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Full text of "The unclaimed dividend books of the Bank of England: containing the names and descriptions of upwards of twenty thousand persons entitled to various sums .."

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Twentj ThooMUid Ttnonm, 



Beinff tlie Wliole of the Viiel«lmed IMrldends and Stook la the 
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Abbott Stephen, Catherine^Mnirt, Tower'-hill, dec. John Mlllf FltTibril, and John 

Bayley Tailer, Woodbridge, QenU. Jnlj 1817. 11. 
Abdy Bev. Charles Boyd, Thoydon Garnon, Essex, Daniel Miller, and John Grores, ditto. 

Gents. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Abel James, dec. Geo. CoUings, and Samnel Hoare, esqrs. all of Hampttead, Jaly 1813. 21. 
Abney Thomas, Birmingham, Thread-maker, dec. and Bobert Abney, Coventiy, Silkman, 

dec. July 1807. 81. 
Abraham Isaac, dec. and A, Asher, a Minor, Sheemess, Kent, Cknts. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Abadarham Samuel, and Felice Padoa, both of Leghorn, Merchants, Jan. 1826. 
Aekermann Edmund, Broad-8t.-pl. and Ewan Christian, Bow-la. Merchants, July 1814. 17 
Ackland Thomas Cullum, Devon, Gent. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Acton William, Wolverton Hall, Worcestershire, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Adams Ann, Osbom-street, Whitechapel# Widow, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Adams Eliena, Kensington, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Adams Elizabeth, Bamsgate, Widow, dec. July 1811. 28. / 

Adams George Publow, and George Alexander Adams, Somerset, Gents. Jan, 1814. 18. 
Adams John, St. Albans, Shopkeeper, July 1821. 
Adams Mary, Ferries-close, Edinburgh, Spinster, July 1818. 19. 
Adams William, Doctors Commons, D.D. and Mary Ann Adams, his wife, July 1828. 
Adams William, Ordnance Office^ Tower, Gent. dec. Jan. 1796. 12. 
Adamthwaite John Allen, Bhrchin-lane, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Adey Thomas Fool, Merchant, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Adey Charles, Wootton-under-edge, Gloucester, esq. dec. July 1814. 17. 
Adlam Bev. William, HaUharrington, Wilts, Geoige Stephens, ditto. Yeoman, and 'William 

Chandler, ditto, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Aflesbuiy, The Bight Honourable Thomas Earl of, and the Bight Honourable William 

Windham Lord Grenville, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Alrey Thomas, Toll's-hill, Berwick, Huntsman, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Alton William Townsend, Kew, Gardener, Jan. 1813. 18. 
Albo Jamilah, Widow, Abraham Albo, Gent, both of Bishopsgate-street, Bochma Benaim, 

Widow, Little Shire-lane, and Judah Uzietti, Sun-street, Notary, July 1828. 
Albo Jamilo, Fort-st. Spitalflelds, Widow, now wife of WilUam Heyn, Jan. 1810. 26, 
Alexander Anthony, Windmill-street, Gent. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Alexander Edmund, Goswell-street, Breeches-maker, dec. July 1816. 18. 
Alexander Antony, Sackville-street, Servant to F. Lamb, Jan. 1797. 52. 
Alexander James, New-inn, and J. Woodcock, Biver-terr. Islington, esqrs. July 1816. 15. 
Aling John, Fleasant-row, Stepney, Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Alison Elizabeth Margaret Jean Sutton, Edinburgh, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 20. 
Alison Dorothy Montague, E^jdinburgh, Spinster, 1809. 27. 
Allan Charles, esq. Botterdam, dec. July 1812. 21. 
Allan William, Spring-gardens, Gent. July 1808. 29. 
Allaway George, Bea^Ung, Berks, Upholder, William Allaway, Mapledenham, Oxon, 

Yeoman, and Joshua Barton, Great Tower-street, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Allen Ann, Spinster, Cliiswick, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Allen Elizabeth, Fortland-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

AUen George, Junr. a Minor, son of George Alleii, Worcester, Glover, Jan. 1814. 11. 
Allen John, a Frivate in the 67th Begiment of Foot, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Allen John, Minories, Shoe-maker, dec. Jan. 1769. 108. 
Allen Mary, Dean-street, Holbom, Spinster, Jan. 1822. 
Allen Samuel, Stratlbrd-pl. Gent. & Dorothy Allen, Aldermanbnry, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 


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AlUflton Sarah, Kotttogham, Widow, July 1799. 48. 

AUnat John, esq. CUpham, July 1817. 11. 

Alloway Catherine, Widow, Chiswick, July 1839. 

Alltree Sc^hia, Sptauter, Senrant to Gen. Morgan, Wealdaide-hoose, Essex, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Alston William Charles, Chemist, and Joseph Egginton, Biitton-bami8her,l>oth of Birming- 
ham, Jan. 1826. 

Ambrose James, UojtA Artillery, esq, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Ambrose John FaUmer, Sidmouth, Devon, Gent and H. Ambrose, his wife, Jan. 1835. 

Ambrose John FaUmer, and J. Annah Ambrose, both of Sidmouth, Devon, Gents. Jan. 1826. 

Anderson David, Lieut. Boyal Navy, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Anderson Elizabeth, Peter-street, Sun-street, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 13. 

Anderson Dame Dorothy, Adelphi-terrace, Widow, dec. Emanuel Harrington, esq. Adam- 
street, Adelphi, and Thomas Wood, late a Minor, now of Age, July 1826. 

Anderson Joseph. Kew-road, St. George's Bast, Mariner, July 1812. 21. 

Anderson Shr John William, Bart, Alderman of London, dec. Anne Grant, Windaor, 
Sphister, dec. and Thomas Wood, a Minor, July 1816. 16. 

Andrews Agnes, Grafton.«tieet, Piccadilly, Spim^, Jan. 1816. 16. 

Andrade Bei^. dec. Sdlomon Cohen, and Israel Isaacs, Whiteohi4;>el, Gents. July 1816. 13. 

Andrews Bridget, Sphister, Servant to Mr. Masterman, White Hart-court, July 1818. 19. 

Andrews Frances Jane, Korton, Suflblk, {^[linster, Jan. 1881. 

Andrews William, Aldersgate-street, Druggist, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Anderson Christopher, Gent, and Sarah Brewer, both of King-st. Glouces(p-pl. Jan. 1822. 

Andres Charlott, Woolwich, Widow, July 1821. 

AngeU Thomas, Wallingford, Series, Gardener, and T. H. Whiterbrook, deC July 1818. 9. 

Anguish Anne, South Audley-street, Spinster, July.1880. 

AnnesleyMaJOT Arthur, Annesley Lodge, near Dublin, July 1817. 11. 

Annunciation Convent, the Mother and religious Sisters of; Antwerp, July 1817. 12. 

Anscombe Ann, East Grinsted, Servant to Lord Colchester, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Anson Charlotte, Hampstead, Spinster, Jan. 1783. 80. 

Anstruther Shr J. Bt. Lincolns-inn-flelds, dec. and Rev. B. Price, D.D. Durham, 1810. 26 

Anspach J. Bose, wifb of Bev. Lewis A. Anspach, Church-street, l^italfields, Jan. 1821. 

Ansell William Thomas, Burford, Oxfordshire, Tanner, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Appleby Ann, Maiden-lane, Widow, dec. Jan. 1796. 64. 

Archdeacon Peter, Duke-street, Manchester-square, Attorney, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Archer James, a Seaman on board His Majesty's Ship Leda, July 1810. 26. 

Archer Jane, Silver-street, Golden-square, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Arden Christopher, Surgeon, and Geo. Arden, Attorney, both of Dorchester, July 1817. 11. 

Arden Joseph^ Fulwood's-rents, Holbom, Gent and William Gray York, esq. July 1812. 21« 

Arfturdson Hans, Fenchurch-street, Merchant, Jan. 1784. 78. 

Argent Ann, Great Tqtham, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 6. 

Argent Emerita, Great Totham, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 6. 

Arkinstall Francis Wilson, Temple-chambers, Fleet-st Frederick Turner, Bloomsbury, Gent 
Geo. Baggett, St. James*s-sq. and James Bice, Poland-st. St. James's, July 1816. 8. 

Armitage Joseph, Hinbury, Yorksldre, Servant to William Groom, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Armstrong Francis, Eastwell Park, Kent, Gent Jan. 1807. 32. 

Arnold Henry, Bath, Somerset, esq. July 1839. 

Arnold Mary, Bath, Somerset, Spinster, July 1829. 

Arnold Lieut Col. James Bobertson, Boyal Engineers, Halifiax, Nova Scotia, July 1820. 

Arthur Charles, Stapleton, Gloucestershire, Gent. 1816. 16. 

Ashbumham Sir William, Broomham, Sussex, Bart. July 1814. 17. 

Ashby Francis, Whitehall, esq. dec. Jan. 1774. 98. 

Ashby John Joseph, Jersey, Yeoman, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Ashley Hannah, Wltherby, YorksUre, Widow, July 1817. 11. 

Ashton Bichard, Servant to J. Pycroft, Wanstead, esq, Jan. 1820. ^ 6. 

Ashweek Susannah, Plymouth, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 6. 

Ashworth Edward, Stangate, Lambeth, Surrey, Gent dec. Thomas Ashworth, Montford- 
place, Kensington, Gent and Edward Fenton Ashwwth, a Minor, JaA. 1818. 10. 

Astbury Daniel, Meeford Farm, Stafford^re, Gent. dec. July 1824. 

AtUns James, Plymouth, Assistant hi H. M. Dockyard, July 1819. 7. 

Atkins Amelia, Brixton, Surrey, Sphister, July 1817. 11. 

Atkinson Joseph, Swarland House, near Morpeth, Farmer, July 1813. 19. 

Atkinson Thomas, Parker's-row* Bermondsey, Gent. dec. July 1819. <• 


y Google 

AtUnflOB WilBfliB, Harro«r-i<oad, Fuddington, Hariner, July 1808. 99. 

Attirood Thomas, Jvnr. Eatoa-itrecA, Fimlieo» Gent and William Jones, Wilson-street, 

Finsbmrj-sqnare, €r«it. Jan. 18S0. 6. 
Andley lluMnas, Lover Segrwuir-street, MaryleiMoe, esq. Henry Lee Bagge, Ljnn, Norfolk, 

BaBker dee. awl WHUam Wilson Bagge, ditto, July 1816. 18. 
Austin Ann, Manohester-sqoare, Sfrinster, Jan. 1769. (18. 
AosteA Sarah Ftinting-hoMe-lane, Bladcftlars, Spinster, Jan. 1801. 44. 
Aveline Geoige, Boss, Herefordshire, Sorgeon, EKsabeth Ann Aveline, his wife, and Francis 

Ho>wen ATeihMb a ICnor, Joly 1817. 11. 
Avding Sarah, Great Marlow, Bocks, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 8. 
Areiill Isaac, Broadway, Worcestershire, esq. July 1838. 
Avoy Mary, Hammersmith, Spfaister, July 1803. 41. 
Ayles Brtwoea, Mansfield-stieet, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Ayme Snsan, wife of Joseph Ayme. Union-street, Broad-street, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Ayies Ann, Henl^-iqxMi-Thames» Spfaister, July 1819. 7. 


Ahbot Lake, WDBngborongh, Northamptonshire, Draper, April 1 804. 88. 

Abbott Bobert, Wisbeaoh-St..Mary*s, Cambridgeshire, Farmer, 1804. 88 . 

Abdy John, Botherforth, Albyn's, Essex, esq. Oct. 1818. 19. 

Aberdein Elizabeth, Hammersmith, Widow, and Edmund Lodge, Herald's Ck>llege, esq. 

October 1813. 31. 
Abrahams Harriet, Torquay, Devon, Spinster, dec. ikTheodoslaGarrow, a Minor, Oct. 1830. 
Actom Frances, Fenton, Somersetriiire, Spinster, dec. April 1806. 86. 
Adams Eliza, Bucklershead, Hants. Spiiuter, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Adams Ann, Maidenhead, Berks, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Adams Kezia Caroline, Great Bussell-street, Bloomsbury, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Adams Hannah, Mortimer-street, Spfaister, April 1804. 88. 
Adamthwaite Thomas, Birchln-lane, ComhiU, Notary Public, dec. April 1817. 13. 
Addis Tfanothy, Potter's-field, Tooley-street, Coradealer, Oct. 1831. 
Agar Wilham, Lincoln's-inn, esq, Oct. 1816. 15. 
Aishelford, Elizabeth, Brook-street, Widow, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Attkins Isabella, Threadneedle-street, Widow, April 1816. 16. 
Akock Jos(^ LOypot-lane, Gent. Oct 1817. 11. 
Aldridge Elizabeth, Wfanpole-street, Spfaister, Oct. 1816. 18. 
Alexander Bobert, Edfaibiurgfa, Oct 1771. 108. 
Alger Charles, White Horse-street, Stepney, Smith, 15th Oct 4. 
Allan Bobert, Drury-lane, Gent. Thomas Dean, Harp-alley, Fleet-mariEet, Gent. dec. and 

John Thomas Founoeby, Tottenham-court-road, a Minor, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Allen Susanna, Swallow-stieet, l^iinster, April 1809. 38. 
Allen Charles Arthur, Fludyer-street, Westminster, esq. Oct 1830. 
Allen George Edward, Bathampton, Somersetshire, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Allen Maria, Greenwich, Spfaister, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Allen Bev. Henry Littleton, Middlesex, D.D. Oct. 1813. 31. 
Allen Joseph, Fnmiyal's-inn, and Thomas Sidthorp, Temi^e, Gent April 1801. 44. 
Alliston Georgiana, Spfaister, Serrant to the Countess of Mansfield, Bichmond-hill, April 

1818. 10. 
Allison Badiel, wife of Balph Allison, St George's East April 1787. 73. 
Allnntt John, Clapham Common, Surrey, Oct. 1829. 
Alloway Mary, Lisle-street Leicester-square, Widow, April 1804. 38. 
Alloway Sophia Mary, Bothertiithe, Spinster, April 1833. 

Amos James, Devonshire-square, Bishopsgate-street Merchant dec. April 1816. 14. 
Anderson Maria, Dean-street Canterbury -square. Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Anderson Bobert Fatemost^-row, Bookbinder, April 1805 86. 
Anderson William, North-street St Fancras, Tinman, Oct 1809. 37. 
Andrews William, Newington, near Sittingboume, Farmer, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Andrews Judith, Bartholomew-close, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1804. 37. 
Angfaie Elizabeth, Tower-hill, Widow, dec. Oct. 1791. 68. 
Annett Maria, Queen-square, Westminster, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Anstead John, Orange-street Bed Lion-square, Gent Oct. 1803. 41. 
Archer Thomas, Upper Belgrave-pl. Fimlico, and Thomas Oriel, Foland-st esqrs. April 1827. 
Arnold Caroline, CHumdos-street Cavendish-square, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 19. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Ashby William, Qaeen-street, Cheapside, esq. April 1820. 

Aahby Gr»orge, Haaelbeach, Nortliampton, esq. and Thomas Roberts, Store-street, 

Bedford-squard, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Ashby Shackbarrii, Qaeenley, Leicestershire, esq. April 1805. 36 
Ashmore Sarah, Forster's-bmldings, Whitecross-street, Widow, late wife of Edward 

Jones, Backlersbnry, Warehouseman, dec. April 1826. 
Atkins Frances Jndith, a Minor, George Atkins, Clements-lane, Lombard-street, 

Watchmaker, andTheodosia Mary Atkins, his wife, Oct. 1818^ 9. 
Atkins John, Sugar-refiner, & B. Barnsley, Grent. both dec. St. Luke's, April 1801. 44. 
Atkins John, Blenheim-street, Coal Merdiant, dec. and John Mosey, Oxford-street, 

Cheesemonger, dec. April 1809. 21. 
Atkinson Mary, Darlington, Durham, Spinster, dec. April 1821. 
Atkins Theodosia Watts, a Minor, & G. Atkins, Clements-la. Lombard-8t.Oct. 1818. 9. 
Attwood Mattiiias, Jnnr. Gracechurch-street, Banker, Oct. 1813. 8. 
Aubrey Rev. Thomas, Chester, dec. & Edward Wrench, Wood-st.Gent. Oct 1767. 5. 
Austen Henry Thomas, Albany House, Piccadilly, esq. Oct. 1806. 3. 
Austin Margaret, Mile-end, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Awbery Na^ianiel, Little Stanhope-street, Bricklayer, Oct. 1803. 11. 
Aylesford Ri^ht Honorable Earl of, and Sir Samuel Chambers, Knt., Bredsar 

House, Sittingboume, Kent, April 1817. 12. 
Aylett William, Devonshire-pl. Marylebone, Gent. & E. Aylett, his wife, Oct. 1819. 7. 


Adamthwaite Thomas, Birchin-lane, Comhill, Notary, Public, dec. July 1817. 11. 

Adams James, Servant to J. Druce, Dulwich, July 1817. 11. 

Ailesbury The Right Honorable Thomas Earl of, and The Right Honorable Wyndham 

Lord GrenviUe, dec. July 181L 23. 
Albo Jamillo, Fort-st. Spitalfields, Widow, now wife of William Heyn,Wellclose-sqiiare, 

Surgeon, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Allen James, Osbome-street, Ratcliffe-highway, Mariner, Jan. 1804. 32. 
Allen John, Prescott-street, Goodman's-fields, Gent, and Philip Grub, St. Michael's- 

alley. Coal Merchant, July 1801. 43. 
Allen Nathl.,Wapping, G^t. dec.&H. Cresswell,Thames-st. Fishmr. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Allen Susannah, Spinster^ Servant to Mr. Thurston, Croydon, Surrey, July 1819. 7. 
Alsey Harriet Ann, Hamilton-place, Piccadilly, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Amelonson Elizabeth Van, Amsterdam, Widow, dec. July 1801 43. 
Amos Elizabeth, Spins.Mr. Rowe's,Gt.Cumberland-st. Portman-sq. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Anderson Anne, Winchester, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Anderson James, Richmond, Surrey, Carver and Gilder, July 1814. 17. 
Anderson William, Horsemonger-lane, Labourer, July 1819. 7. 
Anderson William, Water-lane, BlackfHars, Baker, July 1813. 4. 
Angier James, Norwich, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Annett Maria, Queen Aim-street, West, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Ansell Mary, Hatfield, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Applegate Mary, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Apthorp Susan, Grimley, Leicestershire, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
D^Arcy Thomas, Bath, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Armstrong Christian, Baker-street, Portman-square, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Arnold John Roger, esq. and Mary Ann Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, ditto, Gent. 

both of Dalston, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Attenburgh Abraham, Royal Sappers, Plymouth, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Atkins Gr^. ,Clements-la. Lombara-st. Watchmkr. &T. M . Atkins, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Auber James, Junr. Leeds, Yorkshire, Grent. 1797. 52. 

Aubert Lewis Peter, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, Grent. dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Aumall Aima Caroline Countess Van, wife of Baron de Springtporten, in the Service 

of Russia, July 180L 43. 
Austin Abraham, Clerkenwell, dec. and Joseph Scourfield, Haberdasher's-street, 

Hoxton, Gents. Jan. 1816. 4. 
Austen Robert Nelson, Northampton-square, Islington, Druggist, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Axam Ann, Widow, Servt. to A. Cottreu, Northam, Herts, July 1819. 7. 
Aymer PhUip, Lad-lane, Mariner, James Grant, St. Martm's-in-f^e-fields, William 

Grant, Inner Temple,& Patrick Thompson, Warwick-court, esqrs. July 1807. 31. 


Adams John, Chatham, Sajeant fai the Royal Marines, 10th Oct. 1827. 

Adams Mary, Leadenhall ■street, Spmster, Oct. 1829. 

Addison Elizabeth, South-street, Berkeley-sqnare, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

/^gnew James, Servant to J. Hare, esq. Bridge-street, Blackfriars, April 1812. 22. 

Agoilar Benjamin, Welbeck-street, Gent. dec. Jnly 1781. 84. 

A&enhead Thomas, Upper King-street, Bloomsbnnr, esq. 10th of Oct. 1822. 

Alchome William, Westerham, Kent, Oent. and John Alchome, Seven Oaks, Kent, 
Yeoman, Oct. 1814. 17. 

AUen Adam, Wood-street, Cheapside, Oent. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Allen Elizabeth, Hi§^-street, Islington, Spinster. April 1817. 12. 

Allen William, and Edward, botii of Clifford's-mn, Gents, dec. and Matthew Cook, 
New Norfolk-street, Grosvenor-sqnare, Coal Merchant, dec. April 1815. 16. 

Allwright, Upper Charlotte-street, Spmster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Apple John, Blue-maker, dec. & Marttia Charlotte Apple, Spinster, both of Commercial- 
road, St. George's, East, 10th Oct. 1822. 

Apthorp, John,Monmoath-st. St.Giles's,Shoe-maker,&S. Apthorp, his wife Oct. 1828. 

Arpthorp Sarah, High Holbom,Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Arnold Caroline, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Atkinson Edwrad, Bath, esq. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Atkins William, Hampton Court, Gardener, & Ann Atkins, his wife, Oct. 1819. 7. 


(Principal Paid in Full lOth Oct, ISU.J 

Adam John, East-st. Red Idon-sq.Grent. & Martha Spettigue, a Minor, Oct. 1811. 23* 

Adams Elizabeth, Brocton, Shropshire, Widow, April 1816. 14. 

Adams Elizabeth, Bedford-square, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1822. 

Adams Geoive, little Somerset-street, Aldgate, Grent. 5th April 1821. 

Alchome mlHam, Westham, Kent, Gent, and John Alchome, Seven Oaks, Kent, 

Yeoman, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Alexander Beata, prior wife of John Alexander, Manningford Bohier, Wilts, Grent. 

April 1818. 10. 
Allan William, Kennington-lane, Surrey, Gent. 10th Oct. 1823. 
AUen John Lee, Errol House, Perthshire, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
AUen Lancelot B.,Dulwich CoUege,esq.&C. Dmce, BiUiter-sq.Gent. 10th Oct. 1820. 
AUen Maria, Blackheath, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
AUen Susanna Whithorn MiUon, Widow, Joseph Harden Surgeon, and Martin Lucas, 

esq. dec. aU of Northampton, April 1816. 14. 
AUen Thomas, Stoke Newington, Gent. & Susannah AUen, his wife, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Allsop James, Rostellan Castie, Cork, Grent. & M. B. All8op,hi8 wife, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Anderson James, Baker,&M. ditto.his wife,New-road,St.Gleoi^'s, East, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Anderson James, and Robert Anderson, Saddlers, both of Paris, France. 
Anguish Ann, Thomaugh-st. Bedford-sq. Spins. Servt. to Mr. Sumpter, Oct. 1813. 3. 
Anson Charlotte, Hampstead, Spinster, April 1783. 80. 
Archard George, Derry-hiU, Wilts, Yeoman, dec. Oct. 1815. 4. 
Amett Charles, Tobacconist, Oxford-street, dec. April 1817. 12. 
Artliur Charles, Stapleton, Gloucestershire, Grent. April 1815. 16. 
Arthur Robert, Barnard*s-inn, Holbora, Gent. dec. April 1818. 10. 
Ashton John, Twickenham, esq. April 1812. 22. 
Atkinson Elizabeth, Old-street, Widow, dec. April 1806. 34. 
Atkinson James, Bermondsey-street, Grent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Austin Sarah, wife of John Austin, Clapton, Grent. Oct. 1794. 57. 
Avard Philadelphia, Spins, at Earl of Lindsay's, Uffington, Lincolnshire, Oct 1819. 7. 
Avery Elizabetn, Old Gravel-lane, Wi^ping, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Axe Elizabeth, Sydenham, Kent, Spinster, Sarah Axe, a Minor, and Robert Wilson, 

Rotherhithe, Carpenter, Oct. 1806. 45. 
AxteU Elizabeth, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Pritt, Wood-street, Cheapside, April 1817. 12. 
Aylward Peter, Surgeon, dec. & Matthew King, Draper, both of Portsea, April 1815. 16 


Allmond William, High-street, Borough, Scale-maker, dec. Sarah Ann Allmond his 

wife, and Sarah Ann Smith AUmond, a Minor, July 1826. 
Aveling George, Ross, Herefordshire, esq. Jan. 1827. 


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Albemarle Charlotte SuBaima ConnteM, wifeof Wm. Chas. Earl of Albemarle, July 1829* 

Alcock William Nicholson,Gt.Croam-8t. Bnmswick-sq. esq. & J. Alcockybis wife, 1823. 

Aldhous Hemry, Stock Ezchange, Gent. Jan. 1831. 

Allcock Elizabeth, Upper Chariton-street, Fitzroy-sqnare, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

Allen John, Isleworth, Middlesex, esa. dec. Jnlj 1824. 

Allen Nathl.,Wappinff, Qent. dec.& H. Cresswell, Tliames-st. Fishmgr. dec. July 1828. 

Anderson James, Richmond, Surrey, Carver and Gilder, July 1814. 

Andrews Richard, Fox-court, Long«lane, Smithfield, Coachman, July 1823. 

Anstis John, WilUam Miller, and WilUam Ransom, all of tiie King s Arms, Maryle- 
bone-street, Grolden-sauare, Gents. July 1825. 

Anguish Anne, South Audley-street, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 

Arnold Solomon, City-road, Merchant, and Michael Emanuel, POrtsmoutii, Pawn- 
broker, Jan. 1830. 

Austin Robert Nelson, Northampton-square, Islington, Druggist, Jan. 1815. 

Attwater Fanny, Triangle, Hackney, Spmster, Jan. 1830. 

Atiierly Greorge, and Charles Marett, both of Southampton, esqrs. Jan. 1830. 

Armstrong Mary Jane, dec. Great Miasenden, Bucks, Widow, 10th Oct. 1824. 


Abney Thomas, Birmingham, Thread-maker, and Robert Abney, Coventry, Silkman, 

dec. October 1806. 31. 
Allenson Ann, Old-street-road, Spinster, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Allman Thomas, Old-street-road, Gent. April 1812. 22. 
Amelonson Elizabeth Van, Amsterdam, Widow, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Andrews John, Uxbridge, Essex, Butcher, April 1812. 22. 

Ashby George, Haselbeach, Northampton,& T. Roberts, Guildhall,Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Atchison Judith, Shaftsbury, Dorset, Widow, April 1818. 10. 
Atkinson Thomas, London, esq. Oct. 1799* 47. 


Abrahams Mary, Holywell-street, Strand, Spinster, Oct. 1828 

Allpress Thomas, Young-street, Kensington, Gent. 5th April 1827. 

Ambrose John Falkner, Sidmouth, Devon, esq. 10th Oct. 1826. 

Arden Right Honorable Sir Richard, Knt.,Masterof the Rolls, dec. and Sarah Arden, 

Leases, Yorkshire, Spinster, dec. 5th April 1824. 
Ashby Ann, Egham, Surrey ,Widow, Oct. 1830. 


Allnatt John, Wallingford, Berks, Gent. dec. May 1813. 19. 

Atherton Eleanor, Great James-street, Bedford-row, Spinster, May 1819. 7 


Abendana Jacob, Michel de Gabriel, Peyreyra de Leon, and Emanuel Padoa, all of 
Leghorn, Merchants, April 1818. 10. 

Abney Thomas, Burmingham, Thread-nudcer, dec. and Robert Abney Coventry, Silk- 
man, dec. October 1807. 31. 

Amelonson Elizabeth Van, Amsterdam, Widow, April 1797. 52. 


Arthur Thomas, Glannomond, County of Clare, Ireland, esq. October 1830. 
Arundell Harriett, Spinster, Servant to Mr. William Brown, Oxford, 10th of Qct. 1824. 


CConverted into Consolidated Three per Cent, Anauities^ hth July 1825.^ 

Allman Thomas, Old-street-road, Gent. April 1812. 
Andrews John, Abridge, Essex, Butcher, April 1812. 


(From the First of May 1794.J 
Aslett Robert, of the Bank, Gent. Nov. 1800 .38. 


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Bacon. Mary, High-street, MarjleboDe, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Badcock Rev. Hairy, Markham Church, near Stratton, Cornwall, Jan. 1800. 25 

Badcock John Neale, St. Mary's Church, Surgeon July 1814. 17. 

Badiffe James, Million Bank, Gent. Jan. 1797. 52. 

Baphaw Catherine, Tunhridge Wells, Kent, Widow, Jan. 1801. 44. 

Baikie James, a Purser in the Navy, July 1805. 35. 

Bailev Bemamin, dec. Crown-street, Moorfields, Cordwainer, William Viner, dec. 

Bath, Builder, and John Parker, Portsmouth, Baker, July 1827 
Bailey Elizabeth, Evnesbury, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Bailey John, Blamdford, Dorset, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
Bailey Joseph, late of* Cli^tim, Qeat. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Bailey Kobert,Writtle, Essex, 6ent.& J. C. Wright, Thexton, Essex, esq. July 1814. 17. 
Bailey Susanna, Spring, Sussex, Spins. & H.Cooke, Birchin-la. Mercht. July 1816. 13 
Bailie Elizabeth, Madras, Widow, Jan. 1798. 50. 
BaiUs Thomas, Gravel-lane, Southwark, Victualler, and William Stocks, Wapping 

street, Hatter, Jan. 1818. 10. 
BaiUyCharlesFrancis, Quebec, Gent. dec. Julv 1799. 47. 
Bailward Samuel Groome, Adam-street, Adelpni, esq. Jan. 1808. 30. 
Baily Ann, Davies-street, Berkeley-square, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Baily Bet^amin, Basinghall-street, Attorney at Law, July 1809. 27. 
Baily Francis, and ArOiur Baily both of the Stock Exchange, Gents, and ElizabeOi 

Cox Baily, Lavender-hill, Surrey, Spinster, July 1826. 
Bailye Hugh, Lichfield, Staffordshire, Clerk, Jan. 1829. 
Bainbridce Elizabeth, Smithfield-bars, Widow, dec. July 1811. 23. 
Baker Edward, Ilguena, Portugid, Gent. Jan. 1827. 
Baker Elizabeth, Edgeware-road, Widow, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Baker, James-st. Westminster, esq. & J. Haworth, Red Lion-sq. M. D. Jul^r 1819. 7. 
Baker John, St. Michaels Mount, Cornwall, Gent, and Elizabeth Morris, wife of 

Robert Morris, Lieutenant in the Royal mvy, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Baker John Carpenter, Macclesfield-street, Winter, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Baker Sarah, wife of Richard Baker, Barham House, Elstree, Herts, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Baker Sarah, Hackney, Spinsten Jan. 1818. 10. 

Baker Williun, Chippenham, Wilts, Chinaman, & Hannah Baker, his wife, July 1825. 
Baker William, Fort-st. Old Artillery-ground, & Ann Baker, his wife, Jan. 1801. 44. 
Baker William, lismore, County of I^pperary, Ireland, esq. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Baker \^^lliam Edward, Bath, Shoemaier, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Balls Eliza Sarah, Spinster, H. Balls, & E. Balls, Gents, all of Camberwell, July 1828. 
Ball Elizabeth, Long-aUey, Moorfields, Widow, dec. Jan. 1828. 
Ball Jane Sarah, Newbury, Wandsworth, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Ball Sarah, New-court, Swithin's-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 

Ballendine Alexander, Wardour-st. Grocer, dec. & Joan, ditto, his wife, July 1 790. 65. 
Ballin Simon, Beris Marks, Joseph Compertz, Change-alley, and Alexander Ballin, 

Cree Church-lane, Merchants, July 1808. 30. 
Ball Charles, Merron, near Guildford, Surrey, es<^. dec. July 1817. 6. 
Balls Thomas Charles, Qeat, Jane Balls, and Louisa Caroline Balls, Spinsters, all of 

Camberwell, July 1828. 
Balsom Ann, Mill-street, Rotfaerhithe, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Bamling Jane, Sydenham, Kent, Spinsten Jan. 1820. 6. 
Banfield James, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1795. 55. 

Banks Joseph, Lincoln's-inn, esq. dec. &Rev.W. Round, Birdiall, Essex, Jan. 1827. 
Banning John, Stock Exchange, Gent. Julv 1790. 65. 
Bannister Mary Ann, Windsor Castle, Berks, Spinster, July 1814. 17 
Bantock John, Gent. dec. and Hugh Bahtock, sen. Carpenter, dec. both of Stratford, 

Essex, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Banton Ann, Smns. & Jas. Banton. Gent. White Horse-st. Ratdiffe, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Barbe Joseph, Old North-street, Red Lion-square, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Barber Amy, Brook-green, Hammersmith, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 



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Barber Joseph, East Grinstead, Sussex, Gent. Mary Barber, his wife, and Ralph 

Talbot, a Mmor, July 1814. 17. 
Barber Lucy, Spmster, Servant to Mr. Bourne, Hatton-garden, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Barber Mary, Ilford, Essex, Widow, dec. Jan. 1806. 34. 

Barber Sarah, Aldersgate-st. Widow, & J. Barber, Queenhithe, aMinor, July 1801. 43. 
Barber Thomas, Gent, and Elinor Brown, Widow, both of Stratton Ground, West- 
minster, July 1817. 11. 
Barenger James, and James Robert Barenger, G^nts. both of Lower Grosvenor-place, 

Hyde-park-comer, Jan. 1831. 
Barham Mary Ann, Water-lane, BlackMars, Widow, July 1815. 15. 
Bark Hannah, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Harford, New Cavendish-st. Portland-pl. Jan. 1828. 
Barker Joseph Huggins, Coal Exchange, Factor, dec. Jan. 1825. 
Barker Catherina, Lavenham, Suffolk, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Barker Mary Raymond, Spins, dec. & J. R. Barker, esq. Grosrenor-st. July 1818. 9. 
Barker Susan, Chatham-place, Spinster, Servant to C. Boulton, esq. July 1818. 3. 
Barker Rev. William Allejrne, Eversham House, Worcester, and Sarah Sheldracb, 

Spinster, Servant to ditto, July 1819. 7. 
Barlow Sarah, Wimpole-street, Spmster, July 1817. 11. 
Barnard Ann, Chichester, Spinster, dec. July 1802. 41. 
Barnard Elizabeth, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Barnard John Corsbie, Norwich, Gent. dec. July 1814. 4. 
Barnard Maria, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Barnard Rev. Mordaunt, Thornton, Yorkshire, Jan. 1829. 
Barnard Sarah, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Barnes Benjamin, Harwich, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Barnes James, Copthall-court, Merchant, & Mary A.Bames, a Minor, July 1819. 7» 
Barnes Jnmes, Copthall-court, Merchant, William Barnes, and Charles Bams, both 

Minors, July 1819. 7. 
Barnes James, Copthall-court, Merchant, & Emely C. Barnes, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Barnes Sarah, Austin Friars, Spins. Servt. to G. Vaux, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Barnes Sophia, wife of John Bames, Green Dragon-court, Narrow-street, Limehouse, 

Sawyer, July 1825. 
Bamett Alexander,yirgima-st. St. George's, East, & E . Bamett, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bamett Ann, Luton, Bedfordshire, Widow, July 1809. 27. 
Bamett Ann, Queen Ann-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bamett Hannah, Orchard-street, rortman-square, Spinster, July 1806. 9. 
Bamett John, City-road, Surgeon, William Mason Cooper, Blackman-street, South- 

wark, Auctioneer, and Elizabeth Chapman, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bamett Ilobert, Haydon-sq. Minories,Gent. dec. & R. Bamett, aMinor, July 1815. 15. 
Barratt Eliza, wife of Isaac Barratt, Upper Marsh, Lambeth, Painter, Jan. 1826. 
Barrell Magdalene Anne, Wickham-market, Suffolk, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Barrett Edward Moulton Barrett, and Edward Moulton Barrett, both of Hope End, 

Hereford, esqs. Jan. 1830. 
Barrett Elizabeth, Old Palace-yard, Widow, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Barrett Emma, Hammersmith, Spinster, July 1814. 6. 
Barrow Margaret, Strand, Spinster, Jan. 1827. 
Barrow Ann, Nantwich, Cheshire, Widow, now wife of the Rev. Jonathan Scott, 

Mallock, Derbyshire,&W.Lowe, Nantwich, Cheshire, Attorney, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Barrow Lieut. Edward, Clements-inn, James Brandon, Hart-street,, Covent Garden, 

and John Xicdger, Bow-street, dec. Gents. July 1825. . 
Barrow Jael, Bury-st. Widow, & S. Barrow, Bedford-place, Merchant, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Barrow, Jolm, Cheapside, Gent. Jan. 1805. 4. 
Barry Elizabeth Smith, Kilbum, Middlesex, Widow, July 1804. 37. 
Barry John, Minories, Silk-mercer, Edward Dadley, Shoe-la. Holbom, Pewterer, and 

Mary Oliver, wife of J. Oliver, Fledwick, Bedfordshire, Farmer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Barthrop William, Parham, Suffolk, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Bartlett Edith, Francis-street, Lambeth, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Barton Harriett, Harley-street, Widow, Robert Cooper, Guildford-street, esq. and 

Charles Cutts, Barton, late a Minor, Now of age, July 1824. 
Barton Mary, Baker-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Barwick Elizabeth, South Mims, Widow, dec. John Willes, Dulwich, Surrey, esq. and 

Granville Sharp, Temple, esq. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 


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ikrwick William, Fyfidd, Essex, dec, Thos. Dorrien, Haresfoot, Herts, R. Chapman, 
ShilliDgke Park, Sussex, & J. CoUin, HillPark, Kent, esqs. July 1812. 21. 

Basnett John, J.Webh, dec. & J. Roberts, all of Workingham, Berks, Gents. July 1827. 

Batchelor Elizabeth, Britannia-row, Spinster, July 1824. ' 

Bateman Henrietta, Eaton-street. Pimlico, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Bates Catherine, Jesus College, Oxford, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Bates Elizabeth, Old Burlington-street. Widow, July 1819. 7. 

Bates Peter, Servt. to J. Batard, Sydenham, Kent, esq. Jidy 1819. 7. 

Bates William, Lower Grsovenor-street Grosvenor-square, Gent. July 1827. 

Batley Cornelia, Old-street-road, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Battersbee Thomas, Chislehurst, Kent, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Batty Abram, Hill-street, Berkley-square, Gent. Juljr 1819. 7. 

Banniz Claude, Servant to Dr. Andrews, Hammersmith, July 1802. 8. 

Baverstock, Rev. William, Billingham, Durham, Phillip Moore, Robert Chilton, and 
Thomas Carlisle, of the same place, Yeomen, Jan. 1826. 

Bawtree Mary, late of Wapping-wall, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Baythom James, Dean-street, Soho, G&at, July 1814. 17. 

Baylis William, Bull-stairs, Blackfriars, Carman, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Baylis Joseph, Battersea, Brewer, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Bayley William Kennedy, Salters'-hall, Gent. Jan 1829. 

Bayley Elizabeth, Doctors Commons, Spinster, Servt. to Mr. Townley, Jan. 1812. 27 

Beak Margaret, Yauxhall-walk, Widow, July 1799. 20. 

Bearisford Martha, Seymour-place, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Beauchamp Francis, St. James's, William Pulteney, Piccadilly, and Francis Pulteney, 

his wife, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Beaumont fVancis Martha, George-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Beaumont Henir, Weston-place, St. Pancras, Gent. Mary Ann Beaumont, his wife, 

Mary Ann Beaumont, and Susanna Beaumont, Minors, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Beauvoir Eliza Benyon de, wife of Richard Benyon de Beauvoir, Englefield House, 

Berks, esq. July 1823. 
Beck John, Workington, Cumberland, esq. Jan. 1823. 

Beck Joseph, dec. & T. Dean, both ofWinterbome, Gloucestershire, esqs. Jan. 1815. 16 
Beckerdoff Sophia, Hanover, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Beckett John, George-street, Grosvenor-square, Gent. July 1798. 49. 
Beckford Elizabeth, Cobham, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Beckley Betty, dec. Widow, Duke of Marlborough's, July 1827. 
Beddoe Thomas, Bristol, and Charles Beddoe, Withy Pool, Salop, Gents. Jan. 1826 
Bedford Thomas, esq. & Joseph R. Bedford, a Minor, both of Pall-mall, Jan. 1825. 
Bedford Penelope, Edmonton, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1829. 

Bedwell Edward, Scotland-yard, & A. Bennett, Inner Temple, dec. Gents. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Beeltestone Maria Moor, wife of W. M. Beeltestone, Wolverhampton, Gent. July 1830. 
Beer William, esq. Rebecca Beer, his Wife, Rev. Lawrence Dundass, Henry Cock- 
bum, Mary Teresa Cockbume, his wife, all of Etwall, Derby, and Elizabeth 
Cotton Dalbury, Derby, Widow, Jan. 1828. 
Begbie James, late of Broad-street, Merclumt. dec. and John Barnes, late of Throg- 

morton-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Bell Ambrose, Mill-yard, Shadwell, Mariner, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Bell Charlotte, Spins. Servt. to G. Henage, Albemarle-street, esq. Jan. 1830. 
Bell Elizabeth, Brosely, Shropshire, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Bell George Angelo, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
» Bell John, Exelby, Yorkshire, &W. Walbran, Londonderry, ditto. Gents. Jan. 1829. 
Bell Susannah, Langham, Rutlandshire, Spinster, July 18^. 
BeUchambers Nicholas, Shopkeeper, and Elizabeth Bellchambers, a Minor, both of 

Hertford, July 1808. 29. 
Bello Andrew, SoU's-row, Hampstead-road, esq. Jan. 1828. 
Belshaw Mary, Ashtead Park, Surrey, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Belson Major General Sir Charles Philip, dec. 28th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1831. 
Bencken Christopher Godfrey, Bow-lane, Merchant, July 1800. 45. 
Bennett Amelia, Stratford, Essex, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Bennett Daniel, Farringdon House, Berks, Richard Landsdale, Wyckenham Marsh, 

Berks, esqs. and Sarah Groodwin, a Minor, Farringdon House, July 1818. 9., 
Bennett John, Threadneedle-street, Cutler, July 1799. 47. 



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Bennett Rachael, Priors Dean, Hants, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Bennett Thomas, PiU-street, Fitzroy-square, Chairmaker, July 1812. 21. 

Benwell £li2abe^, Seaforth-honse, Liverpool, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Benwell John, Black lion-yard, Whitechapel, Broker, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Benyon Richant, Englefield, Berks, esq. and Rey. James Morgan, esq. Oakfield, 
Berks, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Bernard James, esq. dec. and James Camphn, Clerk, both late of Crowcombe, 
Somerset, July 1814. 17. 

Bernard Thomas, Michelmurst, Southampton, Glent. July 1817. 11' 

Bemes Albertina Rosa. Madiera^ Sptinster, July 1830. 

Bemes Alexandrina Adelaide, Madeira, Spinster, July 1830. 

Bemes Felidano Joaquim, Madeira, Grent. July 1830. 

Berry James, sen. Overton, Hants, Glent. Jan. 1804. f 

Bemes Vicente Ferriera, Madiera, Qeot. July 1830. 

Berthon Peter, Low Layton, and James Campbell, Bank-st. esqs. Jan. 1809. 28. 

Best Sir William, Knt. one of the Justices of the King's Bench, Westminster, and 
John Raphael, John-st. Bedford-row, Gent. July 1819. 7< 

Bevan Joseph Gumey, Stoke Newinston, Gent. dec. Jan. 1816. 9. 

Biddulph John, jun. London-street, Fendiurch-street, esq. & William Thomas Bbir, 
Welbeck-street, Middlesex, esq. July 1827. 

Bigg Bateman, esq. &T. Edwards, Surgeon, both of Stanfield, Su£folk, July 1816. 13. 

Biggs Henry, Stodcton, Wilts, esq. Jan. 1819. 

Biggs Jane, Kennington, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Biglands John, Sewdl-street, Gfoswell-street, Cabinet-maker, July 1808. 29. 

Bill Joseph, Smithfield, Middlesex, Artist, July 1827. 

Billing Sarah, RusseU-street, Covent Grarden, Widow, July 1821. 

Bing Elizabeth, Wickhambreux, Kent, Widow, July 1816. 4. 

Bingham Leonora, Malcomb, Dorsetshire, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Bm^iam William, Oxford University, esq. Jan. 1795. 56. 

Bingley Lydia, Mount-street, Whitechapel, Widow, dec. July 1822. 

Bingley Susanna, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury, Widow, and Richard Barker, Fleet- 
street, esq. Jan. 1827. 

Birch Samuel, Comhill, Alderman, &M. Douglas, Pinchard, a Minor, July 1816. 13. 

Bird Martha, Luke-street, Finsbnry, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Birkett Sarah, Isleworth, Widow, now wife of Alexander Logan, York-place, Port- 
man-square, eaq, July 1827. 

Birkhead Aim, Reigate, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Bishop Ann, Kensington, Spinster, Jan. 1789. 6. 

Bishop Samuel, Newenden, Kent, Yeoman, July 1819. 7. 

Bishop Samuel Hunton Townsend, Bedford-pl. Kussell-sq. esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Bishop Thomas, Leicester. Surgeon, Jan. 1827. 

Bisson Alexander, Gt. Marlborough-st. Public Office, Clerk, dec. Jan. 1821. 

Bisson Mary Ann, dec. Bentinck-street, Spinster, Jan. 1783. 80. 

Black G^rge, Prmces-st. Gent. & Jane Shaw Penman, late a Minor, July 1816. 13. 

Blackabie fohHf dec. William Hawkins, George Haws, and John Babington, all of 
St. John's, Southwark, Lightermen, July 1790. 65. 

Blackbeard Ann, Wevmouth, Dorset, Widow^ July 1817. 11. 

Blackman Eleanor, Tower Royal-court, Wathng-st. Spinster, July 1825. 

Bhicknest, Wm. Currier, Servt to Mr. Thos. Humphily, Sunning-hill, July 1818. 9. 

Blackwell, Nathaniel, late 0( Dursley, Gloucester, esq. diec. July 1814. 17. 

Blades John, Ludgate-hill, Glass-seUer, James Burgh, Little Bartholomew-close, 
Fringe-seller, and William Cardale, Bedford-row, Gent. dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Blake Virtue, Canterbury-row, Newington, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Blakelev Ann, Wakefield, Yoricshire, Spinster, July 1828. 

Blaker Mary, Bolney, Sussex, Spinster, July 1830. 

Blanch Sarah, Hoxton-square, Spinster. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Blanckenhagen Theophilus Christian, Broad-st.-bu]lding8y Merchant, July'1814. 17. 

Blane Elizabeth, dec. Reading, Spinster, July 1830. 

Blathwayt William, esq. Rev. Geo. Blathwayt, Stephen Toriiill, dec. & J. West Gents. 
Dirham, Gloucestershire, Trustees to Mr. Lansstons Charity, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Bleasdell James, Preston, Lancashire, Tallow-chandler, & James Wright, Buntingforc^ 
Herts, Grocer. July 1810. 25. 


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Bletchly Midiael, Wootten^under-eclge, Gloucester, Gent, and George Melsom, 

Batheaston, Somerset, Malster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Bligh Dame Mary, Soathampton,Widow, Capt. G. Miller Blkh, Capt. J. Bligh, both of 

the Royal Navy, & I. Wilkmson, Tapton House, Derbyshire, esq. all dec. July 1826. 
Bli^ John, Abingdon-street, Westminster, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Blizard William, Bristol, Coachman to Mrs. Brook, July 1819. 7. 
Block Samuel, esq. dec. & J. Block, a Minor, both of Kentish-town, Julyl821. 
Blomberg Rer. Frederick William, D. D. Rector of Shepton, Somerset, & his Trustee, 

the Rev. John Sleath, D. D. High Master of St. Paul's School, Jan. 1830. 
Blose James jun. Hambrook, Gloucester, Brewer, July 1819. 7. 
Blowers Elizabeth, Ipswich, Suffolk, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Blows Elizabeth, Dawlish, Devon, Sophia Blows, Limehouse, and Ann Diana Roberts, 

Portland-place, Spinsters, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Blundell Elizabeth Sophia, Oulsbury, Hants, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bly Elizabeth, Haymarket; Spinster, July 1803. 4. 
Blyth Rev. John, Coleshill, Warwickshire, dec. and Wriothesly Digby Meredon, 

Warwickshire, Gent. July 1824. 
Blyke, George, Hertford, esq. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Bocquet Robert, Berlin, Merchant, dec. Philip Abraham Bocquet, Deptford, Stationer, 

dec. and William Yates, Hertford, Gent. Jan. 1802. 42. 
Bockett William, Southcoute, Berks, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Boden Elizabeth, Broad-street, St. Giles's, Spmster, Jan. 1786. 74. 
Boden Julia, St. Geoi^'s, Bloomsbury, Widow, dec. Jan. 1786. 74. 
Bodfield Thomas, Lawrence-lane, Gent. July 1825. 
Bodman Henry, Cecil-street, Strand, Gent. Jan. 1828. 

Boehm Edmund, D. Nantes, dec. & J. Taylor, dec. Broad-st. Merchants, July 1819. 7. 
Boldero Edward Gale, &Sir Hairy Lushington, Comhill, Bankers, July 1813. 19. 
Bolingbroke George Richard Visct., Lydiard-park, Wilts, and Sir John Simeon, Bart. 

Queen Anne-street, July 1819. 7. 
Bollock Charles, Brown's-sqnare, Edinburgh, esq. Jan. 1803. 40 
Bolton Robert, Jamaica, Surgeon, Jan. 1827. 
Bond Bezyamin Change-alley, Banker, Jan. 1831. 
Bond Benjanun, Margaretting, Essex, esq. Jan. 1830. 

Bond Mary, Fludyer-street, Spinster, Servant to Mr. De la Conte July 1803. 20. 
Bond Right Honorable Nathaniel, dec. Holme, Dorset, John Bond, dec. Grange, esq. 

and Rev. T. Williams, Vicar of Bere Reg^, Dorset, Jan. 1831. 
Bond William, Hatton-street, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Bone James, late of Ayr, N. B. Surgeon, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Bonnell Ann, wife of William Bonnell, Nova Scotia, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bonner Jane, New Burlington-street, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Bonnet Catherine, Grafton-street, Widow, dec. July 1791. 63. 
Booker Alice, Snins. Servt. to the Rev. Bouverie, Coleshill-Vicerage, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Boone Thomas, Nassau-street, Soho, & G. Curling, Gt. Russell-st. esqs. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Boote Edward, Mark-lane, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Borlase John, Surgeon, & Humphry Millett Grylls, Helston, Cornwall, esq. Jan. 1830. 
Borrett Sarah, Spms. Servt. to A. Adair, Pall Mall, July 1815. 15. 
Borrowdale Joseph, Workington, Cumberland, a Minor, July 1812. 21. 
Borrowdale William, Workington, Cumberland, a Minor, July 1812. 21. 
Bosanquet Charlotte, Kilburn, Middlesex, Widow, July 1804. 37. 
Bossdmann Johan Joachim, Castle-street, Baker, July 1797. 51. 
Bostock Ann, Prover, Cheshire, Widow, dec. and Daniel Howard, Knulsford, 

Surgeon, dec. July 1824. 
Boston James, Hackney, Gent, and George Blackball, a Minor, July 1824. 
Botterill William, Gent. & J. Botterill, Farmer, both of Southgate, July 1818. 9. 
Bouchery Mar^, Swaffham, Norfolk, Widow, dec. Jan. 1823. 
Bound Ann, Ldsson Green, Widow, dec. July 1798. 49. 
Bounds Ann, St. Grermain, Cornwall, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Bourchier William, Gillard's Farm, near Elstree, Herts, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Bowcer Greorge, Rodney-street, Pentonville, Gent, a Minor, Jan. 1812. 22- 
Bowcer Hannah, Rodney-street, Pentonville, a Minor, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Bowdrey Elizabeth, Wendover, Bucks, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Bowen Elizabeth, Sunning-hill, Berks, Spmster, July 1818. 9. 

u.yitized by Google 

Bower Rer. George Buckley, Great Billing, Nortiiamptonshire, and Rev. William 

Agutter, of me Asylum, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Bowie Jas., Botanical CoUecter to his Maiesty at the Cape of Good Hope, July 1817. 12. 
Bowin Eliza, Mile End, Middlesex, a Alinor, July 1826. 
Bowin William Alexander, Mile End, MiddLraex, a Minor, July 1826. 
Bowles Elizabeth, Burlington-street, Widow, July 1804. 8. 
Bowman Eleanor, Great Pulteney-street, Widow, dec. July 1805. 35. 
Bowman Frederick, Duncan-street, Whitechapel, Sugar-refiner, and Hiomas Hodsoii, 

jun. Church-lane, Whitechapel, Jan. 1820. 6. 
BoweryCharles Henry, Mill Pond-street, Bermondsey-level, Gent. Jan. 1827. 
Boyd William, Islixigton, Labourer, July 1828. 
Boys Sarah Jane, wife of Thomas Rider Boys, Merton, Suney, Gent, and Caroline 

Tipple, a Minor, Mitcham, Jan. 1828. 
Brace Herbert, Middle Temple, Gent. dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Brace Herbert, Middle Temple, Robert Long, Grays-inn, and Francis Lizard, Hart- 
street, Bloomsbury-s<mare, Gents. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Bracken Rev. Edward, L.L.D., Vicar, Joseph Hawkes, dec. and John Latham^ dec. 

Churchwardens of Snaiths, Pontefract, Yorkshire, July 1817. 11. 
Brackenbury Carr Thomas, Bromfield, Essex, esq. dec. July 1816. 13. 
Brackspear Robert, Henley, Oxon, Brewer, & Stafford Sqmre Baxter, Fumiyal's-iun, 

Gent. dec. July 1812. 21. 
Bradby Edward Taylor, Romsey, Hampshire, Gent. July 1812. 21. 
Bradby James, Hamble, near SoutluEunpton, dec. and Peter Perchard, London, 

Merchant, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Bradford John George, Bishopsteignton, Devon, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Bradley Francis, Bank, Gent. dec. and S. Bradley, his wife, July 1819. 7 
Bradley Lydia, Servt. to James Vine, esq. Bernard-street, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 
Bradley Susannah, Trafalgar-square, Widow, July 1819. 7. 

BraggMaryAnn.wifeofJ. Bra^g, Fenchurch-st.Gent. &R.R. Bragg, a Minor, Jan. 1828. 
Brauey Mary, New-court, Swithins-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Brain John, Portsea, Gent. July 1810. 25. 
Brand Ann, Baxley, Kent, Widow, and Thomas Brand, Ebden-place, Blackfriars- 

road. Whitesmith, Jan. 1823. 
Brandon Edward, Craven-street, Servant to Dr. Munt, Jan. 1790. 66. 
Brandon Jacob Israel, London-street, Broker, and Wiliam Pearce, Swithins-lane, 

Attorney, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Brassey Sarah, Strand, Widow, dec. July 1809. 27. 

Braxton Chas., Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. &M. D. Vienna, Spinster, July 1810. 25. 
Bray Michael, Lincoln's-inn, esq. dec. Jan. 1791. 64. 
Bray Thomas, Flask-lane, Chelsea, Gent. Jan. 1813. 9. 
Bredon Mary, Cripplegate, Widow, Jan. 1781. 84. 
Breedon Thomas, Embden-court, Pearl-row, BlackMars, Lighterman, S. Breedon, his 

wife, and George Horatio Breedon, a Minor, Jan. 1822. 
Breedon Thomas, Embden-court, Pearl-row, Blackfriars, Lighterman, S. Breedon, his 

wife, and Edward Emery Breedon, a Minor,, Jan. 1822. 
Breese Sophia, Northbury-piark, Mickleham, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Brehant Mary Catherine, daughter of Henry Brehant, of Guernsey, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brellett Thomas, White Hart-row, Kennington, Gent. M. Lee, dec. Mayfield-buildings, 

Merchant, and Hester Sophia Craft, formerly a Minor, now of Age, Jan. 1830. 
Bremner, Rev. William, William Newbolt, Fellmonger, and Simon Waller, jun. 

Woolstapler, all of Oakingham, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Brenchley John, Maidstone, Kent, & J. Crisp, SuttonVallence, esqs.dec. July 1816. 13. 
Brett Louisa, Princes-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, July 1797. 51. 
Brett Nathaniel, Illeringham, Norfolk, Carpenter, & A.Brett, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brewer William, Tichfield-street, Gent. dec. July 1814. 16. 
Brickwood Amdia, Bartham-hill, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Bish, July 1818. 4. 
Bridge Cyprian, Royal Artillary, July 1819. 7. 
Bridgeman Ann Charlotte, a Minor, and Hon. Rev. George Bridgeman, both of Wigan, 

Lancashire, July 1815. 15. 
Bridgeman Charles, Hertford, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bric£eman, Edmund Henry, a Minor, and Hon. Rev. George Bridgeman, both of 

Wigan, Lancashire, July 1815. 15. 

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firidgeman Elizabeth Isabella, a Minor, and Hon. Rev. George Bridgeman, both of 

Wigan, Lancashire, July I8I5. 15. 
Bridges John, Southampton, Servt. to William Gunthorp, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Bridges John, Red Lion-square, Gent, and Henry Banks, Henrietta-street, Covent 

Gardrai, Factor, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Briggs Catl^rine, (Mord-st. Serrt. to Sir W. Manners, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Briggs John, esq. Lincoln's-inn, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Briscoe Maria, Kendall, Spinster, dec. July 1799. 47. 
Britton Deborah, Wilson-street, Moorfields, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Broacks Thomas, Bristol, Merchant, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Broadhurst William, Regent-place West, Regent-square, esq. and Martha Whittaker 

Broadhurst, a Minor, July 1830. 
Brock Frederick John, RatcUtf-highway, Mariner, Julv 1795. 55. 
Brockie Jannet, Brentford, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1797. 5. 
Brodie Wm. David, Writer in the Civil Establishment, East Indies, July 1809. 27. 
Broers Jan Henricus Rhenen, esq. dec. July 1826. 
Bromfield Eliza, Newknd ChaUront, Bucks, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Bromfield Samuel, White Hart-place, Kennington, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Brooke Rev. Charles, Ufford, Suffolk, July 1820. 
Brooks Isaac, Hounningsheath, Suffolk, Farmer, Rev. Thomas Kerrick, of the same 

place. Clerk, and £. Bigg, Hatton Garden, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brook Elizabeth, Gloucester- place, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Brookbanks Jane, Blackheath, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brooke James, Bermondsey, Marmer, John Tidd, Gainsborough, John William Gross, 

Ban Wharf, and George Maw, Stockwell, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Brooke Margaret, Bristol, Spinster, July 1797. 51. 
Brooks Arthur, Finsbury-square, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Brooks Thomas, Coleman-street, Gent. Jan. 1801. 3. 
Brooksbank Henry, Pall Mall, Banker, Jan. 1825. 
Brooksbank Joseph, Healaugh Hall, Yorkshire, Gent. July 1814. 17. 
Broome Richard, Grays-inn, e»q. July 1800. 45. 
Broomer Elizabeth, Lambeth, Widow, dec. July 1808. 29. 

Brothers Frauds, a Purser in the Royal Navv, & Orlando Brothers, a Minor, July 1822. 
Brown Ann, wife of Josiah Brown, Crayford, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1808. 80. 
Brown Celia, Walworth, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Brown Diana, Elv, Cambridgeshire, Widow, July 1827. 
Brown Eleanor, Hoddesdon Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brown Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to J. Wall, Tewksbury-park, July 1807. 5. 
Brown Elizabeth, Avebury, Wilts, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Brown Jane, Islington, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brown Henry, West Derby, Lancashire, Gent. Jan. 1821. 
Brown John, Upper Thames-street, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Brown Mary, Newark Notts, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Brown Mary, New-st. Fetter-line, Widow, & Jane Hignett, a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Brown Thomas, Hertford, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Brown Thomas, esq. of the London Hospital, Treasurer, Jan. 1817. 12. 
BrownWilliam.Uxbridge, Carpenter, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Browne John, Salperton, Gloucestershire, Frederick Phelps, Cheltenham, and Anfthouy 

Sproule, Tewkesbury, Gents. Jan. 1831. 
Browne Sarah, Bedford-square, Spinster, Servant to J. May, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Bownin^, Susanna, King's-road, Chelsea, Widow, July 1819. 7 
Brownngg Isabella, Dublin, Widow, dec. Jan. 1830. 
Browstead Mary, Fareham, Hants, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Bruce Charles, Camden Town, Pancras, Gent. dec. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Brace Thomas, Little Thurrock, Essex, Blacksmith, & R. Bruce, aMinor, July 1818. 9. 
Brace William, Croft Castle, Servant to S. Davis', esq. July 1814. 7. 
Bradenell Elizabeth, New Green, Surrey, Spinster, and James Bolton Lee, Lower 

Tooting Gent. July 1812. 2L 
Brun James le. St. John's, Jersey, Farmer, July 1818. 9. 
Bryun Mary, Aversham, Bucks, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Brvant Benjamin, Lewi^iam, Kent, Grent. dec. Edward Evans, Eyton-hall, Leominster, 

esq. Richard Evans, and Jane Evans, both Minors, July 1819. 7. 



Bryant George, Queen-squarei Bloomsbur^, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Bryon WiUianij Brook-green, Hammersmith, (lent. Jan. 1827. 

Buck Lewis William, Daddon, Devonshire, esq. July 1816. 13. 

Buckeridge Lewis, esq. Trustee to T. Buckeridge, St. John's Hospital, Litchfield, 

JulylSOL 43. 
Buckland Rer. John, Rector of St. Greorge, Southwark, and Joseph Meymott, 

Borough-road, Surveyor, Jidy 1816. 13. 
Buckland Marv, Old Palace-yard, Westminster, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Buckland Sarah, Clarendon-street, Somers-town, Widow, Jan. 1822. 
Buckle John, Lambeth-hiU, Old Fish-street, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Bucknall Sarah, late of Belton, Salop, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Buckton Henry, Came of Good Hope, esq. July 1822. 
Buffet Mary Ann, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, July 1785. 75. 
Bulkeley Right Honorable Thomas James Lord Viscount, and Honorable William 

Hervey, Haymarket, dec. July 1815. 15. 
Bult Thomas, Kmgston, Somerset, ^q. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Buncken Henrich, Fieldgate-street, Whitechapel, Gent. July 1811. 23. 
Bunter Simon, Ajoninster, esq. dec. Rev. Joseph Domett, South Bovey, Clerk, John 

Wellsford, Crediton, Merchaait,& R. Abranam, jun. Ashburton, July 1813. 19. 
Burch Joseph Stepney Green, Rope Maker, dec. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Burch Samuel, Stowmarket, Gent. Jan 1825. 
Burchard Eliza, Cooper-street, "V^estminster, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Burdett Frances Foremark,]by, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Burdett Mary, Cleveland-row^,, Spins. Servt. to Gen. Hervey. July 1772. 101. 
Burge Sarah, Orchard-street, Westminster, Widow, & M. rerry, a Minor, Jan. 1822. 
Burgess Ann Roberts, Leghorn, Widow, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Burgess Boughey, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1814. 7. 
Burgess William, Noke-hill, Essex, Carpenter, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Burkett John, Woolwich, Victualler, Jan. 182iS. 

Burgh Cornelius, of the Pipe Office, Somerset House, Grent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Burland Jdm Berkeley, Stockhouse, Dorset, esq. dec. and Clover Morris Burland, 

Wootton-under-lfdge, Gloucester, esq. dec. Jan. 1826. 
Burleigh Elizabeth, Widow, William Howell Ewin, esq. & John Newling, dec. all of 

Cambridge, July 1816. 13. 
Burley David, at G^. Egerton's, Grosvenor-square, Jan. 1803. 8. 
Burley Geo., Lincoln's-inn, & John Innes Pocock, Inner Temple, Grent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Bum Joseph, Great Tower-street, Grent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Burnett William, Bloxham, Stock Exchange, Groit. Jan. 1825. 
Bumard Mary, Servt. to Mrs. Nugent, Upper Brook-st. Grosvenor-sq. July 1805. 15. 
Burr Marv, Luton, Bedfordshire, Widow, July 1804. 37. 
Burr Wacte, Bank, Gent. dec. and Alice Burr, his wife, July 1807. 31. 
Burrell William, Broom Park, Northumberland, esq. & Thomas Davison, Newcastle- 

upon-Tvne, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Burrows John, Chief Justice, Dominica, esq. and Frances Burrows, Hadley Middlesex, 

Spinster, July 1820. 
Burt Stephen, dec. Witchampton, Dorset, Miller, July 1828. 
Burton Mary, Harvey-buildings, Strand, Widow, Jan. 1826. 
Burton Richard, Calcutta, Lieut. Native Infantnr, Jan. 1825. 
Bury William, Ludgate-hill, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Busaglio Ann, Queen-street, Tower-hill, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Bush Mary Ann, CoUege-green, Bristol, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Bushell John, Broad-street, Merchant, July 1815. 15. 
Bussey AnnaStackard, Oxford, Widow, Jmy 1825. 
BuszardMarston, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Banker, July 1805. 35. 
Butcher John, Gent. Jane Butcher, his wife, and Mary Butcher, Spinster all of 

Pleasant-row, Mile End, Jan. 1808. 8. 
Butcher Mary, wife of John Butcher, South Audley-street, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Butcher Robert Penniall, East Cheap, Gent. Frances Amelia Butdier, his wife, and 

Ca&eriBe Beandiamp Butcher, a Minor, July 1816. 13. 
Butler Elizabeth, Neval's-court, Fleet-street, Spinster, July 1829. 
Butler Grace, Spalding, Lincolnshire, Spinster, now wife of William Rodgerson, 

Surgeon, Spaliing, Lincohishire, Jan. 1817. 12. 

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Butler Jaxnei, Hampftead-lieath, yiotaaUer, and Jamet Butkr, of ihb mbm place, a 

Bffnor, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Butler Richard, and Robert Butler, both of Old Broad-street, Merchanta, July 1826. 
Butler Sophia Mary, wife of Thomaa Butler, Bramahott. Hants, esq. July 1825. 
Butt Rev. John Martin, East Ganton, Berks, July 1823. 
Butterfield Hannah, Hempstead, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Button Edward, WaUmgford, Berks, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Buxton Louisa Henrietta, wife of J. C. BuzUm, Honfleur, France, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Byam Thomas Fisher, Tetbury, Grent. Rev. Richard Davis, Vicar of Te^ury and 

Daniel Bennet, of the same place. Churchwarden, Jan. 1924. 


Babington \^^llia|n, Aldermanbunr, M. D. dec. and ^^^lliam Coningham, Great St 

Heloia, Merchant, April 1826. 
Badikr Robert, Charles-street, St. James's, Gent. Oct 1801. 31. 
Bacon Tliomas, Chanceir-lane, Gent. April 1817. 12. 
Badrick John, Biarton, Bucks, Farmer, dec. Oct 1817. 3. 
Bagot The Right Hon. William Lord, Baron Bacot, Edmund Francis Green, Upper 

Grower-street, & NathL Newman, Upper Guudford-st Middlesex, esqs. Oct. 1^. 
Bail^ Sarah, Ilford, Essex, Spinster, Andrew, Edge, Essex-street, Strand, esq. and 

Edward George Sowter Bailey, a Minor, Oct 1819. 7. 
Bailis Tliomas Gravel-lane, Soutiiwark, Yiotnaller, and William Stockes, Wapping- 

street, Hatter, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Baine8Betty,Southwark, Widow, Oct 1766. 113. 
Baker John, Enfield, Middlesex, Gent dec. Oct. 1820. 

Baker Sarah, Areness, nearMinchinHampUm, Gloucestershire, Spins. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Baldwin Charlotte, Spinster. Servt. to Mr. John Denner, Holbom, April 1830. 
Balguy, John, Duffield, Derbyshire, esq. & H. Wood, Swanniok, ditto, Gent Oct 1825. 
Ball George, Canterbury-buildings, Lambeth-green, Gent. Oct. 1829. 
Ball George, Hales-place, South Lambeth, Gent &E. A. Ball, his wife, Oct 1829. 
Bandinel Flulip, dec. son of Philip Jersey, Gent Oct. 1779. 87. 
Banks Beniamm, Queen-street, Lmcohi's-inn-fields, Clockmaker, April 1808. 30. 
Bannister Richard. Bank-bldgs. & J. Smith, Bridge-st. Blackfriars, Gents. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Barbe Joseph, Old North-street, Red lion-square, Gent Oct. 1819. 7. 
Barber James, Bank, Gentleman, April 1811. 24. 
Barbor Robert, Charter House^ John Bill, Farley, Staffordshire, Robert Bill, Middle 

Temple, and John Ward Marlboroudi, Wilts, esqs. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Barber Stephen, Cowper's-court, ComhDl, Broker, Oct 1817. 11. 
Barber William, Servant to Mr. Burton, Bentinck-street, April 1783. 80. 
Barker Catherine, Litchfield, Widow, April 1815. 16. 
Barker Henry, Lewisham, Kent. Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Barnard Francis, Upper Harlev-street^ Gent. Oct 1821. 
Barnes Frances, Duke-street May Fau, Spinster, dec. Oct 1807. 31. 
Barnes John, St Andrews^ Holbom, Gent. Oct 1778. 89. 

BamouinMargaretFredencaElizabeth,Bentinck-st St James's, Spins. dec. April 1820. 
Barrett James, Saffron Waldoi, Essex, Ironmonger, Oct 1807. 31. 
Barrett William, Old Palace-yard, Westminster, esq. dec. April 1816. 14. 
Barrow Thomas Bemer's-street, esq. dec. Oct. 1828. 
Bartholomew Richard, Crooked-lane, Turner, dec. April 1829. 
Bartholomew William, PoUard-row, Bethnal-green, Geat, Oct 1816. 3. 
Bardett Thomas, Portsmouth, esq. dec. Richtuxl Noble, Jamaica LeveH, Rotherhithe, 

J. Woods, Brazier, & M. Gre^ham, jun. both of Portsmouth Gents. Oct 1814. 17. 
Bate Thomas, Islington, Druggist, Oct. 1822 
Batley Cornelia, Bishopgate-street, Spinster, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Battell Rev. William, Lambeth, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Baxter Robert, Fumival's-inn, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Baxter Robert, Stock Exchange, Gent, as Trustee to Richard Critchett, esq. St. 

George the Martyr, Middlesex, and Sarah, his wife, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Baylis James, Cockspur-st. Tinman. & W. Braid, Broadway, Westminster, Oct 1824. 
Baylis William, Bull-stairs, Blackfriars, Carman, April 1816. 14. 
Beard Elizabeth, Piaistow, Bromley, Widow, dec. Oct 1811. 23. 
Beardmore Joseph, Milk-street, Hosier, Oct. 1818. 9. 



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Beardsworth John, and Greorge Burley, Linooln's-inn, Gents. April 1790* C6 

BeauchAmp Martha, Greenwich, Spinster, April 1753. 11. 

Beaumont Charles, Cadogan-place, Chelsea, esq. Oct. 1812. 3. 

Beaver Jane, dec. wife of Rev. G.Beaver, Trent, Somersetshire, Oct. 1819. 7* 

Beck Martha, High-street, St. Marylehone, Spinster, April 1813. 20. 

Beteher John, dec.&Wm. Beecher,both of Hawbury, Bedfordshire, L. Morse, Queen 
Anne-st.Cavendish-sq.&W. Abney,Wickham, Leicestershire, esqs. April 1808. 30. 

Belcher Stringer, a Minor, Ashford Kent, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Belchier Frances, Great Ormond-street, Spinster, April 1805. 36. 

Belchier John, esq. J. Watts, and Thos. Dawson, London, Merchants, Oct. 1787. 71. 

Belford Gustavus, Col. of the Regiment of Horse Guards, dec. April 1817. 12. 

Bell Elizabeth, Totteridge, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1789. 67. 

Bell John, Biackheath, Gent. dec. Oct. 1821. 

Bellairs Henry, Twickenham, eso. Oct. 1814. 17. 

Bellamy John, Gray's-inn-lane, Gent. April 1820. 

Benard Catherine, Queen Ann-street, East, Spinster, April 1810. 26. 

Benest Captain Philip, Jersey, dec. April 1817. 12. 

Bennett Nicholas, Stock Exchange, Gfent. April 1812. 4. 

Bennett Penelope, Phoenix-alley, Covcnt-garden, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Benson Rev. James, Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester, dec. and Rev. James 
Webster, Archdeacon of the same, Oct. 1826. 

Benyon Richard Powlett Wrighte, En^lefield-house, Berks, esq. and William Stephens, 
Aldermaston, Berks, Brewer. April 1816. 14. 

Berenger Philip, Fleet-market, Gent. April 1820. 

Bemev Sir J. , Bart. Kirby , Norfolk, & Rev. J. Forby, Barton Bondish, April 1796. 54. 

Best James, Park-house, Bexley, Kent, esq. and Sir. Richard, Hardinge, Sundridge, 
Kent, Bart. dec. April 1824. 

Best John Rycroft, esq. & A. D. W. Best, a Minor, both of Montague-sq. April 1822. 

Best Richard, Greenwich, Wine Mercht.& W.Bedford, Euston-place, Gent. Oct. 1824. 

Beveridge James, Newgate-street, Surgeon, April 1819. 8. 

Beynon Rev. Edmund, Turner, Surrey, April 1819. 8. 

Bigg Aynes, Spinster, at Mr. Giles, Surrey-square, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Birch George, Fleet-street, dec. Oct. 1796. 58. 

Biscoe Elisha, Bedford-row, esq. dec. Neighbour Frith, North Cray, Kent, esq. dec. 

and Henry Flitcroft, Scotland-yard, esq. April 1791. 64. 
Bishop Ann, Standon, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Bishop Rev. John, Mills, Vicar of Doulting, Somersetshire, and his Trustee, John 

Pagett, Newbery^Somersetshire, esq. Apnl 1819. 8. 
Bishop Rev. John, Mells, Vicar of Doulting, Somersetshire, dec. and his Trustee, John 

Paget, Newbury, Somersetshire, esq. Oct. 1823. 
Bishop Samuel, London-street, Fitzroy-square, Gent. dec. April 1812. 5. 
Bishop William, Wamford-place, Wiltshire, Butler, Oct. 1814. 6. 
Blackall Samuel, Biackheath, Gent, and Sarah his wife, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Blackburn John, New Broad-street, esq. dec. Oct. 1824. 

Blackmore Mary, Spinster Servt. to Mr. Hammond, Bishopgate-st. Oct. 1788. 69. 
Blanchard Isabella, Upper Wimpole-street, Spinster, Oct. 1824. 
Blanchett John, Ludcate-street, linendraper, dec. Oct. 1788. 69. 
Bland Ann Davison, Kjppax-park, near Ferry Bridge, Yorkshire, Widow, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Bland Jane, Hampton-court, Spinster, afterward wife of James Belcher, of the same 

place. Gentleman, Oct. 1813. 3. 
Blinch Christian, Falmouth, Widow, George Buck, Biddeford, Devon, esq. Paul 

Orchard Abbey, Devon, esq. and J. Sargent, London, esq.. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Blount Edward, Bellamore, Staffordshire, Trustee for the Duke of Norfolk, April 1823. 
Blundell Sarah, Brixton-hill, Surrey, Widow, April 1820. 
Blunt Dorothea, Kensington, Middlesex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Blunt Walter, Hippingscombc, Wilts, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Bocquet Paul, Hertford, Gent. April 1802. 42. 

Boehm Edmund, D. Nantes, dec. & J. Tayler, all of Broad-st. Merchs. April 1819. 8. 
Bond John, Cannon-street, Gent. Oct. 1793. 59. 
Bond William, Hatton-garden, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Bones Mary Ajm, and Sophia Bones, both of Cambridge, Spinsters, Oct. 1821. 
Bonner James, Stock Excnange, Gent. dec. Oct. 1828. 

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Booker John, Fen-oourt, Fendrarch-street, Gent. James Crowe, St. PetenburiSh, Gent. 

and Ann Crowe, ditto, Spinster, April 1812. 22. 
Booth George Neril, Wilton-place, iCnightsbridi^e, Middlesex, esq. April 1827. 
Booth John Green, Dock-head, Bermondsej, Pnnter, dec. April 1829. 
Borland John, Boatswain in the Royal Navy, Oct. 1782. 81. 
BoMmqnet William, Mansion Honse-street, esq. dec. April 1809. 28. 
Boflher Lewis, Vere-street, Clare-market, & Thomas Sherwood, Spafidds, Clerkenwell, 

Gents, dec. Oct. 1829. 
Bosaey Joyce, Lewisham, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1800. 45. 
Bosworth Daniel, Holdenby, Northamptonshire, Grazier, April 1814. 18. 
Bolomey Lonyse, Great Marlboronch-street, Spinster, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Bonchery Ma^, Swaffham, Norfolk, Widow, dec. Oct 1817. 11. 
Boold Mary C. , Servt. to Mr. Blossett, Lodge Hockliffe, Bedford. April 1808. 30. 
Bonlt James, Mare-street, Hackney. Gent, and Mariana Boult, his wife, Oct. 1830. 
Bourchier Julias, Finsbonr-street, Finsbnry-square, Gent. April 1827. 
BoTear Martha, Widow, Servt. to Mr. Franks, Mortlake, Oct. 1810. 19. 
Bowater Capt. Edwardjnn. 3rd Regiment of Guards, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Bowles Roger Flower, Wood-street, Cheapside, Hosier, Oct 1823. 
Box Elizabeth, Lambeth, Spinster, April 1824. 
Boyner Robert, Crutched Friars, Gent April 1814. 18. 
Brackett Isaac, Old Gravel-lane, Wappinff, Gent Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bradfield Axferd, Gent. dec.& M. Ribbms, Widow, both of Arundd-st. April 1816. 14. 
Bradford Robert, Shoe-lane, Holbom, Surgeon, April 1823. 
Bradney Richard, King-street, St GeorgeVfields, Gunsmith, April 1811. 24. 
Braid wHliam, Surgeon, & Gkorge Braid, jun. both of Northumberland-street, Strand, 

Gent April 1818. 10. 
Bramhall Jufia, Spinster, Servant to R. Ray, Montague-pl. Russel-sq. April 1818. 10. 
Brand John, Woodbridge, Suffolk, esq. Oct 1812. 21. 
Brewster John, Burton-court, Hereford, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Brewster John, jun. Brandon, Suffolk, Merchant, Joseph Oxley, Norwich, Weaver, 

ddc, and Thomas Brewster, Newington Butts, Gent. April 1817. 12. 
Briaux Emanuel, Servt. to A. Smith, esq. Mansion-house-street, April 1815. 16. 
Bridger William, River Parish, Tillington, Sussex, Farmer, dec. April 1821 
Briggs Elizabeth, Chapel-street, Soho, Spinster, April 1804. 38. 
Brightmore Robert, Sheffield, Merchant, April 1805. 36. 

Bristow David, Lambeth, &W. Pearson, Newin^n, Surrey, Gents, dec. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Bristow Thomas Femeough, Ciipplegate-buildings, Druggist, and Thomas Jones 

Abingdon, Berks, Mealman, Oct. 1825. 
Brittain Jane, Sloane-street, Chelsea, Spinster, Servt. to Mrs. Stewart, April 1826. 
Broadbent Rev. William, Latchford, Cheshire, dec. and Halbrook Graskell, Warrington, 

Merchant, Oct. 1830. 
Broadlev Henry, Nopsbury Farm, near St. Albyn's, Gent. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Brock John Savery, Ghiemsey, esq. April 1819. 8. 

Brooke Charles, Sambrook-court, Basmghall-street, Merchant, Oct. 1815. 3. 
Brooker Sarah, Shopdon, Hertfordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1798. 49. 
Brookes James, Stock Exchange, Qent, dec. Oct 1784. 77. 
Brookes James, Hammersmith, Middlesex, Gent. dec. Oct. 1825. 
Brookes Ralph, Gent. dec. James Vincett, of the same place, Gent and Ralph Brooks 

Vincett, a Minor, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Brooksbank Thomas, Bloomsbury, Francis Ruddle, Hatton Garden, R.Harrison, St. 

Clement Danes, & R. Hawley , St. James's, Westminster, Gents, dec. Oct. 1809. 27. 
Broomfield Mary, wife of G. Broomfield, Shoreham, Kent. Shopkeeper, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Brothers Francis, a Purser in the Royal Navy, &y. Brothers, a Minor, Oct. 1822. 
Brown Catherine, Spinster, Peckham, Oct. 1781. 83. 
Brown Elizabeth, Clapton-place, Hackney, Widow, April 1823. 
Brown Frances, Kensmgton, Spinster, April 1828. 

Brown George, at the Ship, Cannon-row, Westminster, Mariner, April 1807. 32. 
Brown Henry, Windsor, Banker, William Crook, Painter and Glazier, and Mary Cox 

Brown, a Minor, Windsor, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 
Brown John, Aldersgate-street, Labourer, dec. Oct. 1801. 43. 
Brown Magnus. New Crane, Mariner, Oct. 1807. 31. 
Brown Saiih, spinster, Servt. at Mr. Whatley's, Parliament-street. April 1766. 114» 


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Brown William, lirerpool, Mariner, April 1809. 28. 

Brown John, Saltperton, Gloucesterseire, esq. Frederick Phelps, Cheltenham, Genir 

and Anthony Sproul, Tewskesbory, Gent. Oct. 1830. 
Brown Walter, Bristol, Solicitor, Oct. 1815. 7. 
Brace James, Pope's-head-alley, Broker, Oct. 1827. 
Buck William Lewis, Daddon, Biddiford, Devonshire, esq.Rer. J.Phillipp8,Manbury, 

Devon, Clerk, dec. & Rev. Tliomafl Saltren, Pithcombe, Devon, dec. April 1825. 
Buck Thomas, Feverslumi, Kent, Gent. dec. April 1815. 16. 
Buckingham William, Servt. to Mr. Maccrel, Crofton-hall, Kent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bull Thomas, Servant to Mr. Cadwell, 1798. 50. 
Bnnce Thomas, Paddington, St. Marylebone, Joiner, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bunch Ann, Spins. Servt. to A. Trollope, Keppel-st. Russell-sq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Bunker Mary, Portman-square, Spinster, Oct. 1804. 37. 
Bunter Elizabeth, Piccadilly, Spmster, April 1799. 48. 
Burcham William, Fore-street Lambeth-road, Labourer, April 1809. 28. 
Burcombe Susannah, Borouj^, Southwark, Spinster, Oct. 1825. 
Burfoot Robert Henry, Inner Temple, Gent. April 1830. 
Bumaby John, Duke-street, Westminster, dec. Oct. 1821. 
Burrows John, Paddington, Grent. April 1829. 

Burton Ann Grace, wife of B. Burton, Gloucester-place, Portman-sq. esq. Oct. 1825. 
Burton Richard, esq. &R. Withy, Gent, both of Craven-st. Strand, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Burton Sarah, Bembridice, Isle of White, Spinster, Oct 1816. 13. 
Burton Captain Tliomas, Royal Navy, Oct. 1823. 
Butcher John, Snbw-hiU, Grocer, and Ann Butcher, his wife, Oct. 1825. 
Butler Sarah, Deptford,Widow, dec. April 1823. 
Butler John, Brecon. Brecknockshire, esq. April 1821. 

Butler Elizabeth, wire of J. Butler, Brook-st. Holbom, Jeweller, April 1806. 5. 
Butcher Robeart, East India House, dec. Edward Kemble, Watlmg-street, Thomas 

Hughes, Bunhill-row, &B. W. Scott, Guildhall, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Byrne Mary, Molineux-st. Bryanstone-st. Edsware-road, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Byron Thomas, Bayford, Herts, esq. Oct. 1826. 


Bacon Sarah, West Smithfield, Spmster, July 1816. 13. 

Badcock William, Leatherhead, esq. dec. Jan. 1802. 42. 

Baillie Mary, Spins. Servt to Mr.Woodcock, Assembly-row, Mile End, July 1819. 7. 

Bailward Samuel Groome, Adam -street, Adelphi, esq. Jan. 1808. 30. 

Baines Joseph, Gent. &E. Baines, Spinster, both of Grarston Rutlandshire, July 1819. 7. 

Baker Amy, Paternoster-row, St. Paul's Church-yard, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Baker James, Wanstead, Essex, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Baker Samuel, dec. Servant to Mr. Douglas, Cumberland-place, Elizabeth Baker, his 

wife, and Frederick Baker, a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Baldwin George, Coachman to Mr. Hather, Hatton-garden, Jan. 1819. 3. 
Bales William, Bartletf s-plaoe, Holbom, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
Ball Ann Elizabeth, Norfolk-street, Middlesex Hospital, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Bamford Sophia, & Maria Bamford, both of Thirton, Berks, Spinsters, July 1814. 17. 
Banks Jonaman, Club-row, Bethnal-green, Weaver, July 1817. 11. 
Barber Mary, St. Ann's-la. Aldersgnte-st. Widow, R. Peters, Gutter-la. Surgeon, H. 

Peto, Little Britain, Builder, &Margaret Brown, Spins, a Minor, Jan. 1£^. 6. 
Barber Mar^, St. Ann's-la.Aldeimte-st. Widow, R. Peters, Gutter-ume, Surgeon, H. 

Peto, Little Britain, Builder, &Mary Ann Brown, Spinster, aMinor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Baker Wi]liam,&\^^lliam Isaac Baker, both of Nuthurst, Sussex, Gents. July 1819. 7. 
Barker Elizabeth, Bath, Spmster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Barker Elizabeth, Tottenham, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 19. 
Barry David, New-street, Deptford, Simian, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Barter Elizabeth Catherine, wife of Rev. C. Barter, Sarsden, Oxfordshire, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Barter Mary Harriott, Lambeth-lawn, South Lambeth, Spinster, Julv 1819. 7. 
Bass Elizabeth, dec. wife of William Bass, Cecil-street, Thomas Bisn, Comhill, and 

John Collier, Carey-street, Gents. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Basslay Edward, Avenley, Northamptonshire, Labourer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bates John, Gravel-lane, Southwark, Labourer, July 1808. 29. 
Batsall Adam, Acton, Middlesex, Gent.* July 1819. 7. 


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Baxter Robert, Gray'i-inn-plaoe, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Bayfield Elizabeth, wife of J. W. Bayfield, Baker-st Portman^. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Bayley Mary, Wimpole-street2Cayendi8h.square,Spinfter, Jan. 1820- 6. 

Baylis Elizabetb, Dodderfaill, Worcestenhire, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Bayton William Sterena, Alnaker, near Chicbeiter, Clerk, and Harry Read, West 

Dean, Chichester, Yeoman, July 1819. 7. 
Beal Elizabeth, Whitechapel, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Beal John, of the Island of Corfd, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Beayan Joseph Hill, Brooks-j^aoe, Kennington, Flonr Factor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Beck Elizabeth, Widow, and Elizabeth Mary Beck, Spms. both of Westminster-road, 

Lambeth, July 1819. 7. 
Beck Joseph, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gent. July 1814. 17. 
Beckett Isabella, Qneen-souare, Westminster, Widow, dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Beddall Mary, Finchingfield, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1^. 6. 
Bedford William, Friday-st. Gent. Gilbert Bedford, Newland, Isleof Thanet, esq. dec. 

tfid Valentine Kitchingham, Chariton. Yorkshire, esq. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Belcher John, Threadneedfe-st. Surgeon, oec. J. Hale, Excnange-alley, Broker, dec. T. 

King, Stratford.yinter, & M. Morley, Linoohi's-mn-fields, M. D. July 1801. 43. 
Bddier Sophia, Oxford Coffee-house, Strand, Spinster, dec. July 1812. 3. 
Bell Ann, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Burners, Wolyeriiampton-paik, dec July 1813. 5. 
Bell lieut. Archibald, 102nd Regiment, and James Ridiardson, New um, London, esq. 

July 1817. IL 
Bell Frances, Contentment-row. Hoxton, Widow, July 1810. 25. 
BeUamney , Elizabeth, S^rt to J .Williams, London-fields, Hackney, ^sq. Jan. 1817.' 7. 
Belsey William, Dover, Kent, Gent. 1820. 6. 
Bennet Jolm, Pytt-house, esq. and Frances Bennet, Donhead, St. Andrews, Wilts, 

Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Bennett Ann, wife of Thomas Bennett, Brunswick-st. Blackfriars, Stage Coachman, 

and the said Thomas Bennett, July 1816. 13. 
Bennett Mary, Chatham, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bennett Selby, Throsby-park, Nottingham, Gent. July 1819. 9. 
Bennett William, Upper Titchfield-street, Fltzroy-square, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Bent Rachel, wife of James Bent, Brick-lane, St. Luke's, Shoemaker, and Sarah Wier, 

a Minor, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Berquey Peter Francis, Grafton-street, Watchmaker, and Henry Timberlake, Oxford- 
street, Wax Chandder, July 1812. 21. 
Berry Ridiard Upper Thames-street, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bicknell John Bartholomew. Doctor^s Commons, Gent. dec. July 1813. 19. 
Bigg John Thomas, Inner Temple, esq. 1819. 8. 
Bignold Elizabeth Atkins, Spinster, and William Atkins Bignold, a Minor, both of 

Norwich, Jan. 1829. 6. 
BiUin James, PriTste hi the 1st Regiment of Guards, & Mary his wife, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Bingham lieut. John, Royal Navy, July 1814. 17. 
Binmer Alice, Stepney-green, Widow, July 1819. 7. 

Birkbeck John, Lynn Regis, Banker, & E. Drosier, Rudham, Norfolk, Gent. Jan. 181^ 
Birthwick John, Blue Anchor, St. Martin's Church-yard, victualler, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bish Thomas, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Bishop Archibald Wyndhan, Russell-place, a Mmor, July 1813. 19. 
BishoppWilliam, esq. dec Jan. 1806. 6. 
Bissell Rev. William, Wissenden, Rutlandshire, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Black Elizabeth, Worksop, Notts, Spmster, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Black John, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Black Mary, Worksop, Nottiiurhamshire, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1810. 8. 
Blades Laura, BrockweU-hall, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Blackburn Richard, jun. Ashampstead, Berks, Farmer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Blake Thomas, Famham, Surrey, Labourer, July 1819. 7. 
Blake William, Castle-street, Borou{^, Mariner, Jan. 1818. 3. 
Blake William, Serrt. to J. Penn, Stoke-park, near Windsor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bligh Rev. Rennald, St. John's College, Cambridge, Clerk, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Bhmder Jane, Widow, Swrt. to W. Gupin, esq. YiUiers-street, Strand, July 1817. 5. 
Boger Elizabeth, Millbrook, Cornwall, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Boger Emma, Millbrook, Cornwall, Spinster/Jan. 1809. 26. 



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Boger Mary, MUlbrook, Cornwall, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 

Bolton Thomas, Upper West Smithfield, Horse-dealer, and Elizabeth Bolton, his 

wife, July 1818. 9. 
Bolton Captain William, Reading, Berks, July 1816. 13. 

Bolton Wuliam Watson, & Christopher, Bolton, both of Hull, esqs. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Borham Elizabetli, Limehouse, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bosanquet William, Mansion-house-street, esq. dec. Jan. 1801. 43. 
Bosely Sarah, Woodbum, Bucks, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

Boughton Sir C. W. R., Grosvenor-st. & J. Clement, Pall-mall, esq. Jan. 1809. 28. 
BouUin Mary, East Farley, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bourdieu James, jun. Lime-street, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Brown William, Walthamston, Essex, Coachman, July 1819. 7. 
Bowzer Richard, Bedford-row, William Manley, ditto, esqs. and Alexander, Seton, 

Leadenhall-street, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Bowden Sarah, Stanboum, Essex, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Bowlss Thomas Henry, Temple, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Bowles William, Hill, Wilts, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Boylett Henry, Oxford-market, Fishmonger, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bradley John, 34th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Bradley Mary, Keppel-street, Gravel-lane, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bradon James, Bankside, G^t. July 1818. 9. 
Bragg Jemima, Brunswick-street, Blackwall, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6 
Bram Elizabeth, Oxford, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Bramwdl Mary, New-street, Fetter-lane, Widow, July 1813. 7. 
Brand Sarah Thorowgood, Shoreditch, Spinster, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Brandling Charles John, Gosforth-house, Northumberland, esq. and Thomas Lewis 

Russell-square, esq. JxHj 1814. 17. 
Bray Mary, Tavistock Abbey, Devon, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Brickdale Matthew, Court-house, Taunton, Somersetshire, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bristow George, Ockham, Surrey, Baker, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Bristow John Charles, Thayer-street, Manchester-square, esq. Jan. 1806. 34. 
Brittain Captain John, Royal Marines, July 1813. 19. 
Broadley Henry, Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Brooke Anna Maria, Bath, Widow, July 1813. 19. 
Brooke William, Grower-street, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
BrookesJoan, Castle-street, Bloomsbury, Widow, dec. and Joseph, Lovegay, Islingt(jn- 

road, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brookes Mary Ann, Piccadilly, Spinster, and Mary Brookes, George-street, Portman- 

square, "Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Brool^by Mary, Doughty-street, Foundling-hospital, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brown Hugh, Coach and Horses, St. John s-square, Baker, July 1816. 6. 
Brown John, Lieut, of the Ist Battalion of the 27th Regiment of Foot, July 1812. 21. 
Brown Mary, West-gardens, Shadwell, Spinster, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Brown Wm.Thos., a Minor, &M. Brown, Widow, both of Watling-st. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Brown William, Bushey, Herts, Gardener, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Brownbill, Mary, Lynungton, Hants, Spinster, Julv 1819. 7. 
Browning Celia, Shooter's-hiU, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Brownmg Christian, Shooter's-hiU, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Bruce Patrick Cranford, Upper Grosvenor-street, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Bruce Sarah, Bombay, East Indies, Widow, July 1804. 10. 
Brymer Fanny, Carshalton, Surrey, Spinster, Jmy 1816. 13. 
Buck William Levi, Moulsham, Chelmsford, Essex, Carpenter, Sarah Shingley, wife 

of James Shingley, same place, Labourer, July 1819. 9. 
Buckeridge Elizabeth, Broad-street, Reading, Spinster, July 1819. 7* 
Buckle Mattiiew, Epsom, Surrey, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Bull John, Haverall, Suffolk, Farmer, dec. July 1814. 17 
Bullard Susan, Spinster, Servt. to Mr. Sharp, Bedford-square, Jan. 1812. 22- 
Bullock Jane, Hatcfaett's Hotel, Piccadilly ,Widow, & J. Bullock, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Bunn Susanna. Walpole St. Andrews, Norfolk, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Burby Richard, Portsmouth, Banker, &T. Sharp, Romsey, ditto, July 1816. 13. 
Burden Frances, Castle Eden, Durluun, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Burditt Joseph, Paternoster-row, Books^Uer & Marianne Burditt. a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 




Suirditt Joseph, Paternoster-row, Bookseller, & Sarah Burditt, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
£iirfield Hannah, Blackheath, Kent, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
£iirges8 John, East Stratton, Southampton, Labourer, July 1819. 7. 
Surgis Benjamin, Gravel-la. Southwark, Grent. dec. &, Catherine, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Sumingham William, Fitzroy-market, Grent. July 1819. 7. 
Burr Catherine, Missin, near Bawtree, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Burrard Anne, Lymington, Hants, Widow, dec. July 1801. 43. 
Burton Benjamin, Axe and GkU», Downing-street, Gent. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Burton John, Clapton, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Burton Marv, Lavenham, Suffolk, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Burton Sarah, 18, New-road, Marylebone, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Busby William, Uxbridge, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Bush Mary, Fitzroy-square, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Bushell GeorgejJ^hester, & G. Whitley Nerby , Cheshire, Gents, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Busher Sarah, West Cowes, Isle of Wight, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Butterfield William, Chelsea, Middlesex, esq. Jan. 1816, 14. 
Bythesea Henry, dec. and Samuel Bythesea, both of Trowbridge, Wilts, esqs. and 
William Langley, Boxadford, Cordwainer, July 1814. 17. 


Back Ann, Compton^street, Brunswick-square, Spinster, April 1828. 

Baker Elizabeth, Holes-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, April 1817. 12 

Balding Cyrill, Bemers-street, Oxford-road, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Ballingall Elizabeth, Dundee, N. B. Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Barclay Charles, Park-street, Benjamin Hawes, Old Barge-house, Surrey, John 

Gumey, Seijeant's-inn, and John Blackburn, Albany, esqs. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Baring Alexander, London, Merchant, April 1814. 18. 

Barker Robert, &Wm. Barker, Gent. esqs. both of Manor-st. Chelsea, lOth Oct 1824. 
Barrow Agnes, Caton, Lancashire, Spins. &E. Rogers, Cambridge, esq. 5th April 1824. 
Bassett Charlotte, Montague-sauare, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Baverstock William, Huntonbndge, Herts, Gent dec Oct. 1818. 9. 
Belcher Judith, Widow, &T. Belcher, Farmer, both of Danbury, Essex, Oct. 1828. 
Belcher Sophia, Oxford Coffee-house, Strand, Spinster, dec. April 1811. 6 
Bell Dorothy, St Bonifece, Isle of Wight, Spinster, lOthOct 1824. 
Bennet Stephen, Lower Cadogan-place, Sloane-street, Grent. April 1828. 
Birch William, Cross-court, St Martin's, Westminster, Grent. 5th April 1820. 
Blackman Ann, dec. Kingsland-road, Widow, 5th April 1823. 
Bloss Frederick Cavendish, jun. Newmarket, G^t. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Bolders Edward Gale, Comhill, Banker, & J. Durand, St.George's-field8, April 1808. 30. 
Bond Kitty, Widow, at J. M. Pectoris, esq. John-st. Ade^hi, 5th April 1827. 
Booth Eliz<^)eth, Connaught-place, Spinster, 5th April 1823. 

Booty Henry, Gent dec&M. A. Cook, Widow, both of Kingsland-rd. 10th Oct 1825. 
Bourson Anthony, Seymour-place, Gent. April 1813. 21. 
Bowen Elizabeth, Waddon, Surrey, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Bownas William, Whitehall, Armv Agent, dec. James Trevor, Vauxhall, and Henry 

Trevor, ditto. Gents. 5th April 1825. 
Bradley Sarah, Spinster, Servant to R. Batty^ esq. Hampstead, April 1819. 8. 
Briggs Matthew, Maidenhead-court, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Gent, and Sarah 

Briggs, his wife, dec. April 1815. 7. 
Broadrick Anne, Middle Temple, Spinster, April 1799. 48. 
Brodie G^rge, Merton, Surrey, Ghurdener, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Bromfield John, dec. Tichbome-street, Gknt. 5th April 1821. 

Brookes James, Harrow, Middlesex, & Benjamin Reynolds, Charlotte-st. Tottenham- 
court-road. Gents, dec. 10th Oct. 1825. 

Broughton Phebe Ann, Liston-street, Paddington, Widow, and Rev. William Grant 
Broughton, Hartley Weshall, Hampshire, Apnl 1819. 7. 

Brown Mary, dec. Brompton, Middlesex, Widow, 10th Oct 1812. 

Bryan Thomas, Chelsea, esq. Oct 1814. 17. 

Bugden Thomas Earle, Lewes, Sussex, G^t Oct. 1817. 11. 

Burnett Sarah, Church-lane, Whitechapel, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1822. 

Burroughs Rev. Lynch, Offley, near mtchin, Herts, 11th Oct. 1824. 

Butterfield Amelia, Spinster, Servt. to John Wl^^rton, Audley-sq. esq. Oct 1816. 13. 





(Cwuolidaied 6M qf April 1780J 

Baber James, jnn. Grosvenor-street, West Pimlico, Gent. Oct. 1815. 15» 

Backhouse Biev. John Barnes, Upper Deal, Kent, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Baddely Mary, Great Russell-street, Widow, dec. April 1808. 30. 

Bailey Charles, Servant to Lady Rombold, Southampton, Oct. 1819.' 7. 

Bailey Philip, Golden-hme, Gent. Oct 1815. 9. 

Baker Elizabeth, Greenwich, Widow, dec. April 1798. 50. 

Baker Sir Frederick Francis, Bart. Jermyn-street, April 1816. 14. 

Baker Mary, Spinster, Servt. to Lord Stanhope, Stafford-place, 5th of April 1813. 

Balls Geor^, Kainger Lodge, Wichwood Forest, Oxon, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Banks Benjamin, Gt. Queen-st. Lincoln's-inn-fields, Clockmaker, April 1808. 30. 

Bantin James, Servt. to Lord Auckland, Beckenham, Kent. April 1819. 8. 

B«rdell Jane, Charles-street, Soho, Widow, April 1819. 8. 

Bardwell Sally Ravner, Elstein-hall, Essex, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Barnes Hannah, Henrietta-street, Cavendidi-square, Spinster, Oct. 1796. 53. 

Bamett Mary, Bath, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Barrett Mary, Wandsworth, Surrey, dec. Spins, now wife of J. Beck, Oct. 1817. 5. 

Barter Bradley, Telmanstone, Kent, Yeoman, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Battye Richard, Chancery-hme, & J. Meddowcroft, Gray's-inn, Grents. April 1819. 8. 

Beck William, jun. Adam-street, Rotherhithe, Qeat, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Bentley James, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Berkley Right Hon. Frederick Augustus Earl of, dec. W. A. S. Boscawen, Norton-st 

St. Marylebone, esq. and Jolm Wood, Lincoln's-inn, esq. dec. Oct. 1808. 29. 
Berry Wm., Shipwrijght, dec. & W. L. Ruffin, Surgeon, both of Chatham, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bevan Elizabeth, Midhurst, Sussex, Spinster^ April 1819. 8. 
Bidefeld Maria Rebekah, Balsover-street, Spmster, April 1815. 16. 
Bielefeld Matilda, Augusta, Bolsover-street, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Biggerstaff Maxj, wife of William Griffith, Smithfidld, Wine Merchant, and Robert 

Leaver, Islmgton-road, Coach Wheelwright, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Bignall Thos., Gray's-inn, dec. &T. O. Wilks, AshfordKent, Grazier, April 1810. 26. 
Bill Charles Horsfiill, East Thorp-park, Yorkshire, esq. April 1817. 12. 
Bish Thomas Comhill, Gent. dec. April 1814. 18. 
Bishop Elizabeth, Chelsea, Widow, April 1818. 10. 
Bishop James, Minories, Brandy Merchant, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bisset Richard Lamar, Knocholt, Kent, esq. Mary Hill Davis, wife of Mi^or William 

Davis, 7th Regiment of Dragoon Guards, & Edward Harrison, a Minor, son of Rev. 

Dr. William Harrison. Rec^r of Bermondsey April 1819. 8. 
Blackford Anne, Osbom, Isle of Wight, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Blades Henry, Painter, dec. & W. Butcher, Gardener, both of Hampton, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Blake Mary, Spinster, Servant to Lord Braybrooke, now wife of Robert Bayley^ 

Cobham, Cordwainer, April 1813. 20. 
Blanckley Henry, Stanyford, Isle of Man, esq. Oct. 1803. 39. 
Blaxland Samuel, Sandwich, esq. & S. Blaxland, Rochester, Widow, April 1817. 12. 
Blois Ralph John, Liverpool, esq. April 1809. 16. 
Boiling Joseph, Bishopgate-street, Gent. Oct. 1798. 67. 
Bowles James, esq. Royal Navy, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bowles Jenny, Sarum, Spinster, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Bowman Wm., Lombard-st.^anker, dec. & C. James, New Inn, esq. April 1815. 16. 
Braden James, Bankside, Gent. Oct. 1817. IL 
Bray William, Great Russell -street, Bloomsbury, esq. April 1815. 10. 
Brioge Rev. Nathaniel, D. D., Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire, and Robert Lovegrove, 

Wallingford, Berks, Gent. dec. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Bridges Sarah, diec. wife o( B. A. Bridges, Red Lion-8<^. esq. dec. April 1816. 14. 
Bright Jane Greorsiana, Rumford, Essex, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Bromfield Philip, Lymington, Hants, esq. dec. William Bowman, jun. Lombard-street, 

Banker, and Charles James, New Inn, esq. April 1815. 16. 
Brook John, Leeds, Cabinet-maker, April 1812. 22. 

Brooks Michael Franklin, a Mmor, Queen-street, Horsleydown, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Broughton Charles Revington, Blaekheath, Kent, esq. and John Ratray, Ldingtoo, 

Middlesex, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Brown Mary, Oakley-street, WestmiQ^ter-road, Widow, Oct* 1819. 7. 


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Brown Bfary, BloomilrorT-iqiiare, Spiniter, Oct. 1799. 47. 

Brown Howe, MortUke, Surrejr. Gent. dec. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Brown Sanh, Hatton-gaiden, Spinster, Oct. 1804. 37. 

