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Full text of "Typographia scoto-gadelica; or, Books printed in the Gaelic of Scotland from the year 1567 to the year 1914, with bibliographical and biographical notes;"

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1915 i U':\\/ r) 



























About the middle of last century the need for a Biblio- 
graphy of Gaelic Literature was much felt by scholars and 
others interested in that language. Since John Reid 
published his Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica in Glasgow in 1832, 
a great many new books appeared in Gaelic from the 
printing-presses of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and other places, 
but hitherto there has been no work of reference available 
to guide the student in his selection of suitable books. 
Reid's work dealt with Gaelic Literature under several 
different subjects, and although it possessed considerable 
merit, so backward was the state of education over the 
Highlands and Islands of Scotland at the time of its 
appearance and for many years afterwards that the book 
was hardly known even to those who had a fair knowledge 
of the Gaelic language. 

About sixteen years ago I resolved to compile a 
Bibliography of Books printed in the Gaelic of Scotland 
from their Incunabula to the present year. I was aware 


of the magnitude and difficulty of the task, but many 
friendly letters from literary Celts who appreciated the 
value of my work helped in no small degree to encourage 
me to persevere in my effort. 

The late Professor Donald Mackinnon placed at my 
disposal very valuable bibliographic material which he 
had collected for many years before he became the first 
occupant of the Celtic Chair in Edinburgh. It is not 
possible for me to acknowledge fully my indebtedness 
to this collection. 

The reader will see that I have confined myself en- 
tirely to books printed in the Gaelic of Scotland, which 
I have arranged in alphabetical sequence according to 
the names of the authors. Only in very few instances 
has this order been departed from, and in each case for 
some reason. 

I have given a verbatim et literatim transcript of the 
Title-Pages, adding a full collation of each work by 
pagination rather than by signatures. Occasionally I 
have given a detailed description of some books and their 
authors, more especially where the nature of the works 
invited comments or statements that would likely be 
appreciated by readers. In transcribing some of the 
Titles, I had, in a few instances, to correct manifest 
typographic errors that led to ambiguity or obscurity, 
and which, in a few instances, even amounted to mis- 


statements. No attempt has been made to reproduce the 
assortment of type used in the originals. 

I have included the leading religious tracts and 
pamphlets, as well as tractates of controversial literature, 
ecclesiastical and secular. Mere leaflets of no merit or 
originality are excluded. 

It is most likely that there have been some booklets 
and editions of which I have not heard, but it is my 
belief that the reader in this work has before him practi- 
cally a full Inventory of the Printed Books that appeared 
up to date in the Gaelic of Scotland. To ensure compre- 
hensiveness and accuracy I have spared neither labour 
nor expense. I have searched the leading Libraries of 
Great Britain, and I have been in communication with 
Colonial and Continental Librarians and Booksellers. I 
have approached private collectors as far as I could go, 
and I have for many years scanned and noted the pages 
of booksellers' and auctioneers' catalogues. 

I trust that literary Celts, Booksellers, Librarians, as 
well as the general public, will find in this work something 
of interest and value. It will, I hope, show those ignorant 
of Gaelic that the venerable language has a wide field of 
literature ; and to the scholar already cognisant of that 
fact it will reveal the exact extent as well as the nature 
and quality thereof. Gaelic literature, like the literature 
of most countries, has been contributed to by native 


Poets, Theologians, Philologists, Educationists, and 
Patriots, as well as by men and women from many 
spheres in life, to whose genius and efforts their country- 
men of the present day owe, in great measure, their 
intellectual and material advancement alongside the other 
races that make up our mighty empire. 

The Author desires to express his acknowledgments 
to the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland for 
their offer of financial assistance towards the expenses of 
the publication of this work. 



7a/y 191 5. 


AiRD (Rev. GusTAVus, D.D.), Sermons. Inverness, 1897. 

*' [Price Sixpence.] Rev. Dr. Aird's Farewell Gaelic 
and English Sermons, preached in Creich Free 
Church, on Sabbath, 15th November 1896. Pre- 
sentations to Dr. Aird, complimentary luncheon at 
Inverness, etc., etc. Biographical Sketch, with Por- 
trait. Inverness : M. Macleod & Company, High- 
land Times O^ce.. 1897." 8vo. 23 pp. 
It contains a portrait of Dr. Aird in his robes. 

A Kempis (Thomas), Imitation of Christ. 

Edinburgh, 1785. 

" Leanmhuin Chriosd, ann Ceithear Leabraichean, 
scriobta 'ann Ladoin le Tomais a Cempis ; air ur 

eidertheangacha' gu Gaoilig Albannach le R 

M M.A.I.S. Clo bhuailte ann Dun-Aodain, 

1785." 8vo. xii + 244pp. 

The Translator of this work was the Rev. Robert 
Menzies, R.C., a native of Aberfeldy. The original work 
was finished early in the fifteenth century. The edttio 
princeps was printed in Augusta Vindelicorum, i.e. Augsburg, 
by Giinther Zainer in 1472. Of that Edition copies rarely 
occur for sale. Prices range from jCiys ^o ;^2:oo. This 
Gaelic Edition is decidedly rare. A good copy is worth 
about seven shillings and sixpence. 

A Kempis (Thomas), Another Edition. Perfh, 1836. 
" Leanmhuinn Chriost' : air a thionndadh o Laidinn 

I B 


gu Gaidhlig, le Eoghan MacEachainn. Peirt : Clo- 

bhuailte le Morrisons, Aireamh 14, an t-Sraid Ard. 

MDCCCXXXVI." Sm. 1 2mo. x + 247 pp. 4- 1 p. 


The Translator was the Rev. Ewen MacEachen, R.C., 
who taught in the Roman Catholic Seminary in the Island 
of Lismore, Argyllshire. He was also the Translator of the 
Roman Catholic New Testament into Gaelic and a few other 
works. Some copies bear the date 1826, but this is a mis- 
print, an " X " having been omitted from the date in the 
earlier copies. 

Alleine (Rev. Joseph), Alarm to the Unconverted. 

Edinburgh, 178 1. 

" Earail Dhurachdach do Pheacaich neo-iompaichte : 
eidir theangaicht' o Bheurla loseiph Alleine, le I. S. 
Ministeir ann Cille-Bhreanuinn. * Gniomh, iii. 19, 
Deanaibh aithreachas, agus bithibh air ur n-iompacha, 
chum as gu biodh ur peacaidh air an dubhadh amach.' 
Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le Macfarquhar agus Elliot, 
MDCCLXXXI." i2mo. 2 ff. 4- 248 pp. 
The published price was is. 6d. 

Second Edition. Perth, 1782. 

" Earail Dhurachdach do Pheacaidh neo-iompaichte 
eidir theangaicht' o Bheurla loseiph Alleine. Le 
I. S. Ministeir ann Campbelton. An dara clo- 
bhualadh. Peairt : Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an reic le 
Eoin Gillies Leabhair-receadoir ann Glaschua 1782." 
i2mo. 8 fF. + 187 pp. + I p. Gaelic Books sold at the 
shop of John Gillies. 

The published price was 2s. 

Third Edition. Inverness, 1802. 

" Earail Dhurachdach do Pheacaich Neo-iompaichte : 
Le loseph Alleine ; eidir-theangaicht' bho'n Bheurla. 
Le I. S. Ministeir ann Campbelton. Gniomh iii. 18, 


deanaibh aithreachas, agus bithibh air 'ur n-iomp- 
acha', chum as gu'm biodh 'ur peacaidh air an dubhadh 
amach, etc. [Here a woodcut.] Inbherneis : Clodh- 
bhuailte agus r'an reic le Young agus Imray, Leabhair- 
reiceadairean. 1 802." 1 2mo. 2 fF. + 247 pp. + i p. 
Advertisement + xiv pp. Preface by Richard Baxter 
inserted at the beginning. 

Fourth Edition. Inverness, 1807. 

" Inbhirneis : Clo'-bhuailt' agus r'an reic le 

Eoin Young. 1807." 

A mere reprint of the above. 

Fifth Edition. Inverness, 18 13. 

" Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailt' le Eoin Young, 

agus r'an reic le Eoin Young agus a chuideach. 
1813." i2mo. 2S. 
A reprint of the above. 

Sixth Edition. Edinburgh, 1822. 

" Earail Dhurachdach do Pheacachaibh Neo-iomp- 
aichte, le loseph AUeine, eadar-theangaichte o'n 
Bheurla le I. S. Ministeir ann Campbelton. [Here 
a Scripture quotation.] Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte 
le Eoin Collie. 1822." i2mo. 2fF. + 2i2pp. 

Revised Edition. Glasgow, 1839. 

" Earail Dhurachdach do pheacaich neo-iompaichte : 
le loseph AUeine, eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla le 
I. Smith, D.D., a nis air a leasachadh. Deanaibh 
aithreachas, agus bithibh air 'ur n-iompachadh, chum 
gu'm bi bhur peacanna air an glanadh as. Gniomh 
iii. 19. Glasgow : published by D. Macvean. 
MDCCCXXXIX." Sm. i2mo. xii pp. + 180 pp. 
+ I f. Gaelic Books sold by D. Macvean. 

In this Edition the orthography is considerably improved. 


Another Edition. Edinburgh^ i860. 

*' Edinburgh : printed by D. R. Collie & Son. 


This Edition is an exact reprint of the Glasgow Edition 
of 1839. 

Alleine (Joseph), Saints' Pocket Book. 

Inverness J 1823. 

" Leabhar-Pocaid an Naoimh : no Guth Dhe anns 
na Geallaibh. Eadar-theangaichte o Bheurla loseiph 
Alleine. Ughdair ' Gairm Dhurachdaich do Pheac- 
aich neo-iompaichte.' A reir na h-aimsir so, theirear 
mu lacob agus mu Israel, ' Ciod a dh-oibrich Dia.' 
Aireamh xxiii. 23. Inverness : printed by J. 
Johnston ; and sold by R. B. Lusk & Co., L. 
Grant, and D. Morrison & Co., Inverness ; K. 
Douglas, Tain ; Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh ; M. 
Ogle, Glasgow, and W. Scott, and J. Kerr, Greenock. 
1823. Entered at Stationers' Hall." Sm. i2mo. 
156 pp. 

This work was not popular in the Highlands. 

Almanac for 1872. j./., 1872. 

" Miosachan Gailig air son, 1872." 8vo. 6 &., no 
Tide-page issued. 

The Editor was the Rev. William Ross, Rothesay, who 
taught a Gaelic class for many years in the Free Church 
College in Glasgow. 

Almanac for 1873. Inverness^ 1873. 

"Am Feillire, 1873, Clar-innse. 

Muthadh an t-soluis . 1-12 Feilltean cruidh a's each a's 

Lathain Feille agus cuis- chaorach . . , 16-23 

ean Araid eile . . 1-12 An Teaghlach Rioghail . 23 

Finneachan Gaidhealach Am Post-Thaigh . . 24 

's an Suaicheantais . 13-15 


Luchd Muinntir Cinn-Chinnidh 15. Inbhirneis : 
Iain Noble, 98 Sraid a' Chaisteil. Glaschu : Mac- 
Neacail 's aChuideachd. Dun-Eidin ; Mac-Lachlainn 
's an Stiubhairteach. Pris tri sgillinn. DomhnuU 
Friseal Clo-bhuailtear, Inbhirnis." i2mo. 24 pp. 

Almanac for 1875. Edinburgh, 1875. 

" Am Feillire : The Gael Almanac and Highland 

Directory for 1875. ' ^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^ nach fhaic' 
[Here a woodcut.] 

'Se guth na bliadhna thuit a ta ann, 

'Tional uile a nail le'n gniomh ; 

Glacamsa na sgeula nach fann, 

Cuiream sios iad am fonn gun gniomh. — Oisein. 

Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. Glasgow : 
Nicolson & Co. ; William Love." i2mo. 32 pp. 
There was no issue for 1874. 

Almanac for 1900. Sydney, C.B., 1900. 

" Am Feillire agus Leabhar Poca Gaidhealach, 1 900. 
Le ' Creag an Fhithich,' Sydney, Cape Breton : 
Mac-Talla Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. 1 900." 
i2mo. 32 pp. 

Almanac for 1901. Lyminge, 1901. 

"Am Feillire, agus Leabhar-Poca Gaidhealach, 1901. 

Aireamh luchd-bruidhinn na Gaidhlig ..... 77-79 

Cisean .......... 80 

Cunntas nam bliadhnaichean ...... 73 

Feilltean Imrich agus Muinntiris ...... 2 

Giorrachaidh choitchionn ....... 74-76 

Laithean duinte aig Taighean-reidh ..... 80 

Leabhar-la .......... 15-62 

Ministearan agus sagartan Gaidhlig . . . 63-71 and 79 

Miosachan .......... 3-14 

Postachd .......... 72-73 

Sanasan . . . . . . . . . . 81-84 


Sraid na Cloiche [Lymi nge] ; Air a Chlodh-bhualadh 
le E. DomhnuUach, Ardmoir, A' phris, tri sgillinn 
agus bonn-a-sia, saor leis a' phost." The above is the 
Title on yellow paper wrappers, with the following 
Title inside, " Pris 3^ sgiUinn. Am Feillire, agus 
Leabhar-Poca Gaidhealach, 1 90 1 . [Here a woodcut — 
a lighthouse under which the legend *Sgaoil an Solus.'] 
Sraid na Cloiche : Ceannd Sasunn : Air a Chlodh- 
bhualadh Aig A' Chlodh-Chlar Ghaidhlig, agus air a 
reic le E. DomhnuUach, Ardmor, Lyminge." 32mo. 
84 pp. + I small leaf of errata. 

These small almanacs continue to appear from the Gaelic 
Press of Messrs. Ewen Macdonald & Co., Heme Bay, Kent. 
The last issue we have seen was for 1908. We trust that the 
work will regularly appear, as it is judiciously edited, and 
increasing in popularity in Gaelic-speaking districts. Different 
Titles are given to successive issues. 

Apocrypha, by Rev. Alexander Macgregor. 

London^ i860. 

" Apocripha air eadar-theangachadh air son a cheud 
uair, o'n bheurla gnathaichte chum na Gaelic 
Albannaich Leis an Urramach Alasdair Macgriogair. 
Impensis L. L. Bonaparte. Lunainn. i860." 

The translation was executed by the Rev. Alexander 
Macgregor, West Church, Inverness, at the request of 
Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte, by whom two hundred 
and fifty copies on ordinary, and one copy on large 
paper were printed. The work is now very rarely met 
with. Prince Bonaparte's magnificent philological library 
has secured its final resting-place by purchase, in Chicago. 

Armstrong (R. A.), Dictionary. London^ 1825. 

" A Gaelic Dictionary in two parts : L Gaelic and 


English ; II. English and Gaelic ; in which the 
words, in their different acceptations, are illustrated 
by quotations from the best Gaelic writers, and their 
affinities traced in most of the languages of ancient 
and modern times ; with a short historical appendix 
of Ancient Names, deduced from the authority of 
Ossian and other poets ; to which is prefixed A New 
Gaelic Grammar. By R. A. Armstrong, A.M. 
London : printed for James Duncan, 37 Paternoster 
Row ; Howell & Stewart, 295 Holborn. Bell & 
Bradfute, W. Laing, W. Blackwood, Oliver & 
Boyd, and Waugh & Innes, Edinburgh ; M. Ogle, 
Glasgow ; and R. M. Tims, Dublin. MDCCCXXV." 
4to. I f. half-Title, on v. Imp. + i f Title, v. blank 
+ 1 f. Dedication to King George IV. 4-pp. 7-12 
Preface + xii-xvi List of Subscribers + i-lxvii 
Gaelic Grammar by Rev. Alexander Stewart + i f. 
Explanation of Abbreviations, etc. + 586 pp. Gaelic- 
English + pp. 587-601 Gaelic-English Supplement 
+ I f half-Title v. b. -|- pp. 605-102 1 English-Gaelic 
+ pp. 1 02 3- 1 030 Personages and Proper Names. 

The published price was three guineas and a half. 
Copies are frequently met with, priced twenty to thirty 

Armstrong (Walter), Wool Working. 

Glasgow, 1 8 95* 

" Calanas. Seolaidhnean Cloimhe. Le Walter 
Armstrong, Lincuan, Kirkcowan, N.B. Air an 
Scriobhadh gu sonraichte air son * Comunn Gniomh- 
achais nan Gaidheal.' Eadar-theangaichte le Iain 
Whyte. Second Edition. Printed for the Scottish 
Home Industries Association, by Archibald Sinclair, 
printer and publisher, 10 Bothwell Street, Glasgow. 
1895. [All Rights reserved.] " Sm. 8vo. 16 pp. 


Assurance of Salvation. Edinburgh, n.d. 

" Dearbh-Bheachd air Skint. Aon de'n aireamh 
thaghta de leabhraichean diadhadhaidh \sic\ air an 
cur amach le Comunn nan Trachd ann an Dublin. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South 
Bridge." i2mo. 71 pp. 

Barclay (Rev. P.) on New Zealand. 

Edinburgh, 1872. 

" Gearr-Chuntasan air New Zealand. Air son feuma 
Luchd-imirich. Leis an Urramach P. Barclay, M.A., 
a bha roimhe so 'na Mhinistear 'an New Zealand. 
lar eadar - theangachadh gu Gaelic. Duneideann. 
Aig 64 Drochaid A Deas, Mac-Lachlainn agus 
Stiubhard. MDCCCLXXII." 8vo. 32 pp. 

Barclay (Robert, of Urray), Life of. 

Manchester, n.d. 

" Cunntas Gearr mu bheath agus bhiuthas Raibeart 
Barclaidh Tighearn Uiridh." 8vo. 12 pp. 

There was no Title issued. The booklet was printed by 
Harrison & Son, Manchester. 

Barr (Rev. John), Baptismal Catechism. 

Glasgow, 1836. 

" Leabhar Ceasnachaidh mu Ordugh A'Bhaistidh, 
chum Parantan og a chuideachadh gu beachd 
sgriobturail a ghabhail air brigh an Orduigh so. A' 
chuid is mo dheth air eadar-theangachadh o Bheurla 
an Urramaich Iain Barr ann an Glaschu, agus a' 
chuid eile air atharrachadh agus air a dhealbh as ur, 
le aon de mhinisteirean Mhuile. Glaschu : Clo- 
bhuailte le Deorsa Brookman, 1836." Sm. i2mo. 
72 pp. 

The Translator was the Rev. Neil Maclean, Ulva, 
afterwards of Halkirk. Other copies possibly of the same 
issue bear date 1839. 


Baxter (Rev. Richard), Call to the Unconverted, 

Glasgow, iJS^' 
" Gairm an De Mhoir do'n t sluagh neimh- 
iompoichte, iompochadh agus bith beo. Le Richard 
Baxter. Eider-theangaicht' o Ghaill-Bhearla chum 
Gaoidheilg Albannaich air iartas agus costas 
Eirionaich dheagh - runaich oirdheirc chum leass 
coitcheann Gaoidhealtachd Alba. Clo-bhuailt' ann 
Glassacha le Roib agus Aind Foulis Cloifheara an 
Oill-tigh. MDCCL." i6mo. Ixii pp. -{■ i i. errata + 
271 pp. 

The Translator was Rev. Alexander Macfarlane of 
Kilninver, Argyllshire. This was the first work of English 
Divines published in Gaelic. Copies of this Edition 
are somewhat scarce. A good copy is worth about 5s. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1755* 

" The Second Edition, Clodh bhuailt' agus 

r'an reic le loin Orr, Leabhair - reiceadoir. Ann 
Glascho LV " [sic]. 12 mo. 

A reprint of the First Edition. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 18 11. 

" Gairm an De Mhoir do'n t-sluagh Neo-iompaichte, 
iompachadh agus bhi beo. Air eadar-theangachadh 
o Bheurla Richard Baxter. Agus a nis air a 
ghlanadh o mhearachdaibh lionmhor eugsamhuil, le 
P. Macpharlain, Eadar-theangair Toiseach agus Fas 
Diadhachd 's an Anam, &c. Dun-Eudainn : Clo- 
bhuailte le 1. Cleireach, 'an Sraid a Chruidh. Agus 
r'an reic leis an Eadar-theangair aig 346, 'an Tigh- 
Thomais, Dun-Eudainn. 18 11." i2mo. xxxviiH- 
169 pp. 

The orthography was considerably altered to conform 
to the Scottish Gaelic. The published price was 2s. 6d. 


Fourth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1822. 

" Edinburgh : printed by John Collie. Sold 

by W, Whyte & Co., St. Andrew Street, and 
W. Oliphant, South Bridge. 1822." i2mo. 204 pp. 
A reprint of the Edition of 1 811. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1845. 

Has two Titles : " A Call to the Unconverted to 
Turn and Live, by Richard Baxter, Minister of the 
Gospel. Turn ye, turn from your evil ways ; for 
why will ye die .'' Ezek. xxxiii. 1 1 . Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan, Stewart & Co. MDCCCXLV." 

" Gairm [an De Mhoir] do'n t-sluagh neo-iompaichte 
pilleadh agus a bhi beo, le Richard Baxter, Ministear 
an T-soisgeil. Pillibh, pillibh o 'ur droch shlighibh, 
c'arson a bhasaicheas sibh. Esec. xxxiii. 11. 
Duneideann : Maclachluinn, Stiubhart, agus an 
Cuideachd. MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 174 pp. 

This version differs slightly from Macfarlane's. It was 
prepared for the press by John Mackenzie. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1861. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1865. 

Another Edition. Perth^ 1866. 

This was a reprint of the Edition of 1845. It was 
printed by Duncan Matheson, Perth, for the Tract and 
Book Society of Edinburgh, by whom the entire impression 
was gratuitously distributed. 

Another Edition, Edinburgh^ 1877. 

The work was stereotyped in 1846, when 1000 copies 
were printed; in 1861, 500 copies; in 1865, 1500 copies; 
in 1877, 500 copies. 


Baxter (Rev. Richard), The Saints' Everlasting 
Rest. Edinburgh, 1862. 

Has two Titles : " The Saints' Everlasting Rest, or 
a Treatise on the blessed state of the Saints in 
their enjoyment of God in heaven. By the Rev. 
Richard Baxter. Translated by the Rev. John 
Forbes, Minister of Sleat. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
& Stewart, 64 South Bridge." 

" Fois Shiorruidh nan Naomh : no. Solus air Staid 
Bheannaichte nan Naomh a' mealtuinn Dhe air 
Neamh. Le Mr. Richard Bacstir. Eadar-theang- 
aichte le Iain Foirbeis, Ministear Shleit. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge." i2mo. 

375 PP- 

Second Edition. Perth, 1865. 

This Edition has after the word " Bacstir " on Title 
the quotation — "Uime sin dh'fhaghadh fois fa chomhair 
Sluagh Dhe " ; then follows — " Second Edition. Perth : 
Duncan Matheson. Edinburgh : Tract and Book Society. 
1865." i2nio. 375 pp. This Edition has no English 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1868. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1871. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1874. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1878. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, n.d. 

This translation was stereotyped in 1862, and for the 
years 1862, 1865, 1868, 1871, 500, 2000, 1000, and 2000 
copies were struck off respectively. The published price 
was 2s. 6d. 


Beaton (George), Gleanings in the Fields. 

Edinburgh, 1881, 

" Dioghlumean 's na H-Achaibh ; no Briathra nan 
daoine diadhaidh 'labhair air 'Cheist, aig amaibh 
comunnachaidh, 'an iomadh 'aite de'n Ghaidhealtachd. 
Air an toirt sios o bheul an luchd-labhairt. Le 
Seoras Beaton, Maighstir Sgoile Gailig. 'An sin 
labhair iadsan air an robh eagal an Tighearna gach 
aon gu trie ri cheile,' etc. Mai. 3. 16. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
MDCCCLXXXI." Sm. 8vo. 96 pp. 

This work is an account of the Men's Day — La* nan 
Ceistj in different parishes in the Island of Lewis. A larger 
volume on the same subject is promised ^should the number 
of Subscribers warrant.^ 

Begg (Rev. James, D.D.), Explanation, etc. 

Edinburgh^ 1871. 

" Mineachadh agus Rabhadh mu Mhearachdan 
agus mu Chunairtibh an Aonaidh a tha air a thairg- 
sinn 'san am. Le Buidhinn Aonaidh na h-Eaglais 
Saoire, do'n Eaglais sin. An lathair Cleir 'na 
Eaglais Saoire, an Dun'-eidin, air an naoidheamh 
la do cheud mhios a' Gheamhraidh 1870. Leis an 
Urramach Seumas Begg, D.D., fear de Mhinis- 
teiribh na h-Eaglais Saoire an Dun-eidin. Duneidin : 
Clo-bhuailte le Sanson agus a Chuideachd. 1871." 
8vo. 30 pp. 

Begg (Rev. James, D.D.), Voluntaryism Indefensible. 

Edinburgh [1876]. 

** Cuis na * Voluntaries ' gun Steidh no Coir, agus 
Dleasdanas gach Rioghachd an Creideamh Criosd- 
aidh aideachadh agus a chleachdadh. Leis an Ollamh 
Urramach Seumas Begg. Air eadar-theangachadh 
gu Gaidhlig." 8vo. 1 1 pp. 


Beith (Rev. Alexander), The Anabaptists. 

Glasgow y 1824. 

" Dearbhaidhean an aghaidhTeagasgnan Anabaisteach 
a'nochdadh gur coir naoidheana a bhaisteadh, agus gu 
bheil an t-Ordugh sin gu h-iomchuidh air a Fhrith- 
ealadh o'n leith a muigh, Le Uisg' a Dhortadh no 
'Chrathadh orrasan a ta 'gam baisteadh. Le A. 
Beith, Ministeir 'san Oban. * Leigibh do na leanab- 
anuibh teachd am' ionnsuidh, agus na bacuibh iad,' 
Marc X. 14. * Crathaidh mi uisge glan oirbh, agus 
bithidh sibh glan,' Esec. xxxvi. 25. * Na bithibh 
air bhur giulan mu'n cuairt le teasgasgaibh eagsamhla 
coimheacha,' Eabh xiii. 9. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte 
le A. Young, agus r'an reic le M. Ogle, 1824." 
Sm. i2mo. 130 pp. + I f. errata. 
Published price is. 

Beith (Rev. A.), Catechism on Baptism. 

Glasgow^ 1827. 

"Leabhar Cheistean mu Nadur a Bhaistidh, airson 
seoladh agus cuideachadh pharantan 'n an dleasnas a 
thaobh an Ordugh so. Maille ri earail dhoibhsan a 
tha cuir an dleasnas 'san ni so ann an beag suim. 
Le A. Beith, Ministear. Glascho : Clo-bhuailte le 
A. Young, agus r'an reic le M. Ogle, Wilson Street, 
1827. Price — Threepence." Sm. i2mo. 36 pp. 
The orthography is very faulty, and evidently the proofs 

were never corrected, if indeed proof sheets were ever issued. 

On the copy before us is written : " A copy for Mr. Beith. 
This little book is valuable^ and should consequently be made 

free from these minor blemishes that are so much calculated to 

mar the effects reasonably anticipated^ 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1840. 

" An dara Clo-Bhualadh. R'an reic le M. 

Ogle 's a Mhac." 

We have not seen this Edition. 


Beloved Object (a Hymn). s.l.e.a. 

"An Cuspair Gradhach," 
A leaflet. 

Bevridge (Rev. William, D.D.), Sermon. 

Inverness^ 1818. 

" Sermoin a thaobh Oirdhirceas agus Feumalachd 
na H-Urnuigh Choitchionn. Le Uilliam Bebh- 
ridge, D.D. Easbuig 'n Asaiph. Eadar-theangaichte 
gu Gaelic. Inbhernis : Clodh-bhuailte le Lubhais 
Grannt. 1818." 8vo. 60 pp. 

Bible — New Testament. Edinburgh^ ^1^1 • 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh ar TIghearna, agus ar Slanuigh- 
Fhir losa Criosd. Eidir-theangaichte o'n Ghreugais 
chum Gaidhlig Albannaich. Maille re seolannaibh 
aith-ghearra chum a' chanain sin a leughadh. 
Air iarrtus agus costus na cuideachd urramaich, 
a ta chum eolas Criosduigh a sgaoileadh feadh 
Gaidhealtachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. Clodh bhuailt' 

■" ann Dun-eudain le Balfour Auld, agus Smellie. 
1767." In 8vo and in i2mo. 

The editio princeps of the New Testament in the Gaelic 
of Scotland. There were 10,000 copies printed at the 
expense of the S.P.C.K. in Scotland, with aid from the 
London S.P.C.K. The Translator was the Rev. James 
Stewart, Killin, Perthshire. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1796. 

" Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna agus ar 

Slanuighir losa Criosd . . . S.P.C.K. le Eoin 
Paterson. 1796." i2mo. 

This Edition was revised by the Translator and his son, 
Dr. Stewart of Luss. There were 21,500 copies printed, 
which cost ;^882 : 4 : 9. 


Bible — Old Testament. Edinburgh^ 1 783-1 801. 

" Leabhraiche an T-Seann Tiomnaidh air an tarruing 
o'n Cheud Chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich, Ann 
an ceithir earrannaibh. Earrann I. Air iarrtas na 
Cuideachd urramaich a ta chum eolas Criosdaidh a 
sgaoladh air feadh Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. 
Clodh-bhuailte an Dun-Eidin, le Uilliam Smellie. 

The Second, Third, and Fourth Parts, completing the 
Old Testament, were published respectively in 1787, i8oi, 
1786. The total impression was 5000 copies. The work 
was printed on fine and coarse paper at 24s. and i6s. 

Bible — Old Testament. Edinburgh, 1807. 

" Leabhraichean an T - Seann Tiomnadh air an 
tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gallic Albannaich 
ann an da Earrann. S.P.C.K. . . . C. Stewart. 
1807." i2mo. 2 vols. 

The Fourth Volume of the Old Testament, which was 
translated by Dr. Smith, was revised by Dr. Stewart of 
Dingwall, the other three by Dr. Stewart of Luss. Of 
this translation 20,000 copies were printed at a cost of 
^^2284 : 1 6s. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Chelsea, 1807. 

" Leabhraichean an t - Seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuadh . . . B.F.B.S., by Stanhope and 
Tilling, Chelsea. 1807." i2mo. 

The New Testament was also issued separately. The 
work through the press was corrected by Dr. Daniel Dewar. 
The impression was 20,000 copies at 3s. 3d. to subscribers. 

Bible — New Testament. Edinburgh, 18 13. 

" Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna . . . S.P.C.K., by 
Stewart, Edinburgh. 18 13." i2mo. 


Another Issue of the Same. Edinburgh, 1819. 

Another Issue of the Same. Edinburgh, 1821. 

These three Editions are almost reprints of the 1796 
version. The impression of each Edition was 10,000 copies, 
selling at 2s. and is. 6d. 

Bible — Old Testament. Edinburgh, 1820. 

" Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh, air an 
tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich 
ann an ceithir earrannaibh. Earrann I. . . . S.P.C.K. 
. . . Duneidin, le Tearlach Stiubhart. 1820." 4to. 

This Part contains the Pentateuch, a Second Part without 
a Title was printed but not published, that carried on the 
work as far as the third chapter of ist Samuel. 

Bible — New Testament. London, 1821. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh air Tighearna . . . London : 
printed for the British and Foreign Bible Society 
. . . 1 82 1." i2mo and cr. i2mo. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. London, 1821. 

"Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . B.F.B.S. by B. Bensley, 
London. 1821." i2mo. 79iand268pp. Areprint 
of the 1807 Edition. 

In this year Editions in 8vo, i2mo, and sm. i2mo were 
issued by the same publisher for the B.F.B.S. of 529, 448, and 
293 pp. respectively. 

Bible — Old Testament. London^ 1823. 

" Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh. B.F.B.S., by 
A. Applegath, London.™ 1823." 893 pp. Areprint 
of 1807 Edition. 


Bible — New Testament. Edinburgh^ 1825. 

" Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna agus air Slanuighir 
losa Criosd . . . Edinburgh : Printed for the 
British and Foreign Bible Society, instituted in the 
year 1804. 1825." i2mo. 448 pp. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh, 1826. 

" Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh air an 
tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich 
agus air an cur a mach le Ughdarras ard sheanaidh 
Eaglais na h'-Alba. Air iartus agus costus na cuid- 
eachd urramaich, a ta chum eolas Criosdaidh a sgaoil- 
eadh air feadh Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. 
Duneidinn : Clodhbhuailte le Donncha Stionsan. 
1826." 4to. 

Text in double columns, with Advertisements and a list 
of Abbreviations and Marks. There are marginal dates and 
footnotes. 1253 PP- ^^ includes the New Testament with 
separate Title-page, and the Assembly's recension of Smith's 
Psalms and Paraphrases of 58 pp. The published price in 
boards was ^^i : 7s. It was intended for pulpit use. The 
New Testament was also printed in 8vo in the same year 
with 537 pp. and 108 pp. Psalms. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh^ 1826. 

"Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh . . . B.F.B.S. 
1826." i2mo. 681 and 226 pp. for New Testament. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh, 1827. 

** Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh, air an 
tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich ; 
agus air an cur a mach le H-ughdarras ardsheanaidh 
Eaglais na h-Alba. Edinburgh ; Printed by Anderson 
and Bryce, for the Edinburgh Bible Society ; by 
permission from the Quarto Edition of the Society in 



Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge. 
1827." 24mo. 

7500 copies were printed and sold at is. 8d. per copy. 
The Old Testament contains 788 pp., and the New Testa- 
ment, with separate Title, 260 pp. The New Testament 
was at the same time also issued separately. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. London^ 1828. 

" Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . B.F.B.S. G. R. Watts, 
London." 8vo. 852 pp., and in the New Testament 
279 pp. Price 7s. 6d. . 

Reprinted by W. Clowes and Sons in 1829, 1839, 1857, 
and 1 86 1, also in 1872 for N.B.S.S. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. London^ 1828. 

" Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . B.F.B.S. Bagster and 
Thoms, London. 1828." i2mo. 

Stereotyped Edition from plates cast in Edinburgh. 681, 
226 pp. 

Bible — New Testament. London^ 1828. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh . . . Bagster and Thoms, 
London. 1828." i2mo. 448 pp. 

This Edition was often reprinted and sometimes without 
a date. 

Bible — New Testament. London^ 1829. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh . . . B.F.B.S. Bagster and 
Thoms, London." i2mo. 498 pp. 
It was reprinted by R. Watts in 1840. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . Printed by Anderson and 
Bryce for the Edinburgh Bible Society . . . Edin- 
burgh. 1829." i2mo. 687 pp. O.T. and 230 N.T. 


Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh^ 1831. 

" Leabhraichean an T-seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . Printed by Anderson and 
Bryce for the Edinburgh Bible Society . . . Edin- 
burgh. 1831." 8vo. 894 and 297 pp. 

The General Assembly's metrical Psalms of 1833 is issued 
along with it. 

Bible — New Testament. London, 1840. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna . . . B.F.B.S. 
R. Watts, London." 495 pp. 

Reprinted in London in 1855 by A. and G. A- 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh, 1842. 
" Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuadh. Edinburgh Bible Society, Edin- 
burgh. 1842." 687 and 230 pp. 

It has bound with it the Psalms of 1842. It was re- 
printed in 1854 by Stevenson & Co., and again in 1873 by 
Crawford and M'Cabe for the N.B.S.S. 

Bible — New Testament. Glasgow, 1846. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna . . . F. Orr and 
Sons, Glasgow. 1846." 24mo. 316 pp. + 95 + 8 ff. 

Bible — Commentary. Paisley, 1848. 

" Mineachadh air an Tiomnadh Nuadh air Eadar- 
theangachadh o Bharnes, Scott, agus Henri gu Gaelic ; 
le Calum Mac an T-Saoir, o Sgireachd Sgiobnais 
agus Searmonaiche an T-Soisgeil, an Baile Phaislig. 
Paisley : Published by the Author ; and sold by all 
BookseUers. MDCCCXLVIII." Quarto. 

Only one Part ever appeared, carrying the work down to 
Matthew vi. 3. The Parts were to appear monthly, and the 
cost for the New Testament was to be i6s. 


Bible — Old and New Testaments. Glasgow, i860. 

This Edition was prepared for the Edinburgh Bible Society 
by Rev. Archibald Clerk and Rev. Thomas Maclauchlan. It 
was printed in Glasgow by William Collins & Co. It was 
reprinted with corrections in 1863, and in subsequent years 
by the N.B.S.S. 

Bible — R.C. New Testament. Aberdeen, 1875. 

"Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna agus ar Slanair 
losa Criosta, air a Thionndadh as an Laidinn gu 
Gaidhlig. Le Aonta Easbuigean na h-Alba. Aber- 
deen : A. King & Co., Printers and Stereotypers. 
1875." i2mo. 3 fF. + 468 pp. + 2 fF. 

The translation was made by Rev. Ewen MacEachen, 
R.C, from the Vulgate, and remained in MS. until the 
publication thereof by the Roman Catholic Bishops. It was 
prepared for the press by Colin C. Grant, afterwards R.C. 
Bishop of Aberdeen. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh, 1880. 

" Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an 
Tiomnaidh Nuaidh . . . N.B.S.S. Edinburgh 
and Glasgow." 8vo. 4 pp. + 1059 pp. 

There are notes on weights and measures, text in double 
columns, references, alternative renderings, and maps. The 
Editors were Messrs. Clerk, Maclauchlan, and Dewar. 

Bible — Old and New Testaments. Edinburgh, 1902. 

** Leabhraichean an t-seann Tiomnaidh air an eadar- 
theangachadh o'n Eabhra chum Gaidhlig Albann- 
aich . . . S.P.C.K. Edinburgh. 1902." 4to. Text 
in double columns. 

This is a revision of the whole Bible in view of the 
fresh light thrown on several passages by the Oxford and 
Cambridge Revised Version. The work was entrusted to 


ministers and Celtic scholars represented by the following 
names : Revs. A. Clerk, N. Dewar, Robert Blair, T. 
Maclauchlan, J. Maclean ; Donald Mackinnon, Esq., Rev. 
A. D. Mackenzie and Rev. Norman Macleod, and Sheriff 
A. Nicolson. 

Bishops' Declaration, The. London, n.d. 

"Teisteanas nan Easbuigean Caitliceach fir-ionaid 
nan Ostal us an co-chuidichean am Breatuinn. A 
chiad chlobhualadh. Lunnain : Clo-bhuailte airson 
Comuinn Caitliceach Bhreatuinn. C. Richards, 100 
St. Martin's Lane." [Cuirte amach fo churam 
Comuinn Caitliceach Bhreatuinn.] 8vo. 16 pp. 

Black Mary. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"Black Mary, a favourite old Gaelic Song, set for 
the Voice, Piano-Forte, Flute, or Violin. Entered 
in Stationers' Hall. Price 6d. Edinburgh : Printed 
and sold by J. Watten, 34 North Bridge ; and 
No. I Charlotte Row, Long Lane, Southwark, 
London." Folio. 2 ff. 

Black (Dr. Donald), Guide to Invalids. 

Glasgow, 1877. 

" Eolas agus Seoladh air son Luchd-euslainte. Le 
D. Mac 'lUe-Dhuibh, Lighiche, PoUiu. Glaschu : 
G. Mac - na - Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheal. 
MDCCCLXXVII." i2mo. 36 pp. 

Black (George), Elegy on. Glasgow, 1861. 

*'Marbh-Rann air Mr. Seoras Black. Glasgow : 
A. Sinclair, Printer, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXL" 
8vo. 7 pp. In green paper cover with an addi- 
tional Title-page. 

The Elegy consists of eighteen verses of seven lines each. 


The Poet was no stranger to flattery, and like the majority 
of Celtic poets, he carried out the apophthegm De mortuis nil 
nisi honum. 

Blair (Duncan), Elegy on Kennedy. Edinburgh^ 1843. 

" Marbh - rann do'n Urramach Iain Ceanaideach ; 
Ministear an t-soisgeil a bha ann an Sgireachd Chill- 
Earnain ann an Siorramachd Rois. Le Donnchadh 
Blarach, Foghlumaiche ri Diadhaireachd ann an 
Ollhamait Dhun-Eidin. Dun-Eidin : M'Lachlainn, 
an Stiuartach, 's an Cuid*^. 1843. Pris Ceithir 
Sgillinn." i8mo. Bound in wrappers. 2 ff. + 
35 pp. + I f. Gaelic Advertisements. 

Blair (Rev. Dr. Duncan B.), Coinneach Odhar. 

Sydney^ C.B.^ 1901. 

" Coinneach Odhar, am Fiosaiche. Leis an Urr. 

D. B. Blair, D.D., nach maireann. Sydney, C.B : 

' Mac-Talla ' Office. 1901." Sm. i2mo. 2 iF. + 
29 pp. 

It was this Rev. Dr. D. B. Blair, who, when a Divinity 
student, composed the Elegy on the Rev. John Kennedy. 
Dr. Blair was for many years minister of the Blue Mountains 
in Cape Breton, He left at his death in MS. a Gaelic 
metrical version of the Psalms. 

Blair (Rev. Dr. Hugh), Sermons. Edinburgh^ 18 12. 

" Aireamh Thaghta de Shearmoinibh an Olla Urram- 
aich E. Blair, Ministeir a bha'n Ard-Eagluis 
Dhun-Eudainn, etc. Air an Eadar-theangachadh 
gu Gaelic, le P. Macpharlain, Eadar-theangair ' Tus 
agus Fas Diadhachd anns an anam,' etc. etc. Dun- 
Eudainn, Clo-bhuailte le Seumas Cleireach, 'an 
Sraid a Chruidh agus r'an reic leis an Eadar-theangair 
ann an Dun-Eudainn. 1812." 8vo. 3^ + 282 pp. 
Twelve sermons are here translated. 



Blakeney (Rev. Dr. R. P.), The Protestant Cate- 
chism. Edinburgh^ 1859. 

" An Leabhar-Cheist Protastanach ; no An Creidimh 
Papanach air fhaotuinn breugach, agus an Creidimh 
Protastanach air a dhaingneachadh le Focal Dhe, 
leis an Urramach R. P. Blakeney, LL.D., Ministear 
ann an Claughton, Birkenhead. Eadar-theanghaichte 
gu Gaelig le Comunn de Sheanadh Ghlinn-Eilge. 
Dearbhaidh [sic] na h-uile nithe; cumaibh gu daingean 
an ni sin a ta maith I. Tesal. Dun-Eidin : Paton 
& Ritchie, 81 Sraid a' Phrionnsa. 1859." 8vo. 
Ill pp. 

The work was translated by Rev. John Forbes of Sleat. 
The printing was at the expense of the General Assembly's 
Committee on Popery. The price to the public was four- 
pence, but the work was not popular. 

Bonar (Rev. Dr. Horatius), Christ is All. 

Edinburgh, 1862. 

" Christ is All. Is e Criosd na h-uile. Le Horatius 
Bonar, D.D. Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic. Edin- 
burgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge." 
i8mo. 36 pp. 

The work was stereotyped and 1000 copies printed at 
3d. each. 

A Reprint of the Same. 

Edinburgh, 1878. 

Bonar (Rev. Dr. Horatius), Believe and thou shalt 
BE SAVED. Perth, n.d. 

" Creid agus Tearnar thu." 34 pp. L.R.T.S. 

Bonar (Rev. Dr. Horatius), Believe and Live. 

London, 1864. 

" Creid agus bi Beo. Le Horatius Bonar, D.D. 
Ead. Le Aonghas Mac-an-T-Saoir, Ministear an 


T-Soisgeil 'san Eilean Mhuileach. Ma tha mi ag inn- 
seadh na firinn, c'ar son nach 'eil sibh gam' chreid- 
sinn. Eoin viii. 46. London : James Nisbet and 
Co. 1864." i2mo. 64 pp. 

BoNAR (Rev. Dr. HoRATius), God's Way to Peace. 

Perth, 1865. 
We have not seen this Edition. 

Another Edition. London, 1874. 

" Rathad Dhe gu Sith. Leis an Urramach H. Bonar, 
D.D. Air eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic le N. 
Deora, Ministeir na Eaglais Saoire ann an Cinn-a- 
Ghiubhsaidh. Thubhairt losa ris, Is mise an 
t-slighe, agus an fhirinn, agus a' bheatha ; cha tig aon 
neach a chum an Athar ach tromham-sa. Eoin 
xiv. 6. London : James Nisbet & Co., 21 Berners 
Street. 1874." i2mo. 4iF.+ i42pp. 

Book of Common Prayer. Edinburgh, 1794. 

Has two Titles — "The Book of Common Prayer, 
and Administration of the Sacraments, and other 
Rites and Ceremonies, of the Church, according to 
the use of the Church of England, together with 
the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are 
to be sung in Churches. Edinburgh : Printed by 
John Moir, and sold by all the booksellers in the 
City, and by Morison and Son, Perth ; Davidson, 
Inverness ; Angus and Son, and A. Brown, Aber- 
deen. 1794-" 

"Leabhar na H'Urnuigh Choitchionn agus frith- 
ealadh nan Sacramainte, agus Riaghailte agus Deas- 
ghnatha eile na h-Eaglais ; do reir gnathachadh na H' 
Eaglais Shasgonaigh ; maille ris an T-Saltair no 
Sailm Dhaibhidh, air am poncadh mar sheinnear 


no theirear iad San Teampull. Dun Eideann : Clo* 
bhuailte le J. Moir. 1794." 8vo. 14 jfF. + 471 pp. 
This Edition is somewhat scarce^ and a clean copy is 
worth 4s. 

Second Edition. Inverness^ 18 19. 

" Leabhar na H'urnuigh choitchionn agus Frith- 
ealaidh nan Sacramaidean, agus Riaghailtean agus 
Deasgnathachadh eile na H'eaglais ; do reir gnath- 
achadh na H'eaglais Sassunaiche ; maille ris an 
T-saltair no sailm Dhaibhidh, air an Poncadh mar 
sheinnear no theirear iad an eaglaisibh. Inbhernis : 
Clodh-bhuailte le Luthais Grannd, airson a Chomuinn 
urramaich ann an aitribh Bhartlett an Lunnuinn, 
airson meudachadh eolais a chreideamh Chriosdail. 
Reicte le Cuideachd Ribhington an Lunnuinn, agus 
leis a Chlodh-bualadair an Inbhernis. 1 8 19." 1 2mo. 
368 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1851. 

Two Titles — " Leabhar na H'urnuigh Choitchionn 
agus Frithealaidh na Sacramaidean, agus Riaghailtean 
agus Deasghnachachadh eile na H'eaglais ; do 
reir gnathachadh Eaglais Aontaichte Shasunn agus 
Eirinn ; maille ris an T-saltair, no Sailm Dhaibhidh, 
air an Poncadh mar sheinnear no theirear iad an 
eaglaisibh. Dun-Eidean : Clodh-bhuailte le Roibeart 
Grannd agus a Mhac, airson a Chomuinn Urramaich 
a ta airson Meudachaidh Eolais a chreideamh Chriosd- 
ail, Reicte leosan 'nan aitribh ann a Sraid Mhor 
na Ban-righ, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lunnuinn. 

" The Book of Common Prayer and Administration 
of the Sacraments, and other rites, and ceremonies 
of the Church, according to the use of the United 


Church of England and Ireland ; together with the 
Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to 
be said or sung in churches. Edinburgh : Printed 
for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 
Sold at the Society's Depository, Great Queen Street, 
Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. MDCCCLI." Sm. 
8vo. xxxiii + 6o8 and 143 pp. 

The Gaelic and English are printed on the same page in 
parallel columns. There is also a Title-page for the Psalms 
dated 1851. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 18 51. 

This is an issue of the preceding in Gaelic only. It 
was printed at the same press in large type. La, 8vo. 
xiv + 382 pp. 

Another Edition. London^ 1852. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1861. 

This is a reprint of the Gaelic -English Edition of 

Another Edition. London, 1877. 

This is the Edinburgh 1 8 5 1 edition in Gaelic only, 
but it has an English as well as a Gaelic Title-page. 
The Title down to the words ' iad an eaglaisibh ' is 
the same as in the edition of that date ; then follows, 
" agus an Riaghailt agus an Doigh air an ordughadh, 
agus coisrigeadh Easbuigibh, Shagartaibh, agus 
Dheaconaibh. Lunnuinn : An Comunn airson 
Meudachadh Eolais a Chreideamh Chriosdail ; reicte 
leosan an Tighibh Tasgaidh aig ; 77 Sraid Mhoir na 
Ban-Righ, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; agus aig 4, Sraid 
na Malairt Rioghail ; agus cuideachd aig 48, Piccadilly. 
1877." i2mo. XXX 4-690 pp. This Edition was 
revised by Donald Mackenzie, Ballachulish. 


Another Edition. 1881. 

We have seen this Edition in a Sale Catalogue. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1895. 

Sm. 8vo. xxxi + 6 ff . (Calendar) + 587 pp. (Text) 

+ 30 pp. (Communion Service). 

The revision w^as made by a Committee appointed by 
the Episcopal Synod. The Communion Service is trans- 
lated from the "Sealed Books." It was carried out by a 
Committee appointed by the Scottish Bishops in November 

Book of Common Prayer, Selections from. 

London y 1851. 

" Urnuighean air an toirt a Leabhar Urnuighean 
Eaglais Shasuinn, agus na h-Eirionn, air an deanamh 
freagarrach airson Aoradh Teaghlaich, maille ri 
foirmean urnuighean a tha ri an gnathachadh ann an 
gabhadh aig fairge. [Long Scripture quotations follow.] 
London : printed for the Prayer Book and Homily 
Society, and sold at the Depot. 1851." 8vo. 
60 pp. 

A Reprint of the Same. London, 1858. 

Boston (Rev. Thomas), Fourfold State. 

Edinburgh, 1 8 1 1 . 

" Nadur an Dulne, 'na Staid Cheithir-Fillte, no Staid 
ceud ionracais. Staid truaillidheachd iomlan. Staid 
saorsa air toiseachadh, agus Staid sonais no truaighe 
iomlan. A Co - sheasamh Ann am parantan a' 
Chinne Daona, ann am Paras. Anns a' mhuinntir 
neo - iompaichte. Anns a' mhuinntir iompaichte. 
Anns a' chinne-daona uile, 'san staid an deigh so. 
Ann an cinn theagaisg fa leith le Maighstir Tomas 
Boston. Ministeir an t-Soisgeil a bha'n Eteric. 
Air eadar-theangachadh le G. MacDhonuill maighsteir 


sgoil an Dun-eidin do Chuideachd urramach a 
ta cum Eolas Criosduidh a Sgaoileadh feadh Gaidh- 
ealtachd agus Eileana na h'Alba. [Here three 
Scripture quotations : Eoin ii. 24, 25 ; Luc. ix. 
55 ; Gnath Fhoc. xxvii. 29.] Dun-Eidin : Clodh- 
bhuailte le Aindreas Balfour. 1 8 1 1 ." 8vo. 590 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1825. 

" Duneidin : Clodh - bhuailte le Iain Collie. 

1825." i2nio. 4s. 6d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1837. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1858. 

" Nadur an Duine, 'na Staid Cheithir Fillte, no Staid 
ceud lonracais ; Staid Truaillidheachd lomlan ; Staid 
saorsa air Toiseachadh, agus staid Sonais no Truaighe 
iomlan. Ann an Cinn Theagasg fa' Leth, le Mr. 
Tomas Boston, Ministeir an t-Soisgeil a bha an 
Eteric. Cha'n 'eil fhios agaibh ciod a ghne spioraid 
d'am bheil sibh. Luc. ix. 55. Duneidinn: Clodh- 
bhuailte le D. R. Collie & Mac [j/V]. 1858." i2mo. 
522 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1873. 

Boston (Rev. Thomas), Gospel Compulsion. 

Paisley, 1830. 

" Co Eigin an t-Soisgeil. Searmoin leis an Urram- 
ach Tomas Boston, Ministeir an t' Soisgeil, eadar- 
theangaichte gu Gaelic maille ri Gairm Chardeil do'n 
oigridh le C. M'Lachluin. Co-eignich iad gu teachd 
asteach. Paisley : Printed and Published by Alex. 
Gardner, 1 4 Moss Street. 1830." i2mo. 24 pp. 3d. 


Another Edition. Inverness, 1863. 

" Co'-eignachadh Soisgeulach : Searmoin leis an 
Urramach Tomas Boston. Maille ri cunntas aith- 
ghearr air an dithis Mhairtearach ainmeil Hustean 
Oilthireach. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte le Mac- 
lUeathanagusPaterson. 1863." i2mo. 2fF. 4-64pp. 

Boston (Rev. Thomas), The Crook in the Lot. 

Inverness, 1837. 

" An Camadh 'sa Chrannchur ; no Gliocas agus 
Ard-Uachdranachd Dhe air am foillseachadh ann an 
amhgharaibh dhaoine ; maille ri cunntas mu bheatha 
agus mu chliu an Ughdaire. Leis an Urramach 
Fhoghluimte Mr. Tomas Boston, Ministeir an 
t-Soisgeil a bh'ann an Eteric. ' Is lionmhor amhgharan 
an fhirein, asda air fad saoraidh an Tighearn e.' Salm 
xxxiv. 19. Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic le Iain 
Rose, maighstir Sgoile do'n Chuideachd Urramach 
a ta chum Eolas Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh 
Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. Inverness : 
Printed at The Herald Office, for James Smith, Book- 
seller, and sold by him ; and by K. Douglas, D. 
Morrison, and D. MacCulloch, Booksellers, Inver- 
ness ; R. Douglas, Bookseller, Tain ; Oliver & Boyd, 
Edinburgh ; and F. Orr & Sons, Glasgow. 
MDCCCXXXVII." i2mo. 199 pp. + i p. errata. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1845. 

" An Dara Clo-bhualadh. Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte 
agus ri'n reic le Thornton agus Collie, St. David 
Street. MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 176 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1847. 


Boyd (John), Spelling Book. Antigonish, 1847. 

Regarding this little book Mr. Boyd writes : " In the 
year 1847 ^ composed and published 2000 copies of a Gaelic 
Spelling Book commencing with words of three letters, 
and going up to words of six syllables, and giving the 
meaning of each word in English. There was added to 
it an abridged sketch of the life of Prince Charles Stuart. 
It was sold for 35 cents a copy, about is, 6d. sterling." 

Boyd (John), Ceilidh nan Gaidheal. 

Antigonishy 1849. 

Mr. Boyd writes: "In 1849 ^ published a pamphlet 
called * Ceilidh nan Gaidheal^ containing original and selected 
pieces, prose and verse. Sold about looo copies, price 
5 cents each (nearly 3d.)." Mr. John Boyd, the editor 
and publisher of these two Gaelic books, was born in 
Antigonish. He published about thirteen monthly numbers 
of a periodical called ^An Cuairtear Og Gaidhealach ' in 1 851. 
In 1852 he started the ^ Casket^ in Antigonish. It was a 
weekly newspaper ably conducted and was a great success. 
In 1856 Mr. Boyd published some of the poems of John 
Maclean, the Tiree bard. He died in the year 1880, aged 
57 years. 

Brooks (Rev. Thomas), Apples of Gold. 

Inverness^ 1824. 

" Ubhlan Oir air son Muinntir Oga : agus Crun 
Gloire air son seann Mhuinntir. No an sonas a bhi 
math gu trathail : agus an onoir a bhi na sheann- 
deisciobul, air a leigeadh ris, agus air a cho' chur 
gu treibh-dhireach. Mar an ceudna, lethsgeulan an 
duine oig air am freagairt, agus teagamhan an t-seann 
duine air am fuasgladh. Leis an Urramach Tomas 
Broocs, Ministeir a bh'ann an Lunnann. i Righ. 
xviii. 13. Gidheadh tha eagal an Tighearn ormsa 
do sheirbhiseach o m' oige. Gnath. xvi. 31. Is 
crun gloire ann ceann liath a gheibhear ann an slighe 
an ionracais. Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic le Iain 


Rose, Maighstir Sgoile do'n Chuideachd Urramach, 
a ta chum eolas Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh 
Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. Inbhernis : 
Dealbh-bhuailte le Seumas Friseal, agus r'an reic leis 
na leabhair-reiceadairean. 1824." i8mo. 214 pp. 
+ I f . r.b. * Warning to the Reader.^ 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1850. 

" An Dara Clo-bhualadh. Duneidean : Clo- 

bhuailte agus ri'n reic le Thornton agus Collie. 
1850." Sm. 8vo. 208 pp. 

Broughton (Rev. Thomas), Sermon. 

Edinburgh^ I797- 
" An Saighidear Criosduidh no na dleasnais iomchuidh 
chaum beatha Dhiadhaidh chaithe, air an sparradh 
air an armailt : o eisempleir Chornelius, Searmoin. 
Le Tomas Broughton, M.A. Le roimh-radh, do na 
Saighidearan Gaidhealach, le neach araidh eile. Dun- 
Eaduin : Clodh-bhuailt' le Eoin Moir. 1797." 
8vo. 45 pp. 

Another Edition. London^ 1804. 

" An Saighdear Criosduidh ; no dleasnais iomchuidh 
gu caithe-bheatha diadhaidh : air a sparra' air an 
arm, o eisempleir Chornelius. Searmoin. London : 
Printed by B. M'Miilan, Bow Street, Covent Garden, 
Printer to His Royal Highness The Prince of 
Wales. 1804." i2mo. 36 pp. 6d. 

Brown (James), Poems and Letters. 

Inverness^ 1893. 

*' Gaelic Poems and Letters in English, by the late 
James Brown, Craw, Arran. Edited by John Kennedy, 


Northern Chronicle Office, Inverness. 1893." Sm. 
8vo. 60 pp. Thick paper wrappers. 

A sketch of the Author's life in English, by Hugh 
Brown, occupies four pages. 

Brown (John), New Verses. j./., 1785. 

This is a Gaelic Poem, ' Rannaibh Nuadh^ on the 
Restoration of the Forfeited Estates consequent on the 
Rebellion of 1 745. The Poet was Genealogist to the Prince 
of Wales. There are notes in English on the praise of the 
Highland Garb now restored after it had been suppressed 
for forty years. We have not been able to see a copy of 
this work, neither do we know the habitat of any copy. 

Brown (Rev. John, Haddington), Catechism. 

Edinburgh^ 1799* 

" Leabhar Cheist, a tha ro-iomchaidh gu eolas a 
thoirt air nithe a tha feumail a chum slainte, agus a 
dh'fheudar a theagasg do chloinn 6g mu'n urr' 
iad leughadh. Maille ri Earrail do Mhuintir og. 
Clodh-bhuailt' an Dun-Eidin, le Eoin Ritchie, 
1799." i2mo. 24 pp. 

The Translator was Mr. Macdonald, Teacher, Edinburgh. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1842. 

" Leabhar-Cheistean Aithgearr, airson Clann Og. Le 
Iain Broun, Ministeir an t-Shoisgeil bha ann an 
Hadington. Edinburgh : Published by Thornton and 
Collie, 19 St. David Street, 1842." 24010. 31 pp. 

Brown (Rev. John, Haddington), Two Catechisms. 

Edinburgh^ 1802. 

" Da Leabhar Cheist co-cheangailte r'a cheile. Tha 
a cheud aon ro iomchaidh gu eolas a thoirt air nithe 
a tha feumail a chum slainte, agus a dh'fheudar a 


theagasg do chloinn 6g mu'n urr' iad leughadh. Tha 
eolas air an dara h-aon ro fheumail mu'n d'thigear a 
dh'ionnsaidh bord an Tighearna ; agus na mhineachadh 
soilleir air Leabhar Aithghearr' nan Ceist, Clodh- 
bhuailt' an Dun-Eidin le Eoin Ritchie, 1802." 1 2mo. 
89 pp. 

Translated by Mr. McDonald, Teacher, Edinburgh, who 
was in the service of the S.P.C.K. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 18 16. 

" Clodh-bhuailt an Dun-eidin : le Andrew- 
Balfour. 1 8 16." 89 pp. 

A reprint of the Edition of 1802. 

Another Edition. s.l.e.a. 

Brown (John, of Priest's Knoll), Martyrdom of. 

Edinburgh, 1846. 
"Bas Iain 'Ic-IUe-Dhuinn, Chnuic-an-t-sagairt, air 
son a chreidimh. MDCLXXXV. Eadar-theangaichte 
o'n Bheurla le M. Mac Aoidh, LL.D., Ministeir na 
Eaglais Saoire an Dun-oithin. Co iad sin a ta air an 
sgeadachadh le trusganaibh fada geala? agus cia as a 
thainig iad ? Agus thubhairt mi ris, A Thighearn, 
tha fhios agadsa. Agus thubhairt e rium. Is iad 
so iadsan a thainig a h-amhghar mor ; agus nigh iad 
an trusgain, and rinn iad geal iad ann am fuil an Uain. 
Taisb. vii. 13, 14. Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte agus 
air an reiceadh le W. P. Kennedy, 15 St. Andrew 
Street, and le Donnchadh Mac-bheathain, an Glascho. 
MDCCCXLVI." i8mo. 23 pp. 

A representation of the Martyrdom faces Title. The 
booklet was very popular in the Highlands, and has now 
become very scarce. 

Brown (John, Islay), The Creel. Glasgow, 1846. 

'* An Cliabh, Comhradh, etc." „ 



This is the First Edition of the two Poems printed on 
the same page of a single leaf. A copy that belonged to 
the late Mr. Neil Campbell, an Islay man, has date in his 
handwriting, * 1846.' Mr. Campbell was for many years 
a bookseller in Malta Street, Glasgow, and afterwards in 
Lurgan, County Down, Ireland. He made a large Collec- 
tion of Gaelic Books. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1856. 

*' Da Dhan le Iain Mac-a-Bhriuthain, Tuathanach a 
bh'ann an lie. An Dara Clo-bhualadh, Glascho. 
Clo-bhuailte le Niall Caimbeul, 3 1 Sraid an Fho' ntain. 
MDCCCLVI." 8vo. 4 pp. 

This Edition has only two leaves. The verso of Title- 
leaf is printed upon. 

Brown (William), Rational Primer. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 19. 

" Teagasgan Criosduidh airson cloinne o thri gu deich 
bliadhna dh'aois ann an tri earrannaibh. I. Leabhar 
Cheisd. II. Earranan o na Scriobtuiribh. III. 
Urnuigheann, etc. Eadar-theangaichte o Bheurla an 
Urramach Uileam Brun, O.L., Glasgho : Clobhuailte 
le D. Maccoinich. 1819." i8mo. 36 pp. Rare. 

The Translator was John Munro, accountant, Glasgow. 

BucHAN (Rev. Dr.), Catechism on Baptism, etc. 

Edinburgh^ 1856. 

*' Leabhar-Cheist mu Shacramaidean a' Bhaistidh agus 
Suipeir an Tighearna le C. F. Buchan, D.D. Ead. le 
Aonghas Mac-An-T-Saoir, Ministear Cheann-Loch- 
Speilbh. Dun-Eidean : Paton & Ritchie, 3 Hanover 
Street. MDCCCLVI." i6mo. 45 pp. 


BucHAN (Rev. Dr.), On Lord's Supper. 

Edinburgh^ 1856. 

" Leabhar-Cheist muShacramaid Suipeir an Tighearna. 
Le C. F. Buchan, D.D. Ead. le A. Mac-An-T-Saoir 
aon do Mhinisteirean Mhuile. Dun-Eidean, Paton 
& Ritchie, 3 Hanover Street. MDCCCLVI." i6mo. 

31 PP- 

Buchan (Rev. Dr.), Apples of Gold. London^ 1858. 

''Ubhlan Oir. Le C. F. Buchan, D.D. Ead. le 
Aonghas Mac-an-t-Saoir, Ministear Cheann-Loch- 
Speilbh. [Here a Poetical quotation.] Clo-bhuailte 
ann an Lunnainn. Religious Tract Society." i2mo. 
35 pp. Paper covers. 

Buchanan (Dugald), Spiritual Hymns. 

Edinburghy 1767. 

" Laoidhe Spioradail le Dughall Bochannan. Gabhadh 
focal Chriosd comhnuidh annaibh gu saidbhir, san uile 
ghliocas ; a' teagasg agus a' comhairleachadh a ch6ile 
le salmaibh agus laoidhibh, agus cantaicibh spioradail 
a' deanamh ciuil do'n Tighearn le gras ann bhur criodh- 
eachaibh. Coll. iii. 16. Duinedin : Clodh-bhuailt le 
Balfour, Auld, agus Smellie. MDCCLXVIL" i2mo. 
68 pp. 

Excessively rare ; only three copies known. Imperfect 
copies turn up occasionally, and these can be identified by 
the following marks. Page 53 signature E3 begins, 'No'n 
raibh thu gun sgoinn.' Again Page 55 has at the top the 
Hnes, ' N sin cruaidhichidh Dia.' When this Edition was 
printed the Author was in Edinburgh correcting the press 
while the earHer portions of the Old Testament were being 
printed. He attended Lectures at the University while in 
Edinburgh, as the Matriculation Album has his autograph 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1770. 


Third Edition. Glasgow^ 178 1. 

Fourth Edition. Glasgow^ 1792. 

The Second Edition was advertised in different catalogues 
with date Edinburgh, 1770, but no copy is known. The 
late Mr. Paul Cameron of Blair-Atholl, an exceptionally 
well informed gentleman in Celtic matters, wrote the Author 
that he had an old copy of Buchanan's Hymns, on which was 
written in old and faded handwriting: * ist Edition, 1767 ; 
2nd Ed. Edinburgh, 1770 j 3rd Ed. Glasgow, 1781; 
4th Ed. Glasgow, 1792 J 5th Ed. Glasgow, 1797.' The 
dates and place of publication of the third and fourth editions 
are given above on the authority of this statement. 

Fifth Edition. Glasgow^ ^191- 

" Comh-Chruinneacha do Laoidhibh Spioradail le 
Dughal Buchannain, Maighsteir Sgoil' ann an Rain- 
each. An Cuigeamh Clo-bhuala. Air athleasachadh o 
iomadh mearachd, le Eoin Mac-na-Ceard, Maighsteir- 
Sgoil' ann an Glasgho, airson Anna Oir an Sraid an 
T-Salainn. 1797." i2mo. ^6 pp. ' 

Another Edition. Aberdeen^ i799« 

" Aberdeen : Printed by Burnett and Pettie. 

1799." Sm. i2mo. 54 pp. 

Excessively rare. One copy known. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1807. 

" Comh-Chruinneacha do Laoidhibh Spioradail, Le 
Dughal Buchanan, Maighsteir-Scoile ann an Rainneach. 
Air Leasachadh o iomadh mearrachd. Dunedin : 
Clo-bhuailte airson, agus le R. Meine. 1807." S"^* 
8vo. 52 pp. 

Another Edition. Greenock^ 18 11. 

" Comh-Chruinneacha do Laoidhibh Spioradail le 
Dughal Buchanan, Maighsteir Scoile ann an Rianneach. 
An Seathadh Clo-buala, air athleasachadh o iomadh 


mearachd. Greenock : Printed for and sold by 
Daniel Thomson, Bookseller. 18 11." 8vo. is. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 181 1. 

" Laoidhe Spioradail, le Dugald Bochannan. [Here a 
Scripture quotation.] Inverness ; Printed for Lewis 
Grant & Co., Booksellers. 181 1." i8mo. 56 pp. 
4d. on rough, and 6d. on fine paper. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 18 12. 

Same as Edition 1 807 to the word " Rainneach," then 
" Air a ghlanadh o mhearachdaibh lionmhor. Edin- 
burgh : Printed and sold by R. Menzies, Lawn- 
market ; sold also by D. Thomson, Bookseller, 
Greenock. 18 12." i2mo. 60 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 18 13. 

" Laoidhe Spioradail le Dughall Bochannan. [Here a 
Scripture quotation.] Inbherneis : Clodh-bhuailt* le 
Eoin Young agus a Chuidheachd. 18 13." i2mo. 
60 pp. 6d. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 18 19. 

" Comh-Chruinneacha de Laoidhibh Spioradail le 
I Doughal Buchannain, Maighsteir Sgoil' ann an 

Raineach. Glaschu : Clodh bhuailte le Og, Gallic, 
& a Chuideachd. 18 19." i2mo. 54 pp. 4d. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1820. 

A reprint of the Edition of 18 13. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1830. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Dughall Buchannan. [Here 
a Scripture quotation.] Glasgow : John Reid, 
Hutcheson Street. 1830. Alexander Gardner, 
Printer." i8mo. 69 pp. 6d. 
A carefully printed Edition. 



Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1831. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Dughall Buchannan. [Here 
a Scripture quotation.] ' Caraid nan Gaidheal.' 
Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte, agus ri'n reic le E. agus 
D. Collie. 1 831. Price fourpence." 24mo. 50 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1834. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Dughall Buchannan. With 
a Memoir of the Author. MDCCCXXXIV. 
Glasgow : John Reid & Co. Edinburgh : Oliver & 
Boyd. London : Whittaker, Treacher & Co." 
32mo. 54 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness^ 1835. 

" Dain Spioradail, le Ughdairibh eug-samhuil ; maille 
ri Gearr-chunntas mu Iain Mac Aoidh, a bh'ann an 
Duthaich Mhic Aoidh, agus mu Dhughail Buchanan 
a bh'ann an Raineach. 

*'Air an fhirean bidh cuimhne shiorruidh, 
lomradh cubhr' cha teid air di-chuimhn*, 
'N easonoir ged chuirte sios e, 
Maiseach bidh air deas-lamh Chriosda.' — Mac-Choinnich. 

Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte le A. Friseal, airson D. 

M'l. Agus, ra'n reic leis gach Leabhar Reiceadair 'sa 

Bhaile. 1835." ^^' i2mo. 54 pp. 

The work begins with an account of John Mackay, who 
was born in Muthil, Farr. The first four hymns are by 
Mackay, the rest by Buchanan. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1837. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1840. 

Stereotyped Edition. Edinburgh, 1844. 

*' Laoidhean Spioradail, le Dughall Bochannan. 
Spiritual Hymns, by Dugald Buchanan. Duneideann : 


Mac-Lachuinn agus Stiubhard. MDCCCXLIV." 

i8mo. 47 pp. 3d. 

2000 copies were struck, and the same number for each 
of the years 1846, 1858, i860, 1863, 1867, 1872, and 1875. 
The work continues to be printed at frequent intervals from 
the stereotyped plates. 

Buchanan (Dugald), Life and Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ 1844. 

" Beatha agus iompachadh Dhugaill Bochannain a 
dh'eug ann an Ranach sa' bhliadhna 1768 (Air a 
sgriobhadh leis fein). Maille r'a Laoidhean Spiorad- 
ail. [Salm cxi. 6 ; Eabh.xi. 4 quoted.] Duneideann : 
Mac-Lachuinn agus Stiubhard. MDCCCXLIV." 
1 8 mo. Cloth, 185 pp. (Life and Conversation) + 
47 pp. (hymns). 2s. 

Stereotyped Edition. 1000 copies struck ofF, and 500 

copies in each of the years 1857, 1859, 1863, 1867, 1872, 
1875, and 1877, and printed still at frequent intervals. The 

Editor was John Mackenzie. 

Buchanan (Dugald), Reminiscences of. 

Edinburgh^ 1875. 

" Reminiscences of the Life and Labours of Dugald 
Buchanan, formerly Teacher and Evangelist at 
Rannoch, Perthshire. With his Spiritual Songs, and 
an English Version of them. By the Rev. A. 
Sinclair, A.M., Kenmore, Author of ' Memoir and 
Remains of IS/tCheyne^ in Gaelic. Twenty -first 
Edition. Edinburgh : Religious Tract and Book 
Society. 1875." Sm. 8vo. viii+ 141 pp. + 194. 
This Edition is very well printed in large clear type. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1898. 

Buchanan (Dugald), Songs by Maclean. 

This is said to be a Critical Edition of the Poet's work. 


The Editor is Rev. Donald Maclean of Free St. Columba 
Church, Edinburgh. 3s. 6d. \_Jdvertisement.'] 

Buchanan (Rev. Dr.), On Electing Ministers. 

Edinburgh, 1872. 

" Seanchas a Thaobh a bhi Roghnachadh Mhinis- 
tearan a Eaglaisean Eile. Le Dr. Buchanan, aon de 
Mhinisterean na Eaglais Saoire am Baile Glascho. 
Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le Iain Greig agus a Mhic. 
1872." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Buchanan and Meldrum on Sustentation Fund. 

Edinburgh, 1873. 

Bunyan (John), Pilgrim's Progress. 

Edinburgh^ 18 12. 

" Cuairt an Oilthirich ; no Turas A Chriosduidh ; o'n 
t-Saoghal so chum an Ath-Shaoghail : fo shamhladh 
Brudair : Ann an da earrainn. Far a bheil e air a 
chuir an ceill mar dh'f halbh e ; na cunnairt agus na 
cruaidh-chais a thacair air air a thuras ; a choilion 
buaidh a thug e air an t-saoghal, air an Fheoil, agus 
air an Diobhul ; agus mar a rainig e air mhodh sona 
chum a Bhaile neamhuidh. Air Eadar-theanghach- 
adh o Bheurla Iain Bhunain, le R. Macpharlain, 
Eadar - theangair, Tus agus Fas Diadhachd san 
anam, &c. Ghnathaich mi samhluidhean. Hos. xii. 
10. Dun-eudainn : Clo-bhuailte le T. Stiubhart. 
Agus r'an reic leis an Eadar-theangair. 18 12." 
i2mo. viii + 27opp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 18 19, 

" An Dara Clobhualadh. Glasgow : Printed by 

Young, Gallie and Company, for the translator, and 
sold by J. Lumsden and Son, Glasgow, and Oliver 
and Boyd, Edinburgh. 18 19." i2mo. 34 pp. 
3s. 6d. 


Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1840. 

" Cuairt an Eilthirich no Turas A Chriosduidh ; o'n 
t-saoghal so chum an t-saoghail ri teachd. Fo Shamh- 
laidh Bhruadair. Ann an da Earrainn. Le Iain 
Bunian. Air ur eadar-theangachadh maille ri Eachd- 
raidh beatha 'n Ughdair. Ghnathaich mi samhluidh- 
ean. Hos. xii. 10. Thornton & Collie, Gaelic 
Book Depository, 19 St. David Street, Edinburgh. 
MDCCCXL." 8vo. xii + 264 pp. 

A portrait of Bunyan faces Title. 

Stereotyped Edition. Edinburgh^ 1845. 

In this year the work was stereotyped by Maclachlan 
and Stewart in three parts. Sm. i2mo. 413 pp. A por- 
trait of Bunyan faces Title. In 1845, 1000 copies were 
struck ofF, and 500 copies in each of the years 1856, i860, 
1862, 1864, 1872, and 1876. Price 2s. 6d. The Editor was 
John Mackenzie. 

Another Edition by Macgillivray. 

Glasgow^ 1865. 

Two Titles : "Turas a Chriosduigh, agus Oibrean eile 
le Iain Bunian. Eadar-theangaichte leis an Olla 
T. R. M'Gillibhra. Lunnuin, Glascho, Duneidin. 
Uilleam MacCoinnich." 

" Turas a Chriosduidh agus Oibrean Eile le Iain 
Bunian. Le mineachadh farsuinn agus soilleir. 
Maille ri Eachdraidh beatha 'n Ughdair. Eadar 
theangaichte leis an Olla T. R. Macgillebhra. William 
Mackenzie, Howard Street, Glasgow ; South Bridge, 
Edinburgh ; 69 Ludgate Hill, London." 4to. 
940 pp. 

This Edition is fully illustrated with woodcuts, plates, 
portraits, etc. It was issued in thirty parts at one shilling 


BuNYAN (John), Life and Death of Badman. 

Inverness y 1824. 

" Beatha agus Bas Mhr, Droch-Dhuine ; air f hoills- 
eachadh do'n t-saoghal ann an Co'labhairt chairdeil, 
Mion-eolach, eadar Mr. Glic-dhuine agus Mr. Fur- 
achair. Le Iain Buinian, Ughdar Turais a Chriosd- 
uigh, etc. Air eadar -theangachadh gu Gaelic le 
Rob Domhnullach, Maighstir - Sgoil. Inverness : 
Printed for D. Morrison and Co. 1824." i2mo. 
252 pp. 

Bunyan (John), The Barren Fig Tree. 

Inverness^ 1824. 

" An Crann Fige Neo-Thorach ; no binn agus leir- 
sgrios an fhir aidmheil neo-tharbhaich : a nochdadh 
gum feud latha nan gras a dhol seachad air fad mu'n 
criochnaich a bheatha ; agus na comharan leis am 
feudar a leithid sin do creutairibh truagh aithneachadh 
le Iain Buinian. [Here a Scripture quotation.] Eadar- 
theangaichte gu Gaelic le Seumas Friseal, Maighstir- 
sgoile do'n Chuideachd Urramach, a ta chum Eolas 
Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh Gaeltachd agus 
Eileana na h-Alba. Inbhirnis : Dealbh-bhuailte le 
Seumas Friseal, agus r'an reic leis na Leabhair-reicead- 
airaibh. 1824." i8mo. 102 pp. is. 6d. 

Bunyan (John), World to Come. Tain^ 1825. 

" Seallana Fhlaimheanais agus Ifrinn, le Iain Buniain. 
Air an eadar theangachadh o'n Bheurla le Seoras 
Munro. Tain : Printed by K. Douglas & Co., for 
the Translator, and sold by L. Grant, R. B. Lusk, 
and D. Morrison, Inverness ; Oliver & Boyd, Edin- 
burgh ; J. Lumsden & Son, Glasgow ; D. Mackay, 
Thurso ; and R. Barron, Wick. 1825. Entered in 


Stationers' Hall." i8mo. 2ff. + 162 pp. + 14 pp. 
+ I f. Advs. 

The work was printed for subscribers, is. 6d. 

Stereotyped Edition. Edinburgh^ 1844. 

Two Titles : " The World to Come, or Visions of 
Heaven and Hell, by John Bunyan. And Jesus 
said unto him, verily I say unto thee, to-day thou 
shalt be with me in paradise. Luke xxiii. 43. For 
God shall bring every work into judgment, with every 
secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be 
evil. Eccles. xii. 14. Edinburgh : Maclachlan, 
Stewart, and Co. MDCCCXLIV." 

" Seallaidhean Neimh agus Ifrinn le Iain Buinian. 
Agus thubhairt losa ris Gu deimhin a ta mi ag radh 
riut, gu'm bi thu maille riumsa an diugh ann am 
parras. Luc. xxiii. 43. Oir bheir Dia gach obair a 
chum breitheanais, maille ris gach ni diomhair ma's 
maith no ma's olc e. Eccles. xii. 14. Duneideann : 
Mac - Lachuinn, Stiubhard agus an Cuideachd. 
MDCCCXLIV." i2mo. 172 pp. is. 6d. 

In 1844, 1000 copies were printed from the plates, and 
500 copies in each of the following years, 1858, 1861, 1864, 
and 1872. The Translator was John Mackenzie. 

Bunyan (John), Sighs from Hell. Inverness, 1829. 

" Osnaidhean 'o Ifrinn ; no Acainean anaim damnaite. 
A foillseachadh, 'o Lucas xvi. 19-31, Staid bhronach 
nan muinntir dhamnaite. Agus faodaidh e gu 
freagarrach a bhi' na Fhacal-rabhaidh do Pheacaich, 
araon Shean agus Og, le Creideamh ann an losa Criosd, 
gu seachnadh an aite chraidhnidh cheudna. Maille 
ri foilliseachadh air Feumaileachd na'n Scriobtuirean, 
n-ar Riaghailt thearuinte airson seachnadh Craidhnid- 
hean Ifrinn. Le Iain Bunian Ughdar ' Turuis a 


Chriosduidh,' and ' Beath agus Bas Mhr. Droch- 
dhuine,' etc. Air eadar-theangachadh le Rob DonuU- 
ach, Fear-teagaisg aig Inbher-feobharan. Inverness. 
1829." i8mo. 2ff. + 2i3 pp. + 3 pp. Advertise- 
ments. IS. 6d. 

Stereotyped Edition. Edinburgh^ 1846. 

Two Titles : " Osnaichean bho Ifrinn ; Acain Anma 
Damnaite. Le Iain Buinian [Luc. xvi. 22-23]. 
Duneideann : Mac - Lachuinn, Stiubhard agus an 
Cuid-eachd. MDCCCXLVI." i2mo. Cloth. 252 

pp. 2S. 

