 
to banda. pa sende se cyng eft to beom. 3 bead beom f bi 

^ qnidam de Normaimis. F. Lat. ® gewitena. F. too. In E. the ge 

^ seror. E. The scribe of E. at is underlined, 

first wrote taet foran. ^ bead. F. 

* neh Can cinge. F. ita nt rex * to Cam cinge. F. 
interdiceret eis presentiam suam. ' sec. F. 

F. Lat. " Here, at the top of £ 73. v«., 

* se cing gif fSam eorlan his fidhui begins a new hand in D. 
freondscipe. F. " altered from gereddon. 

* gehet. F. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 175 

oomon mid 'xii* mannum into |>8B8 cynges rsBde^. pa geomde (a j). 1048. 
se eorl eflb griSes 3 gisla. f he mcMste hine betellan set aelc' 
])8Bra Jnnga ]>e him man on lede. pa wymde him mann Sera 

{C<mtiHued on p. 176.) 

geferana. ^ micel hearm )>8er ged6n wees on SBg^re healfe mid (D. 1052. 
horse ^ eac mid wsBpnum. 0% ^ folc gegader^de. ^ hi )>a est 
flngon ^ hi comon to ]>am cynge to Gleawcestre. J he heom 
giy% sealde. pa under nam Godwine eorl swy^e ^ on his eorl 
dome sceolde swilc geweoi^an. ongan ]>a gadrian folc ofer eall 
his eorlddm. "] Swein eorl his sunu ofer his. ^ Harold his o^r 
sonu ofer his eorldom. 3 hi gegaderedan ealle on Gleawcester 
scire set Langatreo mycel fyrd "] nnarimedlic. ealle gearwe 
to wige ongean ])one cyng. buton man ageafe Eustatsius ^ his 
men heom to handsceofe. ^ eac ]>a Frencyscan |>e on |>an cas- 
telle wseron. pis wses gedon .vii. nihton sBr ])sere lateran sSa 
Maria msessan. pa wsbs Eadward cyng on Gleawcestre sittende. 
I **Sende }>a eefter Leofrice eorle "3 norS seffcer Siwarde eorle. f. 73* b. 
^ b£d heora gencges. 3 hi him ]>a to comon serest mid medemum 
foltome. ac si^S^San hy wiston hu hit )>8er be su^an wees, ]>a sendon 
hi noi% ofer ealne heora eorldom. ^ leton beodan mycele fyrde 
heora hlaforde to helpe. ^ Raulf eac ofer his eorldom, ^ comon 
^ ealle to Gleaweceastre )»am cynge to helpe, ]>eah hit last wsere. 
Wurdan ])a ealle swa anreede mid )>am cynge. f hy woldon God- 
wines fyrde gesecan. gif se cyng ^ wolde. pa leton hy sume 
■f ^ mycel nnraed wsere. f hy to gedere comon, for ])am Jjser waes 
msBst ^ rotoste ^ wses on ^ngla lande on "^am twam gefylcum. ^ 
leton -f *hi' nrum feondum rymdon to lande. ;] betwyx us sylfum to 
mycclum forwyrde. Ge rseddon ^^ ]>a f man sealde gislas betweonan, 
^ setton stefna ut to Lundene. ^ man bead )>a folce ])ider ut ofer 
ealne ]>isne nor^ende. on Siwardes eorldome. ;] on Leofrices. *} 
eac elles gehwser. ^ sceolde Godwine eorL ^ his suna )>ser cuman 
to wi|>er male, pa comon hy to Su]) geweorce, ^ micel msenegeo 
mid heom of West Saexum, ac his wered wanode sefre fe leng J)e 
swi^or. ^ man borhfseste ])am kyninge ealle ]>a ]>8egnas )>e wseron 
Haroldes eorles. his suna. ^ man utlagode ]>a Swsegn eorl. his 
o^Seme suna. pa ne onhagode him to cumenne to wi^rmale 
ongean )K)ne cyng ^ agean ]>one here ]>e him mid wses. For %a on 
niht awseg. ^ se cyng hsefde ]>ses on morgen witena gemot, ^ 
cwse% hine utlage ^ eall here, hine ^ ^ealle' his suna; ^ he 
wende su^ to pom ege, "j his wif "^ Swegen his suna. ^ Tostig 
"3 his wif, Baldwines mage set Brycge \ "3 GerS his suna ; "j Harold 
eorl ^ Leofvdne foran to Brycg stowe on -f scip )>e Swegen eorl 

{Pontinued OH p. 176.) 

176 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(ad. 1048.) gisla. J sceawede him mann •¥• nihta griS 6t of lande to farenne. 
J gewende J>a Godwine eorl ^ Swegen eorl to Bosenham ^ 
Bcufon tit heora scipu. ^ gewendon heom begeondan sse. 3 
ge sohton Baldewines griS^. ] wunodon J>8Br ealne ]?one winter. 
^ Harold eorl ge wende west to Yrlande. "^ wses }>8Br ealne jjone 
winter on ]>es cynges gri'Se. -^ sona }>8bs jje Jns wses. ]?a forlet 
se cyng ]>a hlasfdian. seo wses gehalgod him to cwene. 3 let 
lUman of hire eall ^ heo ahte. on lande. '^ on golde. j on 
seolfre "] on eallon ]?ingon. 3 betsehte hy his swyster to 

^ Sparhafoc' aBB weartS %k adrifen tit of ]?aw biscoprice 

(D) f. 74. heefde him silfiim ser gegearcod "] ge I metsod^ ^ se cining 
sende Ealdred % of Lundene mid genge ; "] sceoldon hine of ridan 
eer he to scipe come, ac hi ne mihton. 0%^ hi noldon. ^ he 
wende }>a ut of Afenemu^n. "^ feng swa sti^ weder -f he un- 
ea^ awseig c6m, ^ him ))8er micel forferde. Wende J>a for^ 
to Irlande. ¥a him weder com. ^ Godwine ^ ])a ]>e mid him weeron 
wendan of Domege to Biycge to Bal^d'wines lande on anum scipe 
mid swa miclum gsersuman swa hi mihton |i£er on msest gelogian to 
se^l'cum mannum. ^ wolde %yncan wnndorlic selcum men ]>e on 
Engla lande wses, gif senig man eer )»am ssede ^ hit swa gewur]>an 
sceolde. for^am ])e he wses ser to ])am 8wy%e tipahafen, swylce he 
weolde ]>ses cynges ^ ealles Engla landes. 3 his sunan wseron eorlas. 
^ j>ses cynges dyrlingsis. ^ his dohtor fsem cynge bew^ddod. ;] 
besewnod. ])a man gebrohte to Hwserwellan. "] hy ])sere abedissan 

Da sone com Willelm eorl fram geondan s^ mid mycclum we- 
rode Frenci8[c]ra manna, "j se cyning hine under feng. ^ swa feola 
his geferan swa him toonhagode. ^ let hine eft ongean. Dses ilcan 
geres man sealde Wyllelme preoste ^ 15 rice on Lnndene. ])e wses S§r 
Spserhafoce geseald. 

1052. Her for|)ferde -^Ifgyfu seo hlefdige. -ffi^lredes laf cynges 
^ Cnutes cynges on ii N<*. Mab. 

On ))am ilcan gere hergode Griffin se Wylisca cing on Hereford 
scire ^ he com swy)>e neah to Leomynstre. ^ men gadorodon 
ongean, segSer ge landes men ge Frencisce men of %am castele. '^ 
man |>ser ofsloh swy|ie feola Engliscra godra manna. ^ eac of )>am 
f. 74. b. Frenciscum. | ^ wses ])8es ylcan dseges. on ^reottene geara. )»e man 
^r Eadwine ofsloh mid his geferam. 

{P<mtitaud on Pt 279.) 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 177 

on Lundene. 3 wes WilWm Jjsbs cynges preost gehadod (A.D.1052; 
J)8erto*. ■] man sette }>a Oddan to eorle ofer Defena scire. 3 
ofer Sumer sfleton. 3 ofer Dorseton. j ofer Wealas. ■] mann 
sette ^Ifgar Leofrices sunu eorles Sane eorldom on handa J^e 
Harold ser ahte. 

1052**. Her on tSisum geare forWerde iElfgiue Ymma Ead- 
wardes cynges modor ^ Hardacnutes cynges. ■] on f)am sylfan 
geare gersedde se cyng 3 his witan ^ mann sceolde fortSian 
ut to Sandwic sclpu. ^ setton Raulf eorl ^ Oddan eorl to 
heafodmannum J>8erto. Da ge wende Godwine eorl tit frawi 
Brycge | mid his scypum to Yseran. and let ut ane dasge asr f. 55. 
midsumeres msesse sefene ^ he com to Nsesse. }>e is besutSan 
Bomenea. pa com hit to witenne fam eorlum ut to Sand- 
wic. "3 hi Jja gewendon ut aefter J>am ot5rum scipum. ■] 
bead man landfyrde ut ongean ]?a scipu. pa amang }>ison 
J)a weartS Godwine eorl ge warned, j ge wende him J)a into 
Pefenesea. ■] weartS ^ wseder switSe Strang. ^ J>a eorlas ne 
mihton ge witan hwet Godwine eorl gefaren haefde. ■] 
ge wende })a Godwine eorl ut agean ^ he com eft to Brycge. 
J "Sa otSra scipu ge wenden heom eft ongean to Sandwic. 3 
ge rsedde man Ip&fpa, scipu ge wendan eft ongean to Lundene. 
•;] Bceolde man setton otSre eorlas j otSre hasseton to J>am scipum. 
Sa lengde hit man swa lange f seo scipfyrd eall belaf. j 
ge wendon ealle heom ham. Da ge axode Godwine eorl pet, 
•;] teah ]?a up his Begl j his lit5. "j ge wendon heom J?a west 

{Continued on p. 178.) 

1051. Her for6ferde ^Ifgiua Ywma jjas cinges moder Eadward^*. (F) f. 70. 
And Godwine eorl ferde ut of Brige mid his scipan to Yseran, 
") swa to Englalande. ") com up at Nsesse be su^an Rumenea, 
^ ferde swa to Wiht. ") naw ^r ealle ^a scipan ^a to ahte 

^ ])a wymde me him *) bead him archiepiscopo. F. Lat. 

at binnan -y* nihtan. *] he ferde * E. misses 1049, 1050, 105 1, and 

ofer 886 to Baldwines lande. E. agrees with C. and D. upon 1052, 

* Hwerewylle. F. where harmony is restored between 

' Spearhauoc. F. C. and D. by the repetition of 1052 

^ Here, at the top off. 74 r<>., in D. Thedeathof Emmais put by 

b^fins a new hand in D. C. under 1051 (p. 172), his year 

9 Et consecratUB est a Eodberto ending at Easter. M. H. B. 


178 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A .D. 105 3.) on4n to Wiht. 3 eodon ]?8er dp. "j hergodon swa lange J^aer ^ -f 
folc geald heom swa mycel swa hi heom on legden. ^ 
ge wendon heom ]7a west weard oS ))et hi comon to Portlande. 
^ eodon )>8er 6p 3 dydon to hearme swa hwet swa hi don 

pa wes Harold ge wend iit of Yrlande mid nigon scipon. 
3 com }>a tip ast Portlocan. *;] wes ]?8Br mycel folc gegaderod 
ongean. ac he ne wandode na him metes to tylienne. eode tip. j 
ofsloh }>8er mycehie ende ]7es folces. ^ nam him on orfe. ^ on 
mannum. ^ on ashtum. swa him gewearS. 3 gewende him 
J>a east weard to his feder. ^ gewendon heom J?a begen 
east weard ^ hi comon to Wiht. ■] namon )?3er ^ him ser 
witSseftan wses. '^ gewendon heom ]7a ]>anon to Pefenesea. 
;) begeat forS mid him swa fela scipu. swa )?8Br fera waeron. ^ 

(C) 1052. Her cow Harold eorl of Irlande mid scipum on Ssefem 
mu^an. neh Sumers^tan gemseran and Defenescfre. "j faer my- 
cel gehergode. ^ f land folc hiw ongean gaderodan aeg^r ge of 
Sumersffiton ge of Defene scire. ^ he hig aflymde. "^ j^aer ofsloh 
m^ )>onne -xxx. godera )>egena butan o^ram folce, ^ sona sefb^r 
)>an for abutan Penwi^ steort. ";) Jwr let £adward cyng scypian 
.xL snacca, %a lagan set Sandwic manega wucan. ])a sceoldon 
saetnian Godwines eorles. J)e on Brycge waes j^aBne winter, ^ he 
J)eh com hider to lande aerest swa hig hit nysten. ^ on ^Sam 
f. 159. b. I fyrste. )>e he her on lande waes. he gespeon him to ealle 
Kentingas. 3 ealle ))a butsecarlas of Haestingan 3 ^r aeghwar 
be faerc sae riman, ;] eallne ])8ene East ende. "^ Su^ Sexan. •] Su^ 
rigan. ^ mycel elles to eacan );an. pa cwaedon ealle f hi mid 
him woldon licgan ^ lybban. Da ge axedon f li^ f on Sandwic 
laeg embe Godwines fare, setton ))a aeft«r. ^ he heom aetbaerst. 
"j him sylfan gebearh Jjaer })aer he J)a mihte, ";) "p li^ wende agen to 
Sandwic. "j swa hamwerd to Lunden byrig. Da )>a Godwine geax- 
ode -f f li'5 ])e on Sandwic Iseg wses ham gewend, ))a for he eft 
ongean to Wiht, ^ );aer abutan be ))am saeriman swa lange laeg ^ hig 
comon to gsedere, Harold eorl his sunu ";) he. ^ hi na mycelne 
hearm ne dydon sy^S'San hig togaedere comon, buton \ heo met- 
sunge namon, ac speonnon heom eall f land folc to be ^Sam vA 
riman, 3 eac up on lande ; "j hig foron to werd Sandwic, ";) laeson 
sefre i^a^ mid heom ealle )?a butsecarlas }>e heo gemetton, '3 comon 
)*a to Sandwic mid geotendan here. Da Eadwerd cyng ^ geaxode,^, 

{Continu€d <m p. z8o.) 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 179 

swa forS -p he com to NaBsse. "j begeat ealle }?a scipu. J>etA.D. 105J 
! waeron on Bumenea. ■] on Hy}>e ^ on Folces stane. ";) gewendon ^" 55- b« 
]>a east to Dofran. 3 eodon ]>8er tip. :) namonhim >eer scipu. 
;j gislas. swa fela swa hi woldon. ^ ferdon swa to Sandwic. ^ 
djdon hand ^ sylfei. ^ heom man geaf aeghwer gislas. ^ met- 
songa. }7ser ]7ser hi gymdon. 3 gewendon heom }>a to 
NortSmuSan^ "3 swa to Lundene weard. 3 sume )>a scipu 

{Continued ffH p. 180.) 

3 sona com Harold eorl of Irlande mid his scipum to Ssefem (B. 1052. 
mu^n neh Sumer saeton gemaere ^ Dafena scire ";) jjaer mycel geher- 
gode, ^ f landfolc him on gean gaderode. aBg))8er ge of Sumor saeton 
ge of Dafenascire. "^ he hyg aflimde^. "j jjser ofsloh ma);onn€ 
xxx. godra ^egna. baton o^re folce. 3 sona seft^ ^m for 
abuton Penwi^ steort. ^ J)a laet Eadward cyng scypian .xl. 
snacca };a lagon aet Sandwic. )>a sceoldon cepan Godwines eorles %e 
on Brycge waes J)one wint^t*. 3 he ¥eah com hider to lande aerest 
swa hy hit nystan. "^ on ]>am ^e he her on lande waes. he gespeon 
ealle Centingas. 3 ealle ))a butsekarlas of Haestingum 3 ]7ser aeg 
hwar abuton be J^aere sse riman. *] ealne East Sexan. '^ Su|?erege. "] 
mycel elles to eacan |>am. ]7a cwaedon ealle f hi woldon mid him 
libban ";) licgean. pa geaxedon -f li^ -f on San^d'wic laeg embe 
Godwines fare, setton fa asffc^. 3 he heom aetbaerst. 3 $ li^ wende 
ongean to Sandwic ^ swa hamweard to Lundenbyrig. pa };a 
Godwine ge axede -f -f li^ -f e on Sandwic laeig waes ham ge wend. 
]7a for he aeft ongean to Wiht, 3 |iaer abutan be \^m sae riman swa 
lange ^ hi comon togaedere Harold eorl his suna. ^ hi noldon no 
mycelne hearm don sy^S^n. butan ^ hyg metsunge namon. Ac 
speonnan heom ]>a eall ^ landfolc to. be j^am s^ riman, 3 eac 
uppon lande; 3 hi foran to weard Sandwic 3 Iseson aefre for^ 
mid heom ealle fa bntse carlas | \% hy gemetton 3 coman ))a 'to' f. 75. 
Sand wic mid geotendan here, pa Eadward f ge axode );a sende 

mihtan 3 gislas, 3 cyrde him swa east ward. 3 Harold was cu- (F) 
men mid dx. scipon up at Portlocan. 3 ofsloh ^ar mycel folc, 
3 nam orf 3 menu 3 eahta ; 3 ge wende him eastward to his 
faeder. "] hi begen ferdan to Rumen ea. to Hi^e. to Folcstane, 
to Doferan, to Sandwic. 3 aefre naman ealle ^a scipan ^e hi 
fimdan ^ to ahte mihte. 3 gislas. eal swa ferdan. 3 ge wendon 


^ mudan. MS. ^ afligde. MS. 

N a" 

i8o THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1052.) gewendon binnoii Scepige. 3 dydon J^aer mycelne liearm. ■] 
ge wendon heow to Middeltune J>8bs cyDges. j forbeamdon ;p 
call. -^ wseron heom to Lundene weard esfter }>am eorlan. Da 
hi to Lundene comon. fa laeg se cyng "j Jja eorlas ealle J)8Pr 
ongean mid ^l* Bcipum. pa sendon ]?a eorlas to ]?am cynge. 
J gerndon to him f hi moston beon wurtSe selc J>8era ]?inga 
J>e heow mid unrihte ofgenumen wses. Da wiSlesg se cyng 
sume hwile J>eah. swa lange 08 }>et folc J>e mid }>am eorle 
wes. wearS swiSe astyred ongean J>one cyng. ■] ongean his folc. 
swa $ se eorl sylf earfotSlice ge stylde ^ folc. J?a ferde Stigand 

(C. 1052.) fa sende he up SBft^r maran fultume. ac hi comon swy^ late. ^ 
God wine sah him gefre to werd Lundenes mid his li^, f he com to 
Su^ ge weorce. ^ faer on bad sume hwile 0^5 f flod up eode. On jiam 
fyrste he eac ge fadode wi^ fa burh ware, "f hi woldon maest ealle f 
•f he wolde. pa he hsefde ealle his fare gerecenod, fa com se flod. 
^ hig brudon up ¥a sona heora ancran, ^ heoldon furh ]>a 
brycge be ^am sy^lande. 3 seo landfyrd com ufenon. ^ tiym- 
cdon hig be fam strande. ;) hi hwemdon fa mid fam scypon 
wi^ f ses noi"^ landes. swylce hig woldon f ses cynges scipa abutan 
betrymman. Se cyng haefde eac mycele land fyrde on his healfe 
to eacan his scyp mannum, ac hit wses heom msest eallon la% ^ hig 
sceoldon fohtan wi% heora agenes cynnes mannum, for fan far wses 
f. 161. lyt I elles^ fe aht mycel myhton buton Englisce men on seg^r 
healfe. J eac hig noldon -f utlendiscum feodum waere fes eard 
furh ^ f e swi'Sor gerymed. f e hi heom sylfe 8b1c o^me for fore. 
Gerseddon fa -f man sende wise men betweonan. ^ setton gri^ on 
seg^re healfe. "J Godwine for upp. ~] Harold his sunu, "^ heora li^ 
swa mycel swa heom fa gef uhte. ^ wsbs fa witena gem5t. ;) man 
sealde Godwine claene his eorldom, swa full "j swa for^ swa he 
fyrmest ahte. "] his sunum eall swS eall f hi aer ahten. ") his 
wife. ^ his dehter. swa ful "] swa for^ swa hi ^r ahton. j hi 
gefeestnodon heom |a fulne freondscipe betweonan, ;) eallum folce 
^ode lage beheton. And geutlageden fa ealle Frencisce men fe ^r 

(Continued OH p, 182.) 


^ Here, in MS. C, occurs a mis- now numbered 161, and with it alao 

placed folio, nmnbered 160, and be- begins a new hand, 

ginning with the year 1065. The * The scribe at first wrote hwen- 

word elles beg^ins the folio which is dan. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) i8i 

biscop to mid Godes faltume. *;] }?a wise menn segSser ge binnan (A.D.1052.) 
burh ge buton. 3 ge rseddon ^ man tremede gislas on segSer 
healfe. "] man swa dyde. Da geaxode Eotberd ar&b ^ ]?a 
Frencisce menn '^. genamon heora hers. 3 gewendon sume 
west to Pentecostes castele. same norS to Rodb^riies castele. 
3 Eodberd arCB j Vlf B ge wendon <it set -^st geate. "j heora 
geferan. ^ ofslogon. ^ elles amyrdon manige iunge men. ^ 
gewendon heom on dn to Ealdulfes neese. ^ wearS him ])8Br 

he upp after maran fuUtume. ac hy coman swi):e Isete. ^ God- (D. 1052.) 
wine s^h him sefre toward Lundenne. mid his li]>e ^ he com to 
Su]) weorce. "j jjaer ab^d sume hwile. 0^ f f flod upp eode. on Jam 
fyrste. ;] sbc ser he ge fadode wi]) ^a burh warn, f hi maBst ealle wol- 
dou ^t he wolde. pa])a he hsBfde ealle his fare gereconod. )}a 
com ^ flod, "] hy brudon sona upp heora ancras ;] heoldan ))urh jia 
brycge ^ bi jjaem su]>lande, "j seo landfyrde coman ofenan. 3 try- 
medon hy be ))sem strande. "j hy hwemdan ^ ^a mid j)am scipuw 
swylce hy woldon ^s cynges scypu abuton betrymman. Se cyning 
hsBfde eac micle landfyrde on his halfe toeacan his scipmannum. 
Ac hit wes msest eallan la% to feohtanne wi% heora agenes cynnes 
mannum. for^am ]>eBr wees lytel elles \q aht mycel myhton. butan 
Englisce on aegSre healfe. ;] eac hi noldon ^ utlendiscum mannum 
wsere J)es eard ))urh f 'Se swi^or gerymed. jie hi him sylfe eelc 
o))erne forfore. Geraeddan ))a -f man sende wyse men be tweonan 
*] setton gri^ on segJSre halfe. ^ Godwine for upp "J Harold "] heora 
li^ swa micel swa heom fa ge])uhte. "^ wses ))a witene gemot, "j man 
sealde Godwine clsene his eorldom swa full ^ swa for6 swa he 
fyrmest ahte. "J his sunum eallum eall f hy ser ahton. "3 his 
wife "] his dohtor, swa full "j swa for6 swa hi ahton; ";) hi 
faestnedon jja fulne freondscipe heom betweonan. ^ allum folce 
fuUe lagu beheton. "] ge ut | lagedon ealle ))a Frenciscean })e aer f. 75. b. 

(Continued on ^. 182.) 

^a to Lundene. Da hi to Lundene comon, ^a Iseg se cing -) (Y\ 
ealle his eorlas {)ar ongean mid .l. sc^i'pon. pa sendan %a 
eorlas to ^aw cinge, ") geomdan ^ hi moston been heora finga 
3 are wurSe ^e heow mid unrihte benumen was. Da wi^ Iseg 
se cing sume hwile. ac Stigand ()>e was fes cinges rsed gifa ;] 
his handprest) 3 ^a o^re wise men ...";) gerseddan. f man getrymde 
gislas on aegSrse healfe (;] swa scolde se freondscipe beon ge 
faestned.) pa Rodbert afb ^ ge axode. ^ naw he his hors, ^ 
f erde him to Eadulfes naBsse, ^ wear% him on anum un wrsBstum 

1 82 THE PARKER MS. (ff) 

1053. Her Goduuine eorl forSferde* ^^ 


(C) nnlage rsBrdon '} undom demdon, ^ iinrsed rseddon into ^issum 
earde. buton Bwa feala swa hig gerseddon f )>am cynge g^Hcode mid 
him to heebbenne, ))e him getreowe weeron "j eallum his folce. 
•;] Bodbeard bisceop, "^ Willelm B. "3 Ulf 15. unea^ sBtburstan, 
mid Jwrm Frenciscuiw mannum J)e heom mid wseron. "j swa ofer 
8& becomon. ") Godwins eorl, ") Harold, 3 seo cwen saBton on 
heora are. Swegen for seror to Hierusalem of Bricge. "j wear^ 
hamweard dead set Constantinopolim to Michaheles meesse. Dset 
wffis on l^one Monandseg seft^sSa Marian msesse. f Godwine mid his 
scipum to Su^geweorce becom. ^ J)8es on merigen on Jjone Tiwes 
dsBg hi gewurdon sehte. swa hit her beforan stent. Godwine J>a 
gesiclode hra^ jjses J)e he up com. "j eft gewyrp't'e. ac he dyde 
ealles to lytle daedbote of ])8Bre Godes are j^e he hsefde of manegum 
halgam stowum. On ))am ylcan geare com se stranga wind on 
Thomes msesse niht, "J gehwser mycelne hearm dyde. Eac man sloh 
Hris fees Welscan cynges bro))er. 

1053. On Jjysum geare wsbs se cyning on "Winceastre on Eastran. 
J Godwine eorl mid him, "j Harold eorl his sunn, "j Tostig. Da on 
f. i6i. b. o^ran Easter dsege | sset he mid ^m cynincge SBt gereorde, fa 
faeringa sah he ni^er wi^ jjses fotsetles sprsece benumen "j ealre 
his mihte ; ^ hine man ^a brted into ^ses kinges bure, "^ ^ohtan 
f hit ofer g^n sceolde, ac hit nses na swa ; ac }mrh wunode swa un- 
specende "] mihteleas for^ o^ ))one Dunresdseg, "] ^a his lif 
alet. ■] he li^ faer binnan Ealdan mynstre. "j his sunn Harald 
feng to his eorldome, J let of ^an fe he ^r hsefde. ^ ^Ifgar 
fengc ^serto. 
Dees ylcan geares gefor Wulfsie B on Licedfelda. *] Leofwine 

(D) unlagon rserdon* "J undom demdon. "j unraed raeddan into 
^issum earde ^ buton swa fela swa hi geraeddon f fajn cynge 
gelicode mid him to habbenne )>e him ge treowe waeron. ";) eallum 
his folce. "3 Rodbeard arceb. ;] Willelm 15. "j Ulf 15. unea^ 
setburstan mid fam Frenciscean mannum fe him mid waeron. 
^ swa ofer s^ comon. 

1053. Her wses se micla wind on pomes maesse niht. *] eac 'eall' 
fa mide winter waes mycel wind. ^ man rsedde f man sloh 'H'ris. 
faes Wyliscean cynges brofer. forSy he h'e'armas dyde. "j man 
brohte his h'e'afod to Glewcestre' on twelftan ^efen. ^ faBS ylcan 
geres. foran to alra halgena maessan. for-^'ferde WulTsyg 15 aet 
Licctfelda. "j Godwine abb on Wincelcumbe. 3 .^Igelward afefe on 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 183 

on anon unwrseste scipe. "} ferde him 6n 4u ofer Me. "} forlet (A.D.105: 
Lis pallium 3 Xpendom ealne her on lande. swa swa hit God 
wolde. p& he eer begeat ]x>ne wurSscipe swa swa hit God nolde. 
Da cw8bS mann mycel gemot wiSutan Lundene. j ealle }>a 
eorlas 3 ]>a betstan menn pe waeron on piaon lande wseron 
on ]>BLm gemote. ]>8er bser Godwine eorl dp his mal. 3 
be tealde hine J?aer wiS Eadward cyng his | hlaford 3 wiS ^- 5<>- 
ealle landleodan. ]>ei he wees unscyldig J^ses ]?e him geled 
wses. ] on Harold his sunu. ■] ealle his beam. •;] se cyng 
forgeaf ]>&m eorle j his beamum his fulne freondscype 3 fulne 
eorldom 3 eall Ipei he ser ahte. j eallon }7am mannon }7e him 
mide wsei'on. ") se cyng geaf }>8ere hlsefdian eall f heo ser ahte. 
;] cwetS man titlaga Rotberd arCb fullice, 3 ealle fa Frencisce 
menn. forSan "pe hi macodon msest ]>et unseht betweonan God- 
wine eorle •;] J)am cynge. *] Stigand b feng to J^am arSbrice 
on Cantwara byrig'*. ] On pis ilcan tyme forlet Amwi abb of 
Burh abbot rice, be his halre life, j geaf hit Leofric munec 
be pBB cynges leafe ] b[e] J>8Bre munece. ■] se abbot Arnwi lifode JBe ISwr^* 
sytSSon -viii* wintre. ■] se abbot Leofri[c gojdede * ]:>a ^ mynstre ^ 
swa f man hit cleopede }>a Gildene btirh. }7a wsex hit 8wi[t5e] on ^Itjnt i 
land -^ on gold 3 on seolfer. 

1053. Her on ]?isum geare fortSferde Godwine eorl* on xvii 
k Mai. ] he is bebyrged on Winceastre. on Ealdamynstre. ■] 
feng Harold eorl his sunu to t5am eorl dome, j to eallum J>am 

{Ctmtinned on ^, 184.) 

scipe. "j ferde him on an ofer sae. ^ for let his pallium. Da (F) 
cwse^ man mycel ge mot wi^ uton Lundene, 3 on Jiam ge mote 
waeran ^a betstan men fe waeran on ¥ysan lande. Dar bser 
Godwine up his mal, "] be tealde hine wi^ Eadward cing be 
eallum ^m ^ingan 'Se him waes on geled. ;] his beamum. And man 
cwsB^ Rodbert arb ut laga. 3 ealla ¥a [Frencisce]® 'men. forfan hi 
waeran intinga J?are wrse^ ^e was betwyx him ^ ^n cinge. 
And Stigand b feng to ^n arb rice on Cantuarebe/i. 

^ The scribe at first wrote eardum, bat by the same hand. 

^ Altered from Gleacestre. ^ gildede. Oibson, Ingram, 

' The annal originally ended at Thorpe; godede. M.H.B. Earle. 

this point. The remainder is for the ^ Her was Grodwine eorl dead. F. 

most part inserted on the margin, ' Frencisce erased in MS. 

1 84 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

]>e his feeder ahte. j feng iElfgar eorl to Sam eorldom \)e 
Harol[d] ser ahte. 

1054. Bellum apud mare mortuum. Her on J^isum geare 

(C) afeb on Cofantreo feng to ^am bisceoprice. "j ^gelward abbud. on 
GlfiBstingabyrig gefor;] Godwine a15b on Wincelcumbe. 

Eac Wylsce menn geslogan mycelne dsBl Englisces folces ^sera. 
weard manna wi^ Wsest byrig. 

On ¥isson geare nses n^n arcebisceop on Nissan lande, butan 
Stigand 15. heold f bisceoprice on Cantwara byrig on Cristes 
cyrcean. "j Kynsige on Eoforwic. "^ Leofwine. "j Wulfwi foran 
ofer S8B, •] leton hig hadian J)8Br to bisceopuw. se Wulfwi feng 
to ^am biscoprice j)e Ulf hsefde be him libbendum ^ of 

[1054.] Her for Siward eorl mid mycclum here into Scot- 
lande. ^ mycel w8b1 of Scottuw gesloh. "} hig aflymde. ;] se 
cing eBtbserst. Eac feoU mycel on his healfe 8Bg6er ge Densce 
ge Englisce. ^ eac his agen sunn. Dees ylcan geares man 
halgode f mynster on Eofeshamme. on vi Id Octobris. On ^am 
ylcan geare ferde Ealdred bis2p su^. ofer s^ into Sexlande. 
•] wear^ fser mid mycelre arwur^nesse underfangen. py 
ylcan geare swealt Osgod Clapa fseringa swa swa he on his 
reste laBg. 

[1055.] On ])ysam geare for^ferde Siward eorl on Eoforwic, "j 
his lie li^ binnan fam mynstre set Galmanh6. )>e he sylf ^r ge- 
timbrade Gode to lofe. '^ eallum his halgum. Da ^sereefter 
binnan lyttlan f3rrste waBs witenagemSt on Lundene. "j man ge- 
utlagode ))a ^Ifgar eorl. Leofrices sunu eorles butan selcan 
f. 163. gylte. 3 he 'ge'wende ^a to I'rlande. | ^ begeat ' him 'Sser li^, 
f waes .xviii. scipa butan his agenan. "] wendan %a to Brytlande 
to Griffine cinge mid Jam werede. ") he hine underfeng on his 
gri^. 3 hig gegaderadan ^a mycle fyrde mid ^am Yriscan 
mannan. ") mid Walkynne. "^ Rawulf eorl gaderade mycele fyrde 

^ Here comes in another mis- esse, licet verbum illud improuiso 

placed folio, numbered 162. The exprim(eret). F. Lat. 

words : *j begeat begin f. 163. r®. * eolr. MS. 

« Algar. F. •/ added man. sec. Ealgar. F. 

^ wearp uppan. F. ^ Here there is a change of hand 

* ^ he was Jmw gewyrde. F. Et in D. 

Algarns comes exul factus est prop- ' The scribe at first wrote gereres 

terea quod debuit esse delator pa- and onderfanffen, 
tiiss, quod ipse (ante) cognouit ita 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 185 

forSfeide Leo se halga papa on Eome. '^ on ]?isum geare 
wses swa my eel oi*f cwealm. swa man ne gemunde fela wintruw 
ser. J Uictor wses gecoren to papan. 

1055. Her on f>isum geare forSferde Si ward eorl. j j?a bead 
man ealre witena g6 m6t •vii* nihton ivr mid lenctene. *] titlagode 
mann -5Clfgar^ eorl. fort5on him man wearp 6n'. -f he wses 
})es cynges swica. ■] ealra land leoda. ;) he fses geanwyrde wes* 

{(Oontinued on p. 186.) 

Glestingabyrig. ealle binnan anum monJ)e. ^ Leofwine feng to (D) 
);am B rice set Licedfelde. "j Aldret 15 feng to ))am abb rice on 
Wincelcumbe. "j ^gelna^ feng to jjam abb rice on Glestincga 
^y^* 1 fses ylcan geres for^ferde jElfric Oddan broker on 
Deorhyrste. J his lichama rested on Perscore. ^ faes ylcan 
geres for6 ferde Godwine eorl *, ^ him ge yfelode "f ser he mid }:aw 
cynge sset on Wincestre. "j Harold his sunn feng to ))am eorl 
dome fe his feeder ser hsefde. "3 -^IT gar ^ eorl feng to fam eorl- 
dome jje Harold ser hsefde. 

1054. Her ferde Siward eorl* mid miclum here on Scotland. 
aegSer'' ge mid scyphere *] mid landfyrde. "3 feaht wi'S Scottas. 
3 aflymde jjone kyng Macbeo'Sen. "j ofsloh eall -f fser betst waes 
on fam lande. "J Isedde Jjonan micele herehujse. swilce nan man ser 
ne begeat. Ac his sunu Osbam. ^ his sweostor sunu Sihward. 

3 of his hus carlww. | "J eac ))8es cynges. wurdon jjser ofslsegene. f. 76. 
on J)one dseg Septem Dormientium. Dses ilcan geres ^ for Aldred 
b to Colne. ofer sse. f ses kynges serende. "J wear6 Jjser vnderfangen * 
mid mycclan weorSscipe fram ):am casere. "J ):ser he wunode wel 
neh an ger. "3 him geaf seg6er jieneste ge se b on Colone "j se 
casere. *3 he lofode Leofwine be. to halgianne "f mynster set 
Eofeshamme. on .vi. iTb Octtb. "j on ])isan geare swalt Osgod 
fseringa on his bedde. "J her forSferde SfiiS Leo papa. "J Victor 
wses to papa ge coren on his stede. 

1055. On {jisan gere forSferde Syhward eorl on Eoferwic. ^ 
he lige^ set Galmaho on faw mynstre )>e he sylf let timbrian ;) 
halgian on *Godes ^ Olafes naman. ^ Tosti feng to ))an eorl- 
dome. ])e he hsefde. "3 Kynsie arceb fette his pallium set Victore 

3 Jjserseft^ sona man utlagode iElfgar eorl Leofrices sunu 
eorks. forneh butan gylte. Ac he gewende to 'Hirlande. ^ Bryt- 
landc, "3 begeat him fser micel genge, "3 ferde swa to Hereforda. ac 
him com fser togenes Raulf eorl mid mycclan here. 1 mid lytlan 

1 86 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

setforan eallum ]7am mannum }>e J^ser gegaderode wseron. }7eali 
him $ word ofscute his iiim}?aiice8. 

3 se cyng geaf f)one eorldom Tostige Grodwines sirnu eorles. 

(C) agean to Hereford port, "j hi sohtan hi ^r. ac Ser Jjser ware aenig 
spere gescoten, aer fleah ^t Englisce folc. for^n jie hig waeran 
on horsan, ") man sloh ^ser mycel wsel, abutan f eower hund manna, 
o^e fife. "3 hig nsenne agean. ;] hig gewendan ^a to ^am 
porte. 3 ^aet forbsemdan, "J $ msere mynster ^e jEJ)el8tan. se 
arwur^ biscop aer let getimbrian. -f hig beryptan "j bereafo- 
dan set haligdome "] SBt hreaue. "] set eallon ^ingan, ^ -f folc 
slogan, ^ sume onweg leeddan. Da gaderade man fyrde geond 
eall Englaland swy^e neah, ^ hig coman to Gleaweceastre, ^ 
wendan swa tinfeorr tit on Wealas. "] fser lagon sume hwile. "] 
Harald eorl let dician ^a die abutan f port fa hwile. pa on ^m 
J)a spsec man to fri'Se. "j Harald eorl "j ^ ^e mid him waeron 
coman to Bylges lege, "^ ^ser fri^ "j freondscipe heom betweonan 
gefsestnodan ; ^ man geinlagode ]7a iElfgar eorl, ^ man ageaf him 
eall f hiw wses aer ofgenumen, ";) -f scipli^ gewende to Legeceastre, 
") ^r abiden heora males. )?e iSlfgar heom be het. Se mannslyht 
wsBs. on .ix. kt NovB*. On ^m ylcan geare for^ferde Tremerig se 
Wylsca biscop sona aefter ^re hergunge, se waBs ^|ielstane8 
biscopes gespelia sy^^an he unfere waes. 

[1056.] Her gefor iE))elstan se arwur55a b. on .iiii. id* Febrii. 
"3 his lie li^ on Hereford port. "J man sette Leofgar to biscupe, 
se waes Haroldes eorles maesse preost, se werede his kenepas on 
his preosthade o^5^t he waes biscop. Se forlet his crisman 
"j his hrode, his gastlican waepna, "j feng to his spere *] to his 
f. 163. b. sweorde aefter his biscuphade. 3 swa | for to fyrde ongean Griffin 
))one Wyliscan cing, 3 hine man ¥ar ofsloh "J his preostas mid him. 
;] JElfno^ scirgerefa *] manega gode menn mid heom, "3 ^ o^re 
aetflugon. pis waes -viii. nihton aer middan sumera. Earfo^lic 
is to atellanne seo gedrecednes "] seo fare eall ;] seo fyrdung. 
^ f geswinc. ~\ manna fyll "] eac horsa. |je eall Engla here dreah. 
o'J^aet Leofric eorl com wi^, "] Harald eorl "j Ealdred 15, ;] macedan 
seht J: aer betweonan, swa f Griffin swor a^as f he wolde beon Ead- 
warde kinge hold under kingc "J unswicigende. ;] Ealdred b feng 
to 'Sam biscuprice J)e Leofgar haefde aer -xi- wucan. "j -iiii- dagas. 
On ^am ylcan geare gefor Cona se casere. Daes geres gefor Odda 
eorl, ■;) his lie li'S on Perscoran, 3 he waes to munece gehadod aer 
is ende. he gefor on -ii. kt Septb.^ 

{^Continued on p, zgo.) 

THE LAUD MS. (E) i8 


Se Siward eorl ser ahte. ;] ^fgar eorl gesohte Griffines 
gebeald on NorSWealaxi. *] on Ipmiim geare Griffin ^ ^Ifgar 
fodbaerBdon sSe JSSelbiyhtei mynster. ^ ealle }>a burli Here- 

1056. Hie Henricus Bomanomm imperator obiit. cui suc- 
eesdt filing eins Henricus. 

1057. Her on ]?isum geare com -Edward setSeling Ead- f- s^- ^^• 

{CotUiMued on p. i88.) 

gewinne hi on fleam gebrohte. "j micel folc on ))an fleame (D) 
ofsloh. "3 gewendon ]:a into Hereford porte. "j forhergode f, ^ 
forbsemde f msere mynster. fe ^{^elstan % getimbrode. ;] ofsloh 
t^a preostas innan ])an mynstre. 1 manege j^ser to eacan. 'j namon 
]?8erinne ealle ]>a magmas. ^ mid heom aweg Iseddon. And ]>a ))a 
hi hsefdon msest to yfele gedon. man gersedde )?one rsed ^ man 
iSlfgar eorl geinnlagode. "j ageaf him | his eorldom. "j eall f f. 76. b. 
him ofgenumen w8Bs. Deos hergung waes geworden on non' kl 
NouewlS. On Jjam ilcan geare forSferde Tremerin^ se Wylisca B. 
sona sefter J)8Bre hergunge, "j he waes -^j^elstanes B ge spelia si^an 
he unfere waes. 

1056. Her forlet iEgelric bisceop his bisceoprice. set Dunholm. 
3 ferde to Burh to sSe Petres mynstre. 3 his bro'Sor iEgelwine feng 
^rto. "j eac her forS ferde -^¥elstan biscop. on .iiii. Id' Feb.* -^ 
his lie li^ on Hereforda; "J man sette Lefegar to B. se waes 
Haroldes eorles msesse pr^o^f . -^ on his preosthade he haefde his 
nepas o^ -f 'he' B waes. Se forlet his crisman "] his rode. "] his 
gastHcan waepnu. "] feng to his spere 3 to his swurde, ;] swa for 
to ferde ongean Griffin jwne Wyliscan cining. "j he wear6 faer 
ofslagen. ^ his preostes mid him. "3 -^Ifno^ scirgerefa. "] ma- 
nega o^e gode men. pis waes ehtan nihte aer middan sumere. 
■] Ealdred bisceop feng to ¥am B rice. j?e Leofegar haefde xi 
wncan. *] iiii. dagas; Daes geares forS ferde Odda eorl. "J he li^ 
on Perscora. se waes to muneca gehadod. aer his ende. god man 
3 claene. "j swi^e ae^le. J he ge wat on .ii. kl Sept*. And ^ Cona 
se casere forSferde. 

10 j7. Her com Eadward sefeling to Englalande* 

se waes Eadwerdes bro^r sunu kynges 

Eadmund 'cing' ; Iren sid waes ge clypod 

for his snellscipe. 

{JOontinued on p. 188.) 

^ Here half a page is left blank merin, 
in the MS. ^ Seems to have been altered 

* The scribe at first wrote Try- from and. 

1 88 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

mundes sunu»cyDges hider to lande. 3 Bona }>8bs gefor. 3 Ins 
lie is bebyrged innon s2s Paulus mynstre on Lundene. 3 Victor 
papa fortSferde. ^ wses Stephanie gecoren to papan. se wses 
abbot on Monte Cassino. j Leofric eorl fortSferde. "j feng 
iElfgar his sunu to ]mm eorldome ]?e se feeder eer bsefde. 

1058. Her on J>isum geare forWerde Stephanus papa. 3 wses 
Benedictt^A gebalgod to papan. ee ylca ssende Stigande arSb 
pallium hider to lande. 3 on }>isum geare fortSferde Heaca 

(D) pisne SBJjeling Cnut cyng hsefde for send 

on Ungerland to beswicane. 

Ac he \mx ge);eh to godan men, 
swa him God u^e, "] him wel gebyrede. 
swa ^ he begeat ))8es caseres m%a to wife, 
J bi jjsere fsegerne beam team gestrynde, 
seo wses Agathes gehaten. 

Ne wiston we for hwylcan intingan 
$ ge d6n wearS, f he ne moste 
f. 7;. his I mseges Eadwardes cynges geseon. 

W^la $ wses hreowlic si^. "j hearmlic 
eallre j^issere ])eode, 
■f he swa ra^e his lif geendade* 
;8es ]>e he to Engla lande c6m. 
'or ungesselh^e ))is8ere earman ])eode. 

On ))an ilcan gere for6 ferde Leofric eorl. on .ii. kt OfK. se wses 
swi^e wis for Gode. "j eac for worulde. f fremode eallre ))isre 
'Seode. he li^ ajt Cofentreo. "j his sunu iElfgar feng to his rice. 
^ on fam geare forSferde Raulf eorl. on -xii. kt IXJf. ■] 1^6 on 
Burh. Eac ge for Heca b on Su^ Sexum. ;) jEgelric waBS on his 
setl ahafen. ^ her Victoe papa for^ferde. "J Stephanw* wses to 
papa gecoren. 

1058. Her man ytte ut -^Ifgar eorl. ac he c6m sona inn ongean. 
mid strece. jjurh Gryffines fultum. "J her com scyphere of Nor- 

F. M. . . . Her for^ ferde Stephanw* papa. "3 Benedictw« was 
gebletsed Jjarto. se ylca sende Stigande a?b pallium hider to 
lande. "] Heca b for^ ferde. "] Stigand arb hadode ^gelric on 
Xpescirican to b to Su^ Sexum. ;) Siward abb to b to Rof 

^ Here ends MS. F., much worn and efiaced. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 189 

B on SuS Seaxan. j Stigand arcebiscop hadode iEgelric 
mfjmuc ^ set Xpes cyrcean to B to SuS Seaxum. j Siwar^d' abbot 
to biscop to Hrofeceastre. 

1059. Her on J^isum geare wses Nicolaus to papan gecoren. 
EC W8BS biscop eet Florentie J>8ere burh. j wees Benedictt*a 
ut adiifen se wees eer papa. 

1060. Hie Henricus rex Francorom obiit. cui successit 
Phylippus filius eius. On })issum geare forSferde Kynsige 
ar2B on Eoforwic on -xi* kl lailr. j feng Ealdred b }?8erto. 
J Walter feng to p&m b rice on Hereforda. 

1061. Her on J^isum geare forSferde Duduc b on Sumer 
sseton. J feng Gisa to. And on Jjam ilcan geare forSferde 
Godwine b set sCe Martine on •vii* Idus Mi*. And on ]>am 

(Continued 0u/. 19a) 

wegan. hit is langsum to atellanne call hu hit gefaren waes. On (D) 
j)am ilcan gere Ealdred b halgode f mjnater on Gleawcestre Jjc 
he sylf gefor^ode Gode to lofe. J see Petre. J swa ferde to 
Hierusalem. mid swilcan weor^cipe swa nan o¥er ne dyde aet- 
foran him. J hine sylfne Jeer Gode betsehte. J wurSlic lac eac 
geoflProde to ures Drihtenes byrgene. f waes an gylden calic on 
fif marcon. swi^e wundorlices geworces. On ):aw ilcan gere 
forS'ferde' Stefanw« papa. 3 BenedictM« waes to papan geset. se 
sende pallium Stigande be. J -ffigelric waes to be ge haded to 
Su^Sexum. "3 Sihward abb to bpe to Hrofecestre. 

1059. Her on )>isan gere waes Nicolaus gecoren to papan. se 

waes I b aer set Florentia ))aere burh. J Benedictw* waes utadryfen. f. 77. b. 
j)e ))8er waes aer papa. "J on })iBan gere waes se stypel ge halgad aet 
Burh. on .xvi. M NovS. 

1060. On ]>isan gere waes micel eorSdyne. on Translatione 
Bci Martini, j Heinric se cyng for^ferde. on Francrice. J Kynsie 
arceb on Eoferwic gewat on -xi. kt IaIT^: "3 he lige^ on Burh. 3 Eal- 
dred b feng to ))am rice. "3 Waltere feng to ))a»» brice on Here- 
fordscire. 3 Duduc b eac for^ferde. se waes b on Sumer s^tan. 3 man 
sette Gisa preost on his stede. 

1061. Her for Ealdred b to Rome aefter his pallium. 3 he hine 
underfeng aet Jam papan Nicolae. 3 se eorl Tostig. 3 his wif 
eac foron to Rome. "3 'se' bisceop 3 se eorl gebidan mycele 

^ m. MS., the abbreviation for monachu$. 


sylfan geare forSferde Wulfiic abB set see Augustine innon 
J38ere Easter wucan on -xiiii* k Mai. Da com J>am cynge 
word f se abb "Wulfric forfJgefaren wses. J)a geceas he 
iEt^lsige munuc ])8er to of Ealdon mynstre. folgode ]7a Sti- 
gande arcb. '^ wearS gelialgod to abb set Windlesoran. on 
Bcs Augustint«$ msesse dseg. 
f. 57- 1062. Hoc anno BuHuguta est Cynomannia comiti Nor- 
maunisB Willelmo. 

1063. Her for Harold eorl j his broSor" Tostig eorl. aegtSer 
ge mid land fyrde ge mid scip here into Brytlande. j ]?et land 
geeodon. j f folc heom gislodon j to bugon. ;] foron sy?5tSan 
to J offclogon heora cyng Griffin, j brohton Harolde his heafod. 
3 he sette oJ?erne cyng )?8erto. 

1064. Her on J)isuw geare foron NorShymbra togsedere. 
3 ut lagodon heora eorl Tostig. j ofslogon his hiredmenn ealle 
J>a hi mihton tocuman aegSer ge Englisce ge Dsenisce. j 
namon ealle his wepua on Eoferwfc. j gol j seolfor. j ealle 
his sceattas J)e hi mihton ahwar J)8er ge axian. j senden sefter 
]Morkere -^Ifgares sune eorles. '^ gecuron hine heom to eorle. 
J he for sutS mid eallre J>8Bre scire, j mid Snotingham scire, j 
Deorbi scire, j Lincolna scire. otS he com to Hamtune. j his 
brother Eadwine him com togeanes mid }>am manmim IpQ on 
his eorldome waeron. j eac fela Bryttas comon mid him. Dser 
com Harold eorl heom to geanes. j hi laegdon serende on hine 

(C) f. i6o. 1065. ^Her on J)issuw geare foran to hlafmsessan het. Harold 
eorl bytlian on Brytlande set Portascih^ J: a j; a he hyt gegan hsefde. 
J j?ar mycel god ge gaderode. ^ fohte )jone kingc Eadward far to 
habbenne fo[r] huntnoj?es ])ingpa. *3 )?a hyt eall msest gegaderod 
wses. Jja for Cradoc Grif&nes sunu to mid eallum Jjaw fe he begytan 
mihte. ^ $ folc maest eall ofsloh j?e ))ar tinbrode '*. J "f god genam 
)?e Jjar gegaderod waes. J se mann sHht wses on see BarJ^olomeus 
msesse dseig. "3 fa sefter Michaheles msessan foran }a fegna^ 
ealle on Eoferwic scire to Eoferwic. "J Tostiges eorles bus karlas 
far ofslogon ealle fa fe hig geaxian mihton. ^ hys gsersuman 

^ Here there is a change of hand wrote the nnnal 1048 and the latter 
in MS. C. ; but I think the new part of 1047. See also notes on 
hand is the same as that which pp. 180, 186. 

THE LAUD AfS. (E) ' 191 

to J)am cynge Eadwarde. j eac serendracan mid him sendon. 3 

{Continued (m p. 192.) 

earfo^nysse |>a hi hamward foran. 3 her forSferde Godwine 15 (D) 
aBt sCe Martinc. 3 Wulfric abb aet see Agustine. on .iiii. x. kt April 
'] Nicolaus papa for^ ferde. "3 Alexander waes to papan gecoron, se 
wses b set Lucan. 

1063. On Jnssiim geare for Harold eorl. seftcr middan wintre. 
of Gleawe ceastre to Rudelan, \% Griffin'es' wsbs. 3 J^one ^ liam for 
beemde. 3 bis scipa "} alle J>a gewseda \q ])8er to gebyrede, "3 bine on 
fleame gebrobte ; ;] ])a to |;am gong dagan for Harold mid scipmn 
of Brycgstowe abutan Brytland. "3 -f folc grijjede 3 gisledon ; 3 
Tostig for mid land ferde ongean. 3 -f lan'd' ge eodon. Ac ber on 
Nissan ilcan ' geare on berfeste wear)) Griffin kync ofslangen 2. on 
nonas Agusti fram bis agenum mannum, J)urb $ gewin J)e be won 
wij) Harold | eorl ; se waes kyning ofer eall Weal cyn. 3 man f. 78. 
brobte bis eafod - to Harolde eorle, 3 Harold bit Jjam kynge brobte, 
3 bis scipes beafod, "3 fa bone Jjer mid ; 3 se kyng Eadward betsebtc 
f land bis twam gebroj>ran. Blejjgente 3 Rigwa'tlan, "3 big ajras 
sworon 3 gislas saldan fsBm cynge "3 Jjaem eorle, "f 'b'eo bim on 
allum j?ingum unswicende beon woldon, 3 eig bwar bim gearwe on 
waetere 3 on lande. "3 swylc of J^am lande geldestan swylc man dyde 
to foran ser oj^rum kynge. 

1085. Her on ])issum geare. foran to blafmsessan b^t Harold 
eorl bytlian on Brytlande set Porta scib^. J;a J)a 'be' bit gegSn 
befde *, 3 Jjser mycel g6d to gegaderode. 3 fobte )?onne cyng Ead- 
ward Jjser to babbane for bunto^s fingon. Ac fa bit eall wses 
gearo. fa for Cradoc to Gryffines sunu mid eallon Jam genge fe be 
begeotan mibte. "3 $ folc eall msest ofslob fe fser timbrode. 3 "f god 
fe fser gegearcod wses namon. Ne wisten we bwa fone unrsed 
serest gersedde. pis wses gedon on sCe Bartbolomeus msesse dseg. 
And sona sefler fisan. ge gaderedon Ja fegenas bi ealle on Eoforwic 
scire "3 on Nor% bymbra lande togsedere. "3 geutlagedan beora eorl 
Tosti. "3 ofslogon bis biredmenn ealle fe big mibten tocumen 
segfser ge Englisce ge Denisce. 3 naman ealle bis wsepna on 
Eaforwic. "3 gold. 3 seolfer. "3 ealle bis sceattas. fe big mibton 
abwaer fser geacsian. 3 sendon sefter Morkere -Sllfgares sunu 
eorles "3 gecuron bine beom to eorle. "3 be for su^ mid ealre 
J)<fire scire. "3 mid | Snotingbamscire. 3 Deorbyscire. 3 Lincolna- f. 78. b. 

' Sic MS. ^ The scribe at first wrote ]>onne, illcan, 

^ Altered man. sec. into hasfde. 

192 THE LAUD MS. (E) 


eorle. j so 
to HamtunV. 

L.D.1064.) bsedon -p hi most on habban Morkere heom 

cyng f>8es ge uSe. ^ sende eft Harolde heom [to 
on see Simones ^ ludan msBsse sefen. j kydde heof/i f ilce. 3 
lieom }5et on hand sealdon. j he niwade })8Br Cnutes lagc. 
J )5a norSerne men dydan mycelne hearme abutan Hamtune. 
)ja hwile j?e he for on heora serende. eegSer f hi ofslogon men. ;j 
bsBrndon hus and cornn. j namon eall f)et orf J?e hi mill ton 
tocuman. f wses fela ]>usend, j fela hund manna hi namon. 
J leeddon norS mid heom. swa f)et seo scyre j J>a oSra scyre 
J>e Jjser neh sindon. wurdon fela wintra J)e wyrsan. ^ Tostig 

C. 1C65.) namon. J Tostig wses })a set Brytfordan mid ))am kinge. "3 
fa wel ra^ j?ar sefter wses mycel gemot set Nor^ hamtune. "^ swa 
on Oxenaforda on Jjon daeig Simonis J lude. J wses Harold 
eorl })ar. j wolde heora seht wyrcan gif he mihte. ac he na mihte. 
ac eall hys eorldom hyne anrsedlice for soc. "j ge utlagode. ^ ealle 
j)a mid hym })e unlage rserdon. for j)am fe [he] rypte God serost. ;j 
ealle )?a bestrypte j?e he ofer mihte set life J set lande. ;) big 
namon heom fa Morkere to eorle. ;) Tostig for fa ofer s^ ^ 
hys wif mid hiw to Baldwines lande. "j winter setl namon set see 
Audomare. And Eadward kingc cow to Westmynstre to fai// 
middanwintre, "j "f mynster far l^t halgian f e he sylf getimbrode, 
Gode to lofe J sCe Petre. "j ealluw Godes halgum. "] seo cire 
halgung wses on Cilda msesse dseig. "j he for^ferde on twelftan 
sefen. J hyne man bebyrigde on twelftan daeig on f am ylcan 
mynstre. swa hyt her sefter seig^. 
f- 160. b. Her Eadward kingc* Engla hlaford* 

sende soffses[te'] sawle to Criste* 

on Godes wsera* gast haligne* 

He on worulda her* wunode frage* 

on kynefrymme* crseftig rseda. 

xxiiii. freolic wealdend. 

wintra gerimes* weolm brytnodo'n'* 
^ healfe tld* hsele^a wealdend* 

weold wel gefungen* Walum ";j Scottum* 

J Bryttuw eac* byre -ffi^lredes* 

Engluw ■] Sexum* oretmsegcum* 
Swa ymb clyppa^* ceald brymmas* 

$ eall Eadwarde* senium kinge* 

hyrdon holdlice* hagestealde menn. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 193 

edrl. and his wif j ealle J?a )>e woldon -p he wolde. foron suS (A.D.1065). 

scire, o^ he com to Hamtyne. "] his broj?or Eadwine him com (J), 1065.) 
togeanes mid ])am mannum })e on his eorldome weron. ") eac 
fela Brettas comon mid him. per com Harold eorl heom togeanes. 
;) hig IsBgdon serende on hine to ))am cyninge Eadwarde. J 
eac asrendracan mid him sendon. ^ b^don ^ hi moston habban 
Morkere heom to eorle. "j se cyning J)8e8 geu^se. "j sende aefter 
Harald^e' heom to to Hamtune. on sSe Symones "] luda msesse 
8Bfen. 3 ky^e heom *f ilce. J heom $ ahand sealde. 3 he nywade 
jwr Cnutes lage. '^ J)a Ry^renan dydan mycelne hearm abutan 
Hamtnne ))a hwile fe he f6r heora aerende. 8eg})8er ^ hi ofslogon 
menn. j bsemdon bus. "j corn. -3 namon eall })8et orf fe hig mihton 
to cuman, \dsti wses ^ feola ])usend. J fela bund manna hi naman. '3 
Iseddan nor% mid heom. swa ^ seo scir. J ];a o%ra scira )78e %aer neah 
sindon wurdan fela wintra ^e wyrsan. j Tostig eorL J his wif. "] 
ealle ))a ^ woldon fset he wolde faran su^ ofer s^ ^ mid him. 
to Baldwine eorle. "3 he hi ealle underfengc. "j hig wseron^ ealne 
Jjone winter faer. "3 Eadward cyng com to West mynstre to j?am 
middan wintre. "j })et mynster J)8Br let halgian. J)e he silf getim- 
brode. Gode to lofe "3 sSe Petre. "] eallum Godes halgum. 3 seo 
cyric halgung wses on Cilda maessae deig. 3 he f or^ ferde on twelftan 
aefen. "3 hine man bebyrigde on twelftan daeg on fam illcan 
minstre /. swa hit her aefter saeg^. 

Her Eadward cing, Englene hlaford, 

sende so^feste saule to Kriste , 

on Godes wera gast haligne; 

He on weorolda her wunodaB ]>ragaB 

on I kine J)rymme* creftig rseda. f. 79. 

xxiiii. freolic wealdand 

wintra rimes weolan britnode. 
"3 he haelo'tid^ h^le'Sa^ wealdend, 

weold, wel ge^ungaen^, Walum. 3 Scottum 

"3 Bryttum eac, byre iE^elredes, 

Englum 3 SaBxum oret * msegcum ; 
Swa ymb cly 'p'paj> cealda brymmas , 

^ call Eadwardae, ae|7elum kinge, 

hyrdan hol'delice , hagestalde menn. 

^ In all these cases the first scribe ' hcelo is- written on an erasure, 

wrote Cy which has been altered into ^ -gan. Manas prima. 

(P by a later hand. ^ orec. MS. 



>f. 31. b. 1066^. Her forSferde Eadunard king. ;] Harold eorl 
feng to iSam rice. 3 heold hit -xl* wucena. j senne daeg. ;j 

— — — — ^ ' 

/Q\ Wses ^ bli^e mod* bealuleas kyng* 

])eah he lang ^r* lande bereafod' 

wunode wrsBclastum* wide geond eor^n* 

sy^an Cnnt ofercom* kynn ^^bedes' 

■3 Dena weoldon* deore rice* 

Englalandes' xxviii* 

wintia gerimes- welan brynodan \ 
Sy^S'San for^ bec6m' freoHce in geatwum* 

kyningc kystum god* clsene J milde* 

Eadward se ae'JSela* e^el bewerode' 

land "3 leode. 0^ $ lunger becom* 

dea% se bitera* and swa deore genam* 

se])elne of eor^n* englas feredon* 

soj^fseste sawle* innan swegles leoht. , 
;j se froda swa J)eah' befteste ^ rice' 

heah Jmngenum menn* Harolde sylfum* 

ae])eln9n eorle* se in ealle tld* 

hyrde holdlice* hsBrran sinum* 

wordum J dcednm' wihte ne ag»lde' 

j>8B8 ))e }>earf wses* ))8e8 j>eod kyninges. 
";j her wear^ Harold eac to kynge gehalgod. "3 he lytle stillnesse ))ar 
on gebad. })a hwile ))e he rices weold. 

[1066.] [0]n ))isuw geare com Harold kyng of Eoforwic to West- 
mynstre to \2um Eastran ]>e wseron sBft^r }>am middan wintran 
J)e se kyng for^ferde. "3 [wsBron] }>a Eastran on )>one dseig. -xvi. 
kT Mai. pa wearS geond eall Englaland swylc tacen on heo- 
fenum ge sewen swylce nan mann ^r ne geseh. Sume menn cwsedon 
f. 162. -f hyt cometa | se steorra wsere, ))one sume menn hata% )K)ne 
fexedon steorran. 3 he seteowde serest on ]>one sefen Letania 
Maiora.^ J ys .viii. kt Mai. "3 Swa scean ealle ))a .vii. niht. "3 
Sona ))ar seft^r com Tostig eorl fram begeondan s^ into Wiht 
mid swa miclum li^ swa he begytan mihte. "3 him man geald 
far seigSer ge feoh ge metsunge. "3 for ))a j?ano[n]. "3 hearmas 
dyde aegwar be ))am sseriman jiar he to mihte o^ f he be com 
to Sandwic. Da cydde man Harolde kynge. ))e on Lundene 
W8BS. f Tostig his bro^r wses cumen to Sandwic. fa 'ge'gado- 
rade he swa mycele scipfyrde J eac landfyrde swa nan cingc 

' f. 31. yo. begins with the year 1055. ' Sic MS. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 195 

ofer 886 I mid him to Baldewine eorle. "3 lie hig ealle under feng. f. 57. b. 
J hi wfieron ealne J>one winter J>8er. 

1066. On ]?is8um geare man halgode J)et mynster aet West 
mynster on Cilda msesse deeg. j se cyng Eadward fortSferde 

W»8 & bli^ mod bealeleas king, (D) 

\iSh. he langa £r, landes bereafod' 

wonoda wreclastmn wide geond eor%an, 

seo^'Jjan Enut ofer com cynn -ffi^lredes, 

■3 Deona weoldon deorerice 

Engla landes .xxviii* 

wintra gerimes' weolan brytnodon. 

Si^an for^ bec6m, freolic in geatwum, 

kinige * cystmn g6d , clsene • *] milde* 

Eadward se se^le e^l bewarede, 

land 3 leodan. o^S^t lunger be com 

dea% se bytera , ^ swa deore genam 

SB^elne of eoi^n ; englas feredon 

80%feste sawle inne swegles leoht* 
J se froda swa ^ah bef^este ]>8Bt rice 

heah ¥ung'e'na menn, Harolde sylfum, 

sB^elum eorle ; se in ealne tid 

herdsB hol'delice herran s^num 

wordum ^ d<edum* wihte ne agdSlde* 

)7»s )>e "Scarfe wses %8es ])eodkyngces. 
3 her wearS Harold eorl eac to cynge gehalgod, j he lytle stilnesse 
|>8Br on gebad. )>a hwile )>e 4ie rices weold. 

1066. On J)issum geare com Harold cyng of Eoferwic to West- 
mynstre. to )>am Eastran ])e wseron sefter )7am middan wintre 
J)e se cyng for^ferde. J wseron ))a Eastran on })one dseg -xvi. M 
Mai. pa wearS geond eall Engla land swylc tacen on heofenum 
gesewen swilce ^ nan man ^r ne ge seah. Sume men cwedon. ^ 
hit cometa se steorra wsere. ]>one sume men | hata% )>one fsexe- f. 79* b* 
don steorran. J he SBteowde serest on {^one sefen Letania Maior. 
.viii. M Mai. "j Swa scan ealle ]>a seofon niht. "] Sona ])er sefter 
com Tostig eorl In fram begeonde s^ into Wiht. mid swa mic- 
lum li^ swa %e' begitan mihte. J him man geald j^ser aegjjser 
ge feoh' ge metsunge. And Harold cyng his broj?or gegsedrade 
swa micelne sciphere. J eac land here, swa nan cyng her on 

^ Sic MS. ' altered into swtflce, ' The scribe at first wrote weoi, 

O % 


(a.d. 1066.) her com Willelm "j gewann ^nglaland. ^ her on iSison 

geare bam Xpes cyrc^. ^ her atiwede cometa xiiii Id Mat. 1070 


(C. 1066.) aer her on lande ne ge gaderade. for ^aw })e him wses toso^n 
gessed. -f Willelm eorll fram Normandige Eadwardes cingces 
mseg wolde hider cuman "j })is land gegan eall swa hit sy^^an 
^ eode. pa Tostig "f ge axode $ Harold cing wsbs toward Sand- 
wic. ))a for he of Sandwic. J nam of {»am butsekarlon. Sume 
mid him. Sume jjances. Sume un))ance8. ^ gewende ))a nor^ into 
[Humbran]\ "J })8er hergode on Lindesege. "J ))8er manegei' gode 
men ofsloh. pa Eadwine eorl. "J Morkere eorl $ under geaton. 
J)a coman hi )>yder. J hine of fsem lande adrifon. "J he for ^a to 
Scot lande. "] Scotta cynning hine gri^de. J him to metsunge 
fylste. "] })8er ealne sumor wunode. Da com Harold ciningc to 
Sandwic, ^ ]>aer his li^s abad. for ])am ])e hit wses lang ser hit 
man gegaderian mihte. "j })a his li^ gegaderad wses. }>a for he 
into Wiht. ;) ))aer Iseg ealne J)one sumor. J J>one haerfest. "3 man 
hsefde landfyrde seghwar be s^, )>eh hit set )>am ende naht ne 
forstode.** Da hit wses to Nafciuitas sSse Marise. )>a wses manna 
metsung ag^n. *] hig nan man ])ar na leng gehealdan ne mihte. 
Da lyfde man mannum ham. "] se cyngc rad up. 3 man draf ))a 
scypu to Lunde[ne]. ■] manega forwurdon ser hi }>yder comon. 
pa ^a scypu ham coman, Jja com Harold cyning of Norwegan 
nor^ into Ttnan. on unwaran. mid swy^ miclum sciphere. 3 
n^ lytlan. -f mihte beon [mid ^eom hund scypuni] 'o^SrSe ma. 
f. 162. b. "3 I Tostig eorl him com to mid eallum J)am j)e he begiten hsefde 
eall swa hy ser gesprecen hsefdon. ^ foran ]>a begen mid eallum 
^m li^ andlang Usa[n] up to Eofer wic ward *. Da cydde man 
Harolde cynge be su^an j)a h[e] of scipe cumen wses. f Harold cyng 
on Norwegan. J Tostig eorl wseron up cumene neh Eofer wic. pa 
for he norSweard dseges "] nihtes swa hra%e swa he his fyrde 
ge gaderian mihte. pa ser Jjam ))e se cynning Harold ))yder cu- 
man mihte. })a gegaderode Eadwine eorl. "] Morkere eorll of 
heora eorl dome swa mycel werod swa hi begitan mihton. "J wi^ 
)7one here ge fuhton. J mycel wael ge slogon. j j)ser wses ))8es 
Engliscan folces mycel ofslagen. "] adrenct. "3 on fleam be drifen. 
"3 Norme'i'n ahton wsel stowe ge wald. "3 j)is gefeeht wses on 
viGiLiA MATHEi aAi. J WSBS Woducs dseg. J ))a seffc^r y&m gefeohte 

{Continued on ^, Z97.) 

^ At this point there is a change ' Sic MS. 

of hand in'R, * Here there seems to be a change 

^ A space left in the MS. of hand in C. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 197 

on twelfta msesse cefen. ^ hine mann be byrgede on twelffcan (a.d. 1066.) 

msesse dseg. innan J^sere niwan halgodre circean on Westmynstre. 

J Harold eorl feng to Engla landes cyne rice, swa swa se cyng 

bit bim ge ntSe. ^ eac men bine ]78er to gecuron. ^ wses gebletsod 

to cynge on twelftan msesse dceg. j f)y ilcan geare J)e be cjmg 

w»s. be for tit mid scip bere to geanes Wille/me. 3 j?4 bwile com 

Tostig eorl into Humbran mid Jx* scipum. Eadwine eorl com 

[mid] land fyrde. ^ draf bine tit. ^ J>a butee carlas bine for socan. 

J be for to Scotlande mid -xii* snaccum. j bine ge mette Harold 

se Norrena cyng mid -ccc- scipum. ^ Tostig bim tobeab. j 

bi bsegen foran into Humbran. otS ]7et bi coman to Eoferwic. 

3 beom wiS feabt Morkere eorl. ^ Eadwine eorl. j se Norrena 

cyng abte siges ge weald, j man cydde Harolde cyng bu bit 

wses }>SBr ged5n -j geworden. -j be com mid mycclum bere 

{(Continued on p. 198.) 

lande aer ne dyde. for ))am j)e bim wses gecy^ })aet Wyllelm A). 1066.) 
bastard wolde bider "3 ^is land ge winnen. eall swa bit sy'S'San 
aeode. "j j^a wile com Tostig eorl into Humbran mid sixtigmn 
scipum. "3 Eadwine eorl com mid lanferde ^ J adraf bine tit. j 
J>a butsa carlas bine forsocan. j be for to Scotlande. mid -xii. 
snaccum. "j bine gemette {»ser Harold cyng of Norwegon mid 
)7reom bund scypiim. *] Tostig bim tobeab, j his man wear^. "3 
hi foron {»a begen * into Humbran. 0^ "f hi comon to Eoforwic. "] 
beom )>8er wi^ fubton. Eadwine eorl. j Morkere eorl his broker, 
ac j)a Normen abton sige. Man cySde j>a Harolde Engla cynge 
$ ))is wses ))us gefaren. "3 }>is gefeoht wses on Vigilia s2i Mathei. 
Da com Harold ure cyng on unwsBr on ^a Normenn. J bytte hi 
begeondan Eoforwic. set Stemford brygge '. mid micclan here 

for Harold cyningc of Norwegan 3 Tostig eorl into Eoferwic /Q. 1066.) 
mid swa miclum folce swa beom fa gej)ubte. "3 hi mon gislade 
of ))8Bre burh. J eac to metsunge fylste. "3 swa J>anon to scipe 
foran 3 to fullan fri^ ge sprsecon. -f big ealle mid him su^ 
faran woldon. "3 \v& land gegan y D^ Smang j>issan com Harald 
Engla cyningc mid ealre his fyrde on ^one Sunnan dseg to 
l^a. "3 }>ser his li^ fylcade. J for j)a on Monandaeg })urhut 
Eoferwic. "3 Harold cyningc of Norwegan. ^ Tostig eorl 3 heora 

{Continued on p. 198.) 

^ Sic MS.. hand in D about this point. 

' There is possibly a change of ^ Or Steinford. 

198 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(Aj).io66.) Engliscra manna. 3 gemette hine set Staeng fordes brycge. 3 
hine ofsloh. j }>one eorl Tostig. j eallne ]x)ne here ahtlice 
ofercom. j f>a hwile com Wille/m eorl Ipp eet Hestingan on 
sde Michaeles msesdedseg. j Harold com nor'San 3 him witS 
feaht eir ]7an ]7e his here come eall. j ]78Br he feoll. j his 
twsBgen gebrotSra GyrtS j Leofwine. j Willelm jjis land ge code. 
^ com to Westmynstre. j Ealdred arceB hine to cynge 
ge halgode. j menn guidon him gyld. j gislas sealdon. j sytSSan 
heora land bohtan. 
Zeo/Hc* ^ Da wbbs Leofric abbot of Burh set -f ilea feord. j Eseclode 
jjser ^ com ham. ^ wses dsed sone Jjcersefber on selre halgan 

f- 5S> msBsse niht. God | are his saule. On his dseg wsbs ealle 
blisse J ealle gode on Burh. j he wsbs leaf eall folc. swa 
■f se cyng geaf s8e Peter ^ him f abbotrice on Byrtune. j se 
of Couentre -f se eorl Leofric )5e wsbs his eam ser heafde macod. 
J se of Crulande. j se of pomeie. j he dyde swa mycel to gode 

J);;Jp» into f mynstre of Burh on golde j on seolfre ^ on scnid j on 
lande. swa nefre nan oSre ne dyde toforen him ne nan sefter 

(C. 1066.) ff^^y^^® wseron afaren of scipe begeondan Eoferwic to Stanford 
brycge. for j)am ))e him wseron behaten to ge wissan -f him man 
))8er of ealre })8Bre scire ongean hy gislas bringan wolde. Da 
com Harold Engla cyning heom ongean on imwaran. begeon- 
dan }>8Bre brycge. "j hi \dsr togsedere fengon. j sw^JSe heardlice 
lange on dseg feohtende wseron. "3 ))8er wses Harold cyning of 
Norwegan "j Tostig eorl ofslagen, "j ungerim folces mid heom. 
f. 164. SBgJSer ge Normana ge Englisca. J |>a Normen | flugon )>a j^w^ 
Zisca. Da «?es ^er an of Norwegan ^e wvtstod yet Englisce folc, 
-^ pet hi ne micte, )>« hrigge oferstigan, ne ^sige gerechen. Da seite 

an Englisce mid anre flane ^ ac hit nactes ne undstod, cend pa com. 
an o^r under ^ere hrigge, end hine purustang en under fere 
hrunie. ^a com Harold Engla chinge ofer \ere hrigge "3 hya furde 
for^ mid hine^ "J }^ere michel wel geslogon. ge Noruma ge Flceming, 
■3 ^ cyninges sunu ^ Hetmundus let Harold faran ham to Norweie 
mid alle ^ sctpe '. 

^ Partly erased. later English, and it ia printed in 

' End of MS. C. The last para- italics to shevir distinct, 
graph, banning with f. 164, is in 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 199 

him. pa wearS gildene burh to wrecce burh. Da cusen ]>a (aj>. 1066 
manecas to abbot Brand prouost. forSan ^ he w8bs switSe god 
man "^ switSe wis. j senden him ]^ to iEdgar . seSeling. for San 
]>et ]7e land folc wendon ^ he sceolde cyng wurSen. "3 se SBSeling 
hit him geatte ]7a blij^olice :f pa ]7e cyng Willelm ge herde ;^ 
secgen. ]>a wearS he swiSe wratS. "^ ssede f se abbot him heafde 
forsegon. pa eodon gode men heom betwenen j sahtloden 
heom fortSan ^ se abbot wses goddera manne. G«af ]>a ]>one 
cyng 'xl- marc goldes to sahtnysse. j ]>a lifede ^he' litle hwile 
}>8er 9lher buton ]7ry gear. Byt^n comen ealle drseuednysse "3 
ealle ifele t9 Jx)ne mynstre. God hit gemyltse. 

{jContinued on p. 200.) 

Englisces folces. "3 j>»r wear^ on dseg swi^e stranglic ge feoht (D. 1066.; 
on b^ halfe. par wear^ ofslsBgen Harold H&rfagera. j Tosti 
eorl. "3 |)a Normen J)e )>8Br to lafe waeron wurdon on fleame. "3 
)>a Engliscan hi hindan hetelice slogon. 0% "^ hig sume to scype 
coman. sume adruncen. | "3 sume eac forbsemde. J swa mislice f. 80. 
forfarene. $ Jwr wsbs lyt to lafe. "3 Engle ahton weelstowe ge- 
weald. Se kyng J>a geaf gry^ Olafe )>8bs Noma cynges suna. "3 
heora bpe. ^ ))an eorle of Orcanege. "3 eallon ))an })e on |)am 
scypum to lafe waeron. j hi foron ^ upp to uran kyninge 
3 sworon H^Sas. $ hi aefre woldon fry^ "3 freondscype into J)iBan 
lande haldan. J se cyng hi let ham faran^ mid .xziiii* scypum. pas 
twa folcgefeoht weeron gefremmede binnan fif nihtan. 

Da com Wyllelm eorl of Normand^e into Pefnesea on sSe 
Michaeles msesse £fen. ^ sona )>ees hi fere wesron, worhton castel 
aet HsBstinga port, pis wear^ fa Harolde cynge gecydd. 3 he 
gaderade ])a mycelne here. ^ com him to genes set )>8ere haran 
apuldran. J Wyllelm him com ongean on unwaer aer his'* folc 
gefylced waere. Ac se kyng ))eah him swi^ heardlice wi^feaht 
mid ])am mannum ])e him gelsestan woldon. ^ )>8er weai% micel 
wael geslaegen on aeg^re healfe. Daer wear% ofslaegen Harold 
kyng. "3 Leofwine eorl his bro^r. "3 GyrS eorl his bro^or. "3 fela 
godra manna. "3 }>a Frencyscan ahton waelstowe geweald. eall 
swa heom God u%e for folces synnon. Aldred arceb j seo burh 
warn on Lundene. woldon habban )>a Eadgar cild to kynge, eall 
swa him wel ge cynde waes ; j Eadwine. "3 Morkere. him beheton 
f hi mid him feohtan woldon. ac swa hit aefre forSUcor beon 

{Cpntinued on p. 200.) 
^ fafan. MS. ' Altered from }^i8. 

200 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

1067. Her for se cyng ofer see. ^ hsefde mid him gislas ^ 

sceattas. ^ com })8es otSres geares on see Nicolaes msessedseg. 

co*fttwti0 *j J)8Bs dseges fOTbeam Xpes cyrce on Cantwara byrig. j he 

Cantttat' geaf selces mannes land ]7a he ongean com. ;} J^ses sumeres 

(D. 1066.) sceolde. swa wear^ hit fram dasge to dsege Isetre *3 "wyrre. eall 
f. 80. b. swa hit | set ))aw ende eall geferde. Dis gefeoht wsbs ge d6n 
on ))one dseg Calesti pape. "j Wyllelm eorl for eft ongean to 
HsBstingan. j ge anbidode {^ser hwse^r man him to bugan wolde. 
ac ])a he ongeat ^ man him to cuman nolde. he f6r upp mid 
eallon his here ))e him to lafe wsbs, J him sy^SfSan fram ofer s^ 
c6m. J hergade ealne fone ende j)e he oferferde. o^ -p he com 
to Beorh ham stede. ^ Jjser him com ongean. Ealdred arceb. "] 
Eadgar cild. ^ Eadwine eorl. "3 Morkere eorl. j ealle }>a betstan 
men of Lundene. J bugon ))a for neode, ]>a msest wses to hearme 
gedon. J "p wees micel unreed ^ man seror swa ne dyde. }>a hit 
God betan nolde for nrum synnum. J gysledan ^ sworon him 
a^as. "3 he heom behet $ he wolde heom hold hlaford beon. ;j 
])eah onmang ]>i8an hi hergedan eall ^ hi oferforon. Da on 
midwintres dseg hine halgode to kynge Ealdred arceb on West 
mynstre. J he sealde him on hand mid Xpes bee. "] eac sw6r. 
ser ))an })e he wolde }>a corona him on heafode settan, ^ he 
wolde })isne )>eodscype swa wel haldan. swa eenig kyngc set 
foran him betst dyde, gif hi him holde beon woldon. Swa 
j)eah leide gyld on mannum swi¥e sti^. *] f6r fa on J^am leng- 
tene ofer s^ to Normandfge. "J nam mid him Stigand arceb. "] 
^gelna^ abb on Gtbr [Glcestingahiri]^, *3 Eadgar cild. ^ Ead- 
wine eorl. "3 Morkere eorl. "3 W8elj)eof eorl. "j manege o^re gode 
men of Englalande. "3 Oda b "3 WylleLm eorl belifen her 
sefter. "3 worhton castelas wide geond ))as' })eode. "3 earm 
folc swencte. "3 a syS^n hit yflade swi^. Wur^ ^god'^ se 
ende* }>onne God wylle. 
f. 81. 1067. Her com se kyng eft ongean to Englalande on sSe 
Nicolaes msessedsege. ^ ))8BS dseges forbam Cristes cyrce on 
Cantware byri. "3 Wulfwi fe for^ferde 3 is bebyrged set his b 
stole on Dorkacestre. J Eadric cild "3 }>a Bryttas wurdon un- 
sehte J wunnon heom wi^ Jja castelmenn on Hereforda. ^ fela 
hearmas heom dydon. j her se kyng sette micel gyld on earm 

* Interlined, perhaps by a later band. 
^ Altered f^m >a. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 201 

for Eadgar cild ^t. j Mserle swegen. "] fela manna mid heom. 
3 foran to Scotland e. j se cyng Melcolm hi ealle nnder feng. 3 
genavra ]7es cildes swuster to wife Margaretan. 

iPontinued on p. 202.) 

folc. "3 J)eah hwae^re . let sefrV hergian eall -f hi oferforon. (D. 1067.) 
An'd' j)a he ferde to Defena 'scire', J besaet j)a burh Exancester 
•xviii. dagas. "j j)8er wear^ micel his heres forfaren. ac he heom 
wel behet. J yfele gelseste. "3 hig him fa burh ageafon for fan fa 
fegenas heom geswicon hsefdon. 

And fses smneres Eadgar cild for tit. mid his modor 'Agatha'^ 
3 his twam sweostran. Margareta. 3 Xptna. 3 Mserla swegen. 
3 fela godra manna mid heom. ^ comon to Scotlande on 
Malcholomes cyninges gry^. "3 he hi ealle underfeng. Da be- 
gann 'se cyngc 'Malcholomf gyman his sweostor him to wife 
Margaretan. ac he. "} his menn ealle lange wi^ewsedon. "j eac 
heo sylf wi^ soc. 

•3 cw8e« f heo hine ne nanne habban wolde . 

gyf hire seo uplice arfsestnys ge unnan wolde . 

•f heo on msBg^hade mihtigan drihtne. 


mid lichoman heortan . on fisan life sceortan . 

on clsenre forhsef e'dnysse cweman mihte. 
Se kyng befealh georne hire bre^r o^ f he cwae^ i§, wi^. ^ 
eac he elles ne dorste. forfan fe hi on his anwald becumene 
waeron. Hit wearS fa swa geworden swa God fore sceawode on 
^r. "3 elles hit | beon ne mihte. eall swa He sylf on His god- f. 81. b. 
spelle s8Bi^. f fur^n an spearwa on gryn ne mseg be feallan foru- 
tan his foresceawunge. Se forewitola Scyppend wiste on ser hwaet 
he of hyre gedon habban wolde. forfan fe heo sceolde on fan 
lande Godes lof ge eacnian ^ "3 fone kyng gerihtan of f am dwe- 
liandan pse^. "3 gebegean hine to beteran wege 3 his leode 
samod. "3 alegcean fa unfeawas fe seo feod ser be code eallswa 
heo sy^an dyde. Se kyng hi fa underfeng feah hit hire un- 
fances wsere. 3 him gelicade hire feawas 3 fancode Gode fe 
him swylce gemsBccean mihtiglice forgeaf. "3 wislice hine be- 
fohte swa he full witter wses. 3 awende hine sylfne to Gode. 3 
aelce unsiuemysse oferhogode. Be fam se apostol Paulus ealra 
f eoda lareow cwae^. Saluabitur uir infidelis per mulierem fidelem. 

{jCantiHued onp, 202.) 

^ Interlined, perhaps by a later hand. 
^ Over eaciiian ia written ycean. 

202 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

1068. Her on ]>issum geare WilWm cyng geaf Ec 
eVrle J>one eorldom on NorS hymbra land. Da cor 
landesmenn togeanes him. "^ hine ofslogon. 3 -ix* hunc 
mid him. And Eadgar setSeling com ]?a mid ealliim Ni 
f. 58. b. bram to Eofer wlc. "] J>a port men wiS hine | gritSedo 
cyng WilleZm com suSan mid eallan his fyrde. 3 
forhergode. j fela hund manna of sloh. ^ se seSelin 
to Scotlande. 
i>e3Sntgo. 1069. Her man wraegde J>one biscop JEgelric or 
sende hine to West mjoistre. j It lagode his broSer 
B. Pa betwyx J^am twam sSa Marian massan. cod 
of Dsen marcun^ mid -ccc- ^scipum. f wseron Swsef 

(D. 1067.) ^^^ ^^ mulier infidelis per uirum fidelem. et rt. f is ' 

l^eode. ful oft se unge leaflFulla wer bi^ geha^ad. J genseied 
j)urh "f rihtwise^ wif. "] swa gelice ^ wif j)urh geleaffulne wer. 
Decs foresprecene ewen seo^an on j)am lande manege nyt 
wyr¥e daeda gefremede Gode to lofe. "j eac on j?a kynewisan 
wel ge ))eh eallswa hire ge c^nde waes. Of geleaf fuUan ^ se^el- 
an cynne heo wses aspningon. hire fseder waes Eadward 
se})eling Eadmundes sunu kynges. Eadmund ^]>elreding. ^])el- 
red. Eadgaring. Eadgar. Eadreding. J swa forS on -f cynecynn. 
■;) hire modor cynn gse^ to Heinrice casere J)e hsefde anwald ofer 

■3 her ferde Gy&i tit Haroldes modor. J manegra godra manna 
f. 82. wif mid hyre into | Bradan Beolice. J )>8er wunode sume hwile. 
"3 swa for })anon ofer see to sCe Audomare. 

On ))isan Eastron com se kyng to Wincestre. "j }>a wseron 
Eastra on .x. kt Aprl. J sona seffc^r ))am com Mathild seo * 
hlsefdie hider to lande. J Ealdred arce15 hig gehalgode to 
cwene on Westmynstre on Hwitan Sunnan dsBg. ))a kySde man 
J>an kyninge f $ folc be norSan haefdon heom gegaderad togsB- 
dere J woldon him ongean standan gif he come, he for ))a to 
Snotingaham "] worhte )?8er castel. J for swa to Eoferwic "3 
j)8er worhte twegen casteias. 3 on Lincolna. j gehwar on J)an 
ende. 3 Gospatric eorl "j ))a betstan menn foron into Scot- 

* A stroke over -«n. fulle. 

' hund written, and then erased. ^ Altered from «e. 

3 Over rihtwise is written leaf- 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 203 

cynges. j his broSer Osbeam eorl. ^ )>a ferde se eorl WalSeaf 

ut. J com he j Eadgar se'Seling. 3 fela hund manna mid heom. 

;j ge metton ]?et liS innan Humbran. ^ ferdon to Eofer wic. 3 

upp eodan j ]7a castelas gewunnan. ;) of slogon fela hund manna. 

3 to scipe l8eddo]\ sceattas fela. ^ ]>a heafod men hsefdon on 

beandon. j lagon betwyx Vsan j Trentan ealne jjone winter. 

3 se cyng Wille/m for into }?8ere scire. 3 hi eall for[dy]de. 

3 on J>isum ilcan geare forS ferde Brand abb of Bnrh. on Brantio 

•v. kl Decembf . ^^«*- 

^ amang ]>isan com an Haroldes suna of Yrlande mid scyp- /D, 1067. 
here into Afenanmu^an nnwaer. j hergode sona ofer eall j)one 
ende. foron j)a to Brygcstowe J J)a burh abrecan woldon. ac 
seo burhwaru heom heardlice wi^feaht. "j J)a hi ne mihton of 
)>8ere burh naht gewinnan. hi foron ))a to scypan mid ))an )>e hi 
gehergod hsefdon. "3 swa hi f6ron on Sumersseton. j j)8er upp 
eodon. "j £adno% stallere heom wi^ gefeaht. "j wearS fser of 
slsegen. j manege gode menn on segSre healfe. '3 {^anon aweig 
foron }>e })8er to lafe waeron. 

1068. Her on j)is8uiH geare Willelm cyngc geaf Rodbearde 
eorle. )>one ealdordom ofer Nor^hymbra land, ac )>a landes 
menn hine beforon innan ))8ere burh aet DUn holme. "] hine of- 
slogon. "3 ix.c. manna mid him. "j sona )>8er seft^r Eadgar 
sealing. Com mid eallum | Nor^hymbruw to Eoforwic. J \b, f. 82. b. 
burh menn wi^ hine gry^don. "3 Wyllelm kyng c6m su^n on 
unwsBr on heom mid geotendan here. "3 hi aflymde. J Jja of sloh 
])a }>e 8Bt fleon ne mihton ; ^ wseron fela hund manna. J )>a burh 
for hergode. "3 sCe Petres mynst^ to bysmere macede. "3 ealle ))a 
o^re eac for hergode. "3 forhynde. 3 se se^eling for eft ongean 
to Scotlande. 

Mher ])isum coman Haroldes sunas of Yrlande to |;am middan 
sumera mid .Ixiiii. scypuw into T^wmu^San. J Jser unwaerlice 
tip eodon. "3 Breon eorl com on unwser heom togeines mid 
unlytlan weorode. "3 wi^ gefeaht. J ofsloh Jjaer ealle fa bet- 
stan menn \q on J)am ly^ waeron. "3 ))a o^re lytlan werode 
to scypum setflugon. "3 Haroldes sunas foron eft to Yrlande 

Her ^ for6 ferde Aldred arce % on Eoferwic. J is ))8er be byrged 

' There is no break in the MS., making a new annal (1069) beg 
but Thorpe is probably right in here. 

204 THE PARKER MS. (25) 

1070. Her Landfranc se fe waes alSK an Kadu»^ (torn to 
jEngla lande, se efter feawuw^ dagum wearS arcefe on 
Kantwareberig. He wjes gehaded •iiii* kt Septe«/ibris. on 
his agenu;;^ biscpsetle fra?» eahte biscopum his under 
•8ioddum ; Sa oJ>re "Se j^aer naeron J>urh aerend rakan ' ^ ]7urh 
g^ write atiwdon hwi hi "Saer beon ne mihton. On '^m 
geare Thomas se waes g<9eoran bisc[o]p to Eferwic com to 
Cantwareberig ^ man hine "Saer g^ hadede efter J^an ealdan 
g^ wunan. Da Sa Landfranc crafede faestnunge his g^her- 

(D. 1069.) set his 15 stole. J he ge wat on J)one daeg. Proti. & lacinthi. 3 he 
heold J)one arce'stol' mid mycclan weor"Smynte -x. gear, buton 
.XV. wucan wanan. Sona J)8er8Bft€r coman of Denmarcon J)reo 
Swegenes suna kyninges "inid .cc. scypum. "j xl. J Esbeom eorl. 
J purkyl eorl. into Humbran ^. J heom com J>8er togenes Eadgar 
cild. ^ Waldfeof eorl. "j Mserleswegen. j Gospatric eorl mid 
Nor6hymbrum. "J ealle j)a landleoden. ridende J gangende mid 
unmsetan here swi^e fsegengende, ^ swa ealle anrsedlice to 
Eoferwic foron. ^ J)one castel tobrCBCon. J towurpan. 3 unari- 
mendlice gsersuman ))8erinne gewunnan. ;] fela hund manna 
Frenciscra. j)8Br ofslogon. "J fela mid heom to scypan Iseddan. j 
f. 83. aer j)an ))e ^a scypmenn | j)ider comon hsefdon J)a Frenciscan J)a 
burh forbsemed. "3 eac f halie mynst^rsCs Petrus eall forhergod 
;] forbsemed. pa se kyng j)is geaxode. J)a for he nor6ward mid 
ealre his fyrde j)e he gegaderian mihte. ;] ))a scire mid ealle 
forhergode ;] aweste. J ;p li^ Iseig ealne winter innan Humbre. 
))8Br se kyng heom to cuman ne mihte. And se kyng waes J^one 
mid wintres dseig on Eoferwic. J swa ealne J)one winter on fam 
lande. "J com to Wincestre on fa ilcan Eastron. "j -^gelric % wses 
for wreged ))e waes on Burh. j hine man laedde to West mynstre. 
3 utlagode his bro¥or -^gelwine B. 

1071. Her se eorl Wael))eof gry^ode wi^ j)one cyngc*. *] ))aBS on 
lengten se kyngc let hergian ealle )>a mynstra )>e on Engla 
lande waeron. j J;aes geres waes micel hunger. ;] man hergade 
f mynster aet Burh. ^ waeron fa menn fe se 15 -^gelric aer 

^ Altered from -raken. ' Here there is a change of hand 

* Aliwed from Hnmbram. in MS. D. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 205 

1070. Her se eorl WalJ^eof griSede witJ }>one cyng. *] Jjbbs 
on lengfcen se cyng let hergian ealle ]7a mynstra }7e on 
Engla lande wseron. pa on '^zmx ilcan geare com Swegn cyng 
of ^ Denmarcan in to Humbran. 3 ^ land folc comen him ongean 
3 griSedon wiS bine, wsendon ^ be sceolde }7et land ofergan. 
pa comen into Ellg Xpistien }>a Densce % ;] Osbeam eorl 3 
}>a Densca bus carles mid beom. *] ]7et Englisce folc of eall ]7a 
feon landes comen to beom. wendon ^ bi sceoldon winnon eaU 
^ land, pa berdon )>a munecas of Burb ssegen f beora agene 
menn wolden bergon J?one mynstre, -f waes Hereward 3 bis Jerefnart 
genge. -f waes forSan J?et bi berdon ssecgen ]?et se cyng beafde 
gifen -f abbot rice an Frencisce | abbot Turolde waes gebaten. f. 5^. ' ^ 
;j -f be waes switSe styme man. •] waes cumen )?a into Stanforde IBe 3[We 
mid ealle bise Frencisce menn. pa waes J)aere an cyrce weard ^^^^ ' 
Yware waes gebaten. nam J)a be nibte eall ]?et be mibte. J>et ] I 
waeron Xpes bee 3 maesse bakeles 3 cantelcapas 3 reafes 3 swilce 
litles bwat. swa bwat swa be mibte. 3 ferde sona ser daeg to 
j?one abbot Turolde 3 saegde bim -f be sobte bis gritSe. 3 cydde 
him hu pa, titlages sceolden cumen to Burb. f be dyde eall 
be J?aere muVece rsede. pa sona on morgen comen ealle 
]7a utlaga mid fela scipe, 3 woldon into "pam mynstre. 3 
p& munecas witS stoden ^ bi na mibton in cumen. pa laegdon 
bi fyr on. 3 forbaemdon ealle ]>a munece buses 3 eall }>a 
tun buton ane buse. pa comen bi purh fyre in aet Bolbi'Se 38olf) | 
geate. 3 ]?a munecas comen beom togeanes. beaden beom 
griS, ac bl nd robten na }>ing. geodon into pe mynstre. clumben 
upp to pe balge rode, namen J>a pe kynebelm of ure DribYnes «=^SJ 
beafod eall of smeate golde. namen pa, ]?et fotspure pe waes 
undernaet^en bis fote. f waes eall of read golde. Clumben 
upp to pe stepel, brobton dune f baecce pe )?aer waes be bid. 
hit waes eall of ^gold' 3 of seolfre. hi namen }?aere twa gildene 
serines 3 -ix- seolfeme. 3 bi namen fiftene mycele roden. ge 
of golde ge of seolfre. bi namen Jjaere swa mycele gold 3 seolfre 
3 swa manega gersumas on sceat 3 on scrud 3 on bokes swa 
nan man ne maei otSer taellen. saegdon f hi bit dyden for Ses 

^ The scribe at first wrote on. 


(A.D.1070.) 8iii»ne88e mid a*S swerunge^. J^a for soc he. *] ssede ^ he ^hit' 
nahte to donne. pa ge wra'Sede hine se ai% Landfirane. 3 
behead ]7am hiscopan "Se J^ar comene wseran he "Sas ail^ Jjand- 
frances hsese J?a serfise to donde. "j eallan fan munecan, ^ 
f. 32. hi scoldan hi un sciydan. 3 hi he his hsese swa didan. | S wa 
Thomas to ]7am timan agean ferde baton bletsunga. pa 
Bona aefter J7ysan he lamp ^ se a?b Landfirane ferde to 
Rome •] Thomas forS mid. pa ]7a hi ]7yder comon *] umbe 
o]7er]7ing gesprecon hsefdon umbe ^ hi spreean woldon. )7a 
angan Thomas his spsece hu he com to Cantunarebyri, 3 hu 
se ai% axode hyrsumnesse mid a]? swerunge at him. 3 he hit 
for soc. pa agann se arb Jjandfranc atywian mid opennm 
gesceade. ^ he mid rihte crafede ]7as J^a he crafede. 3 mid 
strangan cwydan ^ ylce gefsestnode toforan ]7am papan 
TClexandre. 3 toforan eallan J^am concilium ]7e J^ar ge 
gadered was. 3 swa ham foran. ^ft^ J^ysan Q(yni Thomas 
to Cantwarebyri 3 eal ^ se a?b at him crafede • eadmed- 
lice ge fylde. 3 sy]7]7an ]7a bletsungan under feng^. 

(D) amansomade. for )K)n ]>e hi namon ]>8er eall ^ he ahte. 3 ])8bs 
ilcan Bumeres com -f 11^ into TTemese. 3 lagon J>8er twa niht. 3 
heoldon sy^^^n to D^nmarcon. 3 Baldawine eorl for^ferde. 3 
Amulf his sunu fang to ))an rice. *] Francena kyning 3 Wyllelm 
eorl sceoldon been his geheald. ac )>ser com Rodbeart'. 3 ofsloh 
Amulf his maeig 3 jjone eorl Wyllelm. 3 ))one kyngc aflymde. 3 
ofsloh his manna fela })usenda. 

1072. Her Eadwine eorl 3 Morkere eorl hlupon tit. 3 mislice 

ferdon on wuda. 3 on feldon. o^ ;p Eadwine wear6 ofslsegen 

f. 83. b. fram his agenum mannum. 3 Morkere mid scype ge wende | to 

' Here another hand begins, with the consecration of his buc- 

which is the same hand that cesser Ansehn. This piece will be 

wrote the charter above under given in the Appendix. 
1 03 1. * hriht written over -heart, 

^ Here ends the Engliso text of * The MS. punctuates after cu- 

MS. a. The history of Lianfranc men instead of after men. 
is continued in Latin, and closes ^ A space left for the name. 



THE LAUD MS, (E) 207 

mynstres holdscipe. SySSon geden heom to scipe. ferden heom 
to Elig, betaehtan )>8Br ]?a ealla \>b, gsersume ; ]?a Denescse menn 
wsendon ^ hi sceoldon ofercumen ^p9, Frencisca men^- ]?a to 
drefodon ealle ]>a munekes. beleaf ]>8er nan butan kn. munec 
he wees ge haten Leofwine lange. he Isei seoc in )?a secrse man 
I in. Da com Torold abbot ^ sehte si]7e twenti Frencisce men f. 59. b. 
mid him 3 ealle fullwepnode. pa he J^ider com ]7a fand he 
forbamd wiSinnan 3 wiSutan. eall butan )>a cyrece ane. 
}>a wseron )>a utlagas ealle on flote. wistan ^ he scolde J^ider 
camen. pis wses don ]?8bs dseges iiiio No lunliy pa twegen 
kyngas WilWm *] Swsegn wurSon ssehtlod. )>a ferdon }>a 
Dsenesca menn tit of Elig mid ealle )>a foren sprsecena gsersume 
3 Iseddon mid heom. pa hi comen on middewarde ]>e 8se. 
})a com an mycel storm 3 todrsefede ealle ]7a scipe \>dst ]>a 
gersumes wseron inne. sume ferdon t6 Norwaege. sume to 
Yrlande. sume to Daenmarce. 3 eall -f )>ider com f waes J?one 
hsecce ^ sume serine 3 sume roden 3 fela of \>b, oSre gsersume. y 

3 brohten hit to an cynges ttin ^ hatte. 3 dyden hit 

call )>a in Jjone cyrce. Da fiytSSon J?urh heora gemelest 3 
)>urh heora dru^n'cenhed on 4n niht forbsemde ]7a cyrce. 
"3 eall J?et ]?8Br innse wsbs. Dus W8bs se mynstre of Burch comhiuUo 
Ibrbsemd -^ forhsergod. selmihtig God hit gemiltse }?urh his^"'^" 
mycele mild hertnesse. And J?us se abbot Turolde com to Burh. 
3 \>9, munecas comen ]>a ongean. 3 dydan Xpes ]?eudom in 
]78ere cyrce. ^ ser hsefde standen fuUe seofeniht forutan aelces 
cynnes riht. Da herde ^gelric biscop J^et gesecgon. }7a aman- 
sumede he ealle ]>a men ]?a ^ yfel dsede hsefden don. Da wses 
mycel hunger Jjses geares. 3 }?a J^ses sumeres com )>et litS nortSan 
of Himibran into Tasmese. j lagon J>8er twa niht. 3 heoldan 
syt58on to Dsenmercan. And Baldewine eorl fortSferde. j his 
sunu Amulf feng to rice, j Wille/m eorl sceolde ben his 
geheald. 3 Franca cyng eac. 3 com J>a Rodbriht eorl ^ of sloh 
his mseg Amulf. 3 J^one eorl. 3 J?one cyng aflymda. and his 
menn of sloh fela ]?usenda. 

1071. Her ^dwine eorl 3 Morkere eorl | uthlupou 3 f. 60. 
mislice ferdon on wudu 3 on felda. Da gewende Morkere 
eorl to Elig on scipe. And Eadwine eorl weartJ ofslagen 

{Continued on p. ao8, a9td thenceforward without interruption.) 

2o8 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

arhlice fram his agenum mannum. *] com se B Egelwine. 3 
Siward Beam. 3 fela liund manna mid heom into Elig. 
^ J?a^ f)e se cyng WilleZm -f geaxode. )>a bead he tit scip 
fjrrde ;] land fyrde. ^ J?et land abntan saet. *] brycge ge wrohte. 
^ inn for. ^ seo scip fyrde on }?a saehealfe. *] f)a ut lagan }?a 
ealle on band eodan. -f waes Egelwine 'b. 3 Morkere eorl. ;) 
ealle J?a )>e mid beom waeron buton Herewarde ane. 3 ealle 
}>a J?e mid him woldou. "3 he hi ahtlice titlsedde. "3 se cyng 
genam scipa 3 wsepna "j sceattas manega. 3 )>a men he ateah 
swa swa he wolde. •] ]?one B Egelwine he sende to Abbandune. j 
he })8Br fortSferde sona Jjses wintres. 

1072. Her Willelm cyng laedde scipfyrde j landfyrde to 
Scotlande. *] ^ land on ]>a ssehealfe mid scipum ymbelseg. 
^ his landfyrde set }7am Gewsede innlaedde. ^ he ]?8er naht 
ne funde J^ses \>g him J>e bet waere. 3 se cyng Melcolm com 
3 gritSede witS ]?one cyng Willelm 3 gislas sealde. 3 his man 
wses. 3 se cyng ham ge wende mid ealre his fyrde. 3 se B 
Egelric fortS ferde. he wses to biscop hadod to Eofer wic. ac 
hit wses mid unrihte him ofgenumon. 3 man geaf him ^ 
Brice on Dunholme. 3 he heafde hit )?a hwile J?e he wolde. 