Browne Letitui, wife of W. Browne, St. Oliyes, Southwark, Wharfinger, Oct 1819. 7« 

Brace Patrick Cranford, Upper Grofrenor-street, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Bryan Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bryan, Stroud, Kent, Gent April 1816. 14. 

Bucdengh His Grace Henry Duke of, dec Oct 1813. 19. 

Bncadiam Ann, Twickenham. Spinster, April 1814. 18. 

Budge James, South Ronaldsha, N. B. Mariner, Oct 1817. 11. 

Bull John, Carpenter, & Joseph Suffolk, Farmer, dec. both of Kings Lan|^, Herts, 

April 1817. 6. 
Bun Sarah, Ship-yard, Temple-btr, Spfaister, Oct 1797. 52. 
Bullock Ann, nuns. Serrt to Miss Biist, Hammersmith-terraoe, Oct 1803. 39. 
Bunnell Peter, Bedford-street, Corent-garden, Laceman, April 1794. 58. 
Burgess William, Bromley-common, Serrant to Mr. Rhode, Oct 1819. 7. 
Burnett Elizabeth, South-street, Manchester-8<]uare, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Burrourii Nafhaniel, William Strutt, Isaac Olire, uid Richard Hodge, all of Sudbury, 

Suiblk, Gents. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bury William Stukeley, dneen-street, May-fSur, Gent. April 1793. 60. 


Bagnell Blarnret, Strutton-ground, Westminster, Widow, and Charles Frederick 
Mackey, I)acker-street, Westminster, a Minor, July 1824. 

Bailey George, East Bedford, Nottinghamshire, Butcher, dec. JuIt 1824. 

Bailey William, Langley, Bucks, Caroenter, dec. and Aim, his wire, dec Jan. 1831. 

Baines Joseph, Gent. & E. Baines, Spms. both of Gaisford, Rutlandshire, July 1819. 

Baker Felix, Tonbridge, Kent Plumber, and Jane, his wife, dec. Jan. 1830. 

Baker Thomas John Lloyd, Hardwick-court, Gloucester, esq. July 1830. 

Baker William, Kensington-gravel-pits, Phunber, July 1823. 

Banks Ann, Parliament-street, Westminster, Spinster, and Henry Banks, Henrietta- 
street, Covent-garden, Gcait. dec. July 1830. 

Barker Elizabeth, Tottenham, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 

Barker Mary, Union-street, Deptford, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 

Barlee Rer. Edward, Worlmgworth, Suffolk, Clerk, Zaccaria Lery, jun. Bury-conrt, 
St. Mary Axe, Merchant, and Edward Hobart Barlee, a Minor, Jubr 1829. 

Barlow Catherine, dec. wife of Henry Masterman, esq. Millbrook near Southampton, 
July 1821. 

Barlow Louisa, linnchester. Spinster, Jan. 1821. 

Barrett George, Winterahall, Bramby, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1827. 
-Barrett Rer. John, Vicar of Cartingford, Ireland, Jan. 1830. 

Barry David, New-street, Dcnptford, Seaman, Jan. 1816. 

Bateman Elizabeth, Wheat-hflLDerby, Widow, Jan. 1825. 

Bates James, Charlotte-street, Whitechapel, Gent Jan. 1831. 

Baythom James, Dean-street, Soho, Gent Jan. 1825. 

Beal Elizabeth, Whitechapel, Spinster, July 1817. 

Beaumanoir Countess de la Blache, High-street, Marylebone, Widow, dec Jan. 1829. 

Beck Joseph,. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gent. July 1814. 

Bennett John, Pytt-house, esq. uid Frances Bennett Donhead, St Andrew's, Wilts, 
Spinster, Jan. 1815. 

Bickerton Elizabeth, Widow, dec. & J. Jones, Gent, both of East Smithfield, Jan. 1827. 

BiUen James, a Private in the 1st Rest, of Guards, &Mary, his wife, Jan. 1817. 

l^ncley Lydia, Mount-street, Whitediiq>el, Widow, July 1825. 

Bird Readiel Crown-court, Picket-street, Spinster, Jan. 1827. 

Bishop Susanna, Bridgewater, Somerset, Spinster, S^t. 1811. 

Bishopp lliomas, Leicester. Surgeon, Jan. 1827. 

Black Thomas, Glasgow, Gient Jan. 1823. 

Blaker Ma^, Bolney, Sussex, Spinster, July 1830. 

Blanshard John, Harper-8t.Blooin8bury,esq.dec.& J. Blanchard, a Minor, Jan. 1827. 

Blick Elizabeth, Warwick, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 

Bodfield Elizabeth, Cock-lane, Smithfield, Widow, and Letitia Harris, Brentford. 
TTidow, July 1823. 

Bond James, Butler's-J»ldgs. Bermondsey, Seaman, & E.Bond, his wife, July 1823. 


u.yitized by Google 


Bone Esther, Hackney, Middlesex, l^dow, Edward Savage, sen. Whitechapel, 
Merchant, and Samuel Tompsett, Aldgate, esa. July 1824. 

Bones John, Cambridge, Attorney at Law, dec. July 1821. 

Bones Mary Ann, and Sophia Bones, both of Cambridge, Spinsters, July 1821. 

Booth Ann, Lambridse, Bath, Widow, Jan. 1829. 

Booth Caroline Matilda, Glendon-hall, near Kettering. Northampton, Spins. July 1830. 

Boraman Prudence, Store-street, Bedford-square, Spmster, Jan. 1826. 

Boreham Barnabas, Phiyhouse-yard, Golden-hme, Gent. Jan. 1824. 

Botting Michael, Twindiam, Sussex, Gent. July 1830. 

Boultbee Catherine Frances, Chalcombe-priory, Banbury, Oxon, Spinster, Julv 1822. 

Bowden James, Bury-hall, Edmonton, esq. dec. July 1830. 

Bowen Harry, Kensall-green, Middlesex, Paper Stainer,& S. Bowen, his wife, July 1826. 

Bowers Sarah, Wandsworth, Surrey, Spinster, July 1823. 

Bowles Thomas Henir, Temple, esq. Jan. 1819. 

Bowman John, PaghiU, Yorkshire, Clerk, July 1824. 

Brace Thomas, Greorge Brace, and T.Brace,jun. all of Surrey-st Strand, esq. Jan. 1831. 

Brain Richard, Senrant to Job Jeffldns, 196, Shoreditch, Jan. 1828. 
Brandling Charles John, Gosforth-house, Northumberhmd, and Thomas Lewis, Russell- 
square, dec. a Bankrupt, esqs. July 1824. 
Brewster Samuel, Breatham, Durham, Gent. Jan. 1826. 
Bristow George, Ockham, Surrey, Baker, Jan. 1817. 
Brock Rev. John, Rector of Bidborough, Kent, Jan. 1828. 
Bromage Richard, Bank of Enghmd, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Bromehead Rer. Joseph, dec. and Rer. Alexander Crawford Bromehead, both of 

Ekington, Derbyshire. July 1826. 
Brooke Elizabeth, dec. wife of Henry F. Brooke, Bristol, Merchant, Jan. 1827. 
Broome iBlizabeth, Manchester, Spinster, July 1828. 
Brown Elizabeth, li^lliam-street, Mandiester-souare, Widow, and Henry Dutour, 

Servant to Mr. Sheppard, Badngball-street, Jan. 1831. 
Brown Hannah, Stratford, Essex, mdow, Jan. 1825. 
Brown Robert, Greenwich, Engineer, Jan. 1831. 
Bruce James, Vine-street, Piccadilly, Gent. dec. 1822. 

BucUand Meleancthon, West Smithfield, Gent, and E. Buckland, his wife, Jan. 1820. 
Budgett James, Shopkeeper ,&R. Little, Yeoman, dec. both of Bradford,Wilts, Jan. 1828. 
Bullock Elizabeth, Shrimpling, Suffolk, \^dow, July 1828. 

Bullock Henrietta, Spinster, Governess at J. Stephenson's, Hammersmith, July 1820. 
Bunnell Joseph, Souuampton-row, esq. dec. James Muston, Hatton Grarden, Ware- 
houseman, & Apsley Pellatt, jun. St. Paul's Church-yard, Glass-seller, July 1824. 
Burgess Chrisdana Ann, Clifton-street, I^bury-square, Widow, July 1828. 
Burrows John Eaton, Oxford, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Bunr John, Bewdley, Solicitor, July 1829. 

Butler James, West Ilsley, near Newbury, Berks, Tailor, July 1823. 
Butts Sarah Dinsdale, Doncaster, Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1821. 


Bailward Samuel Groome, Adam-street, Adelphi, esq. April 1808. 30. 

Baker Jacob, East Bamett, esq. dec. Oct. 1814. 17. 

Baker John, Princes-street, Spitalfields, Grent. John Hyde, New Bond-street, and 

George Sanby, jun. Merton College, Oxford, Oct. 1806. 31. 
Baker Samuel, Hertingfordbury, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Bamett William, Luton, Bedfordshire, Cooper, April 1801. 44. 
Barrow Lawrence, Cavendish-street, Bidiopgate-street, Grent. Oct. 1804. 37. 
Bayard Adolphus Moffatt, Lieutenant in H. M. 15th Regiment of Light Dragoons, 

Royal Hussars, 5th April 1825. 
Belcher John, Thre« Surgeon, dec. J. Ha]], Exchange-alley, Broker, dec.T. 

King, Stratford, Vintner, & M. Morley, M. D. Lincoln's-inn-fields, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Bishop Mary, and Sarah Bishop, both of the Poultry, Spinsters, Apnl 1806. 34. 
BowlesWilliam,Hele, Wilts, esq. April 1803. 40. 
Bowles Humphry, Mark-lane, esq. dec. Oct. 1801. 43. 

Bradley Henry, Birmingham, Merch. & J*Hall,Boswell-st. Carey-st. Oct. 1799. 47* 
Brandlmg Charles John, Grosforth-house, Northumberland, esq. and Thomas Lewisy 

RnsseU-square, Oct. 1814. 17. 


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Brandon Jacob Israel, London-itreet, Broker, Isaac Moron, Minoriesi Broker, dee. 

David Israel Brandon, Burr-street, Gent. Oct. 1801. 43. 
Bristow John, Fulham-green, Oent. April 1810. 26. 
Broers Jan Jlenrious, dec. Reenen, esq. 5th July 1825. 
Brown Hester, dec. Wareham, Dorset, Spinster, 5th Jnly 1865. 
Bade Jaques Louis de, esq. G^eva, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Borchell^asil Heme, Queen-square, Bloomsbury, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Burke Mary, Howland-street St. Pancras, Widow, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Bum James, Spring-gardens, & F. Burton, Upper Brook-street, esqs. Oct. 1812. 21. 


Bicknell Charles, Spring-gardens, esq. dec. 10th Oct. 1826. 

Boniface Hannah, Kenmngton, Surrey, Widow, 10th Oct. 1825. 

fiowness WiUiam, Watson^s Wharf, St. Catherine's, Gent. Oct. 1830. 

Bristow Edward, Fenny Stratford, Gent. 10th Oct. 1825. 

Boughton Rev. Thomas, Tiverton, Somerset, dec. Rev. William Embury Edwards, 
Westbury-upon-Frym, Gloucestershire, dec. William Cardale, Bedford-row, esq. 
dec. and John Vivian, jun. of the Middle Temple, esq. dec. Oct. 18^. 

Burchard Eliza, Cooper-street, Westminster, Spinster, lOtb. Oct. 18123. 

Burton Francis, Upper Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, esq. and Catherine Burton, 
his wife, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Bdsch Mary, Isleworth, Widow, and Mary Ann Grwilt, wife of George Grwilt, Union- 
street, Southwark, esq. 10th Oct. 1825. 

Butterworth Joseph, dec. Joseph Henry Butterworth, dec. and William Porter, all of 
Fleet-street, Booksellers, 10th Oct. 1826 


Bachelor Elizabeth, Britannia-row. Spinster, Nov. 1817. 10. 
Bristol Bight Hon. Frederick William Earl of, Hon. Augustus Phipps, Wimpole-street, 
and Henry Dormer Vincent, Queen Ann-st. St. Marylebone, esq. Nov. 1817. 10. 


Bailward Samuel Groome, Adam-street, Adelphi, esq. April 1808. 30. 

Ballendine Alexander, Wardour-8treet» Grocer, dec. and Joan Ballendine, his wife. 

July 1790. 65. 
Bally Abram, Hill-street, Berkley-square, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Bamett Alexander, Virginia-st. St. Gorge's East, & E. Bamett, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Belcher John, Threadneedle-st Surgeon, dec. J. Hale, Exchange-alley, Broker, dec.T. 

King, Stratford, Vintner, & M. Morley, M. D. Lincoln's-inn-fields, April 1776. 95. 
Bell Adam, Victualling Office, Deptford, esq. April 1819. 
Bell Ambrose, Mill-yard, Shadwell, Mariner, Jan. 1818. 10. 
BOl Charles Horsfidl, East Thorp-park, Yorkshire, esq. April 1815. 16. 
Bockett Augusta, Southcole, Berks, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 
Booker Alice, Spins. Servt. to the Rev. Bouverie, Coleshill Vicarage, Jan. 1820. 6. 


CConveried inio Contolidated Three per Cent, Annuitiet, 5M July, 1825.^ 
Burke Mary, Howland-street, St. Pancras, ^dow, Oct. 1812. 


CFrom the Firtt of May 1794.; 

Bell Captain John, Stockton-upon-Tees, Durham, dec. May 1800. 3. 
Bertram Lucy, Bury-street, St. James's, Spinster, dec. May 1813. 13. 
Bevan David, Lombard-st. Banker, Thomas Bemers Plestow, Watlington, Norfolk, esq. 

John Willock, Golden-sq. & Isaac Everett, Bemers-st. Gents. May 1813. 13. 
Bishop Lucey, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Horton, Old Ilsh-street, Plumber, Nov. 1816. 6. 

Brooke Henry Vaughan, Spring-gardens, esq. dec. May 1817. 5. 

Brown Ann, Widow, & Jane Walker, Spinster, both of Poplar, Nov. 1816. 6. 


Batdielor Elizabeth, Britannia-row, Islington, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Bridges William, Bank, &Gale Middleton, Leadenhall-st. Gents, dec. July 1817. 11. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Baliom Ann, Bermondsey, Sinnster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Barker Sarah, Cnddesden, near Wheadey, Oxon, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. ! 

Barker Thomas, jtin. Cuddesden, near Wheatley, Clxon, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. I 

Bishop Susannah, Bridgewater, Somerset, Spinster, September 1811. 24. { 


(Conaolidaied 1780.^ i 

Baker Sarah, wife of William Baker, Poole, Dorset, Tailor and Draper, KMh Oct, 1823. | 
Bankes George, and Charles Banks, both of Castle-street, Upper Thames-street, 

Sosar Refiners, 5th April 1824. 
BartonThomas, Battle, Sussex, Solicitor, 5th April 1821. | 

Belfonr John, Stock Exchange, Grent. 5th April 1822. 
Berry Sarah, Lower Sloan-street, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1816 

BissfZger Greorge John, Great Marylebone-street, Marylebone, Engraver, 5th April 1823« 
Blachford Anne, Osbom, Isle of Wight, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1817. 
Blucke Matthew, Bromley, Kent. Gent. 5th April 1820. 

. 10th Oct. 1821. 

Britt Lawrence, dec. White Hart-yard, Drory-lane, Milkman, 10th Oct 1821. 
Brown William, Senrant to Lord Ihmstanville, Upper Grosvenor-st. 10th Oct. 1824. 
Bryan Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bryan, Stroua, Kent, Gent. 5th April 1816. 
Bnnny Alice, Newbury, Berks, Spinster, 5th April 1820. 
Burgoyne Captain Frederick Wilfiam, Royal Nary, 10th Oct 1820. 


(From 1790.J 
Bell Mary, Bermondsey, Widow, Oct. 1801. 14. 


(Afterwarda added to the Three ptr Cent, Reduced AnmUtiee^ 

Bond John, Cannon-street, 1757. 73. 

BridgBDUD Amb liomerton, Widow, dec* Oct. 1763* & 


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Cadie Thomas, New*inii, Clerk to Thomai Warry, esq. Jan. 1814. 18* 

Caldecott Elizabeth, GrosYenor-street, Widow, Jan. 1785. 76. 

Caley John William, Queen-square, Bloomsbury, Gent. Edmund Allgood Dickinson, 

Cumberland-place, New-road, Gent, and R. Porter, an Infant, July 1819. 7. 
Caley John William, Queen-souare, Bloomsbury, Edmund Allgood Dickinson, Cum- 
berland^lace. New-road, Gents. & Hennr William Custon, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Caley John William, Queen-square, Bloomsbury, Ekhnund Allgood Dickinson, Cum- 
berland-place, New-road, Gents. & Eliza Dyne, a Minor, J^y 1819. 7. 
Caley John William, Queen-square, Bloomsbury, Edmund Allgooe Dickinson, Cum- 
berland-place, New-road, Gents. & William Porter, an Infant, July 1819. 7. 
Calthorpe Hon. George Lord, Grosvenor-square, Jan. 1828. 
Cambridge the Ma^or, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the Borough of, Jan. 18K). 26. 
Cameron John, Leith, Merchant, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Campbell Donald Ronald, Jamaica, esq. July 1809. 27. 
Campbell Elizabeth, Park-street, Widow, July 1760. 125. 
Campin Hannah, Bedford-row, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Campion Robert Alexander, late of Pullers-row, Islington, Gent. dec. July 1814. 17. 
Camplin Theophilus Francis, Cirencester, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Camppen Edward, Coleman-street, Coal Merchant, George White, ditto. Victualler, 

dec. and Ann Camppen, a Minor, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Cannon Sarah, Guerasey, Spinster, July 1811. 23. 
Capadose Abraham De Joseph, Amsterdam, Grent. July 1803. 6. 
Capper Rev. George, Wherstead, Suffolk, and Rev. William Aldridge, St. Marv-Elms, 

Ipswich, Suffolk, July 1828. 
Card Olive, William-street, St. George's East, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Capps John, Tellingham, Essex, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Carew Right Hon. Reginald Pole, Anthony -house, near Plymouth, and John Kimber, 
Fowey, Comwall, esq. July 1817. 11. 

Carlton J. Henrietta, wifeof E.Carlton, Tooman, Leitrish, Ireland, Grent Jan. 1805. 6. 

Camm Elizabeth, Chelsea, Widow, July 1818. 9. 

Can* George, Basinghall-street, London, Gent. Jan. 1830. 

Carr John, Nether Kingsford, Gent. July 1803. 17. 

Carr Thomas, Crooked-lane, Brush-maker, dec. Jan. 1826. 

Carrington Mary, Berkley, Gloucestershire, a Minor, July 1811. 23. 

Carson Samuel, Bloomsbury-square, Servant, Jan. 1804. 38. 

Carstairs John, esq. &Euphan Fair, Spins. Stratford-green, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Carter Sir John, Knt. Portsmouth, dec. & J. Goodwin, ditto, esq. dec. July 1818. 9. 

Carter Thomas, Limerick, Ireland, Clerk, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Carter Thomas, Lewisham, Servt. to Mr. Pingear, Jan. 1769. 108. 

Carter William, Piccadilly, Stable-keeper, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Carter William, Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Carthew John, Truro, Comwall, Gent. dec. July 1817. 11. 

Cartwright Rev. Joseph, Dudley, dec. Joseph Wainwright, ditto, and Abiather Hawkes. 
ditto. Gents, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Carty Alice, Theobald's-road, Spinster, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Carver Sarah, Kingsland-green, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1824. 

Case William, Portsea, Hants, Gent. July 1818. 0. 

Cass John, Whitechapd, & S. Benson, East Smithfield, Gents. July 1819. 7. 

Cassinovas Anthony, Limehouse, Mariner, July 1786. 73. 

Castell Ann, Portman-square, Widow, July 1813. 19. 

Castro Moses de David Heuriques de, Amsterdam, Merchant, Jan. 1800. 46. 

Caswall Greorge, Portland-place, esq. Jan. 1806. 34. 

Cater Catherine, Featherstone-street, Widow, Jan. 1803. 40. 

CautleyProby Thomas, Stratford, St. Mary, Suffolk, Gent, and Catherine Maria 
of the same place. Spinster, July 1813. 19. 

Cauty Louisa, Woodstock-street, Oxford-street, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 

Cave Rev. Thos., Bedford, Clerk, &L. Hampson, Luton, Bedfordshire, Jan. 1818. 10, 

Cawston Samuel, Mount-street, Lambeth, Confectioner, Jan. 1819. 8. 



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Ceif John, Tower-hill, Surgeon, & E. I. Keyser, Sayage-gardens, Gent. Jan. 1810. 26. 

Chalmers Theodora, Brompton, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1815. 5. 

Chaloner Capt. John, 36th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1830. 

Chambellan Ignace, Hanover-square, esq. July 1796. 53. 

Chamberlaine Ann, Brompton-row, MidcUesex, Widow, and Rev. George Thomas 

Chamberlaine, KerviU, Towbridge, Wilts, July 1830. 
Chamberlayne Edward, of the Treasury, dee. and John Barnes, St. Mary's Axe, esq. 

July 1806. 33. 
Chamberlaine George, Reiril, near Towbridge, Wilts, Clerk, July 1829. 
Chambers Abraham Henry, Bond-street, Banker, Jan. 1826. 

Champain Frances, Edmonton, Spinster, now wife of Joseph Fletcher, Jan. 1799. 42. 
Champion Richard Hicks, Guernsey, esq. Jan. 1826. 
Chandler Benigna, Amathwaite Castle, near Carlisle,Widow,William Berkley Chandler, 

ditto, esq. Georgiana Benigna Chandler, ditto. Spinster, and Thomas Dorrien, 

Finch-hme, Comhill, Banker, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Chandler John Ash, Carpenter, July 1828. 
Chandler Sarah, Brentford, Spinster, Jan. 1806. 9. 
Chapelle Alexandrine Marie Helene le Filleul de la, Aylesbury, Bucks, Spinster, 

July 1811. 24. 
Chapman Sarah, Hatton-garden, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Chapman Thomas, E. Beare, & J. Sutton, Gents, all of Salisbury, Wilts, July 1815. 15. 
Chappel Charles, Linton, Cambridge, Plumber, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Chard Samuel, Beaufort-bldgs. Gent, and Catherine, his wife, July 1828. 
Chard Samuel, Beaufort-buildings, Gent. Catherine Chard, his wife, and Charlotte 

Chard a Minor, July 1828. 
Charles Elizabeth, wife of J. Charles, Charles-street, City-road, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Charlton John, Chatham, Kent. Husbandman, & Mary, his wife, Jan. 1822. 
Charrington Thomas, Farmer, James Prior, Brazier, and Richard Sanders, Brazier, 

all of Horley, Surrey, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Chauvel Jane Sarah Eliza, Great Stanmore, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Cheater Ann, Leadenhall-street, Spinster, Servant to J. Weddarbume, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Cheese Ann, Downing-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1806. 34. 

Cheesewright Richard, Stamford-st. Blackiriars, & C. Fry, Birmingham, esqs. Jan. 1829. 
Chessall Elizabeth, Nottingham-street, Marylebone, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Chevallier Charles, Stock Exchange, Gent, and A. Newton, Upper Harley-street, 

Widow, dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Child Henry Stanetty, Carmarthenshire, & G. Bowling, Pembroke, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Child Richard, Castle-street, Piccadilly, Currier, and Thomas Brackstone, Charlott- 

street, Tallow-chandler, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Childs Martha, Hawell, near Abingdon, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Chilman Ann, Spinster, Servantto J. Braddick, Coopers-row, Tower-hill, Jan. 1811. 6. 
Christie Hannah, Montrose, N. B. Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Chubb John Phedra, Lieut. Royal Navy, dec. July 1810. 
Church Elizabeth, Aldgate, High-street, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Church Rev. Ralph, late of Pyrton, Oxfordshire, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Churchill Richara, Mincing-lane, Gent. Jan. 1783. 80. 

Churchman John Gildersleeve, &G. Brown, both of Clerkenwell-close, Gent. Jan. 1829. 
Churton Catherina, Norton-st. Spins. & Edward Boodle, dec. Brook-st. esq. July 1828. 
Cini Juan, dec. St. Sebastian, Brigadier in the Spanish Army, Jan. 1830. 
Clapham Robert, Little Cloisters, Westminster, dec. Trustee to Henry Reginald, Lord 

Bishop of Exeter, July 1826. 
Clare Charlotte, Spins. Servt. to Dr. Aiken, Church-st. Stoke Newington, July 1815. 6. 
Clark Charles, Chohnonddey, Cheshire, esq. and Elizabeth Massey, dec. Bank 

Chester, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Clark Deborah, St. Martin's, Oxfordshire, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Clark Elizabeth, George-street, Portman-square, Spinster, July 1827. 
Clark Francis, Marylebone, Grent. dec. Jan. 1827. 
Clark George, Lombard-street, esq. dec. July 1807. 31. 
Clark Harnet, Blackwall, Spinster, at Mr. Forbes, July 1812. 4. 
Cbrrk James, Clapham, M. D. July 1803. 39. 

Clark John, sen. Holloway, Lewisham, Farmer, and Elizabeth Gray, Marlborongh- 
square, Chelsea, Widow, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Clark Jonathan, Bing-street, Ratcliff-highway, Mariner, 1797. 51. 

Clark Thomas, jun. Flitton, Bedfordshire, Yeoman, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Clark Zacharia, Calcutta, esq. dec. Jan. 1819. 7. 

Clarke Gauntlett, a Bankropt, Basinghall-street, Factor, Philip Hnrd, King's-bench- 

walk. Temple, Gent. & O. Reed, Rosamond-st. Clerkenwell, Gent. No. 2. Jan. 1829. 
Clarke Jane, W alford, Herefordshire, Spinster, dec. Herbert Abrahall Lloyd, Charles 

Trusted, and JohnS. Collins, all of Foy, Herefordshire, Gents, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Clarke John, Wapping, Gent. James Gmespie, Hermitage, Coal Merchant, and Wm. 

Brackstone, Wapping, Distiller, all dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Clarke John Craham, r^ewcastle-on-Tvne, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Clarke Mary^, Brompton-row, Knightsbridge, Widow, Jan. 1829. 
Clarke William, Penn, Buckinghamshire, esq. and James Groome,esq. HighWycombe, 

Buckinghamshire, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Clavering Sur Thos. J., Bart. & W. Clavering, esq. both of, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Clement Marv, Charter House, Hinton, Somerset, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Clement Sarah, Grafton-street, Soho, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Clements Sarah Keep, Charles-st. St. James's-square, Servt. to H. N. Middleton, esq. 

July 1814. 17. 
Clercq Maria Elizabeth, Rosa de de Pepeurique, Presdy Pres, in Flanders, Spinster, 

Jan. 1798. 50. 
Clerke Elizabeth, Picardy-place, Edinburgh, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Cleve Adrian de, Holywell-street, Strand, Goldsmith, and Hannah de Clere, dittto. 

Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Clifford Capt. Miller, Maddon, Essex, and Mary, his \nfe, July 1817. 11. 
Clifford Lieut. Col. Miller, 58th Regiment of Foot, July 1830. 
Clifford Hon. Robert, late of Welbeck-st. dec. Thomas Pitt, Wimpole-st. esq. and 

Richard CWk, esq., Chamberlain of the City of London, Jan. 1816. 5. 
Cloake G^rge, Tumham-green, & R. Robinson, Bond-st. esqs. dec. July 1817. 11. 
Clutterbuck Kev. Lewis, dec. of Newark-park, Gloucester, Trustee to Rev. Thomas 

Esbury Partridge, Rector of Uley, Gloucestershire, Clerk, Jan. 1821. 
Clutton Mary, Grosvenor-square, Widow, July 1817. 11. 
Coals Edward, Bernard-street, Russell-sq. esq. July 1815. 15. 
Cobb John, St. Peter's-hill, Doctors Commons, Gent. July 1808. 29 
CobbettJohn, Twickenham, Middlesex, Gardener, dec. Thomas Middleton Pace, 

Wimbledon, Surrey, Gent, and George Cobbett, a Minor, July 1814. 17. 
Cochin Rose, Sloane-street, Chelsea, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Cochrane Harman, Royal Navv, Surgeon, July 1828. 
Cock Mary, Newgate-street, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Cockbum John, Artillery-place, Moorfields, Grent. July 1815. 15. 
Codrington William, Davies-street, Berkley-square, Gent, and Robert Dmmmond. 

Clmring-cross, esq. dec. July 1803. 39. 
Cody John, Eagle-st. Red Lion-sq. Cowkeeper, and Thomas Wetherill, Tottenham 

court-road, Cowkeeper, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Coham Rev. William Holland, of Coham, Devon, July 1825. 
Cohen Benjamin, Amsterdam, Gent. July 1807. 31. 
Cohen David. Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1831. 

Cohen Levy Barent, Anele-court, Throgmorton-st. Broker, dec. July 1813. 19. 
Cohen Luna Simha, Widow, &Rica Azuelos, Widow, both of Marseiles, July 1799. 47 
Coke Christopher, Million Bank, London, Gent. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Coker Cadwaller, Old-st. esq. dec. & J. Salmon, Surrey-st. Gent. dec. July 1779. 11. 
Colcomb Capt. George Thomas, 37th Regiment, of Foot, and George Commerford, 

Twickenham, Gent. July 1823. 
Cole George, Surrey-street, Strand, esq. July 1807. 31. 
Cole William, Kirkman's-place, Tottenham-court-road, Grent. Jan. 1824. 
Coleman Elizabeth, Apsley Guise, Spinster, July 1805. 6. 
Collas Philip, Jersey, Mariner, July 1797. 51. 

Collen Pierre, & Jacques Barrilot, both of Spitalfields, Weavers, Jan. 1789. 68 
Collet Richard, late of Chelsea, Gent. dec. July 1811. 23. 
Colley Benjamin, Poynton, Samuel Elsmere, High Escall, & Charles JuckeS) Colwell, 

in the Parish of Hkh Escall, Gents. July 1810. 25. 
Collier Ann, Plaistow, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1780. 86. 
Collier Elizabeth, Spinster, Servt. to J. Seam, esq. Chelsea, July 1818. 9. 



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Collier Marianne, Spinster, dec. Servt. to Rev. William Stanford, July 1817, 11. 

Collier Mary, Homsey-row, Islington, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

Collingwood Thomas, Gray's-inn, Gent. dec. and Lancelot Reed, Hatton-wall, Timber 
Merchant, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Collins James, Fox-lane, Shadwell, Coal Meter, Jan. 1822. 

Collins Rev. John, Cheshunt, July 1819. 7. 

Collins Martha £lizabeth, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 4. 

Collins Robert, late of Reading, Brewer, dec. Servt to W. B. Simonds, July 1815. 15. 

Collinson Ann, Lombard-street. Spinster, July 1763. 119. 

Collis James, Leybume, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Collison Robert, Surgeon, & G. Cooch, Gent, both of Newport Pagnell, Bucks, Jan. 1829. 

Colvill Thomas, Chatham Dock-yard, Labourer, July 1819. 7. 

Colville Pybus Emelia, Mistley, near Manningtree, Essex, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Colyer John, & William Colyer, Sogthfleet, Kent. Gents. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Combe Eliza, wife of Lieut. Col. Wm. Markham Combe, Royal Marines, July 1822. 

Combles Adelaide de.Widow of Capt. J. M. de Crauzelde Khile, Jersey, July 1807. 31. 

Compere Elizabeth, Red Lion-street, Widow, dec. July 1789, 67. 

Compton John, Carmathen, South Wales, Gent. & Sarah, his wife, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Comptoa Nicholas, late of Paignton, Devon, Mariner, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Council Mary, Reading, Berks, & Catherine Council, ditto. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Constable William, Woolwich, Baker, Jan. 1829. 
- Convenent Capt. J. M., in the East India Company's Service, Madras, July 1801. 43. 

Cook Mary, wife of William Cook, Henley, Carrier, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Cook Sarah, Montague-street, Portman-sq. Spins. Servt. to Mr. Allen, July 1818. 9. 

Cook William, Henley-on-Thames, Currier, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Cooke Rev. George, Sprathough, Yorkshire, and Thomas Hayward Budd, Bedford- 
row, esq. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Cooke James. Mitchel Dean, Gloucester, and James Dewes, Paragon-place, Kent- 
road, Gents. July 1819. 7. 

Cooke Marianne, Wherwell, Hants, Widow, July 1802. 41. 

Cooke Mary, Limehouse, Widow, July 1798. 49. 

Cooke Thomas, & S. Coddingtom both of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gents. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Coker Ann, Widow, and Charles Burrell Cooker, Clerk, both of Somerset-place, Bath, 
and Alicia Maria Mc. Clary, Inenrabon, Carmarthenshire, Widow, July 1818. 9. 

Cookes Ann, Bath, Widow, Jan. 1823. 

Cookney Charles, Castle-street, Holbom, Gent, and Caroline Coockney, a Minor, 
Jan. 1816. 14. 

Cooksey John Heynes, Worcester, Inspector of Taxes, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Cooper Rev. Edward, Hampstall, Staffordshire, and Philip Lybbe Powys, Hardwick- 
house, Oxfordshire, esq. Jan. 1824. 

Cooper Samuel, Batavia, Physician, Jan. 1825. 

Cooper Sarah, Broad-st. Bloomsbury, Spins. Servt. to F. Keysall, July 1815. 15. 

Cooper Thomas, Blackwall, Gent. Jan. 1807. 6. 

Cope James, St. Dunstan's, Fleet-street, Gent. July 1767. 111. 

Cope Samuel, Islington, Tallow Chandler, Jan. 1827. 

Copland Charlotte, Duke-street, Westminster, Widow, Jan. 1826. 

Cork Thomas Jelfe, Fishmonger, dec. & Thomas Jelfe Cork, a Minor, both of Gilberts- 
passage, July 1819. 7. 

Combury liiomas, Serjeant's-inn, Gent. July 1794. 57. 

Cornelius Mary, Russell-court, Drury-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1770. 6. 

Comick Elizabeth, Redburn, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Corns Mary, & Jane Corns, Spinsters, both of Park-st. Grosvenor-sq. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Cornwall Right Rev. Foliott Herbert Walker, Bishop of Hereford, Rev. Nathan 
Wetherell, D. D. Dean of Hereford, Rev. John Napleton, D. D. Chancellor of 
ditto, dec. Rev. James Jones, D. D. Archdeacon of ditto. Rev. Joseph Corbett, 
D. D. Archdeacon of Salop, & Rev. R. Underwood, Custos of ditto, July 1818. 9. 

Cornwall Hon. Susan, Widow, and Augusta Cornwall, Spinster, both of Grosvenor- 
place, Middlesex, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Cornwall Hon. Susan, Grosvenor-square, Widow, & Susan Conwall, a Minor, of the 
same place, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Cotes John, Woodcote, Salop, esq. and Rev. John Dryden Pigott, Edgmond, Salop. 

Clerk, Jan. 1814. 18. ~o . i. 



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Chapman Charks, Dover-street, esq. and Capt. Thomas Chapman, 23rd Regimenl 

<rf Foot, dec. Oct. 1803. 39. 
Chapman Rev. William, Marnte, Kent, dec. April 1816. 14. 
Charville Lydia, Teddington, Widow, April 1813. 20. 

Chastanier Jane Elizabeth, Tottenham-court-road, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Chessey Charlotte Curtain-road, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Chester Charlotte Augusta, Lower Marsh, lAmbeth, Spinster, now wife of John 

Ashford Harwood, Crispin-street, Spitalfields, Taylor, Oct. 1803. 39. 
> Chetwynd the Right Hon. Richard Viscount, Ireland, dec. April 1821. 
Chidley Diana, Holbom, Spinster, Oct. 1778. 89. 
Chiene Robert, Minorca, Attendant Master, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Chipperfield James, Birchanger, Essex, Labourer, April 1820. 
Chit^ Grnseophilus, Isleworth, Gent. dec. April 1793. 60. 
Choppin Sidney, Park-lane, Gent. dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Clare Rev. Thomas, St. Luke's, Chelsea, and Elizabeth Hassall, King's Swinton, 

Staffordshire, Spinster, April 1814. 18. 
Clarke Dorothea, Compton, Berks, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Clarke EUizabeth, wife of James Clark, Tower-hill, Victualler, dec. Anne Sayer, dec. 

wife of Dorrell Sayer, Tottenham-court-road, Printer, dec. Oct. 1825. 
Clarke Jane, Watford, Herefordshire, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1827. 
Clark John, Wapping, Gent. dec. James Gillespv, Hermitage, Gent. dec. and William 

Brackstone, Wapping, Distiller, dec. April 1818. 10. 
Clarke John Calvert, Queen-square, Bloomsbury, esq. April 1817. 12. 
Clarke Mary, Shacklewell, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Clarke Rebecca, Walker' s-row, Westminster, Widow, Oct. 1827. 
Clarke Richard, Newport, Isle of Wight, Gent. dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Clarkson Nathaniel, Islington, Gent. dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Clements Sarah, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Jordan, Goodman's-iields, Oct. 1793. 59. 
Clemson Elizabeth, Sloane-street, Knightsbridge, Widow, Oct. 1826. 
Cleoborey Rev. John, D. D. George Howard, Mealman, and Robert Beck, ditto, all of 

Woodbum, Bucks, dec. Apriri814. 18. 
Clerke Richard, Kingstone, Oxon, & George Wroughton, Doncaster, Yorkshire, esqs. 

dec. Oct. 1817. 5. 
Cleve Adrian De, Holywell-street, Strand, Goldsmith, April 1819. 8. 
Cleve Adrian de, Goldsmith, and Hannah De Cleve, Spinster, both of Holywell-street, 

Strand, April 1819. 8. 
Cleverly Richard, Dyol-street, Victualler, dec. April 1753. 9. 
Cliff Sarah, Spinster, Servant to E. Humphrey, Cambridge, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Clive The Rignt Hon. Edward Herbert Lord Viscount, and Oliver Colt, Half-moon- 
street, Piccadilly, esq. April 1818. 10. 
Closs William, Antigua, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Coatsworth John, Island of Trinidad, Flax-dresser, Oct. 1824. 
Cobb Amey, Lydd, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Cobbe Bernard, Walnut-tree- walk, Lambeth, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Cock Lydia, £Uzabeth-pl. Lambeth, Spins. &C. Cock, Bank, Gent. dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Cockayne Catherine, Rushton-hall, Northamptonshire, Spinster, April 1812. 22. 
Cocken William, Saffron-hill, Castor-maker, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Cockerell Jemima, Bennett-street, Rathbone-place, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Coggan John, Wanstead, esq. Oct. 1806. 33. 

Colimgs Jeneifer, wife of Ezekiel Collings, Fowey, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Collins Margaret, of the Savoy, Widow, Oct. 1758. 129. 
Collins Thomas, Piccadilly, Butcher, April 1823. 
Colyer William, Greenhithe, Kent, Woodmonger, Oct. 1828. 
Compass Joseph, of His Majesty's Ship, Hercules, Oct. 1806. 33. 
Compton Mary, wife of J. Compton, Stork, near Chelmsford, Essex, Gent. Oct. 1820. 
Comyns Vallance, John Windham Bowyer, London, esqs. James Laroche, Bristol, 

Merchant, and Nicholas Magens, London, Merchant, all dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Conner Ellen, Waterford, Widow, April 1808. 30. 

Coocke Abigail, St. Martin's-in-the-nelds, Alms-houses, Widow, dec. Oct. 1827. 
Cook Frances, Hoxton, Spinster, April 1813. 20. 
Cook Howorth, Hilmer, near Hereford, esq. dec. April 1817. 12. 
Cooper Elizabeth, Spinster, &R. Johnson, esq. both of Stratford-place, Oct. 1803. 39. 



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Cooper John, West Ham Abbey, Essex, Miller, and Eliza, his wife, Oct. 1826* 

Cooper Thomas, Rotherhithe, Gent. April 1814. 18. 

Copping Thomas, Cullum-street, Cooper, Oct. 1781. 83. 

Corbett Peter, East India House, Gent. Oct. 1765. 19. 

Corbett Thomas Ilfiracombe, Devon, Mariner, Richard Collins, Portsmouth, ditto, and 

Joshua Cox, St. Andrew*s-court, Holbom, esq. dec. Oct. 1802. 8. 
Corbett William, St. Marylebone, Ebenezer Maitland, Coleman-street, and James 

Torkington Stukeley, Hants, esqs. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Corbin William, Servant to Captain Charles Campbell, Royal Navy, Christ Church, 

Hants, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Com Edward, dec. Servt. to R. Stokes, St. James's-street, esq. Oct. 1820. 
Comall John, Coppice-row, Clerkenwell, Engraver, dec. April 1823. 
Cornell William, Chelsea, Gent. & Susan Coleman, Dover-st. Spins. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Coryton Capt. William Lewis^lst. Somerset Regiment of Militia, April 1810. 26. 
Cotter Mary, Eltham, Kent. Widow, April 1812. 22. 
Cotterell Elizabeth, Mill-bank, Westminster, Widow, dec. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Cotterell John Geers, Gamons, near Hereford, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Cotton Thomas, Stock Exchange, Gent. April 1817. 12. 
Cotton William Henrv, Basinghall-street, Samuel Cotton, ditto, and Charles Shadwell, 

Gray's-inn, Gents. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Cotton William Henry, & Samuel Cotton, both of Basmghall-st. Gents. April 1823. 
Coulton Nicholas, Servant to Mrs. Whitcombe, Princes-street, Oct. 1799. 21, 
Court Mary, St. Dunstan's Stepney, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Court Susanna, Mile-end, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Couszens John James, Bath, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Couvrie James, Fleet-street, Gent. April 1809. 28 

-Cowie Robert, Broad-st. London, & S. Hollingsworth, Cove of Cork, Grents. Oct. 1828. 
Cowlishaw Thomas, Newport, Isle of Wight, Smith, & Esther, his ^ife, April 1819^ 8. 
Cox Ann, Spinsters, Servt. to J. A. Houblin, Hollingbury, Essex, esq. Oct. 1824. 
Cox Elizabeth, wife of William Cox, Reading, Victualler, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Cox Joseph, Silver-street, Golden-square, Shoemaker, Oct. 1824. 
Cox Sophia, Horsham, Sussex, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Cox Sophia Mary, Henrietta-street, Cavenoish-square, Spinster, April 1812. 22 
Craddock Thomas, M. D. &R. Wilkins, Gent, both of Rochester, Oct. 1769. 6. 
Crathern Ann, Avem-street, Ipswich, Suffolk, Spinster, April 1826. 
Crathem John, Cock-lane, Shoreditch, Gent. dec. April 1826. 
Crawley Jacob, Fulham, Mariner, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Crisp Maria Ann, wife of John Crisp, Lewisham, Kent, Victualler, and William Crisp, 

a Minor, April 1823. 
Croft Margaret, St. George's-row, Hanover-square, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1828. 
Crow John, Bedford-row, esq. dec. Oct. 1806. 33. 
Cuffley William, Albion-place, Blackfriars-road, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
' CuUen John James, Skreeney, Robert Algeo, Hollymount. and James Williamson, all 

in the Parish of Manor Hamilton, County of Leitrim, Ireland, esqs. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Cully John, Cuxham, Oxon, Thatcher, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Cumberland Rev. Richard Denison, &Rev. Thomas Boys, both of Ampney, St. Mary, 

Gloucestershire, April 1818. 10. 
Cunliffe Sir Forster, Bart. Acton-park, Denbighshire, and Thomas Brooke, Horton 

Priory, Cheshire, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Cursen Magdalen, Old Bond-street, Widow, April 1819. 8. 
Curson Magdalen, Old Broad-street, Widow, dec. April 1819. 
Curson Richard, Richmond, Surrey, Gent. dec. Apnl 1813. 20. 
Crust Hon. William, Pembury, Kent, Oct. 1823. 
Custance Myles, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1819. 
Cutter Ann, Greek-street, Soho, Spinster, April 1805. 36. 


Caister Susanna, Camberwell, Widow, Jan. 1819. 18. 
Caldwell Mary, Budge-row, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Campbell Lieut. James, Royal Marines, Jan. 1811. 8. 

Canterbury Moore John The Most Rev. His Grace Lord Archbishop of, and Right 
Hon. Sir John Skynner, Knt. July 1801. 43. 


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Cape Anna Maria, wife of Benjamin Cape, Albion-place, Christ Church, Snrre}*, 

Brewer, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Cape M^or Thomas, Glouoester-place, Marylebone, Jan. 1810. 10. 
Cardale William, Gr^'s-inn, & Jas. Honson, Ldncoln's-inn, Gents, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Carpenter Edward, Oxford, Coach-maker, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Carr James, and William Carr, both of Preiton, Lancashire, Gents, dec. Julj 1803. 39. 
Carr Mary, Spinster, Servt. to J. Mills, Walcott-place, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Carr Rey. Robert James, Rev. Packington George Tomkyns, and John Hall, Surgeon, 

all of Brighton, July 1817. 11. 
Carr Rev. Robert James, & Cornelius Paine, Grent. both of Brighton, July 1817. 11. 
Carter Estha*, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Barton, Northampton, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Castle Sarah, Mark-lane, Fenchmrh-street, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Ca;7endi8h Mary, dec. wife of John Cavendish, Whitehall, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Cavendish Col. William, Derbyshire, Militia, and Henry Thomas Austen, Henrietta- 
street, Covent-garden, Banker, July 1816. 13. 
Caw Elizabeth, Box-lane, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Chaffe -Susan, Totness, Devon, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1814. 6. 
Chalmers James, Gent. Charlotte Chalmers, and Henry Chalmers, both Minors, all of 

Kensington, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Camp Perre Fnmscois AUemande de Champier Maitre de. Knight of the Order of St. 

Louis, of Paris, July 1801. 43. 
Chapman Abigail, Wormley, Herts, Widow, dec. and James Mc Michael, Finch-lane, 

ComhiU, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Chapman Jane, Tunbridge, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Chapman John, Servant to G. A. L. Keck, esq. Stoughton Grrange, Leicestershire, 

Jan. 1816. 14. 
Chapman John, East Haddon, Northamptonshire, Labourer, July 1817. 11. 
Chapman Mary, Stoke Newiwrton, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
Chapman Mary, John-street, Clerkenwell, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6 
Chapman SarsOiAnn, Half-moon-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Charlwood Yeeling, RusseU -court, Drury-lane, Cutler, dec. Jan. 1H20. 6. 
Chasiner John, and Henry Hamage, esqs. Treasurers of St. Greorge's Hospital, 

London, July 1812. 21. 
Chastinier Jane Elizabeth, Tottenham -court-road. Spinster, dec. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Chatting John, Grocer, and John Chatting, jun. Gent, both of Wandsworth, Surrey, 

Julyl815. 15. 
Cherry Peter, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Cbeverton Jemima, Burton, Somerset, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 5. 
Chichester Henrietta, Hall, Devon, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Chievre Eleanora Adelaide Sophia Leopoldina de, Clapham Common, Surrey, 

Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Chitty Sarah, Montague-house, Whitehall, Spinster, July 1812. 4. 
Christian William, Sottesraere, Rutland, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Christie Jane, wife of Lieut. Col. A. Christie, 1 1th Royal Veteran Batallion, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Church Susannah, Widow, Servt. to J. Payne, Beddington, Surrey, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Clark Jane, Newark, Spinster, & Jane Garth, Rotherhithe, Widow, dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Clark John, Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, Gent. dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Clarke Elizabeth, Paradise-row, Chelsea, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Clarke Edward Daniel, Cambridge, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Clarke Edward. Swithin's-alley, Coflfee-man, dec. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Clarke Edward, Bishopgate-street, Pawnbroker, July 1810. 25. 
Clarke John, Queen Aon-street, East, esq. John Edward Freemantie, Coldstream 
Regiment of Guards, esq. Bryan Higgins, M. D, Greek-street, Soho, Perrot 
Fenton, Doctor's-commons, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Clarke Rebecca, Rickmanswortii, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Clayton Charlotte, Tooting, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1810. 4. 
Cleary Sarah, wife of John Cleary, Mile End, Mariner, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Clifton John, Proydon, Coachman, July 1818. 9. 
Coaton Ann, Lamb's-buildings, Bunhill-row, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Cockerell Jemima, Bennett-street, Rathbone-place, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. ' 

Cockett Richard, Battle, Sussex, Farmer, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Cody John, Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, Cowkeeper, Jan. 1820. 6. 


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CoUett Catherine, Somer's Town, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Colley Robert, Borough, Linen-draper, Jan. 1805. 36. 

Collier Mary, wife of William Collier, Sloane-street, Knightsbridge, Grocer, & Mary 

Oliver, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
Collin Rebecca, Spinster, Servant to J. B. Merrett, Rokeby, Yorkshire^ Jan. 1820. 6. 
Collins Rebecca, St. James's Palace, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Collins Hannah, Great Marlow, Bucks, Spinster, July 1819. 8. 
Collings Anthony Palmer, esq. Edward Ash, Gent. Thomas Bonville, Gait, and Wm. 

Tripp, esq. all of Bristol, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Collings Eliza, of the Chest Arms, Chatham, Spinster, July 1814. 4. 
CoUinson Anne, & Thermuthis Collinson, both of Sloane-st. Spinsters, Jan. 1818. 10. 
CoUop Sarah, Charles-street, Hampstead-road, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Comeley William, Sopworth, Wilts, Yeoman, dec. July 1815. 15. 
Coney Bicknell, Enfield, Middlesex, &D. Scott, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Cook Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Rev. M. Canston, Highgate, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Cook Thomas Smith, ChisweU-street, Gent, and Ann, his wife, 1814. 17. 
Cooke John, Hereford, Gent. dec. July 1801. 43. 
Cooper Greorge, Much Hadham, Herts, Tailor, dec. July 1817. 11> 
Cooper 'John, Osbome-street, Whitechapel, Sugar-refiner, July 1819. 7. 
Coppock Pamila, Holywell, Oxford, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Corbett George, Camberwell, Surrey, Labourer, July 1818. 9. 
Cork and Orrery, Mary Countess of, Burlington-street, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Cosser Andrew, Stangate-street, Grent. and Isabella, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Coster Sarah, West Devon, Salisbun^, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Cotterill Harriet Cambridge-place, Hackney-road, Spinster, July 1818, 9. 
Cotton David, Long Parish, Hants, Yeoman, July 1819. 7. 
Cotton James, Gravesend, Victualler, Margaret Cotton, his wife, & Sarah Ann Fraiusei 

Covney, a Minor, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Cottrill Sarah, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields, Spinster, Julv 1818. 9. 
Coulinho His Excellencey Balio Duarte de Souza, Lisbon, July 1801. 43. 
Coulter Michael, Watling-street, Warehouseman, July 1819. 7> 
Courvosier Jean Francois, South Audley-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1811. 24. 
CoweU John, Water-lane, Thames-street, Gent, and Joseph Green, New Basinghall- 

street, esq. July 1801. 9. 
Cowie Thomas, Falcon-square, Aldersgate-street, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Cowper William, Grafton-street, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Cox William, Houndsditch, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Crasto Moses de Salomon de, Amsterdam, Merchant, July 1801. 43. 
Crawfurd and Lindsey, Right Hon. Charles Earl, John Lewis Goldsmid, of the Grove, 

Dorking, Surrey, Rev. Thomas Fry, Rector of Emberton, Bucks, and Joseph Fox, 

Argyle-street, London, Surgeon, July 1814. 17. 
Crocker Mary, Watling-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Cropper John, Wigan, Lancadiire, Surgeon, July 1818. 9. 
Crosse Mary, Kensington Gore, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Crossland Thomas, Chelsea, Grent. dec. Jan. 1805. 36. 
Crow Mary, Well's-street, Oxford-street, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Cunningham Ellen, Shorter's-court, Throgmorton-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Cunnington Mary, Brentwood, Essex, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Curpender John, James Blair, and Thomas Cockings, aU of Maiden-lone, Coveut 

Garden, Gents. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Curtes William, Shadwell, Mariner, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Cutts Ann, Oaken, Staffordshire, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 


Carr Ann, Great James-street, Bedford-square, Spinster, 5th April 1824. 
Carter Raichael, Missenden, Bucks, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Chapman John, Scilly, Sailor, Oct. 1798. 49. 

Charlton William, Chilwell-hall, near Nottingham, esq. 5th April 1826. 
Chinn Ann, Widow, Servant to Mr. West, Lower Wimpole-street, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Chitty William, Green-park-lodge, Piccadilly, Gent. dec. and Sarah Chitty, Montague- 
house, Whitehall, Spinster, Oct. 1829. 
Chivers Elizabeth, Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1820. 


by Google 


Clark Andrew, Bear-garden, Soutiiwark, Plomber, 5th April 1826. 

Clark Richard, esq. Chamberlain of London, Rev. Charles Pilkington, Shopwick, 
Sussex, Clerk, dec. and William Gilpin, Clothier, Fleet-st. London, April 1829. 

Clarke Greorge, of Surrey-street, Strand, Navy Agent, Oct. 1830. 

Claybrook, Katherine, Haberdashers^place, East Hoxton, Widow, Oct. 1829. 

Clews George, Gent. & Elizabeth, his wife, Hampton-court-palace, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Clifft Sarah, Servant to Mr. Robinson, Kennington, Oct. 1798. 9. 

CockereUJemima, Charlotte-street, Rathbone-place. Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Ccdiam Sarah, Potteme,Wilts, Widow, William Salmon, & Wm. Wroughton Salmon, 
both of Devizes, esqs.&Rev. T. H. Hume, Broad Hinton, Wilts, 5th Apnl 1827. 

Cohen Levy Barent, Angel-court, Broker, Oct. 1796. 41. 

Cole John, African Coffee-house, Comhill, Coffee-house-keeper, April 1817. 12. 

Cole Thos., Farmer, & J. Rawlings, Butcher, both of Oakham, Rutland, 10th Oct 1827. 

CoUings John, Amworth-house, Pembrokeshire, Grent. April 1819. 8. 

ColvilT Thomas, Chatham Dock-yard, Labourer, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Compton Townsend, Booth-street, Spitalfields, Pewterer, and Daniel Ferard, Austin- 
friars, Gent. Oct. 1828. 

Constable John, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, esq. Oct. 1829. 

Cope Jonas, Stock Exchange, Grent. dec. April 1818. 10. 

Cook John Earley, Cheshunt, Herts, esq. & J. Clark, Shoreditch, esq, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Cooke William, Waneford-court, Gent. dec. April 1804. 38. 

Coombes Ann, China-walk, Chelsea, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Corbett Anne, dec. Bath, Widow, 5th April 1823. 

Costa Moses Van Samuel Mendez da, Amsterdam, Broker, 5th April 1824 

Cottington Shoreditch, Victualler, dec. April 1817. 3. 

Cowell John, Water-lane, Brandy Merchant, April 1813, 20. 

Coxeter Elizabeth, Leigh-row, Westminster-road, Spinster, dec. April 1813. 20. 

Crispe Samuel Davy, alias Davey Crispe, Jamaica, Gent. & Thomas Augustus Crispe^ 
H. M. Navy, dec. 5th April 1822. 

Crooks Nancy, wife of John Crooks, Clapton, Tailor, April 1812. 22. 

Croucher John, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, Gent. Oct. 1828. 

Crowder Mary, Stoke Newington, Spinster, 5th April 1826. 

Croxford Mabbell, Aston Howard, Oxon, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Culver Mary, Kent-road, Widow, 5th April 1820. 

Currall John, Stock Exchange, Gent. 10th Oct. 1826. 

Curtis Ann, Surrey-square, Spinster, April 1809. 6. 


(Consolidated 178^.^ 
Campbell Archibald, Regent-street, esq. and Sir Evan John Murray Mc. Gregor, Bart. 

Landninck Castle, North Britain, 5th April 1824. 
Capper Walter William, esq. & Dr. William Gilby, both of Birmingham, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Camaby William, Winchester-row, Dr. of Music, April 1813. 20. 
Carpenter Robert, Bath, & Joseph Sims, Winboume, Dorset, Grents. Oct. 1807. 31 . 
Carr Mary, wife of James Carr, Bristol, Mariner, & Saiah Grist, wife of George 

Grist, Bristol, Carpenter, April 1798. 50. 
Carter Mary Ann, Leicester, Spmster, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Carter Robert, Minories, Salesman, Oct. 1814. . 16. 
Cawthom Ann, Whitechapel-road, Widow, April 1811. 24. 
Chalmers John William Colin, Boulogne Sur Meres, France, esq. 5th April 1821. 
Chandler Esau, Chelsea Hospital, Pensioner, Oct. 1811. 23. 
Chandless Thomas, Baker-street, Portman-square, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Chapman Catherine, dec» Gistinthorpe, Essex, Spinster, 5th April 1821. 
Chapman Joseph, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. Oct. 1806. 65. 
Chapman John, Brixton, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Chapman Mary, Hertford, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Chapman Sarah Ann, Half-moon-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Chappie Susanna, Shalford, near Guilford, Surrey, Spinster, dec. April 1818. 10. 
Chappie Trehane, Worcester, Surrey, Spinster, dec. April 1818. 10. 
Chassneiul Genevieve, Devezeau de, Bath, Widow, April 1818. 10. 
Cholmondeley Joseph, Hatton-^den, Gent. 10th Oct. 1822. 
Chubb John Phsedra, Gravesend, esq. dec. Oct. 1810. 25. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Churchill Rev. William Rush Hallett, Dorchester, 5th April 1824. 

Claer James, Leatherhead, Surrey, Farmer, dec. and Mary, his wife, April 1814. 18. 

Clare Rev. Thomas, Chelsea, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Clarke George, Surrey-street, Strand, Navy Agent, Oct. 1830. 

Clarke Mary Ann, Grafton Flyford, Worcestershire, Spinster, April 1813. 8. 

Clarke Rev. Robert, Hexham, Northumberland, 5th April 1821. 

Clausie William, Bache-row, Hoxton, Gent. Oct. 1792. 61. 

Clemenson Mary, Milk-street, Spinster, Oct. 1787. 7. 

Clement Richard, Farmer, Alice Clement, his wife, and Thomas Millson, all of Plum- 
stead, Kent, Farmer, April 1818. 10. 

Clerk Robert, Edward-street, Portman-square, esq. dec. Oct. 1813. 4. 

Clift Thomas, Newmarket, Gent, a Minor, April 1818. 10. 

Clutterbuck Danid, G«nt. William Stevens, ditto, and Thomas Bush, Clothier, all of 
Bradford, Wilts, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Cockbum Thomas, & E. Monckton, jun. both of Portland-place, esqs. 10th Oct. 1821. 

Colebrook Henry Thos., Albany, & S. Turner, Nottingham-pl. esqs. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Collard William, Wellington, Somersetshire, esq. dec. Oct. 1815. 15. 

Collyer Isabella, St. Martin's-lane, Westminster, Widow, and Alexander Don, Mile 
End, Gent. April 1813. 20. 

Cook James, Brighton, Sussex, esq. Thomas Wadham, Frenchay, near Bristol, esq. 
and Edward Langmore, Hackney, Gent, no Dividend. 

Cooke Kezia, Spinster, Servt. to E. Hughes, esq. Lincoln's-inn-fields, April 1818. 10. 

Cooksey Sarah, Salisbury, Widow, dec. Oct. 1811. 23. 

Coonen Juliet, Castle-street, Oxford-market, Widow, 10th Oct. 1823. 

Costar Mary Ann, a Minor, Bensington, Oxon, and Charles Levey, Brook-street, 
Holbom, Engraver, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Cotton Bayes, Clapton, es(|. and Sarah Cotton, his wife, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Cox Mary, Fore-street, Cnpplegate, Widow, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Cooke Thomas William, Stratford, Suffolk, esq. & Mary Ann, his wife, April 1809. 28. 

Crawfurd Elizabeth, Paragon-place, Kent-road, Widow, April 1817. 12. 

Crawford William, Widdington-hall, Warwickshire, esq. Oct. 1813. 19. 

Creak Margaret, Norwich, Spinster, Oct. 1814. 17 

Creak Sarah, Norwich, Spmster, Oct. 1807. 31. 

Creswell Mary, Castle-street, St. James's, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Crone John, Wapping, Mariner, Oct. 1794. 57. 

Crook Frances, Titchfield-street, Soho, Spinster, April 1811. 8. 

Crowhurst John, Ash, Kent, Farmer, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Crumpter John, Bath, Yeoman, April 1786. 74. 

Cunningham Capt. Alexander, Royal Navy, Mercer Roberts, Doctor*s-commons, and 
Thomas Tilson, Coleman-street, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Cunningham Ann Harrow, Middlesex, Widow, April 1814. 18. 

Curry Samuel, Southampton, Gent. April 1818. 10. 


Campbell William, esq. Mary Campbell, Spinster, and Hamilton Campbell, esq. all of 

Shawfield, N. B. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Canterbury, The Most Rev. His Grace, John Lord Archbishop of, dec. April 1816. 14. 
Cape Walter, Saville-row, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Carmody John, Hans-place, Knightsbridge, Gent. dec. April 1816. 18. 
Carver Catherine, Doncaster, Spinster, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Caw Elizabeth, Box-lane, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1801. 43. 
Champier Parre Francois Allemande Matre de, Camp Knight of the Order of St. 

Louis, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Chilton James Alexander, Prall-place, Camden Town, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Churchill Lieut. Col. Horatio, Grosvenor-street, dec. and Sophia Churchill, a Minor, 

Oct. 1816. 13. 
Clarke Edward, Sweeting*s-alley, Gent. dec. April 1810. 26. 
Colrman Arnoldus, Utrecht, esq. dec. April 1812. 22. 
Collier Dame Elizabeth, Wimpole-street, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Cooper Joseph, High Holbom, Rope-maker, Oct. 1806. 31. 
Courvoisier Jean Francois, South Audley-square, Gent. Oct. 1810. 25. 
Crookshanks Sarah, St. John's-street, Widow, dec. Oct. 1809. 27. 

..yitized by Google 


Careley Hannah, Doddington-castlchoiuie, near Newberry, Spinster, July 1828. 

Carr Mary, Walcot-place, Spinster, Servant to J. Mills, Jan. 1815. 

Carter John, Union-coffee-house, Ranelagh-walk, Chelsea, Gent, and Elizabeth Carter, 
a Minor, Jan. 1829. 

Carpenter Richard, Minories, esq. July 1830. 

Cavendish Col. William, Derbyshire Militia, and Henry Thomas Austin, Henrietta- 
street, Covent-earden, Banker, a Bankrupt, July 1816. 

Chapman Mary, Aahby-de-la-Zouch, Ldcester^re, Spinster, now wife of William 
Cornelius Coombs, Brussells, Gent. Jan. 1829. 

Chapman William, Henly-upon-Thames, Gent, and Elizabeth Land, Twyford, Berks 
Spinster, Jan. 1826. 

Chapman William, Webb's County-terrace, New Kent-road, Gent. July 1826. 

Chappell Harriet, Swan-lane, Upper Thames-street, Widow, July 1829. 

Child Elizabeth, Great Marylebone-street, Portland-place, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

Child Jane, Carey-street, Tothill-fidds, Westminster, Spinster, July 1828. 

Cholmondeley Right Hon. George James E^l of. Right Hon. Charles Arbuthnot, 
Downing-street, Alexander Baring, Portman-square, esq. tc Philip Francis, Upper 
Berkeley-street, esq. Jan. 1831. 

Christopher John Danby, Staple-inn, Holbom, Gent. Jan. 1830. 

Clark Ann, Grove-lane, Camberwell, Widow, dec. July 1826. 

Clark Jane, Newark, Spmster, and Jane Garth, Rotherhithe, Widow, dec. Jan. 1813. 

Clark Robert, Gent. dec. and Harriet Andrews, Spinster, both of Hare-lane, 
Gloucester, Jan. 1830. 

Clark Robert, Gent. dec. and John Robert Andrews, Grent. both of Hare-lane, 
Gloucester, Jan. 1830. 

Clay William, Gent. dec. Emma Clay, and Fanny Clay, both Spinsters, all of Hast- 
ings, July 1823. 

Clayton Mark, and James Ewer, both of Ruslip, Middlesex, Farmers, July 1823. 

Cbffe William, Quedgley, Gloucestershire, esq. July 1826. 

Clifton John, Croydon, Coachman, July 1818. 

Clubb Sarah, John-street, Westminster, Spinster, July 1829. 

Cock Ann, Hawes-hiU, Bray, Berks, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 

Cole Eliza Catherine, Lechlade, Gloucester, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1823. 

Cole Rev. Thomas, Vicar of Long Buckley, Northamptonshire, and Rev. Henry 
Bagshaw Harrison, Rector of Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, Jan. 1831. 

Coles John, the Yonger, Harper-street, Red Lion-square, Middlesex, Gent. July 1830. 

Collett EUza, Paradise-row, Chelsea, Spinster, July 1825. 

Collins Ann, Bumham, Bucks, Widow, July 1829. 

Collins Ann, Pearl-row, Blackfriars-road, Spinster, now wife of Thomas Smith, Pearl- 
row, Mariner, Jan. 1823. 

Collins Sarah, Crayford, Kent, Widow, July 1821. 

Collins William, Poplar, Gent. July 1824. 

Colquhoun Sarah, Haymarket, Widow, July 1823. 

Combe Eliza, wife of Lieut. CoL William Markham Combe, Royal Marines, July 1822. 

Compson William, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry, Surgeon, Jan. 1824. 

Connop Sarah, Hereford, Spinster, July 1827. 

Cooper Charles, Great St. Helen's Packer, July 1823. 

Cooper John, Golden-place, Kennington, Surrey, Carpenter, Jan. 1827. 

Corbett Caroline, Darnhall, Cheshire, Spinster, Jan. 1827. 

Corser George, Whitechurch, Salop, esq. and George Salt, Queen-street, Cheapside, 
Merchant, Jan. 1829. 

Coverley Sarah, St. Martin's, Stamford Baron, Northamptonshire, Widow, July 1824. 

Cox Edward, East India House, Gent. Jan. 1829. 

Craib William, Store-street, Bedford-sauare, Gent. July 1821. 

Crawfurd and Lindsey Right Hon. Earl of, J L. Goldsmid, Grove, Dorking, Surrey, 
esq. Rev. T. Fry, Rector, Emberton, Bucks, & J. Fox, Argyle-street, London, 
Surgeon, July 1814. 

Cropper John, Wigan, Lancashire, Surgeon, July 1818. 

Crouch Richard, Frederick's-place, Hampstead-road, Gent. Jan. 1823. 

Crowder John, Warwick-court, Warwick-lane, Printer, dec. and Rosetta Crowder, 
Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1831. 

Curpendi John, J. Blair, Sc T. Cockings, all of Maiden-la. Covent-gdn. Gent. Jan. 1816 


Cointe John Mark Le, South Sea-house, esq. and Mary Charron, Edgeware-road, 

Spinster, both dec. 5th Jan. 1819 
Coventry Michael Mills, Thames-street, Cheesemonger. 


(Converted into Consolidated Three pet* Cent, Annuities, bth July, 1825.J 

Clarke Edward, Sweeting's-alley, Gent. dec. April 1810. 

Cotes Magdalena Christiana Des, Hackney, Widow, dec. Oct. 1810. 

Courvoisier Jean Francois, South Audley-square, Gent. Oct. 1810. 


(Principal Paid off bth July 1825.J 

Costa Moses Van Samuel Mendes da, Amsterdam, Broker, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Cross Margaret, Market-street, St. James's Spinster, 5th July 1825. 


Churchill Richard, Mincing-lane, Gent. Jan. 1772. 22. 


(From the First of May 1704.J 

Cadman Sarah, South Audley-square, Widow, Nov. 1817. 4. 
Cape Walter, Savil-row, Hanover-square, Gent. dec. May 1799. 6. 
Cockerell Jemima, Bennett-street, Rathbone-place, Spinster, May 1818. Z» 
Cook Sebbeller, Darsham, Suffolk, Spinster, Nov. 1812. 14. 
Costar Timothy, Gray's-inn, Victualler, May 1810. 19. 
Crowder Elizabeth, Mortlake, Spinster, Nov. 1816. 6. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Dacunha Moses* Stock Exchange, Gent Jan. 1784. 78. 

Dadley Edward, lime-street, and William Loaden, Great James-street, Bedford- 
row, G^ts. Jan. 1829. 
Dakins John, sen. Mitcham, Surrey, Qeat. Jnly 1819. 7. 
Dale Marv Laminff, Madrid, Widow, &Carlota Dale, a Minor, Jan. 1825. 
Dale Sarah, Dnke^rtreet, Manchester-square, Spinster, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Dallas Charles, Westmmster-road, Gent. dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Dalrymple John, Migor of the 30th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Daly John, Cobbins, Waltham-abbey, eso. July 1802. 41. 
Dalzell John Thomas Robert, Wallingford, Berks, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Danby Thomas, SwaUow-street, Upholder, dec. July 1789. 67. 
Dance Henry, Duke-street, Grosrenor-sauare, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Daniel Richard, sen. Coleman-street, Stable-keeper, Richard Daniel, jun. & Lawrence 

Daniel, both Bfinors, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Daniel William Hewitt, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1807. 4. 
Dansey Rer. Wm., Donhead, St. Andrew, WUts, & Mary C. Dan8ey,aMinor, Jan. 1829. 
Dansey Rev. Wm., Donhead, St. Andrew, Wilts, & Rosa A. Dansey, a Minor, Jan. 1829. 
Darbon Sarah, Piccadilly, Widow, July 1825. 
Darling Jane, Hunter-street, Russsll-square, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Darlton Henry, Basle, Switzerland, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Darnell Rer. William Nicholas, William Sleigh, esq. and lliomas Robinson Grey, esq. 

all of Stockton, Trustees for the Stockton Blue Coat School, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Darthenay Philip, Jersey, Cabinet-maker, Jubr 1812. 21. 
Daubeny Lieut. Col. Henry, Bath, and Rev. George Randall Orchard, North Bradley, 

Wilts, Jan. 1828. 
Davison Alexander, Change-alley, Gent. Jan. 1825. 

Davie Eustatia Elizabeth, Ixmg Ashton, near Bristol, Spmster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Davie Sir John, Bart, late of Creedy, Devonshire, dec. July 1815. 15. 
Davies Ann, wife of Matthew Davies, Warminster, WUts, Gent. Jan. 18}9. 8. 
Davies John, Stepney, Grent. July 1815. 15. 
Davies John, Old Jewry, Gent. Julj 1830. 
Davies Mary, Kinston, Herefordshire, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Davies Mary, Lit^ Stanhope-street, Spinster, July 1795. 55. 
Davies Robert, Portsmouth, Groal-keeper, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Davies Thomas, esq. Rev. William Davies, esq. and Sarah Guest, Spinster, all of 

Homerton, July 1818. 9. 
Davies Thomas, Marford, Gent. July 1805. 35. 

Davies Mary Ann, King-st. Gk)lden-sq. Widow, Servt. to J. Curbonel, Jan. 1819. 4. 
Davis Elizabeth, York-street, Covent-garden, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Davis James, Stock Exchange, Grent. July 1811. 23. 
Davis Rev. John, dec. Bloxham, WorcestersMre, and John Rushworth, dec. Banbury, 

Oxon, Gent. July 1828. 
Davis Maria, Fleet-market, Spinster, July 1827. 
Davis Martha, Buntin^ord, Herts, Widow, Jan. 1829. 

Davis Simon, Silversmith, Chatham, and Aaron, Woolf, aMinor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Davis Valentine, Gent, and Mary Ann Butt Davis, Spinster, both of St. John's, 

Southwark, Julv 1819. 7. 
Davis Valentine, & Richard Davis, G^ts. both of St. John's, Southwark, July 1819. 7. 
Davis Valentine, G^t. St. John's, Southwark, & Maria Davis, S^ins. ditto, July 1819. 7. 
Davis Valentine, Grent. St. John's, Southwark, & Sarah Davis, Spins, ditto, July 1819. 7. 
Davison Joseph, Elssex-street, Hoxton, Japanner, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Davison Margaret, Gravel-lane, Widow, July 1794. 57. 

Dawe Hill, Ditchant, Somersetshire, & E. Moore, Widcomb,near Bath, esos. Jan. 1831. 
Dawes Edwin, Angel-court, Throgmorton-st. C. Norris, Loncoln's-inn, E. Dampier, 

Excise Office, & W. Dawes, Angel-court, Throgmorton-st. Gents. July 1819. 7. 
Dawea Hannah, East Worldham, near Alton, Hants, Spinster, July 1824. 
Dawes William, Threadneedle-street, Grent. dec. Sarah Ann Wood, Sun-street, Widow, 

John B. Wood, a Minor, & Jas. Wood, Threadneedle-st. Gent. dec. July 1816. 13. 

G 41 

DswBon Harriott, Bengal, Spinster, Jan. 1790. 66. 

Dawson Helen, Stow Mause, Edinburgh^ Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Dawson James, Widegate-street, Gent. & Richard Dawson, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 

Dawson William, Whitecross-street, Cripplegate, Brass Founder, Jan. 1826. 

Dawson William, Whitecross-street, Cripplegate, Gent Jan. 1828. 

Dawson William. Lower Whitecross-street, Cripplegate, Brass Founder, July 1824. 

Day Ann, Manchester-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7 

Day Elizabeth, Olney, Bucks, Spinster, July 1822. 

Day Mary Ann, Money Hill, Rickmansworth, Widow, John Sterling Old BroacUst 

Broker dec. &Thos. Seddon, Aldersgate-street, Cabinet-maker, July 1823. 
Day Ralph, Sarratt, Herts, esq. dec. Joseph Yates Cooper, Dalston, Middlesex, Gent. 

and John Dingley Richardson, Aldersgate-street, Merchant, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Day William, Crawford-passage, Clerkenwell, Cooper, & Sarah, his wife, Jan. 1822. 
Dayrell Edmund, Lincoln' s-iun, esq. William Chippindall, Great Queen-st. Lincoln's- 

inn-fields, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Dayrell Edmund, Lincohi's-inn, esq. Crossley Keene, Titchfield-street, Gent, and 

WiUiam Spike, of the Temple, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Dayrell Rev. John Langham, Lillington Dayrell, Bucks, Jan. 1831. 
Dayus Richard, Webber-row, Blacldriars-road, Engineer, Jan. 1815 16. 
Deacon Elizabeth, Spins. Seryt.toF. Hush, America-square, Merchant, Jan. 1829. 
Dealtry Caroline, Lenridge, Berwick, Spinster, dec. July 1801. 43. 
Dealtry Rev. John Bayhs Skinner, Wicklow, Ireland, L. L. D. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Dean Edward, Leadenhall-market, Poulterer, Jan. 1816 14. 
Dean Fanny, Stratford-green, Essex^pinster, July 1819. 7. 

Deane Mary Ann, and Eliza Burgess Deane, both of Harwich, Spinsters, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Deane Richard, Georgeham, Devon, Farmer, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Degulhon Mary, dec. Bentinck-street, Widow, Jan. 1831. 
D^ne Henry Peter, Cams, County of Southampton, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Delmedico FVancis Anthony, Carrara, in Italy, Grent. July 1811. 23. 
Delves Ann, Jermyn-street, St. James's, Widow, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Dege Elizabeth, wife of John Dege, Lyndhurst, Hants, esq. July 1825. 
Dempsey Martin, Henrietta-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1827. 
Denis Mary, Soho, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Denison John, Ossington Notts, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Denison William Joseph, London, esq. as Trustee to Rev. Thomas Exton, Over 

Darven, Lancashire, July 1809. 27. 
Denman Thomas Mount-str^, Grosvenor-square, M. D. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Dennis Emily, wife of John Dennis, Bilrose, County of Cork, esq. July 1830. 
Dennison Rev. Richard, Cumberland, Duffield, Gloucestershire, and Richard Sdfe, 

late of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, esq. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Depont Charles Jean Francois, Paris, esq. Jan. 1794. 
Devon Elizabeth, Loose-lane, Thames-street, Widow, July 1807. 31. 
Devonshire Her Grace Elizabeth Duchess of, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Dew Samuel, Piccadilly Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Dew Sarah, Leatherhead, Surrev, Widow, dec. July 1803. 39. 
Dick Jerenuah, Finsbury-sq. & C. Maclaurin, Lombard-st. Merchants, July 1813. 19. 
Dick William, Barbican, Servant to T. R. Beachcroffc, esq. July 1804. 37. 
Dickason Thomas, Crutched Friars, dec. and Michael Joy, Richmond, esqs. Jan. 1827. 
Dickens Edward, South-street, King's-road, Chelsea, Gt^t. Jan. 1818. 9. 
Dickenson William, Twycross, Grazier, July 1817. 11. 
Dicldns John, Plymouth, Gent. July 1814. 4. 

Dickinson Easter, Clifford-street, Bond-street, Spmster, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Dickson Georae, Lower East Smithfield, Slop-seller, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Digby Mary Wiltshire, Hoxton, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 
Dight Margaret, Upper Harley-street, Cavendish-square, Widow, Jan. 1827. 
Dighton Lister, Clifford, near Stratford-on-Avon, Gent, and Francis Annesley, late of 

Reading, esq. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Dilke Rev. John, Rector of Little Parkington, Warwickshire, Rev. Anthonv Bliss, late 

Vicar of Meridon, ditto, dec. and Hon. and Rev. William Digby, Vicar of Coles-hilly 

Warwickshire, July 1816. 13. 
Dilke William, Chichester, Sussex, Gent Julv 1816. 13. 
Dillion Thomas, Parliament-street, Dublin, Merdiant, July 1820. 

u.y.uzeuuy Google 


Dixon IXmidiy SiuaiiBa,WdihMBftow, Widow, dee. aid Tboaiaf Parier FoMtar, 

Hackney, esq. dec. Jan. 1826. 
Dixon William, NewcasUe-oo-Tyne, Gent. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Dixon William, Blackbeath, Gait. Richard Stobba, Cannoii-etreet, Grocer, aad Jaaiei 

South, Borough, Chemist, July 1821. 
Dobflon Jane, Mary-street, Fitzroy-aquare, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Dod Eleanor, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Dod Robert, esq. & J. T. Meakin, Surgeon, both of Whitchurch, Sak)p, July 1798. 49. 
Dodson John^ Thaydon Bois, Essex, Yeoman, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Dolan John James, Gate-street, Ldncoln's-inn-fields, Army Clothier. Jan. 1320. 6. 
Dolbyn Ann, Spinster^ Mr. Morley's, East Ham, Essex, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Domett Rer. Joseph, Vicar of Body Tracey, Devon, July 1813. 19. 
Dominique Rer. Maffio Dehnedico, Carrara, Italy, July 1811. 23. 
Dommett Thomas, Coombe St. Nicholas, Somerset, Yeoman, July 1829. 
Donaldson William, Tumham-green, esq. dec. July 1792. 61. 
Donlevy Christopher, St. John's-street, Clerkenwell, Jeweller, Jan. 1826. 
Doran Mary, Lisbon, Sptniter, Jan. 1811. 6. 
Domford Tliomas, Fhilpot-lane, Wine Merdiant. Jan. 1814. 6. 
Dou^^ty Rev. George Clarke, Hoxne, SuiTolk, July 1818. 9. 
DoiSiwaite John, Ckfge'soitreet, Piccadilly, Serrt. to Sir G. Beckwith, Jan. 1817. 10. 
Down Nathaniel, Surseon, & M. A. Shuckburg^, Spins, both of Bridport, July 1818. 9. 
Downing Anna, Southgate, Middieiex, Spfaiater, July 1896. 
Downing John, aPriaoner in flie Mardhaltea, Gent, a Banitrmpt, July 1806. 29. 
Downing Peter, Hermitage-street, Wappmg, Marhier, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Dowsmg Ann, New Broad-street, Spinster, July 1796. 55. 
Dowson William, late of Cantecbury-sauare, Soutfawaric, dec. Joseph Sparkes, Bhdc* 

heath, Thomas Hankey, lateof Bedford-square, dec. and Bamber (rasooigne, jun. 

Parliament-street, July 1819. 7. 
Drablow Christopher Fred., Spital-st. Mile End. New Town, Chandler, July 1812. 21. 
Drake llios. Tyrwkitt Drade.dec. Shardeloes, Bucks, esq. Rer. John Drake, L. L. D. 

Amfwham, Budu, Charlei Drake Garrard, Somer, esq. dec. and JohnLawrenoe, 

Amersham, Bucks, esq. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Dramoule William, York, Gent, Jan. 1754. 138. 
Draper Anthonv, Bird-street, Chrosvenoi -square, Silk-dyer, Jan. 1824. 
Draper John, East Sheen, Surrey, F^urmer, July 1813. 19. 

Draper Susanna, Fairford, .Gloucestershire, Spins. Servt. to C. Morgan, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Draper William, Old Brentford, Brickmaker, dc Ann, his wile, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Ihriscol Michael, Crown-court, Threadneedk-street, Merchant, and Andrew Lee, 

Addle-street, Aldermanbury, Gent. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Driffiehi Rev. Walter Wren, &H. J. Driffield, Gent, both of Feerinf, Essex, Jan. 1822. 
Driffield ReT.W.W.,& J. C. Driffield, a Minor, both of Feerinff, E^sex, JuIt 1815. 15. 
Drummond Andrew Michael Castle, Ebenezer Ludlow, and Qiarles Ludlow Walker, 

all of Bristol, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Drummond John, Andrew Berkeley Drummond, John Chanlier, and Col. Hennr 

Harmage, Governors of St. Creoree's Hospital. Hyde-park-comer, Jan. 1820. 4, 
Drummond Lady Margaret, wife of General Sir uoidon Dnnnmond, G. C. B. 

Megginsh Castle, N. B. July 1830. 
Dubois, Lewis, Snaresbrook, Gent. dec. Jan. 1830. 
Dudley WUHam, Ridmiond-street, Bell-hanger, dec Jan. 1813. 20 
Duesbury Wiltiam, Derby, Gent. Jan. 1821. 
Duff Archibald, Thavie's-inn, Holbom, Gent.WUliam Duff, Nich<das-lane, Gent and 

Jesse Duff, Thavie's-inn, a Minor, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Duncan Jane, Charlton, Kent, Spinster, July 1791. 63. 
Duncan Jane, late of Derby-court, Westminster, Widow, dec. Jan. 1813* 20. 
Dunckley Elizabeth, Towoester, Northamptonshire, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Dunfoid Ann, James's-street, Manchester, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Dunford Joseph, Lower Seymour-st. Portman-sq. Senrt. to Mr. Pepper, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Dunn Richard, Great Drifleld, Banker, July 1819. 6. 
Dunn Sarah, Ward's-row, Pimlico, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Dunn William, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 
DunsttinTille llie Rig^ Hon. Francis Lord de, dec and John Gage, Linoolu's-imi, 

esq. July 1827. 



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Ikqpre Nididas Nortfaamberiaiid Hoiue. Gent. July 1804. 37. 
]>udiie Jane, late of Knigfatsbridce, l^aow, dec. Jan. 1804. 38. 
Dutton Jos&pht Newman*rtreet, Oxford-street, Grent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Dyer Ann, C<^man-ftreet, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Dyer Ann, Bristol, Widow, dec. Jnly 1798. 49. 
Dyer Lawrence, Portland-place, SeiVant, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Dyneley Robert, Gray's-inn, Thos. Greene, ditto, dec esqs^ and Rev. John TattersalL 
Harwood, Yorkshire, July 1810. 25. ^ 


DagHsh Ann, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Charles Holford, Hampstead, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Dakins Emily, Dean's-yard, Westminster, Spinster, April 1827. 

Dale Susannah, Red Lion-st. Holbom, Widow, Oct. 1817. 11. 

DaUas Robert, Bedford-square, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 

Dalon Katherine, Duke-street, Lincoln's-inn, Widow, Oct. 1781. 83. 

Daly John, & Moses Kipling, both Ironmongers of Upper Thames-st. Oct. 1814. 17. 

Dampier Robert, East-street, Red Lion-8<^uare, esq. April 1829. 

Dan Elizabeth, Golden-lane, Barbican, Spmster, April 1819. 8. 

Danell James, Guernsey, Mariner, dec. Oct. 1826. 

Daniel Mellena, Widow, Ann Loder, Widow, and Charlotte Parminter, Spinster, dec 

allof Bath, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Davidson William, Dean-street, Soho, Gent. April 1818. 10. 
Davies John, Oxford-street, Gent. dec. Emily Mary Brown, and John Brown, both 

Minors, of the same place, Oct 1830. 
Davies Mar^, Mount-row, Berkeley-square, Widow, dec. Oct. 1798. 49. 
Davis Francis, Vine-street, Millbank, Victualler, April 1820. 
Davis Jane, Russell-street, Paddington, Spinster, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Davis Mary, Little Compton-street, Soho, Widow, Oct. 1804. 37. 
Davis Mary, Cavendish-street, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Davis Phillip, Gent.&C. Sknall, Spinster, both of Walcot-place, Lambeth, Oct. 1820. 
Davis Prudence, Spiuster, Servant to Miss Golighty, Bemer'sTStreet, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Davison Edward, Inner Temple, Clerk, April 1824. 
Dawes Edwin,&Weeden Dawes, both of Axigel-ct Throgmorton-st. Christopher Norrii, 

lincoln's-inn, & Edward Dampier, Excise Office, Gents. April 1819. 8 
Dawkins Sarah, Denmark-street, Widow, April 175&. 7. 
Dav Anne, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Delahay John, Seaman of Hi3 Migesty's Ship Edgar, April 1806. 34. 
Delaval Right Hon. Susannah Elizabeth Lady, wife of The Right Hon. John Hessey 

Lord Delaval, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Delitz Hon. Lousa Countess, Chesterfidd-street, Widow, dec. April 1812. 22. 
Dennett John, St. Clement's Church-yard, Coachman, and Mary Dennis, of the same 

place, Widow, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Dennett Jonathan, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, and Francis Cregg, Dowgate- 

hiU, esqs. April 1806. 34. 
Dennison, James Charlston, Gent. April 1806. 34. 
Dering, Cholmeley, Cavendish-square, esq, and Rev. Phillips Monypenny, Hadkm, 

Kent, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Dermott Lawrence, Mile End,Wine Merch. J. Christian, Leather-sellers'-bldgs. Broker, 

P. Shatwell, Strand, Bookseller, & W. Dickey, Bow-st. Clothier, Oct. 1799. 49. 
Descazies Susanna Maria, King-street, Soho, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1792. 61. 
Desidand Abraham, Haymarket, Grent. Oct 1819. 7. 
Dickinson George, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, Perfumer, April 1823. 
Dickenson WiUiam, jun. Poultry, Banker, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Dillon John, Kebrere, Galloway, Ireland, esq. April 1792. 62. 
Dillon Capt Timothy, of the 49th Regiment of Foot, April 1815. 16. 
Disney Rev. William, Pluckley, Kent, D. D.dec and WiUiam Smart, Charing, Kent 

dent dec. April 1815. 16. 
Dixon John, Tottenham-street, Copper-plate-printer, and John Austin, Red lion- 
street, Holbom, Paper-haneer, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Dixon Robert, Fdstead, Essex, MUler, April 1819. 8. 

Dobbs Sarah, Spins. Servt. to Mrs. Howdl, Ross, Herefordshire. Oct 1818, 9. 
Dod Ellen, Woodford, Essex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1815. 4. 


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Dodgaon Ann, Marton, near Skipton, Yorkshire, Spinater, Oct 1815. 15. 
Dodgson Wm., Christ'i Hoapital, Gent. &W. Metcalfe, Kent-rd. esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Dodsworth Ee?. Francis, Treasurer of the Church of Salisbury, Rer. G.Smith, B. A. 

Vicar of Alderborj. Wats,& W. Boucher, Salisbury, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Donkin Elizabetii, Southampton, Spinster, Oct. 1812. 21. 
DoHn Francis PimHco, Sculptor, April 1821. 

Donne John Geoive, Exdiequer Office, Temple, Gent Oct 1817. 11. 
Dowden Martha, Famham, Surrey, Spinster, Oct 1794. 57. 
Dowdeswell William, Ewell, Surrey, esa. dec and Elisabeth, his wife, Oct 1822. 
Draper Elizabeth, St John's-lane, Clerkenwell. Widow, dec. April 1819. 8. 
Druce Charles, jun. Billiter-square, Grent April 1829. 
Dmmmond Jolm, Andrew Berkeley Dmmmond, CoL Henry Hamage, & J. Chamier, 

Governors of St. Gorge's Hospital, Hyde-park-comer, esqs. Oct 1819. 7. 
Duff James Gordon, Mark-lane, Merchant, April 1829. 
DukeAlezander,Teddington,nearStratford-upon-AYon, esq.Oct 1815. 15. 
Dunn Edward, London, Mariner, Oct. 1804. 37. 
Dunn Richard, Great Driffield, Yorkshire, Banker, Oct 1818. 9. 
Durell Ann, Jersey, Widow, April 1772. 102. 
Durham John, Duck-lane, Oct 1793. 59. 
Dullon Francis, Maidstone Kent, Druggist, Oct. 1824. 
Dyer James, Stock Exchange, Gent dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Dyer John, St. Botolph, Aldgate, Woolst^ler, dec. and Charies Kent, of the Bay of 

Honduras, Merchant, Oct. 1781. 83. 
Dynely Robert, Gray's-inn, esq. dec. and lliomas Wilkinson, Kennington-lane, esq. 

dec. Oct. 1807. 31. 
Dyster Jane, LeadenhaU-street, Sphister, April 1818. 10. 


Dacunha Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Dadd Charlotte, Keppell-street, Russell-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Dailey Sarah, Cranboum-street, Leicester-fields, Spinster, a Minor, July 1816. 13. 

Daintrey George, Petworth, Sussex, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Dale John, Tooley-street, Carman, July 1813. 19. 

Dalrymple Dianna, Burton-upon-Trent, Widow, and Richard Webster, Nottingham, 

Grocer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Dalton Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to J. May, esa. Bramshaw, Hants, July 1818. 9. 
Dance Joseph, Theooald's-road, Pork-butcher, July 1815. 15. 
Desormeaux Daniel, Barking, Essex, Surgeon, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Daniel Elizabeth, Parliament-street, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
DanielDr. George, J. Savory, Bristol, Banker, & Rev. J. Manning, Exeter, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Dash John, Gosport, Hants, Grent. dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Davies Catherine, Brunswick-square, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 5. 
Davies David, N.ew Windsor, Berks, esq. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Davies James, Ludlow, & James Bailey, Tolderoy, Leominster, Gents. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Davies James, Nightingale-lane, Victualler, & Mary, his wife, July 1817. 11. 
Davies Mary, Ormond-street, Queen-souare, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Davies Mary, Little Ormond-yard, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Davies Somerset, Wigmore, Herefordshire, esq. July 1817. 4. 
Davis Edward, and James Davis, both of Ivy-terrace, Hoxton, Gents, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Davis George, Upper Green, Kennington, Gent. Jan. 1814. 4. 
Davis Richard Cliu*k, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Davis Thomas, Montague-place, Servant to Mr. Searank, July 1818. 9. 
Davis William, Weston, Herefordshire, Cooper, and J. Scott, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Davison Sarah Philadelphia, Hampstead, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1818. K). 
Daw Mary Ann, Hackney-road. Spinster, July 1812. 21. 
Dawkins Edward, Braywick-lodge, Berks, esq. July 1815. 15. 
Dedman Elizabeth, Farnham, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1816. 10. 
Deeming, Shoe-lane, Holbom, Weaver, dec. July 1808. 4. 
Deloughiy Elizabeth, 38, Craven-street, Strand, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Deters Christian, at W. Wyldes. Whitechapel, and Ferdinand Krull, Betts-street, 

Ratcliff, Sugar-refiners, July 1816. 13. 
Dickins John, Plymouth, Gent. July 1814. 4. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Dier Mary, Long Crommh, C^oa, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Dillon Capt. Timothj, 49di Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Dtdioedc Anthony Ewont Van, Lord of Dombdrg, Jan. 1812. 22. 

Diyett Thomas, West Smithfield, Draper, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Dixon Elizabeth, Southall, Middlesex, Spinster, Jnly 1819. 7. 

Dixon Robert, Alpha Cottage, Marylebone, a Minor, Jnly 1819. 7 

Dodsworth Sai^, Spinster Seryt, to T. Farrer, Bedford-pUce, July 1819. 7. 

Doig John, Sling-lane, Peruke-makOT, dec July 1801. 43. 

Doldea Jo^, WodhvTich, Carpenter. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Domville William, St. Alban^s, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Dorville Elizabeth, Balham, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Drake Mary, Loxi^taa, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Drury Benjamin, Thimley, Staffordshire, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Ducos Jolm, Wandsworth, Surrey, Grent. Jidy 1815. 15. 

Dudley William, Servant to Mr. Higgins, Bhickfriars-road, July 1819. 7. 

Duff William, Edinburgh, Writer to the Signet, Jan. 1810. 26. 

Duffell Sarah, Spinster, Servant to Lady Bonvieie, Wimpole-street, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Duncan Charles, Brook's-court, Brookes-street, Holbom, Mariner, Jan. 1807. 32. 

Duncarton William Robert, Strand, Engraver, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Dunn John, Water-lane, Fleet-street, Gardener, July 1814. 17« 

Dunn William, Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Dmrn WiUiam, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1815. 17. 

Dutton Sophia, St. Martin's-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 5. 


Dacre Thomas, Middle Temjple, Gent, dec Oct. 1814. 17. 

Daines Tamsden, Trotter's Clift, Kent, Widow, April 1816. 14. 

Dalton John, Winchester-street, Gent. 10th Oct. 1826. 

Darque John, Servt. to Capt. Howard, Grosvenor-plaoe, April 1810. 26. 

Davenport Peter, Servant to Mrs. Morgan, Sloane-street, April 1797. 52. 

Davis Eleanor, Duke-street, Lincofai's-mn-fields, April 1801. 44. 

Davies Susannah, Bowling-green-walk, Hoxton, Spinster, 5th Aprfl 1824. 

Davies Sarah, Mancell Lacp, Herefordshire, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1825. 

Davis Sarah, Cardigan, South Wales, Spinster, and Joseph Silver, Hatton-gardeo. 

Jeweller, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Davis Thomas, Islington, Gent dec 10th Oct. 1826. 
Deller James, Sunning-hill, Wdls, Berks, Victualler, Oct 1819. 7. 
Dennick Margaret T., New-road, Sloane-street, Widow, 5th April 1824. 
Dennis Hannah, Bedford, Widow, dec. Oct. 1829. 
Dixon Mary, Grafton-street, Berkeley-square, Spinster, Oct. 1829. 
Dobson Jane, Mary-street, Fitzroy-square, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Dounie Thomas Cockshutt, &Mary Dounie, Spinster, bothof Lewisham, lOtk Oct 1822. 
Dring Daniel, Poplar, Mariner, April 1812. 22. 
Drinkwater Elizabeth, Hanover-square, Spinster, lOth Oct 1827. 
Due Mary de, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, Widow, Oct 1819. 7. 
Dunham John, Servt. to Marquis of Bute, Luton Park, Bedfordshire, 5th April 1824. 
Durham Catherine, Broad-street, Goldeoi-square, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 


(Consolidated the Sia;th of April 17S0,J 
Dacunha Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1783. 79. 
Dallisson Elizabeth, Grove Cottage^ Blackheath, April 1818. 10. 
Davies John, Great Earl-street, Seven Dials, Gent. dec. Oct 1804. 37. 
Davies William, Surrey-square, Tanner, Apnl 1816. 14. 
Davis Ann, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, Spinster, Oct. 1806. 33. 
Davis Jane, Clapham, Spinster, April 1786. 5. 
Davis Thomas, Dangerfield, Hants, Gent Oct 1783. 4. 

Davison Sarah Philadelphia, Gloucester-place, Camden Town, Spinster, Oct 1814. 17. 
Daw Mary Ann, Hackney-road, Spinster, Oct. 1811. 23. 
Day Anna Maria, Isleworth, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Day Susan, Tavistock-street, Bedford-square, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Delafitte R«v. Henry Francis Alexander, Upper Crown-st Westminster, Oct. 1812. 21 

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Ddfen Frederick, St Catherine^ B Seamjm, Oct 1795. 6&, 
' ; Tbomas, Norfolk-street, Strand, esq. Oct 1816. 13. 
izabetfa,Wo '^ ^ 

Dent EUzabetfa, Worceiter. Widow, Oct 1819. u. 
Dew Samuel, Piccadilly, Gaot Oct 1816. 13. 
Dewdney George, Dorkmg, Sarrer, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Dimock Nathaniel, Stanehonse, Gloncestershure, Clothier, dec. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Donaldson John, Chailotte-row, Walbrook, esq. April 1813. 20. 
Dowling John, Senrt. to William Cordy, Nando-coffee-honse, Fleet-st. Oct 1795. 6. 
Drackas Rebecca, Spinster, at Mr. Wranchams, King-st Goldeo-sq. Oct 1786. 73. 
Drinkwater John Col^ Fitxroy-sqnare, Oct 1814. 17. 
Dnckett WiUiam, jun. Cape at Crood Hope. Africa, Farmer, April 1819. 8. 
Dnckett William, Cape of Good Hope, Africa, Fanner, April 1819. 8. 
Dnnsford Matthew, St Mary Axe, Merdiant April 1818. 10. 
Dunster Mary, and Ann Baomcarton, wifo of Samuel Henry Bnungartoo, Bfidhmnt, 
Sussex, esq. April 1817. 12. 


DaUain John, Carpenter, Mary Voison, Spinster, Julia Catherine Voison, Spinster, and 

Philip NicoQe, sen. Merchant all of Jersey, Jan. 1824. 
Dahympie Dianna, Burton-upon-Trent, Wd. & K. Webster, Nottingham, dec. Jan. 1820. 
Dalijmple Grace, Brompton, Middlesex, Widow, July 1824. 
DanieU William James, Todcungton, Middlesex, Gent Jan. 1823. 
Dann Richard, Barking, Gent March 1811. 

Dassie Richard, Islington, Gent & Frances Sophia Dassie, a Minor, Jan. 1823. 
Davis Elizabeth, Upper-street Islington, Widow, dec. Jan. 1831. 
Davis Richard Clark, Stock Exchuige, Gent. Jan. 1816. 
Davis Samuel, ran. Globe-road, Mile End, Gent July 1822. 
Davis Thomas Boys, Godmanstone, Dorset, Surgeon, Jan. 1827. 
Davis Thomas, Servt. to Mr. Searank, Montague-place, Russell-square, July 1818. 
Dee Ann Caroline, Upper Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1830. 
Dent John, sen. Caldwell, near Richmond, Yorkshire, Farmer, July 1830. 
Derbishire Henry Grant, BemerVstreet, esq. July 1820. 
Desanges IsabeUa, Wheeler-street, Spitalfields, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Deters Christian, at W. Wylde's, Wnitechapel, Sugar Refiner, and Ferdinand Krull, 

Bett's-street, Ratdiff, Sugar Refiner, July 1816. 
Dobson Anna Maria, Keppell-street, Russell-square, Spinster, dec. July 1824. 
Dodd Martha, wife of John Alexander Dodd, South Mimms, Herts, Grent dec, and 

Thomas Dearman, Abbot's Langley, Herts, Farmer, Jan. 1828. 
Dolden John, Woolwich, Carpenter, Jan. 1815. 
Dolin Francis, Bath, Sculptor, July 1822. 
Donlevy Christopher, St. John's-street, Jeweller, Jan. 1826. 
Dorbon John, lung-street, Camden Town, Gent. July 1824. 
Douglass Mary, Greencroft by Arrow, North Britain, Spinster, July 1821. 
Drake Maria, Spinster, at Mr. Caulfield's, Manchester-square, July 1824. 
Drew Thomas, High-street, Lambeth, Pipe-maker, July 1830. 
Ducarel Philip John, esq. and Richard Messenger, Schoolmaster, both of Newlands, 

Gloucestershire, Jan. 1830. 
Duguid George, Edinburgh, Hair-dresser, dec. Jan. 1826. 

Dyer Elizabem, Northumberland-street, St. Marylebone, Spinster, dec Jan. 1823. 
Dyson G^rge, Brook-house, Cl^>ton, esq. July 1822. 


Dacunha Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. Oct. 1799. 17. 

Danhill Sarah, Little Queen-street, Bloomsbury, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Dearie Edward, Golden-lane, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21. 

Dishoeck Anthony Ewout Van, Lord of Dombury Flushing, Oct. 1811. 23. 

Ddg John, Shug-lane, Peruke-maker, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 

Duyn Carolina Baroness Vander, Consort of Gerard Baron Tactes Van Amerougen. 

Brussels, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Dunn John, & Joseph Dunn, both of Hart Warren, Duriiam, Gents, dec. April 1816. 14. 
Duplex John, Wheeler-st. Spitalfields, Grocer, dec. Daniel Woodland, Kirby Frith, 

Leicestershire, Gent & K. Heich, Stapleton, ditto, Farmer, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 



Dacunha Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. April 1783. 80. 

Day Ralph, Sarratt, Herts, & J. Dickinson, Apsley Mills, Herts, esqs. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Dodd Rebecca, Woodford, Essex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Drummond Christian, & Jane Drummond, both of Upper Berkeley-street, Portmaa- 
square, Spinsters, Oct. 1819. 7. 


(Principal Paid in Full lOth Oct. 1824.J 

Dalton Elizabeth, Spmster, Servant to J. May, esq. Oxford, 10th Oct. 1820. 

Daniel Thos., dec. Newport Isle of Wight, &Wm. H. Daniel, Stock Exchange, Gents. 

5th April 1823, 
Darell Amelia, Spinster, James Sharp, esq. and Amelia Eliza Sharp, a Minor, all of 

Richmond-hill, Surrey. No Dividend. 
Darell Amelia, Spinster, James Sharp, esq. and Claressa Amelia Sharp, a Minor, all of 

Richmond-hill, Surrey. No. Dividend. 
Darley Ann, Hyde-street, Bloomsbury, Widow, 10th Oct. 1823. 
Davies Richard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, esq. No Dividend. 
Day Barton, Searvant to Baron Thompson, Bedford-square, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Day Ralph, Sarratt, Herts, esq. John Pearson, Lawrence-lane, esq. & Sophia Branton, 

Higham-hill, Essex, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1821. 
Don Catherine, Mile End, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1820. 
Douglas Rev. Philip, dec. Benet-coUege, Cambridge, D. D. 5th April 1822. 
Downes Joseph, Stevenage, Herts, Surgeon, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Druce Mary, Chancery-lane, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Duckitt Charles, Cape of Good Hope, Gent. 10th Oct. 1821. 
Duckitt Frederick, Cape of Good Hope, Gent. 10th Oct. 1821. 
Duckitt William, jun. Cape of Good Hope, Farmer, 5th April 1819. 
Dunsford Matthew, St. Mary Axe, Merchsuit, 5th April 1818. 


(Principal Paid off bih July 1825.J 

Dolby Chas., H. Topnin, & Ridley Gresham, all of Basinghall-st. esqs. 5th July 1825* 
Douglas Robert, Finsbury-square, esq. 5th April 1823. 


(Prom 1780.; 

Douglas Marraret, Soho-square, Spinster, April 1801. 15. 
Dunn Mary, Newington-green,, Spinster, April 1806. 5. 


Darthenay Elizabeth, Wimpole-street, Cavendish-square, dec. Jan. 1806. 34, 


Dramoule William, York, Gent. December 1744. 18. 


("Now added to the 3 per Cent. Reduced Annuities^ andpaidat the Bank ofEngland.J 
Durham John, Duck-lane, Jan. 1756. 70. 


Donkin William Robert, Guernsey, Gent. May 1805. 6. 


Dann Richard, Barking, Gent. March 1811. 25. 


Dyer John, Park-cottage, Blackheath, esq. John Williams Wilkinson, Thames-street, 
Agent, JohnWilki^n, & JullaWilkinson, Paric-ter. Blackheath, Minors, Oct. 18^ 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



EagileshaU Francis, Cloth-fidr, Tailor, dec. and James Gregory, Honey-lane-BMrkeu 

Butcher, dec. July 1824. 
EaRleton John, Barnes, Surrey, Gent July 1803. 39. 
Ealey James, Cannon-street, Servant to R. Norman, July 1806. 33. 
Eames Thomas, Bishopgate-street, Grent. dec. and Sarah Poynter, Whitechapel, 

Widow, dec. Jnly 1802. 41. 
East Sir Gilbert, HaU-place, Berks, Bart. John Sawyer, Heywood-lodge, Berks, esq. 