In addition to the EngHsh Title there is a portrait of 
Bunyan. In 1846, 1000 copies were printed from the plates, 
and 500 copies in each of the years 1863 and 1872. The 
IVanslator was John Mackenzie. 

Bunyan (John), Heavenly Footman. 

Inverness, 1829. 

** An Gille-Ruithe Neamhaidh ; no mean-chunntas 
mu'n neach a theid do fhlaitheanas. Maille ri cunn- 
tas mun t-slighe anns am beil e ruith, na comarraid- 
hean air am bheil e' deanamh, agus beagan sheol- 
aidhean cionnas a ruithear, ionnas gu'n glacair an 
duais. Eadar-theangaichte o Bheurla Mr. Iain 
Bhuiniain, Ughdar ' Turus a Chriosduidh/ etc., etc., 
etc. Ris am beil air a chur Searmoinn dheireannach 
agus cainnt bais an Ughdair. [Here a Scripture 
quotation.] Inbhirnis : Clo'-bhuailte le Alastair Mac- 
an-Toisich ; agus r'an reic leis-san, agus le C. 
Dughlas, I. Grant, D. Morristan, S. Smith, agus D. 
Mac-Culloch, ann an Inbhirnis ; R. Dughlas, ann an 
Baile-Dhuthaich ; agus M. Ogle, ann an Glaschu. 
1829." i8mo. 78 pp. IS. 

Another Edition. Inverness ^ Ed. ^ 1848. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1858. 

BuNYAN (John), Water of Life. Inverness, '^'^ZS- 

" Uisge na Beatha, no an teagaisg a ta a foillseachadh 
amach saibhreas agus gloir, gras, agus spiorad an 
t-shoisgeal, mar a ta e air a chur amach anns na 
scriobtuiribh fodh' 'n ainm sin Uisge na Beatha. 
Leis an Urramach Iain Buinian. Ughdar ' Turus a 
Chriosduidh,' etc., etc., etc. Eadar-theangaichte gu 
Gaelic. Le Uilleam Domnullach. Co air bith leis 
an aill, gabhadh e Uisge na beatha gu saor, Taisb 
xxii. 17. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair Friseal, 
airson an Eadar-theangair, 1835." i2mo. 72 pp. 
Some copies are misdated 1865. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1846. 

" Uisge na Beatha. Le Iain Buinian. Co air bith 
leis an aill, gabhadh e Uisge na beatha gu saor. 
Taisb xxii, 17. Duneideann : Mac-Lachuinn, Stiubh- 
ard, agus an Cuideachd. MDCCCXLVI." i2mo. 
96 pp. Cloth, IS. 

In 1846, 1000 copies were printed from the plates, and 
500 copies in each of the years 1862 and 1875. There is 
also given an English Title with portrait of Bunyan. The 
Translator was John Mackenzie. 

Bunyan (John), Holy War. Inverness, 1840. 

" Eachdraidh Fhirinneach mu'n Chogadh Naomh, a 
rinneadh le Righ Saddai ri Diabolus, a chum ard 
bhaile an t-saoghail ath-bhuannachd, no call agus 
ath - ghlachadh baile anam - an - duine. Le Iain 
Buiniain. Gnathaich mi cosamhlachdan. Hosea xii. 
10. Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic le Iain Rose. 


Maighstir - sgoile do'n Chuideachd Urramach a ta 
chum Eolas Criosduidh a Sgaoladh air feadh Gael- 
tachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. Inverness : Printed 
for the Translator, and for K. Douglas, Bookseller, 
and sold by them, and by R. Douglas, Tain ; Oliver 
and Boyd, Edinburgh ; F. Orr & Sons, Glasgow ; 
John Macdonald, Fort-WiUiam. MDCCCXL." 
i2mo. 360 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1846. 

" An Dara Clo-bhualadh. Duneidin : Clo- 

bhuailte agus r'an reic le Thornton & Collie. 
1846." i8mo. 334 pp. + I f. of advertisements. 
This Edition has woodcuts at the beginning of the 

BuNYAN (John), Come and Welcome. 

Edinburgh^ 1844. 

"Thig agus se do Bheatha chum losa Criosd. Le 
Iain Buinian. [Is. xxvii. 1 3 quoted.] Duneideann : 
MacLachuinn, Stiubhard, agus an Cuideachd. 

The work was stereotyped in 1846 when 1000 copies 
were printed, and 500 copies were printed in each of the 
years 1859 and 1874. The published price was two shillings. 
The Translator was John Mackenzie. 

BuNYAN (John), Grace Abounding, etc. 

Edinburgh^ 1847. 

" Gras am Pailteas do cheann-feadhna nam Peacach. 
Le Iain Bunyan. [i Tim. i. 1 5 quoted.] Duneideann : 
Mac-Lachuinn, Stiubhard agus an Cuideachd. 
MDCCCXLVII." i8mo. 2s. 

There is a note by the Translator, John Mackenzie. In 
1847, 1000 copies were printed from the plates; 500 copies 
were printed in each of the years 1862 and 1872. 


BuRDER (Rev. George), Village Sermons. 

Glasgow ^ 1 82 1. 

" Searmoinean Duthcha ; no Teagasgan Aithghearr 
agus Soilleir, chum feum Theaghlaichean, Sgoilean 
agus Chomunnan Crabhach. L. G. Burder. Eadar- 
theangaicht' gu Gaelic le P. Macpharlain, eadar- 
theangair ' Tus agus Fas Diadhachd, san Anam,' etc., 
etc., etc. Earailichibh a cheile gach la, am feadh a 
ghoirear. — An latha 'n diugh dheth. Eabh iii. 13. 
Glasgow ; Printed for the Translator by Young & 
Gallie. 1821." i2mo. 180 pp. 3s. 

Burder (Rev. George), Village Sermons. 

Edinburgh^ 1848. 
" Searmoinean Bhailtein Duthcha ; Teagasgan Aith- 
ghearr agus Soilleir, chum feum Theaghlaichean, 
Sgoilean-Sabaid, agus Comunnan crabhach eile. Leis 
an Urramach Seoras Burder. ' Thig, rachamaid a 
mach do'n mhachair ; fanamaid re na h-oidhche anns 
na bailtibh.' Dan-Sholaimh vii. 11. ' Earailichibh a 
cheile gach aon la, am feadh a ghoirear. An la'n 
diugh dheith.' Eabh. iii. 13. A new and improved 
Translation." Edinburgh : Thornton and Collie, 
19 South St. David Street. 1848." i2mo. i74pp, 
+ I f . Advertisements, is. 6d. 

Burns (Robert), Auld Lang Syne. Glasgow"^ i860. 

"An Aimsir Chein. Eadar-theangaichte o Oran 
Bhurns. Le Dughall Mac Aonghais. i860." 
A leaflet. 

Burns (Robert), Tam o' Shanter. s.l.e.a. 

"Tomas an T-Seanndair (Tam o' Shanter)." 

This is printed without a Title-page on three pages of 
quarto. The Translator was Mr. Finlay Farquharson, a native 


of Killin, Perthshire, a shoemaker to trade. It was also 
issued in 8vo. 

Burns (Robert), John Barleycorn. Glasgow^ n.d. 
'* John Barleycorn — Iain Eorna." 

A leaflet, translated by William Livingston, Glasgow. 

Burns (Robert), Poems by Macphater. 

Glasgow, N.D. 

*' Dain is Luinneagan Robert Bhurns, Eadar-theang- 
aichte do'n Ghaidhlig Albannach. Songs and Poems 
of Robert Burns. Translated into Scottish Gaelic 
by Charles Macphater, Glasgow. Glasgow : Alex. 
M'Laren & Son, 360 and 362 Argyle Street. 
Dumfries : R. G. Mann, Courier and Herald Offices." 
8vo, Portrait of Burns facing Title. English 
Preface i.-iv. + i f . Illustrations, v.b. + Index i.-viii. 
+ 355 PP- 7s. 6d. 

Burns (Rev. W. C), Letters to Sinners. 

Edinburgh, 1841. 

Butler (Archbishop), Sum of Christian Doctrine. 

Pictou, 1862. 

" Suim an Teagaisg Chriosd air a thionndadh o 
Bheurla Ard-Easbuig Bhutler, gu Gaelic, le Tormaid 
Donullach ; agus air a chur a mach, le ordugh 
Easbuig Caitliceach sgireachd Arichat. [Two Scripture 
quotations.] Permisso superiorum. Pictou, N.S. ; 
Clo-bhuailte le S. H. Holmes. 1862." i2mo. 71 
pp., paper cover. 

Cairo (Rev. Principal John), Religion in Common 
Life. Edinburgh, 1856. 

" Deadhaidheachd am measg Gnothuichean an T- 
Saoghail : Searmoin a liubhradh ann an tigh-aoraidh 


Crathaidh, air i4Ug de Mhios dheir<=*» an Fhoghairidh, 
1855, Air beulthaobh na Banrighinn agus Prionnsa 
Albert, leis An Urr*='^ Iain Caird, M.I. Ministear 
Earoil. Air a cur a mach air iartas na Banrighinn, 
agus a nis air a h-eadar-theangachadh o'n Bheurla. 
Dun-Eidean : Paton and Ritchie, 3 Hanover Street. 
MDCCCLVI." 8vo. 2fF. + 3-3opp. 

This rhetorical discourse of the great preacher does not 
lend itself readily to a translation, and a very indifferent 
rendering is here given of the original. The translator was 
the Rev. J. P. St. Clair, Perth. 

Calder (George), Ancient Psalm Tunes, j./., 1897. 
*' Seann Fhuinn Nan Salm Mar Tha lad air an Seinn 
Ann an Craoidh, Le Seoras Calder." 8vo. 6 ff. 
Printed in script. 

The tunes are Dundee, Martyrs, Stilt, and French. 
Call to the Highlanders. Montrose^ 1858. 

Calvin (John), Catechism. Edinburghy 1631. 

The only copy known of this work is the imperfect one 
— for it wants the Gaelic Title — in the U.F. College Library, 
Glasgow. There are five other pieces in Gaelic bound with 
this copy. The English Title is as follows : " John Calvines 
Catechisme containing at large the whole grounds of the 
Christian Religion, wherein the Minister demandeth the 
Question, and the Childe maketh Answere, Edinburgh, 
Printed by John Wrettoun, 1631." A perfect copy would 
be worth about fifty pounds. 

Cameron (Alexander), Poems. Edinburgh^ 1785. 

" Grain agus Rannachd ann Gaidhlig, Le Alastair 
Camron, a Lochaber. [Here a small woodcut.] 
Clo-bhuailte ann Dun-Eudain, Le D. Mac-Phatric. 
MDCCLXXXV." 8vo. i f. Dedication + 22 pp. 

The poems are in vigorous idiomatic Gaelic. The 
book is referred to in Ossian's Poems, 1807, vol. iii. 



page 564. Excessively rare; only two copies known, one 
perfect and the other imperfect. 

Cameron (Alexander), Elegy on Kennedy. 

s.L, 1856. 

"Dan air an Urramach Mr. Iain Ceanadaidh, Ministear 
na h-Eaglaise Saoire ann an Inbhir-feotharain. Le 
Alastair Cam'ron. Clo-bhuailte arson an Ughdair. 
MDCCCLVI." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Cameron (Alexander, N. Uist), Life of St. Columba. 

Edinburgh, 1871. 

" The Life of St. Columba. Beath-eachdraidh Chaluim 
Chille, ceud Abstol na Gaidhealtachd. Le Alastair 
Camaron, Sgriobhadair ann an Lochnamadadh, 
Ughdair ' Eachdraidh an Eilein Sgiathanaich.' Edin- 
burgh : Duncan Grant, and all Booksellers. 1871." 
i8mo. 30 pp. 

Cameron (Rev. Alex.), Cry from Craigillachie. 

Glasgow y 1864. 

The Author of the poem was Principal Shairp. A 

Cameron (Rev. Alex.), Scottish Celtic Review. 

Glasgow y 1885. 

" The Scottish Celtic Review. Glasgow : Printed by 
Robert Maclehose, 153 West Nile Street; Maclachlan 
& Stewart, Edinburgh ; Triibner & Co., London." 
4to. 320 pp. Only four numbers of this periodical 
appeared : ist March 1881 ; 2nd November 1881 ; 
3rd November 1882 ; 4th July 1885. 

It contains old poems and tales and articles on Grammar. 
The dilatoriness of the Editor was a source of great dissatis- 
faction to subscribers and contributors, and even to the 


Cameron (Rev. Alex.), Reliquiae Celticae. 

Inverness^ 1892-94. 

" Reliquiae Celticae. Texts, Papers and Studies in 
Gaelic Literature and Philology left by the late Rev. 
Alexander Cameron, LL.D. Edited by Alexander 
Macbain, M.A., and Rev. John Kennedy. Vol. i., 

Nach eisd thu tamull ri sgeul 

Air an Fheinn nach fhac thu riamh. 

Oisein agus an Cleireach. 

With Memoir of Rev. Dr. Cameron. Inverness : 
Printed at the Northern Chronicle Office. 1892." 
8vo. clxxii + 430 pp. 

" vol. ii.. Poetry, History and Philology. 

* Beannj Dhe mi leouhir ' Fernaig MS. p. 6. Inver- 
ness : The Northern Counties Newspaper and Print- 
ing and Publishing Company, Limited. 1894." vii 
+ 661 pp. Price one guinea. 

Cameron (Sir Charles), Disestablishment Bill. 

J./., 1893. 

" Di-Steidheachadh Eaglais na h-Alba. Brigh a' Bhill 
aig Sir Tearlach Cameron." 8vo. 4 pp. 

This was printed but never published. 

Cameron (Donald, Uist), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow y 1 89 1. 

"Laoidhean Spioradail, le Domhnull Camashron, a 
bha 'na Mhaighstir-Sgoil Gailig 'an Eilean Uibhist. 
Maille ri beagan Laoidhean le Ughdaran eile. [Here 
a monogram.] Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 10 
Bothwell Street. Oban : Hugh Macdonald. 1891." 
8vo. viii + 62 pp. Wrappers. 


Cameron (Ewen), Highlanders' Distress. 

s.L, 1852. 

" Cruaidhchas nan Gaidheal " " Fogradh nan Gaidh- 
eal." 8vo. 4 pp. 

There are two songs with the above designations. The 
latter is at the end signed " Eoghan Camathron. Gearlochidh^ 
Maigh 1852." 

Cameron (John), Incitement to Highlanders. 

Glasgow, 1857. 

" Rann-Brosnachaidh nan Gaidheal ; cha'n ann gu 
aimhreit ach gu'n Gluasad gus an Duthaich a chumail 
o bhi 'na Fasaich, agus iarmad ar cinnich o bhi 'n an 
truagain gun mheas. Le Comhunnach. [Here two 
quotations from Ossian.] Glasgow : Printed by A. 
Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLVII." i2mo. 
II pp. 

There are two poems given : * Rann-Brosnachaidh ' and 
' Dull ri Baile-chaolais Fhaic'tnn^ 

Cameron (John), The Railroad. s.l.e.a. 

" Rann do'n Rathad laruinn, anns am bheil an 
t-Inneal tarruinn air a choimeas ri Each. Le Iain 
Camashron. Fonn — ^Beinnibheis.' " 8vo. 4 pp. 

Cameron (John), Spiritual Poem. Glasgow^ 1862. 

" Dan Spioradail anns am bheil Dia, ann an obair 
iompachadh Pheacach, air a leigeil ris a bhi 'gan 
* tarruing le cordaibh duine, agus bannaibh graidh ' ; 
agus a chaidh a sgriobhadh le Iain Camaron, Bard a' 
Chomuinn Oiseinnich, nuair a bha e 'na ghiullan og. 
Glasgow : Gilchrist, Steam-power Printer, 64 Howard 
Street. MDCCCLXII." i2mo. 12 pp. 3d. 


Cameron (John), A Highland Story. 

Glasgow^ 1867. 
" A Highland Story : comprising incidents relating 
to the Massacre of Glencoe, and the Plaguejn Callart 
House. By John Cameron, Bard to The Ossianic 

Thuit a'chlarsach as a laimh, 

A's dh'imich anns an din a h-anam. — Ossian. 

Glasgow : William Gilchrist, Printer, 64 Howard 
Street. MDCCCLXVII." 8vo. 33 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1876. 

This Edition has the following dedication to Professor 
Blackie of Edinburgh : " Do'n Olla lomraideach 
Iain Stiubhard Blackie, Oide-foghlum na Greigis ann 
an Oil-thigh Dhuneidean, Tha an Dan a leanas air 
ainmeachadh gu h-Urramach agus gu h-umhail, leis 
an Dealbhadair." 

John Cameron was a native of Balachulish, and was con- 
sidered one of the most erudite of the Gaelic Poets, as well 
as one of the most popular. 

Cameron (John), Gaelic Names of Plants. 

Edinburgh^ 1883. 
"Gaelic Names of Plants (Scottish and Irish). 
Collected and Arranged in Scientific Order, with 
Notes on their Etymology, their Uses, Plant Super- 
stitions, etc., among the Celts, with copious Gaelic 
and English and Scientific Indices by John Cameron, 
Sunderland. What's in a name ? That which we 
call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet. — 
Shakspeare. William Blackwood and Sons, Edin- 
burgh and London. MDCCCLXXXIII. All Rights 
reserved." 8vo. ix+i3opp. 

This work first appeared in a series of articles in * The 
Scottish Naturalist^ commencing July 1879. 


A New Edition. Glasgow^ 1900. 

" New and Revised Edition. Glasgow : John 

Mackay, Celtic Monthly Office, i Blythswood Drive. 
1900. All Rights reserved." 8vo. 8ff. + i6opp. 
Portrait of the Author faces Title. 

Cameron (Mrs.), Fame of the Branch. s.l.e.a. 

" Cliu a' Mheangain." 8vo. 

Printed on a single page for the first time. The hymn 
is very popular. 

Cameron (Mrs.), A Hymn. s.l.e.a. 

" Laoidh le Mrs. Camaron." 8vo. 2 pp. (un- 

Cameron (Margaret), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1785. 

" Grain Nuadh Ghaidhealach, le Marairead Cham'ron, 
ris am bheil comh-cheangailte, Co-chruinneacha 
do shean oranaibh eile anns a chan'uin cheudna. 
Clodh-bhuailt' ann Dun-Eidin. Le D. Mac-Phatraic 
air son an Ughdair. 1785." 8vo. 65 pp. 

Exceedingly rare ; a good copy is worth about twenty- 
five shillings. 

Second Edition. Inverness^ 1805. 

" Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an reic le 

Eoin Young. 1805." i2mo. 77 pp. 

P^ery rare. James Macpherson's copy sold in Edinburgh 
for fifty shillings. The Poetess was the daughter of Peter 
Campbell, Clashgour, in the Parish of Glenorchy ; she was 
married first to Angus Macintyre, Lochaber, and afterwards 
to a Mr. Cameron at Fort William. 

Campbell (Alexander), Albyn's Anthology. 

Edinburgh^ 18 16-18. 
"Albyn's Anthology, or a select Collection of the 


Melodies & Vocal Poetry peculiar to Scotland & the 
Isles hitherto unpublished. Collected and arranged 
by Alexander Campbell. . . . Edinburgh : Published 
by Oliver & Boyd. . . . 1 8 16." Folio 7 fF. + loo pp. 
"Vol. ii. Edinburgh. 18 18." 100 pp. 

Campbell (Alexander), Song to Mrs. Maitland. 


"Oran Do Mhrs. Maitland le Alastair Caimbeal." 

A leaflet. 

Campbell (Angus), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1785. 

" Orain Nuadh Ghaidhealach le Aonghas Caimbeul. 

An-t'oranaich sunntach ceolmhor, 
Dh'fhogras bron, 's a dhuisges fonn, 
Choireas solas agus suilbheireachd 
'Sa chriodh thuirseach throm. 

Clodh-bhuailt' ann Dun-Eidin, le R. Fleming, air 
son 'an Ughdair. MDCCLXXXV." i6mo. 2 fF. 
+ 160 pp. 

Angus Campbell lived in Eadarmuchy in Perthshire. 
He died in 18 14. This work is now exceedingly rare. 
We have met with four perfect copies and two imperfect 
ones. A copy is worth two guineas. 

Campbell (Archd., of Lochearnhead), Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 1851. 
** Orain le Gilleaspuig Caimbeul aig Ceann-Loch- 
Earn. Dun-Eudainn : Clo-bhuailt Le Mac-Iain, 
agus Hunter, 15 de Shraid A' Phrionnsa. 1851." 
i2mo. 72 pp. 

Some of the pieces are very popular. The book is now 
scarce. Archibald Campbell was born in the Parish of 
Fortingall March 1804, ^"^ he died at Lochearnhead 4th 
January 1883. 


Campbell (Arch.), Song to Anne Macdonald. 


" Oran Gaoil do Anna Dhomhnullach, Caileag og a'n 
Grianalg, le Gilleasbuig Caimbeul." 8vo. 
A leaflet. 

Campbell (Rev. Arch. R. C), Devotion. 

Liverpool^ 1879. 

** A. M. D. G. Crabhadh do'n Tighearna losa : Ann 
an Sacramaid Naomh na h-Altairach (Air a thionnadh 
gu Gaidhlig) le Gilleasbuig P. Caimbeul, S.J. 

Air do shonsa 'm phriosanach, 

'S mi gal an lathair Dhe, 

'Guidhe air M'Athair truas a ghabhail 

Ortsa thruaghain fhaoin ; 

Tha mise moch is anamoch, 

'An so gam thairgse Fein. 

Liverpool : Thomas Benson, 29 Salisbury. 1879." 
24mo. 23 pp. 

The work is well printed and translated. 

Campbell (Rev. Arch. R. C), Lamp of the Soul. 

Edinburgh, 1906. 

** L6chran an Anma. Leabhar-Urnaigh Caitliceach Hh- 
Sands agus a Chuideachd, 21 Sraid Anobhair, Dun- 
eideann." i6mo. 3fF.+ i 63 pp. 

Permission to print is dated ^ Edinburgi die 31 Jul. 1906.* 

Campbell (Arch., Lord), Celtic Tradition. 

London^ 1889. 

** Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. I. Argyll- 
shire Series. Edited with Notes on the War Dress 
of the Celts. By Lord Archibald Campbell. 
London: David Nutt, 270 Strand. 1889." 8vo. 
Plate faces Title, xvi + 98 pp. 


There are many well -executed plates throughout the 
volume. The Series consist of five volumes given in This 
Work under the names of the different authors. 

Campbell (Colin), The Highland Heroes. 

Glasgow^ 1859. 

" Moladh nan Laoch Gaidhealach. Le Cailean 
Caimbeul. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. 1859." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Campbell (Rev. Daniel), Sufferings of Christ. 

Edinburgh^ 1786. 

" Smuaintin Cudthromach mu Bhas agus Fhulangas 
ar Slanui'fhir, Le Do'nall Caimbeul, Ministeir an 
T Soigsil an Cille-Mhi' cheil. Air an tiundadh 
gu Gailig Albannuich, le D. Macphairlain, A.M. 
C16'-bhuailte an Duneideann, le D. Macphatraic. 
MDCCLXXXVI." 1 2mo. vi + 1 50 pp. 

The English original appeared about 1700. This Gaelic 
edition is rare. 

Second Edition. Perth^ 1800. 

" An Dara Uair. Clo'-bhuailte 'an Peairt. 

MDCCC." i2mo. vii+i44pp. 

Campbell (Duncan, Cork), Song Book. 

Cork, 1798. 

Two Titles : " A New Gaelic Song Book, composed 
by Duncan Campbell, from Argyleshire ; born at 
Lochlong-side, in Stronchulin, in the Parish of 
Kilmonn, Coual ; now a Soldier in the second Battalion 
of Rothesay and Caithness Fencibles. Cork : Printed 
by J. Cronin, Grand Parade. 1798." 

" Nuadh Grain Ghailach, air 'n dianadh le Don- 
chadh ChaimbeuU, E Sheuraemachd Earra-Ghaidheal; 


ruigadh aig Taoub Lochlong-aun n Stroin a Chuellin, 
ann N Sgirichd Chillmhunadh, n Chaodhel, Nish Na 
Shaodeair anns darna Reasmaid Bhailla-Bhoid s' Gall- 
audh. Clo-bhuailt' ann Corcuig : le Join A. Cronin, 
aig Sraid na Chaodhel Urrumach. 1798." i2mo. 
8 if. + 1 70 pp. 

Pages 147-70 contain the list of subscribers for the book. 
The price was one shilling and sixpence. The work was 
dedicated to James Fraser, Esq., of Culduthul, who sub- 
scribed for two copies. The orthography and printing are 
very inaccurate as might be expected. Copies are still met 
with in Ireland, as well as in Scotland, and are sold from 
7s. 6d. to I2S. 6d. 

Campbell (Duncan, Oban), Metrical Essay. 

Glasgow^ 1859. 

" A Metrical Essay with Notes. . . . Glasgow : 
Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLIX." The work is in English to page 
72, then follows — ' Fuadachadh nan Gaidheal agus an 
Tiom a bh'ann o shean.' on 4 fF. 

Altogether the work contains 36 pp. i2mo. 

Campbell (Duncan), Collection of Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1874. 

" Comh-chruinneachadh do Laoidhean Gaidhlig ; Le 
Donnachadh Caimbeul. Glascho : Clobhuailte le G. 
Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1874." 
i2mo. 87 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1891. 

Campbell (Edward), Catechism on Christ's King- 
dom. 1825. 

" Leabhar Cheist mu Shuidheachadh agus Ordughean 
rioghachd Chriosd. Air eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic 


le Imhear Caimbeal. 1825." Vide Orme (W.), Br. 
Mus. General Catalogue. 

Campbell (Hugh), Elegies and Poems. 

Glasgow, 1876. 

*' Marbh-roinn agus Dain Eile le Uisdean Caimbeul a 
Sgire Bhracadail 'San Eilein Sgiathanach. Glaschu : 
Clo-bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earra- 
ghaidheal. 1876." 8vo. 34 pp. 

Campbell (Hugh), Elegy on Fletcher. 

Glasgow, 1877. 

" Marbh-rann do'n Urramach Mr. Iain Fletcher, 
Ministeir de'n Eaglais Shaoir a bha ann am Bracadal, 
'san Eilean Sgiathanach, le Uisdean Caimbeul. 
Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1877." 8vo. 14 pp. 

Campbell (James), The Emigrant's Departure. 

Glasgow, 1 86 1. 

" An T-eilthireach a' fagail a Dhucha. Le Seumas 
Caimbeul. Glasgow : Printed by A, Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. MDCCCLXI." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Campbell (John, Ledaig), The Highlander Abroad. 

Glasgow, 1868. 

"An Gaidheal an Tir Chein, a Moladh Tir a 
Dhuthchais. Le Iain Cambeul 'san Leideig, dluth 
do'n Oban. Glasgow : Printed by Archibald Sinclair, 
62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXVIII." 8vo. 4 pp. 

This poem gained one of the prizes given by the Celtic 
Society of Glasgow at their annual meeting in August 1867. 


Campbell (John, Ledaig), Poems. 

Edinburgh^ 1884. 
" Poems by John Campbell, Ledaig. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan and Stewart. 1 884." 8vo. 5 iF. + 1 18 pp. 
Portrait of the Author faces Title. 

Campbell (John F.), West Highland Tales. 

Edinburgh^ 1860-62. 

"Popular Tales of the West Highland orally collected, 
with a translation by J. F. Campbell. Vol. i. Edin- 
burgh : Edmonston and Douglas, i860." 

Vol. ii. was issued in the same year, and vols. iii. and 
iv. in 1862 from the same press. These Tales were very 
popular, and the entire impression was soon exhausted ; and 
before the new edition was published sets fetched up to four 
pounds. They now sell from twenty to thirty shillings. 

New Edition. Paisley^ 1890-93. 

This is a reprint of the First Edition under the auspices of 
the Islay Association at seven shillings and sixpence each 

Campbell (John F.), Leabhar na Feinne. 

London y 1872. 
" Leabhar na Feinne — Vol. i., Gaelic Texts — Heroic 
Gaelic Ballads Collected in Scotland chiefly from 
1512 to 1871, copied from Manuscripts preserved at 
Edinburgh, and elsewhere, and from rare books ; and 
orally collected since 1859, with lists of collections, 
and of their contents, and with a short account of the 
documents quoted. Arranged by J. F. Campbell, 
Niddry Lodge, Kensington, London, W. October 
1872. London: Printed for the Author by Spottis- 
woode & Co., New Street Square, E.C. 1872. Price 
one pound." Sm. folio, i f. Title + xxxvi + 224 pp. 

The Second Volume, which was to contain the English 
translation of the Heroic Ballads, never appeared. 


Campbell (John F.), Canntaireachd. 

Glasgow^ 1880. 

Campbell (John F.), Song of Old Days. 

J./., circa 1880. 

This is a poem on Archibald, Earl of Argyll, who was put 
to death in Edinburgh in 1685. It was reprinted from 
' Leabhar na Feinne^ and was circulated in the interest of 
Lord Colin Campbell while contesting the Coimty of Argyll 
in the Liberal interest. 

Campbell (Rev. John G.), Three Trial Sermons. 

Edinburgh^ 1861. 

The Rev. John Gregorson Campbell was presented to 
the Parish of Tiree, but his settlement was opposed by the 
Parishioners, and on appeal by the Presentee to the General 
Assembly, the appointment was sustained. Copy in The 
Bonaparte Collection now in Chicago. 

Campbell (Rev. John G.), Celtic Tradition. 

^ London^ 1891. 

" Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Argyllshire 
Series — No. IV. The Fians ; or Stories, Poems and 
Traditions of Fionn and his warrior band. Collected 
entirely from Oral Sources by John Gregorson Camp- 
bell, Minister of Tiree. With Introduction and 
Bibliographical Notes by Alfred Nutt, portrait of 
Ian Campbell of Islay, and illustrations by E. Griset. 
London : David Nutt, 270-271 Strand. 1891." 8vo. 
xxxviii+ I f. Note + 292 pp. 

Campbell (Rev. John G.), Celtic Tradition. 

London^ 1895. 

" Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Argyllshire 
Series — No. V. Clan Traditions, and Popular Tales 
of the Western Highlands and Islands, collected from 


Oral Sources by the late Rev. John Gregorson 
Campbell, Minister of Tiree. Selected from the 
Author's MS. Remains, and edited by Jessie Wallace 
and Duncan Macisaac, with Introduction by Alfred 
Nutt, Portrait of the Author and Illustrations. 
London: David Nutt, 270 Strand. 1895." ^^o- 
I f Plate + ^ ff. + ix-xx Intro. + 150 pp. 

The Original Gaelic is only given where the idiom is 
characteristically Gaelic, or of unusual interest. Another 
work of Mr. Campbell deals with witches, fairies, etc. 

Campbell (Margaret, Inverlochy), Spiritual 
Hymns. Edinburgh, 18 10. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail, air an Cnuasachadh le 
Mairearad Chaimbeul. Clodh-Bhuailte 'an Dun-eidin, 
le Mundell, Doig, & Stevenson, air son an Ughdair. 
1 8 10." Sm. i2mo. 2fF. + 83pp. 

The last nine pages gave metrical renderings in English 
of some of the Gaelic hymns. There are thirty-four Gaelic 
hymns in the book. The Authoress lived at Inverlochy. 
The book is very rare ; we have seen but four or five copies. 
A copy is worth twenty shillings. 

Campbell (Peter), Warning to Highlanders. 

Aherfeldy^ 1844. 

" Caismeachd do Shluagh na Gaeltachd mu Chor na 
h-Eaglais. Ann an da Dhan. Le Caraid do Shaorsa 
Aimseireil agus Spioradail a Luchd Duchadh. Aber- 
feallaidh: Clo-bhuailte le Donnachadh Cam'ron — 
1842." Pris aon Sgillinn. i2mo. 8 pp. 

The Author was Peter Campbell, a native of Perthshire. 

Campbell (Peter), Elegy on M'Alister. 

Leith^ 1853. 

" An Elegy in Memory of the Rev. John M*Alister, 
Marbh-rann ; an cuimhne air Mr. Eoin Macalistir. 


a bha air tus na Mhinisteir ann an Gleann-liobhunn, a 
rithis an Duneidein, na dheigh sin an Nigg, agus mu 
dheireadh ann an Eilein Arrainn, le Aon do a Luchd- 
eisdeachd. Bithibh cuimhneachail air bhur cinniuil, 
a labhair ribh focal De, leanaibh an creidimh-san — 
Heb. xiii. 7. Glenlyon. Oct. 1853." 8vo. 8 pp. 

This is a poem of fifty-five verses signed ' Patrick 
Campbell.'' There are two editions of even date — one ^Leith : 
printed by J. Walker^ 59 Shore'' y the other ^ Glaschu : Clo- 
bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh^ 62 Sraid Earraghaidheal.'' 
The different types on title-pages, as well as the use of 
accents over vowels, point to the Glasgow Edition as the 
later of the two. Also in the Glasgow Edition there are 
slight differences in the orthography. 

Campbell (Peter), What's the News. 

Aberfeldy, i860. 

" Ciod e 'n Sgeul." 

This was printed Nov. i860 by Duncan Cameron, 
Printer, Aberfeldy. There was another translation in the 
same year by John Whyte, Senr. 

Candlish (Rev. Dr.), Sermon. Edinburgh^ 1867. 

" A h-aon shonruichte de Shearmoinibh Taghta an 
OUamh Ard Urramach R. S. Candlish. Priomh Saor- 
Oil-tigh Dun-eidean. Eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla 
chum Gaelic Albannaich le Uilliam Catanach. Dun- 
eideann : Clo-bhuailte air son an Eadar-theangair le 
Lorimer & Gillies. 1867." 8vo. 23 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1874. 

" le Lorimer & Gillies, 'an Sraid Chluaidh. 

1874." 8vo. 23 pp. 

A reprint of the Edition of 1867. 


Carmichael (Alexander, LL.D.), Carmina Gadelica. 

Edinburgh, 1901. 

" Carmina Gadelica. Hymns and Incantations with 
illustrative notes on Words, Rites and Customs, 
dying and obsolete : orally collected in the Highlands 
and Islands of Scotland, and translated into English 
by Alexander Carmichael. In two volumes. [Here 
a woodcut.] Edinburgh : Printed for the Author 
by T. and A. Constable, Printers to Her Majesty, 
and sold by Norman Macleod, 25 George IV. Bridge. 
1 901." Quarto. Vol. i. Portrait before Title. 
3 fF. + v-xxii + 340 pp. Vol. ii. 2 if. + xi + 3 50 pp. 
+ 1 f. Woodcut. 

This work was undertaken by the Author after collecting 
material for it for many years. It is the most sumptuous 
specimen of Gaelic printing that has yet appeared, and Celtic 
scholars consider the translation a perfect masterpiece. 

Carmichael (Alexander), Deirdire. London, 1905- 
" Deirdire and the Lay of the Children of Uisne, 
Orally collected in the Island of Barra, and literally 
translated by Alexander Carmichael. [Here a wood- 
cut.] Edinburgh : Norman Macleod. London : 
David Nutt. Dublin : Gill & Son. 1905." 8vo. 
146 pp. 

Portrait of Deirdire faces Title. A new Edition, edited 
by the late Editor's daughter, Mrs. Watson, Edinburgh, 
appeared a few years ago. 

Carmichael (Rev. Dugald), Sermon on Mrs. 
Macneill. Edinburgh, 1886. 

" Searmoin air Bas na Baintighearna Nic Neill a 
chaochail ann an Colasa air treas la do cheud mhios 
an Fhoghraidh 1886 leis an Urramach Dughall Mac 
Ille Mhicheil, Ministeir na Sgireachd. [Here a 


Scripture quotation, Rev. vii. 9, 10.] Duneideann : 
Daibhidh Dubhghlas. MDCCCLXXXVI." 8vo. 
II pp. 

There is also a Title in English. 

Carmichael (Rev. Dugald), Sermon on the Death 
OF D. Macphee. Glasgow, 1896. 

Carswell (John, Bishop of the Isles), Knox's 
Liturgy. Edinburgh^ 1567. 

" Foirm Na Nvrrnvidheadh Agas freasdal na Sacra- 
muinteadh, agas foirceadul an chreidimh christuidhe 
andso sios. Mar ghnathuighear an eagluisibh alban 
doghradhuigh agas doghlac soisgel dileas de tareis an 
fhuar chreidimh dochur ar gcul ar na dtarraing as 
laidin, & as gaillbherla in gaoidheilg le M. Seon 
Carsuel Ministir Eagluise De agcriochaibh earragaoidh- 
eal darabh comhainm easbug indseadh gall : Ni 
heidir le henduine, fundamuint oile do tsuidhuighadh 
acht anfhundamuint ata ar suighuighadh : i losa 
Criosd. I Cor. 3. UDobuaileadh so agclo indiin 
Edin dorab comhainm dun monaidh an 24. la don 
mhis Aipril 1567, Le Roibeard Lekprevik." Sm. 
i2mo. I f. Title v.b. + 2 fF. + 124 fF., i.e. A-P in 
eights + Q in fives. 

The first book printed in Gaelic, of which there are only 
three imperfect copies known. The Duke of Argyll's copy 
wants leaf AS, and has sheet N transposed. The copy in 
the Library of Edinburgh University is /^\^ inches in height, 
and -^ of an inch in thickness. The height of type is four 
inches. It wants the Title-leaf and three leaves before D3 ; 
four leaves before E2 ; two leaves before F ; two leaves 
before G2 ; two leaves before H ; two leaves before I2 ; four 
leaves before K2 ; two leaves before L; and five, viz. Q1-Q5, 
after P8 ; in all, twenty-seven leaves out of a total of 125 
leaves. The copy in the British Museum is very defective 



and the missing leaves are inserted in facsimile. The copy 
at one time belonged to John Rose, the translator of several 
religious works into Gaelic, and it passed to the British 
Museum by purchase from the late John Noble, Bookseller, 
Inverness, for fifteen pounds. The Argyll copy was twice 
exposed for sale at Sotheby's, London, but was bought in on 
each occasion. 

A New Edition by Dr. Maclauchan. 

Edinburgh^ 1873. 

This is a small quarto, with an account of the book and 
of Bishop Carswell. It also gives a translation of the text 
on opposite pages. The Publishers are Edmonston & Douglas. 

Catechism, The First Initiatory. 

Edinburgh^ 1827. 

" Ceud Leabhar Ceasnachaidh air son cloinne, eadar- 
theangaichte o'n Bheurla. The First Initiatory 
Catechism for young children translated into Gaelic. 
Edinburgh : Printed and published by James Gall, 
Scottish Sabbath School and Tract Depository, 24 
Niddry Street. Price one halfpenny." i8mo. 8 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

The Second and Third Editions are reprints of 1827 by 
the same publisher. We met with another Edition, n.d. 

Catechism, Key to First Initiatory. 

Edinburgh^ 1827. 

" luchair do Cheud Leabhar Ceasnachaidh na Cloinne ; 
leis am bheil Creidmhich oga air an deanamh comasach 
air muinntir 6g eile a theagasg a thaobh Ceud thus 
na diadhachd. Edinburgh : Printed and published 
by James Gall, Scottish Sabbath School and Tract 


Depository, 24 Niddry Street. Price twopence." 
i8mo. 22 pp. 

Catechism — Selection of Short Questions. s.l.e.a. 

" Cuibhrionn do Cheisdibh Aithghearr agus Co- 
Fhreagraidh iomchuidh a theagasg cloinne,agus dream 
eile mu'n comas doibh Leabhar aithghearr nan Ceist 
a thuigsinn." i8mo. 48 pp. 

Catechism with Answers. Paisley^ n.d. 

" Leabhar Cheist le Freagairt as a' Bhiobull. ladsan 
a dh'iarras mi gu moch gheibh iad mi. Gnath- 
Fhocail viii. 17. Paisley: J. & R. Parlane." 24mo. 

45 PP- 

Catechism, The Catholic Scriptural. j./., 1858. 
*' Leabhar Cheisd Sgriobturail Caitliceach." 12 mo. 
15 pp. 

This work is said to have been prepared by the Rev. 
Colin C. Grant about the year 1858. 

Catechism before Confirmation. London^ n.d. 

" A Catechism, that is to say an Introduction to be 
learned of every person before he be brought to be 
confirmed by the Bishop. Leabhar na Ceistean se sin 
ri radh foghlum, a ta ri ionnsuidheachadh leis gach 
pearsa mu'n d'thoirear a chum an Easbuig e gu bhi 
air a cho-dhaingneachadh. [Here motto of the 
Society.] London : Society for Promoting Christian 
Knowledge ; sold at the Depositories, 77 Great Queen 
Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; 4 Royal Exchange ; 
48 Piccadilly, and by all Booksellers." i6mo. 2d. 

Catechism on the Lord's Supper. Paisley, 1845. 

Said to have been translated by Rev. John Forbes. Vide 
Muir (Rev. Dr.), Sabbath Lessons. 


Catechism, The Presbyterian. Glasgow, 1843. 

" Leabhar Cheist air Uachdaranachd agus Oideas na 
H-Eaglais Chleireachail ; (no, Eaglais na h-Alba) 
Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic, (le ceadnan Ughdairean) 
o'n naoidheamh clodh - bhualadh do'n leabhar 'sa 
Bheurla. Feuch dhoibh dreach an tighe agus a, 
chumachd, agus a dhol a mach agus a theachd a stigh, 
agus 'uile choslas agus 'uile orduighean, agus 'uile 
dheilbh, agus 'uile reachdan, agus sgriobh e 'nan 
sealladh a chum gu'n coimhid iad uile dhreach agus 
'uile orduigh agus gu'n dean siad iad. Eseciel xliii. 
II. Glasgow: Published by Duncan Macvean. 
MDCCCXLIII." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1843. 

" An dara Clodh-bhualadh." 

Catechism, The Reformed. Edinburgh, 1779. 

" Leabhar Ceasnuighe Aithleasuighte, ata nochda 
mearachda sonruighte Eaglais na Roimh. Athchlo- 
bhuailt' le Leasachaibh eagsamhail thaobh Firineadh, 
Ughdarrais agus Riosunaidh. Leis am bheil e air a 
dhearbha'. I. Nach'eil coir air bith aig' a Phapanachd 
Aostachd agairt. II. Gu'm bheil i na m6r Truaill- 
eachd air Criostui'-eachd. III. Gu'm bheil i cur mar 
fhiacha Teagasga' agus Bar'aile ata Milteach do'n 
Uachdranachd Thalmhaidh. AirEidear-theangachadh 
gu Gaidhlig Albannaich le Neach aig am bheil Deagh 
Run do Fhirinn agus do Shith. N'oise deir an 
Spioraid gu soilleir, ann sna h aimsiribh deireannach 
gu'n treig dream araidh an creidimh, a toirt aire do 
spioradaibh mealltach,agus do theagasgaibh dheamhan: 
A'toirmeasg posaidh, agus ag iarridh bidheanna a 
sheachnadh, a chruthaich Dia chum an gahhail [sic] 
maille re breith buidheachais leosan a ta creidsin, agus 
aig am bheil eolas na firinn. i Tim. iv. i, 3. A 


mhuintir ionmhuinn, na creidibh gach uile Spiorada, 
ach dearbhaibh na Spiorada, an ann o Dhia ata iad. 
I John iv. I. Uime sin thigibh amach as am meadh- 
on, agus dealaichibh riu, deir an Tighearna, agus na 
beanaibh ris an ni neo-ghlan ; agus gabhaidh mise a'm' 
ionnsuidh sibh, agus bithidh mi a'm' Athair dhuibh, 
agus bithidh sibhse 'nar mic agus 'nar ingheana dhomh- 
sa deir an Tighearna uile chumhachdach. 2 Cor. vi. 
27, 18 [jzV]. Clo-buailt' annDun-Eudain,leDaibhidh 
Mac-Phatric. MDCCLXXIX." i2mo. 48 pp. 

The Translator was Duncan Lothian of Glenlyon. 
There are two editions of the Title-page of even date 1779. 
The one laclcs the words ' Air Eidear-theangachadh . . . agus 
do Shithe.' The * Athchlo-bhuailt ' on Title must refer to an 
amended Enghsh Edition from which the translation is made. 
Reid in Bib.-Sc.-Celtica gives date 1799 incorrectly. 

Catechism — Paul's Fifty Scripture Questions. 

Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Leth-Cheud Ceist, mu Phriomh-Theagasgaibh agus 
dhleasdanasaibh An T-Soisgeil, le freagraibh o na 
sgriobtairean ; air son Sgoilean Sabaid na Gaelteachd : 
air an Eadar-Theangachadh o'n Bearla le F. M'B. 
Mo chlann bheag, na nithe so sgriobham d'ar 
n-ionnsuidh, chum nach peacaich sibh. i Eoin ii. i. 
Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le Donnachadh Stevenson, 
Air son Waugh agus Innes ; air an reic le K. Doulas 
'an Inbhirneis, le A. Watson 'an Abereadhain, le 
Seumas Adam an Dundeagh, le M. Ogle 'an Glascho, 
le D. Weir agus le R. B. Lusk 'an Grianaig. 1829." 
i6mo. v + 6-8 pp. 

The Translator was Francis Macbean. 

Catechism, The Shorter. [Glasgow^ 1651.] 

The Synod of Argyll resolved on the 9th May 1649, and 
again on the i6th October, to have the Shorter Catechism 


translated into Gaelic and printed. It was printed in all 
probability in Glasgow in 1651. There is no copy known 
of that Edition. The value of a copy would be about thirty 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1659. 

" Foirceadul Aithghearr Cheasnuighe An dus ar na 
ordugadh le Coimhthional na Ndighaireadh ag Niar- 
mhanister an Sasgan. Leis an Daontuighe Ard-seanadh 
Eagluis na Halbann, chum a bheith na chuid egin daon 
mhodh Chrabuigh edir Eaglaisaibh Chriosd sna tri 
Rioghochdaidh. Ar na chur a Ngaoidhilg, le Seanadh 
Earraghaoidheal. Do chuireadh so a gclo anois an 
dara huair. Ar na chur a gclo a Nglasgo, le Aindra 
Ainderson, a Mbliadhnna ar Dtighearna. 1659." 
i2mo. 43 pp., viz. I f. Title v.b. + 2 fF. Preface + 
5-43 PP- Text. 

This Second Edition was printed with the first fifty of 
the Psalms. Of each 1200 copies were printed. This 
edition is extremely rare ; we know of about half a dozen 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1702. 

" Foirceadul Aithghear Cheasnuighe ar ttus ar na 
ordughadh le Coimhthional na Ndiaghaireadh aig 
Niarmhanister an Sasgan leis an daontuighe Ard- 
seanadh Eagluis na Halbann, chum a bheith na chuid 
egin daonmhodh Chrabhuidh edir Eaglaisaibh Chriosd 
anns na tri Rioghachdaibh. Ar na chur a Ngaoidheilg, 
le Seannadh Earraghaoidheal. Do chuireadh so 
angcl6 anois an treas uair. Ar na chur a ngcl6 a 
Ndun-6duin le Oighreachaibh Aindra Ainderson a 
Mbliadhna ar Dtighearna. 1702." i2mo. 45 pp. 

This is stated on the Title-page to be the Third Edition. 


Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1705- 

We have not seen this Edition; vide 'yf« Gaidheal^ 
vol. vi. page 272. 

Fifth Edition. Edinburgh^ ^1^1' 

" Do chuireadh so angclo an cuigeadh uair." 

i2mo. 33 PP- + 10 pp. 

This has the same Title as the Edition of 1702. Ex- 
cessively rare ,• one copy known. 

Sixth Edition. Edinburgh^ 171 5« 

" Do chuireadh so angclo anois an seiseadh uair." 

i2mo. 28 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1724. 

" Do chuireadh so angclo anois an ochdoibh uair. 

Ar na chur a ngclo an Glasdhow le Sheumais Duncan, 
agus ra creachd aig Bhuibhsan a mbliadhna ar Dtigh- 
earna. 1724." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1725. 

" Do chuireadh so angclo anois an ochdoibh uair. 

Air a chlodh-bhualadh a nois an Chead uair aig Duin- 
euduin, le Oighreachaibh Aindrea Aindearsoin, a 
Mbliaghan ar Dtighearna. MDCCXXV." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ '^I'^l- 

" Air na chlodh-bhualadh an nois an dara uair 

aig Duineuduin le Oighreachaibh Thomais Lumisdein 
agus Eoin Robertson a Mbliaghan ar Dtighearna. 
1727." i2mo. 38 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1729. 

" Do chuireadh so angclo anois an ochdoibh uair. 

Air na chur a ngclo an Glasdhow le Seumais Duncan, 


agus ra creachd aig Bhuibhsan a mbliadhna ar 
dTighearna. 1729." i2mo. 39 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1738. 

" Do chuireadh so angclo anois an seiseadh uair. 

Ar na chur a ngclo an Glasdhow le Sheumuis Duncan 
agus ra creachd aig Bhuibhsan a Mbliadhna ar Dtigh- 
earna. 1738." i2mo. 40 pp. 
A reprint of Edition of 171 5. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1752. 

" Clo-bhuailt an Glassacha an cearamh uair. 

Clo-bhuailt' ann Glassacha le Seumas Duncan, agus 
re'n creic aig a Bhuithsan an dara dorus 'n taobh shios 
do Wynd Ghibson a Margadh an tsalin a iVlbliadhna 
ar Dithghearna. MDCCLII." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ ^ISl' 

" Chlodh bhuailt' agus r'an reic le loin Orr, 

Leabhair-reiceadoir. AnnGla-gho [sic]. MDCCLVII." 
1 2 mo. 

This is bound with the Third Edition of the Confession 
of Faith of the same date. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1760. 

This is quoted by Reid, Bib. - Sc- Celt, , but we suspect 
that he miscopied the date, reading II. as X., and that the 
Edition is the one above given imder date 1752. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1767. 

" Foircheadal Aithghearr, ceasnuich, air tus air 
orduchadh le Coimhthional nan Diadhaire aig an 
Niar-mhinisteir ann Sasgan ; Leis an d'aontuich 
Ard-seanadh Eaglais na Halbann. Chum bhi na 
chuid eigin d'aon Mhodh Crabhuidh eidir Eaglaisbh 
Chriosd ann sna tri Rioghachdaibh. Air a chur ann 


Gaoidheilg le Seanadh Earraghaoidheal. Duineidin : 
Clodh-bhuailt' le Eoin Robertson. 1767." i2mo. 
24 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ '^ll^- 

" Clobhuailt' agus r'an reic le A. Orr, ann 

Glasgho." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1778. 

" Innoirnish : Cloud-bhuailt' \sic] agus r'an reic 

le A. Davidson, agus W. Sharp. Leabhair-reiceadair. 
iJjS." i2mo. 28 pp. 

Probably the second Gaelic work printed in Inverness. 

Another Edition. Greenock, I779' 

" Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an reic le Uilliam 

M'Alpine, Leabhair-reiceadair ann Grianaig. 1779." 
i2mo. 20 pp. 

Probably the first Gaelic book printed in Greenock. 

Another Edition. Perth, 1779. 

" Le Eoin Gillies am Peairt. 1779." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Perth, 1782. 

'* Clo bhuailte 'san Galic 'n darra Uair. Clodh- 
bhuailt' agus ra'n Reic le Eoin Gillies Leabhair- 
reiceadair ann Peairt. 1782." i2mo. 36 pp. 

Another Edition. • Glasgow, 1783. 

" Anna Orr, ann Glasgho. 1783." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1789. 

" Ann Orr ann Glasgow. 1789." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1792. 

" Clodh bhuailt ann Dun-Eidin. 1792." 



Another Edition. Glasgow, "^l^S- 

" Anna Orr ann Glasgho. 1795." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1796. 

" Anna Orr ann Glasgho. 1796." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ I797- 

" G. Peattie ann Dun-Eidean. 1797." 


Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1798. 

'* Leabhar Aithghearr a Cheasnachaidh a shonruich 
Ard-Sheanadh Eaglais na H-Alba gu bhi na sheoladh 
ceasnachaidh. Air a tharruing chum Gaelic Albann- 
aich air iarrtus na Cuideachd urramaich a ta chum 
Eolas Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh Gaeltachd 
agus Eileana na h-Alba. Clodh-bhuailte an Dun- 
Eidin. 1798." i2mo. 23 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1798. 

" Ann Orr an Glasgho. 1798." 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1799. 

" Ann Orr an Glasgho. 1799." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1799. 

"Clodh-bhuailte an Dun-Eidin Airson A. Orr, 
leabhar-reicear an Glas-cho. 1799." 12 mo. 35 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1801. 

" Air iarrtus na Cuideachd urramaich. . . . 

Clodh-bhuailte an Dun-Eidin. MDCCCI." i2mo. 
36 pp. 

Another Edition. Perth, 1801. 

" Clo-bhuailte le D. Frier, airson Dheorsa 


Mhicpharlain, Leabhar-reic'ear 'am Peairt. 1801." 
24010. 33 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1803. 

" Airson Wm. Anderson, Sruileadh, Dun-eidin. 

1803." i8mo. 

Another Edition. TnvemesSy 1804. 

" Clodh bhuailt agus r'an reic le Eoin Young 

ann Inbherneis. 1804." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1805. 

" Airson Wm. Anderson, Sruileadh, Dun- 
eidin. 1805." i8mo. 

Another Edition of the Same. Edinburgh, 18 10. 

Another Edition of the Same. Edinburgh, 18 12. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 18 12. 

'* Clodh bhuailte agus r'an reic le Eoin Young 

ann Inbhirneis. 18 12." i8mo. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1813. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 18 14. 

" Clodh-bhuailt airson agus air an reiceadh 

le Uilliam Lang, Glasgho. 18 14." i8mo. 

Another Edition of the Same. Glasgow, 18 15. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 18 15. 

"Printed by W. Lang, and sold by W. & P. 
Jenkins, Saltmarket, Glasgow. 18 15." i8mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 18 17. 

" Clodh bhuailt airson, agus air an reiceadh le 
Uilliam Lang, Glasgho. 18 17." i8mo. 

Another Edition of the Same. Glasgow, 1819. 

Another Edition by James Steel. Glasgow, 18 19. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1804. 

" Leabhar Aithghear nan Ceist ; Mu'n do chomh- 
aontaich Cothional nan Diadhaire ann Niar- 
mhanaister, agus a shonruich ard Sheanadh Eaglais na 
h-Alba anns a' bhliadhna 1648, gu bhi 'na sheoladh 
ceasnachaidh ; air a thionndadh gu Gaelic Albannaich. 
Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le I. Ritchie. 1804." i2mo. 
24 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1820. 

" Clodh-bhuailt le Eoin Moir agus ra'n reic 

leis na leabhair-reiceadaribh anns gach aite d'an riogh- 
achd. Duneidin. 1820." i8mo. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1821. 

" Clodh bhuailt' agus r'an Reic le Luthais 

Grannd. Inbherneis. 1821." 18 mo. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1821. 

" Clodh-bhuailt' airson Uilliam Ettles, agus a 

Chuideachd, Inbhirneis. 1821." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1821. 

" Clodh-bhuailt airson agus air an Reiceadh le 

Uilliam Lang. Glasgho. 1821." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1822. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Eoin Collie. 1822." 
i2mo. 36 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1823. 

" Glasgho : Clo- bhuailt air son, agus air a 


reiceadh le I. MacCallum, &^A. Mac Alastair. 1 823." 
i2mo. 36 pp. 

This Edition has proofs. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1824. 

" Clodh-bhuailte le D. Stevenson, Duneidin. 

1824." i8mo. 36 pp. 

Another Edition of the Same. Edinburgh, 1824. 

Another Edition. Glasgow [1825]. 

" Clo bhuailt' air son, agus air an Reiceadh le 

Uilliam Lang, Glasgho." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1826. 

" Glasgow : Printed for and sold by R. Hutche- 

son and Co., Saltmarket, 1826." i8mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1826. 

" Clodh-bhuailt le D. Stevenson, Duneidin. 


Another Edition. Glasgow, 1828. 

" Printed for and sold by R. Hutcheson and 

Co., Saltmarket. 1828." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1837. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1842. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist. The Shorter Cate- 
chism in Gaelic and English. Edinburgh : Thornton 
and Collie. 1842." i2mo. 24 pp. Price 3d. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1843. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr a' Cheasnachaidh. . . . Air 
iarrtus na Cuideachd urramach. . . . Glasgow : 


Francis Orr and Sons. Edinburgh : WiJliam Whyte 
and Co. 1843." i2mo. 36 pp. 

Edition by Dr. Macdonald. Edinburgh [1829]. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist. Le Eoin Domh- 
nullach Ministeir ann an Sgire na Toisidheachd. 
[Here a motto.] Edinburgh : Printed and sold by 
D. R. Collie & Son, 19 St. David Street." i2mo. 
24 pp. 

Another Edition by Dr. Macdonald. 

Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist a chuireadh a mach 
le Comh-chruinneachadh nan diadhair san iar-mhinis- 
teir, leis an d'aontaich ard-chleur Eaglais na h'-Alba ; 
agus a shonruicheadh leo chum a bhi 'na sheoladh 
ceasnachaidh. Air a thionndadh gu Gaelic (air mhodh 
a tha an caileigin freagarrach ris a' chanain sin mar 
a ta i air a labhairt anns gach earrann air leth do'n 
Ghaeltachd) — air iarrtus na Cuideachd Urramaich a ta 
chum Eolas Chriosd a sgaoileadh feadh Gaeltachd 
agus Eileana na h-Alba. Le Eoin DomhnuUach, 
Ministeir ann a Sgire na Toisidheachd. Duneidin : 
Clodh-bhuailte agus ri'n Reic le Eoin agus Daibhidh 
Collie. 1829." i8mo. 

Another Edition by Dr. Macdonald. 

Edinburgh y 1833. 

Another Edition by Dr. Macdonald. 

Edinburgh^ 1867. 

This Edition has explanatory notes at the bottom of the 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1855. 

This Edition has portrait of Caraid nan Gaidhael, viz. 
Principal Baird of Edinburgh University. 


Edition by Dr. Ross. Edinburgh^ 1820. 

** Leabhar Aith-Ghearr Cheasnuichidh. . . . Air a 
chur an Gaelic le Tomas Ross, LL.D., Ministear an 
T-soisgeil ann an Lochbhraoin. Duneidin : Clodh- 
bhuailt' le Eoin Moir, agus r'an reic leis na Leabhair- 
reiceadairibh anns gach aite d'an Rioghachd. 1820." 
i8mo. ZS PP- 

Another Edition by Dr. Ross. Glasgow^ n.d. 

i2mo. 35 pp. 

Another Edition by Dr. Ross. Glasgow, 1842. 

i2mo. 31 pp. 

Edition by Dr. Smith. Glasgow, 1846. 

" Leabhar Aithgearr a Cheasnachaidh. . . . Le I. 
Smith, D.D. Glasgow : Printed by Francis Orr and 
Sons, Publishers of Bibles, Testaments, Psalm Books, 
Catechisms, etc., etc., in Gaelic and English. 
MDCCCXLVI." i2mo. 36 pp. 

Another Edition by Dr. Smith. Glasgow, 1853. 

Another Edition by Dr. Smith. Glasgow, n.d. 

" Glasgow: Francis Orr & Sons." i2mo. 

31 PP- 

Edition by Rev. Allan Sinclair. Glasgow [1881]. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist. Le Ailean Sinclair, 
M.A., Ministear an T-Soisgeil anns a' Cheannamhor. 
Glasgow : Francis Orr & Sons, Publishers of Bibles, 
Testaments, Psalm Books and Catechisms &c., in 
English and Gaelic. By Royal Authority." 18 mo. 

34 PP- 


Edition with Proofs by Rev. Allan Sinclair. 

Glasgow [1881]. 
" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist, maille ri Dearbhaidh- 
ean 'o na Sgriobtuirean, a shonruich Ard-Sheanadh 
Eaglais na h-Alba, gu bhi 'na Sheoladh Ceasnachaidh. 
Le Ailean Sinclair, M.A., Ministear an T-Soisgeil 
anns a' Cheannamhor. Glasgow : Francis Orr & 
Sons, Publishers of Bibles, Testaments, Psalm Books 
and Catechisms in English and Gaelic. By Royal 
Authority." i8mo. 48 pp. 

Edition by Morrison, with Proofs. 

Paisley^ 1800. 

" Leabhar Aith-ghearr Ceist co-thionnal urramach 
n'an Diadhairean, le an Dearbhaidhe as na scriopt- 
airibh naomha, Gu coitchionn air son, Sochair na'n 
Criosduidhean, agus nan Og, agus Clann, ann an 
Tuigse gu sonnraichte ; chum's gu deanamh iad iad- 
fein ni bu shocrache eolaich air an Fhirin a reir n'an 
Scrioptaribh, agus maille riusan air na Scrioptaribh 
fein. Air an Scriobha o'n bheurla anns a Ghaillic 
Albanaich. Le Seumas Mac lullamhoirre, Maisder 
Scoil ann an Droghaid Mhic Eoin. Paislic : Clo- 
bhuailt le Eoin Macneal Airson Ghabriel Tighearna, 
Leabhar Reic-adair, aig imtheachd a Chluig, air an 
t-sraid iosail ann'n Grianaig. 1800." i2mo. 48 pp. 

This is the first Edition with Scripture proofe. It con- 
tains five of the Paraphrases. The Editor was James Morrison, 
schoolmaster. The price was 3d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1801. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr a' cheasnachaidh ; a shonruich 
ard-sheandh Eaglais na h-Alba gu bhi 'na sheoladh 
ceasnachaidh. Le dearbhadh o na Scriobtuire air a 
tharruing chum Gaelic Albannaich. Air iarrtus na 


Cuideachd urramaich, a ta chum Eolas Criosduidh 
a sgaoileadh air feadh Gaeltachd agus Eileana na 
h-Alba. Clodh-bhuailteanDun-Eidin. 1801." i2mo. 
71 pp. 

Another Edition, Edinburgh^ 1804. 

'* Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le I. Ritchie. 1804." 

i2mo. 24 pp. 

Another Edition. Greenock^ 18 11. 

" Printed for and sold by Daniel Thomson, 

II Wilson Street. 18 11." 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1826. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr a' Chcasnachaidh, a shonruich 
ard sheanadh Eaglais na h-Alba gu bhi 'na she61adh 
ceasnachaidh, le an Dearbhaidhe as na Scrioptaribh 
Naomha, air an tarruing a chum Gaelic Albannaich. 
Air iarrtus na Cuideachd urramaich, a ta chum eolas 
Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh Gealtachd, agus 
Eileana na h-Alba. Glasgow : Printed for and by 
Maurice Ogle, and R. Hutchison & Co. 1826." 

The published price was fourpence. The press was 
corrected by Rev. Alexr. Beith of Kilbrandon. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist . . . le Dearbhadh 
o na sgriobtuiribh. [Here a Portrait of Principal 
Baird.] Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte agus ri'n reic le 
Eoin agus Daibhidh Collie. 1829." 24mo. 40 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1837. 

" Leabhar Aithghearr a Cheasnaichidh ; a shonraich 
Ard-Sheanadh Eaglais na-h-Alba : airson riaghailt 



cheasnaichidh do mhuinntir air bheag eolais. Le 
Dearbhadh o na Sgriobtuirean. Glasgow : Printed 
by George Brookman, for Francis Orr & Sons, 
Wholesale Stationers. 1837." i2mo. 36 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1855. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte agus ri'n Reic le 

D. R. Collie agus hac [sic], 19 St. David Street. 
1855." i8mo. 40 pp. 

It has a portrait of Principal Baird on Title with legend 
' Car a id nan Gaidheal.'' 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, n.d. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Murray & 

Gibb." 1 8 mo. 71 pp. 

This Edition has proofs, and ^ Suim an Eolais Shlainteir 

Edition by Leitch. Glasgow^ 1848. 

" Mineachadh - Mionaideach air leabhar aithghearr 
nan Ceist . . ." etc. 

This is a Translation of the well-known Analysis of The 
Shorter Catechism by N. Leitch, F.E.I.S. We have not 
seen this Gaelic Edition. A copy in Prince Bonaparte's 
Library, Chicago. The Translator was Malcolm Macintyre. 

Charteris (Rev. Dr.), On Foreign Missions. 

Glasgow, 1896. 

*' Earal do Dh'Eaglais na H-Alba, a Dleasdnas do 
Dhuthchanna Cein. Brigh na h-oraid a thugadh 
seachad leis an Urramach A. H. Charteris, D.D., ann 
an Ard Sheanadh na h-Eaglais, air May, 1896. Air 
Eadar-theangachadh gu Gaidhlig. Glasgow : Archi- 
bald Sinclair, Printer, 10 Bothwell Street." 


The Translation was by Rev. Thomas Macpherson, 

Charteris (Lawrence), Catechism. London^ 1688. 

" Foirceadul Aithghearr Cheasnuighe, leis na Deich 
Aitheanta, Urnaidhe an Tighearn agus an Cred. 
Urnaidhe fos lomchudhbhaidh air cl6in agus altacha 
roimh agus tar6is bhigh malle re rannadh arigh don 
Sgcriobduire an a bfuil na cinn is aird don chreideamh 
Chriosduighe, air a ccur sios gu soilair. A Lunnduin, 
Air na chur a gclo're Robert Ebheringham,an bhliadh- 
ain daois ar Tighearn. 1688." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Excessively rare^ only two copies known. A copy would 
be worth six guineas. The work was composed by Lawrence 
Charteris of Edinburgh and translated by Sir Hugh Campbell 
of Calder. About 6000 copies were printed at the expense 
of the Honourable Robert Boyle. The press was corrected 
by Rev. Robert Kirke. 

Chisholm (Colin), Songs and Tales. Inverness, 1884. 
" Grain agus Sgeulachdan." 

These pieces were struck ofF separately, while the volume 
of the ' Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness^ of 
which they form a part, was being printed. 

Cholera, How to Avoid and Cure. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Seolaidhean arson A' Cholera a Shechnadh, agus a 
Leigheas." 8vo. 4 pp. 

It is printed with red ink by Wm. Gilchrist, 145 Argyle 
Street, Glasgow. 

Christian Doctrine, by Menzies. London^ 1781. 

"AithghearradhnaTeagaisgChriosduidh le dearbhaidh 
Scrioptuir, air Modh Ceisd agus Freagair. Na puinc 
consboideach air an sineadh le sgrioptuire soilleir, 


maille re teagasga h Athreacha Naomha na Eaglais, 
anns an cheud chuig linnin deth na Chriosdachd air 
na puinc sin ; agus argumaidean laidir o'n reasun. 
Eidartheangaichte gu Gaoilig Albannach Le Graidhoir 
Do'n Fhirinn. Bithibh ullamh do ghna chum freagar 
a thoirt do gach uile dhuine a dhiarras oribh reasun 
an dochais a ta annibh T.N. Pead iii. 15. So deirse 
an Tigharna seasibh anns na roda, agus faicibh, agus 
feorichibh airson nan scan slighean far am bheil an 
rod niaith, agus imichibh anna, agus gheibh sibh 
fois d'arna anama. ler. vi. 16. Se so'n slighe, 
imichibh anna. Isaias xxx. 21. Clo-bhuailt' airson, 
agus air a creiceadh le Sheum P. Coghlan, 
Sraid-Dhuic, Cearnach - Ghrosmhenoir, Lunnuine. 
MDCCLXXXI." i2mo. xii + 486 pp. 

This work was translated by Rev. Robert Menzies, R.C. 
It is said that the translation was made from the Irish 
Edition by Andrew Donlevy of the Irish Community in 
Paris and published there in 1742. A comparison of the 
two works does not confirm this assertion. 

Christian Doctrine. Inverness, 18 15. 

" An Teagasg Chriosda, le urnuigh maidne, 's 
oiche agus clar-innse na laithean traisg agus feille. 
Invernis : Clobhuailte le Seumas Beaton. 18 15." 

Extremely rare. This Summary or Abridgment of the 
Christian Doctrine was made by Rev. Ewen Mac Eachen, 

Christian Doctrine. 1826 or 8. 

'* Athghearradh Do'n teagasg Chriosduidh." i6mo. 

30 PP- 

The late D. C. Macpherson thought the late Sheriff 
Macdonald took down the contents phonetically from his 


uncle Bishop Ranald Macdonald who died in 1832. We 
have not been able to see this Edition. 

Christian Doctrine. Aberdeen^ i^SS* 

" Athgearradh an Teagasg Chriosd. Air a cheart- 
achadh 's air ath-leasachadh le ordugh Easbuigean 
Caitliceach na h-Alba. An dara Clo-bhualadh. 
Obarrain. Clo-bhuailte le Eoin Deson is cuid** 68 
Straid Leathan. MDCCCXXXV." i2mo. 35 pp. 

This Edition was revised by Rev. Ewen Mac Eachen, 
Ranald Rankin, and William M*=Intosh. 

Christian Doctrine. Antigonish^ 1852. 

'* Athghearradh an Teagaisg Chrlosdaidh." 

Mr. John Boyd wrote the Rev. Dr. A. Maclean 
Sinclair that he printed 1000 copies of a Gaelic Catechism 
called ' Athghearradh an Teagaisg Chriosdaidh ' which sold 
for 5 cents per copy in the year 1852. 

Christian Doctrine. Antigonish^ 1854. 

Mr. John Boyd wrote: "In 1854 i printed 2000 copies 
in Gaelic of a work called the ' Christian Doctrine^ I 
printed it for Bishop Mackinnon. The impression sold for 
five cents a copy.^^ 

Christian Doctrine. Pictou^ N.S.y 1862. 

" Suim an Teagaisg Chriost." Vide Butler (Arch- 

The price per copy was sixpence. Two thousand copies 
were printed. Norman Macdonald, the Translator and 
Publisher, was born in Moidart in 1822, and emigrated to 
Antigonish in 1843. ^^ taught a school for twenty-three 
years. He lived at Addington Forks, Antigonish. He 
published an Edition of John Mackenzie's ' Sar Obair nam 
Bard' in 1863. 


Christian Doctrine. Inverness^ 1869. 

" Fourth Edition, Inverness : Printed at the 

'Co«r/Vr' Office. MDCCCLXIX." i2mo. 46 pp. 

Christian Doctrine. Toronto ^ 1871. 

"An Teagasg Chriosd air a cruinneachadh agus air 
a chur a mach as ur, le Iain Domhnullach, Sagairt 
agus W. G. Toronto : Printed by Nicholson & Co. 
1 87 1." i2mo. 44 pp. Sewed. 

Christian Doctrine. Halifax^ N.S., 1874. 

" Halifax, N.S. Clodh-bhuailte le Compton 

agus acho [5/V]. 28 & 30 Bedford Row. 1874." 

This Edition is ' le ordugh Easbuig Caitliceach na 
Sgireachd.' Sm. i2mo. 22 pp. Paper covers. 

Christian Doctrine. Antigonish, 1898. 

" Suim an Teagaisg Chriosda bho Leabhar Cheisdean 
an Easbuig Chamshroin ^. Antigonish : Cuideachd 
Clobhualaidh a Chasket." i2mo. 44 pp+ i f. errata 
and advertisement. 

Christian Doctrine. \Ohan\ 1902. 

" Aithghearradh Teagasg Chriost. Le aonta nan 
Easbuig ro-urramach Easbuig Abaireadhain agus 
Easbuig Earraghaidheal 's nan Eilean. An Siathamh 
Clo-bhualadh. MCMII." 32mo. 46 pp. 

Christian Doctrine. Chelsea^ n.d. 

" Cuibhrionn do'n Scrioptur ; a taisbeana Teagaisgibh 
agus Dleasnais a Chreideamh Chriosduigh." i2mo. 
24 pp. 

This work was printed at Chelsea by Stanhope & 
Tilling, and sold at ten shillings per hundred. 


Christian Guide. London^ 1844. 

'* lul a Chriostaidh : Clobhualadh Ur. Air a cheart- 
achadh leis na h-Urramaich Uilleam M'^Antoisich. 
V. G., agusRaonullM'^Raing, M.A. Lunnainn : Clo- 
bhuailte air-son Comunn Caitliceach Bhreatuinn. 
MDCCCXLIV." 1 2mo. 2 fF. + 277 pp. 
We have not seen the First Edition of this work. 

Christian Guide. Inverness^ 1851. 

*' lul a Chriostaidh. An treas clobhualadh, air a chur 
a mach fo churam Alastair M'^Rath, Sagairt ann an 
Glaschu, Le aonta nan Easbuigean "^ Seumas Kyle 
agus "^ Iain Murdoch. ' Oportet semper orare et 
non deficere.' Luc. xviii. i. Inerneis : Clo-bhuailte 
le Uilleam Corner, airson Cailein Domhnullach. 
MDCCCLI." 24mo. 3 ff. + 234 pp. 

Christian Guide. Inverness^ 1872. 

" An ceathramh clo-bhualadh. Innerneis. Clo- 
bhuailte aig Oifig an Teachdaire. MDCCCLXXII." 
i8mo. 3 iF. + 228 pp. 

Christian Guide. Aberdeen^ 1885. 

" lul a Chriostaidh ; no Comh-chruinneachadh de 
urnaighean air son a h-uile Ama agus Staide de 
Bheatha A'Chriostaidh. An Siathamh Clo-bhualadh, 
Ath - Leasaichte. Abareadhain. A. King & Co., 
Printers and Stereotypers. 1885." xii4-359pp. 

With this Edition is incorporated the *^Ordo Missae^ that 
counts for the Fifth Edition. 

A New Edition. Pictou^ 1863. 

*' lul a Chriostaidh ; Clobhualadh ur le Raonull 
Macgillebhra, P.P. Pictou, N.S. Clobhuailte le S. H. 


Holmes. 1863." i2mo. 169 pp. + i f. Clar-innse + 
2 ff. advertisement and errata. 

Christian Guide. Antigonish^ 1901. 

" lul A Chriostaidh ; Comh-chruinneachadh de 
urnaighean air son a h-uile Ama agus Staide de 
Bheatha A'Chriostaidh. An seachamh Clo-bhualadh : 
Ath-Leasaichte. Antigonish : The Casket Printing 
and Publishing Company. 1901." i2mo. 6 fF. + 
372 pp. 

A well-printed Edition on fine paper. 

Christie (C. M.), Dialogue on Church. 

Edinburgh J 1871. 
*'An Comhradh eadar Aindrea Muillir agus Iain 
Greasaich mu Aonadh nan Eaglaisean. Leis an 
Duine Uuasal Urramach Tearlach Maitland Christie, 
Triath Oighreachd Durie, am Fiofa. Duneidin: 
Clo-bhuailte le Sanson agus a chuideachd. 1871." 

Church, The Secession. Inverness^ 1834. 

" Cunntas athghearr Riagailtean Eaglais An T-Secess- 
ion ma'n d'aontaich an Ard-Chuirt no Seanadh, air 
a' cheithreamh la deug de Mhios Meadhonach an 
Fhogharaidh. 1820. Air eadar - theangachadh le 
Alaistair Munro agus Uilleam Wood, Teachdairean 
fo ughdaras an T-Sionad Cuidheachdas Aonaichte. 
Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailte le R. Carruthers air son 
nan Eadar-Theangairean. 1834." 8vo. 12 pp. 

Church, The. Word of Warning. 

Edinburgh, 1841. 

" Focal Rabhaidh do'n T-sluagh mu thimchioU Staid 


Eaglais na h-Alba. Dun-eidin : Clodh-bhuailte le 
Neill & a chuideachd. 1841." 8vo. 16 pp. 

Church, The. Explanatory Warning. 5./., 1842. 

'* Earail-Mhiniachaidh do Shluagh na h-Alba, mu 
chor na h-Eaglais, an Gaelic, Air iarrtus Comh- 
ghairm Mhinistirean na h-Eaglais, a shuidh an Dun- 
Eidin, Ceud Mios a' Gheamhraidh. MDCCCXLII." 
8vo. 38 pp. 

Church, The. Word of Admonition. 

Glasgow^ N.D. 

** Air II. A Word of Admonition regarding the 
Case of the Church. Focal Rabhaidh mu Thiomchiol 
Cuis na H-Eaglais." 8vo. 7 pp. 

This number was printed in Glasgow by S. & T. Dunn, 


Church, The. A Warning. Edinburgh, 1842. 

" Gearr-Rabhadh mu Chraobh-sgaoileadh an t-Soi- 
sgeil air son Eaglais na Halba. [NecTamen Consum- 
ebatur.] Air Ughdarras Comunnan-Riaghlaidh an 
Ard-Sheanaidh. I. Aireamh. Mios Deireannach an 
Earraich. 1842. Pris 2s. air 100." 8vo. 4 pp. 

At the end the printer's name is given thus: ^ Dun- 
eidion, Clo-buailte le Iain M^Iain^ Ceithir - Chearn an t- 
Sealgair^ We have seen the first, second, third, fourth, and 
fifth numbers of this periodical. The fifth is dated ' Ceud 
Mhios an Earraich^ 1843.' 

Church, The. A Song. j./., circa 1845. 

" An Eaglais Shaor." i2mo. 15 pp. 

The copy before us wants Title-page. The Author 
denounces the Leaders of the Free Church. 


Church, The. A Dialogue. Glasgow^ 1843. 

[An Treas Cuir am mach.] Comhradh mu Chor Na 
H-Eaglais. [Bho Chuairtear nan Gleann airson Ceud 
Mhios an t-Samhraidh.] 8vo. 24 pp. 

Church, The. Duty of the Church. 

Glasgow, 1843. 

** Dleasdanas Eaglais na H-Alba. Gairm o Cho- 
bhuidheann Mhinisteirean na Comh-Ghairme, agus 
Sheanairean na H-Eaglais an Dun-Eidin. Printed 
by D. Macvean opposite the College. 1843." 8vo. 

23 PP- 

Church, The. A Song. j./., 1844. 

" Dan Ma Chor Na H-Eaglais. Le Fear a mhuinntir 
Strath-H-Ealadail. Clo-bhuaite [sic] anns 1844." 

A poem of five verses of eight lines each. There was 
no Title issued. 

Church, The. Defence of. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 

"Eaglais na h-Alba. Gu Sluagh Na H-Alba." 
8vo. 8 pp. 

This pamphlet vi^as issued by the Church Defence 
Committee, and is signed John Tulloch, Balfour of Burleigh, 
and W"*. John Menzies. 

Church of Scotland, Embarrassment of. 

Inverness, n.d. 

" Imcheisd Eaglais na H-Alba, na Madadh Alluidh 
air a Rusgadh dhe chomhdach le aon do Chairdean 
Dileas na H'Eaglais. Coimhidibh sibh fein o na 
faidhibh breige thig d'ur n'ionnsuidh ann an culaidh- 
ibh chaorach, ach a tha o'n leth a stigh na'm 
madraibh allta. Matth. vii. 15. Inverness: Printed 
by R. Carruthers, Courier Office." 


This Edition is clearly earlier than the Elgin one. For 
instance in verse xiii. the line ' Bithidh Maister Stuart 
gle phaiteach ' is altered to ' Bithidh Fear na Hurnuigh gle 
phaiteach ' in the Elgin Edition. We have seen only one 
copy of the Elgin Edition and an imperfect copy of the 
Inverness Edition. The Author of this satire on Catechists and 
Peripatetic Religionists vi^as Rev. John Macdonald of Alvie. 

Another Edition. Elgin^ 1828. 

'* Elgin. Printed for the Author by R. 

Johnston. 1828. Price sixpence." i2mo. 3 fF. 
+ 7-23 pp. 

Church, The. Information. s.l.e.a. 

" Fiosrach mu Eaglais na h-Alba." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Church, The. Truth about the Church. 

" An Fhirinn mu Eaglais na H-Alba." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Church, The. Defence of The Church. 

Edinburgh^ 1893. 

" Litir o'n Ard-Sheanadh mu Dhion na h-Eaglais." 
8vo. 4 pp. 

It is signed ' Iain Marshall Lang^ D.D.^ Ceannsuidhe an 
Ard-Sheanaidh^ Duneideann^ i893' 

Church, The. Is the Church free,'' n.d. 

"Am.Bheil Eaglais na h-Alba a nis Saor." i2mo. 
4 pp. 

Church, The. Church Matters. n.d. 

" Cuisean Eaglais." 8vo. 8 pp. 