(D) Helig. 3 j)8Br com -Egelwine B. 3 Sigwar^ Bam. 3 fela hund 
manna mid heom. Ac Jja se kyngc Wyllelm )>is geahsade. )>a 
bead he ut scyp fyrde. 3 landfyrde. 3 $ land eall utan emb- 
sette. 3 brygce worhte, 3 scypfyrde on J)a ssehealfe. 3 hi ealle 
))a eodon ))an kyninge on hand, f wses Egelwine b. 3 Morkere 
eorl. 3 ealle fa \q mid heom weeron. buton Here werde anmn. 3 
ealle );a ]>e mid him aet fleon mihton. 3 he hi ahtlice ut alaedde. 
3 se kyng nam heora scypa 3 wsepna. 3 manega sceattas. 3 ]>a 
menn ealle he toe. 3 dyde of heom ;p he wolde. 3 -Egelwine b 
he sende to Abbandtine. 3 he J)8er forS ferde. 

1073. Her Wyllelm kyng Isedde scyp ferde 3 landfyrde to Scot 
lande. 3 ^ land on fa ssehealfe mid scypum ymblseig. 3 him 
sylf mid his landfyrde ferde inn ofer f Wse^. 3 he fser naht ne 
fande fees fe heom fe betere wsere. 3 Malcolm cyngc c5m 3 gry^de 
wi^ Wyllelm cyngc. 3 wses his mann. 3 him gyslas salde. 3 he 
sy^'San ham gewende mid ealre his fyrde. 3 se b Egelric for^ 
ferde. he wses to bpe. gehadod to Eoforwic. ac hit wses mid 
unrihte him ofgenumen. 3 geaf him f brice set Ddnholme. 3 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 209 

3 for let hit sy?5&n. ^ ferde to Burch to see Petres mynstre. 
^ ]?8er drohtnode •xii- gear. Da seftcr }?am J>e Willelm cyng 
gewan Englalande. ]?a nam he hine of Burch -3 sende^hine' 
to West mynstre. ^ he forS ferde on toub OctoB. 3 he is 
be byrged ]?8er innan }>aw mynstre. innon scs Nicolaus portice. 

1073. On ]7isum geare Willelm cyng Isedde Engliscne here 
•] Frencisce ofer sae. "3 gewan f land Mans. ^ hit Englisce 
men swytSe amyrdo9. wingeartSas hi fordydon. *] burga for 
bsemdon. *] swiSe ]?et land | amyrdon. j hit eall abegdon Wil- f. 60. b. 
lelme to handa. 3 hi sySSon ham gewendon to Englalande. 

1074. On ]7isum geare for Willelm cyng ofer sse to Nor- 

he hit hsefde )» hwile J)e he wolde. J forlet hit sy^an ^ ferde (D) 
to Burh. to sCe Petres mynstre. "j )j8Br drohtnode xii. gear. Jja 
sefter ))am Jie Wyllebn gewann Englaland. he let hine nyman 
of Burh. "3 sende hine to West mynstre. J he JjsBr for6ferde. on 
ID* OcTB. 3 is J)8er bebyrged innan sde Nicolaes portice. 

1074. I On ]}isan gere Willelm cyngc Isedde Englisce fyrde *;) f. 84. 
Frencisce ofer s^. ^ gewann -f land Mans, j hit Englisce menn 
swi^ am8erdon.wingeardas hi fordydon. "j burga forbeemdan. 

"3 -f land swi^e amyrdon. ^ eall ^ land gebegdan Jjan kyninge 
to handan. J big seo^^an ham gewendan. 

1075. On Jjissum gere Wyllelm cyngc for ofer sse to Normand- 
ige. "3 Eadgar cild 'com' of Fleminga lande into Scotlande. on 
s2e Grim baldes msesse dseg. 3 se kyngc Malcholom 3 his sweos- 
tor Margareta. hine underfengon mid mycclan weor^scype. On 
J)8Bre ilcan tide sende se kyng of Francrice Filippws gewrit to 
him. 3 bead him -f he to him come. 3 he wolde geofan him 
J)one castel set Mustrail. -f he mihte sy^S^n daeghwamlice his 
unwinan un)}ancas don. Hwset ])a se cyngc Malcolm. 3 his 
sweoster lyiargareta. geafon him myccla geofa. 3 manega gser- 
sama. 3 eallon his mannan. on scynnan mid pselle betogen. 3 
on mei^eme pyleceon. 3 graschynnene. 3 hearma scynnene. 3 
on psellon. 3 on gyldenan faton. 3 on seolfrenan. 3 hine. 3 
ealle his scyperan mid mycclan weor6scipe of his grySe alaedde. 
Ac on )>8ere fare heom yfele gelamp. ])a hi ut on sse wseron. ^ 
heom on becom swi^e hreoh weder. 3 seo wode s^. 3 se stranga 
wind hi on -f land awearp -f ealle heora scypa toburston. 3 hi 
sylfe earfo^ce^ to lande coman. 3 heora gsersama forneh eall 

> earforiSlice. MS. 


mandig. -3 Eadgar cild com of Scotland to Normandige. 3 
se cyng hine g^inlagode. 3 ealle his men. "^ be wses on 
Jjes cynges hyrede. "3 nam swilce gerihta swa se cyng him 
ge utSe. 

1075. On yisam geare WilWm cyng geaf Eaulfe eorle 
WilWmes dohtor Osbeames sunu. "3 se ylca Raulf wses Bryttisc 
on his moderhealfe. 3 his feeder wses Englisc Baulf hatte. 
■3 wses geboren on NorSfolc. ]>& geaf se cyng his sunu pone 
eorldom on NortSfolc. "j SutSfolc. ]>& Isedde he -f wif to 

p8Br wes f brydeala 

mannum to beala. 

Dser wses Eoger eorl. 3 "WalJ^eof eorl. •] biscopas "j abbotes. 
■3 rseddon Jjaer swa f hi woldon }>one cyng ge settan tit of 

(D) losade. 3 his men eac wurdon sume gelaehtsB of Frencyscan 
f. 84. b. niQ-iiii^ji. ac he sylf 3 his ferestan menn ferdon eft ongean | to 
Scotlande sume hreowlice on fotan gangende. 3 sume earmlice 
ridende. Da gersedde se kyngc Malcholom him f he sende to 
Wyllelme cynge ofer sae. 3 bsede his grySes. 3 he eac swa dyde. 
3 se cyngc him Jjses ge tirade. 3 eefter him sende. 3 se kyngc 
eft Malcolm 3 his sweostor. him. 3 eallon his mannan imari- 
mede gsersama geafon. 3 swi^e weorSlice hine eft of heora 
grySe sendon. 3 se scirgerefa of Eoferwic com him togeanes 
set Dunholme. 3 ferde ealne weig mid him. 3 let him fjidan 
mete. 3 foddor. set selcan castelle faer hi to comon. o^ f hig 
ofer 886 to J?am kynige coman. 3 se kyngc Wyllelm mid micclan 
weorSscype j)a hine underfengc. 3 he wses fser J>a on his hirede 
3 toe swilce gerihta swa ho him gelagade. 

1076. On Jjissan geare Wyllelm cyngc geaf Baulf e eorle Wyl- 
lelmes dohtor Osbames sunu. 3 se ylca Baulf waes Bryttisc on 
his modor healfe. 3 Bawulf his feeder wses Englisc. 3 wses ge^ 
boren on NorSfolce. 3 se kyngc geaf for))! his suna fser ]K>ne 
eorldom. 3 Su'Sfolc eac. He fa Isedde f wif to Nor^wic 

pser wses f bryd ealo . 

f wses manegra manna bealo. 

DflBT W8B8 Bogcer eorL 3 Wal])eof eoiL 3 biscopas. 3 abbodas. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 211 

Englelandes cynedome. 3 hit weartS Bona gecydd )>am cynge 
to Normandige hu hit wses g« rsed. f wsBi Koger eorL ^ Baulf 
eorl. ]7e wseron. yldast to Sam unreode. 3 hi speonan ]>a 
Bryttas heom to. 3 sendon east to Demnearcan sefter scip here 
heom to fultume. "^ Eoger ferde west to his eorl dome. *] 
gegaderode his folc to J?8Bs cynges unjjearfe. ac he weartS 
gelet. 3 Baulf eac on his eorldome wolde forSgan mid 
his folce. ac ]?a castelmen ]7e wseron on Englalande *] eac 
^ land folc him togeanes com en. ^ gemacodon ^ he naht 
ne dyde. ac for to scipe aet NortSwic. ^ his wif wses innan 
]>am castele. 3 hine heold swa lange ^ man hire grit5 sealde. 
*3 heo ut ferde ]?a of Englalande. ^ ealle hire men ]7e hire 
mid woldon. ^ se cyng siStSan com to Engla lande. 3 genam 
Boger eorl his' mseg. ^ ge festnode hine. ^ "Wal}>eof eorl he 
genam eac. 

3 Eona sefter ]?am comon eastan of Den mearcan *cc- scipa. f. 61. 
"3 ]78er on wseron twsegen heafodmenn. Cnut Swsegnes sunu. 
*] Hacun eorl. -^ hi n6 dorstan nan ge feoht healdan wit5 WilWm 

*3 rseddon ))8Br f hi woldon heora kyne hlaford of his cyne rice (D) 
adrifan. "j J)is wsbs Jam kyninge sona to Normandie gecydd. 
Rawulf eorl. "j Rogcer eorl. wsBron hofdingas set J)isan unraede. 
J hi speonon heom to ))a Bryttas. 3 sendon eac to Denemarcon 
sefb^r scyphere. "] Rogcer ferde west to his eorldome. "j gaderade 
his folc fan cyngce to un))earfe he Jjohte. ac hit wear^ heom 
seolfan to mycclan hearme. Rawulf eac wolde mid his eorl { dome f. S5. 
for6gan. Ac )>a castelmenn ])e wseron on Englalande. ^ eac 
^ land folc heom togenes comon. ^ hi ealle geletton. ^ hi naht 
ne dydon. ac wees fsegen ^ he to scypum set fleah. ^ his wif be- 
laf sefter in \z,m castele. ^ hine swa lange heold 0% f man 
hire gry% salde. "j heo ])a ut ferde of Englalande. J ealle hire 
menn )>e hire mid woldon. ^ se kyngc sy^an com to Engla 
lande. "j gefeng Rogcer eorl his mseg "j sette on. prisun. j 
WalJ)eof eorl ferde ofer sse. "j wreide hine sylfne "j bsed forgy- 
fenysse "j bead gsersuman. Ac se kyngc let lihtlice of o^ ;p he 
com to Englalande. ^ hine let sy%^n tacan. 

And sona sefter jjisan coman of Denemarcon twa hund scypa. 
])8eron wseron heafdes menn Cnut Swegnes sunu cynges. J Hacon 
eorL ^ ne dorston nan ge feoht healdan wi^ Willelme cynge. ac ^ 

* OG written over "j. 

212 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

cynge. ac heoldon ofer see to Flandran. 

^ Eadgi8 seo hlseWig forSferde on Winceastre 'vii* nihton 
ser Xpes msessan. j se cyng hi let bryngan to Westmynstre 
mid mycclan wurSscipe. "j Isegde hi witS Eadward kyng hire 

^ se waes on West mynstre J>one mide winter. 3 man for dyde 
]?8er ealle J>a Bryttas ]?e wseron set ]>am bryd ealotS aet NorSwic. 

sume hy wurdon ablsende 
^ same of land adrifene. 
swa wurdon WilWmes 
swican geniSrade. 
1076. On ]?isuw geare forSferde Swsegn cyng on Dsenmercan. 
;] Harold his sunu feng to ^J>e' kyne rice. 

3 se C3rng geaf West mynster Vithele abbode se waes ser 

/D\ ferdon to Eoforwic. ^ braecon sCe Petres mynster. *;) tocon J)8Br 
inne mycele aehta 3 foron swa aweg. ac ealle fa forferdon J)e 
aet J)am rsede wseron. f waes Hacones sunu eorles 3 manege o^re 
mid him. 

And Eadg3rS seo hlaefdie for6 ferde. seo waes Eadwardes cynges 
geresta. seofon niht aer Xpes maessan on Wincestre. "j se cyngc 
hig let bryngan to West mynstre mid mycclan weor6scype. "j leide 
heo wi^ Eadwarde cynge hire hlaforde. 

Se kyngc waes fa J)one mid winter on West mynstre. faer 
mon fordemde ealle fa Bryttas fe wseron aet fam bryd lope aet 

Sume hi wurdon geblende . ' 

•3 sume wrecen of lande . 

^ sume ge tawod to scande . 

fus wurdon J-ees kyninges 

swican genySerade. 

1077. On fisan geare forS ferde Swegen kyngc on Denemarcon. 
J Harold his sunu feng to his cynerice. Her Wyllelm cyngc 


f. 85. b. geaf I f abb rice aet Westmynstre. Fifele abbode. se waes aer munuc 
aet Bemege. And her waes Walfeof eorl be heafdod. on Win- 
cestre on s5e Petronella maessedaeg. "j his lie wear% gelaed to 
Oulande. "] he faer is bebyrged. ^ Wyllelm cyngc for ofer sse. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 213 

aTO on Bsemege. ;) Waljjeof eorl wes beheafdod on Win ceastre. 
3 his lie weartS ge lead to Crulande. 

•3 se cyng for ofer sae. "j Isedde his fyrde to Brytlande. ■] 
be set J>one castel D61. "3 J>a Bryttas hine heoldon -f se cyng 
cow of Franc land. *] Willelm ]>anon for. 3 Jjser forleas 8eg"Ser ge 
men ge hors. 3 feola his gersuma. 

1077. Her on J>isum geare wurdon ssehte Franca cyng "j 
Willelm Englalandes cyng. ac hit heold litle hwile. 

3 Des geares for barn Lunden burh anre nihte ser Assumptio tomh \ 
see Mariae swa swySe swa heo nsefre ser nses syS J?an heo 
ge stabeled ^ wses. 

And on }7isum geare fortJ fyrde -5Cgelwig aTO on Euesham on 
J>am dsege -xiv- 6 Mr. And Hereman B eac fortS ferde on J>am 
dsege 'X* fe Mf . 

1079. On ]7isum geare com Melcolm cyng of Scotlande into 
Englelande betwyx lpB.m twam Mariam msessan mid mycclum 
fyrde. *] gehergode NorShymbra land | otS hit com to Tine. f. 6i.b. 

;] laedde fyrde to Brytlande. "] be sset J)one castel set Dol. ac Jja (D) 
Bryttas hine heoldon 0^ f se cyngc com of Franc rice. ^ Wyl- 
lelm cyngc )>a J)anon for. "] fser forleas aegSer menn. 3 hors. 
J unarimede gsersaman. 

1078. Her se mona aJ)ystrode J)reom nihton ser Candelmaessan. 
^ -^gelwig se womldsnotra abb on Eofeshamme forSferde. on 
sCa luliana msesse dseg. "j Waltere waes to abbe geset on his 
stede. ;] Hereman b for^ ferde se "wses b on B'e'arrucscire. J on 
Wiltunscire. "] on Dorsrotan. J Her Malcholom kyngc gewann 
Mfielslsehtan modor^. ************* 
* * * "3 ealle his betstan menn j ealne his gsersnman. 3 his orf. 

3 he sylf unea^ setbeerst \ 




•] her wses se dria sumor. "j "wilde fyr com on manega scira J 
forbsemde fela tuna, "j eac manega burga forbu[r]non. 

1079. I Her Rodbert })8B8 cynges sunu Willg?m[es]. hleop fram his t 86. 
fseder. to his eame Rotbryhte on Flandron. for];an ]>e his feeder 

1 Sic MS. 'Nearly a line left blank in MS. > Six lines left UmOe 

214 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

J of sloh feala hund manna. ^ ham Isedde manige sceattas. 
;) gersuma. ^ menn ^on h'eftninge. 

And pi ilcan geare se cyng Willelm gefeaht togeanes his 

Isunu Rotbearde wiSutan Normandige be anum castele Ger- 
bometS hatte. 3 se cyng WiUe^m wear8 J>8Rr ge wundod. *] his 
hors ofslagen J>e he on sset. *] eac his sunu "Willelm wearS J>8er 
ge wundod. 3 fela manna of slagene. 

1080. On ]7isum geare wses se B Walchere ofslagen on 
Dunholme set anum ge mote. ;] an hund manna mid him Fren- 
cisce 3 Flemisce. *] he syK wees on HloSeringa geboren. fis 
dydon NorS hymbran on lllaies mon8e. 

1081. On Jjisuw geare se cyng Isedde fyrde into Wealan. "j 
]>Bsr ge freode fela hund manna. 

1082. Her nam se cyng Odan 15. "3 her wses mycel hunger. 

1083. On ]7isum geare aras seo ungehwsemes on Glsestinga 
byrig betwyx J>am abbode purstane. 3 his munecan. JErest 
hit com of ]>8es abbotes unwisdome. f he misbead his munecan 
on fela }>ingan. j Da munecas hit maendon lufelice to him. 

^ beadon hine f he sceolde healdan hi rihtlice. 3 lufian hi. 
3 hi woldon him beon holde. 3 gehyrsume. Ac se abbot 
nolde ]?8es naht. ac dyde hecm yfele. 3 beheot heom wyrs. 
Anes dseges ]>e abbot eode into capitulan. 3 spreec uppon ]>a 

(D) ne wolde him laetan waldan his eorl domes on Normandige. }>e 
he sylf. 3 eac se kyng Filippt<« mid his ge )>afiinge him gegyfen 
hsefdon. 3 }}a |>e betst wseron on ]fs,m lande hsefdon a^Sas him 
gesworon. 3 hine to hlaforde genumen. Her Rotbert feht wi^ 
his feeder 3 hine on )7a hand gewundade. 3 his hors weai% 
under ofscoten. 3 se J>e hiw o^r tobrohte wear^ ]>serrihte mid 
anan arblaste ofscoten. f wees Tokig Wiggodes sunu. 3 fela 
jwr wurdon ofslsegen 3 eac gefangene. 3 Rotbert eft gewende 
to Fleminga lande. ne -wylle we )>eh her na mare sca^e awritan 
))0 he his feeder ge * * * * * 
f. 86. b. 1080. Her Mvrj) Anagus ofsleien fr&m ScaUa eere, Sf \er u>erp 
mieel tceell ofsleigen, mid him, \er tees codes ri^ gesochen an him 
far \et he wes aUfar sti^am '• 

^ f . 86 is only half a leaC the re- ' Here ends MS. D. Cf. note on 

mainder of it having been cat away. p. 198 nipra. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 215 

manecas. *] wolde hi mis tuMan. ^ sende sefter Isewede mannnm. 
;) hi comon into capitulan on uppon J>a munecas full gewepnede. 
3 J>a wseron J>a munecas swiSe 4ferede of heom. nyston hwet 
heom to donne wsere. Ac to scuton. sume umon in to cyrcean. 
*) belucan J>a duran into heom. *;) Id ferdon 8eft<w heom into 
J)am mynstre. 3 woldon hig utdragan. JJatSa hig ne dorsten 
n^ ut gan. Ac reowlic )>ing | }>8er gelamp on daeg. ^ ^ a f. 62. 
Frencisce men braecen |>on e ch6r 3 torfedon towaerd J)am 
weof ode >8er Sa munecas w seron. ;] sume of Sam cnihtan ferdon 
uppon ]?one tippflore. "3 scotedon adunweard mid drewan 
toweard J>aw» haligdome. swa ^ on J>8ere rode J?e stod bufon 
}>am weofode sticodon on maenige arewan. 3 }>a wreccan munecas 
lagon onbuton })aw weofode. 3 sume <jrupon under. •] gyme 
cleopedon to Gode his miltse biddende. Da ]?a hi ne mihton 
nane miltse aet mannum begytan. Hwast magon we secgean. 
baton ^ hi scotedon swiSe. *] )>a otSre "Sa dura braecon Jjaer 
adune 3 eodon inn. 3 of slogon sume ]?a munecas to deatSe. 
^ maenige gewundedon ]?aerinne. swa -f Set blod com of 
Sam weofode uppon Jjam gradan. 3 of ?Sam gradan on )>a 
flore, J?reo J)aer waeron ofslagene to deaSe. j eahteteone 

*] on ]?aes ilcan geares forSferde Mahtild Wille/mes cynges 
cwen. on ]?one daeg aefber ealra halgena maesse daeg. 

And on ]?es ylcan geares seffcer midewintrc se cyng let beodan 
mycel gyld 3 hefelic ofer call Engla land, -f waes aet aelcere hyde 
twa ^ bund seofenti peanega. 

1084. Her on Sisum geare forSferde Wulfuuold aCT on 
Ceortesege. on J?am daege -xiii* Ic Mai. 

1085. On J)isum geare menn cwydodon 3 to soSan saedan. 
^ Cnut cyng of Denmearcan Swaegnes sune cynges fundade 
hider ward. 3 wolde ge winnan fis land mid Rodbeardes eorles 
fnltume of Flandran. forSan ^}?e' Cnut heafde Eodbeardes dohter. 
Da WillcZm Englalandes cyng }?e )>a waes sittende on Nor- 
mandige. forSig he ahte aegSer ge Engla land ge Normandige. 
]>is ge axode. he ferde in to Englalande mid swa mycclan here 
lidendra manna. 3 gangendra of FraVc rice and of Brytlande. 
swa nffifre ser )>is land ne gesohte. swa f menn wundredou 

2i6 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

(A.D.1085.) hn I J)is land mihte eall ]?one here afedan. Ac se cyng ^let' 
f. 62. b. to Bcyfton ]?one here geond eall J?iB land to his mannon. "3 
hi fseddon ]?one here selc be his landefhe. *] men heafdon 
mycel ge swine Jjses geares. •] se cyng lett awestan -f land abutan 
)>a E8B. ]>et gif his feond comen upp. ^ hi naefdon na on hwam hi 
fengon swa rsedlice. Ac ^J)a' se cyng ge axode to sotSan ^ his 
feond ge Isette wseron. 3 ne mihten na geforSian heora fare. 
})a lett he sum ]7one here faren to heora agene lande. 3 sum 
he heold on ]?i6um lande ofer winter. 

Da to ]?am mide wintre wses se cyng on Gleawe ceastre mid 
his witan. ^ heold ]?8er his hired 'V* dagas. *] sytSSan J?e 
arceB ^ gehadode men hsefden sinoS )>reo dagas. Daer wses 
Mauriciws ge coren to B on Lundene. ^ Wilk/m to NortS folce. 
3 Eodbeard to Ceaster scire, hi wseron ealle Jjses cynges clerecas. 
-lifter ]?isum hsefde se cyng mycel ge]?eaht. *] switSe de'o'pe 
spaece wiS his witan ymbe ]?is land hu hit wsere ge sett. otStSe 
mid hwylcon mannon. Sende }>a ofer eall Englaland into 
selcere scire his men. ^ lett agan ut hu fela hundred hyda 
wseron innon }?8ere scire. ot5Se hwet se cyng him sylf hsefde 
landes. *] orfes inntin )?am lande. otStSe hwilce gerihtse he 
ahte to habbanne to 'xii* monjjum of tSsere scire. Eac he 
lett gewritan hu mycel landes his arceBs hsefdon. ^ his leodBs. 
^ his aBbs. *] his eorlas. 3 Jjeah ic hit lengre telle, hwset 
oSSe hu mycel selc mann hsefde ]7e landsittende wses innan 
Engla lande. on lande. otSSe on orfe. 3 hu mycel fees hit 
wsere wurtS. Swa swySe nearweUce he hit lett utaspyrian. 
^ uses an selpig hide, ne an gyrde landes. ne furtSon, hit 
is sceame to tellanne. ac hit ne })uhte him nan sceame to 
donne. an oxe. ne 4n cti. ne dn swin. uses belyfon. ^ uses 
ge sset on his ge write. 3 ealle ]?a ge writa wseron ge broht to 
him sytStSan. * 

f. 63. 1085*. Her se cyng bser his corona 3 heold his hired on 
Win ceastre to ]?am Eastran. 3 swa he ferde ;p he wses to 
]?am Pentecosten set Wsest minstre. 3 dubbade his sunu. 

^ Thus MS. 1085 repeated. Owing behind the true date. The scribe 
to this mistake the annals in this ultimately rights matters by omit- 
chronicle np to 1089 are one year ting the number 1088 altogether. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 217 

Hemic to ridere Jjser. SytSSan he ferde abutan swa -f he (A.D.1085.) 

com to Lammsessan to Scare byrig. ^ Jjser him comon to 

his witan. and ealle }?a land sittende ^ men. ]?e ahtes waeron 

ofer call Engleland. wseron Jjses mannes men J)e hi wseron. 

•] ealle hi bugon to him. *] weron his menn. j him hold a8as 

sworon -f hi woldon ongean ealle oSre men him holde beon. 

Danon he ferde into Wiht. for ]?ig he wolde faran into Norman- 

dige. •] swa dyde sySSan. And })eah he dyde serest seffcer 

his gewunan. begeat swiSe mycelne sceatt of* his mannan 

]78er he mihte senige teale tohabban otSSe mid rihte oSSe 

elles. Ferde }?a sytSSan into Normandige. "3 Eadgar aej^eling 

.^Hwardes mseg cynges beah ]?a fram him forjjig he naefde 

na mycelne wurtSscipe of him. ac se selmihtiga Grod him 

gife wurtSscipe on }?am toweardan. ^ Cristina ]?8es setSelinges 

swuster beah into mynstre to Kumesege. "3 imderfeng halig 


•3 >8es ilcan geares wses BwiSe hefelic gear. :i swiSe swincfull 
^ sorhfuU gear innan Englelande on orfcwealme. ^ c6rn. "3 
wsestmas wseron set standene. "3 swa mycel ungelimp on wseder- 
unge. swa man naht seSelice ge]?encean ne mseg. swa st6r 
J?unring. *] Isegt wes. swa ^ hit acwealde manige men. 3 di, hit 
wyrsode mid mannan swiSor ^ swiSor. Gebete hit God elmih- 
tiga. fonne his mUa sy. 

1086*. ^fter ure Drihtnes Hselendes Cristes gebyrtide. an 
J?usend wintra *] seofan 3 hundeahtatig wintra. on J?am ka 
^ twentigan geare }>8es ]?e WilleZm weolde j stihte Engle land 
swa him God uSe. geweartS switSe hefelic and switSe woldbe- 
rendlic gear on Jjissum lande. Swylc cotSe com on | mannum. ^' 63. b. 
f full neah eefre )>e oSer man wearS on )?am wyrrestan yfele. 
]7et is on 8am drife. 3 })et swa stranglice. ^ msenige menn 
swulton on 8am yfele. SySSan com ]?urh fa mycclan un ge wi- 
derunge J?e comon swa we beforan tealdon. swySe mycel hungor 
ofer call Engleland. ^ manig hundred manna earmlice deaSe 
swulton ]>urh ]7one hungor. Eala hu earmlice "3 hu reowlic 

^ landst sittende. MS., tt being underlined. 

' Thus MS., though the body of the annal has 1087 (rightly). 

2i8 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. 1086.) tid W8B8 tSa. Da 8a wreccsB men laegen fordrifene full neah 
to deaSe. 3 sySSan com se scearpa hungor *] adyde hi mid 

Hwam ne mteg earmian swylcere tide] otJSe hwa ia swa 
heard heort ^ ne mseg wepan swylces nngelimpes 1 Ac swylce 
J>ing ge wurtSa]? for folces synna ^ hi nellaS lufian God ;) 
rihtwisnesse. Swa Bwa hit waes )>a on tSam dagum. ^ litel 
rihtwisnesse waes on j^isum lande mid senige menn. buton mid 
munecan ane Jjser ]?8er hi wsell ferdon. Se cyng ^ }?a heafod 
men lufedon switSe ^ ofer swi8e gitsunge. on golde. 3 on seolfre. 
3 ne rohtan hu synlice hit wsere begytan buton hit come to 
lieom. Se cyng eealde his land swa deore to male, swa heo 
deVrost mihte. Donne com sum otSer ^ bead mare J^onne 
}>e oSer ser sealde. *] se cyng hit lett J)am menn }>e him mare 
bead. Donne com se }?ridde. ^ bead geat mare. ^ se cyng 
hit let ]?am men to handa ]?e him eallra meast bead. ^ ne rohte 
na hu switSe synlice J)a ge refan hit begeatan of earme mannon. 
ne hu manige unlaga hi dydon. Ac swa man swyt^or spsec 
embe rihte lage. /swa mann dyde mare unlaga. hy arerdon 
unrihte toUas. 3 manige oSre unriht hi dydan. }?e sindon 
earfe]?e to areccenne. 

Eac on tSam ilcan geare set foran hsBrfeste for bam ^ halige 
mynster see Paule J)e B stol on Lundene. 3 msenige oSre 
mynstres. 3 f mseste dsel 3 ^ rotteste ealle }?8Bre burh. Swylce 
eac on Sam ilcan timan forbarn full neah selc heafod port on 
eallon Engle lande. Eala reowlic 3 wependlic tid waes }>8bs 
geares. })e swa manig un gelimp wsbs forS bringende. 
f. 64. Eac I on ]?ara ilcan geare to foran Assumptio s5e Marie for 
WilleZm cyng of Normandige into France mid fyrde. ^ hergode 
uppan his agenne hlaford Philippe J>am cynge. ^ sloh of his 
mannon mycelne dael. 3 forbeamde J>a burh Ma'Sante. ^ ealle Jja 
halige mynstres ]?e wseron innon Jjsere burh. 3 twegen halige 
menn J>e hyrsumedon Gode on ancer settle wuniende. ]>8Br 
Wfieron forbeamde. 

Dissum )>us gedone. se cyng Willelm cearde ongean to Nor- 
mandige. Eeowlic J)ing he dyde. -j reowlicor him gelamp. 
Hu reowlicor) him geyfelade. "3 ^ him stranglice ^lade. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 219 

Hwset mteg ic teollan? Se scearpa deaS ]?e ne for let ne rice (a.d.io86.) 
menn. ne heane. seo hine genam. He swealt on Normandige 
on )?one nextan daeg sefter natiuitas see Marie. ^ man be byrgede 
hine on Ca]3um set see Stephanes mynstre i serer he hit araerde. 
^ sytStSan msBni fealdlice ge godade. 

Eala hu leas ■] hu unwrest is }?ys8es middan eardes wela. 
Se )?e wses aerur rice cyng. ^ maniges landes hlaford. he naefde 
]7a ealles landes buton seofon fot msel. "j se }>e wses hwilon 
ge scrid mid golde. "3 mid gimmnm. he laeg f>a ofer wrogen mid 

He Isefde sefter hiw )jreo sunan. Rodbeard het se yldesta. 
se waes eorl on Normandige aefter him. se oSer h^t Willelm. 
J>e bser aefter him on Engleland )?one kinehelm. Se f)ridda 
h6t Heanric. ]?aw se fseder becwsetS gersuman imateallend- 
lice. . 

Gif hwa ge wilnigeS ^ to ge witane hu ge don mann he waes. 
©"SSe hwilcne wurtSscipe he hsefde. otStSe hu fela lande he 
wsere hlaford. Donne wille we be him awritan swa swa we 
hine ageaton. Se him onlocodan. ■] oSre hwile on his hirede 
wunedon. Se cyng Willelm f>e we embe specatS waes swiSe 
wis man. "j swiSe rice, "j wurtSfulre and strengere J>onne senig 
his foregenga wsere. He wses milde }7am godum mannum 
]7e God lufedon. 3 ofer eall gemett stearc \wra mannum 
J>e wi8 cwsedon his willan. On Sam ilcan | steode J>e God f. 64. b. 
him geutSe ^ he moste Engleland geg^n. he arerde msere 
mynster. ^ munecas J?8er gesaette. "3 hit wsell ge godade. On 
his dagan w8b& -f nisere mynster on Cantwarbyrig ge tymbrad. 
^ eac switSe manig oSer ofer eall Englaland. Eac J^is land 
waes switSe afylled mid munecan. 3 )?a leofodan heora lif aefter 
scs Benedictt^ regule. ^ se Xpendom waes swilc on his daege 
^ aelc man hwaet his hade to belumpe. folgade se J>e wolde. 
Eac he waes swySe wurtSful. J^riwa he baer his cynehelm aelce 
geare. swa oft swa he waes on Englelande. On Eastron he 
hine baer on Winceastre. on Pentecosten on West mynstre. 
on midewintre on Gleaweceastre. 3 ]7aenne waeron mid him 

^ gewilniged. MB. 



2 20 THE LAUD MS. (E) 


(A.D.1086.) ealle ]>& rice men ofer eall Engla land, arce biscopas. ^ leodBs. 
abbodas ^ eorlas. J^egnas ■] cnihtas. Swilce he wses eac swytSe 
stearc man ^ rseSe. swa f man ne dorste nan ping ongean 
his willan don. He hsefde eorlas on his bendum. ])e dydan 
ongean his willan. Biscopas he seette of heora biscop rice. 3 
abbodas of heora a1^ rice. 3 Jjsegnas on cweartem. ^ set nextan 
/ he ne sparode his agenne bro8or. Odo h6t. he wses swi?5e 
rice b on Normandige. on Baius waes his b stol. "3 wses manna 
fyrmest to eacan p&m cynge. ■] he hsefde eorldom on 
Englelande. "3 ]>onne se cyng [wses] on Normandige. )?onne wses 
he msegest^ on J)isum lande. "] hine he ssette on cweartem. 
Betwyx oSrum J)ingum nis na to forgytane f gode fritS J>e 
he macode on J^isan lande. swa f dn man "pe him sylf aht 
wsere. mihte faran ofer his rice mid his bosum full goldes 
ungederad. •] nan man ne dorste slean oSeme man. nsefde 
he nsefre swa my eel yfel gedon witS )>one oSerne. 3 Gif hwilc 
carl man hsemde witS wimman hire unSances. sona he forleas ]?a 
limu J)e he mid pleagode. 
f. 65. He rixade ofer Englse | land. "] hit mid his geap scipe swa 
l^urhsmeade. f nses ka hid landes innan Englse lande. f he 
nyste hwa heo hsefde. otSSe hwses heo wurS wses. 3 sySSan 
on his gewrit gessett. Brytland him wses on gewealde. 3 
he J>ser inne casteles gewrohte. 3 pet Manncynn mid ealle 
gewealde. Swilce eac Scotland he him under J>sedde. for his 
mycele strengf>e. Normandige f land wses his gecynde. 3 
ofer ]?one eorldom pe Mans is gehaten he rixade. "3 Gif he 
moste ]3a gyt twa gear libban. he hsefde Yrlande mid his 
werscipe gewunnon. "3 wiSutan selcon wsepnon. Witodlice 
on his timan hsefdon men mycel ge swine. "3 switSe manige 

castelas he li^t wyrcean. 

3 earme men swiSe swencean. 

Se cyng wses swa switSe stearc. 

^ benam of his under ]?eoddan man^ manig marc 

^ The extension of this contraction ^ This man is probably a mere 

is uncertain : msegeste, Gibson, In- error due to the word mani£f which 
gram, Thoipe. follows. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 221 

goldes. '3 md hundred punda seolfres. (a.d. 1086.) 

Det he nam be wihte. "3 mid mycelan tinrihte 
of his landleode, for litte[l]re neode. 
he wses on gitsunge befeallan. 
J grsedinaesse he lufode mid ealle. 
he- BfiBtte mycel deor friS. "] he Isegde laga J>»r wiS. 
^ swa hwa swa sloge heort otStSe hinde. 
f hine man sceolde blendian. 
, he forbead ]7a heortas. swylce eac ]?a baras. 
swa BwiSe ^he' lufode J>a headeor* 
swilce he wsere heora feeder. 

Eac he ssette be ]7am haran' ^ hi mosten freo faran. 
his rice men hit msendon. 3 ]?a earme men hit bece6' 

Ac he [w8Bs] swa stiS* -f he ne robte heora eaUra niS. 
ac hi moston mid ealle ]>es cynges wille folgian 
gif hi woldon libban . o'StSe land habban . 
land ot$t5e eahta . otStSe wel his sehta . 
Wala w4 . ■}> senig man sceolde modigan swa . 
hine sylf upp ahebban . 3 ofer ealle men tellan. 
Se selmihtiga God cyj^ae his saule mild heortnisse* 
3 do him his synna for gifenesse. 

Das ]?ing we habbaS be him gewritene. segSer ge gode ge 
yfele. ^ )?a godan men niman seffcer J)eora godnesse. "3 for 
leon * mid ealle | yfelnesse. "j gan on tSone w^g. f)e us lett to f. 65. b. 
heofonan rice. 

Fela ]nnga we magon writan )?e on tSam ilcan geare ge- 
wordene wseron. Swa hit wses on Denmearcan. ^ ]7a Dsenes- 
can }?e wses serur geteald ealli*a folca getreowast. wurdon 
awende to J>8ere meste un triwSe. -3 to J)am maesten swicd6me )?e 
sefre mihte ge wur8an. Hi ge curon ;] dbugan to Cnute cynge. 
^ him aSas sworon. "3 sytJSan hine earhlice of slogon innan anre 
cyrcean. Eac wearS on Ispanie f J>a hseSenan men foran 3 
hergodan uppon ]7am Xpenan mannan. ^ mycel abegdan to 
heora anwealde. Ac se Xpena cyng, Anphos wses ge haten, he 

^SioMS. Iforfleon. 


222 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.T086;) sende ofer eall into selcan lande. "] gymde fiiltuines. "j him com 
to fultum of selcen lande ]>e Xpen wses. ^ ferdon ^ of slogon j 
aweg adrifan eall pet hseSena folc. "j gewunnon heora land 
ongean. Jjurh Godes fultum. 

Eac on ]5isan ilcan lande on J?am ilcan geaYe. forS ferdon 
manega rice men. Stigand B of Ciceastre. ^ se aBB of see Augus- 
tine. ■] se aBfe of BaSon. ■] J>e of Perscoran. ^ Da heora eallra 
hlaford Willelm Englselandes cyng. f>e we sfer heforan embe 
I I spsecon. ^fter his deaSe his sune. Willeto hset eallswa ]>e 

fseder. feng to ]>&m rice ^ wearS ge bletsod to cynge fram Land- 
franco arce15 on Westmynstre. "preom dagum aer MichVeles 
msBsse dseg. 3 ealle ]>& men on Engla lande him to abugon. j him 
atSas sworon. Disum J>us ge done, se cyng ferde to Win ceastre. 
^ sceawode f madmehus. *] )?a gersuman }>e his faeder aer 
ge gaderode. ]>& wseron un asecgendlice senie men hu mycel J^ser 
wses gegaderod. on golde 3 on seolfre. -3 on faton. ■] on 
psellan. ;) on gimman. 3 on manige oSre deorwurtSe J^ingon. 
]>e earfotSe sindon to ateallene. Se cyng dyde "pa, swa his faeder 
him be bead ser he dead wsere. dselde pa. gersuman for his feeder 
saule. to selcen mynstre pe wes innan^ Engle lande to suman 
f. 66. mynstre 'X* marc goldes. to suman •vi- ^ to selcen cyrcean | uppe 
land -Ix* psen^^a. "j in to aelcere scire man seonde hundred punda 
feos. to dselanne earme mannan for his saule. 3 ser he forSferde 
he bead f man sceolde un lesan ealle ]7a menn pe on hseftnunge 
wseron under his anwealde. 3 se cyng waes on Sam mide wintre 
on Lundene. 

1087. On )?isum geare wses piB land swiSe astirad. j mid 
/ ', mycele swicdome afyUed. swa f J>a riceste Frencisce men Jdc 

' \; weron innan J^isan lande. wolden swican heora hlaforde p&m 

cynge. "3 woldon habban his brotSer to cynge Bodbeard pe wses 
eorl on Normandige. On J^isum raede wses serest Oda B. 3 
GosfritS b. *] WilleZm b on Dunholme. Swa wsell dyde se cyng 
be pa.m b. f eall Engla land fserde sefter his rsede. 3 swa swa he 
wolde. 3 he ]7ohte to donne be him eall swa ludas Scarioth dyde 
be ure Drihtene. 3 B.ogere eorl wses eac set pa.m un rsede. ■] 

^ altered fntm an. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 223 

swiSe mycel folc mid heom ealle Frencisce men. 3 )?»s unrsed (A.D.1087.) 

wserS ge rsed innan ]7am lengtene. Sona swa hit com to ])&m 

Eastron. }>a ferdon hi ^ hergodon 3 baerndon ■] aweston J>8es A^-'^'''^" 

cynges feorme hames," "3 ealira ]^8era manna latid hi for dydon ]?e ^ V '\ 

waeron innan Jtsbs cynges holdscipe. 3 heora aelc ferde to his "• \/ 

castele. "j ]7one mannoden "j metsoden swa hig betst mihton. 

GosfiiS B ^ Rodbeard aMundbrsBg ferdon to Bricgstowe '] 

hergodon ^ brohton to Jjaw castele J>a hergunge. ;) sytJSon foron 

tit of Sam castele '3 hergodon BaSon. "3 eall ^ land ]?8er abutan. 

■3 eall Beorclea hyrnesse hi awseston. "3 Da men J)e yldest 

W8eron of Hereforde. 3 eall ]>eo scir forS mid. 3 ]>a, men' of 

Scrob scyre mid mycele folce of Bry t lande comon "3 hergodon j 

bsemdon on WiSre ceastre scire f orS f hi comon to J>aw porte 

sylfan. ;) woldon J)a tSaene port baBmen. ^ -f mynster reafian. j 

]7ses cynges castel gewinnan heom to handa. Das ]?ing geseonde 

se arwurSa B Wlstan. wearS swiSe ge drefed on his mode. for8ig 

him wses betaeht pe castel to healdene. ]7eah hweSer | his hired f. 66. b. 

men ferdon ut mid feawe mannan of p^m castele. ^ "purh. Godes 

mild heortnisse ^ ]?urh pses bs geeamunga ofslogon "3 gelsehton 

fif hundred manna. '] f>a otSre ealle aflymdon. Se b of Dunholme 

dyde to hearme f he mihte ofer eall be norSan. Boger het an 

of heom. se hleop into pa,m castele set NorSwic. ^ dyde git 

ealira wserst ofer eall f land. Hugo eac an pe hit ne gebette 

nan ping, ne innan Lsegreceastrescire. ne innan KortShamtune. 

De b Odo pe )?as pjng^ of aw6can ferde into Cent to his eorldome. 

;] for dyde hit swySe. "3 Jjses cynges land. -3 J>8es arcebs mid ealle 

aweston. '3 brohte eall f g6d into his castele on Hrofe ceastre. 

Da pe cyng under geat ealle J^as ping. "3 hwilcne swicdom 
hi dydon toweard his. J>a wearS he on his mode switSe ge 
drefed. sonde ]>a sefter Englisce mannan. ^ heom fore ssede 
his neode. 3 gyrnde heora fultumes. "3 behet heom pa, betsta 
laga ]7a sefre ser wses on Jnsan lande. "3 selc u[n] riht geold 
he forbead. j geatte mannan heora wudas. and slsetinge. ac 
hit ne stod nane hwile. Ac Englisce men swa ]7eah fengon 
to ya^m cynge heora hlaforde on fultume. Ferdon pa toweard 

* cyng. MS» 

224 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1087.) Hrofeceastre. "3 woldon )?one 15 Odan begytan. ]?ohtan gif hi 
hsefdon hine ^pe W9es serur heafod to t^am unrsede. ^ hi mihton 
)?e bet begytan ealla )?a otSre. hi comon ]3a to J>am castele 
to Tonebricge. ]?a wseron innan J^am castele Oda15s cnihtas. 
■3 oSre manige J)e hine healdon woldan ongean J>on« cyng. 
Ac f)a Englisce men ferdon. "3 tobrsecon ]7one castel. 3 J>a 
men J)e Jjserinne waeron. griSodon wiS )?one cyng. Se cyng 
mid his here ferde to weard Hrofe ceastre. "3 wendon ^ ee B 
wsere J>8erinne. ac hit wearS J>am cynge cutS f>et se b waes 
afaren to Sam castele aPefenesea. 3 se cyng mid his here 
ferde aeft^r. 3 bessett )?one castel abutan. mid swiSe mycele 
here fulle six wucan. 

Betwyx f)issum se eorl of Nor mandige Hodbeard )?es cynges 
broker gaderode swiSe mycel folc. 3 )?ohte to gewinnane 
Engleland mid ]?8era manna fultume ]7e wseron innan J^isan 
lande ongean ]7on« cyng. '3 he sende of his mannan to J^isum 
lande. 3 wolde cuman himsylf sefter. Ac J>a Englisce men 
f)e wfiBrd'edon Jjsere sae. gelsehton of J>am mannon. "3 slogon. 
3 adrengton ma ]7onne senig man wiste to tellanne. 

SytSSan heom ateorede mete wiS innan J>aw castele. tSa 
gyT[n]don hi griSas. 3 agefan hine J)a»» cynge. "3 se b swor 
^ he wolde ut of Engle lande faran. 3 nk mare cuman on 
tSisan lande butan se cyng him sefter sende. "3 -f he wolde 
agifan Jjonc castel on Hrofeceastre. Ealswa se b ferde "3 
sceolde agifan ]7on« castel. "3 se cyng sende his men mid 
him. Sa arisan ]?a men ]7e wseron innan ]7am castele. "3 
namon fjone b 3 f)es cynges men. 3 dydon hi on hseftnunge. 
Innan ]?am castele wseron swiSe gode cnihtas. Eustatitc^ ]7e 
ionga. 3 Eogeres eorles ]7reo sunan. j ealle ]7a betstboren 
men. \>q wseron innan ]7isan lande. 0(5t5e on Normandige. 

Da se cyng under geat )?as J>ing. ]?a ferde he sefter mid 
^p^m, here ]7e he Sser hsefde. 3 sende ofer eall Engla lande. 
3 bead ^ selc man ]?e wsere unnit^ing sceolde cuman to him, 
Frencisce "3 Englisce. of porte 3 of uppe lande. Him com 
]>a mycel folc t6. -3 he for [to] Hrofeceastre. "3 bessett J>one 
castel. otStSet hi gritSedon fjse Jjser inne wseron. ^ )?one castel 
ageafon. Se b Odo mid ]7am mannum ]>e innan ]7am castele 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 325 

wteron ofer sse ferdon. "3 se B swa for let ]7one wurtSecipe 
]>e he on l^is land hsefde. Se cyng sy'SSan sende here to 
Dnnholme. 3 let besittan })one castel. 3 se B gritSode and 
iigeaf ]x)ne castel. '3 for let his biscoprice. 3 ferde to Nor- 
mandigtf. Eac manige Frencisce men for leton heora land. 
J ferdon ofer see. "j se cyng geaf heora land ]}am mannum 
]>e him holde wssron. 

1089. On J^isum geare se arwurtSa muneca feder j frouer f. 67. b. 
Landfranc arcB ge wat of J^issam life, ac we hopiatS ^ he ferde 

^to' ^ heo&nlice rice. Swilce eac ge warS ofer eall Engle land 
mycel eorS styrunge. on f>one dseg 'iii- IDws Aug*, j wses 
switSe Isetsum gear on come. 3 on selces cynnes wsestmum. 
Bwa ^ manig men rsepon heora com onbutan Martines mses- 
Ban. '3 gyt lator. 

1090. Indictione xm. Dissum ]7us ged6n. eall swa wse ser 
abu^Bkn ssedan be J^am cynge. 3 be his broSer. 3 be his 
mannon. Se cyng wses smsegende hu he mihte wrecon his ^ / ' 
broSer Eodbeard switSost swencean. "3 Normandige of him 

ge winnan. Deah ]7urh his geap scipe. o'SSe }7urh geersuma he 
begeat ]x)ne castel set see Waleri. j ]7a heefenan. '3 swa he 
begeat ))one set Albemare. 3 ]7ar inne he sette his cnihtas. 
3 hi dydon hearmes nppon \wm lande on hergunge ;j on bsemete. 
JE&jer ]7isum he begeat ma castelas innan )>am lande. 3 ^]>8Br' 
inne his rideras ge logode. 

Se eorl of Normandige Hodbeard sySSan he under geat f his 
gesworene men him trucedon. 3 agefon hera castelas him 
to hearme. \>& sende he to his hlaforde Philippe Francena 
cynge. "3 he com to Normandige mid mycelan here. ;j se cyng 
J se eorl mid ormsetre fyrde besseton ]x)ne castel abuton* 
psdT "pBdB cynges men of Engle land inne wseiron. Se cyng 
Willelm of Engla lande sende to Philippe Francena cynge. 3 
he for his lufan otSSe for his mycele gersuma forlet swa his 
man ]>one eorl Bodbeard 3 his land. 3 ferde ongean to France 
3 let heom swa weortSan. 3 betwyx ]?isum prngam ]7is land 
wses swiSe ford6n. on unlagagelde. 3 on otSre manige 

1091. On ]?isam geare se cyng WilleZm heold his hired to 


226 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1091.; Xpesmessan on WsBst mynstre. ;) psdr sefter to | Candel msBssan 
f. 68. ]je ferde for his brotSeer un f>earfe ut of Engla lande into 
Normandige. On mang ]?am ]>e he pedr wses. heora sehte to gse- 
dere eode. on f gerad f se eorl him to handan let Uescam. 
"] )?one eorldom sdt Ou. -3 Kiseresburh. And Jjaertoeacan 
]>eB cynges men sac leas beon moston. on ]>&fn castelan. ]>e 
hi ser fes eorles unfances begiten hsefdon. ^ Se cyng him 
ongean p& Manige behet, ]>e ser heora feeder gewann. 3 ]>& fram 
J>am eorle gebogen wses, gebygle to donne. 3 eall f his ffleder 
pBdT begeondan hsefde. butan ]>&m ]>e he ]?a[m] cynge ]>& 
geunnen hsefde. '2 f ealle ]>& ]>e on Engle lande for ]7am 
eorle seror heora land forluron. hit on ]?isum sehte habban 
sceoldan. "] se eorl on Engle lande eall swa mycel swa on heora 
forewarde waes. And gif se eorl forS ferde butan sunu be 
rihtre sewe. wsere se cyng yrfenuma of eallon Normandig. Be 
J^isre sylfan forewarde gif se cyng swulte. wcere se eorl yrfenuma 
ealles Engla landes. Das forewarde gesworan ^xii* "pa, betste 
of pes cynges healfe. and 'xii* of pes eorles. peah. hit sytStSan 
litle hwile stode. 

On mang J^isum ssehte wearS Eadgar se]7eling belandod. of 
psifn pe se eorl him seror ]78er to handa gelseten hsefde. "j ut 
of Normandig for to pa,m cynge his aSume to Scotlande. "j 
to his swustor. 

On mang p&m pe se cyng 'Willelm ut of Engle lande wses. 
ferde se cyng Melcolm of Scotlande hider into Englum. 3 his 
mycelne dsel oferhergode. oS -f ]>a gode msen pe J)is land 
bewiston. him fyrde ongean ssendon. ^ hine gecyrdon. Da 
p& se cyng Willelm into Normandige Jjis ge hyrde. pa gearcode 
he his fare. ;) to Engle lande com. 3 his broSer se eorl Rod- 
beard mid him. •] sona fyrde h^t ut abeodan. eegSer scip fyrde 
3 land fyrde. ac seo scip fyrde ser he to Scotlande cuman 
mihte. selmsest earmlice forfor. feowan dagou toforan see 
Michseles msessan. And se cyng 3 his broker mid ptere 
f. 68. b. land fyrde ferdon. ac ]?a 8a | se cyng Melcolm gehyrde - f 
hine man mid fyrde secean wolde. he for mid his fyrde ut 
of Scotlande into LoSene on Engla land "j ]?ser abad. Da 
]7a se cyng WtUelm mid his fyrde ge nealehte. p& ferdon betwux 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 227 

Eodbeard eorl 3 Eadgar seSeling ;j J^aera cinga sehte swa (aj).io9i.) 
ge macedon. ^ se cyng Melcolm to uran cynge com. ;j his man 
wearS to eallswilcre ge hyrsumnisse swa he ser his fseder 
dyde. 3 ^ mid aSe gefestnode. •] se cyng WiUelm him beh^t 
on lande "j on ealle pinge ]>sds \>e he under his fi»der aer 

On J^isnm sehte wearS eac Eadgar e])eling witS J^one cyng 
gessehtlad. 3 \>a, cyngas ]7a mid mycclum sehte tohwurfon. 
ac f litle hwile stod. And se eorl Sx)dbeard her dS Xpes 
maesse fomeah mid \>am cynge wunode. "j litel sotSes ]>8dT on 
mang. of heora forewarde onfand. "j twam dagon ser J^sere 
tide on Wiht scipode. ■] into Normandig for. ^ Eadgar setSeling 
mid him. 

1092. On J>isuw» geare se cyng Willelm mid myceh-e fyrde 
ferde norS to Cardeol. * 3 ]>& burh ge se'SstaJ^elede. "] })one 
castel arerde. ^ Dolfin utadraf pe seror ]>sbr "pea landes 
weold. 3 ]7one castel mid his mannan gesette. 'j sytStSan hider 
8u8 gewsende. 3 mycele msenige Eyrlisces* folces mid wifa 3 

mid orfe Jjyder ssende. )?8er to wunigenne -f land to tilianne. / / 

1093. On l^isum geare to ]>a,m Isengtene warS se cyng WiUdm 
on Gleaweceastre to ]>B,m swiSe geseclod. f he waes ofer eall 
dead gekyd. 3 on his broke he Gode fela behaesa beh6t. 
his agen lif on riht to Isedene. "] Godes cyrcean griSian ;) 
fritSian. 3 nsefre md eft witS feo gesyllan. 3 ealle rihte lage 
on his J^eode to habbene. And f arcebrice on Cantwarbyrig 
pe aer on his agenre hand st6d. Anselme betaehte. se waes 
aer aBb on Bsec. 3 Eodbeard his cancelere f biscoprice on 
Lincolne. ] to manegan mynstren land ge uSe. ac f he sytSSan 
aetbraed. p& him gebotad waes. 3 ealle ]7a gode laga | forlset. pe f. 69. 
he us aer beh^t. 

Da aefter ]?isson sende [se] cyng of Scotlande. ;) J^aere fore- 
warde gymde pe him behaten waes. and s6 cing Willelm him 
steofhode to Gloweceastre. 3 him to Scotlande gislas sende. 
■3 Eadgar aej^eling aefter. 3 f>a men sytSSan ong6an. pe hine 
mid mycclon wurSscipe to pam cynge brohtan. Ac ]7a Sa he 

^ Garleol: Gibson's correction. 

' ISnglisoes : Gibson's coirection. oyrlisces. Thorpe. 

Q 2 

228 THE IjiUD MS. (E) 

to ]7am cyngc com ne mihte he beon weoi'Se naSer ne on 
cynges speece. ne ]?8era forewarde \>e him asr behatene menu, 
-j for ]7i hi ]>& mid mycelon un sehte to hwurfon. j m cjng 
Melcolm ham to Scotlande gewsende. Ac hraSe paes ^ Iw 
ham com. he his fyrde gegaderode. 'j into Eng^ lands 
hergende mid maraii unrsede ferde ]x)ne him abehofbde. ] 
hine ]>& Eodbeard se eorl of NortShymbran mid bis mnoiii 
unweeres besyrede 3 of slob. EGine slob MorsBl of Behbft- 
burh. se wses ]7ses eorles stiward. 3 Melcohnes cynges godrib. 
Mid him wses eac Eadward bis sune of slagen. se seft^r \am 
cyng beon sceolde. gif he hit ge lifode. Da ]?a seo gode ewen 
Margarita ]?is gehyrde. byre \>b, leofstan blaford 3 Bona |nH 
beswikene. heo wearS oS deaS on mode geancsumed. ;] mid 
hire prestan to cyrcean code. 3 hire geribtan underfeng. ] 
set Gode absed. f heo hire gast ageaf. "} Da Scottas |m 
Dufenal to cynge gecuron Melcolmes brot^r. *] eaUe ]>a Englisee 
tit adrsefdon. pe ser mid ]?am cynge Melcolme wseron. Bi 
]pa Dunecan Melcohnes cynges sunu J^is eall gebyrde ]m 
gefaren. se on J^ses cynges byrede "WUlelmes wses. swa bw» 
his fseder hine ures cynges f^der ser to gisle ge seald bsfde. 
3 her swa sy^San belaf. be to psm cynge com. ^j swilce 
getryw'Sa dyde. swa se cyng set him habban wolde. 3 swa 
mid his unne to Scotlande f6i'. mid pAtn fultume pe be begytan 
mihte Engliscra 'j Frenciscra. and his msege Dufenal pea 
rices benam. "j to cynge wearS under fangen. Ac ]?a Soottas 
. hi eft sume gegaderoden. *] forneah | ealle his msenu of slogan. 
3 be sylf mid feawum set bserst. SytJSan hi wurdon sehte. on 
]>& ger^ f he nsefre eft Englisce ne Frencisce into ]>am lande 
ne ge logige. 

1094. Her hsefde se cyng WiUelm to Cristes meessan bis 
hired set Gleawe ceastre. 3 him ]7ider fram his brotSer Bodbearde 
of Normandig bodan coman. \>& cyddon f his broSer griS 
J forewarde eall sef ter cwset?. butan se cyng ge Isestan wolde 
eall J^et hi on forewarde hsefdon ser gewrobt. j uppon f bine 
forsworenue -} trywleasne clypode. buton be )?a forewarda 
geheolde. oSSe ]?ider ferde 3 bine J^ser betealde ]>adr seo fore- 
warde ser wses ge wrobt ^ eac ge sworen. 

, » 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 229 

Da ferde Be cyng to HsBstingan to \9.m Candel msessan. '3 (A.D.1094. 
on mang ]7asn ]7e he ]78er wederes ab4d. he let halgian ^ mynster 
»t })sere Bataille. 3 Herbearde Losange ]7am 1^ of peot fordan 
bis steef benam. ;j ]78er sefter to mid lengtene ofer sae for 
into Normandige. SyStSan he J?ider cow. he ^ his broSer 
Bodbeard se eorl ge cwseSan. ^ hi mid gritSe to geedere cuman 
sceoldan. 3 swa dydon. •] gesemede beon ne mihtan. SytSSan 
eft hi togsedere coman mid ]7am ilcan mannan ]?e aer ^ loc 
makedon. ^ eac J)a aSas sworen. j eahie )?on« bryce uppon 
}>one cyng tealdon. ac he nolde J^ees ge]?afa beon. ne eac 
)7a forewarde healdan. 3 for]>am hi ]7a mid mycelon unsehte 
to cyrdon. 

And se cyng sytSSan ]5one castel set Bures gewann. -j J>es 
eorles men ]?8er inne genam. ]?a sume i hyder to lande sonde. 
Dser togeanes se eorl mid )?es cynges fiiltame of France gewann 
)>one castel set Argentses. ^ ]?ear inne Bogger Peiteuin genam. 
"3 seofen hundred ]7es cynges cnihta mid him. "3 sy'SSan ]7one 
8Bt Hulme. ;) Oftrsedlice heora 8Bg8er uppon oSeme tunas 
beernde. 3 eac menne Isehte. 

Da sonde [se] cyng hider to lande. ■] h^t abeodan tit -xx. 
})U8enda Engliscra manna | him to fultume to Normandig. ac f. 70. 
]>a hi to 686 coman. ]?a hot hi man cyrran. ^ f feoh syllan 
to })»s cynges beh6fe ]>e hi ge numen haefdon. J^et wses selc man 
healf punda. -j hi swa dydon. 

3 se eorl innon Normandig sefter ]7ison mid ]?am cynge of 
France. *] mid eallon 'pan "pe hi gegaderian mihton ferdon 
to wardes Ou Jjser se cyng 'WtUehn inne w»s. ^ Jjohtan bine 
inne to besittanne. 3 swa Toran oS hi coman to Lunge uile. 
Dser wearS se cyng of France Jjurh ge smeah ge cyrred. ;) swa 
syt^an eal seo fyrding t6hwearf. Her on mang ]?ison se 
cyng Wtllelm sende sefter his broker Heanrige. se w8bs on J?aw 
castele set Damfront. ac for]?i pe he mid fritSe ]7urh Normandig 
faran ne mihte. he him sende scipon sefter. "j Hugo eorl of 
Ceastre. Ac ]7a Sa hi towardes Ou faran sceoldan l^ser se 
cyng wses. hi foran to Engle lande. -j dp coman set Hamtune on 
ealra halgena msessese&e. j her sytStSon wunedon. j to Xpes 
msesEan wseron on Lunden. 

23© THE LAUD MS. (E) 

Eac on ]7isum ylcan geare ]7a Wylisce menn hi gegaderodon. 
:) wiS ]?a Frencisce ]?e on Walon. oSSe on }?8ere neawiste wseron 
:) hi se'r belandedon. gewinn tipahofon. 3 manige festena 
3 castelas abrsecon. 3 men of slogon. An^ sytStSan heora gefylce 
weox. hi hi on ma todseldon. WitS sum ]78era dsele gefeaht 
Hago eorl of Scrobscire ^ hi aflymde. Ac }7eah hweSer 
]?a oSre. ealles J^ses geares nanes yfeles ne ge swicon ]>6 hi d6n 

Dises geares eac ]>a Scottas heora cyng Danecan besyredon 
"j of slogan. ;] heom sy'SSan eft oSre sytSe his fiBBderan 
Dufenal to cynge genamon. })urh ]>es lare ;j totihtinge he 
wearS to deaSe beswicen. 

1095. On ]?isum geare wses se cyng WilleZm to Xpes msessan 
J3a feower forewarde dagas on Hwitsand. ■] sefter )>aw feor&n 
dsege hider to lande for. "j upp com set Doferan. And Heanrig 
70. b. J?es cynges broSer her on lande 08 | lengten wunode. j )» 
ofer 886 for to Normandig mid mycclon gersumau. on J^ses 
cynges heldan uppon heora broSer Bodbeard eorl .•' ] gelomlice 
uppon ]7one eorl wann. j him mycelne hearm segSer on lande 
3 on mannan dyde. 

And ]?a to Eastran heold se cyng his hired on Winceastre. 
3 se eorl Eodbeard of NorS hymbran nolde to hirede caman. 
1 se cyng forSan weartS wiS hine swi8e astyrod. "] hiwi to 
ssende ^ heardllce bead gif he gri'Ses weorSe beon wolde. \ 
he to Pentecosten to hired come. On J^isum geare wsBron 
Eastron on -yiiio* & Apr. "j ]7a uppon Eastron on sSe Ambrosias 
msesse niht. ^ is 'ii* no Apr wses ge sewen for neah ofer eall J?is 
land swilce for neah ealle }7a niht mvS^ mseni fealdlice steorran 
of heofenan feollan. naht be anan otSSe twam. ac swa J^iclice 
^ hit nan mann ateallan ne mihte. Her sefter to Pentecosten 
wses se cyng on Windles oran. 3 ealle his witan mid him. butan 
J?aw eorle of NorS hymbran. forj^aw se cyng him najjer nolde 
ne gislas syllan. ne uppon trywtSan geunnon ^ he mid gritSe 
cumon moste "j faran. 

3 se cyng for)?i his fyrde bead. •] uppon ]x)ne eorl to 

I no MS. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 231 

NorShymbran f6r. "] sona ]?eB ^pe he ]>ider co^n. he manege (a.d. 1095 
;j forneah ealle ]7a betste of J^es eorles hirede iDnan anan 
fsestene gewann. "3 on hseftene gedyde. ;) )?ou6 castel set 
TinemutSan besset otSSet he hine gewann. -3 J)8bs eorles broSer 
]7serinne ^ ealle ]?a ]7e him mid wseron. and sytSSan ferde 
to Bebbaburh. 3 j>on« eorl J^serinne besset. Ac fja Sa se 
cyng ge seah -^ he hine gewinnan ne mihte. ]7a het he makian 
senne castel toforan Bebbaburh. j hine^ on his spsece Malueisin 
het. ^ is on Englisc Yfel nehhebur. 3 hine swiSe mid his 
mannan ge ssette. 3 sytStSan suS weard f6r. Da sona sefter ]?am 
J>e se cyng W8es suS afaren. feorde se eorl anre nihte ut of 
Bebbaburh towardes TinemuSan. ac ]3a f)e innan | ]3am niwan f. 71. 
castele waeron. his gewaer wurdon. ■] him sefter foran 3 onfuhton. 
■] hine ge wundedon. -3 sytfiSan ge Isehton. 3 )>a f>e mid hi?» 
wseron sume of slogan, sume lifes gefengon. 

On man[g] ]?ison weartS J>am cynge cuS. -f )?a Wylisce 
men on Wealon sumne castel heafdon to broken Muntgumni / / 
hatte. 3 Hugon eorles menn of slagene )?e hine healdon sceol- 
dan. 3 he forf>i oSre fyrde h6t fearlice abannan. 3 sefter 
B6e Michaeles msesse into Wealan ferde. 3 his fyrde to scyfte. "3 
f land eall }>urh for. swa -f seo fyrde eall togsedere com to 
ealra halgena to Snawdune. ac ]?a Wylisce a toforan into 
muntan and moran ferdan ^ heom man to cuman ne mihte. 
3 se cyng ^pB, ham weard ge wende for]7am he geseah ^ he J^aer 
l^es wintres mare don ne mihte. 

Da ]7a se cyng ongean com. ]7a het he niman '}pone eorl 
Botbeard of KorShymbran "3 to Bsebbaburh Isedan. -3 segtSer 
eage utadon. buton ]?a \>q ^p^st inne wseron ^pone castel agyfan 
woldan. Hine heoldan his wif. 3 Moreal se wses stiward ;) 
eac his mseg. Durh ^p\^ weartS se castel ]7a agyfen. 3 Moreal 
weartS J)a on » ]?es cynges hirede. "3 J^urh hine wurdon manege 
segtSer ge gehadode 3 eac Isewede ge ypte. J>e mid heora rsede on 
]?es cynges un heldan wseron. ]>a se cyng sume ser ]7sere tide h^t 
on haeftneSe ge bringan. "3 sytSSan swiSe ge mahlice ofer eall )?is 
land beodan. ^ ealle ]?a ]^ of ]7am cynge land heoldan. eall swa 

^ altwedfrom his. ' altered from in or un. 

232 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1095.) hi fritJes weortSe beon woldan. f hi on hirede to tide weeron. 
And )?one eorl Eotbert h^t se cyng to Windlesoran Isedan. ^ 
]?8er innan ]^m castele healdan. 

Eac on ]7is ylcan geare togeanes Eastron com J^ses Fapan 
sande hider to lande. ^ wses Waltear bisceop swiSe godlifes 
man of Albin |?8ere ceastre. "j ]7am arceB Ansealme uppon 
Pentecosten of )?8es Papan healfe Urbanw« his pallium geaf. ■] 
f- 71. b. he hine under feng set his arce stole on Cant wara byrig. | and 
se biscop Waltear her on lande )?8es geares sySSan lange wunode. 
^ man sy'SSan ^ Eomgesceot be him sende. swa man manegan 
gearan seror ne dyde. 

Dises ylcan eac geares weeron swiSe un tfd ge widera. ;) forj^i 
geond eall \>\& land wurdon eorSwsestmas eall to medemlice 
ge wende. 

1096. On ]7ison geare heold se cyng WillcZm his hired to 
Xpes meessan on Windlesoran. 3 Will«/m bisc of Dunholme 
fjser forts ferde to geares dsege. Snd on Octab Epiphan' w8bs 
se cyng ^ ealle his witan on Sear byrig. peer beteah Gosfrei 
Bainard Will^Zm of Ou ]7es cynges mseg ^ he heafde gebeon 
on )7es cynges swicdome. 3 hit him ongefeaht. 3 hine on 
orrest« ofer com. "] sytStSan he ofer cumen wees. hi^?»- bet se cyng 
. / l>a eagan utadon. 3 syJjtSan belisnian^ 3 his stiward WilleZm 

/ / / hatte. se waes his modrian sunu. bet se cyng on rode ah6n. 
Deer weartS eac Eoda eorl of Campaine }78es cynges aSum 3 manege 
oSre belende. ■] sumne man to Lundene laedde. "3 fjser spilde. 

Dises geares eac to Jmm Eastran wearS switSe mycel styrung 
geond ealle )?as )?eode. ^ fela oSra J^eodan J?urh Urbane* se wses 
Papa gehaten J^eah \>q he ]78es setles na]>ing nsefde dn Home, "j 
ferde unarimedlice folc mid wifan 3 cildan to J?i f hi uppon 
hsetSene fjeodan winnan woldan. Durh J^as fare weartS se cyng 
•j his brotSor Kodbeard eorl sebte. swa $ se cyng ofer sse for. ;j 
eall Normandig set him mid feo alisde. swa swa hi ^p^k sehte 
wfieron. and se eorl sytStSan ferde. 3 mid him se eorl of Flandran. 
^ se of Bunan. 3 eac manige oSre heafodmen. ^ se eorl Rot- 
beard ;] J)a })e mid him ferdon )?on« winter on Puille wunedon. 
Ac J>es folces })e be Hungrie for. fela ]7usenda Jjser j be wsege 

^ belisman. MS. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 333 

earmlice forforan. 3 fela hreowlice -j hanger bitene ongean 
winter ham tugon. 

Dis W8BS BwitSe hefig time gear geond eall Angel cyn. cBgtSer 
ge ]?urh rosenig fealde gylda. 3 eac ]7urh switSe | hefig tymne f. 7a. 
hanger, pe J^isne eard pses geares switSe gedrehte. 

Eac on ]7ison geare \>& heafod men pe pis land heoldan oft rsed- 
lice fjrde into Wealon sendon. 3 msenig man mid 'J^am' swiSe 
ge drehtan. ac man psdr ne ge spsedde. batan man myrringe. "j 
feoh spillinge. 

1097. Her on J^ison geare weas se cyng Willelm to Xpes 
msessan on Normandig. 3 ]>& togeanes Eastron hider to lande 
for. for )?am he ]?ohte his hired on Win ceastre to healdenne. ac 
he weartS J>urh weder gel^t. otSSet Eastre sefen f he up com 
serost set Arundel. 3 for]?i his hired aet Windlesoran heold. 

•] )?8er tefier mid mycclum here in to Wealon ferde. 3 f land 
switSe mid his fyrde )?urh for. J>urh sume J)a Wvliscean )?e him 
to wseron cumen 3 his Isedteowas wseron. ^ "pser innewunode fram 
middesumeran forneah otS August. 3 mycel ]^8er inne for leas 
on mannan 3 on horsan. 3 eac on manegan oSran ]?ingan. Da 
Wylisce men sytStSon hi fram p&m cynge gebugon. heom manege 
ealdras of heom syl&n gecuron. sum ]7sera waes Caduugaun 
ge haten pe heora weortSast wees, se wses Griffines broSer sunu 
cynges. Ac fja tSa se cyng ge seah f he nan f>ingc his willes 
psdT ge fort^ian ne mihte. he ongean into ]>ison lande for. ^ hratSe 
sefter pam, he be psan ge meeron castelas let ge makian. 

Da uppon see Michaele* msessan -iiiio- N®. Octobr. setywde in 
selcuS steorra on aefen scynende "] sona to setle gangende. He 
wses ge sewen sutSweast. ] se leoma pe him ofst6d. wses swiSe 
lang ge ]7uht sutS east scinende. 3 for neah ealle p& wucan on pas 
wisan setywde. Manige men leton f hit cometa wsere. 

Sona sefter fjyson. se arceb Ansealm of Cant war byrig. leafe set 
pom cynge nam. peah. hit pa,m cynge unge will wsere ]7ses pe men 
leton. 3 ofer sse f6r. foTpB.m him pvliie f man on ]?isne }7eodan 
lytel sefter rihte 3 sefter his dyhte dyde. 

And se cyng JTser sefter uppon see | Martines msessan ofer sse f. 7a. b. 
fnt6 Normandig for. ac pa hwile pe he wederes ab4d. his hired 
innon pSLtn sciran ]?ser hi lag6n. )>one mseston hearm dydon pQ 

234 TH^ LAUD MS. (E) 

SBfre hired otSt^e here innon friSlande don sceolde. Dis wses 
on eallon ]>ingan switSe hefigtyme ge4r. j ofer geswincfull. on 
ungewederan ]7a man otStSe tilian sceolde. otSSe eft tilSa 
ge gaderian. "j on un gyldan ]7a nsefre ne ablunnon. Eac manege 
sciran J^e mid weorce to Lundenne belumpon. wurdon Jjaerle 
gedrehte. ]>urh ]x)ne weall f>e hi worhton on butan f>on« tur. j 
}mrh f>a brycge J)e for neah eall to flotan wses. "j J>urh Jjses cynges 
heallegeweorc ]>e man on Westmynstre worhte. j msenige man^ 
J)8er mid ge drehte. 

Eac on J^ysum ylcan geare sona uppon see Michaeles msessan 
ferde Eadgar sej^eling mid fyrde J^urh J^aes cynges fultum into 
Scotlande. j J^et land mid stranglicum feohte gewann. ;} ]7one 
cyng Dufenal tit adrsefde. j his maeg Eadgar se wses Melcolmes 
sunu cynges j Margarite J>8ere cwenan he ]?8er on f>8es cynges 
Willelmes heldan to cynge gesette. ;} sy?5San ongean into 
Engleland for. 

1098. On J>ysum geare to Xpes msessan wses se cjngWillelm 
on Normandig. j Walcelin B on Win ceastre. j Baldewine aBB on 
sCe JGdmund innan J^sere tide bsegen fortSferdan. j On J^isum 
geare eac Turold aBb of Burh fortS ferde. 

Dises geares eac to ]?an sumeran innan Barruc scire set 
Finchamstsede dn mere blod weoU. swa swa manige trywe men 
ssedan pe hit ge seon sceoldan. 

J Hugo eorl weartS of slagen innan Angles ege fram tit wikin- 
gan. ;] his broSer Rodbert weartS his yrfe numa. swa swa he hit 
set f>am cynge of eode. 

Toforan sCe MichaeW msessan setywde seo heofon swilce heo 

for neah ealle J,a niht bymende waere. Dis wses switSe ge swine- 

full gear Jjurh manigfeald^ ungyld. j Jjurh mycele renas f>e 

f. 73. ealles geares ne ablunnon. for neah selc iUS on mersc | lande 

for ferde. 

1099. Her wses se cyng Will^Zm to midewintra on Norman- 
dig. "J to Eastron hider to lande com. ^ to Pentecosten forman 
sitSe his hired innan his niwan ge byttlan set West mynstre heold. 
J }?8er Rannulfe his capellane f biscop rice on Dunhohne geaf. >e 

^ aUeredfiom m.en. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 235 

seror ealle his gemot ofer eall Engleland draf. j bewiste. ;} 
sona J>8er aefter ofer 8» for. j ]x)n« eorl Elias of J^sere Manige 
adraf. ^ hy sytSSan on his ge weald gessette. j swa to sSe 
Michaele^ maessan eft hider to lande com. 

Dises geares eac on sde Martinet msesse dseg* asprang up to ^ 
]7an switSe sse flod. j swa mycel to hearme ge dyde. swa nan man 
ne g« munet ^ hit sefre seror dyde. ;} waes tSses ylcan dseges luna 

And Osmund biscop of Searbyrig innon Aduent forSferde. 

1100. On ]7ison geare se cyng Wtlldm heold his hired to 
Xpes msessa on Gleawe ceastre. j to Eastron on Win ceastre. ^ 
to Pentecosteri on West mynstre. 

J to J>am Pentecostew wses 'ge'sewen innan Barruc scire aet 
anan tune blod weallan of eor]7an. swa swa maenige saedan "pe 
hit geseon sceoldan. And )>8er8efter on morgen aefter hlam 
maesse daege weartS se cyng Willehn on huntnotSe fram his anan 
men mid anre fla of sceoten. j sySSan to Winceastre gebroht. 
;j on p&m biscop rice bebyrged. f waes J>8es J^reotteSan geares 
pe he nee on feng. 

He waes swiSe Strang -j reSe ofer his land j his maenn. j wiS 
ealle his neahheburas. j swiSe on dr^dendlic. j ].urh yfeb:a 
manna raedas pe him aefre ge cweme waeran. ;] purh his agene 
gitsunga. he aefre J>as leode mid here ^ mid un gylde tyrwigende 
waes. for}7an pe on his dagan aelc riht afeoll. ;} aelc uu riht for 
Gode J for worulde tip aras. Godes cyrcean he nySerade. j J>a 
Bcop rices ;} aBbrices pe ]7a ealdras on his dagan feollan. { Ealle f. 73. b. 
he hi clSSe wiS feo gesealde. dSSe on his agenre haod heold. ;} to 
gafle gesette. forj^an pe he aelces mannes gehadodes j laewedes 
yrfe numa beon wolde. j swa f )>aes daeges pe he ge feoll. he 
heafde on his agenre hand f arce b rice on Cantwarbyrig. ;} f 
bisceop rice on Win ceastre. "j $ on Sear byrig. *] .xi* abb rices, 
ealle to gafle gesette. And ]?eah pe ic hit laeng ylde. eall ]7et pe 
Gode waes latS ;] ri'h'tfullan mannan. eall f waes ge wunelic on 
)>isan lande on his tyman. ;} for]?i he waes for neah ealre his 
leode laS. ^ Gode andsaete. swa swa his aende aetywde. forpsm pe 

> to to. MS. 

236 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(aj>.iioo.) he on middewardan his unrihte huten be hreowsunge ^ selcere 
deed bote gewat. 

On ]?sene punresdseg he wses ofslagen. j Jtsbs on morgen 
bebyrged. j sySjmn he bebyrged wsbs. ]?a witan j^e J>a neh handa 
waeron. his brother Heanrig to cynge gecuran. j he }78errihte $ 
biSc rice on Winceastre WilleZme Giffarde geaf. ;} si|7]?an to 
Lundene f6r. j on ]?an Sunnandeege J^ser aeft^ toforan J^am 
weofode on West mynstre Gode j eallan folce beh^t ealle }>a 
unriht to aleggenne ]>e on his broSer timan wseran. ^ }>a 
betstan lage to healdene ]>e on seniges cynges dsBge toforan 
him stodan. And bine sytStSan aefter J^am se biscop of Lundene 
MauriciiM to cynge gehalgode. ;} him ealle on ]>eo8an lande to 
abugan. ;} aSas sworan. "3 his men wurdon. 

And se cyng sona sefber J^am be J^aere rsede JTe him abutan 
waeran. ]>on6 biscop Eannulf of Dunholme let niman. ^ into ]7am 
ture on Lundene let ge bringon. j ]78er healdan. Da to foran 
sSe Michaele^ maessan com se arce biscop Ansealm of Cant 
warbyrt^ hider to lande. swa swa se cyng Heanrig be his witena 
rsede him sefter sonde, forj^an ]7e he wses tit of J^is lande gef^ren. 
for J>an mycelan un rihte J>e se cyng WilWm him dyde. 

And sit^an sona her sefter se cyng genam Mahalde him to 
wife Malcolmes cynges dohter of Scotlande. ;} Hiargareta ]7sere 
f. 74. goda I cwsene Eadwardes cynges magan. ;} of ]7an rihtan .ZBIngla 
landes kynekynne. ^ on sBe Martmes msessecbeg heo wear« 
him mid mycelan weortSscipe forgifen on West mynstre. ^ se 
arce bisc Ansealm hi him be wseddade. j sitStSan to cwene gehal- 
gode. And se arce b Thomas of Eoferwic her sefker sona fortS 

Deoses ylces geares eac innan hserfest com se eorl Botbert 
ham in to Normandi. ^ se eorl Rotbert of FlandraTi. ^ Eustatii«« 
eorl of Bunan fram Jerusalem. ^ sona swa se eorl ^otbtrt into 
Normandig com. he wearS fram eallan ]?am folce bli)>elice' 
under fangen. butan ]7am castelan t^e wseron g6 ssette raid ]7ses 
cynges Heanriges manna, togeanes ]?an he manega ge wealc ;} 
ge winn hsefde. 

1101. Her on J^isum geare to Xpes msessan heold se cyng 
Heanrig his hired on West mynstre. ^ to Eastran on Winceastre. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 237 

^ ]7a Bona ]?sersefter wurdon }7a heafodmen her on lande (a.d.iioo.) 
wiSerrseden togeanes ]?am cynge. segSer ge for heoran agenan 
mjcelan ungetrywtSan. "3 eac J?urh ]x)n« eorl Eodbert of Nor- 
mandig. ])e mid un fritSe hider to lande fundode. And se cyng * 
sy'SSan scipa at on sse sonde his brother to daere j to Isettinge. 
ac hi sume sefb set J^sere neode abrutSon. -3 fram ]?am C3nQge 
gecyrdon. "3 to ]7am eorle Hotberte gebugan. Da to midde 
sumeran ferde se cyng tit to Pefenesse mid eall his fyrde 
to geanes his brother ^ his >ser ab^. ac on mang ]?ison com 
se eorl Rotbert up eet PortesmuSan -xii* nihtan toforan Hlaf- 
msessan. 3 se cyng mid ealre his fyrde him togeanes com. ac f^a 
heafod men heom betwenan foran. j ]m brotSra ge sehtodan on |pa 
gerdd. ]7et se cyng for let eall ^ he mid streangSe innan 
Normandig togeanes }>am eorle heold. 3 ^ ealle ]?a on Engle 
lande heora land ongean heafdon. \>q hit ser ]>urh ]?one eorl 
forlaron. ^ Eustaties eorl eac eall his feeder land her on lande. \ 
-] ]>et se eorl E,otbert selce geare sceolde of Engla lande | ]7reo f. 74. b. 
]7U8end marc seolfres habban. ;} loc hweSer 'J>8era ge'bro&a 
oSeme oferbide. wsere yrfeweard ealles Engla landes ;} eac 
Normandiges. buton se forS farena yrfe numan heafde be rihtre 
aewe. 3 ]>is ]>a mid aSe gefestnodan •xii* ]7a hihste of segSre 
healfe. And se eorl sySSan oS tSet ofer s8e MichaeW msesse 
her on lande wnnode. 3 his men mycel to hearme sefre ge dydon 
swa hi ge ferdon. ]>a hwile ]>e se eorl her on lande wunode. 

Discs geares eac se % Eannulf to )>am Candel msessan tit of 
)>am ture on Lunden nihtes otSbserst J^ser he on hseftneSe 
wses. "3 to Normandige for. J)urh J>es macunge msest 3 to spryt- 
tinge se eorl Eotbert J^ises geares ]?is land mid un friSe ge sohte. 

1102. On }7i&am geare to NatiuiteS wses se cyng Heanrig on 
West mynstre. 3 to Eastron on Win ceastre. 

3 sona |>8er sefter wurdon un sehte se cyng 3 se eorl Rotbert 
of Beelsesme se hsefde ^pone eorldom her on lande on Scrobbes 
byrig J>e his fseder Roger eorl ser ahte. "] micel rice Jjserto. 
sBgtSer ge be heonon sse ge be geondon. 3 se cyng ferde 3 besset 
]7one castel set Arundel, ac ]?a he hine swa hratSe gewinnan ne 
mihte. he let ]7ser toforan castelas ge makian. 3 hi mid his man- 
nan gesette. 3 sySSan mid ealre his fyrde ferde to Brigge. 3 

238 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(Aj>.iioa.)]?8er wunode oSSet he Jjone castel haefde. ^ J?one eorl Rotbert 
be laende. ^ ealles be nsemde. J^es he on Engla lande hsefde. ^ se 
eorl swa ofer sae gewdt. "3 se fyrde sytSSan ham cyrde. 

Da f>8Br sefter to see Michaele« maessan waes se cyng set Waest 
mynstre. ^ ealle ]7a hsefodmen on J^is lande gehadode ^ Isewede. 
"3 se arce b Ansealm heold ge hadodra manna sinotS. "^ hi ]78er 
manega beboda setton J>e to Xpendome belimpaS. ^ sBgSer 
manige Frencisce j Englisce f>8er heora stafas "3 rice for luron. 
J>e hi mid un rihte begeaton. otSSe mid woge J>8er on lifedon. 

;} On Si sum ylcan geare on Pentecosten maessan wuce. J)a 

f. 75. coman | J>eofas sum of Alueamie. sum of France, j sum of 

Flandres. "^ breokan }7a mynstre of Burh ^ "pdsr inne naman 

mycel to gode on golde -3 on seolfre. ]>et waeron roden ^ calicen 

J candel sticcan. 

1103. Her on ]?isum geare to midewintra waes se cyng Hean- 
rig aet West mynstre. "3 J^aersBfter sona ferde se b Willelm 
Giffard ut of {^is land. for]?an J^e he ongean riht nolde his hades 
on fon aet J>am arce b Girarde of Eoferwic. ;} ]?a to )>an Eastran 
heold se cyng his hired on WmoeoMre, ;) J^aer aefter ferde se 
arce b Ansealm of Cantwarbyrig to Home, swa swa him ;} ]?am 
cynge gewearS. 

Dises geares eac com se eorl Rotbert of Normandig to sprec- 
ene wiS }>one cyng her on lande. :) »r he heonne ferde he 
forgeaf fa ]?reo ^usend marc >e him seo cyng Heanrig be fore- 
weard aelce geare gifan sceolde. 

On l^isum geare eac aet Heamstede innan Barrac scire, waes 
ge sewen blod of eorSan. Dis waes swiSe gedeo^r'fsum gear her 
on lande. f>urh maenifealde gyld. ^ ]>urh orf cwealm. ^ waestma for 
weorJ)enesse aegSer ge on come. ^ eac on eallon treow waestman. 
Eac on morgen uppon sCfe Laurentte^ maesse daeg ge dyde se wind 
swa mycel to hearme her on lande on eallon waestman. swa nan 
man ne ge munde ^ aefre aenig aer ge dyde. 

On tSisum ylcan geare Mathias abb of Burh fortJferde. se ne 
lyfode na leng J^aw an geare. sySSan ^he' abb waes. M^er sffe 
Michaele^ maessan on -xii* 1c Nov* he waes mid procession under 
fangan to abb. ^ on "Sam ylcan daege ]?es oSres geares he weartS 
dead on Gleaw ceastre. ^ ]?aer bebyrged. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 239 

1104. Her on )>isam geare to Xpes msessan heold se cyng 
Heanrig his hired set Wsest minstre. j to Eastron on Winceastre. 
^ to Pentecosten eft on Westmynstre. 

Dises geares wses se forma Pentecostes dseg on ko' Iun'. ^ on 
J?am I Tiwaes daege Jjser sefter setywdan feower circulas to {jaw f. 75. b. 
mid dsege onbutan )>sere sunnan hwites hiwes. aelc under otSran 
gebroiden. swylce hi gemette waeron. Ealle j?e hit gesawon 
wundredon. for]?an hi nse&e ser swilce ne gemundon. 

Heraeffcer wurdon sehte se eorl Rotbert of Normandig. 3 
Botbert de Bselesme Ipe se cyng Heanri aeror be laend hsefde ^ 
of Engla lande adrifen. ^ Ipurh heora sehte wurdon witSer rsede 
se cyng of Engla lande j se eorl of Normandig. ;} se cyng his 
folc ofer sse into Normandig sende. ^ ]>& heafodmen pedr on 
lande hi under fengon. j on heora hlafordes J^ses eorles swicdome 
into heora castelan ge logodan. j^anon hi manige ge drecednissa 
on hergunga 3 on bseminge ]>am eorle gedydon. Eac }?ises 
geares "Willelm eorl of Moretoin heonon of lande into Nor- 
mandig for. ac syt^an he afaren wes. he witS Ipone cyng 
geworhte. for hwan hine se cyng ealles be nsemde. 3 be laende 
]7aes ]>e he her on lande hsefde. 

Nis eaSe to asecgenne J^ises landes earmSa pe hit to ]?ysan 
timan dreogende waes. Ipurh mistlice 3 msenig fealdlice un riht 3 
gyld. pSB naefre ne ge swican ne ne ateorodon. 3 sefre ealswa se 
cyng for. full hergung Jjurh his hired uppon his wreccea folc 
waes. 3 f>aer on mang for oft baemeta. 3 man slihtas. 

Eall Ipia waes God mid to gremienne. 
3 Jjas arme leode mid to tregienne. 

1106. On ))isum geare to NatiuiteS heold se cyng Heanrig 
his hired aet Windlesoran. 3 ]?aeraefter to J>am lengtene he for 
ofer sae into Normandig uppon his broker Eotbert eorl. 3 
on mang Jjawi J>e he j?aer wunode he gewann of his broker 
Ca]>um 3 Baius. 3 maest ealle ]>a, castelas 3 p^ heafodmen 
]?aer on lande him wurdon under ]?eodde. 3 se sytStSan to herfest 
efb ongean hider to lande com. 3 ^ he on Normandig gewunnen 
haefde. sytSSan on sibbe 3 him gebygle wunode. butan J>a pe 
Jjam eorle WilkZme of Mortoin ahwaer neah wunedon, J>a he 


240 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D. 1 105.) ge I lomlice ge swsBncte swa he switSost mihte. for his land lyre 
^ 7^- her on lande. And ]>& to foran Xpes msessan com Eothert de 
Baelesme hider to lande to J^am cynge. 

Dis wses swiSe gedyrfsum gear her on lande }>urh wsestma 
forwordenessa. 3 }mrh 'p& mssnig fealde gyld ])e nsefre ne 
ge swican ser se cyng ofer fore. ;} J>a hwile Jje he ]3»r wses. •] eft 
syt^an he ongean com. 

1106. Her on J^ison geare waes se cyng Henrig to NatiuitetS 
on Westmynstre. 3 ]?8er his hired heold. -} uppon Jjsere tide 
Eotbert de Bselesme mid an sehte fram Ip&m cynge ut of )>i8on 
lande into Normandige for. 

Da her- 8Bft/r on foran Isengtene wsbs se cyng set NortSham 
tone. 3 se eorl Rotbert his bro8er of Normandig ]>yder to him 
com. "3 forj^am se cyng him nolde agifan f pe he on Normandige 
uppon him genumen hsefde. hi mid un sehte tohwurfon. 3 se 
eorl ferde ofer s6 sona eft ongean. 

On ]>8ere forman Isengten wucan on )>one Frige dseg "-i* xiiii ^ 
Mr' on.sefen setywde an ungewuneUc steorra. 3 lange stunde 
yasr aefter wses aelce ssfen ge sewen hwile scinende. Se steorra 
setywde innon f sutS west, he wses litel ge J^uht. and deorc. ac se 
leoma.]7e him fram stod wses swiSe beorht. 3 swilce ormsete beam 
ge>nht norSeast scinende. j snmne sefen wses ge ssewen swilce 
se beam ongean weardes witS pes steorran ward fyrcliende wsere. 
Gehwylce ssedon f hig ma on ]?ison timon uncuSra steorra 
ge sawon. ac we hit openlicor ne awriton, forj^am f>e we hit sylfe 
ne sawon. On Ipa, niht \>e on morgen wses Cena Dni. f is se 
punres dseg toforan Eastran. wseron ge sewen twegen monan on 
])mr& heofonan toforan ]>am dsege oSer be eastan. 3 se oSer be 
westan begen fulle. 3 ]7ses ylcan dseges wses se mona xiiii.^ 

Ta Eastran wses se cyng set Batman. 3 to Pentecosten set 
Searhyrig. forJ>am J>e he nolde on his fundonge ofer sse hired 
f. 76. b. healdan. Dser sefter to | fora'n' August ferde se cyng ofer sse into 
Normandig. 3 ealle msest ]m ]?ser on lande wseron him on his 
willan to ge bugon. wiSuton Rotbert de Bselesme. 3 )>am eorle of 
Moretoin. 3 feawa otSre of ]?am heafod mannan \>e mid ])B.m eorle 
of Normandige ]?e gyt heoldan. 3 forj^an se cyng sytStSan mid 
fyrde for. 3 be sset ]7ses eorles senne castel of Moretoin Tenerce- 


THE LAUD MS. (E) 241 

brai hatte. OnmaDg \>B.m Jjc se'cyng }pone castel besaet. com se (a.d.iio6.) 
eorl Kotb^rt of Normandig on see Michaele^ msesse sefen uppon 
J)one cyng mid his fyrde. ^ mid him Kotb€rt de Baelesme. ^ 
Willelm eorl of Moretoin. ^ ealle ]?a J>e mid beom woldan. Ac 
seo streongSe j se sige wearS J^ses cynges. Dser wearS Be eorl 
of Normandig ge fangen. -y se eorl of Moretoin. j Rotb^rt de 
Stutteuile. 3 to Englalande sytSSan gesende. ^ on haeftneSe 
ge brohte. Rotbert de Baelesme ^p^sr weartS aflymed. j WilWm 
Crispin ge laeht. ^y manige fortS mid. Eadgar aej^eling \>e litle aer 
fram ]?am cynge to J^am eorle waes ge faren )7aer waes eac gefangen. 
}>one let se cyng sySSan sacleas faran. Sy?5San ge eode se cyng 
eall ^ on Normandige waes. j hit on his willan ^ geweald ge sette. 
Dises geares eac waeron switSe hefige 3 sinlice gewinn be twux 
]?am Casere of SexTande 3 his sunu. 3 on mang ]?am ge winnan 
se feeder fortS ferde. 3 se sunu feng to J>am rice. 

1107. On J>isum geare to Xpes maessan waes se cyng Henri 
on Normandig. 3 $ land on his ge weald dihte. 3 sette. 3 J?aer 
sefter to laengtene hider to lande co97i. 3 to Eastran his hired on 
Windles oran heold. 3 to Pentecosten on West minstre. 3 sytSSan 
eft to Augustes anginne on West mynstre waes. 3 )?aer f>a biscop 
ricen 3 abbod rice?i geaf. 3 sette. )?e on Engle lande o?5Se on Nor- 
mandige buton ealdre 3 hyrde [waeron], Dera waeron swa fela 
swa nan man naes ]>e ge mvnde ^ aefire aer swa fela to gaedere gy- 
fane waeron. 

3 aet }?es ylcan | sytSe^ on mang J>a otSSre J)e aBb rices under f. 77. 
fengon. Ernulf J>e aer waes prior on Cant war byrig feng to ]?am 
abb rice on Burh. Dis waes rihtlice ymbe -vii* gear f>aes ]?e se 
cyng Henri cynedomes on feng. 3 waes $ an and fowertigetJe 
gear J^aes ]>e Francan ]>yses landes weoldan. Manege saedon ]?et 
hi on t^am monan J^yses geares mistlice tacna ge sawon. 3 ongean 
cynde his leoman wexende 3 waniende. 

Dises geares forSferdon. Mauricit^^ biscop on Lunden. 3 
Rotbert abb on sCe Eadmundes byrig. 3 Ricard abb on Elig. 
Dises geares eac fortS ferde se cyng Eadgar on Scotlande idu« 
lafir. 3 feng Alexander his broSer to J^am rice swa se cyng 
Henri him ge vSSt, 

» syde. MS. 

242 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1108.) 1 108. Her on j^isuw geare wes se cyng Henri to Natiuite'S on 
West mynstre. ;} to Eastron on Winceastre. "3 to Penteco5<ew eft 
on West mynstre. 3 fjser sefter toforan Aug* he ferde in to Nor- 

^ se cyng of France Philippe* forS ferde N^. Aug*. -3 feng 
his sunu LotJewis to f>am rice. ^ wurdon sytStSon manege ge winn 
betwux ]?am cynge of France ^ J?a??i of Engle lande. J)a hwile f)e 
^ he on Normandig wunode. 

On ]?isuw geare eac for?S ferde se arceB Girard of Eoferwic 
toforan Pentecostew. 3 wearS syStSan Thomas J)8er to ge sett. 

1109. Heron ]?ison geare wses se cyng Henri to Xpes msessan 
^ to Eastron on Normandig. 3 to foran Penteco^^cri hider to lande 
com. •] his hired on Westmynstre heold. Dser wurdon ]5a fore- 
wearda full worhte. ^ J>a aSas ge sworene his dohter ]?am Casere 
to gifene. 

Discs geares ge wurdon switSe fela f>unra. "3 J>a switSe seges- 
11 ce. And se arceB Ansealm of Cantwara byrig forS ferde on }?awi 
dsege •xi- \ Apr. 3 wses se forma Easter dseg on Letania maior. 

1110. On ]?isuw geare heold se cyng Henri his hired to Xpes 
f. 77. b. msessan set West mynstre. 3 to Eastron | he wses set Mserle 

beorge. ^ to Penteco«<en forman si)?e his hired on ]?am niwan 
Windlesoran heold. 

Discs geares sonde se cyng to foran Isengtene his dohter mid 
msenig fealdan madman ofer sse. ^ hi ]7am Casere forgeaf. On 
f»sere fiftan nihte on Maies monSe. setywde se mona on sefen 
beorhte scinende. "3 sySSan litlan 3 litlan his leoht wanode. swa 
^ he sona nihtes to f^am switSe mid ealle acwanc. ^ naj^er ne 
leoht ne trsendel ne nan J>ing mid ealle of him wses ge ssewen. 3 
swa J)urh wunode fuUneah oS dseg. -3 sytSf^an full ^ beorhte 
Bcinende setywde. he wses ]?ses ylcan dseges feowertyne nihta eald. 
ealle J)a niht wses seo lyft swi8e clene. 3 f>a steorran ofer eall f>a 
heofon swiSe beorhte scinende. j tr'e'owwsestmas wurdon )>sere 
nihte ]?urh forste switSe for numene. Dser sefter on lunies moritSe 
setywde an steorra norSan eastan. ^ his leoma stod to foran him 
on }>et suSwest. ^ J?us manega niht wses ge ssewen. 3 furSor 
nihtes sytSSan he ufor astah. he wses ge sewen on baec on ^ 
norS west gangende. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 243 

Dises geares wurdon belsende Philippic de Brause. ^ WilleZm (a.d.iiio.) 
Mallet. ^ WilleZm Bainart. 

Eac Ibises geares forSferde Elias eorl. ]>e \>& Mannie of ]>a,m 
cynge Heanri ge heold. ^ on cweow. ;) sefter his forsiSe feng to 
se eorl 'of Angeow, ;} hi togeanes ]>&m cynge heold. 

Dis waes switSe ge deorfsum gear her on lande J>urh gyld f>e se 
cyng nam for his dohtergyfte. ;} Ipurh ungewsedera. for hwan 
eor8westmas wurdon swiSe amyrde. "3 treowwestmas ofer eall 
]7is land forneah eall for wurdon. 

Dises geares me began serost to weorcenne on Ip&m niwan 

1111. On ]7ison geare ne baer se kyng Henri his coronan to 
Xpes msessan. ne to Eastron. ne to Penteco^^^Ti. 3 innan August 
he ferde ofer sse into Normandig. for unsehte Ipe witS hiw 
hsefdon sume be 'jp&m gemseran of France. 3 swi8ost for Jjam 
eorle of Angeow \>e f>a Mannie togeanes him heold. and | sySSan f. 78. 
he J>yder ofer cow. manega un r^da 3 bsemetta 3 hergunga hi 
heom betweonan ge dydan. 

On J)ison geare forS ferde se eorl Rotbert of Flandran. 3 feng 
his sunu Baldewine ]>8erto. 

Dises geares waes swiSe lang winter. 3 hefig tyme. 3 Strang. 3 
J>urh f eorS wsBstmas wurdon swiSe amyrde. 3 ge wearS se msesta 
orf cwealm "pe senig mann mihte ge munan. 

1112. Eall ]>is gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig 
for Ipsere un sehte \>e he hsefde wiS France. 3 wiS Ipone eorl of 
Angeow J>e f>a Mannie to geanes him heold. 3 on mang f>am f>e 
he )?8er wbbs. he belsende ]>one eorl of Eureus. 3 WilleZm Crispin. 
3 ut of Normandi adraf. 3 Philippe de Braus his land ageaf. ]>e 
ser wses beleend. 3 Rotbert de Bselesme he let niman 3 on 
prisune ddn. 

Dis wses swiSe god gear 3 swiSe wistfuU on wudan 3 on 
feldan. ac hit waes swit^e hefig tyme 3 sorhfull Ipurh ormsetne 
man cwealm. 

1113. Her on J^ison gear wses se cyng Henri to NatiuitetS 3 
to Eastron. 3 to Feniecosten on Normandig. 3 Jjser sefter to 

[1113] 8wa f hig unea^ specon mihton. )>ar sefter ge 

R 2 


244 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

sumeran he sa^nde hider to lande Eotbert de Bselesme into 
J>am castele to Wserham. ^ himsylf sona J^aersefter hider to 
lande com. 

1114. On ]>ison geare heold se cyng Henri his hyred to 
NatiuitetS on Windlesoran. j ]?8es geares sytStSan he ne heold 
hired nan oftar. 

And to middan sumeran he ferde mid fyrde in to Wealon. j J)a 
Wyliscean coman 3 witS .J>one cyng griSedon. ^ he let Jjser inne 
caste] as weorceafn. j J?8er aefter innan SeptemB he for ofer sse 
into Normandig. 

Dises geares on sefteward Mai wses ge sewen an selcutS steorra 
mid langan leomaa manege niht scinende. Eac on \\& ylcan 
geare wses swa mycel ebba seghwser anes dseges swa nan man 
seror ne ge munde. ^ swa ^ man ferde ridende j gangende ofer 
Tsemese be eastan )?8ere brigge on Lundeny pises geares 
weeron swiSe mycele windas on OctoBr montSe. ac he wees or 
msete mycel on J?a niht OctaB sSi Martini. ;} $ gehwaer on wudan 
f. 78. b. ^ on I tunan ge cydde. 

Eac on ]7isum geare se cyng geaf ]>et arce15 rice on Cantwara 
byrig Eaulfe. se wses aeror biscop on Hrofe ceastre. And se 

(H) for se abb Petrus on Glowecestre on J)one daeg .xvi kT A^g. ^ se 
king sette Willg^m ^rto wsbs munuc on ^am ylcon mynstre on 
^m dseg dii. N® Octob^ 

[1114] ON DYSUM GEARE W.ES se king Henrig on Win- 
deles oran to %am midanwintran, "^ bser %ar his kinehelm. 
■J geaf 'Sar '-f ' % rice on Wigracestre Teobalde his clerice. Eac 
'' . / he geaf -f abb rice on Ramesige Rainalde wses munuc^ on Ca^ 

um. Eac he geaf f» abb rice on Eoforwic Ricarde wses munuc 
on ^m ylcon mynstre. Eac he geaf -f abb rice, aet Domige Rod- 
t/ berte wses munuc set S5e Ebroulfi. Eac he geaf fone eorldom 

on Nor^am tun scire Dauide wses ^re cwene bro^r. par aefbe^' 
gefdr Thomas se arceb on Eoforwic on ^ne daeg 'Xiii Ic Mar*. 
I^arsefter he geaf f abb rice set Cemel. Willdme wses munuc 
set Ca%um. 

^ A later hand has begun to add : * Written m, the abbreviation 

eac he beb .... &r manachus, and so frequently. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 245 y 

arce15 on Eoferwic Thomas forSferde. j feng Turstein f>8Brto. se (A.D.1114.) 
wses aeror J)8es cynges capelein. 

On J>8es ylcan tyme feorde se cyng toweard Jjone srf -^ ofer 
wolde. ac wseder him Isette. J>a hwile Jja sende he his writ sefter 
]x)n« aBb Ernulf of Burh. "3 be bead him f he efeostlice scolde 
to him cuman. for]?i ■)> he wolde sprecon mid bim dseme sprece. 
Da he to him com. ]>& neodde he him to ]?am biscoprice of 
Hrofeceastre. j ]>& arCbiscopes ;] biscopes j f dugetS f wses on 
Engla lande forS mid se cyng. 3 he lange wi'S stod. ac hit ne 
for heol naht. 3 se cyng J)a behead pone &tS B f he sceolde him 
Iseden to Cantwara byrig 3 blaetson him to B wolde he nolde he y 
]>is W8es don on }^re tuna pa. man cleopaS Bume. f wses pes 
dseges -xvii. 1^ Octob?. Da pe munecas of Burch hit Herdon' 
ssegen. pA wseron hi swa sari swa hi naefre ser ne wseron. forJ)i f 
he wses swiSe god 3 softe man. 3 dyde mycel to gode wiSinnan 

pa to ^m Eastran he wses set p6rp wi'S NorShamtune. par (H) // 
seft^r he geaf f erce15rice on Cantwarabyrig Rawulfe wses 15 
on Rofe ceastre. 3 he feng Jiarto on ^one dseg. vi kt Mar\ pa 
^ar sefter ge f5r se aBb Nigel on Byrtune on ^ne dseg .v. N** 
Mai. paraeft^ forbam Cicestre 3 ^ mynster ^r for^tnid on 
^ne dseg -iii- N® Mai. 

pa to ^m Pentecosten wses se king set see Albanes stowe. 
Her sefter he f erde mid his fyrde in to Wealan to mide sumeran 
3 macode castelas ^5arinne. 3 'Sa Wyliscean kingas coman to 
him 3 be coman his menn 3 him held a^as sworan. 

par seft^r he com to Wincestre "J geaf ^5ar f erce brice on Eofor- , ^. 

wic Turstane his clerice. 3 f abbdd rice set see Eadmunde he geaf 
Albolde wses munuc on Becc. on ^ne dseg. xvii kt Sept. par 
seffc^r he geaf -p abb rice on Myclan yge Ealdulfe wses launuc on 
^m ylcon mynstre. on %one dseg Exaltatio Sc§ .i{(> Eac he 
geaf f abb rice on Byrtune Goisfri 'Se wses munuc on Ealdan 
mynstre. set ^m ylcon ssele se arceb Radulf geaf f brice on 
Rofe cestre ^ 

' This fragment of an indepen- it forms a single folio — f. 9. It was 

dent Saxon Chronicle (which for published by him in Anglia, voL i. 

facility of reference I call H.) was pp. 195-7, and is here printed from 

discoTeredbyProfeesorZupitzainthe an independent transcript. 
Cottonian MS., Dom. A. ix., where 


246 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1114.) J wiSutan. )?a hwile ]?e lie ))8er wunode. God aelmihtig wunie 
aefre mid him. 