Aucnstos Hennr East, Woodley-green, Berks, esq.& East George Clayton East, 

HaU-place, Berks, esq. Jan. 1829. 
Easter Jane, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Wright, Mik End, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Eastwick William, Harrow, Middlesex, Draper, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Eaton Lawrence, Servant to Mr. B. Walsh, Liower Clapton, July 1810. 25 
Eaton Rebecca, Carlisle-street, Soho-s<^uare, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Eden Sir Frederick Morton, Loncoln's-mn-fielas. Bart. Dr. JohnBuckner, Lord Bishop 

of Chichester, Dr. Thomas Willis, Rector of St. Gorge's, Bloomsbury, and Wm. 

Brav, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, esa. July 1812. 5. 
Edmonos Henry^lasterer,& S. Brown, Spins. Doth of Sutton, Surrey, July 1819. 7. 
Edmonds John, Whelford, Gloucestershire, Meahnan, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Edmonds John, Whelford, Gloucestershire, Meahnan, and Rev. Thomas Dunoombe, 

Bampton, Oxon, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Edmonstone Sir Charles, Hampton, Middlesex, Bart. Vice Admiral Sir John Sutton, 

Ham-common, Surrey, The Right Hon. and Rev. Frederick Hotham,Dennington, 

Suffolk, July 1817. 11. 
Edridge Catberina Elizabeth, a lunatic, wife of Esmead Edridge, Chippenham, Wilts, 

esq. dec. July 1812. 8. 
Edwards Griffith, dec. Servant to Sir J. Rushout, Julv 1792. 11. 
Edwards Harriet, Bow-road, Middlesex, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Edwards James, Putney, Surgeon, and John Dyer Edwards, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Edwards Jo<iq;>h, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, Grent Jan. 1818. 9. 
Edwards Mildred, Hedington, Essex. Spinster, dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Edwards WUliam, Woolwich, Drauj^htsman, James Thomson, Lieutenant in the Royal 

Marines, and John Shersby, Woolwich, esq. July 1829. 
Egerton Wm., Withenshaw, esq. &Rev. T. Porter, Northen, Cheshire, July 1817. 11. 
Egremont Countess. Dowager of Right Hon. Alicia Maria wife of Hans Maurice 

Counte de Bruhil, July 1828. 
Eld Wm. Francis, Gloucester-ter. Hoxton, G^t. dec. & Ellen Cyme, a Minor, Jan. 1821. 
Elder Maria, Notting-hill, Kensmgton, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Elderfield Benjamin, Servant to £. J. liockhart, esq. Tubney, Berkshire, and Jane 

Eldei^eld, his wife, July 1819. 7. 
Elderton Mernck, Brixton, Surrey, esq. July 1830. 
Eldred John, of His Muesty's Household, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Elers Edward, Lieut Royal Navy, dec. and Edward Hungerford Delaval Elers, 

Emsworth, Sussex, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Elgee Anna Bilaria, wife of Lieut. John Elgee, 34th Rqpment of Foot, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Elkin Bemamin, Portsea, C^t and Alfred EUdn, a Mmor, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Ellerd William, Baldock, Gent dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
EUes Eleanor, Spinster, at Miss Canov's, Fidham, Jan. 1802. 39. 
Elliot G^r^, finsbury-square, Merclumt, dec, Louisa Elliot, his wife, and Benjamin 

Goldsimd Elliot, of the same place, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
EHiott John, late of Chatham, Kent, Mariner, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Ellis Frances, Clapton, Spinster, Servant to C. H. Hancock, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Ellison Edmund, Menely, Gloucestershire, Yeoman, July 1799. 5. 
Elsdale Rev. Robinson, Free Grammar School Manchester, July 1822. 
Elvege Elizabeth, Hariey-street, Spinster, July 1817. 
Emerson Seij. James, of the 31st Regiment (A Foot, Julv 1818. 9. 
togledew Henry, Servant to Mrs. Fryon, St. Midiads, Bath, Jan. 1827. 
Jinscoe William, Park-street, Camden Town, Grent. and Richard Mann, Paradise-row, 

Chelsea, Builder, Jan. 1828. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 

Ensworth Thomas, sen. Oxford, Brandy Merchant, dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Epworth Capt. Farmery Predam, Royal Navy, July 1817. 11. 

Evans Catherine, East Sheen, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Evans David, William Gillmgh|un, and Evan Jacobs, all of New-street, Clare> 

market. Carpenters, July 1825. 
Evan# David, Charles-street, SomersTown, Gent. Rebecca Evans, his wife, Rebecca 

Heath Evans, a Minor, & Rebecca Heath, Horsham, Sussex, Widow, dec. July 1823. 
Evans Elizabeth, dec. Leominster, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Evans Elizabeth, Ray-street, Clerkenwell, Widow, and Joseph Styles, Lamb's-bldj^s, 

Bunhill-row, Letter-founder, July 1819. 7. 
Evans Elizabeth, dec. late wife of John Evans, Bradford Spoke, Devon, Yeoman, 

Jan. 1804. 35. 
Evans Rev. George, Buckland, Herefordshire, dec. & Wm. Evans, Lincoln's-inn, esq 

July 1819. 7. 
Evans Hannah, Upper Grosvenor-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Evans Henry, Evemode, Worcestershire, Clerk, July 1813. 19. 
Evans James, Love-lane, Wood-street, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Evans Jane, Sidney-alley, Leicester-fields, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Evans John, Milton, near Sittingboume, Gent. July 1803. 39. 
Evans John William, Morven-plantation, Jamaica, Gent. Jan. 1829. 
Evans Phebe, Spins. Servt. to C. Gieerio, Wobum-pl. Russell-sq. July 1829. 
Evelyn Sir Frederick, Bart. Piccadilly, dec. July 1812. 21. 
Evening Rachel, Adam-street, Marylebone, Widow, July 1823. 
Everest Richard, Church-street, Horslydown, Cooper, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Everitt John, dec. Leicester-square, Servt. to Sir B. Tibbs, July 1814. 4. 
Evers Andrew, Chigwell, Essex, Stage Coachman, July 1826. 
Evrit Sarah, South Molton, Spinster, July 1804. 38. 
Ewart Thomas, Charles' -court. Strand, Gent. July 1810. 11. 
Ewer Sarah, Fulham, Spinster, Jan. 1797. 52. 

Ewings Elizabeth Ann, Skinner-street, Somers Town,^ Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Eyre Rev. James, Beverley, Yorkshire, Jan. 1818. 10. 


Ealing John, Watford, Herts, Bricklaver, April 1826. 

Earle William, Servant to Mr. Milford, Clifford-street, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Eaton Richard, jiin. Cambridge, esq. April 1802. 42. 

Ebsworth James, Maidenhead, Berks, Yeoman, & Elizabeth, his wife, Oct. 1819. 7* 

Eden Sir Frederick Morton, Pall Mall, Bart. April 1809. 28. 

Edmonds Thomas, Foreign Post Ofl&ce, Lombard-street, Gent. April 1820. 

Edmonds William, Servant to Lord Beauchamp, Pall Mall, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Edwards Ann, Chelsea Hospital, Spinster, Oct. 1811. 

Edwards Richard, Castle-street, Holbom, Gent. Oct. 1799. 5. 

Eele Sarah, Brixton, Surrey, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 

Egerton Samuel, Tatton-park, Cheshire, esq. dec. April 1817. 12. 

Elderton John, Bloomsbury-square, esq. dec. April 1808. 30. 

Elderton Merrick, Gray's-inn-lane, Gent. April 1809. 28. 

Elliott John, Gent. M. Elliott, his wife, &T. Malkin, all of Hackney, dec.Oct. 1807. 31. 

Elliott Mary, Slough, Bucks, Widow, now wife of W. Field, Charles-st. esq. E. Boehm, 

dec. D. Nantes, dec. & John Tayler, Merchants, London, April 1818. 10. 
Ellis William, North-street, Westminster, esq. dec. Oct. 1822. 
Elson John Chambers, Laleham, Middlesex, Yeoman, Oct. 1811. 23. 
Elton Edward, Granwav, Devon, esq. April 1828. 
Elwes Lincoln Carey, Great Billing, Northamptonshire, esq. Oct. 1822. 
Empson Joseph, Homerton, Bricklayer, April 1816. 14. 
Engledow Hammant, East Holthty, Sussex, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Erudne Hon. David Montague, HoUnbush, Sussex, George Paulet Morris, Parliamoit- 

street, M. D. and Edward Milward, Hastings, Sussex, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Ethelstone, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Plairet, Epsom, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Etherii^gton Sir Henry, Kingston-upon-HuU, Bart. dec. Joseph Sykes, ditto, esq. C. 
Bykes, Stedmere, Yorkshire, esq. &B. Pead, Holdeme, Yorkshire, esq. Oct. 1819.. 7. 
Evans John, Milton, Gravesend, Gent. Oct. 1803. 39. 
Evans Margaret, King-street, St. James's-square, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7* 


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Evans Mary, Attoxeter, Staffordshire, Widow. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Evans Sarah, Camberwdl, Widow, and Jane Sarah Evans, a Minor, April 1827. 
Everett Robert, Servant to Mr. Gaunt, Ball's-park, Herts, Oct 1818. 9. 
Ewen WiUiam, Winyatt-street, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21. 

Ejre John Maurice, Landford, Wilts, esq. dec. and Sarah Field, dec wife of James 
Field, White Parish, Wilts, Farmer, April 1816. 14. 


Eascm Catherine, Servant to Mr. Mackenzie, Tower-hill, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Eastemod James, at Lord Grimston's. Grosvenor-square, Jan. 1803. 40. 

£lckley James, and C. Lethbridge, both of Launceston, Cornwall, Gents. July 1817. 11. 

Edington John James, Portland-street, Soho, Goldsmith, July 1819. 7. 

Edmonds William, Pall Mall, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

EUerd William, Baldock, Herts, Gent. Jan. 1804. 38. 

Ellis Edward, Harwich, Essex, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Ellis Elizabeth, Walthamstow, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Ellison Henry, Hepburn, Durham, esq. dec. Rev. Nathaniel Ellison, Newcastle-upon^ 

Tyne, dec. and Charles Wren, of the same place, Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Ellison Rev. Nathl., & C. Wren, esq. both of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, dec. Jan. 1799. 48. 
Elstob Thomas Smith, Mile End-row, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Emms Sarah, Coventry-court, Haymarket, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Emptage Susanna, wife of H. Emptage, Margate, Mariner, & Elizabeth Lewin,Cambden- 

street, Islington, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
English Isaac, Walter-st. Arundle-st. Strand, Gent. & Hannah, his wifie, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Ermgton Richard, Seaman of the Queen Man-of-War, July 1796. 53. 
Evans David, Old Change, Gent. dec. July 1817. 11. 
Evans Naomi, Betts-str^ Ratcliff-highwav, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Evans Thomas, Sweeting's-alley, Watchmaker, July 1812. 21. 


Eastwood James, Joseph Eastwood, William Eastwood, Grents. and Maria Elastwood, 

Spinster, all of Stanford Le Hope, Essex, Oct 1817. 44. 
Eeles Joseph, Great Mariow, Bucks, Draper, Oct. 1828. 
Efttleton Thomas Henry, Chelsea, Gent. 5th April 1825. 
Elliot Francis, Lower lliomhaugh-street. Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Ehner Ann, WoUaton, Notts, Widow, Oct 1802. 41. 

Elvidge Robert, of Upper Berkeley-street, Portman-square, Gent. April 1830. 
Evans David, Goswell-street, Gent. 10th Oct. 1825. 
Evans Elizabeth, Piccadilly, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Valliam, Oct. 1819. 7. 


Edington Richard, Cockspur-street, Gent. Oct 1819. 7. 

Edmonds Robert, and Richard Edmonds, both of New-cross, Gardeners, and Caroline 
Kerrison, aMinor, Oct. 1814. l7. 

Edwards Charlotte, Leather-lane, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Edwards Elizabeth, Heston, Meddl^x, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 5. 

Edwards Jane, White's-row, Whitecha^, Spinster, Oct 1811. 23. 

Edwards Robert, Chelsea College, Pensioner, dec. April 1812. 22. 

Ellis Ehzabetii, Upper Chapman-street, St. George's East, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Elvidge Mary, Bishops Stortford, Herts, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 

Embry Rev. Edward, St. Paul's, Covent-gdn. dec. A. Collin, Chandos-st. Cavendish- 
square, esq. dec. & B. Ba3rm, Charles-st. Covent-garden, esq. dec. April 1817. 12. 

Errington William, West Moor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, April 1817. 12. 

Evans Elizabeth, Billericay, Essex, Spinster, Oct. 1619. 7. 

Evans Henry, Charter-house-square, Wm, Hodgson, Copthall-buildings, and Robert 
Barnwell, Copthall-buildings, esqs. dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Evins Maria, Princes-street, London Dock, Sjpinster, AprU 1817. 12. 

Evans Richard, Exeter, Druggist.&J.L.Glyde, St Thomas, ditto, Merch, April 1816. 14. 

Everard John. Wood-street, Spitalfields, Weaver, dec. Mary Trimmings, wife of John 
Trimmings, dec. Hoxton-square, Broker, Oct. 1819. 8. 

Everett Isaac, Bemer-street, St. Marylebone, Gent. & John Wilkinson, Longford- 
court, near Neath, Gkmorganshire, Grent. April 1810. 26. 

Eyre Vincent, Sheffield, Yorkshire, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 

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Eden Major Gren. Wm., Ham-common, Middlesex, J.Moor, Curzon-st. May Fair, esq. 
John Boteler Parker, Lieut. Col. of Her Majesty's Artillery, and Hyde Parker, 
Melford-hall, Suffolk, eso. July 1822. 

Edwards Mary, dec. wife of R. Edwards, Harper-st. New Kent-rd. Carpenter, Jan. 1825. 

Ellerton James, Aylesbury-street, Clerkenwell, Haberdasher, Jan. 1824. 

Ellis Elizabeth, Surrey-street, Strand, Widow, dec. Alice Vaughan, Birmingham, 
Widow, & Hannah Burton Vaughan, a Minor, July 1827. 

Elstob Thomas Smith, Mile End-row, Gent. July 1824. 

Emberly Mary, Broad-street, Old Gravel-lane, Spinster, July 1818. 

Emblin John, Eton, Bucks, Gent. Jan. 1820. 

Emmery Mary, Kentish Town, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 

Engley Patience, Stroud, Gloucestershire, Spinster, July 1828. 

Essex John, Mile End-road, Gent. Jan. 1828. 

Evans David, Old Chance, Gent. dec. July 1817. 

Evans Richard, Woolwicn, Kent, Currier, July 1826. 

Evans Richard, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, Gent. dec. Jan. 1828. 

Evans Thomas, Sweeting's-alley, Watchmaker, dec. July 1824. 

Evelegh Dorothy Ann, St. Michael's-sq. Southampton, Spinster, July 1823. 

Evelegh John Henry, Fenchurch-street, esq. July 1823. 

Everett Thos., Bedford-sq. esq. dec. & Rev. W. Agiitter, Asylum, Lambeth, Jan. 1823. 

Everitt Ann, Bath, Spinster, July 1819. 

Ewbank Dalton, Sidmouth-place, Gray's-inn, Gent. Jan. 1816. 

Eycott Henry, Bind's-mill, Gloucestershire, Clothier, and Thomas Holbrow, Brad- 
brook, Gloucestershire, Dyer, dec. July 1821. 


(Principal Paid in Full lOth Oct. 1824.J 

Edmonds Thomas, General Post Office, Lombard-street, Gent. No Dividend. 
English John, Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, Cooper, and Samuel Saubere, a Minor, 

Leadenhall-market. No Dividend. 
Errington William, West Moor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Mariner, 5th April 1817 
Evans Thomas Mullett, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, Gent. 5th April 1824. 
Everard John, dec. Wood-street, Spitalfields, Weaver, and Mary Trimmings, wife of 

John Trimmings, dec. Hoxton-square, Broker, 5^ April 1819. 


(From 1780.; 
Elliot Capt William, of the Marines, dec. Oct. 1798. 20. 


Evers Thomas, Mariner, Mary Evers, Widow, dec. and John Judkin, Malster, all of 
Ramsgate, April 1794. 58. 


Ellerd William, Baldock, Herts, Gent. dec. Oct. 1803. 39. 

Emptage Susanna, wife af Humphry Emptage, Margate, Mariner, and Elizabeth 

Lc^rin, Camden-street, Islington, Spinster, 5th April 1820. 
Evans Mary, Buckland, Herts, Widow, dec. Oct. 1806. 33. 


Edgeworth William, Edgeworth Town, Ireland, esq. 10th Oct. 1823. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

FagK Franoes, Old Gravel-lane, RadcUffe, Widow, dec. July 1818. 9. 

Fapa; Francis, & Joseph Bamford, both of Elatreci Herts. Gents. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Fain Sarah, Harley-street, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Smith, Jan. 1806. 34. 

Fair John, Wells-street, Cripplegate, Merchant, dec. and John Fair, a Minor, Buenos 

Ayres, South America, Jan. 1823. 
Fair John, Wells-street, Cripplegate, Merdiant, dec. and Robert Kendall Fair, a 

Minor, Buenos Ayres, South America, July 1821. 
Fair William, of Kelly, Berwick, Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Fairlis William, Shadwell. Master Mariner, and John Robson, South Shields, Boat 

Builder, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Falconer Rev. James, Archdeacon of Derby, Hon. and Rev. David Curzon, Rector 
of Keddertone, Sir R.Wihnot, Bt. OrmastGn-park,&Rev. C. S. Derby, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Falconer John, Cheapside, Grocer, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Fallaise Martha, Guernsey, Spinster, July 1806. 33. 
Fanch Charlotte Maria Lydia Ann, Walcot-plaoe, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Fardell Eleanor Penelope, lincofai, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Farmer Margaret, Piccadilly, Widow, July 1793. 59. 
Famden Hannah, Tumham-green, Widow, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Farr William, North Bradley, Wilts, Gent. July 1829. 
Farrant Jane, Greenwich, Spinster, July 1807. 31. 

Farratt Martha, Spinster, Servant to W. Ogle, Knoyle, Wilts, July 1818. 9. 
Farrell Ann, Hacknev, Spinster, Julv 1819. 7. 
Fanell Dorothy, Widow, Ann Farrell, Elizabeth Farrell, & Dorothy Farrell, Spinsters, 

all of Hackney, Middlesex. July 1816. 8. 
Farrell Elizabeth, Hackney, Spmster, Jan. 1819. 7. 

Farrer Rev. Joseph liddeU, Cratfteld, Suffolk, and H. Farrer, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Farrington Charles, Union-street, Kmgsland-road, Mariner, July 1825. 
Fauch^ Capt. Stephen, of the 10th Regiment of Foot. July 1804. 37. 
Faulkner Mary Ann, & S. E. Faulkner, bothof York-st. St. James's, Spinsters, July 1830. 
Faulkner William, Saddlers'-hall, Cheapside, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Fanntleroy Henry, Bemer's-street. Banker, July 1823. 
Fawell Letitia, Portnp^-street, Spmster, July 1819. 7. 

Fawssett Thomas, Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, Attomey-at-Law, and George Maule^ 
Feakins Henry, Shouldham, St. Marykbone, Coach-maker, Jan. 1831. 
Fearman William Miller, Bond-street, Gent. July 1817. 11. 

Feamley Thos., Portsmouth, Gent. & Caroline Maria Dupree, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Fearon Robert, Mitre-court, Temple, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fell Sarah, Grilford, Lincolnshire, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fell Thomas, & George Blackhouse, Gents, both of Kendal, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fenwick Charlotte Maria, wife of Capt. John Fenwick, Gloucester, July 1813. 19. 
Ferguson Thomas, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. Jan. 1799. 14. 
Ferguson William, & Thomas Ince, of Symonds-inn, Gents. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Femandes Alexander, Deputy Commissary Greneral at Malta, and William Wellwood 

Moncreiff, Advocate in the Vice Admiralty Court, at Malta, dec. July 1812. 21. 
Fernandez Domingo Antonio, Queen-st. Brompton, Servt. to Mr. Roverie, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Ferris Grace, & Hannah Ferris, Spinsters, both of Truro, July 1817. 11. 
- Fetchett Susannah, Spinster, Servant to the Duchess of Gordon, Jan. 1793. 60. 
Ffanx John, Essex, Servant to Mr. Simonds, Jan. 1771. 104. 
Ffox Mary, St. Margaret's Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Kdd James, Servt. to Mr. Grant, Chapel-st. & Ann his wife, July 1819. 6. 
Fidd Joshua, Park-crescent, London, esq. Walker Skirrow, Lincohi's-inn, esq. and 

Charles Horsfall Bill, Horther's-hall, Yorkshire, esq. July 1828. 
Field Susannah, Bermondsey, Widow, & E. Gale Boldero, London, esq. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Fiddinff Matildiat, St. James's-^ace, Spinster, Catherine Churton, Norton-st Spinster, 

and Edward Boodle, dec. Brook-street, esq. July 1828. 
Finch Hon. and Rev. Edward, Isle of Ceylon, Jan. 1829. 
Finch Judith, Sundridge, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 


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Finch William, Currier, & Ann Poweri Spinster, both of Blackman-street, Jan. 1826. 

Fish Joseph, Servant to Hon. B. Cochrane, Portman-sq. July 1813. 4. 

Fisher Hannah, Henbury,Glouce8tershire, Widow, July 1828. 

Fisher William, & James Fisher, Yarmouth, Norfolk, esq. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Fitzfferald Sophia Charlotte, wife of Lord Robert Stephen Fitzgerald, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Flack Henry, Old Round-court, Stay-maker, dec. July 1817. 11. 

Flaxman John, Aylesbury, Innholder, James Twitchell, Queen-street, Cheapside, 
Victualler, dec. William and Elizabeth Twitchell, both Minors, Jan. 1798. 50. 

Fleetwood Robert, Yictuallmg Office, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Fletcher Martha Ann, Fitzroy-place, Fitzroy-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Fletcher Sir Thomas, Botley, Staffordshire, Bart. Frands Wedge, Forton, ditto, Gent, 
and John Jellicorse, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Flett Alexander. York Factory, Hudson's-bay, Gent. July 1807. 18. 

PluQg Martin, Island of Newfoundland, Fisherman, July 1819. 7. 

Flower Hannah, Brook Green, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Fludyer Greorge, Ayston, Rutlandshire, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Foakes John, Mitcham, Surrey, esq. Joseph William Elliot, a Minor, and George 
Adam EUiot, a Minor, Jan. 1823. 

Foljambe Francis Ferrand Aldwark, esq. dec. T. Royds, Bucklersbury , esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Foljambe Francis Ferrand, Osberton Notts, dec. Thomas Royds, Cuckney Notts, and 
Anthony Hardolph Eyre, Grove Notts, all esqs. Jan. 1819. 8. 

FoUen Margaret, Servant to Capt. Turton, 40th Raiment Jan. 1808. 30. 

Follett Benjamin, dec. Lynn Regis, Dorset, John Follett, ditto, ditto, and Bei^amin 
Follett, jun. Inner Temple, Gents. Jan. 1819. 8. 

FoUiott Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Bristol, & D. Ellis, esq. Temple, Jan. 1809. 88. 

Foot Robert, Charlton-place, Kent. esa. July 1816. 13. 

Foote Mary, Barnes, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
. Forbes Lieut. Alexander, 46th Regiment of Foot, Jamaica, July 1795. 53. 

Forbes Charles, Chichester, Sussex, esq. Jan. 1822. 

Forbes Richard, esq. Ely-place, Holbom, Trustee to the Rev. W. Morce, Jan. 1801. 44. 

Ford Ann Robertson, Northumberland, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 

Fordham Lydia, wife of James Fordham, Gk)wer-8treet, Grent. July 1819. 7. 

Forsey Sfunuel, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, Fisherman, July 1814. 17. 

Forster Augustus Caesar, Campville, Northumberland, esq. Jan. 1825. 

Forster Hannah, Widow, dec. & R. Foster, Gent. Cook's-ct. Carey -st. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Forsyth Sarah Maria, London-place, Hackney, Widow, Jan. 1807. 32. 

Forsyth William, Nottingham-place, Marylebone, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Eortescue John, Oxford, Gent. July 1768. 6. 

Fortune John, Quarter Master of the 61st Regiment of Foot, July 1813. 19. 

Fortye Mary, Mount-street, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Fobs Sarah, Titchfield-street, Marylebone, Widow, dec. Jan. 1827. 

Foster Easter, kte of Eltham, Kent Spinster, dec. July 1818. 9. 

Foster Jane, dec. wife of William Foster, Liverpool, Mariner, July 1811. 23. 

Foster Mary, Egham, Surrey, Widow, dec. July 1818. 9. 

Fotherrill Mary Foreman, Redboum, Herts, Spinster, Thomas Foreman Grape, St 
Albans^ esq. and Thos. Fothergill, dec. West-square, Grent. Jan. 1829. 

Foulkes Griffith, Little Russell-street, Covent-garden, Linen-draper, Richard Satchell, 
Casde-st. Oxford-market, Brewer, & Henry Ault, a Minor, Jan. 1823. 

Foulston Catherine, Islip House, Northampton, Spinster, July 1824. 

Fowle Honoria, Newbury, Berks, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Fowler Ann, Charlton, Kent, Spinster, at Sir W. Congreve^s, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Fowler James, John Barrow, and Ralph Montague, jun. Bristol, esqs. July 1813. 8. 

Fowler Rev. John, Shillingthorp, Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, July 1822. 

Fowler Mary Ann, Ratdiff-highway, Spinster, July 1823. 

Fowler Wm. , Isleworth, Luhterman, & Lydia Kendall, Mile End, Spins. July 1819. 7. 

Fownes James SomerviUe, Lincoln's-inn, esa. Edward Prodgers, Hanway-yard, linen- 
draper, & Isaac Ward, Cow-lane, Chocolate-maker, Jan. 1810. 26. 

Fownei James Somerville, Lincoln's-inn, esq. and John Yarde Fownes, Southampton- 
row, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Fowry Georee, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Fowry Elizabeth, Tunbndge Wells, Kent, Spmster, July 1819. 7. 

Fox John, Aldgate Hifl^-street, Gent. Jan. 1785. 76. ' 


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Toy John, at Mr. Lees, Hammersmith, Gardener, July 1804. 37 

France Thomas, Grayesend, Gumer, dec. Jan. 1826. 

Francis William Wallis, Colchester, Attorney at Law, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Thmcklin William, Gray '8*inn, & John Francklin, Deronshire-st. esqs. dec. Jan. 1827. 

Franklin William, Norton-street, esq. dec. July 1818. 9. 

Fraser Elizabeth, Jane Fraser, & Janet Fraser, Edinbiuvh, Spinsters, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Fraser Hon. Jane, Loyatt, Inverness, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Fraser Jeane, Bond-street, Piccadilly, Widow, July 1760. 6. 

Fraser Mary Ann, North-terrace, Camberwell, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 

Frayer John, Great Stanhope-street, May£ur, G^t. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Freame Miur, Adelphi, Spmster, July 1816. 13. 

Freckleton lliomas, Idvei^MX)!, Gent. dec. William Fisher, Westley, Lancashire, Grent. 

and Thomas Wilson, jun. Liverpool, Merchant, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Frederick Charles, Bucklersbury, Mariner, July 1800. 45. 
Freeman John, sen. Upton, Essex, Farmer, and Ann, his wife, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Freeman John, Letton, Herefordshire, esq. dec. Francis Freeman, Stamford Court, 

Herefordshire, esq. dee. Joseph Blissett, Barrow, Somersetshire, esq. and Rev. 

Thomas Camplin, All Saints, Bristol, Minister, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Freeman Mary, Cleveland-row, St. James's, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Freeman Thomas, Coleman-street, Warehouseman, James Dobie, Bouverie-street, esq. 

and William Soulsby, Essex-street, Coal Merchant, July 1820. 
Freeman Thomas, Broaa-street, Merchant Jul^ 1759. 127. 
Freemantle Frances, Great Linford, Bucks, Spmster, July 1816. 13. 
Freese John Henry, Jewry-street, Aldsate, Merchant, and Nichohis Le Cheminant, 

Jewrv-street, Aldgate, Merchant, Jan. 1821. 
French Alexander, St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsev, esq. dec. Jan. 1812. 22. 
French Nathaniel Bogle, Broad-street. Merchant, July 1806. 11. 
French Rev. Thomas, Sheemess, and John Mirehouse, Brownslade, Pembroke, esq. 

July 1817. 11. 
Frenchum Charles, Chase-side, Enfield, Gent. July 1825. 
Frere George, Lincoln's-inn, Gent, and Bartholomew Frere, His Migesty's Ministerat 

Constantinople, July 1819. 7. 
Freshfield James William, New Biank-buildings, esq. John Wood, St. Bartholomew's 

Hospital, Gent, and R. Halford, Canterbury, Kent, Banker, July 1824. 
Friend Jane, Brighton, Spinster, July 1815. 6. 

Friend John, Shipwright, dec. and John Smith, Innkeeper, Ramsgate, Jan. 1830 
Fremont John Joseph, Ajitwerp, Merdiant, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Frost Anthony, and John May bank, of Shore, Surrey, Gents. Jan. 1826. 
Frost Judith, Radford, Northamptonshire, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Frost Harriot, Gloucester-st. Portman-sq. Spms. Servt. Lord Newburgh, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Frost Mary Kingdom, Launceston, Cornwall, Spinster, July 1826. 
Fry Mary, Brid^ewater-square, Spinster, July 1787. 71. 
Fryer Greorge, Chancery-lane, Law Stationer, dec. Trustee to Rev. John Gee Smith, 

Rector of Chillesworth, Suffolk, July 1821. 
Fryer Hester, Twickenham, Widow, dec. Edward Athawes, Cordwainer's-hall, esq. 

dec. and Thoma? Custms, Yarmou^, Merchant, July 1798. 49. 
Fyler James Chamness, Twickenham, Middlesex, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Fynch Brydget, Bath, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 


Fabre Jacob, Haventry, Devon, Gent. dec. Oct. 1781. 83. 

FaUofield James Peter, Albemarle-street, esq. John Tuson, Percy-street, Rathbone- 
plaoe, esq. and Richard Jackson, Gray's-inn, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 

Farwell John, Charles-street, Berkeley -square, G^t. Oct. 1787. 71. 

Fatt Stephen Pierssens, of the Bank, Gent, and Louisa Fatt, Islington, April 1819. 8. 

Faulkner Elizabeth, St. Martin's Church-yard, London, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Fearon Robert, Mitre-court-buildings, Temple, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Fellowes George, Wortham, Kent, Farmer, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Fellowes Henry Arthur, Eggersford, Devon, esq. dec. and Gibbs Crawford, Essex- 
street, Strand, esq. dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Fellowes William, Romsey, Hants, esq. and Right Rev. George Lewis Jones, Lord 
Bishop of Kilmore, Oct. 1818. 9. 


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Fenn Thomas, Botolph-lane, Gent Oct. 1825. 

Feawick Ann, Exeter, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 4. 

Femie Ebenezer, Leadenhall-street, Grent. Oct 1814. 4. 

Ferrr Samuel, Holywell-street, Shoreditch, Pork Batcher, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Field Sidter, Weybridge, Bricklayer, dec. Solomon Brown, Richmond, Bricklayor, 

Mary Brown, his wife, dec. J ohn Fairhurst, Hampton, JBricklayer, dec. and John 

Fenn, Grosirenor-street, Grent. dec. Oct. 1795. 55. 
Fillinriiam Elizabeth, Widow, Sarah Fillingham, Susannah Fillingham, and Elizabeth 

jnllingham. Spinsters, all of Whitechapel-road, Oct. 1825. 
Finch Mary, formerly of Billericary, Essex, Spinster, late wife ci John Bawtree, 

Southminster, Essex, dec. April 1812. 22. 
Finch Rev. Robert, Great Ormond-street, Clerk, Oct. 1827. 
Finch Rev. Robert, Lower Brook-street, Grosrenor-square, Clerk, April 1828. 
Finch William, Lincohi's-inn, Gent. Oct. 1810. 25. 
Finch William, and Wm. Street, both of Pinner, Gents. April 1796. 54. 
Finessey Robert, Pimlico, Gent, and Charlotte Matilda, his wife, Oct. 1827. 
Fippard Martha, GoodmanVfields, Widow, dec. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Fitdi John, Hatton-garden, Gent. dec. April 1810. 26. 
Fisher Rev. Thomas, Goswell-street, dec. Oct 1808. 29. 
Fitzgerald Ideat. John, Ropl Navy, Oct. 1829. 
Flet^r John, Angel-inn, Blackman -street, Osder, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Fletcher Matthew, lime-street-sauare. Merchant, April 1825. 
Flight Elizabeth, Widow, dec Edward Shepherd Flight, and James Flight, Gents, all 

of Henley, and Lydia Flight, St. Mary Axe, Spmster, dec. Oct. 1828. 
Flight Thomas, Hackney, esq. dec. April 1823. 

Flynn Thomas, Chelsea, Gent, and Susanna, his wife, April 1816. 14. 
Fo^ambe Thomas, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Attorney at Law, April 1819. 8. 
Forbes Bartholomew, Rossell-st. Bloomsbnry, esq. and Rev. Henry John Wollaston, 

Sidney-college, Cambridge, Oct. 1830. 
Forbes Ehzabeth, King-street, Bloomsbury, Widow, dec. Oct. 1809. 27. 
Ford George, St. Paulas Church-yard, Gent. Oct. 1806. 33. 
Forman Edward William, Croom's-hill, Greenwich, esq. and William Alexander 

Weiditman, Red Lion-square, Holbom, Solicitor, April 1827. 
Forster Thomas Furiy, dec. and James Soper, both of St. Helen's-place, Merchants. 

April 1826. 
Fosbrooke Thomasin, Weston-upon-Trent, Spinster, April 1800. 46. 
Foster EUza Ann, Scausby, near Doncaster, Spinster, a Minor, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Foster Richard, Thames Bank-house, Marlow, Bucks, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Foulkes Evan, Southampton-st. & Anthony Goodeve, Gray's-inn,esqs. April 1816. 14. 
Foumier Grace, New-stxeet, Hanover-square, Widow, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Foumier Greorge, Staines, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1820. 

Foumier Wm., Blackfriars-rd. Painter, dec. & Eliza Foumier, aMinor, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Foumier Wm., Blackfriars-rd. Painter, dec. & John Foumier, a Minor, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Fownes James Somerville, Lincoln's-inn, esq. and John YardeFownes, Southampton- 
row, Bloomsbury, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Fox Thomas, Navy Office, Gent dec. Oct 1812. 21. 
Foxlee Ann, Fritii Farm, Welwyn, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Foyster Grace, Kingston, Jamaica, Spinster, April 1782. 82. 
France Robert, South-street, Manchester-square, esq. Oct. 1829. 
Eraser John, Dalb^r-terrace, City-road, Gent April 1822. 
Eraser John Hermitage-bridge, Tailor, dec. Apnl 1825. 

Francis Rev. Bransby, Edg^eld, Norfolk, & R. Francis, Norwidi, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Fraula de Joanna Barbara Josepha, Antwerp, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Fraulade Mary Alexandrina Josepha, Dowager of Frederick Baron de Beyer, 

Brussells, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Frere Baotiste, Croydon, Surrey, G^t. dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Friedrig Niels, Cherry-fl»rden-street, Mariner, April 1818. 10. 
Fulcher Thomas, West Hoathley, Sussex, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Fuller Charlotte, Hythe, Kent, Spinster, April 1819. 8 
Fuller Frederick James, Piccadilly, Gent April 1822. 
Fuller Samuel, Servant to the Rev. M. Wix, St. Bartholomews's Hospital, 

Oct 1819. 7 


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Fairfex Jane, Spinster, Servant- to Mr. Podmore, Chifwell, Eisei, now wife of John 

Wildey, Leicester-street, SmiA. Jul/ 1818. 9. 
Faitiiful John, Maid-lane, Southwark, Mahman, July 1819. 7. 
Fmrmer Lacy, Strood, Kent, Widow, and William Wells, Russell-street, Bermondsey, 

Bricklayer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Farmer Rebecca, Mount Pleasant, Spinster, dee. and William Bromfield. Conduit- 
street, esq. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Featherstone Alice, Hoxton Old Town, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Feilden Jos^, and William Feilden, esqs. bou of Wilton-hoiise, Lancashire, 

Jan. 1819. 8. 
Filby Sarah, 62, Strand, Spmster. July 1812. 8. 

Finch Mary, and Ann Finch, both of Cobham, Surrey, Minors, July 1812. 21. 
Fisher Sarah, Rotherfaithe, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Flack Phoebe, Braintree, £ssex. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fleet MttTT, Newham-street, Marylebone, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Fleppen Mary, dec. late wife of Robert Fleppen, Mile End, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fletcher General Henry, Saltan, North Britam, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Fletcher John, Cobham, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Fletcher William, Barnstable, Deron, Qeat, and Anne Fletdier, his wife, July 1816. 13. 
Flory Eliza, Spinster, Senrant to Mr. Curtis, Abingdon, Berks, July 1819. 7. 
Flowers Elizabeth, Upper Queen-street, Rotherhithe, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Fordham John, Hereford, Gent. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Forrest Robert, Burton-street, Beridey-square, Seryant to the Countess of Antrim, 

Jan. 1820. 6. 
Forster Mary, South Moulton-street, Grosvenor-square, l^|»inster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Foster Delia, QoUington, near Hastings, Sussex, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Foster William, Norwich, Attorney at Law, July 1818. 9. 
Fotbergill Elizabeth Ann, Grmvesend, Kent, Spmster, July 1819. 7. 
Foulston Mary, Little Chelsea, Kensmgton, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Foamier Grace, New-street, Hanoyer-square, Widow, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Foumier Grace, New-street, Hanoyer-square, Widow, and John Wilkes, a Minor, 

Jan. 1818. 10. 
Fowle Honoria, Newbury, Berks, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Fowle Thomas, Layington, Wilts, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Francis Anna Marina, Nassau-street, Soho, a Minor, and Frances Mitchell, Edgeware- 

road, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Frank Rey. Ridiard, D. D., Alderton, Suffolk, Jan. 1803, 40. 
Frankland Jam^ Stock Exdiange, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Fraula Isabella Theresa Joseph de, Antwerp, Spinster, July 1801. 43. 
French Robert Hock Norton, Oxon, Labourer, July 1818. 9. 
Fuller Elizabeth, Gillingham, Spinster, now wife of Thomas Ward, July 1817. 11. 
Fuller Henry Peter, Piccadilly, Surgeon, and William Ferdinand Wratislaw, Rugby, 

Warwickshire, Solicitor, July 1817. 19. 
Fuller Thomas, Kensington, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Fulliloye John, Princes-street, Soho, Cutler, July 1819. 7. 
Funsett Fanny, Bagnor, Sussex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 


Faden William, Charing-cross, Geographer, 10th Oct. 1823. 

Fearon Benjamin, Benton-sroye, PentonyiUe, Gent. April 1813. 20. 

Fell Rey. lliomas Cotton, Sheepy, Leicestershire, April 1814. 18. 

Field James, Essenden, Herts, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Pisher Alice, Spinster, at Lord Carlisle's, 5di April 1827. 

Fisher Catharine, dec. Seryant to Mrs.Orby Hunter, Wunpole-street, Oct 1815. 15. 

Fitzpatrick Mary, Brompton, Kent, Widow, and John Cooper, Shoe-lane, Glaaier, 

dec. Oct 1818. 9. 
Flight Thomas, Gray's-inn. Gent. April 1814. 18. 

Fol^ Patrick, Senrant to the Marquis of Stafford, Cleayeland-square, Oct. 1830. 
Fordham Edward, Bunhill-row, Gent. 10th Oct. 1826. 
Foster Elizabeth, Deptford, Widow, May 1808. 23. 
Foster Mary, Brook-street, Holbom, Sfmister, Oct. 1814. 17. 



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Fowler Hannahi St. Martin's-laiie, Widow, 5th April 1825. 

Franckling John, Grolden-square, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Francklyn John Gilbert, Finsbury-square, esq. April 1810. 26. 

Franklin Charlotte Catherine, dec. wife of Bartholomew Mc Gawley, of Ardie, in 

Ireland, Gent. April 1812. 22. 
Freeman Mary, Stoke Newington, Widow, Oct. 1814. 17. 
French Rev. Baron, Ware, Herts, and John Frendi, Cambridge, a Minor, 

Oct. 1790. 65. 
French Fleming, Berwick-street, Surgeon, and Mary Lee, Coventry-street, Widow, 

April 1803. 40. 
Frost Harriot, Spinster, at Lord Kewburgh's, Gloucester-street, Poitman-sqnare, 

Oct. 1819. 7. 
Fuller Elizabeth, Spmster, Senrant to Lord Abei^gayenny, Mount-street, Grosvenor- 

square, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Furlonger Jane, dec. late wife of John Furlonger, of Abbotts Langley, Gcfit and 

Joseph Reeve, of Abbotts Langley, Gent. dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 


(Consolidated the JSutth qf April VSO.J 

Feild Elizabeth, Worcester, Widow, Oct. 1815. 7. 

Fisher Ann, Hackney, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Fisher Joseph, Carlisle-mace, Lambeth, Florist, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Flack Caroline Sarah, Hertford, Spinster^Oct. 1815. 15. 

Fleetham Mary, Mutton-lane, Hackney, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Fleetham Mary, Nottingham, Widow, Oct. 1810. 25. 

Footman George, St. Paul's Church-yard, Leather-dealer> and Joseph Taylor, Shoe- 
maker-row, Blackfriar's, Phisterer, dec. April 1813. 20. 

Fordred George, • Coachman to His Royal Highness tiie Prince of Orange, Brusseb, 
Oct. 1816. 13. 

Forster Harriet, Middlethorp-hall, Yorkshire, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Forth James, KiuKston, Surrey, Distiller, April 1815. 16. 

Foumier Grace, New-street, Hanover-square, Widow, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Fraser Mary, Tlldow, and Mary Ann Fnaer, Spinster, both of Edgware, Middlesex, 
Oct. 1819. 7. 

Furmidge Mary, dec. wife of Samuel Furmidge, Plymouth, Gent. April 1786. 10. 


(Principal Paid in Full lOth Oct. 1824.^ 

Fagg Rev. Sir John, Bart. Vicar of Crislar, and St. Nicholas, Isle of Thanet 

10th Oct. 1821. 
Farrar Thomas, Mecklenburgh-square, esq. 5th April 1823. 
Feldwick William, sen. dec. and William Feldwick, jun. both of Abbington, Surrey 

Yeomen, 5th April 1820. 
Field Hannah, Deal, Kent, Widow, 5th Aprfl 1824. 
Ford Richard, Half Moon-street, Bishopgate-street, Bedstead-maker, Basil Woodhoue. 

Bray, Berks, Maltster, & Edward Brown, New Windsor, Berks, Gent. 5th April 1823. 
Frank fVank, Kirklington, Notts, esq. & Robert Ray, Gower-st. esq. No Dividend. 
Freyre Juan, Webbs-lane, Hammersmith. Gent. lOw Oct. 1824. 
Frith Philip, Narborough, Norfolk, esq. 10th Oct. 1820. 
Fuller Haimah Amelia, Gracechurch-street, Spinster, 5th April 1823. 


Farrow Mary, Long Acre, Widow, July 1827. 

Faulkner Mary, and Marl^ Faulkner, Love-iane, East Cheap, Spinsters, Jan. 1827* 
Feamley Mary, Walworth-terrace, Widow, Jan. 1825. 
Ferguson Greorge, Greorge-yard, Lombard-street, Grent. Jan. 1828. 
FFeely Eliza, Adelphi-terrace, Widow, July 1826. 

Field Elizabeth, Old Cavendish-street, Cavendish-square, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Finch Sarah, Allsop|s-building8, New-road, Spinster, July 1824. 
Fisher Rev. John, Weyniouth, Dorset, July 1829. 

Fits Thomas, Servant to Mrs. Yulbimy, Notting-hill, Middlesex, July 1826. 


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Fleet Marv, Newnham-street, Marylebone, Widow, Jan. 1819. 

Forge Richard, Barkmji^, Essex, Grent. Jan. 1827. 

Preebury Paul, Woolwich, G^t. and Thomas Leach, 6ibralter-row, St. George's, 
Soathwark, Gent. July 1821. 

Freen Thomas, Austin Friars, Greorge Thomas Martin, and Richard Freen Marti lu. 
botih of Coleman-street, (}ents. Jan. 1826. 

French Lucy, Ludgate-hill, Spinster, Julv 1824. 

Frost Ann, Stamford Rivers, Essex, Spinster, now wife of Simon Jackson, of th* 
same place. Miller, July 1823. 

Frost Elizabeth, & Christiana Frost, both of Brentford, Middlesex, Spinsters, Jan. 1824. 

Frond Robort, Crondall, Hants, Gent Jan. 1^. 

Fryer Haimah, Tittleshall, Norfolk, Spinster, now wife of Thomas Ward, City- 
chambers, Bishopgate-street, Gent. July 1817. 


(Now added to the 3 per Cent, Reduced AnmUtieet andpoidat the Bank qf England,) 
Fox Frances, Southwark, Spinster, Oct. 1753. 69. 


Freyre Juan, Webbs-lane, Hammersmith, Gent lOth Oct 1824. 


Fanner Rebecca, Mount Pleasant, Widow, dec. and William Bromfidd, Conduit* 

street, esq. dec. Oct 1799. 47. 
Fhichett Mary, Twickenham, Spinster, April 1806. 34. 
Fitznmons Hannah, Red Lion-square, Spmster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Foots John, Lombard-street, Banker, dec. Oct. 1806. 33. 
Fox William, Holbom, Uphcdder, dec April 1806. 34. 
Froggatt William, jun. AUhallows-lane, Glisnt dec. Oct. 1816. 13. 


Fancy James, Anchor Tarem, Limehouse-fields, Victualler, and Elizabeth Fancy his 

wife, April 1830. 
Fauquier Francis, Somerset-street esq. dec. William Fauquier, Conduit-street, esq. 

dec. and Thomas Fauquier, Upper Grosvenor-street, esq. 10th Oct. 1824. 
Figg Jane, Stonecutter-street, Fleet-market, Widow, and Alfred Clarke, a Minor, 

10th Oct. 1827. 
Fenner Thomas Freebody, Prospect-place, St. Greorge's, Southwark, Gent, and Thomas 

Milbank, Chehnsford, Essex, Miller, 10th Oct. 1825. 
Francis Chades Larkin, Wandsworth-road, Vauxhall, Gent. 10th Oct. 1827. 
Fraula IsabeUa Theresa Joseph de, Antwerp, Spinster, Oct 1799. 47. 
Frost James, Southampton, Gent 10th Oct 1824. 


Frederick Anne Sophia, Hanover, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Fraula Isabella Therese Joseph de, Antwerp, Spinster, Oct 1816. 13. 


(From 1780.; 
Freeman John, St John-street, Grocer, Oct. 1303. 10. 


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coif SOLS. 


€iaa Ann, Sontfaampton-roir, BlooiiifbiirTy Spiniter, J«1t 1815. 15.* 

Gabriel Rer. Robert Burd, Batb, D.D. dec. and George Wbitehoul, Bub^MU-stieet, 

Banker, dec Jan. 1818. 10. 
Gase James, Harley-streeC, Servant to Mr. Lone, July 1816. 13.* 
Gale Mary, Upper Seymoor-ftreet, Spinster, Joly 1816. 13. 
GambierSirJames, Bart Batii, July 1793. 46. 
Gandr Bev. Samuel Wbitelock, Vicar of Richmond, Surrey, John Ward, and Thomas 

Price, same place, Chordiwardens, July 1825. 
Gane James, Shipton Mallet, Stockmg-maker, Jan. 1805. 36. 
Crardas John, Plnsbory-square, Merdiant, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Gardiner Annabdla, Bath, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Gardiner Ridiard, War OiBce, eso. July 1802. 8. 
Gargoilo Michele, Edward-street, Portman-square, Gent Jan. 1812. 22.* 
GarlW Mary Ann, Stratford-place, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Gam John, Gloeter, Wooktapler, Jan. 1821. 
Gamer Joseph, Brompton, Writing Master, July 1805. 35. 
Garrard John Sydenham, Gent Jan. 1814. 18. 
Garrett Thomas, Camberwell, Surrey, Gent Charles Manley, Portsmouth, Qeat. dec. 

and William MitchelLPortsmouth, Draper, Jan. 1826. 
Gartalman, Hinridi, Mr. Walker's, Brick-lane, Su|ar Refiner, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Ganrey Martha, Dorset-street, Portland-sauare, Spmster, July 1818. 9. 
Gatland Eliza. Blackman-street, Southward, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Gay Charles, Nowell's-buildings, Islington, Gent. Jubr 1818. 9. 
GaT Elizabeth Charlotte Le, Southampton^ Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Gell John Henry, Cloisters, Westminster Abbey, Gent, and T. Purell, Southampton, 

esq. July 1813. 19. 
Gent Elizabeth, wife of Godfrey Gent, Arlington-street, Gent July 1781. 83. 
Ga>b Mary, Green-bank, St. George's East, Widow, July 1819. 7.* 
Gibb Wilham, Adam-street, Oxford-street, Gent July 1814. 17. 
Gibbons Rer. Thomas, Warminster, Clerk, July 1817. 11. 
Gibbe Cbaries, and Henry Gibbs, both of Old Broad-st. Gents. Jan. 1807. 32. 
GibbsThos., & Geo. Gibbs, both of Half Moon-st. Piccadilly, Seedsmen, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Gibson Margaret, Cumberland-street, Shoreditch, Widow, July 1786. 73. 
Gilbert John, Dunstable, Coachman, & Tryuheanor Gilbert, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Gilbert Rer. lliomas, Thomas Jones^ esq. Georce Cope, Gent. dec. and Christopher 

Buckmaster, Baker, dec. all of Little Gadsden, Herts, July 1822. 
Gilby Ann, wife of Thomas Gilby, Buntincford, Herts, Qeat, July 1817. 11. 
Giles John, Thorp, Surrey, Smith, dec. July 1795. 55. 
Gilkes Richard, Charlton, near Newbottle, esq. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Gillam Benjamin, Bristol, Gent Jan. 1808. 30. 
Gillam Harriet, Bristol, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20.* 

Gillam Samuel, Rotherhithe, esq. & John Shepherd, ditto. Gunsmith, July 1816. 13.* 
Gillan Dr. Hu^, Hill-street, Berkdey-square, dec. July 1812. 21. 
Gillard Mair, Fkdngton, Devon, Spinster, July 1828. 
Gillespie John Petty, Grosvenor-place, Camberwell-road, Grent. Sarah Gillespie, his 

wife, and Hugh Gille^ie, of the same place, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Gillespie John Pe^, Grosrenor-plaoe, Camberwell-road, G«it. Sarah Gillespie, his 

wife, and William Gillespie of the same place, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Gillson Thomas, Upper Harley-street, Gent July 1797. 51. 
Girardot Andrew, Buisseres, esq. dec. and David Andre, New Broad-street, dec. 

July 1814. 17.* 
Gist Samuel, Gower-street, esq. July 1810. 27. 
Glanfield Thomas, jun. Royal-row, Lambeth, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Glasse Rev. Cksorge Henry, dec. and Mary Louisa Shaw, a Minor, both of Hanwell, 

Middlesex, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Glasse Rev. George Henry, dec. and Frederick Hastings Glasse, a Minor, both of 

HanweU, Mid&esez, Jan. 1810. 26. 

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Gleadah Nancy, Thom, Yorkshirei Spinster, dec. Jan. 1814. 7* 

Glenny Hannah, Batteraea, Surrey, Spinster, July 1813. 19. 

GloTer Charlotte, Epsom, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1798. 50. 

Gloyer John, Holy, Lancashire, Servant to W. Blacket, esq. July 1808. 29. 

Glover John, Cow-cross, Smithfield, Gent, and Charles Kingsley, Clapham-road-place, 

Stock Broker, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Glover Mary, Broad-street-buildings, Spinster, Jan. 1783. 80. 
Glover Nathaniel, Chelsham, Surrey, Fanner, James Gardner, Croydon, Surrey, 
Innkeeper, William Alwen, Cudham, K/sat, Farmer, and John Glover, Mitcluim, 
Surrey, Coal Merchant, Jan. 1827. 
Gk>adby Elizabeth, Bridgewater-sq. Spins, now wife of John Atkinson, July 1817. 11. 
Gocken John Bernhard, Wentwoith-street, Whitechapel, Manner, July 18Q8. 29. 
Godard John, Clapton, Gent. dec. Jan. 1792. 62. 

Grodfree William, St. Paul's Church-yard, Warehouseman, William Ginger, CoDege- 
street, Westminster, Bookseller, and Lucy Willis Capon, wife of wife of William 
Capon, North-street, Westminster, Artist, July 1819^ 7. 
Godfrey Mary, Clerkenwell, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1804, 38. 

Godfrey Philadelphia, a Minor, D^tpard Croasdaile, Golden-square, John Marsh, 
Portagal-st. Grosvenor-sq. and T. Sermon, Gray s-inn, dec.esas. JiUy 1816. 13. 
Godwin Thomas, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Farmer, dec. and Wiltiam Vamey, of the 

same place, Grent. Jan. 1823. 
Qoffe Ann, Hertford-street, May-fair, Spinster, July 1821. 
Golden Frances, Newland, near Hull, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 
Golding Nathaniel, Chatham, Servant to Mr. Gurre, July 1817. 11.* 
Goldstone Elizabeth, Howard-street. Strand, dec. July 1800. 45. 
Goldziher Arent, Hanover, Gent. July 1813. 19. 
Gompertz Benjamin, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jidy 1819. 7. 
Goodacre Elizabeth, Newport-street, Spinster, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Groodman Jane, Old Burlmgton-street, Widow, Servant to the Marquis of Anglesea, 

July 1819. 7. 
Goodrich Sarah, Spinster, Servant to Lord Dudley, and Ward, July 1819. 7. 
Groodwin Julia Mary, Rowley, Bamett, Herts, Spinster, July 1828. 
Goodw3m Thos. Wildman, GK>odman's-yard, Minories, Soap Manufacturer, Jan. 1829. 
Gordon Alexander, Colchester, Essex, esq. Jan. 1807. 31. 
Grordon Thomas, Serjeant's Inn, Grent. dec. Jan. 1825. 
Gordon William, Thames Ditton, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Grordon Winfred, Churdi-street, Little Minories, ^dow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Gosling Thomas, of H. M. Ship, Captain Carpenter, July 1808. 29. 
Qost]mg Francis, esq. Greorge Morse, esq.&S. Stone, Grent. all of Norwich, July 1824. 
Goatling Greorge, Doctor's-commons, dec. Nathaniel Gostling, Knightsbridge-green, 

John Mareh, Brighton, esqs. and Maria Howard, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Grostling Greorge, Doctor's-commons, dec Nathaniel Gk)stling, Knightsbridge-green, 

Jomi Marsh, Brighton, and Francis Howard, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Oostling George, Doctor's-commons, dec. Nathaniel Gostling, Knightsbridge-green, 

John Marsh, Brighton, and Stanley Howard, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Goswell Theodosia, Paradise-row, Islington, Widow, dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Gott Martha, York, Widow, Servant to H. Leeds, Jan. 1817. 6. 
Gould Betty, Bath, Widow, dec. Jan, 1800. 46. 
Gourlay Frederick, Dundee, Gent Jan. 1806. 34. 
Grace Kachael, Portland-place, Spinster, now wife of John Beard, Holtoway, Gent 

Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Graeme Charles. Dean House, Alresford, esq. Rt Hon. Greorge Lord Rodney, and 

Paulet Mildmay, Dogmersfield-park, Hants, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Graham Sarah, Bear-alley, Fleet-market, Widow, July 1817. 11. 
Grain Ann, Devonshire-street, Portman-iquare, Spinster, July 1824. 
Grainge John, Hampstead, Grent July 1819. 7. 
Grainger Elizabeth, Wardour-street, Soho* Widow, Jan. 1798. 50. 
Grant Ami, dec* Somerset-house, Widow, July 1829* 
Gkmt Henrietta Maria, York-idaee, Marylebone, Spinster, July 1807. 31. 
Grant John, Devonshire-street, Queen-square, and Robert Kilham Ki]ham» Bleasby> 

Notts, esqs. July 1819. 7. 
Grant Major-Gen. Malcolm, Wimpole-street, Jan. 1830. 


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» Grant Mamry, KfllalA, Irelaiid, Spiniter, Jul. 1818. 10. 
Grant WiDiam, Town Mayor, Portsmouth, esq. dec. July 1813. 19. 
Gratton Thomas, Shorediteh, Gent. Sarah Brandon, City-road, Widom, and Dsuld 

Isaac Garda, Mile End-road, Gent. JnlV 1820. 
Grevell Elisabeth, Isleworth, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Grave Jane, Colk^street, Westminster, Wido#, deO. Jan. 1771. 6. 
Graves PhiHp, East Harding-street, esq. Johr 1819. 7. 
Graves lisdy Snsanna, Oiilton, Suffolk, Widow, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Qmj Eklward, LamVs Conduit-street, BBrfWer, dec Jan. 1806. 34. 
Gray John, Kilbum, Middlesex, Yeoman, dec. July 1834. ' 

Gray William, Charlton-honse, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Greatheed Rev. Samuel, Pa^iell, Bucks, Robert Steven, dec and Joseph CeciL 

Thames-street. Leather-factors, July 1827. 
Greaves Joseoh, Liverpool, Charles Thomas Jones, Owestrv, Salop, James Whittle, 

Liverpool, and Joseph Blair, Manchester, Merdiants, July 1814. 17. 
Green John, Battlesdon, Bedfordshire, Farmer, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Green Ann, wife of Thomas Green, Bedford, Lancashire, Gent July 1815. 15.* -- 
Greec Catherine, Fareham, Hants, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1819. 8.*. 
Cheen Elizabeth, wife of lliomas Green, Lewhnor, Oion, Vttmet, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Green Elizabeth, dec. High-street, Borough, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 
Green Fanny, Battlesden, Bedfordshire, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Green James, Wilmington, Nordi Carolina, Farmer, July 1803. 39 . 
Green John Cleveland, Exeter, esq. William Henry Greto, Sambrook-court, Basing- 

hall-street, esq. and Thomas Ward, Commeroial-road, esq. July 1830. 
Green Sarah, and Lydia Green, Bath, Spinsters, July 1805. 35.* 
Green Thomas, dec. Greenes-pond, Newfoundland, Planter, July 1830. 
Greenbury Jane, Elipsham, spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Greenfield John, Willow-walk, Kentbh Town, Carpenter. July 1819. 7. 
Greenfield Mary, Dover-street, Spinster, Servant to Lord Adibumham, July 1816. 6. 
Greenbalf Thomas, New Inn, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, Gent. Mary Greenhalf, his 

wife, and Ann Ghreenhalf, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Greenland Frances, Marlboroudi, Widow, dec. Jan. I8I5. 7. 
Gregory John, Twickenham, Middlesex, Servant to G. Mills, July 1815. 15.* 
Gregory John Swarbreck, Bedford-row, Middlesex. Gent. July 1820. 
Gregsoii John, Deputy Registrer of the Court of Chancery, Durham, Robert Thomas, 

Sunderland, Ilax-dresser, Wm. Thompson, Durham, But<^er, & John Thompson, 

Merton in the Whims, Durham, Yeoman, July 1816. 13. 
Gregson John, Durham, Deputy Registrer, Robert Thomas, ditto. Flax-dresser, and 

William Thompson, ditto. Butcher, July 1816. 13. 
Orellet Frederick, Walbrook, Merchant, July 1812. 21. 
Gribble John, King's Langley, Herts, Gent Julv 1818. 9. 
Griffin Benjamin, South I^beth, Gent, and Robert Hawksl^y, dec Stratid, Hard- 

wareman. Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Griffin Benjamin, Brownlow-street, Holbom, Gent, and BenjamiA Griffin, a Minor, 

July 1807. 31. 
Griffin Benjamin, Brownlow-street, Holbom, Gent, and Benjamin Keld, a Minor, 

July 1808. 29. 
Griffin John, Maiden-lane, Queen-street, Cheapside, Gent Jan. 1818. 10. 
Griffith Acton Frederick, Hackiley-road-crescent, Grent. Agnes Griffith, his wife, and 

Agnes Griffith, a Minor, Jan. 1812. 22.* 
Griffith Acton Frederick, HackUey-road-crescent Grent. Agnes Griffith, his wife, and 

William Darimg Griffith, a Muior, Jan. 1812. 22.* 
Griffith Harriet, Garn, Denbighshire, North Wales, Spinster, Jan. 1827. 
Griffith Sarah, Warminster, Wilts, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Griffith Thomas. Blaokman-street, Auctioneer, de<;. Jan. 1826. 
Griffiths Ann, Great Portland-street, Spinster, Jan. 1826; 
Griffiths Elizabeth, St. Brides, London, Widow, Jan. 1805, 36. 
Griffiths Rev. Griffith, Rector of Shadwell, dec. WOliam Homan,and Richard Gottdy, 

dec ditto. Churchwardens, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Griffiths John, Cateaton.8treet,»Gent. Jan. 1802. 42. 

GriffithsThos. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, &R. Wilton, Gloucester, Gents. Jan. 1830. 
Griffiths John, Paul-sti%et, Finsbury, Gent. Jan. 1831. 



GrimideU Samuel, jan. Svn-itreet, Biabopgate, Builder, July 1819. 7. 
Grimahaw James, Gortcm, near Manchester, Merchant, July 1816. 13. 
GrimWood John Matthew, Bloomsbury-plaoe, Russell-aquare, and John Bridges, 

Maldon, Essex, esqs. dice. July 1829. 
Groom Sarah, Inworth, Spinster, Servant to the Bev. Mr* Wlx, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Grose John Edward, Bath, Gent Jan. 1830. 
Grosrenor Right Hon. Harriet Countess Dowager of, wife of Gen. George Porter, 

now Baron Hodiefied, July 1813. 19. 
Gromis John Valentine, a Minor, Groulston-street, Whitechapel, July 1819. 7. 
Grout Judith, King's Langley, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 
Grout Stephen, Kenmngton-lane, Gent, and Ann Grout, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Grout Stephen, Kennington-lane, Grent and Stephen Grout, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Grove Biajry, Henley, Oxon, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Groves Sarah, Strand, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Fentham, Strand, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Guedalla Judah, FinsDury-square, Merchant Jan. 1812. 7. 
Guest Sarah Anne, Homerton, Servant to Mrs. Davies, July 1818. 9. 
Guilford Ri^t Hon. George Augustus Earl of, dec. and Right Hon. Silvester Douglas 

Lord Glenbervie, Burton-street, Jan. 1824. 
Gunn Samuel^ozton, Cordwainer, July 1815. 15. 
Gumey Rev. mlliam, Yicar of St. Qement Danes, Strand, July 1825. 

Gybbon Katherine, WincheLsea. Spinster, Jan. 1816. 6. 

GyllettRev. Thomas, Rector of Compton Dando» SoDMrset, dec. and inHIiam Uoyd, 

Pensford, Somerset, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 


Gaby Mary, Kensington, Spmster, dec. Oct. 1817* 11. 

Gale Mary, wife ol William Gale, Brentford, Bfiddlesex, Gent dec. Ann Selbr, 

Dufomr's-place, Camaby-market, Widow, and Robert Bodle, Woolstan-haU* 

Essex, esq. Oct. 1819. 7.* 
GambHn Richard, Carhampton, Hampshire, Jane, ditto, his wife, and Jonathan Howell, 

Middle-street, Cloth-foir, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Garlick Letitia, dec. Spinster, Servant to Thomas Le Dummer, late of Cranbury, 

Southampton, esq. April 1813. 20.* 
Cramer James, Ludgate-hill, Grent April 1818. 10. 

Gamett Timothy, Bitemoster-row, Spitalfields, Reed-maker, dec. Oct 1807. 31. 
Garratt Mary Ann, wife of John Uarratt, Barking, Essex, Gent, and John Still, a 

Minor, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Garrow Rev. David, Hadley, Middlesex, dec. April 1819. 8. 
Gazette Joseph, Finch-lane. Printer, Oct 1806. 33. 
Greaij Margaret, wife of Tnomas Geary, Manchester, Dnq;)er, and Edward Laverack, 

Manchester, Gent April 1819. 8. 
Gee Robert, jun. Cambridge, Gent April 1816. 14.* 
Gent Susanna, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Georae Hon. Denis, a Baron of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, in Ireland, Henry 

Baker, Farm, in the county of Kilkenny, esq. and Humphrey Hartley, Stephen's- 

sreen, Dublin, esq. Oct 1816. 13. 
Giard Jean Francois, Manchester-square, Gent April 1802. 42. 
Gibbett John, Shipton Mallett, Somerset, Currier, April 1816. 14. 
Gibson Mary, wife of John Gibson, Newcastle, Grent and Rev. Charles Burton, St 

Andrews, Holbom, dec. April 1805. 11. 
Gibson Richard, Shoreditch, Peruke-maker, dec. Oct 1786. 73. 
Giddings Ann, Mile End-road, Widow, Oct 1829. 
Gilbank Thomas, Coleman-street, GeaU Trustee for John Fleming, Stoneham-park, 

Southampton, esq. April 1823. 
Gilbvjnmam, Birmmi^iam, M. D., Oct 1799. 47. 
Gill )^niliam, Eashing, Surrey, Gent dec and Granville Sharp, Middle Temple, esq. 

dec. April 1814. 18.* 
Gillon Hugh, Hill-street, Berkdey-sq. M. D., dec. April 1808. 30. 
GiUespie Jolm, Grosvenor-street, Camberwell, Surrey, John Petty Gillespie, of the 

same place, Grent and Sarah Gillespie, his wife, April 1827. 
GiUenDie Ri^ard, Grosvenor-street, CamberweU, Surrey, G«it John Petty Gillespie, 

of the same place, Geot. and Sarah Gillespie^ his wife, April 1827. 

u.y.uzeuuy Google 


6iIliDti^6mh, Grofvenor-itraet, CamberweU-rotd, Snmj, Spfauter, JofanFettf 
CnUetpie, of the same place, Gent, and Sarah GUkniie, hii wife, April 1827. 

Gledah Nancy, Thorn, Yorkihire, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1813. 7. 

Oloster SanraeJL Clarges-street, Piccadilly, Gent. April 1818. 10. 

Godier Peter, WeaTcr, dec. & John Harrison. Carpenter, Cantertrary, Oct. 1806. 33. 

Godin Pieter Anthony, Lord of Cockcpmt dec. April 1812. 22. 

Golby James Wake, Banbury, Ozlbrashlre, esq. and William MeridE, Red Lion- 
square, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Goldsmid Alexander, & John A. Goldsmid, both of Clapham Rise, Gents. April 1826. 

Goldsmid Asher, Leman-st. GoodmanVfidds, Broker, dec. and Mary Ann Goldsmid, 
his wife, dec Timothy Yates Brown. Bfandtester-street, esq. April 1817. 4. 

(Sonce EhzabeCh, Streadiam, Surrey, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 

Goodair Thomas, Cannon-street, Hatter, Oct 1801. 43. 

Goodere Sir Robert, Knt. Lake-house, Essex, Joseph Chaplin Hankey, Fendiurdi-st. 
esq. dec. WiHiam Bulkeley, Southampton, esq. and John Woodhouse, BrideweU 
Hospital, esq. Oct 1798. 49. 

Goodwin Ann, wife of John Goodwin, Mile End, Milkman, Oct 1804. 7. 

Gothard Ann, Widow, Servant to Dr. Phillimore, Whitehall, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Gotobed Thomas, Norfolk-street, Strand, esq. and John Iggulde, jun. Doctor's-com* 
mons, Gent Oct 1819. 7. 

Gon^ Jane, Sou& Lambeth, Spmster, April 1813. 20.* 

Gould Henry, Goswdl-st-rd. Gent ft James Alexander, New-inn, esq. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Gould Rer. William, Stapldbrd Abbott, Essex, and Rev. Thomas Abdy Coopersall, 
Tboydon Gamoo, Essex, April 1813. 20.* 

Graham Kev. Charles Thomas Fane Harlingford, Bury, esq. and Charles Greenwood, 
Gndg's-court, Chairing, esq. Oct 1819. 7. 

Graham David, Secretary ot State Office, esq. Oct. 1816. 14. 

Grant Ann, Somerset-houae, Widow, dec. April 1829. 

Grant James, Servant to Mr. EUrington, Old Broad-st. Oct. 1779. 87 

Grant Rev. Johnson, Slentish Town, and Margaret Grant, his wife, April 1825 

Qnaat Margaret, Sinnes, Edinburdb, Spinster, April 1818. 10.* 

Gray Jennett, Dean-street, Soho, Widow, Oct. 1806. 38. 

Gray Michael, Shenfield, Essex, Gent Michael Gny, jun. Homerton, Bliddlesex, esq. 
and John Tiffin Stewart, Gracediurch-street, TWdealer, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Greaves Robert, Servant to Earl Manners. Portman-souare, Oct. 1822. 

Green George, Grispin-street, SpitaUlelds. Charles Smith, Addle street, and John 
Jacob Appach, Sberbom-lane, Gents. Oct 1812. 21.* 

Green Charles, Lincoln's-inn-fields, esq. Oct 1817. 11. 

Green Henry, Saintbury, Gloucester, Gent Oct 1808. 29. 

Green Ridiard, Servant to Mr. Drummond, Grange, Hants, Oet 1805. 35. 

Green Sarah, Bath, Widow, dec April 1814. 18. 

Green l^^lliam, Southampton, Hants, Printer, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Greenfield William, Foster-lane, Gent. Oct. 1813. 19.* 

Greenwood James Smith, Shacklewell, Merchant, Oct 1814. 17. 

Griffitiis Hannah, Winchester-street, Pentonville, Spinster, Oct. 1823. 

Grill Claes, Minonc-lane, eso.& John Collett,WeUclose-sqnare, eso. Oct 1816. 13.* 

Grisewood James, Sugar Loaf-court. Dorset-st Cordwainer, April 1817. 12. 

Grosvenor Right Hon. Richard Lord, dec. Sir John Qlvnne, Bart Broad4ane, Flint- 
shire, dec. &E. Kynaston, Hardwidc, Salop, esq. dec. Oct 1817. 11« 

Gront Mary, Church-street, St Giles's, Widow, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Groves Mwy, Siddington, Gloooestersldre. Spinster, Oct. 18H. 17. 

Groves Paul, Stotk Exchange, Gent dec. April 1823. 

Guest Sarah Anne, Upper Homerton, Hackney, Spinster, April 18)8. 10. 

Guy Sarah, Southampton, Spinster, Oct. 1771. Iu3. 

Gwennap Joseph, Fleet-market, Undertaker, Samuel Andrews, of ih» Bank, Gent 
and William Francis Goode, a Minor, Oct. 1814. 17. 


Gale£dward,ShadweU,Rope^maker, Robert Haden,Wapping, Cheesemonger, and. 

William nuhley, Botolph-lane, Wine Merchant, Jan. 1807. 32. 
GalliemK Johs, of the Ishmd of Guernsey, Gent Jan. 1812. 22. 
Gamble Robert, SkMBie-streel,Chdiea, esq. July 1819. 7. 


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Qandcr Loviam Qmt Q,mm^titnft, WcitailMter, Widow, July 1814. 17. 

Garratt Francis, Old Swan^-stairs, Tea-dealer, dec and Clmstopber Christie Hall, 

Borough, Southwarl^, Gent Jan. 1816. 14. 
Garratt Francis, sen. dec & F. Garratt, jyn. Tea-dealers, Old Swan-stairs, Jam 1818. 10. 
Garrett John, Margate, Gent Jim. 1820. 6. 
GanettThomas, Stepney, Gent July 1810. 25. 
-Garth James, M. A., Killamey, Ireland, Gent. Jan. 181$. 15. 
Grarth Bichard Daniel, Rotherhithe, Gent, and Robert ^owaer, Holbom-hill, Cord- 

wainer, July 1817. U. 
Gay Louis, at Mr. Hamilton Campb^ 8, Portman-square, Gent, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Gibbons Joseph, Abbotsbury, Doisetihiine, MvuiV» Jm. 1814. 18. 
Gibbs Richard, Ship^m^t, & Mary Hadley, Spinster, both of Poplar, July 1814. 17- 
Gibson Mary, North End, Croydon, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Giles Abigail, Istip, Oxon, l^pinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Gilkes Richard, Chariton, by NewbotUe, Northamptonshire, Gent. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Gillam Ann, Great Goram-street, Smnster, Jidy 1819. 9. ^ „ ^ , ^ ^ 
Gilliat Samuel Homcastie, Lincobi, Surgeon, deQ, John Gilliat, Bush-lane, London, 

Merchant, dec. James DaYies, jun. Park-street, Islington, Gent, and William 

Davies, Giltspur-street, Auctioneer, July 1819. 7. 
Gihnour Captain David. Royal Navy, July 1814. 17. 
Giltro Elizabetii, Bedford-square, Spm«t(pr, Jiwu 1820. 0. 
Glasspodl Mary, Windiester, Spinster, July 1818. 9. ^ 
Goldie Sarah, Edinburgh, N.B.,Spin^, Jan. im §. 
Goldsmith Mary, Abergavenny, South Wal^, Spmster, now w^e of WUbam Henry 

Pitsgerald, Jan. 1815. 16. - t.t _^v v i j» ti loic ,e 

Goodbum Elizabeth, Widow, at the D^e (rf Nojr^umberland s July 1815. 15. 
Goodchild Edward, Oakingham, B^ks, ^ut^r. July 1817, 11. 
Goodwm Thomas, Oastler, at Mr. Webgr's, Bucjgngham-gate, July 1819. 7. 
Goodwm Wm., Stamp Office, dec. &R. Dalgh^, Streatham, Gents. July 1819. 7 
Goolden Samuel, Bristol, Sugar Refiner, and Hester Gopld^, hw ^e, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Gordon Edward, Sunning-lffl, Berks, Geow Brown, New Bond-street, and WiUian* 

Frederick Augustus De Lane, Upper Grosvenor-str^t, esqs. July 1817. U. 
Gorton John, Salisbury-place, Marylebw, G^t. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Gould William, Gracechurch-street, Uphol^r, Jan, 182Q. 6. 
Goulden Ann, Fleet-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Graham Lucy, Tumham-green, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 

Graham Thos., Little Knight-rider-st Doctor's-commons, Ironmonger, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Grant Jane, Swaflf ham, Norfolk, Spinster, dec, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Grant John, Cleveland-row, St. James's, G^*; J^y 18 W- ^• 
Grant Mary Tickner, Dulwich, Spinster, Jw- *o^. o. 
Grant Peter, Argyle-square, Edinburgh, G^t July 1816. 13- 
Grant Susanna, Ann's-plaoe, Sloane^stre^^, &>in8ter, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Graves Lady Susannah, Oulton, Suffolk, Widow, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Gray Charles Gordon, Stratton, Somersetshire, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Gray EUzabeth, Servant to Miss Warre, George-street, Hanover-square, Widow, and 

Robert Watson, South Sea-house, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Cray Margaret, West Molsey, Surrey, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Gray Michael, Shenfidd, Es«a,Gent. Micha^ G»y,jun.Homert»n, Middlesex, esq. 

and John Tiffin Stewart, Gracechuwh-street, Tea-dealer, J^. 1819. 8. 
Gray Samuel, Servant to Lord Rendlesham, near Woodford, Si^olk, J^y 1817. 11. 
Greaves James Pierrepent, St. Paul's Chwh-yard, Merchant, July 1818. 9. 
Green Elizabeth, & Esther Green, both (rfChicksand-st.Whitechapel,JiU^ 1818. 9. 
Green Mary, Langham-hall, near Colchestw, Essex, Spinster, J^. 1819. 8. 
Green Haimah, Spinster, dec. Servt. to Mr. Hutchmson, East Retford, July 1814. 17. 
Greenstreet Kesia, Hertford-street, May-fair, Widow, July 1818. 9, 
Gregory Richard, Castle Hedingham, Essex, Lieut, m the Royal Navy, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Gretton Hem, Fencnurch-street, Engraver, and Catherme Burges, Gravel-lane, 

Surrey, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. o , • ™ .^ ^ . j 

Griffith George Edward, Tumham-green, esq. James Sawkins, Plymouth, Gent, and 

James Templer, Brideport, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. ., , , ,„,^ ,, 

Grigg John, Chatham, Kent, Labourer, and Ehaabeth, his wife, July 1817. 11. 
Grimmitt William, John-street, Berkeley-squaie, Gent. July 1812. 21. 

u,y,uze.uuy Google 

wm ram cbmt. v4tt Avwtms^ 

CMmdMW B«tty, Gorton, Maacfaeitar, SplMltr, Mf ISli. IS. 

Grose Naih. Red Lum-iqiiare, Serient at Law» liMl ThoBMi I>iiiiii» lineolB's-iiiiit 

Gent Jvly 1801. 43. 
Groeeer John, Ludgate-street, eflo. Jnly 1796. 49. 
Gndit Pierre, Haymarket, Gait. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Guest Bamett, Great Snrrey-atreet, Blackfiian-nMd, Cheiniit» aad Dorothea Goaat, 

his wife, hoth dec. Jan. 1830. 6. 
Gntiurie Mi^or John, Xhmdee, July 1817. 11. 


Gkuiderer Mary, Combnry-plaoe, Kent*road, Spinster, 10th Oct 1823. 

Garfield Jeremy, Little Knicht-rider-street, Doctor's-^ommoBS. Gent. 10th Oct 182L 

Gkumer Josiah, GUoaocstsr-plaoej^ortman«S(nMure, Carpenter, 0<^ 1818. 9. 

Gasqnobe Samnel, Gent & M. W. Scott, Spins, both of Manchestsr, April 1814. 18. 

George Christiana, Fudiainent-street, Weitminster, Spmster, Oct 1819. 7. 

George Rev. James Payne, Gieenwidi, Kent, Oct 1812. 21. 

Gibbs Joseph, Catherine-street, Pimlieo, Gent Mh April 1826. 

Giblett John, Dmry-lane, and John King, EastSmithiield, Curriers, April 1815. 16. 

Gilbert Sarah, Beamore, Hants, Spinster, Oct 1818. 9. 

Giles Thomas, Mitdiam, Surrey, Gardener, dec Oct 1828. 

GiU John, Servant to S. Brook, esq. Penn-hooss, Amsrsham, Bucks, Oct 1819. 7. 

Glyn Sarah, Little Moorfields. Spinster, dec. April 1812. 22.* 

Goby Mary, Senrant to Mr. Gook, New Brendbrd, Spfaister, April 1815. 16. 

Go£r Elizabeth, wife of Danid Goff, Stoke Newington, esq. 6th April 1823. 

GoffMary.Puddfaig.buie, Widow, Oct 1819. 7.* 

Gordon John, Servant to B. Sheldon, Gower-street, April 1817. 12. 

Grosse Catherine, Kirby-etreet Hatton-garden, Widow, dec ft Edward Alien Gros8e« 

late a Minor, April 1814. 18. 
Graeme Thomas, dec. Oldbury, Court, Gloucestershire, esq. 5th April 1823. 
Grant Charies, Elchies, County of Moray, N. B. eso. Oct 1828. 
Grant Jane, Lower James-street, Golden-square, Widow, dec 10th Oct 1814. 17.* 
Grant Samuel, Kensington, M. D. April 1829. 

Gray Andrew, Chelsea, Gent dec. & Elizabeth Gray Butter, a Minor, 10th Oct. 1821. 
Green Thomas Abbott Ludgate-hill, Goldsmith, Oct 1820. 
Grieve James, dec Church-street, Chapel-street, Musician, bik April 1818. 10.* 
Griffiths Mary, Si^ns. Servant to Mrs. Pritdiard, Lamb's Conduit-st Oct 183^ 
Griffiths Mary, Spins. Sorvt. to Mrs. Pritohard, Lamb's ConduiUst Oct, 1819. 2 . 
Groom Mary, Little Suffolk-street, Boroudi, Widow, 10th Oct 1826. 
Grover William. Brentford, Middlesex, Bnckkyer, Oct. 1828. 
Groves Elizabeth, Spinster, Senrant to Mr. Stephenson, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, 

Get 1818. 9.* 
Gnerin Mary, Bruton-street, Widow, dec 10th Oct 1814. 17.* 
Gnest Henry, Shelbum, Nova Scotia, Gent April 1816. 4. 


Gale Scarlet, Bridewell Homttal, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

GralHers Harriett, Hendon, Middlcsez, Spinster, April 1815. 7« 

Geldard Richard, Gray's-mn, Gent & Thomas Carlen, Hackney, Gent 10th. Oct. 1822. 

Gellow Catherine, Feversham, Kent Spinster,, April 1818. 10. 

Gibbs Rev. Rulip, Philip Longmeaa, Brewer, dec. William Pcarce, SUversmith, and 

Nicholas Gibbs, Mercer, all ci Flynurath, Oct 1817. 11. 
Gk>s8op Francis, Ozford-st Gent April 1813. 20. 
Gloesop George, Babworth, Nottinghamshire, Gent. Oct 1812. 21. 
Croakman Henry Stanyan, Bennett-street, Bladcfriars, Gent April 1816. 14. 
Godfrey Marv, Aldgate Hirii-street, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 
GodingElizabeth, Knightsbridge, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Going Elizabeth, 18, Gracechurch-street, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
€roldney Francis Bennett, and Thomas uoldney, C b sa p aid e , and Samuel Gtoldney, 

Ludgate-hill, Gents. April 1819. 8. 
Gooch Lewis, Servant to Mr. Wood, South Audley-street, Oct 1819. 7. 
Good Mary, dec. Bedfoid-street, Bedford-row, Widuw, 10th Get 1817. 
GoodMary, dc^. late wifeof Rev. T. Ashton, Creaton, Northamptonshire, Oct 181 7. 11. 



Goober TabitfaA, Sontiiampr4m.coTt, Qneen-iqiiare, Vndow, April 1816. 14. 

Ckmrley Mary, dec Grotreiior-ftreet, Spinster, oth April 1819. 

GoTett John, esq. William Besly, etq. Rbt. John Pitman, Clark, & Jdin Gorett, jim. 

esq. all of llTerton, Deron, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Grace Manr, Mindng-hme, Widow, April 1817. 12.* 
Grant Sarah, Locas-street, Com|nercial-road, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
GraTes Sarah, Enfidd-town, Bfiddlesez Widow, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Greares Ridiard, St. Paul's Cimrofa-yard, esq. No Dividend. 
Green Ann, Albermarle-street, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Greenin Sampson, Chapel-street, LiMonHireen, Smith, and William Blardiam, Hid- 

dlesez-plaoe. New-road, Gent. No Diridinid. 
Gregory Elizabeth, Holbom, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Gresley Sir Nicel cowyer, Drakelow, Derbyshire, Bart dec. Oct 1814. 11. 
Greslcj Dame Maria Elizabeth, Condoit-st. Hanorer-sqnare, Widow, 5th April 1824. 
Griffiths Anna Maria, Court-street, Whitechapel, A^dow, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Grimmand David, Seunan on board H. M. Ship, Endymion. No Dividend. 
Grint Elizabedi, Eltham, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Gndit lliomas George Vander, Craven-street, Strand, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Gucht Thomas George Vander, Craven-street, Strand, esq. 5tfa April 1824. 
Guest Elizabeth, wifeof Wm. Guest, Spans-buildincs, St Pancras, Gent 5th April 1824. 
Gunter James, Berkdey-sq. Confectioner, & Anne lYunter, a Minor, April 1818. 10. 


Gander Louisa, Great Queen-street, Westminster, Widow, July 1814. 

(Gardner James, Union-court, Cordwainer, and Sarah Grardner, his wife, Jan. 1825. 

Garratt Samuel, Haymarket, Butdier, Jan. 1823. 

Gibbons Elizabeth, Connanght-plaoe, Edgware-road, Spinster, July 1824. 

Gibbs Ann, Lincoln's-iim-nelds, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 

Gibbs John, Surgeon in the Royal Navy, Jan. 1822. 

Gilson Sophia Beata, Great Baddow, Essex, Spinster, July 1824. 

Godbee William, Clement's-inn, Decorator, July 1823. 

Goddard John, RnsseU-square, Grent July 1823. 

Godfrey Carey, Chawley, Berks, Farmer, Jan. 1828. 

Goldsmith Mary , Abergavenny, South Wales, Spinster, now wife of William Henry 

Fitzgerald, Jan. 1815. 
Goldstone Ann, Widow, dec. & J. Goldstone, Gent Essex-st. Whitediapel, Jan. 1823. 
GoodaU Joseph, Mincing-lane, Gait. Jan. 1826. 
Goodchild Edward, GMongfaam, Berks, Buteher, July 1828. 
Goodwin John, dec. & W. C. Goodwin, Lower Well-alky, St George's, East, July 1823. 
Goodwin Sarah, Bishopgate-street, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 
Gordon Edward, Suxming-hill, Berks, esq. Ueorge Brown, New Bond-street, esq. and 

Williun Frederick Augustus Deliine, Upper Grosvenor-street, esq. July 1817. 
Gordon Col. Robert, Merton, Surrev, Jan. 1830. 

Gore Edward Pratten, Holbom, Tailor, and Elizabeth Grore, his wife, Jan. 1826. 
Gorton John, Salisbury-place, Marylebone, Gent. Jan. 1815. 
Goultoe Thomas, Fleet-street, Bethnell-green, Weaver, July 1825. 
Grant John, Cleveland-row, St James's, Gent July 1818. 
Grant Peter. Argyle-sqnare, Edmbureh, Gent July 1816. 
Graves Sarah. I^uiton-street, Haymarket, Widow, Jan. 1826. 
Gray Elinbeth,Wd. Islington, T. Austin, Camberwell, &C. Gray, a Minor, July 1823. 
Gray Elizabedi, Islington, Widow, dec. Thomas Austin, Camberwell, Surrey, Gent 

and William Henry Gray, a Minor, now of Afe, July 1829. 
Gray Elizabeth, Widow, Servant to Mrs. Warre, Ueorge-street, Hanover-sqosre, and 

Robert Watson, South Sea-house, Gent Jan. 1819. 
Green Mary Ann, Spinster, & E. Green, Widow, Foundry-row, Hoxton, July 1823. 
Green lliomas Abbott, Ludcate-hill, esq. Jan. 1822. 
Grey William, Gray's-inn, Gent Jan. 1823. 
Griffin Amdia, Hu^-street, Hempstead, Sphister, July 1823 
Grosser John, Lu^Q^ate-hill, esq. Jan. 1827. 
Grove Geone, Bermondsey-street, Gent Jan. 1828. 

Guild Ann Elrington, wife of Samuel Guild, little Baddow, Essex, Gent. Jan. 1890. 
Guy Anthony,Cmppenham,Wilts,&W. Crook, KeUoway8,WiltB,Ge&te8qs. Jan. 1824. 


mrs FBB CBMT. AmnnriBt. 1797. 
C&ilbeit Rer. Tbomai, little Gaddkm, Haiti. CMc, ChrktoplMr BvdoiMgter, dee. of 

tlieMiiieplaoe, Baker, & R. W. Rimtiikc. dee. AkUwrr, Herti^Qent 5tfa Ap 
Goriiam Georse Jamet, St Noeta, Hanta, Merdumt, and IKlUiam Ladda, m 

ditto, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Grmy Midiad, Shenildd, Eaaex^Gent MkdiaelGm, Jvn. HoBMrtoiiylfiddleaex, 

and Jolm TUbi Stewart, Gneeebtuvh-atreet, Tea-dealer, Oct 1818. 9. 
€hreen George, Crispin-atreet SpitaUldda, Chariea Smith, Addle-atreet, ditto, & J<^ 

Jacob Appach, Sherbome-lane, Genta. Oct 1802. 41. 
Griffitiia Sarah, Eaadiam, Baaez, Senrant to Mr. T. Bolt, April 1806. 84. 
Guraey BCarr, Linadak, Bndu, Widow, dec. Oct 1802. 41. 


(From the Fint^Ma^ 1704.^ 
GSartxm Robert, Long Clawaon, Leioesterahire, Gent Nor. 1813. 12. 


Green Fhmoei, Antigua, Spinater, December 1737* 168. 


Griat Samuel, Gower-atreet, eaq. dec. Oct. 1816. IS. 

Gray Michad, aen. ShenAdd, Eaaez, Gent Midiael Gncf, Jvn. Homerton, eaq. and 

JdmTiiBnStewart.Graoedinrch.4treet, Tea-dealer, Oct 1819. 8. 
Greeen William, Brick-lane, Spitaliielda, Gent. Oct 1817. 11. 




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Hackett William, Ightam, near Wrotham» Kent, l^ctnaller, July 1816. 13. 
Haddon Ann, wife of Thomas Haddon, Berwick-street, Grent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Haedy Ann, wife of C. Haedy, Great RosseU-street, Bloomsbnry, Gent. July 1830. 
Haggitt Rev. Creorge, Minister of Beacham, Norfolk, & James Smith, Churchwarden. 

of ditto, July 1819. 7. 
Halcrow Martha, Si>inster, at Mr. Edin's, Ratcliff-highway, Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Hale John, Rotberhithe, Shipwri^^t, July 1824. 

Hale Mary, Green-street, St. George's, Hanover-square, Spinster, Jan. 1754. 138. 
Hall Abraham, Booth's-court, Well-street, Marylebone, Gent, and Frederick Peolat. 

King-street, St Ann's, Baker, dec. July 1794. 57. 
Hall George, Matrimony-plaoe, Clapham, Gent, and Ann, his wife, Jan. 1824. 
HidL Henry, Cursitor-street, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Hall James, Boswell-court, and Joseph Bade, Hitchin, Herts, Gents. July 1827. 
Hall James, Bloomsbury-place, esq. dec. Peter Templeman, Landsdown-plaoe, esq. 

sad Benjamin Cole, jun. Stock Exchange, G^t. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Hall John, South Audley-street, Cabinet-maker, July 1822. 
Hall John, Dublin, esq. Jan. 1785. 76. 
Hall John, North Shields, Master Mariner, July 1819. 7. 
Hall Richard, little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, G^t. and Sarah Ann Corbett, ditto, 

Spinster, now wife of James White, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Hall Stephen, Camaby-street, Camaby-market, Gent. July 1788. 69. 
Hall Thos. , New Park Farm, near Boarstall, Bucks, & Jane, his wife, July 1817. 11. 
Hallen John, BromfieUL Mills, Staffordshire, Gent. Jan. 1802. 42. 
Halifax Mary Dorcas, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
HaUiwell Thomas, Sloane-street, Chelsea, esq. and Alexander Lambi Princes-street, 

Bank, Solicitor, Jan. 1823. 
Ham John, Spital-square, Weaver, Hester Le Keux, Sydenham, Spinster, dec. and 

Hannah Le Keux, of the same place. Spinster, dec. July 1821 
Ham William, jun. Englefield, Reading, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Hambleton John, Servant to Lord Egermont, July 1787. 71. 
Hamersley Hugh, Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1818. 9. 

Hamersley Margaret, wife of Hugh Hamersley, Sandgate, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hammond Sarah, Chilton Lodge, Widow, Servant to J. Pearse, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hammond Zeniiah, Kingscole, Gloucestershire, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Hamstede Frederick William, Camberwell, a Minor, and Alexander Sutherland 

Cruikshank, East India House, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Hand John, Seijeant's-inn, Fleet-street, Gent. Jan. 1758. 130. 
Handy Hannah, Stratford-on-Avon, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hannam Edward, Sarvant to Lieut. Col. Dickins, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Hanning Johan, Betts-street, Ratcliff-highway, Sugar Refiner, Julv 1812. 21.* 
Hanning William, Dilmington, Parish of Ilnunster, Somerset, Trustree 

„ _ . - to the Rev. 

Richard Abraham, Rector of the same place, July 1810. 25.* 
Hanson Charlotte, Woodford, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Hanson John, Chancery-lane, esq. and Elizabeth, his wife, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Hanson John Oliver, Woodford, Essex, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Hanson Pendope, Holbom, Widow, July 1816. 13. 
Harbour Hannah, Bethnal-green Spinster, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Harbridge Peter, Crown-court, Temple-bar, Cordwainer, July 1799. 47. 
Hardess Ann, Wapping, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1827. 

Harding Henry, Abington, Watchmaker, and Phillip Street, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Harding John Wells, Great Chelsea, Middlesex, Drawing-master, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Harding William, jun. Forthill Bishop, Wilts, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Harding Maria, wife of S. Harding, Kensington, & Sarah Harding, a Minor, July 1822. 
Harding Rev. Sir Cha8.,Wm. Thos. Harvey, esq. and Geo. Lingard, July 1828. 
Hardman Wm. , Quay-st. Manchester, & G. Mostyn, Ashtead, esqs. dec. July 1814. 17* 
Hardy John, Merchant Taylors' Hall, Gent. Jan. 1759. 128. 
Hare Elizabeth, Bristol, Widow, and Arthur Pakner, jun. ditto, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14 

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Hare Thomas, Monnt-street, Gent. dec. July 1797. 8. 

Harford Ann, JohnVstreet, King's-road, Spinster, July 1800. 8. 

Harford Charles Gray, Bristol, esq. July 1828. 

Harford Joseph, Bristol, Merchant, & John ¥1sher Weare, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1815. 16.* 

Harford William Heniy, esq. Bristol, July 1818. 9. 

Haivrayes William, MUe End, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 

Harund Catherine, Bedford-square, Widow, dec. Jan. 1816. 14.'^' 

Harman John, Cateaton-st. &T. Fletcher, Ironmonger-la. Merchs. dec Jan. 1818. 10. 

Harnett Catherine, Canterbury, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Harper Robert John, Russell-place, Fitzroy-square, and Thomas Tubb, Lamboum, 

Berks, esqs. July 1822. 
Harper William, Old-street-square. Yeoman, Jan. 1806. 34. 

Harries Edward, Arscot, Salop, dec. & £. Burton, Shrewsbury, etas. July 1816. 13. 
Harrington Elizabeth, wife of Charles Harrington, Long-lane, Smithfield, Coffee- 
house-keeper, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Harris Betty, Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital, Spinster, dec. and George Barham, 

Newman-street, Servant to Mr. Ward, July 1818. 9.* 
Harris David, Hawley-|nreen, Hants, G^nt. July 1815. 5. 
Harris Frandsca Octavia, Rugby, Warwickshire, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Harris George, Calcutta, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Harris John Hall, Caius College, Cambridge, esq. dec. Jan. 1823. 
Harris Mary, Tottenham, Widow, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Harris Penelope, Alsop's-buildings, Marylebone, Spinster, July 1804. 37. 
Harris Susanna, Aldersgate-street, Spinster, Jan. 1805. 36. 
Harris Susanna, West Ham, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Harris Thomas, Slanford, Worcestershire, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Harris Thomas Herbert, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Harrison Henry, Abinffdon-street, Westminster, Grent. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Harrison Richiu-d AckK)m, Hull, Collector of Customs, Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Harrison Simeon, Middle-row, Holbom, Gent, and Mary Stanley, St. James's-walk, 

Clerkenwell, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Harrison Simeon, Charter House-square, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Harrison Thos.,Gray's-inn-la. Cowkeeper,W. Francis, Tottenham-ct.-rd. Cowkeeper, 

dec. W. Thisdton, Stationer, & G. Young, Gent. dec. Goodge-st. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Harrison Thomas, Alpha-road, Regents-park, esq. Jan. 1827. 

Harrison Wm. Geo., Jamaica, esq. dec. & H. Hedges, Hayes, Middlesex, esq. July 1825. 
.Harrison William John, Jamaica, esq. dec. Jan. 1825. 
Harrop John, Dobcross, Yorkshire, Merchant, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Harrop Susanna, Upper Fountain-place, City-road, Widow, Ann Knight, ditto. Spins. 

now wife of Jas. Wilmot, and Sarah Ann, Frances Diggs, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Harrow David, and Peter Munt, Gents, both of Butcher-hall-lane, July 1819. 7.* 
Hart Stephen, Prescot-st. Groodman's-fields, Isaac Solomons, William-st Kent-road, 

and Alexander Solomons, Duke's-place, dec. Gents. Jan. 1830. 
Hartley Thomas, Upper Clapton, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Hartopp Sir Edmund Cradock, Bart. Four Oaks-hall, Warwickshire, and John Pares, 

Leicester, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Harvey Rev. Edmund, Finningley, Notts, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Harvey Henry, Upper Wunpole-street, esq. Thomas Shewell Bailward, Horsington, 

Somerset, esq. and Rev. Harry Fan* Yeatman, Stock Greyland, Dorset, Jan. 1831. 
Harvey Thomas, East Mersey, Essex, Farmer, July 1815. 15. 
Harwood Thomas, Sicily, at Lord William Bentinck's, Gent. July 1813. 19.* 
Haselden Henry, a Minor, His Majesty's Ship Sceptre, July 1814. 17.* 
Hasldn Edward Pointer, Newburv, Berks, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Haslup Ann, Duke-street, Lincoln's-inn, Spinster, July 1794. 57. 
Hastings Selina Elizabeth, and S. F. Hastings, Lewisham, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Hatheriull John, Loughton, Essex, Gramekeeper, July 1817. 11. 
Hatfaeway Felicia Mary, Half Moon-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Hathway Thomas, Queenhithe, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
HatkyJohn, Broom-hall, Essex, Farmer, July 1816. 13.* 
Hatt Charles, Abmgdon, Berks, esq. dec. Rev. R. Bowles, ditto, dec J. Bunoe,Frilford, 

esq. dec and William Walker, sen. Kingston Bayprize, esq. dec. July 1815. 15. 
Hatton Ann, and Frances Hatton, Hertford, Spinsters, Jan. 1814. 36. 

Hawker EUzabeth, Farm-itreet, Berkdey-street, Widow, Jan. 1806. 34. 

Hawker James, Brewer-street, Golden-square, Saddler, July 1819. 7. 

Hawker Richard, Rodborou^, Gloucestershire, Dyer, dec. and William Hill, Stooa- 

house, Gloucestershire, Clothier, dec. Jan. 1823. 
Hawker William, Poundersford, near Taunton, esq. dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Hawkins Ann, Upper Harley-street, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Hawkins Ann Charlotte, Fetter-lane, Widow, Jan. 1830. 
Hawkins Hannah, Hozton, Widow, Jan. 1806. 8. 
Hawkins John, Loncoln's-inn, esq. July 1800. 45. 

Hawkins Millicent, wife of A. Hawkins, Corsham, Wilts, Clothier, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hawkins Samuel, Globe-stairs, Rotherhithe, Waterman, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Hawkins Sarah, Wilton-park, BeEiconsfield, Bucks, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Hawkins Col. Thomas, Bath, I. E. Company's Service, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hay Col. Patrick, Nutwood Cottage, near Galton, Surrey, July 1819. 7. 
Haycock Thomas, Woodchester, Gloucestershire, Gent. July 1799. 12. 
Hayes Elizabeth, Banner-street, St. Luke's, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Hayes Thomas, Artillery-place, Bermondsey, Tailor, and Mary Wilson, wife of Geo. 

Wilson, Pickering, Yorkshire, Gent July 1830. 
Haynes Catherine, Wife of John Haynes, Admiralty, Gent July 1819. 7. 
Hays Andrew, Wanstead, Servant to Mr. Towgood, July 1818. 6. 
Hayter Sarah, Barronstone, West Meath, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hayward Thomas, Painswick, Gloucestershire, Gent. Jan. 1805. 36. 
Healey Jameft. Epping, Gent, and Martha Banks, Bromley, Spinster, July 1830. 
Head Lady Mary, Haymarkct, Widow, dec. July 1797. 51. 
Heale William, Newington-green, esq. dee. Mary Ann Heale, and Eliza Heale, both 

Minors, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Heam Margaret, Bemer's-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1812. 22.* 
Heath Ann, Hampstead, Spinster, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Heath Mary, Stoke, near Guildford, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Heath Matthew, King's Bench-walk, Temple, Sohcitor, Jan. 1831. 
Heathcote Capt. Gilbert, Royal Navy, and Maria Sophia Heathcote, a Minor, Hursley, 

Hants, July 1824. 
Heaton John, Plas Heaton, Denbighshire, esq. & A. Jones, Ruthin, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Hebb Mary, Claypole, Lincolnshire, Spinster, July 1807. 31. 
Hebb Sarah, wife of William Hebb, Henry-street, Pentonville, Gent. July 1807. 31. 
Hebden Ann, Broad-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1802. 42. 
Hebert Hildebrand Oakes, Rood-lane, Distiller, Jan. 1798. 50. 
Hedge Thos., Colchester, Essex, & J. Miller, Leadenhall-st, Gents, dec. July 1815. 15. 
Hedley Robert, Newcastle-on-Tyne, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hemes Elizabeth, Lower Thomhauffh-street, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Hemming Rev. Samuel, Hampton, D. D. July 1826. 
Hemsley Benjamin, Thames-street, Harness-maker, July 1818. 9. 
Henderson Magnus, of His Majesty's Ship Beagle, Mariner, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Henderson Robert, a Seaman of His Majesty's Ship Sandwich, Jan. 1798. 50. 
Henderson Robert, Maidenhead, Berks, Edmund Winder, and Edmund Winder, jun. 

both of Bumham, Bucks, Gents. July 1827. 
Hendrickson John Henry, Great Grimsby, Lincohishire, Mariner, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hene Eleanor, Exmouth, Devon, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Henley John, Ryarsh, Kent, Fanner, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Henly Thomas, Newington, Surrey, Gent. July 1808. 
Henman William, Soudi £!nd, Lewisham, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Henry John Wilson, Great Hermitage-street, Carpenter, July 1803. 39. 
Henry Robert, Jermyn-street, St. James's, Gent. Robert Henry, jun. ditto, Gent, and 

Margaret Henry, ditto. Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Henshaw Elizabeth, Gloster-place, Portman-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Herbert Ann, Enfield, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Herd Jane, Maid-lane, Southwark, Widow, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Herie Jean Baptiste, Bath, Gent. July 1803. 39. 
Herington Richard, Guilford, Surrey, Grocer, Jan. 1824. 
Hermeler Henrietta, Took's-court, Chancery-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Herzeele Jan Jacob Van, Scheweren, esq. Jan. 1816. 14.* 

Hesketh Mary, Widow, now wife of William Hesketh, Ostend, Gent. Jan. 1802. 42. 


Hesilrigg Dame Henrietta Ann, Noseley-hall, Leicestershire, Widow, Jc^rn Mansfirid, 
Berstoll-house, Leicestershire, esq. and Edward Robson, Castle-street. Leicester- 
square, Gent. Jan. 1827. 
Heslop Rev. Luke, Nottingham -place, D. D. & J. R. Heslop, ditto, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Hewes Frances, Bath, Spinster, & 6. Kitson, jun. ditto, Surgeon, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hewett William, Georse-st. Blackfnars, Green-grocer, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hewitt Joseph, dec. Abraham Awson, dec. Peter Emans, dec. and William Freeman, 

dec. all of Coventry, Gents. Jan. 1812. 23.'!' 
Hey Benjamin, Little Stanhope-street, Mayfidr, esq. and John Hey, Slierbome, near 

Ferrybridge, Yorkshire, Maltster, July 1828. 
Heyman Henry, Laurel-cottage, Middlesex, esq. and Charbtte Mary Heyman, 

a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Hickman Rev. William. Waterford, Jan. 1810. 5. 
Hicks Benjamin, and James Bird, Ship. Tottenham, Grents. July 1818. 9. 
Hicks Caroline, Thomhaugh-street, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hicks Lydia, Spinster, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, a Servant, Jan. 1815. 4. 
Hicks Mary, Speenham-land, Berks, Widow, July 1813. 19. 
Hifferman Harriet, Upper George-street, Spinster, now wife of Paul Greorge Grady 

Haly, Arundle-street, Strand, Ship Owner, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Higgins Elizabeth, Aldgate, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 
Higgins William, Air- street, Piccadilly, Builder, dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Higginson Miyor James, 62nd Renment of Foot, Jan. 1823. 
Himouse Sarah, Willingborough, Northamptonshire, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Hill Ann, Northampton, Widow, dec. July 1810. 23. 