This pamphlet was by Rev. Ewen A. Rankin of 
Kilmorack. It was suppressed. 


Church, The. A Dialogue. n.d. 

" Comhradh eadar am Ministear agus Domhnull am 
Muillear mu Aonadh eadar Eaglaisibh Neo-steidh- 
ichte ann an Alba. Air a chur a mach le Comunn 
de Sheanairibh na h-Eaglais Saoire." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Church — The Declaratory Act. n.d. 

" An Reachd a tha 'Cur an Ceill ; ris an abrar 's a' 
Bheurla ' An Declaratory Act '." 8vo. 4 pp. 

This was done by Mr. Drysdale, brother of the well- 
known evangelist, Glenlyon, Perthshire. 

Church — Free Church IVIissions. n.d. 

*' The Missions of The Free Church of Scotland in 
India and Africa : Their present Condition and 
Wants, with Maps." 8vo. 23 pp. 

It has English and Gaelic on opposite pages with 
five maps. 

Church — Union. j./., 1869. 

" lomradh le Buidhuin-Shonraichte Eaglais Saoire 
na h-Alba a thaobh Aonadh ri Eaglaisibh eile. An 
Ceitean. 1869." 8vo. 28 pp. 

Church — Union of F. & U.P. [1898] 

Church — A Prayer for the Free Church. n.d. 

Church — The Reformed Churches. 

Edinburgh^ 1878. 

Church — The Sustentation Fund. Barvas, 1896. 

" Earal mu Shustentation Fund na h-Eaglais Saoire." 
8vo. 4 pp. 

It is signed ' R. Ross, Barvas, Stornoway. Feb. 1896.' 


Church — A Pastoral Letter. Glasgow^ 1901. 

*' Litir Aodhaireal air a cur a mach le Ughdarras 
Ard - Sheannadh Eaglais Shaor na h - Alba. 
Glasgow. 1 90 1." 

Cinniburgh (R.), Animals in Bible. 

Edinburgh^ 1838. 

" Eachdraidh nan Ainmhidhean ainmicht' anns na 
Sgriobtuiribh. Dun-Eidinn. 1838." i2mo. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1863. 

"Eachdraidh nan Ainmhidhean ainmicht' anns na 
Scrioptuiribh. Le R. Cinniburgh. Air Eadar- 
Theangachadh gu Gaelic. Dun-Eidinn : Clodh- 
bhuailte agus r'an reic le D. R. Collie & Mac, 19 
St. David Street. 1863." i2mo. 100 pp. 6d. 

Clark (Rev. Alex.), Sermon on H. Macleod. 

Inverness^ 1832. 

We have not met with the Gaelic Edition of this Sermon 
composed on the execution in Inverness of Hugh Macleod 
of Assynt. 

Clark (Rev. Alex.), Dialogues on Church. 

Inverness^ 1843. 

" Co-Labhairtean air na Ceisdean a tha san am so 

air an Gluasad ann an Eaglais na H-Alba. Co- 

Labhairt IL Air Ceannas Chriosd. Leis an 

Urramach Alasdair Clare, Ministear 'an Inbhirnis. 

Eadar-theangaichte 'chum Gaelic. Le Rob Domh- 

nullach, Maighstear sgoil, 'an Inbhernis. 

Gun chlaon-bhreith gun leth-bhreith, gun talach gun tnu, 
Leugh, rannsaich, 'us breithnich, co sam bith co thu, 
Na tha so air labhairt, mu Eaglais do Dhuth'ch, 
'Si'n fhirinn a sheasas, mu dheireadh 's gach cuis. — R, D. 

Inbhirnis : Ri'n reic leis an Eadar-theang'ear, aig 43, 


Straid Mhuirton, S. Smith, C. Douglas, agus D. 
Morison, Luchd Reic Leabhraichean, 1843. Pi*is 
Tri SgiJlinn." 8vo. 15 pp. 

" Co-Labhairt III. Air Neo-Eisimeileachd, 

no Fein-Chumhachd na h-Eaglaise. ..." 

" Co-Labhairt IV. Air an Lagh Veto agus Achd 

an T-SeapaiL ..." 

*' ■ Co-Labhairt V. Air cuir as na Patron- 

achd. ..." 

*' Co-Labhairt VI. Air Geur-Leanmhuinn 

airson Diadhachd. . . . " 

" Co-Labhairt VII. Air Aonachd 'Us Cordadh 

na h-Eaglaise." 

These are all the numbers we have seen of these 

Clark (Alexander), The Christian's Hymn. 

Edinburgh, 1806. 

" Laoidh a Chriosduidh air dha bhi air a Thurus, 
chum Shioin ; maille ri cor Thruagh nan Aingidh, 
agus am Firinn san T-aingidh air an Samhlachadh. 
Le Alaster Cleireach. Dun-eidin : Clodh-bhuailte le 
Eoin Moir. 1806." i8mo. 24 pp. 
Only one copy known. 

Clark (Alexander), Sermon and Hymn. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 

" Sermoin anns a' bheil Staid a' Chreid 'eich agus a 
Mhi-chreid 'eich air a toirt fa 'near. Maille ri Laoidh 
an Fhior Chriosduigh. Le Maighstir Cleireach. Clo 
Bhualadh [j/V] an Duneden le Eoin Ritchie." i2mo. 

47 PP- 

The Sermon is from Romans viii. i, and it ends on page 


42 : after which follows the Hymn which contains 26 
numbered verses. Bound up with the Sermon and Hymn is 
another hymn designated ' Laoidh an Fhior Chriosduigh ' of 
four pages without date or Title Page. It contains thirty- 
one verses. It was very likely composed by Clark. 

Clark (Mrs.), Three Gaelic Poems. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

" Three Gaelic Poems. By Mrs. Clark of Torra- 
Dhamh, Badenoch, translated into English, and an 
Elegy (with short memoir) on Kenneth Macdonald, 
at Lynchat, Kingussie. By John Kennedy, student, 
New City Road, Glasgow." 

Clark (Mrs.), Three Gaelic Poems. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

" Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart, 64 South 
Bridge." 8vo. 48 pp. 

Two of these Poems were published in John ^o%&\^ Sacred 
Poetry of the North^^ Inverness, 1851. They were published 
anonymously by Alexander Fraser in Inverness, circa 1835, 
and another hymn by John Gillies in Perth in 1786. The 
maiden name of the poetess was Mary Macpherson. . She 
was born in Laggan about the year 1740, and died in Perth 
about the year 1815 in straitened circumstances. For fuller 
information regarding the Poetess and her Hymns see the 
Rev. Dr. Sinton's * Poetry of Badenoch^ Inverness, 1 806. 

Clark (Neil), A Letter from Canada. 

Glasgow^ i860. 

*' Litir bho Nial Cleireach 'an Canada Uachdrach gu 
bhrathair Coinneach Cleireach, a bha 'san Eilean 
Ileach. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle 
Street, for N. Campbell, 17 Malta Street. 
MDCCCLX." i2mo. 12 pp. 

The writer states that the Letter was written ten years 
previous to its publication. He was induced to publish it 
with a desire to prepare intending Emigrants for the hardships 
before them on settling in Canada. 


Clarke (George), God's Love. Glasgow^ 1896. 

" Gradh Dhe (God's Love). Le Seoras Clarke. 
Eadar - theangaichte le Iain Whyte. Glasgow. 
Archibald Sinclair, Celtic Press, 10 Bothwell Street. 
Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street." i2mo. 16 pp. 

Clerk (Rev. Arch.), Sermon. Glasgow^ 1845. 

" Searmoin mu Ard-Cheannas Chriosd. Le G. 
Cleireach, Ministeir Chillemhaille. Glasgow : Printed 
at the University Press, by Edward Khull, Dunlop 
Street. MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 23 pp. 

Clerk (Rev. Arch.), The Old, Old Story. 

Glasgow^ 1883. 
"The Old, Old Story. An Seann, Seann Sgeul, ann an 
Da Earrainn. Air Eadar-theangachadh gu Gailic le 
G. Cleireach, LL.D., Ministeir Chille-Mhaillidh. An 
dara Clo-bualadh, Glascho : Clobhuailte le Gilleasbuig 
Mac-na Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earra-Ghaidheal. 1883." 
Sm. 8vo. 16 pp. 

Of this work the First Edition in Irish was published in 
London in 1868. 

Clerk (Miss M. C), Birthday Book. Edinburgh^ 1885. 
" A Birthday Book in Gaelic and English selected 
from ' Ossian,' Sheriff Nicolson's Proverbs, and other 
sources. By M. C. Clerk. An La' a chi 's nach fhaic. 
With Introduction by Principal Shairp of the Uni- 
versity of St. Andrews. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & 
Stewart (Booksellers to the University), London : 
Simpkin, Marshall & Co. 1885." 8vo. 6ff. + 277pp. 

Cochrane (William), Life of. Perth^ n.d. 

" William Cochrane, no Solus ann an lonad Dorcha," 
tr. A. S. Perth. 

The Translator was Rev. Allan Sinclair, Kenmore. 


Collins (William), On Temperance. Glasgow^ n.d. 
" Measarrachd, Earail chum Measarrachd le Mr. 
Uilleam Collins agus muinntir eile." 8vo. 12 pp. 

This was published by Niven & Son, 55 Glassford Street, 
Glasgow. It is No. 2 of the tracts of the Temperance 

CoLQUHOUN (Rev. Dr. John), On Covenant. 

Edinburgh^ 1826. 
*' An T - Slighe air am bheil am peacach air a 
ghabhail agus a dol a steach ann an coicheangal nan 
gras, maille ris na comharaibh, a ta dearbhadh co 
dhiu tha, no nach 'eil so air a dheanamh. Earrann 
a dh'obair an Ollaidh Urramaich Eoin Colchuoin 
mu'n choicheangal sin, eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic, 
air iarrtus agus costas an Urramaich Mhaighstir 
Nairn, Tighearna Dhunsinnain. [Here a Scripture 
Quotation.] Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le A. Balfour. 
1826." i8mo. 146 pp. 

The above work is only an Extract from Dr. Colquhoun's 
Treatise on the Covenant of Grace. It was translated by 
Rev. Patrick Buttar of P'ort-William at the request of Mr. 
Nairn of Dunsinnan. The impression consisted of 700 
copies, which were sent to the different clergymen through- 
out the Highlands for distribv^ion among their parishioners. 

CoLQUHOUN (Rev. Dr. John), A Catechism. 

Edinburgh, 1829. 
" Leabhar Cheist mu Shacramaid Suipeir an Tighearn. 
Le Iain Colquhoun D.D. Ministeir a bh'ann an 
Leith. Air a tharruing chum Gaelic Albannaich, 
le Donncha M'Caig, Ministeir ann an Duneidinn. 
Duneidinn : Clobhuailte le I. agus D. Collie, agus 
ra'n reic le Waugh & Innes. MDCCCXXIX. 
Price one shilling." 18 mo. 102 pp. 

Very rare. The Translator, the Rev. Duncan M'Caig, 
had a most unfortunate career. 



Confession of Faith. Edinburgh^ 1725. 

Two Titles " The Confession of Faith, Larger and 
Shorter Catechisms, agreed upon by the Assembly 
of Divines at Westminster, with the assistance of 
commissioners from the Church of Scotland. As a 
Part of the Covenanted Uniformity in Religion 
betwixt the Churches of Christ in the Three King- 
doms, Scotland, England and Ireland. Translated 
into the Irish Language by the Synod of Argyle. 
Entered in Stationers' Hall. Edinburgh : Printed 
by Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson, and 
sold at their Printing house in the Fish-market. 

" Admhail an Chreidimh, air an do reitigh air ttus 
Coimhthional na nDiaghaireadh aig Niarmhoinister, 
an Sasgan ; leis an Daontuighe Ard-seanadh Eaglais 
na Halbann, chum a bhith na chuid egin, do Choimh- 
reite Creidimh, edir Eaglaisibh Chriosd anns na tri 
Rioghachdaibh. Ar na chur a Ngaoidheilg le 
Seanadh Earraghaoidheal. Air na Chlodhbhualadh 
(a nois an Chead uair) aig Duineuduin, le Thomais 
Lumisden agus Eoin Robertson, a Mbliaghan ar 
Dtighearna. MDCCXXV." i2mo. 4fF.4-276pp. 

This work contains the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. 
The former was never issued separately. It bears the 
following title : " An Cataichiosm Foirleathan, No an 
Leabhar Ceastnuighe is M6. Air an do Reitigh air ttus 
Coimhthional na Ndeaghaireadh aig Niarmhoinister ann 
Sasgan: Leis an Daontuigh Ard- Seanadh Eaglaise na 
Halbann chum a bheith na Chuid egin do Choimhreitigh 
Creidimh, edir Eaglaisibh Chriosd anns na Tri Rioghachd- 
aibh. [Here a woodcut.] Air na Chlodhbhualadh (a nois an 
Chead uair) aig Duineuduin, le Oighreachaibh Aindrea 
Aindearsoin, a Mbliaghan air Dtighearna. MDCCXXV." 
105-239 pp. 


Second Edition. Edinburgh^ '^I'^l- 

i2mo. 4 fF. + 9-286 pp. 

Third Edition. Glasgow^ ^IS^'Sl' 

" Glasgow : Printed for John Orr, Book-seller 

in the Salt-mercat. MDCCLVI." 

" Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an Reic le Join Orr, 

Leabhair-reiceadoir. Ann Glas-gho. MDCCLVII." 
i2mo. 4 ff. + 286 pp. 

Fourth Edition. Edinburgh^ 18 16. 

" Leabhar Aideachaidh A' Chreidimh, maille ri leabh- 
raichean farsuing agus Aithghearr a' Cheasnachaidh, 
agus suim an Eolais Shlainteil, air an Eadar- 
theangachadh. Le G. Mac Dhonuill, maighstir- 
sgoil an Dun-eidin, do'n Chuideachd Urramach 
a ta chum eolas Criosduidh a sgaoladh feadh 
Gaidhealtachd, agus Eileana na h-Alba, Dun- 
Eidin : Clodh-bhuailt le Andreas Balfour. 18 16." 

It was published at 2S. 6d. The Orthography is much 

Fifth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1821. 

" Leabhar Aideachaidh A' Chreidimh, maille ri 
da leabhar a' cheasnachaidh, agus suim an Eolais 
Shlainteil, air an cur a mach Le G. Mac Dhonuill, 
maighstir-scoile an Duneidin. Duneidin : Clodh- 
Bhuailte le Andreas Balfour. 1821." i8mo. 108 
pp. 2s. 6d. 

Confession of Faith. Sixth Edition. 

Edinburgh J 1837. 
" Leabhar Aideachaidh a' Chreidimh, le Da Leabhar 
a' Cheasnachaidh, maille ri Suim agus feum an Eolais 


Shlainteil : eadar Theangaichte o'n Bheurla chum 
Gallic Albannaich air tus le Seanadh Earra-Ghaeil 
'sa bhliadhna MDCCXXV ; a ris le Gileabart 
Macdhomhnuill, 'sa bhliadhna (MDCCCIV) [sic] 
agus a nis ath Leasaichte chum na Canain ghnathaichte 
'sa bhiiadhn' MDCCCXXXVII. Dun-eidinn : 
William Whyte & Co., Booksellers to the Queen 
Dowager. MDCCCXXXVII." Cr. 8vo. 261 pp. + 
I f. Advertisement of Gaelic Books. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1838. 

Except for the Date, this is absolutely the same as the 
above, and by the same Publishers. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1845. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1861. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1874. 

Confession of Faith. Edinburgh, n.d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1891. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1898. 

Connell (Rev. D. M.), Astronomy. Edinburgh, 1856. 

" Reul-Eolis : anns am bheil cunntas air cuspairibh 
An Rian-Ghreine ; agus Path Sgriobhadh, 's am 
bheil Gearr-shealladh air Na Reultaibh Suidhichte. 
Le Donnachadh M. Conal. ' Riamh o chruthachadh 
an t-saoghail a ta . . . a chumhachd siorruidh agus 
a Dhiadhachd air am faicinn gu soilleir, air dhoibh 
bhi so thuigsinn o na nithibh a rinneadh.' Rom. i. 
20. Edinburgh : Published by Oliver & Boyd ; 
and may be had of all Booksellers. Price is. 6d." 


i8mo. 124 pp. + 2 fF. Extract of Testimonials in 
favour of this Treatise. 

This is one of the few prose works written in Gaelic. 
It explains the subject it treats of very lucidly in pure 
idiomatic Graelic. 

CoNNELL (Rev. D. M.), Loss of the Daphne. 

Gov any 1882. 
i2mo. 16 pp. 

The copy before us wants title. It is an excellent Sermon 
preached in St. Kiaran Parish in Govan, of which Mr. Connell 
was at the time minister. This ill-fated steamer capsized 
while being launched from Messrs. Stephen's Yard on the 
Clyde in the summer of 1882. A great many persons were 

Cook (Rev. Alexander, of Saltcoats), Spiritual 
Hymns. 1841. 

We have not seen a copy. 

Cook (Rev. Archibald), Sermon. Glasgow^ 1868. 

" An Tiodhlac Do-Labhairt. A Gaelic Sermon 
preached by the late Rev. Archibald Cook, Free 
Church, Daviot. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 
62 Argyle Street. Sold by C. Keith, Bookseller, 
Inverness. MDCCCLXVIII." 8vo. 16 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1885. 

" Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle 


Corbyn (Rev. Samuel), A Call to Awaken. 

Glasgow^ 1 817. 

" Gairm Dhusgaidh o'n Dia Shiorruidh do Mhuinntir 
Neo-iompuichte. Le Mr. Samuel Corbyn, Sean 
Mhinistir soisgeulach. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le 

•^l »*-)*'J« 


Og ; GalieSc Co., agus r'an reic le M. Ogle. 1817." 
8vo. 36 pp. 

Reprinted at Elgin with other works in 1833. Rare. 

CouTTS (Lady Burdett), Letter on Kindness to 
Animals. 1869. 

Covey (John), Account of Edinburgh^ 1813. 

*' Cunntas mu Iain Cobhey, Seoladair, air bord an 
Venerable, a fhuair a dha chois a sgathadh dheth ann 
an Cath Champerdown, October 11, 1797. Edin- 
burgh, 1 8 13." i2mo. 8 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1823. 

" Edinburgh : Published by the Edinburgh 

Religious Tract Society, and sold at their Depository 
No. 6 East Register Street. 1823." 8 pp. 

Cowper (William), Fountain Opened, translated 
BY Macdougall. 

Crawford (Rev. D.), Sermon. Fayetteville^ i79i« 

" Searmoin chuaidh a liobhairt aig an Raft-Swamp le 
D. Crauford, Ministeir. Fayetteville [Here a Latin 
Quotation] : Air na Clo-Bhualadh Le Sibley, Howard 
&Rowlston. MDCCXCI." i2mo. 28 pp. 

The Roimh-radh is dedicated to the Parishioners of 
Kilmory, Arran. There was a copy in the possession of the 
late Neil Campbell, Bookseller, Glasgow. 

Crawford (Rev. D.), Sermon. Fayetteville^ i79i- 

*' Searmoin A chuaidh a liobhairt aig an Raft-Swamp 
air an fhicheada' latha don cheud mhios do'n 
fhoghmnar, 1790. North Carolina, U.S. Le D. 
Crauford, Minister — 


For modes of faith, let zealous bigots fight, 

He can't be in the wrong whose life is in the right. — Pope. 

Fayetteville : Air na Clo-Bhualadh le Sibley, Howard 
& Rowlston. MDCCXCI." i2mo. 

This Sermon is paged right on from last Sermon thus, 
29-50 pp. 

Crawford (Rev. D.), Sermon. Glasgow^ I795- 

" Searmoin Do Mhnai' chuaidh a sgriobhadh ann 
sa Bhliadhna, 1795, le D. Crauford, Min"".' S Fear- 
Cuidich Minisdeir Chillemoire ann an Arrain. In 
Virtute decus. Ann an Subhailcean tha mais. Air na 
cuir chum dealbh leubhaidh le Seumas Gillies, Fear-reic 
Leabhraichean ann Glasgho. 1795." i2mo. 68 pp. 

The Author of these Sermons was born at Sisgan, Island 
of Arran [Air an t-Seisgean). He intended going to Greenock, 
and while going out in a small boat to get on board he was 
drowned about a mile from Plada Isle. 

Crofters' Act, The. Glasgow^ 1886. 

Fear-Parlamaid Earra-Ghaidheil. Achd nan Croite- 
irean Albannach, 1886. Achd a dh'athleasachadh 
an Lagh a bhuineas do Choir-fearainn Chroiteirean 
anns a' Ghaidhealtachd, agus ann an Eileana na 
h-Alba, agus air son aobharan eile a bhuineas dha sin 
[An Coigeamh-la-fichead de'n Og-mhios 1886]. 
Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Cear- 
dadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheil." 8vo. 18 pp. 
The Translator was John Whyte. 


"Rann airson Carra-Cuimhne airBlarChuil-Fhodair." 
There are sixteen lines of poetry on one page. 


Cunningham (Duncan), Songs. Glasgow, 1805. 

*' Orainn Ghaelich air an nuadh chuir amach. Le 
Donacha Cinicnach, E Sgireachd na Cilmore annan 
Lathurni. Glasgow : Printed for the Author by 
Thomas Duncan, 159 Saltmarket. 1805." i2mo. 

^SS PP- 

Excessively rare^ only two copies known, of which one 
lacks the last leaf. 

CuRRiE (Angus), A Song. Glasgow, 1878. 

" Oran le Aonghas Macmhuirich air dha Glaschu 
fhagal 'dhol thairis do Hong Kong, ann am Mios 
meadhonach a' gheamhraidh. 1878." 8vo. A broad- 

This song commences as follows : — 

'Se fath mo mhulaid bhi fagail buileach, 
An tir 'san d'rugadh *san dh'fhas mi, 
Dhol thairis do rioghachd nan daoine dubha 
'S gur docha gun cuir iad gu bas mi. 

There are eleven verses in all, the last verse is — 

'Se m'iarrtas 's mo rin a's durachd mo chridhe, 
Gu caomhainn an Tighcarna slan mi, 
Thighinn dhachaidh thar chuain do Chluaidh a rithisd 
Chuair cruaidh shnuim ruighuin air Maire. 

Angus Currie was a native of Ard-Kenloch, Parish of 
Kilfinchen, Island of Mull. He was for some time on the 
Glasgow Police Force. He left for Hong Kong in 1878, 
where he died. He composed a few songs of considerable 

Currie (Archibald), Gaelic Grammar. 

Edinburgh, 1828. 

*' The Principles of Gaelic Grammar, designed to 
facilitate the Study of that Language to Youth. By 


Archibald Currie, formerly Master of the Grammar 
School of Rothesay, now Tutor at Prospect, Dun- 
troon, Argyleshire. 

Cum tibi contigeret studio cognoscere multa 
Fas discas multa, et vites nil velle docere. 

Cantos Distichs, Book IV. — Ruddiman. 

'Should you know much already, learn more, and 
cherish the desire of improvement.' 

Edinburgh: Printed for the Author. 1828." i2mo. 
4 ff. + ii4 pp. 

Archibald Currie was also a poet of no mean order. He 
composed the ^popular song ' The Girl at Clachan Ghlinn- 

Currie (Duncan), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1842. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail ; or Spiritual Hymns. By 
Duncan Currie, Parish of Killean, Argyleshire. 
Glasgow : J. & P. Campbell, 24 Glassford Street. 
MDCCCXLII." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Currie (Duncan), A Voyage. Glasgow^ ^^IS' 

" Turas Cuain. Grain le Donnachadh MacMhuirich 
d'on Chomunn-Comhalach, air do'n Sgiobair Shuairce, 
Alasdair Mac Ghilleathain,a Smuid Shaotheach Morair 
Mhoid a thabhairt doibh gun airgiod 's gun luach, 
a chum latha aoibhneis a bhi aca air bord, am mios 
deireanach, an Fhogharaidh. 1875. Glasgow: Clo- 
bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaid- 
heil." i2mo. 8 pp. 

Currie (Ronald), Place Names of Arran. 


Darroch (Rev. John), A Sermon. Glasgow^ 1863. 

" Caraid A'Ghaidheal. Searmoin air Beatha an OUa 
Urramaich nach maireann, Tormoid Mac-Leoid, a 
bha'na Mhinisteir ann an Sgireachd Chaluim-Chille, 
'an Glascho. Leis an Urramach Iain Darach, A.M. 
Ministeir Eaglais Chaluim Chille, an Lochiall, 
Gleann-garadh, Canada. Glasgow : M. Ogle & Co., 
Royal Exchange Square, and Dawson & Sons, 
Montreal. 1863." Bvo. 42 pp. is. 

Davidson (Rev. Peter), Poems. Glasgow^ 1877. 

" Poems on Various Religious Subjects. By Peter 
Davidson of Brodick. [Here a small woodcut.] 
Glasgow : Printed by Wm. Munro, 8 1 Virginia 
Street. MDCCCLXXVII." Sm. 8vo. 5 fF. + 127 
pp. Gaelic Hymns + 2 fF. + 136 pp. English Hymns. 

The Rev. Peter Davidson was born in Glenrosa, Arran, 
in March 1788, and died, after serving in several parishes, 
at Lamlash, April 15, 1875. 

Dean of Lismore's Book. Edinburgh^ 1862. 

"The Dean of Lismore's Book, a Selection of 
Ancient Gaelic Poetry from a Manuscript collection 
made by Sir James M*Gregor, Dean of Lismore in 
the beginning of the sixteenth century. Edited with 
a translation and notes by the Rev. Thomas 
M'Lauchlan, and an introduction and additional 
notes by William F. Skene, Esq. Edinburgh : 
Edmonston and Douglas. 1862." 8vo. 5fF. + xcvi 
+ I f . facs. + 161 pp. English + 1 64 ff. Gaelic text. 

Derzhaving's Poem. n.d. 

" Dan le Derzhaving." 

The Translator was Rev. Mr. Mackenzie of Gigha. 


Dewar (Rev. Dr. Daniel), Sermons. 

London^ 1805. 

" Searmoin anns am bheil Fulangais Chriosd air a 
thoirt fanear, mar bhrosnacha chum naomhachd, 
maille ri Earail mu Dhamhsa [Dhannsa]. Le D. 
Dewar. London. Printed for Williams and Smith, 
Stationers' Court. By S. & C. M'Dowall, 95 Leaden- 
hall Street, 1805." 8vo. 46 pp. 

Dewar (Rev. Dr. Daniel), Hymns. 

London^ 1806. 

" Laoidhean O'n Scrioptur Naomha, chum bhi air 
an sei nn ann an Aora Dhe — A Collection of Gaelic 
Hymns for the worship of God. 

Seinnibh moladh do Dhia 

Seinnibh moladh da'r Righ. — Daibhidh. 

By D. Dewar. London : Printed by A. Paris, Rolls' 
Building, and sold by Ogle & Aikman, Edinburgh ; 
and Ogle, Glasgow. 1806." Sm. i2mo. 8 fF. 178 

These hymns were not popular in the Highlands. The 
Author visited the Gaelic-speaking districts of Ireland, and 
published the result of his interviews vs^ith the natives in a 
small volume issued in 181 2. 

Dewar (Rev. Dr. Daniel), Sermons. 

Glasgow^ 1829. 
Nos. I.-IV. All published in wrappers, 8vo. 

Dewar (Rev. Dr. Daniel), Sermons. 

Glasgow^ 1829-30. 
Nos. L-XV. (all published), 8vo. 120 pp. 

Afterwards W. R. M^Phun of Glasgow printed a Title 


for the bound numbers as follows : ' Gaelic Sermons by 
Various Authors, edited by the Rev. Daniel Dewar.' 

Dewar (Rev. Dr. Daniel), The Gaelic Preacher. 

Glasgow^ 1829. 

"Searmoin ar son Sabaid Comunachaidh. Aireamh 
I. Maigh. 1829. Sermonachibh an Soisgeul do 
gach Duil — Marc. Glasgow : Published and Printed 
by D. Maclure & Co., 43 Argyle Street. 1829." 
8vo. 16 pp. Air a reic airson Tri sgillinn. 

Of this Periodical only four numbers appeared. Great 
promises were given in an Advertisement on the wrappers 
of the third number. The succeeding numbers were to 
give a complete system of Theology and Scripture History, 
but the ' Distinguished Celtic Scholars and Eminent Divines ' 
preferred to hide their talents, and so left the country flocks 
to their Calvinistic pastors. 

Dewar (Donald), Songs. circa 1780. 

It is said that this Poet published his songs, but after 
some correspondence with natives of the district where he 
lived, we have not been able to ascertain whether they were 
printed or not. There is a tombstone in Fortingal Church- 
yard to his memory. He died in 1792 aged fifty-three. 
He was a weaver to trade, and lived in the hamlet of 
Astrasgard, Fortingall. On one occasion the Astrasgard 
wives bought herring from a fish hawker during warm 
weather, and the poet commemorated the result in the 
following verse. 

Sud mar chaidh *n sgadan shaileadh suas, 
jinn an pigeadh donn nan cluas^ 
Le goinne salainn, 's teas na h-uair. 
Gun d^thainig fuathas beo dheth. 

Dewar (Rev. John of Kilmartin), Sermon on the 
Boer War. Glasgow^ n.d. 


Dialogue on Church of Rome. Inverness^ 1834. 

" Comhradh eadar DomhnuU agus Eoghann mu 
thimchioll Eaglas na Roimhe. Inbhirnis : Clodh- 
bhuailte le Alastair Friseal. 1834." Svo. 12 pp. 

Dialogue — The Wanderer and the Hag. n.d. 

" Comhradh eadar Cas-shiubhal an t-sleibhe, agus 
a Chaileach Bhiurr." A broadsheet. 

Dialogue on Faith. Glasgow, 1825-26. 

" Tri Chomhraidh eadar Minisdir agus aon da 
Luchd Eisdeachd air fior bhunachar a chreideamh 
agus Slainte Saoraidh. Eadar-Theangaichte le N. 
McC. Fear Teaguisg roimhe so am Baile Chean- 
Loch Chilechiarain. Glasguc: Clo-bhuailte le I. 
Macilemhicheil. 1826." Svo. 36 pp. is. 
The Translator was N. McClusgay. 

Doddridge (Rev. Dr. P.), Rise and Progress. 

Edinburgh, 18 11. 

'' Toiseach agus Fas Diadhachd arms an Anam ; air a 
shoilleireachadh le Earailibh araidh freagarrach do 
chor dhaoine anns gach staid le urnuigh chrabhach 
air a chuir 'an deigh gach caibdeil. Eadar- 
theangaicht gu Gaelic o Bheurla P. Doddridge, 
D.D. Le P. Macpharlain. [Here Acts xx. 2 1 ; and 
Col. i. 28 quoted.] Duneudainn : Clo-bhuailte le 
Seumas Cleireach, 'an Sraid a' Chruiedh, airson an 
eadar-theangair. 18 11." 12 mo. xiv + 358 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1823. 

" An Dara Uair. Glasgow : Printed by Andrew 

Young, for the Translator. 1823." 12 mo. 8 fF. 
+ 342 pp. 


Doddridge (Rev. Dr. P.), Rise and Progress. 

Edinburgh^ 1842. 

" An Treas Chlobhualadh air a leasachadh. 

Edinburgh : Printed and Published by Thornton & 
Collie, 19 St. David Street. 1842." 8vo. 300 pp. 

Doddridge (Rev. Dr. P.), One Thing Needful. 

Edinburgh^ 1 8 11 . 

" Curam an Anma air Earulachadh mar an t-aon ni 
feumail. Searmoin, air a searmonachadh mu Bhas 
neach og, aig Maidwell, ann an Siorramachd North- 
ampton, air an 22 do Mhiosmeadhon an t-samhrudh 
1735, ^^ ^- Doddridge, D.D. agus a nis air a h-eadar- 
theangachadh gu Gaelic le P. Macpharlain, Eadar- 
theangair Tus agus Fas Diadhachd san anam etc. etc. 
Dun-Eudainn : Clo-bhuailte le I. Clarke. 18 11." 
i2mo. 24 pp. 6d. 

Another Edition. Greenock^ 1812. 

*' Printed for and sold by Daniel Thomson. 

1 8 12." i2mo. 24 pp. 6d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1837. 

" Duneidinn : Clodh-bhuailte le D. R. Collie. 

1837." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

»* Clodh - bhuailte air iarrtus na Cuideachd 

Urramaich a tha chum Eolas Chriosd a sgaoileadh 
feadh Gaeltachd, agus Eileana na h-Alba. Duneidinn : 
Clodh-bhuailte le D. R. Collie." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1842. 


Doddridge (Rev. Dr. P.), Salvation by Grace. 

Greenock^ 1813. 

" Teagasg na Slainte, le Gras tre Chreidimh air a 
shoilleireachadh, ann an Da Shearmoin, le P. 
Doddridge, D.D. agus air an cuir 'an Gaelic le P. 
Macpharlain, Searmoin I. Greenock. Printed for 
and sold by Daniel Thomson." 12 mo. 23 pp. 

" Searmoin II." i2mo. 20 pp. Very rare. 

DoDSLEY (Robert), Economy of Life. 

Edinburgh^ 1806. 

" Stiuradh na Beatha Shaoghalta le Raibeart Dodsley, 
air eadar-theangachadh o an Bheurla gu Gaelic 
Albannach le Alistair Mac Lauruinn. [Here a Scripture 
Quotation.] Dunineidinn [sic] : Clodh-bhuailte le 
T. Stewart. 1806." i8mo. 131 pp. 

It has Table of Contents, * Chlann nan Gael.'' Rules for 
reading the Gaelic Language I.-XII. At the end is a list of 

D'Oyly (Lady), Songs. Glasgow^ ^^75- 

" Grain le Baintighearna D'Oyly. Glaschu : Clo- 
bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid 
Earraghaidheal. 1875." ^^°- 19 pp. + i ff. Fuinn 
nan Orain. 

Lady D'Oyly was connected with the Island of Raasay. 

D'Oyly (Lady), Song on Raasay. s.l.e.a. 

*' Oran do Rarsa, Duthaich Mhic Ghille Challum, Le 
Ealasaid Ross, Baintighearna Doyly." Sm. 8vo. 8 pp. 

There are fourteen verses in the song. 

Dunn (Finlay), Songs and Music. 

Edinburgh^ circa 1848. 

" Orain Nan H-Albain. A Collection of Gaelic Songs 


with English and Gaelic Words, and an Appendix 
containing traditionary Notes to many of the Songs. 
The Piano-forte accompaniment arranged and revised 
by Finlay Dun. Edinburgh : Published by Wood & 
Co., 12 Waterloo Place, J. Muir & Co., 45 Buchanan 
Street, Glasgow ; and Cramer, Beale & Chappel, 
London. Price 15s." Folio. 5 fF. + 90 pp. + 4 pp. 

The work was published about 1848. 

Dunn (Andrew), Life of. Glasgow^ 1829. 

" Eachdruidh mu Aindrea Mac-Ille-Dhuinn papanach 
Erionnach ; agus m'an cho-chainnt a bh' eadar e 
fein agus an sagart. Air a chur an Gaelic le P. 
Macpharlain. Glasgow : Printed by Andrew Young, 
1829." i2mo. 59 pp- 6d. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1840. 

*' No. 37 Andrew Dunn. Eachdraidh mu Aindrea 
Mac-Ille-Dhuinn, Papanach Eirionnach ; agus M'an 
Chainnt a bh'eadar e fein agus an Sagart. Air 
athleasachadh le L. Mac lUein. Glasgow : Printed 
at the University Press, by Edward Khull, Dunlop 
Street, for the Glasgow Religious Tract Society, and 
sold at their Depositories 158 Trongate, and 99 
Buchanan Street. And in Edinburgh at the 
Religious Tract Society's Depository, 6 East Register 
Street. MDCCCXL." i2mo. 

Lachlan Maclean was the Author of '■History of the 
Celtic Languages^ 1837, &c. 

DuTHiL Pamphleteer (A Satire). n.d. 

Dyer (Rev. W.), Christ's Famous Titles. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 17. 

" Ainmeanna Cliuteach Chriosd : Slabhruidh Oir a 


Chreidmhich : agus an T'SJighe Chumhann Do 
Neamh, maille ri Tri Searmonibh eile, agus Smuain- 
teanan Mu'n Bhas. Leis an Urramach Uilleam 
Dyer, o chionn Ghrathuinn, na Shearmonaiche an 
t-soisgeil, aig Chesham, agus Chouldsbury ; ann an 
siorramachd nam Boc. Dhomhsa a's lugha na'n ti 
a's lugha do na naomhaibh uile, thugadh an gras so, 
saibhreas Chriosd nach feudar a rannsuchadh, a 
shearmonachadh am measg nan Cinneach. Ephes. 
iii. 8. A nis air Eadar-theangachadh o Bheurla gu 
Gaelic le C. Maclauruinn. Ma labhras aon neach 
ann an teagaidh choimhich, labhradh dithis, no air 
a chuid a's mo triuir, agus sin an deigh a cheile, agus 
deanadh a h-aon eadar-theangachadh. I. Corint. xiv. 
27. Glaschu : Clodh-bhuailte air son an Eadar- 
Theangair, le Og, D. Gallie, & A Chuideachd. 
Agus ra'n reic ann an Glaschu, an Dun-Eudainn, am 
Peairt, an Inbhernis, am Paisley, san Oban : &c. &c. 
1 8 17." i2mo. 6ff. + 407PP. 3s. 6d. Boards. 

Another Edition. Charlottetown^ P.E.I. ^ 1832. 

The Title printed verbatim from the Edition of 
1 8 17 to I. Corint. xiv. 27, then it goes as follows : 
"Eilean P. Eideard, Baile Charlotte: Clodh-bhuailte 
le Seumas D. Haszard. MDCCCXXXII." i2mo. 
407 pp. + I f . Gaelic Books sold by James Dawson, 
Bookseller, Pictou. 

Dyer (Rev. William), Christ's Famous Titles. 

Edinburgh^ 1845. 

" Ainmeannan Cliutach Chriosd ; Slabhraidh Oir a' 
Chreidich, agus An T-Slighe Chumhann do Neamh, 
&c. Le Uilleam Dyer, Ministeir an T-soisgeil. 
Dhomhsa a's lugha . . . Cinneach. Eph. iii. 8. 



Duneideann : Mac-Lachuinn, Stiubhart agus an 
Cuideachd. MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 4fF. + 339pp. 

There is also an English Title. The work was stereo- 
typed by the publishers in 1845 and 1000 copies printed; 
500 in i860; 200 in 1870 ; 250 in 1875. This Edition 
was revised for the press by John Mackenzie. 

Earle (Rev. Dr. Jabes), Sacramental Exercises. 

Edinburgh^ 1827. 

" Cleachdan Luchd - Comanachaidh : Ann an Da 
Earrainn. I. Cleachdadh a' Chreidich, Roimh, aig, 
agus an deigh Suipeir an Tighearn. II. Giulan agus 
Caithe-Beatha a' Chreidich an deigh dha bhi aig 
Bord an Tighearn. Le labes Earle, D.D. Air 
eadar-theangachadh o'n Bheurla Le I. Mac Dhonuill. 
Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le I. & D. Collie. 1827." 
i8mo. xix4-i58pp. is. 6d. 

Edwards (Rev. Jonathan), Sermon. Glasgow, 1848. 

•' Peacaich ann an lamhaibh Dhe 'na fheirg. Searmoin 
leis an Urramach lonatan Edwards. Glasgow : 
Duncan Mac Vean. 1848." 24mo. 32 pp. 

Edwards (Rev. Jonathan), Sermon. Glasgow, 1851. 

" Published by G. & J. Cameron. 1851." 

A reprint of 1848 Edition. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1863. 

*' Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 

South Bridge. 1863." 24010. 32 pp. 

This Edition was stereotyped and 500 copies were printed ; 
500 in 1870 ; 500 in 1876, and probably as many in 1889. 


Edwards (Rev. Jonathan), The Great Question. 

Perth^ n.d. 

" A Cheist Mhor ; no Ciod a m mi chum gu'n 
Tearnar mi ^ Leis an Urramach Jonathan Edwards. 
Ead. le Ailean Sinclair, M.A. Ministear na h-Eaglais 
Saoire anns a' Cheanmhor. [Here woodcut, &c.] 
Perth : published by Duncan Matheson, Editor 
* Herald of Mercy.'" i2mo. 52 pp. + i f. of 
wrapper, on outside of which is a religious poem of 
• three verses, called ^ An Dion Cinnteach.^ 

Elliot (Andrew, Printer), Spiritual Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ i?>62' 
" Dain Spioradail air an Tionndadh 'o Bheurla gu 
Gaelic. Duineideann : Andreas Elliot,' 15 Sraid a' 
Phrionnsa. 1 863." 1 2mo. 24 pp. + i f . Clar-innsidh. 

Erskine (Rev. Ralph), Sermons. Glasgow^ 1836. 

"Searmona leis an Urram. Ralph Erscine, A.M., 
Minister an t-Soisgeul a bha ann Dunfearmlinn. 
Eadar-Theangaichte gu Gaelic le A. U. Macdhomh- 
nuill, Gleann Urachadinn. Leo so air dha bhi 
marbh, tha e fathast a labhairt. Eabh. xi. 4. 
Glascho : Clodh-bhuailt le E. agus S, Hutchison. 
MDCCCXXXVI." 8vo. 409 pp. + i f. errata. 

Failte Cheap Breatunn, Songs. Sydney^ C.B.^ 1891. 

" Failte Cheap Breatunn. A Collection of Gaelic 
Poetry. By V. A. Mc I. Mc Lellan. Price 50 
cents. Sydney, C.B. : Printed by The Island Re- 
porter. 1891." i2mo. xi + 202 pp.4- 1 f. Contents. 

The first twenty-two songs in the book were composed 
by Donald Maclellan, blacksmith, who died at Grand Mira, 
in the county of Cape Breton, on the i8th day of February 


1890. He was born in the Parish of Glenelg (Morthir), 
Scotland, on the 3rd of April 1807. As a boy of twelve 
he emigrated with his father and the family to Nova Scotia 
in the ship * The Economy^ of Aberdeen. John Maclean, 
* Bard Thighearna Cholla^ was a fellow passenger from whom 
on the passage young Maclellan learned ' Oran do Mhac-ic 
Alasdair^ There are also poems by six prominent Gaels 
of Nova Scotia, and songs composed in Scotland. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), On the Atonement. 

Glasgow^ 1843. 

" Beachdan Aithghearr Mu Fharsuinneachd lobairt- 
Reitich Chriosd. Feumalachd Obair an Spioraid 
Naoimh agus Creidimh, le Co-chur na nithe sin ; 
maille ri Laoidhean Spioradail, le Gilleaspuig Far- 
charson. [Quot. John iii. 16.] Glasgow : J. & P. 
Campbell. Inverness : Smith. MDCCCXLIII." 
2 fF. + 56 pp. + 23 pp. Poems. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Banner of The Mil- 
lennium. Obarty n.d. 

*'Bratach Mhilenium air fonn *■ Nighean donn na 
h-airidh' Printed by James Muller, Oban." i2mo. 


Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Hymns. Oban^ n.d. 

" Laoidhean, le G. Farcharson. Oban : James 
Miller." i2mo. 12 pp. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Hymns. GlasgoWy 1866. 

" Laoidhean, le GiUeasbuig Farcharson. Glascho : 
Clobhuailte le GiUeasbuig Mac - Na - Ceardadh. 
1866." i2mo. 40 pp. 


Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Church's Desire. 

Glasgow^ 1867. 

** Guidhe na H-Eaglals air son teachd Fir a Graidh 
ann an Da Earainn le Ughdar Eaglais a' Mhilenium, 
ag aoradh 'an Gleann Teilt. Glasgow : by Archi- 
bald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXVII." 
i2mo. II pp. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Hymns. Glasgow, 1868. 

The Hymns here are those composed since the last work 
was published. They were issued by the same publisher. 
i2mo. 48 pp. Small type. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Superiority of Gaelic. 

Edinburgh, 1868. 

" An Address to Highlanders respecting their native 
Gaelic. ... By Archibald Farquharson. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan and Stewart. Glasgow : W. Love. Oban : 
J. Miller. Inverness : J. Noble. Stornoway : Mac- 
pherson & Co. 1868." 8vo. 44 pp. 

The last four pages are Gaelic poetry. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Christ's Forerunner. 

Glasgow, 1870. 

" Christ's Forerunner to the Highlands ; in Gaelic 
and English. Also a Song to Highlanders. By 
Archibald Farquharson. Glasgow : A. Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 
64 South Bridge. MDCCCLXX." i2mo. 28 pp. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Sion's Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1870. 

" Laoidhean Shioin. Le Gilleasbuig Farcharson. 
Glasgow : Printed by Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle 


Street. 1870." i2mo. 2 fF. + 113 text + 7 pp. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Hymns. Glasgow^ 1871. 

" Laoidhean, le Gilleasbuig Farcharson. Glasgow : 
Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan & Stewart. MDCCCLXXI." i2mo. 
II pp. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), The Princess' Wel- 
come TO Inveraray. Glasgow^ 1871. 

" The Princess' Welcome to Inveraray Castle. Failte 
na Banna Phrionns' do Chaisteal lonaraora. 
* Island of Tiree' May 2, 1 87 1.' " 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Princess' Welcome to 
The Highlands. Glasgow, 1871. 

" The Princess' Welcome to The Highlands. Failte 
na Ban-phrionnsa do'n Ghaidhealtachd. 1871." 

This was printed by A. Sinclair, Glasgow. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), Revivals in Tiree. 


" Earranan air an eadar-theangachadh bho Obair 
longantach Dhe ann an Eilean Thiridhe. Le Mac 
Fhearchair. Glaschu : Clobhuailte le G. Mac-na- 
Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1875." 8vo. 

7 PP- 

A very vigorous pamphlet against the Baptists in Tirec. 

Farquharson (Rev. Arch.), On Teaching Gaelic. 

Glasgow, 1877. 

*' Earail a's Rannan air son na Gaidhlig bhi air a 
teagasg 'nar Sgoilean, Le Gaidheal Criosduidh. 


Diiisgibh, duisgibh, luchd mo rfiin 
'S cuiribh glijin gu laidir, 
Air uile sgoilirean na h-uaill 
'Chumadh uaibh 'ur canain 
Sibh mur eirich gu ro-dheas 
Dhuibh gun cheist is nair e 
Mac Tail' nan creag le fanaid 's sgeig 
Their ruibh 'm feasd na traillean. 

Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLXXVII." i2mo. 12 pp. 

The Rev. Archibald Farquharson was a native of Perth- 
shire, and spent a long life as Minister of the Independent 
Body in Tiree. He was one of the greatest enthusiasts 
that ever lived for the fostering of a knowledge of the Gaelic 

Ferguson (Ann), Elegy on Ferguson. j./., 1855. 

" Marbh-rann do'n Urramach Iain Mac-Fheargais, 
Ministeir Chilninbhir agus Meileird 'an Earragheil. 
Le Anna Nic-Fhearghais, an Sgireachd a' Chlachain 
'An Ceanntire. Clobhuailte airson, agus r'an reic 
le Dughall Mac-Fheargais. MDCCCLV." 8vo. 
II pp. 

Ferguson (Ann), Elegy on Ferguson. 

Kilmarnock^ n.d. 

" In Memoriam. This Poem was composed by Ann 
Ferguson of Clachaig, Kintyre, in memory of the Rev. 
John Ferguson, minister of Kilninver and Kilmelfort, 
County of Argyle, previous to the Disruption of 
1843." ^vo. 8 pp. At the end "Printed at James 
M'Kiss' Establishment, Kilmarnock." 

This is the same elegy as the above ; it has no Title 
in Gaelic, but it is clearly the Original Edition. 

Ferguson (C), Gaelic Names of Trees, &c. 

InvernesSy 1870. 


Ferguson (Donald), Queen at Blair-Atholl. 

Edinburgh, 1845. 

" A' Bhan-Righ aig Blar an adhall [sic]. Prize Gaelic 
Poems of Atholl Gathering, 1844 and 1845. ^Y 
Donald Ferguson, Schoolmaster, Dowally. Edin- 
burgh : Maclachlan, Stewart, & Co. MDCCCXLV." 
8vo. 12 pp. 

Another Prize Poem by the same Author was printed 
in Edinburgh in 1847. 

Ferguson (D.), The Believer's Hope. n.d. 

Findlater (Rev. William), Elegies. 

Edinburgh, 1850. 

"Gaelic Elegies in Memory of I. Dr. John Macdonald, 
Free Church, Ferintosh ; II. Rev. Alexander Stewart, 
Cromarty ; III. Mrs. Margaret M*Kay, Reay 
Country, Sutherlandshire. By the Rev. W, Find- 
later, Minister of the Free Church, Durness. Edin- 
burgh : Johnstone & Hunter, 1 5 Princes Street ; 
and 26 Paternoster Row, London. MDCCCL." 
i8mo. 59 pp. 

Findlater (Rev. William), Parting Exhortation. 

Edinburgh, 1856. 

Fishermen of Scotland. Dingwall, 1896. 

" Cothrom agus Ceartas do Dh'iasgairean na h'Alba." 
8vo. Printed and published by A. M. Ross & Co., 

Flavel (Rev. John), On the Lord's Supper. 

Glasgow, n.d. 

" Mineachadh air Suipeir, agus Comhradh cairdeil 
eadar Ministeir agus Criosduidh amhurasach mu dhei- 


bhinn Sacramaid Suipeir an Tighearn. Leis ann 
Urramach Eoin Flabhal. Air 'adar-theangaichte [sic] 
gu Gaelic le Seumas Mac Gill' losa, Ministeir na 
h-Eaglais Saoire ann an Cill-beri. Glasgow : Printed 
by Wm. Gilchrist, 64 Howard Street." 12 mo. 
23 pp. Wrappers. 

Flavel (Rev. John), Token for Mourners. 

Inverness^ 1828. 

"Companach do Luchd-Broin : No Comhairle 
Chriosd do Mhathair fo Amhghar, a' caoidheadh' 
Bas a h-aon ghin mic gradhach. Anns am bheil 
Criochaibh a Bhroin air an suidheachadh gu 
cothromach, neo-mheasarrachd air an toirmisg, na 
leth-sgeulan cumanta air am freagaert, agus iomadh 
riaghailt air an toirt chum cobhair do Phobull De a 
ta fo amhghar. Leis an Urramach Eoin Flabhel : — 
Ministeir an t-Soisgeil a bha an Dartmouth, ann an 
Debhon. Agus Cunntas Mu Dhithis Dhaoine a 
bha 'san Fhraing ; maille ri Roinn do Litrichibh an 
Urramaich Shamuel Rutherford, Eadar-theangaichte 
gu Gaelic, Le Seumas Friseal, Eadar-theangair a 
Chroinn Fhige no-thorach. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte 
le Alastair Mac-An-Toisich ; agus r'an reic leis na 
Leabhair-reiceadairibh. 1828." i2mo. 220 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1849. 

" An Dara Clo-bhualadh. Duneidin : Clo- 

bhuailte agus ri'n reic le Thornton agus Collie. 
1849." i2mo. 128 pp. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1862. 

Fletcher (Rev. J. W.), On New Birth. Elgin, 1833. 
"An Nuadh Bhreith, Leis an Urramach Iain U. 


Fletcher, Comh-arba bh'ann am Madeli, Salop, agus 
Gairm Dhusgaidh bho'n Dia shiorruidh, do Mhuinntir 
Neo-Iompuichte, Le Mr Samuel Corbin, Seann Mhin- 
isteir Soisgeulach . lar an eadar-theangachad h le Alastair 
M. Ros, A.M. Ma tha neach sam bith ann an Criosd 
is creutair nuadh e. Chaidh na seann nithe seach, 
feuch rinneadh na h-uile nithe nuadh — Pol. Eiliginn : 
Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair C. Brander. Airson an 
Eadar-theangair, agus R. Doughlas, ann am Baille- 
Dhuthais, agus gach Leabhar - reiceadair eile 'sa 
Ghaidhealtachd. 1833." i2mo. pp. 124. 

Forbes (Alexander R.), Gaelic Names of Beasts. 

Edinburgh^ 1905* 

" Gaelic Names of Beasts (Mammalia), Birds, Fishes, 
Insects, Reptiles, etc. In two parts. I. Gaelic- 
English, II. English-Gaelic. Part I. Contains Gaelic 
Names or Terms for each of the above, with English 
meanings. Part II. Contains all the English Names 
for which Gaelic is given in Part I., with Gaelic, other 
English Names, Etymology, Celtic Lore, Prose, 
Poetry and Proverbs referring to each thereto 
attached. All now brought together for the first 
time. By Alexander Robert Forbes, Edinburgh 
(Formerly of Sleat, Skye). Edinburgh : Oliver and 
Boyd, Tweeddale Court ; Norman Macleod, George 
IV. Bridge. 1905." Demy 8vo. XX. + 424 pp. 

Portrait of the Author faces Title. 

Forbes (Rev. John), Double Grammar. 

Edinburgh^ 1843. 

Two Titles : " A Double Grammar of English and 
Gaelic, in which the Principles of both Languages 


are clearly explained, containing the Grammatical 
Terms, Definitions, and Rules, with copious Exercises 
for Parsing and Correction, conjointly and severally 
arranged in both Languages. Adapted to the 
improved mode of Tuition. For the use of Schools 
and Private Students. By John Forbes, School- 
master of Fort- Augustus : Honorary Member of 
The Ossianic Society of Glasgow, and of The Gaelic 
Society of London, &c. Edinburgh : W. Whyte & 
Co., Booksellers to The Queen Dowager ; Oliver 
and Boyd. Glasgow : J. & P. Campbell ; D. M'Vean. 
Aberdeen : S. M'Lean. Inverness : J. Smith. Ding- 
wall : J. Ketch. 1843." 8vo. 4s. 

" Gramar Dubhailt Beurla 'us Gaelic, anns am bheil 
St^idhean na d^ Chainnt minichte gu soilleir : a Co- 
ghiulan nan ainmean, nam brighardan agus nan 
rialtan Gramarail, le cleachdaidhean lionmhor air 
Pairteachadh agus Ceartachadh. Ann an Ordugh 
co-cheangailte agus Dealaichte, anns an Da Chainnt. 
Freagarrach ris an Rian ionnsachaidh Leasaichte. 
Airson maith Sgoilean agus Sgoilearan Aonarach. 
Le Iain Foirbeis, Ball Urramach de Chomunn 
Oissianach, Ghlascho, agus de Chomunn na Gaelic, 
'an Lunuinn, &c. Dunedin : Uilleam Banach 's 
a Chuid. Leabhar-reicearan do'n Bhan-righ Dhu- 
bharaich ; Olibher 'us Boid. Glascho : I. & P. 
Caimbeul ; D. Mac-Bheathain. Abair-Rean : S. Mac- 
lUeathain. lonarnis : S. Gobha. lonarfeoran : S. 
Ceiteach. 1843. [Pris Ceithir Tasdain ceangailte.] " 
Sm. 8vo. 378 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1848. 

" The Principles of Gaelic Grammar, with the Defini- 
tions, Rules and Examples, clearly expressed in 
English and Gaelic, containing copious exercises for 


the reading of the Language, and for Parsing and 
Correction. Adapted to the improved mode of 
Tuition. For the use of Schools and Private Students. 
By John Forbes, F.E.I.S., one of the Masters in the 
Normal Institution of Edinburgh ; Author of the 
Double Grammar of English and Gaelic, &c. 
Second Edition. Greatly Improved. Edinburgh : 
Published by Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court ; and 
Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London. 1848." Sm. 
8vo. xxiv4-256 pp. 3s. 6d. 

Forbes (Rev. John), The White Ship. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 

" The White Ship, A Spiritual Poem — Long Gheal ; 
Dan Spioradail. Le Ministear Ghaidhealach. [Here 
quoted John vi. 20, 21.] Edinburgh : D. R. Collie 
& Son, 19 St. David Street. Price fourpence." Sm. 
8vo. 39 pp. 

Forbes (Rev. John), The Lamp. Edinburgh, n.d. 

*' An Lochran, no Comhradh nan Daoine Comh- 
araichte ann an Dun-teagaisg. Edinburgh : D. R. 
Collie & Son." i2mo. 50 pp. 6d. 

Forbes (Rev. John), Catechism on Baptism, &c. 1857. 

We have not seen this work, but it is stated by his son, 
A. Robert Forbes, of Edinburgh, to have been printed in 
that year. 

Forbes (Rev. John), Comhradh nan Cnoc. n.d. 

" Comhradh nan Cnoc, no Fead air na Fithich." 

This is a retaliatory poem. We have not seen the 


Forbes (Rev. John), The Clergyman on the 
See-saw. Glasgow^ 1853. 

This scurrilous pamphlet is attributed to John Gillies, 
who emigrated to New Zealand. The full Title is 
as follows : " Am Ministear air An Lair Mhaide. 
[Here woodcut — a minister carried on a pole by two 
kilted Highlanders.] 

Oir thoill e so, 's is airidh e 
Air peanas, agus tair ; 
A bheir air fein bhi gul gu goirt 
Ma'm faigh a chos gu lar. 

Focal no dha do Mhuinntir an Eilein Sgiathanaich, 
mu dheighinn an Leabhair Bhreugaich Bhreugaich 
agus Chealgaich sin a chuireadh a mach le Iain 
Foirbeis, Ministear Shleit, fo ainm ' Gal 's na 
h-Eileinean,' maille ri Comhradh eadar triuir Ghaid- 
heal, mu'n Mhinistear agus M'a Ghramar Dubailt, 

On 'san agad tha'n eucoir, 

Cuim nach paighinn thu'n eirig do sgeoil. — 


Ach bi'dh e ni's paighte na shaoil leis. — 

Rob. Donn. 

Glasgow : Printed by Archd. Sinclair, 62 Argyle 
Street. MDCCCLIII." 8vo. 16 pp. 

The Rev. John Forbes was born at Strath about 181 1. 
He was for some time a teacher at Fort-Augustus. He 
studied at the University of Edinburgh and became Minister 
of Sleat in 1849, where he died in 1863. He translated a 
few minor works from English into Gaelic, and he left at 
his death a MS. translation of Ossian's Poems into Gaelic. 

Forbes (Mrs. Mary), Spiritual Poems. Pictou, n.d. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail, le Mairi Fhoirbeis. Pictou." 
i8mo. 60 pp. 


Mary Forbes, nee Maclachlan, was a native of Argyllshire. 
She lived in New Glasgow, Pictou, N.S., and died about 
the year 1838, leaving no family. 

Forres Collection of Hymns. Forres^ 1852. 

" Dain Spioradail. Le Ughdairibh Eug-samhuil. 

Air an fhirein bidh cuimhne shiorruidh, 
lomradh cubhr' cha teid air di-chuimhn, 
Neas onoir ged chuirte sios e 
Maiseach bidh air deas laimh Chriosda. 


Foirres : Printed by John Miller, Gazette Office. 
1852." i2mo. 66 pp. 

Forrest (Thomas, Printer), Mirthful Songs. 

Edinburgh^ i777- 
"An Sugradh, no Grain aighir agus criodhalas, mu 
ghaol, suirbheadh, bachuil, etc., etc. A Cheud uair. 
Cho-bhuailt an Dun-eudain le Tomais Forrest. 
1777." Sm. i2mo. 52 pp. 

Exceedingly rare ; only three perfect copies known. 

Franklin (Benjamin), Way to Wealth. 

Edinburgh^ 1785. 

"An Slighe chum Sai-Bhris, le Olladh Franklin. 
Eidir-theangaicht' o'n Bheurla chum Gaidhlig, air 
iartas a' Mhor-uasal oidheire, larla Buchan, le R. 
Mac-Pharlain. Edinburgh. 1785." i2mo. 1 1 pp. 

Eraser (Alexander), Elegy on Mrs. Lilias Eraser. 

Inverness, n.d. 

" Marbhrann do Mrs. Lilias Friseal, Bean Mhr. Iain 
Friseal, Ard Fhear-riaghlaidh, Inbhirnis, Le A. Friseal 
ann an sin." i2mo. 12 pp. 


Fraser (Alexander, Canada), Song. n.d. 

" Oran, le Alasdair Friseal, Dunbheagan, Gleann- 
garradh, Canada." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Fraser (Alexander, Toronto), Heroes' Book. 

Toronto, 1897. 

" Leabhar nan Sonn, Gearr-aithris air curaidhean na 
Craoibhe Ruaidhe is air Diulanaiche iomraiteach la an 
Diugh, le Alasdair Friseal. Toronto : Clo-bhuailte le 
Uilleam Briggs. 1897." i2mo. 4 fF. + 7-1 15 pp. 

Portrait faces Title. The work was reprinted a few years 
afterwards. Mr. Fraser is a native of Perthshire, and studied 
at the University of Glasgow. 

Fraser (Hon. Archibald), Annals of Frasers. 

Edinburgh, 1795. 

Two Titles : " Annals of such Patriots of the Dis- 
tinguished Family of Fraser, Frysell, Sim-son or Fitz- 
simon, as have signalised themselves in the Public 
Service of Scotland : from the time of their first 
arrival in Britain, and appointment to the office of 
Thanes of The Isle of Man, until their settlement as 
Lords of Oliver Castle & Tweddale in the South, and 
Lords of Loveth in the North. At Edinburgh : 
Printed by John Moir, Paterson's Court. 1795." 

" Eachdraidh mu thimchioU Dream eudmhor m'an 
Duthaich do Fhinne Ainmeil nan Fraser, Friseall, 
Mac-Shimi, no Clann-Shimon, a chosain mor-chlieu 
ann Seirbhis choitchean nh H Alba on am an D'tainig 
iad air tus doBhreatan agus a chauidh 'n orducha 'chum 
Uachdranachd Eilean Mhan-inn gus an do shocruiche 
iad na Moireara air Lobheath mu Thuath. Dun- 
Eaduinn : Clo'Bhuailt Le Eoin Moir, ann Cuirt Mhic 


Phadraic. 1795." ^^o- 3 ff- + xxxvm+i f . + 
57 pp. + I f . Gaelic Title as above. 

The work is all in English except the Gaelic Title. It 
was reprinted in 1825. 

Fraser (Hugh), Spiritual Hymns. InvernesSy 1827. 

" Dan Gaelach, air an toirt o'n Sgrioptur ; Maille ri 
marbh-rann air Padruig Anderson, fear-lagha ann an 
Inbherneis ; agus oran air Crannchur Cumhang. Le 
Huistean Friseal, a bha chomhnuidh ann an Sgireachd 
Chnuic-Mhuire, ach a nis ann an Sgireachd Urra. 
Inbherneis : Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair Mackintosh. 
1827." i2mo. 12 pp. 
Very rare. 

Fraser (Hugh), Spiritual Hymns. Inverness^ 1829. 

" Dan Spioradail, le Huistein Friseal, o Sgire Chnuic- 
Muire. Maille ris An Samaritanach Math le Ministeir 
og iraidh. 1829." i2mo. 12 pp. 

The hymns in this Edition are ' lonndrainn an Anma^ 
^Seann Duine^ ^Comhairle do'n Oige^ ^A Samaratanach Math J 
Extremely rare. 

Third Edition. Inverness^ 1830. 

" Dan Gaelach air an toirt on Scriobtur ; maille ri 
Marbh-rann air Padruig Anderson, Fear-Lagh' ann 
an Inbhirnis, agus Oran air Crannchur Chumhang. 
Le Huistean Friseal. Bha Sgire Chnuic Mhuire. An 
Tri-amh Clodh-bhualadh. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte 
le Alastair Friseal. 1830." i2mo. 12 pp. 
Very rare. 

Fraser (Hugh), Elegy on Lady Mackenzie. 

Inv ernes Sy 1834. 

" Marbhrann Do Bhain-Tighearn og Ghearloch, a 


chriochnaich le bas aithghearr anns a bhliadhna, 1834. 
Le Huistean Friseal, an Sgire Urradh." 1 2mo. 4 pp. 
This was printed by Alexander Fraser, Inverness. 

Fraser (Hugh), Poems. Inverness^ 1834. 

" Grain, maille ri beagan Co-chruinneachadh. Le 
Huistean Friseal, an Sgire Urra. 1834." i2mo. 
12 pp. 

Printed by A. Fraser, Inverness. 

Fraser (Hugh), New Hymns. Inverness^ 1835. 

"Grain Nuadh. Le Huistean Friseal, an Sgire 
Urradh. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte le A. Friseal. 
1835." i2mo. 12 pp. 

Gne of the poems is an Elegy on the Duke of Sutherland. 

Fraser (Hugh), Elegy on Kennedy. 

Inverness^ 1836. 

" Marbhrann Do'n Urramach Nial Kennedie, a bha'n 
Sgire Lagaidh ; agus mar an ceudna Do'n Urramach 
Mhr. Domhnull Friseal, a bha'n Sgire Chnoc-Mhuire. 
Le Huistean Friseal, an Sgire Urradh. Inbhirneis : 
Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair Friseal. 1836." i2mo. 
12 pp. 

Eraser (Hugh), Elegy on Chisholm. 

Inverness^ 1838. 

" Marbhrann Do'n T - Shiosalach Strathghlais, a 
chriochnaich a bheath so air a bhliadhna 1838, a bha 
na phrop dileas do'n Eaglais." 

At the end of the poem is ' Le Huistean Friseal.^ 

Eraser (Hugh), Elegy on Dr. Macdonald. 

Inverness^ 1847. 

" Marbh-Rann air an Urramach Dr. lainDomhnuUach, 



Ministeir na Toiseachd, a Chaochaill sa Bhliadhna 
1847. Le Huistean Friseal, an Inbhirnis." i2mo. 
8 pp. 

Fraser (Hugh), The Christian's Bank. 

Inverness^ n.d. 

"Banc ceinnteach a Chriosdaidh." i2mo. 
Fraser (Hugh), The World and Young Man, n.d. 
Fraser (James), Old Psalm Tunes. 1858. 

Fraser (Dr. James), Faith in God. Inverness^ 1889. 

" Creidimh ann an Dia, no Mar bha mi air mo 
tharuinn a dh'ionnsuidh Dhe, agus air mo thoirt gu 
dunadh ris tre chreidimh, caibideal o eachdraidh beatha 
an Urr. Seumas Friseal, Braighe, ann a.d. 1659. 
[Eadar-theangaichte le Cathul Carr.] Inverness : 
Melvin Brothers. 1889." i2mo. 23 pp. 

Fraser (John), Elegy on A. Cook. Inverness^ 1862. 

Eraser (William), On Baptism. Inverness, 1828. 

*' Beachd air Ordugh a Bhaistidh, dha'm bheil co- 
fhianuis air a thoirt le moran do luchd-baisteadh na 
Cloinne le Uilleam Friseil. [Here a Scripture quo- 
tation.] Inbhirneis : Clodh - bhuailte le Alastair 
Macantoisich. 1828." i2mo. 84 pp. is. 

Free Church Missionary Record. 

Edinburgh, 1875 ^^•^«^- 

Free Masons' Ritual. Glasgow, 1878. 

Only four leaves printed for the opening ceremony for 
the Gael Lodge, Glasgow. The printer was A. Sinclair. 


The Gael, a Monthly Magazine, Vols, i.-vi. 


This periodical was started in Toronto in June 1871 by 
Angus Nicholson, at the time editor of the ^Canada Scotsman* 
Only a few numbers appeared when Mr. Nicholson was 
appointed Emigration Agent for the North of Scotland, and 
at the same time the office of ' The GaeV was transferred 
to Glasgow. Articles appeared in it in Gaelic and English, 
and for years it was very successful, and very popular among 
Highlanders at home and in Canada. It was printed on thick 
and thin papers : the latter was for the Colonies. The price 
per copy was sixpence. With the first number was issued an 
English Supplement on large paper which is very seldom met 
with. For the last two years of its existence the property 
in * The GaeV was held by Messrs. Maclachlan & Stewart, 

Gaelic Society of Glasgow, Constitution of. 

Glasgow^ 1873. 
" Comunn Gaelic Ghlaschu. Office Bearers' Names 
and Constitution of The Gaelic Society of Glasgow ; 
Instituted 1873." i2mo. 7 pp. 
The rules of the Society are in Gaelic. 

Gaelic Society of Glasgow, Transactions of. 

Glasgow^ 1 89 1 et sec. 

Gaelic Society of Inverness. 

Inverness^ Vols, i.-xxvii. 1 872-191 5 et sec. 

These volumes contain a great deal of interesting matter 
relating to the Highlands written both in English and in 
Gaelic by Antiquaries and Celtic Scholars. 

Gaelic Society of London, Melodies. 

London^ 1876. 

"Aireamh Taghte de Dh'orain na Gaidhealtachd. 
A Selection of Highland Melodies. London : 
J. A. Miller, 60 Moorgate Street, E.C. Accompani- 
ment by Lewis Honing. 1876." 


Gaelic Society of Tobermory. n.d. 

" Comunn Gaidhlig Thobarmhoire." 8vo. 3 pp. 
The whole of this tractate is printed in Gaelic. 

Gaelic Meeting, A. Glasgow^ 1905- 

" Coinneamh Ghaidhlig. A Gaelic Meeting. A 
number of phrases and expressions grouped together 
for the first time. They will be useful as an aid in 
the conducting of routine business at all Gaelic 
Meetings. A' Phris — 3 Sgillinnean. Alasdair 
Maclabhruinn agus a Mhac, 360 Sraid Earraghaidheal, 
Glascho." 24mo. 16 pp. 

It was reprinted from Ewen Macdonald's Dictionary first 
in 1905, and again in 19 14. 

Gaelic Topography of Dunoon District. 

Kirkintilloch^ n.d. 

"The Gaelic Topography of the Dunoon District. 
By the Author of Celtic Etymology of The Campsie 
Fells. Kirkintilloch : Printed by D. Macleod, Cow- 
gate." 8vo. 47 pp. Price 6d. 

Galbraith (Angus), Venus. n.d. 

" ' Venus ' Nan Gaidheal. Oran a rinn Aonghas 
Mac a' Bhreatunnaich a bh'ann an Tobar Dallaig 
'n uair a dh'fhalbh a mhuinntir do dh' America." 

A broadsheet. In the copy before us is a note by the late 
Neil Campbell stating that the song as here given is incom- 
plete, and that Galbraith composed the song in the year 1831 
when the emigration took place. 

Gardner (Alexander), Catechism on Lord's Supper. 

Paisley ^ 1845. 

" Leabhar-Cheist air Suipeir an Tighearna, air son 


feum Og-Luchd-Comanachaidh. Agus na Buidhne 
's faide air an aghaidh anns na Sgoilean Sabaid. Le 
Fear - Teagaisg Sgoil - Shabaid. Paisley : Alex. 
Gardner. Edinburgh : Maclachlan, Stewart & Co., 
J. Johnstone, and Oliver & Boyd. Glasgow : M. 
Ogle & Son, W. Collins, D. Macvean, and G. Gallie. 
MDCCCXLV." 32mo. 36 pp. 

GiLFiLLAN (Rev. George), On the Lord's Day. 

Greenock y 18 13. 

" Earail mu Naomhachadh La an Tighearna agus an 
Dleasnas feumal sin air a Dhian-Fhuran, le S. GilfiUan, 
Ministeir an t-Soisgeil 'an Coimrie. Agus a nls air 
Eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic, le P. Macpharlain, 
Eadar-theangair ' Tus agus Fas Diadhachd san Anam,' 
etc., etc. Greenock : Printed for and sold by Daniel 
Thomson. 1813." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Gillies (Dr. H. C), The Thrush. Inverness^ ^^11 • 

" An Smeorach : A Collection of Gaelic Songs with 
the Music (sol-fa notation). By H. C. Gillies. 

Tha'n Smeorach cur na smuid dh'i, 
Air bacan cuil leath fcin. 

Inverness : Printed at the Advertiser Office, and sold 
by Mr. Melvin, Union Street." 12 mo. 32 pp. 

Gillies (Dr. H. C). Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"Gaelic Texts for Schools (New Code), with Grammar, 
Vocabulary and full Notes and Exercises on Parsing, 
Analysis, etc. By H. Cameron Gillies, M.B., etc. 
Part I. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, Book- 
sellers to the University." i2mo. 46 pp. 


Gillies (Dr. H. C), Gaelic Grammar. 

London^ 1896. 

"The Elements of Gaelic Grammar, based on the 
work of the Rev. Alexander Stewart, D.D. By 
H. Cameron Gillies, M.D. London : Published by- 
David Nutt, 270-271 Strand. 1896." Demy 8vo. 
xii+ 176 pp. + I f. Advertisements. 

Second Edition. London^ 1902. 

Gillies (Dr. H. C), Gaelic Class Book. 

London^ 1896. 

"The Gaelic Class Book. Part I. Exercises on 
Grammar, by H. C. Gillies, M.D. London : David 
Nutt, 270-271 Strand." 8vo. 48 pp. 

Gillies (Dr. H. C), Gaelic Names of Diseases. 

Glasgow ., 1898. 

" Gaelic Names of Diseases and of Diseased States. 
By H. Cameron Gillies, M.D. Reprinted from the 
Caledonian Medical Journal." Glasgow : Printed 
by Alex. Macdougall, 68 Mitchell Street. 1898." 
8vo. 40 pp. IS. 

Gillies (Dr. H. C), Place Names of Argyllshire. 

London^ 1906. 

Gillies (John, Bookseller), Clan Feuds and Songs. 

Glasgow^ 1780. 

"The History of the Feuds and Conflicts among 
the Clans in the Northern Parts of Scotland, and in 
the Western Isles, from the year MXXXI unto 
MDCXIX. To which is added a Collection of 
curious songs in the Gallic Language, published 
from an original Manuscript. Glasgow : Printed 


^y J- ^ J- Robertson, for John Gillies, Perth. 
MDCCLXXX." i2mo. 3 ff. + 99 pp. Feuds 
+ 101-138 Orainnan Ghaeliachd. 

Very rare. A perfect copy is worth about two guineas. 
Copies are often met with lacking the Title-leaf, but other- 
wise clean and complete. Possibly the publisher discovered 
the nature of the GaeHc poetry appended to the English text 
before the impression was sold out, and to conceal his 
connexion with the work had the Titles cut out. The 
Satire, ' Baran Supair* refers to a Mr. Maxwell, factor to 
the Duke of Argyll ; it was composed by John Bethune 
(Macbethac), Tutor to the Duke of Argyll. The work 
was originally published by the Foulis Press, but without the 
Gaelic poetry in 1764. 

Gillies (John, Perth), Collection of Poems. 

Perth, 1786. 

One English and Three Gaelic Titles : 

I. "A Collection of Ancient and Modern Gaelic 
Poems and Songs Transmitted from Gentlemen in 
Highlands of Scotland to the Editor. Perth : Printed 
for John Gillies, Bookseller. MDCCLXXXVI." 

II. *' Sean Dain, agus Grain Ghaidhealach, do reir 
Ordu' Dhaoin Uaisle a raid an Gaeltachd Alba, don 
Fhear Fhoillsicheadh Eoin Gillies. Ball co-fhreag- 
arrach don 'T Sean Chuideachd Albannach ann 
Duneidinn, agus Companach do n T' Sean-Chuid- 
eachd am Peairt, agus Leabhar - Reiceadair do 
n' Chuideachd cheudna. Clo-bhuailt am Peairt. 

III. *' Dain agus Grain Ghaidhealach. Do reir 
Ordubh Dhaoin Uaisle a raid an Gaidhealtachd 
Alba, Le Eoin Gillies Fear don Tseanadh Chuideachd 
F' H Aoluimte ann 'm Peairt agus Leabhar Reic- 
eadair don Chuideachd-sin. Clo-bhuailt am Peairt. 


IV. " Sean Dain, agus Grain Ghaidhealach air an 
Tabhairt o Dhaoine Uaisle, Araid an Gaeltachd Alba. 
Don Fhear Fhoillsicheadh Eoin Gillies. Don [Aon] 
Co-Fhreagarrach don 'T Sean Chuideachd Albannach 
ann Duneidinn, agus Fear don T-Sean Chuideachd 
am Peairt, agus Leabhar-Receudair don' Chuideachd- 
sin. Clo-bhuailt' am Peairt. MDCCLXXXVI." 
8vo. I f. Gaelic Title + i f. English Title + i f. 
Dedication to the Earl of Buchan + i f . Advertise- 
ment by the Editor + 326 pp. 

This work is now somewhat rare^ but not by any means 
so scarce as was thought fifty years ago. We know ot 
more than thirty copies of the work. The late John F. 
Campbell was the first to draw attention to its value and 
rarity in vol. iv. of the West Highland Tales^ 1864. Ever 
since the book has been much sought after by Celtic 
scholars. As noted there were three Gaelic Titles issued, 
and any one of these goes with the English Title. Rarely 
are two Gaelic Titles bound with the English Title. We 
have only met with one copy that contained Gaelic Titles 
II. and III. Most copies that gave Title IV. have Don 
before Co-Fhreagarrach corrected to Aon. We have not 
met with the word ' Leabhar-Receudair ' corrected as given 
in Reid's ' Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica.'' All these Gaelic Titles 
were translations from English, and the orthography suggests 
that there were two Translators. In any case the three 
Gaelic Titles and the one English Title, as well as the two 
variants in the " Advertisement by the Editor," must have 
been printed either contemporaneously or in rapid succession to 
replenish an insufficient issue of " Titles and Advertisement." 
The work was edited by the Rev. Dr. James MacLagan of 
Blair- AthoU, assisted by others. John Gillies knew no 
Gaelic. The published price was seven shillings and six- 
pence. As much as four guineas are now paid for choice 

Gillies (John, Glasgow), Testimony of the Celt. 

Glasgow ^ 1 851. 

** [A Cheud Aireamh.] [Pris tri sgillinn.] Fianuis 


A Gael [Here a woodcut — a kilted Gael] an 
aghaidh na Ceilg agus an Fhoirneirt a chreach na 
Gaeil bhochda. An aghaidh fos luchd deanadh uilc, 
CO dheireas learn an aird ? Salm xciv. 16. Testi- 
mony of the Celt against the fraud of his oppressors, 
by which he is expatriated. Glasgow : Printed and 
Published by John Gillies, 303 Argyle Street. 1851." 
i2mo. 16 pp. An Dara aireamh. 12 pp. Price id. 

Gillies (John, Glasgow). Glasgow^ 1853. 

" Oran an aghaidh misg mi-dhiadhaidheachd agus 
eucoir dhaoine a tha bacadh na firinn ann an neo- 
fhireantachd. Printed by John Gillies, 303 Argyle 
Street, Glasgow. 1853." i2mo. 6 ff. unpaged. 

Gillies (John, Glasgow), Elegy on Morrison. 

Glasgow^ 1854. 
"Cumha no Marbh-Rann do Iain Moristan, a bha 
na Cheistear aig an Eaglais Shaoir 'sna H-Hearadh 
o am an Dealachaidh, neach a bha fada Roimhe sin 
na Fhear-Teagaisg Soilleir agus na Bhard 'os ceann 
nan uile bha beo na la, a fhuair bas 6 Dec. 1852. 
Air chuimhne gu brath bithidh am firean. Glasgow : 
Printed by John Gillies, 303 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLIV." i2mo. 8 pp. 

A long poem of no merit. 

Gillies (John, Glasgow), Highlanders at Alma. 

Glasgow^ i^SS- 

" Oran air gaisgeadh nan Gaidheal aig Alma, an 
aghaidh an Ruisseinich, neach nach d'rinn idir do 
eucoir 's do lagadh air an rioghachd so, 'sa rinn ar 
n-uachdarain fein a dh'fhuadaich na Gaisgich threuna 
gu tirean cein, 'sa chuir coirich is feidh, is eunlaidh 


nan aite. Glascho : Air a Phreasadh le loin Mac 
Gillios. MDCCCLV." i8mo. 17 pp. 

Gillies (John, Glasgow), On Depopulation. 

Glasgow^ N.D. 

" Caoidh airson cor na Gaidhealtachd, agus fogradh 
nan Gaidheal." 8vo. 4 pp. 

There was no title issued. The preface is signed " G." 

Gillies (John, Glasgow), Letter from New Zealand. 

N.D. [1858]. 

"Litir bho Iain Mac Gil' los', A New Zealand." 
8vo. 4 pp. 

John Gillies left Glasgow with his family for New 
Zealand late in the year 1857. 

Gillies (John), Elegy on E. Mackenzie. 