Da sona J>8er sefter j?a geaf se cyng f>on€ aBb rice an munec of 

,T / Sseis lohan wses ge haten. ]?urh Jjses arceB gearnunge of Cant- 

warbyrig. "3 sona J?8er sefter sende se cyng him 3 se arceB of 

Cantwarbyn^ to Eome ^eefter J>e8 aerceB pallium', j an * munec' 


. mid him Warner is gehaten'. 3 \>one sercedisecne lohan ]?es 
' arceB neafe. 3 hi J?8er well spseddon, Dis waes don J>es dseges 

•xi« It Octob?, on J>one tuna ]?e man cleopaS Rugenore. ^ f>es 
ylces dseges code se cyn'g' on scipa on Portes muSe. 
» 1115. Her waes se cyng Henri to NatiuiteS on Normandig. j 
on mang j^am ])e he \>dbr wses. he dyde f ealle ]7a heafod msen on 
Normandig dydon man raeden j hold a8as his sunu WilleZme )?e 
he be his cwene hsefde. j sefter J?an sy?5San innon lulies montSe 
hider into lande aorrf,. 

Discs geares waes swa Strang winter mid snawe ;] mid forste. 
f. 79. swa nan man \>e ]7a lifode | ser J^an nan strengre ne ge munde. 3 
wearS )?urh f ungemsete orf cwealm. 

On ]7ison geare ssende se papa PaschaU'^ Eaulfe serceB on 
Cantwarabyrig pallium hider to lande. 3 he his onfeng mid 
raycelan wurtSscipe set his arce stole on Canti&ara byrig. Hine 
brohte Ansealm aBb of Home se wses nefa Ansealmes serceB. 

^ 86 atltt lohan of Burh^. 

1116. On ]?ison geare wses se cyng Henri to NatiuiteS set see 
Albane. 3 J^ser let ^ mynster halgian. j to Eastron on Wudi- 
liam. T Wes eac byses geares switSe hefig tyme winter *] Strang n 
laug. wiS orf :, wis ealle }.ing. And se cyng «fter Eastron 
sona ferde ofer see into Normandig. j wurdon manega unrada ^ 
rsefunga. j castelas genumene betwux France j Normandig. 
Msest J?is unsehte wses for]?an J>e se cyng Henri fylste his nefan 
A^ ]>am eorle Tsedbalde de Blais. }pQ \>9k wyrre hsefde to geanes his 
hlaforde ]?am cynge of France Lo8ewis. 

Dis wses switSe ge swincfull gear 3 byrstfuU on eortS wsestman. 
]7urh ]?a ormsete reinas ^pe coman sona onforan August. 3 swide 
ge drehton 3 ge swencton \>q gyt J^e com Candel msessan. Eac 

^ The words (sfler . . . pallium, hand, probably that which wrote the 
mtmeo, wcm, are added above the annal 1133. 
. . line, or on the margin by a later ' On the margin, by a later hand. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 247 

]7is gear waes swa gaesne on msestene. swa ^ on eallon ]>ison 
lande. ne eac on Wealon ne ge hyrde me of nanan segcean. Dis 
land ^ )>as leodon wurdon eac )?y6es geares ofkrsedlice sare 
ge swencte. )?urh J?a gyPd' ]?e se cyng nam. «gSer ge binnan 
burgan j butan. 

On ]7isum ylcan geare bsemde eall ^ mynstre of Burli. 3 eallse combtuftio 
)?a husas butan se Captelhus j se Slseppeme. ;j J^ser to eac ^^*'^* 
baernde eall ]7a mseste dael of ]7a tuna. Eall J^is belamp on an 
Frig dseg. ^ wses 'ii- N® Aug't. 

1117. Eall J>is gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. for 
)?es cynges unsebte of France ^ his oSra nebbebura. ^ J>a to 
tSan sumeran cow se cyng of France j se eorl of Flandra mid 
him mid fyrde into Normandig. ^ ane niht )?8er inne wunedon. 

3 on morgen butan ge feohte on | gean ferden. 3 Normandig f. 79. b. 
weartS switSe gedreht. segtSer ge J?urh gyld. ge ]?urh fyrde J)e se 
cing Henri Jjser ongean gaderode. Eac J?eos )?eode ]?urh )?is 
ylce Jmrh manigfealde gyld. wearS strange ge swenct. 

Dises geares eac on ]?8ere nihte kl Decemb wurdon ormaetlica 
wsedera mid J>unre. 3 lihtinge. 3 reine. 3 hagole. And on J^sere 
nihte 'iiio* idtAS Dec weartS se mona lange nihtes swylce he eall 
blodig wsere. 3 sytSSan aSistrode. Eac on )?8ere nihte 'xvii- k 
lanr wses seo heofon swySe read gesewen. swylce hit bryne 
wsere. And on Octab sci Jotis Eugt«e wses seo mycele 
eorS byfung on Lumbardige. for hwan nianega mynstras 3 turas. 
3 buses ge feoUon. 3 mycelne hearm on mannan ge dydon. Dis 
wses swySe byrstful gear on come. )?urh J>a renas ^p% fomeh 
ealles geares ne ge swicon. 

And se abb Gilebert of "West mynstre fortS ferde 'viii- idus 
Dec. And Farits abb of Abbandune -vii* Ic Martii. And on 
]>i8um ylcan geare * 

1118. Her eall {?is gear wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. 
for J)es cynges wyrre of France. 3 jjses eorles of Angeow. 3 Jjses 
eorles of Flandran. 3 se eorl of Flandra warS innan Nor- 
mandig ge wundod. 3 swa ge wundod* in to Flandran for. Durh 
}7isra un sehte wcarS se cyng swySe ge dreht. 3 mycel for leas. 

^ More than a line and a half left ' ge wundon. MS. 

Yacant in the MS. 

248 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1118.) aeg'Ser ge on feoh ;} eac on lande. ;} msest bine dryfdon his agene 
msen ]7e him ge lome £ram bugon. "3 swicon. 3 to his feondan 
cyrdon. -y beom to J)8es cynges bearme ^ swicdome heora castelas 
ageafon. Eall }>is strange gebohte Engla land. }7urh J^a mssnig 
fealdlice gyld )?e ealles J>ises geares ne geswicon. 

On l^ison geare on ]?8ere wucon Theopbanie wses anes sefenes 
swytSe mycel libtinge. j un gemetlice slaege J>8er 8Bft«r. 
f. 80. And seo cw6n Mabald | forSferde on West mynstre ]>ses dseges 
kt Mai. ^ Jwr waes bebyrged. And se eorl Rotbert of Mellent 
)?ises geares eac fortS ferde. 

Eac on J^ison geare to sde Thomas msesse. wses swa swiSe 
ungemetlice mycel wind. ^ nan man }7e ]7a lifode nsenne maran 
ne gemunde. 7 -f wses seghwer geseone. segSer ge on busan. 
;) eac on treowan. 

Dises geares eac fortS ferde se papa Pascbalt>. ^ feng lohan 
of Gaitan to f>awi papd6me. ]?am wses otSer nama Qelasius. 

1119. Dis gear eall wunode se cyng Henri on Normandig. 
■3 wses ]?urh )?8es cynges wyrre of France. ;} eac his agenra 
manna ]?e him mid swicdome fram wseron mid abugon. oft rsed- 
lice swy)?e gedreht. o'StSet J?a twegen cyngas innan Normandige. 
mid heoran folcan coman togsedere. J^ser wearS seo cyng of 
France aflymed. -3 ealle his betste msen genumene. ;} sytSSan 
Jjses cynges msen Heanriges manega him to gebugen. ^ witS 
hine acordedan ]?e seror mid heora castelan him togeanes wseron. 
J sume ]^a castelas be mid streng'Se genam. 

Dises geares ferde Willelm ]?ses cynges sunu Heanriges 3 
)?8ere cwene Mabalde into Normandige to his fseder. ;} ]?ser 
wearS him forgifen 3 to wife beweddod J)aes eorles dohter 
of Angeow. 

On see Michaele* msesse sefen wses mycel eorS biftmg on 
sumaii steodan her on lande. J)eah swySost on Gloweceastre 
scire. 3 on Wigre ceastre scire. 

On ]5is ylcan geare fortS ferde se papa Gelasius on J?a8 halfe 
J>8ere muntan. ■] wses on Clunig bebyrged. "3 sefter him se 
arceb of Uiana wearS to papan gecoren. J?am wearS nama 
Calixtus. se sytSSan to see Lucas msessan euglista com into 
France to Rseins. ^ J?ser heold concilium. 3 se arceB Turstein 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 249 

of Eoferwic )>yder ferde. ^ forf)i ])e he togeanes rihte j 
togeanes ]?am arce stole on Cantwara byrig. ^ togeanes J^ses 
cynges willan his had ffit )>um papan under fang, him witS cwseS 
se cyng selces gean fares to Engla lande. "j he ]?as his arceB rices 
)?fiernode. j mid Sam | papan to wardes Rome for. ^. 80. b. 

Eac on J^ison geare forS ferde se eorl Baldewine ^ of Flandran 
of ]7am wundan ]?e he innan Normandige gefeng. "j sefter him 
feng Carl his faSa sunu to ]7am rice, se wses Cnutes sunu ]78es 
haligan C3rnges of Denmarcan. ' 

1120. Dises geares wurdon sehte seo cyng of Engle lande 
J se of France, "j sefber heora sehte acordedan ealles ]78es 
cynges Heanriges agene msen wiS hine innan Normandige. 
■] se eorl of Flandran. ■] se of Puntiw. SyStSan hersefter 
ssette se cyng Henrig his castelas ^ his land on Normandi 
sefter his willan. j swa to foran Aduent hider to lande for. 

■] on Jjam fare wurdon adr[u]ncene J>8es cynges twegen 
sunan Willelm ^ Eicard. •] Eicard eorl of Ceastre. ■] Ottuel 
his bro?5or. ■] swySe manega of f)8es cynges hired, stiwardas, 
^ bur]7enas, *] byrlas, *] of mystlicean wican. ^ un gerim swySe 
senlices folces forS mid. Dysra deaS wses heora freondan 
twy fealdlic s4r. an )>et hi swa fearlice ]7ises lifes losedan. oSer 
^ feawa heora lichaman ahwaer sytSSan fundena wseron. 

Dises geares com ]?et leoht to Sepulchru»» Dfii innan leru- 
, salem twiges. senes to Eastron. and oSre siSe to Assumptio sc^ 
Marie, swa swa geleafiPuUe ssedon }>e ]7anon coman. 

An' se arceB Turstein of Eoferwic wearS )nirh f)one papan 
wiS Jjone cyng acordad. *] hider to lande com. "5 his biscoprices 
onfeng. )>eah hit Jjaw arceB of Cantwarabyrig swySe un gewille 

1121. Her wses se cyng Henri to Xpes msessan on Bramtune. 
J JjseV setter to foran Candel msessan on Windlesoran him to 
wife forgyfen AtSelis ^ sytSSan to cwene ge halgod. seo wses Jjses 
here togan dohtor of Luuaine. 

And se mona ajjystrode on Jjsere nihte Non§ Ap*. | *] wses f. 81. 
x*iiii* luna. 

^ The scribe at first wrote Bab dewine. ' Sic MS. 




And se cyng wses to Eastran on Beorclea. and Jjser aefter 
to Pentecosten lie heold mycelne hired on Westmynstre. and 
sySSan Jjses sumeres mid ferde into Wealan for. ^ ]5a Wyliscean 
him ongean coman. j sefter Jjes cynges willan hi witS hine 

Dises geares com se eorl of Angeow fraw* lerusalem into 
his lande. *] syStSan hider to lande sende. *] his dohter let 
feccean seo wees WilleZme J^es cynges sune seror to wife forgyfan. 

And on Jjsere nihte uigilia Natat Dili wees swytSe mycel 
wind ofer eall f)is land. *] Jjet wearS on manegan Jjingan 
swytSe ge sene '. 

1122. On ]7is geare wses se king Heanri on Cristes msessan 
on Norht wic. ^ on Pasches he weas on Norht hamtune. 

^ on J>one lententyde J>8er toforen for beam se burch on 
Gleawe ceastre. J>a hwile ]?e ]?a munecas sungen J>8ere messe. j se 
daecne hafde ongunnan J>one godspel Prcteriens Ihc. J>a com se 
fir on ufenweard J>one stepel. j forbearnde ealle ]5e minstre. *J 
ealle J?a gersumes }?e )?«r binnen w«ron for uton feawe bee. -] 
•iii» messehakeles. J>et wes *}>e8' dseies 'viii- idi6» Mr. 

;] )>8er sefter f)e Tywesdsei fiefter Palmes Sunendsei wses switSe 
micel wind on -p dsei 'xi* ^ Apf . pser sefter comen feale tacne 
widehwear on Englaland ^ feole dwild wearen geseogen j 
gelieord. ^ J)es niht -viii. k AVG'.wses swiSe micel eorSdyne 
ofer eal Sumer sete scire ^ on Gleawecestre scire. SitSSon on 
f)aB8 dsei -vi- idu« Sept' J>et wses *on see Mari§ messe dsei. )?a 
wearS swiSe mycel wind fram ]?a undern dseies to f)a swarte nihte. 

peos ilce geares fortS ferde Raulf seo sercebiscop of Cant 
warbyrig. -p wses on J>8es dseies 'xiiio- k Nouemt). pser sefter 
wseron feole scip men on sse. *] on wseter. ^ saedon -p hi ssegou 
on norS east fir micel ^ brad wiS )>one eorSe. ^ weax on leng]>e 
f. 8i. b. up on an to ]?am | wolcne. "] se wolcne un dide on fewer healfe 
and faht f)ser to geanes. swilc hit scolde a cwencen. ^ se fir weax 
na ^p2k ma up to ]7e heouene. pset fir hi seagon in Se dsei rime 
and Iseste swa lange "p hit wses liht ofer eall. )>et wses ]78BS 
dseies 'vii®. idvs DecemBr. 

^ Here ends the first hand m MS. E. 

THE LAUD MS, (E) 251 

1123.^ On )?yssum geare wses se king Henri on Cristes tyde '] 
set Dunestaple. ^ J^ser comen f)es eorles sander men of Angeow 
to him. •] J>eonen he ferde to Wudestoke. *] his biscopes ^ his 
hird eal mid him. pa tidde hit on an Wodnes dei. ]7et wses on 
•iiiio. \ laiLru. ]7et se king rad in his der fald and se biscop 
Koger of Seres byrig on an half him. and se biscop Rotbert Bloet 
of Lincobie on oSer half him. ^ riden J>aBr sp'r ecende.^ pa aseh 
dune se biscop of Lincolne 3 seide to f)am kyng. Laferd kyng ic 
swelte. 3 se kyng alihte dune of his hors *] alehte hine be twux 
his earmes. 3 let hine beran ham to his inne. 3 wearS Jja sone 
dead. ^ man ferode hine to Lincolne mid micel wurSscipe. ^ 
be byrigde hine toforen sc§ Mari§ wefod. ] hine be byrigde se t) ^ 
of Ceastre Rotbert PecceS wees gehaten. 

Da sone ]>8Br sefter sende se kyng hise write ofer eall Engla ^^^ 
lande, 3 bed hise biscopes 3 hise abbates ^ hise ]?eignes ealle ]7et 
hi scolden cumen to his ge witene mot on Candel messe deig to 
Gleawceastre him to geanes. 3 hi swa diden. Da hi wseran Jjser 
gegaderod. f)a bed se cyng heom Jjset hi scoldon cesen hem 
serce biscop to Cant wara byrig swa hwam swa swa hi woldon. j 
he hem hit wolde tyjjian. Da spreecon Sa biscopas hem 
be twenan. and sseden )>8Bt hi nsefre mare ne wolden hafen 
munec | hades man to erce biscop ofer hem. ac iedon ealle f. 82, 
samodlice to ]7one kyng and ieomden ^ hi mosten cesen of 
clerc hades man swa hwam swa swa hi wolden to ercebiscop. ^ 
se kyng hit hem tidde. Dis waes eall ear ge don tSurh se 
biscop of Seres byrig. 3 ])urh se biscop of Lincolne eer he 
waere dead. fortSi J>et nsefre ne luueden hi munece regol. ac 
wseron sefre to gsenes muneces ] here regol. and se prtor j se 
munecas of Cantwarabyrig. ^ ealle Jja oSre J?e Sser wseron 
munec hades men hit witS cwsetSen fulle twa dagas. ac hit naht ne 
beheld, for se biscop of. Sseres byrig wses Strang 3 wealde eall 
Engle land. ^ wses Jjser to geanes eall -p he mihte *] cuSe. Da i 
cusen hi an clerc Willelm of Curboil wses gehaten. he was 


^ Here there seems to be a change centre, then inserted the r wrongly 
of hand. The ink is much paler. before the jp. 

' The scribe at first wrote 9pe- 


252 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

^Aj).ii23.) canonie of an mynstre Cicc hatte. ■] brohten him toforen se 
kyng. ■] se kyng him geaf Sone eerce biscop rice. ^ ealle J>a 
biscopas him under fengen. him wiS cwseSen muneces 3 eorles ^ 
]?eignes ealle mest Jje )>8er wsBron. 

On ]7a ilea tyma ferden ]7es eorles sander men mid nn sselite 
fram kyng. na of his gyfe naht ne rohton. 

On J)a ilea tyma com an Legal of Eome Henri wses ge haten. 

^ he W8BS abbot of S* Johs mynstre of Anieli. ^ he cow» sefter J?e 

Rome scot. "5 he sflede J)one cyng -p hit wsbs to geanes riht "f man 
scolde setten clerc ofer muneces. 3 swa swa hi haefden cosen 
aerce biscop seror in her*e' capitele esfter rihte. ac se cyng hit 
nolde un don. for J>es 15 luuen of Sseres byrig. Da ferde se 
serce biscop sone J>8er sefter to Can^t'warabyrig ^ wses f>8er 
under fangan f)8eh hit waere here unj>ancas. ■] was J)8Bre sone 

f. 82. b. gebletsod to biscop | fram se biscop of Lundene. ^ se B Ernulf of 
Koueceastre. ■] se 15 WilleZm Gifard of Winceastre. 3 se 15 
Bernard of Wales. ^ se B Roger of Scares byrig. Da sone in )?e 
lenten ferde se sercebiscop to Rome aefter his pallium. ^ mid 
him ferde se B Bernard of "Wales. 3 Sefred abbot of Gleast- 
ing byrig. *] Ansehn abbot of S' -Edmund.- ^ lohan sercedaBcne 
of Cantwarabyrig. •] Gifard wsbs J>es kinges bird clerc. 

On J>a ilea tima ferde se aerce biscop Durstan of Eoferwic to 
Rome J>urh J>es papes hese. 3 com J>ider Sre dagas ser se 8erce15 
of Cantwarabyrig come. *] wses )>8ere under fangan mid micel 
wurSscipe. Da com se cerceB of Cantwarabyrig ^ wees «8ere 
fiille seoueniht ser hi mihte cumen to })es papes sprsece. f wees 
for)>an ^ hit waes don tSone pape to understanden ^ he haefde 
under fangen Sone 8er[c]ebi8coprice togeanes J>a muneces of })e 
mynstre ^ togeanes rihte. Ac -f ofer com Rome )?et ofer cumeS 
call weoruld -f is gold ^ seolure. *] se pape swetSolode ^ gaf him 
his pallium. ^ se serceB swor him under J>eodnysse of ealle Sa 
f>ing -f se papa him on leide on S' Petres heuod and S' Paules. 
3 sende him ham Sa mid his bletsunge. 

Da hwile -f se serceB wsbs ut of lande. geaf se kyng t^one 
biscop rice of BaSe )?es cwenes canceler GodeYreitS wses ge haten. 
he waes boren of Luuein. ^ waes ]7es daeiges Annuntiatio S' Marie 
at Wudestoke. Da sone ]78er sefter ferde se king to Winceastre ^ 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 253 

wflBS ealle Eastren tyde )>8ere. 3 )?a hwile ^ he Jwer wses J>a geaf (A.D.1123.) 
he }x>De biscop rice of Lincolne an clerc Alexander wses ge haten. n^ | 
he W8B8 ]?es biscopes nefe of Seares byrig. f)is he dyde eall for )>es ^v-^ 
biscopes luuen. 

Da ferde se kyng }>enen to Portesmu'Se. j Isei )>8ere eall ofer 
Pentecostewuce. ]7a sone swa he hsefde wind swa ferde he 
ofer I in to Normandie. "^ be t8Bhte*J>a 'eall' Engle land to geamene f. 83. 
J to wealden Jjone B Koger of Seares byrig. Da wsbs se kyng 
eall }>es geares in Normandie. ^ weax ]?a micel un MtS betwux 
him •] hise J^eignas. swa f se eorl Walaram of Mellant. ^ 
Hamalri. ^ Hugo of Mundford. ;] Wille/m of E.omare. and fela 
otSre wendan fram him "j helden here castles him to geanes. j 
se kyng held stranglice hem to geanes. "j \&& ylces geares he wan 
of Walaram his castel Punt Aldemer. j of Hugo Mundford. j 
siSSen he spedde sefre leong ]>e bet. 

Des ylce geares ser se biscop of Lincolne com to his brice 
for beam eall meast se burh of Lincolne. j micel ungerime 
folces wsepmen 3 wimmen forbumen. 3 swa mycel hearm J>8er 
wses gedon swa nan man hit cuSe o}>er secgen. ]?et wses ]7es 
dseges xiiii<> ki lunii. 

1124.^ Eall ]7is gear wes se king Heanri on Normandi. '^ 
wes for se miccle un friS ^ he heafde wi8 se king LotSewis of 
Franceo witS se eorl of Angeow. ^ wiS his agene men aire meet. 

J)a gelamp hit on ])es dseges Annuntiatio sc^ Marie ^ se eorl 
Waleram of Mellant ferde fram his an castel Belmunt het to his / / 

an oSer castel Watteuile. mid him ferde Jjes kinges stiward of ^ ' 
France Amalri. ;] Hugo Gerueises sunu. ^ Hugo of Munford. j 
fela oSre godre cnihte. pa comen 'hem^ togeanes J^es kinges 
cnihtes of ealla ])a casteles tSa ]?8er abuton wseron ^ fuhton wi8 
hem 3 aflemden hem ^ namen )>one eorl Waleram 3 Hugo 
Gerueises sunu. ^ Hugo of Mundford. j fif 3 twenti o8re cnihtes 
^ brohton hem to ]>one kinge. ^ se king let don )>one eorl 
Waleram ^ Hugo Gerueises sunu on heffcnunge^ on "Sone 
castel on BotSem. 3 Hugo of Mundford he sonde to Eng're land. 

^ Here there seems to be another the annal 1122. 
change of hand and ink ; probably a ' altered from heflninge. 

rerersion to the hand whijoh wrote 


254 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(a.d. 1 1 24.) ^ let hine don on | ifele bendas on Jjone castel on Gleucestre. j of 
f. 83. b. jj3^ Q^ve swa fela swa him )>uhte he sende norS ^ su8 to hise 
casteles on heftnunge. Da sitSSon ferde se king "j wan ealle ]7es 
eorles castelas Waleram J)a wseron on Normandi. •] ealla )>a oSre 
]>a his wiSre wines healden hiwi to geanes. 
V^ ' f r Eall Vas' f>es unfriS for ]?es eorles sunu Rotbert* of Nor- 

mandi Willelm het. Se ilce WillcZm hefde numen Fulkes eorles 
gingre dohter to wife of Angeow. -^ for 8i se king of France *] 
ealle ]7as eorles heolden mid him j ealle ]7a rice men. "j sseidon 
}>et se king heold his brotSer Eotbert mid wrange on heftnunge. 
•3 his sunu WilWm mid unrihte afiemde ut of Normandi. 

Des ilces geares waeron fsela untime on Engle lande. on come 
-] on ealle westme. swa -f betweonen Cristes messe j Candel 
messe man saelde ^ acer ssed hwsete ^ is twegen sed Isepas to six 
scillingas. ^ ^ baerlic ^ is ]?re sed Isepas to six scillingas. ^ f 
acer ssed aten f *is' feower sed Isepas to feower scillingas. pet 
wses for J>i -f com wses litel. •] se penig wses swa if el f se man \>a, 
hsefde at an market an pund he ne mihte cysten ]7ser of for nan 
Iping twelfe penegas. 

On )>es ilces geares forS ferde se eadig biscop Emulf of 
Koueceastre se seror wses abbot on Burch. ]>et wses ]>eB dseies 
ijyu9 Martn. •] f>8er sefter forS ferde se king Alexander of 
Scotlande on J^es dseies ix kt Mai. ;) Dauid his broSer J?a 
wses eorl on NortShamtune scire feng to rice and hsefde tSa 
baSe togedere ]>one kinerice on Scotlande. ■] f>one eorldom 
on Engle lande. ^ On Jjses dseies -xix* kt Iamb for8 ferde 
/ / f. 84. se pape on Eome Calistus wses ge haten. j Honorius ( feng to 
pape dom. 

Des ilces geares sefter S' Andreas messe toforen CristeB 
messe held Eaulf Basset ^ pes kinges Sseines gewitenemot on 
Lejjecsestre scire at Hundehoge. ^ ahengen J>ser swa fela J^efas 
swa nsefre ser ne wseron. pet wseron on pA litle hwile ealles 
V ' ' feower ;) feowerti manne, ^ six men spilde of here segon ^ of 
s^.^^^) here stanes. Fela soSfeste men sseidon -^ )?ser wseron manege 
mid micel unrihte ge spilde. oc ure Laford God selmihtig }>a eall 

^ The Boribe leemB to have written Sot heri. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 255 

digelnesse setS ^ wat. he seotS -^ man Iset ^ aerme folc mid ealle 
unrihte. serost man hem hersefo'S her eahte and siJ^Son man 
hem of slsetS. Ful heui gser wses hit se man ]7e seni god heafde. 
him me hit be rsefode mid strange geoldes ^ mid strange motes. 
}>e nan ne heafde stserf of hungor. 

1125. On ))is gser sende se king Henri toforen Cristes messe 
of Normandi to Engla lande ;] be bead ]>et man scolde beniman IK'ota tit \ 
ealle ]7a minitere ]7e wseron on Engle lande heora liman. ^ waes 
here elces riht hand *] heora stanen benetSan. -p waes for se man 
Se hafde an pund he ne mihte cysten senne peni at anne market. 
^ se biscop Roger of Sseresbyrig sende ofer eall Engla lande 
;) be bead hi ealle -f hi scolden cumen to Winceastre to Cristes 
messe. pa hi Sider coman Sa nam man an *] an 3 be nam aelc 
Sone riht hand 3 ]?a stanes beneSan. Eall ]?is wses ge don witS 
innon J)a twelf niht. 3 -p wees eall mid micel rihte forSi -p hi hafden 
for don eall -p land mid here micele fals. -p hi ealle abohton. 

On ]?es ilces geeres sende se papa of Home to Sise lande an / / 
cardinal lohan of Creme waes ge^haten. He | com first to )>one f. 84. b. . 
king on Normandi. ■] se king hine under feng mid micel wurS- ,^' * . 
scipe. beteahte hine siSSon Jjone serceb WiJlelme of Cantwara- 
byrig. 3 he hine ledde to Cantwarabyrig. -^ he waes ]?3er under 
fangen mid micel wurSscipe ^ mid micel processionem. j he 
sang Sone heh messe on Eastren dsei set Cristes wefod. ^ siSSon 
he ferde ofer eall Engla lande to ealle ]>& biscop rices j abbot rices 
f>a wseron on Jjis lande. ^ ofer eall he waes under fangen mid 
wurSscipe 3 ealle hine iaefen micele gife ^ maere. 3 si?5tSon he 
heold his concilie on Lundene fuUe ]:>reo dagas on natiuitas sc^ 
Mari§ on SeptemB mid aerce biscopes j mid leod bisc 3 abbotes ^ 
laered 3 lawed. "j bead Jjaer Jja ilce lagas ]>& Anselm aerceb haefde 
aeror beboden 3 feala ma J)eah hit litel for stode. ^ J>eonon he 
for ofer sae sone sefier see Michaeles messe ^ swa to Rome. ^ se 
aerceb WUlelm of Cantwarabyrig. ;] se aerceb Turstein of 
Eferwic. ■] se bisc Alexander of Lincolne. j se b of Lo]?ene 
lolian, *] se abbot of see Alban QtosfreiS 3 waeran J^aer under fan- 
gen of ]>one pape Honorit^s mid micel wurtSscipe. ^ waeron ]?aere 
eall }>one wintre. 

On t5es ilces geares weartS swa micel flod on see Laurentie* 

256 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

messe d»ig ^ feola tunes "] men weorSan adrencte. "] brigges to 
brokene, ^ com •] msedwe spilt mid ealle. ^ hunger 3 cwealm on 
men ^ on erue. ^ on ealle westme swa micel un time weartS swa 
hit ne wses feola gear ser. 

^ J)es ilces geares forS ferde se abbot \ohan ^ 'of Burch on -ii* 
iJmB Octobris. 

Ii26. Sail \y& gear wses se kyng^ Heanri on Normandi eall 
to sefter heruest. ]?a com he to \v& lande betwyx natiuite« see 
Marie *] Michaeles messe. mid him com se cwen "] his dohter -f 
he seror hafde giuen ]7one kasere Heanri of Loherenge to wife, 
f. 85. ^ he brohte mid him | J>one eorl Waleram ^ Hugo Gerueises sunu. 
•] ]?one eorl he sende to Brigge on hefbnunge. *] ]7eonon he sende 
him to Walingeforde sitSSon. •] Hugo to Windlesofra. ■] let hine 
don on harde bande. 

^ )>a 8eft«r Michaeles messe com se Scotte kyng Dauid of 
Scotlande hider to lande. ^ se kyng Heanri under feng hine 
mid micel wurSscipe. 3 he wunode )>a eall J>et gear on Jjis 

*0n )>es ilces geares let se kyning nimen his broSer Eotbert 
fram Jjone biscop Roger of Sseres byri. *] be tahte hine his sune 
Rotbert eorl of Gleucsestre. ;) let hine Iseden to Bricstowe 3 )?8er 
diden on Jjone castel. peet wees eall don Surh his dohtres rsed. 
3 ]?urh se Scotte kyng Dauid hire eam. 
2lll|)uc| 1127. Dis gear heald se kyng Heanri his bird 8Bt Cristes 
msBsse on Windlesoure. f)8er wees se Scotte kyng Dauid. ;) eall 
Sa heaued leered *] leeuued ^ wees on Engle land. ^ ]?eer he let 
swere'n' ercebiscopes *] biscopes ;) abbotes 3 eorles 3 ealle J?a 
tSeines Sa fjser weeron his dohter -^ESelic Engla land 3 Normandi 
to hande eefter his deei. J>e eer wees ))es Caseres wif of Sexlande. 
■] sende hire sitSSen to Normandi. *] mid hire ferde hire brotSer 
Rotbert eorl of Gleucestre. "] Brian Jjes eorles sunu Alein 
Fergan. *] leot hire beweddan J)es eorles sunu of Angeow 
, GosfreitS Marteel wees gehaten. Hit of]7ubte na]7ema ealle 

• Frencisc •] Englisc' oc se kyng hit dide for to hauene sibbe of se 


^ The words : ' of Burch .... kyng' by another hand, 
are inserted partly on the margin ' Here there is another change of 

and in a different ink, and perhaps hand and ink. 

.• / « 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 257 

eorl of Angeow. "^ for helpe to liauene togeenes his neue (A.D.1127.) 
WilWm. f 

Des ilces gseres on )>one lententide wses ee eorl Karle of T' 5...' 
Flandres of slagen on ane circe J^ser he Isei *] bsed hine to Gode 
to for }>one we'o'fede amang ]7ane messe fram his agene roanne. 
^ 86 kyng of France brohte J?one eorles sunu WilleZm of Nor- 
mandi ■] uef hine J>one ( eorldom. ^ })et landfolc him wiS toe. f. 85. b. !,-. 
pes ilea WilWm heefde seror numen tSes eorles dohter of Angeow 
to wife oc hi wseron sitStSen to tweamde for sibreden. ]7et wes eall 
Surh ]x>ne kyng Heanri of Engle land. SitSSen ]?a nam he ]?es 
kyngea wifes swnster of France to wife, j for Jji isef se kyng him 
}>one eorldom of Flandres. 

Des ilea geeres he geef ]7one abbot rice of Burch an abbot aX^ l^enr' // 
Heanri wses ge haten of Peitowe. se hsefde his abbot rice S' Johs 
of Angeli on hande. "j ealle ]>a sercebiscopes ^ biscopes seidon f 
hit wees togeanes nht. "j -^ he ne mihte hafen twa abbotrices on 
hande. Oc se ilce Heanri dide |7one king to under standene f 
he haefde Iseten his abbot rice for f micele unsibbe ^ wses on ^ 
land. ^ ^ he dide 8urh ]?es papes raed ^ leue of Rome. 3 Surh . ^ , ■ 
)>es abbotes of Clunni. ■] ]?urh Jjset he wcbs legat of Sone Rome ^ ' r^-/ 
scott. oc hit ne wses naSema eall swa. oc he wolde hauen baSe 
on hand. ;) swa hafde swa lange swa Gk>des wille wses. He waes 
on his clserc hade biscop on Scesscuns. siSSan wartS he monec 
on Clunni. ^ siSSon pnor on jjone seolue minstre. *] siSSon he 
waertS prior on Sauenni. Jjaraeftor ]?urh ^ he wees tSes kynges 
msei of Engle land ^ ]7es eorles of Peitowe |7a geaf se eorl him 
]x)ne abbotrice of S' lohs minstre of AngelL SitSSon ]7urh his 
micele wrences tSa be iset he ]?one eerce biscop rice of Besencun ^ 
hsefde hit ]7a on hande ]>re dagas. ]7a forkes he ^ mid rihte for)>i 
^ he hit hsefde eeror beieten mid un rihte. sitSSon ]7a beiet he 
J7one biscop rice of Seintes f wees fif mile fram his abbot rice -f 
he hsefde fdlneah seoueniht on hande. ]7enon brohte se abbot 
him of Clunni swa swa he seror dide of Besencun. pa be]7ohte 
he him -f gif | he^ mihte ben rotfest on Engle land f he mihte f. 86. 

^ WiUi £ 86 r*'. begins a larger a brief Chronicle of Britain in 
sized yellnm ; and on i, 86 yo. be- French, beginning with the corn- 
gins to be written on the margin ing of Brutus in 1200 B.O., and 


258 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.I 1 27.) habben'e'al his wille. besohte f>a 8one kyng ^ sseide him -p he 
wses eald man *] forbroken man, ;] -p he ne mihte tSolen ]7a micele 
unrihte ^ }>a micele unsibbe Sa wseron on here land, j isemde 
^p2k ]7urh him 3 tSurh ealle his freond nam cu'Slice bone abbot 
rice of Burhc, *] se kyng hit him isette fortSi ^ 'he' wsbs his msei. 
-^ for f)i ^ he wses an hsBfod Sa atS to swerene ;| witnesse to 
•. ' - berene )?8Br 8a eorles sunn of Normandi 3 )>es eorles dohter of 

v,V ^;^- Angeow wseron totwemde for sibreden. pus eannlice wees 

]?one abbot rice gifen betwix Cristesmesse 3 Candelmesse at 
il ■ ^ '^ Lundene. ■] swa he ferde mid ]>e cyng to Wincestre 3 }?anon he 

^" ' com to Burch. ^ J>8Br he wunede eall riht swa drane doS on hiue. 

Eall f ]>a beon dragen toward swa frett J>a drane *] dragaS 
fraward. swa dide he eall -f he mihte tacen wiS innen ^ witS uten 
of Isered ^ of Isewed swa he sonde oner see j na god ]>8Br ne dide. 
ne na god tSser ne Iseuede. Ne )?ince man na sellice -p we soS 
seggen for hit w8bs ful cuS ofer eall land ^ swa radlice swa he 
]7ser com f wses ]7es Sunendaeies ^ man singatS Exub&e quabe o. 
D.** ))a son f)8Br ©ft^r Jja ssegon ^ herdon fela men feole huntes 
hunten. Da huntes weeron swarte 3 micele *] ladlice. *] here 
hundes ealle swarte ^ bradegede ^ ladlice. 3 hi ridone on swarte 

t hors ^ on swarte bucces. pis waes segon on ])e selue derfald in 

}>a tune on Burch *] on ealle ]>a wudes Sa wseron fram ]>a selua 
tune to Stanforde. *] f)a muneces herdon Sa horn blawen -p hi 
blewen on nihtes. SotSfestemen^ heom kepten on nihtes. saeidon 
Jjes J?e heom )>uhte -f f>8er mihte wel ben abuton twenti oSer 
J>ritti horn blaweres. pis wees seegon 3 herd fram -p he ]7ider 
f. 86. b. com eall -p lented ^ tid on an to Eastren. | pis was his in gang, of 
his ut gang ne cunne we iett noht seggon. God scawe fore. 

1128. Eall ]7is geare weas se kyng Heanri on Normandi 
for Jjone un fritS -p wees betwenen him j his nefe Sone eorl 
of Flandres. oc se eorl wearS gewunded at an gefiht fram 
anne swein. *] swa gewundod he for to S' Berhtines minstre, 
^ sone Jjear weartS munec j liuode sitSSon fif degas. ^ he wearS 
]5a deed j ))eer bebyriged. God geare his sawle. ^ waes tSes 
daies 'vi* kt Avg'. 

ending abruptly on f. 90 y^, with about which it was written, 
the accession of Edward I. This ^ Sic MS. 

latter eyent probably fixes the date 

t. V 

rHE LAUD MS. (E) 259 

Des ilceis geares fortSferde se biscop Bandulf Passeflambard (A.D.112S,) 
of Dunholme. j )>8Bre be byriged on N<5 S^pt. 

3 ]?es ilces geares ferde se foren sprecene abbot Henri bam to 
bis agen minstre to Peitou be ^pe^ kynges leue. He dide tSone 
king to understanden ^ be wolde mid alle forlseten ]7one minstre 
:) -p land 1 >8er wunien mid him on Englalande. 3 on tSone 
mynstre of Burb. oc bit ne was natSema swa. be bit dide forSi 
■p be wolde )>urb bis micele wiles Saer beon wser it tweolf monS 
oSSe mare. ^ siSSon ongeon cumen, Gk)d selmibtig baue bis 
milce ofer -p wrecce stede. 

Des ilces geares com fram lert^alem Hugo of ]>e temple ^\ 

to Sone kyng on Normandig. ^ se kyng bim under feng mid ' V^' 
micel wurSscipe. :j micele gersumes bim geaf on gold j 
on silure. ■] siSSon be sonde bim to Englalande. •] Jjser be 
waes underfangen of ealle gode men. "^ ealle bim geauen 
gersume ^ on Scotlande ealswa. 3 be bim senden to lert^^alem 
micel eabte mid ealle on gold ^ on silure. 3 he be bead folc 
vt to lert^^em, 3 ^p^. for mid bim ^ seffcer him swa micel 
folc swa nsefre ser ne dide siSSon -p se firste fare was on 
VBbanes ' dfiei pape ])eab hit litel be helde. He seide -p fuUe 
feobt was sett be twenen Sa Cristene ^ J?a beSene. ]5a hi J?ider 
comon Sa ne was bit nobt buton Isesunge. ]7us earmlice weartS 
*eair -p folc swengt. 

1129. On Dis gear sonde se kyng to Englaland sefter J>one t 87. 
eorl Waleram. 3 sefter Hugo Gerueises sunu. j J>8er hi gisleden 
hem. ^ Hugo ferde bam to his agen land to France. 3 Waleram 
be laf mid Jjone kyng. j se kyng him geaf eall his land buton 
bis castel ane. SiSSon ]?a com se kyng to Englaland innon 
beruest. 3 se eorl com mid him. 3 wurtSon ]5a alswa gode freond 
Bwa hi wfieron seror feond. 

Da sone be )?es kynges rsed ^ be his leue sende se serce- 
b Wille&n of Cantwarbyrig ofer eall Englaland. 3 bead biscopes 
^ abbotes j sercedsecnes. 3 ealle f>a pWores muneces ^ canonias 
J)a wseron on ealle )>a cellas on Engla land. •] ©fter ealle ]?a f)et 
Cristendome bsefdon to begemen j to locen. 3 p hi scolden 
ealle cumen to Lundene at Micbaeles messe. 3 \>9sr scolden 
eprecon of ealle Godes rihtes. J)a hi Sider comen ]m be gan "p 

S 2 

26o THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(Ajo.iiap.) mot on MonendaBig ^ heold on an to tSe FridsBig. pa liit eall 
com forS, ]7a weortS hit eall of earcedsecnes wifes -3 of preostes 
wifes ^ hi scolden hi forketen be 8cs Andreas messe. 3 se 
])e f ne wolden done forgede his circe ^ his hus j his ham 
•^ nefra ma nan ^ cleponge ]?8er to na hafde mare. )>is be bsed se 
serceB WilWm of Cantwarabyrig 3 ealle ])a leodbiscopes Sa 
]7a^ weeron on Englalande. 3 se kyng hem geaf ealle leue 
ham to farene. j swa hi ferdon ham. j ne forstod noht ealle 
]>a bodlaces. ealle heoldon here wifes be J^es kynges leue swa swa 
hi ear didon. 

Dis ilces geares forSferde se biscop WilleZm Giffard of 

Winceastre j fear bebyriged on -viii- kt Feb?. •] se kyng 

Henri geaf ]>one biscoprice asfter Micheles messe ]x)ne abbot 

Henri his nefe of Glastingbyri. -^ he wses gehalgod to biscop 

^ V ' fram J>one asrcel^ WilleZm of Cantwarabyri J?es dseies -xv- t 

(Vt'' Decemb.-' 

pes ilces geares forSferde HonoritM papa, ^r he wsere wel 
f. 87. b. ded. ]7a wsere ]?ser coren twa papes. | Se an wees gehaten Petrt^. 
he wses monec of Glunni. ^ weas boren of \>9, ricceste men 
of Eome. mid him helden Sa of Eome. j se due of Sicilie. 
Se oSer het Gregorii^. he wses clerc ^ wserd flemd at of Eome 
fram ^pon oSer pape j fram his cinnesmen. mid him held 
se Kasere of Sexlande ^ se kyng of France 3 se kyng He^a'nri 
of Engleland. ^ ealle ]?a be }>is half ]7a muntes. Nu wsertS swa 
mycel dwyld on Cristendom swa it nsefre ser ne wsbs. Crist 
sette red for his wrecce folc. 

Dis ilces geares on S' Nicholaes messe niht litel ser dsei wses 

1130. Dis geares wses se mynstre of Cantwarabyri halgod 
fram ]?one serceb WilleZm Jjes dseies ^iiii ° No Mai. Dser wseron 
})as biscopes. lohan of Boueceastre. Gilbert Uniuersal of Lon- 
dene. He'a'nri of Winceastre. Alexander of Lincolne. Boger 
of Sseresbyri. Simon of Wigorceastre. Roger of Couentre. 
Gkxiefreith of Bathe. Eourard of Noruuic. Sigefrid of Cic'a'es- 
tre. Bernard of S' Dauid. AxxAoenua of Euereus of Normandt^e 
lohan of Sseis ^ 

^ altered from nen. ' wa. MS. 

THE LAUD MS. (B) 261 

Des feorSe dseges J^seraefter wses se king HeVnri on Bone- (A.i).ii3a) 
ceastre. ^ se burch forbemde sBlmsest. j se serceB WilWm 
halgede S' Andreas mynstre ;] tSa forsprecon blsS mid him. 
^ se kyng Heanri ferde ouer sse into Normandi on heruest. 

Des ilces geares com se abbot Heanri of Angeli sefter ^steme iSurg'f. 90. 
to Burch. ^ seide $ he hsefde forlseten ]>one mynstre mid 
ealle. M^r him com se abbot [of] Clunni Petrw« ge haten to 
Englelande bi ]>es kynges leue ^ waes underfangen ouer eall 
swa hwar swa he com mid mycel wurSscipe. To Burch he 
com •] f>8er be bet se abbot Heanri him ^ he scolde beieton him 
Jjone mynstre of Burch ^ hit scolde beon underSed into Clunni. 
oc man seitS to biworde. hsege sitteS ]>a aceres dseleth. God 
selmihtig adylege iuele rsede. "^ sone f ser ajft^r ferde se abbot 
of Clunni ham to his serde. 

1131. Dis gear sefter Cristesmesse on an Moneniht set ]>e f. 88. 
forme sleep waes se heouene o Se norS half eall swilc hit wsere 
bsemende fir. swa ^ ealle Se hit saegon waeron swa of &ered 
swa hi nsefre aer ne waeron. ^ waes on iii \jya% Ianb. Des ilces 
geares waes swa micel oVf cwalm swa hit naefre aer ne waes on 
manne gemynd ofer eall Engleland. ^ waes on naet ^ on swin. 
swa ^ on ]7a tun |7a waes tenn ploges oSer twelfe gangende ne 
be laef }>aer noht an. -^ se man }>a heafde twa hundred oS)7e Sre 
hundred swin ne be leaf him noht an. paer aeft^ swulten 
]>a henne fugeles. )ja scyrte Sa flesc mete 3 se ceose *] se butere. 
God hit bete ]7a his wille beS. 

*] se kyng Heanri com ham to Engleland toforen heruest 
aeft^r S' Petres messe J)e firrer. 

Des ilces geares for se abbot Heanri to foren Eastren fram iSurg' 
Burch ofer sae to Normandi j J^aer spreac mid ]7one kyng. 
^ saeide him ]>et se abbot of Clunni heafde him beboden ^ he 
scolde cumen to him 3 betaecen him ]>Qne abbot rice of Angeli. 
^ siS}7en he wolde cumen ham be his laefe. ^ swa he ferde 
ham to his agen mynstre ^ })aer wunode eall to midsumer 
daei. "^ Ses oSer daeies aefter S' lohes messe daei. cusen ]?a 
muneces abbot of hem self and brohten him into cyrce mid 
processionem. sungen Te Deum Laudamus. ringden ]7a belle, 
setten him on ]>e8 abbotes settle, diden him ealle hersumnesse 

262 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1131.) swa swa hi scolden don here abbot. ^ se eorl ^ ealle }?a 
lieafed menn ^ J>a muneces of J>a mynstre flemden se oSer abbot 
Heanri ut ^of f)a mynstre. hi scolden nedes. on fif •] twenti 
wintre ne biden hi naefre an god daei. Her him trucode ealle 
his mycele crseftes. nn him behofed -f he crape in his mycele 
codde in aelc hyrne gif }>8er-W8ere hure an unwreste wrenc f he 
mihte get beswicen anes Crist *] eall Cristene folc. pa 
ferde he into Clunni ^ )>ser man him held ^ he ne mihte na 
f. 88. b. east na west, sseide se abbot of Clunni | ^ hi heafdon forloron 
S' loBes mynstre ]?urh him :j >urh his mycele sotscipe. pa 
ne cuf)e he him na betre bote bute behet hem ^ aSes swor 
on halidom ^ gif he moste Engleland secen ]7et he scolde 
begeton hem Sone mynstre of Burch. swa -f he scolde setten 
Jjeer prior of Clunni ^ circeweard ^ hordere ^ reil)>ein ^ 
ealle ]>a Sing ]>a wseron witSinne mynstre j witSnten eall 
he scolde hem betaecen. pus he ferde into France 3 J>8er 
wunode eall ^ gear. Crist rsede for Jja wrecce muneces of 
Burch 3 for -f wrecee *stede^ nu hem behofeS Cristes helpe ;j 
eall Cristenes folces. 

1132.* Dis gear com Henri king to J>is land. ]>a com Henri 
abbot ^ uureide ]?e muneces of Burch to )>e king for]>i tS 

V he uuolde under]?eden 8 mynstre to Clunie. sua S te king 

was wel neh be paht. ■] sende efter J>e muneces. •] )>ur^h' 
Gk)des milce j ]?urh' ]>e B of Seresbcri j te B of Linco? 
3 te oJ>re ricemen )>e }>er waeron ]>a wiste f)e king 8 he 
feorde mid suicdom. pa he naTi mor ne mihte. ])a uuolde 
he 8 his nefe sculde ben aBb in Burch. oc Xpist it ne uuolde. 
Was it noht suithe lang J>er eft^ ]?atte king sende efter him. •] 
iSurg' dide him gyuen up 8 abb rice of Burch 3 faren ut of lande. 

I ^^ Ittttn ^ ^g ]p£jjg jg^f g g^]^ j^jgg g^jj pWor of S* Need Martin was 

/ ge haten. he com on S* Y'e.iiRBS messe dei mid micel wurscipe 

into the minstre. 

1135. On ]?is gsere for se king IS^enri oner sse aet te Lam-, 
masse. ^ 8 o]>er dei ]7a he lai an slep in scip. ]7a J^estrede 

^ Here begins tbe last Continuator. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 263 

]?e dsBi ouer al landes, j uoard })e sunne suilc als it uuare thre- (A.D.1135.) 
nibt aid mone. an sterres abuten him at mid dsei. 

Wur Jj'en men suiSe of uundred •] of dred, *] sseden 8 micel 
]>ing sculde cumen hereffcer. sua dide. for ]^t ilc gser warth 
)>e king ded. S o])er dsei efter S' Andreas masse dsei on 
l^ovmandi. pa westre^ sona ])as landes. for seuricman sone 
rseuede o]>er })e mihte. pa namen his sune "j his frend 3 
brohten his lie to Englela7»c^ ^ bebiriend in Kedinge. God 
man he wes j micel seie wes of him. Durste nan man mis don 
wits otSer on his time. Pais he makede men ^ dser. Wua 
sua bare his bjrthen gold ;] sylure. durste vAn man sei to him 
naht bute god. 

I Enmang ])is was his nefe cumen to EnglelamZe Stephne f. 89. ..^ 

de Blais. •] com to Lundene. ■] te Lundenisce folc him under . , Y 
feng. J senden cfiftcr })e aerceB WilleZm Curbuil, j halechede 
him to kinge on midewintredaei. On }>is kinges time wes al 
unfritS ^ yfel ^ rsefiac. for agenes him risen sona J>a ricemen 
)?e wseron swikes. Alrefyrst Balduin de Reduers j held Exe- 
cestre agenes him. 3 te king it besset. 3 sitSSan Baldt^m 
acordede. pa tocan ]7a o8re j helden her castles agenes him. 
^ Dauid king of Scotland toe to uuerrien him. ]>a ]>ohuue- ^cot' 
there )>at here sandes feorden betwyx heom. ^ hi togsedere 
comen 3 wurtSe ssehte. J>o]5 it litel for stode. 

1137. Dis gsere for )>e ^\dng' Stephrie ofer see to Normandi ^ 
ther wes under fao^en for]>i S hi uuenden 8 he sculde ben 
alsuic alse the eom wes. 3 for he hadde get his tresor. ac he 
todeld it ^ scatered sotlice. Micel hadde Henri \ii71g gadered 
gold J syluer. j na god ne dide me for his saule thar of. 

pa ^]>e' king ^tejphne to EnglalaTie^e com }>a macod he hislBtflsensto 
gadeiing set Oxene ford. ■] f)ar he nam )je b Roger of Sereberi j If jgSr^ 
JSlejiander b of Lincol •] te Canceler Roger hise neues. j dide 
selle in prisun. til hi iafen up here castles, pa the suikes 
under gseton S he milde man was ^ softe 3 god. j na iustise 
ne dide. f>a dide^n' hi alle wunder. Hi hadden him manred 
maked j athes suoren. ac hi nan treuthe ne heolden. alle 

^ wes tr^e. Thorpe's suggestion. 


264 TffE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1137.) he waeron forsworen "■] here treothes forloren, for seuric 
rice man bis castles makede 3 agsenes him heolden. 3 fylden 
IpQ land ful of castles. Hi snencten suySe }>e uorecce men 
of \>e land mid castel weorces. ]^ ]>e castles uuaren maked 
^ ]>a fylden hi mid deoules 3 yuele men. pa namen hi ]m 

men ]>e hi wenden 6 ani god hefde^n'. bathe be nihtes 3 be 
dseies. carlmen ;] wimmen. ^ diden heom ^in prtsun' efier 
gold 3 syluer. 3 pined heom.*' untellendlice pining, for ne 
uuseren nsBiire nan martyrs swa pined alse hi wseron. Me 
henged up bi the fet *] smoked heom. mid ful smoke. Me 
henged bi the ]?umbes. other bi the hefed. 3 hengen bryniges 
f. 89. b. on ^her' fet. Me dide cnotted strenges abuton here | hseued. j 
unrythen to S it gaede to ])e VsBmes. Hi dyden heom in 
quarteme ]?ar nadres j snakes 3 pades wseron inne. j drapen 
heom swa. Snme hi diden in crucethos 6 is in an cceste 
}>at was scort -^ nareu. 3 undep. 3 dide scserpe stanes ferinne. 
3 J>rengde }7e man ]^r inne. 6 him br^con alle ])e limes. In 
; , mani of )>e castles wseron lof 3 grin. S wseron rachenteges 8 
twa o]?er thre men hadden onoh to bseron onne. })at was sua 
maced. S is fsestned to an beom. 3 diden an scaerp iren abuton 
]?a mannes throte 3 his hals. 6 he ^ne' myhte nowiderwardes. ne 
sitten ne lien ne slepen. oc bseron al S iren. Mani ]7usen 
hi drapen mid hungser. 

I ne can ne i ne mai tellen alle ]7e wunder ne alle ])e 
pines S hi diden wreccemen on ]>is land. 3 S lastede ]>a 
•xix. wintre wile Stephne was king 3 »ure it was uuerse 
3 uuerse. Hi Iseiden gseildes o'^n' the tunes aeure um wile -3 
clepeden it tenserie. ]7a ]7e uureccemen ne hadden na^imore 
to gyuen. }?a rseueden hi 3 brendon alle the tunes. S wel )>u 
myhtes faren all adseis fare sculdest thu neure finden man 
in tune sittende. ne land tiled, pa was com dsere. ^ flee 
3 csBse 3 butere. for nan ne wses o ^pQ land. Wreccemen 
sturuen of hungser. sume ieden on selmes ])e waren sum wile 
rice men. sume flugen ut of lande. 

Wes nseure gset mare wre^c'ce bed on land, ne nseure hethen 
men werse ne diden ]?an hi diden. for ouersithon ne for 
baren ^hi' nouther circe ne cyrceiserd. oc namen al J^e god 6 

1 1" 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 265 

}7ariime was. j brenden sythen ]?e cyrce j altegsedere. Ne (A.D.1137.) 
hi ne forbaren B land ne aBb ne preostes. ac rseueden munekes 
T clerekes. j seuric man other \>e ouer myhte. Gif twa men 
Her •iii- coman ridend to an tun. al }>e tunscipe flugaen for 
m, wenden S hi wseron raBueres. pe biscopes j lered men 
> cursede SBure. oc was heom naht ]>ar of. for hi uueron al 
rsflBd 3 for suoren ;] for loren. 
886 me tilede. ]>e erthe ne. bar nan com. for ]?e land 
for don. mid suilce dsedes. j hi sseden openlice S 
•p. J his halechen. Suilc j mare ]?anne we connen ssein. 
len -xix. wintre for ure sinnes. 

)ns yuele time heold Martin abbot his abbotrice -xx- SSutg''*^ 
half gser 3 viii* dseis. mid micel suinc. ^ fand ]>e -• \\ 

3 te gestes al ]>at heom be honed j heold mycel carited -^ ^' 

lus. "3 ]Jo]>wethere wrohte on ]?e dree j sette Jmrto 
^ rentes. 3 goded it suythe. j Iset it refen j brobte ^ ^ 
.to ]?e neuuse mjnstre on S' Petbes meesse dsei mid micel 
\ jipe. S was anno ab incamatione Domini Mcxl. a combus- 
tic ae loci xxiii. ^ he for Ho' Home. ;) Jjser wses W8b1 under ^ 

fangen fram fe pape Eugenie. 3 begset thare prtuilegies. an of ^^ '"^ * 
alle ]>e landes of ]?abbot rice. 3 an o]>er of ]>e landes ]>e lien to ]>e 
circewican. 3 gif he leng moste liuen, also he mint to don of ]7e 
horderwycan. ;] he begset in landes >at rice men hefden mid 
strengthe. of WilleZm Malduit ]>e heold Bogingham J>8b castel. he Na 
wan Gotingham 3 Estun. ^ of Hugo of Walteuile he uuan ^ ^^, 
Hyrtlingbm. ^ Stanewig. "^ -Ix- sol of Aldewingle 'selc gser'. ^ ut^mle 
he makede manie munekes ;] plantede winiserd. j makede mani 
weorkes. "3 wende J^e tun betere ]>an it ser wses. ■] wses god 
munec j god man. ;] for]?i him luueden God 3 gode men. 

Nu we willen ssBgen sumdel wat belamp on Stephn6« kinges ^t &^a ^ 
time. On his time J^e ludeus of Noruuic bohton an xpisten ^^^ ^^ 
cild beforen Estren, ^ pineden him alle \>e ilce pining 6 ure 
Drihten was pined. :j on lang fridsei him on rode hengen for ure 
Drihtines luue. "} sythen bjrrieden him. Wenden S it sculde ben 
forholen. oc ure Dryhtin atywede S he was hali martyr, j to* 
munekes him namen. "^ bebyried him heglice in ])e minstre. j he 

^ Sic MS. 


266 THE LAUD MS, (E) 

maket )3ur ure Drihtin wunderlice ;] manifsBldlice miracles, -y 
hatte he S' Willelm. 

&tzV 1138. On f)is gser com Dauid king of ^aoilande mid ormete 

fserd to J)is land, wolde winnan )>is land. "^ him com to gaenes 

/^ ' / WilleZm eoii of Albamar )>e j^e king adde beteht Euorwic j to 

other sBuez men mid fseu men ;] fuhten wid heom. 3 flemden J>e 

king set te Standard, j sloghen suithe micel of his genge. 

f. 90. b. 1140. On fis gser wolde ]?e king Steph7i6 tsecen Rodbert eorl 
^ > * ' of Gloucestre ]?e kinges sune Henries, ac he ne myhte for he 
wart it war. 

per efter in )?e lengten )?estrede })e sanne ;) te dsei. abuton 
non tid dseies. ]?a men eten. S me lihtede candles to seten bi. ^ 
)?at was -xiii' fe April, waeron men saythe of wundred. 

per efter fordfeorde WilleZm sercelS of Cantwarbm. "^ te king 
makede Teodbald eerceB ]?e was abbot in the Bee. 

per efter wsex suythe micel uuerre betuyx ))e king ;) Bandolf 
eorl of CsBstre noht for j^i 8 he ne iaf him al 8 he cuthe axen 
him. alse he dide alle othre. oc aefre ]>e mare he iaf heom. ]?e 
wsBrse hi wsBron him. pe eorl heold Lincol agsenes ]3e king. ^ 
benam him al tS he ahte to hauen. ;] te king for }7ider. 3 
bessette him ;) his brother WilleZm de R[om]are in j^e castel. "j 
te SBorl stsel ut 3 ferde efter Rodbert eorl of Gloucestre. ;] 
brohte him J)ider mid micel ferd. "3 fuhten suythe on Candel 
masse dsei agenes heore lauerd. 3 namen him, for his men him 
suyken j flugsen. 3 Ised him to Bristowe "^ diden j^ar in prtsun. 
^ [fejteres. pa was al Engle land styred mar ]7an ser wees. 3 al 
yuel wses in lande. 

per efter com ^pQ kynge« dohter Henries ]>e hefde ben Empe- 
rice in Alamanie. "j nu wses cuntesse in Angou. "j com to 
Lundene "j te Lundenissce folc hire wolde tsecen. 3 scsb fleh j 
for les ]3ar micel. 
\\ «7 ^' per efter J)e biscop of Wincestre Henri }>e kinges brother 

Stephne^ spac wid Rodbert eorl 3 wyd ]?emperice 3 suor heom 
athas S he neure ma mid te king his brother wolde halden. j 
•:* ' cursede alle {to men ]>e mid him heoldon. j ssede heom S he 

uuolde Huen heom up Wincestre. 'y dide heom cumen ]nder. pa 
hi ]78Br inne wseren. ]}a com ]>e kinges cuen mid al hire strengthe. 


THE LAUD MS, (E) 267 

;) besfiet heom. % ]?er wses inne micel hungser. pa hi ne leng (A.D.1140.) 
ne muhten ]x)len )?a stall hi ut *] flugen. j hi wurthen war wid 
uten ^ folecheden heom. 3 namen Eodbert eorl of Glouce«<r«. 
;] ledden him to Eoue cestre. j diden him )?are in pWsun. ;] te 
emperice fleh into an minstre. | ^pa feorden ]?e wise men be twyx f. 91. . 
}?e kinges freond ;) te eorles freond. j sahtlede sua tS me sculde j- 
leten ut }?e king of pnsun for J^e eorl. j te eorl for }>e king, j 
sua diden. 

Sithen }?erefter sahtleden )?e king 3 Eandolf eorl at Stanford. 
•3 athes suoren j treuthes fseston tS her nouJ>er sculde be suiken 
other. 3 it ne for stod naht. for ]>e king him sithen nam in Ham- 
tun. ])urhc wicci rsed. 3 dide him in pWsun. j ef sones he let 
him ut )>urhc wserse red. to 8 forewarde tS he suor on halidom ^ 
gysles fand. ]>at he alle his castles sculde iiuen up. Sume he 
iaf up, J sume ne iaf he noht. ;) dide ]?anne wserse Jeanne he 
heer sculde. 

pa was Engleland suythe to deled, sume helden mid te king. 
^ sume mid )>emperice. for Jja }>e king was in pWsun J?a wendeii 
Jje eorles j te rice men j^at he neure mare sculde cumen ut. ;] 
ssBht'leden wyd j^empence. j brohten hire into Oxen ford, "j 
iauen hire ]>e burch. pa }>e king was ute ]7a herde t$ ssegen. 
^ toe his feord j besset hire in ))e tur. j me Iset hire dun on 
niht of ))e tur mid rapes. 3 stal ut. j scsb fleh 3 iaede on fote 
to "Walingford. 

peer eftcr scab ferde ouer sse. ^ hi of Normandi wenden alle 
fra ]?e king, to J?e eorl of Angseu. sume here ]?ankes -^ sume 
here un]7ankes. for he be saet heom til hi a iauen up here castles. 
;] hi nan helpe ne hsefden of j^e \inge, 

pa ferde Eustace J^e kinges sune to France ^ nam ]?c > 
kinges suster of France to wife, wende to bigseton Normandi 
J)8Br }?urh. oc he spedde litel. *] be gode rihte for he was an 
yuel man. for ware se he [com he] dide mare yuel ]?anne god. 
he reuede J)e landes ;) Iseide mic[ele gilde]8 on. he brohte 
his wif to Engleland. ^ dide hire in ]?e caste[l on Can]* 

* With f. 91 there is a reversion » The MS. is here mutilated. The 

to the smaller sized vellom. v. letters in brackets, are supplied by 
p. 257, note, conjecture. 

268 THE LAUD MS. (E) 

(A.D.1140.) tebm. God wimman sc8B wses. oc scse hedde litel blisse mid 
him. 3 Xpist ne wolde S he sculde lange rixan. j wserd ded 
3 his moder beien. 

J te eorl of Angseu weerd ded. 3 his sune Henri toe to J>e rice. 
3 te cuen of France to dselde fra ]7e king. 3 scse com to ]7e ionge 
f. 91. b. eorl Henri. 3 he too hire to wine, j al | Feitou mid hire, pa 
ferde he mid micel faerd into Engle land, j wan castles. 3 te 
king ferde agenes him mid micel mare ferd. 3 ]?o]>wsethere 
fohtten hi noht. oc ferden ]?e serceB 3 te wise me^n' betwux heom. 
;j makede S sahte 6 te king sculde ben lauerd j king wile he 
liuede. 3 seft^r his daei ware Henri king. 3 he helde' him for 
fader 3 he him for sune. 3 sib *] sfiehte sculde ben betwyx heom. 
^ on al Engle land, pis 3 te othre foruuardes }'et hi makeden. 
suoren to balden }?e king 3 te eorl ^ te B & te eorles ^ rice men 
alle. pa was ]?e eorl under fangen set Wincestre ^ eet Lundene 
mid micel wurtscipe. 3 alle diden him man red. ^ suoren ]7e pais 
to balden. '^ hit ward sone suythe god pais, sua tS ueure '^ras 
here, pa was ]?e \i71g strengere ]?anne he seuert her was. j 
te eorl ferde ouer sse. ;] al folc him luuede for he dide god iustise 
J makede pais. 

1154.^ On ))is gser wsBrd j^e king Stepbn^ ded ^ beby- 
ried Jjer, his wif^*] his sune' wseron bebyried set Fauresfeld. 
}78et minster hi makeden. pa ]>e king was ded. ]?a was ]?e 
eorl beionde sse. 3 ne durste nan man don oj^er bute god for 
]?e micel eie of him. pa he to Engleland com. ]?a was 
he under fangen mid micel wurtscipe. 3 to king bletcaed in 
Lundene on ]?e sunnen daei be foren midwinter dsei. ^ held ]78Br 
micel curt. 

pat ilce daei ]7at Martm aBb of Burch sculde ]>ider faren. ]7a 
sseclede he 3 ward ded 'iiii' N^, Ian. ^ te muneke^ innen dseis 
cusen of>er of heom sself. WilleZm de "Walteuile is gehateu. god 
clerc 3 god man. 3 wsel luued of ]?e ktri^e j of alle gode men. ^ 
o[n cyricjen byrie<ie7i )>abb hehlice ; ^ sone J>e cosan aB ferde 3 
te muneces [mid him to] Oxenforde to ]?e king ["^ he] iaf him 
bat abbrice. 3 he ferde him Bon[e to Linc]ol j was J>[8Br bletcaed 
to] abbot ser he ham come. *] [sithen] was under fangen [mid mic]el 

^ No annals are marked m the MS. between 1140 and 1154. 

THE LAUD MS. (E) 269 

[wartscipe at] Bnrch. mid [mice]l processiun. 3 sua he was alsua (AjD.1154.) 
at Bamesseie. 3 at Tom'. ^ at . . . ^ Spall' 3 at S . 1 . beres. ^ 

^ [nu is] abbot. ^ fa[ir] haued begunnon. Xpus him 

uii[ne]^ . . . : • 

^ The MS. at thiB point is both in brackets are more or less oon- 
mntilated and defaced. The words jecturaL ^ 




In MS. C, the Chronicle is preceded by the following com- 
position, which consists of two parts; the first a sort of metrical 
calendar, the latter a string of proverbial sayings. These Poems 
were first printed by Hickes in his Thesaurus (1705), vol. i. 
p. 203, with a Latin translation : and again (after Hickes) in a 
separate form by the Rev. Samuel Fox with an English transla- 
tion and notes, with the title Menologium aeu CdUndariu/m 
Poeticumh, etc. (1830). Ebeling included them in his Angelsdeh- 
siaehes Leaebuch (1847). 

The Calendar was re-edited by Bouterwek with an interlinear 
Latin translation and notes, under the title : Calendcwide i. e. 
Menologium EcdeaicB Anglo^Saxonicce Poeticum (1857). 

Grein included both poems in the second volume of his 
monumental work : Bihlioihek der AngeladcTiaiscJisn Poeaie (i 858), 
now in course of republication by Wiilker. 

Professor Earle printed them in the Preface to the former 
edition of the present work (1865), justly remarking that 
* their intimate association with the Chronicle seemed to call for 
their insertion/ 

Mr. Sweet has printed the Gnomic Verses in the various 
editions of his Anglo-Saxon Keader, Clarendon Press, 1876 £F. 

Croniea Saxonica Ahbingdonioe adr annum 1066 ^ 


on midne winter.*' msere J>eoden- f. 112. 

ece aelmihtig.'' on J)y eahteotSan dseg* 

heelend ge haten.*' heofon rices weard- 

Swa )?a sylfan tiid.'' side herigeas* 5 

folc unmsete.*' habbaS fore weard gear* 

for ]>Y EC kalend us.*' cymetS gejjincged- 

on ]?am ylcan dsege.*' us to tune 

^ Note in Jo6celin*8 hand. 








f. 112 b. 

forma mona'S.'' hine folc mycel* 

ianuarius gerum heton* 

And ]?8BS embe fif niht/ ]?8ette fulwihttiid 

eces drihtnesy to us cymeS- 

\)8dne twelfta deegy tireadige* 

hseletJ heaSu rofey hataS on brytene* 

in foldan hery 

Swylce emb feower wucan 
]78ette solmonaSy sigetJ to tune* 
butan twam nibtumy swa hit getealdon geo* 
febraarius fser/ frode gesij^as- 
ealde segleawe. And ]?8es embe ane niht* 
f we Marian* msessan healdaS; 
cyninges modor* for j^an heo Crist on Jjam daege 
beam wealdendes* brohte to temple; 
Dsenne J)8es emb fif niht* f afered byS- 
winter of wicumy j se wigend J?a» 
sefter seofentynum/ swylc^ }>rowade» 
niht ge rimes.*' nergendes ]?egen ; 
Matbias msere.' mine gefrsege- 
JjSBs pQ lencten on tuny geliden hsefde* 
werum to wicumy 

Swylce eac is wide cutJ. 
ymb -iii- "j twa^ ]?eodum gewelhwser- 
his cyme Kalends ceorlum ;) eorlum 
butan pednne bises/ geboden weortSe- 
feorSan geare? pa^nne he furSor cymeS 
ufor anre nihty us to tune* 
hrime gehyrsted- hagolscurum fserS* 
geond middangeardy Martins reSe* 
hlyda healic* Dsenne se halga 
]78es emb xi niht sej^ele scynde 
Gregorius in Godes weere- 
breme in Brytene* swylce Benedictus 
embe nigon niht* J^ses nergend sohte* 








^ Grein and Bouterwek read Bwylt. 


heard ;] hige strangy ]78ene heriatS wel 

in gewritum wisey wealdendes )?eoW' 

rincas regol fseste/ swylce eac rim crsBftige* 

on ))a ylcan tiid/ em niht healdaS- 45 

forSan wealdend Gody worhte set frymtJe 

on J)y sylfan dsege.*' sunnan j monan; 

Hwset ymb feower niht/ feeder onsende* 
))8es J>e emnihte/ eorlas healdatS- 
heahengel hisy se hcelo ahead- 50 

Marian mycle.*' -f heo meotod sceolde* 
cenuan kyninga betsty swa hit gecySed wear8- ^^*6i 

geond middangeardy wses $ msere wyrd- ^J;^J 

folcum gefrsege/ Aprille 

Swylce emb feower ^ Jjreo.*' 
niht ge rimes fte nyrgend sent; 55 

Aprelis monatS.*' on ))am oftust cymtS- 
seo msBre tiidy mannum to frofre* 
drihtnes aerist.*' \>mJine dream gerist/ 
wel wide gehwsery swa se witega sang. 

pis is se dsegy J^sene drihten us- 60 

wisfsest worhtey wera cneorissum' 
eallum eortS warum.-' eadigum to blisse* 
Ne magon we ]?a tide/ be getale healdan- 
dagena rimes/ ne drihtnes stige- 
on heofenas up/ for Jjan he ^ hwearfatJ a a- 65 

wisra gewyrdum- ac sceal wintruwi frod/ 
on circule cr«fte findan- 
halige dagas. Sculan we hwseSere.-' 
gyt martira | gemynd/ ma areccan- 

wrecan wordum forS/ wisse* gesingan 701 113. 

f embe nihgontyne niht/ 
f)8es ))e Easter monatS- to us cymetS- 
))8Bt man reliquias/ rseran onginnetS- 
halige ' ge hyrste* f is healic daeg 
bentiid bremu/ Swylce in burh r&pe- 75 

^ >e, Grein. ht, Bouterwek. * wise, Bouterwek, Grein. 

' — ga. Gr. — gra, Bk. 
T 2 


Alibi * smicere on gearwum/ 

Jwymylce wudum "j wyrtum cymetS wlitig scriSan* 

May ]?ryinlice^ on tun* |>earfe bringeSy 

Mains micle geond/ menigeo geliwser. 

Swa Ipi ylcan dfiBge/ 8e]>ele geferan* . 80 

Philippus 3 lacoby feorh agefan* 

modige mago pegnAB^ for meotudes lufan ; 

And ]>Bd8 embe twa niht* fie tsehte God- 

Elenan eadigrey sej^elust beama- 

on }>ani }>rowodey ]7eoden engla* 85 

for manna lufan/ meotud on galgan* 

be feeder leafed swylce ymb fyrst wacan 

batan anre niht* fie yldum bringtSy 

sigelbeorhte dagas* Sumor to tune/ 

wearme gewyderu* psdnne wangas hratSe/ 90 

blostmum blowaS- Bwylce bUs astihSy 

geond middan geard* manigra hada/ 

cwicera cynna* cyninge 16f secgatJy 

majnifealdlice- mserne bremaJS/ 

aelmihtigne* pses emb eabta ;] nigon/ 95 

dogera' rimes, fie drihten nam.-' 

in otSer leoht- Agustinus* 

bliSne on breostumy Jjsbs j^e U on Brytene h^r* 

eaSmode liimy eorlas funde* 

to Godes willany swa him se gleawa be bead* 100 

Gregorius. ne hyrde ic guman awyrn** 

senigne aer* sefre bringan^ 

ofer sealtne mere- selran lare* 

bisceop bremrany n(i on Brytene resty 

on Cantwaram cyne stole neab.** 105 

mynstre mserum' 

^ Half a line seems wanting though the marginal notes are in a 

here ; Bouterwek marks a lacu- much later hand, 

na ; Grein conjectures : Sniylte *} ' Altered into dagera. 

sm^Se. * Sic MS. Grein reads conjec- 

* We should probably read ))ry- turally gumena fifm. Bouterwek 

milce in aocordance with the margin ; gumanna wyrn. 



paenne monaS bringS^ 
ymb twa ^ f>reo tiida lange- 
serra litSa/ us to tune* 
lunius on geardy on ]>am gim astihS* 
on heofenas up/ hyhst on geare* 
tungla torhtusty 3 of tille agrynt* 
I to sete sigeS. wyle sytJSan leng.*' 
grund behealdan* "3 gangan lator^ 
ofer foldan wang- fsegerust l[e]ohtay^ 
woruld ge sceafta* ]>Bdiine wnldres Jjegny 
ymb f)reotyne« )>eodnes dyrling* 
Johannes in geardagan/ wearS acenned* 
tjn nihtmn eac^ we ]>& tiid healdaS* 
on midne Bumory mycles on 8B]?eluni.* 
Wide is geweorSod/ swa f wel gerist* 
haligra tid* geond hseletJa beam/ 
Petrus ^ Paulus* bwset ]?a apostola8.'' 
J)eoden holde* |>rowedon on Komey 
ofer midne sumor* miccle gewisse^ 
furSor fif nihtum* folcbealo Jprealicy 
maerne martyrdom* hsefdon maenige s^r* 
wundra geworhte- geond w8er]?eoda» 
Swylce hi' sefter jjam/ unrim fremedon* 
swutelra "j ge synray Jjurh sunu meotudes* 
ealdorj^egnasy psenne sedre cymS* 
emb twa niht }78es* tidliceus* 
lulius monaS* on \>a.m lacobus- 
ymb feower niht* feorh gesealde* 
on* twentigum trum in breostum* 
frod ^ feestrsed* folca lareow* 
Zebedes afera* 3 J>8es symle Bcrijj- 
ymb seofon niht \>8ds* sum ere '^ gebrihted* 
weodmonat$ on tun* wel hwaet bringetJ* 
Augustus yrmen j^eodum- 
hlaf msessan dseg. swa >8es hserfest cymtS- 



f. 113 b. 










^ lohta. MS. 

' Grein suggests 691nm. 

' Altered into hy by a later hand. 
* cn[d], Bk. ' Emicere, Bk, Gr. 


ymbe oSer swylc butan anre wanan- 

wlitig wsestmum hladen* wela by?5 geywed- 

fsegere on foldan* \2svme forS gewat* 

ymb ]?reo niht Jjfies* }>eodne getrywe* 

]7urh martyrdom* msere diacon* 145 

Laurentius hsefS na lif w& ]7an* 

mid wuldor fseder- weorca to leane* 

Swylce }78es ymb fif niht fiBegerust msegSa* 

wife wuldor* sohte weroda God* 

for suna sibbe- Bigefsestne ham. 150 

f. 114. neorxna wange*^ | hsefde Nergend J?a« 

fsegere fostorlean* fsemnan for golden* 
ece to ealdre ; y^^smie calling byS 
ymb tyn niht )?8bs* tiid geweortSad* 
BartholomeuS' in Brytene her* 155 

wyrS wel}>ungen* swylce eac wide bytJ* 
eorlum geypped- sej^elinges deaS* 
ymb feower niht* se j^e fsegere iu* 
mid wsetere oferwearp* wuldres cynebeam* 
wiga weortSlice* be him "Wealdend cwsetS* 160 

^ nan mserra man* geond middangeard* 
be tux wife j were* wiirde acenned* 
Ond }78BS ymbe ]?reo niht* geond J>eoda feala* 
•f te^ haligmontS* hele]?um gej)inged* 
feretJ to folce* swa hit foregleawe* 165 

ealde uj>witan* seror fundan* 

September Septembres fser* ;] ))y seofo)?an dseg* 

f acenned wearS* cwena selost* 
drihtnes modor* ])teiine dagena worn* 
ymbe J)reotyne* pegn unforcuS* 170 

godspelles gleaw gast onsende* 
Matheus his* to metod sceafbe* 
in ecne gefean* Jjsenwe calling cymS- 
ymb ))reo niht J^ses* ]?eodum wide 
emnihtes dseg* ylda bearnum ; 175 

^ Grein and Bouterwek read, wanges. ' [se] halig, Bk. 



Hwfiet we weorSiaS* wide geondan eorS- 
heahengles tiid. on hserfeste- 
Michaheles swa ^ menigo wat* 
fif nihtum ufor- j?8es J>e folcum bytS* 
eorlum geywed- emuihtes dsBg- 
And ]78es embe twa niht- ^ se teotSa monS- 
on folc fereS- frode gejjeahte* 
October on tun« us to genihte* 
winter fylleS* swa hine wide cigS»* 
igbuende Engle ^ Seaxe* 
weras mid wifum* swylce wigena tiid* 
ymb twentig J^ees* twegra healdaS* 
•J fif* nihtum samod setgsedere* 
on anne dseg- we ]7a 8e)>elingas* 
fym gefrunan* ^ hy foremsBre" 
Simon | 3 ludas* symble weeron- 
dribtne dyre* forjjon hi dom hlutan- 
eadigne upweg* j J?aBS ofstum* bringS* 
embe feower niht* folce genihtsum* 
blotmona'S on tun* beomum to wiste- 
Nouembris. niSa beamum. 
eadignesse swa nan otSer na deS- 
monaS maran* miltse drihtnes- 
And ]?y ylcan dsege- ealra we healdaS* 
Sancta symbel- ]?ara fe siS otSSe afer 
worhtan in worulde- willan drihtnes. 
Sy))J>an wintres dseg* wide gangetS- 
on syx nihtum. sigelbeortne genim«5. 
hserfest mid herige- hrimes -^ snawes. 
forste gefeterad* be frean heese* 
^ us wunian ne mot^ wangas grene* 
foldan frsetuwe. J?8bs ymb feower niht- 
]jte Martinw*. msere geleorde. 
wer wommaleas* wealdend sohte* 


* cigaS, Grein, Bouterwek. 
^ seofon, Boaterwek. And this 
seems required both by the allitera- 

tion and the date. 
' ofetam, Bk. 
* m6ton, Gr. 




f. 114 b. 






tipengla n^eard* })seniie eml^e eahta niht* 210 

;) feowerum* ^te fangode*^ 

besenctun on sal grand* sigefsestne wer* 

on brime haran* ]>e iu beoma felda* 

Clementes oft* clypiaS to Jjearfe* 

^ J?8BS embe seofon niht» sigedrihtne l[e]of«^ 215 

aej^ele Andreas- up on roderum- 

his gast. ageaf* on Godes wsere* 
aHhi fus on forSweg* 'pBdune folcum bring?- 

jJwcmfter morgen to mannum* monaS t6 tune. 

Decembris- drihta beamum 220 

serra iula« swylce emb eahta ;) twelf* 

niht ge rimes* J>8Btte nergend sylf- 

Jurist hydigum- Thomase forgeaf- 

wiS earfeSum ece rice* 

bealdum beomwigan- bletsunga his- 225 

psenne emb feower niht- ]7sette feeder engla- 

his sunn sende* on ]>as sidan gesceaft* 

folcum to frofre* nu ge findan magon* 

haligra tiid- pe man healdan sceal* 

Swa bebugeS ge bod geond Brjrten ricu* 230 

Sexna kjninges- on J>as sylfan tiid; 


ceastra beo"S feorran gesyne* 

orSanc enta geweorc* ]?aj>e on J)ysse eortSan syndon- 
wrsetlic weallstana geweorc* wind by8 on lyfte swiflust- 
Jjunar by"S fragum hludast* J>rymmas syndan Cristes 
myccle- 236 

wyrd byS swi8ost« winter byS cealdost* 
lencten hrimigost* he byS lengest ceald* 
sumor sun wlitegost- swegel bytS hatost- 
hserfest hretS eadegost- hseleSum bringeS* 240 

geres' westmas* J>aJ)e him' god sendeS. 

^ feogande, Bk. Grein retains ^ lof, MS. 

the reading of tbe MS. but giyes no ' Altered man. sec. into geares 

explanation of it. and hiom. 


soS bits swicolost*^ sine by"S deorost- 

gold gumena gehwam* ;} gomol snoterost* 

fymgearum frod* se ]7e s6r feala ge bidets* 

wea biS wundrum clibbor* wolcnu scriSaS* 245 

geongne sej^eling sceolan gode gesiSas* 

byldan to beaduwe* ^ to beahgife* 

ellen sceal on eorle* ecg sceal wi'S hellme* 

hilde gebidan* hafac sceal on glofe* 

wilde gewunian* wulf sceal on bearowe* 250 

earn' anhaga* eofor sceal on holte* 

tots meegenes trum* til sceal on etSle 

domes wyrcean* darotS sceal on handa* 

gar golde fah* gim sceal on hringe 

standan steap ^ geap* stream sceal on ytSum« 255 

mecgan mereflode* msest sceal on ceole> 

segelgyrd seomian* sweord sceal on bearme* 

drihtlic isem* draca sceal on hlsewe* 

frod frsetwum wlanc* fisc sceal on wsetere* 

cynren cennan* cyning sceal on healle* 260 

beagas dselan* bera sceal on bsetSe* 

eald 3 egesfdll- e^ of dune sceal 

flod gr8Bg» feran. fyrd sceal setsomne- 

tirfsestra getnim« treow sceal on eorle* 

wisdom on were* wudu sceal on foldan* 265 

blsedum blowan> beorh sceal on eorjjan 

grene standan* God sceal on heofenum 

dseda demend* dura sceal on healle* 

rum recedes mutS* rand sceal on scylde 

fsest fingra ge beorh* | fugel uppe sceal- 270 f, 115 b. 

lacan on Ijrfte* leax sceal on wsele* 

mid sceote scr'i'tSan* scur sceal on heofenuw* 

winde geblanden* in J>as woruld cuman* 

J>eof sceal gangan Jjystrum wederum- 

})yrs sceal on fenne gewunian* 275 

* swutolost, Sweet. of the MS., and is retained by Grein 

* earm, Gr. Sw. and Sweet. Earle would read gej)u- 
' foldgrseg, Gr. Sw. nian for the sake of the allitera- 

* gewuniauificertamlythereading tion. 


ana innan lande* ides sceal dyme craefte* 

fsemne hire freond ge secean- gif heo neUe on folce 

ge J>eon' 
^ hi man beagum gebicge* brim sceal sealte^ weallan* 
lyfbhelm ^ lagaflod* ymb eaka landa gehwylc* 
flowan firgen streamas* feoh sceal on eor'San* 280 

tydran 3 tyman* tungol sceal on heofenum* 
beorhte scinan* swa him behead Meotud* 
god sceal wiS yfele- geogoS sceal wiS yldo- 
lif sceal wi"S dea]?e« leoht sceal wi8 ]?ystrum« 
fyrd wiS fyrde* feond wiS oSrum* 285 

latS wi'S la}>e* ymb land sacan* 
synne stselan* a sceal snotor hycgean 
ymb ))ysse worulde ge winn- wearh hangian- 
fsegere ongildan« "f he ser facen dyde- 
manna cynne* Meotod ana wat- ^ 290 

hwyder seo sawul sceaL syStSan hweorfan* 
3 ealle J>a gastas })e for Gode hweorfaS 
sefW deatSdsege- domes bidaS* 
on fseder fseSme* is seo forS ge sceaft- 
digol 3 dyrne- Drihten ana wat* 295 

nergende fsBder* nseni eft cymeS* 
hider under hrofas* J>e ^ her for soS- 
mannum secge* hwylc sy Meotodes gesceaft* 
sige folca ge setu* f)8er he sylfa wunaS ; 

M^ CBISTES GEFLiEscnesse &c. &c.* 

sealt, Gr. * v. sup. p. 4. 


I. — ^A.D. 694. After this annal is inserted in F. King 
Wihtred's grant of privileges to the Church. This has been 
printed in Saxon and Latin from this MS. by Birch, Cartu- 
larium Saxonicum, i. 137-140, Nos. 94, g^. He also gives 
other versions of the document, Nos. 91-93. Of these No. 92 
had been already printed by Kemble, Cod. Dipl. v. 36, and 
Thorpe, Diplomatarium, p. 9 (who mark it as spurious). Nos. 
91, 92, 94 had been also printed by Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 
238 ff., and No. 94 in M.H.B. pp. 324 f., Thorpe, Chronicle, 
i. 66 f. It is not, therefore, reprinted here. 

II. — ^A. D. 796. This annal in F. runs on into Archbishop 
iESelheard's declaration of the Pope's commands respecting lay 
power in the Church. This is given in Saxon and Latin 
from this MS. by Birch, Cartularium, i. 404-5, No. 290 A, in 
Saxon by Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 516-7 ; M.H.B. pp. 338-9, 
Thorpe, Chronicle, i. 102-3. Another Latin version is given 
in Kemble, Cod. Dipl. v. 56-7 (who marks it as spurious). 
Haddan and Stubbs, iii. 517-8, Birch, i. 402-3. It is therefore 
unnecessary to reprint it here. 

III. — A.D. 870. After the mention of Archbishop Ceolnotfs 
death, F. continues (on the margin) as follows : — Da ferdef . 54. 
.^Sered cing to j JElfred his broSer. j naman iEtSelred Wiltun 
scire h. ;) settan hine to arb to Cantuare beri. forSan he was aer' 
munec of San ylcan mynstre of Cantware bcri. Ealswa hraSe 
swa he com to Cantuareben ^ he war8 getremmed on his 
arce stole. }>a he Sohte hu he mihte ut adrsefan "Sa clericas ]>e 
f>ar binnan [waeran] ]ja se arb CeolnoS ]?ar biforan sette far 
swylcre neode ge"Sy[ed] swa we seggan wyllaS. Das forman 
geares ]>e he to arb geset was. })a weartS swa mycel man cwealm 
f of eallan ]>&n munecan ]>e he ]?ar binnan funde. na belifan na 


ma ]70Dne fif munecas. J)a far ]>are '^ ^ J)reng[d]e he his hand 

preostas. j eac sume of his ton preostan. ^ hi scoldan helpan Jmn 
feawan munecan ]?e ]?ar bylifen wseran to donne Xpes tSeowdam. 
for San he na mihte swa ferlice munecas findan. )?a mihtan be 
heom sylfam )>one tSeowdom don. ;] far Sissen he het -f tSa pr^stas 
})a hwile eal f God giefe sibbe on ]?is lande Jmn munecan helpan 
scoldan. To J>an ylcan timan was J^is land swy]>e geswent* mid 
gelomlican feohten. ^ far]?i se arB na ))ar embe beon [mihte]. far 
San ealne his timan was gewinn ^ sorhge ofer England. ^ farj^i 
belifan })a clericas mid San munecan. Nas nsefre nan tima f 
])ar nseran munecas binnan. j sefre hefdan }>one hlaford scipe ofer 
Sa preostas. Eft se arB Ceolnod* ]?ohte ^ eac to ]?an Se mid him 
wseran ssede. eal swa hraj^e swa God gif]? sibbe on ]?isan lande. 
oSSe ]>as preostas scolan munecas beon. oSSe ic elleshwar 
munecas eal swa fela don binnan J^an minstre wylle ^ magan 

}K)ne Seowdom be heom sylfan don. far San God wat S ic 

Tunc iESered rex et -^Ifredus Yrater eius' dederunt episcopo 
"Wiltun scire archiepiscopatum Cantie, eo quod ^ante fuerat 
monachus' eiusdem ecclesie. Cum autem uenisset Cantuariam, 
statim cogitare cepit quomodo possit eicere clericos de ecclesia 
Christi, quos Ceolnothus pro tali necessitate compulsus ibi 
posuit. Prime ^igitur' anno ordinationis suae tanta mortalitas 
facta est in ecclesia Christi, ut de tota congregatione monacho- 
rum non remanerent nisi quinque. Qua de causa quia ita subito 
non potuit inuenire tot monachos qui ibi seruitium Dei facere 
possent, ex simplicitate cordis precepit capellanis clericis suis, ut 
essent cum eis usque quo Deus pacificaret terram, quae tunc 
nimis erat turbata propter nimias tempestates bellorum. Accepit 
etiam de uillis suis presbiteros, ut essent cum monachis, ita 
tamen ut monachi semper haberent dominatum super clericos. 
Cogitauit idem ^ archiepiscopus' et sepe suis dixit, quia statim 
cum Deus pacem nobis dederit, aut isti clerici monachi fient, aut 
ego ubicumque monachos inueniam quos reponam. Scit enim 
Deus, inquid, quod aliter facere non possum. Sed nunquam 
temporibus suis pax fuit in Anglia, et ideo remanserunt clerici 

^ The text here is defective. A that about two lines are wanting, 
reference to the Latin seems to show ^ Sic MS. 


cum monachis, nee ullo tempore fuit ecclesia sine monachis. 
Sed nee iste ^Seredus archiepiscopus potuit facere. 

IV. A.D. 995. The following is F.'s Latin Version of this 
annal, which was promised above, p. 131, note 10 : — 

Iste fait prudens ualde, ita ut illo in tempore nullus 
^apientior haberetur in Anglia. Eecedente itaque inde rege, 
^Ifricus pergit Dorobemiam^ Ubi cum uenisset, receptus est^ 
a tali ordine clericorum, a quo minus uellet. Cogitauit igitur 
et multum secum tractans, quali modo possit eicere eos, quos 
sciebat in ecclesia Christi iniuste mansisse. Ut supra diximus^ 
ualde fuit prudens, et ecclesiasticis disciplinis plurimum instruct 
tus. Itaque prsecepit eongregari omnes quos sciebat pruden- 
tiores per totam Angliam, et maxime senes. Ad quem cum 
pro reuerentia idri fesUnanij&r uenissent, requisiuit ab eis si 
quid aut ipsi a suis antecessoribus de ecclesia Christi Cantise 
audissent) aut ipsi in aliquo loco ^e^'ssent, quis ordo in preedicta 
^cclesia Deo seruire debuisset, ^clericorum aut monachorum,' 
aut ^ quis ' eo tempore postquam Agustinus Angliam ingressus 
est, ibi locatus esset in initio. Ipse uero multa a multis antea 
^ inde ' audiuit, et in libris legit. Tunc seniores et prudentiores 
narrauerunt ei, quod inde a suis patribus audissent. Postquam 
Deus, Mnquiunt,' per beatum Augustinum aperuit cor regis 
^delberti ad suscipiendam fidem Christi, ipse Augustinus elegit 
sibi sedem in ciuitate Dorobemia quoB erat caput totius regni 
.^Edelberti regis, * vbi ' inuenit quoddam opus inceptum Homano 
opere, quod auxiliante rege statuit perficere. Quod dum per- 
fectum esset rex -Sgelbertus cepit consilium quserere ab 
Augustino et a cseteris consiliariis suis, quem ordinem mona- 
chorum uel clericorum conuenientius in ilia ecclesia ad 
seruiendum Deo constituere potuisset. Qui omnes dederunt 
consilium, ut rex ex sua parte mitteret nuntios sues, et 
Augustinus monachos sues cum nuntiis regis Bx)ni8e, ad papam 
Gregorium, et eius consilio sicut antea idem Augustinus uenit 
in Angliam, ita et ecclesia iam nominata dedicare^i^ et ordi- 
naretur. Quod et factum est. Nam rex statim paratis nuntiis 
suis, misit KomsB, et Augustinus nichilominus suos. Cum 
autem uenissent ad papam, et nuntias^eri^ quod Angli susce- 


pissent fidem Christi, gauisus est ualde. Audit! s itaque omnibus 
quae a rege Augustino mandata fuerant, statim remisit nuntios, 
cum quibus hos uiros misit Augustino ut essent ei in adiutorium 
ad fidem Christi confirmandam; Mellitum, lustum, Paulinum, 
Bufianum. Per istos etiam misit Augustino pallium, aique 
in quo loco deberet episcopos ordinare, et ponere mandauit; 
ecclesiam quoque quam fecerat in honorem Ihesu Christi, et S. 
Marise matris eius, prsecepit dedicari, eiti^emque ordinis quo 
ipse Augustinus, et alii quos ipse sibi misit, erant, in eadem 
ecclesia ad seruiendum Deo ponere, sibique ibidem sedem archi- 
episcopalem et omnibus ^MQceasorihus suis statuere, omnesque 
archiepiscopos sibi succedentes monachos esse debere, ex parte Dei 
uiuentis, et beati Petri, et ex sua, et omnium succe^^orum prsBcepit. 
Cum autem nuntii reuersi uenissent ad regem et ad Augustinnm, 
gaudio maximo repleti sunt pro tali mandato. Tunc Augustinus 
festinanter dedicauit ecclesiam illo die quo festum sanctorum 
Primi et Feliciani, * v, Idus lunii,' habetur, posuitque * in ea ' 
monachos sicut papa mandauit; et ex ipsis ordinabantur 
episcopi per Angliam sicut ipse legisti in Ystoria Anglorum. 
Itaque cum ista ^Ifricus archiepiscopus audisset, et tales testes 
habuisset, qui illo tempore maxime in consilio regis erant, 
gaudio repletus est. Addiderunt adhuc prsedicti uiri : Ita 
sicut diximus, permanserunt monachi in ecclesia Christi Can- 
tuarise, tempore Augustini, Laurentii, Melliti, lusti, ZTonorii, 
Deusdedit, Theodori, Brihtwaldi, Tatwini, Nothelmi, Cuthberti, 
Breguuini, lanberti, ASelhardi, Wulfredi, Fe^ologildi. Hlo uero 
primo anno quo C^elnodus suscepit archiepiscopatum Cantis 
tanta mortalitas facta est, ut in ecclesia Christi non remanerent 
nisi y. monachi, et ideo pro tali necessitate idem C. archiepiscopus 
accepit de deride suis presbiteros, qui quousque restauraret 
ecclesiam monachis, iuuarent paucos monachos qui remanserunt. 
Nunc autem est in potestate regis et tua, si diutius uultis ut 
ibi clerici remaneant, quia postquam pro tali necessitate ibi 
positi sunt, non potuerunt leuius eici quam modo. Tunc 
archiepiscopus cum magna festinatione cum his onmibus quos 
secum ibi habebat, perrexit ad regem ^gelbertum, et indicauit 
ei per ordinem heec omnia. Tunc dixit accepto consilio rex : 


Hoc uidetur ^ mihi ' melius consilium, ut eatis Bomse pro pallio 
uestro, et indicetis apostolico hcBC ommia, et secundum suum 
consilium per omnia fieri concede. Dixerunt omnes optimum 
esse consilium regis. Archiepiscopus autem paratis rebus suis 
perrexit Eomam. Statim uero ut clerici audierunt consilium 
regis, parauerunt duos ex ipsis qui irent Eome, portantes secum 
multum auri et argenti, quod darent papse pro pallio. Sed 
nuntii archiepiscopi precesserunt. Nam cum clerici peruene- 
runt ad papam, respondit se nolle illorum uerba suscipere, quia 
nullum signum nee a rege nee a populo terrse secum haberent. 
Discedentibus clericis, uenit archiepiscopus ad papam, qui 
suscepit eum cum magno honore. In crastino fecit eum 
celebrare missam ad altare beati Petri, et ipse impo«uit ei 
proprium pallium suum. Cum hsec ita facta essent, archi- 
episcopus cepit dicere pape de clericis, et de ecclesia Christi 
sicut superius dictum est, et papa ei de clericis quomodo 
uenerupt ad eum, et quod obtulerunt sibi magnam pecuniam pro 
pallio ; et adiecit papa : Eedite in Angliam cum benedictione 
Dei, et Sancti Petri, et in ecclesia tibi commendata, eiusdem 
ordinis in ea ponite quem papa Qregorius Augustino precepit, 
et hoc tibi precipio ex parte Dei et beati Petri, et nostra. 
Tunc archiepiscopus ita rediit. Cum autem TQUGxtUset in 
Angliam, statim adiit ecclesiam suam, et post adiit regem, et 
letatus est rex, et omnis Anglia, de reditu suo, et quod omnia 
secundum uoluntatem regis peregit. Post hsec reuersus ad 
sedem suam, et eiectis clericis, locauit ^cclesiam monachis 
sicut papa ilium tm2)€rau£rat^ secundum quod beatus Qre- 
gorius prsBcepit Augustino facere in primordio §cclesi§.^ 

V. The following piece contains the Latin Acts of Lanfranc 
referred to above, p. 206, note 2. 

Hoc anno Lanfrancus Cadomensis abbas, compellente rege 
Willelmo, et iubente papa Alexandro Angliam uenit, et 
primatum regni Anglorum in secclesia Cantuariensi suscepit, 
eligentibus eum senioribus eiusdem secclesise, cum episcopis et 
principibus, clero et populo Anglise, in curia regis. Cum 
autem Cantuariam uenisset, obuiam ei processit honorabiliter 

^ The words and letters printed in italics are now no longer legible. 


conuentus secclesle Ghristi, coniuncto sibi toio conuenta Sandi 
Augustini cam ^electo eiusdem aecclesiaB^ abbate Scotlando. 
Ad quern consecrandum omnes episcopi regni Anglomm, 
seruato antique more, uenerunt, et qui uenire non poterant, 
litteris et legatione sese humiliter excusauerunt. Non multis 
post diebus Thomas Eboracensi consecrandus archiepiscopus Can- 
tuariam uenit. Cumque Lanfrancus, cum sufiraganeis episcopis, 
quos ad banc consecrationem aduocauerat, indutus ante altare 
Chiisti consideret, et totus conuentus, ut in tali Sacramento 
fieri Bolet, albis bonorifice indutus, in cboro staret, addudtur 
Thomas examinandus. Cum uero inter alia professionem ab eo 
Lanfrancus cum sacramento requireret, respondit Thomas se 
hoc minime facturum, quia suos antecessores hoc Lanfranci ante- 
cessoribus fecisse non cognouerat. Lanfrancus autem quanuis 
sufficienti ratione hoc eum ex antiquo more facere debere 
monstraret, non tamen ille adquieuit. Surrexit itaque Lan- 
francus et Thomas non sacratus abscessit^ regem adiit, et de 
Lanfranco querimoniam fecit ; quem Lanfrancus mox subsecutus, 
se et secclesiam suam rationem habere in iis quae postulauerat 
ostendit; nee destitit, donee Thomas, licet multo labore, 
Cantuariam rediit^ ibique, quicquid Lanfrancus ab eo quserebat, 
humiliter exhibuit. Nee multo post Lanfrancus ab omnibus 
Anglici regni episcopis professionem qusesiuit, et accepit.. 

Secundo anno ordinationis suae Eomam iuit, quem papa 
Alexander in tantum honorauit, ut ei contra morem assurgeret, 
et duo pallia ob signum prsecipui amoris tribueret ; quorum 
unum Homano more ^ab altare' accepit, alterum uero ipse papa^ 
undo missas celebrare consueuerat, sua manu porrexit. In cuius 
praesentia Thomas de primatu Cantuariensis secclesise, et de sub- 
iectione quorundam episcoporum, calumniam mouit, quae qualem 
finera postea in Anglia accepit, Lanfrancus breuiter et absolute 
scribit in epistola, quam praefato Alexandre papae direxit. Hoc 
quoque anno generale concilium "Wentonie celebrauit, in quo 
et Wluricum, Noui Monasterii abbatem deposuit, multaque de 
Christianae religionis cultu seruanda instituit. Post dies paucos 
in Lundonia Osbernum, Essecistrensi episcopum, et Cantuarie 
Scotlandum, aecclesiae Sancti Augustini abbatem, sacrauit. 


Tercio anno in Cloecistra sacranit Petrum Licifeldensi sine 
Cestrensi episcopum. Hoc quoque anno habitum est magnum 
placitum in loco qui dicitur Pinenden, in quo Lanfrancus 
diratiocinauit se suamque aecclesiam omnes terras et consuetu- 
dines suas ita liberas terra mariqiie habere, sicut rex habet 
suas, exceptis tribus, uidelicet, si regalis uia fuerit effosa, si 
arbor incisa iuxta super eam ceciderit, si homicidium factum 
uel sanguis in ea fiisus fuerit ; in iis qui deprehensus, et ab eo 
pignus acceptum fuerit, regi emendabit ; alioquin liber a regis 
exactoribus erit. 

Quarto anno Patricium Dublinise ciuitati in Hybemia 
sacrauit episcopum Lundonie, a quo et professionem accepit, 
et litteras ei deferendas regibus Hybemise dignas ualde 
memorise contradidit. 

Quinto anno generale concilium Lundonie celebrauit, cuius 
gestionem rogatu multorum litteris commendauit. 

Sexto anno dedit Hemosto, monacho in capitulo secclesise 
Christi, aecclesiam Rofensem regendam, qusm et Lundonie 
sacrauit. Wentonie concilium celebrauit; et Hernostus hoc 
ipso anno ab hac uita migrauit. 

Septimo anno Gundulfo monacho secclesiam Bofensem tradidit, 
quern etiam Cantuarie sacrauit. Hoc quoque anno misit ei 
litteras Thomas archiepiscopus Eboracensis, in quibus rogauit 
ut sibi mitterentur duo episcopi ad consecrandum clericum 
quendam^ qui ei litteras de Horgadis insulis detulit, ut ipsarum 
insularum episcopus consecraretur. Cuius petitioni Lanfrancus 
annuens, mandauit Wlstano Wigorniensi, et Petro Cestrensi 
episcopis, ut Eboracam irent, et cum Thoma tantam rem 
complere satagerent. 

Octauo anno concilium Londonie celebrauit, in quo Ailnodum, 
Glastingensis coenobii abbatem, deposuit. 

Anno xi. celebrauit concilium apud Claudiam ciuitatem, ubi 
et Thomas archiepiscopus Eboracensis, iubente rege, et Lan- 
franco consentiente, sacrauit Willelmum Dunelmensi episcopum, 
eo quod a Scottorum episcopis qui sibi subiecti sunt, habere 
adiutorium non potuit. Huius ministerii cooperatores fuerunt, 
Lanfranco prsecipiente, Wlstanus, Osbemus, Giso, Rotbertus 



episcopi. Eo quoque tempore misit in Hibemiam Donaldo 
episcopo litteras sacrae doctrinse pinguedine refertas. 

Sexto decimo auno sacrauit Donatum monachum suum 
Cantuarie ad regimen DubliDiae, petente rege, clero, et populo 
Hybemise, quibus etiam literas exortatorias misit. Hoc quoque 
anno, apud Cleucestram concilium celebrauit, in quo Wlfketelum 
Crulandensis coenobii abbatem deposuit. Rotbertum Cestrensi 
et Willelmum Helmeanensi siniul uno die episcopos Cantuarie 
sacrauit. Mauritium Lundoniensi secclesise apud Wentoniam 
consecrauit ; qui sacratus, post paucos dies matri suae secclesise 
Cantuariensi cum honestis muneribus se prseseutauit. 

Octauo decimo anno, mortuo rege Willelmo trans mare, 
filium eius Willelmum, sicut pater constituit, Lanfrancus in 
regem elegit, et in ecclesia beati Petri, in occidentali parte 
Lundonise sita, sacrauit, et coronauit. Eodem anno Godefridum 
Cicestrensi secclesise antistitem, et Widonem secclesie Sancti 
Augustini abbatem, et lohannem Wellensi secclesise epi- 
scopum Cantuarie in sede metropoli examinauit, atque sacrauit. 
In crastino huius consecrationis Widonem abbatem per semetip- 
sum Lanfrancus, associato sibi Odone Baiocensi episcopo fratre 
regis qui tunc Cantuariam uenerat, ad Sanctum Augustinum 
duxit, mandans fratribus eiusdem secclesise, quatenus eum 
susciperent ut proprium abbatem atque pastorem ; qui unani- 
miter animati responderunt, se illi nee uelle subesse, nee ilium 
suscipere. Yenit itaque Lanfrancus adducens abbatem ; et cum 
monachos pertinaciter uideret resistere, nee ei uelle parere, 
prsecepit ut omnes, qui sibi nollent oboedire, continuo exirent. 
Exierunt ergo pariter fere omnes, et Lanfrancus cum suis 
abbatem bonorifice introductum in sede locauit, et secclesiam 
commendauit. Friorem autem eiusdem secclesise, nomine 
-^Ifwinum, et alios quos uoluit cepit, et Cantuariam clau- 
strali custodia seruandos protenus transmisit ; eos uero qui 
fortiores, et caput scandali extiterant, in castellum duci, ibique 
in carcere custodiri prsecepit. Cumque omnibus rite peractis 
domum rediret, nunciatum est ei monachos, qui exierant, sub 
castro secus secclesiam Sanctse Miltrudse consedisse. Quibns 
mandauit ut, si uellent, ante horam nonam ad secclesiam impone 


redirent; set si illam prseterirent, non lam libere, sed ut 
fugitiui reuenirent. Hoc audito, in ambiguo habebant redire, 
uel remanere. Hora autem refectionis cum esurirent, plnres 
ex eis poenitentes susb pertinacise ad Lanfrancum miserunt, at ei 
omnem oboedientiam promiserunt. Quibus continuo pepercit 
mandans ut redireut, et professionem suam prsefato abbati se 
seruaturos Sacramento confirmarent. Itaque redierunt, et se 
deinceps fore fideles et oboedientes Widoni abbati super corpus 
beati Augustini iurauerunt. Qui vero remanserant cepit Lan- 
francus, et per eecclesias Anglise diuisit, constrinxit, donee eos 
obedientiam profiteri coegit. Circa idem tempus iEluredum 
unum ex illis uagantem fugiendo cepit, et Cantuarie in sede 
metropoli cum quibusdam sociis illius qui abbati malum 
moliti sunt, ferro compeditos, multis diebus rigorem ordinis in 
claustro discere fecit ; sed postquam sufficienter humiliati sunt, 
ut estimatum est, et emendationem promiserunt, misertus eorum 
Lanfrancus, de singulis locis, quo eos disperserat, prsecepit 
reduci, et suo abbati reconciliari. 

Eodem anno dissensione reiterata, pemiciem abbati clam 
machinati sunt; et dum unus ex eis, nomine Columbanus, 
deprehensus fuisset, iussit eum Lan&ancus sibi adduci. Cum- 
que coram eo astaret, interrogauit si abbatem uoluisset peri- 
mere. Qui confestim, Si, inquit, potuissem, pro certo eum 
interfecissem. Prsecepit itaque Lanfrancus, ut ante portas 
beati Augustini, spectante populo, ligaretur nudus, flagellis 
afficeretur ; deinde, prseciso capicio, ab urbe pelleretur. Factum 
est ut imperauit, et ex hoc inquietudinem cseterorum, donee 
uixit, sua formidine quassauit. 

Nono decimo anno defunctus est Lanfrancus uenerabilis 
archiepiscopus, et sepultus est in sede metropoli Cantuarie; 
qui in sede pontificali sedit annis decem et octo, mensibus ix, 
duobus diebus. De cuius actibus, edificiis, elemosinis, laboribus, 
scriptura quae in eius anniuersario legitur ex parte commemorat. 
Multa enim era' n't ualde. Post eius obitum, Monachi Sancti 
Augustini, prsefato abbati sue Widoni palam resistentes, ciues 
Cantuariae contra eum concitauerunt ; qui ilium armata manu 
in sua domo interimere temptauerunt. Cuius familia cum 

u 2 


resisteret, pluribus utrinque uulneratis, et quibusdam inter- 
fectis, uix abbas inter manus illorum illesus euasit ; et ad 
matrem secclesiam, querendo auxilium, Cantuariam fugit. 
Huius facti fama citati suffraganei eiusdem SBCclesise, Walkelmus 
Wentanus et Gundulfus Rofensis episcopi, Cantuariam cum 
quibusdam nobilibus, quos miserat rex, ueniunt, ut tantse 
offensse uindictam adhibeant. Auditis ergo rationibus seditionis, 
monachi a culpa excusari non poterant : quos coram populo 
subire disciplinam, quia palam peccauerant, ii qui aduenerant, 
decreuerunt ; sed prior et monachi SBCclesiaB Christi pietate 
moti restiterunt; ne, si palam punirentur, infames deinceps 
fierent, sicque eorum uita ac seruitus contemneretur. Igitur 
concessum est, ut in secclesia fieret, ubi non populus, sed soli 
ad hoc electi admitterentur. Vocati sunt ad hoc monachi 
ecclesise Christi, Wido uidelicet, et Normannus, qui disciplinam 
ad episcoporum imperium intulerunt. Deinde diuisi sunt per 
aecclesias Anglise, et loco illorum xxiiii. monachi eecclesise 
Christi admissi, cum priore nomine Antonio, qui subprioratus 
officio Cantuarie fungebatur. Ciues vero, qui abbatis curiam 
armata manu intrauerant, capti ; et qui se ab eius impugnatione 
purgare non poterant, oculos amiserunt. 

Post obitum Lanfranci caruit secclesia Christi Pastore iiii**^. 
annis, mensibus ix., et diebus ix. in quibus multa aduersa per- 
pessa est. Anno uero Dominicse incarnationis millesimo xciii. 
datus est pontificatus CantuarberijB Anselmo Beccensi abbati, 
ii. Nofi. Martii, uiro probo, bono, apprime erudito, et sui tem- 
poris nominatissimo. Venit autem Cantuariam vii. kal. Octob. 
multis eum causis rationabilibus detinentibus quod prius ue- 
liire nolebat ; et sacratus est ii. Noii. Decern b. 



p. 2. Note I. Delete the word ** only " ; and add : It is found also in 
the Cambridge MS. of the Anglo-Saxon Version of Bede (University 
Library, Kk. 3. 18), fipom which it is printed in the E. E. T. S. edition of 
that Version ; pp. 486-8. The principal variants are as follows : 

p. a. line 11. ]>am rice, "^ hit heold xxvii wintra. Da he forpferde \>a 
feng Ceaulin his sanu to, '^ heold seofon winter. 

— line 1 7. xxxi] prittig. 

— lineal, vii] nigon. 

— line a 3. xxxvii] twa ^ ]>rittig. 

p. 4. lines I and 6. jwes cyn . . . Cerdice] omit. 

— line 3. xvii] sixtyne. 

— lines 10, II. Eafing, Eafa] Eabing, Eaba. 
' — line II. Eopping, Eoppa] lopping, loppa. 

— line 15. Cynric Creoding, Creodda Cerdicing. 

— line 18. hiera] his. 

This copy ends where "S does, and has not the additional matter of 0. 
p. 3. line 4. bugend] bfiend D. 
p. 5. Note 6. add : and W. 

— Note 7. add : W. reads Ixii. 

p. 7. Note a. add: feoperioum W., and this was the original reading 
of TS* ; the text has been tampered with, and a second s in Lyssiam erased. 

p. 6. A.D. a 7. This is partly written on an erasure. W, has : 26. 
Her onfeng Pilatus gyminge ofer ludeas. 

— A.D. 47. msestan] maran W. 

p. 8. A.D. 167 ad Jin, faefc he bsed] f gebed. W. and the whole entry 
comes under A.D. 189, after the notice about Severus. 
p. 9. A.D. 189. ge wrohte] geworhte D. 
p. 10. A.D. 381. jK)nn«] ]>onon B.W. panon C. 
p. 10. A.D. 409. This entry is in W. placed under the year 435. 
p. I a. Aj>. 449. gelea])ade] gela)K>de. B. C. W* 

— kyninge] t6 fultume "] hie, W. add. 


p. 14. A.D. 473. Bwa fyr] swa Caer fyr wsere. W. 

p. 16. A.D. 530. A seems to have read fea, though Wheloc has put 
feala in his text. 

p. 18. Note I. add : and W. These words should have been in the 
text within the bracket. 

p. 20. A.D. 584. he hwearf] gehwearf W. 

— A.D. 592. Woddnesbeorlige W. 

p. 22. A.D. 6o5 ad Jin, ') his faader wses haten Gordianus. W. add. 
p. 24. A.D. 626. Wybbing, Wybba W. 
p. 26. A.D. 640. Bedbald W. 

— Note 5. before fsesten, insert : Easter, 
p. 28. A.D. 654. set lean ho.] om. W. 
p. 32. A.D. 660. Persa] Parisiana W. 

p. 34. A.D. 672. an gear ricsode.] heold an gear rice. W. 
p. 37 b. foces] sic MS. 

p. 40. A.D. 688. I believe the words in the margin to be by the 
original scribe. They are in the text of W., and of Florence. 

— Note I. add : xxx manna. W. 
p. 42. A.D. 715. Wodnesbeorhe W. 

— A.D. 716. Eaping, Eapa. Wybing W. 

— waaron in J)am ealonde W. 

— A.D. 725. Ealbyrht W. 

p. 44. A.D. 731. Eadhelming, Eadhelm W. 

p. 45. A.D. 740. Myrcena cining] T Nothelm erce'b for?5ferde F. add. 
(above the line). 

p. 49. Note 2. add : ge^ingian W. 

p. 48 m. belocen hsefdon] belogene wseron W. 

p. 48 1. on munden J)on.] so D. amundan ])e B. amundon]>e C. (in B. and 
C. a- seems to have been altered from o-). 

— eowre] so C. heora B. D. (as E.) 
p. 50 h. Wybing, Wybba W. 

p. 53. A.D. 778. Ealdulf] altered in D. to Ealwulf. 

— on lande] so D. 

p. 54. A.D. 792. rex] cyninge W. om. B. C. 

p. 55. A.D. 789. gelome] lome D. 

p. 64. A.D, 853. dowme] Sonne W. 

p. 66. A.D. 855 ad Jin, earce ; Noe,] earce Noes. B.C. Nones D. 

— Su))rigea] -gean W. 

p. 68 t. Bearruc-] Bearwuc- W. 

p. 80. A.D. 886. hseftniede] -nede B. C. D. W. 

— Note 4. add : bseredne W. 

p. 83. Note 13. add ; W follows ff. 
p. 84. A.D. 894. gewicode] bewicode W. 
p. 85 1. ]>a hereby J)a] })a here hi Sa W. 
p. 87 h. «gj)er] sejjer W. 


p. 87 1. Butting-] Butdiging- W. 
p. 87 1. gewaegde] gewsehte W. 

— Ordheh] Ordhelm W. 

p. 90 h. .<Elfred] Alfred W. 
p. 91. Note 3. add : and W. 

— m. Deniscena] Deniscra B. C. D. W. 
p. 92. Note I. after B. add : and W. 

p. 94 h. Sigulf, Sigulfes.) Siwulf, Siwulfes W. 

p. 96. A.D. 911. *] his witan] *] his snnn W, 

p. 98. A.D. 918. burgum] bnrhum W. 

p. 100. Note I. add : The following annals 919 to 93a (inclnsive) are 
peculiar to IS and W. 

p. 1 01 h, Byrne-] Bume- W. 

p. 102 h. burgum] burhgum W. 

p. 103 m. Jwet se cyng fri])ian wolde] ]wBt he fritSode W. 

p. 103 1. ared] arsed hsefde W. 

p. 104. A.D. 923. Mame-] Manige- W. 

p. 112. A.D. 958, 959. W. puts both these entries (the latter in 
brackets, showing that he took it from a) under the year 957. The 
following entries, 958-971, are peculiar to IS. and W. 

p. 119. Note 4. after C. insert : ac. 

p. 132 1. Glistune.] Clistune W. 

— Note 2. Cancel the note and substitute : At this point a change of 
hand is noticeable in S*. W. has the following words (down toyVitJ), but 
has not the later entries in TT. 

P* 133. A.D. 1002. gyldon] -dan C. D. gildan F. 

— geald] gegeald C. gegeald i, D, 

p. 135. A.D. 1004. JJ him bsetere weron] ji hit betere wsere C. D. 

— besteal] bestsel C. bestal D. 

— iram] so D. of C. 

— diglice] digolice C. D. 

— com TJlfcytel] cw. U. C. 

— feastlice] fsestlice C. D. so infra, A.D. 1008. 
p. 136 1. garwan] gearwan C. D. 

— wintran] so C. D. (in D. altered from -tre or -tren). 
p. 137 h." gewuna] so D. -nan C. 

— fseredon] feredon D. -dan C. 

— faettan] fetton C. D. 

P* 137 !• geJ>eoncean] ge pencan C. D. 

— asmaegian] asmeagan C. D. 

— gemarcod] -mearcod C. -mercod D. 

p. 138. A.D. 1009. ge sel8a] -sselt^a CD. 

— two lines from bottom, swilce] swylce D. swilc C. 
p. 139 h. fritJes to] of». to C. D. friCses D. 


p. 1 39 1. Bum BtSe] some sit^e C. D. 

p. 139. Cancel note 6, and substitute: C. reads : se ungemetlica un- 
friS pe we heton Durkilles here, 
p. 141 h. maarsces] mersces C. D. 
p. 141 m. imrsedes] -das C. D. 

— bedan] beodan D. beodon C. 
p. 142 h. blisse] blis C. bliss D. 
p. 1 42. m. ))aera] Jwer C. D. 

p. 144 h. duhte] dobte C. D. 

— Temese wsBron] T. Iseg C. D. 
p. 144 1. 8e)7elinge] -gum G. D. 

p. 145 h. forgifan] -gyfen C. D. (D. altered from -fon.) 
p. 145 1. beswican] -swicen C. D 
p. 146 h. fece] faece C. D. 
p. 146 m. rimdon] rymdon C. D. 
p. 161. A.D. 1040. lieregeold] -gild F. 

p. 220. Cancel note i. There is no doubt, as Prof. Napier has shown, 
that this word should be read : msegester. 


In the references A. has been written for TT. throughout ; this will cause 
no confusion as the few quotations made from MS. A. are cited from 
Wheloc's edition, and are indicated by the letter W. 

The interpolations in MS. TT. are indicated by a. 

After 1080 A. D. no MS. is noted, except in the case of the fragment of H. ; 
because, with that exception, E. is the only MS. which extends beyond that 

The Menologium or Metrical Calendar contained in Appendix A is cited 
as M., with the number of the line suffixed ; and, for convenience of 
reference, the Gnomic Verses which follow the Menologium are counted 
as part of it. 

An asterisk after a form or reference means that the form or passage 
cited will be found in both the principal texts, 7C. and E. 

Where a word occurs in two or more different forms these forms are 
numbered in the head-line, and to save repetition corresponding numbers 
affixed to the references given, thus : S-flyman*^ (i), a-flieman (A) (2). p.pL 
-mdon. 797 A. (2) E. (i). This means that the form S-flyman occurs in 
both texts, the form I-flieman only in 7C. ; and that the preterite plural 
will be found at the year 797, in TT. in the form afltemdon, in E. in the 
form aflymdon. 

A dagger prefixed to a word means that it occurs only in the poetical 
portions of the Chronicle (including the Menologium). 

Forms which are abnormal or corrupt are included in round brackets. 

Where the corruption is in the syntax and not in the form (e. g. &fem. 
article agreeing with a subst. masc.) it is not, as a rule, noted in the 

Keference is made by means of annals, unless the annal covers more 
than a page, in which case the page is generally given in addition. The 
letters t, h, m, 1, b, suffixed to page-references indicate top, high, middle, 
low, bottom. 

Names of persons and places are not included in the glossary ; indices of 
these will be given in vol. 2. 

A reference without any form preceding it indicates that the liead-word 
occurs in that place in an unchanged form ; i. e. verbs in the infinitive, 
substantives in the nominative or in an oblique case which does not differ 
in form from the nominative. 

Unless otherwise noted the finite mood intended is always the indicative, 
the person, always the third person (singular or plural). 

The abbreviations st. sir. wk. applied to verbs and nouns indicate strong 
and weak respectively. In the case of adjectives the terms indefinite and 
definite are sometimes used to express the strong and weak declensionB. 


p, =s preterite, p. p,^ past participle, fq, frequently. 
The ordinaiy grammatical abbreviations require no explanation. 
Words which app>ear to be compounds have sometimes to be sought 
under their simples. 

Grerman words are given for comparison only when they are nearer in 
form or meaning to the Anglo-Saxon than any word in modem English. 
Obsolete or provincial words are printed in spaced type, e.g. ^ave.* 
i and y are often interchanged. 
« — e 

o — a I. » 

w — u „ „ 

(especially in terminations). 

Words in which a occurs have often to be sought under ea. 
„ ft and y „ „ eo. 

„ eo, ie, if e „ „ y. 

e. g. in the case of the umlaut of 4a, do, the Late West Saxon p has been 
taken as the type, and not the Early West Saxon ie. 

r, and I, and w, initial, are sometimes found for hr, hi, and hw^ and (in 
the case of the first two) conversely. 

i' initial often stands iot ge-. 

]> and 9 are not distinguished. 

The terminations -lic^ -lice, have been marked long in accordance with 
tradition ; but later researches have shown that before the chronicles were 
written the i had probably been shortened. 




abbot, abbod, abbud, and its various cases. 



abbodesse, abbudesse. 



and, ond. 

arb. arceb. erceb. 


arcebiscop, aroebisceop, ercebiscop, &c., and its 
various cases. 

b. bs. bi3c. bigp. 


bisceop, biscop, &c., and its various cases. 







n. N\ No. No. 





pening, and its cases. 

scs. see. 


sanctus or sanct, &c. 



solidus, or scilling. 



)>aBt, J)et, tJset. 



winter, wintra, &c. 

The names of the months are frequently abbreviated, but will canse no 



The student is advised before using the Glossary to consult 
the explanatory note given on pp. 297, 298. 


a, r. an. 

a, prep, on, at. 995F. p. 130I. 

1065D. p. 193 h. 1087 p. 224 h. 

V. on. 
a, adv, (i) of time ; * ay/ always. 

449- 959» 999E. aa. p. 3 1. E. 

975D. 1065C. D. (ii) of space ; 

continuously, a o]) Certicesford, 

all the way to C. 508E. 
a-bsman, wk.v. to bum. {trans,) -ndon. loio D. 
a-bannan, st.v. to proclaim, sunmion. 

1095 p. 231 m. a. (it, to call 

out. ioo6E. p. 136 m. 1009E. p. 

139 m- 
abbud (i), abbod (2), abbot (3), 

sb.m.str.Kn.tihhot. 803A. (i). 905 

A. (2). 963E. p. 1 1 5b. (3). grew. -tes. 

1083E. 1 1 31. dat -de. 964A. 

1083 E. (2). nom. ace, pi. -das. 

1086 p. 2 2ot. (2). (abbates) 

1 1 23 p. 251m. (abbotes) 675E. 

p. 36 1. 1075E. gen, pi. -da. 1050D. 

ad fin. (i). 
abbudesse (i), abbodesse (2), sh, 

f.wh. abbess. 805A. (1). 680A. 

(2). (abbotJessa) E. aoc. (abbe- 

dessan) 1046C. -san. 982 

C. (2). 
abbod-rice (i) abbot- (2) sb.n.str. 

abbey ; office, or jurisdiction of an 

abbot. 656E. ad init. {i). (used 

even of a convent of nuns). 963E. 

p. 115I. (2) pi. (-ces) 1127 p. 

257 m. (-cen) 1 107. 
a-b§gan, Kk.v. to bend, to subdue., -gdon. 1073 E. -gdan. io86 p. 

221 b. 
a-be-hofian, tck.v. to behove, fit. -fode. 1093 p. 228 h. 
a-beodan, st.v. to order, proclaim. 

fit a. to call out. 1091 p. 226 b. ahead. M. 50. 
a-bidan, st.v. to abide, wait. p. 5 t. 

E. p. fg. abad. 1091 p. 226 b. with 

gen. to wait for. 1094 p. 229 1. (abiden) 1055C. adjin. v. 

S-biddan, st.v. to pray, pray for, 

get by praying. 62 6E. 1044C. 

p.8g. absed. 1093 p. 228 m. 

abldon. p. 3 1. E. 
a-blendan, wk.v. t-o blind, put out 

the eyes of. 993E. -de. 

1006E. (dblaende) 1075E. p. 212 h. 
a-blinnan, st.v. to cease, 

ablunnon. 1097 p. 234 1. 1098. 
a-brecan, st.v. to break down, de- 
stroy. 921A. p. loih. &hr»c, 

894A. p. 87 1. abr^con. 409A. 

893A. p.p. abrocen. 1003 E. 
E-br§odan, st.v. to fail, p-ph 

abruVon. 1004 E. iioi. 
a-bufan, cuiv. above. 1090. 
a-biigan, st.v. to bend, to incline, sub- 
mit. 1013E. prespl. 'giiiS. 979E. 

p.8g. abeah. 1013E. abugon. 

1086 p. 222h. -gan. ib. p. 221b. 

V. on-bugan. 
^blitan (i), -ton (2), prep.acc, 

(/a^. of place; about, around. 963E. 

ad Jin, (i). loooE. (2). (abGten) 

1135. with dates and numbers; 

about, roughly, 656 E. p. 30 b. 

1055C. (i). 1 140 (2). put after its 

case. 1 1 00 p. 236h. adverbial. 

915D.999E. (2). 1087 p. 224^ (j)' 

V. on-butan. 
E-bycgan, wk.v. to pay for, expiate, 

cf. *dear abye.' abohton. 


a-bysgian, wk.v. to busy, to occupy. 

p.p. abisgod. 894A. p. 87 h. 
ao, conj. but. 897A. ctd init. 959E. 



ad Jin. 1095. (oc) 656E. 1127 p. 

257I. 8c fq. 
a-oennan, wk,v. to beget, bring 

forth, p.p. -ned. i*. M. 117. -nyd. 

M. I. (akoenned) 925a. 
a-oenned-ness (i), a-oen-ness (2), 

8b^f.8tr. birth, generation, ace. -se. 

963E. p. 117I. (i). p. 2h A, (2). 
aoordian, tok.v. to make terms, to 

reconcile,, -dede. 1135. P'pl* 

>dedan. 112a p.p. -dad. 11 20. 
aosian, wk.v. to ask, ascertain, 

demand, (ax en) 1 140. p.*g. -sode. 

755 E. Uxode. 1070 A. 
a-cuman, st.v. toK^ome to, to bear, 

endure. 1040D. p. 160 n. p.9g. 

ac5m. 1040C. 
a-owelan, st.v. to die, peiish. p.8g. 

Ecwsel. 926D. acw^lon. 918 

A. p.p. hungre acwolen, starved. 

894 A. p. 87I. 
a-owellan, wk.v. to kill,'qnell'. 

acwealde. 1036C. 1085 p. 217I. 

p. p. pi. acwealde. 1036C. 
a-owencan, wh.v. to extinguish, 

* quench.* (-cen) 1 1 2 2. 
a-owinoan, $t.v. to go out, be ex- 
tinguished. p.»g. acwanc. 11 10. 
a-owylman, wk.v. to slay. 

-mdon. 1012C. p. 142 n. 
a-dil(i)gian, wk.v. to destroy, devas- 
tate. 979E., -igode. 793E. ady ligodan . ib, F. imper. 3 rd 

sg. adylige. 656E. p. 33 m. -lege^ 

a*d6xi, tt.v. to take away, remove, 

destroy. 1?.^^. adyde. 1086 p. 218 1. 

p.p. Udon. 685E. fit adon, to put 

out. 1096. 
S-dr^fan* (i), S-drgfan (E), (2), 

wk.v. to drive away, expel. p.8g. 

-fde. 755A. (i) -fede. E.(2) ut-fde, 

drove out. 1097 ad fin. -fde lit. 

617E. (2). -felon. 878* (i). 

874E. (2). p.p. -fed. 975A. (i). 

790E. (2). ace. m. -fedne. 658E. 

(2) Gt -fed. 985E. (1). dat. m. of 

•fdum, driven away. 1053C. ad 

fin, (i). 
a-drenoan, wk.r. to submerge, to 

drown,* drench.' -de. 1014E. 

ad fin. -cton. 890*. -gton, 

1087E. p. 224 m. j?.j9.adrenct. 1066 

C. p. 196 b. pi. -cte. 1 1 25 ad fin. 

fi-drinoan, st.v. to be drowned. 
p.8g. adranc. 933E. adruncon. 
794E. p.p. Edruncen. 853*. pi. 
-ne. 1 1 20. 

a-ebbian, wJc.v, to ebb away, re- 
cede, jp.^.ahebbad. 89 7 A. p. 9 it. 

a-drifan, U.v. to drive out, expel. 
1076D. p.8g. Hdraf. 380E. I028E. adnfon 823A. -fen. E. -fan. 
1086 p. 222t. p.p. adrifen. 645*. 
ace. m. -fenne. 658A. pi. -fene. 
1075E. ad fin. of (adryfon), driven 
away. 1050D. ad fin. ; fit Adrifen. 
592'*'. Gt Edraf. 1092. Edrifon sumre 
ea ford . . . mid . . . pilum, tiiey 
staked the ford of a river with 
piles, p. 5 E. 

Aduent, Advent. 963E. 11 20. 

a-dune, adv. adown, down. 1083. 

a-diin-weard, adv. downward. 1083. 

SDoer, $b.m.8tr. a field, an acre. ace. 
pi. (aceres) fields. 11 30. 

SDoer-sied, 8b.n.8tr. ? seed enough 
for an acre, (aoerssed) 11 24 p. 
254 h. 

t^dre, adv, straightway. M, 130. 

^-f888t, adj. 'law-fast,* trusty. 
(£uez) men, trusty men. 11 38. 

&ten, 8h.m.8tr. evening, eve. 6 26 A. 
91 2C. (efen) 1012E. gen. (of point 
of time) -nes. 1 1 1 8. ace. (of dura- 
tion of time) 1 106. the eve before 
a festival, (cf. msesse-^fen) 626A. 
on twelftan £fen, on the eve of the 
Epiphany (Jan. 5.) 1053D. 

&fen-tid, 8h.f.8tr. evf-n-tide, even- 
ing, dat. -de. 979E. 

£&e, adv. ever, always. 998E. (acfer) 
gleta, ever yet. 937 A. p. 109b. 
^&e. B.G.D. eall t sefre, all that 
ever, whatever. 1048R p. 174L 
^fre ])e 69er man, every second 
man. 1086E. (£ure urn wTle) from 
time to time. 1137 p. 264 1. (efre) 
675E. p. 36 b. (aeuert) 1 140 ad 
fin. V. ^uric. 

fseftan, adv. from behind, behind. 
937A. p. 109 b. 

sefter, prep.dat.instr. after ; of time ; 
871* k fq.(efter) 1070A. 11 35. 
(eafter) 777E. (after) 1 05 2D. p. 
1 8ih. of persons ; after, in pursuit 
of, 879E. 896 A. ; of things ; in 
search of, for. 685*. 1048E. ; with 



verbs of sending » for. 994E. along, 
following (secundum) 878*. ac- 
cording to, 1 1 23 p. 252h. (efter) 
1 070 A. sefter })ou, ban, })am, ]>lem, 
thereafter. 508E. 903A.893*. 1097. 
sefter ]>am })e, after that. 1095 p. 
2 3 1 h. sefter ]>i88on, here after. 1 093. 
8e.))ysan.io7oA.a.))y8on.io97. put 
after its case. 878*. preceded by 
another preposition ; to sefter (her- 
uest), till after (the b^inning of 
autumn). 11 26. adverbial, after- 
wards. 508A. 616E. ad fin, after, 
in pursuit. 905A. 999E. behind. 
1076D. V. niman. 

sefbera (A), seftra (E), adj.comp, 
hinder, next, second. 82 7 A. looi 
E. cfa^-tran. 1013E. (eaftran) 975 
E. dat.f. (seftre) 1048E. p.i73m. 

sefter-owedan, st, v. to renounce, 
abjure,, -cwse'S. 1094. 

sefter-fyligend, -filigend, pres.par^ 
following after, succeeding ; as 
iubsU a successor. gen.8g.wk, -dan. 
984A. -dum. 995F. p. 1 28 b. 

sefter-gengl, 8b.m.8tr, a successor. (-gles) 675 E, p. 37 m. (-gle) t&. 1. 

aefte-'weard, adj. hinder, latter, on 
se. Mai, in the latter part of May. 

^g-hwser, adv. everywhere. 918A. 
998E. (aeghwer) 1006E. p. 136I. 
1 1 18. (eighwar) 1063D. 

&g-hw8B]7eT (A), £g-hwetSer (E), 
pron. each, every. 887*. 

ffig-h wider, adv. * every- whither,' 
in all directions, i o 1 1 E. 

seg-hwonan, adv. * every-whence/ 
from all parts. 921 A. p. 102 m. 

fse-gleaw, adj. * juris prudens,' 
learned in law, wise. pi. -we. M. 1 9. 

segper, pron. either, both, hyra 
aegtJer, both of them. 560E. 
xgSer eage, both eyes. 1095 p. 
231 1. acc.m. -J)eme. 894A. ad init. 
dat.m. -))rum. 91 8A. /. -J)ere. 
ih. 1014E. --Sre. 853E. (-©sere) 
IC04E, (-"Ser) 1048E. p. 174m. 
(aiSre) 1 031 A. ^gSer . . . 66er, 
each . . . the other. 1003E. 

&gf5er, conj. either, both. £ 

ge == both .... and. 906* ^. . . . . 
and. 994E. ^. gg .... ge ^ ... ge 

eac. 897 A. p. 90m. (aBgtJser) 1052E. 
p. 181 1. («J)er) 894W. p. 294 b. 

&ht, sb.f.str. possessions, property. 
ace. (ahte) 656E. p. 30 1 (eahte) 
1 1 28 ad fin. gen. (<^hte) 11 24 sShta. 1015E. (dahta) 
F. 1089 p. 221I. alhtum. 
1052E. p. 178 h. 

&\0f prtm.auhst. & adj. each, any, 
all. 91 1 A. 1014E. acc.m. -one. 
1006E. 1014E. /. -ce. 892A. 
1009E. p. 139 m. gen.m. -ces. 
919C. 1070E. ad fin. 1 1 19. 
(^Ices) II 25. instm. -ce. 894 A. 
p. 84 1. 678E. n. (ilea gear) 85 2E. 
dat.m. -cum. (894A) p. 85 1. -can. 
1055C. /. -ere. 894A. p. 87 m. 
-cere. 1086 ad fin. datm.f.n, (-cen) 
lb. -can. lb. -cum. 891A. 
-con. 1086 p. 220 1. £lc mann, 
every one. 1016E.D. «lc under 
6t^ran, each under other. 1104. j> 
hi heom . . . ^Ic oVeme forfore, 
that they should destroy each other 
(lit. destroy themselves, each the 
other). 1052C.D. pp. 1 80-1 1. 

selmes-full, adj. *alms-ful/ cha- 
ritable. nom.m.wJc. -la. 102 iB. 

8dlnieBset8b.f.wk. alms. acc.-wxL. 887*. 
888*. dat. (selmes). 1137 p. 246b. 

sel-mihtig, adj. almighty. 1070E. 
ad Jin. 11 30. M. 3. (selmihti) 
656E. p. 30 m. 675E. p. 37 1. nom. 
m.wJc. -ga. ioi6£. p. 150 m. (el-) 
1085 ad jin.acc.m.str. -gne. M. 95, 

£lpig, V. an-lipig. 

t8el-]7eodig, v. el-. 

^nes, adv. (strictly gen. of En), 
once. 1 1 20. cf. anes. 

denig, pron. adj. any. nom.m. 8c /. 
994E. acc.m. -gne. 894 A. ad 
init.f.-ge. 1085 p. 2i7h. gen. 
m. -ges. 1 1 00 p. 236 h. datm. 
-gum. loiiE. -ge. ic86 p. 2i8h. 
(senie) 1086 ad fin. (deni) J)ing, 
anything. 656E. p. 33 m. (^ini) 
1 1 37. (^ni) ))ing. 656E. p. 33 h. 

675E. p. 37 1- 
Sn-llo, cidj. unique, excellent, gen. 

n, -ces. 1 1 20. 
6r, adj. early, on ^r, previously. 

1067D. p. 201 1. acc.m. on ealne 
- seme morgan, very early in the 

morning. 1050D. p. 17010. ^t 



^ran morgene. 538F. (cf. Ser-mer- 
gen.) comp. £rra, earlier, former. 
looiE. M. 108. 221. sup. 2&Test. 
first. 943a. 2Bro8t. 661E. 678E. 
pl.wk, ^reetan. 787A. (er-)E. 

6r, adv. *ere,' formerly, previ- 
ously. 797*. (^ar). 1 1 29 p, 260 h. 
(h^r) 1 1 40 p. 267 m. 2Br beforan 
1086 p. 222 h. comp. £ror, before, 
earlier. 1032E. 1121. (foer) 1086 
p. 219 1. (serur) ib, sup, ^rest, 
first, for the first time, in the fijrst 
instance. 787*. 9Q1E. ierost. p. 3E. 
(erest) tb. (erost) 409E. 

6r, prep.dat. before, p. 4 1. A. &r 
him. 959E. 97i^> ^i" j^am, ]>an, 
before that, previously. 105 2D. 
p. 1 76 m. 1 1 1 5. ^r J)am ))e, (ear) 

])an })e, ere that p. 5E. 1006E. 

p. 198 t.aer daeg. 1070E.1?. tJes. 

der, conj. *ere/ before that (prob- 
ably shortened from ' ^r ])am ]>e.') 
877*. 919A. (with *w6;.). ii23a(Z 
Jin. (with indie). 

'f&T, sh.m.8tr. wave, sera. 
937 A. p. io8h. V. ear. 

SBToe, v. arce. 

Grande, sh.n.str. an errand, mis- 
sion. 1054D. -de. io64E.t&. p.i92h. 

^rend-raca, ab.m.wk. a messenger. 
pi. -can. 905A. (-cen) 785E. (-kan) 

f fe-rist, sh.m.f.str. rising, Besurrec- 
tion. M. 58. 

£r-mergen (A.), -morgen (E.), sh. 
m.8tr. early morning, dat -ne. 538*. 

■f&s, sh.n.str. (i) food, meat, carrion. 
gen. ^es. 93 7 A. p. 109b. hence, 
generally (ii) prey, booty. 975E. 

adsc, sh.m.str. ash-tree; and hence 
anything made of ash, a ship (but 
only of the Danish ships). acc.pL 
-cas. dat. -cum. 897A. p. 90 m. 

oso-mann, sb.mMr. one of the crew 
of such ships, a viking, a pirate. -na. 921A. p. 102b. 

&8tan, 887E. V. eastan. 

set, prep.dat. at. of place; at, in, 
887*. 866E. &/}. (at) 777E. 782 
E. 1070A. ad Jin. 1128. of circum- 
stance; set campe, in battle. 93 7 A. 
ad init. set p^re ndode. 11 01. 
with verbs of depriving, &o. » of. 
887*. (goveniB ace I o^SE. p.i75t). 

with verbs of buying, asking, learn- 
ing, from a person » of. 626E. 
963E. p. 115 b. 995F. ad init. 
(at) 1 070 A. ad Jin. connecting 
persons with places « of, Godwin 
set WortJige, G. of W. looiA. 
So : biscop set Dorceceastre, bishop 
of D. 897 A. p. 90 h. set, before a 
place name, forms a compound 
expression which is treated as a 
single word. 55 2 A. With super- 
lative, set l^stan, at least. 1049D. 
set Ulcere hyde, on every hide, 
(of a tax) loS^ ad fin. cf. 1039 
E. (at) anes mannes,at (the house) 
of a man. 1048F. p. 1 73 n. 

set-berstan, st.v. to escape ; with 
dat. to escape from, (setbeorstan) 
656E. p.31 1. p.8g. setbserst. 605 
E. (at-) 605a. 99 2E. 1 05 2D. p. 
179 m. ^.pZ. setburston. 943D. p. 
8g.8ubj. setburste. 1049C. 1050D. 
V. o9-berstan. 

8et-br6dan, st.v. to take away, 
withdraw. p.8g. setbr^d. 1093. 

8et-fl6on, 8t.v. to flee away, escape by 
flight. 1068D. setfleah. 1076 
D. p. 211 1. setflugon. 1056C. 

set-foran, adv. before, beforehand. 
1048E. p. I74h. 

set-foran, prep.dat. before, in the 
presence of. loioE. of time. 1052 
D. 1066D. ad Jin. 

set-gsedere, adv. together. be|i^en ae. 
p. 3E. 894A. p.87h. IOI4E. 
p. 145 1. 

set-hindan, prep.dat. behind, after. 
1016E. p. 151 h. 

set-samne (i), set-somne (2), adv. 
together. 937 A. p. 109 l(i).905A. 
M. 263 (2). 

set-sittan, st.v. to sit by, to remain. sets^ton. 905 A. 

8et-8tandan, st.v. to stand, stand up. 
trans, to check, p.sff. setstdd. 
978E. -dene. io85p.2i7m. 

set-swimman, st.v. to escape by 
swimming, fit setswummon. 
91 8A. V. o'S-swimman. 

8Bt-^w(i)an (i), 8Bt-6ow(i)an* (2\ 
8et-iew(i)an (3), at-^(i)an (4), 
at-6ow(i)an (5), at4w(i)an (6), 
tffi&.t;. to appear, to display. 1070A. 
(4)., -wde. mo (i). 892A. 



995E.(2). 1052E. (4).-wede. 1137 

p. 365b.(4). 678E. (5). io66A.(6)., -wdon. 540A. (3). 1070A. 

(o). (sBt^wdon; 54o£. (atewoden) 

729E.-wdan, ii04E.(i). p.^.-wed. 

975A. ad fin, (i). (ateowod) 995 

F. ad init. v. otJ-y wan. 
8B]>el-boTen, p.part. noble-born. 

adpele, adj. ttitl, noble. 1056D. 

M. 38. nom,m.wk' la. 814*. neut 

wk, -le. 1045D. y. -le. 937A. p. 

106 b. acc.m. -Ine. 501*. dat. m, 

-lum. 1065C.D. pp. 192-3 b. n. -Ian. 

1067D. p. 202 1. pL -le. M. 80. 

superL -lust. M. 84. 
flelSeling, 8b.m.gtr. prince. In the 

Chron. nearly always of members 

of the West Saxon royal family. 

(In the Menologium it is used in a 

general sense of various saints. 

157. 189.) 905 A. 933E. &fq. (ej)el- 

ing) 972E. 1091 adfin.gen, (-gas) 

755R p. 49 b. -ges. 905-^ 1085 

p. 217 m. (of a foreign prince). 

982C. dat. -ge. 1013E. 

-gum. CD. p. 296. (recte). a^ 

-gas. 443F. (e'5-)6i7E. 
•f&pelxL, sb.f.pLn. nobility, race. -lum. M. 119 (Grein 

suggests eSlum). 
(6Tirio) pron. a^dj. every, {for ^fre 

^Ic). 1 1 37 pp. 264 1. 265 t. 
8BW, sb.n.8tr. marriage. /. a wife. 

dat. be ribtre $we. 1091 p. 226. 

m. iicxj p. 237 1. 
, 'j'dewi80-ni6d, adj. disgraced in mind, 

abashed. -de. 937 A. p. 

ceze-yr, sb.f.str. an * axe-iron/ axe- 
head, tlat. sexe yre. 101 2E. (eaxe 

^re) D. 
a-fieran, wk.v. to terrify, frighten 

p.p. aiered. M. 23. pi. aferede. 

1083. V. of-fSeran. 
afara, afera, v. eafora. 
a-faran, st.v. to go out, to depart. 

91 8 A. Sforon. 794*. p.p. 

afaren. 1087 p. 224h. St i. gone 

out. 894A.P. 861. 
a-feallan, st.v. to fall down. 

SfeoU. 1 100. 
a-fedan, .tok.v. to feed, maintain. 

1085 p. a 16 1. hine on S. to main- 

tain himself thereon. 1049C. p. 
168 m. 

H-findan, at.v. to find, discover, 
Sfundan. 755E. p.49t.i>.on-findan. 

a-flyman"" (i), a-flieman (A) (2). 
E-fliman (3), a-fleman (4), wk.v. 
to cause to flee, to banish. p.8ff. 
SkfLymde tit. 994A. Ct a. E. 
(aflsmde) 956a. 1052D. p. I79h 
(3). 1124E. p. 254 h (4). (-mda) 
1070E. ctdfin. {i)p,pl. -mdon. 797 
A. (2) E. (i). (-den) 1 124 (4). p.p. 
-med. 836A. (2). 1 106 p. 241 h (i). 
1044E. (i). jpZ.-mede. looiA. (i). 

a-fyllan, wh.v, to cause to fall, to' 
overthrow, to slay. 626E. p.sff. 
-Ide. %b. p.p. -led. 975A. 

a-fyllan, wk.v. to fill. p.p. -led. 
1086 p. 219 b. 1087. 

f a-g&lan, wk.v. to neglect, be care- 
less. p.8g. -Ide. 1065C.D. ad fin. 

agan, st.tck.v. to own, to possess. ahte. 98 2C. 1042E. ic ihte. 
675 E. p. 37 1., ahton. 833* 
&fq. ahte = ought. 1085 p. 216I. 
agan ut, to ma^e out, discover. 
1085 P- 316 m (Prof. Earle 
considers this as belonging to the 
next word). 

a-gan, st.v. to go, pass, come to pass. Seode. 1066C.D. pp. 196-7. 
p,p. agan. 6A. iiE. 973 A. spent, 
finished. 1066C. p. 196 m. pl.oi 
agane, gone away. 897A. p. 90 1. 

i'a-gangan, st.v. to pass away, to 
pass. p.p. agangen. 973 A. 

a-gean, adv. (i) again, back, in 
turn. 3F. 1070A. p. 206 h. 1052E. 
995F. p.i3oh.(agSn)io3iA.(aggn) 
1052C. p. 178I. (ii) against, 
in opposition. 1013F. p. 143 n. 

a-g§an,prep.acc.against. 448F. 1052 
D. P.175I. (agien)449a. w.on-gean. 

agen, adj. etgett) own, one's own. 
654E. 1054C accm. -enne. 1086 
p. 218 1. 75 5 A. p. 48 m. -ene. E. 
gen.n. -nes. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1 
m. dat.f. -nre. 794*. 1042 E. 
(-ra) 1016D. p. 151 m. m. -num. 
813E. agnum. A. So: 46*. 
^enan. iioi. inst.m.n, agene. 
1085 p. 2i6h. 1127. 
-nra. 11 19. absolute \ t6 his ag- 
num, to his own (land, See,). 584A. 



si'g^an.eB,prep.dat. against, (agones) 
"35- (agaenes) 1137?. 264t. 

fa-getan, wk,v, to destroy, lay 
low. p.p. -ted. 937 A, p. 1 06 b. 

a-gifan, at,v, to give up, to restore. 
1087 p. 324 1. agyfan. 1095 p. 
231 1. p,8g, ageaf. 11 12. 8^4 A. p. 
86 b. tgef, lb. p.pL ageafon. 
1087 p. 224 b. agefan. ib.l, ^ge- 
fon. 1090. (aiauen) dp, they gave 
up. 1 140 p. 267 1. p.8g.8ubj. ageafe. 
1052D. p. 175 h. p.p. agyfen. 
1095 p. 231 b. 

a-ginnan, stv, to begin. pre8.8g. 
agin)). 47F. p.sff. agan. 1006E. 
p. 137 1. agann. 1070A. p. 206 
m. p.p, agunnen. 656E. ad Jin. 
V. on-ginnan. 

a-gitan, st.v. to understand, to 
know. Egeaton. 1086 p. 219 
m. V. on-gitan. 

fa-gryndan, st.v. to descend to 
earth, pres. sg. agrynt. M. iii. 

a-hebban, st.v, to lift up, exalt. 
hine upp ahebban, to exalt him- 
self. 1086 p. 221 1. dp 
ahdfon, stirred up, began. 1094 
p. 230 1. p,p. Gp ahafen. 1052D. 
p. 176 1. (ahofen) 795E. 

a-hebbian, v. a-ebbian. 

a-hon, st.v. to hang. 897A. adfin. 
1096. (I^engen) 11 24 
p. 259 1. p. p. ahangen, crucified. 
33'!'. anhangen. 99 a. 

a-hreddan, wk,v, to 'rid,* to de- 
liver, rescue. p.8g. -de. 1016E. p. 
150 h. -de wis, delivered from. 
994E., -don. 9T7A. 

aht, sb,n,8tr, aught, anything, aht 
ray eel, anything much. 1052C. 
p. 180 1. ]>e himsylf aht wSere, who 
was of any account. 1086 p. 220 m. 
ffen, jfe ahtes w^ron, which 
were of any value. 99 2 E. So : dat, 
t6 ahte mihte. 1052F. p. 179 b. 

aht-lice, adv. stoutly, courageous- 
ly. 1066E. p. 198 t. 1071E. 

a-hw6r, (k7». any where, every 
where. 992E. 1105. ahwar. 1064E. 
(^awar) 995F. ad init. cf.%-hwaBr. 

a-hydan, wk.v, to hide,, ahyd- 
don. 41 8 A. 

a-leBOoan, wk.v, to catch, to take. 
p.8g. alehte. J 123. 

a-l£dan, uik,v, to lead off, take away. 

896A. Gt al^dde. 107 2D. p,p. 

-ded. 906 A. 
aid, aldorman, all, v, eald, etc. 
a-Uetan, st.v. to give up, resign. alet. 1053C. (alaet) 1045D. 
a-leogean, wk.v. to put down, sup- 
press, abolish. 1067D. p. 201 b. alede. 1052 D. sup. to 

aleggenne. 1 100 p. 236 h. 
a-l6ogan, st.v. to belie, be false to. alugon. 941 D. 
a-lihtan, wk.v. to alight. p.9g, 

alihte. 1 1 23. 
alo^, V, ealo. 
a-lysan (i), a-liesan (2), a-Haan 

(3)} ^o redeem, ransom, free. 

p,8g, -sde. 942A. (i). 918A. (2). 

1096 (3). 
a-lysed-ness, nh.f. sir. redemption. 

dat. alesednesse. 656E. p. 31 1. 
a-mang, prep.dat, among, during. 

1127. p. 257 h. I. ])am ]>e, during 

the time that, whilst. 1046E. p. 

169 1. S. })issan, meanwhile. 1006 

C. p. 197 b. V, an-mang, on-m. 
a-mansumian, wk.v, to excommu- 
nicate, pres. sg. ic -mie. 963E. p. 
117 m., -mede. 1070E. p. 
207I. -made. 1071D. p.p, -med. 

675E. p. 37*- 
a-metsian, wk.v. to provision, pro- 
vide with food. p.8g. -sode. ioo6 

D. p. 137 ». 

a-munan, st,wk,v, to mind, care for., -ndon. 755^' -dan. B. p. 

294. V. on-munan. 
a-myrran, wk.v. to hinder, spoil, 

destroy, * mar.' amyrdon. 

1073E. (amserdon) D. 

-rde. II I J. sup. t5-rene. 1048E. 

p. 173 m. -rende. F. 
a-myii$rian, wk.v. to murder. p,sg, 

-rode. 1049C. adfin. 
an (once written on, 879A.), adj. (i) 

one. 875* 8c fq. acc.m. Snne 893A. 

aenne. E. looiA. (onne) 11 37 p. 

264 m./. ane. 879A. an.E. dat.m, 

animi. 888*./. anre. 941A. 999E. 

(answering to 6t$re). in this sense 

also used definitely, dat, n. 

J'am anan . . . J)am 5t$ran. I046£. 

p. 168 h. inst, ane. 88 5^*^ ane [anum 

£.] g^are &r, one year preyioiu- 



ly. 46'*' ; (ana) vrana, less by one. 
97 2£. with ordinal numbers, ji an 
1 f6wertige9e g^ar. 11 07. on Sn, 
right on, straight on. 963E. p. 
1 16 b. so : anEn. 995F. p. i3oh. t<$ 
anum gecierdon, they united. 
S35*. geweartJ him T Jwm folce 
.... anes, they agreed. ioi4£. 
p. 145I. an ^y an, one by one. 
1 1 25. (2) a certsdn one. ris. 
his an munac, a monk of his. 
963E. p. 115I. dat, fram his 
anan men, by a man of his. 1 100. 
an of )wlm, one of them. 992F. 
gen, anes. 806 F. (3) a, an. an 
efor, a boar. 885*. (a) 11 37 p. 
264 1. dat, on Unumb^te. 891 A. 
anon. io52£. p. 183 1. Enan. 
iioo. y. £nre. th, (4) alone (in 
this sense it is used also defini- 
tely, and in the plural), nom. 
m. ana. 978E. M. 276, neut. 
ne ji an, not that alone. 656R 
p. 31I. datf, anre. 617E. pi, 
ane. 1086 p. 218 h. ]>a ane, those 
alone. 91 8 A. (5) dat. pi, be anan 
oS9e twam, by ones or twos. 

9XLyprep, 984 A.. 1070A. V. on. 

anoer^setl, 8b,n.8tr. an anchorite's 
settlement or cell, dat, (anker)- 
setle. 656 E. p. 31m. ancer settle. 
1086 p. 2i8b. 

ane or, sh.mMr, anora, sb,m,w1c. 
an anchor. a4; -ran. 1052C. 
p. 180 m. -ras. D. p. 181 h. 

And (E.), ond (A.), eonj. and. 
generally abbreviated, 1 ; when 
written in full it is ond in A. 
^'S^' ^53' S55. pp. 2. 4. and in E. 
e.g, 852. 855 fic/gr. ond, 798F. 
(end, send) 1066C. ad Jin, (an) 
1 1 20. 1 135. (on) M. 134. 

Kiid'laja.8yprep.gen. along. 887* &fq. 
(onlong) 882A. written : "jlang. 
1016E. p. I48t. 

i-and-lang (i), ond-long (2), adj, 
continuous, all along. accmMr. 
-ne dseg, all day long. 93 7 A. p. 
io8t. (2) B.C.D. (i). 

and-8&te, adj, hateful, abominable. 
1 100. 

and-swerian, wk.v. to answer. 
-ade. 963E. p. ii/h. -ode. ib.p. 

ii6h, p,pl. -Bwaredan. 995F. 
p. 130m. 

and-weard, adj, present, of time. 
ace, def. iweardan. 851 A. 

anas, adv. (strictly s^en. of an) 
once, get , . . anes, yet once. 11 31 
p. 262 h. cf. ^nes. 

an-foT-Uetan, gt.v, to desert, for- 
sake. p,8g, anforl^t. 658A. 

an-gean, adv. again, in turn, back. 

995F. p. 130b. IOO5F. V. A'geSLU, 


an-gean-cume, 8b,m.8tr. a return, 
coming again, gen. -es. 995 F. 
ad Jin. 

an-ginn, 8h,n.8ir. a beginning, at- 
tempt, dat. -ne. 1107. angynne. 
809F. hence : a struggle, con- 
vulsion, dat, -ne. 1042G. 

an-ginnan, st.v. to begin. p,8g. an- 
gan. 1 070 A. p. 206 h. 

fan-haga, sh.m.wk. one who live 
in solitude, a solitary. M. 251. 

a-ni5rian, wk.v, to thrust down. p.p. 
-rod. 675E. p. 37 1. 

an-lipig, adj. single, one by one. 
87 1 A, ad Jin. (ilpig) 1085 p. 
216 b. 

an-ness, 8b.f.str. unity, agreement, 
covenant, acc.-se. 921 A. p. 103m. 

an-r^d, adj. unanimous, agreed, 
resolute, pi. -de. 1003E. a. mid, in 
agreement with. 105 2D. p. 1 75 m. 

an-r^d-lioe, a<£r. unanimously, re- 
solutely. 1003E. 1014E. 

an-reoes, adv, straightway, right 
on,airaf X€7. loioC.D.E. perhaps 
a raistt^e for : 

^-streoes, adv. at one stretch, con- 
tinuously. 894 A. p. 88 b. 

an-weald (i), an-wald (2), «&.m. 
atr. power, jurisdiction, domi- 
nion. 91 8C. (i). 10670.(2). gen. 
-des. 919C, (i). dat, -de. 921 A. 
pp. 102 t. 103 m (2). 1086 p. 
221 b (i). V, on- weald. 

an-weg, adv, away. 1049c, ad Jin. 
V, on-weg, S-weg. 

a-nydan, £-nidan, icJc.v, to compel, 
force. antdUe. 823A.. 
anydde. E. 

Apocalipsis (Latin word), the 
Book of Bevelation. 84A. ace. 
-sin. 87E. 



apOBtol, sh.'m^r, apostle. Zh*- Ah*- 

pi. -las. 30A. M. laa. gen.'pl, -la. 

Aprelis, ib.m, the month April. 
' M.56. (April) 1 1 40. 
apnldre, tb.f.tok, an apple-tree. dat. 

-dran. 1066D. p. 199 1. 
ar, sb.f.str. (C) are, sb.f.wk, (DE), 

honour, dignity, estate, property. 

1006. gen.dat,<ico, lure. 105 2F. p. 

181 1..1015E. 1052C. ad fin. (For 

the change of meaning firom 

honour to land cf. the Latin honor 

in sense of landed estate, e. g, Fl. 

Wig, ii. 54.) 
^, shfMr, an oar., ara. 

80 7 A. p. 90 m. Erena. B. 
a-T»oan, wk.v, to reach, get at. 

1014E. p. 145 1. 
a-r&dan, to take counsel, appoint, 

determine, (generally vilc.v, but 

in the following instance it 

is sir.). p,8g, ar^d. 921 A. p. 

103 1. (W. reads ar^d hsefde ; 

where araed would be p.p. for 

ar^ded. v. p. 295.) 
^r&ran, a-r§ran, wk.v. to rear, to 

set up, to exalt, (areren) 654E. 

p,9g. arerde. 95 9E. 1086 p. 

219 1. ar^rde. tb. t. 718A. (^r- 

ierde) E., ^rerdon. 1086 p. 

218 m. 
arblast, 8h.m.9tr, (foreign word), a 
- cross-bow. dat, -te. 1079D. 
aroe (i), eroe (2), »rce (3), ih.m. 

sir. the archiepiscopal pallium. 

995F. p. 130m. (2, 3). 997F. (i). 

glossed pallium, 
aroe-bisoeop, -oop (i), ssroe- (2), 

eroe- (3), Hh.m.str, an archbishop. 

994A. 888E. (i). ib. A. 736E. 

963E. p. ii^b (3\ 727E. 870A. 

963E. p. iioh {2)&fq. gen. -pes. 

075E. p. 36 h (2). dat, -pe. 601 A. 

(2) R (i). pi. -paa. 979C. (3). 

(-pes) 1125(2). 
aroe-bisoop-d6xn (i), eroe- (2), 

sh.m.sir. archbishopric, dat. -me. 

616E. (2). 
a^ce-bisceop-rioe (i), aroe-bisoop- 

rice (2), seroe-biscop-rioe (3), 

eb.n.atr, archbishopric. 994A. (i). 

995F. p. 130b (2). 1123 p. 252 1 


aroe-bi8Cop-st61, ghjiijtr. archi- 
episcopal see. 988E. 
aroe-diaoon, sb,m,8lr, an archdea- 
con. (serced^Bcne) 1133 p. 252 m. 

ace, (aercedis&one) 11 14 p. 246 h. 

pi. (ffircediecnee) 1129. (earoe- 

d^cnes) ib. 
aroe-rice, iib.nMr, archbishopric. 

105 1 D. 
aroe-stol (i), esroe- (a), sb.m.stf. 

archiepiscopal see. 1009D. (i). dat. 

-le. 988C. II 15 (i). 1006K (2). 
a-reooan, wk.v, to ' reokon,' relate. 

M. 69. sup. td areccenne. 1086 p. 

218 m. 
arewe, sb.f.wk. arrow, nom. & dat. 

pi. -wan. 1083. 
far-liws&t, adj, eager for glory., ^hwate. 937A. ad fin. 
far-fiBest-nysa, 8bf.fitr. hononrable- 

ness, goodness, mercy. 1067D. 
arh-lice, adv, basely, treaoheroiuly. 

1071E. cf. earh-lice. 
arian, wk.v. (i) to honour, (ii) to 

have mercy on. pre8.subf» God 

are his s&ule. 1066E. p. 198 h. 
a-xisan, st.v. to arise, 

-sa)>. 1 03 1 A. p.8g. Eras. 380E. 

1083. Gp Eras, rose up. iioo. arisan. 1087 p. 2241. (ary* 

san) 975 D. 
ar-weon) (i), -wurb (2), -wierp 

(3), adj. honourable, revereno. 

nom,m.wk. -]>a. 7i6A. (3) E. (2). 

datm.wk. -Van. 1022D. (a). 
Er-weoilSe (i), -wyr5e (2), adj. 

honourable, reverend. 105 2I). (2). 

p. 173. 
Er-weoilSian (i), -wuzKian (2), 

iok.v. to honour, reverence, (-t^en) 

656E. (2). 
ar-weozK-Iioe (1), -wturt$- (2), 

'WyjfS- (3), adv, honourably. 633 

E. (2). 977C. (3). 
ar-weoz1$-ni«8 (i), -wuiU- (2), 

8h.f.8tr. honour, reverence, dat. 

-nisse. loi 2E. -nysse. G JD. -nesse. 

1054C. (2). 
a-8ceaoan, st.v. (i) to shake off, re- 
move, (ii) intr, to remove, to 

flee. p.p. asceacen wass feam^ 

had deserted. lOOiA. 
a-8oiifan, st.v. to shove^ posh, (it a. 




a-80unian, wk,v. to shuii) hate. p,pl, 

•nedon. 1014E. -nudon. C. -nodon. 

a-sSoan, wJcv, to search ont, ex- 
plore. ^.«^.E86hte. loiiF. p. 143 n. 
a-seogan, lolr.v. to declare, express. 

tup, to ^seogenne. 1 104. 
a-sendan, whjj, to send out, send. 

p,8g, -de. 1013E. j^.jp.asend. 430E. 

t6 ^send, sent to. 905A, 
H-settan, foJe.v. to put, to place. 

p.8g. him palliom on asette, put 

on him. i02aD. intrant, to trans- 
port oneself, to go. p. pi, aset- 

tan. 893A. (lussetton) £. upp 

Esetton. looiA. 
a-sigan, tt.v. to fall down. p,8g. 

ILsah. ioi2E.Jtseh) 1133. 
&-8ittan, it.v.m settle; (of ships) 

to ground.jfp.pZ. Es^ton. 897A. 

p. 90b. ^^. aseten. t&. p. 9 it. 
S^am^agan^^.v. to look closely into, 

examine, devise. 1006C.D. p. 295. 

(asmiegian) £. p. 137 m. p. p. ace. 

f. Esn^kde. loxiE. ad fin. 
a-spanan, tt.v, to allure, to seduce. 

p.9g» asp6n. 905A. asp^n. 1009E. 

p.p. aspanen. 931 A. p. 103 1. 
a-springan, st.v. to spring, arise, 

be bom« p^tg. asprang up. 1099. 

p.p. (asprungon) 106 7D. p. 302 

a-spyrian, uJc.v, explore, search 

out. fit $. X085 p. 316 1. 
a-stellan, wh.v. to set on foot, in- 
stitute, begin. p.8g. astealde. 

loioE. 1040G. 
a-stigan, tt.v. 0trijS(m, to mount, 

ascend. pre8.8g. astthG. M. 91. 

jp.«^. ast^. mo. 
a-8tilitaii» wk.v, to determine on, 

decree, p.p. astiht. 998E. 
a-stingan, H.v. to bore out, pierce 

out. p. pi. ^stungon. 797 A. ut a. 

a-styrian (i), a-stirian (2), fDh.v. 

to move violently, to excite. p.p, 

-red. 1053E. p. 180 h (i). -rod. 

1095 (i). -rad. 1087 (3). 
i^swebbaii, wk.v. Ut. to make 

to sleep ; metaph. to kilL 

a-swefede.. 937^* P* 108 m. 
&>8weUa]i» 9t.v. to die. Ibwalt. 


&-8wican, tt.v. to desert^ betray. 

(with dat.) p.8g. aswac 1016E. 

p. 153 h. 
site, sb.f.wk. oats. pi. (aten) 11 24 
^ p. 354 m. 
a-tendan, toh.v, to set on fire, to 

kindle. 994F. p. pi, ^tendon. 

1006E. p. 137 1. V. on-tendan. 
^-tellan, wJs.r. to tell, recount. 

(ateallan) 1095. 8up.t6 ateUanne. 

1056C. (ateallene; 1086 p. 322 

a-teon, st.v. to draw away, dispose 

ot at6ah. 107 lE. cf. D. 
a-teorian, wk.v. \^m, to fail, to 

cease, -reae. 1087 P* 324m. •rodon. 1104. 
E-tinibT(i)an, wk.v. to build up. 

-bran. 643A. 913A. -brian. D. 

E]>, 8b.m.Hr, an oath. ^9e. 

1016E. p. 153 h. t^BS. 

874*. (aCes) 1 131 ad Jin. (a«) 

1 127 p. 258h. (athas) 1140. 

(athes) ib. p. 267 h. tjfum. 

92 1 A. ad fin, EtJan. 1016D. p. 

152 1. 
Ap-Bwenme, sh.f.9tr. oath-swearing, 

oath. dat. -ge. 1070 A. 
a-pystrian (i), a-peost- (2), E-pist- 

(3), a-piest- (4), a-}>6st- (5), wk.v. 

to grow dark; (of the sun or 

moon) to be eclipsed, •rode. 

885. 879A. (4) E. (i). 540E. (2). 

538E. (5). 827* (3). -rade. 802 

E. (2). p.p. -rod, -rad. 795. 800 

E. (3).^* 
SSum, w.m.gtr. titiB.VX, a son-m- 

law. loioE. brother-in-law. 1096. 

dai. -me. 1091 p. 226 m. 
August, 8b.m.6tr. the month Au- 
gust. ^«». -tes. 1107. dat. -te. 

678E. Agust' 685E. undeclined. 

1 106. 1 1 16. In Latin form : Au- 
gustus. 1013E. Agustus. 909D. 

Latin gen. Agusti. 1063D. 
2-w8eonany tt.v. to awi^e, arise, 

originate. Sw5c. 449E. €td 

fin. 547E. aw6can. 1087 p. 

223 1. f^. on-wsecnan. 
a-weg, adv. away, out. 894A. p. 

87b, lOiiE. V. on-weg. 
a-wendan, wk.v. to turn, turn 

away, pervert. hine awende. 

X 2 



turned. 1067D. p. 201 b. p.p,pL 

awende. 1086 p. 221 b. 
a-weorpaiii «/.«. to cast, to cast off, 

reject. p,8^. awearp. 1075D. 

1009C. faweorp) D. p,p.acc.m. 

ILworpen(ii)e. 867*. 
a-warian, tok.v, to ward off, defend. 

p.sff. Ewerede. 921A, p. loih. p, 

pL Eweredon. 885A. -dan. E. 
a-westan, wie.v. to lay waste, 

ravage. 1085 p. 216 1. p,8g, -te. 

1069D. ad Jin,, -ton. 1087 

p.225 1. (a Weston) ih. h. 
a-wreoan, st.v. to avenge, * wreak.' 

I048£.p. 174I1. . 
^writan, at. v. to write down, de- 
scribe. 1086 p. 219 m. p.jstpl. 

awriton. 1106. p.p.awriten. 716A. 
fawym, corrapt reading. M. loi. 
f JUyman, st.v. to run away, pass, 

go. p.p. Eumen. 973A. 
a-ytan, wk.v, to expel, drive out. 

p.»g, aytte ... fit. 1048D. 

ba. V. begen. 

boBO, 8h.n.8fr. back, on bsec . . . 

gangende, going back or away. 

bseftan, v. be-seftan. 
bsBT-lio, sh.mJxtr. barley. 11 24 p. 

254 m. 
bsernan, wk.v, to bum. (generally 

transitive; intrans. 1116. 1131.) 

(bsmen) 1087 p. 223 m. 

baamde. 1014E. p. 145 1. 

bsemdon. looiA. ad init. 997E. 

(beomdon) 870E. looiE. (bren- 

don, -den) 1137 pp. 264 1. 265 t. 

^.^.-ned. (i^*j'Et.pre8.part, -nende. 

1 131. cf. beornan. 
bsemett, sh.n.8tr. burning, .arson. 

c^a^. -te. 994E. pi. 1 104. nil. 
bssming, sb.f.str. burning, dat, 

-ge. 1 104. 
baro (A), baSJ (E), 8h.n.8tr. bath. 

604B.C. ganotes b., tlie gannet^s 

bath, i,e. the sea. 975'''. 
bEii, 8b.n.str. bone, banum. 

979E. 1012E. 
bana, sh,m,iDk, 'bane,' a slayer. 

dat, banan. 755*. pp. 48-9 1. twm. 

pi, bman. 979E. 

bannan, sLv. to proclaim, summon, 
b. ut, to^^ out I048E. p. 174I. 

tbar, 8b.m.8tr, a boar, aecpl, bSras. 
1086 p. 221 h. 

bastard, 8b.m.8tr, (foreign word), 
bastard. 1066D. p. 197 m. 

b&t, 8h.m,8tr, a boat. 1046E. p. 
169 h. 89 1 A. dat. bllte. xb. 

bade,,hot\i. 1 1 24 p. 254 1. 
1127 p. 257I. (bathe) 11 37 p. 
264 h. (borruwea from Scandi- 
navian, cf. leel. bSt^ir). 

be, bi, prep,dat,in8t. by. (i) by, 
on, near. 648*. be Temese, on or 
near the Thames. 879^*^. bi Signe. 
660A. be. £. be ])is half, on this 
side. 1129 ad fin. But, (2) be T., 
be Seefeme, along the Thames. 
894 A. p. 87 m. c£ bt 8wa hwa- 
]>3rre efes, along, or on whatever 
side. ih. p. 84 L (3) by, accord- 
ing to. 885* adfin. (4) in propor- 
tion to. 1085 p. 2i6t. (5) of time; 
in, about., be heora • • . dagan. 
995F. p. 128 m. be him ltf(i)gen- 
dum, during his life. 718*. be 
nihte, by night. 1070 E. (v, dseg). 
be . . . gemynde, within memory. 
959E. (6) of time ; by, i.e. before. 
1 1 29 p. 260 1. (7) by means of. 
bt Wilfrid. 675 E. p. 37 t. 1057 
D. adfin, ; be him. 1095 adfin. 
(8) in the case of, in regard to. 
1087. (9) concerning, about. 
1036E. 1086 p. 219 m. (10) of 
circumstances, manner. Sec; be 
fullum wTte, under full penalty. 
roi6R bi.. .(leue), by leave. 1 130. 
be dxle, partially, ex parte. io48£. 
p. i73h. be naman. 975A. p. 120b. 
(11) by, by way of, &c. be wsetere 
... be lande. 1016E. p. 150 m. 
be Huugrie, by way of Hungary. 
1096. (v. weg). adverbial, to 
(ieten) bt, to eat by. 11 40. be 
eastan, be norOan, &c. v. §astan, 

bSacen, fb.n.9tr. a beacon, 
blacna 1006E. p. 137 1. 

fbeadu, 8b,f.»tr, battle, slaughter. 
dat, beaduwe. M. 247. 

t beadu-weorc, »b.n,»tr. war- 
work.'CS^ 937A. p. 109 h. 

be-oftan, adv. after, behind. 905 A. 



755A. bsfton, be eftoiu £. pp. 

48-9 nu bsefian. 1050D. p. 169 m. 
be-^wnian, wk.v. to join in marriage, 

to marrj. p,p, -nod. 1052D. p. 

beah, tb.m,9tr, a ring, bracelet, dat, 

beage. 876*. j^l. blagas. M. a6i. 

dot, pi, beagum. M. 278. 
f b§ah-gifa (i), -gyfo (2), 9b.m.u:k, 

ring-giver. ini^ (i). 975 

A. aS init. (2). 
tb6ah-gifu, £b.f,9itr, the giving of 

rings (a royal office), dai. -fe. M. 

fbeald, adj, bold, brave, dai, -dnm. 

M. 225. 
fbealOy <&.ii.«/r. bale, de«truction. 

bealo. 1076D. dat, (-la) 1075E. 
fbealu-ISas, beale-, adj, 'bale- 

lesf/ innocent. 1065 CD. pp. 

194-5 t- 
b^am, %h.mjKtr. irattm> (i ) a tree. gen. 

pi, -ma. M. 84. (2) a beam, rafter. 

dat, b^me. 978E. (beom) 11 37 

p. 264 m. (3) a beam, ray. 1106., -mas. 799C. 
fbearm, sb,m,iitr, bosom, dat, -me. 

M. 257. 
beam, 8&.n.«/r.' bairn/ child. 975 A. 

dat, -ne. 1023 D. beam. 

975 A. ad init. I052£. p. 183 b., beamum. ih, 894A. p. 

fbeam-team, $b,mMr. issue, off- 
spring. 1057D. 
fbearu, tb.m,iftr. a wood, grove. 

dat, bearowe. M. 250. 
be-beodan, st.v. tu command, enjoin. 

pre8,$g. io bebeode. 675 B. p. 36 b. 

p.»g. bebead. icx^SE. 1070 A. (be- 

l>eod) 995 F. ad fin, (beb£d)ii29 

p. 260b. p.p, beboden. 1 125. 

be-bod, 8b.n.9tr. a command. 905 A . 

dat. -de. 995F. p. 130 b. pi, -da. 

canons. 1102. 
fbe-bngan, tt,v. to reach, extend. 

prts,sg. -getJ. M. 230. 
be-byr(i)gian, v)1g,v, to bury. p.^. 

-gde. 544A. 979E. -gede. 1066E. 

p. 197 1. bebyride. 1035 ^« ^' 

birieod) 1135. p,pl, -gdon. 1012E. 

-gedon. i046E.p.i69h. (bebyried^ 

1 137 p. 265 b. p,p, -ged. 789E. 

1 1 29. (bebyried) 1154. (bebyred) 

616 a. 
fbe-ceorian, 10^. v. to complain^ la^ 

ment., -rodan. 1086 p. 221 m. 
be-cmnan, tt.x, (i) to come, to 

arrive. p.»g, bec6m. 1031 A. p,pl, 

becdmon. 1052G. p. 182 h. 6p 

bec6man, came up, came to land. 

937A. ad fin, forV becdm. 1065C.D. 

pp. 194-5 h., beonmene. 

1067I). p. 201 1. (ii) to become. becoman. 1114H. 
be-owedan, st.v. to bequeath. p.Bg, 

becwseff. 1086 p. 219 m. 
be-oyrran, w1e.v, to deliver up. 

betray. p.8g. -rde. loiiE. 1003 

CD. (=beswacE.). 
bedd, sh.n,6lr, a bed. dai, -de. 

be-delfan, sf.v, to bury, inter. 

1049C p. 168 b. 1050D. p. i7ot. 
be-dician, wk.v, to surround with a 

dike, to fortify,, -codon. 

1016E. p. 149 h. 
be-diifan, st.r, to drive, to pursue. 

p.8g, bedraf. 778E. bedrifon. 

477*. 890*. p.p, bedrifen. 1066C. 

p. 196 b. 
be-ebbian, tok.v. to leave aground 

by the ebb., beebbade. 

897A. p. 91 b. 
be-fsBstan, wk.v. to put in safe 

keeping, secure, entrust. p.8g, -te. 

886 A. (befeste) E. 1065CD. ad 

fin. -ton. 893 A. p. 88 1. p.p. 

befsest. 896A. 
be-faran, st.v. to overtake, to sur- 
round. 1009E. befor. 905 A., beforon. 1068I). 
be-feallan, st.v, to fall. 1067D. p. 

201 1. p.p. (-Ian) 1086 p. 221 1. 
befeolan, tft.v, to cleave to, to urge., befealh. 1067D. p. 201 1. 
be-foran, ar/r. before. 716 A. 725A. 

995F. p. 130111. 
be-foran, prep.dat. before, (i) of 

time. 93 7 A. suh fin. \beforen) 

1 154. (ii) of place ; before, in front 

of. 1016E. p. 150 L. put after its 

case. ih. p. 151 1. 
be-gan, st.v. (i) to surround. p.fg. 

be^ode. 755A. pi, -don. ib, E. (ii) 

to occupy oneself with, engage in, 

practise. p,sg, beeode. 10671). p» 



201I. be^ocUxi. 995 F. p. 
129 b. 

bagen, rwue. b&, fern, neut, (xdj. 871*. 867A. (bjegen) 
B. (b^) 85 2E. (b^ien) 1140 p. 
368 1. ba. 1013F. p. 143 n, 1066 
D. p. 199 h. V, b6t6. 

be-geondfui, adv. beyond. 1013F. 
p. 14411. '^' P* 226 h. 

be-geondan^ prep.dat, beyond. 
885A. Klon. 1013B. p. 144I. fram 
b. b£. 1041C. 

be*geonde, prep, beyond. 1066D. 
(beionde) 11 54. 

be-gdotan^^.v. beguf ^en^ to pour ou t, 
sprinkle, cover, p.p. begoten.734'*'. 

be-ginnan, 8f .V. to begin. |).8y. b^an. 
1 1 10. 1 1 29. p.p. (begunnon) 1154. 

be-gitan, st.v. to get possession of, 
to obtain. 904D. begytan. ioo9£. 
(begeotan) 106.; D. (bigseton) 
1 1 40 p. 267 1. (begeton) 1131 p. 
262 m. (beieton) 1 130 p. 261 1. begeat. 918D. (beget) 919 
A. (begaet) 1 137 p. 265 m. (beiaBt) 
1 1 27 p. 257 b. (beiet) xb. 
geatan. 937 A. ad fin. 1086 p. 218 
m. begeaton. 1102. (begeton^ 
897A. ad init. p.p, (begytan; 
1086 p. 218 h. (begiten) 1091 p. 
226 b. (beieten) 11 27 p. 257 b. 
begwkt fortJ mid him, took with 
them. 105 2E. p. 178 m. 

be-gyman, wh.v, to take care of, 
to rule. 9up. t5 (beg^men) 1139. 

be-gyrdan, wk.v. to begird, sur- 
round. p.8ff. -dde. 189 A. 

he-h&B, 8h.f.$tr. a promise, vow. pi. 
-sa. 1093. 

be-hatan, st.v. (i) to promise, vow. 
P94F. (behaten) 1012E. 
behet. 1 100 p. 236 h. 994E. suhj. 
behete. tb. ppl. beheton. 865E. 
-tan. loiiE. p.p. behSten. 675E. 
p. 36 m. pi. -ne. 1093 p. 228 1. (ii) 
to threaten. p.9g. behet. 1036D. 
(beheot) 1083. 

be-h6afdian, wk.v. to behead, pp. 
-dod. 69F. 1076D.E. 

be-healdan, st.v. (i) to hold, to 
inhabit. M. 113. (ii) to avail, 
effect. p.$g, beheold. 999E. (be- 
held) 1 123 p. 251b. 01(5;. (be- 
h^de) 112% ad fin* 

be-heomui (i)» bQ-hinon (2), be- 

hienaa (3), prep.dat. on this side 

of. 878A. (2). E. (i). 885A. p. 

78 b. (3). g6 beheonan it ge 

b^eondon. 1102. 
be-hidaa, be-hydan, wk.v. to hide, 

oonoeaL beh^ddan. 41 8£. 

p.p, behld. 1070 £. p. 205 b. 
be-hindan, adv. behind. 894A. 

p. 86 1. 
fbe-hindan, prep.dat. behind. 937 

A. p. 109 1. 
be-h6f, «b.m.?<^r. behoof, profit. 

dat. -fe. 1094 p. 229 1. (-ue) 780F. 
be-hdfian, wk.v, to need, require. 

imperil, to behove, concem,be1loiig. 

pre8.8g, -fefS, 656E. p. 30t. 1131 

ad fin, p. eg. (-fed) I131 p. 262 1. 

(behdued) 1137 p. 265h. 

beb6fdan. ioo6£. 
be-horsian, wk.v. to deprive of 

horses, -sude. 885A. -sade. 

be-hrSowsimg, ^./.str. repentance. 

dat. -ge. 1 100 p. 236 1. 
be-landian, wk.v, to deprive of 

lands, -dedon. 1094 p. 230 1. 

p.p. -dod. 1 09 1 p. 226 m. 
be-lendan (i),be-lttndan (2), wk,v. 

to deprive of lands. p.8g, -de. 1 102. 

I II 2 (2). p.p. belsend 1104. 

1 1 12. pi, helende. 1096. behende. 


be-lifan, et.v. to remain, be left. belaf. 1018E.1052E. (belsef) 

1 131. (beleaf) ib. belifon. 

1018D. -fan. 1047E. p.p. (bylifen) 

870F. p. 284 1. (beliuen) 1009F. 

p. 139 n. (belyfon) 1085 p. 216b. 
be-limpan, et.v. (i) to concern, 

pertain to. pree,pl. -pa{$. 1102. belumpon. 1097 p. 234 h. 

p.8g.»uhj.he\xasipe. 1086 p. 219 b. 

(ii) to happen. p.»g. belamp. 

1070 A. mo. 
be-lisnian, wk.v, to castrate. 1096. 
bell, «&./.<^r. bell. pi. (belle) 11 31. 
be-liican, et.v, to shut up, fasten, 

lock. belucan. 1083. p.p. 

belocen. 755* pp. 48-9 m. pi. 

(belogene) W. p. 294. 
bSn, eb.f.8tr. a prayer, 'bene.' (cf. 

'bootless bene,' Wofdsw.) ace. 

b^ne. 963E. p. n6L dai, 885*. 



be-n&man, wk,v* to take away, 
depriye. jp.^^. -mde. 1102. 1104. 

bend, bflsnd, sbj'.m.str, bond, im- 
prisonment, ace (bande) 1126, 
pi. bendaa. 11 34 p. 254 1. daLpl. 
bendmn. 1086 p. 220t. (beandon) 

fbendan, «o«.v. to bind, fetter. 
p.9g. -de. 1036C. 

be-neolSan, adv, beneath. (beneSan) 

be-niman, ti»v. to deprive, take 
away. ii25.j}.8gr. benam. 1^.755'*'. 
p.p. bennmen. 91 9G. ace. -memie. 
658 A. -mene. £. pi, -ne. 895A. 

be-notian, wk.v. to use, consume. 
p.p. mascacc. -todne. 894 B. 
p. 86 n. 

fben-tad, 9b^.gtr, * prayer-tide ' ; in 
M. 75. Implied to the season wMch 
ended on * litania Major/ April 

ben-tifi^, -tS5e, adf. having ob- 
tained a prayer. 883E. •ti)>ige. 
B. 'tiye. C. 

b6o, A^.wk. a bee. pi. beon. 
1127 p. 258 h. 

biodftn, si.v, (i) to command, to 
proclaim, summon. 905 A. 1095 
p. 231b. (bedon)675E.p. ^6l.pre8. 
icbiodet&.h. loioE. 
of taxes, to exact, collect. 1083 
ad Jin. bndon. 1041C. blad 
foloe Gt, called them out. 105 2D. 
p. 175 1. 1071E. bead him Gt, 
banished him. 1048F. p. 1 77 ft. (ii) 
to offer. loi iD. b^odon C. (bedan) 
E. V. p. 296. p.8g. bead. 755B. p. 
49 h. & m. p.pL budon. 827*. 

bdon, v.sub*t. to be. 891 A. 999E. 

1 1 30. (b^n) 1121 ad fin. pres.8g. 
byj». 1031A. M. 23 & fq. hifS. 
1003EI M. 242. heiS. 675E. p.36m. 

1 1 31. beoC. M. 233. 
beon. 656 E. p. 31 1. (bg) 675K 
ad fin. pres.»gjsubj. (b^.) 963E. 
p. ii6b. b^. t6. 1031A. i>.i>.(b€n) 
1 140.» ic (cam), ic (am) 
675E. adfin. is. 893*. ys. 995F. 
p. 128 1. sindon. 641E. 
675E. 1064E. syndon. 979E. sind. 
p. 3E. 565E. sie. 892 
A. 81. 1009E. cut fin. By. 1085 ad 

fin. (s^o) 075E. p. 36 h. f?. wesan. 

fbeorh, 8&.m.«^r«{rerg,a mountain, 

hill, M. 266. 
beorht, adj. bright. 93 7A. p. 106 1. 

1 106. 
beorhte, adv. brightly.iiio. M.228. 
fbeom, 8h.m.ttr, a man, warrior. 

93 7A. p. 109 1. -nas. 973A., -na. 937A. ad init. 975A. 

ad init, -num. M. 175. 
beoman, byman, sUv. tp bum. 

(tWran«.) bam. 1066 A. pres. 

pari,f,aee. bymende. 975A. p. 

1 20 m. 1098. cf. bsernan. 
tbeom-wiga. s& a warrior. 

dat. -gan. M. 225. 
b$otian, wle.v. to boast. 

b^otra gylpa (for b^tedra), by 

way of boasted vauntings. 1006 

be-p6oan, wk.v. to deceive. p.8g. 

bep^hte. 1015E. p.p. (bepaht) 


tbera, 8h.m.ioh. a bear. M. 261. 

be-r£dan, wh.v. to deprive, dis- 
possess. p.8g. beriedde set, de- 
prived of. 887* 

beran, st.v. (i) to bear, carry, wear. 
1 1 23. (baeron) 1137 p. 264 m. bser. 1086 p. 2i9h.b. (bar) 
Ii37p. 265h. 8tji>f. (bare) 1135. bjeron. 1137 p. 264 1. 8vp. 
td berene. 11 27 p. 258 h. beer 
. . . Gp, bore up, expounded. 
1052 E. p. 183 h. (ii) to bear, bring 
forth, p.p, boren, Ixum. 1 1 29 ad fin. 

be-r6afian, wk.v. to ' bereave,' to 
despoil. (berxfotf) 1124 
ad fin. p.8g. (beriifode) ih. p. 
pi. -fedan. 1043D. (berefodon) 
794E. p.p. bereafod. 975 A. 

be-xidan, st.v. to overtake, sur- 
prise, capture. p.8g. bei^d. 755*. 
901 A. 

be-ripan, wk. v. to rob, to strip. beryptan. 1055 C. 

be-rdwan, st.v. to row past or 
round. 897A. subfin.'p. 91m. 

be-soierian (A), be-scerian (E), 
wk.v. to deprive, p.p. -red. 821*. 

be-s^can, wk.v. to beseech. p.s<j. 
besdhte. 11 27 p. 258 1. 

'|<be-8encan, wk.v. to sink, to drown. 
(trans,) -ctun. M. 210. 



be-sittaa, st. ft, to besiege. 1087 
ad fin, p,8g, beset. 894A. p. 85b. 
1 106 p. 240b. beset. 1076E. p.pL 
bes^ton. 91 8 A. p. 98 b. 1090. (be- 
setton) 868E. p.p, beseten. 895A. 
sup. td besittanne. 1094 p. 229 1, 

fbe-slSan, «(.«. to cut off, deprive. 
p.p, beslagen. 937A. p. io8b. be- 
slegen. C. 

be-sorg, culj, what one cares for, 
dear, beloved, pi. -ge. 91 7C. 

fbe-spanan, stv, to allure, attract. 
p,sg. bespeon. 959E. 

be-8telan, st.v. reflex, with gen. 
to steal away from. p.fff, bestsel. 
& p,pl, best^Ion. 876*. iip b., stole 
away inland. 865*. (besteal) up 
fram. 1004E* (bestal) D. bestael 
C. p. 295. 

be-strypan, wk.v. to strip, despoil. 
p.8g, -pte. 1065G. p. 192 m. p. pi, 
-ptan. 975D. 

be-8wloan, stv. to deceive, betray. 
lOisF. p. 146 n. (-con) 1015 E. ad 
yl».(-cen)ii3i p. 262 n.(besutken) 
1 140 p. 26711. |7.8gr. beswac. 1003E. 
1015E. stdif. beswice. 1050D. 
p. 170 h. p.p. beswioen. 790E. 
(-can) 1014E. pi. (-kene) 1093 p. 
228 h. «t/i>. t6-cane. 105 7D. 

be-syrwan (C), be-syrewan (D), 
be-syrewian (E), tok.v. to en- 
trap, deceive, with set, to be- 
guile one of. 1002. p»ftff. besy- 
rede. 1093 p. 228 h. -redon. 
1094 ad Jin. 

hetf adv. comp. better. 1072E. 1087 
p. 224t. sup.heiat. tb, p. 223b. 

be-t£can, tok.v. to entrust, commit, 
put in trust, (-can) 11 31. 
bet^hte. 99 2 E. 943 a. (beteahte) 
1 1 25. (betahte) 1126. (be- 
tahten) 65 4E.^ht. 1087 p. 
223 m. (beteht) 1 138. 

fb^tan, wk.v. to amend, improve. 
1014E. pre8.8g.8ubj. bete. 11 31. 
pjig. b^tte. 95 9E. bettan. 
1009E. ad fin. 

be-teUaiiy wk.v.refiex. to justify 
oneself, to answer, hine b. set 
^Ic ])£ra )>ingay clear himself 
of &c. 1048K p. I75t. p.8g. be- 
tealde. 1052E. p. 183 h. 1094. 
b. hine be eallum ]nngan. 1053F. 

be-t$on, 8t.v. HUtftn, to accuse, p. tg. 
bet^ah. 1090. 

be-t6on, 8t.v. %\i^tXi, (i) to cover, %ya* 
round. p.p. betogen. io75D. (ii) to 
bestow, hit yfele bet^ah. 1049O. 
ad fin, 

betera, comp.adj. better. too9E. 
p. 139 h. nom.n. (beetere) 1004E. 
betere. CD. acc.f. (betre) 1131. 
p. 262 h. dat.m. beteran. 1067D. 
p. 201 1., beaduweorca 
beteran, better in respect of ... . 
^*]-^ P* 109 h. 9up, betst. 1048 
E. p. 174I. wk. se betsta. 891 A. 
acc.f.wHt. Y^ betsta[n].io87 p. 223 
b. pl.m.wk. )>a betstan. 1052E 
p. i83t. )>a(betste) 1091 p. 226 m. 

be-trseppan, wk.v. to entrap, catch. 
inf» (betrseppen) 992E. 

be-trynunan, wk.v. to enclose, 
besiege. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1. 

betst-boren, p.part. best-bom. 
1087 p. 224I. 

be-tweoh (i), be-twnh (2), be- 
tweox(3), be-twuz(4), be-twyx 
(5), be-twix (6), betux (7), 
prep.dat.ace. of persons, places 
and dates; between, dat. 921 A. 
adinit. 890E. (6). (butueoh) A. 
905A. (2).D. (i).9i3A. (3). 1126 
(5). M. 162 (7). (betuyx) 1140. 
ace. 795 E. (4) P. (5). 656E. p. 
31m. (6). 1 1 23 (4). of things; 
among, betwyx 6^rum ]>ingum. 
1086 p. 220 h. betwyx Jnssum, 
meanwhile. 1087 p. 2246. ad- 
verbial. 1091 p. 226 b (4). 

be-tw^onan, prep.dat.acc. between. 
1052 E. p. 183 m. (-nen) 1124. (be- 
twenan) iioi. (betwenen) 1066 E. 
p. 199 h. 1128 (u2 fin. put after 
its case, 1004E. 1016E. p. 153 1. 
betwynan C. adverbial. 1052D. 

p. 1751. 
be-t^nan (i), -trnan (2), wk.v. to 

enclose, surround. |7.p.-ned. 547 E. 

(2) a. (I). 
be-]>enoan, wk.v. to consider. r«/?. 

to bethink oneself. p.8g. be)>ohte. 

1127 p. 257b. 
be-warian, wk.v. to keep, guard. 

p.8g. -rede. 1065 D. wbfin. 
be-weddian, wk.v. to espouse, to 

marry, (-dan) 1127. p.«^. (-wsed- 



dade) i loo p. 336 1. p.p. -weddod. 

1119. 1052D. p. 176 1. 
be-werian, wh,v. to defend. p.8g, 

-rode. 1065 C. suhfih, 
be-wician, lek.v. to encamp. p.8£/. 

-code. 894 W. p. 294. 
be-witan, st.wJcv. to superintend, 

goYem, take charge o£ 1013E. 

p. 144 nu p.8g, bewiste. 1098-9. 

p.pi» bewiston. 1091 p. 226 1. 
be-wuna, adj.indecl, accustomed, 

wont. looiE. 
bidan, stv, to abide, await, endure, 

experience,, ^lat^. M. 293. 

p.pL (biden) 1131 p. 262 1. 
biddan, ti.v, to ask, to intreat, beg ; 

with gen. to ask for. presjtg. ic 

bidde. 656 £. p. 31 1. pre8.8g.suhj, 

bidde. 675E. p. 36 h. p.s£/. bsed. 

853 A. I046E. p. 169 h. (bed) 

963E. ad init (bead) 167S. 

bsedon. 868*. (beadon) 1083. 

p.8g,subj. biede. 1075 D. sub Jin. 

pre8.part. biddende. 1083. refler, 

he bsed hine to Gode, he prayed. 

1 1 27 p. 257 t. 
bi-foran, cidv. formerly. 870 F. p. 

283 1. 
bile-hwit, adj. simple, innocent, 

gentle. 1041 E. 
fbil-ge-sleht, 8h.n.8tr. clashing of 

bills or falchions, ^en. -tes. 937 A. 

p. 109 1. 
bindan, 8t.v. to bind. bundon. 

1046 E. p. 169 h. 
binnan,'*' binnon (E), adv. in- 
side, within. 1004 E. (binnen) 

binnan*, hiinion (E), pr^.dat. ace. 

within, (i) of place, ace, 896 A. 

1052 E. p. 181 1. dat 901 A. 

1048 E. p. 173 t. 1052 E. p. I Sot. 

(ii) of time, dat, 947 D. 1016 E. 

p. 149 1. 
biaoeop*, bisoop*, biscep*,«&.m .8tr. 

a bishop, dat. biscupe. 1056 G. 

passim, in all cases, sing, and pi. 

pi, (biscopes) 565 E. 

(biscope) 675 E. p. 37 1. 

biflcopan. 1070 A. p. 2o6t. bi- 

soeopum. 1053C. 
bi8c«op-d6m (i), biscop- (2), 

biscep- (3), sb,m,str, a bishopric. 

660A. (3). gen, -mes. 660E. (2). 

bwo- A. dai, -me. 670 A. (3). E. 
(2). 98 iC. (i). pi, -mas. 649E. (2). 

bisoop-had (i), biacup- (2), sb,m. 
str. state or office of a bishop, ordi- 
nation as bishop, gen. -des. 1048E. 
p. I72h(i). ci^a^. -de. 10560.(2). 

biflcop-lic, adj. bishop-like, epi- 
scopal. gen.n. -ces. i05oD> ad fin. 

biscop-ilce, sb,n,str, a bishopric. 
1 1 29 p. 26oh. ffen, -ces. 1043c. 
p. 165 h. dat, 963E. ad init. 
biscup- 1056C. pi. (-cen) 1107. 
(-ces) 1 1 25. 

biscop-setl (i), bi8oep-(2), 8b.n.8tr. 

a bishop's seat or see. 35 A. (2 ) E. 

(i). 45A. (2) E.(i). dat, -le. 

1070A. (i). ace. -le. 63 3E. (as if 

fern. of. winte]>8etl.) 

biscop-scir (i), -scyr (2), 8h.f.8tr, 
a bishop*B 'shire' or (Ustrict, a 
diocese, pi. -ra. 709A. (i) E. (2). 

bisoeop^itdl^b. m, str.& bishop's seat, 
a see. 984A. dat, -le. 980 0. 

bisoep-stinu, sh.m.str. a ' bishop- 
son,' t. e. godson at ' bishoping ' Of 
confirmation, cf. Laws of Ine, 
§ 76. dat, -na. 85 3A. 

biscop-'wite, sh.n.str. a bishop's fee 
for visiting, procuration. 675E. p. 
36 m. 

fbises, sh.m.str, 'bissextus,* the 
additional day intercalated in leap 
years. (In these years the 24ih 
of Feb., i.e. the sixth of the ca- 
lends of March was doubled. 
Hence the name bi8sextus.)M. 32. 

bismor (i), bisnier(2), sb.n.8tr, dis- 
grace, indignity. 1048E. p. I74h 
(2). dat, -re. 992E. (i). byemere. 
1068D. (-re) 1048E. p. 
i74t (2). 

bismor-lice, culv. disgracefully, 
miserably. bysmorlTce. ioi2C. p. 
142 n, 

fbiter, byter, adj, bitter. nom.m. 
wk. -ra. 1065C.D. ad fin. 

bi-word, 8h.n.8tr, a * by-word,' 
proverb, dat. -de. 11 30. 

fblied,, flower, blossom. -dum. M. 266. 

tblanden-feax, adj, grizzly-liaired. 
937 A. p. io9t. 

blawan, st.v, to blow. (-wen) 
1127 p. 258I. p.pL blewen. ib. 



f blendan, blendian, iolc.v, to blind. 
1086 p. 221 h p^g. blende. 1036C. 

blStsian, uik.v, to blefw, coniecnte. 
(bl^tBon) 1 1 14 p. 245h. prts. 
ic bletsie. 675E. p. 37 1. (bl^t- 
sige) 963KP. 117 m. pag, blet- 
sade. 1044C. -sode. 1043K p.p, 
fbl^tcsd) 1 1 54. 

bletsunff (i), blddAtmff (2), sh/Mr, 
Uessing, conseoration. dat, -ge. 
813A. (2) E. (i). -inge. 656K 
P* 33 h (i)* 'g^ 1070A. p. 206 h 
(i). ace, (-gan^ ih. m (i)., 
-ga. M. 225 (i). 

fhUnd^ adf, blind. €U!o, -dne. 1036 
C. p. 160 h. 

fbliss, 8b,f.8tr, joj, merriment. 973 
A. blis. M. 91. (blisee) loiiE. 
ad Jin. blis, bliss. CD. v, p. 296. 
aee. blisse. 975 A. ad Jin. loiiE. 
dat. -Be, 1023D. 

tblissian, wk.v. to enjoy bliss, re- 
joice. -sion. 1036C. 

hUpBy adj. blithe, glad. 995F. p. 
129b. ace.m. -"Sne. M. 98. 

blSffe, adv. blithelj. 1036C. 

bli]>e-lice, adv. blithely, willing- 
ly. g6^^adinU. 102 2D. iioo 
ad Jin. (blipoHee) 1066E. p.i99b. 

f bliSe-mdd, adj. blithe of mood, 
cheerful. 1065 CD. pp. 194-5 1. 

bldd, sb.n.8tr. blood. 1012& 1083. 
1103. dat, blode. 734*. 

bl6dig, adj. bloody. 979C 1117. 
(bl6di) 685F. 

fblostma, sb.m.tok. flower, blossom. -mum. M. 91. 

fbldt-mdnalS, 8b.m.9tr. 'sacrifice- 
month/ i.e. November. M. 195. 

fbldwan, it.v. to bloom, to flower. 
M. 266. -waS. M. 91. 

b6o, sh./.str, a book, a charter. 
84A. 87E. dat. (b6c) 47a. 482 F. bee. 937A. p. not. 1009 
E. (bdkes) 1070E. p. 205 b. dat, 
(bScan) 995F. p. 128 m. 

b6o-Ueden, sb.n.tttr. 'book-Latin,' 
book language, learned language, 
Latin, on bdcla^en. 89 2 A. (-leden; 
p. 3E. 

bod, d>.natr. groot, a command, 
order, (bode) 675E. p. 36 b. 

boda, 8b.m.wh. hott, a messenger, 
ambassador, pi. -dan. 1094. 

bodian, lok.v. to proclidm, to preach. 

616E. 656E. p. 32 b. p.8g. -dade. 

636*. (bodad) 62 7£. -dude. 634 

A. 8up. td bodianne. 430E. 604E. 

-diende. a. 
bod-lac, 8b.n,8tr, decree, ordinance. 

pL (-ces) 1 1 29 p. 260 h. 
bonde-land, 8b,nMr. 777K z. bonde 

lande»' terram x. tnaneiUiwn.* 

Birch, Cart. L 378. 'manoites 

sunt qui in solo alieno man^it' 

Ranfridus, in Ducange, #.0. The 

first part of the word is probably : 

bnnda, bonda, a householder, q.v. 
fbord-weall, 8b.m,str, shield-wall, rank of warriors, a^c, $^7 A. 

bone, aec, some part of a ship. FL 

Wig. renders it by 'omatunu' 

borh-£B98tan, wk.v, to bind by a 

*borh,' pledge or surety. p.ig. 

•te. 1052 D. p. 175 1. 
bdsuxn, sh,m.8tr. bosom. 1086 p. 

22om. dat bdsme. 93 7A. p. 

108 h. 
b6t, $b.f.8tr. amends, remedy, aee. 

b5te. 1 131 ad Jin. 
brad, adj. broad* p. 3E. 893*. 11 22. 

masc.nom, 10k. biida. 942A. 
fbrad-brim, sb,n,8tr, broad-wave. 

accpL -mu. 937A. sub Jin. 
brad-eagede, adj. broad-eyed. pi. 

(-%ede) 1 127 ad fin. 
brecan, st.v, to break ; (in military 

sense) to storm, break into. pres. 

eg. (breket) 675E. p. 37 b. pres. 

pl.8ubj. (breke) tb. 1., braec 

92 1 A. adinit. (brec) 885E, p.pL 

briicon. 851*. (brJBcen) 1083. 

(br^okan) 1 102. refiex. hine bre- 
can, to retch. 1003E. 
br§dan, stv. to move qnickly, to 

draw. p.8g. br^d, drew, carried. 

1053C. (br€d) 189D.E. p.pL brQ- 

don fip, drew up. 1052C p. i8om. 

p.p. breden. 189F. 
bregan, wJc.v, to terrify. 

br^gdon. 793E. 
fbregu, -go, 8b,m.indeeL lord. 

Brego engla, t. e, God. 975A. 

ad fin. bregu. 937A. p. 108L 
fbr^man, wk.v. to celebrate, extoL -ma's. M. 94. 



brSxne, adj, glorioas, renowned. 

M. 40. 9iom.m.fcit. sebr^ma. 1023 

D. /. bremu. M. 75. gen, bremei. 

97 3A. oompar.aec, bremran. M. 

brengan, wk,v. to bring. 6t b., to 

bring out. 896A. p.8ff. br6hte. 

661*. 963E. ad fin, 11 15. p,pl, 

br6hton. 894A. p. 86 L 1063E. 

br6htan. 997E. 1092. (brShten) 

1 1 23 p. 252 t. (bnlhtan) 995F. p. 

130I. br6bte bim of, got bim 

away from. 11 27 p. 257 b. 
't'brSost, sb,n,8ir, breast. dat,pL 

•torn. 975 A. p. 1 20 m. M. 98. 
fbrinun, brynun, 8b,m,$tr. tbe sea, 

ocean, brim. M. 278. dat. brime. 

M. 213. pi. brymmas. 1065 CD. 

pp. 192-3 b. 
fbrim-fitr^am, 8h,mMr. ocean, snrf- 

stream. 942A. 
bringaa, at.v, to bring. 995F. p. 

130 b. 1066C. iuh fin, bryngan. 

1075E. p. 31 2 1. pre8.8g. -getS. 

M. 78. -g«. M. 88. 
broc, 8h.n.8tr, trouble, sickness, dat, 

(broke) 1093. 
brdga, sb.m.wk. terror, borror. dat, 

-gan. 99 1 E. 
hrSSor (i), br6pur (2), br65er (3), 

9b.iH.8tr. a brother. 871 A. (2) £. 

(i). & so fq, 738*. 903A. (i). 

656 E. iioi (3). (br6tber) 1140. 

ffm, brdt^er. 656E. 11 00 (^^Ser) 

1 091. dat. bret^er. 1067D. p. 

201 1. pi. brd9ra. 11 01. (hr^fSre) 

675 E. (br6»re) 056E. 
br^or-aonu (i), br6]>ur- (2\ 

br^er- (3), 8b.m.str. a brothers 

son, nephew, p. 2A. 887A. (2). E. 

(I). 1097 (3)- 
fbrucan, etv, btattci|en> to use, 

enjoy, * brook.' with gen, 937A. p. 

109 b. 
brnnie, v. byme. 
bryce, 8h.m.8tr, breach (of treaty, 

8co.). 1094 p. 229h. 
brycff, 8b.f,8tr, a bridge, gen. -ge. 

1013E. bricge. 1016D. p. 149 1. 

accdat, (brigge) 1066C. adfin, 

1 1 14. ace -ge. 887*. pi. (brigges) 

1 1 25. ad fin. as a place-name 

Brycg,Bricgs= Bridgenorth. 896D. 

91 2C. 

bryd-ealo (i), -eala (2), ijb.n.8tr, a 
bride-ale, bridal, marriage-feast. 
ioj6D. (i). 1075E. (2). dat. -loC. 
ib, adfin, 

bryd-16p, A,n,tir, . (Icel. briiC- 
-hlaup), bridal, marriage-feast. 
dat, -pe. 1076D. adfin, 

bryne,<&.m.s^r. burning, fire. 11 17. 
dat, bryne. 1006E. p. 137 1. 
(?) pi, (bryniges) 1137 p. 246 h. 
' fires ' Thorpe. * coats of mail,' 
Steyenson. v, byme. 

Bryten-wealda (E), Bret-walda 
(A), eb.m.wJc. Bretwalda, Wielder 
of Britain. 827*, where see note. 

fbrytnian, wJcv, to dispense, dis- 
tribute. p.8g. britnode. 1065D., brytnodon. 1065C.D. (bry- 
nodan) C. 

fbryttian, wh,v. to divide, dis- 
tribute. 937 A. p. 109L 

buco, 8&.m.str. a buck, male deer. 
pi, (-ces) 1 1 27 adfin. 

bufan, adv, above. 1052D. 

bufan,bufon,^r0p.<2a^. above. 896 
A. 1083. 

biigan, 8t,v. (i) to bow, to submit. 
1050D. p. 109 m. p.8g, beag. 913 
A. b6ah. 92 2 A. (i)., bugon. 
959E. (i). heom td bugon, beah, 
submitted to bim. 1063E. Qi) to 
flee. p,8g, beah. looiE. 
bugon. 999E. beah . . . frambun, 
revolted. 1185 p. 217 m. bim 
fram bugon. 11 18. beab intd 
mynstre, took refuge in. ib, 

bugean, wh,v, to dwell, inhabit. 
(i) intran8. pre8,pl, bfigeaff. 
894A. p. 86 h. 924A. 
bfide. 890*. (ii) tran8, 
bfidon. 91 9 A. 

bngend (E), buend (D), 8b.m,8tr. 
an inhabitant, pi. (unchanged), 
pp. 3, 293. 

bundSy 8b.m,foh. a householder. 
gen, -dan. 1048E. p. i^2l. 

bur, 8b,m,8tr, a * bower, chamber. 
755*. dat. bure. 1015E. 

burg (i), burh (2), buruh (D), 
sb.f.itr. a fort, a walled town, 
'borough.' 919A. (i). 994E. (2). 
(burch) 1 1 40 p. 267 m. gen. 
burge. I048E. p. I73t. (burh) 
1086 p. 218 1. gen,daL by4' 



896A. 921A. p. loab. dat, burh. 

1059D. E. nom.accpl, burga. 

04a A. 894A. p. 84 b. 1073E. 

byrig. 9 1 5I). (burh) 1 01 sP.p. 143 w. 

daU burgum. 918A. ioi5E* bur> 

gan. 1 116. 
burg-ware, ^,m,pl,str. inhabitants 

of a ' burg/ burghers. 895 A. gen, 

•ra. 896A. dcti, -rum. 894A. p. 

86 m. 
burh-mazm, 8h.m,8tr, a townsman, 

burgher, pi, -men. 1048E. p. 

173 1. 

burh-wam, bnmh,- (D), sh,f.str. 
the inhabitants of a borough or 
town collectively. 994E. ace. -re. 
1048E. p. 1 73 h. gen, (-ru) tb. 
-re. ioi6e. p. 147 1. dat, -re.994£. 

bume, sb.f.vk. a brook, a 'burn.' 
gen. -nan. 485*. 

bur-pegen, -]>§n, sb.mMr. a cham- 
berlain, 'bower- thane.* pL -])ena6. 
1 1 20. 

butan (i), buton (2), adv, outside. 
^867* (1). 894A. p. 88 h. (2). 

butan*, buton*, prep,dat,ace, (i) 
except, all but, but only, dah 
941A. 878*. ace. 918A. 988E. 
(bfite) 1 1 35. 1 1 54. with clause as 
object; buton "P, except that. 
1083. (2) without, dat, 891A. 
1 107. (buten) 1 100 p. 236 1. (3) 
out of, free from, dat, 886*. (4) 
besides, in addition to. 105 2 C. 
(5) in spite of, biibon ])am. 1013 
E. p. 144 h. 1014E. p. 145I. 

biitan (E), biiton*, conj. (i) with 
indie, except that, but only. 889*. 
978 E. (2) with subj, unless. 963 
E. p. 1176. (3) if only, pro- 
vided that. 1086 p. 218 h. 

bute, conj. but. 89 7 A. p. 90L 11 31 

butere, sh.f.wk. butter. 1131. 1137. 
p. 264 1. 

butse-oarl, 8h.m.8tr, a boatman, 
mariner. pL -las. 1066E. p. I97h. 
1052C. butsa- 1066D. p. 197 m., (-karlon) 1066C. p. 196 h. 

biitii (i), biita (2), 
both. a£c.n. 871* (1). acc.f, 
91 8A. (2), r.begen. 

byogan, wJc.v. to buy. bohte. 
963E. p. IJ5I. bohtan. 

1066E. p. 198)1. bohton. 1 137 

p. 265 b. 
i-byldan, wk.r. to encourage, ex- 
hort. M. 247. 
byre, sh.m.8tr. event, opportunity, 

fiftvourable time. 1013E. p. 144m. 
f byre» 8b.m.8tr. a child, descendant. 

1065c. D. pp. 192-3 b. 
byrgen, sh.fstr, a tomb, sepulchre. 

dat. -ne. 1058D. 1023D. (where 

it is m. or ».). 
byr(i)gian, wh.v, to bury. p.8g. 

-gde. 1036C. p. 160 h. 

(byrieden) 1137 p. 265 b. p.p. 

byiged. 1016E. ad fin. 
byrle, 8h.m.str. a cup-bearer. pL 

-las. 1 1 20. 
byman, st.v. to burn (inirans.). 

pres,part,/.aec. bymende. 975A. 

p. 1 20 m. 1098. 
byrne, sh.f.tok. a * by mi e,' coat of 

mail, (brunie) 1066C. <kI fin. 

ace. -nan. 1008E. 1048E. p. 172 1. 

1 pi. (brynigea) 1137 p. 264 h. 

V. bryne. 
byrst-fuU, adj. disastrous, calami- 
tous. II 16. 1 117. 
bytlian, wk.v. to build. 1065G. D. 

^.^/. -ledon. 92 1 A. p. 101 L 
byiUen, sb.f.str. a burden, (byrthen) 



c&g, ^.fMr. a key. dat. (kgie) 
656E. ad fin. 

calend, i^.m.str. a month. (In 
Latin also Calendae poetically 
means a month), (kalend) M. 7. 

calio, 8b.m.8tr. a cup, chalice. 1058 

l>. pi. (-cen) IT 02 ad fin. 
foamp, 8b.m.str. ftampf , battle, war. 

dat. -pe. 937A. p. 106 m. 
foamp-stede, 8h.m.8tr. battle-field. 

dat. 937A. p. 108 m. 
oanoeler, 8h.m.8;tr. chancellor. 1137. 

(cwenes) canceler, the queen's 

chancellor. 1123 p. 252 b. dati 

-re. 1093. 
oandel (i), condel (2), df.f.8tr, 

candle. 937A. p. 106 1. (2) B.C.D. 

(i). pi, (candles) 1 140. 
Oandel-maosse, sb.f.wk. Candlemas, 

feast of the Punfioation, Feb. 2 



(-messe) 1127 p. 258 h. dat. 
-San. 10T4E. (-mas86 daei) Candle 
mas Day. 1140. (-messe deig) 


candel-stiooa, 9Km.wk, a candle- 
stick, pi. -can. 1 102 ad fin. 
canonic, sh.m.Btr, a canon, (canonie) 

Ii23p. 2521. < -cas. 964F. 

(canonias) 11 29. 
oantel-Ksap, ib.mMr. a cope. pL 

-pas. 1070E. 
capellan,, chaplain, (cape- 

lein) 1 1 14 p. 245 1. dat. -ne. 

capital, 8h.m.8tr. oapitula, ib.m.wk. 

a (cathedral or monastic) chapter, 

meeting of a chapter, dat. -ele. 

Ii23p. 252h. -ulan. 1083. 
captel-hu8, d>.n.8tr, a chapter 

house. 1 1 16 ad fin. 
cardinal, 8b.m.8tr. a cardinaL 11 25. 
caiited, 8b.f.8tr. charity, cheer. 

ii37p. 265h. 
carl-mann, 8h.m.8tr. a male, a mian. 

1086 p. 220m. pi. -men. 1137 

p. 264 h. 
casere, sh.mstr. emperor, p. 4h. 

A. 982C. 840F. (kasere) p. 5 E. 

i\2g adfin. gen. -res. p. 5h.E. 

1057D. euh fin. 1 127. dat. -re. 

1 106 ad fin. 
oastel, 8h.m.8tr. a castle, town. 

1 1 24. dat. -le. 105 2D. p. 175 h. 

1052E. p. 181 h. -telle. 1075D. 

ad fin. pi. -las. 1069E. (casteles) 

1 1 24. (castles) 1 137. -Ian. 

1 1 00 CM fin. 
oasteUmann, 8b.m.8tr. an inhabitant 

of a castle, pi. -men. 1075E. 

-menn. I^ 1067D. 
oastel-weorc, ah.n.str. * castle-work,' 

the making of castles, pi. (-ces) 

tosald, adj. cold. M. 238. pl.m. 

(-da) 1065D. p. 193 b. (ceald) C. 

p. 192 b. superl. -dost. M. 237. 
ceap, 8h.m.8tr, cattle. 921 A. p. 

loi b. gen. ceapes. 895 A. 
o^apian, uk.v. feaufm, to buy, pur- 
chase, (with ffen,) p.8g. -pode. 

coaster, 8b.f.8tr. a town, fort (fre- 
quent in place names), dat. -tre. 

35*. 894A. tub fin. J095 ad fin. -tra. M. 233. 

-tro. 57 7 A. -tra. E. 
obII, 8b.nk8fr, a (monastic) cell. pU 

cellas. 1 1 29. 
oenep, ^.m.8tr, moustache. Icel. 

kanpr. cf. ^camp,' a cat's whisker 

(New Eng. Diet.), accpl. (kene- 

pas) 1056C.D. 
tcennan, wJe.v. to b^et, to give 

birth to. M. 52. 260. 
c6oly ^.m.Ur. a keel, a ship. dat. 

-le. M. 256,, 4um. 449E. 

p. 3 n. D. 
ceorfan, st.v. to cut^ to * carve.' c. 

of, to cut oflT. 796F. cearf 

of, cut off. 1014E. ad fin. 
ceorly ^.m.8tr. a freeman of the 

lowest class, 'churl.* J003E. g^n. 

6ff. -les. 1003F. -la. 

1017E. -lum. M. 31. 
c6osan, 8t.v. to choose, (cesen) 1 1 23. 

p.8g, ceas. 975A. ad init. 1041 

E. (c^b) q6z^ ad fin., (cu- 

sen) 1066E. ad fin. 1154. p.p. co- 

ren. 656E. p. 33 1. 675E. p. 36 

m. (cosen) 11 23 p. 252h. (cosan) 

C§pan, wk.v. to observe, look out 

for. (with ffen.) 105 2D. p. I79h. cepton. 1013E. with reflex. 

dot. heom (kepten), they noticed. 

1 127 ad fin. 
c§8e, 8b.m.8tr. cheese, (c^se) i T37 p. 

264 b. (ceose) 1 1 31. 
oest, 8h.f.8tr. a chest, ace. (caeste) 

1 137 p. 26411. 
oh6T, A.m.8tr. choir (of a church). 

't'Cigan, wh.v. to call, to name. pres. 

pi. cigatJ. 973A. (ctgtJ) M. 184. 
oild, 8b.n.8tr. child. 975A. pi. cild. 

2*. dat pi. cildan. 109^ as a 

title. 1009E. (WulfhoC). 1067E. 

(Eadgar set^eling). gen. -des. ih. 

1067D. (Eadric). 
Cilda-msssse-dsBg, 8h.m.str. < Child- 
ren's Mass-day,* i.e. Innocents* 

Day, Dec. 28. 1066E. dat. 

-daege. 963A. 
oiroul, 6h.m.8tr. a circle, the Zc 

dat. -le. M. 67, pi. -las, t 
oUBne, adj. clean, pun 

1056 D. (cl^ne) I no, d4xi 

J067D. p,20l2n. 



oUene, adv. clearly, folly, entirelj. 

105a CD. pp. 1 80- 1. 
oUen-lice, adv, cleanly, purely. 

995F. p. 1 29 b. 
dwD, i^.m,itr. doth, in^^Z. clothes. 

dat.^l. under Crfstes clat^um, i. e. 

in baptismal garments. 688E. 
folSofan, st,v, to cleave, 

dufan. 93 7 A. <td init. 
cleopian, clepian, clypian, lohv. to 

call. pres,fg. cleope9. -pa9. 963E. 

p. iiom. 1114. pi, cijmtki. M. 

214. p^sg* cleopede. 056 E. p. 

33 m. 1052 E. ad Jin. clypode. 1094. 

p,pl. cleopedon. 1083. clepeden. 

1 137 p. 264 1. 
clepung, 8b.f.8ir. a calling, a daim. 

aec. -ge. 1 1 29. 
clerio, clerec, clerc, 8b,m.9ir, a 

clergyman, clerk, (secular clergy 

as opposed to monks), clerc. 

1 1 29 p. 260 1. p{. clerecas. 1085 

p. 216 b. clericas. 995F. p. 130 1. 

(clerca) 963K ad init. (clere- 

kes) 1 1 37 p. 265t. dot. -can. 

995F. ad init. Cynges clerec, 

derecas, royal chaplain, chaplains. 

1085 p. 2i6h. So: his clerice. 

cler(i)c-had, 8b.m.8tr. the condition 

or state of a (secular) clerk, dat. 

clerichade. 737F. (claerc-) 11 27 

P- 357 1- 
cler(i)c-liade8-maim, s5.m.«^. a 

(secular) clerk. 1 1 23. 
fclibbor, adj. clinging, adhesive. 

M. 245. 
climban, st.v. to climb, clum- 

beu. 1070 E. p. 205 1. * 
fcnearr, 8b.m.9tr, a ship, galley. cnear. 937 B.C. p. 108 n. 

(the reading of A. is corrupt). cnearrum. 937A. p. 109 h. 
fcnSo-nUegas, kinsfolk. 

(cneow, lit. knee, means a step in 

the pedigree.) dat, -gum. 937 A« 

ad init. 
f on^o-riss. 8b.f.8tr. a generation. -rissum. M. 61. 
fon^ow, 8b,n,8tr, knee., 

cneowum. 979E. 
eniht, 8b.fn,8tr, (i) a boy, a lad. 

aec, 894 A. p. 86 b. (2) a servant, 

retainer, soldier, pi, -tas. 1087 

p. 224 1., -ta. 1094 p. 

229 m. -tan. 1083. (3) 

a knight. i>{. -tas. 1086 p. 220 1. 

1087 p. 224L (-tes) 1 1 24. gen. 

pi. (-te) 1 1 24. 
cnyssan, volcv. to press, overcome. 
' p.8g, cnysde. p. 4 A. 
onptted, p.part. knotted. 11 37 p. 

264 h. 
codd, ib.m.8tr. a bag, a pouch (cf. 

peascod). dat. codde. 1131 p. 

262 h. 
comets, ib,m.tek, a comet. 678*. 

892A. 975*. 1066A. pi, -tan. 

729 E. 
coxLcilitiin (Latin word), coundl. 

1070 A. ad Jin, 11 19. (concilie) 

00m, 8b.m,8tr, com, grain. 894A. 

ctd Jin. 896 A. 1043 E. gen. 

comes. 895 A; . dat. come. 1 103. 

ii24p. 254h. 
corona (Latin word), a crown. 1066 

D. eubjin, 1085 p. 216 b. with 

Saxon ace, -nan. mi. 
fooilSer, 8b.n.f.ttr. a band, a 

troop, dat. -Cre. 973A. (/, A. n. 

cot-lif, 8h,n,iitr, a hamlet, village. 963E. p. 115 b. 

cotlifa. 1 00 1 A. ad Jin. 
coda, 8b./.8tr. code, sh.f.wh, dis- 
ease. cofSe. 1086. cotJa. 

orseft, 8b.m.8tr. strength, art, know- 
ledge, virtue. €tcc. 975A. dat. -te. 

M. 67. 276. pi. (creftes) crafts, 

stratagems. 1131 p. 262 t. 
forsdft-gldaw, adj. learned in 

sdence. nom, -we. 975A. p. 

f creeftig, adj. ' crafty,' powerful, 

skilful, with gen. c i^da, wise in 

counsel. T065C.D. pp. 192-3 1. 
oraflan, wk.v. to crave, demand. 

p.8g. -fede. 1070A. 
or§opan, «f.f. to creep, crapon. 

1083. p.8g.8ubj. (crape) 1131 p. 

262 t 
fcringan, et.v, * to cringe,* yidd, 

succumb, die. p-pU crungun. 

937 A. p. 106m. 
orisma, d>,m,wk. chrism, nnotion, 

holy oiL ace. -man. 1056 C J). 



orism-lysing, -lising, tb^.str, the 
loosing of the chrismale or bap- 
tismal fillet. SlS*8uhfin, 

Cnst, sh.m.str^ Christ. 963K p. 
117m. ffen. -ies. ib. dat,-ie.ib, 

Cristen, adj. Christian. 167 A. 
1086 sub fin. nom,iok. se CristenA, 
1086 p. 221 b. accn.foh. -ne. 
982C. ^6». -nes. iJ'^i ad fin, pi. 
Cristene. 11 28 ad fin. Cristne, 655 
A. v)k .])a Cristnan, the Christians; 
i. e. the English as opposed to 
the Banes. 894A. p. 87 b., 
tok. Cmfenan. 1086 p. 221 b. 
8tr. Cristenum. 1023 D. 

cristen-dom, <&.4».«/r. Christianity, 
Christendom.6i6F.ioi iE.(-ddme) 
656 £. p. 32 b. 1 1 29. gm. -mes. 
lOiiK sab fin. dot, -me. 1046 
E. p. 167 h. 

ciistes-boo^ 8bJ^.8tr' 'Christ's book,* 
a book containing the Gospels. 
dat. -bee 1066D. p. 200 m. pi. 
-bee. 1070 E. 

Cxistes-nGugel, -m^l, sh. m. n. sir. 
'Christ's mark,* i.e. the Cross. 
773 A. 774 E. Crystes- 656 E. p. 
32 1. (Crtstem^) ib. dat. -mele. {6. 

p. 31 b. 
Cristes-mfldsse, sb.f.wk. Christmas ; 

(the old word is midwinter q.v.). 

1021D. (-messe) 1127 p. 258h. 

dat. -san. 1038 E. 1043 E. 1076 D. 

sub fin. 
Cxistes-nuBsse-dseg, sib. m, str. 

Christmas Day. an 69eme C, the 

day after Christmas Day. 1043 F. 

p. 165 n. 
Cnstes-tacn. i^.n.gtr. 'Christ's 

token/ 1. e. the Cross. 675E. p. 37 1» 
Cri8te8-tid,-tyd,8&/.«/r. Christmas- 
tide, dat. -de. 1123* 
OTOcet-hiis, 8b.n.8tr. a tortnre-honse. 

1 137 p. 264 m. 
fcrudan, to 'crowd/ to press, to 

hurry, p.sff. creacl. 937A. p. 108 h. 
oil, ^.f.str. a cow, 1085 p. 216 b. 
cuman, st.v. to come. 982C. 992E. 

(cumon) 1000 E. (cumen) 1123. 

p. 252 L (oumene) 656 E. p. 30 

h. cymeC. M. 7 <l fq. 

cym9. M. 56. 2 & 

3. come. 995 F. p. 130 b. 963 E. p. 

117 h. pU cmnen* 656 E. p. 

31 1. cmnon. 675 E. p. 36 b. 
cu6m. 477 A. 501 A. c6m. E. 
878*. subj. cdme. 894 A. p. 
86b. 1016E. 1 1 23 p. 252 1. 
cuSmon. 495 A. 787A. c6mon. 
E. 893*. (comen) 1070 E 9uhj. 
c5mon. 1048 E. P'i75t> p.p» 
cumen. 894 A. p. 86 m. 1070 E. 
(cuman) 1048E.P. 174 m. dat.abs. 
-num. 792E. pi. -ne. 793 E. 
1070A. p. 206 1. sup. t5 cumene. 
105 2D. p. 175 1. with prepp. c^m. 
for0y came oat, came to light. 1 1 29 
p. 260 1. in (cumen), to enter. 1070 
E. cdm inn. 1058 D. in c6m, came 
in (to office), succeeded. 685E. 
o6m ofer, ofer c6m, crossed, came 
or went over. 918 A. mi. 
cudm tip, Gp ou5mon, landed, p. 
2 A. c6mon dp. 893'*'. snbj. cdmen 
upp. 1085 p. 2i6t. dp 
cumene. 1066 C. p. 196 1. (cumen) 
tit. 1 140 p. 267 m. fit c6mon. 
1048 E. p. 174I. cdm wi9, came 
against, came to meet. 1056 C. 
impers. o9 hit cdm td Tfne, as 
fax as the Tyne. 1079 E. followed 
by the infin. of another verb of 
motion. cymetJ scriOan, comes 
marching. M. 77' 

foumbel-geh-nad (A),otiinbol-ge- 
hnast (B. C. D.), sb.n.8tr. conflict 
of banners. 937 p. 1 09 h. (Original 
reading of A. culbod-.) 

cmnpsBder, sb.m.str. a godfather. 
894A. p. 87 1. 

cmrnan, st.wk.v. to be able, to 
know. icx^iA. pres. ist sg. can. 
1 137 p. 264I. ist pi. (cunne) 
1127 ad fin. cunnen. 1137 p. 
265 h. cxifSe. 1047 E. 11 23 
ad fin. 1 1 31 ad fin. (cuthe) 1140. cuSan. 995F. aid init. 

cunnian, wk.v. to prove, try. 992 

cuntesse, ik.f.wJc. countess. 11 40. 

curs, 8b.m.8tr. curse, ace. 656 E. 
p. 33I1. 963 E. p. ii7h. 

cursian, wilr.v. to curse. (-sede) 
1137 p. 265 h. 114a 

oursune, sb.fMr. cursing, curse. 
ace. -ge. 675 E. ad fin. 

onrt, 8b.?f.8tr, (foreign word), ooar^ 




cuC5, adj, (i) known. 975E. 1009 E. 
p. 139 1. (ii) celebrated y excellent. 
995 F. ad init. v, un-cti9. 

cwealm, 8b.m,n.8tr, death, pesti- 
lence, 'qnalm.* 1 1 25 ad fin, dat. 
»me. 664 E. 

cweart-em, sb.n^itr, a prison. 1086 
p. 220h. (qnarteme) 11 37 p. 

fcw^man, toJcVn to please. 1067 D. 
p. 201 m. 

cw6n (E), ouen (A), (and 11 40 
p. 268 t). sb.fMr, 'queen' (i) a 
woman, cwena. M. 168. 
(ii) a queen. 888 A. (cw£n) £. ffen, 
cwene. 1119. (cw^ne) iioo p. 236I. 
(cwenes) 1 123 p. 252 b. dai, -ne. 
885*. II 15. 

cwene, d>.f,wk, * quean,* a woman, 
a queen, gen, -nan. 1097. ad fin. 

cw6ow, 1 1 10. corrupt reading, for 
which cneow should probably be 

cwelSan*, ouelSan (A), st,v, to say, 
to speak, to declare, to summon. 
pres, ic cwetJe. 963 E. p; 116L 
(cwede) ib. cweCaJ). 565 E. 
p,Sff. owse'S (cweO, cwaed) 656 E. 
p. 29 1. (cwed) 963E. p. ii6h. cu^don. 88 7 A. (cwitJon)£don.''ioi4E. cwsedan. 995 F. 
p. I30t. (cwedon) p. 3 E. (cwe- 
Con) 755E. p. 49 m. pre8.part. 
cweCende. 675 E. (cwseVend) 
656E. p. 32 h. p.p. cweden. 455E. 

cwicu, ouou, adj, 'quick,' alive, liv- 
ing. acc,m. cuconne. 10C9E. cu- 
cene. F. nom,pl, cuce. 794E. ffen. 
pi. cwicera. M. 93. 

cwide, 8b.m.8tr. discourse, argu- 
ment., owydan. 1070A. 
ad fin. 

cwidian, tok.v. to reijort, say. 
cwydodon. 1085. 

owild, sb.m.f.n.str. plague, pesti- 
lence, murrain, dat. -de. 897 A. ad 

cyle, «&.m.8<r. cold, 'chill. '1046C. 

foyme,, coming, arrival. 
? dat. M. 31. 

cynd, tib.njAr. nature, ' kind.* dai. 
cynde. 1 107. 

oyne-beam (i), -bam (2), 8\nMr. 
a kingly child, royal offi^ng. M. 

159 (O* P^' 5*9 *• (0 E. (2)., -na. 654E. (i). 
oyne-boren, p.part. royally bom. -ne. 944E. 
oyne-C3ain, -oiiin, ^.n.Ktr, royal 

race, royal pedigree. 449E. 547 A. 

(-kjn) E. (kynecinn) p. 3E. 

1007D. p. 202 1. dat, (kyne- 

kynne) 11 00 ad fin, 
C7ne-d6m, oine-, sh.m.atr. king- 
ship, kingdom, gen. -mes. 11 07. 

dat, *me. 47 A. 795E. 
oyne-helm, cine-, 8b,m,str. a royal 

crown, diadem. 1086 p. 219 b. 

(kine-) ib, h. (kyne-) 1070E. 
cyne-hlaford, 8b.m.8tr, royal lord. 

sovereign. 1048E. p. 174 m. dat. 

-de. 1016E. p. 152 1. (kyne-) D. 
cyne-lic, adj. royal, gen, -ces. 

1040C. datsff. -cum. 979E. -can. 

cyne-Uce, adv, royally. 994K ad 

fin. ^kyne-) 656E. p. 31 h. 
cyne-rice (i), cine- (2), ab.n.Hr. 

kingdom, dat, 871 A. (i) E. (2). 

1066E. (i). (kyne-). 650E. 1076 

E. (kine-) 11 24 p. 254I. 
03nie-st6l (i), cine- (2), sb.m.8tr. 

royal throne. 975E. (i). dat. -le. 

795E. (2). M.io5(i). 
fcyne-prynmi, 8b.m.8tr. a kingly 

host, royal majesty, dat, (kyne-, 

kine])rymme) 1065C.D. pp. 192- 

oyne-wise, sb.f.tok, royal estate, 
royal properties, ace, ^ynewtsan) 
1067D. p. 202 m. 

C3nig*, cing*, shortened form of 
cyning, cining. passim, (kyng) 
"23 p. 253 h. (king) 963E. p. 
116I. (chinge) 1066C. ad fin* 
gen. cinges. 894A. p.87 m. cynges. 
874E. (kynges) 1 127. (kinges) 
II 40 p. 267I. dai, cyncge. 
1 00 1 A. cinge. 6o4B.C, cynge. 
878E. (kin?e) 1 140 p. 267 L 
pi. (kyngas) 1070E. p. 207 h. 
(kingas) 1114H., cinga. 
J091 p. 227 1. 

cyning*, cining*, s\m.str, king. 

passim, in nil cases, (kyning) 

878A.777E. (kining)*. (kinigc) 

1065D. ad fin, (cininga) 7i6£. 

ffen, cynincges. i03iA. (-gas) 



654E. rkyningas) 656E. p. 32 1. 
(cyniges) 755E. p. 49 h. dat. 
fkyninge) 7 85 A. (cyninga) 604E. 
06 1 E. pi. (-ges) 937 A. p. 108 m. 
(kyningas) 557A.887A. (cinigas) 

C3nin (i), oinn (2), sh.nMr. (i) race, 
pedigree, tribe. 7 16 A. 725A. 449 
E. ffen. cinpes men, kinsmen. 
II 2g ad fin. heora agenes cynnes 
mannum. T052C. D. pp. 180-1. 
dat. cynne. 1067D. p. 202 m. (i). 
hence (ii) sort, kind. gen. -nes. 
910A. 1070E. ad fin. (i). 675E. 
p. 36 h. (2). (kinnes) ib. dat, 
cynne. M. 290. gen.pL cynna. 
M. 93. 

foyn-ren, 8h.n.str. progeny. M. 260. 

cyrioe (i), oirioe (2), sb.f.wk. a 
church. 789E. (i). cyrce. 1067C. 
circe. 11 37 p. 264 b. daLsg, ciri- 
cean. 874A. cyrican. E. 1031A. 
cyrcean. 996E. circean. 1066E. 
(circe) 11 27. ace, (cyrece) 
1070E. p. 207 h. (cyrce) t6. 1. 
cyrcean. iioo. 

oyrio-geard, 9h.m.8tr, a church- 
yard. (cyroeisBrd) 11 37 p. 264 b. 

oyrio-halgtixig, sh.f.str, the hallow- 
ing or consecration of a church. 
i<^5 D. p. 193 1. circ-. C. p. 192 1. 

oyrio-lic, adj. ecclesiastical, ace. 
f.wk. ciriclecan. 7 16 A. 

cyric-weard, sh,m.8tr, a church- 
warden, sacristan, cyricwyrd. 
1044C. (cyriceweard) 1043E. p. 
165 1. (cyrceweard) 1070E. 
(circeweard) 11 31 ad fin. 

cyrio-wioe, sb.f.wk, a church-office. 
daUpl. (circewlcan) 1 137 p. 265!. 
cf. wtce, horder-wice. 

cyrliso (E), oirliso (A), adj. of or 
belonging to a ' ceorl,' rustic, 
common, 'churlish.' -ce. 

cyrr (i), oirr (2), cierr (3), 8b.m.Hr. 

a turn, an occasion, a time, dat, 

sg, -re. 918A. (2 & 3). 91 5D. (i). 

datpl. -ron (2). -rum (i). tb. 

oyrran, oirran, oierran, wk.v. to 

turn, to return ; and «o, to submit. 

1094 p. 229 1. p.8ff, cierde. 

922A. drde. 886A. (cearde) 1086 

p. 218 b. p,pl. drdon. 823 A. 

cyrdon. E. 1118. reflex.p.8g. cyrde 

lum eft, returned. 1016E. p. 

147 m. 
cyst, 6b.f.8tr. choice ; henee, ex- 
cellence, virtue, pi. cysta. 449E. 

datpl. cystum god, good in 

virtues. 1065C. D. pp. 194-5 h. 
cystan, wk.v. to spend, lay out, get 

the value of. (cysten) 11 24 p. 

254m. 1125. 
oyVan, wk.v. to make known, to 

show. 1046E. p. 167 h. pre8.gubj. 

(cyjwe) 1086 p. 221 1. 27id 8g. 

cy))e. 99 5F. p. 130 m. 

cydde. 675E. 1009E. (kyCde) 

1067D. p. 202 1. (kydde) io64£. 

p. 192 1. P'V^- cy])don. 755A. 

p. 48 m. cyddon. 1094. cyddan. 

995F. p. i3oh. 
cyj>)>, 8b.f.8tr. native country, 'kith.* 

ace. cy))))e. 937 A. bis. pp. 108 1. 

109 1. dat. cyCtJe. 664*. 


d&d, sb.f.str. deed. 979E. accsg. 
daede. 948D. 1070E. ad fin. pi. 
daeda. 959E. (d^des) 11 37 p. 
265 h. -da. M. 268. dat. 
pi. 'dxun. 755*. 

d»d-bdt, shfMr. * deed-bettering/ 
amends, aec. -te. 1052C. ad fin. 
dat. -te. 96 3E. p. Ii7h. (ded- 
b6te) 675E. p. 37 t. 

td8Bd-frunia,*J.w.«7^. a deed-doer, 
doer of (great) deeds. 942A. 

deeg, sh.m.str. day. 81*. 851 A. (d»i) 
85 2E. 1 1 35. (dei) ih. dat. inst. 
sg. Bume dsege, one day. 896A. 
1048E. ane diege. I052£. on hh 
dsBge, in his time. 860A. (dsei) 
777E. II 28. so: dat. pi. on his 
dagum. 787*. dagan. iioo. on 
hieradagum. 449*. gen.8g. dasgea. 
879*. (dseiges) 1123 p. 252 b. 
(dseies) 1 122. (dales) 11 28. 
(dseis) IT 54. unes dseges, one day. 
1083. dseges, by day. 894A. p. 
88h. dseges ') nihtes, by day and 
night. 1066C. p. 196 1. with pleo- 
nastic insertion of be ; be nihtes ") 
be (daeies) 11 37 p. 264b. so: on 
dseg. 894C. p. 84I. on daeg, that 
day. 1083 p. 215 h. dagas. 



894A. ad fin. 721 E. (daeis) 11 37 

p. 265 h. his dagas, bis life. 

1014E. daga. 643 E. 

894A. p. 84 h. dagena. M. 64. 169., dagum. 1070A. dagon. 

1091 ad fin. 
desg-hwajn-lioe, adv. daily. 1023D. 

dfleg-rima^ sh.m.wk. daj-brink, day- 
break, (dsei rime^ 1122 ad^n. 
cUel, sh.m.atr. tfjeil, part, *deal.' 

885*. (del) 878E. sum dael, a 

part, some. p. 3E. dat. -le. 901 A. 

1094 p. 230 1. cydde be dlxe, 

made a partial, ex parte state- 
ment. 1048E. p. 173 h. 
d&lan, vcJc.v. to divide, distribute. 

M. 261. pre8.8g. (d^leth) 11 30 

p. 261 h. p.8ff. dslde. 1086 ad 

fin, sup, to d^lamie. 1086 ad 

d^l-nimende, sb.m.str, tf|etI$neFj« 

tneittJ, a * part-taker,' partaker. 

pi. (delnimende) 656E. p. 31 1. 
fdsBnnian, v, demiian. 
deorue, v. dyme. 
dagian, tvk.v. to become day, to 

* dawn.* 979C. 
dagungj ah.f.str. dawning, dawn. 

dat. -<re. 795E. 802E. 
fdaralS (i), daro1$ (2), sb.m.str. a 

dart, a spear. M. 253 (2). 

-Sa. 937 A. p. 109m. (i). 
daru, S.f.str. damage, hurt. dat. 

dtere. iioi. 
datanim (Latin word),date. (treated 

as a dative plural. 1012E.). 
dead, adj, dead. 1013E. ad fin. 

1014E. (daed) 1066E. p. 198 h. 

(ded) 1 1 29 p. 260 m. acc.m.8tr. 

dcadne. 1009E. toAr. -dan. 1040C. 

pi. (d«de) 85 2E, (dxdum) 

deals, sb.m.str. death. 11 20. M. 157. 

dat. -iSe. 46*. 979E. 1086. 
■fdea'S-dseg, sb.m.str, death day. 

dat, -ge. M. 293. 
deoanus (Latin word), dean. 1020 

E. 1037C. 
delfan, st.v. to dig, delve, 

dulfon. 1016E. p. 149 1. 
dema, sh.m.wk. a judge, pi. -man 

999C. p. 132 fi. where it seems to 

mean commanders^ (duces ezerci- 

tus. Ft. Wig.)f though it is not 
improbable that this reading of 

C. is a mere error, which Fl. has 
uncritically followed. 

deman, wk.v. to judge, pronounce 

* doom,* or judgment. 
demdon. 1052C. D. p. 182. 

fdemend, sh.m.str. a judge. M. 268. 

fdeimian, wk.v, ?^ become slip- 
pery. So EttmilUer and Grein. 
Zupitza would connect it with 
Mod. Engl, den, giving it the 
meaning : to hide, to cover. In the 
former case we must read with 
B.C. : fdd dennade secga swate ; 
in the latter with A. : feld (daen 
-nede) secgas hwate. 937 p. 106 1, 
and notes. 

d^ofol, sb.m.n.8tr, the devil, pi. 
(deofle) 675E. p. 37t. (deoules) 
1 1 37 p. 264 1. 

deofol-gyld (i), -geld (2), 8b.n.str. 

* devil-tribute,* idolatry, idol. 926 

D. (2). pi, deofelgyld. 639E. 
d6op, adj. deep. 937A. p. 109m. 

aec.f. -pe. 1085 p. 216 h. 
deop, sb.n.8tr. dype, sb.f.wk, the 

deep, the sea. gen. )>8es deopes. 

897 A. p. 9it. ^aere dypan. B. 
diope, adv. deeply. 1050D. p. i7ot. 
d6or, sh.n.str, tijiet* (i) an animal. 

cf. Shakesp. 'such small deer.' 

937A. p.. 109b. dat. (d^r) 1135. 

(ii) deer. pi. ]>& hea deor. 1086 p. 


deoro, adJ, dark. 1106. 

deore, adj. (i) dear, beloved. 1065 

C. D. pp. 1 94-5 h. super I. deorost. 

M. 242. (ii) dear, high priced. 

(daere) 1137 p. 264 b. v, dyre. 
deore, adv. dearly, at a high cost 

or price 1065C. D. pp. 194-5 m. 

1086 p. 218 h. super l, deorost. 

deor-fald, sb.m.str. a * deer-fold,' 

inclosure, park, (derfald) TI23. 

1 1 27 ad fin. 
fdeoT'trfX, 8h.n.str. protection for 

deer or game. 1086 p. 221 h. 
tdeor^ni6d, adJ,. hold of mood. 975 

A. p. 120L 
d6or-wuz1Se, adJ, * dear-worth,* 

precious. 1086 p. 232 m. 
deriBii,.wk,v, to injure, hurt. p,gg. 



derode. 1032E. pre8.part,pl.<icc. 

(deoriende) 959E. 
diacon, gb.m.str. a deacon. 963A. 

M. 145. (dxcne) 1122. 
dio, 8b.m.8tr. (seems /em. 1016D. E. 

F. 1055C.), a dike, ditch, ace, 

die. 1055C. datsff. dice. 189A. dtcum. 90 5 A. 
dioian, wk,v, to make a dike or 

ditch. 1055C. ad Jin. 
•j-digol, adj. secret. M. 295. 
digol-lice, adv. secretly, diglice. 

1004E. digolTce. C. D. p. 295. 
digol-ness, 8b.f.8tr. secrecy, a secret 

thing, ace. digelnesse. 11 24 ad 

diht, 8b.m.8tr. direction, order, dat. 

dyhte. 1097. 
dihtan, tok.v. to arrange, dispose, 

order, p.sff. dihte. 1107, 
fdinge, sb.m. (?) 8tr. noise, dashing 

(?). ffen. dinges. 937 A. p. 109m. 

See the various readings. Grein 

suggests that it may be a proper 

fdogor, a day., 

ddgera. M. 96. 
dohter (i), dohtor (2), 8b.f.8tr. 

daughter. 78 7 A. (2) E. (i). so : 

855*. 85 2E. (2). gen. (dohtres) 

1 1 26. dat, dehter. 105 2C. p. 

180 b. 
dohter- gift, 8h.f.8tr, a daughter's 

marriage (in this sense generally 

pi. -gifta). dat, -gyfte. mo ad 

dohtor-suzLU, sb.m.gtr. a daughter's 

son, grand-son. 982C. 
dohtig, adj. 'doughty,' valiant. 

nom.m.wJc. se -ga. 1030O. 
dom, 8h.m.8tr. (i) doom, judgment. 

heora agenne dom. 755* pp. 48-9 

m. V. note. gen. -mes. M. 293. 

(ii) glory, blessedness. M. 192. 

gen. -mes. M. 253. 
domne, 8b.m.8tr. lord. 853A. 
don, 8t.v. to do, to make, to put, 

to place, to cause. 876E. 1 131. 

(done) 1 1 29 p. 260 1., 

de». M. 197. (doC) 675E. p. 37 1. 

pi, doS. 1 127 p. 258 h. imper. 

do. 995F. p. 130 b. pre8,8ubj. 

tg. dd. 675K p. 36 h. 1086 p. 

221 h. p.ig, dyde. 853A^ 959^* 

dide. 616E. 1 1 32. dydon. 
853A. looiE. dydan. 1070E. p. 
207 1. didan. 1070A. Tdyden) 
1070E. p. 205 b. (diden) 654E. 
1 1 26. p.p. don. 777E. 1 1 26. 
sup. to d6nde. 1070A. t6 donne. 
ib. 1091 p. 226 h. t6 (d6m) 1137 
p. 265 1. with prepp. don of, de- 
prived of. 65 6E. ad fin. dyde of 
heom, did with them. 107 2D. ad 
Jin. dyde on, put on. 995F. p. 
130 b. dyde to sercebiscope, ap- 
pointed archbishop. 780E. don up, 
to put ashore. 1014C. p. 145 n. 

draca, sh.m.tvh. a dragon, serpent. 
M. 258. pi, -can. 793E. 

dr&fan, tok.v. to drive, expel, 

. drxfde. 964A. ut di'xfde, drove 
out. 887A. 1037B. 

dr&fed-ness, sh'f.str. trouble, dis- 
tress, pi, (draeuednysse) 1066E. 
ad Jin, 

draf, sbf.str. a drove, herd. ace. 
pi. -fa. 1016E. p. 150 m. 

dragan, st.v. to drag, to draw. dragaS. 1127 p. 258 h. dragen. ih, 
dr5gon. 1016E. p. 149 1. dragan 
up, to take up. 1040G. (it d. drag 
out. 1083 p. 215 h. 

dran, sb.f.str. a drone, pi. drane. 
1127 p. 258 h. 

fdream, sb.m. air. joy, pleasure. 
M. 58. -me. 10 2 3D. aec. 
pi. -mas. 975A. 

drecoau, wk.v. to vex, to afflict. 
j?.sgr. drehte. 1052D. p. pi. HrehXon. 
897A. p. 9oh. drehtan. 793F. 

dreifan, dryfan, toh.v, to trouble, 
to vex. d^yfdon. 11 18. 

dreogan, st.v. (i) to do, to practise. drugon. 634E. (ii) to suffer, 
*dree.' p.8g. d^ah. 1056C. pres. 
part, -gende. 1104. 

fir^orig, adj, blood-stained, bloody. 
937A. p. 109m. 

+dreor-lio, dreori-lic, adj, bloody. 
comp. -ere. 1036C.D. 

drepan, st.v. to kill. (drapen) 
1 1 37 p. 264 h. 

drif, sh.'im.n.str, fever, dat. -fe. 

drifan, st.v, to drive. 787* 
(drinan) 448F. p,aQ^ i 

Y 2 



(? harassed), draf (it. 963E. ad 
init. drifon. 1016 E. p. 1 50 m. 

drino, sb.m^tr. drink, drinking. 
dat. -ce. 1042C. 

drohtnian, drohtian, wk.v, to lead 
a certain kind of life, such as the 
monastic, or anchoritic. (droh- 
tien) 656 E. p. 31 m. p.sff. -node. 
107 2E. 

drunoen, p.part. drunken, dmnk. 
pi. -ne. 101 2E. 

driinoen-had, 8b.m.str. drunken- 
ness, (-ht^d) 1070E. p. 207 1. 

dryge, drige, drie, adj, dry. nom. 
m.wh. se dria. 1078D. datsg. on 
dry gum, on dry ground. 897 A. 
p. 90 b. 

fdiyht, driht, sb.fMr, people, men. drihta. M. 220. 

dryhten (1), drihten (2), ab.m.str. 
a lord, the Lord. 93 7 A. ad init. ( i ) . 
M. 60. 1137 ad fin. (2). (Dryh- 
tin) 1*5. (Drihtin) ib. gen. eces 
Drihtnes, of the Eternal Lord. 
937 A. p. 106 b. 963E. p. 117 1. 
(2). Drihtenes. 1058D. (Drihti- 
nes) 1 1 37 p. 265 b. dat. -ne. 
1087. M. 192 (2). 

fdryht-lic, driht-lic, adj. lordly, 
noble. M. 258. 

dubbian, ivk.v. to strike, to dub. 
p.8£f. -bade. 1085 p. 216 b. 

due, 8h,m.8tr. (foreign word), duke. 
1 1 29 ad fin. 

dugan, st.wk.v. taugm, to avail, 
be of use. p.8g. dohte. 1006E. 
(dnhte) 1013E. p. 144 h. 

dugufS (i), dugoS (2), 8h.f.8tr. man- 
hood, force ; hence, the effective 
force of a people or chief, the 
nobility, best men. 1016E. p. 152 
h. (wrongly mase.) (2) D. (i). 
(-getJ) 1 1 14 p. 254 h. dat. -?Je. 
626E. {ma8c.) (2). 627E. (i). 

dim, sb.f.str. a down, hill, dat, 
dune. 1016D. E. p. 152 h. M.262. 

diin, dune, adv. down. 1140 p. 
267 m. 1070E. p. 205 b. 

durran, (?) sLwk.v. to dare, presume. 
p.«f/.dorste.6o3E. lOoiE. (durste) 
1 135. p.pLdoTBtoru 918A. dorstan. 
1075E. 8ub fin, (dorsten) 1083 

p. 315 *• 
dam, sbjfMr, a door. M. a68. ace. 

dunr. 755* pp. 48-9 1. € 

dura. 1083. (duran) t&. 
dux (Latin word) ^ ealdorman, here- 

toga. 85 1 A. Li 845 dux in K «= 

aldorman in A. gen, duxes. 755 

G. p. 49 n. 
dwellande, pre8.part, misleading, 

deceitful. dat,m.wk, -dan. 1067 

D. p. 201 1. 
dwyld (i) , dwild (2) , 8b.n,8tr. error, 

heresy. 1 129 ad fin. (i). heneiy 

pi. illusions, prodigies. 1122 (2). 
fdynnan, wk,v. ? to * din ,' resound, p. 

8g. dynede. p. io6n. (W). v, den- 

dynt, 8b.m.8tr, a blow, ' dint.' dat 

-te. 101 2£. 
dype, V. deop. 
dyre, adj, (i) dear, beloved. 942A. 

M.i92.(ii) dear, expensive. 1043E. 

p. 16411. V, deore. 
dyrling ^i), ddorling (2), 8b.m.8tr. 

a ' darlmg,* favourite. M. 116 (i). 

As a nickname, JSlmser d. 1016E. 

(2) D. (1), pp. 150-1. J?/. -gas. 

105 2D. p. I76h. (i). 
dyme, adj. secret. M. 295. (dseme) 

II 14 p. 245 h. dat. dyme. M. 276. 
dyrst-lio, adj. bold, presumptuous. 

(-lece) 675E. p. 3611. 
dys-lice, adv, foolishly. 105 2D. 


§a, 8b.f. (generally undecl. in 8jj. 
but with anomalous ffen, eas), 
a river, nom. 893* (wrongly masc. 
in E). nom. &c gen, p. 5E. ace. 
890*. dat. 875* (where see note). 
€8B. 896A. (^) 656E. p. 30 1. 
gen, 794E. g. 894A. p. 87L eas. 
918A. dat,pl, occurs in the NL. 
Tweoxn^am. in: to, md- 
turn (aet). v. Index Locorum. 

eao, conj. also, * eke.' 878*. ' ge . . . 
eac, both . . . and idso. 894A. 
p. 87 m. ^ec) 994P. (aec) 675E. 
p. 36 h. eao swa, likewise. 896A. 
V. xg])er. 

eao, prep.dat, together with, in ad- 
dition to. eac him.^ac to 
him. D. eac mid him. ib, 

Saoa, tib.m.wk. an addition, rein- 
forcements. 894A. p. 87 h. to 
Saoan, in addition to (with dat.) 



995F. ad tmY.snezt to, after. 

1086 p. 22oh. V, ]>£r. 
cadig, adj, happy, prosperouB, bleie- 

ed. 1 1 24 p. 254 L 86 eadga. 35. 

45 A. se eadiga. K (ice,m,8tr. 

-gne. M. 193. dat.f/Lwk, 6adgan. 

973A. daUf,Btr, -gre. M. 84. daL 

pi. -gum. M. 62. 
feadig-ness, tb^Mr, happiness, 

prosperity, riches, ace, -se. M. 

ead-medo (E), 6a)>-m6do (A), Bh.f. 

itr, humility, obedience. 827*. 
ead-mod (E), 6a]>-m6d (A), adj, 

humble, lowly, submissive, dat, 

f.str. -dre. 828*. |)Z. eaSm5de. 

M. 99. 
ead-mod-lloe (i), 6ad-m§d-Iioe 

(2), adv, humbly. 979E. (i). 1070 

A. ad fin, (2). 
ead-mod-nyss, A.fMr, humility. 

dat. -se. 1023D. 
feafora (i), eofOra(2), afora (3), 

afara (4), afera (5), 8h.m,wk, off- 
spring, son. 973A. (i). 942A. (5). 

ace -ran. 975 E. (5). pL -ran. 937 

A. p. 106 m. (4) D. (2) C. (3). 
eaftra, v. seftra. 
eagan-ge-siUS, sb.f.str. * eye-sight,' 

presence, dat, eagongesih$e. 1048 

E. p. i74h. 
eage, tib.nMlc, eye. 1095 p. 231 1. 

acc.pL eagan. 797*. 1096. €lat. 

pi. (aegon) 1 1 24 p. 254 b. 
eahta, nunu eight. 765E. M. 95. 

eahte. 1070A. (sehte) 1070E. p. 

207 1. ehta. 1012C.I). p. 14271. 

ehtan. 1056D. ehtahund. p. 3E. 
eahta-tyne, num. eighteen, (eahte- 

teone) 1083. 
eahtopa (i), eahtepa (2), num.adj. 

eighth.827A.(i)&(2)E.(i). dat. 

-Can. 975A. p. 120 1. (2). 918C. (i). 

eahteoSan. M. 3. 
eala, intetj. alasl oh! 1086 pp. 

218I. 2i9h. 
6a-land, ea-lond (A), $b.n*Hr, an is- 
land. 530A. 534A. a. gen. -des. 

47 A. dot. -de. 565B.C. 716A. 

pi. ealond. 47 A. v. tg-land. 
cald* (I), aid (A) (and 1135) (2), 

adj. old. 937A. p. 109 1. mo (i\ 

nom.m.wk. -da. 871 A. (2) E. (i). 

/. -de. 1051O. gen^vh. -dan. 885 

A. p. 80 1. (2). dat.wk. -dan. 
1070A. (i). -de.937A. 
sub Jin. (i). accipLwk. -dan. 1003 
£. -dran. 995F. 
ad init. (i). sup. (in the Uteral 
sense), se yldesta. 1086 p. 2i9h. 
(in the sense of principal) yldast. 
1075E. yldest. 1087. ])a ieldstan 
men. 91 8A. yk yldestan witan. 
978E. )>a y. ]^genas. 1015E. r. 
fseder, hlsetdige, mynster. 

fealdor, ^.n.str. age, life. dat. to 
ealdre^for ever. M. 153. 

ealdor, sb.m.8tr. (i) a prince, 
chief, ruler, leader. 605E. eorla 
ealdor. 975 A. p. i2oh. dat. -dre. 
1 107. pi. -dras. 1097. 1 100. (ii) 
alderman. 9io£. 

ealdor-dom, sKnustr. elder-ship, 
authority, the office of alderman 
or earL dat, -me. 966E. 1068D. 
(where E. has eorlddm). 

eaIdor-d6m-8cipe, ib.mMr. the 
office of alderman, dat. 983C. 

fealdoT-lang, a^j. life-long. ace. 
m.8tr. -gne. 937A. ad init. 

ealdor-man (i), -mon (2), alder- 
man (3), -mon (4), .moxin (5), 
alderman, chief officer of the shire. 
837A. (4). 800A. (3) E.(i). 903A. 
(2). 993A. (i). 750A. (5). (seldor-) 
656E. p. 32 b. (sealdor-) 8oo£. 
gen. -nnes. 755 A. p. 48 1. (3). 894 
A. p. 86b. (2). 993E. (1). dat. 
-men. 886 A. (3) E. (i). (-m»n) 
652E. (i). pi. -men. 800A. (3) E. 
(i).-menn. 465 A. (3). (seldormen) 

')'ealdor-]>egn,86.m.«^r. a chief min- 
ister, chief, pi. -nas. M. 130. 

fealgiaii, wh.r. to defend, p-pl- 
ealgodon. 937A. p. 106 1. geal- 
godon. D. 

6^, eal, all, al, adj. all. call. 921 
A. p. 103 m. 886E. all. A. eal. 
921A. p.i03m. 827E. al. A. 1135. 
(8el) 656E. p. 30I. 1013D. ace. 
masc. ealne. 87 lE. aine. A. (sBlne) 
603E. (ealle) 972E./. ealle. 865 
E. alle. A. (selle) 675E. p. 36h. 
n. (with foUowing gen.) ceapes 
eall. Sg^A. ad Jin. allandes. 1135. 
eall NorChymbra. 1013K in ap- 
position to a plural subst. al ]mI 



goldhord. 41 8 A. dat.m,n. eall- 
um. 860E. allum. A. (eallan) 
603E. 1070A. eallon. 109 1. p. 
226 h.^. ealre. 894A.p.86h. instr, 
ealle. 675E. pL ealle. 885E. alle. 
A. 656^ p. 3oh. 1140. (ealla) 
963E. p. 116I. 1031A. 1 1 24. 
(aelle) 656E. p. 30 b. (eallee) 11 16. 
(ealles) 11 20. //enj?/. ealra. 901A. 
1055E. eallra. 1087 p. 223 1. 
alra. 1053D. (eallre) 963E. p. 
117 h. (ealre) 675E. p.37l- ^055 
E. (eelre) 1066E. p. 198 h. dat. 
ealluin. I055£. eallon. 994F. 1049 
C. eallan. 1070A. (eallen) 890 a. 
(ealle) 910E. Adverbial uses : ofer 
eall, into all parts. 1086 p. 222 t. 
gen.»g. & pi. ealles, ealra swi])ost, 
most of all. 897A. ad init, (aire) 
fyrst, first ofall, in the first place. 
1 135. enlles '^ altogether, ealles 
forswiCe. 897 A. adinxLj^o^lSt. 1018 
E. 1 1 24 ad Jin. instr. mid horsum 
mid ealle = and everything. 893*. 
so in pi. mid scypon mid eallon. 
1049C. ad fin. mid ealle— withal. 
963E. p. 1 17 h. = utterly. 948D. 
mid alle. 1 1 28. eall gew^pnod, all 
armed. 99 2 E. al . . . forloren. 
1 137 p. 265h. cf. 1080D. eall 
t6 . . . all too . . . 1095 ad fin. eall 
be westan. 1016E. p. i48h. eall 
t6 sefter (heruest) 11 26. ealC, un- 
til. 1013F. al (te gsedere), every- 
thing together. 1 137 p. 265 1. tj. 
£r, maest. 

fealling, adv. always. M. 153. 173. 

eall-xn&st, adv. most all, nearly all, 
'almost.* 1065C.D. (eelmaist) 
1091 p. 226b. 1 1 30. 

eall-riht, adv. just as, exactly as. 
1127 p. 258 h. 

eall-swa, eal-, adv. just as, as, as 
if, even so, so, like, 'also.* lOoiE. 
995F. arfj^n. 1049C. p. i68b. 
1087. 1 1 27. ealswa. 1016D. p. 
149 1. 1104. alswa. 675E. p. 36b. 
(alsua) = idso. 1 1 54. (alse) = as. 
1 137. (als) 1135. 

eall-8wilo, pron.adj, ' all>8uch,* 
just such, (alsuic) 11 37. dat.f. 
-ere. 1091 p. 227 1. 

eall-Jms, adv. * ail-thus/ just thus. 
101 3E. sub fin. 

ealo, alo, ^.n.8tr. ale. £ien. alof$. 

8am, 8h.m.8tr. a\jtim, an uncle, 
'earn.* 1046E. adjfin. 1066E. p. 
198 m. (eom) 1 137. gen, -mes. 
1050D.P. 169 b. dat. -me. 1079D. 

earc. sb.f.str. ark (of Noah), dat. 
earce. 85 5A. 

eaTdfSb.m.str. home, country. 937A. 
ad Jin. 948D. lOioE. dat. earde. 
959E. ocf^n. (serde) 1130. 

eardian, wk.v. to dwell, to live. p. 
3E. pre8.8g. -da[). 449E. 
-dedon. 491*. 

eardung-stow, 8h.f.8tr. a habita- 
tion, dwelling-phtce. ace. -we. 
995F. p. 128b. 

6are, 8b.n.u)k. an ear. pi, -ran. 1014 
CD. p. 145 ». 

•t*earfeoe,8&.n.8^r. difficulty, trouble. 
datj>l, -Sum. M. 224. 

earfdo (i), earfepe (2), earfoiSe (3), 
oc^'. difficult, laborious. 10 ^oD. ad 
fin.(^i). 1086 p. 2i8m. (2)7 ib, p. 
222 m. (3). 

earfdS-lio, adj, difficult, hard. 1056 

earfdS-Iioe, adv. with difficulty. 
1052E. p. 180 h. 1075D. 

eaxfd6'idBBf8bJ^.8tr. difficulty, hard- 
ship. dat.8g. -nysse. 1061I). dat. 
pi. -sum. 1016E. p. 148 m. 

')'ear-ge-blaxid,«&.7}.«^r.the mingling, 
'blending,' of the waves. 937 
B.C.D. p. 60 n. 

earh-lice, adv. basely, cravenly. 
1086 p. 221 b. cf. arh-lTce. 

earm, ^,mMr, an arm. pi. (earmes) 
1 1 23. 

earm, arm, a^'. arm* poor, wretched, 
probable reading in M. 251 . (serm) 
1013E. ad fin. n.wk. ^ earme 
folc. 999 E. acc.f, arme. 11 04 ad 
fin. dat.f.wJc. (serman) 101 1 E. 
earman. CD. pi. -me. 1086 
p. 222 b. (eerme) 1013E. ad fin. 

earmian, idIc.v. reflex, to pity, com- 
miserate. 1086 p. 218 1. 

earm-lioe, adv, amtltd;, wretchedly, 
miserably. 793E. 1075 D. 

earmda, v, yrni9u. 

team, 8h.m.8tr. an eagle, 'erne.' 
937A. p. 109b. (in M. 25i,eam is 
prob. a mistake /or earm). v. hwtt. 



feamian, vjJc.v. to merit, attain, 

* earn.* (with gen.) p.8g, he . . . 

earnode ])e8. 959E. 
east, adv. in an easterly direction. 

891 A. 1046 E. ad Jin. 11 31 

ad fin. 
eastan, adv. from the east. 937A. 

sub Jin. be eastan, to the east. 

1 1 06. with dat, to the east of. 

1 1 14. 878 A. (-ton) E. 1069 E. 

her be easton, to the east of Uiis. 
^ p. 3E. 
east-d&l, sb.mMr. eastern parts, the 

east. dat. -le. 2*, 
east-ende, sb.m.str. east-end, east 

quarter, dat, -de. 893 A. (-da) E. 
^ ace. -de. 1052 C. 
Easter, 8b.n.etr. Eastre, sh.f.wk. 

Easter ; in the Cbron. always pi. 

find generally wh.f. ; the 

Eastra, occiusc 1067 D. p. 202 1. Eastran. 1066C. D. 

-tron. 7 16 A. 10^2 E. (Estran) 

626 E. on Lastron, ofer E. 
878*. t6 £astran.^iio7. iBastrum. 

62 7 E. 716 E. (Eastren) 1131. 
(Estren) 1 1 37 ad fin. (^steme) 

£aster-lefen,^«Z).m.«^r. Easter-eve. 

^ 1047 E. (Eastre-) 1097. 

Easter-dffig, sb.mMr. Easter-day. 
on forman £. i.e. Easter Sunday. 
1043 D. dat. on 6t$ran Easter- 
(\sege. i.e. Easter Monday. 1053 C. 
Eastor-dsege. 685 K ( ^ster) 
daeg. 1012E. on {&.) I042E. on 
Easter (dsei) 995 E. ad init. on 

^ (Eastren-daei) 11 25. 

Easter-fBBsten, isb.n,8tr. * Easter- 
fast,' Lent. 640 F. p. 294. (Eastor- 
Jeasten) K 

t Easter-monad, sb.m.str. 'Easter- 

^ month,' i. e. April. M. 72. 

Easter-tid, sb.^.str. Easter-tide. 
774 E. ace. (Eastren)tyde. 1123 

^ P- 253 t. (Estren)tide. 654 E. 

Easter-wuoe, sb.f.wk. Easter-week. 
dat. -can. 1061 E. 

east(e)-weard, adj. eastward, east- 
erly, ealle Cent ^astewearde, all 
the east of Kent. 865*. on caste- 
weardre Cent «= in the east of Kent. 
893A. on eastwarde Cent. 89 2E. 
on East Seaxna lond eastewcard, 

to the eastern part of Essex. 
895 A. dat.p I. from easteweardum 
o^ westewearde, from the eastern 
to the western parts. 813*. ad- 
verbial. 998 E. -ward. 1013E. 
ffen. used as adv. easteweardes. 
894 A. p. 86 m. 

6a8t-healf, sb.f.str. east side. dat. 
-fe. 894 A. p. 87 b. (asthalfe) 
656 E. p. 31 1. 

6ast-lang, adv. in an easterly direc- 
tion, e. *} westlang = east and 
west. 893A. 

6ast-rioe, sb.n.str. eastern kingdom. 
dat. 893A. 

^ade,adj. easy, 1104. 

eade, adv. easily. 1009 E. (seatJe) D. 

eade-lloe, adv. easily, (xie-) 1085 
p. 217 m. 

ebba, 8b.m.wJ:. ebb (of the tide). 
1 114. 

Scan, wk.v. to increase, augment, 
(^con) 675 E. p. 37 h. pre8.Bg. 
ecetJ. 656 E. p. 31 1. pre».sg.sul>J. 
ece. ih. 

eoe, adj. eternal, everlasting. 656 E. 
p. 31 1. M 3. acc.m.str. ecne. M. 
173. ffen.m.8tr. eces. 937 A. p. 
106 b. M. 12. dat.f.str. ec(e)re. 

fSoe, adv. eternally, for ever. M. 

eog, sb.f.str. an edge. M. 248. 

dat. egge. 448 F. ecguni. 

937 A. ad init. ib. p. not. 
efenetaS, sb.f.str. a neighbourhood, 

neighbouiing district, dat. -t$e. 

894A. ad fin. 
efen-wyrhta, sb.m.tvk. a fellow- 
worker, helper, pi. (-ton) 97 2E. 

'tan. D. 
efes, sb.f.str. * eaves,* edge, side. 

bi swa hwa)>erre efes, on which- 
ever side. 894A. 
efest-lice, adv. hastily. (seuestlTce) 

656 E. (sBuostltce) ib. p. 30 1. 

(efeostlice) 1 1 14 p. 245 h. 
efor (i), eofor (2), sb.m.str. thtx, 

a wild boar. 885 A. (i) E. (2) 

M.251 (2). 
efstan, tch.v. to hasten. -te. 

1016C. efeste. E. p. 148 1. cf. 

^fb, adv. (i) again, back. SQT' 



893*. (ii) afterwards. 449 A. 

838 A. 855 A. (seft) iioi. 
eft-s6na. €tdv. * eft-soons/soon again. 

(efsdnes) 1140 p. 267 h. 
gg-buend, v, tg-. 
ege, sb.mMr. fear, terror. 1009E. p. 

I39h. (8ege)ioo6E. p. 137 m. (seie) 

ii35« (eie) 1154. dot, ege. 

teges-full, <wy. terrible, fearful. 

M. 262. 
ages -Ho, cudj, dreadful, terrible. 

cfaf.m. -cum. 1042 C. i>2. (segeslice) 

1 109. 
eg-land, v. tg-. 
eglian, wJc.v. (used impersonally) 

to ail or grieve one. p.^. "p him 

. . . eglaie, it afflicted him. 

1086 p. 2i8b. 
eht-ness, sh.f.str. persecution, dat. 

-se. 2*. 
eig-land, v. tg-. 
elcian, wk.v. to delay,, (elkede) 

999E. (ilkede) D. ^.jpZ. ylcodan. 

f ellen, sh.m.n.str. valour, bravery. 

M. 248. 
elles, adv. else, besides. 1043 E. p. 

164 1. naht e. 995 F. p. i3oh. 

otherwise. 1085 E. p. 217 h. ge- 

hwaer elles, everywhere else. T049 

D. elles gehwser. ih. elles hwar. 

870F. p. 284 h. 
f el-beodig, adj. foreign. %)l. (eel-) 

])eodige. 959E. 
el-peodig-nes8, sb.f.glr. a being 

abroad, pilgiimage. dat. eljno- 

dignesse. 891 A. 
embe, v. ymbe. 
em-niht, sb.f.n.8tr. equinox, ace. 

-niht. M. 45. -te. M . 49. gen. -tes. 

M. 175. 180. (7a^ t6 haerfestes -te, 

at the autumnal equinox. 1048E. 

p. 1 74 b. 
emperioe (foreign word), empress. 

]>emperice, te emperice, the em- 
press (Matilda). 1 140. 
ende, sb.m.str. (i) end. 894A. p. 

87 1. (sende) iioo p. 235 b. otJ 

his Itfes ende, t6 his ende, till 

his death. 709 E. 633 E. set )^m 

ende = finally. 999E. So: set ende. 

998 E. (ii) part, portion. 105 2E. 

p. I78h. 1066 D. p. 200 h. 

ende - dseg, A.mMr. ' eoA - day,' 
death-day. 688 E. 

fengel, an angeLj?^ englaB. 
1065C.D. pp. 194-511. gm.jiil. 
engla. 975A. ad fin, M. 85. 

endlyfta, num.adj, eleventh, fem. 
-lifte. 1018D. 

en-mang, v. on-mang. 

fent, 8b.m.8tr. a giant, -ta. 
M. 234. 

§ode, §odon, v. gan. 

eofer-mddig, v. ofer-. 

Eofer-wio-stdl, 8b.m.str. the see of 
York. dat. -le. 992E. 

eofor, V. efor. 

+6ored-cyst (i), 6orod-oist (2), «6. 
f.8tr. a select company, a troop. -turn. 937A. p. io8t. (2) 
B.C.D. (i). 

eorl, sb.mMr. (i) a noble, opposed 
to a peasant, ceorlmni 
eorlum. M. 31. (2) In poetical 
passages the word is used in the 
geneial sense of fighting men, 
warriors, men. datuig. eorle. M. 
248. pi. eorlas. M. 49. 937A. 
ad fin. gen. pi. -la. 937A. 975A. -lum. M. 177. (3) name of 
a Danish officer, a jarl. In 871*, 
the eorl of the Danes is opposed to 
the ealdorman of the English; 
but from the Danes the title was 
adopted by the English, and it 
ultimately supplanted the older 
ealdorman, cf. 975E. ad fin. gen. 
sg. eorles. 918A. 1064E. dat. 
-le. 105 2E. ad fin. pi. eorl&s. 
871*. 918A. 1052E. p. 183 h. 
(eorles) 656E. p. 30 h. 
-la. 871*. -lum. 105 2E. 
-Ian, ib. p. 180 1. (4) After 1066 
it occurs frequently in the modem 
sense of earl, (seorl) 1 140. 

eorl-d6m, 8b.m.6tr. an earldom. 
1048E. ad fin. 1068E. (where D. 
has ealdord5m.) gen. -mes. 1079 
D. dat. -me. 105 2D. p. 175 h. 
i053D.E.sthe people of an earl- 
dom. 1076D. 

feormen-pgod (i), yrmen- (2), «6. 
f.8tr. a mighty people, 
-dum, to all peoples. M. 139 (2). 

eoxV-byfung, -bifiing, 8h.fMr. an 
earthquake. 11 17. 11 19. 



eoftS-dyne, -dine, ih.m.str. an earth- 
quake. 1060D. 1122. 1 1 29 ad Jin. 
eoit$e, sb.f.wk, the earth. 1122. 

(erthe) 11 37 p. 265 h. ace. 

eorSan. ioi2£. 1065C.D. pp. 194- 

5 h. £fen. eorSan westm. 975A. 

adinit. dat. eoif6aj\, ^i%\ 979£* 

(ertJan) tfe. 1103. 
teoiU-lio, adj, euthly. 979E. nam, 

pl.tok. -can. ib. 
eox^-styrung, 8h.f.gtr, an earth- 
quake. 1048C. 1049D. (-ge) 

eoxV-waDstm (i), -westm (2), sh.m. 

sir, fruit of the earth, pi. -mag. 

1 110 (2). mi (i). 

-mum. 1041E. (i). -man. 11 16 

(i). «. eorS& 
teortS-waru, 8b.f.8tr. the inhabit- 
ants of the earth, -rum. 

M. 62. 
§ow, dower, v. )>u. 
§ower, pron.pos8. your. gen.f. (lure) 

656E. p. 31 1. dai.m. (lure) ib. 

pl.m. ^owre. 755A. p. 48 1. 
Spiphania (Latin word), Epiphany. 

erce, v, arce. 
erest, €idj. «. str. 
erfe, w. yrfe. 
erian, wk.v. to plough, 'ear.* pre«., ergende. 876A. her- 

gende. E. 
dst-full, adj. kind, devoted, dat.f. 

-Ire. 1023D. 
etan, st.v. to eat. (seten) 1140. (eten)t6. re^ex. to provision 

oneself, (eoton) him. 998E. 

^ton. D. 
dSel, 8h.m.n.8tr. country, home, 

domain. 1065C. D. pp. 194-511. 

hwseles ^tSel, i.e. the sea. 975A. 

p. 72 1. dot. -le. 380E. (iSele) 

a. 681e. M. 252. 
+S8el-tiirf, 8b./.str. native 'turf or 

soil, country, dot, -tyrf. 975 A. 

p. I20t. 


facen, 8b.n.8tr. deceit, treachery. H. 

289. dot, facne. 1049C. D. pp. 

168-9 1. 
£bbo, 8b,n,str, fad}, a space of time, 

a while. 942 A. dat. fsece. 947D. 

ioi6£. p. 149 1. (fece) ioi5£. 
feeder, 8b.m.8t}\ a father. 552B.G. 

984£. gen. (feder) 61 6£. &eder. a. 

1086. ad Jin. dat. 924A. fader. 

1 140, 8vh Jin. (feder) io52£. p. 

178. 1089. eald fieder, grand- 
father. ioi6£. ad Jin. }>ridda 

faeder, great-grandfather. 885 A. 
fsdder-oynn, v. fsedren-. 
f»der-land, 8b.n.8tr. paternal land, 

inheritance. 11 01. 
f»dera, fisBdra, 8b.m,wh. a paternal 

uncle. 1049D. ace. feederan. 1094 

ad fin. gen. fsedran. 901 A. (fede- 

ran) 634E. 737E. (fedran) 043£. 
fsedren-cynn, v. riht-f. 
f8Bdren-healf (A), -half (£), sh.f. 

8tr. the father's side. dai. -fe. 

ffsege, a^j. * fey,* doomed, fated. 937 A. p. 108 h. 
f»gen, a/^j. glad, 'fain.* 1076D. 
faegenian, 10k. v. to rejoice, be glad. 

pre8.part. fsegengende. 1069D. 
ffeeger, <idj. fair, beautiful, ace. 

m. -gerne. 105 7D. 8uperl. -rust. 

M. 114. 148. 
fflDgere, adv. fairly, kindly, justly, 

well. M. 143. 152. 158. 289. (fair) 

1 154. 
tf£niiie, tib.J.wh, a maid, virgin. M. 

277. dat. -nan. M. 152. 
far, 8b.n.8tr. a journey, an expe- 
dition, dat. on fsere. 894A. p. 86 1. 

fare. 11 20. 
ffSaer, adj. M. 18. 167. « &eger, fair; 

Grein. vehement, stormy ; Bou- 

faereld, ^.n.8tr. a journey, an ex- 
pedition. 889*. 
fderinga, adv. suddenly. 1042C. 

fser-lice, adv. suddenly, quickly. 

(ferlice) 870F. p. 284 1. (fear-) 

1095 p. 231 m. 11 20. 
ffeest, adj. firm, strong. M. 270. 
fBBstan, wk.v. to make firm, ratify. faeston. 11 40 p. 267 h. 
faeste, adv. (i) fast, firmly, bravely. 

999E. 1043C. (feste) £. (ii) fas't. 

quickly. 959£. 8ubjin. 
faesten, sb.n.8ir. a fort, a fortress. 

885*. dat, festene. 1095 p. 23it. 



87 7 A. (feastene) E. fsestenne. 

894A. p. 87 L accpl. (festena) 

1094 p. 230 1. 
fsest-lice, adv. firmly, constantly. 

iooiE.(festlice) 994E. (feastlice) 

flBBstnian, wTcv, to fEisten, make 

firm, ratify, pres. ic (festnia) 

656E. p. 32 1. (festnie) 675E. p. 

37 1. (feostnige) 963E. p. ii7t. 

p,8g, -node. 906 A. (feostnode) 

963E. p. Ii6h. p.'pl, -nodon. 

g2i A. ad Jiru p.p. fsestned. 11 37 

p. 264 1. 
feestnung, sh.f.str. confirmation, ra- 
tification, ace. -ge. 1070A. 
ffeest-rled, adj. firm of counsel. M. 

1 35. cf. r^d-fsest, 
f8Bt, sh.n.str. a vessel, *vat.' cf. 

* wine-fat.', faton. 1075D. 

1086 sub fin. 
ffaedSm, th.m.str. the outstretched 

arms, * fathom ' ; embrace, bosom. 

dat. fset^me. M. 294. 
fah, adj. coloured, variegated. M. 

fals, sb.n.str. falsehood, forgery. 


fandian, tchr. to try, prove, at- 
tempt. 992 F. 

fang, sh.m.str. booty, plunder, 10 16 
E. p. i5oh. 

faran, st.v. to go, set forth, *fare.* 
918A. (faron) p. 5E. (faren) 656 
E. p. 31 h. 1 1 54. pre8.8ff. ferS. M. 
35. imper. far. 995F. p. 130 b. 
pre8.8uhj. 2nd ftg^ fare. ih.. m. for. 867*, & fq. suhj. fSre. 
91 8A. ad Jin. 919A. 675E. p. 
36 1. foron. 81 2 A, fdran. E. 
91 8E. sulj. foren. 876A, foron. 
E. 905A. reflex, him hamweard 
for. 855A. p.p. faren. 656E. 
sup. to farenne. 1048E. p. I76t. 
t6 farene. 11 29 p. 260 h. With 
prepp. and adverbs, for for)), 
went forwards, onwards. 887*. 
foron for8. 8 94 A. p. 86 m. for for)) 
Cp, went on inland. 887*. inn for. 
107 1 E. ofer faran, to go over, to 
cross. p.8g.8uhj. ^r se cyng ofer 
fore. 1 105. Ct faran, foron . . . 
fit, foran dt ongean, went out, 
out against. 905 A. 921 A. p. 

loi 1. for . . . 8Bfter, foron . . . ajfter 
dt, went, went out in pursuit. 905 
A. 92 1 A. p. 102 1. f6r &am, went 
away. ih. f nran ... t6, to go to 
or against. 897 A. p. 90L 1063E. 
foron togsedere, met. 1064E. )>arh 
for, traversed. 1095 p. 231 m. dp 
f5ran. 1016E. p. 150 m, ut . . . 
for. 1091. p. 226 1. 

faru, sb.f.str. journey, marching, 
expedition, nom, (fare) 11 28. 
ace. fare. 1085 p. 210 h. 1096. 

faVu-sunu, 8b.m.8tr. father's sister's 
son. (faSasunu) 11 19 ad fin, 

fea, adj. pi. few. 530A.B.G. (altered 
by a. into^aZa to agree with E.). 
V, feawa. 

feallan, sLv, to fall, to die. p.8g. 
feoll. 1016E. p. I50t. feol- 
lan. 937 A. p. 106I. 1095. 1 1 00. 

ffealo, feale, adj. * fallow/ yellow- 
grey, acc.masa. fealene. 937A, 
p. 108 L fealone. B.C. 

fear-lice, v. facr-lTce. 

feawa, few. 893*. 1 106. (fe- 
awe) ii22.(faeu) 1138. ^^. -wum. 
1048E. p. i73h. 1070A. -wan. 
870F. p. 284h. (feowan) 1091 
p. 226 1. (feuna) 656E. p. 30 1. 
is gen.' in form ( = flawena), but 
dat. in construction, v. fea. 

feaxede, a>dj. hairy, haired, feaxede 
steorra = stella cometa. 892A. 
(fexode) 995F. ad init. acc.tok. 
(fexedon, fsexedon) 1066O.D. 

feooan, fecceanj toh.v. to fetch, 
bring. 1017E.D. 1121. 

fSdan, wh,v. to feed, to provision. 
1012E. (fiSedde) 994K 
(faddon) 1085 p. 216 1. 

fela (i), feala (2), feola (3), adj. 
indecl, ijiel, many, much ; some- 
times followed by a genitive, 
sometimes in agreement. 8 77 A. 
(i) E. (2). 963E. p. 117I. 1076 
E. (3). fela wucena. 894A. p. 87b. 
with singular verb ; e. g. 975 A. p. 
I20m. (i). (feale) 1122. (feole) ih. 
(fsele) 1124 p. 254h. 

feld, 8b.m.8tr. field. 894A. p. 84I. 
937A. p. 106 1. dat.8g, -da. 107 1 
E. -don. tb.D. -dan. 1112. 

feng, 8h.m.8tr. prey, booty, 1016D. 
p. 151 m. 



fen-land, 6b,n.8tr, fen-land, marshy 
land, pi, (feonlandes) 1070E. 

fenn, ^,m,6tr, mud, mire ; a fen, 
marsh, fen. 656E. p. 30 b. (feon) 
ih, gen, fennes. ioi6£. p. 148 1. 
dot. fenne. M . 275., fennas. 
905 A. loioE. (feonnas) ib. (fen- 
nes) 656E. p. 30 L (feonnes) t2>. b. 
(feonnon) ih, p. 3ih. 

feoh, sh.nMr, ^idj, cattle. M. 280; 
and hence: property, money. 755*. 
865*. dat. mid feo. 878* ad Jin. 
wits feo. 1093. on feoh. 1 118.. £ien. 
feos. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 999E. 1086 
ad fin, 

feoh-be-hat (i), feoh-ge-hat (2), 
sh, n.str. promise of money, dat. 
-te. 865E. (i) A. (2). 

feoh-leas, adj. money-less, without 
money, nom.'pl.'^e, 897A. ad init. 

feoh-spilling, sb.fMr. waste of 
money, dat. -ge. 1096 ad fin. 

feoht, 8b.n.8tr, a %ht. 11 28. dat. 
-te, 1097 ad Jin, dat^l. (-ten) 
870F. p. 284h. 

feohtan, 8t,v. to fight. 449a. (feoh- 
ton) £. fohtan. 1052C. p. 180I. feaht. 755*. faht. 1122. feht. 
1079D. (feoht) 710E. fuh- 
ton. 449*. 860E. 92 1 A. ad inil. 
fuhtun. 5 14 A. (fuhten) 11 38. 
(fuhtten) 1 1 40 suhfin. With o», 
to fight against ; on fuhton. 1095. 
fuhton . . . on, f. 9£r on, )>£r on 
f. 92 1 A. pp. loil. 102 h & m. feohtende. 755* PP- 
48-9 h. 994E. on f. 871*. sup. to 
feohtanne. 105 2D. p. 181 m. 

feo-laga, sh.m.wk. partner, fellow. 
pi. -gan. 1016D. ad Jin. 

feolan, st.v. to stick to, betake one- 
self to, to enter, fulgon. 755 
A.C.D. p. 48I. (;fiugon) E. 

feond J sb.m.8tr. fcinti, enemy,* fiend.* 
M. 285. feond. 11 29. fynd. 448F. (feonde) 626E. -da. 999E. rfa/. -dum. 
994E. -dan. 1 1 18. 

feoTh., sh.m.n.8tr, life. 755* pp. 48- 
9. 937 A. p. 108 1. f. gesyllan, =: 
to die. 728 a. So : f. agifan. M. 81. 

feorm, 8h.f.8tr, provision, enter- 
tainment, quarters, dat. -me. 
1006'E.acc, -me. ib. p. 137m. 777E. 

feorme-ham, 8h,m.8tr. 'provision- 
home,' farm, pi, (-mes) 1087 
p. 223t. 

feorr, adv. far. feor. looi E. 
1010 E. ad Jin, 1014E. ad fin. 
(in 88 2 A. Jeor is probably a mere 
error for ufw). 

i-feorran, adv. from afar. M . 233. 

fSoxVa, num. adj. fourth, ma^c. -]>a. 
827A. -'5e. E. neut. feoriSe. 851*. 
dat.m. -San. 47E. 1095. (a strong 
gen. feort^es. 47 a. strong dot. 
feorCe. ioi6F. p. 150I.) 

feower, num. four. 896A. ad init, 
M. 54. 1095. (fower) 1017E. 
feower hund. 1055C. p. i86h. 
declined: dat. fiowerum. M. 

feower-tig, num. forty. 894A. 'p. 
86 h. f. ])lisend. 1012C.L). (feo- 
werti) 1 1 24 p. 254b. 

flower-tigefSa, num.adj. fortieth. 
T^ut. (fowertigede) 1107. acc.m. 
( feower tegan) 763A. 

feower-tyne, num. fourteen. 979C. 

feow-rioe, 8h.n.8tr. a tetrarchy, or 

f§ow-rioa, 8b.m.wk. a tetrarch (for 
feower-r.) -cum. 12 A. 
(but the MS. has been tampered 
with; the original reading wa» 
feo]7ertcum, and this is confirmed 
by W. which has feotJericum. E. 
reads iiii, ricu. v. fy))er-). 

feran, to^.v. to go, travel, to pro- 
ceed. M. 263. pre8.8g. fSreC M. 
165. 182. p.8£f, ferde. 835A. 1018 
E. 8c Jq. (fxrde) 1087. (feorde) 
656E. p. 30t. 1132. terdon, 
868A. (faerdon) E. ferdun. 737A. 
(ferden) 1117. (feordon) 1016E. 
p. 150 m. (feorden) 11 35. 11 40 p. 
267 1. reflex^ ferde him. 11 54. him 
^rdon, looiE. withprepp, ferdon 
betwux, intervened. 1091 p. 226I. 
ferdon forC, they died. 734A. (r. 
fortJ-feran). ferdon fortJ sefter, 
went on in pursuit. 99 2 E. ferde 
inn. 1073D. ferde ofer. 11 23 ad 
fin, ferde t6. 1015E. ut ferde, de- 
parted. 1075E. p. 2iim. 

fercian, wk.v. to bring, to convey. -codon. 1009C.D. p. I39». 
(farcodon) E. ih. h. 



fere, adj, able to go, capable of 

(military) service. 1016D. (feor) 

^. pl.neut, (fera) 105 2E. p. 178I1. forestall. 1075I). 
fer-grunden, v. for-grindan. 
ferian, wk.v. to carry. 894 A. pp. 

85 L 86 h. p,8ff. ferode. 1009E. 

1 1 23. ferede. 1023E. st^J. ferede. 

977C. i>.i>2.feredoii.ioi2E. 1006 D. 

-dan. C. p. 295. (fsredon) E. p. 

ffesian [?-e-],irib.v. to put to flight. 

a^pl. fesedon. 975D. 
fetmr, isbj'.str. a fetter, pi. (feteres) 

fetian, wk.v. to fetch, to bring. 

p.8g. fette. 1049C. p. i68b. ppl. 

(faettan) 1006E. p. 137 m. fetton. 

fif, num. five. Generally undeclined. 

fif wucan. 910A. 887E. 11 24. fif 

|)U8end. 654E. but, burga fife, the 

five (Danish) boroughs. 942A. cf. 

937A. p. io8h. feower hund . . . 

oBSe fife. 1055C. p. i86h. dat. 

ftfiim. 897 A. p. 90b. 
fifta, num. adj. fifth. 827*. dai.m. 

-tan. 1016D. p. 151b./. mo. 
fif-tig, num. fifty. 963E. p. 117b. 

1028E. gen. -ga. 605E. 
fif-tyne, num. fifteen, f iftene. 1070 

E. p. 205 b. 
findan, stv. to find, to provide, 

contrive. 1046E. 41 8A. (-don) E. 

(-den) 656E. p. ^ fand. 963 

E. p. 115 b. 1137 p. 265h. funde. 

1050D. p. i7oh. 1 07 2 A. 

fundon. 91 7A. -dan. M. 166. p.p. 

funden. 918A. pi. (-na) 11 20. 
flng^r, bb.m.%tr. a finger, dot. -gre. 

656E. p. 31 L -gra. M. 

ffirgen-stream, sh.m.str. a moun- 
tain stream, pi. -mas. M. 280. 
(firrer), comp.culj. former (cf. Icel. 

fyrr, fyrri). 1131. 
fisc, sb.m.8tr. fish. M. 259. pi. fix- 
as. 1046C. 
fla, sh.f.str. an arrow, dat. fla. 

1 100. cf. flan, 
fl&sc, 8}).n.8tr. flesh. (flee) 1137 

p. 264 b. 
flffisc-mete, 8b.m.8ir. flesh -meat, 

meat, (fl^sc-) 1 1 31. 

flan, t^.fMr. an arrow. doL -ne. 
1066C. ad fin. 

fl§am, 8b.m,8tr. flight. 993E. 998E. 
da4. -me. 447*. 937 A. p. 108 L 
on fleam gebrengan, to put to 
flight. 1006E. p. i37h. 

fl§o, V. fl^c. 

fl^ogan, 8t.v.i7Uran8. to fly, take to 
flight. p.8g. fleah. loioE. gub 
fin. (fleh) 1 140. (fleig) 1016F. p. 
150. flugon. 457*. 894A. 
p. 85L 999E. (flugen -gsen) 1137 
pp. 264b. 265 1. pre8, part,pl. 
-gende. 793E. v. f^lan. 

fleon, 8t.v.tran8. to fly from, to 
escape, avoid. pre8.8g. (flucth) 
473^- {for : flyh»., flugon. 

floco, 8h.m.8tr, a 'flock,' a company. floccum. 894A. p. 84L 
floc-m&lum, adv. in companies or 

troops. 1 01 1 CD. 
floo-rad, 8h.f.8tr. a riding company, 

a troop. acc.8g. -de. 917A. dat. 

pi. -dum, in troops. 894A. p. 

fl6d, 8h.m.8tr. tide, flood. 897A. p. 

91 h. 937A. p. 108L 1031A. 1 1 25. 

M. 263. 
iiot, 8b,n.8tr. deep water, the sea. 

ace. 93 7 A. p. 108I. dat. on flote, 

afloat. 1072E. p. 2o7h. 
flota, 8b.m.wk. a fleet. 975E. 1014 

E. gen, dat. flotan. 904A. 937A. 

p. 108L 1013R adinit. 

-tan. ih. p. I44h. 
flotian, wk.v. to float. pre8.parl. 

-tigende. 1031A. 
fflowan, 8t.v. to flow. M. 280. 
flyman, fl§nian, wk.v. to expel, 

banish. p.8g. flymde. 1051C (flemden) 1 131 p. 262 1. 

1 1 38. p.p. (flemd) 1 1 29 ad fin. 

with prep.p.8g. fit flemde. 725K 
foda, 8b,m,wk. food, ace, -an. 994F. 
foddor, t^.n.8tr. fodderi provender. 

1075D. ad fin. 
folo, 8h.n.8tr, folk, people. 921 A. 

p. 102 h. 793R gen, -ces. 878*. 

1 131 ad Jin. (foces) 675E. ckZ^w. 

dat, -ce. 963E. p. 115b. 1042E. 

1 1 00 p. 236h. -ca. 1086 

p. 221I. M. 135., -cum. 

M. 54. -can. 1 1 19. 



ffolo-bealo, sb.n,str, a popular or 
public execution. M. 125. 

folo-fi^feoht, ^.n.8tr. a general en- 
gagement, pitched battle. nom,pl. 
871* sub Jin. 887*. 

folc-ni£liiin, a<2v. inbands. loiiE. 
but the true reading is probably 
floc-m^lum, q.v. 

j^olO'Stede, bb,m.str, a ' folk-place/ 
place of meeting, battle-field. 
dat. 937A. p. 108 b. 

ffolde, sh.f.wk. earth, ground. 
gen,dat, foldan. 975 A. p. 120 m. 
M. 15. 114. 

folgalS (i), folgdS (2), sKm.str. a 
following, retinue (comitatus) ; 
hence : office, dignity ; and so : 
jurisdiction, district, earldom 
(comitatus). 1048K p. 173 m. (i) 
(comitatum sunm F. Lat.) dat. 
'fSe, t6. p I74t. (2). 

folgian, wk.v. to follow. 755* pp. 
48-9 1. 1086 p. 221 m. p.8ff, fol- 
gode. 1061E. -gade. 1086 p. 2 19 1. (folecheden) 1140 p. 267t. 

fon, stv. to take. 1016E. p. i5oh. 
to meet with. p.8g. feng sttIS we- 
der. 105 2D. p. I76h. fon td rtce, 
etc. of succession to the throne, 
or any other office, passim . "With- 
out any case expressed, feng Wulf- 
gar to, W. succeeded. 989E. also 
of marnage, feng td Xaries doh- 
ter. 852. 854E.oftakingposse8sion 
of places, etc. 910E. p^. feng* 
passim, (fbng) 740K fen- 

gon. S^S** ^**^j» \^^ ^^ ^ gaAe 
fengon, that they should receive 
tribute. 1002E. p.p. (fenge) 995 
F. p. 1 28 1. with on, to attack, p. 
pl.sul)j. on hwam hi fengon. 1085 
p. 2i6h. sup. heom on t6 fonne. 
icx>9E. p. 139I. fengon t6 ])am 
cynge ... on fultume, = were 
on the side of the king. 1087 p. 
223b. V. to-gaedere. 
for, prep.accdat.inst. for, because 
of, owing to; for ege, for fear. 
823*. 975D. in reganl to. 959E. 
1 100. in the place of, equivalent 
to, as. 675E. p. 36 m. 1013E. p. 
144b. 11^0 ad fin. for s68, as 
truth, * for sooth.* M. 297. in ex- 
change for. 1 140 p. 267 h. on 

behalf of. 1131 ad fin. of time; 

for, during. 1041C. in spite of. 

1006E. preceding the supine ; 

for t6 (hauene), for to have, in 

order to have. 1127. (frequently 

wri tten jfar in F. and a.) 
for, conj, for, because, (far) 995 F. 

p. 130 m. 1 1 23. 1 1 25. 1 140. for 

]>et, because that . . . 1080D. 

(shortened fcom forSy, for])aBm 

8fe, q.v.) 
fSr, sbjf.str, a journey, a course. 

ace. fdre. 1004 E. 1009 E. 4). 

foran, prep. adv. in firont, before, 

in the presence of. 894A. ad fin. 

89 7 A. p. 90 1. 1042E. cf. on-foran, 

foTan-t6, prep.dat. before. 918A. 

for-bseman, wTcv. to burn, consume 

by fire, p.sff. -nde. 685A. 1009E. 

p. i39t. (-beamde) 11 22. 

-ndon. 694*. (-bearndon) 779E. 

1052 E. p. i8ot. p.p. -ned. 687 

A. -nd. 947D. 1070E. p. 207 h. pi. 

(-beamde) 1086 p. 218 1. intrans. 

to be consumed by fire. p.8^. -nde. 

1070E. ad fin. (-bemde) 11 30. 
for-b^odan, stv. to forbid, pres. 

sg. ic -de. 675E. p. 36b. (-biede) 

656E. p. 33h. -bead. 1012E. 

1087 p. 223b. p.p. forboden. 1048 

E. p. 172 h. 
for-beoman, stv. to bum, be con- 
sumed by fire. p.s(/. forbam. 815 

E. 96 2 A. 1114H. forbom. 816A. 

forbeam. 1067E. (forbaem) 754A. forbumon. 1078D. ( -nen) 

1 1 23 ad fin. 
for-beran, stv, to forbear, abstain 

from,, (forbaren) 11 37 p. 

for-brocen, p. part, broken down, 

decrepit, (-ken) 11 27 p. 258 1. 
for-ceorfan, st.v. to cut off, * carve * 

off. forcurfon. 79 7 A. -an. E. 
for-oursed, p.part. utterly ac- 
cursed. ( -s»d) 1 1 37 p. 265 h. 
ford, a ford. p. 5E. dat. 

forda. 894A. p. 85 1. 
for-deman, tok.v, to condemn, 

sentence. p.sff. -mde. 1076D. ad 




for-don, sUv, to undo, destroy. 1013 
E. p. I44h. p.8g. fordyde. 986E. 
p,pl. (fordiden) 870E. fordydon. 
999E. ^an. 633E. p,p, ford6n. 
963E. p. 115 b. 1090. 1 137 p. 

for-drifan, st.v, to drive away, 
expel. p,8g, fordraf. 92 7E. 
fordrifon« 954E. -an. 95 2E. fordrifene. 1086 p. 21 8 1. 

fore, prep, v. fore-sceawian. 

fore-beaoen, 8h,n,8tr» an omen, pro- 
digy. nom,pL -becen. 793E. 

fore-be-gan, st.v. to intercept. p,p. 
-gan. I009E. p. 139I. 

fore-genga, sKm.wJc, a predecessor. 
1086 p. 219I. 

fore-gisel, 8b,m,8tr. a chief host- 
age, or a preliminary hostage. 
accpl, -slas. 877*. 878A[gt8la8 E]. 
f/en,pl. -sla. 894A. ad init, 

f fore-gleaw, adj. provident, fore- 
seeing, pl.'we. M. 165. 

ffore-mfere, a^lj. very £Eunous. 
pi. M. 190. 

fore-sceawian, wk.v. to fore-show, 
provide, pres. 8uhj. God scawe 
fore. 1 1 27 ad Jin. p.8g. -wode. 
1067D. p. 201 1. 

fore-8ceawung,8b.yi8<r. providence. 
dat. -ge. 1067D. p. 201 1. 

fore-secgan, wk.v. to foretell, to 
announce. p,8g. -s^de. 1087 p. 
223 1. 

fore-sittan, st.v. to * sit before,' to 
preside over, P'Sg. -saet. 1050D. 

fore-sprecen (A,D), for- (E),^. 
part fore-spoken .afore-said. (-con) 
1 1 30.«om. w. wAr. -na. 885*. (-cenda) 
loioE. /. -ne. 1067D. p. 202 h. 
(foren-) 1 128. (forensprecone) 
656E. p. 31 h. pi. forsprecene. 656 

E. p. 33h. (forenspraecena) 1070E. 
p. 207 h. (forsprecon) 11 30. 

fore-weard (i), -ward (2), 8b.f.8tr. 
agreement, covenant, (forewyrd^ 

F. p. 3n. 1 103 (i). (-warde) 
1094. ace. -de.ih. (2). ^e»-de. 1093 
(2). dat. -de. 852E. (i). 1094 ^2). 
pi. -da. ib. (2). 1 109 (i). (tor- 
uuardes) 1 140 suhjin. (-de) 
1093 p. 228t. (2). 

fore-weard, ctdj\ 'forward,* early, 

first. M.6. on -dne Bumor, early 

in summer. 91 3C. pi. -de. 1095. 

dat, pi, on -dum Danieles dagum, 

early in D.'s time. 709*. 
fore-witigian, wh.v^ to prophesy, 

foretell, p.p. -gad. 47E. 
fore-witol, adj. fore-knowing, 

prescient. nom.m,iok, -la. 1067 

D. p. 201 1. 
for-faran, stv, (i) to pass away, 

to perish, p-sg. forfSr. 1091 p. 

220 b. p,pl, forf6ron. 9io£. -ran. 

iog6subfin,p,p,foTfATen. I025£. 

1041E. pi. -ne. i05oD« p. 169I. 

(ii) to cause to perish, to destroy. 

p,8g.8ubj, forfore. 1052C.D. pp. 

for-faran, st.v, to get in front 

of, obstruct. p,pl, forforon him 

pone mtitJan foran, obstructed the 

mouth in front of them. 89 7 A. 

p. 90 b. 
for-feran, wk.v. to pass away, 

perish. -rde. 1016F, 1030. 

C. 1 05 2D. p. 176 m. 1098. 

-rdon. 1070D. p. 212 m. 
for-fieon, v, for-leon. 
for-gan, wk.v. to forgo, lose. p.8g. 

subj, (forgede) 11 29 p. 260 1. 
for-gengel, sb.m.8tr. predecessor. (forgengles) 963E. p. 

for-gifan, -gyfan, st.v. to give, tu 

grant, give in marriage ; to re- 
mit, forgive. p.8g, forgeaf 925D. 

1052E. p. i83h. 1103. I no. 

pre8.part.dat.abs, Gode forgyfen- 

dum. 91 3C. p.p. forgifen. 718*. 

So : t6 wife forgyfen. 1 1 2 1 . (-fan) 

1014E. 1122. 
for-gife-ness, sh.f.str. indulgence, 

forgiveness, ace. -se. 1086 p. 

221 L (forgiuenesse) 675E. p. 

36I. 963E. p. Ii7t. 
for-gitan, st.v. to forget, sup. to 

forgytane. 1086 p. 22oh. 
ffor-grindan, st.v, to grind to 

pieces, p.p. forgrunden. 937B.C. 

fergrunden. A. p. I09t. 
for-gyldan, st.v. to pay for. 

-guidon. 1039E. p.p, -golden. M. 

for-gyrdan, wk.v, to enclose, en- 
circle, P'Sg* -de. 189 B.C. 




for-hfiefed-ny88^«&./.8^r. continence. 

dot, -se. 1067I). 
for-healdan, v. for-helan. 
for-helan, st.v, to cover over, con- 
ceal, protect. ? ^.J9. forholen. 1137 

p. 265b. ? hit (forheol) naht, 

it protected him not, availed not. 

1 1 14 p. 245 h. or (more probably) 

for : forheold, though the usual 

sense of for-healdan is ' to restrain.' 

cf. be-healdan. 
for-hergian, wk,v. to harry, ravage., -gode. 68 7E. 1068E. (-geada) 

A., -gedon. 686 A. -godan. 

E. -godon. 887*aJ^». p.p. -god. 

980C. 1069D. (-hsBrgod) io7oE. 

ad fin, pi. -gode. 1013E. ad fin. 
for-hra]?e, adv. very quickly, soon. 

92 1 A. p. 102 h. b. 
for-hwan, for-hwy, conj. *for 

why,' wherefore, (really for with 

the inst. neut. of hwa) forhwi 

656E. forhwan. 1 104. 1 1 10 ad fin. 

cf. for-])aBm, for-)>y. 
for-hynan, wJc.v. to outrage, treat 

with iudignity. -nde. 1068D. 
for-l^dan, wh.f). btclettm, to lead 

astray. -l^dde. p. 5E. 
for-l&tan, st.v. lietlagsen, (i) to re- 
linquish, forsake, (-ton) 616E. 

(-leton) lb. (-laeten) 1 129 p. 26ot. (forlet) 1086 p. 2i9t. 

forlet. 885A. 937A. p. 108 b. 

1043E. 1090. (forlait) log^ 

forleton. 885E. 921A. p. loi h. 

1087 ad fin. (-laton) 948 D. p.p. 

-laeten. 11 30. (ii) to allow, permit. 

p.8g. forlet. p. 5E. 
for-leon, 1086 p. 221 1. probably /or 

-fleon, to fly from, avoid ; or for- 

Istan, q.v. 
for-leosan, st.v. to lose, destroy. 

p.8g. -leas. 1076E. (-l^s) 112 7 p. 

25 7 1. (-les) 1 1 40. -luron. 

1 1 01. p.8g.8ulj. -lure. 81 A. p.p. 

-loren. 1137 p« 264 1. (-loron) 

1131 p. 262 h. 
forma, o^;. fir8t,earliest. M. 9. 1104. 

1 109. ^en.n.c2a^.m. -man. 685E. 

870F. p. 283b. 1 1 10. (-me) 1 1 31. 
foT-neah, adv, very nearly, almost. 

1097. I'loo. (fomeh) 11 17. (for- 

n^h) 999E. 
for-niman, tt.v^ to take away, 

waste, destroy, -numene. 

for-oft, adv. very often. 1 104. 
for-ridan, st.v. to ride before, to 

intercept. 894A. ad fin. p.fg- 

forrad. 894A. p. 85 1. 
for-sacan, st.v. to object| refuse, 

forsake., fors6c. 1037C. 

1070A. forsocan. 1066E. 

p. I97h, 
ffor-sendan, wk.v. to send away, 

banish, p.p. forsend. 1057D. 
foT-a^n, st.v. I)et0d)m, to overlook, 

despise, look down on. p^pl. 

fors^won. 911 A. p.p. forsewen. 

975A. p. 120I. (forsegon) 1066 

E. p. I99h. 
for-sltS, sh.m.str. departure, death. 

dat. -tJe. 1036E. II 10. V. fortS-si5. 
for-slean, st.v. to strike violently, 

break, slay. p.p. forslegen. p. 

io8m. (B). pi. (forslaegene) 882A. 
for-speldon, v. for-sw^lan. 
for-spreoen, v. fore-sprecen. 
forst, sb.m.8tr. frost, dat. -te. M. 

205. 1046C. mo. 1115. 
foT-standan, st.v. to avail, profit. 

p.8g. forstdd. 1129. 1140 p. 267 h. 

p.sffMit^.. imestode. 1066C. p. 196 

m. 1V25: 1 135. 
for-8w£lan, uh.v. to bum up. -Idon. 1006C.D. p. 137 w. 

(forspeldon E. wnm^y). 
for-swi1$e, adv. very mnch, -utterly. 

89 7 A. adinit. ful-swijje. B.C.D. 
for-sworen, p.part. perjured, for- 
sworn. 1137 p. 264t. (-suoren) 

tfe. p. 265 h. (-8w66m) 1080D. 

acc.m. -nne. 1094, 
toTp, adv. forth, forwards, con- 
tinuously, thenceforward. 534*. 

887*, 995F. p. 128I. 1052E. p. 

I78h. swa full*] swa fort$,as fully 

and continuously. 1052 CD. pp. 

1 80-1 1. fotS mid, together with. 

1070A. 1 106 ad Jin. 1114H. 

V. cuman. 
for-l>£ni« -bam, -1$an, -pen, conj. 

(i) thererore (really for with the 

dat. or inst neut. of se, for that 

reason). 1015E. ad fin. 1095. 

(ii) because (i.e. for the 

reason that, owing to the fact 

that). fcr))^m. 887A. fortSan 



)>et. E. for])xni ])e. 894A. p. 861. 

for))am ))e. lOoiA. forj)am. 1097. 

for])on. 1055K 658A. for]>an. E. 

for])an ])e. iioo. for]>on ])e. 

891 A. 
foi^-bringan, st.v. to bring forth, 

produce, pres.part -gende. 1086 

p. 2 1 81. 
foiK-byldinff, sb.fMr, emboldening, 

encouragement. 9Q9E. 
foi1$-faran, st.v. to depai*t, die. 'p.t^g, 

for))f6r. 57 lE. -faren, dead. 

685E. wib. Be -na. iioi. 855 

foi^-feran, xtUcc. to depart, to die, 

perish, 'p^g, -rde. passim, (ford- 

feorde) 1 140 (forSfyrde) 1077E. 

p,pl. -rdon. 838*. -rdun. 661 A. 

V. feran. 
fozlS-gan, to go forth, take the field. 

1075E. p. 211 h. 
foiV-ge-faran, 8t.v. to go forth, 

depart, die. p.p. -ren. 1061E. dat, 

(abs.) -renum. 560E. 
ffoiV-ge-sceafb, 8h.f.8tr. the future. 

foi^-ge-witan, st.v, to go forth, to 

die. p.p. (-witon) 963E. p. 1 1 7 1. 
foxISiaii, tok.v, to further, send for- 
ward, accomplish. 675E. p. 36 1. 

fozK-Iio, adj, forward, advanced. 

comp. -cor. 1066D. p. 201 b. 
foTbon^v. fur))um, for-])^m. 
foi^-stK, sb.m.str. departure, death. 

dat. -tJe. 616F. 992E. 
foi^-weard, adj. forward, ready. 

foi15wearde.999E. (Probably error 

for the comp. forCwerdre. C.) 
ffort$-weg, sh,m,str, departure, 

going. M.218. 
for-Uy, for-tK, for-1$ig, conj, for 

that, therefore, because. for)>i. 

1097. for^y ])e. 895 A. forSi ))et. 

963E. p. 115I. forjjig. 1087 p. 

223 m. V. for-))aBm. 
for-utan, prep, (ace.) dat, except, 

without. 1067D. p. 201 1. 1070E. 

ad Jin, -ton. 1122. 
for-weorlSan (i), -wurpan ^2), st,v, 

to come to nought, to pensh. 605 

E. (2) p,8ff, forwear]). 877*. 

forwurdon. 493*. mo ad Jin. 
for-weoi^e-ness (i), -wozVe-ness 

(2), 8h^,8tr, periflhing, rain. ace. 
-se. 1103 (i). -BA, 1 105 (2). 

for-wregan, tck.v. to accuse. p.8g. 
-gde. 1009E. -gdon. 1048 
E. p. I74h. p.p. -ged. 952I). 
1069D. ad Jin. 

foT-wundian, wk.v. to wound 
seriously, -dode. 882*. 

for-wyrcan, wk.v. (i) to barricade, 
obstruct. 896A. p.p, forworht. 
90 1 A. pi. -te. D. (ii) to ruin, 
destroy, forfeit. (reflex.) 
forworhte hine. 1050D. p. 169 h. 

for-wyrd, 8h^f.n.str. fate, ruin, per- 
dition, da^. -de. 105 2D. p. 

for-wyman (i), -wieman (2), 

-weoman (3), -weman (4), wk.v. 

to refuse, oppose; to keep back 

from, prevent (with gen. of the 

thing, and dat, of the person). 

896 A. ^2). p.8g. -nde. 1046E. p. 

169 h. (3). 1048E. p. 172 h. (4). -ndon. 1046E. p. 166 h. 
ffostor-Iean, 8h.n.8tr. a reward for 

fostering or nurture. M. 152. 
fot, sh.m,8tr, foot. dat. (fote) 1070 

E. p. 205 1. 1 140 p. 267 1. pi. 

fet. 1 137 p. 264 h. fotan. 
fot-m^l, sh.n.str. a foot-measure, 

foot-space, pi. 1086 p. 21911. 
f6t-setl, 8h.n.str. a foot-stool, gen. 

-les. 105 3C. 
fot-spure, 8b.n.str, a foot>rest, a 

foot-support. 1070E. p. 205 1. 
fdSuT, 8h,n.8tr. a 'fother,' a loatl., fotJur. 85 2E. 

fotJra. ih. 
ffirsBtuwe, ornaments. M. 

207. dat. frsetwum. M. 259. 
fram (i), from (2), prep.dat. from; 

of place and persons, implying dis- 
tance, departure, separation from. 

875A. (1) E. (2). looiA. (i). (fra) 

656E. p. 30 1. 1 140 p. 267 b. of 

time. 6A. (2). nE. 973A. (i). 

of the agent, by. 430A. (2). E. 

(i). 625 A. (i). (tra) 963E. p. 

115 b. of derivation or descent 

from. 937A. ad init, (2).449E. (i). 

of naming, from or after, p. 5E. 

(2). placed after its case. 755A. 

(2) E. (i). pp. 48-9 m. iioiS (i). 



Adverbially or in composition, 

away. f5r fram. 921A. p. 102 1. 

f. ^on. 755 A. (2) E. (i). pp. 

48-9 m. 1106 (i).fram ji, from (the 

time) that. 11 27 ac^^n. with other 

prepp. and advs. fram geondan. 

I048E. p. 172 m. fram begeondan. 

1066C. f. begeonde. D. fram ofer 

8^. 1066D. p. 200 h. 
fira-ward, adv. (opposed to t6ward), 

away, backwards. 1127 p. 258 h. 
ffrea, Bh.m.iok, lord. gen. dot. 

frean. 973A. M. 205. 
ffrenunan, wk.v. (i) to do, effect. fremedon. M. 128. (ii) to 

avail, profit. p.8g. -mode. 105 7D. 
fremu, ^.f.8tr. profit, advantage. 

dat. freme. 1042F. 
freo, (idj. free. 675K p. 36 L 1086 

p. 221 h. 
freo-d6ni, 8b.m.8tr. freedom. 963E. 

p. ii6h. 
ffrSo-lio, adj. free, noble. 1065C. 

D. pp. 192-3 1. 

freo-Hce, adr. freely, nobly. 656E. 

p. 30 1. 963E. p. ii6m. 1065C. p. 

194 h. 
freon, wJc.v. to ft^e. 656E. p. 31 h. 

Tpres. ic freo. 963E. p. 1 16 m. 

fr^ode. 777E. p. pi, fr«odon. 963 

E. p. ii6h. 

fireond, sb.m.8tr. (i) a friend. 654E. 

656E. pi. fr€ond. 1046E. p. 

169 h. 1 129. (frend) 1135. ffen. 

pi. -da. 937 A. p. 108 b. 

-dan. 1 1 20. (ii) a lover. M. 277. 
freond-scipe, sh.m.str. friendship. 

694F. 943D. 1014E. -scype. 1052 

E. p. i83h. 
fretan, st.v. fressett) to eat, devour. frett (for freta^) 11 27 p. 

258 h. fraeton. 894D. ad Jin. 

p.p. freten. 894A. p. 87I. 
frettan, wk.v. to graze, ppl. fretton. 

894A. ad Jin, 
Fzige-dseg (i), Piig- (2). 8b.m.8tr. 

Friday. 1106(1). 11 16 (2). (Frt- 

dsig) 1 1 29. 
fW8, sh.m.str. txittit, peace, security, 

refuge. 906*. 959E.tryiS. S6l'E.gen, 

frit^es. 1004E. 1 095 ad Jin. dat. 

friSe. loiiE. 1094 p. 229I. of 

a person, almost = protector. 

823*. of. 921A. p. I03t. V. gtifS. 

friS'sX, 8h.m.8tr. oath of peace, pi. 

-atfas. 1012E. 
firipian, tok.v. (i) to give * friiS * to, 

to be at peace with, protect. 92 1 A. 

p. 103 m. 1093. p.8£f. -Sode. 

92 iF. p. 295. (ii) to makepeace 

with. 1CX54F. 
friS-land, sb.n.str, 'peace-land,' a 

land with which one is at peace. 

dat. -de. 1097 p. 234 1. 
frfS-Btdl (i), fty8- (2), 8h.m.8tr. 

* peace-stool,' asylum, safe quar- 
ters, dat. -le. 1006E.I). (2) 

C. (I). 
fflr6d, adj. wise, prudent. M. 1 35. 

instr. fr6de. M. 182. hence : aged. 

M. 66. 259. se fr8da. 937A. p. 

108I. 1065C. D. pp. 194-5 m. pi. 

frode. M. 18. 
frdfer, sbj.str. comfort, solace. (fr6- 

uer) 1089. dat. fr6ft«. M. 57. 

finima, sb.m.tok. beginning, author. 

975 A. p. 1 20 m. dat. -man. 33*. 

654E. 655A. 
frym]), sb.mj.8tr. beginning, dat. 

-))e. 6A. iiE. frim)>e. 616C. 
fugel, 8h.m.str. bogtl) a bird, ' fowl.* 

M. 270. pi. fugelas. 1046C. gen^ 

pi. fugla. 671*. 
ful, adj. foul. 1 1 37 p. 264 h. 
full, adj. full, complete, utter. 1013 

E. p. 144 h. 1036E. ad Jin, 1104. 

mo. ful. 1 1 37. nom.n.wk. -le. 

1004E. acc.m.8tr. -Ine. 1013E. 

1048E. p. 174 m. wh. -Ian. F. 

datm.n.str. -lum. 91 7A. 1016E. 

-Ian. 1013E. dat. /.sir. -Ire. ih. -le. 85 2 K 1106. fulle 

six wucan, six whole weeks. 1087 

p. 224 h. 
ftill, adv. fully, entirely, very. 1036 

C. ad fin. 112^ ad Jin. ful cuS, 

thoroughly known. 11 27 ad fin. 

V. forts. 
foll-fsestnian, kJc.v. to ratify fully. (fulfeostnodon) 675K p. 

37 h- 

full-ge-w&pned, p.pari. fully- 
armed, pi. -wepnede. 1083. 

fullian, fulwian, wk.v. to baptize. fullode. 639E. fulwade. A. 

ful-Iio, adj. full 785C. (piobably 
wrong reading). 



ful-lioe, ctdv, entirely, completely. 

1013F. p. 144 M. 105 2E. sub fin. 
fall-n§ah, ful-, adv. very nearly, al- 
most. 897A. p. 90m. ii27p. 257 

b. 540 A. (-neh) E. fullneah. mo. 
full-rice, ful-, adj. very rich, 870E. 
fall-swipe, v. for-swiCe. 
fuUuht (i), fulwiht (2), fulwuht 

(3), «b.n.8^r. baptism ; andhencBy 

Christianity. 634A. (3) E. Ti). 

663*. (2). gen. -tes. 167E. (i). 

604B. C. (2\ dat. -te. 601 A. (2) 

E. (I). 661*. 878* (2). 942A. (i). 
fulluht-nama, 8b.m.toJe. baptismal 

name. 890*. 
f ftillaht-tid, 8h.f.8tr. baptism-tide. 

fulwiht-tiid. M. 11. 
ftill-w&pnod, p.part. fully armed. 

pi. -wepnode. 1070E. p. 207 h. 
full-wyrcan, ich.v. to fulfil. P' 

ftdlworhte. 1109. 
ftUtum (i), fultom (2), 

ai4) help, reinforcements. 921 A. 

p. loih. 999E. 1097 ad fin. (i). 

gen. -mes. 911 A. 443E. (i) a. (2). 

dat. -me. 449*. 920A. 852E. 601 

E. (1) A. (2). 
fultumian, wk.v. to help, 

(with J'ui. sense), we -miaS. p. 3 

E. p.8£f. -mode. 836A. 

-medon. 868E. pres.part.dat.ahs. 

Gode fultomiendum, by God's 

help. 797 A. fultumgendum. 917C. 
fundian, wJc.v. to set forth, intend, 

hasten, -dade. 1085. -dode. 


fundung, 8b.f.8tr. setting forth, de- 
parture, dat. -ge. 1 106. 
ftir-lang, 8b.n.8tr. a furlong, genjpl. 

-ga. 897A. p. 91 1. 
fui^or, adv. of place and time; 

further. 1039E. 1043E. M.33. 125. 

f. nihtes, later on in the night. 

furpum (i), furVon (2), forpon (3), 

adv, even, just, at first. 896A. (i). 

491 A. (3)B.C.(i) (for)>eu) E. loio 

E. (2) fyrSon. C. 1085 p. 216 1. (2). 
ffuB, adj. ready, eager. M. 218. 
fyician, wk.v. to assemble folk, to 

collect wr marshal troops. p.8g. 

-cade. 1066C. p. 197 b. 
fyiigian^ iok.v. to follow. p.8g. -gde. 


fyll, i).m.8tr. fall, de8traction.i056C. 
fyilan, wTc.v. to fill,, (fylden) 

1 137 p. 264 1. 
fyist, 8&/.? m.str. help. gen. fylstes. 

1048D. dat. on fylste beon, to 

help. 1050D. p. 169 m. 
fylstan, wlc.v, to help, support (with 

^a^.). 1046E. p. i69t. j>.«^. fylste. 

f^, fir, 8h.n.8tr. fire. fyr. 473A. 

1032E. 1070E. fir. 1 1 22. 1 131. 

gen. fyres. 979C. dat, tyre. 9Q4E. 
fyrclian, wJc.v. to flash, to flicker. 

pre8.part. -liende. 11 06. 
fyrd (i), flpd (2), fierd (3), ferd (4), 

8h.f.8tr. {masc. 1068. 1079E.) a 

going, expedition ; hence, military 

service ; and 80, the (national) 

army or militia, the ' fyrd.' nom. 

894A. ad fin. (2). looiR (i). 

1 1 40 p . 2 68 1. (4) . (fyrde) 9 48D. 

999E. 1095 p. 231 1. (faerd) 

1 1 40 p. 268 1. (furde) 1066C. 

ad fin. ace. fierd. 827. 828A. fird. 

905A. (feord) 1066E. p. 198 h. 

1 140 p. 267 m. ace. -de. 91QA 

(2). 993E. (i). 605E. (4) (fserde) 

a. dat -de. 823A.(3) E. (4). 851 

E. 99 3 A. (i). V, here, 
fyrdian, fierdian, wk.v. to go on an 

expedition. p.8g. fyrdode. 835E., fierdedon. 894A. p. 86 1. 

fyrdedon. 443 a. (feordodan) E. 
fyrding, sKf.str. (i) a hosting, an 

expedition. 1006C.D. 1094 p. 

229 1. da^.-ge. 1006 E. 1016D. 

(fyrding) E. ace. fyrdung. 1056 C. 

(ii) tbe right of exacting military 

service, ace, (feording) 675 E. 

p. 36 h. V. here. 
fyrd-Igas (i), fierd- (2), adj. *fyrd- 

less,' unprotected by the fyrd. 

894A. p. 84I. (2). 
fyrd-stemn (i), fird- (2), sh.m.8tr. 

term of military service ; hencCy 

the body of men which serves 

such term. 921 A. p. 103 1 (2). 
fyren, adj. fiery, pi. -ne. 793K 

(-na) 926D. 
fyrmest, 8up.adj. foremost, first. 

1086 p. 220 h. pLwh, ]^ -tim. 

995F.P. 128I. 
fyrmest, sup. adv, at firsts most, 

best. 1053 CD. pp. 180-1I. 



ffym, adv, formerly, anciently. 

M 190. (conjectured by Grein in 

M. 101). 
•j-fym-geap. sb.n,pl,str. bygone 

years, dat, -rum. M. 244. 
fyrtlt (i), first (2), adj, first. 963 E. 

ad init (^i). nom.f.wk. -te. 1128 

€id fin. (2). 
^Tst (i), first (2), adv, in the first 

place, firstly. 963 E. p. 116 b. (i). 

656 E. p. 31b. 1125(2). 
^Tst (i), first (2),fer8t (3), sKm.8tr. 

ftist, a space of time, time. 

915D. (i). 1004E.918A. (2). 942C. 

(3). dat. -te. 1052 D. 
fy]>er-zioe, sb.n.8tr. a tetrarchy, or. 

•rica, sb.m.wk. a tetrarch. dat. 

pi. -cum. 1 2 C. fe])er- B. (the 

original reading in S. was feo- 

Jwricum ; feoSericmu. W.) v. 



gad(e)riaxi, tok.v. to gather, collect. 

1009 E. ad fin, 1052 D. p. 175 h. 

p.8g, -rode. 1117. -dorodon. 

1052 D. p. 176 b. p.p. -red. 11 37. 

8up. td -rienne. 1016 E. -rigenne. 

gadering, sb.f.str. a gathering, 

assembly. 11 37. 
gSBiraxnD.,sb.m.n.str. and gSBrsuzna, 

garsiuna, sb.m.wk. a jewel, trea- 
sure, honorary gift, ace, -an. 995 E. 

p. 130 m. & 1. 1078 D. pi. ger- 

Buman. 1047E. gsersaman. 1035D. 

(gersumas) 1070E. p. 205b. (-me^ 

ib. p. 207 t. (gersumes) 1128. (-ma; 

(gersuma) 1035C. 1090. (ger- 

sume) 1 128. (gersuma) 

1076 E. 
g£sne, adj. barren, sterile. 11 16. 
gafol, 8h.n.8tr. tax, tribute. 99 lE. 

1018E. (gafle) 675 E. p. 36h. 

(gaule) 656 E. p. 31 h. dat. 

g^e. 1002 E. 1 100. gafole. loii 

tgamol (i), gomol (2), adj. old. M. 

i'gamol-feax, adj. ' old-haired,' 

hoary-headed. 975 A. p. 120I. 
gan, 8t.v, to go. 616 E. 1006 E. p. 

137 h. pre8.8g. g£8. p. 2. A. 

755* PP- 48-9^- («a») 656 E. 

p. 30b. p.8g. ^ode. 775*. 885*. 
(g^de) 1137 P* 26411. (i^de) 
1 140 p. 267 1. ^don. 
775* PP- 48-9 «i. (geodon) 
1070 E. (geden) %b. p. 207 1. 
(i^don) 1123. (ieden) 11 37 p. 
264 b. with prepp. from, fram 
eodon. 755* pp. 48 - 9 1. 6odon 
inn. 1083. 6p . . . ^odan. looi 
E. {reflex.) eodon him . . . iip. 
997 E. iitgan. 1083. 

tganet (i), ganot (2), 8b.m.8tr. 
a gannet. gen. -tes. 9 75 A. p. 
120I. (2) R (i). V. baetJ. 

gangan, 8t.v. to go, to march. M. 
113. 274. pres.8g. -geS. M. 202. 
j^68.par^.gangende. 1097. mo. rt- 
dende "] g. on horse and foot. 1 114. ridendra manna ") gan- 
gendra, of horse and foot. 1085. 

gang-dagas, sb. m.p 1. 8tr. * perambu- 
lation days, ' Bogation days. 89 2 A . 
dat. -gum. 921 A. ad iniL gan- 
dagum. 1016E. p. 149 1. gong- 
dagan. 1061D. 

't'gar, 8h.m.8tr. a spear, dart. M. 
254. dai. pZ.garum. 937A. p.io6b. 

fgar-mitting, 8b.f.8tr, meeting of 
spears, battle, gen, -ge. 93 7 A. 
p. io9h. 

gast, 'ghost,' spirit. 1065 
CD. pp. 192-31. heo hire gast 
ageaf, gave up the ghost. 1093 
p. 228 m. pi. -tas. M. 293. 

gast-lio, adj. 'ghostly/ spiritual. 
pl.wJc. -can. 1056 CD. 

ge, conj. both, and. ge . . . ge, both 
. . . and. 835*. ge . . . T gac. 
947D. cf. ^gtJer. 

ge-&rendian, wk.v. to perform one'a 
errand, to speed, p.p. ge^mdod. 
995 F. ad fin. 

'f-ge-aepele, adj. due by birth, 
natural, suitable. 937 A. ad init. 

ge-agnian, ge-ahnian, wk.v. to 
make good one's claim to, to 
appropriate. p.8g. geahnode. 1028 
E. -nade. D. geagenede. F. 

fgealga, galga, 8b.m.wh. a gallows, 
the cross, dat. galgan. M. 86. v, r6d. 

gealgian, v. ealgian. 

geamene, f>. gyman. 

ge-an-bidian, wlc.v. to abide, wait. 
p.8g. -dode. 1066 B. p. 200 h. 

Z 2 



ge - anosuxnian, wk.v. to make 
anxious, vex, distress, p.p. -med. 
1093 p. 228 h. 

gSan-fser, 8l.n,str, a going again, 
return, gen. (-fares) 11 19 ad 

ge-an-wyrde, a^*.known, confessed, 
he \f8sa g. wses, he confessed it. 
1055 E. [gewyrde F.] 

tg§ap, adj. broad, ample. M. 255. 

geap-scipe, sb.n.str. craft, cunning. 
1086 p. 220 m. 1090. 

gear, ger, sb.n.str. [seems masc. 
91 8C. ] a year. 869*. (g^r) 1 1 25. 
1 135. gen. geares dseg, New 
Year's Day. 1096. dat. geare. 
866* & passim, gere. 924 A. & 
fq. (geara) 687 E. (g^re) 1 135. 
a^cpl. gear. 860* & passim, g^r. 
895 A. g^ara. p. 3E. 
105 2D. (g^ra) 200 a. 
gearon. 1041 C. -ran. 1095 ad Jin. geruni used adverbially 
= formerly. M. 10. of 
point of time. J^aes geares. 871* 
&passim. geres. 921A. p. io3h. 
(gseres) 1 1 25. of duration of time : 
ealles geares.1117. 

gearoian, wk.v. to make ready, 
prepare, p.ggr. -code. 109 1 p. 226 I. 

geard, sh.m.8tr. an enclosure,' yard *; 
and hence f a habitation, home. 
M. 109. dat. -de. 1005 C. 

geard, sh.f.str. a stake, stick, faggot. -da. 85 2 E. 

fgear-dagas, days of 
yore, da^.p^. -gan. M. 117. 

ge-arian, toJc.v. to have mercy on, 
to pity. pres. subj. geare. 11 28. 

geamung, v. gymung. 

gearo, adj. ready. 755* pp. 48- 
9h. gearu. 1009 E. p, 139 1. 
8 74 A. (georo) geare. E. . (gare) 
656 E. p. 30 1. dat.f.wJe. (^gar- 
wan) 1006E. gearwan. CD. nom. 
j>l.m. & n. gearwe. 999 E. 1014 
E. ( cf. Shakspeare, y a r e , 

tgearwe, sh.f.pLstr. vesture, cloth- 
ing, dat. -wum. M. 76. 

ge-asoian (i), ge-axian (2), iok.v, 
to learn by asking. 1064 E. (2). 

■ geEcsian 1065D. -ode. 
753 A. (i). 1071E. (2). -ade, 911 

A. (i). geahsode. V., -odon. 
loioE. (2). 

gSa, ia, ado.*ye&,* yes. ia. 1067D. 
p. 201 1. 

geat, t;. gyt. 

geat, gat, 8h.n.8tr. a gate, door, 
opening. 942 A. dat. gate. 1006 
E. geate. 1070 E. geatu. 
901 A. gatu. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 
& 1. gatum. 917 C. 

g^atan, wk.r. to say yea, consent, 
grant, (g^ten) 675 E. pres. ic 
geate. 656 E. p. 33 h. 963 E. p. 
116 h. ic (g^tte) 675 E. p. 37 1. 
(iete) ib. geatte. 1066 £. 
ad Jin. (i^tte) 11 27 p. 258 h., g^atton. 963 E. p. ii7h. 
(getton) 656 E. p. 32 b. (geotton) 
ib. p. 33t. (ietten) ife. p. 31b. 

fgeatwe, sh.f.pLstr. arms, trap- 
pings, dat. -wum. 1065 CD. 
pp. 194-5 h. 

geat-weard, sb.m.str. a ' gateward,* 
porter, (iateward) 656 E. p. 31 b. 

ge-axian, v. ge-ascian. 

i'ge-b&daii, tok.v. to force, compeL 
p.p. (gebMed) 937 A. p. 108 1. 
geb^ded. B.C.I). 

ge-b&re, sh.n.str. bearing, gesture. -rum, -ron. 755* pp. 48-9h» 
perhaps «' cries. 

ge-bedda, sh.f.wk. consort, wife. 
dat. (gebeodan) 965F. 

ge-b§d, sb.n.str. gehet, prayer, 
request. 189 W. (= 167 A.) p. 293. 

ge-b§gan, v. ge-bygan. 

ge-beodan, st.v. (i) to order, com- 
mand, p.p. geboden. M. 32. (ii) to 
offer. p.8g. gebead. 755 A. p. 48 h. & 
m. p.p. geboden. 755* pp. 48-^ L 

(ge-beon), p.part. been. 1096. 

ge-beorh. S.n.str. defence, protec- 
tion. M. 270. dat. -rge. 189 E. 

ge-beorgan, st.v. to protect, defend. 
(with dat.) 1006 E. ad Jin, 
gebearh. 1052 C. 

ge-beran, st.v. (i) to bear, bring 
forth, p.p. geboren, bom. 381** 
855 A, io8o E. t8 g. bom there- 
to. 887 A. (ii) to bear, to carry, 
p.p. geboren. 3F. 

ge-betan, wh.v, to improve, repair, 
to make amends, or *b5t.' 922-3A. 
pres.6uhj. -te. 1085 p. 217 1. p.»g. 



gebette. 921A. p. loi b. 975 A. 
ad fin. 1087 p. 223 1. p.8g.8ubj, 
ge1]^tte. 1050 D. p. 169 b. p,pl, 
gebeton. 948D. 

ge-bidan, st.v. to abide, meet with, 
experience. M. 249. pres^g. -de©. 
M. 244. gebad. 1065C.D. 
ad fin, p. pi, gebidan. 1061D. 

ge-biddan, st.v, to pray. 605 E. 
(-den) 656 E. sup, {reflex,) to 
gebiddenne hi. 448F. 

ge-bindan, st.v, to bind. p.8g, 
geband. 10490.0. pp. 168-96. 
p.p, gebunden. 50F. acc.m.-denne. 
796*. 1036 C. 

fge-bland, sh.nMr. mingling, com- 
motion, ace. 937 A. p. 108I. V, 

fge-blandan, st.v. to mix, mingle. 
p,p. -blanden. M. 273. 

tge-blendan, ivhv. to blind, 
geblende. 1076 D. ad fin, 

ge-bletfiian, wJc,v, to bless, con- 
secrate. p,p, gebl^tsod. 795 ^« 
1042E. -sad. 675E. p. 36I. 

ge-booian, w1c,v, to ' book/ to con- 
vey land by * book * or charter. -cude. 855 A. -cade. E. 

ge-bod, sh,n,str, command, order. 
901A. ad fin. M. 230., -du. 
901 D. 

ge-botad, p.par^. bettered, mended. 
]>a him g. wsbs, when he re- 
covered. 1093. 

ge-bredan. st.v. to draw, to weave ; 
and hence, to feign, pretend 
{refi,ex.). p.8g. gebr^d. 1003E. 
(-de) F. p.p. (gebroiden) inter- 
twined. 1 104. 

ge-brengan, tvk.v, to bring, 
gebrohte. 95 9E. 11 06. ge- 
br6hton. 896A, 1016E. p. I53h. 
-tan. 1006E. p. I37h. p.p. gebroht. 
1012E. 1 100. 

fge-brihtan, wk.v. to brighten, 
adorn, p.p. -ted. M. 137. 

ge-bringan, st.v. to bring. 952 D. 
1095 P- 231b. (-gon) 1015E. 
1 100 p. 236 m. 

ge-brocod, -ced, p.part. broken, 
afflicted. 89 7 A. ad init. pi, -cede. 
ib. -code. 978E. 

ge-bT6j>er (i), -tJra(2), sb.m.'pl.str. 
gebrulier, brothers, brethren. 937 

A. p. 109I. (1). 449 E. 1066E. p. 

I98h. (2). gen. -5ra. iioi. dai. 

-pran. 1063 D. 
ge-biigan, st.v, to bow, to submit ; 

to turn away, revolt, p,pl. gebu- 

gon. 901 A. 1097. -gan. iioi. 

(-gen) 1 1 19. p,p, gebogen. 904D. 

1013E. 1091. 
ge-byogan, wk.v. to buy, purchase, 

pay for. gebicgan. 1044C. gebic- 

gean. 1043E. -bicge. 

M. 278. _p.«gr. gebohte. 11 18. 

gebohtan. 978F. 1016E. p. I53h. 
ge-bygan, ge-bigan^ ge-bSgan, 

wJc.v, to cause to submit, to hum- 
ble, gebegean. lo^'j', -btgde. 

p. 74 n. (C.) gebipgdan. 1074 

D., gebegde. 942 A« 
ge-bygle, adj. submissive, obedient. 

1 1 05. pi. 1 091. 
ge-byrd-tid> sKfistr. birth-time. 

dat, -de. 973 A. gebyrtide. 1086. 
ge-byrian, wk,v. to belong, pertain, 

be fitting, -rede. 1036 C. 

-redon. 910E. 
ge-bytlu, sb.f. a building, generally 

indecl, but -byttlan. 1099. 
ge-ceosan, st,v, to choose, elect, ap- 
point. p,sg, geceas. 1041 E. 1061 E. 

geces. 921A. adfin, g2^A, p,pl, 

gecuron. 941 D. 1014E. (-rum) 

905D. -ran. 1 100 p. 236 1. p,p. 

gecoreu. 830*. iiig&fq. (-ron) 

890 a. (-ran) 1017A. 
ge-oigan, tvk.v. to name, to call. 

p.p. -ged. 984A. 
ge-oUensian, wk.v. to cleanse, 

purge, hine. . . gecllensode, 

cleared himself. 1022E. 
ge-clypian, iok.v. to call. p.p. -ped. 

552F. -pod. 1057D. 
ge-cnawan, st.v. to know,, 

(gecneaw) 99 5 F, ad init. 
ge-CT^elSan, -cueVan, st.r!. to say, 

to call, to agree, (gecw^t$an) 

1094 p. 22911. p.^. gecweden. 

456 E. -cueden. 455 A. 577 A. 

(-cweffen) 1014E. 
ge-ow§nie, adj. pleasing, agreeable. 

1 100. 
ge-oynde, adj. natural, native, 

fitting. 975E. 1014E. (-da) CD. 

a> -due. 975 A. p. i2oh. As a 

suhst. native land, natural in- 



heritance. (cf. icunde lond. Lay- 
amon, 22155) 1086 p. 220 1. (or 
this might be daU of gecynd, sh. 
f.n^tr. nature, = by natural right, 
right of birth.) 

ge*cyrran (i), -oirran (2), -cier- 
«"i (3)> -oerran (4), ieJc.v. (i) 
intrans. (a) to turn, return, be 
converted. 627 E (4). -rde. 
995F. ad Jin. (i). 616 E. {4) 
-rdon. 867 A. (2). E. (i). v. se. p,p. 
-red. lb, p. 130I. (i). (b) to 
submit. p,pl. -rdon. 835A. (3) 
E. (i). (ii) trans, (a) to turn back. 
p.pi. -rdon. 1091 p. 226 1. (i). p.p. 
-red. 1094 p. 229I. (i). (b) to 
reduce, make to submit, 
-rdon. 878 A. (c) to convert. p.8g. 
-rde. 565E. (i). 716 A. (3). 

ge-cy1$an, tvk.v, to make known, to 
show. -tJde. 994E. -cydde. 
1114. p.p. gecydd. io75E.gecy?Jd. 
1066 D. p. I97h. gecyCed. 1076 D. 
(gekyd) 1093. pi. -cydde. 641 E. 

ge-d&lan, wk.v, to divide, dis- 
tribute. p,s^. -Ide. 876*. p*pL 
-Idon. 877*. reflex, hie. . . hie 
-Idon, they separated. 718 E. 
-Idun. A. 

ge-deorf-siun. adj. troublesome, 
grievous. 1103. gedyrfsum. 1105. 

ge-don, stv, (i) to do, to make, 
effect. 994E. gedyde. 1 103. gedydnn. 11 17. p.p. ged6n. 
167 A. 979E. p. 117 1. 1043E. hu 
ged6n mann, what sort of man. 
1086 p. a 1 9 h. dat.ahs. Sissum pus 
geddne, this being done. t&. p. 
2 1 8 b. cf. 1 090. (ii) to reduce, p. sg. 
gedyde, 828*. (iii) to reach, ariive 
at. gedydon. 918A. 

ge-dreccan, wJc.v. to vex, oppress. 
|).«gr. gedrehte. 1052D. 10^6 ad fin., gedrehtoni 11 16. -tan. 1096 
ad fin. p.p. gedreht. 11 17-8. pi. 
-te. 1097 ad fin. 

ge-dreced-ness, -niss, sh.f. str. 
tribulation, oppression. 1056 C. 
pi. -sa. 1 1 04. 

ge-dr^fan, tok.v. to disturb, offend. 
p.p. -fed. 1087 P- 223 m. 

ge-dwild, 8b.n.itr. error, heresy. 
380 K gedwyld. a. 

ge-djrgan, wk,v, to come through., hit ne ged^gdan mid y&m 

life, did not survive it. 978E. 
ge-eacnian, ipJcv. to increase, 

augment. 1067 D. 
ge-earnian, ivk.v. to earn, to win. 

1009 F. 
ge-eamung, sh.f. str. * earning,' 

merit, pi. -ga. 1087 p. 223 1. 
ge-ed-n^owian, wJc.v. to renew, re- 
store, inf. (geeadn^wion) 963E. 

ad init. -wade. 921 A. p. 

103 h. p.p. -wad. 907R -ntwod. 

ge-ed-stapelian, wJc.v. to re-esta- 
blish, restore. p.Bg. (-aet^sta|)e- 

lede) 1092. 
ge-6htan, voJc.v. to reduce, subdue. geehte. 46 F. 
ge-endian, wk.v. to end, to finish. geendode. 975A. ad init. g. 

his dagas, died. 1014E. So : absol. 

189 E. p.p. -dod. 1009 K p. 

ge-fadian, wk.v. to arrange, to 

settle. -dode. 1052 CD. pp. 

1 80-1 h. 
ge-faegen, adj. glatl, 'fain* of (with 

gen.), -ne. 855A. 878*. 
ge-fSBBstnian, ivk.v. (i) to make 

firm, to ratify, establish. 

-node. 1014 E. 1070 A. (id fin. 

(-festnode) 906E. -nodon. 

926D. (-festnodan) iioi. p.p. 

-nod. 9 1 80. (ii) to make £»8t, im- 
prison. p.8g. (-festnode) 1075 E. 

p. 2 1 ih. ( = sette on prisun D.) 
ge-faran, st.v. Ti) to go, depart. 

infin.refl. 921 A. p. loa t. 

gef5r. 877*. p.p. jfxr to gefaren, 

gone thither. 894 A. p. 87h. utg. 

1 100 p. 236 1. (2) to die, pasBim. 

(3) to get by going, to conquer, 

to accomplish. 923A. 1048 E. p. 

174I. gef6r. 92 2 A. (4) to 

speed, to happen, p.p. gefaren. 

1048 E. p. 173 h. 1093 ad fin. 

(-ran) 995P. p. 130I. 
ge-fea> sb.m.wh, joy. acc.dat. 

-an. 979E. M. 173. 
ge-feaUan, st.v. to fisJl,^ to die. 

gefliol. 943D. gef^ll. 1004 E. 

1 1 00. gefl^oUan. 978E. -Ion. 

ge-feoht, 8b.n.8tr. a fight, battle. 



603 B.C. 868A. (gefeaht) R (ge- 
fiht) 1 1 28. dat -te. 871*. 1 1 1 7. dioit. 
pi, -turn. 755 A. (gefeahtum) E. 

ge-feohtaxij stv, to fight. p.«^. 
gefeaht. 833* A/g'. gefaht. 607 
E. gefuhttm. 868* & fq, 
-tun. 495 A. 780 A. p.p, gefohten. 
871* ad fin, (-ton) 658 E. hit 
huu on gefeaht, maintained it by 
battle against him. 1096. 

se-f eormian, wk. v, to entertain, pur- 
vey for. pre8.8ubj.8ff. -mige. 85 2£. 

ge-fer&f 8h.m.wk. a companion. 1023 
E. pi. -ran. 878* ad fin. 755 A. 
p. 48 1. (-ren) E. (gefeoran) 
1048 E. p. 173 1. geferana. 
1052D. p. 1 75 1. -rum. 664*. 

ge-feran, tvk.v. (i) to go, proceed. 

(2) to get by going, to attain, 
acquire, -rde. 988E. 
-rdon. p. 3 E. (gefeordon) 99.^ 

(3) to fiire, to speed, -idon. 
1009 E. p. I39t. -rdan. 994F. 

(4) to depart, to die. p. sg. -x^de. 

ge-ferian, fok.v. to carry, convey. 

p.8g. -rode. 980E. 
ge-fer-scipe, 8b.7n.8tr. fellowship, 

company, dat. 995F. p. 128I. 

ffen. -pes. 1022 E. 
ge-fetian, vjk.v. to fetch, bring. p.sff. 

-tede. 975E. -tte. 980K 

-tedon. 896A. ad Jin. 
fge-feterian. wk.v. to bind, to 

fetter, p.p, -rad. M. 205. 
ge-findan, st.v. to find. p.p. ge- 

funden. 963E. p. Ii6h. 
ge-fl^ao-ness, 8b.f.str. incarnation. 

dat. -se. p. 4 1 A. 
ge-flit, 8b.n.8tr. contention, dispute. 

785 C. 
ge-flitan, wk.v. to contend, fight. gefly ton. 777 E. 
ge-flit-ful-lic, a<7;. contentious. 785*. 
ge-fiyman (i), -flleman (2), -fl^ 

man (3), tck.v. to put to flight, 

banish. p.8ff. -mde. 871 A. (2) 

E. (i) &fq. So : -mdon. ib. 

&fq. 514 A. (2) E. (3). p.p. -med. 

937A. p. 108 1 (3). dot. geflymdon 

Beomi«de, fugato Bemredo. 

755 F« P^' -nide. 896A. (2). 
ge-^n, st.v. to seize, capture, get. 

p.8ff. gefeng. 875*. 11 19. 

gefengon. 851*. 897 A. p. 90 b. 

-gun. 796 A. p.p. gefangen. 10 16 

E. ad Jin. iio6 8ubfin. pi. -ne. 

1079 ^* odjin. 
ge-for}>-f§ran, wh.v. to depart, die. 

p.8g. -rde. 571 a. (a conflate form. 

V. footnote.) 
ge-fordian, wjfe.c. to carry out, ac- 
complish, advance. 1085 P* 3i6h. 

1097. p.8g, -Code. 1045 D. 
tge-&6ge (i), ge-frsege (2), oc?/ 

talked of, famous. 975 A. (id fin. ( 1 ) 

M.53. (2). 
fge-frSge, ge-fr&ge, sb.n.8tr. report^ 

hearsay. insLabs. mtne gehBge 

as I have heard say. 9 73 A. 975 A 

p. 1 20m. M. 27. 
ge-frenunan, wk.v. to accomplish 

bring about. p.8g. -fremede. 47 E 

1040C. -fremmede. 1066D 

p. 199 m. 
ge-freon, wk.v. to make free, to free. 

p.8g, ge&eode. 887*. 1081. p.p 

gefrcod. 675 E. 
fge-frinan, st.v. to find out by 

asking, to learn, -friinan. M. 

ge-ftillian, ge-fUwian, wk.v. to 

baptize. p.8g. -lade. 626E. p.p. 

-lod. 30E. 626E. -wad. 626-7A. 
pi. -lode. 565E. 
ge-fulluhtan, trAr.v. to baptize, p.p. 

-tud. 30 A. (only), 
ge-fultumian, wk.v. to support, 

help. ^.*gr.*tt&/.-made.853A. 

-madon. 868A. pre8.part.dat.ab8. 

-mieudum. 79 7E. 
ge-fyloe, sb.nMr. a company of 

folk, a band, an army. 1066 G. p. 

198m. 1094 ad Jin. -cum. 

871*. -cium. ib. A. 
ge-^lcian, wk. v. to gather folk, 

collect an army.^.^. -ced. io66 

D. p. 199 1. 
ge-fyUan, wk.v. to fulfil, accom- 
plish. p.8g. -Ide. 1070A. ad fin. 
p.p. gefild. 605E. gefyld. a. 
i*ge-fyilan, wk.v. to cut down, de- 
prive of (with gen.), p.p. -led. 
937A. pp. 108 b. I lot. 
ge-fyTn,aiit7. formerly, long ago.893*. 
ge-gad(e)rian, -gadorian, wk.v. to 
gather, collect, rejlex. to assemble, 
come t(^ether. 905A. looiA. 10: ' 



E. 1094 p. 229 1. ', -derade. 

894A. p. 88 1. -dorode. 921 A. p. 

loib. -derode. 992E. -drode. 

879A. -drodon, 867A. -doro- 

dan. E. -derodon. 1094 ad fin, 

(-deroden) 1093 ad fin. p.p. 

-drod. 9iiA.-derod. 973A. 788E. 

-dered. 1070 A. ad fin, (-gaederod) 

1045 C. P^- -derode. 894A. p. 87I. 
ge-gangaxL (i), ge-gan (2), st.v. to 

get by going, to overrun, conquer. 

p. 3E. (i). 1066 C. p. 196 h. (2). 

1086 p. 219 1. (2). ge^ode. 

942A. 944*&yg'. geyde. 6E. 

geeodon. 870*. g^odon. p. 4 A. 

p.p. gegan. loio E. ad fin, 
ge-gearcian, wJc.v. to prepare, get 

ready, p.p. -cod. 995F. p. 128 b, 

1052 D. p. 176 h. 
ge-geamung, v. ge-gymung. 
ge-gifan, st.v. to give. p.p. gegyfen, 

1049 C. p. 168 m. 
ge-glfian, wk.v. (with dat.) to enrich 

with gifts, p.p. gegifod. looiA. 
ge-g6dian. wk.v, to enrich with 

goods, -dade. 1086 p. 219 1. 1. 
tge-gyldan. st.v. to pay. p.8g. ge- 

geald. 1002C.D. p. 295. 
ge-gymung, 8b./.8tr. *• yearning,' 

desire, intercession, pi. (-gear- 

nunga) 1023 D. 
ge-hadian, nok.v. to consecrate, or- 
dain, -dode. 668 E. -dede. 

1070 A. p.p. gehadod. 830* & 

fq. -ded. 1070 A. gen. -dodes. 

iicx). pi. -dode. 664*. g. menn, 

clerics. 995F. adinit. ge- 

h^odra manna. 1102. v. wita. 
ge-hsBftan, wk.v. to arrest, seize. 

p.p. gehseft. 980C. 
ge-h^lan, wk.v. to heal, to save. 

p.p. -led. 1067 D. p. 202. 
ge-hal, adj. whole, uninjured. 798F, 
ge-halgian, wk.v. to haUow, 

sanctify, consecrate. 685 E. (ge- 

halegon) 656 E. p. 30 h. 

-gode. 797E. 853A. 1 100 p. 236 1. 

(-god) 963E. adinit. p.p. -god. 

731A. 815E. pi. -gode. 887*. 
ge-hat, 8b.n.8tr. a promise, vow. dat. 

pi. -tum. 88 3E. 
ge-hatan, st.v. (i) to call, name. 

p.p. gehaten.495 E.963E. p. 115b. 

(ii) to promise, to threaten, 

gehet. 883E. 1036C. p.pLgehieUm. 
878*. ^.|7.gehaten. 918C. 1154. 

ge-hawian, tok.v. to look at, recon- 
noitre. -wade. 896A. 

ge-heald, 8b,m.8tr. (i) protection, 
guard.1055 E. a<2^».(ii) guardian, 
protector. 1070 E. ad fin, 1071 B. 
ad fin. 

ge-healdan, st.v. (i) to hold, main- 
tain. 1006 E. nib fin. (-den) 
1009 E. p. 139I. (-don) 675 E. 
p. 36 L geheold. 167*. mo 
ad fin. p,8g.8uhf. geheolde. 1094. 
p.p. -den. 995F. p. 129I, gehal- 
den. 656E. p. 33 1. (ii) to hold, 
consider, p.p. -den. 675E. p. 36 m. 

ge-hende, adv. near, at hand. 1003 
E. fulg. very near. 1036 C. 

ge-hentan, wk.v. to seize, take. 
905 A. ad init. 

ge-heoran. v. ge-hyran. 

ge-hergian, wk.v. (i) to harry. -gode. 875E. -gade. 910A. 
-geade. 661 A., -godon. 
lOOoE. p.p. -god. 99 1 E. -regod. 
988C. (ii) to get by harrying, 
to capture, p.p. -god. 895A. 1046 
E.p. i67t. 

ge-hindred, p. part, hindered, im- 
peded. 1003 E. 

ge-horsian, wk.v. to horse, provide 
with a horse or horses, p.p. -sod. 
881 A. nom.m.wk. -soda. 876 
A. dat.m.wk. -sudan. 877 A. 
-sedum. E. pi. -sude. 866 A. 
-sade. E. -sode. loioE. pl.wk, 
-sedan, ib, 

ge-hlwian, wk.v. to form, to &8hion. 
p.p. -wod. 979C. 

*)'ge-hwa, pron. everyone, whoever. 
acc.masc. gehwsene. 937A. adinit. 
dat. gehwaem. 975^* ad fin, ge- 
hwam. M. 243. 

ge-hwder, a6?». everywhere. 975 A. a<Z 
init. 981 C. 1114. V. eUes, wel- 

ge-hw8B]7er, ^jrow.either, both. fern, 
dat. 'pre. 871 A. (gehwatJere) E. 
'pere. 8 71 A. ad fin. 

ge-hweorfan, stv. to tum, tum 
back. gehwearf. 584 W. p. 294. 

ge-hwilo (i), ge-hwelo (2), pron. 
each, every, gehwylc. M. 279. 
neiit.gen. -ces cynnes, of every 



kind. 9ioA.(2). c2a^.m. gehwelcum. 
755A. gehwilcan. E. pp. 48-9 h. 
/. gehwylcre. 995 F. p. 126 b. 
jpl.m. gehwylce, some men. 11 06. -cmn. 1050 D. (i). 
ge-hwyrflan (i), -hwierfan (2), 
-hwirfan (3), -liweTfan(4), wk.v. 
to turn, to convert. p.8ff. -fde. 601 
A. (4). -fede. E. (3). p.p. -fed. 34 
A. (2) E. (i). pi. -fede. 30 A. (2) 

ge-hyrajOL (i), -Iueran(2), -h^oran 

(3), fok.v. to liear. p.8^. -de. 

855F. 1091 p. 226 1. (1). 

-dun. 755 A. (2). -don. E. (i). pp. 

48-9I1. -dan. 995 F. p. 130 m. (i). 

p.p. geheord. 675 E. p. 36 h. 1 1 2 2. 
•j-ge-liyrst, 8b.f.8tr. ornament, ace. 

-te. M. 74. 
tge-hyrstan, ioTi.v. to adorn, p.p. 

-ted. M. 35. 
ge-hyr-siini (i), -hiep-sum (2), adj. 

jO[el)OT0aitt} obedient, submissive. 

pi. -me. 853A. (2). 1083 (!)• 
ge-hyr-stiniian (i), -hier-stunian 

(2), i/oik.v. to make obedient, re- 
duce. p.8g.sulyf. -made. 853A. (2). 
ge-hyr-sum-niss (i), -her-siun- 

ness (2), 8h.f.8tr. subjection, 

obedience, gen.dat. -se. 1070 A. 

(2). 1091 p. 227 1. (i). 
ge-in-lagian, wh.v. to inlaw, 

-gode. 1050 C. 1074 E. 
ge-leeccan, wk.v. to seize, to catch. 

1009 F. gelaehton. 1042 C. 

1087 P* 224 m. p.p. gelaBht.792E. 

1 106. pi. (-tae) 1075D. p. 2iom. 
ge-l&dan, wJc.v. (i) to lead, carry. (geleadde) 97 2 E. 

gel^ddon. 871* ad init. p.p. 

gelaeded. 909 C. gel^dd. B. (ge- 
• lead) 1076 E. waes of lyfe gelxd. 

i.e. died. 693 E. (ii) to lead away, 

seduce. p>.8g. gelxdde. 905D. 
ge-lffife, V. ge-leaf. 
ge-lseran, wJc.v. to teach, (-ron) p. 

3E. p.p. -red. 565 E. 
ge-l&stan, wk.v. (i) to fulfil, to 

perform, to pay. 1012 F. p. 142 n. 

874E. 1094. p.8g. gelaeste. 994E. 

ad fin. gel^ston. 878*. p.p. 

gel^st. 1007 E. loiaE. (gelest) 

1012 E. (ii) to follow, to serve, to 

help. 920A. 

ge-Uetan, 8t.v. to allow, to assign. 
p.p. gelseten. 109 1 p. 226 1. 

ge-lagian, wh.v. to establish by 
law, ordain, -gade. 1075D. 
ad fin. p.p. -god. 995F. ad init. 

ge-la^ian, wk.v. to invite, to sum- 
mon. p.8g. -Code. 449E. 
-Code. 448 F. -leapade. 449 A. 

ge-laVung, 8b.f.8tr. a congregation, 
church. 616F. 

ge-16af, 8b.f.8tr. leave, permission. 
dat. (-l^an) 1043E. p. 165 h. (as 
if from a wk. gelsefe). 

ge*l6afa, ^.m.wk. belief, faith, ace. 
dat. -fan. 430A. 56 5E. 680A. 
(gelafan) E. (gelefan) 167E. 
(geleauon) 167a. 

ge-leaf-full, adj. (i) credible, trust- 
worthy, pi. -le. 1120. (ii) be- 
lieving, christian, aec.m. -frilne. 
io67l>. p. 202 m. dat.neut. -ful- 
lan. ib. 1. 

ge-leapian, v. ge-lat$ian. 

ge-lecgan, wk.v. to lay. p.p. ]»es 
pe him geled wses, of that which 
was laid to his charge. 1052E. 
(9e him wses on geled. F.) 

ge-lendan, wk.v. to come to land ; 
and 80, to come, to go. p.8g. ge- 
lende. 886*. p.p. gelend. 894A. p. 

fge-leoran, wk.v. to go, depart, die. -rde. M. 208. 

ge-leomian, wk.v. to learn, find 
out. p.p. -ned. 995F. ad init. 

ge-lettan, wk.v. to let, to hinder. 
p.8g. gelette. 1036C. -ton. 
1046D. p.p. gelet. icx>9E. p. 
139 1. 1097. pi. (gelaBtte) 1085 
p. 216 h. 

ge-lice, adv. in like manner, swa g. 
1067D. p. 202 ra. cf. swilce. 

ge-lician, wk.v. to please ; impers. 
it pleases, it likes, heom . . 
gelicode. 1048E. p. 172 1. with 
following j^Z. noun, him gelicade 
hire ])eawa8. 1067D. 

ge-Ho-ness, sh.f.str. likeness, ap- 
pearance, ace. -nesse. 979C. 

ge-lifian, wk.v. to live, to live 
through. p.8g. gif he hit gelifode, 
if he had survived. 1093 sub fin. 

ge-limpan, st.v. to happen, be&lL 
p.8g. gelanip. 973 A. ioi6E. ; 



148 m. 1083., gelumpon. 

tge-liVan, st.v, to pass, to come. 

p.p. -liden. M. 28. 
ge-16gian, wh.v. to place, to lodge, 

introduce. 1052D. p. 176111. 'pres, 

sg.gubj. -gige. 1093 ad fin. 

-gode. 995F. p. ia9b. 1090. 

-godon. 1 02 3D. -dan. 1104. 
ge-l6xxie, adv. frequently, often. 887*. 

ge-lom-lic, adj. frequent, 

-can. 870F. p. 284 h. 
ge-lom-lioe, adv. frequently. 1095. 

1 105. 
gelpan, v. gylpan. 
ge-lyfan, -lifan, tok.v. to believe. 

p.8g. gelifde. 62 7E. sup. t6 gely- 

fenne. 1036C. 
ge-ly8tan,«;^.v.(uBed impersonally), 

to list, to please, p.s^f. )>a hwtle 

pe him geliste, as long as he listed. 

ge-macian, tpJc.v. to make, (ge- 

makian) 1097. -codon. 

1075E. -cedon. 1091 p. 227 1. 
ge-ni8BOoea,8&.m./.t(;^. a companion, 

consort, * m a k e. ' ace. -cean. 1 06 7D. 
ge-mah-lloe, adv. importunately, 

peremptorily. 1095 p. 231 b. 
ge-m&re, 8h.n.8tr. a boundary, 

*meer.' datsg. -re. 716E. 1052 

D. p. i79h. -ran. 1052C. 

I III. -ron. 1097. 
tge-niana,8&.m.t(7Ar. intercourse, gen. 

-nan. 93 7 A. p. io8b. 
ge-mannian, wh.v. to man, to gar- 
rison. 92 3 A. 
ge-martyrian, wh.v. tomartjrr. 

-redon. ion E. adJ ^71. p.p. -rod. 

loi 3E.-rad. 978C.pL-tirode.640 a. 
g^ine-, V. gyme-. 
ge-mearcian (i), -maroian (2), 

wJc.v. to mark, to brand, p.p. 

-cod. 1006E. p. 137I. (2) C. (i). 

-mercod. D. p. 295. 
ge-mStan, wh.v. (i) to meet with, 

find. p.8g. gem^tte. 871*. (ge- 

m^tte) 992E. gemetton. 

91 8A. 885E. 1004D. (gemetton) 

885E. With following inf. gemette 

(hie) cuman, he met them coming. 

98 2G. (ii) to invent, and so : to 

paint, gemette. 11 04. 

ge-mett, ah.n.str. measure, ofer eall 
g., beyond measure. 1086 p. 219 1. 

ge-metsian, t&i&.v. to provision, p.p. 
-sod. 1052D. p. 176 h. 

ge-miltsian, wk.v. (with dai.) to 
show mercy, to pity, 
-sie. 1 02 3D. (-se) 1070E. ad fin. 
(-myltse) 1060E. ad Jin. 

ge-mittan, wh.v. to meet with, find. 
p.pZ.gemitton. 1004C. gemytton. 

ge-mdt, sb.n.str. a meeting, assem- 
bly, *moot.* 977C. 1015E. gen. 
-tes. 93 7 A. p. loQh. dat. -te. 
I048E. p. 174 1. 1080E. pi. gemot. 
1099. V. ge-wita, witena-g^m6t. 

ge-inmian, st.wk.v. to remember, 
take account of. 1046C. I in. (-net) 1099. -nde. 
1032E. II 14. -ndon. 755E. 
p. 49I. 1 104. 

ge-mynd, sb.n.8tr, memory, me- 
morial. M. 69. 979K 1131. dat. 
-de. 959E. 

ge-nSal^can, wk.v. to approach, 
draw near. p. I32». F. p.»g. 
-lehte. 1 091 p. 226 b. 

ge-neat, sh.m.str. gen088f, com- 
panion, cynges g. 89 7 A. p. 91 h. 

ge-myntan, wh.v, to determine, re- 
sol ve. p .p. gemynt . 6 1 6F. 

ge-nemnan, wk.v. to name. 905A. 
p.p. -ned. 552*. 926D. -nad. 447 
E. pi. genemnde. 891 A. -node. 

p. 5E. 

ge-nSowiany-mwianttt?!;. renew, 
restore, sup. t5geniweanne. 785F. 

ge-nerian, wh.v. to save, deliver. 
p.5^. -rede. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 937 
A. p. 108 1. lOiiE. -rede. 
894A.P. 88t. 

genge, 8b.n.str. a gang, company. 
1055D. 1070E. gen. genges. 1052 
D. p. 175 m. dat. genge. ib. p. 
176 h. 1138. 

fge-niht, sh.f.n.str. plenty, abund- 
ance, dat. -te. M. 183. 

fge-niht-suni, adj. abundant, plenti- 
ful. M. 194. 

ge-niman, st.v. to take, capture. 
pres.8g. -nimt$. M. 203. fri|) g.«=to 
make peace. 1002E. genam. 
865E. 882A. 1094 p. 229m. 
genom. 571 A. 584A. genam. E. 



p.pL gen^mon. 473*. 865A. 882E. 

gendmon. 921 A. p. 10 ih. gena- 

man. 53o£. loiiE. p.p. genu- 

inen. 901 A. ac2^». 993E. pi. -do. 

1119. of genumen, on g. taken 

away. 1006E. D. (-mon) 1073E. 
fge-nidrian, wk.v. to put down, 

humble, -rade. 1075E. 

<uifin. genyt^erade. D. 
ge-noh, adj. enough. (on6h) 1137 

p. 264 h. 
fe^o, <idv. formerly, already. M. 1 7. 

ifi. M. 158. 213. 
ge-notian, toh.v. to use, consume. 

p.p.acc.m. -tudne. 894A. p. 86 1. 
se-off!rian, wk.v. to ofier, make an 

offering, -rode. 1058D. 
fgeogdS (i), iugdS (2), 8b.f.8tr. 

youth. M. 283 (i). dat -Ce. 975 

h. (2). 

-fgiola (i), iula (2), sb.m.toh, the 
Yule-month, ^ira iula, December. 
M. 221. 

geol-monaV, iol-, sb.mMr. the 
Yule-month, December. M. p. 
280 margin. 

geondf prep.acc. through, through- 
out. 380E. 975*. 994E. 1096. 

geondan, prep.acc. beyond, fram g. 
ai, from beyond sea. 1048E. p. 
172 m. 1052D. p. 176I. 

geong (i), giong (2), adj. young, 
se gioncga. 871 A. geonga. E. 975 
A. ad init, (iunga) 744E. 1087 
p. 224I. (iunge) 1140 p. 268 h. 
aco.m.str. giungne. 937A.P. 109 1. 
giongne. 501 A. (gungne) E. ge- 
ongne. M. 246., giunge. 
937 A. p. 108. geoDge. B. C. (iun- 
ga) D. ace. (iunge) 1052E. p. 
181 h. compar. gingra. 42 3£. 
acc.f. gingre. 11 24 p. 254 h. 

gSotan, 8t.v. gtefnty to pour, to 
stream. jpr€8.|>ar^.<^^.midgeoteu- 
dan here, with an overwhelming 
army. 105 2C. D. 

ge-rad, sh.n.str. condition, stipu- 
lation. 945 A. 1 09 1, pi. -p. 3E. 

ge-r&can, tok,i\ to reach, get at, 
seize. 895 A. 91 8 A. (gerechen) 
1066C. ad fin. geraehton. 

ge-r&dan, v)h.v. (i) to advise, deter- 
mine, plan, p.sff. ger^dde. 906A. 

991E. 1036C. -ddan. 1014E. 

(-dden) 1039E. p.p. gerxd. 1075 

E. p. 211 1. (gered) 1016E. p. 

151 1. (ii) to read. p.p. (ge- 

redd) 675E. p. 36 1. 
ge-r&san, wk.v. to rush. 

-sdon. p. 5E. 
ge-reocan, tvk.v. (i) to relate, ex- 
pound, p.ffff. gerehte. 995F. p. 

130I. (ii) to direct, rule. 975E. 
ge-reoenian, -reconian, wk.v. to 

arrange, settle, p.p. -nod. 1052 

C. D. pp. 1 80-1 m. 
ge-refa, sh.m.wk. a reeve, bailiff. 

787*. 906A. D. acc.dat. -fan. p. 

5E. loiiE. 1003E. pi. -fan. 

1086 p. 2i8m. 
ge-reord, 8h.n.8tr. a meal, food. 

dat. -de. 1053C. 
ge-reordian, wk.v. to feed, reflex. 

to dine, to feast. p.8g. he hine 

gereordode. 102 2E. 
ge-resta> sb.f.wk. a bed-fellow, con- 
sort. 1076D. ad Jin. 
ge-restan, wk.v, to rest. r^ex. to 

rest oneself repose. p.8ff. hine 

gereste. looE. 
ge-r6]>ra, sb.n.pLstr. steering oai^, 

rudders, dat -rum. 891 A. 
ge-zldan, 8t.v. (i) to ride. p.8g. 

gerad. 878*. (ii) to get by riding; 

to surprise, conquer. 1042K p.8ff. 

gerad. 901 A. 948*. geridon. 

878A. -dan. E. 
ge-riht, 8h.n.8tr^ (i) a right, due. 

pi. -ta. 1031A. 1074E. (-t») 

1085 p. 21 61. (ii) a rite, oflBce 

(of the church). pL -ta. 1047F. 

(-te) E. (-tan) 1093 p. 228 m. 
ge-rihtan (i), -ryhtan (2), wk.v. 

to set right, correct, amend. 680 

A. (2) E. (I), 
i'ge-rini, 8h.n.8tr. number, compu- 
tation, gen. used adverbially: 

gerimes, by number. 1065C. D. 

pp. 1 94-5 h. 
ge-ripan, 8t.r. to reap. ge- 

rypon. 896A. 
f ge-risaii, st.v. to be fitting, pres. 

sg. -rist. M. 58. 120. 
ge-ryman, wk.v. to make room for, 

to open. p.p. -med. 10520.!^ 

pp. 1 80-1 1. 
ge-aidSS, sb.fMr. happinoM, | 



fortane. |)Z.-8a. 1009G. D. (-selSa) 

E. V. p. 295. 
ge-samniaxi (i), ge-sonmian (2), 

v)k,v, to assemble, collect. p.6g. 

-node. 380E. (i). 673E. looiE. 

(2). -nodon. 41 8 A. (2), 

-nodan. E. (i). reflex, to meet. 

heo gesanmodon. 925D. p.p. -nod. 

894A. p. 84b. (i). 1016E. (2). 
ge-sargian, ieJc.v, to damage, dis- 
able. p.p,pL -gode. 897 A. ad Jin. 
ge-soead, 8Kn.8tr, discrimination, 

argument, dat. -de. 1070A. ad 
tge-sceaft, ab.f.str. (i) creation, 

creature, created thing. 937A. p. 

106 b. M. 227. (ii) fate, decree. 

ge-8oSotan, st.v. to shoot, p.p. 

-scoten. 1055C. 
ge-scipian, tok.v. to provide with 

ships, -pode. 893*. 
ge-sorydan, wk.v. to clothe, p.p, 

gescrid. 1086 p. 2i9h. 
fge-scyld-ness, sh.f.atr. protection, 

shielding. dat, -se. 959E. ad 

ge-scyppan, st.v. to form, create. (gescsepene) 89 7 A. p. 

90 1. gesceapen.B.C.D.gesdjaffen. 
ge-86oan, wlc.v, to seek, to ask for, 

to invade, attack, to come to. 

91 8 A. (-cean) D. M. 277. p.ttg. 

ge88hte. 823*. 1085. p.pZ. ges^hton. 

787*. -tun. 937A. p. 108 h. Buhj, 

-ton. 1006E. 
ge-seogan, wJc.v. to say. 85 lE. 

herde (gesecgon), heard say. 1070 

E. p. 207 1. cf. p. 30 1. p.p. ge- 

ssed. 1066C. p. 196 t. 
ge-sehtian, wh.v. to reconcile, 

•todan. 1 1 01. 
ge-sehtlian, wk.v, to reconcile. 

p.p. (gesaehtlad) 1091 ad fin, 
ge-seman, wk.v. to compose, to 

reconcile, -mede. 1094 

p. 229 h. 
ge-sendan, wk.v, to send. p.p. 

gesendi 785 E. 855F. (geseond) 

656 E. pi. -de. 1 1 06 suhfin. 
ge-seon, 8t,v» to see. 797*. 1098. 

i»-*^.geseah. 633 E. 1095 p. 231 h. 

geseh. 1045 C. p4)l. gesawon. 

1106. gesggon. 774 E. pres.part. 

ges^onde. 1086 p. 223 m. p.p. 
gesewen. 979C. 1106 (gessiwon) 
ih. (geseogen) 1122. gesawen. 
789F. pi, (-nae) 793F. geseowene. 

E. gesewene. 773A.(geseogene) E. 
fge-seti 8h.n.str, abode. pL -tu. M. 

ge-settan, wk,v, (i) to set, to put. 
p.8g. gesette. 11 06 ad fin. p.p, 
(gessett) 1086 p. 220 m. (gesset) 
1085 p. 216 b. (2) to plant, occupy., gesette. 886*. ^.p^.gesetton. 
878E. gesettan • . . mid, to gar- 
rison with. 92 2 A. |9.|>. gesett. 1085 
p. 216 h. pi. (gessette) iioo ad fin. 
(3) to establish, decree, appoint. 
p.8g, gesette. 604 E. 1097 ad fin. 
(gessette) 1002E. gesettan. 
1016D. p. 152I. p.p, gesett. 796 

F. 1003 E. 1 108. (4) g. fit, to 
remove, expel. 1075E. (=adrifan 
^•) (5) ^^ g^^^ gesette, let at a 
rent, farmed out. 11 00. 

ge-sibb, adj., near of kin. pi, ge- 

sybbe. 95 8D. 
ge-sib-sum-llce (1), ge-simb- (2), 

ge-syb- (3), peaceably. 918 K (2). 

C. (3). 
ge-siolian (i), -seclian (2), wk.v. 

to be taken ill or sick. p.8g, -lode. 

1052C. ad fin. (i). p.p. -lod. 

1003 E. (i). 1093 (2). 
fge-singan, at. v. to sing. M. 70. 
ge-sittan, st.v, (i) to settle, to 

occupy, gessefc. 744*. 874 A. 

890*. p.8g,subj, ges^te. 995F. 

p. 129I. ges^ton. 851 E. 

878 A. -tan. p. 3E. p.p, geseten. 

922A. (2) to sit out. p.p.mascacc. 

-setenne. 894 A. p. 86 1. (3) to 

preside over,, gesset. 680 

A.B.C. (geset) E. 
tge-sltS, sh.m.str. a companion, pi. 

'fSaa, M. 18. 247. 
ge-sl6an, stv. (i) to smite, to slay. geslog, gesloh. 837*. 

gesl6gon. 845* & fq, p.p, ge- 

slsegen. 823*&/^. geslegen. 894 A. 

p. 87 b. (ii) to get by smiting. 937A. ad init, 
ge-sm^ah, 8h,n.8tr, intrigue. 1094 

p. 229 1. 
ge-soohen, v. ge-wrecan. 
ge-spanan sUv, to allure entice. 



p,»g. gesp6n. 905 A. gespeon. 

1052 CD. 
ge-spedan, wh.v, to speed, to 

prosper. p.8g. (gespiedde) 1096 

ad fin, P'pl* -ddan. 1036 F. p. 

160 It. 
ge-spelia, sb.m.tok. a substitute, 

deputy. 1055 CD. ad fin, 
ge-spillan, tvk.v. to destroy, 

-Ide. 1 1 24 ad fin. 
ge-sprecan (i), -speoan (2), st.v. to 

speak, gesprsecon. 1066 C 

p. 197 1>. p.p, -cen. tfe. p. 196 1. (i). 

1048 F. p. 173 ». (2). (-con) 1070 

A. ad fin. (1). 
gest, tSb,m.8tr. a guest, stranger, pi. 

(-tes) 1 1 27 p. 265 m. 
ge-8talSelian, wJc.v. to found, esta- 
blish. 975E. ad fin,, -®olode. 

92oA« p.p, -lad. 96 2 A. (gesta- 

beled) 1077 E. 
ge-8trynan, wlc.v. to get, beget. 

p.9g. -nde. 640 a. 1057 D. 
ge-8tillan, wh.v. to still, pacify. 

p.8g. gestylde. 1052 £. p. i8oh. 
ge-styrian, wh.v. to stir, excite. 

p.p. gestired. loi 2 £. 
ge-sund, adj. gesunti, safe, sound. 

855 E. pi. -de. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 
ge-STiT'encan, wJc.v. to harass, weary., (-swaencte) 1105. 

-cton. II 16. p.p, -ced. p. 5 E. 

982 C -ct. 1117. (-swent) 870 F. 

p. 284 h. pi. -cte. 1 1 16. 
ge-swerian, sLv. to swear, take an 

oath., -sw6ran. 1091 p. 

226 m. p.p. -sworen. 1094. pi. 

-ne. 1 01 2 E. 1 109. to administer 

an oath, swear in. p.p, t6 cinge 

gesworen. 1041 C 
ge-8wican, 8t,v, (i) to leave off, 

desist ; with gen. to cease from. 

1002 E. p.8g. geswac. 1048 E. 

p. 1741* P'Pl' geswicon. lOOiE. 

1 1 17. -can. 1 104-5. p»pLiuhj, 

geswicon. 994E. (ii) to betray. 

|>.|). (geswicon) 1067 D. 
ge-8winc, fib,n,str. labour, oppres- 
sion. 999 E. 1085. geswincg. 1009 

E. p. I39h. dat. -ce. 1016E. p. 

148 m. 
ge-8winc-fall, adj. laborious, hard, 

oppressive. 1098. 11 16. 
ge-syllan, vjk.v, to give, to give up. 

sell. 626 E. 1093. p.«^. gesealde. 
855 A. 1095 p. 235 1. 648 E. ge- 
salde. A. so: 661*. p,^-' 
don. 694E. gesaldon. A. p.p. 
geseald. 894 A. ad init. 1093 
p. 228 L pi. -de. 1014 E. ad 

ge-8yne (i), -8eiie (2), adj. visible, 
evident, notable. M. 233 (i). 1122 
(2). (geseone) 11 18 ad fin. gen, 
pi. -nra. M. 129(1). 

getan, wh.v, to get, to obtain, p.p. 
get (for geted) 11 37. 

fge-tawian, wk v. to bring or re- 
duce to a certain condition, p.p. 
-wod. 1076 D. ad fin. 

ge-tel (i), -teal (2), -tsBl (3), «b.». 
8tr. a 'tale,' number, reckoning. 
1014 E. ad fin. {2), CD. (i). F. 
(3). dat. be getale. M. 63. 

ge-tellan, tok.v. to tell, to reckon. 
p.8g. -tealde. 634E. -teal- 
don. M. 17. p.p. geteled rimes, 
reckoned by number. 973A. ge- 
teald. 995F. p. I30t. io86p. 221 L 

tge-teon, 8t.v, to bring up, instruct. 
p, getogene. 975 A. ad init. 

ge-timbran (i), -brian (2), wk,v, 

to build. 921 A.(i). 626E.(2).p.8g. 

-rede. 91 3A. -rskde. 547 E. -tym- 

brade. 565 E. p.p, -rod. 648 F. 

915 D. -red. 409 E. -tymbrad. 

1086 p. 219 1. 
ge-tiVian, tok.v. to grant, confirm 

(with gen.), (with 

loss of final n) -iSe. 656 E. p. 30 1. 

p.8g. 'fS&de. 1075 D. 
ge-tr§owe (i), -try we (2), adj. 

true, trusty. 105 2CD. a<i^». (i). 

M. 144 (2). 8uperl. -wast. 1086 

p. 221 1. (i). 
ge-treow8ian, tok.v, (reflex.) to 

plight one*a faith, (-soden) 

ge-treowd (i), -trywU (2), 8hJ.8tr. 

faith, pledge,, -tSa. looiA. 

1093 ad fin. (2), (-treowaSa) 94 iD. 
f ge-trum, 8h.n.8tr, a troop, company. 

M. 264. 
ge-truma, sh.m.tok. a troop, com- 
pany, ace. -man. 871*. 
ge-trymman, tok.v, to Btroig*'' 

confirm. p,8g. -mode. 913IX ■ 



796 F. ^.^. -tremmed. 870F. p. 

383 1. 
ge-pafa, sh.m^wJe. a consenter, fa- 
vourer, allower. 1094. 
ge-pafian, wJc.v, to allow, permit. 

p,8g. -fode. 1036 C. siitj. -fode. 

1049 CD. P'Pl' -fodon. 1036 D. 
ge-pafting, 8&./.«^r. permission, dat, 

-ge. 887 A. 
g6-)>ealit, »b.n.8tr, thought, pur- 
pose, deliberation, ace. 979 E. 

1085 p. 2i6h. dat, -te. M. 

ge-]>enoaii (i), -]7enoean (2), wlcv. 

to think, conceive. 1006 svibfin. 

CD. (i)..p. 295. (-]>eoncean) E. 

1085 p. 218 1. (2). 
ge-peode, ab.n.str. language, dat. 

1067 D. p. 202 m. pi. p. 3. E. 
ge-picgean, st.v, to accept, re- 
ceive. 755 A. p. 48 h. 
ge-peon, stv. to thrive, grow up. M. 

277.\>eh. 1057 D. 
fge-pingan, wk,v. to determine, fix. 

p.p. -ged. M. 164. -cged. M. 7. 
ge-pingian, wk.v. to make terms, to 

come to an agreement. 755 W. p. 

294. -godon. 628 E. -dan. A. 

694A. (-den) E. 
't'ge-'Sring, sb.n.ntr, throng, tumult. 

9 75 A. p. 120I. 
ge-^migeii,p.;)a7^. grown, thriven ; 

hence, excellent, distinguished. 

1065 CD. pp. 192-3 1. 

9a ge'^ung(e)nestan. 897 A. p. 

90 h. 905A.D. 
ge-dw£rian, 117^.17. to agree, consent 

to (with dat.) 1048 E. p. 173I. 
ge-J>w^p-ness, -pu&r-ness, 8h.f.str, 

concord, peace, ace. -se. 827 A. 

860 A. 
gje-pyn, ick.v, to press, compeL p.p. 

4yed. 870F. p. 283 b. 
ge-]73nioan, wk.v. imper8. to appear, 

seem good. p.8g. ge]>uhte. 1052 

CD. pp. 180-1 1. gej^uht. 1097. 
ge-unnan, 8t.wh.v. to grant, give. 

(with dat. of person & gen, or aec, 

of thing) 1067 D. (geunnon) 1095. 

pre8.8ubj. geunne. 959 E. p.8g. 

geHfSe, ih. 1064 E. p. 192 1. 1093. 

p.p. geunnen. 1040 E. p. 168 h. 

109 1, (-nan) 1048 E. p. 172 h. 
ge-utian, wk.v, to biuiiih, expel. 

p.8g, -tode. 1002 E. p.p. geGtod. 
975 E. ad fin, 

ge-ut-lagian, wk.v. to outlaw. p.8g. 
-gode. 1020-1 E., -gedan. 
1065 D. 

ge-w&can, wk.v. to weaken, afflict. -w^hte. 894 W. p. 295. 

ge-waed, 8b,n,8tr. a ford, dat, -de. 
1072 E. 

ge-w&de, 8b.n.8tr. dress, clothing, 
cf. • war-weeds,* * widow's weeds.' 
pi. -da. 1063 D. 

ge-w&dian, wk.v. to dress, to equip. 
p.p. -dod. 99 2 E. 

ge-w&gan, wk.v. to weigh down, 
distress,, -gde. 894A. p. 
87 1. 

ge-TiT'&pnian, wk.v. to arm, famish 
with weapons, p.p. -nod. 992E. 

ge-wser, adj, aware of (with gen.) 
914 D. 1095 p. 231 h. 

ge-wamian, wk.v. to warn. 992 F. 
p.8g. -node. 1009 E. ad fin, (ge- 
hwamede) D. p.p, -nod. 105 2E. 

ge-wealc, 8h.n.8tr. a rolling, toss- 
ing. 975A. p. 1 20I. metaph. a con- 
test. 1 1 10 ad fin. 

ge- weald (i), ge-wald (2), «&. 
n.8fr, gebalt, power, sway. 833A. 
(2) E. (i) & so fq. 1099 (i). dot. 
gewealde. 946*. 1086 p. 320 1. 
944 B.CD.W. for which : geweal- 
dan. A. is probably a mistake. 

ge-w(e)aldan, st.v, to wield, con- 
trol; hence, p.p. gewalden, sub- 
ject, inconsiderable, smalL dat. 
-num. 894A. p. 86 h. 

tge-weder (i), ge-wyder (2), tb,n. 
8tr, weather, pi. -ru. M. 90 (2). 

tge-wel-hwfer, adv, everywhere. 
M. 30. 

ge-wendaa, wk,v. (i) intrans, to 
turn, to go. (-don) 1046E. p. 169 h. -de. 998E. 1019E. (ge- 
wsende) 1048E. p. 172 h. 
-don. looi E. refiex. 1048 E. 
p. 176 t. (-den) 1052 E, 9uhj, 
-dan. ib, p.p, gewend. loooE. with 
prepp. p.8g. gewende abuton. 1009 
K for6 gewende. 1016E. (««&;.) 
g. ofer ib. p. 150 h. g. (it. 105 sE. 
Gt g. 1009E. p.p. gewend tit. 
(ii) trans, to turn, change. 
gewende. 1095 ad fin. 



ge-weorc, 8h.n.str, (i) a work, esp, 
a military work, fortification. 
878* & fq, gewerc. 896A. dat. 
-ce. 868*. pZ. geweorc, 896A., -cum. 894A. p. 87 m. (ii) 
workmanship. £ien. geworces. 

ge-weorpan, st.v. to become, hap- 
pen, to exist. 1052D. p. I75h. 
(-wui^an) ib. p. 176I. 1086 
p. 221 1., (-wurtJap) ih. 
p. 2i8t. p.8g. gewear^. 592E. 
swa him g., as it befell him. 
105 2E. p. I78h. gewarO. 1089., gewurdon. 1109. 
(with loss of final ») gewurde. 959 
^.p.p. geworden. 973 A. M«. 1066E. 
p. i97h. pi. -ne. 1086 p. 221I. 
gewearShim*) ])amfolceanes,they 
agreed. 1014E. swE swa him '3 
])am cynge g., as he and the king 
agreed. 1103. with gen., to attain, 
hi ]>»s geworden haefde. 918 C. 

fge-weoilSian, wk.v. to honour. 
p.p. -8ad. 959E. M. 154. -tJod. M. 

ge-wician, lok.v. to dwell, to en- 
camp. p.8ff. -code. 894A. ad init. 
p.p. -cod. 896A. 

ge-will, 85.n.«^r. will, pleasure. 1015 

ge-wilnigan, ge-wilnian, wk.v. to 
will, desire. pre8.8g. -nigetJ. 1086 
p. 219m. p.8g. -node. 1038D. 

ge-winn, sb.n.str. (i) battle, contest. 
dat. -ne. 921 A. p. loil. 10^4 p. 
230t, -nan. iioo ad 
fin. (ii) trouble, sorrow. M. 288. 
870F. p. 284 h. 995F. p. i3oh. 

ge-winnan, 8t.v. (i) to fight. p.8£f. 
gewon. 741 A. gewann E. (ii) to 
get by fighting, to win. p. 4I. A. 

1090. (-nen) 1066D. p.«^. gewan. 
92 3K 1072-3E. gewann. 1066A. 

1 09 1, gewunnon. 1050D. p. 
i7oh. -nan. 1069E. p.p. ge- 
wunnen. 1105. (-non) 1086 p. 
220I. sup. t5 gewinnane. 1087 

p. 224h. 

ge-wiss, adj, geiDtf, sure, certain. 
dat. t6 gewissan, as certain, as a 
certainty. 1066C. sub fin. gewis. 
995F. ad init., is probably^br wis, 

f ge-wisse, adv. certainly, surely. 

M. 124. 
ge-wissian, wk.v. to instruct, to 

direct. p.8g. -sode. 102 2E. 
ge'WiUkf8b.m.wk. properly a witness; 

but used incorrectly instead of 

wita in the sense of: a wise man, 

councillor. gen.pL -tena gem6t. 

1048E. p. 174I. (-tene) m8t. 675 

E. p. 37 h. IT 24. sub fin. (-ten) 

rsed. 65 6E. v. wita, witena-ge- 

ge-witan, 8t.wk.v, to understand, to 

know. 105 2K 8up. to gewitane. 

1086 p. 219 m. 
ge-witan, 8t.v. (i) to depart, 

gewat. 722*. 1 102. ut gewat. 937 

A. p. 108I. gewiton. 885*. 

(2) r^ex. to withdraw. p.8g. him 

. . . gewat. 975A. p. i2oh. ppl. 

gewitan him ]>a Nor]7men. 937 A. 

p. 109 h. (3) to die. p.8g. 961 a. 

for9 gewat. M. 143. 
ge-wit-ness, 8b.f.8tr. (i) witness, 

testimony, ace, -se. 995F. p. 

129b. dat, -se. I022E. (ii) a wit- 
ness, pi, -se. 656E. p. 32 1. 675 

E. p. 37 1. 
ge-WTa1$ian, vjJc.v. to make angry. 

reft£x. to grow angry. p.8g. -Sede. 

ge-wreoan, at.v. to avenge, ' wreak.* 

921 A. P.102I. p.p. gewrecen. 979 

E. (gesochen) 1080I). is probably 

an error for (gerochen) which was 

meant for the p.p. of this verb, 
ge-writ, 8b.n.8tr. a writing, letter, 

writ. 62 7E. 995F. p. 128I. dat. 

-te. 1048E. p. 172 1. 1085 P- 2i6b. 

pl.'tu. 973A. (-ta)995F.p. 128b. 

1085 p. 2i6b. (-te) 963E. p. ii6h. 

1070A. -tum. 889*. 
ge-writan, st.v. to write. 1085 p. 

216I. p.8g,gewr&t. 656E.P. 32 m. (gewriten) ib. p. 31b. p.p. 

(gewriton) 963E. p. ii6t. pi. 

gewritene. 1086 p. 221 1. 
ge-wuna, sb.m.wJc. custom, wont. 

1009E. p. 139m. 1019E. p. 150m. 

(-ne) F. dat. -nan. 10 70 A. 1085 

p. 21 7 h. ace. -nan. 1006C. (-na) 

D.E. p. I37t. V. p. 295. 
ge-wuna, adj.indecl. accustomed, 

wont. 1006E. adinU. 



ge-wundian, wJe.v, to wound. p,8g. 

-dode. 755* pp. 48-9 h. p,pl. 

-dedon. 1083 ad fin, (-doden) 1048 

E. p. I73h. ^.^. -dad. 894A. p. 

86 1. 1079E. 755A. -dod. E. 1118. 

(-ded) 1 128. pL -dade. 1038 K 

ad fin, 
ge - wune - Ho, <idj, accustomed, 

wonted. 11 00. 
ge-wunian, wlc.v, to dwell, inhabit. 

p. 3E. M. 250. 
ge-wyldan (i),ge-wildan (2), wJco. 

to reduce, conquer, rule over. 

943D. (i). p.8g. -Ide. 926D. (i). 

959E. (2). 
ge-wyrcan, uoh.v. to work, to make, 

to fortify, to do. 92 3 A. p-sg. ge- 

worhte. 918A. ad fin, gewrohte. 

189E. 1086 p. 220I. p. pi, ge- 

worhtan. 1016D. p. 15 2I. ge- 

wrohtan. 993E. pp. geworht. 894 

A. ad init, gewroht. 1048E. p. 

173 m. 1094. 
fge-wyrd^ 8h.n.8tr. decree, rule, or- 
dinance., -dum. M. 66. 
ge-wyrde, v, ge-an-wyrde. 
ge-wsrrpan, wk.v, to recover, get 

better. p.f<g. -pte. 1052C. ad fin. 
ge-yeean, wk. v. to increase. 1067D. 

man. sec. 
ge-yfelian, tvk.v. to become ill or 

sic'k.,{impers,), him geyfelode. 

1053 D. -lade. 1086 p. 218b. 
go-yppan, wk.v. to reveal, make 

known, discover, p.p. -ped. M. 

157- i>^- -ypte. 1095 p. 231b. 
fge-ywan, wk.v, to show, reveal. 

p.p, -wed. M. 142. 180. 
gif, conj. if. 755* pp. 48-9 m. 894A. 

p. 84I. 992E. 1014E. 
gifan, st.v, to give. 995F. p. 130I. 

1 103. geofan. 1075D. (gifen) 852 

E. (gyuen) 1132. (giuen) 963E. 

ad init, pres, ic gife. tb. p. 

Ii6h. ("he] gif>. 870F. p. 284h. 

pres.8uhj.8g, gife. 1085 p. 217m., geaf. 853A. 963E. p. 115b. 

gaf. 1123 p. 252I. (gaef) 1127 

p. 257h. 959a. (giOF. (isef) 1127. 

p. 257 1. (iaf) 1 1 54., C^eafen) 

963E. p. II 7 1. (geauen) 11 28. 

(gauen) 654E. (iaefen) 1125. (ia- 

uen) 1 140 p. 267 m. p.p. gifen. 

963K p. Ii7h. 1070E. 1 1 27 p. 

258 h. (giuen) 1 126. (geauen) 
loi 2F. ad fin, sup, to gifene, to 
give (in marriage). 1109. (iTuen) 
up, to give up, surrender. 1140. 
p.8g, (iaf) up. ib. p. pi, (iafen) Qp. 

gifian, wk.v. to bestow gifts on., gifode. 994E. 
gifU, shf.8tr. a gift; (gyfe) 656E. p. 

31 1. ace, gife, gyfe. ih, gen. 

(gifes). ib. p. 32 m. dat, gyfe. 

1 123 p. 252 h. acc.p2.gifa. 885* 

ad fin. geofa. 1075D. (gife)ii25. 
gimm, sh.m.str. a gem, a jewel, gim. 

M. 254., gimmum. 1086 

p. 219 h. gimman. ih. p. 222 m. 

poetically of the sun. gim. M. 109. 
gisel, sh.m.8tr. gets^l, a hostage. 

dat. gisle. 755* pp. 48-9 h. 1093 

ad fin,, gislas. 874* & fq, 

(gy sles) 1 1 40 p. 267 h. gen,pL 

gtsla. 1048E. p. 174I. 175 t. 
gislian, wk.v, to give hostages. p,Bg, 

gtslade. 994E. -lode. 1013E., 

-lodon. ib. (-leden) 1129. gysle- 

dan. 1066D. sub fin, 
gitsung, 8b.f.str. avarice, covetous- 

ness. ace, ^ge. 1086 p. 221 h.- 

(-ga) 1 100. 
glsBd, adj, glad, joyous. 656E. p. 

30 1.^ 
glaed-lice, adv, gladly, joyfully. 

tgleaw, adj. learned, wise. M. 171. 

nom.m.wlc. -wa. M. 100., 

-wra. 973A. 975A. 
fglidan, 8t.v. to glide., glad. 

937A. p. 106I. 
f glof, 8b.f.8tr, a glove, dat. -fe. M. 

249. (so Sweet : Grein doubtfully 

to a supposed : glof, 8b.n,8tr, a 

f gnomung, sh.fistr, mourning. 975 

A. p. 1 20 m. 
God, sb.m.str, God. nom.gen.dat. 

959E. nom, IOI6E. p. 150 m. 

gen, 937A. p. 106 b. 11 27 p. 257I. 

(Codes) 1080D. dat, 1 127 p. 257 1. 
god, adj, good. 11 53 ad fin, g6d 

d^l, a good part. 913A. god iTfes 

man, a man good of life. 1095 od 
fin, se goda. 885*. seo g6de. 1093 

p. 228 h. j» g6de. 1086 p. 220 h. 

accmascjdr. g5dne. 877*. acc.f. 



g6de. 837A. gen.f,wk. (g6da) 

1 1 00 ad fill, datf, g6dre. 860 A. 

nom.pL gdde. 959E. 1086 p. 

221 1. de/l ]>a g5daii. t&. gen,Mr. 

g6dra. 971*. gdddera. 1066E. ad 

fin. (g6dre) 1 1 24. wic. (g6dene) 

656E. p. 31 L dot. g6daixL 1089 

p. 219 1. 
s6d, 8b.n.8tr, good, a good thing, 

goodness, goods, property. 1065D. 

1124 ad fin. dat. g6de. Sj*, 1066 

E. p. 198 m. pL (g8de) ib. 
god-ound, adj. religions, sacred, 

heaven-sent. dcU. -dnm. 679E. 

pi. -de. 601*. 
fod-firiht, adj. god-fearing, pi. 

(godefinhte) 656E. p. 31m. 
s6diaii, wk.v. (i) to grow good, im- 
prove. p.9g. g6d^e. 959E. ad 

init. (ii) to endow with goods. 

p.8ff, g6dede. 963E.P. 117 1. doubt- 

fiil reading: 105 2E. ad fin. (g6- 

ded) 1 1 37 p. 265 m. 
g6d-nes8, 9b.f.str. goodness, dat. 

-se. 1086 p. 221 1. 
sod-sib, «5.m.8^r. a sponsor, 'gossip.' 

1093 p. 228h. 
god-spell, sb.n.8tr. gospel 40. 47F. 

1 1 22. gen. -les. M. 171. dai. 

-le. 1067D. 
god-spellere, 8b.m.gtr. a 'gospeller,' 

evangelist. 63*. 87*. 
god-spellian, ioJc.v. to preach the 

gospel, to evangelize, -lodon. 

god-simii, 8h.m.8tr. god-son. 755*. 

pp. 48-9 1. 890A. -sune. E. 
gold, sb.n.8tr. gold. 1070E. (gol) 

1064E. ffen. -des. 1066E. ad fin. 

1086 p. 221 1. dat. -de. lOoiA. 

gold-hord, 8ib.n.8tr. a ' gold hoard,' 

treasure, pi. 418*. 
gomol, V. gamol. 
grad, 8b.m.8tr. a step, gnide. dat. 

pi. -dan. 1083 ad Jin. 
fgr^&dig, adj. greedy, ctecm. -gne. 

937 A. ad Jin. 
•f-grSdig-ness, 8b.f.8tr. greed, avar- 
ice, aoe. (gr^dinaesse) ioi86 p. 

221 h. 
gpnefe, grssfs [?],. sb.wk. generally 

rendered * coal ;' Prof, l^le ren- 
ders it 'graveL' 85 2E. 

fgrdg, adj. grey. M. 263. neut. 
wk. -ge. 93 7 A. ad Jin. 

tSX^iOii €Ldj. ffrant, furious, angry. 
948D. 1048E. p. I73h. 

gra-soinnen, a>dj. made of 'grey- 
skins,' grey fur (miniver, Thorpe), 
(cf. IceL gra-skinn, from which 
it is probably borrowed.) pi. 
-schynnene. 1075 D. 

grdat, adj. great, tall. gen.8g.wk. 
-tan* 1017D. (grictan) E. dat. 
pi. -turn. p. 5E. 

fgrenuan, wlcv. to irritate, pro- 
voke, sup. t6 gremienne. 11 04. 

fgT§ne, adj. green. M. 267. pL 
M. 206. 

grStan, vik.v. to greet, salute. 
1014E. pres. ic . . . grete. 675E. 

grating, ^.f.8tr. greeting, aec 
-ge. 675E. p. 36 1. 

grinun, adj. 'grim,' severe, sharp. 
datag. -mum. p. 5£. aeo. -mne. 

grin, gryn, sKn.str. a snare, gin. 
ioi57D. 1 137 p. 264m. (?) 

griS, 8b.n.ttr. peace limited in time 
or place ; truce, protection, 
asylum, (often coupled with the 
more general word: frit$). 1002 
£. 1037E. 1046K p. i68h. gen. 
-Ces. 1048 E. p. 174b. 1095. (-'Sas) 
1087 p. 224I. dat. -Ce. 1095. 
Hence almost b jurisdiction, e.g. 

grUSian (i), gryOian (2), wk.v. to 
make a truce or peace ; with ace, 
to take under one's protection. 
1093 (i)- ^'^9' -?5ede. 1016E. p. 
i53h. (i) D. (2). 1066C. p. 196 h. 
1070E. (i). -tSode. 1046E. p. i68t. 
(i).|).j3L-?Jedon. 1114. 1068E. (i). 
D. (2). -t$odon. 1087 p. 224h. (i.) 

fgrund, gb.m.str. ground, the bot- 
tom, abyss. M.113. in pi., the 
earth, world, -das. 93 7A. 
p. 106I. 

grund-weall, sh.mMr. a founda- 
tion, (-walla) 654E. 

fgiima, sb.m.wk. a man. 937A. p. 
106 b. gumena. ib. p. 
109 h. So Grein in M. loi, where 
the MS. has accag. guman. 

fgiiB, ^.f.8tr. war. dat. gfiSe. 937 
A. p. 109 1^ 

A a 



gu'8-fana, ^.m,tok, war -banner. 

fguS-hafoo, sb,m.str, war-hawk. 937 
A. ad Jin. 

gyld (i), gild (2), 8h,n.str, payment, 
tribute. 1049C. tid Jin, 1066E. 
p. 198I1. (i). 1013E. p. I44h. 
(3). (geld) 656K p. sib. (geold) 
075E. p. 36h. 1087 p. 233b. 
accpL gyldL 1103. (gylda) 1096 
ad fin, (gseildes) 11 37 p. 364I. 
(glides) 1 1 40 p. 267 b. (geoldes) 
1 1 24 ad fin, datpL gyldam. 
1 05 2D. 

gyldan, at.v, to pay. 1014E. 1002 0. 
D. gildan. P. p. 295. (gyldon) E. 
p,sg. geald. 991E. p,pl. guidon. 

gyldan, wk,v. to gild. p^sg. gildede^ 
doubtful readhig ; 105 2E. ad 

gylden, adj, golden. 1058D. nom, 
ace J', gildene. 1052E. ad fin. 
1066E. gildene 1070E. 
p. 205 b. gyldenan. 1075D. 

gylp^ sb.m,8tr. arrogance, os- 
tentation. gylpa. 1006 
CD. p. 137 h. V. beotian. 

t8ylpan(i),gelpan(2),a<.i;. to boast, 
*yelp.' 93 7 A. p. 109 1 (3). B. C. 

gylt, sb.m.8tr. guilt, crime. 1048E. 
p. I78h. da^. -te. 1055C.D. 

gyman, wk.v. to take care of, ad- 
minister, sup. td (geamene) 
1123 p. 253h. 

gyme-least (i), geme-lest (2), 
8b/.str. carelessness. 1070E. p. 
207 1. (2). dai. -te. 1016E. p. 
^iSoh. (i). 

gymen, sh.fislr. care, administra- 
tion, rule. dat. -ne. 26E. -nne. 
27a. [gyminge. W. p. 293.] 

gyrd, a rod ; as a measure 
of area, a rood, (gyrde) 1085 
p. 216 1. 

gyman (i), giman (2), geoman 
(3), geman (4), wi(; * yearn,' 
desire, entreat. 1067D. (i). 
(geomen) 656E. p. 31 m. pres. 
9u geomest^ %b. ge geor- 
non ih, p. 33 h. p.s£^. -nde. 777E. 
(3). 1048E. p. 172 h. (4). ih. p» 
J74b. 1093 (i). (iffimde) 1127 p. 

258 b. -ndon. 1009E. (2). 

loiiE. (3). 1052E. p. 180 b. (4). 

1087 p. 224I. (i). (ieomden) 

1 1 23. 
gyrne (i), geome (2), adv. geme, 

eagerly, gladly, well. 959E. 

1006E. ad Jin. (2). 1083 (i). 
gymung (i), geornung (2), sh.f. 

8tr. 'yearning,' desire, aec. -ge. 

675E. p. 36 h. (geamunge) 11 14 

p. 246 1. 
gyt (i), git (2), giet (3), gieta (4), 

S®^ (5)9 ^v* J^^t still, a^ain. 

1009E. ad fin. 1089 (i). 918A. 

921 A. p. 102 m. (3). 937 A. ad fin. 

(4). 1131 p. 262 h. (5). 565K 

1087 p. 223 1. (2). te»t) 1137 p. 

264 b. (goat) 1086 p. 218I1. 

(iett) II 27 ad fin, J>e gyt, for ))a 

gyt. 1106? 


ha, 8h.m.8tr. (Icel. bar) an oar-tbole, 
rowlock, kencet ^^ ^^ » per man. 
1040C. V. bamele, ba-ssta. 

habban, wk.v. (i) to have, to possess, 
(ii) as auxiliary verb, infin. 874*. 
1002E. 1087. II 01. (babben) 11 27 
p. 258 1. (hafen) 1 123. (hauen) 
675E. p. 36 1. 1 140. 
hafaf). 979E. bsef^. M.146. (baued) 
675E. p. 36 1. 1 1 54. ic (baue) 
675E. p. 36 b. subj. babbe. %b. 
p. 37l- 1031 A. (bafe) 675E. adfin. 
(haue) 963E. p. Ii6m. 11 28. 1st and 3rd, habba9. 565 
E. 1086 p. 221 L 2nd (bauen) 
675E. p. 36 h. p.8g. bsefde. 874* 
& passim (heafde) 885E. 
1 131. (bafde) 650E. 755E. 1122. 
(befde) 11 24 p. 254 b. (bedde) 
885F. 1 140 p. 268 1. (badde) 
1137. (adde) 1138. With r^^. 
dat. added : him ... bffifde.973A. ind. da 8ubj, hsefdon. 867 * 
d: passim, (hsefden) 1070E. adfin. 
(beafdon) 1012E. iioi. (heafden) 
675E. (beofdon) 449E. ^afden) 
II 25. (hefdon) p. 3E.-(hefden) 
1137 P* 264 h. Queddan) p. 71 
n. F. (hadden) 1137. sup, t6 
baebbenne» 1052O. ad Jin, hab- 
bene, D. habbiumer X085 p. a 16 1. 

.>. ( J ■. 



habbene. 1093. (liauene) 1127. 
haefdon to (with gupine), had to, 
were bound to. 1 1 29. 
had, 8h.m.str. rank, condition; order, 
esp, holy orders. 1 1 19. gen. hades. 
995F. p. 128b. TI03. rfa^. hade. 

1086 p. 219 b. hada. M. 

hades-mann, 8h.m.8tr, a man of a 
particular kind or order, cf. * in 
orders.', -num. 995F. ad 

hadian, voJc.v. to ordain, consecrate. 
1048E. p.8g. hadode. 931 A. 
p.p, hadod. 107 2E. pi. hidode. 
1014E. gen. (hadede heafden), 
clerics. 963E. p. 117 h. (hadode 
heafde) 675E. p. 36 h., 
(-dre) 1046 F. p. 167 n. 

liading, sb.f.8lr. ordaining, ordina- 
tion. 675E. p. 36 h. 

haecoe, sb.Q)f,wk. a crosier. 1070E. 

hsefen, 8h.f.str. heBfene, sb.f.wTc. 
a haven, harbour, gen. -ne. 1031 
A. ace. -'DiXTL, ih. 1090. 

Ii6Bft, 8b.m.8tr. a bond, imprison- 
ment. 1036C.D. 

fhsBfte-clonun, 8b.m.8tr. a fetter, 
bond. dat. -mum. 942A. 

hsBften, 8h.f.8tr. captivity, custody. 
dat, -ne. 1095 p. 231 1. 

hfloft-no'V, 8h.m.8tr. custody, im- 
prisonment, dat. -ne9e. 1095 p. 
231b. loii ad fin, 

luBftnuiifi:, sh.f.str. confinement, 
custody, dat. -ge. 1086 ad fin, 

1087 p. 224L (heftnunge) 11 24. 
(heftninge) 1079. 

hseft-nyd (1), -mad (2), -nSd (3), 

8b.f.8tr. captivity, thraldom, dat. 

-de. S86A. (2). B.C.D.W. p. 294. 
(3). (hffifnede)E. 
H&lend, 8&.m.8^r.}getlanll,a Saviour. 

gen. -des. 995F. p. 128b. 1086. 

')*h8Ble]>, «&.m.«^r. aman, hero. 975 A. 

p. 120I. ^2. hsele'S.t&. M.14. ^en. 

pl,-^tk, 93 7 A. p. 108 h. M.I 2 1., -Sum. M. 240. (helepum) 

M.I 64. 
b&lo, hiSel, 8b.f.8tr. Ifvif health, sal- 
vation. M.50. dai, h^lo. 855 A. 

h^le. E. 

t h£lo-tid, sh./.str. a prosperous 

time. 1065D. p. 193I. (healfe 

tid. C.) 
h&lt$, tk.f.str, health, salvation. 

dat -8e. 102 3D. 
tailman, wJc.v. to lie with. 

suhj. -mde. 1086 p. 220 m. 
heen-fagol, sb.m.str. a * hen-fowl,* 

hen. pi. (henne fugeles) 1131. 
hcerfest, 8h,m.8tr. fjetbst, autumn, 

'harvest.' on hsenest. 918A. 921 

A. p. 102 h. 1048E. p. I72h. 

(herfest) 1006E. (heruest) 11 26. 

gen, haerfestes. 1048E. p. 174I. 

(of point of time). 921 A. p. 102 b. 

dat, -te. 1086 p. 218 1. 877A. 

(herfeste) E. (-feste) 896A. 
hfiBmes, sb.n. ? str. ^jixtly the bridn. 

pi, haemes. 11 37 p. 264 h. 
h»8, 8h.f.8tr, command, dat, -se. 

92 1 A. p. 103 1. 1070A. ae<\ -se. 

963E. p. 116 m. (hese) 11 23 p. 

flifldttian, wlcv, to take the hair 

and skin off the head, to scalp. 

p.8g. -tode. 1036C. 
f h^, 8b.f,8tr, a heath, dot, -fSe, M. 

h&pen, adj, heathen; in the Chron. 

practically equivalent to Dane, 

Danish. 865A. 866E. (hethen) 

1137 p. 264b. noTn.m,wk. (-ne) 

865E. nom.n.wh. (-na) 1086 p. 

222 1. dat,m.8tr, -])num. 851 A. 

(-Cene) E. (heCenum) 616E. 

pLstr. -])ne. 851 A. -"Sene (heS- 

ene) E. 11 28 ad fin, pl.wh. 

-]man. 851 A. -t^enan. 794E. gen, 

pi, -])enra. 942A. (heS-) 793E. 
h^en-8cipe,«&.m.«fr. heathenism. 

(heCen-) 634E. 
hafen- least, ah,/. str, lack of means, 

poverty, dat, (haueleste) 675E. 

p. 36I. 
hagol, sb,mMr, hail, dat, -le. 11 1 7. 
f hagol-8our, 8&.7R.«^r.a hail-shower. 

dat,pl, -rum. M. 35. 
fhago-steald, -staid, hage-, adj. 

luimarried, independent, pi, -de 

menn, young warriors. 1065 CD. 

pp. i92-3b. 
hal, a^, whole, hale. datn. halan. 

614F. 616F. /. halre. 1052E. ad 


A a 2 



halgian, wk,v, to consecrate, ordain. 
667E. 1094. p,8g, halgode. 670E. 
1006A. halgode him abbot. 963 
E. p. 115I. halgede. 1130. 
(halechede) 11 35 ad fin. 
•godan. 731K p.p. ha^od. 11 30. 
datf, -dre. 1066E. mp, to 
balgianne. 1054I). r. ge-hal- 

(halgo-rodO sKf-str.* holy-rood,'the 
cross. (ICC. -ae. 963E. p. 117 m. 

l^Slfirung, 8b.f.8tx. hallowing, con- 
secration. 984A. (haleging) 675 
E. p. 36 h. dot. -ge. 979C. 

hSlig, adj. holy ; as subat. a saint. 
1085 p. 217 h. (hali).ii37 ad fin. 
nom.m.wh. hlUga. 714*. 814*. 
haliga. 616F. f,wk. hElige. 994 
E. halge. 1070E. nfu^.toJEr. halige. 
1012E. (halie) 1069D. ad fin. 
dat.8g.wh. haJgan. 876*. ace. 
m,str. haligne. 1065C.D. pp. 
192-3I. 10k. halgan. 626A. 975D. 
ad fin, acc.m.f.v)k. haligan. 
1012E. gen.m,wJc. halgan. %b. pi. 
m.str. halige. 1086 p. 218I. noh. 
(halechen) 1137 p. 265 h. gen. 
pl.8tr. haligra. 901 A. wk. hal- 
gena. 97 iB. 1083 ad fin. (halgane) 
656E. p. 33 h. (halgan) 675E. p. 
36h. 1066E. p. I98h. 
hElgnm. 565E. halgan. 675E. p. 
33h. (halechen) 890 a. 

halig-dom, 8b.m.8tr. sanctity ; and 
80, holy things, relics, 'halidome.' 
(halid6m) 1 131 ad fin. dat. 
haligddme. 1083. (halid6me)885F. 

halig-fi^nine, sb.f.wk. a sainted 
woman, (halifemne) 639E. 

f hElig - mSneSS, 8b.m.8tr, * holy- 
month,' September. -mGnS. M. 

halig-ness, 8b.f.8tr. holiness, sanc- 
tity, (halines) 641E. 

hals, V. heals. 

h^xn, ah.m.8tr. (i) home. M. 150. set 
ham, at home. 894A. ad init. 
ham, home, homewards. 79 2E. 
9 1 7 A. 1 1 29. gen,p I. hama berea- 
fod. 975A. ad fin. (ii) a hamlet, 
manor. lOoiA. daLsg. set J>£m 
hILm. 901 A. hUme. D. pi, 
hamas. 937A. ad init, gtn,daU 
pi, h&ma, hlUnon. xooiA. 

hamele, hamule, ab.f,wh, (Icel. 
hamla), an oar-loop, rowlock; 
hence, set Ulcere -Ian ^ for every 
rower, per man. 1039E. v. ha. 

f hamelian, wJcv. to mutilate. -lode. 1036C. 

f hamor, 8b.m.9tr. a hanuner. gen. 
pi. -ra. 937A. ad init. v. laf.. 

ham-weard, adv. homeward, on the 
way home. 885'*'. 91 lA. 1095 p. 
231 1. -ward. 1061D. 

ham-weardes, adv. homewards, on 
the way home. 894A. p. 86 1. 
•werdes. 1046C. 

han-cr^d,, cock-crow. ace. 
795E. (haacrg) F. 

hakd, adv. just, exactly, h. j^ sylfa, 
just the same. 105 2E. p. I79h. 

hand'*' (i), hond (A) (2), ^.fMr. 
hand, on ^gSre hand, on either 
side. 85 2E. A. (2). of. 871*. 
dat. (hande) 1031A. on hand 
gan, to submit, surrender. 882 
E. A. (2). From hand-shaking 
being the sign of concluding a 
bargain, on hand syllan «■ to bar- 
gain, promise, onh. sealdon, ' fidem 
dantes spondent.' 972 F. 1064E. 
p. 192 1. a hand sealde. 1065D. 
p. 193 h. on (hande), in lumd. 
1 1 27 p. 257 h. set handa, at 
the hands of. 605E. set bis- 
ceopes handa onfon, to I'eceive 
(a child, &C.) at the bishop's hand 
(at confirmation, as sponsor). 942 
A. BO : t5 bisceopes handa niman, 
healdan. 993A. 855F. t5 handa 
^began, to reduce, subject. 1073 
E. t5 handa healdan, to hold (land, 
&c.) of another. 887E. A. (2). t6 
(himde) l^tan, to let (land,&c.) to 
another, to deliver up. 85 2E. 
1048E. p. 174 b. t5 huidan let. 
lopi. heom t6 hand scu£eui, to 
deuver up, abandon to them. 
105 2D. p. 175 h. on handa settan, 
to entrust, commit. 1048E. ad fin. 
1)2. handa. 641 E. 1014E. 
handum. 102 2E. 

hand-plega (i), hond- (2), «&.f». 
vok. hand-play, i.e. fighting, gen. 
-gan. 93 7A. p. 108 h. (2). aoc^ 
-gan. 1004C..D. ad fin* (i). 

liand-pr§08t, ah.mMr, chaplain. 



-preBt. 105 1 F. p. 181 b. pi, -tM 
870F. p. 284 h. 

fhaoigian, v>k,v, to hang, be hanged. 
M. 288. 

har, <idj, hoar, hoary. 93 7 A. p. 
1 08 b. dat.mMr, hiran. M. 213. 
f,v)k, haran. 1066D. p. 199 1. 

thars, ^.m,iDk, a hare, dot, pi, 
-ran. 1086 p. 221 m. 

ha-ssDta, th.m.tch, a rower. (Icel. 
ha-Beti, lit, 'thole-sitter'), pi. 
-ton. 105 2E. V, ha. 

fhasn-pad, adj, having a grey 
coat (of an eagle.) ]x>ne hasu- 
padan. 937. ad Jin, CD. with 
both parts declined : );ane hase- 
wan padan. ib, A. 

fhEt, hot. superi, -tost. M. 239. 

hatan, stv, ^ei^ett, (i) to order, 
command, het. 792'*'. (hiet) 
685E. (heot) 656E. p. 30 1. het 
6t, ordered out of the country, 
bfuushed. 1046F. p. 16991., 
heton. 449E. (ii) to call, to name. 
pre8.»g, )i^t. (for hateO) 449E. 
892A. 1016D. E. p. 152. 
1st & 3rd, liHtaO. 893'". 975A. ad 
fin,, het. 688B. C. heht. A. heton. 878E. p.p. haten. 
75 5 A. 895 A. (iii) to be called, 
*hight.* p.8g, het. 777E. 963E. 
p. 117I. (h^t) 1086 gubfin, the 
form : hatte, was called or named, 
(656E. p. 30 b. 1070E. tvib fin. 
1 1 06. p. 241 t.) is an interesting 
and unique relic of the old in- 
flected passive, oiiginally present, 
but used always as a (Nreterite. 

hEwian, wlc,v, to look, to gaze. 
p.9g. -wede. 1003E. 

h.§, heo, hit, per8.pron, 3rd eg. he, 
she, it. (note that the masc. & 
fem. refer not only to persons, 
but to any substantive of corre- 
sponding gender. "We have how- 
ever hit referring to a masculine 
Bubst. in 89 2 A. There being no 
reflexive pron. in Anglo-Saxon 
the pers. pron. is often used re- 
flexively: Sigfei^ . . . hlneof feoll, 
S. slew himself. 96 2 A. This re- 
flex, pron. in the oat. is often joined 
with verbs of motion, v. g^n. &c., 
also with the verb eubet, 1009E. 

ad fin, with Zt&5an. 1009G. D. ad 
fin.) nom.m, he. 787* kfq, (heo) 
654E. ic86 p. 218 h. (hi) 1123 
p. 252 1. /. heo. 910A. 718E. hfo. 
A. ?ht. 918C. n, hit. 877* kfq. 
hyt. 1065O. p. 192 1. (it) 1 137 
p. 265 b. accm, hiene. 787A. 
bine. E. 871* & fq, (wrongly for 
dat, 1 1 25. 1 1 27 p. 257 h.) acc.f. 
hte. 919A. hy. 1048E. ad fin, 
hig. 1037C. ^en.i».his. 787*&/g'. 
gen,f, hiere. 878A. hire. E. hyi'e. 
91 7C. lo^ieuhfin, (hyra) 1036 
E. n, his. 933'". dat.m, him. 789 
E. 838A. dat./. hire. 917C. hyre. 
1035C., hie. 787A. hi. E. 
hii. 656E. hy. 993A. 449E. hig. 
755E. p. 49 m. 1087. (heo) 449 
E. 937 A. p. I09h. hie. 
871* (he) 787E. (heo) 925D. hira. 895A. 1016E. p. 
151 1. hiera. 875 A. hiora. 894A. 
p. 86 1. heora. 794E. 937A. hyra. 
56o£. 905D. 1006E. p. 137 
L (hera) 1090. (heoran) 
iioi. 1 1 19. V, infra, (heore) 
979E. (here)675E.p.37m. 1131 
p. 262 1. (her) 1 1 35. by contami- 
nation with t^ra we have : ())6ora) 
449E. 1086 p. 221 L 
him. 877*. heom. 994E. (hem) 
1 123. (The use of the dat, for 
ace, which is completed in Modem 
EngL Hiim, her, them) is found in 
E. and F. (12th cent.), him, as 
acc.8g, occurs e.g, 654E. 963E. 
ad init, 1123 p. 252 1. 1154. & 
fq. heom, for, 828E. where 
A. has hie. It occurs once in CD. 
1052, pp. 1 80-1 1. ; so: bem. 11 24. 
ad fin,) BO in fem, hire as accsg, 
1 1 27. 1 140 pp. 267m. 268 h. In 
1087 p. 224, we have him aylfaa 
nom,, whereas in 1083 we have he 
sylf. The gen, hi8,isln one instance 
treated on the analogy of Cre, 
^wer, as a po88.pron,adJ, and de- 
clined : pi, hise. 1 1 28. The form 
heoran which occurs above {gtn. 
pL) is probably due to a similar 
tendency to create a possessive 
pronoun for the 3rd pers. pi. 
fheafoo, hafUo, i>,mMr, a hawk. 
M. 249. 



h^afod, A.n,9tr, head. 792*. loiaE. 

1063E. (eafod) D. (hefed) 1137 

p. 264 h. (h^aed) ib. (heuod) 

1123 p. 252 b. dat. h^afode. 

1066D. adfin. (h^afde) 

675K p. 36 h. 963E. p. Ii7h. dat. 

pi. heafdum. 1012K of the figure* 

neadofaship. 1063D. metaph. 

head, chief. loiiE. ad Jin. 1087 

p. 224t. (h^fod)ii27 sub fin, pi. 

(heaued) 1127. 
liSaf od-burh, so. /.sir. head -borough , 

chief town. 995F. p. 128I. 
h6af od-mann, 8h.m.8tr. f^auptstnantt* 

a * head-man/ captain. lOioE. 

pi. -men. iioi. ^^fod-) 1102. 

(-msen) 1 1 1 5. h^afed menn. 1 1 3 1 

p. 262 1. also: heafdesmen. 1076 

D. ^cn.pi. -manna, 870F. p. 7in., -mannum. 105 2 E. -nan. 

1 106. 
hSafod-port, 8h.m.8tr. chief town. 

1086 p. 218 1. 
hSah, adj. high. daLsg, (h^ge) 

656K p. 30 m. h6a. 

1086 p. 221 h. hteran. 

897A. p. 90m. hearran. B. C. 

superl. hehst. 1031A. ^Z. hthste. 

IIOI ad fin. 
fh^ah, adv. high, sup, hyhst. M. 

li6ah-buTli, 8h.f.8tr. chief town. aec. 

pi. {h!eh burh) p. 5E. 
fheah-engel, 8b.m.8tr, archangel. 

M. 50. gen. -gleg. M. 177. 
heah-ge-refa, 8h.m.wJs. high reeve. 

lOoiA. acc.8g. -fan. 1002E. nom. -fan. 778E. 779E. 
f hSah-Hc, adj. illuBtrious, notable. 

hSaltc M. 37. 74- 
li§ah-lioe, adv. highly, solemnly. 

(hegltce) II 37 p. 265 b. (heh- 

lice) 1 1 54. 
h§ah-in8B88e, sbf.wlc. high masg. 

(h^hmesse) 1125. 
f h^ah-Vungen, p.part. distinguish- 
ed, of high rank. dat. -num. 1065 

C. ad fin. (na) D. 
hdah-wita, eh.m.wk. high or chief 

counciUor. pi. -tan. [009E. p. 1 39 1. 
heald, f^.n.8tr. protection , rule, to 

healde (healdes MS.) ealles Engla 

landes, to rule all England. 10^6 


beald, adj. (Icel. hallr), sloping, in- 
clined; hencCy partial, devoted. 
superl. -dest. 1036E. (or it may 
be miswritten for : boldest.) 

healdan (i), bald an (2), gt.v. (a) 
to hold, keep, to maintain, rule, 
govern. 887*. 1014E. iioo. p. 
236 m. (i). (healdon) 1087 p. 
224 h. pres.8ubj.8g. healde. 1041 
E. pi. (hselden) 656E. p. 31 h. 
p.8g. h^ld. 611*. 93 1 A. (held) 
1 135. heoldun. 88 7 A. -dan. 
K (helden) 1135. subf. h^ldan. 
1036K pres.part, healdende. 
9 1 80. sup. t5 haldanne. 874A. 
haldonne. 886A. healdenne. £. 
(&) to keep, observe, maintain 
(laws, promises, peace, &c.), (heal- 
den) 963E. (hselt) 656 
E. ad fin. (halt) 675E. p. 36 b. healden. tb. ad fin. 
-don. 963K p. 117 m. heol- 
don. 87 7 A. -dan. E. (-den) 1 137. 
8up. t6 healdene. iioo p. 236 h. 
(halden) 1 140 ad fin. (c; to hold, 
celebrate (courts, festivals, &c.) 
M.63 (i). healdaS. M. 20. heoli mo k fq. (heald) 
II 2 7. sup. t6 healdenne. 1097. 
{d) to hold, consider. 
(helde) ii^o ad fin. (e) to hold 
out, maintain one's ground. 
(held) II 23 od ^71. ongeanh. to 
resist. 1013E. (/) to hold on 
one*s course, heoldan. 1052 
D. p. 181 h. 1070E. ad fin. (g) 
h. mid, to hold, take part with, 
support, (halden) 1140. p-pl- 
heoldon. ib. (halden) 11 29. ad 

healf, half, sb.f.str, half, part, side, 
on ]>a healf muntes, on the far 
side of the mountain. 887'". 891 A. 
be \\s half. 1129 ad fin. on 
an half ... on 6t$er half, on one 
side ... on the other side. 11 23. 
so metaph. on heora healfe. 894A. 
ad init. 1014E. hnlfe. 656E. 
p. 31 1. 1048E. p. 174 m. pi. on 
ba halfe. 1066D. p. 199 h. healfe. 
1009E. ad fin. 1 1 22. 
healf um. 1009C. B. p. 139 b. 
(healfe) E. 

healf; lialf, adj. half, healf gear. 



a half year. goiE. half (g^r) 
1 1 37 p. 265 h. healf (punda) 1094., hie wieron healfe set ham, 
]i. ute. they were half of them at 
home, &c. 894A. ad init. idioma- 
tic use with numerals. ])ridde healf 
gear, lit, the third a half year, i.e. 
2| years. 931A. cf. 946. 855A. 
851*. of ]>riddan healire hyde. 
(made) of the third a half hide, 
i.e. 2 1 hides. 891 A. cf. tirttt^fjaUl. 
6]n^m healfum l^s ]>e xxx. wintra, 
= 2SI winters. 901 A. 6])ran heal- 
fan geare l^s pe zxx. w. p. 5 n. fi. 

cf. antiettsijalft. 
thea-llo, V. heah-lTc 
fheall, thjlatr, a hall. dat. -le, 

M. 260. 
healle-ge-weoroy 8h,n,8tr, ^hall- 
work,' the work of building 

(Westminster) hall. 1097 cidfin. 
heals, hals, ^,m.8tr. {^als, the neck. 

hals. 1 137 p. 264 1. 
Ii6an, adj, low, mean. pi. heane. 

1086 p. 219 t. 
fhSan-lioe, edv, ignominiously, 

miserably. 1036 D. 
f hdap, sb.7n.8tr. a crowd, multitude, 

* heap.' 973A. 
heard, cuij. hard, stem, brave. 

1043 D. M. 42. with gen. nt)>weorca 

h., hrAve in battles. 973 A. gen. 

-des. 937 A. p. 108 1. pl.harde. 

1 1 26. 
heard-heort, adj. hard-hearted. 

1086 ad init. 
heard-Hce, adv. hardly, resolutely, 

severely. 616 F. 741 A. looi E. 

hardlice. 1046 E. 
hearm, 8b.m.8tr. harm, damage. 

994 E. 1052 E. p. 180 1. 1097. 

(hearme) 1064 p. 192 h. dat. 

-me. 1090. hearmas. 1053 

D. (hearmes) 1090. 

(harme) 1048 E. p. I74t. 
heanna - scinnen, adj, made 

of ermine skins, pi, -scynnene. 

theann-lio, adj, harmful, grievous. 

1057 D. 
tliea]>o-lind, 8h.f.8tr, war-linden, 

i.e. shields made of linden- wood. 

ace, -de. 937A. ad init, pi. -da. 


f heat$u*r6f, adj. famed in war. pi. 

-fe. M. 14. 
't'hSawan, 8t.v. to hew. heo- 

wan. 937 A. ad init. 
hef e-Ho, hefl-lic, adj. heavy, serious. 

868*. 1086. 
heflg, adj. he&vf, serious, (heui) 

1124. ad Jin. pL -ge. 1106 

ad Jin, 
hefig-tuna, -tyma, adj. grievous, 

disastrous. looiE. -tyme, -time. 

1041 E. 1096. 1097. accm, 

-tymne. 1096. 
liege,85.f».8^r. ahedge, fence, (hsege) 

1 1 30. dat. hegge. 547 E. 
held-, helde, v, hyld-, hylde. 
"hell, 8h.f.8tr, hell, dat, helle. 675 

E.p. 37t. 
helm, 8h.m.8tr. a helm, helmet. 

1008 K dai, -me. M. 248. 
help, 8hf.8tr. help, aid. ace, -pe. 

1 127. gen, -pe. 11 31 ad Jin, dat. 

-pe. 921 A. p. 102 1. 
helpan, 8t.v, to help. 870F. p. 

284 1. 
heofen (i), heofon (2), 8b.m.8tr. 

heaven. 1098(2). dat, (heouene) 

1122. ^e».^2. -na. 975A.P. I20b. 

(3). (heofne) 656 E. ad Jin, dat pi. 

-num. 979 E. 774E. (i). hefenum. 

heofene (i), heofone (2), ebf.wk. 

heaven, (heouene) 1131. dat. 

-nan. 1095 (i). 1106 (a). 
heofen-Iio (i), heofon- (2), adj. 

heavenly. 979E. (2). nom.m. 

wk. -ca. ib. (2)./. -ce. 656 E. p. 

31 b. (i). neut.wk. -ce. 988E (2). 

heofanlice. 1089. 
heof en-rice (i), heofon- (2), heo- 

fonan- (3), A.n.8tr. the kingdom 

of heaven. 656 E. p. 31 b. (2). 

1086 p. 221 b. (3). (heuen-) 675 E. 

p. 37 1. gen. -ces. M. 4 (2). 
heonon, adv. hence. 1050I). ad Jin. 

1 104. 
heonone,a(2v. hence, (heonne) 1 103. 
hSoran, v, hyran. 
heord, 8bJ.8tr, a herd, flock, ace. 

-de. 616 F. (hyrde)K 
fheort, 8b.m.str. a hart, a deer. loP^ 

p. 221 h. jpl. -tas. ib. 
heorte, ^.f.iok, the heart. 

-tan. 1023 D. 1067 D. 



heord, «b.f»^r. a hearth, dat, 
(-»») 1048E. p. I73t. 

hgr, €Ldv, here. p. 3 £• (h^r) 33 E. 
(here) 11 40 ad fin, in this docu- 
ment. 903 E. p. Ii7h. in tem- 
poral sense ; at tkis point of time, 
at this place in the Annals. 

her-8Bfter, adv, hereafter, after- 
wards, (-efter) 1135. 1095. 1104. 

here, sb.mMr. IfttX, (i) a host or army, 
hut almost always of the Banish 
army ; the native force is fyrd, 
(See however land-here, scip- 
here.) In 910E., the insertion of 
here is an evident mistake. In 
906 E., East Engle here means : the 
Danes settled in East Anglia. 
In 1006 E., in here is used of the 
native force, perhaps as being 
nearly as fatal to the people as the 
Danes ; in 684E., here is used of 
the force which Ecgfer® sent to 
invade Ireland ; in 1052 D. p. 
175, of Edward's army opposed to 
Godwine ; in 1052 CD. pp. 178- 
9 b, of Godwine's invading force ; 
in 1054 CD., of Siward*s English 
force invading Scotland (cf. 933 A. 
where, on a like occasion, we 
have land here, scip here) ; in 
1056 C, of English troops act- 
ing against the Welsh. In 1063 
E.,on alike occasion, we haveland- 
fyrd, but aGip-here. In 1066 D. 
pp. 195b. 199 1., 8cip here, land 
here, here, and in 1006 E. p. 197, 
scip here, here, are used of 
Harold's preparations against Tos- 
tig and William, where Cp. 194 b., 
has scip fyrd, land fyrd. In 
1073 E., here is used of William 
I's English force invading France, 
where D. has fyrd ; in 1085 pp. 
215-6, here is used of his foreign 
mercenaries; in 1087 p. 224 h., of 
William II's English troops which 
operated against Odo and his 
allies ; in 1090, of Philip I's 
invasion of Normandy, though his 
forces combined with those of 
Duke Robert arecalled/yrc^. (ii) In 
1 100, here seems to mean military 
service/nom.acc here.^a«9t9». gen. 

heres. 874*. heriges. 937A. p. 

108 h. herges. 0. dat. herige. 

838 A. mid ealle herige, in full 

force. 894 A ad init, here. 875*. 

(eere) 1080D. nom.pL hergas. 

871*. heras. 1016C p. 150 n. 
(heres) £. (^ the Danish and Eng- 
lish armies),, hergom. 894 

A. ad init, (iii) in a general sense; 

multitude, pi, herigeas. M. 5. 
here-b^acen, 8b.n.8tr. a war-beacon. 

aee.pL -beacen. 1006 C-b^acna. D. 
here-beorgian, 'harbour,' 

take up one's quarters. 1048 F. 

p. 1 73 n. ( = hi innian. E.) 
fhere-flyma (i), -fldma (2), eb,m, 

wk, a fugitive in war. accpl, 

-man. 937A. p. 108 1. (2). B. (i). 
here-gyld, 8h,n,str, tribute piud to 

the (Danish) host. 1052 D. -gild. 

1 040 P. p. 296. (-geold) E. 
here-hyp, -huS, w.f.8tr. war>spoil, 

booty, ace, -hytJ. 894A. p. 85 m. 

-hytJe. B. C D. -hu«e. looiE. 

gen. -hu5e. 993E. dat, -hyjie. 

885A. -huSe. E., -hy])a. 

894A. p. 85I. 
fhere-laf, thfstr, what is left of an 

army,, -fum. 937 A. p. 109 1. 
here-reaf, #&.».j?^r. war-spoil, booty. 

pl' 473*. 584* 
here-toga, sb,m,wk, f^etJOg, a leader 

of an army, commander. 1003E. 

(hera-) p. 5 1. E. gen. -gan. 11 21., 'dsai, 449E. 993K (heoro- 

togas) 656E. p. 32 1. gen,pl, -gena. 

here-word,«&.n.8^. praise, applause. 

hergap, 8b.m,8tr, harrying, plunder- 
ing. 91 1 A. hergea'S. D. hetgoO. 

hergian, wh,v, to harry, ravage. 

1014E. 1070E. (hergon) xb, 

hergade. 8 75 A. hergode. 1086 p. 

218 1., hergedon. 910E. 1001 

A. hergodon. 905A. 794E. 1087. 

hergodan. 1013E. p. I44h. here- 

godon. loiiC. pre8,part,heTgende, 

1093 p. 228 h. 
hevguiig, sKfisir. (i) harrying. 

793E. 1 104. ace, -ge. 1016D. p. 

149 m. (-ga) K dat, -ge. 994E. 

•ga.ii04. pi, -gA, nil, gen,pl. 



-ga. loiiE. (ii) what is got by 

harrying, plnnder. ace. -ge. 1087. 
fherian, wTcv, to extol, glorify., -riaS. M 4a. 
fherra, 8b.m.iok, Ijert* a lord. dat. 

-ran. 1065D. ad Jin. (hserran) C. 
hete-Hoe, adv. fiercely, vehemently. 

61 6K 1066D. p. 199m. 
fhettend, th.m.9tr. an enemy, an- 
tagonist, pi. 937A. ad init. 
bid, ib.f.8tr. a hide of land. 1086 

p. 320I. (hide) 10S5 p. 216 1. 

dcft. hyde. 1083 odfin. pi. htda. 

565 E. hyda. 1085 p. 316 

m. hidum, hidon. 1008E. 
hidan, wk.v. to hide. p.p. hidd. 

pL hidde. 963E. p. 1 1 5 b. 
hider, adv, hither. 895A. 1002 E. 

1057 E. M. 297. hider in, in hither. 

959E. cf. i-hider. 
hider-ward, adv. hitherward. 1085. 
thild, th.f.str. battle, fight, gen. 

-de. M. 249. 
'I'hilde-rino, sb.m.8tr. a warrior, 

hero. -ring. 93 7 A. p. io8b. 
f hind, »bf.8tr. a hind, ace, hinde. 

1086 p. 221 h. 
hindan, adv. fix>m behind, behind. 

877*. 948D. 
bi-red (i), bird (2), 8b.m.8lr. a 

household, court. 1085 p. 216 b. 

1104(1). 1123. 1127(2). hyred. 

1 1 14. diu. hirede. 1086 p. 219 m. 

hyrede. 1074E. 
hi-red-clerc, 8h.m.gtr.9k court chap- 
lain, hird-. 1 1 23 p. 252 m. 
hi-rSd-mann, i^,m,8tr. a member 

of a household, a follower, pi. 

-menn. 1064E. -men. 1087. 
hise, V. he. ad fin. 
hittan, wTcv. (Icel. hitta), to fall in 

with, to meet. p.8g. hytte. 1066 

D. p. 197 1. 
hiw, 8b,n.9ir. shape, appearance, 

hue. ^en. hiwes. 1104. 
hiwan, & the members of 

a family, household, or religious 

house. 716E. 757E. 
hiwung, 8b.f.8tr. shaping, feigning, 

guile, dat. -ge. 1049C. 
f hladan, 8t.v. to load. p.p. hladen. 

M. 142. 
hliefdige, ^.f.wk. lady, usually as 

title of the king's wife. 917C. 918 

E. (hlefdige) 1003E. hl&fdie. 

1035O.D. hlafdige. 1013E. adfin. 

(Uefdige) ib. (hl^fdig) 1075E. 

adfin. ace. dat. -dian. 1048E. 

ad Jin. 1052E. adfin. seo ealde 

hl^dige, the queen dowager. 

105 iC. 
hUew, 8b.m.8tr. a 'low,* a mound, 

natural or artificiaL dat.-we. 1006 

CD. p. 137 h. where it is evidently 

a burial mound, cf. M. 258. 
hl^, 8b.m.Hr. a loaf. nom.pL 

(hl&fes) 852E. 
hlaf-msBSse, sb.f.wh. Lammas, Aug. 

I. gen.dat, -san. 921 A. ad init. 

iioi. M. 140. hl^f-. 917C. hlam- 

msesse, -san. iioo. 1009E. (laf-) 

CD. (lammasse) 1135. (lammses- 

san) 1085 p. 2i7t. 
hlaford, sb.m.str, a lord. 755'" pp. 

48-9L 1014E. (laford) 1 1 24 adfin. 

(laferd) 11 23. (lauerd) 1 140. da<. 

-de. 91 8 A. adfin. 1075E. adfin. 

gen. -des. 919C 11 04. (lauerdes) 

675 E. p-361. 
hlaford- dom, 8h.m.8tr. lordship, 

authority, dat. -me. 918C. 
hlaford - scipe, 8h.m.8tr. lordship, 

authority. 870F. p. 284 h.. 
hldapan, 8t.v. lauCtn, to leap, to 

run, flee. p.8g. hleop. 1079D. 

1087 p. 223 1. ut hlupon. 

1071E. hlupon St. D. 
hliapere, sb.m.str. liiufer, 'leaper,' 

runner, courier. OrCc.pL -ras. 889 

A. (-res) E. 
't'hiehhan, v. hlyhhan. 
fhlSo, sh.n.str, shelter,' refuge, 

*lew.' 942 A. 
f hldotan, st.v, to get by lot, obtain., hlutan. M. 192. 
hleodrian, wk.v. to sound, resound. 

p.8g. hit hleoSrode (-J)rade. D.), 

the general voice was. 1036C. 
hl^, »h.f.gtr, a band, a troop. 879*. 

dat pi. -])um, in troops. 894A. p. 

hlud, adj. loud, datfistr. (luddor) 

for hlGddre. 656E. p. 30m. 

8uperl. -dast. M. 236. 
hlutor, adj. latltn, clear, piP* 

-tres. 85 2E. 
f Hlyda, 8b.m,wk. anamei 

the ' londy' soifly 



Teimyson 'this roaring moon of 
daffodil and crocus.*) M. 37. 

fhlyhhAn, hlehhan, stv, to laugh. 
937A. p. 109 1. 

hofding, tib.m^tr, a chief, leader. 
(Icel. hofSingi). pL -gas. 1076D. 

hold, sb,m.8tr, a title introduced 
into England by the Danes ; 
probably, a holder of allodial 
land. 905 A. pL -das. 921 A. p. 

hold, €UJfj. (i) kind, gracious (of a 
superior to an inferior). 1066D. 
ad Jin, (ii) faithful, loyal (of an 
inferior to a superior). 1056C. 
• holde. 1083. 1085 p. 2i7h. 
M. 123. V. heald. 

hold-ad, sb.mMr. oath of allegiance. 
pi. -Cas. 1083 p. 217 h. 1 1 15. 

hold-hlaford, 8h.m.8ir. gracious 
lord, liege lord. 1014E. 

fhold-Hoe, holde-lioe, 0^27. loyally. 
1065C.D. pp. 192-5. 

hold-80ipe, 8b.m.8tr. loyalty, alle- 
giance, dot. 1070E. p. 207 1. 1087 
p. 223 1. 

holm, sh.m.8tr. an island, specially 
in a river, creek, &c set ])am 
Holme. 902C. 1025E. (This mean- 
ing is borrowed from the Norse 
holmr; the original Old Eng. 
Jiolm meant wave^ sea.) 

f holt, 8h.n.8tr. j^olj, a wood. dxit. 
-te. M. 251. 

h6n, sLv. to hang« (hengen) 
1 137 pp. 264 h. 265 b. a ick. 
pret. (henged) ib. p. 264 h. 

hopian, wk.v. ta hope, ist pi. 
hopiaS. 1089. p.8g. hopode (with 
t6). 1009E. p. I39h. 

f hord, sh.n.m.8fr. a hoard, treasure. 
937 A. p. 106 m. 

hordere, 8b.m.8tr. the * hoarder,* 
keeper of the * hoard,* treasurer. 
1 1 31 ad fin. 

hordep-wioe, tb.f.wJc. the office of 
treasurer, dat. -wycan. 1137 p. 
265 1. 

horn, 8b.m.8tr. a horn. pi. (horn) 
1 1 27 ad Jin. 

hom-blawere, 8b,m,8tr. a horn- 
blower, pi. (-res) 1 1 27 ad Jin. 

hors, sb.n.»tr, a horse. 852E.1079E. 
dat, -se. 1048E. p. 172 1. ace. 

pi. 994E. 1 127 ad Jin. 

-sa. 91 7A. -sum. 893*. 

-san. 1097. (-sa) 1016E. p. 151 1. 
horsian, wk.v. to provide with 

horses. 1013E. -sodon. 

1015E. adjin. p.p. horsad. 881E. 
hors-pegn, »h.mMr. 'horse-thane,' 

an officer of the royal household. 

897A. p. 9oh. V. Jiegn. 
fhrde, *b.n,str. corpse, carrion. 937 

A. p. 109L hra. C. D. hraw. B. 

hrJBW. a.. 
hrsBd-Ho, adj. quick, sudden, dat. 

-can. 977C. 
hr8Bd-lice,hred-lioe, a<fv. suddenly, 

quickly. 876*. loioE. (rsedltce) 

1085 p. 2i6h. (radlTce) 11 27 

hr&d-ni6nad, v. hred-m. 
hrsBfii, 8b.m.8tr. (i) a raven. 937A. 

p. 109 b. (ii) name of the iSeuiish 

banner. 871B. C. D. rsefen. E. 
hr8Bgl-)>egn, sh.mMr. 'vestiarins,* 

the keeper of the wardrobe. 

(reilj)ein) 11 31 ad Jin. 
hralSe, adv. quickly, soon. 999E. 

1097. 8uperl. hraSost. 755 E. p. 

49 hi V. T&tSe, 
hr6af, V. reaf. 
hr6d- ni6nad, 8b.m.8lr. March. 

hraed-. M. p. 274 margin, 
hr^fan, wJcv, to roof, (refen) 1137 

p. 265 m. 
f hrgman, wJk.v. to cry out, to exult. 

937AL.P. io8b. 
fhrgniig (i), hramig (2), adj. cla- 
morous, exulting in (with ^en.). 

pi. -ge. 937A.. p. 109I. (2) B. C. 

hr§oh, adj. rough. 1075 D. 

hreow-lio, adj. grievous, wretched. 
105 7D. (reowlTc) 1086 p. 218b. 
comp. (r^owlicor) ib. 

hr6ow4ioe, adv. wretchedly, miser- 
ably. 1036O. 1096 p. 233 1. 

f hT6d-§adig, adj, joyous, glorious. 
mperl. -degost. M. 240. 

fhriin, 8b.m.8tr, rime, hoar-frost. 
gen» -mes. M. 204. dat. -me. M. 

f hriznig, adj. rimey, firosty. superl, 

-goat. M. 238. 

fhring, 8h.m.8tr, a ring, dat, -ge. 

M. 254. 



hringan, voJc.v, to ring (bells). p.j>2. 
(ringden) 1131. 

hz^r, hif'Ser, «&.n.«^r. horned 
cattle, 'rother.' Shaksp. ^en.oZ. 
-ra. 1012E. gen,8g. -res. F. (as 

Iir6d, V, r6d. 

fhrof, sh.m.9tr, a roof. pi. -fas. 
M. 297. 

't'hruse, sh.f.wk, the earth, ground. 
ace, -Ban. 975A. p. 120b. 

hii, adv, how. 963E. p. ii6h. loii 
E. 1070A. V. ge-don. 

hiind, 8b.m.8tr. a hound, dog. pi, 
(hundes) 112'; ad fin, 

hundy sh.n, hundred, zl hund. 
409E. anhund. io8oE« tynhund. 
942 A. sex hund. 85 2E. monig 
hund. 895 A. feorOe healf hund, 
~ 350. 851*. mid ]>ridde healf 
hund scipa. 892E » mid ccl. 
hunde scipa. 893 A. v.. healf. 

hund-, is prefixed in Anglo-Saxon to 
the numbers from 70 to 1 20. hund 
(seofenti) (70). 409E. 656E. ad fin, 
hund eahtatig (80). looiA. dat, 
hund ehtatigum. p. 5t. E. hund 
nigentigon (90). 993A. hund 
nigontigum. 994E. hund twelftig 
(120). 892E. ^6w. hund twelftiges. 

hundred, sh.n.str. a hundred; (i) 
as a number. 656E. ad fin, 1085 
p. 2 1 6m. (ii) as a territorial division. 
963E. p. 117 1. 

hunger (i), hungor (2), sh.mMr. 
hunger, famine. 975 A. p. 120 b. 
977E. 1082 (2). 793E. 1070E. ad 
fin, 1096 p. 233 t. (i). (-gaer) 1137 
p. 264. dat, -gre. 894A. p. 87 b. 

hunger-biten, p.part, hunger- 
bitten, pi, -ne. 1096 p. 233 1. 

hunta, 8b.m.wk, a hunter, pi. 
(huntes) 11 2*^ ad fin. 

huntian, wJc.v, to hunt. (hunten)t 
1 1 27 ad fin, 

huntnctS (i), hunto^ (2), 8h.m.8tr. 
hunting, gen. -]>es. 1065C. (i). 
D (2). dat. -Se. 1 100 (i). 

hiiru, adv, at least, at any rate. 
1050D. ad. fin, (htire) 1 131 p. 
262 h. 

hU8, 8h,n,8tr. house. 11 29. dat,8g. 
huse. 1048E. p. 172 1. 1070E. 

pi, 1064E. p. 192 h. (husas) 

11 16. (hiises) 656E.P.31 1. 1070E. 

1 1 1 7. dat, pi. hiisan. 1 1 18 ad fin. 
hiis-bunda, 8h,m.wk, the master 

of a house, householder, 'hus- 
band.* 1048E. p. 172 1. ace, dat. 
-don. ih, -dan. F. 

hus-carl, 6b.m,8tr, (borrowed 
from Scandinavian, the native 
form would be -ceorl) a * house- 
carle,* member of the king's body- 
guard. pL (-les) 1070E. gen. -la. 
1041C. dat. -lum. 1036E. 

hu8-ting, i^,n.8tr. (borrowed from 
Scandinavian, the native form 
would be -]>ing) a meeting, coun- 
cil, 'busting.' dat. -ge. 1012 CD. 
(.gse) F. (-ga) E. 

hwa, hwset, (i) pron.inter. who, 
what. hwa. 1086 p. 218 1. (wua) 
1135. hwset. 787*. 1086 p. 2191. 
(hwet) 1006E. p. 137 1. 1052E. 
(hwat) 1070E. (wat) 1137 ad 
fin, gen. hwses. 1086 p. 220 1. 
dat. hwam. ib. p. 218 1. ace. 
(hwam) 1 123. (ii) pron. indef. 
anyone, anything, something, 
hwa. p. 3E. 1086 p. 219m. 
hwset. ioioE.lTtles (hwat), some- 
thing trifling. 1070E. v, swa, for- 
hwan, hwy. 

fhwsBl, 8h.m.8tr, a whale, gen. -les. 
975 A. p. 120I. V. cSel. 

hw^r, adv. (i) where. 891A. 896A. 
swa hwar, = wherever. 994F. 
1130. swa (hwer) swa. 449E. 
(hwere) 656E. p. 31 m. (whar) 
995F. p. 130I. (ware se) — hw^r 
swa. 1 1 40 p. 267 b. (wEr s^) 
*I37 P* 365 h. (ii) everywhere. 
V. ge-hw^r, wel-hw«r. 

fhwsBt, adj. active, brave, pl.m. 
hwate. 937A. p. 106 1. V. denniaii. 

hwsBt, adv, (strictly neut. of hwa), 
then, moreover, lo ! (the meaning 
is very indefinite. It calls atten- 
tion to the statement which 
follows.) 1075D. M. 48. 122. 

hw£te, 8b,m.8tr. wheat. Ii^' 
254 m. gen, -tes. 1039K : 
ad fin. 

hweenne, hwonne, adv. 
hwonne. 656E. p. 3oh. (n 
103 1 A. 



hweelSer, liwa)>er, pron. either, both. 

dat.f. hwaeCre. 87 lE. (hwa))erre) 

894A. €id init. V, awsk. 
hw8B(Ser, conj, whether. 995F. p. 

hwaeiSere, tidv, however, neverthe- 

leBB. 98 2C. M. 68. 
hwemman, wk,v, to slope, to incline. 

j7.pL hwemdon. 105 2C. p. 180 m. 

-dan. D. 
hweorfan, st.v. to turn, turn 

back, to go ; to change, alter. M. 

291., -faS. M. 292. 

(hwearfaC) M. 65. p.8g. hwearf. 

584A. 813*. huerf. 633 A. suhj, 

hwurfe. 982C. 
•j-hwider, hwyder, adv. whither. 

hwil, 8h./.8tr. a while, time, ace, 

gode hwile. 837A. cf. 988E. 

hwile, for a time. 1106. ])a 

hwile J)e, while. 913A. 1072E. 

& fq. also in pL ])a hwila )>e. 

1016D. p. 149 1. so: 8a hwTle 

'p. 1 123 p. 252b. in this sense: 

Pwtle) 8= while. 1137 p. 264 L 

(um wtle), from time to time. tb. 

(sum wile) * some while,* once. ib. 

b. \>& hwTle, meanwhile. 994E. 

1 1 14. ])a (wile) 1066D. p. 197 m. 

dat,pl. hwTlum, at times, * whiles.* 

892 A. hwtlon, formerly, * whilom.* 

96 3E. p. 115I. 1086 p. 2i9h. 

-Ian. 448 F. 
hwilo (E), hwelo (A), pron. which, 

whichever, any, of every kind. 

hwylc. M. 298. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 

(while) 675E. p. 36 m. acc.m. 

-cne. 1086 p. 219 m. gen.n. 

-ces. 675E. p. 36 1. dat. m. & n, 

hwylcan. 1057 ^» hwylcum. 

910D. inst. swa -ce daege, on 

whatever day. 874*. ace. & dat. 

pi. hwilce, hwylcon. 1085 p. 

hwit, adj. white, earn seftan hwit. 

937A. p. 109b. (cf. Gk. vvyapyos, 

and ^sch. Agam. 116. oiatvbs 

. . . k(6my dpyds.) gen.n. -tes. 

1 1 04. on Hwitan Sunnan dseg, 

on Whit Sunday. 1067D. p.202 1. 
hwy, hwi, adv. (strictly instr. of 

hwset), why. hwt. 1070A. cf. ]>y, 


fhyogean, wk.v. to think, reflect. 

M. 287. 
hyd, sh.f.str. hide, skin. dat. hyde. 

hyf, f^.f.8tr. a hive. dat. (blue) 

1127 p. 258 h. 
fhyge-gleaw, adj. prudent in mind, 

wise. nQm,pl.higegletLwe. 975A. 

p. 1 20b. 
•fhyge-strang, adj. brave in mind. 

hige-. M.42. 
hyld-SS, 8b.m.8tr, oath of allegiance. heldaSas. 1114H. 
bylde, helde, 8h,/,wk. allegiance, 

fealty, dat, heldan. 1095. 1097 

bynan, tc^.v. to abuse, to ill-treat. hyndan. 684 E. 
hyran, hiran, hleran, h^ran, hSo- 

ran, wk.v. (i) to hear. j?.^. hferde. 

835A. herde. 1070E. ad Jin. 

(heorda) 656E. p. 30 h. we 

hterdon. 851 A. hei^don. E. 11 14. 

(ii) to obey, be subject to, be- 
long to. hyraj). 681F. p. 

3891. p.8g. hiide. 91 8C. hyrde. 

D. 1065C. ad fin. (herdje) D. p.jd. 

hterdon. 91 2A. hyrdon. 68 lE. 

905D. p.p. (herd) 1127 (^fir^ 
hyrde (i), hirde (2), 8b.m.8tr. fjirte, 

a 'herd,' guardian. ^e9». -des. 973 

A. (i). C. (2). dat. hyrde (of 

bishops and abbots). 1 107. 
hyro-wrenoe. v. searu-. 
hyme, sh.f.wJc. a comer, angle. 1 1 31 

p. 262 t. 
f hymed-nebb, adj. having a horny 

beak. acc.m.wk. -ban. 937A. p. 

109 b. 
hyr-ness, 8h.f.8tr. Bubjecti<m, a 

subject district, aoc, -se. 1087 
J). 223 h. 
hyr-siimian, h6r-, wk.v. to obey, 

serve. pre8.9ubj. hersumie. 656E. 
• 8vb fin., hyrsumedon. 1086 p. 

218 b. 
hyr-Bum-ness (i), hSr- (a), 8h, 

obedience, submission, ace, -se. 

1070A. (i). 1 131 (a), dat. -se. 

828E. (i).A. (2).^ 
-hfHf sh.fMr, (only in place names 

in Chron.) a Hithe, landing 

place, dat. -hy]». 785*. Hyjw. 

1052E. p. 179. 




la, v. gSa. 

io, joron. I. 905 A. 963E. pp. 68-9. 

(I, t). 1 137 p. 264 1. dot. me. 

995F. p. 1301U. pi. we. 893*. 

905 A. (wz) 1090. ^0n. iire. 

449E. 963E. p. 117L loiiE. 

daU ^8. 606A: 605EI 937A« ad 

fin. lOiiK 
fides, sb.f.8tr, a woman. M. 376. 
fig-biiend, ^g-buend, sb.muir. an 

inhabiter of an island, islander. 

nom. pL tgbdend. 973A. ad init. 

•de. M. 185. gen,pL egbfiendra. 

975 A. ad fin* 
tgga]), eb.mMr. an eyot or small 

island, ace. 894A. p. 85 b. 
ig-land (i), gig- (2), gg- (3), «5.?i. 

sir. an island, p. 3E.(i)(3). 895A. 

(i). 641E. (3). egeland. 46F. geu. 

-des. 46F. (3). 189E. (i). dat. -de. 

p. 3E. 918A. (i). 937A. sub fin. 

(2). ^ 
(i-hyder), adv, hither. 1094 p. 

229h. probably ybr in hyder. 

ilea, ylca, pron. the same, se ilea. 
868*. ylca. 1058E. 1075E. (ilce) 
1 1 24. ]wet ilce rice. 894. A. p. 87 1. 
1013E. tub Jin. ylce. 11 17. (ilc) 
1 1 35. inst. dat, ]>y ilcan geare. 
867* & passim, on ))am ilcan 
daege. 495E. ylcan. 942 A. 1103. 
gen. (in same sense) pasa ilcan 
geares. 91 2C. 1083. adJin.ylcAn. 
ib. wrongly sir. ilces. 11 28 &/2- 
ylces. 1 1 14. ad fin. (ilce) 11 27. 
(ylce) 1 1 23 ad Jin. on ]>es ilces 
geares (!) 11 26. ])a ylcan 
witan. 995F. p. I30t. pl.f, ])a 
(ilce) li^^. 1 1 25. ilcan. 
1094. V. £b1c. 

in» prep.dat.acc. in, into; on, at. 
with aec. lOoiE. 1135. withda^. 
73 1 K 894A. p. 86 h. 9 75 A. p. 
I30t. joined with on its use 
seems to be adyerbial : (cf. inn.) in 
on. 868E. 895A. (with aec.) this 
alternates with innan. q.v. MS. 
A. shows a tendency to use in for 
on, e.g. 626. 635. 666. 709 (bis), 
where B.C.D.E. have on. advert 
hiaL 1 1 37 p. 265 1. (en) under> 
in under. 1066C. ad Jin. 

in-fiuigexi-pgf , the right of fudging 

a thief taken within the limits 
over which such jurisdiction is 
granted. 963E. p. 116I. 

in-faru, 8h.f.8tr. inroad, invasion. 
dat. -re. 1048E. p. 173 m. 

in-f!7Tdian, wlc.v. to make an ex- 
pedition into, to invade. 948D. 

-ing, this terminatioQ often indi- 
cates a patronymic in Anglo- 
Saxon. Ceawlin Cynricing &= C. 
son of Cynric. 855A. 

in-gang, A.m.str, entry, beginning. 
1127 ad fin. V. innan. 

inn, sb.n.gtr. a house, chamber, 
lodging, 'inn.' (seers man) in, 
the sick men's chamber, i,e, the 
infirmary. 1070E. p. 207 h. dat. 
inne. 1123. 

inn, adv. in, inwards. 1016E. p. 
149 h. (ing) C. frequent with 
verbs of motion, cf. cuman, faran 

innan (i), innon (2), prep,gen. 
dat. aec. within, into, with gen. 
(innen) 1154. with dat. 789E. 
959E. (i). 1072E. (i) (2). (in- 
gang) 1016D. with occ. 868* (1). 
870A. (i). E. (2). T065C. ad fin. 
1 100. ad fin. (i). 1 106 (2). 

inne, adv. inside, within. 867*. 868 
E. 910A. used as a prep, with 
dat. 892E. 1016F. with occ. 
1065D. ad fin. V. J)^r. 

inn-here, w.m.str. home force, 
native army. 1006E. (ing here) 

innian, wJc.v. to put up, to lodge. 
rejlex. 1048E. p. 172 1. 

in-segel, 8h.n.str. a seaL dat, in- 
segle. 1048E. p. 172 h. 

in-tinga, sh.m.wk. a cause, occasion. 
105 iF. ad fin. dat, -gan. 105 7D. 

inrto, prepdat.acc. into, to, against, 
in. dat. 852E. 902A. 1015E. 
1048E. 1052C. 1083. ace. 876*. 

finwid, cidj. hateful, malign. 
nom.wk, -da. 93 7 A. p. I09t. 

Iren, 8b.n.8tr. iron. 1137 P* 364 m. 

f iren-sid, adj. (?) Iron-side ; nick- 
name of Edmund son of JSthel- 
red. 105 7D. q.v. cf. Icel. Km- 

iman, tt.v, to run. xajtor 



755* 1083. of ships. 1046E. p. 

169 h. 
fisem, sb.nMr, iron. M. 258. 
iu, iugo^, iiuig, V. geo, geogo^, 

lulius (foreign word), the month of 

July. 975 A. gen. lulies. 11 15. 
lunias (foreign word), the monUi of 

June. ^0n. lunies. 11 10. 
iustioe (foreign word), justice. 11 37. 

1 140 ad fin. 

[For words beginning with K look 
under C] 

la, interj. lo ! see I 656E. 

lao, sb.n.str. a gift, a present. 

tlaoan, st.v. to fly. M. 271. 
laou, 8b.f.8tr. a pool, a lake. pi. 

(laces) 656E. p. 31 1. (Prof. Earle 

ihink3 it means 'running stream.') 
l&ooan, wk.v. to seize, to capture. 

p.8g. laehte. 1094 p. 229 m. 
iSdan, tok.v. to lead, to take. 603 

E. 1095 p. 231 1. (l^den) 656E. 

p. 31 1. 1 126. pres.sff. (lett) 1086 

p. 221 1. p.8g. laedde. 827*. 887*. 

1096. (ledde) 1 1 25. l^ddon. 

418*. 796*. (Igaddon) 1012E. 

(l^d) 1 1 40. (ledden) tb. p. 267t. 

sup. to l«eden[n]e. 992E. 1093. 

wTf Ixdan, to take a wife, marry. 

1075D.E. inn l^dde, led in. 1072 

E. lit l^dde. 1071E. ad Jin. 
linden, adj. Latin, on L., in 

Latin, p. 8371. D. 
Ided-teow, 8h.m.8tr, a leader, guide. 

pi. -was. 1097. 
l&fan, wJc.v. to leave, leave behind. 

p.8g. l^fde. 755* pp. 48-9 h. 

1086 p. 2i9h. (l^uede) 11 27 

sub Jin. 
Idegt, V, liget. 
tl&ne, ac(f. transitory, poor, * lent.* 

975A. ad init. 
l&ran, wk.v. Ufjten, to teach, 

instruct. p.8g. l^rde. 1042. C.E. 

sup. t6 l^renne. 565B.O. p.p. 

l^^d, learned, opposed to l^wed. 

q,v, hence, eUrieal as opposed to 

laify spiritual to temporal. 656E. 

(lerede) ib. ad Jin. (lered) 11 37 p. 

Ues, sb.f.8tr. a pasture, 'leasow.* 

dat. l«swe. 777E. 
1^8, adv.comp, (but used also as a 

noun), less. 641 K 643E. 901 A. 
liessa, adjxomp. less. neut. Izsse. 

1043D. sup. \&%i. set l^-gt-i^Ti, at 

least. 1049D. 
l&stan, wJe.v. letftm, (i) to follow, to 

serve. 874A. (ii)to endure, * last.' 

p.8g. Iseste. 112 a ad Jin. (lastede) 

1 137 p. 264. L 
IsBt, adj. late, slow. 105 aD. p. 175 m. 

pi. late, Isete, ih. CD. pp. 180-1 h. 

comp.lstre. 999E. dat. lateran. 

1052D. p. 175L 
Uetan, st.v. to let. (i) to allow. 

1079D. ^.p^.l6tan.937A.p.i09l. 

leton. 999E., lete. 1038 

D. (2) to let go, release, give up, 

leave, letan. 1048K p. 

1 74 b. (l^tan) loi lE. p.p. l^ten. 

1 1 27 p. 257 m. with^epjp. let of, 

gave up, resigned. 1053C. let lip, 

put ashore. 1014E. ir^n. (leten) 

fit, to let out. 1 140 p. 267 h. (3) 

to consider, Bum>08e, think, 

leton. 1097. let lihtltce of, he 

made light of it. 1076D.P. 211 b. 

(4) to let (land, ^.). p.8g. let. 

777K 945A. leot. 852E. (5) to 

cause a thing to be done, or cause 

one to do a thing. 963E. p. Ii6h. 

cf. laffm. pres.subj, 2nd sg. (16te) 

675E. p. 36 1. p.8g. let. 1042E. 

lett. 1085 p. 2i6h. (l^t) 1 1 37 p. 

265 m. leot. 675E.P. 37 h. 1 1 27. 

(6) let fit, he put out (to sea). 

105 2E. h) (l^t) dfin, let down. 

1 140 p. 207 m. 
lset-8iini,ac^'. 'late8om,'backwaFd. 

Uewed, adj. lay, unlearned, 'lewd.' 

(opposed to liered. q.v.) 1127 suh 

Jin. (l£uued) -Sb. ad init. (lawed) 

656E. 1 1 25. -des. 11 00. 

pi. -de. 1014E. 1046E. p. 167 h. 

1083. (l^wede) 1012E. 

(-dre) 1046P. 
laf, 8hJ',8tr, (i) remnant, remainder, 

'lave.' Bto laf. 867A. (lafe) 

£• t5 lafe «» remainixig. 491'*'. 




937 A. dat.pL hamoralafhrn^wbat 

is left by the hammers, t.e. the 

beaten swords. 93 7D. ad init. 

-fiui. A. (ii) relict, widow. 

105 2D. €u:c. lltfe. 616E. 1017 

D.E. 1037E. 
lagn> ifb.fjftr. (borrowed from Scan- 

dinayian), law. ace. lage. 959E. 

1086 p. 218m. (laga) 1087 p. 223b. 

dat, lage. iqj8I). laga. 

1086 p. 221 h. lage. 1 100 p. 236 h. 

(lagas) 1 1 25. an old lagu, 

1052D. p. 181 L (cf. Ice], log). 
flagn-flSd* sh.mMr. water-flood, 

waters. M. 279. 
land* (i), lond (A). (2), 8hM.8tr. 

land, country. 787A. (2) E. (i). 

937A. ad init. (i). gen. -des. 

855A. (2). E. (i). 80 : 648*. dat. 

-de. 794A. (2). E. (i). 1031A. 

(i). lond. 876A. land. E., (Ifuides) 656E. p. 30 1. landa. M. 279. (laiide) 

io85 p. 219 m. -dmn. 

887A. (2). B. (i). 91 2 A. (i). 
land-efen, 8b.m.8tr. measure or pro- 
portion of land, dat. • efne. 1085 

p. 216 1. 
landes-mann, i),m.8tr. a man of the 

country, native, pi. -menu. 1068 

£., -manna. 1046 E. p. 

168 h. 
land-folo, 8b.n.itr. the people of 

the country, inhabitants. 1046E. 

1070K 1 1 27. 
land-fyrd, $hf.8ix, an expedition by 

land, landforce. looiE. (-de) 1052 

D.p.i8i h.acc. -de. 1052E. 1072E. 

dat, -de. 999E. 1066E. -ferde. 

1063D. riuiferde)io66D.p. 197 m. 

«. fyrd, nere. 
land-here, th.m,str. a land army. 

933* (of the English), gen, -res. 

02 1 A. p. 104 L (of the Danes), v. 

land-ldod, 8b.f.8tr. the people of the 

land, dat, -de. 1006E. 1086 p. 


land-ldoda, $h.m.wJc. one of the 
people of the country, an in- 
habitant.!c,pl. -dan. 1052 
E. tuhfin. (-den) 1068D. ad fin. 

land-ldode,, laitllUttt^) 
the peopla of .the land. 91 7A., -da. 921 A. p. 105 h. 1055 
land- lyre, ^.m.8tr. loss of land. 

1 105. 

land-sittende, ^res^arf. occupying 
land. 1085 p. 216 1. pi. 1085 p. 
217 1. 

lang, adj. long ; (i) of length or dis- 
tance, p. 3E. 893*. 897A. p. 90 m. -gum. p. 3 E. -gan. 11 14. 
tall, (lai^) 1070 E. p. 207 h. (ii) 
of time. 1 1 16. accf. -ge. 942A« 

1 106. dat.m. -gum. 1052D. 
ace.fpl. -ge. M. 107. comp. 
lengra. 893A. (-re) E. neut, -re. 
1085 p. 216 1. 

langa-frige-dsdg, 8h.m.*tr. * long 

Friday,* i.e. Good Friday, (cf. 

Icel. langa-fasta, the long fast, 

Lent; langi-frjadagr, Good Fri- 
day), (lang fridaei) 1 137 p. 265 b. 
lange*, longe (A), adv. long, a 

long time, far. 1. on daeg, far on 

in the day. 871*. 921 A. p. loi b. 

swa l.j^s= until. 105 2E. swal. ot$. 

1046E. p. 169 h. (lang, langa) 

1065 CD. pp. 194-5 h. eomp. 

leng. 995F. p. i3oh. 11 03. 

M. Ii2.(l8eng) iioo. (leong)ii23 

ad fin. ne . . . leng, no longer, 

never again. 409E. «»/>. lengest. 

894A. p. 85 b. 75 5 A. lengs[t]E. 

longest. 1036E. 
lang-soip, 8h.n.8tr. a long ship, 

ship of war. -pu. 897A. 

p. 90m. 
lang-siun, adj. long, lasting long, 

tedious. 1058D. dat.nuuc, -man. 

959E. ad fin. 
lar, sh.f.8tr, ' lore,* instruction, ace. 

ULre. 993 a. 1094 ad fin. M. 103. 
lar§ow, sb.m.str, a teacher, learned 

man. 891 A. Paulus ealra ]>eoda 1. 

» doctor gentium.io67D. p. 201 b. 

folca L (of St. James). M. 135. 

pi. -was. 601 A. (larewas) E. 
i'last, 8h.m.8tr. footstep, trace, on 

last (with dat.), in pursuit of. 

937A. p. io8t. 
late, adv. late. 867'". comp. 

later. 1089. M. 113. 
lap, adj. 'loath,' hateful, hostile. 

1006 E. p. 137 1. IIOO. as 8ubst. 

an enemy. M. 268. dat, -ye, %b. 


GLOSSAR y., lajnra. ^^*jA.adimUd<U. 

J92. lk])um. tb. p. io8t. 
lad-lio, adj. loathly, hideous, pi. 

(ladlTce) 1137 ad fin. 
Idskf, sh.f,8tr. leave, permission, ace. 

-fe. 1033D. 1097. dat, -fe. 1048E. 

901 A. -fan. D. (as if from a 

weak form i^e). (liefe) 1043E. 

p. 164 1. 1131. (leue) 1129. 
iSaf-foll, adj. believing. aoc.n.wk, 

-le. 1067D. man. see. 
flean, 8h.n.8Cr. a reward, dat. -ne. 

M. 147. 
flSas, oicf;. free from, devoid of. 

womma leas, spotless. M. 209. 
l^as, adj. vain, false. 1086 p. 219 h. 
leasimg, *b.f.8tr. 'leasing,' lying. 
. dat. (LSesunge) 11 28 ad fin. 
fleaz, 8b.m.8tr. la(^8, a salmon. 

M. 271. 
leogan, wh.v. (i) to lay, to put, 

to establish. p.8g. Isegde. 1086 p. 

221 h. (laeide) 11 40 p. 267 b. Isegdon. 1064E. 1070E. 

(leidon) 656K p. 33 h. (Iseiden) 

1 137 p. 264 1. (2) to bury. p.8g. 

Isegde. 1075E. adfin. (leide) D. 

(3) with o», to impose upon, 

charge with. him on l^de. 

1048E. p. 175 1. (leide) 11 23. 

p. 252 1. heomon (legden). 

1052E. p. 178 t. (4) intrans. to 

betake oneself, go.' legdun. 

937A. p. 108 1 
legat, 8h.m.8tr. a legate. 675E. p. 

36m. 1127 p. 257 m. 
lenoten (i), lengten (2), sb.mMr. 

' lent,* spring. 1009E. ad fin. 

(1). 1 140 (2). (laengten) (lenten) 

1123 p. 252 m. ffen. (lentenes) 

1048E. dat. -ne. 798K (2). 

1014E. (i). Qsengtene) 1106. 
lenoten-tld, -tyd, 8b.f.8tr, * lent- 

tide,' spring- tide. (Isencten-) i o 1 4 

D. (lentedttd) 11 27 adfin. 

dat. (lententyde) 1 122. (lenten- 

ttde) 1 1 27. 
lenoten-wuoe, sKf.wk. a week in 

Lent. dat. (laengten wucan) 11 06. 
-)*le]idaii, wk.v. to come to land, 

arrive, lende. 1036G. ad 
lengan, wk.v, to protract, delay., lengde. 105 2E. 

lengp, A.f.gtr, length, dat. -)>e. 

l6od, sb.f.8fr, a people, nation, in 

pi. people, ace. -de. 1104 adfin. 

dat. -de. 11 00. pi. -da. 937 A. 

p. 106 1. 959E. cf. leode. 
Idoda, sh.m.wk. one of the people 

or country, pi. -dan. ioo6£. 

1065D. adfin. (where other 

MSS. read: leode, q.v.) (-don) 

1 1 16. 
iSod-bisoeop, 8b.m.8tr. a suffiragan 

bishop, dat. -pe. 97 iB. pL -pas. 

979C. (-copes) 1 1 29. 
leode, jtntt, people. 

937B.C.D. p. io6n. 995P. p. r3ob. 

1006C.D. 1065C. adfin^ 

-da. 975A. ad init. dat.pL -dum. 

85 5 A. V, leod, leoda. 
l§od-8oipe, d>.m.8tr. a people, 

nation. 1014E. dat.pL -Bcy^pum. 

1050 D. 
l6of, adj. lidi, acceptable, dear. 656 

K (leaf) 1066K p. 198 h. nom. 

m.wJc. (leoue) 656E. dat,m.foh. 

leofan. 1036C. comp, leofra. 

755* PP' 48-9 m. leofre. 1014E. 

sup. leofiiste. 995F. ad Jin. pi. 

wk. leo&tan. 1093. , 

l6oht, adj. light, bright, liht. 

\%6hti 8b.n,str. light. 975A. ad 

init. 106 ^C.B. adfin. 11 20. 789E. 

(Itoht) F. gen. pi. -ta. 973A. 
leoht-lice, adv. lightly, inconsider- 
ately. 1009K p. 139 h. lihtlioe. 

1076D. p. 211 b. V. l£tan. 
l6oma, sh.m.wk. light, ray, beam. 

892A. 1 106. pi. -man. 926D. 

1 107. dat.8g. or pi. -man. 1 1 1 4. 
lesan, str.v. to collect, 'leaze* 

(b glean), lieson. 105 2C. 

D. pp. 1 78-9 1. 
lettan, wk.v. to delay, hinder, op- 
press. pre8.8g. (Iset) 11 24 adfin. 

for : lete9, or it might be : l£t, for 

liideO. p.8g. (Isette) 11 14. 
letting, sh,f.8tr, let, hindrance. 

dat. -ge. 995F. p. i3oh. (laettinge) 


Ubban (1), lybban (2), lifian (3), 
leofian (4), wk.v. to live. 901A. 
1086 p. 220 1. (i). 1038D. (2). 
(linen) 1 1 37 p. 265 L p.8ff. leo- 



fode. 988£. lyfode. C. 1 1 03. lifode. 
616E. I05a£. adjin. 1118. lifede. 
1066E. ad Jin. (liuode) 11 28. 
(liuede) 11 40 ad Jin, life- 
don. 1 1 02. 1009E. p. 139I. lifdon. 
CD. leofodan. 1086 p. 219I. pres. 
part.dat. libbendam. 979E. dat. 
pi. lifgendum, lillgenduin. 718*. 
libban t licgean ; licgan ^ lybban, 
to live or die. 1052C.I). pp. 

^ 1 78-9 1. 

lie, sKn.str, letd&C, a body, corpse. 
716*. 855*. 860*. 1 1 35. pi, 

licgan, 6t.v. (i) to lie, to lie dead. 
1009E. 901 A. licgean D. (lien) 
1 1 37 p. 264 1. pres.8g, ligC 792 
E.962A. ligeC. 1050D. ad Jin. lij). 
855*. 86o*. \\fS. 924C. 
licgaS. B. (ligge«) 656E. p. 30 1. 
(liggen, liggan) ib. Iseg. 

755* pp. 48-9"^ 937A. p. 106 b. 

1052E. p. 180I1. (laeig) 1052D. p. 

179I. (l8Bi) 1127. (lai) 1 1 35. 

p,pl. l^gon. 755A. p. 48 h. laegun. 

937 A. p. loSL (lagon) (iaei) 

(l%en) 963E. p. 117 b. 1046E. p. 

168 h. rejlex, (^lagen) heoni. 998E. 

l^gon hiin. D. 999E. 

lage. 1050D. p. 169I. (2) of a 

stream, road, &c., to niii, to go. 

pre8.8g. lifS. 893*. (3) to belong 

to, pertain to. pres.8g. & pi. \&r 

to liggeS, \V^y Itn. 675E. p. 37 m. 

963E. p. ll6m. (lien) 1137 p. 

265 1. (l8Bi)^ 777E. (4) 

with prep,, (lagon) ongean, 

opposed. 1036E. V. libban. 
Hc-haxua (i),lic-lionia(2),«&^. 

a body. 101 3E. ad Jin. (i). 906D. 

(2). dat.acc. -man. 979. 98oE.(i). 

1023D. (2). pi. -man. 11 20 (i). 
ffio-ham-lio, CMJ. bodily, corporeal. 

dai.f, -homlicre. 1067D. 
lio-rest, sb.f.8tr. a place of rest for a 

dead body, tomb, (-raest) 977C. 
flid, 8}).n.str. a sliip. gen, -des. 

93 7A. p. 108 h.l. 
lif, «b.n.*<r.(i) life. 975 A. adinit.^^^ 

E. p. 31m. 1002E. gen. -fes. 709 

E. 1095 ad fin. 1120. lyfes. 634E. 

dat. -fe. 975A. ad init. 978E. 

lyfe. 693E. (line) 656E. gen. (used 

adverbially) eume lifes gefengon, 

they captured some alive. 1095 

p. 231 m. on (Itue), alive. 1046C. 

(ii) in the sense of munuc-lif, q.v. 

a monastery, liif. 718A. lyf. E 
liget, leget, 8b.n.Htr. lightning. 
^ (laegt) 1085 p. 21 7 1. 
lig-rseso, 8b.m.8tr. lightning, a flash 

of lightning, pi. -cas. 793E. 
liht, V. leoht. 
lihtan, &c. V. lyhtan, 8cc. 
lim, 8h.n.8tr. a limb, member. j>/. 

limu. 1086 p. 220. (limes) 1137 

p. 264 m. liman. 11 25. 
Um, 8b.m.8tr. lime, mortar, dat. 

lime. 1020F. 
lip, sb.n.8tr. a fleet, (boirowed from 

Scandinavian, the native word is 

lid, q.v.) 1052C.D.E. 1069E. gen. 

litres. 1066C. p. 196 h. dat. litJe. 

1052C.D. pp. 1 80-1 h. lySc- 1068 

fliipa, sb.m.wk. a name given to 

the months of June and July. 

^rra LfSa, June. M. 108. 
lj]tSa-ni6na^, sh.m.str. the month of 

June. M. p. 276 (margin). 
ItSs-mann, 8h.m.8tr. a ship-inan, 

sailor, pi. -men. 1036E. (lits- 

men) 1046E. p. 169 h. gerL (lits- 

manna) 1047E. v. llfS. 
loo, 8b.n.8tr. an enclosure, fold; 

metaph. a settlement, conclusion. 

loc-lni, adv. however. icx)9E. j). 

139 1. loca hiLC.D. 
loc-hweenne, adv. whenever. (16c 

whenne) 1031 A. 
loc-li-wier, adv. wherever, (loc whar) 

995F.P. 130I. 
loc-hwseiSer, pron. whichever. 16c 

hwetJer. iioi. 
locian, ick.v. to look, (locon) 963 

E. p. ii6h. locude. 755 A. 

-cade. E. pp. 48-9 t. (with 

on), we .... him on locodan. 

1086 p. 216 m. to look after, care 

for. sup. to (locen) 11 29. 
lof,8b.m.n.str. loB, praise, glory. 975 

A. 959E. st Gode lof, (J^od be 

praised. 1009E. p. 139 1. dat. lofe. 

855*. (loue) 656E. 
lof, apparently some instrument of 

torture, lof i gri». (or gr 

p. 264 h. 




lofian, ioh.v. to praise, approve, to 

allow, pres.istsg. (loue) 656E. 

p. 33 1. pi. (louien) i&. p.8g. 

lofode. 1054D. cf. lufian. 
tlof-sang, 8h.m.8tr. a song of praise, 

hymn, psalm, dat. -ge. 1023D. 
loh, sh.nMr, place, stead, on his 

loh, in his place. 779. 93 fF. 
lome, adv. frequently. 789D. p. 294. 

cf. ge-16me. 
losian, wk.v. to perish, be lost. 

p,fg. losade. 1075D. ad fin. with 

geih. losedan. 11 20. 
lufe, sb.f.wJc. love, dat.acc. -fan. 

891 A. 975 A. p. 1 20m. 1090. 

(luuen) 656E. 1 1 23 ad fin, (luiie) 

1 137 p. 265 b. 
lufe-lice, adv. kindly, amiably. 

luflan, wJc.v. to love, to approve. 

1083. 1086 p. 218 t. pres.iit sg. 

lufe. 656E. p. 31 1. p.iig. lufode. 

959E. 1086 p. 221 h. (luuede) 

654E. 656 E. 777E. 7).|)Z. lufedon. 

1086 p. 218 h. (luueden) 1123. 

(luuedon) 656E. p.p. (luued) 

1 1 54. cf. lofian. 
flungre, adv. quickly, suddenly. 

lunger. 1065C.I). ad fin. 
lyfan, wli'.v. to allow, permit. 

p. 3E. lyfde. 1049C. p. 

168 1. 
lyft, 8h.m.f.8tr. luft, the air. mo. 

gen.dat. -te. 926D. 793E. 
flyft-helm, 8h.m.8tr. * air-covering,* 

mist. M.279. 
lyhtan, ick.v. to light, kindle, 

iThtede. T140. 
lyhting, sh.f.str. lightning, (liht- 

inge) T 1 1 8. dot. lihtinge. 1 1 1 7. 
lyt, indecl.adj. little, small. 7551^* 

snhst. littL', a little. 1052C. p. 

180 1. 1066D. p. 199 m. 
lytel*, litel*, adj. little, small ; as 

8uh8t. a little, a little while, (y 

prevails in A ; 1 in E.) 656E. p. 

31 h. 1052D. p. 181 m. 1097. 1 140 

p. 267 1. Ittel 8Brter ]?am. 793E. J«es 

ymbe iTtel. 1038E, acc.m.8tr. 

litelne. 100^'E. lytelne. 1050D. ad 

fin. f. Ittle. 988E. lytle. 105 2C. 

ad fin, gen.n. Ittles hwat, some- 
thing small, trifles. 1070E. itut. 

-tie. 871*. 937A. p. 108 L 1009 

E. <7a^.m.«^r. lyttlan. 1055C. /. 
lTtt6[l]re. 1086 p. aai h. datn. 
(adverbial). Ittlan *) ItUan, little 
by little. 11 10. 

xna, adv.compar. more. 937 A. p. 1 09 1. 
])on ma, J>onne ma ^e, any more 
than. 755* pp. 48-9 1. used also 
as a substantive with following 
gen. 897 A. p. 90m. 905 A. I043£. 
1 106. 

maoian, wk.v. to make, to do. 648 
F. (makian) 1095 p. 231 h. (macen) 
963E. ad init, pre8.8g. (maket) 
1137 a<2 fin. macade, (ma- 
kode) 963E. adinit. macede.^. p. 
1 1 6 h. macode. 1 086 p. 2 2oh. (make- 
de) 1 140 adfin. (macod) i i^J.p4)l. 
macedon. 870E. macodon. 1052K 
ad fin, macedan. 1056C. (make- 
don) 1094. (makeden) 11^0 cui 
fin. p.p. macod. 1066E. p. 198 m. 
maced. 11 37 p. 264 m. (maked) 
ib, ad init, gup, to maciende. 

macung, t^h.fistr. making, doing. 
ace. -gc. iioi. adfin. 

madm, v, mziSm, 

m&d, 8b.f.8tr, mead, meadow, dot. 
m^dwe. 777E. 

m&dwe, sh.f.wle. meadow, meadow- 
land. 1 1 25 adfin. 

xneogyst.wk.v, I am able, have power, 
may., I8t A yd mseg. 
1085 adfin. (maei) 1070E. (mai) 
1 1 37 p. 264 1. (muge) 675E. p. 
36 1. 2nd sg. miht. 995F. p. 1 29b. 
i8tA 2nd pi. magon. 905A. 979E. 
p. 3 E. 1083. (magen) 65 6E. p. 31 h. 
pre8.8uhj.8g. m»ge. 1031A. 
mehte. 901 A. meahte. 877A. 
mihte. E. looiA. myhte. 11 37 
p. 264 1. (muhte) 1004JB!. (micte) 
1066C. ad Jin, 2nd8g. myhtes. 
1 137 p. 204 1. p.pL meahten. 
897A. P.90L -ton.9i8A. mehten. 
91 lA. iiiihton. D. 418E. 1048K 
p. 174 1. 1070A. myhton. 10520. 
p. 180 1. mihtan. 1046K 1094. 
mehton. 894A. p. 86 1. mihten. 
1085P. ai6t. (muhton) 99a£. 
(muhten) 1140 p. 267 1. 



nUeg, sb, a relative, kinsman. 

755* PP' 48-9 1. 962 A. (m^i) 710 

E. 726K 1137 p. 358 h. gen. 

m^ges. 105 7D. ad Jin. dat. 

m%e. 755E. 1093 ctdfin. 648A. 

mege. E. mage. 105 2D. p. 175 b. magas. 979E. m^gas. 755 

A. (maga) E. maega. 937 

A. p. 108 b. maga. 94 2 A. dat. 

pi. msgam. 823 A. magum. E. 

magon. 755E. p 49 1. 
vaadgen, sb.n.Ur. might, ' main/ 

a military force. icx)4E. 
xnaBgester, 8h.m.8tr. a master. 1086 

p. 220 h. v.p. 296. 
in£g]>, sb.f.8tr. a clan, kindred. 

megO. 449E. (mxifS) a. 

m^g]>a. 942D., m^gt^um. 

449 a. megt$um. E. 
fmsBgd, sb.fjstr. a maiden, 

-t$a. M. 148. 
tmsB^-had, 8h.m.str. maiden-hood, 

virginity, dat. -de. 1067D. 
ra&l, i^.n.8tr. a mark, a sign. v. 

Cristes mail. 
m&nan, tok.v. to mean, intend, p, 

pi. miendon. 1083. 
't'ln^iian, wk.v. to lament, com- 
plain of. mxndon. 1086 p. 

221 h. 
msBnu, V. menign. 
xnsere, adj. glorious, splendid. 937 A. 

p. 106I. 948D. 1086 p. 219 1. nom. 

wk. se miera. 97 5E. acc.m.8tr. 

m^me. M. 94. dat.n.8tr. maerum. 

M. 106. p2. mxre. 1125. 

m^rra. 1050 D. compar, mxrra. 

M. 161. 
fmSrsian, wk.v. to make great, to 

honour. p.8g. -sode. 979E. 
fm^rp, ^f.8tr. glory, a mighty 

work, mairSa frama, t. e. 

God. 975 A. p. 1 20m. 
TOSBBBB, sb.f.iok, (i) a mass. (messe) 

1 1 2 7. ace. msessan sang, i o 2 2 D. 

(ii) a festival day. ymb Martines 

msessan, about Martinmas, i.e. 

Nov. II. 913A. to sSs Andreas 

nuessan, on St. Andrew^s day. 

ioi6£. ad Jin, (messan) icx>6E. 

(msBssa) 1 100. msessan. 

io68E. kfq. 
msesse^fen, sb.m.^ir, the eve of a 

festival. 11 19. (-^fan) 1014E. ad 


Jin. dat. -^fene. 1048E. p. 172 t. 
-xfne. 1094 p. 229 b. 

msBSse-daeg, sb.m.str. a mass day, 
festival. 954A. 1103. (messe-) looa 
E. (-daei) 11 37 p. 265 m. (messe- 
daeig) 1125 ad Jin. (messe daei) 
1 1 22. (messe dei) 11 32. (masse 
daei) 1135. dat. -ge. 1016E. 
p. 148 m. 

msesse-liacele, sb.f.iok. a mass-gar- 
ment, cope or chasuble, (messe- 
hacel) 963E. p. 117 m. pi. (-hake- 
les) 1070E. (messehakeies) 1122. 

meesse-ziilit, sb.f.str. the eve of a 
festival. 827A. (messa-) E. 97 iB. 
1095. (messe-) 11 29 ad fin. 

msesse-preost, sh.m.str. a mass- 
priest, a priest. 661 A. 903 A. 
(messa-) 565E. dat. -prToste. 

msessian, wk.v. to say mass. 995F. 
p. 130I. p.»j. -sode. 102 2E. 

fmeest, 8h.m.8tr. a mast. M. 256. 

xn&st, adj.8up. most, greatest. loi i 
E. (meast) 1086 p. 218 m. nom. 
m.wk. ae -ia^ 911A. iiii. neat, 
yset -te. 851*. acc.m.wk. -i&n. 47 A. 
878*. (-ton) 1097. dat.m.u:l\ 
(-ten) 1086 p. 221 1. /. (meste) 
ib. nompl. ealle m^ste, almost 
all. 918A. ad Jin. genpl. -tra. 
894A. p. 84b. 

in&st, adv.sup. (i) mostly, for the 
most part. 980C. 105 2E. ad Jin. 
I loi ad Jin. to the greatest extent. 
1052D. p.176 m. (aire mest) 1 1 24. 
(ii) joined with eall, almost, mxst 
ealne. 603 a. mlist ealle. 910 E. 
919A. eail (meast) 11 23 ad fin. 
ealle (mest) ih. p. 252 t. 

maesten, 8b.m.8tr. mast, pasture for 
swine, dfa^. -ne. 11 16. 

mage, bh.f.wk. a kinswoman, aec. 
mEgan. 1045D. (maga) 105 7D. 
gen. -gan. iioo ad Jin. 

f mago-pegn, 8h.m.8tr. a minister, 
servant, pi. -nas. M. 82. 

Maius (foreign word), the month of 
May. gen. Males monSe. 1080E. 
mo. (Magi) 829F. 

mSXt 8b.n.8tr. a suit, cause, agree- 
ment. 1052E. ad Jin. dat, scylode 
iz scypa of male, paid off, c 
missed. (Icel. skilja af mEli). l 




C. (uljm. BO ; sette of male. 1050 

C. deore t6 male, on hard terms. 

1086 p. 218 h. gen. abiden heora 

malefl, awaited their pay. 1055C. 

ad fin. 
man, mon, indef.pron. one, they, 

people, man. 455*. mon. 544*. 

787 A. man. E. bo: 877*. man. 

1055E. mann. ib. 1006A. (me) 

721E. 1048F. p. 17771. 1124 ad 
fin. 1137 P- 26511. 
man-biyne, s^).mMr. n fatal, de- 
structive fire. 962 A. 
man-cwealm, nh.mMr. a plague, 

pestilence. 962A. 11 12. 604E. 

-cuealm. A. -cweltii. 104.7C. 
manian, monian, wk.v. to remind, 

admonish. p.8g. manude. 1043C. 

monude. 1042E. 
manig (i), msenig (2), monig Cs;, 

maneg (4), adj. man 3'. 93 7 A. 

p. 106 b. 1096 ad fin. (2). 853A. 

895A. (3).975E. 1089(1). (mani) 

1 137 p. 264m. (manie) (b. p. 265 1. 

yen.i<g.n. -ges. 1086 p. 2i8h. (i). 

pl.noin.-<re. goe,A.($).Sg'jA. p. 90t. 

iio6adfiu.(i). 1108(4). "ff'*^' ^^^^ 

(4). -ge. 584A. (3). 798 

E. 1086 p. 2181.(2). 477E. 1104 

(i). 910D. (4). -ga. 910A. mi 

(4). 584E. (i). (manegei) io66r. 

p. 196 h. -gra. M. 92 (i). 

1076D. (2). -gum. 1036 

E. (4). -gan. 1 1 21 ad fin. (4). 
manig-feald (i), mcBiiig- (2), adj. 

manifold, divers, pi. -de. 641E. 

1098 (i). 975E. 1096 ad fin. (2). 

(msenifealde) 1103. -dan. 

mo (2). 
manig-feald-lio (0» msDnig- (2^^, 

adj. * manifold-like,' various, p^. 

-ce. 1 104 (2). (mteni-) 1095. 

(manifaBldlTc?) 1137 ad fin. 
manig-feald-lice, adv. in variou«i 

ways, menig- 105 2D. (maeni-) 

1086 p. 219 h. M. 94. 
man-myrring, s'Kf.str. 'man-mar- 
ring,* destruction of men. dat. 

-ge. 1096 ad fin. 
mann*, monn(A) ,8\m.str. (i)a man, 

a human being, (of a woman. 639 

E.) mann. 1016E. mon. 853 A. 

man. 639E. 1005E. gen, mannes. 

1 137 p. 264 1. dot. men. 1052D. 

ad fin. 1 135. (manne) 11 27. 110m. 
& men. 687*. 882*. mexm. 
loiiE. 1085. (menne) 1094. 
(msn) 1 1 20. (msenn) iioo. gen. 
pi. monna. 78 7 A. manna. E. So: 
882'*'. manna. 1087. (manne) 1066 
E. ad fin, 1131. (man) 1070E. 
p. 207 1. monnum. 83SA. 
mannum. 921 A. p. 102 m. J083. 
1048E. p. 173 h. mannan. t6. 
p. 174 1. io87.mannon. 1085.(11) 
in a feudal or semi-feudal sense; 
liegeman, vassal. 1031D. 1072E. 
iSee especially for this sense the 
famous passage 1085 p. 2i7t. 

manna, monna, sh.m.iok, a man. 
ncc. monnan. 501A. (man. B.C. 

mann-cynn, shjn.str. mankind, the 
race of men. man- ioi4£. gm. 
-cynnes. ib. 

mannian, wk.v, to man, to garrison. 
p. pi. mannoden. 1087. 

man-r&den, 8b/,8tr, homage. 1115. 
(-red) 1 1 37. 

man-slylit (i),-slilit (2), -sleht (3), 
sh.m.str. Rlaughter, murder. 79 3E. 
(3)' I05.'^^' (i)' ciat, -te. 1048D. 
(2). -tm, 1 104 (2). 
-tum. 994E. (2). 

mara m, mare, fin. (mare. mnsc. 
1016D.E. p. 151). adj.comp. 
more, nom.m. mara fnltuni. 921 
A. p. loi h. 449E. (wrongly for 
ace/), ace. maran hearm. 994E. 
1118. maran cyrican, maiorem 
basilicam (Bede). 626E. dat.m. 
maran. 1093. neut.Tnure. 1048E. 
1 140. the neuter used Rubstan- 
tivally ; Jjsei landes mare. 921 A. 
937 A. p. 109b. neuter used ad- 
verbially, 1047E. 1087 p. 324 1. 
1 1 23. (mar) 1140. 

marc, sh.n.8tr, a mark, half a pound. 
(This, like all higher denomina- 
tions of value in Anglo-Saxon 
times, was merely money of 
account. Only the penny and 
its fractions were actually coined). 
1039E. 1040C. 1086 p. 3 20 b. ib. 
ad fin. 1103. marcon. 

market, s\n.9tr. a market. 963K. 
p. Ii6m. (-te) ib.l, 11 25. 



martir, sh.m.ati'. a martyr. 1137 ^^ 

Jin, martyr. 1033D. -res. 

1012E. pi. (martyrs) 1137 p. 

264 h. -ra. 995F. p. 129b. 

M. 69. 
finartir-d6m, martyr-, sb.m.str. 

martyrdom. M. 126. 145. 
xnaVm, madm, 8h.m.8tr. a precious 

thing, treasure, jewel, 

ma'Smas. 1055D. ad Jin. madmas. 

ioo6£. p. 137 m. dat. madman. 

mo. (madme) hus. 1086 

ad Jin. or = 
m^m-hus, sb.n.str. treasure-house, 

me, V, man. 
fmece, sb.m.8tr. a ftilchion, sword. 

dat.'pl. -cum. 937 A. p. io8t. gen. 

pi. meca. ih. C. mecea. B. p. 10871 

(where A. has wrongly mxcan). 
f mecgan, v, mencgan. 
xnedren,a<7;. maternal, his br69or on 
nieilren, uterine brother, 1041 C. 
meduine, medeme, adj. moderate, 

middling, dat. medemum. 1052 

D. p. 175 m. 
medum-lice (i), medem- (2), adv. 

moderately, in a middling way. 

1095 ad Jin. (2). 
fmencgan, wTco. to mix, mingle. 

(mecgan) M. 256. 
inenigu,s6.y.8tr. a multitude, crowd, 

followers, menigo. M. 178. mae- 

negeo. 105 2D. p. 175I. (maenu) 

1093 ad Jin. ace. msenige. 1092. 

menigeo. M. 79. 
meolc, 8b.f.8tr. milk. 685F. 
mere, mctt, (i) the sea 

(in this sense only in poetry.) 937 

A. p. 109m. M. 103. (ii) a mere, 

a lake, pool. 1098. pi. (meres) 

656E. pp. 30 b. 31 1. 
fmere-flod, 8b.m.8tr. sea-flood, dai, 

-de. M. 256. 
xnergen, 8h.m.str. morning, morrow. 

lOOiA. 1012E. merigen. 105 2C. 

ad Jin. cf. morgen. 
mersc, 8b.m.8tr. a marsh, gen. 

mersces. lOioC.D. p. 296. (maers- 

ces) E. 
mersc-land, 8h.n.8tr. marsh-land. 

dat. -de. 1098. 
meilSerxi, a^j. made of martin-skins. 

'pl. -ne. 1075D. 

metan, wJc.v. to meet, find. p.8g. 

mette. 877 A. metton. 755 

A. p. 48 m. 868*. 
mete, 8h.m.str. meat, food. 891 A. 

918A. 1075D. ad Jin. 1087 p. 

224m. (maete) 1006E. p. 137 m. 

gen. m6tes. 1016E. p. 150 m. 1052 

E. p. 178 h. 
mete-leas, adj. without food. pl. 

-se. 91 8A. 
miete-lyst (i), -liest (2), 8h.f.8tr. 

want of food. dat. -te. 894A. p. 

871. (2). 

znetian, wk.v. to supply with food, 

provision. 1013E. 
fMetod (i), Meotod (2), Meotud 

(3), 8h.m.8tr. Creator, Lord. M. 5 1 

(2). M. 86 (3). gen. -des. 975 A. 

p. i2om. (i). M. 298 (2). M. 82 

fmetod-soeaft, 8h.f.8tr, decree of 

fate, doom. dat. -te. M. 172. 
metsian, tck.v. to supply witli food, 
♦ provision. p.8£f. metsod[e]. 1006 

E. ad Jin. -soden. 1087. 
xaetsung, 8h.f.str. provisioning, pro- 
visions. ic66C. p. 196m. dot. 

-ge. 1002E. ace. -ge. 994E. -ga. 

101 3E. p. 144 h. 1052E. p. 179 h. 

great. 664*. II 23 ad Jin. (i). 877 

A.(i). E. (2). (michel) 1066C. ad 

Jin. nom.m.wk. micela. 962 A. 

micla. 894A. p. 861. mycla. 47E. 

761A. myccla. E. (mycele) 1047 

E. (miccle) 1124. nom.n.wk.unc\e. 

67 1 A. mycele. E. mycele. 97 7C. 

ace.m.str micelne. 885A. mycelne. 

E. miclne. 894A. p. 87 1. acc.f. 

Hiicle. 867A. mycele. E. micele. 

1 1 27. mycele. 1092. acc.f. wh. 

myeelan. 1086. pm.«.*^r. myceles. 

1009E. gen.m.wk. miclan. 893 A. 

myeelan. E. dat.m.str. myeclum. 

855E. myeelan. 1085. myeelan. 

1100 ad fin. (myctlon) 1094. 

(mycclon) 1093. dut.f.&tr. mi- 

eelre. 855 A. 88 7A. (mycel) E. 

inst.m. micle. 8 23 A. mycele. E. micl» ft^cA. mvocle. 

E. aecpLw 

cele. E. P 

neuter, xm 

]»se8 fold 



dat. used adverbially; much, 
greatly, midum. 878A. myoclum. 
E. 883*. bo: instr, mide. lOOiA. 
(with compar,) mycle. 565E. (my- 
celne) 654E. gen, mycles, greatly, 
exceedingly. M. 119. 

mid, prep.dat.inst. vxit, with, (i ) in 
conjunction with, together with. 
845*. (here and often mid is used 
of the friends with or on whose 
side one fights ; tvid of the enemies 
with or against whom one fights). 
(in«^.)midmiclehere.875A. {dat) 
mydmycclumhere.E. (2) through, 
witli, by means of. 897A. ad init. 
918A. 926D. myd. i02aE. mid 
Jan, thereupon, with that. 827E. 
mid ]>am, therewith. 1096. (3) 
among, mid mannan. 1085 p. 
21 7 1. (4) of the material with 
which a thing is done. 189E. (5) 
indicating the accompanying cir- 
cumstances, mid uni-yhte. 823*. 
mid sibbe. 926D. mid ge})afunge. 
887*. •= unrightfully, peaceably, 
by peimission. put after its ca«:e. 
])e him (mide) wleron. J052£. 
ad Jin, used adverbially. 684E. 
918 A. 894 A. ad init. 1104. 17. 

xnidd, adj. mid, middle, dat. &t 
middum wintra, sumere,. before 
Christmas, Midsummer (June 24). 
885A. 898A. acc.masc. on, on 
ufan, midne winter, at, after,Christ - 
mas. 878*. 915C. ofer midne 
Bumor. 1006E. f. on midde niht. 
979C. gen. on middes wintres 
maesse niht, on Christmas Eve. 

mid-d8Bg, sh.m.str. mid-day, noon. 
(-daei) 1135. dat. -ge. 1104. 

middan-eard, sh.m.str. the middle 
dwelling (between heaven and 
hell), the earth, the world. 381 a. 
gen. -des. iiE. ioS6p. 219 h. dat. 
-de. 48 2F. 

middan-geard, sh.m.str, the middle 
dwelling, the earth, world. 380E. 
gen. -des. 6A. 655*. 

middan-smner, sh.7n,str, mid-sum- 
mer (June 24th). dat. -ra. ioi6 
E. p. I50t. 1039E. 1040C. -re. 

mid dan-winter, sb,m.nMr. mid- 
winter, Christmas, gen, -tres 
tid, Christmas tide. 1016D. daU 
-tra. icx)9E. ad fin. 1013E. ad 
fin. -tre. 1066D. (-tran) C. 1006 

middel-rioe, sh.n.str, the middle 
kingdom. 887*. 

midde-sumer, sh.mMr. Mid-sum- 
mer, dat. (-ran) 1097. noi. 

midde-weard, adj. mid-ward, mid- 
dle of. dat, on -wardan his un- 
rihte, in the midst of his wicked- 
ness. 1 100 p. 236 1. on -warde ]»e 
sse. {for : on -dre s^). 1070K p. 
207 h. 

midde-winter, sb.m.n.8tr, mid-win- 
ter, Christmas, mide-. 762E. 1075 
E. p. 212 h. gen, in -tres tide, at 
Christmas tide. J006E. p. 137 m. 
1016E. dat, midewintre. 1085. 
-tra. 1099. 1 103. 

midde-winter-daeg, sh.m.str, mid- 
winter-day, Christmas-day. (mide- 
wintredaei) 1135. 

mid-ftesten, sb.n.str, ' mid-fast,' 
mid-Lent. dat. (-festene) 1047 E. 

mid-lencten, sb,n,8tr. mid-Lent. 
1050C. dat, -ne. 1055K -leng- 
tene. 1094. 

mid-sumer, sh,m.8tr. mid-sxunmer, 
i.e. St. John Baptist^s Day, June 
24. gen, to midsumeres msesse 
^fene, i.e, on the eve of St. John 
Bapt. 1052E. 

mid-sumer-dsBg, ^.m.str, midsum- 
mer-day, i.e. St. John Baptist, 
June 24. (-daei) 11 31. 

mid- winter, sb,m.8tr, mid- winter, 
Christmas, ^en.-tres daeig. 1069 
D. ad fin. 1076D. ad fin, 

mid-winter-dsBg, shjm.8tr, mid- 
winter-day, Christmas-day. (-daei) 

mid-wyrhta, 8b,m,iok, co-operator, 

aider. 945A. 
miht, S.f.str. (i) might, power. 

gen. -te. 1053C. (ii) a mighty 

work, miracle, pi. -ta. 1012E. 
mihte-leas, adj, powerless, devoid 

of strength. 1053C. 
fmihtig, adj, mighty, dat. -gan. 




mihtig-lioe, adv, mightily, by 

power. 1067D. p. aoi 1. 
mil, ^.fjstr. a mile. nom. & gen,pl. 

-la. 893*. (mile) 656E. p. 30 1. 

1127 p. 357L 
Tcalde,adJ. gentle, mild. 1065C.D. 

pp. 194-5 h. 1086 p. 219 m. 1 137. 
mild-heortnias, ab./Mr, mercy, 

loving-kindness. 1087. ^'^^ '^e. 

994E. -hertnesse. 1070E. ad Jin. 

dat. -nesse. 1037C. 
milts, sh.f.str. mildness, compassion. 

accdat miltse. 1083. M. 198. 

(milce) 1 1 28. 
nun, ctdj.pron, my, mine. 67 5E. 

p. 37. 963E. p. II 7 h. gen. mines. 

656K p. 32 m. inat.n. mine. 656 

E. p. 30 h. 975 A. p. 120I1. dat.f, 

-nre. 675E. 995F. p. 130b. nom. 

pi. mine. 675E. p. 37 h. 963E. 

p. Ii7h. 
miracle (foreign word), miracle, pi. 

-les. 1 1 37 ad fin. 
mi8-b@odan, str.v. to misgovern, 

ill-use. p.8g. -bead. 1083. 
fmis-d^d, sb.f.8tr. a misdeed, accag. 

(-da) 959E. pl.nom. -da. ih. 
mis-d6n, vjJc.v, to misdo, transgress. 

1 1 35. 
mis-Iio (i), mist- (2), adj. various. -ce. 979C. 1041E. 1 104 (2). -cum. ih. (i). 995F. p. 

128 b. (2). (mystlicean) 1120. 
mis-lioe, adv. in various manners, 

aimlessly. 1036C. 1071E. 1072D. 

myslTce. 105 2D. p. 173. 
mis-tiioian, tok.v. to ill-treat, (-kian) 

mitta, 8b.m.fDlc. a measure, pi. -tan. 

m6d, 8b.n.8tr. * mood,* mind, heart. 

dat. -de. 975A. p. 120111. 1087. 
moder (i), modor (2), tb.f.8tr. 

mother. 994E. 1043C. (2). 1140 

svb Jin. (i). gen. moder. 903D. 

dat. m^er. 1036C. m6dor. D. 
moder-oynn (i), modor- (2), sb.n. 

str. * mother-kin,' maternal de- 
scent. 1067D. p. 202 1. (2). 
mdder-healf (i), mddop- (2), »b.f. 

str. the mother's side. dat. on 

-fe. 1075E. (i). 1076D. (2). 
fmddig, adj. high-spirited, mag> 

nanimous. pi. -ge. M. 82. 

fmodigan, v>k.v. to become proud, 

bear oneself proudly. 1086 p. 

221 1. 
m6drige, abf.wk. a mother's sister, 

aunt. oen. m6drian. 1096. (aniitae. 

Fl. Wig.) 
molde, ab.f.iok. * mould,' earth, the 

world, dat. -dan. 975 A. p. I20t. 

1086 p. 219 h. 
m6na, ah.m.wk. the moon. 734*. 

827* 8c fq. rm6ne) 1135. ace. 

dat. -nan. 800F. M. 47. pi. -nan. 

M6naii-d8Bg, fsb.m.8tr. Monday. 

105 2C. ad fin. (Monendseigj 

1 1 29. 
M6nan-niht, sh.f.dr. Monday eve, 

the evening of Sunday. (Mone-) 

monap, 8h.m.str. a month. lOioE. 

975A. p. 1 20t. mdnot$. ib. dat. 

m6n>e. 888*. 1080E. 11 10. pi. 

m6ua]). 855*. 871A. m5n5as. E. 

678E. c.r. Sg^A. ad init. (tweolf 

monS), a twelve-month, year. 

1 1 28. m6n])UQi. 1085 p. 

216 1. 
m6r, 8b.m.8ir. a • moor,' hill. dat. 

pi. m5rum. 565E. m6ran. 1095 

p. 231 1. 
m6r-f8B8ten, -fasten, «&.n.«^. 'moor- 
fastness,' position defended by 

swamps, -num. 878*. 
morgan, 8h.m.8tr. morning, morrow. 

995F. p. 130I. 75 5E. p. 49 h. 1100. 

M. 219. dat. -genne. 755 A. p. 48h. 

"pasB on m., on the morrow. 1100. 

cf. mergen. 
fmorgen-tid, sb.f.str. morning tide, 

morning. 93 7 A. p. 106I. 
mot, sb.n.gtr. a moot, assembly, 

court. 675E. p. 37h. 1129. pi. 

(motes) 1 1 24 ad fin. v. gem6t. 
motan, 8t.tck.v. to be allowed, may, 

must, motan. 995 F. p. 

I30h. mote. 656E. 

p. 31 1. pi. moten. ib. m, p.sff. 

suhj. m6ste. 626E. 1006E. ad Jin. 

1 137 sub Jin. pi, moston. p. 3.E. 

1023D. mosten. 11 23. 
mund-bora, 8b.m.trk. a protector, 

guardian. 942A. 975E. ^'^^ -"•^u. 

823A. -buran. F 
mnnd-byrd, sbj 



patronage, aec, -de. 921 A. p. 
103 h. 

mundian, wlc.v. to protect, p-fg- 
mundode. 1037E. 

munt, sb.m.str. a mountain ; speci- 
fically, the Alps. gen. -tes. 887*. 
(-tan) as if from a lok.f. munte. 
pi. (-tes) 1 1 29 ad Jin,, 
muntan. 1095 p. 231 L 

munuo (i), muneo (2), 6h.m.8tr. a 
monk. 1020E. 1077D. 1113H. (i). 
1041E. 1 1 37 ad fin. (2). (munac) 
963E. ad init, dat. -ce. 1056C. 
(-ca) D. (2). pi. -cas. 716A. 
963E. p. 115b. 1 123 (2). (-ces) 
1013E. ad fin. 1 1 23 (2). (-ekes) 
1 1 37 p. 265 t. -ca. 933 A. 
984E. (2). (-ce) II 23 (2). (-eke) 
777E. -cum. 596E. (i). 
-con. 1036C. (2). -can. 675E. p. 
39 m. 964A. 1086 p. 218 h. (2). 

munuc-had, fih.m.8tr. monkhood, 
the monastic life. dat. -de. 704*. 

xnunuc-hades-inann (i), munec- 
(2), 8h.m.8tr. a man of the mo- 
nastic order, a monk. 995F. p. 
129 1. 1123 (2). pi' -men. t&. (2). 

xnunuc-lif, 8h.7i.str. * monastic life, ' 
place where that life is lived, 
a monastery. 975E. 

xnunuo-regol, 8h.m.str. monastic 
rule, mode of life. 975D. 

xnut$, sb.m.str. mouth, mouth of a 
river, dat. set Tinan m(ij)e, at 
Tynemouth. 792E. metaph. a door, 
gate. M. 269. 

mupa, sb.m.icl'. the mouth of a river, 
estuary. 893*. dat. -J)an. ih. fre- 
quent in composition with names 
of rivers. 

tj'mylen-scearp, adj. sharpened in 
the mill, i.e. on the grindstone. -pan. 937A. -puni. B. C. 

mynetere, sh.m.str. (Latin mone- 
tarius) a raoiieyer, minter. (myne- 
ter) 963E. p. (minitere) 
1 1 25. 

mynster, 8b.n.8tr. a monastery, a 
church, (the form min8ter only 
occurs in the late parts of E. c. g. 
963. menster. 688 a. (minstre) 
675E.) 565B. E. 962A. 794E. 
(mynstaer) 673A. (mynstre) 654 
E. 1 1 32. gen. -tres. 1070E. p. 

207 1. dat. mynstre. 685E. 1 1 31 . 
minstre. 686E. 11 37 ctd fin. of 
Ealdan mynstre "j of Niwan myn- 
stre, the old and new minster, i.e. 
the Cathedral and Hyde Abbey 
at Winchester. 964A. 1036E. on 
(Ealda mynstre) 1053E. 
(-tras) 1 117. (-tres) 1086 p. 218I. -tra. 975D. 1070E. (-tre) 
870E. -tran. 796F. (-tren) 

myntan, laJc.v. to purpose, be 
minded, mynte. 6i6£. 
(mint) 1 137 aS^n. 

myran-hgafod, 8b.n.str. 'mare's- 
head,* a nickname. lOioE. 

fmyrran, wk.v. to hinder, obstruct, 
* mar.* myrdon. 975D. 

na (no, 1052D. p. 179 1.), adv.canj. 
no, not, nor. p. 3E. looiA. 656E. 
p. 30I. na . . . na, neither . . , 
nor. ib. p. 31 h. joined with ne, 
na ne. 871 A. emph;u<ising a pre- 
ceding ne. 894A. ad fin. 1083. 
joined with naj)ing. 1070E. na f$e 
IsBS, none the less. lOiiE. n& tSe 
ma, none the more. 1127. na ()>a) 
ma. 1 122. (nammore), no more. 
1 1 32. 1 137 p. 265 1. V. naw8er. 

nabban [ne + habban], wk.v. not 
to have. ^isefde. 897A. ad 
init. 1096. nsefdon. 999E. 
1085 p. 2i6t. >d!an.443a. (nefdon) 

n&dre, sh.f.wk. an adder, pi. n^d- 
ran. 773*. (nadres) 1137 p. 264 h. 

n^fre [ne-i-6fre], adv. never. 409 

^* IZh* PP' 48-9 1- looiE. 1097 
p. 234t. (nefre) 1066E. ad fin. 
(n^fra) 11 29. (n^ure) 1137 p. 
264 h. (neure) ih. 1. naefre swa 
mycel, never so much. 1086 p. 
220 m. 

fnsBgled-cneaiT, 8b.m.8tr. a nail- 
fastened vessel. -rum. 
93 7A. p. 109m. 

n^nig [ne-i-^nig], pron.adj. & 
suhst. not any, none, 41 8 A. 755* 
pp. 48-9 h.l. (naeni), no one. M. 

nsBS [ne-h wees'], was not. 889*. 
1085 p. 3i61. 565E. (nes) ib. (nas) 




870F. p. 284 h. gubj. naere. 755* 

pp. 48-9 1. 1014E. pi. nxron. 897 

A. p. 90 1. 1003E. 1070A. 
nagan [ne + agan], sLioJcv, not to 

owe, not to be bound. jp,8g. 

nahte, ought not. 1070A. 
naht (i), noht (2) [na + wiht], sh. 

n.8tr, not a whit, nought, nothing. 

81A. (2). E. (i). 995F. p. 130 h. 

1006E. 1016E. 1072E. (i). 1 128 

ad fin. (2). ^rew. used adverbially. 

(nactes) 1066C. (id fin. dat. 

nahte. 1009F. 
naht, adv. not. 995F. p. 130 m. 1095. 

ndht. 1 131. 
fnaht-Iic, <idj. 'nought-like,' worth- 
less, of no avail, pi. -ce. 979E. 
naht-ness, ib./Mr. 'noughtness,' 

worthlessness. ace, -se. 449 a. 
naht-scipe, sb.m.str. * nougbt-ship,' 

worthlessness. 449E. 
na - hwider - weardes, adv. no- 

whither, in no direction, (nowider- 

wardes) 1137 p. 364 1. 
na-lies (i), no-lees (2), adi^. (used 

also as a substantive), uo less. 897 

A. ad fin. (2). v. lae^. 
nama (i),noma (2),sh.m.wk. name. 

508* (I). 465A. (2). E. (i). so: 

794*. 975A. p. i2oh. 1 1 18 (i). 

acc.dat. -man. 565E. 959E. 975A. 

p. i2ob. (i). dat. (name) 688E. 

(nam) 656E. p. 32 1. 
nam-o^-^oe, adv. by name, especi- 
ally. 1 1 27 p. 258 1. 
nan [ne + an], pron.adj. not one, 

none. 868*. acc.m. nunne. 91 8 A. 

nainne. 443E. 11 18 ad fin. /. 

uane. 654E. 963E. p. Ii6m. gen. 

n. nanes. 675E. p. 36 h. 1094 ad 

fin, gen.f. nanre. 1013E. dat.f. 

-wee. 876*. dat.m. -num. 93 7A. 

p. 108 h. -nan. 11 16. adverbial. 

1 1 14. 
NatiuiteV (foreign word), the Na- 

tivitvy Christmas. 1113 and later, 

fq. Of the Nativity of the Virgin, 

i.e. Sept. 8. 11 26. 
na-]>ing, 8h,n.itr, nothing. 1070E. 

na-wer [na + hw6r], adv. nowhere. 

918 A. n^w^m. 915D. 
na^vt^er [na-hhw^'SeT], conj. 

neither. nawSer ne . . . ne, neither 

. . . nor. 897A. p. 90m. na])er na 
. . . na. 995F. p. 130I. na);er. 
mo. na'Sor. 1006E. (nou))er)ii40 
p. 267 h. (nouther) 1137 p. 264b. 

ne, adv.conj. not, nor. 877*. 937A. 
p. I09t. 975E. 1 1 54. emphasising 
the negative contained in a pre- 
ceding nxre. 943!). v. na, nawdi'er. 

n§ad, V. nyd. 

neah, adj. near. sup. next, nearest, 
last. a4:c.m.wk, nextan. 1086 p. 
219 1. niehstum. 921 A. 
p. 102 1. nihstum. ih. m. set nyx- 
tan, finally. 994E. loioE. set 
nextan. 1086 p. 220 t. almost. 
47E. (pene amisit. Bede). 

neaii, adv. nearly. 973A. loooE. 
swy'Se n., very nearly, almost. 
1055C. near at hand. 1105. 6up. 
ntehst, most nearly, in closest 
proximity. 894A. 878A. nehst. E. 
nyxt. 103 1 A. 

neah, prep.dat. near to, near. 895A. 
654A. neh. E. 909D. 103 1 A. neh 
handa, near at hand. 1 100 p. 236 1. 

n6ah-ge-biir, neah-he-bur, sb.m. 
str. a neighbour, nehhebur. 1095 p. 
231 h. pi, ntahheluras. iioo. 
( nehhebura. 11.17. 

nearu, adj. narrow, (nareu) 1137 P* 
264 h. 

nearu-lice, adv. narrowly, closely. 
nearwelTce. 1085 p. 216I. 

neat, sb.n.8tr. a neat, an ox or cow. 
(jaxt) 1 131. neata. 1012 
D. cf. sleg-neat. 

neawest, sh.m.fistr. nearness, neigh- 
bourhood, dat. on -te (with ffen.) 
near. 896A. \>xv on n., near there- 
to. 924A. on pxre neawiste, in the 
neighbourhood. IC94 tub fin. 

nefa, sb.m.wk. nephew. 670*. 789E. 
1 115. (neafe) iii^ ad fin. (nefe) 
1128. 1 132. (neue) 11 27. dat. 
nefan. 11 16. pi. (neues) 1137. nefum. 634*. 

neninan, tr^.v. to name, c9X\.preii.8g. 
-nej?. 519. 584A. -nutJ. E. (-nad) 
565 E. pi. -na]>. 973A. ic 
nemde. 905 A. p.p. -ned. 477*. 

n6oni [ne + eom] , am not. ^rd aa. 
pres. nis. 1104. 

f neorzna-wang, 8h.m.itr. Ft 



dat. -ge. M. 151 (where gen. -ges, 
should probably be read). 

fnergan, wk.v, to save, deliver. 
prea.part. -jjende. M. 296. 

fNergend (i), Nyrgend (2), sb.m. 
str. Saviour. M. 41 (i). 55 (2). 
gen. -des. M. 36 (i). 

nigoxiy num.sub. k adj. nine. <icc. 
973A. as afJj.undecl.dat. nigon 
nihtum. 898A. 1053E. p. 178 h. 
as substdecl. luid -num )>ara scipa. 
S97A. p. 90 1. joined with an oidi- 
nal number. 105 2D. p. 173. 

iiigon-t6o]>e, num.adj. nineteenth, 
p. 4A. 85 5 A. 

fnigon-tyne, num.<idj. nineteen. 

nigoASa, num.adj. ninth, neut. (ni- 
gonSe) 634E. 

uiht, sb.f.str. (i) night (Time is 
more often reckoned by nights 
than days, as in our fort-night, 
cf. Tac. Grerm. ch. xi. * nee die- 
rum numerum, ut nos, sed 
noctium oomputant.*) ace.*g. niht 
87S*. 1004E (nffiht^ 85 2 E. dat. 
nihte. 992E. 1077E. ma pi. 
nihte, 1056D. (nihtes^ 11 37- <»<^« 
niht 6SS*, 871*. nihta. 
I048E. p. 176 1. Ilia dat.pL 
(point of time) -turn. 898A. 
lOfiR -ton. 971B. 1056C. -tan. 
iioi. a gen. nihtes. 777E. anes 
nihtee. 616F. sona^ fnK^or nihtes, 
early, later in the night, ma 
use>i adverbially; by ni^t. itadts- 
S76*. IIOI. so: on mht. 894A. 
md inii. ^iV- the evenii^ preoed- 
ing a day or festival, the eve. 
(cf. maessenihf 1106. 

f niht-ge-iiin, tKnMr. a ncmbar of 
n^ghi« {^in time reckoaii^''. pen. 
-mes. 21. 26. 55, 

iiinimn.f/^r.nrhiiifluto take, i lootmh 
pn^ nvman. lOAfD. x:imon 1015 
E. ^nimen^ 11.261 prt*jfv^. niroe;. 
675E. p, 56 h. pjtct. nam. 7S7K. 
rnWd. A. took to mife. nam. 
1127, f ..|>^. namon. lOioE. 10S7 
Atfjui. niimaii 1102. ^names: 
1 1 .24. jr> !». ntjiaen. 656E. p^ ^i k. 
1127. fi«q:DeBi2y of 
pcM«s» ice mi:h: fif? w3)« 

up, took up. 963E. cdfin. niman 

sefter, to take after, to imitate. 
1086 p. 221 1. 
+m8, 8b.m.str. netll, envy, rancour. 

1086 p. 221 m. 
fnJiSas, sh.m.pLstr. men. gen. -Va 

beam, the children of men. 973 

A. M. 196. 
nider, <tdv. ntelier, down, down- 
wards. 1012E. 1053C. 
niderian, wk.v. to depress^ oppress. 

p.8ff. nySerade. 11 00. 
niXingy a 'nithing,' vile 

person, 1049C. ad fin. 
f m"8-weoro, sb.nMr. work of fend, 

battle. gen.pL -ca. 973AL. 
niwe, adj. new, fresh. 616F. niwa. 

1066E. (neuus) 113 7 p. 26510. 

dat.n./. -wan. 79aK 1099. 'i'^- -wena. 897A. «. myn- 

niwian, vk.v. to renew, zestore. niwade. 1064E. p. 193! 

fup. to niwianne. 785E. 
nohty p. naht. 
no-Usa, &c.,&c 
non-tid, df/Mr. strictly, the hcmr of 

nones, 3 pan. ; bat later, noon- 

tide, mid-day. 1140. 
noxV, €uij. northern, acej. -Kan. 

9 1 3D. dat. pi. -9om. 565E. eomp. 

a^e.f. -9ran. ib, A. nor^emui. 922 

norV, adr. narihwaids. 823^. 937A. 

p. loSL io64£. p. 192 h. foTKHi 

TMt9 ymbataa, went north about. 

S94A.P. S6I1. 
norjian, otfr. firmn the Borth. 921A. 

md imit, io66£. p. 198 1. be 

nar>aK [with dat>^ to the north 

of. S94A. p.S7m. lOfSE. p. 174L 

withoQt a caae. ioig£. 1045E. 
norAan-eastan. adm, hum the 

north-«ast. ma. 
nar&aA-weard, mdi. nortliwaid, 

BdiihenDL )u laad B., liie Dortliem 

part of i^IukL p. 3E. 
noiS-dKL 4^«.&j«/r. the B wU i cm 

ISfLCm^L 5122. 

d^reirtxm. 1106L 



northern quarter. 105 2D. p. 

175 1. 
nor}>eme, adj. northern, maictck. 

-na. 890A. (-ne) E. -na. 1046C. 

pi. -ne. 1064E. p. 193 h. 
noifS-healf, sh.f.str. the north side. 

-half. 1 131. ctcc. -healfe. 97 7C. 

noilS-liere, sb.m.str. the northern 

array. 910A. 
nord-land, »h.n.8tr. the northern 

land or shore, gen. -des. 1052C. 

p. I Sol. 
nor)S-s&, 8h.f.8tr. a sea on the north. 

894A. p. 86 h. 
noit(-scip-here, 8h.m.8tr. the north- 
em fleet, dat. -rige. 980C. v. 

noi1$-weard, adv. northwards. 

ioi6£. p. 148 h. -ward. 1069D. 

noTp-weardes, adv. northwards. 894 

A. p. 85 1. 
noxIS-west, sb.rrLstr, the north-west. 

nosu, 8&./. 8tr. nose. pi. nosa. 1014E. 
Nouembris (Latin word), the 

month Novembei*. M. 196. 
nu, adv. now. 519*. 905A. 979E. 

nunne ( i ), nonne ( 2 ) , sh.f.wk. a nun. 

dat. nan. 901 A. (i). D. (2). (nun, 

nunna) 963E. ad init. 
nyd, ned, n6ad, n§od, 8b.n.f.8tr. 

need. neod. 656E. p. 36 1. 1037C. 

dot. nede. 1016E. p. I48h. 937A. 

p. 108 1. neade. CI), neode. 

675E. p. 36I. 906E. iioi. nyde. 

942A. 1006E. ad fin. gen. adver- 

oialf nides, needs , of necessity. 

1 1 31 p. 262 1. 
nydan, n§odan, wk.v. to compel. 

p.8g. neodde. 1114. 
nyllan[ne + willan], 8t.wk.v. not to 

will, nella]?. 605E. 1086 

p. 2i8h. pre8.8g.8uhj. nelle. M. 

277. p.«(7. nolde. 755A. 995F. p. 

130m. 1052E. p. 183 1. 1 106. 

8ubj. nolde. 994E. wolde li^, nolde 

he, nolens volens. 11 14. j9.^^. nol- 

don. 755* pp. 48-9 1. 876*. -dan. 

755E.P. 49 h. (.den)979E. 
nytan [ne + witan], 8t.wk.vb. not to 

know, to be ignorant. p»8g» nyste. 

787*. 1046E. io86p. 220I. 

nyston. io83.-tan. I048£. p. 173 h. 

8uhj. -ten. 105 2 C. 
nytt, adj, useful. 1009E. 
nyt-wyi1$e, adj. useful. 1067D. 

p. 202 m. 8up.pL -t^oste. 897 A. 

p. 90 1. 


00. V. ac. 

ootabas (Latin word\ Tea}ly,acc.pL 

of octaba, /or octava; the octave 

of a festival. loi 2E. 
ofjprep.dat. of, from, of place; from. 

836* & fq. of time ; from. 519E. 

of the agent ; by. 675E. p. 36 m. 

890 a. of the cause ; of, (siuruen) 
of (hungair). 1137 p. 264 b. of 
persons ; from, on the part of, of 
Godes half, on God's behalf. 675 
E. 1 1 27. of the material; made of. 

89 1 A. derived from, belonging 
to. 649E. 650A. 887E. hence, as 
in modem usage, a mere sign of 
the possessive case; abbot of' 
Burch, abbot of Peterborough. 
992E. 1127. (&yg'. in later parts 
of E.) in a partitive sense, ^n of 
]>am, one of them. 99 2 F. he 
sonde of his mannan, he sent 
(some) of his men. 1087 p. 
224 m. of, concerning. 1 116. in 
respect of. 1 123 p. 252 1. dyde 
of heom, did with them. 1072 D. 
with verbs of depriving ; of, be- 
landod of . . . 1091 p. 226 m. 
1 124. put after its case. 1097. 
Adverbial. 897A. p. 90 1. 1053C. 
1076D. cearf of, cut off. 1014E. 
ad fin. V. don, l^aer. 

of-a-gan, v. a-gan. 

of-a-slean, st.v. to smite off. 792A.F. 

of>axian, wk.v. to find out by ask- 
ing, to learn. p,8g. -xade. 1016D. 

of-dr^dd, p.part. terrified, af- 
frighted, (-died) 1 135. 

ofenan, adv. from above. 105 2D. 
p. 181 h. cf. ufenan. 

out. (i) with ace. of place ; ofer s^, 
across the sea. 874*. 1105. (oaer) 
1 1 40 p. 267 1. fram ofer »se, from 
beyond the sea. 1066D. 8uh fin. 



ofer Myrce, over Mercia. 870*. 
ofer land, over land, by land. 896 
A. ofer ))a brycge, past the bridge. 
887*. throughout, over. 670A. 
(where E. has dot.) 855*. (v. eall.) 
metajph. against, contrary to. 901 
A. looiA. 101 5E. with numbei's ; 
more than, over. 1006E. p. 137 m. 
of time ; over, through, ofer winter. 
855*. 1085 p. 2i6h. ofer :^, be- 
yond that point, afterwards. 409 
E. metaph. ofer eall gemett, be- 
yond all measure. 1086 p. 219 1. 
(ii) with dat. of time ; after. 878*. 
of authority; over, above. 11 23. 
Adverbial. 800*. 893*. 1123 ad 
Jin. ofer wolde, wished to cross. 
1 1 14. [se] J)e (ouer) myhte, who 
had the greater power. 1137 p. 
265 t. with adjectives = too. 1097 
p. 234 1. 

ofer-bidan, #^.r. to out-last, out- 
live, -hide. I loi. 

ofer-cuman, st.v. to overcome, 
(-men) 1070E. p. 207 t. 
-cumetJ. ii23p. 252I. -com. 
ib. 1066E. p. 198 1. 1096. 
-coman. 937A. ad fin. p.p. -cu- 
men. 1096. 6ap. to -mende. 448 

ofer-faran, 8t.v. (i) to cross, v. 
faran. (ii) to come upon, meet 
with. -foron. 1016E. p. 
150 m. 

ofer-feran, wk.v. to traverse, to 
come upon, meet with. p.8g. 
-ferde. 1016E. p. 151 h. 1066D. 

ofer-gan, st.v. (i) to over-run, con- 
quer. 1070E. -code. 993A. 
p.p. -gan. loiiE. (ii) to pass off, 
pass away. 1053C. 

ofer-hergian, wk.v. to ravage, over- 
run. 969E. P'Sg- -gade. 905A. 
-geade. 796A. -gode. 945*. 1091 
p. 226 1. 676E. (-geada) A. 
-geadon. 83 2 A. -godon. E. 

ofer-hogian, wk.v. to despise, scorn. -gode. io67D. p. 201 b. 

ofer-mede, adj. proud, arrogant. 
acc.m.wk. -dan. 750A. 

ofer-modig, adj. proud, arrogant. 
acc.m.wk. -gan. 750D. (eofer-) E. 

ofer-siU, 8b.m.fitr. a time that re- 

curs too frequently, (used 

adverbially) (ouerst thon; 1 1 3 7 

p. 264 b. cf. oft-si9. 
ofer-stigan, st.v, uberitrigm, to 

climb over, to scale. 1066 0. ad 

ofer-swipan, wh.v. to over-power, 

conquer. p.8ff. -))de. p. 4 1. A. 
ofer-switJe, adv. over much. 1086 

p. 218 h. 
fofer-weorpan, st.v. ubtxiatdtny 

to cast something over another, 

to sprinkle (with water). p.8g. 

-wearp, M. 169. 
ofer-weder,«&.n.£^r. storm, tempest. 

ofer-wreon, stv. to cover over. 

p.p. -wrogen. 1086 p. 219 h. 
of-feered, p.part. afeard, terrlGed. 

1 131. cf. a-faeran. 
of-faran, stv. to overtake. 894A. 

ad fin. 1016E. p. 151 t. 

offoron. 91 1 A. 
of-feallan, st.v. to fall upon, to kill. hine oSeoll, killed himself. 

96 2 A. 
of-feran, wk.v. to overtake. p.8g. 

oflRerde. 948D. 1016E. p. 151 h. 
of&ian, wk.v. to offer. -rede. 

963E. ad fin. 1013E. adjin. 
of-gan, st.v. to obtain. p.8g. ofeode. 

of-healdan, st.v. to withhold, re- 
tain. 1035C. 
tof-myilSriaii, wk.v. to murder. -rodon. 979E. 
ofor, V. ufor. 
tofost, sh.fistr. baste, speed, dat. 

pi. (used adverbially), ofstum, 

speedily. M. 193. cf. efstan, &c. 
of-ridan, st.v. to overtake by riding. 


of-sceotan, st.v. (i) trans, to shoot. 
p.p. -scoten. 1079D. (-sceoten) 
1 100. (ii) intrans. to shoot forth, 
to escape. p.8Sf.8uhJ. -scute. 1055 

of-sendan, wk.v. to send for, sum- 
mon. 1049C. p. 1 681. pMf. 
-ssende. 1048E. p. 173 1j. 

of-slean, st.v. to lull, to slay. 650E. 

792E. -sl^tJ. 11 24 ad 

fin. o£8l6g. 46A. 755A. 

787A. ofsl6h. E. 1079E. 



ofslogon. 870* & fq. -gen. 885E. 
-gan. 1095 ad Jin, -han. 1048C. 
p.p, ofslagen. 617E. 789E. (-gan) 
ih. 656E. -slsegen. 871*. -slegen. 
465E. 1 001 A. (-sleigen) 1080D. 
(-sleien) ih, (-slogan) 1095 p. 
231 m. acc.m, -sslapgenne. 755A. 
p. 48 h. pi. -slagene. 1083. 8cx> 
E. -slaegene. A. 867*. gen,pl. 
-slagenra. 87 lE. -slsegenra. A. 
-slegenra. looiA. 

of-sticiaji, wk.v, to stab, p'.erce. 
p.p. -cod. 2E. 3A. 

of-stingan, st.v. to stab. 626E. p. 
(tg. ofstang. ib. 755*. 946D. j^-P- 
ofstimgen. 946E. 

oft, adv. oft, often. 755*. 871* Scfq. 
comp. of tor. 894A. p. 84 b. 1009 
E. (of tar) 1 114. 8up. of tost. 959 
E. oftust. M. 56. 

of-torflan, wk.v. to pelt with stones 
or other missiles, to stone, 
-fodon. 1013E. -fedon. C. p.p. 
-fod. 34*. 

oft-reed-lice, adv. frequently. 887*. 
1016E. p. 149 h. 1 116. 

oft-e^, 8h.m.8tr. a time that often 
recurs, on oft-sT*5as, frequently. 
979C. of. ofer-sTtJ. 

of-pynoan, wk.v. impers. to give 
offence, displease, -))i)hte. 

of-wxindred, p.part. astonished. 
1 140. -uundred. 1135. 

on, an (984A. 779F.),(o) 1131. 1137 
p. 204 b. prep.dat.acc. on, in, 
at, into, (i) with dat. local ; on. 
85 lE. 887* ad fin. on S£b, at sea. 
933E. of countries, peoj^les, &c. 
in, among. 611*. 855*. 891 A. Si/q. 
(in 85 5 A. on Francum is prob. an 
error for 0/ the reading of B.C.) of 
towns, &c., at, 614*. 839* &fq. bis- 
cop on Hrofesceastre, ealdormon 
on Cent., bishop of Rochester, &c. 
897A.p.9ot. temporal, of a period 
of time; in, during, on his dagum, 
in his time. 787* Sifq. on Jjisum, 
here upon. 1043E. on J)am, there 
upon. 837A. on J)am ))e, while. 
jo5aD. p. 179 m. of a definite 
date ; at, on. 827* &>/q. of circum- 
stances, condition, &c. on tw^ni 
gefylcum, in two bands. 871*- on 

fieame. 917A. on hyre r^denne, 
at her disposal. 91 8C. with verbd 
of swearing, promising, &c., = on, 
by. 876*. on wedde, on security. 
918C. with verbs of leamin^j, dis- 
covering, &c. = from, or by. 755*. 
geleomian ... on b5can. 995F. 
ad init. with verbs of accusing, 
charging, &c. = against, v. lecgan, 

secgan. consisting in, on feo 

on wTf um ... on beamum. 894A. 
p. 861. 997^' indicating measure, 
weight, distance, &c. on fif 
marcon. 1058D. (ii) with ncc. 
local ; into. 885* & fq. todscled 
on v., into five parts. 871*. with 
verbs of placing, looking, &c. 
on, upon. 755*. 1064E. indi- 
cating purpose, occupation, &c. 
on hergatJ faran, to go a-harrying. 
91 lA. ; on last, in pursuit. 937A. 
p. 108 1. = against. 755*. 994E. (cf. 
feohtan). withoutanyclearideaof 
motion. 813*. indicating the man- 
ner ; on mistltce beamas, like, in 
the manner of. 979^* on Englisc, 
in English. 892 A. was sunnandseg 
on daeg, as regards the day. 963A. 
of time; at, duidng, on. 97 iB. 
979C. 1 1 31 p. 262 1. cf. on ))ere 
niht (dat.) fSe hi on tJone daei 
(ace.) togsedere cumon sceoldon, 
on the eve of the day on wliich, 
&c. 992E. with adj. on unwaer, 
unawares. 1043D. on xr. 10O7D. 
on ryht. 716A. Adverbial. 66yA. 
894A. ad init. dycle on, put on. 
995F. p. 130. 1049C. laegdon . . . 
on. 1070E. So, emphasising a 
preceding on. 893*. 1083. joined 
with uppon. 1083. 

on-bidan, st.v. to wait, await, p. 
eg. -bad. 1052C. p. 180 m. v. ii- 

on-bidian, wk.v. to wait, stay. p. 
pi. -dedon. 1006C.D. p. 137 h. 

fon-bugan, st.v. to bend in rever- 
ence, to bow. 979E. V. a-bdgan. 

on-butan (i),-ton {2), prep.dat.acc. 
about, with ace. 1046E. (2). 
with dat. 1083 (2). 1104 (i). 
Adverbial. 917A. (i). looiE. 
(2). with words denoting the 
])oints of the compass, west on- 



bfitan faran, to go west about. 
918A. 1046E. p. 168 h. T. a- 

ond, V, and. 

ond-long, v. and-lang. 

on-dr&dan, wk.v, to dread, to fear., (-dreddon) 1013E. sub fin. 

on-dr£dend-Iic, ctdj. dreadful, 
fearful, iicx). 

on-feohtan, v. feohtan. 

on-flndan, st.v. to find, discover. 
p.8g. -fand. 1091 adfin., 
-funden. 755A. -don. ih,* p. 5E. 

on-fon, 8t,v. to receire. 878*. (with 
ace, gen. k dat. esp. of a godparent 
receiving a godchild at baptism or 
confirmation). p.8g, onfeng. 47 A. 
635*. 804*. o. hine him t6 sima. 
639*. onfengon. 633E. 653*. 
-gun. 519A. p.Tp. onfangen. 894 
A. p. 86 b. 1014E. followed by to 
by false analogy with f5n. 1 1 a. 
39E. V. an-fon. 

on-foran,prep.<icc. before, o. winter. 
894A. p. 88t. 1 1 16. (with dat.) 
1 106. 

on-g§an (i), on-ggn (2), prep.dat. 
ace. ai^ainst, contrary to, towards, 
to meet. ace. 894A. p. 85 1. 897A. 
(2).979E. loioE. (i). dat. 972E. 
999E. 1 107 (1). put after its 
case. 97 2 E. (ij. with a clause, 
ongean "J^ hi ... in case they . . . 
lOioE. Adverbial. 878A. (2). 
loioE. (i). (ingean) D. v. an- 

on-gean, adv. again, back again. 
777E. lOOiA. 1048E. p. I73h. 
1097. (ongeon) 11 28. 

on-g§an-ward, a^v. going back or 
again or towards. 963E. p. Ii7t. 
-weardes. 1106. 

on-ge-mang, prep.dat. among, dur- 
ing, o. \>jauva.f meanwhile. 1002E. 

on-ginnan, st.v. to begin, 
-neS. M. 73. ' ongan. 685*. 
597E. ongon. A. so : 655. 673. ongunnan. 654E. (-nen) 
656E. p.p. ongunnen. ib. 896A. 
(-non) 105 2D. p.i 73 1. (-nan) 1122. 

on-gitan, st.v. to understand, per- 
ceive, ongytan. 979^* 1>««^« on- 
geat. 755*. onget. 896 A. 
ong^ton. 948D. 

fon-gyldan, it,v. to pay for, atone 

for. -gildan. M. 289. 
on-hagian, wk.v.impers. to suit, to 

please. -gode. 918A. 1016E. 

with to. 1 05 2D. p. 176L 
on-lecgan, v. lecgan. 
on-lysan, st.v, to release, (unleaan) 

1086 adfin. V. a-lysan. 
on-mang, prepAat. among, during. 

1091 p. 226 1. 1 106 adfin. (wiSi 

aec.) 1 107. o. ])ison, meanwhile. 

iioi. (enmang ]>is) 1135. o. )»m 

]»e, while. 1105. 11 12. 
on-miinan, wk.v. to esteem, regard. 

p.pLsuhj. -munden. 755 A. p. 48 1. 
onoh, V. ge-noh. 
on-ridan, 8t.v. to ride <m (a raid, 

&c.). -ridon. 871 A. -riden. K 
on-secgan, v. secgan. 
on-sendan, tck.v. to send on (a 

mission), to send forth. p.9g. -de. 

M. 48. 171. p.p. -ded. 430A. r. 

on-settan, v. settan. 
on-8tellan, wk.v. to set on foot, 

give the example of. on- 

stealdon. 993E. t. a-stellan. 
on-sting, 8h.m.str. authority, juris- 
diction. 656E. pp.30 L 3301. 777E. 
on-tendan, wk.v. to kindle. 994E. 

V. Il-tendan. 
on-weecnan, stv. to awake, to arise, 

be born. p.9g. onw6c. 547A. 
on- weald (i), -wald (2), 8b.m.8fr. 

power, jurisdiction, dat. -de. 901 

A. (2). V. an-weald. 
oxi-weg,ac?r. a- way. 901 A. 1055c. r. 

open, adj. open. dat.n,8tr, -num. 

open-lice, adv, openly, unreserved- 
ly. 1 137 p. 265 h. comp, -Itcor.i 106. 
t6ret-m8Bgc, sh.m.8tr. a warrior, 

champion. dat.pL -cum. 1065 

CD. pp. 192-3 b. 
orf, 8b.n.8tr. cattie, live stock. 1064 

E. p. 192 h. 1 1 16. gen. orfes. 

1041E. 1085 p. 216 1. dat, orfe. ib. 

1052E. p. 178 h. 
orf-owealm (i), -owalm (2). 

sb.nLstr. a pestilence among cattle, 

murrain. 1054E. 1103 (i). 1131 

(2V dat. -me. 1085E. p. 217 m. 

(i). of. yrf-cwealm. 



or-mfiBte, adi. immense, excessive. 
1 106. ormete. 1138. accm. -tne. 
1 1 12. accf. -mxte. lOOiE. dat.f. 
-tre. 1090. pi. -m^te. 11 16. -mete. 


or-m£te, <tdv. immensely, exces- 
sively. 1 1 14. 

or-m&t-Iio, ddj. excessive, 
(-ca) 1117. 

orrest, 8b,f.6tr. battle, combat. 
daL'iQ, 1096. (A Scandinavian 
word, Icel. orrusta. The native 
word corresponding to orrusta is 

for-panc, adj, ingenions. M. 234. 

op, prep.dat.acc. up to, as far as, 
until, ace. of place. 682*. 868* & 
fq. of time. 709E. oj) niht. 87 1 *. 

oU, conj. until. 755*. 942A. lOoiA. 
lOioE. cf. o))-)wet, op-)>e. 

od-berstan, 8tv. to break away, 
escape. -bserst. iioi ad fin. 
cf . set-berstan. 

op-fl^on, st.r. to flee away, escape. -ilugon. 92 1 A. p. 102 m. 

6per,|jron.a(7;.&«6. other, the other ; 
the second, the next; one of two ; 
another, (ojwer) 827E. (other) 1 140 
p. 267 h. (oCre) 656E. adfin. 1066 
E. adfin. se 6per, one of the two. 871 
E. 6]7er . . • 6])er, the one . . . the 
other. 885*. so : 6^er . . . se SSer. 
1 106. sum 6?Jer . . . pe 6?Jer, 
another, the other. 1086 p, 218 h. 
his an 69er castel, another castle 
of his. 1 1 24. ^fre pe 6t$er man, 
every second man. 1086. nom.f. 
sSo dperu. 894A. p. 86 1. accm. 
6))eme. io63E. ^ghwaej^er Speme, 
each . . . ^e other, each other. 
887*. ^Ic 6Seme. 105 2C. p. 
180 1. acc.f. 6\>re. 91 7 A. 998E. 
gen.m. 6))res. 878*. neut. 896A. 
datm. oprum . . . 6prum. 871*. 
69ran. 984A. (17. healf). 1046E. p. 
168 h. dat.f. 6^re. 999E. on fS^re 
5'Sre ttd, at the second hour. 
800E. inst. 5pre stpe . . . 5])re 
stpe, once, . . . another time. 
894A. p. 84 b. 6pre si])e, a second 
time. ib. p. 87 1. 6pre geare, 
the next year. 914C. pl.m. dpre. 
687*. 91 7 A. 1052E. 6Wre. 1107. 

(6thre) 1140. /. 6Cra. 1064E. 

p. 192 h. netU. 69ru. 897 A. p. 

90 m. 6pre. 851*. 66ra. 105 2E. 

gen.'pl. operra. 897 A. p. 90 b. 

6tyra. lOOiA. loioE. 11 17. (6tJre) 

656E. p. 31 1. dlSrum. 

897A. p. 91 1. 1052E. 6Cran. 1097. 

V. oCtJe, 
6der, conJ. either, or; either . . . 

or. 1127 ad fin. 1131. (6ther) 

1 137 p. 264 h. (ou])er) 6e6E. p. 

31b. 675E. p. 36m. 'j'jiE.for: 

a-hw8B'5er. cf. nawSer. 
oAS-r6waii, st.v. to escape by rowing. 

pp.l. fit oCreowon, they rowed out 

and away. 897A. p. 91 m. 
dS-swimman, atv. to escape by 

swimming. -swymman. 91 5D. 
op-p8Bt, o1$-'Ket, conJ. until. 755*. 

885*. loSy ad fin. used loosely 

as a prep. iioi. 
oppe, conJ. or. 892 A. 1131. 66er, 

ofSfSe . . . otKJe, one of the two, 

either ... or. 901 A. four times 

repeated. 597*. 894A. p. 861. 
op-pe, conj. until. 685E. 894A. 

p. 86 m. 918A. probably short for : 

oppset pe. cf. op-p8Bt. used loosely 

as a, prep. 167E. a. 
oV-windaxi, atv. to escape, get away. ot$wand. 89 7 A. p. 90 b. 
op-yw(i)an (i),-§ow(i)an (2), -le- 

w(i)an (3), wk.v. to show, to ap- 
pear. ^.«^. -wde. 678 A. (3). 905B. 

(i). reflex. 729A. (3).i).p/. -wdon. 

926D. (2). p.p. -wed. 979C. (i). 

cf. 8Bt-ywian. 
oxa, sh.mMr. an ox. (oxe) 1085 P- 

216 b. 


padde, pade, eb.f.wk. a toad, frog. 
pi. (pades) 1 137 p. 264 m. (Scandi- 
navian word. Icel. padda, a toad, 
cf. Shaksp. * paddock ' ). 

pssU, 8b.m.8tr. (i) * pall,* costly robe., paellon. 1075D. psBllan. 
ioS6<ulfin. (ii) purple, datsg. 
pselle. 1075D. 

paed, d),m.8tr. path. dat. -fSe. 1067 
D. p. 201 1. 

pais (foreign word), peace. 11 35. 
1 140 adfin. 

paUium, «&.m. (Latin word) \ 



archiepiscopal pall or pallium. 

palant, ab.mMr. palente, nb.f.tuh. 

a palace, ace. palant. 1049C. 

-lentan. D. 
FaXm-sunnaxi-dfldg, sh.m.str. Palm 

Sunday. (Palmes Sunen daei) 1 1 2 2. 
papa, 8h,m.wk. the pope. 814*. 11 23 

p. 252 1. (pape) ib. gen.dat. -pan. 

813*. 797*. 102 2E. gen. (papes) 

1123 p. 252 L dat. (pape) i&. 

675E. pi. (papes) 1 1 29 ad fin. 
pap-do 31, 8b.m.8tr. the popedom, 

papacy, (papedom) 11 24 ad fin. 

dat. -me. 592E. 11 18. 
Fasch (foreign word), Easter. 

patriarcha (Latin word), a patri- 
arch. 1050D. 
pearmo, 8b.m.8tr. an enclosure, 

* park.* 91 8 A. 
penig, peneg, sh.m.str. a penny. 

penig. 1124. (peni) 11 25. pi. 

penegas. 11 24. penega. 777 

E. 1039E. (peanega) 1083 ad fin. 

(paenega) 1086 ad fin, 
Fentecosten, sh.m.str. Pentecost. 

626*. 1104. 1 107. -nesdaeg. 973 

A. (-costes daeg) 11 04. (Pen- 

tecoste maesse daei) 972E. (-coste 

wuce) 1 1 23 8ub fin. on Pente- 

costen maessan wuce. 1 102. 
pU, 8b.m.str. a pile, stake, 

pilum. p. 5E. 
pileoe, sb.f.wJc. a pellisse, robe of 

skin. pi. p^'leceon. 1075D. 
pin, sh.m.str. pain, torment, pi. 

(pines) 1 137 p. 264 1. 
pinian, wk.v. to pine, to torture, p. 

pi. (-neden) (-ned) 11 37 p. 265 b. 

p. 264 h. p.p. -ned. ib. 
pmung, sh.f.str, torture, torment. 

pining. 1137 p. 265 b. 
plantian, tck.v. to plant, p.8^. -tede. 

1 137 p. 265 1. 
plegian, wJi.v. to play, p.sff. (plea- 

gode) 1086 p. 220 m. -godan. 

937A. p. 109m. (with gen.) 
pl6g, 8b.m.str. a plough. pi. 

(ploges) 1 1 31. 
port, 8b.m.n.«fr. a town. lOioE. ad 

fin. 10S7. dat.'te. 105 2D. of porte 

*] of nppelande, from town and 

country. 1087 ad fin. 

portic, ah.m.str. a porch, chapel, 
sanctuary (v. Ducange, s.v. por- 
tions), dat. -ce. 738*. 997C. 1072 
E. on])ameast-ce. 918C. on ]>am 
BiifS -ce. 1036C. 

port-mann, 8b.m.8tr, a ' port-man,' 
townsman, pi. -men. 1068E. 

preost, 8b.m.gtr. a priest. 7io£. 
1032E. ^en. -tes. 1137 p. 265t. 
dat. -te. 105 2D. p. 176I. pi. -tas. 
964A. 1056C. (-tes) D. 1129. (prestan) 1093 p. 228 m. -ta. 605E. 97 3 A. 

preost-hafl, 8b.m.8tr. priesthood. 
dat. -de. 1056. CD. 

prior ("Latin word), prior. 1107. pi. 
(-res) 1 1 29. 

pri8un(foreign word) , a prison. 1 076 
D. p. 211I. 1 137. prisune. 1112. 

priuilegies (foreign word), privi- 
leges. 1 137 p. 265 m. 

procession (Latin word), a proces- 
sion. I i03.-un.i 1 54, Lat. ace. used 
as (7a^. processionemr 1125. 1131. 

profost, 8b.m.8tr. a provost (of a 
monastery), (prouost) 1066E. 
Ofd fin. 

prut, adj. proud. acc.m.8tr. prutne. 

pund, ab.n.str. a pound. 11 25. 
(punda) 1094. -da. 99 lE. 
1018E. (-de) 777E. 
91 8A. V. marc, scilling. 

pytan, pycan fit, wJc.v. to put, or 
pick out. Doubtful reading in 


[For several words "beginning with 
R see under Hr.] 

racent-teah, a chain, fetter. 

pi. (rachenteges) 1137 p. 264n). 
rad, 8b.f.8tr. a riding, expedition, 

* raid.' pi. rade. 871 A. rada. R 
raed, sh.m.str. (i) * rede,' counsel, p. 

3E. 1 1 29. 991 E. (rtd)656E. 11 29 

ad fin. dat. -de. 1100 ad fin. 1043 

C. .(-da) E. pi. -das. 979E. gen. 

pi. rsed.1. 1065C.D. i)p. 192-3 1. 

(ii) a council, dat. -de. I048£. 

p. I75t. 
rfidan, wk.v. (i) to counsel, advise. 

loioE. rzde. 11 31 



ad fin. r^dde. ib. 959E. p. 

pi. rseddon. 107 5E. r^dan. 995F. 

p. 1 30 m. with on, to take measures 

against, (r^don) on hi. 1048E. p. 

174 m. (ii) to read. inf. r^d- 

dan. 995F. p. 129b. sup. t6 (r£- 

don) ib.p. 138I. 675E. p. 37h. 
rSde-here, sb.m.str. a mounted 

force. 891A. 
r&den, sh^.str. rule, government, 

disposition, dat. -enne. 918C. p. 

105I. V. raedinsf. 
'fr&dendySb.m.str. a ruler, governor. 

roderaB., i.e. God. 975A. p. 120L 
rffides-manii, 8h.m.8ir. a counsellor. 

pi. -men. 1039E. 
rsBd-fsBst, adj. firm in counsel, wise, 

prudent, -fest. 1019D. cf. fsest- 

r»d-gifa, d).m.wk. a 'rede-giver,* 
• counsellor. 1051F. p. 181 b. 
riding, ^.fMr. rule, government, 

disposition, dat. -ge. 918D. p. 

104 n. V. r^den. 
T^d-leas, adj. 'redeless,* devoid 

of counsel, helpless. 1009E. p. 

r&d-lic, adj. advisable, sup. -cost. 

1006E. ad fin. 
T&pan, foJcv. to bind (with a rope), 

capture, raepton. lOiiE. v. 

fx&pling, «b.m.8fr. a captive. loii 

E. ad fin. 
r^ran, uk.v. to rear, elevate, pro- 
mote. M. 73. p.8g. -rde. 959E. p. 

Ii5h. -rdon. 1053C. p.i82t. 

T^san, wJc.v. to rush. p.8g. tit r^s- 

de. 755A. (resde) E. 
ranc, cidj. proud, 'rank.* rang. 

975E. acc.m. -cne. 1006E. p. 

137 m. 
■j-rand, 8b.m.str, xzxCti, a border, edge 

(of a shield). M. 269. 
rap, sh.mjstr. a rope. pi. (lapes) 

1 140 p. 367 1. 
ra)>e, adv. soon, quickly. 91 7A. 991 

K 1038E. comp. rat$or. 1009E. 

p. I39h. «f(p. raSost. 901 A. ra- 

dost. 755A. cf. hraffe. 
rSad, adj. red. 773*. 1070K 11 17. 
rSaf^ ^n.9tr. a robe, vestment, 

bwigingt. (rief) 963E. p. 117m. 

dat. (hreafe) 1055C. pi. (-fes) 

rdafere, ^.m.6tr. a reaver, robber. 

. pi. (r^ueres) 11 37 p. 265 1. 

rdafian, wh.v. to plunder, to rob. 
1087 p. 223 m. p.Bg. (rsEuede) 
1 135. (reuede) 1140 p. 367 b. p. 
pi. (rSBueden) 11 37 p. 265t. 

r§af-lac, sh.m.n.8tr. robbery, plun- 
dering. 793E. (raflac) 1135. 

rSafang, sh' reaving, plunder- 
ing, pi, (r^funga) 11 16. 

recan, wk.v. to reck, to care. 
rohte. 1086 p. 2i8m. roh- 
ton. 891 A. 1 1 33 p. 353 h. r6htan. 
1086 p. 2i8h. (rdhten) 1070E. 

reccan, wk.v. to narrate, telL prea. 
sg. roc's. 47 a. 48 3 F. 

•freccend, sb.m.str. a ruler, -cent. 

freced, ^.7n.n.8tr. a house, hall. 
gen, -des. M. 371. 

r§fen, v, hrefan. 

regn, r^n, 8b.m.8tr. rain. nom. ren 
685F. dat. (reine) 1 117. pi, renas. 
ib. 1098. (reinas) 11 16. 

regol (i), regul (3), 8b.m.8tr. a rule, 
monastic rule. 963E. (3). 11 23 (i). 
dat. -le. 1086 p. 219 b (2). 

•fpegol-fflBst, adj. observing rule. 
pi. -te. M. 44. 

reil-])ein, v. hraBgl-J)egn. 

reliquiee (Latin word), relics, ace. 
-ias. 1023E. M. 73. 

rente (foreign word), rent. pi. 
rentes. 1137 p. 26511. 

repan, st.v, to reap. r»pon. 

rest, ^/Mr. rest, repose; bed, 
coudi. 1085 p. 217 m. dat. -te. 
656E. p. 31m. 1054C. 

restan, wk.v. to rest, to lie. pres. 
sg. rest. 96 2 A. rested. 716A. 
867F. i-estatJ. 716E. 73 lE. pi. 
resta]). 738*. 

r6Se, adj. fierce, terrible. 793E. 1 100. 
M. 36. (raiCe) 1086 p. 330 1. 

r§tSru, 89 1 F. v. ge-re^u. 

rioe, «&.». (masc. 901I).) str. xtidj, 
power, authority, kingship, king- 
dom. Used of the district or office 
of any officer (cf. bisceop-rtce, 
abbot-rtce). Of the royal power. 
passim. Of ib bishopric. 1060D. 

C C 



cf. II03. Of the papacy. 814*. 
Of an earldom, iioa. .^ft. -ces. 
658*. 8a I*, dat, rice. 16* k pas- 
sim. pL ticu, laE. Of a reign, 
as a period of time. 16'j'E, gen. 
-ces. I*. 75 a*. 

noe, adj. xtil^y powerful, rich. 
963E. pp. 115b, 117m. 654E. 
1 1 37. oomp. r!ccere.t&. sup. rfoeste. 
10S7. rfcceste. ii2g ad- fin. 

riosiaxi (i) , rixian (2) , wh.v. to rule, 
to reign. 597A. (i), E. (2). (rfx- 
an) 1 140 p. 268 1. ticaode. 
534A. 855 A. rfxade. E. 941A. Hx- 
sade. 95 5 A. itxode. 796E. 
rtxodon.634E. rtxadon. 44.gE.pres. 
partdaLiiTiendxim. 616E. -de. F. 
mp. t5 rixiende, -enne. 49. 116F. 

ridan, st.v. to ride. 901 A. p.»g. 
Kid. 787*. 1 1 33. rad ... dp. 896A. ridon. 755* pp. 50-1 b. 
(riden) 11 23. (ridone) 11 37 ad 
fin. ridon . . . tip. 871*. pres.part, 
rfdende. 11 14. (rtdend) 1137 p. 
365 1. -dra. 1085. 

ridere, sh.7n.8tr. a rider, trooper, 
knight, dat. 1085E. p. 317 1. pi. 
-ras. 1090. 

riht, 8h.n.str. (i) law, right. 91 iD. 
975A. p. 120I. 1 100. 1 133 p. 353 h. 
{jii>t) 1080D. dat. aefter, mid-te, 
rightly.i 123 u.s. 1 1 2 7 p. 357 1. pi. 
(-tea) 1 1 39. (ii) a rite, divine 
service. 1070E. ad. fin. 
rib tan. 56 5 F. probably includes 
both senses. 

riht, adj. (\) right. 65 6E. p. 30I. 
neut.wk. nhte. ih. cusc.m.8tr. rihtne. 
65 2 E. ryhtne. A. datwk. -tan. 
Jioo ad fin. dat.m.8tr. -tan. 167 
E. -ton. a. dat.f.8tr. -ire. 109 1. 
pi. rihte. 1093. -turn. 637 
E. on ryht, rightly. 716A. on riht. 
1093. (ii) right (as opposed to 
left). 1 1 25. 

•j-pilite, adv. rightly, duly. 9 75 A. 
p. 1 20 1. 

riht-ffledpen-cynn (E), ryht- (A), 
sh.n.str. direct paternal descent, 
or pedigree. 784A. (-faedem-) E. 
-feeder- 75 5 A. p. 48 d. (altered in- 
to : -faederen-) (-federan-) E. 

Hht-ftill, adj. rightful, honourable., -la^ iioo. 

riht-hlaford-dSm, sb.m.Hr. lawful 
authority, dat. -me. 91 80. 

rihting, t^f.gtr. direction, order. 
In 963E. p. 116I. itseema to mean 
bo^ of rights, privilege, or privi- 
leged district. 

riht-Iioe, adv. rightly, correctly, ac- 
cording to rule or law. 1083. 
1 107. eomp. -cor. ioi4£. 

riht-ivis, adj. righteous, neutwlc. 
-se. 1067D. p. 303 m. 

rih.t--wi8-nes8, sb.f.str. righteous- 
ness, justice, aecgen. -se. 1086. 

fxim, sb,n.Hr. number, gen. -mes. 
973A. 1065D. 

riman, foJcv. to count, number. -mde. 871*. 

fxim-orssft, . the art of 
reckoning, arithmetic, dat. -te. 
p75A.p. i3ot. 

trun-oxflsftig, adj. skilled in num- 
bers, pi. -ge. M. 44. 

frino, sh.7n.str. a man. pi. -cas. 
M. 44. 

rinnan, sUv. to run. pres.9g. (ren- 
net) 656E. p. 31 h. (reonneQ 963 
E. p. ii7t. 

lip, i).n.str. reaping, harvest, gen. 
-pes. 896A. 

zisan, st.v. to rise. (risen) 1 135. 

rod, 8b.f.str. a cross, 'rood.' 
3ooF. ace. r6de. 1070E. 1056D. 
(hr6de)C. gen. r6de. 885*. r6de 
tacn, the sign of the cross. 963E. 
p. ii7h. dat. r6de. 69F. 
(r5den) 1070E. Ii03. a gallows, 
on r6de ahdn. 1096. v, gealga. 

froder, sb.m.str. the firmament, 
heaven, >ra, -rum. 
975 A. p. i3ol. M. ai6. 

H6m-ge-soeot (i), Bome-scot (3), 
sh.n.str. * Bome-scot,' Peter's 
pence. 1095 ad fin. (i). 11 33 
p. 353 h. (3). 1137 (3). 

rot, adj. noble, excellent, sup. 
r5toBte. 1053D. p. I75b.r6tteste. 
1086 p. 3l81. 

r6t-f8S8t, adj. ' root-fast,' firmly 
established, (cf. Icel. rot-fastr). 
(-fest) ii37p. 357 b. 

r6wan, st.v. to row.* z€owan. 
1046K p. 169 h. 

frum, adj. roomy. M. 369. 

•ryman, wk.v. xiuxattt, to make 



room, retire. p,sg. rymde. 999E. 

p.pZ. rymdon. 1053D. p. 175I. 

1015 cidfin, CD. rlmdon. K cf. 

p. 395. 
r^met, Sb.natr. room, space. 894A. 

od init, 
ryne, 8&.fli.«^r. a running, course. 

(rina) p. 3E. 
rypan, wJc.v. to plunder, spoil. 

p.8g. rypte. 1065C. p. 192 m., 

rypton. 1611C.D. 


fsacaii, bLv, to contend. M. 386. 
sacerd, sh.mMr, a priest. 903F. 
sao-ldas, od;'. free from charge, 

innocent, unmolested. 1091. 11 06 

ad fin. 
fsacu, ^.f,str, strife, conflict, dai, 

ssecce. 93 7A. ad init. 
sactL 1 a6Qn.f8b8./.8tr. 'sac and soc*; 

jurisdiction, right of holding a 

court for criminal and civil mat- 
ters, ace, saca "j sdcne. 963E. 

p. 116I. 
B&, tib.m.fMr, (generallj indecL) 

the sea. 877*. 878*. 911 A. (sg) 

6i6£. 885E. 1106. (seo) 1013E. 

ad fin. be )>am b£. 918AI 
fl^clian, 9. siclian. 
fssed, cuf;. satt, (with gen,) sated 

with, weary of, 'sad.' 937 A. p. 108 1. 
sfid-leap, ^,m.8tr, Sk 'seed lip/ 

basket for holding seed, pi, (sed- 

liepas) 1 1 24 p. 254 m. 
sfi-flod, 8b.m.n.6tr, ' sea-flood,' tide. 

1014E. ad fin. 1099. 
i*s&-gruiid, w.m.str, the bottom of 

the sea, the abyss. M. 212. 
s^-healfy 9b,f.8tr, the sea-side (as 

opposed to the laud side), ace, -ie. 

8&-TixD&, 8b,m,wk, (Jem, 1052C.D. 

pp. 178-9.) the sea-shore, coa^t. 

dot, -man. 897A. p. 90I. 994E. 
Saetemes-dflBg, s^.m,str, Saturday. 

sfitnian, wJe.v, to waylay, lie in 

wait for (with gen.). 105 2C. 
saht, &c. V, seht. 

rf'saltLwig-pad, adf, having a ' sal- 
low,' dusky coat (of a raven). 937 

A. p. 109b. 

same, adv. likewise. 892A. (but the 
reading is doubtful ; B.C.D. have 

sam-m^le, adj, agreed, united. 

samniaii (i), somnian (2), v)k,v, 
to assemble, collect. 1016E. p. 
147 h. (2). p,8ff, -nade, -node. 
1016D. p. 151 (i). 

samod, adv. together, also. 1067D. 
p. 201 b. M. 188. 

samod-Iice, adv., together, un- 
itedly. 1 123. 

sam-worht, p.part. half-wrought, 
unfinished. 893*. 

sanct, 8b.m.str, a saint. 979E. -ta. M. 200. 

sand, »h.f.8tr, an embassy, mission. 
995F. p. 129I. (abstract for con- 
crete) a messenger, ambassador, 
(sande) 1095. ad fin, pi. (sandes) 

sander-mann, »>.m.str. a messen- 
ger, ambassador, pi. -men. 

1 1 23. cf. Icel. sendimiaOr. 
sar, 8b.n.8tr. a ' sore,' grief. 11 20. 
Bare, adv. sorely, grievously. 11 16. 
sarig, adj, 'sorry,' grieved. (sSri) 

1 1 14. 
sarig-ness, 8h.f.8tr, sadness, grief. 

dat. (sarinesse) 616F. 
sawl, 8h.f.8tr. soul. nom. saul. 1036G. 

sawul. D. acc.gen.dat. -le. 656E. 

p. 31 1- 675E. p. 37 m. 959E. 

1012E. 1128. 8liule.656E. 1066E. 

ad fin, 
fscadan, 0^.17. S^tititn, to divide. 

pre8.8g. -de]). 94 2 A. 
(sc6), pron.f. she. 1140. 
fsoand, sb.f.8tr. 0ci}antie, ignominy, 

shame, disgrace, dat. t6 scande. 

1076D. €ui fin. 
8caterian,toAr.v. to scatter, squander. 

p.8ff. (-red) 1 137. 
soalSa, V, sceaSa. 
soeacan, etv. to 'shake,' to flee, 

abscond, p-sg- sceoc. 992E. 
sceamian, tok.v. to feel or cause 

Bha,me.ifnper8.pre8.8g. Gs sceamiat^, 

pudetnos. 1050D. ad fin. 
sceamtL, 8h.f.8tr, shame, (-me) 

1085 p. 216 b. 
'I'sceard, adj. with gen. bereft of< 

937A. p. 108 b. 

CC 2 



scearp, adj. sharp, bitter, (scserp) 

1 137 p. 264111. nom.m.wk. -pa. 

io86p. 2i8t. pi. (scaerpe) 1137 

p. 264 m. . -pum. p. 5E. 
acearu, scaru, 8b.f.8tr, a shaving, 

shearing ; eccl. the tonsure, ace. 

scare. 716A. dat. (scsere). 716E. 

soeatt, sb.m.8tr. Sicljafy tribute, 

money, treasure. 1085 P- 217 h. 

Bceat. i07oE^{. sceattas. 1064E. 

1069E. 1079E. 
scea^a, soa^a, sh.m.wh. a criminal, 

thief, assassin, ace. seaman. 626E. 
scealSu, scalSu, 8h.f.8tr. scathe, 

hurt. acc.scaVe. 1079D. 
sceawian, wk.v. (i) to view, 

inspect. p.8ff. -wode. 1086 ad fin, 

(ii) to decree, grant. p.8g. -wede. 

1048E. p. i76t. V. fore-sceawian. 
soefi^ (i), 808d£^ (2), sh.m.8tr. a 

light swift-sailing ship. 1009C.E. 

F. (i). D. (2). cf. IceL skei«. 
'I'sceot, 8h, ? n.8tr. rapid motion. 

dat. -te. M. 272/ 
sceotan, st.v. to shoot, to cast. 

1040C. p.8g. ? (seite) 1066C. ad 

fin. p.p. scoten. 937 A. p. io6b. 
sciftan, wk.v. to distribute, appoint, 

to place, scyfte. 1046E. p. 

168 h. 
solid, 8h.m.8tr. a shield. 937 A. p. 

106 b. scyld. 733F. dat. scylde. 

M. 269. 
acilian, wk.v. to separate, remove. 

[he] scylode ix scypa of male, he 

paid off nine ships. 1049C. ad fin. 

(This is the IceL phrase skilja af 

mali. E. has : sette Ht.) v. mal. 
soilling, 8h.fn.8tr. a shilling. (The 

shilling in Saxon times was not a 

coin, but merely money of account, 

consisting of a varying number of 

pence.) jpL -gas. ii24p. 254m. 

gen.pL -ga. 85 2E. (scyllinge) 

^77E. V. marc, 
soman, st.v. to shine. M. 383. p,8g. 

scan. 678E. 1066D. 8cean.C. 

pre$.part, -nende. 11 14. 1097. 

Bcynende. ib. 
■oiim, «&.n.«fr. addn. datpl.scyn- 

non. 1075D. 
Mipy J6.ft.«<f . a sbip. Z031A. 1 135. 

gen. -pM. Z063IX daijg. idpe. &, 

633E. (scypa) 1050D. p. 169 b. 

pi. scipu. 787*. 1008E. scypu. 

896A. scipo. 1009E. 885A. -pa. 

E. 1013E. (scipe) 1070E.P. 207 h. 
. -pa. 851*. 1012E. (scipe) 

1070E. -pum« 885*. 

1028E. -pan. 1009E. p. 139I. 

looiA. -pon. E. 1009E. scypun. 

soip-orsaft, sh.mMr, a naval force. 

scipere, sb.mMr. a ship-man, sailor. 

pi. (-res) 1046E. p. 169 h. (-ran) 

1075D. (as if wk.). 
fsoip-flota, 8h.m.wk. a sailor, pi. 

-tan. 93 7 A. p. 106 m. 
scip-ftiltiim, tb.m.8ir. naval aid, 

naval reinforcements. . gen. -mes. 

1049C. scyp-. D. 
scip-f^rd, 8hf.8tr. a naval force or 

expedition (always of the national 

force. V. fyrd, here). 1009E. (-de) 

1071E. 1091. ace, »de. ib. dat. 

-de. 999E. 1009E. 
BQip-fyT6ing, 8h.f.8tr. a naval ex- 
pedition. 999E. 
soip-here, scyp- (933A.), 8b.m.8tr. 

a fleet, squadron, (used not only of 

the Danish, but also of the English 

naval forces.) (i) Of the English. 

875*. 885*. 933*. 972E. looiK 

918A. 980C. looiA. (ii) Of the 

Danes. 835*. 860*. 877*. 894A.P. 

87I. 910E. 918A. 980C. looiA. 

pL scipheras. 882A. (a wrong 

reading for : -hlsestas.) v. here. 
soip-hlsBst, 8h.m.8tr, a ship-load, 

crew. pi. -tas. 882B.C.E. 

-ta. 833*. -hlesta. 837E. 
soipian, wk.v. (i) to' take ship, 

embark. p.8ff. -pode. 1091. ad fin. 

(ii) to man or equip a ship. 

scypian. 1052C. D. 
soip-liS, 8h.n.str. a naval force. 1055 

C. ad fin, V. li]>. 
scip-mann, 8b.m.8tr. a ship-man, 

sailor, pi, -men. 11 22. scjrpmenn. 

1069D. dat,pl.-maxmvaai^o^2'D,C. 

j)p. 180-1. 
soir, sb.fMr, Hk division, a district, 

a shire, or jurisdiction. loioE. 

(soyre) io64E.p.i9ah. ace, scire. 

1006E. adjfin. <2a^sdre.894A.p. 

86t. 1064E. cw60eio(icyr),Idd- 



clare to be a shire. 963E. p. 11 61. 

jp^.scira. 1065D. p. 193 h. (scyre) 

1064E. p. 192 h. (sciran) 1097. scirum, 1009E. ad Jin. 

Bciran. 1097. 
soir-biscop, «&.m.8^r. a shire-bishop. 

scyr-. 675E. p. 36 h. 
soir-ge-refa, 8h,m.wk. a shire-reeve, 

sheriff. 1056C. D. (scyrreue) 963E. 

p. 116 1. 
8oir-W8dter, sh.n.8ir. a dividing or 

boundary water, scyr-. 656E. p. 

30 b. 
soolu, 8b.f.gtr. a school. 816*. ace. 

dat -le. 885*. 874*. (The nsual 

form is scSlf whence Mod. Engl. 

ncTiool, The dat, & ace. forms 

might equally come from scol.) 
soort, sceort, adj. short, nom, scort. 

1 137 p. 264 m. dat.neut, sceor- 

tan. 1067I). p. 201 m. 
sootian, wk.v. trans. & intrans. to 

shoot, -tedon. 1083. pres. 

part, (-tienda) 744E. 
serin, 8b.n.8tr. a shrine, casket. 

pi. (serines) 1070E. (serine) ib. 

ad fin. 
tscrraan, st.v. to go, proceed. M. 

77. 272. pre8.8g. scritJ. M. 136. 'f5a,fS. M. 245. 
soriid, 8h.n.8tr. a ' shroud,' dress, 

vestment. 1066E. ad Jin. 1070E. 
sorydan, wie.v. to clothe. 1012E. 
scufan, st.v. to shove, thrust, push. Bcufon ut. 1048E. ad fin. p. 

sg. suhj. (sceofe) 1052D. p. I75h. 

V. hand, 
soulan, sttohv. am to, ought, shall, 

should. pre8.8g. sceal. M. 248. & 

fq. 565E. pi. sculon. tb. 605E. 

sceolan. M. 246. scolan. 870F. 

p. 284 m. p.8g. Bceolde. 894A. 

p. 87 1. 994E. &fq. scolde. 852 

E. 1012E. 1 130. (sculde) 1 140 p. 

267 h. 2nd8g. (sculdest) 1137 

p. 264 1. sceoldon. 1070E. 

88 7 A. scoldan. E. 1070A. sceol- 
■ den. E. scolden. 894A. p. 84b. 

1 1 23. scoldon. tb. sceoldan. 992E. 

msenige hit geseon sceoldan = 

were alleged to have seen it. (cf. 

jWUm) 1 100. 
faour, sb.mMr. a shower. M. 272. 
acyttvif V. Bciftaxl^ 

+soyld, 8b.f.8tr. gdjullf, guilt, dat. 
-de. 1036C. 

fscyndan, tcTcv. to hasten, depart. 
p.8g. -de. M. 38. 

scyppan, 8t.v. to shape, make, 
create. p.8g. sc6p. 688E. 

Soyppend, 8b.m.8tr, the Creator. 
1067D. p. 201L 

scyrtan, wJc.v. to run short, 
scyrte. 11 31. 

se, [s§,] s6o, 15»t, (1) dem.pron. 
that ; he, she, it. (2) rel.pron. (of 
the 3rdpers.) who, which. (3) def. 
art. the. It is not possible to 
draw an exact line between senses 
( I ) & (2) , or ( I ) & (3) . The prevail- 
ing sense is (3), which occurs : — 
8ing.nom,m. se gerefa. 787*. (s^) 
755^- /• 8to. 867A. seo. E. bo: 
879*. (sy) p. 5E. by contamina- 
tion with ))e, ())eo) 1087. n, ])8et 
ra^ste wael. 851*. in one instance 
Jraet becomes taet, after a preced- 
ing J)8et. 755A. p. 48 1. acc.m. 
)>one. 867*. 1127. fSssne. 1016E. 
p. 151 1. ])ane. 937 A. p. 109 b. 
lo^SE. ad fin. 11 27. (])onne) 675 
E. p. 36 1. /. »a, >a. 885*. n. 
])8et. 885A. j^et. E. ge7i.m.n. ]»es. 
787A. 1032E. 1096. "Sea. ib. 787 
E. Oeos) 656E.P. 32 1. fSsLB. 1070 
A. /. Jj^re. 876*. ])are. 896A. 
1031A. dat.m. & n. ])am. 875*. 
887E. 102 2E. ib7oA. tJam. 1086. 
>aim. 887 A. 891 A. ])an. 656E. 
1031A. 1070A. tJan. 1 1 17. 0>a) 
675E. 755E. (probably a mistake 
for >y)./. >aBre. 885*. i059E.(J)ere) 
456E. 656E. imt.m. Son. 656E. 
p. 33h. 1129. 762E. (unless this 
is a mistake for ])one). n. J)y. 
871A. 737E. >!. 823E. pi })a. 
787*. ])ara. 871*. ])^ra. 
1014E. 1052E. p. 180 1. (Cera) 
1048E. p. 175 1. ())eora) v. he. ])aem. 887*. ))am. E. ])an. 
lOOiA. 1031A. The demon- 
strative force appears in the 
followiog instances : — ftm.nom. 
(sy), it. 547E. acc.m. nemna^ 
. . . Jraene monaC . . . lulius 
m6no&, they call that month 
July. 975A. p. I20t. Jx)ne 
mon , . . forbsemde, him they 



burnt. 685A. ]K>ne mannoden, 
they manned it. 1087. ^c.f, on 
]>a healfe muntes, on that^tle. the 
far) side of the mount. 887*. ]>a 
man gebr6hte, her they brought. 
1052D. p. 1 76I. n. ]>8et lond. 89c*. 
]>at was, that occurred. 1 140. dat. 
/. bi ))^re, by her. 105 7D. ad fin. 
tn8<r.m.8efter (Iwnn), after him or 
whom. 455E. ^am.A. n.^y g^are, 
that year. 879*. pi. t$a of B6me, 
they of Borne, the Bomans. 11 29 
<id fin. ]>unra, *]]»... segesltee, 
thunderings, and tKose, terrible. 
iio^i^ (Cera) 1107. (tJere) 
sum, otm^ them. 654E., 
on ])am twam stedum, in those two 
positions. 887*. ])^n. 1094 p. 
229I. With proper names; se 
Ecgbryht, that or the aforesaid 
E.836*. This dem. takes the 
place of a subst: betwuz ]>am 
cynge of France T ])am of Engle- 
lande^ and that of England. 1108. 
Neut. (in various phrases) ; refer- 
ring to a preceding plunJ. ysdt 
w^ron ])a ^restan scipu, those were 
&c. 787*. 565E. geascade . . . Jjset 
jjCBt, learned the fact that. 911 A. 
/ gen. Jraes gefsegene, glad thereof. 
•^55 A. Jwes, horn, that point of 
time. 871* & passim, ]wes ]>e, 
from the time when. 874* & J^q, 
]7ses on ^astron, the following 
Easter. 878*. ^ses 6])re geare, the 
next year. 9 1 4C. ])8es]>e us secgatJ 
bee, as far as books tell us. 937A. 
ad fin, 973A. 1009E. J»es tSe men 
wendon, as men judged. 1043C. 
so: 565E. dat, t5 ]>am gecir- 
don yset, came to the resolution 
that. 867*. t5 'p&m . . . J'set, to 
such an extent that. 89 7 A. p. 
90m. 80 : to }>am [])an], swtt^e. 
1093. 1099. (ear) }»{Ui, previously. 
1041E. sfber ]K>n, (instr,) ]>sBm, 
(dat,) thereafter, after that. 963 A. 
895A. mid ]>am, therewith. 1096. 
mid 1>^m ^t, owing to die 
fact that. 8p7A. p. 90 1. bGtan 
])am ye, besides the ^Eict that. 
871*. iiMi, wiO]K>n ]>e, on condition 
that. 1002K t6 ]>on []ian E.] ])6et, 
for the purpose <^. a*, yf ma, more 

by that, the more. 937A. p. 109 1. 
(Son ma, any more. 755A.D. p. 
48 1. >e. B.C. ("Sonne) E. ]>6 mare. 
1047E. 1 140. )e m^ ]>e. 1009E. 
V, na. ]>y ... ]>y, for that reason 
. . . namely because. 835*. cf. 
foT-y^m, for-])y, op-pSBt, sit$-9an, 
J»et, py, V, sefter, ^r, a^mang, be, 
butan, mid, ofer, on, on-mang, 
sona, t5, under, uppon, wiS. 
Frequently as dem. antecedent 
to the relative particle "Se. ]ia 
ll])as . . . ]>e, those oaths which. 
876*. aeiSe, he who, who. 
984A. he . . , se ])e, he . . . who. 
827*. ])a Jje, those who. 975 A. p. 
i2ot. (for which ]>a t$a. 656E. 
p. 31 m. &c. is probably a mis- 
take, though it may be also in 
some cases, ]» iS&t those who,) ]>ara 
])e, of those who. 91 8 A. ad fin. 
mid eallum ])am ])ey with all those 
who. 874"^. wi]7 ^i, against them. 
885*. The relative force ap- 
pears in the following instances: — 
B^ d^l s^, the part which. 878A. 
Oswald s6 sefter him ricsode, Os- 
wald who &c. 827*. yast, that 
which, what. 167 A. all . . . JraBt 
. . . was, all that was. 886*. ^t, 
referring to a feminine antecedent. 
917A. so: yet, 963E. p. Ii7h. re- 
ferring to a plural antecedent, 
(l^t) 1 1 37 p. 265 1. acc.m, 
^nne. 973A. yone, 634E. gen. 
Jraes. 937 A. p. 109 b. }>es. 1 102. 
dat.m. yam.. M. 85. f. fSaxe, 1016 
F. In the following cases it 
might be either pers, or rel. 
pron, probably the latter, sfo, 
seo, she or who. 888*. s^, he or 
who. 789E. 890*. Jraes, his, or 
whose. t&. }»ara, of them, or of 
whom* 897 A. p. 90 1. In the 
later portions of E. (including 
such entries as 656, 675, 963, 
&c.) the genders and cases of the 
article are in hopeless confusion. 

fsealt, a^y, salt. acc,m, -tne. 
M. 103. 

fsealt, ^,n,str. salt, dat, -te. 
M. 278. (unless this is an adv., 
Grein reads sealt, adj,) 

searu-wreno (i), syra- (2), s6.m^ 



Ur. a tricky deceit. p7. -caa. loii 

G. (syre wrenceas) E. 
sSoan, V!k.v. to seek, to Tiiit, to 

attack. 656E. p. 51 h. 8$i4A. 

ad init, 937 A. p. 109m. (sSoean) 

1091 p. 236 1. (seoen) 1131 

adfin. e^ce&iS. 1033I). 

p,8g. 86hte. 894A. p. 84I. 

86hton. 867*. 921 A. p. 103 1. -tan. 

fseog, i^,m.8tr, a man, warrior. 

937 A. p. 106I. nom,pL -gas. ib, 

gen. -ga. B. C. D. v, dennian. 
seogan, tok.v. to say. 851 A. 449E. 

(seggaa) a. 995F. (secgon) 656E. 

Tsecgean) 1083. (segcean) 11 16. 

(secgen) 11 23 ctdfin. (seggon) 

1 1 27 ad fin. (saegen, seecgen) 1070 

E. (s^ge) 675E. p. 36 b. rsei) 

H35- (ssBin) 1137 P- «05^- 

pres^sg. (seigtQ ioiS5C. p. 192 1. 

(sseg^ u. pi, secgaV. 93 7 A. 

ad fin. 1009E. (sei])) ^efi'E. p. 

3311. 1130. (sffiiS) 1067D. 

pre8.9uhf.8g. secge. M. 298. pi. 

(s^gen) 1 1 27 ad fin. p.8g. s^de. 

1006E. ad fin. (sseide) 963E. p. 

117 h. 1 127 p. 258t. (seide) 675 

E. 1 128 ad fin. (esegde) 1070E. 

{^ede) 81E. ic sisede. 894 A. p. 

87 h. s^don. 1004E. B^dan. 

1 100. (-den) 1 1 23. (saeidon) 

1124 p. 254 h. (seidon) Ii27p. 

257 m. (ssegdon) 1070E. w6 s^dan. 

1090., gif man s^e, 

if they had said. 105 2D. p. 176L 

with prep, pe him mann on sjede, 

which men charged him with. 

segel, 8b.m.n.8tr, a sail. 1046E. p. 

169 b. segl. 1052K 
fsegel-gyrd, sh^Mr. a sail-yard. 

M. 257. (Grein takes this as a 

part, 'sail-girt.') 
segelian, sigelian, toJcv. to sail. 

p^g. sigelede. 877 A. seglode. E. 
seht (i), 8»ht (2), saht (3), ihfji. 

8tr, reconciliation, peace, (sehte) 

1091P. 226t.(sffihte) 1140 ad fin. 

ace. -te. ib, (3). 1104(1). seht. 

1016E. p. 153 1. dat. -te. 1091 

(2). ib. ad fin. (i). 1016E. p. 

I53h. (i). pL bis sehta^ peace with 

hiniyhis favour. 1086 p. 221 m. 

seht (i), ssBht (2), adj. reconciled, 

agreed, at peace, pi. -te. 1093 

ad fin. 1104(1). 1077E.1135 (2). 
sehtlian (i), ssehtliaii (2), saht- 

lian (3), wk.v, (i) to reconcile, 

bring to an agreement, 

-loden. ic66E. ad fin. (3). p.p. 

-lod. 1070E. p. 207 h. (2). (ii) 

to agree, come to terms. p.8g. 

-lede. 1 140 p. 267 (3). 

-leden. ib. (z) (2). 
aeht-neas (i), saht- (2), 8b. /Mr. 

an agreement, terms, dat. -se. 

1066E. ad fin. (2). 
seite, V, soeotan. 
seld-oud, adj. strange, uncommon. 

selcGO. 1097. 1 1 14. 
seld-Hoe, adv, strangely, wonder- 

fally. sellice. 11 27 8ubfin. 
sdlra, [siUa]; selest. adj.comp. 

d super, better, best, most excel- 
lent. comp.acc.f. selran. M. 103. 

8up. selost. M. 167. sele- 

stena. 897A. p. 90 1. s^lestra. B. C. 
sendan, wh.v. to send. 449 a. 

(-don) E. (seonden) 656E. p. 30 h. 

pre8.8g, sent. M. 55. for : sendetJ.' 

M. 241. p.8g. sonde. 601*. 889*. 

(ssende) 885E. 11 15. (ssente) 

959a. (seonde) 656E. ioo4£. 

1086 ad fin, sendon. 

449E. -dan. a. ^den) 1064E. 

1 1 28. (sffindon) 1091. 
seoo, adj. sick. 1015E. ad fin, 1070 

E. p. 207 1. ace.m.8tr. s^ocne. 

1003E. (sScr®) 1070E. 

p. 207 h. 
seofon, seofen, num. seven, un- 

decl. nom. 1094. seofan. 1086. 

ace. 905 A. gen. 1086 p. 219 h. 

dat. 89 1 A. decl. nom, seofene. 

937 A. p. 108 m. 
seofon-niht (i), seofen- (2), s&./. 

plMr. a 'sennight,' week. 1076 

X>.adfin. (i). ealle])a s. 1066D. 

(i). 1070E. ad fin. (2). (seoue- 

niht) 1 1 23 p. 252 1. dat. -ton. 

1038D. (i). V. niht. 
-seofontig, v.hmid. 
tseofon - tyne (i), seofen- (2), 

num. seventeen, dat. -num. M. 

35 (3). 
seofo^a -pe (i), seofalSa -ISe (2), 
seofe^ (3), nwn.adj. seventh. 



827A. (1) E. (2). 946A. (i). neut. 

-5e. p. 5iS. (i). (BeoneSende) 

656E. p. 33 1. dat.f. -"San. 878A. 

(I) E. (3). 
seolfor (i), seolfer (a), sbji^str. 

gilver. 995F. p. 130 m. 105 2E. 

(2). 1064E. (i). (siluer) 656E. p. 

30 1. (syluer) ii37.(8ylure) 1135. 

(seolure) 1123 p. 252 1. gen. 

-free. iioi. dat. -fire. looiA. 

1046E. 1070E. (silure) 11 28. 
seolfem, -fren, adj. silvern, made 

of silver, ph -feme. 1070E. dat, 

pL -frenan. 1075D. 
fseomian, wk.v. to hang, to swing, 

sway. M. 257. 
seon, st.v. to see. pre8.8g, (se^, 

seoS) 1 1 24 ad Jin, sawon. 

1 106. F^gon. 1 1 22. (seagon) ib. 

p.p. (segon) (saegon) 11 27 ad fin, 

(seogen) 789E. 
Bepteznbres (Latin word), Septem- 
ber. M. 167. 
8eTtLB,8h.f.8tr. (foreign word) service, 

duty. a^c. -se. 1070 A. 
sester, 8b.m.8tr. (Latin sextarius) 

a measure (of com). 1043E. 

Hsester. 1039E. (according to Hen. 

Hunt. vi. § 21, equal to a horse- 
set, 8h.n.8tr, a ' seat,* entrenchment. setum, camp. 894A. p. 84b. 

of the sun ; setting, dat, sete. M. 

setl, 8h.n.8tr.9, 'settle/ a seat, sit- 
ting, setting; eccl. a see. 1033 

D. gen. setles. 1096. dat. setle. 

797*. 922 A. 937 A. p. 106 b. 1097. 

settle. 1 131. 
settan, wk.v, to set, to place, to 

establish, appoint, prepare. 1036 

D. (setton) 675E. p. 37 h. 

Tsetten) ii23p. 252h. 

(s9et)903E. p. 116I. pre8.8uhj.8g. 

sette. 1 1 29 ad Jin. p.8g. sette. 

963E. ad fin, (ssette) (ssetta) 

ib, ad init. (ssette) 1086 p. 221. 

(seotte) 656E- p. 30 h. 

setton. 1 102. (setten) 1131. p.p. 

sett. 1 1 28 ad fin. with prepp, 

setton sefter, they went in pursuit. 

1052C.D, pp. 1 78-9 1. sette 

liy mid . . ., set them, planted 

them witju 964A. sette . . . 

of his . . . rice, deposed. 1043C. 
1086 p. 220 h. him ... on sette, 
put it on him. 102 2E. man 
sette Gt ix scipa, dismissed, paid 
off. 1047E. but: [bt] setton 
stefha Gt, they issaed summonses. 
1052D.P. 175I. 
sibb, sh.f^str, (i) peace, nom. sib. 1 140 
ad fin, ace. dat, -be. 605E. 785 
E. 959E. 926D. 1 1 27. (ii) rela- 
tionship, dat. -be. 1049G. 1050 

D. pp. 168-9 1. (iii) love. dat. 
-be. M. 150. 

sib-r&den, 8h.f.8tr. consanguinity. 

(-reden) 11 27 (bis). 
sib-sum-ness, 8h.f.8tr, peacefulness, 

peace, dat. -se. 860A. 
siclian, wk.v, to sicken, grow sick. 

p.8ff, (sseclode) 1066E. ad fin. 

(s^cleae) 1154. 
f sid, adj. ample, vast. acc.f,wk, 

-dan. M. 227. pi. -de. M. 5. 
f side, adv. widely, far. wide "j side, 

far and wide. 959E. cf. 97 5E. 
816, V. beon. 
sigaxi, 8^.1;. to fall, to sink, to move. 

pre8,8g, -geS. M. 16. 112. p.8g. 

sah. 937 A. p. 106 b. 1053C. 

reflex, to move, to tend, p.^, 

sah (siSh D.) him £fre t6werd 

Lundenes, kept moving on Lon- 
don. 105 2C. p. 180 h. 
sige, 8b.m.8tr, sieg, victory. 800*. 

845* & /j. gen, siges. 1066E. p. 

197 h. 
tsige-dryhten, sb.mMr, lord of 

victory, dat. -drihtne. M. 215. 
fsige-ffiBst, adj. victorious, acc.m. 

-tne. M. 150. 212. 
fsige-folo, 8b,n.8tr, a victorious 

people, -ca. M. 299. 
^-sigel-beorht, adj, sun-bright. 

acc.m. -tne. M. 203. pi, -te. M. 89. 
't'sigoP, f^.m.8tr, victory. gen,pl. -ra. 

973A. 975A. p. I20m. 
siinle, adv. always, constantly. 894 

A. p. 84b. 959E. 755A. symle. 

E. symble. M. 191. (symbe) 597 

fsin, pron,po88, his, her, its, their. 

dat.m, Binum. 1065C. ad fin, 

synum. D. 
fsinc, sb,n,8ir. treasure, riches. M, 




sind, sindon, syndon, v, beon. 
singan, st.v, to sing, pres^eg. -ga9. 

1 127 adfin» p.8g. MLng. 102 2D. 

1 1 25. (sungen) 11 22. 
sindS (i), seno]) (a), synoiS (3), 

sh.m.8tr. a synod , council. 796F. 

i046E.(3). 822A.(2) E. (i). So: 

673*. aiTk&fS. 656 E. ad fin. 

(seonod) 782E. 
sittan, %t.v. to sit, take up one*B 

position, settle, remain. 895 A. 

1043D. (sitten) 1 137 p. 264 m. 

pr€8.8g, -teC 11 30. p^g. sset. 

865*. 869*. 874E. saett. 1014E. 

svbj. ssBte. 1036E. p.pL s^ton. 

875*. s^tun. 855A. pres.part. 

-tende. 1052D. p. 175I. 1137 p. 

264 1. with ace. of related action. 

92 2A. with prepp. ]>e he on sset. 

1079E. Hbutan sset, beset, sur- 
rounded. 1071E. 
813$, syV, (i) a journey, 

expedition, dat. sySe. 959E. <i(l 

Jin. (ii) a time, turn. siS. 893*. 

lOOiA. sy'S. E. dat. sume 6\fSe, 

at one time. 1009C.D. ad fin. 

(sum. E.) 6)>re si^e . . . 6))re Bi))e, 

on one occasion ... on another. 

894A. p. 84b. 1 1 20. forman si]>e, 

for the first time. I no. 1016E. 

pp. 1 50- 1. sySe. 1094 ad fin. as if 

wk, (ByfSaji) 1048E. p. J74I. J9Z. 

(8i)>e) 1070E.P. 207 t. 
tsiC, <idv. late, later. M. 200. 
8iS-9an, adv. [for sitJ San, or Son, 

after that.] afterwards, after. 418 

A. 876E. 894A. 1 127 p. 257 1. 

si^on. tb, 675E. p. 32. sy&9an. 

993A. 963E. ad init. 1086. 

8y])}»am. 926D. BT]>an. 409A. 

sytJSon. 1087. (seo8])an) 1065D. 

ad fin. (si88en) 1127. (sithen) 

1 140 p. 267 h. (sythen) 1137 

ad fin. 
sid-tSaxijCOM;. since, after that. 937 A. 

p. 106I. t5. adjin. sy^on. 963E. 

p. 117I. sytJ ])an. 1077E. 
siS-tSan, prep.acc. since. sy?JCon. 

96 3E. p. 117 m. (a very late 

six, fiyx, sex, nwn. six. six. 73 lE. 

1 1 24. syx. 901 A. sex. 897A. 

p. 90I. 85 2E. (seox) I556E. ad 

sizta (E), fliexta (A), num.adj. 

sixth. 827*. 
siztig, num. sixty, (sixtiga) 85 2E. 

dat. sixtigum. p. 5E. 
sldep, 6h.m.str. sleep. 1131. 
sl^pan, sf.v. to sleep, (slepen) 1137 

p. 264 m. jp.«gr. slep. 1135. ^^37 

p. 265 h. 
slsp-em, 8b.n.8tr. a sleeping place, 

dormitory, (se sl^ppeme) 1 1 16. 
sitting, ^.fMr. hunting, the right 

of hunting, ace. -ge. 1087 p. 223b. 
slean^ st.v. to slay, to strike. 1086 

p. 220 m. 2).«^. 8l5g. 91 8A. 746 

A. sldh. E. 633E. 8u}^. sldge. 

1086 p. 221 h. «ldgon. 699E. 

823*. (slSghen) 11 38. 
siege, 8h.m.8tr. a blow, a clap of 

thunder, pi. (slsege) 11 18. 
sleg-n6at, sb.n.8tr. cattle for 

slaughter, (slsegnset) 85 2E. 
smdte, adj. pure, refined, (of gold). 

dat. (smeate) 1070E. 
smeagan, loJk. v. to meditate on, con- 
sider. p.8ff. smeade. 959E. pres. 

part, (smaegende) IC90. 8up. to 

-genne. 1006E. ad fin, 
■f smdagung, 8b.f.8tr. thought, con- 
trivance, pi. -ga. 979E. 
tsmioere, <idj\ beauteous, elegant. 

M. 76. 
fsmicere, adv. beauteously, ele- 
gantly, (probably to be read in 

M. in for sumere.) 
smoca, 8h.m.v}Jc. smoke, (smoke) 

1 137 p. 264 h. 
smocian, wk.v. to smoke. p.8g. 

(smoked) 1137 p. 264 h. 
snaoa, sb.m.wk. a snake, pi. (snakes) 

1 137 p. 264 h. 
snacc, sh.f.8tr, a small vessel, a 

smack. ^en.jpL snacca. 1052C. D. 

pp. 178-9. -cum. 1066 D.E. 
sn&dan, wh.v. to eat, take a meal. sn^dde. 1048E. 
snaw, 8h.m.8tr. snow. gen. -wes. 

M. 204. dat. -we. 1046C. 11 15. 
fsnell- scipe, 8h.m.8tr. quickness, 

boldness. 1057D. 
snoter, adj. prudent, wise, snotor. 

M. 287. eompar. -re. 995F. ad 

init. 8uperl. -rest. M. 243. 
soon, V. sacu. 
sdfte, adj. soft, mild. 1137. 



tSol-m6nad, A,m,»tr. Febroary. 

sona, adv. soon. 797*. B5na swa, 

as soon as. 667E. 885*. 85na )ieefl, 

soon after. 105 7E. sSna ]>e8 \>e, as 

soon as. 1095. (sdne) 11 23. (sSn) 

1127 ad fin, 
sorh, 8h.f.8tr, sorrow. 995F. p. i3oh. 

(sorhge) 870F. p. 284 h. 
8orli-fiUl,a(;(;. sorrowful. 11 12. 
sot-Hoe, adv. foolishly. 1137. 
8ot-8cii>e, 8b.m.8tr, folly. 11 31 ad 

B^f adj. sooth, true, dat, t5 

sdt^an, of a truth. 1085. swp. ))at 

sd'Suste, the truest account. 995F. 

ad init. 
sdS, ih.n.8tr. truth. M. 242. 297. 

gen, a^fSen. 1091 ad fin. 
faa6'hoTtk,8b.m.8tr. a Vsooth-bearer/ 

Booth-sayer, astrologer, pi. -ran. 

975 A. ad fin. v. woS-bora. 
sdS-feest, adj. trustworthy, true, 

faithful. /. -feste. 1065C. (-feste) 

D. pi. (-feste) 1 1 24 ad fin. 
spdeo, 8b.f.8tr. (later form of spr^c. 

q.v.) Rpeech. acc.gen. -ce. 1070A. 

1085 p. 21 6 m. 1093. 
spanan, st.v. to allure, seduce, p. 

pi. speonon. 1076D. -nan. E. 

speonnon, -nan. 1052C.D. pp. 

sparian, wk.v. to spare. p.8g. 

sparode. 1086 p. 220 h. 
spearwa, 8\m.wk. a sparrow. 1067 

D. p. 201 b. 
8peoaxi,8^.o. (later form of sprecan. 

q.v.) to speak, (specon) 1113H. specat^. 1086 p. 219 m. 

p.8ff. spsec. 1048E. 1086 p. 218 m. 

(spec) 1046E. p. 168 h. (spac) 

1 140. w6 sp^on. 1086 

p. 2 22 h. pre8.part. specende.i 1 23, 

altered into : spreoende. 
spSdan, iok.v, to speed, to prosper. 

p.8ff. spedde. 656E. p. 30 1. 1140 

p. 267 b. (sp^don) 1 1 14 

spere, ^.n.8tr. a spear. 1055C. p. 

186 h. cfaf. 1056 CD. 
spillan, wJc.v. to destroy, mutilate, 

depriye. p.8g. spilde. 1096. p.p. 

(spilt) 1 1 25 ad fin. pi. spilde. 

1 1 24 adjin. 

spilling, destniction, waste. 

spiwan, 8t.v. to spew, vomit, sup. 

td sptwenne. 1013E. 
spr^o, 8h.f.8tr. {qrtoche, speech, aec. 

gen.dat. -ce. 1053C. 11 23 p. 252. 

(sprpce) 1 1 14. V. sp^o. 
spreoan, 8t.v. sqrtedien, to speak. 

797*. 1070A. (spreoon) 1 1 14. p. 

sg. sprsec. 1083. (spreac) 1131. 

p.jpZ. spr^con. 11 23. (spr^con) 654 

E. we spriBcon. 893*. 1009E. p.p. 

(sprecon) 675E. 963K p. 117 h. 

pre8.part. spVecende. 1 123. sup. 

t5 sprecene. 1103. v. specan. 
sprytan, st.v. to sprout^ to grow. 

sup. -tanne. 995F. ad inU. 
stsBf, db.m.str. a staff, (i) a pastoral 

staff. 1094. (stef) 1047E. pi. 

stafas. 1 102. (ii) in the sense of 

letters, writings. 167A. cf. imd^« 


tstSlan, v)k.v, to institute, carry 

on. M. 287. 
stsBl-here, ^.m.8tr. a predatory 

army, a marauding band. dat.8g. 

-herge. 921 A. p. loim. 

-hergum. 897 A. p. 90m. 
st^l-wyilto, aiy. ' stf^wart,* service- 
able. 896A. 
stselS, f!b.n.8tr. a shore, dat. staeOe. 

794E. 485A. (steVe) E. cf. s6t$- 

BisetSe. 897 A. p. 90 h. staipe. 449 A. 

on Saefeme sta]>e. 894 A. p. 87 1. staVum. 91 5D. 
Stan, 8b.m.8tr. stone, a stone, dat. 

stane. 626E. 1020F. pi. (stanes) 

112^ ad fin, 1 125. (stanen) 

standan, st.v. to stand, remain ; to 

stand out, resist. 1048E. p. 174. 

(standen) 656E. p. 31 1. 

stent. 1009E. p. 139b. «u2>;.stande. 

963 E. p. 1 17 h. 1 03 1 A. p.8g, st6d. 

449E. lOioE. 1093. subj. stdde. 

1091.' Bt6don. 897A. p. 90I. 

stddan. iioo p. 236 h. p.p, stan- 
den. 1070E. ad fin. With prepp. 

him fram st6d, stood out from it. 

1 106. So: him of stdd. 1097. 

stent ... of. 892A. st6d . . . 

ongean, resisted. loioE. stdd . . . 

fjp. 656E. p. 30 m. 
standard, 8b.m.8tr. (foreign word), 



a BtancUurd ; set te S., at (the battle 

of) the Standard. 1138. 
stan-weall, sb,m,gtr. a stone-wall. 

dat, -le. 92 1 A. p. loab. 
i-staiBol, sh.m^tr. the finnament. 

dat, -le. 975A. p. I aol. 
steall (i), stall (2), i^.m^tr. a stall, 

stead, place. 693E. (i). 779E. (2). 

steal. 797E. 803E. staL 678E. 

steallere (i), stallere (2), 8b.m.8tr. 

the 'staller*; an officer of the 

royal household answering to the 

later constable or marshaL 1047D. 

1067D. ad fin. (2). 
fstdap, adj, lofty, prominent, 

' steep.* M. 255. 
Btearo, adj. * stark,' stem. 1086 pp. 

219 1. 220 b. 
stearc-lioe, adv. ' starkly,' stoutly. 

1016D. p. 151 1. 
stede, ^.mMr. a place, a 'stead.* 

495*. 1013K ad fin. dat stede. 

449E. (steode) 1086 p. 219 1. on 

his stede, in his stead. 1054D. 

dat.pL'dum..SS'j*. (steodan) 1119. 
fstefh, ti).fn.8tr. the prow of a ship. 

dat, -ne. 937A. p. 108 1. 
stefh, tb.f.8tr. a voice, message, 

summons, dat. -ne. 656E. p. 

30 m. pi, -na. 105 2D. p. 175 1. 
stefiiian, wk.v, to summon. p.8g. 

-node, ^nede. 1048E. p. 174I. 

(steofhode) 1093. 
stelan, st.v, to steal. p.8g. stsel Ht, 

stole out. 1 140. (stal) 6t. t&. p,pl, 

(stall) 6t. tb, 
stemn, 8h,m.8tr, a summons, term of 

military service. 894A. p. 86t. 
stemning, t^.f.8tr, a term of service. 

p. 86n. B.C. 
steng, ^.m.8tr. a stake. dat.pL 

(steengum) p. 5 n. D. 
stSoran, wk.v, to steer, command. 

p.8g, -rde. 1046E. p. 168. 
steorfan, 8t.v. stniien, to die, 

'starve.* p.8g. (stserf) 1124 ad 

fin. (sturuen) 1 137 p. 264b. 
steorra, 8b.m.tok. a star. 891A. 

995E. 1097. ace, -ran. 1066C.D. 

ph -ran. 540*. 1095. (sterres) 

ii35», (steorra) 1106. 
fltioian, wk.v, to stick, to inhere., -coiloiu 1083. 

fstige, Bb.mMr. ascension. M. 64. 
Btihtan, wk.v, to rule, dispose, p. 

80, -te. 1086. 
still-ness, 8b.f.8tr, stiUness, quiet. 

aoc, -Be. 1065. CD. ad fin. 
BtiS, adj, stiff, inexorable. 1052D. 

p. 170m. ioiS6 p. 22ih. nom.m, 

wk, -ytk, 1048D. 
BtWe, etdv. severely. 1006^ ad fin. 
fstiS-ferhp, adj. firm of mind. pi. 

-))e. 975 A. p. 1 20 b. 
ati-ward, 8b.m.8tr. a steward. 1095. 

1096. pi, -das. 1 1 20. 
stol, 8b,'im,8tr, a stole. 963E. p. 

atdr, c^y. strong, great. 1085 p. 

21 7 1. cf. Icel. 8t6rr. 
storm, tb.mMr, a storm. 1070E. 

8t6w, 8b.f.8tr. a place, acc.dat. -we. 

455*- 501* 514*- (-wa) 527E, dat 

stow. 456E. datpl. -wum. 1032 

strand, ^.m.8tr. a strand, shore. 

dat. -de. 1052C.D. pp. 180-1. 
Strang, adj. strong, violent, severe. 

975E. 1052E. II 15. nom.m.u;k. 

-ga. 1046C. neut.wk. -ge. 1041 

C. aec.m.8tr. -gne. 1046C. pi. 

-ge. 1 1 24 ad fin., -gan. 

1070A. comp.m. (strengere) 

1086 p. 219 1. 1 140 ad fin, n. 

strengre. 11 15. 
strange, adc. strongly, severely. 

1039E. I II 7. 
strang-Iio, adj. strong, stout, severe. 

1066D. p. 199 h. dat, -cum. 1097 

ad fin. 
strang-lioe, adv, strongly, stoutly. 

1016E. p. i5oh. 1085 p. 217 b. 
f8tr6ani,M>.tii.8fr. a stream. M. 255. 
streo, (?-e-) 8b.1n.8tr, violence, force. 

mid strece, by force. 1058D. 
stregdan, stoSdan, wk.v, to scatter, 

disperse, straggle,, stridden. 

lOioE. [ferdon] CD. 
Strang, 8b.m.8tr, a string, cord, pi, 

(-ges) ii37p. 264h. 
strensfi,i^.f.8tr. strength, (military) 

force,8uperiority. (streongVe) i ioi5. 

dat. -iSe, 1086 p. 220I. 1 119. (-the) 

1 140. (streangOe) iioi. 
atxuxdj8b.f.str.SwXtitjA time, period. 

aec -de. 1106. 



stypel (i), flt^pel (2), 8b,m.8tr, a 
steeple, tower. 1059D. (i). 1070 
E. 1 1 22 (2). dot. sty pie, etypele. 

styrian, wJc.v. to stir, disturb, p.p. 
styred. 11 40. 

styrne, a/lj, stem. 1070E. 

styning, 8h.f.8tr. disturbance, com- 
motion. 1096. pi. -ga. 975E. 

sum, pron.8h.adj. one, some, some 
one. (i) as svbst. heretogena sum, 
one of the leaders. 794A. }>ara 
sum. 897 A. p. 90 1. with numbers, 
fiftiga sum. 605E. jTritiga sum, 
one of fifty, thirty, avrbs rpiaKO- 
<rr6s, 878A. (]>rittigum. E. is an 
error.) So mpl. feower •] tJrttiga 
sume, thirty-four in all. 916C. 
the sing.acc, seems used collect- 
ively, sumne. 1096. pi. sume. 794 
E. sume . . . sume, some . . . others. 
418*. 8974- p. 90m. (ii) as <idj. 
hit . . . sum . . .sum, part of it . . . 
the rest. 877*. cf. 897 A. ad init. 
nom.m. sum d£l, part. p. 3 b. 
E, adverbial, (sum del), partly. 
1137 p. 265 b. acc.m. sumne d^l. 
785*. nom. & dat. sum his 
f ultum, mid sumum his -me, part 
of his force. 91 3A. cf. 875*. gen. 
f. sumre. p. 5E. dai.n. suman. 
1086 ad fin. inst. sume dsege, one 
day. 890A. sume sTSe, on one oc- 
casion. 1009C.D. (sum) E. ^Z. hie 
sume, some of them. 867*. heora 
scipu sume. 794^* ^^^^ scipu 
sumu. 895A. sume mtla, some 
miles. 1048E. p. 172 1. sume 
"pa, castelas, some of the castles. 
1 1 19. dat, set sumum twam 
cirron, on two certain occa- 
sions. 91 8A. on suman (steodan), 
in some places. 1 1 1 9. With nume- 
rals = some, about, sum hund 
scipa, about icx3 ships. 894A. p. 
86 h. sume feower . . . ]>egnas. 896 A. 

suiner (i), sumor (2), 8b.m.8tT. 
summer. 913C. 1048E. p. 172 h. 
(2). pen. -eres. 921 A. p. i02t, 
loooE. 1067E. 1 121. dat. -ere. 
885A. 898A. 1045E. -era. 885E. 
875*. 896A. (-eran) 1098. 11 13. 

suxner-lida (E), sumor- (A), sb. 
m.wJc. a summer, army {i.e. one 

which does not winter in the 

country; Sweet). 871*. 
suna-siintL, «6.m.8^r. a son's son, 

grandson. 643E. 
Sunnan-fifen, 8b,m.8tr, sonnafieiUl 

the eve of Sunday, Saturday. 

1012C.D. (efen) E. 
Sunnan-dsBg, 8b.m.str. Sunday. 963 

A.(Sunnonr)E. (Sumiendsei)! 154. 

gen. ^es -dages, on a Sunday. 

'829F. (Siinendseies) 1127 ad fin. 

dat. -ge. 1 100 p. 236 h. 
suzinan-setl-gong (A), -setlan- 

gang (E), ^.m.8tr, sunset, dat. 

-ge. 773*. 
sunne, sb.f.wk. the sun. 538*. 897*. 

1 140. acc.gen.dat. -nan. 733F. p. 

44 n. 806F. 1 104. M. 47. 
sunne-b^am, 8h.m.8tr. a sun-beam. 

sunu, 8b.m.str, a son. 823* & paS' 

sinu (sune) 11 35. ace. (sune) 

855K 1 140. gen. suna. 1036E. 

dat. suna. 836A. (sune) 1064E. 

1121. pi. suna. 477*. 617E. 855A. 

sunu. E. Bunas. 1068D. (sunan) 

501E. 1052D. p. 176I. 1086 p. 

219 h. (sunes) 656E. p. 31 1. dat. 

pi, sunum. 1052 CD. pp. 180-1I. 
fsun-wlitig, adj. sun-bright, 

bright with the sun. superl. 

-tegost. M. 239. 
su]>, adv, south, southwards. 616E. 

851*. 894A. p. 86h. 1092. 
su]7an, adv. from the south. 91 8 A. 

91 oE. (sudan) 1012. 1013E. ad 

fin. be suSan (with dat.), to the 

south of. 827*. 105 2E. without 

any case. 911 A. 
siii^an-eastan, adv, from the south- 
east, on s. (with dat.), to the S.E. 

of. 449E. 
su])an-weard, adj. southward, 

southern, p. 3E. cf. nor9an-weard. 
avSS-^&at, adv. in a south-easterly 

direction. 1097. 
si3!5e-weard, adj. southward, south- 
em. acc.f. -de. p. 3E. 
sii]>-liealf, 8b.f.8tr. south side, clcc, 

<2a<. -fe. 922A. 997E. 1016E. p. 

149 h. 
sup-land, 8b.n.8tr. the southern 

land or shore, dat, -de. 105 2D, 

p. 181 h. syC-. C. , . 



siii^-riina, ab.m.wJc, tlie south coast. 
dat. -man. 897 A. ad fin, 1009E. 

803$-8t8BlSy ^.n.fdr, the south coast. 
dat. -"Se. 897 A. p. 90 h. 

sutS-weard, ac^\ southwards. 1013 
E. 1095. 

sutS-west, »h.m.8tr, the south-west, 
mo. 1106. 

svX-weBt, adv. in a south-westerly 
direction, (-weast) 1097. 

8wa, adv. so, as. 797*. 878A. 943A^ 
(sua) 1135. swa . . . swa, as . . . 
as. 877*. swa swa, so as, just as, 
963£. p. ii7t. 921A. ad fin. 
675 E. 1066E. 1 100. swa swa, so 
that. 895A. swa jfSdt, so that.. 
894A. ad init. 1 100. swa Vet. 
656E. p. 30I. swa i> = while. 
1042C. sw^ gelice, just so. 
1067P. p. 203 m. swa hwaswa. 
pron. who so ever. 963E. ii7h. 
swa hwaet swa. 1016E. p. 150 m. 
swa hwam swa swa. 1123. be swa 
hwaJTerre efes swa, on whichever 
side. 894A. aditiiU swa hwelce 
[hwilce E.] dsege swa, on what- 
ever day. 874*. cf. 755*. swa 
(hwer) swa, wheresoever. 449E. 
(war 8^) 1 137 p. 365 h. (ware 
se) 1 140 p. 267 b. swa ])eah, 
nevertheless, p. 4I. A. 1087 p. 
223 b. V. eac, eal-swa, sona. 

swan, 8h.m.8tr, a herdsman. 755*. 

■fswat, 8b.m.8tr. sweat, blood, dat. 
secga swate. 937 B.C.D. p. 106 n. 
V. dennian. 

sweart (i), swart (2), adj. swart, 
black. 733F (i). .'wk. -tan. 
937A. p. 109I. (i). accf, -te. 
I122 (2). pi. -te. 1 127- ad fin. 

'fnswegel, 8b.n.8tr. (1) heaven, gen. 

swegles. 1065.C.D. ad fin. (ii) the 

sun. M. 239. 
swain, 8b.m.8tr. a 'swain,' young 

man. 11 28. (Scandinavian word ; 

cf. led. sveinn ; the native word 

is swan, q.v.) 
sweltan, st.v. to Sie.prea. ic swelte. 

1 123. p.8g, swealt. 2E. 3A. 46E. 

1086 p. 2i9.8walt. 1054D. 8ubj\ 

Bwulte. 1091. j).|72. Bwulton. 1080. 

(-ten) 1 131. 
fwenoan, wk.v, to oppressy to afflict. 

swencean. 1090. p,sg. -cte. 999E. (suencten) 1137. p.p. 

(swengt) 1 1 2S ad fin. 
sweord, 8h.n.8tr. a sword. 656E. ad 

fin, M. 257. gen. -des. 937 A. ad 

fin. swyrdes. 448E. dat. sweorde. 

1056C. swurde. D. -da. 

937A. ad init, -dum. ih. 

p. 1 08 m. 
sweostor, 8b.f.8tr. sister. 888A. 
. swustor.E. 1091. 658E. swostor.A. 

swuster. 697E. 1067E. swystar. 

92 2 A. (suster) 1140 p. 267 b. 

gen. (suster) 604E. dat. swyster. 

1048E. ad fin. pi. swostur. 71 8 A. 

swustra. E. (swustre) 656E, gen. 

pi. {swuatre) ib, aweoatr&n. 

sweostor-BuntL, 8b.m.8tr. a sister^s 

son, nephew. 1054D. 
swerian, stv. to swear, swerigan. 

1049C. p. i68b. (swere^') 1127. sw6r. 874*. 11 23. p. 252 1. 

(su8r) 1 1 40. sw8ron. 876*. 

877*. 1085 p. 217 1. sworan. 

1 100. (sw8ren) 1 094. pp. (6u5ren) 

1 137. sup. t8 swerene. 1127 

p. 258 h. 
swelSoliaii, wk.v. to relent, be 

appeased, -lode. 1123 p. 

252 1. 
swica, 8h.m.wk. a traitor, betrayer. 

1055E. pi. -can. 1075E. ad fin. 

(swtkes) 1135. (suikes) 1137. 
swican, 8t.v. to deceive, betray. 

1049C. p. 1 681. 1087.^9.^2. swicon. 

1118. (suyken) 1140. 
s-wio-dom, ^.m.8tr, treadbery, 

treason. 1087 P* ^^S^* (suTcdom) 

1132. da^. -me. 1014E. 1118. 
fswiool, adj. deceitful, superl. 

-lost. M. 242. 
swift, adj. swift, -tran. 

89 7 A. p. 90m. superl. -tust. M. 

swilc (i),swylc (2), pron.adj,a\x6ki. 

1032E. 995F. p. i3oh. 1086 (2). 

1009K (i). (suilc) 1 135. accf. 

-ce. 995F. p. 129I (i). gen.f.n. 

swylcere, swylces. 1086. dat.m. 

swilcan. 1058D. pi, swilce. 1074 

E. (suilce) 1 137 p. 265 h. swylce. 

swiloe ^i), swylce (2), swelce (3), 



cufr. just as, as^likewise, moreover. 
47A. (3). 734A. (3)E. (I), (swilc) 
1009E. 1122. 937 A. p. 108 m. 
1009K (i). 942A. II 1 7 (2). t6 
]>am 8wy9e . . . swylce, to such a 
point that. 105 2D. p. 176 1. 

•f-swin, 8h,n,8tr. a swine, pig. 1085 
p ai6b. 1131. 1134, 

swino, i^.n.ttr. toil, pain, (sninc) 
ii37p. 265h. 

swinc-foll, adj, toilsome, painfdl. 
1085 p. 217 m. 

swingan, sUv, stdjiDingnt) to bran- 
dish, to beat,soouige. p.8g, swang. 

fffwIS, swfS, adj, strong, mighty., swyVran. 959E. adjln. 
guperl, swTtJost. M. 237. 

swtte ^i), sw^Ue (2), adv, very, 
exceedingly. 501* (i). & passim, 
654E. 883E. 1119 (2). t6 swttJe, 
too mach. 959E. 975A. p. 1 20L 
(suiUe) II 35. (suyCe) 1 137. 
(suithe) 1 1 32. (suythe) 1 140. 
comp. 8wt))or. 897A. ad init, 
BwyfSor. 1086 p. 218 m. swtCor T 
swtOor, more and more. 1085 p. 
217 1. 8up. BwT)K>8t. 89 7 A. p. 90 1. 
Bwi]>uBt. ib. m. Bwt^ost. 959E. 
swy'Sost. 1004E. 1 1 19. 

fswutel, adj. evident, conspicuous., -Ira. M. 129. 

swutelian, wJc.v, to show, reveal. 
pre$,8g. -laS. 1012E. 

sylf, self, pron.adj, self, the self 
same, seolf. 675R p. 37 1. 102 2D. 
(sself) 1 1 54. he sylf. 95 9E. 1080E. 
wJc. sesyl&iElfric. 99 2 F. hesylfift. 
M. 299. t>sylfa. 1052E. p. 179 h. 
gen.wh, Jnes sylfan. 1048E. ace, 
m.8tr, hine sylfhe. 1058D. datsg, 
him selfum. 855*. 874A. liim 
sylfum. E. him seolfan. 1017D. 
dat.wJc, sylfan. 1052E. 1091. 
(selue) 656E. p. 33 L 963E. p. 
Ii6b. (sylfe, silue) tb, p. 11 7I. 
(seolue) I127 p. 257 1. (selua) 
xb, adjfin, pLmasc, hie selfe. 
885 A. hi sylfe. E. (sylO looiE. 
dat,pl, him selfum. 867A. heom 
sylfum. E. sylfan. 1048 E. p. 172 1. 
fis sylfum. 1052D. p, 175I, hem 
(sel^ II 31. 

•yllan, wk,v, to give, to give up. 

ioo6E.a<{/». loiaE. 1094. pMj, 
salde. 874A. sealde. £. so : 878*. 
%ubj, sealde. io^*j'K, p,pl, sealdon. 
874. saldon. 534A. 87^A. seal- 
dan. 946A. saldiuQ. 1053D. wis 
{So sealde b gold. 1036C. and 
henoe syllan, alone -» to selL, 
(saelde) 11 24 p. 254 m. v, hand 

fcymbel, i^,n,8tr, » banquet, 
festival. M. 200. 

«ynd«r-Iioe, adv, soidnerlici^y speci- 
ally. 92 1 A. ad fin, 

syn-fio, adj. sinfuL pi, sinlioe. 1106 

syn-uoe, adv. sinfully. 1086. 

synn, t^ffatr, (i) sin. pi. synna. 
1086 p. ai8h. (sinnes) 1137 P* 
26511., synna. 1086 p. 221 L, synnon. 1066D. p. 199 b. 
(ii) hostility, feud, ace, synne. 
M. 287. 

■ym-, V. seam-. 


taoan, stv. to take, capture. 1076D. 
p. 2iib. (tacen) 1127 p. 25811. 
(tsecen) 11 40. p.8g. t6c. 1075D. 
1 140 p. 267 m. p,pl, t6oon. 1076 
D. adfin, t6can. 1135. tdc td^ 
began. 1135. toe tdssucoeeded 
to (cf f6n). 1 140 p. 268 1. him 
wiSt6c, accepted him. 1127. 

tacn, sb.n, sir. a token, sign, portent, 
rdde tacn, the sign of the Cross. 
806F. tacen. ic^6D. dat. -ne 
963E. p. ii7h. pi. tacna, 1107. 
(tacne) ii2i. dat.pL tacnum. 

taonung, 8b,fMr. indication, in- 
struction, pi, -ga. 995F. p. 128L 

t&oan, wk,v. to show, direct, teach. 
616F. p,8g, tlehte. 1022E. M. 83. 

tain, sh.f,8tr, a * tale,' pretext, claim. 
ace, teale. 1085 p. 217 h. 

taper-«Bx,sl)/.«^r. a taper-axe. 1031 
A. (The first part of the word 
is Slavonic, and means axe. cf. 
Bussian 'topor,* an axe. Pro- 
bably introduced into England by 
the Danes, cfl IceL tapar-ox.) 

te,«. ye. 

tdam, 8b,m.»tr, vouching to war- 
4ranty ,ai»(;?«o : right of jurisdiction 



in matters of warranty. 963E. p. 
116 1. 

tela, adv, well, right, very. 94aA. 

tellan, wk.v, to tdl, to reckon, to al- 
l^e. 1086 p. sail, (tellen) 113^ 
p. 264 L (tsBllen) io7o£. (teoUan) 
1086 p. aipt. pre»,8vbj^, telle. 

1085 p. ai61. jp^. tealde. 1046 
£. p. 169 h. p,pL tealdan. 995F. 
adinit w6 t^dan. %b, p. 130 m. 
w6 tealdon. 1086. tealdon uppon 
• . ., charged upon. 1094. sup, t5 
tellende. 995F. p. 130I. td tell- 
anne. 1085 p. 216 b. 

texnpel, A.nMr, (i) the (Jewish) 
temple, dot, temple. M. 22. (ii) 
the order of the KnightsTemplars. 
dot, temple. 11 28. 

tenserie (Low Latin : tenseria), cf. 
Du Cange, «. v. tensamentum : 
* pensitatio quae a vassallis et 
subditis domino pro protectione 
ezsolvebatur.' 11 37 p. 264 1. v. 
note odZoc. 

tSon, 9t,v, ^iefjnt, to draw, to pull. 
p.6g. teah fip. I052£. teah fortJ, 
exhibitedfdisplayed. 1003E. p.pL 
tugon. 893*. tugondp. 1046E. p. 
16911. intrans, p,pl. tugon. 1096. 

tSona, sh.m.v)k. 'teen,' insult, in- 
jury, ace, -nun. 921 A. p. 102 1. 
pi, -nan. 1086 p. 220 b. 

t§Gl5a) n»m.a<7;. tenth. M. 181. neut, 
-))e. 955A. acc.m, -"San d£l, a 
tenth part, a tithe. 855*. 

tetrarche, 8b,f.wk, (foreign word), a 
tetrarchy ; ortetraroha, sb,m,v)k. a 
tetrarch., -chan. 12F. 

tid, tyd, sb.f.8tr, a tide, time, hour. 
916C. (of an eccl. festival) tyd. 
693E. ace, ane tid, for one hour. 
879*. healfe tid, half an hour. 
540*. [^ tid, during that time. 
1013E. ad fin, gen, tide. 809F. 

1086 p. 218 1. dat, tide. 1013E. 
ad fin, 759A. tyde. E. 999E. t5 
ttde, in time. 1095 ad fin. pi, 
tiida, hours. M. 107., ti- 
dum. 380E. 

tidan, wk.v, to betide, happen., tidde. 1 123. 
ftid-Iice, ado, seasonably. M. 131. 
tidtuig, 8b,f.8tr, an event, tidings. 

gen, -ge. 995 F. p. 130 m. 

til, eonj, imtil. 1137. 1140 p. 267 1. 
(Scandinavian w<nrd. cf. loel. : til.) 

ftil, s&.n.«fr. a station, goal. dat. 
tille. M. III. 

ftil, adj, good. M