Hill Caroline, Blackbeath, Spinster, &C. L. Bennett, of the same place, July 1828. 
Hill Elizabeth, Bond-street, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 
Hill Greorge, Servant to Mrs. Wyman, Little Hormead, July 1817. 11. 
Hill Guy, Ross, Herefordshire, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Hill John, Kennington, Gent. July 1827. 
.'HUlJohn, Cork, Gent. July 1808. 29. 
Hill John, Grent. Rev. John Heelis, Rev. John Waller, aec. and Sir James Graham, 

Bart, all of Temple Sowerby, Westmorland, July 1819. 7. 
Hill Mary, Hammersmith, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Hill Richeird, S. Martin, J. Newton, & J. Thomson, Kingston-on-Hull, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Hills John, Ash, near Sandwich, Kent. G^nt. dec. July 1825. 
Hillyard Temple, Henry Locock, Barnard Levi, dec. and Gleorge Smith, Gents, all of 

Northampton, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Hilshold Johan, Hinrich Heligoland, Merchant, Jan. 1813. 5. 
Hilton James, Ironmonger-lane, Merchant, James Hilton, a Minor, and Nicholas 

Hilton, Ironmonger-lane, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hilton James, Ironmonger-lane, Merchant, John Hilton, a Minor, and Nicholas 

Hilton, Ironmonger-lane, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Himm Sarah, Sloane-square, Chelsea, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Hinde Joseph, Grove Church, Gent. July 1808. 29. 
Hindley Mary Joanna, Dover, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hinnibier Adolphus, Lewis, Ldeut. Col. in the Army, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hinton Ann, High Holbom, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Hipp Marffaret, Queen's-gardens, Brompton, Widow, dec. Ann Elizabeth Hipp, 

Wm. H. Hipp, and Eliza Hipp, Minors, all of the same place, Jan. 1S20. 6.^ 
Hiscock William, Chiswell-street, Gent. Jan. 1812. 22 * 
Hitch Joseph, Commerdal-road, Poplar, Wheelwright, and William Hitch, a Minor. 

July 1817. 11. 
Hitch Joseph, Poplar, Wheelwright, and Mary Hitch, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Hitch Joseph, Commercial-road, Poplar, Wheelwright, and Joseph Hitch, jun. a 

Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Hitch Susannah, Harley-street, Marylebone, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16.'*' 
Hoare Elizabeth, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Hodder Sarah, Dean's-yard, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Hodges William, Mr. Pattersons, Albany, Piccadilly, Gent. July 1827. 
Hodges Thomas, Gent. & E. Sutherland, Spinster, Mile End-road, Jan. 1798. 50. 
Hodgkin Mary, Bishopgate-street Widow, and John Waring, Tower-street, Snigeon, 

July 1818. 9. 

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Hodgson J., Lincoln's-inn, Barrister, & Ann Bromfield, Tungridge Wells, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hoddion Isaac, Amsterdam, esq. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Hodsoll William Thomas, Strand, Gent. Julv 1812. 21. 

Hogben Emma Margaret Martha Ann, Chalkwell, near Sittingboume, Kent, Spinster, 
Jan. 1815. 16. ---•»» f i 

Holbert Elizabeth, dec. Denmaric-hill, Widow, James Wilson, dec. Champion-hill, esq. 

Thomas Fish, dec. Walworth, & Richard Smales, dec. Walworth, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Holford George, Bolton-street, Hanover-square, esq. Jan. 1822. 
HoUiday Grace, Sunbnry, Middlesex, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hollier Sarah, Henley-on-Thames, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 

Holloway Ann, Welbeck-street, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Ogilvie, July 1817. 11. 
HoUoway Mary, Spinster, Plommer's-court, Holbom, at Mr. Freeth's, July 1817. 11. 
Holmes Charles, Royal Exchange, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Holmes James, Montague-street, Russell-square, esq. and William Migor, Gannick- 

comer, Potter's-bu', esq. July 1827. 
Holmes Wm., High-st. Marylebone, &. Saml. Sargon, Little Turnstile, Grents. July 1820. 
Holroyd Mary, Oxford-street, Widow, July 1804? 37. 
Holt John, jun. Broxburn, Herts, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Holt Richard, Victualling Office, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Holthouse Mary, Hackney, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Homan Ann, Peckham, Widow, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Honeyman, Elizabeth, Queen's Head-walk, Hoxton, Spinster, July 1825. 
Hood William, Inner Temple, esq. and Edmund Hood, Borden-park, Leicestershire, 

esq. July 1819. 7. 
Hooper Capt. Daniel, Ramsgate, dec. Jan. 1819. 8.'*' 
Hooper Mary, Winchester, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hooper Moses, Great Marlborough-street, Gent. Geo. Hobson, same place, Surgeon, 

and Jane Buckland, Langley-park, Spinster, July 1822. 
Hoper Moses, Old Burlington-street, esq. Jan. 1826. 
Hooper Sally, Winchester, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Hooper Sarah, Woodmanscote, near Basingstoke, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Hope Henry, Edinburgh, (rent. July 1813. 8. 
Hopkins Ann, Bromley, Kent, Widow, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Hopkins Elizabeth, Kmg's-road, Bedford-row, Widow, Jan. 1811. 23.* 
Hopkins Joseph, jun. Upper Seymour-street, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Hopkins William, King's Arms Tavern, Servant, July 1778. 89 
Hopkinson John, Dufield, near Derby, Grent. July 1814. 17. 
Hopper Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Hopson Ann, Gate-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Sninster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hopson Mary, Freeschool-street, Horsleydown, Widow, Peter Roche, ditto. Mariner, 

and Elizab^ Roche, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hore Caesar, dec. Drury-lane, Tallow-chandler, Jan. 1829. 
Horn Martha, Servt. to Mr. Wandser, Trafalgar-place, Stockwell, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hornby Mary, Shepherd's-court, Grosvenor-square, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Home Carr, Deptford, Kent, Baker, Elizabeth Home, his wife, and Mary Sage 

Camberwell, Widow, Jan. 1818. 4. 
Home Felicia Elizabeth, Welbeck-st. Widow, & J. Miller, Carey-st. esq. July 1799. 47. 
Homiman John, Great Marlow, Bucks, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Horasby Thomas, Fulham, Gent. & W. Dyer, Little Ilford, Essex, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hoskins William, Twickenham, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Hossey Elizabeth, Wandsworth, Widow, dec. and Thomas Hossey, Carpenter, of the 

same place, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Hotham Hon. and Rev. Frederick, Dennington, Suffolk, July 1816. 13. 
Hotham Hon. and Rev. Frederick, Dennington, Suffolk, Sir Chas. Edmonstone, Bart. 

Dunheath, StirUng, & Rear Admiral Sir J. Sutton, K.C.B., R.N.Jan. 1817. 12. 
Houblon John Archer, Great Hallingbury, Essex, esq. Trustee to the Rev. Jonathan 

Lepyeatt, July 1819. 7.* 
Hougham Soloman, Aldersgate-street, Merchant, dec. and Lieut. Col, John Taylor, 

Bomb^ Jan. 1819. 8. 
Houghton William, Manchester, esq. Jan. 1799. 48. 

Houlder Sarah, Widow, & W. Houlder, Glass Merchant, both of Southwark, Jan. 1825. 
Houstoon Margaret Eliza, Brighton, Widow, Jan. 1831. 

' 7^ 

uiyiiizKU uy >^_j v^^^-i i-V- 

How Martha, Mile End, Spinster, Jan. 1804. 38. 

Howard Ann Sarah, Kennington, Widow, Joseph Burrell, Watling-street, esq. Wm 

Howard, Chehnsford, esq. & A. S. Hovrard, Kennington, a Minor, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Howard Charles, Graystock, Cumberland, esq. & Frances, his wife. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Howard Martha Ann, Sherard-street, Grolden-sqnare, Widow, July 1824. 
Howard Wm.,& J. P. Hovrard, esqs. both of Hyde Park-comer, July 1826. 
Howe Ann, Berkhempsted, Herts, July 1818. 9. 
Howe Charles, 10th Regiment of Foot, Seijeant, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Howell Charles, Gravd-lane, Soutfawark, Carpenter, & Mary, biswife, dec. Jan. 1830. 
Howell Henry, Bath, Gent. July 1811. 23.* 
Howell Rev. John Francis, Exeter, dec Jan. 1825. 
Howes James, Essex-place, Stratford, Essex, Grent dec. July 1819. 7. 
Howlett Martha, Spinster, Servant to the Hon. Mr. BlundeU, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Hoy Ann, Stoke, Suffolk, Widow, July 1815. 15. 
Hoy Sarah, Little Hadham, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hucks Sarah, Dulwich, Widow, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Hucks Sarah, Dulwich, Widow, & J. W. Peny, Perry-pL Oxford-st. Jan. 1806. 34. 
Hudson Abraham, Ware, Herts, Grent. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hudson Ann, wife of John Hudson, Charles-street, City-road, Grent. July 1819. 7. 
Hudson Charles, Hallifax, Yorkshire, Gent. July 1813. 5. 
Hudson Greorge, Norwich, G^t. July 1818. 9. 

Hughes Jane, wife of H. Hughes, LUmdogenning, Carmarthen, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hughes Margaret, Sloane-street, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Smith, July 1822. 
Hughes Mary, Mansion House-row, Lambedi, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Huffhes Rebecca, Somers Town, Spinster, July 1814. 17.* 
Hu&brd Elizabeth, Great Marlborough-street, Spinster, July 1811. 23.* 
Huhne Ann E^abeth, wife of J. Hnlme, Ball Hay, Staffordshire, M. D. July 1824. 
Hull John, Uxbridge, Mealman, dec. John Mercer, same place, ditto, and John 

Trumper, Hareiield, Yeoman, Jan. 1816. 
Hull Mary, Leominster, Herefordshire, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Hullah Henry, New-road, St. Georee's East, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Hume Rev. Thomas Henry, of the Close, Salisbury, Jan. 1815. 5. 
Hume James Deacon, Custom House, esq. John Way, War Office, esq. and Thomas 

Chapman, Henrietta-street, Brunswicx-square, Gent. Jan. 1827. 
Hume John, Deptford, Distiller, dec. July 1810. 25. 
Humphries William, Oxford-street, Butcher, July 1815. 15. 
Humphr^s William, Westminster, Pawnbroker, dec. Jan. 1822. 
Hunsley Elizabeth, Epsom, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12.* 
Hunt Ijiomas Holdsworth, Russell-square^ esq. Jan. 1830. 
Hunt Elizabeth, Swallow-street, Widow, Jan. 1809. 28. 

Hunt Rev. Joseph, Little Moorfields, and T. Norris, Lincoln's-inn-sq. Jan. 1813. 
Hunt Mary, Bristol, Widow, July 1830. 

Hunt Thomas George, Fall Mall, Merchant, dec. July 1801. 43. 
Hunter Eleanor, Cumberland-place, New-road, Spinster, July 1810. 25.* 
Hunter Robert, West-end, Grent. Elizabeth Biddle, Hamstead, Widow, and Herbert 

Brace, Middle Temple, esq. July 1796. 53. 
Hurst Robert, Horsham, Sussex, & C.Butler, Uncoln's-inn, esqs. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Hutchinson Biarbara, Spinster, now wife of J. Harding, Croydon, Jan. 1796. 54. 
Hutchinson G^rge, Stockton, G^t.& John Middleton, Hartlepool, Miller, Jan. 1826. 
Hutchinson Hannah, Vineyeard, Bath, Widow, dec. Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Hutt Elizabeth, Shoe-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hutt Richard, Chester-place, esq. Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Huxley Lucy, CecU-street, Strand, Widow, July 1806. 33. 
Hynam Wm., Ratcliff, Surgeon, dec. & E. Godin, Ware, Herts, Widow, dec. Jan. 1822. 


Hack Benjamin, Adam-street, Edgware-road, Pamter, Sophia Hack, his wife, and 

MaryHack, a Minor, Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Hacketts Robert, Servant to Mr. Burcoyne, Feltham, Middlesex, Oct. 1801. 43. 
Haines Mary Eleanor, Tumer-street, Stepney, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 
Hales Sir Philip, Bart Brymore, Somerset, and Rev. Henry Parsons. Goathurst. 

Somerset, Oct. 1817. 11.* 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Hall Caroline, Ebnry-street, PimUoo, Spintter, Oct 1828. 

Han Eklward, W. Tomer, & J. Jee, aU of Batcher-hall-lane, GMti. AprQ 1812. 22. 

Hall EUxabeth, Seven Oaki, Kent, Widow, April 1819. 

Han Henry, Curntor-itreet, etq. April 1819. 8. 

HaU Jacob, Pall MaU, Gent April 1783. 80. 

Han Jcdrn, Weston Cohille, Cambridcethire, esq. Oct 1829. 

Han John, Bristol, Linen Merchant, Oct. 1821. 

HaU William, sen. East Monlsey, Surrey, esq. Oct. 1823 

Hallett Ann, Union-street, Deptford, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 

HallifiuL Mary Dorcas, Little St. Thomas Apostle, Spinster, April 1815. 16. 

Hailing Griles, Batcher-row, Temple-bar, Batcher, dec. Oct. 1815. 15. 

Hamenley Hugh, Sandgate, Kent, es^. April 1818. 10. 

Hamilton Thomas, Bridge-rd. Westmmster, Cabinet-maker, April 1819. 8. 

Hamlet Thomas, CaTendish-sqaare, esq. Anril 1818. 10. 

Hanan Ann, GU)lden-sqaare, Widow, dec. Oct. 1800. 45. 

Hanbury Charbtte Louisa, Hamburgh, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Hanchett Elizabeth, Ratcliff-hii^way, Widow, dec. Oct 1821. 

Harden John, WnitehaU, Gent Oct. 1802. 41. 

Harding Elizabeth, Cottage^hiU, Spinster, Oct 1781. 83. 

Harding Rev. John, Rockfield, Monmouth, &T. Turner, Gloucester, Banker, Oct. 1826. 

Hardman William, Quay-street, Manchester, esq. dec. and George Mostyn, Ashtead, 

Surrey, esq. dec. April 1814. 18. 
Hardy John, Leadenball -street. Merchant. Harry Darby, Lime-street, Merchant, and 

Isaac Clarke, Comhill, Merchant, Oct. 1804. 37. 
Harlow James, Servant to Capt. Riboulean, R. N. April 1813. 5. 
Harris Elizabeth, Chesterfield-street, Widow, Oct. 1794. 57. 
Harris Sophia, Devonshire-street, Edgware-road, Spinster, Oct 1816. 13. 
Harrison Eliza, New-road, St. George's, Middlesex, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Harrison Thomas, Alpha-road, Regent's-park, Geo. Harrison, Spring-garden-terrace, 

Westminster, and William Hill, of the same place, esqs. Oct. 18&. 
Harrowby Right Hon. Nathaniel Lord, Park-street, dec. and Francis Gosling, Fleet- 
street, Banker, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hart Marr, Servant to L. Samuel, Mansell-street, Goodman's-fields, Oct 1805. 35. 
Hart Napbtaly, Camden-street, Islington, Gent April 1817. 12. 
Hart Stephen, Stock Exchange, Gent. Isaac Solomons, New England Coffee-bouse, 

Grent. & Alexander Solomons, Great Alie-st Goodman's-fields, Gent. dec. Oct, 1829. 
Harvey Rev. Edmund, Rector of Finningley, Nottinghamshire, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Harvey Isabella, East-street, Manchester-square, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1809. 27. 
Harvey Rev. Richard, Vicarof St. Lawrence, & J. lliwaite, Ramsgate, Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Hastings Rev. James, Martley, Worcestershire, April 1811. 15. 
Hatton John, Speenham Land, Berks, Painter, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hawker Rev. Robert, Vicar of Charles Parish, Plymouth, dec. T. Grendle, & J.Moore, 

Churchwardens, of the same place, April 1826. 
Hawkins Ann, Talbot-court, Gracechurch-street, Spinster, now wife of John Wood, 

Cloak-lane, Cabinet-maker, April 1805. 36. 
Hawkins Jane, wife of J. Adair Hawkins, Great Marlborouffh-st. Surgeon, Oct. 1830. 
Hawkins John Adair, Great Marlborough-street, Gent, and William Bentinck Letham 

Hawkins, of the same place, Gent. Oct 1822. 
Hawkins Mary, Gough-square, Fleet-street, Widow, Oct. 1830. 
Hawvs John Fleet-street, Stationer, dec. April 1816. 14. 
Haylett Elizabeth, Hoxton, Widow, Oct. 1822. 
Hays Rev. Richard, Aberfield, Berks, Rev. Robert Burton, Oakingham, Berks, and 

Rev. William Bremner, Workingham, WUts, April 1819. 8. 
Ha3rward Amy, Sermon-lane, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Hayward James, jun. Sermon-lane, Grent. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Hazard Samuel, Kensington, esq. dec. Oct. 1781. 83. 
Hazard William, Charlotte-row, Islington, Grent and Eleanor Elizabeth Hazard, a 

Minor, April 1824. 
Heath Rev. Dr. Benjamin, Eton, Bucks, April 1812. 22. 
Heath Elizabeth, Moreshill, near Godamin, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Heather John Brazier Wyatt, Hacknev, Middlesex, Gent. April 1824. 
Heaton Thomas, dec. and John Holliday, dec. LincolnVinn, Gents. April 1801. 44 



Heaums John Roche, Lombard-street, Grent. dec. April 1819. 8 

Heber Elizabe^, Pimlico, Spinster, April 1805. 36. 

Hedges Elizabeth, Parliament-street, Spinster, April 1782. 82. 

Heneage Ann, St. Swithin's, Lincoln, Widow, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Hennings Casper, Upper Seymour-street, (rent. dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Herefora the Bishop of, John Lnzmore, D.D. the Dean of ditto, Geo. Gretton, D. D. 

die Chancellor of ditto, John Napleton, D. D. the Archdeacon of ditto, James 

Jones, D. D. the Archdeacon of Salop, Joseph Corbett, M. A. the Custos of the 

College of Vicars Choral of the Cathedral of Hereford, Richard Underwood, 

M. A. for the time being, April 1817. 12.* 
Hemsley Benjamin, Cbeapside, Harness-maker, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Hesketh Elizabeth, Trini^ AJms-honses, Mile-end, Widow, and Kitty Moon WUIett, 

of the same place, Spmster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hesse Legrew, Somerset-place, esq. Oct. 1829. 
Hewer Jeremiah Radbum, Rose-street, Newgate-market, Butcher, dec. and Charles 

Simpson, Newgate-street, Bacon Merchant, dec. April 1812. 22.* 
Hewitt Robert, Middle Temple, & J. Harrison, Cockspur-st. Gents, dec. April 1624. 
Hewitt Robert, Middle Temple, Gent. dec. Oct. 1820. 
Heyes Elizabeth, Hart-street, Cripplegate, Widow, April 1807. 32. 
Hill Daniel, Holbom, Gent. April 1826. 

Hill Lieut. Edward, R. N. Northumberland Coffee-house, Strand, April 1819. 8. 
Hill George, Ware, Hertfordshire, Miller, Oct. 1823. 
Hill Mary, Servant, Lower Smith-street, Clerkenwell, Oct. 1812. 13. 
Hills Daniel, Birdbrook, Essex, Grent. and Elizabeth Baker, a Minor, Rottendean, 

Essex, April 1819. 8. 
Hills Jonathan, Ramsden Bill-house, Essex, Gent. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Hindley Isaac, Baldock, Herts, esq. Mordaunt Lawson Clennell, Staple's-inn, esq. 

and Robert Wilkinson, War Office, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Hoare Judith, wife of Joseph Hoare, Oxford, Yeoman, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Hoare Juliana, Frederick-place, Hampstead-road, Spinster, Oct. 1822. 
Hoare Sir Richard Colt, Bart. Stourhead, Wilts, Henry Hobhouse, Hodspen-house, 

J. Phelips, Montacute, & S. Rodbard, E vererech, Somerset, esqs. April 1816. 14. 
Hodd Richard, Woking, Surrey, Cordwainer, Sarah Maria Woods, Horsell, Surrey, a 

Minor, Harriott Woods, of the same place, ditto, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hodgson John, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn, esq. Oct. 1820. 
Hodgson Mary, Servant to the Earl of Bristol, St. James's-square, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hodgson Rev. Robert, St. George's, Hanover-square, Beilby Hodgson, Tellicherry, 

East Indies, esq. & J. Smith, George-st. Mansion-house, Banker, Oct. 1816. 13. 
HodsoU Wm. Thos. Bank-chambers, Bartholomew-lane, Stock Broker, April 1829. 
Holdins William, King's Clere, Hants, Attorney at Law, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hollands Sarah Elizabeth, Bermondsey-square, Spinster, Oct. 1824. 
Holland William, Rochdale, Lancashire, Merchant, April 1812. 22. 
Holliday Elizabeth, Dillhom-house, Staffordshire, Widow, & Chas. Abbott, Temple, 

Barrister at Law, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Holliday Susanna, Great Berkhampstead, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Holton Joseph, Greenwich, Gent. April 1817. 12. 
Hohne Rev. Frederick William, Mazey Hampton, Fairford, Gloucestershire, and John 

Tremenheere, Rosecadghill, Cornwall, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Holmes Hester, Walford, Hereford, Widow, and Elizabeth Hester Fosbrooke,aMinor, 

April 1819. 8. 
Homan Frances Margretta, West Ham, Widow, Sir F. J. Hartwell, Bart. Somerset- 
house, and Henry Warbiirton, Parliament-street, esq. April 1813. 10. 
Hone Mary, Mitcham, Surrey, Spinster, April 1817. 5. 

Hood Wm., Inner Temple, & E. Hood, Bardon-park, Leicestershire, esq. April 1822. 
Hope Richard, Great Knightrider-street, Doctor's-commons, Grent. Oct. 1820. 
Hope^ood Andrew, Hadley, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Hopkins William^ Catshead-court, Orchard-street, Shoemaker, dec. and Elizabeth 

Hopkins, his wife, Oct. 1825. 
Hort Abraham, Dean-street, Finsbury-square, Merchant, & Alfred WaleyHort, of tha 

same place, a Minor, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hoskins Alexander, lincoWs-inn, esq. April 1815. 16. 
Hoskins Cassandra, Ross, Herefordshure, Spinster, dec. April 1818. 10. 




avDUCVD THmn pi& cbnt. anmuitibr. 

Hotiiam Hon. and Rev. Frederick, Dennington, Suffolk, Rer. 6. Edmonstone, Peitwick, 

Norfolk, &E. W. Bootle, Latham-honse, Lancashire, esq. April 1816. 14. 
HotbamHon.&Rev. Frederick, Dennington, Suffolk, A. R. Hankey, London, Banker, 

and Sir. C. T. Palmer, Bart. Wantip-hall, Ldoeatershire, Apnl 1816. 14. 
Hotiiain Hon. & Rev. FrederickJDennington, Suffolk, A. R. Hankey, London, Banker, 

dec. & Sir. C. T. Palmer, Bart WanUp-hall, Leioestenhire, April 1824. 
Honlme George, Hoxton-sqoare, Gent. April 1753. 10. 
Honsley James, Jermyn-street, St James's, Great. Oct. 1819. 7. 
How Joseph, Bream's-buildings, Chancery -lane. Stationer, April 1813. 20. 
How Sarah, Bath, Widow, Oct. 1830. 
Howard Rer. Robert, Rector of Denbighshire, and Robert Middkton, Grwayn3rnon, 

Denbighshire, esq. April 1819. 8.* 
How Elizabeth, Market-lane, St. James's, Widow, April 1813. 20.* 
Howell Griffith, Brompton-row, &G. Davies, Warwick-st Gents. Oct 1810. 25. 
Howell Rev. John Francis, Clerk, Vicar of Budock, Cornwall, dec. John Bone, and 

Francis G^each, both of the same place, esos. April 1825. 
Howitt Elizabeth, Servant to Mrs. jScott, Size-lane, Oct 1817. 11. 
Huddiston Greorge, Croydon, esq. dec. April 1830. 
Huddleston George, Croydon, esq. dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hudson Ann, Ba&, Spinster, Oct. 1802. 41. 

Hadson Sarah, Spins. Servant to J. Irving, Biildred's-conrt, Poultry, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hughes Ann, Upper Brook-street, Spinster, April 1813. 20. 
Hughes Edward, Halifia, Nova Scotia, Gent April 1806. 34. 
Hughes John, Hammersmith, Glazier, dec. Oct 1813. 19.* 
Bughes John, Pall Mall, Gent. Oct 1793. 69. 
Humphreys Susannah, Brompton-mve, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Hunt Charles, Savage-gardens, Wme Merchant, Oct. 1813. 19.* 
Hunt Rebecca, Shalfront St. Peter's, Bucks, Spinster, Oct. 1829. 
Hunt Sarah, Charles-street, Westminster, Spinster, April 1817. 12.* 
Hunter Catherine, and Ann Hunter, Spinsters, Bristol, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Hunter Thomas, Sunderland, Durham, Ship CHmer, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Huntley Maiji wife of T. Huntley, Botolph-aDey, Billingsgate, Fishmonger, Oct. 1824. 
Hurford Mana, Hariey, Worcestershire, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hurst Robert, Hordiam, Sussex, esq. &C. Butler, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
HutchmsLucy, Water-st. Strand, Spinster, now wife of Joseph Dodson, Gloucester- 
terrace, St George's East, Sugar Broker, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hutchons Sophia Charlotte, Bemer-st. Ozford-st Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 


Hadley Samuel, Lewisham, Kent, esq. dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Hadlow John, Stock Exchange, Grent July 1815. 15. 

Haggett William, Northumborland-street, Marylebone, Gardener, July 1818. 9. 

Haines Robert, Godalmin, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Hale Sophia, Litchfield, Staffordshire, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

Halifax Robert, M. D. Albemarle-st & W. Walcot, jun. Temple, esq. July 1816. 13. 

Hall Elizabeth, Newark, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Hall Richard, Little Sedbury, Gloucestershire, Grent. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Hall Muy, Peter-street, Saffron-hill, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Hames Weston, of the Temple, Gent July 1797. 51. 

Hamilton Mary, Bicester, Oxon, Widow, July 1815. 15. 

Hamlet Thomas, Princes-street, Leicester-square, Goldsmith, and Frances Nalder, 

Cheapside, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Hammersley Hugh, Sandgate, eso. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hammet John, Lombard-street, Banker, July 1806. 33. 
Hampshire Elizabeth, Upper Brook-street, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hampton Phillis, Hatton-garden, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Hancock John Eastman, St Paul's Church-yard, Gent Jan. 1817. 12. 
Handcox Mary, Spinster, Siervant to Mr. Uoyd, Cheapside, Jan. 1813. 9. 
Hanner Lydia, at Mr. Lee's, Acre-lane, Clapham-common, July 1819. 7. 
Hanson Frederick, Duke-street, St. George's East, Mariner, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Harbidxe Elizabeth, wife of J. Harbidge, Brook-end, Gloucestershire, July 1818. 9« 
Hards Jemima, Courteen-hall, Nordiamptonshire, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 



Harden George, Ripley, Surrey, Grent. Elizabeth Harden, and Maria Louisa Harden 

both Minors, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hardy Matthew, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Harman Henry, Stretton-ground, Westminster, Gent. Henry Harman Stephenson, said 

Charles Thomas Stephenson- both Minors, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Harmer Elizabeth, Brighthelmstone, Sussex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Harrington John, Holbom, Tnonk-maker, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Harrington John, jun. Holbom, Tnink-niaker, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Harrison Edward, Broadway, St Thomas's, Southwark, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Harrison Robert, Comhill, Gent July 1807. 31. 

Hartopp Sir Edmund Cradock, Four Oaks-haD, Warwickshire, Bart. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hartopp G. H.W. Fleetwood, Four Oaks-hall, Warwickshire, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Harvey Elizabeth, Bedford-row, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Harvey Elizabeth, Hinxworth, Herts, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Harwood Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Long, Ditton, Surrey, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Hatchard Thomas, Miilman St. Andrews, Dorset, Gent. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Hatful Martha, Putney, Spinster, July 1815. 15. . 
Haweis Thomas, Aldwincle, Northamptonshire, L. L. D. Robert Tabor, Colchester, 

Brewer, dec. and George Mathews, Wetherfield, Essex, Farmer, Jan. 1815. 11. 
Hay Elizabeth, Shoe-lane, Widow, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Hayes Elizabeth, wife of John Hayes, Corkwell-yard, Queen-street. Haymarket, 

Carman, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Head Ldeut. Hugh Somerville, of the Royal Navy, July 1817. 6. 
Head Isaac, Helston, Cornwall, esq. July 1817. 11. 
Heam William, Newport, Isle of Wight, G&aL & Job Gambler, Southampton, Gent. 

Jan. 1817. 12. 
Heays Ellen, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Falio, Wigmore-street, July 1803. 39. 
Hedges Martha, China-row, Lambedi, Spinster, July 1813. 19. 
Heineken Rev. Nicholas Thomas, Bradford, Yorkshire, July 1818. 8. 
Henderson Maria Anne, Glass House-street, St. James's, Westminster, July 1817* U. 
Hendrickson Hon. Jan Bosch, Utrecht, July 1810. 25. 
Henson Tudor, and Edward Groodrich, both of Bermuda, esqs. July 1819. 7. 
Hermitage Flwices, South Audley-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7. * 
Herridffe John, Ufton, Berks, Labourer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Herzeeie Christina Louisa Van, wife of the Hon. Jan Grovert Taets Van. Amerougen, 

Amsterdam, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hewer Thomas, Newgate-market, Butcher, July 1818. 9. 

Hewett Sarah, wife of W. N. W. Hewett, Weston-green, Surrey, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Hewey Margaret, Keboe, N. B. Widow, dec. Rev. Alexander Waugh, Salisbury-place, 

New-road, Clerk, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Hewitt Ann, and Mary Ann Hewitt, George-street, Blackfriars-road, Widows, John 

Hewitt, Apothecary, & Jane Hewitt, of the same place, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Heyboum Elizabeth, Marlborough-house, Pall Mall, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Heyboum Hannah, Marlborough-house, Pall Mall, Spmster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Hickey Ann, Old Change, London, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Higgins Hannah, St. Andrew's-court, Holbom, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Higginson Jane, Southampton-st. Covent-garden, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hill Elizabeth, Vine-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Hill James, Famborough, Kent, Maltman, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Hill Joseph, Stanhope-street, Clare-market, Hatter, Jan. 1817. 7. 
Hill Mary, Servant to Ladv Ray, Bath, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Hillyard Sarah, Servt. to J. Groom, Twickenham, Somersetshire, eso. July 1816. 13. 
Hobart Rev. Henry, Richmond, A. Chapman, Middle Temple, T. Neave, Broad-st 

and W. A. Roberts, Bewdley, Worcestershire, esqs. July 1806. 33. 
Hockley Mary, Oxford-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hodge William, Brook-street, Ratcliff, Sail-maker, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hodges James, Grolden-square, esq. dec. July 1803. 39. 
Hodgson Eliza, Leeds, Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1799. 47. 
Hodson James Alexander, Holland-grove, near Wi|ran, esq. James Cardwell, Wigan« 

and Edward Kearslev, Hindley, Merchants. July 1816. 13. 
Hoffman James Rix. Bishopgate-street, Grent. & John Dixon Hancock, Whitechapel 

road. Coach-maker, July 1819. 7. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

nrm m osnt. nayt akkvitibs. 

Hoklen Martha, R«adm|;, Berks, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Holdea Rebecca, dec. Serrant to S. Page, Westcomb, Kent. Jan. 1820. 6« 

Holland Rebecca, Widow, &R. Selfe, esq. both of Cirencester, July 1817. IL 

HoUis Edward, Pnrtenhall, Bedfordshire, Farmer, Jnljr 1815. 15. 

HoUiB Martha, West Ham, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 8. 

Holman Elizabeth, High-street, Berkeley-square, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Homfray Sir Jeremiah, Landaff, Glamorganshire, Knt. Thomas Wyndham, I>imdairoii, 

dec. and T. Markham, Mash, Glamorganshire, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Honeyman John, Church-street, Spitalfields, Weaver, John Bellin, Chigwell, Essex, 

Gent. Stephen Shepheard, Hackney, Stock Broker, &Chalkly GU)uld, the younger. 

Louffhton, Essex, Farmer, Jul^ 1815. 15. 
Hooke Jane, Knockholt, Kent, Spmster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Hooper John, White Cross-street, Gent. July 1805. 35. 
Homvold Thomas, Blackmore-park, Worcester, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hoskms Catherine, Ratcli£f, Widow, July 1796. 53. 
Hosldns Elizabeth, Westerham, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1810. 8. 
Howard Hon. Frances Lady Dowager, Eskrigr, N. B. dec. July 1801. 43. 
Howe Mary, Wentwordi-place, MUe End-road, Spinster, Jan. 1810. 14. 
Howell Thomas, Launoeston, Cornwall, es(^. July 1819. 7. 
Howes Thomas WiUcock, Merch. R. C. Smith, Bricklarer, and J. Tomlinson, Brewer, 

all of Yarmou^, &G. W. Durrant, Flexton, SuffoUc, Farmer, July 1819. 7. 
Hoyles Michael, High-street, Marylebone, Linen-draper, July 1816. 13. 
Hn^scm Mary, FleaMnt-row, East-lane, Walworth, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Hugsins Edward, Northampton, Merchant, July 1819. 7. 
Hughes G^rge, Royal Exchange Fire-office, Geat, Jan. 1810. 8. 
Hughes Captain Henry, Crosby-square, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hughes John, Jesus College, Oxford, July 1818. 9. 
Hughes John, Canterbury, Post Boy. July 1819. 7. 
Hullah Henry, Prospect-place, St. George's, East, Grent. July 1819. 7. 
Hume John, Stamnore, esq. dec. Jan. 1818. 5. 

Humphrey Frances, Sem. to Mr. Pouller, of the Close, Winchester, July 1819. 7. 
Humphreys Jonas, Irer, Bucks, Tailor, dec. July 1813. 14. 
Hunt Charles John, Exeter Chanm, Strand, a Minor, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Hunt John, Southampton-street, Coyent-sarden, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Hunter G«orge, High-street, Wapping, l^^iriner, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Hutt Elizabe^, Shoe-lane, London, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Hyde Katherine, Bedford-row, Widow, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Hyett Jane, 135, Strand, Middlesex, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 


Hall Elizabeth, Portland-street, Widow, Oct. 1792. 61. 

Hamar John, Servant to Messrs. Berin&Co. West Smithfield, 5th April 1825. 

Hamersley Hugh, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Ai)ril 1818. 10. 

Hamilton Jane, Leith, Widow, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Hand Sarah, Pride-hill, Shrewsbury, Spinster, a Minor, 10th Oct. 1825. 

Hand Elizabeth, Pride-hill, Shrewsbury, Spinster, a Minor, 10th Oct. 1825. 

Harris Sarah, Servt. to Rev. J. Butterfield, Little Canfield, Esse:^, April 1811. 24. 

Hardy Margaret, Augusta-street, Reffent's-park, Spinster, Oct. 18i30. 

Harland Mary, Doncaster, York, Widow, April 1828. 

Harrison Mary, Spinster, Servant to S. Mills, esa. Oct. 1813. 19. 

Harrison Matthew, and Benjamin Harrison, Lonoon, Merchants, Oct. 1811. 23. 

Hayter Rev. Thomas, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Oct. 1811. 23.* 

Haworth Thomas, Swallow-street, St. James's, Gent. 10th Oct. 1824. 

Henstredge Hannah, Spinster, Servant to Lord Down, Wigmore-st. April 1819. 8. 

Herbert Jacob, East-lane, Walworth, and Ann, his wife, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Herbert John, Park, Mont^^omery, esq. dec. April 1812. 22. 

Hilliam Mary, wife of J. Hilliam, Caroline-pl. Marsh- gate, Lambeth, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Hills Mary, wife of George HiUs, Eastling, Kent, Farmer, Elizabeth Whitfield, wife 

of Thomas Whitfield, dec. Kingsland-road, Gent. & Henry Coulter, Duddington* 

Kent, Yeoman, dec. Oct. 1819. 7.* 
Hinton Hannah, Edmonton, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hinuber Colonel Adolphus Lewis, Timbridge Wells, Kent. April 1818. 10. 

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Hitciicock Clarke, Limehouae-hole, Gent. dec. David Serret, Canterbuiy-row, Surrey, 
Gent, and William Lys, Mile-end, Old Town, Mariner, Oct. 1814. 17. 

Hoare Anne, Charter-house-lane, Spinster, 5th April 1824. 

Holdsworth Arthur Howe, Dartmouth, Devon, esq. Oct. 1812. 21.* 

Uoldsworth Ann, Tottenham-coort-road, Spinster, and Elizabeth Taylor, Vemlam- 
buildinffs. Spinster, April 1818. 10. 

Holford Robert, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 


(Consolidated the Sixth of April 1780.J 

Hall Catherine, Winslow, Cheshire, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Hall Eiizabeth, Bishop-hill, Yorkshire, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Hall Thomas, Preston, Candover, Hants, Gent. April 1813. 20. 

Hallett Mary, Hayes-court, Newport-market, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Halton Arabella, Southampton, Spinster, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Halton Frances, Wingfield Manor, Derbyshire, Spinster, Oct. 1812. 21 

Hampton Phillis, Hatton-garden, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Harper Mary, Leominster, Herefordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 7. 

Harris Elizabeth, Nettlebed, Oxon, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Harrington Rev. Richard, Hagley, Worcestershire, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Harris Robert, Hoxton Town, Gent. dec. April 1819. 8. 

Harrison Mary, Folethorp, Rutlandshire, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 

Hartley Willisun, Long Acre, and Henry Harle, Queen-street, Gents. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Hatt Richard, Wormley, Herts, Gent. dec. April 1814. 18. 

Hartop Sir Edmund Craddock, Bart. Four Oaks-hall, Warwickshire, and John Pares, 

Leicestershire* esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Havard William, Bethnel-ereen, Gent. April 1810. 26. 
Hayward Edward, Welbeck-street, Cavendish-square, Gent. April 1810. 26. 
Heath John, Norwood-end, Fifield, Essex, Yeoman, Oct. 1812. 5. 
Heberdine Rev, Thomas, Canon Resident of Exeter, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Henfree John, High-street, Shadwell, Auctioneer, and Alexander Stewart, Wellclose* 

square. Builder, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Herbert Thomas, City of Chester, Mariner, dec. April 1818. 10. 
Hewlett Judith, Gloucester, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hicks Caroline, Grafton-street, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Higgins Elizabeth, Aldgate, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 
Higgs William, Elisha Wilson, John Tomley, and Thomas Brown, all of Long-]aiie» 

Southwark, Gents. April 1819. 8. 
Hill Christopher, Sidenham, Herefordshire, Farmer, Oct. 1816. 8. 
Hill Elizabeth, Spinster, Margaret-st. Cavendish-sq. Servt.toMr. Hill, Oct. 1817. 7. 
HiUer Sarah, GuUdford, Widow, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Hoare Alice, Hammersmith, Widow, Oct. 1819. 8. 
Hodges Mary, Grafton-street, Fitzroy-square, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 13. 
Hodgson Rev. Joseph, & Rev. W. Poynter, both of Castle-st. Holbom, April 1819. 8. 
Hodshon Cornelia Catharina, Haarlem, Spinster, April 1813. 20. 
Holmes Elizabeth, Peerless-row, City-road, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Holmes James, Poole-terrace, City-road, Shoemaker, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hopkins Edward, sen. Horsleydown, Commeter, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hopkinson Mary, Upton-fields, Derbyshire, Spinster, and John Hopkinson, Driffield, 

ditto, Gent. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Houghton Jane, Widow, and William Banks, Gent, both of Ryde, Isle of Wight, and 

Thomas Bennett, Stock Exchange, Gent. April 1816. 14. 
Hudson Eleanor, Kennington, Surrey, Widow, April 1816. 14. 
Hudson Richard, Broad-street, Camaby-market, Upholsterer, Isaac Everett, Bemer- 

street, St. Marylebone, Gent, and John Wilkinson, Langford-court, near Neath, 

Glamorganshire, Gent. April 1810. 26. 
Hughes John Cuihberland, Bath, esq. and William Wyndham, Hughes, jun. a Minor, 

Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hume John, Stanmore, Middlesex, Grent. dec. April 1818. 10. 
Hunt Penelope, Vauxhall-walk, Widow, April 1819. 8. 
Harle Henry, Bedford-row, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Hutchinson William, Beauchamp-street, Brooks's-market, dec. Oct. 1819. 7* 





Hagser Hiomas Neatby, Hertford, Mealman, July 1828. 

HaMreo Joshua, Love-lane, Aldermanbury, Warehotuemaii, and Isabdia Haldren, 

CHithero, lisncashire, Spinster, Ju1t1826. 
Halford Richard, Canterbury, Banker, William Cantis, Hackington, near Canterbury, 

Crent. and Mawer Cowtan, Canterbury, Grent. Jan. 1822. 
Hall William, Scarborough, Master Mariner, Jan. 1826. 
Halsey Rev. John Fitzmoore, Gaddesden-park, Hertfordshire, and Sarah Moore 

Halsey, his wife, April 1829. 
Halsey Henry, Harley-park, Surrey, esa. dec. July 1823. 
Hamilton Sally, Newman-street, Oxfora-street, Widow, Jan. 1827. 
Hancock Oliyia, Stangate-walk, Lambeth, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Hanson Frederick, 7, Duke-street, St. George's, East, Mariner, Jan. 1816. 
Harbin William, Newton-house, Yeoyil, Somersetshire, esq. July 1823. 
Harcourt Dinah, Great Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Hardman John, Great Winchester-street, Broad-street, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Hardwick Sarah, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Hardy Matthew, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1818. 
Harper Rev. William, Little Thurruck, near Gray, Essex, dec. Jan. 1827. 
Harris MartJia, Etdungham, Sussex, Spinster, now wife of William Nixon, Watling- 

street, Warehouseman, July 1829. 
Harris Richard, King's-head-court, FiBh-street-hill, Gent. July 1823. 
Harrison Edward, Broadway, St. Thomas's, Southwark, Crent. Jan. 1813. 
Harrison Wm.,Coventry-st. Haymarket, Servt. to Messrs. Flight &Barrs, July 1823. 
Hart Richard, Pitt-street, Kent-road, Glue-maker, Jan. 1823. 
Harvey Edward, Jermyn-street, St. James's, esq. July 1825. 
Harwood Judith, Rochester, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Hauler Elizabeth, dec. Denmark-court, Cripplegate, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Hatful Martha, Putney, Spinster, July 1815. 
Hawkins Mary, Mare-street, Hackney, Spinster, July 1822. 

Hawkins John Adair, Great Marlborough-street, Surgeon, & Jane, his wife, July 1830. 
Hay Edward, Camaby-street, Camaby-market, Tallow-chandler, Jan. 1826. 
Hay William, White lion-street, Pentonville, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Heath Nancy, Putney, .Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Heather Henry, Charlton-street, Fitzroy-square, Grent. T. Jones, Edmund-street, 

Battle-bridge, Eneraver, & Sarah HoUidge, a Minor, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Hedges Edmund, Buckingham, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Hellyer William Varlo, Inner Temple, eso. July 1829. 
Hennegin Elizabeth^ King-street, Bloomsbury, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 
Hennes Elizabeth, Leman-street, Goodman's-fidds, Widow, July 1823. 
HenshaU Josiah, Bemer's-street, Oxford-street, Upholsterer, dec. July 1823. 
Henshaw Emma Elizabeth, dec. Spinster, Servant to Mr. Page, Stafford, wife of 

Ralph Close, dec. 5th April 1827. 
Herby Ann, Cumbeiiand-place, Marylebone, Si>inster, 5th April 1826. 
Herrmg William, Quartermaster to the 6th Regiment of Foot, dec. July 1826. 
Herin^bill Sarah, Upper Crown-street, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Herron John, Hammer-pond, near Godalmin, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1831. 
Heywood Samuel, esq. dec. & P. A Heywood, Spinster, Bedford-place, July 1827. 
Higginson Major James, 62nd Regiment of Foot. 10th Oct. 1822. 
Hifi Mary, Spinster, Servant to Lady Ray, Bath, Jan. 1818. 
Hill Sir Robert Cambre, Windsor, July 1822. 
Hillier Ann, Southend, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 
Hince Ann, Maze-pond, Southwark, Widow, Oct. 1828. 
HinckleyJane, Great Portland-street, Spinster, July 1821. 

Hiscox William, Blackman-st. Drug^t, Benjamin Paddon, New Brentford, Linen- 
draper, and Benjamin Brooks, Lmcoln's-inn, Gent. July 1825. 
Hobdell Rachael, Mitre-court, St. Paul's Church-yard, Widow, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Hocklev Elizabeth, Mabledon-place, Burton-crescent, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Hodd James, Woking, Surrey, Farmer, Jan. 1828. 

Hodges Frederick Downer, Lieut, in the 32nd Regiment of Foot, July 1828. 
Hoffg Stephen Allen, Great Stanhope-street, Bath, esq. Jan. 1828. 
Uodson Roberl: Wright, Lambeth, dec. William Houghton, Tooting, and Richard 

Clark Davis, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1830. 

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Hoine Mary, Morton-on-Marah, Gloucesterahirei Widow, and Henry Pincke Lee, 

Cookham, Berks, esq. Jan. 1826. 
Holland John, Grocer, & J. Small, jnn. both of Petersfield, Jan. 1825. 
•-Holland Capt. William, Londonderry, Ireland, July 1823. 
Holland Rev. William Woollams, Chichester, Clerk, July 1823 
Holliday George, Bridlington, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Hollier Sarah, Henley-on-Thames, Spinster, Jan. 1830 

HoUoway John Court, Gloncester-terrace, Cannon-street-road, Gent. Jan. 1829. 
Homan William, and John Homan, New Crane, Shadwell, Gent. July 1821. 
Homeman Jane, CoUege-hill, Iiondon, Widow, Jan. 1829. 
Homer Charlotte, Finsbury-square, London, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Horner Isaac, 20, Grosvenor-row, Chelsea, Gent. July 1823. 
Howard John, Howard's-green, City-road, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Howard Mary, Queen's Elms, Brompton, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Howes John, Aylesham, Norfolk, Yeoman, July 1821. 
Huckin George, Combury-park, Oxfordshire, Yeoman, Jan. 1828. 
Hudson Henry, Pleasant-row, East-lane, Walworth, Spinster, July 1817 
Hudson Geon^e, King's Arms-yard, Gent. Oct. 1830. 
Hunt Bichara, Princes-street. HanoTer-square, Gent. 10th Oct. 1826. 
Hunt John, Southampton-street, Covent-garden, esq. July 1818. 
Hunt John, Woodfora-bridge, Essex, Carrier, July 1^. 
Hyam Isaac, Bevis Marks, Painter, Joseph Emanuel. Whitechapel, Silversmith, 

Alexander Levi, Middlesex-street, Whitechapel, Grocer, and jDaniel Shamum, 

Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, Surgeon, Jan. 1829. 


Hamilton Sir Robert, Lower Grosvenor-street, Bart. dec. April 1813. 20. 
Harrington lliomas, Conway-street, Fitzroy-square, Great. April 1806. 34. 
Hartsinck Johanna Susanna, Widow of Dirk de Smith, esq. Pieter de Smith, and Jan 

Casper Hartsnick, all of Amsterdam, April 1803. 40. 
Harvey Elizabeth, Bedford-row, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1808. 29. 
Heywood Samuel, Harpur-street, Red Lion-square, esq. Edward Simeon, Philpot-lane, 

Merchant, dec. April 1812. 22. 
Hobart Hon. Henry, Richmond, Surrey, Anthony Champion, Middle Temple, esq. 

T. Neave, Broad-st. & W. A. Roberts, Bewdley, Worcestershire, April 180(5. 34. 
HoUis Martha, West Ham, Essex, Spinster, 5th April 1825. 
Holt Elizabeth, Stanhope-street, May Fair, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Home Robert, Lucknow, India, esq. & Ann Alicia Home, his wife, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Homewood Thos., Maidstone, & J. SneUing, St. Mary Cray, Kent, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Hone John, Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Hood Janet, Lower-street, Islington, Spinster, 5th April 1825. 
Hood Sarah, Hanger-hill, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7.* 
Hopton Eleanor, & Sarah Hopton, Oxford-street, Spinsters, April 1813. 20. 
Horn Francis, Stock Exchange, Gent. 5th April 1826. 
Hornby Anthony, Old Compton-street, Soho, Gent. 10th Oct. 1810. 25* 
Horsley Henry George, Grent. dec. Eli^^beth Francis Horsley, his wife, Charles Horsley, 

John Wm. Hordey, & W. H. Horsley, Minors, all of Teddington, Oct 1818. 27.* 
Hosldns Septimus, Kentish Town, Surveyor, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Houghton James, & James Brewster, both of Halsted, Essex, Farmers, April 1819. 8. 
Howard I^ht Hon. Frances Lady Dowager, Eskr^g, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Howlings lliomas, Butjler to R. Gaussen, Bootham, Herts, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Hudson Mary, Spinster, Servt. to Lord Gage, 5th April 1821. 
Hughes Anne, Scotland-yard, Spinster, dec. 10th Oct. 1818. 
Humphreys Jonas Iver, Bucks, Tailor, dec. April 1813. 20. 


{From 1780.) 

Halliiax Hannah, Chesterfield, Widow, April 1801. 15. 

Hall John, Exeter, Gent. April 1804. 9. 

Harvey Hon. Martha Maria, Ranelagh-street, Pimlico, Widow, dec. and John Baptist 

Sichand, Tahnargany, Gent. April 1798. 21. 
Hughes John, Bermondsey, Butcher, dec. Oct. 1806. 16. 

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HodahoD laaak, Amsterdam, eiq. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Howard Right Hon. Frances Laiiihr Dowager, Eskrigg, dec. Oct. 1741. 163* 

Hoynck Papendredit Cornells Panfas Van, RayenstTn, esq. dec. Nicholaas Diert, Hagnet 

and Lodewyk Ernst Diert, Lord of MeUssant, Hagne, 0(^ 1816. 13. 
Hnmphrys Elizabeth Jane, Bath, Widow, Aprill813. 20. 


(Trincipal Paid in FuU lOM Oct, 1824.^ 

Hawkins Rev. William, dec. Bampton, Clerk, John Mander, dec. esq. Bampton, 
William Roberts, Grent. dec. Bampton, and Edward Whittaker, Brook-street, 
Gent. 5th April 1823. 

Hairward William, Clipstone-street, Marylebone, Grocer, Sarah Gyles, and Mary 
Gyles, both of Boley, Spinsters. No Dividend. 

Hayward William, Watlington, Oxfordshire, and John Hayward, Watlington, Oxford- 
shire, Gents. 10th Oct. 1822. 

Heathcote Samuel, Unwin Heathcote, Shephallbnry, Herts, esq. and William Heygate, 
Aldermanbnry, London, es^. 10th Oct. 1824. 

Higgins, Elizabeth. Aldnte, Spinster, 5th April 1817. 

Hiller Sarah, Gnilford, Surrey, Widow, 10th Oct. 1814. 

Hills Robert, Stamford-street, Blackfriars, Agent, Thomas Hills, Bromley, Middlesex, 
Oil-of-yitrol-maker,& Martha Hills, Reading, Berks, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Howe Hannah, dec. Bedford, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1823. 

Hudson Eleanor, Kennington, surrey, Widow, 5th April 1816. 

Hulme Elizabeth Ann, wife of James Hulme, esq. M. D. Ball Haye, near Leak, 
Staffordshire, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Hulton Edward Home, Lincoln's-inn, esq. 5th April 1821. 

Humphreys John, dec. Horseleydown, Mariner, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Hutcninson William, dec. Beanchamp-street, Brooks-market Gent. 10th Oct. 1819. 

Hyde Jane, Marsham-street, Spinster, Jan. 1782. 83. 


Hammond Rev. Horace, Great Massingham, Suffolk, September 1814. 18. 


Hall Thomas, Preston, Candover, Hants, Gent. 5th April 1813. 
Hatt Richard, dec. Womley, Herts. Gent. 5th April 1814. 


Hallam Elizabeth, Windsor, Spinster, 5th Jan. 1828. 
Hardy John, Merchant Tailors' -hall, Gent. Jan. 1759. 128. 


Huc^John,PaUMaU, Oct 1758. 70. 


Hanfing Elizabeth, College-hill, Spinster, Oct. 1776. 12. 


(From the First of May 1704. 
Hansley Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Heathcote, of Queen Ann-street, West, 

May 1814. 11. 
HoHoway Daniel, Chapel-court, South Audley-street, Gent. May 1815. 9. 


(Principal Paid qf on the bth July 1925, J 
Heatley Richard, sen. dec. Mincing-lane, Wine Merchant, and Robert Graham, esq. 
lincokiVinn, 10th Oct. 1820. 


(Principal Paid in Full bth July IS22.J 

Honeywoood James, Robert Lincohi, and Thomas Cattell, all of West Smithfield, 
Gcoits. No Dividend. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Haniage Henry, Richmond, Surrey, esq. and Henry Holland, esq. Albany-place, 

Piccadilly, 10th Oct. 1825. 
Harper James, Pelham-street, Grange- road, Gent. John Harper, and Mary Ann 

Harper, both Minors, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Hewitt William, inn. Islop, Northampton, Gent. 5th April 1825. 
Hiffeman Ellen, Hi^-street, Marylebone, Widow, dec. now wife of Thomas Stokes, 

Greorffe-street, Portman-square, esq. dec. and Michael Arthur Gorman, New 

Broad-street, Merchant, 5th April 1825. 
Hull John, juu. Orange-street, Leicester-square, Engraver, 5th April 1825» 


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Iggolden John, Doctors' -commons, esq. Jolf 1819. 7. 

Image Rer. John, Peterborough, dec. and John Cox, ditto, Brewer, July 1799. 47. 

Ingleton George, Bow, Middlesex, Lighterman, July 1828. 

Inglis Honoria, Pimlico, Spinster, Jan. 1812. 22.* 

Innes James, Jamaica, Planter^ dec. Jan. 1815. 16«* 

Ireland Martha, City-road, Spmster, July 1815. 15. 

Irwin Ann, Widow, Servant to Genl. George Hewett, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Irwine William, of His Majestv's Ship Active, July 1806. 7. 

Isaac Lieut. Elias Edward, 15th Regt. in the E. I. Company's Service, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Isaac Isaac, Quirpoon, Newfoundland, Planter, Jan. 1811. 24. 

Ives Jeremiah, Catten, near Norwich, esq. and John James Bedingfield, Ditchingham- 

hall, Suffolk, esQ. July 1817. 11. 
lyes Jeremiah, Tombland, Norwich, esq. dec. John Morse, same place, esq. and Rev. 

Richard Humphry, Iliorpe, near Norwich, esq. dec. July 1820. 
Iveson John, Pall Mail, Gent. Julv 1816. 13. 
Ivitt Sarah, and Elizabeth Ivitt, of Lolworth, Cambridgeshire, Spinsters, Jan. 1831. 


Ingall John, Millbank-st. Westminster, Grent. and Maria Insall, a Minor, Oct. 1826. 

Ii^all John, MiUbank-street, Westminster, Gent, and Etizabeth Sarah Cooper, a 
Minor, Oct. 1826. 

Ingail Sarah, Church-street, Westminster, Spinster, dec. Emily Cooper, wife of Geo. 
Cooper, Smith-st. Westminster, Gent. & Elizabeth S.Cooper, a Minor, April 1820. 

Iredale Sarah, Salisbury-court, Widow, Oct. 1776. 93. 

Irving Henry, Norwich, Gent, and Lydia Irving, his wife, Oct. 1825. 

Irwin Edward, Servant to J. A. Edwards, Ichincote, Rutlandshire, esq. Oct. 1770. 105. 

Isaacs Samuel, New-street, Covent-garden, Crent. and Esther Samuel, Somerset-st. 
Whitechapel, a Minor, April 1830. 

Isaacs Samuel, New-street, Covent-garden, Gent. & Ann Samuel, a Minor, Somerset- 
street, Whitechapel, April 1830. 

Isaacs Samuel, New-street, Covent-garden, Grent. and Emanuel Samuel, Somerset-st. 
Whitechapel, Gent. April 1830. 

Isaacs Samuel, New-street, Covent-garden, Gent, and Sampson Samuel, a Minor, 
Somerset-sfreet, Whitechapel, April 1830. 

Ivory Richard, Epping Forest, Grent. and Ann Ivory, his wife, April ^812. 22. 


Iddy John, Chdsea, Trunk-maker, July 1814. 17. 

Ilett Richard, Church-street, Spitaliielas, Gent. Jan. 1798. 5v. ' 

Ingram Charlotte, Spmster, Servant to Mrs. Norris, Baldock, Herts, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Innes John, Purser in the Navy, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Isham Anna Phillipa, Lamport, Northamptonshire, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 


Ingham Charlotte, John-street, New-road, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1826. 
Innes Ann, Dulwich, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1805. 35. 
Ivey Thomas, Mile-end, Shipwright, dec. 5th April 1826.* 
Ivey Iliomas, Mile-end, Shipwright, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 


(Coruolidaied the Sixth of April 1780.^ 
Isaacson Anthony Harvey, Monmouth, esq. and Anthony AUett Isaacson, Newport, 
Monmouth, Clerk, April 1818. 10. 


lies James, Stepney, Sussex, Gent. April 1802. 42. 
Ingram Thomas, Liincoln's-innK-esq.aec. Oct. 1806. 33. 

87 1 

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lagoe George Andrew, Blackheath-road, Gent. Jan. 1823. 

Iddy John, Chelsea, Tmnk-maker, July 1814. 

Ing Elizabeth, Pacham-place, King's-road, Chelsea, Widow, July 1830. 

Ingleby Charles, and William King, dec. both of Austwick, Yorkshire, esq. and John 

Foster, Armistead, eso. 5th April 1825. 
Innes John, Purser in the Navy, Jan. 1817 

Jackson James, esq. Trustee to Rev. Stephen Moore, Doncaster, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Jackson George, Chelsea, Gent. & Elizabeth Wood, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1793. 60. 
Jackson Hugh, Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gent. Bartholomew Ariett, Old Bond-street, 

Gent. dec. and Charles Clarke, a Mmor, Jan. 1812. 22.'*' 
Jackson James, New-road, St. George's, Middlesex, esq. dec. John Allen Prescott-st. 

Goodman's-fields, Gent. dec. & Jane Hartshome, Chelsea, Widow, Jan. 1809. 27. 
Jackson John, Dowgate, Iron-wharf, Iron Merchant, P.Jackson, Basinghall-st. Black- 
well -hall, Factor, & W. Jackson, Dowgate-wharf , Iron Merchant, Jidy 1815. 15 
Jackson Lieut. John Crawford Barclay, Royal Navy, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Jackson John, Old Burlington-street, esq. dec. and Richard Smart, East Ham, Essex, 

esq. July 1799. 47. 
Jackson Joseph, Fore-street, Warfinger, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Jackson Moses, Servant to t^e Bishop of London, and John Pye, New Gravd-Iane, 

Gent. dec. Jan. 1801. 44. 
Jackson lliomas, Cley, next the sea, Gent. John Smith, ditto, ditto, Gent, and Peter 

Thurgnr, Holt, Patten-maker, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Jackson William, Oxford-market, Carpenter, July 1787. 71. 
Jackson William, Hatton-garden, Physician, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Jackson William, Leadenludl-street, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Jackson William Beckford, &S. Willoodc, both of Bideford, dec. esqs. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Jacob Col. Michael, of the 64th Regiment of Foot, dec. and Henry Midiael Jacob, 

a Minor, July 1815. 15. 
Jacob Philip Whitington, a Minor, Wool Avington, Somerset, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Jacobs Jacob, Mansell-street, Goodman's-fields, Grent. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Jacobs John, Feltham, Middlesex, Servant to Mrs. Vernon, July 1829. 
Jalabert Francis, Wellbeck-street, Widow^an. 1815. 16. 

James John, Gray's-inn-lane, Gent. dec. & H . Munning, ditto. Spinster, J^uly 1818. 9. 
James John Houghton, Baker-street, esq. July 1817. 11. 
James Mary, Walthamstow, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
James Robert, Chapel-street, Bedford-row, esq. Jan. 1826. 
James William, Albion-buildings, Aldersgate-st. Carpenter, G. Bowden, Wheeler-st. 

Spitalfields, Cordwainer, John Holmes, Little Moorfidds, Ticket Porter, & Thos. 

Lane, Mitdiel-street, Old-street, Cordwainer, Jan. 1814. 18.* 
^^amison Sir John, Knt. Physician, R. N. July 1819. 7. 

Jane Rev. James, B. D. Rector of Remenham, Berks, JohiilVickle, & Robert House, 

Churchwardens, Remenham, Berks, July 1829. 
Jarvis Stephen, jun. Robinson-row, Kingsland, Gent, and Greorge Harvey Thompson 

Jarvis, of the same place, a Minor, Jan. -1826. 
Jeacocke James, Alton, Hants, Cabinet-maket, July 1819. 7.* 
Jeakins Robert, Carrington-st. May Fair, Gent. W. Jeakins, Hill-st Berkeley-sq. Gent. 

Sarah Jeakins, & Robert Jeakins, Minors, Julv 1819. 8. 
Jefferson Charles, Brentwood, Essex, Labourer, Jan. 1823. 
Jeffery Sampson, Plymouth Dock, Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Jefferys Rev. Henry Charles, Minchin Hampton, Rector, S. Walbank, ditto, Church- ' 

warden, dec & W. Brockenbrow, ditto, Maltster, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Jenkin John, Northiam, Sussex, esq. July 1817. lit 


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Jenkin Margaret. Maggam, Glamoreaiiahirt, Spiaater, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Jenkins George, Haclo^ey, esq. & C. Langmore, ditto, Gent. Jubr IS13. 13.* 
Jenkins Rev. Stiverd, Stone, Gloncestershire, & Ann Jenkins, a Minor, July 1800. i5. 
Jenkioson Dr. John, Bishopof St. David, Sir J. Morris, Bart. Swansea. Glamorsanshire, 

W. Hewson, Vicar of St. Mary's, Swansea, & H. Sackett, Swansea, esq. July 1826. 
Jennings Ann, Camaby-market, Widow, dec. July 1819. 7.* 
Jennings G^rge, RomJbrd, Gardener, dec. Jan. 1810* 26. 
Jephson Elizabeth, Camberwell, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Jephson Thomas, Cambexwelli Shoeniaker, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Jerry Richard, White Lion-street, Carpenter, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Jesson John, Woolverhampton, Attorney, dec. July 1823. 

Jewell Sarah, Sloane-square, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Uopkinson, July 1817. U. 
Jobling Edward, George-st. Portman-sq. Carpenter, Jan. 1790. 66. 
Johannessen Johannes, Gun-alley, Wapping, Mariner, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Johns Rachel, Leicester-square, Spinster, July 1815. 
Johnson Ann Dinah, Shumaston, Leicestershire, Spinster, July 1817. 11 
Johnson Constance, Leatherhead, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Johnson George, Stock Exchange, Uent. dec. Jan. 1784. 49. 
Johnson John, Congleton, Cheshire, esq. dec. H. Sleigh, Leek, Staffordshire, Ribbon 

manufacturer, and G. Wainwright, Southampton-buildings, Gent. Jan. 1820^ 6* 
Johnson John, MaudUng College, Qxon, esq. Jan. 1819. 8.* 
Johnson John, Leadenhall-street, Gent. July 1828. 
Johnson Mary, White Horse-street, Stepney, Sninster, Jan. 1826. 
Johnson Rebecca, Lancaster-court, Strand, Wiaow, dec. July 1814. 17 
Johnson Sarah, Widow, dec. Ileet-st. Servant to F. Gosling, Jan. 1784. 78. 
Johnstone Charlotte, Marthyr Tydvill, Glamorganshire, Spinster, Servant to R. Hill, 

esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Johnston Elizabeth, Rachel Johnston, & Ann Johnston, all ol Duke-street, Portland* 

place. Spinsters, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Johnston Robert, Ball-alley, Lombard-street, Gesat, dec. July 1797. 8. 
Johnston Rev. Tlu>mas Bryan, Rector of Clutton, Somerset, and his Trustee ; Rev. 

Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Weils, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Johnston Thomas Edwara, Scott's-yard, Bush-lane, Merchant, July 1823. 
J oUiffe Rev Peter William. Pool, Dorset, & R. Miller, ditto. Cooper, July 1817. 11. 
Jonage Jean Phillippe Yon de, Lousianaa, Switzeriaad, Geut. and Rose Siivie Yon da 

Jonage, his wife, July 1806. 33. 
Jones Ann, Spins. Servt. to Geul. Sir Geoive Hewitt, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Jones Ann, Spins. &T. Jones, Geut. both of Newport, Monmouth, Jan. 1828. 
Jones Charles Henry, Oswestry, Salop, Gent. dec. Jan. 1816. 14 
Jones Dorothy, Spinster, Ruthin, Denbighshire, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Jones Eleanor, Spitalfields, Widow, Jan. 1801. 44. 
Jones Edward Bacon, Underbill, Glamorganshire, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Jones Henry, Custom House, Gent. July 1823. 
Jones Rev. John, Rector ot Downham, Isle of Ely, & Rev. Francis Paubeny, Rector 

of Bexwell, Norfolk, July 1818. 9. 
Jones John, Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Jones John, dee. Rio de Janeiro, Surgeon, Jan. 1828. 
Jones Martha, Harrow, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Jones Mary, Devonshire-street, Portland-place, Spinster, July 1799. 8. 
Jones Mary, Llangynhafal, Rutlandshire, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Jones Michael, Bath, dec. and Robert Ray, Gower-st. London, esqs. July 1819. 8. 
Jones Michael, Horse-shoe-yard, Brook-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Jones Thomas, sen. Robert-street, Bedford-row, Gent. July 1812. 2L 
Jones Rachel, Leicester-square, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Jones Sarah Augusta, Spinster, Read Leaf, near Tunbridge, Kent, Servant to Mr. 

Wells, Jan. 1820. 6. -a » » 

Jones Thomas, Nottingham-place, Marylebone, esq. and Patrick Bartlett, ditto, ditto, 

esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Jones William, Lindridge, Worcester, Gent. Jan. 1809. 8. 
Jones William, Nassau, New Providence, esq. dec. Jan. 1821. 
Jordan Amy North, Spanish-pluce, Manchester -square, Widow, dec. and Jane Rigaud, 

of the same place. Spinster, July 1825. 



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Jordan Rebeoca, Abington-street, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

Joseph Frances, wife of EUas Joseph, Springfields, near Liverpool, esq. Jan. 1813. 10. 

Joules Elizabeth, Colchester, Widow, .AJin Desormeaux, Brunswick-place, Spinster, 

and John Desormeaux, Bethnall, Grent. July 1814. 17. 
Jowett William, Servt. to Mrs. Wheeler, South-st. Park-lane, July 1813. 19. 
Joyce Elizabeth, Much Hadham, Herts, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Joyce James, wife of J. James, Gray's-inn-place, Holbom, Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Joys John, Calcutta, Merchant, July 1790. 65. 
Jubb Sarah, Bear-street, Leicester-fields, Widow, and Richard Hazard, Jermyn-street, 

Green-grocer, dec. July 1829. 
Jukes Elizabeth, Dover-st. Servt. to Commissioner Bowen, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Jnpe Elizabeth, Bow-lane, Cheapside, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Jupe Sarah, Bow*lane, Cheapside, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Jupp John, Hampstead, Gent. dec. Jan. 1790. 66. 


Jacks Louisa, Charlotte-street, Portland-place, Spinster, Oct. 1811. 6. 

Jackson George, Dean-street, Soho, Gent, and Sarah Jackson, Tottenham-oourt-road. 

Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Jackson John, Silver-sfareet, Clerkenwell, Turner, April 1828. 
Jackson Sarah, Spins. Servt. to Dr. Territt, Doctor's-commons, Oct 1813. 19.* 
Jackman Thomas, Hozton Market-place, Brewer, dec. Oct. 1823. 
Jacob Gabriel, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1829. 
Jaggard Charles, sen. Fryering, Essex, Brewer, Charles Jaggard, jon. and Mary Ann 

Jaggard, Spinster, both of the same place, April 1822. 
James Charles, New-inn, Gent. dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
James Henry, Great Ilford, Essex, Gent. dec. Oct. 1811. 23.* 
James Richard, Pye-comer, Hatter, dec. and James Annis, dec. Aldersgate-street, 

Stone-mason, dec. Oct. 1794. 57. 
James Sarah, Swithin's-alley, l^dow, Thomas Brooksbank, Bloomsbury, Gent, and 

Robert Dancer, St. Greorge's, Hanover-square, Gent. April 1787. 72. 
James William, Sunbury, Middlesex, Gent. April 1818. 10.* 
Jarvis Mary, Berwick-street, Soho, Spinster, April 1805. 36. 
Jenkins Diana, Widow, dec. Servt. to Mr. Montague, Hanover-sq. April 1801. 44. 
Jenkins Jenkin, Servant to Mr. Seymour, Rumford, April 1782. 82. 
Jenkins Robert, Warwick-street, Golden-square, Cook, Oct. 1827. 
Jenkinson Dorothy, Sion-row, Twickenham, Spinster, dec. April 1818. 10. 
Jenkinson Elizabeth, Tottenham-court-road, Spinster, April 1795. 56. 
Jenkyns John, Lincohi's-inn, Attorney at Law, and Bemijamin Walsh, Angel-court, 

Throgmorton-street, Stock-broker, April 1812. 10. 
Jenner Elizabeth, George-street, Hanover-square, Spinster, Oct. 1776. 93. 
Jennings Ann, Camaby -market. Widow, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Jennings Greorge Frederick, New North-street, Red Lion-sq. Gent. dec. Oct 1822. 
Jephson Rev. Alexander, Rector of Craik, Durham, dec. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Jewell Sarah, Sloane-street, Knifl^tsbridge, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Johnes Rev. Samuel, Rector of Welwyn, Herts, Rev. Robert Ellice, Curate of ditto, 

dec. Rev. Thomas Newton Rector of Trevin, Herts, and Rev. Nathaniel May, 

Rector of Dinrwell, Herts, April 1816. 14. 
Johnson Amelia, Finchley, Middlesex, Spinster, April 1814. 18.* 
Johnson Clement, Old Change, Packer, and Ann Lawrence, a Minor, King Edward- 
street, Spinster, April 1816. 14.* 
Johnson Freeman, jun. Walcot-place, Lambeth, Gent, and Frederick Lock, Arundel- 

dtreet. Strand, Gent April 1828. 
Johnson Martha, St. Martin's, Stamford Baron, Northamptonshire, Oct. 1814. 6. 
Johnson Mary, Golding-place, Kensin^n, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Johnson William, Princes-place, Kennmgton-road, Gent. April 1812. 22.* 
Johnston Dame Amy, Brompton, Widow, dec. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Johnston Elizabeth, Bishopgate-street, Spinster, April 1813. 20.* 
Jones David, Barton-st Westminster, & J. Edkins, Hampstead, esqs. April 1816. 14. 
Jones Elizabeth, Harefield, near Uxbridge, Widow, April 1799. 6. 
Jones Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Lawford, Peckham, April 1$17. 
Jones Jane, Upper Well-alley, Wapping, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 


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Jones Jane, Thomas-street, BeUinal-«reen, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Jones Jane, Spinster, Servt. to Mr. Gibbs, Monnt-st. Grosrenor-sq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Jones John, Borough, Coachman, dec. April 1802. 42. 

Jones John, Harley-street, esa. April 1816. 6. 

Jones Rev. John, Rector of SnuHione, Worcestershire, Thomas Ward, of the same 

place. Churchwarden, and John Wright, ditto, ditto, dec. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Jones Lewis, Hackney, esq. dec. April 1776. 94. 
Jones Martha, Piccadilly, Spinster, Oct 1801. 14. 
Jones Mary, East-street, Red Lion-square, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Jones Mary, Kensington, Widow, April 1^5. 36. 
Jones Michael, Upper Berkeley-street, esq. April 1805. 36. 
Jones Samuel Morgan, Battersea, Surrey, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
J<Hies Susanna, Isleworth, Widow, dec. April 1814. 18.* 
Jones William, New-road, Hans-town, Chelsea, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Jones Rev. WilUam, Hi^worth, Wilts, April 1812. 22. 
Jordan Sarah, Finchley, Widow, Henry Bateman, Staple-inn, Gent and Edward 

Jordan^ Bindiley, Farmer, April 1820. 
Jooan Pierre Touissant, Somers'-town, Grent. Oct 1811. 23. 
Jndd Thomas, Servt. to J. Bunnell, esq. Southampton-row, Bloomsbury , Oct. 1819. 7.* 
Jndd Thomas, Henley-street, Gent April 1789. 68. 
Jndlow John, Monument-yard, Grent April 1827. 
Julian Rev. John, Vicar of Egg Wickland, Devon^ dec. Philip Morshead, J. Crossman, 

and J. Culme, all of Widney, esqs. dec. April 1825. 


Jackson Henry, Great Earl-street, Seven-dials, Carver and Gilder, July 1819. 7. 

Jackson Mary, Normanby Cleveland, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Jackson Ralph, Normanby Cleveland, Yorkshire, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Jackson Samuel, Great Eastcheap, Merchant, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Jackson Sarah, Widow, dec. and Benjamin Hennege, Jackson, Mariner, both of Dove- 
court, Fish-street-hill, Jan. 1820. 6. 

*Jackson Thomas, Surgeon of the 14th Regiment of Foot, July 1806. 33. 

Jacob Aaron, Well-close-square, Gent Jan. 1814. 18. 

Jacob Gabriel, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1815. 11. 

James John, Flushing, Mariner, July 1809. 8. 

James Rev. William, Painswick, Gloucestershire, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Jamieson James Wm. Henry, Foley-st Foley-pL Marylebone,aMinor, Jan. 1817. 12.. 

Jamison Mary, Nottingham, Widow, July 1816. 13. 

Jane Mary, City of Hereford, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Jefferies Thomas, Charlotte-street, Blackfriars-road, Gent. July 1820. 6. 

Jellicoe Adam, Islington, Gent Jan. 1786. 74. 

Jenkins James, jun. and Edward Jenkins, both of the Stock Exchange, Gents, and 
Edmund Gumey, a Minor, July 1816. 13. 

Jennings Elizabeth, Cowley, Westminster, Spinster, July 1806. 8. 

Jermy Ann, Ridmiond, Surrey, Spinster, July 1801. 17. 

Jermyn Abel, 269, Oxford-street, Saddler, July 1801. 43. 

Jerry Richard, Greenwich, Mast-maker, dec. July 1819. 7. 

Jervis Catherine, Litchfield, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Jervia Elizabeth, Doughty-street, Foundling-hospital, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Jervis Martha Honora Geordna, Bath, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Johnson Elizabeth Isabella, ClementVlane, Strand, Spinster, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 

Johnson Jane, Hkh Holbom, Widow, July 1817. 11* 

Johnson Joseph, Oxford, Druggist, July 1819. 7* 

Johnsmi Robert, Vauxhall, esq. dec. & Rev. R. Harris, York-bldgs. D.D. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Johnston David, MiU-st. Hanover-sq. Dyer, dec. William Blackwell Bowes, Charles 
Lloyd Bowes, and John Bowes, all of Battersea, Minors, July 1819. 7. 

Johnstone John, Tavistock-row, Covent-garden, Crent. July 1813. 19. 

Johnston Johanna, Woolwich, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Jones Jane Ann, 327, Strand, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Jordan Christiana, wife of Jeremiah S. Jordan, Kentish-town, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Joseph Antonio, of the Retreat Transport Ship, Mariner, Jan. 1810. 26. 

Juby Thomas, John-street, Commercial-road, Mariner, Jan. 1811. 24. 


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Jackaon Lieut. CoL Samuel, 2iid Royal Tower Hamlet MiMtifek, Bowler MiHer, ditto, 

Paymastw, Bowler Jaduon Milkr Gedney, a Miaor, Oct. 1813. 19 
James Haimah, of John-street, Union-street, Lambeth, Widow, April 1830. 
Jarvis Mary, Tumham-green, Spinster, 10th Oct IS20. 
Jay lliomas, Hill-street, Flnsbiiry-square, Geikt. April 1810. 2&* 
Jenldnson Elizabeth, Lower Grosvenor-place, Spinster, April 1819. 8^ 
Johnson Martha, St. Martin's Stamford, Lincidnshire, Spmster, April 1815. 5. 
Johnson Sarah, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Lewis, CamberweU-grove, 5th April 1821. 
Johnston Fanny, Strand, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Johnston Mary, Cross-street, Newington Butts, Widow, lOtk Od. 1816. 
Jones Harriot, Gray's-inn-lane, Spinster, Oct. 1808. 29. 
Jones Mary, Spins. Servt. to J. VeuxtQler, Bfdcer-st Portman-sq. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Jones Mary, Shoe-lane, Fleet-street, Spinster, April 1819. 8.* 
Jones Marv, St. John's-^treet, Clerkenwell, Widow, April 1830w 
Jones Sarah, at S. S. Ward's, Camberwell, Spmster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Joye Jane, Hanover-square, Spinster, Oct. 1806. 33. 

Jubb Ann, Winchester-8t.&£lizabeth Taylor,yerulam-bldffs. Spinsters, April 1818. 10. 
Judson John, Minories, Coal Merchant, & J. Jackson, Worksop, Dyer, Oct. 1810. 13.* 


Jackson Mary, Spins. & Samuel Jackson, jun. Great, both of Hackney, July 1821. 

Jackson Robert, Deane-street, Soho^ Gent. dec. Jan. 1828. 

Jackson Sarah, Dove-court, Fish-atreet-hiU, Widow, dec. and Benjamin Hennege 

Jackson, of the same-pUce, Mariner, Jan. 1820. 
Jackson Susannah, Cheapside, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Jackson Thomas, Hendon, MidcQescx, Gent. Jan. 1829. 
Jackson William, Pendiurch-buildings, Gent, and James Grey Jackson, Circus, 

Minories, Merchant, July 1825. 
Jane Anne, St. Columbe, Cornwall, Widow, dee. July 1821. 
Jaques Richard, Cavenham, Suffolk, Carpenter, and Charles Jaques, Halstead, Essex, 

Carpenter, July 1829. 
Jefferys Beniamin, Meard's-oourt, Soho, Picture-frame-maker, July 1823. 
Jeffer^ William, Paternoster-row, Spitalfields, Gent. July 1823. 
Jeffenes Ann, Grosvenor-square, Widow, dec. July 1826u 
Jenner Joseph, Red Lion-square, Glass<^oliaher, July 1824. 
Jenner Joseph, Red Lion-square, Glass-polisher, and Serbia, his wife, Jan. 1827. 
Jennings WilUam David, and Richard William Jennings, both of BennettVUN. 

Doctor's-commons, Gents. Julv 1826. 
Johnson Robert, Vauzhall, esq. dec. and Rev. Rice Harris, York-buHdin^, D. D. 

dec. subjected, Jan. 1815. 
Johnston Margaret, King Henry-yard, Aldgate, Si)inater, dec. Jan. 1827. 
Jones Jane, Belgrave-plaoe, Wandsworth-road, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Jones Rev. Jolm, Vicar, William Morgan, Gent, and Robert Thomas, (xent all of 

Cardiff, Jan. 1822. 
Jose Rev. Digory Pongshill, near Stratton, Cornwall, Jan. 1817. 12.^*^ 
Josephs Kitty, Haydon-souare, Minories, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 


{Consolidated the Sixth qf Aqril 1780.) 
Jackson Hannah, Kennington^ Surrey, Spinster, April 1818. 10k 
Jackson Richardson, St., George's-in-llie-East, Gent. April 1815. 16. 
James Mary, Church-row, Newington, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Jefferies Thomas, Kennington-oval, Surrey, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Jennings Jane, New James-street, Oxford-road, Spinster, April 1813. 9. 
Jones Ann, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Widpw, Oct, 1793* % 
Jones Martha, Wratling-park, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Jones Richard, Millbank-street, Westminster, Gent. April 1818. 7. 
Jones Sarah, King's-row, Shad-thames, Widow, dec. April 1819. 8, 


(From 1780.) 
Johnston Alice, Servant to Mr. Cook, Cheshunt, Oct. 1801. 14. 


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Jaduon Lieut. Col. Samnelf 2nd Tower Hamlets, Bowler Miller, Paymaster of ditto* 

and Bowler Jackson MiUer Gedney, a Minor, April 1815. 16. 
James Anne, Wimpole-street, Widow, Oct. 1817* 11* 


Jenninis David, Fenchurch-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Jervis Maria Ann, wife of Swynfen Jenris,Basing-laiie, Merchant, July 1813. 19. 


(From the Pint qf May Vf^,) 

Johnstone George, Westham, Essex, eso. May 1812. 5. 
Johnston Margaret, James-street, Golden-sqpare, Spinster, May 1814. 11. 
JcHies William, Stock Exchange, Gent, and Elizabeth, his wife. May 1809. 21. 
Jones Ann, Spinster, dec. and John BarUett, Hatter, both of Upper Thames-street, 
May 1817. 5. 


( Principal Paid qf <m the bth July 19215. J 

James Moses, Worcester, Attorney at Law. 5th April 1821. 
Jane Ann, dec. St. Colombe, Cornwall, Widow, 10th Oct. 1821. 


(Principal Paid m Full lOM Oct. 1824.; 

Jardine Edward, dec. Seven Oaks, Kent, Gent. 5th April 1821. 
Johnson Elizabeth, Chesham, Bucks, Spinster. No Dividend. 


Jacob Rev. John Henry, Close, New Samm, Clerk, dec. April 1828. 
Johnson John Lewis, Mangalore, East Indies, Gent. Oct. 1828. 


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KabeU Marr, wife of John KabeU, Peterabury, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 

K^able Mary, Framlingham, Suffolk, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Keane Charl^, Royal Artillery, esq. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Kearsley Hannah, Servant to F. Lovelackford, e8<}. Southampton, July 1819. 7. 

Keating Sarah, Queen-street, Cheapside, Widow, July 1797. 51. 

Keen Rebecca, Spinster, at Mr. Vere's, Grosvenor-place, July 1813. 19. 

Keep Hannah, Sunning, Berks, Servant July 1817. 11. 

Kelly Capt. James CuUum, Gist Regiment of Foot, July 1809. 27. 

Kellcy Elizabeth, Holy-cross, Westgate, Canterbury, Widow, July 1826. 

Kelly Michael, Servant to C. Hereford, Clifton, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Kemble Henry, Watling-st. Tea-broker, & J. F. Firth, Guildhall, Gent. Jan.1819. 8. 

Kemester Jane, Clapham, Surrey, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Kemp Jane, Cateaton-street, Widow, Barbara Jones, Hertford, Spinster, and Henry 

Holdup, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Kennedy Hugh John, Emerick, County of Clare, esq. Jan. 1801. 44. 
Kenny Thomas, Gloucester-place, Servant to Mrs. Price, July 1817. 11. 
Kennmgton John, Edmonton, Innkeeper. William Tasker, Idol-lane, Wine Merchant, 

and Jacob Mould, Lincoln's-inn-nelds, Solicitor, Jan. 1827. 
Kennicotte Anne, Cressingham, Norfolk, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Kenyon Elizabeth, wife of Martm Kenyon, Heyhead, Yorkshire, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Kerr Malcohn, Suffolk-street, Stepney, Mariner, July 1814. 17.* 
Kerry Mary, Widow, Servant to Mr. Arden, Chaseside, Enfield, Jan. 1801. 7. 
Key Wm., James-st. Haymarket, esq. & J. Key, Golden-square, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Kidder Mary, Long Ditton, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Kidgell Heiiry, Vine-street, Piccadilly, Wine Merchant, July 1760. 11. 
Kidman Susannah, Fleet-street, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
King Anthony Calvert, Stamford-hill, esq. Daniel Ximenes, Stock Exchange, esq. 

and John Shaw, Islington, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Killmaster Richard, Sevedjrook, Oxon, Farmer, July 1816. 13.^ ^^ , . , ^^^.^,. 
Kindersley Nathaniel Edward, Richard Torin Kindersley, and Nathamel WiUiam 

Kindersley, all of Westhorp-house, esq. July 1819. 7. 
KingElizabeth,Ashby-haU,Lincohishire, Spinster, Julv 1817. 11. „ ^ , 
King Elizabeth, Spinster, a Minor, and Thomas King, Newport-market, Butcher, dec. 

Jan. 1817. 12. 
King Capt. Ivory, 50th R^unent of Foot, Jan. 1820. 6. 
King Sir John Dashwood, WestWycomb, Bucks, Bart, and John Walcot, Dover, esq. 

King Rev. John Warner, Oxford-street, James Hore, Essex-street, Strand, Gent, and 

George Holliday, East Hugbom, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
King James, Servant to Capt. Gifford, Portsmouth, July 1816. 13. 
King Mary, Devonshire-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. i. ^v w i 

King Rev. Thomas, New Wooitock, Oxon, and Thomas Gardner, of the Royal 

Navy, SaUor, July 1795. 55. ^ « ., _. o i • it- 

King Rev. Thomas, New Woodstock, Oxon, and George Brotherton, a Sailor m His 

Majesty's Navy, July 1795. 55, . „ , , , ,«,i. ,e 

King Thomas, Birmmgham, Treasurer to the Baptist Fund, July 1815. 15. 
King Timothy, GreatBaddow, Essex, Gent. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Kipling John, Albany Fort, Hudson's Bay, Gent. dec. July 1/89. 15. 
Kirby James, Eye, Suffolk, Gent. dec. July 1813. 19. 
Kirkby Thomas, Harley-street, Gent. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Kitrick Margaret, Windsor Castle, Servant, July 1778. 10. 
KUbbeck Jochim Hartwig, Puddle-dock, Sugar Baker, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Knapp Henry, jun. NorA-court, Abingdon, Berks, esq. July i»J5- . .?• ^ .^^ ,, , 
Knibbs John Hans, George-street. Portman-sq. esq. & John Schmidt, Westmorland^ 

place. City-road, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Knight Francis, Savill-row, esq. July 1817. 11. ^ 


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Knight John, Southall, Middlesex, Tailor, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Knight Robert, BarreUs, Warwickshire, Richard Fi]dler, Conihill,& George 

laine, Devonshire-place, esqs. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Knight John, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Knights Ann, Larenham, St^olk, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Knowles Elizabeth, Uarley-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, » an. 1818. 8. 
Knowling Mary, Stepney-canseway, Spinster, Jnly 1802. 41. 
Knox Jane, Durham, Widow, dec. Jan. 1802. 42. 
Kroger Johan, Rupert-street, Sugar-refiner, Jan. 1805. 34. 
Krull Joseph, Parson-street, Ratcliff-his^hway, Sugar Refiner, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Krumpholtz Melanie, Park-street, Grosvenor-souare, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Kymer Maximilian, Mincing-lane, Broker, and John Jackson, Dowgate-hill, Iron 

Merchant, July 1818. 9. 
Kynaston John, Newgate-street, Hosier, July 1811. 23. 
K>naston Mary, Holhom, Spinster, William Jones, Boreton, Salop. Farmer, & John 

Rawlings, Shrewsbury, Butcher, Jan. 1814. 18. 


Kane Charles, a Lunatic, a Purser in His Majesty's Navy, Oct. 1826. 

Kaye Jos^h, Bank-buildinss, esq. and Daniel Moore, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Oct. 1823. 

Keddy Ralph, Batson's Conee-house, Comhill, Broker, Elizabeth Margaret Keddy, 

and Clarissa Keddy, both Minors, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Keet- Susanna, Hadley, Middlesex, wife of Rev. John Keet, Hatfield, Herts, dec. and 

William Lake, Loncoln's-inn, Gent. Oct. 1822. 
Keet Susanna, Hadley, Middlesex, Widow, and W. Lake, Lincoln's-inn, April 1825. 
Keetiuff Patrick, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square, Bookseller, dec. Oct. 1822. 
Kelly Henry, Borough, Gent. April 1796. 54. 
Kdly John, Gray*s-inn-lane, Coal Merchant, Frances Anna Kelly, Mary Ann Kelly, 

and Ann Parker Kelly, Spinsters, Minors, April 1817. 12. 
Kemp William, Basing, Hants, Gardener, April 1818. 10.* 
Kendall Thomas, Abingdon, Berks, Currier, April 1829. 
Kenley Elizabeth, Shadwell, Widow, Oct. 1820. 

Kennedy Sir Robert Hugh, Wimpole-street, Cavendish-square, Knt. Oct. 1821. 
Kennington Thomas, Bentick-street, Soho, Gent. Oct. 1826. 
Kensington John Pooley, Lombard-street, Banker, dec. April 1813. 20.* 
Kentish Samuel, Comhill, Gent, and Henry Hedges, India-house, Gent. Oct. 1819. 8. 
Kerridge Sarah, Ipswich, Suffolk, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Kidman Susannah, Racquet- court. Fleet-street, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Kiliingback Elizabeth, High Holbom, Spinster, dec. late wife of Martin Taylor, of 

the same place, Bookseller, and Martha Roberts, a Minor, April 1829. 
KiDmgley Hannah, Hertford. Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
King George, Brownlow-street, Drury-lane, Currier, and Louisa Button, a Minor 

Belton-street, Long Acre, Oct. 1819. 7. 
King Thomas, South Newbald, Beverly, Farmer, Oct. 1816. 13.* 
King John, Sheemcss, Kent, esq. dec. and William Wright, Dowgate-hill, Gent* 

April 1823. 
Kingdom Sophia, Sloane-street, Chelsea, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Kingsley Thomas Pincke, Kingston, Surrey, esq. dec. and Philip Ainslie, Battiamsley, 

Hants, eat^. April 1829. 
Kingston Wilham, Exchange-alley, Gent. Oct. 1784. 77. 
Kinneriy Elizabeth, Lad-laine, Wood-street, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Kirbv Thomas, Harley-street, Cavendisb-square, G^nt. dec. April 1819. 8. 
Kirkland John, Quebec-street, Portman-square, esq. April 1825. 
Kirby Walter, Apothecary, St. Mary-hill, Thomas Cheadle Saunders, Leadenhall-st. 

Grocer, and Mary Hellier, dec. wife of Philip Hellier, Stangate, Oct. 1797. 51. 
Kitson John, Norwich, Grent. William Repton, Aylsham, Norfolk, Gent, and William 

Simpson, Norwich, Grent. April 1824. 
Klinkernies John Reinhard, Fenchurch-street, Professor of Languages, April 1821. 
Knight John, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Knight Rev. Samuel, Vicar of Halifax, Yorkshire, April 1822. 
Knowlys William, Cook Woods Farm, Sussex, esq. April 1818. 10. 
Knox Charles, Shadwell, Mariner, dec. Oct. 1765. 115. 


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Kanseboom Helena Maria, Utrecht, Spiiister, July 1801. 43. 

Keast Jane, Widow, & W. Keast, Gent, both of St. Germain, Cornwall, July 1816. 13. 

ECedmK Joseph, Barking, Essex, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 

Kelly John, Cork, Ireland, esq. July 1793. 58. 

Kelsey William, Servant to Goieral Ramsay, John-street, Berkeley-tq. July 1819. 7. 

Kemp Joseph, Royal Artillery Gunner, now at Sicily, Jan. 1812. 22. 

Kemp William, Crown-court, Old Change, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Kendall John, dec. lliomas Smith, and R. Tabor, Coldiester, Gents. July 1808. 29. 

Kpnnan Samucl, Wilson-strcct, Unsbury-square, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Kent Obiah, Borough, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 

Kent Sarah, wife of T. Kent, Southampton-place, New-road, Merchant, July 1819. 7. 

Kerr Thomas, Forest Gate, Essex, Gent. July 1808. 29. 

Kerrick Rer. Iliomas, Cambridge, and R. Ray, Gower-st. esq. Jan. 1820. 6 

Keymer Susanna, Mandiester, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Kiddell Charles, South Carolina, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Kiddell John, MUton, near Gravesend, Grent. dec. July 1817. 11. j 

Kiddell Thomas, Jamaica, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Kier Hannah, Hampstead, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

King James, Sherbom-lane, Grent. Jan. 1816. 14. 

King The Right Hon. Peter Lord, dec. Jan. 1803. 9. 

King Robert, Tash-court, Gray's-inn-lane, Bookbinder, Jubr 1815. 15. 

Kirkpatrick James, Newport, Isle of Wight, and William Lore, Portsmouth, Gents. 

July 1815. 10. 
Kitching John Charles, Bridge-yard, Tooley-street, Carpenter, John Lloyd, Nelson-sq. 

Surrey, Millwright, J. Foulds, PVancis-st. Newington, a Minor, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Knabschurch William Jacob, Rockingfaam-row, Kent-road, Gent, dec July 1817. U. 
KnatchbuU Edward Provender, Kent, esq. July 1817. 11. 
Knatchball Sir Edward, Mersham-hatch, Kent. Bart. July 1819. 7. 
Knight Susanna, Stebbing, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 


fPrincipal Paid in Full lOM Oct, IS2A.J 

Keen William, High Wvcombe, Bucks, Crent. and Marv Keen, his wife, 5th April 1824. 
Kemp John, dec. Eynsford, Kent, Fanner. No Dividend. 

Ker Richard Grevas, dec. Mount-street, esq. and Wm. Elers, Gower-street, Bedford- 
square, esa. 10th Oct. 1821. 
Kuse Matilda Martin, Queen-square, Westminster, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1823. 


Keatinge Anthonia, Longworth, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 
Keeling Joseph, Barkinff, Essex, esq. dec. Ju^ 1^. 

Keemar Harriot, Church-street, Hackney, Spins, now wife of C. Highman, Jan. 1828. 
Kemp James, Fetter-lane, Holbom, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Kennan Samuel, Wilson-street, Finsbury-square, Gent. July 1818. 
Kenn Honour Dorchester, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1823. 
Kennedy William, Mile Gulley, Battersea, Jamaica, Gent. Jan. 1829 
Kent Bartholomew, Paternoster-row, Grent. Jan. 1822. 
Kibbey William, Swan-lane, Rotherhithe, Shipwright, Jan. 1822. 
Kirby George, Kensington, Victualler, Jan. 1823. 
King Thomas, Witham, Essex, Farmer, Jan. 1824. 
Kirkman Augusta, Bemer's-street, Oxford-road, Widow, July 1824. 
Knight John Baverstock, Piddle Hinton, Dorsetshire, Gent, and Elinor Bulkeley 
Knight, his wife, July 1828. 


(Consolidated the Sixth qf April 1780.^ 

Keen Daniel, Green-lane, Middlesex, Labourer, and Elisabeth 0attth Keen, his wife 

April 1817. 12. 
Kemp Elizabeth, Grange-walk, Bermondsey, Widow, Dot* 1816. 13. 
Kemp Johannes Theodorus Vander, Baccus-row, Hoxton, esq. dec. April 1816. 16. 
Kendell Susannah, Servt. to Mrs. Burgess, Salisbury-pUce, Marylebone, Oct. 1819. 7r 
Kentish Elizabeth, Bath, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 


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Kerridge Abraham, Blackfiriara-road, Gent. dec. Mary Kerridge, his wife, now wife of 
Thomas Richardson, William Salmon, Surgeon, and William Moore, Gent, all of 
Wycomb Market, Suffolk, April 1818. 7. 

Kerile James, Birmingham, Fishmonger, Oct. 1815. 9. 

Keys Robert, Portsmouth, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Kilby John, Elstree, Herts, Labourer, Oct. 1819. 7. 

King Joseph, Bedfordbury, Covent-garden, Cheesemonger, Oct. 1818. 7. 

Knight Thomas Andrew, Downton Castle, Salop, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Koester George, Colour Seijeant of the 60th R^fiment of Infimtry, Oct. 1818. 9. 


Kerr Thomas, Forest-gate, Essex, Gent. April 1808. 30. 


Kekewich William, North Bropk, Devon, esq. Oct. 1S02. 41. 
Kreuger Jan, Zachariah's Son, Hanover, now of Berlin, Oct. 1806. 33. 


Kingston Thomas, Isleworth, Servant, Oct. 1769. 10. 


Kinnier James, at Mr. Cure's, Bleake-hall, Essex, Oct. 1817. 11. 

King John, Sheemess, Kent, Carpenter, dec. April 1814. 18.* 

Kern Frances, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Martindale, Cadoean-place, Oct. 1819. 7* 

Kelland Elizabetn, Labour-in-vain-court, Fish-street-hill, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 


Keaquick Esther, Upper Easton, near Bristol, Spinster, May 1816. 13. 


{From 1726.) 
Knox Lucretia, Widow, now wife of J.Bryan, Walthamstow, Essex, April 1789. 39. 


King Elizabeth, Stanwell, Middlesex, Widow, April 1828. 


Karr Ellen Mary Seton, Kippilan, Roxburgfihire, N. B. Spinster, Sir Chas. Wm. Flint, 
Queen-st. Westminster, &nt. & Henry Wilmot Seton, Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1827. 

Karr George Charles Seton, Kippilan, Roxburgshire, N. B. Gent. Sir Chas.Wm. FUnt, 
Queen-st. Westminster, Knt. & Henry Wilmot Seton, Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1^. 

Karr John Seton, Kippilan, Roxburghshire, N. B. Gent. Sir Chas. Wm. flint. Queen- 
street, Westminster, luit. & Henry Wilmot Seton, Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1827* 

Kean Capt. John, Portman-street, Portman-sq. & Caroline, his wife, Jan. 1821. 

Kendall John, Lancton Thorp, Leicestershire, Farmer and Grazier, Jan. 1821. 

Kent John, Roval Hospital, Stonehouse, Devon, esq. Jan. 1822. 

KipUng John, Albany Fort, Hudson's Bay, Gent. dec. Jan. 1816. 

Knimpholtz Melanie, Park-street, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, July 1823. 


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Laoon Sasanna, wife of John Laoon, Berkeley-street, Gent, and George Oritts Laoon, 

a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Laird William, dec. Bagshot, Surrey, Baker, July 1827. 
Laird William, dec. Bakhot, Surrey, Baker, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Lamb John, Banbnry, Oxfordahire, D. D. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Lamb Joseph, Newca8tle-upon-l>fiie, Bank, esq. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Lamb Maiy, Kensington-gore, Spinster, July 1822. 
Lambell EUzabetb, Crooked-lane, Spinster, July 1803. 30. 
Lambert William, Bengal, esq. dec. July 1785. 75. 
Lambrecht Marie Lonise, bom Klencken, now wife of Frederick William Lambrecfat, 

of Boden Yerder, Hanover, Gent. Jnly 1820. 
Lambton Lient. CoL William, 33rd Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Lamy John, St. Peter's, Jersey, Shoemaker, Jnly 1821. 
Lancaster Tliomas, Briar-hill, Hants, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Lancaster William, Warwick-conrt, Gent. Jnly 1792. 61. 
Lance Benjamin, Stock Exchuige, Gent. Jnly 1818. 9. 
Lander Walter, Warwick, M. D. William Yalding, Lavington-hoose, esq. John Blake, 

Essex-street, Strand, Gent. John Philpot, Red Lion-sq. (Sent John Kinderley, 

Staples-inn, Gent, and R. Long, East-st. Queen-sq. Qeot Jan. 1827. 
Lane Jonn, Lower Thomhaugh-street, Pancras, Grent. dec. and Joseph Cullingworth, 

Leeds, a Minor, Jan. 1825. 
Lane Robert, Servant, Son Fire Office, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Lane William, St. John's-street, Gent. July 1793. 59. 
Lane William, Worcester, Gent. July 1826. 
T i a n g dale Thomas, Holbom, Distiller, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Langdon John, Ironmoneer-lane, Gent. dec. Jnly 1815. 15. 
Langford John, Joseph Pomfret Vander Meulen, Francis Kingston, & John Harrison, 

aU of St. Alban's, Herts, esos. July 1810. 25. 
Tiflngham Sir James, Colebrook, Bart. George Ashby Hashbeck, esq. & Rev. G^rge 

Symms, Cottisbrook, July 1817. 11. 
Langhom Richard, Kensin|ton-gore, Gent. Jan. 1825. 
Langhom Wm., & Henrv Smith Cooke, Stock Exchange, Gents. Jan. 1828. 
Langhom William, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Langley Ann Oddey's-row, Islington, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Langley Catherine, Calne, Wilts, Widow, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Langley Harriet, Sawston, CambridKe^ Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Langley Jane Sawston, Cambridge, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Langley Mary Ann, Sawston, Cambndgeshire, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Langley Rebeckah, Sawston, Cambridgeshire, Spmster, July 1814. 17. 
Iiangley William, Sawston, Cambridge, Yeoman, July 1814. 17. 
Langston John, Clement's-lane, Moreton Walhouse, Atherston, dec. and Houghton 

Farmer Okeover, Okeover, Staffordshire, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Laniesse Dominiaue, at the Duke of Rutland's, Lower Grosvenor-st. July 1806. 33. 
Iiansy Ann, Crosoy-square, Spinster, Servt. to Mrs. Buller, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Larbalestier jun. J. Perchard,&F. deGruchy,all of Trinity Parish, Jersey, Jnly 1827. 
Lark Henry, Essex-st. Strand, Navy Agent, J.Woodhead, ditto, ditto, G. Grove, 

Temple-chambers, Fleet-street, Navy Agent, and Francis Felton, Honover-street, 

Walworth, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Larldn Daniel, Aldersgate-street, Tailor, dec. Jan. 1823. 
Larkin Michael, Blackheath, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Larkin Nichoks, Rotherhithe, Mariner, July 1813. 19.* 
Larkins John Pascal, Broad-st A. J. Nash, Comhill, G. Wood, TTiames-st. J. Inglis, 

Mark-lane, dec. and E. Petty, Threadneedle-st. all Merchants Jan. 1819. 8. 
Lamer Frances, Widow, at Lady Lincoln's, Portland-place, July 1820. 
LaUibury Joseph, Burton-on-Trent, Gent, and John Martin Lathbury, of the same 

' place, a Minor, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Lauderdale Right Hon. James Earl of, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Langhten Greorge, Penton-st. PentonvUle, esq. July 1816. 13. 

7 3 2^9^' i^ 


Lawrence "S^niliam, Garlick-hfll, Gent. July 1810. 25.* 

Laurie John, Demerara, Grent. July 1824. 

Lavender Margaret, Marking, near Newport, Monmoathdiire, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 

Lawlor Laughlin, New Crravel-lane, Shadwell, Mariner, July 1806. 33. 

Lawrence John, Norfolk, Virginia, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Lawrence Randall, Wanstead, Essex, Farmer, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Lawrence Randall, Wanstead, Encs, Fanner, Jan. 1828. 

Lawrence Robert French, Birchin-lane, Gent. July 1823. 

Lawrence Susanna, Louth, Lincolnshire, Spinster, July 1761. 63. 

Lawrence Thomas French, Birchin-lane, Gent. July 1827. 

Lawton Ann, Gray's-inn-lane, Widow, dec. Jan. 1811. 24.* 

Layton John, Quarington, Bucks, Shopkeeper, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Layton William, Oxford-market, Turner, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Leach Elizabeth, Thayer-street, Manchester-square, Widow, Jan. 1811. 24.* 

Leader William, Putney-hill, Surrey, esq. & Mary Ann Crofton, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6.* 

Leake Samuel, Barkin^^, Essex, Cooper, dec. July 1815. 15.* 

Leapingwell Sarah, Wnttle, Essex, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Learmont Rev. William, Glenlence, N. B. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Led|^ Jane, Spinster, at Mr. Bun's, Sun-street, Bishopgate-street, July 1812. 6. 

Ledmrd Thomas, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Lee Anne, Widow, & Anne Lee, Spinster, both of Howland-st Fltzroy-sq. Jan. 1829. 

Lee Andrew, Cushion-court, Broad-street, Grent. Jan. 1812. 22. 

Lee Isaac, Minories, Haberdasher, July 1820. 

Lee John, Lincoln, Coachman. July 1815. 15. 

Lee John, Lincoln, Coachmaker, July 1818. 9.* 

Lee Joseph, Finsbury-square, esq. July 1797. 51. 

Lee Mana, Church-street, Minories, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Lee Mary Ann, wife of John Lee, Chiswell-street, Bricklayer, Richard Collins, a 

Minor, son of Richard Collins, of Rumford, Jan. 1793. 20. 
Lee Richard Nelson, Tooting, Surrey, a Minor, July 1808. 29. 
Lee Hon. Robert, Lee-place, Oxon, dec. and Sir James Dashwood. Kirtlincton, dee. 