Glasgow^ 1867. 

" Cumha do Eoghan Mac Coinnich, a chaochail 'an 
Otago, New Zealand, air an T-seachdamh la de cheud 
mhios na Bliadhna 1867. Le Iain Mac-Gill'Ios'. 
Glascho : Clo-bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 
62 Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1867." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Glad Tidings. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Good News, or Deadh Nuaidheachd." 8vo. 4 pp. 
No. 31 G.R.T.S. 

Gladstone (W. E.), Church of Scotland. 

Edinburgh^ 1891. 

"Eaglais Steidhichte na h-Alba, agus Gnothaichean 
Albannach eile. Da Oraid leis an Ard-Urramach 
Uilleam Ewart Gladstone, Eadar-theangaichte le lain 
Ban Og." Edinburgh : John Grant, 25 and 34 
George IV. Bridge. 1891. 8vo. 24 pp. 
The Translator was John Whyte. 


Glasgow Shinty Club Rules. circa 1873. 

" Comunn Camanachd Ghlaschu, Steidheachadh agus 
Riaghailtean-Cluiche. Glasgow Shinty Club Con- 
stitution and Rules of Play. Head Quarters, 30 
Hope Street. A. Sinclair, Printer, 62 Argyle Street, 
Glasgow." i6mo. 4 pp. 

Gleanings from the Teaching of the Fathers. 

Edinburgh^ 1868. 

" Dioghlum o Theagasg nan Aithrichean. Dun- 
Eidin : Eoin Maclabhrainn. MDCCCLXVIII." 
Sm. 8vo. 30 pp. 

It contains communion addresses by Revs. Mr. Macadam, 
Ronald Bain, and Lachlan Mackenzie. 

" Glenmore " Highland Legends. Edinburgh, 1843. 

" Highland Legends and Fugitive Pieces of Original 
Poetry with Translations from the Gaelic and vice 
versa. . . . Edinburgh. 1843." 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1859. 

Good News, translated by Sinclair. Perth, n.d. 

*'Deadh Sgeul," translated by Rev. Allan Sinclair. 
Matheson, Perth. 24mo. 32 pp. 

Good Templars' Hymns. Greenock, 1872. 

" Duain iochranach Comunn Neo-Eisimeilach nan 
Deagh Theampullaichean. Clo-chuailte [sicl le Joseph 
Mac Bhlairean 'sa Chuideachd, Grianaig. 1872." 
Sq. 1 2 mo. 8 pp. 

This was the first Gaelic Edition for * Fardach Tir nam 
Bearing in Greenock. No Title-page was issued. 


Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1873. 

" Dain lochdarach agus Inbhean Ordugh Neo- 
Eiseimeileach nan Deadh Theampullach. Glascho : 
G. Mac - na - Cearda, 62 Sraid Earra - ghaidheal. 
MDCCCLXXIII." i2mo. 16 pp. 

This Edition makes considerable additions to, and altera- 
tions on, the First Edition. 

Good Templars' Ritual. Glasgow, 1873. 

*' Deas-Ghnath Ordugh Neo-Eisimeileach nan Deadh 
Theampullach, air son Fhardach lochdarach, fo Riagh- 
ladh Laghail Priomh Fhardaich Fhior Fhiachail. 
Air a ghabhail aig Seisean Chlibhland, Maigh 24, 
1864. Clo-bhuailte le Priomh Fhardaich na h-Alba. 
1873." 8vo. 42 pp. 

Good Templars' Degrees. Glasgow, 1873. 

The Second and Third Degrees only were translated. 
No Grand Lodge Degrees were conferred in Gaelic. 

Gordon (G. L.), Class Book. Halifax, N.S., 1876. 

" The Gaelic Class Book, by George Lawson Gordon. 
[Here a woodcut.] Halifax, N.S. : Published by the 
author." 12 mo. 120 pp. 

This is dedicated to the officers and members of the 
Highland Society of Nova Scotia. 

Gordon (George Ross), Songs. circa 1804. 

We have not been able to see a copy of this book. It 
was published by subscription when the Author was a soldier 
in Ireland in the 42nd Regiment in 1 804-1805. Fide Reid, 
Bib.-Sc. Celt. 

Gordon (William). 1802. 

" Dantadh Spioradal, le Uilliam Gordon, Saighidfhear 


ann an Reighiseamaid Gaidhealach Mhic - Aoi. 
Clodh-bhuailt air son U. G. le Deorsa Conolie, 
Leabhar-reiceudar, Gaeleadh. 1802." i2mo. 156 
pp. 2S. 

William Gordon was brother to George Ross Gordon. 
He served in the Reay Fencibles in Ireland till 1802. He 
was born in the Parish of Creich, 20th November 1770, 
and there he also died in 1820. He taught a Gaelic school 
in his latter days. This book is very rare. 

Gospel of St. Luke. Glasgow^ 18 15. 

"An Soisgeul a Reir Lucais. Glasgow. 1815." 

This was printed as a text-book tor the Gaelic schools. 
It is very incorrectly printed in double columns, English on 
right and Gaelic on left. 

Graham (Sir James), Letter to Assembly. 1843. 

" Litir bho'n Ridire Seumas Graham, Aon de Run- 
Comhairlichean A' Chruin, gu Ceann-Suidhe Eaglais na 
h-Alba, mu thaobh Cor na h-Eaglais. Glasgow : J. 
& P.Campbell, 32 Glassford Street. MDCCCXLIII. 
Pris Da Sgillinn." 8vo. 12 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1843. 

" An dara Mile." 

This contains Sir James Riddell's letter of four pages to 
the Suinart tenantry. 

Grant (Alexander), Songs. Inverness, 1884. 

'' Songs by Alasdair Mac Iain Bhain, the Bard of 
Glenmoriston. Collected by William Mackay, 
Solicitor, Inverness. Reprinted from the Transac- 


tions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness. Inverness : 
Printed at the Courier Office. 1884." 8vo. 

The Editor gives a sketch of the bard's life. Grant was 
born about 1772, and served as a soldier in Denmark, Spain, 
and France. 

Grant (Archibald), Songs and Poems. 

Inverness^ 1863. 
" Dain agus Orain, le Gilleasbuig Grannda, Bard 
Ghleinnemorasdain. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte le 
Mac-IUeathan agus Paterson. 1863." 8vo. 2 fF. 
+ 1 64 pp. 


Grant (Daniel), Spiritual Poems. 

Edinburgh^ 1842. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail, le Daniel Grannd. Biodh 
bhur n-uile nithe air an deanamh le gradh. Cor. 
xvi. 14. Perth : Printed by J. Fisher, Old Ship 
Close, High Street. MDCCCXLII." i2mo. 162 
pp. + I f . Cler-innsidh. 


Second Edition. Perth^ 1862. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail, le Daniel Grannd, Tullymet. 
Gabhadh focal Chriosd comhnuidh annaibh gu 
saoibhir san uile ghliocas, a' teagasg agus a' comhair- 
leachadh a cheile le Salmaibh agus Laoidhibh, 
agus Danaibh spioradail, a' deanamh ciuil do'n 
Tighearna le gras ann bhur cridhe. Col. iii. 16. 
Second Edition. Perth : Printed and sold by James 
Dewar, jun. ; D. R. Collie & Son, 19 St. David 
Street, Edinburgh ; and W. M'Donald, Elgin. 
MDCCCLXII." Sm. 8vo. 118 pp. 


Grant (Rev. Duncan), Address to Children. 

Edinburgh^ 1829. 
"Dleasdanas na Cloinne, bhi 'Giarraidh agus a' 
gradhachadh Chriosd. Comhairle do Chloinn ann 
an Sgoilibh Sabaid, leis an Urramach Donncha 
Grannt, Ministeir Sgireachd Fharais. 

Is luibh fior ghras as aillidh dreach, 

'S gach neach am faigh e buaidh, 

Is fior-ghlan, neamhaidh e'n tus, 

'S tha iul air rioghachd shuas. 

Ach anns an sigridh sin a fhuair, 

'S ro bhuan's is caomh a mheas. 

O' chlann gun churam, thugaibh geill, 

Is eisdibh rium a nis, 

Eisdibh ri Chriosd 'na bhriathraibh graidh, 

Is gheibh sibh gras is buaidh, 

Is cha'n 'eil peacadh ann bhur n-6ig 

Nach glan a throcair uaibh. — Cupar. 

Eadar-Theangaichte chum Gallic. Dun-eidin : Clo- 
Bhuailte, agus air an reic le Uilleam Oliphant. 
MDCCCXXIX." i2mo. 4 ff.+ 171 pp. 

The Translator was Dr. Mackay, Laggan, afterwards of 
Dunoon, and finally Free Church minister in Harris. 

Grant (James), Origin and Descent of the Gael. 

Edinburgh^ 18 14. 

The Author was an advocate. There are 261 lines of 
Gaelic poetry in the book. 

Grant (Mrs. K. W.) Gaelic Kinderspiel. 

Paisley^ 1908. 

"Dusgadh na Feinne. Dealbh-Chluich air son na 
Cloinne. Le K. W. G. J. & R. Parlane, Paisley. 
John Menzies & Co., Edinburgh and Glasgow. 
Madgwick, Houlston & Co., Ltd., London. 1908." 
8vo. 16 pp. 


Grant (Mrs. K. W.), The Infant School and the 
Mermaid. Ferth^ 19 lo. 

" An Sgoil Bheag agus a Mhaighdean-Mhara, cluich 
airson Clann-sgoile, le K. W. G. ' The Infant School 
and the Mermaid.' A Cantata for Young Chil- 
dren." 3d. 

The Authoress translated and published the National 
Anthem in Gaelic. 

Grant (Rev. Peter), Meditations. Elgin^ 1827. 

" Smuaintean Aithghearr . . . &c." 
We have not seen this work. 

Grant (Rev. Peter), Spiritual Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ 18 18. 

'*Nuadh Dhain Spioradail, le Padruig Grannd, am 
fogus da Bhaile na'n Granndach, ann an Strath-spea. 
Nis air an glanadh o mhearachdan lionmhor a Cheud 
chloth-bualaidh. Ps. cxxxviii. 5. Seinnidh iad ceol 
ann slighibh lehobhah. Ephes. v. i. Le salmaibh, 
le orain, 's le laoidhibh. Ps. Ixxxix. i. 'S le beachd 
air a mhorachd, 's seinn air a throcair. Ps. cxix. 113. 
Ni e smuantainean feolmhor a chlaoidh. Dun-eudainn : 
Ath-Chloth-bhuailte le R. Meinearach, agus ri'n 
reiceadh leis. 18 18. Pris aon tastan." i2mo. 
46 pp. + I f . Gaelic books sold by R. Menzies. 

This Edition is clearly a reprint with the orthography of 
the Original Edition unaltered. What the date of the Original 
Edition was, is not known. The Author himself states in his 
preface to the Fifth Edition, published in 1837, that the First 
Edition was printed twenty-eight years previously. This fixes 
the date of the First Edition at 1809. In the preface to the 
Fourth Edition the Author states as clearly that the first 
printed Edition appeared twelve years previously, which would 
make the date 1815. It is possible, as the preface to the 
fourth is undated, that it was written years previous to its 
publication, and this would make the statements agree. 


Another Edition. Inverness, 18 19. 

Copy in British Museum. 

Another Edition. Inverness^ 1820, 

" Dain Spioradail. Le Paruig Grannd ann an Stra- 
spea, am fagus d'a Bhaile nan Granndach. [Quota- 
tions as in 1 8 18 with slight changes in orthography.] 
Inbhernis : Clodh-bhuailte le Luthais Grannd. 1 820." 
i2mo. 44 pp. 

Only two copies known. It contains the same thirteen 
hymns as the 1818 Edition. 

Another Edition. Fayetteville^ 1826. 

" Nuadh Dhain Spioradail. . . ." i2mo. 

This was apparently printed from the Edition of 18 18. 
Copy in Prince Bonaparte's Collection now in Chicago. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1827. 

" Dain Spioradail, le Paruig Grannd, ann an Stra-spea, 
am fagus d'a Bhaile na Granndach, ann an Sgir-eachd 
Aberneich. [Here four quotations.] Inbhirneis : 
Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair Mac-an-toisich ; agus 
reicte le uile Leabhar reiceiribh na Ducha. Price 
sixpence." i2mo. 48 pp. 

This was a pirated edition, the publication of which the 
Author bitterly resented. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1827. 

" Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailte le Alastair Mac-an- 
toisich ; agus reicte le uile Leabhar reiceiribh na 
Ducha. 1827. Price one Shilling." i2mo. 96 pp. 

This Edition contains the original hymns with the addition 
of five new ones. 


Another Edition. Elgitiy 1827. 

*' Dain Spioradail. Le Paruig Grannd, ann an Stra- 
Spea, Sgireachd Aberneich. [Here four Scripture 
quotations.] Elgin : Printed by R. Johnston, for 
Peter Macdonald, Bookseller. 1827." i2mo. 177 pp. 
+ I small leaf of errata. 

Another Edition. Elgin^ 1837. 

" Fifth Edition, considerably enlarged and 

improved. Elgin : Peter Macdonald, Bookseller. 
1837." i2mo. X+152 pp. 

A Portrait of the Author faces Title. This Edition is 
elegantly printed on fine paper. 

Another Edition. Elgin^ 1842. 

" Sixth Edition. Elgin : Peter Macdonald, 

BookseUer. MDCCCXLII." i2mo. 4fF. + i52pp. 
Other Editions are as follows and all published in 
Edinburgh: 7th, 8th, 1857 ; 9th, i860; loth, 1862; 
nth, 1870; I2th, 1873; 13th, 1875 ; 14th, 1881 ; 
15th, 1884; 1 6th, 1889; 17th, 1 8th, and 19th, 1903. 

The Rev. Peter Grant was a Baptist minister in Strath- 
spey. He died in or about the year 1868. All his hymns 
sang to popular airs, and were well known over the Highlands 
and Islands. 

Great Preachers of Lewis. Inverness^ 1881. 

Grey (Rev. H.), Catechism on Baptism. 

Edinburgh, 18 13. 

" Leabhar Ceasnuighe mu Ordugh a Bhaistidh, -far a 
bheil a ghne, agus iadsan d'an coir a fhrithealadh air 
an tabhairt fainear ; agus na Dleasnuis a tha 'g eiridh 
uaithe. Air a chur 'an Gaelig o Bheurla an Urramaich 
H. Grey, ministeir ann an Stenton, le P. Macpharlain, 


Eadar-theangair, ' Tus agus Fas Diadhachd san anam.' 
Dun-Eudainn : Clo'-bhuailte le T. Stiubhart. 181 3." 
i8mo. 84 pp. 

Guide to Seed-sowing. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Seoladh air son cur Fhrasan." 2 pp. 

Guthrie (Rev. William), Christian's Great Interest. 

Falkirk, 1783. 

"Coir Mhor a Chriosduidh ; ann an da earrain. i. 
D'fheuchainn mu choir shlainteil an Chriosd. 2. An 
doigh chum ruigheachd air. Eadar theangaicht' o 
Bheurla William Guthrie, le P. Mac-Pharlain, Maigh- 
stir sgoile san Appuin. [Here three Scripture quota- 
tions.] San Eaglais Bhric ; Clo'-bhuailte le P. Mair, 
agus r'an reic le Iain Gillies, Leabhar reiceadar ann 
am Peairt. 1783." i2mo. is. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1832, 

*' Coir Mhor a Chriosduidh, ann an da earrainn. 

1. Deuchainn mu choir shlainteil ann an Criosd. 

2. An doigh chum ruigheachd air a choir so. Eadar- 
theangaichte o Bheurla Uilleam Ghuthrie, le P. 
Macpharlain, Eadar theangair ' Tus agus Fas Diadh- 
achd anns an anam, &c.' An dara Clo'-bhualadh. 
Glasgow : Printed by John Young, and sold by John 
Reid and Co., 58 Hutcheson Street. 1832." i2mo. 
225 pp. 2S. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1845. 

*' Coir Mhor A' Chriosdaidh : Ann an da earrainn. 
Le Uilleam Guthrie, ministear an t-Soisgeil. ' Uime 
sin, a bhraithrean, deanaibh tuilleadh dichill chum 
bhur taghadh a dheanamh cinnteach.' — Pead. ii. 10. 


Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 


This Edition was stereotyped and looo copies printed, 
and 500 copies in 1865. The work was again reprinted in 
1894. The Editor was John Mackenzie. 

Guthrie (Rev. Dr.), To Fellow-Countrymen. 

J./., 1872. 

Haldine (Robert), On Righteousness. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"The Righteousness of God. Fireantachd Dhe. 
Air a thional o Mhineachadh air an litir a chum nan 
Romanach. Le Raibeart Haldane, Escuire, Eadar- 
theangaichte gu Gaelig. Edinburgh : W. Innes 
Bookseller, 31 Hanover Street, and the Scottish 
Tract Society." 32 pp. 

Hale (Judge), On Religion. Glasgow^ 1853. 

8vo. One page translated by John Gillies. Also 
" Teisteas Breitheamh Hale air Stiureadh agus Comh- 
nadh diomhair Spioraid Dhe." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Hall (Newman), Come to Jesus. Edinburgh^ 1872. 

" Thig gu losa ! Le Newman Hall. Ead. le Aonghas 
Mac-an-t- saoir, Ministear Cheann-Lochspeilbh. Edin- 
burgh : Mac Lachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
1872." i2mo. 68 pp. 6d. 

There were 500 copies printed. There were other 500 
copies reprinted in Edinburgh in 1876 and in 1896. 

Hamilton (James), Hymn. j./., 1867. 

" Laoidh le Seumas Hamilton aon a Sheanairean na 
H-Eaglais Saoire 'san Eilean Aranach. 1867." 
i2mo. 12 pp. 

The last six pages are in English. 


Hamilton (James), Elegies. Glasgow, 1877. 

" Marbh-Roinn do Mhr. Alasdair Maccuca a bha na 
Fhear-Ceasnachaidh anns a' Bhaile Shallainn ; do 
Mhr. Paruig Davidson, a bha na Mhinisteir aig Traigh 
A' Chaisteil, ann an Arainn, agus mar an ceudna 
Mhr. Nicol a bha air tus 'na Mhinisteir ann an 
Eilein ChoUa, agus na dheigh sin aig t-Seasgan 
ann an Arainn, le Seumas Hamilton. Glaschu : 
Clobhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac Na-Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1877." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Harp of Caledonia. Glasgow, n.d. 

" The Harp of Caledonia. A Collection of Popular 
Gaelic Songs — Clarsach na H- Alba ; no Oranta 
Taghta Gaidhealach. 

Bu mhor am beud gum basaicheadh 

A' chanain is fcarr buaidh, 

'Si s treis thoirt greis air abhachd, 

'S na h-uile ait 'n teid a luidh. 

Si 's fcarr gu aobhar-gaire, 

'Si 's binne, blaithc fuaim. 

Glasgow : Robert M'Gregor & Co. (India Buildings), 
45 Bridge Street." 32mo. 64 pp. 

Harris Estate Regulations. s.L, 1891. 

" Regulations for the Crofter Holdings on the Estate 
of North Harris, in the Parish of Harris, and County 
of Inverness." 

" Riaghailtean air son Gabhalaichean nan Croit- 
irean air Oighreachd Taobh-Tuath na h-Earradh, 
ann an Siorrachd Inbhir-Nis." Folio. 4 pp. 

Hately (T. L.), Old Psalm Tunes. 

Edinburgh, 1845. 

" Seann Fhuinn Nan Salm mar tha iad air an seinn 
anns A' Ghaeltachd mu Thuath ; or The Old Gaelic 


Psalm Tunes as sung in the Congregations of The 
Free Church of Scotland in the North Highlands. 
Taken down by T. L. Hately, Precentor to The 
General Assembly of The Free Church of Scotland. 
[Here a woodcut with legend Nee tamen consum- 
ebatur.] Issued by Authority of The Committee on 
Psalmody. Edinburgh : W. P. Kennedy, 15 South 
St. Andrew Street. Glasgow : D. Macvean ; and 
D. Bryce. Greenock : J. G. Bankier. Ayr : D. 
Guthrie. Perth : J. Dewar & Son. Aberdeen : 
C. Panton, Inverness : J. Smith. London : 
Hamilton, Adams & Co. ; and J. Nisbet & Co. 
Belfast : W. M'Comb. New York : J. Carter. 
Halifax, Nova Scotia : C. Mackenzie & Co. 
MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 2 fF. + 12 pp. 

The main object of the publication was to preserve these 
six old tunes from oblivion. Tunes are French, Martyrs, 
Elgin, Stilt, Dundee, and Old London. 

Haughton (S. M.), Saviour for You. 

Edinburgh^ 1877. 

** Slanuighear air do shonsa. Focal do na h-uile. 
Le S. M. Haughton. Eadartheangaichte o'n Bheurla. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
S. M. Houghton, Southbro', Tunbridge Wells." 
i8mo. 36 pp. 

It was reprinted without a date. 

Henderson (Rev. George), Book of the Glens. 

Edinburgh^ 1898. 

" Leabhar nan Gleann. The Book of the Glens, 
with Zimmer on Pictish Matriarchy. By George 
Henderson, Ph.D. Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 
The Mound." Narrow 8vo. 4 ff. + 307 pp. 


In addition to what is printed in English, a great many 
short pieces of poetry are given which the Editor collected 
principally in the Outer Hebrides. 

Henderson (Rev. George), Symphonia Gadelica. 

Inverness, 1899. 

" Symphonia Gadelica. By George Henderson. 
Reprinted from The Highland NewSy Inverness. 
Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, George IV. Bridge. 
1899." 8vo. 36 pp. 

Hendry (Donald), On Youthful Folly. 

Glasgow, 1855. 

" Laoidh mu amaideachd na H-Oige. Le Domhnull 
Hendri. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. MDCCCLV." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Bound up with it is '■An SoisgeuP by the Author, and 
pieces by Guthrie and Eccles. 

Hendry (Donald), Hymns. Glasgow, ^^Sl- 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Domhnull Hendri a bh' ann 
an Sanaig, 'san Eilean Arannach. An Dara Clobhua- 
ladh. Glasgow : Printed and sold by Neil Campbell, 
Gaelic Bookseller, 1 7 Malta Street. MDCCCLVII." 
8vo. 16 pp. 

The First Edition of the work was printed in Canada in 
1855. There are four hymns in the booklet, and they were 
very popular in Argyllshire on their first appearance. They 
are greatly admired on account of their deep spiritual senti- 
ments. Donald Hendry, a native of Arran, was known as 
^Jn t-iasgair Arannach^ He was born in 1774, and he went 
out to Canada in 1 83 1 as missionary in connection with the 
Independants, and died of a lingering and painful trouble in 
the spring of 1847. 


Highland Minstrel. Inverness, 1873. 

** Am Filidh Gaidhealach, or the Highland Minstrel : 
A Collection of the most popular ancient and modern 
Songs of the Gael of Scotland. ' 'S taitneach leam 
facail nam fonn.' — Ossian, Inverness : Hugh 
Mackenzie, Bank Lane. 1873." 2 fF. + 120 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness^ 1876. 

Another Edition. Inverness, 1877. 

Highland Mod Legends. Stirling, 1905. 

" Uirsgeulan Gaidhealach : Leis an do choisneadh 
duaisean aig Moid A* Chomuinn Ghaidhealaich. Air 
an cur a mach fo ughdarras A' Chomuinn cheudna. 
Struibhle : Aonghas Mac Aoidh, 43 Murray Place. 
1905." 8vo. 62 pp. 

There are four pieces in the volume. 

Highland Society's Dictionary. Edinburgh, 1828. 

" Dictonarium-Scoto-Celticum. A Dictionary of the 
Gaelic Language, comprising an ample Vocabulary of 
Gaelic Words as preserved in the vernacular speech, 
Manuscripts, or Printed Works, with the signification 
and various meanings, in English and Latin, illustrated 
by suitable examples and phrases, and with Etymo- 
logical remarks, and Vocabularies of Latin and 
English Words, and their translation into Gaelic. To 
which are prefixed an Introduction, explaining the 
nature, objects and sources of the Work, and a 
compendium of Gaelic Grammar. Compiled and 
Published under the direction of The Highland 
Society of Scotland. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. 
William Blackwood, Edinburgh, and T. Cadell, 
London. MDCCCXXVIII." 4to. 9 ff. + 37 pp. 


Grammar + 39-43 pp. Contractions + i f. Gaelic 
Dictionary + 736 pp. Text + 40 pp. Supplement. 
Vol. II. I f. + 1005 pp. + II pp. Supplement. 

The price was seven guineas on ordinary paper and ten 
guineas on large paper. At present copies fetch from three 
to four guineas. The publication of this great work was in 
contemplation since the year 18 14, and the leading Celtic 
scholars of the time were engaged upon it. Celtic scholarship 
has advanced very considerably since the labours of those men 
ended, and the Dictionary, while still useful, is now looked 
upon as obsolete. 

Highland Temperance League. Glasgow [1840]. 

" Riaghailtean Chomuinn Ghailich na Measarrachd 
ann an Glaschu." 8vo. 2 pp. 

Hill (Thomas Ford), Antient Erse Poems. 

London [1784]. 

" Antient Erse Poems, Collected among the Scottish 
Highlands, in order to illustrate the Ossian of Mr. 
Macpherson." 8vo. 2 fF. + 34 pp. 

This Pamphlet was reprinted from the ' Gentleman' s Maga- 
zine.^ Thomas Ford Hill, the Editor, was a Londoner, who 
travelled in the Highlands in 1782, and took down phoneti- 
cally from the Gaelic-speaking people, ballad poetry attributed 
to Ossian. These poems were printed by him in a series of 
articles which he contributed to the ' Gentleman' s Magazine^ 
the first article appearing in the December No. 1782. The 
reprint was issued undoubtedly in 1784, as Walker quotes it. 
Vide '■Historical Memoirs of The Irish Bards^ London, 1786, 
pages 38 and 39, footnotes. The poems here given are the 
same as are still recited by the natives, showing that nothing 
of what was given by Macpherson was ever current in the 
Highlands. This tractate is now extremely rare. The late 
John F. Campbell was unable to see a copy after an exhaustive 
search. Vide * Leahhar na Feinne^ We know of only 
five copies. 


Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1878. 

" Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South 

Bridge. 1878." 

This Edition is a reprint from ' The Gael^ where the 
Edition of 1784 was reprinted verbatim by Donald C. Mac- 
pherson, who then was Editor of that Periodical. 

Hodge (Rev. Dr.), Blind Bartimaeus. Huntly, 1863. 

" Bartimeus an Dall agus A Lighiche Mor, Leis an 
Urramach U.I. Hodge Fear-Teagaisg ann an America. 
Air Eadar-Theangachadh chum Gaelic Je aon do 
Mhinisteiribh na h-Eaglais Saoire ann an Eilean 
Leoghuis. Huntly : Duncan Matheson. Edinburgh : 
The Religious Tract and Book Society ; A. Elliot ; 
John M'Laren. Glasgow : J. M'Callum, Religious 
Institution Rooms. 1863." i2mo. 3ff.+ i35pp. 

Hymn of Praise. Glasgow, 1752. 

*' Laoidh-Chliu agus Buidheachas do Dhia arson a 
Thiolaicigh uille &c., agus Laoidh Mhollaidh, 
Jude 24, 25. A Hymn of Praise and thanks to God 
for all his mercies &c. and Doxology, Jude 24, 25. 
Clo-bhuailt ann Glassacha. Gu feim Join Orr, agus 
r'a chreic ag a bhuth-san ann a margadh an-t-sallain, 
am bliathna air Tighearna. 1752." i2mo. 8 pp. 
The English and Gaelic are given on opposite pages. 

Hymn by a Christian in Argyll. Glasgow, 1803. 

" Laoidhe Spioradail, rinneadh Le Criosdui Diadhai 
Ann Arraghail. Glasgho : Clobhuailte le E. Muillear. 
1803. Prios Aon Sgillin." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Hymnary, The Church. Glasgow [1899]. 

" Laoidheadair Gaidhlig. Comh-Chruinneachadh do 
Laoidhean Spioradail. A reir an Laoidheadair Beurla 


a chuireadh a mach le ughdarras Eaglais na H-Alba. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, Printer, Celtic Press, 
47 Waterloo Street." Sm. 4to. i f. Title + 45 ff. 

This is a first draft of the work, and is printed on recto 
pages only. 

Proof Copy of Same. Glasgow^ 1902. 

Same title as 1899 copy, only "Do" is corrected to 
"De." i2mo. 170 pp. It contains 201 hymns. 

Proof Copy. Glasgow, 1904. 

This has same title as 1902 copy. i2mo. 96 pp. 
This issue has 104 hymns. 

Proof Copy. Glasgow, 1905- 

"LaoidheadairGaidhlig. Glasgow: Archibald Sinclair, 
Printer, Celtic Press, 47 Waterloo Street." i2mo. 
^ZZ PP- 

This Edition is divided into three parts, viz. I. eighty- 
seven hymns from the Church Hymnary, II. seventeen 
hymns designated *■ Laoidhean Spioradail^ III. twenty-seven 
hymns designated ' Laoidhean agus Dain SptoradaiU This 
last division contains hymns by a few Gaelic hymnists of 

Hymnary — St. Columba Church. Glasgow, 1906. 

"Leabhar Laoidhean Eaglais Chaluim Chille an 
Glaschu. Eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla. [Here 
a woodcut Nee tamen consumebatur.] Glasgow : 
Printed for St. Columba Parish Church by Archibald 
Sinclair, Celtic Press. 1906." Sm. 8vo. 8fF. + 100 
Hymns 4- 7 Anthems. 

There is no pagination. 


Innes (Rev. Wm.), Instructions. Edinburgh, 1827. 

Two Titles. " Seolaidhean Do'n Oigridh, anns am 
bheil teagasgan cuthromach agus sonruichte focail De, 
air am mineachadh gu h-aithghearr, 's air an comh- 
chur ; agus cor an Anma d'an taobh air a leigeil ris. 
Le Uilleam Innes, Ministeir an t-Soisgeil an Dun- 
eidin. Eadar-theangaichte le iarrtas durachdach airson 
maith spioradail oigridh na Gaeltachd. Duneidin : 
Clodh-bhuailte air son agus air an reic le Waugh 
agus Innes, Hunter Square ; M. Ogle, Glasgow ; 
D. Weir, Greenock ; J. Dewar, Perth ; and K. 
Douglas, Inverness. 1827." 

" Instructions for Young Inquirers, being a Series 
of Addresses, intended to explain and enforce the 
leading doctrines of the Word of God. By William 
Innes. ' Our most important are our earliest years.* 
— Cowper. Edinburgh : Printed by Waugh and 
Innes, Hunter Square ; M. Ogle, Glasgow ; D. Weir, 
Greenock ; J. Dewar, Perth ; and K. Douglas, 
Inverness. 1827." i2mo. 6 fF. + 94 pp. 

Inveraray Ballads. Inveraray (?), n.d. 

All these ballads, about fifteen in number, were printed 
by Thomas Duncan in Glasgow between the years 1800-18 10. 
Many of them were reprinted from Ronald Macdonald's 
Collection. These ballads were sold by Peter Turner on his 
tours over the Highlands. The wood blocks were not cut 
for the Gaelic ballads but for somewhat earlier ballads in 

Inverness Collection of Songs. Inverness^ 1806. 

" Co-chruinneachadh Nuadh do Dh' orannibh Gaid- 

Lean gu diuth ri cliu do shinsreachd, 
'S na dibir a bhi mar iadsan ; 


Chuair iad gach cath le buaidh, 

'Us bhuanaich iad cliu gach teugbhail, 

'Us mairidh an iomradh sa'n dann, 

Air chuimhn' aig na Baird an deigh so, — Ossian. 

Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailt airson agus r'an reic le 
Eoin Young, Leabhar-Reicadair. 1806." i2mo. 
2 ff. + 203 pp. 

The Editor of this collection is quoted as a Campbell 
in Highland Society's Dictionary. Fide words Gairm, 177 ; 
Gruagachy 95 ; Gruaidh, 115 ; Liuthad, 85 ; and Abhag^ 174. 

Inverness Collection of Hymns. Inverness^ 18 18. 

" Co' chruinneachadh De Dhain, A rinneadh air 
Aobharan araidh, agus nach robh riamh roimh Dealbh- 
bhuailte. Isaiah xxviii. 13. Aithn' air aithne-rann air 
roinn-beagan an so, agus beagan an sud. Inbhirneis : 
Dealbh-bhuailte le Seumas Friseal, agus r'an reic leis 
na leabhar reiceadairean. 18 18." i2mo. 86 pp. 
Extremely rare. 

Inverness Collection of Hymns. Inverness^ 1821. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Ughdairean Eugsamhuil. 

Laoidh Dhaibhidh Mhic Eallair ... I 

L . . . a Mhairt le Iain Maor ... 9 

L . . . a bhais leis an aon cheudna . . 15 

L . . . leis an aon cheudna ... 19 

L . . . le Iain Caimbeul bodhar ... 24 

L . . . Mhic Ithich 35 

L . . . le Mairead Ni'c Galium ... 49 

L . . . le 53 

L . . . le Aonas Mac Ghille-chriosda . . 57 

Inbhirnis : Dealbh-bhuailt le Seumas Friseal. 1821. 
Luach tastain." Sm. i2mo. 63 pp. 

Exceedingly rare. Three copies known. 


Inverness Collection of Hymns. Inverness^ '^^'iS- 
" Dain Spioradail, le Ughdairibh eug-samhuil ; 
maille ri Gearr-Chunntas mu Iain Mac Aoidh, a 
bh'ann an Duthaich Mhic-Aoidh, agus mu Dhughail 
Buchanan a bh'ann an Raineach. 

Air 'n fhirean bidh cuimhne shiorruidh, 
lomradh cubhr' cha teid air di-chuimhn', 
'Neas onoir ged chuirte sios e, 
Maiseach bidh air deas lamh-Chriosda. 


Inbhirnis : Clodh - bhuailte le A. Friseal, airson 
D. M*^. I. Agus Ra'n reic leis gach Leabhar-Reicead- 
air 'sa Bhaile. 1835." ^^^- i2mo. 54 pp. 
Very rare. 

Ivory (Sheriff), Elegy on. n.d. 

" Oran Cumha 'Nivirich." 

A satire on Sheriff Ivory for his hostile attitude towards 
the Crofter Agitation in the Highlands and Islands, composed 
by Mrs. Mary Macpherson, the Skye poetess. 

James (Rev. J. A.), Anxious Inquirer. 

Glasgow^ 1840. 

" Seoladh agus Misneach do neach a tha fo iomaguin 
ag iarraidh an deigh Slainte le J. A. James. Eadar- 
theangaichte le Aonghas Mac-an-T-saoir. Glasgow : 
Printed by John Niven & Son, 55 Glassford Street, 
for the Glasgow Religious Tract Society. 1840." 
8vo. 106 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1842. 

Another Edition. London^ n.d. 

" The Religious Tract Society, ^6 Paternoster 

Row, London." 8vo. 106 pp. 


Job, Book of. Edinburgh^ I793* 

" Leabhar Job, air a thionndadh o'n cheud Chanain 
Chum Gaelic Albannaich iar iarrtas na Cuideachd 
Urramaich a ta chum Eolas Criosduidh a Sgaoileadh 
air feadh Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h - Alba. 
Clodh-bhuailte an Dun-eidin. Le Uilliam Smellie. 

This portion of the Old Testament was struck off 
separately while the rest of the books of the Old Testament 
were being set in press. 

Johnston (Donald), Song on D. Macfarlane. n.d. 

" Oran do Dhughal Mac Pharlain, le DomhnuU 
Maciain." 8vo. 
A very sycophantic piece. 

Johnston (Donald), Song on D. Sharpe. n.d. 

" Oran do IMhr. Donnachadh Sharpe, le DomhnuU 

Johnston (Donald), Song on E. Macdonald. n.d. 

*' Oran do Dh' lomhair Mac Dhomhnuill le DomhnuU 

Johnstone (G. E.), Poem on General Gordon. 

s.L, 1885. 

A poem on General Gordon with the English original. 
A leaflet signed John Campbell, Ledaig, at the end. The 
Author of the Poem was G. E. Johnstone, Niddry Lodge, 
Kensington, W. 

Joseph, Scriptural History of. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

" Eachdraidh Scriobtural loseiph. [Here a woodcut.] 
Edinburgh : D. R. Collie & Son. Price Two pence." 
i8mo. 36 pp. 

There are woodcuts here and there throughout the book. 


Kenn (Dr. Thomas), On Prayer. Inverness^ 1817. 

" Riaghailtean airson Urnuigh. Leis an Easbuig 
Tomas Kenn, D.D. Eadar - Theangaichte le D. 
M'Coinnich A.M. Lucas xi. i. A Thighearna 
teagaisg dhuinne urnuigh a dheanamh mar a theagaisg 
Eoin d'a Dheisciobluibh fein. I. Thes. V. 17. 
Deanaibh urnuigh gun sgur. Salm LV. 17. Air 
feasgar, air maduinn agus aig a mheadhon la ni 
mi urnuigh. Inbhernis : Clodh-bhuailte le Lubhais 
Grannt. 18 17." Bvo. 32 pp. 

Extremely rare. 

Kennedy (Angus), Poems. Glasgow^ 1808. 

" Dain Spioradalta agus Grain Nuadh Ghaidhealach, 
le Aonghas Cionadach, ann an Ardghobhar. 'N. 
Glasacha air chuir ann 'n clo le A. Napier, Arson an 
Ughdair. 1808." i2mo. i^^ pp. The price per 
copy was 8d. 

This little book is now excessively rare. We have seen 
but two copies. The author was a native of Ardgour, where 
he had a small farm. He was converted under the earnest 
preaching of the Haldines, and he composed a few spiritual 
hymns. On some occasions, when passion or resentment 
moved him, Kennedy composed songs which he deemed 
worthy of publication alongside his spiritual effusions. His 
judgment in this respect was well founded, for his songs are 
still very popular while the hymns are forgotten. The Con- 
tents are ist, a hymn of twenty-five verses ; 2nd, a hymn of 
seventeen verses ; 3rd, ' Oran do'n duine nach leabh a leahhar^ 
which is a religious poem of twenty-five verses ; 4th, * Oran 
nighin an Tuathanaich 'j a Leannan ^ga Treigsin ''se dol a 
Phosadh Mna uaisle^ Tuireadh — 

Cheist Iain teann rium fhin, 

'S leig dhiot bhi stri ri h-aimideachd 

Gu'm feum mnathan uaisle ti, 

*S gur goirt an cinn mur faigh iad i. 


This song has twenty-five verses j 5 th, Oran 

Ho mo Mhairi locothach 
'S tu mo Mhiiri ghrinn, etc. 

It begins as follows : — 

Thubhairt Isebal ri anna [sic], 

Chan fhan mise 's tir 

'S mairg a thubhairt a Bhlathach, 

Ri aite gun im 

B' fhearr leam del gu h-aire, 

Ann am aite fhin, 

Crodh ga'n cuir do'n bhuaile, 

Laogh, uain 'us mlnn. 

6th, a song on Bonaparte, and a song on Mary Maclean, and 
a song on a dancing school. 

Kennedy (Duncan), Hymns. Glasgow^ 1786. 

*' Co' - chruinneachadh - Laoidhe agus chantaicibh 
Spioradail, le Ughdairean Eagsamhail an d'a leabhar. 
Leabh I. [Here a Scripture quotation.] Entered in 
Stationers' Hall. Clo'-bhuailt' le D. Mac Cnuidhein, 
Agus r'an reic le J. Mac Anliosa, Leabhar-reiceadoir, 
oscionn na Crois ann Glasgho. 1786." i2mo. 84 pp. 
— Leab II. 64 pp. 

Excessively rare \ only two copies known. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1836. 

" An Laoidheadair Gaelic no Orain Spioradail le 
ughdairean eagsamhail an dara clo-bhualadh. Air 
an 'leasachadh, agus air am meadachadh le Dana, 
agus Orain Spioradail, nach cualas riamh roimhe 
maille ri sgeul cuimhne air na h-Ughdairean. [Here 
Col. iii. 16 quoted.] To which is added short tracts 
on the Reformation ; the Invasion of Coll Macdonell 
of Argyleshire. And also by Alexander his son, in 
conjunction with the Atholonians. Glasgow: Sold 



by W. R. M'Phun, and David Robertson, Trongate, 
and Denis Kennedy, Great Clyde Street. [Price 
three shillings.] " i2mo. i f. Frontispiece + 2 ff.+ 
v-xvi pp. + 183 pp. Text+ I f. Advertisement. 

Duncan Kennedy was for a time a schoolmaster at Kilmel- 
ford, afterwards an accountant in Glasgow. He collected 
Ossianic poems, some of which are published in ' Leabhar 
na Feinne^ but the bulk of them remain in MS. in the 
Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. 

Kennedy (Rev. Dr. John), On the Church of Scot- 
land. Edinburgh^ 1876. 

" Air Comh-Shuidheachadh Eaglais na h-Alba, agus 
A Daimhibh ri Eaglaisibh Cleireach Eile. Ann an 
Coimh-Cheangal ris an achd leis an do chuireadh A 
Phatronachd Air Chul. Le Iain Ceanadaidh, D.D. 
Inbhir-Feotharain. Dun-Eidin : Clo-bhuailte le 
Donncha Grannd, agus a Chuideachd. 1876. 6d." 
8vo. 19 pp. 

Kennedy (Rev. Dr. John), On Disestablishment. 

Edinburgh^ 1882. 

" An Gluasad air son an Eaglais a Dhealachadh o'n 
Staid. Earail do mhuinntir na h- Eaglais Shaoir 
anns a' Ghaidhealtachd. Leis an OUamh Ceanadaidh 
ann an Inbhir-feotharain. Edinburgh : Gemmell, 
George IV. Bridge. 1882." 8vo. 30 pp. 

Kennedy (Rev. Dr. John), In Memoriam. n.d. 

" In Memoriam Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., Dingwall. 
Price one Shilling." 8vo. 2 fF. + 107 pp. 

There is a portrait of Dr. Kennedy and a Gaelic sermon 
by Dr. Aird of the Free Church, Creich. 

Kennedy-Fraser (Mrs.), Songs of the Hebrides. 


La Bhruinn (A.), On Canada. Ottawa^ 1907- 

*' Machraichean Mora Chanada. Dorus fosgailte 
do'n Ghaidheal. Aithris air mar a Dh'aiticheadh 
Canada le sluagh na h-Alba, na cothraman a tha an 
diugh a feitheamh air daoine na Gaidhealtachd, a 
thig gu Canada-an-Iar, — air an cur fa comhair an 
leughadair Je Ailghinn La Bhruinn. 

A Geobh-nam-Faochag thainig mise, 
O Thaobh Siar an Eilein Fhada ; 
Geobha caol 'nan Stuadhan arda. 
Thogadh gaoir 'n 'am lionadh mara. 

Air a chur am mach le Ughdarras Ard-Uachdaranachd 
Chanada. Ann an Ottawa. 1907." i2mo. 56 pp. 
+ I f . Address of Agents. 

Langanrait. a Song. n.d. 

" Oran air Sgireachd Langanrait." 
A leaflet. 

Lauder (Sir Thomas D.), On Herring Curing. 

Edinburgh^ 1846. 

Two Titles. " Directions for Taking and Curing 
Herrings, and for Cod, Ling, Tusk, and Hake by 
Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart., Secretary to The 
Honourable The Board of British Fisheries. Trans- 
lated into Gaelic by the Rev. Alexander Macgregor, 
A.M., Assistant Minister at Kilmuir, Skye, and 
circulated by order of the Honourable the Com- 
missioners of the Board. Edinburgh : Printed by 
T. Constable, Printer to her Majesty. 1846." 

" An Seol air an Glacar agus an Greidhear an Sgadan, 
agus air an greidhear an Trosg, an Langa, an Traille, 
agus an Falmair. Leis an Ridire Tomas Die Lauder, 
Run-Chleireach Buird Urramaich na h-iasgaireachd 


Bhreatuinnich. Air Eadar-theangachadh chum Gaelic 
le Alasdair Macgriogair, A.M., Ministeir cuideach- 
aidh ann an Cillmhuire, agus air a Chraobh sgaoil- 
eadh air iarrtas Cuideachd Urramach a' Bhuird. 
Duneidin : Air a chlodh-bhualadh le T. Constable, 
Clodh-bhualadair do'n Bhan-Righinn. 1 846." 1 2mo. 

33 + 33 PP- 

English and Gaelic on opposite pages. There was also 
an Edition of even date with Gaelic only. 

Lees (Rev. John), Spiritual Hymns. London, 1837. 

" A Cheud Earran de'n Dan Uile-Lathaireachd Dhe, 
maille ri Laoidhean eile, eadar-theangaichte o'n 
Bheurla, agus Rainn air cluinntinn Uaireadair a 
bualadh uair dheireannach na bliadhna. Leis an 
Urramach Iain Lees, A.M. Lunnuinn : Clodh- 
bhuailte le E. H. Blagdon, 6 Bow Street, Covent 
Garden. 1837." 8vo. 2 ff. + 31 pp. 

Letter of Encouragement to Canadian Emigrant. 


Inverness^ 1839. 

" Mineachadh air Earrann Mhata xxiv., agus xxv. ; 
maille ri Comharraidhibh Teachd Chriosd le neulaibh 
neimh, eadhon foillseachadh gloire an De Mhoir, 
agus ar Slanughir losa Criosd. Le I. U. Lillingston, 
an t-Uachdaran ann an Lochaillse, am Breatuinn 
Mu Thuath, air Eadar-theangachadh bho'n Bheurla. 
[Here quoted Acts i. 10, 11 ; Titus ii. 11-15.] 
Inverness : Printed at the Herald Office by D. David- 
son, and sold by James Smith, K. Douglas, D. Morri- 
son, and D. Macculloch, Inverness ; R. Douglas, Tain ; 


D. Fraser, Dingwall; Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; 
and F. Orr & Sons, Glasgow. MDCCCXXXIX." 
Demy 8vo. 43 pp. 

Lindsay (C), Poem on Queen Victoria. 5./., 1862. 
" Do'n Bhan-Righinn Bhreatannaich." Bvo. 8 pp. 

Litany, The. London^ n.d. 

" The Litany. An Laoidhdidhiann. [Here a wood- 
cut.] London : Society for Promoting Christian 
Knowledge ; sold at the Depositories, 77 Great Queen 
Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; 4 Royal Exchange ; 
48 Piccadilly, and by all Booksellers." Sq. i2mo. 
14 pp. 

Livingston (Wm.), Song to A. Maclachlan. 

Glasgow y 1855. 

*' Oran do Artt Mac Lachainn, Duin Uasal Earra- 
Ghaidhealach : Le Ughdar ' Tagradh Nan Gaidheal ' 
Glasachadh air Cluaidh ; Mios Meadhonach an 
Earraich. 1855." 

A broadsheet printed in double columns. In December 
1854 Livingston prepared for the press Bishop Carswell's 
advice to his son in 1560. It is still in MS. in Irish script. 

Livingston (Wm.), Songs and Poems. 

Edinburgh^ 1858. 

"Duain Ghaelic le Uilleam Mac Dhun-Leibhe, Ughdar 
— ' Tagradh nan Gaidheal.' ' Eachdraidh na h-Alba,' 
&c. With a brief sketch proving the Authenticity 
of Ossian's Poems. Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart, 
64 South Bridge. Glasgow : Duncan Campbell, 
143 Buchanan Street ; Wm. Gilchrist, 145 Argyle 
Street. 1858." Sm. 8vo. 4fF.+ i92pp. 


Livingston (Wm.), Prize Poem. Glasgow, 1859. 

"Duan Geall na Comhradh Uaigneach mar gum 
bitheadh e air a labhairt leis a Bhan-Righ Victoria, 
oidhch' a bha i ann am bothan airidh le Prionns' 
Albert, agus da ghille Ghaidhealach, dara mios an 
Fhoghair 1851. Le Ughdar Tagradh nan Gaidheal. 
Glasgow, 25th June 1859. Gilchrist, Printer." 

A broadsheet. 

Livingston (Wm.), A Song to Mrs. Blair. 

Glasgow, 1863. 

" Fios Thun A' Bhaird, Na Oran Beann Dhonnach- 
aidh, Le Ughdar Tagradh nan Gaidheal. 1863." 

A broadsheet printed in double columns by Wm. 
Gilchrist, Printer, Howard Street, Glasgow. 

Livingston (Wm.), I love my Jean. Glasgow, n.d. 

" Tha mo gradh air Sine. Eadar-Theangaichte le 
Uilleam Mac Dhunleibhe. With the Author's 
permission : Printed by Neil Campbell, Gaelic Book- 
seller, 17 Malta Street, Glasgow." 

This is a broadsheet headed "Select Songs with Gaelic 
Translations, No. i." 

Livingston (Wm.), Songs and Poems. 

Glasgow, 1865. 

" Duain Agus Grain le Uilleam Mac Dhunleibhe, 
Ughdar ' Tagradh nan Gaidheal,' &c., &c. [Here a 
woodcut.] Printed by William Gilchrist, Howard 
Street, Glasgow. MDCCCLXV." Sm. 8vo. 2fF.+ 
III pp. 


Livingston (Wm.), Bards' Tombstones. 

Glasgow, 1867. 

" Tha na Rannan so mar gum b'ann air Leaean 
Uaighean nam Bard." i2mo. 11 pp. 

This poem was awarded the first prize by the Celtic 
Society of Glasgow in 1867. 

Livingston (Wm.), Poems and Songs. 

Glasgow, 1882. 

" Duain agus Grain le Uilliam Mac Dhunleibhe am 
Bard Ileach, Ughdar * Tagradh nan Gaidheal,' Etc. 
Air an cur am mach air iarrtus agus fo iuil A' 
Chomuinn Ilich. Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 
62 Argyle Street. 1882. [Price Two Shillings & 
Sixpence.] " 

Lothian (Duncan), Collection of Poems. 

Aberdeen, 1780. 

"Comh-Chruinneachidh Orainnaigh Gaedhaelach agus 
Bearla le Donacha Loudin. Seria mixta Jocis, Ovid. 
Aberrain : Clo-bhuailte ann le Sheumais Chalmers, 
AirsonWm. Sharp, ann 'n Inverness. 1780." i2mo. 

This work is excessively rare. We have seen but one 
imperfect copy. At page 23 begins a song, lorram air 

O theid sinn do dh' America, 
Mu'n tcirig air ar storas, 
O'n dhaoraich iad am fearran oirn, 
'S nach urrain neach bhi beo ann. 

Tha'n tombac co daor, 
Agus nach feudar bhi ga fheoraich 
Nach m6r a thig am punnd dh'e 
Nuair chostas unsa grot dhuinn. 


At page 31 is ^Oran do fhleasgach ris an ahairte an Gilleadh 
Ruadh.^ At page 33 is ^ lorram Sugraidh air fonn Bithibh 
Sunndach &c. air an fhoddar.^ At page 35 is a song ' Oran 
air Bodach fioghdair^ a phos seann te bha siubhal nan crioch 
re da fhichod Bliadhna^ At page 37 is '■Oran an Tail- 
fhear^ At page 44 is * Oran do Phadric Robastan, Forsair 
Dhiuc AthalU At page 46 is * Oran DhoTnK'uil DrovairJ 
At page 48 is ' Oran a Ghothain, An Luinneag ' — 

Tha mi trom an deigh mo thurrais, 
Tha mi trom is mi air tir, 
Tha mi trom an deigh mo thurrais, 
S cha n'i mhuir a dh'ag mi sgith. 

At page 50 is ' The Flowers of the Forest ' ; the Gaelic on 
pages 51-52. On pages 52-53 is '■My Peggy is a young 
thingj* On page 54 is ' My Laddie no more^ On 
page 67 is ' Laoidh mu thuitem AdhamhJ On page 71 is 
'■ Mu la Bhreitheamnais.^ 

Duncan Lothian, Editor and in great part Author of this 
and the following works, was a native of Glen Lyon, and 
served as turner for some time under Dugald Buchanan at 
Kinloch Rannoch. He afterwards came to Struan and to 
Fincastle, where he died about the year 1830 at the patri- 
archal age of eighty-seven years. 

Lothian (Duncan), Pope and Reformation. 

Edinburgh^ i797- 

" Connsachadh eadar am Papa agus Reformation 
maille ri 

Sean fhocail gheur agus Comhadan, 
Agus moran de Chomhairlibh glice ; 
'S ma shaoileas tu gu bheil iad feumail, 
Cuimhnich an leugadh ni's trice. 

le Donncha Loudin. Duneidin. MDCCXCVIL" 
i2mo. 20 pp. 

At the end of the booklet is * Deoch an Doruis.^ This 
Edition is excessively rare. We have seen but one perfect 


Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1833. 

" Le Donnacha Loudinn. Maille ri Laoidh 

mholaidh do Chruith - f hear 'n T-shaoghail le 
Daibhidh Macaileir. An Dara Cloth-buala. The 
Change of Religion from the corruptions of Popery 
to its primitive state. Edinburgh : Menzies, Lawn- 
market. 1833. Price sixpence." 8vo. 36 pp. 

There are two titles and dates to this Second Edition. 
The first as above with date 1833, and the second with date 
1834, with the addition on title of ^ Jgus Laoidh le Iain 
Macdhonuill^ Ministeir Urachaduinn.'' The text of these 
Editions is the same, as also the pagination. The words 
^ Connsachadh^ '■Reformation^ ^ ni's trice* of the Edition 
of 1797 are in the Editions of 1833-4 altered to ^ Deas- 
baireachd^ '■an T-athleasacha^ '■rCas triced 

Lothian (Duncan), Reformed Catechism. 

Edinburgh, 1844. 
*' Earrann de'n Leabhar Cheasnuighe Aithleasuichte, a 
ta 'nochdadh Teagaisg, Ruin agus Nois na Papanachd. 
Clobhuailte an Duneaidain le Daibhidh Mac-Phatraic. 
MDCCLXXIX. Maille ri C6nsachadh eadar Am 
Pap' agus Reformeision. Le Donnchadh Loudin. 
Fos 'TaoisGhoirt' na Papanachd. 'An Duneidionn : 
le Maclachluinn, an Stiubhartach, 's an Cuideachd ; 
agus Comunn Ur nam Meanbh - Leabhar. 
MDCCCXLIV." i8mo. 36 pp. 4d. 

Lothian (Duncan), Pope and Reformation. 

Edinburgh, 1844. 

" Connsachadh eadar am Pap agus an T-athleas- 
achadh. Agus fior fhocail 'us Sanasan geura. 
Le Donnachadh Loudin. Toirt dr. Dunedin : 
Maclachlainn, an Stiubhartach, 's an Cuidd. 
MDCCCXLIV." i8mo. 18 pp. Price 4d. 

Of these two last Editions 500 copies of each were 
printed. The Editor was John Mackenzie. 


LoRNE (Marquis of), Loch Uisge. 

Edinburgh, 1895. 

*' Sgeulachd Loch Uisge ann an Gadhlig : air a 
tarruing bho Bheurla an Ard Urramaich Marcus 
Labhruinn, Fear-ceilidh na Bana phrionnsa Righeil 
Luise Bana - mhercus Labhruinn. Gheibhear a 
Bheurla ann an aireamh xviii de Good Words 
Bliadhna 1877. 1895." Sm. 4to. 10 ff. unpaged 
and printed on recto only of each leaf. 
The Translator was the Rev. J. P. St. Clair. 

Love (Rev. Christopher), Ministry of Angels. 

Inverness, 1849. 

" Mu dhreuchd agus mu fhrithealadh nan aingil do 
oighreachaibh na Slainte : maille ri tri litrichean agus 
Cunntas mu bheatha an Ughdair. Le Mr. Christopher 
Love, Ministeir an t-Soisgeil a bh'ann an Laurence. 
[Psalm xxxiv. quoted.] Eadar - theangaichte gu 
Gaelig, le Iain Rose. Inverness : Printed by William 
Corner, and sold by J. Smith, K. Douglas, D. Fraser, 
and C. Keith, Booksellers, Inverness. 1849." ^^^' 
104 pp. 

M'Adam, Bayne, and Mackenzie, Gleanings. 

Edinburgh, 1868. 

" Dioghlum o Theagasg nan Aithrichean. Dun- 
Eidin : Eoin Maclabhrainn. MDCCCLXVIII." 8vo. 
I f. + 30 pp. 

This work contains short discourses by Revs. Alex. 
M'Adam of Nigg, Ronald Bayne of Kiltarlity, and L. Mac- 
kenzie of Lochcarron. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1900. 

'* Dioghlum o Theagasg nan Aithrichean. Earailean 
aig Bord Communachaidh, &c. Leis na h-Urramaich 


Alastair Macadam, Raoghal Ban, agus Lachlan 
Maccoinnich. Air ur Chlo-bhualadh. Glasgow : 
John M'Neilage, 6^ Great Western Road. 1900." 
i2mo. 22 pp. 

Macalister (Rev. John), Sermons. Inverness, 1896. 

** Gaelic and English Sermons of the late Rev. John 
Macalister, with Memoir. Edited by the Rev. J. 
Kennedy Cameron, M.A. Inverness : The Northern 
Counties Printing and Publishing Company, Limited. 
1896." 8vo. xxi+i36pp. 

A portrait faces title. 

M'Alpine (Niel), Dictionary. Edinburgh, 1832. 

" The Argyleshire Pronouncing Graelic Dictionary ; to 
which is prefixed a concise but most Comprehensive 
GaeHc Grammar. By Niel M*Alpine, Student in 
Divinity, Island of Islay, Argyleshire. ' Without a 
considerable knowledge of Gaelic, no person can 
make any -progress whatever in philology' — T)r. 
Murray, late Professor of Oriental Languages, Edin- 
burgh. Edinburgh : Printed for the Author, and 
sold by all the Booksellers in the Kingdom, and on 
the Continent, also by all the Schoolmasters in the 
Highlands. MDCCCXXXII." 8vo. Ixiii+i f. 
Testimonial + 281 pp. 

The first title proposed by the Author was "A Pocket 
Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary for Schools in the Highlands 
and Islands." Possibly he expected the S.P.C.K. to take the 
work under their patronage. It was to be completed in 
fourteen numbers at sixpence on coarse paper and ninepence 
on fine paper. 


M'Alpine (Neil), Dictionary. Edinburgh^ 1833. 

*' A Pronouncing Gaelic Dictionary to which is pre- 
fixed a concise but most comprehensive Gaelic 
Grammar. By Neil M'Alpine, Student in Divinity, 
Island of Islay, Argyleshire. ' Without a consider- 
able knowledge of Gaelic no person can make any 
proficiency whatever in Philology.' — Dr. Murray, 
late Professor of Oriental Languages, Edinburgh. 
Edinburgh : Printed for the Author. Published by 
Stirling & Kennedy, Edinburgh ; Reid & Co., Glasgow; 
James Duncan, London ; John Gumming, Dublin ; 
and sold by all Booksellers. MDCCCXXXIII." 
8vo. liii + 281 pp. 

M'Alpine (Neil), Gaelic-English and English- 
Gaelic Dictionary. Edinburgh, 1845. 

The English-Gaelic part of the work was by John Mac- 
kenzie,' Editor of ' The Beauties of Gaelic Poetry.'' In the 
Preface to this part of the work he criticised severely the 
first or Gaelic-English part as written by M'Alpine. It 
is said that M'Alpine never forgave Mackenzie for thus 
questioning and even disparaging his Gaelic Scholarship. 
This Edition is also designated ' Second Edition.^ 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1847. 

In this year Messrs. Maclachlan & Stewart bought the 
stereotyped plates from Stevenson, and 500 copies of the 
complete work were printed. 270 copies were printed in 
1853; 250 in 1858 ; 250 in 1863 ; 500 in 1866; 500 in 
18725 500 in 1876. Reprints again appeared in 1881, 
1891, 1903, 1906, 

M'Alpine (Neil), A Gaelic Grammar. 

Edinburgh, 1852. 

" Rudiments of Gaelic Grammar. By Neil M'Alpine, 
Student in Divinity, Island of Islay, Argyleshire. 
Author of the Gaelic Dictionary. [Quotation.] Third 


Edition. . . . Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. 
1852." i2mo. 

This is stated to be the ' Third Edition^ but circum- 
stances and inferences point very strongly to this Edition 
itself as the first edition that did appear separate from the 
Dictionary. In 1853 190 copies were reprinted, and 260 in 

Neil M' Alpine, the Author of the Gaelic Dictionary and 
Grammar, was teacher of the Kilmeny School, Islay. In 
his native Island of Islay the appearance of the Dictionary 
brought him notoriety instead of remuneration and sympathy. 
When the destitution of 1846 was severely felt over all the 
Western Isles, M'Alpine wrote those that attempted to 
relieve the distress, pointing out to them the starving condi- 
tion of the Islay people. This representation resulted in a 
boat with meal being sent to Lochindal. This meritorious 
step on the part of M*Alpine was, however, construed by 
the laird of the time as reflecting on his dignity and tres- 
passing on his prerogative, and he would have the poor 
schoolmaster dismissed. The Presbytery, to whom at that 
time teachers were responsible, sympathised, not with the 
teacher, but with the laird. Where Presbyteries are judges 
it is well known, or ought to be, that neither the School- 
house nor the Manse has the slightest chance against the 
Mansion House. After years of wrangling — the parishioners 
simply looking on, not daring to interfere or threaten on 
behalf of their true benefactor — M^Alpine was dismissed 
from his school, and thrown utterly destitute on the charity 
of his indigent friends. He died in receipt of parochial relief 
in 1867 at the age of eighty years. A very handsome tomb- 
stone of polished granite was erected to his memory by his 
fellow-countrymen, which bears a very suitable inscription. 

Macaskill (Angus), Songs. Wick, 1863. 

"Gaelic Songs by Angus M'Kaskill, Tarbert, Suther- 
landshire. Wick : Printed for the Author by John 
George. 1863." i2mo. 18 pp. 

Angus Macaskill was a crofter and fisherman. He died 
in or about the year 1890 in the Parish of Eddrachaolis. He 


left no family. He took the books away as soon as they were 
printed, but never paid for them. He afterwards repented 
and turned religious, and it is said that he sought out as many 
copies of his book as he could procure and destroyed them. 
It turned out, however, that his repentance was repentance 
repented of. He became very anxious to reprint his book 
with the addition of some fresh pieces, but although he 
offered some a share of the profits of this new venture, he 
was not successful in inducing a partner to join him, 

Macbain (Alex., LL.D.), An Etymological Dic- 
tionary. Inverness, 1896. 

" An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language 
by Alexander Macbain, M.A. Inverness : The 
Northern Counties Printing and Publishing Company, 
Limited. 1896." 8vo. xlvii + 374 pp. + i f. Ad- 

New and Enlarged Edition by Macfarlane. 

Stirling, 19 11. 

Macbain (Alex., LL.D.), Higher Grade Readings. 

Inverness J 1905. 

" Higher Grade Readings, with Outlines of Grammar 
at the King's Scholarship Examination. Papers in 
Gaelic (i 888-1904). For King's Scholarship and 
Leaving Certificate Examinations. Edited by Alex- 
ander Macbain, LL.D., Author of *y/« Etymological 
Dictionary of the Gaelic Language' Inverness : The 
Northern Chronicle OffiQQ. 1905." 8vo. xxxi+106 
pp. + I f . Index. 

Macbain (Alex.) and Whyte (John), How to learn 

" How to learn Gaelic. Orthographical Instructions, 


Reading Lessons and Grammar by A. Macbain, LL.D., 
and John Whyte. Revised and Enlarged Edition." 

Macbain (Dr. A.), Etymology of Gaelic Names. 
Macbain (Dr. A.), Outlines of Gaelic Etymology. 

Macbean (Rev. Francis), Elegy. j./., 1856. 

" Cumha leis an Urramach Fraing Mac Bheathain 
ann an Chill-Chuimein an deigh Bas a Mhna, Flori 
Cheimbeall, ceud nighean Fir a Chaolais an Eilean 
ChoUa. Air an aon fhonn ri Cumha Chalain Ghlinn- 
iuir. Cuimneachan beag o'n Ughdar do a Cairdean- 
sa, agus do a Chairdean fein. 1856." i2mo. 17 pp. 

Macbean (James), Two New Songs. Inverness^ 1850. 

" Da Oran Nuadh ; mu chumhachd a bhais ; agus 
mu bhuaidh na h-inntinn fheolmhor. Le Seumas 
Macbheathan, ann an Leidhras Chul-Daothal. In- 
verness : Printed by Mackintosh & Co., 9 Church 
Street. 1850." Sm. 8vo. 16 pp. 

Macbean (James), Hymns. Inverness^ 1880. 

" Danaibh Spioradail." 

The copy before us is imperfect, lacking title and all after 
page 78. It has the two hymns of the booklet of 1850. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Elementary Lessons. 

Inverness^ 1876. 

*' Elementary Lessons in Gaelic Reading, Grammar 
and Construction. With a Key and Vocabulary. 
Inverness : The Highlander Office. Edinburgh : 
Maciachlan and Stewart. Glasgow : William Love, 


Argyle Street, and all Booksellers. 1876." 12 mo. 
56 + 8 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1879. 

" With a Vocabulary and Key. By L. Macbean : 

Second Edition, Enlarged and Improved. Inverness : 
John Noble, Castle Street. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
& Stewart. 1879." Price One Shilling. 8vo. 66 pp. 

Third Edition. Inverness^ 1889. 

Fourth Edition. Inverness^ 1893. 

Fifth Edition. Stirling^ n.d. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Gaelic Conversation. 

Edinburgh y 1884. 

" Guide to Gaelic Conversation and Pronunciation 
with Dialogues, Phrases, Vocabularies, and Forms of 
Bills, and Letters. By L. Macbean, Author of ' Ele- 
mentary Lessons in Gaelic.^ Inverness : J. Noble, 
Castle Street. Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart. 
1884." 8vo. 119 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1895. 

Another Edition. Stirling, 1901. 

Another Edition. Stirling, 1905. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Sacred Songs of the Gael 
with Music. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Songs of the Gael. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 


Macbean (Lachlan), Old Psalm Tunes, etc. 

Kirkcaldy^ 1887. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Songs and Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ 1888. 

" The Songs and Hymns of The Scottish Highlands, 
with Translations and Music, and an Introduction. 
By L. Macbean. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 
Booksellers to the University. Inverness : John 
Noble. Glasgow : Porteous Brothers, and W. Love, 
Argyle Street. Oban: D.Cameron. 1888." 4to. 
12 pp. + 1 f. Index + 32 Hymns + I f. Index + 32 
Songs + I f. Notes. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Highland Sacred Melody. 

Kirkcaldy^ 1889. 

" Highland Sacred Melodies, containing the Gaelic 
Psalm Tunes and Spiritual Songs. By L. Macbean. 
Music in both notations. Kirkcaldy : Printed at the 
Advertiser Office. 1889." Sm. 4to. 2 fF. + 32 
Hymns + i f. + 1 8 Psalm Tunes, is. 6d. in wrappers. 

Macbean (Lachlan), Songs and Hymns of The 
Gael. Stirling^ 1900. 

Maccallum (Dr. Archd.), Spiritual Poems. 

- Glasgow y 1894. 
" Laoidhean agus Dain Spioradail air an tional agus 
aireamh mhor dhiu bh'air an Eadar-theangachadh leis 
an Urramach nach maireann Gilleasbuig K. Mac- 
Chaluim, M.A., LL.D. Air an uUachadh agus air 
an cur a mach fo lamh Iain Whyte. Glasgow : 
Archibald Sinclair, 10 Bothwell Street ; Henry Whyte, 
4 Bridge Street. Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 
The Mound. 1894." Sm. 8vo. xxxii4-48o pp. 


Dr.Maccallum was Chaplain of the Glasgow Reformatory. 
He left his Celtic Library and a sum of money to the Uni- 
versity to found a Celtic Lectureship. 

Maccallum (Rev. Donald), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1883. 

"Sop as gach Seid, Le DonuU Maccaulum, Arisaig. A' 
Cheud Bhoitean Bardachd. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
and Stewart, Booksellers to the University. 1883." 
i8mo. 32 pp. " An Dara Boitean " . . . 1884. 
32 pp. 

Maccallum (Rev. Donald), The Coronation Ode. 

s.l. 1902. 

Maccallum (Rev. Duncan), Poems and Songs. 

Inverness^ 1821. 

" Co-Chruinneacha Dhan, Grain, etc., etc. A Collec- 
tion of Original Poems, Songs, etc., taken from Oral 
recitation in various parts of the Highlands and 
Islands of Scotland during the last twenty years. 
To which are added notes Biographical, Critical, and 
Explanatory. Inbhirnis : Dealbh-bhuailt le Seumais 
Friseal. 1821. Price 5s." i2mo. 3fF. + 2i6pp. 

The Editor was the Rev. Duncan Maccallum, Arisaig. 
The Heroic Poems were his own composition, and were 
afterwards published in the * Beauties of Gaelic Poetry ' as 
genuine specimens of ancient poetry, with remarks and 
annotations by Maccallum himself. In 1842 the authorship 
of these ancient poems was acknowledged by Maccallum, 
who had them published in the volume of poetry quoted 
below under the signature 'D. M.' Curiously, the Notes 
and Remarks made upon them in such pseud- epigraphic 
manner by their Author on their first appearance, were 
retained in this edition. The work is now very scarce. 


Maccallum (Rev. Duncan), Poems. 

Glasgow^ 1842. 

" Dain agus Orain. Le D. M. An Treas Clo- 
bhualadh . . . 1842." 

Maccallum (Rev. Duncan), The Catholic Church. 

Glasgow^ 1842. 

" An Eaglais Choitchionn. The Catholic or Uni- 
versal Church. Glasgow : P. Campbell & Co., 
24 Glassford Street. MDCCCXLII." i8mo. 
52 pp. 

Maccallum (Rev. Duncan), History of the 
Church. Edinburgh^ 1845. 

" Eachdraidh na h-Eaglais, Leis an Urramach 
Donnacha M'Challuim, Minister Arisaig, agus 
Ughdair na ' h-Eaglaise Choitcheann. ' Edinburgh : 
Thornton & Collie, 19 St. David Street. 1845." 
Demy 8vo. 2 fF. 4-288 pp. 

Maccallum (J. and H.), Ossianic Poems. 

Montrose y 18 16. 
" An Original Collection of the Poems of Ossian, 
Orrann, Ulin, and other Bards who flourished in the 
same age. Collected and edited by John and Hugh 
M'Callum. Montrose : Printed at the Review 
Newspaper Ofiice ; for the Editors, by James Watt, 
Bookseller. 18 16." 8vo. xci4-if. Gaelic Title 
+ 95-241 pp. Gaelic Poems + i f. Contents and 
Errata +59 pp. Subscribers. The Gaelic Title is: 
" Comh-Chruinneachadh taghta de Shaothair Oisian^ 
Orrann, Ulluin, agus Baird eile bha ann ri an linn'' 

The Editors of this work were assisted by Ewen 
Maclachlan of Aberdeen. Another volume of even date 


was published in English. The English volume is common, 
but as the Gaelic impression was small, a copy is very seldom 
met with. 

Maccallum (Rev. John), Life of Wesley. 

Glasgow^ 1 9 1 1 . 

" Cunntas Aithghearr air Iain Wesley, agus sgriobh- 
aidhean eile. Leis an Urr. Iain Mac Calum nach 
maireann. Glaschu : Gilleasbuig Ma-na-Ceardadh, 
47 Sraid Waterloo. 191 1." 8vo. xii+115 pp. 
Portrait of " Ardeonaig " faces Gaelic Title, is. 6d. 

Maccheyne (Rev. R. M.), Life and Ministry of. 

Perth^ 1865. 

" lomradh air Beatha agus Ministreileachd an 
Urramaich R. M. M'Cheyne, ministear an T-Soisgeil 
ann an Dundee. Maille ri litrichean, searmoinean, 
agus Laoidhean leis. Ead : le Ailean Sinclair, A.M. 
Ministear na h-Eaglais Saoire anns a Cheann- 
mhor. Perth : Duncan Matheson. Edinburgh : 
Tract and Book Society. 1865." Sm. 8vo. 4fF. + 
364 pp. 

A Reprint. 1865. 

" An Dara Mile." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1870. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1891. 

Maccheyne (Rev. R. M.), Another Lily Gathered. 

Edinburgh^ 1865. 

This was translated by Gordon Macleod. 


Maccoll (Rev. A.), On Church Union. 

Edinburgh, 1870. 

" Ath-Bheachdachadh air na Puingibh-Teagaisg agus 
air na Buntaibh a tha'n aobhar Eas-Aontachd a 
thaobh Aonaidh eudar an Eaglais Shaoir agus an 
Eaglais Chleireil Aointe le A. MaccoUa, Ministeir na 
h-Eaglais Saoire ann an sgire Dhiuirinis 'san Eilean 
Sgitheanach. Duneidin: Clo-bhuailte le Ballantine 
agus a Chuideachd. 1870." 8vo. 35 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1870. 

" An Dara Clo-bhualadh. Duneidin : Clo- 
bhuailte le Sanson agus a Chuideachd. 1 870." 8vo. 

39 PP- 

Maccoll (Duncan), Mission Hymn Book. 

Glasgow^ 1899. 

" Leabhar Laoidh air a chur r'a cheile agus air a chur 
a mach le Comunn Soisgeulach Gaidhealach Ghlascho. 
Archibald Sinclair, Printer and Publisher, 47 Water- 
loo Street, Glasgow. 1899." Sg. i6mo. viii + 
7-126 pp. 

There are some original Gaelic Hymns given from well- 
known composers, but the most are translations from Bonar, 
Watt, Weaver, etc. 

Maccoll (Evan), The Mountain Minstrel. 

Glasgow, 1836. 

" The Mountain Minstrel, or Clarsach nam Beann, 
consisting of original Poems and Songs in English 
and Gaelic by Evan M'CoU, Lochfineside. Glasgow : 
Printed for the Author, Sold by Maclachlan & 
Stewart, Edinburgh ; W. R. M'Phun, and Dugald 
Moore, Glasgow ; J. Lusk, Greenock ; and J. Smith, 
Inverness. 1836." i2mo. xii + 87 pp. English 


Poems + I f. Title in Gaelic as under, and 93-223 pp. 
Gaelic Poems and Errata in English and Gaelic + 
if. Glossary + 227-239 pp. Subscribers. The Gaelic 
Title is as follows : 

" Clarsach nam Beann, no Orain agus Dana Gaelic 
le Eobhan Mac-CoUa. 

Air Fionn gu'n togainn fonn, 'us 
Air Diarmad donn bu toigh learn seinn, 
Ach fonn cha seinn mo chlarsach 
Ach dan air gradh nan caileagan. 

Bho'n Teachdaire Ghaelach." 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1839. 

•' Clarsach nam Beann, no Dain agus Orain, ann an 
Gaelic, le Eobhan Mac-coUa : 

Air Fionn gu'n togainn fonn, 'us 
Air Diarmaid donn bu toigh leam seinn 
Ach fonn cha seinn mo chlarsach 
Ach dain air gradh nan Caileagan ! 

Seumas Munro. 

An Dara Clodh-Bualadh, meudaichte agus aithleas- 
aichte air an cur a mach 'an Dun-Eidinn le 
Maclachlan 'san Steubhartach, Sraid na Drochaid. 
MDCCCXXXIX." 1 2mo. vi + 2 1 2 pp. 

This Edition has the Gaelic Poems only. New pieces 
were published for the first time, and considerable emendations 
made on the poems and text of the First Edition. A great 
number of copies were issued with the date 1838, instead of 
1839, the true date. The English Poems were printed at 
the same time and sold rapidly. For any orthographical 
errors, the Author blames neither himself nor his printer, but 
his grammarian. On this point he expresses himself adroitly 
as follows : " Thoir aithre de so^ agus tha'n t-ughdair ag 
altrum dochais air son cuid litreachaidh dheth^ nach tig tuille 
de Clarsach nam Beann fada cearr ort. Ma thig, coirich 
Seumas Munro, sa Dhonaid chiatach.^* 


Third Edition. Glasgow^ 1886. 

" Clarsach nam Beann, Le Eobhan Mac. Colla. An 
Treas clo-bhualadh, meudaichte, agus athleasaichte. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. 1886." 8vo. 
I f. Portrait of Poet + 4 ff. + 1 50 pp. 

Maccoll (John), Poems and Songs. Glasgow, 1885. 

" Luinneag nan Gleann, Dain agus Grain le Iain 
Mac Colla. 

Sud e'n ceol a's binne chualas 
Luinneag foil aig bannal ghruagach 

An t-Olla Iain Mac Lachainn. 

Glasgow : A. Sinclair, Printer and Publisher, 
62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXXXV." 8vo. i f. 
Portrait of Author + 93 pp. 

John Maccoll belongs to West Laroch, Ballachulish. 
He was brought up as a slate quarrier, but on his health 
giving way he betook himself to poetry and painting. It is 
said that his sketches are remarkably good. 

Maccormick (John), Breezes from the West. 

Paisley, 1908. 

Two Titles. " Breezes from the West, by John 
Maccormick. Edited by M. Mac Farlane (Here a 
Scottish Thistle). Paisley : Alexander Gardner, 
Publisher by Appointment to the late Queen Victoria, 

*' Giteagan o'n lar, le Iain Mac Cormaig. Fo laimh 
Chaluim Mhic Pharlain. Paislig : Alasdair Gardner, 
Clodh - bhuailtear do'n Bhan - righ Victoria nach 
maireann. 1908." 8vo. 4fF. + i49pp. 


Maccormick (John), Soldier's Love. 

Stirling, 1908. 
"Gu'n Do' Thug i speis Do'n Armunn. Sgeul le Iain 
Mac Cormaig. Fo laimh Chaluim Mhic Pharlain, 
Aonghas Mac Aoidh, 43 Murray Place, Struibhle, 
1908." 8vo. 117 pp. 

Maccormick (John), Story Teller of the Shore. 

Stirling, 1 9 11 . 
" Seanchaidh na Traghad le Iain Mac Cormaic. Fo 
laimh Chaluim Mhic Pharlain. 

Bhiodh gach seanair aosmhor Hath 
'G innseadh sgeulachdan gun *gho, 
Air gach gaisgeach fearal greannmhor 
Bha 'sa gleann nuair bha iad og. 

N. Mac Leoid. 

Struibhle, Aonghas Mac Aoidh, 43 Murray Place. 
1 9 II." 8vo. 64 pp. 

Maccormick (John), The Story of the Sheiling. 

Stirling, 191 1. 
"Seanchaidh na H-Airigh le Iain Mac Cormaic. 
Fo laimh Chaluim Mhic Pharlain. [Quot. as above.] 
Struibhle : Aonghas Mac Aoidh, 43 Murray Place. 
191 1." 8vo. 61 pp. 

On the cover is a portrait of a sheiling. 

Maccormick (John), Dunaline. 

" Dun-Aluinn no an t-oighre 'na dhiobarach le Iain 
Mac Cormaic, fo laimh Chaluim Mhic Pharlain." 

John Maccormick, the Author of these novels, is a native 
of the Parish of Kilfinchean, in Mull. He attended the 
University of Glasgow in the early eighties of last century, 
where he distinguished himself by the excellent idiomatic 
Gaelic he spoke. As a fluent and accurate Gaelic speaker 
and scholar he had few, if any equals, at the University. He 
afterwards was engaged at the ' lona Press ' in lona, where 


some books were printed, one at least of which was in 
Gaelic, but which we have not seen. 

Maccorquodale (John), A Dialogue. 

Glasgow^ 1 86 1. 

" Comhradh eadar Dun-Bhrusgraig agus Fear-turais 
Le Iain Og Mac-Corcadail. Glasgow : Printed by- 
Neil Campbell, 17 Malta Street. MDCCCLXI." 
i2mo. 4 pp. 

Macculloch (Sheriff), Elegy On. circa 1809. 

" Marbh-rann do Sherra M'CuUoch, a bhathadh air 
a Phort-Mhor fagus do Dhornoch." i2mo. 12 pp. 