Bart. Jan. 1850. 6. 
Lee Stephen, Polmer's-row, Whitechapel, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Legge Heneage, Putney, esq. Sir John Chardin Musgrave. Pordand-pl. Bart. dec. and 

Alary Lady Evelyn, wife of Sir F. Evelyn, Piccadilly, Bart. dec. July 1815. 15. 
Le|;rew John, Liverpool, Gent. July 1821. 
Leife John, Green-street, Grosvenor-square, (rent. Jan. 1826. 
Leigh Rev. Thomas, Rector of Wicldiam Bishops. Essex, and his. Trustee Edward 

Bentley, of The Bank of EngUnd, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Leith Col. James, Madras, July 1819. 7. 
' Leman Rev. Naunton Tliomas, Brampton, Suffolk, and Rev. Bence Bence, dee. 

Beccles, Suffolk, Jan. 1825. 
Lemon Robert, Jun. Brook-street, Lambeth, Grent. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Lennard Dame Dorotiiy Barrett, wife of Sir T. B. Lennard, Bell-house, Essex, July 1829. 
Leon Jacob Mendes de, Amsterdam, esq. and David Mendes de lioa, jun. Stodc 

Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lermitte Emma, Colney Hatch, Spinster, July 1829. 
Lemoult John Drigue, Lower Grosvenor-st. dec. July 1785. 75. 
Lemoult John Drigue, Maize-hill, Greenwich, esq. dec. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Leiingham Ann Otto, Powick, Worcestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Leslie James, Barbican, Grent. July 1805. 35. 

Leslie John William, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury, Grent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Leslie John, Wapping, Mariner, Jan. 1798. 50. 
Leisiman Hannan, Tewkesbury, Spinster, July 1826. 
Lethbridge Jane, Oakhampton, Devon, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Lettsom John Coakley, Sambrook-court, M. D. Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Lever Thomas, Islington, Gent. dec. Jan. 1825. 
Lever. Thomas, Islington, Grent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Lewes Rev. HenryDaniel, Bhmdford-place, Regent's-park, Clerk, Jan. 1830. 
Lewes Thomas, Widcomb, Somerset, Grent. and Charles Cadby, Bradford, Wilts. 

Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Lewis Jane, Gloucester-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1790. 66. 


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Lewis John, Jamet-ttraet, Mancheiter-fqiiare, QesA, July 1819. 8. 

Lewis Mary Ann, Cantert>Qry, Kent, Spinster, now wit ot William Henry Croti, 

Clemenf s-inn, esq. July 1818. 8. 
Lewis Penelope, Fnlham-road, Middlesex, Spinster, Jnly 1794. 57. 
Lewis William, Servant to Genl. G^rosrenor, Grotrenor-square, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Lewis William, Charles-street, Daliton, Gent. Oct. 1830. 
Lewis William Price, Newhonse, Glamorganshire, Jan. 1824. 
Leycester George, & A. Welland, Southborough-lodge, near Bromley, esqs. July 1828. 
Liart Samuel, Hig-lane, St. Ann's, Gent. dec. Jnly 1802. 41. 
Liddell Sarah, St. James'-market, Widow, dec. JoIt 1785. 6 
Liddiard Rev. William, Corbalis, near Swords, Dnblin, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Liddiard William, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, Gent. Jnly 1821. 
Lid^berd John, Greenwich, esq. dec. & Capt. J.Williams, Debtford, dec. Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Likely Haimah, Fltzrov-plaoe, Pancras, Widow, Caroline Maria Likely, a Minor, and 

Sarah Elizabeth Likely, a Minor, of the same place, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Idndlcy Frances, Brierly, near Falkiard, Yorkshire, Spinster, dec. Jnly 1811. 23. 
Liudlcy Hannah, Upper Rathbone-place, Widow, Jnly 1819. 7. 
Lindsay Ralph, St. lliomas's-street, Sonthwark, Gent. Jnly 1825. 
Lindsell John, St Ives, Huntingdonshire, Merchant, Jul? 1813. 19 
Linton Martha, Stoneham-park, Hants, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Flemhig, July 1812. 21. 
Lintott Thomas, Sloane-street, Knigfatsbndge, Servant to Mr. Tyron, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Lipscomb James, Cobham, Surrey, Farmer, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Lister Sophia, wife of St. George Lister, a Capt. onhalf-pay, War-offioe, Oct 1880. 
Lloyd Anne, Upper Brompton-row, Kensington, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Lloyd Ann, Spinster, at Lord Clifton's, Hanover-square, July 1819. 7. 
Lloyd David, of His Majesty's Wardrobe, esq. and Rev. Dr. Richard Scrope, Casde 

Comb-house, Wilts, July 1785. 75. 
Lloyd Eleanor, Kensington-palace, Servant, July 1781. 8S. 
Lloyd Elizabeth, Ayliff-street, Spinster, dec. JvJj 1819. 7.* 
Lloyd Jane Emma, Gloucester-place, Portman-souare, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
lioyd John, Leather-lane, Holbom, Corn-chandler, Thomas Tebbutt, Cumming-st 

Pentonville, Gent, and Chas. Thos. lioyd, Leather-lane, a Minor, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Lloyd John, Plymoutii-dock,&R.Jeimer,Doctor's-oommons, esq. dec. July 1807. 31. 
Lloyd John Arthur, Grosvenor-place, esq. Jan. 1814. 4. 
Doyd William, Plas Power, Denbighshire, esq. John Beauclerk, Bolton-st.Middte8ex, 

Rev. J. Rowley, Stoke Maryland, Suffolk, & Rev. Henry Kebbet, Woodford, 

Essex, Jan. 1812. 12. 
Lloyd Richard, Bank-place, Chester, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Lock Ann, Newgate-street, Widow, Jan. 1761. 124. 
ijock Ann, Haydon-square, Minories, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Lock Elizabeth, Amelia-street, Walwortti, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Lock Mary, New Cavendish-st. Widow, Servantto J. Bradiwaite, esq. July 1786. 73. 
Lockman Caroline, Windsor, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Lockwood John, esq. Trustee to Rev. F. Lundey, Vicar of Lund, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Lockwood Rev. John Cutts, Croydon, &T. Bainbridge, London, Banker, Jan. 1830. 
Lockwood Rev. Richard, John Elph, Wine Merchant, and James Ward, Twine 

Spinner^ all of Lowestoffe, Suffolk, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Logan David, Swallow-street, St. James's, Grent. July 1821. 
Logan Janet, Bedford-row, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Newman, July 1903. 39. 
Loggm Thomas, Basinghall-street, Gent, and Robert Peter Dyneley, esq.Bloomsbury- 

square, July 1809. 6. 
Lole Mary, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Lomax Elizabeth, King-street, St James's, Widow, dec. Jan. 1703. 60 
Longbottom Elizabeth, Leeds, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1825. 
Longlands Thomas, Queen-street, Westminster, esq. July 1818. 9.* 
Loos Joannes Baptista, Antwerp, es^. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Lorani Elizabeth, Surrey-square, Widow, dec. July 1825. 
Lorani Martha, Aldemey, Spinster, July 1806. 33. 
Lord Rev. James, Drayton Parslow, Bucks, and John lUcketts, Soulbury, Bucks, 

Gent Jan. 1812. 22. 
Louis John, Servant to Lord Craven, Charles-street, Jan. 1828. 
Lovat Samuel, Boswell-court, Barrister, & John Willes, Duiwich, esq. July 1818. 9. 



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Lovelock Marf Aon, Change-oouit, Strand, l^inster Jsn. 1814. 6. 

Loribond Martha, Hatfield Pereril, Essex, Widow, Jan. 1827. 

Lowe Rer. John, Wentworth, Yorkshire, & John Bower, SmeatfaaU, near Ferrybridge, 

Yorkshire, Gent. JuIt 1817. 11. 
Lowndes William, EUesborongh, Bucks, esq. and Robert Greenhill Russell, esq. 

Chenies, Bucks, Jan. 1825. 
Loard John Wickhajn-place, Essex, esq. Thomas Dayies, esq. and Rer. Wm. Daries, 

both of Homerton, July 1818. 9. 
Lucadou John Daniel, Tioehurst, Sussex, Grent. July 1806. 33. 
Lucas Robert Ha^rward, Teignmouth, Devon, M. D. Jan. 1822. 
Lucas Studey, Tristram, Barons Down, near Dulverton, Somerset, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lucena James Lancaster, Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, Mary Clara Bamewall,,&Rev. J.C.Luoena, North Cray , Kent, Jan. 1829. 
Ludford William, Northampton-street, Clerkenwell, Card-maker, July 1809. 27. 
Ludbey Thomas, Harley-st dec. & W. Fuller, Penzance, Cornwall, esqs. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Ludlam William, Woodside-house, nearNavestock, Essex, esq. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Ludlam William, Wigmore-street, esq. a Lunatic. July 1828. 
Lulham Frances, Norton-street, Widow, Jan. 1791. 64. 
Lundie Marv Stow, wife of Blake Stow Lundie, esq. Berwick, and Thomas Metcalfe, 

Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1781. 83. 
Lunsfbrd Mary, Cavendish-square, Spinster, Servant to J. Smith, Jan. 1777. 92. 
Lupton Harrv, Thame, Oxon, Surgeon, July 1819. 7. 

Lushington Charles May, Trichinopoly, Madras, East Indies, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Lushington Sir Henry, Bart. Bedford-square, and Edward Grale Boldero, London, 

Banker, July 1813. 19. 
Lushington James Law, Major of the 4th Regiment of Madras Cavalry, East Indies, 

July 1819. 7. 
Lushington Stephen, Doctor's-commons, July 1771. 23. 
Lushington William, Chislehurst, Kent, Thomson Bonar, Broad-street-buildings, dec. 

John Christopher Weguelin, ditto, ditto, esq. Edward Grale Boldero, Comhill, 

Banker, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Lttdiington William John, Rodmersham, Kent, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lutterman Wm., Hanover, Private Servt.toMii^orGren.SirR. Shawe Dorkin,K.C.B. 

Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lutwyche Thomas, Hitchin, Herts, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lozmoore Right Rev. John, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, William Davies Shipley, 

Dean of ditto, William Lord Bagot, Pool Park, Denbigh, Right Hon. Charles 

finch, Voolas, ditto, John Holland, Twydan, esq. ditto, John Lloyd Salisbury, 

Gallza^um, esq. ditto, & J. Price, Poolly Stracham, ditto, Clerk, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Luxmoore Right Rev. Jolm, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, and William Marsh, Brook- 
street, Holbom, Dyer, dec. July 1814. 20. 
Lye Hiomas, Middleham, Bedall, Yorkshire, Gent. Jan. 1829. 
L^ord Thomas, Tottenham-court-road, Fishmonger, July 1822. 
Lyn Fieter Yander, Amsterdam, esq. Jan. 1828. 


Ladd Ann, Servant to Rev. Chas. Buiy, Quarley, Southampton, Oct. 1817, 11. 

Laisman John, Little Tower-hill, Manner, April 1817. 12.* 

Lamb Thomas Davis, Rye, Sussex, esq. dec. and Julia Louisa Lamb, Iden, Essex, 

a Minor, April 1818. 10. 
Lambert Catherme, wife of A. B. Lambert, Lower Grosvenor-st. esq. April 1826. 
Lander Catherine, Spinster, Servant to E. Palk, Burton-street, AprU 1821. 
Langbome Mary, Wigmore-street, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1784. 77. 
Langdale Marmaduke, Mitcham, Surrey, esq. and James Langdale Lavender-hill, 

Surrey, esq. Oct. 1820. 
Larchin Mary, Richmond, Surrey, Widow, Oct. 1810. 25.* 
Large Samuel, Servant to Mr. Ashurst, Di^ta£f-lane, dec. April 1765. 116. 
Laverack Edward, Manchester, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Lawson Rev. Marmaduke, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, dec. April 1816. 14. 
Lazenby Caroline, Edward-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Leake James, Gardener to Su: Charles Morgan, Tredegar House Monmonthshire. 

Oct. 1815. 15. e » 6 ^ 



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Lea £dward, Camomik-mewi, Camomile-ttreet, Cannan, April 1817. 12.* 

Lean James, Woolacombe» Somerset, Gent. Oct. 1811. 23. 

Ledwick Mary, Mortuner-atreet, Cayendish-aqnare, Widow, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Lee John, Uncoln, Coachmaker, April 1817. 12. 

Lee Samuel, Coleman-street, Gent. April 1810. 26. 

Leech John, Lea, Surrey, esq. and Ewin Andrew Bnmaby, Baggrave-hall Leicester- 
shire, esq. April 1823. 

Legh Peter, Lime, Chester, esq. John Taylor, St. Giles's, esq. andElborongh Wood- 
cock, Lincobi's-inn, esq. dec. April 1794. 58. 

Legrand Henry, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Merdiant, April 1800. 6. 

Lernonlt John Drirue, Maize>hill, Greenwich, dec. April 1797. 52. 

Leroux John, St. Michael's-in-the-flelds, Watchmaker, dec. Samuel Price, Cripplegate, 
London, esa. dec. and Theophilus Dyson, ditto. Surgeon, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Lett Frances, Woolwich, Kent, Spinster, April 1829. 

Levett John, Broad-street, Ratdiff, Gent. April 1814. 18. 

Levy Abigail, Great Presscott-street, Goodman's-fields, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 

Levy Angelo, Devonshire-sauare, Merchant, dec. April 1816. 14. 

Levy Angelo, Bury-street, St. Mary Axe, Merchant, dec. Maria Van Zetti, ApoUo- 
buildings, Walworth, Widow, & G. L. Van Zetti, a Mmor, April 1816. 14. 

Lewis John, James-street, Manchester-square. Victualler, Oct 1818. 9.* 

Liddard William, jun. Blackheath, Gent. April 1816. 14. 

Idghtfoot Thomas, Crowle, Lincohi, esq. April 1819. 8.* 

Like Ann, Carshalton, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Idlford Right Hon. Thos. Lord of, Lilford, Northamptonshire, April 1799. 50. 

Lilly Thomas, Lawrence Pountney-lane, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21.* 

Lincoln Ann, Queen-street, Bloomsbury, Spinster, Oct. 1782. 81. 

Ldnford Thomas, Shrewsbury, Cork-cutter, and Mary, his wife, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Lipyeatt Rer. Jonathan, Babbington, Rey. J. Lipyeatt, jun. St. John's College?, Cam% 
bridge, dec. R. ProwerCranboum, Dorset, Surgeon, dec. and Rer. Henry Rigby, 
Hockley, Essex, Oct. 1826. 

Lister Marv, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Evelyn, Seven Oaks, Kent, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Litchfield John, Bedford-street, Covent-^arden, esq. Oct. 1820. 

Littlemore, Ann, St. Margaret's, Westmmster, Widow, dec. April 1788. 70. 

Lloyd David, Servant to me Duke of Cambridge, South Audley-street, April 1819. 8. 

Lloyd Rev. Thos., Rector of Lewesden, Northamptonshire, dec. Rev. R. Lloyd, Rector of 
St. Dunstan's.West, London, &Rev. J.H.S. Cary, Minister of Famhurst, Oct 1823. 

Lock Catherine, Great Marylebone-street, Spinstet Oct 1819. 7. 

Logan Robert, Baker-street, Portman-square, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Londonsack Emma, Peter-street, Bloomsbury, Spinster. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Longden Sarah, Lawrence Pountney-lane, Widow, M. Satterthwaite, dec. Lombard-st 
Banker, &W. Toulmin, Gravel-lane, Soap Manufiujturer, dec. Oct. 1826. 

Longmore Rev. Alexander, Great Baddow, Essex, dec. April 1813. 20. 

Lord Rev. William, Northiam, Sussex, Oct. 1811. 23. 

Lousada Emanuel Baruh, jun. Grabriel Israel Brandon, dec. & Ralph Brandon, aU of 
London, Merchants. Oct 1820. 

Lousada Emanuel Baruh, & Moses Ximenes, London, Merchants, Oct. 1804. 22. 

Lovett John, Stratton-street, Strand, Coachmaker, Oct 1794. 57. 

Low Charlotte. Homdon-on-the-hill, Essex, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Low Isaac, Gower-street, Gent. April 1810. 26. 

Lowe Richard, Gent, dec, Chas. H. Fillingham, Saddler, dec. Sarah Fillingham, Spins, 
and Susannah Fillingham, Spinster, all of Whitechi^-road, Oct. 1825. 

Lowe Richard, Gent. dec. Chas. H. Fillingham, Saddler, dec. Elizabeth Fillingham, his 
wife, and Elizabeth FilUngham, Spinster, all of Whitechapel-road, Oct. 1825. 

Lubberss Frederick Wm., Duncan-st. Goodman's-fields, Sugar Refiner, April 1808. 30. 

Lubbock Horatio Webster, Congham, Norfolk, Farmer, Oct. 1799. 47. 

LuoUam William, Woodside-house, Nave Stock, Essex, esq. April 1804. 38. 

Lumbard John, at Mr. Watts's, Lombard-street, April 1799. 8. 

Lusty Hester Crocker, Kingstanley, Gloucestershire, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Lyford Dorothy Maria, wife of Giles King Lyford, Winchester, Surgeon, and Chaa. 
Lyford, Basingstoke, Hants, Surgeon, Oct. 1825. 

Lyon John Charles, Upper Bedford-place, Russell-square. Gent April 1819. 8. 

Lys Capt James, Gosport, Hants, April 1814. 18. 



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Lack Ann, Leadenhall-itreet, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Ladd Ursula, Servt. to Magens Dorrien Magens, Finch-lane, Banker, Jan. 1814. Id 

Lambert Ann, B<md-8treet, Spinster, Joly 1819. 7. 

Lancaster Joseph, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jul^ 1810. 25. 

Lane Jane. Horseferry-road, Westminster, Spmster, July 1817. 11. 

Lane Sarah, Chapel-street, Pentonville, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

Langley Mary Ann, Warminster, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Larnev Clarinda Jane, East Mailing, Kent, Spinster, July 1811. 23. 

Launder Rev. Abel Collin, Clifton, Nottinghamshire, dec. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Lavers Frances^pins. Senrt. to Mr. Buncess, Clapham, Surrey, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Lee Elizabeth, Widow, Senrant to Mrs. dubbins, Epsom, Surrey, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Lee Hannah, Portsea, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Lee Isaac, Minories, Haberda^er, & Sarah Lee, ditto, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Lee William, York, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Leese Sarah, Camden-street, Islington, Widow, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Lemon Elizabeth, Milton, near Portsmouth, Spinster, July 1817. IL 

Levinge John, London, esq. dec. July 1801. 43. 

Lewin Thomas, King-street, Westminster^ Gent, and Chariotte Scott, Hammeranitliy 

Spmster, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Ley Mary, Spinster, Servant to John Guise, Upper Baker-street, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Lincolne John, of the Bank of England, Gent. Susannah Parry, Witham, Essex, 

Widow, and Eliza Leach, Crosby-row, Southwark, Spins, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lindley Charles, John-street, Tottenham-court-road, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Linfield George, Horsham, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
Lindford Mary, Clapton-terrace, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Littler Reading, Waltham Abbey, Gent, and Elizabeth, his wife, July 1818. 9 
Lloyd John, Harrison-street, Gray's-iim-lane, Gent. & Eleanor Price, Widow, Kerry, 

Montgomery, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lock Wm., Norberry, Surrey, esq. dec. & W. H. Pigou, London, esq. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Lookhart Dayid, Kew, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Lomath John, St. Marylebone-lane, Gent Jan. 1815. 16. 

Lomelino Bernardino Nicolae Escorsio, London-st. Fitzroy-sq. esq. July 1809. 27. 
Long Mary, Whitechapel, Spinster, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Lord Jane, Somers' Town-terrace, Spinster, & Benjamin Lord Slater, Upper Gower- 

street, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Lousley John, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Love Elizabeth, Horse Shoe-court, Clement's-inn, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lowman Rachd, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6, 
Lucas Elizabeth, Clewer, Berks, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Lucas Anthony, Bedford-place, Bloomsbury-square, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lucas Sabina Mary, Cheltenham, Widow, July 1816. 13. 

Lushington Sir Stephen, Harley-st. Bart. &C. Boldero, Comhill, Banker, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Lutusden John, esq. Member of the Supreme Council, at Bengal, dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Lutz James, Perciyal-street, Clerkenwell, Watchmaker, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Lynden Hon. Dirk Rynhard Johan Baron Van, Nimeguen, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Lyon Henry, Plymouth, Gent. July 1819. 7. 


Land Mary, Spinster, Servant to LordYemon, Park-place, St. James's, Oct. 1819. 7* 
Lander Joan, Spinster, Servant to Miss Anderson, Crooms-hill, Oct. 1811. 11. 
Lane Frances, Queen-square, Bloomsbuiy, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Lsne Jane, iElueen-sauare, Bloomsbury, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Langford Abraham, Hi|;hgate, esq. dec. Oct. 1810. 7.* 
Langton Elizabeth, Maidenhead, Berks, Widow, Oct. 1830. 
Larchin Mary, Strand, Spinster, 5th April 1824. 
Law Henry, Lindsey-row, Chelsea, esq. 5th April 1827. 
Lay Mary Ann, Tottenham, Middlesex, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Lees Thomas Dullison, Cannon-street, Gent. 10th Oct. 1822. 
Leithead Mary, Park-street, Grosvenor-square, Widow, Oct. 1817. II. 
Lewis James,. Powis-place, esq. Oct 1817. IL 

Ley Rev. John, Tiverton, Devon, & C. Ley, Baliol College, Oxford, April 1810. 8. 
Little Anne, Southampton, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 


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little Isaac, Kme Efana, Battenea, Barge-biulcler, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Uoyd Eleanor, Spins.deo. Servt. toW. Smith, esq. Rug, North Wales, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Long Joseph, Chnrch-lane, Strand, Baker, Oct. 1817. 11.* 

Long William, at Miss Warren's, Portogal-st, Orosrenor-so. 10th Oct 1814. 17.* 

Lun Hannah, Lisson-green, Marylebone, Spmster, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Lugeon John, Bath, Servant to Mrs. Terry, April 1812. 22.* 


(Coruolidated the Sixth qf April 1780.J 

Lambert John, Eagle-street, Red Uon-sqnare, Gent. Oct 1804. 37. 

Lambert Mary, wife of R. Lambert, Snffollcstreet, Chairing, Gent. Oct 1812. 21. 

Lancaster Frances. Sheemess, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 

Langley John William, WeU-street, Ozford-street, Gent. April 1818. 10. 

Laniley Thomas, 'Hfer's Head Tap, Foot's Cray, Kent, Victualler, April 1818. 10. 

Lawson Lieut Col. Robert, Woolwich, Kent Oct. 1818. 9. 

Layton Martha, Putney, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Lee Mary, wise of Joseph Lee, Finsbury-square, esq. April 1797. 52. 

Lemon Fnend, Marsate, (Sent dec. Oct 1815. 15. 

Leonard Thomas, Churdi-row, St. Luke's, Woolcomber, Oct 1816. 7. 

Lemoult John Drigue, Maize-hill, Greenwich, esq. dec. April 1797. 52. 

Lewis Richard, Lantillio, Grosamy, Gent April 1808. 30. _ 

Leytham Robert Hinde-street, Manchester-square, Upholsterer, April 1818. 10. 

lo^t William, Chatham, Gent Oct. 1818. 9. 

Lunan Sarah, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Hadsky, Ware Priory, Herts, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Lloyd Mary, Combury-plaoe, St George's, Southwark, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Lode Mary, Seward-street, Goswell-street, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Logan Frances of His Migesty's Ship Pallas, Mariner, April 1806. 34. 

Lcmg Jo^, Woolwich, Merchant, April 1816. 14. 

Lowe James, East India-house, Gent April 1817. 12. 

Luml^ Captain John Richard, Charlton, Kent, dec. and Mary Ann Bradby Lumley, 

a Minor, April 1818. 10. 
Lyde Edward, Strand, Gent. April 1798. 50. 


Lacy Elizabeth Mary, Camden-street, Islington, Spinster, July 1828. 

Lane Jane, Horseferry -road, Westminster, Spinster, July 1817 

Lane Sarah, Chapel-street, Fentonville, Spinster, July 1816. 

Langmore Dorothea, Enham, Hants^pinster, July 1820. . 

Langworth Jane, Brighton. Sussex, Widow. Jan. 1826. * 

Lankester Thomas, Bewdley, Worcestershire, Comb-maker, and John Townley, 

Bristol, Sail-maker, July 1820. 
Later Sarah, Commerdal-road, Widow, July 1823. 
Lavie Grermain, Frederick's-place, Old Jewry, esq. dec. and Sarah Lavie, Worcester, 

Spinster, July 1825. 
Lawton Joshua Seeley, Bath, Gent Frederick Seaton, Oxford-street, Carver & Gilder. 

J. Clarke, & A. Clarke, Minors, both of Blistoretii, Northamptonshire, Jan. 1827. 
Leach Timothy, Clapham, Surrey, Gent. dec. Jan. 1825. 
Lees Thomas bullison. Cannon-street, Gent. Mary Ann Lees, Spinster, and Frances 

Lees, Spmster, all of Colehiil, Warwickshire, July 1824. 
Lefroy Rev. Isaac Peter Georee, Basingstoke, July 1824. 
Lelyyeld Bernard Peter Van, Howland-street, St. Pancras, esq. dec. Jan. 1825. 
Lewis Hannah, Queen's-place, Kennington, Widow, and William Henry Hewitt, a 

Minor, Jan. 1824. 
Lewis Lieut. John, Royal Marine Artillery, and Lieut. Thomas Lewis, 3rd Garrison 

Battalion, Jan. 1825. 
Lilly Elizabeth, wife of John Lilly, Charlotte-street, Pimlico, Gent. July 1823. 
Littell William, Stames, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Littlehales Captain Bendall Robert, Royal Navy, July 1826. 
Lomax Richard, Bow Church-yard, esq. and Mary Ann Kij^tley, a Mhior, now of 

Age, July 1827. 
Ludlow Hannah, Clay-hill, Middlesex, Widow, Jan. 1829. 
Lutwidge Henry Thomas, Ambleside, Westmoreland, esq. July 1828. 



Lark Edward, Gra^esend, Gent. lOdi Oct. 1826. 

Laalett Mary, Weymouth-street, St. Marylebone, Widow, 5th April 1827. 

Lee Eli, Hook, Hants, Gent 10th Oct. 1826. 

Little John, Gent. Rev. Robert Strong, and William Palling, Gent, all of Painswick, 

Gloucestershire, 10th Oct 1825. 
Lowdham Caleb, Leicester, esq. dec. 10th Oct. 1825. 
Lnmley Captain John Richard, of the Royal Navy, dec and Mary Ann Bradley 

Lumley, a Minor, 5th April 1818. 


Levmge John, London, esq. dec. Oct. 1743. 159« 

Lewis Ridiard, Llanlillo, Monmouthshire, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 


CPrincipal Paid in Full lOth Oct. 1824.J 
Lancaster Sarah, dec. Reading, Widow, 5th April 1823. 
Lane Sarah, Caniaby-market, Spinster. No Dividend. 
Langton Richard, dec. Newington, Surrey, Gent. 10th Oct. 1822. 
Lloyd Mary, Conibury-place, St. George^s, Southwark, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1815. 


Lockey Rev. Richard, Shuchcombe, Gloucestershire, dec. 10th Oct. 1824. 


Lavie Sarah, Greenwich, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1829. 

Lewis Robert, Mansion House-street, (Sent 10th Oct. 1826. 


Langford Abraham, Highgate, esq. Salnsbury Langford, Cains College, Cambridge, 

and Lieut. John Guyon, of the Navy, April 1816. 14. 
Levinge John, London, esq. dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Lewis Thomas, Ludgate-hill, Apothecary, dec. Oct. 1804. 37. 


Ludlam George, Oxford-street, a Minor, May 1816. 13. 

Ludlam Thomas, Sandford-place, Newington, a Minor, May 1816. 13. 


Le Cointe John .Mark, South Sea-house, esq. and Mary Charron, Eklgware-road, 

Spinster, boA dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Lyon George, Chichester, esq. and Louisa Alexandria Lyon, his wife, Jan. 1811. 24. 


(From 1780.) 

Little James, Deptford-yard, Baker, Oct 1803. 10. 
Lone John, Old Broad-street, Gent. dec. April 1803. 11. 
Lowden Martha, Dyot-street, St Giles's, Widow, Oct. 1798. 20. 


(From the First of May 1704.^ 

Lane Sarah, White Lion-street Islington, Spinster, May 1816. 7. 
Lecdc Mary, Spinster, at Mr. York's, St. James's-square, Nov. 1805. 28. 


Landon Jane Catherine, Clapton, Widow, Jacob Jamet, sen., and Jacob Jamet, jon. 

both of Spital-square, and John Holt, jun. Tottenham, Gents. Jan. 1831. 
Lea Emma, Newland-street, Kennington, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Leifchild Rey. John, Kensington, Elizabeth Leifchild, bis wife, and John Roby 

Leifchild, a Mmoi, July 1830. 
Lewis Charles, Oxendon-street, Harmarket, Dyer, and William Albert Walls, Hart- 

street, Bloomsbury, Solicitor, July 1830. 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 


Mac DonoQgh Angiutiii, Myton, Cornwall, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Mace John, St. Bifarylebone-street, Tobacconist, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Mackay James Duff, Paymaster of the 50th Regiment of Foot, July 1815. 9. 

Mackay Sarah, North Fleet, Kent, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Mac Cadam Capt. John, Strand, Mariner, dec. July 1783. 11. 

Mac Cartney Greoree, Hand's-court-oastle, Carpenter, Jan. 1796. 11. 

Mac Conel Richard, Chelsea, Gent. dec. July 1825. 

Mac Donald William, Calcutta, East Indies, Mariner, Jan. 1821. 

Mac Donnald Bernard, Crumbys-row, Commerdal-road, Grent. Jan. 1814.* 

Mac Gillivray Simon, Suffolk-lane, Merchant, and Colin Ross, Dingwall, Scotland, 

esq. July 1828. 
Mac Grigor John, Barldnr, Essex, Gardener, and Elizabeth, his wife, July 1827. 
Mac Intosh Manr Ann, & Isabella Mac Intosh, both Spinsters, PimUco, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Mackenrot Charles Otto, St. James's, Staymaker, dec. July 1801. 43. 
Mac Kenzie Mary Ann, Brokers'-alleyt Drury-lane, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Mac Kerrell Robert, Wathng-street, Merchant, Jan. 1819. 8.* 
Mackintosh Elizabeth, Dalmungee, Perthshire, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Mac Lean John, Adventure Estate, Island of Tobago, esq. Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Mac Leay Alexander, Princes-court, Westminster, Gent, and Barbara Mac Leay, a 

Minor, July 1825. 
Mac Mahon, Capt. Terence. 53rd Renment of Foot, July 1813. 19.* 
Macnamara John, Crawford-street, Portman-square, esq. July 1813. 19. 
Macknab Peter, Hendon, Ghurdener, Jan. 1794. 58. 
Mac Knight Mary, wife of John Mac Knight, Corporal of the 9l8t Regunent of Foot, 

Jan. 1817. 6. 
Maddocks Catherine, .wife of Plant Maddocks, Nantwich, Gent, aud William Lawe, 

ditto, Attomey-at-Law, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Magenis Bernard, Axe Tap, Aldermanbury, Mariner, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Magrath Dennis, Redlesworth, Suffolk, Gardener, July 1819. 7. 
Masuire Bernard, dec. Cumberknd-st. Marvlebone, Servt. to R. Harding Jan. 1815. 6. 
Mahon Lieut. CoL Matthew, of the Royal York Rangers, Jan. 1819. 8. 
.«--MbJion Hon. Gren. Strokestown, Roscommon, Ireland, July 1825. 
Maidman William Woodrow, Famham, Hants, Grent. July 1819, 7. 
Main Thomas, of the Tower, Gent Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mainbra^ Midiel Henry de. Great Marylebone-street, esq. July 1802. 41. 
MainwaxingElizabeth, Bucklersbury, Spinster, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Mair John Hastings, Brighton, Lieut. Col. in the Army, Robert Morley Arthington, 

Lancaster, esq. & Rev. H. J. Rose, Vicar of Horshima, Sussex, July 1830. 
Maitland John Grorham, Gloucester, esq. a Minor, July 1826. 
Makeam William, jun. Grent. and Mary Makeam, jun. Spinster, both of Bridge Sollers, 

Herefordshire, July 1827. 
MaUett Ann, Sevmour-place, CheLsea, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Malpas Henry, Knightsbridge, Glent. Rev. Joseph Henry Malpas, Measham, William 

Malpas, Knightebridge, Client, and Henry Malpas, a Minor, July 1819. 9. 
Manby Mary, Chatham, Widow, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Mandark Edward, Rochester, Qeat. and W. Thompson, Poplar, Gent. Jan. 1822. 
Mander Hiomas, Bishopgate-street, Mercer, dec. and Kissor CoUis, Meeting-house- 

court. Cannon-street, Sfunster, Jan. 18^ 
Manell Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Savarv, Westminster-road, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Manley Elizabeth, Exeter, Devon, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Manley John, Oxford, esq. Tliomas Whey Harding, Repcott, Devonshire, esq. and 

Sir Robert Gardiner, Claremont, Surrey, K. C. B. July 1829. 
Maim Sarah, Croydon^ Spinster, July 1819. 7. '*°' 

Manning Richard, Hign-street, Southwark, Comb-maker, Eliza Ann Kingsley, Lower 

Tooting, Widow, and Eliza Ann Margaret Kingslev, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mansfield Ridit Hon. Earl of, Right Hon. Charles Abbott, now Lord of Colchester, 

and DrTcyril Jackson, Felpham, Sussex, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 


uiyiuzeu uy 'vjv^v^^l^ 

Mansell T^Hlliam, son of Thomas Gaernsey, Gent. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Manton Sarah, Strand, Widow, Jan. 1756. 134. 

Manvill Susan, Sackvill-street, Widow, Servant to W. Hawkins, esq. July 1821. 

Mapowder Jane, Lamb's Condoit-passage, Red Lion-square, Spinster, July 1807. 7* 

Marchand John Peter, Size-lane, Gent. Jan. 1808. 30. 

Mardle Ann, Edmonton, Spinster, be W. LeaUiley, Doughty-st. Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Mare Patience Sarah, Sheffield-street, Clare-market, Spinster, Jan. 1805. 36. 

Markham Elizabeth, Northampton, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 

Marker Christian, Newington, Surrev, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Marlow John, Raiding, Berks, Postillion, July 1819. 7. 

Marolles Jean Marie Noel de, Paris, esq. and Adelaide Marie Clementine de Eyek de 

Marolles, his wife, Jan. 1829. 
Marrett, Thomas, Lieut, in the East India Company's Service, July 1813. 19. 
Marriott Christopher, Sidmouth, Devon, esq. dec. July 1820. 
Marriott William, Broad-street, esoi Jan. 1826. 
M«rriott John, Finchingfield, esq. dec. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Marsden Thomas, Curtain-road, Shoreditch, Gent. Jan, 1815. 16. 
Marsh Benjamin, South Audley -street, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Marsh John, Bishopgate Withm, Glass-seller, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Marsh Mary, Heme's-hill, Lambeth, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Marsh Thos., Greenwich, &Jas.Wilmot,yine-st. Hatton-garden, Gents, dec. Jan. 1829^ 
Marsh Thomas, Salehurst, Sussex, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Marsh Rev. William, Morden College, Blackheath, Julv 1822. 
Marshall Sarah, Welbeck-street, Spmster, July 1818. 9. 
Marshall William, Hurst Pierpoint, Susselc, Farmer, and Richard Weekes, jun. Hunt 

Pierpoint, Sussex, Surgeon, July 1817. 11. 
Marston Elizabeth, South Audley-st. Spins, atthe Marquisof Butes, July 1817. 11.* 
Marston John, Alcot, Salop, Gent. Wm. Pu^h, Millington, Montgomeryshire, Gent 

and Arthur Lloyd Humphreys. Wood, ditto, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Marten George, Chapel-street, Grosvenor-square, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Martin George, jun. Bristol, Gent. Jan. 1827. 
Martin Sir Henry William, Upper Harley-street, Bart, and Captain James Thomas, 

Clapham-rise, Surrey, July 1825. 
Martin James, dec. Lombard-street, Banker, Trustee to the Rev. John Vachal, Little 

Port, Isle of Ely, Jan. 1831. 
Martin Mary, Ringwood, Hants, Spinster, dec. July 1824. 
Martin Mary, Hereford, Spinster, dec. July 1816. 13.* 
Martin Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Byam, K. C. B. and William Fanshawe Martin, a 

Midshipman in the Roval Navy, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Martin Thomas, Chipping Norton, Oxon, esq. dec. July 1807* 31. 
Martin Thomas, Cavendish-square, Gent. Jan. 1791. 64. 
Martineau Peter, St. Alban's, Gent, and Lytton George Keir, Bridge-st. Westminster, 

Wine Merchant, July 1826. 
Maseres John, Hertford-street, May Fair, Gent. dec. Brook Allen Bridges, Red lion- 
square. Attorney, dec. and Wm. Kewell, Servt. to J. Maseres, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Mason Ann, Lemon-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mason Emmily, Bath, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Mason John, Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Mason Mary, Bexley, Kent. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Massey Edmonds. Finsbury-square, Gent. July 1829. 
Massey Frances, Potter's-bar, Spinster, Julv 1807. 31. 

Masson John, Strand, Printer, and Elizabeth Masson, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Masters Martin Kedgwin, Watford, Herts, Surgeon, and Gustavus Smith, Little St. 

Thomas the Apostle, Queen-street, Merchant, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Mather Marv, Stanton, near Oxford, Widow, dec. July 1816. 12. 
Mather Sarah, wife of Thomas Mather, Finsbury-square, Merchant, July 1808. 29. 
Matthews Louisa, Hampstead Norris, Berkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Matthews Thomas, jun. Gravesend, Block-maker, and Moses Adams, dec. Graveaendf 

BricUaverf Jan. 1823. 
Mathews Wilkmson, and J. H. Mathews, both of Lincoln's-inn, esqs. Jan. 1826. 
Mathison Charlotte, Beckford-plaoe, Kennington, Spinster, July 1814. 8. 
Matthews Elizabeth, Spread Eagle-court, Gray's-inn-bme, Widow, July 1814, 17. 


Matthews Pranoes, Spins. Scrvt. to W. Western, esq. Kennington, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Matthews Heniy Seymour, Waltham Abbey, Essex, esq. John Young, Portsea, dec 

Builder, and James Ayles, Havant, Msrclumt, July 1808. 29. 
Matthews John, Senrant to Lady Moore, Stratford-place, July 18^. 
Aiaude Sir Comwallis, Dundram, Bart. William Lloyd, Danyratt, esq. and John 

Vaughan, Golden-grove, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Maude John, Great George-street, Westminster, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Mauley Thomas, Chatham-yard, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Maule Stephen John, Greenwich, esq. William Pemble 26th Regiment of Foot, Wm. 

Strong, Norton, Kent. Gent. & W. Pearless, Cowden, Kent. Gent. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Maundrell Henry, Heddington,Wilt8, esq. & J. Hurley, Symonds-inn, July 1819. 7. 
Mawley Edward, jun. Thomhaugh-street, Bedford-square, Surveyor, July 1813. 19. 
May John, Clifford's-inn, esq. July 1827. 

May Sarah, Spinster, at Mr. Carey's St. James's-st. Piccadilly, July 1830 
Mayell Thomas, Woolwich Dock-yard, Master Brickhiyer, July 1829. 
Mayer George, Hampstead, Gent. dec. Jan. 1794. 58. 
Mayers Cornelia, Fnlham, Widow, July 1824. 
Mayers Cornelia, Fulham, Widow, & Robert Turner, Rowland's-row,* Stepney-greeo. 

July 1813. 19. 
Mayn James, Master in the Royal Navy, dec. July 1826. 

Mead Elizabeth Constantia, Clapham,^inster, Edmund Wakefield Mead, Chester- 
place, Lambeth, esq. Isaac Lloyd Williams, Lincoln's-inn, esq. and John Elzetes, 

Chester-place, Lambeth, esq. Jan. 1827. 
Mead William, King's Langley, Herts, Sawyer, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Meal Jacob, Love-lane, Rooierhithe, Mariner, dec. JiJy 1808. 6. 
Meale Mary Ann, Spinster, Servant to Governor Elliott, Lower Berkeley-street, 

Manchester-square, July 1814. 17.* 
Meares George, Llansteption, Carmarthen, esq. and Aaron Timmens, Carmarthen, 

North Wales, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Mears Rev. Henrv, Rector of Little Brookham, Surrey, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Mears Joseph, Whitechapel-road, Butcher, July 1816. 13. 
Medhurst Jeseph, King-street, Golden-square, Grent. July 1819. 7 
Medina Solomon de. Slock Exchange, Gent. July 1814. 17.* 
Mee Thomas, esq. & J. Philpotts, jun. Gent, both of Gloucester, July 1815. 15.* 
Meister Christopher, Mile-end, Shoe-maker, Martin Vonberg, Portpool-lJU Victualler, 

and Daniel Vonberg, Petticoat-lane, Baker, Jan. 1809. 29. 
Melhuish Rebecca, Me^l's-conrt, Old Bond-st. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Melland William, Bakewell, Derbyshire, Gent. dec. William Tuck, Snow-hill, Grocer, 

dec. Elizabeth Gray, dec. wife of William Gray, Tottenham-court, dec. and Ann 

Melband, Bakewell, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Mellish William, and Joseph Fletcher, Shadwell, esqs. Jan. 1830. 
Melrose Thos., Connaught-terr. Edgeware-rd. esq. &£. M. Melrose, a Minor, Jan. 1829. 
Melson John, Artillery-passage, Artillery-lane, Butcher, Richard Melson, Long-alley, 

Moorfields, Coal Merchant, and Mary Evans, a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Mendes Tabitha, Florence, Spmster, July 1809. 27. 
Merac Ann Sarah, wife of Theophilus Merac, Hackney-rd. J. Burrell, Watling-st. W. 

Howard, Chelmsford, esqs. and Ann Sarah Howard, a Minor, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Mercer William, Edinburgh, esq. Jan.. 1818. 10. 
Meredith David, Walbrook, Gent. dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Merrell Elizabe^, Spinster, Servant to Lord Londes, Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Merry Inns, Rotherhithe, Wheelwright, July 1816. 13.* 
Merryfield Ann, Spinster, at Mr. Crew's, Hill-street, Jan. 1796. 13. 
•Mestayer John, Chapel-st. St. Mary, Dublin, Jeweller, dec. Jan. 1806. 34. 
Metcalfe Charlotta, Webber's-street, Blackfriars-road, Spinster, July 1818. 9.* 
Metcalfe Thomas, Lincoln's-inn, Gent. & Mary Metcalfe, St. Martin's-in-the- Fields, 

Spinster, July 1781. 83. 
Metthu n Bettv, St. Catherine Precinct, Merchant, Jan. 1781. 84. 
Meuron Jane Ann de, daughter of Henry, ditto, Orbe, Switzerland, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Meux Henry, Liquor-pond-street, Brewer, July 1798. 49. 
Meyer Alice, Princes-square, Widow, dec. July 1815. 15. 
Michaelburg Henry, Portsmouth, Mariner, July 1812. 21. 
Middlemiss Alexander, Kenwood, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1829. 



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Middleton Elisabeth, Wator-street, BrideweQ Precinct, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Middleton John, St. Martin's-lane, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Middleton Nathaniel, PaU Mall, esq. dec. July 1816. 13. 

Mierille Joanne Francoise, Hanorer-soaare, Spinster, Jan. 1790. 66. 

Milbonme Margaret, Sunning, Berks, widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Miles Hennr, Sloane-street, Chelsea, esq. July 1824. 

Miles Jonauian, Hoxton, Gent, and Betty Miles, his wife, July 1812. 21. 

Milford Samuel Frederick, esq. Geo. Daniel, M. D. Benjamin Wm. Johnson, Surgeon, 

and Peter Radford, Surgeon, dec. all of £xeter, Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Mill Thomas Beddus, Famham, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Miller Eliza, Stanton Harconrt, Ozforddure, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Miller Jane, Hackney, Widow, &Bowler Miller, Birchin-lane, Gent. July 1811. 23.* 
Miller John, Waterparry, Oxfordslure, Farmer, dec. Richard Webb, Bearton, Bucks, 

Fanner, & Robert Miller, Waterparry, Oxfordshire, Fanner, dec. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Miller Elizabeth, Winchmore-hill, Spinster, Jan. 1786. 
Miller Elizabeth, St. James's-place, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Millingan Robert, London-street, Merchant, dec. and Henry Dayidson, Fenchurch- 

buildings, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Mills Ann, Winterfold, Chaddesley, Worcestershire,' and Abraham Godfrey, Kidder- 
minster, Worcestershire, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mills Rey. Francis, Burford, Warwickshire, July 1814. 17. 
Mills George, Tummill-street, Smithfield, Gent. Jan. 1821. 
Mills Jane, Gloucester-place, rortman-square, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Mills Mary, Tower, Widow, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Biills Richard Richardson, Norwich, esq. July 1815. 15.* 
Mills William, Rotherhithe, Mariner, & Mary Mills, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mihrose Thomas, Calshill, Herts. Gardener, July 1810. 25. 
Milway Dorothy, Hayerhill, Suffolk, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mindun Mary, North Berwick, N. B. Widow, Jan. 1828. 
Minns Mary, Edward-street, Landiam-plaoe, Spinster, July 1824. 
Mitchell Ehzabeth, wife of John Mitchell, Madras, Shipwright, July 1816. 13. 
Mitchell Hannah, Milford-lane, Strand, Widow, & M. Richards, a Minor, July 1824. 
Mitchell James, Maidenhead, Berks, Gent. dec. and Mary, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mitchell Magdalen, Golden-lane, Widow, Jan. 1795. 56. 

Mocatta Abraham, sen. dec. Cn^hed Friars, & Abigail Mocatta, a Minor, Jan. 1831. 
Mocatta Abraham, sen. dec. ^ptitdied Friars, & Rebecca Mocatta, a Minor, Jan. 1831. 
Mocatta Abraham, sen. dec. Grutched Friars, & Isaac Mocatta, a Minor, Jan. 1831. 
Mogg William, Seryant to Sir Benjamin Hemmet, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Mog^ddge Matthew, Fleet^treet, Shoemaker, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Mogridge James, Ashburton, Deron, Surgeon, and Robert Abraham, jun. Ashbnrton, 

Deyon, Attorney, July 1815. 15. 
MoUett MaiT, Red Lion-passage, Red Lion-square, Widow, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Molyneanz Jane More, Lozley, Surrey, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Monen John, of the Million Bank, Gent. Jan. 1797. 52. 
Money Martha, Walthamstow, Essex, Spmster, July 1804. 37. 
Money William, Hanoyer-street, Hanoyer-square, Surgeon, Jan. 1824. 
Monins Rey. John, Ringwould, Kent, and John Upton, ditto. Yeoman, Jan. 1823. 
Monkhouse Rey. Joseph, Market Deeping, Lincohishpe, John Heycock, Gent. Austen, 

Leicestershire, and George Grardner, Tower-street, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Monro John, Old Broad-street, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Montefiore Abraham, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. &>C. Montefiore, a Minor, Jan. 1824. 
Montefiore Abraham, Stock Exchange, Grent. dec. and Joseph Mayer Montefiore, 

a Minor. Jan. 1^. 
Mcmtefiore Judah Israel, dec. Little Alie-st. Gent, and Alexander Israel Montefiore, 

a Minor, July 1827. 
Montgomery Duncan, Merchant, Hamburgh, dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Moody Kitty, Shepherds-bush, Widow, and Charles Miller, Bedford-street, Coyent- 

garden, esq. dec. July 1819. 7.* 
Moody Rey. William, Doyer, Jan. 1801. 44. 
Moon Rey. Wm., Butt-lane, Deptford, Samuel Brent, Greenland-dock^ Ro&erhithe, 

Ship-builder, dec. James Brent, Queen-street, Rotherhithe, Pamter, dec. and 

Thomas Bennett, New-street, Deptford, Baker, dec. Jan. 1823. ' 



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Moor Thos., Shalford, Eaiez, Farmery &H. Nunn, Manningtrce, Surgeon, July 1819. 

Moore Eleanor, Edinbnrfffa, Spinster* July 1825. 

Moore Esther, Grocers' -ball, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 

Moore Francis, Efi^gin Town, Bedfordshire, esq. dec. and Robert Serle, Winchester, 

esq. Jan 1815. 16. 
Moore James, Miteham, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Moore John, Portman-square, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Moore John. Charlotte-street, Whitediapel, Gent Jan. 1819. 8. 
Moore Philip, Sidmouth, Devonshire, Merchant, and Henry Thomas Williams, 

Lothbury, Merchant, Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Moore Sergeant Elias, West Essex Militia, dec. July 1808. 29. 
"Moore Thomas, Cape of Good Hope, Mariner, July 1811. 23.* 
Moore Thomas, Stratford, Essex, Farmer, and Henry Nunn, dec. Manningtre, 

Surgeon, July 1819. 7. 
lifooreOeut. Thomas, of the Royal Marines, July 1806. 33. 
Moore William, Fleet-street, Chemist, Richaird Scafe, Charing-eroes, Grocer, dec. and 

Richard Bridger, of the Bank, Gent. Jan. 1817. 24. 
Morgan Elizabeth, Lhmdesmy, Widow, Jan. 1804. 6. 
Morgan Jane, Newgate-street, Servant to Mr. Fielder, Jan. 1820. 6 
Morgan Joseph Langden, Maidstone, Kent, Saddler, July 1816. 13 
Morgan Mary, Hatton-wall, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Morgan Matthew, St. Andrew's-hill, Blackfriars, (Sent. July 1824. 
Morgan Thomas, Shoe Cove, Newfoundland, Gent. July 1811. 23. 
Morgan Lieut. CoLThos., East India Company^s Service, Bengal, dec. July 1815.* 
Morgan William, Jermyn-street, St James's, Dairyman, July 1817. II. 
Morres Rev. Thomas* Wokingham, Berks, and John Rogers Wheeler, Workingham, 

Berks, Gent. July 1824. 
Morice Margaret, Hanyffrwddon, near Aberystwith, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Morison Cauierine, Chelsea, Widow, dec. July 1810. 25.* 
Morland Elizabeth, Clapton, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Morland William, West Illsley, Berks, esq. and Benjamin Morland, Abingdon, esq. 

July 1817. 11. 
Morley John, Baldwin's-park, Dartford, Kent, Gent. July 1813. 17. 
Morrant Ann, Hereford-street, Park-lane, Widow, July 1815. 15.* 
Morrell Baker, Oxford, Grent. and Thomas Durrell, Southampton, esq. July 1823. 
Morris Ann, Oxford-street, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Morris Catherine, Marvlebone, Spinster, and Charlotte 'Matthews, London-street, 

Fenchurch-street, Widow, dec. July 1812. 7. 
Morris John Cartwright, Blackheath, esq. dec. July 1809. 27. 
Morris Rebecca, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Spinster, Servant, July 1806. 29. 
Morss Ann, Woolwich, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Mortimer Edward Horlock,Trowbridre, Gent. Rev. IsaacWebbHorlock, Rock-house, 

Gloucesterdbire, James Coles, Trowbridge, Gent. dec. and Charles Bythesea 

Trowbridge, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Mortimer Hervey Walkkte, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. & James Milboume, Strand 

Carver and Gilder, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Moseley John, Northumberland-court, Strand, Boot-maker, Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Mosely Moses, Bevis Marks, St. Mary Axe, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Moses Jane, Wyld-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Moss William, Homerton, Servant to Mr. Richardson, July 1813. 19. 
Mos^ Creorge, Ashtead, Surrey, esq. Sir J. Wyldbore Smith, Down-house, Dorset, 

Bart, and Benjamin Barnard, Comhill, Banker, July 1814. 17. 
Mott Katherine Frances, Barmingham, Norfolk, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Mottershaw Thomas, Derby, Upholder, dec. and Henry Mitton, Birchin-lane, dec. 

Banker, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Mouat Henry, Moscow, Gent. Jan. 1802. 42. 

Mould Chaxin, Brixton, Surrey, Gent, and Ralph Allen Mould, a Minor, Jan. 1826. 
Moulder Martha, Comhill, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mourgue Elizabeth, Putney, Spinster, dec. July 1809. 27. 
Moxon Elizabeth Susannah, Rateliff-highway, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Moyse Ann, Barking, Essex, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Mullinger Marlborough, Kentish Town, Grent. July 1824. 


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Mnmby Mary, wife of John Mumby, Laoeby, linoolnshire. Fanner, Jnly 1819- «• 
Mnnckley Samnel, esq. dec. Joseph Edye, esq. George Gibbs, esq. dec. Rev. John 

Prior, £stlin. and Rev. William Jellard Hort, all of Bristol, July 1818. 9. 
Mnnckley Samuel, esq. dec. Joseph Edye, esq. dec. George Gibbs,esq.dec.ReT. John 

Prior Estlin, dec. pnd Rev. William lUard Hort, all of Bristol, July 1818. 
Munday William, Kingsland, Gent. Jan. 1804. 38. 
Munn Paul Sandley, Bond-street, Gent. John Campbell, Hunt, Bucks, Gent, and 

Cecilia Emma Campbell, a Minor, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Munnickhuizen Johanna Maria, American-square, Widow, July 1803. 39. 
Munt Mary, St. George's-fields, Widow, Jan. 1805. 36. 
Hunt Richard Pitcher, Wood-street, Cheapside, Gent. July 1813. 19. 
Murhall Mary, Duke-street, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Murldn Ruth, Sloane-street, Chelsea, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Murphy Elizabeth Ann, Bow-lane, Cheapside, Spinster, July 1805. 35. 
Murray Rev. Lord George, Hunton, Kent, dec. and Tnomas Naylor. Liyeroool. 

esq. dec. July 1817. 11. / » pv", 

MurreU William, Charlton, Kent, Merchant, dec. July 1806. 33. 
Musgrave George, New Norfolk-street, Strand, esq. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Musgrave John Knightley, Bamesby-park, Gloucestershire, esq. Jan. 1825. 
Musk Henry, Thomcroft, near Leatherhead, Servant to H. 3oulton, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Mustoe Richard, Clapham, Surrey, Grent. July 1829. 
Muston Elizabeth, Bethnal Green-road, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Muttlebury Elizabeth, dec. and Jane Muttlebury, dec. Greece, Somerset, Sninster. 

Jan. 1816. 14. » f r 


Macbride Charlotte, Dublin, Spinster, Oct. 1805. 8. 

Mac Donald Fanny, Savage-gardens, Spinster, April 1787. 68. 

Mac Gillwray Simon, Suffolk-lane, Merchant, and Angus Mac Donald, Brompton- 

grange, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Mac Grigor Lieut. Col. Charles, 70th Repment of Foot, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mackintosh William, Demerara, esq. Oct. 1820. 
Mac Lauchlen Charlotte, Cumberland-place, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Macleod Helena, R^der's-eourt, Cranboum-alley, Widow, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Magson Sarah, Whitechapel, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Mair William, Kensington, esq. Benjamin Lutyens, esq. Major of 11th Light Dragoons, 

Roger Weatherall, Castle Bane-house, Ealing, esq. & Nugent Kirldand, Bennett- 
street, St. James's, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Maitland John, Basin^iall-st. esq. dec. A. Maitland, Gloucester, esq. M.Waie, Blooins- Richardson, Charlton-cresct. IsUngton, Schoolmaster, April 1824. 
Major Mary,& C. Major, both of London-st. Finsbury-sq. Spinsters, April 1811. 12." 
Mallet Dame Susan, Winsbury -house, Wilts, Joshua Uhthoff, Bath, esq. and Rev. 

Robert Ekins, Godahning, Surrey, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Mann Hannah, Duke-street, Manchester-square, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9.* 
Mamiingham Charles William, Lincoln's-inn, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Mansbridffe George, Servant to Joseph Roberts, Lamb's Conduit-st. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mansell William Zachariah, King-street, Westminster, Gent. dec. April 1815. 16 
Mansfield David Earl of, dec. Oct. 1805. 36. 
Marchant Thomas, Horsham, Sussex, G^ent. April 1817. 12.* 
Mansfield Right Hon. William Earl of, Right Hon. Spencer Percival, Lincoln's-inn 

fields, dec. and Right Hon. Richard Ryder, Lincoln's-inn, April 1817. 12. 
March Sarah, Enfield, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Marchant Catherine Stephens Le, wife of Rev. Thomas Lewis Fanshaw. Dannsfaam. 

Essex, Clerk, Oct. 1827. ^ 

Markham Edward, Trant, Sussex, esq. April 1829. 
Markham Frances, jun. Northampton, Spinster, dec. April 1829. 
Marlay Henry, St. James's-street, esq. April 1806. 34. 
Marlay Rev. Richard, Selbridge, Ireland, April 1830. 
Marlow Rev. Michael, D. D. President of St. John's College, Oxford, and Rev.Wm 

Bishop, FeUow of Oriel College, Oxford, April 1815. 16.* 
Mar«(hall Rev. Christopher, Hasley, Oxon, dec. and Francis Wastie. Cowley. Ozim. 

esq. dec. Oct. 1823. ^' 



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Bfarriott Sarah, Bath, Spinster, Oct 1818. 9. 

Marriiall Elisabeth, dec Little Hermitage-itreet, IKldow, and Chriftopher Walter 

ManhaU, Wapping, Sail-maker, OcC 1827. 
Marshall Edward Euston, Oxford, esq. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Marshall Manearet, Gloncester, Spinster, April 1805. 69 
Martin John Dayrel, Fomival's-inn, esq. dec. Oct 1814. 17. 
Martin Henry, Hampton Wick, Gent. dec. April 1830. 
Martin Sarah, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Hanbnry, Minories, April 1782. 82. 
Martin WHIuod, East-street, Manchester-sqoare, Carpoiter, obc Oct. 1821. 
Martyn Lydia, Qneen-sgnare, Spinster, Oct 17^. 11. 
Mascall Mary, Fulham, Widow, dec. April 1799. 84. 
Mason Louisa Perciral, Camberwell, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1827. 
Masseres Francis, Temple, esq. John Simmonds, James Crompton, and Joseph 

Thompson, Paddington, esqs. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mathews John, Tynemouth, Northumberiand, esq. Oct 1823. 
May John, Speldurst, Kent, Farmer, Oct. 1806. 33. 
Maycock Rev. Henry, Vicar of Sellinge, Kent, William Curling, Charles Higgins, and 

Richard Hammon, all of the same place. Yeomen, Oct 1809. 27. 
Mayo Charles, Cloak-hme, & T. AUingham, Little Bush-hme, Gents. April 1816. 18. 
Meadows Samuel, Tottenham-court-ro«d, Gent April 1819. 8. 
Medwin Matthias, Edmonton, Gent. April 1816. 14. 

Meek Elizabeth, wife of M. Meek, Woolwich, & J. Cooper, a Minor, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Meggison Thomas, Ashford-ford, Middlesex, esq. dec. and Charlotte Meggtson, a 

Minor of the same place, April 1830. 
Meggison Thomas, Ashford-ford, Middlesex, esq. dec. and Mary Meggison, a Minor, 

of the same place, April 1830. 
Mellor Ann, wife of John Mellor, Egmonton, Notdnfj^hamshire, Oct. 1781. 83. 
Mercer James, St. Botolph, Aldgate, Baker, dec. April 1786. 74. 
Mersh James, Woaking, Surrey, Farmer, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Metcalf Margaret, Brownlow-street, Widow, Oct. 1754. 36. 
Methold Lieut. Henry, 22nd Regiment of Native Infantry, East India Company's 

Service, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Michell Margaret, Burr-street, Widow, Oct. 1790. 65. 
Middleton Hannah, Rochester, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Miles Lawford Edward, a Lieut, in the 98th Regiment, Oct. 1829. 
Miles Lucretia, Crown-row, Walworth, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Mill Thomas Beddus, Famham, Surrey, esq. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Millar John, Enfield, Middlesex, Surgeon, Oct. 1826. 
Miller Jane, Hackney, Widow, April 1818. 10.* 
Miller John, Aldgate High-street, Inn-holder, dec. and Thomas Whitehead, ditto, dec 

Whitechapel, Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Miller Paul, Whitechapel, Gent. Oct. 1792. 59. 
Miller William, Quarter Master of the 57th Regiment, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Millwood Phebe, Surrey-square, Widow, April 1818. 10. 

Mince Jeremiah, Jonas, Banner-st. Bunhill-row, Watch Case-maker, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mills Mary, Sugarloaf-court, GarUck-hill, Widow, Oct. 1806. 33. 
Mills Richard, Servant to Mr. Ashmore, Southwark, April 1776. 94. 
Mitchell Bruce, Hill-house, near Dunfermline, esq. Oct 1814. 17.* 
Mobbs Joseph, Marylebone, Plasterer, April 1797. 7. 
Moneypenny James, Temple, esq. and Muddeton Onslow, jun. esq. Newman-street, 

Oxford-street, Oct 1819. 7. 
Monro Charles, Chandos-st. dec. and S. Lawford, Peckham, Surrev,esq8. Oct. 1821. 
Monson Right Hon. John Lord, Burton, Lincolnshire, dec. and Edward Boodle, esq. 

Lower Brook-street, Oct. 1828. 
Montefiore Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1822. 
Montgomery Rev. Francis, Mitton, Northamptonshire, April 1828. 
Moor Rev. William, Ken(bll, Westmoreland, and Charles Simpson, Newgate-street, 

Merchant, April 1818. 10. 
Moore Seijeant Eflias, West Fssex, Militia, dec. Oct. 1808. 29. 
Moore Mary, Leeke, Staffordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Morgan Fnmcis, Whitedale, Hambledon, Hants, esq. Col. Geo. Middlemore, of the 

same place, & J. Granville, Upper Cadogan-place, Sloane-st. Gent. Oct. 18^. 



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Moore Thomas, Maydwell, Clement's^mn, Gent. April 1818. 10. 

Mornn Greneral George, Calchmaid, Mitdiam, Snirej, and Wm. Reeve, Leadenham, 

Lincoln, eso. April 1805. 10. 
Mor^^ James, rercy -street, Grent. April 1816. 14. 
Morm Peter Michael, Whitechapel, esq. dee. and John MaUiet, esq. dec. John- street, 

Westminster, April 1819. 8. 
Morris Mary, Brixton, Surrey, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mottley Catherine, Stangate, Lamheth, Soinster, April 1819. 8.* 
Monider William, Servant to Miss Worrell, Albemarle-street, Oct. 1827. 
Moulton Sarah, Willow-street, Spitalfields, Widow, and George Jolm Moulton, ditto, 

Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Mountain John, Gosport, Gunner, dec. Oct. 1798. 39. 
Moyse Ann, Barkins, Essex, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Murfett Amelia, Old Broad-street, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Murkin Mary, Sloane-street, Chelsea, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
^ Musgrave Christopher Frederick, Trureew, Cappoquin, Waterford, esq. Oct. 1829. 


Mac Clary Mary, Salisbury-street, Strand, Widow, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Macalester James, Springback, County of Bute, esq. Jan. 1806. 34. 

Mackey Charlotte RebecMca, Orchard-street, Westminster, Widow, July 1816. 13. 

Mackie John, Southampton, M. D. and Rev. John Baker, Fre^ord, L. L. D. dec. 

July 1817. 11. 
Macnab Elizabeth, South Audley-st. Grosvenor-sq. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Maddison Thomas, Piccadilly, G«nt. & G. Curtis, Bermondsey, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Maidmant Sarah, Marmount-street, Commerdal-road, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Mac Donal Jofaii, Chapel-st. Westminster, Private m the Guards, Barbara Mae 

Donel, his wife, and Elizabeth Mac Donel, a Minor, Jan. 1818. 10. 
' Mac Donough Felicia, Boston, America, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Mac Donongh Harriet, Boston, America, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Mac Donough Rachad, Boston, America, Spinster, July 1817^ IL 
Mac Dougal Eleanor, Wapping, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Mac Nally John, Baumann-street, Marylebone, Grent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Maitland Pdham Thomas, Camberwell, Gent. & P. Maitland, a Minor, July 1812. 21. 
Makey William, Porthmd-place, Gent. dec. July 1817. 11. 

Mannings Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Burgess, Clapham Rise, July 1815. 15. 
Mansell John, Wolverhampton, Gent. dec. July 1810. 25. 
Manwaring Charles, Great Winchester-street, Merchant, Jan. 1815. 7. 
Marlar John, Mitcham, esq. dec. William Matthews, dec. and Edward Stewart, both 

of London, Merchants, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Marlow John, Reading, Berkshire, Postillion, July 1817. 11. 
Marriott Caroline, Co^back, Leicestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Marriott Rev. Harvey, Rector of Claverton, and Frederick Falkner, Gent. Claverton, 

Somerset, July 1817. 11. 
Marriotte William, Cock-hill, Ratdiff, Sawyer, and Elizabeth, his wife, July 1819. 7. 
Marshall Eliza, wife of Henry Augustus Marshall, esq. Ceylon, July 1813. 19. 
Marsh John, Bishopgate-street, Potter, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Marshall John, Woolwich, Corporal, Royal Artillery, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Marshall Sarah, Barnstaple, Devon, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Marshall Hannah, Baker-street, Portinau-square, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Marsham Robert, Hetherset, Norfolk, esq. and Rev. Edward Marsham, Sculthorpe 

Suffolk, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Martin John Dayrell, Fumival's-inn, London, esq. dec. Jan. 1815. 16 
Martin Elizabeth, Widdington, Essex, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Martin Mary, St. Margaret's, Rochester, Spinster, July 1805. 35. 
Martin Samuel, Marshall Wick, St. Alban's, esq. dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Martin Sarah, Richmond, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Mason John, Deptford, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1804. 6. 
Mason Joseph, Cherlsey, Surrey, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Masterman Henry, Havering Bower, Essex, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Mathew William, Pentlow, Essex, esq. and Anne Garnham, Rougham, SuftoUc 

Widow July 1818. 9. 


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Mathias Thomas James, Sootland-yard, Whitdiall, esq. July 1817. 11. 

Maton William, Senrant to T. W. Robinson, 7th Hnssars, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Matson Mary Rob^ta, wife of John Matson, Chief Justice of the Island of Dominica, 

July 1801. 43. 
Matthews Thomas, Mile-end, Old-town, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Matthewson Matthew, St. Anges-terrace, Old-street, Gent, and Ann Elizabeth Mat- 

thewson, a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
May Marv, Doddiscomb Lieigh, Devon, Widow, dec July 1813. 19. 
Meanley Rev. Astley, Sannington, July 1814. 17. 

Mears William, 30, Piccadilly, Bell-htmger, and Sophia, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Menzies Rev. Philip William, Rochester, JohnCrutchfield,Teddington, esq. and Ann 

Porter, Southampton-row, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Meredith Margaret, Spinster, Housekeeper to John Hill, esq. Routh Cottage, near 

Cardiff, South Wales, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Meredith William, Bishopgate-st. Gent. & 6. Clark, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6 
Mereditii Wm. , Bishopgate-st. Gent. & A. Schofield, Spins, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Metcalf Charles, Chelsea, Gent. dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Meysey Anna Maria Watkins, Portman-st. Portman-sq. Widow, dec. July 1808. 29. 
Michael Hester, Fenchurch-street, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Michaell Hester, Old Bailey, Spinster, Servant to Mr. R. Sims, Jan. 1825. 16. 
Micfaie James, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Mieville Marianne, Kenton-street, Brunswick-square, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Miles Emma Ann, Old-street, a Minor, Lewis Charles Miles, Old-streec, SUkman 

and William Merton, FurnivalVinn, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Mill Thomas Beddus, Famham, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Miller Richard, jun. Mansion-house-street, Grent. July 1819. 7. 
Miller Samuel, Great Marylebone-street, Cheesemonger, dec. July 1819. 7. 
MiDns James, Grocer, Stephen Heather, Grent. and James Millns, jun. a Minor, all of 

Wmdsor, Berks, July 1817. 11. 
Mills Elizabeth, dec. Servt. to the Earl of Aylesbury, Grosvenor-sq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Mills Susanna, Finsbury-square, Spinster, Jan, 1818. 10. 
Milne Alexander, Whitechapel-plaoe, Gent. Jas. Milne, Southampton-buildings, Grent 

and Samuel Curtis, BilUter-lane, Merchant, July 1817. 11. 
Minett Elizabeth, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, Widow, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Minshaw Charles Stuart, Chislehurst, esq. July 1809. 27. 
Minsludl Francis, Thames-street, Merchant, dec. Jidy 18M01. 43. 
Mitchell Elizabeth, wife of John Mitchell, Madras, East Indies, July 1816. 13. 
Mitchell George Hanburv, Fenchurch-street, Merchant, Rev. William Palmer, Upper 

Ghiildford-street, ana Thomas Fleming, Fenchurch-st. Merchant, Jan. 1812« 22. 
Moffet Jane, Servant to Mrs. Woodcock, Assembly -row. Mile-end, July 1819. 7. 
MoUand Rev. Thomas, Thames, Ozforddiire, Clerk, dec. July 1810. 25. 
Monk Ann, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Moore Thomas, Servant to the Duke of Gloucester, Jan. 1799. 48. 
Moore Thomas, Hoxton, Brick-maker, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Moreland Ann, Neither Knutsford, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Morgan Esther, South Audley-street, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Moreton Francis, Union-street, Little Moorfields, Mail Guard, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Morgan William, Bear-garden, Bankside, Blacksmith, and Sarah Morgan, his wife. 

Jan. 1819. 8. 
Morris George Paulet, Parliament-street, M. D. July 1819. 6. 
Morris Mary, Knightsbridge, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Morris Martha, Windsor, Widow, dec. &Ann Maria Morris, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Mosel^ Nathan, Gloucester-terrace, Whitechapel, Gent dec. July 1816. 5. 
Munn Mary Elizabeth, Greenwich, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Munro Hannah, Star-court, Bread-street, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Murphy James Hugh, dec. Uxbridge, Middlesex, Gent, and William Stransom, Gent 

Uxbridge, Middlesex, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Musgrave Gieorge, Devonshire-street, Portland-place, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Myers Michael, Fishmonger, Leah Myers, his wife, Fanny Myers, Leah Myers, 

Michael Myers, jun. and Esther Myers, Minors, all of St. Peter's-allev, CornhilL 

Jan. 1819. 32. ^^ 

Myers Pheby, wife of Henry Myers, Bermondsey, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 



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Mackenzie Ann Emma, liverpool, Spinster, Oct. 1810. 25.* 

Mac Clary James, Bond-street, Gent. Greorge Bangley, Bndge-row, and Wiffiam 

Dartnall, Peckham, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Maddox Mary, Flnsbary-square. Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Manning James Thomas, Clapham-road, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Mansell John, Woherhampton, Gent. dec. Oct. 1810. 25. 

Marlow Rev. Michael, D. D. President of St. John's College, Oxford, 10th Oct 1820. 
Mar8hJohn,jan.Carthnsian-st.Spectacle-mkr. F.Marshall, Workhouse, St. An^reir's, 

Holbom, Spinster, & P. Stewart, Tottenham-court-road, Baker, Oct. 1812. 6. 
Mash Mary, wife of Robert Mash, Scott's-row, Hoxton-fields, Gent, and Elizabeth 

Mash, of the same place. Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Mason Jolin, Lambeth, esq. July 1767. Ill* 
Mattenley Melissa, Kensington, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9 
Matthews John, Hnngerford, Berks, Solicitor, April 1829. 
Mav Ann, Pansanger, Hereford, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mellish Charles, Manchester-sauare, esq. John Mellish, Biahopgate-street, esq. and 

Edward Hulse, Aldersbrook, esq. April 1795. 56. 
Menet Frances, Broad-street, Merchant, 5th April 1821. 
Mestaer Peter, Bethnal-green, eso. dec. April 1802. 42. 
Michie James, Gloucester-place^ Portman-square, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Miles Martha, Peacock-street, Newington, Spinster, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Miller Kezia, Mountpelier-row, Blackheath, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Miller Sarah, Beccles, Suffolk, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Monro Alexander, George-street Edinburgh, M. D. 5th April 1823. 
Montefiore Moses, & Abraham Montefiore, Stock Exchange, Gents. April 1815. 16. 
Moor Mary, Temple-bar, Spmster, April 1807. 32. 

Moore Camerine, Gloucester-street, Portman-square, Widow, Oct. 1812. 20.* 
Moore MfiU[y, Ryder*8-court, lieicester-square. Spinster, Oct. 1829. 
Moorman Ijiomas, of Newport, Isle of Wight, Gent, and Thomas William Walfis, of 

Brentwood, Essex, Gent. April 1830. 
Morris Mary, Spinster, Servant to Lady Taylor, April 1805. 36. 
Moxley John James, Baker's-row, Whitechapel, Carpenter, and William Moxley, a 

Minor, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Murton William, Milton, near Sittingbourne, Kent, Stationer, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Muscutt William, Hackney, Gent. April 1814. 18. 
Mushamp Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Thornton, Austin Friars, Oct. 1816. 13. 


Macbride Andrew, Schoolmaster on board of His Majesty's Ship Thunderer, dec 

April 1806. 34. 
Mac Dowell Hannah, Bartholomew-close, Spinster, April 1789. 68. 
Ma^er Matthew, Streatham, Surrey, Gardener, dec. Oct. 1793. 59. 
Mamwaring George, Staple's-inn, esq. William Breach, and Joseph Dykes Ballentine 

Dykes, both of Dovenby-hall, Cockermouth, Cumberland, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Maltby Mary Louisa, New-road, Marylebone, Spinster, April 1800. 46. 
Maltby Lieut. Samuel, Ist Regiment of Bengal Infantry, April 1818. 10. 
Manfield Thomas, dec. Thomas Sheen, and James Goodwin, all of Cheshunt, Herts, 

Farmers, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Manningham Chas. Wm. , & W. L. Rogers, both of Lincoln's-inn, esqs. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Mansell William, Surgeon in the East India Company's Service, Frederick Mansell, 

and John Mansell, both Guernsey, Merchants, April 1814. 18. 
Mamer Mary, Hounslow, Middlesex, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Marshall Sarah, Islington, Spinster, Servant to William Yeats, Oct. 1797. 51. 
Martin Sparks, Withybush-house, Pembrookeshire, esq. dec. and John Woodhouse, 

Bridewell Hospital, esq. dec. Oct. 1798. 49. 
Mason Maria, St. James's-street, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Mason Thomas Dedham, Essex, Grent. April 1813. 20. 
Massey William, Nantwich, Cheshire, Silversmith, and William Tomlinson, jun. of 

the same place, Mercer, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Master Maria, Hatfield Peverell, Essex, Spinster, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Mathews Edward, Newport, Monmouthshire, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
May John, Senrant to R. Bent, Portugal-st. Lincoln's-inn-fields, esq. Oct. 1807. 3L 



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Bfay William, Upminster-halT, Essex, Fanner, and Charkt Theedham, Layer de b 

Hay, Gent. Oct. 1810. 25. 
May William, Upminster-hall, Essex, Fanner, and Julia Theedham, Layer de la Hay, 

Spinster, Oct. 1810. 25. 
Meeley Danieh, Deptford, Kent, Mariner, April 1801. 44. 
Menziea Mary, WeatheraU-plaoe, Hampstead, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Merriman Saml., Half Moon-st. Piccadilly, M. D. Be^j.F. Outram, Hanover-sq.M. D. 

M. Ware, New Bridge-st. & J. P. Vincent, Chancery-la. Surgeons, Oct. 1817. 1 1. 
Merritt Mary, Mitcham, Surrey, Widow, April 1816. 14. 
Meyrick Hannah, Little Hampton, Sussex, Widow, and Robert Meyrick Goulbum, 

Cadogan-place, Sloane-street, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Middlecott William, and John Middlecott, * Greyhound,' Dulwich, April 1817. 12. 
Miles Sarah, Canterburv, Widow, dec. Oct. 1803. 39. 
Miller Mary, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Milles Thomas, Lincohi's-inn, esq. and Rowland Alston, Ensign of the 3rd Regiment 

of Guards, esa. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Millington Sarah, Penton-street, Pentonville, Widow, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Mingay James, Thetford, Norfolk, esq. dec. April 1819. 8. 
Mitchell William, Southampton-row, Kussell-square, Gent. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Mollett Mary, Red Lion-passage, Red Lion-square, Widow, April 1817. 12. 
Montefiore Moses, New-court, Swithin's-la. Gent. & Judith, his wife, April 1816. 14. 
Montefiore Moses, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Moor John, dec. Servant to Sir H. Mann, Lower Grosvenor-street, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Morgan Mary, Dover-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Morris Mehetabel, Bath, Widow, and Shumer Bath, Bristol, Malster, April 1810. 26. 
Morrison Robert, Shadwell, Oct. 1795. 55. 
Mountain William, West Smithfield, Gent. Oct. 1794. 57. 
Mnnn Sarah, Little Chard, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Murray Hon. George, Col. of the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards, April 1818. 10. 
Murray Henry, Lieut. Col. of the 18th R^^ent of Hussars, April 1818. K). 
Murray James, Lieut, in the Royal Navy, dec. April 1810. 26. 
Myers Joseph Ilart, M. D. John-street, America-square. April 1814. 18. 


Bfacdonald Angus, and Archibald Campbell, both Bankrupts, of Regent-street, Pall 
Mall, esos. Jan. 1831. 

Mac Kenna, Fore-street, Lambeth, Gent. Jan. 1823. 

Mac Intosh David, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury, esq. July 1823. 

Mahon Hugh, Ensign & Quartermaster of the Royal African Colonial Corps, Jan. 1824. 

Maidmant Sarah, ^larmount-8treet, Commercial-road, Spinster, July 1816. 

Maitland Pelham Thomas, Camberwell, Gent. & Pelham Maitlaud, a Mmor, July 1828. 

Maling Eliza Lydia, Upminster, Essex, Spinster, July 1825. 

MannDorothea, Bristol, Widow, Oct. 1818. 

Manning Wm. Francis, Little Carter-la. Doctor's-commons, Brazier, dec. July 1824. 

Marks Henry, Cooper's-rents, St. Catherine's-square, Gent. Jan. 1826. 

Marks Sarah, Servant to B. Hankey, esq. Harley-street, Cavendish-square, July 1823* 

Marshall John, the Hermitage, Wapping, Mariner, July 1827. 

Martin Elizabeth, Somerset-place, Kennington, Surrev, Widow, dec. Jan. 1829. 

Martin John, dec. Daniel Mead, William Wilson, ana James Wilson, sen. Geata, ail 
of Rickmansworth, Herts, Jan. 1827. 

Mathias Thomas James, Scotland-yard, Whitehall, esq. July 1817* 

Maund Thomas, Margaret-street, Hackney-fields, Gent. & Mary, his wife, July 1823. 

Mayhew Mark, Servant to W. Coote, Laytonstone, Jan. 1821. 

Meers John, Southwick, Hants, Grent. dec. Jan. 1825. 

Megaw Capt. James, Skinner-street, Snowhill, July 1828. 

Meriton Henry, 3, Morton College, Blackheath, Gent. dec. Jan. 1826. 

Metcalfe Sir Thomas Theophilus, dec. and Ann Wilding, Spinster, both of Portland- 
place, Bath, March 1814. 

Meynell Hugo Charles, Hore Cross-hall^near Litdifield, Staffordshire, esq. Jan.l826L 

Micfaaell Hester, Fendiurch-street, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 

Michael! Hester, Old Bailey, Spinster, Servant to Mr. R. Sims, Jan. 1815. 

Middleton John, Gray's-inn-passage, Gent. Jan. Itf23. 

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Miles Agatha, Leigh-court, Somerset, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Miller ioidrew Beryman, New Crane, Wapping, Victualler, Jan. 1824. 
Miller Danid, Chigwell, Essex, Farmer, and Mary Ann Miller, a Minor, Jan. 1821. 
Miller William Hugh, Nicholas-lane, Wine Merchant, Jan. 1825. 
Mills Thomas, Bishopgate-street, Coach-maker, July 1824. 

Mitchell Sophia, Widow, now wife of John Wallis, High-st. Wapping, Gent. July 1826. 
Mogg Elizabeth, wife of Edward Mogg, Great Russell-street, Covent-garden, Map- 
seller, and Georffe Fendall, Woodstock-street, Butcher, Jan. 1830. 
Monro Alexander, George-street, Edinburgh, Dr. of Physic, Jan. 1823* 
Morley John Poulter, Poplar, Mariner, Jan. 1827. 
Morris Martin, South Shields, Master Mariner, Jan. 1821. 
Morris Samuel, Rotherhithe, Gent. dec. Jan. 1826. 
Mortimer Lucy, Trowbridge, Wilts, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 
Morton David, Strand, Gent. July 1821. 

Moss Elias, and Nathan Joseph, both of Plymouth-dock, Grent. Jan. 1829. 
Mudge Walter, Comhill, Stationer, dec. Jan. 1822. 
Munaay Stephen, Leadenhall-market, Salesman, Jan. 1823. 
Murray James, Crown-street, Westminster, Gent. July 1821. 


Marsh John, Bishopgate-street, Gent. Not. 1818. 8. 

Monro Juliana Charlotte, Hadley, Middlesex, Spinster, and Charles Monro, Chandos- 

street, esq. May 1819. 7. 
Mumford Jolm, Sutton Hone, Kent, esq. November 1813. 18. 


Mansfield Right Hon. William Earl of. Right Hon. Louisa Countess of Mansfiekl, 

wife of Kight Hon. Robert Fulke Greville, Benjamin Langlois, Cork, esq. dec. 

and James Laidlaw, of the Signet, Edinburgh, April 1800. 46. 
Marable Mary Ann, wife of John Marable, Canterbury, Rookseller, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Martin Samuel, Warshallswick, St. Alban's eso. dec. Oct. 1806. 33. 
Mid^ey Richard, Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire, Farmer, and Bei\iamin Walsh, Lower 

Clapton, April 1812. 10. 
MinshuU Francis, Thames-street, Merchant, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Moore James, Mitcham, Joseph Potter, Buckingham -street, Strand, and Frandi 

Moore, Blackfriars, Gents. April 1819. 8. 


(Now added to the 3 per Cent, Reduced Annuities, andpaidat the Bank of England,) 
Miller Paul, Whitechapel, Jan. 1756. 70. 


Manningham Chas. Wm.,&W. L. Rogers, both of lincoln's-inn, esqs. 10th Oct. 1818. 
Mason Francis, Sidmouth-place, Gray's-inn-road, Victualler, Oct. 1828. 
Meymott Samuel, Bishopgate, Scale-inaker^aad Elizabeth, his wife, 10th Oct. 1826. 
Meyrick Hannah, Little Hampton, Sussex, Widow, and Edward Meyrick Groulbnm, 

Cadogan-plaoe, Sloane-street, Grent. 5th April 1824. 
Miles Chaa-les. Henrietta-street, Brunswick-square, esq. 5th April 1825. 
Molloy Frandis, East-lane, Kent-road, Gent. dec. Oct. 1829. 


(PHneipal Paid in Full lOth Oct. 1824.J 

Macdonald William, Palmer's-village, Westminster, Boot-maker, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Madden Thomas, Walnut-tree-walk, Lambeth, Grocer, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Majcauran John, dec. Hammersmith, Gent. No Dividend. 

Mason Catherine Harriet, Camberwell, now wifeof J. Pew, o( theTOwer, 10th Oct 1823. 

Meares Susanna, Warminster, Wilts, Spmster, 5th April 1824. 

Morgan M&rv, Dover-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, 10m Oct. 182^. 

Mortimer Edward, Plymouth-dock, D^evon, esq. No Dividend. 

Mortimore John, Coles-square, Dover-road, Carpenter, Ann Mortimore, Wandsworth, 

Surrey, Spinster, &T. Fox, Dartmauth, Devon, Rope- maker. No Dividend. 
Murphy Mary, wife of John Barnwell Murphy, dec. !Ek>uverie-st. esq. lOtii Oct 1822. 



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Mac Tagnrt John Whiteborn, Wigton, esq. and Mary Mac Taggart, his wife, both 

dec. September 1814. 18. 
Mann Dorothea, Bristol, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Metcalfe Sir Thomas Theophilus, Portland-place, Bart. dec. and Ann Wilding, Bath, 

Spinster, March 1814. 19. 
Moore William, Biahopgate-street, Stationer, March 1816. 15. 


Meredith Hugh, Lincoln's-inn, Gent. December 1743. 158. 


Mason Thomas, Dedham, Essex, Gent. 5th April 1813. 


Montefiore Henrietta, Stamford.hill, Middlesex, Widow, 10th Oct. 1825. 
PITS PER Cent, annuities 1797 
( Principal Paid off on the bth July 1825.^ ^ 

Macanliff Cornelius, H. M . Ship Naird, 5th July 1825. ' 

Matson Lucy, dec. Dover, Widow, 5th July 1825. 

Mills Andrew Moffatt, Weymouth, Dorset, esq. and Benjamin Bond, dec. Change- 

alley, Comhill, London, Banker, 5th July 1825. 
Moore James, Mitcham, Gent. Joseph Potter, Buckingham-street, Strand, Grent. and 

Francis Moor, Blackfriars, Gent. 5th July 1825. 

annuities for twenty-eight tears. 

{Frwn 1780.) 

Maude William, Downing-8treet,We8tminster» Gent, and Asher Foote, Hatton-garden 
Apothecary, April 1800. 17. 


(From the First qf May 1704.^ 

Madox John, and George Gibbs, both of Bristol, Gents. November 1814. 10. 
Meldrpm David, City-terrace, City-road, Grent. November 1816. 6i. 


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Napier Right Hon. WillUm John IiOrd.Tliiiriston, North Britain, Jan. 1825. 

Nash Andrew John, Comhill, &E. SwiAie, Baain|Ml->t Merehanta, July li29. 

Nash Fraucaa, LnUm, Bedfordshire. Sack-maker, dec. July 1823. 

Nash John Henry. Workingham, tteriuhire, Qeat. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Nattes John Clande, Wdbeck-street, Gent. July 1824. 

Naylor Charlet|Broad-itraet, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Naylor George, Herald's Colkfe, esq. & Elizabeth Naylor, ditto, a Idinor, July 181L 23. 

Neate Thomas, Btngfield, Berks, esq. July 1816. 13. 

Neave Henry Lyttleton, Old Burlington-street, esq. Jan. 1823. 

Needham Richard, Kmgsley, Staffordshire, Yeomuu JuIt 1802. 41. 

Ndghbour James, Warton Berry, Ozon, Druggist, Jan. 1819. 8« 

Neives Christian, Bloomsbury-square, Spinster, July 1781. 8. 

Nelson Frances, Viscountess, Duchess Bronte, of Bath, Jan. 1825. 

Nelaon John Richmond, Great Ittchfield-st Marvlebone, Chair-maker, Jan. 1825. 

Nelaon Thomas, Doughty-street, esq. 9c Sarah H. Nelson^ Minor, JulyJ819. 7. 

Neracker Sarah, Little Russell-street, Bk>omshury» l/Hdow, and William Smithi 

Tootell,£dgeware, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Nesbitt Catherme, Tiverton, Devon, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Nettle Edward, Calstock, Cornwall, Mine Captain, Jan, 1816. 14. 
Newbuiy Ann, St. Martm's Le Grand, Spinster, dec. Julyl829. 
Newby John William» Poland-street, Apothecary, July 1^. 
Newby Richard, Newgate-street, Gent dec July 1818. 9« 
NeweU Mary, Uford, Essex, Widow, dec July 1823. 

Newhmd Richard, & Chas. Newknd, both of East Gate, near Chichester, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Newhmd Sukey, Ivy-lane, Spinster, July 1771. 103. 
Newman John, Mansion House-street, Banker, Ju^ 1816. 13. 
Newman John, Exeter, Grocer, and Schik Square, Knightsbridge, Devon, Attomey- 

at-Law, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Newman William, CliffordVinn, Gent, dec Jan. 1814. 17. 
Newsham Rachel, Finchley, Spinster, July 1789. 67. 

. Newton Adam, Troop Seijt. M^jor of the6ui, or InmskilKng Dragoons, July 1817. U. 
Newton John, Keynsham, Somerset, esq. Jan. 1814. 18.* 
NiccoU Elizabeth, St Albyn's, Spinster, dec Jan. 1816, 14. 
NichollMary, Sutton, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Nice Sarah, now wife of Thomas White, Plaistow, Essex, Blacksmith, Jan. 1817. 18, 
Nicholas John, Edgeware-road, Gent dec and Hiomah Mallardt Gloucester-place, 

Spinster, Jan. 1817« 12. 
Nichols John, Putney, Surrey, Gent. Jao. 1831. 
Nicholls Nathaniel, Queen-street, Cheapsidfi, Gent, and Thomai NidioUa, Salter f* 

hall-court. Merchant, Jan. 1819. 28. 
NockeUs Christopher, ShadweU, Gent. July 1809. 27. 
Nodin Anne, St. Martin's-in-the-^elds, Spinster, Jan. 1781. 84. 
Noel Julien, Stamford-bridge, Chelsea, Gent. July 1826. 
Norfolk Elizabeth, Jersey, Spinster, Jan. 1818. It, 
Norman Mary, Nich(to-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1823. 
Norris Mary, Hayboum, Beiks, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10.'*' 
North Edward Frances, Hastings, esq. Jan. 1823. 
North John Thomas, Southampton, Gent. dee. Jan. 1819* 8* 
Notley Greorge, New Broad-street, Gent. July 1830. 

Notta^ Henry, dec & James Giugdl, bothof Chigwell, Essex, Gents. Jan. 1819. 8.* 
Nunn Geoige, White Parish, Salisbury, Surgeon, July 1817. 11. 
Mutin John, St. M^rtin's-m-the-fielcls, esq. Jan. 1799. 48. 


Napper Thomas, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, Gent. Oct 1812. 21. 

Nash Joseph, Reigate, Yeomau, &M. Bower, Hiller,Betcfaw(»rth, Snney, April 1826, 

Nason Susannah, Albemarle-street, Spinster, Oct 1812. 21.'* 

Neaves Elizabeth, Wimbledon, Surrey, Widow, Oct 1815. 15. 



Need Matthew, Lower Smith-ftreet, Clerkenwell, Watchmaker, and IVilliam Henry 

Need, a Minor, Oct 1822. 
Needham Isaac, UOngton, Gent. dec. Oct 1809. 27. 
Nelion John William, BotheHiitbe, Gent dec G. Nelion, St Clement's Danes, Stmnd, 

Gent. dec. & E. Nelson, Harrow, Middlesex, Gent. Oct 1829. 
Nelson nomas, Faradiae-row, Ro t he rh i t he, Gent A|^ 1827. 
Newbv John William, Poland-street, St James's, Apotheounr, Oct. 1823. 
Newdigate Francis Parker, Wootten, Warwidcshire, and William Adam, Lincoln's- 

inn, esq. April 1813. 20. 
Newen Mary, Spinster, Servant to W. Bobertson, Deputy Store-keeper General, 

Chiebec, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Newinfton James, Sword-blade, Coffee-house, Birchin-lane, dec. Oct. 1793. 5#. 
Newton William, Gloucester, Gent, and Joyce Newton, his wife, Oct. 1821. 
Newton Mary, Warsop, Notts, Widow, April 1804. 38. 
Nichelson Harry, otherwise Lieut Harrie, Muttra, East Indies, in |tlie Company's 

Serrice, Oct. 1827. 
Nichelson Lydia, Whittington, Ozon, Spinster, dec. April 1819. 8. 
Nicholson Thomas, Clerkenwell-dose, Apothecarr, dec. Oct. 1828, 
Noble Mark, Aisleby, near Whitby, esq. Oct. 1799. 47 
Noel Julien, Chelsea, Gent April 1826. 

Norcott William, Clare-street, Clare-market, Gent, now of FuDuun, April 1815. 16.* 
Norman George, Bromley, Kent, esq. and T. Newnham, ditto, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Norris Harry Chester-street, Chester-place, Lambeth, Gent April 1820. 
North Arabella, Hempstead, Widow, April 1826. 

Norton Elisabeth, Spins. Serrt. to R. Smith, esq. Champion-hill, April 1817. 12.* 
North John, Custom-house, liverpool, Gent. dec. ^Maiy, his wife, April 1818. 10. 


Nathan Mary, Crab Tree-row, Hackney-road, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

Neale Jane, Spinster, Senrant to Mrs. Conyers, South Mouiton-street, July 1818. )>. 

Needle Ann, Upper Seymour-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

NeUs Comelis Frandscus de, Bishop ot Antwerp, July 1801. 43. 

Nesbitt Martha, Charles-street, Hatton-garden, Widow, dec. July 1811. 23. 

Neville Julie, Arlington-street, Piccadilly, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Newbold Ridiard, Tamwordi, Staffordshire, Gent Jan. 1820. 6. 

Newman Ann, Spins. Serrt. to Mrs. Dobin, Duke-st. Portland-phce, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Newman Elizabeth, wife of J^ Newman, Waltham-green, Essex, Gent Jan. 1818. 1^ 

Newman Elizabeth, Wendover, Bucks, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Newman Jane, WendoTer, Bucks, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Newman Ellenor, Toddenham, Gloucestershire, Spinster, Julr 1819. 7. 

Newnham Nathaniel, Thos. Everett, Richard Tibbets, John Dmmmond, & Nathanid 

Tanner, all of Lombard-street, Bankers, July 1818. 9« 
Newton John, Sheffield, Gent Jan. 1816. 14. 
NichoUs James, Tantridge, Surrey, Labourer, July 1818. 9. 
Nicholls Capt John, Royal Denbigh MiHtia^ Juliuia Carolme Joan NichoUs, hiswife, 

and Mary Caroline Nicholls, a Minor, July 1813. 19. 
Nichols Ann, Serrt. to Mr. Purssev, Mount-street, Lambeth, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Nichols Frances, Rotherhithe, Widow, July 1816. 13. 
Nicklin Elizabeth, Sutton Cddfidd, Warwickshire, Spinster, July 1801. 43. 
Nightingale John, West Moulsey, Surrey, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Nock Sunuel, Holloway, Middlesex, Gent, and Martha, his wife, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Nockells Christopher, Charlotte-row, Bedford-square, esq. and Swen Lofgren, Ship 

Chandler on Board the Emerald, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Novris Sarah, Wonston, near Windiester, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Northwood Elizabeth, Richmond-place, Brighton, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Nugent Mary, BiJcer-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1816* 14. 


Nederman Maria, ^^dow of Adrianus Peter, Hanover, Oct. 1799. 47- 
NeUs Comelhu Frandscus de, Bishop of Antwerp, dec Oct 1799. 47. 
Nesbitt Martha, Charles-street, Hatton-street, Widow, dec. Oct 1811. 23. 
Nicholls John, & Chas. Tyrrell Morgan, both of Linooln's-inn, esq. April 1806, 9. 

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NanldTdl Elisa, Thoro* Cornwall, Spiniter, Jan. 1829. 

Keale Morrii, Gryson-street, liTerpool, Proviiioa-dealar, July 1829. 

Ndaon Robert, dec. Senrt. to 6. Pooock. ea^. Chariea-at. Berkeley^. July 1827. 

Newman Capt. John, Erdinston, near Birmingham, Jan. 1827* 

Newman Martha, Barking, Easex, Spinater, Jan. 1824. 

Newman Nathaniel, Tliomaa Eterett. Bichard Tlbbtta, John Dnunmood, & Natiianiel 

Tanner, all of Lombard-street, Bankera, July 1818. 
"SieholB John, Patneyjnear the Chnrdi, Gent. Jan. 1831. 
Nordin Tliomas, and William Sermonr, Dnury-lane, Gent. July 1829. 
Norris Franoei,Camberwell, Widow, Jan. 1829. 
Nottidge Ber. John Thomaa, Ipiwich, Suffolk, Clerk, Jan. 1821. 
Nugent Mary, Baker-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 


concerted into CotuoUdaied nkmper Cent. Atmuitiet, bth July, 1825.^ 

Negua George, Richbell-oourt, dec. & S. Kelly, Esaei-atreet, Gents. April 1812. 
Nesbitt Martha, Charlea-street, Hatton-gardoi, Widow, dec. Oct 1811. 


Nattes John Claude, Welbeck-street, Gent. Nor. 1816. 12. 

Newson John Weir, Hall-keeper'sOflioe, Guildhall, Gent. May 1818. 9. 


(Cmmlidated iJU Sixth qf April 1780.; 

Ni^kton Rev. John, Stoke, near Hereford, D. D. dec and James Harbert, Paughley, 

near Hnngerford, Bucka, esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Neal Joioe, Spmster, Servant to Mr. Sutton, Hiriigate, Oct 1819. 7. 
Nicholl Mary, Sutton, Surrey, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 
l^cholls Thomas, Bridges-ttreet, Covent-garden, Baker, dec. April 1781. 28. 
Nichols Frances, Rotherhithe, Widow, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Norman Benjamin Greorge Drew, and Benjamin Bourn, (Sents. both of Gray's-walk, 

Lambeth, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Norton Tliomas, Lndgate-hill, Draper, April 1814. 18. 


Neve Hannah Le, Besley Heath, Crayford, Kent, Widow. 5th April 1827. 


Nassau Anne, Hackney, Spinster, and George Willoughby Dore, Hertford-street, a 

Minor, Oct 1806. 33. 
Newton William, Britford, Wilts, Yeoman, Oct. 1828. 
Nicol Peter, dec. Palace-yard, esq. 10th Oct. 1827. 


{Now added to the 3 per Cent, Reduced Annuities, andpaidat the Bank qf England.) 
Newington James, of the Sword-blade, Coffee-house, dec. Oct. 1772. 42 


Nidiolson John, Castle-street, Long-acre, Glass-dealer, June 1741. 25. 




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Oakden Wm., Senrt to the Duke of Bedford. Wobnni. Bedfordihire, July 1819. 7* 

Oakes Matthew, and George Oakes, both of Portsmontti, esq. dec. July 1820. 

Oakley Ann, Harley-street, Servant to Lady Salisbury, Jul? 1770. 65. 

Oakley William, Bugden, Huntingdon, Gent. Jan. 1^. 6. 

Oakman Maria Anna, now wife of lliomas Orerton, Croydon, Cooper, and William 

James Hill Davies, a Bfinor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
O'Dempsey EmiHa, Madras, Spnister, July 1814. 17. 

Ogden Edmund, and lliomas Golightly, both of Gray's-inn-sq.esqs. dec. Jan. 1817. 
Ogle Maria, Bedford-square, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

OM William, Camberwell, Gent. & Tmeham Old, Billingwate, Gent. July 1818. 10. 
Oldershaw Rer. John, dec. Tarrin, near Chester, D. D. Jan. 1828. 
Oldershaw Robert, Islington, Gent Jan. 1817. 12. 
Oldfield Elizab^, Somerset-street, Portman-sc^uare, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Oliver Harriott, Norton-street, Bifarrlebone, Spmster, dsc. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Oliver John, Piccadilly, Servant to the Duke of Portland, July 1815. 15. 
Olsen Rebecca Magdalena, City-road, Widow, JuIt 1816. 13, 
Ondenaarden Willemina, Rotterdam, Spinster, July 1797. 6. 
Orme Humphrey, Edith Weston, Ruthmd, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Orion Eliza Mary Josephina, Wyke R»is, near Weymouth, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Orwell Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Key, Ludgate-hill, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Osbom John, Calcutta, Vintner, July 1810. 25. 

Ostler Sarah, East Acton, Spinster, Servant to B. Hemming, esq. July 1804. 37 
Oswald Richard, Dean-street, Soho, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Otdey CoL Benjamin Wynne, 70th Foot, July 1823. 
Ontlaw Rev. Robert. Brockton, Salop, Jan. 1825. 

Owen Ann, Widow, dec. &ElizabethAllen, Widow, both of Whitechapd, Jan. 1808. 30, 
Owen Jane, Gloucester-place. Portman-sauare, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 6. 
Owen Owen, Emyth, dec. & John Jones, Kilthem, Derbyshire, Clerks, July 1804. 14. 


Ogden Edmund, dec. & Thos. Goli|^tly,bothof Gray's-inn-square,esqs. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Ogden William, St. James's-street, esq. dec. April 1819. 8. 

Ogle Chaloner, Worthy, Hampshire, esq. April 1826. 

Ogle Charlotte Arabella, Worthy, HamMhire, Spinster, April 1826. 

Ode Maria, Bedford-square, Spinster. Oct 1815. 15. 

O'Kelly Andrew, Denis Cannons, Middlesex, esq. Oct 1814. 17. 

Oldham George, Basinghall-st. Victualler, dec. & Elizabeth, his wife, Oct. 1776. 40. 

Oliver James, Fehwick, Bedfordshire, Farmer, Oct 1819. 7. 

Orchard Paid, Chesterfidd-street, May-feir, Gent dec. Oct 1812. 21. 

Orlebar Richard, Harwich-house, Beds, esq. & Rev. T. Best, Newbury, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Orwell Elizabeth, Ludgate-hill, Spinster, April 1814. 18. 

Osborne Joseph, Homchurch, Gent. April 1810. 26. 

Osmond Sarah, South Minmis, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 


Old Elizabeth, Netherbury, Dorset, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Oldis Edward, iun. Qapham, Umbrdk-maker, and Sarah, his wife, July 1817. 11. 

Oliver Elizabeth Jane, Spinster, Sarah Oliver, Spinster, Elizabeth Kershaw, wtfe of 

Joshua Kershaw, Gent all of Kensmgton, July 1818. 9. 
Osbom Charles Emanuel, Readme, Surgeon, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Ohphant Ann, Portland-place, Spmster, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Osbom Joseph, Homdnurdi, Essex, & J. Joyner, Thorock, Essex, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 


Olden Richard, Liverpool, Gent Oct. 1807. 31 
Oniara Arthur, LowtAer, Ireland, Mariner, Oct. 1798. 49. 
Oldfield Charlotte, St John's-square, Clerkenwell, Widow, April 1818. 10. 
Oldisworth John, dec. Broad-street-buildings, Gent 5th April 1827. 
C^i^ Harriett, wifeofO.OrgiU,Peradise,$t Georges, Jamdca, Planter, Oct. 1818. 9. - 
Ottaway Thomas, Baddleiemere, Kent, Carpenter, April 1819. 8. 


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Ptor Abrahaiiii Titchfield-streeti Victualler, and Thomas Treble, Mar7leb<me4aiie, 

Gent. July 1812. 21. 
IViddick Mary, St. James's-aquare, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Pafinsy William, Carpenter of H. M. Ship Dryad, Jan. 1801. 44. 
P^ige Greorge, Anthony-street, St. George's, Mariner, dec. Jan. 1801. 20. 
Page John, BorooKfa, Ironmonger, dec. Harry Swaine Mason, and WiiUam Swaine 

Mason, both fiUnors, July 1819. 7. 
Page John, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, Gent. dec. and Edward John Ellis, 

Whitewell, Norfolk, Timber Merchant, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Page Wm. , Brunswick-st. Blackfiriars-rd. Grocer, it, Elizabeth, his wife, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Page William Le, Ealins , Middlesex, Gent. B«t. William Poynter, dec. Castle-street, 

Holbom, and B«t. Joseph Hodnon, dec. of the same place, July 1827. 
Paget Hon. Charles, Captain in the Navy, Thomas Dalies, esq. Homerton, and Rev. 

William Davies, Homerton, July 1818. 9. 
Paget Richard, Chilcompton, Somerset, esq. dec. and William Phelips, Cucklington, 

Somerset, Clerk, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Pa^rett WilHam, Little Alie-street, Goodman's-fields, Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Paine Jane, CoYcnt-garden, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Phlairet Elizabeth, Southampton, Widow, dec. Isaac John Bamouin,of the same place, 

Gent, and Philip Maysson, London, Merchant, dec. July 1809. 27. 
Palmer Arthur, Bristol, c»q. and John Caye, Brinlry, Gloucestershire, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Palmer Frances, the Close, Lincoln, Spinster, Jan. 18i23. 
^ Palmer Rey. John, John Mills, Gent. & John Bailey, Tailor, dec. all of Woodbridge, 

Suffolk, July 1817. 11. 
P&lmer William, Wych-street, Gent, and John Griffiths, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Pammenter Frances, Devonshire-street, Marylebone, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Papillon Georse, Acrise, near Folkstone, esq. July 1823. 
Parcel Ann, Kiker-street, Portman-square, Spinster, July 1810. 
Pares Thomas, Leicester, esq. dec. and Winchcombe Henry Howard Hartley, Buck- 

krsburr House, Berks, esq. July 1817. 11.* 
Parfitt WilHam, dec. kte Servt. toM. Whitechurch, Twickenham, July 1829. 
Parfott Hiomas, Hinton Amptnor, Hants, Husbandman, dec. July 1807. 31. 
Park Elizabeth, Guilford-street, Spmster, July 1817. 11. 

Parker Edward, Richard Parker, & J. Parker, esqs. dec. all of Bristol, July 1814. 17. 
Parker ElizabeUi, Kensington, Spinster, Jan. 1790. 66. 
Parker John, Theobald's-road, Gent. Henry Newman, Bloomsbury, Grent. dec. and 

Elizabeth Nutt, wife of Abraham Nutt, Bush-lane, Gent. Jan. 1788. 70. 
Parker Rev. John, Froome Salwin, Somersetdiire, and Joseph Frowd, ditto, dec. 

Sureeon, July 1816. 13* 
Parker Martna, Spinster, Bedford-row, now wife of Sir John Jervis, Rocketts, near 

Brentwood, Essex, July 1813. 13. 
Parker lliomas, Astle, Cheshire, esq. & J.Glegg, Wetfaington-hall, ditto, Jan. 1^0. 6. 
Parker Thomas Murthwaite, Town and County of Southampton, esq. July 1820. 
Parker William, Norfolk-street, Gent. dec. July 1781. 83. 
Pkrkhnrst Rev. Fleetwood, Epsom, Surrey, July 1819. 7. 
Parkhurst Thomas, Mersam, Surrey, Shoemaker, July Ifi^. 
Parkins Richard, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. Jidy 1815. 15. 
Parkinson James, Hoxton-square, Surgeon, dec. and Susannah Muirhead, Hoxton, 

Spinster, dec, July 1816. 13.* 
Parkinson James, Hoxton-square, Surgeon, and William Alexander Weightman, Red 

lion-sqnare. Grent. July 1818. 9. 
Parkyns Hon. Maria Charlotte, Bunney-park, Notte, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 15. 
Parratt Frances, PAddington-grsen, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Parrott Mary, Saham Toney, Widow, now wife of General Richard White, dec. and 

Bransbv Francis, Edg^eld, Norfolk, Clerk, Jan. 1799. 26. 
Parrott William, Aveley, Essex> Farmer, & William Zackary, (titto, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Parry Elizabeth, Lower Connsnght-plaM, Hyde-paric, Wid*w, J«i. 1820. 6. 


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Parry John, Stock Exchange, Gent July 1796. 53. 

Pardow Rev. William, Vicar of Yardley, Herts, dec. and his Trustee, T. Campkin, 

Lnffenhall, Yardley, Herts, Farmer, dec. Jan. 1824. 
Parsons Sarah, Tooley-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1783. 80. 
Passer Thomas, Bank, Gent. Edward Etshs, Eyton-hall, Leominster, esq. & Edward 

Etshs, inn. a Minor, Jan. 1829. 
Partridge EUzabeth, Sunning-hill, Berks, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Paterson Capt. Gilbert, of the Marines, Jan. 1803. 40 
Paterson John, Putney, esq. Jan. 1824. 
Paterson Richard, Stock Exchange, Gent, and Charlotte Elizabeth Spragge, York, 

Upper Canada, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Patmore Jonas, Maningdon-hall, Farmer, and Stephen Negus, Bishop's Stortford, 

Herts, Maltster, July 1799. 6. 
Paul Sir George Onesiphorus, Bart. Redboume, Gloucestershire, dec. and William 

Halliday, ran. esq. same place, July 1822. 
Paul Thomas, lAwrence-lane, Grent. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Pawlett John, Morton, Surrey, Farmer, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Payne Edward, London, esq. Samuel Hoare, ditto, esq. and Lawrence Cole, Hackney^ 

Merchant, July 1797. 51. 
Payne Elizabeth, dec. St. James's, Clerkenwell, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Payne Elizabeth Mary, Princes-street, Spitalfields, Spinster, July 1824. 
Payne James, Terrace, Gray's-inn-lane, Servant to Mr. Edmunds, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Payne Sarah, Stotfold, Bedfordshire, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Paynter Francis, Trekenninf, Cornwall, esq. C. Scott, Helstone, ditto, W. Richards^ 

Penryn, ditto, &F. C. Paynter, St. Columb, ditto, Gents. July 1819. 7. 
Payton Eleanor, Bewdley, Worcestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 8. 
Peace Richard, Grantham, Coachman, July 1814. 17.* 
Peacock George Strombom, Hastings, Sussex, Schoolmaster, July 1830. 
Peacock Mary, Richmond, Spinster, Servant to S. Babington, Jan. 1830. 
Pearce Artiiur, Minas Geiraes, Brazil, a Miner, July 1827. 
Pearoe Edward Mathew, Stone, Berkley, Gloucestershire, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Pearce Jane Church, Brompton, Northamptonshire, Widow, dec. Jan. 1815. 1 
Pearcy Josiah, Servt. to W. Copeland, esq. Great George-st. Westminster, July 1826. 
Peard Henry, Sheldon, Devon, esq. July 1817. U* 
Pearson Adam, Secretary of Excise, Edinbun^h, dec. Mary Pearson, his wife, and 

Thomas Gordon, Clerk to the Signet, Edinburgh, July 1817. IL 
Pearson Rachel, Spinster, Finsbury-square, Servant, Jan. 1826. 
Pearson Thomas, Bethell, Cumberland, Yeoman, Jan. 1800. 46. 
Pease Joseph, Darlington, Wool-comber, Jonathan Backhouse, ditto. Banker, Heniy 

Ridiardson, sen. Stockton, Merchant, and John Chipchase, jun. Stockton, 

Schoolmaster, July 1817. 11. 
Peasnell Mary, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Keimett, Upper Wlmpole-st. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Peddle Rev. John, Charlton, Horthome, Somerset, and George Messiter, his Trustee, 

Wincanton, Somerset, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Pegge Sir Christopher, Upper Seymour-street, Portman-sq. M. D. dec. July 1823. 
Pegier Daniel, NayUnd, Suffolk, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Peirse Henry, Bedale, Yorkshire, & Peter Free, Portland-place, esqs. July 1817. IL 
Peirson Ma^ Ann Bradshaw, Brancaster, Norfolk, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Pemberton Elizabeth, Evesham-buildings, Somers' Town, Widow, July 1813. 19. 
Pemberton Thomas, Birmingham, Silversmith, and Edwin Pemberton, Birminghaniy 

Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Pendleton Jane, Saville-row, Spinster, July 1801. 43. 
Penfold Rev. George Saxby, Upper Berkeley-street, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Penfold James, sen. & James Penfold, jun. both of Cheam, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1824. 
Pengelley William, Fowey, Cornwall, Gent dec. July 1817. IL* 
Peon WUliam, Ludlow, Sidop, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Pennie William, Fisherton, near Salisbury, Gait. dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Penson John, Little Newport-street, Cabinet-maker, Jan. 1788. 70. 
Pepys Sir William Weller, Gloucester-place, Portman-squarei Bart. dec. and William 

Courtenay, Duke-street, Westminster, esq. July 1830. 
Percival John Robert, Wansford, Northamptonshire! Fanner, July 1824» 
Perdra Henry, Brook-street, G^ July 1802. 4L 


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Ftteira Isaac Ximenet , Amaterdam, Merdiant, Jan. 1776. 94. 

Pereyra Beatrix, Bourdeaiix, France, Spinster, July 1805. 35. 

Pereyra Gabriette Rachel^ Bonrdeanx, France, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Pereyra Jacob Rodriquez, Bourdeanx, France, dec. Jan. 1818. 10.* 

Pereyra Jenda de Jacob de, Stock Exchange, Grent Jan. 1797. 88. 

Pereyra Michael Esther, Bonrdeanx, France, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Perfect Robert, jnn. and Wm. Perfect, both of Putney, Surrey, Gents. Jan. 1815. 9. 

Perkin Tliomas, Senrant to Mr. Cahnel, Park-place, St James's, Jan. 1816. 14.* 

Perkins Henry, Blackman-street, Sonthwark, esq. and William Henry Rawlinaon, esq. 

Upper Beikeley-street, Portman-square, July 1815. 15. 
^rkins Jacob, Goswell-street, Butcher, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Perren Thomas, Wandsworth, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Perret Francis, Church-street, Stoke Newington, Gent and Sophia Frandna Perrett, 

of the same place. Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Perry Elizabeth, Portugal-street, Spinster, dec. July 1799. 47. 
Peters John, Brighton, Grocer, July 1815. 15. 

Peters Ralph, jun. liverpool, Grent. & Rev.G.Vanburgh, Auf hton, Lancashire, Jan. 1822. 
Peterson Grace, Keppei-street, Russell-square, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 6. 
Peterson William, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Gent, as Trustee to Rct. George Tucker, 

Rector of Up Lyme, Devonshire, July 1813. 19. 
Petit Sarah, Hennis-terrace, Widow, and Bona Frances Boot, wife of Thomas Boot, 

jun. Lacester-square, Gent. Juk 1825. 
Pettigrew Robert, Titchfield-street, Carpenter, Jan. 1797. 52. 
Pettk Margaret, Sunning-hill, Widow, and Charles Pettit, ditto, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Pew James, of the Tower, Gent. July 1816. 7. 

Pew James, Camberwell, Surrey, Gent &M. A. Pew, Spinster, a Minor, July 1823. 
Pezzey Charles Albert, Stafrord-plaoe, Pimlico, dec. Jan. 1811. 17. 
Pharoah Richard, Kinjnton, Surrey, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Phillimore Charlotte, Spins. Serrt. to Mrs. Tower, Wild-hall, Essex, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Phillips Arthur Williams, Fahnouth, Watchmaker, Jan. 1831; 
Phillipps Charles March, Gurendon-park, Lincolnshire, esq. and Samuel March Phil- 

lipps. Temple, esq. July 1830. 
Fhilliipps James Winsloe, Lieut of the 7th Hussars, and Maria Charlotte Phillips, 

SidmQuth, Devon, Spinster, Jan. 1926. 
Phillipps Prudence, Bath, Smnster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
PhiUipps Robert, Middle Temple, esq. and Evan Evans, dec. Leadenhall-street, 

Merchant, July 1827. 
Phillips Susan, wife of David PhiUipe, Cannon-st. Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
PhilHps William', George-yard, Lombard-street, Printer, and Richard Phillips, Mile 

End-road, Vitrol-maker, July 1828. 
Phillott Charles,, Treasurer to the Penitentiary Societv of Bath, July 1814. 17. 
Phipps Samud, Lincbln's-inn, esq. dec. Thomas Asheton Smith, Harley-steet, esq. 

and Robert Scott, Wimpole-street, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Pick Daniel, Sanigar, near Berkley, Gloucestershire, esq. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Pickering Elizabem, dec. Queen-street, Westminster, Widow, Jan. 1831. 
Pickett Ann, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Payne, Tooting, July 1820. 
Pickup Rebecca, Padgeon's Wharf, Widow, and Mary Saxby, Lepard-court, Widow, 

Jan. 1819. 8. 
PicouaysRev. Francisco, Stokely Nayland, Suffolk, Jan. 1803. 40. 
PiercyJames, Queen-street, Plymouth, esq. Jan. 1825. 
Pigg Thomas, Great Tower-street, Millwright, July 1823. 
Pison Frederick John, llirogmorton-street, Jan. 1819. 8. 
P£e Christopher John, Gray's-inn, Gent and James Wingfidd, Great Marlborougiu 

street, Grent Jan. 1813. 20. 
Pike Edward, Servant to A. Bdlasyse, Lower Grosvenor-street, July 1824. 
Pile Elizabeth, King-street, Westminster, Spinster, July 1811. 7. 
Pile Elizabeth, Taunton, Spinster, July 1811. 23. 
Pile James, Bray, Berks, Carpenter, dec. July 1806. 33. 
Pinfold Charles, Bloomsbury-sq. John T. Batt, Lincohi's-inn, Wm. Tate, Mitcham« 

Surrey, and Bemunin Tbte, Chelsea, esqs. dec. July 1708. 40. 
Pipon Jane, Jersey, Widow, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Pitt Mary Ann, Lower Grosvenor-street, Spinster, July 1799. 47. 

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Pitt Mary Catherine, Colchester, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Pitt Thomas, Middle Temple, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Playters Charles, East Bergfaolt, Suffolk, esq. July 1818. 9. 

Pieydell Edmund Morton, Milboum, St. Andrew's, Dorset, esq. Thomas Gondfj, 
Dawlish, Dorset, July 1814. 17. 

Pieydell William Morton, Milboum, St. Andrew's, Dorset, esq. dec. July 1824. 

Plowden Richard Chicheley, esq and Julia Hastings, CMdielseana Flowden, SpinsCer^ 
both of Deronshire-plaoe, July 1828. 

Plumer Mary, Hatton-garden, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Plumer Thomas, 6ray*8-ir»n dec. & William Turton, Chancery-lane, esqs. July 1824. 

Plmnptre Rev. Henry, Tmmpington, Cambridge, and Christopher Robert Pemberton, 
Somerset-street, Portman-square, M. D. July 1825. 

Pocoek Henry, Holwood, Kent, esq. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Pocock Jane, Oxford-street, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Pocoek John, Bird-street, Manchester-square, Carpenter, July 1819. 7. 

Pocock Richard, Chelsea, Berks, Gent. John Bushndl, ditto, ditto, and Ridiard 
Hopkins, Honey-lane, ditto, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Podeven Mary, Pinckney-hall, Norfolk, Servt. to J. H. Clark, Jan. 1604. 38. 

Poihgdestre Jane, Jersey, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Pollard Sarah, Porter's Lodge, Shenley, Herts, Spinster, July 1811. 23.* 

Pdlard Thomas, jun. Minniarck, Cornwall, Yeoman, Jan. 1826. 

Pollen Sir John, Redinham, Hants, Bart. Jan. 1809. 28. 

Pollen Sir John, Redinham, Hants, Bart. dec. July 1825. 

Pollock Mary, Bath, Spinster, & J. Farrer, Bread-street-hill. esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 

PoUok Susanna, Bath, Widow, dec. Jan. 1815. 16.* 

Poole William, Pamswick, Gloucestershire, Gent. July 1815. 

Pope Charlotte, Milk-street, Cheapside, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Pope Horatio, Maidstone, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Popert Wolff Leven, Hamburgh, Merchant, Jan. 1811. 24.* 

Porter Joseph, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Stationer, & Maria, his wife, July 1826. 

Porter Mary, Queen Ann-street, Spinster, Servant to Lady Guildford, July 1818. 9 

Porthouse Mary Ann, Took's-court, Chanoeiy-lane, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

Poston Jcdm, Stoney Cross, Worcestershire, Gent. July 1805. 35. 

Pote Charles, Lisson Grove, North Paddington, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6.* 

Pote Joseph, Eton, Bookseller, William Robert Duill, Temple, Grent. Anne Alleyne, 
Greenwich, Widow, and Edward Wise, jun. Workingham, Gent. July 1826. 

Pott Sarah Ann, wife of the Rev. Francis Pott, Bermuda, Jan. 1830. 

Pottar Catheiine, Spins. Putney-hill, Surrey, Servt. to Countess Guilford, Jan. 1822. * 

Potts John, Walworth, esq. July 1817. 11. 

Pouke Robert Christopher, Horse Guards, esq. Jan. 1810. 26. 

Poulter James, & George Paxon, Hampstead, Churchwardens, July 1810. 7. 

PbweU Diana, Union-buildings, Leather-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1797. 52. 

Powell John Withers, Lenham, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1830. 

Powell Thomas, Mitcham, Engraver, Jan. 1805. 36. 

Power Jolm, Waterford, esq. Jan. 1825. 

Power Major Gen. Sir Manley, Vere-street, Oxford-market, K. C. B. July 1816. 13. 

Powers James, Howard's Green, City-road, G^t. and Sarah King, Southampton- 
buildings, Holbom, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

Powis CaroUne, Henley-on-Thames, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Powlett Right Hon. Col. Charles Armand, St. George's, Westminster, Jan. 1754. 138. 

Preece Thomas, Servant to Mr. Newton, Aldgate, July 1816. 13. 

Prescott Gen. Robert, Rose-green, near Battle, dec. July 1617. 11. 

Pressley Sarah, Spinster, Servt. to Lord Sefton, Arlington-street, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Preston Achilles, Ked Lion-sq. esq. dec. Alexander Whitechur^, Brewer's-hall, esq. 
dee. and Elizabeth Preston, B!ed Lion-sq. Spinster, dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Preston Brian, Cheshunt, Herts, Gent, and William Newman, dec. Bayford, Herts, 
Farmer, Jan. 1815. 12. 

Preston Elizabeth, Spinster, &Thos. Preston, Gent, both of Miles-lane, Jan. 1827. 

Preston John, Oxford-street, Gent. dec. July 1804. 37. 

Preston Rev. Thomas, Mareby, Yorkshire, Gent, and Ralph Green, Gent. Wheldrake, 
near York, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Pretty Mary Bermondjsey-street, Spinster, July 1793. 59. 

128 ^ T 



Pretyman Jolm, IdoUlane, Wine Mflrehmt, & Martiii Shayler, Stow, (Hovcetierthiro 

Blacksmitb, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Pretyman Rev. John, Norwich, D. D. deo. Ic J. Stewart, ditto, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Price Barrington, Princes-street, CaTendish-square, eso. dec. July 1816. 13. 
Price Barrington, Langham-plaoe, eso. and Mary Ann Price, Spinster, July 1822. 
Price Elizabeth, Bath, Widow, July 1816. 13.^* 
Price James, of the Navy, Mariner, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Price Jane, Stockwell, Widow, Jan. 1619. 8.* 
Price Letitia, Builth, Brecknockshire, Spinster, Jan. 1827. 
Price Mary, Little Cross-street, Islington, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Price Mary, and Sarah Price, Hammersmith, Spinsters, July 1828. 
Price William, Westminster, dec. Servant to Dr. Markham, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Pridden Humphrey Gr^ry, Leather-lane, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Priddle Lewis, Shirley,. Shrewsbunr, Gent and Elizabeth, his wife, July 1813. 20* 
Prideaux Neast Grevile, Bristol, Gent, and Hester Grevile Prideaux, his daughter, a 

Minor, July 1823. 
Priestley- Greorge, Barlow, Derbyshire, Gent Jan. 1808. 30 
Priestley Henry, of the Commissariat Department, Malta, Gent. Jan. 181L 24.* 
Prince George, dueen-street, Brompton, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Prior James, Basinghall- street, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Prior Roger, Marylebone, Carpenter, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Probart Kichard, Servant to T. D. Evans, esq. Craven-hill, Bayswater, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Proby William, Grav's-inn-lane, Gent & Ann Northover,Brook's-market, Widow. 
Procter William, Edward-street, Portman-square, Grent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Prosser Rev. Thomas, Monmouth, dec. Jan. 1818. , 10.* 
Prower John, Parton,Wilts,Clerk, J. M. Stephens,*Maismore Lodge, Gloucestershire, 

esq. and Robert Isherwood, Doctors' -commons, esq. Jan. 1824. 
Prower John, Purton, Wilts, Clerk, J. M. Stephens, Maismore Lodge, Gloucestershire, 

esq. and Robert Isherwood, Doctors'-comraons, eso. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Prowett John, Cambridge, Gent, and Martha Prowett, his wife, Jan. 1827. 
Prowett Robert, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Pugh Sarah, Bernard-street, Russell-square, Widow, and Isabella Ann Elphinstone, 

Bellair, Devonshire, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Pnllin John, Brislington, Somersetshire, esq. and Henry Creswicke, Blunt's-court, 

Henley, Oxon, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Pnlsford Leah, formerley of Bath, Spmster, now wife of Samuel Back, July 1829. 
Pummell James. Kent-street, Fishmonger, July 1813. 19. 
Punter Ann, Newington, Surrey, Spinster, Julv 1826. 

Purchas Maria Soplua, Miss Clarke's, Kensington-gravel-pits, July 1805. 35. 
Purdue John, Arundle-street, Strand, eso. Jan. 1806. 34. 
Purkis Frances, Baltham, Cambridge, Spmster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Purkis James, Hampstead, esq. Jan. 1817. 12 
Purser John, Bristol, Gent July 1819. 7. 
Putt Thomas, and Samuel Newte, Tiverton, Devon, esqs. and Thomas Augustia 

Creuwvs, New Inn, Attorney, dec. Jan. 1806. 74. 
Pyke Martha, wife of John Pyke, Hoxton, Gent dec. Thomas Hughes, Nicholas-lane, 

Carpenter, dec. and William Hughes, Cliq)ham, Carpenter, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Pyke William, Exchequer Office, Temple, esq.Wm. Richardson, Walbrook, Solicitor, 

G.Vincent,Bedford-8t. Bedford-sq. Solicitor, &B. Holme, New-inn, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Pyne Thomas, Guildford-street, Gent. July 1816. 13. 


Paddy Frances, King-street, Golden-square, Gent. dec. and Richard Bennett, ShuffnaL 

Salop, Surgeon, Oct 1807. 31. 
Paget Captain Charles, Royal York Rangers, Oct. 1815. 15.* 
Paget Richard, Chilcompton, esq. dec. and Rev. William Phelips, Cucklingtont 

Somersetshire, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Paine Charles, Lancaster-court, New Bond-street, Gent. April 1798. 7. 
Palmer James, Comhill, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Papworth Robert, Bath-place, New-road, Gent. April 1818. 10. 
Pardon Thomas Brook-street, Holbom, Gent April 1811. 24. 
Park Eliza Frances, Hampstead, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 


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Ptark Jane, Spiniter, Servant to Mr. Caitor, Long Acre, April 1816. I^ 

Ftoke Sir Jamea AUim. <me of Her Muesty'a Jnstioea in the Court of Common Fkai» 

and Rev. Henry iJndaay, Wimbledon, Oct 1827. 
Parker Ann, Spinster, Servant to B. Kennett, esq. North Fleet, Oct 1816. 13. 
Parkea William, Charlotte-street, Bloomsbury , esq. April 1819. 8. 
Parkinson James, Hoxton-sqnare, Surgeon, and Susanna Muirhead,of the same place, 

Spinster, dec Oct 1816. 13. 
Pterock Martha, Henry-street, Waterioo-road, Widow, dec. April 1827. 
Parry David, BiUiter-lane, Gent Oct. 1793. 59. 
Pkrry Walter, St George's-street, Portman-square, Turner, and George Holsgrove, 

otherwise, Alsgrove, New-street. St James's, Broker, Oct 1819. 7.* 
Persons John, Lonff-acre, Coach-maker, April 1810. 26.* 
Ptffsons Robort, Eden-bridge, Kent, linen-draper, April 1815. 16. 
Pascall Henry, Milford, Wales, SaU-maker, Anril 1825. 

Patmore Jomi, Servant to Mrs. Toovey, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, April 1816. 14. 
Pattisall Stephen, Ezchange-aller, Banker, a Bankrupt, April 1829. 
Patdson Mary, Ridmiond-hill, Surrey, Spinster, Oct 1820. 

Pfetdsson Wm. Henry, &T. Isaacs, iun. both of Witham, Essex, Gents. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Patterson Peter, dec. Gardener to the Marquis of Rockingham, April 1788. 70. 
Pftul Thomas, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Payne Ann, Aldgate, Spinster, Geoige Payne, ditto. Butcher, dec. Mary Payne, ditto, 

Spinster, sinoe wife of David Langton, Commerdal-road, Butcher, and Sarah 

Payne, Aldgate, Spins, since wife of T. Dalby, Old Ford, FeUmonger, Oct 1822. 
Payne Francis, Morden College, Blackheath, Gent April 1825. 
Peacock Catherine, Grosvenor-place, Widow, Oct. 1807. 31. 
Peake Robert, Castle-alley, Royal Exchange, Gent & F. C. Peak, a Minor, April 1829. 
Pearse John, Lincoln's-inn-fidds, esq. John Perry, jun. Bromley, esq. Hawkms Wall, 

Broad-street, esq. dec. April 1819. 8. 
Pearson Alice, Northumberland-street, Marylebone, Spinster, April 1815. 16.* 
Pearson George, Middle Temple, esq. Oct. 1813. 19.* 
Pearson Jane, Rotherhithe, Widow, Oct 1793. 59. 
Pearson John. Staple-inn, Holbom, Gent. Oct. 1821. 
Pedley Ann, Lincoln's-inn, Spinster, Oct. 1798. 49. 
Pedley Joshua, Whitechapel, Shoemaker, April 1818. 10. 
Peircy Harriott, Hambledon, Bucks, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 
Peirse Henry, Harley-street, esq. & Peter Free, Portland-place, esq. April 1817. 12. 
Pembroke Sarah, Wargrave, Bucks, Spinster, Oct. 1809. 27. 
Pendleton Hannah, John-street, Golden-square, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 
Penn Daniel, Basingstoke, Hants, Butcher, and Elisabeth, his wife, Oct 1815. 15. 
PenneU Robert, Oporto, in the Kingdom of Portugal, esq. Oct 1825. 
Peninr Samuel Stansfield, Windsor-place, City-road, Gent and William Penny, Gent 

Stock Exchange, April 1827. 
Perkins Thomas, Servt. to the Bishm> of Oxford, Blackheath, Kent, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Perrier Louis, St. James's-square, Gfent Oct. 1806. 33. 

Perring Sir John, & Philip Perring, both of Bishopgate-st Merchants, Oct 1824. 
Perring Philip, Bishopgate-street, Merchant, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Perring Phillip, Bishopgate-street, Merchant, & Charles Perring, Gent. Modbury, 

Devon. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Perrvn Sir Richard, Knt. Baron of the Exchequer, Oct. 1799. 9. 
Peters Edward, Mincing-lane, Gent. dec. Oct. 1793. 58. 
Peters Prisdlla, Spinster, at Mr. Powell's, Bedford-square, Oct. 1828. 
Peterson Philip, Essex-street, Whitechapel, Baker, April 1799. 48. 
Petley John, James Petley, & H. Brown, all of Ash, Kent, Farmers, decOct. 1810. 25.* 
Pettit Richard, Maldon, Perfumer, Oct 1817. 11. 
Pew James, Camberwell, Surrey, esq. April 1827. 

Pezzey Charles Albert, Burleigh-street, Strand, Gent. dec. April 1815. 16. 
Phelips Rev. William, Montacute, Somersetshire, dec. Oct 1817. 11. 
Philips Rev. James, Clapham, Clerk, Oct. 1817. 11. 
PhiUipson Ann, Hereford, Widow, dec. Oct. 1808. 29. 
Pick Isador, Mitre-street, Aldgate, Gent. Oct 1826. 
Pidcford Thomas, St. Biaortin's-lane, Cannon-street, Ironmonger, dec. Daniel Curling. 

StPeter's.near Margate, Gent&C. Stoacks, Margate,Widow, dec April 1816. 14.* 

uiyiiizKu uy VjOOQIC 


Tickmore ^^Diam, Cbester-plaoe, Kennmgton-nMid, Gent Oct 1819. 7.* 

Pien Rer. OcUviivi, Gloucester, Oct 1815. 15. 

Pmnock Mary, Chimney, Oxford8hire,'Widow,&R.Wbitiiig, Ely-pl.Gent April 1819. 8. 

Plato Elizabeth, wife of William Plato, Uxbridse, Labourer, April 1805. 36. 

Pleydell Amie, & Mary Pleydell, both of Blacdford, Spinsters, Oct 1822. 

Plunket Rer. Albert Underhill, Leeds, April 1813. 20. 

Pointer Mary, Highgate, Spinster, Oct. 1812. 21.* 

Pointer Sarah, Newbury, Berks, Widow, Oct 1822. 

Poore Francis Richard Gibson, Rnshall, Wilts, esq. Oct 1826. 

Popplewell Sarah, Hig^nte, mdow, dec. April 1807. 32. 

Potter MaiT, Lincoln, Spinster, April 1786. 74. 

Pottte Stephen, Mile-end, Old-town, Porter, April 1823. 

Pouseett Peter, Gent & S. A. Poussett, Spins. Sna-house, Bermondsey, April 1818. 10.* 

Powell Isabella, Widow, Sorant to Mr. Jourdane, Spital-square, Oct 1819. 7. 

Powell Margaret, Hamage-green, Salop, Spinster, April 1803. 40. 

Powell WiUiam, Pratt-street, Camden-town, Gent April 1813. 20.* 

Powlett Anne, Titehfield-street, St. Marylebone, Widow, dec. April 1815. 16.* 

Praed William, Fleet-street, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Preston Betty, Gloucester-street, Queen-square, Spinster, dec. April 1810. 26. 

Preston Cooper, Hasby-hill, Yorkshire, &T. S. Barwell, Bath, esqs. Oct. 1819. 7 

Preston Thomas, Ripon, Gent. dec. Oct. 1818. 9.* 

Pretty Ann, North Luffenham, Rutlandshire, Widow. Oct 1818. 9. 

Prerost Louise, Blackfields, Widow, and Marie Magoaline Muller, Rose-street, Soluv 

Cabinet-maker, Oct. 1807. 31. 
Price David, Greenwich, Gent. dec. April 1821. 
Price Dayid, Servant to Mr. Ford, Oxford-road, April 1778. 90. 
Price Mary, Spinster, dec. Servant to Mr. Colbom, Harley-street, April 1825. 
Price William, Strand, Gent Oct 1817. 11.* 
Prickett Marmaduke, Bridlington, Yorkshire, esq. Oct 1819. 7. 
Prime Samuel Stansfeld, Maunden-house, Bishops Stortford, esq. Oct. 1825. 
Prior Richard, a Soldier in the East India Company's Service, Oct. 1811. 23.* 
Prissick William, Shrewsbury, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Proctor Elizabeth, Edmonton, Widow, & W. Field, Chatham-pL esq. April 1812. 22.* 
Pug^ Edward, Andov^, Hants, and John Godden, ditto, G^ts, April 1819. 8. 
Pn^ John, G«nt. Ann Pugh, his wife, and Herbert Pugfa, Gent all of Lamb's Con- 

duit-street, Oct. 1815. 15.* 
Pugh John, Lamb's Conduit-street, Gent. Oct. 1812. 20. 
Pugfa Rev. Robert, Vicar of Donington, and Rev. WHbm Atkinson, Ticar of Kippaz, 

Yorkshire, dec. April 1822. 
Purcer Mar^, Essex-street, Strand, Spinster, April 1760. 126. 
Purvis Bamngton, Beccles, Suffolk, esq. April 1821. 

Pyne Dorothy, wife of W. H. Pyne, Nassau-street. Soho, Gent April 1817. 12.* 
Pyne Sarah, Servant to Mrs. Peters, Park-street, Oxford-street, Oct. 1827. 


Page James, Inn-holder, and J. Cowell, Cordwainer, both of Famham, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Page Rev. Dr. WiUiam, Deans-yard, Westminster, dec. and William Benjamin little- 
hales, Westbury, near Buckingham, Grent July 1818. 9. 

Paley Anne, Easin|^old, Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

Palmer Ann, Reading, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 

Palmer James, Litchfield, Banker, and Gkorge Startin, Middleton Priors, Ditton, 
Salop, Farmer, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Palmer Thomas, Cable-street, Welldose-square, Coppersmith, dec. July 1815. 15. 

Paris Barbara, Sprotsborough-hall, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Park Jane, 30, Clerkenwell-green, Widow, July 1818. 9. 

Parker Henry, Brownsholme, Yorkshire, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Parker Michael, Royal Artillery, M. D. July 1819. 7. 

Parker Thomas, Butler to A. H. Eyres, Grove, Notts. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Ptursons Ann, Spinster, Servant to Miss Nott, Hampton-court-place, July 1819. 7* 

Earsons Elizabeth, Plymouth, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 8. 

{sssfield John, Stratford, Essex, Carpenter, July 1815. 15. 

mator Lorengo, Judd-street, Bnmswick-square, Gent. July 1815. 15. 



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Person Martha, Widow, & James Patenon, G«nt. bolb of Mile-end, Jan; V^Vk M. 

Paterson Martha, Ghrove-road, Mile-end, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Patmore Thomas, HeckHng, Essex, Gent. dec. July 1815. 15. 

Pattenson Mary, Abdmrch-laDe, Spinster, Jan. 1^. 6. 

Patterson Elizabeth, Shoreditch, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Payne Ann, Bell-yard, Temple-bar, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Payne Mary, Tomer-hill, Cbeshunt, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Pearson Mary, Widow, Crooked-lane, Cannon-street, July 1819. 7. 

Pettier Jean Andre Edward, Antwerp, esq. Jan. 1809. 40. 

Peirce Clement Anthony, New Bond-street, Perfumer, Jan. 1817. 12. 

PembertonT., Silversmith, & E. Pemberton, Gent, both of Birmingham, Jan. 1818. UH 

Perciyal James, Snarehill, Norfolk, Gent. Jen. 1820. 8. 

Peridns Sarah, Terrace, Bow-common, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Perkins Susanna, Strand, Widow, dec Jan. 1796. 54. 

Perrier Louis, at Mr. Fowler's, St. James's-square, Grent. July 1806. 33. 

Perring John, Broad-street, esq. July 1814. 17. 

Persse Captain William, of the 15th or Qneen's Lancers, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Phillips Maria, wife of Peter Gould, Gruemsey, Mariner, July 1819. 7. 

Phillipson Capt. Chas. Burton, of the East India Company's Service, Jan. 1803. 40. 

PhiUott Charles, esq. Sir William Watson, and Wyndham Gooddea, esq. all of the 

City of Bath, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Philpot James Stephens, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Pickering Martha, Widow, Servant to Mr. Willy, Bishop's Stortford, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Pidcock John, Ashboum, Derby, Gent. July 1809. 27. 
Piggott Ann, Wargrave, Berks, Widow July 1810. 7- 
Piggott Edward, Fox-court, Gray's-inn-lane, Engineer, and John Piggott, Hay-street, 

Clerkenwell, Cabinet-maker, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Pigott Edward, Maid-lane, Bankside, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Pipon Thomas, his Majesty's Attorney General in Jersey, and Paul Le Mesaner, esq. 

London, both dec. Jan. 1801. 13. 
Pirrogatti Galtano, Gloucester-street, Queen-square, Gent. July 1795. 55. 
Pistor Elizabeth, Bath, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Pixotto Jacob, and Daniel Pixotto, both of Bordeaux, Gents. July 1801. 43. 
Plesmann Henry Gerhard, Caroline-place, Foundling-hospital, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24. 
Plimley Henry, D. Smith, C. Jarman, & J. Sharman, Gents, of Windsor, Jap. 1818. 10. 
Pointer Sarah, Newbury, Widow, July 1817. 11. 
Poolton Hannah, Paraitise-row, Chelsea, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Porter David, Manthorpe, Lincolnshire, Labourer, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Porter Hannah, Richford, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Porter Mary, Spins. Servt. to the Countess of Guildford, Queen Ann-st. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Porter WiUiam, Wood-street, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Poucher Robert, Private, 7th Hussars, July 1817. 11. 

Pons Jacoba Elizabeth, Stavenesse, Widow of DanielVan de Hague, esq. Jan. 1803. 7« 
Powell Mary Chatham, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Powell William, Michael's-place, Brompton, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
PownaU John, Lewisham, Kent, esq. July 1786. 73. 
Powys Thomas, Lilford, Northamptonshire, esq. dec. and William Windbam, esq. 

Felbridge, Norfolk, esq. July 1801. 42. 
Prattinton Adam, John Benbow, both of Lower Areley,e8q8. and J. Heath, Victualler, 

Upton, all in Worcestershire, July 1816. 13. 
Prebble Mary, wife of Michael Prebble, Woolwich, Kent, Victualler, Richard Powisf 

Greenwich, Brewer, &Jas. Prebble, Woolwich, Kent, Victualler, July 1815. 15. 
Preddy Charlotte, Bedford-street, Bedford-row, Spinster, July 1801. 43 
Prestley William Henry, Middle Temple, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Preston Elizabeth, New Nottingham-place, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Price Thomas, Greenwich Hospital, Pensioner, Jan. 1813, 20. 
Price Walter, & S. J. Horseman, both of Gloucester, Bankers, July 1815. 15. 
Price William, Servant to Sir J. Graham, Bart. Netherby, Cumberland, July 1818. 9. 
Procter Wm. Gent. Ann, his wife,&A. Procter, Spins, all of Thames DiUon, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Prosser Edward, Lawrence-lane, & William Davies, Gower-st. Gents. Jan, 1820. 6. 
Pugh John, Lamb's Conduit-street, Attorney at Law, Jan, 1820. 6. 
Purves John, 3rd Rcghnent of Guards, July 1795. 55. 


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VniSiL Arm, Cbuidot-ftreet, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1815. 15.* 

Pa^e Thomas, Kra^sUnd-rood, Shoe-maker, Oct. 1812. 21.* 

Pam Sarah, Cambridge-street, Westminster, Spmster, Elizabeth Pain, Borough, a 
Minor, and John Pahi, Borough, a Minor, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Pdn Sarah, Cambridge-street, Westminster, Spinster, April 1814. 18. 

Pain Mary, Lambeth, Widow, Oct. 1805. 35. 

Pain Mary, West Moulsey, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

PontUng Ann, Edceware-road, Spinster, 5th April 1821. 

Parrington John, Kent-road, Gent 5th April 1610. 26.* 

Parsons William, Castle-street, esq. April 1792. 62. 

Pasheller Sarah Hanghton, dec. wife of John Pashdler, dec. HaU Farm, Hnntingdoa, 
esq. and Sir Simon Han^ton Clarke, Bart dec. Oak-hill, Herts, April 1828. 

Pattison Frances, St Peter'sFryers, Canterbury, Widow, 5th April 1820. 

Payne Jane, Chapel-street, LisMm-green, Widow, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Pearson Francis, Spinster, at the Deanery of Westminster, Oct. 1828. 

Pearson Mary, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Brown, Hounslow, Middlesex, Oct. 1828. 

Pearson Thomas, Bishopgate-street, G^ent. April 1814. 18. 

Peers Martha, Hatton-f^tlen, Spinster, dec. April 1810. 10. 

Pemberton Mary, New BorliiuEton-street, Spinster, dec. 5th April 1814. 18.* 

Penn Granville, Dnke-street, St James's, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Pennicott Theodoness, Richmond, G^t. and Jane, his wife, April 1830. 

Pennington James, Clapham, Surrey, Gent. April 1828. 

PerringSir John, Broad-street, Bart. Oct. 1811. 23. 

Perr^ Wm., Dockhead, Shopkeeper, & A. DaTies, Dockhead, Spffais. April 1806. 34. 

Phillips Elizabeth, wife of Peter PhiUips, Northampton-bmldmgs, Rosamond-street, 
ClerkenweU, Tailor, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Phillips John, Clavton-place, Kennington, Snnreyor, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Phillott Cajptain Charles George Rodnev, Roval Navy, April 1830. 

Fhillpotts John Morgan, Monmouth, Gent. April 1808. 30. 

Pilgnm Walker, Thames-street, dec. 5th April 1816. 14.* 

Pink John, Tower-street, Southwark, Carpenter, Oct. 1818. 9 
,. Pixotto Jacob, and Daniel Pizotto, Paris, Merchants, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Polack Ephraim, Mansell-street, Merchant, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Ponter James, Edmonton, Gent. andC. Ponter, his wife, April 1830. 

Poole John Joshua, Freeschool-street, Horsleydown, Grent April 1830. 

Porter Martha, Hendomin, near Mon^omery, Spinster, 10th Oct 1825. 

Pott Elizabeth, Amsterdam, Widow, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Pottenger Richard, Old BurUngton-street, dec. Oct. 1804. 37. 

Powell Mary, Andoyer, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Prentice Margaret, Tamworth, Staffordshire, Widow, 5th April 1812. 22.* 

Price Catherine, Broad-street-buildings, Spinster, Oct. 1828. 

Price Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. King, Leicester-square, 10th Oct. 1814. 17.* 

Pringle George, Stoke Newington, Gent Oct 1817. 11. 

Prior Thomas, High-street, St Giles's, Bricklayer, dec. Oct. 1812. 17.* 

Pritcluurd Jane, wife of Thomas Pritchard, Carburton-street, Marylebone, Chair- 
maker, and Margaret Longhurst, same place. Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Purvis James, St. John's Coll^, Cambridge, Servt to Rev. D.Bayly, Oct. 1816. V 


Paine Lucy, Worcester, Widow, July 1826. 

Palmer Ann, Reading, Spinster, July 1815. 

Palmer Ann, Harrow-on-the-hill, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

Panton Jones, Plasgwin, Beaumaris, Anglesea, esq. July 1827. 

Parker Hyde, Captain of the Royd Navy, Robert Langley, Appleyard, Lincoln's-inn, 

esq. & Germain Lavie, Frederick's-plaoe, Old Jewry, esq. Jan. 1825. 
Parsey Sarah, wife of T. Parsey, Upper Clapton, Middlesex, Labourer, Jan. 1828. 
Parsons John, the Albany, esojk Sharon Turner, Red lion-street, Gent. July 1820. 
Patterson William, Kendall, Westmorland, Grardener, dec. Jan. 1826. 
Payne William, Northumberland-court, Strand, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Peach George, Forston-house, Dorsetshire, esq. July 1820. 

Peers Susanna, Piccadilly, Spinster, July 1823. 
^ Peixotto Isaac, the Younger, Bourdeaux, France, Merchant, July 1824 

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Peridns Sarah, the Terrace, Bow-oommon, Bfiddletex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 
Perriman John, Glonoester-street, Whitediapel, Gent, dec and Robert Burton, 

Deptfbrd, Mariner, Jan. 1822. 
Perrin Sarah, Widow, at Mr. Pritchards, West Smidifield, Jan. 1826. 
Perrott Richard, Ironmonger-lane, Warehouseman, July 1829. 
Perry John, Spring-hill, Ireland, esq. Jan. 1830. 
Persse Captain WiUiam, 15th or Queen's Lancen, Jan. 1818. 
^ Pescod James, Jamaica, G^t. Jan. 1825. 
Phillips Esther, wife of Lawrence Phillips, St Mary Axe, Merchant, July 1830. 
Phillips Mary, Longattop, Monmouthsnire, Spinster, and William Probyn, Grent. 

Monmouth, Jan. 1823. 
Pike Maria, Baker-street, Enfield. Spinster, July 1823. 
PUcher Charles. Rye, Sussex, Gent Jan. 1821. 
Player Maiy Dursley, County of Gloucester, Spinster, July 1825. 
Plajrl Jeremiah, Ongar, Essex, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Pollard Mary, Chickton, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Poole Creorge, Cross-row, Stepney, Grent Jan. 1823. 
Porter Hannah, Rochfort, Essiex, Spinster, Jan. 1814 
Porter Mnry, Southwell, Notts, Spmster, Jan. 1831. 
Portei William, Wood-street, Gent Jan. 1816. 
Potts Robert, Selsdon Farm, Surrey, Labourer, Jan. 1821. 
Powell Thomas, Blackfriars-road, Lmen-dreper, dec and William Underwood, Gent 

Manor-place, Walworth, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Power Mfl^or Genl. Sir Manley, K. C. B. July 1827. 
Prattington Adam, and John Benbow, both of Lower Arely, esq. and John Heath, 

Victualler, Upton, both in Worcestershire, July 1816. 
Prcscott John, Kingston, Surrey, Victualler, and Sarah, his wife, July 1825. 
Price Thomas, Greenwich-hospital, iftnsioner, Jan. 1813. 
Prickett Marmaduke, pun. Trinity College, Cambridge, esq. Jan. 1831. 
Prince Thomas, Huntingdon-street, Hoxton, Grent. Jan. 1828. 
Prosser James, Bow-lane, Tea-dealer, and John Wheelton, Bagnio-court, Newgate— 

street. Packer, JuIt 1827. 
Proutt Ann, Clifton, Gloucester, Widow, dec July 1827. 
Pryce Benjamin, the Close, Salisbury, esq. dec Jan. 1827. 


(Consolidated the Supih qf April 1780.; 
Pace MarytSpinster, at Mr. Miks's, Castle-st Holbom, Oct 1786. 7. 
Page Rev. Wuham, D. D. dee. and William Emanuel Page, Gent both of Dean*s- 

yard, Westminster, Oct 1819. 7. 
Pahner Thomas, Cabel-street, Wellclose-square, Coppersmith, dec. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Parker Jane, Phcenix-street, Westminster-road, Widow, April 1819. 8. 
Parkyns The Hon. Maria Charlotte, Bunney-park, Notts, April 1813. 20. 
Parry Harriet, Fareham, Hants, Spinster, Oct 1818. 9. 
Parry WiUiam, Birmingham, Gent Oct. 1819. 7. 
Paynter Robert, Walbrook-street, Gent Oct 1819. 7. 
Pearce Sophia, Dartmouth, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Pearshouse, Catherine, Lee, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Peart Mary, St. Giles's-in-the-Felds, Spinster, Oct. 1808. 29. 
Pemberton Thos., Silversmith, & E. Pemberton, Gent. Birmingham, April 1818. 10. 
Pennicnd Ann, Hampton, Widow, dec. Oct. 1800. 45. 
Pennyfeather Elizabeth, Ocean-street, Stepney, Spinster, Oct. 1809. 27. 
Perren Thomas, Wandsworth, Gent. Oct 1818. 9. 

Perrin Ann, wife of John Perrin, Aylesbury, Bucks, Innkeeper, April 1812. 22. 
Perry Sophia, Wardour-street, Soho, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Pezzey Charles Albert, Pimlico, Gent, dec April 1815. 16. 
Pichley William, Ramsinte, Kent, Carpenter, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Pim Joseph, and John Eliot, both of Bartholomew-dose, Merchants, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Pinegar £ios John, Chelsham-place, Surrey, esq. dec April 1812. 22. 
Pocock Charles, New Wharf, Whitefriara, Gent. April 1818. 10. 
Pocock John, Bird-street, Manchester-square, Caroenter, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Pollard John, Walthamstow, Essex, Gent Oct 1819. 7 


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Foum rmtL obmt. amnuitiib. 

Pool Siuaiiiiah, Arerly, Eitez, '^dow, Oct 1809. 27. 

Poole Sarah, Spini. Sern. to Admiral Sir T. Williams, Hyde-faall, Herts, Oct 1819. 7. 

Powell Gideon, Fenchurch-street, Slop-seller, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Preston Elixabeth, Nottindiam-d^, Marylebone, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Price Joanna, Spins. &N. Price, iTictualler, George-st. St Giles's, dec. Oct. 1812. 2L 

Price Letitia, Berwick-street, Soho, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Prinald James, Eltiiam, Kent, Gent dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Pritchard Hannah, James-street, Old Gravel-lane, Widow, Oct. 1801. 43. 

Posey George, Servant to Admiral Cornish, Wimpole-street, April 1815. 16. 


r Pfineipal Paid (^ on the bth July 1825.^^ 
Parker Bridget, dec. Strand, Widow, 5th Jnlj 1825. 
Peizotto Isaac, jnn. Bordeanz, France, Merchant, 10th Oct 1824. 


Parry David, BilUter-lane, March 1752. 92. 
Pearson Jane, Rotherhithe, Widow, Oct 1757. 72. 
Petera Edward, Mincing-lane, dec. April 1768. 51. 


Phhner Elisabeth, Bririiton, Widow, 10th Oct 1826. 

Palmer Rev. Samuel, Chifwell, Essex, and John SorseT, Cl^tton, Gent. Oct 1829. 
Pardon John, Southwark, Gent & J. Kilrington, lincom's-inn, eso. dec 10th Oct 1827. 
Parsons Edward, Wandsworth, Surrey, Builder, and William rarsons, 'Vnmbledon« 

Surrey, BuUder, April 1827. 
Pennell Robert, Oporto, Portugal, esq. 10th Oct. 1825. 
Plues Frances, Brumham, Yorkshire, Spinster, 5th April 1823. 
Prisdlla Pritdurd, Shrewsbury, Spinster, lOthOct. 1825. 


Pott Joseph Holden, St Martin's-in-the-fields, Francis Gosling, Fleet-screet, Banker, 
dec and Henry Hugh Hoare, Fleet-street, Banker, Oct 1813. 19. 


Parkinson John, Tliomhangh-street, Bedford-square, Grent Nor. 1797* 50. 
Potenger Rev. Richard, Edmonton, Middlesex, Clerk, May 1819. 7. 


{From 1780.) 

Perkins Susanna, Strand, Widow, dec. Oct 1795. 26. 
Power Jack, Oxford-street, esq. Oct. 1797. 22. 


(Principal Paid tn Full lOM Oct 1824.J 

Pkge Robert, Chiswell-street2_yeterinary Surgeon, Henry Lee, of thesame place, Gent 

and Samuel Whitbread, Edmonton, Gent 10th Oct. 1824. 
Parker Jane, Phoenix-street, Westminster-road, Widow, 5th April 1819. 
Parker William, Ainderby Quemhow, Gent. William Harrison, Ripon, M. D. and 

William Thompson, Pickhill, Seedsman. No Dividend. 
Pegg Harrr, dec. Wobum, Bucks, Paper-maker, 10th Oct. 1823. 
Piercy Richard, jun. Homsey-row, Isungton, Gent No Diyidend 
Pittard John, Church-street, Spitalfields, Gent 10th Oct. 1822. 


Pkge John, jun. Coleman-street, Merchant, dec April 1808. 30. 
Page Katherine, Chichester, Sussex, Spmster, Oct. 1799. 47. 
wr John, Nova Scotia, North America, esq. dec. April 1800. 46. 
Perring John, Broad-street, esq. April 1810. 26. 


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Quarry John, Stanmore, Serrant to J. S. Torraine, July 1812. 21. 

Quartermaine Catherine, White lion-street, PentonTille, Widow, dec. July 182G. 

Qoickenden Thomas, sen. Enfield, Collier, dec. Jan. 1822. 

Qnin Edward, jnn. Burton-crescent, Rnssell-sqnare, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Qoin Hon. Wjmdham Windham, Dnnraven Castle, Calvert Richard Jones, Veranda, 
Glamdrganshire. esq. John Richards, I«landaff Court, Glamorganshire, esq, and 
Mary Ann Willis, DunraTen Castle, a Minor, Jan. 1818. 10. 


Quarre Marie de, Brussels, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 


Qaarre Marie de, Brussds, Spinster, Oct. 1799. 47. 


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Racine Rev. Francii, Hanby, Worcestershire, July 1817. 

Radclyffe William, Cannon-row, Parliament-street, Westminster, esq. Jan. 1827. 
Railton Edwards, Comhill, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Railton Henry, Pancras-lane, Gent. Jan. 1802. 8. 

Ramsden John, Royal Military College, Wycomb, Bucks, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Ramsey Mary, Lambeth, Widow, July 1803. 39. 
r Ram Abel, Ramsport, Wexford, Ireland, esq. & Rev. S. G. Ram, Bath, dec. July 1822. 
Randall James, Upper Charlton-street, Fitzrov -square, esq. Jan. 1811. 
Randall Thos. Littleton Strangeway, & J. Randall, Sheen, Surrey, Gents. Jan. 1818. 8. 
Randolph Rev. Francis, Rector of St. Paul's, Covect-garden, July 1822. 
Rankin Benjamin, Stock Exchange, Gent, and Constant Wilson, Savage Gardens, 

Widow, July 1817. 11. 
Ransom Lettice, Servant to Hon. J. Coventry, Burgett-house, near Fordingbridge, 

Herts, July 1826. 
Raper Charles Chamier, Merton College, Oxford, esq. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Raper Admiral Henry, Royal Navy, Jan 1828. 

Raper Matthew, &Thos. Wakefield, both of Wendover Dean, Bucks, esqs Jan. 1820. 6. 
Rashleigh Rev. George, Harrietsham, Kent, Rev. Marmaduke Sealy, Baghton, Hants, 

and Jonathan Rashleigh, Doughty-street, Middlesex, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Rashleigh Jonathan, Linccln's-inn, esq. and Mary Ann Hingeston, Widow, Eastcott, 

Middlesex, July 1814 17. 
Rashleigh Phillip, Monabilly, Cornwall, dec. esq. & William Rashleigh, esq. Kilmath, 

Cornwall, July 1818. 9. 
RatcUff Robert, Stratford, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Raven Mary, West Mercia, Essex, Widow, Jan. 1829. 
Rawbene Elizabeth, Walton-on-Thames, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 15. 
Rawlins Amy, Paternoster-row, Spinster, July 1800. 45. 
Rawlins John, of th6 Grove, Windsor, esq. and John Taylor, New Broad-street, 

Merchant, July 1815. 15. 
Rawlins Thomas, Blackheath, Yeoman, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Ray Elizabeth, Dartford, Kent, Spinster, dec. and Ann Masters, Watford, a Minor, 

Jan. 1817. 12. 
Ray Elizabeth, Dartford, Kent, Spinster, dec. William Rogers, and Thomas Rogers, 

both Minors, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Ray Elizabeth, Dartford, Kent, Spinster, dec. Clara Baxter, wife of Charles Baxter, 

Long-acre, Coach-maker, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Ray Francis, Bridgenorth, Salop, Gent. July 1783. 79. 
Rayner Mary, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 6.* 
Raynsford Marv Ann, Mysning, East Indies, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Rea Jane, Middle Water-gate, Deptford, Widow, dec. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Read George, Rotherhithe, Watchmaker, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Read James, Schoolmaster, dec. Rose Neale, Widow, dec. and Elizabeth Neale, dec. 

aU of St. Alban's, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Read John, Old Jewry, esq. & A. Topham, Sanbury, Middlesex, Widow, July 1815. 15. 
Read Mary, Cooper's-court, Crutchedfriars, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Ready John, Gloucester, esq. July 1780. 7. 
Reavell Francis, Strand, Watchmaker, July 1784. 77. 

Redford Ann, Oxendon-street, Spins. Servt. to the Hon. Mr. Davis, Jan. 1766. 114. 
Redman Susanna, Hertford, Widow, dec. Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Redpath Charlotte, Park-street, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1799. 48. 
Reed Charles, Exeter, Ironmonger, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Reed John, Drapers-court, Lothbury, Silversmith, Jan. 1812. 22.* 
Reed John Richard, SecondCaptainof the Alchies Mine, County of Cork, July 1819. 7. 
Reed Esther, wife of Richard Keed, Chingford, Essex, Labourer, Jan. 1814. 6. 
Rees John, Bristol, Bookseller, and Elizabeth, his wife, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Reeve George, Watford, Herts, Miller, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Reeves Magdalen Elizabeth, West Ham, Widow, July 1821. 



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R«d lliomas, Stock Exchange, Gent Jan. 1803. 40. 

Reill^ Bridget, Charles-street, Westminster, Widow, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Reminston Richard, Windsor, Plumber, dec. and Charles Grantham, dec. Windsor* 

Wme Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Remington lieat Richard, 26th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1799. 48. 
Renouard Mary, & C. Renonard, Spinsters, Drivel, Cambridgeshire, July 1828. 
Repelaer Coker, Dordrecht, esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Reveley Hugh, Bryn Gaven, Dolgelby, North Wales, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Reynolds Lawrence, Buckden, Huntingdon, esq. and Rev. John Ord, dec. Thomham, 

St. Martin's, Suffolk, July 1825. 
Reynolds Mary, Warwick, Widow, July 1776. 93. 
Reynolds Robert, jun. Piccadilly, Gent. July 1816. 7. 
Reynolds Samuel, Thoydon Boyce, Essex, Gent. Iliomas Reynolds, Naystock-hall, 

Gent, and George Reynolds, Thetford, Norfolk, a Mmor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Reynolds Vincent Stuckey, Adelphi-terrace, esq. and Richard Davis Jacob, Greorge- 

yard, Lombard-street, Gtent. Jan. 1831. 
Rhodes John, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. July 1808. 29. 
Bice George, dec. Dover-place, Grent. Jan. 1829. 

Rice Joanna, Bristol, Widow, now wife of Gumey Drew, Shewring, July 1819. 7 
Richards George, Ijincoln's-inn, esq. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Richards Sarah, Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, Spinster, Jan. 1810. 6. 
Richards Stephen, Lincoln's-inn-fields, & B. Beet, Doctor's-commons, Gents. July 1830. 
Richardson Ann Elizabeth, Portchester, Servt. to Admiral Paterson, July 1818. 9.* 
Richardson Benj., Dorset-mews, Marylebone, Stable-keeper, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Richardson Clement, Jersey, Mariner, July 1825. 

Richardson George, Croydon, Gent. & J. G. Richardson, a Minor, July 1817. 11. 
Richardson Grace, Housekeeper to E. Cripps, esq. Cirencester, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Richardson Susan, wife of Capt. G. Richardson, Barnstaple, Devon, July 1829. 
Richmond Captain James, Royal North British Dragoons, Jan. 1803. 40. 
Rici Joseph, Windmill-street, Tottenham-court-road, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Ricketts George William, Lanistow-house, Hants, esq. imd Edward Jeruis Ricketls, 

Meaford, Staffordshire, esq, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Ricketts John, Soulbury, Bucks, Gent. Jan. 1812. 22. 
Richman Sarah, Greenwich, Widow, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Riddell Andrew Nesbitt, Captain in the East India Company's Service, Jan. 1827. 
Riddell George James, Beauchamp-house, Devon, esq. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Riddell Rose, Enfield, Middlesex, Widow, July 1828. 
Rider John, Putney, Surrey, Grent. Julyl800. 45. 
Ridley Francis, dec. Huntingfordbury, Widow, Jan. 1831. 

Ripley John Richard, dec. & K. T. Ripley, Clapham-common, Gents. July 1814. 17. 
Ripley John Richard, dec. & R. T. llipley, Clapham-common, Gents. Jan. 1824. 
Ripley John Richard, dec. & E. M. Ripley, Clapham-common, Spins. July 1814. 17. 
Rivington Ann, a Minor, now wife of T. Pyne, Charles Rivington, St. Paul's Church- 
yard, Bookseller, & H. Rivington, Fenchurch-buildings, Attorney, Jan. 1812. 6. 
Roach Joseph, Broadbridse, Wooton-under-Edge, Mealman, Jan. 1822. 
Bobbins Mary, Muddiford, Christ-church, Hants, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Roberts Ann,' Harley-street, Cavendish-square, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Roberts Edward, Tedsmore, Salop, Groom to H. Owen, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Roberta Robert, of the Royal Miners, Woolwich, July 1817. 11. 
Roberts Sarah, Wortham, Widow, and John Roberts, George-street, Blackfriars, 

Print-cutter, Jan. 1794. 58. 
Roberts Thomas, Woodford, Gent. July 1811. 23. 
Roberts Wilson Aylesburv, jun. Bewdley, Worcestershire, esq. Jan. 1822. 
Roberts William, Little Britain, Cheesemonger, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Robertson Ann, Leicester-fields, Widow, dec. July 1791. 63* 
Robertson Serjt. George, of the 62nd Regiment or Foot, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Robertson John, Hammersmith, Gardener, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Robertson William, Bath, M. D. & R. Miller, New Norfolk-street, esq. Jan. 1827. 
Robertson William, jun. Southampton-buildings, Gent. July 1805. 35. 
Robins Sarah, Lambeth-street, Widow, Jan. 1810. 10. 
Robinson Charles, Portsmouth, Inn-keeper, and Eliza, his wife, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Robinson Grenl. Robert, Great Marlborough-street, dec, July 1819. 7.* 



Robinson Jane, wife of Henry Robinson, Stamford-street, Blackfriars, Gent, and 

Arthur Edward Robinson, a Minor, July 1830. 
Robinson John, Gent. dec. Rev. Benjamin Webb, dec. and Joseph Pyrke, esq. dec. 

aU of Little Dean, Gloucester, July 1817. 11. 
Robinson Thomas, Robert-street, Blackfriars-road, Plumber, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Robinson William, Wandsworth, dec. &G. Davis, Kennington, Gents. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Robson William, Bright-end, Hampstead, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Rochfort Market, Queen Ann-street, West, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Roddy Catherme, wife of Chas. Packenham Roddy, Barnstaple, Devon, esq. July 1825. 
Rodgers Thomas, Royal Navy, Surgeon, Jan. 18^. 6. 
Roe Charles, Hull. esq. July 1818. 9. 

Roffe James, Bell's-court, Brook's-market, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Rogers Ann, Stewarts-rents, Drury-lane, Spinster, and Hannah Rogers, wife of Chas. 

Rogers, Stewarts-rents, Drury-lane, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Rogers Hugh, and Benjamin James Hopkinson, both of Demerara, Gents. Jan. 1827. 
Rogers Rev. John, Guildford, Surrey, & J. Rogers, Blackman-st. Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Rogers Thomas, New-road, esq. &Rev. J. Dix, Feversham, Kent, July 1815. 15. 
Rokeby Capt. Henry Ralph, Royal Navy, July 1817. 11. 
Rogers William, Huton Kierby, Kent, Wheelwright, Jan. 1825. 
RoSfe Ann, Wormingford, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 7. 
Rolleson Robert, Stoke Newington, Gent. July 1798. 49. 
Rolleston, Robert, Mincing-lane, Merchant, July 1816. 13.* 

Rolls John, Bargemaster, & T. Cutter, a Minor, Great Marlow, Bucks, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Rolnh Henry, Healing, Gent. John lliombury, Hendon, Gent, and William Coomes, 

Alperton, Farmer, all in Middlesex, July 1830. 
Rolph Joseph Thomas, Gent. dec. Mary Rolph, his wife, dec. and Adam Rolph, a 

Minor, all of Aldermanbury, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Rolph Joseph Thomas, Gent. dec. Mary Rolph, his wife, dec. and James Rolph, a 

Minor, all of Aldermanbury, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Rooke Giles, jun. J. Gould, &T. Nuthall, all of London, esqs. July 1806. 33. 
Rooper John, Abbotts Ripton, Hants, esq. and Rev. Thomas Whateley, Cookham, 

Berks, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Roper Francis, dec. Heme-hill, Dulwich, esq. July 1828. 

Rose Frederick Wm. , Gent. & M. Rose.Widow, both of Surrey-st. Strand, July 1817.11. 
Rosewell Joseph, Bentley, Southampton, Farmer, July 1826. 

Ross Alexander, & A. S. Willett, both of Argyle-street, Strand, esqs. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Ross Alexander, Argyle-street, Strand, & J. Ogilvie, dec. Agents, July 1819. 7. 
Ross Janet, Cromartie, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Ross John, Mortimer-st. Cavendish-sq. Servt. to Col. Mac Kenserf, July 1807. 14. 
•-Jlosse Right Hon. Lawrence Parsons Earl of, Ireland, July 1814. 17. 
Rotten Benjamin, Woodchester, Gloucestershire, Cloth-worker, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Roulet Samuel, Hackney-road, Gent. July 1808. 6. 
Round Whinfield Stephen, King's Beech-hill, Sunning, Berks, esq, & Wm. Augustus 

Orlebar, Kenwick, Beds, esq. Jan. 1831. 
Rourke Jane Francis, Bath, Spinster, July 1811. 17.* 

Rouse Rowland, Harborough, Leicestershire, & J. Benton, Northampton, Jan. 1823. 
Routh Isabella, South Lambeth, Widow, dec. Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Rowell Sarah, Hoxton, Spinster, Jan. 1822. 
RowLind James, Snow-hill, Gent. July 1798. 49 

Rowley James, London Coflfee-house, Ludgate-hill, Gent. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Rowley Capt. Thomas, New South Wales, Corps, Port Jackson, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Rudge Rev. Thomas, Rector, James Carter, Gent, and John Potter, Grocer, Church- 
wardens, all of the Pari^ of St. Michael, Gloucestershire, July 1815. 15. 
Rudman Elizabeth, Abingdon, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8.* 
RudstoQ Ann, Hayton, near PockHngton, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Rule William, Greenwich, Mariner, July 1819. 6. 
Rusbrid^er Ann, Crown-street, Finsbury-square, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Russell Isabella, Hop-gardens, St. Martm's-lane, Widow, Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Russell Michael, Worcester, Gent. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Russell Martha, Antigua, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Russell Robert, Frith-street, Soho, Gent. Jan. 1810. 26. 
Rutherford Susan, Cheltenham, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Raddon William, Upper Eaton-street, Pimlico, Gent. April 1821. 

Radford Mark, Private in the 4th Light Dragoons, Oct. 1824. 

Ramsden Sir John, Byram, Bart. & C. A. Braham, Biggen,York, Gent. Oct. 1794. 57. 

Rawbene Elizabeth, Walton, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1814. 17. 

Rawlings Edward, Dartford, Kent, esq. &T. Walker, Gent, ditto, April 1828. 

Ray James, Walworth, Surrey. Gent. dec. April 1811. 24.* 

Ray Robert, Lincoln's-inn, Gent. James Overton, Norwood, Yeoman, Walter Foy, 

Streatham, Yeoman, and Benj. Bristow, Croydon, Yeoman, Oct. 1821. 
Read William, Pond-street, Hampstead, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Reading Frederick, Lime-street, Sugar-refiner, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Rebello David Alves, dec. Nathan Modigliana, dec. David Samuda, dec. and Isaac 

Mendes Pereira, dec. all of London, Merchants, April 1824. 
Rebotier Mary Esther, Colchester, Spinster, Joseph James Fry, Stoke Newington, 

Gent. Susannh Fry, ditto, Spinster, & E. W. Fry, ditto, Gent. Oct. 1808. 29. 
Reed Samuel, Faversham, Kent, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Reeves Amy, Blenden, Kent, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Reeves John, Cecil-street, Strand, Engraver, April 1806. 6. 
Reilly Edward, Tower-street, Merchant, and John Wellings, dec. Camomile-street 

Coach-maker, April 1784. 78. 
Rennison Ann, Portland-place, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Renwick Thomas, Bethnal-green, Millwright, Oct. 1825. 
Repelaer Ocker, Hague, esq. late of Dordrecht, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Rending Friedereich, Lime-street, Sugar-refiner, Oct. 1817. 
Reynal George Thomas Robert, Denmark-hill, Camberwell, Gent, and Elizabeth Jane 

Reynal, of the same place. Spinster, April 1825. 
Reynolds Elizabeth, Spinster, Servt. R. Wheeler, Fulham, April 1785. 76. 
Rhodes Abraham, Clerkenwell, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Richards Rev. John, Rector of Famborough, Southampton, and his Trustee, John 

Norris, Horley, ditto, esq. Oct. 1815. 15.* 
Richards John, dec. at Mr. Hope's, Bethnal-green, Oct. 1801. 43. 
Richardson Elizabeth, Notting-hiU, Kensington, Spinster, and Clement Thomas 

Richardson, Island of Grenada, esq. Oct. 1824. 
Rigby Augusta, Homchurch, Essex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Riste William, Portsmouth, Distiller, dec. Oct. 1793. 59. 
Rivell Mary, Twickenham, Spinster, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Rivers William, Comhill, Watchmaker, dec. April 1826. 

Robbins Mary, Spins. Servt. to G. H. Rose, Grosvenor-sq. esq. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Roberts Abraham, Kensington, Gent. dec. April 1783. 80. 
Roberts Charles, Servant to Mr. Spence, Southwark, April 1797. 52. 
Roberts Louisa, Little Marylebone-street, Spinster, Qct. 1813. 7. 
Robins John, Warwick-street, Golden-square, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Robins Ursula, Fenchurch-st. Widow, &|W. Canwell, ditto, a Minor, Oct. 181 2. 21 . 
Roebuck Henrv Disney, Ingress-park, Kent. Gent. William Lane, Croydon, Surrey, 

Gent, and Rowland Maltby, Fishmonger's-hall, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Roebuck Henry Disney, Ingress-park, William Lane, Croydon, Surrey, and Rowland 

Maltby, Fishmonger's-hall, dec. Gents. Oct. 1828. 
Roleson Robert, Stoke Newington, Farrier, dec. April 1797. 9. 
Rollinson Anne, Cheltenham, Spinster, April 1804. 38. 
Rollinson Martha, Cheltenham, Spinster, AprU 1804. 38. 
Rolls John, jun. Great Marlow, Bucks, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Roper Francis, Herne-hill, Dulwich, esq. dec. Oct. 1823. 
Ross Magdaline, Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, Spinster, Oct. 1824. 
Rouse John, Allington, near Granthan, Yeoman, and Edward William Humberstone, 

Tottenham-court-road, a Minor, Oct. 1826. 
Row Thomas, Samford Pevercl, Devon, Gent, and Thomas Bayley Howell, Prinknash 

Park, Gloucestershire, Gent. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Russell Eleanor, Camberwell, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Russell Rebecca, Bediam, Sussex, Widow, dec. Oct. 1805. 35. 
Rust Jas. , Gransden, Huntingdonshire, esq. H. Sweeting, Huntingdon, Gent. ^, Strode 

Loosely-park, Surrey, esq. & J. Woodcock, Lincoln's-inn, dec. April 1816. 14.* 
Rutherford Janet, & Elizabeth Rutherford, both of Glasgow, Spinsters, Oct. 1822. 
Ruthoen William, St. Clement's Dane, Gent. April 1779. 8. 


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Ryaii William, Grotto-place, Paddington, Labourer, July 1807. 31. 

Rye George Augustus, Johnstoue-street, Bath, esq. Jan. 1831. 

RyexniU "William, the Cock, Great Portland- street. Publican. Thomas Jewers, and 

Thomas Roberts, of the same place. Plasterers, Jan. 1821 
Ryon Catherine, Richmond, Surrey, Spinster, July 1808. 29. 
Ry ves Anna Maria, Richmond, Surrey, Widow, and George Frederick Ryves, Ebted, 

Surrey, esq. April 1798. 50. 


Radley Thomas, Woodford-bridge, Essex, Smith, July 1818. 9 

Raffles Thomas, Dorset, Gent, William Raffles, Gent. & Susanna Gaddrer, Spinster, 

both of Spitalfields, July 1818. 13. 
Ralph Isabella, Kendall, Westmorland, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Ramsey Mary, Lambeth, Widow, July 1803. 39. 
RandeU Sarah, wife of Henry Randell, Homerton, Gent. Jan. 1812. 22. 
■Ravenscroft Rev. George, Wistanswake, near Drayton, Shropshire, July 1818. 9. 
Rawlings George, Hackney, Gent. dec. Jan. 1808. 12. 

Rea Jane, Spinster, Servant to R. Tigh, Clifton, Gloucestershire, esq. Jan 1820. 6. 
Read Elizabeth, Spinster, Serrt. to Lord Chatham, St. James's-square, Jan. 1806. 13. 
Read Joseph, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1815. 11. 

Rebello David Aloes^ Hackney, Merchant, dec. William Marman, Somerset-street, 
Whitechapel, Cheesemonger, & Abraham Ergas, London, Merch. Jan. 1796. 54. 
Recanati Salvador, Leghorn, Merchant, July 1801. 43. 

Redknap Enos, and John Farrington, both of Shoreditch, Gents. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Redman George, Servant to Genl. Tarleton, Berkeley-square, July 1810. 7. 
Reeve Rev. James, Maidstone, Kent, Minister, July 1814. 17. 
Reeves James, Catherine-street, Commercial-road, Gent, a Minor, July 1816. 13. 
Reilly Phillip, Royal Hospital, Greenwich, Pensioner, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Reppard Guillaume de, Cfousiellier de Roy a sa Chambre de la Justice Superieura a 

Berlin, July 1801. 43. 
Reylance Mary, wife of S. Reylance, Lettle Bell-alley, Collar-maker, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Rhodes Rev. Ambrose William, Wylie, near Deptfcrd, Wilts, July 1817. 11. 
Rice James, Ridleston, 'Derby, Gent, and Sarah Rice, his wife, Jan. 1814. 9. 
Ricci Joseph, WindmiU-street, Tottenham -court-road, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Richard Ann, Ipswich, Suffolk, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Richardson Dorothy, Buxley, near Bradford, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Richardson Mary, Wormwood-street, Bishopgate-st. Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Richmond Walter, York, esq. and Sarah Dennie, Titchfield-street, Spinster, and 

Leonard Raper, Milk-street, Merchant, dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Richmond Walter, York, esq . & Sarah Dennie, Titchfield-st. Spins. July 1801 . 43. 
Bicketts George William, Lainston-house, Hants, esq. and Robert Langley Appleyard, 

Lincoln's-mn, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Riddell Edward Horsley Widdington, Pelton, esq. William Ogle Wallis Ogle, Causey - 
park, esq. Walters Trevelyan, Netheirvillon, esq. dec. & Rev. John Buckbarrow, 
Long Horsley, all in the County of Northumberland, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Ridsdale Elizabeth, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1799. 47. 
RignaU Francis, Spinster, Servt. to Mrs. Wells, Wimpole-st. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Rippon Rev. John, Grange-road, Bermondsey, D.D. S.Gale, Basinghall-st. Solicitor, 
J. HOI, Uffuhn, Devon, Artist, & J. Hill, jun. same place, Saddler, July 1819. 7. 
Roberts Arundle, Stampford Arundle, Somerset, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Roberts David, King's Pilot, July 1801. 42. 

Roberts Lieut. Roderick, Bengal Artillery, Hon. Comp. Service, July 1815. 15. 
Robinson Ann, Spins. Servt. to Hon. G.Bridgeman, Weston, Salop, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Robinson Stephen, Albermarle-street, Piccadilly, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Robley Carohne, wife of John Robley, Russell-square, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Rogers Anthony, jun. Wenchcomb, Gloucestershire, Gent. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Roose Isabella Josephina Beatrix, Dowager of Ferdinand Henry Joseph Bar oi 

Vigumans de la Verre, Antwerp, July 1801. 43. 
Roper Joseph, Snow-hill, Gent. dec. July 1816. 13. 

Roper Sarah, Orchard-street, New-square, Westminster, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Roslyn Right Hon. James St. Clair Earl of, Sinclair, Scotland, and James Moore 
Mitcham, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1818, 10 



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Ross Geol'giana, Vauxhall, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Ross Mary, Mile-end, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 

Ross Robert, &R. T. Ross, both of Shepherd's-place, City-road, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Roy Elizabetii, Sjpinster, Servant to Rev. D. Bucicner,Wiginore-8treet, Oct. 1814. 17. 

Royston Ann, Spmster, Servant to Hannah Enderby, Long Acre, July 1804. 37. 

Rumbold Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Miss Matthews, London-street, Greenwu^. 

July 1811. 23. 
Rutt Elizabeth, Shackdwell, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 


(Coruolidaied the Sutih qf Aqril 1780.) 

Randle James, a Minor, John Bailey, and Thomas Bailey, both of Wenham, Suffolk, 

Gents Oct: 1814. 17. 
Ratcliff* John, Butcher, John Rowe, Baker, and George Ive, Labourer, all of Herefield, 

Middlesex, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Rawlins James Wilmot, Westminster, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Rawlins John, and Charles Jell, both Servants of Charles Brooke, esq. Long Ditton, 

Surrey, April 1813. 20. 
Read Richard, London-wall, Bit-maker, dec. Smith Hollingworth, Sawbridgeworth, 

Herts, Yeoman, and James Prentice, ditto, ditto. Baker, April 1792. 5. 
Redfeam Mary, Blackraven-court, Seething-lane, Spinster, dec. late wife of John 

Warrington, Newcastle, Staffordshire, Butcher, April 1810. 26. 
Redman Mark, Ore, Kent, Carpenter, April 1817. 12. 
Reeves Thomas, Artillery-place, Westminster, Gent, and Katherine Mary Keatley, 

Shepstead, Surrey, a Minor, April 1816. 14. 
Ricketts George William, Lounston-house, Hants, esq. and Robert Langley, Grent. 

Apple-yard, Lincoln's-inn, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Ricks Jane, Spinster, Servant to Gen. Henry John Gumming, 11th Regiment of Light 

Dragoons, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Rogers Richard, Woodford-bridge, Essex, Gent. dec. April 1817. 12. 
RoUe Right Hon. John Lord, Paul Orchard, Abbey Devon, esq. John N. Woolcomb, 

Ashbury, Devon, esq. and Sir William Moles worth, Bart. Pencarron, Cornwall, 

April April 1813. 20. 
Rolleston Samuel, sen. Newport, Isle of Wight, esq. April 1819. 8. 
Rolph George, Thombury, Gloucestershire, Gent. dec. and Jacob Yomig, Thombury, 

Gloucestershire, Shop-keeper, April 1816. 14. 
Roper James, Derby-street, May-fair, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Ross Jane, Inverness, Nortii Britain, Spinster, April 1806. 34. 
Rowley Isabella, wife of W. Rowley, Southampton-mews, Russell-sq. Oct. 1814. 7. 
Rudderforth Sarah, Noble-street, Foster-lane, Spinster, Oct. 1795. 55. 
Ruffo Alvaro, Palermo, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Russell Henry, Highgate, Mariner, Oct. 1803. 39. 
Ryan Michael, Lawn, Newfoundland, Boatman, April 1819. 8. 


Rainier, Hackney, Gent. April 1810. 26.* 

Ramsden Lucy, Hammersmith, Widow, Oct. 1808. 29. 

Rapley Charles, Walton-on-the HiU, Husbandman, April 1817. 12. 

Raven Benj. Gent.&S. Whitaker, Spins, both of Rose-cottage, Lambeth, April 1830. 

Rayley Hannah, Greenwich, Spinster, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Read Pattinson, dec. Little Stanhope-street, Widow, & Richard Read, of the Albany, 

Servant to Mr. Webb, 5th April 1821. 
Reeves Edward, and Henry Edward Reeves, Doctor's-commons, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Rendall John, Ratcliff-highway, Mariner, 5th April 1820. 
Reynolds Sophia, Harrow-road, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Richardson Anne, dec. Back-lane, Deptford, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1827. 
Roberts John, Wandsworth. Miller, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Robinson Elizabeth, Bethnal-green, Spinster, George Rutt, dec. Birchin-lane, Broker, 

T. Wellings, Poultry, Druggist,& E. Rutt, dec. Birchm-hme, Broker, 5th April 1825. 
Robinson Hannah, Tichbome-street, Widow, April 1806. 34. 
Robinson Marmaduke, Essex-street, Strand, Attorney, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Robinson Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Henshaw, Bexley, Oct. 1815. 15. 

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Roe Sarah, New-road, Paddington, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Rogers Rev. Rafmond Edward Lorance, St. Martin's-in-the-fields, and Wni. Loraaoe 

Rogers, Lincoln' s-inn, Conveyancer, April 1814. 18. 
Rogers Thomas, Gardener's-lane, Westminster, Gent. dec. & Sarah, his wife, April 1830. 
RoUson Sarah, Hampstead, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Slater, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Rooney Mary, Upper East Sheen, Spinster, Servt.toMrs.Maurillian, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Routhery Willison, Arundel-street, Strand, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Rousfell Joseph, Servant to Mr. Hope, Pinkee-house, Edinburgh, Oct. 1919. 7. 
Rnssell Sarah, New Cavendish-st. Spinster, Servt. to Lord Hardwick, April] 809. 28. 
Ryder Ann, Spinster, & Jas. Ryder, Hair-dresser, both of Creed-lane, Oct. 1813. 19. 


Radford Henry, Atherstone, Warwickshire, esq. Jan. 1829. 

Radford Robert, High-street, Rotherhithe, Gent. Jan. 1831. 

Rashleigh Mary Anne, Guildford-street, Widow, and John Edward BuUer, Gent. 

lincoln's-inn, Jan. 1830. 
Rattray James, fiond-street, Piccadilly, Baker, dec. July 1826. 
^Rawlms Elizabeth, Nevis, West Indies, Widow, Jan. 1827. 
Rayner Ann, Cambridge, Spinster, July 1821. 
Read Joseph, Stock Fxcfaange, Grant. Jan. 1815. 

Redknap Enos, and John Farnngton, both of Shoreditch, Gents. Jan. 1819. 
Reeve Rev. James, Maidstone, Kent, Minister, subjected, July 1824. 
Reeves Henry, Newbury, Berks, Hatter, dec. and Thomas Priddle dec. Edmonton, 

Middlesex, Fish-factor, Jan. 1826. 
Reid Caroline, Grafton-street, Fitzroy-square, Spinster, July 1821. 
Reynolds John, Grocer, & Geo. W. Gravener, both of Dover, Kent, Gent. Jan. 181 8. 
Rhodes Rev. Ajnbrose William, Wylie, near Deptford, Wilts, July 1817. 
Richards Maria, Spinster, Servant to Miss Maclur, Foley-place, Jan. 1821. 
Richardson Elizabeth, Albion-street, Rotherhithe, Widow, and Richard Cooper, Gent. 

Neptune-street, Rotherhithe, Jan. 1824. 
Richardson William, Walbrook, London, Solicitor, W. Pyke, Exchequer-oflSce, Inner 

Temple, esq. G.Vincent, Bedford-st. Solicitor, & B. Holme, New-inn, Jan. 1830. 
Rickman Timothy, Bird-street, Manchester-square, Coal Merchant, July 1824. 
Ridges Martha, Kenilworth, Warwick, Spinster and John Ridges, esq. Charmouth. 

Dorsetshire, Jan. 1821. 
Ridley Mary Elizabeth, Downe's Wharf, Lower East Smithfield, Spms. July 1820. 
Riley Isaac, Bowl-yard, St. Giles's, Cabinet-maker, Jan. 1827. 
Riley James, Abbey-house, Bermondsey, esq. dec. subjected, Treasurer of the Charity 

of St. Mar^r Magdalen, Bermondsey, Jan. 1829. 
Roberts Ann, wife of William Roberts, Ogle-street, Marylebone, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Roberts David, Theatre Royal, Drury-lane, Artist, July 1824. 
Roberts James, Great Newport-street, Long Acre, Grent. Jan. 1825. 
Robinson Ann, Spinster, at Mr. Aberdeens, Egham-hill, Surrey, Jan. 1830. 
Robinson Anthony, Hatton-garden, Grent. July 1825. 
Robinson Bartholomew, Wapping, Mariner, July 1820. 
Robinson Louisa, Hill Redware, near Litchfield, Spinster, July 1824. 
Roper Hon. Philip, Seymour-place, and T. Benedict Mostyn, esq. Hoxton, Jan. 182H. 
Ross Mary, Mile-end, Spinster, dec. July 1812. 
Rouse Susan, Truro, Cornwall, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 
Rutland John, Plumstead, Farmer, dec. July 1826. 


Randall Harriet, Lambeth, Spinster, May 1813. 19. 

Rose Rev. Alexander, Inverness, Benjamin Neale, St. Paul's Chiirch-yard, Gent. dec. 

William James Clarke, Gent. &Mary Ann Clarke, Spinster, both of Leopard-court, 

Baldwin's-gardens, May 1816. 13. 


Rawe Thomas, Cannon-st.-rd. St. George's East, & Harriet, his wife, April 1829. 
Reeder Mary, Great Queen-street, Lincohi's-inn-fields, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Rix Julia, Foxley-place, Kennington, Surrey, Spinster, 5th April 1827. 
Runciman Charlotte, North-crescent, Bedford-square, Widow, Oct. 1829. 



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Ramsden Lieut. George, Ist R^ment of Foot Guards, April 1812. 22. 
Ramsden Thomas, Ensign, Ist Regiment of Foot Guards, April 1812. 22. 
Revell Frances, Round Oak, Egham, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1819. 7 
Roberts Matilda, Montague-square, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 


Randall Richard, South Lambeth, esq. & Susannah, his wife, Oct. 1803. 8. 

Reeveley Henry, Gray's-ion, esq. Oct. 1802. 41. 

Roberts Charlotte, Park-street, Windsor, Widow, Oct. 1806. 33. 

Rolland Elles, Cam's-hall, Fareham, Hants, esq. April 1807. 32. 

Roose Isabella Josephina Beatrix, Dowager of Ferdinand and Henry Joseph Baron 

Veguemans de la Verra, Antwerp, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Rudd Sarah, Canterbury, Widow, dec. Oct. 1802. 41. 


CPrincipal Paid in Full lOM Oct. 1824.J 

Ramsden Israel, dec. Shadwell High-street, Gent. 5th April 1819. 

Rankin Joseph, Change-alley, Draper, & W. Collins, Hackney, Gent. 5th April 1822. 

Raper Matthew, Wimpole-street, esq. 10th Oct. 1822. 

Reynard Hannah, Foley-place, Marylebone, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1822. 

Riplev Enply Mary, a Mmor, John Richard Ripley, dec. and Harriet Ripley, his wife, 
all of Clapham-common, Surrey, lOih Oct. 1821. 

Robbins Sarah, Southampton, Widow, lOth Oct. 1824. 

Rogers Richard, dec. Woodford-bridge, Essex, Gent. No Dividend 

Rose Thomas, Wimpole-street, Servant to Mr. Barker, 5th April 1823. 

Royds John Gilbert, Greenhill, Rochdale, esq. &J. Smitii, ditto, esq. No Dividend. 

Rusdidt Henry, Mariner, of H. M. Ship, Pallas. No Dividend. 

Russell William, dec. Branceperth Castle, Durham, esq. 10th Oct. 1822. 

Rutherford Abraham Watson, dec. Stamford-hill, Merchant, A. W. Robarts, Lombard- 
street, Banker, & W. F. Stuart, Thames-street, Merchant, 5th April 1824. 

Ryan Michael, Lawn, Newfoundland, Boatman, 5th April 1819. 


Riste William Portsmouth, dec. Oct. 1758. 70. 


( Principal Paid off on the hth July 1825. >; 
Royal William, North Shields, Northumberland, Gent. 5th April 1820. 


{From 1780.) 

Robertson Jenny, Eaton-street, Pimlico, Spinster, April 1793. 31. 
Rushton Mary, Stoke, Suffolk, Spinster, April 1792. 33. 


Robertson Ebenezer, dec. Beverley, Yorkshire, esq. and Margaret Sabina Boghui-st, 
a Minor, 5th April 1825. 


Rogers Rowland, South Sea-house, Gent. December 1732. 42. 


Reynolds James, Lincoln's-inn, Gent. December 1730. 184. 

Roullet Elizabeth, Christchurch, Middlesex, Widow, dec. Jan. 1800. 46. 


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Sabine John, Chatham, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1784. 78. 

Sadler Ann, North Shields, Spinster, dec. JoIy 1815. 15. 

Sadler Francis, Banhot, Surrey, Coadiman, dec. July 1829. 

Sadler Septimus, Bishopgate-street, Gent. July 1829. 

Sainsbury Rev. Sainsbury Lancford, Froule Alton, Hants, & John Guyon. Richmond, 

Surrey, Lieut, in the Royal Navy, Jan. 1831. 
Sainsbury William, West Lavincton, Wilts, Mason, July 1829. 
Sainsbury William, Paraffon-buOdings, Bath, esq. dec. July 1806. 28. 
Salisbury Thomas, New Park, Sussex, Serrant to E. Impey, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Salk Rev. James, Barling, Essex, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Salmon Henry, jun. Chapel-street, Bedford-row, Upholder, Trustee to the Rev. Henry 

Salmon, Vicar of Longden, Worcestershire, July 1824. 
Sabnon Henry, jun. TrusteetotheRev. Henry Salmon, Vicar of Longden, Worcester- 
shire, July 1815. 15. 
Salomons Judah Philip, Stock Exchange, Gent. dec. July 1824. 
Salter Ann, Titchfield, Hants, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

Salter Elizabeth, London-street, Tottexiham-court-road, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Saltbouse Sarah, Rolls-buildings, Fetter-lane, Widow, dec. Jan. 1808. 30. 
Sample Ann, Durham, Spinster, now wife of Henry Howlett, Attorney at Law, York, 

July 1810. 25. 
Sampson Ann Galpine, Tumham -green, Middlesex, Spinster, Jul^ 1813. 19. 
Samuel Rachel, Spinster, Servt. to A. L. Moses, John-st. Minories, July 1817. 11. 
Samuel Simon, Merchant, Esther, hiswife, Anthony Simon Samuel, Geo. Lion Samuel, 

dec. and Sarah Simon Samuel, dec. Minors, all of Billiter-square, Jan. 1827. 
Samuel Phineas Moses, Merchant, John Samud, Moses Phineas Sunuel, and Sarah 

Samuel, Minors, all of ChriBtopher-street, Finsbury-square, July 1817. 33. 
Sandell John Nowland, Broad-street-buildings, Merchant, dec. and Richard Abbey, 

Pancras-lane, Tea-dealer, July 1819. 7. 
Sanders Amey, Charlton, Oxfordshire, Spinster, now wife of Wm. PoQey, Folkstone, 

Mariner, July 1816. 13. 
Sanders James, Whetstone, Middlesex, Baker, July 1818. 9.* 
Sanders John, St. Mary Axe, Gent. Jan. 1805. 36. 
Sanders John, & Joseph Sanders, Dorking, Surrey, Millers, July 1819. 7. 
Sanders Mary, Spinster, Walworth, Servant to S. Dixon, Jan. 1823. 
Sanders Richeu'd, John Lee, and Edward Grasson, Horley, Surrey, Gents. Jan. 1820. C. 
Sandoa Thomas, Camden Town, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Sandys William, Cripplmte, Framework-knitter, Joseph Cooper, ditto, Calico-glazer, 

and James Jeffery, Shoreditch, Stay-maker, Jan. 1785. 76. 
Sanford Ann, Heavitree, Devon, Widow, dec. July 1817. 11. 
Sansom Miles, Luke-street, Finsbury, Gent. Jan. 1822. 
Sansom Philip, London, Merchant, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Saportas Jacob, Walrave Van Henkelom,andJan D'Lanoy Abratz, all of Amsterdam, 

Merchantis, July 1819. 7. 
Saportas Jacob, WsJrave Van Henkelom, and Jan D'Lanoy Abratz, all of Amsterdam, 

Merchants, Jan. 1827. 
Sargon Samuel, Orange-street, Bloomsbury, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Sarles Elizabeth, Maidstone, Kent, Widow, July 1811. 19. 
Saunders Robert William, Saunders-street, Whitechapel, Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
. Sautheuvel RobbertVander, Demerara, Gent. July 1816. 13.* 
Sawbridge William, East Haddon, Northamptonshire, esq. and the Rev. James 

Morrioe, D. D. Flower, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Sawkins Jane, Spinster, Servant to Lord Temple, Jan. 1828. 
Sawyer Charlotte, Devizes, Wilts, Spinster, July 1827. 
Sawyer Herbert, Wellington, Admiral, Royal Navy, dec. Jan. 1826. 
Sawyer Richard, Upper Tooting, Surrey, esa. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Saxby John Robert, Uf^er Clapton, Gent. July 1802. 41. 
Say John, Whitechapel, Gent. July 1759. 127. 



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Scanlan Judith, Manchester-gtreet, Manchester-square, Spinster, July 1812, 5. 

Schee Henry, Bell-court, Walbrook, csa. July 1814, 17. 

Schousware Georse, & Josiah Hitchett, both of Sculcoats, Yorkshire, Grents. 1813. 20. 

Schultze Christoj^er, Easrt^-court, St. Catherine's, Mariner, July 1801. 43 

Schwab Caspper, Whitechupel, Sugar-baker, Jan. 1806. 7. 

Schwab Caspper, New York, America j Sugar-baker, July 1812. 21. 

Scollay John, jun. Green-bank, Wapping, Mariner, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Score Robert, Lower Grosvenor-street, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Scott Elizabeth, -Lamb's Conduit-street, Spinster, July 1815. 5. 

Scott James, Amsterdam, esq. dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Scott Jane, Cow-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1806. 34. 

Scott Captam John, Royal Navy, July 1829. 

Scott Mary Ann, Calais, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 

Scott Nathaniel Lawrence, Barron, Suffolk, esq. July 1828. 

Scott Robert, Blackheath, esq. dec. and John Pringle, Cecil-st. esq. July 1799. 47. 

Scott Samuel, Gower-street, Merchant, Jan. 1826. 

Scott Thomas, VauzhaU, Labourer, dec. July 1820. 

Scott William, Ditton Bucks, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Scott William, Basinghall-street, Merchant, Jan. 1767. 22. 

Scrivener Hannah, Glass House-street, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, July 1799. 47. 

Scruton Ann, Southampton-street, Covent-garden, Spinster, dec. July 1793. 59. 

Scullum Wm., Hamilton-pl. Piccadilly, Servt. to Lord Montgomery, July 1816. 13. 

Seaton John Fox, dec. Merchant, George Seaton, Edward Seaton, and John Fox 

Seaton, jun. Minors, all of Gracechurch-street, Jan. 1829. 
Seeker Mary, Hampton-court, Widow, Rev. George Seeker, Bearash, Berks, & Mary 

Elizabeth Ann Seeker, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
Sedgwick James, Somerset-house, esa. July 1820. 
Selby Catherine, Boswick, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Sdwyn Thomas Freeman, a Clerk in the General Post Office, London, July 1829. 
Sepouze Rev. Francis Yialles de la. Minister in Germany, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Sermon Thomas, Gray's-inn, esq. dec. July 1816. 13.* 
Setree Henry, Bell-court, Walbrook, esq. July 1814. 
Sewell Mary, wife of Joseph Sewell, Chelmsford, Essex, Gent. & Edward Billingsley, 

Culnham, Oxon, Edge Tool-maker, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Seyer Margaret, Westbury-on-Trent, Gloucestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1811. 5. 
Shadwell Lancelot, Up.Gower-st. dec. &P. Presland, Brunswick-sq. esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Shaftesbury Right Hon. Cropley Ashley^Earlof, Grosrenor-square, and John Pearson, 

Golden-square, Surgeon, dec. July 1826. 
Shank Hannah, Stoak-green, Bucks, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Sharp Edward Baiford, Portsea, Grocer, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Sharpe Charles, St. John's-sq. ClerkenweU, Gent. & Julia Sharp, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Sharpe Charles, St. John's-sg. ClerkenweU, Gent.&Anne Sharp, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Shaipe John, Hoxton Old Town, Gent. July 1822. 
Sharpe Sutton, Middle Temple, esq. July 1826. 
Sharrett John, St. James's-place, Gent. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Shaw Sarah, Hoxton, Widow, Jan. 1830. 

Shaw Hugh Thomas, Ely-place, Middlesex, Gent. Trustee to E. J. Shepherd, Jan. 1831. 
Shaw Thomas, Northampton, Coachman, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Shawe Joseph, Bath, esq. dec. July 1819. 7. 
Shears James, Fleet-market, Coppersmith, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Sheen Charles Howard, Tenby, South Wales, esq. July 1817. 11. 
Sheldon William, Gray's-inn, esq. and George Mynell, York, esq. Jan. 1829. 
Sheldon Wm. Gray's-inn, & J. Hosier, dec. Grt. George-st. Westminster, esqs. Jan. 1829. 
Sheldon William, Gray*s-inn, esq. and George Meynell, York, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Shelford Marv, Beaumont-street, Marylebone, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Shelton Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Shelton, Bermondsey, Cordwainer, Jan. 1826. 
Shelley Sir Timothy, Field-place, Horsham, Sussex, Bart. July 1819. 7. 
Sbenton Jane, Harrowg|ate, Yorkshire, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Shepard William, Christ Church College, Oxford, Porter, and John Miller, ditto, 

Bkcksmith, July 1818. 9. 
Sheppard George, Saiffron-hill, Cutler, and Sarah Griffith, Catherine-street. Strand. 

a Minor, Jan. 1818. 10.* 


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Shepheard Manr, Birmingliam, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Sherard Rev. ^lulip Castel, Gtodmanchester, Huntingdonshire, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Sherird Jeremiah, Donk-stareet, Whitechapel, Watchmaker, Jan. 1811. 24.* 

Sherringham Charles, Kentish Town, (}ent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Sherrott Susannah, St. G^rge's-place, Widow, Rev. John Griffiths, London-road, 
Southwark, dec. John Thompson, St. Greorse's-place, Middlesex, (rent. 8t Thomas 
Smith, Six Clerk's Office, Chancery-lane, Gent. July 1814. 17. 

Sherwin EUen, Grosvenor-place, Spinster, Servant to Lady Lilford, Jan. 1812. 22. 

Sherwood Mary Ann, Edgeware-road, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 

Sherwood Thomas, dec. &T. Sherwood, jun. both of Inner Temple, Gents. Jan. 1827. 

Shiell Queely Montserrat, West Indies, Planter, July 1815. 15. 

Shipley Lieut. Col. William, 14th Reffunent of Foot, July 1807. 5. 

Shirley Evelyn, esq. as Trustee to the Rev. Edward Walker, both of Lower Eatinglon, 
Warwickshire, Jan. 1802. 42. 

Short Anna Maria, Ported, Widow, William Benge Basden, Portsea, Gent. & Sophia 
Benstead Basden, his wife, Jan. 1828. 

Short Mary, Rotheriiithe, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Shouter Isabella, Bromley, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Sibley Rev. John, Bath, dec. & Thomas Green, Gray's-inn, Gent dec July 1806. 33. 

Sibley John, Rickmansworth, Surgeon, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Sibley Sarah, London-waH, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Butt, Jan. 1825. 

Sidden Samuel, Rochester, Builder,&J. Solomon, Shorn Kent,Yeoman, dec. Jan. 1830. 

Sidney John Shelley, Penhurst-pl. Kent, & W. Witton, Gray's-inn, esqs. July 1818. 9. 

Silberschildt Frederick Jacob, Queen Ann-st. East Marylebone, esq. July 1791. 63. 

Silk Edward, Albanv Factory, Hudson's Bay, Gent. July 1830. 

Silver James, Alresrord, Hants, Servant to H. Lane, esq. Jan. 1828. 

Silveriijelm His Excellency Baron George Uldricde, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary from the Kon^of Sweeden to the King of Great Britain, July 1823. 

Silverside Ann, Ciipplegate-buildmgs, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 

Simmons George, Red Lion-ct. Watluig-st. Miller, ik Phsebe, his wife, Jan. 1819. 7 

Simms Elizabeth, Old Palace-yard, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Cooper, Jan. 1816. 6. 

Simpson Alexander, Gibraltar, Merchant, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Simpole Elliner, Spring-gardens, Widow, dec. July 1826. 

Sunpson Clement, St. Kitts, esq. July 1816. 13. 

Simpson Edward, Castle Farm, Richmond, Yorkshire, Gent. July 1812. 21. 

Simpson Elizabeth, Bishopgate-street, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Simpson George, Whitby, Master Mariner, Jan. 1813. 19.* 

Simpson Lucy, Millbank-street, Westminster, Spinster, now wife of William Bowdler, 
Cbeapside, Factor, Eliza Simpson, Elizabeth Simpson, and Mary Simpson, all of 
Millbank-street, Westminster, Spinsters, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Simpson Pinder, Old Burlington-street, Gent. Trustee to Rev. William Bagshaw, 
Vicar of Buckminster, L^cestershire, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Simpson Thomas, and Thomas Mills, Stamford, Lincolnshire, Gents. July 1819. 7. 

Sims William, Mile-end, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Singleton William, Norton-street, Portland-chapel, Painter, Jan. 1795. 56. 

Sivewright John, Comhill, Gent. Jan. 1828. 

Skeffington Thomas, Brett's-bmldings, Hoxton, Gent. dec. and James Farquhtff 

Skeffington, of the same place. Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Skegg Lydia, Grosvenor-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Skelton Margaret, Widow, Servant to J. Stillwell, Mouse-hill, near Godalminj Surrey, 

Jan. 1820. 6. 
Skey Mary, Bewdley, Worcestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Skinner Elizabeth, dec. Lee, Kent, Spinster, July 1828. 
Skinner Robert, Last Farleigh, Kent, Wheelwright, July 1819. 7. 
Sladden Major William, Calcott-house, Hants, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Slade Ann Catherine, wife of Henry Slade, Navy Pay Office, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Slaney Apolina, wife of John Beresford Slaney, Greenwich, Grent. July 1783. 79. 
Slaney Moreton Aglionby, Sheffnal, Salop, esq. dec. and William Coupland, esq. 

Shrewsbury, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Slater James Henry, Nottingham-place, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Slater RichardBarry, HiehWycombe, M.D. &R. Lansdale, Wycombe Marsh, Jan. 1824. 
Slatter James, of the Ordinance Office, Gent. July 1816. 13. 

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suiter Maiy, jun. Wmdsor Castle, Spinster, July 1803. 16. 

Slmtter Mary, Windsor Castle, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Slatter Rachel, Wick, near Bristol, Widow, dec. Jan. 1803. 17. 

Slatter Rev. Thomas, Keynsham, Somerset, dec. July 1815. 19. 

Sieator Quartermaster Joseph, 58th R^riment of Foot, Jan. 1823. 

Sleigh Frances, Hanworth, Middlesex/Widow, dec. Major J. W. Sleigh, llthRegt. Light 

Dragoons.W. Marsh, Bemers-st Banker, & S. S. Baxter, Fumivals-inn, Jan. 1825. 
Sligo Most Hon. How Peter Marquis of, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Slingsby Mary, Wetherley, York. Spinster, dec. July 1817. 11.* 
Slodding John, Slade's-court, RedCross-st. Borough, Gent. July 1811. 
Sloper Emily, Little Ormond-street, Queen-square, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18.* 
Small Ann Cumberland-place, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Small George, dec. Islington, Hants, G«nt. July 1827. 
Small James, Farmer-street, Sbadwell, Mariner, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Smallwood Thomas, Houndsditch, Carpenter, dec. Jan. 1804. 38. 
Smart Catherine, Charing, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Smart Dorothy, Fauns, Sunderland, Widow, dec. T. Smart, Chesterfield, St. Maryle- 

bone, Gilder, and John Butler, Kensington, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Smart Frances, Devonshire-place, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Campbell, July 1829. 
Smart Samuel, Chancery-lane, Gent. July 1830. 
Smethurst Thomas, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Smethurst Thomas, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Smelt Ann, New Bond-street, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Smith Ann Eversham, Worcester, Widow, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Smith Ann, Church-lane, Whitechai>el, Widow, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Smith Ann, Cape Haytien, St. Domingo, Spinster, July 1828. 
Smith Ann, Turrington, Herts, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Smith Charles, White Horse-lane, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Smith Charles, jun. Salt-hill, Bucks, Gardener, July 1819. 7. 
Smith Edward, Queen-street, Rotherhithe, Mariner, & Sarah, his wife. July 1813. 19* 
Smith Elizabeth, (the elder) Liverpool, Widow, July 1811. 23. 
Smith Ebenezer, Hacknev, Bookseller, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Smith Elizabeth, Brij^toh, Sussex, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Smith Elizabeth, Kentish Town, Widow, Thomas Hill, Piccadilly, Distiller, and Wm. 

Mam, Greek-street, Soho, Perfumer, July 1818. 9. 
Smith Elizabeth, Berkley-square, Spinster, at Lord St. Asaph's, July 1802. 41. 
Smith George, M. D. Surgeon of H. M. Ship William, Jan. 1805. 36. 
Smith Harriot, Eversham, Worcester, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Smith Harriet, Eversham, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Smith James, Private in the 3rd R^^ent of Dragoon Guards, July 1824. 
Smith Jane, Greenwich, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 
Smith John, Draper's Hall, Gent dec. Jan. 1823. 
Smith John, Old Gravel-lane, Wapping, Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Smith John, Servant to Earl Bathurst, Jan. 1799. 9. 
Smith Joseph, Andover, Hants, Gent. July 1799. 47. 
Smith Joseph Bourchier, Portman-square, esq. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Smith Mana, Skinner's Hall, Dowgate-hill, Spinster, and Frances Gregg, esq. of the 

same place, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Smith Martha, Lime-street, Spinster, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Smith Martha, Banbury, Widow, and Wm. Smith, Banbury, Saddler, Julv 1820. 
Smith Mary, Dartmouth-st. Westminster, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Holland, July 1829. 
Smith Matthew, Greenwich, esq. Jan. 1830. 
Smith Ralph, Notherwold, Herts, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
Smith Richard, Chancery-lane, Cabinet-maker, Jan. 1820. 15.* 
Smith Robert, Brick-maker, dec. Hannah Bhiir, dec. late wife of Robert Blair, Gent. 

and Robert Blair, a Minor, all of St. Paul's, Deptford, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Smith Sarah, Trafalgar-street, Walworth-common, Widow, July 1830. 
Smith Sarah Ann, Princes-place, Kennington, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Smith Sydney James, Lieut. East India Company's Service, July 1824. 
Smith Thomas, New Bond-street, Gent. July 1801. 43. 
Smith Thomas, Avery-row, Gent. July 1817. 11.* 

itmith Thomas, Eversham, dec. & Culling Smith, Hadley, esqs. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Smith Walter, Calcutta, East Indies, Gent Jan. 1811. 24. 

Smith William, Moodields, Gent. dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Smith William Samuel, Lordship-lane, Grent. dec. Rachael Smith, his wife, and Mary 

Louisa Smith, a Minor, July 1817. 11.* 
Smith William, Lorabard-street, Banker, Jan. 1799. 50. 
Smith William, Aldermanbury, esq. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Smith William, Moortields, Gent. dec. Jan. 1816. 
Smith William, Ishtnd of Bermuda, Commissary, Jah. 1802. 42. 
Smithers Henry, APelphi, & Edward Tutet, Pigs Key, dec. Merchants, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Smithson Robert, York, Gent. & T. Stephenson, New Ormond-st. esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Snart Mary, Greek-street, Soho, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 5. 
Snoeck Mattys, Leyden, esq. dec. Wilhem Musketier, Leyden, esq. dec. Wilhem 

Musketier Arendz, Leyden, esq. July 1813. 19. 
Soleirol James, St. Ann*s, Westminster, Wine Merchant, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 
Solkhan Henrich, Lambeth-st. Goodman*s-fields, Sugar-refiner, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Solly Richard Horsman, Great Ormond-street, esq. July 1829. 
Solly Richard Horsman, Great Ormond-street, esq. July 1815. 15. 
Sortemboe Esther, Dieppe, Normandy, Widow, dec. July 1812. 21.* 
Sotheby Harriet Louisa, Seymour-street, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Sotheby Mary Marian, Wellington-street, Strand, Spinster, July 1828. 
Southey Mary, Ormond-street, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Sparkes John, Gosden, near Guildford, Gent. George Smallpiece, Stoke, Gent, and 

Thomas Sibthorpe, Guildford, Gent. July 1825. 
Sparling Wm., E. ChaflFer, & J. Bolton, all of Liverpool, Merchants, July 1819. 7. 
Spencer Edward, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1918. 4. 
Spencer Elizabeth, Stroud, Gloucestershire, Widow, now wife of Rev. Greorge Wilkins 

Francis Spencer, Keyston, & F. Hawes, Lockham, Hants, Gents. July 1812. 21. 
Spencer Jeanne Dominique Francoise, Gloucester-st. Queen-sq. Spins. July 1815. 16. 
Sperring Geo., Mells, Somersetshire, Carpententer,&M. J. Sperring, a Minor, July 1825. 
Spike William, Temple, Gent. James Edwards, George-street, Hanover-square, Gent. 

and Edmund Dayrell, Lincoln's-inn, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Spooner Eliza, Elmden, near Birmingnam, Spinster, & John Henry PaUner, Glaston, 

near Uppingham, es^ July 1817. 11. 
Spooner Isaac, Rirmingham, esq. and Eliza Spooner, Elmden, near Birmingham, 

Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Spottiswoode John, Savill-street, esq. Alexander Bird, Edinburgh, esq. and William 

Spottiswoode, Bird, a Minor, July 1806. 33. 
Spratley Ann, Kingston, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Sprailey John, Wdworth, Gardener, July 1815. 15. 
Sprawle Henry, Assistant Surgeon of Royal Artillery, July 1807. 8. 
Sprot John, Stock Exchange, & M.Thomas, Elm-ct. Middle Temple, Gents. Jan 1831. 
Spry Rev. John Hume, Bath, Jan, 1826. 

Squires Elizabeth, Hampstead, Spinster, Servant to Baron Dimsdale, July 1820. 
Stainbank Christopher, Boston, Lincolnshire, Merchant, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Stains William, dec. Canterbury, Gent. Jan. 1828. 
Stamford Charlotte Marie College-street, Westminster, Widow, and Charles HoUiday,. 

Bidgewater-gardens, Cheesemonger, Jan. 1784. 78. 
Stamford John, Servant to Major Askew, 27th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Stanhope Hon. Rear Admiral Henry Edwin, dec. William Evelyn, Bath, esq. Henry 

Halsey, Henly-park, Surrey, esq. & John Scott, Bloomsbury-sq. Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Stanhope Hon. Acuniral Henry Edward, R. N. and John Scott, Guildford-street, 

esq. Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Stanhope Hon. Rear Admiral Henry Edwin, dec. William Evelyn, Bath, esq. & John 

Scott, Guildford-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Stanford Susannah, Church-st. Hackney, Servant to Thomas Norton, July 1807. 31. 
Stanley Susan, St. James'street, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1801. 7. 
Stanton Robert, Ordnance Office, Hull, esq. Jan. 1823. 
Staples John, Wellclose-square, esq. James Dobson, Prescott-street, Gent & Elizabeth 

Staples, Philpot-lane, Spinster, July 1808. 29. 
Staples Mary, Sydenham, Kent, Spinster, Na,«:hanielBoutflower, Harper-street, Gent. 

and John Bridges, Watling-street, Gent. Jan. 1808. 30. 
Starkey Elizabeth, Kennington, Surirey, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

u.yitized by Google 

Stanley Hans Slofuie, Ponltim, H«iit8, esq. dec and William Dickinson, Kingsweston, 

Somersetshire, esq. July 1822. 
Staunton John, Great Portland-street,, Ozford-road, Gent. July 1803. 39. 
Statham Ann, Tummill-street, Widow, Jan. 1811. 24. 
St. Croix Nicholas de. Excise Oflfioe, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 
St. Leger Caroline Le Cocq, Trunkwell, Berks, Spinster, dec. July 1806. 33. 
St. Lo Jane, Stoke Newington, Spinster, Julv 1802. 41. 
St. John Dowager Lady Susannah Louisa, Woodford, Northamptonshire, Widow, Sir 

H. Mackworth, Bart Cavendish-sq. dec. & H. Hall, Manadore, esq. July 1792. 9. 
Stead Ann, Grosvenor-street, Widow, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Steadman Martha, Streatham, Spinster, dec. July 1797. 51. 
Steel Elizabeth, Nottingham-place, Spinster, July 1809. 11. 
Steele Georse, Lamb Chapel-court, MonkwelUstreet, Smith, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Steer Manr, Devonshire-aq.Widow,& J. Vine Bemard-st. Russell-sq. Gent. July 1813. 5. 
Stemson Henry, litcham, Herts, Gent, and Joseph Wheeler, Water-lane, Carpenter, 

dec. July 1814. 17. 
Stephens Ahce Tottenham-court-road, Widow, July 1814. 17. 
Stephens John, St. Ewer, Cornwall, Tanner, Jan. 1799. 48. 
Stephens Rev. Stephen, Ely, Cambridgeshire, William Apsey, John Pond, fk Rirhard 

Piggott dec all of the same place. Gents. July 1814. 17. 
Sterling Patrick, and John Sterling, both of Kepperross, N. B. esqs. and Mary 

Sandilands, a Minor, July 1811. 9. 
Stevens Elizabeth, Queen*8-row, Hoxton, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 
Stevens Henry, Colchester, Essex, Gent, and Bridget, his wife, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Stevens Martha, Stepney-green, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 

Stevens Nathaniel, Gray's-um, &S. M, Raymond, Bdchamp-hall, Essex, July 1825. 
Stevens Sarah, Stepney-green, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 
Stewart Donald, Quartermaster of the 88th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Stewart Edward, Winchester-house, Old Broad-street, esq. Jan. 1823. 
Stewart Mary Ann, Ecclestone-street, Pimlico, Widow, July 1820. 
Stewart Nicholas Francis, dec. Shakespear-walk, Shadwell, Waterman, Jan. 1831. 
Stiff Timothy, Goodge-street, Tottenham-court-road, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Stirling Patrick, Kepperross, N. B. esq. dec. John Stirling, jun. ditto, esq. James 

Begbie, Old South Sea-house, Merch. dec. & M. Sandilands, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
Shakes Sarah, Greenwich, Widow, dec. at Sir James Creeds, July 1800. 45. 
Stokes John, New-inn, &Elbro Woodcock, Lincoln' s-inn, esqs. Jan. 1794. 58. 
Stokes Mary, Welsbum, Warwickshire, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Stokes William, Stafford-place, Servant to Mrs. Staples, July 1818. 9. 
. Stone James, Duke-street, Portland-place, Wine Merchant, dec. John Porter, Kilke^y, 

Ireland, Gent, and Richard Porter, ditto, dec July 1319. 7. 
Stone James, Woolwich, Grocer, William Coates, Eastcbeap, Oilman, and Peter 

Conway, Malta, Saddler, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Stonehouse James, Bristol, M. D. Jacob Kirby, Bristol, Gent. dec. J. Sutton, Devizes, 

Clothier, dec. & R. Bruges, Devizes, Linen-draper, dec July 1817. 1 1. 
Stovald Elizabeth, Hintonby, Alresford, Hants, Spinster, July 1808. 29. 
Stovell Ann, Shepherd-street, Oxford-street, Spinster,iJan. 1820. 6* 
Stovell Elizabeth, Grosvenor-street, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Stracey Edward, Rockheath, Norfolk, esq. & R. Lubbock, Newark, M. D. dec. July 1823. 
Stracey Hardinge, Lincoln's-inn, esq. dec. July 1817. 11. 
Stradwick Elizabeth, Bromley, Kent, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Strains John, Woolwich, Kent, Mariner, July 1821. 

Strange Samuel, Mr. Prices, Gravel-lane, Wandsworth, Engraver, Jan. 1827. 
Stratton Hugh, and William Gundrv, both of Bristol, Gents. July 1814. 17.* 
Stratton Charlotte, Edmonton, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Stratton George Frederick, Park-hall, Warwickshire, esq. Jan. 1826. 
Streatfield Richard Thomas, Uckfield, Sussex, esq. dec and Stephen Woodgate, 

Seven Oaks, Kent, Gent. July 1815. 15. 
Street Thomas, Philpot-lane,& Charles Rich, Ratcliff-cross, Gents. July 1828. 
Street Thomas, Philpot-kme, & Charles Rich, Ratcliff-cross, Gents. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Stride John, Garey-st. & Alexander Adams, Belton, Somlerset. Gents. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Strode James Cranbonme, Marlow, Bucks, esq. Rev. John Kirby, Mayfield, Sussex, 

Clerk, G. Darby, Markly , Sussex, esq. &T. Barton Battle, Sussex, Gent. July IdiO. 

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StrouK Rer. Thomas, Clist» St. Manr, Dcron, Lieut Moljneox Sfauldham, Royal 

iHayrw, and Edmund Waller Rimdell, Ludgate-bill, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Stroud Martha, Sambrook-court, Basmghall-street, Spinster, July 1811. 23. 
Stroud Susannkh, Barbican, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Stroud, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Stubbs Mary, Broad-street-buildings, Spinster, Servt. to Mr. Edis, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Stubbing Samuel, Little Canfield, Essex, Farmer, dec. July 1819. 7. 
Stuchfield Margaret, Queen-street, Limehouse, Spinster, July 1816. 13.* 
Stunt Catherine, Brompton Parish. Sheemess, Kent, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Sturley Mary Ruth, Seven Oaks, Kent, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Suett Louisa Margareta, Smith-street, Chelsea, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Sullivan Ann, Bittings-lodge, Bucks, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 14. 
r Sullivan Judith, Pepper-alley. Soudiwark, Widow, dec. Jamc»s Ho]?an, Kilkenny, 

Ireland, Gent. dec. and Efdward Sullivan, a Minor, Jan. 1S13. 20. '" 
- Sullivan Judith, Pepper-alley, Southwark, Widow, dec. James Hoban, Kflkenny, 

Ireland, Gent. dec. and Michael Sullivan, a Minor, Jan. 1813. 20. . 
Sullivan Peter, Tower-hill, Wine Cooper, dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Sully Thomas, Bridgewater, Somerset^iire, Gent, and Jane Devonshire, Exeter, 

Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Sumpter William, Preston Haversham, Grent. July 1818. 9. 
Sutcuffe James, Charter-house-square, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Sutherden William, James-street, Servant to Mr. Brown, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Sutherland George, Grent. dec. and George Charles Sutherland, a Minor, both of 

Widcomb-crescent, Bath, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Sutherland Louisa, Southampton, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Sutherland William, Conduit-street, Hanover-square, Gent. July 1807. 31. 
Sutlaff John, Edmonton, Gent. July 1762. 121. 
Sutton Geor^, Stockton, Durham, esq. dec. John Stapleton Raisbeck, ditto, ditto, 

and Benjamin Lumley, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Sutton John, Berrier, Greystoke, Cumberland, Yeoman, John Robinson, Whitbarrn, 

and Thomas Scott, Murrah, ditto, ditto, July 1812. 21. 
Sutton Robert, GU>odman's-fields, Sugar-refiner, July 1813. 19. 
Swain Eliza, Bloomsbury-square, Spinster, July 1813. 5. 

Swaine Joseph, Gloster-place, Maryleboue, Mason, and Sarah, his wife, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Swainston Isabella, King-street, Covent-garden, Widow, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Swallow Robert, East-street, Manchester-souare, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Sweet Adam, Servant to J. Houp^hton, esq. Doughty-street, July 1819. 7. 
Swinglehurst Wm. Addison, a Mmor, & J. Hunt, Westminster, Gents. Jan. 181 7. 12.* 
Swinton Capt. Archibald, Hendon, Middlesex, July 1813. 19. 
Sykes John Martin, Bedford, Shoe-maker, July 1815. 15. 
Sylva Isaac Eemandez, Pimlico, Grent. dec. July 1809. 27. 
Syms Joseph Fawcett, Ashted, Surrey, Grent. July 1817. 11.* 
Synge Rev. Dr. Edward, D. D. Magdalen-college, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 


Sainsbur^ Maria, Tork-place, Portman-s<]uare, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Saint Quintin Francis John, Sunbury, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1819. 7.* 

Saint Qaintin George, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, esq. Oct. 1819. 

Sale John, Portland-place, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Salmon Ann, Brook-street, Grosvenor-souare, Widow, dec. Oct. 1826. 

Salomons Hannah, Catherine-court, Seething-lane, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 

Salter Charles William, Chad's-row, Gray's-inn-lane-road, a Minor, W. S. Douse, 

Cumberland-street, Middlesex-hospital, Plasterer, and Henry Robert, Chad's-row, 

Gray's-inn-lane-road, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Salter John Henry, Chad's-row, Gray's-inn-lane-road, a Minor, William Samuel 

Douse, Cumtlerland-street, Middlesex-hospital, Plasterer, and Henry Robert, 

Chad's-row, Gray's-inn-lane-road, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Salter Maria, Chad's-row, Gray's-inn-lane-road, a Minor, William Samuel Douse 

Cumberland-street, Middlesex-hospital, Plasterer, & Henry Robert, Chad's-row, 

Gray's-inn-Iane-road, Gent. April 1819. 8. 
Saltren Mary Ann, Monkleigh, Devonshire, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Sampson Ann Galpine, Dorchester, Dorset, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Samson Samson, Stock Exchange, Gent. April 1825. 


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Samuel FhiiiiasMo8et,StodE-ezchaiige,Geiit. dee.&Rebeoca Samuel, aMinor, April 1827. 
Samael Jhinias Moaes, Christopher-itreet, Fmsbttry-sauare, era. John Samuel, Radiel 

Samuel, dec. Sarah Samuel, and Horatio Samuel, Mmon, Oct. 1817. 44. 
Sands John, Acton, Carpenter, dec. Oct. 1792. 61. 
Sanders Mary, Whaddon, Bucks, Widow, dec. Oct 1826. 

Snaxay Robert, Strand, Druggist, dec. & J. ChonUev, AustinFriars, esq. April 1805. 36. 
Saportas Jacob, Amsterdam, WahraTeVan Henkelom, ditto, and Jan Delannoy Abrmz, 

ditto, Merchants, Oct. 1814. 6. 
Sarum New, the Mayor and Commonalty, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Saumarez John, & John Thomas Saumarez, both of Guernsey, esq. Oct. 1819. 7 
Saunders Robert, Southend, Kent, esq. Oct. 1809. 27. 
Saunders Thomas Cheadle, Leadenhall-st. 6rooer,W. Uirby , St. Mary 's-hill. Apothecary 

and M. Hellier, dec. wifeof J. Hellier, Stangate-st. Lambeth, Clerk, Oct. 1797. 51. 
Saunders Walter, Doddington, Kent, esq. dec. April 1797. 52. 
Savery John, and John P^, botii of Bristol, ^mkers, Oct. 1812. 21.* 
Saxon Elizabeth, Spins. & Dorothy Douchet, Widow, Bemard-st. April 1787. 72. 
Schagen Jacoba Hester Van, dec. Widow of Adrian de Mey, Hague, April 1805. 36, 
Schuyler Migor Courthmd, of the 48th Raiment, dec. April 1829. 
Scott Beniamin Whinnell, Guildhall, T. Huges, Bunhill-row, £. Kemble, Watling-st. 

and R. Butcher, East India-house, esqs. Oct 1819. 7. 
Scott Harry, Droxford, near Southampton, esq. April 1811. 8. 
Scott Samuel, Grosvenor-street, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Scott Thomas, Victualler, & L. E. Clare, Spins, both of Greenwich, Oct. 1811. 22. 
Seal Ann, Hackney, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Scale Jofaii Henry, Mount Boone, Devon, esq. April 1825. 
Scale Rev. Thomas, Somerford Magna, Wilts, dec. April 1806. 34. 
Seaman John, Sutton, Surrey, Baker, Oct. 1826. 
Searle Henry, Charlott-8treet,Bloomsbury, Surgeon, and Henry Martin, Bloomsbury- 

sauare, Gent. Oct 1825. 
Seawell Henry, Little Bookham, Surrey, esq. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Seawell Mary Jfane, Little BocTkham, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Seawell Mary Jane, Little Bookham, Surrey, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1823. 
Selwyn Thomas Freeman, a Clerk in the Greneral Post Office, London, Oct 1829. 
Setre Thomas, Bridge-street, Hatter, dec. April 1808. 30. 
Seyzmger William, Whitecross-street, St. Luke's, Fork Butcher, April 1818. 10. 
Shadwell John, Southampton, M. D. April 1826. 
Sharland Thomas Vennicombe, Kennington, Surrey, Tailor, Oct. 1828. 
Sharp John, esq. a Paymaster of the 2nd Raiment of Surrey Militia, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Sharp Mary, St. Man^aret's-street, Westminster, Spinster, Oct. 1793. 59. 
Shaw Frances Anne, Linton, Kent, Widow, Oct. 1830. 
Shaw Georgina, Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, Widow, Oct. 1829. 
Shelley Elizabeth, Spins. Cordelia Shelley, Spms. & E. Dalbiac, wife of John George 

Dalbiac, esq. all of Lewes, Sussex, April 1819. 8. 
Sheppard Penelope, Cavendish-square, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Sherwood Thomas, and Thomas Sherwood, jun. Inner Temple, Gents. April 1813. 20. 
Shipley Rev. William Davis, Dean of St Asaph, Right Hon. William Lord Bagot, 

Hon. Charles Finch, Capel Voelas, Denbigh, and Rev. James Price. Rector of 

Larfechin, Montgomeryshire, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Shipman Morgan Vaughan, Ludlow, Salop, SoUcitor, April 1814. 18. 
Shirley Andrew, Northumberland-street, Strand, Gent. Oct 1820. 
Shove Jane, Kingsland, Spinster, April 1826. 
Shuckbru^h Sir George, Bart. Welbeck-street, Lieut. Genl. William Roy, Argyle-st 

and Sur Joseph Banks, Bart. Soho-square, April 1793. 60. 
Signorat John Mary Reville, Portland-place, Gent. Oct. 1796. 53. 
Siracock Mary, Widow, and Charlotte Simcock, Spinster, both Kenton-street, Bruns- 

wick-square, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Simmons Elizabeth, Old-street, St. Luke's, Spinster, dec. and John Gregory, of the 

same place. Undertaker, Oct. 1828. 
Simmons William, Greenwich, Kent, Carpenter, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Simpson Eliza, Cottage-green, Camberwell, Surrey, Spinster, Oct 1816. 13. 
Simpson Francis, Littie George-street, Westminster, Oihnau, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Simpson Thos., Servt. to Lady Lake, Princess-st. Cavendish-sq. Oct. 1817. 11. 


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Sims William, Mile-end, esq. April 1819. 8. 

Simson John» Pimlico, Sunieon, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Singer Jane, Brockhurat, Hants, Widow, dec. Oct. 1830. 

Singleton Mark, Privy-gardens, esq. April 1813. 20. 

Stvewright JoBn, jun. Comhill, Merchant, April 1815. 16. 

Skdton John Henry, Chandos-street, Covent-garden, Gent April 1815. 16. 

Skelton John Henry, Chandos-street, Covent-garden, Gent. Oct. 1825. 

Slatter James, of the Tower, Gent. Anril 1818. 11. 

Sligo Most Noble Louisa Catherine Marchioness of, dec late wife of Hon. Sir William 

Scott, Early Court, Berkshire, Knt. April 1818. 10. 
Slingsbr Francis, Conduit-street, esq. dec. Oct. 1792. 61. 
Smml James, Farmer-street, Shadwell, Mariner, April 1816. 14.* 
Smallham Samuel, dec. John Carr, dec. and Samuel Giddins, all of Britannia-street, 

St. George'sin the East, Gents. Get. 1818. 9.* 
Smith Ann, Saint Domingo, Spinster, April 1827. 
Smith Ann, Epping, Essex, Widow, Oct. 1821. 
Smith Benjamm, Isle of Wight, esq. dec. I. Applebee, Bermondsey-st Gent. dec. J. 

Baker, Peckham, esq. dec. & J. Applebee, Temple, Gent dec. Okct. 1816. 13. 
Smith Benjamin, Budge-row, Packer, dec. Oct. 1829. 
Smith Benjamin, Budge-row, Packer, dec. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Smith David, Bird-cage-walk, Bethnal-green, Gent April 1830. 
Smith Fanny, Thames Ditton, Spinster, Oct 1817. 11. 
Smith Frances, Cambridge, Spinster, April 1812. 22. 
Smith Harriet, Bolt-m-l^, Fleet-street, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Smith Harry, Temple-bar. Gent. dec. Oct 1813. 19. 
Smith James, Covent-garden, Gent. dec. April 1793. 60. 
Smith Jane, Gray's-inn-lane. Spinster, dec Oct. 1790. 65. 
Smith Jane, Fleet-street, Spmster, April 1808. 30. 
Smith John, Lombard-street, Banker, dec. Henry Gibbs, Old Broad-street, esq. and 

Henrv Jackton, Hatton-garden, esq. Oct. 1817. IL 
Smith John, Wimbledon, Gent. Oct. 1801. 43. 
Smith John, Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, Carpenter, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Smith John, dec Servant to Capt. T. Wildman, 7th Hussars, April 1818. 10. 
Smith Joseph, Gillcrux, Cumberland, Gent. April 1799. 48. 
Smith Capt. Joseph, dec & Wm. Bond, Gent, both of Hatton-garden, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Smith Katherine Ann, Teddin^n, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1804. 8. 
Smitii Mary, wife of Charles Smith, Upper Ground-street, Christ Church, Surrey, 

Com. Dealer, April 1823. 
Smith Sarah Rachael, Villa-row, Walworth, Surrey, Spinster. Oct. 1828. 
Smith Sarah, Chertsey, Spinster, Oct 1817. 10. 
Smith Thomas, Fairfield-house, Croydon, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Smith Thomas, Sidney, New South Wales, Gent Oct. 1830. 
Smith William, Harboure-heath, Warwickshire, esq. and Edward Darley, Maiden- 

lane, Covent-garden, Silk-dyer, dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Smith William, Heigh Farm, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, esq. T. Smith, ditto, ditto, 

and C. Robertson, Fenchurch-street, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Smyth Sir William, Grosvenor-square, Bart. Lady Ann Smyth, his wife, and William 

Smyth, a Minor, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Smyth Sir William, Grosvenor-square, Bart. Edward Smyth, Camberwell, Surrey, 

R. Percival, Lombard-street, Gent. &W. Smyth, a Mmor, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Snelling Robert, Southampton-row, Marylebone, Gent, dec Oct. 1826. 
Snook James, Portsmouth, Broker, dec. Oct. 1810. 25.* 
Snowden Jotm, Tottenham-court-road, Gent, dec April 1792. 62. 
Somers Right Hon. John Lord, and Hon. John Somers, Cocks Priory, Riegate, 

Surrey, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Soper Waiter, Ashburton, Devon, Gent. April 1813. 20. 
South Gerard Thomas, Tottenham, Gent. & Sarah, his wife, April 1827. 
South James, Blackman-street, Borough, Gent. April 1828. 

Southouse William, esq. &Rev. H. Randolph, dec both of Wimbledon, Oct 1818. 9. 
Southwick Ann, Great Maze >.»ond, Southwark, Widow, Oct. 1822. 
Soutter David, Jermyn-street, Baker, dec. April 1806. 6. 
Spanner Jane, Colborne, Isle of Wight, Spinster, Oct 1811. 3. 

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Sparrow Greorge Wingfidd, Mattmler, Hants, esq. Henry Gawkr, Liacoln's-iim, esq. 

and James Hume, dec. Custom-house, London, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Spence George, Lincoln's-inn, esq. April 1819. 8. 

Spencer Helen, wife of M. Spencer, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, Gent. April 1826. 
Spencer Robert, jun. Servant to Mr. MiUs, Coleman-street-buildings, Oct. 1814. 17.* 
Spemon Grace, dec. Jane Spemon, dec. & Mary Spemon, all of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, 

Spinsters, Oct. 1807. 31. 
Spicer John, Stock Exchange, Gent. & Rev. J. Lewis, Ingatestone, Oct. 1819. 7.* 
Spinner William, sen.^ Wnxle, Kent, Husbandman, April 1826. 
Splidt Christian Treasurer of tiie Charity School of St. George's, East, April 1816. 5. 
Spofforth Reginald, Long Acre, Gent. Oct. 1827. 
Spurr George, Compton-street, Cleikenwell, Saddler, April 1820. 
Stacey Elizabeth, Widow, Penton-street, PentonviUe, April 1801. 44. 
Staffenburgh William, Islington, Gent. Thos. F. Russell, Thames-st. Mary P. Russell, 

and Sarah S. Russell, both of the Foundling Asylum, Minors, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Stanbank John, and James Patis, both of Houndsditch, Gents. April 1819. 8. 
Stanford Mary, Chelsea, Widow, dec. April 1813. 4. 

Stanhope The Hon. and Rev. Henry William, Hans-place, Chelsea, Oct. 1824. 
Staning Ann, Betchworth, Surrey, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Stansby Edward, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Perfumer, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Starkey John Cross, Little Pultney-street, Brewer, April 1819. 8. 
Stead John, Star-court, Strand, Glass-cutter, and Richard Ekner, Gent, ^ueen-street, 

Cheapside, April 1828. 
Stedman Caleb, Bond-st. Linen-draper, dec. & C. Stedman, a Mmor, April 1815. 16. 
Steer Charles, Devonshire-square, Merchant, dec. April 1817. 12. 
Steer Mary, Devonshire-place, Widow, &J. Vine, Size-la. Merchant, April 1817. 12. 
Stephenson Henry, Lombard-street, Banker, a Bankrupt, April 1828. 
Stevens Elizabeth, Spins. Servt.toJ. Adams, Whitechapel, April 1791. 64. 
Stewart Elizabeth, St. George's, Bloomsbury, Widow, April 1818. 10. 
Stibbs Maria, St. George's, Hmiover-square, Spinster, dec. April 1783. 80. 
St. Ledger The Hon. and Rev. James, Bath, April 1822. 
Stockell Mary, Wells-street, Oxford-street, Spinster, April 1809. 28. 
Stone Ann, Taunton, Somersetshire, Spinster, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Stone Catherine, Chiswell-street, Spinster, April 1819. S.* 
Stone Mary, Holland-street, Blackfriars-road, Spinster, April 1815. 16.* 
Stone Richard Owen, Mayfield, Sussex, Gent. April 1815. 16. 
Stoner Sarah, Spinster, at Mr. Giles's, Apollo-buildings, Walworth, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Stonehouse John, Bank, Gent. dec. and John Jebb, dec. Old Fish-street-hill, Cord- 

wainer, April 1814. 18.* 
Stork John, Wapping, Timber Merchant, dec. Thomas Cotton, ditto, Gent, and Wm. 

Ainge, Shoreditch, Gent. April 1792. 62. 
Stow Benjamin Tickell, Lieut, in the Royal Navy, Oct. 1820. 

Strachey Sir Henry, HUl-st. Bart. dec. & J . Humphreys, Clement's-inn, April 1814. 18. 
Stratton Geo. Fred., Worton, Oxon, esq. & Sir J. Lock, Oxford, Knt. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Street Rev. Greorge, Rector of Langton, Lincolnshire, and William Street, Bucklers- . 

bury. Stationer, April 1818. 10. 
Street lieut. John, Royal Artillery, April 1819. 8. 
Stride John, Carey-street, Gent. & Alexander Adams, Staunton Drew, Somersetshire, 

Gent. April 1814. 18. 
Stride John, Austinfriars, Merchant, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Stromeyer William, St. Catherine's, Mariner, April 1812. 22. 
Strong WiUiam, New York, America, Merchant, Oct. 1795. 59. 
Strouts Elizabeth, Feversham, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1797. 51. 
Strutt Joseph Holden, Seymour-street, Portman-square, esq. and Thomas Gardiner 

Bramstone, Skreens, Essex, Gent. Oct. 1821. 
Stuart Charles, Tower-street, Gent, and Samuel Stuart, a Minor, Oct. 1815. 9. 
Stunt Catherine, Brompton, Kent, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Sturgeon Robert, Ratcliff-highway, Pawnbroker, dec. April 1802. 42. 
Styles Augustine, Gravesend, Gent. Oct. 1801. 19. 
Sudlow Samuel, Servt. to Mrs. Wildman, Tumham-green, Oct. 1800. 5. 
Summers Ann, Broad-street, Horsleydown, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Sumner Ann, Bath, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 


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Suttle Leonard, Hatiebvry Castle, Worcestershire, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13« 

Swaine Joseph, Hacknej-road, Gent. April 1799. 48. 

Swann Thomas, Cnpplegate, Gent. Oct. 1814. 17. 

Sweetman John, Wimboume, St. Giles, Dorsetshire, Shopkeeper, and Abrahain 
Blazey, of the same place, Gent. April 1827. 

Swinerton Elizabeth, Butterton, Staffordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Swinerton Martha, Batterton, Staffordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11 

Swinerton Mary, Butterton, Staffordshire, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Symond Sarah, Spinster, Servant to the Rev. G. Gethew, Hind-street, Manchester- 
square, Oct. 1805. 5. 


Saintsbury Sarah^irenoester, Gloncestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Salomons Judah Philip, Prescott-street, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Salomons Nathan, dec. Benjamin Salomons, toad Ekazer Philip Salomons, all of 

London, Merchants, July 1801. 43. 
Salusbnry Jane, wife of Rev. Lynch Salusbury, Hitchin, Herts, July 1801. 43. 
Salter Mary, Featherstone-street, City-road, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Sampson Ann, Bloomsbury-square, Spinster, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Sampson Henry, Hanover-street, Rotherhithe, Carpenter, dec. July 1818. 9. 
Sampson Samuel. St. Swithin's-lane, Crent. dee. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Samuel Edward, Servt. to Mr. W. Anioand, Belmont, near Aberdeen, N. B. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Sandell Hannah, St. Clements, Oxford, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Sawyer John, East Grinstead, Sussex, Grocer, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Sayer Greorge, St. Lawrence, Carpenter, Barman Bourne, Gent. Thomas Woodland, 

Bricklayer, and Robert Farley, Shipwright, all of Ramsgate, July 1801. 43. 
Sayer Robert, Trinity College, Cambridge, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Scanlin Patrick, of His Mi^esty's Dock-yard, Deptford, Labourer, July 1811. 23. 
Scott Charles, Jones-street, Berkeley-square, Coachman, Sarah Scott, his wife, and 

John Scott, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Scott Maiy Ann Adella, Beech-street, Barbican, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Search Thomas, Nova Scotia- street, Liverpool, a Minor, July 1818. 9. 
Seawell Henry, Little Bookham, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Seawell Mary Jane, Little Bookham, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1817* 12. 
Seeker Dinah, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Montague, Kew-gardens, Surrey, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Seeker John, Windsor, esq. Sarah, his wife, and Rev. Thomas Hart, King's College, 

Cambridge, Clerk, July 1814. 17. 
Sellers Danidf, Northampton, Coachman, July 1814. 17. 
Sellwood Samuel, Abingdon, Berks, eso. dec. Thomas Bowles, esq. Milton-hill, near 

Abingdon, and Hester Bowles, a Minor, July 1819. 7*. 
Semple Charles, Bath, esq. and Samuel Smith, Fenchurch-st. Druggist, July 1819. 7. 
Serle Jane, Bradfield, Berks, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 

Seward Bridger, dec. and John Baiger Chanston, Hants, Yeomen, July 1816. 13. 
Shaklshaft George, Jun. Rotheriiithe, Chemist, July 1816. 13. 
Shanks Robert, Angel-ct. Westminster, Servt. & Sarah, his wife, dec. July 1809. 27. 
Sharp Wm., Bow-lane, &T. Davis, Duke-st. WestSmithfield, Gents. July 1801. 43. 
Sharwood Elizabeth, Widow, and William Gray Skinner, Upholsterer, both of Wide- 
gate-street, Bishopgate, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Shaw Thomas, Northampton, Coachman, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Shaw Lieut. Col. Matthew, of the 37th Regiment of Foot, July 1819. 7. 
Sherrington Sarah, Chichester-rents, Chancerv-lane, Spinster, Jan. 1798. &0. 
Sherwood Lieut. Isaac, 15th Regiment of Lignt Dragoons, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Sherwood Moses, Cannon-hill, near Merton, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Shore Kitty, Widow, and Thomas Shore, Gent, bom of Bishopgate-st. Jan. 1808. 30. 
Shotten Robert, Uxbridge, Hatter, dec. July 1817. 11. 
Shove Alured Henry, Lmcobi's-inn, esq. dec. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Shubrick Jane, Ratcliff-cross, Widow, dec. July 1813. 19. 
Shuttleworth Nathaniel, Surgeon, Harborough, John Driver. Draper, ditto, G. Spencer 

Draper. & E. Beale, wife of J. Beale, ditto, of Leicester, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Silvester Mary, Drayton, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Simmons Hannah, Tunbridge, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Simmons William, Greenwich, Kent, Farmer, Jan. 1820. 6. 




Simple Caroline, Bath, Widow, July 1818. 9. 

Simpson Dame Elisabeth, Adelphi. Widow, July 1801. 43. 

Simpson Frances, Whitby, Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 

Simpson Mary, wife of T. Simpson, G^-street, Somer's Town, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Simpson Ralph, Burton-street, Bond-street, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Singer Harriett Anne, Princes-street, Oxford-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Siogberg Abel,&G. Mowat, both of Greenbank, Wapping, Mariners, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Skardon Margaret, Stoke Newington, Widow, July 1810. 25. 

Skee Jane, of the Isle of Sheppy. Spinster, Jan. 1801. 44. 

Skull Sarah, Lower Homerton, Middlesex, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Slade Edmund, Warminster, Wilto, Clothier, Jan. 1803, 40. 

Slatford John, Aldersgate-street, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24. 

Small Mary, Ibbert, Dorset, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Smeth de Theodorus Pieter, Amsterdam, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Smit Jan, Amsterdam, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Smith Andrew, Mariner, at J. Gibson's, Nag's Head, Tower-hill, July 1815. 13. 

Smith Diana, St. Martin's-le-grand, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Smith James, dec. &John Smith, dec. both of Newcastle-under-Line, Jan. 1816. 14. 

Smith James, Servant to Mr. Briggs, Popham-lane, Hants, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Smith Sir Jarratt, Bart. dec. Bath, & T. Rows, Hackney, esq. dec. July 1801. 43. 

Smith John, jun. Sutton Vallanoe, Kent, Carpenter, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Smith John, Guildford, Surrey, Labourer, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Smith Mary Ann, dec. wife of D. Smith, Reading, Berks, Cordwainer, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Smith Mary, Air-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Smith Wilham, Grent. Stephen Hall, Surgeon, and Thomas Fleming, Merchant, all of 

Dulwich, Surrey, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Smith William, EUiot-place, Blackheath, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Smith WUliam, New House, St. Alban's, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Smith William, Chichester. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Smyth Skaffington, Suffolk-street, Borough, Hatter. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Society in ScoUand for the Propogating Christian Knowledge. July 1809. 27. 
Solly Isaac, Jeffery-square, Merchant, and Hollis Edwards, King's-road, Gray's-inn- 

lane, esq. & J. Claxton, Shirley, near Croydon, esq. July 1802. 9. 
Solly Richard Horsman, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Solomon Abraham, Sandy's-street, Bidiopgate-street, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Soulby Henry, Wskefield, Yorkshire. Woolstapler, and William Alexander, Lombard- 

street, Bill-broker, July 1817. 11. 
Sowerby James Jose]^, Battersea, Surgeon, dec. & J. Sowerby, a Minor, July 1814. 1 7. 
Sowerby Jas. Joseph, Battersea, Surgeon, dec. & F. T. Sowerby, a Minpr, July 1814. 1 7. 
Sowerby Jas. Joseph, Battersea, Surgeon, dec. & Jas. Sowerby, a Micor, July 1814. 17. 
Spanger and Herent, Cornells Justus Baron of, July 1801. 43. 
Spence Mary Dovies, Little Ormond-street, Queen-square, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Spencer Elizabeth, Servt. to Mr. Boote, Artillery-pl. nnsbury-sq^. July 1819. 7. . 
Spicer Greorge, Seryt. to Alexander Sutherland, Queen-sq.Westmmster, July 1817. 11. 
Spode Eliza, Luie-end, Staffordshire, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Spry Bridget Maria, Sydenham, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Spry Lieut. Thomas, Royal Navy, & T. Spry Byrass, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Spurrier Sarah, Pool, Dorsetshire, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Squire Wright Thomas, Banker, dec. Wm. Squire, Banker, John Atkinson, Attorney 

at Law, sll of Peterborough, Northampton. July 1819. 7. 
Stables William, Emsworth, near Pontefract, Yorkshire, Gent. dec. July 1816. 13. 
Stamp William, Queenborough, Kent, Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Standen Thomas, Coleman-street-buildings, Grent. Jan. 1799. 48. 
Staniield William, James-street, Oxford-road, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
St. Didier Antoine de, Paris, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Stedman Adrianna, Bedford, Widow, NichobsDennysTiyerton, Devon, esq. Rev. John 

FoUett, & W. Bosley, esq. dec. of the same place, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Steeyens Jemima Argent, Kingsland-road, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Stevens Jane, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Stewart John, Westmorland, West Indiaman, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Stieglitz Mary, wife of Philip Stieglitz, St. Petersburgh, Grent. July 1817. 11. 
Stiff Elizabeth, & S. M. Stiff, both of Gee-street, Goswell-st. Widows, Jan. 1820, 6. 


Stoe Harry, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1807. 32. 

Stone Jas., Grange-walk, Bennond8ey» Leather-dre8.&Charlotce, his wife, July 1819. 7. 

Storey Hannah l^hia, Stockton, Spinster, and John Elliot, Seaham Grange, County 

of Durham, Farmer, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Stuart James, Whitehall, Gent. Jon. 1814. 18. 
Stnrla James, Chatham, Kent, Butcher, July 1819. 7. 

Sukay Paul, St. James's-place, Senrt. to H. R. H. Duke of Cumberland, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Sumner William Brightwell, Great (George-street, Westminster, esq. Thomas Holme, 

Holm Castle, Cumberland, esqu dec. James Amyatt, Stanhope-street, May Fair, 

Gent, and Edward Grose, St. Mary Axe, esq. dec. July 1801. 43. 
Swan Ann, Spins. Servt. to Lady Melville, Saville-row, Bond-st. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Swann William, Suffolk-street, Manchester, Lancashire, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Sweet Samuel, St. Paul's Church-yard, Boot-maker, M. Skinner, Greenwich, Widow, 

and Sarah Stubbs, Cannon-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Sylva Aaron de, St. Paul's Church-yard, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 


{Consolidated the Sixth qf Aqril 1780.) 

Sadler Martha, Servt. to Mr. Bradley, Scott's-place, iHlington, April 1818. 10. 

Salomons Eleazer Philip, Church-row, Fenchurch-street, and Levy Barent Cohen, 
Angel-court, Throgmorton-street, April 1798. 50. 

Sanders Joseph, and John Sanders, both of Dorking, Millers, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Sawyer John, East Grinsted, Sussex, Grocer, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Scarlett Elizabeth Virgo, Upper Charlotte-st. Fitzroy-sq. Widow, April 1807. 32. 

Scarth Maria, wife of T. Scarth, Staindrop, Durham, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Schwab Albert, Adam-street, Manchester-square, Gent April 1802. 42. 

Scudder Catherine, Widow, Servant to Mr. J. Gregson, Angel-court, Throgmorton- 
street, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Sharps Robert, Winchelsea, near Rye, Sussex, Grent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Sheldon William, Grav's-inn, esq. and Arthur Richard Wellesley, Hampton-court- 
palace, a Minor, April 1819. 8. 

Shepherd Rev. John, York-st. Queen-sq.Westmin8ter,& Sarah, his wife, April 1819. 8. 

Shephard Joseph, Servant to Miss Priatux, Walcot-place, Oct. 1787. 72. 

Sheringham Charles, Kentish Town, Gent. April 1817. 12. 

Sigala Isaac, Amsterdam, Gtent. dec. Oct. 1802. 41. 

Simmons William, Greenwich, Kent, Carpenter, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Sloane Ann, St. James's, Westminster, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Smelt Rev. Charles, Vicar of Wing, Bucks, Thomas Adams, Burcott, Bucks, and Wm. 
Hart, Wing, Yeoman, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Smith Ann, Thatcham, Berks, Spinster, Oct. 1810. 25. 

Smith Ann, Evesham, Worcestershire, Widow, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Smith Ann, Grange-walk, Bermondsey, Widow, Oct. 1811. 23. 

Smith Bartholomew, Paul-street, Moorfields, Milkman, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Smith Elizabeth, Holbom-bridge, Spmster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Smith Ferdinando, of the Grange, Hides Owen, Shropshire, esq. April 1812. 22. 

Smith Rev. George, William Chappell, James Burrow, Abraham Salter, Wm. Clarke, 
Ridiard Salter, & Richard Seward, all of Ottery, St. Mary, April 1818. 10. 

Smith Jane, Fleet-street, Spinster, April 1808. 30. 

Smith Letitia, Warren-street, Spinster, April 1809. 28. 

Smith Sarah, Graoechurch-street, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 

Smith Thomas, Chelsea, Gent dec. Oct. 1801. 43. 

Soden Susanna, Barton, Oxon, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Sorrdl Robert, Ingatestone, Essex, Grocer, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Sorrell Robert, Thavies-inn, Surgeon, Oct. 1817. 11. 

Spratt Ann, Watford, Herts, Widow, Oct 1814. 6. 

Spencer Jane, 21, Bolton-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Spettigue William, Luffingcott, Devonshire, Farmer, and Jonn Rowe, dec. Lamerton, 
Devonshire, Farmer, Oct. 1806. 33. 

Spiking William, 121, Mount-street, Berkeley-square, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Staples Sarah, wife of G. Staples, Shepherd's-bush, Middlesex, Dealer, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Stevens Harriet Elizabetii Hayward, wife of WilUam Hayward Stevens, of the Parish 
of Hungerford Farleigh, Somerset, Yeoman, Oct. 1806. 29. 



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Steinmetz Adam, Great Eari-street, Semi-dials, Cabinet-maker, Oct. 1808. 29. 

Stokes Stephen, Oraiiffe.gtreet, Leioester-aqaare, Gnnsiiiith, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Stibbert Robert, Ciunberiaiid.atreet, Oxford-itreet, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Stokes William, jun. Peckham, Gent. April 1819. 8. 

St. Oointin M»tthew Chittv Downes, Snnburr, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

St. Qaintin Catherine, Snnbimr, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Style John, Datdiett, Bucks, Aurmer, April 1819. 8. • 

Sudlow John, Monument-yard, Gent. Oct. 1815. 15. 

Smnpter l^^lliam, Fererdiam, Kent, eso. Oct 1808. 9. 

Snrdy John, Virnnia-street, St Georse's, East, Mariner, April 1792. 52. 

Swann Thomas, J. W. Ckmgfa, and H. Bland, all of York, Bankers, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Sweeting John, Princess-row, Pimlico, Gent dec. &, Mary, his wife, Oct. 1819. 7. 


Sampieri Nicola, Tichfield-street, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11.* 

Samuel Samuel, Leman-street, Groodman's-fields, Merchant, April 1816. 10. 

Sanderson Peter, Pear-tree-alley, Wapping, Manner, Oct 1816. 13.* 

Sazby Maria, Leeds, Kent, Spinster, dec. April 1812. 22. 

Say Rer. Frances Edward, Braughins, Herts, 5th April 1827. 

Scates Elisabeth, Spins, dec. Serrt. to Mr. Jone8,Gloiicester-8t.Queen.8q. April 1813. 5. 

Scott Frauds, Dover-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1802. 6. 

Scudamore Anne, Cork-street, Spinster, dec. April 1805. 36. 

Sedgwick Mary, Tufton-street, Westminster, Spmster, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Sellers William, Leechdale, Gloucestershire, Victualler, April 1817. 12. 

Sewell The Rurht Hon. Thomas, Knt and Master of the Rolls, dec. and Robert 

Bristow, Aficheldean, Hants, esq. dec. July 1768. 110. 
Sheldon William, Gray's-inn, esa. April 1816. 14. 
Shelley Elizabeth, Grove-street, Hackney, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Sheppard Penelope, Parliament-street Widow, Oct 1819. 7. 
Sherard Rer. Philip Castel, Godmanchester, Hunts, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Sheriden James, liiyton, Essex, Labourer, 10th Oct. 1821. 
Sherwood Henry, Coventry, esq. dec. and Robert Reynolds, dec. Wood-street, 

Silkman, Oct. 1829. 
Simons William, Walthamstow, Gent, and Mary, his wife, 10th Oct. 1823. 
Simpson Mary, CamberweU, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Sims Hannah, Clapham, Spinster, dec. April 1818. 10 
Skiddy Elizabeth, Putney, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Skillin Elizabeth Catherme, Brighton, Spinster, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Slightholm Elizabeth, Arlington-street, Spinster, Servt to Lord Milton, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Sly George, Walthamstow, Gent & G. Slidingham, a Minor, April 1803. 40. 
Small Aim, Cumberland-place, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 
Smith George, Spilsby, Gent Oct. 1813. 19. 
Smith Sarah, Hammersmith, Spinster, April 1807. 32. 

Smithin Thomas, Great Alie-street, Carpenter, and Mary, his wife, April 1818. 10. 
Softley Jane, Bedford-place, RusseU-so. Servt. to Mr. HuUock, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Somerset Hon. Harriet Isabella Elizabeth, St. Giles's, Dorset, now wife of Hugh 

Henry Mitchell, dec, and Anne Tolbot, a Minor, Oct. 1814. 7. 
Sorrell Charles, Brentwood, Essex, Collar-maker, Jemima Hulme, Myrtle-st. Hoxton, 

Widow, and Samuel Hulme, Bank, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7.* 
Southom William, Salisbury-square, Gent. dec. April 1819. 8. 
Sparke Marv, Burr-street, Aldgate, Widow, April 1813. 20. 
Spettigue Martha, Goswell-street-road, Widow, Oct. 1830. 
Spicer Sophia, High Wycombe, Bucks, Widow, and William Richard Stokes, Gent 

Throgmorton-street, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Spruzen John, Bedford-row, Gent. 10th Oct. 1821. 
Spry Bridget Maria, Frith-street, Soho, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Spurrier J^hn, Copthall-court, Auctioneer, Isaac Spurrier, Creek-street, Coachmaker, 

and John Sharp, Chinrford, Essex, esq. 5th April 1827. 
Stafford Elizabeth Jane, of Tavistock-row, Covent-garden, Spinster, April 1830. 
Standert Marianne, Longbridge-house, Warwickshire, Spinster, & Charles Frederick 

Bamwcdl, Wobum-place, Russell-sq. esq. April 1830. 
Staning Ann, Betsworth, Surrey, Widow, 5th April 1821. 


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Stanton Rebecca, Ratcliffe-highway, Spinster, 5th April 1824. 

Steel Jane, dec. Queen Ann-street, Marylebone, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Stephens John, Clarlce's-coart, Bishopgate- street, Gent. April 1828. 

Stephenson Benjamin, White Lion-street, Pentonville, Gent. Oct. 1807. 31. 

Stephenson Rowland, Lombard-street, esq. a Bankrupt, & Charl^ James Stephensoiit 

Great Ormond-street, Qoeen-square, Grent. dec. April 1829. 
Stevens Henrietta, Servt. to Lady Leicester, Hill-st. Berkeley-sq. April 1819. 8. 
Stewart John, Great Marlow, Bucks, Gardener, 10th Oct 1826. 
Stiff Mary, Clapton, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Stiff Sarah, Great George-street, Chelsea, Widow, 10th Oct. 1826. 
St. John Rev. Ellir, iun. dec. and Rev, Alexander Cromleholme, Clerk, dec. both of 

Finchampstead, Berks, Oct. 1810. 25. 
Stock Maria, Colebrook-row, Islington, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Stnidnel Jane, Spinster, Servant to Lord Hillsborough, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Sutherland Hugh, Gray's-walk, Lambeth, Gent. April 1829. 
Sutherland William. Iish-street-hill, Grocer, dec April 1816. 14. 
Sutton Hannah, Gloucester-terrace, Whitechapel, Widow, April 1819. 8. 
Sutton Sir Thomas, Bart. East Moulsey, Surrey, dec. April 1814. 18.* 
Sutten William, Mariner, Georgiana Packet, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Swinden Eleanor, Kentish Town, Widow, April 1830. 
Symond Arabella, Exeter, Spinster, April 1814. 18.* 


Saamkopf Charles Henry William, Blackman-street, Southwark, Baker, July 1827. 

Salter Mary, Featherstone-street, City-road, Spinster, July 1814. 

Salusbury Rev. Thelwall, Hitchin, Herts, dec. Anthony Montonnier Hawkins, M. D. 

and W. Morgan Gent. dec. both of Newport, Monmouthshire, Jan. 1826. 
Sampson Samuel, St. Swithin's-lane, Grent. dec. Jan. 1818. 
San<&6rd Edmund, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, Gent, and James Sanford, the elder, 

of the same place, Coal Merchant, Jan. 1829. 
Sandoz Felix, dec. Union-street, Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1831. 
Scalfe Francis, Denmark-street, Soho, Florist, July 1825. 

Sedgwick Penelope, Walworth. Widow, dec. & J. Sedgwick, Fleet-st. Gent. July 1S22. 
Seaward Bridger, dec. & John Baiger, both of Chawston, Hants, Yeomen, July 1816. 
Sbnrffenberg Charlotte, Gloucester-street, Queen-square, Spinster. July 1823. 
Sharp Sir Guthbert, Bishopswearmouth, Knt. George Fenwick, Ford, esq. & Dorothy 

Croudace, dec. Garden-house, Durham, Widow, Jan. 1825. 
Sharp William, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, Carpenter, Jan. 1824. 
Shepnerd Sarah, Kington, Herefordshire, Spinster, July 1825. 
Sherwill Markham Eeles, jun. Kew, Surrey, esq. Jan. 1821 
Siddall Paul, Great Cherry-row^ Chelsea, Gent. July 1824. 
Simpson Mary, wife of T. Simpson, Gee-street, Somers Town, Gent. Jan. 1819. 
Siogberg Abel, & Geo. Mowat, both of Green-bank, Wapping, Mariners, Jan. 1814. 
Sivewright John, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1823. 
Skelton James, Betchworth, Surrey, Wheelwright, Jan. 1822. 
Slaughter William, Park-lane, New-road, Milkman, Jan. 1823. 
Smith Ann, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Bateman, Bunhill-row, Jan. 1826. 
Smith Benjamin, Maidstone, Kent, Miller, Jnly 1827. 
Smith Elizabeth, Pendergast, Pembrokeshire, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 
Smith Elizabeth, William's-street, Hampstead-road, Spinster, dec. July 1827. 
Smith Henry, Lawrence Pountney-hill, Merchant, July 1826. 
Smith Joseph, Royal Exchange, Optician, July 1823. 

SmithMdry wifeof R. Smith, Parish-st. St. John's, Southwark, Gent. Jan. 1823. 
Smith Samuel, Swallow-street, Coach-maker, dec. July 1823. 
Smith Samuel, Borough of Southwark, Gent. Jan. 1824. 
Smeth Theodorus Pieter de, Amsterdam, esq. Jan. 1815. 
Solly Bichard Horsman, Great Ormand-street, esq. Jan. 1826. 
Soulby Henry, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Woolstapler, and William Alexander, LomDard* 

street. Bill-broker, July 1817. 
SpuTow John, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, Gent. July 1827. 
Spencer Elizabeth, City of Exeter, Widow, Jan. 1828. 
Spragg Sarah. Welbeck-street, Widow, dec. July 1820. 



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Stanley Charles James, Battenea, Gent, and Sarah, his wife, Jan. 1828. 

Stansmore Stephen, Bosh-lane, Cannon-street, esq. Jnly 1820. 

Stappers Elizabeth, Plymouth-dock, Spinster, now wife of Henry Kingstone, of Che 

same place, Quarterman, Jan. 182d. 
Steinbach Maria, Castle-street, Ldcester-sqnare, Spinster, July 1324. 
Stephenson Henry, Lombard-street, Banker, dec. Jan. 1829. 
Stewart Lient. George, Ormskirk, Lancashire, March 1805. 
Stodart Samuel. Strand, Gent. July 1823. 

Strachan Caroline, wife of James Morgan Strachan, Madras, esq. July 1828. 
Stredder Ann, Sicber-street, City-road, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 
Stuart James, Whit^iall, Gent Jubr 1814. 
Summers Thomas, Little Britain, Gold-beater, and Henry Wells, Merchant, Maldon, 

Essex, July 1829. 
Swan WiUiam, Suffolk-street, Manchester, Lancashire, Gent. Jan. 1813. 
Sweet Samuel, St. Paul's Church-yard, Boot-maker, Mary Skinner, Greenwidi, 

Widow, and Sarah Stubbs, Cannon-street. Widow, Jan. 1815. 
Swift Matthew, Gent dec. Houndsditch, and Robert Napolion Augustus Swift, Gent 

Houndsditch, Jan. 1831. 
Swift Matthew, Grent. dec Houndsditch, and Amelia Caroline Swift, Spinatei, 

Houndsditch, Jan. 1831. 
Syeds Agnes, Bermondsey-wall, Widow, Jan. 1830. 


Shrimpse John Tavemer, Lambeth, Gent. dec. July 1814. 17. 

Sorel Judith, Widow, Bishogate-street, and Jane Sorel, Spinster, Bishopgate-street, 

July 1816. 13. 
Stevens Mary, Iieather-lane, Widow, Jan. 1803. 40. 


(From 1780. 

Sherwood Ann, Green Dragon-court, Widow, Oct. 1796. 24. 
Stevenson Joseph, Cannon-street, Grocer, April 1800. 17. 


Strong William, New York, America, Merchant, Oct. 1784. 18. 


(From the First of May 1704.J 

Shaft»e Isabella, Spinster, dec. Servant to Mr. Duval, Jermjm-st. May 1816. 7. 
Smitii Margaret, Tottenham -court-road. Spinster, dec. November 1809. 20. 
Scokett Robert, Servant to Mrs. Bolton, Clifford-street, May 1813. 13. 
Starkey Elizabeth, Whitechapel, Widow, November 1817. 4. 


Sheldon William, Gray's-inn, esq. and John Hosier, esq. dec. Great George-street, 

Westminster, May 1818. 9. 
Smith James, Private in the 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards, May 1817. IK 
Solly Elizabeth, Walthamstow, Essex, Widow, dec. November 1819. 6. 


Sparks Thomas, St. Marv Crav, Kent, Labourer, and Ann his wife, Sept. 1817. 12. 
Stewart Lieut. George, Ormeskirk, Lancashire, March 1805. 37 


Shrimpse John Tavercer, Lambeth, Gent. dec. 5th July 1814. 


(Converied into Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities, 5M July lS2i),J 

Sharkey John Smedley, Dyers-buildings, Holbom, Gent. Henry Glossop, Gent Old 
Brompton, and William Good, dec. Inner Temple, Gent. 5th July 1825* 


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Salnsbnry Jane, wife of the Rev. Lynch SaluibuiTi Hitchin, Herts, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Salvador Francis, jun. Lime-street, Merchant, dec. Jacob Mendes da Costa, Bnry* 

street. Merchant, dec. and Daniel de ¥lores, Cook's-court, Bishopgate-street, 

Merchant, dec. April 1800. 46. 
Sanson! Philip, London-street, Merchant, dec. April 1819. 8. 
Sayer Greorge, Carpenter, Barman Brown, Gent. Thomas Woodland, Bricklayer, and 

Robert Farley, Shipwright, all of St. Lawrence, Ramscate, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Scott Samuel, Crower-street, Merchant, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Seton Alexander, Stockholm, Merchant, and Lorens Frederick Georges, Stockholm^ 

Merchant, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Sherman Richard, Qneens-row, Pentonville, Yictnaller, Oct. 1800. 45. 
Shubrick Jane, Ratcliff-cross, Widow, dec. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Simpson Dame Elizabeth, of the Adelphi, Widow, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Singleton Richard, Islington, esq. dec. April 1815. 16. 
Spangen and Horent, Cornelius Justus Baron, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Straten Sarah, wife of Charles Stratep, New York, Merchant, Oct. 1799. 47 
Snmner William Brightwell, Hatchland, Surrey, esq. dec. Thomas Hohnes, Holme 

Castle, Cumberland, esq. dec. James Amyatt, Stanhope-street, May Fair, Gent. 

dec. and Edward Grose, St. Mary Axe, Gent. dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Sylva Aaron de, St. Paul's Church-yard, Gent. dec. April 1809. 28. 




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Tabor John, Swallow-street, Distiller, dec. Jan. 1809. 28. 

Talbot Ann, Minories, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 

Talbot Thomas, Downing-street, Strand, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 

Talley EUzabeth, Hampton Wick, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Tamplin Ann, Spinster, Portman-square, now wife of T. Morris, July 1808. 12. 

Tamplin Mary, Upper Brook-street, Grosrenor-sq. Spinster, July 1814. 17. 

Tanner William, Bicester, Oxon, Gent. dec. Jan. 1830. 

Tansley Mary, Dorset-street, Marylebone, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Tartas Emanuel, Old-street, St. Luke's, Weaver, July 1816. 13.* 

Tatham Thomas, Mount-street, Grosrenor-square, Upholder, dec. Trustee to the Rev. 

Henry Shepherd, Braddin Curlin, Yorkshire, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Tattersall SybeUa, Otterden, Kent, Widow, and Rev. William de Chair Tattersall, dec. 

Westboume, near Emsworth, Hants. July 1821. 
Tattersall Rev. William de Chair, Vicar of IJedshama, Yorkshire, Rev. Robert Hem- 

ington. Vicar of Thorp Arch, Yorkshire, dec. and Tev. Thomas Chester, Vicar ot 

Cottingham, Yorkshire, July 1816. 13.* 
Tatton Ralph, Acton, Middlesex, Gardener, Jan. 1797. 10. 
Taunton Rev. George, Corpus Christi College, Jan. 1827. 
Taunton John Joseph WiUiam, Totness, Devon, Gent. July 1814. 17. 
Tavemor Mabella, Stepney, Spinster, dec. July 1806. 33. 
Tayler William, Marylebone-park, esq. July 1827. 
Taylor Ann, Pavilion, Brighton, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Taylor Anne Marie, Hozton-square, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Taylor Betsy Ann, Spinster, and Thomas Plant, Finsbur^-pl. Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Taylor Elizabeth, Brick Farm, Mortlake, Suirey, Widow, and Thomas Banbury 

Lenon, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Taylor Fanny, Spinster, &Tho8. Plant, Gent, both of Fmsbury -place, July 1818. 9. 
Taylor Hester, wife of Thomas Taylor, Stone-house, Devon, a Purser in the Royal 

Navy, July 1815. 15. 
Taylor James, Hammersmith, Gent. & Kitty, his wife, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Taylor Jane, Cork-street, near Bond-street, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 10.* 
Taylor John, Somer's-place, Somer's Town, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Taylor John, Glanville-street, Marylebone, Tailor, Jan. 1784. 78. 
Taylor John, Bishops Storford, Herts, Maltster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Taylor Maria, Twickenham, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Taylor Mary, Marylebone, Widow, July 1766. 113. 
Taylor Ricmird, Excise Office, Gent. dec. and John Stanton, St. John-street, a Minor, 

July 1808. 29. 
Taylor Sarah, Bethnal-green, Spinster, dec. wife of Edward Dearie, Golden-lane, 

Schoolmaster, Jan. 1813. 20.* 
Taylor Samuel, Lambeth Marsh, Baker, and George Grove, Wood-street, Watch- 
maker, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Taylor Thomas, Southampton, Gent. Jan. 1819. 10. 
Taylor Thomas, Southampton, Gent. Jan. 1822. 
Taylor Thomas, Gravel-lane, Southwark, Merchant, Richard Till, Lloyd's Coffee-house, 

Insurance-broker, & J. D. Moxon, Liverpool, Merchant, July 1828. 
Taylor William, South-street, Grosvenor-square, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Taylor William, Horsleydown, Gent. Jan. 1794. 17. 
Teasdale Jane, Chiselhurst, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Teasdale Jane, Chiselhurst-hill, Kent. Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Tebbs William, Doctor's-common8,&T. Stillwell, Arundle-st. esqs. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Teekner Thomas, Bangor, North Wales, esq. July 1802. 41. 
Temmins Joseph, Tapton, Denbyshire, Gent. July 1802. 41. 
Temple William Freeman, Roehampton Baker, dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Templeman Peter, Stock Exchange, Gent, and John Lewis Stephani,Winche8ter-st. 

Gent. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Tench John, Martinique, Merchant, Jan. 1797. 51. 



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Terry Margaret, South Lambeth, Widow, Thos. Leighton Terry, John's Coffee-house 

Victualler, & Sarah Terry, South Lambeth, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6.* 
Tharp Mary Philippa, wife of J. Tharp, Curzon-st. May Fair, esq. April 1830. 
Tharp Mary Philippa, wife of J. Tharp, Curzon-st. May Fair, esq. Jan. 1830 
Thick James, Friday-street, Porter to Mr. Croughton, July 1814. 17. 
Thick Martha, Lothbury, Spinster, Servant to R. Payne, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Thomas Elizabeth, Widow, & Edward Hughes, Gent, both of Swansea, July 1801. 43. 
Thomas Mary Ann, Twickenham, Middlesex, Spinster, and Charles Lane, esq. of 

Lincoln's-inn-fields, Jan, 1827. 
Thomas Susannah, Golden-lane, Widow, Jan. 1804. 38. 
Thomas James, Dyer's-court, Aldermanbury, Merchant, July 1808. 29. 
Thomas Joseph, Amen-comer, Paternoster-row, Bookseller, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Thomas Johnson Rowles, Shepperton, Middlesex, Maltster, Robert S. Irish, Frimley, 

Surrey, Surgeon, and H. K.Thomas, a Minor, Jan. 1811. 24. 
Thomas William, Cateaton-street, Warehouseman, and Lewis Samuel Thomas, of the 

same place, a Minor, July 1822. 
Thompson Ann, Kentish Town, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Thompson Ann, Fleet-street, Spinster, Jan. 1793. 60. 
Thompson Ann, Bath, Widow, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Thompson Joseph, Clement's-lane, Merchant, and Mary Ann Thompson, of the same 

place, a Minor, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Thompson Sarah, Lambeth, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Thompson Sarah, Sloane-street, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Thompson Thomas, Cooper, & J. Jenkins, Victualler, dec. 01d-st.-rd. Jan. 1815. 16.* 
Thomson Mary, Dutchess-st. Spinster, Servant to Mr. Hope, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Thorley Robert, Coleman-street-buildings, Merchant, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Thornton John, dec. Aldersgate-street, Silversmith, July 1827. 
Thorn Timothy, Weymouth, Ironmonger, dec. and John Swaffield, Pay Office, Great. 

Jan. 1803. 7. 
Thomas Evan, Llangranock, Cardigan, Clerk, and Ann, his wife, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Thomas John, jun. LeadenhalUmarket, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Thomas Mary Jane,Roylston,nearBeverley, Widow, of unsound mind, July 1828. 
Thomas Robert, Cloaden Whitburn, Durham, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Thomas Sarah, St. Stephen's, Norwich, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Thornhill Thomas, Riddlesworth-hall, Suffolk, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Thompson George, Lombard-street, Gent, and Sarah Broders, Nottingham-terrace, 

New-road, Regent's-park, Widow, July 1828. 
Thompson Joseph, Clement's-lane, Merch. &Mary Ann Thompson, a Minor, Jan. 1815. 
Thompson Sarah, Lambeth, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1819. 
Thompson William, Lawrence Poultney-hill, Merchant, dec. Mary Maber,wifeofRev. 

George Martin Maber, Meethyn Tidewell, Glamorganshire, July 1814. 7. 
Thomson Ellen, Grafton-street, Soho, Spinster, July 1783. 79. 
Thornton George, Kingston-on-Hull, Gent. dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Thornton John, Brock-hall, Northamptonshire, esq. July 1826. 
Thornton Magdalene Juduth, Norton-street, Portland-road, Spinster, and Louis 

Edmund Thornton, of the same place, esq. dec. Oct. 1830. 
Thornton Sarah, wife of John Thornton, Newington, Gent. dec. and Leah Roberts, 

of the same place, a Minor, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Thorp Frances, Hinckley, Leicestershire, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Thrupp Henry East, George-street, Oxford-street, Coach-smith, and Thos. Triphook, 

Kmg's-road-terrace, Chelsea, Stationer, Jan. 1828. 
Thrupp Henry East, George-street, Oxford-street, Coach-smith, and Thos. Triphook, 

King's-road, Chelsea, Stationer, Jan. 1815. 16. 
ThrusselJ William, Offley, Herts, Labourer, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Thynne Right Hon. Lady Caroline, Lower Grosvenor-st. Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Tilbury John, Moulsey, Surrey, Gent, and Mary, his wife, July 1811. 23. 
Tiller Edith, Kensmgton, Servant to William Mann, esq. July 1806. 33. 
Tillett Rebecca, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Fletcher, Camberwell, July 1819. 7. 
Tillick William, Isle of Ely, Orkney, Mariner, Jan. 1820. 6. 
TimbreU Judith, Fleet-market, Spinster, dec. July 1813. 19. 
Timmings John, Haberdashers' -walk, Hoxton, Silk -broker, July 1810. 25. 
Tisley John. Reading Hamlet, Essex. Farmer, July 1819. 7. 


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Tlsley Mary, Reading Hamlet, Essex, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Titford Elizabeth^ Dorking, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1830. 

Todd Ann, Amenca-sqoare, Spinster, Jan. 1797. 7. 

Todd Anna, Hull, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 

Todd Anthony, General Post Office, esq. dec. Anthony Parkin, ditto, esq. J. Bradley, 

Camaby-st. China-man, & R. Thomas, Holywell-st. China-man, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Todd Stephen, Leadenhall-street, Gent. John William Benson, John Adcock, dec. and 

Jacob Boak, of the same place. Gents. July 1812. 21. 
Togwell Sophia, Queen-street, Edgeware-road, Spinster, July 1827. 
Toke Nicholas, Grent. S. Philbrick, Currier, J. Gunn, Hair-dresser, J. Scruby, Farmer, 

and J. T. Clarance, Farmer, all of Great Dunmon, Essex, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Tolcher Henry, dec. & Thomas Cleather, dec. both of Plymouth, esqs. Jan. 1824. 
Tomkins Rebecca, South-pl. Finsbury, Spins, dec. S. Tomkins, Newington Butts, Gent. 

dec. & B. Tomkins, St. Olave's, Southwark, Gent. dec. July 1810. 
Tombes EUzabeth, Cockrup, St. Aid win's, Gloucester, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Tombes Mary Hickes, Colne-street, Aldwin's, Gloucestershire, Spins. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Tombes Mary Hickes, and Elizabeth Lambert Tombes, both of Colne-street, Aldwiu*s, 

Gloucestershire, Spinsters, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Tomson Mary, Bath, Widow, dec. July 1813. 19.* 
Tonkin Elizabeth Windsor, Richmond, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Torkington Serjeant Theodamus, 55th Re^dment of Foot, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Toulmin Abraham, dec. & J. Copeland, botii of Surrey-st. Strand, Agents, July 1819. 7. 
Tovey Cecilia, New Surrey-street, Spinster, July 1788. 69. 
Townsend William, Knightsbridge, esq. dec. John Webb, Lincoln's-inn, esq. and 

William Gore Lan^n, Newton-park, Somerset, esq. Jan. 1824. 
Townsend William, Fulham, esq. ana Joseph Delafield, Camden-place, Kensington. 

esq. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Townsend William, Doctor's-commons, esq. July 1825. 

Townson John, Gray's-inn, & A. Thomson, Old Bethlem^esq. dec. Jan. 1799. 48. 
Tracey James, Salisbury-court, Strand, Gent. dec. and Edward Christian, Holbom, 

Distiller, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Traill William, Portman-street, esg. July 1826. 
Traxon Sarah, Warwick-court, Spmster, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Treacher Mary, Vale-place, Hammersmith, Spinster, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Trebeck Rev. Thomas, Wath Deme, Yorkshire, and James Trebeck, esq. Green-st. 

Grosyenor-square, July 1825. 
Treeton Benjamin, Lower Brook-street, Servant to Genl. Dowdeswell, Jan. 1820. 6. 
.^Trench Rev. Thomas, Dublin, & Sir F. Hutchinson, Dublin, Bart. Jan. 1830. 
Trevelyan Walter, Netherwitton, Northumberland, esq. dec. and John Wilson, esq. 

Morpeth, Jan. 1821. 
Trevor James, Bury-street, St. James's, esq. Jan 1818. 10. 

Tripe Cornelius, dec. Thomas Flourd,&R. Strong, all of Exeter, Gents. July 1819. 7. 
Trotter William, Park-place, Baker-street, Gent. dec. July 1816. 13. 
Troughton Joseph, Stoke, Wai-wickshire, esq. Thomas Streatwells, Overton, Hants, 

esq. dec. and Jane Bridges, Charter-house-square, Spinster, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Trower Robert, Ely-pl. esq. & H. Wall, Pangboume, Berks, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 
Trotman Schadrach, Cowley, Middlesex, Wheelwright, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Tubbs Robert, Harlsden- green, Middlesex, esq. R.Tubbs, Acton, esq. dec. J. Williams, 

Bath, esq. & R. Grant, Russell-place, Fitzroy-square, esq. dec. July 1818. 9. 
Tucker Ann, Sherborne, Dorset, Spinster, July 1814. 17. 
Tucker Capt. Charlton Browne, 24th Light Dragoons, July 1826. 
TugweU Sarah, wife of G. H. TugweU, Bath, Baker, July 1827. 
Tunecliff Richard, Rochester, Kent, Gent. July 1816. 13.* 
Tapper Carre Cooke, Chelsea-common, esq. Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Turnbull James, Bishopgate-street, Gent. July 1817. 11.* 
Tumbull Margaret, Cumberland-street, Pancras, Widow, July 1820. 
Turner Elizabeth, Hertford-st. Spinster, Servant to Mr. Mac Cartney, Jan. 1790. 66. 
Turner John, Chinkford Hatch, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Turner John, Great Portland-street, Gent. Jan. 1798. 50. 
Turner Thomas, Mistley Thome, Essex, Mariner, July 1810. 25. 
Turpin James, Tooting, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Turquand Harriot, Spital-square, Spinster, July 1829. 

^ 165 , 

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Turton Thomas Edward Michell, Temple, &W. B.Wallace, Dublin, esqs. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Tuthill Patrick, Sawbridgeworth, Essex, Carpenter, dec. July 1805. 9. 

Turton William, Harley, Herts, eso. July 1812. 21. 

Twig|; John Fox, Grantham, Lincolnshire, Farmer, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Twinmg Richard, jun. Strand, esq. & M. N. Daniel, Powis-pl. Gent. July 1819. 7« 

Twining Richard, Strand, esq. & M. N. Daniel, Powis-plaoe, Gent. July 1819. 7 

Twiss John, sen. Alsagree, near Lawton, Cheshire, esq. July 1800. 45. 

Twopeny William, and Edward Twopeny, Trustees to tne Dean and Chapter of 

Rochester, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Twycross Elizabeth, Mile-end, Spinster, and Thomas Gribble, jun. Stock Exchange, 

Gent. July 1823. 
Tylee Elizabeth, dec. wife of Heniy Dixon Tylee, Bath, Musician, Jan. 1823. 
Tyssen Samuel, Nasborough-hall, Swaffham, Norfolk, esq. July 1825. 


Tallemach John, Kingston, Surrey, Carpenter, dec. Oct. 1828. 

Tarrant John, East Mailing, Kent, Farmer, Oct. 1822. 

Tatham Lawrence Crew, &L. M. Tatham, Warwick, Gents. Oct. 1819. 7- 

Taunton Rev. George, M. D. Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, April 1815. 16. 

Taylor Hannah, Sawbridge, Kent, Spinster, April 1817. 15. 

Taylor Robert, Crutched Friars, Ship Agent, Oct. 1814. 17. 

Taylor Frances, wife of J. Taylor, Holles-street, Cayendish-square, esq. Oct. 1807. 8. 

Taynton Robert Thomas, Bromley, Kent, Surgeon, April 1829. 

Tebb Richard, Westham, Essex, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11.* 

Tedd Edward, Southweald, son of Capt. John Tedd, Oct. 1793. 59. 

Thacker William, jun. Puin, Staffordshire, Attorney at Law, April 1818. 10. 

Thame John, Newton, Hants, Yeoman, Oct. 1821. 

Tharp Mary Phillippa,wifeof J.Tharp, Curzon-street, May Fair, esq. April 1830. 

Thomas Rev. John, L. L. D. Lord Bishop of Rochester, oec. April 1805. 36. 

Thomas Francis, Charlotte-street, Portland-place, Spinster, Oct. 1828. 

Thomas George, Yapton, Sussex, Charles Goring, Weston, Sussex, and Nathanid 

Tedcroft, Horsham, esqs. April 1812. 22. 
Thomas Sarah, St. Stephen-street, Norwich, Spinster, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Thomas Joseph, New-street, Brunswick-square, Painter and Glazier, and J. Wright, 

Black Notley, near Baintree, Essex, Carpenter, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Thomas Mary Jane, Rolston, near Beverley, Yorkshire, Widow, April 1828. 
Thompson James, Mortimer-street, Coach-maker, Apnl 1801. 44. 
Thompson Elizabeth, Windsor, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Thompson Daniel, Minories, Grent. dec. April 1816. 14. 
Thomson Mary, Tottenham, Middlesex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1824. 
Thomson William, Chandos-street, Covent-garden, Cabinet-maker, April 1801. 44. 
Thoresby Ralph, Newington, Clerk, dec. Thomas Pitches, Post Office, Gent. dec. and 

Elias Brownsword, London, Stationer, dec. Oct. 1805.' 35. 
Thome Thomas Buxton, Addle-street, Wood-street, Baker, and Thomas Manley, 

Wood-street, Brazier, April 1809. 28. 
Thornton Claude George, Russell-square, esq. April 1818. 10. 
Thornton Magdalena Juduth, Norton-street, rortland-road, Spinster, and Louis 

Edmund Thornton, of the same place, esq. dec. Oct. 1830. 
Thornton William Simmons, Canterbury, Butcher, and George Lawrence, Canterbury, 

Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Tickner Elizabeth, West Horsley, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Timbrel Ann, Lewisham, Widow, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Timmis Elizabeth, Orchard-street, Westminster, Widow, April 1805. 36. 
Tingcombe, Elizabeth, Plymouth, Spinster, April 1824. 
Titherly Arthur Abbott, Hatherleigh, Devonshire, Gent. April 1817- 12. 
Titford Elizabeth, Dorking, Surrey, Spinster, Oct. 1830. 
Togwell George, Charing-cross, Gent. April 1819. 8. 

Toke Mary, Spmster, Servant to Mr. Walker, Uttontonshire, Oct. 1814. 17.* 
ToUoday Mary Ann, Cleveland-house, St. James's, Spinster, Oct. 1814. 17 
Tookey James, Rockingham, Northamptonshire, Labourer, dec. Oct. 1821. 
Toulmin Abraham, dec. & J. Copeland, Surrey-st. Strand, Navy Agents, April 1819. 8t 
Toumay Rev. William,* Denton, Kent, Oct. 1814. 17. 


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Townsend Spenoer George^ St. James's, €rent. Oct. 1807. 31. 

Townsend Aiin, High Hoiborn, Spinster, Oct. 1824. 

Towry Geo. Phillips, Somerset-pl. dec. W. Le Gros, Chigwell, Essex, esqs. D. Hacon, 

Hackney, Surseon, & J. Warman, Shackelwell, Drawing-master, Oct. 1816. 13.* 
Trealaway laeut. Jonathan, of the East India Compsay*B Service, April 1818. 10. 
Tremlett Anthony, W. Nation, & J. Tremlett, all of Exeter, Gents. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Trigge lieut. GenL Sir Thomas, K. B. Savill-row, dec. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Trotman Shadrach, Cowley. Middlesex, Millwright, April 1817. 12. 
Trotter William, York-bmldmgs, Baker-street, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Try Edward, Stockwell. Surrey, esq. Oct. 1823. 
Try Catherine, Isleworth, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 
Tryon Major George, Kilbum, Oct. 1823. 
Tucker Rev. George, Musburv, Devonshire, Clerk, dec William Patterson, Lyme 

Regis, Dorset, esq. and Uto, Smith, Axminster, Devon, esq. Oct. 1812. 21.* 
Tuckley Ann, Spinster, Servant to J. Bosanquet, esq. Broxburn, Herts, now wife of 

R. SharUng, India-house, Gent. Oct. 1802. 7. 
Tnfiiell Ann, Langleys, Essex, Spinster, April 1827. 
Tunecliff Richard, Broadway, Hammersmith, Tailor, April 1816. 14.* 
Tuning Jan Marcus, Rotterdam, Merchant, Oct. 180K2. 41. 
Tumey Anne, Eltham, Kent, Spinster, April 1804. 38. 
Turner Henry, Barbican, Refiner, dec. Oct. 1823. 

Turner Fanny, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Tyser, Barking, Essex, Oct. 1817. U. 
Turner Henry, BEurbican, Refiner, dec Oct. 1813. 19. 

Turquand William, Stock Exchange, & H. Stead, New-st. Kennington, April 1817. 12. 
Turton Wm., Wibberthall, Worcester, & J. Jenkins, Temple, esqs. April 1817. 12. 
Tvropenny Rev. Richard, Little Casterton, Rutkndshire, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Twycross Stephen, Waltham-cross, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Tyerman Thomas, Piccadilly, Haberdasher, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Tyler William, Walthamstow, Essex, Carpenter, April 1826. 


Tanner Martha, Aylesbury, Bucks, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Tanner Jonathan, Reading, Berks, Brewer, July 1819. 7. 

Tappy Francis Lewis, Gent. & J. Cook, Butcher, both of Woolwich, July 1813. 19. 

Taylor John, Broad-street, Merchant, dec. Jan. 1818. 5. 

Taylor Amelia, Miller-street, Camden Town, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Taylor Ann, Andover, Hants, Widow, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Taylor Catherine, Marsaret-street, Cavendish-square, Widow, Jan. 1803. 40. 

Taylor Elizabeth, Venuam-buildings, Gray's-inn-laue, Spinster, Jan. 1818. K). 

Taylor Nancy, Basinghouse-yard, Kingsland-road, Widow, July 1819. 7. 

Taylor William Swain, Lambeth, Gent. July 1816. 13. 

Taylor Sarah, York-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Jan. 1812. 22. 

Templer George, Pall Mall, esq. dec Jan. 1817. 12. 

Terrey Elizabeth, Barnes, Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Terry Helen, of the Parish of St. Owen's, Hereford, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Tester Thomas, Cuckfield, Sussex, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Thorn Alexander, Hatton-garden, Holbom, esq. July 1817. 11* 

Thomas Ann, Chester, Spinster, July 1805. 35. 

Thomas Elizabeth, Bath, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 

Thomas Henry, Coulsden, Gardener, aad William Thomas, Tandridge, a Minor, both 
in Surrey, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Thomas Sarah, Lower Grosvenor-place, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Iliompson Archibald, East Stonehouse, Devon, Physician in the Royal Naval Hospital, 
Thomas Cleather, Plymouth, esu. dec. James Magenis, Great Chesterford Essex, 
M. D. and Joseph Whiteford, Plymouth, esq. July 1819. 7. 

Thompson Elizabeth, Windsor, Berks, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Thompson Martha Mary, Newgate-market, Spinster, July 1813. 19. 

Thomson Margaret, Creed-lane, Spinster, July 1808. 29. 

Tiffen Hannah, Edmonton, Spinster, July 1812. 21. 

Tillar Edith, East-street, Manchester-square, July 1812. 21. 

Tilley Charles, Sittingboume, Kent, Plumber, July 1814. 17 

Tilford Margaret, BunhUl-row, Spinster, July 1819. 7* 





Tillick 'William, of biis Migesty's Ship Mdampns, Mariner, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Tiller Susanna Sophia, Brentford, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan, 1814. 18. 

Timbrell Robert, esq. & Rev. R. D. Cumberland, both of Ciiencester, July 1817. 11 

Tmston Sarah, Brentford, Middlesex, Widow, July 1817. 11. 

ToTey Harry, Tattle-court, Bermondsey, Tallow-diandler, July 1815. 15. 

Townsend William, Serrt. to Mr. Rhodes, Wellclose-sq. Sugar-refiner, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Townson Rebecca, Cannon-street-road, St. George's, East, Widow, dec. Jacob Geo. 

Bryant, Chatham, Surgeon, & Mary EUzabeth Bryant, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Tregenza John, Grent. & C. Tregenza, Spins, both of lyelchester, July 1817. 11. 
Tribe Mary, Chatham, Kent, Widow, Edward Tribe, Marden, Kent, Surgeon and 

Apothecary, and Chas. Townson, Chatham, Kent, Bookseller, July 1818. 9. 
Triplet William, Boatswain of his M^esty's Ship Valiant, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Trowell Ellas, Peterborough, Northampton, Inn-holder, dec. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Trotter William, Park-phice, Baker-street, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Try Edward, Stockwell, Surr^, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Tuck Marthd, Langley Burrell, Wilts, Spinster, dec. July 1813. 7. 
' Turner Catherine, Park-hall, near Kidderminster, Spinster, July 1814. 17 
Turner William, Park-hall, near Kidderminster, Gent. July 1814. 17. 
Turner Fanny, Barking, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Turner Sarah, Pleasant-court, Broad-wall, Lambeth, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Turrell Richard, and Francis Turrell, both of Long-acre, Coadmiakers, July 1816. 13. 
Tuttle Ann, Windsor, Berks, Widow, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Twent Adriaan Pietre, Gonda, esq. July 1801. 43. 


Tamplin Ann, Portman-square, Spinstei now wife of Thomas Morris, Trewthen, 
Monmouthshire, Gent. April 1808. 12. 

Tappen Jemima, Charles-street, St. James's-square. Spinster, April 1815. 16. 

Tappy Francis Lewis, Gent. & J. Cook, Butcher, both of Woolwich, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Tarbox Ann, Spinster, Servant to Mr. J. Wall, Cadiz, Spain, April 1819. 8. 

Tasker John, Horton Kirby, Kent, esq. William Mumford,dec. and J. Mumford,jun. 
both of Sutton-at-Hone, Gents. Oct 1813. 19. 

Terry William, Sutton Colefield, Warwickshire, Surgeon, Oct. 1818. 9. 

Thomas HUin HiU, St. Michael-hill, Bristol, Spinster. April 1819. 8. 

Thomson Elizabeth, Lower Brook-street, Grosyenor-sauare, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 

Thompson Joseph, Gent. &Mary MilMeld, Widow, botnof Workington, Cumberland, 
Ann Bateman, wife of W. Bateman, Plumber's-row, Whitechapel, April 1817. 12. 

Thorley Robert, Coleman-street-buildings, Merchant, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Tickell John, St. Mmver, ComwaU, esq. &Rev. J. Bawle, Salisbury ,WiltsOctl817. 11. 

Tieberman Frederick, Seryant to W. Gaunslett, Winchester, esq. Oct. 1810. 25. 

Tillick William Ely, Orkney Island, Mariner, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Tilt Mary, Ludgate-hill, Spinster, W. Marriott, City-road, Gent. T. Marriott, Camo- 
mile-street, Gent, and T. F. Ranee, City-road, Gent. April 1816. 14. 

Tizzard Sarah, wifeof W. Tizzard, Church-la.'Whitechapel, Cork-cutter, Aprfl 1817. 12. 

Tomkins James, 14, South Audley-street, Grosyenor-s<iuare, Gent. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Tomkins Wm., dec J. Tomkins, & J. Tomkins, all of Abingdon, Bankers, Oct.*1819. 7. 

Torrin Benjamin, Englefield-green, Surrey, James Dott, Bittem-groye, Hants, Lake 
Eyill, Bath, and Jonathan Elford, Plymouth, esqs. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Townsend Andrew, Woolwich, Victualler, April 1812. 22. 

Townsend Lieut. Col. Samuel, Wigmore-street, Cayendish-sq. April 1805. 36 

Townson Robert, West Sleckbum, Durham, Farmer, April 1817. 12. 

Tremayne John, Parish of Constantine, near Falmouth, Gent. dec. April 1818. 10. 

Trinder Mark, Broadway, Worcestershire, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Trotter William, 30, York-buildings, Baker-street, Gent. dec. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Treeman William, Crown-street, Westminster, Gent. dec. April 1818. 10. 

Tuck James, and James Pemell, Bethnsd-green, Gents. April 1819. 8. 

Tudway John Paine, Wells, Somersetshire, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Turner Thomas Watson, Potter, James Fletcher, Butcher, Wm. Spindler, Seedsman, 
and Lawrence Rowe, Soap-boiler, all of Brentford, Middlesex, April 1814. 18. 

Tween Charlotte, Ware, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

jTween Sarah, Ware, Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Tyrrell Timothy, GuUdhall, London, Gent. Oct. 1815. 15. 


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Taplin Frances, Great Park-street, Kennington-cross, Widow, April 1819. 8. 

Taylor William, jun. Totness, Devon, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Taylor Elizabeth, Vemlam-bmldings, Spinster, 5th April 1818. 

Taylor Sarah, CliflTord's-inn, Widow, 10th Oct. 1821. 

Thane William, Rnssell-plaoe, Fitzroy-square, Grent. and Kitty, his wife, Oct 1829. 

Tbodey Thomas, little Berkhampstead, Herts, Yeoman, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Thomas David, St. Martin's, Shrewsbury, April 1818. 10. 

Thomas William, St. Martin's, Shrewsbury, Gent. April 1818. 10. 

Tennant John, Servant to G. F. Evans, esq. Suxton, Northampton, now Servant to 

Sir John Moseley, Bart. Woolverhampton, April 1814. 12. 
Treacher Benjamin, Somer's Town, Grent. dec. & Mary, his wife, April 1816. 14. 
Thwaite John, Keswick-under-Skiddaw, Cumberland, Husbandman, April 1817. 5. 
Turner Henry, Rector, W. Sandiver, Surgeon, dec. W. Thorp, Grocer, C. Hammond, 

Banker, and E. Wetherby, all of Newmarket, Suffolk, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Tylar Reynar, Cook at Messrs. Birch's, Comhill, 10th Oct. 1825. 


Tanner Henry, Captain in the Bengal Establishment, Jan. 1823. 

Tapp John, of Dorchester, Dorset, Gent. dec. Jnlj 1824. 

Taylor Elizabeth, Brick-farm, Mortiake, Surrey, Spins. & M. Bankes, aMinor, Jan. 1830. 

Taylor Elizabeth, Verulam -buildings, Gray's-inn, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 

Taylor John, Jermyn-street, St. James's, Gent. Jan. 1823. 

Taunton William Elias, esq. dec. and Frances Taunton, Spinster, Serjeants' -inn. 

Fleet-street, July 1830. 
Terry John, Brixton-hill, Carpenter, July 1825. 
Tester Thomas, Cuckiield, Sussex, Gent. Jan. 1817. 
Thom Alexander, Hatton-garden, Holbom, esq. July 1817. 
Thomas William, Fore-street, Cripplegate, Gent. July 1824. 
Thompson Esther, wife of W. J. Thompson, Dunster's-court, Mincing-lane, Broker, and 

Elizabeth Mary Faithfull,wifeofP. Faithfull, Kendall, Westmore and, July 1830. 
Thomson Thomas, Servant to Lord William Gordon, Jan. 1828. 
Thornton John, Colchester, Gent. dec. Jan. 1822. 
Thornton William Henry, Lisbon, esq. Jan. 1823. 
Tielbier Joachim Christoph, Berry-street, St. James's, Baker, Jan. 1826. 
Tildesley Sophia, Millbank-row, Westminster, Spinster, July 1812. 
Tiley Thomas, Stockwell, Surrey, Wax-chandler, Jan. 1825. 

Tilley William, Wood's-buildings, Curtain-road, Gent. dec. & Mary, his wife, Jan. 1831 
Tosswill Robert, Exeter, Gent. July 1824. 
Townsend William, Bridewell-hospital, Gent. dec. Jan. 1823. 
Tuck Mary, St. George's, Tombland, Norwich, Spinster dec. & John Rowley, Coburg- 

place, Judd-street, Brunswick-square, Gent. Jan. 1825. 
Tupper Abraham, Bombay, East Indies, Linen-draper, July 1830. 
Tupper James, Nova Scotia, Timber Merchant, July 1830. 
Tumbull Henry, Wollerton, Norfolk, Gardener, dec. Jan. 1826. 
Turner Fanny, Barking, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 
Turner Henry, Dalham, Suffolk, Farmer, Jan. 1823. 
Turner Robert John, Norwich, esq. July 1828. 
Turner John, Fleet-street, esq. and Thomas Hotchkiss Littler, esq. Warwick-street, 

Charing -cross, July 1821. 
Tumour Hon. Arthur Richard, and Sir Charles Chad, Bart. Brownsea-castle, Poole, 

Dorset, Jan. 1822. 


Taylor Henry, Cripplegate, Tea-urn, Manufacturer, & John Hodgker, Penton-street, 
PentonviUe Gent. July 1814. 17. 


(Converted into Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities^ 5th July lS2b.J 
The Masters, Fellows, and Scholars of the College, or Hall, of the Holy and Undivided 

Trinity of Cambridge, & L. Andrew, Queen-sq. Westminster, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Tilson Frances, Brook-street, Westminster, Spmster, dec. April 1803. 40. 
Trapp John, Whitechapel, Rope-maker, dec. and James Hatchkis, Blackman -street, 

Shoe-maker, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Taylor Lieut. Col. Philip Charles, Chdtenham, Ghmcestershire, 10th Oct. 1826. 
Thomas Dayid, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square, Plasterer, 10th Oct. 1825. 
Thomewill Thomas, Dove Cliff, Borton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, esq. 5th April 1826. 
Thwaites Maria, dec. and Leah Bartlett, dec. both of Jamaica Level, Rothertiithe, 
both Widows, 10th Oct. 1826. 


Tedd Edward, son of Capt. John Tedd, Southweald, April 1754. 79. 


Todd George, Belsize, Hampstead, esq. 5th April 1827 

Topper Ann, Newport-court, Newport-market, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 


(From 1794.) 

Travis Robert, Silkstead-house, near Winchester, esq. dec. May 1813. 13. 
Turner Wingfield, jun. London-road, Gent, and Sarah, his wife, Nov. 1796. 46. 


(Principal Paid in Full lOM Oct. 1824.J 

Thomas Mary, wife of P.S.Thomas, Merthollydwyle, near Cardiff, Gent. 5th Aprill820. 

Thomas WiUiam, King's Stanley, Stroud, Victualler. No Dividend. 

Thorley Robert, Coleman-street-buildings, Merchant, 10th Oct. 1819. 

Thome Ann, St. Peter's, Worcester, Spinster. No Dividend. 

Todd Lovell, Weres Cot, Somerset, esq. Richard Baron Bellett, Stamford, Arundell, 

Somerset, esq. and Henry Williams, Falmouth, esq. 5th April 1822. 
Tomkins James, South Audley -street, Grosvenor-square, Gent. 10th Oct. 1818. 
Torrin Benjamin, Englefield-green, Surrey, James Dott, Bittern-grove, Hants, Lake 

EviU, Bath, and Jonathan Elford, Plymouth, esqs. 5th April 1824. 


Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Urqnhart Walter, and B. J. HopkinioD, both of Demarara, Gent. Jan. 1827. 


Jdny Manr, Cbidiester, Widow, July 1811. 23. 
Underwood Thomas, Chipping Barnet, Middlesex, G^t. July 1819. 7. 


Uhthoff Rev. Henry, Huntingfield, Suffolk, July 1828. 

Underwood Thomas, Chipping Bamet, Middlesex. Gent. dec. July 1819. 


Underwood Sarah, Spinster, Servt. to Mrs. ArmRtrong, Portman-sq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Urquhart Walter, of Great Ormond-strcet, esq. dec. Oct. 1830. 


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Vaine Fhoebey New Bond-ttreet, Spinster, Jan. 1807. 32. 

Vaughan Walter, Rochester, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1813. 20. 

Vau^ian Rev. Dr. Peter, Warden, Merton College, Oxon, Jan. 1813. 19. 

Vautier Thomas, dec. son of Francis, St. Clement's, Jersey, Mariner, Joljr 1806. 8. 

Venn Rev. John, Clapham, dec.&R. Prior, ofthe same place, Surgeon, July 1812. 21. 

Vernon Most Rev. Father in Qod Edward Venables, Lord Archbishop of York, Rev. 

James Clarke Franks, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Rev. Samuel Knight, Hallifaz, 

Yorkshire, and Rev. Samuel Shaip, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Jan. 1825. 
Vernon Margaret, Wentworth Castle, Yorkshire, Widow, July 1818. 9. 
Vincent Sarah, Lambeth, Widow, Jan. 1823. 
Vincent Sophia, Berkeley-square, Spinster, July 1813. 19. 
Vinnicombe Aim, Norton-street, Fitzroy-Muare, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Vnlliamy Sarah^ Pall Mall, Widow, & J.T.Vulliamy, PaU Mall, Gent. Jan. 1825. 
Vyse Rev. William, L.L. D. dec. Rev. Stephen Swabey, John Middleton, esq. and 

T. Lettjun. esq. all of Lambetii, July 1815. 15. 
Vyve Rev. WiUiam, D. D. Rector of Lambeth, dec. and Rev. William Vincent, D. D. 

Dean's-yard, Westminster, dec. Jan. 1826. 


Vanburgh Prisca, Bath, Widow, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Veale Marv Ann, Osnaburg-row, Pimlico, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7* 

Verinder Rachel, Gloucester, Spinster, dec. April 1819. 8. 

Verinder William, Bunhill-row, Cutler, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Vezian Catherine, St. Marylebone, Widow, dec. April 1776. 94. 

Vialls Amos, Knightsbridge, Gent. dec. Oct. 1829. 

Vicars Marv, Golden-square, Spinster, Oct. 1790. 65. 

Villiers Right Hon. Jolm Charl^Grosvenor-street, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Vine James, Size-lane, esq. and William Steer, Pall Mall, esq. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Vizard John, Dursley, Gloucestershire, Gent. dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Voison James Peter, Green-arbour-court, Water-lane, Colourman, Oct. 1798* 49. 

Voller Thomas, Eltham, Labourer, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Vulliamy Benjamin Lewis, Pall Mall, esq. April 1818. 10. 

V3mer Charles James, Grafton-street, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1818. 9. 

Vyner Elizabeth Soplua, Grafton-street, Middlesex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1826. 

Vyvyan Sir Richard Rawlinson, Trelowarren, Cornwall, Bart. April 1827. 


Vare Thomas, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Verchan John, Servt. to Hon. Mrs. Molyneux, Jbhn-st. Berkeley-sq. Jan. 1793. 60. 
^.Vernon Margaret, Wentworth-castle, Barsley, Yorkshire, Widow, July 1815. 15. 
' Venn Ann, Spins. Servt. to Mrs. Winstanley, Brown Candover, Hants, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Vine James, Bemard-st. & WiUiam Steer, Old Broad-st. esqs. Jan. 1817. 12. 

Vivadi Matthew, Spittleborough, Wilts, Gent, and Adam Henley, Middlehill, Wilts, 
Gent. dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 

Virgm Ann, Spins. Servt. to Hon. Greorse Pelham, Bew-hill, July 1803. 39. 

Voller Thomas, St. Paul's Church-yard, Gent. dec. Richard Smith, Friday-street, 
Grent. dec. and Owen Cordiom, Stock Exchange, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Vyner Elizabeth Sophia, Grafton-street, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 


Vance Hugh, Greorge-street, Forster-lane, Optician, April 1812. 20. 
Yicttuler Mary, HoUingbom, near Maidstone, Kent, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Vinnicombe lUchard, Angel-court, Windmill-street, Grent. dec. April 1810. 26. 
Viveash Oriel, Calne, Wutshire, Clothier, John Merewether, Blackland, Gent. Slater 
Heale,Clothier,&A.Wayte, Surgeon, dec. both of Cakie, Wiltshire, Oct. 1817. 11. 


Velley Maria, Dawlish, Devon, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


ViaUi Amos, Knifl^ttbridge, Geot. dec. Oct 1829. 15. 

Vickeri Elizabeth, Kingston, Surrey, Spinster, April 1816. 14. 

Vincent James, London-bridge, Scale-maker, Samuel Fraver, Tooley-street, Slop- 
seller, and Andrew Winpenny, Sloane-street, Stock-broker, April 1816. 14. 

Vincent James, London-bridge, Scale-maker, Samuel Favell, of Tooley-street, Slop- 
seller, and Andrew Winpenny, Sloane-street, Stock-broker, dec. Oct. 1830. 


Venn Edward, Bow-la. Broker, dec. &Wm.6oodall,Garlick-hill, Merchant, July 1821. 
Vickermyne Catherine, Queen-square-plaoe, Wesminster, Widqrw, Jan. 1823. 
Vizard Wm., Lincoln's-inn-fields, esq. & J. Fowler, Mansion-bouse-pl. esq. July 1824. 
Voisin Anne, daughter of Jacob St. Uellier, Jersey, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Vulliamy Sarah, Kensington Gravel-pits, Widow, Beniamili Lewis VuUiamy, and 
Justin Theodore VuUiamy, both of Pall Mall, esqs. Jan. 1823. 


Vyse Rer. A/Hlliam, D. D. Rector of Lambeth, dec. and Rev. William Vincent, 
Dean's-yard, Westminster, dec. April 1816. 14. 


Vale William, Portman-street, Portman-square, Builder, 5th April 1826. 


Vanlennep Marie Pulcherie, Smyrna, Spinster, Oct. 1828 
Vere James, Wexford, esq. 5th April 1827. 


Wace Richard, Shrewsbury, Gent.*^. Charles Clay, Whitchurch, Gent, and Benjamin 

Larkin, the Younger, Whitchurch, Gent. July 1830. 
Wace Richard, Charles Clay, Benjamin Larkin, the Younger, and James Eyton 

Watson, all of Whitchurch, Gents. July 1830. 
Waddington Henry, Bridge- street, Blackfriars, Merchant, July 1810. 25. 
Waghom Thomas, Stock Exchange, Grent. Alexander Lowe, Parliament-street, Gun- 
Maker, and Robert Mounsey, Castle-yard, Attorney at Law, Jan. 1805. 36. 
Waffner Henry Michell, King's College, Cambridge, esq. Jan. 1816. 7. 
Wait Thomas, Southcote, Berks, Wire-drawer, Jidy 1819. 7. 
Waker William, Great Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, Gent. dec. July 1817. 11. 
Walker Edward, Cresting Thorp, Essex, esq. and Ann Wright, Castle Headinffham. 

Essex, Widow. July 1818. 9. 
Walker James, Servant to Mr. Purling, Devonshire-place, Jan. 1803. 8. 
Walker Joseph, Doctor's-commons, esq. dec. & J. Ormsby Temple, esq. July 1809. 27. 
Walker Joseph, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Walker Hannah, Twistor's-alley, Spinster, dec. July 1807. 32. 
Walker Samuel, Old South Sea-house, Servant to Mr. Bonham, July 1812. 21. 
Walker Samuel, Chancery-lane, Servant to J. Welbank, esq. and Ann Walker, his 

wife, July 1829. 
Walker Rev. Benjamin, North Allerton, Yorkshire, dec. July 1814. 17. 
Walkington Elizabeth, Brook-street, Spinster, Jan. 1786. 74. 
Welkins Christian, Strand, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Wall Thomas, Birmingham, Merchant, and Thomas Keysall, Ludlow, Salop. Yeoman. 

July 1816. 13. 
Wallis Marv, George-inn, Aldermanbury, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Wallop William, Owen's-plaoe, Goswell-street, G^t. and Margaret Wallop, wife of 

Bennett WaUop, ditto, ditto, esq. dec. July 1813. 12. 


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Walsh James, Montme-square, esa. July 1815. 15.* 

Walsh Francis, jun. Bartholomew-close, Gent, and Charles Shephard Walsh, aMinor, 

of the same place, Jan. 1801. 44. 

WalKs , Whitechapel, Spmster, July 1807. 31. 

Walter James, Deptford, Pawnbroker, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Walton Mary, Lower Eaton-street, Pimlico, Spmster, July 1818. 9. 

Warlrargh Sophia, wife of M. S. Warburg, ArtiUery-Dlace, Gent. July 1819. 7. 

Warburton Mary, wife of Francis Warburton, Great St. Andrew's-street, Seven-dials, 

Enrrayer, dec. July 1822. 
Ward Charles, Drury-lane, Coach-ironmonger, and Tlieodore Ward, of the same 

place, a Minor, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Ward Rev. John, Rector of Kirk Langlev, Derbyshire, dec. and his Trustee, Bache 

Heatchcote, Over, Derbyshire, esq. Jan. 1816. 
Ward William, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Ward Edmund, Church-street, Soho, Gent Jan. 1804. 38. 
Ward Greorge GU)dfrey, Wardland, Rutlandshire, Grazier, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Ward John Prior, dec. Mary Ward, his wife, dec. and Mary Elizabeth Ward, Spinster, 

all of Godliman-street, Doctor's-commons, Jan. 1823. 
Ward Mary, Islington, Servant to James Smith, July 1819. 7. 
Ward Thomas, Star-court, Bermondsey, Smith, Charlotte Ward, his wife, and Mary 

Prior Ward, a Minor, July 1819. 7. 
Wardell Bayles, Weymouth, esq. dec. July 1825. 
Wardley William, Excise Office, London, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Wardiam Edith, Spinster, at Mr. Robinson's, Hiitton-garden, July 1817. 11. 
Waring Catherine, Mile-^, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Warington Daniel Richard, Widdon, T. Coles, Thornton Heath, W. Jacob, Chelsam 

Lodge, and George Scott, Purlejr Oakes, esqs. all in Surrey, July 1819. 7 
Warkin Lydia, Spitalfields-market, Widow, July 1763. 119. 
Wame Mary, Great Canford, Dorset, Spinster, and John Dunford, Poole, Dorset, 

Block-maker, July 1824. 
Warner Edward, Royal Exchange, Qeat. dec. Martha Levett, Widow, and Thomas 

Levett, Gent both of Nortbfleet, Kent, July 1813. 19. 
Warner Martha, Houndsditch, Widow, Jan. 1761. 124. 
Warran James, Mairland Point, near Stratford, Grent. & Mary, his wife, Jan. 1824. 
Warren Elizabeth, Campsev, near Worcester, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 
Warren Maria, Spinster, Magdalen-hospital, Servt. to Rev. J. Prince, July 1815. 15. 
Warren Mary, Hoxton-square, Spinster, July 1771. 103. 
Warwick William, Swan Brewhouse, Whitechapel, Ostler, Jan. 1816. 14. 
Wastfidd Walter, Chippenham, \^ts, Gent and Robert Bailey, Gent Chaston. 

Wilts, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Waterman James, St. James's-street, Jan. 1802. 42. 
Waters Esther, Pierrepoint-row, Islin|||ton, Widow, July 1816. 13. 
Waters Morgan, James-street, Adelphi, esq. July 1808. 29. 
Watkins Mary, wife of William Watkms, Bristol, Shoe-maker, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Watney Eleanor, Mitcham, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Watson Ann, Hoddesdon, Herts, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Watson Atherton, Upton-hall, North Hants, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Watson Henry, Nixon-square, Gent. dec. July 1804. 37. 
Watson Horace, Hendon, Middlesex, esq. and Daniel Watson Stalker, Leadenhall- 

street, esq. Jan. 1821. 
Watson John, Jacob-street, Dock-hrad, Bricklayer, July 1819. 7. 
Watson Margaret, Union-street, Whitechapel, Spinster, July 1804. 37. 
Watson Capt Nathaniel, Falmouth, dec. Jan. 1813. 
Watts Elisabeth, Eaton-street, Pimlico, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Watts Elizabeth Ann, Grafton-street, Bond-street, Widow, July 1816. 13. 
Watts Jane, James-street, Lambeth-marsh, Spinster, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Weath Sarah, Fleet-street, Widow, Jan. 1824. 
Weatherby Edward, Gent C. Hammond, Banker, W. Sandiver, Surgeon, dec. and 

William Thorp, Grocer, all of Newmarket, July 1814. 17. 
Weatherley Robert, Howiton-dock, Walls-end, Northumberland, Gent and Elizabeth 

Weatheikv, his wife, Jan. 1830. 
Weatherstone Alexander, Carey-street, Merchant, dec July 1823. 


..yitized by Google 

Weaiheraton Archibald, Balmboro'-Mars, Northumberland, 6ent< and JaneWeather- 
8ton« his wife, Jan. 1817. 12.* 

Weayer Tliomag, Gloucester, dec. and S. James, Chepstow, esqs. July 1815. 15.* 

Weatherall Ann, dec. wife of T. Weatherall, Cheapside, Haberdasher, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Web George, Newinp^ton-place, Kenninffton, esq. Thomas Furber, Stock Exchange, 
Grent. and Carohne S. F. Browne, AJbany-road, Kent-road, Spins. July 1819. 7. 

Webb Ann, Maidstone, Kent, Spinster, Servant to Mrs. Whitman, July 1803. 39. 

Webb William, Hatfield, Broad-oak, Essex, Farmer, July 1826. 

Webb Sarah, Kiston, Kent, Spinster, at Rev. Mr. Martins, July 1818. 9.* 

Webb Greorge, Stone, near Feversham, Farmer, July 1817. 11. 

Webb Thomas, Flitton, Huntingdonshire, Gent. July 1817. 11.* 

Webb Henry, Chiswick, Middlesex, Gent July 1815. 15. 

Webb Francis, Close Sarum, esq. dec. Thomas Salisbury, Fordington, Dorset, esq. and 
Richard Webb, Close Inn, Sarum, Gent. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Webb Samuel, Sweeney, Shropshire, Butler to Thomas N. Parker, July 1814. 6. 

Webb Margaret, Wood-street, Widow, dec. Jan. 1774. 98. 

Webb Nathaniel Spencer, India Company's Artillery Service, Jan. 1816. 6. 

Webber Ann, Chichester, Widow, Jan. 1829. 

Webber Elizabeth, Dartford, Kent, Spinster, Jan. 1821. 

Webber Rev. John, Adderbury, Oxon, dec. John Oglander, Warden of New College, 
and Samuel Churchill, Dodington, Oxon, Gent. Jan. 1826. 

Webster Richard, Change-alley, Watchmaker, dec. J. CoUyer, Bermondsey-st. Hat. 
maker, dec. and James Stephens, Lisson-green, esq. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Weddell Alexander, Devonshire-street, Postland-place, Baker, Jan. 1825. 

Wedderbum Sir David, Bart. Sir J. C. Hawkins, Kelstone, Somerset, BaK. James 
W. Webster, Brussels, esq. & R. Douglas, Brigton, Forfarshire, esq. July 1818. 9. 
Weedon Solomon, dec. Rickmansworth, Mealman, Jan. 1828. 

^elch Ann, Aylesbury, Bucks, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1816. 14. 

Welch Elizabeth, Dominica, Widow, July 1830. 

Welch Thomas, Broad-street, London, Oilman, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Welch Mary, St. Olive's, Southwark, Spinster, July 1788. 69. 

Wellings Eleanor, Maddox -street, Hanover-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6.* 

Wells Anna Maria, Kennington, Widow, and Francis Charles Wells, of the same 

place, a Minor, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Wells Ann, Bromsgrove, Southgate, Spinster, Julv 1801. 43. 
Wells Elizabeth, Charles-street, Bethnal-green, Widow, dec. July 1819. 7.* 
Wells Emma, wife of Hill Wells, Stratford, Plumber, July 1805. 35. 
Wells Joseph, Messenden, Bucks, D. D. dec. William Lowndes, EUborough, Bucks, 

esq. and Robert Greenhill, Bassell, Lincolnshire, esq. July 1819. 5. 
Wells Admiral Thomas, Holme, Huntmgdonshire, dec. July 1816. 13. 
Wells William, Hoddesdon, Herts, Ostler, Jan. 1815. 16. 

W^elton Elizabeth, St. James's-square, Widow, at Lady Cousins's, July 1800. 45. 
Werbrouck Njcholaas, Antwerp, Merchant, July 1818. 9. 
West James Roberts, Alscot-park, Gloucestershire, esq. John Tomes, Warwick, esq. 

and John Mansell, Preston-on-Stowe, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
West Sarah, Southampton-buildings, Holbom, Widow, dec. Julv 1816. 13.* 
West Thomas, jun. Deptford, Gent. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Westbeech Mary, Blackheath, Spinster, July 1815. 15.* 
Westbeech John, Ramsgate, Gent. dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Western Mary, Fatlingstone. Suffolk, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Weston Robert, Mincing-lane, Servant to Mr. Rucker, July 1817. 11. 
Weston William, Mariner, & J. Marder, Widow, Weymouth, dec. July 1824. 
Westrapp James, of the Royal Navy, Gent. Jan. 1783. 80. 
Whalley Rev. Thomas Sedgwick, Mendip-lodge, Somerset, D. D. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Wheadon Richard, Gent. James Wheadon, Gent dec. and Ann Wheadon, Spinster, all 

of Doctor's-commons, Jan. 1818. 9. 
Wheeler Catherine Ann, Workingham, Rerks, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Wheeler John, Southorpe, Gloucestershire, Yeoman, & John Tuckwell, East Surville, 

Gloucestershire, Yeoman, July 1815. 15. 
Wheeler John, Holbeck, Wood-house, Notts, a Mmor, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Wheeler William Low, Small-pox-hospital, St. Pancras, and James Low Wheelefi 
St Bartholomew's-hospital, Apothecaries, Jan. 1829. 


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Wheeler William, Holbeck Woo^-bonse, Nottinghamshire, a Minor, Jan. 1810. 26. 

Wheeler Sarah, Barking, Essex, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 

Wheeler Susannah, Gloucester, Widow, July 1819. 7. 

Wheeler Tho8.,&W. Slad»,ChurchwardeniofSt.Gile8'8-in-the-field8,W.M.Thistleton, 

Churchwarden of St. George's, Bloomsbury , & T. Collingwood, ditto, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Whelan Harriot, Marsh-street, Walthamstow, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Wlieler Rev. Charles, East Lymington, dec. William Bashaw, Thurlaston, Gent. dec. 

John Barnwell, Ensboro', ditto, Grent. dec. andWiUumiWeston, Gent. dec. Upper 

Boddington, North Hants, Gent. dec. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Whinyates Francis Frankland, East India Company's Engineers, Juljr 1817. 11. 
Whinn Hannah, Walwortii-terraoe, Newington, Widow, and Elizabeth Morice, 

a Mmor, Jan. 1831. 
Whipham Mary, Cloak-lane, Spinster, dec. Tan. 1819. 8. 
Whish Rev. Martin Richard, Redcliff, Bristol, July 1819. 8. 
Whitaker Edward, Grent. William Roberts, G^ent. and Rer. Frauds Smith, dec. of 

Bampton, Ozon, Jan. 1825. 
Whittard Charles, Cam, Gloucestershire, Schoolmaster, Charles Whittard, jun. Gent. 

Greneral Post Office,& J. Wheatstone, Cursitor-street, Middlesex, Gent. Jan. 1830. 
Whitchurch Samuel, dec. James Whitchurch, dec. and John Eames, Gents, all of 

Bristol, July 1819. 8. 
Whitcomb, Samuel, Gloucester, Gent, and Henry Wilton, ditto, dec July 1815. 15. 
Whitcombe Philip, dec. St. John-street, Druggist, July 1828. 
Whithead Richard, and William Jefferys, Chatham, Kent, Gents. July 1823. 
Whitmore Rev. Charles Blaney Cavendi^, Minister, Geo. Littleford, Astley Abbots, 

Salop, Churchwarden, and Jesse Evans, ditto, ditto, Jan. 1820. 6. 
White Ann, Borough-market, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
White Ann, Chippenham, Wilts, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
White Eleanor, wife of W. White, Dorchester, Tiler and Plasterer, Jan. 1819. 8. 
White William, Stock Exchange. Gent. Jan. 1806. 34. 
White Richard, Drury-lane, Carpenter, and John Taylor Hamworth, Middlesex, Gent* 

July 1785. 9. 
Whitecraft Richard, TumstUe, Holbom, Gent. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Whitechurch John, Cheapside, & C. Whitechurch, Comhill, Gents. July 1825. 
White James, Lincoln's-mn, Butler, Jan. 1820. 6. 
White Thomas, Queen-street, Bloomsbury, Plumber, dec. July 1819. 5. 
White Thomas, St. Aubyn-street, Plymouth-dock, Grent. dec. July 1819. 7. 
White William, Aswarby. Lincolnshure, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Whitehouse Joyce Nicholas, Basinghall-street, Spinster, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Whitehead Anne, Bath, Widow, Jan. 1807. 32. 
Whitehead James, Fore-street, Cripplegate, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Whiteley James, Southall, Middlesex, dec. & E. Bunce, Gray's-inn, Gents. Jan. 1822. 
Whiting John, Harwich, Pilot, dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Whitley Hannah, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Douglas, Tunbridge Wells, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Widlake Mary, Bishops Stortford, Widow, and Walker William Wilby, St. Bartholo- 

mew's-hospital, Gent. July 1827. 
Wickson John, Servant to the Bishop of London, Jan. 1796. 7. 
Wiggins William, Old Swan Stairs, Gent. July 1818. 9. 
Wiggins Moses, Wallington, Oxon, Farmer, a Lunatic, Jan. 1829. 
WicKSteed Honoria, Queen's-place, Hammersmith, Widow, July 1814. 17. 
Widnell Josiah, Fraunch, Worcestershire, Gent, and Harry Wi^ell, Holbom, Carpet 

Manufacturer, Jan. 1824. 
Wiese Johann Frederick, Hagan, Breman, esq. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Wilkinson John, Southampton-row, Bloomsbury, Gent. July 1808. 29. 
Wilkinson John, Bond-street, Banker, July 1803. 39. 
Willcock Stephen, dec. Thomas Smith, Robert Hamlyn, and Thomas Bumard, all of 

Bideford, Devon, Gents. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Wilks Rev. Matthew, Tabernacle, London, and Benjamin Neale, St. Paul's Church- 
yard, esq. dec. July 1816. 13. 
Wilson Stephen, Church-street, Spitalfields, Weaver, dec. and Daniel Nantes, dec. 

Chatham-place, Merchant, July 1819. 7. 
Willes Rev. Edward, Bath, Jan. 1816. 14. 
WUlett John Willett, Morley, Dorset, esq. dec. Jan. 1817. 12. 

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Williams Allen, Borough. Surgeon, and Benjamin lliomai WHfiams, formerly a 

Biinor, now of An, Jan. iSO. 
Williams Blisabedi, Kensington, A/Hdow, dec. July 1799. 47. 
Williams John, Park-street, Groerenor-sqnare, Prmter, July 1814. 17. 
Williams John, Greenwich, Kent, Gent. Jan. 1831. 
Williams John Wesler, Portsea, Hants, Surgeon, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Williams John, Temide-street, St George's-fields, Gent July 1822. 
Williams Marshall, Stock Ezdiance, Gent July 1818. 91* 

Williams Robert, iun. Banker, as Trustee to the Rer. Samuel Peshall, Jan. 1802; 42. 
r Williams Rowland Edward, Park-st Bristol, esq. & H.Williams, a Minor, Jan. 1826. 
(\^niliam8 Rowbmd Edward, Park-st. Bristol, esq. ^M.^/niliams, Spinster, Jan. 1826. 
Williams Margaret, St Paul's Church-yard, Spinster, July 1788. 6. 
WUliams Martha, Lower Wimpole-street, Sphister, July 1819. 7. 
Williams Matthew, Rotheriiithe. Mariner, July 1804. 37. 
Williams Samuel, Monmouth, Gent Jan. 1813. 5. 
Williams Rev. William, Rector of Llantridlad, Anglesea, Jan. 1806. 34. 
Williams William, South Lambeth, esq. Julyl824. 
Williams Thomas, Northumberland-house, Westminster, esq, and John Willis, Jesus 

College, Cambridge, esq. July 1830. 
Williams Philip, Pierpoint, South Wales, esq. dec. Jan. 1800. 46. 
Williams Sarah, Foster-lane. Che^pside, Spinster, Julr 1802. 12. 
Williamson Rer. John, Darisdeer, N. B. Rer. JohnPenpont, N. B. and Rev. David 

Smith, Morton, N. B. July 1818. 9. 
Willis Maria, Egham, Surrey, Spinster, July 1829. 
Willis Ursula Maria, Brewer-street, Grolden-square, Widow, since wife of William 

Matthew Brookes, dec. & Alice Elizabeth Shute, a Minor, July 1813. 19. 
Willis Robert, Caius College, Cambridge, esq. July 1827. 
mnilmott William, Peckham, Surrey, Gent Jan. 1808. 30. 
- Willooghby John, Bombay, India, esq. July 1824. 
Willoughby Maria SeUna, Baldon-house, Oxfordshire, Spinster, July 1824. 
Winstimley Edward Newnham, Poultry, Chemist, Jan. 1826. 
Wiishere tnUiam, Hitchin, Herts, esq. dec. Trustee to Rev. Richard Carlos Smith 

Vicar of Weston, Herts, July 1824. 
ATilshere William, Hitchin, Herto, esq. dec. Trustee to Rev. William Wade, Rector 

of Lilly, Herto, July 1823. 
Wilson Elizabeth, Chester, Widow, dec. Matthew Gosthng, Gray's-inn, esq. dec and 

Elborough Woodcock, Lincoln's-inn, esq. July 1805. 35. 
Wilson John, Hyde-park-comer, Farrier, dec. Jan. 1783. 80. 
Wilson Joseph, Clapham-common, esq. July 1814. 17.* 
Wilson Martha, Wellingboroogh, Widow, July 1819. 7. 
Wilson Lieut. William, Royal Navy, & Jane, his wife, Jan. 1814. 5. 
Wiltshire John, Bathford, Somerset, Gent Eleager Peckwith, Bath, Victualler, and 

Rev. Richard Bedford, Vicar of Bathford, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Wiltshire Thos. ,,&W. Home, Barbican Painter, July 1818. 9. 
Windham Sarah, Queen Ann-street, Marylebone, Widow, July 1777. 6. 
Windsor The Hon. Henry, Burton-street, Berkeley-square, Jan. 1795. 34. 
Wingfield Mary, Little Compton-street, Widow, July 1798. 49. 
Wingfield William, Bloomsbury, esq. and G. Simcox, Birmingham, Gent. Jan. 1828. 
Winmill Stephen, Salter's Hall-court, Cannon-street, Tailor, and Frances Weedon, 

Hemd Hempstead, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Winter Joseph, Reading, Berks, Cooper, July 1819. 7. 
Winter Mary, Smnster, Servant to Mrs. How, Howland-street, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Winter Thomas William, Northampton, esq. dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Wmter William, Tailor, & G. Blake, Cabinet-maker, both of Portsea, July 1828. 
Winterbome Joanna, Broadway, Blackfriars, Spinster, July 1815. 15. 
Winterbotham Undaey, Tewlosbury, Gent. Sarah Anne Seue Winti»rbotham, his wife, 

and Emily Page Winterbotham, a Minor, Jan. 1828. 
Winterbotham lindaej, Tewkesbury, G^t Sarah Anne Selfe Winterbotham, his wife, 

and Lindsey William Winterbotham, a Minor, Jan. 1828. 
Wintle John, Broadoak, Gloucestershire, esq. Jan. 1830. 
Witton Jane, wife JonaUian Witton, Clavoley, Salop, Bricklyer, and John Cavile,dec 

Camden-town, Victualler, July 1816. 13. 

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Wolff George, Wenclose-Bquare, Mercbant, Richard Till, St. Magnus London-bridgSf 

Grent. and John Henry Higgins, Greenwich, Gent. Jan. 1817. 12. 
Wollaston John, Holbom-brid^, DistiUer, July 1798. 49. 
Wollstonecraft Edward, and William Smith, bou of Southampton, esqs. July 1828. 
Wood James, Middle Temple-lane, Gent. July 1802. 41. 
Woodd Maria, Monmouth, Spinster, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Wood lUchard HoUin-han, York, esq. Jan. 1813. 20.* 

Wood Jacob, Threadneedle-ft. Refiner, dec. & J. B. Wood, a Minor, July 1807. 31. 
Wood John, Charles-court, Strand, Carpenter, Jan. 1816. 14.* 
Wood Mary, Scothind-yard, Widow, Jan. 1820. 4. 
Wood Ridiard, Hollin-close, York, esq. Sir John Chichester, Youlton, Deron, Bart 

dec. and Iliomas Palmer, Carlton, Southampton, esq. Jan. 1813. 20. 
Wood Thomas, Bartholomew-dose, Gent. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Wood William, WhitehaU, Gent Jan. 1818. 10.* 
Wood William, Finsbury-street, Gent. July 1808. 29. 
Wood William, Bartholomew-lane, Gent July 1805. 35. 
Woodard James, Delrow, Herts, Grsrdener, and Eleanor, his wife, Jan. 1826 
Woodcock Rev. Henry, Michehnersh, Hants, D. D. and Elizabeth Catherine Wood* 

cock, Limpsfield, Surrey, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Woodcock Jolm, Johd Woodcoek, jun. Thomas Hughes, jun. and Thomas Owen, jun. 

all of Iyer, Bucks, Gents. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Woodcock John, CoTcntry, esq.Tk-usteetoRer. Geo. Champagne, Vicar of Nuneaton, 

Warwickshire, JuIt 1815. 15.* 
Woodford CoL Alexander, 2nd Coldstream Guards, July 1815. 15. 
Woodman William, Gosport, dec. & J. Battey, KnightsbridjKe, Gents. Julj 1816. 13. 
Woodman Thomas, Crafton, Bucks, Fkrmer, & Charlotte, his wife, July 1814. 17. 
Woodman William, Aldham Warren, WUts, Gent Julv 1825. 
Woodroof Lawrence, Sparshot, Berks, Farmer, & R. Belcher, ditto, July 1818. 9. 
Woods Ann, Brook, Rutlandshire, Widow, and ThoiAas Adcock Woods, esq. of the 

same place, July 1816. 13. 
Woods Eamund, Shopwick, Sussex, & W. Sandham, Horsham, esqs. Jan. 1815. 5. 
Woodward Rev. John, West Grinstead, Sussex, dec. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Woodward Elizabeth Sarah, Strutton-ground, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Woodward Rev. William Peckham, Plumptin, Sussex, Trustee to Rev. Wm. GwynnCi 

Lewis, Sussex, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Wooldridj^ Charles, Winchester, Solidtor, Jan. 1831. 
Woolf Joseph, Thomas-st. Whitechapel-road, Gent. Jan. 1808. 6. 
Woolford George, Poplar Carrier, and Sophia, his wife, Jan. 1818. 10. 
Woolnough Sarah, Dover-court, Harwich, Widow, Julj 1815. 15. 
Wootton Ann, Baker-st. Portman-sq. Spins. Servt. to Sir J. Boyd, July 1816. 13. 
Worley Frederica, Oatlands, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 
Worms Anthony Mayer, a Minor, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild, dec. London, 

Merchant, Jan. 1831. 
Worsall Elizabeth, Spitalfidds, Spinster, dec. July 1807. 31. 
Wray Sir Cecil, Sumner Castle, Lincolnshire, Bart. dec. Trustee to the Rev. William 

Ulethome Wray, Durley, Derby, July 1825. 
Wright Charles, Grarden-court, Temple, Gent. Jan. 1804. 38. 
Wright Charles, Hampstoid, Gent. Jan. 1822. 
Wright Edward, jun. Chislehurst, Kent, Carpenter, July 1813. 19. 
Wright Capt. Lawrence, Million Bank, Jan. 1797. 53. 
Wright Rev. George, Brandon, Suffolk, dec. July 1812. 21. 
Wright Sarah, Hammersmith, Widow, dec. Jan. 1789. 68. 
Wri|^t Thomas Kenworthy, Queen-st Cheapside, Merchant, and William Creswell 

Wright, a Mmor, July 1812. 21. 
Wrighton F^ds, Bracklev, Northamptonshire, Gent. Jan. 1818. 10. 
Wyatt William, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1826. 
Wyatt Joseph Francis, Ware, Herts, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Wyatt Sophia, Bellifidd, Birmingham, Spinster, Jan. 1813. 20. 
Wye William Francis, Newington Butts, Surgeon, dec. Trustee to Rev. John Ward, 

Yedingham, East Riding, Yorkshire, July 1824. 
Wye William Francis, Newmgton Butts, Surgeon, Trustee to Rev. John Ward, East 

Riding, York, Jan. 1817. 12. 

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Wylde Rev. Sydenham Teast, Ubley, Someraet, and his Trustee James Bowden, 

Bishomte-street, esq. dec. July 1824. 
Wyndham Lieut. Col. Henry, Royal Hill Cottage, Bayswater, July 1819. 7. 
Wynford Right Hon. William Draper Baron, Wynford Eagles, Dorset, and The Hon. 

William Samuel Best, Hanover-square, Jan. 1830. 
Wynyard William Clinton, Bryanstone-street,Portman.8auare, Gent. Jan. 1811. 24.* 
Wynne Mary, Lower 6ros?enor-st. Spinster, Servant to Mr. Barker, July 1804. 37. 


Wadienbourg Elizabeth La Barone de, Vienna, Widow, & William Strode, Northaw, 

Herts, esq. Oct. 1807. 31. 
Waiter Anna Wilhelmina, Fulham, Spinster, Oct. 1808. 29. 
Wamian Richard Bradley, Cashead, Yorkshire, esq. April 1815. 16. 
Waite John, Dartmouth, Merchant, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Wakely Thomas Stanley, Raynham, Kent, Gent & John Hope, Oare, nearFe/ersham. 

Kent, Yeoman, dec. Oct. 1827. 
Wakefield Elizabeth Mary, wife of John Wakefield, Bri«^ton, esq. Oct. 1804. 37. 
Waller Rev. George, Bere R^, Dorsetshire, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Waller John, Grent. George Morgan, Gent, and Jolm Lyon, Yeoman, all of Preston, 

near Feversham, Kent, Apru 1818. 10. 
Waller Judith, Baldock, Herts, Spinster, and Elizabeth Barber, wife of Win. Barber, 

of the same place, Grent. April 1827. 
Wallis Mary, Greorge Inn, Aldermanbury, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
WalfordWm., Stoke, near Clare, Suffolk, Gent. A.Ling,Woodham Mortimer, Essex, 

Milla^ H. Baker, Ridwell, Farmer, & J. King, Ovington, ditto, Oct. 1814. 17.* 
Walford Thomas Witts, Uxbridge, Middlesex, esq. April 1816. 14. 
Walker Sarah, Little Russell-street, Bloomsbury, Widow. Oct. 1810. 25.* 
Walker Joseph, & H. J. '^PHnter, Churchwardens, S. Leigh, T. Mummery, T.Walker, 

and J. Taggulden, Overseers of St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, April 1819. 8. 
Walker William, Swinnow-park, Wetherby, Yorkshire, Grent. and William Owen, a 

Minor, April 1807. 32. 
Walker Leonard, Woolwich, Tailor. Oct. 1829. 

Walsh Samuel, dec. T.Walsh, & J. Walsh, all of Bucklersbury, Gents. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Walton William, Little Britain, Tallow-chandler, Oct. 1805. 35. 
Walton Thomas, Inner Temple, Barrister, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Walthen Elizabeth, Hooper's-square, Goodman's-fields, Spinster, April 1805. 36. 
Wantenaer Lady Maria Theresia, Utrecht, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Ward Mary, Thurstoff, North AUerton, Spmster, dec. April 1810. 26. 
Warfield Mary, Park-street, Grosvenor-square, Spinster, April 1795. 56. 
Warren Averina Louisa, Charing-cross, Spinster, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Wastie Francis, Cowley, Oxford, esq. dec. Rev. J.W. Duppa, Puddleston, Hereford, 

and William Crotch, Duchess-street, Portland-place, M. D. Oct 1823. 
Watherston William, Dockhead, Baker, dec. Oct. 1818. 
Watkins Frances, Abingdon, Berks, Widow, Oct. 1754. 7. 
Watkins George Prince, Broadway, Carmarthen, esq. Oct. 1821. 
Watson Henry, Jewin-street, Gent. dec. April 1804. 38. 
Watson Capt Nathaniel, Falmouth, dec. Oct 1812. 21.* 
Watson John, St Peter's, Isle of Thanet, Mariner, dec. April 1815. 16. 
Watson Thomas, Lyon's-inn, Gent. April 1816. 14. 

Watts Martha, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Newton. Brentford, April 1815. 16. 
Watts Gleorge, a Major in the 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards, April 1828. 
Way Rev. (reorge, Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, Oct. 1824. 
Webb Robert, Ureen-street, Grosvenor-square, Grent. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Webb Susannah, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Webb Nathaniel, Dover-street, esq. dec. Oct. 1813. 19. 
Webb Richard, Inner Temple, esq. Oct. 1816. 6. 
Webster John, Bumham, Bucks, Factor, Thomas Humphrey's, Strand-on-the-Green, 

Chiswick, Gent, and Thomas Heame, a Minor, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Weeks John, Erith, Kent, Farmer, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Weir Duncan, Master in the Royal Navy, W. G. Bolton, Winchester-house, Old 

Broad-street, Grent and J. M. Rigden, Lenham, Kent, Farmer, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Welby John Earle, Stroxton, near Grantham, Liucohishire, Clerk, Oct. 1823. 


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Welcker Christopher, Holbom, Tomer, April 1806. 34. 

Wells Mary, Francis-street, Bedford-squaret Spinster, April 1818. 10. 

Wells John, Eltham, Kent, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21. 

Wellesley William Pole lllney Long, Wanstead-hoose, Essex, esq. Oct 1812. 21. 

Wellesley William Pole Tilney Long, Wanstead-hoose, Essex, esq. April 1828. 

Wenn Emma, and Ellen Wenn, both of Ipswich, Spinsters, Oct. 1812. 21. 

Weston Mary, Spins, at Mr. Tomkin's, Sermon-la. Doctor's-commons, Oct. 1818. 9.* 

Weston Thomas, Servant to the Earl of Chesterfield, Oct. 1813. 5. 

Westwood Sarah, Milton, near Grayesend, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 

West Special, Water Hall, near Hertford, Tanner, and Sosannah Smith, Ringwood, 

Herts, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 4. 
Whalesby Robert, Servant to the Rev. J. Harris, Grimsted, Oct. 1793. 59. 
Wbeeldon Mary, St. Alban's, Spinster, April 1823. 
White Joseph, Donstable, Bedfordshire, Gent. April 1811. 24. 
White Ann, Spinster, dec. at Mrs. Orrs, Thames-street, Oct 1825. 
White Mary, Baker-street, Widow, April 1827. 
Whinyates Francis, Cheltenham, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 
Whitoiorch Alexander, Brewer's-hall, Grent. dec. Achilles Preston, G^t. dec. Red 

Lion-sq.&E. Preston, dec. wife of Capt. J. S. Somerset, Blomsbory, Oct. 1813. 19. 
Whitfield Tiomas. of the Six Clerk's Office, Gent. dec. and Frances Chambre, Gent 

Middle Temple, April 1826. 
Whitehall Mabell, Westminster, Spinster, Oct. 1793. 59. 
Whitmore Frances, Dodmaston, Salop, Spinster, now wife of Robert Williams, es:). 

Kempsey Lodge, Worcestershire, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Whitmore Frances, Dodmaston, Salop, Spinster, now wife of Robert Williams, esq. 

Kempsey Lodge, Worcestershire, Oct. 1826. 
Whitman Robert George, Kent-road, Gent. April 1805. 36. 
Whitman Robert, Sootbwark, Gardener, April 1805. 36. 
Whitridge Johanna, StockweU, Sorrey, Widow, William Ashlin, Cranford, Middlesex, 

esq. and Joseph Horlock, St Pair's Chorch-vard, Sorgeon, Oct. 1822. 
Whittenbory Sarah, Hertford, Spmster, dec. April 1805. 36. 
Wicks Joseph, Servant to Col. Phipps, Beaomont-street, Oct. 1818. 9. 
Wickenden William, Sandredge, Kent, Laboorer, Oct. 1827. 
Widmore John Frost, Long-parish, Hants, Gent, Joseph Widmore,of the same place, 

Gent, and James Widmore, Cloak-lane, London, Merchapt, Oct 1820. 
Wigram Sir Robert, Crosby-sqoare, Bart Sir Charlew Flower, Finsbory-sq. Bart and 

William Mellish, Bishopsgate-street, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Wnbraham Edward, Horsley, Gloocestershire, Gent, and Dr. John Dooglas, Vicar of 

Bomham, Bocks, April 1816. 14. 
Wild Joseph, Sherbom-lane, Patten- maker, Oct 1818. 9. 

Wild John, Martin's-lane, Wine Merchant, dec. & S. A.Wild, aMmor, April 1817. 12. 
Wilkins John, Bibb's-hall, Hertfordshire, Farmer, dec. Oct 1817. 5. 
Wilkinson William, Son-coort, Threadneedle-street, Gent. April 1810. 26. 
Wilkinson George, Moorfields, Merchant, dec. Redbom Tomkins, dec. Whitechape!. 

Tallow-chandler, and John Keen, Gracechorch-street, Baker, dec. April 1829. 
Wilkins Ann, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Dopont, Mortimer-street, Oct. 1808. 4. 
Wilkes Mary, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Newman, Artillery-place, Bishopsgate, April 1823. 
Willar Robert, Groom to F. Barroneao, New Lodge, Middlesex, esq. Oct. 1811. 23. 
Williams Mary, Camden-street, Islington, Spinster, April 1820. 
Williams Mary, wife of T.Williams, dec. Belgrave-place, Pimlico, Gent April 1825. 
Williams Martha, Servt to Hon. H. H.Clive, Oakley-park, Shropshire, Oct 1819. 7. 
Williams John, jon. Carmarthen, esa. April 1817. 12. 
Williams Elizabeth Ann, Chelmsford, Essex, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1822. 
Williams David, Warwick-court, esq. dec. AprQ 1791. 64. 
Williams Sarah, Brighthelmstone, Spinster, April 1814. 18.* 
Williams Elizabeth, Long-lane, Soothwark, Widow, April 1792. 62. 
Williams Thomas, Bow-street, Covent-garden, Gent. April 1777. 92. 
'Williams William, Chorch-street, Greenwich, Yeoman, April 1816. 14.* 
Wibnot John, Bedford-row, dec.&T. Powell, Nantes, Cardiganshire, esq. Oct. 1815. 15. 
Willmott William, Mercer's-row, Shadwell, Painter, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Winchester Elizabeth, Edgware-road, Paddington, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Windos James, Epping, Gent. Oct 1816. 13. 


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Wing Ann, Market OTerton, Railaad, Widow, Oct. 1799. 47. 

Wmter John, Brook-street, Weit-aqnare, Gent Oct. 1809. 27. 

Wilson Thomai, Montagoe^^treet, Portman-sqnare, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Wilson John Geoire, Sayille-place, Mile End-road, Gent. dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Wilson John, Brig^am, Cumberland, esq. April 1807. 32. 

Wilson Charlotte, wife of William Wilson, Stockwell, Sorrer, Gent April 1819. 8. 

"^i^lson Robert, RotherMtiie, Carpenter, dec. and Andrews Bast HearMy, Botolph-la. 
Orance Merdiant. dec Oct. 1803. 39. 

Wilson Jolm, Sandbadi, esq. Oct 1818. 9. 

Wilson Joseph, Westbrook, Sheffield, esq. April 1824. 

Withers Samuel, Butts, Bristol, Mariner, & Henry Withers, Henry-street, Tottenham, 
conrt-road. Mariner, Oct 1806. 33. 

Wonless Eady, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Castell, Beekinxham, Kent, Oct. 1805. 6. 

Wood John, Clerk at the Axe-inn, Aldermanbury, and Mary, his wife, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Wood Barbara, Leather-lane, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7.* 

Wood Bichard, Clare-market, Butcher, Oct. 1817. IL 

Wood Mary, Maidenhead, Berks, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 

Wooda>ck John, CoTcntry, esq. April 1817. 12. 

Woodward James, Wandsworth, Gent. Oct. 1816. 13. 

Woodford Col. John George, in His Majesty's Service, April 1828. 

Wooldridge WUliam, doc&T.Pavne,bothofOgbom, Wilts, Gents. Oct 1809. 27. 

WooUey Richard, White-house, Edinburgh, esq. Oct. 1813. 19. 

Woolmore John, Blackwall, Victualler, dec. Oct. 1801. 43. 

Worthy Elizabeth, Brighton, Widow, Oct. 1825. 

Wrench Edward, Wood-street, Stationer, dec. and John Bradford Wayte, Newgate- 
street, Draper, dec. April 1777. 92. 

Wright Sarah, Widow, & Sarah Dearing, Widow, both of Shoreditch, Oct. 1820. 

Wright Richard, Hoxton, Gent. dec. and Elizabeth, his wife, dec. Oct. 1793. 59. 

Wright William, Holme Carr, near Worksop, esq. Timewell Bentham, Maidstone, esq. 
and Bryan Bentham, Maidstone, esq. dec. April 1807. 32. 

Wright Richard, Leadenhall-street, esq. April 1805. 35. 

Wright Jane, Bond-street, Spinster, Oct. 1822. 

Wright Mungo Charles, Bristol, Merchant, & R. Bigg, ditto, Gent. April 1817. 12. 

Wright John, Privy-gardens, Servant to Lord H. Stanley, April 1782. 82. 

Wyatt Richard, Ezham, Surrey, esq. &W. Glutton, Cuckfield, Sussex, Oct. 1824. 

Wybergh Coristopher Hilton, Isell Hall, Cumberland, Gent. Oct. 1822. 

Wyld Rev. George, Vicar of Cheveley, Berks, and his Trustee, Rev. Henry Sawbridge, 
Wickham. Berks, Oct. 1815. 15. 

Wynne Mary, East Smithfield, Widow, Oct. 1815. 9 


Waddington George, Pimlico, Gent. July 1816. 13. * 

Waffom Joshua, Long Ditton, Surrey, Farmer, dec. July 1817. 11. 
Wainwright Martin, Hatton-^arden, Gent. dec. Jan. 1803. 40. 
Wain Henry, Chiselhurst, Bncklayer, dec. and Mary Wain, a Minor, Jan. 1815. 16. 
Wain Elizabeth, Canterbury-place, Walworth, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Waldron Elizabeth, China-row, Lambeth, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Walker Elizabeth, Somerset-street, Aldgate, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Walker Alice, Wapping, Widow,&J. C. Hopke, Ratcliff-highway , Gent Jan. 1820. 6. 
Walker Thomas, Lincoln*s-inn, esq. Jan. 1803. 40. 

Wallors Mary, Lincoln's-inn^fields, now wife of Thomas Foord, Jan. 1808. 30. 
Wallis Mary, Trecompton, Penzance, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Walsh Charles, Peclduun, Surrey, Labourer, & C.Walsh, jun. a Minor, July 1815. 10. 
Walsh Peter, Charlton-street, Somer's Town, Gent. Jan. 1816. 14. 
Warburton Roger, Fesherton Anger, Wilts, G^t dec. July 1817. 11. 
Ward Thomas, Golden-lane, Victualler, dec. July 1817. 11. 
Ward Mary, Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 
Warden Greorse, & Grsorge Warden, jun. Brompton, Middlesex, Gents. July 1819. 7* 
Wardley William, Excise Office, London, Gent Jan. 1816. 14. 
Warin Anthony, Amsterdam, esq. July 1801. 43. 

Wame Henry, & W. Drewe, both of St. Colomb, Cornwall, Gents. July 1801. 43. 
Warre Dorouiea, Rugby, Warwickshire, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 


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Withenton Shdah, Abehuch-laiie, Hatter, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Watson Ann, Hoddetdon, Hertf , Spinatery Jan. 1820. 6. 

Watson Penelope How, Church-street, Greenwich, Spmster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Watson Hannah, Clerkenwell, Spinster, Jan. 1807. 32. 

Watson Margaret, Long-lane, Southwark, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Way William, Portsea, Blacksmith, July 1816. 13. 

Weare Henry, Clifton, Gloucestershire, esq. and Joshua Webb, Walton, Derbyshire, 

esq. July 1819. 7. 
Webster John, Straney Causeway, Gent. dec. July 1817. 11. 
Webster Martha, Widow, and Emma Webster, Spinster, both of Portman-square, 

Servant to T. Dorren, esq. July 1819. 7. 
Webb Elizabeth, Chenies-street, Tottenham-court-road, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
'Webb James, St. Martin's-lane, Shoe-maker, and Ann, his wife, Jan. 1812. 22. 
Webb John, Woolwich, eso. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Welman Thomas, Poundesrord-park, Somerset, esq. and Edmund Trowbridge Halliday, 

Bishop's Lidiard, esq. dec. Jan. 1815. 16. 
Wells Sarah, Bath, Spinster, July 1819. 7. 

Werner Philip, Eltham, Kent, esq. dec. and E. M. Werner, a Minor, Jan. 1819. 8. 
Westcott Capt. George, 77th Rcfunent of Foot, July 1812. 21. 
Weston Samuel, Bury, Suffolk, Gent. July 1819. 7. 
Westwood Richard, Fishmonger-alley, Southwark, Fishmonger, and Elizabeth Ann 

Westwood, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Whale Major John, 16th Regiment of Light Dragoons, July 1817. 11. 
Whalley Elizabeth, Ridge, Herts, Widow, dec. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Whetton Elizabeth, East-street, Manchester-square, Spinster, Jan. 1816. 10. 
White William, Kelyedon, Essex, Farmer, July 1806. 33. 
White William, Ponder's-end, Carpenter, Jan. 1820. 6. 

White Thomas, Air-street, Piccadilly, Smith, & Ann White, a Minor, Jan. 1810. 26. 
Whitfield Catherine Hart, Fig-marsh, Mitcham, Surrey, Spinster, July 1817. 11. 
Wilberforce William, Kensington-gore, Middlesex, esq. July 1816. 13. 
Wilcox John, Leatherhead, Surrey, Plumber, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Wiles Elizabeth, Cotton-street, Poplar, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 
WiUdns Richard, Servant to Mr. Kemp, Teynsham, Kent, July 1819. 7. 
Wilkins Sarah, Spms. Servt. to Mrs. Hodge, Twickenham, Middlesex, July 1817. 11. 
Wilkinson Elizabeth, King-street, Southwark, Spinster, now wife of John Jones, 

Cheapside, Glover, Jan. 1820. 6. 
linikinson John, sen. Stockton, Durham, esq. dec. July 1815. 10. 
Wilkinson Mary, South-street, Park-lane, Spinster, July 1817. 6. 
Wilshin Daniel, Headstone, near Pinner, Farmer, July 1815. 10. 
Wilson Ann, Hammersmith, near the 4 mile stone. Widow, Jan. 1814. 18. 
Wilson Matthew, Guildford-street, esq. July 1812. 9. 
Wilson Thomas, Tyndal-place, Islington, Gent. July 1817. 11. 
Wilton Bight Hon. Thomas Baron Grey de, John Crewe, Crewe, Cheshire, esq. and 

William Egerton, Tatton-park, Cheshire, esq. Jan. 1807. 32. 
Williams E. Ann, Glaney Doimear Pwlhelli, Carnarvonshire, Widow, July 1816. 13. 
Williams Charles, Shrewsbury, Carpenter, J^ 1817. 11. 
Williams Elizabeth, Sloane-square, Chelsea, Widow, dec. July 1814. 17. 
Williams Henry, St. John's Collm, Cambridge, esq. July 1801. 43. 
Williams John, Bromley, Kent, isomer, dec. July 1807. 8. 
Williams Jane, Corwin, Merionethshire, Widow, Jan. 1809. 28. 
Williams Marshall, Lombard-^treet, Gent. July 1816. 13. 
Williamson Louisa, Worthing, Sussex, Spinster, July 1813. 19. 
Willis Edward, jun. Newbold Comyn, Warwick, esq. Jan. 1820. 6. 
Willmott James, East-place, Lambeth, Gent. Jan. 1814. 18. 
Winch Elizabeth, 42, Bedford-square, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Wisdom Hester, Devonshire-place, Marylebone, Spinster, July 1816. 13. 
Wise Matthew, Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, esq. Charles Porter Parkwood, and 

Georse Cattell, bo& of Warwick, esqs. Jan. 1819. 8. 
Wiseman Lieut. Genl. John, Cumberland-street, Portman-square, Jan. 1820. 6. 
Withington Philip, Huhne, near Manchester, Gent. dec. and Charles Robinson, Gent. 

Manchester, Jan. 1817. 12. 
Wittenbury Sarah, Hertford, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1805. 36. 

Digitized by Golf^le 


Worthington Nathaniel, Piccadilly, Optidaii, Jan. 1813. 20. 

Worthington Sarah, Spinster, at Mr. Bourne's, Homerton, Middlesex, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Wood Henrietta Harriet, Newington Batts, Spinster, Jan. 1819. 8. 

Wood John, Henfield, Sussex, esq. July 1816. 13. 

Wood John, esq. &T. Sherwood, Gent, both of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Jan. 1818. 10. 

Wood Joseph, New-street, Spring.gardens, Gent. July 1814. 17. 

Wood Thomas, Northumberland-street, esq. July 1801. 43. 

Woodcock John, Lincoln's-inn, esq. dec. and Hannah Smith, Knaresborough, 
Yorkshire, Spinster, July 1807. 31. 

Wooderson Henry, Hunt-street, Mile-end, New-town, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Woodthorpe Harriott, Spins, at Mr. Moxon's, South-st. Manchester-sq. July 1816. 13. 

Woodwara George, Streatham, Surrey, Grardener, Jan. 1819. 8. 

WooUcombe Jomi Morth, Ashbury, Deron, esq. Jan. 1815. 16. 

Woollcombe John Morth, Ashbbury, Devon, esq. T. C. Bastard, Charlton Musgmre, 
Somerset, esq. and W. Foot, Stoke Damerel, Deron, esq. Jan. 1818. 10. 

Wooton Louisa, Widow, Servant to Mr. Pahner, London-brid^, July 1803. 39. 

Wrackham Mary, Dorset-street, Spitalfields, Widow, and Francis Wrackham, Church- 
street, Bethnal-green, Sugar-broker, Jan. 1812. 22. 

Wright Edward, Bucklersbury, M. D. Jan. 1819. 8. 

Wright Margaret, Swithin's-alley,Widow, & G.Windsor, Little Bell-alley, Jan. 1813. 8. 

Wright Ramer, Charlotte-street, Whitechapel, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Wrightsion Sarah, Islington, Spinster, now wife of Francis Williams, Excise Officer, 
WaUingford, July 1791. 6. 

Wynter Catherine, Hanover-yard, Oxford-road, Spinster, Jan. 1803. 40. 


{Consolidated the Sixth of Agril 1780.) 

Wade John Shuckford, Benhall, & J. MoUet, Famham, Gents. April 1819. 8. 
Wagner Ann Elizabeth, Widow, Greorge Henry Malcolm Wagner, esq. & Ann Wagner, 

a Minor, aU of PaU MaU, April 1816. 14. 
Wainwright Reader, Lincoln's-inn, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 

Wakefield Thomas, Coleshill, Warwickshire, Attorney at Law, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Walden Ann, Spins. Servt. to Sergeant S. Marshall, Sergeant's-inn, April 1816. 16. 
Walker Mary, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Thompson, Hans-place, Chelsea, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Walker Phillis, Chancery-lane, Widow, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Wall John, Leicester-square, Laceman, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Walmesley John, Servant to R. Norris, Tokenhouse-yard, Oct. 1783. 79. 
Wanstall William, New Compton-street, St. Giles's, Yeoman, & Benjamin Bottomley, 

St. Giles's, Cripplegate, Pawnbroker, Oct. 1798. 49. 
Waters William, Islington, Gent, and Harriott, his wife, April 1819. 8. 
Watkins George, Servant to Miss Cockbum, Hampton-court-green, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Watkins Thomas, Sweetings-rents, Royal Exchange, Victualler, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Watkins Samuel, Ramsgate, Grent. April 1818. 10. 
Warland Henry, Lake, Dorset, Yeoman, Oct. 1815. 15^ 
Wartnaby Ann, Milton Morbury, Leicestershire, Spinster, and James Blakesley, esq. 

Basinghall-street, April 1819. 8. 
Wasey Ann, Newbury, Berks, Widow, dec. and Thomas Payne, Wardour-street,Soho, 

Silversmith, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Wassell Maria, New-street, Spring-gardens, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Watson Mary, Fetter-lane, Holborn, Widow, April 1812. 22. 
Watson Phebe, a Minor, & J. Watson, Coach-maker,* both of Long-acre, April 1819. 8. 
Watson Mary, King-street, Portman-square, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 
Watts Robert, Cranbrook, Kent, M. D. & J. Watts, Battle, Sussex, April 1816. 14. 
Watts Ann, Widow, dec. and Edward Bridgewater, Printer, both of South Moultoa- 

street, Oct. 1812. 21. 
Watts John, Queen's-place, Kennington, Gent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Webster Ann, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, Widow, April 1817. 12. 
Weeks John, Burleigh-street, Strand, Wine Porter, April 1806. 34. 
West Willison, Brampton, Northamptonshire, Grazier, April 1805. 36. 
Westbeech John, Ramsgate, Gent. dec. April 1814. 18. 

Whinyates Lieut. Francis Frankland, East India Company's Engineers, Oct. 1817* 11« 
Whipham Mary, Fenchurch-street, Spinster, dec. April 1819. 8. 





Whiiby, WiUiam, and James Whitby, both of Clapham, Gents. Oct. 1817. 11. 

HTiitc George, Navy Office, esq. April 1819. 8. 

White George, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Gent dec. and Elizabeth White, his wife, 

Oct. 1810. 25. 
White Rev. Henry, John Potts, Gent, and William Masgrave, Gent, all of Chebsey, 

Staffordshire, April 1815. 16. 
White David, Dummer, Hants, Gardener, Oct. 1813. 19. 
White James, Portsmouth, Purser's Steward, April 1799. 9. 
Wilcox Elizabeth, Working, Surrey, Spinster, April 1813. 20. 
Wild James William, Crawley, Sussex, esq. Oct. 1806. 33. 
Wilkes George, Blackfnars-road, Staffordshire Warehouseman, Rebecca Wilkes, his 

wife, and Mary Wilkes, a Minor, Oct. 1817. 11. 
WOkins Walter, Maeslough, Radnorshire, esq. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Wilkinson John, Bond.street, Banker, April 1810. 26. 
Willis Hester, South Moulton-street, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1794. 57. 
Williams Jenkin, Thames-st. Gent dec. & Elizabeth, his wife, dec. Oct. 1786. 73. 
Williams Thomas, Cnrsitor-street, Chancery-lane, Gent. April 1815. 16. 
Williams Charlotte, Kingsbury, Middlesex, Widow, Oct 1818. 9. 
Williams Henry Micajah, Devonshire-street, Queen-street, Grent. Oct. 1803. 39. 
Williams Jane, Gloucester, Widow, Oct. 1807. 9. 
Wolff Greorge, Welldose-square, Merchant, Richard Hill, St Magnus, London-bridge, 

Gent, and John Henry Higgins, Greenwich, Kent, Gent. April 1817. 12. 
Wollaston Frederick William, Shenton-hall, Leicesterdiire, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Wood Fanny, Spinster, Servant to J. Blakey, Haberdasher-st. Hoxton, Oct. 1815. 15. 
Wood Mary, Angel-court, Westminster, Widow, dec. April 1813. 20. 
Wood Arthur, Falcon-court, Southwark, Gent. dec. Oct. 1819. 9. 
Wood Elizabeth, wife of W. Wood, Barton, Gloucestershire, Yeoman, Oct 1812. 21. 
Woodward Thomas, Brentford. Printer, Oct 1804. 37. 
Woodward George, Holbom, Gent dec. Oct. 1796. 53. 

Woolford George, Poplar, Carrier, and Sophia Woolford, his wife, Oct. 1817. 11. 
Wragg William, Charlestown, South Carolina, Gent. dec. April 1810. 26. 
Wray Richard, Strand, Turner, and John Burrell, Golden-hme, Mason, and Sir Benj. 

Tebbs, Castle-street, Leicester-square, dec. Oct. 1798. 49. 
Wylde Frances, Bilbrous^ton, Worcestershire, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 


Waller Ann, Gray-street, Manchester-square, Widow, 5ih April 1826. 

Walmsley Martha, Queen Ann-street, Marylebone, Spinster, 5th April 1824. 

Walpole Arthur, Canada, North America, esq. 5th April 1821. , 

Walton Lieut. John Bentley, Royal Navy, Oct. 1814. 17. 

Ward Elizabeth, Stoke Newmgton, Widow, dec. Oct. 1814. 17.* , 

Warren Elizabeth, Truro, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Waters Rebecca, Gloucester-street, Portman-square, Spinster, 5th April 1823. 

Watson Charlotte, Whitehall, Spinster, Oct. 1816. 13. 

Watson Charles, Luther Calgartii, Westmorland, esq. April 1812. 22. 

Weekes Sally, Gower-street, Bedford-square, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 

Welsh Francis, Red Lion-street, Spitalfields, Gent. April 1812. 22.* 

West William, Hounslow, Gent April 1819. 8. 

Whimsett Elizabeth, Widow, Servant to Mr. Tidd, Walcot-place, April 1815. 16. 

Wiggett Joseph, Poppend-court, dec. and Ann Elizabeth Fleet, wife of Robert Fleet, 

Aldersgate-street, VeUum-binder, April 1815. 16. 
Wilkinson Sarah, Widow, dec. and Mary Wilkinson, Spinster, both of College-hill, 

London, 5th April 1827. 
Williams David, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct 1819. 7.* 
Williams Elizabeth, Spins, dec. Rosomon's-bldgs. Islington-green, Oct. 1829. 
Williams James, dec. Musulipatam, East Indies, Gent 10th Oct. 1825. 
Williams Rev. John, Chiswick, dec. 5th April 1822. 
Williamson John, Carrington, Essex, Farmer, dec. April 1816. 14.* 
Wincuff Frances, Kirby-street, Hatton-garden, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1820. 
Winter Mary, Spinster, William Winter, sen. and William Winter, jun. all of Lower 

Eaton-srreet, Pimlico, Oct 1809. 27. 
Winter Mary, York-street, St James's-square, Spinster, April 1819. 9.* 


..yitized by Google 


Witberbj Wm., Biit^in-la. Stationer, J. Amotr Hozton-sq. Gent. dec. T.W.J. Grif- 
fiths, Lieut in the Norfolk Dragoons. & T. P. Tomer, London-st Oct. 1814. 17. 
Wood FannT, Spinster, at Mr. Blakey's, Haberdasher-st. Hozton,10th Oct 1823. 
Wood Hennetta Harriott, Newington Butts, Spinster, Oct 1818. 9. 
Woolger Elizabeth, Bedford-row, Spinster, April 1819. 8. 
Wormull Diana, Franklin-row, Chelsea, Spinster, dec. April 1814. 18. 
Worrill Joseph, Little East Cheap, Tailor, and Sarah, his wife, Oct. 1814. 17. 
Wright Elizabeth, King-street Portman-square, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 


Waddmston Rer. George, Northwold, Norfolk, July 1830. 

Wade Charles Gregory, Warwick, esq. dec. and Rer. William Wade, of Liley, Herts, 
dec. JuIt 1824. 

Wainwright Martin, Hatton-garden, Gent dec. Jan. 1825. 

Walker Alice, Wapping, Widow, & J. C. Hopke, Ratcliff-bighway, Gent Jan. 1820. 

Walker Elizabeth, Somerset- street, Aldgate, Widow, Jan. 1820. 

Walker Jane, Vine-yard, Blackman-street, Borough, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1826. 

Walker Susan, Eton, Bedfordshire, Spinster, July 1828. 

Wallace Martha, Wardour-street, Soho, Widow, &R. Wallace, a Minor, July 1823. 

Ward Thomas, Golden-bme, Victualler, dec. July 1817. 

Warde Francis, Lieut in the Royal Artillery, Woolwich, Jan. 1823. 

Waring Edmund, Letton, Hereford, Farmer, July 1827. 

Warn Charlotte, Goeport, Widow, July 1823. 

Warre Dorothea, Rugby, Warwickshire, Widow, Jan. 1820. 

Watkins Joseph, Hereford, Bookseller, July 1827. 

Watkins Mary, Skinner-street, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 

Watson Marpret, Long-hne, Southwak, Spinster, Jan 1820. 

Webb Harriott Elizabeth, Marlow, Bucks, a Minor, and Harriott Sarah White. 
ChisweU-street, Spinster, July 1826. 

Webb William, Wilderness-row, Clerkenwell, Gent Jan. 1823. 

Weedon Solomon, Rickmansworth, Herts, Mealman, dec. July 1825. 

Wellford Ann, Old Brentford, Widow, dec. July 1822. 

Wells Rebecca, Mattingley, Hants, Smnster, July 1829. 

Wehnan Thomas, esq. and Rebecca Wehnan, Spinster, both of Poandisford-park« 
Somerset, Jan. 1822. 

West Joseph, Shoreditch, London, Gent Jan. 1824. 

Weston William, Kingston, Surrey, Grent Jan. 1824. 

Wharrie John Huntington, Sloane-street, Middlesex, esq. Jan. 1823. 

Whitaker Elizabeth, Fleet-street, Spinster, Jan. 1824. 

White WiUiam, Ponders End, Carpenter, Jan 1824. 

Whitehead Ann, Islington, Widow, dec. Jan. 1822. 

Whitney Martha, Swansea, Spinster, July 1820. 

Whit^ed Admiral James Hawkins, Royal Navy, July 1814. 

Wilbert William, Chelsea, Labourer, Jan. 1821. 

Wilkins Daniel, Chard, Somerset, Gent. July 1827. 

Wilkinson Charles, Dirotford, Gent. Jan. 1830. 

Wilkinson Harriet, wife of R. S.Wilkinson, Brook-green, Hammersmith, Jan. 1831. 

Wilkinson Jnhvt. spn, Stockton, Durham, esq. dec. July 1828. 

Williams Elizabeth, Widow, Elizabeth Arabella Williams, ISpiiister,& John Williams, 
all of Grenwick, Kent, Jan. 1823. 

Williams James, Chiselhurst, Kent, Carrier, Jan, 1830. 

Williams John, Dartford, Gent. & J.Tasker, Wilmington, Kent, Brewer, Jan. 1824. 

Williams Marshall, Lombard- street, Gent, July 1816. 

Williams Mary, Duke-street, West Smithfield, Widow, Jan. 1823. 

Williams Massie, Woodstock -street, St. Marylebone, Spinster, July 1821. 

Williams Rev. Peter, Llandedroy, Pullhill, Carmarthenshire, D. D. July 1821. 

Williams William Adams, Laogelby- castle, and Iltyd NichoU, Usk, both in Mon- 
mouthshire, esqs. JuIt 1829. 

Williamson Louisa, Worthing, Sussex, Spinster, July 1813. 

Wilment Mary, Worksop, Widow, dec. Jan. 1829. 

W^ilmot James, East-plaoe, Lambeth, Grent. Jan. 1814. 

Wilson Capt. James, Chelmsford, Essex, dec. Jan. 1826. 


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^Kllsdou Chariet, Langlej Oxon, Firmer, and Thomas Wllsdon, Haudboroocfa, 

Ozon, Farmer, Jan. 1827. 
"Wilson Cornelia, Cranboura-street, Leioeater-sqnare, Widow, July 1828. 
Windham Frederica Marina Cecilia, Felbrigge-hall, Norfolk, Widow, Jan. 1824 
Wing John, Colour Scijeant of the 17th R^fiment of Foot, Jan. 1831. 
Winwood James, Edmonton, Middlesex, dec. R. W. Hodson, Lambeth, Surrey, dec. 

W. Houghton, Lower Tooting, & R. C. Davis, Stock Exchange, Gents. July 1830. 
Wiseman Lieut. Genl. John, Cumberland^street, Portman-square, Jan. 1820. 
Witte Ludewig, South Lambeth, Qtnt, dec. and George Dettmar, Osbom-street, 

Whitechapel, Sugar-refiner, Jan. 1822. 
Wood Elizabeth, Hampstead, Spinster, Jan. 1828. 
Wood Joseph, New-street, Spring-gardou, Gent. July 1814. 
'tstoWoods Jofaii, Townsend-street, Dublin, Drover, July 1824. 

Woodthorpe Harriott, Servt. to Mr. W. Moxon, South-st. Manchester-sq. July 1816. 

WooUcombe John Morth, Ashbury, Devon, esq. Jan. 1815. 

Woolley Samuel, Servant to Mr. Trotter, Bemer's-street, Jan. 1825. 

Wright Edward, M. D. Buckkrsbury, Jan. 1819. 

Wright Elizabeth, Fenchurch-buiidings, Spinster, July 1821. 

Wright Emma, South Elmsall, Yorkshire, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 

Wright James, Duke-street, Bloomsbury, Gent. JiUy 1823. 

Wright Margaret, Swithin's-alley,Widow,& G.Windsor, Little Bell-alley, Jan. 1819. 

Wright Mary, Apsley, Beds, Widow, Jan. 1822. 

Wyburd Francis, Bnranstone-street, Portman-square, Gent, and Susanna Grimes, 

Eaton, Bucks, Widow, Jan. 1826. 
Wynn Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Miss Wells, Bromley, Kent, Jan. 1823. 
Wynn Rev. Thomas, and Rev. James Bullock, dec. both of Bodinham, County of 

Hereford, July 1827. 


Walker Ann, Falmouth, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1823. 

Ward John, Sherrington, Gloucestershire, Farmer, 5th April 1820. 

Wheadon John, Chard, Somerset, Gent, and Peter Hurford, Combe St. Nicholas, 

Somerset, Yeoman. No. Dividend. 
Whipple Mary, Gun-alley, Wapping, Widow, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Whitehead William, dec. Rayner-pkce, Chelsea, Grent. 5th April 1823. 
Wight Sarah, Woodford-bridge, Widow, 5th April 1824. 
Wilkinson Charles, dec. Cow-cross, Cabinet-maker, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Williams William, London, Buiker, and Louisa Ann Williams, a Minor, Belmont- 

house, Yauxhall, 10th Oct. 1820. 
Williams David, Stock Exchange, Gent. 5th April 1820. 
Wi liams Mary, of Little Malvern, Spinster. No Dividend. 
WUliams WiUiam, Charlotte-street, Blackfriars-road, Gent. 5th April 1820. 
Wood Mary, dec. Angel-court, Westminster, Widow, 5th April 1813. 
Woodbridge Edward, Rose-street, Bethnal-green, Butcher, 10th Oct. 1823. 


Weld Edward, Norwich, Alderman, and Frances Somner, Aston Clinton, Bucks, 
Widow, April 1747. 153. 


Wilson John, Hide Park-comer, dec. July 1761. 43. 


Wainewright Arnold, Henley, Oxon, esq. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Ward Thomas, Golden-lane, Victualler, dec. Oct. 1817. 11. 

Werbrouch Jean Etienne, Antwerp, Merchant, and Carolus Johannes Michael de 

Wolft, Antwerp, Merchant, Oct. 1799. 47. 
Weston William, Southwark, Banker, J. Henderson, Milk-st R. Steell, Finsbury-sq. 

and J. Bell, Distaff-lane, Old Eish-st. all Merchants, Oct. 1806. 33. 
Westrenen Right Hon. Lady Johanna Catharina Van, wife of Hon. Jan Diedrick Van 

Twyll Van Scrooskerken, Lord of Stuelly Leen, April 1812. 22. 
Wilkinson William, Sun-court, Threadneedle-street, Gent. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Williams John, Bromley, Kent, dec. April 1807. 9. 


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Wakdey Thomas Staiiley,&J. H. H. Mansfield, both of Rainham, Kent, 10th Oct. 1827. 

Walker PhiUis, Chancenr-lane, Widow, 5th April 1824. 

Ward Rachel, Blandford-street, Portman-square, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1827. 

Welch Joseph, Tombo Island, Sierra Leone, Gent. 10th Oct 1826. 

White Dayd, Dnmmer, Hants, Gardener, 10th Oct. 1824. 

Vmuk Ames Elizabeth, St. Jnliens, Herts, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1825 

Williams Beigamin Thomas, Kenniogton-common, Surrey, Gent. 10th Oct. 1824. 

Williams Edmnnd William, Stock Exchange, Gent April 1826. 

Wilson Thomas, Wamford-court, Merchant, Ambrose Moore, Milk-street, Silk 

Mannfactorer, and John Sterland, Angel-terrace, G«nt. April 1828. 
Wolf Joseph, jnn. Little East Cheap, Orange Merchant, dec. bth April 1827. 
Wyld Rev. George, Speen, near Newbnry, Berks, Oct 1828. 


(From 1794.) 

Ware Thomas, Baker-street, Portman-sqnare, Grent. November 1798. 8. 
Whitby John, Great Marylebone-street, Grent. November 1816. 6. 
Wigley Thomas, Fenchurch-street, Gent May 1806. 33. 
Williams Ann, Chancery-lane, Spinster, November 1807. 24. 


Watkins Elizabeth, Denmark-stieet, St Giles's, Widow, dec. Oct 1791. 34. 
Weatherill Thomas, Cold Bath-square, Gent. Oct. 1807. 22. 
Wheeler Thomas, Watlington, Oxfordshire, Gent. Oct. 1803. 10. 


Watts John Turner, Stock Exchange, Gent. 5th Jan. 1826. 
Windham Frederica Marina Cecilia, of the Stamp Office, Widow, 5th Jan. 1824. 
Woodd Rev. Basil, M. A. Paddington-green, and Mary Marsh Mortlock, Oxford- 
street, Spinster, 5th Jan. 1826. 


(Converted into Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities^ bth July 1825.^ 
Ward Thomas, dec. Golden-lane, Victualler, 10th Oct. 1817. 
Wilkinson William, Sun-court, Threadneedle-street, Gent. Oct. 1812. i^ 


Williams Owen, Berkeley-square, esq. Oct. 1818 


WhTtehall Mabell, Westminster, April 1762. 63. 

Wright Richard, Hoxton, dec. and ElizsJieth Wright, his wife, dec April 1784. 19. 


Wilkinson Harrison, of Hounslow, Gent. April 1830. 


XUnenes David, George Capadose, Emanuel Baruh Lousada, and Moses Ximenes, all 

of London, Merchants, Oct 1814. 17. 
Ximenes Sir Moris, Bear-pbce, Berks, Knt. and Emanuel Baruh Lousada, Sidmouth. 

Devon, esq. Oct 1814. 17. 

186 ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Yarborough Right Hon. Cbas. Lord Baron, dec. of Yarborongh, Lincolnshire, Jan. 1824* 

Yates Elizabeth, Basinghall-street, Spinster, and John Yates, a Minor, Jan. 1826. 

Yates Joseph, jun. Westburv-npon-Trim, Gent. July 1818. 9. 

Yatman John, Portsea, Cabmet-maker, July 1810. 25. 

Yatman Matthew, Chdsea, esq. dec. Jan. 1813. 8. 

Yeates John, Stoke Newineton, esq. July 1813. 19.* 

Yeates Ann, Hackney, Widow, July 1816. 13. 

York William, Laytonstone, Essex, Wheelwright, and William Winmill, Homsey-row 

Islington, Gent. Jan. 1821. 
Young George, Old Gravel-lane, St. Georse's, East, Gent. July 1815. 15.* 
Younff Rev. George, Curate of Wapping Paridi, Andrew Mitchell, and Matthew Fox, 

Churchwardens of ditto, July 1813. 19. 
Younc WilUam, Chancery-lane, esq. dec. Trustee to the Rev. Arthur Onslow. D. D. 

iudderminster, Jan. 1819. 


Yarker Elisabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Reynolds, Green-street, Grosrenor- 

square, Oct. 1801. 43. 
York Ephraim, Servant to Mr. Farrer, Bedford-square, Oct 1815. 
Young Gilbert, London-street, Fenchurch-street, esq. Oct. 1822. 
Young James, Grove-place, Hackney, Gent. Oct. 1817. 11. 
Young Neil, City-road, Gent. Oct. 1814. 17. 
Young Sarah, Hans-place, Knightsbridge, Spinster, Oct 1817. 11. 
Young Simon Andrews, Merchant, dec William Young, M. D. Josephus Parkin, dec. 

Cutler, and James Vickers, ditto, dec. all of Sheffield. Oct. 1815. 7. 
Younge William, M. D. Rev. Thos. Sutton, Vicar, Rev. Thomas Cotterell, Minister 

of St Paul's, and Rowland Hodgson, esq. all of Sheffield, April 1819. 8. 


Yate Rev. Henry Georges Dobyns, Brownsberrv, Gloucestershire, and Rev. George 

Hayward, jun. Fricette, Gloucestershire, July 1812. 21. 
Young John, Abchurch-lane, Merchant, Jan. 1806. 34. 

Young Mary, wife of John Youns , Dorldng, Surrey, Timber Merchant, July 1814. 1 7. 
Young Thomas, Drover, and William Callingham, Husbandman, both of Wonersh, 

Surrey, Jan. 1818. 10 


Young Elizabeth, Weybridge, Surrey, Spinster, April 1818. 10. 


(CofuoUdated the Sixth qf AgrU 1780.) 
Yerbury John, Clapham, esq. John Yerburv, Bdcomb, near Bradford, Wilts, esq. and 

John Moggridge, Leighouse, near Bradford, Wilts, esq. Oct. 1817. 11.* 
Young Margaret, Hampstead, Spinster, Oct. 1804. 37. 


Young Robert, Holwell, Herts, Farmer, 10th Oct. 1827. 


Young John, Nettlebed, Oxfordshire, Butcher, Jan. 1821. 
Young Nelly, Basinghall-Mroet, Spinster, Jan. 1825. 

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Hammet James Esdaile, Lombard-street, Banker, July 1828, 

Harkin Charlotte, Micluiel's-place, Brompton, Widow, July 1828 

Harrison Thomas, Alpha- road, Regent's-park, esq. George Harrison, Spring-garden- 

terrace, esq. and William Hill, of the same place, esq. July 1828. 
Holliday Grace, dec. Snnbury, Middlesex, Spinster, Jan. 1829. 
Taswell Dorothy, Portsmouth, Spinster, Jan. 1830. 
Thomas Philip William, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1831. 
TowiU Martha, formerly of Bridgewater, Widow, now wife of H.Hunt, Bristol, July 1830. 


Agutter Rev. William, Upper Gower-st. & Rev. W. Parker, Islington, April 1831. 
Baker Charlotte, wife of Rev. John Baker, Falmouth, Clerk, Oct. 1831. 
Barnwell Christopher, White's-place, Little Moorfields, Cabinet-maker, April 1831. 
Bold Rev. Arthur, dec. Vicar or Stoke Pogeis, Bucks, and his Trustee, Lord Francis 

Godolphin Osborne, Gog Magog, Bucks, April 1831. 
Bond Benjamin, Exchange-idley, esa. dec. a Bankrupt, John Bond, Coleman-street, 

esq. and Joseph Bond, BasinghaU-street, esq. Apnl 1831. 
Bond Benjamin, Exchange-alley, Banker, a Bankrupt, April 1831. 
Curtis James Grey William, Onental Club-house, Hanover-square, esq. Oct. 1830. 
Dickens Isabella, wife of S. T. Dickens, a Captain in the Royal Navy, Oct. 1831. 
Farley John, Guildford, Surrey, Gent. dec. April 1831. - — - 

Featherstone Lydia Maria, Servt. to Mr. Poulain, Pleasant-row, Shackelwell, Oct. 1831. 
Ford Henry, Inner Temple, Gent. dec. April 1831. 
Fownes Charlotte Ann, Exeter, Spinster, Oct. 1831. 

Franklin Lewis, Liverpool, Merchant, & W. L. Franklin, a Minor, April 1831. 
Grillespie John Petty, Grosvenor-street, Camberwell-road, Gent. Sarah Gillespie^ hii 

wife, and Jane Gillespie, of the same place. Spinster, April 1831. 
Godfrey Rev. Henry, Queen's College, Cambridge, D. D. dec. April 1831. 
Godfrey Henry, Colebrook-row, Islington, D.Smith, Gt. St. Helen's, R.Pickering, Leeds, 

Gents, dec. & Rev. H. Godfrey, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, AprU 183L 
Hall Louisa, Twickenham, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct. 1831. 
Hall Louisa, Ebury-street, Pimlico, Middlesex, Spinster, April 1831. 
Hamilton John, Berwick-street, Soho, Gent. April 1831. 
Horsey William, Lothbury, Packer, Oct. 1831. 
King Mary, John-street, Widow, dec. Daniel Giles, Lincoln's-inn, esq. and Joseph 

King, John-street, esq. Oct. 1831. 
Legrove Mary, Whitehead's-grove, Chelsea, Spinster, Oct. 1831. 
Mason William, Retford, Nottinghamshire, esq. AprU 1831. 

*>Morgan John, Highbury-place, esq. dec. and Walter Morgan, a Minor, April 1831. * 
.Morgan John, Highbnry-place, esq. dec. and Henry Morgan, a Minor, April 1831. 
^ Morgan John, Highbury-place, esq. dec. and J. B. Morgan, a Minor, April 1831. 
Norman James, Blackfriars, Merchant, dec. April 1830. 
Nottidge Rev. John Thomas, Ipswich, Suffolk, Anril 1831 
Ogden William, St. James's-street. esq. dec. April 1819. 

Ogilvy David, Baker, & J. Stevens, Butcher, both of Datchett, Bucks, dec. April 1320. 
Okes Ann, Cambridge, Widow, April 1820. 
Oliver Thomas Holt, Bath, esq. Oct. 1825. 
Owen Elizabeth, Orchard-street, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1821. 
Oxenford George, Stock Exchange, Gent. Oct. 1823. 

Parker William, Servt to the Duke of Richmond, Goodwood, Sussex, April 1831. 



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Peaehej Right Hon. John, NewseUs, Hertfordshire, afterwards Lord Sdsey, and 

Beeston Lcmg, Biahopsgate-street, esq. dec. April 1830. 
PoUull George, Cheapsted-plaoe, Kent,&T. Porteus, Parliainent.8t. esqs. April 1830 
Pope Rer. James, dec. Clerk, Vicar of St. Slaughter, Huntingdon, and his Trustee 

Thomas Bloodworth, of the same place, Gent. Oct 1830. 
Qoarie Maria de, Brussells, Spmster, Oct 1816. 13. 

Rawlings Robert RedLion-sq. Upholder, & J. Haynes, Theobald's-rd. Gent. Oct. 1831. 
Robins John, Warwick-house, Regent-street, Auctioneer, April 1830. 
Rowe John Paul, Dorset-street, Salisbury-square, esq. and John Bull Gardiner, 

Wormwood-street, Surveyor, Oct. 1830. 
Salkeld Rev. Robert, Rector of Fontmell Magna, Rev. J. M. Colson, Rector of Piddle 

Henton,&S. Smith, Bbmdford Forum, Gent all in Dorsetshire, Oct. 1831. 
Sherwood Thomas^&M. S. Sherwood, both of Cannon-hill, Surrey, esqs. April 1823. 
Simpson Thomas, Whitby, Yorkshire, Gent Oct 1824. 
Sims Thomas, Wandsworth, Victualler, dec. April 1821. 
Smith William, Harper-street, Bloomsbury, Merchant, April 1820. 
Smith William, Harlx>ure-heath, Warwickshire, esq. & Edward Darley, Maiden-lane» 

CoYcnt-garden, Silk Dyer, dec. Oct. 1812. 
Soper Walter, Ashburton, Deron, Gent. &T. Harris Plymouth, Gent dec. Oct 1824. 
Stephenson Thomas, Southampton-buildings, Grent. April 1823. 
Stromyer Wilhehn, St. Cathenne's, near the Tower, Mariner, April 1812. 
Tench Rachel, wife of John Tench, 5, Crescent, Minories, Gent. Oct 1798. 49. 
Underwood William, Somerbv, near Brigg, Lincolnshire, esq. April 1831. 
Wilson Jos^h, Highbury-hill, and Joseph Wilson, Clapham-common, esq. Oct. 1821. 


Eaton Michael, jun. Sittingboum, Kent. Gent Perciyal Dean, Twickenham, esq. and 
John WiUuun Cdey, Queen-street, Bloomsbury, esq. July 1817. 11. 

Elliott Mary, Westerham, Kent, Widow, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Ellis Mary, Spinster, Servant to Mrs Clarke, Foley-place, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Elten Mary, Clarges-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Emberly Mary, Broad-street, Old Gravel-lane, Spinster, July 1818. 9. 

Emmery Mary, Kentish Town, Spinster, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Evans John, Spaaton, Somerset, Grocer, Jan. 1815. 16. 

Evans Mary Alexander, wife of John Evans, Bethnal-green, Gent, and Sarah Evans 
Evans, a Minor, Jan. 1820. 6. 

Quantrille Sarah, Widow, &M. Ladbrooke, Widow, both of James-street, Gro8ve&or« 
■quare, Oct. 1813. 19. 

Quarre Maria de, Brussels, Spinster, July 1801. 43. 


Austin Beiqamin Gkorge, Waldiamstow, Essex, Butcher, Oct 1831. 
Bacon James, Wincanton, Grent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bacon James, Size-lane, Gent. April 1798. 50. 
Bambry Mary Frances, Stepney, Spinster, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bankes Mary, Parson's-green, Fulham, Widow, dec. Oct. 1818. 9. 
Banks James, Eltham, Kent, Plumber, and Maria, his wife, April 1819. 8. 
Barclay Greorge, Burford-lodge, Surrey, esq. J. P. Hankey, Mincmg-la. Merdi. G.Wade, 
Southampton-row, Gent. & M. Brooksbank, Hollywell,Widow, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Bamardson Mfry , Queen's-buildings, Brompton, Middlesex, Spinster, Oct 1819. 7. 
Bateman Mary, Northampton-builcungs, Clerkenwell, Spinster, April 1808. 31. 
Bennett Maria l^phia, wife of D. Bennett, Yorkley-court, Gloucestershire, Oct. 1831. 
Bennett George, Old Windsor, Berks, Gent Oct. 1819. 7. 
Benwell John, Black Lion-vard, Whitechapel, Broker, April 1818. 10. 
Berryman John, Staines, Mealman, dec. Oct. 1812. 21. 
Best Eleanor, Colebrook-terrace, Islington, Spinster, April 1831. 
Blount John, Islington, G^t. and Joseph Sidmgham, a Minor, April 1800 . 29. 
Bowles Georee, London-wall, Gent. Oct. 1817. IL 

Briggs Jane, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Froggatt, Hill-st. Berkeley-sq. Oct 1817. IL 
Brooks Cathenne, Golden-cross, Charing-cross, Spinster, Oct 1831. 

*'■"''" Lprill819. 8 

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Brown Martha, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, Spioster, April 1819. 8 
Butler James, Clare-market, Stay-maker, Oct. 1795. 55. 

Digitized fc 


Crowther John, Servant to Lady Lubbock, Besent-itreet, St. James's, April 1831. 
Dawes James, Church-lane, Chelsea, Gent, and Esther, his wife, April 1831. 
Duflln Margaret Eliiabeth, Horsleydown-lane, Spinster, Oct. 1830. 
Ellis George, Abingdon-street, esq. dec. William Henrv White, Parliament-place, eso. 

and Thomas Bray, Lattle Queen-street, Silyersmith, dec Oct 1831. 
Elcock Henry, Hythe, near Southampton, Gent. April 1831. 
Hocker George, a Minor, Pope-street, Eltham, Kent, Gent. April 1831. 
Ivej Thomas, Mile-end, Shipwright, dec. 5th April 1826. 

Jenkins Elizabeth, Spinster, Servant to Mr. Wilson, Mare-street, Hackney, Oct 1831. 
Nash Charlotte Ann, Duke-street, St James's, Spmster, Oct 1831. 
Nelson John Richard, Great Titchfield-street, Marylebone.Cludr-maker, 5th April 1824. 
New Catherine, St. Martin's-street, Leicester-fields, Widow, 5th April 1823. 
Newbery Ann, dec. & S. Searle, both of Readin|f, Berks, Spinster, 10th Oct 1822. 
Newell Sarah, Hereford-street, Park-street, Spmster, Apru 1831. 
Norman Mary, Maitin's-bme, Cannon-street, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Paull Ann, Spinster, at Dr. Morris's, GtGeorge-st. Westminster, April 1831. 
Pearce Jane, Spins. Servt. to G. Penn, esq. Grove-place, Haclmey, Oct. 1831. 
Roberts Benjamin, Camberwell, (rent. April 1628. 
Robinson Susan, Famham Royal, Bucks, Widow, now wife of James Wassell, Qeat, 

Gerard's-cross, Bucks, Oct. 1828. 
Sams George, Tottenham-street, (rent. Oct. 1831. 

Scott Kezia, Widow, dec. & F. J. Nettleship, a Minor, Beaufort-row, Chelsea, Oct. 1831. 
Stacy Sarah, wife of F. Stacy, dec. Lamb's-buildings, Bunhill-row, Gent. Oct 183L 
Wilson Catherine Maria, Dalkeith-house, Scotland, Spinster, Oct. 1831. 
Wilson William, Minories, Gun-maker, Oct. 1831. 
Woolfe William, MortUke, Gent. dec. Oct. 1831. 


Adams Susannah, King-street, Soho, Spinster, Jan. 1832 

Adderson Henry, Broad-st. Horsleydown, Mariner, & Ann, his wife, Jan. 1832. 

Bardsley James, Bow-street, Covent-garden, esq. Jan. 1832. 

Bisson John, St. John's, Jersey, Woolcomber, Jan. 1831. 

Bond Benjamin, Chan^-allev, esq. a Bankrupt, John Bond. Bedford-row, esq. and 

Henry Davison, l2ncoln s-inn, esq. July 1831. 
Booth Frederick, New-street, Spring-gardens, esq. July 1831. 
Broomfield Charles, Shoreham, Kent, Grent. Jan. 1831. 
Burgess Thomas, Jan. 1829. 

Claranoe Edward, Parslow-hall, High-Ongar, & T. Pollett, Gt Bardfield, July 1831 
Clarke Henry, Lamb's Conduit-street, Surgeon, July 1831. 
Clarke William, dec. Duke-street, Westminster, G^nt. Jan. 1832. 
Clifford William Morgan, Perry stone, Hereford, esq. July 1831. 
Clissold Ann. Berkley-street, Lambeth, Widow, Jan. 1832. 
Cockerill Elizabeth, Catherine-street, Commercial-road, Widow, Jan. 1831. 
Cronk Henry, Ozted, Surrey, Farmer, Jan. 1832. 
Dash John, dec. Rowner, near Gosport, Hants, Grent. July 1831. 
Dawes Wm., Bank, Gent. & J. Skoulding, Wymondham, Norfolk, Surgeon, Jan. 1822. 
Day Ann, dec. Bennett's-place, Bethnal-green-road, Widow, July 1831. 
Dexter Jane, Whitechapel-road, Spinster, Jan. 1831. 
Eddison Mary Ann, dec. wife of William Eklward Eddison, Wallbrook, London. 

Wine Merchant, and Sophia Eddison, a Minor, Jan. 1832. 
Falwasser Elizabeth Caroline, Madia-hill, Paddington, Widow, July 1831. 
Fisher John Morris, Gray's-inn, Grent. and Sarah Pennington, Strand, July 1831. 
Fox Benjamin Buckley, Uppermill, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, Painter, and Margaret 

Fox, his wife, Jan. 1832. 
Francis Eliza, Doncaster, York, Spinster, Jan. 1832 
George William Edward, dec. Clapham, Surrey, Gent. Sophia Augusta George, and 

Clara Greorge, both Minors, July 1831. 
Gill Emma Augusta, dec. Brighton, Sussex, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Gillam Edward, dec. Canterbury, Gent. July 1831. 
Gold Charl^ Emelius, Ensign in the 65th Regiment of Foot, Jan. 1832. 
Groves Joseph, Butcher, Lucy Groves, his ^infe, dec. and Lewis Groves, Gent alle^ 

Bishopsgate-street, Jan. 1832. 

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Gonldimith, Sarah, dec. Kingstow, 'Surrey, Widow, Jan. 1832. 

Hammond Gmrge Whitechapel,EdwardTom]dns, Bank, & Joseph Fletcher, ShadweDf 

all Gentlemen, July 1831. 
Hawkea William, Famham, Surrey, Coachman, Jan. 1832. 
Hicks William, dec. Silver-street, Edmonton, Gent. July 1831 
Hopkins Maij, Alder8|^te- street, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Hurford Maria, Foleshill, Warwickshire, Spinster, July 1831. 
Jackson Wm., Oriffin-st. York-rd. Lambeth, Engineer, & Hannah, his wife. JuW 1831. 
Jeffii Hannah, dec. Hinton-street, Bethnal-green, Widow, July 1831. 
Johnson Joshua, Hunter-street, Kent-road, Newsvender, July 1830. 
Kelly William, Lewiaham-st. Westminster, Milkman, & W. Kelly, a Minor, July 1831. 
Kelly Wm., Lewisham-st. Westminster, Milkman, & J. Kelly, a Minor, July 1831. 
Kirkland John, 80, PaU Mall, esq. Jan. 1832. 
Lang Henry, America-square, Gent. July 1831. 
Leger John Francis, dec Lord Stanhope s, Mansfield-street, July 1831. 
Leigh Rev, Thomas. Wickham Bishops, Essex, July 1831. 
Maddnlay Thomas, Brompton, Middlesex, esq. July 1831. 
Matthew John, Chipping Norton, Oxford^ire, Grocer, July 1831. 
Meek Manr Ann, Tokeimouse-yard, Spinster, July 1831. 
Meek Sarah, Tokenhouse-yard, Spinster, July 1831. 
Mitchell Elizabeth Saville, Spinster, and John Deacon, Gent, both of Chapel-stroet, 

Grosvenor-place, and James Lainchbury, Boxot, Berks, Gent. July 1831. 
Nanoolas Charles, &B. Buxton, dec. Tothill-st. Westminster, Cheesemonger. Jan. 1832. 

Oak Thomas, Greenwich, Surgeon, Jan. 1825. 
Oddy Hannah, Dikes- row, Tavist^ 

favistock-square. Spinster, and John Watson, Uppei 

^tzroy-street, Gent. July 1824. 
Ovenden Thomas, 78, Great Leonard-street, Shoreditch, Printer, and Catherine 

Ovendoi, his wife, Jan. 1824. 
Payne Mary, Hartfield, Sussex, Widow, July 1831. 
Piggott Dame Jane, Wittingdon, Sussex, Widow, and Elizabeth Chadwick, wife of 

Robert Chadwick, Pentonville, Manufacturer, July 1831. 
Potter John, Red Lion-street, Woolwich, Baker, Jan. 1832. 
Rhodenhurst Henrietta Susannah, York-street, Westminster, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Rix Marv, Woolwich-common, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Samuel Lyon, Mansell-street, Goodman's-fields, and Samuel Phillips, Bury-street, 

St. Mary Axe, Merchants, July 1831. 
Schultes Robert, Wallingford, Berks, Schoolmaster, July 1831. 
Scale Ellen, Spins. E. Kightley, & W. Jones, Gents. London-st. Fitzroy-sq. July 1831. 
Smorthett Mary, Academy-court, Symons-inn, Widow, Jan. 1832. 
St. George Major Grenl. liiomas Bligh, York-st. Portman-square, July 1831. 
Thurlby Sharp, Camberwell-grove,Gent.&R. Percival, Lombard-st. Banker, July 1831. 
Tinsley James, Glasshouse-st. Rosemary-la. Brewer, &R. Firmm, aMinor, July 18^1. 
Turril Richard, Long Acre, Coach-maker, Jan. 1832. 
Vaux William, Brownshill, near Carlow, Ireland, Gardener, July 1831. •— 
Wallace Thomas, Washington, Sussex, Gardener, July 1831. 
Welch James, Bromley, Kent, Gent. July 1831. 
Wells William, Church Oakley, Hants, Gent. July 1831. 
White Rosetta, Greenfield-street, Commercial-road, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Whittick Samuel, Waltham, Hants, Labourer, Jan. 1832. 


Arden Rey. Thomas, Long:crofts, Parish of Yoxall, and Rev. James Gisborne, Barton- 

under-Neewood, both in Staffordshire, July 1831. 
Axe John, Victualler, & W. Marryat, Gent, both of Pitfield-st. Hoxton, dec. July 1831. 
Baker John, Shrewsbury, esq. Jan. 1832. 
Banks Capt. Roger, Royal West Middlesex Militia, Jan. 1832. 
Batt John Thomas, dec. & Rev. G. Belgrave, Rector, Cockfield, July 1831. 
Bayles Thomas, Woolwich, Surgeon, Edward Charker, Marylebone-street, Butcher, 

and Edward Hopkins, New Abresford, Hants, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Best James, dec. Groostone, Surrey, Farmer, Jan. 1832. 

Bisbton John, Kensall, Salop,& H. Crockett, Little Onn, Stafford, esqs. dec. July I83L 
Blagrove Lucy, Maidstcme, Kent, Spinster, July 1831. 


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Brooker Elizabeth, Servt. to Capt. Barton, Wyndhatn-pl. Bryanstone-sq. Jan. 1832. 
Butcher Robert Penniall, Eastcheap, Gent. Frances AmeliaButcher^his wife, and 

Catherine Beauchan^ Bntcber, formerly a Minor, now of Age, July 1831. 
Cave John, Brentry, Parish of Henbury, esq. Timothy Powell, Henbury, esq. and 

Samuel Bowden, Westbury-upon-Trym, esq. all m Shropshire, Jan. 1832. 
Chapman Anthony, Adam-street, Manchester-square, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Clark Robert, Margaretting, Essex, Gent. July 1831. 
Conte Joseph le, Bell-alley, Coleman-street, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Conyers Henry John, East Essex Militia, July 1831. 

Cripps Charlotte, New Manor-place, King's-road, Chebea, Spinster, Js^, 1832 
Dallas Sir Greor|n, Henrietta-street, Canendish-square, John Ellis, esq. Connaught- 

place, Middlesex, & the Hon. G. Poulett, Royal Navy, Jan. 1832. 
Dare Hester, Watling-st. Spinster, and W. W. M.oxhay, a Minor, Jan. 1832. 
Davison Georee, Tweedmouth, Durham, Labourer, Jan. 1832. 
Dixon Ann, Chertsey, Surrey, Widow, dec. July 1831. 
Dodd Thomas, York-buildings, New-road, Marylebone, esq. July 1831. 
Forsyth William, Nottingham-place, Marylebone, Gent. July 1831. 
Gabell Rev. Henrv Dison, bte of Binfield, Berks, dec. and Ann, his wife, July 1831. 
Gardiner John Gilbert Cooper, Hemgarton Priory, Notts, Colonel in the Army, and 

Francis Rotch, Fumival's-inn, London, esq. Jan. 1832. 
Gore Arthur, Mount-row, Lambeth, Gent. Jan. 1832. 

Gosling Hon. Charlotte, wife of W. Gosling, late of Fleet-st Banker, dec. July 1831. 
Gray George, New Windsor, Gent. July 1831. 
Griffith Frederick, Gam, near Denbigh, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Hey Sarah Garland, Rockingham-house, Kent-road, Surrey, Widow, July 1831. 
Heygate James, jun. New Bridge-street, Merchant, July 1831. 
Hodson Elizabeth, Stainby-hall, Yorkshire, Widow, and Charlotte Laura Hodson, a 

Minor, dec. Jan. 1832. 
Horsey William, Lothbury, Packer, Jan. 1832. 
Hoskins Ann, late of Wotton, Somerset, Spinster, dec. Jan. 1832. 
Hutton Frances, Clapham-oommon, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Hyde William, dec. Duke-street, Smithfield, Gent, and Robert Berridge, dec. Gent. 

Portpool-lane, Hatton-garden, Jan. 1832. 
Kenny Janet Gammell, Greenock, N. B. Spinster, Major Edward Geils, 19th Light 

Draffoons,&SirW. Kay, Bart. Mansion-house-street, Banker, July 1831. 
Lutyens Daniel, esq. 3rd Dragoon Guards, July 1831. 

Mackay Frances Charlotte, mfe of H. D. Mackay, Springfield, Jamaica, esq. Jan. 1832. 
Maurice Anne Susannah, Gay-st. Bath, Spinster, &S. H. J. Parry, a Minor, July 1831. \ 
Maurice Anne Susannah, Gay-st. Bath, Spinster, & W. J. Lewis, a Minor, July 1331. : 
Maurice Anne Susannah, Gay-st. Bath, Spinster, & H. G. J. Parry, a Minor, July 1831. ' 
Meams Rebecca, Curzon -street, Mayfair, Widow, July 1832. 
Monkhouse Margaret, Whitehall, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Montefiore Horatio Joseph, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Mornm James, Pope's-head -alley, Gent. William Morgan and John Morgan. Stock 

Exchange, Gent. July 1831. 
Newman Noah, Great Berkhampstead, Herts, Farmer, Jan. 1832. 
Nedd Joseph, jun. J. Low, & W. Lowe, all of the Inner Temple, esqs. Jan. 1832. 
Nugent Lieut. Col. John, 38th Regiment, Naval, St. Grermain, Saye,Franoe, July 1831. 
Parker John, Wallingford, Tanner, Jan. 1832. 

Parkin Harriet, & Louisa Parkin, Gt. James-st. Bedford-row, Spinsters, July 1831. 
Penrose Rev. Thos. ,yicar ofWrittle, Essex. &R. Robertson, of the same place, July 1831 . 
Peers Jane, Acre-bne, Brixton, Spins.&J. B. Allnatt, Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Phibbs William Henry, Mortimer-street, Marylebone, Merchant, and William Henry 

Merle, Little Britain, Merchant, July 1831. 
Powell Rev. William, B. D. Langullock, near Usk, and Whiston PoweU, his Trustee, 

Stock Exchange, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Price Zephaniah, john-st. Kent-road, Tanner, and Margaret, his wift, Jan. 1832. 
Prior George, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, Hosier, and Francis Hooper, Worcester, 

Wme Merchant, Jan. 1832. 
Raine Rev. James, Clerk, Bailey, Durham, July 1831. 
Read Ann, Union-street, Clapham, Spinster, Jan. 1832. 
Read William, King-street, Covent-garden, Engraver, Jan. 1832. 



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Roe Mary, wife of John Roe, Windior, Com-chandkr, and John Fbrd, late of 

of Wuldaor, Gent. dec. July 1831. 
Rowe Lawrence, late of Brentford, Middlesex, Gent Jan. 1832. 
Sebag Solomon, Stoek Ezchance, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Spike Richard, Jermyn-street, Ficcadilly, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Stodhart Thomai, OanberweU, Surrey, Farrier, & Elizabeth, lus wife, Jan. 1832. 
Streatfidd Alexander Champion, St. John's Collece, Oxford, esq. Jan. 1832. 
rhresher John, and Joseph Hardy, Gents, both of Pottisham, Dorset, Ji:d> 1831. 
Townsend Mary Jane, Grenada, Spinster, a Minor, Jan. 1832. 
Townsend Joseph, Gray's-inn-square, esa. Jnly 1831. 

Tyrrell Timothj, jnn. Guildhall, &H. Roberts, Mould, Flintshire, esM. Jnly 1831. 
Wallace Rachel Lawrence, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Widow, Jan. 1892. 
Wareham Edith, Smnster, Mr. Robinson's, Hatton-garden, Jnly 1831. 
Welcfaman John, Whately, Birmingham, esq. ftRer. J. Rose.Wllton, Hants, July 1831. 
Weedon Solomon, Mile-end, near Rickmansworth, Herts, Gent. Jan. 1832. 
Willimns Sarah Ilexney, Grove-lane, Camberwell, Widow, Ebenezer Harris, Gent 

Tabemade-walk, Moorfidds, & R. Pope, Peckham, Surrey, esq. July 1831. 
Wilkinson John, late of St. James's-palace, esq. dec. July 1832. 
Wyllie William, Fendiurch-street, Gent July 1832. 


AcUand Rev. Thomas Gilbank, Stamford-street, Surrey, Clerk, Oct 1829. 

Baillie Alexander, Clarges-street, Piccadilly, esq. April 1829. 

Brockway Edward Upcher, dec. Colchester, Essex, Gent. April 1831. 

Chappell Mary, Slough, Bucks, Spinster, April 1829. 

Cla^tt Lavinia, Clapham-rise, Spmster, Oct. 1829. 

Climenson John, Ware, Herts, uent dec. 10th Oct. 1827. 

Clive Rev. Robert, dec. Morton, Salop, 10th Oct. 1825. 

Cockerton Christopher, John Dear, and John Dunkin, Gents, all of the King's Arms, 

Neweate-street, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Collingridge Rer. Peter, Cannington, Somerset, dec. Rer. W. Povnter, dec. Castle-st 

Holbom,&ReT. J. Y. Bramston, Tavistock-st Bedford-sq. April 1830. 
Concemego James, Christian-st. Commerdal-road, Mariner, 10th Oct. 1^. 
Cornwall William, Buntingford, Herts, Gent Oct 1830. 
Couch James, Lieut, in the Royal Navy, 10th Oct 1825. 
Cox William, Green-walk, Blackinars, Gent. 10th Oct. 1826. 
Craui^ird Elizabeth, Paragon-place, Kent-road, Widow, 5th April 1817. 
Creak Margaret, Norwich, Spmster, 10th Oct. 1826. 
Creak Sarah, Norwich, Spinster, 10th Oct 1826. 
Crawley William, Bishopsgate-street, Druggist, dec. and Charles Thorp, Phumcer's- 

row, Mariner, Oct. 1830. 
Cross William, Preston, Lancashire, esq. Oct 1830. 
Dorchester Right Hon. Arthur Henry Baron, dec. 10th Oct. 1826. 
Dye Robert, the Younger, White lion-street, Spital-square, Gent. Oct. 1831. 
Ellis Francis, Crescent, City of Bath, esq. April 1831. 
Elderton Merrick^ Brixton, Surrey, Gent Oct. 1827. 
Fisher John Moms, South-square, Gray's-inn, Gent. Oct. 1831. 
Gayton Hiomas Westrope, Tiptofts, Parish of Wimbish, Essex, esq. April 1829. 
Gilliat John Henry, Southampton, esq. Oct. 1831. 
Grimault John, Brentford-end, I^ddlesex, Auctioneer, Oct 1831. 
Haedy Aim, York-place, Kentish-town, Widow, April 1831. 
Jones Michael, dec. Bath, esq. &R. Ray, Gower-street, London, esq. April 1831. 
Keele Christopher, Broughton, Hants, Yeoman, April 1830. 
KingWilliam, Upper Baker-street, esq. dec. Mary King, his wife, and Elizabeth Mary 

Thornton, YorK-buildings, New-road, Spinster, Oct 1830. 
King Thomas, Tandridge, Surrey, Gent. lOtJi Oct 1825. 
Kite Ann, Ffnchley, Middlesex, Spinster, 10th Oct. 1824. 
Lewis Ann Georgina Martha, Wobum-terr^oe, Albany-road, Camberwdl, 

Spinster, Oct. 1830. 
Lowe James, East India-house, Gent. April 1830. 
Miller William, Londonderry, Ireland, esq. April 1830. 
Needle Sarah, CoUingboume, Kingston, Wilts, Spinster, April 1630. 


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Pay John Acworth da, Java, in Batavia, Qeat, Oct 1831. 
Reeve Dorothy, dec., Blackfrian, Spinster, April 1831. 
, Rogers William Loranee, Goilcubrd-street, esq. & Hon. J. Leeson, Dublin, Oct. 1831. *-* ' 
Russell Rev. Alexander Benn, Sloe-fmn, Halstead, Essex, Clerk, Oct 1830. 
Scott James, Tower-hill, Gent. William Allen, Rosemary-lane, Gent and George 

Slack, Bank, Gent. April 1828. 
Shone Elizabeth Ann, Kensington, Middlesex, Spinster, April 1831. 
Smallwood Francis, dec. Sands-end, near Whitby, Master Mariner, Oct 1831. 
Smith Wm.Wynne, Birmingham, esq. & J. Hinchley, Ombersley, Worcester, Oct 1830. 
Solly Richard Horsman. Great Ormand-street, esq. 5th April 1824. 
Spry Admiral Thomas, of the Royal Navy, & C. Carlyon, M. D. Truro, 5th April 1^26. 
#41 Stein John, Clonmel, Ireland, esq. April 1830. 

Steinorth Ellen, Rockingham -row. New Kent-road, Spinster, April 1830. 

StnrkOT Blandina Catherine, Bettois, Montgomeryshire, Spinster, April 1831. 

Syer Mary Josephs, Ludlow, Spinster, 5th April 1825. 

Thorn Hannah, Hertford-street, Fitzroy-square, Spinster, April 1829. 

Tufhell Edward Carleton, Cavendish-square, esa. April 1831. 

Tufhell Henry, Cavendish-square, esa. April 1831. 

Verg^ Rev. Peter Robert, dec. Mously Hall, Salop, and Elspet Rhind, Wanlip-hall, 

Leicester, Spinster^ April 1831. 
Ware Eliza Harriet, Hurhgate, Middlesex, Spinster, April 1830. 
White Thomas, of the George, Whitechapd-road, Victaaller, Mary White, his wife, 

and MarffaretWhite, aMmor, Oct 1831. 
Whitshed Admiral Sir James Hawkins, Holbrooke Sussex, and Thomas Bastick 

Brighton, Watchmaker, April 1830. 
Woods George, the Younger, East Dulwich, Gent. Oet. 1830. 


(Principal Paid m Full lOM OcU 1824.^) 
Buccleuch His Grace Henry Duke of, dec. 10th Oct. 1813. 
Gaultier Ann, Birmingham, Widow, 5th April 1813. 
Glossop Francis, Oxford-street, Gent. 5th April 1813. 

Newman Charles Herman, Ridmiond, Coach-master, & Mary, his wife. 10th Oct 1824. 
Nicholas Charles, Old-bldgs. Lincoln's-inn, esq. P. R. Lempriere, Jersev, esq. Daniel 

Callagan, iun. Cork, esq. & J. Ewart, jun. Moulslev-hall, Lancashire. No Dividend. 
Noon James, Neath, Glamorganshire, Gent. No. Dividend. 

Notten Haaqe Van, wife of Adriaan Comelis Fabricus, Amsterdam, esq. No Dividend 
Odams John, Battersea, Gardener, April 1814. 18."' 
Oldham John Augustm, Grafton-street, esq. Oct 1817. 11. 
Ogle John, Whitby, Yorkshire, Gent Apnl 1808. 30. 
Ongley Lady Frances, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Widow, 10th Oct. 1820. 
Ormerod Mary, South Lambeth, Widow, 5th April 1824. 
Ormerod Rev. Richard, Richard Payne, Robert Thornton, and Thomas Robinson, all 

of Kensin^n, Trustees for the Charity School, esqs. April 1813. 20. 
Osbom Catharme Hickman, Redboum, Herts, Spinster, April 1817. 12. 
Sanders Joseph, and John Sanders, both of Dorking, Millers, 10th Oct. 1819. 
Sanderson Capt. Thomas, of the Sussex Militia, 10th Oct. 1823. 
Say Rev. Francis Edward, Braughing, Herts, and James Swiney, Haig, a Minor, 

10th Oct. 1823. -• 6» » 

Scotchmer Chariotte, Pakenham, Suffolk, Widow, now wife of Sir William Dolben, 

Bart. dec. Pakenham. No Dividend. 
Selby Henry Collingwood, Gray's-inn, & J. Hume, Long Acre, Chemist, 5th April 1820. 
Short Mary, Sun-street, Bishopgate-street, Tl^dow, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Sibley Rebecca, dec. Kimpton, Herts, Widow. No Dividend. 
Skinner William, Hoxton-town, Cheesemonger, 10th Oct. 1822. 
Smart John Alexander, Servant to Mr. TraiU, Russell^uare, 10th Oct. 1820. 
Smith Rev. Ralph, Rector of Oaksey, Wilts, Francis Webb, dec. New Sarum, esq. 

and Joseph Pitt, Cirencester, esq. 10th Oct. 1822. 
Solly Mercy, dec. Crayford, Kent, Spinster, 5th April 1822. 
Spencer Jane, dec. Bolton-street, Piccadilly, Spinster, 5th April 1819. 
Stopfbrd Elizabeth, Brompton, Middlesex, Spmster, 6th April 1822. 
Stokes Stephen, Orange-street, Leicester-square, Gunsmith, 10th Oct. 1818. 


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Backton Henry, of tbe Capeof Good Hope, esq. 5th April 1822. 

£mot Charles, Cla^ham, Surrey, esq. Oct 1819. 7. 

Hatchinson George, John Hntchinson, Henry Hatdiinson, jnn. and ThonuM Place, all 

of Stockton-upon-Tees, Bankers, Oct 1819. 7. 
The Wardens of the Parish of St Saviour's Sonthwark, April 1829. 
The Warden or Rector and Scholars of the Blessed Mary and All-Saints, loacoln 

College, (Mord, 10th Oct 1822. 


Pigon Frederick John, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, esq. March 1813. 21. 
Robinson Mary, Retford,Notts, Spinster, September 1807. 32. 


ChurchUl Richard, Mindng-lane, Gent Jan. 1772. 22. 


Dramoule WHliam, York, Gent December 1744. 18. 


Ogilvie John, Friday-street, Haberdasher, June 1747. 13. 


Langton Richard Fuller, Newington-place, Surrey, Gent. Jan. 1819. 8. 


Shi£fher Irabella Hannah, Grosrenor-street, Widow, April 1816. 14. 
Stratton Charlotte, Edmonton, Widow, Oct. 1819. 7. 
Spangenand Herent, Cornelius Justus Baron of, Oct 1816. 13. 


{Principal Paid qf on the 5th July 1825.) 
Keating Christopher, Lambridge-house, Somerset, esq. 10th Oct. 1823* 


(From the First qf Map 1704.^ 

Pearce Benjamin, Theobald's-road, Gent May 1808. 23. 
Power Jack, Beverley, Yorkshire, Gent. May 1809. 21. 


Haryey Elizabeth, Bedford-row, Spinster, dec. Oct. 1808. 29. 

Hobart Hon. Henry, Richmond, Surrey, A.Champion, Middle Temple, esq. T. NeaTe, 

Broad-street, and W. A. Roberts, Bewdley, Worcestershire, April 180iS. 34. 
Hopkinson Henry, Castle Rytham, Lincoln, Grent. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Howard Right Hon. Frances Lady Dowager, Eskregz, dec. Oct. 1799. 47. 
Middleton Mary, Charlotte-street, Spins. Servt. to Mr. Deurie, April 1776. 11. 


Parish Edward, Ludgate-street, dec. James Hume, Custom-house, dec. and John 

Edgar, Temqle-bar, Banker, dec. Oct. 1819. 7. 
Picouays Rev. Francis, Stokeby Mayland, Suffolk, Oct. 1802. 41. 
Pizotto Jacob, and Daniel Pixotto, both of Bourdeauz, Grents. Oct. 1799. 47. 


Hawkins Jane, wife of J. A. Hawkins, Great Marlborough-street, esq. April 1831. 
Philpot Richard, Servt. to Mr. Sinithurst,UpBer]Ddey-st. Portman-sq. April 1831. 


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