We have not seen this booklet. SheriiF-Substitute Hugh 
M'Culloch was drowned through the capsizing of a boat 
while crossing the Meikle Ferry near Dornoch in the year 
1809. Many others were drowned also. The Sheriff was 
noted for his piety. The Elegy was composed by Samuel 
Matheson and is given in the various editions of the Hymns 
of Donald Matheson of Kildonan. Bound up with the 
Elegy on Sheriff Macculloch is another Elegy, also composed 
by Samuel Matheson on those drowned at Newfoundland, 
with the following Title : " Marbh-rann do'n Mhuintear a 
bhathadh aig Nuafoundland air an Laong ^chaidh e Gallaobh^ 
We have a copy of this Elegy in MS. It is a mere 
doggrel. It refers to the loss of what used to be known in 
Sutherland and Caithness as ' Long Mhor America.^ 

We made a full inquiry regarding the loss of this vessel. 
The facts are as follows. Some of the tenants on Sir John 
Sinclair's estate were apprised of Sir John's intention to turn 
parts of his estate into large sheep farms. They resolved not 
to wait until evicted, but emigrate to Canada. They were 
joined also by a large number of the poor people, who made 
up their minds to seek their fortune in the New World. In 
early September in the year 1807 a large brig, after calling 
at one or two places, arrived at Scrabster Roads, and during 
Friday and Saturday of the Martinmas Market at Thurso, 
completed her boarding of the passengers and their luggage. 


A violent storm which destroyed the crops of the district 
delayed the vessel in harbour for ten days. She then sailed 
on a tediously long voyage till she reached the banks of New^- 
foundland, w^here she got becalmed in a thick fog, so that 
she had to anchor. A violent gale arose, and the vessel 
drifted from her moorings to a rock-bound coast. To make 
matters vv'orse the seamen w^ere drunk. At last the vessel 
wzs so shattered against the rocks that she foundered. It is 
said that Alexander Gunn of Coilteil sang on deck the 46th 
Psalm in Gaelic, and as the vessel was actually sinking he 
uttered aloud, *' O thusa a Thighearn da geill na duilean dian 
cur agus buain aig an aon am" It used to be believed in the 
North that only three souls were saved. A lady lives in 
England at present (1906) to whom a survivor communicated 
full details of the loss of the ill-fated ship, and the sufferings 
of the survivors in Newfoundland, who had to walk twelve 
miles, wet and hungry, through ice and snow to the nearest 
habitation. Thirteen souls were saved. A Thurso corre- 
spondent in reporting the sad loss of the vessel to the Inver- 
ness Journal in 1808, called her ' The Rambler of Leith^ 

Maccuish (D. J.), Memoirs of Angus Maccuish. 


*' Eachdruidh air Aonghas Mac Cush. * An Ceisteir,' 
agus air na h-Urramaich ann an Uidhist-a-Tuath. 
Memoirs of Angus Maccuish, Catechist, and the 
North Uist Worthies. By Donald John Maccuish, 
a native of Sollas, North Uist, now at Redcastle." . 

Macdiarmid (Angus), Beauties of Lochearnhead. 

Edinburgh^ 1875. 

*' Cunntas ar Boidhecheadan Ceann-Lochearn agus 
Edinapolis le Aonghas Mac Dhiarmid. An treas 
clo-bhualadh le mineachadh agus Soilleireachd. Or 
a Description of the Beauties of Edinample and 
Lochearnhead. By Angus Mac Diarmid. Third 
Edition with Notes and Illustrations. Edited by 


Fear Gall, rl n'g g'un pas entre le sublime et le 
redicule-Napoleon. Lochearnhead. 1875." Price 
three shillings. 8vo. 37 pp. 

Plates facing Tide, and pages 6, 17, 20, 23, 31, 32, and 
45. The first Edition appeared in Edinburgh in 18 15, the 
second in 18 16, and another issue in 1841. The Title only 
is in Gaelic, the rest of the work is written in very imperfect 

Macdiarmid (Rev. Hugh). Edinburgh^ 1804. 

" Searmona le Mr. Eobhann Mac Diarmaid Ministeir 
ann an Glascho, agus na dheidh sin an Comrie. 
Deanaibhse aithreachas agus bithibh air bhur 
n-iompachadh, chum gu'm bi bhur peacaidh air an 
glanadh as, 'nuair a thig amanna iionnuaireachd o 
lathair an Tighearna. Gniomh iii. 19. Agus is aill 
leam thu thoirt dearbh-chinnte air na nithibh sin, 
chum gu'm biodh iadsan a chreid ann an Dia curamach 
air toiseach a bhi aca ann an deadh oibribh ; oir tha na 
nithibh so maith agus tarbhach do dhaoinibh. Tit. iii. 
8. Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le F. Steuart. 1804." 
8vo. xii + 428 pp. 

Macdiarmid (James), Ghost of Morinish. 

Killin, 1898. 

" Eachdraidh Taibhse Mhor-innis le Seumas Mac 
Dhiarmid. Cill - Fhinn. Clo-bhuailte le Mac 
Uilleam 's Mac Ratha. 1898." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macdiarmid (James), The Youngest Son. 

Killin, 1899. 

" Eachdraidh a' Mhic a b'oige le Seumas Mac Dhiar- 
mid. Cill-Fhinn. Clo-bhuailte le Mac Uilleam 's 
Mac Ratha. 1899." 8vo. 7 pp. 


Macdiarmid (James), Laird of Ardeonig's Son. 

Inverness^ 1901. 

" Mac Tighearn Aird-Eonaig agus Taibhse Fhionna- 
Ghlinn. Le Seumas Macdhiarmaid, Cill-Fhinn. 
Inverness : Printed at The Highland News Printing 
Works. 1 90 1." 8vo. 12 pp. 

Macdonald (Alexander), Vocabulary. 

Edinburgh^ 1741. 

Two Titles. ** Leabhar aTheagasc Ainminnin. No 
A Nuadh fhocloir Gaoidheilg & Beurla, ar iontadh o 
Laidinn & o'n Bheurla air son maith coitcheann nan 
Gaoidheal Albannach, achd go Spesialta, no Scoilthin 
deirce Gaidhealagh sin a chuiradh ar a ccois leis a 
Chomunn Dhaoinnaisio ga ngoirar An Comunn an 
Albuinn gu Craobhsgaoladh an Eolis Chriosduighe. 
Maille ra Fathsgriobhadh, no Leasuchadh do Thearm- 
ruinnin Diadhachd &c. Le Alistair Mac Domhnuill. 
[Here a woodcut with legend within it Post Tene- 
bras Lux, The Holy Bible, The Law was given by 
Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ.] 
Do chuireadh so a ngclo a nDun-Edin le Raibeard 
Fleming a mBliadhna ar dTighearna. MDCCXLI." 

"A Galick and English Vocabulary, with an 
Appendix of the Terms of Divinity in the said 
Language. Written for the use of the Charity 
Schools, founded and endued in the Highlands of 
Scotland by the Honourable the Society for propa- 
gating Christian Knowledge. By Mr. Alexander 
M'Donald, Schoolmaster at Ardnamurchan, Argyle- 
shire. [Here a Woodcut, a cornucopia.] Edinburgh : 
Printed by Robert Fleming, and sold by Mris. Brown 
in the Parliament Closs. MDCCXLI." 8vo. 
7 ff. + i94pp. 


This is the first Dictionary published in the GaeHc of 
Scotland. The Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian 
Knowledge engaged the Author to prepare this work for their 
schools over the Highlands and Islands. The various words 
and names are not given in alphabetical order, but under 
various subjects into which the work is divided. Copies 
seldom turn up ; value from 1 2s. to 35s. The Records of 
the S.P.C.K. state that the Poet, years after this, was dis- 
missed from their service on account of his indelicate songs. 

Macdonald (Alexander), Poems and Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 17 S^- 
" Ais-Eiridh na Sean-Chanoin Albannaich ; no an 
nuadh Oranaiche Gaidhealach. Le Alastair Mac 
Dhonuill, Bailli Chana. Ris am beil coimh-cheangailte 
eider-theangair am niineachadh ann am Beuria gach 
cruaigh fhacall a tharlas anns an leabhar so. Clo- 
bhuailt' ann Duneiduinn gu feim an Ughdair. 
MDCCLI." Sm. 8vo. 6 pp. + 212 pp. 

This Edition is now very rare ; on a copy before us it is 
written in old handwriting, that many copies of the work 
were burned by the common hangman in Edinburgh in 1751. 
A good copy is worth about ^^3, and an uncut copy ten 
guineas. We know of about a dozen copies. It is not im- 
probable that the book was printed in Glasgow. The type 
is identical with what was used in printing Macfarlane's 
version of the Psalms in 1752. 

Second Edition. Glasgow ^ '^l^A- 

" Ais-Eiridh na Sean-Chanoin Albannaich ; no an 
nuadh Oranaiche Gaidhealach. Le Alastair Mac- 
Dhonuill, Bailli Chana. Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an 
Reic le Join Orr, leabhair reiceadoir Ann Glas-gho. 
MDCCLXIV." Sm. i2mo. iv -1-96 pp. 

This Edition is excessively rare ; only one copy is known. 
All the free pieces in the First Edition are expurgated with 
the exception of ' Mio-Mholadh Moraig^ 


Third Edition. Glasgow^ 1802. 

" Grain Ghaelich. An nuadh Oranaiche Gaidhealach 
Le Alastair Mac-Dhonuill, Bailli Ghana. Ris am 
bheil coimh-cheangailte, Eider-theangair am mineach- 
adh ann am Beurla gach cruaigh fhacall a tharlas 
anns an leabhar so. Glasgow : Printed by J. Davis 
& Co. for James Duncan, junior, Bookseller. 1802." 
i2mo. 225 pp. 

This is a reprint of the Edition of 1751, it contains no 
additional poems as is sometimes stated. The paper is coarse 
and the type is blurred. There were two editions of the 
Title-page, the one as given above, the other has '■junior^ 
Bookseller^ Saltmarket,'' The former is the earlier impression. 

Fourth Edition. Glasgow^ 1834. 

" Aiseiridh na Sean Chanain Albanaich, no'n nuadh 
Oranaiche Gaelach. Le Alasdair MacDhomhnuill, 
Mac Mhaisdair Alasdair. 

" Bithidh Ghailig fo sge na'm fuar bheann 
Aig an t-sluagh is suairce manran, 
Cha dean eug no beud a gluasad, 
Cha d'thoir uaigh a smuais nan cnamh i." 

Glascho : Clo-bhuailte, le Muir, Gobhan, agus an 
cuideachd, aireamh 42 Sraid Earra-Ghael, agus r'an 
reic leis gach leabhar - reiceadair. 1834." i2mo. 
3 fF. + 180 pp. 

This Edition is well printed on fine paper ; it is now 
scarce. The Editor was John Mackenzie, who mirabile dictu 
left out all the free pieces of the earlier Editions. The 
wrappers gave an English title. Price 2s. 

Fifth Edition. Glasgow^ 1839. 

" The Poetical Works of Alexander Macdonald, the 
celebrated Jacobite Poet ; now first collected with a 
short account of the Author. Glasgow : Published 
by Duncan Macvean. 1839." ^ "^.mo. 6 fF. + 1 80 pp. 


The text of this Edition seems to be what was left unsold 
of the impression of 1834, with a new Title and Memoir 
added. To help the sale of the stock on hand as well as to 
present readers with the complete work, the publication of 
the free pieces is announced in the Memoirs as follows : 
" Several persons having expressed a wish to obtain the 
works of Macdonald complete. To supply this demand a 
small impression of the Supplement has been printed with 
this brief and imperfect account of the author and his work" 
A small impression of this Supplement, but without a Title, 
was actually printed in 1839. It is printed with smaller type 
than the rest of the work and was meant to bind with the 
earlier part, though in signatures it does not follow that part. 
It is only met with in rebound copies of the 1839 Edition. 
We have only met with three copies of this Supplement. 

Sixth Edition. Glasgow^ 1851. 

" Glasgow : Published by G. & J. Cameron. 


Except for the Memoir this is a reprint of the Edition 
of 1834. 

Seventh Edition. Edinburgh, 1874. 

" Eiseirigh na Seann Chanain Albannaich, no An 
Nuadh Oranaiche Gaidhealach. Le Alastair Donull- 
ach (MacMhaighistir Alastair). An Seachdamh 
Clo-bhualadh. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 
64 South Bridge. 1874." i2mo. 5ff. + i85pp. 

An English preface was written for this Edition by 
Mr. Donald Mackinnon (afterwards Professor of Celtic 
Literature), Edinburgh. This Edition was stereotyped and 
500 copies printed. 

Eighth Edition. Edinburgh, 1892. 

" Eiseirigh na Seann Chanain Albannaich ; no An 
Nuadh Oranaiche Gaidhealach. Le Alastair Donull- 
ach (Mac Mhaighistir Alastair). Revival of the old 
Alban Tongue ; or The New Gaelic Songster, by 


Alexander Macdonald. Eighth Edition. Edin- 
burgh : John Grant, 25 George IV. Bridge. 1892." 
i2mo. 5 fF. + 185 pp. 

Macdonald (Alexander, Inverness), Songs. 

Inverness^ 1895. 

" Coinneach 'us Coille, Orain agus Dain Ghaidhealach 
le Alasdair Macdhomhnuill (" Macdhomhnuill "). 
Inbhirnis : The Northern Counties Printing and 
Publishing Company, Limited. 1895." ^^^• 
viii+ 120 pp. 

Macdonald (Rev. Allan, R.C), Hymns. 

Oban^ 1895. 

" Chomh - chruinneachadh de Laoidhean Spioradail. 
*^ Oban : Hugh Macdonald, Oban Times Buildings, 
Esplanade. 1895." ^"^- 8^°- ^49 PP- 

The Hymns are Roman Catholic and mostly Translations. 
Father Allan Macdonald was a Roman Catholic priest in 
South Uist. A monument was erected to his memory by 
friends representative of all denominations. 

Macdonald (Revs. Angus and Arch.), Collection 
OF Poetry. Inverness, 191 1. 

" The Macdonald Collection of Gaelic Poetry, by the 
Rev. A. Macdonald, Minister of Killearnan, Joint- 
Author of ' The Clan Donald,' etc., etc., and Rev. 
A. Macdonald, Minister of Kiltarlity, Joint-Author 
of *The Clan Donald,' etc., etc. Inverness: The 
Northern Counties Newspaper and Printing and 
Publishing Company, Limited. 191 1." Large 8 vo. 
Ixxi + 2 fF. subscribers + Ixxvii Introduction + 408 pp. 
Price one guinea. 


Macdonald (Angus), Elegy on A. Macdonald. n.d. 

" Dan cuimhneachan air an Urramach Alastair DonuU- 
ach, da mhuinntir Urachadainn, agus Lochails. Le 
Aonghas Donallach." Sm. 8vo. 24 pp. 

Macdonald (Rev. Arch.), Uist Songs. Glasgow^ 1894. 

"The Uist Collection — The Poems and Songs of 
John MacCodrum, Archibald Macdonald, and some 
of the Minor Uist Bards. Edited with Introduction 
and Notes by Rev. Archibald Macdonald, Kiltarlity. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 10 Bothwell Street ; 
Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street. Edinburgh : 
Norman Macleod, The Mound. Oban : Hugh 
Macdonald ; Thomas Boyd. 1894." 8vo. i f. 
Por. 220 pp. 

This is a most interesting Collection of Hebridean Songs 
and Lyrics, and the work is exceptionally well edited. 

Macdonald (David), The Mountain Heath. 

Inverness y 1838. 
i2mo. I f. + vi + 203 pp. 

With the exception of the last two poems the work is 
in English. One of the poems is *■ Blar AlW a Bhonnuich ' ; 
the other is ' Marbhrann do Alastair Mac llle Bhraigh.^ 

Macdonald (Donald), A Song on Bonaparte. 

Inverness^ 18 14. 
" Oran Nuadh a rinneadh air mor-bhuaidh a choisinn 
Sir Tomas Gream (cha b'ann dh'easbhuidh Gael) 
thar na Franncaich anns an Spain, san t-samradh, 
1 8 1 3 ; agus a tha nis air a Chlodh-bhualadh leis an 
Ughdar mar Eisemplear de na h-orain a bhios anns 
an Leabhar dh'orain uire a tha e mu'n cuairt do chuir 
a mach gu h-aithghearr. 

Be'm fath so a leanas a fhuair an t-Ughdar air 



an oran so dheanamh. Bha e, ann mios dheireannach 
an t-samhraidh so chaidh ann Duineidin air an dearbh 
latha air an d'rinneadh morghairdeachas anns a Bhaile 
Mor sin air son na buaidh ud, agus air do Dhuin' 
Uasal gasda de Chlann Domhnuill a bh'ann na chuid- 
eachd a radh gu'm b'fhearr leis na h-urrad dh' fhoin 
gu'n deant' Oran air a bhuaidh ud 's air ar co-luchd- 
duch' a choisinn i, thoisich an t-Ughdar, agus rinn 
e'n t-Oran so a leanas, anns am bheil a mhor chuid 
de na Fineachan Gaeleach air an gabhail a stigh." 

A volume of his songs was to appear in 1815 at 5s. to 
subscribers, and 6s. to non- subscribers. It never appeared. 
This Pamphlet is excessively rare ; only one copy known. 

Macdonald (Rev. Donald), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1857. 
" Laoidhean le Domhnull Domhnullach Maighstir 
Sgoil ann an Uist mu Thuath. Glasgow : Printed by 
A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLVII." 8vo. 
25 pp. 

Mr. Macdonald was afterwards F.P. Minister at Shieldaig. 

Macdonald (Rev. Donald), The False Teachers. 

" Focal an aghaidh Droch Luchd-Teagaisg le Domh- 
null Domhnullach." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macdonald and Lamont, Hymns. 

Charlottetown, P.E.I., 1858. 
*' Laoidhean Spioradail ; feumail ri'n seinn am measg 
na Gael ; cumtadh ri Teagasgan Eaglais na h-Alba ; 
le Donull Donullach, Ministeir, agus le Ewen Mac- 
laomuinn, Eldeir, Clobhuailte le Georsa Hazard, 
Clobhualadair, ann am Baile-Shearlot, Eilean Prionnsa 
Eduard, America mu Thuath anns sa Bhlianna. 
1858" 8vo. 2ff.+ i57pp. 


Another Edition. Charlottetown^ 1870. 

" Clobhuailte le Georsa Bremner, Clobhualadair 

ann am Baile-Shearlot, Eilean Prionsa Eduard, America 
mu Thuath anns sa Bhliadhna. 1870." 8vo. 
164 pp. 

Another Edition. Charlottetown, 1887. 

" Charlottetown, P.E.I. George W. Gardiner, 

Printer and Bookbinder, Queen Square. 1887." 

Macdonald (Ewen), Gaelic-English Dictionary. 

Heme Bay^ 1909. 
" Earrann 21 — Foclair Gaidhlig le Dealbhan, Anns am 
bheil Na Focail Ghaidhlig Uile 's na Dealbh-raichean 
a leanas 

Faclair Armstrong. 

Mhic Ailpein. 

Mhic Bheathainn. 

Mhic Eachairn. 

Mhic Leoid & Deoir. 
Ainmean Gaidhlig Eoin (Mac Fheargis). 
Ainmean Gaidhlig Ghalair (Mac GhiU' los'). 
Ainmean Gaidhlig Lusan (Camshron). 

Agus iomadh leabhar eile. [Here a motto — a light- 
house with legend * Sgaol an Solus.'] Heme Bay 
(Camus-na-Corra). Published by E. Macdonald 
& Co., The Gaelic Press [1909]." 

This brings the work down to the middle of the letter 
"M." The Compiler has a small printing press, and he sets 
the type himself. The printing is small and very indistinct, 
and consequently it militates greatly against the success and 
usefulness of an effort that undoubtedly manifests care and 
ability, and no small degree of natural genius. 


Macdonald (Ewen), Fingalian Legends. 

Heme Bay, 1909. 

" Uirsgeulan na Feinne — Cuid a h-Aon. Fionn ann 
an tigh A' Bhlair-Bhuidhe, gun chomas suidhe no 
eirigh, agus Bheinn-Eidir. Heme Bay, England. 
Published by E. Macdonald & Co., The Gaelic Press, 
Mill Lane." 8vo. 43 pp. 

Macdonald (John), New Year's Gift of Poems. 

Inverness y 1802. 

"Gite Bliadhna Uir ann 'Ntional do dh' Oranibh 
nua Galic ; le Eoin Mac Dhomhnuil. Inverneis : 
Clodh-bhuailt le Young is Imray, leabhar reicad- 
oiradh. 1802." i2mo. 28 pp. 

There are only ten hymns in this small book, and they 
are all of inferior merit. On page 27 the book ends thus — 
Tosuigh gach bliadhna le feagal Dia, 'sgach mios cuir lidadh 
na 'spailt, then comes the following printed in triangular 
shape from apex to base. Dhia | Meuduigh [ moch reidamh | 
Mearbsa 's mo gradh | Naomhuigh cail mo thoil | Meoghar 
thuigsach fo bhlath | cuimhnachan graidh a dheagh ghean | 
A'n ceartas a bail hum 'aoitin | Gu'n toir do dhaoinibh gu 
saor air aish | Ceart mar dhiarrin cabhar nam na heigin | A 
leithid cheund gu'n dean mi gu haoibhin | Don huile aon 
bhios feimaich a neigin na naite. 

A dhram u molum u 

Manam tarruing ruit gu did 

Eigham ruit gairman ort, 

Niosh 's gu brath na leig mi uait. — Crioch. 

The book is excessively rare. We saw only one copy. 

Macdonald (Rev. Dr. John), Elegy on Robertson. 

Inverness, 1829. 

" Marbh-Rann air Maighstir Eoin Robeson, Ministeir 
a bha an 'Sgire Chinn-Ghiusaich am Baideanach. Le 


Eoin Domhnullach, Ministeir ann an Sgire Toisidh- 
eachd. Inbherneis : Clodh-bhuailte airson Eoin 
Grannt, Leabhair Reiceadair. MDCCCXXIX." 
i2mo. 24 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1839. 

*' Marbhrann do Mhaighstir Iain Robison, Ministear 
a bh'ann an' Sgire Chinne - Ghiubhsaich ann am 
Baideanach. Le Mr. Iain Domhnullach Ministear 
Sgire na Toiseachd ann an Siorramachd-Rois. An 
Dara cuir-a-mach. Glascho : Clo-bhuailte le Bell 
agus Bain, 85 Sraid na Ban-righ. MDCCCXXXIX." 
24mo. 24 pp. 

On the top of cover is ' r*an reic air son Grot^ We have 
seen in different lists an Inverness Edition of 1839 quoted. 

Macdonald (Rev. Dr. John), Sermon on The Cholera. 

Inverness, 1832. 

"Daoine air an Comhairleachadh an Aghaidh bhi 
deanadh croin orra fein. Searmoin a thugadh seachad 
an Inerpheafaran aig an am an do bhris an galar do'n 
goirear an Colera mach sa bhaile. Le Eoin Domh- 
nullach, Ministeir ann an Sgire na Toisidheachd. 
Inbherneis : Clo - bhuailte le Daibhidh Aitcinn. 
MDCCCXXXII." 8vo. 64 pp. 


Second Edition. Dingwall, n.d. 

By the late Rev. John Macdonald, D.D., 

Ferrintosh ; with Preface by the Rev. John Kennedy, 
D.D., Dingwall. Dingwall : Lewis Munro, Ross- 
shire Journal O^zq. Price sixpence." i2mo. 56 pp. 


Macdonald (Rev. Dr. John), Waters of Jordan. 

Edinburgh, 1838. 

" Dan Spioradail a rinneadh air Criosdaidh Araidh. 
Air a chuir sios an Tri Earranaibh. I. An Criosdaidh 
aig bruaich lordainn. II. An Criosdaidh thall air 
Jordan. III. Beath a Chriosdaidh ud air thalamh. 
Edinburgh : Printed by Anderson and Bryce. 1838." 
8vo. 24 pp. 

The ' Criosdaidh Araidh ' refers to the Author's father James 
Macdonald, who died in the Parish of Reay in the year 1 830 
at the patriarchal age of ninety-five years. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, n.d. 

*' Uisgeachan lordain — Dain Spioradail a rinneadh air 
Criosduidh Araidh. An Criosduidh air a Thuras gu 
Jordan. An Criosduidh aig Bruaich Jordan. An 
Criosduidh Thall air Jordan. Le Dr. Iain Domh- 
nullach, Ministeir na h-Eaglais Saoire 's Toisidheachd. 
Edinburgh : D. R. Collie & Son, Hill Street, North 
Lane. Price twopence." 24010. 24 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness, n.d. 

" An Criosdaidh aig bruaich lordain. Air fonn ' se 
fulangas mo shlanuighear.^ " 

There is a prefatory note in praise of the poem. A. 
Mackintosh, Inverness, v^^as the printer. 

Macdonald (Rev. Dr. John), Spiritual Poems. 

Edinburgh, 1848. 

" Marbhrainn a rinneadh air Diadhairibh Urramach 
nach maireann, agus Dana Spioradail eile. Le Dr. 
Iain Domhnullach, Ministeir na h-Eaglais saoire 's 
an Toisidheachd. Dun-Eidin. Clodh-bhuailte le 
Uilleam P. Ceanadaidh, agus air an reiceadh le D. 


Mac-Bheathain an Glascho : D. Friseil an Inbhirnis ; 
I. Ros, am Baile-Dhuthaich ; I. Keith an Inbhir- 
feotharain ; A. Sinclair, an Inbhir-feorsaidh ; I. Miller, 
'san Oban Lathoirneach ; G. Black, an Tobar-mhuire, 
S. Mac-Choinnich an Steornabhaidh, agus I. Mac- 
Kelvie, an Grianaig. MDCCCXLVIIL" i2mo. 
4 ff. + 267 pp. 

The An Dara Milk appeared in the same year. 
Fourth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1858. 

Fifth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1868. 

Sixth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1890. 

A thousand copies were struck ofF in each impression. 
The Rev. Dr. John Macdonald — The Apostle of the North 
— was born in Reay in 1779 and died Free Church Minister of 
Ferrintosh in 1849. ^i^ best poem is * Waters of the Jordan,' 
first printed in * Teachdaire Gaelach^ Glasgow, 1829-30. 

Macdonald (Rev. Dr. John), Elegy on. 

Glasgow^ 1862. 

" Marbhrann do'n Ollamh Urramaich Eoin Domh- 
nullach a bha'na Mhinistear an T-Soisgeil ann an 
Sgireachd na Toisideachd (Reprinted from The 
Ecclesiastical and Missionary Record of the Free 
Church, Nova Scotia ; for March 1857). Glasgow : 
Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 

There is a short sketch of the life of Dr. Macdonald. 

Macdonald (John Lom), Poems. Antigonish^ 1895. 

" Grain le Iain Lom Mac-Dhomhnaill. Poems by 
John Lom Macdonald. Edited by the Rev. A. 
Maclean Sinclair, Antigonish. The Casket Office. 


Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street, Glasgow. 1895.'* 
i8mo. 127 pp. 

Macdonald (Dr. K. N.), The Gesto Collection. 

Leipzig, 1895, 

" The Gesto Collection of Highland Music, compiled 
and arranged by Keith Norman Macdonald, and 
Dedicated to the Memory of The M'^Leods of Gesto. 
1895. Price one guinea." folio. 3 fF. + 154 pp. 

Macdonald (Dr. K. N.), The Macdonald Bards. 

Edinburgh, 1900. 

" Macdonald Bards from Mediaeval Times. By Keith 
Norman Macdonald, M.D. Reprinted from the Oban 
Times. Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 25 George IV. 
Bridge. 1900." Sm. 4to. 4 ff. + 3-126 pp. 

A valuable work, giving the lives and specimens of the 
works of the Macdonald Bards. 

Macdonald (Dr. K. N.), Mouth Tunes. 1901. 

" Puirt- A-Beul. Mouth-Tunes, or Songs for Dancing, 
as practised from a remote antiquity by the High- 
landers of Scotland. Collected and arranged by 
Keith Norman Macdonald, M.D., and reprinted 
from the Oban Times. 1901." 

This is an extremely interesting work, and of a kind that 
the Author alone, of all the literary Gaels, could do justice to. 

Macdonald (Rev. Patrick), Gaelic Airs. 

Edinburgh, 1781. 

" A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs, never hitherto 
published, to which are added a few of the most 
lively country dances, or reels of the North High- 
lands and Western Isles, and some specimens of 
Bagpipe Music. By Patrick Macdonald, Minister of 


Kilmore, Argyllshire. Edinburgh : Printed for the 
publisher, and to be had at the music shops of Corri 
and Sutherland, Bridge Street, and North Stewart, 
Par'- Square." Folio. 2 ff. + 22 pp. + 43 pp. 

There is a long list of subscribers at the beginning. 
This work is now scarce. 

Macdonald (Robert), Hymns. Inverness^ 1836. 

" Oranan Nuadh air Staid na Genealaich anns a 
bhliadhna, 1835, i^3.ille ri fior theisteas mu bheachdan 
agus fhulangas an Ughdair, agus Searmonan do 
Asailean, &c. Le Rob. Domhnullach, Fear-teagaisg 
an Inbhirneis — 

So guth aon ag eigeach 'am fasach nan deoir, 
Ull'chibh sligh 'n Tighearn' sa cheuman mar 's coir,* 
Dean na h-uil ni dhearbhadh, 's cum dai'ghean am maith, 
Cuir cul ri droch chleachdaidh 'n 'us seachainn an dath t 
Leugh rannsuich, 'us brethnich co air bith co thu, 
Si 'n Fhirinn a sheasas mu dheireadh 'sgach cuis. 
* Matt. iii. 3. t Thess. v. 21, 22. 

Inbhirneis. Clodh-bhuailt le Alastair Friseal, agus 
ri'n creic' leis an Ughdair, 's le Luchd-reic-leabh- 
raichean, &c. 1836." i8mo. 72 pp. 

This work is now very rare. Robert Macdonald, a 
Gaelic school Teacher ; and Author of this work, was born in 
Auldinie Bridge, near Loth, in the Parish of Loth, Suther- 
landshire, on the 22nd June 1795. His father, John Mac- 
donald, was a farmer and cattle dealer. His mother was 
Catherine Macdonald, daughter of Robert Macdonald, weaver. 
On the 4th December 1821 he was married by the Rev. 
John Macdonald of Ferrintosh to Margaret Mackenzie, 
eldest daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, blacksmith, Ding- 
wall. They had seven sons and four daughters. He taught 
at Liverness, Keils, and Dingwall, and in his old age he 
taught Gaelic to the Mackintosh of Mackintosh at Moy 
Hall. He composed in English an Elegy on Lady Mackenzie 
of Gaerloch, who died in 1834. 


Macdonald (Ronald of Eigg), Collection of Poems. 

Edinburgh, iJjS. 

" Comh-chruinneachidh Orranaigh Gaidhealach, Le 
Raonuill Macdomhnuill, Ann 'N Eilean Eigg, Vol. i. 
Duneiduinn : Clo-bhuailt ann le Walter Ruddiman. 
MDCCLXXVI." 8vo. xvm + 373pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1782. 

" Duneiduinn : Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an reic 

le Eoin Gillies. Leabhair-receadoir am Peairt, agus 
Shemuis Gillies, Glasacha, agus Alistair Dabhidson. 
Innoirnis. MDCCLXXXII." 

This is the same volume as the one dated 1776, only a 
new Title is printed for the work, with a new date. This 
arose from the unpopularity of the work, which prevented 
its sale. The booksellers, having a large stock on hand, issued 
a fresh Title and eliminated ' Vol. /.' This move served 
two purposes : (i) it promised no further portion of the 
work at a subsequent date ; (2) the unwary bought it either 
as a new work, or as the complement of * Fol. /.' — the 
second volume that never appeared. 

Second Edition, by Turner. Glasgow, 1809. 

"Comh-chruinneachadhOrain Ghaidhealach le Raonull 
Macdhomhnuill, ann an Eilein Eigg. Ath-Leasaichte 
le Paruig Tuairneir. Glasgow : Printed and sold by 
James Duncan, Junr., Bookseller, No. 13 Saltmarket. 
D. M'Kenzie, Printer. 1809." i2mo. 387 pp. 

Macdonald (Ronald of Ardness), Songs. 

Inverness, 1821. 

" Orain le Raoghall Donullach, an Ardnis Arasaig, 
Siorruichd Inbhirnis. Maille ri Co-chruinneachadh 
Dain, Orain, &c., le Ughdairean Eugsamhuil. 


Inbhirnis : Dealbh-bhuailt le Seumas Friseal. 1821." 
i2mo. 2 fF. + 192 pp. + 193-200 pp. Subscribers. 

This work is very rare. We know of about seven 

Macdonald (Ronald of Ardness), Hymns. 

Inverness y 1821. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Raoghall Donullach an 
Ardnis, Arasaig, Siorruichd Inbhirnis — maille ri Co- 
chruinneachadh Laoidhean Spioradail le Ughdairean 
Eugsamhull. Inbhirnis : Dealbh-bhuailt le Seumas 
Friseal. 1821." i2mo. 2fF.4-28pp. 
Excessively rare. We know of but one copy. 

Macdonald (T. D.), Translations of Poems. 

Stirling^ i903' 
" Dain Eadar-theangaichte le T. D. Mac Dhomhnuill. 
Air an clo-bhualadh le Aonghas Macaoidh, Struidhla. 
1903." 8vo. 95 pp. + 1 p. Advertisements + I p. 
short leaf errata. 

Macdonald (T. D.), Mother's Lullabies. 

" Cronain Mo Mhathair agus Puirt mo sheana- 


Macdougall (Rev. Alexander), Suffering of Christ. 

Oban^ 1902. 

Macdougall (Allan), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1798. 

" Orain Ghaidhealacha : Le Ailein Dughallach fear 
ciuil an lonbhar Lochaidh, maille ri Co'-chruin- 
neachadh oran is dhan le Ughdairibh eile. Dun- 
Eidean. Clodh-bhuailt airson an ughdair le Eoin 
Moir ann an Cuirt a Phaitersnich. 1798." i2mo. 
222 pp. 


This work was edited by Ewen Maclachlan, who became 
Librarian of the University of Aberdeen in 1800, and con- 
tinued to hold that appointment till 18 19, when he resigned 
on receiving the full charge of the Parish School of Old 
Aberdeen, which he held till his death in 1822. This 
Edition is extremely rare. A copy is worth about ^^3. 

Second Edition. Inverness^ 1829. 

" Orain, Marbhrannan, agus Dunagan Ghaidhealach. 
Le Ailein Dughalach, Filidh Mhic-ic-Alastair, Flath 
Glinne-Garradh agus Chnoideart. 

Rannsuichear gach sgeul bho shean, 
Bha'n deagh Ghaidheal riabh gun chron, 
An Fhionain dhearc-thoireach ghlann, 
Do'n aon-bhrigh bho bharr gu bun 
Sliochd Chuchulainn, Chaoilt, a's Fhinn, 
Osgair, a's Oisinn, a's Ghuill, 
'S Righ nan ceud oath gam b'ainm Conn, 
'S cian a bhios luaidh air na suinn. 

Inbhernis : Clodh - bhuailte le Alastair Mac -an - 
Toisich. MDCCCXXIX." 1 2mo. 6 fF. + 208 pp. 

While this Edition was passing through the press the 
Author died. This Edition does not contain the pieces con- 
tributed by Ewen Maclachlan to the First Edition. It, how- 
ever, contains an Elegy on Maclachlan on pp. 131-36, which 
we hesitate to ascribe to Macdougall ; it is certainly not 
in his usual style, and it lacks feeling and poetic sentiment. 
Extremely rare. A copy is worth ^3. 

Macdougall (Allan), Song on Piper Macfarlane. 

Glasgow^ 1862. 

" Oran do Iain Mac-Pharlain, Pi6baire Mhic - ic - 
Alastair, Ghlinne-Garaidh, le Ailein Dughallach." 

This song is reprinted from the Edition of 1829. In a 
copy before us is written in the handwriting of the late Neil 


Campbell, Bookseller : " Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle 
Street, Glasgow, for a Mr. Macfarlane, Son or Grandson of 
the piper mentioned in the Song in 1862." 

Macdougall (Rev. Allan), Hymn. s.l.e.a. 

" Laoidh air fonn ' Mo run geal dileas' " 8vo. 2 pp. 

Macdougall (Duncan, Kintyre). Campbeltown, 1851. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Donachadh Mac-dhughail, 
an Sgireachd Cheann Locha Chille Chiaran. An 
dara Clobhualadh, maille ri Laoidh eile nach deach 
gus a so a chlobhualadh le Gilleasbuig Mac Phaidein, 
a Eilein Cholasa, nis an Glasgho. Campbeltown : 
Printed and published by A. M'^Ewing. Glasgow : 
G. Gallie, and other booksellers. 1851." 8vo. 4d. 

The First Edition was printed in 8vo in i8oo at Paisley 
by MacNeill and Macnair. We have not seen a copy. 

Macdougall (Rev. Duncan, Tiree), Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1 84 1. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail. A chum cuideachadh le 
crabhadh nan Gael. Le Donnachadh Dughallach, 
ann an Eilean Thiridheadh, Ach ni mise dichioll, a 
chum an deigh dhomh siubhal ; gu'm bi agaibhse 
gnath chuimhne air' na nithibh so. 2 Pead. i. 15. 

O seinnibh oran nuadh do Dhia. — Salm xcviii. i. 

Gach sluagh 'th air muir 's air tir. — Salm xcvi, i-lxix. 34. 

Oir seinnidh iad gu ceolmhor ait.^o 1 

A„ 1-1 D- u -..u J-balm cxxxviii. c. 

An slighe Righ na suh. j ^ 

Le guth na Sailm, biodh seinn a chliu. — Salm xcv. 2. 

Le laoidhibh 's danaibh fior. — Colos. iii. 16. 

Ach gus an cluinnear fuaim bhur guth :"1 T^ cl 1 •• 

Mar thurtuir anns an tir. j^^'^ ^^^^^ "' ^ ^- 


Glasgow : Printed by John Niven & Son, 55 Glass- 
ford Street. 1841." i2mo. 3fF. 158 pp. 

This book is now very rare. The Rev. Duncan 
Macdougall was a native of the Ross of Mull, and he settled 
at Balephuill in the Island of Tiree as Minister of the 
Baptist community there. He died of fever in or about the 
year 1850, and his son, John, Author of the well-known 
song, ' Chuir tad an t-suil a Filot^ died the same day. A 
sister of Macdougall composed the hymn, ' Leanabh an 
Aigh.^ After the emigration of some, and the death of 
others of her family, Widow Macdougall, who Hved to a 
great age, was in very straitened circumstances. 

Macdougall (Duncan, Islay), Three Hymns. 

Glasgow^ I'^SZ- 

"Tri Laoidhean le Donnachadh Mac Dhughaill [Here 
a Scripture quot.]. Glascho : Ailte le Gilleasbuig 
Mac-na-Ceardadh. MDCCCLIII." i2mo. 24 pp. 

Macdougall (Duncan, Islay), Carelessness of 
Leaders. Glasgow^ '^^S'i- 

"Dan air Mi-Churam Cheann-iuii, agus clcachd- 
ainean an-diadaidh na misg. Le Donnachadh 
Mac Dhughaill. [Here three Scripture quotations.] 
Glascho : Ailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh. 
MDCCCLIII." i2mo. 12 pp. 

Macdougall (Duncan), Elegy on D. Macintyre. 

Glasgow^ 1858. 

" Marbh-Rann do Dhomhnull Ruadh Mac-an-t-saoir 
a chaochail ann ann \sic\ an Glascho air tus an 
t-samhraidh 1857. Le Donnachadh Mac Dhughaill. 
Printed by Neil Campbell, Gaelic Bookseller, 17 


Malta Street, Gorbals, Glasgow. MDCCCLVIII." 
i2mo. 8 pp. 

Macdougall (Duncan), Elegy on Sinclair. 

Glasgow, 1874. 

" Rannan Cuimhneachdain do Ghilleasbuig Mac-na- 
Ceardadh. Le Donnachadh Mac Dhughaill. Glaschu : 
Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1874." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Mr. A. Sinclair was the founder of the printing business 
of the Sinclairs of Glasgow. He was a native of Islay. 

Macdougall (Janet), Song to Miss E. Baillie. 

Inverness, n.d. 

" Oran air Miss Emallie Bailie. Le Seonaid Dhugh- 
allach." i2mo. 8 pp. 

The printer was A. Fraser, Inverness. 

Macdougall (John), Lament for E. Rankin. 

Glasgow, 1857. 

" Cumha do Eoghan Mac Fhraing a Apuinn Mhic 
Iain Stiuairt, a dh'eug ann an Glasgow 's a bhliadhna 
1855, a bha aireamh bhliadhnachan ann an seirbhis 
nan daoin'-uaisle ainmeil Clann-Fheargais,firdheasach- 
aidh snatha ann an Glascho. Le Iain Mac-Dhugh- 
aill a Aird-Glabhar. Glasgow : Printed by A. 
Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLVII." 

Macdougall (John), The Crimean War. 

Glasgow, 1857. 

" Oran Cath Bhreatainn agus na Fraing an aghaidh 
Rusia. Le Iain Mac-Dhughaill. Glasgow : Printed 
by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLVII." 
i2mo. 12 pp. 


Macdougall (John), Poems and Songs. 

Glasgow, i860. 

" Dain agus Orain : le Iain Mac-Dhughaill, a Aird- 
Ghobhar, fagus do lonar-Lochaidh : 

Chuireadh a' chuid mhor do Ghaidheil, 
A dh' aiteachadh dhu'chaibh cein, 
'S cha'n fhaicear a' bheag 'n an aite 
Ach caoirich bhan' agus feidh : 
'S cliu do'n Eorpa na rinn fuireach, 
Gheibh iad urram anns gach ceum, 
'S cha teirig mo ghaol gu brath dhoibh 
Gun an la 'san tig an t-eug. 

Glascho : Clobhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, aireamh 
62 Sraid Earra-Ghaidheal. MDCCCLX." i2mo. 
iv + 47 pp. 

The Author gives a poetic sketch of his life in a preface 
of eight pages. He is not in sympathy with those who build 
posthumous monuments to Bards, while they decline to help 
them in their struggles through life. He was on a city 
Police Force at one time, and left it ; a song on his work 
and position there shows its uncongeniality to his nature. 
Macdougall was known over the Western Isles by the sobri- 
quet ' Jm Bard Ruadh.^ He was both a Panegyrist and a 

Macdougall (John), Poems and Songs. circa 1862. 

This is in i2mo, 60 pp., with yellow wrappers but no 
Title. It is very likely Part I. of the poems printed for the 
Author by Messrs. Maclachlan and Stewart of Edinburgh. 
The work was to have been completed in five parts at a 
shilling each part. We do not know whether all the parts 
have been printed. Attached to a copy of the Glasgow 
Edition of i860 above noticed is the following title printed 
on the leaf of a wrapper that evidently covered Part II. 
"Part II., to be completed in five parts." '■^ Dain agus 
Orain le Iain Mac Dhughaill, a Airdghobhar am fagus do 


" Mar tha 'Bheurla craobh-sgaoileadh 
Tha carrantachd dhaoine crionadh, 
Cha n-eil a bhrathair do'n t'Sas' nach, 
Ach mar neach nach faicte riamh leis ; 
Cunntaidh an Gaidheal le curam, 
Gach glun air an d'fhuaradh sgiala, 
'S fad a mach 's ga bheil a ludag, 
Nochdaidh e dhurrachd ga tiarnadh. 

Edinburgh. 1862. Price one Shilling." 

Macdougall (John), The Warbler. Edinburgh^ 1863. 

'* The Warbler, containing an Elegy on the late Most 
Noble Marquis of Breadalbane ; also a Gaelic Song to 
His Lordship's Volunteers at Her Majesty's Review 
of Scottish Volunteers in Edinburgh August i860. 
By John M*Dougall from Airdgoar, now in Barr, 
Morven, author of * The Crimean War,' ' Lord 
Clyde's Welcome and military career, &c., on his 
return from the East Indies in i860.' Edinburgh : 
Printed for the Author by D. R. Collie & Son, 19 
St. David Street. 1863. Price sixpence. Ladies and 
Gentlemen optional." i2mo. 23 pp. 

Macdougall (John), Song to T. Sutherland. 

Glasgow, 1863. 

" Oran do Thomas Sutharlan, Sgliathair a' Brora, an 
Siorr'achd Chatabh, le Iain Mac Dhughaill sa Bharr, 
anns a' Mharairne. Glasgow : A. Sinclair, Gaelic 
Printer, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXIII." 1 2mo. 
4 pp. 

Macdougall (John), Songs. Sandbank, 1870. 

" Gaisge nan Gaidheal : (Grain agus Dain) An dara 
mile de'n cheud Earran meudaichte agus Ath- 
leasaichte. Le Iain Mac Dhughaill a Aird-Ghobhar, 
fagus do lonar-Lochaidh. [Here same piece of poetry 



as in the i860 Edition.] Sandbank : Published by 
J. E. & R. Inglis. MDCCCLXX." Sm. i2mo. 
168 pp. 

Macdougall (Rev. J.), Waifs and Strays. 

London^ 1891. 

" Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition. Argyllshire 
Series — No. III. Folk and Hero Tales, Collected, 
Edited, Translated and Annotated by the Rev. J. 
Macdougall. With an introduction by Alfred Nutt, 
and three illustrations by E. Griset. London : David 
Nutt, 270-271 Strand. 1891." 8vo. i f. Front. 
xxix +1 f. + 3 1 1 pp. 

Macdougall (Rev. J.), Folk Tales. Edinburgh^ 1909. 

" Folk Tales and Fairy Lore. In Gaelic and English. 
Collected from Oral Tradition by Rev. James 
Macdougall, sometime Minister of Duror, Author of 
'Craignish Tales' and *Folk and Hero Tales.' Edited 
with introduction and notes by George Calder, B.D., 
Minister of Strathfillan, Author of the *■ Irish Aeneid.' 
[Here a woodcut.] Edinburgh : Norman Macleod. 
1909." 6s. 

The above is a prospectus. 

Macdougall (Robert), Tam o' Shanter. 

Glasgow, 1840. 

Macdougall (Robert), Guide to Emigrants. 

Glasgow, 1 84 1. 

" Ceann-Iuil an Fhir-imrich do Dh-America mu- 
thuath, or The Emigrant's Guide to North America. 
By Robert Macdougall, Esq. 


Ni fear dh'fhalbhas 'na thrath 

Biadh 'us barr 'sam hi toirt ; 

Am feadh bhios tachrain gun stath, 

A' dol bas leis a ghort : 

Bithidh piseach agus loinn 

Air a chloinn 's air a mhnaoidh 

Am feadh bhios truaghain gun sgoinn 

Fo na Goill air an claoidh. 

Glasgow : J. & P. Campbell, 24 Glassford Street. 
Oban : J. Miller. Inverness : J. Bain & Co. Ding- 
wall : A. Keith. MDCCCXLI." i2mo. 143 pp. 

At the end of the book is a broadsheet folded, with the 
heading "Eisdibh! Eisdibh ! Eisdibh ! Rabhadh dhoibsan 
d'am miann a dhol a Dh' Ohia ann America," signed "Nahum 
Ward ann Tribhlin 16 lath de'n t-seachd mhios 1822." 
The published price was is. 6d. Robert Macdougall was a 
native of Fortingall, or neighbourhood. When a young man 
he was employed in the office of ' Cuairtear nan Gleann^ 
where he wrote this book and got it printed. In 1878 he 
was living, an extensive cattle-dealer, in the neighbourhood of 
Melbourne, Australia. 

Macdougall (Hector), The Conquering Love. 

Glasgow y 19 II. 

" ' An Gaol a bheir Buaidh,' A new Gaelic Comedy, 
by Hector Macdougall, produced several times at 
the * Highland Clachan * in the Scottish Exhibition. 
Glasgow. 191 1." 

Maceachen (Rev. Ewen, R.C), Dictionary. 

Perth, 1842. 

*' Faclair Gailig us Beurla a chaidh a chur a mach le 
Eobhan Mac Eachainn. Clo-bhuailte le R. Morison, 
Peirt. Aireamh 14 Sraid Ard. MDCCCLXII." 
i8mo. 4 fF. + 402 PP- + I f. Errata. 

The date of publication was 1842, not 1862 as given in 
Title. The placing of the " X " to the right instead of to 


the left in the date accounts for this. The Rev. Ewen 
Mac Eachen, R.C. {Maighstir Eohhan\ taught at one time in 
the Roman Catholic Seminary in the Island of Lismore, 
Argyllshire. He was born in Arisaig, Christmas 1769, and 
died at Tombae, 9th September 1849. ^^ studied for the 
ministry of the Roman Catholic Church at Valladolid, and 
served the last twenty years of his ministry at Braemar. 
He was an excellent and an enthusiastic Gaelic scholar. The 
following translations by him have been published : 

1. Abridgment of Christian Doctrine, 1815. 

2. The Spiritual Combat, 1835. 

3. The Imitation of Christ, 1836. 

4. A Prayer Book, published and somewhat altered by 
another clergyman. 

5. The Declaration of the British CathoHc Bishops. 

6. The New Testament, revised by Rev. C. C. Grant, 

7. A Gaelic Dictionary, 1842. 

He left in MS. a Translation of Chaloner's Meditations. 
In 1832 he published a treatise on Arithmetic. 

A New Edition. Inverness^ 1902. 

" Faclair Gaidhlig is Beurla le Eobhan Mac Eachainn. 
Maceachen's Gaelic - English Dictionary. Second 
Edition. Revised and enlarged by Alexander Macbain, 
LL.D., and John Whyte. Inverness : The Highland 
News Office. 1902." 8vo. viii + 406 pp. Text. 
+ I f . Advertisement. 

Maceachern (Hector), Elegy on Neil Maceachern. 


" Marbhrann." 

This Elegy was composed by Hector Maceachern, Skeoba, 
Islay, on the death of his son Neil, who died in Edinburgh 
in 1886. 


Maceachern (John), Song to Macfarlane, 

Glasgow^ 1864. 

'* Cuimhneachan bho choi' thional na H-Eaglaise 
Gailig 'an Grianaig do'n Mhinisteir runach an 
T-Urramach R. Mac-Pharlain, a tha air a Ghairm gu 
Sgireachd Ghlinn-Urchaidh 1864. Le Iain Mac- 
Eacharna. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. MDCCCLXIV." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Maceachern (John), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1866. 

" Laoidhean le Iain Mac-Eacharna, maille ri cursa 
Beatha an Ughdair. Glascho : Clobhuailte le Gill- 
easbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh. 1866." i2mo. 112 pp. 

Maceachern (Mary), Song to Macpherson. 

Glasgow^ 1873. 

*' Oran do Raibeart Dughlas Mac Mhuirich le Mairi 
Nic Eacharna. . . . Glaschu : G. Mac-na-Ceardadh. 
1873." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macfadyen (Archibald), The Soul's Liberty. 

Campbeltown^ n.d. 

" Saorsa an anama. Laoidh nuadh le Gilleasbuig 
Mac-Phaidein, a Eilein Cholasa nis an Glascho. 
[Cor. iii. 16 quoted.]" 8vo. 8 pp. 

This was printed by A. M'Ewing, Campbeltown. 

Macfadyen (Archibald), How He loves. 

s.L, 1883. 

" O Meud A Ghraidh ! " 

A supplement to the Temperance Monthly Visitor for July 
1883. A leaflet. 


Macfadyen (Donald), Song to Janet Clark. 

Glasgow y n.d. 

" Oran le Domhnull Mac Phaidein, do Sheonaid Nic- 
a-Chleirich, a mhuinntir an Obain." 
The printer was A. Sinclair, Glasgow. 

Macfadyen (Rev. Donald), Reply to the F.C. 
Protest. Glasgow^ i860. 

" Freagradh do * Phrotest ' na h - Eaglaise Saoire. 
[Woodcut of the Burning Bush. Exod. iii. 2 quoted. 
Nee tamen consumebatur.] Glasgow : A. Sinclair, 
Gaelic Printer, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLX." 
i2mo. 26 pp. 

This was published anonymously. The Author was the 
Rev. Donald Macfadyen, Ardnamurchan, and afterwards of 

Macfadyen (Rev. Donald), Synod Speech. 

Edinburgh, 1879. 

" Dleasdanas nan Gaidheal a thaobh Eaglais an Ath- 
leasachaidh. Earrann de Dh'Oraid a thughadh 
seachad fa chomhair Seanadh Ghlinn-Eilg 'sa bhliadhna 
1878. Duneidin air a chlo-bhualadh le Uilleam 
Blackwood, agus a mhic. 1879." i2mo. 35 pp. 
Price 4d., or 25s. per 100 for distribution. 

The Author was Rev. Donald Macfadyen, Laggan. 

Macfadyen (Duncan), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1770- 
" Laoidhe Spioradail air an cur r'a cheile le Donnach- 
adh Mac Phaidain ; an Sradh Lachlan. Air an 
amharc-aris agus air an ceart-chomharachadh le 
Aoilainughe araid an'n Aoil-Tigh-Glasachadh. 
Glasachadh : Clodh-bhuailt' le Rob Mac Dhonnach- 
uidh. MDCCLXX." Sm. 8vo. 35 pp. 


The hymns are of fair merit, and seem to have been 
modelled after David Mackellar's famous hymn on the 
Creation. The Student-editor w^as very likely John Smith, 
aftervi^ards Dr. Smith, of Campbeltown. This v»^ork is exces- 
sively rare. A perfect and an imperfect copy are all that 
are known. 

Macfadyen (John), Song to Isabella Maclean. 

Glasgow^ 1866. 

" Duanag do Iseaball Nic - Illeathain, Nighean an 
uasail chaoimh nach maireann An T-OUamh Mac- 
Illeathain, Gearrabhailteas, an Uithist a Chinn-a- 
Deas. Le Iain Mac-Phaidean. Glascho : Clo- 
bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh. 1866." 
i2mo. 4 pp. 

Macfadyen (John), An T-Eileanach. Glasgow^ 1890. 

" An T-Eileanach. Original Gaelic Songs, Poems 
and Readings, by John Macfadyen. Glasgow : 
Archibald Sinclair, Gaelic Publisher, 62 Argyle Street. 
1890." 8vo. 6 fF. + 303 pp. 

Macfadyen (John), Songs and Poems. Glasgow, 1902. 

" Sgeulaiche nan Gaol. Original Gaelic Readings, 
Sketches, Poems and Songs, by John Macfadyen, 
Glasgow, Author of 'An t-Eileanach.' Glasgow: 
Archibald Sinclair, Celtic Press, 47 Waterloo Street. 
1902." i2mo. xiv-|-296pp. 

A Portrait of the Author faces title. The comical songs 
of the Author are not reprinted in this Edition, but several 
new pieces in prose and verse are here printed for the first 
time. John Macfadyen is a native of Balevullin, Kilfinchen, 
Mull, and is employed in connection with the railways in, 
or near Glasgow. His work shows great command of his 
native language, and he is well versed in the traditions of the 
Highlands and Islands. 


Macfarlan (Robert), A New Vocabulary. 

Edinburgh, 1795. 

Two Titles. " Nuadh Fhoclair Gaidhlig, agus Beurla 
do reir Ordu' nan Litriche maille re cuid sheolanna 
cionnas a leughar agus a sgriobhar a' Gaidhlig le 
Raibeird Mac Pharlain, A.G. Dun-Eaduin Clodh- 
bhuailt airson an Ughdair le Eoin Moir. 1795." 

"A New Alphabetical Vocabulary, Gailic and 
English, with some directions for reading and writing 
the Gailic, by Robert Mac Farlan, G.P. Edinburgh : 
Printed for the Author by John Moir ; and sold by 
John Ogle, Parliament Square. 1795." ^^o- ^V^PP- 

This work is rare ; a copy is worth from los. to 15s. 

Macfarlane (Rev. Donald), Church of Scotland. 

Glasgow, 1^6 2^. 

" Eachdraidh Aithghearr mu Eaglais na h-Alba, bho 
thus a suidheachaidh, maille ri Cunntas air dealachadh 
agus cur suas na h - Eaglaise Saoire, cuis Mhic 
Mhaoilein Chardrois, &c., &c., le Ministear Sgireachd 
Chilleathain, Ceanntire. [Here a woodcut — a burning 
bush. Bha 'm preas a' lasadh le teine, ach cha robh e 
air a losgadh, Ecsod iii. 2.] Glasgow : A. Sinclair, 
Gaelic Printer, 62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLXIII." 

This work is now very scarce. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), Gaelic Phonetics. 

Paisley, 1889. 

" The Phonetics of the Gaelic Language, with an 
exposition of the current orthography, and a system 
of phonography by Malcolm Macfarlane. *Si 
dh'ionnsaich sinn trath ann a laithean ar n-oig.' 
J. and R. Parlane, Paisley. Edinburgh and Glasgow : 


J. Menzies. London : Houlston & Sons." 12 mo. 

95 PP- 

It is a work worthy of a careful perusal. There are 
diagrams, and pieces written in shorthand symbols in the 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Skye Lark. 

Glasgow^ 1894. 

"The Lark. An Uiseag. Leabhran-ciuil airson 
sgoilean. Air a chur a mach le Calum Mac Pharlain, 
agus Eanruig Mac Ghille-Bhain. Gaelic Songs for 
Schools in two-part harmony. Archibald Sinclair, 
10 Bothwell Street, Glasgow ; Henry Whyte, 
4 Bridge Street, Glasgow ; Norman Macleod, The 
Mound, Edinburgh ; Hugh Macdonald, Oban ; 
Thomas Boyd, Oban. Threepence." Sq. i2mo. 
16 pp. 

There was a Second Edition printed. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Blackbird. 

Paisley, circa 1908. 

" An Lon-Dubh. [Here a woodcut.] The Black- 
bird, a collection of twenty-eight Gaelic Songs with 
Music. . . ." 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Robin. Stirling, 1908. 

" Am Bru-dhearg. The Robin, a collection of Gaelic 
Songs, not contained in any other similar publication. 
Stirling. 1908." 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Mavis. Stirling, 1908. 

" An Smeorach. [Here a woodcut — a mavis singing.] 
Fo-Laimh Chalum-Mhic-Pharlain. Air a chur am 
mach le Aonghas Mac-Aoidh, 43 Murray Place, 
Struibhle. 1908." 8vo. 25 pp. 3d. 


Macfarlane (Malcolm), Bardic Melody. 

Stirling^ 1907. 
" Binneas nam Bard." 

This is to be published in nine parts at 2s. 6d. each. It 
is to be a storehouse of GaeHc music and song. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), Selected Poems for 
Schools. Stirling^ 1906. 

" Dain Thaghte a chum feum an Sgoilean na Gaidh- 
ealtachd fo ughdarras a Chomuinn Ghaidhealaich. 
[Here a woodcut.] Air a chur am Mach le Aonghas 
Mac Aoidh, 43 Murray Place, Struibhle. 1906. 
3d." 8vo. 48 pp. 

There are twenty-four poems in this selection. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Guide. Stirling^ I903' 

" An Treoraiche, Leabhran sgoil air son na Cloinne. 
[Here a woodcut.] Air a chur a mach le Aonghas 
Mac Aoidh, Leabhar-Reiceadair, 43 Murray Place, 
Struibhle. 1903. 3d." 

On the back of the half-title is printed " Bha an 
leabhran so air a chur re che'ile le Calum Mac Pharlain^ agus 
air a chur am mach le comhnadh Cheilidh nan Gaidheal am 
Baile Glascho.^^ 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Supplementary Guide. 


" An Comh-Threoraiche, Leabhran Sgoil a Chum 
Feum na Cloinne. Le Calum Mac Pharlain." Svo. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), The Children's Companion. 


" Companach Na Cloinne. Leabhran Sgoil, anns am 


bheil Sgeoil Thaitneach. Fo Laimh Chaluim Mhic 
Pharlain." 8vo. 

The Author of this book was John A^acfadyen, Glasgow, 
Author of ' An t-Eileanach^ etc. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), Dictionary. Stirling. 

" Am Briathrachan Beag. The School Dictionary 
by Malcolm Macfarlane. 2s. 6d." Boards. 

Macfarlane (Malcolm), Songs of The Highlands 
WITH Music Inverness^ n.d. 

Malcolm Macfarlane is by profession an architect in 
Elderslie, near Paisley. His series of educational works show 
the hand of the past-master in exact scholarship and dis- 
crimination in every detail necessary for the pupil's guidance. 

Macfarlane (Peter), Collection of Poems. 

Edinburgh^ 18 13. 

Two Titles. " A Choice Collection of Gaelic Poems, 
with the third book of Homer's Iliad, translated into 
Gaelic ; to which are added Galgachus's Speech to the 
Caledonians, Pyrrhus and Fabritius, &c. Edinburgh : 
Printed by C. Stewart. Sold by D. Thomson, 
Greenock ; J. Young & Co., Inverness ; and D. Peat, 
Perth. 18 13." 

" Co'-chruinneachadh de Dh'Orain agus de Luinn- 
eagaibh Thaghta Glae'lach, maille ris an Treas Duan 
de Sgeulachd na Troidhe air a chur an Gaelig o'n 
Ghreugais, &c., &c., le P. Macpharlain. 

Cha be comunn an da ghann 

A bha shannt orm bhi agam ort ; 

Ach an rud a bhiodh agad thoirt uait, 

San rud a bhiodh uait duit, 

Cha b'ionann as comunn nam Maor 

Air an taobhsa nach bitheadh gann ; 

B'e 'n communsa tarruing a nunn, 

Ach cha bu chomunn ach a nunn 'sa nail. 


Dun-Eudainn : Clo-bhuailte le T. Stiubhart. 1813." 
i2mo. 3 fF. + 216 pp. 

The Translator of the books of the Iliad here given, was 
Ewen Maclachlan of Aberdeen. 

Macfarlane (Peter), A New Vocabulary. 

Edinburgh^ 18 15. 

Three Titles. "A new and copious English and 
Gaelic Vocabulary, with the different parts of speech 
in Alphabetical order. By P. Macfarlane, translator 
of Doddridge's ' Rise and Progress of Religion in the 
Soul,' Blair's ' Sermons,' Bunyan's ' Pilgrim's Pro- 
gress,' &c., &c. Edinburgh : Printed for the Author, 
and sold by A. Constable and Co., Edinburgh. 1 8 1 5." 
8vo. I f . + 226 pp. 

" A New and Copious Vocabulary, in two parts : 
the first part consisting of English and Gaelic ; the 
second of Gaelic and English, with a few Directions 
for Reading the Gaelic. Both with the different parts 
of Speech, and in alphabetical order. By P. Macfar- 
lane, Translator, &c., as above." 

This title was supplied to the complete work with the 
two parts bound together in one volume, while the first title 
was that of the English-Gaelic part sold separately. The 
price of the complete work was 12s. 6d., the Gaelic-English 
part 7s. 6d., and the English-Gaelic part 5s. 6d. 

*' Focalair Ur Gaelig agus Beurla, a reir Ordugh 
na H-Aibidil, maille ri caileigin de sheoladh chum a 
Ghailig a leughadh le P. Macpharlain, eadartheangair 
* Tus agus Fas Diadhachd san anam,' &c., &c., &c. 

Tha Gailig cruadalach, cruaidh, sgairteil, 
Do dhaoin uaisle reachd 'ar laidir 
'An am treubhantais, no gaisgidh 
Si's deas-fhoclaich san ait ud 
Tha i ciuin an cuisibh fialuidh, 


A chuir an gniomh a briathra blatha, 

Tha i corr a sgoltadh riasuin 

Chum sluagh gun chiall a chur samhach. 


Duti-eudainn : Clo-bhuailte airson an Ughdair, agus 
r'an reic le A. Constable, agus a chuideachd. 1 8 1 5." 
8vo. 3 fF. + 152 pp. 

Macfarlane (Peter), Manual of Devotion. 

Edinburgh^ 1829. 
Two Titles. " Comhnadh arson Aoradh Teaghlaich 
agus Urnuighean Diomhair freagarrach do mhuinntir 
anns gach staid ; air an co' chrinneachadh, agus 
air an eadar-theangachadh le P. Macpharlain, eadar- 
theangair ' Tus agus Fas Diadhachd anns an anam,' 
&c., &c., &c. Edinburgh : Published by William 
Blackwood. MDCCCXXIX." 

" A Manual of Devotion for Family and Secret 
Prayer, suitable to persons in every situation in life. 
Collected and Translated by P. Macfarlane, Translator 
of Doddridge's * Rise and Progress of Religion in the 
Soul,' &c., &c. Edinburgh : Published by William 
Blackwood. MDCCCXXIX." 8vo. 6fF. + 25opp. 

This work is now rare. 

Macfarlane (Rev. Robert), Warning to High- 
landers. Glasgow^ 1849. 
" Earail do Oigridh na Gaedhealtachd." 8vo. 8 pp. 

The Author was Rev. Robert Macfarlane, Greenock, 
afterwards of Glenorchy. This tractate was afterwards 
translated into English by John Gillies, who published 
it in Glasgow in 1852. 

Macgillivray (Alexander), The Youth's Companion. 

Piciou^ 1836. 
" Companach an Oganaich, no an Comharlaiche tait- 


neach, Le Alastair Mc Gillevra. [Prov. i. 4 quoted.] 
Pictou : Printed in the Bee Office. 1836." 16 mo. 
158 pp. 

There are a woodcut, preface, advertisement, and general 
rules for reading the Gaelic language in the work. 

Macgillivray (Dr. C. R.), Grammar. Glasgow^ 1858. 

" The Rudiments of the Gaelic Language, containing 
in a condensed form the substance of the best Treatises 
on the Language. By C. R. M'Gillivray, M.D. 
Glasgow : Printed for Wm. Gilchrist, 145 Argyle 
Street. MDCCCLVIII." Sm. 8vo. 50 pp. 

The work deals with the etymology only. It is very rare. 

Macgillivray (Dr. C. R.), The Scots' Worthies. 

Glasgow, N.D. 

" Eachdraidh nan Urramach." 4to. Vide sub 
Mackay {Rev. Dr. M.), Scots Worthies and Church 

Macgowan's Life of Joseph. Glasgow, 1831. 

" Eachdraidh loseiph, Mhic lacoib. Air 'eadar- 
theangachadh gu Gaelic, le P. Macpharlain. Eadar- 
theangair ' Tus agus Fas Diadhachd, 'san anam,' &c., 
1 83 1. Glasgow : J. Reid & Co., Hutcheson Street. 
Edinburgh : Waugh and Innes. Boston, United 
States : Gray and Bowen." 18 mo. 150 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1844. 

" Eachdraidh loseiph Mhic lacoib, eadar-theangaichte 
gu Gailic le P. Mac Pharlain. An dara clodh- 
bhualadh air a Leasachadh. Glasgow : Printed for 
D. Macvean, and J. & P. Campbell. 1844." i8mo. 
144 pp. 


Third Edition. Edinburgh^ 1844. 

" An Treas Clodh-Bhualadh air a leasachadh. 

Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart, 64 South 
Bridge." i8mo. 144 pp. 

In 1862 the work was stereotyped by Maclachlan & 
Stewart, and 500 copies printed j again in 1870, 575 copies. 

This work is the finest Translation into Gaelic we have 
come across. 

Macgregor (Rev. Alexander), Sea-Faring People. 

Edinburgh^ 1854. 

Two Titles. " A few words of explanation to Sea- 
Faring People on the Coast, who are disposed to 
join the Royal Naval Coast Volunteers. Edinburgh : 
Printed by Thomas Constable, Printer to Her 
Majesty. MDCCCLIV." 

*' Beagan Fhocal Seolaidh do Luchd-Gabhail a 
chuain, a ta tamh a'm fochair na mara, agus a ta 
deonach air a bhi le'n saor-thoil fein nam Maraichibh 
Rioghail. Air eadar-theangachadh air iarrtas ard- 
comhairle urramaich na Cabhlaich Rioghail ; le 
Alasdair Macgriogair, Ministeir na h-Eaglais-an-Iar, 
ann Inbherneis. Duneidin : Air a Chlodh-bhualadh 
le Tomas Constable, Clodh-bhualadair do'n Bhan- 
righinn. MDCCCLIV." i2mo. 7 pp. English 
+ 7 pp. Gaelic. 

Macgregor (Rev. Alexander), Mariners of England. 

Edinburgh^ 1854. 

Two Titles. " A few W^ords of Advice to the 
Mariners of England, and enterprising youths for 
the sea service, Shewing the advantages to be 
derived by Service in the Royal Navy. By a Seaman. 
Edinburgh : Printed by Thomas Constable, Printer 
to Her Majesty. MDCCCLIV." 


" Beagan Fhocal comhairle do mharaichibh Shasuinn 
agus do ghillibh oga misneachail aig am bheil toil do 
sheirbhis na mara. A feuchainn gach buannachd a 
gheibhear le seirbhis anns a Chabhlaich Riogail. Le 
Caraid a Mharaiche. Air eadar-theangachadh air 
iarrtas Ard Comhairle urramach na Cabhlaich Rioghail 
le Alasdair Macgriogair, Ministeir na h-Eaglais-an- 
lar, ann Inbherneis. Duneidin : Air a Chlodh- 
bhualadh le Tomas Constable, Clodh-bhualadair do'n 
Bhanrighinn. MDCCCLIV." i2mo. 13 + 13 pp. 
English and Gaelic. 

Macgregor (Gregor), Little Birds. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 19. 

" Eoin Bheag nan Creagaibh Aosda ; chruinneacha 
taoghda do dh'Orain Ghailic. [Here quotations.] 
Glasgow : Printed by D. M'Kenzie, for M'Kenzie 
& Hutchison, Booksellers, 16 Saltmarket. 18 19." 

The Compiler was Gregor Macgregor, a Gaelic school- 
master in the Old Grammar School Wynd of Glasgow. 
Exceedingly rare^ only two perfect copies known. 

Macgregor (Gregor), Melodious Birds. 

Glasgow y 1 8 19. 

" Ceilleirean Binn nan Creagan Aosda, cruinneachadh 
taghte do dh'Orain Ghaelic, ann an da Earrain. 
Earrain I. [Here follows a quotation from Ossian.] 
The Melodious Warbler of the Aged Rocks, a 
selection of Gaelic Songs in two parts. Part I, 
[Here an English quotation.] Glasgow : Printed 
by D. M'Kenzie for the Publisher. Sold by 
M'Kenzie and Hutchison, Booksellers, 16 Saltmarket. 

This is the same collection as the preceding work, with 


a new Title. The Second Part never appeared. Exceedingly 
rare^ only two copies known. 

Macgregor (Rev. Dr. James), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 19. 

'* Dain a chomhadh \sic\ crabhuidh le Seumas Mac 
Ghriogair, searmonaich an T-soisgeil, an America 
mu Thuath. Glascho : Clo-bhuailte le Og & Galie. 
18 19." i2mo. 88 pp. 
Very rare. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1825. 

" Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Eoin Graham & Co., 

136 Trongate, agus r'an reic le M. Ogle. 1825." 
i2mo. 91 pp. 


Third Edition. Glasgow^ 1831. 

"Dain a chomhnadh crabhuidh le Seumas Mac- 
ghriogair, searmonaich an t-Soisgeil 'n America mu 
Thuath. Glasgow : John Reid, 58 Hutcheson 
Street. Edinburgh : H. Constable and Waugh & 
Innes. London : John Leslie, i Little Queen Street, 
Holborn. 1831." i8mo. 116 pp. 

This is a different Title-page from that given by Reid 
in Bib. Sc. Celtica. The above is undoubtedly the earlier 

Fourth Edition. Edinburgh, 1847. 

"Dana A Chomnadh Crabhaidh nan Gael. Le 
Seumas Mac Ghriogair, D.D. Searmonaich an T- 
Soisgeil ann an America mu Thuath. [Here a wood- 
cut.] Edinburgh : Published by D. R. Collie and 



Son ; Maclachlan and Stewart. Price sixpence." Sm. 
i2mo. io8 pp. 

On publication the price was raised to 8d. In the sketch 
of the Author's life given, this Edition is erroneously de- 
signated the Fifth. 

Fifth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1870. 

Another Edition. Pictou^ 1863. 

We have not been able to see a copy of this Edition. 
The Hymns of the Rev. Dr. Macgregor are rigorously 
Calvinistic in doctrine. They all sing to popular airs, and 
are composed in stately verses, and in the purest Gaelic. 
We are much surprised that these excellent Hymns are not 
kept in print. 

Macgregor (Prof. James), On Church and State. 

Edinburgh^ 1875. 

" Steidheachadh na h-Eaglais leis an Stat ; gu h-araidh 
a thaobh na Gaidhealtachd. Leis an Urramach 
Seumas Macghriogair, D.D. Oileadair na Diadhair- 
eachd Riagailtich ann an Oil-Thigh Nuadh Dhuin- 
Eidinn. Seasaibh uime sin . . . daorsa. Gal. v. i. 
Duneidinn : Mac Laubhrainn & Macnibhinn, 1875." 
8vo. 15 pp. 

This v«ras translated by the Rev. A. Macrae. 

Macgregor (Rev. Dr. James), Union of Churches. 

Edinburgh^ 1891* 

*'Ath-aonadh na h-Eaglais Albannaich air Steidh 
an Ath-leasachaidh. Oraid a rinneadh aig Co- 
dhunadh Ard-Sheanadh Eaglais na h-Alba air Di- 
luain a chiad la d'an Og-mhios 1891 le Ceann na 
Cuirt, an T-Ard Urramach Seumas Mac-Griogair, 
D.D., Ministear Sgireachd Naoimh Cuibeart an Dun- 


eideann. Eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla. Uilleam 
Blackwood agus a Mhic an Dun-eideann agus an 
Lunainn [aon Sgillinn. One penny]." 8vo. 39 pp. 

The Translator was John Whyte. 

Macgregor (John), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1801. 

" Grain Ghaelach, Le Iain Mac Ghrigair. 

Chual thu guth na'm bard nach beo ; 
'S glan faiteal do chiuil fein. 
'S caoin faiteal na'm fonn 'o Mhalmhine, 
'S Ach claonidh iad anam gu deoir. 

Smith's Tiomn Ghuill. 

Edin-Bruaich : Clo-bhuailt le Adhamh Mac Neill 
agus a Chuideachd, 1801." i2mo. 227 pp. 

This work was helped through the press by the Rev. 
John M'Laurin, Glasgow. It was sold at 3s. 6d. per copy. 
It is now scarce. 

Macgregor (John), New Gaelic Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 18 18. 

" Grain Nuadh Ghealach, nach robh riabh roimhe an 
Cloth -Bhualadh, le Iain Mac Ghrigair a Gleann 

Canmhuinn gun truailleadh gu mheasge 

'S Gaeil gan dual i bhi aca 

Is nadurra ga fuaim bhi measail 

S misneachail an sluagh a chleachd i. 

Cainnt mhathaireil gun bhruaidlein idir, 

Ach bhi Ian do shuairceas tlachdmhor 

Ceol gaire ga luaidh gu bidheanta 

'S luchd dhan gu luath-chuir seachad. 

Dun-eudainn : Cloth-bhuailte arson an Ughdair, le 
R. Meinearach. 1818." i2mo. 24 pp. 

Most of the songs are panegyrics. Extremely rare. 


Macgregor (John, M.D.), Random Lyrics. 

London^ 1897. 

" Luinneagan Luaineach (Random Lyrics), by 
Surgeon Lieut. - Colonel John Macgregor, M.D,, 
Indian Medical Service. Honorary Bard to the 
Clan Macgregor, and Author of * The Girdle of the 
Globe,' ' Toil and Travel,' ' Through the Buffer 
State,' etc. 

Bidh clann bheag ag eisdeachd gach sgeulachd a dh-innsear, 
Mu thiomchioll na suinn a bha caoimhneil us treun, 
'S bidh cuimhne gu dluth ac' air cliu ard an sinnsear 
G'a leantuinn gu bas anns gach cearnaidh fo'n ghrein ; 
*S nuair thoisicheas naimhdain ri bagradh gu dana, 
'S a ghairmear na Gaidheil ri cheiT as gach gleann, 
Air-leam nach bidh h-aon dhuibh nach cuimhnich an aithne, 
Gu brath a bhi dileas do Thir nam Beann ! ! 

Faic taobh-duilleig, 97. 

London : David Nutt, 270-271 Strand. 1897." 
8vo. 4 ff. + 220 pp. 

Macinnes (Rev. Duncan), Dialogues. 

Edinburgh^ 1880. 

" Comhraidhean an Gaelic *s am Beurla le Roimhradh 
le Professor Blackie. Conversations in Gaelic and 
English, with Preface by Professor Blackie. Edin- 
burgh : Maclachlan and Stewart, Booksellers to the 
University. 1880." 8vo. 64 pp. is. 

There was a Second Edition printed in Edinburgh. 

Macinnes (Rev. Duncan), Celtic Tradition. 

London^ 1890. 

" Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition — Argyll- 
shire Series. No. II. Folk and Hero Tales. Col- 
lected, Edited, and Translated by the Rev. D. 
Macinnes, with Notes by the Editor and Alfred 


Nutt. Portrait of J. F. Campbell, and two illustra- 
tions by E. Griset. London : David Nutt, 270-27 1 
Strand. 1890." 8vo. 497 pp. 

The Gaelic and English are on opposite pages. 

Macinnes (John), Gaelic Songs. Glasgow^ 1875. 

" Dain agus Grain le Iain Mac-Aonghais, Earra- 
ghaidhealach. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig 
Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1875." 
Pris-Tasdan. i2mo. 74 pp. 

Macinnes (John), Big Ann's Dream. Glasgow, iSjS. 

" Bruadar Anna Mhor, bean Chalum a' Cheo, ann 
am Baile gun Ainm." 

A Broadsheet, printed in double columns. This eomic 
piece was very popular with the Celts of Glasgow, and 
the Author always sang it at Highland social gatherings. 
John Macinnes was to trade a blacksmith. He was a native 
of the Island of Lismore, but resided in Glasgow. He was 
very enthusiastic in matters pertaining to the Highlands. 

Macintosh (Duncan), Collections of Songs. 

Edinburgh, 1831. 

" Co-chruinneachadh Dh'Orain Thaghte Ghaeleach, 
nach robh riabh roimhe ann an Clo-buala. Leis an 
ughdar Donncha mac intoisich [sic]. 

Na gadhail [sic] thana ghlana chruaidh 
Ga buin gach uail thaobh airm a's eidi 
Leomhain scairtail ghaisgail bhuadhar, 
O thur uasal na feinne. 

[Here a coat of arms — Touch not the cat but a glove.] 
Edinburgh : Printed by John Elder. 1831." 
i2mo. vi + 216 pp. 

The last pages are wrongly numbered — 115-116 for 215- 
216. The copy before us has bound up with it a Pamphlet 


of 24 pages of Gaelic songs headed * Orain Ghaelach^ 
The printer was Menzies, Lawnmarket. There was 
apparently no Title-page issued. The first song of this 
Pamphlet is * Oran mar gun deanadh te e do leannan^ Air 
fonn ' Coire Cheathaich* 

Air domh bhi'm leaba air bheag cadail, 
Gun d-thainig sgealpaire do ghill og, 
Rinn e m'fhaoineachd ann an caoimhneas. 
Mar nach bithidh 'n fhoill fo chot ; 
A mhaighdean og, O dean mo phosadh, 
Agus bithidh sinn solasach gu leoir, 
'S mar taobh thu mise gu'm bi mi ris dheith, 
'S an uine chlisge cha bhi mi beo. 

There are other eleven songs. Mr. Duncan Maclaren 
of Clachaig House, aged eighty-two years (1902), says that 
Macintosh was the Author of the songs in the Pamphlet. 
He was known as '■Jm Bard Mugach ' — 'The Sulky Bard.' 

Macintosh (Donald), Proverbs. Edinburgh^ ^I'^S- 

" A Collection of Gaelic Proverbs, and Familiar 
Phrases accompanied with an English Translation 
intended to facilitate the study of the Language ; 
illustrated with Notes. To which is added the Way 
to Wealth by Dr. Franklin. Translated into Gaelic. 
By Donald Macintosh. Ged dh'eignichear an sean- 
f hocal, cha bhreugaichear e. Edinburgh : Printed 
for the Author, and sold by Messrs. Donaldson, 
Creech, Elliot, and Sibbald, Booksellers, Edinburgh ; 
John Gillies, Perth ; James Gillies, Glasgow ; and 
by all the Booksellers in Town and County. 
MDCCLXXXV." i2mo. 5 fF. -}- 83 pp. H- 83 pp. 

There were two issues of this work. In some copies on 
page I, heading the Gaelic text, is ' Gna Fhocail Ghailich 
air an tional r^a Cheil^ while on other copies the following 
heading is found: *- Co-chruinneachadh do Ghna- Fhocail 
Ghaelich.* The former is the earlier issue. 


Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 18 19. 

" Mackintosh's Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and 
Familiar Phrases ; Englished A-New. To which is 
added The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Frank- 
lin, LL.D. Edinburgh : Printed by Charles Stewart, 
for William Stewart, No. 61 South Bridge Street. 
1 8 19." i2mo. 2 fF. + II pp. + 239 pp. 

The Editor was Alexander Campbell, Author of ' The 
Grampians Desolate^ etc. 

Mackintosh (John), Spiritual Hymns. 1844. 

We have not seen this work. 

Macintyre (Allan), Gaelic Songs. Glasgow^ 1829. 

" Dain agus Orain Ghae'lach, le Ailein Mac An T- 
Saoir, Sealgair Shionnach ann an Ceann-Tire. 
Glaschu : Clo - bhuailte air son an Ughdair, le A. 
Young. 1829." i8mo. 4fF.+ i44pp. 

The Author, Allan Macintyre, better known as ' Ailein 
Nan Sionnach^ was a native of the parish of Skipness, 
Kintyre. He was seventy-five years old when his songs 
were published. His visits were considered somewhat 
troublesome, as the host was invariably called up to feed a 
large pack of lean hungry hounds that accompanied the fox- 
hunter. His salutation always was : " Mas toil leat mo sgial^ 
biadh mo choin." The work is excessively rare^ only three 
perfect copies known. 

Macintyre (Duncan), Satire on John Wylkes. 

Edinburgh^ 1768. 
"Aoir Iain Faochaig Le Donchadh Mac-an-T-Saoir." 

We have overlooked taking a transcript of the Title-page 
when we possessed the only copy we have ever seen of this 


Macintyre (Duncan), Poems and Songs. 

Edinburgh, 1768. 

*'Orain Ghaidhealach. Le Donchadh Mac-an-T- 
Saoir, Clodh-bhuailt ann Dun-Eidin le A. Mac- 
Dhonuil, air son an Ughdair. MDCCLXVIII." 
i2mo. 3 fF. + 162 pp. 

This Tide is quoted somewhat differently by Reid in 
Bib. Sc. Celt, who probably took a transcript from a copy that 
lacked the Title-leaf. We have examined a few copies of this 
very rare edition, and all had Title as given above. Bound up 
with an uncut copy before us are five poems by the Author 
that were printed between the years 1 768-1 790. They are 
all included in the edition of 1790 ; but with some slight 
alterations. The following are the poems referred to : I. 
Oran Do'n Aodach Ghaoidhleach le Donnucha Mac-An- 
T'Saoir. II. Rann do'n Chomuin a tha gabhail curam do 
na Ghaelic, agus d'n Phiob Mhoir, Le Dunichidh Mac An 
T'Shaoir. III. Rann do'n Ghaoidhlig : s do'n Phiob Mhoir. 
Le Donnucha Mac- An-T'Saoir. IV. Cumhadh larla 
Bhraid-Alban, Le Donchadh Mac-An-T-Saoir. V. Oran 
do Reisimeid Earra-Ghael, Le Donnchadh Mac-An Tsaoir. 
These five pieces contain four octavo pages each. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1790. 

" Orain Ghaidhealach. Le Donnchadh Macantsoir. 
Clo-bhuailt' ann Duneiduinn, Gu feim an Ughdair. 
MDCCXC." i2mo. 6iF. + 2io pp. Text. -F2ii- 
252 pp. Subscribers' names. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1804. 

" Orain Ghaidhealach. Le Donchadh Macantsaoir. 
Clodh-bhuailte 'an Dun-Eidin, le Tomais Oliver, air 
son an Ughdair. 1804." i8mo. 7 if. + 217 pp. 

In a memorandum supplied by the late D. C. Macpher- 
son of the Advocates' Library, it is stated that one thousand 
copies were printed at a cost of ^36 : 15s. The binding of 
306 copies cost j^3 : 16:6. 


Fourth Edition. Glasgow^ 1834. 

" Gaelic Poems and Songs by Duncan Ban Macintyre. 
Fourth Edition, with a short notice of his life. [Here 
a woodcut.] MDCCCXXXIV. Glasgow : J. Reid & 
Co. Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd. London : Whit- 
taker, Arnot & Co." i2mo. 4 fF. + 203 pp. + i p. 

Fifth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1848. 

" Orain agus Dana Gaidhealach le Donnachadh Ban 
Mac-An-T-Saoir. Songs and Poems in Gaelic by 
Duncan Ban Macintyre. The Fifth Edition corrected, 
with a Memoir of the Author's life, and notes in 
English. [Here a stag's head.] Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan, Stewart & Co. 1848." Sm. i2mo. 
224 pp. + 2 if. Gaelic Books. 

Of this Edition one thousand copies were printed. 

Sixth Edition. Edinburgh^ 1858. 

This Edition was stereotyped and 500 copies issued at two 
shillings each. Again 500 copies were issued in each of the 
years 1865, 1871, 1875, and 1877. In the Edition of 1871 
the English translations by Buchanan of ' Corre-Cheathaich ' 
and ' Last Farewell to the Hills ' (called in translation ' Beinn 
Dorain ') are added. 

Another Edition by Calder. Edinburgh^ circa 1912. 

" Gaelic Songs of Duncan Macintyre, the complete 
poetical works in Gaelic, with a metrical English 
translation on the opposite page. Edited and trans- 
lated by George Calder, Professor of Celtic Languages 
and Literature in the University of Glasgow." The 
above copied from Advertisement. 6s. 


Macintyre (Rev. Puncan, Islay), Poem on Temper- 
ance. Glasgow, 1853. 

*' R'a reic air son Da Sgillinn — Dan A'Cliuthachadh 
Measarrachd, agus A' Di-Moladh Mi-Stuamachd. 
Le Donnachadh Mac-An-T-Saoir, Searmonaiche an 
t-Soisgeil ann an Glascho. [John vi. 7-12 : Philip, iv. 
8, quoted.] Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 
Argyle Street. MDCCCLIII." i2mo. 12 pp. 

Macintyre (Duncan, Mull), Hymns. Glasgow, t^^SI' 

" Laoidhean Le Donnachadh Mac-An-T-Saoir, 's an 
Ros Mhuileach. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 
62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLVII." i2mo. 51pp. 

There are twenty hymns in all. The Author, Duncan 
Macintyre, was born in Ardalanish, Ross, Mull, in 1778. He 
began composing hymns about the year 1850. 

Macintyre (James), Elegy on. Glasgow, 1861. 

*' Cumha do Sheumas Mac-An-T-Shaoir. Glasgow : 
Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLXI." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macintyre (Rev. John), Sermon on Baptism. 

Glasgow, 1887. 

" Adhlaichte agus air an Togail suas maille ri Criosd. 
Searmoin mu'n Bhaisteadh le Iain Mac-An-T-Saoir, 
Searmonaiche an t-Soisgeil 'an Gleann - Lindoch, 
Australia mu Dheas. Ceud Mhios a' Gheamraidh. 
1844. [Matt. iii. 9, 10, quoted.] Eadar-theangaichte 
le Niall Caimbeul. Glasgow : Printed by Archibald 
Sinclair for Neil Campbell, 44 Portugal Street, South 
Side. 1887." 8vo. 20 pp. 


Macisaac (Duncan), Gaelic Pronunciation. 1888. 

" General Rules for Gaelic Pronunciation arranged 
by Duncan Macisaac." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Maciver (D.), Bilingual Text Book. Inverness^ 1900. 

" Bilingual Text Book. English Composition by 
D. Maciver, F.E.I.S., Bayble School. Price 9d. 
Inverness : Printed at * The Highland News Works.' 
1900." 8vo. 4ff. + 7-8opp. 

Mackay (Alexander), Gaelic and English Poems. 

Inverness^ 1821. 

Two Titles. " Original Songs and Poems in English 
and Gaelic. By Alexander Mackay, Butler at 

My Muse on soaring pinions ne'er shall roam, 
But humbly piper of her native home. — Clark. 

Inverness : Printed at the Journal Office, 1821." 

" Orain agus Dain ann an Gaelic agus am Beurla, 
nach robh-riabh roimh dealbh-bhuailte. Le Alasdair 

Suidh thusa, bhaird air a chruaich, 

Is cluinneam r'a luaidh do dhan, 

Do dhan mar aiteal an earraich, 

Dol tharais air sealgair sa 'chruaich. 

Nam dusgadh o aisling sa 'bhealach 

'Nuair chluinneas e aoibhneas nam fuath 

An ceol fuar air thaobh nam beann. — Ossian. 

Inbhirnis. Dealbh - bhuailte le Seumas Friseal. 
MDCCCXXI." i2mo. 6 fF. + 75 pp. English Poems, 
+ 2 ff. + 80-1 78 pp. Gaelic Poems + i f. Errata + 1 8 
pp. Subscribers. 

Very rare. Alexander Mackay was born in Kincardine, 
Easter Ross, in 1775, and died at Portobello in 1858. 


Mack AY (George), Elegies. Pultneytown, 1863. 

"Gaelic and English Elegies by the late George 
Mackay, Roster. Printed by John George, Pultney- 
town. 1863." i8mo. 44 pp. 

Mackay (Rev. J. R.), F.P. and Legal Free Church. 


" An Eaglais Phresbiterianach Shaor agus an Eaglais 
Shaor a reir an Lagha." pp. 8. 

Mackay (Rev. D. Mackintosh), The Treasure. 

Glasgow, 1835. 

" The Treasure, A Selection from the Olney Hymns 
translated into Gaelic, intended as a New Year's 
gift for Highlanders by a Countryman, zealous for 
their highest interests. MDCCCXXXV. Glasgow : 
John Reid & Co. Edinburgh : Oliver and Boyd. 
London : Whittaker & Co." 12 mo. 22 PP* 

Mackay (Rev. Dr. M.), Scots Worthies and 
Church History. London, 1872. 

" Eachdraidh nan Urramach ann an Alba, an aimsiribh 
na Geur-Leanmhuinn : na fianuisean a bha dileas gu 
bas, air taobh ch6irichean rioghail Chriosd agus na 
H-Eaglais. Eadar-theangaichte leis an Olla T. R. 
M'Gillebhra. Agus Eachdraidh Eaglais na H-Alba, 
o am an Ath-Leasachaidh o'n Phapanachd, gu am an 
Dealachaidh. Maille ri Ian iomradh air stri nan 
deich bliadhna. Agus Eachdraidh na H - Eaglais 
Saoire, o am an Dealachaidh, gu ruig a' bhliadhna 
1870. Leis an Urramach M. Macaoidh, LL.D., 
Ministeir na H-Eaglais Saoire an Tairbeart na-H- 
Earaibh. [Here a woodcut — an angel with spread 
wings holding an open book reading ' Sheas tad gu 
fuily a cathachadh an aghaidh peacaidh.' Eabh xii. 


4.] Lunnuinn : Air a chuir a mach le Uilleam 
Maccoinnich, 22 Sraid A' Phaidir ; Dun-Eidin, 59 
Drochaid Dheas ; Glascho, 47 Sr^id Howard ; Dun- 
Deadha, 15 Cladach Yeaman ; Inbhirnis, 15 Sraid 
na H-Aonachd." 4to. Worthies 3 iF. 4-422 pp. 
Church History viii + 532 pp. 

This work is printed with large type uniformly with 
Bunyan's Pilgrirn's Progress by the same firm. It was 
issued in thirty parts at one shilling each. The Rev. Dr. 
M. Mackay was born in the parish of EddrachilHs, i8th 
November 1793, and died at Portobello, 17th May 1873. 
He was minister of Laggan, and afterwards of Dunoon. At 
the Disruption he cast in his lot with the Secession Party, and 
became one of the leaders of the Free Church in the 
Highlands, where he travelled extensively. Latterly he 
settled at Tarbert, Harris, where he had a church and manse 
built for himself. He was considered one of the best Gaelic 
scholars of his time. He superintended the passing through 
the press of the great Dictionary of the Highland Society ; 
he edited 'y/« Fhianuis^ a monthly magazine devoted to the 
cause of the Free Church, and he also edited and translated 
a few other volumes all noticed in this work. 

Mackay (J. G.), Easy Gaelic Syntax. 

London, 1899. 

" Easy Gaelic Syntax popularly treated for beginners 
by J. G. M'Kay. London : David Nutt, 270-271 
Strand." 8vo. iv + 92pp. 

A small leaf of errata inserted at Title. 

Mackay (J. G.), The Wizard's Gillie. 

London^ i^i^. 

" Gille a' Bhuidseir or The Wizard's Gillie and other 
Tales from the magnificent manuscript collections of 
the late J. F. Campbell of Islay, Iain og He, now 
published for the first time. English Translation 
and Gaelic Legend on opposite pages. Edited and 


Translated by J. G. M'Kay. London : The St. 
Catherine Press, 34 Norfolk Street, Strand, W.C." 
Cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. net. [Advertisement.] 

Mackay (John), Gaelic Tales. Glasgow. 

" Sar Sgeoil Ghaidhealach, Choice Collection of Gaelic 
Tales, including Fairy Tales and Clan Tales, culled 
from various sources, edited by Iain Mac Aoidh (of 
Comunn nan Albannach)." 6s. net. 
Not yet published. [Advertisement.] 

Mackay (Robert), Poems and Songs. 

Inverness^ 1829. 

Two Titles. " Songs and Poems in the Gaelic 
Language by Robert Mackay, the celebrated bard of 
Lord Reay's Country, Sutherlandshire, with a Memoir 
of the Author and Observations on his character and 
Poetry, published by subscription. Kenneth Douglas, 
Inverness ; R. Douglas, Tain ; Oliver and Boyd, 
Edinburgh ; R. Griffin and Co., Glasgow ; and 
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, London. 

*' Orain le Rob Donn, bard ainmeil Duthaich Mhic- 
Aoidh A nis air an cur a mach air iarrtus luchd- 
graidh agus molaidh na bardachd sonruichte so o 
chruinneachadh sgriobta a rinneadh dhith o bheul a' 
Bhaird fein. Maille ri Eachdraidh a bheatha, a chliu,'s 
a bhardachd, am Beurla. Inbhirnis : Clodh-bhuailte 
agus air an reiceadh le Coinneach Dughlas, am Baile- 
Dhuthaich ; Olibher & Boid, Duneidin ; R. Grifin 
& a Chuideachd, an Glascho ; and Longman, Ris, 
Orm, Brun & Grin, an Lunnuin. MDCCCXXIX." 
8vo. lxxi + 360 pp. 

This work was prepared for the Press by the Rev. 
Mackintosh Mackay. 


Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1871. 

" Grain le Rob Donn, Bard ainmeil Dhuthaich Mhic- 
Aoidh ; maille ri eachdraidh a bheatha, a chliu, 's a 
bhardachd am Beurla. Edinburgh : D. R. Collie & 
Son, and Maclachlan & Stewart. 1871." i2mo. 
18 + 336 pp. 

Third Edition by Morrison. Edinburgh, 1899. 

Two Titles. " Songs and Poems in the Gaelic 
Language by Rob. Donn the celebrated Reay Country 
Poet. Enlarged Edition containing several poems 
never before published with English notes, and 
a new Memoir of the Poet by Hew Morrison, 
F.S.A. Scot., etc. Edinburgh: John Grant. 1899." 

"Grain le Rob. Donn, Bard ainmeal Na H-Aird 
Tuath. An treas Clo-bhualadh ann am bheil tuille 
orain air an cuir am mach, maille ri eachdraidh beatha 
a' bhaird ann am Beurla. Duneidinn. Iain Grannda. 
MDCCCXCIX." 8vo. lxvi + 458 pp. 

There is a plate facing English title. Plates of facsimile 
MSS. after xxx and xl. 

Another Edition by Gunn & Macfarlane. 

Glasgow, 1899. 

Two Titles. " Orain agas Dain le Rob. Donn Mac 
Aoidh. Fo churam an Urramaich Adhamh Guinne, 
M.A. Diuranais, agus Chaluim Mhic - Pharlain 
(Ceann - suidhe Comuinn Ghaidhlig Ghlascho). 
Glasgow : Iain Mac- Aoidh. 1899." 

" Songs and Poems by Rob. Donn Mackay. New 
Edition containing several original and hitherto 
unpublished melodies, collected in the Reay Country ; 


sketch of the bard and his times, dissertation on the 
Reay Country dialect ; a full glossary of uncommon 
words, and a supplementary chapter on the bard's 
surname. Edited by Rev. Adam Gunn, M.A., 
Durness, and Malcolm Macfarlane (President Gaelic 
Society of Glasgow). Illustrated. Glasgow : John 
Mackay, 'Celtic Monthly.' Office, 9 Blythswood 
Drive. 1899." Sm. 4to. xviii+i3ipp. 

There are plates facing Gaelic Title and pages i, 93, 
and 103. 

Mackay (Thomas), Cookery Book. Glasgow, 1905. 

Two Titles. " Practical Hints on Cooking and 
Baking. By Thomas Mackay, Largs, Ex-President, 
Clan Mackay Society. Translated into Gaelic by 
Henry Whyte (' Fionn ')." Glasgow : Clan Mackay 
Society. 1905. 

" Seolaidhean Feumail mu Chocaireachd 's mu 
Fhuineadh. Eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla le 
'Fionn.' Glaschu : Comunn Chloinn Aoidh. 1905." 
Sm. i8mo. ix4-47 pp. 

The English and Gaelic are printed on opposite pages. 
Price fourpence. 

Mackay (William), Two Elegies. Glasgow, 1836. 
" Da Mharbh-rann le Uilleam Macaoidh." 

Mackechnie (Donald), Poems and Songs. 

Glasgow, 1897. 

"Dain agus Grain le Domhnull Mac Eacharn. 
Duneideann. Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 10 
Bothwell Street ; Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street. 


Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, John Grant. Oban : 
Hugh Macdonald. 1897." Sm. 8vo. 52 pp. 

Mackechnie (Donald), A Song. n.d. 

" Tobar Leac-na-Fiann." 

A leaflet signed ' Am Bard Luideagach^ a nom de plume 
for Donald Mackechnie. 

Mackechnie (Donald), The Minstrel. 

Glasgow y 1904. 

Two Titles. " Am Fear-Ciuil. Original Gaelic 
Humorous Sketches, Poems, Songs, and Translations. 
By Donald Mackechnie, Edinburgh. 

Mar bhraon air blath do m'anam fhein 
Tha ceol is sgeul is beagan abhachd. 

Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, * Celtic Press,' 47 
Waterloo Street. 1904." 

*' Am Fear-Ciuil, Dain agus Orain, etc., le DomhnuU 
Mac Eacharn. Duneideann. 

O, ceol ar duthcha, is spiorad iuil e, 
A tha 'gar stiuradh air cursa morachd, 
An cumail urail nam buadhan fiughail, 
A choisinn cliu dhuinn an cuis na corach. 

Glascho : Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh, 47 Sraid, 
Waterloo. 1904." 8vo. xvi + 225pp. 2s. 6d. 

A portrait of the Author faces title. Donald Mackechnie 
was a native of Jura. He died in Edinburgh recently, where 
he was well known by his brilliant and original prose writ- 
ings in his native language. 

Mackellar (David), Hymn on Creation. 

Glasgow y 1752. 
The publisher was John Orr. 



Mackellar and Carswell's Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1835. 

Mackellar (Mrs. Mary), Poems and Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 1880. 

" Poems and Songs, Gaelic and English, by Mrs. 
Mary Mackellar, Bard to the Gaelic Society- 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
Inverness : John Noble. Oban : J. W. Miller. 
1880." 8vo. 4ff. + 14OPP. 

Mackellar (Mrs. Mary), Tourists' Guide. 

Edinburghy n.d. 

" The Tourists' Hand-Book of Gaelic and English 
Phrases for the Highlands, by Mrs. Mary Mackellar, 
Bard to the Gaelic Society of Inverness. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge, and sold by 
all Booksellers. Price sixpence." 64 pp. 

Mackenzie (Alexander), The Brahan Seer. 

Inverness, 1884. 

" The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer (Coinneach 

Odhar Fiosaiche), by Alexander Mackenzie, &c. 

Inverness : A. & W. Mackenzie, Celtic Magazine 
Office. 1884." 8vo. 93 pp. 

Second Edition by Macgregor. Inverness. 

Mackenzie (Alexander Ruadh), Songs. 

Parkhill, 1882. 

" Oranean mu thiomchuill an Aonaidh ; Tigh 
Fasgaidh-Na-Stuaim aig Nairn ; agus Taladh Seonaid. 
Le Alistear Ruadh Mc Coinnich o' Uiste A Chinn- 
A-Tuath. Parkhill : Clo bhuailte aig Tigh a Ghaz- 
ette. 1882." i2mo. 13 pp. 


Mackenzie (Rev. Angus), History of Scotland. 

Glasgow^ 1867. 

" Eachdraidh na h-Alba anns am bheil gearr-iomradh 
air na nithibh is cudthromaich' a thachair 'san 
rioghachd o na ceud linnibh, gu meadhon an naoidh- 
eamh linn deug. Le Aonghas Mac Coinnich, 
Glascho : G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidh- 
eil. Oban : S. Muilleir. Inbhirnis : J. Noble. 
1867." 8vo. 464pp. + 2fF. 

This work is mainly a Translation of The History of 
Scotland in Nelsons' School Series. 

Mackenzie (Donald), Congratulatory Poem. 

Glasgow^ 1785. 
" Oran Gairdeachais Dhomhnuill Mhic Coinnich An 
30 dhe'n cheud mhios Fhobhair bhlia'nna 1784 ; 
An latha Cuirm a's Greadhnachais A Ghleidh e 
maille ri Chairdean, tra' fhuair e an Naigheachd Ait, 
gu'n d'thug an Roigh agus a Pharlimaid, eir an ais 
do shliochd nan Ceann-Feadhna na Gaidhealtachd na 
h oighreachdan chaidh tho'irt uatha bhlia'nna 1746, 
as leith an abhair mhi-fhortanaich ann san do ghluais 
iad. Agus bu mho'ide thog e Chroidhe ris a so 
Gu'n d 'fhuair na Gaidheil gu leir, beagan roimhe sin 
Ian chomas an Eidheadh sinnsearrachd a chaitheadh 
mar a b'abhaist dhoibh. Clo-bhuailte le R. Chapman 
agus A. Duncan Ann Glascho, eir son an Udair. 
MDCCLXXXV." 8vo. i f. Title + i f. recto 
" Z)o'« Chomunn Ard-oireirc, Luchd ath bheothachaidh 
na Bardachd Ghaidhealach" verso " A letter in 
English by Donald Macnicol and Charles Stewart in 
praise of the Song, and the acquaintance discovered 
with the true spirit of Poetry, the power of the 
language, the exactness and harmony of measure that 
runs through the whole piece." + 2 fF. Observations 


on spelling Gaelic, where the Author justifies, or 
attempts to justify, his own innovations + i f. Music 
+ 9-42 pp. Poem of 131 Stanzas. 

At the bottom of the pages are several notes in English. 
The chorus of this song is as follows : 

Mu'n cuairt e lion a Chailis duinn 
Gu luath, dhe'n fhion is fearr agaibh ; 
Deoch-slaint ar Roigh, 
'S gach Armuinn Saoi (good hero) 
Fhuair aite fuige'n ar Parlaraaid. 

This work is excessively rare j only two copies are 

Mackenzie (Donald, Assynt), Hymns. 

Inverness^ 1827. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail, le Domhnull Mac-cuinich, 
Fear Ceasnuichidh ann an Sgire Assuint ; A thoisich 
goirid an deigh Bais a Bhanachompanaich Dhiadhaidh 
dheth am bheil a cheud aon, na chuig pairtean agus 
tha gu bhi air an seinn da uair, agus na h-earrannan 
a leanas a dh'ionnsuidh a Chumhnant, air fonn oran 
a rinneadh le duine diadhaidh bha anns na h-aitean 
so ris an canair ' Tog dhioms a Dhe nam duilean an 
trom sgleo-sa th'air mo Shuilean ' Tha'n Cumhnant' 
agus na h-earrannan a leanas air fonn * Eifeachd fuil 
an Uainn,' a dh'fheudar a sheinn gach earrann co 
dheudh, aon uair no da uair. Inverness : Printed at 
the Co«nVr Office." i2mo. 24 pp. 

Excessively rare j two copies known. 

Another Edition by Mackay. Inverness^ i909' 

*' Laoidhean Spioradail, le Domhnull Mac Coinnich, 
Fear Ceasnuichidh Bh'ann an Sgire Assuint, an 
Cataobh. Air an Deasachadh Airson a' chlodh 
bhualaidh so leis an Urr. J. R. Macaoidh, M.A., 


Inbhirnis. Inverness : Northern Chronicle Office. 
1909." 8vo. 47 pp. 9d. 

Mackenzie (D.), Church Catechism. 

Inverness^ 1821. 

*' Leabhar Ceistean na h - Eaglais, air a Ghearr - 
mhineachadh, le Ceist agus freagairt, agus gach focal 
dheth air an dearbhadh leis a Scriobtur, a reir teasgaisg 
na priomh Eaglais agus gach miar do'n Eaglais 
Abstolaich 'san domhan. Le D. M'Coinnich, A.M. 
A mhuinntir ionmhuinn, na creidhibh gach uile 
Spiorad ; ach dearbhaibh na Spioradan an ann bho 
Dhia a tha iad ; &c, I Eoin iv. 1. Deir an Tighearna, 
feoruichibh airson 'nan seana cheumanna, C'aite bheil 
an t-slighe mhaith, agus gluisibh innte ; mar sin 
gheibh sibh fois dor n'anamaibh. ler vi. 16. 
Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailte agus reicte le Luthais 
Grannd, agus leis gach leabhar reichd'-ear san 
rioghachd. 1821." 12 mo. 118 pp. 

This work is now rare. 

Mackenzie (Duncan), Faith and Duty. 

Edinburgh^ 1838. 

" Creideamh agus Deanadas an Fhior-Chriosduidh 
no (a reir na Beurla) Cunntas Neo-Chleirich air a 
Chreideamh 's air a Chaitheamh-beatha a nis air a 
thiunnadh \sic\ gu Gailic, le Donnachadh M'Coinnich. 
. . . Duineidean : Clo-bhuailte le Cuideachd chlo- 
bhualaidhDhuineidean. MDCCCXXXVIII." i2mo. 
177 pp. 

Mackenzie (Duncan), Poems and Songs. 

Inverness y 1875. 

" ' Grain ann 'sa Ghailig, le Donnchadh Mac Coinnich, 
Bard Cheann-Loch-Iugh.' Air an sgriobhadh sios 


o' aithris beoil a' Bhaird fein, agus air an cur an 
ordugh le Roi'-radh ann am Beurla, le Alastair 
Mac Coinnich, Run - Chleireach, Comunn Gailig 
Inbhir-nis. Inbhir-nis : Clodh-bhuailte air son a' 
bhaird fein le Uilleam B. & E. Forsyth, luchd cur 
a mach paipeir naidheachd air Sraid na Bruaich. 
1875." ^^^- 36 PP- ^s. 

This is Part I., and no more ever appeared. 

Mackenzie (Sir Francis), Hints to Tenants. 

Inv ernes Sy 1838. 

Two Titles : " Hints for the use of Highland 
Tenants and Cottagers. By a Proprietor. Much 
food is in the tillage of the poor, but there is that 
is destroyed for want of judgment. Proverbs xiii. 
23. Inverness: by Robert Carruthers. 1838." 

" Beachd-Comhairlean airson feum do Thuathanaich 
'us Choitearan Gaidh'lach. Le Uachdaran Fearuinn. 
' Bithidh moran loin ann an aiteach nam bochd ; ach 
tha ann a tha air a mhilleadh a dhith breithneachaidh.' 
Gnath-fhocail, xiii. 23. Inbhirneis : Clo-bhuailte le 
Rob Carruthers. 1838." 8vo. 273 pp. 

The Gaelic and English are on opposite pages. The 
Author was Sir Francis Mackenzie of Gairloch. 

Mackenzie (John), The Green Book. Paisley^ 1801. 

*' An Leabhar Liath ; anns am beil Ceithir Oranan 
R5 Ghasda ; Se sin : — Eachuinn an Slaoightear — 
An Obair-Nogha — An Seudagan beag Greannar — 
Agus DonuUan Dubh. Air an dianamh le Daoin' 
UaisF lunnsaichte : a nis air an cuir a mach air 
iarrtas, agus cosgais moran de luchd-graidh na fior 


'S Leobhar an " Leobhar Liath " ; 
Theirear iasg ris a' bhreac bheag ; 
Canar nead ri nead gach coin, 
'S nead an dreadhainn duinn gur nead. 

Clo-bhuailte ann an Baile nam Breabadairean ; agus 
ri'n reic fos-n' iosal leis na Leabhar-reiceadairean 
ioma-shiubhlach. — 1801." i2mo. 8 pp. 

The Editorship of this very free poetical work is 
attributed to John Mackenzie, notwithstanding the difference 
in orthography. The year of publication is of course ante- 
dated. It was printed in Glasgow about 1845. Excessively 
rare. Only one copy known. 

Mackenzie (John), Beauties of Gaelic Poetry. 

Glasgow^ 1 84 1. 

" Sar-Obair nam Bard Gaelach ; or The Beauties of 
Gaelic Poetry, and Lives of the Highland Bards ; 
with historical and critical notes, and a comprehensive 
Glossary of Provincial words. By John Mackenzie, 
Esq., Honorary Member of the Ossianic Society of 
Glasgow, the Gaelic Society of London, etc., etc., 
with an historical introduction, containing an account 
of the manners, habits, etc., of the ancient Cale- 
donians. By James Logan, Esq., F.S.A.S., corre- 
sponding Member S. Ant. Normandy, Author of 
the ' Scottish Gael,' &c., &c. Glasgow : M'Gregor, 
Poison & Co., 75 Argyle Street ; 10 Lothian Street, 
Edinburgh ; 10 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin ; and 
71 York Street, Belfast. 1841." La 8vo. 

The book was stereotyped by the publishers, Messrs. 
M'Gregor, Poison & Co., Glasgow, in 1841. It was 
published in two volumes at 12s. for the complete work. 
The first volume was more in demand than the second, so 
that it was sold out, leaving a stock of the second volume in 
the hands of the publishers. A second impression of the 
first volume was issued to complete sets. The plates were 


sold to Messrs. Blackie, the Glasgow publishers, who after- 
wards sold them to Messrs. Maclachlan & Stewart of 
Edinburgh. The publishers to whom the plates were sold 
put their own name on the title-page of the second issue of 
Part I. In the First Edition there was an engraving of a 
rural scene taken from Alexander Macdonald's ' Dairymaid.' 
This plate got destroyed, and in substitution thereof, a view 
of Rothesay Bay is given as a frontispiece in the later 
Editions. The First Edition has only 376 pages; subsequent 
Editions have 402 pages. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1865. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh^ 1872. 

Fourth Edition. Ibid.^ 1877. 

Fifth Edition. Ibid.^ 1882. 

Sixth Edition. Ibid.y 1904. 

American Edition. Halifax, N.S., 1863. 

" Sar Obair nam Bard Gaelic ; or The Beauties of 
Gaelic Poetry, and Lives of the Highland Bards ; 
with historical and critical notes, and a comprehensive 
Glossary of Provincial Words. A new edition, 
enlarged and improved by Norman Macdonald, Esq. 
Halifax, N.S. : Printed by James Bowes & Sons. 
1863." 8vo. 348 pp. 

One thousand copies were printed at los. on fine paper 
and 7s. 6d. on poor paper. Both the preface by Mackenzie 
and the introduction by Logan are omitted. In place of 
these a cursory and arrogant ' Advertisement ' is given in 
which no notice is taken of Mackenzie's labours. There are 
no engravings, and the enlargement consists of a 'Song to 
Lochiel, by Gilleaspuig na Ciotaig,' four pieces by, and a 
biography of, John Maclean, the Tiree bard, who went to 


Canada ; and four pieces of the selected songs given in the 
First Edition. None of the additional songs of the later 
Editions are given. The poems by Maccallum of Arisaig 
are omitted, and typographical errors of the Edition of 1841 
are reproduced. 

Mackenzie (John), Exploits of MacCruslig. 

Glasgow^ 1836. 

" Eachdraidh Mhic Cruslig. Sgialachd Ghaelach. 

Sgeul ri aithris air am o aois 
Gniomh-lathaibh nam bliadhna. — Ossian. 

Glascho : Clo-bhuailte airson an Udair, le Bell agus 
Bain, aireamh 85 Sraid na Bann-Righ. 1836." 8vo. 
16 pp. 

The above is rather a free production in prose, printed 
appropriately on blue paper. Price is. It is now^ extremely 

Mackenzie (John), Prince Charles. Edinburgh^ 1844. 

" Eachdraidh a' Phrionnsa, no Bliadhna Thcarlaich. 
Le Iain Mac-Choinnich, Ball Urramach de Chomunn 
Oisianach Ghlascho, de Chomunn na Gaelig an Lunn- 
ainn, &c. Fear-Sgriobhaidh ' Sar-Obair nam Bard 
Gaelach ' agus ' Eachdraidh Beatha nam Bard,' &c., 
&c., &c. Duneideann : Clo-bhuailte le Thornton agus 
Collie. MDCCCXLIV." i2mo. 312 pp. 

A portrait of Prince Charles faces Title. This work was 
a Translation from MS. material supplied by the publishers. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1845. 

" Eachdraidh a' Phrionnsa, no Bliadhna Thearlaich ; 
anns am beil min-chunntas air Taisdeal a' Phrionnsa 
do Dh'Albhainn, Togbhail nam Fineachan Gaelach 
'na Aobhar. Agus gach Teugbhail 'bha aca r'a 
Naimhdean, maille ri lomruagadh a' Phrionns' agus a 


Luchd-Leanmhuin an deigh latha Chuil-fhodair, &c., 
&c. Le Iain Mac-Choinnich, Ball Urramach de 
Chomunn Oisianach Ghlascho ; de Chomunn na 
Gaelig an Lunnainn, &c., &c. Fear-Sgriobhaidh 
* Sar-Obair nam Bard Gaelach,' agus ' Eachdraidh 
Beatha nam Bard,' &c., &c., &c. Duneideann : Clo- 
bhuailte le Thornton agus Collie, agus r'an reic leosan. 
1845." ^"^°- ^70 PP- 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1864. 

Mackenzie (John), Jacobite Songs. Edinburgh, 1844. 

" An T-Aosdana : or a Selection of the most popular 
Gaelic "Songs, &c., &c., collected and arranged by 
John Mackenzie, Honorary Member of the Ossianic 
Society of Glasgow ; the Gaelic Society of London, 
&c., &c. ; Compiler of the 'Beauties of Gaelic Poetry,* 
and Biographer of the ' Highland Bards,' &c., &c., 
&c. Edinburgh : Published by Thornton & Collie ; 
and sold by D. Macvean, Glasgow. 1844." i2mo. 
5 ff. + 93 pp. Price 9d. 

This is the same collection of songs as is appended to the 
1844 Edition of ^ Bliadhna Thearlaich,^ where they have the 
following Title : " Cruinneachadh de Dh'Orain a rinneadh 
don Phrionnsa agus na aobhar, le Ughdaran Eugsamhaiiy 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1871. 

Mackenzie (John), A Dialogue on Forbes' Grammar. 

Glasgow, 1845. 
" Comhradh eadar Murchadh Gr^, Coinneach Mac 
Shuine, Eobhan Mor 's am Pungar, mu'n Ghramar 
Dhubhailt do'n nach e'm Pungar h6in idir is Udar." 
8vo. 4 pp. 

A scurrilous but somewhat clever pamphlet. Extremely 
rare. We have seen only one copy. 


Mackenzie (John), The Gaelic Melodist. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 

" The Gaelic Melodist, being a Selection of the most 
popular Highland love songs, collected and arranged 
by John Mackenzie, Honorary Member of the 
Glasgow Ossianic Society, Editor of the Songs of 
Ross, &c., &c. Stereotyped Edition. Edinburgh : 
D. R. Collie & Son. Price fourpence." 32mo. 64 pp. 

Mackenzie (John, M.D.), The Crofter's Catechism. 

Inverness y 1885. 

" The Crofter's Catechism. By an Old Crofter, with 
a Gaelic translation by John Whyte. Inverness : 
Printed by R. Carruthers & Sons. 1885." i2mo. 
37 PP- 

Mackenzie (Kenneth), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1792. 

" Orain Ghaidhealach agus Bearla air an eadar-theang- 
acha le Coinneach Mac'Coinnich, ann an Caisteal-an- 
Lea'uir faisg air Inernis. Clo-bhuailt' ann Duneadainn 
air son an Ughdair. 1792. [Price three shillings.] " 
i2mo. 6ff. + 273pp. 

There is a long list of subscribers. The work is now 
rare. It is said that the Author destroyed many copies. 

Mackenzie, Sir Kenneth, Song to. Inverness? 1879. 

Mackenzie (Mrs. K.), A Hymn. s.l.e.a. 

" Laoidh le Beann Coinnich Mhic Coinnich ann an 
Seildenish Bail-Ailein." 8vo. 4 pp. 


Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Living Water. 

Edinburgh^ 1831. 

"An T-Uisge Beo. Searmoln le Lachlan M'Coinnich, 
A bha uair na mhinistir ann an Sgire Loch Carron a 
shearmonaich e roimh Shuipeir an Tighearn a fhrith- 
ealadh, air a chreathramh la deug do mhios mheadh- 
onach an fhogharaidh anns a bhliadhna 1788. o 
Isaiah xliv. 3-5 : ' Agus tre sin air dha bhi marbh, tha 
e fathast a' labhairt.' 'Cha'n ann le neart, no le cumh- 
achd ach le'm spioradsa deir Tighearn nan Sluagh.' 
Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le D. Stevenson. 1831." 
8vo. 12 pp. 

Another Edition by John Lindsay & Co. 

Edinburgh, 1830. 

Another Edition. London, n.d. 

Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Sermons and Verses. 

Glasgow, 1896. 

"Sermons and Verses, by the late Rev. Lachlan 
M^Kenzie, Lochcarron. New Edition. Price is. 3d. 
Nett. Glasgow : John M'Neilage, Bookseller, 121 
Great Western Road. 1896." 8vo. 147 pp. 

Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Rose of Sharon. 

Glasgow, 1897. 

" Ros o Sharon. Searmoin leis an Urr. Lachlan Mac 
Coinnich a bha ann an Lochcarron. Glasgow : 
Archibald Sinclair, Celtic Press, 10 Bothwell Street ; 
Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street. Edinburgh : Norman 
Macleod. Price twopence." i6mo. ^Z PP- 


Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Living Water. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"Living Water for the Thirsty. An T-Uisge 
Beo. Searmoin le Lachlan M'Coinnich, ministeir an 
T-Soisgeul bha an Lochcarron. Edinburgh : James 
Taylor, 21 George Street." Cr. 8vo. 23 pp. 

Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Big Kate. s.Le.a. 

" Ceit Mhor agus Mhr. Lachunn." 

It is said that the saintly minister, the Rev. Lachlan 
Mackenzie of Lochcarron, drove the woman * Big Kate ' to 
the Christian fold by composing a Satire on her — an unusual 
method of evangelization. 

Mackenzie (Rev. Lachlan), Sermon on Prayer. 

Inverness^ 1899. 

Mackenzie (William), Charms and Incantations. 

Inverness^ 1893. 

" Gaelic Incantations, Charms and Blessings of the 
Hebrides. The Seal in Hebridean and Northern 
Lore. By William Mackenzie." 8vo. 88 pp. 

Printed for private circulation. 

Another Edition. Inverness^ 1895. 

" Gaelic Incantations, Charms, and Blessings of the 
Hebrides, with Translations and parallel Illustrations 
from Irish, Manx, Norse, and other Superstitions. 
By William Mackenzie, Secretary Crofters' Com- 
mission. Inverness : Printed by the Northern 
Counties Newspaper and Printing and Publishing 
Company, Limited. 1895." ^^^' ^^ PP* 


Mackenzie (William), Hymn on Purgatory. 

Ohan^ 1893. 

" Laoidh A' Phurgadoir. By William Mackenzie." 
i2mo. 4 pp. 

This hymn was first printed in the Oban Times^ nth 
March 1893, and copies were struck off for private circu- 

Mr. Mackenzie has had exceptional opportunities of col- 
lecting Songs, Folklore, &c., over the Highlands and Islands 
of Scotland, and their publication from the pen of so accom- 
plished a scholar would be a valuable addition to Celtic 

Mackenzie (William), Gems of Highland Song. 

This has the original Gaelic words, and Translation into 
English by William Mackenzie, arranged for solo voices, 
with accompaniment by J. A. Moonie. [Advertisement.] 

MacKinnon (Alexander), Songs. Charlottetown, 1902. 

"Dain agus Grain, le Alasdair Mac Fhionghain. 
Edited by the Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair. Charlotte- 
town : Printed by Haszard & Moore. 1902." 
i2mo. 48 pp. 

This work was printed at the expense of Duncan 
Mackinnon, Esq., London. 

MacKinnon (Donald, Professor), Reading Book. 

Edinburgh^ 1889. 

"Reading Book for the Use of Students of the 
Gaelic Class in the University of Edinburgh. Part L 

*Si labhair Padruig an Innis-fail nan Righ 
*S am faidh naomh sin Calum caomh an I. 

Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart. 1889." 8vo. 
4 ff. 4-261 pp. 


MACKINNON (Donald, Professor), Reading Book. 

Edinburgh J n.d. 

This part is issued without a Title-page. The extracts 
are for advanced students. It contains 204 pages octavo. 

Maclachlan (Ewen), Metrical Effusions. 

Aberdeen^ 18 16. 

" Metrical Effusions on a variety of subjects. 

tamen ipse trementi 

Carmina ducebam qualiacumque manu. 

Ovid, Trist. Lib. I., Eleg. x. 

The Second Edition, enlarged and improved. By 
Ewen Maclachlan, A.M., Teacher of the Grammar 
School, Old Aberdeen. Aberdeen : Printed by D. 
Chalmers & Co. 18 16." i2mo. 4 ff. + 276 pp. 

There are three pieces in Gaelic in this Edition. 

Maclachlan (Dr. John), Elegy on. Glasgow^ I770- 

" Marbh-Roinn an Leigh Mhic Lachluin, leis an 
Ughdair. Maille ri Sean Duanag Ghaoidhealach 
do Chaillain treas larla Earraghaoidheal, air a chur 
ris an Obair so air iartas Lach. Mhic Lachluin, 
Aoilainuighe An 'n Aoil-Tigh Ghlasachadh : Ris an 
iomlan 'ta air a chur le Roinn mholluidh a rinneadh 
do mhac Lachluin o' sheann, air an cur ra cheil' (a 
mhead 'sa d'fhaoite dhiu fhaotin) agus na roinn 
leannas le Domhnul Mac Bhraine Marsont' an'n 
Glasachadhus, Agus air an Clodh Bhualadh air iartas 
san." i2mo. 12 pp. 

This small tractate is excessively rare ; only three copies 
are known. 


Maclachlan (John), Song on Dr. D. Maclachlan. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 19. 

" Oran Molaidh do Dhoctair Donnal Mac Lachlainn, 
air dha a dhuthaich fhagail ; a dhol do na Innsian 
anns a bliadhna 18 18. Air a dheanadh le Iain 
Mac Lachainn, Bard aig a Chlachan Shaoleach. 
Glasachu : Donacha Maccoinnich. Clo-Chualadh [sic\. 
1 8 19." i2mo. 8 pp. 

Very rare. 

Maclachlan (Dr. John, Rahoy), Songs. 

Glasgow y 1869. 

"Dain agus Grain le Iain Mac-Lachain, Lighiche 
'sa Mhaorairne. Glascho : Clo-bhuailte le G. Mac- 
na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earra-Ghaidheal. 1869." 
i2mo. 35 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1880. 

"The Gaelic Songs of the late Dr. Maclachlan, 
Rahoy, with prefatory biography, edited for the 
Ardnamurchan, Morven, and Suineart Association 
by H. C. Gillies. Glasgow : Printed by Archibald 
Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 1880." i2mo. 48 pp. 

A portrait of Dr. Maclachlan faces title. 

Maclachlan (Lachlan), Song on Whale Killing. 

Glasgow, 1838. 

" Oran do na daoine Gaisgeil, a chuir as do dha chiad 
de mhuca mara, air Traigh Allt Na'm Braithrean ann 
an Latharn-Iochdarach. Le Lachunn Mac Lachuinn. 
Glasgow : Published by D. Macvean. 1838." 
1 2 mo. 8 pp. 


Maclachlan (Lachlan), Song on a New House. 

Glasgow, 1838. 

" Oran do'n Aitreabh ur a chaidh a thogail 'an 
Airdmhada, agus do na daoine ealanda a bha ga 
chuir a suas. Le Lachunn Mac Lachuinn. Glasgow : 
Published by D. Macvean. 1838." i2mo. 8 pp. 

Maclauchlan (Rev. Dr. Thomas), Sermon. 

Edinburgh, i860. 

" Criosd an t-eadarmheadhonair 'na Righ. Searmoin 
mu fhianuis Eaglaise Saoire na h-Alba, a rinneadh 
ann an Eaglais Shaoir Ghaidhealaich Dhuneidin, air 
a' cheud la de'n bhliadhna i860. Le Tomas 
M'Lachlainn, Minisdear na h-Eaglaise Saoire Gaidh- 
ealaich. Duneidin : Clo - bhuailte airson Eoin 
M'Laurainn. MDCCCLX." 8vo. 22 pp. 

Maclaurin (C), Essay and Poem. Glasgow, 1822. 

" Earail agus Dan ; anns an bheil Truailleachd na 
teanga air a thoirt fainear. Le C. Maclaurinn ; 
ministeir an t-soisgeil anns an Eilein Ileach. 
Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Og agus D. Gallic, agus 
r'an reic airson an Ughdair. 1822." 12 mo. 
60 pp. 3d. 

Maclaurin (Rev. John), Sermon. Edinburgh, 1887. 

" Uaill ann an Crann-Ceusaidh Chriosd. Leis an 
Urram^ Iain Maclabhrainn. Glorying in the Cross 
of Christ. By the Rev. John Maclaurin. Trans- 
lated by Dugald Macphail. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
& Stewart, South Bridge. 1887." i2mo. 64 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1883. 



Maclean (Archibald), Spiritual Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 18 18. 

Two Titles : " Original Spiritual Songs in English 
and Gaelic, taken from the Sacred Scriptures, by 
Arch. Maclean. [Deut. xviii. 15 quoted.] Edin- 
burgh : Printed for the Author, by R. Menzies, 
304 Lawnmarket. 18 18." 

** Ur Orain Spioradail, o*n Sgriobtuir Naomha le 
Gilleaspuig Macilleain. 

'S fhearr aon eun 'san laimh, 'sa bhi cinnteah \sic\ as tra 
Na air iteaig a dha-dheug dhiu. 

Is fearr sonas le buaidh, 's dol tearuint thar a Mhuir Ruaidh 
Na uil ghreadhnachas sluaigh na h-Eiphte. 

[Here a woodcut.] Dun-eudainn : Clo-bhuailte 
arson an Ughdair, le R. Meinne. 18 18." i2mo. 
36 pp. 

The English Hymns take up the first twelve pages. Rare. 

Maclean (Archibald), Hymns. s.l.e.a. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Gilleasbuig Mac Gilleathain." 
8vo. 2 pp. 

Maclean (Archibald), Hymns. Glasgow [1901]. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Gilleasbuig Mac Gilleathain. 
Glascho : Gilleasbuig Mac na Ceardadh, Clo-Bhuail- 
tear Gaidhlig." 8vo. 23 pp. 

Maclean (Rev. Duncan), Elegy on Dr. Chalmers. 

Glasgow, 1848. 

" Cumha an Diadhair Urramaich Dr. Thomas 
Chalmers a' chaochail anns a' bhiadhna 1847. Agus 
da dhan spioradail eile. Le Donnchadh Mac Gilleadh- 


ain, ministeir na Eaglais Saoire ann an Gleann- 
Urchaidh. Glasgow : Published by Duncan 
Macvean. 1848." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Maclean (Rev. Duncan), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1868. 

" Laoidhean agus Dain le Donnachadh Mac Gilleadh- 
ain, Ministeir na h-Eaglais Saoire ann an Gleann- 
urchaidh. Glascho : G. Mac-na - Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. Dun-eidin : Mac-Lachlainn, 
an Stiuartach, 'san Cuideachd. Oban : S. Muilleir. 
Inbhirnis : J. Noble ; Steornabhadh : Mac-A' 
Phearsain 'san Cuideachd. MDCCCLXVIII." 
i2mo. 112 pp. 

Maclean (Hector, Tobermory), The Soldier's 
Letter. Glasgow ^ 1857. 

" Litir Chuimhnichean an T-saighdear gu Charaid." 
i2mo. 12 pp. 

The printer was A. Sinclair, Glasgow. 

Maclean (Hector, Invergordon), Elegy on Dr. 
Macdonald. Invergordon^ 1872. 

" Marbhrann air an T-Ollamh Domhnullach a bha 
anns an Toisidheachd. Le Eachann Macilleathain, 
ann an Sgir' Roiscuimhnidh, Inbhirgordon. Clodh- 
bhuailte Le Iain Mac Choinnich." i2mo. 39 pp. 

This was printed by J. Mackenzie, Printer, Invergordon. 

Maclean (Hector, Islay), Ultonian Ballads. 

Glasgow^ 1892. 

" Ultonian Hero Ballads, collected in the Highlands 
and Western Isles of Scotland from the year 15 16, 
and at successive periods till 1870. Arranged, 


corrected metrically and orthographically ; and 
translated into English by Hector Maclean, M.A.I. 
(Under the Auspices of the Islay Association.) 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, Printer and Publisher, 
lo Bothwell Street. MDCCCXCII." Sm. 8vo. 
3ff.+ i84 pp. 

A portrait of Hector Maclean faces Title. 

Maclean (John, Tiree), Songs. Edinburgh^ 1818. 

" Orain Nuadh Ghaidhealach, le Iain Mac lUeain, ann 
an Eilean Tirreadh an Siorramachd Earraghaedheal 
maille ri beagan do Cho-chruinneachadh Taghte 
nach robh riamh roimhe ann 'n Clo-bualadh. 

A Chlann na'n Gaedheal bithibh cuimhncach 

Air ar Cainnt a chuir an cleachda, 

Cha'n iarr i iasad air canmhuinn, 

'S bheir i fein do chach am pailteas. 

Gur mairg a leigeadh air di-chuimhn 

A Chainnt righail, bhrighail, bhlasda ; 

'S mor an onair ann's gach am, 

Do dh'aon a labhras i le ceartas. — I. M*I. 

Duneudainn : Clo-bhuailte air son an Ughdair le R. 
Meinnearach. — 1818." i2mo. 4 fF.+ 13-256 pp. 

Almost the entire impression of 400 copies was left 
with the printer, who supplied the Poet with a small sum of 
money to pay his passage to Canada, whither he went with 
his wife and family in 18 19. 

Another Edition. Antigonish, 1856. 

" Orain le Iain Mac-Gilleathain, Bard Thighearna 
Chola. Antigonish : Clodh-bhuailte le Iain Boid. 
1856." i8mo. 67 pp. 

The published price was is., and 400 copies were issued. 
This Edition appeared eight years after the Poet's death. It 
contains but eleven pieces. 


Maclean (John, Tiree), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ I'^ZS' 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Iain Mac Gilleain ; a 
rugadh ann an eilean Thireadh 'Sa tha 'n drast ann 
an America mu Thuath. 

Eirich thusa 'th 'ann ad chadal, 
'S na bi fada'm measg nam marbh 
Tha Criosd a gealltainn dhuit soluis 
Ma tha thu toileach gu falbh. 
Seinn da le laoidhean, 's le danaibh 
Bho d' chridhe le gras gun cheilg 
Teich o anamiannaibh d'oige 
Lean fhirinn 's thoir gloir d'a ainm. 

Glascho : Clodh-bhuailte le Bell agus Bain, agus 
r'an reic le M. Ogle agus a Mhac. 1835." i8mo. 
78 pp. 

Of this work 400 copies were printed at is. each copy. 
The printing is very inaccurately done, as proofs for correc- 
tion were not issued. Very few copies were sold in Scotland ; 
almost the entire stock was shipped to Canada, where it was 
disposed of. The work is now excessively rare ; only two 
copies are known in Canada, and one copy in Scotland. 
The Author, John Maclean, was born in Tiree, January 8, 
1787, and died in Canada, January 26, 1848. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1880. 

" Dain Spioradail le Iain Mac-Gilleain, maille ri 
beagan de Laoidhean Mhic Griogair, nach robh gus 
a so air an Clo-bhualadh. [Poetical quotation same 
as in 1835 Edition.] Edinburgh : Maclachlan & 
Stewart. 1880." i2mo. 6iF. + 204pp. 

The Editor made very considerable changes on both the 
text and orthography of the Glasgow Edition, and not always 
for the better. 


Maclean (John of Ardgour), A Hunting Song. 

Glasgow y 1863. 

" Oran Seilg, a rinneadh do Dh'Iain Crubach Triath 
Aird-Ghobhar. Glasgow : Printed by Archibald 
Sinclair. 1863." i2mo. 8 pp. + 1 f. Glossary of 
Gaelic Names. 

A Note says: " The following song was addressed to John 
Crubach Eighth Laird of Ardgour, who lived seven genera- 
tions back — the fifteenth Laird being now in possession." 

Maclean (Lachlan), Adam and Eve. 

Edinburgh^ 1837. 

" Adhamh agus Eubh, no Craobh-Sheanachais nan 
Gad. Le Lachlan Mac Leon, Ball de Chomunn 
Gaelach na h-Alba ; de Chomunn Ossianach Ghlaschu, 
etc. etc. [Salm cxviii. 22 quoted in Hebrew.] 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. Simpkin, 
Marshall & Co. London. W. R. M'Phun, Glasgow. 
MDCCCXXXVIL" 8vo. 107 pp. 

In this work the Author attempted to prove that Gaelic 
was the original language of mankind. 

Maclean (Lachlan), Etiquette. Edinburgh^ 1845. 

" Maighistir na Modhannan : no Leabhar-Poc a 
Ghaeil Oig, air a thaghadh 'S air eadar-theangachadh 
bho'n Bheurla. Le L. Macilleain, Ughdar Adhaimh 
agus Eubha &c. &c. Ann an irioslachd inntinn 
measadh gach aon gur fearr neach eile na e fein. 
Philip, ii. 3. An Ceathramh Clo-bhruthadh. Edin- 
burgh : Maclachlan, Stewart & Co. Glasgow : 
J. & P. Campbell. 1845." 36mo. 64 pp. + 1 f. 


Maclean (Lachlan), Life of Knox. Glasgow, n.d. 

" Life of John Knox. Cunntas Aithghearr mu 
Bheatha agus mu Bhas Iain Knox (o'n Teachdaire 
Ghaelach)." i2mo. 12 pp. 

No. 9 of Tracts of L.R.T.S. 

Maclean (Lachlan), Two New Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1 85 1. 

"Da Laoidh Nuadh le Lachlan Mac Gilleathain a 
Eilean Chola. [Gal. vi. 15 quoted.] Glascho : Clo- 
bhuailte air son anUghdair aig 313 Sraid Earraghaidh- 
eal. MDCCCLL" Sm. 8vo. 8 pp. 

The titles of the two hymns are ' Fear na Faire * and 
* jin cruthachadh nuadh. ^ 

Maclean (Margaret), Songs. s.l. 1871. 

" Orain le Mearraid Nice-Leain bha chomhnuidh ann 
an Taobh-Tuadh Sgire Pouleue. Printed for the 
Author. 1 87 1." Cr. 8vo. 11 pp. 

Maclennan (Donald), Elegy on Kennedy. 

Inverness, 1841. 

" An Elegy on the late Rev. John Kennedy and other 
poems. Marbh-Rann air an Urramach Iain Cennedie, 
Ministeir bha anns a Chaisteal Ruadh, maille ri 
orainean eile. Le Domhnull Mac-an-T-Shlinnein 
Loch-Bhraoin. Inverness : Printed by A. Matheson, 
Grant's Close. 1841." i2mo. 30 pp. 

At the end is an Elegy in English on Mrs. Macleod, 
Claigean, Isle of Skye. 


Maclennan (Rev. Malcolm), Gaelic Reader. 


" Gaelic Reader, a selection of Tales and Translations 
suitable as an Introduction to Gaelic Literature . . . 
by Malcolm Maclennan. is." [Advertisement.] 

Macleod (Donald), Songs and Poems. 

Inverness, 181 1. 

" Orain Nuadh Ghaeleach, Maille ri beagan do cho- 
chruinneachadh urramach na'n aireamh. Le Domhnul 
Macleoid ann an Durinish sa'n Eilean Sciatheanach. 

Pillidh mi gu'm dhaimh le teannruith ; 
Gu talla cealmhor nan teud ; 
Far an lionmhor cruit is clair, 
'S ioma bard a sheinneadh sgeul ; 
B'ioma slige dol mu'n cuairt, 
'S dan nuadh ga luadh le cheil ; 
A caitheamh na feisde sa'n Tur, 
Le mor chliu dha mairthuin geil. 

[Here a woodcut.] Inbhirneis : Clodh-bhuailt agus 
r'an reic le Eoin Young airson an Udair. 18 11." 
8vo. 271 pp. 

There is another issue of the same work, and of even date. 
The Title-page is the same but the volume contains 428 pages 
octavo. It has, however, a different Clar-innseadh to com- 
prise the additional matter, which consists of heroic poems 
printed verbatim et literatim from Gillies' poems, 1786, and 
from Dr. Smith's ^Sean Dana^ 1 "J^J. The price of the smaller 
volume was 5s., and of the larger los. Both Editions are now 
rare^ especially the larger copies. 

Macleod (Donald), Poems and Songs. Glasgow^ 1871. 

" Dain agus Orain le Domhnull Macleod, 'san Eilean 
Sgiathanach. Glascho : G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1871." i2mo. 20 pp. 
This small Booklet has the well-known satire on the 


Free Church Elders at Lonmore, designated '• Eildeirean dubha 
an Loinmhoir.^ 

The Poet Donald Macleod was born in Glendale in Slcye 
in 1787, where he also died in 1873. He composed a great 
many songs that were never printed, and some are in manu- 
script in possession of his family. 

After the publication of his volume of Songs in i8ii, 
the Poet went to North America, where he Hved for some 
years among the Gaelic-speaking communities. On his 
return to Scotland, Macleod lived in his native parish, where 
he farmed a croft which he had rent free from MacLeod of 
MacLeod as Fisherman, and family Bard. He was known 
in Skye as ' Domhnull nan Oran^ 

It is said that he had a * Prospectus ' printed of a new 
and enlarged Edition of his Poems, which was to appear 
with the Title ' An Sealladh nach Fhaicear* The Author 
solicited subscriptions not from those who would expect 
value for their money, but from the Well-to-do, who had wit 
and foresight to see that they were to infer from the oracular 
terminology of the Title of the New Work, that the 
^ Prospectus^ was an appeal causa henignitatis^ to help an 
impecunious Minstrel to tide over a temporary incon- 

Macleod (D.), Gospel Victory. Toronto^ 1871. 

Macleod (Donald B.), Elegy on Dr. Mackenzie, 

Glasgow^ 1834. 

" Marbh-rann do Dr. Uisdean Mac-Choinnich, an 
Cill-fhinn. Duin' urramaich diadhaidh a chaidh as 
an t-saoghal-so, do thaobh tuiteam a fhuair e as a 
charbad 'san robh e air thurus ; anns a bhliadhna 
1834 le Domhnull B. Mac Leoid. Glascho : Clo- 
bhuailte le Bell agus Bain, Aireamh, 85 Sraid na 
Bann-Righ. MDCCCXXXIV. Ri'n reic air son 
grot." i2mo. 48 pp. 

Macleod (D. B.), Highland Depopulation. 

Glasgow^ 1844. 
" Da Oran : Fasachadh na Gaeldachd, agus Cor na 


h-Eaglais. Le D. B. Mac-Leoid. Glascho : Clo- 
Bhuailte le UiUeaii Mac-IUechriosd. MDCCCXLIV." 
Sm. 8vo. 8 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. John), Sound of Mull. 

Glasgow^ 1848. 
" Caol Muile." 

A broadsheet printed in double columns. The song is to 
the air of * lubhrach shocrach a* chuain* 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. John), The Fisherman's Song. 

Glasgow y 1848. 
** Oran an lasgair." 

A bordered leaflet reprinted from ^ Fear Tathaich Nam 
Beating No. x. 

Macleod (John Dornoch), Spiritual Hymn. 

J./., 1883. 

** Dan le Iain Macleoid ann an Sgireachd Dhornoch, 
ann an Cataibh." i2mo. 5 pp. 

Macleod (John, Culkein-Store), Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 1900. 

*' Poems and Songs by John Macleod, sometime 
Professor of English, etc. Garrick Chambers, 
London. Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 25 George 
IV. Bridge. 1900." i8mo. 32 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness ^ 1907. 

" Poems and Songs by John Macleod, sometime 
Professor of English Literature, etc., London. 
Inverness : Printed by the Northern Counties News- 
paper and Printing and Publishing Company, 
Limited. 1907." i2mo. 48 pp. 


Macleod (John N.), Lewis Poetry. 

This work was announced for publication several years 
ago. It was to contain 350 pages. Demy 8vo, at 5s.* per 

Macleod (John N., Dornie), Reiteach Moraig. 

"This is a short Gaelic Play which was frequently 
performed before a Glasgow Gaelic Audience." 6d. [Adv.] 

Macleod (Malcolm C), Modern Gaelic Bards. 

Stirling^ 1908. 

" Modern Gaelic Bards. Edited by Malcolm C. 
Macleod. Stirling : Eneas Mackay, 43 Murray 
Place. 1908." 8vo. 243. 

This is a first-class work, and contains portraits of the 
leading Celtic scholars and poets. The price of each volume 
is 5s. A sketch is given of the lives of the poets, and the 
melodies in some cases to which their songs are sung, are 

Macleod (Murdoch) Spiritual Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ 1908. 

" Laoidhean agus Dain Spioradail le Murachadh 
Macleoid (nach maireann) Scalpaidh na h-Earradh 
air a Dheasachadh leis an Urr. Calum Mac' Illinnein, 
B.D. an Duneideann. [Here Woodcut.] Edinburgh : 
Norman Macleod. 1908." 8vo. 6fF. + 83pp. 

Macleod (Neil), Poems and Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 1883. 

Two Titles. " Clarsach an Doire : Gaelic Poems and 
Songs by Neil Macleod. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
& Stewart. Inverness : A. & W. Mackenzie." 


" Clarsach an Doire ; Dain agus Orain. Le Niall 

Tha mis a' teachd le beagan rann 
Chur failt' air iarmad Tir nam beann, 
'S ged 'tha mo chlarsach lag 'us fann 

Tha durachd blath, 
Gu *bhi air aoidheachd feadh nan gleann 
An Tir nan dan. 

Duneideunn : Maclachlainn agus an Stiubhartach. 
Inbhirnis : A agus U. Maccoinnich. 1883." 8vo. 
4fF. + 180 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1893. 

Two Titles. *' Clarsach an Doire. Gaelic Songs, 
Poems and Readings by Neil Macleod. Second 
Edition enlarged. With Portrait of the Author. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 10 Both well Street. 
Edinburgh : Norman Macleod. 1893." 

" Clarsach an Doire : Dain, Orain agus Sgialachdan. 
Le Niall Macleoid. [Here Poetry as in 1 8 8 3 Edition.] 
An dara Clo-bhualadh. Le dealbh an Ughdair. 
Glaschu : Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh, Dun- 
eideann : Tormaid Macleoid. 1893." 8vo. 5 iF. + 
278 pp. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1902. 

" An Treas Clo-bhualadh, &c." 8vo. xii + 

268 pp. 

A Fourth Edition was published during the Author's 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman) Collection for Schools. 

Glasgow, 1828. 
" Co* chruinneachadh air a chur r*a cheile air iarrtas 
Comuinn Ard-Sheanadh Eagluis na h-Alba ; arson 


an Sgoilean, air feadh Tir-mor agus Eileana na 
Gaeltachd. Le Tormaid Macleod, D.D, Ministeir 
an t-Soisgeil ann an Campsie. Glascho : Clo- 
bhuailte le A. Young. 1828." i2mo. 300 pp. 

This work has now become scarce. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), Book of The Knolls. 

Greenock^ 1834. 

" Leabhar nan Cnoc ; Comh - chruinneachadh de 
nithibh Sean agus Nuadh ; airson oilean agus leas nan 
Gaidheal. Le Tormoid Macleoid, D.D. Ministeir 
an T-Soisgeil ann an Campsie. 

Si labhair Padruig 'n Innse-Fail nan Righ, 
'S am faidh caomh sin Calum naomh an I. 

Greenock : Neill & Fraser. Publishers : Simpkin & 
Marshall, London ; Waugh & Innes, Edinburgh ; 
Maurice Ogle, Glasgow ; and W. Currie, Jun. & Co., 
Dublin. MDCCCXXXIV." i2mo. 316 pp. 

New Edition. Inverness^ 1898. 

" New Edition. Inverness Northern Chronicle 

Office. Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 25 George 
IV. Bridge. 1898." 8vo. 8 fF. + 264 pp. 

Another Edition. Inverness^ 1905* 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), Sermon on Cholera. 

Glasgow^ 1832. 

" Cion - Fath, agus Leigheas na Plaigh, Searmon 
freagarach do chor na Duthcha air an am so, tus an 
Earraich, 1832. An uair tha muinntir na rioghachd 
air an gairm gu trasg agus urnuigh, gu bhi air an 
irioslachadh an lathair Dhe airson am peacanna, agus 
a chum a throcair asluchadh ri linn do'n Ghalar 


Mharbhtach sin a bhi mach 'nam measg, a thug 
sgrios eagalach air rioghdachdan eile. Le Tormaid 
Macleoid, D.D. Ministeir an t-Soisgeil ann an 
Campsie. ' Eisdibh - sa an t - slat, agus an Ti a 
dh'orduch i.' Glascho : Clo-bhuailte airson J. 
Reid&Co. MDCCCXXXIl." 8vo. 34 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), Spiritual Warfare. 

Glasgow^ 1 841. 

"The Spiritual Warfare. An Cogadh Spioradail. 
Searmoin le Tormaid Macleod, D.D., Ministir 
Eaglais Cholum-Chille, an Glaschu. ' Abair ri 
Cloinn Israeli dol air 'an aghaidh.' Exod. xiv. 15. 
Glasgow : J. & P. Campbell, 24 Glassford Street. 
MDCCCXLI." iSmo. 36 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), Dialogues on Secession. 

Glasgow^ 1843. 

" Comhradh mu Chor na h-Eaglaise." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), The Highlanders' 
Friend. Glasgow^ 1867. 

** Caraid nan Gaidheal : Aireamh taghta de sgriobh- 
aidhnean an Ollamh Urramaich Tormoid Mac 
Leoid, a bha 'na Mhinisteir an Sgireachd Chaluim- 
Chille ann an Glascho. Agus cunntas air a bheatha 
le Mhac, an t-ollamh urramach Tormoid Mac Leoid, 
Ministeir na Barony ann an Glascho. Mar an 
ceudna dealbh an Ughdair. William Mackenzie. 
Glasgow : 47 Howard Street. Edinburgh : 59 
South Bridge. Aberdeen : 61 Nicolas Street. 
Dundee: 15 Yeaman Shore. Inverness: 57 & 58 
Church Street." 8vo. 702 pp. 


These selections from the writings of Dr. Macleod were 
edited by his son-in-law, the Rev. Archibald Clerk, LL.D. 
The work was also issued in parts. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1899. 

Another Edition by Henderson. Edinburgh, 1901. 

" The Gaelic Classics. No. I. The Highlanders' 
Friend. Second Series. A further selection from 
the writings of the late Very Reverend Norman 
Macleod, D.D., St. Columba Church, Glasgow. 
Edited by Dr. George Henderson, Minister of 
Eddrachilis, Examiner in Celtic, Edinburgh Univer- 
sity, and Honorary Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford. 
Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, 25 George IV. Bridge. 
MCMI." 8vo. 175 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Dr. Norman), Two Songs in Praise 
OF. Glasgow, 1864. 

" Da Oran Molaidh do'n Ollamh Urramach nach 
maireann Tormoid Mac Leoid, a bha 'na Mhinisteir 
ann an Eaglais Chaluim Cille 'an Glascho le h-aon 
do'n Luchd-eisdeachd. Glascho : Clobhuailte le G. 
Mac-na-Ceardadh. MDCCCLXIV." i2mo. 8 pp. 

These songs were composed in 1844 and 1847. 

Macleod and Dewar Dictionary. Glasgow, 1831. 

" A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language in two parts. 
I. Gaelic and English. II. English and Gaelic. The 
first part comprising A Comprehensive Vocabulary of 
Gaelic Words with their different significations in 
English, and the second part comprising A Vocabu- 
lary of English Words with their various meanings 
in Gaelic. By the Rev. Dr. Norman Macleod, 


Minister of Campsie, and the Rev. Dr. Daniel Dewar, 
one of the Ministers of Glasgow. Glasgow : Printed 
by Hutchison & Brookman, for W. R. M'Phun, 
Trongate ; and Simpkin & Marshall, London. 
MDCCCXXXI." 8vo. 4 ff.+ ioo5 pp. + i f. 
Christian names. 

Of this work other impressions were issued in 1832, 
1833, 1839, 1845, 1853 /f/J^?. 

Macleod (Rev. Norman, D.D., Inverness), Dedication 
Sermon. Inverness^ 1903- 

*' Searmoin a rinneadh aig coisrigeadh eaglais uir 
ann an Sgireachd Hionapuill, an Eilean Thir-idhe air 
Sabaid a' chomanachaidh an 29 la de mhios Mhairt, 
1903. Leis an Urramach Tormoid Macleoid, D.D., 
Inverness. The Northern Counties Printing and 
Publishing Company, Ltd. 1903. Pris Se sgillinn. 
Price sixpence." 8vo. 24 pp. 

A portrait of Heilipoll Church faces Title. 

Macleod (Roderick), Elegy on John Bethune. 

Edinburgh^ iSyj. 

" Marbh-rann air Bas Iain Pheutain a bhasaich ann 
am Brisbane, Queensland, October 1876, agus a 
pheathar Maggie, a bhasaich ann am March 1876, 
le Ruairidh Mac Leoid an Duneideann." 8vo. 3 pp. 

Macleod (Rev. Roderick), Review of His Trial. 

sJ. circay 1826. 

*' Cuid do nithe air an toirt fanear ma'n bhreith a 
thug Ard Choinneamh Eaglais na h-Alba ann an 
cuis an urramaich Ruaraidh Mhic Leoid, Ministeir 
Bhracadail Anns an Eilean Sgitheanach mu Dheimhin 
Ordugh a Bhaistidh. Is mithidh dhuit a Thigh- 


earna a bhi a' deanamh ; bhris iad do lagh. Salm 
cix. 126." 

There is written in English : " For circulation from 
hand to hand." The Author of the pamphlet is unknown. 
It contains 28 pp. + 5 pp. of Preface. We met with but 
one copy. The Rev. Roderick Macleod of Bracadale was 
suspended by the General Assembly from 5th May 1826 
to 1 8th July following. Fide Scott's Fasti^ v. 123, 132. 

Maclucas, Hospitality of Morinish People. n.d. 
" Coimhnealachd Mhuinntir Mhornish." 
A leaflet signed * Cola sack.* 

Macmillan (Angus), Sermons. Glasgow^ 1853. 

" Searmoinean le Mr. Aonghas M'Mhaolain, Ministeir 
Saor Chillemhoire ann an Arinn agus cunntas Ath- 
Ghearr air a Bheatha ann am Beurla le Mr. Alasdair 
M'Bhridain, Ministeir Saor chinn-ma-Thuath Bhoid. 
Glasgo : Clodh-bhuailte le Bell agus Bain. R'am 
faotainn o Aonghas Stiubhart, 12 South Stirling 
Street. 1853." i2mo. xxiv4-i98pp. 

Macmillan (Archibald), Spiritual Hymns. 

J./., 1853. 

"Dearbhadh A' Cridhe — Laoidhean Spioradaille le 
Gilleasbuig Mac-Mhaoilein, An Lochraonasa Eilein 
Arrain. Clobhuailte airson agus r'an reic leis an 
Ughdar. MDCCCLIII." i2mo. 28 pp. 

Macmillan (Rev. Mr.), A Brother's Complaint. 

" Gearan Brathair." 

This has reference to the appeal of the Rev. Mr, Mac- 
millan, F.C., Cardross, to the Court of Session against the 
sentence passed upon him by the General Assembly of the 
Free Church. We have not seen this Pamphlet. 



Macneill (Rev. J. D.), Life of Dr. Aird. 

Glasgow^ 1896. 

"An T-Urr. Gustabhus Aird, D.D., Fear-tagraidh 
nan Gaidheal. Leis an Urr. Iain D. Macneill, 
Chaladair. Deasaiche na Fianuis. [Here a Portrait 
of Dr. Aird.] Glaschu : Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceard- 
adh Pris-Sgillinn." i2mo. 24 pp. 

Macneill (Rev. Nigel, LL.D.), Neniae. 

Edinburgh^ 1872. 

" Cian-Dhain : Le Danaibh Eile — Neniae with other 
poems. By Nigel Mac Neill, author of ' Dennud 
and Judith.' 

Condisce modos, amanda 
Voce quos reddas, minuuntur atrae 

Carmine curae. — Horace. 

Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. Glasgow : 

W. R. M'Phun & Son. Inverness : J. Noble. 

Oban: J. Miller. MDCCCLXXII." Sm. 8vo. 
112 pp. 

Macneill (Rev. Nigel, LL.D.), Highland Hymnal. 

Glasgow y 1882. 

" Clarsach Shioin. The Highland Hymnal, by the 
Rev. N. Mac Neill, LL.D., London. Glasgow : 
A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. Oban : Duncan 
Cameron. 1882." Cr. 8vo. 32 pp. 

The work was immediately suppressed by the Author. 

Macnicol (Rev. Donald), Song of Alarm to Scot- 
land. Glasgow y 178 1. 

" Oran Caisiomachd do Dh'Albainn, ann aghaidh an 
Olla Shasgunnaich. Song of Alarm to Scotland 
against the English Doctor." 


Macnicol (Rev. Donald), Two Songs on Dr. John- 
son. Glasgow^ 178 1. 

*' Da Oran Oirdheirc, Do'n Olla Shasgunnach ; agus 
Aon Oran do Mhinisdeir Liosmor, Mr. Domhnul 
Macneacail. Le fior Ghaidheal, Albannach. Is fas 
a Chuil as nach Goirir. Glas-gho. MDCCLXXXI." 
8vo. 24 pp. 

These three songs are carefully annotated on the margin 
by giving the English of the more difficult Gaelic words 
used by the Author. Each song has a page given to its Title. 
The second song is " Oran Connsachaidh no Rtasanachaidh. 
Ratiocinating Song with the English Doctor" The third 
song is " Oran Molaidh do Mr. Domhnul Macneacail^ Minisdeir 
Liosmoir." The booklet ends thus: "Some may censure 
the Author for having given so many uncommon words in 
his translation, while he might have easily got more familiar 
ones. Let such know that the author considered himself as 
bound in honour to give at least some of the most scientific 
phrases when handling a subject where Dr. Johnson's name 
is mentioned." This work is excessively rare ; the Author 
knows of but three copies. 

Another Edition. Ohan^ 1907- 

This has only the * Oran Connsachdaidh^ and was 
printed by Sinclair & Paterson, Oban, on two pages in 
double columns. This reprint states : " Ann an deasachadh 
a chlobhualaidh so cha d'fhuaireadh sealladh dhe'n leabhran a 
bh'air a chur a mach 's a' bhliadhna 1781." 

Macnish (Neil), On Preserving Gaelic. 

Glasgow^ 1828. 

" The true method of preserving the Gaelic Language, 
&c. Glasgow. 1828." 8vo. 72 pp. 

This work contains tw^o Gaelic songs, one of which was 
composed by Lachlan Maclean, the Author of the ' History of 
the Celtic Language.^ 


Macnish (Rev. Neil, LL.D.), Sermon. Toronto, 1896. 
" Gaelic Sermon, by Rev. Neil Macnish, B.D., LL.D., 
Cornwall, Ont. Preached before the Gaelic Society 
of Toronto, 14th June, 1895. Toronto : Imrie, 
Graham & Co., Printers and Publishers. 1896." 
8vo. 16 pp. 

A note says : " This Sermon is the first of a series 
preached before the Gaelic Society of Toronto in connection 
with the Gaelic Lectureship Fund in the Presbyterian 
College of Montreal. It has been published with the Author's 
consent — A. F." [Alexander Fraser]. 

Macphail (Dugald), On Depopulation. s.l.e.a. 

" Oraid le Dughall Mac Phail air fasachadh na 
Gaedhaltadh [sic] a nochdadh. . . ." i2mo. 12 pp. 

There are two Gaelic songs in the Tractate, one by 
Macphail, and the other by F. Macdonald. 

Macphail (Dugald), Dialogue on the Church. 

Edinburgh, 1870. 

*' Comhradh eadar Gall agus Gaedheal mu cheist an 
Aonaidh, le Aon do Bhuill Eaglais Shaoir Ghaidh- 
ealacih [sic] Dhuineidin. An Ceitein 1870. Dun- 
eidin : Clo-bhuailte le Sanson agus a Chuideachd. 
1870." 8vo. 16 pp. 

Macphail (Dugald), Island of Mull. Glasgow, n.d. 

"An T-Eilean Muileach le D. Mac Phail." 

A leaflet printed by Neil Campbell, 17 Malta Street, 

Macphail (Dugald), Mull and Iona Reunion. 

Glasgow, 1870. 

" Oran air Comhdhail Bhliadhnail Luchd aiteachaidh 
Mhuile, agus I Cholum Chille ann an Glascho air 


an lomh la do'n Fhaoilteach 1870, aig am an robh 
Coirneal Gardyne, Ghlinnforsa, na Cheann-suidhe, le 
D. Macphail. Glasgow : Printed by Archibald 
Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 1870." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macphail (Rev. J. C), The Protest of 1843. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"Free Church of Scotland. [Motto of Burning Bush.] 
The Protest of 1843, ^^^^ ^^ Introduction in English 
and Gaelic." La. 8vo. 8 pp. 

The Rev. J. C. Macphail, Pilrig, prepared this Pamphlet, 
which was published by McLaren and M'Niven, Edinburgh, 
without a date. 

Macphail (Rev. J. S.), The Reformed Churches. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 

"Eaglaisean Ath-Leasaichte nah-Alba." 8vo, 8 pp. 

This is a Pamphlet against the Church of Scotland. 

Macphail (J. S.), Church Difficulty. 

Glasgow, 1904. 

" Litir mu Theanndachd na h - Eaglais. Do 
dh'oigridh Bheinn - na - Faola, Chillemhoire agus 
Shleibhte, far an do shaothraich e mar mhinisteir re 
leth - cheud bliadhna. Bho'n Urramach Iain S. 
Macphail. Gilleasbuig Mac - na - Ceardadh ; Clo- 
bhuailtear Gaidhlig. Glaschu. 1904." 8vo. 20 pp. 

A portrait of Rev. Dr. Chalmers follows Title. 

Macphail (J. S.), Advice to Young Mothers. 

Edinburgh, n.d. 

*'Earail Dhurachdach do Mhathraichean Oga anns 
na Cearnaidhean de'n Ghaidhilteachd [sic] 's ann robh 
e na Mhinisteir, le an Caraide dileas Iain S. Macphail. 


Edinburgh : The Religious Tract and Book Society 
of Scotland, 99 George Street." i2mo. 39 pp. 

A plate faces Title. 

Macphail (Malcolm C), The Lorne Minstrel. 

Glasgow y 1878. 

" Am Filidh Lathurnach, le Calum Caimbeul Mac- 
Phail. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac- 
na-Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheal. 1878." 
i2mo. 71 pp. 

Macphee (Malcolm), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow i 1842. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Calum Mac-a' Phi, Maigh- 
steir Sgoil a bhann an He. 

Gabhadh facal Chriosd gu saibhir tamh, 

An cridhe gach ere, a teagasg a cheil le gradh, 

Le Salmaibh 's Laoidhibh 's Danaibh naomha sheinn 

Ag tabhairt cliu do Dhia nan dul gu binn. 

Col. iii. 16. 

Glasgho : Clo-bhuailte le Uilliam Muillear. 1842." 
i2mo. 20 pp. 

Macphee (Neil), Two Songs on E. Macneill. n.d. 

" Da Oran Molaidh H-Ester Nic Neill le Nial Mac- 
a-Fie." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macpherson (Alexander, Cowal), Songs. 

Glasgow^ I J 96. 

" Orain Ghaelic le Alastair Mac Phearsoin." [Here a 
quotation.] Ann Glasacho : Clodh bhuailte airson an 
Ughdair ; le Uilleam Mac' ille Mhaoil 1796." 

We have failed to trace a copy of this work. 


Macpherson (Alexander), A Hymn. n.d. 

'* Laoidh le Alastair Mac Mhuirich nach mairionn, 
fear do Thaigh a Gharbhadh-Bhig, 'am Baideannach, 
a bha fuireach mu dheireadh ann an Druim-an- 
Donuich an Lochaber." 

This is a broadsheet. 

Macpherson (Alexander, Canada), Songs. 

Inverness^ 1880. 

Macpherson (Captain), Elegy on J. Macdonald. 

Glasgow, 1855. 

" Cumha do dh' Iain Domhnullach, Fear a Gharbha- 
mhoir ann am Baideanach, a chaochail sa bhliadhna 
1830 le Caiptean Mac - A - Phairsain, Bhialaid. 
Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLV." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Macpherson (Catherine), A Song on Ardnamurchan. 


" Oran Molaidh do 'Ardnamurachdan le Catrina 
Nic-A-Phearsain." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macpherson (Donald C), Collection of Songs. 

Edinburgh, 1868. 

Two Titles. " An Duanaire : A new Collection of 
Gaelic Songs and Poems [never before printed] by 
Donald Macpherson. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & 
Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 1868." 

"■ An Duanaire Co-Thional ur do Dh'Orain, de 
Dhuanagan, Etc. [nach robh riamh roimhe 'an clo] lar 
an cur cruinn le DomhnuU Mac-Mhuirich. Dun- 


Eidin : Mac Lachluinn agus an Stiuartach. 1868." 
i2mo. 6 iF. + 202 pp. 

Donald Macpherson was a native of Lochaber. He held 
the post of sub-librarian in the Advocates' Library. He made 
an excellent collection of Gaelic books, which were disposed 
of after his death. 

Macpherson (Donald C), Lessons in Gaelic. 

Edinburgh^ 1891. 

" Practical Lessons in Gaelic for the use of English- 
speaking students. By the late Donald C. Macpherson 
of the Advocates' Library. Edinburgh : John Grant, 
25-34 George IV. Bridge. 1891." 8vo. 68 pp. 

Macpherson (Donald, London), Melodies. 

London^ 1824. 

" Melodies from the Gaelic and Original Poems with 
Notes on the Superstitions of the Highlands, &c., by 
Donald Macpherson. [Here quoted six lines of 
poetry.] London : Printed for Thomas and George 
Underwood, 32 Fleet Street. 1824." i2mo. 
6 ff. + 221 pp. + 1 f Index. 

Very little of the original Gaelic is given. Macpherson 
was a sergeant in the 75th regiment. 

Macpherson (Duncan), Elegy on Dr. John Mac- 
lachlan. n.d. 

" Oran do'n Olla Iain Maclachuinn nach maireann le 
Donnachadh Mac A' Phearsain." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Macpherson (John, of Gairloch), Poems. 

Inverness^ 1846. 
We have not been able to see this work. 


Macpherson (Rev. John), Life of Finlayson. 

Edinburgh, 1870. 

Two Titles. *' Cunntas Aithghearr mu beatha 'n 
Urramaich Raibeart Fiunlason, bha na Mhinisteir 
do'n Eaglais Shaoir ann an Eilein Leoghais agus ann 
'am Bunfhillidh. Le I. Macphersain ann'n Lochai'se. 
Eadar theangair Riaghailt ceasnachaidh le Maighstir 
Iain Craig. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 
South Bridge. Oban : James Miller. Stornoway : 
Macpherson & Co. 1870." 

"Brief Sketch of the life of the Rev. Robert 
Finlayson, Free Church Minister in the Island of 
Lewis, and in Helmsdale. By the Rev. J. Mac- 
pherson, Lochalsh, translator of Craig's Catechism. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
1870." i2mo. 99 pp. 

Portrait of Macpherson faces Title. 

Macpherson (Rev. John, Dundee), Life of Robert 
Annan. Perth, 1869. 

" An Deagh Shaighdear ; no iomradh gearr air beatha 
Rob Annan. Le Ian [sic'] Macphersain, Ministear na 
h-eaglais' saoire, ann an Dundee. Air a chur an Gaelic 
le Ailean Sinclair, A. M. Ministear na h-Eaglais Saoire, 
anns a Cheannmhor. Perth : Published by Duncan 
Matheson, editor ' Herald of Mercy.' Edinburgh : 
Tract and Book Society. 1869." i2mo. 112 pp. 

Macpherson (Lachlan), Elegy of E. Macpherson. 


** Oran do Eoghan Mac Phearson, Tighearna 
Chluainidh Ceann-Cinnidh Chlann Chattan, nuair 
chualas sgeul a bhais anns an Fhraing. Le 


Lachlan Mac Phearson, Fear Strathmashie ann 'm 

Ten stanzas of eight lines each printed in double columns 
on one page quarto, n.d. 

Macpherson (Mrs. Mary), Tor-A-Bheathain. 

Glasgow^ 1887. 

" Comhradh nan Cnoc : Torr-A-Bheathain agus 
Craig -Phadruig. Le Mairi Nighean Iain Bhain. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, Gaelic Printer, 62 
Argyle Street. MDCCCLXXXVII." 8vo. 16 pp. 

Macpherson (Mrs. Mary), Poems and Songs. 

Inverness, 1891. 

"Dain agus Orain Ghaidhlig le Mairi Nic-A-Phearsoin 
(Mairi Nighean Iain Bhain) agus cunntas ghoirid air 
a beatha le Alastair Mac Bheathain, M.A. Inbhirnis : 
A. agus U. Mac Coinnich. 1891." 8vo. 7 fF. + 
320 pp. 

The poems were taken down from the Poetess' recitation 
by John Whyte, who also prepared them for the Press. The 
expense of printing, &c., was borne by Lachlan Macdonald, 
Esq., Skeabost, Skye. Price of illustrated copies five shillings, 
ordinary copies three shillings and sixpence. The Poetess 
was over fifty years of age before she discovered that she 
possessed a latent poetic faculty, which, as she tells us, in her 
song on Skye, burst into flame as a result of her sufferings, 
and the indignities to which she had to submit through a 
miscarriage of justice. 

Macquarrie (Charles), The Breaking of the Image. 

Glasgow^ 1859-60. 

" Briseadh na H-Iomhaidh leis a' Chloich on T-sliabh 
&c. Dan, air Bruadar Nebuchadnesair, ann an ceithir 
pairtean. Le Tearlach Mac-Guaire, san Ros Mhuii- 


each, Daniel ii. Caib. Glasgow : Printed by A. Sinclair, 
62 Argyle Street. MDCCCLX." 8vo. 27 pp. 

Charles Macquarrie was a Merchant at Bunessan, Mull. 
Hp was the leader of the Baptist community there. He also 
composed and printed a few hymns in English. 

Macqueen (Allan), Satire on E. Maccoll. 

circa 1838. 

" Comhairle bho Mhaccuin Gu Maccolla." .i2mo. 
8 pp. 

A scurrilous piece of poetry annotated with foul-spoken 
and untrue statements. Excessively rare, only one copy 

Macqueen (Rev. James), Elegy on. n.d. 

" Laoidh Bhroin d'on Urramach Seumas Mac Cuin, 
Seanair Eaglais Bhaisteach an Ath-leathain 's an Eilein 

A broadsheet. 

Macrae (D.), Pope and Reformation. Inverness^ 1823. 

" Connsachadh edar an Papa agus an t-athleasachadh 

le maille ri Dain a Rinneadh air aobhair 

araidh, agus nach robh riamh roimhe dealbh-bhuailte 
le D. Mac-radh. [Here two Scripture quotations.] 
Inbhernis : dealbh-bhuailte le Seumas Friseal agus r'an 
reic leis gach leabhar Reich'ear sa Bhaile. 1823." 
i2mo. 36 pp. 6d. 

Macrae (Donald, Petty), Hymns. 

Inverness^ circa 1827. 

This work is referred to in the New Statistical Accounts, 
vide Petty. The poems were reprinted by John Rose in his 
' Sacred Poetry of the North.* 


Macrae (Duncan, Gairloch), Hymns. Inverness^ 1893. 

" Sia Dain le Donnachadh Macradh, Bard Earradail 
A Deas, an Sgireachd Ghearrloch. Inverness : Printed 
at the Courier Office. 1893." 8vo. 30 pp. 

These poems were printed at the expense of Sir Kenneth 
Mackenzie of Gairloch. The greater number of Macrae's 
poems are still in M.S. 

Macrae (Robert), Elegy on Lady Mackenzie. 

J./., 1834. 

" Oran Broin airson Baintighearn og Ghearloch a 
chaochail le bas obainn anns a bhliadhna 1834. ' Le 
Rob Mac-Rath, 'an Asainn, an Sgire Alneis.' " 1 2mo. 
4 pp. 

Macritchie (Rev. M.), Gaelic Hymns. Stirling^ 1863. 

" Gaelic Hymns by M. M'R., F.C. Strathy, for the 
use of his congregation, chiefly his evening classes for 
young people. 1863." 8vo. 24 pp. 

This Edition was printed by Duncan & Jamieson, Stirling. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1864. 

" Glasgow : William Gilchrist, Printer, 64 

Howard Street. MDCCCLXIV." i2mo. 64 pp. 

Macritchie (Rev. M.), Temperance Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 1879. 

Macritchie (Rev. M.), The Testing Stone. n.d. 

Macrury (Rev. John), Life of Christ. 

Glasgow, 1893. 

" Eachdraidh Beatha Chriosd ann am briathran a' 
Bhiobhuill. Air a chur anordugh lelain MacRuaraidh, 


Ministear Shnisairt. Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac- 
na-Ceardadh, 10 Sraid Bhothwell, Glascho. 1893." 

Macrury (Rev. John), Arabian Nights. 

Inverness^ 1897. 
" Sgeulachdan Arabianach. Tales from the Arabian 
Nights translated into Gaelic from the English Ex- 
purgated Edition. Division I. Price one shilling." 

Other parts are also published. The translation first 
appeared in the ' Northern Chronicle ' Newspaper. 

Macvean (Duncan), Collection of Songs. 

Glasgow y 1836. 
" Co-chruinneachadh de dh'Oranan Taoghta iomadh 
dhiu nach deach riabh roimh an ann clo. A Collection 
of Original pieces of merit now printed for the first 
time. Glasgow : Published by Duncan Macvean. 
1836." i2mo. 72 pp. 

Maid of Lorne, A Song. s.l. 1850. 

** Oran Molaidh do'n Mhaighdinn Lathurnaich." 

At the end the signature is ' Fear do Leannain na 

Mainzer (Joseph), Psalm Tunes of Ross-shire. 

Edinburgh^ 1844. 
"The Gaelic Psalm Tunes of Ross-shire and the 
neighbouring Counties by Joseph Mainzer. Edin- 
burgh : William Oliphant & Sons, and John John- 
stone. London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co., and sold 
by all Booksellers." 

Mair (Rev. Dr. Wm.), Church of Scotland. 

Edinburgh^ 1902. 
" An Fhirinn mu Eaglais na h-Alba leis an Urramach 
Uilleam Mair, D.D. Eadar-theangaichte on Bheurla 


le Iain. Clo-bhuailte le Uilleam Blackwood agus a 
Mhic an Duneideann, agus an Lunainn." i8mo. 
80 pp. 

The Translator was the Rev. John Macrury, Snizort. 

Malcolm (George), Deer Forests. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

" Frithean Nam Fiadh, 'San Am a Tha Seachad, a 
tha Lathair, 's a Tha ri Teachd le Deorsa Malcolm, 
lonar-Ghairidh air eadar-theangachadh o'n Bheurla. 
Air a chlodh-bhualadh airson Craobh-sgaoileadh 
uaigneach le Mac-niobhain agus Wallace, Dun- 
eideann." 8vo. 28 pp. 

Manitoba, Cheap Home in. Inverness^ 1883. 

** Dachaidhean Saora do na h-uile, ann am Manitoba 
agus Canada an lar-Thuath, air Ruith Rathad iaruinn 
Chanda Pacific. Inbhirnis : Air a Chlo-bhualadh aig 
Tigh Oibre an 'Northern Chronicle.'' 1883." Sm. 
4to. 32 pp. 

Martin (Rev. D. J.), On the Proverbs. 

Edinburgh, I9i4« 
" * Teagasg nan Cosamhlachdan' by the late Rev. D. J. 
Martin, M.A. Edited by the Rev. M. M'Lennan, 
B.D. Edinburgh : John Grant. 19 14." 2s. 6d. 

Matheson (Donald, Kildonan), Hymns. 

Inverness, 18 16. 

" Laoidhe Spioradail le Donuil Mathanach Duine 
urramach Diadhaidh Bh'anna Sgir 'Childonain. In- 
bhirneis : Clodh-bhuailt le A. Friseal agus a Chuid- 
eachd. 18 16." i2mo. 

We have only been able to see the Title-leaf of this 
Edition. It was attached to a very early copy of Dugald 
Buchanan's Hymns. • 


Second Edition. Tain^ 1825. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le Domhnull Mathanach duine 
urramach deadhaidh a bha ann an Sgire Chil-donnain 
an Cataobh. 

Bi'dh air'n fhirean cuimhne shiorruidh 
lomradh chubhr' cha d'theid air di-chuimhn' 
Air dha' bhi marbh (ach beo 'n Criosda), 
Le meas ghaoil tha e labh'rt risd ruinn. 

An dara Clodh-bhualadh, Ath-Leasaichte agus Meud- 
aichte. Bal-dhuthais. Clodh-bhuailte le Coinnach 
Dubhlas agus a Chuideachd. 1825." i2mo. 51pp. 
Fery rare. 

Third Edition. Aberdeen^ 1849. 

'* An Treas Clodh-bhualadh, Ath-Leasaichte 

agus Meudaichte. Obair-eadhan. Clodh bhuailte 
le Seumas Daniel agus a Chuideachd, 48 Sraid-a- 
Chaisteil. 1849." i2mo. 48 pp. 

Matheson (Donald, Kildonan), Hymns. 

Glasgow J 1899. 

" Laoidhean Spioradail le D6mhnull Mathanach. 
agus Joseph Macaoidh, agus Domhnull Catanach, 
Air an Ur-Chlo-Bhualadh. Glaschu. Ian [sic\ 
M'Neilage, 65 Great Western Road. 1899." 8vo. 
4ff. + 72pp. 

Matheson (Duncan), A Song to Lady Lockhart. 

Glasgow, 1866. 

** Oran do'n Mhnaoi Uasail Cheannalta, Ban-tighearna 
Shir Tearlach Lockhart Na Learga. Le Donnachadh 
Mac-Mhath, 'an Ruth - na - h - aoirinn. Glascho : 
Clobhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh. 1866." 
8vo. 8 pp. 


Matheson (Sir James), Estate Regulations, s.l. 1849. 

" Riaghailtean 'us Cumhachan air am bi Fearannan 
Gabhailean, no Earranan Roinnte a dh'fhearainn 
agus Seilbhean eile ann am Baranachd Leodhais, air 
an suidheachadh, agus Riaghailtean air son na h- 
oighreachd : steidhichte le Seumas Mathanach, Ball 
do Pharlamaid na h-Iompaireachd.' . . ." 8vo. 
1 9 pp. + 3 fF. of Plans and Measures. 

Second Edition. s.l. 1879. 

" Rules and Regulations of Lewis Estate in Gaelic 
and English. 1879." ^^^- ^3 PP* 

Matheson (Sir James), Address on opening Lionel 
School. n.d. 

Matheson (John, Uist), Song on the Church. 

Edinburgh^ 1846. 

" Oran m'un Eaglais. Le Iain Mac-Mhathain ann 
an Uithist. An Dara Clo-bhualadh." i2mo. 
8 pp. 

John Matheson was much thought of by the leaders of 
the Disruption in the Highlands, especially by Dr. Mackintosh 
Maclcay who inserted a few of his hymns in ' An Fhianuis.'' 
To the annoyance of his clerical patrons, Matheson made 
a bolt for freedom. He composed the well-known song, 
* CailUach mhor Staolaidh.^ 

Matheson (John), Psalm Tunes. \^Leith^ circa 1863.] 

" Fuinn nan Salm. Mar 'tha iad air an seinn ann 
an Alba, maille ri priomh leasan air son luchd- 
foghluim. Le Eoin Mac-Mhathain." 

This little work contains forty tunes set to music in 
both notations. 


Matheson (John), The Bible. s.L 1880. 

" Am Biobull, Biblos-Biblia. 
Caib. I. . . . O Mhaois gu Nehemiah. 
II. . . . Dubhlachadh Alecsandria. 

III. ... An Tiomnadh Nuadh. 

IV. . . . An da Thiomnadh an aon Leabhar. 
V. . . . Leabhar nan Dealbh a' cur a Bhiobuill a 

VI. . . . An Biobull ag' eiridh a Uaigh na Laidinn. 
VII. . . . Dubhlachadh Chranmer agus Righ 

VIII. . . . An Soisgeul an Alba sa cheud linn. 

IX. . . . Clodh-bhualadh a Bhiobuill Ghaidhlig. 
Le Eoin Mac-Mhathain." Demy 8vo. 18 pp. 

John Matheson was from Lochgilphead, and the work 
was printed in May 1880. 

Measuring Rod. Glasgow^ 1843. 

" Slat-thomhais an lonaid Naoimh. Esec. xl. 3, 4." 
1843. 8vo. 23 pp. 

This is a Sermon on Isaiah xlii. 8 ; xlvi. 13. It refers to 
the Disruption, and advises parishioners as to their duties. 

Menzies (Archibald), Collection of Songs. 

Glasgow ^ 1870. 

" Comhcruinneacha do Dh'orain, Thaghta Ghaidh- 
ealach, cuid dhiu nach robh riamh roimhe Clo- 
bhuailte gus a nis. Le Gilleasbuig Meinne. Glascho. 
Clo-bhuailte air son an Ughdair le W. G. Blackie 
& Co. 1870." 8vo. 4ff. + 35opp. 

Miller (Rev. Dr. Samuel), Levites' Portion. 

Glasgow, 1849. 
" Cuibhrionn nan Lebhitheach, no Riaghailt an 
Fhocail a thaobh cumail suas na Ministreileachd : 



Searmoin le Dr. Somhairle Miller, aon do Mhinis- 
teiribh na h-Eaglais Saoire, ann an Glascho. Eadar- 
theangaichte o'n Bheurla. Glasgow : Duncan 
Macvean. 1849." 32mo. 36 pp. 

Mod Collection of Gaelic Part Songs, 1896-19 12. 

Glasgow .? 

Moody (D. L.) Evangelical Admonitions. 

Glasgow y N.D. 

" Earailean Soisgeulach. Le D. L. Moody. Air an 
Eadar-theangachadh gu Gailig le aon de Mhinis- 
teiribh na H-eaglais Saoire ann an He. Glasgow : 
Charles Glass & Co., 23 East Howard Street." 8vo. 
64 pp. 

MoRisoN (John, from Skye), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow y 1828. 

" Dain Spioradail le Eoin Morrison o'n Eilein 
Sgiath-anach. Glasgow : Published by Maurice 
Ogle. 1828. A. Young, Printer." i2mo. 6d. 

Excessively rare. Two copies known. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1832. 

" Dana Spioradail no Teagasg Fallan o'n Scriobtuir. 
Le Iain Morison. Edinburgh : Printed by R. 
Marshall for the support of the Author. 1832." 
i8mo. 32 pp. 

The First Edition was prepared for the Press by Lachlan 
Maclean, who added two hymns of his own. There are 
altogether ten hymns in the book. The Preface gives the 
following account of the Author : " The Author of the follow- 
ing poems is a native of the Isle of Skye, has travelled much, 
and has endured a series of hardships. Be it observed that 
he has no knowledge of English or Gaelic, or any other 


language, that the poems are purely the working of his own 
mind without any of those ornaments which art bestows, or 
a knowledge of letters confers. He now lives at Kilmoluag 
in the Parish of South Knapdale, and attends church 
regularly though six miles from him." This Edition is 
extremely rare. 

MoRisoN (John, Harris), Elegy on Dr. Macdonald. 

Glasgow y 1850. 

" Marbhrann air Dr. Domhnullach na Toisideachd. 
Le Iain Morastan. Fear-ceasnachaidh na h-Eaglais 
Saoire, 's na H-Earaibh. Glasgow : James R. 
Macnair. Glassford Street : Johnston & Hunter, 
Edinburgh. MDCCCL. Bell and Bain, Printers." 
Sm. i2mo. 58 pp. 

Morison (John, Harris), Elegy on D. Munro. 

Glasgow^ I'^SZ' 

" Marbhrann do DhomhnuU Munro le Iain Moriston. 
Glasgow : Printed by John Gillies, 308 Argyle 
Street, for John Munro, 89 Hospital Street. 
MDCCCLIII." 8vo. 22 pp. 

MoRisoN (John, Harris), Old and New Man. 

Glasgow y 1853. 

" Gleachd an T-Seann Duine agus an Duine Oig : 
Le Iain Moriston a bha na Cheistear aig an Eaglais 
Shaoir anns na h-Earadh. [Ephes. iv. 22, 24 quoted.] 
Glasgow : Printed by John Gillies, 303 Argyle 
Street. MDCCCLIII." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Morison (John, Harris), The Millennium. 

Glasgow^ circa 1853. 


MoRisoN (John, Harris), Elegies and Hymns. 

Toronto^ 1861. 

*' Marbhrainn agus Dana Spioradail Eile : Le Iain 
Morastan a bha na Fhear-ceasnachaidh aig an Eaglais 
Shaoir anns na H-Earradh. Agus iomradh aithghearr 
air an Ughdair le Alastair Mac 'Illeain, Toronto. 
Clodh-bhuailte le Lovell agus Gibson. 1 8 6 1 ." 1 2mo. 
190 pp. 

This Edition is very scarce. 

MoRisoN (John, Harris), Hymns. Baddeck^ C. B., 1885. 

" Orain Iain Mhorastain, Gobha na h-Earradh. Le 
Calum M'Leod (Colporteur St. Ann's). Baddeck, 
C. B. : Printed at the Island Reporter Office. 1885." 
i8mo. 113 pp. 4- if. 'An Clar-Innsidh.' 

Morison (John, Harris), Hymns, 2 Vols. 

Glasgow^ 1 893-1 896. 

" Dain Iain Ghobha. The Poems of John Morison, 
The Songsmith of Harris. Collected and Edited 
with a Memoir by George Henderson, M.A. Vol. I. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 10 Both well Street. 
Edinburgh : Norman Macleod, The Mound. 
MDCCCXCIII." 8 vo. 6 fF. + 3 1 5 pp. 

There is a photograph of Rodel Church. 

"Vol. II. MDCCCXVI." 8vo. xlvi + 350. 

The Editor introduces very considerable changes in 

Morison and Gillies, Elegies on Munro and 
Macleod. Glasgow^ 1874. 

" Marbhrann do DhomhnuU Munro, le Iain Morastan 
maille ri Marbhroinn do Mhr. Ruaraidh Macleoid, 


agus do Aonghas Munro, le Gilleasbuig Mac-Gill'- 
losa. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le Gilleasbuig Mac-na- 
Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earra-Ghaidheil. 1874." 8vo. 

39 PP- 

Mountain Songster, The. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Filidh Nam Beann. The Mountain Songster. 

The choicest Collection of Original and Selected 

Gaelic Songs now known. 

An t-oranaiche sunndach ceolmhor, 
Dh* fhogras bron, 'sa dhuisgeas fonn. 

Glasgow : Robert M'Gregor & Co., Wholesale 
and Export Stationers and Publishers, India Buildings, 
45 Bridge Street. [Entered in Stationers' Hall.] " 
i2mo. 2fF. + 92pp. 6d. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Glasgow: Robert M'Gregor & Co., 22 

Glassford Street. [Entered in Stationers' Hall.] " 

This is the earlier issue. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, Printer & 

Publisher, 10 Bothwell Street (Corner of Hope 
Street)." 12 mo. 92 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ n.d. 

" Glasgow : Watt & Stewart, 76 Queen Street." 

i2mo. 92 pp. 

MuiR (Rev. Dr.), Sabbath Lessons. 

Edinburgh^ 1845. 
Two Titles. " A System of Sabbath Lessons for 
Schools and families, on the Shorter Catechism and 
the Holy Scriptures, with a short examination on each 


question containing a lesson for every Sabbath in the 
year (as issued in St. Stephen's Schools, Edinburgh). 
Part I. With a recommendatory letter by the Rev. 
Dr. Muir, Minister of St. Stephen's, Edinburgh. 
Translated from English into Gaelic by John Forbes, 
Teacher of Gaelic and English, Normal School of 
Edinburgh ; Author of the Double Grammar of 
English and Gaelic, Honorary Member of the 
Ossianic Society of Glasgow, and of the Gaelic 
Society of London, &c. &c. Edinburgh : Maclachlan, 
Stewart & Co. Glasgow : J. & P. Campbell. Inver- 
ness : J. Smith. Dingwall : J. Keith. Oban : 
J. Miller. MDCCCXLV." Price fourpence half- 

"Co-'Rian de Leasanaibh Sabaid air-son sgoilean 
agus Theaghlaichean air Leabhar Aith - ghearr nan 
Ceist, agus na Scriobtur Naomha maille ri ceasnachadh 
goirid air gach ceist. Anns am bheil leasan air-son 
gach Sabaid 'sa bhliadhna (Mar thatar a'gnathachadh 
ann an Sgoilibh Naoimh Stephain 'an Duneidin) I. 
Earran. Agus focal d'on Leughadair leis an Ur*" An 
T-ollamh Muir, Ministear Naoimh Stephain 'an Dun- 
eidin. Eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla le Iain Foirbeis, 
Teagasgair Gaelig 'us Beurla, 'an Sgoil Riaghlaidh 
Dhunedin. Ughdar a' Ghramair Dhubailt ; Ball 
Urramach de Chomunn Oiseanach, Ghlascho, 's de 
Chomunn na Gaelic 'an Lunuinn, &c. &c. Dunedin : 
Mac-Lachlainn an Stiubhartach, 's an cuid'^. Glascho : 
I. & P. Caimbeul. lonarnis : S. Gobha. lonarfeoran : 
S. Ceiteach. Oban : S. Miller. MDCCCXLV." 
i8mo. 4 if. +48 pp. 

Muir (Rev. Dr.), A Sermon. Edinburgh^ 1881. 

*' Cumail gu daingean samhladh Bhriathar Fallain : 
Searmoin le Uilleam Muir, D.D., aon de Mhinis- 


teiran Dhuneidein. Ead. le Aonghas Mac-an-T- 
Shaoir, Ministear Cheann - Lochspeilbh. Edin- 
burgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 South Bridge. 
MDCCCLXXXI." i2mo. 23 pp. 

MuNRo (David), Select Sermons. Inverness^ 1852. 

" Searmoinean Taghta le Seirbhisich Urramach agus 
dileas losa Criosd. Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic 
le Daibhidh Munro 'bha 'na Mhaighstir sgoile do'n 
chuideachd urramach a'ta ann an Duneidin a tha 
cumail suas sgoilean Gaelic air feadh Gaeltachd agus 
Eileanan na h - Alba. Clo - bhuailte aig Seomar - 
gnothuich an Teachdaire ann an Inbhirnis. 
MDCCCLII." 8vo. 205 pp. 

Munro (Donald), Songs. Edinburgh, 1848. 

" Grain Ghaidhealach. Le Domhnull Mac-an-Roich, 

Sibhse leis an deoin, 
Ceol thoirt a dh' aindeoin, 
Feuchadh so le'r meoir 
Na soradh sreath dheth 
Feuchadh 'n cor le'r cluais 
Le cruadhas daingeann, 
'S mar binn leatha 'n fhuaim, 
Nuais leth o'n fhaillean. 

Dun-Eidin ; Clo-bhuailte air son an Ughdair. Le 
Thornton agus Collie, Sraid Dhaibhidh, an Naomh. 
1848." Sm. 8vo. 184 pp. 

At the end is a list of subscribers. Donald Munro 
belonged to the Island of Luing, Argyllshire. He emigrated 
to New Zealand. 

Munro (Donald, Lairg), Elegies on Begg and 
Kennedy. s.L 1886. 

" Marbhrainn air Dr. Begg, bha'n Dun-Eidin ; 's air 
Dr. Ceanadaidh bha'n Inbhirfeorathain, agus air 


daoinibh diadhaidh bh'anns an Airde-Tuath. Le 
DomhnuU Macanrothaich, an Sgire Lairig, an Cataobh. 
Price Threepence. 1886." i2mo. 32 pp. 

MuNRo (James), The Songster. Glasgow^ 1829. 

" An T-Oranaiche Gaelach." 

We much doubt whether this work ever appeared under 
the above Title. It is probable that the Author advertised 
his forthcoming work as ' An T-Oranaiche Gaelach^ but on 
its first appearance in 1830 changed this Title to '■An 
T-Aileagan^ About half a dozen other Gaelic works had 
their first Titles altered or changed while passing through 
the press. 

MuNRo (James), The Jewel. Glasgow^ 1830. 

"An T-Aileagan. Comh-chruinneachadh Dhan, Oran, 
agus Dhuanag. Le Seumas Munro. Glasghu : 
Clo-bhuailte airson W. R. M'Phun. 1830." 32mo. 
64 pp. 6d. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1832. 

Other Editions. Glasgow: 1854, 1859. Edinburgh: 
1864, 1869 et seq. 

Munro (James), A Gaelic Primer. Glasgow^ 1828. 

" A Gaelic Primer, containing rules for pronouncing 
the language, with numerous examples, also a copious 
Vocabulary, arranged under distinct heads a list of 
primitive and derivative pronouns: the conjugation 
of the verb * to be,* and a selection of Phrases on 
various subjects : the orthoepy of each word being 
denoted throughout by a figured spelling. By 
James Munro, Glasgow : Published by John Wylie 
& Co. 1828." i2mo. 92 pp. 2s. 


Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1832. 

" Glasgow : Published by Atkinson & Co., 

Oliver & Boyd, and Stirling & Kennedy, Edinburgh. 
Simpkin & Marshall, London. L. Smith, Aberdeen. 
K. Douglas, Inverness ; and Starke, Montreal. 1832." 
i2mo. 92 pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1837. 

*' Glasgow : And. Rutherglen & Co. Edin- 
burgh : Oliver & Boyd, A. & C. Black, and Mac- 
lachlan & Stewart. London : Longman & Co., 
Simpkin & Marshall. 1837." 

The work was stereotyped in 1854 when 250 copies were 
printed, and other 250 copies in 1862, and 500 copies in 1873. 

MuNRo (James), The Guide. Edinburgh^ 1843. 

" An Treoiriche : no Ceud Leabhar na H-oigridh a 
theagasg dhoibh Gaidhlig le leughadh 's a litreachadh 
gu H-eagarra, ann an uine ro-ghoirid. Le Seumas 

' Treoraich paist air slighe na corach, 
'S leanaidh e i fad 's beo e.' 

Dun-Eidin : Mac Lachlainn, an Stiuartach 's an 
Cuideachd. Glascho : Donnachadh Mac Bheathain. 
lonbhar-nis : Seumas Mac A' Ghobha. 1843." 
i2mo. 68 pp. 

Reprinted in Glasgow by G. & J. Cameron in 1851. 

MuNRO' (James), Grammar. Edinburgh^ 1835. 

"A Practical Grammar of the Scottish Gaelic. In 
seven parts. Viz. I. Orthography. II. Pronuncia- 
tion. III. Etymology. IV. Formation of Deriva- 
tives. V. Prosody. VI. Syntax. VII. Practical 


Exercises. Illustrated throughout with Notes, and 
Observations, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory. 
By James Munro, Author of the Gaelic Primer, &c. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. Glasgow : James 
Robertson. Inverness : K. Douglas. Campbellton : 
W. Ralston and A. M'Ewing. MDCCCXXXV." 
X + I f. + 240 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1843. 

*' A Practical Grammar of the Scottish Gaelic in eight 
parts. Viz. I. Orthography. II. Pronunciation. 
III. Etymology. IV. Formation of Derivatives. 
V. Syntax. VI. Practical Exercises. VII. Parsing. 
VIII. Prosody. Illustrated throughout with Notes 
and Observations. Critical, Philological, and Ex- 
planatory. By James Munro, author of the Gaelic 
Primer &c. Second Edition. Edinburgh : Maclach- 
lan, Stewart & Co. London : Simpkin & Marshall. 
Glasgow : David Robertson. Inverness : J. Smith. 
Oban : J. Miller. Perth : J. De war. MDCCCXLIII." 
i2mo. 4ff. + 266pp. 

Munro (James), The Minstrel. Edinburgh, 1840. 

*'Am Filidh. Co-Thional iir de Dh'Orain 's de 
Dhuanagan. Le Seumas Munro. Ughdair an 
Ailleagain &c. &c. &c. Dun-Eidin : Oliver 'us Boyd. 
1840." i2mo. 72 pp. 

It is issued with music. 

Munro (James), Prize Poem. Edinburgh, 1856. 

"An Dan Gaelic is fearr a chuireadh a-stigh gu 
Comunn Gaidhealach Dun-eidin aig deuchainn na 
bliadhna MDCCCLVI. Le Seumas Munro 
Ma'istir-sgoile Sgire Chillmonibhaig. An Dara h-aon 
le Coinneach Camron. Duneidionn : Clo-bhuailte 


air son A' Chomuinn le Eoin Lindsay (Deas) Sraid 
na Drochait. MDCCCLVI." 8vo. 

Munro's poem of eight pages is designated *- Moladh air 
Ceoly Eideadh^ agus Lu-Chleasa nan Gael.'' The poem by- 
Kenneth Cameron is designated ^ Dan Molaidh air Ceo\ 
Culaidh agus Nosan nan Gael.'' 

MuNRO & Macdonald, Prize Poems. Edinburgh^ 1857. 

" Dan ' Air Fogradh nan Gaidheal ' Le Seumas Munro, 
Ma'istir-sgoile Sgire Chillmonibhaig [An Dan a's fearr 
a chuireadh a-stigh gu Comunn Gaidhealach Dhun- 
eidin aig deuchainn na bliadhna MDCCCLVIL] An 
Dara H-Aon le Fearchar Domhnullach 'An Loch- 
Aillse. Dun-Eidion : Clo-bhuailte air so A' Cho- 
muinn, le Eoin Lindsay (Deas) Sraid na Drochait. 
MDCCCLVIL" i2mo. 8 pp. 

MuNRo (John), Collection of Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1 8 19. 

" Dana Spioradail ann an da Earrann. A Cheud 
earran air dhoigh araidh arson Cloinne, agus muinntir 
Oga : an dara earran arson muinntir aig gach aois. 
[Here Dr. Macgregor's hymns quoted, beginning at 
' Bha na Gaidheil ro-aineolach dall.'~\ Glascho : Clo- 
bhuailte le D. Maccoinich. 18 19." 18 mo. 72 
pp. IS. 

The Author, John Munro, was an accountant in 

Munro (John), Life of Dr. Love. Glasgow, 1830. 

" Cunntas Aithghearr mu bheath agus biuthas Iain 
Mhicionmhuinn D.D. (John Love D.D.) Ministeir 
bh'ann an Anderston, fagus do Glasgo, ann an Rosg. 
Maille ri cumha air a shon anns am bheil a bhuadhan 
ni's fhaide air an cur an ceil ann an Rann. Agus 


Dan eile le Ian Munro. Glasgo : Clo-bhuailt le 
Ian Niven 'sa mhac. 1830." i2mo. 24 pp. 6d. 

The Author resorts to a new and novel system of ortho- 
graphy, which, according to his ideas, is more in consonance 
with the pronunciation of the language. The following is a 
specimen : " Cunntus Athgearr mu Bheagh agus Bhiuhas Ian 
Mhic invinn D.D, B'ann am Paisle a rugadh Ian M'Invinn 
agus dh'eg e ann an Glasgo er an i ymh de mias mheahunach 
a Gheauri 1825 aig aoss tri fiched blianna 's deich. Nuair 
bha e gle og thug e tassbanudh er tur chorrichte. Dh-inndrinn 
e an oil-thaigh." 

Fery rare. 

Munro (Robert), Minor Poems and Translations. 

Edinburgh^ 1843. 

" Poems and Translations in Verse, from admired 
compositions of the Ancient Celtic Bards, with the 
Gaelic Originals and copious illustrative notes by 
Robert Munro. [Here a quotation from Ossian.] 
Edinburgh : Printed and published by James Brydone, 
South Hanover Street. MDCCCXLIII." i2mo. 
3 fF. + 1 80 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1856. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh^ 1869. 

Murdoch (John), Highlanders' Jubilee. 

Glasgow^ 1883. 

*' lubilee Nan Gaidheal. Fuasgaladh an Fhearainn 
a reir a' Bhiobuill." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Murdoch (John), On the Crofters' Act. 

Glasgow, 1887. 

" Facal no Dha mu Lagh nan Croiteirean, agus 
Seoladh gu Cuirt an Fhearainn." 8vo. 4 pp. 


Nelsqn (Thomas & Sons), The Royal Primer. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 
"The Royal School Series. The Royal Primer. 
An Leabhar-Chloinne Rioghail. Illustrated. T. 
Nelson & Sons, Edinburgh, London, and New York." 
Sm. i8mo. 64 pp. 

The Translator was Angus Macphail, teacher, Lewis. 
The whole stock (with the stereotyped plates) of this work 
was burned by the fire at Messrs. Nelson's works, Edin- 
burgh. About half a dozen copies that were circulated among 
literary Celts before publication, are all that survive. The 
Gaelic and English are given on opposite pages. 

New Song on Bad Habits. j./., circa 1840. 

" Oran Nuadh air seann droch Cleachdadh a tha air 
aithris a bha ro fhadha air a chumail uaingneach ann 
an Urchadan mu-Chrosdan." i2mo. 

A scurrilous poem on some religious instructor of very 
loose conduct, according to the Composer. 

Newton (Rev. John), Life of. Edinburgh, 18 17. 

Two Titles. "An Authentic Narrative of the Life 
of John Newton, late Rector of St Mary, Woolnoth, 
London, and a monument to the praise of the Lord's 
Goodness and to the memory of dear Eliza Cuning- 
ham, both originally written by Mr. Newton, and 
now translated into Gaelic by Donald M'Gillivray, 
A.M., Edinburgh. Printed for Ogle, Allardice, 
and Thomson, Parliament Square, and M. Ogle, 
Wilson Street, Glasgow. 18 17. John Pillans, 

" Eachdraidh Beatha Eoin Newton, agus Eliza Gun- 
ingham air an tarruing o'n Bheurla chum Gaelic. 
[Here two Scripture quotations.] Edinburgh : 


Printed for Ogle, Allardice, and Thomson, Parlia- 
ment Square, and M. Ogle, Wilson Street, Glasgow. 
1817." i8mo. 2s. 

NicoLsoN (Alexander), Gaelic Proverbs. 

Edinburgh, 1881. 

" A Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar 
Phrases based on Macintosh's Collection. Edited 
by Alexander Nicolson, M.A., LL.D., Advocate. 

An Sean-fhacal gu fada fior, 
Cha bhriagaichair an sean-fhacal. 

Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart. London : 
Simpkin, Marshall & Co. 1881." 8vo. 421pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1883. 

There was also a Third Edition. 

Nicolson (Alexander), To the Crofters. 

J./., 1882. 

" Do Thuath an Eilean Sgiathanaich, gu h-araid an 
Gleanndail 's am Braigh Phortrigh." 8vo. 2 pp. 

Nicolson (Alexander M.), Island of Lewis. 

Stomoway, 1898. 

" Eilean Leodhais. Tir nan Gaisgeach le Alasdair 
M. Mac Neacail. Staff & Sol-fa Notation. Thomas 
Nicolson, Stornoway." 4to. 2 pp. 

Nicolson (Malcolm), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow, 1874. 
*' Dain Spioradail le Calum Mac-Neacail, Maighstir 
Sgoile na h-Eaglaise Saoire an Sgire Bharbhais : 
Published by M'Pherson & Co., Stornoway. Printed 


by A. Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street, Glasgow." i2mo. 
16 pp. +4 pp. Two other hymns dated November 

NicoLSON (Nicol), The Great Macrae. 

Inverness, 1895. 

'*An T-Urramach Iain Mac-Rath ('Mac-Rath 
Mor ') a bha ann an Leodhas. Beagan iomraidh m'a 
bheatha agus Criomagan de 'Theagasg, le Neacal 
Mac-Neacail, Ministear Shrath-Ghairbh, maille ri 
Dealbh Mhr. Mhic-Rath. An daraudh [sic'] Meil. 
Inverness : George Young, New Market. 1895." 
8vo. I f. Portrait + 51 pp. + I f. Errata. 

The First Edition was printed in 1894. 

Nixon (Rev. Dr. Wm.), The King of All Nations. 

Edinburgh, 1869. 

" Righ nan uile Chinneach agus Dleasdanas Luchd 
Riaghlaidh na Talmhainn d'a Fhirinn agus d'a 
Rioghachd-sa. Searmon a shearmonaicheadh an 
lathair Ard-Sheanaidh Eaglais Shaoir na h-Alba an 
Dun-Eidin aig am Fosglaidh an Ard-Sheanaidh sin, 
air an Fhicheadamh la da cheud Mhios an t-Samraidh, 
1869, leis an Urramach Uilleam Nixon, Ceann-suidhe 
an Ard-Sheanaidh 's an am. Dun-Eidin : Clo- 
bhuailte le Sanson & Co. 1869." 8vo. 55 pp. 

Nixon (Rev. Dr. W.), Reasons for being a Free- 
Churchman. Edinburgh, n.d. 

Noble (John), Two Elegies. Inverness, 1837. 

" Grain Broin a rinneadh an deigh bas na'n Urram- 
aich Maighstir Alastair Friseal, D.D,, agus a mhac 
Maighstir Domhnull Friseal, Ministearan an T-soisgeul 
a bh'ann an Sgire Chnuic-Muire, maille ri Da Gran 


Eile. Le Iain Nobul anns a sgire cheudna. Inbhirnis : 
Clodh bhuailte le Alastair Friseal. 1837." i2mo. 
36 pp. 

Northern Assurance Company. London^ 1902. 

"An Tuath Chomunn Urras. Steidhichte, 1836. 
Airson Urras Beath agus Teine. Priomh Bhuthan, 
Lunainn, i Morgate Street. Abaireann, i Union 
Terrace." i6mo. 27 pp. 

Office of Communion. Edinburgh^ I797' 

"An Ofig chum ceart Frithealadh an Comuin 
Naomh do reir Gnathachadh Eaglais na h-Alba. 
Dun-Eaduin. 1797." 8vo. 14 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1847. 

**An dreuchd airson frithealaidh a Chomanachaidh 
naoimh reir gnathachaidh Eaglais na h - Alba. 
Duneidean : R. Lendrum 'sa chuideachd, 29 Sraid 
Fhrederic. 1847." ^^o- 24 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1883. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1896. 

" Seirbhis A* Chomanachaidh a reir Cleachdaidh 
Eaglais na H-Alba." 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1897. 

" Seirbhis A' Chomanachaidh Naoimh, a reir gnatha 
na H - Eaglais Albannaich, maille ri mineachadh, 
earail agus urnuighibh, gu Fein-cheasnachadh agus 
roimh - uidheamachadh air son a' Chomanachaidh. 
1897." 8vo. 50 pp. 


Orchard (G. H.), History of the Baptists. 

Glasgow^ 1845. 

" Cunntas Aithghearr ; mu Eachdraidh nam 
Baisteach ami am Breatuinn. Le G. H. Orchard. 
Eadar - theangaichte on Bheurla le Gilleasbuig Mac 
Phaidean. A' Cheud Earran — o na ceud linntean 
gu deireadh na Seathamh linn - deug. An dara 
Earrann — Bho'n t-Seathamh linn deug gus a t-am a 
ta lathair. Glasgow : Printed by Wm. Gilchrist, 
145 Argyle Street. MDCCCXLV." i2mo. 
32 pp. 

The above is the Title on cover. The inside Title omits, 
' An dara Earrann . . . a ta lathair.' 

Ordo Missae in Latin and Gaelic. Edinhurghy 1877. 

*' Ordo Missae ; 'An Laidinn 's 'an Gaidhlig agus 
Urnaighean Eile. Permissu ^ Superiorum. Dun- 
eideann. Clobhuailte le Lorimer 'us Gillies. 1877." 
i2mo. 48 pp. 

Orr (Donald), Braes of Strathbane. GlasgoWyiS^2. 

" Aodan Strathbain. Eadar - theangaichte o'n 
Bheurla, le D.O. Printed by Neil Campbell, Gaelic 
Bookseller, 17 Malta Street, Glasgow." 

A leaflet. Donald Orr was a native of Islay. 

OssiAN — Temora by James Macpherson. 

London^ 1763. 

It contains the Gaelic of the Seventh Book of Temora. 

Ossian — Edition by London Society. London^ 1807. 

" The Poems of Ossian in the Original Gaelic, with 
a literal Translation into Latin, by the late Robert 
Macfarlan, A.M., Together with a dissertation on 


the Authenticity of the Poems by Sir John Sinclair, 
Bart., and a translation from the Italian of the 
Abb6 Cesarotti's Dissertation on the controversy 
respecting the Authenticity of Ossian, with Notes 
and a supplemental Essay by John M'Arthur, LL.D. 
Published under the sanction of The Highland 
Society of London : Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., 
Cleveland Row, Sold by G. and W. Nicol, Book- 
sellers to His Majesty, Pall-Mall ; Creech, Bell and 
Bradfute, Constable and Co., Edinburgh ; and Archer, 
Dublin, 1807." La. 8vo. i f. Portrait of Ossian + 
2 ff. + ccxxxii+ I f. Proelium Lodinis + 278 pp. 

Facing ccxx. is a facsimile letter of James Macpherson. 
*' Vol. II." 390 pp. 

"Vol. III." 576 pp. 

A map of Selma faces page 256. A leaf of music faces 
page 541. The work was printed on small and on large 
paper. Prices respectively ^2 : 2s. and ^^3 : 13 : 6. 

Ossian. Mackenzie's Report on Ossian. 

Edinburgh^ 1805. 
A work indispensable to the student of Ossian. 

Ossian. Croma by Clerk. Glasgow^ circa 1869. 

" Croma." 8vo. 16 pp. 

This is a specimen of the work of Clerk from the 
beginning to the 145th line. The printer was Sinclair, 

OssiAN. Poems. Edinburgh^ 1818. 

" Dana Oisein Mhic Fhinn, air an cur amach airson 
maith coitcheannta muinntir na Gaeltachd. Dun- 
eidin : Clo - bhuailte le Tearlach Stiubhart. 
MDCCCXVIII." 8vo. 344 pp. 


This Edition was distributed gratuitously throughout the 
Highlands. A copy was sent for every parish school where 
Gaelic was taught. Other Editions were published in 
Edinburgh in 1859, 1870, 1881 et seq. 

OssiAN. Edition by Dr. Clerk. Edinburgh^ 1870. 

" The Poems of Ossian in the Original Gaelic with 
a literal translation into English and a Dissertation 
on the Authenticity of the Poems by the Rev. 
Archibald Clerk, Minister of the Parish of Kilmallie, 
together with the English translation by Macpherson, 
in two Volumes. Vol. I. William Blackwood and 
Sons, Edinburgh and London. MDCCCLXX." 
Royal 8vo. 4 if. + lxvi+503 pp. Vol. 11. 3 fF.+ 
584 pp. 

Owen (Rev. Dr. John), On the Communion. 

Inverness^ 1876. 
" Air Comh - Chomunn nan Naomh ri Dia, an 
T-Athair, am Mac, agus an Spiorad Naomh (gach 
pearsa fa leth) Ann an Gradh, ann an Gras, agus 
ann Comhfhurtachd. Le Iain Omhainn, D.D. 
Eadar - theangaichte le Alastair Macdhughaill, 
Maighstir-Sgoile, Gleann-Urachdainn. Duneidin : 
Clo-bhuailte do'n Chomunn airson Craobhsgaoilidh 
Leabhraichean Diadhaidh air feadh Alba. 1876." 
8vo. 4 ff. + 370 pp. 

This work is now scarce. 

Owen (Rev. Dr. John), On the Person of Christ. 

Inverness J 1884. 

" Air Diomhaireachd Ghlormhoir Pearsa Chriosd ; 
maille ri gliocas agus gradh agus cumhachd neo- 
chriochnach Dhe 'na dhealbhadh agus 'na chomh- 
shuidheachadh. Le Iain Omhain, D.D., Eadar- 


theangaichte le Alastair Macdhughaill, Maighstir- 
sgoile Gleann-Urchudain. Inbhirnis : Clo-bhuailte 
do'n Eadar - theangair le R. Carruthers, agus a 
Mhic. 1884." 8vo. 4fF. + 307pp. 

Owen (Rev. Dr. John), On Psalm CXXX. 

Inverness, 1896. 

" Eadar-Mhineachadh air Salm CXXX. ; anns am 
bheil nadur agus firinn maitheanas peacaidh air an 
cur an ceill: agus cor anama ann an amhghar o 
chionta peacaidh, agus air fhuasgladh le sealladh de 
mhaitheanas ann an Dia air fhosgladh. Le Iain 
Omhain, D.D., Eadar - theangaichte le Alastair 
Macdhughail, Maighstir-Sgoile Gleann-Urchudain. 
Inbhirnis : Clo-bhuailte do'n Eadar - theangair le 
R. Carruthers agus a Mhic. 1896." 8vo. viii. + 
I f. Note + 407 pp. 

Panegyric on a Bagpipe Concert. Greenock, 1880. 

** Moladh do Comh - Sheirm Phiobairean a bha air 
a chumail leo ann an Talk Na Measarrach \_sic\ 
'an Grianaig, ceud mhios an Earraich, sa bhliadhna. 
1880." 8vo. 4 pp. 

Parker (Winifred), Na Daoine- Sithe — The Fairies. 

Glasgow, 1907. 

** Na Daoine Sidhe is Uirsgeulan eile, air an cur an 
eagar le Una inghean Fhir na Pairce. Na dealbhan o 
laimh Chatriona Chamroin, R.S.W., is Raoghnailt 
Ainslie Ghrannd Dubh. Archibald Sinclair, Celtic 
Press, 47 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. 1907." 

Coloured plates face title and pages 26, 34, and 40. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1908. 

The Edition was published to help the bazaar held in 
St. Andrew's Halls, Glasgow, in 1907. 


Parlane (J. & R.), Spiritual Hymns. Paisley^ n.d. 
"Laoidhean Spioradail air an Eadar-theangachadh 
o'n Bheurla. J. & R. Parlane. Paisley." 8vo. 
II pp. 

The greater part of the translations was made by John 
Campbell of Ledaig. 

Parlane (J. & R.), Songs with Accompaniment. 

Paisley, 1902. 

"Orain Ghaidhlig — 12 Gaelic Songs with Pianoforte 
Accompaniment by Charles R. Baptie. Paisley : 
J. & R. Parlane. Price is. net." 

Paton (Rev. J. G.), Sinking of the Well. 

Oban, 1892. 
" Cladhach an Tobair (The Sinking of the Well). 
Translated K. W. G. From the Autobiography of 
the Rev. J. G. Paton by permission of the Editor. 
Oban : Printed at the Oban Times Office, Esplanade. 
1892." i6mo. 24 pp. Price three half-pence. 

Pattison (Miss M.), Gaelic Songs, 2 series. 

Glasgow, 1881-82. 

** Gaelic Songs, 2 Series. 4to. Swan & Coy. 188 1- 

[Advertisement. ] 

Peace on Believing. Perth, 1864. 

"No. 3. Sith tre Chreideamh : no litrichean a 
bh'air an sgriobhadh dh'ionnsuidh neach a bha fodh 
churam anama — agus ag iarraidh sith ri Dia. Ead. le 
Ailean Sinclair A.M. Ministear an t-Soisgeil anns a' 
Cheannmhor. [Here a woodcut.] Perth : Duncan 
Matheson. Edinburgh : Tract and Book Society. 
1864." i6mo. 30 pp. 


Paul's Catechism. Edinburgh, 1829. 

" Leth-Cheud Ceist, mu phriomh Theagasgaibh agus 
dhleasdanasaibh an T-soisgeul, le freagraibh o na 
sgriobtairean ; air an Eadar-theangachadh o'n Bheurla 
le F. M. B. ' Mo chlann bheag, na nithibh so sgriobham 
d'ar n-ionnsuidh, chum nach peacaich sibh.' i Eoin 
ii. I . Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le Donnachadh Steven- 
son, air son Waugh agus Innes ; air an reic le K. 
Doulas 'an Inbhirnis, le A. Watson 'an Abereadhain, le 
Seumas Adam 'an Dundeagh, le M. Ogle 'an Glascho, 
le D. Weir agus le R. B. Lusk, 'an Grianaig. 1829." 
i2mo. 18 pp. 

The Translator was Francis Macbean. 

Peden (Rev. Alexander), Sermons. Inverness, 1838. 
We have not seen a copy of this Edition. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1846. 

" Caismeachd do dh'Albainn. Da Shearmon a 
shearmonaicheadh ann an 1685 ; agus Litir chum 
nam Priosanach ann an Caisteal Dunottar &c. Le 
Mr. Alastair Peden, ministeir an T-soisgeil a bh'ann 
an Gleannluce. Ris am bheil air a cuir Cunntas mu 
Bheatha agus mu chliu an Ughdair. [Here quoted 
Isa. Iviii. i ; Hosea viii. i ; Joel ii. i.] Eadar- 
Theangaichte gu Gaelic, le lain Rose. An Dara 
Clodh-bhualadh. Dun-eidinn : Clodh-bhuailte le 
Thornton & Collie, 19 St. David Street. 1846." 
i2mo. 52 pp. Price sixpence. 

Periodical — The Field Rose. Glasgow, 1803. 

"An Rosroine. Air I. Diluain, Seachdmhis 19, 

Four numbers of this monthly Periodical appeared. 


There were eight pages in each number. The publisher 
was Thomas Duncan, Saltmarket, Glasgow. 

Periodical — The Highland Messenger. 

Glasgow^ 1830-31. 

"An Teachdaire Gaelach o Bhealtuinn 1829 gu 
Bealtuinn 1830. An la a chi 's nach fhaic. A Cheud 
Leabhar, anns a bheil da Theachdaire Dheug. 
W. R. M'Phun, Publisher, Glasgow ; W. Blackwood, 
and Maclachlan & Stewart, Edinburgh. 1830." 8vo. 
4 ff. + 288 pp. 

" An Dara Leabhar." 3 fF. + 28 1 pp. Price sixpence 
per number. 

The leading contributor was the Rev. Dr. Norman 
Macleod, Glasgow. 

Periodical — New Highland Messenger. 

Glasgow^ 1835-36. 

'*An Teachdaire Ur Gaidhealach, Ceud Mhios a' 
Gheamhraidh. I. Aireamh. 1835." ^^^' ^4^ PP- 

This Periodical was edited by Lachlan Maclean, Glasgow. 
Only nine numbers appeared, and no title was ever issued 
for binding the numbers into a volume. Price of each 
number, sixpence. 

Periodical — Australian Messenger. 1857. 

" An Teachdaire Gaidhealach. Aireamh X. Australia. 
November 1857. Pris aon tastan." 

We do not know how many numbers appeared. 

Periodical — Cuairtear nan Gleann. 

Glasgow, 1840-43. 

" Cuairtear nan Gleann, o Mhairt 1 840 — Gu Mairt 
1 84 1. A' Cheud Leabhar anns a' bheil da leabhar 


Dheug. Glasgow : Published by J. & P. Campbell, 
63 Arcade. Edinburgh : M'Lachlan, Stewart & Co. 
MDCCCXLI." 8vo. 2 ff. + 284 pp. 

An Dara Leabhar. 1842. 2 ff. 4-352 pp. 

An Treas Leabhar. 1843. ^ ^-"^SS^ PP- 

Aireamh 37-40, i.e. June 1843. 118 pp. 

All published. 

This Periodical sold for sixpence each monthly number. 
The leading contributor was the Rev. Dr. Norman Macleod 
of St. Columba Church, Glasgow. 

Periodical — Cuairtear na Coilte. 

Kings fon^ Ontario, 1840-41. 

Periodical — The Witness. Glasgow, 1845-50. 

" An Fhianuis. [Motto of Burning Bush. A' Lasadh 
gun Losgadh.] Eaglais Shaor na h-Alba. An 
ceud Aireamh a Nasgaidh. A Bhliadhn' Ur. 
MDCCCXLV." 8vo. 

There were thirty-six numbers issued, making 656 pages. 
The last number was May 1850. Price per number, two- 
pence, raised to threepence. No Title-page ever issued for 
binding the numbers. 

Periodical — Teachdaire nan Gaidheal. 

Glasgow, 1844. 

" Teachdaire nan Gaidheal. Aireamh I. Pris da 
Sgillinn, leis a Phosd tri Sgillinnean." 4to. 4 pp. 

No. II. 4to. 4 pp. 

After No. II. the quarto size gave way to an octavo size. 
We have examined Nos. I., II., and VIII., but we have seen 
thirteen numbers advertised in a sale catalogue. The 
Editor was apparently Rev. John Forbes. In the first 
number Mackenzie's * Bliadhna Thearlaich ' is sharply criti- 


cised, and Mackenzie had his reply and revenge in * A 
Bhethir Bheuma^ 

Periodical — A Bhethir Bheuma. Glasgow, 1845. 

" A Bhethir Bheuma. Aireamh I. Earrann I. 
Glascho : Mhios Deirreanach A' Gheamraidh. 1845. 
R'a reic arson Tri Sgillinn." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Only this number (and quite enough) ever appeared. 
The Editor was John Mackenzie. 

Periodical — Highlanders' Friend. Glasgow, 1844. 

" Caraid nan Gael. Air uidheamachadh agus air a 
chur am mach gach mios, le Comunn aig a bheil gradh 
d'an duthaich. Is dileas lotan caraid. I. Aireamh. 
Mios Deireannach an Earraich. Pris Ceithir sgillean. 
Glasgow : William Gilchrist, Printer and Publisher, 
145 Argyle Street. 1844." La. 8vo. 16 pp. 

Five numbers appeared. 

Periodical — Young Highland Messenger. 

Antigonish, N.S., 1851. 
** An Cuairtear Og Gaidhealach." 

About thirteen numbers were published by the Boyds. 

Periodical — Highlanders' Friend. Inverness, 1853. 
" Caraid nan Gaidheal." 
Only one number appeared. 

Periodical — The Mountain Visitor. 

Glasgow, 1848-50. 
" Fear-Tathaich nam Beann. Airson 1848. [Here 
a motto.] Published by William Gilchrist, 145 
Argyle Street, Glasgow. MDCCCXLVIII." 8vo. 
3 fF. + 374 pp. Price of each number, fourpence. 


The second volume contains numbers thirteen to twenty- 
four. The twenty-fifth number was printed in February 
1850, and with it the Periodical came to an end. The 
Editor was the Rev. Archibald Clerk, Kilmallie. 

Periodical — The Monthly Guest. 

Edinburgh^ 1847-48. 

"An T-Aoidh Miosail. Clodh-Bhuailte airson 
Comunn Fior Theagaisg Chriosdail a Ghaidheil. 
Duneidin : R. Lendrum 'sa Chuideachd, 29 Sraid 
Fhrederic. 1847." 8vo. 16 pp. 

We have seen seventeen numbers of this Periodical. 

Periodical — The Banner of Truth. 

Glasgow i 1873-74. 

" Bratach na Firinn. Deasaiche Niall Mac Neill, 
Ughdar ^ Cian Dhain' &c. Leabhar I. 1873. 
Glaschu is Lunnuinn. U. R. M'Phun is a Mhac. 
Dun-Eideann : Maclachlainn is Stiubhard, agus An 
Cumunn Leabhar is Dhuilleagain." 8vo. 196 pp. 

" Leabhar II. 1874." 188 pp. 

Periodical — The Celtic Magazine. 

Inverness^ 1876-88. 

This Periodical was edited and published by Alexander 
Mackenzie of Inverness. There are several pieces in Gaelic 
in the work, but the main portion is in English. Thirteen 
volumes appeared. 

Periodical — Am Bard, The Bard. Edinburgh, 1901. 

" Am Bard. Ar Tir agus ar Teanga. Leabhar I — 
Aireamh I. A' Bhuidh Mhios. 1901. [Pris sgillin. 
Edition de luxe sia sgillinean.] " 410. 16 pp. 

About seven numbers appeared. The Editor and Pro- 
moter was the Honourable Rory Erskine. 


Periodical — The Echo. Sydney^ C.B.^ 1 892-1 904. 

" Mac-Talla. An ni nach cluinn mi an duigh cha'n 
aithris mi maireach. Sidni : Ceap Bhreatunn. lun 
24, 1904. No. 26." 

This was a weekly Gaelic newspaper published in 
Sydney, C.B., by J. G. Mackinnon, a native of Bernsdale, 
Skye. With the above number the paper ceased on the 
death of the Editor. The first number bears date ist May 
1892. The price per number was one penny. 


There were other Periodicals, Weekly Newspapers, and 
Church Magazines, that published pieces in Gaelic, but as 
these papers were mainly printed in English, we con- 
sider it unnecessary to give an account of them here. 
There are at present (1914) in current circulation a few 
Periodicals published in the interest of Gaelic and Celtic 

Philipps (J. E.), Seven Common Faults. 

London^ 1870. 

Two Titles. " Seachd Coireannan a ta cumanta. 
Gearan, Droch-nadur, Neo - shuimealachd, Fein- 
Chuiseachd, Anbharr'-iomagain, Leisg, Fein-thoil. 
Le Seumas Erasmus Philipp, M.A. Eadar- 
theangaichte gu Gailig (le cead an Ughdair) le 
Eobhan Maccolla, Pears' Eaglais a Ghearasdain, 'an 
Loch Aber. An Comunn Urramach 'an Lunnuinn, 
a ta airson Eolais Criosdail a mheudachadh ; reicte 
leo-san 'nan aitribh aig 77 Sraid Mhor na Ban-righ, 
Lincoln's Inn Fields ; 4 Royal Exchange ; 48 Picca- 
dilly ; ages leis 'a h-uile Leabhar-reicear. 1870." 

'* Seven Common Faults : Grumbling, Temper, 
Thoughtlessness, Selfishness, Over-anxiety, Indolence, 
Self-will. By the Rev. James Erasmus Philipps, 


M.A., translated into Gaelic (with the Author's 
permission) by the Rev. Hugh Maccoll, Incumbent 
of the Episcopal Church, Fort William. London : 
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ; Sold at 
the Depositories, 77 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's 
Inn Fields ; 4 Royal Exchange ; 48 Piccadilly ; 
and by all Booksellers. 1870." 8vo. 4!?.+ 100 pp. 

Philphot (Rev. J. C), Sermon. Glasgow^ 1849. 

" Geamhradh roimh 'n Fhoghar ; no a T-anam a 
Fas ann an Gras ; Searmoin o Isaiah xviii. 5, 6. 
Le J. C. Philphot, Ministeir a Dh'fhag Eaglais 
Steidhichte Shasuinn ; air a h-eadar-theangachadh gu 
Gaelic le Iain Mac Gillios, Tobarmhoire. Glasgow : 
Maurice Ogle & Son. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & 
Stewart. Oban : J. Miller. Tobermory : J. Gillies. 
Portree : J. Cameron. Fort William : J. M'Donald. 
Stornoway : A. M'Pherson. Inverness : J. Smith. 
MDCCCXLIX." 8vo. 44 pp. 

Pictures and Stories from the Bible. 

Edinburgh^ n.d. 

"Dealbhan agus Gearr - naighdeachdan bho an T- 
Seann - Tiomnadh agus an Tiomnadh Nuadh ; or 
Pictures and Stories from the Old and New Testaments. 
Edinburgh : Published by Thornton & Collie, Gaelic 
Book Depository, 19 St. David Street. Price Four- 
pence." 32mo. 48 pp. 

Pope's Letter, The. Inverness^ 1879. 

" Liteir a Phapa a G'eubhach Jubilee, agus Liteir an 
Easbuig Chameran a dh'ionnsuidh Creideach na 
Sgireachd air Eadar-theangachadh le Tormaid Domh- 
nullach : Clo - bhuailte ann an Offic a ' Herald.' 
1879." 8vo. 14 pp. 


Profane Swearing. Edinburgh^ 1822. 

" Comhairle [here a woodcut] da neach a ta a' mi- 
naomachadh Ainm an Tighearna 'na chomhradh. 
Edinburgh : Printed for the Religious Tract Society, 
and sold at their Depositories, Register Street. Hay, 
Gall & Co., Printers, 28 Niddry Street. 1822." 
i2mo. 8 pp. 

Promise, Holding to the. n.d. 

*' A Deanadh Greim air na Geallaidhean ; no Da 
Uilleam na h-Urnaigh." 24 pp. 

Prudential Assurance Company. Edinburgh^ 1882. 

" An Comunn - Cobhair Crionna : An Earrann 

Prayers for Families, Adults. Glasgow^ 1866. 

" Urnaighean air son Theaghlaichean agus air son 
feum Uaigneach Mhuinntir a thainig gu inbhe, agus 
Cloinne. Glasgow : Printed at the Reformatory 
Institution. 1866." Cr. 8vo. 32 pp. 

This Prayer Book was prepared by the Rev. Dr. Archibald 
Maccallum, Chaplain, Reformatory, Glasgow. 

Psalms — Kirk (Rev. Robert), Psalms. 

Edinburgh^ 1684. 

" Psalma Dhaibhidh A nMeadrachd. Do reir na 
Pniomh - Chanamain. Le Ma : Raibeard Kirk ; 
Minisdir Shoigeil [sic] Chriosd aig Balbhuidier. Maille 
re Ughdarras. A bfuil neach gu dubhach inar 
measg ? deanadh se urnaidh. A bfuil neach ar bioth 
subhach } Seinnadh e Sailm. Ebisd. Sheum : Caibid : 
5. Rann 13. Ar a ngur a ngclo a nDun-Edin le 
M. Semus Kniblo, losua van Solingen agus Seon 


Colmar. 1684." i8mo. i f. r. Title, v. Grant of 
Priviledge + 2 ff . Dedication + 248 pp. 

The Grant of Priviledge printed on verso of Title-leaf 
gave the Author the sole right to print the Psalms in Erse 
for eleven years. The Gaelic Address to the Reader finishes 
w^ith four lines of poetry frequently quoted, but Kirk's 
correction of the second line, viz. the elimination of the 
w^ord '' glan^ is never given effect to in such quotations. 
This version found no favour in Gaelic-speaking parishes j 
indeed there is no proof that it w^as ever used in any church. 
It follows the ' Caogad'' closely for the first fifty Psalms, and 
for the last hundred Psalms, Kirk had to rely on himself. 
It appears that five or even six hundred copies were printed. 
There is in existence in the handwriting of Kirk the 
following note regarding the work. " Edinburgh, June 23, 
1688. Andrew Chambers, Stationer, reckoned of the Irish 
psalm book in his shop 106 unbound, 115 bound, sum total 
221. The number given to Gideon Shaw was 322, whereof 
I received to my best remembrance 48. The binding of 
each plain book was 10^. The guilded was the usual rate of 
the town. Allow to Mr. Chambers a httle book I took of 
Mr. Claud's on the Sacraments, and bid him sell off as many 
as he can at lo^ piece, and give some out to the Stationers 
who may get them off by the correspondents & I will 
allow a penny each book for vending besides the binding. 
I will take for them partly money, partly books in exchange." 
Very rare. Good copies sell from three to six pounds. 

Psalms — Synod of Argyle's Version. 

Glasgow^ ^^659- 

*' An ceud chaogad do Shalmaibh Dhaibhidh, Ar a 
dtarring as an Eabhra, A Meadar dhana Gaoidhilg 
Le Seanadh Earraghaoidheal. Neoch a dorduigh an 
seinm \sic\ a Neaglaisaibh agus a Dteaghlichaibh, a 
gnathuigheas an chanamhainsin is na criochaibh 
ceudna. Col. 3. 16. Biodh focal Chriosd na 
chomhnuidhe ionnuibh, gu saidhbhir a nuile ghliocas, 
ar dteagasg agus ar munadh dhaoibh a cheile a 


Salmaibh, agus a bhfonnaibh molta De, agus a 
gcainticaibh Spioradalta ag deanamh ciuil don 
Tighearna le gras ion bhur gcriodheadhaibh. Do 
chuireadh so agclo a Nglasgo le Aindra Ainderson, 
a Mbliadhanna ar Dtighearna. 1659." i2mo. 
A", E'% F^ 

Verso of last leaf blank, Sig. C4 omitted, and D5 is mis- 
printed D3. There are in all 62 fF., viz. i f. Title v. b. + 
2 fF. Do chum an Leghthora + 59 fF. Text. Catchwords 
are used, but no pagination. The quotation from Col. iii. 
16 is an original translation, and difFers from that given 
in the Irish Nev^^ Testament of 1602. It is doubtful if 
indeed the existence of the Irish New Testament was 
known in Argyleshire at the time. This little book is 
now extremely rare. We know of five or six copies. 

The other hundred Psalms were printed in Edinburgh 
in 1694. The work was corrected as it passed through the 
Press by the Rev. John Maclaurin, the father of Professor 
Maclaurin, the Editor of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia. 

We have considered very carefully the question whether 
this completed Edition of the Psalms by the Synod of Argyle 
was published as well as printed in the year 1694, and we have 
come, but with considerable hesitation, to the conclusion 
(i) that the completed work, printed according to the Records 
of the Synod of Argyle in 1694, was also published and 
circulated in that same year ; (2) that the Shorter Catechism 
was issued with it, bearing the same date. As no copy is 
known to exist of this Edition, naively designated * The 
Edition which nobody saw^ it has been suggested that from 
the disturbed nature of the country at the time, the whole 
impression was withheld from circulation until 1702. This 
would account for the issue of the Shorter Catechism of 
1702 being designated ' Third Edition^ No reliance, 
however, can be placed on the Ordinal that denotes the 
Edition of a Gaelic book, for a printer ignorant of Gaelic, 
with probably a printed Title-page before him for a * Copy^ 
would print verbatim what was before him, except as far as 
printer's name, place, and date required alteration. The 
1694 Edition inadvertently reproduced verbatim for the 
Catechism the Title-page of the 1659 Edition [second] ; or 


the 1694 Edition was itself similarly reproduced in the 
Edition of 1702. While the latter alternative is by no means 
improbable, as Editions of subsequent dates to 1715 show, it 
is very much more Hkely in this case that the initial and 
misleading error was made in the former. To state in 
extenso the premises leading to this view would take up much 
space, and possibly they would not by some be accepted as 
proving quod erat demonstrandum. 

We have examined an Edition of the Psalms bearing date 
1707, and bound with it was the Catechism of even date 
designated ' Fifth Edition^ but we have not seen the Edition 
of 1705, referred to in this work, and which ought to have 
with it the ^Fourth Edition^ of the Catechism. Allowing 
the existence of a 1705 Edition as real, and not a misprint 
or miscopy for 1707, we can account for all the earlier 
Editions of the Catechisms and Psalms, without assuming 
the existence of a 1694 Edition, viz. ist, 1651 j 2nd, 1659 ; 
3rd, 1702; 4th, 1705 ; 5th, 1707 ; 6th, 1715. 

As stated, we hold to the view that the complete Edition 
of the Psalms appeared in 1694. The Synod of Argyle 
were granted the privilege to print this version of the 
Psalms for nineteen years, and to forbid any one from interfer- 
ing with their right. No work until published could be 
registered for any privilege then any more than now, for 
^ no book can be registered before it is published^ has always 
been a dictum in copyright. It is said that a copy of the 
Edition of 1694 without a Title-page was sold in the 
Duke of Sussex Library [vide No. 1247, ^•^' ^^^- ^^445 
page 50). If any reliance can be placed on the date assigned, 
it must have been inferred from the Title of the Catechism, 
as the ' Grant of Priviledge ' on the verso of Title was not 

Psalms — Synod of Argyle. Edinburgh^ 1702. 

'* Sailm Dhaibhidh a Meadar dhana Gaoidheilg do 
reir na Heabhra : Agus na translasioin is fearr a 
Mb^arla agus a Nlaidin, do thionnsgnadh le Seanadh 
Earraghoidheal san bhliadhna 1659, agus anois air a 
ntabhairt gu crich, do chum gu d6anta an seinm a 
Neaglaisibh agus a dteaghlachaibh a ghnathuigheas an 


chanamhain sin. [Here Col. iii. 16 quoted.] Le 
Ughdarras. Do chuireadh so a ngclo a Ndiin- 
Edin le Oighreachaibh Aindra Ainderson a 
Mbliadhna ar Dtighearna. 1702." i2mo. 276 pp. 

Excessively rare^ only two copies known. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ ^l^S- 

We have not seen this Edition. It is referred to in 
The Gael^ vol. vi. p. 272. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ '^I'^l' 

The same as 1702 Edition. The Catechism has 33 
pages. It is designated Fifth Edition. Excessively rare^ 
only one copy known. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ ^l^S- 

" i2mo. 260 pp. + 28 pp. Catechism designated 

' Sixth Edition ' " [Seiseadh uair). 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1729. 

" Ar na chur angclo an Glasdhow le Sheumuis 

Duncan, agus ra creuchd aig bhuibhsan Mbliadhna 
an Dtighearna. 1729." i2mo. 

Another Edition by same Publisher. 

Glasgow^ 1738. 

Another Edition by same Publisher. Ibid., 175 1. 

Psalms — Macfarlane's Version. Glasgow, 1753. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh ann Dan Gaoidhealach, do reir na 
Heabhra, agus an Eidir-theangachaidh a's fearr ann 
Laidin,ann Gaoidheilg, 's ann Gaill-bearla. Do thionn- 



sgnadh le Seanadh Earra-Ghaoidheal sa Bhliadhna 
1659, agus do chriochnaigheadh 'san 1694, r'an seinn 
ann Eaglaisibh 'sann Teaghlaichibh Gaoidhealach. 
Agus do ghlanadh anois o Mhearachdaibh lionmhor 
Clodh-bhuailaidh, air iarrtas agus do reir Seolaidh an 
tSeanaidh cheadna. Le Ughdarras. Entered in 
Stationers' Hall. Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an Reic 
le Join Orr, Leabhar reiceadoir ann Glasgho, 
MDCCLIII." if. + 302 pp. 

Macfarlane's version has forty-five Paraphrases with a 
Title-page as given below. The rest of the Paraphrases 
appeared subsequendy in Smith's version. 

" Laoidhe eidir-theangaicht' agus eidir-mhinicht' o 
Chuimh-reannaibh eagsamhail do'n Scrioptur Naomh- 
tha. Comh-chruinnicht agus deasaichte le Buidheann 
ainmnichte le Aird-Sheanadh Eaglais Alba. Agus a 
chuireadh le reachd Aird - Sheanaidh 1745, fa 
Bhreitheamhnas nan Sinsir r'an Sgrudadh. Agus 
iompoicht' anois, gu Gaoidheilg Albannaigh ; air 
Iarrtas Seanaidh Earra-Ghaoidheal ; chum leas coit- 
cheann Gaoidhealtachd Alba ; le Alastoir Mac- 
Pharlain, M.A. minister an tSoisgeil ann Cill- 
Mheileairt, 's ann Cill an Inbhir. Entered in 
Stationers' Hall. Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an Reic 
le loin Orr, Leabhair - reiceadoir Ann Glas-gho. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1765. 

" Clodh-bhuailt' agus r'an reic le A. Orr an 

Glas-gho. 1765." 

Another Edition by A. Orr. Glasgow^ i770- 

Another Edition by A. Orr. Ibid.^ '^11^- 


Another Edition. Inverness^ '^11^- 

" Innoirnis. Clodh-bhuailt agus r'an reic le 

A. Davidson, agus W. Sharp. Leabhair-reiceadoir. 

1 774-" 

Another Edition by Eoin Gillies am Peairt. 

Perth^ 1779. 
BY the Same. Ibid.^ 1780. 

BY A. Orr. Glasgow^ 1780. 

BY John Gillies. Perth^ 1784. 

BY A. Orr. Glasgow, 1785. 

BY A. Orr. Ibid., 1786. 

BY A. Orr. Ibid., 1795. 

BY A. Orr. Ibid., 1796. 

BY G. Peattie. Edinburgh, 1796. 
BY G. Peattie. Ibid., 1797. 

BY A. Orr. Glasgow, 1799. 

BY Charles Stewart. 

Edinburgh, 1800. 
BY John Young. Inverness, 1804. 
BY John Young. Ibid., 18 13. 

BY Charles Stewart. 

Edinburgh, 18 19. 
BY Lucas Grant. Inverness, 1821. 

Psalms — Macfarlane*s Version with Brown's Notes. 

Inverness, 18 13. 

*' Sailm Dhaibhidh ann an Dan-Gaoidhealach do reir 
na Heabhra, agus an Eadar-theangachaidh a's fearr 
an Laidin, an Gaidhlig, 'san Gaill-bheurla. Air an 
glanadh a nis o mhearachdaibh lionmhor a chlodh- 
bhualaidh, agus air an atharrachadh do reir gne 
sgriobhaidh an t-seann Tiomnaidh agus an Tiomnaidh 
Nuaidh. Maille ri Mineachadh gearr (ach fior 
shoisgeulach) air gach Salm, ni a rinneadh air tus am 


Beurla, le Eoin Brown, Ministeir an T-Soisgeil an 
Haddington. Agus a Mineachadh ceudn' a nis air 
eadartheangachadh o na Bheurla gu Gaelic. Seinnidh 
mi leis an Spiorad, agus Seinnidh mi leis an Tuigse 
mar an ceudna i Cor. xiv. 15. Clodh-bhuailte an 
Inbhirneis le Alaister Friosiol 's le Luthais Grannd, 
Leabhar-Reiceadair an Inbhirneis. 18 13." i2mo. 
9 PP- '^33'^ PP- + ^4 PP- Catechism. 

This Edition is now very rare. Some copies have the 
date 1 81 2. The Translator of Brown's notes and Editor of 
the Edition was the Rev. Francis M'Bean. 

Psalms — Smith's Version. Edinburgh^ '^1^1- 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh maille ri Laoidhean o'n Scrioptur 
Naomha ; chum bhi air an seinn ann an aora Dhia. 
Air an leasachadh, agus air an cur amach do reir 
seolaidh, iartais, agus ughdarais Seanaidh Earra-Ghaeil. 
Le I. Smith, D.D., Dun-Eideann. Air son C. Elliot 
Leabhar - reiceadair MDCCLXXXVII." i2mo. 
396 pp. + 2 fF. Tunes. 

This seems to be the first impression. There are some 
copies with the word ' Clo-bhuailte ' inserted before the words 
* air son ' and also with the date in Arabic numerals on the 
Title-page. A very few minor errors are corrected in such 


Smith's Version, Published by John Paterson. 

Edinburgh^ ly^S. 
„ „ by G. Peattie. 

Ibid., 1797. 
„ „ by W. Anderson. 

Stirling, 1797. 
„ „ by W. Anderson. 

Ibid.yiy^Sy 1803, 1805, 1807, 1 8 10, 1 8 12. 


Smith's Version, Published by C. Stewart. 

Edinburgh^ 1799' 
„ Editions by W. Lang. 

Glasgow^ 1 8 14, 18 15, 18 17, 1 8 19, 1821, 1825. 
Smith's Version for Wm. Ettles & Co. 

Inverness^ 1821. 
„ for R. B. Lusk & Co. Ibid.^ 1824. 

„ for D. Stevenson. 

Edinburgh, 1824, 1825, 1826. 
„ for John Collie. Ibid., 1823. 

„ for R. Hutchison & Co. 

Glasgow, 1 826-1828. 
„ for Francis Orr & Sons. 

Ibid., 1830. 
„ for Francis Orr & Sons. 

Ibid., 1 83 1, 1833, 1840, 1842. 
„ for Alexander Gardner. 

Paisley, 1830. 
„ for Currie. Greenock, n.d. 

There have been a few more reprints of Smith's version. 
It is the version still used in the West Highlands. This 
Edition as amended by a Committee of the General Assembly 
is not now being printed separately. 

PsALMS — Ross' Version. Edinburgh, 1807. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh ann an Dan Gaidhealach do reir 
na Heabhra, agus an eadar-theangaichaidh a's fearr 
an Laidin, an Gaidhlig, 'san Gaill-bheurla, do thionns- 
gnadh le Seanadh Earra-Ghaidheall sa' bhliadhna, 
1 659, agus do chriochnaicheadh 'san [bhliadhna], 1694, 
r'an seinn ann Eaglaisibh 's ann an Teaghlaichibh 
Gaidhealach. Air an glanadh a nis o mhearachdaibh 
lionmhor a' Clodhbhualaidh, agus air an atharr- 
achadh le ro bheag caochlaidh air na briathraibh 
do reir gne sgriobhaidh an t-seann-Tiomnaidh agus 


an Tiomnaidh Nuaidh ; le Tomas Ros, A.M. Dun- 
edin : Clodh-bhuailte le Tearlach Stiuart ; agus r'an 
reic le Ogle agus Aikman, an Dunedin ; le M. 
Ogle, an Glascho ; agus le R. Ogle, 295 Holborn 
an Lunnain. 1807." i8mo. 25^ PP- 

This is a revision of Macfarlane's version, but it does not 
contain the Paraphrases. 

Another Edition of the Same. Edinburgh^ 1820. 

" Clodh-bhuailt' le Eoin Moir, agus r'an reic 

leis na leabhair-reicead-airibh anns gach aite d'an 
rioghachd. 1820." 

This Edition contains the Paraphrases with a separate 
Title-page. Printed in Edinburgh in 1818 by Charles 
Stewart. The Paraphrases contain 62 pages. 

A Reprint of 1807 Edition by F. Orr. 

Glasgow^ 1830. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh ann an dan Gaidhealach do reir 
na Heabhra. Glasgow : Published by Francis Orr. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1830. 

" . At the University Press for Stirling and 

Kenny. 1830." i8mo. 328 pp. 

Other Editions. GlasgoWy 1842, 1844. 

Psalms — General Assembly's Version. 

Edinburgh, 1826. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh, maille ri Laoidhibh air an tarruing 
o na Scrioptuiribh Naomha chum bhi air an seinn 
ann an aoradh Dhe. Air an Leasachadh, agus air an 
cur a mach le h-ughdarras Ardsheanaidh Eaglais na 
h-Alba. Air iarrtus agus costus na Cuideachd Urram- 


aich a ta chum eolas Criosdaidh a sgaoileadh air feadh 
Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba. Duneidin : Clodh- 
bhuailte le Donncha Stionsan. 1826." 4to. 

This quarto Edition of the Psalms was not issued separate 
from the quarto Bible of the same date. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1826. 
Svo Edition. 108 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1828. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Anderson agus 

Brise. 1828." 24mo. 4d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1827. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le I. & D. Collie. 

1827." i8mo. 436 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Anderson agus 

Brise. 1829." 8vo. 72 pp. 

Double columns and small print. 

Another Edition. Greenock^ 1832. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh maille ri Laoidhibh air an tarruing 
o na Sgrioptuiribh Naomha, chum bhi air an seinn 
ann an aoradh Dhe. Clodh-bhualadh Nuadh. Air 
a mhion-sgrudadh agus air a leasachadh. Printed 
for R. B. Lusk, Greenock ; Oliver & Boyd, and 
Waugh & Innes, Edin. By Alex. Gardner, Paisley. 
1832." i8mo. 362 pp. + 16 pp. Catechism. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

352 pp. by D. R. Collie. 


Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1842. 

" Sailm Dhaibhidh maille ri Laoidhibh air an tarruing 
o na Sgriobtuiribh naomha. The Psalms of David 
and Paraphrases of several passages of sacred Scripture. 
Edinburgh: Thornton and Collie. 1842." Sm. 8vo. 
212 pp. 

The English and Gaelic are printed in parallel columns. 
Other Editions by F. Orr. Glasgow, 1842, 1844. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1836. 

"Sailm Dhaibhidh." i2mo. 26 pp. ending Psalm 
xviii. 12. 

No more was ever published. The type is clear and 

Psalms — Smith's New Testament Psalms. 

Glasgow, 1 80 1. 
" Sailm Dhaibhidh air an deana' ni's iomchuidh arson 
aora' Chriostuidhean. A new Gaelic Version of the 
Psalms of David, more adapted to Christian Worship, 
and to the capacity of plain and illiterate persons, by 
John Smith, D.D. Glasgow : Printed by Niven, 
Napier & Kull, and sold by J. & A. Duncan, Book- 
sellers, Trongate. 1801." i8mo. viii + 232pp. 

This version was modelled after Dr. Isaac Watts' Para- 
phrases of the Psalms. It is said that Dr. Smith had to 
withdraw the work from circulation as he was threatened 
with prosecution for heresy on account of it. We have failed 
to find any trace of heresy in the work, but the same cannot 
be said of Dr. Smith's earlier work * Sean Dana.'' The work 
is now scarce. It was issued at is. 6d. 

Rainy (Miss C), Gospel in India. Paisley, 1888. 

" An Soisgeul ann an India le C. Rainy (Duneideann) 
Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic leis an Urr. J. G. 


Macneill (Cawdor). J. and R. Parlane, Paisley. 
1888." 8vo. 2ff.+ i97pp. 
A Map of India before Title. 

Rainy (Rev. Dr. R.), On Declaratory Act. n.d. 

" Litir leis an Urr. Robart Rainy, D.D. air Achd 
Mineachaidh Eaglais Shaor na h-Alba, mu Leabhar 
Aidmheil a' Chreideamh." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Rankin (Rev. Ronald, R.C), The Saviour's 
Lullaby. 1855. 

" Taladh Ar Slanuighear. Air Fonn ' Cumha Mhic 
Arois ' " and at the end '* Cuimhneachan do Chloinn 
Mhuideart bho Raonall Mac-Raing. An T-8mh 
Mios. 1855.'" i2mo. 4 pp. 

These copies were circulated among the Parishioners on 
the emigration of the Author to Australia. 

Reid (Duncan), Gaelic Grammar. Partick^ ^^9S- 

" A Course of Gaelic Grammar by Duncan Reid, 
F.S.L.A., Teacher of Gaelic in the High School of 
Glasgow. [Here a woodcut.] (First Edition.) John 
Thomlinson, Partick, Glasgow. Edinburgh and 
Glasgow : Menzies & Co. 1895." Sm. 8vo. 3ff. + 
I f. short + 148 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1902. 

Reid (Duncan), Gaelic Course. Glasgow^ 1908. 

" An Elementary Course of Gaelic by Duncan Reid, 
Author of A Course of Gaelic Grammar, etc. Printed 
and Published for An Comunn Gaidhealach by Archd. 
Sinclair, Celtic Press, 47 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. 

This is the Title of a Prospectus of the work. 


Richmond (Rev. Leigh), Dairyman's Daughter. 

Glasgow y 1822. 

Two Titles. " Nighean an Airiche ; or the Dairyman's 
Daughter in Gaelic ; by M. Maclaurin, translator of 
Dyer's Golden Chain. Glasgow : Printed by Young 
and Gallie. 1822." 

*' Nighean an Airiche, cunntas firinneach agus 
cudthromach. Ann an cuig earranaibh. Air a thoirt 
air aghaidh le aon do Chleir na h-Eaglais Shasnaich. 
A nis air eadar-theangachadh le C. Maclaurinn. 
Eadar - theangair ' Ainmeana Cliuteach Chriosd ' 
Glaschu. Clo-bhuailte le A. Og agus D. Galie, agus 
r'an reic airson an Eadar-theangair. 1822." i2mo. 
64 pp. 6d. 

Another Edition. London^ n.d. 

*' London : Religious Tract Society, 56 Pater- 
noster Row." i2mo. 59 pp. 

Richmond (Rev. Leigh), "An Ceud Ghin Spioradail." 

Ritchie (Rev. R. Lamont), Poems of A. Lamont. 

Inverness [1899]. 

Two Titles — " Some Unpublished Gaelic Songs, The 
Compositions of Angus Lamont, at one time a well- 
known Bard in Mull and the adjacent Isles. By 
Rev. R. L. Ritchie. Reprinted from the Trans- 
actions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness^ Vol. 

" Co - chruinneachadh Dhuan, le Aonghas Mac 
Laomainn, tuathanach ann an I Chalum-Chille, air an 
trusadh leis an Urr. R. MacLaomainn Ritchie, Sgir 
Craoidh, Cataobh." 8vo. 20 pp. 


Angus Lamont the Poet was born in the Island of Ulva 
about the year 1770, where in course of time he became a 
teacher. At the same time Lamont was the tenant of a 
small farm on the island, to the cultivation of which, with 
the help of his neighbours, he paid a great deal of attention. 
It was while in lona most of his Songs and Poems were 
composed. In Lamont's poetry we find frequent allusions 
to industries and customs now quite obsolete, but still re- 
membered by the older generation of the Hebrides. The 
Editor has done ample justice to the work of his near 
kinsman, who died in lona in the year 1856, leaving a 
family that attained to very important positions in Glasgow, 
Edinburgh, and abroad. We may further remark that the 
Celtic scholar will find in Lamont's poetry many rare — 
if not unique words — and expressions, worthy of being 
enshrined in a standard lexicographical work. One hundred 
copies of this work were printed for private circulation by 
the Editor. 

Robertson (Alexander), Gaelic Dictionary. 

circa 1803. 

Of this work one part at least was printed, which is in the 
Advocates' Library, with the remaining parts in MS. bound 
in two volumes. Alexander Robertson was a schoolmaster 
at Kirkmichael, Perthshire. 

Robertson (Angus), An t-Ogha-Mor. Glasgow^ 1913- 

*' ' An t-ogha-mor ' Uirsgial fhada Sgiathanach, le 
Aonghas Macdhonnachaidh (' Mac-Rob ') suas ri 300 
taobh duilleig." 

The publication of this volume was announced for the 
Autumn of 1913. 3s. 6d. [Advertisement.] 

Robertson (Charles), Spiritual Hymns. 

Edinburgh^ 1856. 

*' Laoidhean Spioradail : le Tearlach Robertson, ann 
an Duneidin. Duneidin : Clobhuailte airson an 
Ughdair. 1856." i2mo. 39 pp. is. 

The late Charles Robertson lived at 4 Old Broughton. 

Robertson's Lily among Thorns. Perth^ 1866. 

RoDDiE & Macbean Melodies. Inverness^ 1878. 

" Orain agus Fuinn Ghaidhealach. Popular Gaelic 
Melodies, with Gaelic and English Words (Sol-fa 
Notation), Part I. Altered and much improved. 
Edited by W. S. Roddie and L. Macbean. Inverness : 
J. M. Duncan, The Highlander Office. Edinburgh : 
Mac Lachlan & Stewart. Glasgow : W. Love, Argyle 
Street. 1878." 8vo. 24 pp. 
No more published. 

Roddie & Macbean Melodies. Edinburgh^ '^^11- 

" — — Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. Glasgow : 
W, Love, Argyle Street ; London : F. Pitman, 20 
Paternoster Row. 1877." 8vo. 24 pp. 

Roddie (W. S.), "An Coisreach — The Gaelic 
Chorister." [Advertisement.] 

Roman Catholic Hymns for Children. Oban^ 1889. 

'* Laoidhean Caitliceach airson Chloinne. Le cead 
an Easbuig. Oban : Printed at the Oban Times Office, 
Esplanade. 1889." i2mo. 15 pp. 

Rose (John), Collection of Hymns. Inverness, 18 15. 

" Co-Chruinneachadh de Dhain Spioradail, cuid dhiu 
nodha, cuid air an eadar-theangachadh o'n Bheurla, 
agus cuid air an ath-chlodh-bhualadh. Inbhirneis : 
Clobhuailte le Alastair Friseil, 's le Chuideachd, air-son 
E. Rose, agus r'an reic leis-san, agus le Luthais Grannt. 
Leabhar-reiceadair an Inbhirneis. 18 15." i2mo. 
52 pp. 

This collection is extremely rare ; we have met with 
three copies only. 


Rose (John), Metrical Reliques. Inverness^ 1851. 

Two Titles. " Metrical Reliques of * The Men ' in 
the Highlands ; or Sacred Poetry of The North, by 
Mackay of Mudale (Anno 1700) ; Matheson, Suther- 
landshire (1747) ; Maclauchlan, Abriachan (1760) ; 
Mrs. Clark, Badenoch (1800) ; W. Mackenzie & 
D. Macrae, Inverness (1830). With Introduction 
and Brief Memoirs, in English. Collected and Edited 
by John Rose, translator of Bunyan, Watson, Boston, 
Brooks, &c. Thou hast hid these things from the 
wise and prudent ; and hast revealed them unto babes. 
Matt. xi. 25. Inverness : Printed by Mackintosh & 
Co., 9 Church Street ; and sold by the Booksellers 
in Town. MDCCCLI." 

" Baird Na Gaidhealtachd mu Thuath — Laoidhean 
agus Dana Spioradail le Uilleam Mac-Choinnich, 
Lachlann Mac-Lachlann, Bean Torra-Dhamh, Iain 
Mac-Aoidh, Domhnull Mac-Radh, agus Domhnull 
Mathanach. Maille ri Gearr-iomradh mu'm beatha, 
agus mu'n cliu, ann am Beurla. Air an cruinneachadh 
ri cheile le Iain Rose. Eabh xi. 4. Air dha bhi 
marbh tha e fathast a' labhairt." i2mo. i f. 
English Title on recto and Gaelic Title on recto + 
I f. short + xiv + 3 ff. + 5-8 pp. + 284 pp. 
This work is now very scarce. 

Rose (Rev. W.), Elegy On. Glasgow^ 1883. 

" Marbh-rann do'n Urramach Uilleam Rose, Ministeir 
an T-Soisgeil an Sgire Phoiliu. 

' Cuimhn* is iomradh a chaoidh 
Bidh air an fhirean choir.' 

Salm cxii. 6. 

* Ged chaidh dail ann do mharbhrann, 
Labhraidh balbhachd ri ceill.' 

Rob Donn. 


Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte le G. Mac-na-Ceardadh, 62 
Sraid Earraghaidheil. 1883." 8vo. 8 pp. 

Ross (Rev. R.), On Sustentation Fund. 

Stornoway, 1896. 

" Earal mu Shustentation Fund na h-Eaglais Shaoir." 
8vo. 7 pp. 

Ross (William), Poems and Songs. Inverness^ 1830. 

'* Orain Ghaelach le Uilleam Ros. Air an Sgrio- 
bhadh, agus air an co-chruinneachadh ri cheile le 
Iain Mac-Coinnich ann an Inbheiriue. 

''S dubhach mi gun iolach sholais, 
Ach tursa broin a' sior eigheachd, 
A chruit chiuil is binne mire 
Cha duisg mo chridhe gu h-eibhneas ; 
Cha chluinn mi tuille do choradh, 
Bu bhinne na ceol na'n teudan, 
Na smeorach 'san ghleannan fhasaich 
'S na cuthag air bharr na geige.' 

Inverness : Printed by R. Carruthers, for Lewis 
Grant, and D. Macculoch, Booksellers. 1830." 

Circumstances seem to indicate that the work was 
printed in 1833 and not in 1830. The Editor undoubtedly 
took extravagant liberties with these poems. This Edition 
rightly omits the song, ' A Chuachag nan Craobh^ which was 
composed not by Ross but by Macdonald of Dalness, many 
years before Ross was born. Macdonald's life and misfortunes 
had much in common with Ross. A very rare Edition. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1834. 

" Orain Ghaelach le Uilleam Ros. Air an co- 
chruinneachadh ri cheile le Iain Mac-Choinnich 
ann an Inbhiriue. An Dara Clo - bhualadh. 


MDCCCXXXIV. Glasgow: John Reid & Co. 
Edinburgh : OUver & Boyd. London : Whittaker, 
Arnott & Co." 8vo. 99 pp. 

This work was stereotyped by Maclachlan & Stewart in 
1868, when the press was corrected by D, C. Macpherson. 
In 1868, 250 copies J in 1870, 250 copies; in 1870, 300 
copies ; in 1877, 450 copies were printed. 

Russel's Seven Sermons. Edinburgh. 

Rutherford (Samuel), Advice to Mourners. 

Ryle (Rev. J. C), Peace ! Be Still ! Greenock^ n.d. 

" Peace ! Be Still ! By the Rev. J. C. Ryle, B. A. 
Tosd ! Bi samhach ! Earrann bheag do Eachdair- 
eachd ar Tighearna. Beachdan air Marc iv. 37-40. 
Leis ann Urramach J. C. Rile, B.A., Ministeir 
Elmingham ann an Suffolc. [Here a quotation from 
George Herbert.] Air eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic 
le Ministeir ann an Earra-Ghael. Grianaig : Clo- 
bhuailte le A. Mac-Coinnich, agus a chuideachd." 
8vo. 42 pp. 

St. Columba Collection of Gaelic Songs. 

Paisley^ n.d. 

"Part I. A' Choisir Chiuil. The St. Columba 
Collection of Gaelic Songs arranged for Part-singing. 
J. & R. Parlane, Paisley ; J. Menzies and Co., Edin- 
burgh and Glasgow ; Houlston and Son, London." 

This work is complete in four numbers at sixpence each. 

Sankey (Ira D.), Sacred Hymns. Glasgow^ 1874. 

*' Laoidhean airson Tioman Beannachd. [Hymns 
for Times of Blessing.] Translated by Rev. A. 


Macrae from Mr. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos, 
&c. By special permission, and adapted to be sung 
to his Music. Glasgow : Francis Orr & Sons. . . ." 
i2mo. 14 pp. + I f. Contents. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1894. 

Edinburgh : John Grant. Oban : Hugh 

Macdonald, 1894. 

Satire on Crinolines. n.d. 

"Aoir do na Hoops, &c. Air fonn, ^Leon do 
chnamhan dubha mi.' " 

Savings Bank Advantages. n.d. 

'* Am Feum agus a' chomhfhurtachd tha 'g eirigh 
o na bainc-Thearnaidh ; air a chur an ceill ann an 
Comh - chomhradh eadar Uilleam Caimbeal agus 
DonuU Mac-IUeain." i2mo. 12 pp. 

Schiller (Frederick), William Tell. 

Inverness y 1893. 

"Tell (Uilleam Tell). Le Frederick Schiller air 
'Eadar-Theangachadh o'n Ghearmailteach gu Gaidhlig. 
Le K. W. G. Inverness : Northern Chronicle Office. 
Oban : Hugh Macdonald, Esplanade, 1893." i2mo. 
123 pp. Price: Paper Covers, is.; Cloth Boards, 
IS. 6d. 

The Translator was Mrs. K. Whyte Grant, a relation 
of the well-known Celtic Scholars, the brothers John and 
Henry Whyte. A Collection of her Gaelic Writings with 
the Tide '■Aig Tigh Na Beinne ' is published. 



Gaelic Society Schools — First Series 

Maclaren (Alexander), First Book. 

Edinburgh^ 18 11. 

Two Titles. " The First Book for Children in the 
Gaelic Language, composed by Alexander M'^Laurin. 
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when 
he is old, he will not depart from it. Prov. xxii. 6. 
Edinburgh : Printed for the Society for the Support 
of Gaelic Schools, by A. Balfour ; and sold by 
Oliphant, Innes, and Waugh ; Manners and Miller, 
and William Whyte, Booksellers, 18 11." 

" An Ceud Leabhar a chum leughadh na Gaelic a 
theagasg do chloinn ann Gael \sic\. Air a chur ri 
cheile le Alastair Mac Lauruinn, Teagasg leanaibh a 
thaobh na slighe air an cor dha imeachd ; agus an 
uair a bhios e scan cha treig e i. Gnath-fhocail 
xxii. 6. Dun-Eudainn : Clodh-bhuailte airson na 
cuideachd a ta chum cumail suas Tighean-foghluim 
Gaidhealacha. 1811." i8mo. 104 pp. 4<^- 

Anderson (Christopher), First Book for Class IL 

Edinburgh^ 18 16. 

" Two Titles. The First Book which is used in 
the Gaelic Circulating Schools. [Here a Scripture 
quotation.] Edinburgh : Printed by Andrew Balfour, 
for the Society for the Support of Gaelic Schools. 
Sold at the Society's Depository, No. 14, within the 
Royal Exchange. 181 6." 

** An Ceud Leabhar ; or Primer which is used by class 
second in the Gaelic Circulating Schools. [Here a 
Scripture quotation.] Dun-Eudainn : Clodh-bhuailte 



airson na cuideachd a ta chum cumail suas tighean- 
foghluim Gaidhealacha. 1816." 241110. 24 pp. 2d. 

Anderson (Christopher), Guide to Gaelic Reading. 

Edinburgh, 18 16. 

Two Titles. " Guide to the Reading of the Gaelic 
Language : being the book which is used by class 
third, in the Gaelic Circulating Schools. [Here two 
Scripture quotations.] Edinburgh : Printed by 
Andrew Balfour for the Society for the Support of 
Gaelic Schools. Sold at the Society's Depository. 
No. 14, within the Royal Exchange. 18 16." 

" Leabhar - luil chum leughadh na Gaelic, air son 
foghlmuine na Treas Buidhne ann an scoilibh im- 
shiubhlach na Gaeltachd. [Here two Scripture 
quotations.] Dun-Eudainn : Clodh-bhuailte air son 
na cuideachd a ta chum cumail suas tighean-foghluim 
Gaidhealacha. 18 16." 24mo. 60 pp. 4d. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1820. 

Maclaurin (Alexander), Elements of the Gaelic 
Language. Edinburgh, 18 16. 

Two Titles. " The Elements of the Gaelic Language, 
composed for the use of the Gaelic Circulating 
Schools. By Alexander M^Laurin. Second Edition. 
Corrected. Part First. [Here a Scripture 
quotation.] Edinburgh : Printed by Andrew 
Balfour for the Society for the Support of the Gaelic 
Schools. Sold at the Society's Depository, No. 14 
Royal Exchange. 18 16." 

" Tus Theagasg na Canain Ghaelich. Air a chur ri 
cheile airson feuma nan aite-foghluim atharrachail 
Gaedhleachacha. Le Alastair MacLauruinn. An 


Dara Clodh - bhualadh, an ceud earrann. [Here a 
Scripture quotation.] Dun - Eudainn : Clodh- 
bhuailte air son na cuideachd a ta chum cumail suas 
tighean - foghluim Gaidhealacha. 18 16." 24mo. 
60 pp. 

" Part Second." 24mo. 54 pp. 4d. 

Gospel of St. Luke. Glasgow^ 18 15. 

" An Soisgeul a Reir Lucais. Glasgow. 18 15." 

This is printed in double columns — Gaelic on the left 
and English on the right. 

Gaelic Society Schools — Second Series 

JMacbean (Francis), First Book. Edinburgh, 1823. 
"An Leabhar air son na ceud Bhuidhne anns na 
Sgoilibh Gaelach Gluasadach. [Here Scripture 
quotations.] Duneidin : air a Chlo - bhualadh air 
son a' chomuinn a tha cumail suas nan sgoilean 
Gaelach anns an Gaeltachd agus Eileanibh na h-Alba. 
1823." 24mo. 36 pp. 2d. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 1825. 

Third Edition. Ibid., 1827. 

Fourth Edition. Ibid., 1831. 

Another Edition. Ibid., 1842. 

Macbean (Francis), Second Book. Edinburgh, 1824. 

" Leabhar air son na dara buidhne anns na sgoilibh 
Gae'Iach Gluasadach, air a chur ri cheile le Fraing 
M^'Bheathain. [Here three Scripture quotations.] 


Duneidin : air a chlo-bhualadh airson a' chomuinn 
a tha cumail suas nan sgoilean Gaelach ann an 
Gaelteachd agus Eileanaibh na h - Alba. 1824." 
i8mo. 72 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1825. 

Third Edition. Ihid.^ 1827. 

Fourth Edition. Ibid.^ 1844. 

Fifth Edition. Ibid.^ 1850. 

School Books — Scripture Extracts. Edinburgh^ 1825. 

Two Titles. " Scripture Extracts for the use of the 
Schools supported by the Gaelic School Society in 
the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Second 
Edition. Edinburgh : Printed for the Society by 
Duncan Stevenson, and sold at the Society's Deposi- 
tory, 50 South Bridge Street. 1825." 

" Earrannan do na Scriobtuiribh air an cur r'a cheile 
air son Sgoilean A' chomuinn a tha cumail suas 
nan sgoilean Gaelach ann an Gaeltachd agus 
Eileanaibh na h-Alba, an dara clo - bhualadh. 
Duneidin : air an clo-bhualadh airson a' chomuinn, le 
Donncha Stionsan, agus ran reic ann an Tigh- 
Gleidhidh a' chomuinn, 50 ann an Sraid na Drochaide 
Deas. 1825." i8mo. 104 pp. 

Third Edition. 106 pp. Edinburgh^ 1827. 

S.P.C.K. Schools 

A Gaelic Spelling-Book. Edinburgh^ 1815. 

" A Gaelic Spelling-Book, published by The Society 
in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge 


for the use of their Schools. Edinburgh : Printed 
by C. Stewart. 18 15." i6mo. 73 pp. 

This was reprinted in 1821 by J. Collie, Cowgate ; and 
in 1842 by Thornton and Collie, St. David Street, 

The General Assembly Schools 

" An Ceud Leabhar airson nan sgoilean Gaelach a ta 
air an cumail suas le Comunn Ard-Sheanaidh Eaglais 
na h-Alba. Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Iain 
Collie. 1826." 1 8 mo. 18 pp. 3d. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ 1827. 

Third Edition. Ihid. 

Fourth Edition. Ihid.^ 1831. 

Reprints. Ibid.^ 1841, 1847, 1864, 1871. 

" An Dara Leabhar." 72 pp. Edinburgh^ 1826. 

Reprints of Same. Ibid.^ 1837, 1853, 1871. 

" An Treas Leabhar." 108 pp. Edinburgh^ 1^26. 
Second Edition. Ibid.y 1827. 

Reprints. Ibid.y 1837, 1857. 

"An Ceathramh Leabhar." 144 pp. 

Edinburgh^ 1826. 
Reprints. Ibid.^ 1827, 1871. 

Scotch Songs with Gaelic Translations. 

Inverness^ 1829. 

" A Choice Collection of Scotch Songs with Gaelic 
Translations, arranged on opposite pages. Second 
Edition, enlarged and improved. Inverness : D. 
Morrison & Co. 1829." i8mo. 34 pp. 6d. 


Scottish Gaelic as a Specific Subject. 

Glasgow, 1893. 

"The Scottish Gaelic as a Specific Subject. Stage I. 
Compiled by a Committee of the Highland Associa- 
tion ' Duisg suas a Ghaidhlig, 's tog do ghuth ' N. 
Mac Leoid. Published for the Highland Association 
by Archibald Sinclair, 10 Bothwell Street, Glasgow ; 
Norman Macleod, Edinburgh ; Hugh Macdonald, 
Oban ; Thomas Boyd, Oban. 1893. (Copyright.) " 
Cr. 8vo. 128 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1893. 

Scottish Life Assurance Company, The. 

Edinburgh, 1882. 

" Assurance Beatha A' Chomuinn Albannaich, Le 
Criochan Limited. Meur comhnuidh a Gnothuich. 
Ullachadh airson Teaghlaich agus airson scan aois air 
a dheanadh cinnteach le beagan a phaigheadh miosail. 
An T-Ardthigh Gnothuich ann an 26 Sraid Dheorsa, 
Duneidean. 1882." i2mo. 12 pp. 

The translation was made by Mrs. Mary Mackellar. 

ScupoLi (Lorenzo), Spiritual Combat. Perth, 1835. 

" An Cath Spioradail : Air a Thionndadh gu Gaidhlig 
le Eoghan Mac Eachainn. Is aona chogadh beatha 
mhic-an-duine air talamh. Job vii. i. Peirt : Clo- 
bhuailte le Morisons. 1835." i2mo. 3ff.+ i62pp. 
+ 6 pp. + 6 pp. 

Second Edition. Perth, 1908. 

" An Cath Spioradail le Lorentzo Scupoli : Eadar- 
theangaichte leis an Athair Eoghan Mac Eachainn 
nach maireann. Clo-bhualadh ur, fo laimh Ruaraidh 


Arascain is Mh^irr (Clo-Chlar Caitliceach na h-Alba 
1907). Peairt : Albainn. 1908." i2mo. xii+ 187pp. 

Shaw (Rev. Wm.), Analysis of the Gaelic. 

Edinburgh^ iJjS. 
" An Analysis of the Gaelic Language, of the Gaelic 
Language \sic\. A.M. (Forsan et haec olim meminisse 
juvabit, Virg.) Edin. 1778." \X.o. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ ^11^' 

*' The Second Edition. Edinburgh : Printed 

by W. & T. Ruddiman, for R. Jamieson, Parliament 
Square. 1778." 8vo. 171 pp. 

Shaw (Rev. Wm.), A Gaelic Dictionary. 

London^ 1780. 
Two Titles. " A Galic and English Dictionary, 
Containing all the words in the Scotch and Irish 
Dialects of the Celtic that could be collected from the 
voice, and Old Books and MSS. By the Rev. William 
Shaw, A.M. Volume I. London : Printed for the 
Author by W. and A. Strahan ; and sold by J. 
Murray, Fleet Street ; P. Elmsly, Strand ; C. Elliot, 
J. Balfour, and R. Jamieson, Edinburgh ; D. Prince, 
Oxford ; Messrs. Merril, Cambridge; Wilson, Dublin ; 
and Pissot at Paris. MDCCLXXX." 

" An English and Galic Dictionary, Containing the 
most necessary Articles in the English Language with 
the opposite Galic Words. By the Rev. William Shaw, 
A.M. Volume II. London : Printed for the Author 
by W. and A. Strahan, and sold by P. Elmsly, Strand ; 
C. Elliot, and R. Jamieson, Edinburgh ; D. Prince, 
Oxford ; Messrs. Merril, Cambridge ; Wilson, 
Dublin, and Pissot at Paris. MDCCLXXX." 4to. 

The two volumes are almost always found bound together. 
No pagination is used. 


Shepherd (Rev. Thomas), The Christian Pocket 
Book. Edinburgh^ 1778. 

" Leabhar Pochcaid a Chriosduidh anns am bheil da 
fhichead Comhairle chaomh Chairdeil chum cleachd- 
adh na Diadhaichd, aith-ghearr agus soilleir iomchuidh 
dha Thuigse anmhann maoran thaobh na cuis agus a 
ghne. [Eabh xiii. 22 quoted.] Leis an Urramach Mr. 
Tomas Shepheard. Clo-bhuailt' ann Dun-eidin am 
bliana. MDCCLXXVTII." i2mo. 15 pp. 

Extremely rare. 

Short Sermons. Edinburgh^ 1827. 

" Searmonean Goirid, gu h-araid air son feum na 
muinntir sin aig am bheil beag uine a leughadh feadh- 
ainn a tha ni's faide. Thugabh an aire nach diult 
sibh easan a ta labhairt ; oir mur deachaidh iadsan as 
a dhiult an ti a labhair o Dhia riu air talamh, is mor 
is lugha na sin a theid sinne as ma thionndaidheas 
sinn air falbh uaithe-san a ta labhairt o neamh : 
Eabh xii. 25. Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte le Anderson 
agus Brise. 1827." Sm. 8vo. 26 pp. 

Very rare. 

Another Edition of the Same. L.R.T.S. 

London, i^SS- 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Clarsach na Coille. 

Glasgow y 1 88 1. 

" Clarsach na Coille : A Collection of Gaelic Poetry 
by the Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair, Springville, Nova 

Chlann nan Gaidheal, bithibh cuimhneach 
Air 'ur cainnt a chur an cleachdamh ; 
Cha'n iarr i iasad air canain 
'S bheir i-fein do chach am pailteas, 


Gut mairg a leigeadh air diochuimhne 
A' chainnt rioghail, bhrioghail, bhlasda ; 
'S mor an onair anns gach am 
Do dh'aon a labhras i le ceartas. 

Am Bard Mac-Gilleain. 

Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street ; 
R. M'Gregor & Co.,' 45 Bridge Street. 
MDCCCLXXXI." 1 2mo. xxvi + 345 pp. 

This Collection contains nearly all the songs in John 
Maclean's volume, Edinburgh, 1 8 18, with few additional 
poems, and biographical notes by the Editor, the grandson 
of the Poet. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), The Glenbard Col- 
lection OF Songs. Charlottetown^ 1890. 

" Comhchruinneachadh Ghlinn-a-Bhaird. The Glen- 
bard Collection of Gaelic Poetry. By the Rev. A. 
Maclean Sinclair. Charlottetown : Haszard & Moore ; 
William Drysdale & Co., Montreal ; James Thin, 
Edinburgh. 1890." i2mo. xii + 230 + 40 + 261- 
394 PP- 

The page printed 230 ought to have been 220, so that 
the pagination begins correctly at page 261. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Gaelic Bards, 1411- 
17 1 5. Charlottetown y 1890. 

" The Gaelic Bards from i4iitoi7i5. By the Rev. 
A. Maclean Sinclair. Charlottetown : Haszard & 
Moore; William Drysdale & Co., Montreal; James 
Thin, Edinburgh. 1890." i2mo. xxxii 4- 2 1 6 pp. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Gaelic Bards, 17 15- 
1765. Charlottetown^ 1892. 

"The Gaelic Bards from i7i5toi765. By the Rev. 
A. Maclean Sinclair. Charlottetown : Haszard & 


Moore, i68 Queen Street. 1892." i2mo. vii + 
260 pp. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Gaelic Bards, 1775- 
1825. Sydney, C.B., 1896. 

"The Gaelic Bards from 1775 to 1825. By the 
Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair. Sydney, C.B. The 'Mac- 
Talla'Office. 1896." i2mo. vii + 174 pp. + 2 ff. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Mactalla nan Tur. 

Sydney, C.B., 1901. 

" Mactalla nan Tur. By the Rev. A. Maclean 

Sinclair. Sydney, C.B. Mac-Talk Publishing Co., 

Ltd. 1901." i2mo. vi+126 pp.+ i f. short. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), Filidh na Coille. 

Charlottetown, 1901. 

" Filidh na Coille. Dain agus Orain leis a' Bhard 
Mac Gilleain agus le feadhainn eile. Air a dhean- 
amh deas leis an Urr. A. Mac-Gilleain Sinclair. 
[Here quotation as in ' Clarsach na Coille.'^ Char- 
lottetown, P.E. Island. The Examiner Publishing 
Company. 1901." i2mo. 197 pp. 

Very small leaf between pages 196 and 197. 

Sinclair (Rev. A. Maclean), The Maclean Bards. 

Charlottetown, 1898. 

*' Na Baird Leathanach. The Maclean Bards. By 
the Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair. Vol. I. The Old 
Maclean Bards. Charlottetown : Haszard and Moore. 
1898." i2mo. 277 pp. 


There are notes, biographical and historical, of great 

Vol. II. 1900. i2mo. 2 ff. + 176 pp. + I f . Errata. 

Sinclair (Arch., Sen.), Select Poems, First Series. 

Glasgow^ 1859. 

" Select English Poems with Gaelic Translations 
arranged on opposite pages, also several pieces of 
Original Gaelic Poetry. Compiled by Archibald 
Sinclair. Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle 
Street ; George Gallic, 99 Buchanan Street, and other 
Booksellers. MDCCCLIX." 8vo. vi+i56pp. 

A fresh title was issued in 1862. 
Second Series. Glasgow^ 1867. 

Sinclair (Arch., Sen.), Hymns. Glasgow^ 1869. 

" Laoidhean eadar-theangaichte o'n Bheurla. Glaschu : 
G. Mac - na - Ceardadh, 62 Sraid Earraghaidheil. 
1869." i2mo. 2>Z PP- 

Sinclair (Arch., Jun.), The Songster. 

Glasgow, 1876-79. 

" The Gaelic Songster. An T-Oranaiche ; no Co- 
Thional Taghta do Grain Ur agus Shean, a chuid 
mhor dhiubh nach robh riamh roimhe ann clo, le 
Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh. 

Nuair a theannas iad ri luinneig 
'S binn iad na guileag na h-eala. 

'S mor is binne fuaim nan nionag 
Na ceol piob air thus a' bhannail. 

Bidh a turn an laimh gach te dhuibh, 
'S bidh a beul a' seinn na h-ealaidh. 

Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street ; 


Robert M'Gregor & Co., 45 Bridge Street. 
MDCCCLXXIX." 8vo. xvi + 527 pp. 

The work was issued in five parts at one shilling each. 
This is undoubtedly one of the most popular Gaelic Song 
Books ever published. 

Sinclair (Rev. Allan), The Grants of Glenmoris- 
TON. Edinburgh^ 1887. 

*' Reminiscences historical and traditional of the 
Grants of Glenmoriston, with Selections from the 
Songs and Elegies of their Bards. By the Rev. A. 
Sinclair, M.A., F.C.S.M. Edinburgh : Maclachlan 
& Stewart. Inverness : A. & W. Mackenzie. 1887." 
Sm. 4to. 4fF. + f. Portrait +118 pp. 

Sinclair (Miss Hannah), Letter on Christian 
Religion. Edinburgh^ 18 19. 

'* Litir air Ceud-Thuis a* Chreidimh Chriosdaidh, 
sgriobhta le Hannah N'Ic-na-Ceaird (Nighean is sine 
a' Cheart Urramaich Sir Iain Mac-na-Ceaird, R.) a 
bhasuich air an 22 do Mhaigh 18 18, agus air a 
h-eadar-theangachadh gu Gaelic le Iain Mac-na- 
Ceaird 'an Raineach. 

Chriochnaich mi mo thuras. 
Ghleidh mi an Creidimh. 

2 Tim. 2 V. 3. 

Dun-eudainn : Clo'-bhuailte airson an Eadar-theang- 
air, le Raibeard Meinne. 18 19." i2mo. i f. -|- 
78 pp. 
Very rare. 

Sinclair (John), Hymn on Tiree Revivals. 

circa 1875. 
" Laoidh Aithghearr le Iain Mac-na-Cearda, Ministir 
an t-Soisgeil ann an America air dha chluinntinn 
mu'n dusgadh spioradail ann an Eilean Thiridhe." 


A broadsheet. The Rev. John Sinclair left Tiree for 
North America about the year 1840. He was known as 
^ Iain Mac Phara Mhoir^ It is said that he was the Author 
of *An Historical and Genealogical Account of The Clan 
Maclean.' London^ 1838. 

Sinners Saved by Grace. 

Another Edition by Munro. Glasgow^ 1859. 

Sinner's Friend. Glasgow^ 1871. 

" Caraid a' Pheacaich. By Permission. G. Gallic 
& Son, Glasgow ; Maclachlan & Stewart, Edin- 
burgh ; Alex. Gardner, Paisley. 1871." i2mo. 
36 pp. 3d. 

Another Edition, translated by Munro. 

Glasgow y 1882. 

SiNTON (Rev. Dr.), The Poetry of Badenoch. 

Inverness^ 1906. 

"The Poetry of Badenoch, collected and edited, 
with Translations, Introductions, and Notes, by the 
Rev. Thomas Sinton, Minister of Dores. 

O ! sid am fonn a chuala mi 
An uair a bha mi 6g. 
(That was the melody I heard 
The time when I was young). 

James Munro. 

Inverness : The Northern Counties Publishing 
Company, Ltd. 1906." Demy 8vo. xxxvii+i f. 
Errata 4- 576 pp. 

The price was a guinea on ordinary paper, and a guinea 
and a half on large paper. The book is written in vivid 
and charming style, and relates family history, habits, and 
customs of Badenoch that have passed away. Of living 
antiquaries, we believe that only Dr. Sinton could have done 
justice to the subjects treated of here. 


Smith (Rev. Dr. John), Galic Antiquities. 

Edinburgh, 1780. 

Smith (Rev. Dr. John), Ancient Poems. 

Edinburgh, 1787. 
'* Sean Dana ; le Oisian, Orrann, Ulann, &c. Ancient 
Poems of Ossian, Orrann, Ullin, &c. Collected in 
the Western Highlands and Isles, being the Originals 
of the Translations sometime ago published in the 
Gaelic Antiquities. By John Smith, D.D., Minister 
of the Gospel at Campbelton. 

Rusticitas mihi prisca placet salebrosque vocum 
Fragmina quae patriis in montibus audiit olim 
Cum proavis, atavus, quique hos genuere parentes. 

Edinburgh : Printed for Charles Elliot, and for C. 
Elliot, T. Kay & Co. No. 332. Opposite Somerset 
House, Strand, London. MDCCLXXXVII." 4to. 
2 fp. + 174 PP- 

There was also issued an octavo edition of same date of 
4 if. + 348 pp. 

Smith (Rev. Dr. John), Dargo & Gaul. 

Edinburgh, 1787. 

'* Dan an Deirg agus Tiomna Ghuill ; Dargo and 
Gaul, two ancient Gaelic Poems ; sometime ago trans- 
lated in the Gaelic Antiquities, and now published in 
the Original with Notes, &c. By John Smith, Edin- 
burgh. Printed for C. Elliot, and C. Elliot & 
Co. Opposite Somerset House, Strand, London. 
MDCCLXXXVII." 8vo. 66 pp. 

Another Edition by Jerram. Edinburgh, 1874. 

" Dan an Deirg, agus Tiomna Ghuill (Dargo and 
Gaul). Two Poems from Dr. Smith's Collection 


entitled the Sean Dana. Newly translated with a 
revised Gaelic Text, Notes and Introduction by C. S. 
Jerram, M.A., formerly Scholar of Trin. Coll. Oxon. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart. London : 
Simpkin, Marshall and Co. MDCCCLXXIV." 
i2mo. 10 if. + 105 pp. 

Smith (Rev. Dr. John), Prayers for Families. 

Glasgow^ 1808. 

"Urnaighean arson Theaghlaichean,&c.,agus Laoidh- 
ean. Prayers for Families, &c., with a Collection of 
Hymns in Gaelic. By John Smith, D.D., late Minister 
of the Gospel, Campbelton. Glasgow : Printed by 
Niven, Napier & Kull, and sold by J. & A. Duncan, 
Booksellers, Trongate. 1808." i8mo. 156 pp. 

The Prayers end on page 110. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1839. 

" Urnaighean arson Theaghlaichean, &c. Prayers for 
Families, &c. By John Smith, D.D., late Minister of 
the Gospel, Campbelton. Glasgow : Printed at the 
University Press by Edward Khull, Dunlop Street. 
MDCCCXXXIX." i2mo. 180 pp. 

The Hymns are omitted in this Edition. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, n.d. 

" Urnaighean arson Theaghlaichean, &c. Prayers 
for Families, &c,, in Gaelic. By John Smith, D.D., 
late Minister of the Gospel, Campbelton. Edinburgh : 
Maclachlan & Stewart." Cr. 8vo. 122 pp. 

Another Edition by Macleod. Glasgow, 1853. 

" A New Edition, revised and corrected by 

Norman Macleod, D.D., Minister of St. Columba 


Church, Glasgow. MDCCCLIII." i2mo. 98 pp. 

Smith (Rev. William), Sacred Lessons. 

Edinburgh^ 18 10. 
" Sacred Lessons and Exercises, English and Gaelic. 
By Rev. William Smith, A.M., Minister of Bower, 
County of Caithness. [Here Psalm cxxxiv. quoted 
in Hebrew characters.] Edinburgh : Printed for 
C. Stewart, for A. Constable & Co., W. Laing, 
P. Hill, J. Ogle, J. T. Smith and Guthrie & Tait, 
Edinburgh ; M. Ogle, Glasgow ; R. Ogle and T. 
Hamilton, London, and may be had of P. Lawson, 
seedsman, Blair Street, Edinburgh. 18 10." i2mo. 
4fF. + 65 pp. 

The Author states, "This is an attempt to reach the 
hearts of the illiterate Highlanders by circulating tracts 
among them in their native language." Evidently he 
thought they would be the better of a taste of the Author's 
learning, and so he gives short extracts in Hebrew, Latin 
and Greek, and as a royal route to the Gaels' progress, 
Gaelic prayers are printed in Greek characters ! ! 

Solomon's Proverbs. Glasgow^ i753- 

" Gnath-Fhocail Sholamh air an athraghadh as na Bun- 
Chanamhainibh Roi-Fheimeil do Chloinn og. [Here a 
woodcut.] Clo'-bhuailte ann Glasacha. Gu feim loin 
Orr agus r'a reic ag a Bhuthsan a' margadh-an-t- 
salain, bliadhna ar Tighearna, MDCCLHI." i2mo. 

54 PP- 

One copy known. 

Solomon's Proverbs. Edinburgh^ 1800. 

*' Leabhar Nan Gnath-f hocal, air a thionndadh o'n 
cheud chanain chum Gaelic Albannaich an iarrtus na 
Cuideachd Urramaich a ta chum eolas Criosdaidh a 


sgaoladh air feadh Gaeltachd agus Eileana na h-Alba, 
clodh-bhuailte an Dun-Eidin le Alastair Smellie. 
1800." 8vo. 40 pp. 

This portion was struck off while the Old Testament 
was being printed. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1821. 

SoLTON (William), The Soul and its Troubles. 

Aberdeen^ 1874. 

'* An T-anam agus A' Dhuilgheadasan. Focal airson 
muinntir churamach. Le H. Uilliam Soltan, Ughdair 
* Soitheachan Naomh a Phaillinn,' 'Sneamhan Scarlait,' 
&c., &c. Air Eadar-Theangachadh on Bheurla. 
Aberdeen : Printed at the Free Press Office. 1874." 
24mo. 96 pp. 

Song printed at Dingwall. Dingwall^ 1838. 

" Oran." 

The first verse gives date. It was printed at the 
Advertiser Office. 

Spiritual Songs by a Free Church Minister. 

Perth^ N.D. 
" Dain Spioradail, air an Eadar - theangachadh gu 
Gaelig, le aon do Mhinisteiribh na H-Eaglais Saoire. 
[Here a woodcut.] Perth : Published by D. 
Matheson, Editor of ' Herald of Mercy.' Edin- 
burgh : Tract & Book Society." i8mo. 2^ PP« 

The Hymns are very much the same as those in Elliot's 
Collection. On the wrapper are given two hymns * Fois a* 
Chriosdaidh ' and ' Thig mar tha Thu.^ 

Spiritual Hymns, Four. Glasgow [i860]. 

" Laoidhean Gaelic. Ciod an Sgeul (What's the 
News). Ead le J. M'l. Eisdeil. Fois do'n 'Tsaruight 

2 A 



(Rest for the Weary), J. C. Cill a' Bhreanain. Oh 's 
mor a Ghradh (Oh how He loves), J. C. Cill a' 
Bhreanain. An Leomhann do Threubh ludah (The 
Lion of Judah), J. C. Ledaig. An dachaidh air 
neamh (Heaven is my Home), D. M'N. Glaschu. 
An Dachdaidh (Home), J. C. Ledaig." 8 pp. 

There was no Tide printed. The translators were John 
Whyte, Senr., Easdale ; John Clerk, Kilbrandon ; John 
Campbell, Ledaig j and the Rev. D. M^Naughton, who died 
at Lismore a few years ago. The Printer was T. Smith, 
52 Argyle Street, Glasgow. 

Spence (Rev. James), On Infant Baptism. 

Glasgow y 1825. 

" An Ceangal Eaglais a tha eadar creidich agus an 
clann bheag ; agus na lorg sin, a choir a tha aca air 
baisteadh. Searmoin air a searmonachadh ann an tigh 
coinneamh na h-Eaglais choimh-thionalach ann an 
Obair-Rhethain ; le Seumais Spence, A.M., agus a 
nis air a h-eadar-theangachadh gu Gaidhiig, le C. 
Mac Lauruinn, Glascho. Clodh-bhuailte le Aindreas 
Og ; agus ra'n reic an Grianaig, san Oban, agus an 
Inbhernis. 1825." i2mo. 92 pp. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), The Head of the Church. 

Inverness y 1869. 

'* Ceann na h-Eaglais, Searmoin leis an Urramach 
C. H. Spurgeon. Air a chur ann an Gaelig le 
Aonghas Mac Dhomhnuill, Gleann - Urachadainn. 
Inverness : Printed at the Courier Office." 8vo. 
2 if. + 32 pp. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), No. 2000. n.d. 

"Aireamh dha mhile (No. 2000) no Slanuchadh le 
creuchdaibh losa. Searmoin le C. H. Spurgeon 
eadar -theangaichte le Alastair Dughallach." 8vo. 
16 pp. 


Spurgeon (C. H.), No. 1500. n.d. 

" Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. Aireamh choig 
ceud deug (No. 1500) no an nathair umha air a 
togail suas. Searmoin le C. H. Spurgeon. Eadar- 
theangaichte le Alastair Dughallach." 8vo. 12 pp. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), Things that accompany Salva- 
tion. Glasgow^ 1864. 

*' Nithe a tha Dluth do shlainte. Searmoin leis an 
Urramach C. H. Spurgeon. Eadar-theangaichte gu 
Gailic le Alasdair Dughallach, Oileiniche ann an Oil- 
Thigh Spurgeon. London : Passmore & Alabaster, 
23 Paternoster Row. Glasgow : George Gallie, 99 
Buchanan Street. MDCCCLXIV." Bvo. 23 pp. 

The work was printed by A. Sinclair. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), The Way of Salvation. 

London^ n.d. 

*' Slighe na Slainte (The Way of Salvation). Searmoin, 
le C. H. Spurgeon. Eadar-theangaichte le Alasdair 
Dughallach. London : The Religious Tract Society, 
56 Paternoster Row ; 65 St. Paul's Churchyard." 
Bvo. 33 pp. No. 22 of L.R.T.S. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), Son, give Me thine Heart. 

London^ n.d. 

" A Mhic thoir dhomhsa do Chridhe." 8vo. 4 pp. 
No. 27 of L.R.T.S. 

Spurgeon (C. H.), Compel Them to come in. 

London ^ n.d. 

** Co-Eignich iad gu teachd a steach. Searmoin le 
C. H. Spurgeon. Eadar-theangaichte le Alasdair 
Dughallach. London : R. Tract Society." 8vo. 


Stewart (Rev. Alexander), Grammar. 

Edinburgh, 1801. 

"Elements of Gaelic Grammar. In four parts. 
I. of Pronunciation and Orthography. II. of the 
Parts of Speech. III. of Syntax. IV. of Deriva- 
tion and Composition. By Alexander Stewart, 
Minister of the Gospel at Moulin, Honorary 
Member of the Highland Society of Scotland. 
Edinburgh : Printed by C. Stewart & Co. ; for 
Peter Hill, Edinburgh, and Vernor & Hood, 
London. MDCCCI." 8vo. 2 ff. + 179 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh, 18 12. 

*' Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. 

Edinburgh : Printed for C. Stewart ; and sold by 
Oliphant, Waugh & Innes, Edinburgh ; and by 
Lewis Grant & Co., Inverness. 18 12." 8vo. 
xxiii + 200 pp. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1876. 

Fourth Edition. Edinburgh, 1879. 

Stewart (A. & D.), Collection of Songs. 

Edinburgh, 1804. 

" Cochruinneacha Taoghta de Shaothair nam Bard 
Gaeleach. A Choice Collection of the Works of 
Highland Bards, collected in the Highlands and 
Isles. By Alexander and Donald Stewart, A.M. 

Ilia pharetratis est propria gloria Scotis 

Cingere venatu saltus, superare natando 

Flumina, ferre famem, contemnere frigora et aestus ; 

Nee fossa et muris patriam, sed Marte tueri ; 

Et spreta incolumem vita defendere famam. 

Polliciti servare fidem sanctumque vereri 

Numcn amicitiae, mores non munus amare. 


In two volumes. Vol. I. Duneidin : Clodh- 
bhuailt le T. Stiuart. 1804." 8vo. 4 ff. + 304 pp. 

Vol. II. 305-592 pp. + 7 pp. Foclair. 

Stewart (Archibald), A Spiritual Hymn. 

Glasgow^ 1897. 

"Dan Spioradail le Gilleasbuig Stiubhart." i2mo. 
13 pp. + if. 

The Printer was A. Sinclair. A note says : " Mr. 
Archibald Stewart was born at Orchilmor, near Blair-Athole, 
in the year 1807, and died at Garry Bank on the 12th 
November 1890. The hymn was composed by him when 
he was a young man ; it has been revised for the Press by an 
old friend." 

Stewart (Charles), The Killin Collection of 
Songs. Edinburgh^ 1884. 

" The Killin Collection of Gaelic Songs, with Music 
and Translations by Charles Stewart, Tigh'n-Duin, 
Killin. Edinburgh : Maclachlan & Stewart, 64 
South Bridge. Glasgow : Porteous Brothers. Oban : 
Duncan Cameron. 1884." Sm. folio. ^^.-\- 
107 pp. 15s. 

Mr. Stewart was a farmer and banker. 

Stewart (Peter, Glenlyon), Spiritual Hymns. 

Glasgow^ 1894. 

*' Dain Ghaidhealach le Paruig Stiubhart (nach 
maireann). A bha chomhnuidh an' Gleann-Liobhann. 
Glasgow : Archibald Sinclair, printer and publisher, 
Celtic Press, 10 Bothwell Street. 1894." i2mo. 
16 pp. + 4fF. 4d. 


Stewart (Robert), Gaelic Songs. Edinburgh^ 1802. 

" Orain Ghaelach, agus Bheurla - Ghaelach. Le 
Raibard Stiubhard. Clo-bhuailt' an Duneidin le T. 
Stiubhard. 1802." i2mo. 

Robert Stewart was a native of Moulin. The Poet in 
his day was known as ' Rob Mor Mhoulain^ The work is 
printed on poor paper. 

Stewart (Rev. Wm.), The Crimean War. 

Charlottetown, 1855. 

" The War in the Crimea ; a poem in the Gaelic 
Language, by the Rev. William Stewart, B.A., 
P.E. Island. Charlottetown ; Printed by John Inp. 
1855." 8vo. 20 pp. 

The Author of this poem was an Episcopalian minister. 
His father was an elder in the Presbyterian Church at 
Lochaber in the county of Antigonish. He was a native of 

Stuart (Prince Charles), Attachment to. 

Edinburgh, 1857. 
** Baigh Bheinn Albainn ri Tearlach Stiuard." 

A poem of twelve stanzas of four lines each, printed on 
quarto page. In the copy before us a note in MS. says : 
"Printed by D. Collie, 19 St. David Street, for Alexander 
Stewart, an old antiquarian residing in Edinburgh 1857." 

Stuart (John, LL.D.), The Book of Deer. 

Edinburgh, 1869. 

" The Book of Deer, edited for the Spalding Club by 
John Stuart, LL.D., Secretary, Edinburgh. Printed 
for the Club by Robert Clark. MDCCCLXIX." 
4to. 4 ff. + cxli + 95 pp. 

The Book of Deer is a vellum manuscript of the Pre- 
Hieronomian Latin text of the Gospels. It is now in the 


University of Cambridge, but belonged originally to the 
Monastery of Deer, in Aberdeenshire. In the manuscript 
are marginal writings in the vernacular Gaelic of Scotland 
of the eighth century. The printed volume has several 
plates of facsimile texts of the manuscript. 

Sum of Saving Knowledge. Edinburgh^ '^1^1- 

" Suim an Eolais Shlainteil ; no, an Teagasg Criosd- 
uighe, mar ata e air a chur sios ann sna Sgriobtuiribh 
Naomh ; agus ann Leabhar Aidmheil an Creidimh, 
maille ris an Fhoghnadh is coir dheanamh dheth : 
Ris am bheil air na chur Leabhar Aithghear nan 
Ceisd. Eidear-theanguicht air iarrtas agus costas na 
Cuideachd Sheirceil sin ann Duineidin tha chum 
eolas Criosduighe chraobhsgaoile am measg nam 
bochd. Duineidin : Clodhbhuailt le Eoin Robertson. 
1767." i2mo. 68 pp. 

This vi^ork was afterwards printed along with a few 
editions of the Confession of Faith and of the Shorter 
Catechism, but not separately. 

Sutherland (Duke of), Letter to Mackenzie. 

" Litrichean air Eaglais na h-Alba. Eadar-theang- 
aichte 'chum Gaelic le Rob Domhnullach, Maigh- 
stear sgoil' 'us Eadar-theang'ear 'an Inbhirnis. 
Bho Duic Chat'aobh a dh-ionnsuidh an Urramaich 
H. M. Mac-Choinnich an Tung 'an Taobh-Tuath 
Breatuinn." i2mo. 4 pp. 

The Letter is headed ' Trentham ii-amh la de cheud 
Mhios na hliadhna^ 

Sutherland (Thomas), Lament to D. Sutherland. 

Glasgow, 1863. 

" Cumha le Thomas Sutherlan d'a Athair DomhnuU 
Sutharlan, a bh'ann am Brora, an Siorr'achd Chatabh 


agus a dh'eug sa' mhios Mhaigh. 1863. Glasgow : 
A. Sinclair, Gaelic Printer, 62 Argyle Street. 
MDCCCLXIII." i2mo. 4 pp. 

SwANSON (Rev. J.), Popery Rejected. Inverness^ 1843. 

" Aideachadh a Chreidimh Chatholaich agus diultadh 
Teagasg a Phapa. Inverness : Printed at the Herald 
Office by D. Davidson. MDCCCXLIII." Bvo. 
15 pp. 

The Rev. J. Swanson was F.C. minister of Nigg, Ross- 
shire, before then he was in Small Isles. He sailed about 
with Hugh Miller on board the Betsy. He had with him 
when travelling, a small printing-press, and he struck off at 
times little leaflets containing scripture texts, and short 
sentences of his own composition in Gaelic and English. 

Thomson (Rev. A. M.), Sacramental Catechism. 

Edinburgh^ 18 13. 
" Leabhar Ceasnuchaidh chum Luchd-Comunachaidh 
Fhoghlum ann an Eolas air gne agus feum Sacramaint 
Suipeir an Tighearna, agus anns na Teagaisgibh 's na 
Dleasdanaisibh a ta leantuinn an orduigh sin. Air 
eadar - theangachadh o Bheurla A. M. Thomson, 
Ministeir 'an Dun-Eudainn. Le Uistean Friosal, 
Ministeir san Oban. Dun-Eudainn : Clo-bhuailte 
le T. Stiubhart, agus r'an reic le Guthrie agus Tait, 
Luchd-reic leabhraichean an Dun-Eudainn. 18 13." 
i2mo. 78 pp. 

This Edition is rare. 

Second Edition. Glasgow, 1^2^. 

" An dara Clo-bhualadh. Glaschu : Clo-bhuailte 

le Eoin Graham & Co., 136 Trongate, agus ra'n reic 
le M. Ogle. 1825." i8mo. 78 pp. 6d. 

Third Edition. Glasgow^ 1835. 

" le H F Ministeir Airdcattain. An 

Treas Clo-bhualadh. Glascho : Chlo-bhuailte le Bell 


agus Bain, agus r'an reic le M. Ogle agus a Mhac. 
MDCCCXXXV." i2mo. 71 pp. 6d. 

Another Edition by Macfarlane. Edinburgh^ 1840. 

" Leabhar-Cheistean air son Luchd-Comanachaidh 
Fhoghlum ann an nadur agus feumalachd Sacramaid 
Suipeir an Tighearna, agus anns na Teagasgan agus 
na Dleasannasan a tha'n dlu-dhaimh ris an Ordugh 
so, maille ri Earail Chomhanachaidh le Aindrea 
Tomson, D.D., Ministear a bha ann an Eaglais Nh. 
Deorsa ann an Duneideann. Air eadar-theangachadh 
gu Gaelic le A. Mac-Farlain. Edinburgh : Published 
by Thornton & Collie, 19 St. David Street. 1840." 
i2mo. 46 pp. 

Throne of Grace. s.L 1840. 

" Righ-Chathair nan Gras." 8vo. 36 pp. 

Turner (Peter), Collection of Songs. 

Edinburgh^ 18 13. 

" Comhcruinneacha do Dh' Grain Taghta Ghaidh- 
ealach nach robh riamh roimhe Clo-bhuailte gus a 
nis, air an tional o mheodhair air feadh Gaidhealtachd 
a's Eileine na H-Alba. Le Paruig Mac-an-Tuairneir 
Duneidionn. Clo-bhuailte air son an Ughdair le 
T. Stiubhard. 18 13." 8vo. 4 fF. + 402 pp. 

Peter Turner was a native of Cowal. He became a 
pauper, and travelled over the Highlands collecting poetry, 
and selling Gaelic song books. In his early years Turner 
was in the Army. His collection of MSS. is preserved in 
the Advocates' Library. 

Song on Uig Church. circa 1878. 

" Oran mu Eaglais Mhor Uig, Leodhas." 

This song was composed on the return of a considerable 
portion of the Parishioners of Uig to the Church of Scotland. 


Uproar of the House. n.d. 

" Oran Bhroilleach An Tighe." i2mo. 4 pp. 

Urquhart (B.), a Song to London Gaels. 

Edinburgh, 1827. 

" Oran do Chomunn RIoghail Gaidhealach Lunnain. 
Le Beathan Urachaduinn. Duneidin an ochdamh la 
do'n Mhairt. 1827." i2mo. 8 pp. 

Victoria, The Queen, Highland Journals. 

Edinburgh, 1878. 

" Duilleagain a Leabhar Cunntas ar Beatha anns a 
Ghadhalltachd bho 1848 gu 1861, agus Aithris air 
Turusain roimhe do Dh'Albainn, a Dh'Eirionn ; 
agus do Dh'Eileanain a Chaolais. Eadartheangaichte 
le ughdaras a Morachd leis an Naomhair I. P. St. 
Clair, Ministear Eaglais Naomh Stephan am Peairt. 
Edinburgh: Edmonston, 88 Princes Street. 1878." 
Cr. 8vo. 336 pp. 

Portrait of the Queen faces Title. 

Second Series. Edinburgh, 1886. 

'* Tuilleadh Dhuilleag bho m' Leabhar-Latha mu 
Chunntas mo Bheatha anns a' Ghaidhealtachd bho 
1862 gu 1882. Uilleam Blackwood agus a Mhic. 
Duneideann 'us Lunnainn. MDCCCLXXXVI." 
Cr. 8vo. 8ff. + 368pp. 

This second series of the Queen's Highland Journals was 
translated by Mrs. Mary Mackellar, the Poetess. 

Walker (John), Poems and Songs. Glasgow, 18 17. 

" Poems in English, Scotch and GaeHc on various 
subjects. By John Walker, Farmer, Luss. Glasgow : 
Printed by Young, Gallic & Co. Sold by M. Ogle, 
A. & J. IVl. Duncan, Brash & Reid, and W. Turnbull, 


Glasgow ; T. Stewart, Greenock ; W. Blackwood, 
Edinburgh ; and Ogles, Duncan & Cochrane, London. 
1 8 17." i2mo. I f. Portrait + viii -h 126 pp. Text + 
127-146 Subscribers. 

There are two pieces in Gaelic. 

Watson (Rev. Thomas), Heaven taken by Storm. 

Inverness, 1849. 

" Neamh air a Ghlacadh le Garbh-ionnsuidh ; no 
an ainneart naomh a Dh'fheumas an Criosduidh a 
ghnathachadh chum gloir a bhuannachd. Ris am 
bheil air a chuir Miann a Naoimh a bhi maille 
ri Criosd. Le Mr. Tomas Uatson, Ministeir an 
t-soisgeil ann an N. Stephen Ualbrooc, an Lunnainn. 
Eadar-theangaichte gu Gaelic le Ian Rose. Inverness : 
Printed by Mackintosh & Co., 9 Church Street, and 
sold by the Booksellers. 1849." i2mo. 156 pp. 

Watts (Rev. Dr. Isaac), Children's Catechism. 

Edinburgh, i774- 
Two Titles. " Two Sets of Catechisms and Prayers ; 
or the Religion of little Children under twelve years 
of age, by I. Watts, D.D. Edinburgh : Printed by 
Gavin Alston. 1774." 

" Da Leabhar Chestian agus Urnuighean ; no 
crabhadh Chloinne bige fuidh dha bliadhna dheug 
aois, le Isaac Watts, D.D., Clo-bhuailt ann Duneidin ; 
le Gabhin Alston. 1774." i2mo. 
Exceedingly rare. 

Watts (Rev. Dr. Isaac), Protection for the Young. 

Edinburgh, 1795. 
"Tearmunn do'n Oigridh o Dhroch-Bheart agus 
Amaideachd. Air sheol Ceist agus Freagradh. A 
chuireadh am fellas air tus le I. Watts, D.D. Air a 


thionndadh o'n chaint Shasganaich gu Gaelic Albann- 
aich. Dun-Eiden : Clodh-bhuailte le Eoin Paterson. 
MDCCXCV." i2mo. 26 pp. 

Exceedingly rare. We have seen only three copies. 

Watts (Rev. Dr. Isaac), Divine Songs. 1840. 

" Dana Diadhaidh airson Oigridh." 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

*' Watts' Divine Songs [in Gaelic], D. R. Collie 
& Son, Edinburgh. Price Twopence." 

Welsh (Rev. John), Sermons. 3 Vols. 

Inverness^ 1841-46. 

" Ochd Searmoinian Deug, taghta, a shearmonaicheadh 
le Seirbhiseach urramach agus dileas losa Criosd ; 
Mr. Eoin Welsh, bha aon uair na Mhinistear an 
T-soisgeul ann an Ayr. Tha naoi de' na searmoinean 
so air Cogadh a' Chriosduidh, ann an Tigh a chuairt. 
Tha sia Eile air iomadh puing diadheachd, agus tha 
na tri mu 'dheireadh air a chreideamh. Eadar-theang- 
aichte gu Gaelic le Daibhidh Munro, Maighstir sgoile 
do'n chuideachd urramach a ta ann an Duneidin, a 
tha cumail suas sgoilean Gaelic, air feadh Gaeltachd 
agus Eileana' na h-Alba. [Here are quoted Salm 
cxii. 6 ; Gniomh xx. 23 ; Eabh xi. 1^6 ; Salm xxxiv. 
19.] Inverness : Printed for the Translator, and 
sold by Booksellers in Inverness, Tain, Dingwall, 
Thurso, Stornoway, &c., &c. MDCCCXLI." 8vo. 
204 pp. 

Part II. x + 22 pp. +,xlvii+ 150 pp. 

Inverness, 1845. 
Part III. 3 fF. 4- 3 - 244 pp. + i f. Errata. 

Inverness, 1846. 


Whitefield (Rev. George), Work of Grace. 

Glasgow^ 1848. 

" Searmoin mu Obair Grais. ' Leighis iad mar an 
ceudna lot nighinn mo shluaigh-sa gu faoin, ag 
radh, Sith, sith, agus gun sith ann.' Jer. vi. 14. 
Glasgow : Duncan Macvean. 1848." i8mo. 
32 pp. 

Whitefield (Rev. George), Sermons. 

Edinburgh^ 1862. 

" Searmonan a bh'air an Searmonachadh leis an 
Urramach Seoras Huitefield, ann an Ard-Cladh. 
Ghlasco : Air an eadar - theangachadh gu Gallic. 
Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart, 64 South 
Bridge." i2mo. 103 pp. 

Whyte (Duncan), Ancient History. Glasgow^ 1893. 

" Earrann de Dh' Eachdraidh na Linn a dh' f halbh. 
Oraid le Donnachadh Mac 'Illebhain (Coir-a-t-sith) 
Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh, Clo-bhuailtear Gailig, 
10 Sraid Bhothwell, Glaschu." i2mo, 18 pp. 

Whyte (Henry), The Celtic Garland. 

Glasgow^ 1 88 1. 

*' The Celtic Garland, Translations of Gaelic and 
English Songs ; Popular Gaelic Readings, &c., &c. 
By ' Fionn.' Glasgow : Printed and Published by 
Archibald Sinclair, 62 Argyle Street. 1881." Sm. 
8vo. viii + 224 pp. 

Second Edition. Glasgow^ 1885. 

Whyte (Henry), The Celtic Lyre, Pts. L-IV. 

Glasgow y 1883-95. 


Whyte (Henry), Gaelic Readings. Glasgow, 1898. 

Two Titles. " Leabhar na Ceilidh. Sgeulachdan 
ait agus Dain-Aithearach. Le ' Fionn ' Ughdar an 
' Celtic Garland ' an ' Celtic Lyre,' etc. Glaschu : 
Gilleasbuig Mac-na-Ceardadh,EanraigMac 'lUebhain. 
Dun-eideann : Iain Grannd, Tormoid Mac Leoid. 
An t-Oban : Eoghann Domhnullach, Tomas Boyd. 

" Gaelic Readings in Prose and Verse, suitable for 
public entertainments. By ' Fionn,' Author of ' The 
Celtic Garland,' 'The Celtic Lyre,' etc. Glasgow: 
Archibald Sinclair ; Henry Whyte, 4 Bridge Street. 
Edinburgh : John Grant ; Norman Macleod. Oban : 
Hugh Macdonald ; Thomas Boyd. 1898." Cr. 
8vo. xi + 240 pp. 

Whyte (Henry), Songs of the Gael. 

Glasgow, 1905- 
" Ceol nan Ghaidheal (Songs of the Gael), Music in 
both Notations, with Gaelic Words and singable Engl ish 
Translations. Edited by Henry Whyte (' Fionn '). 
Preface and Inscription by Angus Macintyre. 
Glasgow : David Bryce & Son ; Bryce & Murray, 
Ltd., 129 Buchanan Street." 64mo. 3 fF. + 122 pp. 

Whyte (Henry), True Stories. Paisley, 1905. 

Two Titles. " True Stories ! Translated into 
Gaelic by ' Fionn.' With Illustrations. [Here a 
woodcut.] Paisley : Alexander Gardner. Publisher 
by appointment to the late Queen Victoria. 1905." 

" Naigheachdan Firinneach ! Eadar-theangaichte le 
' Fionn ' Le Dealbhan. [Here a woodcut.] Paislig : 
Alasdair Gardner, Clodh-bhuailtear le a deoin rioghail 


fein do'n Bhan-righ Victoria nach maireann. 1905." 
8vo. 4 iF. + 261 pp. 

A map faces English Title. 
Vol. II. 3 fF. + 263 pp. Paisley^ 1907. 

Whyte (John), How to read Gaelic. 

Inverness, 1897. 

" How to Read Gaelic. Orthographical Instructions 
and Reading Lessons, by John Whyte. With Syn- 
optical Grammar. Inverness : The Northern Chronicle 
Office. 1897." Cr. 8vo. 76 pp. 

WiLLisoN (Rev. John), On the Shorter Catechism. 

Edinburgh y 1773. 

" Eisempleir Shoilleir Ceasnnuighe air Leabhar Aith- 
ghearr nan Ceist, chum Foghlum a thabhairt do'n 
dream ata og, agus ain-eolach. Leis an Urramach 
Mr.Eoin Willison, Ministeir an t-soisgeul annDuindea. 
Eidear-theanguichte gu Gaidhilg Albannach, airson 
leas coitcheann Teaghluichibh agus Scoilibh. Cum 
gu daingean samla firinneach nam briathra fallain. 
2 Tim. i. 13. Dun-Eadain : Clo-bhuailt le Eoin 
Reid, 1773." i2mo. 464 pp. 

Second Edition. Edinburgh^ i799- 

" Le R. Mac Pharlain. Cum gu daingean 

samla firinneach nam briathra fallain, 2 Tim. i. 13. 
An Dara Clodh - bhualadh. Duneadain : Clo- 
bhuailt' air son an Eider-Theangair, agus r'an reic 
leisan, agus le Young agus Imrie, an Inner-nies ; agus 
A. Orr an Glas-cho. 1799." ^ ff. + 464 pp. 

Third Edition. Edinburgh, 1820. 

'* An treas Clodh-bhualadh. Duneidin Clodh- 

bhuailte le Tearlach Stiubhart, air son Uilleam Ettles, 


agus a chuideachd, Innernis. 1820." i2mo. 464 
pp. 4s. 6d. 

WiLLisoN (Rev. John), Mother's Catechism. 

Glasgow^ 1752. 

" Leabhar Ceist na Mathair do'n leanabh Og, no 
reamh chuiddeacha do dhaoine Og agus aln-iolach 
chum 'sgu baishichte dhoibh leabhar aithghearr ceist 
na Heaglaish a thuigsinn. [Here two Scripture 
quotations.] Le J. W. Minishter an t-soisgeul ag 
Dundee. Clo-bhuailt 'san Bheurla naoi uaire deug. 
Agus anoish air na churr an Gailic chum leass- 
coitcheann Gaidhealtachd Alba. Entered in Stationers' 
Hall. Clo-bhuailt ann Glasacha gu feim Join Orr, 
agus a choipairtneiribh ; agus r'a chreic ag a bhuth 
san ann a Margadh-an-t-Sallain am bliadhna air 
Tighearna. 1752." i2mo. 64 pp. 

Excessively rare^ two copies known. 

Another Edition (English and Gaelic). 

Edinburgh^ 1758. 

Two Titles. "The Mother's Catechism for the 
Young Child, or a preparatory help for the Young 
and Ignorant, in order to their more easy understand- 
ing the Catechisms of a larger size. [Here two 
Scripture quotations.] By the Rev. Mr. John 
Willison, Minister of the Gospel at Dundee. Edin- 
burgh : Printed by Hamilton, Balfour and Neil. 


" Leabhar- Ceist na Mathar do'n leanabh Og ; no 
reamh-chuideacha' do'n droing ta Og agus aineolach 
chum 's gu b'ass' dhoibh na leabhar ceiste is mo a 
thuigsin. [Here two Scripture quotations.] Le 
Mr. Eoin Willison, Ministeir an t-soisgeil bha ag 


Dundeabh : Clo-bhuailt ann Duneidin : le Hamilton, 
Balfour agus Neil. 1758." 8vo. 88 pp. is. 

Extremely rare. 

Another Edition (Gaelic and English). 

Edinburgh^ 1804. 

" Duneidin : Chlo-bhuailt le Tearlach Stewart 

ar-son W. Anderson, Sruileadh. 1804." i2mo. 
85 pp. 

Another Edition (Gaelic). Edinburgh^ 18 12. 

" Leabhar-Cheist na Mathar do'n leanabh Og ; no 
roimh-chuideacha do'n droing ata Og agus aineolach, 
chum's gu'm b'assa dhoibh na leabhair cheiste is mo 
a thuigsin, le Mr. Iain Willison, Ministeir an 
t-soisgeil bha'n Dundeagh. [Here two Scripture 
quotations.] Edinburgh : Printed and Published by 
R. Menzies, Lawnmarket, and Sold by the Book- 
sellers. 1 812." i2mo. 56 pp. 4d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 1823. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1826. 

" Leabhar Cheist na Mathar do'n leanabh Og ; no 
roimh chuideachadh do'n droing ata Og agus aineol- 
ach, chum's gu'm b'fhusa dhoibh na leabhraiche 
cheiste is mo a thuigsinn, le Mr. Eoin Willison, 
Ministeir an t-soisgeil bha'n Dundeagh. [Here two 
Scripture quotations.] Glasgow : Printed for and 
sold by Maurice Ogle, No. 9 Wilson Street. 1826." 
i2mo. 52 pp. 4d. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1827. 

" Leabhar Cheist na Mathar do'n leanabh Og, No 
roimh - chuidheachadh do'n dream a ta og, agus 

2 B 


aineolach chum an deanamh comasach air na leabh- 
raichean cheist is mo a thuigsinn. Le Mr. Eoin 
Willison bha'n Dundeagh. Air a tharruing chum 
Gaelic Albannaich, air iarrtus na Cuideachd a ta 
chum Eolas Criosduigh a sgaoladh air feadh Gaeltachd 
agus Eileana na h-Alba. Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte 
le I. & D. Collie. 1827." i2mo. 48 pp. 

Another Edition (Gaelic and English). 

Edinburgh^ 1829. 

" Leabhar-Cheist na Mathar (ann an Gaelic agus ann 
am Beurla). . . . Clo-bhualadh ur air eadar-theangach- 
adh o'n Bheurla agus air a ghlanadh o Mhearachdan, 
air iarrtas na Cuideachd Urramaich a ta chum Eolas 
Criosduidh a sgaoileadh air feadh Gaelteachd agus 
Eileinibh na h-Alba. Duneidin : Clo-bhuailte agus 
ra'n reic le Eoin agus Daibhidh Collie. Air son 
ceithir sgillinnean. 1829." 24mo. 48 pp. 

There is also an English tide. 
Another Edition (Gaelic). Edinburgh, 1830. 

Another Edition. Glasgow, 1842. 

" A nis air a leasachadh as ur. Glasgow : 

Francis Orr & Sons. MDCCCXLII." i2mo. 
24 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, 1851. 

" Duneidin : Clodh-bhuailte le Thornton & 

Collie. 1 85 1." 1 8 mo. 48 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh, n.d. 

Edinburgh: D. R. Collie and Son, Hill 


Street Lane." 


Another Edition. Edinburgh^ n.d. 

Edinburgh : D. R. Collie & Son, 19 St. 

David Street." Price 2d. 

WiLLisoN (Rev. John), Communicants' Catechism. 

Glasgow^ 1798. 

"LeabharCeist nanOg Luch-Communachaidh, Eadar- 
Theangaichte gu Gaelic Albannaich o Bheurla J. W. 
Le Alastair Mac Phearsoin. Glascho : Clo-bhuailte 
le Uilliam Mac Ille Mhaoil, arson an Eadar-theangair 
Agus ri'an reic le Aindrea Orr, leabhar reiceadair aig 
Margadh a t-Saluin, agus le Gabriel Laird leabhar 
reiceadair ann an Grianaig. 1798." i2mo. 83 pp. 

Another Edition. Edinburgh^ 18 11. 

" Leabhar Ceasnuchaidh an Og-Luchd-Comunach- 
aidh ; no Comhnadh, araon aithghearr, agus soilleir, 
chum a mhuinntir og a sheoladh agus uUachadh chum 
teachd air mhodh iomchuidh gu bord an Tighearna ; 
maille ri Righailt chum Coi'-Cheangal a Bhaistidh 
Ath-nuadhachadh gu FoUaiseach. Eadar-theangaicht* 
o Bheurla Mr. I. Willison, Ministeir an Dundee. 
Le P. Macpharlain, Eadar-Theangair Toiseach agus 
Fas Diadh'achd anns an Anam. Ach ceasnaicheadh 
duine e fein ; agus mar sin itheadh e do'n aran so, 
agus oladh e do'n chupan so. i Cor. xi. 28. Dun- 
eudainn : Clo-bhuailte agus r'an reic le R. Meinearach. 
181 1." 8vo. ^^ pp. 

Another Edition. Glasgow^ 1842. 

" Air a chur an Gaelig agus a nis air a leasachadh 

as ur. Glasgow : Published by D. Macvean. 1842." 
Svo. 52 pp. 8d. 


Young (Dr. M.), Antient Gaelic Poems. 

Dublin, 1787. 

" Antient Gaelic Poems, respecting the Race of the 
Fians, collected in the Highlands of Scotland in the 
year 1784." By M. Young, D.D., M.R.I.A." 4to. 
43-119 pp. 

These Poems were printed in the first volume of the 
Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy ^ Dublin, 1787. The 
Poems agree in the main with the versions published by 
John Gillies in Perth. 


Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh.