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Underwo od Families 
OF America 







Press of 





The inception of this work like that of many others of the 
same kind occurred in the early life of the compiler through a 
desire to learn something about his ancestry. His researches at 
first took only the direction of tracing his own ancestral lines. 
Incidentally, however, he preserved and arranged such collateral 
records as thus fell in his way. Among his papers are to be found 
several of these early compilations, each more elaborate than the 
former but all bearing evidence of having been made only for his 
own satisfaction with apparently little thought of publishing. 

In the course of his search through New England sources for 
traces of ancestral lines he met with the works of a number of 
local historians and genealogists that contained more or less 
elaborate accounts of the early generations of New England 
Underwoods. These various and often contradictory accounts 
he endeavored to revise and harmonize and at length he published 
the results of his labors in the New Englayid Historical and 
Genealogical Register, Oct., 1884. 

This work incited his ambition to collect the records of the 
New England families of Underwood and to publish as complete 
a genealogy of the family as possible. He now set himself 
systematically to this task by getting out circulars of inquiry and 
distributing them over the country wherever he could find persons 
of the name living. At the same time a close watch was kept for 
all references to the name in history and literature and every 
opportunity was seized to search through original sources for 
documents and records bearing upon the family. During a 
period of twenty-five years this work went on, though more or 
less inteiTupted at times by the pressure of the busy life of a 
prominent college professor and an eminent scientific investi- 
gator. A vast amount of material was gathered and the corre- 


spondence grew until it became burdensome. The amount of 
labor involved in the study, classification, and arrangement of 
such a heterogeneous and fragmentary mass of material no one 
can appreciate who has not had actual experience in such work. 
The mental effort to keep the loose ends, the gaps, and the 
obscure clues clearly in mind for weeks and months so as to drop 
new items into their proper places in the system involves an 
immense strain, especially when the mind is already severely 
taxed in its attention to other onerous duties. 

The gathering of material from all parts of the country by 
such thorough methods as were employed, soon brought to light 
the fact that besides the Underwoods of New England there were 
a number of other families in the country, some of which traced 
their ancestry back to every English settled colony of the new 
world. A large amount of material on the central and southern 
families was gathered as a matter of necessity but nn special 
effort was made at first to complete these records, and it is doubt- 
ful if there was serious intention of including them in the work. 

In the last years of his life Dr. Underwood several times 
prepared to bring his work to a close by publication, but each 
effort brought out so much new material and disclosed so many 
fields for more thorough search that with the zeal of the investi- 
gator who can not bear to leave his work incomplete these 
efforts usually ended in an extension of the scope of the w^ork and 
a more determined effort to gather the lost records of the family. 
About 1905 he began what proved to be his last revision of his 
manuscript and at the same time he appears to have definitely 
planned to have his work include all the Underwood families of 
America concerning whom he could get any information. He, 
therefore, at this time directed his attention particularly to the 
gathering of the records of the southern families, concerning 
whom he had many fragments but few complete records. In the 
prosecution of this revision he carefully outlined the general plan 
of the book and arranged the manuscript and some of the un- 
digested material according to this plan. As he proceeded he also 


made numerous memoranda of the material that was yet lacking 
with notes as to where it could probably be obtained. In many 
cases these notes contained such definite directions as to suggest 
that they were made not so much for his own guidance as from a 
feeling that perhaps another should complete the task that he 
had begun. He had scarcely completed this revision and had not 
yet received a reply to all of the numerous letters of inquiry that 
he had sent out when, overburdened with the strain of his many 
undertakings, he suddenly laid dov/n his life work on November 
16, 1907. 

The shape in which he had left the manuscript together with 
the very definite directions as to the plan and make-up of the 
work made it seem possible to go on and complete the under- 
taking substantially as he had intended. In 1909 Mrs. Under- 
wood placed all of the manuscript and accumulated material 
in the hands of the present writer with the request that it be 
completed as far as possible in accordance with Dr. Underwood's 
intentions and that it be edited for publication. The work of the 
editor has been more, therefore, than merely seeing the manu- 
script through the press; in fact, it has been very largely a con- 
tinuation of the work of compilation. During the past three 
years an extensive correspondence has been carried on with 
various branches of the family and a considerable search has 
been made through town and probate records and other sources 
of information bearing upon the history of the family. The 
result has been the accumulation of a large amount of additional 
material. This has been chiefly in the southern families, and 
yet even in the older and more complete records of the New Eng- 
land families w-e have been able to fill several large gaps and 
have traced several lost lines down to living descendants. It 
was at first intended to indicate in some way the parts supplied 
by the editor, but so many little changes and corrections were 
necessary all through the manuscript that this plan was found 
to be impracticable. In only a few cases where it was necessary 
to change materially the original arrangement has the editor 


indicated his responsibility. The greater part of the arrange- 
ment of the southern famihes, however, has been done by the 

The prosecution of a work of such magnitude could be carried 
on only by the hearty cooperation of many members of the family. 
In this respect tliere is little complaint to be made, although 
it is a matter of regret that a few have not seen fit to respond to 
requests for information, especially as in some cases the material 
that they could furnish would have undoubtedly opened the way 
to recover the records of some lines which must now probably be 
left forever incomplete. On the other hand so many have con- 
tributed to the success of the work that it would be impossible 
to give due credit to every one by personal mention. 

Throughout the work acknowledgments have been made of 
the obligations which the compiler as also the editor has been 
under to those who have given much time and effort in collecting 
the records of their respective lines. But it must be understood 
that there are many others to whom thanks are due for the 
help that they have given to the work. Not the least of those 
to whom credit is due for the final permanent preservation of this 
labor of years are those who by subscriptions and otherwise have 
made the publication of the work financially possible. Even then 
it is altogether probable that the work could not have been 
brought out if it had not been for the substantial support volun- 
tarily furnished by the children of Rev. Enoch D. Underwood no. 
844, and especially the generous financial backing afforded at the 
last by Mr. Frederick D. Underwood no. 845. 

The Plan of the Work. 
A family pedigree by reason of its many diverging lines is 
difficult to arrange so that one can trace forvv^ard or baclavard 
to determine lines of descent and collateral relationships without 
becoming confused. The plan of this work is believed to be as 
simple as it is possible to make a genealogy. The order of 
arrangement is the order of primogeniture; that is, in each family 


the eldest child and all of his descendants in like order are com- 
pleted before the next eldest child and his descendants are taken 
up. This arrangement has the effect of always bringing together 
in any part of the book those of the living families that are most 
closely related. 

Each family of Underwood is numbered consecutively through- 
out the work and to trace any line turn first to the index for the 
page on which appears the name of the person desired, for 
example, Hiram Underwood, page 64. Here he is mentioned 
as the son of James 88 and there follows a full account of Hiram 
and his family. The names of his sons are followed by cross 
references to the family number under which their families are 
recorded. The daughters are not traced beyond their immediate 
families which are recorded at the places where their own births 
are mentioned. To trace the ancestry of Hiram turn back to 
the family number 88 given for his father James which is on 
page 58. Here we find James mentioned as the son of Timothy 
70 and turning back to page 50 we find that Timothy is the 
founder of this, the Putney branch, and that he is the son of 
Joseph 7. The latter's family is found on page 11 and further 
reference is here to Joseph 4 which we find on page 6 and from 
here back to Joseph 3 on page 4, the original ancestor of this line 
of Under\vood. 

Family Record. 

In order to encourage a practice of our fathers now falling into 
disuse there have been added to the work several pages for the 
keeping of a family record. These will be found just before the 
index in volume two. It is to be hoped that ever>' family 
possessing a copy of this work will take pride in seeing that this 
record is properly filled out as the years go by. 

Howard J. Banker. 

De Pau->v University, 
Greencastle, Ind., 
Oct. 20, 1912. 


Page 86, line 12, for Me. read Vt. 
Page 115, line 27, for Jessie read Jesse. 
Page 116, line 29, for August read Augusta. 
Page 185, line 15, for Joseph read William. 
Page 521, line 20, for TFu. read Me. 
Page 650, line 2, for Denton read Deuto7i. 



Introduction xiii 

I. Watertown Family i 

Needham Branch 21 

Reading Branch 24 

Marlboro Branch 27 

Merrimack Branch 43 

Putney Branch 50 

Westford Branch 66 

Litchfield Branch 93 

Natick Branch 109 

Holliston Branch 129 

Mendon Branch 161 

Waltham Branch 162 

Woodstock Branch 167 

Sudbury Branch 296 

Framingham Branch 297 

Lexington Branch 302 

H. Lincoln Family 317 

in. Chelmsford Family 364 

Sandisfield Branch 368 

New Marlborough Branch 381 

IV. Boston Families 386 

V. Newcastle Family 394 



Lucien M. Underwood Frontispiece 

Underwood Arms, colored plate Facing p. xvi 

Lieut. Gov. Levi Underwood 
Joseph H. Underwood . . 
Dr. Gideon Underwood , . 
Gen. Adin B. Underwood . 
Francis H. Underwood . . 
Rev. Almon Underwood . . 
Clarence F. Underwood . . 
Porter Underwood .... 
Nelson F. Underwood. . . 
Judge George Underwood . 
Judge John C. Underwood . 







The UNDER^v•ooDs of England.* 

The Underwoods are of distinctly English descent and all lines 
of the name trace back sooner or later to an English ancestry. 
It has not been possible, however, with the older lines of Under- 
wood in America to identify their English origin with any of the 
known English lines of the name, but no very exhaustive search 
in this direction has been made. It is quite possible that the 
actual connection between some of the American and English 
lines could be shown by a careful and systematic search of English 
records, especially the "Quaker Records" preserv^ed at Devon- 
shire House, Bishopsgate Street, London, E. C. ; Parish Registers; 
Non-Conformist Registers; and sailing lists preserved at various 
English ports. Very little has been done in the way of gathering 
information concerning the English ancestry of the family. It 
was Dr. Underwood's intention, however, to make some re- 
searches on the more ancient history of the family in England 
and just before his death he had begun an extensive correspond- 
ence with Mr. Aylmer J. Undervvood of London, England, a 
member of the English branch of the family. This correspond- 
ence gave promise of throwing much light on the English ancestry 
of at least some of the American lines of Underwood, as Mr. A. J. 
Underwood was a man well informed in regard to the English 
fam.ily and had had much practical experience in searching 
English records. His personal interest in the genealogy of the 
family led him to cooperate heartily with Dr. Underwood in his 
work. Only a few weeks before the latter's death he sent him a 
beautifully illuminated manuscript of the Underwood arms. 
The following account of the English history of the family is 
based chiefly on the correspondence here mentioned. 

The origin of one's family name is always a matter of much 

♦ Prepared by the editor. 



interest, but is usually lost in the obscurity of the past. Sur- 
names came into use gradually as the necessity of a more definite 
designation than the Christian name became evident. These 
surnames originated in a variety of ways and at first were not 
distinctively family names, but were used to distinguish the 
several persons in the community having the same Christian 
name. The essential thing in such surnames was that they 
should be in some way distinctive of the person. The name, 
therefore, was sometimes taken from the person's occupation, 
sometimes some well-known event in his life suggested a dis- 
tinctive name, sometimes a personal peculiarity gave origin to 
the name. Doubtless the names were often what we would term 
now nicknames and may not have been originally agreeable to 
the owners, recalling some painful incident in their lives or 
emphasizing some unfortunate personal peculiarity. As the 
Christian name would not be repeated generally among members 
of the same family it would often be convenient and not confusing 
to appb' the same surname to all the members of a family and 
thus it would become a family name. As civilization advanced 
and men had occasion more and more to sign contracts and other 
documents, the family name as a part of one's designation 
became of special importance and was, therefore, confirmed by 
legal enactment and regulated by law. 

The name Underwood appears on the face of it to have arisen 
from some locality where the family lived and very probably 
originated independently in connection with different families 
v/ho happened to live in similar surroundings. The origin of 
the name is even more apparent in some of the more ancient 
forms in which it appears. In old records it is written in several 
ways as Underwode, Underode, Undervvoode, and even as 
Under-the-wode, and Under-the-wood. 

Where the name originated and with what particular "wood" 
it is im-possible to tell and it is very probable that more than 
one locality has supplied the families of Underwood with their 
name. The earliest trace of the name in documents is found as 


far back as 1177 in the Pedigree of Undenvood of Blxley, Norfolk, 
in the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, In 1476 Under- 
wood from Hertfordshire is mentioned in the "Visitation of 
London." At the Herald's College, London, there is a Pedigree 
of Undenvood from Weston, Hertfordshire, signed by Robert 
Underwood in 1634, who makes the following note: " Vide Visita- 
tion of Hertfordshire where the family hath remained 300 years." 
This would put the date of the Weston family back to about 1334. 

The principal families in England by the name of Undenvood 
of whom there are more or less extensive pedigrees preserved 
are the Undenvoods of Weston, Hertfordshire, of which there are 
several branches, the Underwoods of Hereford, a branch of an 
Oxfordshire family, and the Undenvoods of Bixley and Hevring- 
ham, Norfolk, Besides these there is also an Irish family the 
extent of whose pedigree cannot be stated. The Duchess of 
Inverness, morganatic wife of the Duke of Sussex, uncle to Queen 
Victoria, was descended through her mother from the Irish line 
and assumed the name and arms of Undenvood. Two of the 
above families, that of Weston, Hertfordshire, and that of Bixley 
and Hevringham, Norfolk, have their pedigrees registered at 
the Herald's College and bear arms presumably by prescriptive 
right since there is no record of a grant extant. 

The arms in all these families are strikingly alike and would 
seem to indicate a possible common origin. All are characterized 
by a fess ermine between three annulets, a lion passant gardant. 
The crest is usually a hind's head, but in the Irish families the 
crest is a lion's gamb holding a thistle or a lion passant gardant. 
The principal Undenvood arms are described as follows: 

Underv/ood of Bixley — Sable, on a fess ermine between three 
annulets or, a lion passant gardant sable. 

Crest. — A hind's head or, encircled by wreath vert. 

* Underwood of Londoa formerly of Weston, Herts. — Gules, 
on a fess ermine between three annulets or, a lion passant gardant 
azure; in chief between two annulets or, a cross-crosslet fitche^ 


Crest. — A hind's head or, encircled with a wreath of leaves 

Underwood of Enfield — Gules, on a fess ermine between three 
annulets or, a lion passant gardant sable; in chief between 
two annulets or, a cross-crosslet fitchee or. 

Crest. — A hind's head or, encircled with a wreath of leaves 

* Underv/ood of Hereford— Gules, on a fess ermine between 
three annulets or, a lion passant gardant azure. 

Crest. — A hind's head erased or, encircled with a wreath of 
leaves vert. 

Motto. — Omnes arbusta juvent. 

* John Underwood of London and his descendants — Gules, on 
a fess ermine between three annulets argent, a lion passant 
gardant sable. 

Crest. — A hind's head proper encircled by a wreath of leaves 
vert and roses gules emerging from a duke's coronet. 
Motto. — Toujours constant. 

* Underwood of Ireland — Gules, a fess ermine between three 
annulets or. 

Crest. — A lion's gamb proper holding a thistle also proper. 
MoiTO. — Noli irritare leoneni. 

* Duchess of Inverness — Azure, on a fess ermine between 
three annulets or, a lion passant gardant of the field. 

* Underwood of Dublin — Gules, on a fess ermine between three 
annulets or, a lion passant gardant; in chief a cross-crosslet 
argent between two annulets. 

Crest. — A lion passant gardant azure. 

Motto. — Noli irritare leonem. 

The arms marked with an asterisk are represented in the 

* The arms shown in the plate opposite are as follows, beginning at the top and 
reading from left to right: i. Underwood of Dublin; 2. John Underwood family 
of London; 3. Duchess of Inverness; 4. Underwood of London formerly of 
Weston; 5. Underwood of Hereford; 6. Underwood of Ireland. 

Underuood John Underwood 

of of 

Dublin London 

Duchess Underwood of London 

of fonnerly of 

Inverness Weston, Herts 

Underuood Underuood 

of of 

Hereford Ireland 



colored plate opposite page xvi and are reproduced from a 
series of colored drawings furnished by Mr. A. J. Underwood of 
London. The frontispiece to the second volume of this work is 
reproduced from a colored plate long in possession of the com- 
piler, but the origin of which is not now known. 

Mr. George Underwood no. 547 has in his possession a seal of 
a coat of arms cut in a topaz which is shown following page 684. 

The following records of Underwoods in England may pertain 
to American emigrants but it is not certain. 

Thomas Underwood, son of Thomas of Whaddon, Bucking- 
hamshire, baptized 1615. 

William Underwood, son of John of Bletchley, Buckingham- 
shire, baptized 1 631. 

William Underwood of Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, baptized 

Thomas Underwood (gentleman) married Lucy Wenham in 
St. Dunstan's in the West, London (no date). 

Thomas Underwood was baptized in St. Dunstan's in the 
W^est, London, 1620-21. 

Thomas Underwood of London, England, had children bap- 
tized in St. James, Clerkemvell: Thomas, bapt. 16 Jan., 1610; 
Rebecca, bapt. 19 March, 161 1; John, bapt. 13 April, 1614. 

Thomas Undervv'ood was baptized at St. Martin in the Fields, 
I Nov., 1618. 

As a matter of curiosity the following note pertaining to a 
female emigrant of the name is of interest. 

" Marable Undenvood a mayd sarvant agead 20 yeares goes 
all for New England to inhabitt and remaine" in 1637. 

Tke Early Underwoods of New England.* 
In the Register for October, 1884, the writer summarized what 
then appeared to be the early generations of Underwood in 

* This account was prepared by Dr. Underwood in 1906 evidently as an article 
Litendcd to be published in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 
It has seemed best to insert it here with very little change. — Ed. 


Massachusetts. The data reHed upon were the scattering pub- 
lished accounts of Barry, Bond, and Hudson, together with the 
earlier account given in Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of 
New England. At that time it had not been possible for the 
writer to consult the original sources of information for dates 
and data, and naturally some errors were adopted and perhaps 
others were made anew. The difliculty arose from two sources 
mainly: first, an attempt to reduce the number of persons 
bearing the name of Thomas Underwood, and second, the placing 
of one of the Joseph Underwoods in the Chelmsford family 
instead of in the Watertown family where he evidently belongs. 

A re-examination of the sources of information reveals the 
facts (i) that instead of two early Massachusetts families bearing 
the name of Underwood there were five, all of which proceeded 
from persons born before 1700 who settled in that state about 
that time or earlier, and (2) that the persons bearing the names 
Joseph and Thomas have been considerably confused in most 
of the accounts already published. We will elucidate the present 
evidence on the latter point first and then enumerate the families 
known in New England before 1700. 

First then those bearing the name of Joseph Underwood. 

1. Joseph Underwood (3),* Hingham, 1637, admitted free- 
man at Watertown 1645 ; the progenitor of the Watertown family ; 
had two sons, Joseph born 1650 Qoseph 2 below) and Thomas 
born 1658 (Thomas 2 below). 

2. Joseph Underwood (4), of Watertown, (son of Joseph i) 
b, 1650; d. 1691. His will mentions his sons John, Joseph, 
Joshua, Jonathan. 

3. Joseph Underwood (7), of Westford, (son of Joseph 2) b. 

; m. 1707, Susannah Parker of Reading and had thirteen 

children beginning with Joseph. 

4. Joseph Underwood (21), of Westford, (son of Joseph 3) 
b. 1708. He was the first Underwood to graduate from college 

* The numbers in parentheses are the numbers under which these parties appear 
in the body of this work. 


(Harvard, 1 735) and d. , leaving a wife Ruth* and a son 

Joseph, the fifth to bear the name in the direct Hne of the Under- 
wood family. 

5. Joseph Underwood (571), of Lincoln, Mass., (son of 
Thomas 5). This Joseph Underwood m. Ruth Bancroft as shown 
by an old Bible record now in the possession of one of his de- 
scendants, and had a family of six sons and a daughter living 
at the time of his death, all of whom are mentioned in the papers 
relating to his estate (1775). This is the Joseph Underwood who 
was misplaced in the Watertown family in a previous paper by 
the writer, an error he now wishes to correct. 

The early Josephs being thus enumerated we pass to those 
bearing the name Thomas. 

1. Tho.%la.s Underwood (2), of Watertown, (brother of 
Joseph I above) whose will dated 166S left his property to his 
wife Magdalen for life and afterv/ards to his nephew Thomas 
(Thornas 2 below) who was then living with him. This man 
evidently left no family of his own. 

2. Thomas Underwood (10), (son of Joseph i above) b. 11 
Oct., 1658. This is evidently the Thomas Underwood who m. 19 
Nov., 1679, Mary Palmer and had children as enumerated in 
the previous article. 

3. Thomas Untderwood, (son of Thomas 2 above) b. 1691. 
Without doubt this is the Thomas Underwood who served in the 
colonial army in 1710-11 in Captain James Abercrombie's 
company and is reported to have died 11 April, 171 1, after a 
service of 182 days. 

4. Thomas Underw^ood (569) m. Magdalen Underwood in 
1669 according to the Watertown records. In the previous 
article it was assumed that this was the nephew (Thomas 2 
above) who was living with his uncle at the time of the latter's 
death. The nephew Thomas mentioned in the will of Thomas I 
is referred to therein as a boy yet ungrown and this accords 

* Eaton says this Joseph m. Ruth Bancroft, but in this he is surely mistaken. 
Cf. Joseph 5. 


with his birth date (165S) above given. The Thomas Underwood 
who m. Magdalen Underwood made a will in which he returns to 
his wife Magdalen with certain exceptions, the property given 
him by her at his marriage and mentions his son Thomas " now 
in old England." The will is dated 19 July, 1679, and proved 5 
Oct., 1680, and shows without question that we are dealing here 
with a distinct Thomas Underwood, and that IMagdalen Under- 
wood did have two husbands both bearing the name Thomas. 
Magdalen Underwood d. 10 April, 1687, ae. about 80. Her will 
is on record at the Suffolk county probate. It may or may not 
be significant that the present Thomas Underwood mentions 
himself as " Thomas Underwood, gentleman," while the members 
of the Watertown family are commonly mentioned in documents 
as " Yeoman." The assumption of this new emigrant with a son 
by a previous marriage also explains perfectly the letter quoted 
in the previous paper* and the reference there is evidently to 
this Thomas Underwood and not to Thomas (i) as hitherto 
supposed. The present Thomas Underwood apparently mi- 
grated to New England about 1660 and was the progenitor of a 
third distinct Massachusetts family of Underwood. 

5. Thomas Underwood (570) of Lexington, (son of Thomas 
4 above) "in consideration of the love, good-will, and affection 
to my dutyfuU son Joseph Underv\-ood" deeds his real estate to 
Joseph Underwood of Lexington. This deed is made jointly by 
Thomas Underwood and Mar}' his wife and is dated 18 March, 
1 71 7-1 8. (Cf. Joseph Underwood 5 above.) This Thomas is 
almost certainly the Thomas mentioned in the will of Thomas 4 

The six original New England families of Underwood are as 
follows : 

1. The Watertown Family; descended from Joseph i above. 

2. The Lincoln Family ; descended from Thomas 4 through 
Thomas 5 and finally through Joseph 5. The six sons: Joseph, 

* See also under no. 569. 


Joshua, Elijah, Peter, Israel, and Moses with one exception had 
large families, and with the one exception of Joshua Iiave been 
traced to living descendants. 

3. The Chelmsford Family ; descendants of William Under- 
wood of Concord and Chelmsford 1652. He had one son, Samuel 
Undenvood, who in turn had one son, Aquilla Underwood of 
Westford, Litchfield, N. H., and finally, Sandisfield, JMass., 1761. 
The last named had a large family and is the ancestor of the 
Undenvoods that have radiated from Berkshire county as a 

4. The Boston Family ; descendants of John Underwood who 
appears first on the Boston records in 1680 and was on the tax 
lists of 1681 and 1687. So far as known he had two sons, 
Anthony, b. 1680, whose descendants continued to live in Boston 
for a time; and Israel, b. 1682, who is more than likely to have 
been the Israel Underwood who was admitted freeman at Green- 
wich, R, I., in 1734, and who was also the ancestor of the three 
families of Underwood who appeared in Plainfield, Conn., be- 
tween 1740 and 1 77 1, one of whose heads bore the unusual name 
of Israel and continued it to his second son. None of this branch 
have been traced to existing families. 

5. The Newcastle, N. H., Family. This family is descended 
from John Underwood who with Temperance, his wife, deeded 
property in Newcastle in 1714 and had two sons, Benjamin, also 
of Newcastle and John of Kittery, Me., who like their father 
were both mariners. This line has been traced to several living 
descendants but entirely through female lines. It is possible 
and perhaps probable that the male lines are extinct. Nothing 
is known as to the origin of this John. It is certain that he is 
not the John mentioned above as the son of Joseph 2, and it has 
not been possible to connect him with any other early family. 
It is more than possible that he migrated directly from England, 
finding in Portsmouth harbor a suitable locality for carrying 
on trade in the early development of American commerce. 


6. The Rhode Island Family ; descended from Henry Under- 
wood of Newport, 1665. 

The Southern Families of Underwood. 

Outside of New England the prhicipal early English migrations 
to this country were to Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania 
including what is now Delaware. A number of Underwoods came 
to Virginia at an early date but concerning most of these all that 
is known is simply the fact of their migration. If they had 
descendants nothing is known of them. Only one family has 
been traced down to living descendants and even that has been 
traced in practically only one line which migrated into Ken- 
tucky just after the Revolution. The contrast between the 
English settlements of New England and Virginia is no more 
clearly seen than when one endeavors to trace genealogies by 
means of public records in the two colonies. 

The Quaker settlements of the Delaware and Chesapeake gave 
rise to at least one family here called the Delaware family which 
has spread widely through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the Central 
West. The records of this family are the most complete of any 
of the southern lines. Maryland doubtless gave rise to several 
families of Underwood but aside from the one just mentioned 
which may have originated in Maryland only one has been traced 
to living descendants. 

In the more southern colonies of the Carolinas and Georgia 
Undcnvoods are to be found, but in most cases they appear to 
have had their origin in early Virginia emigrants with the excep- 
tion of one line in North Carolina which is an offshoot of the 
Delaware family. The most prominent of these more southern 
families is a Georgia group whose early connections we have 
found it difficult to untangle but probably all are descended from 
a common Virginian ancestor. 

Throughout the Mississippi valley region are to be found many 
Underwoods • whose family traditions point back to the old 
colonies of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, but the disasters 


of the Revolution, the toilsome passage of the Alleghany moun- 
tains, the privations and hardships of the great wilderness, and 
finally the devastation of the Civil War have so obliterated their 
records and broken and scattered the family groups that it is 
nearly impossible to trace with any certainty their connection or 
origin. The history of these families is full of the romance of 
pioneer life and shows as well the divisive power of a fratricidal 

The Southern Families of which we have been able to gather 
an}' considerable amount of material are arranged as follovvs : 

7. The Delaware Family, perhaps descended from Thomas 
Underwood of Maryland, 1650, certainly descended from Samuel 
of Delaware, possibly a son of Thomas, of about the same date. 
The famiily is of Quaker origin and its members are largely 
Friends to this day. 

8. The Maryland Families, of which at least two are of suffi- 
cient importance to receive special designation and are called the 
Anne Arundel County Family and the St. Mary's County 

9. The Virginia Families, of v/hich also there are two of sufTi- 
cient importance to be specifically designated and we have called 
them the Rappahannock County Family and the Flanover 
County Family. Only the latter has been traced to living 
descendants and that only in the Kentucky branch. We have 
appended here also several small families whose traditions point 
to Virginian ancestry but there is no reason to suppose that they 
are connected with the preceding family. 

10. The Georgia Family, descended from Joseph Underwood 
1745. The family traditions indicate that he came from Virginia 
but it is claimed that he was himself the emigrant ancestor 
from England. It seems improbable, therefore, that the family 
is connected in any way with the Virginia family, which, however, 
is claimed by some. The traditions in the family are more or 
less conflicting and from our distance from the sources of informa- 
tion we have been unable to untangle the connections. 


11. The North Carolina Families. Under this head we have 
placed several families found in the Central West whose ancestors 
migrated from North Carolina soon after the close of the Revolu- 
tion. In some cases they are probably branches of the same 
family but others are likely independent lines. Their historj'- 
is rich in the wild romance of the West and they appear to have 
been of the sturdy, courageous stock that lays the foundations 
of empires. It is a matter of regret that their family history 
cannot be more completely recovered. 

12. Recent Families. The history of the Underwoods in 
America may be completed with the consideration of a number 
of small families whose ancestors have come to this country dur- 
ing or since the Revolution. These have been placed together 
under the common heading of " Recent Families." 

Roll of College Graduates. 

In the following list of graduates from various higher institu- 
tions the names of the graduates are arranged in alphabetical 
order and are followed first, by the degrees, when known, then by 
the name of the institution, the year of graduation, and finally, 
the name of the fraternity of which the person was a member if 
known. If the name appears hereafter in the genealogical record 
a reference is given to the place where a further account may be 
found, otherwise all that is known about the person is entered 

William R. Carr, Wesleyan University, i860; grandson of no. 405. 
Francis B. Davis, Yale, 1906; grandson of no. 28. 
Irm.a Evans, Cornell College ; granddaughter of no. 759. 
James N. Evans, Cornell College; grandson of no. 759. 
Mary L. Foote, Buchtel College, 1899; granddaughter of no. 450. 
Robert U. Johnson, B.S., Earlham College, 1871; Ph.D., Earl- 
ham, 1889; A.M., Yale, 1891; grandson of no. 1232. 
Edward North, Jefferson Medical College, 1868; grandson of no. 


Joseph H. North, Jefferson Medical College, 1869; grandson of 

no. 156. 
James North, Jefferson Medical College, 1880; grandson of no. 

William M. North, Jefferson Medical College, 1885; grandson of 

no. 156. 
Alfred G. Remley, University of Iowa, 1902; grandson of no. 767. 
Arthur L. Remley, University of Iowa, 1901 ; grandson of no. 767. 
Bertha Remley, University of Iowa, 1900; granddaughter of no. 

James E. Remley, University of Iowa, 1900; grandson of no. 767. 
William S. Rowell, University of the South; grandson of no. loSi. 
Abel Underwood, A.B., Dartmouth, 1824; no. 149. 
Abncr F. Underwood, M.D ., Atlanta Medical College, i860; no. 

Adin Ballou Underwood, A.B., Brown, 1849; Harvard Law 

School, 1851-1852; no. 223. 
Almon Underwood, Union College, 1830; no. 348. 
Alpheus Under\\'ood, M.D., Cincinnati College of Medicine and 

Surgery, 1865; no. 452. 
Alvan Underwood, A.B., Brown, 1798; no. 376. 
Amos Underwood, Jr., Hamilton, 1847, AA<I>; no. 550. 
Arthur J. Underwood, Lafayette College, 1895; son of 565. 
Arthur W. Underwood, A.B., Williams, 1884, BGH, ^-BK; no. 31. 
Chambers Howard Underwood, Buchtel College, 1895, ^AB, from 

Danville, Ohio. 
Charles E. Underwood, M.A., Yale, 1910; no. 864. 
Charles F. Undenvood, Williams, 1871; Bellevue Medical Col- 
lege, 1874; no. 351. 
Charles H. Underwood, Columbian University, 1870; no. 949. 
Charles James Underwood, Har\'ard, 1877; probably son of no. 

Charles Walker Underwood, Lehigh, 1894, ^'^I ^o- 947- 
Charlotte W. Underwood, University of Michigan, 1892 ; daughter 

of no. 208. 


Chester J. Undenv'ood, D.D.S., Chicago College of Dental 

Surgery-; no. 487. 
Clarence F. Under^vood, Allegheny College; son of no. 454. 
Daniel K. Undenvood, M.D., Dartmouth, 1836; no. 303. 
Eber Guy Underwood, Ohio State University, 1889, $rA; son 

of no. 452. 
Edward Livingston Under^vood, A.B., Harvard, 1882, BGII; 

see no. 1355. 
Edwin H. Underwood, M.D., Hahneman Medical College, 1905; 

no. 918. 
Elias M. Underwood, University of Oregon, 1894; no. 403. 
Elizabeth S. Underwood, Smith College, daughter of no. 350. 
Eliza Putnam Underwood, A.B., University of Michigan, 1SS6; 

was a teacher and d. 11 Sept., 1890, at Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Ellen I. Underw^ood, Mt. Holyoke; dau. of no. 499. 
Elvira J. Underwood, Bettie Stuart Institute; daughter of no. 

Emma Underwood, Bettie Stuart Institute; daughter of no. 1184. 
Emory M. Undenvood, A.B., Vanderbilt University, 1900; no. 

Enoch William Underwood, University of Wisconsin, 1900, X^'; 

no. 980. 
E. Roger Undenvood, Harvard, 1901; son of no. 351. 
Etta May Undenvood, Smith College; daughter of no. 350. 
Eugene Bertrand Undenvood, Ph.B., Yale, 1896; no. 368. 
Francis A. Undenv^ood, M.D., Dartmouth, 1895. 
Francis Henry Underwood, A.M., Bowdoin, 1871 ; son of no. 299. 
Frank H. Undenvood, Harvard, 1886; no. 226. 
Franklin Undenvood, Kenyon College; no. 1300. 
Frederick R. Undenvood, M.D., Columbian Medical College, 

no. 453. 
George Undenvood, Hamilton, i838,AA<J>; no. 545. 
George Undenvood, A.B., Yale, 1875, "^T; no. 547. 
George Underwood, Yale, 1906; no. 548. 
George A. Undenvood, University of Wisconsin, 1875; no. 462. 


George B. Underwood, M.D., Dartmouth, 1S82; no. 106. 
George Latham Undenvood, M.D., Harvard, 1858; no. 1218. 
George Newcombe Underwood, A.B., Sj-racuse, 1899, BGII; 

probably no. 1228. 
George W. Undenvood, A.B., Union College, 1837; A.M., Am- 
herst, 1840; no. 305. 
Gideon Underwood, M.D., Geneva Medical College, 1846; no. 21 1. 
Harold James Underwood, Cornell, 191 1, AKE. 
Harry G. Underwood, Cornell, 1905; son of no. 35. 
Helen W. Underwood, A.B., Cornell, 1906, KA0; daughter of no. 

Henr>' Beman Underwood, Williams, 1862; Andover Theological 

Seminary, 1865; no. 349. 
Henr>- Oliver Underwood, Harvard, 1879; no. 1215. 
Herbert L. Undenvood, M.D., Gross Medical College, 1899; no. 

Herbert S. Undenvood, Williams, 18S3; no. 30. 
Homer K. Underwood, Yale, 1901 ; son of no. 961. 
Horace Grant Underwood, University of New York, 1881, AT; 

no. 1231C. 
James Fenton Undenvood, University of Vermont, 1896. 
James Monroe Underwood, M.D., Harv^ard, 1849; no. 64. 
Jean R. Undenvood, D.V.S., Iowa State College; son of no. 462. 
Jesse W. Undenvood, Lehigh University; son of no. 949. 
Jesse W. Undenvood, M.D., Jefferson Medical College; no. 951. 
John C. Undenvood, C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 

no. 1050. 
John Curtis Undenvood, Hamilton, 1832, AA$; no. 681. 
John D. Undenvood, Union College, 1842; no. 683. 
John D. Underwood, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 

1898; no. 685. 
John H. Undenvood, Bethany College, 1856; no. 1195. 
John Morrison Undenvood, Dickinson College, 1853, Z^; son 

of James and Catherine (Goddard) Underwood. 
Johnson Undenvood, M.D., Kansas City Medical College; no. 

1 176. 


Jonas Undenvood, Harvard, 1815; no. 68. 

Jonathan Piatt Undenvood, Hamilton, 1870, AA$; no. 546. 

Joseph Undenvood, IM.D., Harvard, 1847; no. 62. 

Joseph Undenvood, Harvard, 1735; no. 21. 

Judson L. Undenvood, Macalester College; no. 335. 

Julius E. Undenvood, Wabash College, 191 1; son of no. 932. 

Leonidas John Undenvood, Buchtel College, 1896, $AB, from 

Danville, Ohio. 
Levi Underwood, Univ. of Vermont, 1855; A.M., Dartmouth, 

1865; no. 122? 
Loring Underwood, A.B., Harvard, 1897; no. 1217. 
Louis Edward Undenvood, Ph.B., Yale, 1896; son of no. 477. 
Lowr>' Undenvood, Harvard, 1897. 
Lucien Marcus Underwood, B.S., Syracuse, 1877, AKE; Ph.D., 

Syracuse, 1879; LL.D., Syracuse, 1906; no. 315. 
Marshall H. Underwood, Univ. of Michigan Law School, 1872; 

was a banker at Grand Junction, Iowa. 
Mary E. Undenvood, University of Iowa, 1873 ; daughter of no. 767. 
Melvin Augustus Underwood, Harvard, 1866, Z^; no. 228. 
Nathan UndenA'Ood, Harvard, 1788; no. 593. 
Nimrod T. Undenvood, M.D., Atlanta Medical College; no. iiii. 
Nooma P. Underwood, M.D., Atlanta Medical College; son of 

no. 1 108. 
Norman Underu-ood, Columbian University; son of no. 949. 
Oscar O. Underw^ood, M.D., Atlanta Medical College; son of 

no. 1 108. 
Oscar W. Underwood, A.B., University of Virginia; no. 1048. 
Osni Underwood, Williams, 1835; no. 53. 
Owen Clark Underv\'ood, A.B., Washington and Jefferson College, 

1891, BGII; probably son of no. 961. 
Rachel Abbie Undenvood, M.D., Univ. of Michigan, 1874. 
Robert Underwood, Harvard Law School, 1866-1867; Bowling 

Green, Ky.; no. 105 1. 
Rufus S. Undenvood, Williams, 1866; no. 350. 
Russel Sage Undenvood, Cornell University, 1903, X^; son of 

no. 979. 


Sanford Lawton Underwood, M.D., University of Pennsylvania 

Medical School, 1893, AKE; son of no. 211. 
Sarah J. Under^'ood, Illinois Wesleyan, 18S4; daughter of no. 

Thomas P. Underwood, Wesleyan, 1843; son of no. 156. 
Thomas Under\vood, a student in 1879 at Alabama, from Autauga 

county, killed by lightning. 
Thomas G. Underwood, M.D., Atlanta Medical College, 1885; 

no. 1086. 
Thomas G. Undenvood, M.D., Nashville Medical College, 1854; 

no. 1088. 
Thomas Herndon Undenvood, Alabama State College; no. 1337. 
Urijah Underwood, Newton Theological Institute; no. 365. 
Walter Hunnewell Underwood, Princeton, 1875; son of no. 302. 
Weeden B. Underwood, Carnegie Technical School; no. 758. 
Wilbur W. Underwood, Columbian University; son of no. 949. 
William C. Underwood, Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College, 

1891; no. 757. 
WiUiam A. UndervN'ood, University of Michigan, 1868, Z^; no. 

William J. Underwood, Jr., College of the City of New York. 
William J. Underwood, A.B., LL.B., Alabama, 1886; became a 

journalist and lives in Tacoma, Wash. 
William James Underwood, B.S., College of the City of New 

York, 1874, AKE; LL.B., Columbia, 1876; lawyer in New 

York, N. Y., 1876-date, m. 13 Jan., 1886, Mary Adaline Hull; 

res. 268 West 73 St. 
William Orison Underwood, Harvard, 1884; Harvard Law 

School, 1885; no. 224. 
William T. Undenvood, A.B., University of Michigan, 1872, 

■^'T; was a lawyer (41 Reaper Block), Chicago, 111. 
Edith W. Vaille, Smith, 1904; daughter of no. 56. 
Frank W. Vaille, Yale, 1876; no. 57. 
Frederick O. Vaille, Harvard, 1874; no. 56. 
Thomas P. Vaille, Yale, 1873; no. 55. 
Douglas V. Wallace, Yale, 1906; grandson of no. 53. 

xxx the underwood family in america 

Military Records. 
In the following roll of military service the names are arranged 
in alphabetical order under the following headings: 
I. Colonial Wars. 
II. Revolution. 
III. War of 1812. 

IV. Mexican War. 

V. Civil War. 

VI. Spanish War and Philippine service. 
VII. Other Military or Naval service. 

Where the soldier is identified with some one recorded in the 
genealogical part of this work a reference is given to the place. 
If he has not been identified with any one in the genealogical 
record, then all that is known about him is entered here. 

Dr. Underwood had evidently planned to make this roll very 
complete but hardly any material had been collected except on 
the Colonial Wars and the Revolution which are fairly complete, 
To this material the editor has added such as fell in his way. 
chiefly the names of those mentioned in these records. 

I. Coloniul Wars. 

Anthony UndenA'Ood of Worcester, Mass., private in Capt. 
Anger's company, Col. Jos. Williams's regiment, in 1759, 7 nios., 
1 day. 

Isaac Underwood; no. ii. 

Israel Underwood; no. 640. 

Israel Unden;\-ood of Sudbury in Capt. Anger's company, Col. 
Jos. Williams's regiment, in 1759. 

John Underwood; no. 17 1. 

John Underwood ; no. 99. 

Jonas Underwood of Woburn, Mass., in service in Capt. Isaac 
Osgood's company. Col. Nichol's regiment, 7 mos., 5 days, in 
1759; possibly no. 521. 

Jonathan Underwood of Sudbury enlisted 6 April, 1759. i" Col. 
Elisha Jones's regiment. He was also corporal in the 1st Sud- 
bury company. He may have been no. 170 or no. 536. 


Jonathan Underwood of Falmouth served 40 weeks in 1748, 
also 7 weeks, 2 days from 29 July, 1749. 
Joseph Underwood; no. 6. 
Joshua Underwood; no. 242. 
Moses Underwood; no. 658. 

Peter Underwood of Boston served as a private 3 days in 1759. 
Reuben Underwood; no. 214. 
Rogers Underwood; no. 687. 
Samuel Underwood; no. 280. 
Thomas Underwood; son of no. 10. 
Timothy Underwood; no. 520. 
William Underwood; see page 562. 

II. Rei'ohitionary War. 

Alpheus Underwood; no. 692. 

Amos Underwood; no. 287. 

Asa Underwood; no. 275. 

Boston Underwood; footnote under no. 723. 

Cato Underwood, a negro from Natick, Mass., served 7 days 
in 1778. He was probably a slave in one of the Underwood 
families. He is mentioned, however, as a "husbandman" and 
was 24 years old. 

David Underwood; no. 215. 

David Underwood of Boston, b. in 1756, light complexion, in 
service in 1780 and also in Capt. Wise's company in 1781. 

Da\'id Underwood; son of no. 520. 

David Underwood in service six months, deserted in 1782. 

Duty Underwood ; see no. 784. 

Elijah Underwood; no. 619. 

Henry Underwood was in Dutchess county, N. Y., militia. 

Isaac Underwood; no. 11. 

Isaac Underwood; no. 172, 

Isaac Underwood, a private in 1781 in the service 10 mos., 19 
days in Col. Tupper's regiment; also in service in same regiment 


Israel Underwood; no. 710. 

Israel Underwood, private, enlisted 17 Jan., 1781, for four 
months and was stationed at Rutland, Mass.; possibly no. 641. 

James Underwood; no. 809. 

Jereme Underwood; no. 100. 

John Underwood, Weston, Mass., served three days in Capt. 
Samuel Lamson's company on the occasion of the Lexington 

John Undcnvood, private, enlisted 15 Sept., 1777, in Col. 
Robinson's regiment and served 3 rnos., 17 days. 

John Unden,vood of Suffolk county, Mass., enlisted ii May, 
1777, in Col. Putnam's regiment and received 20 pounds sterling 
as bounty. 

John Underwood, private, enlisted in Maj. Heath's regiment at 
various times in 1779 and 1780, mostly for terms of three months. 
He was in service as guard at Boston. He was also in Lieut. Col. 
Hatch's command from Boston and served five weeks. 

John Underwood, sailor, was in service on Schooner Hannah on 
voyage from Boston to Baltimore in 1779. 

John Underwood (British); no. 1201. 

Jonas Underwood; no. 190. 

Jonas Underwood; no. 521. 

Jonas Underwood; son of no. 536. 

Jonathan Underwood; no. 537. 

Jonathan Underwood; no. 25. 

Joseph Underwood; no. 22. 

Joseph Underwood; no. 71. 

Joseph Underv\'ood; son of no. 536. 

Joseph Underwood; no. 585. 

Joshua Underwood; no. 242. 

Joshua LTnderwood; no. 617. 

Josiah Underwood; no. 712. 

Nathan Underwood; no. 593. 

Phineas Underwood ; no. 60. 

Phineas Underwood; no. 84. 


Phineas Undenvood of Dunstable, Mass., responded to the 
Lexington alarm in 1775 and was a corporal in Capt. Bancroft's 
company of Col. Bridges' regiment at the battle of Bunker Hill. 

Reuben Underwood; no. 1 155. 

Reuben Underwood; no. 214. 

Rogers Underwood; no. 687. 

Russell Underwood; no. 87. 

Samuel Underwood; no. 281. 

Samuel Underwood; son of no. 536. 

Samuel Undenvood ; son of no. 670. 

Samuel Unden;\-ood; no. 729. 

Shadrach Underwood; footnote to no. 708. 

Silas Underwood; no. 671. 

Simon Underwood; no. 688. 

Thomas Underwood; no. 1043. 

Timothy Underwood; no. 70. 

Timothy Underwood; no. 83. 

Timothy Underwood; no. 520. 

Timothy Underwood; no. 71 1. 
. Timothy Undenvood ; son of no. 520. 

William Undenvood; no. 672. 

William Undenvood ; no. 1 1 12. 

William Undenvood; no. 1334. 

William Undenvood (British); no. 1225. 

William Unden^'ood; no. 1305. 

William Undenvood of Townsend was in Capt. Hatch's com- 
pany of Lieut. Col. Bond's regiment in 1775. 

William Undenvood belonged to Sloop Abigail in transports of 
Penobscot expedition. Roll made in 1784. 

HL Warofi8i2. 
Benjamin Undenvood; no. 1286. 
George Underwood; no. 1105. 
James Undenvood; no. 822. 

Jesse Undenvood of New London, Conn., served 21 June to 15 
July, 1813. 


John Underwood; no. 1065. 

John Undenvood; no. 1202. 

John Undenvood of New London, Conn., served 21 June to 
15 July, 1813. 

Joseph R. Undenvood; no. 1045. 

Mark Undenvood; son of no. 1201. 

Marvel Undenvood ; no. 306. 

Oliver Undenvood ; no. 26; 

Phineas Underu'ood; see page 677. 

Roswell Undenvood; no. 298. 

Samuel Underwood of New London, Conn., served 21 June 
to 15 July, 18 13. 

IV. Mexican War. 

Jack Cain; grandson of no. 1285. 
Charles Underwood; son of no. 1342. 
Lycurgus Underwood; son of no. 1342. 
Vander Underwood ; son of no. 406. 
Willis Wilson; grandson of no. 857, 

V. Civil War. 
George D. Browning; grandson of no. 641. 
Daniel C. Carr; grandson of no. 405. 
Elijah Carr; grandson of no. 405. 
Solomon Carr; grandson of no. 405. 
Edward Chamberlain; grandson of no. 481. 
Sylvester G. Hill ; grandson of no. 729. 
Arthur C. Hammond; grandson of no. 1147. 
Leonard Lewis; grandson of no. 641. 
Hiram Makepeace; grandson of no. 1201. 
William Milner; grandson of no 1077. 
Edward North; grandson of no. 156. 
Joseph H. North; grandson of no. 156. 
William U. Shaw; no. 1304. 
Chester M. Townsend; grandson of no. 481. 
Aaron Underwood ; son of no. 786. 


Abner D. Underwood (Confed.); son of no. 1096. 

Abner F. Undenvood (Confed.); no. 1084. 

Adin B. Undenvood; no. 223. 

Albert S. Undenvood; son of no. 812. 

Alexander N. Undenvood (Confed.); son of no. 1107. 

Allen T. Undenvood; no. 828. 

Alpheus Undenvood; no. 452. 

Alvin C. Undenvood (Confed.); son of no. 1117. 

Anson Undenvood; no. 1269. 

B. T. Underwood was a capatin in the 23d Kentucky Infantry 

Benjamin Undenvood; son of no. 114. 

Benjamin F. Undenvood; no. 750. 

Benjamin W. Underw^ood; no. 605. 

Bushrod Undenvood (Confed.); no. 703. 

Charles Undenvood; no. 657. 

Charles H. Underwood; no. 949. 

Charles H. Undenvood; no. 524. 

Christopher C. Undenvood; no. 34. 

Clark M. Underwood; no. 935. 

Cornelius S. Undenvood of New York was paymaster of 
volunteers 28 May, 1864; d. 30 April, 1872; was on U. S. Army 
Honor Roll. 

Daniel Underwood; no. 1273. 

Edmund Undenvood; no. 1367. 

Edward E. Undenvood; no. 313. 

Edward M, Undenvood; no. 91. 

Eli N. Undenvood; no. 300. 

Elmer B. Underwood; son of no. 180. 

Ezekiel J. Underw'ood (Confed.); no. 1098. 

Frederick E. Undenvood; no. 454. 

George C. Undenvood (Confed.) ; no. 834. 

George H. Undenvood; no. 92. 

George N. Underwood; son of no. 786. 

George W. Underwood; son of no. 251. 


George W. Underwood; son of no. 307. 

Gilpin B. Underwood; son of no. 954. 

Hiram Unden\'ood; no. 915. 

James Underwood (Confed.) ; son of no. 790. 

James B. Underwood; no. 1104. 

James B. Underwood; son of no. 90. 

James H. Underwood; son of no. 786. 

James H. Underwood was a corporal in the ist Battalion 
California Mountaineers (Confed.). 

James O. Underwood; no. 1294. 

Jesse Underv\'ood; no. 865. 

Jesse W. Underwood; no. 951. 

John Underwood; son of no. 121 1. 

John B. Underwood; no. 789. 

John C. Underwood (Confed.); no. 1050. 

John H. Underwood; no. 577. 

John N. Underwood; no. 1227. 

John W. Undepvvood; no. 1019. 

Joseph Underwood; no. 62. 

Joseph C. Underwood; no. 142. 

Loammi Underwood; no. 665. 

Milton B. Underwood; no. 817. 

Nathan Underwood; no. 432. 

Nelson Underwood; no. 459. 

Ogden G. Underwood; no. 433. 

Oscar Underwood; son of no. 396. 

Oscar H. Underwood; no. 96. 

Perry G. Underwood; no. 748. 

Richard F. Undenvood; no. 364. 

Robert F. T. Underwood (Confed.); no. 1074. 

Sam Underwood (Confed.) ; son of no. 790. 

Sherman Underwood was a captain in the loth Missouri 
Cavalr>' (Confed.). 

Stephen D. Underwood; no. 777. 

Sylvester Underwood; no. 132. 


T. J. Unden\'ood was a private in Co. E, ist Arkansas regiment 
of mounted rifles (Confed.), and was placed on the roll of honor 
at the battle of Murfreesboro. 

Theodore W. Underwood; no. 863. 

Thomas Underwood ; no. 1018. 

Thomas F. Underwood; no. 1250. 

Uriah Underwood; no. 468. 

Warner Underu'ood was lieutenant in the 9th Kentucky 
Volunteer Infantr>' (Confed.) and was reported for bravery at 

Welcome D. Underwood; no. 252, 

William A. Underwood; no. 318. 

William A. Underwood; no. 1230. 

William B. Underwood (Confed.); no. 1094. 

William C. Under\vood; no. 1210. 

William H. Underwood; no. 116. 

William H. Underwood; son of no. 786. 

William J. Underwood (Confed.); no. 1115. 

William J. Underwood (Confed.); son of no. 1117. 

William N. Underwood; no. 1226. 

William P. Underwood; no. 483. 

William R. Underwood; no. 73. 

William R, Underwood; no. 862. 

William S. Underwood; no. 849. 

William W. Underwood; no.. 93. 

Augustus Williams; grandson of no. 4/^4. 

Eldwin Wood; grandson of no. 306. 

VI. Spanish War and Philippine Service. 
Clemson Underwood; no. 763. 
Frank Undervs^ood; son of no. 1227. 
Frank A. Underwood ; son of no. 462. 
John N. Underwood; no. 1227. 
Marshall Undenv'ood; son of no. 1296. 
Thomas H. Underwood; no. 1337. 


VII. Other Military or Naval Service. 

Phineas U. Anderson; grandson of no. 85. 

Byron Underwood; son of no. 181. 

Charles Underwood of Kentucky in United States service, 
private and sergeant, 1 846-1 S48; 2d lieutenant, 1848; 1st 
lieutenant, 1851; d. 7 Aug., 1855; was placed on the Honor Roll 
of the U. S. Army. 

Joseph A. Underwood; no. 247. 

Thomas Underwood of Virginia, lieutenant in the 1st Artillery 
and Engineers of the United States Army; on the Honor Roll 
U. S. Army 26 Feb., 1795; dropped in Aug., 1799. 


No. I 

f No is 

No. 4 

No. 3 

No. 5 

No. 7 

No. 8 

No. 170 
No. 6 
I No. 1 1 

' Joseph 
No. 21 
No. 24 
No. 59 
No. 70 
No. 99 


r Jonathan 
J No. 170 
I Joseph 
LNo. 213 

Natick Branch? "J 
? Branch 
Needham Branch 

Reading Branch 

Marlboro Branch 

Merrimack Branch 

Putney Branch 

\\''estford Branch 

Litchfield Branch 

Natick Branch? 
Holliston Branch 

Mendon Branch 
Waltham Branch 

No. 9 

' Joshua? 

No. 279 


No. 280 

Nehemiah? Woodstock Branch 

No. 295 

Timothy? Sudbury Branch 

No. 520 

Jonas? Framingham Branch 
,No. 521 

Thomas ("Jonathan /Jonathan 
LNo. 10 I No. 535 INo. 536 

Lexington Branch 


No. 2 

.no issue. 



Magdalen •- 

1 1 

r Joseph 


.no issue 

No. 572 

Thomas ; 

No. 617 

No. 569 





Joseph J 

No. 619 


''No. 570 





No. 626 

Tilson -* 

No. 640 
. No. 658 

'Lincoln Family 


I. lilartm Underwood of England, b. 1596, with his wife, 
Martha Fiske, b. about 1602,* arrived in America in the EHzabeth 
of Ipswich the last of April, 1634, and settled in Watertown, 
Mass. He was a cordwainer by trade and 38 years of age; his 
wife, Martha, was 31, His will made 23 Aug., 1663, shows that 
he had no children. He is not known to be a relative of the other 
two Watertown settlers of that name although Thomas Under- 
wood appears as one of the witnesses to his will. 

Will of Martin Underwood. 

August this 23, 1663 In the name of God Amen: I Martaine 
Underwood dwelling in Watertowne being in perfect memory do 
ordaine this as my last will and testament, first I do comend 
my soul unto God from whome I have received it and my body 
to the earth believing and expecting a resurecion unto eternal 
life in and through the meritts of Christ Jesus. As for my 
temporall estate I do bequeath it all unto my dcare and beloved 
wife and doe make her sole executor of all my estate whcather 
lands, chattels, or moveables and after her death I do give and 
bequeath my house and homestall and barne with all my lands 
in Watertowne, and all my rights belonging to me now or may 
be hereafter unto my kinsman Nathan ffiske: Provided that in 
case my deare wife have need to make use of any part of that 
estate bequeathed unto my cousin Nathan fhskef for her releife 
and comfort then it is my minde and will that she shall have full 
liberty to make sale of any part of the before bequeathed estate 
for her comfortable subsistence: and farther in case my cousin 
Nathan fliske should dye without heyres, executors or assigns 
it is my minde and will that my cousen John fiske his brother 
shall inioy all that I have bequeathed unto my Cousen Nathan 

* She was reported as 83 at the time cf her death in March. 1684. Her age at 
time of landing, 1634, was 31. Both statements can hardly be true so the above 
date is an approximation. 

t According to Bond, his wife's nephew, son of Nathan Fiske, Sr., her brother. 
2 I 


ffiske: and further it is my minde and will that in case any of 
my sisters children should after my decease come over into this 
country to lay claime to any part of my estate before bequeathed 
and given: then it is my minde and will that so many of them 
as shall come over shall have twenty shillings apeece to be paid 
out of my estate in one thing or another as my executors can 
best pay and further it is my minde and will that after my debts 
and funerall expenses be payed that wtever of my estate shall be 
left indisposed by my wife and not given by her shall all fall into 
the hands of my Cousen Nathan fiske: whome it is my desire 
after my wives death that he should be the heyre and owner 
thereof: I say him that is my Cousen Nathan fiske his he^res, 
executors, administrators or asins and in case my kinsman 
Nathan fiske should dye without heyres, executors, adminis- 
trators, or assigns, then it is my will that my kinsman John 
ffiske his brother shall inioy all that my kinsman Nathan fiske 
should have inioyed if he had lived unto which will and last 
testament I have set my hand and seale. 

Martain Underwood (Seal) 
John Eddie 
Thomas Underwood. 

.Martin Underwood d. 17 Nov., 1672. 

Martha Fiske Underwood, widow of Martin Underwood, d. 
6 March, 1684, ae. 83. Papers relating to the settlement are 
in the Middlesex Probate. No mention of descendants occurs 
anywhere in the documents. 

2. Thomas Underwood of Watertown, Mass., (brother of 
Joseph 3) b. in England; migrated to America in 1635 and settled 
first. at Hingham, later at Dorchester (?),and finally at Water- 
town in 1651. He married Magdalen and apparently 

had no children. Thomas Underwood was admitted freeman 
in 1637 and was representative in 1636 and 1638. After his 
removal from Hingham he was selectman in Watertown in 
1656. His will preserved in the Middlesex Probate mentions 
his nephews and nieces by name (children of his brother Joseph). 
It was made 15 Feb., 1668, and proved 7 April, 1668. 


Will of Thomas Underwood. 

In tlie name of God Amen, I, Thomas Underwood of Water- 
towne, in the County of Middlesex, within the Jurisdiccon of 
the Massachusetts, being sicke and weake of body, but of sound 
mind and good memory, blessed and praised be God, do con- 
stitute and ordeine this my last will and testament in manner 
and forme following, vizt first. I comend my Soul and Spirit 
into the hands of God, that gave it, hoping throw the merrits 
of Jesus Cht to have eternal life, and my body to the ground 
whereof it was made and to be decently buried by the discretion 
of my Executrix hereafter mentioned. Impr I give and bequeath 
unto my Brother Joseph Underwood the Sume of Ten Shillings, 
further I give and bequeath unto my Couson* Joseph Underwood 
the sume of Three Shillings foure pence, further, I give and 
bequeath unto my Couson Mary Underwood the sume of three 
shillings foure pence, further I give and bequeath unto me Couson 
Martha Underwood the sume of three shillings foure pence, 
further I give and bequeath unto Couson Hannah Underwood 
the sume of three shillings foure pence, further I give and be- 
queath unto Couson Elizabeth Underwood the sume of three 
shillings foure pence, further I give and bequeath unto my Couson 
Sarah Underwood three shillings foure pence, further my mind 
and will is that if my loveing wife Magdalen Underwood hath 
not need to sell all or any part of my home-stall, for her com- 
fortable livelyhood in the time of her life, that after her decease. 
Thomas Underwood, sonne to my Brother Joseph Underwood 
now liveing with mee shall have and injoy as his propper inherit- 
ance my Home-stall both house and barne and all the land 
adjacent, except the lott which I purchased of Charles Sternes, 
but in case the said Thomas shall prove stubborne and rebellious 
agamst my beloved wife his Aunt, that then I do hereby impower 
her to disinheritt him of it, and to give it to whome shee pleases 
that may better deserve it, but all the rest of my estate, both 
hcuseing lands, goodes, chattels, debts, or whatsoever is myne, 
1 do freely fully, and wholly give and bequeath to my deare and 
loveing wife IMagdalen Underwood, making her my full and sole 
executrix, of this my last will and testamt, willing and requiring 
her to performe all and every part respectively of this my will, 

* The persons referred to under this name were really nephews and nieces being 
the children of his brother, Joseph Underwood (No. 3). 


according to the true intent and meaning hereof, for confirmation 
whereof I have hereunto annexed my hand and Seale this 15th 
of the I2th mo. 1667. 

The marke of ( — Thomas Underwood 
Sealed and subscribed in the 
presence off Nathaniel Treadaway. 
John Warren. 
Joseph Taynter. 

After the death of Thomas Underwood his widow Magdalen 
Underwood m. (2) Thomas Underwood (no. 569), the second 
one of that name to migrate to America. (See II. Lincoln 

3. Joseph Underwood, the founder of the Watertown, Mass., 
family of his name, came from England in 1637 and settled in 
Hingham, Mass. Later he went to Watertown, Mass., where 
he was admitted freeman in 1645.. He married Mary Wilder, 
dau. of widow Martha Wilder,* and had children in Watertown: 
i. Mary, b. 13 April, 1645; m. 18 May, 1670, Isaac Onge 

ii. Martha, b. . 

ill. Joseph, b. 1650. (See no. 4.) 

iv. Sarah, b. . 

V. Hannah, b. — "— ; m. 14 Oct., 1680, John Gibson and had 
children: (i) Silence Gibson, h. 17 Dec, 16S0; (2) Mary Gibson, 
h. 27 July, i6S2.t 

vi. Elizabeth, b. ; m. 13 Sept., 1693, William Bull as 

his second wife; no children. 

* A record states that Edward Wilder came from Lancashire, England, in 1638 
with his mother Martha, a widow, and sisters, Elizabeth and Mar>-, and settled in 
Hingham. Martha is supposed to have been the widow of Thomas Wilder, but 
this is not certain. The daughter Elizabeth married 17 Jan., 1638, Thomas'Ensign 
and m^de her will in 1663 in which she mentions Sarah Underwood, not 15, the 
daughter of her sister, from which it would appear that the daughter Mary must 
have married Joseph Undenvcod. This illustrates one of the indirect methods 
which must be resorted to sometimes in oider to determine facts in family histor/^. 
Maitlia Wilder d. 20 April, 1652. \ 

t Acccrding to Bond a Hannah Underwood ra., 16S6/7, William Shattuck, Jr. 


vii. Thomas, b. ii Oct.,* 1658. (See no. 10.) 

Mary Undenvood, wife of Joseph Underwood, d, 13 Dec. 
1658, and he m. (2) 29 April, 1665, Mar>' How of Dorchester. 

Joseph Underwood d. 16 Feb., 1676/7, aged about sixty-two 
years. He was, therefore, born about 1614 and came to Amer- 
ica at the age of twenty-three. On the files of the court is a 
paper relating to the settlement of his estate which names his 
children; Joseph, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Thomas, and 
Martha, though they are evidently not mentioned in the order 
of their ages. 

On the Watertown records appears the following entry, "Good- 
wife Underwood wife of Joseph Underwood dyed the 28 11 mo. 
(1667)." This doubtless pertains to the second wife. 

Inventory of the Estate of Joseph Underwood. 

A true Inventory of the housing land and Catell and other 
goods of Joseph Underwood who deceased the 16 day of febr. 
1676, apprised by us whose names are underwritten the 3 of 
March 1676/7. 

£. s. D. 

Housing and homestall of 20 ace 40 — — 

A divident of thirty-three ace 33 — — 

ffifteen ace, more of divident land 2 10 — 

Twenty acres of Township land 3 — — 

An acre and halfe of meadow land inpatch meadow 6 — — 

Two cows and a steer 9 10 — 

fforteon sheep and six lambs 3 12 — 

Swine to the valew of i 07 — 

Twenty two bushells of Indian Corne 3 06 — 

ITour bushels of Barley and four bushells of rye i 12 — 

one bushel! of Indian meal — 03 — 

Pork and Bacon I 15 — 

Bedding, bedstead and curtains ; i 15 — 

A Trundlebed and bedstead i 05 — 

A pr of old sheets and some other old linen — 15 — 

His wealing apparrell i 15 — 

Brass and pewter 2 11 — 

Iron ware in the house for housekeeping — 09 — 

One barrill of Cyder — 12 — 

* According to the Watertown record he was born in August. 


Lumber — 14 — 

A Spinning WTieel — 04 — 

Two Chests and a Cubbard — 14 

Two old Chests 2° a Sack 3° — 05 — 

An old Matchlock, muskett, & old sword, powder, & bulletts ... — 10 — 

A plow and plow Chayne & several! pr cells of Iron ware i 19 — 

Earthen and a small pr-cell of Tobacco — 02 — 

A prcell of books — oS — 

Ten pound of Sheeps wool — 06 — 

Dishes and spoons & an old chayr & an old Table — 03 — 

W. A. Servant Boy 9 — — 

Henry Spring 
SatvIuel Sternes 
Thomas Loverane 

4. Joseph Underwood of Watertown, Mass., (son of Joseph 3) 

b. 1650, at Watertown, Mass.; m. about 1672 Elizabeth 

and had children: 

i. Mary, b. 13 June, 1673, at Reading, Mass., probably d. 

ii. Joseph, b. 30 Dec, 1675; d. 29 Jan., 1676, aged one 

iii. John, b. 6 March, 1676/7. (See no. 5.) 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 8 May, 1679; m. 24 May, 1700, Nathaniel 
Cutler of Reading, Mass., and had children: (i) Nathaniel Ctitler, 
h. 8 Dec, 1702; (2) Elizabeth Cutler, b. 20 April, 1704 or 1705;! 
(3) John Cutler, b. 30 Oct., 1 707, all at Reading, Mass. Elizabeth 
Underwood Cutler must have died soon after the birth of the 
last named child, as Nathaniel Cutler is recorded as married to 
a second wife in 1709 and another child is recorded for him at 
Reading, Jonathan Cutler, b. 17 Feb., 1711. 

V. Joseph, b. 28 May, 1681.* (See no. 7.) 

vi. Joshua, b. 31 Jan., 1683. | (See no. 8.) 

* This lecord is from the town records of Reading. From the same source the 
names of the children of Elizabeth and Nathaniel Cutler were taken. 

t Both dates appear on the Reading records. 

+ These records are from the Town of Watertown. The birth of Joshua is given 
elsewhere as 6 Dec, 1682. 


vii. Jonathan, b. 1685. (See no. 9.) 

viii. Mary, b. 9 May, 1687.* 
ix. Hannah, bapt. 13 April, 1690; m. 1709, Daniel Richard- 
son, and had three children: (i) William Richardson, b. 3 Feb., 
1711; (2) Hamiah Richardson, b. 25 Dec, 1718; (3) Daniel 
Richardson, b. 26 June, 1721. 

Savagef rnakes the statement that the last two children of 
Joseph Undenvood were by a second wife, Mary, but Morse| 
states that Elizabeth, his first wife, was admitted to the church 
in 1687. The will of Joseph Underwood, of which we give a 
copy below, mentions his wife as Elizabeth so there is apparently 
no evidence that he had a second wife unless it was the entry 
noted in the footnote which is given below. Savage is therefore 
undoubtedly incorrect. The will of Joseph Underwood dated 
16 Feb., 1691, and proved 7 April, 1691, which fixes approxi- 
mately the date of his death mentions the children of the family 
by name. 

It would appear from certain records that Joseph Underwood 
lived for a time at Reading and that he returned to Watertown 
later. At least, the records of his first child's birth and his 
eldest son's birth and death appear at Reading while the other 
facts of his family history are recorded at Watertown. We 
produce his will in the original and rather remarkable orthography 
of the scribe employed by him to write it. 

Will of Joseph Underwood. 
I. Joseph Underwood though weake in body yet of sound mind 
and memory doo make this mi Last will my soule I doo commit 
unto the allmighty god my creator mi body to the earth to a 
comely buriall in assured hope of a joifull resurrection through 
the free purchase of christ my redy monie and dispose of the 

♦The Watertown records also give the following singular entry: "Sary, dau. 
of Joseph and Mary Underwood born 9th Feb., 1687." WTiether this is a slip of 
the recorder's pen or represents a distinct individual from another family is a 
matter of present uncertainty. 

t Genealogical Dictionary of New England. 

X History of Sherborn. 


state god hat sent me as followeth in primis I make and appoint 
my dear Lovinge wife and Thomas Hamond executors to this my 
will i. give to mi wife the improvement of mi hole estate that i 
di seized of during the time of her widowhood and in case mi 
wife marri againe i give unto her ten pounds out of the movabels 
to be for her proppur use in case the estate be leat out mi will is 
no tennant shoud cut ani wod of on mi discedent tel mi sons 
cum of age i give to mi tooe sons John underwood and ioseph 
underwood my howsing orchards and lands and meddows that 
i dide sesid of to be equalli divided between them twooe paiing 
to Joshua my son fifteen pounds and to mi son iohnathan fifteen 
pounds and i give to mi daftor elisabeth fifteen pounds and i 
give to mi dafter hanna fifteen pounds all these paiments are to 
be suntri (?) pai and as thai cum of age mi will is in case ani of 
mi too sons that i give mi lands tooe di before thai cum of age mi 
will is that iosua should have half of the above menshoned lands 
housing orchards and meaddows as in case ioshua should di 
before he cum of age then ionathan shoud have the abov men- 
shonied housing lands orchards and meaddows and if ioshua or 
iohnnathan poses my lands orchards housing meaddows above 
menshond they are to pai aproporeshon as above menshond in 
case iohn and ioseph underwood shoud di before thai cum of age 
then mi will is that ioshua and ionathan shoud have the above 
menshond housing orchards lands and meaddows paiing the 
above menshond poreshons mi will is that in case ioshua or 
ionathan shood di then thare poroshons shood be devided equalli 
betweene fouar above menshond dafters in case any of mi fourar 
dafters should di mi will is that thare poreshon shood be equalli 
divided between the dafters that are liveing and ioshua and 
ionithan mi will is that mi children mout be brout up in the 
knowlig and fare of god for thare eternul salvashon and mi will 
is that eaveri won of mi sons shoud have a trade and all deats 
and sumes truly chargie furst to be sattisfide out of the estate 
above menshoned. His 

Joseph (X) Underwood 
Selid and subscribed in 
the presence of us 
Feabbuwari i6 1691. 

Elizabeth lamb * 

Joshua reffe 
Thomas Hamond 


5. John Underwood of Charlestown, Mass., (son of Joseph 4) 
b. 6 March, 1677, at Watertown, Mass.; m. 19 Nov., 1701,* 
Rebecca Shattuck and had children at Watertown. 

i. John, b. 10 July, 1704;* d. 27 May, 1724. Probably not 

ii. Rebecca, b. 22 March, 1707. 

The only additional fact in reference to this man is the record 
at Watertown of "Jonathan son of Abigail Flegg and reputed 
son of John Underwood" b. 7 April, 1 7 14. It is supposed that he 
rem. to Charlestown at about this latter date. His son John 
rem. to Natick and formed the (Natick?) branch of the family 
through his son Joseph, no. 6, concerning which we have very 
meager details. 

[In the last two statements! Dr. Underwood is evidently misled. 
John Underwood appears to have rem. to Needham instead of 
Charlestown where he had a considerable family. The first 
item concerning him in the Needham town records is in respect 
to the birth of his son Jonathan as follows: "Jonathan Under- 
wood son of John Underwood and Abigail Underwood his wife, 
was born April 7, 1714." This clearly identifies the man beyond 
all ciuestion. A further item in the Needham record states that, 
"John Undenvood son of John Underwood and Rebecca Under- 
wood, his wife, deceased May 27, 1724." This would make John 
Jr. only twenty years old at the time of his death and he probably 
had no family. Dr. Underwood found the record of John Under- 
wood's will in which he leaves his property at Natick to certain 
of his children, and supposed this to be the son John. In reality 
it is the will of the father, John, and the children mentioned were 
part of his Needham family.J 

According to the Needham records John Underwood's children 
by his wife Abigail Flegg were as follows: 

* Watertown Record. 

t Researches of the Editor. 

X The town of Natick adjoins that of Needham. It seems strange that Dr. 
Underwood should have overlooked the Needham records, especially as he knew 
that there were Underwoods living there. These records also enable us to connect 
several families that Dr. Underwood could not trace out. See p. 21. 


iii. Jonathan, b. 7 April, 17 14. (See no. 170.) 

iv. Joseph, b. 10 July, 1719. (See no. 6.) 

V. Abigail, b. 24 Jan., 1721. 

vi, Isaac, b. 26 Jan., 1723. (See no. 11.) 
vii. Hannah, b. 15 Dec, 1724; probably m. 5 April, 1764, 
Henr>' Bacon of Natick. 

viii. Mary, b. 7 May, 1727; probably m. 11 July, 1759, 
Richard Oliver of Natick. 

ix. Elizabeth, b. 29 April, 1729; probably m. 29 Jan., 1752, 
Moses Johnson of Southborough. 

Later John Underwood appears to have removed to Natick 
where he deeded land to his son Isaac in 1749.] He also left by 
will property at Natick to his children, Joseph, Isaac, and 
Hannah.* He d. 22 June, 1754, in Natick and his estate was 
settled by his sons, Isaac and Joseph, mention being made also 
of his wife, Abigail, and dues from Joseph Underwood and 
Jonathan Underwood. Mrs. Abigail Underwood d. 19 March, 
1755, in Natick. 

Of the children of John Underwood only Isaac has been traced 
with certainty beyond the second generation and he became the 
founder of the Needham Branch of the family. f One of John 
Underwood's daughters appears to have married a Gale as he 
had a grandson, Samuel Gale, with three sisters living in Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

6. Joseph Underwood of Natick, Mass., (son of John 5) b. 
10 July, 1719; m. 23 Nov., 1779, Lydia Bent of Sudbury. He 
served in the French and Indian War in 1757 as drummer in 
Capt. John Coolidge's company. It is to be observed, however, 
that a Joseph Underwood of Natick was in the Revolution and 
is reported as d. 30 Aug., 1775. According to the Natick town 
records a Joseph Underwood died there 4 March, 1804. If there 
were two Joseph Underwoods living in Natick at the time of the 

*Cf. Middlesex Probate S3: 218. 

t It is the opinion of the editor that Jonathan became the founder of the Natick 
Branch of tlie family for which see page 109. 


Revolution we can not separate them and nothing is known of the 
families of either. 

7. Joseph Underwood of Westford, Mass., (son of Joseph 4) 
b. 28 May, 1681, at Watertown, Mass.;* m. 27 May, 1707, in 
Reading, Mass., Susannah Parker, b. 29 Dec, 1687, a dau. of 
Nathaniel and Bethiah (PoUey) Parkerf of Reading, Mass., and 
had children born in Chelmsford and Westford: 
i. Joseph, b. i March, 1708. (See no. 21.) 
ii. Thomas, b. 7 Oct., 1709; d. 20 Oct., 1732, probably not 

iii. Mary, b. 28 Oct., 1711; m. Col. Buckley; d. 26 Nov., 

iv, Elizabeth, b. 2 Feb., 1714; m. 21 May, 1735, Joseph 
Fletcher and rem. to Dunstable, Mass. They were among the 
earliest settlers of the town when it was yet an unsubdued wilder- 
ness. Mr. Fletcher was a deacon of the church and acquired a 
large amount of land, but was unable from his situation to give 
his children any educational advantages. Elizabeth had nine 
children of whom the fifth was Ama Fletcher, b. 7 April, 1746; 
m. 17 Nov., 1768, Daniel Emerson of Hollis, N. H., and d. 22 
Nov., 1797.$ Rev. Joseph Emerson, a son of Ama (Fletcher) 
Emerson, wrote concerning his grandmother, Elizabeth Under- 
wood: "She was one of the most interesting companions with 
whom I ever conversed. In the days of my childhood, it seemed 
as though I could sit forever and hear her tell stories about bears, 
deers, foxes, Indians, etc., relating to the early history of Dun- 
stable and of our forefathers. Her kindness and tenderness 
towards me were wonderful ; and my affection was correspondent. 

* Hodgman. Histor>' of Westford, 478, says "born at Reading." But the 
Joseph Underwood of the Reading records is also recorded as dying at one month old. 

t Nathaniel Parker was b. 16 May, 165 1, and was the son of Thomas Parker. 
He m. 24 Sept.. 1677. Bethiah Polley. 

% Ama had seven children. For their records and those of their descendants see 
"The Ipswich Emersons, " by Benjamin Kendall Emerson, 1900. Most of the 
account of Elizabeth (Underwood) Fletcher and her family is gleaned from this 


Scarcely ever did I cat with such a relish, apples, cakes, etc., 
as those which were conferred upon my childhood by her dear 
trembling hand."* Elizabeth Underwood Fletcher d. about 

V. Jonathan, b. 22 Jan., 17 16. (See no. 24.) 

vi. Amy, b. 16 Oct., 1717; m. , 1736, James Spaulding 

and had children: (i) Benjamin Spaidding, b. , 1738; (2) 

James Spaulding, b. , 1739; d. , 1747; (3) Susanna 

Spaulding, b. , 1741; d. , 1743; (4) Silas Spaulding, b. 

, 1744; d. , 1752; (5) Calch Spaulding, b. , 1747; 

d. , 1747; (6) James Spaulding (twin), b. , 1748; (7) 

Susanna Spaulding (twin), b. , 1748; d. , 1748; (8) 

Anna Spaulding, b. , 1754; d , 1777; (9) Silas Spatdd- 

ing, h. , 1757; (10) Phinehas Spatdding, b. , 1759; 

Amy Under\vood Spaulding d. 23 May, 1770. 

vii, Ruth, b. 20 Jan., 1719; m. 30 May, 1737, Joseph Read at 
Concord, Mass. She d. , 1775. 

viii. Phineas, b. 3 Jan., 1722. (See no. 59.) 
ix. Timothy, b. 11 April, 1724. (See no. 70.) 
X. Susannah, b. 26 Dec, 1725; d. 26 Dec, 1729. 
xi. John, b. 15 Sept., 1727. (See no. 99.) 

xii. Bethia, b. 27 Sept., 1729; m. 8 June, I749,t Oliver 
Prescott, b. 5 May, 1726, and had: (i) Susannah Prescoil, b. 

. 1750; (2) Hannah Prescott b. , 1752; (3) Benjamin 

Prescott, b. , 1754; (4) Betsey Prescott, b. , 1756; (5) 

Bethia Prescott, b. , 1758; (6) Oliver Prescott, b. , 1760; 

(7) Polly Prescott, b. , 1762; d. , 1766; (8) Phehe Pres- 
cott, b. , 1763; (9) Lucy Prescott, b, , 1765; (10) Mary 

Prescott, b. , 1767; (11) Abram Prescott, b. , 1769; (12) 

Isaac Prescott, b. , 1771. Several of the daughters joined 

the Shakers. Bethia Underwood Prescott d. . 

xiii. James, b. i Dec, 1731. (See no. 150.) 

♦The Ipswich Eniersons, 415. 

t Cutler, History of Jaffrey. N. H., gives this date as 1779 which is evidently an 


Joseph Undenvood with Aquila Undenvood (no. 669) of the 
Chehnsford family was a subscriber to the covenant in 1727 
when the church at Westford, Mass., was formed from the 
church at Chelmsford of which town Westford had formed a part. 
He had lived in Reading until 1715 when he removed to Westford. 
He d. 29 Jan., 1761, eb. 79, at Westford, Mass. His will is 
recorded in the Middlesex Probate. 

"He was one of the original members of the first church; was 
active in all public affairs, and was evidently a man of character 
and influence. He was a farmer and innholder and owned a 
large tract of land on the Eastern slope of the hill on which the 
Central Village now stands, reaching up to the Common and 
including the Osgood farm, together with the farms of the Spald- 
ing Brothers, of the Ira Leland heirs and of Albert P. Richardson. 
It was the best land near the Centre and is now occupied by 
several houses and by large orchards. His dwelling stood nearly 
opposite Mrs. Leland's and where a cellar hole yet remains. He 
was also largely concerned in the settlement of Litchfield, N. H., 
although he did not remove his family thither."* 

Will of Joseph Underwood. 

In the name of God Amen. 

This twenty-eight day of July, one thousand seven hundred 
and fifty nine, I, Joseph Underwood of Westford in the County 
of Middlesex and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England, yeoman Being weak in Body but of Perfect mind 
and memory (Thanks be to God therefor) Calling to mind the 
mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all 
men once to Die; Do make and ordain this my last will and 
testam.cnt, that is to say, First of all I give and recommend my 
soul into the hand of God who gave it, and my Body I commend 
to the Earth to be buried in decent and Christian Burial at the 
Discretion of my Executors (hereafter named) nothing Doubting 
but at the General Resurrection, I shall receive the same by the 
mighty power of God and as touching such Worldly Estate 
wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this Life I give 
Bequethe and Dispose of the same in the following manner viz: 

Imprimis. My will is that all my Just Debts that I do owe to 

* Hodgman, History of Westford, 478-479. 


any Person or Persons and all my funeral Charges be paid by my 
executors in Convenient time after my Decease out of my Estate. 

2ly Item. My Will is that Susanna my Dearly Beloved wife 
should have the use and improvement of one full third part of 
my homestead in land with one half of the Buildings and other 
appurtanances there unto belonging During the term of her 
Natural Life. (Which Dower I have Reserved in a Deed of 
Sale that I signed to my Son John Underwood, late of Westford 
deceased.) together also with the sum of twenty-six shillings 
and eight pence yearh' every year during her Natural life which 
is to be paid by my son Phinehas Underwood of Merrimack, New 
Hampshire; together also with one half of my In Door Mo^"ables 
to her and her Disposal During her Natural Life afterwards if 
any remain to be Divided Equally as the other half is Between 
my five Daughters. 

3ly Item. My Will is that my son Jonathan Underwood have 
ten shillings paid him by my executors in one year after my 
Decease which with what he has already received is his full part 
and portion out of my estate. 

4ly Item. My will is that my son Phinehas L^nderwood's 
Heires have ten shillings paid them by my executors in one year 
after my decease which with what he has already received is his 
full part and portion out of my estate. 

5ly Item. My will is that my two sons Timothy Undenvood 
and James Underwood whom I constitute and make and ordain 
the sole executors of this my Last Will and testament have all the 
Land Rights Claim and Demand with all Bond Dues Debts and 
money also all the rest of the Estate whether Real or Personal 
in any place whatsoever in Equal Proportion which I shall Die 
seazed of that is not otherwise disposed of by this my Last Will. 

61y Item. My Will is that my Daughter Mary Bulkley have 
paid her twenty six pound, thirteen shillings and four pence by 
my executors equally the one half in one year after my Decease 
and the other in two years after my Decease. 

7ly Item. My will is that my Daughter Elizabeth Fletcher 
have paid her twenty six pound thirteen shillings and four pence 
by my Executors Equally the one half in one year and the other 
half in two years after my Decease. 

Sly Item. My will is that my daughter Anna Spaulding have 
paid her thirteen shillings and four pence equally in one year 
after niy Decease and also two tracts of land in Westford as by a 
deed of gift to her and her husband may appear. 


9ly Item. My will is that my daughter Ruth Read have paid 
her equally by my Executors Equally in two years alter my 
Decease ten pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence and also 
a tract of meadow and upland in Westford as by a deed to her 
and her husband may appear. 

loly Item. My will is that my Daughter Bethiah Prescot 
have paid her by my Executors Equallj' twenty six pound, 
thirteen shillings and four pence the one-half in one year and 
the other half in two years after my Decease. 

Illy Item. My will is that my five Daughters above men- 
tioned have all my In Door Moveables the one half at my Decease 
and the other half at the Decease of my wife to be equally 
divided which is in full of each of their parts and portions out of 
my Estate. 

I2ly Item. My will is that my Grand Son, Joseph Underwood, 
Son and Heir to my son Joseph Underwood, Deceased, have paid 
him forty pounds by my Executors, Equally the one-half in one 
year and the other half in two years after my Decease which is 
his full part and portion out of my estate but in case sd Joseph 
Die before Pay Day then this forty pounds to be equally Devided 
Between all my Children then Liveing. 

I3ly Item. My will is that the Heirs of my son John Under- 
wood, Deceased, have five shillings paid them by my Executors 
Equally in one year after my Decease which with a Deed of Sale 
to my son is in full of his and their part and Portion of my Estate. 
And I Joseph Underwood, by their Presence Disallow, Disannul 
and Revoke Every other Will or Wills and Declare this to be 
my Last Will and testament and Do Rati fie and Confirm the 
same, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
this twenty-eight Day of July, Anno Domini 1759, and in the 
thirty-third year of his Majesties reign etc. 

Joseph (X) Underwood (Seal) 
Signed, Published, Pronounced 
and Declared by the Sd Joseph 
Underwood to be his Last Will 
and Testament. 
James Pollard 
Samuel Lawrence Junes 
John Abbott [Probated 1762, Jan. 14.] 


The descendants of Joseph Undcnvood are very numerous and 
form the following branches of the Family: 

The Reading Branch, through his son Joseph. 

The Marlboro ( Vt.) Branch, through his son Jonathan. 

The Merrimack ( N. H.) Branch, through his son Phinehas. 

The Putney ( Vt.) Branch, through his son Timothy. 

The Westjord {Mass.) Branch, through his son John. 

The Litchfield ( N. H.) Branch, through his son James. 
It goes without saying that the descendants of these branches 
are now widely scattered. 

8. Joshua Underwood of Sherborn, Mass., (son of Joseph 4) 
b. 31 Jan., 1683, at Watertown, Mass.; m. 13 Jan., 1707, Mercy 
Fairbanks, dau. of Eliezer Fairbanks of Sherborn, and had 
children at Sherborn : 

i. Mercy, b. 3 April, 1709; m. 15 May, 1729, Eli Jones, 
b. 5 Dec, 1704, and had children: (i) David Jones, b. 17 Feb., 

1731 ; (2) Eli Jones, b. ; (3) Hamiah Jones, b. 6 Aug., 1734; 

(4) Thankful Jones, b. 6 April, 1738; (5) Miriam Jones, b. i 
Jan., 1741; (6) Mercy Jones, b. 18 Sept., 1745. Mercy Under- 
wood Jones d. . 

ii. J0NATILA.N, b. 4 Nov., 171 1. (See no. 170.) 
iii. Joshua, b, 22 Sept., 1714; d. 17 July, 1731. 
iv. Joseph, b. 21 Nov., 1716. (See no. 213.) 
V. Thankful, b. 8 Feb., 1719; m. 4 June, 1744, John Hill. 
vi. David, b. — May, 1721; d. 7 July, 1742. 
vii. Mary, b. 2 Feb., 1723; m. 26 Jan., 1747, Eleazer Robbins. 
Joshua Underwood was one of the early settlers in Sherborn, 
probably living in that portion of the town that was set off to 
form the town of Holliston in 1724. Joshua Underwood was a 

bricklayer as appears from a deed.* He died intestate and 

his widow, Mercy, was appointed administratrix. Before the 
petition for settlement was signed the widow m. 26 July, 1732, 
Joshua Fairbank, of Wrentham.f The petition for the settle- 
* Cf. p. 17. 

t This marriage is recorded at Waltham as "in Holliston." 


mcnt of the estate was signed by Joshua Fairbank, husband to 
Mercy, late widow; by Eli Jones, son-in-law; by Eleazer Fair- 
bank, Guardian to Thankful and Mary Undenvood; and by 
Nathaniel Sheffield, Guardian to Joshua, Joseph, and David 
Underwood. The descendants of Joshua Underwood (no. 8) 
form the Natick branch of the family through his son Jonathan* 
and the Holliston branch of the family through his son Joseph. 
The estate appears from the inventory to have amounted to 
1447 pounds, 15 shillings, with debts amounting to 143 pounds. 

9. Jonathan Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Joseph 4) 

b. , 1685, at Watertown, Mass. Very little is on record 

regarding this man except (i) the mention in his father's will; 
(2) the record in Middlesex Deeds of the purchase of land in 
the year 17 13 of his brother, Joshua Underwood, and its sale 
three years after; and (3) certain records of the port of Boston 
dated 1740 relative to cases of small pox on board his ship. The 
first reference may be seen on p. 13; the last two we enter here 
as follows:! 

To all People to whome these presents shall come greeting: 
Know ye that I Joshua Underwood of Sherbon in the County of 
Middlesex within her Majesty's province, of the Massachusetts 
Bay, in New England Bricklayer, For and in consideration of the 
sum of fifty pounds currant money to me in hand as before the 
ensealing hereof will and truly paid by my Brother Jonathan 
Underwood, mariner of Boston, New England, the receipt 
whereof I do hereby acknowledge and my selfe am therewith fully 
satisfied paid and contented and of every part and parcell 
thereof do acquit t exonerate and discharge the said Jonathan 
Underwood my brother his heires, executors, and admst. by these 
presents have given, granted bargained, sold-conveyed, and 
confirmed and fully, freely, clearly and absolutely give, grant, 
bargaine, sell, alien and confirm unto him my said brother 
Jonathan, his heires, Executors, Admst. and assigns a certain 
parcell of land both upland and medow situate lying and being 
in Sherbon aforesaid containing by estimation one hundred and 

* This is doubtful, see page lo. Ed. 
t Middlesex Deeds 16: 245. 


eighty acres be it more or less as it lyeth abutted and bounded 
northerly with the land of Mr. William Sheffield of said Town, 
all other parts of said land being abutted and bounded with ye 
common or undivided land of said Town of Sherbon. It being 
some of the southermost part of that commonly called by the 
name of Hoping ffarme. To have and to hold the said granted 
and bargained premisses with all the appurtanances profits, 
privileges, and comodities thereto belonging or in any wise 
appertaining thereto, and I the said Joshua Underwood, his 
heires, and Assigns that before the ensealing hereof I am the true 
sole and lawfull owner of the above granted and bargained 
premises and am lawfully seized and possessed of the same and 
have in myselfe full power, good right and lawful authority to 
grant, bargaine, sell convey, and confirme said bargained prem- 
ises in manner as above said. And be the said Jonathan 
Underwood, his heires, and Assigns shall and may from time to 
time and at all times forever after the date hereof by force and 
virtue of these presents, lawfully, peacefully, and quietly hold, 
have use possess and enjoy the Demised and bargained premises 
freely and clearly discharged of and from all manner of former and 
other Gifts, Grants, bargains. Sales, Leases, Mortgages, wills, 
or any other Incumbrance whatsoever. Furthermore, I the sd 
Joshua Underwood for me, my heires, executors, Admst. do 
covenant and engage the said demised and bargained premises 
unto him my said brother Jonathan, his heires, and assigns, 
against all claimes or demands of any person or persons whatso- 
ever hereafter to warrant, secure, and defend and herewith do 
do render and give seizure unto the said Jonathan Underwood, 
my brother of all the above bargained premises. In witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of 
March, anno Domini, one thousand seven hundred and thirteen, 
and in the twelfth year of ye reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne 
by the Grace of God of Great Brittaine, France, and Ireland, 
queen Defender of the Faith. 

Joshua Underwood (Seal) 

Signed, Sealed, and 
Delivered in ye presence 
of us. 

Edward Gorki n 

Joseph Wilson 


The same property was resold 8 Sept., 1716, to Joshua Under- 
wood by Jonathan Underwood who described himself in the 
deed as "Jonathan Under^vood, now resident in Sherborn, 
Mariner," etc.* 

In the Boston Town Records it appears that Jonathan Under- 
wood, John Rocket, and Joseph Bowmen were left on an island 
in the harbor with glass from ship Industry 17 Nov., 1740, having 
been "vistited with the small pox" and were permitted to come 
to town "said men having been well clean'd and physick'd." 

It is probable that this Jonathan Underwood is the same one 
referred to as "Capt. Underwood having on board an Indian 
sick with small pox." 

In the absence of records we cannot assert that Jonathan 
Underwood was married at the time of the above meager data, 
or that he was ever married.f It is probable, however, that he 
was and being a mariner his family became scattered. The 
following Underwoods born in Massachusetts during the first 
thirty-five years of the eighteenth century not traceable to any 
other branch of the Underwood family and all originating ap- 
parently in Middlesex County are referred to Jonathan Under- 
wood. After extended research we are thoroughly convinced 
that they are not descended from any other American family of 
Underwood and there is no evidence that they migrated direct 
to this country, so the most we can say is they were very likely 
sons of Jonathan Underwood, 
These are as follows: 

i. Joshua, b. about 17 13. (See no. 279.) 

ii. Samuel, b. about 1719. (See no. 280.) 

iii. Neheml\h, b. — , 1721. (See no. 295.) 

iv. Timothy, b. about 1729. (See no. 520.) 

V. Jonas, b. , 1733. (See no. 521,) " ■ 

* Middlesex Deeds 21: 5. 

t He probably m. in Sept., 1710, Ruth . Ed. 


The descendants of these men form larger or smaller branches 
which are designated as follows: 

The Mendon Branch, descendants of Joshua. 

The Waltham Branch, descendants of Samuel. 

The Woodstock (Cf.) Branch, descendants of Nehemiah. 

The Siidhury Branch, descendants of Timothy. 

The Franiingham Branch, descendants of Jonas. 

10. Thomas Underwood of Watertown, Mass., (son of Joseph 3) 
b. II Oct., 1658, at Watertown, Mass.; m. 19 Nov., 1679,* Mary 
Palmer and had children born at Watertown: 

i. Thomas, b. 20 Oct., 1680,* was baptized with others of 
the family 2 Nov., 1686; probably d. soon after that date as 
there was a second one of the same name born in 1691. 
ii. Mary, b. 5 June, 1682.* 

ill. EliZxVbeth, b. 13 Aug., 1684;* m. 25 March, 1709,* 
Jonathan Hewes of Cambridge, Mass. 

iv. Jonathan, b. 18 Aug., 1686. (See no. 535.) 
V. Abigail, b. ^6 March, 1687.* 

vi. Martha, b. 30 June, 1689.* Possibly the one who m. 14 
May, 171 8, Samuel Bixby at Killingley, Ct. Samuel Bi.xby 
settled at Sutton (now Millbury), Mass., and had children at 
that place. 

vii. Thomas, b. 3 June, 1691. He was undoubtedly the 
Thomas Underwood who enlisted in Capt. James Abercrombie's 
company in 1710 and after 182 days' service d. 10 April, 1711. 

Thomas Underwood lived at Watertown, Mass., where the 
records of the births of his children appear on the town records. 
In the church record under date of 2 Nov., 1686, appears the 
entry: "I baptized 9 viz: 4 children of Thos. Underwood who 
owned the cov't privally & and his wife publickly viz: Thomas, 
Jonathan, Mary, Elizabeth, etc." His death is recorded at 
Watertown, 7 June, 1691. He was undoubtedly the Thomas 
Underwood of Watertown, Mass., who was paid £i-ios for 
service in King Philip's War, 24 Feb., 1676/7. His descendants 
form the Lexington branch of the family. 

* Watertown Town Records. 


The Needham Branch. 

11. Isaac Underwood* of Needham, Mass., (son of John 5) 
b. 26 Jan., 1723, at Needham, Mass.; m. 30 March, 1780, Grace 
Greenwood, b. 15 Dec, 1755, a dau. of Samuel and Grace Green- 
wood, and had children all born in Needham, Mass.: 

i. Isaac, b. 29 Nov., 1781. (See no. 12.) 

ii. Grace, b. 30 June, 17S3. 

iii. Susanna (twin), b. 26 May, 1785. 

iv. SuKEY (twin), b. 26 May, 1785; d. 10 Nov., 1788. 

V. Bela, b. 3 Feb., 1788. (See no. 15.) 

vi. Charles, b. 28 Jan., 1795.! 
Isaac Underwood served in the French and Indian War as a 
sergeant in Capt. John Coolidge's Company and in the Revo- 
lution on the Lexington Alarm, two days, in 1775. He appears 
to have lived for a time in Natick adjoining Needham, but most 
of his life was spent in Needham where he d. i June, 1793.! 
After his death his widow m. 24 May, 1798, John Caffry of 
Sherburn. Nothing further was learned of her. 

Dr. Underwood observes that in 1781 "Isaac Underwood, 
husbandman, of Needham," Mass., purchased lands valued at 
£1000 in Peterborough, Hillsborough county. New Hampshire. 
In 1783 still further purchase was made. In 1784, still men- 
tioned as "of Needham," he sold lands in Peterborough for 
£450. He probably never actually lived in New Hampshire. 

12. Isaac Underwood of New Salem, Mass., (son of Isaac 11) 
b. 29 Nov., 1781;! m. Sarah and had children at least: 

i. SA^[UEL Greene, b. , 1814. (See no. 13.) 

Nothing further is known of this man, his only known grand- 
son not even remembering his name,§ and the town records 

* The records of Isaac Underwood's famUy were recovered by the editor from 
the Needham to\vn records. 

t The^ic are the dates given in the Needham records. It would seem as though 
there was an error in one or the other, but undoubtedly Charles was bom after 
the death of Isaac as only his mother is mentioned in the record of his birth. 

X The date of birth is from the Needham records. 

§ The above scanty information is derived from the town records of New Salem 
in an entry in 1S72 concerning the third marriage of his only known son. 


of his town of New Salem having been burned in 1857 at which 
time he was probably not living. He purchased land in New 
Salem in 1806 when he is mentioned as "of Needham," and was 
li\'ing in New Salem in 1818.* 

13. Samuel Greene Underwood of Orange, Mass., (son of 
Isaac 12) b. , 1814; m. 29 Nov., 1837, Esther Lord, b. 

15 Aug., 1809, dau. of Joseph and Amity \V. Lord of Orange, 
Mass., and had children born in New Salem, Mass.: 

i. Charles L, b. 18 Jan., 1841, in New Salem, Mass.; d. 

16 Feb., 1841. 

ii. Susanna B., b. 4 Dec, 1838; probably d. without Issue 
before 1881. 

iii. Samuel Lewis, b. 21 June, 1842. (See no. 14.) 
iv. Persis, b. 28 March, 1844; d. 25 May, 1848, in Wendell, 

V. Lina A.,t b. , 1849; m. 19 June, i860, Henry A. 

Cogswell, b. , 1845, son of Jonathan and Lydia Cogswell of 

Lunenburg, Mass., farmer of New Salem, Mass., and had chil- 

Esther Lord Underwood d. i May, 1869, and Samuel G. 

Underwood m. (2) and (3) 26 Nov., 1872, Mary Mariah 

White, b. about 1814, dau. of Daniel and Catherine Cotell of 
Saratoga, N. Y. This was also her third marriage. 

Samuel G. Underwood was a farmer at Orange, Mass. He 

d. , 1881, at that place. He had an adopted daughter, Ada, 

who m. Brock. 

14. Samuel Lewis Underwood of Orange, Mass., (son of Sam- 
uel G. 13) b. 21 June, 1842, at New Salem, Mass.; m. 24 Dec, 
1895, Maria Watt and had two children who died in infancy. 
He is a foundryman at Orange, Mass. 

* This statement was found by the editor in a memorandum among the Under- 
wood papers and led to the recovery of the Needham family as mentioned on 
page 9- 

t The name is given in her father's will as Sarah Ann. Ed. 


15. Eela Underwood of New Salem, Mass., (son of Isaac 11) 
b. 3 Feb., 1788, at Needham, Mass.; m. , 1816, in Charles- 
town, Mass., Nancy Richardson and had children: 

i. Alfred, b. 21 Dec, 1821, at Cambridgeport, Mass.; 
unm. Alfred Underwood was a farmer at New Salem, Mass., 
where he d. 15 Dec, 1882,* of heart disease. 
ii. Otis, b. 10 June, 1822. (See no. 16.) 
iii. Thomas Riley, b. 30 April, 1S24. (See no. 17.) 

iv. Harriet, b. ; m. Joel Johnson who d. before 1882. 

Harriet was then living at Prescott, Mass. 

V. Jewett, b. . (See no. 19.) 

vi. Warren, b. . Nothing further known of him. 

vii. Nancy, b. . 

viii. Sarah, b. ; m. George E. Woods who d. before 1S82. 

Sarah was then living at New Salem, Mass. 

Bela Underwood was a farmer at New Salem, Mass., the latter 
part of his life. Previously he had lived in Cambridge or 
Cambridgeport, Mass. He d. in 1836. 

16. Otis Undsrwood of Orange, Mass., (son of Bela 15) b. 
10 June, 1822, at Cambridgeport (?), Mass.; m. in March, 1866, 
Fannie L. Gould and had children: 

i. Ida M., b. 23 March, 1872. 
ii. Walter C, b. 12 Feb., 1877. 
iii. RoscoE, b. 19 Aug., 1881. 
Otis Underwood is a farmer at Orange, Mass., where he was 
living at an advanced age (82) in July, 1904. 

17. Thomas Riley Underwood of New Salem, Mass., (son of 
Bela 15) b. 30 April, 1S24; m. 15 Sept., 1847, Lucy R. Pond of 
Summit, Conn., and had children: 

i. Prentice H., b. 10 July, 1848. 
ii. Emma V., b. i Nov., 1850; unm. (?); d. 11 June, 1890. 

* This date is from the Greenfield probate records. The New Salem tcwn 
records say 15 Dec, 1905,, aged 61 yrs. 11 mos. 24 ds. The date of birth as given 
above is obtained by combining the two records. The New Salem records are prob- 
ably in en or only as to year of death. 


iii. Frank Arthur, b. 26 Jan., 1853; unm. Frank A. 
Undenvood is a dealer at Orange, Mass., where he has lived since 

iv. Vera Elizabe;th, b. 18 Jan., 1857; m. 29 Sept., 1880, 

William W. Morse, b. , 1866, son of Warren M. and Pemelia 

C. Morse, a mechanic of Orange, Mass. 

V. George Wendell, b. 11 March, i860. (See no. 18.) 
Thomas Riley Underwood was a farmer at New Salem, Mass., 
where he resided all his life. He d. at that place of paralysis 
28 Sept., 1898. 

18. George Mendall Underv/ood of Orange, Mass., (son of 
Thomas i?. 17) b. 11 March, i860, at New Salem, Mass.; m, 10 
May, 1888, Agnes M, Tashro and had one daughter: 

i. Marion Lucy, b. . 

George M. Unden,vood is proprietor of a restaurant at 29 W. 
Main St., Orange, Mass. 

19. Jewett Underwood of Warwick, Mass., (son of Beta 15) 

b. , at New Salem, Mass.; m. Martha Ann Howard and 

had two sons: 

i. George E., b. 5 April, 1864. 

ii. Howard, b. 23 July, 1869. (See no. 20.) 
Jewett Underwood lived at Orange, Mass., and at Warwick, 
Mass. He d. 26 Aug., 1871. 

20. Charles Hov/ard Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Jewett 19) b. 23 July, 1869, at Orange, Mass.; m. 22 Aug., 1896, 
Anna M. Wilfert; no children. 

Charles H. Underwood has lived in Boston, Mass., since 1885 
where he is a salesman. 

The Reading Branch. 

21. Joseph Underwood of Reading, Mass., (son of Joseph 7) 
b. I March, 1708, at Westford, Mass.; m. 22 March, 1739, Ruth 
Bancroft also of Reading, Mass., and had one son: 

i, Joseph, b. 20 Dec, 1739. (See no. 22.) 


Joseph Undenvood was a graduate from Harvard in 1735 
being the first of the name to graduate from that college or any 
other in America. He was the first teacher employed in the 
town of Westford, Mass., in 1734. He studied for the ministry 
but probably was never ordained. He d. in Westford, Mass., 
in 1745, ffi. 37. His will, made six days after his marriage, was 
admitted to the Middlesex probate where it is now on record. 

Will of Joseph Underwood. 

In the Name of God Amen. The Twenty-eight day of March 
in ye year of our Lord Christ, 1739 & in ye Twelfth year of ye 
Reign of our Soveraign George ye Second King of Great Britton 
&c. I Joseph Underwood of Reading in ye County of Middlesex 
in ye Province of Massachusets Bay in New England, Gentle- 
man, being in good health and of perfect mind S: Memory', 
Thanks be given to God for it, therefore calling to mind ye 
mortality of my body & knowing it is appointed for all men 
once to die, do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament, 
that is to Say, principally, and first of all, I give and recommend 
my Soul into the hand of God that gave it, and my Body I 
recommend to ye Earth, to be buried in a decent & Christian 
manner at ye discretion of my Executrix hereafter mentioned; 
nothing doubting but at ye General Resurection, I shall receive 
ye Same again ye Mighty Power of God. And as touching such 
Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in 
this life, I give and dispose in ye manner following. 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath to Ruth my dearly & well 
beloved Wife all my Household Stuff and furnature of what Sort 
& land Soever, and all her & also my own wearing Apparrel, of 
eveiy Sort, or denomination, and also all my money. Bills & 
Bonds, that I shall die ceased off. And allso my horse &. cow, 
and my Wood-Lot t in Chelmsford, I say, all ye affore mentioned 
Estate both real & personal, I give and bequeath to my dearly 
beloved Wife Ruth, to be at her use and dispose, during her 
natural Life, & at her decease (if anything remain) to return to 
my Heirs & to her Heirs, in equal proportion. I also constitute, 
make & ordain Ruth, my dearly beloved Wife, Sole Executrix of 
this my Last Will & Testament, who is freely & peaceably to be 
possessed, of all ye afore mentioned Lands, Goods, & Estate; & 


quietly to enjoy the Same. And I do now utterly disown &. 
disolve all former Wills & Testaments, Ratifying & confirming 
this & no other to be my last Will & Testament. And whatso- 
ever shall hereafter be found to be Legaly my Estate, that is not 
mentioned in this my Will either re^il or personal, particularly 
all my Books & writings, I give to my Executrix afore mentioned.* 
I order my Executrix to pay all my just debts & decently to 
bury my Body out of my estate or at her cost. In witness 
whereof, I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the day & year 
above written. 

Joseph Underwood. (Seal) 

Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced, & Declared by the 
Joseph Underwood as his Last Will & Testament in ye Presence 
of us ye Subscribers. 

John Goodwin Tertius 

Nath ell Eaton 

Kendal Barker. 

22. Joseph Underwood of Reading, Mass., (son of Joseph 21) 
b. 20 Dec, 1739, at Reading, Mass.; m. 3 June, 1762, Mary Poolf 
of Reading, Mass., and had children recorded on the Reading 
town record: 

i. Mary, b. 15 Aug., 1763; m. 14 July, 1785, Thomas Miles 
of Reading, Mass. No children are recorded in Reading, but 
the family may have rem. elsewhere. 

ii. Rebeckl^h, b. 27 May, 1765; m. 31 May, 1787, Elias 
Mackentire of Reading, Mass. No children are recorded at that 

iii. Lucy, b. i July, 1771; probably d. young. 

iv. Joseph, b. 21 May, 1773. (See no. 23.) 

V. Lucy, b. 20 March, 1776; d. 20 Jan., 1812, at Reading, 

vi. Sally, b. 28 Oct., 1780. 

* At this point the following incomplete statement is erased: "if my exec, wife 
Ruth shall bear a child that is begotten by me then she shall dispose of w" 

t Mary Pool was b. 30 Jan., 1743. at Reading, Mass., a dau. of Jonathan and 
Mary (Seamon) Pool. Jonathan Pool m. 4 June, 1741, Mary Seamon of Charles- 
town, Massachusetts. 


No record of the death of Joseph Underwood appears in 
the Reading records and it is quite probable that he rem. else- 
where before his death.* He was doubtless the Joseph Under- 
wood of Reading, private, in the train band under Capt. Walton 
13 May, 1775. 

23. Joseph Underwood of , (son of Joseph 22) b. 21 May, 

1773, at Reading, Mass. 

Joseph Underwood, sixth of the name in direct line from Joseph 
(no. 3) of Watertown, has left us no record of his life beyond the 
mere item of his birth and parentage. It is to be hoped that 
some further record may be furnished from this, the first publica- 
tion of the little we know of him. 

The Marlboro (Vermont) Branch. 

This branch was founded by Jonathan Underwood (third son 
of Joseph 7) who rem. from Westford, Mass., to Suffield, Conn., 
and thence to Marlboro, Vermont, just over the Massachusetts 
line about 1776. 

24. Jonathan Underwood of Marlboro, Vt., (son of Joseph 7) 

b. 22 Jan., 1716, at Westford, Mass.; m. , 1739, Hannah 

Richardson of Medway and had children : 

i. Hannah, b. , 1740, at Westford, Mass.; m. Samuel 

Hildreth of Chesterfield, N. H. 

ii. Jonathan, b. , 1744. (See no. 25.) 

iii. Susannah, b. , 1747, at Westford, Mass.; m. Simeon 

Adams of Suffield, Conn., who was b. 4 Nov., 1724. He was a 
soldier in the French and Indian War and was captured by the 
Indians and carried captive to Canada. He d. i Aug., 1803. 
Susanna Underwood Adams d. 13 Sept., 1845, at Marlboro, Vt. 

iv. Phineas, b. ? (Nothing further is known of this son 
and his position in the family line is also uncertain.) 

V. John, b. 30 July, 1752. (See no. 46.) 

vi. Samuel, b. 22 July, 1754. (See no. 47.) 

* He appears to have removed to North Reading and Chelmsford. Ed. 


vii. Thaddeus, b. 17 Sept., 1760. (See no. 48.) 
viii. Oliver, b. i Aug., 1762; d. 18 Nov., 1765. 
Jonathan Underwood rem. first to Suffield, Conn., where he 
was a large land owner in 1754, and where he lived until about 
1776 when he rem. to Marlboro, Vt.* He d. I Oct., 1794, at 
Marlboro, Vt. His widow, Hannah Richardson Underwood, 
d. 26 March, 1813, a. 95. 

25. Jonathan Underwood of Suffield, Conn., (son of Jonathan 

24) b. , 1744, at Westford, Mass.; m. in March, 1777, 

Deborah Morgan, dau. of Isaac Morgan of Brimfield, Mass., and 
had children: 

i. Oliver, b. 7 April, 1779. (See no. 26.) 

ii. Polly, b. 31 Oct., 1781; m. 25 Aug., 1802, Jonathan 
Ingram of Marlboro, Vt., and had children: (i) Henry Ingram f\ 
b. 7 Dec, 1813; d. 10 Aug., 1890, at Troy, N. Y.; (2) William 
Ingram, b. 4 Nov., 1805; (3) Jojiathan Ingram, b. April, 1808; 

(4) Porter Ingram, b. April, 1810; (5) Polly Ingrain, b. ; (6) 

Anyi Ingram, b. ; (7) Harriette Ingram, b. ; (8) Lticy 

Ingram, b. ; (9) Ira Ingra?n, b. ; (10) Infant, b. ; 

d. . PoUey Underwood Ingram d. 29 May, 1863, at Marl- 
boro, Vt. 

iii. David, b. 12 Feb., 1783; d. 15 Nov., 1803. 

iv. Jonathan, b. 12 Aug., 1784. 

v. Deborah, b. 22 April, 1787. 

vi. RozY, b. 2 July, 1788; m. Crum. 

vii. Erastus, b. 5 April, 1791. (See no. 41.) 
viii. LuciNDA, b. 5 July, 1793. 

ix. James, b. 17 Dec, 1795. 

* a Jonathan Underwood was in the war of the Revolution from Suffield and 
has been supposed by some of his descendants to be the above man. His age, 
ho\vever, fifty-nine at the time of the Lexington alarm, would make it appear more 
likely that it was his son Jonathan who would have been a man of thirty-one. 

t The compiler is greatly mdebted to Mrs. Emma Ingram Bosworth of 90 Lake 
Avenue., Saratoga Springs, New York, dau. of Henry Ingram, for very material 
aid in working out the details of the earlier generations of the Marlboro branch of 
the family. 


Jonathan Underwood was a member of Capt. Elisha Kent's 
Company of 70 men, all from Suffield, Conn.,* and marched from 
there to Boston in April, 1775, on the Lexington Alarm at the 
beginning of the Revolution. He also enlisted in Capt. Ban- 
croft's Company of Col. Bridges' regiment 4 May, 1775, and 
served three months and five days. He rendered an account for 
articles lost in the Battle of Bunker Hill which was allowed in 

Jonathan Underwood became the owner of the Suffield property 
owned by his father, but it is more than likely that later he 
followed his father to Vermont, especially as some of his children 
were born at Marlboro in that state. He d. 21 Dec, 1801. His 
widow, Deborah Morgan Underwood m. (2) in March, 1815, 
Benjamin Lee of Vernon, Vt. Deborah Morgan Lee d. 18 Jan., 

26. Oliver Underwood of Horicon, N. Y., (son of Jotiathati 25) 
b. 7 April, 1779, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. Maria Nichols of Halifax, 
Vt., and had children: 

i. Oliver, b. , 1807. (See no. 27.) 

ii. David, b. 14 May, 1809. (See no. 28.) 

iii. RosANNA, b. , 181 1 ; m. Lorenzo Hemmenway of 

Chestertown, N. Y., and had several children, among them (i) 

William Hemmenway, b. , at Horicon, N. Y.; (2) Lorenzo 

Hemmenway, b. , at Horicon, N. Y. Rosanna Underwood 

Hemmenway d. , at Chestertown, N. Y. 

iv. John, b. , 1813. (See no. 33.) 

V. Christopher C, b. 6 Sept., 18 14. (See no. 34.) 

vi. Thomas Houghten, b. , 1815. (See no. 37.) 

vii. Lemuel, b. , 181 7. (See no. 38.) 

viii. Samuel, b. , 1819. (See no. 40.) 

ix. Miles, b. , 1821. He is said to have left home about 

1844 or 1845 and has not been heard from since. 
X. Sidney, b. , 1823; d. , 1836. 

* See footnote under Jonathan (no. 24). 


xi. Lucy, b. , 1825; d. , 1835. 

Oliver Underwood received a common school education and 
lived for a time in his native town of Marlboro, Vt. Later he 
rem. to Bolton, Warren county, N. Y., and thence to Horicon 
in the same county where he was a farmer until his death. He 
was a member of the Whig party and he and his wife belonged to 
the Presbyterian church. In the War of 1 812 he was one of the 
many settlers who left the county for the battle of Plattsburg, but 
arrived there after the battle was ended. He d. in 1855, a?. 
84, at Horicon, New York. 

The sons of Oliver Underwood were stalwart men and, with 
the exception of the eldest, followed the business of lumbermen. 
The following heights have been given me by Mr. George F. 
Underwood (no. 35). Miles Underwood, 6 ft. 4 in.; Samuel 
Underwood, 6 ft. 3 in.; Lemuel Underwood, 6 ft. 2Y2 in.; David 
Underwood, 6 ft. 2 in.; Christopher Underwood, 5 ft. ii in. 

27. Oliver Underwood of , Illinois, (son of Oliver 26) 

b. , 1807, at Marlboro, Vermont; m. Lucinda Culver of 

Chestertown, N. Y., and had children. 

Oliver Underwood lived for a time with his father at Horicon, 
New York, and then rem. west with his family, settling in 
Illinois where he was a drover by trade. The last information 
received of him was his landing in New Orleans about the time 
of the commencement of the Civil War. As nothing was after- 
wards heard of him he is supposed to have been killed as he had 
in his possession a considerable sum of money. He is said to 
have had a large family, but all trace of them has now been lost 
by his nearest of kin in the East.* 

28. David Underwood of Fort Edward, N. Y., (son of Olivtr 
26) b. 14 May, 1809, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. Dec, 1835, Hannah 
Waring of Yonkers, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Jarvis Augustus, b. 15 Jan., 1837. (See no. 29.) 
ii. Crosby Waring, b. 24 Jan., 1839. (See no. 32.) 

* The above account is given by Mr. George F. Underwood (no. 33). a nephew. 
Another account says he settled in Iowa. 


iii. Ada, b. 19 Feb., 1841; m. 12 Oct., 1864, William R. 
Ottman of Fort Edward, N. Y., and had two children: (i) David 
Underwood Ottman, b. 10 Jan., 1868; d. 24 June, 1889; (2) 
Armenia Waring Ottman, b. 18 Jan., 1870. Ada Underwood 
Ottman d. i Dec, 1900, at Fort Edward, N. Y. 

iv. Herbert, b. 7 March, 1844; d. 10 June, 1848. 

V. Herbert Edwin, b. 4 March, 1848; d. 12 June, 1853. 

vi. Kate Waring, b. i Aug., 1851 ; m. 15 Jan., 1873, Charles 
M. Clements of Sandy Hill, N. Y., and had children: (i) Charles 
Undenvood Clements, b. 25 Oct., 1873; d. 26 Jan., 1874; (2) 
Kathrine Underwood Clements, b. 2 July, 1878; m. 5 Aug., 1903, 
Albert William Harris; (3) Ethel Waring Clements, b. 4 Nov., 
1882; m. 20 June, 1908, in Sandy Hill, Thomas R. Remsen of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and rem. to Grand Falls, Newfoundland, where 
she had a son b. 19 April, 1909. Kate Underwood Clements and 
her sisters are numbered among the alumnee of the famous 
seminary founded by Emma Willard in Troy, N. Y. The fanilly 
now live at Sandy Hill, N. Y. 

vii. Julia, b. 10 Sept., 1853; m. 5 Dec, 1878, Francis Breese 
Davis of Fort Edward, N. Y., and had children: (i) Francis 
Breese Dains, b. 10 Sept., 1883; graduated at Yale University in 
1906 as a civil engineer; (2) Josephine Hannah Davis, b. 3 July, 
1888. The family now live at Fort Edward, N. Y. 

viii. Josephine, b. 22 March, 1S60; m. 12 July, 1885, Edward 
H. Mathews of New York city; no children. Josephine Under- 
wood Mathews d. 9 Nov., 1890, in New York city. 

David Underwood was a prominent citizen of Fort Edward, 
N. Y., where he was engaged in the lumber business. He was a 
member of the New York Assembly, a member of the State Canal 
Commission, and president of the State National Bank. He d. 
19 April, 1885, at Fort Edward, N. Y. 

29. Jarvis Augustus Underwood of Wausau, Wis., (son of 
David 28) b. 15 Jan., 1837, at Yonkers, N. Y.; m. 10 June, i860, 
at Lebanon, Me., Eunice K. Shapleigh of ^Lebanon, Me., and had 
six children: 


i. Herbert Shapleigh, b. 5 June, 1861. (See no. 30.) 
ii. Arthur Waring, b. 6 June, 1863. (See no. 31.) 
iii. Susie Wentwortii, b. 16 April, 1865; unm.; resides at 
Wausau, Wis. 

iv. Helen Jar vis, b. 19 Feb., 1868, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; 

m. , 1892, Henr>' Shedd of Chicago, III., and has had four 

children: (i) Henry Weniworth Shedd, b. 8 Nov., 1893; (2) Jarvis 
Augustus Shedd, b. 24 Dec, 1897; (3) Mary Elizabeth Shedd, b. 
Oct., 1906; d. Oct., 1906; (4) John Barton Shedd, b. Dec, 1908. 
V, Louise Crosby, b. 12 Nov., 1872, at Glens Falls, N. Y, 
vi. Mary Stanton, b. 5 March, 1876, at Glens Falls, N. Y.; 
m. 9 Oct., , at Wausau, Wis., Lawrence Williams of Colum- 
bus, Ohio, and has one daughter: (i) Jane Lawrence Williams, 
b. 26 June, 1909. Mary Underwood Williams is an artist and 
lives in New York city. 

Jarvis A. Underwood is a manufacturer of veneers at Wausau, 
Wis. He rem. from Glens Falls, N. Y., to Appleton, Wis., in 
1883, and thence to Wausau, Wis., in 1896, where he now resides, 

30. Herbert Shapleigh Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Jarvis 29) b. 5 June, 1861, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; m. 24 June, 
1889, Helen M. Coffin of Glens Falls, N. Y., and had one child: 
i. Sanford, b. 27 April, 1890. 

Helen Coffin Underwood d. 5 May, 1890, and Herbert S. 
Underwood m. (2) 22 Feb., 1893, Mary G. Lanman of Non^ich, 
Conn., who d. 12 May, 1895, and he m. (3) 3 Nov., 1899, Anne D. 
Bradbury of Winchester, Mass., and had one child: 
ii. Elizabeth Bradbury, b. 3 Nov., . 

Herbert S. Underwood was graduated from Williams College 
in the class of 1883. He was editor of the Amsterdam (N. Y.) 
Democrat in 1883, assistant editor of the Springfield (Mass.) 
Republican in 1886, became Washington correspondent of the 
Boston Advertiser 1 887-1 888, and since 1888 he has been the 
managing editor of the Boston Daily Advertiser and Record, 
with office at 311 Washington St., Boston, and residence at 
Winchester, Mass. 


31. Arthur Waring Underwood of Evanston, 111., (son of 
Jam's 29) b. 6 June, 1863, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; m. 17 Oct., 
1893, Lucy C. Cronkhite of Chicago, 111., and had three children: 

i. PiERSON, b. I Nov., 1896. 
ii. Eunice Sil\pleigii, b. 12 Jan., 1900. 
iii. Josephine Cronkhite, b. 12 June, 1902. 
Arthur W. Underwood was graduated from Williams College 
in the class of 1884 and from the Law School of the University 
of Wisconsin in 1888. He was admitted to the bar the same 
year and since 188S has practiced law in Chicago, 111. His ad- 
dress is 507 Marquette Building. 

32. Crosby Waring Underwood of Fort Edward, N, Y., (son 
of David 28) b. 24 Jan., 1839, at Horicon, N. Y.; m. Jan., 1873, 
Mary E. Smith, at Mechanicville, N. Y. ; no children. He was 
a manufacturer of lumber at Fort Edward, N. Y., where he d. 
9 Nov., 1887. 

33. John Underwood of Glens Falls, N. Y., (son of Oliver 26) 
d. , 1813, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. and had children: 

i. Sidney, b. . 

ii. John Henry, b. . 

John Underwood was a lumberman, living most of his life 
at Horicon, N. Y. Late in life he went to Glens Falls, N. Y., to 
live with his son, Sidney, and d. at that place. The two sons 
live in Glens Falls, and have families, but no further particulars 
could be learned of them. 

34. Christopher Columbus Underwood of Fort Edward, N. 
Y., (son of Oliver 26) b. 6 Sept., 1814, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. 3 
July, 1841, Mahala Griffin and had nine children: 

i. Armenia, b. 5 July, 1842; d. 17 Jan., 1848. 

ii. Evelyn, b. 6 Jan., 1844; d. 7 March, 1844. 
iii. George Frederick, b. 18 July, 1845. (See no. 35.) 
iv. Myron S., b. 29 July, 1850. (See no. 36.) 

V. Herson, b. 8 Dec, 1851 ; d. 4 April, 1854. 
vi. David, b. 23 May, 1855; d. 11 July, 1862, 


vii. Leroy, b. 24 July, 1856; d. 8 Feb., 1857. 
viii. Saxford, b. 13 Aug., 1858; d. 24 July, 1859. 

ix. Anna, b. 3 Sept., 1862; d. 24 July, 1863. 
Christopher C. Underwood was engaged in lumbering in early 
life, living with his father until the time of his marriage, and 
afterwards connected with the firm of Bradley & Underwood at 
Fort Edward, N. Y., until the time of the Civil War. He en- 
listed 27 August, 1862, in Co. E, 169th Reg't New York volun- 
teers and served two years and four months, mostly in Florida. 
He was also in the Atlanta campaign, in the battle of Harrison's 
landing, at the fall of Fort Fisher, and the siege of Charleston. 
After the war he was engaged in farming in Fulton county, N. Y. 
for five years and then returned to Fort Edward, N. Y., where 
he spent the remainder of his life. He d. 28 April, 1898, at Fort 
Edward, N. Y. His widow, Mahala Grifhn Underwood, d. 27 
Nov., 1904. 

35. George Frederick Underwood of New York city, (son of 
Christopher C. 34) b. 18 July, 1845, at Horicon, N. Y.; m. 24 
June, 1875, Jennie A. Gregory, b. at Martinsburg, Lewis county, 
N. Y., a dau. of Simon Reed Gregory and Jane Underhill, and 
had children: 

i. Grace F., b. 5 June, 1876, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; m. 7 
March, 1904, Thomas Floyd Adriance of Jersey City, N. J., and 
has one child: (i) George Underwood Adriance, b. 13 July, 1905. 
The family now reside at 762 Westminster Road, Flatbush, 

ii. Maud Sophia, b. 30 Jan., 1877, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; 
m. 20 June, 1900, Walter W. Wait, son of Judge Wait of Fort 
Edward, N. Y., and has one child: (i) Harry Gregory Wait, b. 21 
June, 1901, at Glens Falls, N. Y., where the family now resides. 

iii. Harry Gregory, b. 25 Oct., 18S1. He was graduated 
from Cornell University in 1905 and is now learning the lumber 
business at Underwood, Essex county, New York. 

iv. Annie, b. 15 March, 1885; d. in infancy. 
George Frederick Underwood received a common school 



education at the Fort Edward Collegiate Institute and the Fort 
Edward Union School, and later took a full course at Eastman's 
Business College at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., from which he was 
graduated in 1867. He commenced work at the age of fifteen, 
,1'ing to school winters. In 1867 he became manager for the 
lumber firm of Bradley & Under\vood of Fort Edward, N. Y., 
remaining with them fourteen years when he became manager of 
the Bloomingdale lumber interests at Sandy Hill, N. Y., which 
he left in 1880 to engage in the lumber business wholly for himself. 
In 1S96 he became connected with the Glens Falls Paper Co., at 
that time the largest paper manufacturers in the world. This 
was afterwards consolidated with other large companies in the 
International Paper Co. with head office in New York city, where 
Mr. Underwood rem. in May, 1899, to assume the management 
of the land and timber interests of that company for which he was 
especially prepared, having spent many years in the forests of 
New York and Canada and was considered one of the best 
posted men in timber and forestry in the country. This was 
essential to enable him to handle the extensive investments in 
timber and mills owned by a corporation producing seventeen 
hundred tons of paper daily. He has been identified with other 
business interests in northern New York and in many public 
improvements. Mr. Unden,vood is the best type of a selfmade 
man and possesses great energy and perseverance. Mr. Under- 
wood now resides at the Nevada, 70th St. and Broadway, New 
York city, with office at 30 Broad Street. 

36. Myron S. Underwood, of Wenatchee, Wash., (son of 
Chrislopher C. 34) b. 29 July, 1850, at Fort Edward, N. Y.; 
m. 9 Sept., 1877, Lillie Horton of Olympia, Wash., and had two 

i. Clarence Horton, b. 13 Aug., 1879. 
ii. Herbert, b. , in Seattle, Wash. 

Myron S. Underwood received a common school education 
and left Fort Edward in 1870, traveling extensively in the West 
and in South America engaged in different enterprises and occupa- 


tions. He finally settled in Olympia, Wash., and later rem. to 
Wenatchee, Wash. 

37. Thomas Houghton Underwood of Jeddo, N. Y., (son of 

Oliver 26) b. , 1815, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. , and had 

children at least : 

i. Edward, b. , in Horicon, N. Y. He m. , and 

rem. to Illinois where he now lives somewhere as a farmer. 

Thomas H. Underwood lived in Horicon, N. Y., for many years 
and like his brothers was engaged in lumbering. He was married 
three times and had several children only one of whom lived to 
manhood. Later in life he rem. to Jeddo, Orleans county, N. Y. 

38. Lemuel Underwood of Fort Miller, N. Y., (son of Oliver 
26) b. , 1817, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. Ellen Rogers of White- 
hall, N. Y., and had one son: 

i. Porter, b. 25 Aug., 1845. (See no. 39.) 
Lemuel Underwood like his brothers was a lumbermau in 
early life, living at Horicon, N. Y. He afterwards bought a farm 
at Fort Miller, Washington county, N. Y., where he lived until 
the time of his death in 1888. 

39. Porter Underwood of Fort Miller, N. Y., (son of Lemuel 
38) b. 25 Aug., 1845, at Glens Falls, N. Y.; m. 24 Feb., 1869, 
Jane Lucretia Carpenter and had children: 

i. Mary Adelaide, b. 20 Nov., 1870; m. 16 May, 1900, 
Raymond W. Baker and had one daughter: Helen Underwood 
Baker, b. 17 June, 1902. The family live at Fort Miller, N. Y. 
ii. Agnes Eliza, b. 24 Feb., 1874; d. 9 Dec, 1885. 
Porter Underwood lived in Fort Miller, N. Y., for many years 
and finally left home and has not been heard from by his family 

40. Samuel Underwood of , Pa., (son of Oliver 26) b. , 

1819, at Newfane, Vt.; m. and had a family. He was 

engaged in lumbering and in early life rem. to Pennsylvania and 
had a large family of children, but his address is unknown to his 
next of kin. 


41. Erastus Underwood of Chestertown, N. Y., (son of Jona- 
than 25) b. 5 April, 1 79 1, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. , Martha 

Nichols, a sister of Mariah Nichols who m. Oliver Underwood, 
no. 26, and had children: 

i. Realy, b. . 

ii. JOKATHAN H., b. 13 Jan., 1814. (See no. 42.) 

iii. Amy, b. . 

iv. Alvira, b. . 

V. Ann Thankful, b. . 

vi. Hannah, b. . 

vii. Annis, b. . 

viii. Persis, b. 7 Jan., 1S26; m. Rev, William Wickham, a 
Methodist minister, and had one daughter: Lucy Wickham, 

b. ; d. . Persis Underwood Wickham now lives at 

Chestertown, N. Y. 

ix. Calvin, b. . 

X. Charles, b. lo March, 1832. (See no. 45.) 
Erastus Underwood was a farmer at Chestertown, N. Y., 
where he d. in 1874. 

42. Jonathan E. Undenvood of Chestertown, N. Y., (son of 
Erastus 41) b. 13 Jan., 1S14, at Chestertown, N. Y.; m. Lucy 
Heald and had children: 

i. Olive, b. 6 May, 1848; m. J. T. Smith of Topeka, Kan., 
where the family now resides. 

ii. Jehial H., b. 13 Jan., 1854. (See no. 43.) 

iii. Edna, b. , 1856; m. G. Kingsley of Monroe, Saratoga 

county, N. Y., where the family now resides. 

iv. Charles, b. ; d. in childhood. 

V. Clarence Mortimer, b. 31 Jan., i860. (See no. 44.) 
Jonathan Underwood was a farmer living in Vermont and at 
Chestertown, N. Y., where he d. 12 March, 1896. 

43. Jehial H. Underwood of Glens Falls, N. Y., (son of 
Jonathan H. 42) b. 13 Jan., 1856, at Chestertown, N. Y.; m. 
10 Oct., 1887, Rachel W. Greene and had children: 

i. Mary, b. 2 Oct., 1888. 


ii. Pliny, b. 6 July, 1890. 
in. Florence, b. 6 May, 1892. 
iv. Katiierine, b. i Jan., 1898. 
V. KJENNETH, b. 2 Sept., 1901. 
Jehial H. Underwood is a carpenter and builder and has lived 
at Peekskill, N. Y., 1887-1889, Troy, N. Y., 1889-1895, and 
rem. to Glens Falls, N. Y., in 1895 where he is now (1909) living. 

44. Clarence Mortimer Underwood of Chestertown, N. Y., 
(son of Jonathan H. 42) b. 31 Jan., i860; m. 15 Nov., 1882, 
Nettie M. Smith and had children: 

i. Alice L., b. 12 April, 1884. 
ii. Arthur C, b. 16 June, 1886. 
iii. Mabel, b. 18 April, 1892. 
iv. John M., b. 21 June, 1894. 
V. Grace E., b, 14 Oct., 1896. 
vi. Howard R., b. 31 Nov., 1899. 
Clarence M. Undcnvood is a farmer, the proprietor of Meadow 
Brook Dairy, at Chestertown, N. Y. 

45. Charles Underwood of Chestertown, N. Y., (son of Erastus 
41) b. 10 March, 1832, at Chestertown, N. Y.; m. 4 Nov., 1857, 
Amanda M. Duell, and had no children. He is a farmer at 
Chestertown, N. Y. ^^^^^ 

46. John Underwood* of , (son of Jonathan 24) b. 30 

July, 1752, at ; m. , and had children: 

i. Hannah, b. . 

ii. Joel, b. . 

Nothing further could be learned of John Underwood or his 

47. Samuel Underwood of , (son of Jonathan 24) b. 22 

July, 1754, at Suffield, Conn. Nothing more is known of him. 

48. Thaddeus Underwood of Marlboro, Vt., (son of Jojiathan 

24) b. , 1760, at Suffield, Conn.; m. Mary Farr, a dau. of 

Daniel Farr of Boylston, Mass., and had children: 

* One record gives this as "John M. Underwood, b. Feb., 1773." 


i. Arethusa, b. 5 May, 1789; m. Moody Tenny of West- 
minster or Dummerston, Vt., and had children: (i) Reuben 

Tenny, b. , 1809; (2) Daniel Tenny, h. ; and (3) Bennett 

Toiny, b. . The family lived in the old toll house where the 

father "tended the bridge and worked at the trade of making 

ii. Samuel, b. 27 Dec, 1790. (See no. 49.) 

iii. Thaddeus, b. 14 March, 1793. (See no. 50.) 

iv. Luna, b. 16 Feb., 1795; m. 27 June, 1815, Joseph Colburn 
of Langdon, N. H. 

V. Lewis, b. 8 Jan., 1797. (See no. 51.) 

vi. Gratia, b. 31 Dec, 1798; m. Zina Goodale and later 

was divorced. They had children: (i) Sidney Goodale, b. ; 

(2) Wesson Goodale, b. ; (3) Jiidson Goodale, b. ; (4) 

George Goodale, b. . 

vii. Richardson, b. 8 Feb., 1801 ; unm. 

viii. Fanny, b. 5 April, 1803; m. March, 1835, Simon Phillips 
of Newfane, Vt., b. 22 Nov., 1802; d. 12 July, 1882, and had 
children: (i) Jane Phillips, b. 12 Dec, 1835; d. Feb., 1839; 
(2) Mary Bassett Phillips,* b. 10 Nov., 1839; (3) Julia Phillips, 

h. 6 Nov., 1841; m. Burlingame, New York city; (4) 

Frances Phillips, b. 1843; d. 1844. The family lived at Spring- 
field, Mass., 1835-1841, and at Newfane, Vt., 1841-1882. 
Fanny Underwood Phillips d. 14 Oct., 1 884. 

ix. Bennett, b. 14 June, 1805; d. 27 Feb., 1806. 

X. Bennett, b. 17 April, 1807. (See no. 52.) 

xi. OsNi, b. 24 July, 1809. (See no. 53.) 
Thaddeus Underwood was a farmer at Marlboro, Vt., where 
he d. 8 Sept., 1840, ae. 80. His widow survived him several 
years and d. at Westminster, Vt. 

49. Samuel Underwood of Westminster, Vt., (son of Thaddeus 
48) b. 27 Dec, 1790, at ; m. Orfa Fisher, a dau. of Deacon 

*The compiler is indebted to Miss Phillips for much information relative to her 
grandfather's family. She has been a teacher living at West Lebanon, N. H., 
1866-72, Hillsdale, Mich., 1874-1880, and since 1884 at Chicago, 111.. 505 West 
62nd St. 


Neliemiah Fisher, and had children, but nothing further is known 
of him or his family. 

50. Thaddeus Underwood of , (son of Thaddeus 48) b. 

14 March, 1793, at ; m. 8 Feb., 1816, Phebe Joy, a dau. of 

Jesse Joy. Nothing further is known of Thaddeus. 

51. Lev/is Underwood of Adams, Mass., (son of Thaddeus 

48) b. 8 Jan., 1797, at ; m. and had children, at least a 

daughter who m. Chester Elmer of South Newfane, Vt. Nothing 
further could be learned concerning Lewis. 

52. Bennett Underwood of — — , (son of Thaddeus 4S) b. 17 
April, 1807, at Marlboro, Vt.; m. about 1835, Resta Ann Goodell. 
Nothing further is known of him. 

53. Osni Underwood, (son of Thaddeus 48) b. 24 July, 1809, 
in Marlboro, Vt. His name was changed by Act of the Massa- 
chusetts Legislature in 1837 to Henr>' Robert Vaille. 

The reason for this remarkable change of name was an affaire 
d'amour. Osni Underwood fell in love with the daughter of 
the village domine, a man of strong prejudices and thoroughly 
"orthodox" who was inclined to assert all the authority which 
the minister of that period possessed. One or two of the Under- 
wood family had sorely displeased him, so that when the young 
physician became a suitor for the hand of his daughter the 
domine refused his consent unless his prospective son-in-law 
would have his name changed. As usual love won. 

53. Henry Robert Vaille of Springfield, Mass., m. 25 June, 
1838, Ann Pitman, a dau. of Rev. Benjamin H. Pitman, and 
had three children: 

i. Stanhope Vaille, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Henry Vaille, b. ii Sept., 1845. (See no. 54.) 
ill. Thomas Pitman Vaille, b. 31 Jan., 1848. (See no. 55.) 

Ann Pitman Vaille d. , and Henry Robert Vaille m. (2) 

Sarah Wilkinson Lewis of Walpole, Mass, and had four children: 
iv. Frederick Osni Vaille, b. 28 July, 1850. (See no. 56.) 
V. Frank Waldo Vaille, b. 7 Dec, 1854. (See no. 57.) 


vi. Madora Crosby Vaille, b. 15 May, 1857, was for a 
time a student at Mt. Holyoke College; m. 25 June, 1S83, Andrew 
B. Wallace of Scotland, a merchant at Springfield, Mass., and 
has five children: (i) Ajidrciv B. Wallace, b. 26 Aug., 1884; 

(2) Douglas Vaille Wallace, h. 27 Nov., 1885, graduated from 
Shefiield Scientific School, Yale University, in the class of 1906; 

(3) Madora Crosby Wallace, h. 30 July, 18S7; (4) Ruth Wallace, 
b. 26 Feb., 1890; (5) Normaji Wallace, b. 24 Jan., 1S93. 

vii. Howard Theodore Vaille, b. 26 Feb., 1861. (See 
no. 58.) 

Henr^' Robert \^aille (Osni Underwood) was graduated from 
Williams College in the Class of 1835 and later from Berkshire 
Medical School with the degree of M.D. Later he studied in 
Paris and was a practicing physician and surgeon for forty years 
in Springfield, Mass. In 1862 he was ordered to Middletown, 
Md., as assistant surgeon of the 12th Infantry under Maj. Gen. 
George B. McClellan. Dr. Vaille d. 15 July, 1885, at Spnng- 
field, Mass., where his wife and daughter still reside. 

54. Henry Vaille of , (son of Henry Robert 53) b. 11 

Sept., 1845; m. 17 May, 1872, Mary Hubbard of Hinsdale, N. H., 
and had two children: 

i. George Vaille, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Edward Stanhope Vaille, b. ii May, 1885; is connected 
with the Plympton Bindery, Norwood, Mass.* 

Henry Vaille d. 16 Sept., . It is not known where he 

lived or what his occupation was. 

55. Thomas Pitman Vaille of — , (son of Henry Robert 53) 
b. 31 Jan., 1848; m. 18 Sept., 1877, Agnes Goodrich Ellsworth 
of Orange, Vt., and had one son: 

i. , b. ; d. young. 

Thomas P. Vaille was graduated from Yale University in 
the Class of 1873. He is assistant manager of the Tourist 
Department of the Chicago and Northwestern R. R. 

*A letter addressed to him in August, 1909, was forwarded to New Bedford. 
Mass., and then returned unclaimed. Ed. 


56. Frederick Osni Vaille of , (son of Henry Robert 53) 

b. 28 July, 1850; m. , 1879, Harriet Wolcott of Cleveland, 

Ohio, and had three daughters: 

i. Harriet Wolcott Vaille, b. — March, 1880; was a 
student at Bryn Alawr two years; graduated from Boston School 
of Gymnastics. 

ii. Edith Wolcott Vaille, b. 13 Aug., 1882; graduated 
from Smith College in the Class of 1904. 

iii. Agnes Wolcott Vaille, b. 16 April, 1890. 
Frederic O. Vaille was graduated from Harvard College in 
the Class of 1874. While in college he prepared a "History 
of Harvard College." 

57. Frank Waldo Vaille of Portland, Ore., (son of Henry 
Robert 53) b. 7 Dec, 1854; m. — , Juna Boaz of Indianapolis, 
Ind., and had two children: 

i. Frank Waldo, b. 23 Nov., 1890. 
ii. Madora, b. 19 July, 1892. 
Frank W. Vaille was graduated from Yale College in the Class 
of 1876 and is assistant superintendent of the Railway Mail 
Service with headquarters at Portland, Ore. During the Spanish 
War he was sent to Manila, Philippine Islands, on the first 
transport to look after the United States mail, and was the first 
postmaster at Manila, which position he held for two years 
and a half. 

58. Howard Theodore Vaille of Denver, Col., (son of Henry 
Robert 53) b. 26 Feb., 1861; m. 9 Nov., 1889, in New Mexico, 
Martha Elder and had two children: 

i. Rebecca, b. 17 Aug., 1890. 
ii. Sarah Vaille, b. 29 Dec, 1893. 
Howard T. Vaille is contract and claim agent of the Mountain 
States Telephone and Telegraph Co. with headquarters at 
Denver, Col. He lives at 429 Acoma St., Denver. 


The Merrimack (New Hampshire) Branch. 

This branch was founded by Phineas Underwood (fourth son 

of Joseph 7) who settled in this town and was the first town clerk. 

59. Phineas Underwood of Merrimack, N. H., (son of Joseph 

7) b. 3 Jan., 1721/2, at Westford, Mass.; m. Mary and had 

children born in Merrimack as follows: 

i. Thomas, b. 6 Jan., 1741. Nothing further is known of 

ii. Susannah, b. 13 Oct., 1743; m. 11 June, 1764, John 
Purmot of Merrimack, N. H. 
iii. Mary, b. 18 Jan., 1745. 
iv. Abigail, b. 14 Sept., 1748. 
V. Sarah, b. 29 Jan., 1750/1. 
vi. Phinehas, b. 27 Aug., 1753. (See no. 60.) 
Phinehas Underwood settled in Merrimack, N. H., and was 
the first town clerk of that place in 1748 and continued in that 
office as late as 1755. The records of the town are in his clear 
handwriting and are very distinct and easily read. He was also 
selectman 1749-50 and again in 1757. He last appears on the 
tax list in 1756 and is sometimes mentioned as an "innholder." 
The birth records of his six children as well as that of his brother's 
son James (no. 151) who was born in this town are in his own 
handwriting and individually signed "Phinehas Underwood, 
Town Clerk." He d. 24 Sept., 1757. "Marry Underwood," 
probably his widow, appears on the tax list of Merrimack in 1758 
and then all mention of the family disappears from the records of 
Merrimack. According to Mrs. Alfred Hills, dau. of John Winslow 
Underwood, no. 67, the widow, Mary Underwood, m. (2) Robert 
Murdough of Merrimack. Mrs. Hills has a part of her expense 
book dated 1763 in which she speaks of Mr. Underwood as a 
former husband and mentions some expenses for "Underwood 

60. Phineas Underwood of Nottingham West, N. H., (son of 
Phineas 59) b. 27 Aug., 1753, at Merrimack, N. H.; m. Rebecca 
Dunn, dau. of and Betty (Martin) Dunn and had children: 


1, PniNEAs, b. II Nov., 1778; d. 4 Dec, 1800, re. 22. 
ii. Rebekah, b. 22 Jan., 1780; m. James Burns and had one 
son: James Burns, whose name was afterwards changed to 
James Brown, b. 23 May, 1S05, of Boonsboro, Maryland. 
Rebokah Underwood Burns d. 19 Dec.,* 1S52, a. 72, at Hudson, 
N. H. 

iii. Joseph, b. 4 April, 1782. (See no. 61.) 

iv. Jeptha, b. 14 Feb., 1784. (See no. 66.) 

V. John Winslow, b. 28 April, 1786. (See no. 67.) 

vi. Jonas, b. 14 Aug., 1788. (See no. 68.) 

vii. James, b. i May, 1790. (See no. 69.) 
Phineas Underwood lived at Chelmsford, Mass., for a time 
and here his first three children were born. He was undoubtedly 
the Phineas Underwood of Chelmsford who enlisted in the 
Revolution in Capt. Wright's company of Col. Brook's regiment 
and took part in the battle of White Plains in 1776. He bought 
land at Merrimack, N. H., adjoining that of his father, and later 
rem. to Nottingham West (now Hudson), where he had purchased 
a farm 24 Jan., 1787, and where he d. 9 May, 1798.! His will 
made 10 April, 1798, recorded at Nashua, mentions his wife 
Rebecca and his son Phinehas and after these two had received 
their allotment of the estate the balance was divided among his 
"other children." The inventory of his estate was made 4 
July, 1798. His widow, Rebecca Dunn Underwood, d. 17 Nov., 

61. Joseph Underv/ood. of Charlestown, Mass., (son of Phine- 
has 60) b. 4 April, 1782, at Chelmsford, Mass.; m. (published 
intention 3 Nov., 1805), Elizabeth Gibson Tenney, b. 27 March, 
1786, at Pelham, N. H., and had children: 

i. Elizabeth Gibson, b. 27 Nov., 1805; m. 14 March, 1826, 
Nathan Blodgett of Charlestown, Mass., and had children :§ (i) 

* Also given as September. 

t A record from Miss Ina C. Brooks says lo March, 1799. 
J The Hudson, N. H., town record says "1815, ae. 66." 
§ For further records of these children see the appendix. 


Frances Elizabeth Blodgett, b. 2^ June, 1827; (2) Phineas Blod- 
gett, b. 14 Oct., 1829; (3) Lydia Lozve Blodgett, b. 20 May, 1832; 
(4) Nathan Blodgett (twin), b. 4 July, 1836; (5) Martha Blodgett 
(twin), b. 4 July, 1836; (6) Ellen Liicina Blodgett, b. 23 May, 
1838; (7) Laiira Blodgett, h. 4 Feb., 1845. Elizabeth Underwood 
Blodgett d. 27 Sept., 1S50, at Somerville, Mass. Her husband 
d. in 1876, ee. 76. 

ii. Martha Tenney, b. 22 June, 1807; m. 7 March, 1833, 
Abram Welch of Somerville, Mass., and had children:* (i) John 
Welch, h. 10 Feb., 1834; (2) Elizabeth Welch, h. 25 June, 1836; 
(3) Martha Jane Welch, h. 15 July, 1839; (4) Lticy Maria Welch, 
h. 9 July, 1843. Martha Underwood Welch d. 13 May, 1874, 
at Somerville, Mass. 

iii. Phineas, b. 2 June, 1809; d, 14 Sept., 1824. 

iv. LuciNA Adams, b. 24 July, 181 1; unm.; d. 14 March, 
1884, at Charlestown, Mass. 

V. Rebecca Dunn, b. 19 March, 1814; m. , 1840, Jesse 

Bullock Packard of Canada, b. 1816; d. 1866, at Bloomington, 

111., and had children:* (i) Ellen Miriam Packard, b. , 1841 ; 

(2) Carrie Lucina Packard, b. 8 March, 1843; (3) Jesse Wesley 
Packard, b. i March, 1845; (4) John Qtdncy Adams Packard, 
h. 4 March, 1848; (5) Charles Packard, h. Jan., 1851. Re- 
becca Underwood Packard d. 19 Dec, 1862, at Rockland, 

vi. Mary Tenney, b. 12 March, 1816; d. 6 May, 1817. 

vii. Joseph, b. 25 Nov., 1819. (See no. 62.) 
viii. James Monroe, b. 8 May, 1820. (See no. 64.) 

ix. Mary Jane, b. 9 Oct., 1825; m. Daniel Rindge of East 

Cambridge, Mass., and had children: (i) Saynnel Rindge, b. ; 

(2) Daniel Tenney Rindge, b. 20 July, i860; d. , 1892, at 

Somerville, Mass. ; (3) Bessie Rindge, b. ; d. ; (4) Joseph 

Rindge, b. ; d. ; (5) Jemiie Maria Riyidge, b. ; d. 

■ . Mary- Underwood Rindge d. 19 March, 1891, at East 

Cambridge, Mass. 

* For further records of these children see appendix. 


Joseph Undenvood was a brickmaker at Charlestown, Mass. 
He d. at that place i6 Feb., 1857.* 

62. Joseph Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Joseph 61) 
b. 25 Nov., 1819, at Charlestown, Mass.; m. 3 June, 1849, Sarah 

Gunnison Brown of Kingston, N. H., b. , 1827, and had 


i. Joseph Albert, b. 13 March, 1850; d. 17 June, 1854. 
ii. Clarence Brown, b. 7 March, 1852. (See no. 63.) 
iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 5 Feb., 1857; d. 19 Sept., 1857. 
iv. Mary Flora, b. 21 July, i860; unm.; resides at 1155 
Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. 

Joseph Underwood was a graduate from the Harvard Medical 
School in 1847 and settled in West Cambridge, Mass. In 1859 
he rem. to IMarblehead, Mass. During the Civil War he served 
as a surgeon in the Army of the Potomac and was taken prisoner 
during the Seven Days Fight before Richmond. He was taken 
to Libby Prison and after his release returned home to regain 
his shattered health. He returned to duty again and served 
at Fort Delaware, but his health failing he returned north and 
settled in the practice of his profession at Quincy, Mass., in 1865. 
He d. in Quincy I April, 1881, His widow, Sarah Brown Under- 
wood, d. 20 Nov., 1893, at Quincy, Mass. 

63. Clarence Brown Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of 
Joseph 62) b. 7 March, 1852, at West Cambridge, Mass.; m. 6 
Oct.; 1875, Mary A. Thayer of Quincy, Mass., b. 10 Feb., 1853, 
at South Braintree, Mass., and had children: 

i. Alice Josephine, b. 3 Oct., 1876; lives with her parents 
at Quincy, Mass. 

ii. Albert Clarence, b. 8 Oct., 1878; d. 25 Jan., 1885. 
iii. Carrie Louise, b. 21 Aug., 1881; m. 6 Feb., 1906, Louis 
Bush Bradford of Newport News, Va. 

iv. RuFus Henry, b. 19 Dec, 1887; d. 25 Feb., 1903- 
Clarence Brown Underwood is a dentist at Quincy, Mass., 
where he resides at 33 Spear Street. 

* Miss Brooks says 30 Aug., 1870, ae. 84, but that is probably an error. 


64. James Monroe Underwood of Rockland (formerly Abing- 
don), jVIass., (son of Joseph 61) b. 8 May, 1820; m. Rachel 
Robbins, and had children: 

i. James, b. . (See no. 65.) 

ii. Walter, b. , 1858; unm.; d. at sea 21 Feb., 1883, a. 

25, on board steamship Spain on return trip from the Mediter- 
ranean Sea. 

• James Monroe Underwood was graduated from the Harvard 
Medical School in 1849 and was a physician at Rockland, Mass., 
where he d. between 1870 and 1875. 

65. James Underv/ood of IMarblehead, Mass., (?) (son of 
James M. 64) b. ; m. Aleph C. S. Purdy and had one child: 

i. Walter Lannes, b. about 1886. 

James Underwood afterwards m. (2) . He had no children 

by second marriage. He lived for a time at Roxbury, Mass., and 
later it is supposed at Marblehead, Mass. 

66. Jeptha Underwood of Nashua, N. H., (son of Phinehas 60) 
b. 14 Feb., 1784, at Chelmsford, Mass.; m. 5 Aug., 1805, Sarah 
Cummings of Hudson, N. H., and had children: 

i. LoviSA, b. 26 Oct., 1805; m. 20 IMarch, 1827, Doliiver 
Johnson of Bradford, Vt., and had three children: (i) Alonso 
Johnson, b. 12 Feb., 1828, at Bangor, Me.; (2) James Undercvood 
Johnson, b. 28 Aug., 1831, at Lancaster, Mass., formerly a con- 
tractor with the Smith & Wesson Pistol Factory at Springfield, 
Mass., and now in the United States Armory; (3) George Henry 
Johnson, h. 24 Feb., 1835, at Bolton, Mass.; d. 28 May, 1835. 
Doliiver Johnson was a railroad engineer, then superintendent 
of locomotive power on the Fitchburg Railroad, and finally on 
the Illinois Central at Duluth, Wis. Lovisa Underwood Johnson 
d. 20 April, 1835, at Bolton, Mass. 

ii. DusTix, b. 24 April, 1807; d. in 1814 at Maiden, Mass. 

Jeptha Underwood was a farmer at Nashua, N. H., where he 

d. 6 Jan.., 1 851. He is buried with his father and mother at 

the "old south Graveyard " at Hudson, N. H. His widow, Sarah 

Cummings Underwood, d. 29 Nov., 1873, at Hudson, N. H., ffi. 87. 


67. John Winslow Underwood of Nashua, N. H., (son of 
Phinehas 60) b. 28 April, 1786, at Nottingham West, N. H.; m. 
12 June, 1825, Mrs. Mary Farr of Chelmsford, Mass., and had 

i. Mary Elizabeth, b. 27 Sept., 1827; d. 16 April, 1831. 

Three others who d. in infancy. 

Mary Farr Underwood d. , and John Winslow Underwood 

m. (2) 12 July, 1842, Mrs. Lois Davis Hardy of Nashua, N. H., 
and had one daughter. 

V. Mary Angelixe, b. 17 May, 1843; m. 28 March, 1865, 
Alfred M. Hills of Lowell, Mass., b. 18 May, 1841, at Concord, 
N. H., and had one daughter: Floreiice Maria Hills, h. 17 Oct., 
1871, in Hudson, N. H.; m. i April, 1896, Ernest Carley, b. 31 
Dec, 1866, at Lowell, Mass., of Boston, Mass.* Mary Under- 
wood Hills d. of heart disease 14 Nov., 1906, at Nashua, 
N. H-. 

John W. Underwood was a farmer at Nottingham West (now 
Hudson), N. H., but sold his farm and rem. in 1854 to Nashua, 
N. H., where he d. 23 May, 1855, ae. 69. His will, of which a 
copy is at Nashua Probate, made 13 March, 1855, and proved 
3 July, 1855, mentions his widow, Lois, and daughter, Mary 
Angeline Undervs-^ood. His widow, Lois Hardy Underwood, m. 
(2) a gentleman from Hudson, N. H., and d. 8 Jan., 1892, se. 82. 
John W. Underwood is buried with his father and mother in the 
"old south graveyard" at Hudson, N. H. 

68. Jonas Underwood of Hingham, Mass., (son of Phinehas 

60) b. 14 Aug., 1788, at Nottingham West, N. H.; m. and 

had one daughter: 

i. Susan Maria, b. 16 March, 1830, at Andover, Mass.; 
unm.; d. 14 April, 1 861, at Andover, Mass. She was educated 
for a foreign missionary, but poor health required the abandon- 

* Ernest Carley is now freight agent for the Cunard Steamship line at Minne- 
apolis, Minn. He has had three children: (i) Marion Carley, b. 9 Jan., 1898; (2) 
Royal Whiton Carley, b. 10 April, 1901; d. 5 Sept., 1901; (3) Anita Carley, b. 25 
May, 1906. 


ment of her plans and she became the first city missionary in 
Boston, Mass., in October, 1857. 

The first wife of Jonas Underwood d. and he m. (2) Eliza 
Stevens* and had children : 

ii. John Henry, b. Feb., 1839; unm.; d. 28 Nov., 1863. 

iii. a dau., b. ; d. 3 June, 1841. 

iv. (twin), b. April, 1842; d. 28 April, 1842. 

V. (twin), b. April, 1842; d. 6 May, 1842. 

vi. James Percival, b. 10 July, 1843; unm.; d. 16 Dec, 

Jonas Underwood probably graduated from the Harvard 
Medical School in 1815 and was a prominent physician at 
Andover, Mass., and later at Hingham, Mass., where he d. 23 
Feb., 1850, ffi. 61. His second wife is said to have d. 24 Jan., 
1877, aged 74 years. 

69. James Underwood of Somerville, Mass., (son of Phmehas 
60) b. I May, 1790, at Nottingham West, N. H.; m. Hannah 
Stevens and had children: 

i. Hannah A., b. 23 Jan., 1831; d. 7 Sept., 1831. 
ii. James, b. 7 Nov., 1832; unm.; d. in 1855 in Somerville, 
Mass., se. 23. 

iii. Josephine Rebek.\h, b. 31 July, 1835; m. Franklin 
Adams, an engineer of Somerville, Mass., and had one daughter; 
Hannah Josephine Adams, b. 18 May, 1858 ;t d. 28 April, 1905. 
Josephine Underwood Adams d. April, 1866, at Somerville, Mass. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. 26 Nov., 1837; m. Horace B. Runey, 
an undertaker of Somerville, Mass., and had children whose 
records have not been obtained. Horace B. Runey d. 26 Sept., 
1886. His wife, Mary Underwood Runey, d. 25 Oct., 1901, at 
Somerville, Mass. 

James Underwood was a commercial traveler living in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., until his marriage when he settled in Somerville, 
Mass., where he was agent for maps and books. He d. 4 March, 

* Also given as Eliza, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Beal) French of Boston, Mass. 
t Also given by Miss Brooks as 1857. 


1840, at Somcrville, Mass. His widow, Hannah Stevens Under- 
wood, m. (2) John Buck of East Cambridge, Mass. 

The Putney (X'ermont) Branch 

This branch was founded by Timothy Underwood (fifth son 
of Joseph 7) who settled in Putney, Vt., in 1776, having removed 
thence from Westford, Mass. 

70. Timothy Underwood of Putney, Vt., (son of Joseph 7) b. 
II April, 1724, at Westford, Mass.; m. Rachel Russell and had 
children mostly born at Westford : 

i. Rachel, b. , 1747; m. Bigelow, and lived in 

Westboro, Mass. 

ii. Timothy, b. , 1749; d. young. 

iii. Joseph, b. , 1751; d. young. 

iv. Deborah, b. , 1754; m. 24 June, 1773, Abner Miles 

(or Niles) of Shrewsbury, Vt. 

V. Joseph, b. , 1757. (See no. 71.) 

vi. Timothy, b. , 1759. (See no. 83.) 

vii. Susanna, b. , 1762; m. John Moore, and had three 

children: (i) John Moore, b. ; (2) James Moore, b. ; 

(3) Polly Moore, b. . The two boys are believed to have 

gone "West." Polly never married. 

viii. Phineas, b. , 1764. (See no. 84.) 

ix. Russell, b. , 1766, (See no. 87.) 

X. Mary, b. , 1768; m. Brigham, and lived in 

Grafton, Mass. 

xi. James, b. , 1771. (See no. 88.) 

Timothy Underv\-ood was captain of a company of minutemen 
in Col. William Prescott's Regiment, receiving his commission 
26 May, 1775, and serving 42 days. He also served on the 
occasion of the Lexington alarm, 19 April, 1775, and probably 
took part in the pursuit of the British on the retreat. He 
removed from Westford, Mass., to Putney, Vt., with his large 
family in 1776. He d. 27 March, 1804, in Putney, Vt. It is 


probable that he is the Timothy Underwood mentioned as being 
at Litchfield, N. H., in 1744, as others of his father's family 
settled at that place. His wife, Rachel Russell Under^vood, d. 28 
Nov., 1802, age 71. 

71. Joseph Underwood of Putney, Vt., (son of Timothy 70) 

b. , 1757, at Westford, Mass.; m. 4 Oct., 1781, Elizabeth 

Reynolds, a dau. of Grindall Reynolds,* and had children: 
i. Timothy, b. 27 Tvlarch, 1782. (See no. 72.) 

ii. Sally, b. , 1784; m. Moses Johnson, and had one 

child: (i) Harriett Johnson, b. ; m. and had one child 

who died young a few years after the mother died. Sally Under- 
wood Johnson d. , 1751. 

iii. Joseph, b. , 1786. (See no. 76.) 

iv. Phineas, b. 9 April, 1789. (See no. 77.) 

V. Polly, b. , 1788; unm. • 

vi. Elizabeth, b. , 1790; m. Baldwin, and had one 

dau: (i) Elizabeth Baldioin,\ b. . Elizabeth Underwood 

Baldwin d. young and her daughter was adopted by her sister, 

vii. James, b. , 1792; unm.? d. , 1828, in New York 


Joseph Underwood was a soldier in the war of the Revolution 
serving on Long Island under General Israel Putnam when under 
eighteen years of age. On the morning that the army left New 
York for White Plains he was left on picket guard. After the 
troops had started General Putnam asked if the guard had been 
relieved; being answered in the negativ^e he cursed them for 
their carelessness, and himself rode back and relieved them. 
While they were going up they could see the British marching 

* Grindall Reynolds was a Revolutionary soldier from Putney, Vt., and a 
descendant of Sir Edward Rawson. 

t Elizabeth Baldwin m. Joseph Jones, and had three children: (i) James Herbert 

Jones, b. ; went to Greeley, Col., when it was first settled, was twice married, 

lived, and died there; (2) Mary E. Jones, h. , 1853; unm.; d. about 1905 or 

1906; (3) Harriet Jones, b. ; d. young. 


up the road opposite, but they came off safe. After the war 
Joseph returned to Putney, \'t., where he purchased his father's 
farm, which afterwards was deeded to lus son Timolh\-. 

72. Timothy Underwood of Putney, \'t., (son of Joseph 71) 
b. 27 March, 1782, at Putney, Vt.; m. 13 Sept., 1807, Lucy 
Hubbard, a dau. of Abell and Lucy Tainter Hubbard of Putney, 
Vt., and had children: 

i. Clark, b. i April, iSoS; unm.; d. March, 18S0. Non 
coryipos mentis. 

ii. Cyrus K., b. 19 June, 1809. (See no. 73.) 
iii. George W., b. 20 Sept., iSio. (See no. 74.) 
iv. LuRA, b. 19 Feb., 1812; unm.; d. 13 Apuil, 1874. 
V. Mary, b. 11 April, 1S13; d. 21 Sept., 1825. 
vi. Lucy Taintor, b. 19 Dec, 181 7; m. 5 April, 1842, Rev. 
Calvin Holman, a Methodist minister of local renown. They 
lived in New Hampshire until 1869 and then rem. to Kansas 
where both died, Lucy in 1909. She had five children: (i) Clara 
Undencood Holman, b. 11 April, 1843; (2) Harriet Holman, b. 

; d. ; (3) Merton C, b. ; m. ; (4) Liira Hol- 

nmn, h. ; (5) Edward A. Holman, b. . 

vii. Harriet, b. 5 July, 1819; m. 6 Jan., 1841, Charles 
Shrlgley, and had three children: (i) Charles H. Shrigley, b. 24 
Jan., 1846; d. 5. Jan., 1851; (2) Hattic C. Shriolcy, b. 15 Aug., 
1852; m. 14 Nov., 1878, Jarvis Adams, and has had three children: 
Charles S. Adams, b. 15 July, 1880; d. 13 Nov., 1881; Jarvis 
Adams, b. 16 Jan., 1S91; d. 21 Aug., .1900; and Eunice H. 
Adams, b. 27 Feb., 1892; (3) Lura S. Shrigley, b. 20 April, 1854; 
ni. Edwin C. Goodell, in Keene, N. H., and removed, in June, 
1884, to Newton, Kan., where he is a traveling salesman for a 
grocery house from Topeka, Kan. Lura has had one child : 
Mary Isabel, b. 5 Aug., 1876; d. 3 April, 1897. 

Timothy Underwood v\-as a brickmakcr at Putney, Vt. Among 
the buildings he constructed is the Methodist Church at Putney, 

which is still standing (1906). He d. , 1849, at Putney, Vt. 

The farm on which he lived and which he received from his father 


passed to his son-in-law, Charles Shrigley, who with his family 
occupied it until 1868. 

73. Cyrus K. Underwood of East Putney, Vt., (son of Timothy 
72) b. 19 June, 1809, at Putney, Vt.; m. iS Feb., 1836, Eliza 
Kelley, and had children: 

i. ; d. in infancy. 

ii. ; d. in infancy. 

iii. Mary Frances, b. 23 March, 1837; m. Geo. L. Gale of 
Putney, Vt., and had children: 

iv. William Riley, b. ; d. of typhoid fever at Ft, 

Lincoln, in the Civil War. He was a member of Co. G, nth 
Regiment Vermont Volunteers. 

Cyrus Underwood was engaged in carpentr>\ He d. 24 April, 
1889, at East Putney, Vt. 

74. George "W. Underwood of New York city (son of Timothy 
72), b. 20 Sept., 1810; m. 26 June, 1S35, Hannah Lane, and had 

i. William Henry, b. 12 May, 1836; d. 14 Oct., 1858. 
ii. Elizabeth Augusta, b. 22 Sept., 1838; m. 6 Sept., 1865, 
Samuel Young. She d. in Kansas City, Kan., without issue. 
iii. George Lane, b. 7 April, 1845. (See no. 75.) . 
iv. Catherine Louise, b. 23 Jan., 1848; d. 2 August, 1852. 

V. Kate Louise, b. 3 May, 1854; unm.; d. . 

George W. Underwood was a custom tailor in New York city 
where he died 14 Feb., 1895. 

75. George Lane Underwood of , Calif., (son of George W. 

74) b. 7 April, 1845; m. February, 1876, Milcah Jane W^ncoop, 
and had children, the names not known. He is living somewhere 
in California, but nothing further is known of him. 

76. Joseph Underwood of , (son of Joseph 71) b. , 

1786, at Putney, Vt. ; m. Sally Hubbard, and possibly had chil- 
dren, but it is not certainly known. Sally Hubbard Underwood 


d. , and Joseph m. (2) Eliza Fletcher, and had two children, 

but their names are not known. Joseph rem. to New York State 

and there d. , 1853. Nothing further has been learned of 

him o- his family. 

77. Phineas Underwood of Dummerston, Vt., (son of Joseph 
71) b. 9 April, 1789; m. Fannie Read, and had children: 

i. Jane E., b. 24 Dec, 1829; unm; d. before 1857. 
ii. John Newton, b. 8 Dec, 1831. (See no. 78.) 
iii. George Whitfield, b. 8 June, 1834. (See no. 79.) 
Iv. James M., b. 12 Jan., 1838; unm.; d. about i860. 

Fannie Read Underwood d. , and Phineas Underwood m. 

(2) Abbie Hubbard, and had no children. 

Phineas Underwood was for many years a merchant in New 
York city and went south every winter for his health. He traded 
considerably with the southern Indians. One night while at- 
tempting to cross a forest he lost the trail and was obliged to 
spend the night in a tree with the wolves swarming about the 
base. After his marriage he retired to a farm in Dummerston, 

Vt., where all of his children were born. He d. , 1849, at 

Dummerston, Vt. 

78. John Newton Underwood of , Vt., (son of Phineas 77) 

b. 8 Dec, 1831, at Dummerston, Vt.; m. Stella Burnham, and 
had children: 

i. Fannie Read, b. ; m. Huntley, of Putney, Vt., 

and had children: 

ii. Fred, b. -. ; m. Abbie Higgins, of Newfane, Vt. He 

has no children, and lives at Newfane, Vt. 

iii. Jessie, b. ; m. Crosby, and had children, but 

names not known. 

iv. Abbie, b. ; m. Burnett, and had children, names 

not known. 

John N. Underwood m. (2) Gertie Oaks, and had children: 

V. Lilian, b. ; m. (i) ; ni. (2) Gould, and had 

children, names not known. 


vi. John, b. ; m. , and had children. He is said 

to live at Putney, Yt. 

John N. Underwood d. in March, 1904. 

79. George Whitfield Underwood of Newfane,Vt., (son of 
Phincas 77), b. 8 June, 1834, at Dummerston, Vt.; m. 22 Sept., 
1857, Charlotte L. Whitney, of Putney, Vt., and had children: 

i. James Henry, b. 30 July, 1861. (See no. 80.) 
ii. Jennie Lucy, b. 2 Feb., 1863; unm.; resides at Newfane, 

iii. Katharine Maria, b. 26 March, 1865; m. E. C. Bene- 
dict, now of 601 W. 127th St., New York city. 

iv. Charles Burton, b. 26 April, 1867. (See no. 81.) 
V. Susan Read, b. 3 Feb., 1871; m. Walter Wheeler of 
Williamsville, Vt., and has two children. 

vi. Arthur Samuel (twin), b. 23 July, 1875. (See no. 82.) 
vii. Alfred Richard (twin), b. 23 July, 1875; unm.; resides 
at Newfane, Vt. 

George W. Underwood was a dealer in lumber, living at Dum- 
merston, Vt., until 1862 when he rem. to Putney, Vt. In 1881 
he rem. to Newfane, Vt., where he d. 2 May, 1897. 

80. James Henry Underwood of Newfane, Vt., (son of George 
W. 79) b. 30 July, 1861, at Dummerston, Vt.; m. Minnie Howe 
of Newfane, Vt., and had one daughter: 

i. Sadie, b. . She is a stenographer at Brattleboro, Vt. 

James H. Underwood is in business at Newfane, Vt. 

81. Charles Burton Underwood of Austin, Pa., (son of George 

W. 79) b. 26 April, 1867, at Dummerston, Vt.; m. Thayer 

and had one daughter. Charles B. Underwood is engaged in 
business at Austin, Pa. 

82. Arthur Samuel Underwood of Putney, Vt., (son of George 

W. 79) b. 23 July, 1875, at Dummerston, Vt.; m. , 1905, 

and had children. Arthur S. Underwood is engaged 

in business at Putney, Vt. 


83. Timothy Underwood of Putney, Vt., (son of Timothyjo) 

b. , 1759, at Westford, Mass.; m. and is said to have 

had seven daughters, but little is known of them. 

? Mary, b. , 1794; unm.; d. , 1866, a;. 72. 

? Betsey, b. . 

? Eliza K., b. , 1805; unm.; d. , 1879, ae. 74. 

? Persis, b. ; m. Marble. 

Sally, b. ; m. Haskell Davis and lived and died in 

Chester, Vt. 

? Hannah, b. . 

Timothy Underwood was a soldier in the Revolution, probably 
of Capt. Joshua Parker's company, 5 July, 1777, to i Jan., 1778. 
He rem. from Shrewsbury, Mass., to Putney, Vt., in 1788.* 
Timothy Underwood was a prominent member of the Methodist 
church at Putney, He probably d, in 1824. 

84. Phineas Underwood of New York city, (son of Timothy 70) 

b. , 1764, at Westford, Mass.; m. and had children: 

i. Phineas, b. 29 March, 1801. (See no. 85.) 

Phineas Underwood is said to have served in the War of the 
Revolution. In early life he rem. to New York city where he 
was a dairyman. In 1831! his son Phineas took him to his home 
in Cass county, 111., where he d. 2 April, 1843, and is the only 
Revolutionary soldier buried in the county. He is buried with 
his son in a neglected cemetery 4 miles west of Virginia, 111. 
The Daughters of the Revolution have offered to place a bronze 
over his grave on condition of the removal of his remains to 
Walnut Grove cemetery in Virginia, Ill.| 

* A Timothy Underwood of "Shrewsbury, Mass.," bought land in the town of 
Dummerston, Vt., next to Putney line, 4 Jan., 1788. He may have been the 
above Timothy or he may have been his father. 

t Also given as 1833. Ed. 

X According to Hon. Mr. Gridley of Virginia who has furnished some data relative 
to the family and has in his possession a cabinet photograph of Phineas Underwood, 
Jr. (no. 85). 


85. Phineas Underwood of Virginia, Cass Co., 111., (son of 

Phineas 84), b. 29 March, 1801, in New York city; m. , 1822, 

Sarah A. Appleton of Boston, Mass., and had children: 
i. Thomas A,, b. about 1824. (See no. 86.) 
ii. Rachel, b. 13 Feb., 1834, at Virginia, III.; m. 10 July, 
1849, John M. Anderson of Virginia, 111., and had children: 
(i) Andrew L. Anderson, b. 6 June, 1850; res. at Virginia, 111.;* 
(2) Sarah Ann Anderson, b. 29 March, 1853; res. at Jackson- 
ville, 111.; (3) Phineas Underivood Anderson, b. 1855; member of 
Troop C, U. S. Cavalry; d. Jan., 1883, at Fort Walla Walla, 
Wash.; (4) Robert P. A^idcrson, b. 6 Dec, 1856; res. at Oakford, 
111.; (5) Joh7i M. Anderson, b. 26 Jan., 1859; res. at Chandlerville, 
111, Rachel Underwood Anderson d. 5 April, 1901, at Virginia, 

iii. Susan A., b. , 1842, at Virginia, 111.; m. Oct., 1865, 

Louis Cowen and had children: (i) Frank B. Cowen, b. 1866; 
d. 1876; (2) Dollie Co-iven, b. 1867 ; m. Davis and res. at Jack- 
sonville, 111.; (3) Delta Cowen, b. 1868; d. Aug., 1907; m. 

Arthalony; (4) Lidtt B. Coiven, b. 1869; d. 1871; (5) Burtis 
Cowen, h. 1876; d. 1904; (6) Linus Cowen, h. 187S; d. 1901; (7) 

Eda Cowen, b. 1883; m. Deich and res. at Chandlerville, 

111. Susan Underwood Cowen d. i Jan., 1902, at Virginia, 111. 

Phineas Underwood was a dair>'man succeeding his father 
in business in New York city. In 1833 he rem. to Cass Co., 111., 
settling on a quarter section 2 miles west of the town of Vir- 
ginia. He was an intense abolitionist in early anti-slavery 
days; a teacher in the public schools and a surveyor and assessor 

* Andrew L. Anderson who has furnished the data for most of this family has 
the following record : 

Andrew L. Anderson of Virginia, 111., m. Malinda E. Anderson, lo June. 1886, 
and had children: 

i. Ted Anderson, b. 21 Sept., 1887. 
ii. Howard Phfneas Anderson, b. 22 Nov., 1889. 
iii. Blaine Anderson, b. 31 Aug., 1891. 
iv. Rachel Marie Anderson, b. 24 Oct., 1894. 

Andrew L. Anderson was a teacher and later a nurseryman, living all his life 
at Virginia, 111. 


in Cass county. He held the position of First Grand Master 
of the Masonic Lodge of Cass county. He was a resolute, 
energetic man, exceedingly active even in advanced years, and 
was a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal church. 
He was accidentally killed while taking a train 2 June, 1884. 
86. Thomas A. Underwood of Richmond, Mo., (son of Phineas 

85) b. about 1824, in New York city; m, , 1848, Zada Arnold 

and had children: 

i. Joseph A., b. 8 June, 1849; d. , 1886. 

ii. Sarah T., b, Aug., 1851 ; m. Bowers. She d. , 


iii. Mary Jane, b. , i853;m. Mathew. Shed.' , 


iv. Tabitha Ann, b. , 1855; m. Jones. She d. , 


V. Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 17 March, 1857; m. Suf- 

fern of Virginia, 111., where the family still resides. 

vi. Zada, b. — '■ — ,1859; m. Russell. Zadad. , 18S6. 

vii. Thomas, b. , 1S62. He is said to live in Ashland, 111. 

viii. Rachel, b. , 1863; d. about 1880. 

ix. Phineas, b. , 1866. Present residence unknown. 

Thomas A. Underwood was about nine years old when his 
father rem. from New York city to Virginia, 111. After his 
marriage he rem. to Richmond, Mo., where he d. about 1894. 

87. Russel Underwood of New York city, (son of Tiynothy 
70) b. in 1766, at Westford, Mass.; m. i Jan., 1789, Elizabeth 
Allen, b. 13 March, 1765, and had one or more children, who 
lived in Massachusetts. 

He is said to have been a soldier in the Revolution. He lived 
in Putney, Vt., but afterwards rem. to New York city. 

88. James Underwood of Swanzey, N. H., (son of Timothy 
70) b. in 1 77 1, at Putney, Vt.; m. Hannah Amsbury and had 


i. Anna, b. , 1793; m. John Morse and had children: (i) 

Susa7i Moore Morse, b. ; m. in Massachusetts; (2) Eunice 

Morse, h. , 1814; rem. with her mother to Pennsylvania and 

m. Sydney Brainard; she d. 10 Alarch, 1S70. Anna Underwood 
Morse m. (2) John M. Currier of Warren, Pa., and had chil- 
dren: (3) Mary A?in Currier, h. ; (4) David Currier, b. 

6 Jan., 1819; d. 13 May, 1881 ; (5) Eliza Currier, h. 26 Jan., 
1821;* (6) Mandana Currier, b. 24 Jan., 1824;* (7) Maria 
B. Cicrrier, b. 24 March, 1826; d. 6 July, 1905; (8) James 
Underwood Currier, b. 8 March, 1828; d. 14 May, 1892; (9) 
Rachel Currier, b. April, 1830; d. July, 1868; (10) John M. 
Currier, b. 29 June, 1832;* (11) Pluma B. Currier, b. 27 July, 
1835;* (12) Homer T. Currier,* b. 10 July, 1842. Anna Under- 
wood Currier d. 16 March, 1874. 

ii. Israel, b. . (See no. 89.) 

iii. R.\CHEL, b. ; m. William Wright of Swanzey, N. H., 

and had children: (i) Helen M. Wright, b. 23 Nov., 1828; m. 
10 Sept., 1841, Joel Read of Chicago, 111., and resides at 5039 
Lake Ave., Chicago, Ill.;t (2) Mary Elizabeth Wright, b. in 
1830; d. in 1847; (3) Harriet Ann Wright, b. in 1831; m. B. J. 
Whitney, a jeweler of Fitchburg, Mass.; and d. in i860. Rachel 
Underwood Wright d. in 1865 at Swanzey, N. H. 

iv. Harriet, b. ; m. Bryant and had three sons and 

one daughter: (i) James Bryant, h. ; (2) Williayn Bryant, h. 

; (3) Eliza Bryant, b. ; (4) . 

V. Timothy, b. 30 April, 1803. (See no. 90.) 

vi. Hiram, b. 25 Sept., 1805. (See no. 94.) 

vii. James, b. ; d. young. 

* Those marked thus were living in 1906 and all except the last resided in 
Warren. Bradford Co.. Pa.: 

Homer T. Currier m. 10 March, 1864, Aruba O. Beebe and had children: (i) 
RaUie Currier, b. 16 Feb., 1S65; m. \V. I. Best of Long Pine. Neb.; (2) Fred L. 
Currier, b. 6 Aug., 1869; (3) Cora E. Currier, b. 27 March, 1875; m. Lester Reed 
of Bradford, 111. Homer T. Currier is a farmer at Little Meadows, Pa. 

t Helen Wright Read had one son. William Henry Read, b. 12 Sept., 1850; 
d. 12 Dec, 1902. 


James Underwood rem. to Swanzey, N. H., in i8io and built 
what was afterwards known as the Underwood Tavern in the 
part of the town known as Swanzey Factory. At that time all 
the travel from Vermont to Boston passed through Swanzey and 
this hostelry was one of the stopping places on the way. James 
Underwood d. 4 Feb., 1832. His widow, Hannah Amsbury 
Underwood d. in 1809, 3Z. 36. 

89. Israel Underwood of Westmoreland, N. H., (son of James 

88) b. , at Springfield, Vt. (?); m. and had children; 

names not known. 

Israel Underwood lived for a time in a family at West Swanzey, 
N. H., where his visits are remembered by his niece, Ella C. 
Underwood. He afterwards rem. to Westmoreland, N. H., 
where he d. "more than thirty years ago" (E. C. U. 1905). 

90. Timothy Underwood of Fitchburg, Mass., (son of Ja?nes 
88) b. 30 xA.pril, 1803, at Swanzey, N. H.; m. 9 Jan., 1S25, Ruth 
Burgess, b. 18 Jan., 1805, at Warren, R. I., and had children: 

i. Harriet Alice, b. 23 Oct., 1825, at Providence, R. I.; 
m. 15 April, 1846, at Fitchburg, Mass., to Luke Wellington of 
Ashby, Mass., b. 4 May, 1820; d. 13 Sept., 1875, and had chil- 
dren: (i) Henry Wright Wellhigton, b. 12 April, 1847, in Fitch- 
burg, Mass.;* (2) Eniadel Wellington, b. 11 Dec, 1857, in Ashby, 
Mass.f Harriet Underwood Wellington d. 9 July, 1889, at 
Brunswick, Me. 

ii, Ann Elizabeth, b. 13 June, 1827, at Swanzey, N. H.; 
unm.; d. 30 Dec, 1844, at Fitchburg, Mass. 

iii. Charlotte Hoar, b. 23 Dec, 1828, at Groton, Mass.; 
unm.; d. 9 Oct., 1891, at Fitchburg, Mass. 

iv. Hannah Fidelia, b. 3 April, 1831, at Swanzey, N. H.; 

* Henry W. Wellington m. in 1873, Mary Eunice Sebastian of Swanzey, N. H., 
and had one child, Leroy Sebastian Wellington, b. 7 Dec, 1874. 

t Emadel Wellington m. 8 July, 1875, George Thomas Merryman at 
Keene. N. H., and had three children; (i) Harriet Elizabeth Merryman, b. 29 July. 
1876; (2) George Frederick Merryman. b. 23 Aug., 1877; (3) Arthur Wellington 
Me-rryman, b. 6 Jan.. 1880. George T. Merryman d. and Emadel m. (2) 14 June, 
1896, Vernon Wetherbee of Fitchburg where they now (1905) reside. 


m. 23 Sept., 1857, Charles James Frye of Groton Junction (now 
Ayer), Mass.; d. 7 Sept., 1887; no children. Hannah Underv.-ood 
Frye d. i Oct., 1882, at Ayer, Mass. 

V. James Burgess, b. 29 Jan., 1833, at Fitchburg, Mass.; 
unm. He was a member of Co. M, 2nd California Cavalry, 
during the Civil War. He was drowned in Utah Territory while 
swimming, having gone to procure driftwood. 

vi. Abby Soppha, b. 3 May, 1835, at Fitchburg, Mass.; m. 26 
Sept., 1857, Joel Willard Sheldon of Ashby, Mass., and had one 
daughter: Katie Maria Sheldon, b. 4 June, 1861; m. 28 Oct., 
1880, John Franklin Proctor. Abby Underwood Sheldon is living 
at Ashby, Mass., and has furnished very complete records of her 
father's family. 

vii. Edward Monroe, b. 8 July, 1837. (See no. 91.) 
viii. Mary Caroline, b. 23 Jan., 1839, at Fitchburg, Mass.; 
m. 3 April, 1858, George Preston Lowe, who d. and she m. (2) 

■ , 1872 (?), John B. Dickinson of New York city; no children. 

Mary Undersvood Dickinson, better known as Mary Lowe 
Dickinson, began life as a school teacher when but fifteen years of 
age. She quickly demonstrated her peculiar fitness for this 
work and advanced rapidly from her first school in a country 
village to become head assistant in one of the largest schools in 
Boston and then to the assistant principalship of the Hartford 
Female Seminary. At the opening of Vassar College, which 
occurred when she was twenty-four, it was purposed to make her 
vice-principal, but an opportunity offering to travel and study 
abroad, she spent the next three years in Europe. On her return 
she was principal for one year of one of the most important of 
New York city boarding schools. Her marriage to John B. 
Dickinson, a banker of New York and a man of wealth, gave her 
opportunity to indulge in a practical way her interest in phil- 
anthropic work and she gave herself enthusiastically to the study 
of social problems. Two years after her husband's death her 
fortune was suddenly swept away and she was thrown back upon 
her own resources for support. So great was her fame as an 


educator and social worker that opportunities opened on all 
sides for lier services. She was offered important positions in 
Wellesley, Northwestern University, Vassar, the University of 
Denver, and the University of Southern California. She finally 
accepted the Chair of Literature in the University of Denver, 
where she labored for two years with such zeal and earnestness 
that her health became impaired and she was compelled to retire. 
So great was the impression she had made upon the University 
in this brief time that the Chair of Literature was named after 
her, and she was also made Professor Emeritus. 

Mrs. Dickinson is widely known as a writer and lecturer upon 
philanthropic and social questions. She has also been an active 
worker in a number of our most prominent reformatory organiza- 
tions. She was at one time secretary of the Bible Society, one 
of the oldest organizations in New York; the superintendent of a 
department of higher education in the Woman's Christian 
Temperance Union; the president of the National Indian Asso- 
ciation; the general secretary from its beginning of the Inter- 
national Order of the King's Daughters and Sons; and she is 
now president of the National Council of Women of the United 
States, an organization composed of twenty national societies hav- 
ing an aggregate membership of more than half a million women. 
She is now (1912) living at 230 Central Park S., New York city. 
ix. George Henry, b. 10 April, 1841. (See no. 92.) 
X. William W'aldo, b. 14 July, 1843. (See no. 93.) 
xi. Albert Greenwood, b. 4 April, 1845; d. 11 Nov., 1845, 
at Fitchburg, Mass. 

Timothy Underwood was a proprietor of a stage route and 
livery at Fitchburg, Mass., where he rem. in 1833. He gave 
four sons to the service of his country in the Civil War. He d. 
30 Sept., 1863, at Fitchburg, Mass. His widow, Ruth Burgess 
Underwood, d. 13 May, 1S69. 

91. Edv/ard Monroe Underwood of Littleton, N. H., (son of 
Timothy 90) b. 8 July, 1837, at Fitchburg, Mass.; m, 5 July, 
1864, at Lowell, Mass., Hannah Susan Young; no children. 


A grand niece, Harriet Elizabeth Merryman, was adopted 
when a child and given the Underwood name. She was married 
as Harriet Elizabeth Underwood, 2 Dec, 1903, to Waldo B. 
Hutchinson of Boston, Mass. 

Edward M. Underwood was a member of Co. A, 53rd Reg't 
Mass. Infantry, during the Civil War and was discharged with 
his regiment. He has since resided at Littleton, N. H., where 
he is engaged in light employment suited to his age. 

92. George Henry Underwood of Fitchburg, Mass., (son of 
Timothy 90) b. 10 April, 1841, at Fitchburg, Mass.; m. 5 July, 
1867, Margaret Duffy and had children: 

i. Mabel Ruth, b. 14 Oct., 1868; m. 5 Dec, 188S, Albert 
Frank d'Arcy of Hartford, Conn.; d. 23 Sept., 1889, at Fitchburg, 

ii. Harold W^A.LTER, b. 7 Sept., 1870; unm.; lives in Denver^ 

iii. Edward Otto, b. 4 Aug., 1876; unm.; lives in Chicago, 

George H. Underwood was a member of Co. H, 4th Mass. 
Hea\'y Artillery, during the Civil War and was discharged with 
his regiment. After the war he lived at his native town of 
Fitchburg, where he d. 21 April, 1894. 

93. William Waldo Underwood of Ayer, Mass., (son of Timothy 
90) b. 14 July, 1843, at Fitchburg, Mass.; m. 16 July, 1865, Mrs. 
Sarah Elizabeth Upham of Fitchburg, Mass., and had children: 

i. Cora Lizzie, b. 14 Aug., 1866; d. 28 Nov., 1881. 
ii. John Carlton, b. 30 May, 1868; unm. He is a designer 
of prints and lives with his mother at 57 Clifton St., Roxbury, 

William W. Underwood was a corporal in Co. E, 34th Mass. 
Infantry, during the Civil War, enlisting from Shirley, Mass., 17 
July, 1862; he was seriously wounded in battle and received his 
discharge 15 Feb., 1865, in consequence. He then held the 
rank of sergeant. After the war he resided at Fitchburg, Mass., 


where he was a scythemaker and where he d. 28 Nov., 1 880. 
His widow resides at Roxbury, Mass., with her son. 

94. Hiram Underwood of Swanzey, N. H., (son of James 88) 
b. 2^ Sept., 1805, at Springfield, Vt.; m. 6 Feb., 1825, Marilla 
Wright of Swanzey, b. 1807, and had eight children: 

i. Eliza Jane, b. 7 May, 1826; m. in 1845, Joseph O. 
Gary of Swanzey, N. H., a shoemaker, and had children: (i) 
Frank Gary, m. Warren W. Richardson, a merchant of Chester, 
Vt.; (2) Joseph Eugene Gary, in business in Boston but lives in 
West Somerville, Mass.; (3) Gertrude Gary, m. William K. 
Merrill, a grocer of Hartford, Conn. Joseph O. Gary d. 26 July, 
1890; his wife Eliza Underwood Gary d. 29 July, 1893. 
ii. James Elbridge, b. 25 Sept., 1828. (See no. 95.) 

iii. Oscar Henry, b. 2 Nov., 1833. (See no. 96.) 

iv. Edna Augusta, b. 11 Aug., 1835; m. i Jan., 1855, J. 
Clinton W^hite, master mechanic in the Pacific Print Works at 
Lawrence, Mass., and had children: (i) Lizzie Barnard White, b. 
15 Sept., 1857; m. 28 Aug., 1877, George Parker Ryley; d. 11 
Dec, 1885, at East Somerville, Mass.; (2) Bertha Estelle White, 
b. 14 April, 1873; d. 10 Nov., 1897. J. Clinton White d. 28 
Dec, 1899. His widow, after living in Lawrence, Mass., for 
nearly forty-nine years, rem. to Jamaica Plain, Mass., where she 
now (1905) resides. 

V. Harriet Newel, b. 13 April, 1837; d. 14 Oct., 1845. 

vi. William Wallace, b. 10 May, 1839; d. 22 March, 1858. 

vii. Helen Marion, b. 2 March, 1841; m. i Feb., 1858, 
Timothy Sherman, manufacturer of sash and blinds, at Keene, 
N. H., and had two children: (i) Ida M. Sherman, b. 20 Oct., 1858; 
m, Wesley C. Foster, Walpole, N. H.; (2) Maude Helen Sherman, 
b. 12 Nov., 1873, who lives with her parents at Keene, N. H. 

viii. Ella Corinth, b. 3 April, 1843; unm.; lives at Swanzey, 
N. H., with her brother. She has with much care greatly aided 
in the record of this branch of the family in spite of a serious 
difificulty with her eyes which has prevented her writing more 
than a few lines at a time. 


Marilla Wright Underwood d. 21 Oct., 1845, and Hiram Under- 
wood m. (2) Aug., 1S46, Margaret Spraker of Spraker's Basin, 
N. Y., and had five children: 

ix. George Loucks, b. 2 Aug., 1847. (See no. 97.) 
X. Harriett Elizabeth, b. 2 Feb., 1851; m. Nov., 1871, 
G. L. Greenwood, machinist, of Marlboro, N. H., and had chil- 
dren: (i) Edna Margaret Greenzvood, b. 12 Sept., 1876, a milliner 
in Boston, Mass.; (2) George True Greenwood, b. Nov., 1S77; d. 
13 Nov., 1878. The family reside at Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

xi. Alma Chastixa, b. 17 Jan., 1853; m. Oct., 1873, George 
E. Knight of Kcene, N. H.; d. 8 Feb., 1894, at Jamaica Plain, 

xii. Elmer Alonzo, b. 11 May, 1855; unm.; is a teamster by 
occupation in Swanzey, N. H. 

xiii. Angeline Spr^vker, b. 3 April, 1857; m. May, 1877, 
Henry Houghton, a carpenter of Keenc, N. H. They have one 
child: Harry Lester Houghton, b. 15 Sept., 1881, a commercial 
traveller at Boston, Mass. The family now reside at East 
Somerv'ille, Mass. 

Hiram Underwood resided at Swanzey, N. H., all his life, 
where his father had kept the old tavern for many years. He 
d. 13 March, 1876. His widow is still living (1905) at the 
advanced age of eighty- five, with her stepdaughter, Ella C. 

95. James Elbridge Underwood of Toronto, Canada, (son 
of Hiram 94) b. 25 Sept., 1828, at Swanzey, N. H.; m. 25 
Sept., 1852, Chastina Whitcomb of Swanzey, N. H., and had 
children : 

i. Addie M., b. ; m. Charles Mack, a manufacturer of 

Toronto, Canada. 

ii. Nettie M., b. ; m. Rev. Fred A. Nurse of the 

Methodist denomination in Toronto, Canada. 

James E. Underwood was for many years a machinist at 
Lawrence, Mass. He rem. to Toronto, Canada, in 1870 and d. 
at that place 7 July, 1903. 


96. Oscar Henry Underwood of Marietta, O., (son of Hiram 

94) b. 2 Nov., 1833, at Swanzey, N. H.; m. and had several 

children; nothing known of them. 

Oscar H. Underwood went west as a young man and settled 
in Marietta, O. He was a soldier in the Civil War and while 
in the army contracted consumption and d. in 1877 in Marietta, 

97. George Loucks Underwood of Swanzey, N. H., (son of 
Hiram 94) b. 2 Aug., 1S47; m. 8 Oct., 1872, Eva White of Marl- 
boro, N. H., and had children: 

i. Frank G., b. 2 March, 1873. (See no. 98.) 
ii. Grace Sylvenia, b. i June, 1876; m. 24 May, 1900, 
Walter Hewitt, a grocer of Keene, N. H., who d. 13 April, 1904. 
She now resides with her father in Swanzey, N. H. 

iii. James Ernest, b. 20 Aug., 1882; is living with his father 
at Swanzey, N. H. 

George L. Underwood resides on his father's farm at Swanzey, 
N. H. 

98. Frank G. Underwood of Swanzey, N. H., (son of George L. 
97) b. 2 March, 1873; n^. 3 Feb., 1893, Martha Lapham of Keene, 
N. H., and has children: 

i. Karl F., b. 8 July, 1895. 
ii. Paul Lapham, b. 16 June, 1897. 
iii. Philip, b. 23 Sept., 1902. 
Frank G. Underwood resides at Swanzey Factory, N. H. 

The Westford Branch. 

This branch was founded by Joh7i Underivood, sixth son of 
Joseph Underiz'ood (no. 7) of Westford, Mass. 

99. John Underwood of Westford, Mass., (son of Joseph 7) b. 
15 Sept., 1727, at Westford, Mass.; m. in 1749, Hannah, dau. 
of Deacon Henry and Esther (Adams) Wright, and had children 
born at Westford : 

i. Jereme, b. 21 July, 1750. (See no. 100.) 


ii. Hannah, b. in 1752; d. in 1810. 
iii. Infant son, d. young. 
iv. John, b. 28 Oct., 1755. (See no. 107.) 
John Underwood was a soldier in the colonial army and died 
by drowning in Nova Scotia while in the service, 3 Jan., 1756. 
His widow m. in 1757 Samuel Reed of Westford, Mass., as his 
second wife and had four children, 

100. Jereme Underwood of JafTrey, N. H., (son of John 99) 
b. 21 July, 1750, at Westford, Mass.; m. 17 Feb., 1774, Lucy 
Wheat of Lincoln, Mass., and had two children at Westford 
and three at Jaffrey: 

i. John, b. 24 March, 1775; d. 9 Oct., 1776. 
ii. John, b. 16 Feb., 1777. (See no. loi.) 
iii. Infant son, b. & d. 2 March, 1779. 
iv. Infant daughter, b. & d. 22 April, 1780. 
V. Jereme,* b. 24 Aug., 1781. (See no. 103.) 
Jereme Underwood lived at Westford a short time after his 
marriage and rem. to Jaffrey, N. H., in 1777, settling on lots 8 
and 9, R. 8, now in the possession of his grandson, George A. 
Underwood (no. 105). Jereme Underwood was a soldier in the 
Revolution. He d. 27 Oct., 1827, at Jaffrey, N. H. His wife, 
Lucy Wheat Underwood, d. 16 June, 1824, ae. 74. 

The History of Jaffrey gives this account of Jereme Underwood, 
son of John: "Mr. Underwood was a distinguished man in town 
and church affairs. When the church was incorporated in 1780, 
he and his wife were members. He held from time to time most 
of the public offices in the gift of the town; was a member of the 
board of selectmen six years, five in succession. He was also a 
lieutenant in the military servdce and a soldier in the Revolution; 
was at West Point in 1780 when Arnold sold that important post 
to the British officers, and being an artificer by trade, was ordered 
by Washington to open the traitor's trunk after Arnold's escape to 
the British lines. At the expiration of his term of enlistment he 

* This is sometimes spelled Jerome and Hodgman's History of Westford says 


' returned to Jaffrey where he spent the remainder of his days at 
work on his farm and at his trade as business required." 

loi. John Underwood of Jaffrey, n/h., (son of Jercme loo) 
b. i6 Feb., 1777, at Westford, Mass.; m. 28 June, 1803, Rachel, 
dau. of Joseph and Rachel (Hobart) Cutter, b. 9 Jan., 1779, and 
had children: 

i. Lucy Wheat, b. 16 Sept., 1805; m. and rem. to Illinois. 

ii. MYR.V, b. 17 May, 1807; m. ; d. 16 June, 1846. 

iii. John Curtis, b. 23 Jan., 18 10. (See no. 102.) 

iv. Rachel Hobart, b. 12 Nov., 1811; d. 31 Aug., 1829. 

V. Sabra, b. 15 June, 1815; m. Grant of Lyme, N. H., 

and had one daughter: Isabella Grant who rem. to Illinois and 
d. there. 

vi. RoANA, b. 28 Nov., 181 7; m. Rollins of Nashua, 

N. H., and had one son: John Edward Rollins. 

Rachel Cutter Under\vood d. 21 Sept., 1825, and John Under- 
wood m. (2) Sophia Morrison, b. 3 Aug., 1786, of Lowell, Mass., 
and had one son: 

vii. Joseph M., b. 10 Sept., 1828. Nothing further is known 
of him. 

John Underwood d. 16 June, 1845. 

102. John Curtiss Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son oi John 
loi) b. 23 Jan., 1810,* at Jaffrey, N. H.; m. 2 April, 1838, 
Louisa Wallbridge, b. 30 Sept., 1811, and had one daughter: 

i. Caroline Cornelia, b. ; m. James C. W. Chipman 

of Boston and had one child that d. in infancy. 

John C. Underwood early learned the trade of a stone cutter 
and worked at his trade at Quincy, Mass., until his death in 1874. 

103. Jereme Underwood of Jaffrey, N. H., (son of Jereme 100) 
b, 24 Aug., 1781, at Jaffrey, N. H.; m. 23 Nov., 1807, Nabby, 
dau. of Daniel and Sarah Gage of Marlborough, N. H., and had 
children : 

* 181 1 in some records. His middle name is sometimes given with one s. 


i. Ai, b. 26 April, 1809. (See no. 104.) 

ii. Sophia, b. 19 Feb., 1811; m. 6 May, 1840, Rev. Andrew 
O. Warren and afterwards resided in Montrose, Pa., and had 
children: (i) Ella Sophia Warren, b. 14 April, 1841, in Mc- 
Donough, N. Y,; m. Milo J. Wilson who is now dead; no chil- 
dren; (2) Lou Melissa Warren, b. 26 Feb., 1843, in McDonough, 
N. Y.; m. George L. Zerfass; no children; d. 7 Jan., 1897; (3) 
Charles Allen Warren, b. 2 Sept., 1846; m. Mary C. Foster; no 
children living; (4) Frederick Stanley Warre7i, b. 25 Nov., 1853; 
m. Kate C. Glidden and has had three children. Sophia Under- 
wood Warren d. 23 Nov., 1891. 

iii. George, b. 16 March, 1813; d. 24 Oct., 1822. He was 
killed by the overturning of a cart. 

iv. Sally, b. 12 Sept., 1815; m. 9 June, 1844, Seneca Part- 
ridge of Gardner, Mass., and had children: (i) George A. Part- 
ridge, b. ; d. ; (2) Orlando Brown Partridge, b. ; 

res. in Scranton, Pa. Sally Underwood Partridge d. 23 Feb., 

V. Melissa, b. 3 Dec, 1817; m. 25 Dec, 1848, at Smithville, 
N. Y., Adam Partridge of New York city and had children: (i) 

Alma Louise Partridge, b. 7 May, 1854; ^- Taylor of New 

York city; (2) Idell Melissa Partridge, b. 4 March, 1859; ^^ 
George B. Underwood of West Gardner, Mass. (no. 106). 
Melissa Underwood Partridge d. 8 June, 1896. 

vi. Abby L., b. 30 May, 1821; m. 4 July, 1852, Isaac N. 
Bullard of Montrose, Pa. 

vii. George Augustus, b. 16 Jan., 1824. (See no. 105.) 
viii. Priscilla Gage, b. 26 Jan., 1826; m. in Aug., 1880, 
Silas Partridge of Gardner, Mass., and d. 29 Nov., 1903. 

Jereme Underwood was a farmer at Jafifrey, N. H. He d. 14 
Sept., 1859. His widow, Nabby Gage Underwood, d. i June, 
1866, ffi. 81. 

104. Ai Underwood of Jaffrey, N. H., (son of Jereme 103) b. 
26 April, 1809, at Jaffrey, N. H.; m. 9 Sept., i860, Mary Thing 
of Waterbury, Me., and had one child: 


i. Ortensly T., b. . 

Ai Underwood d. 3 June, 1867, at Jaffrey, N. H. 
105. George Augustus Underwood of Jaffrey, N. H., (son of 
Jereme 103) b. 16 Jan., 1824, at Jaffrey, N. H.; m. 9 Sept., 1851, 
Mahala, dau. of Ezra and Caroline (Adams) Baker, and had 

i. George B., b. 29 October, 1854. (See no. 106.) 

ii. Deborah M., b. 12 March, 1858; m. 19 October, 1880, 
Daniel Cutter Shattuck, b. 29 April, 1854, and had one child: 
Daniel B. C. Shattuck, b. 17 April, 1883; d. 13 Oct., 1886. 
Daniel Cutter Shattuck d. 29 Oct., 1883, at Jaffrey, N. H. 

iii. Abby a., b. 9 May, 1870; m. in 1892, A. J. Day, b. in 
1866 at Sheffield, Vt., now of West Medford, Mass., and had 
children born at West Swanzey, N. H.: (i) Roland Auburn Day, 
b. II Nov., 1892; (2) Gladys Caroline Day, b. 22 Feb., 1895. 

George A. Underwood was born and is still living on the farm 
where his father was born and died and on which his grandfather 
settled in 1777. Besides being a successful farmer he taught 
many winter terms of school in Jaffrey and other towns. His 
five sisters were also school teachers. He was captain of the 
Jaffrey Rifle Company, served four years as selectman, also 
served several years as one of the trustees of the Monadnoc 
Savings Bank and of the Conant High School of Jaffrey, N. H. 
106. George B. Underwood of West Gardner, Mass., (son of 
George A. 105) b. 29 Oct., 1854, at Jaffrey, N. H.; m. 22 Oct., 
1885, Idell M.,* dau. of Adam and Melissa (Underwood) Part- 
ridge of New York city, and had children: 
i. George Adam, b. 11 Dec, 1886. 

ii. Glen, b. 13 Aug., 1888. 

iii. Clinton Jerome, b. 3 Feb., 1892. 

iv. Alma Louise, b. 13 May, 1901. 
George B. Underwood was graduated from the Dartmouth 
Medical College in 1882 and has practiced medicine in Gardner, 
Mass., since 1883. 

* Granddaughter of Jereme Underwood (no. 103). 


107. John Underwood of Bradford, Vt., (son of John 99) b. 28 
Oct., 1755, at Westford, Mass.; m. in 1779 (the intention read 
3 April, 1779) Mary Fassett, b. 15 June, 1759, and had chil- 

i. John, b. 10 July, 1779. (See no. loS.) 
ii.' Benjamin, b. 3 Feb., 1782. (See no. 112.) 
iii. Silas, b. 7 Dec, 1783. (See no. 119.) 
iv. Mary, b. 2 Nov., 1785; m. Sans Niles, Jr., of West Fair- 
lee, Vt., and had children: (i) Benjamin Niles, b. ; lives at 

West Fairlee, Vt. 

V. Russell, b. 9 April, 1787. (See no. 126.) 
vi. Levi, b, 7 March, 1789. (See no. 131.) 
vii. Timothy, b. 21 May, 1791. (See no. 135.) 
viii. Reuben, b. 24 May, 1793. (See no. 140.) 
ix. Joseph, b. 22* Oct., 1796. (See no. 141.) 
X. Abel, b. 8 April, 1799. (See no. 149.) 
John Underwood lived at Westford, Mass., until 1 784, when 
he rem. to Modrston (now Bradford), Vt., and was among the 
first settlers of that town. His wife, Mar>-, d. 21 Oct., 1821, and 
John Underwood m. (2) in 1822, Euphame Moore. John 
Underwood d. 19 Nov., 1837, at Bradford, Vt. 

108. John Underwood of Bradford, Vt., (son of John 107) b. 
10 July, 1779, at Westford, Mass.; m. Annaritta Burt of Chester- 
field, N, H., and had children: 

i. Annaritta, b. 18 May, 1803; m. 24 April, 1833, John B. 
Corliss of Bradford, Vt., and had one son: John B. Corliss. 
Annaritta Underwood Corliss d. 18 May, 1897, at Chelsea, Vt. 
ii. John, b. i March, 1807. (See no. 109.) 
iii. Laura, b. 30 Oct., 1820; m. 20 Sept., 1857, Ira Howard 
of Bradford, Vt., and had one son: FraJik H. Howard, b. 14 Sept., 
1858. Laura Underwood Howard d. 10 Feb., 1893. 

John Underwood was a house carpenter and farmer at Brad- 
ford. He d. 22 Oct., 1851, at Bradford. His widow, Annaritta 
Burt Underwood, d. 16 Dec, 1853, se. 72. 

* Also given as 2 Oct. 


109. John Underwood of Bradford, Vt., (son of John 108) 
b. I March, 1807, at Bradford, Vt.; m. June, 1831, Susannah 
McKillips of Bradford and had children: 

i. John Burt, b. 3 May, 1832. (See no. no.) 
ii. LuciNDA, b. 20 Oct., 1835; unm.; d. 10 Aug., 1859. 
in. Amasa, b. 7 Nov., 1837; unm.; is a carpenter and farmer 
living at Janesville, Wis., in 1909. 

iv. Laura, b. 29 Jan., 1840; m. Andrew Stuart of Richmond, 

Susanna, wife of John Underwood, d. 4 Sept., 1843, and he m. 
(2) Sarah Brickett and had children: 

v. David McKillips, b. 21 Aug., 1849. (See no. in.) 
vi. Lizzie, b. 12 March, 1853; d. i Dec, 1880. 
John Underwood d. 27 April, 1889, at Richmond, Wis. His 
widow, Sarah Brickett Underwood, d. 6 Feb., 1871, at Bradford, 

1 10. John Burt Underv/ood of Bradford, Vt., (son of John 109) 
b. 3 May, 1832, at Bradford, Vt.; m. 25 Dec, 1856, Lydia Wood- 
ward of Johnstown, Wis., and had two daughters both of whom 
d. in early childhood. John Burt Underwood is a carpenter and 
joiner at Bradford, Vt. 

111. David McKillips Underwood of Delavan, Wis., (son of 
John 109) b. 21 Aug., 1849, at Bradford, Vt.; m. (i) Augusta 
Woodbury; (2) 18 Nov., 1879, Martha Jane Gulvin, b. 26 April, 
1856, and had children: 

i. Elizabeth Grace, b. 16 Nov., 1880. 
ii. Hattie Laura, b. 13 Jan., 1884. 
iii. John Richard, b. 4 April, 1886. 
iv. David Roy, b. 17 March, 1888. 
V. Carrie Lucinda, b. 13 Aug., 1890. 
vi. Andrew Stewart, b. 13 March, 1897. 
David McK. Underwood removed to Johnstown, Wis., in 1876 
where he married his second wife and where his first five children 
were born; he lived at Richmond, Wis., 1 892-1 900, and at 
Delavan, Wis., since 1900. 


112. Benjamin Underwood of Bradford, Vt., (son of John 107) 
b. 3 Feb., 1782, at W'estford, Mass.; m. Lucy Underwood and 
had children at Bradford : 

i. BEN7AMIN, b. . (See no. 113.) 

ii. Levi, b. . (See no. 114.) 

iii. Mary, b. ; m. John Ruyter of Holland, Vt. 

iv. Lucy A., b. ; m. (i) Joseph Southworth of Bradford, 

Vt., and had one son: William SoutJnvorth who d. in early man- 
hood. Joseph Southworth died and Lucy Underwood South- 
worth m. (2) 15 March, 1S57, Ezekiel Johnson of Bradford, Vt. 

V. Harriet A., b. ; unm,; was a dressmaker at Brad- 
ford, Vt. 

vi. Nicholas, b. 5 April, 1824. (See no. 115.) 
Benjamin Underwood resided at Bradford all his life. His 
wife, Lucy Underwood,* d. 25 April, 1855, ae. 72. Benjamin 
Underwood d. 25 Aug., 1863. 

113. Benjamin Underwood of , (son of Benjanmi 112) b. 

, at Bradford, \'t.; m. Mary Ann Newell of Bradford and 

had children at that place: 

i. Infant son, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Wright, b. ; m. Waterbury; nothing further 

known of him. 

iii. Lucy Ann, b. ; m. William R. Whittaker, an 

attorney at law of New Orleans, La. 

114. Levi Underwood of , (son of Benjamin 112) b. , 

at Bradford (?), Vt.; m. Diantha Farr and had children: 

i. Amos, b. 24 Dec, 1833; d. 22 June, 1896. 
ii. Chester, b. 30 October, 1835; d. 19 Feb., 1891. 
iii. Benjamin, b. 11 April, 1838; d. 20 May, 1861, of disease 
while in service in the Civil War. He was the first Vermont 
volunteer to die in his country's service.f 
iv. Emma, b. 23 May, 1840. 

* Lucy Underwood is mentioned in McKeen's IHstor>' of Bradford as a "remote 
relative." We have not been able to identify her with any member of the family. 
t Cf. Benedict: Vermont in the Civil War. 


V. Nancy, b. 28 April, 1843; m. in 1862, John Corliss and 
had children: (i) Clarence Corliss, b. 28 Nov., 1865; (2) Blanche 
Corliss, b. 15 June, 1868; (3) Flora Corliss, h. 17 March, 1871. 

vi. Lydia, b. 26 Oct., 1855. 

115. Nicholas Underwood of Dalton, Wis., (son of Benjamin 

112) b. , at Bradford, Vt., 5 April, 1824; m. July, 1844, 

Maria House, b. 10 Sept., 1824, in Bradford, Vt., and had chil- 

i. William H., b. 8 May, 1845. (See no. 116.) 

ii. Emma J., b. 10 Jan., 1S51 ; m. , 1864, G. A. Flanders, 

b. 14 Oct., 1842, and had children: (i) Ina Flanders, b. I Dec, 
1868; d. II Jan., 1893; (2) Effie Flanders, h. 26 Nov., 1870; (3) 
Ernest Flanders, b. 7 May, 1873; (4) Ou'en Flanders, b. 26 Feb., 
1875; (5) Mary Flanders, b. 4 April, 1877; d. 27 Jan., 1891; (6) 
Arthur Flanders, b. 2 April, 1879; (7) Ahhie Flanders, b. 17 Nov., 
1881; (8) Ida Flatiders, b. 14 March, 1884; (9) Harry Flanders, 
b. 12 May, 1889. 

iii. Abbie E., b. 18 Aug., 1855; m. 22 Jan., 1879, F. P. Munn 
of Bradford, Vt., and had children: (i) Charles Ralph Munn, 
b. 23 Nov., 1879; (2) Frank William Mu?in, h. 19 April, 1S82; 
(3) Nash Rujus Munn, b. i May, 1884; d. 15 Jan., 1885; (4) 
Mary Maria Munn, b. 17 June, 1887. Abbie Underwood Munn 
d. 3 Oct., 1887, Her husband now lives at Lancaster, Mass. 

Nicholas Underwood was a machinist living in Bradford, Vt., 
until 1858, when he rem. to Dalton, Wis. He d. at Dalton, 
Wis., in Nov., 1878. 

1 16. William H. Underwood of Hardwick, Vt., (son of Nicholas 
115) b. 8 May, 1845, in Bradford, Vt.; m. 19 Aug., 1866, Ella E. 
Davis, b. 4 Nov., 1845, in Boston, Mass., and had children: 

i. Addie E., b. 21 May, 1867; m. 16 March, 1886, John 
Hall of Hardwick, Vt., and had children: (i) Fred M. Hall, b. 14 
Jan., 1889; (2) Ernest M. Hall (twin), b. 28 May, 1894; (3) 
Edith M. Hall (twin), b. 28 May, 1894. 

ii. Clarence E., b. 5 Oct., 1869. (See no. 117.) 
iii. Charles W., b. i July, 1871; d. i Aug., 1872. 


iv. William Lee, b. lo May, 1876. (See no. 118.) 
William H. Underwood was a soldier in the Civil War in Co. 
I, 17th Vermont Vols., enlisted 28 April, 1864; discharged 14 
July, 1865. He is a farmer at Hardwick, Vt.* 

117. Clarence E. Underwood of Manchester, N. H., (son of 
William H. 116) b. 5 Oct., 1869, at Corinth, Vt.; m. March, 1897, 
Addie Marshall at Manchester, N. H., and had children: 

i. Ray M., b. 16 Aug., 1897. 
ii. R.\LPU R., b. 3 Nov., 1899. 
iii, John E., b. 4 Feb., 1903. 
iv. Grace, b. 7 May, 1904. 
Clarence E, Underwood is employed in the railroad tower at 
Manchester, N. H. 

118. William Lee Underwood of Springfield, Mass., (son of 
William H. 116) b. 10 May, 1876, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. Jan., 
1901, Albina M. Hall; no children. 

William Lee Undenvood is a fireman on the Boston & Maine 
R. R. living at Springfield, Mass. 

119. Silas Underwood of Hardwick, Vt., (son of John 107) b. 
7 Dec, 1783, at Westford, Mass.; m. Lucy W. Leslie of London- 
derry, N. H., b. II May, 1783, and had children: 

i. William Trotter, b. 10 June, 1809; d. 29 June, 1809. 
ii. George Mathewson, b. 17 Sept., 1810; d. 3 March, 1812. 
iii. Silas, b. 30 May, 1812. (See no. 120.) 
iv. Alexander Leslie, b. 2 May, 1813.! 
V. George, b. 9 Feb., 1814; d. 26 Feb., 1863. 
vi. James Guy, b. 14 June, 1819. (See 110. 121.) 
vii. Levi, b. 24 Dec, 1821. (See no. 122.) 
viii. Lucy Ann, b. 11 June, 1824; m. x'\lpha Warner who d. 

. Lucy Underwood Warner now lives at 72 St. Paul St., 

Burlington, Vt. 

*A letter addressed to him in 1911 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 
t Also given as 21 June. 


ix. John Henry, b. 2 June, 1826. (See no. 123.) 
X. Flavius Josephus, b. 9 March, 1830. (See no. 125.) 
Silas Underwood was a farmer at Hardwick, Vt., where he 
d. 24 April, 1859. His wife, Lucy Leslie Underwood, d. 3 Feb., 
1865, ffi. 82 

120. Silas Underwood of Hardwick, Vt., (son of Silas 119) 
b. 30 May, 1812, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. 15 July, 1844, Mary S. 
Bailey, b. 3 July, 1811, of Hardwick and had one daughter: 

i. Cornelia Grace F., b. 18 May, 1849; d. 29 April, 1852. 
Silas Underwood d. 10 Sept., 1865, at Hardwick, Vt., where 
he had always lived. 

121. James Guy Underwood of , (son of Silas 119) b. 14 

June, 1819, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. 18 Sept., 1854, Sarah Ann 
Humphrey of Manchester, 111., b. 31 Oct., 1830, and had chil- 

i. Helen Frances, b. 28 Sept., 1855, at Delevan, 111. 

ii. Louis Leslie, b. 19 Dec, 1857, at Delevan, 111. 

iii. Avis Edna, b. 17 Oct., 1859, at San Jose, III,; d. 31 
Oct., 1874, at Anna, 111. 

iv. Marcus Ide, b. 18 Dec, 1862, at San Jose, 111, 

V. Ernest, b. 9 Nov,, 1868, at Anna, 111, 

vi, Cordelia, b. 9 Jan., 1873, at Anna, 111. 
James Guy Underwood was a farmer living at various places 
in Illinois where he rem. from Hardwick, Vt. He d. 14 Nov., 
1875, at Columbus, Kan. 

122. Levi Underwood of Burlington, Vt., (son of Silas 119) 
b. 24 Dec, 1821, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. 17 June, 1851, Cornelia 
Van Ness Chamberlain, b, 20 Feb., 1830, of Burlington, Vt., 
and had children born at that place: 

i. Helen Leslie, b. ; d, . 

ii. Nancy Corning, b. ; d. . 

iii. Cornelia Chamberlain, b. ; unm.; resides at Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

iv. Levi, b. ;unm.;d. . 


■3 ■•:»> 






















V. Violet, b. ; m. Edward Vincent Hoyt of Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 

vi. Thomas Chambei^lain, b. ; unm.; resides at Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

Levi Underwood took up the study of law in his youth with 
"Judge Luke P. Poland and was admitted to the Lamoille 
county bar in 1852. A few months later he moved to Burling- 
ton, Vt., where he remained until he retired from the activities 
of a professional life." He became a leader at the bar and 
"early attained distinction in political circles. He w^as recog- 
nized as a leader of the new-born Republican Party in 1856 by an 
election to the State Senate, and in i860 and in 1861 to the 
Lieutenant-Governorship of the State. A delegate from Vermont 
to the famous peace conference, called by the Legislature of 
Virginia, early in 1 861, he returned therefrom fully convinced 
that war alone could solve the problem of the differences between 
the two sections of the country. As president of the State 
Senate and adviser to Governors Fairbanks and Holbrook, the 
first two war governors of Vermont, he rendered most valuable 
services" to the State and Nation. He was president of the 
Burlington Board of Trade for several years and was chosen 
alderman when the city was organized. 

He was an active Mason, beginning his Masonic career in 
1872 when he was made a Master Mason in Washington Lodge, 
No. 3 F. & A. M. of Burlington. He soon applied for the Inef- 
fable Degrees in Haswell Lodge of Perfection and was received 
April 18, 1875. On July 28 following he advanced to the Con- 
sistorial grades through the Burlington Bodies of the Rite. In 
September, 1887, in recognition of his work as a Mason he was 
crowned as an Honorary Member and Sovereign Grand Inspec- 
tor-General of the 33d degree. 

He retired from his legal practice in 1880 and afterward lived 
most of his time at Brattleboro, Vt., where he died ii March, 
1902, his wife dying a few hours earlier at the home of her daughter 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. They were buried on the same day and in 


the same grave.* His portrait is presented here facing page 

123. John Henry Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of Silas 
119) b. 2 June, 1826, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. Helen E. Combs, 
b. 10 Sept., 1836, at Burlington, O., and had children: 

i. MiRON Leslie, b. 30 Dec, 1854, at Alton, III.; was a 
wood engraver; d. 20 Oct., 1876. 

ii. Henry Eugene, b. 7 Sept., 1857, at Alton, III.; book- 
keeper; d. in Dec, 1892. 

iii. Charles M., b. 18 Sept., i860, at Alton, 111.; insurance 
clerk; d. in Oct., 1880. 

iv. May Bell, b. 26 April, 1864, at Indianapolis, Ind.; 
m. 1894, Frank S. Hipes, now a druggist at Trinidad, Col. 

V, Emmet, b. 12 May, 1866, at Cleveland, Ohio; d. in July, 

vi. Frank, b. 16 Sept., 1873, at Chicago, 111. (See no. 124.) 
Helen Combs Underwood d. in March, 1878, in Chicago, 111., 
and John Henry Underwood m. (2) April, 1S83, Adaline A., dau. 
of Edwin S. Seymour of New York city. 

John Henry Underwood rem. from Hardwick, Vt., in 1850 and 
settled in Pike county, Illinois; later he lived at Indianapolis, 
Ind., Cleveland, Ohio, and afterwards in Chicago, 111. (450 
W. Adams St.). He was engaged in fire insurance for thirty 

124. Frank Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of JoJm Henry 

123) b. 16 Sept., 1873, at Chicago, 111.; m. in 1900 , 

and had one daughter: 

i. , b. in 1903. 

Frank Underwood is in the grocery business in Chicago, III. 

125. Flavins Josephus Underwood of Springfield, Mo., (son 
of Silas 119) b. 9 March, 1830, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. 8 July, 
1851, Daphna Josephine Hortehse Bridgman of Hardwick, Vt., 
and had children: 

* Most of the above sketch is taken from an address by the Commander-in- 
Chief of the Vermont Council of Deliberation A. A. S. Rite. 


i. Genevieve Leslie, b. 19 Nov., 1853; d. 9 Nov., 1854. 
ii, Ida May, b. 2 April, 1856; m. 19 Sept., 1873, Grovner 

A. Shinn and had children: (i) John Benson Shinn, b. 19 Nov., 
1874, ^t Springfield, Mo.; (2) Grovner Leslie Shin7i, b. 13 Oct., 
1877, at Ft. Scott, Kansas; (3) Nellie Underwood Shinn, b. 
27 Aug., 1880, at Ft. Scott, Kansas.* 

The family lives in Springfield, Mo., except Mr. Shinn who 
d. April, 1883. 

iii, Inez Bell, b. 18 Oct., i860; m. 4 May, 1887, George 

B. Garlick and had two children: (i) Harold Underwood Garlick, 
b. 8 Aug., 1889; and (2) Ruth Garlick, b. 6 Sept., 1892. This 
family lives in Springfield, Mo. 

iv. Nellie Maud, b. 6 Jan., 1864; m. 6 Oct., 1886, William 
J. Sheffield and had two children: (i) Hortcnse Sheffield, b. 
19 June, 1887; (2) Cornelia Sheffield, b. 22 Nov., 1889. Nellie 
Maud Sheffield d. 3 July, 1894. 

Flavius J. Underwood rem. from Hardwick, Vt., in 1852 and 
lived at Milton, Pope Co., 111., 1852-1860, at Rock Island, III., 
1 860-1 87 1, and since 1871 at Springfield, Mo., where he is a 
contractor. He has made numerous inventions, among them: 
a machine for boring hubs of wagon and carriage wheels, now 
used all over the world; a machine for welding plow shares in 
duplicate; a method for circulating steam for heating buildings; 
a device for cutting iron when -hot; a machine for plating or 
drawing steel coulters and plow shares to an edge; and so forth. 

126. Russell Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of John 
107) b. 9 April, 1787, at Bradford, Vt.; m, 3 Dec, 1812, Irena 
Berkley and had children : 

i. Betsey, b. i April, 1814. 

ii. Mary, b. 19 March, 1816; d. 19 March, 1816. 
iii. Mary Jane, b. 15 June, 1817; m. in 1838, Calvin Farns- 

iv. Caroline, b. 4 Dec, 1819; d. 3 Oct., 1821. 

* Nellie m. 23 July, 1902, Harry J. Gross. 


V. Edmund L., b. i8 Dec, 1821. (See no. 127.) 
xi. Laura N., b. 19 Oct., 1S23; m. 

vii. Russell, b. 26 Feb., 1826. (See no. 128.) 

viii. Caroline, b. 30 Nov., 1827; m. 3 April, 1849, John P. 
Miner of Lyman, N. H., and had children: (i) Laura U. Miner, 
b. 22, Jan., 1850; (2) Frank H. Miner, b. 4 Aug., 1853: (3) 
Carrie M. Miner, b. 4 June, 1859; (4) Martha J. Miner, h. 8 
Oct., 1863; (5) John F. Miner, h. 28 Dec, 1867. 
ix. Martha, b. 31 Oct., 1829; d. 17 Sept., 1831. 
X. Hannah M., b. 15 Nov., 1832; m. 25 Feb., 1856, Ira 
Har\'ey, and had children: (i) Harry Barkley Harvey, h. 22 
Nov., 1857, at East Burke, Vt.; d. 16 April, 1863; (2) Carrol 
Childs Harney, b. 3 March, 1864, at East Burke, Vt.; d. 30 Sept., 
1865; (3) William Wirt Harvey, b. 13 Aug., 1866; m. 6 June, 
1900, Grace W. Lisle and had one child, Helen Watman Harvey; 
is a physician and resides at 23 Walnut Ave., Roxbury, Mass.; 
(4) Nellie Jane Harvey, h. 3 Feb., 1872, at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Russell Underwood was a mechanic and farmer living at 
Lyman, N. H., and then at Lyndon, Vt. He finally rem. to St. 
Johnsbury, Vt., and d. 23 Dec, 1871, at that place. 

127. Edmund L. Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of 
Russell 126) b. 18 Dec, 1821; m. 7 Nov., 1849, Syrene Hoskins 
and had children: 

i. Mary H., b. 11 Oct., 1851; m. 3 March, 1873, Abel 
Hartshorn, a farmer of Danville, Vt., and had children: (i) 
George Horner Hartshorn, b. 19 March, 1875; d. 31 Jan., 1882; 
(2) Albert Russell Hartshorn, b. i Aug., 1877; (3) Ernest Edmund 
Hartshorn, b. 17 Sept., 1882; (4) Blanche Eliza Hartshorn, b. 27 
Dec, 1885; (5) Harold Hartshorn, b. 27 May, 1888; d. 4 
Sept., 1888; (6) Alien Hartshorn, b. 5 April, 1890; d. 13 May, 

ii. Persis S., b. 19 Nov., 1856; m. 22 June, 1882, William 
G. Hawley of Providence, R. L, and had children: (i) Edith 
May Hawley, h. 7 July, 1883; d. 7 June, 1893; (2) Grace Rena 
Hawley, b. 4 Jan., 1S90. 


iii. Flora I., b. 6 June, 1858; unm.; d. 7 Jan., 1897. 
Edmund L. Undenvood was a mechanic at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
He was killed by an injury arising from the slipping of a car jack 
14 Aug., 1883. 

128. Russell Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of Russell 
126) b. 26 Feb., 1826, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; m. 22 Jan., 1850, 
Eliza E. Hurd of Lyman, N. H., and had children: 

i. Timothy Hurd, b. 15 Aug., 1851, (See no. 129.) 
ii. Edgar Russell, b. 7 Aug., 1854. (See no. 130.) 

iii. Lizzie Laurette, b. 22 May, 1861; m. 25 Aug., 1881, 
Pembroke N. Nichols of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and had one child: 
(i) Edgar R. Nichols, b. 11 Dec, 1883. Mr. Nichols d. in 1885 
in California, and Lizzie Underwood Nichols m. (2) 25 July, 1888, 
Luther E. Bachelder of Stanstead, P. Q., and had children: (2) 
Vincent E. R. Bachelder, h. 10 Jan., 1890; (3) Emerson Fauson 
Bachelder, b. 4 Jan., 1892; (4) Foster Kenneth Bachelder, b. 4 
April, 1897; (5) Raymond Harlow Bachelder, b. 17 Nov., 1899; 
(6) Howard Harvey Bachelder, b. 7 Aug., 1900. The family 
lives at Apple Grove, Stanstead, P. Q. 

iv. Inez Eliza, b. 18 Oct., 1866; m. in 1887, John H. Good- 
rich of Norwich, Vt., and had two children, both of whom d. 
young. The family now lives at Lebanon, N. H. 

Russell Underwood lived at Lyman, N. H., for a short time. 
He rem. in 1855 to St. Johnsbury, Vt., and was superintendent 
of construction of bridges on the St. Johnsbur>' and Lake Cham- 
plain R. R. His wife, Eliza, d. 29 Aug., 1867, and he m. (2) 7 
Oct., 1868, Mary A. W. Harvey, b. 30 Aug., 1834. He d. 30 
Sept., 1876. 

129. Timothy Hurd Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of 
Russell 128) b. 15 Aug., 1851, at Lyman, N. H.; m. 10 March, 
1882, Abbie Eliza Grant and had children: 

i. EvALiN, b. 4 March, 1883; d. 30 Sept., 1883. 
ii. Harry Grant, b. 24 March, 1884; is living at home, 
learning trade of machinist with E. & T. Fairbanks Co. 


Timothy H. Undenvood is electrician for the E. & T. Fair- 
banks Co., at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

130. Edgar Russell Underwood of San Francisco, Cal., (son of 
Russell 128) b. 7 Aug., 1854, at Lyman, N. H.; m. in 1885, 
Edith Way of Honolulu, Hawaii, and had children: 

i. Lewis, b. . 

ii. Inez, b. . 

Edgar Russell Under\vood is a sea captain sailing from San 
Francisco, Cal., where his family resides. 

131. Levi Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of Johi 107) 
7 March, 1789, at Bradford, Vt.; m. Ermina, dau. of John Cutter 
of Jaffrey, N. H., who d. in 1S22; no children. Levi Underwood 
m. 19 Feb., 1823, Zeruiah, dau. of John Buswell of Rindge, N. H., 
and had seven children: 

i. Ermina C, b. 24 Dec, 1823; d. 26 Jan., 1825. 
ii. Lemira, b. 5 June, 1825; unm.; resides at Goshen, N. H. 
iii. Hepsibeth, b. ii Jan., 1827; m. in Nov., 1854, Bela J. 
Sperrj' of Clarcmont, N. H., and had one daughter: Mary Eliza- 
beth Sperry, h. 5 March, 1855.* Hepsibeth Underwood Sperry 
d. II March, 1866. 

iv. Ermina C, b. 3 Jan., 1829; d. 19 March, 1832. 
V. Sylvester, b. 11 Jan., 1835. (See no. 132.) 
vi. Charles, b. i Dec, 1838; d. 8 Jan., 1847. 
vii. Mary Frances, b, 18 Feb., 1843; unm.; was a teacher 
in the public schools of her native state and Vermont for many 
years and now lives at Kelleyville, N. H. 

♦Mary Elizabeth Sperry, m. in 1872, John Tempany, a veterinary surgeon of 
the United States Army and was living at Ft. Riley, Kan., in 1904. She has had 
five children: 

i. Artiiijr Maynard, b. 26 Jan., 1875. 

ii. Grace Margaret, b. in March, 1878; m. in 1895, Harry McFarland of Ft. 
Robinson, Neb., and has two children: (i) Grace Kalhlyn McFarland, h. 21 Jan., 
1896; (2) George Henry McFarland, b. Jan., 1898. 
iii. Harry West, b. is April, 1884. 
iv. Clarence Leslie, b. 10 Oct., 1888. 
V. Frank Edison, b. i June, 1894. 


Le%T Underwood was a carpenter by trade. He rem. from his 
native place to JafTrey, N. H., where he m. his first wife. Before 
her death he rem. to Goshen, N. H., where he operated a sawmill. 
In 1871 he rem. to St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he d. 19 March, 1874. 

132. Sylvester Underwood of Omaha, Neb., (son of Levi 131) 
b. II Jan., 1835, at Goshen, N. H.; m. 24 Feb., i860, Sarah M., 
dau. of Hosea Platts of Fitzwilliam, N. H., and had children: 

i. Carrie Frances, b. 23 Feb., 1861; d. in Sept., 1863. 
ii. Henrietta Maria, b. 27 May, 1863; m. in Nov., 1882, 
at St. Johnsbun>', Vt., Charles J. Collins and had four children: 
(i) Mabel Collins, b. 9 Nov., 1883, at Muskegon, Mich.; d. 7 
Feb., 1892, at South Omaha, Neb.; (2) Charles Collins, b. in 
Sept., 1885, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; (3) Carrie Collins, b. in 1891, 
at South Omaha, Neb.; (4) John Collins, b. in 1893, at South 
Omaha, Neb. The family live in South Omaha, Neb. Henrietta 
Underwood Collins d. 5 April, 1894. 

iii. Hattie Agnes, b. 5 May, 1866; m. 5 May, 1886, Judson 
Martin, now of Council Bluffs, Mo., and had three children: (i) 
Mabel Martin, b. in 1892; (2) Frank Martin, b. in 1900; (3) 
Martin, b. in 1903. 

iv. Charles, b. 20 Feb., 1868; d. in June, 1875. 
V. Lizzie May, b. 25 May, 1870; m. i June, 1886, Alonzo 
B. Hunt of Om.aha, Neb., and has one son: Edward Hunt, b. in 

vi. Frank, b. 31 July, 1872. (See no. 133.) 

vii. Herbert Leslie, b. 3 Dec, 1875. (See no. 134.) 
Sylvester Underwood was a member of Co. H, 1st Reg. N. H. 
Heavy Artillery, during the Civil War. He was a carpenter and 
farmer living at Goshen, N. H., until 1866 when he rem. to 
Newport, N. H. In 1871 he rem. to St. Johnsbury, Vt., and in 
1892 to Omaha, Neb. He d. 10 May, 1904, at Eureka Springs, 

133. Frank Underwood of Omaha, Neb., (son of Sylvester 132) 
b. 31 July, 1872, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; m. in June, 1895, Bessie 
Latey of Omaha, Neb., and had children: 


i. Elizabeth, b. in 1S96. 
ii. Herbert, b. in 1897. 
iii. Helen, b. in 1899. 
iv, Ernest Latey, b. in Nov., 1903. 
Frank Underwood is connected with the City Water Works 
Co. of Omaha, Neb. 

134. Herbert Leslie Underwood of Omaha, Neb., (son of 
Sylvester 132) b. 3 Dec, 1875, at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; m. in 1900, 

Maude of Omaha, Neb., and has one son: 

i. Herbert, b. in Oct., 1902. 
Herbert L. Underwood is connected with the City Water 
Works Co. of Omaha, Neb. 

135. Timothy Underwood of Hardwick, Vt., (son of Johyi 107) 
b. 21 May, 1791, at Bradford, Vt.; m. Betsey, dau. of John 
Moore and Elizabeth Baldunn of Bradford, Vt., b. 6 April, 1794, 
and had children, all born at Hardwick, Vt.: 

i. Elizabeth, b. 17 July, 1820; m. George Marsh of Stone- 
ham, Mass., and had one child: George Marsh, h. ; residence 

unknown. Elizabeth Underw^ood Marsh d. 24 Sept., 1871. 
ii. Cyrus, b. 30 Dec, 1821. (See no. 136.) 
iii. George, b. 14 Oct., 1823. (See no. 138.) 
iv. Edwin Baldwin, b. 25 Feb., 1826. (See no. 139.) 
V. Hazen Eastman, b. 7 May, 1828; unm.; d. 27 Mat-ch, 
1850, at New Orleans, La. 

vi. Hiram Ames, b. 23 May, 1830; unm.; d. 19 Jan., 1882, 
at Boston, Mass. 

vii. Julia, b. 5 Aug., 1832; d. 6 Sept., 1834. 
viii. RoswELL, b. 2 May, 1835; d. 2 Jan., 1842. 
Timothy Underwood was a clothier, first at Bradford, Vt., 
whence he rem. to Colebrook, N. H. Later he rem. to Stewarts- 
town, N. H., and finally (1840), rem. to Hardwick, Vt. During 
his later years he was a farmer. He d. 25 Dec, 1870, at Hard- 
wick, Vt. His wife, Betsey Moore Underwood, d. 17 June, 1868. 


Her father was descended from Scotch Irish stock who settled 
in Londonderry, N. H, 

136. Cyrus Underwood of Hardwick, Vt., (son of Timothy 135) 
b. 30 Dec, 1 82 1, at Hardwick, Vt.; ni. Carohne Perrin of 
Stannard, Vt., and had children: 

i. Frank H., b. 13 Dec, 1S61; unm.; d. 31 Jan., iBSg, from 
an injury received in felling a tree. 

ii. Ned, b. 23 Aug., 1869. (See no. 137.) 
Cyrus Underwood was a farmer at Hardwick, Vt. He d. 5 
May, 1904. 

137. Ned Underwood of East Hardwick, Vt., (son of Cyrus 
136) b. 23 Aug., 1869, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. 21 Dec, 1898, Lillis 
Clary of Greensboro, Vt., and had one child: 

i. Elsie C, b. 14 June, 1902. 
Ned Underwood is a farmer at East Hardwick, Vt. 

138. George Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Timothy 
135) t». 14 Oct., 1823, at Hardwick, Vt.; m. Agnes Shephard of 
Boston, Mass.; no children. George Underwood lived at Boston 
where he d. 7 April, 1881. 

139. Edwin Baldv/in Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of 
Timothy 135) b. 25 Feb., 1826, at Bradford, Vt.; m. 2 Aug., 1858, 
at Danville, Vt., Caroline Augusta Clifford, b. 15 Sept., 1825, 
at Danville, Vt., and had one daughter: 

i. Carrie Palmer, b. i Nov., 1866, at Lyndon, Vt.; unm.; 

d. , leaving an estate worth about $100,000 which was 

distributed by will chiefly to organizations under the care of the 
Universalist church. 

Caroline L^ndenvood, wife of Edwin Baldwin Underwood, d. 
7 April, 1899, at St. Johnsbury, and he m. (2) 22 Aug., 1900, at 
Wells River, Vt., Mrs. Martha Hill (Jenness) McNeil, b. 30 
Aug., 1837, at Sheffield, Vt., dau. of Phineas and Eunice (Gray) 

Edwin Baldwin Underwood is a retired capitalist living at St. 
Johnsbury, Vt. He worked on his father's farm until 1844, then 


learned the tailor's trade at Danville, Vt., 1844-1847. He resided 
at Lyndon, Vt., 1847-1870, and at St. Johnsbury, Vt., since 
1870, having retired from the business of merchant tailor in 1895. 

140. Reuben Underwood of Craftsbury, Vt., (son of John 107) 
b. 24 May, 1793, at Bradford, Vt.; m. Betsey Litch, and had 
one daughter: 

i. Mary, b. ; m. John Wiley of Craftsbury, Vt., and 

had two sons: (i) Charles Wiley, b. ; now living in Crafts- 
bury, Vt.; and (2) Wiley, b. . 

Reuben Underwood was a farmer at Bradford, Vt., and after- 
wards at Craftsbury, Vt., where he d. 

141. Joseph Underwood of East Hardwick, Me., (son of John 
107) b. 2 Oct., 1796, at Bradford, Vt.; m. 17 Feb., 1825, Lucy 
Warner Tuel, b. 24 Sept., 1791, of Chesterfield, N. H., and had 
children : 

i. Joseph Carter, b. 15 Aug., 1827. (See no. 142.) 
ii. Thomas Spencer, b. 30 July, 1830. (See no. 145.) 
iii. Richard Baxter, b. 19 June, 1832. (See no. 147.) 
iv. Isaac Rogers, b. 9 Oct., 1836. (See no. 148.) 
Joseph Underwood lived on his father's farm until he was about 
eighteen years old and then went to Putney, Vt., as an apprentice 
to the jeweler's business. In the winter of 181 5-16 there was a 
great religious awakening in Putney, during which he was con- 
verted and united with the Congregational church. His atten- 
tion was soon turned to the ministry and in June, 18 17, he entered 
the academy at Meridcn, N. H., where he remained for three 
years and then spent one year at the academy in Chesterfield. 
Being now 25 years of age and without money he decided to give 
up a collegiate education and went directly to the Theological 
Seminary at Bangor, Maine, where he completed his studies. 
He journeyed to Bangor by sea from Boston. This was his first 
experience on the ocean. The voyage began well, but the vessel 


soon after sailing became enveloped in a fog and with a high 
tide ran upon the rocks near shore and stuck fast. With the 
ebb of the tide they were left high and dry on the rocks where 
they remained all of the following night, about eight miles from 
Portland. The next morning a train of wagons came out and 
took the passengers from the wreck to the city. No one was 
lost or injured. 

After finishing his studies at Bangor he became settled in the 
ministry at New Sharon, Me. He was ordained and installed 
pastor of the Congregational church there, April 8, 1826, and 
remained there for about six years. During this time the town 
was visited by a great revival that reached every church and 
hundreds were converted. 

When Joseph went to New Sharon in 1824 the people were 
greatly given to drinking intoxicating liquors. One merchant 
retailed fifty hogsheads a year and another nearly as much. 
Almost everyone drank in some form. It was the general prac- 
tice and no one seemed to be alarmed. Mr. Underwood felt 
concerned, but knew not what to do. While building his house 
in 1826, he accidentally found among the workmen a strong 
temperance man who was a Freewill Baptist deacon. With this 
man the situation was discussed. The deacon was doubtful if 
anything could be done as the evil was too deeply rooted in the 
habits of the people. The young minister was hopeful and felt 
that the need was urgent for something to check the evil. They 
finally agreed to adopt for themselves a total abstinence pledge, 
and to endeavor to get as many others as possible to sign it with 
them. They began their work in October. By spring a Tem- 
perance Society was organized and the cause began to prosper. 
Soon a Juvenile Temperance Society was formed and then a 
Mercantile Temperance Society that included not only the 
liquor dealers of New Sharon but all other liquor dealers within 
twenty miles. The next autumn the town, without a dissenting 
voice, voted not to license any one to sell intoxicating liquor 
within its limits. 


After about six years at New Sharon, Joseph resigned his 
charge and, under the patronage of the Maine iMissionar>' Society, 
engaged in work in the newer settlements. He was installed 
pastor of a little church in Williamsburgh some forty miles 
north of Bangor, October i6, 1833. There was no church build- 
ing in the place and the installation was held in a new barn 
belonging to Simon Greenleaf. Within a few months the prin- 
cipal supporter of this work died and the consequent failure of his 
salary compelled Mr. Underwood to ask for dismissal. 

Soon after, he accepted a call to Sebec, a neighboring village 
on the border of the great northern wilderness. Here he gathered 
and organized a church and also held services in a number of 
adjacent towns. After about two years of service here he was 
urgently called back to his first charge at New Sharon and on the 
advice of his ministerial brethren he returned with the expectation 
of remaining there the rest of his life. After about five years, 
however, a severe attack of chronic bronchitis compelled him to 
seek a change of climate. 

In 1839 he removed to Millport, N. Y., where he was soon after 
installed pastor of a church. He preached for some time in a 
shabby old school house, and in an old cloth-dressing mill, but 
after a year or more succeeded in building a respectable church. 
He continued in this work for about five years when a financial 
crash in the affairs of a firm largely responsible for his support 
broke up the work. The meeting house was attached and shut 
up. The minister's health had become worse and he decided 
to try farming. He rented a farm in a high and healthful locality 
and soon recovered his health completely. 

In the autumn of 1844 he received a call to the Congregational 
church in Hardwick, Vt., which he accepted and was installed 
as pastor a year later. After five years of earnest labor a revival 
occurred which greatly strengthened the church. In 1 851 two 
old meeting houses were torn down and a new one built in a 
different locality which resulted in the healing of an old difficulty 
of long standing. For thirteen years longer he continued his 


work here, when his health failing he decided to resign. He was 
now past seventy years of age, but did not cease wholly from 
ministerial work. He supplied a number of places for a greater 
or less length of time, but finally retired to East Hardwick, where 
he d. in July, 1876. 

While at Hardwick, Mr. Underwood represented the town in 
the State Legislature of 1856, also in the special session of 1857 
and again in the sessions of 1868 and 1S69.* 

142. Joseph Carter Underv/ood of Menasha, Wis., (son of 
Joseph 141) b. 15 Aug., 1827, in New Sharon, Me.; m. 12 June, 
1850, Mary Marsh of Hardwick, Vt., and had children: 

i. Joseph Frederick, b. 26 Feb., 1851; d. 10 Feb., 1878. 
ii. Thomas Franklin, b. 13 May, 1852. (See no. 143.) 
iii. Mary Edna, b. 20 June, 1853; d. 23 March, 1858. 
iv, Martha Maiiitable, b. 29 Oct., 1855; d. 13 Oct., 1856. 
V. Mary Eliza, b. 11 Nov., i860; m. 11 Nov., 1879, 
Charles E. Mellon of Milwaukee, Wis., and had three children: 
two who d. in infancy and Katharyn May Mellon, b. 2 May, 1883; 
m. I Sept., 1909, Leo E. Ellis of Cortland, N. Y., and now 
(1910), lives at 763 Hudson Boulevard, Bayonne, N. J. Mary 
Underwood Mellon d. 17 Oct., 1903, at Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mary Marsh Underwood d. 13 March, 1885, and Joseph C. 
Underwood m. (2) 14 Oct., 1886, Elizabeth D. Delono by whom 
he had no children. 

Joseph C. Underwood when twelve years old moved with his 
father from New Sharon, Maine, to Millport, N. Y., and in 1845 
went to Hardwick, Vt., where he remained until after his mar- 
riage. In the spring of 1855 with his wife and three children 
he rem. to Menasha, Wis., and is now living there. A letter 
received from him in Jan., 1910, was written in a remarkably firm, 
clear hand and gave every evidence that he was a man of vigorous 
physical and mental health. While living in Vermont he was a 
farmer, but after removing to Menasha he became a carpenter 

* The above account of Joseph Underwood is largely condensed from McKeen's 
History of Bradford, Vt. 


and millwright. He took part in the Civil War, enlisting in Co. 
C, loth Wis. Vol. Inf., and serving three years. He was also 
for one year after that in the Quarter Master's Department in 
Nashville, Tenn. 

143. Thomas Franklin Underwood of Mcnasha, Wis., (son of 
Joseph C. 142) b. 13 May, 1852; m. 25 Dec, 1870, Julia Brooks, 
a teacher in the schools of Menasha and had one son: 

i. George Gage, b, 9 June, 1872. (See no. 144.) 
Thomas F. Underwood was a finisher of sash, ttOOTs, and 
blinds. He d. 21 April, 1890, while in a lumber camp in the 
northern woods. 

144. George Gage Underwood of Menasha, Wis., (son of 
Thomas F. 143) b. 9 June, 1872; m. 19 Dec, 1894, Carrie 
Crandall and has one son : 

i. Joseph Cr.\ndall, b. 6 Oct., 1903. 
George G. Underwood is a farmer and is living in Menasha, 
Wis. (1910). 

145. Thomas Spencer Underwood of Lancaster, N. H., (son of 
Joseph 141) b. 30 July, 1830; m. 8 March, 1S60, Mary Elizabeth 
Alexander and had one child: 

i. George Baxter, b. 28 June, 1865. (See no. 146.) 
Thomas S. Underwood was a tailor and with his son conducted 
a custom tailoring and men's furnishing business in Lancaster, 
N. H. He d. in March, 1911. 

146. George Baxter Underwood of Lancaster, N. H., (son of 
Thomas S. 145) b. 28 June, 1865; m. 24 June, 1891, Alice Twitch- 
ell Thompson and has four children: 

1. Thomas Alexander, b. 8 July, 1892. 
ii. Helen Alice, b. 26 Aug., 1894. 
ill. Katherine Kinzie, b. 21 Feb., 1897. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. 30 Oct., 1906. 

147. Richard Baxter Underwood of Canton, 111., (son of 
Joseph 141) b. 19 June, 1832, in Augusta, Me.; m. Kate Kenzie, 
and had no children. 


Richard Baxter Underwood d. in March, 1898. His widow 
is now (1910) living at Canton, 111, 

148. Isaac Rogers Underwood of Suring, Wis., (son of Joseph 
141) b. 9 Oct., 1836, in New Sharon, Me.; m. 25 Sept., 1859, 
Pamelia M. Slosson in Aurora, 111., who probably d. without 
issue and Isaac R. Underwood m. (2) 2 May, 1865, Sarah Maria 
Snover, b. 13 Jan., 1846, a dau. of Theodore T. Snover and 
Elizabeth Neafie, and had four children: 

i. Elizabeth Snover, b. 25 Sept., 1S66; d. 9 July, 1867. 
ii, William Lombard, b. 28 Jan., 1871. 
iii. Harry, b. 16 Aug., 1873; d. 22 Aug., 1873. 
iv. Carrie, b. 19 Dec, 1879; m. 28 Sept., 1898, Earl Giliett 

Isaac R. Underwood has been a jeweler and traveling sales- 
man most of his life. He lived in Aurora, 111., from 1853-1897 
and since the latter year has lived on a farm at Kelley Lake, Wis. 
The two children live in Chicago. 

149. Abel Underwood of Wells River, Vt., (son of John 107) b. 
8 April, 1799, at Bradford, Vt.; m. 12 July, 1827, Emily Rix, b. 
13 Jan., 1805, at Royalton, Vt., dau. of Elisha and Elizabeth 
(Flynn) Rix, and had children born at Wells River, Vt. : 

i. Elizabeth, b. 31 March, 1830; m. 22 July, 1866, Benja- 
min Baldwin Clark, b. 19 March, 1827, at St. Johnsbury, Vt., a 
son of John and Lois (Baldwin) Clark, and had children at 
St. Johnsbury, Vt. : (i) Carrie Elizabeth Clark, h. ii April, 1857; 
(2) Emily Lois Clark, b. 27 Aug., 1858; (3) Sicsan Ellen Clark, 
b. 24 July, i860; (4) Alice Clark, b. 12 Sept., 1863; (5) George 
Benjamin Clark, b. 24 Jan., 1866; d. 13 April, 1872. Elizabeth 
Underwood Clark d. 25 Nov., 1903. The four daughters of this 
family live at St. Johnsbury and are indefatigable students of 
birds. They have in their possession several family bibles 
which have contributed many dates in this branch of the family 


ii. George Rix, b. 15 April, 1832; unm.; was a merchant 
at Gainesville, Ala., where he d. 10 Oct., 1856. 

iii. Emily Rix, b. 13 Feb., 1835; d. 15 May, 1839. 

iv. Mary Ellen, b. 18 May, 1840; m. (i) 14 July, 1858, 
William Roscoe Dean of Chicago, 111., and had one daughter: 
(i) Alice Dean, b. 20 Sept., i860; d. 2 July, 1862, at Wells 
River, Vt. William Roscoe Dean d. 31 Aug., 1861, at Chicago, 
111., and Mary Underwood Dean m. (2) in April, 1872, Dr. Horace 
D. Hickok of Malone, N. Y., and had children: (2) Harry Abel 
Hickok, b. 16 Dec, 1873; d. 23 Sept., 1874; (3) Ellen Hickok, b. 
18 June, 1877; d. 16 Nov., 1888. Mary Ellen Underwood 
Hickok d. 24 April, 1902. 

V. Susan, b. 2 Sept., 1842; m. 25 Jan., 1859, George B. 
Damon and had children: (i) Emily Josephine Damon., b. 31 
Oct., 1861; m. George P. Arthur, Springfield, Mass.; (2) Ellen 
Dean Damon, h. 16 Oct., 1864; m. Herman D. Hopkins, Mont- 

pelier, Vt.; (3) George Daynon, b. ; d. young; (4) Edith 

Damon, b. ; d. young. Susan Underwood Damon m. (2) 

in Feb., 1876, John P. Flanders of Boston, Mass., who d. 7 Jan., 
1894. Susan Underwood Flanders d. 3 Nov., 1895, at Mont- 
pelier, Vt. 

Abel Underwood was graduated from Dartmouth College in 
1824. He read law with Isaac Fletcher of Lyndon, Vt., and was 
admitted to the bar in 1827. He was a lawyer of prominence at 
Wells River, Vt, He was States Attorney for Orange county in 
1 839-1 84 1 and United States District Attorney for Vermont 
1849-1853; he was elected judge in 1854, holding that position 
until 1857. He served in the State Legislature 1 861-1862 and 
was prominently connected with the political life of his time. 
"He was also a Register of Bankruptcy under the Bankrupt law 
and held various offices of trust both in his profession and out of 
it. He was of industrious habits and persevering and determined 
in the prosecution of his business whatever it was and con- 
scientious and honest in all of his relations in business entrusted 
to his care. He was president and director of the Bank of New- 


bury for many years."* He d. 22 April, 1879, ^t Wells River, Vt. 
His wife, Emily Rix Underwood, d. 15 Oct., 1861. 

The Litchfield (New Hampshire) Branch. 
The Litchfield branch of the Underwood family was founded 
by James Underwood who settled in Litchfield, N. H., about 1754, 
and his children are recorded on the register of births of that 
town commencing with the year 1755. James Underwood came 
from Westford, Mass., and was the seventh son of Joseph (no. 7). 
150. James Underwood of Litchfield, N. H., (son of Joseph 7) 

b. I Dec, 1731, at Westford, Mass.; m. Mary f and had 

children born at Merrimack and Litchfield: 

i. James, b. 10 June, 1753. (See no. 151.) 
ii. Mary, b. 22 Nov., 1755; m. 12 Feb., 1782, William 
Patterson of Goffstown, N. H., and had children: (i) Samuel 

Thompson Patterso7i, b. ; (2) Sarah Patterson, b. ; (3) 

Margaret Patterson, b. ; and (4) Polly Underwood Patterson, 

h. . Mary Underwood Patterson d. 9 April, 1789. The four 

children are mentioned in their grandfather's will and on 17 Sept., 
1789, were placed under the guardianship of James Underwood, 
their grandfather, their father having died and they being then 
under fourteen years of age. 

iii. Thomas, b. 8 April, 1759. (See no. 155.) 
iv. Susannah, b. 16 Nov., 1761; d. 20 Nov., 1777. 
V. Charlotte, b. 23 Feb., 1764; m. 28 Feb., 1784, Moses 
Towne of Londonderry, N. H., and had at least one son: Moody 
Bridges Towne, b. 3 Oct., 1805; d. in Jan., 1888, in Litchfield, 
N. H. 

vi. Sally, b. 25 July, 1766; published for marriage at Litch- 
field, N. H., 20 May, 1792; m, 5 July, 1792, at Merrimack, N. H., 
Mathew Parker of Litchfield, N. H. 

vii. John, b. 17 Feb., 1769. (See no. 165.) 
viii. Rachel, b. 15 Aug., 1771; published for marriage at 

* From History of Newbury. St. Johnsbury, 1902. 
t Her name was probably Mary Lund. Ed. 


Litchfield, N. H., 20 May, 1792; m. 5 July, 1792, at Merrimack, 
N. H., Royal Blood. Rachel Underwood Blood d. ii Sept., 1838. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. 5 June, 1774; m. 3 June, 1804, Joseph Read 
of Thetford, Vt. 

James Underwood rem. to Merrimack where his first son Avas 
born and during the following year rem. to the neighboring town 
of Litchfield, N. H. He is mentioned in the records as "Mr." 
which according to the old time New England usage marked 
the distinction between a "gentleman" and a "yeoman." He 
was a man prominent in his town and was representative to the 
General Court from Litchfield and West Nottingham in 1765, 
1767, 1772, 1773, 1774, 1777, and 1778, and was delegate to the 
Second Constitutional Convention of New Hampshire in 1781. 
He was also register of the Court of Probate of Hillsborough 
county and justice of the peace in 1776, His will, made 19 Aug., 
1806, was admitted to probate 20 Dec, 1808, so that he doubtless 
died in 1808. 

We have copied his will from the Hillsborough Probate 16: 

Will of James Underwood. 

In the name of God. Amen. I James Underwood of Litchfield 
in the County of Hillsborough & State of Newhampshire Esq"". 
Being sensible of my approaching dissolution yet through the 
mercy of God of sound mind & memory do make this my last 
will and Testament Recommending my Body to the dust from 
whence it was taken with a decent interment and my soul into 
the hands of Almighty God who gave it in hopes of a resurrection 
to life through the merits of Jesus Christ. As concerning all the 
Estates which it hath pleased God to bless me with I do hereby 
dispose of in the following manner. 

First of all my will is that all my Just debts & funeral charges 
be paid out of my Estate at a convenient time after my decease 
by my Executor hereafter named. 

Item. I give & bequeath unto my wife Mary for her main- 
tenance and support during her life the improvement of half the 
farm on which I now live with all the house & barns I improve with 
two cows of her choice, with six sheep and all my swine, meat same 


&c prepared or preparing for the support of my family at the time 
of my decease. I also give to my said wife my horse & chaise with 
all my household furniture to be at her disposal forever she sup- 
porting our son James during her life he being deranged in his 

Item. I give unto my son Thomas Underwood my best great 
coat and five dollars to be paid to him in one year after my decease 
which is his full share out of my estate with what I have before 
given him. 

Item. I give unto the children of my Daughter Mary Pat- 
terson deceased namely to Samuel T. Patterson sixty dollars, 
to Sarah Patterson sixty dollars, to Margaret Patterson one cow 
and one liundred dollars, to Polly U. Patterson one cow and one 
hundred dollars to be paid them one half in one year and the 
other in two years after my decease which is their full share of 
my estate with what I have before given their mother. 

Item. I give to my daughter Charlotte Town one hundred 
dollars to be paid her one half in one year the other half in two 
years after my decease which is hersfull share out of my estate 
with what I have before given her. 

Item. I give unto my daughter Sally Parker one hundred 
dollars to be paid her one half in one year and the other half 
in two years after my decease which is her full share out of my 
Estate with what I have before given her. 

Item. I give unto my Daughter Rachel one hundred dollars 
to be paid her one half in one year and the other half in two 
years after my decease which is her full share of my estate with 
what I have before given her. 

Item. I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Reed two cows 
and four hundred dollars to be paid her one half in one year 
and the other half in two years after my decease which is her 
full share out of my Estate with what I have before given her. 

Item. I give unto my son James Underwood my best coat 
and waist coat with my best hat. I also give his children namely 
James John Betsey Phinehas & Mary Lund five dollars each 
to be paid them in one year after my decease which is their full 
share out of my estate with what I have before given them & their 

Item. I give unto my son John Underwood all the remainder 
& remainders of my estate both real & personal wheresoever they 
may be found also said John at the decease of his mother 


is to come into full possession of that half of the farm and all 
the buildings which his mother had the improvement of for her 
support in life he supporting his brother James in a comfortable 
manner while he lives after the decease of his mother and paying 
all the foregoing legatees their several legacies at the times 
mentioned. And I do make ordain constitute & appoint my 
son John Underwood sole Executor of this my last will & Testa- 
ment ratifying & confirming whatsoever is aforewritten in 
testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
nineteenth day of August, 1806 James Underwood 

Adm. Probate 20 Dec, 1808. 

151. James Underwood of Litchfield, N. H. (?), (son of James 

150) b. 10 June, 1753, at Merrimack, N. H.; m. and had 


i. James, b. . (See no. 152.) 

ii. John, b. . 

iii. Betsy, b. . 

iv. Phineas, b. . 

V. Mary Lund, b. . 

James Underwood probably lived at Litchfield, N. H. Accord- 
ing to his father's will, given above, he was of unsound mind and 
each of his five children received a small sum from their grand- 
father's estate. The family were apparently scattered and 
we have not been successful in tracing many of them. 

152. James Underwood of , (son of James 151), b. ; 

m. Anna Hanson and had children: 

i. Hanson, b. , 1812. 

ii. John, b. June, 1814. (See no. 153.) 

iii. La VINA, b. , 1816; m. ? 

iv, Mary, b. , 1818; m. ? 

V. Elizabeth, b. , 1823; m. ? 

James Underwood and his wife Anna Hanson Underwood 
are both dead but nothing further was learned concerning them. 

153. John Underwood of Lowell, Mass. (?), (son of James 
152) b. June, 1814; m. in 1842, Susan Livingston and had 


i. James Wheatox, b. 23 Feb., 1842; d. , i860, at 

Lowell, Mass. 

ii. Frank Livin'OSTON, b. 26 July, 1844. (See no. 154.) 

iii. Charles Stevens, b. 20 Sept., 1846; d. in Oct., 1864, 
at Muscatine, Iowa. 

iv. John, b. i Sept., 1848; d. in infancy at Montpelier, Vt. 

V. Emma, b. 18 Jan., 1856; unm.; resides at Muscatine, 

vi. Edward, b. in 1858; d. in 1868 at Muscatine, Iowa. 
John Underwood was a manufacturer. He d. in 1896. His 
wife, Susan Livingston Underwood, d. . 

154. Frank Livingston Underwood of New York city, (son 
of John 153) b. 26 July, 1844, at Walden, Vt.; m. 20 June, 1866, 
Theodosia I. Hawley and had children: 

i. Frank Hawxey, b. i Feb., 1869; d. in March, 1869. 
ii. Grace Haa\t.ey, b. 5 Aug., 1870; m. 11 Oct., 1898, 
Rev. Carroll Perry of Garrison-on-Hudson, N. Y., and had 
children: (i) Francis Underwood Perry, b. 26 July, 1899; (2) 
Theodora Margaret Perry, b. 11 May, 1902. 

iii. Pearl Livingston, b. 19 Aug., 1874; m. in 1902, Rev. 
John Hopkins Denison. 

iv. Blanche, b. 13 March, 1878. 
V. Hawxey, b. in Oct., 1880; d. in 1882. 
Frank L. Underwood is a banker, having lived at Lowell, 
Mass., until 1861; at Muscatine, Iowa, 1861-1879; at Kansas 
City, Mo., from 1879 to 1S90; and since 1890 in New York city. 

155. Thomas Underwood of Hillsborough, N. H., (son of 
James 150) b. 8 April, 1759, at Litchfield, N. H.; m. 12 April, 
1778, Mehitable Gage of Merrimack, N. H., b. 9 Sept., 1760, and 
had children:* 

* For the birth dates of the children of this family I am indebted to Miss M. 
Flora Underwood of Quincy, Mass., who has a complete record of this family in 
the handwriting of her father. Dr. Joseph Underwood (no. 62), probably obtained 
while searching his own ancestry. 


i. Susannah, b. 29 July, 1779; m. Musseyof Lowell, Vt. 

ii. Thomas G., b. 24 Feb., 17S1; unm.; was an ensign in the 
state militia; d. 3 May, 1808, at Fayette, Me., a. 27. 
iii. Joseph Hall, b. 13 June, 1783, (See no. 156.) 
iv. Parker L., b. 30 April, 1785; unm.; was an ensign in 
the state militia; d. 26 Jan., 1812, at Fayette, Me., £e. 26. 

V. Sallie H., b. 8 July, 1787; m. Isaac Gage of Bedford, 
N, H., (an own cousin) and had children: (i) Sallie Jane Gage, b. 

; m. a Parkhurst and lived in Bedford, N. H.; (2) Thomas 

William Gage, b. ; lived in Bedford, N. H.; (3) Lydia G. 

Gage, b, ; m. Merrill and lived in Bedford, N. H.; (4) 

William Gage, b. ; (5) Letitia Gage, b. ; (6) Lucinda 

Gage, b. ; and (7) Edward Gage, b. ; unm.; d. at 

Lowell, Mass. Sallie Undervvood Gage d. , at Bedford, N. H. 

vi. John, b. 19 Aug., 1789. This son was not mentioned 
with the others in his father's will (1838); it is possible that he 
did not marry and almost certain that he left no descendants. 
vii. Peter, b. 16 July, 1792. (See no. 161.) 
viii. Charles, b. 21 May, 1795. (See no. 162.) 
ix. jAiiES, b. 3 May, 1800. (See no. 163.) 
X. William, b. 30 Oct., 1806. (See no. 164.) 
Thomas Underwood settled in Amherst, N. H., to which place 
he was affectionately attached as indicated by his will. In 1783 
he purchased land in Peterborough, N. H. He aftersvards rem. 
to Hillsborough, N. H., w^here he d. 18 Nov., 1838. His wife, 
Mehitable Gage Underwood, d. 14 June, 1829. 

Thomas Underwood made his will 20 Sept., 1838, and it was 
admitted to probate 5 Sept., 1839. It is recorded in the Hills- 
borough Probate 43 : 398 from which we reproduce it. 

Will of Thomas Underwood. 

I Thomas Underwood of Hillsborough county of and state of 
Newhampshire being very infirm state of health & sensible too 
of my liableness to sudden death at the same time being in my 
own opinion of sound mind do judge it best to make & accordingly 
do make this my last will and testament. 



It is my will that all just debts & charge of my funeral be paid 
& discharge by Executor hereafter named & appointed out of 
my estate as soon as conveniently may be after my decease & 
leave the charge of my funeral the directions of my Executor. 

It is my will that at my decease my body be interred in the 
town of Amherst & that a suitable monument be erected over 
my grave. 

I give devise & dispose of all my estate real & personal save 
what shall be necessary for the payment of my just debts & 
funeral charges in the following manner viz. 

I give my son Joseph Underwood one dollar. 

I give to my son Charles Underwood one dollar. 

I give to my daughter Sarah Gage one dollar. 

I give to the heirs of my son James Underwood one dollar. 

I give to my son Peter Underwood one dollar. 

I give to my daughter Susannah Mussey one dollar. 

I give to my son William Underwood one dollar. 

I give to Mary McClure wife of Asa McClure the sum of one • 

I give Margaret Blood wife of Francis Blood the sum of ten 

I also give the remainder of my estate if there be any at my 
decease (after paying just debts & funeral charges to Susannah 
Mussey & to my son William Underwood to be equally divided 
between them, if living at my decease. If either Susannah 
Mussey or William Underwood should not be living at my 
Decease that it be divided between their heirs. 

And I hereby nominate & appoint Francis Blood my Executor 
of this my last Will & Testament. 

I hereunto set my hand & seal & publish & declare this to be 
my last Will Sc Testament, this twenteth day of September in 
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirty eight. 

Thomas Underwood. L.S. 

156. Joseph Hall Underwood of Fayette, Me., (son of Thomas 
155) b. 13 June, 17S3, at Amherst, N. H. ; m. 16 Oct., 1809, Mary, 
dau. of John and Mary (McAfee) Aiken of Merrimack, N. H., 
b. 31 July, 1784, and had children: 

i. Joseph Hall, b. in 1811; d. 25 May, 1814. 
ii. Mary Aiken, b. 31 July, 1812; m. Marshall Lane of 


Fayette, Me., afterwards rem. to Jefiferson, Wis., and had 
children: (i) Mary U. Lane, b. 25 Feb., 1852; m. a Stevens and 
lives in Jefferson, Wis.; (2) TJwmas M. Lane, b. 15 April, 1853; 
lives in Ridley, Calif.; (3) Frank A. Lane, b. 14 Feb., 1855; 

d. • . Mary Underwood Lane d. 7 April, 1887, at Jefferson, 


iii. Eliza Hall, b. 8 Nov., 1814; m. Joseph Henry North* 
of Waterv'ille, Me., afterwards of Hammonton, N. J., and had 
children born in Waterville, Me.: (i) Edward North, b. 29 July, 
1841; d. II Feb., 1899, at Hammonton, N. J.; (2) Joseph Henry 
North, b. 9 Oct., 1843; lives in Pleasantville, N. J.; (3) Mary 
Jane North, h. 17 Nov., 1845; m. Prof. S. R. Morse and lives 
in Atlantic City, N. J. ; (4) Ha?i7iah Flagg North, b. 17 July, 1848 ; 
m. Cyrus F. Osgood and lives in Hammonton, N. J.; (5) Eliza 
Underwood North, b. 6 June, 1850; m. John F. Hall and lives in 
Atlantic City, N. J.; (6) James North, b. 2 Sept., 1855; lives 
in Atlantic City, N. J.; (7) William McKeckine North, b. 18 
Feb., 1858; lives in Hammonton, N. J. Eliza Underwood North 
d. 31 July, 1896, at Hammonton, N. J. 

iv. Joseph Hall, b. , 1817; d. 12 Feb., 1845, s. 28. 

v. Thomas Parker, b. 8 June, 1818, at Fayette, Me. Gradu- 
ated from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., in the class 
of 1843; was a teacher in Amcnia Seminary, Amenia, N. Y., 184.1- 
1850; went to Mobile, Ala., 1850-1851, on account of poor health 
and d. at Fayette, Maine, 27 Jan., 1852. 

vi. Sarah Ann, b. 17 July, 1822; m. 24 Sept., 1844, James 
Fuller of Hartland, Me., and had children: (i) Elizabeth A. 
Fuller, b. 26 Dec, 1845; d. 20 Oct., 1850; (2) Joseph H. Under- 
wood Fuller, h. 15 Sept., 1847; d. 17 Nov., 1865; (3) James L. 
Fuller, b. 20 May, 1851; d. 19 July, 1887;! (4) Jennie Fuller, 

* For record of the ancestry and descendants of this branch of the North Family 
see Appendix. 

t James L. Fuller m. 11 Aug., 1879, in Portland, Ore., Katie Taylor, b. 28 
April, 1856, and had children, born at Heppner, Ore.: (i) Charles Fuller, b. 13 
Sept., 1880; (2) Hubert Fuller, b. i8 July, 1882; d. in Sept., 1882; (3) Arthur T. 
Fuller, b. 10 July, 1884; (4) James L. Fuller, h. 8 Nov., 1886. 


b. 15 Sept., 1852; (5) Henry Clay Fuller, b. 12 Feb., 1854; d. 10 
April, 1903;* (6) Arthur IF. Fuller, b. 26 May, 1856; d. 10 Aug., 
1859; (7) Charles L. Ftiller, b. 14 May, 1859; d- 5 J"ly. 1872; 
(8) Harriet Underwood Fuller, b. 18 July, 1861; m. William 
Baker who d. 2 Sept., 1903. Sarah Undenvood Fuller d. 9 
May, 1891, at Hartland, Me. 

Mary Aiken Underwood d. 22 July, 1822, and Joseph Hall 
Underwood m. (2) 25 Dec, 1822, Jane Aiken, sister of his first 
wife, b. 14 July, 1798, and had children: 

vii. Jane Aiken, b. 29 Sept., 1823; m. 22 Feb., 1859, Alonzo 
Wing of Jefferson, Wis., and had two children: (i) Lucy E. Whig, 
b. 4 May, i860; d. in Sept., i860; (2) Hoivard A. Wing, b. 9 
June, 1861 ; d. in 1880. Jane Underwood Wing d. 24 Dec, 1884. 

viii. Albert Gallatin, b. 16 Sept., 1831. (See no. 157.) 
ix. Henry C, b. 29 April, 1833; d. 2 Dec, 1853, at Sacra- 
mento, Calif. 

X. George, b. 20 Sept., 1834. (See no. 159.) 
xi. Gilbert, b. 11 Dec, 1835. (See no. 160.) 

xii. Helen, b. 20 June, 1841; m. William H. Goodwin of 
Conway, N. H., b. 26 Jan., 1839; d. 4 Dec, 1885; no children. 
Helen Underwood Goodwin is now living at Kent's Hill, Me. 

"Hon. Joseph Hall Underv\'Ood received such an education as 
the common schools and academies afiforded at the time of his 
youth. He came to Maine in his early manhood and taught 
school in Thomaston, Read field, Fayette, and other towns. He 
finally settled in Fayette and commenced his successful mercan- 
tile and business career which extended through more than 
fifty- five years. He was one of the best known business men 
of Kennebec county. He was twice married and both his v/ives 

* Henry Clay Fuller m. 25 Dec, 1S74, at Hartland, Me., Mary I. Linn, 
b. iS Nov., 1856, and had children born in Hartland, Me.: (i) Grace Wilson Fuller, 
b. 8 June, 1S75; m. i Dec, 1S96, at Hartland, Me., George Teel Osborn of Peabody, 
Mass., and d. 31 March, 1901; (2) James Elmo Fuller, b. 9 May, 1877; m. 10 June, 
1903, in Boston, Mass., Bertha Cherrington; (3) Guy Goss Fuller, b. 25 July, 1880; 
m. 17 Dec, 1903, in Lewiston, Me., Edith Fuller; (4) Carrol Fuller, b. 27 Jan., 
1884; d. in Aug., 18S6; (s) Elmer Linn Fuller, b. 12 July. 1886; (6) Ralph Linn 
Fuller, b. 2 Jan., 1889; d. 10 Sept., 1890. 


were women of superior talents and attainments. Mr. Under- 
wood in his time was the foremost citizen of Fayette, held the 
most prominent position in society and always exerted a powerful 
influence in public affairs. He was always popular with his 
townsmen, and was elected to office many times by their suff"rages. 
He was a leading whig politician in the State of M aine. He repre- 
sented the town of his adoption in the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts, and afterwards served several terms as representative 
and one term as senator in the Maine Legislature. Still later 
he was a member of Gov. Edward Kent's council. He was also 
a candidate for presidential elector. Influential men of his party, 
believing that the use of his name would add strength to their 
ticket, urgently solicited Mr. Underwood to become a candidate 
for gubernatorial or congressional honors, but he respectfully 
declined, preferring to attend to his business affairs rather than 
to go farther in politics. His keen sense of justice always led 
him to espouse the right side of every moral question. In all his 
business transactions he was methodical and exact to a remark- 
able degree. In personal presence and bearing he was ever 
dignified and gentlemanly. 

He possessed a never failing fund of wit and humor, and highly 
enjoyed a good joke and a hearty laugh. Every worthy cause 
and every social improvement had his hearty co-operation. He 
was a firm friend of education, and a strong patron of institutions 
of learning. His tendencies were progressive, and in his views 
he was broad and liberal. None rejoiced more than he at the 
onward march of science, civilization, and true Christianity."* 
His portrait appears opposite page 99. 

Joseph Hall Under^vood d. 8 Nov., 1867, at Fayette, Me. 
Jane Aiken Underwood, his widow, d. 24 Oct., 1884. 

157. Albert Gallatin Underwood of Fayette, Me., (son of 
Joseph H. 156) b. 16 Sept., 1831, at Fayette, Me.; m. 6 Nov., 

* The above account was written by A. F. Watson of Fayette, Maine, and 
appeared in the History of Kennebec county together with a full page picture of 
Mr. Undenvood. 


1856, Eliza A., dau. of Samuel and Didamia (Stimpson) Tuck, b. 
23 Aug., 1834, and had children: 

i. William Parker, b. 9 Aug., 1857. (See no. 158.) 

ii. Albert Walter, b. 7 Sept., i860; was educated at Kent's 
Hill College and spent some time at Bates College; unm.; is a 
farmer at F^ayette, Me. 

iii. Clara Alberta, b. 31 Jan., 1863, She was educated in 
the schools of Atlantic City, N. J., where she has lived since 
1873. She is now principal of the primary school, Atlantic City, 

iv. Jane Aikin, b. 22 Dec, 1864; educated at Kent's Hill 
College; resides with her parents at Fayette, Me. 

Albert G. Unden.vood was a farmer at Fayette, Me., and lived 
on the homestead built by his father. He d. in 1905. 

158. William Parker Underwood of Lewiston,, Me., (son of 
Albert G. 157) b. 9 Aug., 1857, at Fayette, Me.; m. 17 Nov., 1886, 
Annabel, dau. of Wallcs and Annie Miller; no children. William 
Parker Underwood was educated at Kent's Hill, Me., and after- 
wards became a railroad engineer. He d. 2 July, 1899, at 
Lewiston, Me., where his widow now resides. 

159. George Underwood of Fayette, Me., (son of Joseph H. 
156) b. 20 Sept., 1834, at Fayette, Me.; m. CaroHne F., dau. of 
Elventon Parker and Rebecca C. (Emerson) Nash, b. 20 June, 
1838; no children. George Undenvood was engaged for many 
years with his brother Gilbert as an importer and breeder of 
blooded stock at Fayette, Me., living near the old homestead 
formerly occupied by his father. He was also a teacher and 
served as commissioner of schools at various times extending 
over a period of nearly forty years. He d. 8 Dec, 1906, at 
Fayette, Me., where he had spent the greater part of his life. 
His widow still resides at Fayette. 

160. Gilbert Underwood of Fayette, Me., (son of Joseph H. 
156) b. II Dec, 1835, at Fayette, Me.; m. 8 Sept., 1867, Annie 
E., dau. of John Alonzo and Abigail (Mace) Holmes, b. 8 March, 
1841, and had children: 


i. Joseph H., b. 26 Nov., 186S; was educated at Kent's 
Hill College and prepared for Harvard University; unm.; is a 
farmer and breeder of stock at Fayette, IMe., living with his 

ii. Emma Jane, b. 9 Jan., 1870; educated at Kent's Hill 
College; is a teacher in the schools of Atlantic City, N. J. 

iii. Mary Helen, b. 23 April, 1880; educated at Kent's Hill 
College; resides with her parents at Fayette, Me. 

Gilbert Underwood is an importer and breeder of blooded 
stock, having been for many years engaged with his brother in 
importing Hereford cattle, at Fayette, Me., living near the old 
homestead formerly occupied by his father. He has also been a 
school teacher. 

161. Peter Underwood of Saugerties, N. Y., (son of TJwmas 
155) b. 16 July, 1792, at Amherst, N. H.; m. 19 June, 1817, Ann 
Gage of Charlestown, Mass., b. 12 March, 1798, and had one 

i. Ann Eliza, b. 22 Jan., 1819; m, 4 Aug., 1842, Ezra Ran- 
dall of Wetumpka, Ala., and had six children: (i) Aym Children 
Randall, b. 28 June, 1843, in Charlestown, Mass.; d. 5 April, 
1847, in Tuskegee, Ala.; (2) Laura Randall, b. 18 Oct., 1846, 
in Tuskegee, Ala. ;* (3) Henry Webster Randall, b. 18 Feb., 1849; d. 
in Feb., 1901, in Kansas City, Mo.;t (4) Elizabeth Gage Randall, 
b. 21 June, 1855, iri Ashburnham, Mass.; d. 27 Feb., 1856, at 

* Laura Randall m. in 1868, Samuel H. Bailey of Pawtucket, R. I., and had 

i. Anna Bailey, b. 29 July, 1871; m. 20 June, 1894, Albert L. Morrison of 
Providence, R. I., and has two daughters: (i) Ruth Morrison, b. 26 April, 1898; 
(2) Hope Morrison, b. 22 Aug., 1901. 

ii. Laura Gertrude Baii.ey, b. 20 May, 1873; unm.; resides in Baltimore, Md. 
iii. Samuel Bailey, b. 24 July, 1880, lives at Saugus, Mass. 
iv. Joseph Chester Bailey, b. 11 March, 1882; was a student at Brown Uni- 
versity, in 1904. 

t Henry WelJSter Eandall was married and left two children: 
i. A-Mos Bertr.a.l Randall, b. 12 Dec, 1873, in Providence, R. I. 
ii. Ethel Earl Randall, b. 15 Nov., 1881, in Pawtucket, R. I. 
Both reside at Providence, R. I. 


the same place; (5) Mary Webster Randall, b. 16 Aug., 1853, in 
Lewiston, Me.;* (6) Edmond Randall, b. 30 Sept., 1857, in 
Ashburnham, Mass.; d. 17 Dec, 1857, at the same place. Ann 
Eliza Randall d. 12 Oct., 1895, at Providence, R. I. 

Peter Underwood was a physician at Amherst, N. H., and 
afterwards rem. to Saugerties, N. Y. His family probably 
remained at Charlestown, Mass., where Ann Eliza Underwood, 
"dau. of Ann," was baptized in 1827. When last known he was 
living in a cabin south of Saugerties, N. Y., where he was visited 
by his niece, Mrs. Mehitable Underwood Lynde, dau. of James 
Undenvood (no. 163) soon after her marriage. The date of his 
death is not known. 

162. Charles Underwood of Nashua, N. H., (son of Thomas 

155?) b. 21 May, 1795, at Amherst, N. H.; m. , Mary R. 

, and had at least one son : 

i. Charles Henry, b. ; and living in Lowell, Mass., 

in 1863; nothing further known of him. 

Charles Under\vood lived at Nashua, N. H. He d. about 
1863. His estate was placed in the hands of Jacob D. Marsh as 
administrator, 4 Feb., 1863, and his widow and son Charles 
Henry were mentioned. These facts are obtained from the 
Nashua probate records. There is a possibility that this is 
another Charles Underwood than the son of Thomas as here 

163. James Underwood of New Boston, N. H., (son of Thomas 
155) b. 3 May, 1800, at Amherst, N. H.; m. Esther Kendall and 
had children: 

i. Mehitable, b. 4 Aug., 1825; m. John Hart Lynde of 
Saybrook, Conn., afterwards of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. 5 April, 1821 ; 
d, 28 Feb., 1901, and had children: (i) William H. Lynde, h. 

* Mary Webster Randall (to whom the compiler is indebted for this record 
of her grandfather's descendants) m. 20 Oct., 1874, Herbert M. Shove of Pawtucket, 
R. I., and had one daughter: 

i. Mabel Benson Shove, b. 30 July, 1873; d. 25 April, 1876. 


; d. ; (2) Mary Louisa Lynde, b. ; m. Walter R. 

Jones, a merchant of Brooklyn, N. Y.; (3) Esther Maria Lynde, 

b. ; for many years a teacher in the Brooklyn city schools; 

unm.; d. 29 April, 1904; (4) Harriet Hart Lynde, b. ; m. (i) 

George M. Van Alst, who d. 31 July, 1890, and she m. (2) Henry 
Carson, a merchant of Brooklyn, N. Y. Mehitable Underwood 
Lynde resided for many years at 517 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y., with her eldest daughter. She d. 9 Dec, 1906, at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.* 

ii. John Kendall, b. 3 April, 1827, at New Boston, N. H.; 
rem. to CaHfornia 1848; unm.; d. 16 May, 1878. 
iii. James, b. 26 April, 1831; d. 28 Jan., 1834. 
James Underv/ood was a prosperous farmer at New Boston, 
N. H., where he d. 9 July, 1832 (7 Aug., according to Nashua 
probate record); after his death, the guardianship of his three 
minor children was given (3 April, 1833) to Isaac Gage. His 
widow, Esther Kendall Underwood, m. (2) Timothy Eastman of 
Plymouth, N. H., and resided at that place until her death, 24 
Oct., 1885. 

164. William Underwood of , (son of TJwmas 155) b. 30 

Oct., 1806; m. , Little is known of this man. He was one 

of the residuary legatees of his father's will and with his sister, 
Susannah, inherited the bulk of his father's estate. A William 
Underwood died intestate, 29 Nov., 1840, at Nashua, N. H. It 
seems probable that he was the same man. Petition for ad- 
ministration was made by Naomi S. Underwood, but there is 
nothing to show what relation she was to the deceased. 

165. John Underwood of Litchfield, N. H., (son of James 150) 
b. 17 Feb., 1769, at Litchfield, N. H.; m. 5 July, 1792, at Merri- 

* As a school girl, Mrs. Lynde with others of her class addressed letters to prom- 
inent people bearing their names. Mrs. Lynde wrote to U. S. Senator Joseph R. 
Underwood of Kentucky, and received a very pleasant reply which she cherished 
for many years. 


mack, N. H., Elizabeth Parker* of the same place and had 
children : 

I. Matthew Parker, b. ; d. 28 April, 1795. 

ii. Mary Lund, b. 3 July, 1797; m. Joseph Harvill. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. ; m. John Widden. 

iv. John, b. . (See no. 166.) 

V, Susannah, b. . 

vi. James, b. . 

vii. Sally, b. .f 

John Underwood lived at Litch fields N. H., and is mentioned 
in the records as a deacon of the church. He d. 5 May, 1813, 
at Litchfield, N. H. His widow, Elizabeth, is mentioned in the 
papers relating to the settlement of the estate 16 June, 1813, 
and the partition papers mention portions of John Widden in 
the right of his wife, Elizabeth, Joseph Harvill in the right of 
his wife, Mary, John Under^vood, and the three younger children, 
Susannah, James and Sally, for whom a guardian was appointed. 
The estate of an Elisabeth Underwood, insolvent, appears on 
the probate records of Hillsborough county in 182 1. It may 
have been the widow above noted. 

166. John Underwood of Nashua, N. H., (son of John 165?) 

b. ; m. (i) Melinda and had children: 

i. Sarah J., b. ; m. James Bragg of Temple, N. H. 

ii. James J., b. ; m. and had six children. 

iii. Mary E., b. ; m. Albert Sharpe. 

iv. Letitia M., b. ; m. Farnum Runnels, and had one 

daughter: Runnels, b. about 1864. Letitia Underwood 

Runnels d. in Nashua, N. H., about 1864. 

v. Erastus C, b. 6 Feb., 1845. (See no. 167.) 
John Underwood was engaged in business at Nashua, N. H., 

* The records of Litchfield say "published 20 May, 1792." which is the same 
date as that for his sisters Sally and Rachel (cf. page 93). The three Were also 
married on the same day, 5 July following, as appears on the Merrimack records. 

t A Sarah P. Underwood m. a Mr. Howe who formerly lived at 162 W. Spring- 
field St., Boston. They had one son, Wilmot P. Howe, b. . (Boston Post 



where he d. in 1866. His will made 21 March, 1866, was admitted 
to probate 24 April, 1866, and mentions his four living children 
who received $1, $500, $500, and $450 in the order named, and 
his granddaughter, dau. of Letitia M. Runnels, who received $50. 
It is from this will alone that the above record has been made. 
It is entirely probable that this record represents the line as 
indicated above, and in the absence of any evidence to the 
contrary, it has been so placed. 

167. Erastus C. Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of John 

166) b. 6 Feb., 1845, at Litchfield, N. H.; m. C. A. , and 

had children: 

i. John H., b. 10 Nov., 1868. (See no. 168.) 
ii. Georgia Ella, b. 9 April, 1871; unm.; resides at 
Lexington, Mass., 12 Bedford St. 

iii. Melvin F., b. 28 Nov., 1873. (See no. 169.) 
Erastus C. Underwood was engaged in business at Boston, 
Mass. He d. at that place 4 July, 1878. 

168. John H. Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Erastus 

167) b. 10 Nov., 1868, in Hudson, Mass.; m. (i) 27 Nov., 1889, 
Mabel C. Llewellyn and had one child: 

i, Chester H., b. -; d. 2 Dec, 1903, aged 9 yrs. 4 mos. 

19 dys. 

Mabel Llewellyn Underwood d. 10 June, 1896, and John H. 
Underwood m. (2) 6 April, 1904, Frances M. James and had one 

ii. ; d. at birth. 

John H. Underwood is now (1910) living in Boston, Mass. 

169. Melvin Frances Underwood of Somerville, Mass., (son of 
Erastus C. 167) b. 28 Nov., 1873; m. 20 Dec, 1895, Cora Ann 
Beaudry and had children: 

i. Estelle Frances, b. 8 March, 1899. 
ii. Jennie May, b. 23 May, 1901. 
Melvin F. Underwood is electrician for the city of Somerville, 
Mass.. with residence at 216 Medford St. 


The Natick Branch. 

This branch was founded by Jonathan Underwood (son of 
Joshua 8*) who settled first in Natick, Mass., and later removed 
to Sudbury, Mass. 

170. Jonathan Underwood of Sudbury, Mass., (son of Joshua 
8) b. 4 Nov., 171 1, at Sherborn, Mass.; m. 22 Jan., 1740, Priscilla 
Bailey and had children: 

i, John, b. 17 Sept., 1742. (See no. 171.) 
ii. Mary, b. 5 Aug., 1745, at Natick, Mass. 
iii. Mercy, b. 3 Dec, 1747, at Natick, Mass. 
iv, Abigail, b. 25 May, 1751, at Natick, Mass.; ni. 4 Feb., 
1753, at Sudbury, Mass., Samuel Rice. 

V. Hannah, b. 30 May, 1755, at Sudbury, Mass.; m. at 
the same place 29 April, 1776, Enoch Johnson of Needham, Mass. 
vi. Lydia, b. 5 March, 1758, at Sudbury, Mass. 
Jonathan Underwood appears to have been living in Natick, 
Mass., In 1754, but about that date must have rem. to Sudbury, 
Mass., where the births of his two youngest daughters are 
recorded. We have been unable to find a record of the date of his 
death. He may have removed elsewhere and had other cliildren. 

171. John Underwood of Sudbury, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
170) b. 17 Sept., 1742, at Natick, Mass.; m. at Sudbur>', Mass., 
29 Dec, 1763, Bathsheba Rice and had children born in Sudbury: 

i. Isaac, b. 25 Oct., 1764. (See no. 172.) 

ii. Jonas, b. 10 June, 1767. (See no. 190.) 
iii. Anna, b. 29 June, 1769. 

iv. AsAHEL, b. 10 Aug., 1770. Nothing further is known of 
this son. 

V. Gideon, b. 8 March, 1773.! (See no. 203). 

* It is the opinion of the editor that he was far more probably the Jonathan 
Underwood, b. 7 April, 1714 (son of John 5). 

t No reference to this son appears in the Sudbury records, but from the family 
traditions it appears probable that he belongs here. 

Dr. Underwood was evidently somewhat uncertain as to the lines of the chil- 
dren of John Under^vood and his records are in some confusion at this point. The 
arrangement here followed, however, seems to accord with the known facts. Ed. 


John Underwood d. certainly before 1778 as the Sudbur>' 
records have the following entry: "26 Nov., 1778, Mrs. Bath- 
sheba Underwood married James Dryander." There is no 
record of his death at Sudbury. Is this the Underwood who d. 
in the Revolution in prison, ancestor of Rev. William Underwood 
of Illinois? He was undoubtedly the "John Underwood of 
Sudbury son of Jonathan" who was in the Colonial service 35 
weeks and 3 days in 1763, 

172. Isaac Underwood of Wayne county, O., (son of John 171) 
b. 25 Oct., 1764; m. Zilpha Castle and had children: 
i. John, b. ^-^^.'\ {See." no. 173.) 

ii. Henry, b. . (See no. 175.) 

iii. Ahira, b. . (See no. 176.) 

iv. Lanson, b. in 1802. (See no. 180.) 

V. Lorenzo, b. . (See no. 188.) 

vi. Valentine, b. . (See no. 189.) 

vii. RoxANiE, b. ; m. Johnston and had children: 

(i) Homer Johnston; (2) Abel Johjiston; and (3) Roxanie John- 
ston, living in Medina county, O. 

viii. Olive, b. ; m. Moss and had a "large family" 

in Wayne county, O. 

The family tradition concerning this Isaac Underwood is as 
follows. He lived in Princeton, Mass., and being too young 
at the outbreak of the Revolution to enter the army he enlisted 
at the age of 12 as a cabin boy on a privateer on which he served 
three years and was sent back with a small crew on a prize to 
New York. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the land service 
and served to the close of the war.* He then married a Vermont 
girl and removed to New York state and lost all trace of his 
brothers. He lived in Lyons, N. Y., where his son John was 
born, then rem. to Geauga county, O., then to^S;tark county, and 
finally to Wayne county where he d. in i^r^t^-'t^^^. Most of 

* In the Massachusetts Revolutionary War Records Isaac Underwood is men- 
tioned as having enlisted from Sudbury 15 April, 1781, for three years and is described 
as 16 years old, 5 ft. 4 in. high with light hair and blue eyes. Ed. 


the above information was obtained from the son, John Under- 
wood of Galesburg, 111., in 1882, w-ho also stated that his father 
had brothers, Jonas and John. If we are correct in assigning 
Isaac Underwood here it would seem probable that the last 
named brother is an error. 

173. John Underwood of Galesburg, 111., (son of Isaac 172) 

b. at Lyons, N. Y._; m. , and had children: O i 7 /-"-<'/ / ^ ^ 

i. \YiLLiAM, b. . (See no. 174.) ^^ ^ 

ii. Kezia, b. ; unm.; she was a teacher. W- /-/^^'--"-^ /'-^'^ 

iii. Daniel, b. . , 

iv. Thomas, b. ^ .-^^'V^'^-'^.^Y^i,, .,. , j . / j ■ 

V. Cicely,. b. . ' ^ ' ' 

vi. Annie, b. —;^. -^vvr^- r. y ' -^jfe^t;^-- o 
John Underwood lived between^^Calesburg "an^d IMonmouth, 
111., and d. at that place. One of his daughters m. Hugh Bigham. '-^'-f 

174. "William Underwood of , (son of John 173) b. ; 

m. , and had at least one child : 

i. William, b. . Nothing further known of this son. 

William Underwood was a clergyman of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church in the Illinois Conference. 

175. Henry Underwood of , Wis., (son of Isaac 172) b. 

; m. , and had children: 

i. Oliver ? 
ii. Lorenzo ? 
Reports as to the location of this family were conflicting and 
no certain trace of them has been found. 

176. Ahira Underwood of Lemoore, Calif., (son of Isaac 172) 

b. ; m. Nancy Fauble* and had children: 

i. Wesley, b. 8 Sept., 1834; m. 30 Aug., 1863, Mary E. 
Mills and had no children. He is a farmer and fruit and raisin 
producer, and lives at 156 Cayuga St., Santa Cruz, Calif. 

* Nancy Fauble was a sister of Elizabeth Fauble who married Ahira's brother, 
Lanson. For further notice of the Fauble family see page 113. 


ii. Ezra Edwin, b. i6 Jan., 1837. (See no. 177.) 

iii. Mary E., b. , 1839; m. and had children who 

are living in various parts of CaUfornia. She d. in 1903. 

iv. William Sanford, b. 15 Jan., 1841; m. and had 

three daughters, names not learned, and one son, Charles. 
William S. Underwood lives in Clonis, Calif. 

v. Nancy j\I., b. , 1843; ^- John Frederick and had a 

family who are now living at Ripon, San Joaquin Co., Calif. 

^^. Lanson Michael, b. , 1845; m. ; no children; 

lives at Bakersfield, Calif. 

vii. Lewis, b. , 1847; unm.; d. in 1871. 

viii. George M., b. 7 Sept., 1850. 

Ahira Underwood was born and married in Ohio, but moved 
to California at about the time of the gold excitement. He was 
a farmer and lived at Lemoore, Calif., where he d. 

177. Ezra Edwin Underwood of Santa Cruz, Calif., (son of 
Ahira 176) b. 16 Jan., 1837; m. 30 Aug., 1863, Mary F. Hughes 
and had children: 

i. William E., b. 13 Nov., 1864; m. i Jan., 1890, Ainie 
Adams of Concord, N. H.; no children; lives at Bakersfield, 

ii. ^"llfred F., b. 5 June, 1867. (See no. 178.) 
iii. Herbert Lanson, b. 19 Aug., 1870. (See no. 179.) 
Ezra Underwood is a farmer, having lived at Modesto, Calif., 
for many years and since 1890 in Santa Cruz, Calif., at 96 Wind- 
ham St. 

178. Alfred F. Underwood of Tres Pinos, Calif., (son of Ezra 
177) b. 5 June, 1867; m. 24 Aug., 1887, Nellie Halenbeck and 
had children: 

i. Marion Edwin, b. 8 Dec, 1889. 
ii. Ida Margaret, b. 7 Sept., 1891. 
iii. Helen Irene, b. 15 Jan., 1896. 
iv. Agnes Frances, b. 15 Aug., 1897. 
Alfred F. Underwood lives at Tres Pinos, Calif. 


179. Herbert Lanson Underwood of Merced, Calif., (son of 
Ezra 177) b. 19 Aug., 1870; m. 3 March, 1891, Jennie Caldersv'ood 
of Modesta, Calif., and has children: 

i, Herbert Alonzo, b. 29 Nov., 1891. 
ii. Fr-\nk Lanson, b. 17 Feb., 1893. 
iii. Alfred Carl, b. 18 March, 1895. 
iv. Willl\m Lloyd, b. 6 Aug., 1896. 
Herbert L. Underwood is said to reside at Merced, Calif., but 
a letter addressed to him there in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." 

180. Lanson Underwood of Medina county, O., (son of Isaac 

172) b. , 1802; m. in April, 1824, Elizabeth Fauble* who was 

b. 9 June, 1807, and had children: 

i. Michael, b. 20 Feb., 1825. (See no. 181.) 

ii. ZiLPHA, b. , 1827; m. George Murray, a British 

soldier. He was also in the United States army in the Civil War 
for three years. 

iii. SOPHLA., b. 14 Feb., 1829; m. (i) Martin Flint and had 

one son: (i) Martin Flint, b. ; m. Julia and had two _ 

sons, Harry and Herbert. f Sophia's husband, Martin Flint, , 
died, and she married (2) Henry Strank a widower with several , , 

children and had two sons: (2) Clark Strank, b. ; m. Emma 

White and had two children, Henry and Herbert; and (3) Eugenie 

Strank, b. ; unm. Clark and Eugene Strank live at Eton ^^ 

Rapids, Mich. Sophia Underwood Strank d. 3 Jan., 1880. ?U' 

iv. Henry, b. 9 May, 1831. (See no. 184.) ^ ^ .^U^ 

* Elizabeth Fauble was a sister of Nancy Fauble who married Lanson's brother, ^'_ ^ i'-/ ^^'^ 

Ahira. seepage III. The father of Elizabeth and Nancy Fauble was Michael Fauble y _^-j i'--^-^ 

of Maryland. His ancestors are said to have been Holland Dutch. He moved to _^^^ 7 --^ ' " 

Pennsylvania and from there to Wayne county, O. His wife's name was McMahon ^ ,, , ., , -^--^ 
and she was said to be of Irish descent. Her father was a soldier in the Revolu- 
tionary War and was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth where he received a 
severe saber cut on the side of the face that knocked out several teeth. Michael 

Fauble's children were John, Samuel, Michael, Isaac, Margaret, Elizabeth, Nancy, \^^ i .^-' ' 

and Mattie. _, - ^-ui- 

t The sons and their mother, Julia Flint, are thought to be living at Lansing, '^ ,■_^. 

Mich., Martin Flint being dead. '7 '*•'■' '' ;' 

^ ■ 

/,.x;^i^ ^c- 

■^ i:j f..i U-.U. fi^.'^-^ ^ri~^ 


V. Mary Jane, b. ; m. Samuel Fulton and had children: 

(i) Eugene Ftdton, b. ; m. Ida Rhea;* (2) Ida Fulton, b. ; 

m. Elmer C. Robinson ;t (3) Fraiik Fulton, b. ; m. Ida Hall;t 

(4) Eva Fulton, b. ; m. Peter Poorbaugh and has one child, 

Sarah. In her younger days Mary J. Underwood Y\'as a teacher 
in Ohio and after saving a little money went for one term to 
Oberlin College, She then went to Illinois and lived with her 
brother, Michael, and taught school until her marriage. She 
and her husband travelled from Illinois to Kansas in i860 in a 
"Prairie Schooner" and settled at Towanda, Kan., when it was 
only a trading post. Mary d. at Towanda 11 Sept., 1896. Her 
husband is also dead. 

vi. Elmer Brewster, b. 2 Jan., 1837; m. Elizabeth Hood 
and had no children. He was a stockman and farmer. His wife 
became a cripple and was compelled to use a wheel chair. They 
were very benevolent people and the poor and needy, if worthy, 
received a welcome at their home. They were known to every 
one as Uncle Elmer and Aunt Lib. It is said that he served as 
a soldier in the Civil War, He d. 1 1 Nov., 1898. 

vii, Catherine, b. Feb., 1840; m. James Simpson and had a 
large family most of whom are married. She lives in Douglas, 
Butler Co., Kan. James Simpson is dead, 

Lanson Underwood was a farmer, lived in Wayne county, O., 
and then in Medina county, where he d. 15 Nov., 1840, by the 
bursting of a blood vessel in a fit of coughing. Elizabeth Fauble 
Underwood married (2) Amasa Sweet and had four sons: Levi, 
Alfred, Lanson, and Edwin. She d, , aged 92 years. 

* Eugene Fulton has had six children: Claud, Ina, Feme, Estel, Lois, and Haze 
Beth. Claud Fulton m. Jessie Parker and has one son, Parker Fulton. Feme 
Fulton m. and has one son. Estel Fulton is dead. Eugene lives on the homestead 
at Towanda, Kan. 

t Ida Fulton Robinson had two children, Helen and Sarah. Her husband, 
Elmer C. Robinson, is dead. She lives at Eldorado, Kan. 

X Frank Fulton has at least two children, Elsie and Ralph. He lives at Eldorado, 


181. Michael Underwood of Parsons, Kan., (son of Lanson 
180) b. 20 Feb., 1825, in Wayne county, O.; m. 22 April, 1847, 
Mary Elizabeth Beach, b. 25 Aug., 1830, and had children: 
i. Albert Lanson, b. i8 Oct., 1848. (See no. 182.) 
ii. Edwin, b. 18 April, 1850; d. 7 Nov., 1853. 

iii. Henry Lafayette, b. 16 Jan., 1852; m. , and is a 

farmer in Galva, la.* 

iv. Lucy Ann, b. 5 Feb., 1854; m. 7 Nov., 1873, 

Thomas, and lives in Alberta, Canada. 

V. William Henry, b. 4 Nov., 1S55. (See no. 183.) 
vi. Ellen, b. 27 May, 1857, at Coalbrook, 111.; d. 2 June, 
i860, at Oneida, 111. 

vii. Emma Bell, b. 5 Feb., i860, at Galva, 111.; m. 4 Aug., 
1874, Isaac Bixler, and now (1910) lives in Strongsbury, Neb. 

viii. Martha Jane, b. 5 June, 1863, at Coalbrook, 111.; m. 
23 Feb., 1871, John M. Lackey, at Galva, 111. She d. 5 April, 

Elizabeth Beach Underwood d. 30 Aug., 1874, and Michael 
Underwood m. (2) 7 Nov., 1875, Katie Burlin who was b. in 
Monmouth county, N. J., 13 July, 1849, and had children: 

ix. Byron Western, b. 22 Aug., 1876, at Galva, 111. He 
became a soldier in the United States army 21 June, 1899, and 
is now stationed at Fort Hamilton, N. Y. 

X. Maggie May, b. 22 Oct., 1877, at Galva, 111. She is an 
invalid and resides with her parents in Parsons, Kan. 

xi. Ollie Elizabeth, b. 17 Dec, 1878, at Galva, 111.; m. 
16 Aug., 1900, Jessie M. Wall. 

xii. James Milton, b. 2-j June, 1881. 

xiii. Mable Rose, b. 14 Sept., 1882, at Sciota, 111.; m. ii 
Sept., 1906, Steve A. Briggs, and lives in Weir City, Kan. 

xiv. Ira R^WiiOND, b. 19 Feb., 1885, at Sciota, 111.; m. 29 
Dec, 1909, Jessie R. Miller, and lives in Hennepin, 111. 

XV. Elmer Brewster, b. 19 March, 1886; d. 16 Sept., 1886. 
xvi. Charles Martin, b. 24 May, 1889. He is a mechanic 
and lives at Parsons, Kan. 

* A letter addressed to him in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


xvii. Basil, b. 26 Dec, 1888; d. 30 Dec, 1888. 

Michael Underwood is a farmer and moved from Ohio to 
Henry county. 111., in 1858 where he owned a farm of 172 acres 
valued at $15,660. He was a justice of the peace in Henry county 
for six years, supervisor one year and held several other important 
offices. He afterwards rem. to Parsons, Kan., where he likewise 
held several public positions and where he is now (1910) 

182. Albert Lanson Underwood of Cabool, Mo., (son of 
Michael 181) b. 18 Oct., 1848; m. i Jan., 1879, Carrie Peterson 
and had children: 

i. Mabel Esther, b. 19 March, 1882. 
ii. Julia Harriet, b. 26 Feb., 1886. 
iii. Clinton Lanson, b. 5 April, 1890. 
Albert L. Underwood is a farmer in Cabool, Mo. His two 
eldest children are teachers, and the boy is at home on the 

183. William Henry Underwood of Augusta, Kan., (son of 
Michael 181) b. 4 Nov., 1855; m. 25 Aug., 1887, Annie White 
and had children: 

i. David H., b. 24 July, 1888. 

ii. Michael L., b. 22 April, 1890; m. 7 Feb., 1910, Jane 

iii. William H., b. 24 April, 1897; d. 10 Oct., 1899. 
iv. Pauline L., b. 29 March, 1905. 
V. WiLFORD R., b. 25 Feb., 1909. 
William H. Underwood is a farmer and lived for a time in 
Barton county, Kan., where his two eldest boys were born. He 
then moved to August, Butler Co., Kan., and has lived there 
ever since. 

184. Henry Underwood of Granger, Medina Co., O., (son of 
Lanson 180) b. 9 May, 1831 ; m. 9 May, 1852, Hannah Elizabeth 
Dunsha and had children: 

i. A son, b. 10 Sept., 1855; d. same day. 


ii. Ira Lanson, b. 18 Feb., 1857. (See no. 185.) 
iii. Elmer Brewster, b. 3 March, 1859. (See no. 186.) 
iv. William Sanford, b. 10 Sept., 1861; m. 10 Sept., 1883, 
Sarah R. Dague and had no children. He Hved on his father's 
farm. His wife d. in 1891 of consumption and WiUiam d. 31 
July, 1895, of typhoid fever. 

V. Ida May, b. 2 Oct., 1864; unm.; is a nurse and house- 
keeper in Peninsula, 0.* 

vi. Luella, b. 20 Nov., 1870; m. 31 Dec, 1890, Newell Excell 
Baumgardner and has children: (i) Ray William Baumgardner, 
b. 29 Jan., 1892; (2) Ralph Hobart Baumgardner, h. 18 Aug., 
1893; (3) Geneva Louise Baumgardner, b. 20 March, 1897; d. 3 
Feb., 1906; (4) Homer Leland Baumgardner, b. 5 Nov., 1901. 
Luella and her husband live in Peninsula, O. 

vii. Jesse Nelson, b. 28 Feb., 1874. (See no. 187.) 
viii. Cora Elizabeth, b. 22 March, 1877; m. Edwin Bell 

Howe and has children: (i) Glenn Edwiyi Howe, b. ; (2) 

Henry Howe, b. ; (3) Richard Bell Howe, b. ; (4) 

Isadore Howe, h. ; (5) Nina May Howe, h. ■. Cora and 

her husband live in Ira, 0. 

Henry Underwood was a farmer and lived in Granger, Medina 
Co., O., where he d. 3 Jan., 1883, of pneumonia. His wife, 
Hannah, d. 14 July, 1887. When a boy, it is said, he often went 
to mill on horseback a distance of fourteen miles through the 

185. Ira Lanson Underwood of Everett, O., (son of He7zry 184) 
b. 18 Feb., 1857; m. 22 Feb., 1881, Louisa Miller, who was b. 11 
Dec, 1861, and had two children: 

i. Edith May, b. 24 June, 1882; m. 30 May, 1909, J. E. 

ii. Miller H., b. 14 July, 1884; m. 20 Feb., 1907, Opal 
Marie Fulmer. 

* The editor is under great obligations to Miss Ida M. Underwood for her aid 
in securing the records of the descendants of Lanson Underwood. 


Ira L. Underwood is a farmer and lives (1910) near Everett, 
Summitt Co., O. 

186. Elmer Brewster Underwood of Medina, O., (son of Hairy 
184) b. 3 March, 1859; m. 4 April, 1880, Lola May Ganyard, who 
was b. 7 Nov., 1863, and had one child: 

i, Aldrich, b. 13 April, 1889. 
Elmer B. Underwood has been a farmer and still owns and 
conducts his farm, but is chiefly employed now (1910) as a 
traveling salesman. He lives in Medina, Medina Co., O. His 
son, Aldrich, is a junior in Oberlin College, and expects to engage 
in educational work. 

187. Jesse Nelson Underwood of Akron, O., (son of Henry 
154) b. 28 Feb., 1874; m. 31 May, 1909, Gertrude Dunham, b. 
10 Jan., 1892, and has one son: 

i. Roy William, b. 3 Feb., 1910. 
Jesse N. Underwood is a manufacturer of ice cream and candy 
and lives in Akron, O. 

188. Lorenzo Underwood of Wayne Co., O., (son of Isaac 172) 

b. ; m. , and had children: 

i. Joseph, b. . 

ii. Valentine, b. . 

Lorenzo Underwood lived in Wayne county, O., where his two 
sons are still said to reside. He d. while on his way to Calif. 

189. Valentine Underwood of Galesburg, 111., {son oi Isaac 172) 

b. ; m. and had children: 'vw i.^A^.r.J.--'^^"- ''^■^^' 

i. (son) 
ii.' (dau.) 

iii. Harriet, b. ; m. Davies of Berkeley, Calif. 

A letter addressed to her was opened by a Mrs. Hattie Davies 
and returned to the writer "unclaimed." 


190. Jonas Underwood of Deposit, N, Y., (son of John* 171) 
b. 10 June, 1767,1 in Sudbury, Mass.; m. about 1792, Sally Pine, 
b. 2 April, 1774, and had ten children: 

1. Be:tsey, b. 3 Aug., 1793; m. (i) Austin, and (2) 


ii. John, b. 25 Aug., 1795. (See no. 191.) 

iii. Phoebe, b. 14 March, 1798; m. Pringle and had 

two children: (i) Edward Pringle, h. ; (2) Pringle, 

b. ; m. Davenport and lives in Plymouth, Pa. 

iv. Peter, b, 2 Aug., 1800. (See no. 192.) 
y. Philip, b. 9 March, 1803. (See no. 193.) 
vi. Jonas, b. 17 Sept., 1805. (See no. 194.) 
vii. Sally, b. 27 Feb., 1808; m. Jesse Bunker of Deposit, 

N. Y., and had children: (i) Asbury Bunker, b. ; m. 

Burrows and lives in Deposit, N. Y.; (2) Isaac Bunker, b. ; 

unm.; (3) Martin Blinker, h. about 1833; m. Van Sleick;t 

(4) Mary Bunker, b. ; m, Edick; (5) Sally Bunker, 

b. ; (6) Harriet Bunker, b. . 

viii. Isaac, b. 14 July, 1810. (See no. 201.) 
ix. Almira, b. II March, 1813; m. Tilnus Wilbur of Delhi, 
N. Y., and had two daughters. The family afterwards rem. to 
Polo, 111. 

X. Mary Ann, b. 19 Oct., 1819; unm.; d. 
Jonas Underwood was a soldier in the Revolution enlisting from 

* According to the family tradition the father's name was Jonas. Dr. Under- 
wood appears to have given too much weight to this tradition which threw his 
records into confusion at this point. The Revolutionary War records of Massa- 
chusetts together with the records of the Pension Bureau appear to prove beyond 
question that Jonas Underwood above was the Jonas Underwood of Sudbury, 
Mass., son of John. John would easily be changed to Jonas in a family tradition, 
especially when it is considered that the son's name was Jonas and that the father 
died when the son was only about ten years old. Ed. 

t This date is from the Sudbury town records. In the Massachusetts War 
records his age is given as 14 years 9 months in 1781. In his application for a 
jjension 18 May, 1818, he gives his age as 53 years. The old family Bible now in 
IK)sscssion of A. Henry Underwood (no. 195) gives the date of his birth as 8 June, 
1763. Ed. 

JMartin Bunker had a daughter and a son, Charles, who lived in Deposit, N. Y. 


Sudbury, Mass., 2 March, 1781. He served two years and nine 
months as a private under Captains White and Phelps, and in the 
regiment of Col. Rufus Putnam. He was engaged in a battle 
near Fort Washington. He is described as 5 ft. 3^ in. high when 
16 years old with light hair and blue eyes. After the war he 
removed to Deposit, N. Y., where he was engaged in farming 
until his death in 1842. 

191. John Underwood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of Jonas 190) b. 
25 Aug., 1795, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. Harriet Edick of Deposit, 
N. Y., and had twelve children: 

i. Dick, b. ; d. . 

ii. George, b. ; lived at Hales Eddy, N. Y., in 1906. 

iii. Marietta, b. ; m, Webster of Binghamton, 

N. Y.; d. . 

iv. Ruth, b. ; d. . 

V. Esther, b. ; d. . 

vi. Betsey, b. ; m. and removed to Colorado. 

vil. Emmett, b. ; rem. to "the west"; all trace lost. 

viii. Margaret, b. ; d. . 

ix. Charles, b. ; became an engineer; all trace lost. 

X. Ellen, b. ; m. Dickenson of Deposit, N. Y. 

xi. Butler, b. ; became an engineer; all trace lost. 

xii. Nelson, b. ; killed by the falling of a tree in Brad- 
ford county. Pa. 

John Underwood was a butcher living at Deposit, N. Y., 
where he d. 18 Nov., 1S64. 

192. Peter Underwood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of Jonas 190) 
b. 2 Aug., 1800, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. Lucinda Austin of Deposit, 
N, Y,, and had two children: 

i. Peter, b. ; d. . 

ii. Mary, b. ; d. . 

Peter Underwood was a farmer at Deposit, N. Y., where he 
served as justice of the peace. He d. 7 Dec, 1871, at his native 


193. Philip Underwood of Polo, 111., (son of Jonas 190) b. 9 
March, 1803, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. Angelina Peters of Deposit, 
N. Y., and had eight children: 

i. Betsey, b. in 1831; m. John Van Barriger of Windsor, 
N. Y. 

ii. John, b. in 1833; went west, and the family has lost 

iii. Matilda, b. in 1835; lived at Polo, 111. 
iv. Frank, b. in 1837; became an engineer; went west. 
V. Is.\.\c, b. in 1839; d. when a boy. 
vi. Esther, b. in 1841; lived at Polo, 111. 

vii. Darius, b. in 1843; m. McMann of Deposit, N. Y., 

and "went west," probably to Polo, 111., the home of his father, 
vlii. Alice, b. in 1845; lived at Polo, 111. 
Philip Underwood was a farmer at Polo, 111., where he d. 

194. Jonas Undervv'ood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of Jonas 190) 
b. 17 Sept., 1S05, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. in Sept., 1828, Mary 
(Polly) Stiles, b. 26 May, 1806; d. 15 Aug., 1895, and had four 
children : 

i. Augustus Henry, b. 19 Oct., 1829. (See no. 195.) 
ii. Daniel Stiles, b. 26 July, 1833. (See no. 197.) 
iii. Jonas, b. 20 Sept., 1835. (See no. 198.) 
iv. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 13 May, 1841; m. in 1855, Hiram 
Smith of Patterson, N. J., and had three children: (i) Sarah 

Frances Smith, b. in 1856; m. Henry; (2) William Smith, 

h. in 1858; (3) Nettie Smith, b. 20 Sept., 1873. Sarah Under- 
wood Smith d. 7 Oct., 1897. The family live at Patterson, N. J. 
Jonas Underwood was a farmer all his life, living at Deposit, 
N. Y. He was a class leader in the Methodist Episcopal Church 
and led the same class for fifty-one years. He d. 13 Nov., 1888, 
at Deposit, N. Y. 

195. Augustus Henry Underwood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of 
Jonas 194) b. 19 Oct., 1829, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. 10 April, 1853, 


Hannah M. Nicholson, b. 17 Oct., 1829, of Westfield, N. Y., and 
had one son: 

i. Edwin Henry, b. i April, 1854. (See no. 196.) 
A. Henry Underwood is a farmer living at Deposit, N. Y. He 
was a conductor on the Erie R. R. from 1S55 to 1905. 

196. Edwin Henry Underwood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of A. 
Henry 195) b. i April, 1854, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. in Dec, 1876, 
Ida Barton, and had two daughters: 

i, Gertrude, b. 24 March, 1878; m. Jesse Stewart, 
ii. Florence, b. 19 Aug., 1881. 
Edwin H. Underwood was an engineer at Deposit, N. Y. He 
d. of yellow fever in Central America. 

197. Daniel Stiles Underwood of Kansas City, Mo., (son of 

Jonas 194) b. 26 July, 1833, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. and has 

three children : theirnames have not been learned. Daniel Stiles 
Underwood is said to live at Kansas City, Mo., but no com- 
munication has been had from him. 

198. Jonas Underwood of Scranton, Pa., (son of Jonas 194) 
b. 20 Sept., 1835, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. 3 April, 1858, Sarah E. 
Silvernail of Copake, N. Y., b. 28 Aug., 1838, and had three 
children : 

i. Almus Alexander, b. 10 Nov., 1859. (See no. 199.) 
ii. Jonas Clark, b. 3 April, 1861. (See no. 200.) 
iii. Imogene, b. 10 Nov., 1865, at Thompson, Pa.; was 
graduated at Kingston Seminary in 1886; m. Frank E. Pethick 
of Tyler Hill, Pa., and had one child: (i) Elhel F. Pethick, b. 
8 July, 1888; d. 10 May, 1900. Frank E. Pethick d. 25 Sept., 
1893, and Imogene Underwood Pethick m. (2) 3 June, 1896, 
James Francis Wardle, b. 17 Aug., 1867, at Bloomington, 111., of 
Scranton, Pa.,* and had two children: (2) Miriam Wardle, b. 

* James F. Wardle (son of Rev. Joseph Wardle of Rock River Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church), to whom the compiler is greatly indebted for very- 
full records of this branch of the family, is a stock broker at Scranton, Pa., where 
he is prominently connected with Masonic organizations, being a member of the 
Knights Templar and Mystic Shrine. He was graduated from Illinois Wesleyan 


22 Oct., 1897, and (3) Evelyn Wardle, b. 8 Aug., 1902. The 
family now live at Scranton, Pa. 

Sarah Silvcrnail Underwood d. 23 Aug., 1885, and Jonas 
Underwood m. (2) 23 June, 18S7, Delia C. Ayres who d. 4 April, 
1896, and he m. (3) 6 Oct., 1905, Nellie L. Peck. 

Jonas Under^vood is a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church (Wyoming Conference) and was stationed at Oregon, 
1863-4; Thompson, 1865-7; Mt. Pleasant, 1868; Damascus, 
1869-71; Brooklyn, 1872-3; Peckville, 1S74-5; Fortyfort, 1876; 
Ashley, 1877-9; Salem, 1S80-S2; Hanover, 1883-5; Wilkesbarre, 
1886; Luzerne, 1887-8; Scranton, 1889-90; Dallas, 1891-2; New 
Milford, 1893-4; all in the state of Pennsylvania. Since 1895 
he has been superannuated and lives at present at Scranton, Pa. 

199. Almus Alexander Underwood of Scranton, Pa., (son of 
Jonas 198) b. 10 Nov., 1859, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. 3 Nov., 1886, 
Ida Vincent of Ashley, Pa., and had three children: 

i. Charles Vincent, b. 24 Nov., 1887. 
ii. Sarah Grace, b. 5 Dec., 1889. 
iii. Jonas Fred, b. 16 April, 1897. 
Almus A. Underwood was graduated at Kingston Seminary in 
1880; he is a coal operator at Scranton, Pa. 

200. Jonas Clark Underwood of Mauch Chunk, Pa., (son of 
Jonas 198) b. 3 April, 1861, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. in March, 1883, 
Alice Deremer of Mauch Chunk, Pa., and had tv/o children: 

i. Imogene, b. 21 Sept., 1884. 
ii. Mary Jane, b. 20 Aug., 1885. 
Jonas C. Underwood was a locomotive engineer for the Central 
R. R. of N. J. at Mauch Chunk, Pa., where he d. 25 May, 1895. 
His family reside at Mauch Chunk, Pa. 

201. Isaac Underwood of Harpersville, N. Y., (son of Jonas 
190) b. 14 July, iSio, at Deposit, N. Y.; m. Almira Dutcher and 
had one child: 

University in the class of 1890 with the degree of A.B. and later received the degree 
of A.M. from the same institution. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Psi college 


i. Edwin, b. about 1830. (See no. 202.) 
Isaac Undenvood d. 12 May, 1843. 

202. Edwin Underwood of Harpersville, N. Y., (son of Isaac 
201) b. about 1830 at Harpersville, N. Y.; m. Carrie Butler of 
Deposit, N. Y., dau. of Samuel Butler, and had one daughter: 

i. Carrie, b. . 

Edwin Underwood resides at Harpersville, N. Y. 

203. Gideon Underwood of Fortyfort, Pa., (son of JoJm 171*) 
b. 8 March, 1773; m. in Feb., 1798, Sarah Brown and had chil- 

i. William Brown, b. 13 May, 1799. (See no. 204.) 

ii. Sarah Ann, b. 7 Aug., 1801; m. Van Buskirk, b. 

3 Sept., 1799; d. 14 Dec, 1845, of Kingston, Pa., and had 
children: (i) WilUajn Van Buskirk, b. 9 Aug., 1823, a member of 
142nd Regt. Pa. Vol., and killed at Gettysburg, Pa., 7 July, 
1863; (2) John Van Buskirk, b. 22 July, 1825, served three 
years in the Civil War in the Minnesota Infantry'; d. 13 March, 
1892; (3) Maria Ann Van Buskirk, b. 15 Dec, 1827; d. 12 May, 
1899, at Plains, Pa.; (4) Christopher Van Buskirk,] b. i March, 

* There is considerable conflict regarding the name of Gideon Underwood's 
father. According to some of his descendants his father's name was either Phineas 
or Israel and he is said to have been a color-bearer at the battle of Bunker Hill. 
His wife and child (Gideon) clinging to her skirts are said to have watched the 
progress of the battle from a distance. It is also said that he had three brothers 
in the battle, or that at least they were soldiers during the Revolution. These are 
matters of pure tradition to which may be added the one which relegates the ances- 
try of the family to Lynn, Mass. It should be said that the war records of Massa- 
chusetts do not reveal so many Underwood brothers in the Revolution, and although 
there are persons by the name of Israel Underwood and Phineas Underwood in that 
war, none of them had a son Gideon which is a very unusual name in the family. 
It is barely possible, though not probable, that the ancestry of Gideon Underv/ood 
may be sought in the Underwood family of eastern Connecticut (cf. no. 710). The 
very strong probabilities are that the family belongs at this place. Jonas Under- 
wood (no. 198) believes Gideon to have been a brother of his grandfather, Jonas 
Underwood (no. 191). Further information on these points is greatly to be desired. 

t Christopher Van Buskirk of Bald Mount, Pa., who has furnished considerable 
information for this record, m. 28 Nov., 1857, Asenath Williams and had children: 
i. Oscar, b. 3 June, 1859. 


1831; (5) Sarah Elizabeth Van Buskirk, b. 15 May, 1832; d. 19 
July, 1864, at Ranson, Pa. Sarah Underwood Van Buskirk d. 
22 May, 1833. 

iii. Timothy, b. 8 Dec, 1803. (See no. 205.) 
iv. Lyman, b. 15 Jan., 1806; d. 12 Jan., 1831. 
V. Israel, b. 13 April, 1808. (See no. 206.) 
vi. Alexander, b. 10 Oct., 1810. (See no. 207.) 
vii. Jesse Z., b. 10 Aug., 1813; d. 26 Oct., 1846. 
viii. Caroline, b. 29 Aug., 1815; m. ?; d. 4 Nov., 1850. 
ix. Gideon, b. 3 Dec, 1819. (See no. 211.) 
X. James B., b. 28 Aug., 1832; d. 9 Aug., 1847. 
Gideon Underwood was a carpenter at Fortyfort, Pa., where 
he settled, having moved with his family from Connecticut in an 
ox cart while he was a small boy. The interior finishing of the 
old church near the Wyoming monument is his handiwork. He 
lived the latter part of his life with his son. Dr. Gideon Under- 
wood, in whose family he d. 18 Dec, 1859. 
204. William Brown Underwood of Painesville, O., (son of 

Gideon 203) b. 13 May, 1799; m. , and had children: 

i. Charles V., b. ; lived in Cleveland, O. 

ii. Gideon, b. ; lived in Painesville, O. 

iii. George, b. ; lived in Pennsylvania.* 

iv. Almond, b. ; lived in Cleveland, O. 

William B. Underwood d. in 1871 at Painesville, O. 

205. Timothy Underwood of , (son of Gideon 203) b. 8 

Dec, 1803, at Fortyfort, Pa.; m. and had children: 

ii. Justin, b. 13 Feb., 1861. 

iii. Mary Enima, b. 25 Dec, 1864. 

iv. RosiE Beixe, b. 13 April, 1869. 

V. Anna Augusta, b. 24 Aug., 1873. 

Christopher Van Buskirk is a general blacksmith at Bald Mount, Pa., where he 
has held several town offices including postmaster. 

* Many years ago the compiler received a letter from F. L. Underwood of 
Wilkesbarre, Pa., in which the writer stated that he was a grandson of William B. 
Underwood. He was doubtless a son of George Underwood, but no further trace 
has been found. 


i. Gideon, b. ; unm.; d. . 

ii. Henry W., b. ; lived in Belleville, N. J. 

iii. Marilla, b. ; m. Walter N. Kip of Passaic, N. J., 

and resides at 115 Aycrigg Ave. 

Timothy Underwood d. 10 July, 1865, at Belleville, N. J. 

206. Israel Underwood of Pittston, Pa., (son of Gideon 203) 

b. 13 April, i8o8,atFortyfort, Pa.;m, and had one daughter: 

i. Harriet, b. 29 April, 1838; unm.; resides (1912) in 
Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Israel Underwood v/as a soldier in the Mexican war and died 
in the service 26 Dec, 1847, at La Puebla, in the U. S. Camp, 
City of Mexico, of yellow fever. 

207. Alexander Underwood of Newark, N. J., (son of Gideon 
203) b. 10 Oct., 1810, at Fortyfort, Pa.; m. 31 Dec, 1835, 
Caroline Schofield, and had two daughters: 

i. Caroline Jane, b. 26 Jan., 1837; d. 25 Nov., 1837. 
ii. Mary Zura, b. 25 April, 1839; d. 13 Aug., 1839. 
After the death of his wife which occurred 22 July, 1839, he 
m. (2) Julia Brown of Newark, N. J., (formerly of Paris Hill, 
N. Y.) and had children born in Ilion, N. Y.: 

iii. Henry McNiel, b. 27 April, 1844. (See no. 208.) 
iv. Arrowet Bro\vn, b. 16 July, 1846. (See no. 209.) 
v. Mary Caroline, b. 10 Dec, 1848; unm.; resides at 166 
Elizabeth Ave., Newark, N. J. 

vi. Eddy Alexander, b. 21 Feb., 1852. (See no. 210.) 
Alexander Underwood was an architect and builder, mill 
owner, and patentee. He resided first at Newark, N. J., but on 
his second marriage rem. to Ilion, N. Y. In his first shop, now 
the Novelty Works, he placed the first steam engine brought 
to Ilion, since so famous for its numerous manufactures. Here 
he conducted a sash, blind, and door factory. Later, he invented 
numerous forms of machinery including the first automatic 


machine for manufacturing matches (1S58), and later the first 
t^vine binder for harvesting grain. For a time he was engaged 
in the manufacture of matches at Newark, N. J., then lived in 
Kenosha, Wis., and finally returned to Newark, N. J., where 
he d. 7 June, 1890. 

208, Henry McNiel Underwood of Waukegan, 111., (son of 
Alexa?ider 207) b. 27 April, 1S44, at Ilion, N. Y.; m. 15 Sept., 
1869, Elizabeth Antoinette Whipple of Huntington, Mass., and 
had one daughter: 

i. Charlotte Whipple, b. 19 Sept., 1870; m. 3 Nov., 1902, 
Lewis H. Williams of Chicago, 111. Charlotte Whipple Under- 
wood was graduated (A.B.) from the University of Michigan in 
1892; was instructor in English at the Lewis Institute in Chicago, 
1 897-1 902; instructor in English and German at the Racine 
(Wis.) High School, 1892; instructor of Latin and German in 
Moline (111.) High School, 1894; graduate student, University of 
Chicago, 1896-97. She edited Shakespeare's iVierchant of Venice 
at the request of Macmillan, the publisher. 

Henry M. Underwood is a manufacturer and mechanical 
expert, and like his father is an inventor and patentee. He lived 
in Kenosha, Wis., 1856-1862 and 1868-78, and in Chicago, 111., 
1862-1867. Since 1878 he has lived at Waukegan, 111., where 
he carried on a manufacturing business with customers on two 

209. Arrowet Brown Underwood of Beverly, N. J., (son of 
Alexander 207) b. 16 July, 1846, at Ilion, N. Y.; m. Sarah Jane 
Brown of Newark, N. J., and had children: 

i. Jennie A., b. 7 March, 1869; m. William F. Phelps of 
Newark, N. J., and had: (i) Laura M. Phelps, b. 2 Oct., 1890; 
(2) Willmm F. Phelps, b. i Dec, 1892. 

Arrowet Brown Underwood is a fine tool maker for watch 
and watch case machinery. He has lived at Newark and New 
Brunswick, N, J., Elgin, 111., and at Dayton, Ky. He d. 17 
Aug., 1910, at Beverly, N. J. 


210. Eddy Alexander Underwood of Newark, N. J., (son of 
Alexander 207) b. 21 Feb., 1852; m. 5 Dec, 1SS8, Sarah Alphon- 
sine Bechtel-Edgewater Parr and has children: 
i. Helen, b. 22 Oct., 1889. 
ii. Henry Alexander, b. 31 May, 1893. 
iii. Florence Alphonsine, b. 18 Jan., 1895. 
Eddy A. Underwood was for many years the bookkeeper of 
the Newark City National Bank, and since 1903 has been engaged 
in the furniture storage business, 354 & 360 Plane St., Newark, 

211. Gideon Underwood of Pittston, Pa., (son of Gideon 
203) b. 3 Dec, 1819, at Fortyfort, Pa.; m. 3 Feb., 1848, Martha 
Newman and had children : 

i. Carrie, b. 30 June, 1850; m. Henry E. Coward of West 
Pittston, Pa., and had children: (i) George Frank Coward; 
(2) Herbert Coward; (3) Helen Mae Coward; (4) Martha Newman 
Coward; (5) Edwin H. Coward; and (6) Mary Coward. 

ii. Edwin Ne\\'man, b. 5 May, 1852; d. 30 Jan., 1854. 

iii, Helen Mae, b. 18 Dec, 1855; m. 28 July, 1887, Rev. 
John Alfred Faulkner, now professor in the Drew Theological 
Seminary at Madison, N. J., and had children: (i) Harold 
Underwood Faulkner, h. 25 Feb., 1890; (2) John Arthur Faidkner, 
b. 28 Nov^, 1891; (3) Hele?i Katharine Faidkner, b. 8 Feb., 1895. 

iv. Walter Scott, b. 17 Oct., 1857; unm.; d. 17 Dec, 1891. 

V. Frank, b. 25 Feb., i860; d. 22 April, 1865. 

vi. Charles Sumner, b. 12 Jan., 1863. (See no. 212.) 

vii. Sanford Lawton, b. ; studied at Hamilton College 

where he was a member of the AKE fraternity. He graduated 
from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and suc- 
ceeded to his father's practice at Pittston, Pa. 

Gideon Underwood was a physician. He was graduated 
from the Geneva, N. Y., Medical College in 1846 and "spent 
his life for the good of Wyoming Valley." One of his sons-in-law 
says of him: "He was one of God's noblemen, if there ever was 



one; one of the most accomplished and trusted physicians of the 
Wyoming Valley. He was at the same time one of the purest and 
highest minded men God ever made. He had the soul of a saint, 
a scientist, and a philanthropist in one." During the Civil 
War he enlisted and sers'ed as a surgeon. He d. 30 Jan., 1896, 
at Pittston, Pa. Martha Newman Underwood d. 13 March, 1910. 

212. Charles Sumner Underwood of , (son of Gideon 

211) b. 12 Jan., 1863; m. 15 June, 1885, Ethel May Griffin and 
had children: 

i. Ralph Griffin, b. 7 Nov., 1886. 
ii. Walter Scott, b. 17 Oct., 1888. 
iii. Karl Sanford, b. 4 April, 1 891. 

The Holliston Branch. 
This branch was founded by Joshua Undersvood* (no. 8) 
fourth son of Joseph 4 who settled in Sherborn in that part of the 
town that was afterwards set off as the town of Holliston. His 
son Joseph remained on the homestead and is here treated as 
the head of the Holliston Branch. 

213. Joseph Underwood of Holliston, Mass., (son of Joshua 
8) b. 21 Nov., 1716, at Sherborn, Mass.; m. Jemima, dau. of 
Deacon Timothy Leland of Holliston, b. 22 Aug., 1722, and had 
children at Holliston: 

i. Reuben, b. 27 Jan., 1741. (See no. 214.) 
ii. David, b. 24 Nov., 1742. (See no. 215.) 
iii. Joshua, b. 21 Nov., 1744. (See no. 242.) 
iv. Elizabeth, b. 20 Oct., 1746; m. 29 Nov., 1764, Hackaliah 
Bridges of Holliston, Mass., and had children: (i) Milla Bridges, 
b. 29 July, 1765; (2) Jonathan Bridges, b. 15 May, 1767; (3) 
Jemima Bridges, b. 30 Dec, 1768; (4) Betty Bridges, b. 23 June, 
1770; (5) Sampson Bridges, b. 12 Jan., 1772; (6) Ruth Bridges, 
b. 12 Aug., 1773; (7) £^yo/i Bridges, b. 15 April, 1775; (8) Ede 

*Dr. Underwood regarded his son Jonathan as the founder of the Sudbury 
Branch, but it seems to me much more probable that the founder of that Branch 
was the son of John Undersvood (no. 5). Ed. 


Bridges, b. i8 Jan., 1777; (9) Ziba Bridges, b. ii Nov., 1778; 
(10) Uraner Bridges, b. 4 April, 1780; (11) Luther Bridges, b. 
20 March, 1782; (12) Calvin Bridges, b. 29 Oct., 1783; (13) 
Sarah Bridges, b. 9 Dec, 1787. 

V. Timothy, b. 18 Dec, 1748. (See no. 249.) 
vi. Joseph, b. 31 Jan., 1754; d. 31 Aug., 1756. 

vii. MiLLiCENT, b. 18 Sept., 1756; d. 18 Sept., 1756. 

viii. Asa, b. 26 July, 1757. (See no. 275.) 
ix. Joseph, b. 5 June, 1759. (See no. 277.) 

Joseph Underwood inherited the homestead of his father at 
Holliston, Mass., where he resided all his life. He was selectman 
of that town in 1754, 1758, and 1759. He was also town clerk 
and town treasurer in 175S and 1759 holding three offices at the 
time of his death which occurred 7 June, 1759. 

214. Reuben Underv/ood of Holliston (?), Mass., (son of 
Joseph 213) b. 27 Jan., 1 741, at Holliston, Mass.; m. 20 May, 
1762, Abigail Burbank and had children: 
i. Thankful, b. 19 Feb., 1796.* 

Reuben Underwood served in the Holliston Foot Company in 
1757. He also served in the Revolution in Capt. Eames's 
company of Col. Ferry's regiment in 1780. 

215. David Underwood of Rutland (now Barre), Mass., (son 
of Joseph 213) b. 24 Nov., 1742, at Holliston, Mass.; m. 10 Nov., 
1763, Bathsheba Adams of Holliston, b. 18 Feb., 1746, and had 
three children at Holliston and eight at Barre :t 

i. Jemima, b. 11 March, 1764; unm.; d. 19 Dec, 1813, in 
Barre, Mass. 

ii. Jonas, b. i Oct., 1765. (See no. 216.) 

iii. Bathsheba, b. 18 July, 1767; unm.; d. i March, 1847, 
in Barre, Mass. 

iv. David, b. 15 Aug., 1769. (See no. 220.) 

* This date must be an error, perhaps should have been 1769- 
t For data concerning the famOy of David Under\vood and his descendants I 
am indebted to the generosity of Mr. E. D. Barbour. 


V. Joseph, b. 21 Nov., 1771. (See no. 221.) 
vi. Asa, b. 13 Nov., 1773. (See no. 233.) 
vii. Ithamar, b. 29 Feb., 1776. (See no. 235.) 
viii. Eliphaz, b. 4 April, 1779; d. 7 July, 1782, in Barre, 

ix. Reuben, b. 22 July, 1781. (See no. 237.) 
X. Betsey, bapt. 28 Sept., 1783; probably m. 13 April, 1809, 
Hazeltine Taft of Medway. 

xi. Joel, b. ; d. in infancy.* 

David Underwood rem. from HoUiston to Rutland (now 
Barre), Mass., about 1768. f He was in the Revolution and was 
one of the Minute Men from Rutland who answered the call of 
19 April, 1775. 

216. Jonas Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of David 215) b. 
I Oct., 1765, at Holliston, Mass.; m. 8 March, 1787, Catharine 
Boyden, dau. of Micah Boyden and Phebe (Sears) Boyd en, and 
had children: 

i. Nancy, b. 4 Nov., 1788; m. in Barre, 12 April, 1813, 
Elisha Smith of Petersham, Mass. 

ii, Jonas, b. 4 Feb., 1792. (See no. 217.) 
iii. Asa Boyden, b. 20 Sept., 1794. (See no. 219.) 
iv. Catharine, b. 21 June, 1796; m. 7 June, 1818, Perry 
Johnson of Barre, Mass., b. 26 March, 1781, as his second wife 
and had children: (i) Rhoda Melinda Johnsoii, b. 14 Feb., 1819; 

m. Hall; (2) David Lysa?ider Johnson, h. 5 Feb., 1820; (3) 

Catherine Underwood Johnson, b. 24 Oct., 1821; m. Davis; 

(4) Harriet Elvira Johnson, b. 4 March, 1823; m. Clark of 

Hubbardston, I^Iass.; (5) Lurana Amelia Johnson, b. 27 April, 
1825; m. Lafayette; d. 10 July, i860; (6) Minerva Marion 

* This is in accordance with a memorandum sent by Mrs. J. A. Groat of Amster- 
dam, N. Y., granddaughter of Ithamar Underwood (no. 235). 

t According to a memorandum among the Underwood papers, a Joseph Under- 
wood of Barre, Mass., made his will 27 July, 1815, filed 28 Feb., 1817, in which 
he mentions his children: Jonas, David, Joseph, Asa, Ithamar, Reuben, and Bath- 
sheba. It seems probable that this was the will of David and not Joseph and 
enables us to approximate his death, 1816 or 1817. Ed. 


Johnson, b. 25 Aug., 1826; d. 8 Nov., 1840; (7) Rancel Zedekiah 
Johnson, b. 14 Aug., 1827; (8) Elvira Nickerson Johnson, b. 14 
Feb., 1829; d. 22 Oct., 1857, at Hubbardston, Mass.; (9) Andrew 
Jackson Joh7iso7i, h. 31 May, 1830, at Barre, Mass.; (10) Martin 
Va72 Bnreyi Johnson, b. ii Jan., 1835; (ii) Julia Elizabeth 
Johnson, b. 29 Nov., 1836; unm.; d, 25 July, 1866. The family 
lived at Barre, Mass. Catharine Underw'ood Johnson d. 8 Aug., 

V. Melinda, b. 4 June, 1798; m. 5 June, 1820, Cheney 
Hinds of Hubbardston and had children: (i) Erastus Hinds, 

b. ; (2) Laura Hinds, b. ; (3) Emeline Hinds, b. ; 

(4) Charles Hinds, b. ; and others born in Ohio. 

vi. David, b. 2 Jan., 1801. 
vii. Ransel, b. 28 Nov., 1802. 

viii. Chauncey, b. 6 May, 1807; unm.; d. . (Imbecile.) 

Mr. George Harwood of Barre writes that this family moved 
to Ohio about 1 830-1840. Mrs. Martha Underwood Comstock, 
dau. of Asa Boyden Underwood (no. 219), writes: "Soon after 
my parents came to Ohio, I think they went back to Barre and 
brought them (my grandparents) out to Ohio where they died." 

217. Jonas Underwood of , 111., (son of Jonas 216) b. 4 

Feb., 1792, at Barre, Mass.; m. 29 March, 1816, Mary Vose of 
Chenango Co., N. Y., and had ten children: 

i. . 

ii. . 

iii. . 

iv. Henry, b. 4 April, 1823. (See no. 218.) 

V. Melinda, b. . 

vi. Jonas, b. . 

vii. Catharine, b. -. 

viii. Myron, b. . Some of his family live in Eldora, Iowa. 

ix. James, b. . 

X. David, b. . 

Jonas Underwood was a farmer remov-ing from Barre, Mass., 
to Greene, Chenango county, N. Y., where he was married in 


1816; thence to Montville, Geauga county, O., where some of 
his children were born; thence to lUinois. 

218. Henry Underwood of Marengo, McHenry Co., III., (son 
of Jonas 217) b. 4 April, 1823, at Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y.; 
m. 9 Sept., 1845, Almira Conley at Montville, O., and had 

i. Malinda Amine, b. 15 Nov., 1845; m. 24 Oct., 1866, 
Edwin Alexander Irvine, railway postal clerk, of Rockford, III., 
and had two children: (i) Henry Wilson Irv-tne, b. 29 Feb., 1871, 
now (1904) lives in Chicago, 111., and (2) IJa Electa Irvine, h. 22 

Oct., 1874; rn. Emott and lives in Rockford, 111. Mrs. 

Irvine is the only one at this date (1904) who has claimed mem- 
bership in the Daughters of the Revolution as the descendant of 
an Underwood. She has in her possession Revolutionary relics 
of her ancestor, David Underwood (no. 215). The family reside 
at 510 N. Church St., Rockford, 111. 

ii. Eva Viola, b. ■ , 1850; m. Marks; no children. 

iii. Marshal Henry, b, , 1854; now (1904) lives in Los 

Angeles, Calif. 

iv. Minnie May, b. Aug. 21, 1852; m. Hartigan; no 

children; now of Los Angeles, Calif. 

Henry Undenvood rem. from Montville, O., in 1845 to Ma- 
rengo, 111., where he was a farmer. He d. 2 Aug., 1896, at 
Marengo, 111. 

219. Asa Boyden Underwood of Montville, Geauga Co., O., 
(son of Jonas 216) b. 20 Sept., 1794, at Barre, Mass.; m. 17 Feb., 
1822, Almira Nickerson and had children: 

i. Sarah, b. 27 Jan., 1826; d. 3 Feb., 1827. 

ii. Sarah, b. 17 Oct., 1827; ni. 27 Nov., 1848, George Wells, 

a farmer and banker, and had one son: Wells, h. 19 April, 

1853; d. 10 July, 1861. Sarah Underwood Wells, d. 9 Nov., 


iii. George, b. 13 March, 1830; d. 13 Sept., 1830. 

iv. Mary, b. 18 June, 1831; m. 13 Dec, 1856, John Murray, 


a banker, and had children: (i) Kate Murray, b. ; m. 

Wheelock; and (2) George W. Murray, h. . Mary Murray 

d. 3 Sept., 1873. 

V. Martha, b. 27 Jan., 1834; m. 6 Oct., 1852, James M. 
Comstock of Madison county, N. Y., carriage maker, farmer, and 
dealer in real estate, and had one son, b. 23 Sept., 1864; d. 19 
Nov., 1864. The family lived in Chardon, Geauga Co., O., 
1852-1859, and then rem. to Wellsburg, Grundy Co., Iowa, 
where they still reside (1906). 

vi. Salome, b. 13 May, 1839; d. 11 June, 1856. 

vii. Almira, b. i June, 1841; d. 13 Sept., 1841. 

Asa Boyden Underwood m. (2) 22 June, 1842, Adaline S. 
Glines. He was a local Methodist minister and farmer, living 
at Montville, O., until 1871, when he rem. to Iowa and there d. 
I Dec, 1881. . -. ,. r2 .^.^^' -r- 

220. David Underwood of , (son" of David 215) b. 15 Aug., 

1769, at Rutland, ]\Iass.; m. 27 Nov., 1794, Bethular Gates in, 
Barre, Mass., b. 18 March, 1777, dau. of Aaron and RutTi Gates.' 
Nothing further is known of this family. 

221. Joseph Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of David 215) 
b. 21 Nov., 1771, at Barre, Mass.; m. (i) (intention published 
in Barre, 18 Sept., 1802) Chloe T. Guernsey of Richmond, N. H., 
dau. of William and Chloe (Thurber) Guernsey, and had children 
at Barre: 

i. Aurilla, b. 3 Sept., 1803; m. 18 Nov., 1827, Dv/ight 
Colburn of Milford, Mass., and had children: (i) George D. 
Colburn, b. 6 Aug., 1829; (2) Angeline Aurilla Colburn, b. j8 

Feb., 1831; m. Dewey; d. 26 Dec, 18S1; (3) Jatie Augusta 

Colburn, b. 10 Dec, 1832; m. Putnam; (4) Charles Henry 

Colburn, h. 16 Aug., 1835; (5) Harriet Elizabeth Colburn, h. , 

1837; m. Franklin and lived in North Attleboro, Mass. 

Aurilla Underwood Colburn, d. i April, 187 1. 

ii. Orison, b. 19 March, 1805. (See no. 222.) 


iii. William Guernsey, b. lo Oct., iSo6; unm.; d. 5 March, 

iv. ViDA, b. 19 Oct., 1808; m. 27 Dec, 1849, Ebcnezcr 

Brown of Hubbardston, Mass., b. 1786; d. 22 Oct., 1S71; 

no children. Vida Underwood Brown d. 17 May, 1869. 
V. Elbridge Gerry, b. 19 May, 1810. (See no. 229.) 
vi. Chloe Thurber, b. 27 June, 1813; m. 3 Feb., 1838, 
Benjamin Alden Gates, a farmer of Barre, Mass., and had chil- 
dren: (i) AuriUa Prudence Gates, b. 15 Dec, 1838; m. 

Lovewell and lived in Hubbardston, Mass.; (2) Benson Ehen 
Gates, b. 22 July, 1841; d. 15 Jan., 1862, in the United States 
service in the Civil War; (3) Daniel Miller Gates, b. 26 June, 
1842; d. 7 May, 1872; (4) Warren Elbridge Gates, b. 29 April, 
1844, and lives in Barre, Mass.; (5) Joseph Nathaniel Gates, b. 
9 Sept., 1845; d. 3 Nov., 1865; (6) A7ina Elizabeth Gates, b. 22 

May, 1847; m. Robb, and lives in Boston, Mass.; (7) 

Henry Orison Gates, b. 11 Sept., 1849; d. 14 Aug., 1850; (8) 

Adelaide Florena Gates, h. 29 July, 1849; m. Dudley, and 

lives in Barre, Mass. Chloe Underwood Gates d. 24 July, 
1865, at Barre, Mass. 

vii. Andrew Jackson, b. 15 Jan., 1815; "by trade a carpenter. 

He rem. first to Milford, Mass., afterwards (1839) to New 

Orleans, La., and was never heard of by his family after that time. 

viii. James Monroe, b. 25 May, 1818. (See no. 231.) 

Joseph Undersvood m. (2) 20 Aug., 1840, Dolly Allen who d. 

9 March, 1849. He also d. 9 March, 1849, at Barre, Mass. 

222. Orison Underwood of Milford, iMass.,( son of Joseph 221) 
b. 19 March, 1S05, at Barre, Mass.; m. 2 Sept., 1827, Hannah 
Bond Cheney, dau. of Caleb and Sarah (Hunting) Cheney, b. 
31 Jan. 1804, and had children born at Milford: 

i. Adin Ballou, b. 19 May, 1828. (See no. 223.) 
ii. Laurinda, b. 11 Dec, 1829; d. 27 Oct., 1832. 
iii. William Orison, b. 17 Dec, 1831; d. 7 Oct., 1832. 
iv. ED^\^N Orison, b. 25 Nov., 1833; d. 5 March, 1835. 
V. Adaline Aurilla, b. 29 Nov., 1835; d. 25 Sept., 1843. 


vi. George Dwight, b. 18 Dec, 1837. (See no. 225.) 
vii, Morton Cheney, b. 17 Oct., 1839; d. 28 April, 1840. 

viii. Melvin Augustus, b. 17 April, 1844. (See no. 22S.) 

Orison Underwood was a manufacturer of boots and shoes at 
Milford, Mass., for about forty years. He was brigadier general 
in the Massachusetts State Militia and a prominent man of his 
town. He died at the age of eighty-nine, 15 Nov., 1894, at 
Milford, Mass. His wife, Hannah Cheney Underwood, d. 22 
Jan., 1825.* 

A sketch of his life may be found in Adin Ballou's History of 
Milford, Mass. 

223. Adin Ballon Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Orison 
222) b. at Milford, Mass., 19 May, 1828; m. 5 June, 1856, Jane 
Lydia Walker and had children: 

i. Amy, b. 28 March, 1857; m. 29 May, 1898, Frederick 
Arthur Callender of Boston, b. 17 May, 1855, at Dorchester, 
Mass., an artist of Paris, France. 

ii. Anna, b. 4 May, 1859; unm.; resides abroad. 
iii. William Orison, b. 5 May, 1861. (See no. 224.) 

Adin Ballon Underwood was graduated from Brown University 
in 1849 and was admitted to the bar as an attorney at law in 
1853. On the day after the bombardment of Fort Sumter he 
turned the key in his office door and never entered again for a 
client. He raised a company in Boston and was mustered in 
as captain 18 May, 1861. He was commissioned major of the 
33d Regiment, Massachusetts Vol. Inf., in July, 1862, and lieu- 
tenant-colonel and colonel the same year, and became brigadier 
general of volunteers in 1863. He was mustered out i Sept., 
1865, as brevet major general. He took active part in the 
battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. 
He was under General Joseph Hooker at Lookout Mountain 
where he was severely wounded and disabled from further field 
duty. After the close of the war he published "Three years of 
service of the 33d Massachusetts Infantry Regiment; 1862- 

* Probably an error. 

Oz::^^'X^i(i-^>^-^ ^^^$2-^^ 


1865." In 1865 he was appointed surveyor of the port of Boston. 
Adin Ballon Underwood d. 14 Jan., 1888, at Boston, Mass. A 
portrait of Gen. Underwood appears opposite. 

224. "William Orison Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Adi7i B. 223) b. 5 May, 1861; m. 18 Nov., 1886, Bessie Yerkes 
Shoemaker, b. 8 Nov., 1861, dau. of George Yerkes and Harriet 
(Van Zandt) Shoemaker of Philadelphia; no children. 

William O. Underwood was graduated from Harvard Univer- 
sity In 1884 and from the Harvard Law School in 1885. He Is 
a lawyer in Boston, Mass. 

225. George Dwight Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Orison 222) b. 18 Dec, 1837, at Milford, Mass.; m. in June, 
1859, F. Aurena Gove and had children: 

i. Ada Guernsey, b. 21 July, 1861; d. i Oct., 1861. 
il. Frank Hampton, b. 6 April, 1865. (See no. 226.) 
ill. Edith Rexa, b. 2 Sept., 1869; d. 26 Aug., 1870. 
iv. George Amory, b. 23 Sept., 1871. (See no. 227.) 
V. Jay Gove, b. 22 April, 1873; unm.; is a traveling sales- 
man at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Aurena Gove Underwood d. 5 Dec, 1880, and George D. 
Undenvood m. (2) 28 June, 1883, Marion B. Sherburn. George 

D. Underwood is a bookkeeper at Boston, Mass. 

226. Frank Kamilton Underwood of Buffalo, N. Y., (son of 
George Diinght 225) b. 6 April, 1865, at Boston, Mass.; m. 24 
Nov., 1892, Fannie Harriet Ball, dau. of Conway W. and Harriet 

E. (Kneeland) Ball, and had children: 

i. Harold Ball, b. ii May, 1894. 
ii. Florence, b. 23 Sept., 1895. 
ill. Orison, b. 25 Nov., 1896. 
iv. Guernsey, b. i April, 1898, 
v, Margaret, b. 21 June, 1899, 
Frank Hamilton Underwood is a teacher at Buffalo, N. Y. 
He probably graduated from Harvard In 1886. 


227. George Amory Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
George Dunght 225) b. 23 Sept., 1871, at Boston, Mass.; m. 14 
Feb., 1894, Marilla Agneus Simmonetti, b. 10 April, 1870, dau. 
of Pedro and Angela Simmonetti of Madrid, Spain, and had 

i. HoRTENSE Blanca, b. 15 Jan., 1896; d. 15 Aug., 1897. 
ii. Gladys Patricia Pearl Geraldine, b. 12 Dec, 1897. 
George Amory Underwood is a salesman in Boston, Mass. 

228. Melvin Augustus Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Orison 222) b. 17 April, 1844, at Milford, Mass.; m. 15 Jan., 
1880, Clara Isabel, dau. of Nathan and Hannah (Guernsey) 
Babbitt. They have no children. Melvin A. Underwood was 
graduated from Harvard in 1866 and resided at Newton, Mass., 
until he rem. to Boston. 

229. Elbridge Gerry Underwood of Belchertown, Mass., (son 
of Joseph 221) b. 19 May, 1810, at Barre, Mass.; m. 28 March, 
1837, Sarah Clark, b. in 1815, in Willington, Conn., dau. of Asa 
Clark, b. Dec. 5, 1776; d. in 1872, and Naomi Weston, and had 
children : 

i. Alfred Clark, b. 10 Feb., 1838. (See no. 230.) 

ii. Marion Emily, b. , 1842; d. 23 Feb., 1844, In 

Belchertown, Mass. 

Hi. Sarah, b. 25 Oct., 1851; d. 20 Feb., 1858. 
Sarah Clark Underwood d. 3 Aug., i860, and Elbridge G. 
Underwood m. (2) Laura A. Benson. Elbridge G. Underwood 
was a blacksmith at Belchertown, Mass., and d. 24 March, 1892, 
at that place. 

230. Alfred Clark Underwood of Belchertown, Mass., (son of 
Elbridge G. 229) b. lo Feb., 1838, at Belchertown, Mass.; m. 
25 June, 1859, Mariette, dau. of Joshua and Hannah (Noble) 
Sibley, b. 17 Aug., 1839, in Northampton, Tvlass., and had one 

i. Fred Sibley, b. ii July, 1865, at Chicopee Falls, Mass.; 
unm.; was a wood engraver in Boston, Mass. (1898). 

Alfred C. Underwood is a blacksmith at Belchertown, Mass. 


231. James Monroe Underwood of Stoughton, Mass., (son of 
Joseph 221) b. 25 May, 18 18, at Barre, Mass.; m. 9 Aug., 1840, 
Philena Ann Wilson, dau. of Samuel and Rachel (Cheney) Wilson, 
and had children: 

i. Andrew Jackson, b. 6 Dec, 1840; was in Civil War 
in Co. C, 33rd Reg., Mass. Vol.; unm.; resides at Boston, 

ii. Charles Henry, b. 14 May, 1842. (See no. 232.) 
iii. Alvin Wilson, b. 20 Aug., 1846; unm.; resides at 
Stoughton, Mass., where he is engaged in bootmaking. 
iv. Mary Adaline, b. 25 Dec, 1850; d. 3 Nov., 1870. 
James Monroe Underwood rem. to Milford, Mass., where he 
was married and where his three sons were born. He rem. to 
Stoughton, Mass., in 1847 where he was a bootmaker by trade. 
He had an adopted daughter, Philena Augusta, b. 5 March, 
1867.* James Monroe Underwood d. at Stoughton, Mass., 19 
July, 1895. 

232. Charles Henry Underwood of Worcester, Mass., (son of 
James M. 231) b. 14 May, 1842, at Milford, Mass.; m. 18 Jan., 
1868, Priscilla B. Shurtliff, and had children: 

i. George Henry, b. 2 Oct., 1868; unm.; d. in Sept., 1889, 
in San Francisco, Calif. 

ii. James Ferguson, b. in Sept., 1870; d. 21 Aug., 1872. 
Charles H. Underwood was divorced from his wife Priscilla 
and m. (2) in 1879, Isabelle F. Fenner of Worcester, Mass., and 
had two children: 

iii. Grace Isabelle, b. 21 June, 1879. 

iv. Frank, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Charles H. Underwood was a bootmaker at Worcester, Mass., 
but a letter addressed to him there in 1911 was returned "un- 

* Philena was taken into the family 23 May, 1868, and legally adopted 9 May 
1870. She m. — Jan., 1884, Lewis F. Cobbett of Stoughton and had children: 
i. Abner Frederick Cobbett, b. 6 May, 1884. 
ii. Arthur Munroe Cobbett, b. 4 May, 1887. 


233. Asa Underwood of Dracut, Mass., (son of David* 215?) 

b. 13 Nov., 1773, at Barre, Mass.; m. Mercy , and had 

children : 

i. Asa, b. . (See no. 234.) 

ii. Thomas D., b. . 

iii, Ammi, b. . 

iv. Ameron (?), b. . (In another place this appears to 

be "Ammen.") 

Asa Underwood lived at Dracut, Mass., and d. there in 1834. 
The papers relating to the administration of his estate are filed 
in Middlesex county (East Cambridge) and contain a petition 
from his widow, Mercy Underwood, that his son, Thomas D. 
Underwood, be appointed administrator. There is also a paper 
signed by Ann Eliza Under\vood, "widow of Asa Underwood, Jr., 
late of Chelmsford," relative to the claims of her son, Matthias, 
to a share in the estate. 

Debts against the estate are filed by Jeptha Undenvood, 
Lendoll Underwood, both of Dracut, and Ammi Underwood, the 
latter "by his agent." The land was finally partitioned by 
giving the three sons each two-sevenths and the grandson, 
Matthias, the remaining seventh. 

234. Asa Underwood of Chelmsford, Mass., (son of Asa 233) 
b. ; m. Ann Eliza , and had one son: 

i. Matthias, b. ; was living in Lowell, Mass., in 1835. 

At the time of the administration of the estate of Asa Under- 
wood (no. 233), "Matthias Underwood, the son and heir of 
the late Asa Underwood, Jr.," is mentioned as under 14 years of 
age. Asa Underwood therefore d. before 1835 and his son was 
born later than 1822. 

235. Ithamar Underwood of Rensselaer Co., N. Y., (son of 
David 215) b. 29 Feb., 1776, at Barre, Mass.; m. in 1797, Mary 
Elenor Turner, dau. of Capt. John Turner, and had children: 

* It is not certain but extremely probable that this is the Asa Underwood, son, 
of David Underwood and Bathsheba Adams. 


i. Bathsheba, b. i Feb., 1798; m. 9 Sept., 1813, Charles 
Newcomb, b. 19 April, 1789, in Norton, N. Y., and had children: 

(i) Mary Neivcomb, b. 17 Sept., 1814; m. Prouty;d.27 June, 

1834; (2) Charles Netvcomb, b. 17 March, 1816; (3) Emily New- 
comb, b. 7 July, 181S; m. Brewer; d. 13 Jan., 1844; (4) Austin 

Neivcomb, b. 24 Sept., 1820; (5) George Calvin Neu'co77ib, b. 
18 Oct., 1824; d. 3 Feb., 1825; (6) Ann Maria Newcomb, b. 6 

July, 1826; m. Brewer; d. 16 July, 1846. The family lived 

in Spencer, Mass., where the father, Charles Newcomb, d. 4 Jan., 
1853. Bathsheba Underwood Newcomb d. 8 Dec, 1869. 

ii. NoRCHiA, b. 19 July, 1800; m. 5 Feb., 1824, Solyman 
Gregory of Sand Lake, N. Y., b. 25 Sept., 1801, and had children: 
(i) Ellas Moore Gregory, b. 23 June, 1826; d. 18 Nov., 1897; 
(2) Albert. Kinney Gregory, b. 9 April, 1830; d. 4 June, 1892, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; (3) Tryphejia Neuman Gregory, b. 5 Feb., 1822; 
d. 29 June, 1890, at Sand Lake, N. Y.; (4) Willard Gregory, 
b. 13 April, 1836; d. 13 Sept., 1879; (5) George Foster Gregory, 
b. 26 Jan., 1838; d. 29 June, 1895; (6) Justus Elmore Gregory, b. 
24 June, 1841; was a naval surgeon during the Civil War, and 
afterwards practiced medicine for twenty-five years in Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; d. 25 Oct., 1890; (7) Elizabeth S. Gregory, h. 16 Aug., 1845; 
d. 23 April, 1862, at Sand Lake, N. Y. 

iii. Harriet Sheldon, b. 4 July, 1805; m. in 1820, Daniel 
VVarne of Lyons, N. Y., a glass blower by trade, and had chil- 
dren: (i) JoJm Francis Warne, b. ; d. very young; (2) David 

Ithamar Warne, b. in 1823; lived in Hoboken, N. J.; (3) Eleanor 
Mercy Warne, b. 16 Oct., 1827 ;m. Waters; (4) Harriet Eliza- 
beth Warne, b. 18 June, 1829; m. Groat, Amsterdam, N. Y.; 

(5) Hannah Norchia Warne, b. ; d. very young; (6) Mary 

Ann Warne, b. 20 Sept., 1833; m. Palmeter; (7) Hannah 

Frances Warne, b. ; d. very young; (8) Catherine Almira 

Warne, b. 5 Nov., 1839; rn. Groat, Amsterdam, N. Y.; (9) 

Samuel James Warne, b. ; d. young; (10) Frances Norchia 

Warne, b. ; d. . 

iv. Samuel Fairbanks, b. . (See no. 236.) 


V. Esmond, b. ; d. young. 

Ithamar Underwood rem. in early life to Rensselaer county, 
N. Y., and d. there 15 Jan., 1832. In the settlement of his 
estate letters of administration were granted to Mercy Under- 
wood, his widow. 

236. Samuel Fairbanks Underwood of , (son of Ithamar 

235) b. ; m. Margaret Putnam and had one daughter: 

i. Peora, b. ; m. John Woodrow, a real estate agent of 

St. Louis, Mo., afterwards rem. to some place in Illinois and 
had children: (i) Margaret Woodron', b, ; (2) Eleanor Wood- 
row, h. . 

Nothing further is known of the family of Samuel Fairbanks 

237. Reuben Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of David 215) 
b. 22 July, 1 781, at Barre, Mass.; m. 2 Jan., 1805, Arethusa 
Holland, b. 19 Aug., 1782; d. 6 Sept., 1855, dau. of Joab and 
Abigail (Rici) Holland of Barre, Mass., and had children: 

i. Clarissa, b. 19 Nov., 1805; m. 31 March, 1822, Adams 
Perry. Clarissa Underwood Perry d. lO Aug., 1847. 

ii. Elbe H., b. 28 Aug., 1820; m. Sarah Jane Elliot; no 
children. He was living in Worcester in 1858 (Rice Genealogy) 
and afterwards lived in Milford, Mass., where he d. 22, June, 

iii. Sewall, b. 6 March, 1822. (See no. 238.) 

iv. John, b. 17 Oct., 1823. (See no. 240.) 

238. Sewall Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of Reuben 237) 
b. 6 March, 1822, at Barre, Mass.; m. 21 Nov., 1849, EHza Jane 
Bowker, dau. of Sylvester and Eliza (Marsh) Bowker, and had 
one child: 

i. George Eugene, b. 15 April, 1850. (See no. 239.) 
Sewall Underwood lived most of his life in Barre, Mass. He 
d. 31 July, 1884, in Manchester, N. H. His widow d. 27 Oct., 
1898, in Worcester, Mass. 


239- George Eugene Underwood of Manchester, N. H., (son 
of Seivall 238) b. 15 April, 1850, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 
20 April, 1878, Mary Elizabeth Herrick of Haverhill, Mass., 
dau. of Israel and Mary Colburn (Fird) Herrick, and had children: 
i. Nina Bertha, b. 28 Nov., 1878, in Derry, N. H.; m. 
10 Aug., 1899, Fred Dana Sawin, b. 8 Oct., 1876, in Farmington 
N. H. 

ii. Raymond Maurice, b. 7 Oct., 1880, in Derry, N. H.; is 
with Continental Fire Insurance Co., New York city. 

iii. George Boavker, b. 4 Nov., 1884, Manchester, N. H. 
George E. Underivood was engaged in business at Manchester, 
N. H., and d. 15 Oct., 1885, at Norton, Mass. His widow d. 
15 Feb., 1886, at Manchester, N. H. 

240. John Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of Reube7i 237) b. 
17 Oct., 1823, at Barre, Mass.; m. 29 Nov., 1849, Sybil Amanda, 
dau. of Forbes and Nancy (Adams) Oliver, and had children: 

i. Charles Oliver, b. i Feb., 1852. (See no. 241.) 
ii. Clar.\ a., b. 16 Feb., 1855; unm.; d. 14 Oct., 1876. 
John Underwood was a shoemaker at Barre, Mass., where he 
d- • His wife, Sybil Oliver Underwood, d. 26 April, 1879. 

241. Charles Oliver Underwood of Barre, Mass., (son of 
JoJm 240) b. I Feb., 1852, at Barre, Mass.; m. 24 Dec, 1875 
Addie N. Alderman and had one son: 

i. Charles Roy, b. 11 Dec, 1876; lives at 85 Austin St., 
Worcester, Mass.* 

Addie Alderman Underwood d. 13 Dec, 1876 and Charles O. 
Underwood m. (2) Minnie A. Kendrick. He d. 13 April, 1877, 
(or 18 May, 1888), at Barre, Mass., and his widow m. (2) C. H. 
Follansby, of Barre, Mass. 

242. Joshua Underwood of Holliston, Mass., (son of Joseph 
213) b. 21 Nov., 1744, at Holliston, Mass.; m. Lydia, dau. of 
Daniel and Silence (Leland) Fames, b. in 1746, and had children 
born in Holliston : 

* A letter addressed to him in 1910 was returned unclaimed. Ed. 


i. Silence, b. 7 Oct., 1766; m. Aaron Pond* of Holliston, 
Mass., and had children: (i) Silva Pond, b. 9 Jan., 1787; (2) 
Lyma7i Pond, h. i July, 1791; (3) Preston Pond, b. 17 March, 
1793; (4) Philip Pond, b. 19 April, 1795; (5) Betsey Pond, b. 6 
Oct., 1798. Aaron Pond, the father, d. and Silence Underwood 
Pond m. (2) John Claflin. 

ii. Lydia, b. 8 Jan., 1768; m. William Mellen of Holliston, 
Mass., b. II July, 1766, and had children: (i) Joseph Mellen, 
b. 10 July, 1793; (2) Deborah Mellen, b. 26 Oct., 1798; (3) Mariah 
Mellen, b. 23 Oct., I798(?). After the death of William Mellen, 
Lydia Underwood Mellen m. (2) William Unthank, and after 
his death Lydia Underwood Unthank m. (3) Ebenezer Sumner. 

lii. Daniel, b. 28 Jan., 1770; m. (i) Susan Bowker, (2) Mille 
Bowker. Nothing further is known of Daniel or his family. 

iv. Jemima, b. 22 Oct., 1772; m. 1791, Levi Fiskof Holliston, 
Mass., b. 23 Feb., 1765, and had children: (i) Leivis Fisk, b. 25 
Feb., 1793; (2) Sally Fisk, b. 2 Sept., 1794; (3) Martin Fisk, b. 
23 Oct., 1796; (4) Anna Fisk, b. 24 Dec, 1798. 

V. Anna, b. 25 Oct., 1774; m. 18 May, 1794, William 

vi. Joshua, b. 14 March, 1777. (See no. 243.) 

vii. Joseph, b. 9 May, 1780. (See no. 246.) 
viii. Noah, b. 4 March, 1782; m. in 1804, Sophronia Bragg. 
According to a deed in the Worcester Records, Noah Underwood 
was a manufacturer in Philadelphia in 18 19. Nothing further is 
known of him. 

ix. Betsey, b. 4 March, 1784; m. 25 Nov., 1802, Timothy 
Mellen of Holliston, Mass. 

X. Clarissa, b. 13 March, 1786; m. Ichabod Hawes. 

xi. Shem, b. 2 July, 1789; d. young. 

xii. Chloe, b. 22 May, 1791; m. in 1812, William Drake and 
had at least two sons: (i) Williajn F. Drake, h. ; (2) James 

* In Morse's History of Sherborn and Holliston, Aaron Pond is said to have 
married Silence Leland, but this is probably a slip of the pen, either of the towa 
clerk or more likely the author of the history. 


M. Drake, b. ; d. 23 Nov., 1906, aged 82 years. James M. 

was a banker of New York city in the firm of Drake, Masten and 
Co., of 3 Broad Street. He had a son, Herbert, who was the 
junior member of the firm, and three daughters. 

Joshua Underwood inherited his father's homestead at HolHs- 
ton, Mass., where he followed the trade of a tanner. He was 
probably the Joshua Underwood from Holliston who served 25 
weeks and 5 days in the Expedition to Crown Point in the French 
War. He was a soldier in the Revolution and appears in the 
rolls with the rank of sergeant. He was on the Lexington Alarm 
roll of Captain Stapels Chamberlin's company in Colonel Samuel 
Bullard's regiment which marched on the alarm of 19 April, 1775, 
from Holliston to Roxbury. He was in service nine days. He 
was selectman in Holliston in 1 789. Joshua Underwood d. 15 
March, 1821, at Holliston, Mass. His wife Lydiad. 5 June, 1814. 

243. Joshua Underwood of New York city, (son of Joshua 
242) b. 14 March, 1777, at Holliston, Mass.; m.* and had 

i. (son), b. . (See no. 244.) 

ii. (son), b. . (See no. 245.) 

iii. Anna G., b. ; unm.; d. about 1890, having lived 

with a niece, Olive Underwood Stewart, for some time before 
her death. 

Joshua Underwood rem. to New York city before 1834 and at 
that time lived on West i6th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues. 
He "was the owner of a large estate there and conducted an 
extensive laundry business for hotel and steamboat companies." 
He d. in New York in 1855. His ^ill, made 24 March, 1853, with 
a codicil dated 3 Oct., 1854, was admitted to probate 18 Aug., 
1855, and his nephew, William F. Drake, was executor.f 

* A Joshua Underwood m. 6 Sept., 1795, Hannah Nutting at Watertown, Mass., 
and had at least one son, Joshua, b. 15 Jan., 1796. He was possibly the Joshua 
mentioned above though he would be only eighteen at the time of his marriage. 

t A portion of the above information was communicated by Mr. James M, 
Drake, nephew of Joshua Underwood, and the rest derived from the copy of the 
will on record in the Probate Court of New York city. 


244. Underwood, of New York city (?), (son of Joshua 

243) b. ; m. Mrs. Lamber, and had children: 

i. George Joshua, b. . (?) 

ii. Ann Louisa, b. ; m. . 

Underwood d. probably before 1853 since he was not 

mentioned in his father's will made during that year. 

245. Underwood of New York city (?), (son of Joshua 

243) b. ; m. and had children: 

i. George Joshua, b. . (?)* 

ii. Olive, b. ; m. in 1853 or 1854,! Stewart of 

Yonkers, N. Y., a mason and builder of that place and had 

Underwood d. probably before 1853 as he is not mentioned 

in his father's will. 

246. Joseph Underwood of Belfast, Me., (son of Joshua 242) 
b. 9 May, 1780, at Holliston, Mass.; m. 22 April, 1801, Sylvia 
(or Silve), dau. of Deacon Seth Chapin of Mendon, Mass., b. 26 
Sept., 1781, and had children: 

i. Almira Chapin, b. 4 Nov., 1802; m. in June, 1821, 
James C. Starkweather of Pawtucket, R. I. (?) She d. in July, 

ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. 31 March, 1805, at JefTerson, Me.; 
m. 3 March, 1830, Amos M. Read, b. 18 Oct., 1796, at Falmouth, 
Me., for many years a prominent merchant at Pawtucket, R. I. 
Mary Underwood Read d. 2 April, 1882, at Pawtucket, R. I. 

iii. Caroline B., b. 4 April, 1807; m. 17 March, 1831, 
Walter N. Barrell of New York city, who d. 27 Sept., 1839. 
Caroline Underwood Barrell d. i July, 1836. 

iv. Joseph Addison, b. 15 July, 1809. (See no. 247.) 
V. John Milton, b. 31 Aug., 1812. (See no. 248.) 

* Three grandchildren are mentioned in the will of Joshua Underwood. The 
two granddaughters (according to Mr. Drake) were children of the two sons of 
Joshua Underwood. I am uncertain to which family the grandson belonged. 

t Olive was m. sometime before the date of the codicil of her grandfather's will, 
as she is mentioned in that as Olive Stewart and in the body of the will as Olive 


vi. Sylvia Ch.\pin, b. 31 July, 1815; m. 26 Oct., '1841, 
Benjamin L. Pitcher of Pawtucket, R. I., who d. 3 Dec, 1862. 
Sylvia C. Pitcher d. 21 Dec, 1897. 

vii, Harriet N., b. 9 Aug., 1819; d. 12 July, 1821. 

Joseph Undcr^vood was engaged in business in various places 
in Maine. He settled in Belfast, Me., where he d. 30 July, 1835. 
Sylvia Chapin Underwood d. 10 Sept., i860. 

247. Joseph Addison Underwood of Pawtucket, R. I., (son of 
Joseph 246) b. 15 July, 1809; m. in May, 1838, Sarah Jane 
Stevens; no children. 

Joseph A. Underwood was a lieutenant in the U. S, Nav-y and 
made several voyages to foreign countries. He was an artist of 
ability and his note books of his voyages are illustrated with 
sketches showing the various ports and other objects of interest 
visited by his ship. Some of these are now in the possession of 
his niece. Miss Jennie Underwood (dau. of no. 248). He vvas a 
member of the celebrated Wilkes Exploring Expedition that 
explored various portions of the islands and shores of the Pacific 
Ocean, and it was on this expedition that he lost his life. He was 
murdered by the natives of the island of Malolo, one of the, Fiji 
group, 24 July, 1840. His comrades erected a handsome monu- 
ment to his memory in Mount Auburn cemetery, near Cambridge, 
Mass., which bears the following inscription: 

"To the memory of Lieut. Joseph A. Underwood and mid- 
shipman Henry. Fell by the hands of savages while promoting 
the cause of Science and Philanthropy at Malolo, one of the Fiji 
Islands. July 24th, 1840." 

248. John Milton Underwood of Danvers, Mass., (son of 
Joseph 246) b. 31 Aug., 1812, in New York city; m. 13 Sept., 
1842, J. Helen Sturtevant, and had children: 
i. Caroline Fr^vnces, b. in 1843. 
ii. Mary Helen, b. in 1846; unm. (?); d. in 1878. 
iii. Anna Louise, b. in 1847; unm. (?); d. in 1881. 
iv. Kate, b. ; d. in infancy. 


V. Sylvia, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Helen Sturtevant Underwood d. , and John Alilton Under- 
wood m. (2) 2 Aug., 1855, Susan Lloyd Horswell and had children: 
vi. Joseph Addison, b. in 1856; d. in 1861, 
vii. Mary Horswell, b. in 1859; d. in 1886. ♦• 

viii. Jennie, b. in 1863; unm.; was for several years a teacher 
in private schools in New York city; is now (1907) connected 
with Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass. 

John Milton Underwood was a lumber merchant and was one 
of the early settlers of Chicago, 111., when it rose from the sparse 
settlement at Fort Dearborn on the lake. After retiring from 
business he resided at Danvers, Mass., where he d. 16 Feb., 1888. 
His wife, Susan Horswell Underwood, d. in Feb., 1885. 

249. Timothy Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of 
Joseph 213) b. 18 Dec, 1748, at HoUiston, Mass.; m. in 1771, 
Lois Parmenter and had children: 

i. Molly, b. 25 Nov., 1772; m. Abner Adams of Hubbards- 
ton, Mass., and had children: 

ii. IsA^vc, b. 16 April, 1775. (See no. 250.) 
iii. Betty, b. 29 March, 1777; unm.; d. 31 Oct., 1849. 
iv. Timothy, b. 29 April, 1780; d. 22 Dec, 1799. 
Lois Parmenter Underwood d. 28 June, 1791, and Timothy 
Underwood m. (2) 18 Oct., 1792, Mary Harrington and had 

v. Asa, b. 29 June, 1796. (See no. 268.) 
vi. John, b. 31 March, 1799; d. 21 Jan., 1801. 
vii. Caleb, b. 12 June, 1801. (See no. 271.) 
Timothy Underwood rem. from Holliston, Mass., in 1771 and 
became a farmer at Hubbardston, Mass., where he d. 10 Sept., 
1820. His widow, Mary Harrington Underwood, d. 24 Feb., 
1839, ffi. 79. 

250. Isaac Underwood of Jamaica, Vt., (son of Timothy 249) 
b. 6 or 16 April, 1775, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 15 Oct., 1801, 


Phebe Livermore, b. 20 Oct., 1777, in Spencer, Mass., a dau. of 
Abijah Livermore, and had eleven children: 

i. Isaac, b. 22 Dec, 1802; m. , but nothing is known 

of his family. He d. 4 Jan., 1868, 

ii. PnEBiE, b. I Feb., 1804; m. 4 July, 1S39, Benjamin 
Combs and had children: (i) Isaac N. Combs, h. 23 Aug., 1840; 
unm.; d. 21 Jan., 1900; (2) Ahnira A. Combs, b. 21 Dec, 1841; 
m, 16 Jan., 1882, Silas P. Barnes who d. 22 Feb., 1907; no chil- 
dren; living in 191 1 in South Londonderry, Vt. Phebie Under- 
wood Combs d. 7 Nov., 1889. 

iii. Timothy, b. 26 June, 1805. (See no. 251.) 
iv. Phineas, b. 31 Dec, 1806. (See no. 254.) 
V. Russell, b. 22 Oct., 1808. (See no. 255.) 
vi. Reuben, b. 29 June, 1810. (See no. 261.) 
vii. Jacob, b. 14 Oct., 1812. (See no. 262.) 
viii, Polly, b. 9 Jan., 1815; m. 12 Sept., 1841, Benjamin T. 

Combs and had one child: (i) Orvin Combs, b. ; d. • 

Polly Underwood Combs d. 12 June, 1848. 

ix. PiiiLA, b. 4 Aug., 1816; d. 16 Feb., 1824. 
X, William, b. 12 Jan., 1819. (See no. 265.) 
xi. Welcome, b. 7 May, 1822. (See no. 266.) 
Isaac Under\vood was a farmer and lived most of his long 
life in Jamaica, Vt. lie rem. from Hubbardston, Mass., before 
his marriage and penetrated the then wilderness of Vermont and 
took up 200 acres of land from the government in Jamaica. He 
built a log house on this land in the woods and there lived until 
after the birth of all of his children except the youngest. Welcome, 
who was born in the frame house erected just before his birth 
near the old log house. Part of the original 200 acres remained in 
the family until as late as 1908 when the last 50 acres was sold 
by Mrs. E. A. Aldrich,* daughter of Solon, no. 267. Phebe 
Livermore Underwood d. 25 Aug., 1846, and Isaac Under.vood 
d. 3 July, 1855. 

* The editor is greatly indebted to Mrs. Aldrich for the records of the descendants 
of Isaac Underwood. 


251. Timothy Underwood of Arbwright, N. Y., (son of Isaac 
250) b. 26 June, 1805; m. Hannah Baldwin and had children: 
i. Weltha Ann, b. 25 Dec., 1834; m. i Jan., 1853, Sabinus 
Howard and had six children: (i) Cary Hoivard, b. 21 May, 1856; 
(2) Clarence Howard, b. 20 June, 1858; (3) Frank Howard, b. 2 
Jan., 1861; (4) Lizzie Howard, b. 19 April, 1867; (5) Elgin 
Howard, b. 20 June, 1873; (6) Agnes Howard, b. 23 Oct., 1876.* 
The family all live in Chautauqua county, N. Y. Weltha Under- 
wood Howard is now (1911) living, but her husband is dead. 

ii. Welcome Dan, b. i Sept., 1836. (See no. 252,) 

iii. George W., b. 12 Aug., 1839; d. in the Civil War. 

iv. Orvilla S., b. 4 Sept., 1841; m. (i) ; (2) Avery 

Wilcox and had three children, all now dead; lives in Falconer, 
N. Y. 

V. AcHSAH P., b. 22 Jan., 1844; m. 7 March, 1865, Hiram 

* These children are all married and their record is as follows: 
i. Cary Howard m. in July, 1876, Julia Farr and had six children: (i) Nettie 
Howard, b. 19 July, 1879; m. 12 March, 1907, Clayton Houck and has two chil- 
dren: Lois Houck, b. in Feb., 1908; and Oscar Houck, b. 13 July, 1910; (2) 
Herhct Howard, b. 8 Jan., 1887; (3) Alice Howard, b. 30 Oct., iSSS; m. in March, 
1909, Delbert Palmer; (4) Myrtle Howard, b. 14 Dec, 1890; (5) Maud Howard 
(twin), b. 12 Oct., 1898; (6) May Howard (twin), b. 12 Oct., 1898. 

ii. Clarence Howard, m. 25 Nov., 1884, Dora Pierce, and has had eleven 
children: (i) Mabel Howard, b. 4 Nov., 1S86; m. I Jan., 1907, Richard Anderson 
and has two children: Manetha Anderson, b. 8 May, 1908; and Newel Anderson, 
b. 25 March, 1910; (2) Chauricey Lee Howard, h. 17 Aug., 188S; m. 8 Feb., 1911, 
Bernice May Lamphear; (3) Fannie Howard, b. 13 March, 1890; (4) Jessie Howard, 
b. 24 Dec, 1891; (5) Bertha Howard, b. 13 Oct., 1893; (6) Ruth Ho-.vard, b. 7 Dec, 
1894; (7) Clifford Howard, b. 11 Nov., 1S96; (8) Frances Howard, b. 17 July, 1898; 
(9) Gladys Howard, b. i Jan., 1901; (10) Ella Howard, b. 24 April, 1902; (11) 
Dollar d Howard, b. 20 Dec, 1904. 

iii. Frank Howard, m. 14 Dec, 1887, Minnie Sager and has had eight children: 
(i) Harvey Howard, b. 25 March, 1890; (2) Glenna Howard, b. 16 July, 1891; (3) 
Allen Howard, b. 18 April. 1894; (4) Day Howard, b. 8 April, 1898; (5) Russell 
Howard, h. 26 Sept., 1899; (6) Chester Howard, b. 27 March, 1902; (7) Leslie 
Howard, b. 28 Oct., 1906; (8) Gerald Howard, h. 13 July, 1910. 

iv. Lizzie Howard, m. 8 March, 1904, Ernest Tickner. 

V. Elgin Howard, m. 12 Sept., 1906, Mae Darbee and has had one child: 
Cora Howard, b. 15 May, 1907. 

vi. Agnes Howard, ra. ii April, 1900, Charles Sager and has one child: Lavancia 
Sager, h. 13 July, 1905. ' 


Hall in Baraboo, Sauk Co., Wis., and had five children: (i) Julia 
May Hall, b. 6 March, 1S66; d. 23 Oct., 1893; (2) Peter Hall, 
b. 15 April, 1868; d. 20 March, 1869; (3) Charles Hall, b. 20 
June, 1871; d. 23 Feb., 1892; (4) Evalyn Hall, b. 20 Nov., 1874; 

(5) Delbert Hall, b. 15 Aug., 1882. The last two are now (191 1) 

Timothy Underwood when a young man left home and went on 
foot to Owcgo, N. Y., where he married and remained for a 
number of years. He afterward moved on west to Chautauqua 
county and lived in various towns there and also in Pennsylvania. 
He finally settled in Arkwright, N. Y., where he d. ii April, 1876. 

252. Welcome Dan Underwood of South Londonderry, Vt., 
(son of Timothy 251) b. i Sept., 1836, in Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y.; 
m. 2 Sept., 1855, Elizabeth Young and had three children: 

i. Mary E., b. 8 March, 1857; m. 4 July, 1876, Loren Irvin 
Ranney, b. 5 Sept., 1855, and had eleven children: (i) Frank 
Irvin Ranney, b. 25 Aug., 1877; (2) Elmer Lee Ranney, b. 23 
Oct., 1879; ni. in 1904 Adaline Cosey and has two children, Allie 
and Ada; (3) Chloa Ann Ramiey, b. 22 Dec, 1881; m. in 1899 
Henry Collins and has three children, Mabel, Grace, and Loren 
G.; (4) Nancy Elizabeth Ranney, b. 15 Feb., 1884; m. 10 Sept., 
1903, Axel Carlbom and has one child, Loid (Lloyd?); (5) Cora 
Net Ranney, h. 28 Oct., 1885; m. 10 Feb., 1910, Henry Kennedy; 

(6) Jennie Achsah Ranney, h. 10 Sept., 1887; (7) Bennie H. 
Ranney, b. 29 Sept., 1889; (8) Lewis George Ranney, b. 23 Sept., 
1891; (9) Carrie Maud Ranney, b. 27 July, 1893; (10) Ellis Dan 
Ranney, b. 28 July, 1895; (11) May Esther Ranney, b. 15 July, 
1901. All of this family live in Krupp, Washington, except Chloa 
Collins who lives in Chautauqua county, N. Y. 

ii. NE^^^^LL D., b. 12 Feb., 1859. (See no. 253.) 
iii. Aciisah, b. 13 March, 1861; m. James Hilliard and had 
seven children of whom record has been obtained of only: George 
L. Hilliard, b. 21 Sept., 1886. He has lived since his mother's 
death with his grandfather. Achsah Underwood Hilliard d. 
about 1888. 


Elizabeth Young Underwood d. 22 Sept., 1865, and Welcome 
D. Underwood m. (2) 13 Feb., 1867, Rhoda Young; no children. 
Rhoda d. 23 Sept., 1910, 

Welcome D. Underv\-ood is a farmer and has lived at various 
times in New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. 
He was a soldier in the Civil War and enlisted in the 17th Wis- 
consin Volunteer Inf. in 1864. He participated in the Battle of 
Kingston, N, C, where he was wounded and taken prisoner in 
March, 1865. He was confined for a time in Libby Prison. 
He is now (1911) living with Mrs. E. A. Aldrich, dau. of Solon, no. 
267, at South Londonderry, Vt. He can see to read and write 
without glasses. 

253. Newell D. Underwood of Krupp, Wash., (son of Welco77ie 
D. 252) b. 12 Feb., 1S59; m. 18 Sept., 1881, Mary Carman 
and had seven children: 

i. Nancy Elizabeth, b. 13 Jan., 1883. 
ii. Pearl, b. 8 Oct., 1885. 
iii. Le\\7s, b. 29 Nov., 1886. 
iv. Frank, b. 14 Jan., 1890. 
V. S\xviA, b. 18 Nov., 1 89 1. 
vi. James, b. 29 April, 1893. 
vii. Laura, b. 30 April, 1895. 
Newell D. Underwood and his family live in Krupp, Wash. 

254. Phineas Underwood of Walnut Grove, Mo., (son of Isaac 
250) b. 31 Dec, 1806; m. 12 April, 1830, Myranda Pike and 
had two boys: 

i. William, b. ; d. . 

ii. Lewis, b. ; living in Walla Walla, Wash., the last 

that was known of him. 

Phineas Undenvood when a young man left home and first 
went on foot to Owego, N. Y. After a time he sold out and 
went west. He would take up government land, improve it, 
and then sell out at a good price and go further west where he 
would repeat the same thing. In this way he accumulated con- 


siderable property. He lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, several 
places in Minnesota, and finally at Walnut Grove, Mo., where 
he d, 12 Nov., 1S69. His widow, an earnest Christian woman 
and a great worker, lived in Walnut Grove, Mo., many years 
after his death. Nothing further is known of this family. 

255. Russel Underwood of Jamiaca, Vt., (son of Isaac 250) 
b. 22 Oct., 180S; m. 24 April, 1836, Sophia Howard and had eight 
children : 

i. George, b. 24 Jan., 1837. (See no. 256.) 
ii. Martha, b. 9 Sept., 1838; m. 12 Nov., 1S61, in Town- 
shend, Vt., Amos V. May, b. 26 Feb., 1837, a grandson of Henry 
Underwood, no. 278, and had two children: (i) Alice Ida May, 
b. 21 Oct., 1864; (2) Minnie Bertha May, h. 28 Sept., 1866. 
Martha Underwood May d. 28 March, 1904. 

iii. Mary, b. 24 June, 1840; unm.; lives in Putney, Vt. 
iv. Henry, b. 21 April, 1842. (See no. 257.) 
V. Clark, b. 18 April, 1844. (See no. 258.) 
vi. Fred, b. 14 Nov., 1846. (See no. 259.) 
vii. Ora B., b. 10 Dec, 1848. (See no. 260.) 
viii. Sara Jerusha, b. 22 Jan., 1851 ; m. 3 Jan., 1885, Charles 
W. Martin; no children; lives in Putney, Vt. 

Russel Underwood when a young man also went to Owego, 
N. Y., as did his brothers, but soon returned to Vermont and 
settled on a farm on South Hill in Jamaica, where he remained 
the rest of his life and there he d. 14 Sept., 1890. 

256. George Underwood of Bellows Falls, Vt., (son of Rtissel 
255) b. 24 Jan., 1837; m. (i) Ellen J. Wyman; no children. 
He m. (2) 18 May, 1896, Mrs. Mary E. Dow; no children. 
George Underwood was a contractor and builder in Bellows Falls, 
Vt., and erected many of the present buildings in that town. He 
d. there 18 Nov., 1909. 

257. Henry Underwood of Worcester, Mass., (son of Russel 
255) b. 21 April, 1842; m. 31 Jan., 1867, Amanda White and 
had one child : 


1. Walter Henry, b. 3 Oct., 1870, in Townsheud, Vt.; 
d. 19 Dec, 1893, in Wardsboro, Vt. 

Amanda White Underwood d. and Henry Underwood m. (2) 
16 Sept., 1876, Sarah E. Twitchel and had two sons: 
ii. Earl Howard, b. 10 June, 1879. 
iii. Frank Garfield, b. 28 Sept., 1881. 
Henry Underwood was an expressman in Worcester, Mass., 
where he d. 10 Aug., 1892. 

258. Clark Underwood of Wardsboro, Vt., (son of Russel 255) 
b. 18 April, 1844; m. 22 Dec, 1875, in Worcester, Mass., Jennie 
M. Gould, and had two daughters: 

i. Gertrltde Alice, b. 9 June, 1879; d. 10 July, 1S80. 
ii, Mabel Minnie, b. 3 March, 1882. 
Clark Under%vood d. 7 March, 1887. 

259. Fred Underwood of Wardsboro, Vt., (son of Rnssel 255) 
b. 14 Nov., 1846; m. 29 March, 1883, in Wardsboro, Vt., Ella A. 
Watson, and had one daughter: 

i. LiBBiE, b. 29 March, 1884; d. 27 March, 1885. 
Fred Underwood keeps a hotel in Wardsboro, Vt. 

260. Ora B. Underwood of Worcester, Mass., (son of Riisscl 
255) b. 10 Dec, 1848; m. 10 Dec, 1887, in Worcester, Mass., 
Annie E. Boswell; no children. He was in the poultry business 
in Worcester, Mass., where he d. 12 May, 1908. 

261. Reuben Underwood of Vermont, (son of Isaac 250) b. 
29 June, 1810; m. I Jan., 1835, Lucia A. Morse, b. about 1816; 
no children. He first went west, but soon returned to Vermont 
where both he and his wife died of consumption. He d. 12 April, 
1840, and she d. 13 Jan., 1837. 

262. Jacob Underwood of Rock Island, 111., (son of /^aac 250) 
b. 14 Oct., 1812; m. (i) Rebecca Palmer; no children. Hem. (2) 
4 April, 1847, Sarah Morris and had four children; 

i. William Henry, b. 22 Sept., 1848, (See no. 263.) 
ii. Marilla, b. 27 Jan., 1851; m. 22 May, 1871, Frank 
Mills and had five children: (i) Elizabeth Mills, b. 25 July, 1872; 


(2) Eddie Mills, b. 16 Nov., 1873; (3) Abbie Mills, b. 11 March, 
1875; (4) Annie Mills, b. 6 April, 1878; (5) Nellie Mills, b. 27 
April, 1887. Two of the above children are now (191 1) dead. 
The family lives in Rock Island, 111. 

iii. Isaac Perry, b. 8 Feb., 1853. (See no. 264.) 
iv. Sar,\h Eda, b. 17 Dec, 1854; m. 6 March, 1900, James 
Milne; no children. 

Jacob Underwood settled in Rock Island, 111., and there d. 2 
Feb., 1855. 

263. William Henry Underwood of Elkhart, Tex., (son of 
Jacob 262) b. 22 Sept., 1848; m. 20 April, 1879, Alice Davis. 

She d. 22 Feb., 1880, and he m. (2) 8 May, 1895, ; no 

children by either marriage. He lives now (191 1) in Elkhart, 

264. Isaac Perry Underwood of Colorado (?), (son of Jacob 
262) b. 8 Feb., 1853; m. 14 Sept., 1878, Eva Cooly and had two 
sons : 

i. Elmer, b. 30 June, 1879. 
ii. Omer, b. 3 Dec, 1881. 
Isaac P. Underwood d. . 

265. V/illiam Underwood of Jamaica, Vt., (son of Isaac 250) 
b. 12 Jan., 1819; m. 10 June, i860, Julia Ann Sheppard; no 
children. He remained at home and worked on his father's 
farm until he was 28 years old. He then asked his father for a 
deed to the south lOO acres, a horse and a yoke of oxen, which 
were given him. He then put up a new house and barn and 
when complete he told his parents that if they wanted to live 
with him to pack up and move in, which they did. William d. 
on this place 16 March, 1884. 

266. Welcome Underwood of Jamaica, Vt., (son of Isaac 250) 
b. 7 May, 1822; m. 28 Sept., 1847, Marilla Young, b. 8 Oct., 
1819, in Jamaica, Vt., and had one child: 

i. Solon Christopher, b. 6 June, 1849. (See no. 267.) 
Marilla Young Underwood d. 7 July, 1868, and Welcome 
Underwood m. (2) 17 Jan., 1869, Sarah D. Hulett; no children. 


Welcome Underw^ood was a farmer. After his parents went to 
live wnth the son, William, who had received the south 100 acres, 
Welcome bought the old place and Hved there many years. He 
afterward deeded 50 acres to his son, Solon, and then sold the 
remaining fifty acres to the son of his second wife and moved to 
Winhall, Vt., where he d. 7 Sept., 1885. Sarah Hulett Under- 
wood is now (1911) living in Pawlet, Vt, 

267. Solon Christopher Underwood of South Londonderry, 
Vt., (son of WcIco7}:c 266) b. 6 June, 1849, in Jamaica, Vt.; m. 21 
Oct., 1868, Mary Ellen (Hart) Wood, b. 16 Dec, 1842, in Wal- 
lingford, Vt., and had two children: 

1. Myrtie Marilla, b. 25 Aug., 1872; m. 27 June, 1891, 
George W. Stone and had three children: (i) Robert William 
Stone, b. 28 March, 1894; (2) Eugene Stone, b. 27 Aug., 1895; 
(3) Ilerold George Stone, b. 14 Feb., 1905. 

ii. Lillian Martha, b. 19 June, 1878; m. 15 June, 1899, 
Emery Alson Aldrich, b. ii Oct., 1857, in South Londonderry, 
Vt., and had one child: (i) Elford Emery Aldrich, b. 30 July, 
1905; d. 2 Sept., 1905. Mrs. Aldrich lives in South London- 
derry, Vt. 

Solon C. Underwood is a farmer and lives (191 1) in South 
Londonderry', Vt., where he has been for the last forty years. 

268. Asa Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of Timothy 
249) b. 29 June, 1796, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 29 Nov., 1821, 
Anna Goodspeed and had children : 

i. Lyman, b. 15 Jan., 1825. (See no. 269.) 
ii. Charles G., b. 12 Aug., 1826. (See no. 270.) 

• Asa Underwood d. 11 April, 1880, at Hubbardston, Mass. 

His widow, Anna Goodspeed Underwood, d. 12 Dec, 1880. 

269. Lyman Underwood of East Boston, Mass., (son of Asa 
268) b. 15 Jan., 1825, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 7 Nov., 1854, 
Susan E. Holyoke of Marlboro; no children. 

Lyman Underwood was an architect at East Boston for many 


years. He d. at that place 25 Nov., 1894. His widow, Susan 
Holyoke Underwood, d. 3 Dec., 1903, at Marlboro, Mass., se. 
74 (?). 

270. Charles G. Underwood of East Boston, Mass., (son of 
Asa 268) b. 12 Aug., 1826, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. (i) 6 
March, 1856, Eunice Bartlett of Princeton, Mass., who d. 19 Feb., 
1859, se. 28. Charles G. Undenvood m. (2) 4 June, 1863, Cilena 
A. Saunders of Perkins, Me.; no children by either marriage. 

Charles G. Underwood was an apothecary at East Boston from 
1850 to his death at that place 19 Nov., 1886. His widow, Cilena 
Saunders Underwood, continued to live in Boston where she d. 

271. Caleb Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son oiTinwthy 
249) b. 12 June, 1801, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 29 Nov., 1829,* 
Elizabeth Stowe and had children: 

i. Horace, b. 16 Nov., 1828. (See no. 272.) 
ii. Mary, b. 27 Sept., 1830; d. 3 Aug., 1835. 
iii. Lucy, b. 4 Oct., 1840; m. 6 Oct., 1858, Elias Oscar Holt 
of Gardner, Mass., and had children: (i) Jennie Holt, b. 12 
Jan., 1859; d. I June, 1878; (2) Carrie Delia Ilolt, h. i Oct., 

i860; (3) Lizzie Estell Holt, b. 29 June, 1862; m. Brown of 

Gardner, Mass.; (4) George Leroy Holt, b. 21 Feb., 1866; (5) 
Mary Abby Holt, b. 17 May, 1867; d. 6 Feb., 1868; (6) Horace 
Irving Holt, b. 30 Aug., 1869; (7) Daisy F. Holt, h. 3 Sept., 1871 ; 

d. 10 Aug., 1872; (8) Nellie B. Holt, b. 29 Sept., 1872; m. 

Lucas of Gardner, Mass.; (9) Harry Holt, b. 5 Feb., 1874; d. 27 
Feb., 1874; (10) Lticy Mabel Holt, b. in July, 1875; d. 30 Sept., 
1875; (11) Ella Louise Holt, b. 27 Jan., 1877; d. 15 April, 1877; 
(12) Charles Oscar Holt, b. ii Oct., 1879. Lucy Undervvood 
Holt m. (2) Ellsworth Brown of Gardner, Mass., where the 
family now resides. 

iv. Henry, b. 5 Aug., 1845; d. 14 May, 1846. 

Caleb Underwood d. 5 April, 1881, at Hubbardston, Mass. 
His wife, Elizabeth Stowe Underwood, d, 12 Aug., 1858. 

♦ Undoubtedly an error. Ed. 


272. Horace Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of Caleb 

271) b. 16 Nov., 1828, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 27 Nov., 1851, 
Mary Elizabeth Dunton, b. 8 Aug., 1831, dau, of Sylvanus and 
Susan (Newton) Dunton of Hubbardston, Mass., and had chil- 

i. Willie Alfred, b. 11 Sept., 1853; d. 27 July, 1863. 
ii. Charles S., b. 23 June, i860; d. 21 May, 1874. 
iii, George H,, b. 5 Sept., 1862; d. 29 July, 1863. 
iv. Arthur W., b. 9 Sept., 1864. (See no. 273.) 
V. Alice E. (twin), b. 11 Sept., 1866; m. 24 Dec, 1891, 
Charles Randolph Lane, b. 17 Nov., 1866, at Washington Heights, 
N. Y., now in the shoe business in Boston, Mass., and had one 
child: Carlisle Lane, b. 16 Jan., 1894. 

vi, Alfred Herbert (twin), b. II Sept., 1866. (Seeno. 274.) 
Mary Dunton Underwood d. 28 Sept., 1867, and Horace 
Underwood m. (2) 6 Sept., 1871, Harriet Williams Wilkenson, b. 
31 Jan., 1835, dau. of Luke and Betsey (Stone) Williams of 
Hubbardston and widow of George Wilkenson of Lancaster, Mass. 
Horace Underwood was in the lumber business all his early 
life and in later years carried on a small farm. He was connected 
with the schools of Hubbardston, Mass., as a teacher and for more 
than thirty years was a member of the superintending committee. 
He held all the various town ofifices at different times and for 
two terms represented his district in the Massachusetts Legis- 
lature. He d. 2 April, 1903, at Hubbardston, Mass. 

273. Arthur W. Underwood of Montbrook, Fla., (son of Horace 

272) b. 9 Sept., 1864, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 11 July, 1891, 
Sara Maude Bimson of England; no children. 

Arthur W. Underwood was graduated from the Long Island 
Medical College, Brooklyn, in 1891 and has practiced medicine 
in Plympton, Mass., Lake Como, Fla., Jacksonville, Fla., and 
Montbrook, Fla. 

274. Alfred Herbert Underwood of Yuba City, Calif., (son of 
Horace 272) b. 11 Sept., 1866, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 22 


June, 1898, at Brooklyn, N. Y., to Adeline Oakes; no children. 
Alfred H. Underwood was employed in the railroad office in 
Worcester, Mass., and went to Yuba City, Calif., in 1903, in 
search of a change of climate. 

275. Asa Underwood of Wardsboro, Vt., (son of Joseph 213) b. 

26 July, 1757, at Holliston, Mass.; m, 29 Feb., 1783, Mary Kelton 
of Holliston, Mass., b. 10 Dec, 1761, and had children: 

i. Asa, b. 27 July, 1786. (See no. 276.) 
ii. Lucy, b. 20 Dec, 1791 ; m. Newman Allen of Brattleboro, 

iii. ]\Iary, b. ; m. Gideon Ramsdell and settled in Ohio. 

Asa Underwood came to Wardsboro* with his brother Joseph 
very early in its history from Hubbardston, Mass.; he was on 
the Wardsboro Freeman's Roll in 1796 and was one of the first 
settlers of the town. There is no record of his death accessible. 
He gave a deed to land in Wardsboro in 1784. 

276. Asa Underwood of WiUiamsville, Vt., (son of Asa 275) b. 

27 July, 1786; m. 30 May, 181 i,t Susanna Simpson, b. 12 Aug., 
1788; d. 12 Aug., 1872, and had six children: 

i. Eliza Mildred, b. 11 June, 1812; m. George Sheldon 
Cooley of Amherst, Mass., as a second wife and had children: 
(i) Edson Kellogg Cooley, b. 9 Dec, 1835; (2) Samuel Davis 
Cooley, h. 3 April, 1838; d. 6 Jan., 1843; (3) George Clement 
Cooley, b. 14 May, 1840, at Readsboro (?), Vt. Eliza Underwood 
Cooley d. 4 Jan., 1843. 

ii. Ajmanda T., b. 19 July, 1814; m. Abner Johnson, a 
merchant of Townsend, Vt, Amanda Undervvood Johnson d. 21 
May, 1891. 

* Mrs. O. Attridge writes concerning her grandfather that he first located land, 
cut timber, built a log cabin and then went back from Vermont for his wife and 
that he rode horseback all the way, she riding behind him on a pillion. He was 
doubtless the Asa Underwood from Holliston who served in the Revolution in 1776, 
and may have been the one who served from Dunstable. At least we know of no 
other Asa Underwood of this period. 

t The town records say 13 May, 1813. 


iii. Lydia a., b. 22 Feb., 1817; d. 26 June, 1821. 

iv. Rectina S., b. 2 April, 1819; m. A. K. Jones, a mechanic, 
and rem. to Illinois. Rectina Underwood Jones d. 4 Feb., 1858. 

V. Philena L. a., b. 2^ June, 1822; "went South as a 
teacher"; m. E. F. Fenn,* a lawyer of Brownsville, Tex.; Philena 
Underwood Fenn d. 3 Aug., 1859. 

vi. Maria Esther, b. 27 Sept., 1833; m. 15 May, 1858, 
Ozearl Attridge, b. 10 May, 1824, and lives (1906) on a farm 
formerly occupied by his father at Williamsville, Vt. 

Asa Undcnvood lived on the farm settled by his father until 
1840 when he rem. to Williamsville, Vt., where he d. 9 Aug., 1869. 

277. Joseph Underwood of Wardsboro, Vt., (son of Joseph 

213) b. 5 June, 1759, at Holliston, Mass.; m. Susanna and 

had one son: 

i. Henry, b. 14 April, 1787. (See no. 278.) 
Joseph Underwood was on the Freeman's Roll at Wardsboro, 
Vt., in 1796. He was a farmer at that place and d. there i 
Dec, 1843. 

278. Henry Underwood of Wardsboro, Vt., (son of Joseph 
277) b. 14 April, 1787, at Wardsboro, Vt.; m. 23 ApriL 1812, 
Mary Dexter of the same place, b. 29 Dec, 1784, and had children 
born in Wardsboro: 

i. Sylvia Dexter, b. 12 March, 1S13; m. 12 Dec, 1833, 
Stephen Choate of Wardsboro, Vt., and had children: (i) Mary 
E. Choate, b. 5 May, 1839; m. Frank Robbins; d. 30 Sept., 

1862; (2) Henry Choate, b. ; (3) Elliot Choate, b. . 

Stephen Choate d. 18 Dec, 1861, a. 52. Sylvia Underwood 
Choate d.B Nov., 1861. 

* Mr. Fenn was one of 36 out of 700 who voted in the negative on the question 
of secession in Cameron county, Tex., in i86r. He was arrested for treason, but 
as his guards were taking him to San Antonio he escaped into Mexico and remained 
there during the blockade. His valuable library, private papers, and personal 
effects were confiscated by the Confederate government. He came to New York 
and was active in the second Lincoln campaign (1864). 


ii. Susanna Winzell, b. 6 Oct., 1815; m. 29 March, 1833,* 
Danforth May of Jamaica, Vt., and had children: (i) Madison 
May, b. 8 Oct., 1835; ni. 17 March, 1858, Lucy EHinwood; d. 
31 Oct., 1871; (2) Amos V. May, b. 26 Feb., 1837; m. Martha 
Underwood of Brattlcboro, Vt., B. 9 Sept., 1838, a dau. of Russcl 
Underwood, no. 255; (3) Silas D. May, b. 16 Oct., 1839. Susan 
Underwood May d. 19 Jan., 1885! at Wardsboro, Vt. 

iii. Mary Louisa, b. 13 Feb., 1819; m. 26 Nov., 1835, Lewis 
Ware of Wardsboro, Vt.; d. 22 March, 1873, at Fitchburg, Mass., 
and had children: (i) Alaria Ware, b. 5 Oct., 1836; unm.; d. 28 
May, 1855; (2) Oscar Tyler Ware,t b. 23 July, 1S41; (3) Fayette 
Dexter Ware, b. i Sept., 1845; d. 30 Nov., 1903, at Fitchburg, 
Mass.; (4) Mary Jeneite Ware, b. 2 Jan., 1853 ;§ d. 2 March, 1880. 
Lewis Ware d. 22 March, 1873, in Fitchburg, Mass., and Mary 
Under^vood Ware m. (2) 6 June, 1878, George B. Naramore who 
d. 26 Nov., 1904, at Fitchburg, Mass. Mary Underwood Nara- 
more d. 10 Jan., 1904, at Fitchburg, Mass. 

Henr>- Underwood was a farmer at Wardsboro, Vt., where he 
d. I Aug., 1874. Mary Dexter Underwood d. 16 Sept., 1862. 

The Mendon Branch. 

The Mendon Branch of the family is made up of Joshua Under- 
wood whose estate was settled from that place in 1743 and his 
immediate family. Nothing but the merest details of this 
settlement are on record relative to this family, and its position 
here must be regarded as wholly provisional. 

* Also given as 28 March, 1832. 

t Also given as 18 Jan., 1884. 

t Oscar Tyler Ware m. i Jan.. 1863, Alvira A. Cook of Ne^rfane, Vt. , and 
had one son: 

i. Bert Oscar Ware. b. 23 Nov., 1868. at Netvfane, Vt.; m. 26 March, 1890, 
Myra B. Miller of Brattlcboro, Vt.. and had one son: Park Cook Ware. b. 15 
July, 1894; d. 2 Sept., 1898. 

§ Mary Jenette Ware m. John S. Stone of Fitchburg. Mass., and had one son: 

i. Charles Lewis Stone, b. 10 Oct.. 1872; m. Jessie Morrison of Fitchburg, 
Mass., and had children: (i) Ethel Morrison Stone, h. 20 April, 1897; (2) Kenneth 
Ware Stone, b. 30 Nov., 1898; and (3) Robert Greydon Stone, b. 3 Aug., 1903, in 
Ashby, Mass. 


279. Joshua Underwood of Mcndon, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
9?) b. about 1713; m. Hannah . 

Joshua Underwood d. about 1743 at Mendon, leaving widow 
Hannah. As no children are mentioned he probably had none.* 

The "Waltham Branch. 
This branch of the family takes its name from Samuel Under- 
wood who lived at Waltham in early life and afterwards removed 
to Framingham. It is probable that he was the son of Jonathan 
9 but this is not certain. 

280. Samuel Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son of 
Jonathan 9?) b. about 1719, at Waltham (?), Mass.; m. 21 Oct., 
1 74 1, Mary Knapp of Waltham and had children: 

i. Mary, b. 15 May, 1743; m. Josiah Rice. 

ii. Ruth, b. 10 Aug., 1745; "probably d. young." 

iii. Lois, b. 4 Jan., 1748; m. Daniel Pike. 

iv. Samuel, b. 12 March, 1750. (See no. 281.) 

V. Ruth, b. 7 Feb., 1754. 

vi. Amos, b. 14 Oct., 1757. (See no. 287.) 
Samuel Underwood was living at Waltham, Mass., at the 
time of his marriage and that may have been his native place. 
He was a shoemaker in 1743. Fie settled in Framingham near 
Azariah Walters. "He d. and his widow was adm. to the Fram- 
ingham church 25 Oct., 1767." He was a sergeant in the French 
and Indian War in 1757 and was a lieutenant of the militia 
in 1762. 

281. Samuel Underwood of Littleton, N. H., (son of Samuel 

280) b. 12 March, 1750, at Framingham, Mass.; m. and had 


i. Nathan, b. about 1800. (See no. 282.) 
and perhaps others, as: 

ii. Jesse, b. — . (See no. 285.) 

* According to Barry, "History of Framingham," this man left two children. 
Worcester records apppear to show that Joshua was a blacksmith and that he 
had children, Mary, b. about 1739, and Joshua, b. about 1742; d. about 1758. Ed. 


iii. IsR,A.EL, b. — . (See no. 286.) 
Samuel Underwood was taxed at Framingham, Mass., as 
late as 1775. He afterwards rem. to Littleton, N. H., where he 
was on the tax list as late as 1796-7. He may later have rem. 
to Concord, Vt., a town just across the river from Littleton, 
N. H. He was undoubtedly the Samuel Underwood of Framing- 
ham who served four days in Capt. Edgell's company on the 
occasion of the Lexington Alarm. He was also in Capt. Buck- 
minster's company of Col. Perry's regiment in service 14 days 
in 1780 in Rhode Island. Nothing further is known of him. 

282. Nathan Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of Samuel 281) 
b. about 1800, at Littleton, N. H. (?); m. 19 Jan., 1827, Nar- 
cissa Rix, dau. of Nathaniel Rix, and had a son: 

i. Guy Carleton, b. 23 Sept., 1831. (See no. 2S3.) 

Nathan Underwood was taxed from 1827 to 1834 at Littleton, 

N. H., and was a member of prudential school committee in 

Dist. No. 2 in 1829 and was highway surveyor of Dist. No. 28 in 

1832. He afterwards rem. to Concord, Vt., a neighboring town, 

283. Guy Carleton Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
Nathan 282) b. 23 Sept., 183 1, at Littleton, N. H.; m. about 
1854 or 1855, EInora Prescott Connell and had children: 

i. Carletox Helleson, b. 24 Feb., 1857. 
ii. Joseph Rawson, b. 23 Dec, 1862. (See no. 284.) 
Guy Carleton Underwood was superintendent of city insti- 
tutions at Boston, Mass., where he resided for many years. 
He d. 13 Aug., 1889, at Boston, Mass. 

284. Joseph Rawson Underwood of New York city, (son of 
Guy C. 283) b. 23 Dec, 1862; m. 14 March, 1888, Janet Grace 
Taylor and had children: 

i. Helen Prescott, b. 13 March, 1892. 
ii. Edmund Ross, b. 20 Aug., 1893. 
iii. Victor Ta-^-lor, b. 12 Sept., 1896. 
Joseph R. Underwood resided at Boston, Mass., until 1886; 
at Orange Park, Fla., 1886-1894; at Boston, Mass., 1894-1905; 


and since 1905 he has lived in New York city where he is assist- 
ant manager of the Astor House. 

285. Jesse Underwood, of Littleton, N. H., (son of Samuel 

281?) b. ; m. . Jesse Underwood appears on the tax 

list of Littleton, N. H., 1829-1832 and was elected hog reefe 9 
March, 1830. Nothing further is known of him. 

286. Israel Underv/ood of Lisbon, N. H., (son of Samuel 281) 

b. ; m. Sally Dexter of Lisbon, N. H. Nothing is known of his 

family. Israel Underwood appears on the tax list of Littleton, 
N. H., 1840-1S44, so doubtless belongs to the only known Little- 
ton family of Undenvood. At the time of his marriage the 
Littleton record says "both of Lisbon." The town of Lisbon 
adjoins Littleton on the south. 

287. Amos Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of Samuel 280) 
b. 14 Oct., 1757, at Framingham, Mass.; m. in May, 1784, 
Mary Lamb, dau. of Samuel Lamb and had children: 

i. Polly, b. in 17S5; m. Elisha May of Concord, Vt.,b. 1772 
and had children: (i) Dennis May, b. 27 Feb., 1807; (2) Preston 
May, b. 3 Nov., 1809. Polly Underwood May d. 24 Dec, 1840, 
and Elisha May d. 10 Nov., 1841. 

ii. David, b. 20 June, 1792. (See no. 288.) 

Amos Underwood was a soldier in the Revolution and enlisted 
at various times from Framingham, Mass.; (i) in March, 1776, 
and served one month under Capt. Simon Edgell ; (2) in Decem- 
ber, 1776, and served three months under Capt. Hezekiah Broad 
with Col. Wade; (3) in May, 1777, and serv^ed two months and 
eight days under Capt. John Gleason with Lieut. Col. Stone in 
Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment in Rhode Island; (4) 16 August, 
1777, and was discharged 29 Nov., 1777, having served 3 mos. 
25 days in the northern departments in Capt. Joseph Winch's 
company in Col. Samuel Bullard's regiment; (5) the next year 
he served in Capt. Joseph Griffith's company of Col. John 
Jacob's regiment 6 mos. 10 days from 24 June, 1778, to i Jan., 


1779; and (6) in May, 1779, and served six months under Capt. 
Walter McFarland in Col. Cyprian Howe's regiment in Rhode 
Island. He was present at the surrender of Burgoyne. He 
became a pensioner 2 Aug., 1832. 

288. David Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of Ajnos 2S7) b. 
20 June, 1792, at Concord, Vt.; m. Polly Adams and had children: 

i. Brigiiam, b. 9 Oct., 1816. (See no. 289.) 
ii, RoANEY, b. 14 Feb., 1823; m. 16 Feb., 1848, Jerry 
Matthews and had two daughters: (i) Mary Matthews, b. 20 
June, 1852;* and (2) Lnvia Matthews, h. 20 April, 1857.! Both 
daughters live in Rutland, Vt. Roaney Undenvood Matthews 
d. 31 Aug., 1901, at Rutland, Vt. 

iii. Horace, b. 15 June, 1827. (See no. 292.) 

iv. Mary, b. ; m. William Lindsay of Concord, Vt., and 

had two sons: (i) Horace Lindsay and (2) WUUa7n Liyidsay, 
both of Concord, Vt. 

David Underwood was a farmer of Concord, Vt. He d. 8 
Jan., 1S73. 

289. Brigham Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of Daind 288) 
b. 9 Oct., 1816, at Concord, Vt.; m. 19 Nov., 1843, Nancy Wilson 
and had children : 

i. Henry D., b. 6 March, 1846. (See no. 290.) 
ii. Clara M., b. 11 May, 1849; m. 24 Dec, 1868, Ira Lee 

of Concord, Vt., and had one child: Ernest D. Lee, b. ; m. 

May Harvey and lives in Concord, Vt. Clara Underwood Lee 
d. 8 Oct., 1895. 

iii. A. Perkins, b. i May, 1853. (See no. 291.) 
iv. Freeman B., b. 23 July, 1858; unm.; engaged as hotel 
clerk at Dinuba, Calif. 

Brigham Underwood was engaged in farming at Concord, Vt., 

* Mary Matthews m. lo Feb., 1875, at St. Johnsbury, Vt., Milo F. Eastman 
and has had three children: (i) Floyd C. Eastman, b. 25 Sept., 1877; (2) Ethel 
May Eastman, b. i Meirch, 1880; d. 6 Dec, 1882; (3) Glenn Matthews Eastman, 
b. 24 Feb., 1889. 

t Luvia Matthews m. 30 Dec, , Eugene H. Gibbs and resides in Rutland, Vt. 


where he d. 28 Sept., 1S81. His widow, Nancy Wilson Under- 
wood, d. 10 Feb., 1904. 

290. Henry D. Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of Brigham 
289) b. 6 March, 1846, at Concord, Vt.; m. 5 Feb., 1879, Marie 
Douglas of Concord, Vt., and had two daughters: 

i. Jennie, b. 18 Dec, 1879; graduated from Springfield 
Business College; is a stenographer at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
ii. May, b. 8 Dec, 1883; lives at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
Henry Underwood was engaged in farming at Concord, Vt., 
where he d. 30 March, 1884. 

291. A. Perkins Underwood of Barton, Vt., (son of Brigham 
289) b. I May, 1853, at Concord, Vt.; m. I Sept., 1885, Alice 
M. Coc of Burke, Vt., and had children: 

i. Norman R., b. 12 Oct., 1887, at West Burke, Vt. 
ii. Clara A., b. 28 Dec, 1895, at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
A. Perkins Underwood is connected with the Peerless Manu- 
facturing Co., of Barton, Vt. 

292. Horace Underwood of Concord, Vt., (son of David 288) 
b. 15 June, 1827, at Concord, Vt.; m. 2 Jan., 1856, Permelia 
Chase and had children: 

i. Florence Jane, b. 2 Sept., 1857; m. Hoyt Wakefield 
of Tully, Mass., and had children: 

ii. John Clarence, b. 26 June, 1861. (See no. 293.) 
iii. Allen Clinton, b. 31 May, 1863. (See no. 294.) 
iv. Luman Aden, b. 14 Sept., 1866; d. 4 Sept., 1872. 
V. Ina Lelia, b. II Aug., 1868; d. 6 Sept., 1872. 
vi. Mary Lillian, b. 10 Jan., 1872; d. 5 Sept., 1872. 
vii. Mabel, b. 16 Sept., 1874; "i- Charles Moffett of St. 
Johnsbury, Vt.; no children. The family resides at 3 Ely St., 
St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

viii. Myrtie Lillian, b. 23 Sept., 1880; is a stenographer; 
lives at 33 Portland St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Horace Underwood was a farmer at West Concord, Vt., and 
lived all his life at that place and St. Johnsbury. He d. 4 July, 


293. John Clarence Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of 
Horace 292) b. 26 June, 1861, at Concord, Vt. ; m. Leila Mary- 
Ann Aldrich of Littleton, N. H., and had children: 

i. IxA EuzAbETn, b. 11 Aug., 1894; now at Tully. Mass, 
ii. Wyman Aldrich, b. 17 July, 1899; is living with his 
uncle, Allen C. Underwood (no. 294.) 

John C. Underwood was a farmer at St. Johnsbury, Vt., until 
about 1896, when he became manager of the St. Johnsbury 
creamery' in which he had a controlling interest. His wife d. in 
1900. John C. Underwood d. 24 Aug., 1903, at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

294. Allen Clinton Underwood of St. Johnsbury, Vt., (son of 
Horace 292) b. 31 May, 1863, at Concord, Vt.; m. 9 Nov., 1897, 
Mary Tena Almira Hastings and had children: 

i. Una, b. 3 April, 1899; d. 23 March, 1900. 
ii. Iris May, b. 27 May, 1901. 
Allen C. Underwood is a farmer at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

The Woodstock (Connecticut) Branch. 
This branch was founded by Nehemiah Underwood who re- 
moved from Watertown, Mass., first to Sturbridge, Mass., and 
afterwards (1749) to Woodstock, Conn., whence his descendants 
have become widely scattered. He is supposed to have been a 
son of Jonathan Underwood (no. 9) but that is determined by a 
process of reasoning known as the method of exclusion rather 
than by any documentary evidence. This position of the branch 
is, therefore, provisional. 

295. Nehemiah Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Jonathan 9?) b. 5 May, 1721, at Watertown, Mass. (?); m. at 
Woodstock, Conn., 5 Feb., 1743/4, Anna Marcy, dau. of James 
Marcy of Woodstock, Conn., and had two children at Sturbridge 
and eight at Woodstock, as follows: 

i. Daniel, b. 14 Aug., 1744. (See no. 296.) 
ii. NehExMIAh, b. 24 Oct., 1746. (See no. 336.) 
iii. Elias, b. 26 Oct., 1748. (See no. 394.) 


iv. Anna, b. 15 Sept., 1751; m. 19 Dec, 1771, Wareham 
Lyon, of Woodstock, Conn., and had Frances Lyon, b. 20 Aug., 
1775; d- 20 Dec, 1793, and perhaps others. Anna Underwood 
Lyon d. 4 March, 1791. 

V. Elisha, b. 5 Nov., 1753. (See no. 442.) 

vi. Olive, b. 5 Dec, 1756; m. 20 May, 1774, Elisha Gage of 
Woodstock, Conn., afterwards of New Woodstock, N. Y.,* and 
had children: (i) Luther Gage, h. 9 March, 1779; d. i Dec, 1802; 

(2) Lucy Gage, b. 21 Nov., 1780; m. Carpenter, of Delphi, 

N. Y,; (3) Elisha Gage, Jr., b. 18 Oct., 1782, rem. to Henrietta, 

N. Y.; (4) Olive Gage, b. 30 Dec, 1784; m. McClure of 

Delphi, N. Y.; (5) Nance Gage, b. 30 Dec, 1786; m, Havens 

of Erie Co., N. Y.; (6) Chester Gage, b. 19 June, 1789, rem. to 

Allegheny Co., N. Y.; (7) Anna Gage, b. 19 Oct., 1791; m. 

Jackson; d. in Syracuse, N. Y.; (8) Salmon Gage, b. 28 July, 
1794, lived at New Woodstock, N. Y.; d. in 1881 ; (9) Elias Gage, 
b. 9 Dec, 1796; d. 20 Oct., 1806; (10) Zeviah Gage, b. 15 Aug., 

1799; m. Dryer of Delphi, N. Y. Olive Underwood Gage 

d. 13 July, 1836, at Delphi, N. Y. 

vii. Josiah, b. about 1758. (See no. 492.) 
viii. Lemuel, b. 24 Feb., 1761 (?). (See no. 493.) 
ix. Marsilva, b. 29 Aug., 1764; m. 7 July, 1785, Moses 
Bugbee of Woodstock, Conn., afterguards rem. to Cazenovia, 
N. Y., and had children: (i) Moses Bugbee; (2) Sylvia Bugbee; 

(3) Lucinda Bugbee; (4) Danforth Bugbee; (5) Clara Bugbee; (6) 
Sophia Bugbee; m. Oliver Stanton (grandson of no. 336); (7) 
Lucy Bugbee; (8) Rosina Bugbee; (9) Cyjithia Bugbee. The 
father, Moses Bugbee, d. 18 Feb., 1813, at Cazenovia, N. Y., and 
his wife, Marsilva Underwood Bugbee, d. several years later. 

X. Samuel, b. 12 Jan., 1769. (See no. 494.) 

♦Elisha Gage was born in Woodstock, Conn., 4 April, 1753, and removed to 
Cazenovia (West Woodstock in the south part of that town) "when his son Salmon 
was nine years old." He d. 31 May, 1833. The above record of his children was 
taken in part from a manuscript in a note book in the possession of the descendants 
of Salmon Gage of New Woodstock, N. Y., who lived all his life a near neighbor to 
Marvel Under^vood (no. 306) and his two sons Marcus L. Underwood (no. 307) and 
John L. Underwood (no. 312). 


Neherniah Undenvood was a prosperous farmer living at 
Woodstock, Conn., nearly all his life. He was probably born at 
Watertown, Mass., in 1721, but by a singular coincidence both 
church and town records are a blank for the period of his birth. 
We are certain, however, that he came from Watertown and was 
a member of the church there in early life, as will appear from 
the following data : 

In the Registry of Deeds at Worcester (15: 365) is a deed 
given by "Joshua Morse of Med field, County of Suffolk," for the 
consideration of £70 paid by "Xehemiah Underwood of Water- 
town in the county of Middlesex and Province of Massachusetts 
Bay in New England, husbandman," for a tract of 102 acres of 
land in Sturbridge, County of Worcester. The deed is dated 10 
June, 1742, when Neherniah Underwood was only twenty-one 
years of age. 

In the records of the Sturbridge church is this entry: "Oct. 7, 
1744, Neherniah Underwood received to the church by letter 
from Watertown." Daniel Underwood their eldest son was 
baptized the same day. 

The earliest record in the Town of Woodstock is the first 
entry of Neherniah Underwood's "intention of marriage with 
Anna Marcy of this town" 14 Jan., 1743-4. They were married 
5 Feb., 1743-4, by Rev. Abiel Stiles, pastor of the Woodstock 
church, and entered in the town record of Woodstock. In this 
entry Nehemiah Underwood is mentioned as "of Sturbridge." 

Nehemiah Underwood disposed of his farm of 102 acres in 
Sturbridge, in 1747,* for the sum of £520 which would indicate 
that he had improved it greatly in the five years he lived there. 
In the next year (1748) he purchased land of James Marcy, his 
father-in-law, in Woodstock, on which he spent the rest of his 
life and reared his large family. The location of this property 
may be seen from the following deed recorded in the Worcesterf 
Registry' of Deeds 27: 60. 

* This deed he vvTites himself as " Nehemiah Undenvood, of Sturbridge, yeoman." 
t At this time Woodstock was supposed to lie in the state of Massachusetts. 

170 the underwood family in america 


To all People to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: 
Know Ye, That I James Marcy of Woodstock in the County of 
Worcester husbandman for and in Consideration of the Sum of 
Eight Hundred Pounds old Tenor to me in Hand before the 
Ensealing hereof, well and truly paid by Nehemiah Underwood 
of Woodstock in the County of Worcester, husbandman, the 
Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, and myself therewith 
fully satisfied and contented; and thereof, and of every Part 
and Parcel thereof, do exhonerate acquit and discharge him the 
Said Nehemiah Underwood his Heirs, Executors and Adminis- 
trators forever by these Presents: Have given, granted, bar- 
gained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed; and by these 
Presents, Do freely, fully and absolutely give, grant, bargain, 
sell, aliene, convey and confirm unto him the said Nehemiah 
Underwood his Heirs and Assigns forever, a certain Lot of land 
in the North half of said Town and contains by estimation seventy 
acres more or less and is the 1 2 1st Lot and Lyes in the first 
Division of Lotts it is bounded on the South on the Lott originally 
Laid out to John Davis north on Land of the heirs of John Searl 
Dec** East and West on Head Lines of the Range or highway or 
how ever otherwise bounded or reputed to be bounded. N. B. it 
is to be understood by Grantor & Grantee that the sum of three 
hundred pounds of the above mentioned consideration (old Tenor) 
is in part of Portion of my Daughter Anna Underwood wife to 
the said Nehemiah of my Estate and to be accounted as so much 
on the settlement of my Estate and w'^'' said part of Land I give 
to them & their Heirs forever To Have and to Hold, the said 
granted and bargained Premises, with all the Appurtenances, 
Priviledges and Commodities to the same belonging or in any wise 
appertaining to him the said Nehemiah Underwood his Heirs 
and Assigns forever. To his and their only proper Use, Benefit 
and Behoof forever. And I the said James Marcy for myself 
my Heirs, Executors and Administrators, do covenant, promise 
and grant to an with the said Nehemiah Underwood his Heirs and 
Assigns that before the Ensealing hereof I am the true sole and 
lawful owner of the above bargained premises and am lawfully 
seized and possessed of the same in my own proper Right, as a 
good perfect and absolute Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple: 
And have in myself Good Right, full Power and lawful Authority, 
to grant, bargain, sell convey and confirm said bargained premises 


in Manner as aforesaid ; And that the Said Nehemiah Underwood 
his Heirs and Assigns, shall and may from Time to Time, and 
at all Times forever hereafter, by Force and Virtue of these 
Presents, lawfully, peaceably and quietly Have, Hold, Use, 
Occupy, Possess and Enjoy the said demised and bargained 
Premises with the Appurtenances, free and clear, and freely 
and clearly acquitted, exonerated and discharged of, from all 
and all manner of former or other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, 
Leases, Mortgages, Wills, Entails, Joyntures, Dowries, Judg- 
ments, Executions or Incumbrances of what Name or Nature 
soever, that might in any measure or Degree obstruct or make 
void this present Deed. 

Furthermore I the said James Marcy for myself my Heirs, 
Executors and Administrators, do Covenant and Engage the 
abovedemised Premises to him the Said Nehemiah Underwood 
his Heirs and Assigns, against the lawful Claims or Demands of 
any Person or Persons whatsoever, forever hereafter to Warrant, 
Secure and Defend by these Presents. In witness whereof I 
have hereunto put my hand & seal this fourth Day of May Anno 
Domini 1748 

James Marcy (Is) 
Signed Sealed & Deliv d 
In presence of 
Lucy Chandler 
Thos Chandler. 

Nehemiah Underwood's two eldest sons were born in Sturbridge 
and their births are entered on the Sturbridge town records, viz. : 
Daniel, 14 Aug., 1744, and Nehemiah, 24 Oct., 1746. 

On the Woodstock town record appears this curious entry: 
"Nehemiah Under\s'ood's Earmark for Cattle is a Swallow Tale 
in the right Ear and a cropp off the left Ear formerly his father's 
Mark; entered Nov. 25, 1777." This was the practice for dis- 
tinguishing stock when it was permitted to run at large on the 
highways or on common or wild land. 

The Woodstock land records* contain the following items of 

* In Connecticut the town clerk is the custodian of the land records which in 
most states are in the custody of the county clerk. 


" In Liber B of Deeds p. 32 appears the conveyance by Paul 
Davis to Nehemiah Underwood granting for the sum of 90 
pounds "the one moiety or half part of three certain lots of land 
lying in the north half of Woodstock aforesaid, originally laid 
out to John Searl. Ye home lott lies in ye 7th range No. 122 
and contains twelve acres and a half, bounding east and west on 
highways, south on land of ye said Nehemiah Underwood, North 
on land now belonging to Capt. Jabez Lyon." 

"Also lott lying in 2nd division 5th Range No. 75 and con- 
tains sixteen acres and a quarter." 

"Also one other tract lying in 3rd division and 12th range 
No. 113 and contains seventeen acres and thirty rods." 

" Also at p. 22 is recorded a conveyance by Nehemiah Under- 
wood to Israel Marcy,* in consideration of the sum of 30 pounds 
granting "the one moiety or half part of a Lott of Land in the north 
half of said Woodstock in the 3rd division, and lyeth in the 12th 
range of Lotts and is ye 113 Lott in number and contains seven- 
teen acres and thirty rods more or less." 

Comparatively little is known of the general character of 
Nehemiah Underwood. He was a strongly religious man as 
evidenced by the injunctions in his will, but it is evidently true 
that he shared the weaknesses of his time. One little memoran- 
dum, interesting as about the only scrap of tradition brought 
out by a large correspondence, is copied from a letter of one 
of his descendants dated 13 Jan., i88i:t "At your request I 
will tell you what I know about my great-grandfather; all I 
know about him is what I have heard my father tell ; he said he 
was Deacon of the Baptist Church and was a very good man, and 
always so calm and never anything seemed to disturb him. He 
said he came from England. J ... I have no record of his birth 
or death but conclude he died rather young (He d. at 51) as 

* Israel Marcy was a son of John Marcy of Woodstock and first cousin to Anna 
Marcy, wife of Nehemiah Undenvood. 

t Mrs. Thomas H. Thresher of Stafford. Conn., a dau. of Nehemiah Underwood, 
3rd (no. 345)- 

t This may actually represent the fact but the compiler does not think it at all 
probable. It is a common thing for people to suppose the oldest ancestor whom 
they could trace was direct from England, in the same sense that Adam, the oldest 
ancestor to whom the early Jews could trace, became to them "the first man." 


my grandfather (Nehemiah Underwood, Jr. no. 336) brought 
up his youngest son Samuel (Samuel Under\vo6d, b. 1769 no. 
494, consequently three years old at the time of his father's death) 
about the age of my grandfather's oldest son (Reuben Under^vood 
no. 33 J, b. 1771. My grandfather was not like his father in 
temperament; he was stern and my father said brought up his 
boys to toe the mark; he always mentioned his government with 
a great deal of deference and thought he was about right. I 
have heard speak of his father's four brothers, Elisha, Lemuel, 
Siah (Josiah (?)) and Samuel; three of them died about thirty 
with consumption of the nerves, a peculiar disease of the family.* 
One thing I have heard my father say about his grandfather; he 
was so unmoved in his way, if he was caught in a hard shower, 
he would not hasten at all but would just walk as if the sun 

Nehemiah Underwood d. 20 Oct., 1772, f at Woodstock, Conn., 
and is buried in the old cemetery between West Woodstock and 
Woodstock Valley. I There is a quaint old gravestone marking 
his grave. The epitaph is presumably characteristic of the man. 

* For further data on the so-called "Underwood disease" see p. 180, also p. 274. 
It was the tradition in the family of the compiler that his great-grandfather, 
Daniel Underwood (no. 296), died of this disease. He was thirty-five at his death 
The seven sons of Nehemiah Under^vood attained the following ages: Daniel, 
thirty-five; Nehemiah, seventy; Elias, fifty-two; Elisha. fifty-sLx; Josiah, un- 
known, but he was still on the pension roll in 1836 [The Josiah Underwood of the 
pension roll was of a different family, see page 389. Ed.] at the age of about seventy- 
eight; Lemuel, about seventy-seven; and Samuel, sixty-eight. This tradition, 
therefore, lacks something of accuracy, as none of those mentioned died before 

t In the town records of Woodstock there are two entries of his death. The first 
says: "Mr. Nehemiah Under\vood died Oct. 20, 1772; aged 51 years 4 mos. and 
28 days." The second entry differs only by saying "27 days." This fixes the date 
of his birth as 22 May, 1721, or 23 May, 1721, according to the latter entry. 

X This old cemetery is in a very neglected condition, much to the shame of the 
town. The descendants of Nehemiah Underwood ought to place this stone in a 
condition for permanent preservation as the memorial of the oldest ancestor to 
whom they can trace their ancestry by documentary evidence. WTien the v\Titer 
visited the cemetery the second time, in 1891, the stone was lying flat on its face, 
having fallen since 1884. In 1904 it was still standing where it was righted in 1891, 


"O, Reader Run Your Race is Short, 
My death and Grave doth you exhort, 
These few lines pray mark them well 
For you are travelling to Heaven or Hell." 

Anna Marcy Underwood, widow of Nehemiah Underwood, d. 4 
July, 1776* — the date of the signing of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence at Philadelphia. 

Nehemiah Underwood made a will 27 March, 1 772, about seven 
months before his death. This we have copied from the probate 
records and reproduce here. The will was admitted to probate 
I Dec, 1772.1 

Will of Nehemiah Underwood. 

In the name of God Amen. This 27th Day of March 1772 
I, Nehemiah Underwood of Woodstock, in the county of Wind- 
ham and Colony of Connecticut, Being on the Decline of Life »S: 
under Bodily Weakness & Infirmity but of sound disposing Mind 
and Memory, Thanks be given to Almighty God therefor, calling 
to mind the mortality of My Body and Knowing that it is 
appointed for all men once to Die I do make and Ordain this my 
last Will and Testament, And principally and first of all I Give 
and Recommend my soul into the hands of God that Gave it and 
for my Body, I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a Chris- 
tian like & Decent Burial at the discretion of my Executor here- 
after named whenever it shall please God in His alwise Providence 
to put an End to my Life in this World Trusting in the Rich 
Mercy and Grace of God through Jesus Christ that at the 
Resurrection when my Soul & Body shall be reunited I shall be 
made happy in the full enjoyment of God to all Eternity. And 
as touching such world Estate wherewith it hath pleased Almight 
God to Bless me with in this World I Give Devise & Dispose 
thereof in the following manner & Form. Imprimis my Will is 
that in the first place all my just Debts & Funeral Charges be first 
paid & Satisfied out of my personal Estate. 

Item I give and bequeath unto Annah my Dearly beloved 

* The copied records of the Town of Woodstock erroneously give this as 1777. 
We copied the above date from the original Record Book in 1884. 

t The early probate records of the Town of Woodstock are at Pomfret. 


Wife the whole use & Improvement of the Northermost part of 
my farm on which I now Live viz. all the Land and Improvements 
Northerly of the Lane that leads from my Dwelling House 
Westerly into the County Road and so to extend Easterly on the 
South side of the House as the fence now Stands untill it comes 
to the Wood Land and so on the same course through the Wood- 
land untill it come to a highway that leads from John Perrin's to 
Daniel Underwood. And also the use and improvement of the 
one half of my orchard so long as she shall remain my Widow. 
In case that my executor hereafter named shall fail on his part 
of providing for the support of my said Wife as sliall be hereafter 
pro\-ided and my will further is that my said Wife have & enjoy 
the Use and Improvement of the Eastermost part of my Dwelling 
House viz. the lower Room the Bed room North of it and a Privi- 
ledge in the Dairy Room Cellar & Garret and also a Priviledge 
in the Barn &' Shop necessary for her use and also of the oven 
in the West Room for Baking & in said West Room& fire place 
for washing. And likewise the Priviledge of Passing & Repassing 
from Room to Room as Necessity shall Require so long as she 
shall remain my Widow. And furthermore my Will is that 
my said Wife have & enjoy the Whole use & Improvement of all 
my household goods & furniture except twelve Cyder Barrels 
and one two Barrel Cask & one large Cedar Meat Tub to be for 
her use so long as she shall remain my Widow. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my said Wife two good beds 
& furniture one case of Drawers one Table six Chairs one Iron 
Pot one Iron Kittle one Brass Kittle four pewter platters twelve 
pewter plates four pewter Basons my side saddle one low Chest of 
three Draws to be her own use her heirs and assigns forever in 
case she should marry again. 

Item. I give & bequeath unto Nehemiah Underwood my 
second Son all my Estate both Real & personal in Woodstock that 
hath not heretofore been willed & bequeathed Except my Wearing 
apparel my Iron Bar my horse tacklin my Beetle Rings & 
Wedges & my Still Yards to be to him his heirs & assigns forever 
to his «S: their own proper use Benefit & Behoof provided the said 
Nehemiah his heirs or assigns shall Will & Truly pay & cause to 
be paid at a set time the following Legacies or Sums of Money 
viz. to my two Sons Daniel & Elias and to my Daughter Annah 
forty pounds lawful money Each Including what each one has 
already had out of my Estate makeing one hundred and twenty 


pounds the whole to be paid in One Year after my Decease. And 
to my son Ehsha twenty five pounds lawful money when he shall 
arrive to the age of twenty one years which together from the 
present Time untill he shall arrive to twenty one years of Age 
which is his own will be equal to forty pounds lawful Money. 
And to my two youngest Daughters viz Olive & Marsilva forty 
pounds lawful money Each or the value thereof in household 
Goods & Furniture at Money price when they shall arrive at the 
age of eighteen years making Eighty pounds, and to my three 
Youngest Sons viz; Josiah Lemuel & Samuel, to Lemuel twenty 
five pounds lawful Money and to Josiah & Samuel twenty pounds 
Each which together with their Earning from fourteen to twenty 
one years of age may be equal to forty pounds lawful Money 
each which makes one hundred & twenty pounds to be paid 
when they shall arrive at twenty one years of age. 

Item. I give & bequeath to my four Eldest Sons viz. Daniel 
Nehemiah Elias & Elisha all my wearing apparrel to be equally 
divided among them share & share alike. And furthermore my 
Will is and I do hereby enjoyn it upon my said Son Nehemiah to 
provide for my said wife yearly so long as she shall Remain my 
Widow For her use & Benefit two good Cows & ten good Sheep 
& the use of a horse for her Necessary Riding at his own Cost 
and Charge of keeping and to provide for my three youngest 
children viz. Lemuel Marsilva & Samuel a Sufficient maintenance 
in sickness & in health and sufficient schooling until they shall 
arrive to the age of fourteen years and upon his faithful Dis- 
chargeing of the above said Duties & obligations shall be Entitled 
to the use & improvement of all my Real Estate and my said 
Wife to have only the Use & Improvement of the Cows Sheep 
& the Use of a horse in the lew of the Land before Mentioned 
And my Will further is that if it should so happen that either 
of my Children should Die before they should arrive to full 
age to Receive his or her Legacy then that his or her share to be 
equally Divided among the Survivors or their Legal Representa- 
tives Share & share alike. 

And now my Dear Wife & Children As I have given Each of 
you Something for your Temporal Support in this Life I leave it 
as my Dying Charge to you that you make a good Improvement 
of it. God in his providence gave it to me first and now God in 
his alwise providence gives it to you. Improve it to his Glory 
and your own Good live in peace with one Another and the God 


of Love & Peace be with you & grant for his Dear Sons sake 
that when you and I have Done with Temporal Things here below 
we may all enjoy a heavenly Inheritance with the Saints in 
Glory above and Rejoice together in happy and never Ending 
Eternity which may God grant for his Dear Sons Sake. And 
Lastly I do ordain make & constitute my beloved Son Nehemiah 
sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament cheerfully con- 
fiding in his care & faithfulness to fulfill & Execute the Same in 
Every part thereof and I do hereby utterly Revoke Disannul 
and Disallow all and every other or former Wills & Testaments 
and Legacies Before this Time Willed & Bequeathed Ratifying 
this & no other to be my last \\'ill & Testament. In Witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal the Day & Year 
above said 

Nehemiah Underwood (Seal) 
Signed Sealed published pronounced & Declared by the said 
Nehemiah Underwood to be & contain his last Will & Testament 
in presence of us the Subscribers. 

Jedidiah Morse 
Thomas Child Jr. 
Lemuel Child. 

According to the same probate records the estate of Mrs. 
Annah Underwood, for which Daniel Underwood (no. 296) was 
administrator, was ordered distributed in equal parts to her 
children, viz.: Daniel, Nehemiah, Elias, Annah Lyon, wife of 
Warham Lyon, Elisha, Olive, Josiah, Lemuel, Marsilva, and 
Samuel, who received £12 is. lod. I farthing each. The 
distribution was ordered 21 Jan., 1777. 

296. Daniel Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of Nehe- 
miah 295) b. 14 Aug., 1744, at Sturbridge, Mass.; bapt. 7 Oct., 
1744, at the same place; m. 15 March, 1769, Experience Kingsley* 
of Woodstock, Conn., and had children: 

* Experience Kingsley was without doubt the daughter of Jonathan Kingsley 
of Woodstock, Conn., for whom she named her first child. The records of Kingsley 
at Woodstock, are very meager. The following are all we have been able to find: 

1. Jonathan Kingsley "of Woodstock, Conn.," sold land in 1759 and in 1763 
and acquired land as late as 1767 in the town of Woodstock. 

2. Rufus Kingsley of Windham m. Lucinda Cutter 12 Oct., 1786. 

3- Nancy, dau. of above, b. 15 July, 1787; John, son of above, b. 9 May, 1792 


i. Jonathan Kingsley, b. 2 March, 1770. (See no. 

ii. Lucy, b. 28 Nov., 1771; m. (i) 5 Feb., 1795, Oliver 
Bugbee of Woodstock, Conn., afterwards of Cazenovia, N. Y., 
and had children: (i) Irene Bugbee, h. 16 May, 1796; d. I April, 
1814, at Cazenovia, N. Y.; (2) Parker Btigbee (twin), b. 2 May 
1798; d. 2 July, 1823, at Niagara, N. Y.; (3) Mary Bugbee (twin), 
b. 2 May, 1798; (4) Alvin Bugbee, b. 17 April, 1800; d. May, 
1849, at Gowanda, N. Y.; (5) Lyman Bugbee (twin), b. i June, 
1802; d. 21 Feb., 1869, at Worcester, Mass.; (6) Laitra Bugbee 
(twin), b. I June, 1802; d. Feb., 1823, at Attica, N. Y.; (7) Sarah 

Bugbee, h. 3 June, 1804; m. Yates and d. at Darien, N. Y. 

The father, Oliver Bugbee, d. 16 Oct., 1805, and Lucy Under- 
wood Bugbee m. (2) in 1808, John Goodell of New Woodstock, 
N. Y., and had one child: (8) Elzi7ta Goodell, h. 16 Feb., 1810; 
d. 7 Oct., 1857, at Wethersfield, N. Y. The family rem. in 1829 
to Attica, N. Y., where the mother, Lucy Underwood Goodell, 
d. 31 Jan., 1848. 

iii. Marvel Daniel, b. 15 Feb., 1773. (See no. 306.) 
iv. Ruth, b. 17 Nov., 1774; m, 5 Feb., 1795, Stephen Chaffe 
of Brimfield, Mass., and later of New Woodstock, N, Y., a soldier 
in the War of 1812, and had children: (i) Lucy Chaffe, h. 17 Feb., 

I796;m. Buck, d. in Jan., 1859; (2) Aniasa Ladd Chaffe, b. 28 

Nov., 1797; d. 5 Dec, 1869; (3) Daniel Kingsley Chaffe, h. in 
Jan., 1801; d. ; (4) Jatnes Chaffe, b. 6 Dec, 1801; d. 4 July, 

4. Molly Kingsley, dau. of Enoch and Molly, b. 29 Jan., 1783. 

5. Clarisa Kingsley, dau. of Uriah and Joanna, b. 8 April, 1789. 

6. Elizabeth Kingsley d. 19 Sept., 1756. 
Arranged family-wise we may assume the following: 

Jonathan Kingsley of Woodstock, Conn., m. and had children: 

i. Experience, b. 1751; m. 1769 Daniel Underwood. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. ; unm.; d. 1756. 

iii. Uriah, b. ; m, Joanna . 

iv. RuFus, b. ; m. 1786 Lucinda Cutler. 

V. Enoch, b. ; m. Molly . 

As no death record appears after 1756 it is probable that the family removed from 


1S04; (5) James C. Chafe, b. 24 Feb., 1804; d. ; (6) Oliver Bug- 
bee Chafe, b. 20 April, 1806; d. ; (7) Ruby Underwood Chafe, 

b. 23 April, 1808; d. ; (8) Alvina Chafe, h. 18 Dec, 1810; d. 

21 July, 1820; (9) Ambrose W. Chafe, b. 23 July, 1813; d. . 

Ruth Undenvood ChafTe d. 8 Aug., 1840. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 29 Oct., 1776; m. 19 May, 1799, Soloman 
Mirick, b. 8 Sept., 1772, at Stillwater, N. Y., and rem. to Caze- 
novia, N. Y., and had children: (i) Amanda Mirick, b. 24 May, 
1800; m. David Holmes, d. 5 April, 1870, at Palmyra, N. Y.; 

(2) Ira Mirick, b. 18 Feb., 1802; d. in 1891, at Lyons, N. Y.; 

(3) Hiram Mirick, b. 4 April, 1804; d. 16 March, 1880, at Lyons, 
N. Y.; (4) Nelson Mirick, b. 3 Aug., 1807; d. 5 Jan., 1832, at 
Buffalo township, N. Y.; (5) George W. Mirick, b. 2 Dec, 1809; 
d. 30 July, 1887, at Adrian, Mich.; (6) Charlotte Mirick, b. 12 
Dec, 181 1 ; m. (i) Ebenezer Tyler, (2) John Tipling; d. 30 May, 
1876, at Lyons, N. Y.; (7) Thomas M. Mirick, b. 27 May, 1813; 
d. 7 Nov., 1841, at Rose, N. Y.; (8) He7iry B. Mirick, b. 29 
Dec, 1816; d. II Sept., 1841, at Rose, N. Y. Elizabeth LTnder- 
wood Mirick d. 13 Sept., 1820, at Cazenovia, N. Y., and is buried 
in the "Union" cemetery. Her husband, Soloman Mirick, m. 

(2) Mrs. Weed, mother of Hon. Thurlow Weed, and d. i 

Aug., 1839, at Rose, N. Y., ae. 67. 

vi. Abishai Sabine, b. 24 April, 1778. (See no. 316.) 

Daniel Underwood d. 21 Oct., 1779, at the age of thirty-five. 

His wife, Experience Kingsley Underwood, m. (2) Jewell 

and d. 20 Sept., 1794, in her 43rd year. 

In the town records of Woodstock, Conn., appear the following 
entries : 

"Daniel Underwood and Experience Kingsley, both of Wood- 
stock, were married Jan. 24, 1769, by Abiel Leonard,* Pastor." 

"Daniel Underwood's Ear Mark for cattle is a Half penny 
the under side the right ear formerly Nathl Perins. Entered 
Sept. 18, 1778." 

Daniel Underwood is said to have been given to forming 

* This man was Chaplain of General Putnam's 3rd Conn. Reg. in 1775. 


rhymes only one of which has been handed down by tradition 
and is remembered only by its first couplet commencing: 

"Marvel Daniel, my second son, 
Now that my race is nearly run." 

His second son was born soon after the father's recovery from 
a severe illness and as he regarded the recovery marvelous he 
named his son by the rather unusual name, Marvel. His death 
was occasioned by a peculiar disease of the lower limbs tradi- 
tionally believed by some of his descendants and by some of the 
descendants of his brother, Nehemiah, to be hereditary. In the 
early days it was mentioned familiarly in the family as the 
"Undenvood disease." The disease so far as recorded has reap- 
peared among his descendants in only one instance.* 

Daniel Underwood died intestate and Experience Underwood 
was made administratrix. His estate is inventoried in the 
Pomfret Probate and included house and shop and about sev- 
enty acres of land valued at £174 lis. together with personal 

297. [Jonathan] King-sley Underwood of Enfield, Mass., (son 
oi Daniel 296) b. 2 March, 1770, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 12 
May, 1793, Elizabeth Allen of Sturbridge, Mass., b. 24 April, 
1771, and had children: 

i. RoswELL, b. II Aug., 1794. (See no. 298.) 
ii. Eliza, b. 9 Aug., 1796; m. Hosea Hooker of Enfield, 
Mass., and had children: (i) Robert F. Hooker, h. 14 Jan., 1817; 

m. ; d. in March, 1S38; (2) Elizabeth J. Hooker, h. in 1819; 

m. George H. Gilbert of Ware, Mass.; d. 29 April, 1845; (3) 
Fayette Hooker, b. 12 March, 1822; d. 11 April, 1878, at Chicago, 
111.; (4) Henry M. Hooker, b. 2 March, 1829, druggist in Chicago, 
111. Eliza Underwood Hooker d. in March, 1836. 
iii. John Allen, b. 21 Oct., 1798. (See no. 301.) 

* Cf . p. 205. Among the descendants of Kingsley Underwood (no. 297) there is 
a tradition that Daniel Underwood was killed by the falling of a tree. 


iv. KiNGSLEY, b. 3 Nov., 1800; d. 25 Oct., 1802. 

V. Daniel Kingsley, b. 15 June, 1803. (See no. 303.) 

vi. Clementine, b. 16 April, 1805; m. Horace Cutler of 

Enfield, Mass., and had one child: Jane Culler, h. ; m. 

Maynard of Mannsville, N. Y. Clementine Underwood Cutler 
d. 3 May, 1854. 

\ni. Zeruiaii, b. i Feb., 1807; m. Salmon Trask of Leicester, 
Mass., who afterwards rem. to Hudson, Mich. There were 
several children all of whom d. young except one, Eliza Trask, 
who m. Edward Cobb, of Chicago, 111., and d. in May, 1868. 
Zeruiah Underwood Trask d. 15 Nov., 1842. 
viii. Alford, b. 7 Nov., 1808; d. 8 Sept., 1810. 

ix. Daniel Alford, b. 10 Oct., 1811; d. 31 July, 1813. 

X. George Wellington, b. 30 March, 1814. (See no. 


Jonathan Kingsley Underwood was recorded in the Woodstock 
records under that name but as a man dropped the first name 
and was always known to his family as Kingsley Underwood. 
His first wife d. 6 Feb., 1824, and he m. (2) 30 Dec, 1834, 
Clarissa Gunn of Sunderland, Mass., b. i Aug., 1779; d. 27 
Feb., 1850. Kingsley Underwood d. 2 Nov., 1849, the best read 
man of his town, a "man of original force of mind, wit, and 
poetic feeling." Some of his poetical compositions still remain 
in the possession of the family of his grandson, Francis H. Under- 
wood (no. 299). He wrote some articles for the press, one or 
more of which appear in Garrison's Emancipator. He was a 
strong anti-slavery, anti-masonic, and anti-alcohol advocate. 
The character of the blacksmith in "Quabbin" by Francis H. 
Underwood (no. 299), which is a picture of Enfield, Mass., was 
based on Kingsley Undenvood. 

Some of his rhymes were spontaneous, made up naturally on 
the spur of the moment. We give one or two quaint samples 
of these of the spontaneous sort. 



Of Aladdin's great lamp we have all heard the story 
How it rose in one night in full splendor and glory; 
But that is a fiction no mortal can swallow 
While a fact comes from Enfield which beats it all hollow, 
How a small piece of Woods, sure, the deuce must be in it, 
Was changed to a Parish in less than a minute. 

In working the roads between Enfield and Ware there was 
once a dispute between the road-repairers of the two towns 
which led to considerable chaffing. On this occasion Kingsley 
Underwood gave vent to the follo^\^ng.• 

"Dame Nature once in makin' land, 
Hed refuse left o' stones an' sand; 
She viewed it o'er, then flung it down 
Between Coy's Hill and Belchertown. 
Said she, 'Yeou paltry stuff, lie there!' 
An' made a town and called it Ware." 

Among his more extended rhymes was a long Essay on Mel- 
chisedek in which he attempted to prove that that personage was 
the second person of the Trinity. An account of his literary 
habits and writings but with no mention of name may be seen 
in "Quabbin," pp. 66-67. 

298. Roswell Underwood of Enfield, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
Kingsley 297) b. 11 Aug., 1794, at Enfield, Mass.; m. 12 Jan., 
1817, Phoebe Hall of North BrookfieJd, Mass., dau. of Eli and 
Mary (Harwood*) Hall, b. 21 April, 1798, and had children born 
at Enfield: 

*The family of Harw-ood was descended from (i) Nathaniel Harwood of Bos- 
ton, 1665. through (2) Peter Harwood, b. 1671, through (3) Ebenezer Harwood, 
b. 1714 in Concord, Mass., who rem. to North Brookfield in 1743. In 1745 he was 
a member of the secret expedition against Louisburg in Capt. Olmsted's company 
when he was killed 17 June, i743- His %vidow drew his prize money in Boston, 15 
Feb., 1748. His son (4) Peter Harwood, b. 16 May, 1740, at Littleton, Mass,, 
served in the militia as "Minute man" as early as the Battle of Quebec and when 


i. Henry Foster, b. 22 June, 1819; d. 20 July, 1820. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. 7 April, 1S21; d. 28 Aug., 1822. 

iii. Mary Ann, b. 2 April, 1823; m. Freeland Bemis of Fisk- 

dale, Mass., who d. , and she m. (2) Hathaway. Mary 

Underwood Hathaway d. 31 Oct., 1897, at West Brookfield, 

iv. Francis Henry, b. 12 Jan., 1825. (See no. 299.) 
V. Eli Nelson, b. 27 March, 1827. (See no. 300.) 

vi. Martha Sophia, b. 4 Jan., 1830; m. in Sept., 1863, 
George W. Howe, a native of Enfield, Mass., but at that time 
a merchant of Osceola, Iowa, where he d. I Oct., 1864, one of 
the prominent citizens of the town.* Martha Undervrood Howe 
returned to her home in Enfield, Mass., where she lived and 
with her younger sister formed a center for literary culture 
and generous entertainment. She d. here 24 Oct., 1898. 

vii. Eliza Durand, b. 14 Sept., 1832; d. 2 July, 1834. 
viii. Elizabeth Allen, b. 2 Jan., 1835; d. 28 Oct., 1838. 

ix. Susan Jane, b. 21 Oct., 1837; m. 4 Oct., 1862, Samuel 
L. G. Crane, a leading physician of Hartford, Conn., and had 

the war of the Revolution broke out he literally left his plow in the field and hastened 
to Boston on horseback in response to the Lexington alarm. He was in the battle 
of Bunker Hill and later was at White Plains and in numerous other battles. The 
records of North Brookfield show that he was ensign in Capt. Ephraim Doolittle's 
company from .\ugust to December, 1755. In 1757 he was in Major J. Williams's 
company and also for nine months in 1758. He served at the time of the investment 
of Louisburg and the expeditions to Ticonderoga and Fort Duquesne. It is a 
tradition that he first ran away from home to enter the army. In the Revolution 
he rose to the rank of major. Peter Hanvood m. 26 May, 1763, Phoebe Prouty of 
Spencer, Mass., and had children: (i) Ebenczer Harwood; (2) Peter Harwood; (3) 
Phoebe Harwood; (4) Mary Harwood; (5) Abel Harwood; (6) Jacob Harwood; (7) 
Dorothy Harwood; (8) George Washington Harwood; and (9) Jonas Harwood. His 
dau. (s) Mary Harwood, b. 29 June, 1770, m. Eli Hall of North Brookfield, Mass., 
who afterwards rem. to Vermont in the vicinity of Lake Champlain. After the 
death of her husband, Mary Har^vood Hall came to live with her dau. who was 
the wife of Roswell Underwood above. Mary Harwood Hall d. 8 Aug., 1838, at 
Enfield, Mass. The house built by Major Peter Harwood at North Brookfield, 
Mass., soon after the close of the Revolution is still standing. 

* A portrait and sketch of George W. Howe appeju: in the Biographical and 
Historical Record of Clarke County, pp. 231-232. He was b. 2 Aug., 1810, and 
was one of the first settlers of Clarke county, Iowa. 


children: (i) Roswell Crane, b. ; d. ; and (2) Frank 

Crane, b. — — •, a dentist said to live at Bridgeport, Conn. Susan 
Undenvood Crane is greatly interested in charitable work in the 
city and the state of her adoption. 

X. Sarah Frances, b. 3 April, 1841; unm.; has resided 
most of her life at Enfield, Mass., and for many years with her 
sister, Mrs. Martha Howe. 

Roswell Underwood followed the trade of his father and was 
a blacksmith at Enfield, Mass., where he lived a long and useful 
life with his family. With the wife of his youth he celebrated 
his golden wedding 12 Jan., 1867. He was a soldier in the War 
of 1812, serving in the Belchertown Artillery at Dorchester 
Heights during nine months. He d. 31 May, 1870, at En- 
field, Mass. His widow, Phoebe Hall Undenvood, d. 20 Jan., 

299. Francis Henry Underwood of Edinburgh, Scotland, (son 
of Roswell 298) b. 12 Jan., 1825, at Enfield, Mass.; m. 18 
May, 1848, Maria Louisa Wood of Taylorsville, Ky., and had 

i. Mary Eliza, b. 7 June, 1849; unm.; has resided abroad. 
ii. Francis Henry, b. 5 Feb., 1852, at Boston, Mass.; d. 
in 1877, at San Jose, Calif. He was probably the Francis Henry 
Underwood who was graduated from Bowdoin in 1871. 

iii. Arthur Roswell, b. 31 March, 1854, at Boston, Mass. 
He was a singer and for a time traveled with a musical company 
of Boston in whose employ he was serving when he was acci- 
dentally killed by an electric car in Cleveland, O., in 1 89-. 

iv. Laura Morgan, b. 6 March, 1856; for several years was 
connected with the music house of Ditson «Sc Co., of Boston, 
Mass., as translator of German songs and was also a teacher of 
vocalization. She now resides in Glasgow, Scotland, where she 
follows the same profession. (Address 2 St. James Place, 
Glasgow, Scotland.) 

v. Kincsley, b. 14 April, 1865. Kingsley Underwood has 
been for a number of years connected with the press and has 

■^5<y t> ; !ygfs | iiJjW)y? i ^'JigaK'.SW-' ' :^6» g HW<'V» i ^Ni«!', fflgK 

^j^^^,..-.^^^— ^ 


followed the profession of journalist since a very early age. He 
is at present (1906) city editor of the Chicago Chronicle, Chicago, 

Maria Louisa Wood Underwood, wife of Francis Henry Under- 
wood, d. , and he m. (2) Frances INIary Findlay of Glasgow, 

Scotland, who survives him. 

Francis Henry Underwood spent one year at Amherst College 
and then, for lack of funds to continue his education, went south 
and was engaged in teaching in Kentucky for some time, and 
later was admitted to practice law. While at Bowling Green, 
Ky., he became acquainted with the family of Senator Joseph 
R. Undenvood and even strangers regarded him as a member of 
the southern family of Underwood from striking resemblance 
in features, although that family is descended from Thomas 
Joseph Underwood who settled in Virginia in 1680 and is not 
known to be related to the Massachusetts family. It was in 
Kentucky too that he met Miss Mary Louisa Wood who after- 
wards became his wife and the mother of his children. In 
October, 1S49, Mr. Underwood returned to the north and estab- 
lished himself in Boston. Inheriting strong anti-slavery ideas 
from two generations of New England men of thought and train- 
ing, he felt impelled to bring together in a closer union the 
literary men of New England whose sympathies were against 
the principle of human slavery and set about the founding of a 
new literary magazine which should be a medium for their 
publications. It was thus that the Atlantic Monthly was estab- 
lished and Mr. Underwood was urged to become its editor. With 
characteristic modesty he felt that a man better known in Lhe 
literary world should stand at the head of the new enterprise, 
and insisted that James Russell Lowell should be the editor-in- 
chief. This Mr. Lowell finally consented to do on condition 
that Mr. Underwood should act as his assistant. Thus, for a 
number of years the editorial work of the Atlantic devolved on 
his shoulders and he was early thrown into very intimate relations 

* A letter addressed to him in 1911 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


with Emerson, Whittier, Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes, and other 
distinguished literary men of that noted circle.* 

After his retirement from the Atlantic, Mr. Underwood was 
for many years clerk of the superior court at Boston and in 
1885 President Cleveland appointed him consul at Glasgow, 
Scotland. After his retirement from this post he was engaged in 
literary work at the same place when in 1893 President Cleveland 
again appointed him consul at Edinburgh. Mr. LTnderwood d. 
8 Aug., 1894, and is buried in Glasgow in the Necropolis not 
far from the grave of John Knox. 

A complete list of Mr. Underwood's published books is as 
follows : 

1. Hand book of English Literature. Vol. I. British 
Authors. 1 87 1 (also an edition in 1873). 

2. Cloud Pictures. Imaginative Sketches. 1872. 

3. Lord of Himself. Pictures from Kentucky life. 1875. 

4. Handbook of English Literature. Vol. 2. American 
Authors. 1875, 

5. Man proposes. A Novel. 1880. 

6. James Russell Lowell. A biographical sketch. 1882. 

7. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A biographical sketch. 

8. John Greenleaf Whittier. A biographical sketch. 1884. 

9. The Poet and the Man. Recollections and appreciations 
of James Russell Lowell. 1892. 

10. Quabbin. A story of a small town, with outlooks on 
Puritan Hfe. 1893. 

11. The Builders of American Literature. 1893. 

12. Dr. Gray's Quest. 1895. 

(Of the above nos. 6, 7, and 8 were published by J. R. Osgood 
& Co., and the remainder by Lee and Shepard.) 

* An entertaining account of the Atlantic dinners famous in the early days of 
the magazine, when all the contributors met for an annual dinner, will be found in 
Mr. Underwood's sketch of Longfellow. See also his sketch of his chief: "The poet 
and the man." 


Besides the above Mr. Undenvood in 1880 revised an edition 
of Dr. Henry Brugsch Be>-: True Story of the Exodus, \^^th an 
introduction and notes. 

Mr. Undenvood contributed largely to periodical literature. 
The following is a partial list: J. G. Whittier, Good Words, 
January, 1887; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Good Words, May, 1887; 
James Russell Lowell, Good Words, August, 1887; Nathaniel 
Hawthorne, Good Words, October, 1887; Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
Good Words, December, 1887; Henry David Thoreau, Good 
Words, July, 1888; The Awakening of New England, Contem- 
porary Review, August, 1888; Charles Dudley Warner, Good 
Words, March, 1889. 

Some account of Mr. Underwood appears in J. T. Trowbridge's 
recent book, "My own story." A fine letter written to Mr, 
Underwood by John Lothrop Motley appears in Dr. Holmes's 
"Life of Emerson." 

300. Eli Nelson Underwood of Colusa, Calif., (son of Rosivell 
298) b. 27 March, 1827, at Enfield, Mass.; m. Margaret E. 
Williams of Albany, N. Y., and had children: 

i. William Davis, b. 23 May, 1853; d. 6 June, 1891. 

ii. Nelson, b. , 1854; lived only a few days. 

iii. Mary Louisa, b. 29 June, 1855, at Greenbush, N. Y.; 
m. Rudolph A. Brown of Kno.xville, Tenn.; no children. 
iv. Nelson R., b. 23 March, 1857; d. 27 Sept., 1881. 
v. Susan, b. 15 July, 1861; d. in Feb., 1862. 
vi. Anna Maria, b. in April, 1863; d. in July, 1863. 

Eli N. Underwood was a master mechanic. He became an 
engineer on the Hudson River Railroad from 1849 to 1856, living 
at Greenbush, N. Y. In 1856 he went south and was engaged 
with the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad. Early in the 
war he was obliged to leave his post owing to the advance of 
the Confederate army. He escaped with his son, William, then 
a. mere lad and after much suffering, as it was in the dead of 
winter, he reached the Union lines. He afterwards formed a 
company of his men who had been engaged with him in the iron 


mines and was attached to the 13th E. Tennessee Cavalry with 
the rank of major, to which he was commissioned 11 April, 1864. 
He was engaged in all the campaigns of the regiment in East 
Tennessee. "He commanded the battallion in the fights at 
Greenville, Tenn., Morristown, Carter's Depot, and Bull's Gap. 
At Morristown he was in the gallant sabre charge that broke the 
enemy's lines and was highly commended for gallantry. He was 
fond of music and delighted in discussing questions of science 
and philosophy. The officers of the regiment gave him the 
sobriquet of 'Old Philosophy' which he seemed to appreciate 
rather than dislike."* He removed to California some time after 
the close of the Civil War, and for a number of years he was 
engineer on the Southern Pacific R. R. He d. Feb., 1903, at 
Colusa, Calif. 

301. John Allen Underwood of Yonkers, N. Y., (son of /. 
Kingshy 297) b. 21 Oct., 1798; m. 9 June, 1822, Jane Hunnewell 
of Watertown, Mass., and had children: 

i. Henry Allen, b. 16 April, 1823. (See no. 302.) 
ii. Catharine Jones, b. in Dec, 1835, at Manchester, 
England; unm.; resided at Bergen, N. J.; d. 16 Aug., 1887, in 
New York city. 

iii. Jane Eliza, b. in Aug., 1838, at Yonkers, N. Y.; m. 
20 April, 1865, John Morrison of Scotland, later of Bergen and 
Jersey City, N. J., and had children: (i) Kate Underwood 

Morrison, b. 23 May, 1866; m. Christie, Nyack, N. Y.; (2) 

Margaret Cumming Morrison (twin), b. 25 Jan., 1868; now a 
missionary to China; (3) Jane Hunnewell Morrison (twin), b. 25 
Jan., 1868; (4) William Allen Morrison, b. 16 Oct., 1870. Mr. 
John Morrison, d. 10 Jan., 1892, at Jersey City, N. J., and later 
the family rem. to East Orange, N. J. 

John Alien Underwood was in his day an eminent merchant of 
New York city; he traveled extensively and for a number of 

* History of the 13th Regiment East Tennessee Cavalry wTitten by Scott and 
Angel, two of Major Underwood's old comrades. 


3'ears resided in England. He was much interested in family 
history and, while in England, procured the crest of the family, 
"a hind's head," which he wore in a ring. It is said that he 
endeavored to trace the history of the family to which he belonged 
and at one time employed Daniel Webster as an attorney to assist 
in the search, as there was in those days a tradition in the family 
that there was a legacy belonging to the family in the Bank of 
England. All trace of the information, however, died with him 
and nothing is now left to show the extent of his success but it 
is said that it was found impossible to trace the entire record even 
in this country. His nephew, Francis H. Underwood (no. 299), 
characterized him as "a very elegant gentleman," and his cousins 
in central New York whom he occasionally visited remembered 
him with high esteem. His wife, Jane, d. 2 Feb., 1854, and he 
m. (2) in Oct., i860, Rosalba Peale, a dau. of the artist, Rem- 
brandt Peale. He d. 7 Jan., 1869, at Yonkers, N. Y. His widow, 
Rosalba Peale Underwood, d. in 1874. Her will is on file in Phila- 
delphia in which she distributes various paintings to her friends 
and relatives. 

302. Henry Allen Underwood of New York city, (son of John 
Alien 301) b. at Boston, Mass., 16 April, 1823; m. in Feb., 1852, 
E. P. Richards and had children, born at Yonkers, N. Y.: 

i. Walter Hunxewell, b. 24 Nov., 1852; was graduated 
at Princeton; unm.; is a lawyer in New York city. 
ii. Allen, b. 28 Dec, 1854. 

Henry A. Underwood was a banker and broker for some time 
doing business at 63 Broadway, New York city. He d. in May, 
1896, in New York city. 

303. Daniel Kingsley Underwood of Adrian, Mich., (son of 
7. Kingshy 2()'j) b. 15 June, 1803, at Enfield, Mass.; m. in Aug., 
1842, Maria Agnes Mitchell of Montgomery county, N. Y., and 
had children: 

i. William A., b. 16 Nov., 1846. (See no. 304.) 
ii. Charles Mitchell, b. 23 April, 1849; was a student for 


some time in Michigan University and a member of the Z '^ 
fraternity. He d. 21 May, 1879, at Grand Rapids, Tvlich. 

Daniel Kingsley Underwood was baptized simply Kingsley 
after his father but his name was legally increased by the addition 
of Daniel by the act of the Massachusetts legislature. He was 
graduated from the medical department of Dartmouth College 
with the degree of M.D. He lived in Yarmouth and Amherst, 
Mass., and removed to Adrian, Mich., in 1836. He d. 8 May, 1875. 

304. William A. Underwood of New York city, (son of Daniel 
Kingsley 303) b. 16 Nov., 1846, at that place; m. 17 Aug., 1870, 
Virginia Garland Deas, b. 5 Dec, 1850, dau. of Deas, Sec- 
retary of War of the Confederate States, and had children: 
i. Elizabeth Garland, b. 22 Jan., 1872. 
ii. Ethel Virginia, b. 22 Nov., 1873. 

William A. Underwood was graduated from the Albany (N. Y.) 
Law school after having finished his junior year at Michigan 
University. He is a member of the Z ^ fraternity. He resided 
at Adrian many years where he was a prominent lawyer. In 
1899 he rem. to New York city where he was the head of the 
law firm of Underwood, Van Vorse & Hoyt. He d. 8 Dec, 1905, 
at his home at 515 Madison Avenue. 

305. George Wellington Underwood of Hillsdale, Mich., (son 
of /. Kingsley 297) b. 30 March, 1814, at Enfield, Mass.; m. 18 
Feb., 1840, Mary M. Dickinson of Enfield, Mass., and had 

i. George Ltman, b. 20 Jan., 1846; d. 22 Jan., 1846. 
ii. George Lyman, b. 19 June, 1847; d. 8 Nov., 1863, at 
Easthampton, Mass. 

iii. Infant son, b. 22 Dec, 1850; d. same day. 
His first wife dying, he m. (2) 15 April, 1856, Mrs. Jane B. 
Woods of Plainville, Conn., and had children: 

iv. Mary Dickinson, b. 3 Jan., i860; m. William T. Lyons 
of Allen township, Mich., and had children: (i) George William 
Lyons, b. 26 June, 1881; (2) Charles Lyons, b. 18 Dec, 1882. 



V. Charles Augustus, b. 14 Aug., 1861; d. 30 July, 1880. 
George W. Undenvoocl was graduated from Union College in 
1837 and received the degree of A.M. from Amherst College. 
He was a clerg>'man in his early life, preaching at Charlton, 
Mass. Afterward he rem. to Hillsdale, Mich., where he engaged 
in business. He d. 26 April, 1884, at Hillsdale, Mich. 

306. Marvel Daniel Underwood of New Woodstock, N. Y., 
(son of Daniel 296) b. 15 Feb., 1773; m. 19 Aug., 1798,* Betsey 
Lyonf (b. 12 Nov., 1774, atWoodstock.Conn.), and had children^: 

* The entry in the Woodstock, Conn., records is as follows: "Marvel Underwood 
& Betsey Lyon Both of Woodstock were Joyned in Marriage August y* 19th 1798 
by John Fox Esqr. Jus*^*^ of the Peace." 

t The ancestry of Betsey or Elizabeth Lyon is shown briefly in the following table: 

William Lyon 

b. 1585; 

of Heston, England 

William Lyon i 

b. 1620; d. 1646. 
Rem. to Roxbury, 
Mass., in 1635, 

John Ruggles 


of Nazing, England 

Sarah Ruggles 

John Lyon 
b. 1647; ci. 1742; 
rem. to Woodstock, 
Conn., in 1686. 

John Policy 


Abigail Polley 

William Lyon 

b. 1675; 

of Woodstock, Conn. 

Martha Morris 
as 2d wife 

Aaron Lyon 
b. 1706; d. 1746; 
killed by Indians, 
Woodstock, Conn. 
Ezra Lyon 

Sabra Corbin 

Elizabeth Lyon m. Marvel Underw^ood. 

t Besides the children of the family there was a foster daughter, Clarissa Under- 
wood, who was regularly adopted in the family. She m. Wanton Burhngame and 
rem. to Ohio, where she had three children. 


i. Kezia Streeter, b. 5 Dec, 1799; d. 14 Feb., 1800, at 
Woodstock, Conn. 

ii. Almira E., b. 2 Aug., 1802; m. 18 Sept., 1824, Eliakim 
Clark of De Ruyter, N. Y. (b. 1796, a soldier in the War of 1S12; 
d. 1879), and had children: (i) Calvm M. Clark, b. 15 Dec, 1825; 
d. 8 Aug., 1826; (2) Mary E. Clark, b. 23 April, 1827; unm.; 
lived at the family homestead, a devoted daughter and sister 
until her death; (3) Cecilia M. Clark, b. 12 July, 1S28; d. 16 
April, 1852; (4) Jtdia K. Clark, b. 25 July, 1830; d. 30 May, 
i860; (5) John C. Clark, b. 21 March, 1832; resides at De 
Ruyter, N. Y.; (6) Eli W. Clark, b. 5 Aug., 1833; killed on the 
N. Y. C. railroad at Utica, N. Y., 24 Dec, 1876; (7) Louisa A. 
Clark, b. 24 Dec, 1835; m. Ira A. Gates, of Rome, N. Y.; (8) 
Cordelia J. Clark, h. 10 Sept., 1837; d. 31 Aug., 1842; (9) 
Hnldah J. Clark, b. 21 June, 1839; d. 28 May, 1862; (10) 
Edwifi Gilbert Clark, b. 16 Sept., 1841; resides at De Ruyter, N. 
Y.; (11) Harriet L. Clark, b. 24 July, 1843; m. Delos Jones of 
De Ruyter, N. Y.; (12) Martha L. Clark, b. 21 Feb., 1849; d. 
19 Jan., 1863. The family lived on "Clark Hill" south of New 
Woodstock, N. Y., in the town of De Ruyter. Almira Under- 
wood Clark d. 4 Dec, 1863. 

iii. Artemisia, b. in 1803; m. Columbus Barrett of New 
Woodstock, N. Y., b. 1803; d. 1869; no children; Artemisia 
Underwood Barrett d. 19 Feb., 1855. Columbus Barrett lived 
a widower at West Woodstock, until his death. 

iv. Kezia Streeter,* b. 25 June, 1S05; m. 2 Feb., 1832, 
Eli Wood of New Woodstock, N. Y., b. 6 March, 1805; d. 5 
April, 1877, and had children: (i) Marietta Wood, b. 12 Jan., 
1833; d. 20 March, 1854; (2) Edwin Wood, b. 28 May, 1835; 
a member of Co. I, 5th Michigan Cavalry; killed at the battle of 
Shepardsville, Va., 26 Aug., 1864; (3) Walter Wood, b. 28 April, 
1839; hotel proprietor at Detroit, Mich.; (4) Gardner Wood, b. 

* The name Keziah Streeter, twice given by Marvel Underwood to his daughters, 
is said to have been the name of a sweetheart whom he was expecting to marry, 
but who died in early life. We have not attempted to verily this tradition. 


30 March, 1845; bookkeeper at Mason, Mich. Eli Wood rem. 
from New Woodstock, N. Y., to Clarkston, Mich., in Oct., 1852, 
thence to Southfield in 1859, to Columbus in 1869, and to 
Northville in 1S73, where he lived until his death in 1877. Kezia 
Underwood Wood d. 25 Feb., 1880. 

V. Marcus Lyon, b. lo March, 1807. (See no. 307.) 
vi. John Lincklaen, b. 13 June, 1809. (See no. 312.) 
vii. Marcia Helen, b. in 181 1; d. 3 July, 1833. 

viii. Betsey, b. in 1813; d. in infancy. 

Marvel Undersvood was a farmer and carpenter at New Wood- 
stock, N. Y., where he rem. with a number of others from Wood- 
stock, Conn., about 1800. He was one of the founders of the 
Baptist Church* at that place and was the first clerk of the 
church, an office which he held for nine years. He was an ardent 
mason and master of a lodge.f At the time of the Morgan 
tragedy in Western New York his two sons, Marcus and John, 
were intending to join the order but public sentiment became too 
strong and neither ever joined the order. So bitter was the 
feeling that the father could no longer attend the lodge in his 
home town, but made several trips to Eastern Connecticut in 
order to join his brethren in fraternal relations. Like his brother 
Kingsley (Cf. p. 182), Marvel Undersvood inherited from his 
father a tendency to break from ordinary prose into rhymes. 
Very few have been handed down; one will suffice for an illustra- 
tion. At the raising of a barn for a neighbor whose parsimony 

* Among the sixteen original members of the Baptist Church at New Woodstock 
one half the number were members of the Underwood family or married into it 
as follows: 

1. Marvel Underwood (no. 306). 

2. Betsey Underwood (wife of i). 

3. Ruth Chaffe (dau. of no. 296). _ 

4. Solomon Mirick (husband of 8). 

5. Stephen Chaffe (husband of 3). 

6. Abishai Underwood (no. 316). 

7. Lucy Bugbee (dau. of no. 296). 

8. Elizabeth Mirick (dau. of no. 296). 

t An elegant old white leather masonic apron belonging to Marvel Underwood 
is in the possession of the compiler of this record. 


was well known, he was the principal carpenter. After the 
building was raised he mounted the plate and bluntly charac- 
terized his neighbor as follows : 


IS nis name 

He's the owner of this frame 
He'll wring and twist and split a hair 
And cheat his neighbor if he dare." 
Marvel Underwood was a good singer and for a good many 
years was the teacher of a singing school in New Woodstock. 

Marvel Underwood was a captain in the War of 1812 serving at 
Sackett's Harbor for a short period. He died at New Wood- 
stock and is buried in the village cemetery by the side of his wife, 
Betsey Lyon Under^vood. His two unmarried daughters are 
buried in the same lot and the family of John L. Underwood, his 
youngest son, is buried in the adjoining lot where a simple 
granite monument has been erected over their ashes. 

307. Marcus Lyon Underwood of New Woodstock, N. Y., (son 
of Marvel D. 306) b. 10 March, 1807, at New Woodstock. N. Y.; 
m. in 1831 Huldah Wallis of Fabius, N. Y., and had children: 

i. George Wallis, b. 25 April, 1833; unm.; he was edu- 
cated at Cazenovia Seminary and spent some time in teaching; 
at the outbreak of the Civil War he became a member of Co. F, 
76th N. Y. \^ol. He served in the Virginia campaign and while 
convalescent he insisted on joining his command for a long 
march during which he received a sunstroke, from the effects of 
which he never fully recovered. He d. i Oct., 1903, at Utica 
N. Y. 

ii. John Wesley, b. 23 July, 1835. (See no. 308.) 
iii. Marc'A Huldah, b. 22, Jan., 1838; d. 20 July, 1838. 
Huldah Wallis Underwood d. 11 May, 1838, ae. 25, and Marcus 
L. Underwood m. (2) 5 Nov., 1840, Lucretia Ann Lacy of New 
Woodstock, N. Y., dau. of Sherman J. and Laura Ann Lacy and 
had children:* 

* Besides the above children there was a foster daughter. Anna Underwood (nee 
Henderson), who lived in the family from a child. She m. Major Smith of New 
Woodstock, N. v., and has children. 


iv, LuciAN Fr.\nklin, b. 28 Sept., 1842; d. 28 Feb., 1845. 
V. Elbert Sherman, b. 19 May, 1844; d. 13 June, 1846. 
vi. Elbert Leroy, b. 9 Aug., 1846. (See no. 309.) 

vii. Charles Kingsley, b. 4 Sept., 1848. (See no. 311.) 

Lucretia Lacy Undenvood d. 12 May, 1862, vc. 44, and Marcus 
L. Underwood m. (3) 3 Nov., 1864, Mrs. Leonora T. Tracy (nee 
Tinsler) of Delphi, N. Y., b. 1S30, and d. 7 Sept., 1869, and he 
m. (4) Mrs. Adaline Kinney (n^e Amsbry) of Cazenovia, N. Y., 
who survived him. 

Marcus Lyon Underwood received his name from an uncle 
(brother of his mother, Betsey Lyon) vrho was murdered at 
Wilbraham, Mass., while on his way back from Central New York 
to his early home in Woodstock, Conn.* Marcus L. Underwood 
was a prosperous dairy farmer in his native town, living all his 
life on the homestead formerly occupied by his father near the 
little hamlet of West Woodstock. He was first a Whig and 
afterwards a Republican in politics, entering with enthusiasni 
into local politics, and holding various town ofifices including that 
of supervisor of his town. He v/as a fine singer with a strong 
tenor voice and with his brother sang in the choir of the Metho- 
dist church of his native town for many years. He was a 
prominent member of the Methodist church. He d. 4 June, 1878, 
at New Woodstock, N. Y. 

308. John Wesley Underwood of Grant Park, 111., (son of 
Marcus L. 307) b. 23 July, 1835, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; nu 

♦This n:urder was the cause of very widespread interest at its time and the 
reports of thi' trial which were published in pamphlet form were widely distributed. 
Marvel L'tilf-rwood was the chief witness for the prosecution. Marcus Lyon's 
body was ret jvered from the Chicopee river, into which it was thrown after the 
murder, ai'.d U buried in \\'oodstock, Conn., not far from the plot where Nehomiah 
Underwoods ?'ne now stands (see p. 173). The- inscription is perhaps worth 
recording; "'Mre Ues buried the body of Marct: Lyon who was murdered in 
Wilbraham, Ma.-s., Nov. 9, 1805, in the 23rd yeui ^ ' Ms age." 

"My soul is gone to worlds unknown, Reader, ! ipeak to thee. 
Prepare lor death while you have breath, prepare to follow me. 
By bloody men brot to my end, no warning did I have 
I've bid Adieu to all below, layd in this Silent grave. 


10 March, 1859, Margaret Hamblin of Perryville, N. Y., b. 9 
Feb., 183S, at Chittenango Falls, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Nellie, b. 19 July, 1865, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; 
m. 16 Dec, 1S86, Elroy C. Streeter of Grant Park, III., b. 7 
June, 1862, and has one child: Vehna Streeter, h. 26 Nov., 1890. 
The family lives at Grant Park, III., where E. C. Streeter is a 
dealer in coal and lumber. 

ii. Carrie, b. 25 May, 1873, at Grant Park, 111.; m. 5 Sept., 
1893, Ernest A. Curtis, a merchant of Grant Park, 111., b. 27 
Jan., 1869. Carrie Underwood Curtis d. 13 Aug., 1894. 

John W. Underwood was a thrifty farmer at New Woodstock, 
living on the long hill (Lyon hill ?) above his father's farm until 
1869, when he rem. to Grant Park, 111. He was a Republican in 
politics, and was elected supervisor of his town in 1880 and was 
successively re-elected each year until 1884. He was a devout 
member of the Methodist Church and at his death left an endow- 
ment for the church at New Woodstock, N. Y., which he had 
joined in his youth, and one for the church at Grant Park, III., 
to which he had belonged in his later years. He d. 24 June, 1899, 
at Grant Park, III. 

309. Elbert Leroy Underwood of Webster City, Iowa, (son of 
Marcus L. 307) b. 9 Aug., 1846, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 25 
Sept., 1867, Marion Rose Earle of New Woodstock, N. Y., b. 29 
July, 1850, and had children: 

i. Lena Lucretia, b. 26 July, 1868; m. 22 Feb., 1893, C. H. 
Kinne, a farmer at New Woodstock, N. Y. 

ii. Earle, b. 8 July, 1870; d. 8 Sept., 1870. 
iii. Marcus Earle, b. 12 March, 1874. (See no. 310.) 
Elbert Leroy Underwood m. (2) 26 Sept., 1878, Mary Johnson 
of Webster City, Iowa, b. 2 April, 1857, at Huntington, Mass., 
and had one child : 

iv. Maud E., b. 13 Aug., 1879. 
E. Leroy Undenvood is a farmer at Webster City, Iowa, 
whither he rem. in 1868 from his native town. 


310. Marcus Earle Underwood of Webster City, Iowa, (son of 
Elhert Leroy 309) b. 12 March, 1874, at Webster City, Iowa; m. 
2 March, 1898, Helen J. Seger of that place, b. 20 Oct., 1879, 
and has one child : 

1. Marcus Leroy, b. 15 June, 1901. 
Marcus Earle Underwood is a farmer at Webster City, Iowa, 
living not very far from his father's place. 

31 1. Charles Kingsley Underwood of Syracuse, N. Y., (son of 
Marcus L. 307) b. 4 Sept., 1848, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 
in 1871 Mertie Stanton of Fabius, N. Y.; m. (2) 22 July, 1895, 
Margaret Ellen Roberts of Morrisville, N. Y., b. 6 Nov., 1864. 
They have one adopted child: Marjorie, b. 28 Sept., 1896. 

Charles K. Underwood was a farmer at New Woodstock, N. Y., 
owning the farm previously occupied by his father and his grand- 
father which went out of the family in 1884 after an ownership 
in the family of sixty-three years. He is a Republican in politics 
and was elected sherifT of Madison county in 1884, living at 
Morrisville, N. Y. He afterwards lived at Cazenovia, N. Y., 
and later became receiver for the estate of the Greenways in 
Syracuse, N. Y., where he lived siii^p 18S9. He d. in 1906 and 
is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. 

312. John Lincklaen Underwood of Cazenovia, N. Y., (son of 
Marvel D. 306) b. 13 June, 1809, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 
5 Nov., 1840, Hannah Jane, dau. of William and Sally Dean 
(Pollard) Smith, b. 17 Feb., 1818; d. 9 April, 1901, at Syracuse, 
N. Y., and had children: 

i. Edward Everett, b. 29 Aug., 1841. (See no. 313.) 
ii. Ellen Amelia, b. 20 Sept., 1846; d. 24 Sept., 1848. 
iii. Sara Jane, b. 30 July, 1849; '^^'^s a teacher for many 
years at Syracuse, N. Y., Chester, N. Y., and Lowville, N. Y. 
She w^as graduated from the Illinois Wesleyan University in 1884 
and is a writer of both prose and verse, contributing to various 
journals and magazines. She resided with her mother for many 


years at Syracuse and since 1901 has been in New York city, where 
she is connected with the New York Public Library. 
iv. LuciEX Marcus, b. 26 Oct., 1853. (See no. 315.) 
John Lincklaen Underwood was a fanner first at New Wood- 
stock, N. Y., where he lived after his marriage at West Woodstock 
in the house opposite his brother, Marcus. Aftenvards he pur- 
chased the mills at New Woodstock which he held until 1854, 
when he purchased a farm in " No. Nine," a half mile west of what 
is now Webster's Station, where he lived until his death, 27 
Dec, i860. His family continued to live on the place until 
1874 and it went out of the family in 1882. He was a fine 
singer with a strong bass voice and with his brother Marcus sang 
in the choir at New Woodstock for many years. He was unable 
to believe the doctrines of "election " as held by the only (Baptist) 
church of his native place and became one of the founders of the 
Methodist Church there and remained a member all his life. 
He was an unassuming but thoroughly sincere and consistent 
Christian throughout his life. He was first a Whig and after- 
wards a Republican in politics, voting for Fremont in 1S56 and 
casting his last vote for Abraham Lincoln only a short time before 
his death in i860. His widow, Jane H. Underwood, held the farm 
during the trj-ing period of the Civil War with two small children 
(the eldest son being then in California and afterwards a soldier 
in the Civil War) and removed to Syracuse in 1874 where she 
continued to live until her death in 1901 at the age of 83. A 
cousin of her husband once wrote this touching statement 
concerning her struggle alone on the farm: "Tell your mother 
if I were an artist and wished to paint my ideal of heroism, I 
would ask no finer subject than that of herself in the red farm- 
house at Cazenovia with her fatherless children, and bravely 
going through the countless tasks and attending to the endless 
detail of a farm management. I am sure my heroine might get 
taken for a saint, for I could not keep a bit of a halo away from 
her head if I tried."* 

* Henry Corbin Lyon to S. J. Underwood. 


313. Edv/ard Everett Underwood of Brookl>-n, N. Y., (son of 
John L. 312) b. 29 Aug., 1841, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 21 
Sept., 1S64, Katherlne A. Donnelly, b. iS Nov., 1843, dau. of 
Hugh Donnelly, of P3rooklyn, N. Y., and had children: 

i. John Edward, b. 21 Nov., 1866, at Columbia, S. C; d, 
17 Sept., 1870. 

ii. SARiV Caroline, b. 15 June, 1S69, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; d. 
23 Sept., 1870. 

Katherine A. Underwood d. 19 Sept., 1873, and Edward E. 
Undenvood m. (2) 8 Oct., 1874, Electa M. Gregory, b. 22 Dec, 
1853, dau. of James D. and Laura (Bemcnt) Gregory of Batavia, 
N. Y., and had children: 

iii. Arthur Gregory, b. ii Sept., 1878. (See no. 314.) 
iv. Laura Eloise, b. 29 May, 1884; d. 9 Feb., 1892. 

Edward E. Underwood, more commonly known among his 
relatives by his middle name, Everett, served in the Civil War 
in the Sixth U. S. Infantry attaining the rank of sergeant major 
of the regiment. He was wounded at the battles of Malvern 
Hill, Gaines Mill, and Chaucellorsville, and took part in numerous 
other engagements. At the close of the war he was stationed 
at Columbia, S. C, and other posts in that state during the 
period of reconstruction. In 1868 he settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
and remained a citizen of that place until his death 15. Dec, 
1903. For many years he was connected with the engineer's 
bureau of the Water Department as chief clerk and for a few 
years was connected with the Nassau Gas Light Co. He was 
an ardent Republican and was active in the municipal politics 
of his chosen city as well as in the broader interests of general 
politics. He was an active worker to the day of his death and 
scorned to receive aid from the government under whose flag 
he had fought and bled, believing in the doctrine that no one 
able to support his family should become a pensioner of his 
government. Edward E. Underwood d. 15 Dec, 1903, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. After his death his widow resided in Brooklyn 
with her son for a time and afterwards rem. to Batavia, N. Y,, 
where she now resides. 


314. Arthur Gregory Underwood of Brooklyn, N. Y., (son 
of Edward E. 313) b. 11 Sept., 187S, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 
4 Dec, 1900, Bertha Fluck, b. 25 July, 1879, dau. of Caspar 
Fluck, and had one child: 

i. Edward, b. 30 Sept., 1901; d. same day. 
Arthur G. Underwood is connected with the Cranford Com- 
pany of Brooklj'n, N. Y., as paymaster and secretary, 

315. Lucien Marcus Underwood of New York city, (son of 
John L. 312) b. 26 Oct., 1853, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 
10 Aug., 1881, Marie Annette Spurr,* of Oakland, Calif., b. 
29 June, 1854, dau. of Norman and Esther (Ives) Spurr of 
Salisbuiy, Conn., and had one daughter: 

i. Helen Willoughby, b. 5 Oct., 1883, at Syracuse, N. Y.; 
was graduated from Cornell University with the degree of A.B., 
class of 1906; a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity. 
She m. 8 Oct., 1908, Henry Sanford Osborn of Redding, Conn., 
b. 24 Nov., 1882, son of Henry Samuel and Mary Russell (San- 
ford) Osborn; a graduate of Amherst College, A.B., in 1907; and 
a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity. They have had two 
children: (i) Marian WiUoughby Osborn, h. 4 July, 1911, and (2) 
Eleanor Underwood Osborn, b. 21 April, 1913. 

Lucien M. Underwood was graduated from Syracuse Uni- 
versity in the class of 1877 and afterward carried on a non-resident 
course of study in Geology for which he received the degree of 
Ph.D. in 1879, having been attracted to this work through the 
inspiration afTorded by the teaching of Alexander Winchell, who 
became the first Chancellor of Syracuse University in 1873. 
Interested from childhood in the things of nature, and his early 
tendencies approved and fostered by a wise and patient mother, 
he became a teacher of Natural Science after one year's experi- 
ence as principal of the Morrisville (New York) Union School, 
and gradually concentrated his attention on the study of plants 

* Marie A. Underwood has compiled the history of her family (the Spoor Family 
in America, New York, 1900) in which her ancestry is traced to Jan VVybesse Spoor 
from Harlingen, Holland, who settled iu the Hudson River Valley about 1660. 


and became a botanist. The positions he held were as follows: 
teacher of Natural Science, Cazeno\da Seminary, 1878-9; pro- 
fessor of Natural Science, Hedding College, Abingdon, 111., 
1879-1880; professor of Geology and Botany, Illinois Wesleyan 
University, Bloomington, 111., 1SS0-1S83; instructor (1883-1886) 
and professor of Biology, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y., 
1886-1891; professor of Botany, DePauw University, Green- 
castle, Ind., 1891-1895; professor of Biology, Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, Auburn, Ala., 1S95-1896; professor of Botany, 
Columbia University, New York city, 1896-1907. 

He was an ardent member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon frater- 
nity and after graduation was elected a member of Phi Beta 
Kappa and Sigma Xi, being one of the charter members of the 
Kappa chapter of the latter society at Columbia University. 
His alma mater honored him with the degree of Doctor of Laws 
in 1906. 

He was a fellow of the American Association for the xA.dvance- 
ment of Science and president of the Section of Botany in 1894- 
5; a fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, member of its 
Council and chairman of its Section of Biology, 1904-5; was 
one of the ten founders of the Botanical Society of America and 
its president, 1S99-1900; a member of the Torrey Botanical 
Club and editor of its publications; in his position at Columbia he 
was ex-officio a member of the Board of Scientific Directors of 
the New York Botanical Garden and in 1901 he was elected 
chairman of the Board, which position he held until his death. 
He was delegate to the Genoa Botanical Congress, Genoa, Italy, 
in 1892 and to the International Botanical Congress at Vienna 
in 1905. He was one of the projectors of the North American 
Flora, an encyclopedic work of thirty volumes, now in course 
of publication by the New York Botanical Garden and was one 
of its editors. 

His botanical work was largely devoted to the lower groups 
of plants, especially the hepaticae, fungi, and ferns. Toward 
the last of his life he confined himself chiefly to the latter group 


on which he had spent many years of study and at the time of his 
death he had in preparation an extensive monograph of the 
American species.* 

For more than twenty-five years he had been engaged in 
gathering the materials for a genealogy of the Underwood Fam- 
ilies of America. About a year before his death he had carefully 
revised his manuscript and had put it in such shape that it has 
been possible to complete the most of it in accordance with his 
intentions. His portrait appears as the frontispiece of this 

Some of his principal publications are: 

"Our Native Ferns and How to Study Them." Bloomington, 
l88i. Republished in five additional editions, as: "Our Native 
Ferns and their Allies." Bloomington, 111., and New York. 

"Descriptive Catalogue of the North American Hepaticae." 
Champaign, 111., 1884. 

"Moulds, Mildews, and Mushrooms." New York, 1899. 
From 1894 he spent alternate summers in Europe studying 
the types of American Ferns preser\^ed in the museums at Kew, 
London, Berlin, Paris, Prague, and Vienna, and made several 
voyages of exploration to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica in 
pursuit of the same study. 

As head of the Department of Botany of Columbia University, 
he spent most of his time at the New York Botanical Garden 
where the graduate work of the department is carried on. In 
1902 he purchased a country home at Redding, Conn., and here 
he d. 16 Nov., 1907. 

The Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club for January, 1908, 
was made up of a series of articles on the life and work of Dr. 
Lucien M. Underwood with a portrait and was also issued sep- 
arately as a Memorial number. The list of his published writ- 
ings as given in this work occupies more than fifteen pages and 
consists of over 200 numbers. 

* This elaborate work was well under way and its completion has been under- 
taken by Mr. VV. R. Maxon of the United States National Museum, Washington. 


His widow, IMarie Spurr Underwood, is now (19 12) li\'ing 
with her daughter at Redding Ridge, Conn. 

316. Abishai Sabine Underwood of Waushara, Wis., (son of 
Daniel 296) b. 24 April, 1778, at W^oodstock, Conn.; m. Ruby 
Keep of Homer, N. Y., b. 1785; d. 16 March, 1808,* by whom 
he had one child who died in infancy. After the death of his 
first wife, Abishai S. Undenvood m. (2) 4 Oct., 1S09, Mary Alvord 
of Westhampton, Mass., and had children: 

i. Daniel Ai>vord, b. 21 Sept., 1810. (See no. 317.) 
ii. William Alvord, b. 11 Oct., 18 12; unm.; d. 4 Nov., 


iii. Ruby, b. 11 March, 1815; d. 16 Dec, 1815. 

iv. Alfred Bennett, b. 3 Nov., 1816. (See no. 319.) 
V. Elisha Alvord, b. 7 Jan., 1819. (See no. 323.) 

vi. Mary Sophia, b. 5 April, 1821, at New Woodstock, N. Y, ; 
m. 2 March, 1848, Ammi Leolin Hickok of Greensburgh, O.; no 

vii. Ruby, b. 24 April, 1823; d. 10 March, 1825. 
viii. Lyman Hall, b. 15 June, 1825; d. 5 March, 1845, at 
Wayne, O. 

ix. Elias, b. 13 Oct., 1827. (See no. 328.) 
X. Samuel Alvord, b. 25 Feb., 1830. (See no. 331.) 

xi. Adoniram Judson, b. 26 May, 1832. (See no. 333.) 
Abishai S. Underwood was named for Abishai Sabine, once 
clerk of probate at Woodstock, Conn.; he rem. to Cazenovia, N. 
Y., about 1800. His first wife and her child are buried at 
the village cemetery at New Woodstock in the south part of that 
town. Near here (Georgetown, N. Y.) he was married to his 
second wife and eight of his children were born. He rem. to 
Clymer, Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1826 and to Greene, Ohio, 

* She is buried in New Woodstock, N. Y., cemetery; her stone, one of the few 
remaining brown stones, bears the inscription: 

"Mrs. Ruby Underwood, consort of Mr. Abishai S. Underwood died March 
i6th, 1808, in the 24th year of her age." 


in 1836 where his wife Mary d. ii May, 1843. Abishai S. 
Underwood m. (3) a lady from Clymer, N. Y., and rem. to 
Waushara, Dodge county, Wis., where he d. 15 March, 1852. 

317. Daniel Alvord Underwood of Poland, O., (son of Abishai 
S. 316) b. at New Woodstock, N. Y., 21 Sept., 1810; m. 12 Oct., 
1834, Susan Sullivan of Gustavus, O., b. 23 July, 1813, at Gor- 
hani, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Infant son, b. 24 Jan., 1836; d. 25 Jan., 1836. 
ii. Eliza P., b. 11 March, 1837, at Gustavus, O.; unm.; 
resides at Poland, O., with her brother, James A. Underwood, 
iii. William Alvord, b. 6 Dec, 1838. (See no. 318.) 
iv. Infant daughter, b. 17 June, 1840; d. same day. 
V. Maranda, b. 23 Nov., 1841, at Greene, O.; m. 11 Oct., 
1880, George A. Burbank, a surveyor of Fergus Falls, Minn.; no 

vi. James Abishai, b. 19 Sept., 1843, at Greene, O.; unm.; 
resides at Poland, O., and has in his possession, the family Bible 
of his grandfather, Abishai S. Underwood (no. 316). 
vii. Infant son, b. 23 May, 1851 ; d. same day. 
viii. Mary Frances, b. 28 April, 1853, at Austintown, O; m. 
26 May, 1880, C. J. Sawbridge, a lawyer of Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Her infant daughter b. 9 Dec, 1880; d. 12 Dec, 1880, and she 
d. 25 Dec, 1880. 

ix. Infant daughter, b. 10 March, 1855; d. 11 March, 1855. 
X. Lois (twin), b. 19 July, 1857, at Beaver, O.; d. 24 Jan., 

xi. Alice (twin), b. 19 July, 1857, at Beaver, O.; m. 25 
April, 1894, Henry Corwin of Poland, O.; no children. 

Daniel A. Underwood was a farmer at Poland, O., a strong 
anti-slavery and temperance advocate and a member of the 
Methodist church. He d. 15 Sept., 1882, at Poland, O. Susan 
Sullivan Underwood d. 17 Aug., 1899, at Poland, O. 

318. William Alvord Underwood of Williamston, Mich., (son 
of Daniel A. 317) b. at Greene, O., 6 Dec, 183S; m. 12 April, 
1870, Mary Dockstader and had one son: 


1. William Frank, b. 2 Feb., 1871; d. 25 June, 1891, at 
Rome, N. Y. 

William A. Underwood was a soldier in the Civil War, and 
afterwards was a skilful and rising physician. He d. 17 Sept., 
1 87 1, with a peculiar disease of the lower limbs which has been 
before mentioned as a supposed hereditary disorder. 

319. Alfred Bennett Underwood of Wayne, O., (son of Ahishai 
S. 316) b. 3 Nov., 18 16, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. 27 April, 
1847, Sally Allen of Wayne, O., and had children: 

i. Ro VILLA Alvord, b. 28 Feb., 1848; m. i Jan., 1873, 
George Hcadford Stevens, a farmer at Williamsfield, O., and 
had children: (i) Bessie Louisa Stevens, b. 10 March, 1884; (2) 
James Ilcadjord Stevens, b. 17 Nov., 1885. 

ii. RuFUS Ansel, b. 18 Feb., 1850. (See no. 320.) 

iii. Alfred P., b. 3 Jan., 1852; d. 14 Jan., 1852. 

iv. Emily E,, b. 30 Jan., 1853; m. 13 Sept., 1872, Milton 

Lafayette Bacon, a farmer at Williamsfield, O., and had children: 

(i) Bertha Abiah Bacon, b. 8 Sept., 1873; d. 8 April, 1874; (2) 

Walter Rufus Bacon, h. 20 Sept., 1875; (3) Alice May Bacon, 

h. 26 Sept., 1878; m. Bailey; (4) Lila E. Bacon, b. i July, 

1886; d. 25 Sept., 1895. 

V. JuDSON P., b. 21 Dec, 1854. (See no. 321.) 
vi. Mary J., b. 31 Jan., 1857; m. in April, 1879, Mr. E. Tidd, 
a farmer of Williamsfield, O., and had children: (i) Alice M. 
Tidd, b. 21 Jan., 1880; (2) Martin Alfred Tidd, b. 2 March, 1881 ; 
(3) Myrtle Blanche Tidd, b. 1 1 Sept., 1882; (4) Mabel Grace Tidd, 
b. 2 Feb., 1884. 

vii. Allie B., b. 7 March, 1859. (See no. 322.) 
viii. Nettie C, b. 28 June, 1862; m. 25 Dec, 1878, George 
Westlake, a farmer of Gustavus, O., and had one child: Bertha 
Westlake, b. 8 Oct., 1879. 

Alfred B. Underwood was a farmer and a clergyman of the 
Freewill Baptist denomination. He traveled considerably and 


for a time resided at Woodstock, Conn., the original home of 
this branch of the family. Later in Hfe he Hved at Wayne, O., 
and is still Hving (1907) at Kinsman, O., at the advanced age of 
ninety years, a greater age than that attained by any other 
descendant of Daniel Underwood. 

320. Rufus Ansel Underwood of Minneapolis, Minn., (son of 
Alfred B. 319) b. 18 Feb., 1850, at Wayne, O.; m. 5 Oct., 1874, 
Ellen Mary Reynolds and had one child : 

i. Nellie Blanche, b. 14 Feb., 18S0. 
Ellen Reynolds Undervvood d. 2 July, 1900, and Rufus A. 
Underwood m. (2) 27 Aug., 1901, Georgie Helms Locke, and had 
one child : 

ii. Robert Alfred, b. 11 Oct., 1902. 
Rufus A. UnderAvood is a minister of the gospel in the Seventh 
Day Adventist denomination and is now (1907) president of the 
Northern Union Conference of that denomination located at 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

321. Judson P. Underwood of Williamsfield, O., (son of Alfred 
B. 319) b. 21 Dec, 1854, at Wayne, O.; m. 25 Dec, 1882, Bertha 
Morse. Judson P. Underwood is a farmer at Williamsfield. 

322. Allie B. Underwood of Williamsfield, O., (son of Alfred B. 
319) b. 7 March, 1859, at Wayne, O.; m. 5 March, 1881, Olive 
Tidd of Williamsfield and had one child: 

i. Elroy, b. II Dec, 1881. 
Allie B. Underwood is a farmer at Williamsfield. 

323. Elisha Alvord Underwood of Sharon, Pa., (son of Abishai 
S. 316) b. 7 Jan., 1819, at New Woodstock, N. Y.; m. in Oct., 
1850, Eliza Wittenberger of Poland, O., and had children: 
i. John W., b. 8 Aug., 1851. (See no. 324.) 
ii. Alfred (twin), b. 22 April, 1854. (See no. 325.) 
iii. Albert (twin), b. 22 April, 1854. (See no. 326.) 
iv. Mary A., b. 7 July, 1856; m. 22 April, 1874, George 
Patrick, a miner of Belleville, 111., and had one son: George 


Patrick, b. , now a miner in California. Mary Underwood 

Patrick d. 22 March, 1S75. 

V. Lyman Beecher, b. 12 May, 185S. (See no. 327.) 
vi. Lizzie, b. 11 Oct., i860; d. 25 June, 1864. 
Elisha . Jford Underwood d. in 1S70, at Sharon, Pa. 

324. John W. Underwood of Tyrrell, O., (son of Elisha A. ^2t,) 
b. 8 Aug., 1851, at Sharon, Pa.; m. 10 Nov., 1881, Clara Johnson 
and had children: 

i. Mary E., b. 20 July, 1887. 
ii. Grace Margaret, b. 27 May, 1892. 
John W. Undcnvood was for a time a farmer at Pymatuning, 
Pa.; afterwards was a pump engineer on the L. S. & M. S. R. R. 
at Brookfield, O. His address is Tyrrell, O. (R. F. D. No. i). 

325. Alfred Underwood of Oil City, Pa., (son of Elisha yl. 323) 
b. 22 April, 1854, ^t Sharon, Pa.; m. I Feb., 1898, Mrs. AL J. 
Carkey; no children. 

Alfred Underwood lived for a time at Greene, O., where he 
was a gunsmith; he is now a machinist at Oil City, Pa. 

326. Albert Underwood of Johnston, O., (son of Elisha A. 2,2s) 
h. 22 April, 1854, at Sharon, Pa.; m. 2 March, 1876, Margaret 
H. Cleland and had children: 

i. Archie C, b. 13 Feb., 1877. 

ii. Annie M., b. 17 Nov., 1879; m. i Aug., 1900, Rolland E. 
Wilson of Youngstown, O., and has children: (i) Albert G. 
Wilson, b. 9 Dec, 1901 ; and (2) Margaret H. Wilso7i, b. 15 Dec, 

iii. Mary A., b. 12 Dec, 1882; is a teacher in the public 
schools at Youngstown, O. 

iv. Clara E., b. ii Jan., 1886; is a bookkeeper at Youngs- 
town, O. 

Albert Underwood is said to be a gardener at Johnston, O., 
but a letter addressed to him there was returned "unclaimed." 

327. Lyman Beecher Underwood of Brookville, Pa., (son of 
Elisha A. 323) b. 15 May, 1858, at Sharon, Pa.; m. 1887, Louise 
Plannett and had one son: 


i. Charles, b. 6 IMarch, 1892; d. 19 Sept., 1893. 
Louise Plannett Underwood d. 3 Jan., 1896. Lyman B. Under- 
wood m. (2) 6 Feb., 1898, Cora G. Hyatt of Cambridge Springs, 
Pa., and had children: 

ii. Willis Hyatt, b. ii July, 1899. 
iii, Alfred L., b. 22 June, 1902. 
Lyman B. Underwood spent 25 years on a farm at Hillsville, Pa, 
Later he entered the Crozier Theological Seminary at Chester, 
Pa., and became a clergyman of the Baptist denomination. He 
was pastor in Bethlehem, Pa., Cambridge Springs, Pa. (fifteen 
years), Barnesboro, Pa., and since 1906 at Brookville, Pa. 

328. Elias Underv/ood of Ottawa, Kan., (son of Abishai S. 316) 
b. 13 Oct., 1827, at Clymer, N. Y.; m. 15 April, 1858, at Clinton, 
111., Lavina Elmer of Jefferson county, N. Y., b. i April, 1S37, and 
had children: 

i. Elmer Judson, b. 9 Oct., 1859, at Lee, 111. (See no. 329.) 
ii. Bert Elias, b. 29 April, 1862, at Oxford, 111. (See no. 

Elias Underwood was in the scientific course at Madison 
University (now Colgate) at Hamilton, N. Y., through the 
sophomore and junior years. He labored as a Sunday school mis- 
sionary in Illinois and Iowa, traveling extensively and organizing 
many Sunday schools which grew into churches. He was a minis- 
ter of the gospel in the Baptist church and resided at various 
places in Illinois — Shabony, Lee (where he was ordained pastor, 
i860), Oxford, and later at Cedar Falls, Iowa, Grandville, O., 
DeKalb, 111., and since 1882 at Ottawa, Kan., where he d. 6 Feb., 

329. Elmer Judson Underwood of Summit, N. J., (son of 
Elias 328) b. 9 Oct., 1859, at Lee, 111.; m. 18 Jan., 1894, Jane 
Electa Boardman and had children: 

i. Ruth Pauline, b. 4 March, 1895, in New York city, 
ii. Charles Thomas, b. 9 March, 1897, in London, England. 
iii. Bert Orlando, b. 29 Oct., 1898, in London, England. 


iv. John Elmer, b. lo July, 1905, in Switzerland. 
Elmer J. Underwood became interested in photography and 
with his brother formed the firm of Underwood and Underwood, 
photographers, New York city. (See below, no. 330.) 

330. Bert Elias Underwood of Summit, N. J., (son of Elias 
328) b. 29 April, 1862, at Oxford, 111.; m. I Dec, 1887, Susie Adcl 
Stannard and had children: 

i. Elmer Roy, b. 8 May, 1891, at Liverpool, England. 

ii. Esther Lael, b. 21 Sept., 1894, in New York city. 

lii. Robert Stannard, b. 9 June, 1900, at Summit, N. J. 

Bert Elias Underwood has been associated with his brother 

(no. 329), in the firm of Underwood and Underwood of New York 

city, publishers of stereoscopic photographs, etc. He has resided 

in Toronto, Canada, 1889, in England, 1 890-1 893, in New York 

city, 1894-95, in France, 1896-98 and at Summit, N. J., since 1899. 

331. Samuel Alvord Duderwood of , (son of Abishai S. 

316) b. 25 Feb., 1830, at Clymcr, N. Y.; m. and had a son: 

i. Elias, b. . (See no. 332.) 

At the age of three years Samuel A. Underwood received a 
severe injury which nearly proved fatal. This changed his dis- 
position without specially affecting his mental activity except 
to render him absent minded. He commenced teaching at 
sixteen, but was of a roving tendency and traveled widely in the 
western states as far as California. His family rarely heard from 
him and as far back as 1884 they supposed him dead. 

332, Elias Underwood of Creighton, Knox county, Nebr., (son 
of Saviuel A. 331 ?) b. ; m, (?) 

Elias Undenvood was an attorney engaged in real estate busi- 
ness at Creighton, Neb., in 1882; nothing since heard of him. 

333. Adoniram Judson Underwood of Fergus Falls, Minn., 
(son of Abishai S. 316) b. 26 May, 1832, at Clymer, N. Y.; m. 16 
April, 1857, Nancy Ann Folsom of Warren, O., and had children: 


i. Annie Laurie, b. 27 March, 1858; m. 27 Sept., 1887, 
Charles W. Kemmer of Fergus Falls, Minn., and had children: 
(l) Judson Undencood Kcmmcr, b. 13 Aug., 1S88; (2) Elizabeth 
May Kemmer, b. 15 Dec, 1892. 

ii. Benjamin Drake, b. 17 Feb., i860. (See no. 334.) 
iii. Leoline Judson, b. 8 Nov., 1864; d. 25 Dec, 1864. 
iv. Judson Leolin, b. 5 Feb., 1866. (See no. 335.) 
V. Mary Susan, b. 4 March, 1868; m. 10 Oct., 1894, 
Franklin H. Gray of Fergus Falls, Minn., and had children: (i) 
Donald Underwood Gray, b. 7 May, 1896; (2) Franklin Hill Gray, 
b. 27 June, 1898; (:i) .Robert Gray, b. 22 April, 1900; d. 9 April, 
1902; (4) Marion Josephine Gray, b. 15 May, 1904. 
vl. Infant, b. 14 May, 1871; d. 15 May, 1871. 
vii. Nancy Elizabeth, b. 12 Dec, 1872; unm.; is engaged 
in teaching at Ponce, Puerto Rico.* 

Adoniram Judson Undenvood resided at St. Anthony, Minn, 
(now E. Minneapolis), 1857-1862, at St. Paul, 1863-1866, at 
Medina, 1866-1873. From 1873 to 1885 he was editor and 
publisher of the Fergtcs Falls Jonryial at Fergus Falls, Minn. 
He d. at that place 21 Dec, 1885. 

334. Benjamin Drake Underwood of Fergus Falls, Minn., (son 
of Adoniram J. 333) b. 17 Feb., i860, at St. Anthony, Minn.; m. 
22 Oct., 1882, May Potter of Elkhorn, Wis., and had children: 

i. Robert Judson, b. 16 May, 1885. 
ii. Florence Adelaide, b. 10 Sept., 1886. 
iii, Louise Potter, b. 27 April, 1893. 
Benjamin Drake Underwood learned the printer's trade and 
is now manager of the Fergus Printing and Publishing Co. and. 
of the Fergus Falls (Minn.) Joiiryial. Since 1900 he has also 
been postmaster at Fergus Falls, Minn. 

335. Judson Leolin Underwood of Aguadilla, Puerto ,Rico, 
(son of Adoniram J. 333) b. 5 Feb., 1866, m. 17 June, 1890, 
Minne Kemp in St. Paul, Minn., and had children: 

i. Edith May, b. 25 April, 1891, at San Paulo, Brazil. 

* A letter addressed there was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


ii. Alice Howell, b. 25 March, 1893, at St. Paul, Minn. 

iii. Ruth Eleanor, b. 27 July, 1895, at Evansville, Minn. 

Iv. JuDSON Kemp, b. 19 Oct., 1898, at Macomb, 111. 

V. Paul Atkins, b. 22 Feb., 1902, at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. 
Judson L. Underwood was educated at Macalester College, 
Minnesota, and at McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago. 
He was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian church and was 
engaged in mission work for a time in San Paulo, Brazil. He 
then returned to this country and was a pastor at various places 
in Minnesota and Illinois. He is now engaged in missionary 
work at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. 

336. Nehemiab Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Nehemiah 295) b. 24 Oct., 1746, at Sturbridge, Mass.; m. 7 June, 
1769 (?), Rhoda Coates of Woodstock, Conn., and had children: 
i. Reuben, b. 21 Jan., 1771. (See no. 337.) 

ii. Nehemiah, b. 28 March, 1773. (See no. 345.) 

iii. Urijah, b. 28 March,* 1775. "(See no. 356.) 

iv. Alvan, b. 8 Sept., 1777. (See no. 376.) 

V. Adin, b. 16 Feb., 1784. (See no. 381.) 

vi. Laban, b. 30 June, 1786. (See no. 383.) 

vii. Cynthia, b. 15 Nov., 1788; m. Oliver Stanton, f of 
Woodstock, Conn., and had one son, Oliver Stanton, b. 3 Sept., 
1806; d. at Orleans, N. Y. Cynthia Underwood Stanton d. 7 
May, 1809, and her husband m. (2) her sister, Rhoda. 

♦According to one record 17 Sept., 1775. 

t Oliver Stanton was son of Rev. Robert Stanton, pastor of the Woodstock, 
Conn., church from 19 Jan., 1799, to 1805. Robert Stanton had the following 

i. Betsey, b. 16 Feb., 1776; m. Calvin Bugbee. 

ii. Patty, b. 22 July, 1778; m. Urijah Underwood (no. 356). 

iii. Oliver, b. 16 Oct., 1780; m. (1) Cynthia Underwood and (2) her sister, 
Rhoda Underwood, daughters of Nehemiah Under\vood (no. 336), as noted above. 

Oliver Stanton, the son, rem. from Stonington, Conn., to New Woodstock, N. Y., 
where his son, Schuyler V. Stanton (b. 1812), lived a neighbor to the New Wood- 
stock Underwoods and he was followed by a son, J. Albert Stanton, who still owns the 
farm settled by his grandfather. (Cf. History of New Woodstock, N. Y., pp. 78-80.) 


vili. Rhoda, b. 27 Jan., 1790, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. (after 
the death of her sister Cynthia) Oliver Stanton of Woodstock, 
Conn., afterwards of New Woodstock, N. Y., and had children: 
(i) Alvin Stanton, b. 5 Dec, 1809; lived at De Ruyter, N. Y.; 
(2) Schtiyler V. Stanton, b. 25 May, 1812; d. at New Woodstock, 
N. Y.; (3) Mary Stanton, b. in 1814; d. young; (4) William 
Stanton, b. 6 Sept., 1817, lives at Centreville, N. Y.; (5) Cynthia 
Ann Stanton, b. 28 Oct., 1820; m, Benjamin Baum of Syracuse, 
N, Y.; (6) Charles Stanton, b. 19 Dec, 1824; d. 5 May, 1873, at 
Salina, N. Y. Rhoda Undenvood Stanton d. 5 Dec, 1S54, 
Her husband, Oliver Stanton, d. 30 Nov., 1854, se. 74. 

In the town records of Woodstock, Conn., the marriage record 
of Nehemiah Underwood appears as follows: "Nehemiah Under- 
wood Junr. and Rhoda Cotes both of Woodstock were married 
June ye 7, 17 — * by the Rev. Stephen Williams, pastor." Nehe- 
miah Underwood lived on the place owned by his father in West 
Woodstock and d. 17 March, 1816, and is buried near his father. 
His wife Rhoda d. 13 March, 1813, se. 63. 

337. Reuben Underwood of Holland, Mass., (son of Nehemiah 
336) b. 21 Jan., 1771, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 7 May, 1795, 
Jane Shaw and had children: 

i. Catharine, b. ii March, 1798; intention of her marriage 
to Samuel Pease is recorded at Monson, Mass., 7 Feb., 1818. 
ii. Adin, b. 19 May, 1800, (See no. 338.) 
iii. Cynthia, b. i May, 1802. 
iv. Eunice, b. i June, 1804; d. 20 July, 1804. 
V. Reuben, b. 27 Sept., 1805. (See no. 339.) 
vi. Nehemiah, b. 7 June, 1807. (See no. 340.) 

vii. George, b. 2 Aug., 1810. (See no. 343.) 

Jane Shaw Underwood d. 2 Nov., 1829, and Reuben Under- 
wood m. (2) Feb., 1830, Sarah Pease who d. 21 Feb., i860. 
Reuben Underwood lived at Monson, Mass., where his children 
were born and afterwards rem. to Holland, Mass. He d. 8 Aug., 

* The last two figures are gone in the record. The date was probably 1769. 


338. Adin Underwood of Plymouth, O., (son of Reuboi 337) 
b, 19 May, 1800, at Monson, Mass.; m. Abigail Hines and had 
children : 

i. A son, b. ; m. and had a daughter. 

ii. A dau., b. ; m. Bates. 

Adin Undenvood lived in Wales, Mass., 1827-28 and 1836-38. 
He then rem. to Ludlow, Mass., and afterwards to Ohio. The 
town annalist quaintly said of him that he was most easily "cog- 
nizable to human minds," by "his corporeality which was far 
from being diminute." 

339. Reuben Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Reuben 
337) b. 27 Sept., 1805; m. 8 Aug., 1841, Adaline Glover and had 
two daughters: 

i. LuciNDA R., b. 30 Jan., 1844. 
ii. Mary Jaxe, b. 19 Oct., 1850. 
Reuben Underwood lived at Wales, Mass., and d. in Feb.,. 
1 87 1, at that place. His wife is described by the town annalist 
as a woman of "great womanly, wifely, and motherly excellency." 

340. Nehemiah Underwood of Sturbridge, Mass., (son of 
Reuben 337) b. 7 June, 1807,* at Monson, Mass.; m. 19 June^ 
1842, Deborah D. Pease and had children: 

i. J. DwiGHT, b. 16 May, 1845. (See no. 341.) 
ii. Albert E., b. 21 Dec, 1849; d. 24 Dec, 1850. 
iii. Charles L., b. 7 Dec, 1853. (See no. 342.) 
iv. Ella M., b. 3 Sept., 1855. 
Deborah Pease Underwood d. 31 Aug., 1867, and Nehemiah 
Underwood m. (2) 20 April, 1S6S, Charlotte S. Tuttle. Nehe- 
miah Underwood d. 17 Oct., 1880. Nehemiah Underwood was 
a farmer at Holland, Mass., Brimfield, Mass., and at Sturbridge, 
Mass., after 1869. 

341. J. Dwig-ht Underwood of Fiskdale, Mass., (son of Nehe- 
miah 340) b. 16 May, 1845; m. 5 May, 1871, Mary A. Mont- 
gomery and had one child : 

* The record at Monson, ii June, 1807. 


i. , b. 21 Oct., 1873; d. . 

J. Dwight Underwood is a farmer at Fiskdale, Mass., where 
he is now (1910) living. 

342. Charles L. Underwood of East Brookfield, Mass., (son 
of Nchcmjah 340) b. 7 Dec, 1853, at Holland, Mass.; m. 28 
May, 1878, Alice E. Nichols and had children: 

i. Edna M., b. 21 Aug., 1880. 

ii. Earl N., b, 8 April, 1882. 

iii, Ernest C, b. 21 Sept., 1885. 

iv. Ella P., b. 14 Jan., 1887. 

V. Ralph, b. 28 Oct., 18S2 ; killed by being run over by a cart, 
5 Oct., 1897. 

vi. Clarence, b. i Sept., 1895. 
Charles L. Underwood is a farmer; he lived at Sturbridge, 
Mass., 1869-1883, and on his present farm in East Brookfield, 
Mass., since 21 Sept., 1883. 

343. George Underwood of Amherst, Mass., (son of Reuben 
337) b. 2 Aug., 1810, at Monson, Mass.; m. 23 Oct., 1838, 
Jane Ann Parsons and had children : 

i, George Riley, b. 4 April, 1841; unm.; d. i Sept., 1874. 
ii. Jennie Betsey, b. 4 Jan., 1844; m. 26 Nov., 1868, Horace 
Morton of Hadley, Mass., and had four children: (i) Willard 
B. Morton; (2) Harriet B. Morton; (3) Estelle S. Morton; (4) 
Ralph Morton. Jennie UndersYOod Morton d. 5 Peb., 1900, at 
Hadley, Mass. 

iii. John Thomas, b. 18 Oct., 1847. (See no. 344.) 
iv. Delphina Eunice, b. 25 Nov., 1850; m. 24 Nov., 1870, 
Willard S. Cooke, for twenty-five years (1875-1900) editor of 
the Boston Herald; no children. The family has lived at Spring- 
field, Mass., 1870-1873, Somerville, Mass., 1873-1893, and at 
East Lexington, Mass., since 1893. 

George Underwood was a farmer living at various times at 
Monson, Mass., Ludlow, Mass., Belchertown, Mass., Warren, 
Mass., and Amherst, Mass. He d. 8 Dec, 1902, at Lexington, 


344. John Thomas Underwood of Amherst, Mass., (son of 
George 343) b. iS Oct., 1847, at Ludlow, Mass.; m. 10 Aug., 
1873, Maria Johnson and had three children: 

i. Gertrude D., b. lo Aug., 1S76; m. 10 Nov., 1898, Henry 
Adams of North Amherst, Mass., and had children: (i) Hattie 
Eva Adams, b. 4 Aug., 1S99; (2) Edna Louisa Adams, b. 14 
Sept., 1901; (3) Elizabeth Claire Adams, b. 12 May, 1904; (4) 
Mildred Martha Adams, b. 8 Oct., 1906; (5) Clarence Winfried 
Adams, b. 29 May, 1909. Mr. Adams is a teamster and the 
family resides in North Amherst, Mass. 

ii. George, b. 7 Sept., 1880; d. in 1897. 

iii. Edward, b. 30 Jan., 1884; m. and has one child, 

b. about 1905. His place of residence is not known. 

John T. Underwood was a farmer (?) at i\mherst, Mass., where 
he d. 16 Nov., 1896. His wife d. . 

345. Nchemiah Underwood of Monson, Mass., (son of Nehe- 
miah 336) b. 28 March, 1773, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 18 May, 
1797, Polly Shaw, b. 3 Dec, 1771; d. 13 April, 1842, and had 

i. Alvin, b. 12 Nov., 1798. (See no. 346.) 

ii. Rhoda, b. 23 Dec, 1801; unm.; resided for many years 
at Ir\-ington, N. J.; d. in March, 1888. 

iii. Mary, b. 17 June, 1803;* m. 5 March, 1839, Elbridge 
G. Pond of Monson, Mass., and had children: (i) Lticy S. Pond, 
b. 10 Nov., 1840; (2) Mary S. Pond, b. 10 April, 1842; (3) 

Henry Pond, b. ; (4) Elbridge G. Pond, b. 27 July, 1844. 

Mary Underw^ood Pond afterwards rem. to Irvington, N. J., and 
d. in Aug., 1887. 

iv. Palace, b. 23 June, 1805 (1806 Monson record), at Mon- 
son, Mass. ; m.f Thomas H. Thresher, a farmer of Stafford, Conn., 
and had children: (i) Mary Ann Thresher, b. 25 Oct., 1832; m. 
Carr, Newark, N. J.; (2) James M. Thresher, % b. 20 Oct., 

* In the Monson records she is entered as Polly and her birth date is 1804. 

t The intention of marriage is recorded at Monson, 16 May, 1830. 

t James M. Thresher was a clergyman of the Congregational denomination. 


1834, lived at Amherst, Mass.; (3) Joseph B. Thresher, b. 19 
Aug., 1836, lives in Dayton, O.; (4) Ebenezer Thresher, b. 23 
May, 1838, lives in IMonson, Mass.; (5) Ahnon Underwood 
Thresher, b. 9 Oct., 1840, is professor of English Literature in 
Denison University, Granville, O.; (6) Thomas H. Thresher, b. 

17 Jan., 1843; d. 31 Jan., 1843; (7) Albert N. Thresher, h. 24 
Dec, 1843, of Dayton, O. ; (8) Henry C. Thresher, h. 19 Aug., 
1847, now of Stafford, Conn.; (9) John Beman Thresher, b. 7 
Dec, 1849, lives in Amsterdam, N. Y. Palace Underwood 
Thresher d. 28 June, 1899. 

v. Almon, b. 15 May, 1809. (See no. 34S.) 
vi. John, b. 6 Aug., 1811. (See no. 352.) 
Nehcmiah Underwood was a farmer at Monson, Mass., where 
he d. 26 Feb., 1848. 

346. Alvin Underwood of Monson, Mass., (son of Nehemiah 

345) b. 12 Nov., 1798, at Monson, Mass.; m. 29 June, 1842, 
Ann Maria Flint and had children: 

i. Maria, b. 9 Aug., 1843; m. i Jan., 1864, Mark Noble 
of Monson, Mass., and had children; (i) Minnie Noble, b. 4 
March, 1867; (2) Herbert Noble, b. 10 April, 1869; (3) Allie 
Noble, b. 28 April, 1871. 

ii. William H., b. 9 July, 1845. (See no. 347.) 
Alvin Underwood was a farmer at Monson, Mass., where he d. 

18 April, i860. 

347. William H. Underwood of Monson, Mass., (son of Alvin 

346) b. 9 July, 1845, at Monson, Mass.; m. 10 Oct., 1869, Abbie 
L. Bliss, who d. 18 April, 1875; m. (2) 28 Dec, 1881, Charlotte 
A. Bartlett. 

William H. Underwood has been a farmer and latterly a 
lumber dealer at Monson, Mass.; has also held the office of 
deputy sheriff of Berkshire county. 

348. Almon Underwood of Irvington, N, J., (son of Nehejniah 
345) b. 15 May, 1809, at Monson, Mass.; m. (i) 18 Dec, 1834, 
Henrietta Piatt and had children: 

■^^■- , ■ f.. -^ 


(^y'^^z.t.^if^t^ /^^.-a^^;^^?^*^!^^^!'^^/^ 


i. Henrietta Platt, b. 23 Jan., 1837; unm. 
ii. Henry Bemax, b..25 Dec, 1839. (See no. 349.) 

Henrietta Platt Underwood d. , and Almon Underu'ood m. 

(2) 23 Oct., 1844, Elizabeth Scofield and had children: 
iii. RuFUs Scofield, b. 24 Nov., 1846. (See no. 350.) 
iv. Charles Finney, b. 1 Feb., 1849. (See no. 351.) 

V. Ella Elizabeth, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Almon Underwood was graduated from Union College in 1S30. 
He was pastor of the Congregational church at Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., and Newark, N. J., and labored largely as an evangelist, 
being in active ministerial service fifty-two years. He was the 
author of several books: "Millenial Experience or God's will 
known and done" (1S60), "Future Punishment, its nature, 
certainty and duration" (1878), "The Independence of the Min- 
istry" (pamphlet), "Sermon on the death of Charles T. Torrey" 
(pamphlet). The last named had an extensive circulation owing 
to its bearing on the anti-slavery question. Almon Underwood 
d. 10 June, 1887, at Irvington, N. J. The following obituary 
notice appeared in the Covgregationalist: 

"He was born May 15, 1809, in Monson, Mass.; prepared for 
college at Monson Academy; spent most of his college life at 
Amherst, where he was a classmate of Professor Tyler, but 
graduated at Union College in the class of 1830. After early 
evangelistic labors, he became the first pastor of the Congrega- 
tional church in Poughkeepsie, where he remained seven years. 
His pastorate there was attended by continual revivals. In 1843 
he accepted a call to what was then the Free Presbyterian (now 
the First Congregational) Church of Newark, N. J. During his 
pastorates the pressure upon him of calls to evangelistic labor 
so multiplied that, after a few years in this last pastorate, he 
devoted his life to such work, for which he was peculiarly fitted. 
During his ministry of over fifty years he labored in over 300 
revivals, the general testimony being that his work was specially 
permanent in its results. He was an earnest and outspoken anti- 
slavery man, when it cost to be such. The friend of missions and 
all reforms, he was systematic and liberal in his support of the 
great benevolent causes that are dear to our churches. He was 
a fearless and pungent preacher, and wise to win souls." 

His portrait is presented opposite. 


349. Henry Beman Underwood of Algona, la., (son of Almon 
348) b. 25 Dec, 1839, afPoughkeepsie, N. Y.; m. 8 July, 1875, 
Emily Rich; no children. Henry B. Underwood was graduated 
from Williams College in 1S62 and from Andover Theological 
Seminary in 1865. He was a Congi-egational pastor at Ring- 
wood, 111., East Longmeadow, Mass., Marlborough, N. H., 
Hillsboro Bridge, N. H., and ifMgona, la., where he d. 2 Sept., 

350. Rufus Scofield Underwood of Springfield, Mass., (son of 
Almon 348) b. 24 Nov., 1846, at Newark, N. J.; m. 19 May, 
1868, Almira J. Kent and had children: 

i. Florence A., b. 25 April, 1869; d. 15 May, 1872. 

ii. Elizabeth S., b. 27 Jan., 1871; was graduated from 
Smith College and became a teacher in the Wadleigh High School, 
New York city. 

iii. Harriet K., b. 7 March, 1873. 

iv. Etta May, b. 19 Feb., 1875; was graduated from Smith 
College and is now a teacher in the Ethical Culture School, New 
York city. 

V. Mira Ruth, b. 24 May, 1882; d. 17 Aug., 1882. 

vi. Emily Ethel (twin), b. 2 Aug., 1883. 

vii. Mary Edith (twin), b. 2 Aug., 1883. 
Rufus S. Underwood was graduated from Williams College in 
1866. He was ordained 19 Nov., 1867, and was pastor of 
churches at Lawrence and Springfield, Mass., New York city, 
and Brooklyn, and has labored extensively as an evangelist, 
principally in New York, New England, New Jersey, and Penn- 
sylvania. He is now (1912) in pastoral charge of the Congre- 
gational Church, in Wilton, Conn. 

351. Charles Finney Underwood of Newark, N. J., (son of 
Almon 348) b. i Feb., 1849; m. 16 June, 1875, Elizabeth Paterson 
Belcher and had children: 

i. Charles Frere, b. 22 April, 1876; is a civil engineer; 
was at Panama for a time; now in Newark, N. J. 
ii. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 3 Oct., 1877. 


iii. E. Roger, b. 30 Sept., 1879; '^^'^s graduated from Har- 
vard, class of 1901 ; is now in business in New York city. 

iv. Dorothea, b. 9 April, 1SS3; d. in infancy. 

V. Helen Scofield, b. 2 June, 1885. 

vi. IvENNETH Campbell, b. 11 Oct., 1890. 
Charles F. Underwood was graduated at Williams College in 
1871 and from Bellevue Medical College in 1874. He is a 
prominent physician at Newark, N. J. 

352, John Underwood of Monson, Mass., (son of Nehemiah 
345) b. 6 Aug., 181 1, at Monson, Mass.; m. 16 Aug., 1843, 
Clarissa Andrews of Monson and had children : 

i. Henrietta, b. 4 July, 1844; m. 5 Oct., 1869, T. A. 
Skinner of Springfield, Mass. At his death in 1S74, she rem. 
to Monson and is a dressmaker at that place. 

ii. John F. (twan), b. 2 March, 1846. (See no. 353.) 
iii. Fannie (twin), b. 2 March, 1846; m. 1865, Henry Allen 
of Windsor, Conn., and had children: (i) Henry J. Allen, now 
of Enfield, Conn. Fannie Underwood Allen m. (2) John Scrip- 
ture of Windsor, Conn. Fannie Underwood Scripture d. in 

iv. Albert (triplet), b. 7 Jan., 1850. (See no. 354.) 
V. Almon (triplet), b. 7 Jan., 1850. (See no. 355.) 
vi. Mary (triplet), b. 7 Jan., 1850; d. 28 Jan., 1850. 
John Underwood was a farmer at Monson, Mass., where he d. 
II Jan., 1851. 

353. John F. Underwood of Stafford Springs, Conn., (son of 
John 352) b. 2 March, 1846, at Monson, Mass.; m. 6 April, 1867, 
Josephine McKinny and had children: 

i. Rosa M., b. i May, 1868. 
ii. James H., b. 14 July, 1873. 
iii. Fannie, b. 8 May, 1876. 
John F. Underwood is a manufacturer at Stafford Springs, 


354. Albert Underwood of Stafford Springs, Conn., (son of 
John 352) b. 7 Jan., 1850; at Monson, Mass.; m. 23 May, 1874, 
Lillian Acker of Charlton, Mass., and had children: 
i. Maud Lilian, b. 12 April, 1876. 
il. Bessie Acker, b. 14 Aug., 1878. 
Hi. Helen Andrews, b. 16 April, 1883. 
Albert Underwood was a farmer at Stafford Springs, Conn. 
He d. 5 Jan., 1886. 

- 355. Almon Underwood of Longmcadow, Mass., (son of John 
352) b. 7 Jan., 1850, at Monson, Mass.; m. Annie Underwood, 
foster dau. of Rev. Almon Underwood (no. 348); no children. 
Almon Underwood is a farmer at Longmeadow, Tvlass. 

356. Urijah Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Nehemiah 
336) b. 28 March, 1775, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 14 May, 1798, 
Martha* Stanton of Woodstock, and had children: 
i. Justin, b. 22 Feb., 1799- (See no. 357.) 

ii. Charles S., b. 30 Sept., 1801. (See no. 361.) 

iii. Urijah, b. 3 Sept., 1803. (See no. 365.) 

iv. Emily, b. 5 Nov., 1805; m. 3 Dec, 1834, Moses Davis of 
Wales, Mass., and had children: (i) Jiistin M. Davis, b. 3 Feb., 
1836; d. 5 April, 1836; (2) Emily Davis, b. 30 June, 1838; d. 27 
May, 1882; (3) George H. Davis, b. 30 July, 1840, now of North 
Brookfleld, Mass.; (4) Charles Davis, b. 31 Jan., 1843, lives in 
Wales, Mass. 

v. Eliza, b. 29 Feb., 1808; m. in Feb., 1835, Calvin Shaw 
of Wales, Mass., and had one son, Wilson C. Shaw, b. 19 Jan., 
1839; d. 4 June, 1839. 

vi. Sullivan, b. 24 June, 1810. (See no. 370.) 

vii. Eli, b. 17 Jan., 1813. (See no. 373.) 
viii. Mary Ann, b. 21 April, 1815; m. in 1846, Benjamin H. 
Pierce of Marshapaug, Conn., who d. 21 May, 1879; no children. 
Mary Ann Pierce lived at Marshapaug, but afterward rem. to 
Southbridge, Mass. 

* One record calls her Patty. (Cf. footnote, page 211.) 


ix. Martha, b. 19 Nov., 1817; m. Daniel T. Crawford of 
Marshapaug, Conn., and had children: (i) Luther Craivjord, 
b. 27 Aug., 1839, lived in Staffordville, Conn. ; (2) Oscar Crawford, 
b. 14 Dec, 1841; (3) Sarah A. Craivjord, b. 4 March, 1843; m. 

Hunt of Middleboro, Mass.; (4) George W. Craivjord, b. 28 

May, 1844, now of Marshapaug, Conn.; (5) Martha Eliza 
Craivjord, b. 26 July, 1851 ; d. 2 Jan., 1875. Daniel T. Crawford 
d. 13 March, 1867, at Kansas City, Mo. Martha Underwood 
Crawford resides with her son, George \V. Crawford, at Mar- 
shapaug, Conn. 

X. William O., b. 27 March, 1820. (See no. 375.) 
Urijah Underwood was a farmer at Woodstock, Conn., where 
at least one son was born, and after^vards rem. to Monson, Mass., 
and finally to Wales, Mass. He d. 4 Nov., 1842. 

357. Justin Underwood of Belchertown, Mass., (son of Urijah 
356) b. 22 Feb., 1799, at Monson, Mass.; m. in Oct., 1819, Laura 
Green of Monson, Mass., and had children: 

i. Justin B., b. 16 May, 1820. (See no, 358.) 
ii. Marcius U., b. 26 March, 1822. (See no. 359.) 
iii. Francis D., b. 17 May, 1824; d. 3 Sept., 1828. 
iv. Henry A., b. 10 March, 1827; d. 4 Sept., 1828. 
Justin Underwood d. in Oct., 1828, at Belchertown, Mass.; his 
widow, Laura Green LTnderwood, m. in June, 1833, Clark 
Albrough of Monson, Mass. 

358. Justin B. Underwood of , (son of Justhi 357) b. 16 

May, 1820, at Belchertown, Mass.; m. ; no children. Justin 

B. Underwood d. . His widow was living up to 1875 at 

Brattleboro, Vt. 

359. Marcius Urijah Underwood of New Hudson, N. Y., (son 
of Justin 357) b. 26 March, 1822, at Belchertown, Mass.; m. 25 
Dec, 1845, Mary Bartlett and had children: 

i. Justin Burchard, b, 16 Sept., 1849; unm.; d. 2 April, 

ii. Adelbert Bartlett, b. 10 July, 1852. (See no. 360.) 


iii. WoLCOTT Hatch, b. 14 Sept., 1854; d. 16 May, 1866. 
iv. Mary Emily, b. i-Sept., 1856; m. 30 Aug., 1877, William 
W. Bell of Cuba, N. Y., and had children: (i) William Laurence 
Bell, b. 9 Oct., 1878; (2) Mary Bell, b. 13 Sept., 1880; (3) 
Helen L. Bell, h. 29 Aug., 1882; d. 17 Aug., 1884; (4) Leoyiard 
J. Bell, b. 19 March, 1884; (5) Donald W. Bell, b. 21 Oct., 1885; 
(6) Margaret Bell, b. 23 Sept., 1887. The family rem. to Brad- 
ford, Pa., in 1880. 

Marcius U. Undersvood was a merchant and farmer at Rush- 
ford, N. Y. He d. 5 Sept., 1861, at New Hudson, N. Y. 

360. Adalbert Bartlett Underwood of Onaway, Mich., (son of 
Marcius U. 359) b. 10 July, 1852, at Rushford, N. Y.; m. 6 Feb., 
1882, Clara M. De Land, and had children: 
i. Susan D., b. 17 June, 1884. 
ii. Justin A., b. 18 April, 1886. 
Adelbert B. Underwood was a mechanic at Dunkirk, N. Y., 
where he resided until 1901 when he rem. to Onaway, Mich., after 
spending some time in Arizona and California. A letter sent to 
his last address in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." 

361. Charles S. Underv/ood of Belchertown, Mass., (son of 
Urijah 356) b. 30 Sept., 1801, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 30 Dec, 
1824, Abilene Bennett and had children: 

i. William O., b. 25 Oct., 1825; d. 27 Aug., 1828. 
ii. Harriet L., b. 7 Aug., 1827; m. 16 June, 1847, Asa 
Beebee of Belchertown, Mass., and had one son who died about 
1850 at the age of two years. Harriet L. Beebee d. at Belcher- 
town, Mass., 7 Aug., 1853. 

iii. Emily M., b. 21 Oct., 1829; m. 20 May, 1849, Ezra I. 
Allen, farmer of Westfield, Mass., and had children: (i) Ew7»m 
I. Allen, b. 9 April, 1850; (2) Homer A. Allen, b. 16 May, 1853; 
d. 23 April, 1894, in Westfield, Mass.; (3) Hattie L. Allen, 
b. 22 June, 1859; d. i Sept., 1878; (4) Allie G. Allen, h. 11 Nov., 
1861; d. 26 Feb., 1862; (5) Frank I. Allen, h. 10 Oct., 1863; (6) 
Fred E. Allen, h. 18 Nov., 1866; d. 13 May, 1880. 


iv. Charles S., b. 21 April, 1S32. (See no. 362.) 
V. Albert W., b. 31 Aug., 1834. (See no. 363.) 
vi. Mary Mlnerva Powers, b. 17 March, 1S39; m. i May, 

1862, David M. Olds of Ludlow, Mass., and had children: (i) 

Minnie Etta Olds, b. 12 April, 1864; m. Paine of Ludlow, 

Mass.; (2) Merton David Olds, b. 4 March, 1S67, lumber dealer 
at Ware, Mass. ; (3) Myra Estella Olds, b. 21 April, 1869; m. 

Roach of Hubbardton, Vt.; (4) Marshall Erwin Olds, b. 

28 May, 1 87 1, now of Granby, Mass.; (5) Lnella May Olds, h. 

26 April, 1874; m. Doolittle of Northfield, Mass.; (6) Rosa- 

bcllc Maria Olds, b. 28 Aug., 1876, teacher at Bclchertown, Mass.; 
(7) Ed7ia Malinda Olds, b. iS Nov., 1881 ; d. 14 Feb., 1885. The 
family now lives at Belchertown, Mass. 

vii. Richard F., b. 11 March, 1842. (See no. 364.) 
viii. Emma Jessie, b. 23 June, 1846; m. 29 May, 1864, George 
W. Nash of Ludlow, Mass., and had children: (i) William Austin 
Nash, b. 19 Aug., 1869; d. 14 April, 1S81, at Northampton, 
Mass.; (2) Leroy Sherman Nash, b. 7 April, 1873; (3) Ernest 
Clifford Nash, b. 3 July, 1877, lives in Wcstfield, Mass.* Emma 
Jessie Nash married (2) William Johnson after the death of her 
first husband, and d. 12 Oct., 1895, in Westfield, Mass. 

Charles Undenvood was a farmer at Belchertown, Mass., where 
he d. I Nov., 1875. 

362. Charles S. Underwood of Granby, Mass., (son of Charles 
S. 361) b. 21 April, 1832, at Belchertown, Mass.; m. 22 Nov., 

1863, Mary Jane Hill and had children: 

i. Carrie Jane, b. 26 July, 1864; m. 9 July, 1895, Kimball 
Washburn Ewell of Matapan, Mass., a carpenter and builder, 
and has had one son: Milton Kimball Eu'ell, b. 3 Oct., 1896; 
d. 25 July, 1906. 

ii. Albert James (twin), b. 4 June, 1866; m. 4 May, 1892, 
Lizzie M. Alden and has children. He lives at 5 Circuit Ave., 
Worcester, Mass. 

iii. Herbert Charles (tvvin), b. 4 June, 1866; m. 4 Oct., 
1893, Lizzie Duffy and has no children. He is a textile mechanic. 

* A letter addressed to him there was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


iv. Mabel Amelia, b. 27 May, 1868; m. 15 Oct., 1890, 
Elmer Howard Boulton, a landscape and portrait artist, and has 
two children: (i) Arthur Hozvard Boulton, b. 22 Aug., 1891; (2) 
Charles Albert BouUoti, h. 22 July, 1893. 

V. Hattie Alice, b. 13 Jan., 1870; m. 28 May, 1891, Henry 
Augustus Bigelow, an optician, and has had two children: (i) 
Ridh Elizabeth Bigelow, b. ii Dec, 1895; d. 5 April, 1903; (2) 
Raymofid Charles Bigelow, b. 18 Nov., 1898; d. 30 March, 1903, 

vi. Leslie Arthur, b. 16 Oct., 1872; m. 30 Oct., 1901, Ida 
Winslow Foster and has one daughter, Mary Foster Ufiderwood, 
b. 24 July, 1903. 

vii. Lucy A., b. 3 Oct., 1875; m. 28 June, 1S99, John Willis 
Purssell, a carpenter and builder, and has two children; (i) 
Dorothy May Purssell, h. 22 Dec, 1904; (2) Johji Willis Purssell, 
b. 9 July, 1908. Lucy A. Underwood is familiarly known in the 
family as Lulu. 

Charles S. Underwood was a farmer at Granby, Mass., where 
he d. 26 Aug., 1875. 

363. Albert W. Underwood of Olathe, Kan., (son of Charles S. 
361) b. at Belchertown, Mass., 31 Aug., 1834; m. 31 Dec, 1856, 
Mary Ann Sherman and had children: 

i. Mary Belle, b. ; d. young. 

ii. Albert S., b. 10 June, 1872; unm.; is a mail carrier at 
Chicopee, Mass., where he lives with his mother. 

Albert W. Underwood was a salesman at Olathe, Kan., where 
hed. 17 July, 1882. 

364. Richard Franklin Underwood of Mt. Tom, Mass., (son of 
Charles S. 361) b. 11 March, 1842; m. 28 Dec, 1869, Leona M. 
Lyman and had children: 

i. Laura Kesiah, b. 20 Oct., 1871; m. 20 Oct., 1896, 
Frederick T. Lyman of Montague, Mass., and had children: (i) 

Margaret Louisa Lyma?i, b. ; (2) Grace Leona Lyman, h. 

; (3) Evelyn Dorace Lyman, h. . 

ii. Lewis Frederick, b. i Oct., 1873; d. 9 June, 1877. 

iii. Charles Lyman, b. 3 April, 1876. 


iv. Arthur Jay, b. 20 June, 1878. 
V. Hattie Louise, b. 18 Aug., 1880. 
VI. William Albert, b. 7 Aug., 1882. 

vii. Chella Maria, b. 5 April, 1887. 

viii. Walter Austin, b. 24 April, 1890; d. 7 June, 1891. 

Leona Lyman Underwood d. 9 April, 1894, and Richard F. 
Under%vood m. (2) 9 Oct., 1895, Myre L. Clark. 

Richard F. Underwood was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting 
12 Dec, 1861, as a private in Co. F, 31st Reg., Mass. Vol. His 
regiment was the first to land in New Orleans, companies F, I, 
and G being stationed at Fort Pike for a year. In 1864 he was 
in the Red River campaign and on 8 April was wounded in the 
right thigh at the Battle of Sabine Cross Roads. He received 
furlough and was on board the steamer Pocahontas which was 
run into on June i at midnight and sunk in twenty minutes. He 
was one of the last five rescued and forty of the loi soldiers on 
board were drowned. He was promoted corporal 13 Aug., 1865, 
and discharged 9 Sept., 1865, at Mobile, Ala. After the war he 
engaged in farming at Mt. Tom, Mass., where he still resides. 

365. Urijah Underwood of Meriden, Conn., (son of Urijah 
356) b. 3 Sept., 1803; m.* Salome B. Lyon and had children: 
i. Palmer S., b. about 1831; d. about 1841. 
ii. JuDSON BoARDMAN, b. 28 Sept., 1842. (See no. 366.) 

Salome Lyon Underwood d. and Urijah Underwood m. 

(2) 16 Nov., 1852, Catharine W. Hough and had children: 
iii. Mary E., b. 19 April, 1855; d. 4 Dec, 1875. 
iv. DwiGHT LooMis, b. 21 July, i860. (See no. 369.) 
Urijah Underwood was graduated from the Newton (Mass.) 
Theological Institute and was a clergyman of the Baptist de- 
nomination, being pastor at various places in Massachusetts and 
Connecticut. He d. in Dec, 1874, at Meriden, Conn. 

*The intention of marriage is twice recorded at Monson, Mass., 31 March, 
1825, and 5 May, 1825. 


366. Judson Boardman Underwood of Newark, N. J., (son of 
Urijah 365) b. 28 Sept., 1S42, at Sutton, Mass.; m. Clara A. Case 
of Hartford, Conn., and had children: 

i. Clara Beatrice, b. 18 Aug., 1863; is an expert stenog- 
rapher and was the first to establish a public stenographic office 
in New Haven, Conn. She is now living with her parents at 
Newark, N. J. 

ii. Arthur Broxson, b. 17 July, 1S67. (See no. 367.) 

iii. Mabel Louise, b. 17 Dec, 1869; d. 18 July, 1S70. 

iv. Eugene Bertr-\nd, b. 11 Nov., 1873. (See no. 368.) 

Judson B. Underwood has been connected with various brass 

manufacturing companies and resided at Meriden, Conn., New 

Haven, Conn., and at present is living at Newark, N. J., where 

he is vice-president of the Riley-Klotz Manufacturing Company. 

367. Arthur Bronson Underwood of Newark, N. J., (son of 
Judson B. 3G6) b. 17 July, 1867, at Meriden, Conn.; m. 27 Jan., 
1892, Mary Alice Cook of New Haven, Conn., and has one child: 

i. Arthur Judson, b. 3 July, 1894. 
Arthur B. UnderAvood was connected with journalistic work 
in Bridgeport, Conn., until 1900. He is now associated in 
business with his father at Newark, N. J. 

368. Eugene Bertrand Underwood of New Haven, Conn., (son 
of Judson B. 366) b. 11 Nov., 1873; m. 25 May, 1899, Lottie E. 
Treat* of New Haven, Conn., and had children: 

i. Bertrand Treat, b. 12 April, 1903; d. 17 May, 1905. 
ii. Charlotte, b. 20 March, 1905; d. 20 March, 1905. 
Eugene B. Underwood was a graduate at the Sheffield Scientific 
School of Yale University in the class of 1896. He is engaged 
in New Haven as an electrical engineer. (67 Dickerman St.) 

369. Dwight Loomis Underwood of Norwich, Conn., (son of 
Urijah 365) b. 21 July, i860; m. 17 Oct., 1894, Annie Male 
Lillibridge and had one daughter: 

i. Bernice, b. 8 Sept., 1897. 

* Mrs. Lottie Treat Underwood is a descendant in direct line from Robert Treat, 
governor of the Connecticut colony in the early days. 


Dwight L. Underw^ood is an accountant and teller, having 
been connected with the bank at Norwich since 1877. 

370. Sullivan Underwood of Eastford, Conn., (son of Unjah 
356) b. 24 June, 1810, at Wales, IMass. ; m. 19 Sept., 1833, Fannie 
Lyon and had children: 

i. Palmer S., b. i8 Feb., 1836; unm.; resides at Pomfret, 

ii. Milton B., b. 12 Jan., 1843; d. 21 June, 1S43. 
iii. Caroline E., b. 29 June, 1845; d. 4 July, 1847. 
iv. Milton A., b. 17 Sept., 1848. (See no. 371.) 
Sullivan Underwood was a custom shoemaker at Eastford, 

371. Milton A. Underwood of Southbridge, Mass., (son of 
Sullhmi 370) b. 17 Sept., 1848, at Pomfret, Conn.; m. 25 Dec, 
1876, Nelly E. Capwell and had children: 

i. Esther C, b. 6 Dec, 1877; m. 17 April, 1905, Everett 
L. Howard, a farmer, and has one child: Alonzo W. Ho-u:ard, b. 
22 April, 1908. 

ii. Aj^onzo M., b. 27 Aug., 1882. (See no. 372.) 
iii. Dwight S., b. 18 June, 1888; unm.; is a teamster. 
Milton A. Underwood is a farmer and now (1910) resides at 
Southbridge, Mass. 

372. Alonzo M. Underwood of Eastford, Conn., (son of Millon 
A. 371) b. 27 Aug., 1882; m. at Woodstock, Conn., 2 Sept., 1903, 
Myrtie A. Dodge, b. in 1886, and has one child: 

i. Amy E., b. 22 Dec, 1906, 
Alonzo IvI. Underwood is a farmer. 

373. Eli Underwood of Palmer, Mass., (son of Urijah 356) b. 
17 Jan., 1813, at Wales, Mass.; m. 27 Oct., 1834, Aurilla Beales 
and had children: 

i. William E., b. 19 April, 1835. (See no. 374.) 
ii. ED^\^N A., b. 26 Feb., 1839; d. 26 Aug., 1843. 


iii. Henry H., b. 26 July, 1843; m. 29 June, 1865, Jane Z. 
Wood and has no children. He is a farmer at Monson, Mass. 

Eli Underwood was a carpenter and joiner at Palmer, Mass., 
where he d. ii Aug., 1845. 

374. William E. Underwood of Sandwich, 111., (son of Eli 
373) b. 19 April, 1835, at Palmer, Mass.; m. 11 Dec, 1858, Mary 
A. Joles and had children: 

i. Elnora E., b. 28 Feb., i860; resides at Whiting, Vt. 
ii. William H., b. 5 Jan., 1862; d. 31 Dec, 1864. 
iii. Mary I., b. 12 March, 1866; d. young. 
William E. Underwood was a carpenter at Sandwich, 111. 
He d. 29 Jan., 1866. 

375. William 0. Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Urijah 
356) b. 27 March, 1820, at Wales, Mass. ; m. 4 June, 1843, Martha 
A. Saunders and had children: 

i. Mary Jane, b. 24 Aug., 1848; m. George A. Harvey, a 
carpenter of Monson, Mass.; has no children. 

William O. Underwood was a mechanic at Wales, Mass., 
until his death. 

376. Alvan Underwood of West Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Nehemiah 336) b. 8 Sept., 1777, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 24 
May, 1804, Margaret Smith* and had children: 

i. Alvan Greenleaf, b. 15 April, 1808. (See no. 377.) 
ii. William Graves, b. 9 Sept., 1816; d. 18 Jan., 1817. 
iii. Ebenezer Smith, b. 17 Nov., 1818; d. 13 Nov., 1839. 
Alvan Underwood was graduated from Brown University in 
1798. He was ordained pastor of the Congregational church of 
West Woodstock, 27 May, 1801, and was dismissed at his own 
request in March, 1833. He preached regularly for forty years 
and occasionally several years longer. He died at West Wood- 
stock, 4 April, 1858. 

* The marriage entry at Woodstock is as follows: "Rev'' Alvan Underwood and 
Mis Peggy Smith, Both of Woodstock were joyned in marriage May y' 24th 1804 
by y' Rev'' Eliphalet Lyman Clarke." 


377. Alvan Greenleaf Underwood of Milford, Mass., (son 
of Alvan 376) b. 15 April, 180S, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 
9 April, 1833, Emily A. Guild and had one son: 

i. Albert G., b. 28 Dec, 1833. (See no. 378.) 
Alvan G. Underwood resided from 1831 to 1857 at Oxford, 
Mass., and was cashier of Oxford Bank from 1847 to 1857. He 
rem. to Milford, Mass., 1857, where he was cashier of Milford 
National Bank until 1874, when he retired from active business. 
In 1855 he was elected State Senator in Massachusetts and was 
appointed by Governor Gardner as bank commissioner for two 
years. He d. 6 July, 1885, at Milford, Mass. 

378. Albert G. Underwood of Milford, Mass., (son of Ahmi 
G. 377) b. 28 Dec, 1833, at Oxford, Mass.; m. 15 May, 1854, 
Sarah S. Wright and had children: 

i. Herbert W., b. 28 Feb., 1855. (See no. 379.) 
ii. Frank G., b. 12 Sept., 1856. (See no. 380.) 
Albert G. Underwood d. in Florida whither he had gone on 
account of ill health, 23 Dec, 1882. 

379. Herbert W. Underwood of Milwaukee, Wis., (son of 
Albert G. 378) b. 28 Feb., 1855, at O.xford, Mass.; m. 30 April, 
1878, Annie Gheen of West Chester, Pa., no children. Herbert 
W. Underw'ood was a member of the firm of Carpenter & Under- 
wood, cracker manufacturers of Milwaukee, Wis., until 1899 
when he retired from the business. Since 1904 he has been in 
bond and investment business under the firm name of Tweedy 
and Undenvood at Milwaukee. 

380. Frank G. Underwood of , Calif., (son of Albert G. 

378) b. 12 Sept., 1856, at Oxford, Mass.; m. 15 Feb., 1883, 
Hettie Dutcher and had children: 

i. Herbert, b. 27 April, 1888. 
Two that d. in infancy. 

Frank G. Underwood was a clerk in the Milwaukee post 
office for a time and is now engaged in mining in California. 


381. Adin Underwood of Delphi, N. Y., (son of Nehemiah 
336) b. 16 Feb., 1784, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 28 Dec, 1813, 
Phebe Negus of Fabius, N. Y., b. 5 Oct., 1791, and had children: 

i. Anson, b. 21 July, 1S14. (See no. 382.) 
ii. Emily, b. in 1815; m. 12 Aug., 1 841, James Frizelle of 
New Woodstock, N. Y., aftenvards of Forestville, N. Y., b. 20 
March, 1808; no children. James Frizelle d. 14 July, 1872, and 
his widow continued to reside at Forestville, N. Y. 
. iii. Esther M., b. 16 April, 1817; m. 19 Oct., 1842, Ansel 
Jones of Pompey, N. Y., b. i Dec, 181 7, and had children: (i) 
Amelia M. Jones, b. 18 May, 1847; m. in 1866, H. C. Hayden; d. 
5 April, 1879; (2) Albert J. Jones, b. 15 May, 1849, lives in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Esther Underwood Jones d. 13 Nov., 1875. 

iv. Lucy A., b. 26 May, 1820; m. 18 Nov., 1841, Dr. Leroy 
D. Gage. 

V. Mary, b. in April, 1824; unm.; resided for a time at 
Forestville, N. Y., and afterwards at Syracuse, N. Y., where she 
d. in 1889. 

Adin Underwood kept a tinshop, carding machine, and saw 
mill near Delphi, N. Y., where he d. 28 Sept., 1830. Phebe 
Negus Underwood m. (2) 23 Jan., 1843, Moses Hinsdale and d. 
30 Jan., 1882. 

382. Anson Underwood of , Iowa, (son of Adin 381) b. in 

July, 1812, at Delphi, N. Y. ; m. a Miss Harrison. It is said that 
he left home at the age of 22 or 23 and lived in Illinois and later 
during the Civil War rem. to Benton county, Iowa, but no trace 
has been secured. 

383. Laban Underwood of West Woodstock, Conn., (son of 

Nehemiah 336) b. 30 June, 1786, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 4 

June, 1810,* Sarah Phillips of the same place and had children: 

i. Aner, b. 21 March, 1810. (See no. 384.) 

ii. Cynthia, b. 21 Feb., 1813; m, 18 March, 1835, Robert 

A. Sherman of West Woodstock, Conn., and had children: (i) 

* Probably an error. 


Henry Sherman, b. 8 April, 1S36, lives in Windom, Minn.; (2) 
Edxvin Sherman, b. 15 Aug., 1837; d. 15 April, 1838; (3) Sarah 
Ann Sherman, h. 17 Oct., 1839, now of St. Charles, Minn.; (4) 

Mary Jane Sherman, b. 8 June, 1842; m. Carpenter of Wales, 

Mass.; (5) Daria Sherman, b. 11 Jan., 1846; m. Safford of 

W. Woodstock, Conn.; (6) Sophia Sherman, b. 26 Feb., 1848, 
lives in West Woodstock, Conn.; (7) Dwight Sherman, b. 3 Nov., 
1850; d. 20 July, 1856. Cynthia Underwood Sherman d. 3 Oct., 
1871. Her husband, Robert A. Sherman, d. 29 Aug., 1883. 

iii. Lucy, b. 2 Aug., 1815; m. 26 Nov., 1835, Alba Hiscox, a 
farmer of Woodstock Valley, Conn., and had children: (i) Ellen 

Hiscox, b. 24 May, 1836; m. Newhall; (2) Annett Hiscox, 

b. 2 Dec, 1839; m. Childs; (3) Mary A. Hiscox, b. 6 Nov., 

1840; m. Londron; (4) Ahhie J. Hiscox, b. 27 Aug., 1842; 

m. Davis; (5) L. Maria Hiscox, b. 11 Jan., 1844; (6) Sarah 

Hiscox, h. 3 July, 1846; m. Davis; (7) Oliver A. Hiscox, h. 

21 Aug., 1854; (8) William C. Hiscox, b. 17 June, 1857; d. 8 
Oct., 1865. 

iv. Nelsox, b. 6 May, 181 7. (See no. 386.) 
V. Thomas, b. 29 July, 1819. (See no. 387.) 
vi. Mary Ann, b. 5 March, 1821; m. 24 Sept., 1844, Oliver 
H. Perry, judge of probate, South Woodstock, Conn.; no children. 
vii. Laban Dwight, b. 24 May, 1823. (See no. 389.) 
viii. William, b. 16 Feb., 1830. (See no. 391.) 
Laban Underwood was a farmer at West Woodstock, Conn., 
living on the farm occupied by his father and grandfather before 
him. He d. 12 May, 1876, 

384, Aner Underwood of West Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Laban 383) b. 21 March, 1810, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 
15 April, 1844, Mary Griggs and had children: 

i. Emily L., b. 9 July, 1847; m. 14 April, 1875, Oliver C. 
Sherman, a farmer of Rannham, Mass., and had children: (i) 
William Wendell Sherman,* b. 16 Nov., 1876; (2) Florence May 

* William Wendell Sherman m. 27 June, 1900, Lizzie Estelle Morse and had 
two children: (i) Wendell Aner ShermaTt, b. 29 Dec, 1900, and (2) Elsie Edwards 
Sherman, b. 18 May, 1902. 


Sherman, b. 28 Oct., 1880; m. Raymond. Oliver Sherman 

d. 4 April, 1882, and his widow went to live with her father near 
West \\^oodstock, Conn. She aftenvards lived at West Wood- 
stock, Conn. 

ii. George L., b. 20 Oct., 1850. (See no. 385.) 

Aner Underwood was a farmer living on the same place 
occupied by the family for three generations before him and pos- 
sibly representing the longest continuous occupation of the same 
land by members of the family. He d. 9 Dec, 1884, at West 
Woodstock, Conn. 

385. George L. Underwood of North Woodstock, Conn., (son 
of Aner 384) b. 20 Oct., 1850, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 20 
Oct., 1873, Nora Joslin who d. 4 Sept., 1874. George Under- 
wood is a carpenter at North Woodstock, Conn. 

386. Nelson Underwood of New York city, (son of Lahan 383) 
b. 6 May, 1817, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 16 March, 1854, 
Mrs. Justina Hiscox at Morristown, N. J., and had one child 
that died in infancy. Nelson Undervvood was a flour merchant 
in New York city. He d. 22 Aug., 1881, at West Woodstock, 

387. Thomas Underwood of West Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Lahan 383) b. 29 July, 1819, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 30 
Nov., 1843, Lurana Joslin of Killingly, Conn., b. 26 Sept., 181 7, 
a dau. of Arnold Joslyn and had children: 

i. Helen J., b. 22 Oct., 1845; m. (i) 15 June, 1867, Henry 
P. Metcalf, of Norwich, Conn., and (2) 19 March, 1891, Thomas 
L. Phillips of Woodstock, Conn. 

ii. Charles D., b. 27 March, 1847. (See no. 388.) 
iii. Melissa A., b. 22 July, 1850; m. in Oct., 1869, George 

F. Tufts and has four children: (i) Lizzie Dean Tufts, b. ; 

(2) Fred Tnfls, h. ; (3) Maud Tufts, b. ; (4) Sadie 

Tufts, b. . The family lived in Killingly, Conn., until after 

two children were born and then rem. to Norwich, Conn. 


iv. Jane E., b. 28 Oct., 1864; m. George W. Main of Brook- 
lyn, Conn., and had two children born at Killingly: (i) Walter 
G. Main, b. ; (2) Annie Bell Main, b. . Jane Under- 
wood Main d. 12 Sept., 1883. Her husband, George W. Main, d. 
in March, 1894. 

Thomas Underwood d. 12 Feb., 1892. His wife, Lurana Joslin 
Underwood also called Lura Joslyn, d. 21 Feb., 1888. 

388. Charles D. Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of 
Thomas 387) b. 27 March, 1S47; m. 11 May, 1862, Mary E. 
Truesdell of Killingly, Conn.; no children. Charles D. Under- 
wood is a farmer at Woodstock, Conn. 

389. Laban Dwight Underwood of West Woodstock, Conn., 
(son of Laban 383) b. 24 May, 1823, at West Woodstock, 
Conn.; m. 27 May, 1850, Hannah, dau. of John Lowe, and had 

i. Albert D., b. 14 May, 1861 ; unm.; lives at West Wood- 
stock, Conn. 

ii. John A., b. 14 Feb., 1863. (See no. 390.) 
Hi. Edward, b. 22 July, 1864; d. 16 Oct., 1886. 
iv. George A., b. 8 Jan., 1867; d. 28 April,* 1867. 
Laban D. LTnderwood was a farmer at West Woodstock, Conn., 
living near the farm occupied by his brother Aner (no. 384). He 
d. 13 April, 1888. His widow, Hannah Lowe Underwood, d. 26 
Nov., 1900. 

390. John A. Underwood of Putnam, Conn., (son of Laban D. 
389) b. 14 Feb., 1863, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 13 Nov., 
1886, Carrie E. Morse who d. 4 May, 1890, leaving no children. 
John A. Underwood m, (2) 27 June, 1891, Mary L. Hare and had 
two children: 

i. Dwight Laban, b. 21 Feb., 1894. 
ii. Carrie Elizabeth, b. 28 July, 1898. 
John A. Underwood is a machinist and gunsmith at Putnam, 

* Also given as 8 Jan. 


391. William Underwood of Jersey City Heights, N. J., (son of 
Lahan 3S3) b. 16 Feb., 1S30, at West Woodstock, Conn.; m. 23 
March, 1854, Catharine A. Kellar of Brooklyn, N. Y., and had 

i. William Wallace, b. 10 June, 1S56, (See no. 392.) 
ii. Laban Albert, b. 9 Aug., 185S. (See no. 393.) 
iii. Kathrine, b. i Aug., i860; m. 6 Nov., 1903, John 


iv. Edward, b. 27 Feb., 1864; d. 10 April, 1864. 
V. Laura Maude, b. 14 March, 1S68; unm.; lives in Jersey 

City, N. J. 

vi. Florence Agnes, b. 20 Tvlarch, 1870; m. 29 June, 1895, 

Clarence Seward Davis and has children: (i) Edmund Tomlivson 

Davis, b. in June, 1S96; (2) Florence Underivood Davis, b. in 

April, 1898; (3) Seward Davis, b. in Nov., 1899. 

vii. Elinor Alice, b. 4 July, 1874; m. 8 April, 1896, Samuel 

B. Parrott and has one child: Dorothy Allison Parrott, b. in 

Sept., 1899. 

William Underwood is a proprietor of grain elevators. He 

resided in Brooklyn in 1854 ^^^ from 1861 to 1863, in New York 

city from 1855-1861, and in Jersey City Heights since 1863. He 

d. 30 July, 1900, at Jersey City, N. J. His widow, Catharine 

Kellar Underwood, d. 10 May, 1906. 

392. William V/allace Underwood of Kansas City, Mo., (son of 
William 391) b. 10 June, 1856, at New York city; m. 30 Oct., 
1878, Mary A. Busick and had children: 

i. Everett, b. 8 Aug., 1879. 
ii. Helen Marie, b. in Aug., 1882. 
William W^. Underwood was a grain commission merchant at 
Kansas City, Mo. He d. at Cranford, N. J., 14 Sept., 1900. 

393. Laban Albert Underwood of Brooklyn, N. Y., (son of 
William 391) b. 9 Aug., 1858; m. 12 June, 1897, Eleanora W. 
Smith; no children. Laban A. Undenvood is a grain broker. 
He lived in Weehawken, N. J., 1 898-1 900 and since 1901 he has 


lived In Brooklyn, N. Y. (Address 220 Produce Exchange, 
New York city.) 

394. Elias Underwood of Edmeston, N. Y., (son of Nehcmiah 
295) b. 26 Oct., 1748, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 22 Jan., 1767, 
Anna Crouch of Woodstock, Conn., and had children: 

i. Zerviah, b. 9 May, 1767, at Woodstock, Conn., rem. 
with her parents to Edmeston, Otsego county, N. Y., and after- 
wards m. Rathburn of Broome county, N. Y. 

ii. Eliab, b. 23 March, 1769. (See no. 395.) 

iii. Anna, b. 23 Feb., 1771, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. and 
lived in Pennsylvania (near Erie, according to her nephew 
Alanson, no. 408). 

iv. Elias, b. 5 March, 1773. (See no. 397.) 

v. Evandor, b. 16 April, 1775; d. young by drowning. 

vi. Evandor,* b. 19 Dec, 1780. (See no. 405.) 

vii. Julius, b, in 1785. (See no. 438.) 
viii. Electa, b. in 1787. 

ix. Harmon, b. 5 May, 1792. (See no. 439.) 
While Elias Underwood remained at Woodstock, Conn., he 
was for several years engaged as a schoolmaster. In the town 
records of Woodstock, the entry of his marriage appears as 
follows: "Elias Underwood and Anna Crouch both of Woodstock 
were married Jan. 22, 1767, by the Revd. Ezra Horton, Pastor." 
The births of several of his children are also found in the town 
records. In 1787 he rem. to Edmeston, Otsego county, N. Y., 
then a howling wilderness, and acquired a very large tract of land. 
He d. at Edmeston, N. Y., in 1799. 

395. Eliab Underwood of Reading, N. Y., (son of FJias 394) b. 
23 March, 1769, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 10 July, 1797, Caroline 
Taunt and had children: 

i. RoxANA, b. 24 April, 1799; m. i April, 1821, Daniel 

* In the town records of Woodstock, Conn., this name is recorded as above. 
His descendants have always omitted the first syllable and the name appears on 
his tombstone as Vander. He will be referred to later under this latter name. 


Mather, a farmer, who afterwards rem. to Jackson county, Iowa. 
She d. sometime before 1S82, 

ii. Sophia, b. 12 Feb., 1802; m. 13 Jan., 1826, EHakim 
Barnum, a farmer of Chautauqua, N. Y. She d. sometinie before 

iii. Belinda, b. 16 Aug., 1805; m. 3 Feb., 1825, Oren Wright 
of Chautauqua, N. Y. Belinda Underwood Wright d. 4 March, 

iv. Caroline, b. 29 April, 1810; m. 13 Jan., 1826, James 
Pope, a farmer at Reading, Schuyler county, N. Y. Caroline 
Underwood Pope d. 24 April, 1884. 

V. Eliab, b. 28 May, 1813. (See no. 396.) 

vi. Ophelia, b, 21 June, 1817; m. 3 March, 1836, Burlock 
Norris of Watkins, N. Y. 

vii. Marian, b. 24 Nov., 1819; m. i Nov., 1838, Ethan C. 
Buck, afterwards rem. to Kansas. She d. sometime before 1880, 
Eliab Underwood was a farmer at Reading, Schuyler county, 
N. Y., where he d. 19 Oct., 1835. 

396. Eliab Underwood of Rathboneville, N. Y., (son of Eliab 
395) b. 28 May, 1813; m. 22 Sept., 1844, Isabel Haggerty and 
had children: 

i. Oscar, b. 11 July, 1845; a soldier in the Civil War; d. 
23 July, 1864. 

ii. Samantha, b. 4 July, 1848; m. 20 Jan., 1876, G. W. 
Swarts, a farmer at Rathboneville, N. Y., and has one child: 

Swarts, b. 23 July, 1879. 

iii. Caroline, b. 21 May, 1852; unm.; resides at Rathbone- 
ville, N. Y. 

Eliab Underwood was a farmer at Rathboneville, Steuben 
county, N. Y. 

397. Elias Underwood of Erie (?), Pa., (son of Elias 394) b. 5 
March, 1773; m. about 1 794, Perthena Salisbury, b. 11 June, 
1778, in Rhode Island, and had children: 


i. Betsy, b. ; m. Theodore Whittin at Northeast, Pa. 

She li\-ed and died in Chautauqua county, N. Y. 

ii. Cyrus, b. . (See no. 398.) 

iii. Lewis, b. . (See no. 399.) 

iv. Elias, b. ; d. in Michigan. 

V. Norman, b. ; was killed in a brick-kiln at Northeast, 


vi. Almeron, b. 4 Aug., 1802. (See no. 400.) 

vii. Maria, b. ; m. , Justin Nash at Northeast, Pa.; 

moved to Geneva, Kane Co., 111., and after four or five years 
moved back to Northeast. 

viii. Electa, b. ; m. Miram Mudgett, a pioneer and 

hunter. They moved to Illinois, thence to Texas, and finally 
to California, where he was killed by a grizzly bear. 

Elias Underwood was a farmer, living in Chenango county, N. 
Y., until 1814 and then moved to Northeast, Erie Co., Pa., where 
he d. about 1820. One of his nephews wrote of him in 18S2: 
" He was a handsome man, six feet and five inches high and was a 
great wrestler. He was never laid on his back by any man. He 
weighed two hundred and fifty pounds." In 1829 his widow, 
Perthena Underwood, with three of her children, Almeron, Electa, 
and Elias, moved to Michigan. She d. 14 March, 1S71, and is 
buried In Oxford, 111. 

398. Cyrus Underwood of Texas, (son of Elias 397) b. ; 

m. and had children at least: 

i. Charles, b. ; killed with his father by Indians. 

ii. Elias, b. ; after the death of his father and brother 

he became an Indian fighter. 

iii. A daughter who m. Carpenter and lived in northern 


Cyrus Underwood was a pioneer and frontiersman, settling 
first in Fulton county. 111., and moving from there to Texas 
where he and his son Charles were killed by Indians about 


399. Lewis Underwood of Sterling, Whiteside Co., 111., (son 

of Elias 397) b. ; m. and had children, five boys and 

five girls: 

i. Elias, b. ; lost an arm by accidental discharge of 

a gun. 

Lewis Underwood moved to Rock Island, 111., between 1831 
and 1836 and aftenvard settled at Sterling, Whiteside Co., 111., 
where he d. 

400. Almeron Underwood of Henry county, 111., (son of Elias 
397) b. 4 Aug., 1802, in Chenango county, N. Y.; m. 26 Jan., 
1831, at Tecumseh, Mich., Permelia Colgrove, b. 28 Dec, 1802, 
a dau. of Eli and Mar>^ Colgrove, and had children: 

i. Milton, b. 29 Oct., 1831. (See no. 401.) 
ii. Mary Perthena, b. 27 July, 1833; m. 7 April, 1870, 
Joseph Caughey and has one child, Adda Caiighey, and now 
(1911) lives in Sulphur Springs, 111. 

' iii. Esther Permelia, b. 10 Jan., 1836; m. 19 Aug., 1858, 
William H. Arnold and had seven children: (i) Nora Arnold, 

b. ; m. Wright; (2) Mary Arnold, b. ; m. 

Burgess; (3) Alden Arnold, b. ; d. ; (4) Wiley Arnold^ 

b. ; (5) William Arnold, b. ; (6) Harvey Arnold, h. 

; d. ; (7) Grace Arnold, b. . Esther Underwood 

Arnold d. about 1903 and William H. Arnold now (1911) lives 
at Blanchard, Iowa. 

iv. Julia Maria, b. 27 March, 1838; m. in 1871, S. Fayette 

Spalding and has two children: (i) LueUa Spalding, b. ; m. 

; (2) Grace Spalding, b. ; m. . Julia lives (1911} 

at Abingdon, 111. 

v. Almeron Delos, b. 11 Dec, 1839. (See no. 404.) 
vi. Lewis, b. 16 Nov., 1842; d. 16 Nov., 1844. 
Almeron Underwood was a farmer and lived in Erie county, 
N. Y., until 1829 and then moved with his widowed mother to 
Tecumseh, Mich. In 1836 he moved to Fulton county, 111., and 
the next year settled in Oxford, Henry Co., 111., where he d. 15 
May, 1868. Permelia Colgrove Underwood d. 5 March, 1877. 


401. Milton Underwood of Portland, Ore, (son of Ahneron 
400) b. 29 Oct., 1831, in Tecumseh, Mich.; m. 11 June, 1856, 
Laura Luvira Arnold, b. ii March, 1838, a dau. of Philip Arnold 
and Abigail Rowley, and has had three children: 

i. Elvin Justin, b. 25 March, 1857. (See no. 402.) 
ii. Eli Delos, b. 5 Dec, 1858; d. 2 Jan., 1906. 
iii. Elias Milton, b. 14 Feb., 1867. (See no. 403.) 
Milton Underwood is a farmer. He lived in Tecumseh, 
Lenawe Co., Mich., until 1S36, then moved with his father to 
Fulton county, 111., and the next year to Oxford, Henr\' Co., 111. 
•In 1882 he moved to McMinnville, Oregon, and in Oct., 1906, 
he removed to Portland, Oregon, where he now lives (191 1). 

402. EMn Justin Underwood of Portland, Oregon, (son of 
Milton 401) b. 25 March, 1857; m. 15 Aug., 1901, Nettie A. 
McCourt and has two children: 

i. Minnie Luvira, b. 16 Sept., 1902. 
ii. Erma Valene, b. 13 June, 1907. 

403. Elias Milton Underwood of Portland, Oregon, (son of 
Milton 401) b. 14 Feb., 1867, in Oxford, 111.; m. 5 Jan., 1910, 
Minnie Louisa Swank, b. 18 March, 1866, a dau. of Joseph Shaw 
Swank and Camilla Eliza Douthit; nochildren. Elias M. Under- 
wood graduated from the University of Oregon in 1894 ^'^'ith the 
degree of A.B. and received the degree of i\.M. from the same 
Institution in 1897. He is a wholesale hardware dealer of 
Portland, Oregon, where he has lived since 29 May, 1899. 

404. Almeron Delos Underwood of Abingdon, 111., (son of 
Ahneron J^oo) b. 11 Dec, 1839; m. 31 March, 1870, Ellen Lodema 
Sinden and has had children: 

i. Hester Permela, b. 18 Nov., 1871; unm.; is a teacher 
in public schools at Gary, Ind. 

ii. Bruce Almeron, b. i Oct., 1874; m. (?); is a civil 
engineer on the Grand Trunk R. R., and lives at Bad Axe, Mich. 
iii. Sidney Roscoe, b. 12 Feb., 1879; m. (?); is with the 
Excelsior Printing Co., Chicago, 111. 


iv. Mabel Elizabeth, b. 20 Nov., 1880; unm.; is a music 
teacher at Palo Alto, Calif. 

405. Vander Underwood of Freetown, N. Y., (sonof£/m5 394) 
b. 19 Dec, 1780, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. in 1803, Jerusha Wood 
and had children: 

i. Erastus, b. 12 Nov., 1804. (See no. 406.) 
ii. Alanson, b. 2 Jan., 1806. (See no. 408.) 
iii. Philander, b. 20 April, 1807. (See no. 418.) 
iv. Lucy, b. 8 May, 1808; m. 10 April, 1828, Miner Grant 
of Freetown, N. Y., and had children: (i) Orsina Grant, b. 10 
March, 1829; m. .^^' Butman; d. 3 Feb., 1876; (2) Philander 
Delancy Grant, \y. 14 Aug., 1830; (3) Eliza Ann Grant, b. 22 
Sept., 1832; m. — Calwell, and lives at Hudson, N. Y.;* (4) 

Diana Grant, b. 20 Sept., 1834; m. Ripley; (5) Lcroy 

Grant, b. 13 Nov., 1836, lives in Herkimer, N. Y.;* (6) Vander 
Miner Grant, b. 12 April, 1837; (7) Cyrus Grant, b. 12 June, 1841 ; 

d. 17 April, 1843; (8) Jerusha Grant, b. 8 May, 1844; m. 

Doban; (9) Ruby N. Grant, b. 15 Jan., 1847. Lucy Underwood 
Grant was familiarly known as "Aunt Ziba" although her 
baptismal name was Lucy. 

v. Sophia, b. 28 April, 1S09, at Unadilla, N. Y.; m. in 1825, 
William Carr of Freetown, N. Y., and had children: (i) Almira 

Carr, h.'m 1828; m. Lang, d. 21 Nov., 1883, at Virgil, N. Y.; 

(2) William Riley Carr, b. in 1830; was graduated from Wesleyan 
University in the class of i860; (3) Jerusha Carr, b. in 1832; m. 

Gates, and lives in Cortland, N. Y.; (4) Mary Carr, b. in 

1835; unm.; resides at Cortland, N. Y.; (5) Soloman Carr, b. 
in 1837; was a member of the 157th Regiment, N. Y. Vol., during 
the Civil War; was wounded at Gettysburg and honorably 
discharged, and now lives at Blodgett's Mills, N. Y.; (6) Louisa 

Carr, b. 7 Jan., 1839; m. Palmer, and lives at Blodgett's 

Mills, N. Y.; (7) Sophia Carr, b. 14 June, 1841; m. Sher- 
man, and lives at Blodgett's Mills, N. Y.; (8) Daniel C. Carr, b. 
in 1844; a member of the 76th Regiment, N. Y. Vol. ; d. 25 Sept., 

♦Letters addressed to them in 1911 were returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


1862, at Annapolis, Md., from wounds received in the second 
battle of Bull Run; (9) Elijah Carr, b. in 1846; was a member of 
the 76th Regiment, N. Y. Vol., during the Civil War, and was 
honorably discharged at the close of the war; (10) Elizabeth 
Carr, b. in 1848; d. in 1863; (ii) Wilbur Carr, b. in 1851; resides 
at Freetown, N. Y. Sophia Underwood Carr d. 10 April, 1851, 
familiarly known and highly respected among her relatives as 
"Aunt Ruah." Her husband, William Carr, d. in 1873 at 
Freetown, N. Y. 

vi. Joanna, b. 12 June, 1810; m. Cyrus Grant of Freetown, 

N. Y., and had children: (1) Lucy Grant, h. ; (2) Miner 

Grant, b. ; d. . Joanna Underwood Grant d. ii Jan., 


vii. Ruby, b. 10 July, 181 1; m. 25 Dec, 1833, Arnold Stafford 
of Cortland, N. Y., and had children: (i) Rtiby Stafford, b. 26 

July, 1835; m. Conable of Cortland, N. Y.; d. in March, 

i89i;(2) Eli Staff ord,h. 11 Dec, 1836; resides at Cortland, N. Y.; 

(3) Laurilla Stafford, b. 25 June, 1839; m. Pendleton, 

Rochester, N. Y.; (4) Rosanna Stafford, b. 13 Aug., 1842; m. 

Candee, Rochester, N. Y.; d. in 1898; (5) Edgar Arnold 

Stafford, b. 17 July, 1850; resides at Cortland, N. Y.; (6) Helen 

Elizabeth Stafford, b. 12 March, 1853; ni. Doubleday of 

Cortland, N. Y. Ruby Underwood Stafford lived with her 
youngest daughter in Cortland, N. Y., until her death which 
occurred 30 June, 1892. 

viii. Betsey, b. 13 Jan., 1813; d. 10 Feb., 1813. 
ix. Rosanna, b. 22 Nov., 18 14; m. Richard Boone of 
Humboldt, Kan., and had one child, (i) Sanford Boone, with 
whom she lived in Humboldt, Kan., until her death in April, 189 1. 
X. Eliab, b. 5 May, 18 16. (See no. 421.) 
xi. Norman, b. 12 Jan., 1818. (See no. 427.) 
xii. Nathan, b. 22 Aug., 1820. (See no. 432.) 
xiii. Louisa, b. 11 May, 1822; m. Lester Hall of Freetown, 

N. Y., and had children: (i) Btirdett Hall, b. ; (2) Sylvester 

Hall, b. ; d. in childhood. 



xiv. Vander, b. 26 March, 1823; d. 6 March, 1825. 
XV. Matilda, b. 24 Nov., 1824; m. Elijah Barnes of Union, 
N. Y., and had children: (i) Thomas J. Barnes, b. 22 July, 1842; 
resides at Castle Creek, N. Y.; (2) Melissa D. Barnes, h. 19 
March, 1844; (3) Columbus Barnes, b. 18 March, 1847; lives at 
Union, N, Y.; (4) Mary C. Barnes, b. 13 April, 1850; (5) Reeves 
E. Barnes, h. 14 Aug., 1851; lives at Union, N. Y.; (6) Lillic J. 
Barnes, b. 5 Jan., 1854; (7) Ruby S. Barnes, h. 28 March, 1859; 
(8) Lalie A. Barnes, h. 22 Oct., 1862. Matilda Undenvood 
Barnes resided at Union, Broome county, N. Y., until her death 
in 1888. 

xvi. Vander, b. 19 Aug., 1826. (See no. 436.) 

xvii. Amanda, b. 26 June, 1829; d. 20 Dec, 1829. 

Vander Under\vood rem. with his father Elias to Edmeston, 
N. Y., at the age of seven. His father died leaving him at 
nineteen without land or personal property and with his mother 
and four of the younger children of the family to provide for. 
He was married at twenty-three and, with the aid of the seven 
sons that were born to him, he had at the age of fifty-three 
bought and paid for one thousand acres of land and had cleared 
five hundred acres of heavy timber. As his sons were married 
they each received one hundred acres of land. He d. in April, 
1862, at Freetown, N. Y. At the time of his death he had over 
one hundred living descendants. His wife Jerusha d. 18 March, 
1847, x. 62. 

406. Erastus Underwood of Clyde, Mich., (son of Vander 405) 
b. 12 Nov., 1804; m. Lura Holmes, dau. of Roswell Holmes, a 
soldier of the Revolution, and had children: 

i. Vant)ER, b. 10 Aug., 1830; was a soldier in the Mexican 
War, probably deceased. 

ii. DiANTHA, b. 12 Nov., 1837; m. in June, 1863, Miner M, 
Grant of East Freetown, N. Y., and had children: (i) Iv Grayit, 
b. 30 Dec, 1864; d. 15 Aug., 1865; (2) William C. Grant, b. 12 
Oct., 1867; (3) Adrian Grant, b. 26 Dec, 1873. The family 
was living in East Freetown, N. Y., in 1884. 


Hi. Albertus, b. 30 Aug., 1840. (See no. 407.) 

iv. Mary P., b. 30 Dec, 1842; unm.; lives at McGrawville, 

N. Y. 

V. Louisa, b. 30 Dec, 1844; m. Thomas Blewer of Saginaw, 


Erastus Underwood was a farmer at Clyde, Mich., where he 

d. 15 Sept., 1861. 

407. Albertus Underwood of Clyde, Mich., (son of Erastus 
406) b. 30 Aug., 1840; m. 8 Sept., 1875, Abbie Taylor and had 
children : 

i. Howard R., b. 16 June, 1877. 
ii. Earl, b. 9 March, 18S2. 
Albertus Underwood is a farmer at Clyde, Mich. 

408. Alanson Underwood of East Freetown, N. Y., (son of 
Vander 405) b. 2 Jan., 1806; m. 21 April, 1829, Laura Stafiord 
and had children: 

i. Anna, b. 17 March, 1830; d. in 1830. 
ii. Joseph, b. 19 May, 1831. (See no. 409.) 
iii. Harry, b. 2 June, 1833; d- 30 July* 1836. 
iv. Ruby, b. 24 Oct., 1835; d. 17 Aug., 1840. 
V. Susan (twin), b. i Nov., 1837; m. 25 Dec, 1856, Elijah 
Edwards of Hinsdale, N. Y., and had eight children: (i) Perrin 
Edwards, b. i Oct., 1857; (2) Eli Edwards, b. 13 Aug., 1867; d. 
1 Aug., 1876; (3) Ira Edwards, b. i Oct., 1868; (4) Rosella 
Edwards, b. 10 May, 1870; d. 24 July, 1876; (5) Charles Edwards, 
b. 21 Jan., 1872; (6) Orson Edwards, b. 4 Dec, 1873; (7) Hattie 
Edwards, b. 16 April, 1877; (8) Lavinia Edwards, b. 28 March, 

vi. Alanson (twin), b. i Nov., 1837. (See no. 412.) 
vii, Lyman A., b. i March, 1840. (See no. 414.) 
viii. Laura, b. 8 Dec, 1842; m. (i) Oscar Stevens who was a 
soldier in the Civil War and died in the service; m. (2) Andrew 
Birch of Marathon, N. Y.; no children. 


ix. Mary Ann, b. 9 June, 1845; m. Samuel Rockwell of 
Smithport, Pa., and had six children: (i) Addie Rockivell, b. 21 
March, 1864; (2) Minnie Rocktvell, b. 3 Oct., 1867; (3) Elbridge 
Rockwell, b. 7 Jan., 1872; (4) Mary Rockivell, b. 12 Sept., 1874; 
(5) Saymiel Rockwell, b. 25 Feb., 1877; (6) Myrtle Rockwell, b. 
14 June, 1879; d. II Feb., 1881. Mary Underwood Rockwell d. 
30 Nov., 1S82. 

X. Lewis, b. 16 Feb., 1846. (See no. 417.) 
xi. Lavinia, b. 17 April, 1847; m. Horace Martin of East 
Freetown, N. Y., and had two children: (i) Anna Martin, b. 23 
July, 1872; (2) George Martin, b. 17 July, 1874. 

Alanson Underwood was a prosperous farmer at East Free- 
town, N. Y., a man of stalwart frame and great endurance and 
executive ability, although to use his own words: he "was brought 
up in the woods and never learned to write until the age of forty." 
Writing in 1882, he gave the following as his idea of the Under- 
wood characteristics: "The Underwoods are a large race of men; 
the average weight is from 180 to 250 pounds; they are of light 
complection and all of them have large families. . . . All the 
Underwoods within my knowledge are good to gather money and 
buy land; the Under^voods in this place own about 3000 acres. 
. . . There are sixteen Underwood families in this place. . . . 
A great many of the Underwoods die of a sore foot or a sore 

409. Joseph Underwood of Freetown Corners, N. Y., (son of 
Alanson 408) b. 19 May, 1831, at East Freetcfwn, N. Y.; m. i 
July, 1855, Mary Grant and had children: 

i. Amos, b. 21 Aug., 1856; d. 13 Feb., 1878. 
ii. Charles, b. 20 May, 1858. (See no. 410.) 
iii. Adelbert, b. 12 June, 1869. (See no. 411.) 
Joseph Underwood is a farmer at Freetown Corners, Cortland 
county, N. Y. 

410. Charles Underwood of McGrawwiUe, N. Y., (son of Joseph 
409) b. 20 May, 1858, at East Freetown, N. Y.; m. 18 Dec, 
1878, Clara E. Reed and had children: 


i. Lulu May, b. 13 July, 1881; m. 25 Dec, 1899, Albrose 
Bingham of McGrawville and had children: (i) Marjorie 
Bingham, h. 8 July, 1903; (2) Raymond Bingliam, b. 9 Aug., 

ii. Jessie B., b. 18 Jan., 1883; m. in Sept., 1904, Edward 
Torrey of McGrawville, N. Y. 

Charles Underwood was a farmer at East Freetown, N. Y.; 
afterv.'ards was in charge of a feed store at McGra^v\-ille, N. Y. 

411. Adalbert Undenvood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of 
Joseph 409) b. 12 June, 1869; m. ; no children. 

Adelbert Underwood is in business with his brother at McGraw- 
ville, N. Y. 

412. Alanson Underwood of East Freetown, N. Y., (son of 
Alanson 408) b. I Nov., 1837, at East Freetown, N. Y.; m. 4 
April, 1 86 1, Margaret Lombard and had children: 

i. De Ette, b. 21 July, 1862; m. 14 Nov., 1SS8, Uriah 
Cobb of Cortland, N. Y., and had one daughter: Inez Cobb, h. 
15 July, 1893; d. II Jan., 1894. 

ii. Frederick A., b. 29 Aug., 1864. (See no. 413.) 
iii. Rosetta, b. 27 July, 1870. 
iv. Infant son, b, 29 Oct., 1872; d. in infancy. 
v. Edith, b. 6 Aug., 1874; m. 11 March, 1894, David Griffin 
of Greene, N. Y., and had one daughter: Nina Griffin, b. 9 June, 


vl. Altha, b. 9 Jan., 1876; lives at McGrawville, N. Y. 

vii. Myrtle, b. 5 Aug., 1879; lives at McGrawville, N. Y. 

viii. Lena, b. i Nov., 1884; m, 16 Feb., 1901, Edward Allen 
of Marathon, N. Y. 

Alanson Underwood was a farmer in East Freetown, N. Y., 
where he d. 12 April, 1891. 

413. Frederick A. Underwood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son 
of Alanson 412) b. 29 Aug., 1864; m. 20 Feb., 1889, Ida Leach; 
no children. Frederick Underwood is a corset manufacturer at 
McGrawville, N. Y. 


414. Lyman A. Underwood of Hinsdale, N. Y., (son of AlayisoT. 
408) b. I March, 1840; m. 29 May, 1864, Vylettie Brooks and 
had children: 

i. Oscar D., b. 24 July, 1865. (See no. 415.) 
ii. Arthur E., b. 18 Jan., 1868. (See no. 416.) 
Lyman A. Underwood spent some time in the New York Cen- 
tral College at McGrawville, N. Y. He was a teacher lor some 
time and a clergyman belonging to the Methodist denomination 
(Genesee Conference). He was living on a farm in Hinsdale, 
Cattaraugus county, N. Y., in 1884 and d. 25 Dec, 1891. 

415. Oscar D. Underwood of Olean, N. Y., (son of Lyman A. 
414) b. 24 July, 1865; m. 7 June, 1894, Nellie S. Johnson and had 

i. Edna A., b. 3 Jan., 1896. 
ii. Arthur J., b. 18 Feb., 1899. 
Oscar D. Underwood was graduated from Cuba Academy in 
1885 and entered Allegheny College as sophomore but was com- 
pelled to discontinue his studies. He graduated from the 
Rochester Business University with a record of 99%. He is a 
merchant, having lived in Olean, N. Y., 1886-1892; Saginaw, 
Mich., 1893; Cuba, N. Y., 1894-1900, where he also served three 
years as member of the Board of Education; Warren, Pa., 1901 ; 
Coudersport, 1 902-1 904; Coryville, Pa., 1905, where he was 
also postmaster; and Olean, N. Y., since 1906. 

416. Arthur E. Underwood of Coudersport, Pa., (son of Lyman 
A. 414) b. 18 Jan., 1868; m. 18 May, 1893, Emma W. Wagoner; 
no children. Arthur E. Underwood was a merchant at Cuba, 
N. Y., 1890-1898, and at Coudersport, Pa., after 1899. He d. 
26 April, 1901, 

417. Lewis Underwood of East Freetown, N. Y., (son of 
Alanson 408) b. 16 Feb., 1846, in East Freetown, N. Y.; m, 24 
May, 1870, Emma Gardner and had children: 

i. Hattie, b. 12 March, 1873; d. in infancy. 
ii. Florence E., b. 9 July, 1874; m. James Wright of East 
Freetown, N. Y. 


iii. Carrie E., b. 19 Sept., 1875; d. . 

iv. Addie E., b. 12 June, 1879; unm.; lives with her sister 
at East Freetown, N. Y. 

Lewis Underwood was a farmer at East Freetown, N. Y. He 
ived with his father for many years and d. in 1897. 

418. Philander Underwood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of 
Vender 405) b. 20 April, 1807, at McGrawville, N. Y.; m. Sarah 
Leach and had children: 

i. Infant son, b. 1 1 Sept., 1830; d. 1 1 Sept., 1830. 
ii. Uriah, b. 7 July, 1832. (See no. 419.) 
iii. Lavima, b. 14 June, 1834; d. 25 July, 1836. 
iv. Philander, b. 22 Oct., 1835. (See no. 420.) 
V. Sarah Ann, b. in 1840; d. 11 Jan., 1846. 
Philander Underwood was a farmer at McGrawville, N. Y. 
He d. at that place 6 Dec, 1856. His wife Sarah d. 30 Aug., 
1859, ffi. 54. 

419. Uriah Underwood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of Phi- 
lander 418) b. 7 July, 1832; m. Phoebe Hopkins and had 

i. Sarah Lovina, b. 23 March, 1858; m. George Lane. 
ii. Harriet Rosaltha, b. ii Aug., 1859; m. Edgar Val- 
entine of Marathon, N. Y. Harriet Underwood Valentine d. 
I March, 1904. 

iii. Clara Electa, b. 24 Dec, i860; m. Egbert Palmer, 
iv. Anice De Ette, b. 24 Dec, 1862; m. John May. 
V. Cortland Homer, b. 23 April, 1864; d. 14 Oct., 1869. 
\i Emma, b. 12 Feb., 1866; d. 5 Oct., 1869. 
vii. Arvilla Janet, b. 8 March, 1867. 

viii. Lucy Adelle, b. 10 Jan., 1869; d. 8 June, 1870. On 
her tombstone her name is given as "Loretta." 

ix. Betsy C, b. 15 Dec, 1871; m. George Carrigan. 
X. Franklin B., b. i May, 1872; is a farmer at Marathon, 
N. Y. 

xi. Julia Louisa, b. i July, 1875. 


Uriah Underwood was a farmer living near McGraw^ille, 
N. Y. He d. at that place 6 March, 1878, where his family 
continue to reside. 

420. Philander Underv/ood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of 
Philander 418) b. 22 Oct., 1835; m. 17 June, 1858, Anice Edwards, 
b. 2 June, 1837, of Solon, N. Y., and had children: 
i. Arbell, b. 2 Feb., i860; d. 25 Feb., 1864. 
ii. Infant son, b. 20 Feb., 1862; d. same day. 
iii. Helen, b. 13 Feb., 1864; m. 27 Oct., 1886, William 
Saulsbury of McGrawville, N. Y., and had two children: (i) 
Anna Maud Satdshury, b. 15 July, 1893; (2) Jennie May Sauls- 
bury, h. 6 Aug., 1901. 

iv. Nettie May, b. 12 Jan., 1871; m. 29 June, 1898, Floyd 
Rogers of Cortland, N. Y., and has one son: Richard Harry 
Rogers, h. 12 May, 1904. 

V. Florence Maud, b. 16 Oct., 1873; m. 13 Sept., 1893, 
Harlie W. Caldwell of East Freetown, N. Y., and has one son: 
Paul Diiell Caldwell, b. 20 Sept., 1901. 
vi. Walter P., b. 2 Jan., 1885. 
Philander Underwood is a farmer at McGrawville, N. Y. 

421. Eliab Underwood of East Freetown, N. Y., (son of Vander 
405) b. 5 May, 1816, at Solon, N. Y.; m. 1837, Julia Ann 
Matteson, b. 4 Feb., 1815, and had children: 

i. RosiLLA, b. 21 Oct., 1839; m. 4 Nov., i860, Edward 
Everett Thayer, b. 28 July, 1838, of McGrawville, N. Y., and 
had children: (i) Elmer Ellsworth Thayer, b. 8 April, 1862; d. 4 
Feb., 1863; (2) Edward Adelmer Thayer, b. 30 May, 1864; lives 
at McGrawville, N, Y.; (3) Viola Alwilda Thayer, b. 16 May, 

ii. Jerusha b. 17 Jan., 1842; m. 22 May, 1864, David Carr, 
a farmer of Homer, N. Y., and had one daughter, Ada Delphine 
Carr, b. 2 March, 1865. 

iii. Eliab J., b. 16 Nov., 1843. (See no. 422.) 


iv. Elias, b. 3 Nov., 1845. (See no. 423.) 
V. Reuben, b. 17 Sept., 1847. (See no. 426.) 
vl. Nancy Jane, b. 29 April, 1850, in Solon, N. Y.; m. 23 
Dec, 1866, Julius Edwards, a farmer of Hinsdale, N. Y., and 
had children: (i) John D. Edwards, b. 2 Oct., 1874; lives at 

Olean, N. Y.; (2) Zettie May Edwards, b. 4 May, 18S0; m. 

Grambow and lives at Hinsdale, N. Y. 

vii. Lucy Ann, b. 3 Feb., 1S52; m. 5 Nov., 1871, Henry- 
Hewitt of Hinsdale, N. Y., afterwards of McGrawville, N. Y., 
and had children: (i) Carrie Hewitt, b. 15 Aug., 1875; (2) 
Lelah Myrtle Heivitt, b. 17 Dec, 1878; d. 11 Sept., 1879; (3) 
Lottie Julia Hewitt, b. 16 Dec, 1880. 

viii. Julia Ida, b. 17 May, 1854; m- 25 Dec, 1873, Henry 
Stafford of McGrawville, N. Y., and had children: (i) Warren 
J. Stafford, b. 19 Nov., 1874; (2) Zettecn Stafford, b. 14 Feb., 
1877; (3) Reuben F. Stafford, b. 6 Jan., 1879; (4) Vernon E. 
Stafford, b. 24 May, 1883. 

ix. Mar\'ETTE, b. 10 Dec, 1856; m. Daniel Harrington of 
Little York, N. Y., and had children: (i) Nina May Harrington, 

b. ; (2) Alde7i E. Harrington, b. . 

X. Zetteen, b. 12 July, 1859; "i- Crysler of East 

Freetown, N. Y., and had one child : Frank Crysler, h. Aug., 1881. 
Eliab Under\\^ood was a farmer at East Freetown, N. Y. His 
wife Julia d. 7 Jan., 1880, and he d. 25 Jan., 1883. 

422. Eliab J. Underwood of East Freetown, N, Y., (son of 
Eliab 421) b. 16 Nov., 1843, at East Freetown, N. Y.; m. 28 
Feb., 1866, Sarah A. Doran of Taylor, Cortland Co., N. Y., b. 
23 April, 1844, and had children: 

i. Juvanelia, b. 2 Oct., 1868; m. 22 June, 1892, George 
Stafford of Virgil, N. Y., and has four children. 

ii. Floyd L., b. 19 May, 1870; unm.; is in business with 
his father at East Freetown, N. Y. 

iii. Lillian, b. 7 Dec, 1873; m. Rev. Alanson Anderson 
of the Virgil (N. Y.) Methodist Episcopal Church, and has four 


iv. Minnie Grace, b. 28 Feb., 1877; m. Frank Parks of 
Cortland, N. Y., and has two children. 
V. Ethel Minnie, b. 2 June, 1878. 
vi. Benjamin E., b. 25 July, 18S0. 
vii. Clayton D., b. 25 Oct., 1882. 

Eliab J. Underwood is a farmer at East Freetown, N. Y. He 
has been connected with the M. E. Church since 1866 and has 
held various offices in his church and town. He reports himself 
as a "straight Democrat" In politics and a champion checker 
player. With his son he Is engaged In the manufacture of pure 
apple jelly. 

423. Elias Underwood of Hinsdale, N. Y., (son of EUah 421) 
b. 3 Nov., 1845, at Solon, N. Y.; m. 25 Dec, 1866, Nancy, dau. 
of John F. and Orsina (Grout*) Butman, of Solon, N. Y., and 
had children: 

i. Cora Jerusha, b. 31 March, 1869; d. 14 Jan., 1882, at 
Hinsdale, N. Y. 

ii. Elias J., b. 27 Aug., 1872. (See no. 424.) 
Hi. ARTHUR,b.24 0ct.,i873; d.5Sept.,i874, atHInsdale.N.Y. 
iv. Frank, b. 23 Oct., 1874. (See no. 425.) 
V. Orsina, b. 15 Nov., 1875; d. 18 Dec, 1875, at Hinsdale, 
N. Y. 

vl. Fred Delos, b. i Dec, 1878; unm.; lives on a farm near 
Hinsdale, N. Y. 

vii. Ervine, b. 5 Nov., 1880; unm.; lives on a farm near 
Cortland, N. Y. 

vill. Flora Belle, b. 13 Feb., 1883; m. 7 Aug., 1899, Bela 
Burton of Hinsdale, N. Y., and has one child, Evaline Susan 
Burton, b. 26 Feb., 1905. The family live at Olean, N. Y., where 
Mr, Burton is yard manager of the P. & N. Y. R. R. 
ix. Ruby Ann, b. 28 Oct., 1884. 
X. John Turner, b. i Nov., 1885. 
xi, Susan Ann, b. 29 March, 1887; d. 27 Aug., 1887. 
xii. Son (twin), b. I Oct., 1889; d. In infancy, 
xlil. Daughter (twin), b. I Oct., 1889; d. In infancy. 

* Probably should be Grant. Cf. p. 240. Ed. 


xiv. Vander, b. 10 Sept., 1891. 

EHas Underwood is a lumberman and farmer, cultivating over 
three hundred acres, at Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., where 
he has lived for thirty-one years and has reared a large family 
of children. 

424. Elias J. Underwood of Hinsdale, N. Y., (son of EHas 
423) b. 27 Aug., 1872, at Solon, N, Y.; m. 5 Oct., 1898, Maggie, 
dau. of John and Anna (Barber) Leipert of Olean, N. Y., b. 9 
April, 1875, and has children: 

i. William J., b. 7 Aug., 1900; d. in infancy. 
ii. Theodore Edmond, b. 27 Nov., 1904. 
EHas J. Underwood is a farmer at Hinsdale, N. Y. 

425. Frank Underwood of Fishing Hawk, W. Va., (son of 
Elias 423) b. 23 Oct., 1874; m. 4 July, 1896, Anna Baker of 
Pittsburgh, Pa., and has two children: 

Frank Underwood has been a rover, leaving home at about 
seventeen; is said to have traveled extensively in Dakota, Texas, 
Washington, and Cuba and to have invested in lands which have 
netted him handsome profits. His present address is unknown to 
his father. His last known address is as given above. 

426. Reuben Underv/ood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of EUab 
421) b. 17 Sept., 1847, at East Freetown, N. Y.; m. 24 Dec, 
1868, Mary Stafford and had children: 

i. Ida Anna, b. 7 March, 1870; m. D. White of Cincinnatus, 
N. Y., and has one daughter. 

ii. George E., b. 8 Sept., 1874; lives with his father at 
McGrawville, N. Y. 

Reuben Underwood is a farmer at McGrawville, N. Y. 

427. Norman Underwood of Anamosa, Iowa, (son of Vander 
405) b. 12 Jan., 1818,* at Freetown, N. Y.; m. Malizza Boon and 
had children: 

♦Also given as 1815. 


i. NoRifAN A., b. . (See no. 428.) 

ii. James, b. . 

iii. Rose, b. . 

iv. Hartie, b. . 

V. Dine, b. . 

vi. Malizza, b. , 

vii. Julia, b. . 

Norman Underwood m. (2) and had one son: 

viii. Jasper, b. . 

Norman Undenvood m. (3) Mary Rosalia Edwards, b. 5 June, 
1840, at Solon, N. Y.; d. 3 March, 1894, at Clarksville, N. Y., 
and had children: 

ix. Luther, b. 6 June, 1859. (See no. 429.) 
X. Erwin Jay, b. 10 April, 1867. (See no. 430.) 
xi. Vander, b. 3 Aug., 1869. 
xii. Charles R., b. 8 July, 1872. (See no. 431.) 

xiii. Addie, b. 14 Sept., 1874; m. Brown and has one 

child; resides at Cuba, N. Y. 

xiv. Marion, b. 15 May, 1877; d. at about three years. 
Norman Undenvood was a farmer at Freetown, N. Y., in 
early life. He afterwards rem. to Iowa where he d, 3 March, 
1879, at Anamosa. 

428. Norman A. Underwood of Freetown, N. Y., (son of 

Norman 427) b. ; m. Alice Edwards; no children. Norman 

Underwood was a farmer. The last four years of his life he lived 
at Freetown, N. Y., and was accidentally killed by the cars in 

429. Luther Underwood of Bur Oak, Kan., (son of Nonnan 

427) b. 6 June, 1859; m. . He d. at Bur Oak, Kan., where 

his wife and family still reside. 

430. Erwin Jay Underwood of Otego, Kan., (son of Norman 
427) b. 10 April, 1867; m. 4 Jan., 1893, Nellie May Cole, b. 30 
May, 1872; and has children: 

i. Lester Freelantd, b. 6 Dec, 1893; d. 30 Jan., 1904. 
ii, Gladys Ellen, b. 8 Feb., 1895. 


iii. Philip Norman, b. lo April, 1898. 
iv, Charles Raymond, b. 25 April, 1900. 
V. Eber Clifford, b. 28 Sept., 1902. 
vi. Ruth May, b. i July, 1905. 
Erwin Jay Underwood is a farmer, having lived in Jones county, 
Iowa, until 1885, and since that time in Otego, Jewell Co., Kan. 

431 . Charles R. Underwood of Hinsdale, N. Y., (son of Norman 
427) b. 8 July, 1872; m. 30 April, 1902, Hattie Cole, b. 5 June, 
1882, dau. of Sanford Stoddard and Claracy Susannah (Eldridge) 
Cole of Cuba, N. Y., and has one daughter: 
i. Claracy Mary, b. 17 March, 1905. 

Charles R. Underwood is a section foreman on the Erie Rail- 
road at Hinsdale, N. Y. He is said to live at Cuba, N. Y. 

432. Nathan Underwood of Hartford, N. Y., (son of Vander 
405) b. 22 Aug., 1820, at Freetown, N, Y.; m. in 1841, Polly M. 
Gray and had children : 

i. Ogden G., b. 22 Feb., 1842. (See no. 433.) 
ii. Sidney N., b. 28 May, 1852. (See no. 435.) 

Nathan Underwood was a member of Co. F, 109th Regiment, 
N. Y. Vol., during the Civil War. He participated in the engage- 
ments from the Wilderness to Petersburg and was honorably 
discharged at the close of the war. Afterwards he returned home 
and was a farmer at Hartford, where he d. 19 June, 1896. 

433- Ogden G. Underwood of Marathon, N. Y., (son of Nathan 
432) b. 22 Feb., 1842; m. 7 Jan., 1867, Jane Shepard and had 
children : 

i. Edith M., b. 9 Aug., 1870; m. 23 Jan., 1891, F. R. 
Peebles of Lestershire, N. Y., and had children: (i) Ernest J. 
Peebles, h. 12 May, 1892; (2) Charles T. Peebles, b. 7 March, 
1894; (3) Harriet E. Peebles, b. 7 Sept., 1895; (4) Jennie E. 
Peebles, b. 28 Feb., 1898; (5) Harold E. Peebles, b. 29 Oct., 1899; 
(6) Grace M. Peebles, h. 4 March, 1904. 

ii. Earl S., b. 20 Feb., 1873. (See no. 434.) 


iii. Grace M., b. 12 Sept., 1876; unm.; resides with her 
parents at Marathon. 

Ogden G. Underwood was a member of Co. F, 109th Regiment, 
N. Y. Vol. He was wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor and 
was h aorably discharged on account of his wounds 29 April, 
1865. He is a carpenter and builder at Marathon, N. Y., where 
he has lived the past thirty-five years. He has been trustee of 
the village several terms and president of the village; also trustee 
of the Cemetery Association and member of the Board of Educa- 
tion. He is also district deputy of Cortland District I. O. O. F. 

434- Earl S. Underwood of Buffalo, N. Y., (son of Ogden G. 
433) b. 20 Feb., 1873; m. 4 July, 1896, Ida M. Miner and had 

i. Ogden G., b. 8 Nov., 1898; d. 3 Feb., 1904. 
ii, Francis E., b. 7 Nov., 1904. 

Earl S. Underwood is in the telegraph business at Buffalo, 
N. Y.* 

435. Sidney N. Underwood of Bernhard's Bay, Oswego Co., 
N. Y., (son of Nathan 432) b. 28 May, 1852; m. 4 July, 1872, 
Sarah Williams; no children. Sidney N. Underwood has been a 
farmer at Hartford, Cortland Co., N. Y., where he still owns a 
place but is living at Bernhard's Bay on Oneida Lake. 

436. Vander Underwood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of 
Va7ider 405) b. 19 Aug., 1826, at Freetown, N. Y.; m. 11 Feb, 
1S45, Julia Grant, b. 20 Dec, 1824, and had children: 

i. Electa, b. 31 March, 1846; m. 14 Sept., 1862, Edward 
Siver, a farmer of McGrawville, N. Y., and had children: (i) 
Alice Siver, b. 2 Sept., 1866; (2) Florence Siver, b. 13 Sept., 1869. 
ii. Betsy, b. 15 Jan., 1848; m. i May, 1864, Harvey Frazer 
who afterwards rem. to Eldorado, Mo., and had children: (i) 
John Frazer, b. 18 Jan., 1867; (2) Frank Frazer, b. 10 March, 
1871; (3) George Frazer, b. 26 March, 1883. 

iii. Louisa, b. 21 Nov., 1849; m. 2 March, 1866, Dewitt 

* A letter addressed to him was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


Turner, a farmer at McGraw'\'ilIe, N. Y., and had children: (i) 
Fred Turner, b. 3 March, 1868; (2) Annie Ttirner, h. 20 Aug., 
1875; (3) Frank Turner, b. 21 Nov., 18S0. 

iv. Franklin, b. 19 Nov., 1852. (See no. 437.) 
V. Riley C, b. 19 June, 1855; d. 27 Aug., 1874. 
vi. Helen, b. i June, 1858; d. 25 April, 1S59. 
Vandcr Underwood was a farmer living on the old homestead 
where his father first settled In Cortland county. He was 
familiarly known among his relatives as "Alamander" and 
never by his baptismal name. He d. in 1890 at McGrawville, 
N. Y. 

437. Franklin Underwood of McGrawville, N. Y., (son of 
Vonder 436) b. 19 Nov., 1852, at McGrawville, N. Y.; m. 8 Sept., 
1873, Anne Burns and had children: 

i. Julia, b. 17 March, 1875; m. H. Griffin of East Freetown, 
N, Y., and had one daughter. 

ii. Riley, b. 19 Feb., 1877; lives with his mother at McGraw- 
ville, N. Y. 

P>anklin Underwood was a farmer at McGrawville, N. Y., 
where he d. 5 July, 1878. 

438. Julius Underwood of Franklinvllle, N. Y., (son of Elias 
394) b. in 1785 at Woodstock, Conn.; (?) m. in 1815, Sarah Pitt 
of Onondaga county, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Anna, b. in 1816; d. in 1817, the first death in Cattarau- 
gus county, N. Y. 

ii. Abner, b. 10 June, 1818; unm.; Abner Underwood was 
a sailor from 1836 to 1865 and visited all the principal seaports 
of the world. He d. 19 Jan., 1868, at the Seaman's Retreat, 
New York city. 

iii. Vesta Ann, b. 19 April, 1820; m. 28 Sept., 1842, Abraham 
Miller of Hinsdale, N. Y., and had children: (i) Laurentine Y. 
Miller, b. 9 Dec, 1843; (2) Lorentus Miller, b. 3 April, 1845; 
(3) Henry C. Miller, b. 8 June, 1848; (4) Sarah Helen Miller, b. 
15 June, 1852; (5) Vesta Miller, b. 3 June, 1856. 


Julius Underwood was carried with his parents from Wood- 
stock, Conn., to Edmeston, N. Y., in 1787 when a mere child; 
later he took up land in Cattaraugus county, being one of the 
first settlers in that region. He was a great hunter and left 
home in February, 1821, traveling over Ohio and Michigan where 
he d. in 1822 in a hunter's camp near the river Raisin. 

439. Harmon Underwood of Crown Point, Ind., (son of Elias 
394) b. 5 May, 1792, at Edmeston, N. Y.; m. 3 Nov., 1813, Mary 
Mather and had children: 

i. Julius, b. 14 July, 1815; d. 11 March, 1839. 

ii. Ruth, b. 14 Dec, 1816; m. 10 March, 1842, Benjamin 
Harper of Crown Point, Ind., and had children: (i) Ellen 

Harper, b. in 1843 ; m. Smith of Ainsworth, Ind, ; (2) Frank 

Harper, h. in 1856. 

iii. John, b. 13 Aug., 1818; unm. John Underwood was a 
writer and published in 1884 a poetical volume entitled "El 
Muza." He was then living at Ellsworth, Kan. 

iv. Ann, b. 30 May, 1820; m. 2 Oct., 1861, James Burge of 
Crown Point, Ind., and had one daughter, Minnie Burge, b. in 
1862; m. Holmes of Crown Point, Ind. 

v. Mary, b. 20 June, 1822; m. 22 Sept., 1844, C. W. Harper 
of Crown Point, Ind., and had one daughter, Mayvorite Harper, 
b. in 1846; m. Castle of Hobart, Ind. 

vi. Harmon, b. 19 May, 1825. (See no. 440.) 

vii. Daniel, b. 5 June, 1827. (See no. 441.) 

viii. Malvina H., b. 31 March, 1832; m. 18 March, 1858, 

David H. Joy of Ellsworth, Kan., and had one son, John C. Joy, 

b. in 1859, lives at Ellsworth, Kan. Malvina Underwood Joy 

resided at Ellsworth, Kan., with her brother, John Underwood. 

ix. Catharine L., b. 6 May, 1835; m. in Jan., 1856, Dr. 
H. D. Palmer of Crown Point, Ind., and had children: (i) Hattie 
Palmer, b. in 1862; (2) Alice Palmer, b. in 1863; (3) William 
Palmer, b. in 1867. 


Harmon Underwood was a farmer at Crown Point, Ind. He 
d. 5 Feb., 1873. ^^ account of his family is given in " History 
of Lake county, Indiana." 

440. Harmon Underwood of Crown Point, Ind., (son of Har- 
mon 439) b. 19 May, 1825; m. 12 Feb., 1863, Esther Lathrop and 
had children: 

i. S\xviA, b. in 1864. 
ii. Ruby, b. in 1867. 
iii. Norman, b. in 1869, 
iv, Harmon, b. in 1872. 
Harmon Underwood was a farmer at Crown Point, Ind., where 
he d. 20 Aug., 1878. His family continued to reside at that 
place after his death. 

441. Daniel Underv/ood of Crown Point, Ind., (son of Harmon 
439) b. 5 June, 1827; m, 9 Nov., 1854, Sybil Huntley and had 

i. Mary, b. in 1855; m. J. Castle of Merrillsville, Ind. 

ii. Emma, b. in 1858; m. D. Vincent of Crown Point, Ind. 
iii. Flora, b. in 1861 ; m. C. Vincent of Crown Point, Ind. 
iv. Clara, b. in 1863. 

V, Frank, b. in 1865. 
vi. Jessie, b. in 1873. 
Daniel Underwood is a farmer at Crown Point, Lake Co., Ind. 

442. Elisha Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Nehemiah 
295) b. 5 Nov., 1753, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 25 April, 1775, 
Abigail Chaffee, dau. of James and Rhoda (Cady) Chaffee of 
Woodstock, Conn.,* and had children: 

i. Uriel, b. 26 July, 1775. (See no. 443.) 
ii. Alpheus, b. in 1777. (See no. 444.) 
iii. Elisha, b. 31 Jan., 1779. (See no. 456.) 

* James Chaffee, father of Mrs. Elisha Underwood, afterwards lived in Wales 
and Monjon, Mass. He was twice married and had twenty-one children by his 
first wife and ten by his second, Rhoda Cady. 


iv. Walter, b. 3 Oct., 1780. (See no. 457.) 

V. Nancy, b. ; m. Green of Wales, Mass., and 

had one son: Channcey Green, b. in 1811; of Wales and Brim- 
field, Mass.; d. 21 Dec., 1871, a. 60. 

vi. Calvin, b. 23 Aug., 1784. (See no. 467.) 
vii. Levi, b. in 1788. (See no. 474.) 
viii. Asa, b. 23 March, 1792. (See no. 475.) 
ix. Chester, b. i April, 1796. (See no. 481.) 

X. Polly, b. ; m. James Rogers and had children: (i) 

Abigail Rogers, h. ; m. John Taylor; (2) Chloe Rogers, h 

; m, Sylvester Clark; (3) Mary Rogers, h. ; m. 

Jennings; (4) Nancy Rogers, b. ; m. Jennings. 

Elisha Underwood lived in Woodstock, Conn., where some 
of his children were born, and rem. to Wales, Mass., in 1796 
according to the local historian of the latter town who adds these 
words regarding him: "his place lay in the border of this town, 
partly in Monson, and half a mile south of the South Road. 
Upon him virtue did distill as the dew drops, the rain of peace and 
quiet." He d. in Wales, Mass., in 1809. 

In the settlement of his estate 6 March, 1810, he is said to be 
of South Brim field. His son Uriel was appointed administrator 
and C>TUs Munger was made guardian to the two youngest 
children, Asa and Polly. The inventory included: 

The home lot with the buildings $2102 

Also the mill lot 400 

The Roger 330 

Also the wood lot 168 

Half a pew in the meeting house 30 

Half a pew in the gallery 10 


Personal estate 831.22 

Total 3871.22 

The widow received one third and each of the ten children one 
tenth of the remainder. Abigail ChafTee Underwood d. aged 
over 90 years. 


443. Uriel Underwood of , (son of EUsha 442) b. 26 July, 

I775» at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 25 Nov., 1802, Susanna Nelson 
and had children born at Monson, Mass.: 
i. Lyman, b. 16 Nov., 1806. 
ii. Levi, b. 5 Oct., 1808; d. 14 April, 1S09. 
iii. Polly, b. 23 March, iSio. 
iv. Anna, b. 22 Jan., 181 1. 
From various correspondents it appears that he may also 
have had : 

V. Elbridge, b. . 

vi. Nancy, b. . 

vii. Minerva, b. ; m. Clark.? 

Uriel Underwood lived at Monson, Mass., during the period 
while the first four children were born. According to the 
historian of Wales, Mass., he lived in Wales, IMass., during 1 810 
and 1811 and afterwards rem. to Vermont. The Wales historian 
also added: "He was unrenowned for any qualities innately or 
acquiredly possessed." All trace of the family is now lost. 

444. AJpheus Underwood of Brimfield, Portage Co., Ohio, (son 

of EUsha 442) b. in 1777 at Wales (?), Mass.; m. Mary, dau. of 

William and Rebecca (Moulton) Walbrldge, and had children: 

i. Lybia, b. 14 Nov., 1799. (See no. 445.) 

ii. Pamela, b. 26 Sept., 1801, at Wales, Mass.; m. 2 Sept., 

1819, Ebenezer Allen Palmer of Ravenna (?), Ohio, and had 

children: (i) Allen Palmer, b. ; (2) Albert Pahner, b. ; 

(3) Alphcus Pahner, b. ; (4) Dudley Palmer, b. ; (5) 

Marcia Palmer, b. ; (6) Vashti Palmer, b. ; (7) Elvira 

Palmer, b. ; (8) Minen'a Palmer, h. . The family 

afterwards rem. to Andrew Jackson county, Iowa. 

iii. Martia, b. 24 April, 1805, at Monson, Mass.; m. 17 
Sept., 1828, Frederick Williams of Ravenna, Ohio, and had four 
children: (i) Anyiis Williams, b. 3 Aug., 1829; m. R. H. Newton; 
(2) Afary Williams, h. 23 May, 1831; unm.; d. 29 Sept., 1901; 


(3) Augustus Williams, b, 15 April, 1836, Major in 42nd Ohio Vol. 
Infantry during the Civil War;* unm.; d. 25 July, 1862; (4) 
Martia Sophia VviUiams,] b. 9 Nov., 1840, at Shalersville, Ohio; 
m. 10 Nov., 1864, Capt. Charles Eugene Henry of Bainbridge, 
Ohio. Martia Underwood Williams d. 18 Aug., 1882, in Raven- 
na, Ohio. 

iv. Freeman N., b. 3 Dec, 1808. (See no. 450.) 
v. Albert, b. 13 Nov., 18 10. (See no. 451-) 
vi. Elvira, b. 21 July, 1812, at Monson, Mass.; m. 18 Oct., 
1832, Henr^' C. Chapman of Ravenna (?), Ohio, and had children: 

(i) Elatn Chapman, b. ; d. in service during the Civil War; 

(2) Selah Chapman, b. ; lives in Kent, Ohio; (3) Jeannette 

Chapman, b. ; m. Sawyer of Brimfield, Ohio; (4) 

Thirzah Chapman, b. ; lives in Kent, Ohio; (5) Pamela 

Chapman, h. ; d. v/hen a young girl. Elvira Underwood 

Chapman d. 11 Oct., 1S54. 

vii. Elam, b. 26 May, 1814. (See no. 455.) 
Alpheus Underwood resided in Wales, Mass., with his father 
from 1796 to 1802, then rem. to Monson, Mass., where five 

* He led Col. (afterward President) Garfield's troops in the triumphant assault 
on Humphrey Marshall's stronghold at Middle Creek. General Garfield said of 
him at a reunion of the 426 Regt. (Garfield's own regiment), that he was the twin 
brother of his soul. 

t The compiler is greatly indebted to Judge Frederick A. Henry of Cleveland, 
Ohio, eldest son of Martia Sophia Vv^illiams, for a large amount of information 
which has unraveled the history of the Ohio sub-branch of the Woodstock Under- 
woods. The following interesting note of his grandparents occurs in one of Judge 
Henry's letters: "My grandmother, Marcia (oftener Martia) Under^rood, fre- 
quently entertained in her home Gen. James A. Garfield, who v/as the intimate 
friend of her son, Augustus (Frederick Augustus). Her husband, Frederick Will- 
iams, was one of the founders of Hiram College, and was county treasurer of Portage 
county, 1832-1840. He was president of the Board of Trustees of the Western 
Reserve Eclectic Institute (which in 1S67 became Hiram College) when Garfield 
applied to the board in session for the opportunity to build fires and sweep the 
floors of the institution for his tuition. Later they became to Mr. Garfield ' Uncle 
Fred' and 'Aunt Martia.' They were prominent among the earliest followers of 
the movement begun by Alexander Campbell which took form as 'The Disciples 
of Christ.' " Although modestly calling himself an "amateur" genealogist, Judge 
Henry has prepared a fine record of the Henry Family (Cleveland, 1905). 


of his children were born; finally in 1817 he settled in Brimfield, 
Portage Co., Ohio. After the death of his first wife he m. (2) 
Mrs. Drusilla Burnett. Alpheus Underwood d. at Brimfield, 
Ohio, and his widow, Drusilla Underwood, m. 23 Sept., 1834, 
Abner Reed of Rootstown, Ohio. The quaint historian of Wales, 
Mass., who knew him in his youth set this unequivocal statement 
against his name: "As matter of no indisputableness he was no 
rebel against morality." 

445. Lybia Underwood of Brimfield, Ohio, (son of Alpheus 
444) b. 14 Nov., 1799, at Wales, Mass.; m. JuHa Minard, dau. of 
Champlin Minard, and had eight children: 

i. Mary Ann, b. 10 July, 1821; m. 27 Oct., 1842, Harvey 
E. Hunt of Ohio. Mary Ann Hunt d. in March, 1880. 

ii. Jlxiaette, b. 13 Dec, 1822; m. 26 Oct., 1843, Charles 

iii. William P., b. 12 Dec, 1825. (See no. 446.) 
iv. Alpheus H., b. 22 Sept., 1827. (See no. 447.) 

V. Per-Melia, b. ; m. 20 Aug., 1848, Constant H. 

Chapman of Brimfield, Ohio, and had: Morris S. Chapman, b. 
14 April, 1850, and perhaps others. 

vi. Elam, b. 6 March, 1833. (See no. 448.) 
vii. Bruce, b. 18 May, 1839. (See no. 449.) 

viii. Lybia Walbridge, b. . 

After the death of Julia Minard Underwood, Lybia Underwood 
m. (2) Mrs. Ruth E. Baldwin (ne^ Minard) ; he m. (3) 23 Aug., 
1862, Maria Edson, and had one daughter. 

ix. PERiiiLA, b. 30 July, 1865; m. 10 Aug., 1881, Charles 
Maloy and had children: (i) Maud M. Malay, b. 24 March, 
1882; (2) Carl L. Maloy, b. 4 March, 1886; (3) Marie L. Maloy, 
b. 21 June, 1895. 

Lybia Underwood settled in Brimfield, Ohio, with his father 
in 1 817, and was married soon after he became of age. He was 
a prominent citizen of Brimfield and served as justice of the 
peace for many years. He d. 25 Oct., 1877, at Brimfield, Ohio. 
Maria Edson Underwood d. 6 May, 1901. 


446. William P. Underwood of Brimfield, Ohio, (son of Lybia 
445) b. 12 Dec, 1S25; m. 18 Aug., 1848, Eleanor McMeans, and 
had one son: 

i. Lybia Walbridge, b. 30 May, 1850; m. ; lives at 

Ravenna, Ohio. 

William P. Undenvood was a farmer and lumberman of Brim- 
field, Ohio, where he d. 16 April, 1897. 

447. AlpheusH. Underv/ood of Brimfield, Ohio, (son of Lybia 
445) b. 22 Sept., 1827, at Brimfield, Ohio; m. 16 May, 1854, 
Perces C. Huntley, dau. of Rufus and Martha (Caris) Huntley 
of Brimfield, Ohio, and had two children: 

i. Harmon E., b. 11 Nov., 1855; d. 10 June, 1862. 
ii. Vernon E., b. 15 Nov., 1859; d. 29 July, 1892. 
Alpheus H. Underwood is a farmer at Brimfield, Ohio, and 
has held various township offices including that of township 
trustee for three terms. In politics he is a Democrat. 

448. Elam Underwood of Brimfield, Ohio, (son of Lybia 445) 
b. 6 March, 1833; m. 25 Nov., 1855, Emeline R. Minard, and 
had one son : 

i. Emerson Oscar, b. 5 Sept., 1859, 
Elam Underwood is a farmer and lumberman of Brimfield, 
Ohio, where he is now (1907) living. 

449. Bruce Underwood of Ravenna, Ohio, (son of Lybia 445) 
b. 18 May, 1839; m. 29 Oct., 1861, Elizabeth A. Huntley, and 
had no children. He is a farmer and salesman living at P.avenna, 
Ohio (1910). 

450. Freeman N. Underwood of Kent, Ohio, (son of Alpheiis 
444) b. 3 Dec, 1808, at Monson, Mass.; m. 5 Dec, 1830, Amelia 
M. Lincoln, b. 20 Dec, 1811, at Waterford, Me., and had three 

i. Mary L, b. 18 Dec, 1832; m. 25 Sept., 1853, Edward A. 
Parsons of Kent, Ohio; no children. Mary Underwood Parsons 
d. I Sept., 1905.* 

* In this famUy were two foster children: (i) Effie Smith (Mrs. J. B. Miller) 
and (2) Harry P. Blake. 


ii, SmiNER L., b. 19 June, 1840; d. 25 July, 1842. 
iii. Alice A., b. 25 June, 1843; m. 2 Sept., 1872, Fred Foote 
of Kent, Ohio, and had children: (i) Ernst U. Foote, b. 10 April, 
1875; (2) Mary L. Foote, h. 13 Sept., 1878; graduated at Buchtel 
College, class of 1899; m. 4 Oct., 1905, G. F. Elgin; (3) Carl F. 
Foote, b. 16 Dec, 1882. Fred Foote d. in Kent, Ohio, 13 Aug., 
1906, ae. 70 yrs. 

Freeman Underwood was a farmer living in Brinifield "north 
from the Corners," 18 17-1866; afterwards he rem. to Kent, 
Ohio, where he d. 12 April, 1879. His widow d. 5 Dec, 1895. 

451. Albert Underwood of Ravenna, Ohio, (son of Aiphcus 
444) b. 13 Nov., 1810, at Monson, Mass.; m. 14 Jan., 1834, Susan 
Moulton, dau. of Harrison Moulton, and had children: 

i. Ellen Maria (twin), b. 21 April, 1836; m. 11 March, 
1858, Durand C, Hall, b. 17 June, 1834, aftenvards of Farming- 
ton, Kan., and had five children: (i) hiez Maria Hall, b. 31 Dec, 
1858; m. Byron C. Achenbach; (2) Albert Scott Hall, b. 24 June, 
1861 ; m. Anna V. Sparks; (3) John Herbert Hall, b. 2 July, 1863; 
d. 18 Oct., 1865; (4) Herbert Durand Hall, b. ii April, 1866; m. 
Bertha P. Bryant; (5) Mary Ellen Hall, b. 6 Feb., 1870; m. 
Edward R. Stacey. Ellen Underwood Hall d. 9 Sept., 1871. 
Durand C. Hall d. 27 May, 1900. 

ii. Alpheus Hugh (twin), b. 21 April, 1836. (See no. 452.) 

After the death of his first wife, Albert Underwood m. (2) 18 
March, 1838, Maria Moulton, b. 25 Aug., 1821, sister of his first 
wife, and had children: 

iii. Susan Lavina, b. 2 April, 1839; m. 12 April, i860, 
Warren J. Stillwell of Brimfield, Ohio, and had children: (i) 
Verner S. Stillwell, b. 30 May, 1861; d. 28 Sept., 1865; (2) 
Clarence W. Stillwell, b. 25 Sept., 1862; d. 27 Sept., 1865. After 
the death of her first husband, Susan Underwood Stillwell m. (2) 
29 April, 1868, W. M. Griswold of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and 
had children: (3) Claretice W. Griswold, b. 1 1 Nov., 1871; and 
(4) Ellen Maria Griswold, b. 14 May, 1874. The family is now 
living at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 


iv. Frederick Erasmus, b. 15 July, 1841. (See no. 454.) 

V. Freeman Wallbridge, b. 7 Feb., 1843; d. 17 Jan., 1844. 

vi, Marshall Austin, b. 17 Sept., 1844; d. 11 Feb., 1845. 
vii. Adeline Sophia, b. 20 Aug., 1846; m. L. L. Bodelle of 
Osage City, Kan., and had children. Adeline Underwood 
Bodelle d. 31 Oct., 1885. 

viii. Mary Josephine, b. 22 May, 1849; d. 11 June, 1862. 

ix. Freeman Sumner, b. 22 Sept., 1S57; d. 17 March, 1881. 
A young man of exceptional promise, greatly beloved by his 
friends and companions. A member of numerous literary and 
social clubs. At the time of his death he was teller of the Second 
National Bank of Ravenna. 

X. Wyles Moulton, b. 13 Oct., 1863; d. 22 Sept., 1865. 
Albert Underwood moved with his parents to Brimfield, Ohio, 
in 1817. Later he learned the trade of cabinet maker but most 
of the time was a farmer and lived at Shalersville, Ohio, where 
he was superintendent of the Portage county Infirmary. In 
1872 he rem. to Ravenna, Ohio. The last two years of his life 
he lived at London, Ohio. Mr. Underwood was a man of public 
spirit, held several offices of trust in his town, was a member of the 
local militia and for seven years was captain of a company. He 
was a life-long member of the Disciples church in which he was 
for many years an elder. He was a strong anti-slavery advocate, 
and was one of the old Liberty party when only thirteen votes 
were cast for its candidate in Portage county. He was foremost 
in the Free Soil organization and gave time and means for its 
development. He d. 15 Nov., 1881. The Ravenna papers said 
of him: "Mr. Underwood was one of the most amiable of men, 
and kindly in all his relations with his fellow citizens. His many 
years were usefully spent, and his daily endeavor was to perform 
his duty to God and man with singleness of purpose and reliant 
faith. His generosity to those in need and affliction was limited 
only by his physical and pecuniary ability to assist those about 
him whose situation appealed to his free-heartedness." After 
the death of her husband, Maria Moulton Underwood went to 


live with her daughter, Mrs. W. M, Griswold, at Cuyahoga Falls, 
Summit Co., Ohio, where she d. 7 March, 1891. 

452. Alpheus Hug-h Underwood of London, Ohio, (son of 
Albert 451) b. 21 April, 1836, at Ravenna, Ohio; m. 21 Sept., 
1864, Hannah D. Ruton, dau. of David Ruton of Mechanicsberg, 
Ohio, and had two sons: 

i. Eber GiA', b, 3 Jan., 1867; unm.?; was graduated from 
Columbian Law School, Washington, D. C, and settled in the 
practice of his profession in London, Ohio. He is well knov/n as 
a speaker in political campaigns. 

ii. Frederick RutOxN', b. 23 Oct., 1870. (See no. 453.) 
Alpheus H. Underwood enlisted in Co. B, 4th Ohio \ol. 
Cavalrj', 18 Sept., 1861, and served eighteen months in the 
Civil War, and was honorably discharged on account of dis- 
abilities incurred during ser\ice. He was graduated horn the 
College of Medicine and Surgery at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1865, 
and commenced practice in South Charleston, Ohio, but rem. 
to London, Ohio, in Feb., 1866. "As a citizen, he was well 
informed and liberal minded and had the esteem of a wide circle 
of friends." He d. 2 Sept., 1890. 

453. Frederick Ruton Underwood of Seattle, Wash., (son of 
Alpheus 452) b. 23 Oct., 1870, at London, Ohio; m. 4 Aug., 1896, 
Marie Coleman of Bloomington, 111., and had one son: 

i. Hugh Coleman, b. 17 Aug., 1898. 
Frederick R. Under^'ood was graduated from the Columbian 
Medical College of Washington, D. C, and served three years 
(1900-1903) as Assistant U. S. Surgeon in the Philippines. He 
afterwards commenced the practice of his profession in Seattle, 

454. Frederick Erasmus Underwood of Meadville, Pa., (son of 
Albert 451) b. 15 July, 1841, at Shalersville; m. Sophia Leopold, 
and had children : 

i. Alice, b. ; m. Wirtz of Connantville, Pa. 

ii. Ida, b. ; m, Blixley of Erie, Pa. 


iii. Clarence F., b. in 1871. (See no. 454a.) 
iv. Belle, b. . 

Frederick E. Underwood was a soldier during the Civil War 
in Co. A, 42nd Ohio Vol. Infantry, returning home before the 
close of the war on account of disability. He d. in July, 1889. 

454c. Clarence F. Underwood (son of FrcrfenV^ 454), b. i2Sept., 
1871 ; m. 10 July, 1897, Grace Gilbert Curtis and had children: 
i. Valerie Beatrice, b. 22 Dec, 1898. 

Grace Curtis Underwood d. 5 Feb., 1899. Clarence F. Under- 
wood m. (2) 23 Feb., 1905, Katharine Spotswood Whitehead of 
Erie, Pa., and had children: 

ii. Clarence Frederick, Jr., b. 5 May, 1911. 

Clarence F. Underwood is an artist well and favorably known; 
he v/as educated at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., at the Art 
Student's League in New York, and at Julien's Academy at Paris. 
His masters were Constand and Jean Paul Laurens and Bougue- 
reau. He has executed illustrations for the Century, Studio, Har- 
pers, McClure's, and other publications in New York and London. 
He is staff artist of the New York Press, with residence at New 
York, portrait. 

455. Elam Underwood of Brimfield, Ohio, (son of Alpheus 
444) b. 26 May, 1814, at Monson, Mass.; m. 12 Nov., 1835, 
Lydia E. Bradley of Brimfield, Ohio, and had children: 

i. Marcia E., b. 7 Feb., 1837, at Brimfield, Ohio; m. 20 Oct., 
1856, Asbury H. Saunders of Springfield, 111., b. 7 Nov., 1828, 
and had children: (i) Helen Saujiders, b. 2 June, 1863; m. 23 
Sept., 1886, Ralph W. Haynes,* attorney-at-law of Springfield, 111. 

Elam Underwood d. in 1836. His widow, Lydia Bradley Under- 
wood, m. (2) 4 Feb., 1840, William London of Brimfield?, Ohio. 

456. Elisha Underwood of Herkimer county, N. Y., (son of 

Elisha 442) b. 31 Jan., 1779, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. April, 1806, 

ElthaTownsend, "probably of Stafford, Conn." and had children: 

i. Annis, b. ; lived at Little Falls, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

* Three children have been born in this family: (r) Asbury Saunders Haynes, 
b. 9 Oct.. 1888; (2) Ralph W. Haynes, b. 20 July. 1891; (3) Helen M. Haynes. b. 
14 Nov., 1895. 

'^^'r^^-' ",'; -i W ift.;iiiW*i>i^nS ftV iWt{«riA>^\ri-Tl^fi7f%ifi^a^W-'tfi';nii;i' 

JC5^^^ c- .-^C.^X'^/ /^^c^*^,-,,^-^ 



ii. LORICA, b. . 

iii. Almira, b. . 

iv. Elisha, b. . 

Elisha Undenvood lived in Wales, Mass., until his marriage; 
he then settled in Herkimer county, N. Y, Nothing further is 
known of this family. ^ 

457. Walter Underwood of Linden, Genesee Co., N. Y., (son 
of Elisha 442) b. 3 Oct., 1780, at Wales, Mass.; m. Lorana 
Nelson and had children: 

i. Chester, b. . (See no. 458.) 

ii. Ann, b. ; m. Osro Gardner of Maquoto, III., and 

had children: (i) Phorneno Gardner; (2) Edgar Gardner; (3) 

Oscar Gardner; (4) Charles Gardner; unm.; d. ; (5) Olive 

Gardner; m. Wade; d. without issue. 

iii. Reuben, b. ; unm.; d. . 

iv. Nelson, b. . (See no. 459.) 

V. Charles, b. in 1820; d. 15 Oct., 1841. 
vi. Almon, b. 2 March, 1821. (See no. 461.) 
vii. Walter, b. i March, 1825. (See no. 464.) 

viii. Orange, b. ; unm.; d. . 

ix. Susan, b. 23 June, 1831 ; m. 2 Oct., 1853, William Taggart 
of Whitesville, N. Y., and had children: (i) Alice R. Taggart, 
b. 10 Aug., 1856, at Whitesville, N. Y.; d. 7 March, 1875; (2) 
Kate L. Taggart, b. 10 Jan., 1857; d. i Dec, 1861; (3) Reuben 
W. Taggart, b. 20 June, 1859; d. 9 Jan., 1876; (4) Anna R. 
Taggart, b. 29 July, 1865;* (5) Belle S. Taggart, b. i Jan., 1867;! 
(6) Mertie E. Taggart, b. 14 Oct., 1873; d. 27 Jan., 1882. Susan 
Undersvood Taggart d. 7 Aug., 1889. 

Walter Underwood settled in Linden, Genesee Co., N. Y., in 
1810 where he was a farmer. He d. 21 Jan., 1835, at Linden, N. Y. 

♦Anna R. Taggart m. 19 Dec, 1885, Miles A. Black and had three children: 
(i) Alice B. Black, b. 20 June, 1891; m. 21 July, 1907, Lewis Heysham; (2) Leon 
E. Black, b. 7 Aug.. 1894; (3) Ward M. Black, b. 31 March. 1S97. 

t Belle S. Taggart m. 19 Oct., 1892, Edgar T. Place and had two children: 
(i) Stella A. Place, b. 9 Sept., 1893; (2) Lynford E. Place, b. 21 Sept., 1895. Belle 
Taggart Place d. 11 April, 1896. 


458. Chester Underwood of , Wisconsin, (son of Walter 

457) t>. ; m. Sally and had two children: 

i. Charles, b. in 1852; d. about 1862. 

ii. SoPHRONiA, b. about 1854; m- and resides in 

Chicago, 111. 

459. Kelson Underwood of Whitesville, N. Y., (son of Walter 

457) b. at Attica, N. Y,; m. Mary Gardner and had two 

children : 

i. Charles H., b. 24 Oct., 1853. (See no. 460.) 
ii. Carrie, b. during the Civil War and d. aged 8 years. 
Nelson Underwood was a soldier in the Civil War; served 
three years, was honorably discharged and drew a pension. He 
d. in 1887 at Saratoga, Kan. 

460. Charles H. Underwood of (son of Nelson 459) b. 24 

Oct., 1853, at Whitesville, Steuben Co., N. Y.; m. 22 March, 
1876, Susie S. Graves and had children: 

i. Carrie E., b. 29 Dec, 1876, at Whitesville, N. Y; m. 24 
Dec, 1894, Lester H. Saxton and has one child: (i) Clair 0. 
Saxton, b. 24 April, 1897. 

ii. Orange Nelson, b. 2 May, 1884, at Duke Center, Pa.; 
m. 24 Oct., 1909, Edyth Susan Barney. 

461. Almon Underwood of Kaneville, 111., (son of Walter 457) 
b. 2 March, 1821, at Linden, N. Y.; m. 24 June, 1851, Lucetta 
Smith and had children: 

i. George Ai.mon, b. 25 March, 1852. (See no. 462.) 
ii. Ella May, b. 5 Aug., 1861; m. 16 Sept., 1879, Charles 
Menvin Soper, b. 17 Jan., 1855, at Hamden, N. Y., now clerk of 
district court for Story county, Iowa, and has children: (i) 
Orpha May Soper, h. 15 July, 1882, at Ames, Iowa; d. 23 Sept., 
1884; (2) Beryiice Merwin Soper, b. 20 Oct., 1886, at Ames, Iowa, 
deputy clerk of district court for Story county, Iowa; (3) Donald 
Harvey Soper, b. 19 Aug., 1898; (4) Lester Ames Soper, b. 18 
Dec, 1899; d. 5 Dec, 1900. The family now live at Nevada, 


iii. Charles Elbridge, b. lo Feb., 1866, (See no. 463.) 

iv. Jeannette Azubah, b. 3 Sept., 1870; m. 28 June, 1893, 
Keyes Becker, b. 9 Oct., 1866; d. 24 Feb., 1905, a journalist at 
Denver, Col.; no children. Mrs. Jeannette Underwood Becker 
m. (2) 26 Nov., 1 910, Louis Frederick Eppich. She resides at 
912 E. Fifth Ave., Denver, Col. 

Almon Underwood was a farmer at Kaneville, 111. He was 
athletic, a great horseman, and was very successful. He d. 
10 Dec, 1889. 

462. George Almon Underwood of Ames, Iowa, (son of Ahno7t 
461) b. 25 March, 1852, at Kaneville, 111.; m. 18 Aug., 1875, at 
Madison, Wis., Augusta E. Ames and had children: 

i. Frank A., b. 24 May, 1876; unm.; was corporal in 52nd 
Reg't Iowa Vol. in the Spanish American War. He d. in July, 
191 1, at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 

ii. James Lucian, b. 22 June, 1878; unm. 

iii. Ethel Lynn, b. 21 May, 1880; unm.; is professor of 
stenography and typewriting at Iowa State College, Ames, 

iv. Sadie A., b. 10 Nov., 1883; m. i Jan., 1902, Sidney 
Stevens and had one child: (i) Ethelyn Stevens, b. 20 Oct., 1903- 
Sidney Stevens d. and Sadie m. (2) C. G. Cole, D. V. S., and has 
had one child : (2) Francis Cole, h. . Dr. Cole is a govern- 
ment inspector and superintendent of inspectors in South Omaha, 
Neb. They live at 1624 N. 25th St. but expect to be transferred 
soon to Ames, Iowa. 

v. George Carroll, b. 26 Nov., 1885; unm. 

vi. Jean R., b. 14 Sept., 1887; m. , and has one son: 

(i) John Boyd, b. . Jean R. Underwood graduated from 

the Ames High School and the Iowa State College with the 
degree of D. V. S. and is now (1910) located at Nevada, 

George A. Underwood was graduated from the University of 
Wisconsin in 1875, in the department of law, and has since prac- 
ticed his profession in Ames, Iowa, 


463. Charles Elbridge Underwood of Kaneville, 111., (son of 
Almon 461) b. 10 Feb., 1866; m. Letta Benton and has four 

i. Adra Maud, b. 23 Feb., 1889. 
ii. Royal Almon, b. 8 Aug., 1890. 
iii. Florence Lucetta, b. 22 Nov., 1891. 

iv. Harold, b. . 

Charles E. Underwood lives on the home farm at Kaneville, 
111., formerly occupied by his father. He is a leading citizen, 
a progressive farmer and stockman, and like his father an 
athlete and horseman. His home and farm are equipped with 
the most modern improvements, many of his own invention and 

464. Walter Underwood of Linden, Genesee Co., N. Y., (son 
of Walter 457) b. i March, 1825, at Linden, N. Y.; m. 3 Dec, 
1859, Elvira Brown and had children: 

i. Merritt Walter, b. 15 Sept., 1862. (See no. 465.) 
ii. George Almond, b. 16 Nov., 1865. (See no. 466.) 

iii. Carrie Alice, b. 2 March, 1868; m. 11 April, , 

Ralph M. Hopkins of Urbana, N. Y., and has two children: (i) 
George Walter Hopkins, b. 29 IVIarch, 1903; and (2) Ruth Aerion 
Hopkins, b. 30 April, 1905. This family lives on the old home- 
stead where Walter Underv\'ood (no. 457) settled in 18 10. 

iv. Mary Bell, b. i Oct., 1871; unm.; is a trained nurse. 
She lived at Buffalo, N. Y., from 1896 to 1900 and then in the 
family of Professor B. E. Fernow, first in Ithaca, N. Y., and 
later in Toronto, Canada. She is now living in York, Livingston 
county, N. Y. 

Walter Underwood was a farmer living on the place left by 
his father. He d. ii Feb., 1900, at Linden, N. Y. 

465. Merritt Walter Underwood of Traverse City, Mich., (son 
of Walter 464) b. 15 Sept., 1862, at Linden, N. Y.; m. 27 Aug., 
1891, May Graham; no children. Merritt W. Underwood is a 
very successful lawyer at Traverse City, Mich. 


466. George Almond Underwood of Buffalo, N. Y., (son of 
Walter 464) b. 16 Nov., 1865, at Linden, N. Y.; m. 18 Jan., 1894, 
Flora Smith, dau. of Monroe Smith, and had children: 
i. Fr,\ncis Elvira, b. 15 July, 1895. 
ii. Mildred Eva, b. 4 Jan., 1898. 
iii. Helen Mary, b. 17 March, 1900. 
George A. Underwood is a commission merchant in Buffalo, 
N. Y., residing at 96 Putnam St. 

467. Calvin Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of Elisha 442) 
b. 23 Aug., 1784; m. 15 Aug., 1819, Diantha Burlingame and 
had children: 

i. Sally Ann, b. 7 June, 1820; m. Henry Nesbitt, a farmer 
of Attica, N. Y. ; no children; d. 6 July, 1891. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. 27 July, 1821; m. Leonard Jones, a 
farmer of Johnsonsburg, N, Y.; no children; d. 24 Sept., 1883. 

iii. Laban, b. 19 Oct., 1822; d. 12 Dec, 1840, without issue. 

iv. Laura, b. 26 , 1825; m. in 1843, Lewis Chaddock, a 

farmer of Alexander, Genesee count}', N. Y., and had children: 

(i) A7in Chaddock, h. in 1847; m. Gibson; d. 19 Oct., 1906;* 

(2) Willia;n Chaddock, b. in 1848; m. in 1867, Louise Cook:;t (3) 
Julia Chaddock, b. in 1850; unm.; d. 26 Oct., 1900. 

v. LuciNA, b. 31 Aug., 1828; unm.; d. 16 March, 1857. 

vi. Uriah, b. 4 Dec, 1830. (See no. 468.) 
vii. Juliana, b. 30 Aug., 1834; d. 27 Dec, 1835. 
viii. Horace, b. 11 July, 1836. (See no. 469.) 

ix. Caroline, b. 29 June, 1838; m. 28 Aug., 1859, Freeborn 
W. Andrew, a school teacher, and had children: (i) Calvin II. 
Andrew, b. 5 May, 1864; d. April, 1907. J Freeborn W. Andrew 

* Ann Chaddock Gibson had one daughter, Cora Gibson, who m. Harry Shaw 
of New York and has one son b. about 1908. 

t William Chaddock had five children: (i) Ida Chaddock; (2) Elwin Lewis 
Chaddock; (3) George Chaddock; (4) Frank Chaddock; (5) Ray Chaddock. All are 
married except Ray. 

X Calvin Andrew had five children: (1) Florence May Andrew, b. in Nov., 1S92; 
(2) Henry F. Andrew, b. in May, 1895; (3) Percy Andrew, b. in 1903; (4) Frank 
Andrew, h. in 1905; (5) Carrie Abbie Andrew, b. in 1906. The family resides in 
Bennington, Vt. 


d. 26 Aug., 1864, and Caroline Undenvood Andrew m. (2) 20 
Nov., 1866, Allen Heminway, a high school teacher of Wyoming, 
N. Y., and had children: (2) Florence May Heminway, b. 19 Oct., 

1869; m. Clark, and lives in Pownal, Vt.;* (3) Allen H. 

Heminway, b. 16 July, 1871; m.; no children; conducts a furni- 
ture store in Camden, N. J.; (4) Herbert A. Heminway, b. 26 
Feb., 1875; is an attorney-at-law in Corning, N. Y.;t (5) Perry 
Heminway, b. 15 May, 1880; is superintendent of the Prudential 
Insurance Co., in Camden, N. ].% Allen Heminway d. 12 Dec, 
1884. Caroline Undenvood Heminway is now (1910) living 
with her daughter in Pownal, Vt. 

X. Juliet, b. 18 Jan., 1840; d. i Jan., 1841. 
xi. Monroe, b. 6 Aug., 1843. (See no. 470.) 
Calvin Underwood was a farmer and lived most of his life 
in Attica, Wyoming county, N. Y., where he d. 7 Feb., 1856. 

468. Uriah Underwood of Knoxville, 111., (son of Cahin 467) 
b. 4 Dec, 1830; m. in i860, Elizabeth Dougan of Knoxville, 
111., and had children: 

i. William, b. ; unm.; when last heard from was in 

Seattle, Wash. 

ii. Mary E., b. ; m. Zimmerman, and resides 

somewhere in Illinois. 

Uriah Underwood was a farmer and lived in Knoxville, 111. 
He enlisted from there in the Civil War and served two years. 
Being taken sick he received a furlough home but got only as 
far as Indianapolis, where he died in the hospital, i Aug., 1865. 

469. Horace Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of Calvin 467) 
b. II July, 1836; m. Matilda Eighmy and had one child: 

i. Estella, b. ; m. Francis and had four children: 

(i) Ruth Frayicis, b. about 1893; (2) Allen Francis, h. about 1897; 

♦Florence Heminway Clark has two children: (i) Emma Florence Clark, b. 
in 1897; (2) Allen Darwin Clark, b. in 1901. 

t Herbert A. Heminway has two children: (i) Caroline Ella Heminway, b. in 
1904; (2) Marion Louise Heminway, h. in 1905. 

t Perry Heminway has one child: (i) Hilda May Heminway, b. in 1909. 


(3) Viola Francis, b. about 1901 ; (4) Harold Francis, b. about 
1902. Estella Underwood Francis d. in March, 1905. The 
family live in New York city. 

Horace Undenvood is a farmer of Attica, N. Y. 

470. Mom-oe Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of Calvin 467) 
b. 6 Aug., 1843, at Attica, N. Y.; m. 31 Oct., 1867, Mary Falar 
and had children: 

i. Uriah, b. i Sept., 1868. (See no. 471.) 
ii. William Henry, b. i Sept., 1870; unm.; d. 3 May, 1896. 
iii. Calvin Freeborn, b. 25 April, 1873. (See no. 472.) 
iv. Arthur, b. 21 Oct., 1875. (See no. 473.) 
V. Eliza, b. 24 Feb., 1878; m. i Feb., 1900, Joseph Michels 
and has one child: Mildred, b. in 1905. She resides in Attica, 
N. Y. 

Monroe Underwood was a farmer at Attica, N. Y., where he 
d. 3 Jan., 1908. His widow is now (1910) living at Attica, N. Y. 

471. Uriah Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of Monroe 470) b. 
I Sept., 1868; m. 7Feb., 1894, May Myers and has three children: 

i. Roy William, b. about 1896. 
ii. Robert Arthur, b. about 1899. 
iii. Florence May, b. about 1902. 

472. Calvin Freeborn Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of 
Monroe 470) b. 25 April, 1873; m. 26 Sept., 1899, Mary Stone- 
house and has one son : 

i. Carl Joseph, b. about 1901. 

473- Arthur Underwood of Attica, N. Y., (son of Monroe 470) 
b. 21 Oct., 1875; m- 22 Feb., 1900, Freida Slanker and has one 

i. Ethel Clara, b. about 1905. 

474. Levi Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Elisha 442) b. 
in 1788, at Wales, Mass.; m. Olive Green, dau. of Reuben and 
Rachel (Squier) Green of Wales, Mass., and had two children: 
i. Harriet, b. 14 Oct., 1821. (No descendants.) 


ii. Levi, b. 8 Nov., 1824; d. in childhood "a year or two 
after his father, by the faHing upon him of a cart-body left near 
the house in a careless and dangerous position." 

Levi Underwood was a farmer at Wales, Mass., where he d. 
17 Nov., 1826, ffi. 38. The historian of Wales spoke of him as 
"an industrious unoffending well-disposed man" and thus de- 
scribes the disease of which he died which presumably gave the 
tradition in the family of an "Underwood disease" as it was 
said to be hereditary. "His death came in the following unusual 
manner. A sort of paralysis or deadness commenced in the tips 
of his fingers upon one of his hands; this gradually and slowly 
increased progressing into and through the hand, arm, shoulder 
and side of the body to the vitals, whereupon death ensued. As 
soon and as fast as the parts became thus eflfected (sic) they 
became entirely lifeless. A few weeks intervened between the 
commencement and fatal termination of the disease." Olive 
Green Underwood m. (2) 20 Oct., 1833, Deacon James Stewart 
of Wales, Mass., afterwards of Stafford, Conn., where she d. 21 
Nov., 1844, ». 55. 

475. Asa Underwood of Wales, Mass., (son of Elisha 442) b. 
23 March, 1792, at Woodstock (?), Conn.; m. 30 May, 1815, 
Ruth Green, a dau. of Reuben and Rachel (Squier) Green of 
Wales, Mass.,* and had children: 

i. LoviSA, b. 17 Oct., 1815; m. 20 Dec, 1837, Thomas Jenks 
of Palmer, Mass. She d. in 1847. 

ii. LoviNA, b. 28 May, 1817; m. (intention recorded 12 Oct., 
1836, at Palmer, Mass.) Rufus Smith of Hadley, Mass. 
ili. Reuben Green, b. 29 April, 1819. (See no. 476.) 
iv. Alpheus, b. 18 May, 1821. (See no. 477.) 
v. Porter, b. 18 June, 1823. (See no. 479.) 
vi. William Earl, b. 9 April, 1825. 

* Ruth Green was sister of Olive Green who married Levi Under\vood, brother 
of Asa. She is described by the Wales historian as stout of person and strikingly 
in contrast with her sister Olive who was lean and tall. 


vii. AsENATH, b. I Feb., 1828; d, 11 Aug., 1844. 

viii. Francis Henry, b. 22 July, 1830. 
ix. Lyman, b. 28 Feb., 1834. 

Asa Underwood was a farmer at Wales, Mass., where he Hved 
until about 1830; he then rem. to Monson where his two youngest 
sons were born ; afterwards he rem. to Palmer, Mass., where he d. 

. The historian of Wales, Mass., speaks of him as a "fair 

honest man" and says that he died of a disease "inheritable, as 
it is said to have had an ancestral existence in the Underwood 
family." (Cf. account under his brother, Levi Underwood, no. 

476. Reuben Green Underwood of Palmer, Mass., (son of Asa 

475) b. 29 April, 1819, at Wales, Mass.; m. Adaline and 

had one daughter: 

i. LuciNDA, b. 30 Jan., 1843. 
Reuben G. Underwood was a farmer at Palmer, Mass. He 
d. II May, 1846. 

477. Alpheus Underwood of Chicopee, Mass., (son of Asa 475) 
b. 18 May, 1821, at Wales, Mass.; m. in 1839, Eliza Corbett and 
had one son : 

i. CHiVRLES Marcus, b. 17 March, 1840; nothing further 
learned of him. 

Alpheus Underwood m. (2) 15 Oct., 1845, Lucy Maria Holden 
and had one son : 

ii. Walter Scott, b. 16 July, 1854. (See no. 478.) 
Alpheus Underwood was a mill overseer living at Palmer, 
Mass., until 1844 and at Chicopee, Mass., 1844-1883. He d. at 
Chicopee, Mass., 3 July, 1883. 

478. Walter Scott Underwood of North Adams, Mass., (son of 
Alpheus 477) b. 16 July, 1854, at Orange, Mass.; m. 16 Aug., 
1875, Mary E. Wood and had children: 

i. Edith Maria, b. ii March, 1878, at Brattleboro, Vt.; 
m. 3 Oct., 1901, H. A. Lewis. 

ii. Edwin Holden, b. 13 Feb., 1881. 


iii. Ralph Walter, b. 3 Aug., 1889. 
Walter S. Underwood is a merchant dealing in pianos and 
^usic. He has lived at Brattleboro, Vt., 1874-1882 and since 
that time at North Adams, jNIass. 

479. Porter Underwood of Holyoke, Mass., (son of Asa 475) b. 
18 June, 1823, at Wales, Mass.; m. 6 Nov., 1846, Harriet Clapp 
Abell and had one son: 

i. Porter Abell, b. 29 May, 1848. (See no. 480.) 
Harriet Clapp Underwood d. 17 June, 1848, and Porter Under- 
wood m. (2) 19 July, 1866, Mari Jeane Warner and had one 

ii, Mari Louise, b. i Sept., 1874. 
Porter Underwood was a prominent lawyer at Holyoke, Mass., 
and for a time was judge of probate. He d. 30 July, 1890, at 
Holyoke, Mass.* A portrait of Judge Underwood is shown op- 

480. Porter Abell Underwood of Cambridge, Mass., (son of 
Porter ^-jg) h. 29 May, 1848, at Northampton, Mass.; m. 9 Dec, 
1874, Ellen M. Whiting and had one child: 

i. Howard Clapp, b. i May, 1878; d. 14 Feb., 1883. 
Porter A. Underwood is engaged in real estate business at 
Cambridge, Mass. His wife, Ellen Whiting Underwood, d. 18 
May, 1904. 

■ a 

481. Chester Underwood of Genesee county, N. Y., (son of 
Elisha 442) b. i April, 1796, in Wales, Mass.; ni. Theda Trask, 
and had children : 

i. Betsey, b. 20 March, 1812; m. Orson Chamberlain and 

had three children: (i) Edward Chamberlain, h. ; enlisted 

in the Civil War and was killed in the battle of the Wilderness; 

(2) George Chamberlain, h. ; m. , and is living (1910) 

somewhere in Michigan; (3) Lucy Chamberlain, b. ; m. 

Butler. ■ Betsey Underwood after her marriage lived in Michigan, 
where she d. 20 Jan., 1850. 

* The compiler of this record is greatly indebted to Hon. Porter Underwood for 
clues to information relative to this branch of the family. 






ii. LuciNDA, b. 12 Dec, 1813, in Massachusetts; m. 27 Jan., 
1835, in New York, John Chester Townsend and had four children: 
(i) Chester M. Toxcmsend, b. 6 Dec, 1836; m. 2 June, 1866, 
Harriet M. Hill;* (2) Lhmm J. Tonmsend, h. 17 June, 1842: 

m. Dawley and resides in Charles City, Iowa; (3) Jerome 

W. Toivnsend, b. and resides in Witts Springs, Ark.; (4) 

Viola To-ivnsejid , b. 17 Jan., 1852; d. 7 Aug., 1858. John C. 
Townsend was a farmer and after their marriage Lucinda and 
her husband resided in Geneva county, N. Y., for two years, 
then moved to Michigan where they lived for nine years and 
then moved to Illinois. After living here for six years they rem. 
and settled in Charles City, Iowa, in June, 1854, where they 
spent the remainder of their lives. Lucinda Undervvood Town- 
send d. 6 May, 1900, and John C. Townsend d. 6 June, 1904. 
iii. Levi, b. 4 Dec, 1815. (See no. 482.) 
iv. Whitman, b. 29 Nov., 1817. (See no. 489.) 
V. Lucy, b. 8 April, 1820; d. 14 Feb., 1821. 
vi. Lucy, b. i May, 1822; m. in 1847, James Jones and had 
three children: (i) George E. Jones, b. 2 Sept., 1850; m. in Dec, 
1871, Alma S. Kellogg and lives in Rockefeller, Lake Co., Ill.;t 
(2) Eva Clara Jones, b. 26 Jan., 1858; m. 28 April, 1881, at 
Harrington, 111., Charles J. Church, a farmer, and lives in Marion 
Iowa;t (3) Viola Jones, b. i Jan., i860; d. in Oct., i860. James 

* Chester M. Townsend had three children: (i) Schuyler C. To-jmsend, b. 
10 July, 1868; (2) Roland M. Tcrwnsend, b. 26 Aug., 1870; (3) Gertrude V. Townsend, 
b. 2 Sept., 1877. Chester M. Townsend is a farmer and has lived in Charles City, 
Iowa, since 1854. He enlisted in Co. I, 3d Iowa Infantry, and served three years 
in the Civil War, then re-enlisted in Co. H. 2nd U. S. Vol. Vet., and served until 
the close of the war. The family all live in Charles City, Iowa. 

t George E. Jones has three children: (i) Edwin J. Jones, b. 9 April, 1876; 
(2) Viola Lucy Jones, b. 23 July, 1880; (3) Roy Kellogg Jojies, h. 2 Jan., 1883. 

} Eva Clar.a. Jones Church has five children: (i) Clara May Church, h. 9 
June, 1883; (2) Roy Dunham Church, h. 9 Feb., 1885; (3) Guy Jones Church, b. 

16 Nov., 1886; (4) Leo Charles Church, b. 30 June, 1891; (5) Eva Lucy Church, h. 

17 Jan., 1893. For the first eight years after their marriage, Eva and her husband 
lived on a farm in Barrington township. 111., from there they moved to the village 
of Barrington and after a year and a half moved to Elgin, 111. In April, 1893, they 
returned to Barrington on a farm and in November, 1895, moved to Rogers, Iowa, 


Jones was a farmer and the family lived in Hanover, Cook Co., 
111., until his death, 20 Sept., i860. Lucy Undervvood Jones after 
the death of her husband lived near Elgin, 111., and m. (2) 21 
Dec, 1865, E. W. Townsend, a farmer in Barrington township, 
111. There were no children by this marriage. E. W. Townsend 
d. 19 Dec, 1890, and Lucy went to live with her son, George E. 
Jones, in Lake county, 111., where she d. 15 Nov., 1904. 

vii. Hadassa, b. 8 Jan., 1825; m. about 1848, Sam Hammen; 
no children; is said to have died of a broken heart from the 
treatment of her husband. She d. 5 Nov., 1850. 
viii. Sylvester, b. 4 Sept., 1826. (See no. 491.) 

ix. Eveline, b. 23 Oct., 1828; m. Josiah Horn of Elgin, 111., 
and had one child: Lticy Horn, b. in April, 1847; d. in 1865 of 
typhoid fever. Eveline Underwood Horn d. ii April, 1847, 
soon after the birth of her child. 

Chester Underwood was a farmer and moved to New York 
state when young, settling probaby in Genesee county, as his 
daughter Lucinda was living there at the time of her marriage. 
He d. 9 Dec, 1830, of a nerve disease "said to be prevalent among 
the Underwoods." His widow m. (2) A. K, Hubbard and the 
family moved to Illinois and settled on a farm in Hanover town- 
ship, Kane Co. 

482. Levi Underwood of , Wis., (son of Chester 481) b. 

4 Dec, 1815, in Attica, N. Y.; m. 28 March, 1838, Jane Lynn 
Nelson and had children: 

i. Willis Sylvester, b. 7 Jan., 1839; d. 8 Nov., 1845. 
ii. Orvil Nelson, b. 29 March, 1841 ; d. 6 Dec, 1845. 

iii. William Peirce, b. 19 March, 1843. (See no. 483.) 

iv. Levi, b. 18 April, 1845; d. 28 Sept., 1846. 
V. Mary Eliza, b. 9 Dec, 1848; m. 5 Oct., 1884, Stillman 
Fish, now a retired merchant of Wisconsin, and had children: 
(i) Nettie Irene Fish, b. 7 May, 1887; m. 12 June, 1907, Adelbert 
B. Smith; (2) John Tracy Fish, b. 19 Dec, 1888. 

and from there, 30 Sept., 1908, thej^ moved to Marion. Iowa, where they still live 


vi. Grace Everlixe, b. ii Dec, 1849; m. 6 Sept., 1888, 
John M. Nelson, a carpenter and boat builder, and has two 
children: (i) Javies Willis Nelson, h. 26 Oct., 1889; (2) Gertrude 
Nelson, b. 6 Feb., 1891. The family now (1910) live in Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 

vii. Susan Henrietta, b. 18 June, 1851; m. 10 April, 1873, 
Charles Edward Rinus, a farmer, and has five children: (i) 
Mabel Eliza Rinus, b. 17 Sept., 1874; (2) Grace Mary Rinus, h. 7 
Nov., 1878; (3) Maude Estella Rinus, b. 4 July, 1881 ; (4) Edward 
Peter Rinus, b. 28 Dec, 1883; d, 8 Feb., 1902; (5) Hattie Belle 
Rinus, b. 4 Dec, 1886. Susan Underwood Rinus and her 
husband lived for the first four years after marriage near Elgin, 
111., then moved to Missouri and in 1S81 settled near Sibley, 
Iowa, where the family still resides. 

viii. Horace Flint, b. 19 May, 1853. (See no. 484.) 
ix. Leslie Burdick, b. 25 March, 1855. (See no. 485.) 
X. Levi Whitman, b. 2 Feb., 1857. (See no. 486.) 
xi. Chester James, b. 24 Jan., 1859. (See no. 487.) 

xii. WiLLARD Scott, b. 8 June, 1862. (See no. 488.) 

Levi Underwood was born in Attica, N. Y., and at the age of 
fifteen years moved to Illinois where he lived for seven years and 
then settled in Lake Geneva, Wis. He is described as a man 
"of strong personality, strong in his beliefs and of remarkable 
memory." In his youth he believed himself to have been called 
to the ministry, but was deterred by extreme bashfulness. He is 
said to have been a large and handsome man in his old age. He 
was a hardwood lumberman and lived in Lake Geneva, Wis., until 
his death in J^Iarch, 1897. His wife, Jane Nelson Underwood, d. 
in 1880. 

483. William Peirce Underwood of Springfield, Wis., (son of 
Levi 482) b. 19 March, 1843; m. in 1869, Lucy C. Bull and had 
four children: 

i. Jessie May, b. in March, 1870. 
ii. Grace, b. 23 Oct., 1872. 
iii. Mary, b. 17 March, 1876. 


iv. Charles C, b. 26 Sept., 1877. 
William P. Underwood is a farmer. He was born in Wis- 
consin and when twenty-six years old rem. to Iowa where he 
lived for twenty-two years and then moved back again to W^iscon- 
sin and is still living there. He served four years in the Civil 
War, being in Co. C, 22nd Reg't, Wis. Vol. Lucy Bull Under- 
wood d. . 

484. Horace Flint Underwood of Minnesota, (son of Lm482) 

b. 19 May, 1853; m. , and has several children. He is 

said to be living in Medina, Minn., but there is no post office of 
that name in the state. 

485. Leslie Burdick Underwood of Wahoo, Neb., (son of 
Levi 482) b. 25 March, 1855; m. Lucinda Ferguson and had two 
daughters who are thought to be still living. After his marriage, 
Leslie Underwood moved to Nebraska and settled in Wahoo 
where he d. in 1888. His wife d. some years later, 

486. Levi Whitman Underwood of Lake Geneva, Wis,, (son 
of Levi 482) b. in Wisconsin, 2 Feb., 1857; m. 12 Nov., 18S4, 
Mar>' Eliza Fish and had three children: 

i, Viola B., b. 7 July, 1886. 
ii. Inez V., b. 24 Dec, 1890. 
iii. Levi S., b. 7 Oct., 1892. 
Levi W. Underwood is a carpenter and moved first to Nebraska, 
then to California, and finally back to Lake Geneva, Wis. His 
wife d. in 1910 and he is now living in Evanston, 111. 

487. Chester James Underwood of Elgin, 111., (son of Levi 
482) b. at Lake Geneva, Wis., 24 Jan., 1859; m. 18 Dec, 1884, 
Ida May Nelson and has had two children: 

i. Harold P., b. 19 April, 1890. 
ii. Beulah May, b. 19 Sept., 1893. 
Chester J. LTnderwood lived in Lake Geneva, Wis., the first 
twenty-three years of his life, then rem. to Elgin, III., where he 
has since resided and practiced his profession. He is a grad- 
uate of the Chicago College of Dental Surgery and is now (1910) 
president of the Northern Illinois Dental Society. 


488. Willard Scott Underwood of Racine, Wis., (son of Levi 
482) b. 8 June, 1862; m. 18 Oct., 1888, Rosa M. Fish and has 

i. Edith K., b. 4 Aug., 1889. 
ii. Pauline J., b. 24 Sept., 1891. 
iii. Chester L., b. 8 Dec, 1893. 
iv. Isabella K., b. 9 April, 1896; d. 17 April, 1909. 
V. Kenneth S., b. 11 Oct., 1S99. 
vi. Violet G., b. 12 June, 1906. 
Willard S. Underwood is a carpenter and lived in Lake Geneva 
from the time of his marriage until 1899. He then rem. to 
Racine, Wis., where he has since lived. 

489. Whitman Underwood of Elgin, 111., (son of Chester 481) 
b. 29 Nov., 181 7; m. I Jan., 1840, Louisa P. Benham and had 
three children: 

i. Nancy Victoria, b. 18 April, 1842. 
ii. Horace Chester, b. 24 Dec, 1844; d. 31 Jan., 1851. 
iii. Adelbert Permeno, b. 23 July, 1849. (See no. 490.) 
Whitman Underwood was a laborer in a sawmill and lived 
in Elgin, 111., where he d. 24 Sept., 1854. His widow is still 
living (1910). 

490. Adelbert Permeno Underwood of Floyd county, Iowa, 
(son of Whitman 489) b. 23 July, 1849; m. 27 Nov., 1873, 
Julia C. Andrews and has two children: 

i. Eva May, b. 27 Sept., 1876. 
ii. Ina Gay, b. 25 Sept., 1879. 
Adelbert P. Undenvood is a farmer and is now (1910) living 
in Floyd county, Iowa. 

491. Sylvester Underwood of Floyd county, Iowa, (son of 
Chester 481) b. 4 Sept., 1826; m. Louisa Benham Under\vood, 
from whom he was later divorced and m. (2) Mrs. Malissa 
Edwards. He is a farmer in Floyd county, Iowa. 


492. Josiah Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of Nche- 
miuh 295) b. about 1758* at Woodstock, Conn.; m, 21 Oct., 
1783, Mrs. Esther Gage and had children born in Woodstock, 

i. (daughter), b. 22 Feb., 17S4. 
ii. Josiah, b. 17 Nov., 1785. 
iii. Griffin, b. 28 June, 1788. 
iv. Jesse, b. 30 Dec, 1789. 
It is not known whether this list is complete, but no others 
appear on the Woodstock records. Nothing further has been 
learned of this man or of his family. He may have been a 
Revolutionary soldier. (Cf. Josiah, no. 712.) 

493. Lemuel Underwood of New Woodstock, N. Y., (son of 
Nchemiah 295) b. 24 Feb., 1761,! at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 
26 June, 1783, Mrs. Esther Cotes and had children born at 
Woodstock, Conn.: 

i. Lemuel, b. 6 Dec, 1784; d. 19 Jan., 1813, at New Wood- 
stock, N. Y. 

ii. Thomas, b. 7 Nov., 1786; d. at New Woodstock, N. Y. 
iii. Sylvanus, b. 18 May, 1789; d. at New Woodstock, N. Y. 

iv, Esther, b. 21 Dec, 1791; m. Stewart. (?) 

V, AiiRAH, b. 12 Aug., 1794; m. Stewart. (?). 

Lemuel Underwood rem. from Woodstock, Conn., where the 
births of his five children are recorded, to New Woodstock, 
N. Y., about 1800. Here his sons and his first wife died, the 
latter 25 Jan., 18 13. Lemuel Underwood m. (2) Rebecca Bangs 
from Vermont and after her death he m. (3) Susan Parr. Lem- 
uel Underwood d. about 1838 at New Woodstock, N. Y. Susan 
Parr Underwood (better known to the younger generation as 
"Aunt Susie") lived for many years on "Moffett Hill" south 
of New Woodstock, where she d. in 1875. Nothing further is 
known of Lemuel Underwood's two daughters who left New 
Woodstock at an early date. 

* The date is torn and illegible on the Woodstock records. 
t The year is torn from the Woodstock records. 


494. Samuel Underwood of Pomfret, Conn., (son of Nehe- 
miah 295) b. 12 Jan., 1769, at Woodstock, Conn.; m. 26 Jan., 
1791, Susannah Richardson of Dudley, Mass., and had chil- 
dren born in Pomfret: 

i. Polly, b. 9 Jan., 1792; m. James Woodmansee who was 
b. 14 July, 1786, and d. 24 July, 1866, afterwards of Buck- 
ingham Township, Wayne Co., Pa., and had children: (i) 
James M. Woodmansee, b. 9 Jan., 1810; d. 12 April, 1875, at 
Lake Como, Pa.; (2) Jcdcdiah Woodmansee, b. 18 March, 1812; 
d. in 1887, at Preston, Pa.; (3) Samuel Wood^nansec, b. 28 April, 
1814; d. 24 Dec, 1870, in Buckingham Township, Pa.; (4) 
Betsy Woodmansee, b. 29 Dec, 1816; d. 24 Aug., 1828; (5) Carlos 
Woodmansee (twin), b. 23 Oct., 1S18; d. 23 Oct., 1818; (6) Caro- 
line Woodmansee (twin), b. 23 Oct., 1818; d. 23 Oct., 1818; (7) 
Phoebe Woodmansee, b. ii Oct., 1819; d. in 1903, at Niagara, 
Pa.: (8) Lyman Woodmansee, b. 7 Aug., 1821; d. in May, 1S65, 
at Buckingham, Pa.; (9) Amy Susan Woodmansee, b. 12 April, 
1823; d. 10 Dec, 1882, at CHnton, Pa.; (10) Mary Jane Wood- 
mansee, b. 20 Nov., 1825; d. 21 April, 1884, in Preston, Pa.; (11) 
Hulday Woodynansee, b. 9 Aug., 1 827; d. in Dec, 1 901, at Jack- 
son, Pa.; (12) Rhoda Woodmansee, h. 18 June, 1828; d. 29 May, 
1886, at Buckingham, Pa.; (13) Mahala Woodmansee, b. I March, 
1830; d. II May, 1868, in Buckingham, Pa.; (14) Horace Wood- 
mansee, b. 30 April, 1832; now living at Lake Como, Wayne Co., 
Pa. Polly Underwood Woodmansee d. 27 Dec, 1853, at 
Buckingham, Pa. 

ii. Samuel, b. 7 March, 1794. (See no. 495.) 

iii. Susan, b. ; m. Abijah Nichols of Worcester, Mass., 

and had children: (i) Mary Eliza Nichols, b. ; (2) Lavinia 

Nichols, b. ; (3) Jeremiah Nichols, b. . 

iv. Moses, b. 29 Dec, 1799. (See no. 498.) 

V. John, b. . (See no. 505.) 

vi. LuCRETiA, b. 26 April, 1804; m. 28 Jan., 1826, Sylvanus 
Harris of Oxford, Mass., and had children: (i) Ed-min Harris, d. 
in infancy; (2) John Leander Harris, h. ; lives in Webster, 


Mass.; (3) David Nelson Harris, b. ; (4) Jane Harris, b. 

; d. in infancy. Sylvanus Harris, b. 27 July, 1796, was a 

carnage manufacturer at Oxford, Mass., where he d. 14 Sept., 
1879. Lucretia Underwood Harris was Hving at Oxford, Mass., 
in 1884. 

vii. Daniel, b. 13 May, 1806. (See no. 506.) 

viii. Mahala, b. ; m. 20 June, 1832, EHsha Smith of 

Athol, Mass.; no children. 

ix. WiLLARD, b. . (See no. 519.) 

Samuel Underwood was a shoemaker at Pomfret, Conn., where 
he d. After his death his widow, Susannah Richardson Under- 
wood, m. (2) Carpenter and had one daughter: Cynthia 

Carpenter, b. . 

495. Samuel Underwood of Pomfret, Conn., (son of Samuel 
494) b. 7 March, 1794, at Pomfret, Conn.; m. Rhoda Brown who 
was b. 17 April, 1797, and had six children: 

i. Jerome, b. 21 March, 1817. (See no. 496.) 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 31 May, 1821; m. in 1841, Henry S. 
Searles at Pomfret, Conn., and had five children: (i) Henry 
Mortimar Searles, b. 10 Aug., 1842; d. at Worcester, Mass.; (2) 

George Bela Searles, b. 30 Aug., 1844; d. ; (3) Edgar Searles, 

b. I Oct., 1849; d. ; (4) Ellu Searles, b. 19 Oct., 1851 (now 

Mrs. J. B. Chapin of New Haven, Conn.); (5) Frank Searles, h. 
4 July, 1854, lives in Olneyville, R. I, Elizabeth Underwood 
Searles d. at Worcester, Mass. Henry S. Searles, her husband, 
d. also at Worcester. 

iii. Albert, b. 19 Feb., 1825. (See no. 497.) 

iv. Mary, b. 28 April, 1829; unm.; was an invalid much of 
her life; d. i Dec, 1866, at Carbondale, Pa. 

V, Samuel, b. 17 June, 1831; unm.; went to Australia some- 
time during the sixties and was not heard from afterwards by 
his family. 

vi. Charles, b. 9 June, 1833; unm.; d. 24 Sept., 1854. 
Samuel Underwood was a carpenter at Pomfret, Conn., where 
he lived all his life. He d. 5 July, 1862, se. 68. His wife, Rhoda 
Brown Underwood, d. 16 May, 1856. 


496. Jerome Underwood of Pomfret, Conn., (son of Samuel 
495) b. 21 March, 1S17, at Newport, R. I.; m. in 1842, Amanda 
W. Hart of Ber\«ck, Pa., who was b. i Dec, 181 7, and had three 

1. Harriet, b. i Feb., 1844; d. 16 Sept., 1845. 
ii. Carrie, b. 20 Aug., 1S46, at Brooklyn, Conn.; unm.; d. 
30 May, 1889, at Carbondale, Pa. 

iii. Nellie or Helen, b. 26 Jan., 1849, at Brooklyn, Conn.; 
m. Dr. David Lancaster Ross of Pittston, Pa., b. 27 May, 1845 
and has two children: (i) Mahcl Ross, b. 2 April, 1875; lives in 
Pittston, Pa.; and (2) Ada Ross, b. 7 Dec, 1878; lives in 
Pittston, Pa. Dr. David L. Ross d. 15 March, 1905, at Pittston, 
Pa. A letter addressed to Mrs. Ross was returned "unclaimed" 
after much wandering. 

Jerome Underwood was a carpenter and builder at Pomfret, 
Conn., where he lived nearly all his life though he also lived for 
a time at Carbondale and Pittston, Pa., and at Putnam and 
Danielson, Conn. He d. 3 Nov., 1885, at Scotland, Conn. One 
of his cousins said of him: "He was an excellent mechanic, quiet 
and unassuming, yet worthy to be regarded as one of the salt 
of the earth." 

497. Albert Underwood of Danielson, Conn., (son of Samuel 
495) fc>. 19 Feb., 1825, at Pomfret, Conn.; m. in Nov., 1848, 
Marion Isabella Chamberlain of Eastford, Conn., and had 

i. Infant dau. 

ii. Marion Etta, b. 21 Nov., 1851; m. 4 Jan., 1872, Dr. 
George Ivison Ross of Danielson, Conn., and had children: (i) 
Infant son; (2) Margaret Ivison Ross, h. 22 Sept., 1880, at Canter- 
bury, Conn.; (3) Marioyi Etta Ross, h. 17 May, 1S84, at Canter- 
bury, Conn. Marion Etta Underwood Ross d. 30 May, 1884, 
at Canterbury, Conn. 

iii. Albert Beecher, b. 15 Jan., 1856; d. 24 Aug., 1856. 

iv. Emma Lunette, b. 19 Dec, 1858; m. 3 Jan., 1884, John 
Whipple Day of Danielson, Conn., and had two children: (i) 


Albert. Thomas Day, b. 28 Jan., 1886, a printer at Worcester, 
Mass.;* and (2) John Underwood Day, h. 19 Dec, 1890. Emma 
Underwood Day lives at the old home at Danielson, Conn. 

Albert Undenvood was a carpenter and builder at Dayville, 
and Danielson, Conn. He was a loyal, upright man, very 
generous and kind-hearted, liberal and very free in all his dealings. 
In 1883 he fell from a building, breaking a leg and injuring his 
spine in such a manner that he died from the effects of the injury 
live years later, 24 May, 1888. His wife, Marion Isabella 
Chamberlin Underwood, d. 24 Sept., 1894. 

498. Moses Underwood of Tolland, Conn., (son of Samuel 
494) b. 29 Dec, 1799, at Pomfret, Conn.; pi, 8 Nov., 1820, 
Clarissa Harlowe Tourtellotte, who was b. 8 Dec, 1799, at 
Jewett City, Conn., and had children: 

i. Henry, b. 8 Feb., 1822. (See no. 499.) 

ii. Charles, b. 28 Sept., 1824. (See no. 502.) 

iii. Jane, b. 9 March, 1826; m. William B. Tourtellotte of 
Bristol, Conn.; no children. Jane Underwood Tourtellotte d. 
4 March, 1886, at Bristol, Conn. 

iv. John Newton, b. ; unm.; d. in Tolland, Conn., 

when quite young. 

v. Moses, b. . (See no. 504.) 

vi. Clarissa, b. 15 June, 1829; m. 4 March, 1868, at Troy, 
N, Y., Elam S. Hyde of Ellington, Conn., and had children: (i) 

Clara Hyde, b. ; d. at Stafford Springs, Conn.; (2) Jennie 

Undervjood Hyde, b. 20 March, 1871; (3) Charles Henry Hyde, 
b. 2 Aug., 1874; lives in Bristol, Conn. Clarissa Underwood 
Hyde d. 26 June, 1900, at Ellington, Conn. 

vii. L\T)iA, b. 18 March, 1838; m. James Skelley of Bristol, 

Conn., and had a son: George U. Skelley, b. ; lives in 

Bristol, Conn. Lydia Underwood Skelley d. 28 June, 1899, 
at Ellington, Conn. 

In early life Moses Underwood was a manufacturer of woolen 

* A letter directed to that address ia 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


goods in Jewett City, Conn. Afterwards he went into the tan- 
ning business at Thompson, Conn., Brimfield, Mass., 1826-1833, 
North Coventry, Conn., 1833-1836, and finally at Tolland, Conn., 
in 1836, where he continued in business the remainder of his life. 
He served the town in various offices and was at one time a 
member of the state senate. He died 28 Jan., 1862, at Tolland, 
Conn. His widow, Clarissa Tourtellotte Underwood, d. 27 Jan., 

499. Henry Underwood of Tolland, Conn., (son of Moses 498) 
b. 8 Feb., 1822, at Jewett City, Conn.; m. 18 March, 1845, 
Emily Cook Hawkins, a dau. of Ephraim and Phebe (Alanchester) 
Hawkins,* and had children: 

i. Ellen Isadore, b. 18 April, 1846; d. in Sept., 1876. She 
was a student at Mt. Holyoke. 

ii. Frank Henry, b. 5 Oct., 1847. (See no. 500.) 
iii. Lizzie Gertrude, b. 29 Aug., 1849; m. (?); d. in 1877. 
iv. James Edward, b. 20 July, 1852, (See no. 501.) 
V. Ada Jane, b. 20 Jan., 1855; m. 27 March, 1878, Clarence 
Frank Birdseye.f now of New York city and had children. 

vi. Annie Hawkins, b. 2 Oct., 1857; m. 14 Nov., 1894, H. E. 
Birdseye, now of Bloomfield, N. J., and had children. 
vii. Miriam Louise, b. 4 May, 1865; unm. 
Henry Underwood with his brother Charles was a manufacturer 
of leather belts for many years at Tolland, Conn. He d. in 
December, 1872, at Palatka, Fla. 

♦Ephraim Hawkins, b. 6 Feb., 1789, d. 12 Jan., 1884, was son of Nehemiah 
Hawkins (b. 7 July, 1762, m. 29 May, 1785, Hannah Windsor who was descended 
by three Unes from Roger Williams, and d. 4 July, 1830) who was the son of Rufus 
Hawkins, b. in 1742, m. 11 Nov., 1761, Martha Hawkins, and d. in 1818. 

t Clarence F. Birdseye is a prominent lawyer in New York city, b. 6 June, 1854, 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., a son of Lucian and Catharine (Baker) Birdseye; he graduated 
from Amherst, class of 1874, and from Columbia Law School in 1877. He has 
published a number of legal works, among them the following: " Birdseye's Revised 
Statutes, Codes and General Laws of the State of New York," 1889, 1897. 1901; 
"Chronological Table of the Statutes of the State of New York," 18S8, 1897; 
" Greater New York Charter," 1897; "Analytical Index of New York Code 
of Civil Procedure." 1899; "Birdseye's Abbott's Clerks' and Conveyancers' 
Assistant," 1899. 


500. Frank Henry Underwood of Auburndale, Mass., (son of 
Henry 499) b. 5 Oct., 1847, at Tolland, Conn.; m. 9 Oct., 1872, 
Emma Ketcham, and had children: 

i. Frank Edward, b. 16 Dec, 1874. 
ii. William Ketcham, b. 29 May, 1879. 
iii. Ethel, b. 18 May, 1885. 

iv. Gladys, b. 2 Feb., 1888; m. 18 March, , Warren 

Foote of New York. 

Frank H. Underwood is connected with his brother, James E. 
Underwood, in a Power & Transmission Co., with headquarters 
at Boston. He resides at 1899 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale, 

501. James Edward Underwood of Auburndale, Mass., (son of 
Henry 499) b. 20 July, 1852, at Tolland, Conn.; m. 30 April, 
1874, Alice Cooke of Providence, R. I., and had one son: 

i. Louis Edward, b. 22 June, 1S78; graduated from Yale, 
class of 1896, and is engaged in electrical engineering with the 
General Electric Co., at Lynn, Mass. He lives at 28 Atlantic 

James E. Underwood is connected with a Power and Trans- 
mission Co., with headquarters at Boston, Mass. He has lived 
in Tolland, Conn., New York city, Brooklyn, N. Y., and latterly 
at Auburndale, Mass, 

502. Charles Undervrood of South Framingham, Mass., (son 
of Moses 498) b. 28 Sept., 1824, at Thompson, Conn.; m. 30 
Sept., 1850, Mary Anthony Hawkins of Tolland, Conn., who 
was b. 26 June, 1827, at Centerville, R. L, and had children: 

i. Carrie Louise, b. 2 Dec, 1853; d. 12 April, 1857, at 
Tolland, Conn. 

ii. Jennie Hyde, b. 11 Jan., 1857, at Tolland, Conn.; m. 12 
Jan., 1875, George Frank Uhler of Brooklyn, N. Y., and had 
children: (i) George Herbert Uhler, h. 18 March, 1879, at Tolland, 
Conn.; d. 11 June, 1879; (2) Maude Uhler, h. 4 May, 1882, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. 6 April, 1904, William S. B. Cram of 


Newton, Mass., and has one child: George Frank Cram, b. 18 
Jan., 1905; (3) Grace UJilcr, b. 6 Sept., 1884, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
d. 22 Dec, 1884; (4) Hazel Uhler, b. 18 Dec, 1886, at Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; d. 1 Jan., 1887; (5) Florence Uhler, b. 6 May, 1888, at 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; d. 8 May, 1888; (6) Marjorie Uhler, b. 11 
Oct., 1892, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; (7) Williayn Burnham Uhler, h. 
4 Dec, 1899, at Newton, Mass. The family is now living at 
Newton, Mass. 

iii. Mary Louise, b. 24 Dec, 1858, at Tolland, Conn.; m. 28 
May, 1884, Rev. Charles Herbert Daniels of South Framingham, 
Mass., and had children: (i) Margarette Daniels, b. 28 Jan., 
1889, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; (2) Agnes Carter Daniels, b. 28 Sept., 
1 891, at Brooklyn, N. Y. The family live at South Framingham, 
Mass., where Mr. Daniels is pastor of the Grace Congregational 

iv. Kate Manchester, b. 14 Nov., i860, at Tolland, Conn.; 
m. 15 Oct., 1884, George W. Lansing; no children. 

V. Lillian Frances, b. 16 July, 1863, at Tolland, Conn.; 
d. 16 July, 1868. 

vi. Charles Frederick, b. 16 Jan., 1867. (See no. 

Charles Underwood was reared in his father's tannery business 
to which he added later the belting business in which he acquired 
a good reputation and in which he remained until his retirement 
from business. He served his town repeatedly in various town 
offices and was twice elected to the state senate when the state 
had two capitals. He was a director and later president of the 
Tolland County National Bank and almost from its beginning 
he was director and for many years president of the Tolland 
County Savings Bank, both located in Tolland, Conn., where he 
lived from 1836 to 1890. Since 1890 he made his home with his 
daughter, Mrs. Charles H. Daniels of South Framingham, Mass., 
where his wife, Mary Hawkins Underwood, died 27 Nov., 1905, 
after fifty- five years of married life. Charles Underwood d. 17 
Feb., 1908. 



503. Charles Fredeiick Underwood of Newton, Mass., (son of 
Charles 502) b. 16 Jan., 1867, at Tolland, Conn.; m. 12 March, 
1890, May L. Seward of Stratford, Conn., and had children born 
at Tolland : 

i. CiL\RLEs Seward, b. 19 Sept., 1891. 
ii. Phyllis, b. 28 April, 1894. 
Charles F. Underwood is a salesman for the Dodge Pulley Co. 
in the New England district, with headquarters at Boston, Mass. 
His home is in the suburban city of Newton, Mass. 

504. Moses Underwood of Tolland, Conn., (son of Moses 498) 

b. , at Tolland (?), Conn.; m. at Manchester, Conn., . 

If he had children probably none grew up. He d. in Tolland. 

505. John Underv.^ood of Southbridge, Mass., (son of Samuel 
494) b. ; m. and had one daughter: 

i. Susan, b. , at Southbridge, Mass.; m. Nathan Newell, 

who was in the manufacturing business in Southbridge, Mass., 
and afterwards of Whitinsville, Mass.; no children. 

The first wife of John Underwood d. and he m. (2) ; no 


John Underwood was a well-to-do blacksmith at Southbridge, 
Mass., where he died. 

506. Daniel Underwood of Hancock, N. Y., (son of Samuel 
494) b. 13 May, 1806, at Pomfret, Conn.; m. Harriet Fay and 
had children: 

i. Lewis Augustus, b. 9 Nov., 1828. (See no. 507.) 
ii. Nelson Fay, b. 8 Sept., 1830. (See no. 509.) 
iii. Willard George, b. 7 Nov., 1832. (See no. 512.) 
iv. Prescott, b. 22 Feb., 1835. (See no. 517.) 
V. Lavinia Amelia, b. 25 Dec, 1838; m. 2 Jan., i860, 
James Edmund Woodmansee* of Lake Como, Pa., who was b. 4 

* James E. Woodmansee was son of James Manning Woodmansee, eldest son 
of Polly Underwood, dau. of Samuel, no. 494, and James Woodmansee. 


May, 1836, and had children: (i) EJma Harriet Woodmansee, b. 

21 Jan., 1861; m. Low; (2) Calvin Emerson Woodmansee, 

b. 27 May, 1863; (3) Frederick Manning Woodmansee, b. 12 
May, 1866; (4) Jennie May Woodmansee, h. 11 June, 1868; (5) 
Howard Fuller Woodmansee, h. 9 July, 1878. James E. Wood- 
mansee is the proprietor of Maple Grove Stock Farm at Lake 
Como, Pa., where he breeds fine Guernsey cattle. 

vi. Ann Eliza, b. lo March, 1842, at Preston, Pa.; m. 15 
May, 1878, Leander E. Howard, afterwards of Hancock, N. Y.; 
no children. Ann Eliza Howard d. 16 March, 1906, at Hancock, 
N. Y. 

Daniel Underwood was a carpenter, farmer, and lumberman, 
living at Preston, Pa., 1833-1866, and at Hancock, N. Y., 1866- 
1873. He was "a man of great strength, courage, and presence 
of mind." He was township auditor at Preston, Pa., for a 
number of years and was a collector of internal revenue under 
President Lincoln. He was also postmaster at Preston for many 
years. He d. in Jan., 1873, at Hancock, N. Y. 

507. Lewis Augustus Underwood of Preston, Pa., (son of 
Daniel 506) h. 9 Oct., 1828; m. 13 Jan., 1852, Harriet Adelia 
Kingsbury and had children: 

i. Mary Fay, b. 19 Oct., 1852; m. 30 June, 1896, Alfred 
Benjamin Cherier, who d. 25 Oct., 1897; no children. Mary 
Undenvood Cherier m. (2) i March, 1899, Charles Theophile 
Dorion. Mary Underwood Dorion d. 9 July, 1900, at KirkviDe, 

ii. William Nelson, b. 4 March, 1855; d. 13 June, 1872. 

iii. Jane Elizabeth, b. 24 Feb., 1857; m. 21 Sept., 1887, 
John Lewis Hearn, and had children: (i) Louise Evelyn Hearn, 
b. 16 March, 1894, at Amboy, 111.; d. 11 Dec, 1S95; (2) Jenyiie 
Isabel Hearn, b. 24 June, 1897. The family live at Kansas City, 

iv. Augusta Keziah, b. ; m. Seth Yale Kennedy of 

Gloversville, N. Y., and had children. 

V. Jerome Austin, b. 4 Aug., 1864. (See no. 508.) 


vi. Anna Eliza, b. 31 Jan., 1867; m. 22 June, 1891, John 

Henry Anderson ; no children. The family live at Meriden, Conn. 

vii. John Willard, b. 20 Aug., 1870; d. 30 Aug., 1878. 

viii. Evelyn Kinney, b. 26 Dec, 1871; unm. Evelyn K. 

Underwood is an osteopathic physician with office and residence 

at 12 W. 59th St., New York city. 

Lewis A. Underwood has held the office of justice of the peace 
and other town offices at Preston, Pa. His wife, Harriet Kings- 
bury Underwood, d. 28 Oct., 1891; he d. 29 April, 1892. 

508. Jerome Austin Underwood, of Hornellsville, N. Y., (son of 
Leivis A. 507) b. 4 Aug., 1864, at Preston, Pa.; m. 24 Sept., 1885, 
Helen Chittenden of Pleasant Mt., who was b. 25 Jan., 1864, 
and has six children : 

i, John Tanner, b. 9 Jan., 1887, at Lake Como, Pa. 
ii. Ralph Emerson, b. 9 March, 1890, at Binghamton, N. Y. 
iii. Wilfred Hall, b. 25 Jan., 1892, at Lake Como, Pa. 
iv. Lewis Abel, b. 7 March, 1893, at Lake Como, Pa. 
V. Harold Jerome, b. 16 July, 1897, at Lake Como, Pa, 
vi. Helen Evelyn, b. 2 Dec, 1898, at Lake Como, Pa. 

509. Nelson Fay Underwood of Bloomfield, N. J., (son of 
Daniel 506) b. 8 Sept., 1830, at Oxford, Worcester Co., Mass.; 
m. 17 Jan., 1857, Sarah Anna Rice, a dau. of Amos J. and Sally 
(Green) Rice, and had children: 

i. Nettie Fay, b. 23 Oct., 1857; unm.; resides at Bloom- 
field, N. J. 

ii. Edward Brewster, b. 29 Nov., 1859. (See no. 510.) 
iii. Kate Sally, b. 26 May, 1862; m. 18 Dec, 1889, at 
Livingston, Mont., Jesse A. Frisbie, now of Cany, Kan.; no 
children. Kate Underwood Frisbie d. 18 May, 1891, at National 
City, near San Diego, Calif. 

iv. Harvey Rice, b. 2 Sept., 1865. (See no. 511.) 
V. Myra Rosalie, b. 6 April, 1869; unm. Myra R. Under- 
wood is an osteopathic physician, residing at 61 Fremont St., 
Bloomfield, N. J., with an office at 156 Fifth Ave., New York city. 

/Ij^cr^^C^ U/^'<e6^^zx.^o-ir{rd^ 


vi. Minnie Gay, b. 27 July, 1875; d. 29 Oct., 1878. 
Nelson Fay Underwood was a farmer, lumberman, and mer- 
chant, living at Preston, Pa., until 1857, New Milford, Pa., 
1857-1858, Preston, Pa., 1860-1886, Lake Como, Pa., 1886- 
1899, Elmira, N. Y., 1 899-1902, and since that time at Bloom- 
field, N. J. He was justice of the peace and held other town 
offices in Preston, Pa., and was representative in the Pennsylvania 
Legislature, 1879-18S0, 1895-1896, and 1S97-1898. From 1879 
to 1895 he was a member of the Pennsylvania State Board of 
Agriculture and was several times appointed by the Governor 
as one of the delegates to the Farmers' National Congress. He 
was the author of numerous essays on agricultural subjects 
read at state board meetings. Since 1880 he has been interested 
in the collection of minerals and Indian relics. His portrait is 
shown opposite. 

510. Edward Brewster Underwood of New York city, (son of 
Nelson 509) b. 29 Nov., 1859, at New Milford, Susquehanna 
Co., Pa.; m. 11 Oct., 1888, Eva Winner, a dau. of K. P. and 
Sara Winner of Pleasant Mt., Pa.; no children. Eva Winner 
Underwood d. 9 Feb., 1889. Edward B. Underwood attended 
the American School of Osteopathy at Kirksville, Mo., from 
1 896-1 898 and has been a practicing physician at Elmira, N. Y., 
1898-1902, and since that time at Bloomfield, N. J. (61 Fremont 
St.), with office at 156 Fifth Ave., New York city. 

511. Harvey Rice Underwood of Elmira, N. Y., {sonoi Nelson 
509) b. 2 Sept., 1865, at Preston, Pa.; m, 5 Sept., 1888, Betsey 
Burr Sherv\^ood, and had children: 

i. Harlan, b. ; d. in infancy. 

ii. Walter Burr, b. 4 Jan., 1892. 
Harvey R. Underwood is an osteopathic physician, practicing 
at 300 Maple Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 

512. Willard George Underwood of Hancock, N. Y., (son of 
Daniel 506) b. 7 Nov., 1832, at Preston, Pa.; m. in May, 1856, 
Carrie C. Rice, and had children: 


i. Charles Rice, b. 22 Feb., 1857. (See no. 513.) 
ii. Mary Elisabeth, b. 8 March, 1859; m. 8 April, 1880, 
Sanford Jarvis Miller of Hancock, N. Y., who was b. 20 May, 
1849; no children. 

iii. Daniel Green, b. 12 April, 1861. (See no. 514.) 
iv. Harvey Winslow, b. 9 Nov., 1869. (See no. 515.) 
V. HoRTON Fay, b. 15 Feb., 1876. (See no. 516.) 
Willard G. Underwood was a dealer in blue stone, living at 
Lake Como, Pa., until 1880, in West Virginia, 1880-1884, ^nd 
in Hancock, N. Y., after 1884. He was a prominent Mason 
from 1885 to the time of his death at Hancock, N. Y., 28 Feb., 
1904; was master of a lodge and high priest of the local chapter. 

513. Charles Rice Underwood of Bloomfield, N. J., (son of 
Willard G. 512) b. 22 Feb., 1857, at Hancock, N. Y.; m. 17 
Aug., 1881, Mary Mandana Blanding, who was b. 12 June, 1857, 
and has one daughter: 

i. Caroline Blanding, b. 3 July, 1886. 
Charles R. Undervvood is the manager of the Erie Blue Stone 
Co., with office at 280 Broadway, New York city. He resides 
at Bloomfield, N. J. 

514. Daniel Green Underwood of Deposit, N. Y., (son of 
Willard 512) b. 12 April, 1861, at Lake Como, Pa.; m. 22 July, 
1887, Alice Lucretia Lane and had two children: 

i. Fanny Elizabeth, b. 27 Jan., 1891. 
ii. Willard Lane, b. 16 Oct., 1897. 

515. Harvey Winslow Underwood of Hartford, Conn., (son of 

Willard 512) b. 9 Nov., 1869, at Lake Como, Pa. ; m. , Harriet 

Lois Proctor; no children. Harvey W. Underwood is a graduate 
of the Osteopathic Medical College and has been in practice of 
osteopathy in Hartford, Conn. 

516. Eorton Fay Underwood of Brooklyn, N. Y., (son of 
Willard 512) b. 15 Feb., 1876; m. 21 Nov., 1899, Harriet L. 
Proctor and had children : 

i. Harriet Proctor, b. 10 July, 1902. 
ii. Charles Proctor, b. 5 Jan., 1904. 


Horton Faj' Undenvood is an osteopathic physician at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., where he has lived since his marriage in 1899. 

517. Prescott Underwood of San Diego, Calif., (son of Danid 
506) b. 22 Feb., 1S35, at Preston, Pa.; m. 12 Oct., 1861, Jane 
Niles and had four children: 

i. Warren, b. ; d. in childhood. 

ii. Junius, b. 15 March, 1865. (See no. 518.) 
iii. Mary, b. 5 Dec, 1866; m. 8 Feb., 1892, A. C. Buswell of 
Ferndalc, Wash., and has three sons: (i) Howard E. Buswell, 
b. 22 April, 1894; (2) Raymond Buswell, b. i May, 1901; and 
(3) Byron Busivell, b. in Sept., 1903. The family have a straw- 
berry farm at Ferndale, Wash. 

iv. Harriet, b. 4 April, 1874; m. 17 Jan., 1900, E. L. Collier 
of Whatcom, Wash., and has one daughter: Marion Collier, b. 
30 Aug., 1902. Hattie Underwood graduated from the Whatcom 
High School and was a teacher for several years. Her husband 
has recently been elected county treasurer of Whatcom county 

Prescott Undenvood has been interested in farming, gardening, 
and fruit raising all his life, living in Preston, Pa., until 1867 when 
he rem. to Washington, Ga., for a year and thence to Lawrence, 
Kan., where he lived nineteen years. He then rem. to Ferndale, 
Wash., where he lived sixteen years. In 1904 he was press 
correspondent at the World's Fair at St. Louis, after which he 
traveled in Arizona and is now in San Diego, Calif.* His wife, 
Jane Niles Underwood, d. 17 Feb., 1889. 

518. Junius Underwood of Lawrence, Kan., (son of Prescott 
517) b. 15 March, 1865, at Preston, Pa.; m. 5 Dec, 1887, Flora 
E. Hinckley, a dau. of D. C. & R. M. Hinckley of Delmar, Iowa, 
and had nine children: 

i. Alice Jane, b. 5 March, 1890. 
ii. Addie, b. 29 Oct., 1891. 

iii. William V., b. 30 Nov., 1893. 

* A letter addressed to him in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


iv. Fay, b. 6 Aug., 1895. 
V. Hattie, b. 9 June, 1897; d. 16 June, 1899. 
vi. Prescott, b. 19 March, 1899. 
vii, Mary, b. 7 June, 1901. 
vili. Edna, b. 17 April, 1903. 

ix, Junius Clark, b. 15 Ma^', 1905. 
Junius Underwood was a student for some time in the Kansas 
State University and afterwards engaged in business in Lav/rence, 
Kan. He is a manufacturer of roller process corn meal and 
corn chop, and a v/holesale dealer in grain. 

519. Willard Underwood of Detroit, Mich., (son of Samuel 

494) b. , at Pomfret, Conn.; m. Mary Perkins. No children 

have been mentioned in the reports of this family so far received. 
Willard Underwood was living in Chenango Point (now Bing- 
hamton), N. Y., about 1833 and afterwards rem. to Detroit, 
Mich., and was drowned in the Detroit River. After his death 
his widow m. (2) John MofTatt. Nothing further is known of the 

Notes on Woodstock Branch. 

The following Woodstock (Conn.) records cannot be placed. 

Abigail Underwood, b. 1789; unm.; d. 15 Nov., 1865, se. 76. 
Seth Under-wood, son of William and Frances Underwood, b. 18 Jan., 1804. 
William Mamiing Under-wood, son of John and Taintee Underwood, b. 12 
May, 1817. 

George Underwood and Sally had children: 
i. Mary, b. 26 Sept., 1820. 
ii. Sophia, b. 17 July, 1822. 

The Sudbury Branch. 

This very doubtful branch of the family consists of only 
Timothy Underwood and his descendants who settled in Sudbury, 
Mass., about 1750. No descendants are known beyond the 
second generation. 

520. Timothy Underv/ocd of Sudbury, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
9 ?) b. about 1729; m. 24 Jan., 1753, Susanna Bond and had 
children born at Sudbury: 


i. Timothy, b. 3 May, 1754. He was probably the 1 imothy 
Undenvood, a private, who responded from Sudbury to the 
Lexington Alarm and also served in Capt. Cudworth's company of 
Col. Pierce's regiment i mo. ii days, and again in Capt. Wheeler's 
company of Col. R. Robinson's regiment in service I mo. 28 
days; possibly also in Capt. Parker's company of the same 
regiment 5 months in 1777. 

ii. David, b. 31 Dec, 1758. He was probably the David 
Underwood from Sudbur>' who serv'ed in the Revolution 25 April 
to I Aug., 1775. 

iii. Susanna, b. 25 May, 1760. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 5 Oct., 1762, 
Timothy Under\vood was probably ensign in the company that 
reported from Sudbury on the occasion of the Lexington Alarm 
in 1775 and was possibly 1st lieut. in Capt. Wheeler's company 
of Col. Reed's regiment raised in Sudbury in 1776, but it is 
impossible to distinguish certainly between his service and that 
of his son Timothy. He was undoubtedly in the ist Sudbury 
company in April, 1757. 

The Framingham Branch. 
This branch of the family has its descent from Jonas Under- 
wood who lived in that place before the Revolution and some of 
whose descendants continued to live in that vicinity for a hundred 
years or more. Nothing is definitely known of the origin of this 
man, and the position of his family here is wholly provisional, 

521. Jonas Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son of Jona- 
than^ ?)b. in 1733; m. Naomi Pike (?),dau. of Timothy Pike (?), 
and had children born in Framingham: 

i. Naomi, b. in 1763; unm.; d. 2 Dec, 1836. 
ii. Anne, bapt. 3 Aug., 1766; m. 6 Oct., 1795, Samuel Moore 
of Gerry, Mass., who d. in 1841 in Phillipstown, Mass. 
iii, Timothy, bapt. 12 June, 1768. (See no. 522.) 
iv. Nathan, b. 8 July, 1770. (See no. 528.) 
V. Lucia, bapt. 6 July, 1772; probably d. young, according 
to Temple. 


vi. Luther, bapt. 7 Sept., 1774; d. young, 
vii. Lucy, bapt. 13 Oct., 1776. 

viii. Olive, bapt. 10 Sept., 1778; m. 28 June, 1804, Joseph 
Moulton of East Sudbury, Mass. 

Jonas Underwood covenanted with his wife 15 April, 1764; he 
was admitted to the church at Framingham in 1 781. He was 
doubtless the Jonas Underwood from Framingham who served 
two days in Simon Edgell's company on the occasion of the 
Lexington Alarm. He also served in 1776 in Gardner's company 
of Col. Brook's regiment and in Capt. Fiske's company of the 
same regiment he was five days stationed at Dorchester Heights. 
Jonas Underwood d. 28 Sept., 1800, at Framingham, Mass., ae. 
67. His wife, Naomi, d. 25 Dec, 1783. 

522. Timothy Underwood of Athol, Mass., (son of Jonas 521) 
b. 12 June, 1768, at Framingham, Mass.; m. 7 June, 1792, 
Betsey Lamb, dau. of Samuel Lamb, and had children born at 
Princeton, Mass.: 

i. Joshua, b. in 1793. (See no. 523.) 
ii. Nathan, b. 26 July, 1795. (See no. 526.) 

iii. Jonas, b. . (See no. 527.) 

iv. Fanny, b. in 1802; d. 3 Jan., 1848, at Framingham, Mass. 
V. Arethusa, b. in 1804; d. 7 Feb., 1831, at Framingham, 

Timothy Underwood lived at Princeton, Mass., for a time but 
d. at Athol, Mass. Betsey Lamb Underwood d. 27 March, 1827, 
at Framingham, Mass. 

523. Joshua Underwood of Saxonville, Mass., (son of Timothy 
522) b. in 1793, at Princeton, Mass.; m. 4 April, 1816, Lucy 
Underwood, dau. of Nathan Underwood (no. 528), and conse- 
quently own cousin to her husband, and had children: 

i. Nancy, b. 19 May, 1817; m. Curtis Belcher. 

ii. James S., b. 8 Oct., 1818; d. young, 
iii. Mary, b. 29 Oct., 1820; d. young. 
iv. Charles H., b. 2 Dec, 1822. (See no. 524.) 

V. Abigail, b. 18 Aug., 1824; d. young. 


vi. John S., b. 29 Jan., 1826; d. young. 
vii. Mary H., b. 3 Jan., 1828; d. young. 
viii. Edward P., b. 2 June, 1830; d. 25 Feb., 1838. 

ix. Fanny, b. ; m. . 

X. George Frederick, b. . (See no. 525.) 

Joshua Undenvood d. 30 Oct., 1870, at Saxonville, Mass. His 
widow, Lucy Underwood, d. 4 Dec, 1875. 

524. Charles H. Underwood of — — , (son of Joshua 523) b. 2 
Dec, 1822, at Saxonville, Mass.; m. Olive P. How of Marl- 
borough and had children: 

i. Charles N., b. 2'j June, 1845. 
ii. Edwin T., b. 6 Jan., 1853. 
iii. (dau.) 
Charles H. Underwood was a member of the 22nd Regiment, 
Mass. Vol., during the Civil War and was afterwards trans- 
ferred to the 32nd Infantry; he was honorably discharged at the 
expiration of his term of service. 

525. George Frederick Underwood of Holyoke, Mass., (son 

of Joshua 523) b. , at Saxonville, Mass.; m. 29 Nov., 1855, 

Adelaide L. Aikin of Brookfield, Mass., and (2) of Brook- 
field, Mass., and had children: 

i. Cora A., b. . 

"and perhaps others." 

George Frederick Underwood lived at Holyoke, Mass., and 
previously at Brookfield, Mass. 

526. Nathan Underwood of Athol, Mass., (son of Timothy 
522) b. 26 July, 1795, at Princeton, Mass.; m. 29 April, 1819, 
Hannah Stone, of Framingham, Mass., and had children: 

i. Harriet A., b. 23 June, 1820; m. 26 Dec, 1844, Francis 
Sheldon Ward of Phillipston, Mass. 

ii. Charles, b. 28 Oct., 1822; m. 11 April, 1849, Lucy Ward, 
iii. Sylvester T., b. 8 Dec, 1824. 

527. Jonas Underwood of Ashland, Mass., (son of Thnothy 

522) b. , at Princeton, Mass.; m. 13 June, 1822, Phebe 

Johnson and had children: 


1. Rebecca, b. . 

ii. Fanny, b. ; m. of Newton, Mass. 

Hi. Ophelia, b. ; m. O. A. Wilcox of Ashland, Mass. 

iv. Dearborn, b. ; d. in April, 1838. 

V. (son) b. ; d. in Nov., 1855. 

Jonas Underwood lived "on the James Monk place" in Fram- 
ingham, Mass., but died in Ashland, Mass. Phebc Johnson 
Underwood d. 12 Dec., 1868, ae. So.- 

528. Nathan Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son of 
Jonas 521) b. in 1770, at Framingham; m. 29 Dec, 1792, Abigail, 
dau. of James Greenwood, and had children: 

i. Lucy, b. 21 Oct., 1793; m. 4 April, 1816, Joshua Under- 
wood. (See no. 523.) 

ii. Nathan, b. 26 July, 1795; m. Hannah Stone, 
iii. Luther, b. 24 Sept., 1797. (See no. 529.) 
iv. Abigail, b. 22 July, 1799; unm.; d. 18 Aug., 1867. 
V. Nancy, b. 26 April, 1801 ; d. in 1804. 
vi. George, b. 9 March, 1803; d. in 1804. 
vii. George, b. 26 Oct., 1805. (See no. 531.) 
Nathan Underwood lived on his father's place until 1807, when 
he rem. to a farm north of Saxonville. He d. 8 Dec, 1843. 

529. Luther Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son of Nathan 
528) b. 24 Sept., 1797, at Framingham; m. Asenath, dau. of 
Aaron Stone of Framingham, Mass., and had children: 

i. William, b. . 

ii. Ira, b. . (See no. 530.) 

iii. Elisabeth S., b. ; m. 24 Oct., 1852, Henry Sloper 

of Framingham, Mass. 

iv. Angeline, b. . 

v. Sarah, b. . 

vi. Emily, b. . 

Luther Underwood "lived near the Joseph Potter place" in 
Framingham where he d. in Oct., 1844. He is recorded by 
Temple as a member of the Methodist church at Saxonville in 


1825. Sally Underwood is also on the list of members of the 
same church. 

530. Ira Underwood of , (son of Luther 529) b. ; m. 

(i) , and (2) , and had children: 

i. Ira, b. 4 Jan., 1853. 
ii. JuLlETTA, b. in Jan., 1S54. 
"and perhaps others." 

531. George Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son of 
Nathan 528) b. 26 Oct., 1805, at Framingham; m. 9 Aug., 1832, 
Martha, dau. of John Smith of Holliston, or Framingham, Mass., 
and had children: 

i. George Henry, b. 12 July, 1834. (See no. 532.) 
ii. John S., b. 28 July, 1838; m. i Aug., 1859, Mary A. 

iii. Melvin, b. II May, 1843. (See no. 533.) 
iv. Edward, b. 10 Jan., 1848; m. 5 June, 1873, Ellen Barnes. 
V. Martha Maria, b. 30 March, 1854; m. George W. 

George Underwood lived "on the Perkins Boynton Place" in 
Framingham, where he d. 21 Aug., 1885. 

532. George Henry Underwood of Framingham, Mass., (son 
of George 531) b. 12 July, 1834, at Framingham; m. 27 Nov., 
1856, Henrietta C. Hittenhouse of Boston, Mass., and had 

i. Ella Althea, b. 7 Aug., 1858. 

ii. Emma L., b. 18 April, i860, 
iii. Catherine L., b. 23 June, 1861. 
iv. Alice A., b. 21 Jan., 1864. 

533. Melvin Underwood of Athol, Mass., (son of George 531) 
b. II May, 1843, at Framingham, Mass.; m. 3 Dec, 1867, Sarah 
A. Winant and had one child: 

i. Fred F., b. 19 Jan., 1876. (See no. 534.) 
Sarah Winant Underwood d. and Melvin m. (2) 16 Oct., 1892, 
Mary Elizabeth Winant of New Salem, Mass., b. in 1852 in 


Newark, N. J., a dau. of Mark and Harriet (Genung) Winant, 
and had one daughter born at Athol, Mass.: 
ii. Sadie Alessa, b. 2 Jan., 1893. 
Melvin Underwood was a farmer at New Salem, Mass., in 
1892 and now resides at Athol, Mass., 198 Canal St. 

534. Fred F, Underwood of Greenfield, Mass., (son of Melviji 
533) b. 19 Jan., 1876; m. , and has at least one child: 

i. Fred Earl, b. 23 Oct., 1899. 

The Lexington (Mass.) Branch. 
The town of Lexington was set off from Cambridge in 1712 
so that the early records of this family are to be found at Cam- 
bridge. It is more than probable that the earliest migration 
from the Watertown home was in the direction of Lexington 
but the early locations are now effaced. Thomas Underwood 
(son of the first Joseph) was the founder of this branch of the 
family and the record here commences with his son Jonathan. 

535. Jonathan Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Thomas 
10) b. 18 Aug., 1686, at Lexington (Cambridge), Mass.; m, 17 
Nov., 1709, Ruth Holland of Watertown and had children born 
in Lexington: 

i. Ruth, bapt. 23 Sept., 171 1.* 
ii. Thomas, bapt. 10 Feb., 1712; d. 16 Feb., 1743. 
ill. Sarah, bapt. 23 May, 1714. 
iv. Jonathan, b. 26 Jan., 1716/17. (See no. 536.) 
V. Sarah, b. 10 May, 1719. 
Nothing further is known of Jonathan LTndervvood. At the 
time of his marriage he is mentioned as of Cambridge, but as 
noted above, Lexington was still a part of Cambridge until 1712, 

536. Jonathan Underwood of Sudbury, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
535) b. 26 Jan., 1716/17, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 4 June, 1744, 
Lydia Muzzey and had children born in Sudbury: 

♦The Watertown record has an entry "James, son of Ruth Underwood, b. 27 
May, 1732." As there is no other known Underwood of this period bearing the 
name, Ruth, it is possible that this child belongs here. Nothing further is known 
of this James Underwood. 


i. Kezia, b. 4 Aug., 1746; unm.; d. 9 Jan., 1836, at Way- 
land, Mass., ffi. 90. 

ii. Jonathan, b. 13 Dec, 1748. (See no. 537.) 
iii. Reuben, b. 9 June, 1751. (See no. 538.) 
iv. Samuel, b. 14 Nov., 1753. Samuel Underwood was a 
soldier in the War of the Revolution and d. 4 Oct., 1776, at 

V. Jonas, b. 26 Dec, 1755.* 

vi. Lydia, b. 26 Feb., 1758; m. 24 Nov., 1782, Thomas 
Pierce, Jr. 

vii. Joseph (twin), b. 25 March, 1760. Joseph Underwood 
was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. He was killed near 
Kingsbridge, 29 Aug., 1778. 
viii. Benjamin (twin), b. 25 March, 1760. 
ix, Sarah, b. 27 May, 1762, at Weston, Mass.; m. 24 Feb., 
1785, Benjamin Gleason of Spencer, Mass., who was b. 26 July, 
1761, afterwards rem. to Jamaica, Vt., and had children: (i) 
Samuel Glcaso?i, h. 13 July, 1792,! and perhaps other children. 
Sarah Undei wood Gleason d. 25 July, 1823. Benjamin Gleason 
d. 28 Dec, 1832, at Jamaica, Vt. 

X. Mary, b. 25 Aug., 1764, at Weston, Mass. 
Lydia Muzzey Underwood d. 9 April, 1766, and Jonathan 
Underwood m. (2) 16 Sept., 1766, Eunice Grout of Sudbury who 
d. 18 July, 1800, according to the records at Wayland, Mass. 
Jonathan Underwood d. 29 Jan., 1804, at Wayland, Mass. (As 
the town of Wayland was set off from Sudbury in 1780 it is more 
than likely that the family of Jonathan Underwood lived in the 
eastern part of the original town of Sudbury and that the records 
only indicate residence in a different town.) 

537. Jonathan Underwood of Wayland, Mass., (son of Jo7ia- 
than 536) b. 13 Dec, 1748, at Sudbury (Wayland), Mass.; m. 3 

* Probably the Jonas Underwood "of Weston. Mass.," who was "paid £39, 183. 
for six weeks guarding British troops in Rhode Island." But nothing further is 
known of the man. 

t Samuel Gleason m. 3 July, 1817, Polly F. Ober, b. 28 Jan., 1795. in Townshend, 
Vt. He d. 18 Jan., 1852, in Troy, N. Y. PoUy Ober Gleason d. in 1835 in Shafts- 
bury, Vt. 


Feb., 17S0, at Weston, Mass., Mary Revere and had children 
born at Wayland : 

i. Jonas, b. 6 May, 1797. 

ii. Abigail,* b. 18 Dec, 1803; d. 24 Sept., 1833. 
Jonathan Underwood, "son of Jonathan Underwood " according 
to the Wayland records, d. 9 June, 1811. Mary, "relict of 
Jonathan Underwood" according to the same record, d. 20 Dec, 
1825. The descendants of Jonathan have been traced no further. 
He was undoubtedly the Jonathan Underwood of Weston, a 
private in Capt. Miles's company of Col. Reed's regiment, who 
was allowed mileage for the march on Ticonderoga. 

538. Reuben Under\700d of Spencer, Mass., (son of Jonathan 
536) b. 9 June, 1 75 1, at Sudbury (Wayland), Mass.; m. in 1773 
(some descendants say 1772), Eunice, dau. of Jonas Livermore, 
and had children: 

i. Susan, b. i Sept., 1774; m. Benjamin Sawin. 
ii. Sally, b, 19 March, 1778; m. James Ormes. 
iii. Reuben, b. 16 Feb., 1784. (See no. 539.) 
Eunice Livermore Underwood d. 17 July, 1790, and Reuben 
Underwood m. (2) 3t Feb., 1791, Sybil, dau. of Jeremiah Whitte- 
more, of Spencer, Mass., and had children; 
iv. Amos, b. 22 Dec, 1791. (See no. 544.) 
V. Eunice, b. 19 March, 1793; unm. (?); d. 27 May, 1875. 
vi. Jonas, b. 12 May, 1795; d. 16 April, 1796. 
vii. Jonas (twin), b. 11 March, 1797. (See no. 556.) 
viii, Sybil (twin), b. 11 March, 1797; m. Josiah Green, one 
of the first prominent boot manufacturers of Massachusetts, and 

had children: (i) Eliza Green, b. ; m. Shumway; (2) 

Josiah Green, h. ; d. 5 March, 1887; (3) Henry Green, b. 

; (4) Charles Green, b. ; (5) Edward Green, b. ; d. 

6 Dec, 1866; (6) Sybil A. Green, h. ; m. J. W. Temple of 

* In the Wayland records this is given as " Nabby," at the time of her birth, 
but Abigail at the time of her death. 
t In one record 13 Feb. 


Spencer, Mass.; (7) Jonas U. Greeti, b. ; d. 25 June, 1S91; 

(8) Sarah Green, b. ; unm. 'Sybil Underwood Green d. 14 

Oct., 1872, at Spencer, Mass. Her husband, Josiah Green, d. 
28 Dec, 1876. 

ix. Cyrus, b. i6 Sept., 1801. (See no. 561.) 
X. Jeremiah, b. 4 Sept., 1803; d. 24 Nov., 1804. 
"Reuben Underwood, our grandfather, in person was tall and 
slim, had piercing black eyes and black hair; his character was 
strongly marked with the Puritan stamp; he possessed the 
strictest integrity, lived a strictly religious life, and was for many 
years deacon in the Congregational church."* Reuben Under- 
wood was a farmer and shoemaker at Spencer, Mass., where he 
d. 20 Nov., 1830, ae. 79. 

539. Eeuben Underwood of Sand Lake, N. Y., (son of Reuben 
538) b. 16 Feb., 1784, at Spencer, Mass.; m. Laura Holcomb who 
was b. 12 Aug., 1789, and had children: 

i. Eunice M., b. i July, 1813; m. James Cook, of Troy, 

N. Y. 

ii. John Holcomb, b. 30 June, 1815. (See no. 540.) 
Hi. Eliza B., b. 22 Jan., 1818; m. John Houghton of Sand 

Lake, N. Y. 

iv. Cyrus A., b. 10 Aug., 1820. (See no. 542.) 
V. Jane, b. 23 April, 1825; m. Henry B. Sheldon of Auburn, 

N. Y., and had a child : Charles T. Sheldon, now of Auburn, N. Y. 
vi. Laur.\, b. 18 Feb., 1831; m. William H. Golden of 

Auburn, N. Y. 

Reuben Underwood d. 24 Oct., 1852; his wife, Laura Holcomb 

Underwood, d. 9 Nov., 1843, both at Sand Lake, N. Y. 

540. John Holcomb Underwood of Petersburg, Va., (son of 
Reuben 539) b. 30 June, 1815, at Sand Lake, N. Y.; m. Minerva 
Bullock, b. 28 Nov., 1822, and had children: 

i. Sarah JaxNe, b. 12 Feb., 1846; m. 25 March, 1876, 
Erastus A. Watrous. 

* From records in possession of his grandson, Cyrus Underwood of Jamestown, 
N. Y. 


ii. Julia Amanda, b. 24 July, 1847; m. 19 May, 1869, 
Cyrus Undenvocxl (no. 565.) 

iii. HuLDA Bullock, b. 24 March, 1849; m. 3 April, 1873, 
Albert UnderAvood (no. 568.) 

iv. Reuben Henry, b. 28 May, 1850; unm.; lives at Mance- 
lona, Mich. 

V. Emory Jay, b. 24 Aug., 1851. (See no. 541.) 

vi. Minerva, b. 21 April, 1853; d. 20 June, 1853. 

vii. Ann, b. 13 April, 1857; d. 28 April, 1857. 
viii. Dora Amelia, b. 14 June, 1858; unm.; lives in Mance- 
lona, Mich. 

ix. Hila Thankful, b. 17 July, 1862. 
Minerv^a Bullock Underw'ood d. 24 Sept., 1869, and John H. 
Underwood m. (2) Jerusha Tower and had one daughter: 

X. Alice, b. . 

John H. Underwood was a farmer living in Hanover, Chau- 
tauqua Co., N. Y., most of his life; in 1872 he rem. to Peters- 
burg, Va., where he d. 6 April, 1874. 

541. Emory Jay Underwood, of Mishawaka, Ind., (son of John 
H. 540) b. 24 Aug., 1851, at Hanover, N. Y.; m. 2 Nov., 1874, 
Lucy E. Briggs; no children. 

Emory J. Underwood was a farmer at Mishawaka, Ind. He 
d. 24 March, 1880. 

542. Cyrus Underwood of Bemus Point, N. Y., (son of Reuben 
539) b. 10 Aug., 1820; m. CaroHne Howell and had children: 

i. William Howell, b. 16 Jan., 1858. (See no. 543.) 
ii. Mertie, b. 10 Sept., 1865; m. P. C. Shepardson of 
Bemus Point, N. Y., and has two children: (i) William C. 
Shepardson ; and (2) Harold Shepardson. 

Cyrus Underwood was a farmer at Bemus Point, N. Y. He 
d. 10 Feb., 1885, at Bemus Point, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

543. William Howell Underwood of Bemus Point, N. Y., (son 
of Cyrus 542) b. 16 Jan., 1858, at Bemus Point, N. Y.; m. 6 Feb., 
1907, Ella May Shumaker, a dau. of William and Harriet (Hub- 


bard) Shuniaker; no children. He is a farmer and has always 
lived in Bemus Point, N. Y. 

5:^4. Amos Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of Reuben 538) 
b. 22 Dec, 1 791, at Spencer, Mass.; m. 23 Oct., 1814, at Spencer, 
Mass., Mehetable White, b. i Feb., 1792, and had children: 
i. George, b. 4 Jan., 1816. (See no. 545.) 
ii. Henry, b. 8 Feb., 1818. (See no. 549.) 
iii. Jane, b. i Dec, 1819; m. 24 Aug., 1843, Charles T. 
Ferris, b. 26 July, 1819, and had children: (i) Julia C. Ferris, 
t>. 3 July, 1844, a teacher at Auburn, N. Y.; (2) Mary E. Ferris, 

b. 25 Oct., 1845; m. Hosmer of Aurelius, N. Y.; (3) Clara 

Barnes Ferris, b. 19 June, 1850; m. Scott of Bridgewater, 

N. Y.; (4) Isabel Ferris, b. 6 Oct., 1852; m. Metcalf of 

Canandaigua, N. Y. Jane Underwood Ferris d. 6 Sept., 1870. 
Her husband, Charles T. Ferris, d. 7 IMay, 1883. 

iv. Emily, b. 15 June, 1822; m. 27 Aug., 1838, at Auburn, 
N. Y., Charles Bemis, b. 9 Jan., 1805, at Spencer, Mass., and 
had children: (i) William Bemis, h. 17 April, 1840; d, 8 Jan., 
1841; (2) Meketcbell White Bemis, b. 23 Dec, 1841; unm.; d. 
31 Dec, 1897; (3) Emily Underwood Bemis, b. 15 March, 1844; 

m. Covert of Auburn, N. Y.; (4) Elizabeth Mirick Bemis, 

b. 18 March, 1846; (5) Fanny Lucretia Bemis, b. 2 Sept., 1850. 
Charles Bemis d. 11 July, 1878, at Auburn, N. Y. Emily Under- 
wood Bemis d. 7 Feb., 1905, at Auburn, N. Y., where she had 
always made her home. 

V. Mehetable, b. 17 July, 1824; m. 25 May, 1847, at 
Auburn, N. Y., Charles G. Briggs, b. 7 Nov., 1813, at Scipio, 
N. Y., and had children: (i) Frederick Lansing Briggs, b. 
12 April, 1849; d. 7 May, 1856; (2) George Underwood Briggs, 
b. 13 Feb., 1852; d. 26 Jan., 1861; (3) Mary King Briggs, b. 19 
Aug., 1857; d. 15 April, 1864; (4) Gertrude Martha Briggs, b. 
19 Aug., 1859; d. 15 April, 1864. Mehetable Underwood Briggs 
d. 16 Nov., 1874. Her husband, Charles D. Briggs, d. 7 Aug., 
1887, at Auburn, N. Y. 


vi. Amos, b. 22 June, 1826. (See no. 550.) 
vii. Charles (twin), b. 23 Dec, 1828. (See no. 552.) 
viii. Mary (twin), b. 23 Dec, 1828; m. 18 Oct., 1848, Charles 
Grey Chapin of Auburn, N. Y., and had children: (i) Florence 
Estelle Chapin, b. 18 Nov., 1850; d. 27 Oct., 1901; (2) Hattie 
Damon Chapin, b. 10 Aug., 1856; d. 3 July, 1857. Mary Under- 
wood Chapin m. (2) in 1862, Charles Emmett Cootes of Auburn, 
N. Y., and had one daughter: (3) Mattie Emma Cootes, b. 27 

Aug., 1863; m. Schenck of Binghamton, N. Y. Mary 

Underwood Cootes d. 29 Nov., 1890, at Auburn, N. Y. 
ix. John, b. 5 May, 1831. (See no. 554.) 
Mehetable White Underwood d. 8 Sept., 1837, at Auburn, N. 
Y., and Amos Underwood m. (2) 27 June, 1838, EHza Spink of 
Auburn, N. Y., b. 22 Dec, 1807, and had children: 

X. Nicholas S., b. 29 May, 1839; unm.; d. 23 Aug., 

xi. Eliza, b. i Feb., 1841; m. 18 Sept., 1861, Daniel Avery 
Kimbark of Chicago, 111., b. 24 Aug., 1837, and had children: 
(i) Edward Hall Kimbark, b. 24 Nov., 1865, assistant manager 
experimental department of the International Harvester Co., 
Evanston, 111.; (2) Etigene Underwood Kimbark, b. 13 March, 
1867; secretary of the Paper Mills Co., Evanston, 111.; (3) 
Frederick Kimbark, b. 14 Oct., 1869, estimator and contractor 
for painting contracts, Ravenswood, Chicago, 111.; (4) Daniel 
Avery Kimbark, b. 2 Tvlarch, 1872; lawyer, Evanston, 111.; (5) 
Frank Hasten Kimbark, b. i Dec, 1876; manager of the Business 
Systems Co., Toronto, Canada. Daniel Avery ICimbark, Sr., 
d. 10 March, 1886. His widow has resided in Evanston, 111., 
since 1892. 

Amos Underwood moved from Spencer, Mass., to Cooperstown, 
N. Y., shortly after his first marriage and resided at Coopers- 
town until 181 9 when he removed to Auburn, N. Y., where he 
resided until his death, 23 June, 1846. He was an active and 
successful merchant and business man. His widow, Eliza Spink 
Underwood, d. 2 Feb., 1878, at Chicago, 111. 




545. George Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of ^^0^544) 
b. 4 Jan., 1816, at Cooperstown, N. Y.; m. 31 May, 1843, Char- 
lotte Piatt of Owego, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Gedrge Platt, b. 21 May, 1845; d. 10 Nov., 1847. 
ii. Charlotte Platt, b. 13 Feb., 1848; d. 15 Feb., 1848. 
iii. Jonathan Platt, b. 14 Sept., 1849. (See no. 546.) 
iv, WiLLLA^i, b. 6 April, 1853; d. 28 Jan., 1855. 
V. George, b. 17 July, 1855. (See no. 547.) 
vl. Fanny Goodrich, b. 12 July, 1857; m. 6 June, 1888, at 
Auburn, N. Y., Joseph Clary Anderson of Auburn, N. Y., b. 25 
March, 1853; no children. Fanny Goodrich Anderson d. 6 
March, 1905, at Auburn, N. Y. 

George Underwood was graduated from Hamilton College in 
the class of 1838 and was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity. He was a prominent lawyer in Auburn, N. Y. He 
was a member of the N. Y. Assembly, 1850-1852, and mayor of 
Auburn, 1854. He d. 25 May, 1859, at Auburn, N, Y. 

546. Jonathan Platt Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 
George 545) b. 14 Sept., 1849, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. 5 Nov., 1890, 
Caroline Trumbull of Chicago, 111., b. 8 Dec, i860, and had 
children : 

i. Eleanor, b. 4 Jan., 1893. 
ii. Dorothea, b. 18 Oct., 1894. 
iii. Morgan Platt, b. 26 Jan., 1900. 
Jonathan Platt Underwood was graduated from Hamilton 
College in the class of 1 870 and was a member of the Alpha Delta 
Phi fraternity. He resided in Big Rapids, Mich., 1 870-1 889, 
in Milwaukee, Wis., 1 889-1 890, and since 1890 in Chicago, 111. 
He is a member of the Union League and University clubs in 
Chicago, and the University club of New York. He is engaged 
in lumbering and other allied business enterprises. His wife, 
Caroline Trumbull Underwood, d. 10 March, 1905. 

547. George Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of George 545) 
b. 17 July, 1855, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. 20 Oct., 1880, Grace 
Kennard of Boston, Mass., b. 27 July, 1858, and had children: 


i. Grace, b. 21 Jan., 1882; d. 24 March, 1882. 

ii. George, b. 29 Sept., 1883. (See no. 548.) 

ill. Kennard, b. 16 Aug., 1886. 

iv. Rosamond, b, 8 Oct., 1887, 

V. Arthur Kennard, b. 13 Nov., 1894. 
George UndenvoocI was graduated from Yale in the class of 
1875 and was a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. He studied 
law and was admitted to the New York bar in 1877. He has 
practised law at Auburn, N. Y., ever since. He was a member of 
the board of education of Auburn, 1881-1884, and president 
of the board, 1 883-1 884. He was twice elected judge of Cayuga 
county. He is a m^nber of the University and Adirondack 
League clubs of New York city. His portrait is shown opposite 
page 309. George Underwood has in his possession a fine speci- 
men of the Underwood seal (see illustration). It is beautifully 
cut in the face of a handsome topaz set in an old fashioned gold 
fob. It was purchased in Bermuda in 1885, the vendor stating 
that it had belonged to an Underwood resident there whose 
branch of the family had died out.* 

548. George Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of George 547) 
b. 29 Sept., 1883; m. 14 April, 1909, Amy L. Demming of 
Auburn, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Charlotte, b. 20 Jan., 1910. 
ii. George, b. 30 Oct., 191 1. 
George Underwood graduated from Yale College in 1906 and 
is owner of a rope and twine business at Auburn, N. Y., where he 

549. Henry Underv/ood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of Amos 544) 
b. 8 Feb., 1818, at Cooperstown, N. Y.; m. in 1844, Eliza Catlin, 
b. 14 Feb., 1824; no children. Henry Underwood resided at or 
near Auburn until 1857. From 1857-1879 he lived at Albany, 
N. Y., and then rem. again to Auburn, N. Y., where he d. 14 
May, 1 88 1. He was private secretary to Gov. Seward, 1 851-1852, 
and was for several years in the employ of the New York Central 

*See no. 1233. Ed. 


& Hudson River Railroad Co., part of the time as purchasing 
agent in the supply department of that company. His wife, 
Eliza Catlin Underwood, d. 6 March, 1896. 

550. Amos Underwood of Phelps, N. Y., (son of Atnos 544) 
b. 22 June, 1826, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. 7 June, 1848, Laura A. 
Bostwick of Auburn, N. Y,, b. 15 July, 1827, and had chil- 

i. Anna Maria, b. 11 April, 1850, at Auburn, N. Y. 

ii. Frances Daniels, b. 13 April, 1853; d. 12 Nov., 1870. 

iii. Elizabeth Myers, b. 2 April, 1855; d. 27 Aug., 1882. 

iv. Emily Bemis, b. 22 Jan., 1857; d. 12 Nov., i860. 

V. Laura Margaret, b. 13 June, 1862; d. 18 June, 1862. 

vi. Mary Gertrude, b. 14 March, 1865; m. 20 Aug., 1889, 
Henry Danielson Hopkins of Phelps, N. Y., b. 29 May, 1862, and 
had children: (i) Frances Laura Hopkins, b. 17 July, 1893; d. 
25 Dec, 1896; (2) Anna Elizabeth Hopkins, b. 14 June, 1895; 
(3) Alice Mary Hopkins, b. 6 March, 1898; (4) Henry Under- 
wood Hopkins, h. 28 May, 1900; (5) Charlotte Bostivi-ck Hopkins, 
b. 7 Jan., 1903; (6) Margaret Gertrude Hopkins, b. i Dec, 1907. 
The family resides at New Hartford, N. Y. 

vii. Frank Amos, b. 30 Oct., 1868. (See no. 551.) 
Amos UndersN'ood was graduated from Hamilton College in 
the class of 1847 and was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi 
fraternity. He was a bookkeeper at Auburn, N. Y., 1853-1859; 
agent of the American Express Co., at Phelps, N. Y., 1861-1889; 
and cashier of banking house of John H. Roy & Co., Phelps, 
N. Y., 1 889-1903. His wife, Laura Bostwick Underwood, d. 8 
April, 1905, at Phelps, N. Y., and Amos Underwood d. at the 
same place 26 Jan., 1907. 

551. Frank Amos Underwood, of Phelps, N. Y., (son of Amos 
550) b. 30 Oct., 1868, at Phelps, N. Y.; m. 3 June, 1895, Ida 
Frances Smith of Auburn, N, Y. ; no children. Frank A. Under- 
wood was a traveling salesman until 1904. Since then he has 
been engaged in business at Phelps, N. Y., where he now (1911) 


552. Charles Underwood of Aurelius, N. Y., (son of A^nos 54^) 
b. 2T, Dec, 1828, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. 28 April, 1857, Sarah 
Frances Austin of Auburn, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Sarah Adell, b. 12 Nov., 1858; m. 10 Oct., 1883, Frank 
E. Storrs of Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., and had one child: 
Grace Ellen Storrs, b. i Oct., 1885. 

ii. GiiACE Lydia, b. 14 April, 1864; m. 16 Dec, 1885, Elmer 
Seward Webster of Aurelius, N. Y., and had children : (i) Benja- 
mi?i Garfield Webster, h. 2 Oct., 1886; (2) Henry Undertvood 
Webster, b. 17 July, 1888; (3) Alattie Adell Webster, b. 6 May, 
1891; (4) Isabel Annlla Webster, b. 11 Sept., 1895; (5) Frances 
Hazel Webster, b. 19 Aug., 1897. 

iii. Mehetable Briggs, b. 15 April, 1867. 

iv. John Clarence, b. 9 Sept., 1869. (See no. 553.) 
Charles Underwood resided at Auburn, N. Y., and in the 
adjacent town of Aurelius all his life. He studied law and was 
admitted to the bar, but gave up the practice of law on account 
of deafness and became a farmer. He d. 21 Aug., 1892, in the 
town of Aurelius, N. Y. 

553. John Clarence Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of 
Charles 552) b. 9 Sept., 1869, at AureUus, N. Y.; m. 20 Dec, 
1893, Jane Maria Painter, b. i April, 1873, i^i Evenly, Northamp- 
tonshire, England; no children. John C. Underwood was in the 
employ of the Auburn Tool Co. from 1888-1894. Since 1894 
he has been in the employ of the Auburn City Railway Co. 
(now Auburn & Syracuse R. R. Co.). He has resided in Auburn 
since his marriage in 1893. 

554. John Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of Amos 544) b, 
5 May, T831, at Auburn, N. Y.; m. 7 Feb., 1855, Augusta Allen, 
b. 25 March, 1833, and had children: 

i. Louie Augusta, b. 26 Jan., 1856; m. 14 May, 1903, J. 
Warren Mead of Auburn, N. Y.; no children. 

ii. Amos Henry, b. 21 June, 1859. (See no. 555.) 
John Undenvood resided in the town of Aurelius until 1878 


where he was a farmer. From 1878 on he resided in Auburn, 
N. Y., where he d. 20 Sept., 1903. His wife, Augusta Allen 
Underwood, d. 19 Aug., 1896. He was superintendent of chari- 
ties of the city of Auburn, 1880-1886, and agent of the United 
States Express Co., from 1893 to 1898. 

555. Amos Henry Underwood of Auburn, N. Y., (son of John 
554) b. 21 June, 1859, at AuicHus, N. Y.; ni. 17 Dec, 1885, Sarah 
Bishop; no children. Amos H. Underwood was in the railroad 
business from 1 878-1 895, being superintendent of Auburn City 
Railway the last three years. Since 1897 he has been clerk to 
the Cayuga county treasurer. 

556. Jonas Underwood of Hartfield, N. Y., (son of Reuben 538) 
b. II March, 1797, at Spencer, Mass.; m. 23 May, 1824, Hannah 
Browning and had children: 

i. Mary, b. at Spencer, Mass.; d. se. 14, at Auburn, 

N. Y. 

ii. Cyrus, b. in 1827. (See no. 557.) 
iii. Charles Browning, b. in 1829. (See no. 558.) 

iv. Reuben, b. , at Auburn, N. Y.; d. ae. 2, at Auburn, 

N. Y. 

V. William, b. 1833. (See no. 560.) 

vi. Lewis, b. in 1835, at Auburn, N. Y.; unm.; d. in 1900, 
at Chautauqua, N, Y. 

Jonas Underwood was a farmer living at Spencer, Mass., with 
his father. Three of his children were born there. After his 
father's death he rem. to Auburn, N. Y., and later to Hartfield, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., where he d. in 1862. 

557- Cyrus Underwood of Buffalo, N. Y., (son of Jonas 556) 
b. in 1827, at Spencer, Mass.; m. (i) Juliette Barnes and (2) 
Phebe Bronson; no children by either marriage. Cyrus Under- 
wood lived at Buffalo, N. Y., and d. at that place in 1901. 

558. Charles Browning Underwood of Westfield, N. Y., (son 
of Jonas 556) b. in 1829, at Spencer, Mass.; m. Frances Fanvellof 
Mayville, N. Y., and had children: 


i. Hattie L., b. in July, 1858; d. in March, 1877. 
ii. George, b. in July, 1861. (See no. 559.) 
Frances Farwell Underwood d. 19 Jan., 1874, and Charles B. 
Undenvood m. (2) Mrs. Adaline Spring Robertson. 

Charles B. Underwood is engaged in farming at Westfield, N. Y. 

559. George Underwood of Buffalo, N. Y., (son of Charles B. 
558) b. in July, 1861, at Westfield, N. Y.; m. in 1888, Hattie 
Beaujean of Mayville, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Victor, b. in 1889. 
ii. Francis, b. in 1893. 
iii. Harry C, b. in 1895. 
George Underwood is engaged in printing at Buffalo, N. Y. 

560. "William Underwood of Green Harbor, Mass., (son of 
Jonas 556) b. in 1833 at Auburn, N. Y.; m. Phebe, dau. of 
Edwin Waite of Leicester, Mass. ; no children. 

561. Cyrus Underwood of Jamestown, N. Y., (son of Reuheyi 
538) b. 16 Sept., 1801, at Spencer, Mass.; m. 17 Nov., 1824, 
Emeline Waite, dau. of Samuel Waite of Leicester, Mass., and 
had children: 

i. Eliza, b. 28 Aug., 1827; d. 8 March, 1832. 
ii. Samuel Waite, b. 12 Dec, 1829. (See no. 562.) 
iii. Laura Eliza, b. 16 Sept., 1832; d. 21 Nov., 1834. 
iv. Lyman Waite, b. 3 March, 1835. (See no. 563.) 
V. Emeline, b. 16 May, 1837; m. 2 April, 1855, Perry 
S. Barnes of Hartfield, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; no children. 
Emeline Underwood Barnes d. 4 April, 1891, and her husband, 
Perr>^ S. Barnes, d. 3 Feb., 1905, both at Jamestown, N. Y. 

vi. Jane, b. 26 Dec, 1838; unm.; resides in part at Spencer, 
Mass., and part of the time at Jamestown, N. Y. 

vii. Sybil, b. 6 June, 1841; unm.; d. 15 Aug., 1863. 
viii. Helen, b. 28 March, 1843; unm.; d. 30 July, 1883. 
ix. Cyrus, b. 27 Aug., 1845. (See no. 565.) 
X. Albert, b. 14 May, 1847. (See no. 568.) 


Cyrus Underwood was a farmer who rem. from Spencer, Mass., 
to Auburn, N. Y., and afterwards to Chautauqua county, N, Y., 
living first at Mayville and afterwards at Jamestown, N. Y. 
He d. 12 Oct., 1881, at Jamestown, N. Y. 

562. Samuel Waite Underwood of Mayvilie, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y., (son of Cyrus 561) b. 12 Dec, 1829, at Aurelius, N. Y.; 
m. 3 April, 1851, Mary S. Pullman who d. 25 Feb., 1852, without 
children and Samuel W. Underwood m. (2) Ann E. Lay and had 
one daughter: 

i. IsABELA A., b. 7 Sept., 1853; m. Edward Rudd of 
Richmond, Va., and had children: (i) Clarence A. Rudd, h. 21 
May, 1881; (2) Harold P. Rudd, b. 28 Feb., 1884; d- when a 
few weeks old. The elder son, Clarence A. Rudd, m. Viva 
Parker and has one child: Lawrence Rudd. The families are 
living near Mayvilie, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

Samuel W. Undei-wood d. 28 Feb., 1903, near Mayvilie, N. Y. 

563. Lyman V/aite Underwood of Jamestown, N. Y., (son of 
C>T7;5 56i)b. 3March, 1835, at Aurelius, N. Y.; m. 2 Aug., 1857, 
Elizabeth AL Wade and had children: 

i. Edward Lyman, b. i8 April, 1858. (See no. 564.) 
ii. Mary E., b. 26 Jan., i860; m. 17 Oct., 1883, Dura D. 
Woodford of Jamestown, N. Y., and had children: (i) JoJni 
Lyman Woodford, b. 20 Jan., 1886; (2) Delia Elizabeth Woodford, 
h. 12 Dec, 1887; (3) George Dura Woodford, h. 11 Nov., 1889; 
d. 5 April, 1895. Mary Underwood Woodford d. 16 Jan., 1896, 
at Jamestown, N. Y., where the family still reside. 

iii. Adella G., b. 11 Oct., 1861; unm.; lives at Jamestown, 
N. Y. 

iv. George Wade, b. 23 Oct., 1864; d. 19 Sept., 1865. 
Elizabeth Wade Underwood d. i Feb., 1873, and Lyman W. 
Underwood m. (2) Frances A. Wade; no children. 

Lyman W. Underwood resided at Mayvilie, N. Y., until the 
latter part of his life when he rem. to Jamestown, N. Y., where 
he d. 10 Sept., 1875. 


564. Edward Lyman Underwood of Jamestown, N. Y., (son of 
Lyman 563) b. 18 April, 1858, at Ma>-ville, N. Y.; m. 20 Aug., 
1884, Tryphcna H. Rowe and had children: 

i. James Rowe, b. i Dec, 1885; student at Case School of 
Applied Science. 

ii. Edward Cyrus, b. 18 June, 1889. 
iii. Stanley Ferrier, b. 5 Oct., 1891. 
iv. Robert, b. 22 Feb., 1894; d. 26 Feb., 1894. 
Edward L. Underwood is a merchant at Jamestown, N. Y. 

565. Cyrus Underwood of Jamestown, N. Y., (son of Cyrus 
561) b. 27 Aug., 1845, at Hartfield, N. Y.; m. 19 May, 1869, 
Julia A. Underwood (dau. of no. 540) and had children: 

i. Waite Reuben, b. it March, 1870. (See no. 566.) 
ii. Arthur John, b. 27 March, 1872; unm.; was graduated 
from Lafayette College, class of 1895. Arthur J. Underwood 
is a mining engineer now engaged at the Lluvia de Oro mine, 
Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico. 

iii. Florence Minerva, b. 16 Aug., 1873; d- 29 Aug., 1873. 
iv. Herbert Lyman, b. 30 Sept., 1874. (See no. 567.) 
V. Harold Barnes, b. 16 June, 1884; now a student at 
Cornell University. 

Cyrus Underwood is an oil producer He resided near Peters- 
burg, Va., 1869-1871, when he returned to Mayville, N. Y., where 
he resided until 1876, when he rem. to Jamestown, N. Y., where 
he still resides. 

566. Waite Reuben Underwood of Jerusalem, Monroe Co., 
Ohio, (son of Cyrus 565) b. ii March, 1870, at Petersburg, Va.; 
m. Mary E. Cushman and has one son: 

i. Robert Cushman, b. 10 Dec, 1901. 
Waite R. Underwood is in the oil business at Jerusalem, Ohio. 

567. Herbert Lyman Underwood of Erzroum, Eastern Turkey, 
(son of Cyrus 565) b. 30 Sept., 1874, at Long Point, Chautauqua 
Lake, N. Y.; m. Dora Evangeline, dau. of G. F. Judson of 
Denver, Colorado, and had children: 


i. Evelyn Hope, b. 20 Dec, 1902. 
ii. Ernest Arthur, b. 4 Jan., 1904. 
Herbert L. Underwood was graduated from Gross Medical 
College, Denver, Col., in 1899. He is engaged as a medical 
missionary under the American Board of Commissioners of 
Foreign Missions, formerly at Bitlis, now at Erzroum, Eastern 

568. Albert Underwood of Jamestown, N. Y., (son of Cyrus 
561) b. 14 May, 1847, at Hartfieid, N. Y.; m. 3 April, 1873, 
Hulda B. Underwood (dau. of no. 540) and had children: 
i. Bertha Alma, b. 15 March, 1874; unm. 
ii. Fred Emory, b. 16 March, 1875; unm. 
iii. Anna Emeline, b. 3 Feb., 1878; unm. 
iv. Belle Minerva, b. 18 Aug., 1880; unm. 
V. Ernest, b. 11 June, 1884; d. 24 Aug., 1884. 
Albert Underwood was a farmer and groceryman at Jamestown, 
N. Y. Later he became blind and retired from business. 

II. The Lincoln Family. 

This family is descended from Thomas Underwood who came 
to America about 1660 and married as his second wife, Magdalen 
Underwood, widow of Thomas Underwood (no. 2) of the Water- 
town Family. His son Thomas apparently had only one son, 
Joseph, from whose six sons have arisen a numerous family now 
scattered widely over the country. 

569. Thomas Underwood of Watertown, Mass.; m. (in Eng- 
land) Tilson, and had one son: 

i. Thomas, b. . (See no. 570.) 

It is not known whether there were other children, but this 
one alone is mentioned in his father's will. 

Thomas Underwood came to America from London about 1660 
and m. (2) 7 Sept., 1669, Magdalen Underwood, widow of Thomas 
Underwood (no. 2) ; no children by the second marriage. 


Part of the information relative to this man is seen in the follow- 
ing quotation from a letter of Robert Atkyn of England to John 
Leverett of Boston, dated i8 March, 1672: "There is one Mr. 
Thomas Undenvood sometimes wollen drap' — in London who I 
think lives in Boston and has beene there 10 or 12 yeares, that 
manyed old Mr. Tilson's daughter one of them, but she is dead 
and since he went to New England has marryed again" etc.* 

Thomas Undenvood made a will 19 July, 1679. 

Will of Tho>l\s Underwood. 
I Thomas Underwood of Watertown in the Colony of the 
Massachusetts, New England, gentleman, being of sound mind 
and memory, but under much bodily infirmity, doe make this my 
last Will & Testament, revoking and making voyd or null all 
former Will or Wills: my Soul I give to God who gave it in 
assured hope of Salvation through the purchase of Christ my 
dear Redeem' my body to the earth by decent buriall at the 
discretion of my Executor or Executrix hereafter named, Impr. 

1. All the Land my dear wife gave me (viz: Magdalen Under- 
wood) I give to my sayd wife & her heirs for ever allways pro- 
vided that the six ac" bought of Samuel Hide lying on the South 
Side of Charles riv^ in case my son Thomas Underwood now in 
old England shall within two year after my decease come to abide 
& dwell here, then that six ac^ shall be & remayne to him & 
his heyrs for ever otherwise to remayne as before to my beloved 
wife Magdalen Underwood & her heyrs for ever. 

2. All the Cattle horse. Swine, household Goods, Corne, 
utensills of Husbandry or hay in barne or upon the ground or 
in grass, I give to my wife to be at her sole dispose; my meaning 
is that what Estate of Cattle horse, swine, household Goods, 
utensills of Husbandry all that my wife Magdalen Underwood 
brought with her & the produce of it that shall be at my decease 
& remayne to her at her own dispose. 

3. All my Goods, money & plate that is mine & no prt. of 
the before excepted I give to my beloved wife & my son Thomas 
Underivood to be equally divided between them, & my beloved 
wife to determine & declare what she brought and is hers and 
what I brought & is mine. And I nominate and authorize my 

* Cf. Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 2. 


beloved wife Magdalen Underwood & my son Thomas Under- 
wood sole Executor & Executrix to this my last Will for con- 
firmation hereof I Thomas Underwood have put to my hand & 
seale this 19 of July 1679, 

Tho: Underwood 
& seale. 
In the presence of Us, 
Henery Spring- 
John Shearman 

Magdalen Underwood d. 10 Apr., 1687, ae. 80 years. Her 
will is on record in the Suffolk county probate, a copy of which 
we append below. 

Will of Magdalen Underwood. 
The last will and Testam*. of M" Magdalen Underwood now 
residing in Cambridge Village in the County of Middlesex will 
made when she was in perfect memory and made upon the 29th 
day of May in the year of our Lord 1686. Imprimis, I do give 
and bequeath unto my kinsman John Gibson my Lands in 
Cambridge villag which he is now poss'd of being about six acres 
also one cow now in his hands one mare now in y« hands of 
Thomas Underwood now in Wat^'town also a book also all and 
any provisions that may be Eaten that ar in his house & I do 
give unto his wife Hannah Gibson all my wearing Cloths both 
wollen & Linnen, Item. I do give unto landsman Thomas 
Underwood six acres of Land out of my Divident lying by John 
Smith's. Item. I do give all those goods that was my husband 
Underwood's unto my Daught^ in Law Hanah Underwood and 
I do betrust my kindsman & kindswoman the s". John & Hanah 
Gibson for the taking care of these Goods & delivering of them 

to hereafter my . Item. I do give all my out Lands that 

my husband Underwood left me in his will to dispose of unto 
the children of my Kinsman Richard Child & that he had by my 
kinswoman Mihitaboll Dimak with the pay that the Lott which 
was Charles Sharm's may be sold for and my will is that this 
Lott shall be praised by two indifferent men one chosen by 
Richard Child & the other by Thomas Undeiwood and my 
kinsman Thomas Underwood shall have two years day (?) to 
pay for it & I do appoint my kinsman the s". Richard Childs my 


sole xEcut'' of this my last will 6c Testam*. & after my ffunerall 
charges «& Debts be discharged I do will & bequeath all yV of 
my Estate lots (?) Cattle & moveables & out Lands y*. is not 
before mentioned & given unto the Children of my kinsman 
Richard Childs whichever had as before s*^. by my kinswoman 
his wife Mihitaboll Dimak to be equally divided amongst them 
Excepting one book to Thomas Underwood which he hath all- 
ready in his hands and I do design (?) and appoint my loveing 
and respected friends Lieughn'. John Warren, Simon Stow & 
his brother John Stow & M'. John Biglor to be overseers to see 
y*. this my last will be dully & faithfully p^formed notwith- 
standing what is before said my will is that M'. Nehamiah Hobart 
shall have a book. & also I think of something now in the hands 
of Edward Wildr at Hingam To this my last will & Testam*. 
I do hereunto put my hand &: seal the day & year above written. 

Magdlen X Underwood 
Joseph Norcross (?) mark 

Gregory' Cook 
Thomas Greenwood 

Will proved 20 April 1687 

570. Thomas Underv/ood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Thomas 

569) b. about 1655 in England; m. Mary and had one son: 

i. Joseph, b. . (See no. 571.) 

Almost the entire information we have concerning this man 
beyond what is stated in his father's will quoted above is found 
in the following deed copied from the Middlesex records:* 

Deed from Thomas Underwood and Mary, his wife. 

To all people to whom these presents shall come: Know ye 
that I Thomas Underwood of Lexington in ye County of Middle- 
sex in His Majesties province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England husbandman For and in consideration of love good will 
and affection w'h I do beare to my dutyfull son Joseph Under- 
wood of the same town and county husbandman Have given 
granted and do by these presents freely clearly and absolutely 
give grant and convey and confirm unto him the said Joseph 
Underwood his heirs executors and assigns all and singular my 

* Middlesex Records 19: 163. 

■i: . 


land lying and being in Lexington above said containing by 
Estimation forty acres be it more or less being upland and medow 
bounded easterly on Dunback medow, westerly on Hunting 
swamp northerly by the lands of Joshua Warren and Benjamin 
Smith, and southerly of the lands of George Adams and John 
Adams. To have & to hold all the said lands with all the Hous- 
ing Fences Timber Trees Wood and Underwood water and water 
courses, with all privileges and appurtenances to the same 
belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the sd Joseph 
Underwood his heires and assigns forever and that by the power 
and virtue of these presents the sd Joseph Underv,-ood may 
forever hereafter have hold, use, occupy, possess & enjoy the 
same and every part and parcel thereof peaceably and quietly 
without the lawful lett suit deny all disturbances and contra- 
diction of me ye said Thomas Underwood or any other person 
or persons by from or under me or my procurement. In witness 
whereof I the sd Thomas Underwood with Ivlar>' my now married 
wife have hereunto put our hands and seals this tenth day of 
March Anno Domini Seventeen hundred and Seventeen Eigh- 
teen in the fourth year of his Majesties reign. 

Thomas X Underwood 

Mary X Underwood 
Syned Sealed and Delivered in mark 

presence of us 

Mary X Smith 

John Mason. 

Thomas Underw'ood d. i6 Feb., 1742/43 in Lexington, Mass., 
his wife, Mary, having d. 15 Jan., 1742.* 

571. Joseph Underv/ood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Thomas 

570) b. ; m. Ruth and had children born at Lexington, 

Mass., at least :t 

* Lexington Church Rec. Ed. 

t According to Lexington church records a Hannah Underwood d. there 30 
March, 1749, and a child of Joseph Underwood d. 3. Dec, I745- Ed- 


i. Joseph, bapt. 3 March, 1723. (See no. 572.) 
ii. Joshua, bapt. 6 June, 1725. (See no. 617.) 
iii. Elijah, bapt. 5 May, 1728. (See no. 619.) 
iv. Peter, bapt. 25 May, 1729- (See no. 626.) 

V. Ruth, bapt. 4 April, 1731; m. Gage (?). 

vi. Israel, bapt. 23 June, 1734. (See no. 640.)* 
vii. Moses, bapt. 17 Aug., 1735. (See no. 658.) 
viii. Susanna, bapt. 2 Sept., 1739; d. 23 Feb., 1762, in Lincoln. 
Little is known of the father, Joseph Underwood, except what 
is conveyed in the deed above given from his parents, Thomas 
Underwood and Mary his wife. Joseph Underwood d. 27 Apr., 
1760, leaving no will. His property included in the inventory of 
his estate amounted to £138 12s. The papers relative to the 
settlement (Middlesex Probate) mention Peter Underwood and 
his brothers, Joseph, Joshua, Elijah, Israel, Moses, and his sister, 
Ruth, " children of the said intestate." Ruth Underwood, widow 
of Joseph, d. 23 June, 1775, in Lincoln, Mass. 

572. Joseph Underwood of Waltham, Mass., (son of Joseph 
571) bapt. 3 March, 1723, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 26 Feb., 
I747,t Anna Baker of Waltham, Mass., and had children born at 
Waltham : 

i. Samuel, b. 21 Nov., 1747. (See no. 573.) 
ii, Joseph, b. 30 April, 1749. (See no. 585.) 
Anna Baker Underwood d. 30 M^ay, 1749, and Joseph Under- 
wood m. (2) 4 June, 1750, Eunice Smith, dau. of Daniel and 
Mary Smith, b. 4 June, 1730, and had children: 
iii. Eunice, b. 10 Dec, 1751; bapt. 15 Dec. 
iv. Nathan, b. 3 Aug., 1753- (See no. 593.) 
V. Elizabeth, b. 16 Aug., 1755; bapt. 17 Aug.J 
vi. Anna, b. 22 May, 1757; bapt. 29 May. 
vii. Sarah, b. 25 March, 1759; bapt. 8 April. 

* Note according to family records of Israel (no. 647) he was b. 15 Oct.. 1733 
t Also given as 1744. Cf. Hudson's Hist, of Lexington. 

}The following appears in the Lexington Ch. Rec; Betty Underwood's child 
d. 26 Sept., 1774- 


Joseph Underwood d. 25 April, 1760, at Lexington, Mass. 
His widow, Eunice Smith Under^'ood, was admitted to the church 
at Lexington, 6 July, 1760, and married 6 Jan., 1784, Major 
Samuel Stone of Ashhy, Mass. She d. 18 June, 1805, ae. 75. 

573. Samuel Underwood of Halifax, Vt., (son of Joseph 572) 
b. 21 Nov., 1747; bapt. 29 Nov., 1747, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 
Maria and had children: 

i. SuLMiTTY, b. 13 Oct., 1770. 
ii. Joseph, b. 9 March, 1772; d. 11 May, 1790. 
iii. Hannah, b. 16 Nov., 1773. 
iv. Eunice, b. 8 Jan., 1775. 
V. Betsey, b. 8 Sept., 1777; d. 23 Sept., 1785. 
vi. Sally, b. 23 Sept., 1779. 

vii. Polly, b. . 

viii. Nathan, b. .* 

ix. Moses, b. . (See no. 574.) 

X. Abi, b. . 

xi. Amos, b. 4 Oct., 1791. (See no. 580.) 
Samuel Underwood rem. to Halifax, Vt. He was a farmer at 
that place and d. there 23 May, 1819, ee. 72. His widow, Maria 

Underwood, d. 12 April, 1832, a?. 82. The home was near 

the Colerain, Mass., line and settlement was made at that place 
before 1 791, as Amos Underwood (no. 580) was born on the farm 
that was afterwards occupied by the family for two generations. 

574. Moses Underwood of North Heath, Mass., (son of 

Samuel 573) b. ; m. 31 Dec, 1816, Sarah Winn and had 


i. Rhoda, b. 8 June, 1817; m. and had children: 

(i) Henry , b. ; (2) Elias , b. ; (3) Erasttis , 

b. ; (4) Sarah , b. ; (5) Ellen , b. ; (6) 

Almira , b. ; m. Ransbotham and lived in River- 
ton, Conn. Rhoda Underwood d. 10 July, 1855.! 

♦According to Mrs. Clara Galvin (dau. of no. 581) Nathan Undervvood "lived 
in York state." He is possibly the Nathan Underwood who formerly lived in 
Utica, N. v., where there was at one time a considerable family of Underwoods. 

t Also given as 1865. 


ii. Samuel, b. 2 March, 1819; d. 22 May, 1844. 

iii. Eunice, b. 5 May, 1821; m. Bates and lived in 

Davenport, Iowa, where she d. 5 Jan., 1865. 

iv. William Winn, b. 2 Oct., 1823. (See no. 575.) 

V. Annie M., b. 10 Nov., 1825; m. John Shimmons and 

had five children: (i) Charles Shimmo7is, b. ; lives in 

Lawrence, Kan.; (2) George A. Shimmons, h. ; lives in 

Joplin, Mo.; (3) Nellie Shim^no'ns, b. ; m. McCall, 

and is now^ dead; (4) Frank Shimmons, b. ; (5) John Shim- 
mons, b. . Annie Underwood Shimmons lived in Lawrence, 

Kan., where she d. 21 Sept., 1874. 

vi. Levi, b. 10 March, 1829; lived at Rcadsboro, Vt., where 
he d. 13 Oct., 1871. 

Sarah Winn Underwood d. 6 April, 1837, and Moses Under- 
wood m. (2) Diana Harris and had children: 

V. John H., b. 2 March, 1844. (See no. 577.) 
vi. Henry Martin, b. 10 Feb., 1850. (See no. 579.) 
vii. Mary Maria, b. i Jan., 1857. 
viii. Jennie Elizabeth, b. in i860. 
ix. Charles Edwin, b. 15 May, 1862. 
X. Rose Minerva, b. in 1864. 
Moses Undens'ood was a farmer and lived at North Heath, 
Mass., after his first marriage until his death 10 Feb.,* 1871. 

575. William Winn Underwood of Conway, Mass., (son of 
Moses 574) b. 2 Oct., 1823; m. 17 Nov., 1846, Maria H. Payne 
and had children: 

i. Annie Maria, b. 13 July, 1847; m. 17 June, 1873, 
George E. Smith and had one child: Louise Antonette Smith, b. 
in 1874; m. 9 Oct., 1895, Francis A. Gordon and resides at 125 
North Broad St., Peekskill, N. Y. George E. Smith d. and 
Annie Underwood Smith m. (2) William Crooks and lived at 
Tarrytown Heights, N. Y., where she d. 27 Sept., 1889. 

ii. Mary Salina, b. 28 Sept., 1848; m. i Jan., 1868, James 
F. Hunter, a miller, and had six children: (i) William Himter, 
* Also given as 5 Feb. 


b. ; d. ; (2) Charles Hunter, b. ; d. ; (3) 

Edwin Hunter, h. ; m. ; lives at Shelburne Falls, Mass.; 

(4) Annie Htinter, b. ; m. F. A. Phelps of 12 Princeton St., 

Westfield, Mass.; (5) Rose Hunter, b. ; d. ; (6) Mary 

S. Hunter, h. ; m. Abraham Clear and lives at Pocantico 

Hills, N. Y. The family lived at Shelburne Falls, Mass., where 
Mary Undenvood Hunter d. 17 April, 1804. James Hunter is 
still living there. He was a soldier in the Civil War. 

iii. Julia Lucina, b. 26 Feb., 1852; m. 22 Jan., 1874, Darius 
F. Young and had three children; (i) Jtdia Rosictta Young, b. 5 

May, 1876; m. ; (2) William Darius Young, h. 16 Jan., 

1880; m. ; (3) Herbert Raymond Young, b. 4 Aug., 1889; 

unm.; lives with his parents. Julia and her husband are living 
on a farm near Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

iv. A son, b. 14 April, 1853; d. the same day. 

v. William Moses, b. 26 March, 1854. (See no. 576.) 

vi. Sarah Jane, b. 26 July, 1856; m. 28 March, 1877, 
Milton W. Thayer and had two children: (i) Etta Blanch Thayer, 
b. 27 Feb., 1878; m. 9 Oct., 1901, Frank Rockwell, a farmer of 
Townshend, Vt.; (2) Pearl Edith Thayer, b. 7 July, 1880. The 
family lives on a farm at Townshend, Vt. 

vii. Nellie Sophia, b. i April, i860, in Conway, Mass.; m. 

24 May, 1900, Joseph Robinson; no children. Joseph Robinson 
d. and Nellie is now (1910) livmg at 9 Blackington St., North 
Adams, Mass. 

William W. UnderAvood was a farmer and lived in Conway, 
Mass., where he d. 19 June, 1881. Maria Payne Underwood 
m. (2) Graves and d. 17 Nov., 1894. 

576. William Moses Underwood of Shelburne Falls, Mass., 
(son of William 575) b. 26 March, 1854, in Conway, Mass.; m. 

25 April, 1884, Helen O. Woodward and had one child: 

i. William Dwight, b. 14 May, 1884, a clerk now (1910) 
living in Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

William M. Underwood is a carpenter and mason and lives 
in Shelburne Falls, Mass. 


577. John H. Underwood of North Heath, Mass., (son of Moses 
574) b. 2 March, 1844; m. Eunice Hathaway. She d. and he 
married (2) 30 April, 1868, Mary S. Iving, dau. of Jason and 
Sarepto I'Cing, and had one son: 

i. William Grant, b. 4 March, 1869. (See no. 578.) 
John Underwood was a soldier in the Civil War. He is now a 
farmer living at North Heath, Mass. 

578. William Grant Underwood of Whitingham, Vt., (son of 
John 577) b. 4 March, 1869, at Heath, Mass.; m. 6 June, 1892, 
Ora V. Fairbanks, b. 16 Dec, 1872, a dau. of Francis and Cyntha 
Fairbanks, and had two children : 

i. Lee Austin, b. 7 April, 1893. 
ii. Blanch Lillian, b. 4 March, 1895. 
Ora Fairbanks Underwood d. ii Nov., 1895, and William G. 
Undenvood m. (2) 6 Oct., 1902, Mamie E. Stafford, dau. of Jason 
and Ella Stafford, and has had one son: 
iii. Ralph William, b. 8 May, 1904. 
William G. Underw^ood is a farmer and lived at Heath, Mass., 
until he was twenty-one, then for three years at Chicopee, Mass., 
and since that at Whitingham, Vt. 

579. Henry Martin Underwood of Colerain, Mass., (son of 
Moses 574), b. 10 Feb., 1850, at North Heath, Mass.; m. 6 Feb., 

1872, Mary Elizabeth Loomis and had children: 

i. Efford Henry, b. 11 Aug., 1873; lives in Colerain, Mass. 
ii. Minnie May, b. 8 March 1878; lives in Readsboro, Vt. 
iii. Bertha Bell, b. 29 April, 1880; lives in Colerain, 

iv. Dora Etta, b. 22 June, 1885; d. 9 March, 1902. 
V. Arthur Myrum, b. 9 Oct., 1894. 
Henry Martin Underwood was a farmer living first at Whiting- 
ham, Vt., then for a year at Heath, Mass., and from March 21, 

1873, at Colerain, Mass., until his death 19 Jan., 1896. His 
widow is now (1910) living with the youngest child, Arthur, in 
Colerain (Adamsville, post ofhce), Mass. 


580. Amos Underv/ood of Halifax, Vt., (son of Samuel 573) 
b. 4 Oct., 1 791, at Halifax, Vt.; m. Sarah Saunders and had 

i. Betsey, b. 10 Sept., 1813; m. Jerirah Pike and had seven 
children; all dead except three who live in Whitingham, Vt. 
Betsey Underwood Pike, d. 23 May, 1888, at Whitingham, Vt. 
ii. Sarah, b. 28 March, 1815; m. Mascenia Reed of Reads- 
boro, Vt., and had seven children of whom six are living. 
Sarah Underwood Reed d. i Oct., 1880, at Heartwellvilie, Vt. 

iii. Patty, b. 12 June, 1817; d. 17 May, 1818. 

iv. Diana, b. 29 April, 1819; m. Leron Davis of North 
Adams, Mass., and had six children of whom five are living. 
Diana Underwood Davis d. 20 Feb., 1888, at North Adams, 

V. Hannah, b. i June, 1821; m. Dwight Newell; d. 4 Jan., 

vi. Mary, b. 5 May, 1823; m. Hosea Plumb of Colerain, 
Mass., and had children, Mary Underwood Plumb d. i Oct., 
1883, at North Adams, Mass. 

vii. Joseph, b. 16 Oct., 1825, (See no. 581.) 
viii. Lucy, b. 5 Feb., 1828; m. James Robinson of England 
and had one child. Lucy Underv/ood Robinson d. 10 Sept., 1887, 
at Greenfield. 

ix. Olive, b. ii April, 1830; m. Allen Burrington of Adams- 
ville, Colerain, Mass., and had five children of whom four are 
living. Olive Burrington d. 12 April, 1905, and her husband d. 
about the same time. 

X. Amos, b. 9 June, 1832. (See no. 5S2.) 

xi. Phebe, b. 14 Aug., 1834; ^- 22 May, 1852, Eli L Bur- 
rington, a farmer at Colerain, Mass., and had children: (i) 
Edward Burrington, h. 28 Oct., 1853; d. 4 Nov., 1861; (2) Flora 
Burrington, b. 25 Sept., 1862; d. 23 Oct., 1888; (3) William 
Burriyigton, b. 27 Feb., 1868. The family still Hve at Colerain, 

Amos Unden\'ood was a farmer living on the farm on which 


his father settled in 1791 at HaHfax, Vt. He d. 27 May, 1865, 
at Halifax, Vt. 

581. Joseph Underwood of Halifax, Vt., (son of Atnos 580) b. 
16 Oct., 1825, at Halifax, Vt.; m. 26 Jan., 1851, Mariah White 
of Colerain, Mass., and had one child: 

i. Clara A., b. i Nov., 1851, at Halifax, Vt.; m. 23 Nov., 
1870, John Galvin, a farmer of Halifax, Vt., and had children: 
(i) Charles Galvin, b. 22 Aug., 1871; d. 20 Oct., 1904; (2) Gertie 
Galvin, h. 13 June, 1876; (3) John Galvin, h. 3 May, 1885; (4) 
Kaihryn Galvin, b. 18 Feb., 1888; (5) Hazel Galvin, b. 23 Jan., 
1894. Mrs. Galvin lives on the farm on which her greatgrand- 
father settled in 1791 at Halifax, Vt. 

Joseph Undenvood d. 21 Aug., 1899, at Halifax, Vt. He had 
been a farmer all his life. 

582. Amos Underwood of Rowe, Mass., (son of Amos 580) b. 
9 June, 1832, at Halifax, Vt.; m. Sarah Maria Lamb of Whiting- 
ham, Vt., and had children: 

i. Rosa, b. in June, 1851, at Whitingham, Vt.; m. James 
H. Roberts of Heath, Mass., and had children: (i) Ethel Maria 

Roberts, b. ; m. Frank Harris of Heath, Mass.; (2) Roll- 

and Roberts, b. ; (3) Lotus Lysander Roberts, b. ; (4) 

Edjta May Roberts, b. . Rosa Underwood Roberts d. 12 

Feb., 1894, at Heath, Mass. 

ii. Lysander S., b. 16 Apr., 1855; unm.; is a farmer in 
Buckland, Mass. 

iii. Merwin Elmer, b. 10 Dec, 1859. (See no. 583.) 
iv. LiLLA Leola, b. in Nov., 1866; m. Herbert Charles Howe 
of Ashfield, Mass., and had children: (i) Charles Herbert Howe, 
b. 27 April, 1891; (2) Bertha Leola Howe, b. 10 Nov., 1894; (3) 
Lillia7i May Howe, b. 3 Nov., 1895. 

v. George Amos, b. 28 June, 1868. (See no. 584.) 
vl. Carrie Nell, b. in 1869; m. William Area Brooks of 
Everett, Mass., and had one child: (i) Carrie Rtith Brooks, b. 
24 Aug., 1894. The family now live at 10 Shute St., Everett, 



\nL Gr.\ce May, b. in May, 1876; d. in Feb., 1877, 

viii. Gertrude Audell, b. 14 March, 1874, at Rowe, Mass.; 

unm.; is a trained nurse and has lived at Akron, Ohio, 1 884-1 894, 

Fitchburg, Mass., 1894-1898; spent three years in the Newton 

Hospital, 1898-1901; address, 32 Emerson St., Newton, Mass. 

Amos Underwood is a farmer living at Rowe, Mass. 

583. Merwin Elmer Underwood of Amherst, Mass., (son of 
Amos 582) b. 10 Dec, 1859; m. i Jan., 1890, Gertie E. Shaw and 
has three children: 

i. Linn R., b. 29 Dec, 1891. 
ii. Lawrence B., b. 3 July, 1893. 
iii. Arthur A., b. 2 Nov., 1895. 
Menvin E. Undenvood is a farmer of Amherst, Mass., where 
he has lived since 1880. 

584. George Amos Underwood of East Charlemont, Mass., 
(son of Amos 582) b. 28 June, 1868; m. 8 Sept., 1891, Theresa 
May Barnes and has two children: 

i. Florence Hazel, b. 5 Dec, 1892. 
ii. George Amos, b. 7 Sept., 1894. 
George A. Underwood is a farmer and lives in East Charlemont, 

585. Joseph Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Joseph 
572) b. 30 April, 1749, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 21 March, 1771, 
Mary Munroe, b. 3 Mar., 1749, dau. of Marrett* and Deliverance 
(Parker) Munroe, and had children born at Lexington, Mass.: 

i. Joseph, bapt. 5 July, 1772. (See no. 586.) 
ii. Mary, bapt. 27 Feb., 1774; perhaps d. 31 Aug., 1778. 
iii. Anna, bapt. 7 April, 1776; d. 9 Nov., 1776. 
iv. Polly, bapt. 7 Dec, 1777; m. 26 March, 1798, Jonas 
Smith of Lexington, Mass., b. 19 March, 1771, and had children: 
(i) Mary Smith, h. 28 Oct., 1798; (2) Lticy S. Smith, b. 29 July, 
1802; (3) Sophronia Smith, b. I Sept., 1807. 

V. John, bapt. 26 March, 1780. (See no. 587.) 

* Marrett Munroe was also a soldier during the Revolution. 


vi. Nathan, bapt. 14 April, 1782; unm.; d. 18 July, 1850. 

vii. Anna, bapt. 25 July, 1784; m. Ebenezer Smith, b. i Dec, 
1780, and had children: (i) Mary A. Smith, b. 21 April, 1811; 

m. Childs; (2) Emily J. Smith, b. 20 Sept., 1813; d. 20 

Sept., 1817; (3) Maria Smith, b. 10 Jan., 1816; m. Hans- 
comb; (4) Emily J. Smith, b. in July, 1818; d. 28 June, 1820; 

(5) Elizabeth U. Smith, b. 8 Aug., 1820; m. Goddard; (6) 

Adeline Synith (twin), b. 28 Oct., 1822; m. Cooper; (7) 

Addison Smith (twin), b. 28 Oct., 1822; (8) Dorcas U. Smith, 

b. 5 Sept., 1824; m. Farmer; (^) Jo si ah Smith, b. 23 July, 

1827. Anna Underwood Smith d. 6 Sept., 1849. Ebenezer 
Smith d. 15 June, i860. 

viii. Betsey, bapt. 30 Sept., 1787; m. Nichols and had 

one son, Caleb C. Nichols. 

ix. Dorcas, bapt. 15 April, 1790; m. Levi Wade* of Lexing- 
ton, Mass.; no children. Dorcas Underwood Wade d. 21 July, 

Joseph Underwood was a member of Capt. Parker's company 
during the Revolution and marched with detachment to Cam- 
bridge 10 May, 1775, and 17 June, 1775, he was at Bunker Hill. 
He was prominent in the battle of Lexington. He was admitted 
to the church at Lexington, Mass., with his wife, Mary, 22 March, 
1772. Joseph Underwood d. 27 Feb., 1829, at Le:dngton, Mass. 
His wife, Mary Munroe Undenvood, d. 10 July, 1802. Joseph 
seems to have m. (2) 29 Nov., 1804, a Mrs. Mary Hammond 
of Waltham. 

586. Joseph Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Joseph 
585) bapt. 5 July, 1772, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 7 March, 1800, 
Eusebia Harrington, b. 13 Feb., 1776, dau. of Daniel and Anna 
(Munroe) Harrington; no children. Joseph Underwood was 
selectman in 1809. He d. 6 Sept., 1845, at Lexington, Mass. 
His widov/, Eusebia Harrington Underwood, d. 22 Dec, 1858. 

587. John Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Joseph 585) 
bapt. 26 March, 1780, at Lexington, Mass.; m. in 1803, Sarah 

* Also given as Waite. 


Smith, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Taylor) Smith, b. 17 Oct., 
1783, and had children at Lexington, Mass.: 

i. Mary, b. in 1S05; bapt. 19 July, 1812; d. 29 July, 1814. 

ii. Napoleon, b. 3 Nov., 1806; bapt. 19 July, 1812; unm.; 
v/as a farmer until he was 28, then was employed in a carding 
mill; he d. 4 May, 1883, at Arlington, Mass. 

iii. Abigail, b. 28 March, 1809; m. 22 Nov., 1S36, John 
FilIebrown,b.24july, 1812; d. 12 Jan., 1889, of West Cambridge, 
Mass., a market gardener, and had children: (i) Abbie Caroline 
Fillehrown, b. 27 Aug., 1837; d. 5 March, 1843; (2) Alary Jose- 
plihie FiUehroian, b. 11 June, 1840; m. 28 Sept., 1865, Chas. P. 
Pollard, a carriage maker of Woburn, Mass.; (3) Elizabeth Ann 
Fillebroivn, h. 6 July, 1845; m. 10 June, 1872, Rev. W. H. Rider, 
D.D., of Gloucester, Mass.; (4) Julia Frances Fillebrown, b. 27 
Aug., 1847; unm.; d. 22 Aug., 1899. Abigail Underwood Fille- 
brown resided at Arlington, Mass., until her death, 5 June, 1891. 

iv. Betsey, b. 10 Dec, 1812; bapt. 14 March, 1813; m. 
24 Nov., 1836, William Hill, a tailor of Arlington, Mass., and 
had children: (i) Adelaide Hill, b. in 1837; unm.; d. in 1862; 
(2) Louisa Hill, b. in 1840; d. in 1842; (3) Ellen Hill, h. in 
1844; d. in 1848. Betsey Underwood Hill d. in 1846, at Arling- 
ton, Mass. 

v. Mary, b. 14 Feb., 1814; bapt. 21 May, 1815; m. 12 
Nov., 1833, Ebenezer Peirce, a farmer of Waltham, Mass., and 
had children: (i) Mary Frances Peirce, b. in 1834; m. Henry C. 
Taylor of Chicago, 111.; d. in 1864; (2) Anna Lydia Peirce, b. 
in 1836; m. Winslow Peirce, a coal dealer of Arlington, Mass. ; d. 
1863;* (3) Eleanor Peirce, b. in 1838; d. in 1856; (4) Sarah 
Louisa Peirce, b. in 1840; m. Willard Russell, a mason of Arling- 
ton, Mass.; d. in 1869;! (5) Mtmroe Peirce, b. in 1846; d. in 
1849. Mary Underwood Peirce d. in 1852, at Waltham, Mass. 
Ebenezer Peirce d. in 1846. 

* Anna had three children two of whom d. young, the third, Arthur Winslow 
Peirce, b. 3 June, i860, graduated from Tufts College and afterward became pro- 
fessor in Goddard Seminary, Barre, V't. 

t Sarah had one dau. b. 1867, and d. 1869. 


vi. John, b. 5 May, 1817; bapt. 4 Sept., 1817; d. 13 July, 

vii. Joseph, b. 2 Aug., 1818; bapt. 24 Jan., 1819. (See no. 

viii. Sarah, b. 5 Dec, 1819; bapt. 9 July, 1820; m. 9 Feb., 
1843, John A. Tufts, a mason of East Cambridge, Mass., and 
had children: (i) John Albert Tufts, b. in 1844; (2) George Tufts, 
b. in 1846; d. in 1848; (3) Cora Lotiise Tufts, b. in 1857. Sarah 
Underwood Tufts d. 14 Sept., 1885. 

ix. Nathan, b. in March, 1821; d. 18 Sept., 1821. 
X. Nathan, b. 7 March, 1823; bapt. 17 Aug., 1823. (See 
no. 591.) 

xi. Charles, b. in 1825; d. in Aug., 1825. 
John Underwood and his wife, Sarah, were admitted to the 
church at Lexington, Mass., 5 July, 1812. His first three 
children were baptized 19 July, 1812. He d. at Lexington 8 
Aug., 1855. His wife, Sarah Smith Underwood, d. 25 Jan., 1848. 
588. Joseph Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Jo/z?j 587) 
b. 2 Aug., 1818, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 18* Nov., 1849, Mary S. 
Fanvell, b. 12 Nov., 181S, dau. of Cyrus and Rebecca Farwell of 
Waltham, Mass., and had children: 

i. Ellen Mana, b. 15 Nov., 1850; was a teacher in Lexing- 
ton, Mass., until 1901 and since that time in Cambridge, Mass. 
ii. John Ne^t^ian, b. 4 Aug., 1852. (See no. 589.) 
iii. Lizzie Frances, b. ii Oct., 1854; m. 6 Nov., 1873, 
Albert S. Benson of Cambridge, Mass., and had children: (i) 
Ella Gertrude Benson, b. 16 Oct., 1874; (2) Arthur Herbert 
Benson, b. 23 Aug., 1876. 

iv. Abby Caroline, b. 23 Aug., 1856; unm.; dressmaker in 
Waltham, Mass. 

V. Charles Henry, b. 9 Sept., 1858. (See no. 590.) 
Joseph Underwood was a farmer at Lexington, Mass., until 
his death which occurred 26 June, 1873. Mary Farwell Under- 
wood d. 17 Sept., 1889. 

* Also given as 3 & 12. Ed. 


589. John Newman Underwood of Melrose, Mass., (son of 
Joseph 588) b. 4 Aug., 1852, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 7 Sept., 
1880, Jennie H. Williamson of Charlestown, Mass.; no children. 
John N. Underwood is a sheet metal worker and has lived at 
Charlestown, Mass., 1869-1888, at Somerville, Mass., 1888-1894, 
and at Melrose, Mass.,* since 1894. 

590. Charles Henry Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of Joseph 
588) b. 9 Sept., 1858, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 30 June, 1882, 
Josie L. Ford of Arlington, Mass., and had one child: 

i. Frederick Sumner, b. 3 June, 1883. 
Charles H. Underwood resided first in Charlestown, Mass., in 
charge of a periodical store. He then rem. to Chicago, 111., and 
is now (1910) living in Washington state. 

591. Nathan Underwood of Cambridgeport, Mass., (son of 
John 587) b. 7 March, 1823, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 17 April, 
1849, Alice Stearns of Waltham, Mass., and had children: 

i. Francis Herbert, b. 27 Aug., 1850; d. 27 Aug., 1851. 
ii. Frederick Herbert, b. 27 March, 1853; d. 30 Oct., 

iii. Alice Jeannette, b. 3 Sept., 1855; m. Frank Orlando 
Webber, a physician of Cambridgeport, Mass.; no children. 
iv. Ella Gertrude, b. 20 March, 1858; d. 14 Oct., 1874. 
V. Walter Hill, b. 14 Dec, 1862. (See no. 592.) 
Nathan Underwood was in the milk business at Lexington, 
Mass., until 1857. He rem. to Waltham, Mass., in 1857, and 
to Cambridgeport, Mass., in 1864. He d. 22 Dec, 1902. Alice 
Stearns Underwood d. 26 Jan., 1876. 

592. Walter Hill Underwood of Manchester, N. H., (son of 
Nathan 591) b. 14 Dec, 1862, at Waltham, Mass.; m. in Dec, 
1880, Minnie J. Brooks of Cambridge, Mass., and had children: 

i. Alice Gertrude, b. in 1881. 
ii. GoiiDON B.\LCH, b. in March, 1885. 
Walter H. Underwood is in the hardware business in Man- 
chester, N. H. 

* A letter addressed to him there in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


593. Nathan Underwood of Harwich, Mass., (son of /(3^6/>/r572) 
b. 3 Aug., 1753, at Lexington, IVIass. ; m. 26 Sept., 1793, Susannah 
Lawrence, b. 18 June, 1 771, at Waltham, Mass., and had children 
born at Harwich (?), Mass.: 

i. Nathan, b. 18 July, 1794. (See no. 594.) 
ii. Phineas Lawrence, b. 6 Sept., 1796. (See no. 607.) 
iii. Joseph, b. 29 Sept., 1798. (See no. 608.) 
iv. Leonard, b. 22 May, 1801. (See no. 609.) 
V. Sidney, b. 15 June, 1804. (See no. 610.) 
vi. Horatio, b. 22 Sept., 1808. (See no. 613.) 
vii. Marshall Sears, b. 29 June, 1812. (See no. 614.) 
Nathan Underwood, when a young man, was an apprentice to 
a carpenter, but was even then desirous of obtaining a college 
education. The breaking out of the Revolution, however, inter- 
rupted this purpose for a time. He was prevented from having 
a part in the battle of Lexington by a severe cut on the foot 
received about that time. Soon after, he joined the provincial 
army at Cambridge and was actively engaged in the battle of 
Bunker Hill in Captain Parker's company. He was one of the 
last to leave the intrenchments when the enemy took possession. 
After General Washington took command of the army, he was 
stationed with the troops on Roxbury Heights under the com- 
mand of General Ward where he remained until the evacuation. 
He was in the detachment sent to New York in 1776 and took 
part in the campaign on Long Island where he was in Colonel 
Williams's regiment posted on the road from Flatbush to Bedford, 
and the slaughter made by the attack of Sir Henry Clinton and 
the ferocity of the Hessians when the Americans cut their way 
through the British forces, he never spoke of without deep 
emotion. When General Washington decided to effect a with- 
drawal of the army across to New York, Mr. Underwood was 
appointed as a non-commissioned officer to command sixteen 
men in removing the ship stores and ordnance. Great secrecy 
was necessary, for if the movement were discovered by the 
British, the American force would certainly be cut to pieces. 



When charged with the secret and the duty his orders were, 
"Let not a loud word be spoken; if any man speaks loud run him 
through." The retreat was safely accomplished and the whole 
army brought off. 

Mr. Underwood was also under Colonel Glover in resisting the 
attack of the enemy at Fell's Point, and participated in the 
sufferings of the army afteru'ards when, destitute of the common 
necessaries of life, hunger and nakedness accompanied their 
fatigues, and their tracks in the snow were colored with blood 
from their bare feet as they marched along. He often told of 
these trying times and said that, on one occasion in his marches 
across New Jersey into Pennsylvania, a piece of pork, so discolored 
and rusty that it appeared like old leather, was the sweetest 
morsel he ever ate. On another occasion when encamped, it 
was reported that a bullock had been butchered and supplied 
to some of the soldiers, and Mr. Underwood set off vrith others 
to obtain a share, but on arriving they found only the head re- 
maining. Having kindled a fire, they heated this for a few 
minutes and then, without salt or bread, seventeen men made 
their breakfast from it — their only meal that day. He crossed 
the Delaware with Washington on the famous night of the 24 
of December, 1777, and took part in the engagements at Trenton 
and Princeton. The march to Morristown he declared was the 
most trying he ever experienced; the ground frozen, the soldiers 
barefoot, hungry, thirsty, cold, and needing sleep, many sank 
under their fatigue. When Mr. Underwood left the service he 
received an honorable discharge with the promise of a commission 
if he would re-enter. This he thought he would do, but decided 
first to visit his home and friends. His mother's entreaties, 
persuaded him to give up the plan and he began his preparation 
to enter Harvard College where he finally graduated in 1788, 
then studied for the ministry and was settled in Harwich, Mass., 
21 Nov., 1792, where he remained as pastor of the Congregational 
church until 8 April, 1828. He appears also to have acquired a 
farm and is reported to have been one of the most successful and 


scientifically practical farmers in the county. He was frequently 
chosen to represent his town in the General Court. In his later 
years being somewhat deaf he was often inconvenienced by this 
infirmity. It is related that on one occasion, when an exciting 
debate had arisen and the question was being put — a question in 
which he felt unusual interest because involving cherished prin- 
ciples — the vote was called by the presiding officer in a reversed 
form quite unexpected by Mr. Undenvood. He, misapprehending 
the form of the question, voted to the surprise of every one in the 
affirmative, his naturally strong voice enunciating Aye with un- 
usual energy. His friend and colleague, Hon. Russel Freeman, 
also suffering from the same affliction of deafness, perceived that 
his friend had mistaken the call of the speaker by not hearing 
the words in which the question was put, and in the excitement 
of the moment sprang to his side and in what was meant to be 
an undertone thundered, "No." Mr. Freeman was promptly 
called to order, and the opposing side afTected to regard the matter 
as a great ofTense, especially as Mr. Underwood desired to correct 
his vote. Mr. Freeman apologized and remarked that he could 
not be supposed by any intelligent member to have intended to 
use the language of dictation; for, if he were capable of such an 
unparliamentary act, it would be preposterous to presume on such 
liberty with so enlightened and determined a mind as that of 
the venerable member from Harwich. Mr. Underwood was 
allowed to correct his vote and the episode passed. Nathan 
Underwood d. i May, 1841, at Harwich, Mass., and his widow, 
Susannah Lawrence Underwood, d. 10 May, 1844, se. 72. In 
1902 the descendants of Nathan Underwood erected an Under- 
wood Memorial Window in the little church of Harwich which 
he had served. On this occasion a small brochure was pub- 
lished from which most of the above account was obtained. 

594. Nathan Underwood of Hansich, Mass., (son of Nathan 
593) b. 18 July, 1794, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 6 Jan., 1820, 
Rebecca Bray of Yarmouth, Mass., and had children: 

i. Susan Lawrence, b. 22 Jan., 1821; m. 22 April, 1841, 


Chester Snow of Harw^ich, Mass., and had children: (i) Abbie 

Frances Snozv, b. 27 Sept., 1846; m. Matthews of Chicago, 

111.; (2) Laura Anna S?iow, b. 31 Dec, 1848; d. 26 Oct., 1870; 

(3) Susan Laurence Snow, b. 28 Jan., 1852; lives in Harwich, 

Mass.; (4) Emma Loicise Syioiv, b. 12 Feb., 1856; m. Brett 

of Brookline, Mass.; (5) Chester Snow, b. 10 Jan., 1S66; m. 19 
June, 1894, Frances Underwood, dau. of Benjamin W. Under- 
wood, no. 605. Susan Underwood Snow d. in April, 1889. 

ii. William Hexry, b. 25 July, 1822. (See no. 595.) 
iii. Joseph, b. 22 Oct., 1825; unm.; lost at sea on passage 
from Realigo, Central America, whence he sailed for Boston in 
July, 1847. 

iv. Mary Gorham, b. 6 Nov., 1827; unm.; resides at Harwich, 

V. Nathan, b. 12 Nov., 1829. (See no. 599.) 
vi. Olive Hedge, b. 30 Aug., 1831 ; m. 30 Aug., 1851, Andrew 
Snow of New Bedford, Mass., and had children: (i) Mary 

Elisabeth Snow, b. 5 Nov., 1852; m. Fuller of Council 

Bluffs, Iowa; (2) Harriet Maria Snow, b. 22 Sept., 1855; m. 

Spare of New Bedford, Mass.; (3) Andrew Snow, b. 11 May, 1858; 

(4) Bertha Knowles Snow, b. 18 Oct., 1861; d. i April, 1863; (5) 
Henry Knowles Snow, b. 16 Sept. ,1864; (6) Arthur Lawrence Snow, 
b. 2 April, 1869; (7) Frederic Leonard Snow, b. 23 Dec, 1871. 

vii. Elizabeth Stearnes, b. 23 Sept., 1833; m. 24 Jan., 
1864, at Chicago, 111., William C. Chipman of Sandwich, Mass., 
and had children: (i) Grace Elizabeth Chipman, b. 28 April, 1865; 
(2) Herbert Lawrence Chipman, b. 9 Nov., 1866; (3) Emily 

French Chipman, b. 24 Sept., 1868; m. Hoxie; (4) William 

Churchill Chipman, b. 17 Feb., 1871. Elizabeth Underwood 
Chipman d. 17 Sept., 1890, at Sandwich, Mass. 

viii. PniNEAS Lawrence, b. 2 May, 1836. (See no. 604.) 
ix. Benjamin Wixslow, b. 7 July, 1841. (See no. 605.) 

Nathan Unden\-ood was a farmer at Harwich, Mass., where 
he held various town offices as selectman, justice of the peace, 
and the like. He d. 8 June, 1875, at Harwich, Mass. 


595. William Henry Underwood of Harwich, Mass., (son of 
Nathan 594) b. 25 July, 1822, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 22 July, 
1845, Almira Baker of Harwich, Mass., and had children: 

i. Rebecca Br,\y, b. 24 Aug., 1846; m. 20 Dec, 1870, 
Augustine Hall of Harwich, Mass., an importer of crockery and 
glassware, and had children: (i) Louise Davis Hall, b. 4 Nov., 
1871; (2) Alice Underwood Hall, b. 12 Oct., 1873. Rebecca 
Undersvood Hall d. 17 Dec, 1877. 

ii. Joseph, b. 13 March, 1849. (See no. 596.) 
iii. Elizabeth Baker, b. 13 July, 1851; m. 8 May, 1873, 
Ezra Howes Kelley of Harwich, Mass., afterwards of Benton 
Harbor, Mich., and had children: (i) Franklin H. Kelley, b. 6 
March, 1874; d. 15 Aug., 1876; (2) Ezra H. Kelley, b. 5 Aug., 
1880; (3) Susie U. Kelley, h. 16 Oct., 1882, The family now 
live at Benton Harbor, Mich. 

iv. William Hexry, b. 8 Sept., 1854. (See no. 597.) 
V. Alice Brett (twin), b. 16 Aug., 1857; m. Frank A.White 
of Benton Harbor, Mich. 

\\. Franklin Dodge (twin), b. 16 Aug., 1857; d. 9 May, 


vii. Almira Baker, b. 26 May, i860. 

viii. Franklin Dodge, b. 6 Dec, 1862, (See no. 598.) 
ix. Susan Lawrence, b. 19 May, 1865. 

William H. Underwood was a merchant and farmer at Harwich, 
Mass. He was elected county treasurer in 1879 and again in 
1882. He d. 29 Nov., 1899, at Harwich, Mass. 

596. Joseph Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of William H. 
595) t>. 13 March, 1849, at Harwich, Mass.; m. in March, 1877, 
Marion L. Robinson and had children: 

i. Marion L., b. 4 April, 1878. 
ii. Fred, b. 27 Feb., 1882. 
Joseph Underwood was a grain dealer in Kansas City, Mo., 
for a time and is now engaged in mining interests with head- 
quarters at Chicago, 111. 


597. William Henry Underwood of New York, N. Y. (son of 
William H. 595) b. 8 Sept., 1854, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 4 Aug., 
1874, Mary A. Cornwell and had children: 

i. Lillian E., b. 28 Nov., 1875. 
ii. William A,, b. 25 Nov., 1877. 
William H. Underwood was a commission merchant in Chicago, 
111. He afterwards rem. to New York city where he is a com- 
mission broker. 

598. Franklin Dodge Underwood of Harwich, Mass., (son of 
William H. 595) b. 6 Dec, 1862, at Hanvich, Mass.; m. i Jan., 
1890, Sarah A. Whitney of West Newton, Mass., and had one 

i. Eleanor, b. 6 March, 1898. 
Franklin D. Underwood is a grower of cranberries at Harwich, 

599. Nathan Underwood of Dixon, 111., (son of Nathan 594) b. 
12 Nov., 1829, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 10 Dec, 1856, Hannah E. 
Weekes of New Sharon, Me., and had children: 

i. Nathan, b. 30 July, 1858. (See no. 600.) 
ii. Mary A., b. 29 Dec, 1859; d. 4 Feb., 1862. 
iii. Gr-\ce, b. 10 Dec, 1861 ; d. 6 May, 1862. 
iv. Edward Charles, b. 10 May, 1863. (See no. 601.) 
V. Henry Davis, b. 16 April, 1866; m. Helen Woodhull 
and had children. 

vi. Olive Snow, b. 7 May, 1868; m. 4 June, 1890, William 
B. Sterling, a lawyer, b. 9 Feb., 1863, at Dixon, 111.; no children. 
William B. Sterling d. 15 Oct., 1897, and Olive Underwood m. 
(2) James M. Swift, b. 3 Nov., 1872. Olive (Underwood) 
Swift now (1910) lives at 294 French St., Fall River, Mass., 
where her husband has just been elected attorney-general of. 

vii. Leonard, b. 14 Feb., 1873. (See no. 602.) 
viii. Lawrence Hosmer, b. 2 Nov., 1880. (See no. 603.) 
Nathan Underwood was engaged in the milling business. 
He d. 23 Jan., 1903, in Chicago, 111. 


600. Nathan Underwood of Portland, Ore., (son of Nathan 
599) ^- 30 July, 1858, at Chicago, 111.; m. about 1879, Mary 
Burnett of Stroudsburg, Pa., and had no children. He was 
engaged in real estate business in Portland, Ore., where he d. 
in January, 1890. 

601. Edward Charles Underwood of Minneapolis, Minn., (son 
of Nathan 599) b. 10 May, 1S63, in Dixon, 111.; m. 12 Jan., 1887, 
Cora Douglass Bushnell and has had four children: 

i. Nathan (twin), b. 21 July, 188S. 
ii. Miles Henry (twin), b. 21 July, 1S88. 
iii. Leonard Bushnell, b. 5 March, 1895; d. 27 Feb., 1897. 
iv. Olive Sterling, b. 25 Dec, 1899. 
Edward C. Under^vood is engaged in the insurance and real 
estate business. After his marriage he lived in Sterling, 111. 
until 1896, then in Chicago, 111., 1 896-1 899, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1899-1900, St. Paul, Minn., 1900-1901, and since the latter date 
he has been in Minneapolis, Minn. 

602. Leonard Underwood of Yankton, S. D., (son of Nathan 
599) b. 14 Feb., 1873, at Dixon, 111.; m. 2^ July, 1909, Florence 
Louise Peck, and has one child: 

i. James Swift, b. 28 July, 1910. 
Leonard Underwood rem. from the place of his birth to Huron, 
S. D., in Jan., 1890, then to Omaha, Neb., in 1897, then to 
Pierre, S. D., in 1899, and finally to Yankton, S. D., in 1902, 
where he has since lived. He has been for some years private 
secretary to United States Senator Robert J. Gamble. 

603. Lawrence Hosmer Underwood of Wheeling, W. Va,, 
(son of Nathan 599) b. 2 Nov., 1880, at Dixon, 111.; m. 25 Sept., 
1906, Clere Elbertine Lozier; no children. He is in the iron and 
steel business at Wheeling, W. Ya. 

604. Phineas La^vrence Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 
Nathan 594) b. 2 May, 1836, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 16 March, 
1857, Hannah M. Ryder of Chatham, Mass., and had children: 



i. Anna, b. 8 Jan., 1859; m- 20 May, 1880, James Viles, 
Jr., of Waltham, Mass., and had children: (i) Lawrence Motley 
Viles, b. 5 Sept., 1882; (2) Helen Viles, b. 14 Dec, 1888. The 
family hved in Omaha, Neb., three years and since 1900 in Lake 
Forest, 111. 

ii. Albert, b. 8 Jan., 1861; d. Oct., 1862. 
iii. Bertha Lawrence, b. 8 Jan., 1865; m. in May, 1885, 
Edward F. Robbins of Chicago, III. 
iv. Helen, b. 8 Sept., 1867; unm. 

V. Florence Maud, b. 5 Feb., 1870; unm.; resides at 
Chicago, 111. 

vi. Clarence, b. 8 Aug., 1871; d. in Nov., 1875. 

Hannah Ryder Underwood d. 30 May, 1875, in Chicago, 111., 

and Phineas L. Underwood m. (2) 2 Nov., 1876, Mrs. Augusta 

Wallace. Piiineas L. Underwood was educated at the Harwich 

schools and went west to Burlington, Iowa. At 21 he went 

to Chicago, 111., as manager of a grain office and succeeded to 

the business under the name of Underwood & Co., later doing 

business in packing pork to the extent of millions of dollars 

annually. He retired from business in 1894. He was a leading 

member of Plymouth Congregational Church and served it for 

many years in the capacity of deacon. In 1896 he spent ten 

months in foreign travel. Phineas L. Underwood d. 28 Aug., 

1897, while on a visit to his ancestral home in Harwich, Mass. 

605. Benjamin Winslow Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 

Nathan 594) b. 7 July, 1841, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 14 April, 

1864, Frances A. Parsons of Chicago, 111., and had children: 

i. Walter Hall, b. 22 Aug., 1866. (See no. 606.) 

ii. Frances, b. 31 March, 1870; m. 19 June, 1894, Chester 

Snow, Jr., grandson of Nathan Under\vood (no. 594) of Boston, 


Benjamin W. Underwood was in the packing house business 
at Chicago in the firm of Underwood and Co., doing business 
with his brother, Phineas L. Underwood, and his cousin, Sidney 
L. Underv/ood. At the outbreak of the Civil War the firm 


volunteered to raise a company and Benjamin W. Underwood 
was elected first lieutenant. At Vicksburg he was in command 
of the company which suffered severe loss in the battle. He was 
aftervvards made adjutant of his regiment, the 72d Illinois Vol. 
Inf. His comrades said of him: "Companion Undenvood was 
one of the truest manliest business men that ever breathed the 
breath of life. His domestic existence was ideal." Benjamin 
W. Underwood d. 26 Oct., 1898, at Chicago, 111. 

606. "Walter Hall Underwood of Hutchinson, Kan., (son of 
Benjaviin W. 605) b. 22 Aug., 1866, at Chicago, 111.; m. 21 June, 
1894, Alice Lewis of Ben Avon, Pa., and has one child: 

i. Frances L., b. 24 Aug., 1895. 
Walter Hall Underwood is engaged in the cold storage business 
in Hutchinson, Kan., where he has lived since 1889. 

607. Phineas Lawrence Underwood of Charlestown, Mass., 
(son of Nathan 593) b. 6 Sept., 1796, at Harwich (?), Mass.; m. 7 
Dec, 1818, Hannah Southwick of Charlestown, Mass.; no chil- 
dren. Phineas L. Undenvood was a butcher at Charlestown, 
Mass. He d. 29 April, 1831. 

608. Joseph Underwood of Harwich, Mass., (son of Nathan 
593) b. 29 Sept., 1798, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 2 Jan., 1833, Ruth 
Baker of that place and had one daughter: 

i. Ruth Adelaide, b. 21 Dec, 1833; m. 30 Nov., 1854, at 
Fall River, Mass., Andrew Wheldon of South Dennis, Mass., 
and had children: (i) Annie Lawrence Wheldon, b. 4 Aug., 1856; 
(2) Jennie Baker Wheldon, b. 14 June, 1858; (3) Jessie Anjieite 
Wheldon, h. 29 Aug., 1866. The family rem. to Brockton, 

Joseph Underwood was a master mariner and was "probably 
lost at sea about the 2 1st of March, 1834, on his passage from 
New York to Port Cabello and La Guira." 

609. Leonard Underwood of Fall River, Mass., (son oi Nathan 
593) b. 22 May, 1801, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 5 Dec, 1833, 
Anna H. Macy of New Bedford, Mass., and had two children: 


i. son, b. ; d. in infancy. 

ii, Elizabeth Macy, b. 23 Jan., 1844; d. in July, 1880, 
Leonard Underwood was a carpenter by trade. He d. at 
Fall River, Mass. 

6io. Sidney Underwood of Harwich, Mass., (son of Nathan 
593) b. 15 June, 1804, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 5 Dec, 1833, 
Lucy Sherman of New Bedford, Mass., b. 12 June, 1810, at 
Piermont, N. H,, and had four children born in New Bedford, 
and two in Harwich: 

i. Sidney Lawrence, b. 8 Nov., 1834; d. 23 Nov., 1837. 

ii. Maria Lee (twin), b. 31 July, 1836; d. 20 Sept., 1861. 

iii. Emily Pope (twin), b. 31 July, 1836; m. i May, 

i860, Rev. Edward B, French of Chatham, Mass. Emily 

Undenvood French d. 21 Nov., 1866. 

iv. Lucy Eliza, b. 23 Aug., 1838; unm.; resides at Harwich, 

V. Sidney Lawrence, b. 11 Sept., 1840. (See no. 611.) 
vi. Avis Waterjnla.n, b. 18 Dec, 1842; m. i Dec, 1864, 
Charles E. Brett, a merchant of Harwich, Mass., and had two 
sons: (i) Charles E. Brelt, Jr.* b. 11 Oct., 1868; (2) Ralph G. 
Brett, b. 23 June, 1874; d. 13 March, 1879. Charles E. Brett d. 
3 Aug., 1893. 

Sidney Underwood was engaged in business at New Bedford, 
Mass., 1 832-1 840, and afterwards resumed his trade of shoe- 
making at Harwich, Mass., where he rem. from New Bedford, 
Mass., in 1840. 

Sidney Underwood united with his father's church in Harwich 
at 19 and remained a member all his long life, later serving it 
as a deacon to which office he was first elected in 1830. He was 
greatly interested in local and political affairs. He was first a 
whig and afterwards a republican in politics, an earnest advocate 
of temperance and anti-slavery. He represented Harwich in the 
General Court as Representative in 1832 with James Long, Esq., 
* Charles E. Brett, Jr., m. 6 Sept., 1892, Suasn A. Cutting and has two sons: 
(i) Ralph U. Brett, b. 6 July, 1893, and (2) Donald C. Brelt, b. 25 Oct., 1899. 


Harwich then being entitled to two representatives. His town 
paper spoke of him as "an illustrious example of purity, decision, 
moral and Christian character," adding, "his appearance was 
always that of a dignified gentleman, a manly man, with open, 
truthful, kindly ways." For many years before his death he 
gave a great part of his time and attention to cranberry culture. 
He d. ID June, 1893, at Harwich, Mass. His wife, Lucy Sherman 
Underwood, d. in 1888, after "a life pressed full of good deeds 
and love." 

611. Sidney Lawrence Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 
Sidney 610) b. ii Sept., 1840, at Harwich, Mass.; m. 25 Feb., 
1864, Fannie E. Farrington and had two children: 

i. Grace, b. 25 Aug., 1865; d. 14 April, 1866. 
ii. Sidney Farrington, b. 5 Sept., 1867. (See no. 612.) 
Sidney L, Underwood is treasurer of the Omaha Packing 
Company in Chicago, 111. 

612. Bidney Farrington Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 
Sidney L. 611) b. 5 Sept., 1867, at Chicago, 111.; m. 12 Feb., 1891, 
Alethea Luce of Chicago, and had one child: 

i. Edith Margaret, b. 21 June, 1892. 
Sidney F. Underwood is with the Illinois Trust and Savings 
Bank of Chicago, 111. 

613. Horatio Underwood of Morgan Park, 111., (son oi Nathan 
593) b. 22 Sept., 1808, at Harwich (?), Mass.; m. 21 Sept., 1841, 
Elizabeth Mary Ann Carryl of New York city and had two 

i. Nathan Carr\x, b. 18 Dec, 1842; unm.; is a farmer at 
South Dennis, Mass. 

ii. Mary S., b. 19 Feb., 1847; m. 10 May, 1866, Harrison 
Kelley of Chicago, 111., and had children: (i) Beth B. Kelley, 

b. ; (2) Lo2iise D. Kelley, b. ; d. ; (3) Bertha S. 

Kelley, h. ; d. . 

Horatio Underw^ood was a commission merchant at Chicago, 
III. He d. at that city in Nov., 1876. 


614. Marshall Sea-rs Underwood of South Dennis, Mass., (son 
of Nathan 593) b. 29 June, 1812, at Han\-ich, Mass.; m. 15 Jan., 
1833, Mercy Chase of Harwich, Mass., and had six children: 

i. Mary Franklin, b. 17 Aug., 1835; d. 31 May, 1840. 

ii. Charles Marshall, b. 20 April, 1837. (See no. 615.) 

iii. Anthony Eugene, b. 10 Aug., 1839; d. 6 Sept., 1839. 

iv. Mary Franklin, b. 13 Sept., 1840; m. i Jan., 1863, 
Prince F. Crowell of Harwich, Mass., and had: (i) Prince 
Marshall Crowell, b. 23 Oct., 1863; m. i Jan., 1885, Mary E. 
Sears; (2) Nellie L. Crowell, b. 14 Nov., 1866. 

V. Isaac Jennings, b. 19 June, 1843. (See no. 616.) 

vl. Ellen Hedge, b. 29 Sept., 1845. 
Marshall S. Underwood received only a common school educa- 
tion and learned the trade of shoemaking. He was, however, 
of a studious turn of mind and greatly improved himself by 
extensive reading. While yet a young man he rem. to South 
Dennis and engaged in the grocery business. He soon became 
identified with the public life of the town and was for several 
years town clerk and treasurer, and a member of the school 
committee. In 1853 and 1854 he represented the town of Dennis 
in the Legislature and in 1 860-1 861 was in the Senate. He was 
again in the Legislature in 1 863-1 864 and from 1 869-1 871 was 
a member of the Governor's Council. He was presidential 
elector in 1880 and voted for Garfield and Arthur. He also held 
the offices of state liquor commissioner, trial justice, postmaster 
of South Dennis and treasurer of the Five Cents Savings Bank 
at Harwich. He d. 15 Aug., 1882, at South Dennis, Mass. 

615. Charles Marshall Underwood of Dennis, Mass., (son of 
Marshall 614) b. 20 April, 1837, at South Dennis, Mass.; m. 31 
Jan., 1870, Margaret McKenna and had children at least: 

i. Marshall Sears, b. in Apr., 1872, in Qmaha, Neb.; d. 
in Dennis, Mass., ae. 2 yrs. 4 mos. 
ii. Mercy, b. 28 Dec, 1875. 
iii. Charles Marshall, b. 4 May, 1879. 


Charles M. Underwood is engaged In the grocery business in 
Dennis, Mass. 

6i6. Isaac Jennings Underwood of South Dennis, Mass., (son 
of Marshall 614) b. 19 June, 1843, at South Dennis, Mass.; m. 
5 Dec, 1867,* Priscilla Doane in Chicago, III.; no children. 
Isaac was lost at sea 28 June, 1867.* 

617. Joshua Underwood of Lexington, Mass., (son of Joseph 
571) b. 6 June, 1725, at Lexington, Mass.; m. 6 June, 1765, 
Abigail Stone and had one child: 

i. , d. in infancy 21 Nov., 1766. 

Abigail Stone Underwood d. 15 Nov., 1766, and Joshua Under- 
wood m. (2) Russel (?) and had at least one son: 

ii. Daniel, b. 24 April, 1774. (See no. 618.) 
Joshua Underwood was a wheelwright and lived in Lexington, 
Mass., where he d. 13 July, 1775. He enlisted in the Revolution 
in Capt. Wood's company. Col. Baldwin's regiment, 4 May, 1775, 
and served until his death. 

618. Daniel Underwood of , (son of Joshia 617) bapt. 

24 April, 1774, at Lexington, Mass.; m. I April, 179S, Mary 
Mason of . No further trace of this man has yet been found. 

619. Elijah Underwood of Braintree (now Quincy), Mass., (son 
of Joseph 571) bapt. 5 May, 1728, at Lexington (Lincoln), Mass.; 
m. 6 Dec, 1757, Eleanor Bent, dau. of Ebenezer and Deborah 
(Fairbanks) Bent of Milton, Mass., b. 28 Sept., 1735, and had 
children born in Braintree: 

i. Sarah, b. in 1759; m. (?) 
ii. Eleanor, b. in 1763; m. (?) 
iii. Elijah, b. in 1766 (?); unm.; d. 28 Aug., 1831. 
iv. RuFUS, b. in 1769 (?); m. (?); d. in 1814. 
V. Ebenezer, b. in 1771. (See no. 620.) 
vi. Lemuel, b. in 1776; ni. (?); d. 28 Oct., 1802. 
vii. Alleyne, b. in 1784; d. in 1784. 
* There is manifestly an enor here. Ed. 


viii. Infant, b. ; d. . 

No records of this family appear in the town records of Brain- 
tree, Mass. 

Elijah Underwood or more probably the son Eh'jah served 2 
mos. and 13 days in the Revolution from Braintree. 

620. Ebenezer Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Elijah 

619) b. in 1771, at Quincy, Mass.; m. 30 Nov., 1797, Elizabeth 
Heitman and had children: 

i. Ebenezer, b. 17 Oct., 1798. (See no. 621.) 
ii. Beverly, b. 30 Jan., 1800. (See no. 623.) 
iii. John, b. 6 March, 1801. (See no. 624.) 
iv. Heitman, b. 6 May, 1802; d. in May, 1803. 
V. Emeline, b. 28 Aug., 1803; d. in May, 1805. 
vi. Heitman, b. 11 Dec, 1804; unm. (?); d. in May, 1838. 
vii. Infant, b. in 1805; d. 8 Sept., 1805. 

Elizabeth Heitman Underwood d. 27 May, 1806, and Ebenezer 
Underwood m. (2) 26 May, 1808, Ann Saunders and had children: 
viii. Mary, b. in March, 1808; d. in March, 1809. 
Ix. William, b. 7 Aug., 1812; d. in Sept., 1812. 
X. William Saunders, b. 13 Oct., 1814. (See no. 625.) 
xi. Charles, b. in 181 8; d. 11 March, 1833. 
xii. Elizabeth Ann, b. 24 Oct., 1824; unm.; d. 5 Oct., 1855. 
Ebenezer Underwood d. 13 Sept., 1850. 

621. Ebenezer Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Ebenezer 

620) b. 17 Oct., 1798, at Quincy, Mass.; m. 22 Aug., 1831, Sarah 
Crane Thayer and had children: 

i. Ebenezer, b. 4 June, 1832. (See no. 622.) 
ii. Sarah, b. 16 June, 1834; d. 7 Oct., 1834. 

iii. James Thayer, b. 27 Aug., 1835; d. 13 Dec, 1852. 

iv. Amelia, b. in July, 1836; d. 22 Sept., 1836. 
V. Peletiah Perritt, b. 16 Feb., 1838; d. 17 May, 1838. 

vi. Ann Eliza, b. 22 Aug., 1842; unm.; d. in 1903 in Quincy, 

* The compiler of this family history is greatly indebted to Miss Ann Eliza 
Underwood of Quincy for a very full account of the descendants of Elijah Under- 
wood (no. 619). 


vii. Theodore William, b. 23 Dec, 1843; cl. 26 Sept., 1844. 
Ebenezer Underwood d. 27 March, 1858. 

622. Ebenezer Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Ebenezer 
621) b. 4 June, 1832, at Quincy, Mass.; m. Mary Jane Veazie of 
Danvers, Mass., and had children: 

i. William Hemmenway, b. 12 Aug., 1858; unm.; resides 
in California. 

ii. Mary Preston, b. 10 Oct., i860; unm.; a teacher, re- 
sides at School St., Quincy, Mass. 

iii. Clara, b. 27 Sept., 1862; m. in Jan., 1896, Fred- 
erick H. Tarrant of England, and now of California, and had one 
child: Dorothy Marion Tarrant, b. in Feb., 1897. 

iv. Lemuel Brackett, b. 22 Dec, 1864; d. 10 Oct., 1876. 
Ebenezer Underv\'ood d. 24 Oct., 1887, at Quincy, Mass. 

623. Beverly Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Ebenezer 
620) b. 30 Jan., 1800, at Quincy, Mass.; m. 21 Sept., 1828, Sarah 
Bigelow and had children : 

i. Horace, b. 28 Sept., 1829; m. Mary Jackson; no chil- 
dren. He was a laborer and lived at Boston, Mass., where he 
d. 9 Aug., 1888. His wife is also dead. 

ii. Anastatia, b. 12 April, 1831; d. 3 March, 1845. 

iii. Charles Edwin, b. 28 Feb., 1833; d. 29 May, 1837. 

iv. Louisa Ellen, b. 13 Feb., 1835; unm.; d. 16 Oct., 1897. 

V. Julia Emma, b. 9 Jan., 1837; unm.; was a teacher for 
over fifty years in the Coddington School at Quincy, Mass. 
On the anniversary of her fifty years' service, April 13, 1905. a 
local paper contained the following interesting account of her 
career : 

"With the closing of the session this afternoon. Miss Julia 
Underw^ood of the Coddington school will have completed fifty 
years' service in the school where she now teaches. It had been 
the hope of many that a public testimonial in recognition of this 
event would be tendered Miss Underwood and plans for such 
an observance were well under way when she learned of it, and 


then there was an end to the plan. Kind, big-hearted, and 
efficient as she is as a school teacher, she also combines with those 
traits a modesty that would not allow herself to be brought before 
the public in such a manner. She desired, rather, to observe her 
golden jubilee teaching her little ones. 

" Miss Underwood began teaching at the spring term of 1855 at 
the age of iS. When she began the present Coddington school 
was in process of erection, and Miss Underwood's class was 
assembled in a room in the old town hall which was better known 
locally, at the time, as the Lyceum. Since Miss Underwood 
began teaching she has had over 200 teachers as associates at the 
Coddington school. Her record for attendance has been remark- 
able, as during the half century she has lost but two days on 
account of sickness." 

vi. Henrietta, b. 25 Feb., 1839; m. 3 May, 1866, John 
Warren Lamphier of Lynn, Mass., and had children: (i) Ajinie 
Johnso7i Lamphier, b. 3 July, 1S71. 

vii. Charles Edwin, b. 23 Aug., 1843; unm.; resides at 
Lynn, Mass., where he is a cutter of blocks in a last factory. 

Beverly Underwood was a bootmaker of custom made boots. 
He d. 29 Sept., 1887. 

624. John Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of Ehe7iezer 620) 
b. 6 March, 1801, at Quincy, Mass.; m. in June, 1831, Cloe 
Shumway of Hingham, Mass., and had children: 

i. Infant, b. in July, 1832; d. . 

ii. Infant, b. in Aug., 1833; d. 31 Dec, 1833. 
John Underwood lived at Quincy, Mass. He d. 24 Sept., 1836. 

625. William Saunders Underwood of Quincy, Mass., (son of 
Ebenezer 620) b. 13 Oct., 1814, at Quincy, Mass.; m. Abigail 
Hemmenway of Wells, Maine, and had children: 

i. Charles, b. in July, 1841; d. 11 Sept., 1842. 
ii. CiL^RLES William, b. in Oct., 1847; d. 21 Aug., 1848. 
William Saunders Underwood kept a boot and shoe store at 
Quincy, Mass. He d. 17 Feb., 1857. 


626. Peter Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Joseph ^^i) 
bapt. 25 May, 1799, at Lexington (Lincoln), Mass.; m. 16 June, 
1768, Keziah Winship and had children born at Charlestown, 
Mass : 

i. Peter, b. 11 Oct., 1768. (See no. 627.) 
ii. Joseph, b. 19 Feb., 1770. (See no. 637.) 
iii. Isaac, b. 8 Oct., 1771. (See no. 639.) 
iv. Kezia, b. I May, 1773; m. 23 Feb., 1794, Shaderick 
Haynes and had a number of children, one said to be a Mrs. 
William Jones who was living at Lincoln, Mass., in 1891. 
V. Samuel, b. 3 Nov., 1774; nothing further known. 
vi. Susanna, b. 3 Aug., 1776. 

vii. Priscilla, b. 25 Sept., 1778; unm.; d. 7 Dec, 1865, at 
Lincoln, Mass. 

viii. Jonathan, b. 7 Oct., 1780; nothing further known.* 
Peter Underwood was in Charlestown, Mass.,t for a time and 
Wyman in his history gives five of the above children as recorded 
there. According to Peter Unden\^ood (no. 636), grandson of 
the above, Peter Underwood lived in Lincoln, Mass., near the 
Weston town line. This informant also supplied the record of 
the children numbered ii, vii, and viii as above given. He also 
stated that the original homestead of Peter Underwood was still 
standing in 1890. Peter Underwood d. 6 Dec, 1806, and is 
buried in the old cemetery at Lincoln, Mass. His widow, Kezia 
Winship Undenvood, d. about 1824. 

627. Peter Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Peter 626) b. 
II Oct., 1768, at Charlestown, Mass.; m. Athaliah JenkersonJ 
of East Sudbury and had children: 

i. Isaac, b. 10 April, 1796. (See no. 628.) 
ii. Abraham, b. in 1800. (See no. 632.) 
iii. Samuel, b. . (See no. 633.) 

* Jonathan probably m. Ruth and had at least a dau. Sarah, b. i May, 1818. 


t His tax was abated in 1771 and the additional statement appears "taxed in 

X Purpose of mcirriage recorded 19 Aug., 1793. 


iv. WiLLiAii, b. in 1804; unm.; d. 16 June, 1832. 

V. John, b. 23 Aug., 18 10. (See no. 634.) 

vi. Maria, b. about 1812; m. Morton P. Brazee of East 
Cambridge, Mass., and had children: (i) Morton P. Brazee, b. 

; (2) A7in Maria Brazee, b. 19 Dec, 1834; in. Norris, 

Charlestown, Mass.; (3) Amanda Brazee, h. . 

vii. Peter, b. 28 Nov., 1814. (See no. 636.) 
Peter Underwood was a farmer; at the time of his marriage 
he was recorded as from Watertown; later he lived at Lincoln, 
Mass., until his death which occurred 3 Feb., 1849. His widow, 
Athaliah Jenkerson Undenvood, d. 21 March, i860, so. 89. 

628. Isaac Underwood of Lincoln (?), Mass., (son of Peler 627) 
b. 10 April, 1796, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. Rebecca M. Slocomb, b. 
28 Feb., 1810, and had children: 

i. Isaac, b. 17 Jan., 1828. (See no. 629.) 
ii. Rebecca Ann, b. 14 Jan., 1829; m. John L. Harvey of 
Braintree, Mass., and had children: (i) Florence R. Harvey, b. 

; lives in Braintree, Mass.; (2) John F. Harvey, b. ; 

lives in Chicago, 111. Rebecca Underwood Har\-ey d. 6 Feb., 

iii. Thomas Jefferson, b. 31 Dec, 1830; d. young. 
iv. Thomas, b. 25 April, 1833; unm.; rem. to California in 
1 85 1 or 1852 and was not heard from after that time. He is 
supposed to have been lost at sea. 

V. Eliza Jane, b. 14 Oct., 1835; m. George E. Smith of 
Dixon, 111., and has one daughter living at that place. 

vi. Martha Amelia, b. 5 Dec, 1839; d. 11 Aug., 1855. 
vii. Benjamin Franklin, b. 8 May, 1843. (See no. 630.) 
viii. S.^MUEL, b. 14 Dec, 1845; d. young. 
ix. Samuel, b. 5 April, 1851. (See no. 631.) 

629. Isaac Underwood of , California, (son of Isaac 628) b. 

17 Jan., 1828, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. and had children: 

i. John, b. . 

ii. George, b. . 


Isaac Underw^ood was one of the forty-niners of California. 
He d. about 1860-1865. The boys are believed to be living with 
their mother in San Francisco, Calif. 

630. Benjamin Franklin Underv/ood of Dixon, 111., (son of 
Isaac 628) b. 8 May, 1843; m. Elizabeth Zuhl and has one son: 

i. Samuel Eugene, b. 4 Oct., 1892. 
Benjamin Franklin Underwood is living at Dixon, III. 

631 . Samuel Underwood of Sudbury, IMass., (son of Isaac 628) 
b. 5 April, 1 85 1, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. 24 April, 1876, Marriott 
Moore. She d. 5 June, 1884, and Samuel m, (2) 31 March, 1887, 
Ina L. Moore; no children by either marriage. Samuel Under- 
wood is a carpenter and lives at Sudbury, Mass. 

632. Abraham Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., {sovioiPetcr62'j) 
b. in 1800, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. Sarah Parks and had children: 

i. Sarah E., b. ; m. 27 Dec, 1846, Lavander Sawyer* 

and rem. to western New York. 

ii. Edward, b. ; unm.; d. at an early age of consump- 
Abraham Undcnvood d. 20 Jan., 1857, at Lincoln, Mass. 

633. Samuel Underv/ood of Lincoln, Mass., (son oi Peter 627) 
b. about 1802, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. (i) Ellen Gove (?) of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., and had one child: 

i. Ellen Rltia:ma, b. ; m. and rem. to western New York. 

Ellen Gove (?) Underwood d. and Samuel Underwood m. (2) 
Arvilla Ann Wheeler. 

Samuel Underwood was a carpenter at Lincoln, Mass. He 
made two voyages to California and d. 17 Aug., 1856, at Aspin- 
wall, Colon, U. S. of Colombia, of yellow fever on his second 

634. John Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Peter 627) b. 
23 Aug., 1810, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. I Jan., 1832, Asenath 
Nutting of Francistown, Mass., and had children: ^ 

* In a record from Waltham, Mass., this name is given as Evander E. Sawyer 
and Sarah is said to be the daughter of Abraham and Emily! Ed. 


i. John Austin, b. in 1832; d. vrhen a few months old. 

ii. Caroline Augusta, b. 4 Aug., 1834; m. 25 March, i860, 
Frederick Augustus Hayden of Charlestown, Mass., and had 
children: (i) infant; d. soon; (2) Lizzie Parker Hayden, h. 28 
Oct., 1861; d. in 18G7. The family is now living at South 
Lincoln, Mass. 

iii. Sarah Angeline, b. 28 Feb., 1837; was burned to death 
at the age of five or six years. 

iv. William Henry, b. 28 March, 1840. (See no. 635.) 
V. Atha Maria, b. 28 April, 1843; unm.; resided at Lincoln, 
Mass., in 1891, one mile south of the station. 

John Underwood was a carpenter; in early life he settled in 
Cambridge, Mass., but about 1845 or 1846 he rem. to Lincoln, 
where he d. 4 Oct., 1886. His wife, Asenath Nutting Underwood, 
d. 23 Dec, 1884. 

635. William Henry Underwood of Lynn, Mass., (son of 
John 634) b, 28 March, 1840, at Cambridge, Mass.; m. 18 April, 
1867, at Charlestown, Mass., Susannah Hilton of Wicasset, Me., 
and had children born at Lynn, Mass.: 

i. William Henry, b. 13 Nov., 1869; d. 28 July, 1876. 
ii. Arthur Henry, b. 17 Oct., 1872; d. 28 July, 1876. 
iii. Grace Estelle, b. 10 July, 1879; unm.; is living with 
her mother at Maiden, Mass. 

William H. Undervvood was a milkman at Lynn, Mass. He d. 
24 July, 1887, and his widow rem. to Maiden, Mass. (27 Tufts St.). 

636. Peter Underwood of South Lincoln, Mass., (son of Peter 
627) b. 28 Nov., 1814, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. Elmira Stone of 
Watertown, Mass., and had one son: 

i. Watson P., b. 18 June, 1846; d. 16 Aug., 1847. 
Peter Underwood was a farmer at Lincoln, Ma?S., trfttii 1854, 
when he rem. to Cambridge, Mass., and was a grocer for many 
years. His wife, Elmira Stone Underwood, d. 4 Oct., 1888, ae. 
85. Peter Underwood was living (1904) at South Lincoln, Mass., 
at the age of ninety years. 


637. Joseph Underwood of , (son of Peter 626) b. 19 

Feb., 1770, at Charlestown, Mass.; m. (?) 

It Is very probable that this Joseph Underwood rem. to 
Concord, Mass., and had a family there recorded. Lest this be 
an error, we assign Joseph Underwood of Concord a separate 

(A Joseph Underwood of Lexington m. in 1804, Mrs. Mary 
Hammond of Waltham, according to Bond. He possibly belongs 
here, but see Joseph, no. 585.) 

638. Joseph Underwood of Concord, Mass., (son of Peter 626?) 
b. ; m. 14 Oct., 1792, Parnell Larnard and had children: 

i. Joseph, b. 6 Dec, 1793; d. 4 July, 1795. 
ii. Susanna, b. 16 Nov., 1795. 
iii. Anna, b. 17 May, 1797. 
iv. George, b. 13 Sept., 1799. 
Nothing further is known of the family. 

639. Isaac Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Peter 626) 

b. 8 Oct., 1 771, at Charlestown, Mass.; m. and had three 

children. He was a truckman at Boston, Mass. 

640. Israel Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of Joseph 
571) b. 15 Oct., 1733 (bapt. 23 June, 1734), at Lexington, Mass.; 
m. 19 Feb., 1762, Abigail Whitney and had three children born 
in Lincoln, Mass., and two in Hubbardston, Mass.: 
i. Israel, b. 14 Dec, 1762. (See no. 641.) 

ii. Abigail, b. 21 Dec,* 1764; m. Burpee of Sterling, 


iii. Susanna,! b. 27 Oct., 1766; m. Asa Mason of Princeton, 

iv. Lois, b. 2 Dec, 1768; m. Isaac Simonds of Princeton, 

V. Joseph, b. 16 Dec, 1770; unm.; was an invalid much of 
his life. 

* Also given as 21 Nov. and 25 Dec. 
t Also given as Suffina. 


Israel Underwood was in the French and Indian War. He 
was first impressed in the service in August, 1757; served as 
a private from Lexington 6 mos. 22 days in 1759; in 1760 was in 
service in Nova Scotia; and in 1761 began a service C)f 18 mos. 
19 days. He lived in Lincoln, Mass., for a time and three of his 
children were born there. He rem. to Hubbardston, Mass., about 
1767 and d. at that place 29 May, 1771.* 

641. Israel Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of Israel 
640) b. 14 Dec, 1762, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. i Jan., 1789, Rhoda 
Newton, and had children: 

i. Nancy, b. 8 June, 1790; unm.; d. 19 April, 1874. 
ii. Eber, b. 28 July, 1791. (See no. 642.) 
iii. Sally, b. 24 Oct., 1793; m. 26 March, 181 6, Nathaniel 
Sawyer of Rutland, Mass., and afterwards rem. to Athol, Mass., 

and had children: (i) Sally Sawyer, b. ; (2) Diodorus 

Sawyer, h. ; d. at East Templeton, Mass.; (3) Betsey Sawyer, 

b. in 1823; d. 8 April, 1900. Sally Underwood Sawyer d. 24 
Jan., 1878. Nathaniel Sawyer d. 12 Jan., 1879. 
iv. J0SLA.H, b. 18 Jan., 1795. (See no. 650.) 
V. Lucy, b. 15 Oct., 1796; m. 9 Nov., 1824, David E. 
Twitchell of Athol, Mass., and had children: (i) Phoebe G. 

Twitchell, b. in Nov., 1827; (2) Sarah A. Tivitchell, b. ; m. 

Clement; (3) Caroline Twitchell, h. ; m. Sprague; 

♦The widow, Abigail, in. 26 Aug., 1772, Samuel Woods, b. 8 June, 1722, in 
Chelmsford, a son of Samuel and Mary Woods. The marriage was second on both 

sides. Samuel Woods's first wife was Tabitha , by whom he had the following 


i. Lydia, b. 4 Aug., 1759, in Rutland, 
ii. Anna, b. 30 June, 1761, in Rutland. 
iii. Sarah, b. 6 July, 1763, in Princeton. 
iv. Abel, b. 15 Aug., 1765, in Princeton. 
V. John, b. 24 Dec, 1768, in Princeton. 
Samuel and Abigail had the following children: 
vi. Leonard, b. 19 June, 1774, in Princeton. 
vii. Asa, b. 30 April, 1776, in Princeton, 
viii. Hannah, b. 13 May, 1778, in Princeton. 
ix. Lucy, b. 16 Nov., 1780, in Princeton. 
X. Molly, b. 15 Feb., 1783, in Princeton. 


(4) Kate F. TivitcheU, b. ; m. Crandall, North Adams, 


vi. DiODORUS, b. I July, 1798. (See no. 655.) 

vii. Rhoda, b. 10 Feb., 1800; m. 19 Jan., 1819, Levi Lewis 
of Royalston, Mass., and had children: (i) Rosanna Lewis, b. 

; m. Hartwell; (2) William Leu-is, b. ; (3) Levi 

Lewis, h. ; (4) Rhoda Lewis, b. ; m. Wilcox of 

Keene, N. H.; (5) Mary Lewis, b. ; m. Handy; (6) 

Leonard Lewis, b. ; d. in Andersonville Prison during the 

Civil War; (7) Ruth C. Lewis, b. 2 April, 1837; m. Hartwell. 

viii. Linda, b. 17 March, 1803; m. 25 April, 1826, Hollis 
Joslin of Hubbardston, Mass., and had children: (i) Jonas Joslin, 
b. 2 Sept., 1826; d. 28 Sept., 1895, at Gardner, Mass.; (2) Eliza 

Joslin, b. 26 March, 1829; m. Whitcomb; d. 2 June, 1893, 

in Brooklyn, N. Y.; (3) Emily Joslin, h. 3 Oct., 1831; m. 

Waite; (4) Clara Joslin, h. 8 Dec, 1833; ^'^- Hemenway of 

Gardner, Mass.; (5) Silas Joslin, h. 8 Dec, 1833; lives in 
Hubbardston, Mass. Linda Underwood Joslin d. 27 March, 

ix. Eliza, b. 10 March, 1805; m, (i) 12 Jan., 1826, Ira Davis 
of Princeton, Mass., and had one child: (i) Adeline Davis, b. 3 
March, 1826; m. Shumway; d. in July, 1887. Eliza Under- 
wood Davis m. (2) 11 Feb., 1830, James Browning of Hubbards- 
ton, Mass., who d. 12 Nov., 1837, and had two children: (2) 
George D. Browning, b. 5 Feb., 1831 ; d. a soldier in the Civil 
War; (3) Josiah Browning, h. 13 Aug., 1833; d. at Newburg, 
Ohio. Eliza Underwood Browning d. I June, 1889, at Newburg, 

Israel Underwood was a farmer at Hubbardston, Mass., where 
he d. 20 Sept., 1840. His widow, Rhoda, d. 21 Sept., 1852, at 
the same place, ae. 91. 

642. Eber Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of Israel 
641) b. 28 July, 1791, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 10 April, 1817, 
Dinah Baker, b. 11 April, 1791, and had children: 


i. Amos Gilman, b. 29 Dec.,* 1817. (See no. 643.) 
ii. George Curtis, b. 15 April, 1819. (See no. 644.) 
iii. Dexter, b. 15 Oct., 1820. (See no. 645.) 
iv. Russell, b. 20 Aug., 18^3. (See no. 646.) 
V. Israel, b. 19 June, 1826. (See no. 647.) 
vi. Calvin, b. 24 Oct., 1830. (See no. 649.) 
vii. Caroline, b. 10 Aug., 1832; d. 9 Jan., 1868, at Royalston, 

Eber Underwood was a farmer at Hubbardston, Mass., until 
his death, 15 Oct., 1862. 

643. Amos Gilman Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of 
Eher 642) b. 29 Nov., 1817, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 9 May, 
1844, Nancy Bishop of Warwick, Mass.; no children. Amos G. 
Underwood d. 25 Jan., 1878. Nancy Bishop Underwood d. at 
Keene, N. H. 

644. Georg-e Curtis Underwood of Westminster, Mass., (son of 
Eber 642) b. 15 April, 1819, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 5 April, 
1842, Susan H. Oaks and had children: 

i. Sarah M., b. i March, 1843; m. 19 Oct., 1862, Calvin 
Holden of Westminster, Mass. 

ii. Ella Frances, b. 30 June, 1845; d. 2 July, 1864. 

iii. Jane A., b. 27 June, 1847; d. 2 Dec, 1865. 

iv. Flora A., b. 4 Oct., 1852; m. 3 March, 1869, M. B. Howe 
of Ashburnham, Mass. 

v. Nettie C, b. 8 April, 1858; m. 19 May, 1878, H. E. 
Nichols of Westminster, Mass. 

vi. George L., b. 23 June, i860; d. 10 Aug., 1876, by 

George C. Underwood lived first at Gardner, Mass., and after- 
wards rem. to Westminster, Mass. His wife d. in 1863. 

645. Dexter Underwood of Royalston, Mass., (son of Eber 
642) b. 15 Oct., 1820, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 29 April, 1852, 
Mary Gay and had one son : 

* Also given as Nov. 


1. Harry, b. ; a civil engineer on the Topeka and 

Sante Fe R. R.; was living in Topeka, Kan., in 18S4. 

Dexter Undenvood d. 4 May, 1866. Mary Gay Underwood 
d. in Jan., 1868. 

646. Russell Uuderwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Eber 642) 
b. 20 Aug., 1823, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 25 April, 1852, 
Miss Hoy; no children. 

Russell Underwood d. at Boston, Mass., 6 Oct., 1852. 

647. Israel Underwood of Lena, III., (son of Eber 642) b. 19 
June, 1826, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 29 Sept., 1853, Caroline 
Balcom of Hague, N. Y., and had children: 

i. Lillian Eva, b. 11 Nov., 1854. at Templeton, Mass.; m. 
in March, 1876, Dr. C. H. Latham of Pecatonica, III., and had 
one child: Ethel Latham, b. 6 Dec, 1877. 

ii. Charles Russell, b. i June, 1856. (See no. 648.) 
Caroline Balcom Underwood d. 3 March, 1857, and Israel 
Underwood m. (2) 15 Jan., 1858, Martha Balcom. There were 
no children by the second marriage. 

Israel Underwood was a stock dealer at Lena, 111., from 1S56 to 
the time of his death, 11 Sept., 1894. 

648. Charles Russell Underwood of Boise, Idaho, (son of Israel 
647) b. I June, 1856, at Freeport, 111.; m. 13 June, 1881, Augus- 
tine Wilhelmina Denio at Lena, III., and had children: 

i. Bessie Carrie, b. 2 Dec, 1882. 
ii. Edith, b. 7 July, 1888; d. 10 July, 1888. 
iii. Blanche Alma, b. 2 Feb., 1890. 
iv. Russell I. D., b. 5 Jan., 1897. 
Charles Underwood was a jeweler at Storm Lake, Iowa, and 
afterwards rem. to Madison, Wis., where he was a jeweler and 
watchmaker. Later he rem. to Boise, Idaho, where he now 
resides. He has in his possession an old Bible which contains 
a valuable record of the family. 

649. Calvin Underwood of Worcester, Mass., (son of Eber 642) 
b. 24 Oct., 1830, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 15 Jan., 1857, 


Harriet Augusta Lamb, who d. 7 Jan., 1862, and he m. (2) 
Matilda North of Ashburnham, Mass.; no children by either 
marriage. Calvin Underwood is connected with the Washburn 
and Moen wire works at Worcester, Mass. 

650. Josiah Underwood of Hubbardston, Mass., (son of 
Israel 641) b. 18 Oct.,* 1795, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 21 Feb., 
1 82 1, Betsey Sawyer of that place and had children: 

i. Lorenzo, b. 12 Nov., 1822. (See no. 651.) 

ii. Ira, b. 8 Jan., 1825. (See no. 654.) 

iii. Sarah Plimpton, b. 28 March, 1827; m. i May, 1844, 
Merlin C. Cobleigh of Hubbardston, Mass., b. 5 Oct., 1821; d. 
25 April, 1872, and had children: (i) Sarah Elizabeth Cobleigh, 

b. 12 Feb., 1845; m. Woodcock; d. 6 Feb., 1866; (2) Diana 

Salome Cobleigh, b. 9 Jan., 1847; d. 8 April, 1847; (3) Helen 

Maria Cobleigh, b. 30 April, 1848; m. Hall of Brookline, 

N. H.; (4) Amos Josiah Cobleigh, b. 7 Oct., 1849; (5) Ann Mary 
Cobleigh, b. 23 Dec, 1851; d. 5 Dec, 1863; (6) E7mna Amelia 
Cobleigh, b. 3 Oct., 1853; d. 2 Aug., 1854; (7) Merlin Eugene 
Cobleigh, b. 24 May, 1855; (8) Myron Orlando Cobleigh, b. 13 
Oct., 1856; d. 27 Nov., 1863; (9) Corin Vasa Cobleigh, b. 25 
March, 1858; d. 4 Dec, 1863; (10) Irving Plimpton Cobleigh, b. 
14 May, i860; d. 5 Dec, 1863; (11) Ella Lorette Cobleigh, b. 25 
Sept., 1861; d. 5 March, 1862; (12) infant daughter, b. 3 Aug., 
1863; d. 3 Aug., 1863; (13) Irving Vasa Cobleigh, b. 31 Jan., 1865, 
lives in Ansonia, Conn. Sarah Underwood Cobleigh res. at 
Brookline, N. H. 

iv. John, b. i May, 1836; unm.; d. 10 June, 1874. 
Josiah UnderAvood was a farmer and stone mason at Hubbard- 
ston, Mass. He d. 29 June, 1872, at Hubbardston, Mass. His 
widow, Betsey Sawyer Underwood, d. 24 April, 1878. 

651. Lorenzo Underwood of West Gardner, Mass., (son of 
Josiah 650) b. 12 Nov., 1822, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 5 Aug., 
1851, Olive Jones of East Templeton, Mass., and had children: 

i. LuzETTE Elizabeth, b. 2 May, 1852; d. 6 Sept., 1857. 

* Also given as June and Jan. 


ii. Alice Iren^e, b. 24 April, 1854; d. 23 July, 1857. 
iii. Lucius, b. 3 Nov., 1856; d. 5 Nov., 1856. 
iv. Mary Abbie, b. 14 Oct., 1S57; d. 13 Dec, 1859. 
V. George Lorenzo, b. 6 Sept., 1859. (See no. 652.) 
vi. Fr.\nk Edgar, b. 3 Dec, 1861. (See no. 653.) 
vii. Elsie Mabel, b. 26 Jan., 1864; m. 20 April, 1889, Benja- 
min F. Gonyeo of Gardner, Mass., and had children: (i) Rttssel 
Edward Gonyeo, b. 22 March, 1892; d. 21 Sept., 1892; (2) Stanley 
Newman Gonyeo, b. 10 Sept., 1893. 

viii. Mary Olive, b. 4 Oct., 1866; m. 17 Dec, 1890, Arthur 
P. Sykes of Gardner, Mass., and had one child: Flora Emma 
Sykes, b. 22 April, 1891. 

ix. Emma Betsey, b. 27 Jan., 1869; d. 22 March, 1889. 
Lorenzo Underwood is a chair maker at West Gardner, Mass., 
where he has lived since 1854. He res. in Middlefield, Mass., 
1 845-1 848, Blandford, Mass., 1 848-1 853, and in Templeton, 
Mass., 1853-1854. 

652. George Lorenzo Underwood of Toronto, Ontario, (son 
of Lorenzo 651) b. 6 Sept., 1859, at West Gardner, Mass.; m 
29 May, 1883, Lizzie Lepper of Boston, Mass.; no children. 
George L. Underwood is a farmer at Toronto, Ontario, 112 
Strachan Ave. 

653. Frank Edgar Underwood of Gardner, Mass., (son of 
Lorenzo 651) b. 3 Dec, 1861, at Gardner, Mass.; m. 2 July, 1900, 
Clara H. Spring of Gardner, Mass., and has one child: 

i. Olive Frankie, b. 29 June, 1901. 
Frank E. Underwood is a mechanic at Gardner, Mass, 

654. Ira Underwood of West Gardner, Mass., (son of Josiah 
650) b. 8 Jan., 1825, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 12 Dec, 1855, 
Olive R. Coleman of East Templeton, Mass.; no children. Ira 
Underwood was a mechanic at West Gardner, Mass., until his 
death i Oct., 1901 ; his widow still resides at West Gardner, Mass.* 

* The compiler is greatly indebted to Mrs. Olive R. Underwood for a very full 
account of the descendants of this branch of the family. 


655. Diodorus Underwood of Templeton, Mass., (son of 
Israel 641) b. i July, 1798, at Hubbardston, Mass.; m. 22 April, 
1827, Martha Johnson and had children: 

i, Persis, b. 30 Jan., 1828; m. 5 April, 1846, Sewell T. 
Rugg of Templeton, Mass., and had children: (i) Charles Henry 
Riigg, b. 28 Jan., 1847; (2) Mary Elizabeth Rugg, b. 12 Dec, 1850; 
(3) Edtuard Fra?2cis Rugg, h. 15 Oct., 1S54; (4) Walter Howard 
Rugg, b. 23 April, 1858. 

ii. Martha, b. 8 March, 1831; m. 3 Oct., 1850, Handel M. 
Shumway of Cleveland, Ohio, now of Akron, Ohio, and had 
children: (i) Adah F. Shumway, b. 20 Feb., 1854; d. 20 Aug., 
1854; (2) Arthur L. Shuymvay, b. 2 April, i860; (3) Wallace E. 
Shumway, b. 22 April, 1862. Martha Underwood Shumway d. in 
Templeton, Mass. 

iii. Lucy Ann, b. i July, 1834; m. 3 Jan., 1854, Willard B. 
Maynard of Templeton, Mass., and had children: (i) Lola G. 
Maynard, b. 8 Dec, 1854; d. 14 Jan., 1855; (2) Ada A. Mayvard, 
h. 2 June, 1856; d. 22 Jan., 1866; (3) Ernest W. Maynard, b. 30 
Jan., 1859; (4) Charles F. Maynard, b. 18 Oct., 1869; (5) Harold 
W. Maynard, b. 6 May, 1876; d. 6 Aug., 1876. Lucy Underwood 
Maynard d. in Templeton, Mass. 

iv. Walter, b. 27 May, 1836. (See no. 656.) 

V. Charles, b. 12 April, 1838. (See no. 657.) 
Diodorus Underwood was a mechanic at Templeton, Mass., 
where he d. 24 May, 1856. 

656. Walter Underwood of Templeton, Mass., (son of Diodorus 
655) b. 27 May, 1836, at Templeton, Mass.; m. 31 March, 1859, 
Eliza A. Rugg and had children: 

i. Walter Adelbert, b. 9 May, 1865; d. 14 April, 1866. 
ii. Wallace L., b. i Aug., 1867 ; resides at Templeton, Mass. 
Walter Underwood was a mechanic at Templeton, Mass. He 
d. 6 July, 1901. 

657. Charles Underwood of Templeton, Mass., (son of Dio- 
dorus 655) b. 12 April, 1838; m. Ellen M. Jackson; no children. 


Charles Underwood was a mechanic at Templeton, Mass. He 
was a sergeant in Co. D, 36th Mass. Vols., during the Civil 
War and was wounded at the battle of Poplar Spring Church, 
Virginia, 30 Sept., 1864. He d. 30 April, 1867, at Templeton, 

658. Moses Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Joseph 
571) bapt. 17 Aug., 1735; m. 25 June, 1771, Mary Pierce of 
Lincoln, Mass., b. in 1745, and had children born at Lincoln: 

i. Mary,* b. 5 Oct., 1771 ; m. 5 April, 1797, Ephraim Eamcs 
of Weston and had three children. 

ii. Moses, b. 10 April, 1773; d. young. 
iii. Simeon, b. 3 Mar., 1775. (See no. 659.) 

iv. Sarah, b. 8 March, 1777; m. Lakin and had two 


V. Phoebe, b. 12 Feb., 1779; m. Jewit of Lincoln, Mass., 

and had six children. 

vi. Eunice, b. 19 Feb., 1781; m. (?); no children, 
vii. Moses, b. 29 Aug., 1784. (See no. 660.) 
viii. Nathan, b. 3 Sept., 1786. (See no. 663.) 
Moses Underwood d. 15 March, 1806. He was doubtless the 
Moses Underwood of Lincoln who served in Capt. Cutler's 
company in the French War in 1757. 

659. Simeon Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Moses 658) 
b. 3 March, 1775, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. 20 May, 1804, Hepzibah 
Bellows; no children. Simeon Underwood lived at Waltham a 
part of his life but d. at Lincoln, Mass. 

660. Moses Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Moses 658) b. 
29 Aug., 1784, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. Sophronia Whiting of 
Hingham, Mass., and had children: 

i. Martha, b. in 1826; m. (?); no children. 
ii. Mary P., b. in 182S; m. Albert McLary of Waltham, 
Mass., and had children. 

iii. Moses, b. in 1830. (See no. 661.) 

* Called Polly in the town records. 


iv. Sarah, b. i April, 1832; m. . 

V. Lydia a., b. in 1833; m, . 

vi. Joseph, b. 2 Oct., 1835. (See no. 662.) 

vii. SoPHRONiA, b. in 183S. 
viii. RosELLA F., b. 27 April, 1847. 

Moses Underwood was a farmer at Lincoln, Mass., where he d. 
27 June, 1863. 

661. Moses Underwood of Waltham, Mass., (son of Moses 
660) b. in 1830, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. Mrs. M. A. Warren, nee 
Hill, a native of England; no children. Moses Underwood is a 
farmer at Waltham, Mass. 

662. Joseph Underwood of Lincoln, Mass., (son of Moses 660) 
b. 2 Oct., 1835, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. 4 Dec, 1865, Mary Caro- 
line Lakin of Weston, Mass., and had children: 

i. Mary Caroline, b. 10 June, 1867. 
ii. Moses Francis, b. 17 March, 1877. 
Joseph Undervs'ood is a farmer and ice dealer at Lincoln, Mass. 
His wife, Mary Lakin Underwood, d. 27 June, 1890. 

663. Nathan Underwood of Rindge, N. H., (son of Moses 658) 
b. 3 Sept., 1786, at Lincoln, Mass.; m. 24 Oct., 181 1, Judith 
Pierce and had children: 

i. Joel, b. i April, 1813. (See no. 664.) 
ii. SoPHRONiA, b. 5 Sept., 1814; m. 27 June, 1838, Jonathan 
Pierce of Boston, Mass., and had children. 

iii. Martin S., b. i Aug., 1816; d. 17 Oct., 1837, at Rindge, 
N. H. 

iv. Nathan, b. 22 Aug., 1817; d. 24 Aug., 181 7. 
V, Benjamin M., b. 12 May, 1822; d. 2 Aug., 1827. 
vi. Marinda, b. 8 Sept., 18^25; d. 30 July, 1829. 
vii. IcYBiNDA, b. 13 Aug., 1827; m. 21 Sept., 1853, Benjamin 
H. Sheldon of Boston, Mass. 

viii. LoAMMi B., b. 24 May, 1830. (See no. 665.) 
ix. Warren A., b. 28 July, 1833. (See no. 666.) 
Nathan Underwood was a truckman in Boston, Mass., 181 1- 


1813, then rem. to a farm at Rindge, N. H., where he lived until 
his death 14 July, i860. 

664. Joel Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of Nathan 663) 
"b. I April, 1813, at Rindge, N. H.; m. 12 Oct., 1839, Sophronia 
Bagley and had children: 

i. Napoleon Bonaparte, b. ; went west. 

Joel Underwood was a truckman at Boston, Mass., he enlisted 
at the Navy Yard when under age; he d. i June, 1855, at Rindge, 
N. H. 

665. Loammi B. Underwood of Winchcndon, Mass., (son of 
Nathan 663) b. 24 May, 1830, at Rindge, N. H.; m. 8 Aug., 1855, 
Caroline E. Gregory; no children. Loammi B. Underwood en- 
listed during the Civil War but was injured at Boston which 
prevented his entering the service. He was afterwards janitor of 
the high school at Winchendon, Mass. 

666. Warren A. Underwood of Mechanicsville, Vt., (son of 
Nathan 663) b. 28 July, 1833, at Rindge, N. H.; m. 28 Aug., 
1857, Marinda C. Priest and had one child: 

i. Martin W,, b. 28 Dec, 1858; is a farmer. Marinda 
Priest Underwood d. 25 Jan., i860, and Warren A. Underwood 
m. (2) 16 March, 1861, Hester A. Priest who d. 22 Oct., 1880, 
and Warren A. Underwood m. (3) 19 Aug., 188S, Abbie E. Piper. 
Warren A. Underwood was a farmer at Rindge, N. H., until 
1858 when he rem. to Mt. Holly, Vt. He is now living at 
Mechanicsville, Vt. 

III. The Chelmsford Family. 

This family was founded by William Underwood who rem. 
from Concord, Mass., with about twenty other families from 
that place and from Woburn, to found the new settlement at 

667. William Underwood of Chelmsford, Mass., came from 
England probably prior to 1640 and was admitted to the freeman's 


oath at Concord in 1650. He m. Sarah Pellet and had children 
born in Concord and Chelmsford: 

i. Remembrance, b. 25 Feb., 1640;* m. in 1659, Josiah 
Richardson and had eight children: (i) Samuel Richardsofi, h. 
; mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

ii. Sarah, b. 25 July, 1641; m. 10 March, 1669, Daniel 
Blodgett and had at least two sons: (i) Nathaniel Blodgett and 
(2) William Blodgett . These are mentioned in their grandfather's 

iii. Priscilla, b. 16 Dec, 1646; m. 6 July, 1663, Edward 
Spalding and had a son: Edivard Spalding (or Spalden as written 
in his grandfather's will). 

iv. Aquilla, b. 3 May, 1647; d. 17 June, 1657. 

V. Rebecca, b. 6 April,! 16 — ; d. 6 Feb., 1650. 

vi. Deborah, b. 1650 (?); m. 25 Dec, 1668, Nathaniel 
Butterfield and had one son: Joseph Butterfield who is mentioned 
in his grandfather's will. 

vii. Samuel, b. 14 Feb., 1656. (See no. 668.) 
William Underwood rem. from Concord to Chelmsford in 1652. 
He was prominent in town affairs and served as a town officer. 
Sarah, his wife, d. 5 Nov., 1684, and William Underwood m. (2) 
17 March, 1685, Anna Kidder of Billerica (mentioned in his will 
as "Ann my beloved wife"). 

Will of William Underwood. 

In the name of God Amen. I William Underwood of ye Town 
of Chelmsford in the County of Middlesex within y' maj"'^' 
Province of ye Massachusetts Bay in New England, being at this 
p'sent time thro ye mercy of God of Sound Judgement and prfect 
memory, yet weak of Body and apprehensive of ye near approach 
of my dissolution Do make and Ordaine this my Last Will and 
Testament hereby revokeing and disannulling al former wills 
by me made and declared. Imp''. I Do humbly Commit and 
resigne my Immortal Soul into the hands of Jesus Christ my 
gracious Redeemer, trusting in his righteousness and merits 

* Also given as 25 Dec, 1639. 
t Also given as 25 Oct. 


alone for everlasting life and my mortall body to ye Earth there 
decently to be buried. And y" temporall Estate in outward 
good things which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me, I do 
hereby dispose as is hereafter declared, vizS it is my will that 
what Debts I ow to any person, ye same being made Legally or 
reasonably to appear. Shall together w*" ye charges of my funerall 
be in the first place discharged and paid in convenient time by my 
executors hereafter named and appointed out of my moveable 
Estate and if ye same prove insufficient, to pay those Debts out 
of my Reall Estate in Lands and Medows. It.: It is my will 
that what I have formerly given to my beloved Son Samuel 
Underwood in Lands and Medows lying at great and little 
Tadmuck, as they are commonly called and which he is at this 
time possessed of, ye said Lands and Medows being according 
to my judgement & estimation ye principall part of my Estate 
of inheritance shall be and stand for his full portion of and in 
my Lands and Medows and y* he shall not upon any pretence 
whatsoever Lawfully claim and have any further Interest in my 
Estate of Inheritance, yet to him I further give & bequeath my 
best great Coat, a great Chest, and bushells of Corn due to me 
from Joshuah Fletcher. — It. my will is y* what I promised to 
Ann my beloved wife upon marriage with her Shall Stand and be 
Enjoyed by her and it is also my will y^ what part of my Lands 
I have promised as above she shall have her liberty to make her 
choice of and to Improve those Lands & Medows y*^ ly next my 
barn, if she please for her proportion. To her also my beloved 
wife for her tender care of me in my weak and aflicted condition 
I do give a feather bed and Bolster, an Iron Kettle and a pair of 
old oxen, ye s'' Bed, Kettle, & Oxen to be at her Dispose forever, 
only it is my will y* my grand Sonns Nathaniel and William 
Blodgett shall have ye improvement of s'' oxen until it may be 
judged by discreet p^sons that it will be convenient to turn 
them to fatting. To ye said Ann my wife I give all my barrells 
for her use and to be at her dispose. It. I give and bequeath 
to my beloved Daughter Remembrance Richardson the ffeather- 
bed y^ I had in ye house before I last married. It. I give 
and bequeath to my grandson Nathaniel Blodgett one acre of 
Land, lying upon the Hill neer Nathaniel Butterfield's by the 
Countrey Road or Highway. It. I give and bequeath to my 
grandson William Blodgett one acre of Land by my old orchard. 
It. I give and bequeath to my grandson Edward Spalden all 


me Land be ye same more or less, that lyes joining to his father's 
Land upon ye West, that is, the line shall be run straight from 
the West corner of his fathers Stone Wall and as the wall runs 
and to extend to my North line. Item. I give to my grandson 
Samuel Richardson in Corn or Cattle at Common price between 
man and man as much of ye Land which I have hereby given to 
my grandson Edward Spalden may be valued at by indifferent 
p'sons in its present Condition and Capacity. It. the remaining 
part of my Lands and Medows not before g ven, I give and be- 
queath to my three grandsons, viz*. Nathan Blodgett, William 
Blodgett, and Joseph Butter field, which Lands and Medows 
shall be equally divided between them all both for quantity and 
Quality, only my grandson Joseph Butterfield shall be obliged 
to live with me and my wife till he attains to ye age of twenty 
and one years, in case God shall continue our lives or the life of 
either of us so long, and shall be Assistant to us & each of us in 
managing our domesticall afTaires, by tilling our Land &C 
according to his best capacity and as a child ought to doe for his 
parents, except my wife shall see cause after my decease to free 
him from this obligation & condition of having and holding ye 
p^misses. Finally I constitute and appoint my beloved wife and 
my grand Sons Nathaniel and William Blodgett joint Executors 
of this my last will & Testament and to y* said Nathaniel and 
William Blodgett and Joseph Butterfield before mentioned I give 
what may be left of my moveable Estate, when my Debts and 
Legacies are paid the same to be equally Divided between them 
only to my grand Son Joseph Butterfield I give this share in my 
moveables both in Cattle and household goods upon ye same 
condition y* I give him a Share in my Lands and Meadows. — 
For ye confirmation of this my Last Will and Testament upon 
my mature Judgement & Serious Deliberation with myselfe made 
I have hereunto put my hand and Seal this fourteenth Day of 
March Anno Domini one Thousand Six hundred ninty and three, 
alias ninty and four 

William Underwood 
His mark and a Seal 
Signed Sealed Read and Declared 
in ye p'sence of us. 

John Bates 

Joseph Perram 

Moses Keyes 


668. Samuel Underwood of Litchfield, N. H., (son of William 

667) b. 14 Feb., 1656, at Chelmsford, Mass.; m. Sarah 

and had one son : 

i. Aquilla, b. in 1693. (See no. 669.) 
Samuel Underwood received land in the right of his father, 
William, in 1711, 171 7, and 1720. He rem. probably late in 
life to Litchfield, N. H., where he d. 5 March, 1734-5, in his 85th 
year. According to Hodgrnan, his wife, Sarah, d. in Litchfield 
in 1734. 

The Sandisfield Branch. 

This branch took its rise from Aquilla who settled in Sandis- 
field, Mass., in 1761. From this rugged hill towai of Berkshire 
county the family has become %videly scattered and we have 
attempted to place in order such of the descendants of the family 
as we have been able. 

669. Aquilla Underwood of Sandisfield, Mass., (son of Samuel 

668) b. in 1693, at Chelmsford, Mass.; m. Margaret n and -, , 

had children : . . , , 

i. Samuel, b. i Feb., 1722. (See no. 670.) .-a^m,.^^^. 

ii. Mary, b. 26 March, 1724. 
iii. Hannah, b. in 1727.* 
iv. William, b. in 1727.! (See no. 672.) 
V. Parker, b. 10 Feb., 1729-30. (See no. 679.) 
vi. Lucy, b. 1731, 

vii. Rogers, b. about 1735. (See no. 687.) 
viii. Simon, b. about 1735. (See no. 688.) 

ix. Olive, b. . 

X. Margaret, b. . 

Hodgman adds the following: 

Aquilla, b. in 1723; d. 3 Jan., 1723-4. 
Sarah, b. in 1725. 
and omits Simon, Olive, and Margaret from the list. 

Aquilla Underwood was a subscriber to the covenant in 1727 

* See Hodgman, History of Westford. 
t 1728 according to Hodgman. 


when the church at Westford was organized (the town of Westford 
having early formed a part of Chchnsford). He was dismissed 
from the church at Westford in 1741 to join with others forming 
the church at Litchfield, N. H., where he rem. (according to 
Hodgman) in 1 731. The following document, appearing in the 
town records of Litchfield, N. H., will add a little light to this 

"Middlesex SS, July 20 1734 

Pursuant to an act of ye Great and General Court or As- 
sembly July 4, 1734, I, ye subscriber do in his Magesties Name 
require all ye freeholds and other inhabitants of the Town of 
Litchfield lawfully qualified to vote in town ineetings to meet 
and convene at ye house of Aquilla Underwood in Litchfield on 
Monday ye twenty ninth day of July currant at one of ye 
clock in the afternoon then and there to choose town officers to 
stand until ye anniversary meeting in March next. 

Per order of ye General Court, 

Aquilla Underwood." 

Aquilla Underwood was chosen moderator at the above meeting 
and v»'as selectman in the town of Litchfield in 1736. He was 
received at the church at Sandisfield, Mass., 26 July, 1761, and 
d. at that place 29 May, 1767. His widow, Margaret, d. 25 
Aug., 1780, in her 8ist year. 

670. Samuel Underwood of Sandisfield, Mass., (son of Agiiilla 
669) b. I Feb., 1722; m. Mary -^ , h. in 1727 and had children: ft 
i. Silas, b. 2 March, 1762. (See no. 671.) 
ii. Rachel, b. 20 May, 1764. 

iii. Samuel, b. 21 April, I'jb'j/ A Samuel Underwood of 
Berkshire county was a soldier in the Revolution serving as 
corporal in Capt. Clark's company. Col. Sears's regiment, 3 mos. 
21 days, up the Mohawk River. Although very young at the 
time this must be the same. A Samuel Underwood of Otis, 
the next town north of Sandisfield, deeded land there in 1814. 

Samuel Underwood d. at Sandisfield, Mass., 31 Aug., 1767, 
se. 45. His will recorded in the Pitts field probate mentions 


his wife (as Marette ?) and the three children above named. 
His farm was valued at £200 besides a yoke of oxen £12, cows 
ranging from £2 5s to £3 and other property. The will was 
made 16 July and proved 25 Aug., 1767. Mary Underwood, 
widow of Samuel, d. 16 April, 1812, se. 85 years. 

671. Silas Underwood of Sandis field, Mass., (son of Samuel 

670) b. 2 March, 1762; m. Amelison (?) and had children: 

i. Abigail Maria, b. i Jan., 1797. '' ^^^^ '^^V\. \ -"^^h 
u. Ethan Stone, b. 31 Jan., 1798. ^ ^^^\^ 

iii. Nathan, b. 31 Aug., 1799. 
iv. Phebe, b. 22 May, 1801. 
The above four children of Silas Underwood appear on the 
records of Sandis field, Mass., after which all trace of the family 
disappears. Silas Underwood was a soldier of the Revolution 
in Col. Wood's regiment and Captain Noble's company. He is 
reported to have served 27 days in May and June, 1778; 8 mos., 
28 days in 1779; 3 mos., 13 days in 1780; and 11 days in 1781. 
He is mentioned as having a dark complexion. 

672. William Underwood of Colebrook, Conn., (son of Aquilla 
669) b. in 1727, at Chelmsford, Mass.; m. Naomi Horton of 
Colebrook, Conn., and had children: 

i. John, b. 22 July, 1764. (See no. 673.) 
ii. William, b. 18 Dec, 1766. (See no. 674.) 

iii. Abigail, b. 20 Aug., 1768; m. Winslow of Sandis- 

field, Mass., and rem. to Brandon, Vt. 

iv. Sarah, b. 18 April, 1770; m. Ashbell Parsons and rem 
to Vernon, Oneida county, N. Y. 

V. Timothy, b. ii April, 1772. (See no. 675.) 
vi. Lucy, b. 29 April, 1774; unm.; d. in May, 1862, at Cole- 
brook, Conn. 

vii. Abiah, b. 26 March, 1777; m. Thomas Miner of Cole- 
brook, Conn., and rem. to Tyringham, Mass. 

viii. Chloe, b. 18 April, 1779; m. John Burr of Colebrook, 
Conn., and rem. to Whitestown, Oneida Co., N. Y. 


ix. Eunice, b. 30 June, 1781; m. Asa Bidwell and rem. to 
York, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

X, Chester, b. 15 Oct., 1784. (See no. 676.) 
William rem. from his. native town to Sandisfield, Mass., where 
he united with the church 5 Oct., 1779. He afterwards rem. to 
Colebrook, Conn., where he d. 3 May, 1804, se. 77. He was 
probably the William Underwood of Berkshire county, Mass., 
who served in Capt. Dening's company of Col. Ashley's regiment 
20 days in 1777. 

673. John Underwood of Colebrook, Conn., (son of William 
672) b. 22 July, 1764; m. and had children born at Cole- 
brook, Conn.: 

i. John, b. ; unm.; d. in prison. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Hulbert and rem, to 


Nothing further is known of this family, 

674. Y7illiam Underwood of Colebrook, Conn., (son of William 
672) b. 18 Dec, 1766; m. Thankful Sage of Sandisfield, Mass., b. 
in 1767; d. 10 May, 1833, and had children born at Colebrook: 

i. Aphia, b. 28 April, 1793 ; m. Rufus Seymour of Colebrook, 

Conn., and had children: (i) William U. Seymour, b. ; d. in 

1880 at Brooklyn, N. Y.; (2) Charlotte A. Seymotir, h. — ; m. 

Beecher and lived in Chicago, 111.; (3) Henry R. Seymour, 

b. ; d. ; (4) Edwin O Seymour, b, ; d. ; (5) 

An7iie Maria Seymour, b. ; m, Kendall and lived in 

Granby, Conn.; (6) Mary A. Seymour, b. ; d. ; (7) 

Edidn 0. Seymour, b. ; lived in Chicago, 111. Aphia Under- 
wood Seymour d. 29 Nov., 1859. Her husband, Rufus Seymour, 
d, in May, i860. 

ii. Rebecca, b. 21 Feb., 1796; m, Nathaniel Pinney of 
Colebrook, Conn., and had children: (i) Ja7ie Rebecca Pinney, 

b. ; m. Cook and lived in Waterbury, Conn. ; (2) Orator 

Piiiney, b. ; d. in 1871 at Sandisfield, Mass.; (3) Warren A. 

Pinney, b. ; d. in 1 880 at Winsted, Conn.; (4) Burrall V. 

I ■ 


Finney, b. ; lived in Winsted, Conn. Rebecca Undenvood 

Pinne}' d. 28 Aug., 1861. 

iii. Maria, b. 2 Sept., 1803; m. Miles Lewis of Canaan, 
Conn., b. in 1804; d. 25 Aug., 1871, and had children: (i) Mary 

J. Lewis, b. ; m. Dewey of Winsted, Conn.; (2) 

Frances Maria Lewis, b. in 1840; m. Case; d. in Norfolk, 

Conn., 29 Dec, 1872. Maria Underwood Lewis lived at Winsted. 
Conn., until her death, after 1882. She contributed very much 
toward completing the records of her branch of the family. 

William Underwood lived at Colebrook, Conn., until his death 
which occurred 15 May, 1841. 

675. Timothy Underwood of York, Genesee Co., N. Y., (son of 
William 672) b. ii April, 1772, in Sandisfield, Mass.; m. 16 
Nov., 1797, Rachel Orvis of Norfolk, Conn., b. in 1775, and had 
children : 

i. Timothy, b. . 

ii. Miles, b. . 

iii. Fidelia Rachel, b. 15 June, 1813, in York, Genesee 
Co., N. Y.; m. 8 Feb., 1837, Hiram D. Crosby, b. 27 Feb., 
1811, in Hartland, Conn., and had children: (i) Marcia Crosby, 
b. 29 Nov., 1838, in Leicester, Livingston Co., N. Y.; m. 27 Aug., 
1856, Ira Taft Wheelock, a farmer of Leicester, N. Y., and has 
had two children: (i) Arthur Wheelcock, b. 8 April, 1866; (2) 
Gertrude Wheelcock, b. i Jan., 1869. Marcia Crosby Wheelock 
now (1911) lives in Moscow, N. Y. 

iv. Fanny, b. . 

Timothy Underwood came from Norfolk, Conn., and first 
settled in Watertown, N. Y., and later went to Rochester, N. Y., 
and secured a tract of land near the Rapids where he built a 
home and lived for a time, but the family suffering from fever, 
he removed to a tract of timber-land in what became the town 
of York, now in Livingston county, N. Y., about 1810. Here he 
lived the rest of his life and the place was long known as the 
Underwood settlement. It was finally called Wadsworth, al- 
though many of the settlers wished it called Underwood. While 


crossing the Genesee River with a load of lumber on the ice, 
there being at that time no bridge, he broke through and took a 
severe cold from which he d. 18 June, 1821, His widow, Rachel 
0|^vis Underwood, d. many years later at the age of 86. 

676. Chester Underwood of Scott, Cortland Co., N. Y., (son 
of William 672) b. 15 Oct., 1784; m. Elizabeth Tuttle of Cole- 
brook, Conn., and is said to have had children, among them: 

i. Harlow^ E., b. ; said to have lived at East Scott, 

Cortland Co., N. Y. The family' has not been traced further, 
ii. Lauren Chester, b. 17 April, 1818. (See no. 677.) 

677. Lauren Chester Underwood of Brighton, Mich., (son of 
Chester 676) b. 17 April, 1S18, at Colebrook, Conn.; m. 18 Nov. 
1838, Mary Tryphcna Kellog, dau. of Frederick Kellog of Scott, 
N. Y., and had children: 

i. Charles Harlon, b. 2 Oct., 1839; d. 27 Dec, 1839. 

ii. Emma Amanda, b. 25 March, 1844; m. 31 March, 1870, 
Herman Jones, a farmer of Brighton, Mich., and had three 

iii. DeWitt Clinton, b. 9 Sept., 1845. (See no. 678.) 

iv. Etta Almira, b. 4 Sept., 1854; m. 26 Sept., 1887, Ely P. 
Hubbel of Geneva, Ohio. 

V. Myrtie Adelaide, b. 19 Dec, 1858; m. John A. Nelson 
of Brighton, Mich. 

Lauren C. Underwood is a carpenter. He resided at Scott, 
N. Y., for some years and after 1845 removed to Brighton, Mich. 
His wife, Mary Kellog Underwood, d. i Aug., 1899. 

678. DeWitt Clinton Underwood of Chicago, 111., (son of 
Lauren 677) b. 9 Sept., 1845, at Norwich, N. Y.; m. 10 Sept., 
1878, Lola Jenks. He was a salesman at Grand Rapids, Mich., 
and afterwards removed to Chicago, 111. 

679. Parker Underwood of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
(son of Aquilla 669) b. 10 Feb., 1729/30, at Chelmsford, Mass.; 
m. Hannah Tuttle and had children: 


i. Hannah, b. 3 Sept., 1759, at Littleton, Mass.; m, Lemuel 
Raymond at Tyrlngham, Mass., b. 5. Aug., 1759, son of Daniel 
Raymond, and had eleven children, six sons and five daughters. 
Hannah Underwood Raymond d. 30 Sept., 1806. 
ii. Phebe, b. I Oct., 1763. 

iii. Parker, b. . 

iv. Nathan, b. . 

V. John, b. 22 Jan., 1770. (See no. 680.) 

vi. William, b. . 

vii. Abel, b. . 

Parker Underwood lived in Littleton, Mass., for a time and 
then rem. to Berkshire county, settling at Tyringham. In deeds 
in the Berkshire registry at Pittsfield the earliest found was dated 
1757 in which year he is mentioned as of "Littletown, county of 
Middlesex." He then acquired land in what was known as "No. 
3." In 1793 he is still mentioned as "of Tyringham" and with 
his wife, Hannah, sold land in that town, but in 1795 he is men- 
tioned as "of German Flats, Herkimer county, N. Y." This fixes 
approximately the date of his removal from Massachusetts.* 

* The following data doubtless pertain to descendants of Parker Underwood, 
but we have not been able to determine the connection with certainty. 

Parker Underwood of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., purchased lands in 
Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1807. He was probably Parker, Jr. 

Amos L. Underwood of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., purchased land in 
Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1824. In 1834 a bond is recorded for the conveyance 
of property to Amos L., William, Chester, and William E. 

Jarnes Underwood of Manchester purchased lands in town of Kirkland in 1828. 

Nathan Underwood and Diantha his wife deeded land to Samuel Underwood of 
Utica in 1836. 

Andrew L. Underwood of Utica purchased land in 1851. On 20 Dec., 1867. 
deeded property by assignee to Elizabeth M . Underwood , being part of " homestead ' ' 
of Amos L. Underwood, deceased. Andrew L. Underwood and wife, Elizabeth M., 
deeded land to Horace A. Underwood in 1884. 

Gilbert F. Underwood and George B. Underwood of Utica purchased land in 

John Underwood of town of Augusta, N. Y., purchased land in 1856. 

James I. Underwood of Utica purchased land in 1858. 

James H. Underwood of Utica purchased land in 1880. 

Jane B. Underwood of Westmoreland received land in 1884 from Hannah M. , 


J^ df^^Je^^J^^ 


680. John Underwood of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., (son 
of Parker 679) b. 22 Jan., 1770, in Tyringham (?), Berkshire 
Co., Mass.; m. in 1797, Mary Curtis of Litchfield, N. Y., and 
had children: 

i. Belinda, b. 31 March, 1798; m. 17 April, 1837, Lester 
Smith of Litchfield, N. Y. Belinda Underwood Smith d. 5 
Jan., 1870, at Litchfield, N. Y. 

ii. Harriet, b. 30 May, 1800; unm.; d. 23 March, 1861, 
at Litchfield, N. Y. 

iii. John Curtis, b. 14 March, 1809. (See no. 681.) 
iv. John DeLoss, b. 6 Jan., 1817. (See no. 6S3.) 
John Underwood was a farmer in Litchfield, Herkimer Co., 
N. Y., whither he rem. from Berkshire county, Mass. He d. 4 
Oct., 1824. His wife, Mary Curtis Underwood, b. in Tj'ringham 
(now Monterey), ^L1S5., 23 Sept., 1778; d. at Litchfield, N. Y., 
26 Sept., 1849. 

681. John Curtis Underwood of Washington, D. C, (son of 
John 680) b. 14 March, 1S09, at Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y.; 
m. 24 Oct., 1839, at Valley View, Fouquier Co., Va., Maria 
Gloria Jackson of Clarksburg, Harrison Co., Va., and had 
children : 

i. Flora Virginia, b. 7 Oct., 1840, in Fouquier county, Va.; 
d. 18 Sept., 1841, in Herkimer, N. Y. 

ii. Edward Jackson, b. 13 Dec, 1842. (See no. 682.) 
iii. Alice Elizabeth, b. 13 July, 1850, at Herkimer, N. Y.; 
m. 3 June, 1889, at Quebec, Canada, Alexander Cameron Hunt, 
at one time governor of Colorado and later lived in Washington, 
D. C, and had one daughter: Gloria John Hunt, b. 2 Jan., 1891, 
at Washington, D. C. Governor Hunt is dead and his widow 
lives at "Gloria Point," Tenallytown, D. C. 

John Curtis Underwood was graduated from Ham.ilton Col- 
lege. While in college he became one of the founders of the 
Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. After his graduation he went south 

Miolam, Harrison Underv/ood of Albany, John Underivood and Catharine his wife 
of Geneva, N. Y., and Mary Ann Unde^^vood of Westmoreland; all the heirs of 
William Underwood of Westmoreland, deceased. 


and became a tutor in one of the old families of Virginia where his 
fine qualities v/on him the respect of all. During this time he 
studied law and then returned to Herkimer county, N. Y., to 
set up his practice. He established in Little Falls, N. Y., the 
Jciirnal and Courier, a paper which is still published there. After 
his marriage he rem. to Virginia and purchasing eight hundred 
acres of land in Clark county near the famous Shenandoah valley 
he undertook to introduce the dairy industry of his northern 
home in Virginia. 

He was from the beginning an active supporter of the Free 
Soil Party and in 1856 took part in the National Convention 
that nominated John C. Fremont for president. Because of his 
activity in this direction he was forced to leave Virginia. In i860 
he was a member of the Chicago Convention which nominated 
Abraham Lincoln for president and he stumped the New England 
and Middle states during the following campaign. After 
Lincoln's election he was appointed consul to Callao, Peru, but 
in order to keep him in the country Salmon P. Chase, secretary 
of the treasury', appointed him fifth auditor of the treasury and 
he remained in Washington. He was also appointed brigadier 
general in the United States Army by President Lincoln but 
was stricken with small-pox in Washington and never took the 
field. Later he was appointed United States judge for Virginia. 
The most memorable trial that was held in his court was that of 
Jefferson Davis. Horace Greeley, the great journalist, who was 
one of the bondsmen for Davis, was an old friend of Judge Under- 
wood's and frequently visited at his home in Alexandria, Va. 

After the war Judge Underwood was elected United States 
senator from Virginia but never took his seat as Virginia was not 
then admitted to representation. He was elected a member of 
the Constitutional Convention to prepare the constitution for 
the state of Virginia on the readmission of the state. He was 
chosen president of the convention and the constitution then 
adopted has since been known as the " Underwood Constitution." 

Judge Underwood enjoyed the confidence of hundreds of men 


prominent in the Republican Party and also won the respect of 
many of the prominent men of the South. He was distinguished 
among jurists for his common sense rulings, and never allowed 
party affiliations to shape the form of his judgments. He was 
devoted to the welfare of the colored people and was the first 
to admit colored men to the jury. In spite of his attitude on the 
decisive questions of the day scores of prominent men from the 
South were present at his funeral and the tribute paid him by 
many Southern lawyers was sincere and heartfelt. He d. 7 Dec, 
1873. His portrait appears facing page 375. 

The wife of Judge Underwood was a daughter of the Virginian 
family in which he was a tutor in his youth. She was a double 
cousin of "Stonewall Jackson" and a niece of John G. Jackson 
whose first wife was a sister of I^.Trs. James Madison, and whose 
marriage was the first wedding held in the White House. Her 
grandfather, father, and the uncle above named were each in 
turn representatives in Congress during a period of thirty 

682. Edward Jackson Underwood of Washington, D. C, 
(son of John Curtis 681) b. 13 Dec, 1842, at Herkimer, N. Y.; 
m. 2 May, 1872, at Rockford, 111., Mary Alice Horsman and 
had one son: 

i. John Curtis, b. 26 July, 1874, at Rockford, 111., now 
living in New York city. 

6S3. John DeLoss Underwood of Peterboro, Madison Co., 
N. Y., (son of John 680) b. 6 Jan., 1817, at Litchfield, N. Y.; m. 
14 Feb., 1847, at Whitesboro, N. Y., Marcia Deming Green and 
had children: 

i. Genevieve Green, b. 14 Dec, 1847, at Albany, N. Y.; 
d. 27 Sept., 1849, at Whitesboro, N. Y. 

ii. Beriah Green, b. 29 July, 1850. (See no. 684.) 
iii. Harold Green, b. i Aug., 1852. (See no. 686.) 

John DeLoss Unden\^ood graduated from Union College in 
1842 and was a teacher at Whitesboro, N. Y., Albany, N. Y., 
and Peterboro, N. Y. He d. 27 May, 1855, at Peterboro, N. Y. 


684. Bcriah Green Underv/ood of Boston, Mass., (son of 
John 683) b. 29 July, 1850, at Litchfield, N. Y.; m. 2 June, 1875, 
Susy Frances Andrews and had one son; 

i. John DeLoss, b. 4 May, 1876. (See no. 685.) 
Beriah G. Underwood is an advertising agent and has lived 
at Whitesboro, N. Y., Washington, D. C, New York city, and 
at present lives at 50 Rockwell St., Maiden, Mass. 

685. John DeLoss Underwood of Pittsburgh, Pa., (son of 
Beriah 684) b. 4 May, 1876; m. 6 Sept., 1904, Sophie Gates Kerr 
of Denton, Mich. John D. Underwood is a mechanical engi- 
neer. He was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology in 1898, and is engaged in his profession at Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

686. Harold Green Underwood of Milwaukee, Wis., (son of 
John 683) b. I Aug., 1852, at Litchfield, N. Y.; m. 20 June, 
1883, at Mendota, 111., Marie Lawson Scott and had children 
born at Milwaukee, Wis.: 

i. Walter Scott, b. 15 Dec, 1884. 
ii. Isabel, b. 20 Nov., 1887. 
Harold G. Underwood is a patent lawyer at Milwaukee, W^is., 
residing at 691 Marshall St.* 

687. Rogers (or Eoger) Underwood of Sandisfield, Mass., 
(son of Aquilla 669) b. about 1735; m. Judith and had chil- 
dren: ^l'^\'r,x\^■.7 

i. Amos, b. 21 Feb., 1775. ^ 

ii. Anna, b. 14 Feb., 1777. 
iii. Olive, b. 7 Sept., 1779. 
iv. Roswell, b- 28 Feb., 1782. 
V. Polly, b. 10 Dec, 1786. 
Rogers Underwood acquired land in Sandisfield in 1764. He 
was a soldier in the French and Indian War, serving as a private 
30 days in 1758 and 6 mos., 6 days in 1759. He was also a 
soldier in the War of the Revolution in service sixteen days in 

* A letter addressed to him in 191 1 was returned "unclaimed." Ed. 


1776 in Capt. Wolcott's company of Col. Hopkins's Regiment 
during which time he marched to Highlands, N. Y. He was 
sergeant twenty days in 1777 in Capt. Deming's company, Col. 
Ashley's Regiment. Nothing is known of his family. 

688. Simon Underwood of Otis, Mass., (son of Aquilla 669) 
b. about 1735; m. Sarah -p^^-and had children:* ^^xXiLt.v. 

i. Slmon, b. 31 Aug., 1770. 
ii. Hannah, b. 4 June, 1771. 
iii. Electa, b. ii May, 1773. 
iv. Peter, b. 20 April, 1775; d. 15 Sept., 1780. 
V. William, b. 20 April, 1777; d. 20 June, 1797. 
vi. Mark, b. 10 June, 1779; said to have rem. to Ohio, 
vii. Sally, b. 26 July, 1781. 
viii. Simeon, b. 26 May, 1785. (See no. 689.) 

ix. Reuben, b. 25 IMarch, 1788. 
Sarah, wife of Simon Underwood, d. 17 March, 1795, and he 

m. (2) Lois and had children: 

X. Lois, b. 17 Nov., 1797. 
xi. Elizabeth, b. 13 Aug., 1799. 

xii. Celestia, b. 20 Nov., 1800; m. Rockwell May, b. 20 June, 
1799, and had children: (i) Dwight May, b. 8 Sept., 1822; (2) 
Franklin W. May, b. 16 Feb., 1825; (3) Cornelia E. May, b. 
28 Feb., 1826; (4) Charles S. May, b. 22 March, 1830; (5) 
Gordon A. May, b. 22 Aug., 1832; (6) Janette E. May, b. ii 
Aug., 1838. 

xiii. E.\DY (Edith ?), b. 17 June, 1802. 
xiv. Rogers, b. 31 Dec, 1803. 
XV. William, b. 20 Aug., 1805. (See no. 690.) 
xvi. Henry Milton, b. 17 July, 1807. (See no. 691.) 
xvii. James Hamilton, b. i Oct., 1809. 

xviii. Greenman, b. . 

Simon Under\vood was a soldier in the War of the Revolution 

* According to Henry M. Underwood (no. 691) there were ten children by the 
first wife, and nine by the second. 


and according to his son, Henry M., was present at the sur- 
render of Burgoyne. According to the Massachusetts Revo- 
lutionary War Records he was in Capt. Wolcott's company of 
Col. Ashley's regiment and marched to reinforce the northern 
army, being in service 30 days in Sept., 1777. He d. "about 
1808 or 1810" se. 75. Simon Underwood d. insolvent accord- 
ing to the records of the Pittsfield probate, the inventory being 
given 2 April, 1811. In Oct., 1811, his widow, Lois, was made 
guardian to the children: Lois, Elizabeth, Celcstia, Editha, 
Rogers, William, Henry Milton, James Hamilton, Grenman, "all 
under 14 years, children of Simon Underwood late of Otis, 

689. Simeon Underwood of Sandisfield (?), Mass., (son of 
Simon 688) b. 26 May, 1785, at Sandisfield, Mass.; m. 31 Dec, 
18 1 8, Susannah Hutchinson of New Marlboro, Mass. 

690. V/illiam R, Underwood of Sandisfield, Mass., (son of 
Simon 688) b. 20 Aug., 1805; m. Lauvaann Bogue, 13 June, 1831, 
according to town records of Sandisfield. 

691. Henry Blilton Underwood of Monterey, Mass., (son of 
Simon 688) b. 17 July, 1807; m. Hannah and had children: 

i. Frances Mary, b. 27 Jan., 1836; was a teacher; d. before 

ii. James Henry, b. 8 Feb., 1837; lived at Grant City, Iowa. 

Hi. Henry M., b. ; lived at Camp Chetan, Wash. 

iv. Herbert E., b. ; merchant at Fort Worth, Tex., 

where he d. before 1882, 

V. Charles A., b. ; lived at Junction Depot, N. J. 

Henry M. Underwood was a house carpenter and millwright 
at Monterey, Mass., where he was living in 1882. The residences 
given for his sons were received at the same date. 

In 1882 the compiler had a letter from Henry M. Underw^ood 
giving some information regarding Simon Underwood, his father, 
and himself, in which he says: "A legacy was left to the heirs of 
Aquilla Underwood in America . . . the published amount of 


the legacy was between 15 and 16 millions. I spent all that I 
could with limited means afford, the other heirs being more chary 
of their dollars, and gave it up." 

The New Marlborough Branch. 

The members of this family are descended from Alpheus 
Underwood, a soldier of the War of the Revolution, who first 
appears in the Records of Berkshire county, Mass., in 1769. 

692. Alpheus Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
of ?*) b. about 1750 at Sandisfield (?), Mass.; m. 9 Dec, 1772, 
at New Marlborough, Mass., Hannah Willcocks and had children : 

i. Edmond, b. 15 March, 1773. (See no. 693.) 
ii. Artch, b. 30 Nov., 1774.! (See no. 698.) 
iii. Holland, b. 17 Aug., 1776. (See no. 699.) 
iv. Massey (Mercy?), b. 31 Aug., 1778. 

Alpheus Underwood m. (2) about 1796, Polly and had 

children : 

V. Hannah, b. 31 March, 1802.- 
vi. David R., b. 2 Sept., 1804; d. 30 Nov., 1804. 
vii. Bushrod W., b. 11 Sept., 1807. (See no. 702.) 
Alpheus Underwood was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, 
serving 13 days in Oct., 1781, in Lt. Col. Collin's Berkshire 
regiment. His name also appears on a warrant for pay in 1783 
on the occasion of an alarm northward. He lived at New Marl- 
borough, Mass., all his life and d. at that place 18 June, 1834. 

693. Edmond Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
of Alpheus 692) b. 15 March, 1773, at New Marlborough; m. ii 
July, 1792, Mary Pomeroy and had children: 

i. Willard, b. in 1793. (See no. 694.) 

♦The Probate Records of Pittsfield, Mass., have this entry 27 June, 1769, 
Alpheus Underwood "whose father is unknown" bound to Joseph Higgins of New 
Marlborough as guardian. It is very probable that the mother of Alpheus Under- 
wood was one of the daughters of Aquilla Underwood (no. 669). 

t According to town records of New Marlborough. "Artih, b. 20 Nov., 1774." 
In 1826 Artch Undenvood of Great Barrington deeded land in Tyringham, and in 
1823 he was mentioned as of New Marlborough. 


ii. Clarissa, b. ; m. before 1829, Chauncey Ransford 

of Sheffield, Mass. 

ill. Alpheus, b, 24 Jan., 1798. (See no. 696.) 
iv. Simon, b. ; in settlement of his father's estate men- 
tioned as "of State of New York." 

V. Eliza, b. ; m. before 1829, Aaron Stephens "of the 

state of Connecticut" according to the probate records. 

vi. Harriet, b. ; m. before 1829, William Williams "of 

the state of Connecticut" according to the probate records. 

vii. Edmoxd, b. ; "of New Marlborough." Intention 

of marriage to Mar>' Ann Arnold of Shefiiield filed 24 Jan., 1826. 

viii. Orville, b. ; "of New Marlborough"; rem. to Ohio 

about 1862.* 

ix. EvALiNE, b. between 18 12 and 18 16. 
X. Holland, b. after 1815; is mentioned in the settlement 
of his father's estate as under 14; rem. to Ohio about 1862.* 

Edmond Underwood's family does not appear on the New 
Marlborough records of birth, so that he probably spent most 
of his life in another town. He d. 20 Jan., 1829, at New Marl- 
borough, Mass. As he died intestate, his eldest son, Willard 
Underwood, was appointed administrator for a settlement of 
the estate 10 Feb., 1829. Among the various papers relating to 
the estate in the Pittsfield probate is a memorandum of the 
members of the family; all the children were reported above 
fourteen years of age except Holland. 

694. Willard Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
of Ed?nond 693) b. in 1793; m. 18 April, 1818, Betsey Callendar 
of Sheffield, Mass., and had children: 

i. Reuben C, b. 13 March, 1820. (See no. 695.) 
Willard Underwood filed an intention of marriage at New 
Marlborough, Mass., 23 May, 1842, to Widow Ann Powell. 
Willard Underwood probably lived for a time at Great Barring- 
ton, Mass., but later was a farmer at New Marlborough, Mass., 

* The data concerning removal are on the authority of Jay A. Underwood (no. 


where he d. 1 1 Sept., 1865, of a cancer, se. 72. He was a widower 
at the time of his death, 

695. Reuben C, Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
of Willard 694) b. 12 March, 1820, at Great Harrington, Mass.; 

m. Harriet C. , of Canaan, Conn., who d. 17 May, 1852, of 

consumption; m. (2) Angehna A. , b. in 1822; d. 26 Nov., 

1859, in child-bed; m. (3) 4 July, i860, Mary E. Sumner, b. in 
1825, dau. of Hezekiah and Lucy Sumner of Otis, Mass., and 
had children: 

i. daughter, b. 29 May, 1861. 
ii. James Willard, b. ii May, 1862. 
iii. AxGiE E., b. 7 May, 1864. 

Reuben C. Underwood was a farmer at New Marlborough, 
Mass., where he d. of apoplexy 16 Sept., 1868. In the notice 
of the guardian's sale in 1 88 1 (Pittsfield probate) James W. and 
Angle Underwood are mentioned as minor children of Reuben 
Underwood, deceased. James Willard Underwood is mentioned 
in the papers as of South Onondaga, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

.696. Alpheus Underwood of Canaan, Conn., (son of Edmond 
693) b. 24 Jan., 1798, at New Marlborough (?), Mass.; m. 4 Dec, 
1822, Emily Strong of New Marlborough, Mass., and had 
children : 

i. Louisa A., b. 15 June, 1825. She was living in Louis- 
ville, Ky., in 1882. 

ii. Jay A., b. 24 Nov., 1827. (See no. 697.) 
iii. ]\La.rion L, b. 4 June, 1830. ' 

Alpheus Underwood d. 22 Jan., 1832, at Canaan, Conn. 

697. Jay A. Underwood of Canaan, Conn., (son of Alpheus 696) 

b. 26 Nov., 1827, at Canaan, Conn.; m. and had children: 

i. Cornelia E., b. i Feb., 1855; unm.; d, 7 Jan., 1879, at 
Canaan, Conn. 

ii. Willard W., b. 5 April, 1859. 
iii. RozELL D., b. 16 Oct., 1865. 
Jay A. Underwood was for many years in charge of a lumber 


mill for the manufacture of doors, blinds, and mouldings at 
Canaan, Conn. 

698. Archibald Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
of Alpheus 692) b. 29 Nov., 1774; m. Rhoda Chapin of Tyring- 
ham, Mass., b. 17 Nov., 1763, and had at least: 

i. Mercy, b. 22 Dec, 1810; m. i Nov., 1835, James Douglas 
of Richmond, Mass., and had: (i) Nezvton Douglas, b. 13 Sept., 
1836; (2) Ca7nilla. Ann Douglas, b. II Jan., 1843; m. Cald- 
well; (3) Elisha Bradley Douglas, b. 4 May, 1845. The family 
removed in 1871 to Memphis, Mo., where Mercy Underwood 
Douglas d. II March, 1887. 

ii. Bernice Camilla, b. i Feb., 1821; m. 21 Jan., 1853, 
Elisha Bradley and had: (i) Ber?iice Estelle Bradley, h. 25 Nov., 

1855; m, Richey; (2) Mary Adelaide Bradley, b. 16 Feb., 

1859; d. 3 March, 1862; (3) Charles Bradley, b. 22 June, 1861; 
d. 5 Jan., 18G4. The family removed to Groton, Iowa, in 1858, 

699. Holland Undorwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son 
oi Alpheus 6()2)h. 17 Aug., 1776, at New Marlborough, Mass.; m. 
16 Oct., 1800, Triphena Hutchinson, dau. of Paid and Sarah 
Hutchinson of Coventry, Conn., and had children: ■■'■■^■,''~- 

i. Harlow, b. 7 Oct., 1801. (See no. 700.) 
ii. Phebe, b. 19 March, 1803. 
Holland Underwood d. 21 Nov., 1847, at New Marlborough, 
Mass. His widow, Triphena Hutchinson Underwood, d. 7 Dec, 
i860, a. 81. 

700. Harlow Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass., (son of 
Holland 699) b. 7 Oct., 1801, at New Marlborough, Mass.; m. 
(intention filed 31 May, 1824) Julia Ann Beach, dau. of Gideon 
and Wealthy Beach, b. 1806, and had children: 

i. Elizabeth Beach, b. 15 Oct., 1825; m. 27 June, 1849, 
Edward Bosworth, a merchant of Sandisfield, Mass., afterwards 
of Lee, Mass., and had children: (i) Fajinic Bosworth, d. when 


only one year old; (2) John E. Bosworth, b. ; living in Lee, 

Mass., in 1906. Elizabeth Underwood Bosworth d. and Edward 
Bosworth m. (2) Lucy Canfield Smith and had two children: 

(3) Parthema Caroline Bosworlh, h. ; m. Edward R. Grier;* 

(4) Henrietta Yale Bos-worth, b. ; unm. 

ii. George Beach, b. 23 Sept., 1827. (See no. 701.) 
iii. Henry Clay, b. 14 May, 1830; unm.; d. 27 June, 1886, 
at New Marlborough, Mass. 

iv. Wilbur Curtis, b. 28 July, 1833; unm. Wilbur Curtis 
Underwood was a farmer at New Marlborough, Mass., where 
he d. 18 June, 1905, of apoplexy. 

Harlow Undenvood was a farmer. He d. 20 April, 1S76, of 
pneumonia at New Marlborough, Mass. His widow, Julia Beach 
Underwood, d. 17 Dec, 1893, se. 87, of complications arising 
from an attack of la grippe. 

701. George Beach Underwood of Providence, R. L, (son of 
Harlow 700) b. 23 Sept., 1827, at New Marlborough, Mass.; m. 

and had t\vo children : 

i. Harlow, b. ; m. ; no children. He d. 

and his widow married again. 

ii. Ida, b. ; m. Walter S. Brownell of Providence, R. L, 

and had three children, only one of whom is living, Ethel C, 

George B. Underwood d. in Providence, R. L. 

701.' Bushrod W. Underwood of New Marlborough, Mass.. 
(son of Alpheus 692) b. ii Sept., 1807, at New Marlborough, 

Mass.; m. Caroline R. and had children: 

i. George Washington, b. 20 Nov., 1828. 
ii. David Mills, b. 22 Jan., 1830; d. 12 Sept., 1830. 
Caroline R. Underwood d. 9 July, 1830, and Bushrod W. 

Underwood m. (2) and had children: 

iii. William Aretas, b. 21 Oct., 1832. 

*Mrs. Grier lives at 154 Coleman St., Bridgeport, Conn., and has one son, 
Edward Bosworth Grier. 


iv. Caroline IMaria, b. 13 July, 1835. 
V. Harriet Salome, b. 7 Jan., 1837. 
VI. Mercy Anna, b. 15 Dec, 1S38. 
Nothing further is known of this family. 

703. Bushrod Underwood of Washington, D. C, (son of ) 

b. about 1843; m. (?); d. 25 Dec, 1899. 

Bushrod Unden,vood achieved fame as a scout in the Army of 
Northern Virginia and many deeds requiring coolness and 
courage were credited to him by Gen. R. E. Lee and Col. John 
O. Mosby of the 3d Virginia Cavalry to which command he 
belonged. Nothing is known of the antecedents of this man, 
but from the ver^^ unusual name it seems possible that he was 
connected with the preceding family, perhaps a younger son of 
no. 702. 

IV. The Boston Families. 
Several lines of Underwood trace back to an early Boston 
ancestry. The most of these are doubtless descendants of John 
Underw^ood who was in Boston as early as 1680 and probably 
earlier. He had at least two sons whose lines of descent can be 
traced for three or four generations after which the records of 
the entire family terminate. No living members of this family 
are known. Another family in Boston is descended from an 
Anthony Underwood and owing to similarity in names has been 
difficult to keep distinct from the preceding as will be seen. The 
records of this family also terminate with the third generation 
and no living members are known. A third Boston family is of 
more recent origin, having been founded by William Underwood 
who came from England to Boston about 1817. (See no. 1213.) 

704. John Underwood of Boston, Mass., b. in 1647, probably in 
England, appears on the records of Boston with his wife Elizabeth 
with the following children: 

i. Anthony, b. 2 May, 1680. (See no. 705.) 
ii. Israel, b. 13 Jan., 1682. (See no. 708.) 
It is not known whence John Underwood came or when, but 


some time before 1680. He appears on the tax list in Boston in 
1681 and again in 1687. In the latter year his tax amounted to 
IS. lod. He d. 13 Jan., 1706, a?. 59, at Boston, Mass. 

705. Anthony Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of John 704) 
b. 2 May, 1680, at Boston, Mass.; m. i May, 1703, Jane Place. 
The marriage was by Cotton Mather. He had one son: 

i. John, b. 10 Aug., 1704. (See no. 706.) 
Anthony Underwood is reported in the returns of June, 1707, 
as renting a shop of Ben. Gallop at a rental of £4 los. See also 
Anthony, no. 716. 

706. Jolin Underwood of Boston, i^Iass., (son of Anthoyiy 705) 
b. 10 Aug., 1704; m. I Jan., 1733, Elizabeth Rich (Ritch?) and 
had a son : 

i. John, b. 14 Feb., 1736. (See no. 707.) 
Nothing further is known of this man. 

707. John Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of John 706) b. 
17 Feb., 1736, at Boston, Mass.; m. 18 Nov., 1762, Elizabeth 
Cowell and had children: 

i. Elizabeth, b. 31 March, 1764. (This may have been 
the "Betsey Underwood" who m. 10 Dec, 1783, Adam Huffin at 
Boston, Mass.) 

ii. John, b. 12 Feb., 1767. 

iii. Mary, b. 24 Feb., 1770. (This may be the " Polly Under- 
wood" who m. 16 Nov., 1790, Elisha Ellis at Boston, Mass.) 

iv. Lydia, b. . (This may be she who m. 3 Aug., 1800, 

Thomas Holland at Boston, Mass.) 

Nothing further is known of this family except that the father 
who was a housewright d. in 1790 intestate and the court made 
allowance of £11 4s. id. to widow Elizabeth for "necessary 
implements for self and children." John Underwood, barber, of 
Boston became bound for this amount. (Possibly this was the 
son John, then 23 years old.) 

Elizabeth Underwood made her will in 1794 in which she 
mentions her son John, and her daughters Lydia, Elizabeth, 
and Mary. 


708. Israel Underwood of Plainfield, Conn. (?), (son of John 

704) b. 13 Jan., 1682, at Boston, Mass. ; m. . It is probably 

the same man who was admitted freeman at Greenwich, R. I., 
in 1734, and probably rem. to the adjoining town of Plainfield, 

The following members of the Underwood family were living 
at Plainfield, Conn., in the period 1 744-1 770 and may have 
been brothers and sister: 

i. Israel, b. about 1720. (See no. 709.) 

ii. William, b. before 1740. (See no. 713.) 

iii. Joseph, b. . (See no. 714.) 

iv. Sarah, b. ; m. 25 Nov., 1761, Eliphalet Bingham 

of Plainfield, Conn., and had (i) Mary Bingham, b. i May, 1762; 
and perhaps others. 

V. Ann, b. ; unm., 1759. 

vi. .* 

709. Israel Underwood of Plainfield, Conn., (son o( Israel 708?) 
b. about 1720; m. Ruth and had children: 

i. Isaac, b. 29 Aug., 1744. 
ii. Israel, b. 4 April, 1746. (See no. 710.) 
iii. Anne, b. 5 Feb., 1747. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. 3 Sept., 1752. 
V. Timothy, b. 15 Sept., 1755. (See no. 711.) 
vi. Josiah, b. 9 Feb., 1757. (See no. 712.) 
Israel bought land of Jonathan Shepherd and of Jacob Johnson 
in 1752, of Ann Underwood in 1759, and of EHsha Williams in 

710. Israel Underv/ood of Plainfield, Conn., (son of Israel 709) 
b. 4 April, 1746, at Plainfield, Conn.; m. (.?). 

Israel Undenvood of Plainfield, Conn., served seven days on the 
Lexington Alarm, 21 April, 1775, in the War of the Revolution. 
Nothing further is known of his history. 

* There was also a Shadrach Underwood from Plainfield on the Connecticut 
rolls of the War of the Revolution, serving in the 3rd Regiment, 20 May- 16 Dec, 
177s; also I Jan., 1781, to 31 Dec, 1781, in Capt. Cliffs company of the ist 
regiment of the Connecticut Line. Although his color is not stated, we strongly 
suspect that he was a slave in one of the Under^vood families at Plainfield. 


711. Timothy Underwood of Plainfield, Conn., (son of Israel 
709) b. 15 Sept., 1755, at Plainfield, Conn.; m. , wife b. 1751. 

Timothy Undenvood of Plainfield, Conn., served 17 days on 
Lexington Alarm. He also enlisted 20 May, 1775, in Capt. 
Obadiah Johnson's company of the 3rd regiment, serving under 
Colonel, afterwards General, Israel Putnam. The company 
occupied Putnam's center division at Cambridge. Timothy was 
discharged with his company at the expiration of their enlistment, 
16 Dec, 1775, and he re-enlisted in Jan., 1776, to Dec, 1776, in 
Capt. Wills Clift's Company of Col. John Durkee's Reg't. He 
took part in the battle of Trenton. He was a fifer and as 
musician appeared on the list of Revolutionary pensioners in 
the Act of 1818. He made application for pension 8 April, 181 8. 
No trace of a family has been found except an incidental reference 
to the age of his wife by himself. 

712. Josiah Underwood of Woodstock, Conn., (son of Israel 
709) b. 9 Feb., 1757, at Plainfield, Conn.; m. in April, 1780, 

Lucy , b. about 1758 and had at least two children; if 

there were others they were younger: 

ii, John, b. in 1783. 
Josiah Underwood was a soldier 'n the War of the Revolution, 
enlisting first 29 May, 1775, in Capt. Obadiah Johnson's Com- 
pany of Colonel, afterwards General, Israel Putnam's Regiment. 
This service was the same as his brother Timothy's above. He 
enlisted again, i May, 1776, in Capt, Asa Bacon's Company from 
Windham county, Conn., of Col. Chester's Regiment. These 
latter troops were raised to re-inforce Washington in New York. 
They were stationed at the Flatbush Pass on Long Island, 26 
Aug., and were engaged in the battle of the following day^ 
narrowly escaping capture. Soon after a select body of troops, 
was organized for special service under the command of Lieut. 
Col. Thomas Knowlton and was known as Knowl ton's Rangers. 
Josiah became one of these and took part in all their stirring 
service in and about Harlem and Ft. Washington, where Josiah 


was taken prisoner at the surrender of the fort, i6 Nov., 1776, 
and was detained for three months. He saw active service 
again in 1778 in Capt. Bowen's Company of Col. Chapman's 
Regiment of militia, which served under Gen. Sullivan in the 
attempt to dislodge the British at Newport and took active 
part in the Battle of Rhode Island, 29 Aug., 1778. He entered 
the service 4 Aug., and was discharged 12 Sept., 1778. He made 
application for a pension 18 July, 1832, which was granted. 
Josiah Underwood d. 7 Oct., 1836. His widow, Lucy Undenvood, 
at the age of 80 years, made application for a pension 15 Aug.,' 
1838, which was granted. The date of her death is not known 
and nothing further is known of the fam.ily. 

713. Wniiam Underwood of Plainfield, Conn., (son of Israel 
708?) b. before 1740; m. 3 April, 1763, Sarah Phillips at Plain- 
field, Conn., and had children: 

i. Jesse, b. 20 Dec, 1763; d. 14 May, 1764. 
ii. LoTT, b. I March, 1765. 
iii. Sarah, b. 11 Feb., 1767. 
iv. Septimus, b. 27 April, 1769. 
V. Betty, b. 14 March, 1771. 
vi. Lucy, b. 23 June, 1773. 
William Underwood purchased land in Plainfield, in 1767, 
1770, 1772, and 1774. Nothing further is known of his family! 
714- Joseph Underwood of Plainfield, Conn., (son of Israel 

708?) b. ; m. (?). 

Joseph Underwood acquired land of William Stevens in 1766 
and of Lemuel Parish in 1771 (June) according to the records 
at Plainfield, Conn. It appears that he once rested in a debtor's 

"\\aiereas, Lemuel Parish of Canterbury recovered judgment 
against Joseph Underwood of Plainfield ... for a sum of £10 
1 8s. 4d. lawfull m^oney ... you are hereby commanded to take 
the body of ye sd Underwood and him commit unto the keeper 
of ye gaol."— Plainfield Records. 

Nothing further is known of this man. 


The following family also doubtless belongs to the Boston 
line, but how connected has not been determined. 

715. Joshua Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of ?) b. ; 

ni. 15 Oct., 1723, Martha Handry (Hendry?) at Boston, Mass., 
and had children: 

i. Joshua, b. 6 Feb., 1726.* 

ii. Martha, b. 24 May, 1729. As she is not mentioned in 
her father's will, it is probable that she d. young. 

iii. Henry, b. 15 Jan., 1722 (probably an error for 1732). 
Joshua Underwood made his will in 1740, which was admitted 
to probate 14 Feb., 1743. We append a copy taken from the 
Suffolk Probate. 

Will of Joshua Underwood. 

In the name of God Amen. I Joshua Underwood of Boston 
in the County of Suffolk and Province of the Massachusetts Bay 
in New England Mariner being sick & weak of body but thro' 
Mercy of sound disposing mind and memory Do make and ordain 
this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following 
hereby revoking making null and void all former and other wills 
by me at any Time heretofore made. — First and Principally I 
commit my precious and immortal Soul into the hands of God my 
Creator relying solely on his Mercy thro' the Merits and Satis- 
faction of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the pardon of 
my sins and Gracious acceptance with him My Body I commit 
to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor 
hereinafter named and for my Temporal Goods and Estate I 
will that the same be employed and bestowed in manner as is 
herein after expressed That is to Say Imp^ I will and Order 
that all my just Debts and Funeral Expenses be well and truly 
paid and ordained to be made by my Executor with all convenient 
speed next after my decease. Item, all the Remainder of my 
Estate both Real and Personal, whatsoever and wheresoever 
the same is and may be found I give divide and bequeath to my 
two Sons namely Joshua & Henry to be holden by them their 
Heirs and asigns forever in Equal Halves the whole in two Equal 
parts to be divided part and part alike and my Will is that my 

* It is of course possible that this Joshua is the same as Joshua Underwood of 
Mendon (no. 279), though from the ages of the children of the latter at the time 
of his death this is not at all probable. 


Executors herein after named put my said Personal Estate out 
at Interest for the best Profit and advantage of my said Children 
and that the Income thereof be Employed for the Maintanance 
and Support of my said two Sons Joshua and Henry. Item. I 
do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my good Friends 

Mis' Thomas Buck of Boston Merchant and John of 

Chelsey Innholder to be the Executors of this my Last Will and 
Testament. In Witness whereof I the said Joshua Underwood 
have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Tenth Day of Decemb'. 
Anno Dom'. on Thousand seven hundred and Forty anno Georgij 
Secundi Magna Britannia &c Decimo Tertio. 

Jos*. Underwood and a seal. 
Signed sealed & delivered published 

& declared by the said Joshua Underwood the Testator to be 
his Last Will and Testament in presence of us — 

Corne^ Waldo 

Jos: Marion 

Tho^ Bridge Gray 
Proved 14 Feb., 1743. 

716. Anthony Underwood of Boston, Mass., (son of ) b. 

; m. and had probably at least one son: 

i. John, b. . (See no. 717.) 

Anthony Underwood appears first on the Boston town records 
as a "saddler and wife from England; been here about 12 days; 
was on ye 22 June (1720) warned to depart." As it is not certain 
that he took the warning he may have been the Anthony Under- 
wood who was admitted an inhabitant of Boston 26 Aug., 1720, 
and who was a member of the Fire Company in 1733, and placed 
in charge of "North Engine" 15 Sept., 1736, and allowed sixteen 
men for company 6 Oct., 1736. As there was probably at least 
one other Anthony Underwood (see no. 705) in Boston about 
this time it is impossible to attribute these data with certainty to 
the proper person. 

717. John Underwood of Salem, Mass., (son of Anthony 716) 

b. ; m. Hepzibah Badger at Charlestov.n, Mass.,* and had 

children bapt. in Salem, Mass.: iiXl^'^i (fc^ ^ ^,j^U\ '^;.V'l 

* In this record he is distinctly specified as "son of Anthony Underwood of 


i. George, bapt. 9 July, 1769; probably d. soon, as "John 
Underwood's child" was buried at Salem, 15 Oct., 1773. 
ii. Philip, bapt. 16 March, 1773. 
iii. George, bapt. 28 Nov., 1779. 
Hcpzibah, wife of John Underwood, was bapt. 31 Jan., 1790, 
and Sally Buteman,* a maid servant, of his family, 3 Jan., 1790. 
According to the account in the "Charlestown Families" John 
Underwood's will was proved in 1785 and he is reported as having 
"probably no issue." 

Nothing further is known of this family either as to its origin 
or later history and it is probably extinct. 

Notes on the Boston Families, 
The following marriages appear in the Boston records, but 
the parties have not been identified. 

Abigail Underwood m. 21 Feb., 1722, Thomas Table by Dr. Cotton Mather. 

Benedlcta Underwood m. 4 Dec. 1721. John Skinner by Mr. Sam Myles. 

Eliza Underwood m. 6 Oct., 1708, John (or Henrj-) Ingram by Cotton Mather 

Elizabeth Underwood m. 5 June, 1729, Thomas Dawes by Joshua Gee. 

John Underwood m. 28 Jan., 1747, Mary Patterson by John Webb. 

Ell2abeth Underwood m. 9 Dec, 1777. Joseph Gay or Gray. 

John Underwood m. 19 Oct., 1752, Hepsibah Ray. 

Jean Underwood m. 23 July, 1756, James V^'haland. 

John Underwood m. 12 June, 1777, Elizabeth Cotton. 

John Underwood m. 21 June, 1795, Esther Blake. 

Samuel Underwood m. 7 Sept., 1795, Abigail Nations. 

Isaac Underwood m. 22 Nov., 1795, Peggy Brook (or Brock). 

Barah Underwood m. 30 Sept., 1792, Edward Blake. ^ 

Patience Underwood ni. 10 Nov., 1793, James Scott. 

Phebe Underwood m. 30 April, 1804, Jonathan Jewitt. 

Jonathan Underwood m. 8 July, 1802, Nancy Phillips. 

* In the Salem Records appears another entry which may throw some light on 
this family: Sarah Underwood widow John died of dysentery ae. 67. She m. at 
20. was a Lambert; m. Mathew Butman 1755 lived with him nine years; m. John 
Underwood 1768 lived with him eight years. A child. John, and son by Underwood, 
George, left; her second husband d. abroad. 


V. The Newcastle (N. H.) Family. 

We are at present unable to give anything concerning the 
origin of this family. John Underwood appears as a mariner at 
Newcastle, N. H., in 1714; he was already a married man and 
presumably had a family soon after that date as his children 
appear to have been grown up in 1743. The record of the family 
so far as known is as follows : 

718. John Underwood of Newcastle, N. H., (son of ) b. 

about 1685; m. before 1714, Temperance Bickford, dau. of 
Benjamin and Sarah Bickford, and had children probably born 
in Newcastle: 

i. Mary, b. ; m. between 1743 and 1747 Hardism; 

in 1743 she deeded to Benjamin Underwood, mariner, of New- 
castle, her interest in a dwelling house, barn, warehouse, and 
wharf, being part of the estate of their father, "John Under\vood, 
late of Newcastle, deceased." In this deed she is mentioned as 
"a, of Portsmouth." Nothing further is on record 
concerning her. 

ii. Benjamin, b. . (See no. 719.) 

iii. John, b. about 1721. (See no. 723.) 

iv. ANNE,b. . (Itisuncertainif this name belongs here.)* 

John Under\vood was a mariner at Newcastle, N. H. With 
Temperance, his wife, he deeded a tract of land to Benjamin 
Parker in Newcastle 30 Oct., 1714. In 1718 they deeded one 
hundred acres of land in Dover to Joseph Hix of that place. 
John Underwood was appointed constable 4 March, 1718; he was 
also assessor in 1721 and 1722, and surveyor in 1723. 

The inventory of John Underwood's estate was filed 24 Aug., 
1727, which indicates approximately the date of his death. 
Temperance Underwood, "relict, widow of John Underwood," 
was the administratrix. His dwelling, garden, warehouse, and 
wharf were rated at £350, his schooner at £250 and goods in his 
shop at nearly £1000, the whole estate reaching £1575 19s. 

There may have been other children than those named above, 

*An Anne Underwood m. ii Dec, 1739, Lawrence Bartlett of Marblehead, 


but in 1743 when his son Benjamin acquired his father's property 
in Newcastle, deeds were made to him apparently only by his 
brother John and his sister Mary. 

Temperance Bickford Underwood m. (2) George Walton, a 
tanner of Portsmouth, N. H. Both were living in 1766. 

719. Benjamin Underwood of Newcastle, N. H., (son of JoJiJi 
718) b. about 1 715; m. 5 Dec, 1737, by the Rev. John Blunt to 
Abigail Simpson* and had children born at Newcastle: 
i. Temper.\nce, b. 21 Sept., 1738. 
ii. Ben-jamin, b. 27 Feb., 1740-41. (See no. 720.) 
iii. Joseph, b. 6 April, 1743; d. 20 April, 1745. 
Abigail Simpson Underwood d. about 1745 and Benjamin 
Undenvood m. (2) 26 May, 1752, Mrs. Lucy Robinson of Hamp- 
ton, N. H., probably widow of David Robinson who d. 18 Oct., 
1749, and had children: 

iv. John, b. . (See no. 721.) 

V. Abigail, b. 31 Jan., 1755; m. in Dover, 28 Nov., 1779, 
by Rev. Jeremy Belknap to Eliphalet Mace of Pitch Hill and 
had a son: Fayette Mace.,\ b. 29 March, 1795. At the time of 
her marriage Abigail Under\\-ood is recorded as of Stratham. 
Abigail Underwood Mace d. 2 Dec, 1842. ffi. 88. 

vi. Lucy, b. 16 March, 1760; m. 8 Sept., 1779, Capt. Silas 
Adams and had children: (i) Anne Adams, b. 25 July, 1780; m. 
I Jan., 1800, Ezra Hale;t (2) Lucy Adams, b. 23 Oct., 1785; m. 
24 Nov., 1807, Thomas Cook; (3) Charlotte Adams, b. 31 Dec, 
1787; m. 19 Feb., 1808, James Johnson. Capt. Silas Adams d. 
15 Nov., 1800, and Lucy UnderAvood Adams m. (2) 2 Nov., 1814, 

* It is probable that this Abigail Simpson was the dau. of Joseph Simpson and 
Miriam Eastman, his wife, and was b. 14 Oct.. 1716. 

t Fayette Mace m. 11 July. 1816, Sarah Norton Flint who d. in 1875 and had a 
daughter, Aureha Gay Mace, b. 6 March, 1835, who is a member of the colony of 
Shakers at Sabbathday Lake. Me. She says " My grandmother Abigail Underwood 
attended the wedding of Governor Wentworth to his hired girl, Martha Hilton," 
and adds other data concerning her ancestor. 

X Miss Annie Hale Knight of Newburyport, Mass., a great granddaughter of 
Anne Adams Hale, has furnished valuable data bearing on this branch of the 
family. The living descendants of .\nne Adams Hale number (1906) one hundred 
a nd eighty. 


Daniel Dodge, who d. ii Nov., 1835, ae. 91. Lucy Undenvood 
Dodge d. 12 Sept., 1844. She is said to have been a small 
woman, very pretty and vivacious and fond of fine clothes. At 
her father's death she was left to her own resources and went to 
Newbury, Mass., whcie she was popular among the young men, 
but she chose Capt. Adams, a Revolutionary soldier, who was 
twice her age at the time of their marriage. He was a man of 
wealth and the marriage was a very happy one. 

vii. Augustus, b. 11 Feb., 1762. Nothing further is known 
of this descendant. 

There may have been other children and it is not entirely 
certain that all the above were children of the second wife, 
but it is more than probable, 

Lucy Robinson Underwood d. and Benjamin L'nderwood 

m. (3) Elizabeth, b. 16 Feb., 1710/11, dau. of Governor Went- 
worth and widow of John Lowd. Elizabeth Wentworth Under- 
wood d. childless 19 Oct., 1790. 

Benjamin Underwood, like his father before him, was a mariner. 
On 2 Dec, 1761, he and his wife Lucy deeded a tract of land to 
Benjamin LTnderwood, Jr. Benjamin Underwood was drowned 
at Halifax.* The inventory of "Capt. Benjamin Underwood, 
late of Newcastle, deceased" was filed 5 May, 1774, which fixes 
approximately the time of his death. The principal item was 
one dwelling house, warehouse and land, adjoining in Newcastle. 
John Underwood of Marblehead, Mass., was the executor of the 
estate, which amounted to £145. 

720. Benjamin Underwood of Newcastle, N. H., (son of 
Benjamin 719) b. 27 Feb., 1740-41; m. (?). Nothing further is 
known of this man except that he received by deed from his 
father and stepmother certain lands in Newcastle, N. H., 2 Dec, 
1761. It is not even certain that he was married. 

* Aurelia G. Mace also gives this account of her great grandfather: "Benjamin 
Underwood was drowned at Halifax when grandmother was quite young. They 
owned land at Castine, Me. They also owned slaves. One of their slaves, named 
Gift, looked like grandfather. After he was drowned, this slave went there and 
took up land, going by the name of Capt. Underwood." According to the Old 
Falmouth Records, Gift Underwood m. 19 Feb., 1774, Esther Due. 


721. John Underwood of Marblchead. Mass., (son of Benjamin 
719) b. about 1750; m. Lydia, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel Pickering, 
and had children: 

i. Benjamin, bapt. 26 Jan., 1772, at Marblehead, Mass. 
Nothing further is known of him. 

ii. John, b. about 1773. (See no. 722.) 
Perhaps there were others. 

Little is known of this man beyond these meagre data. He 
was the executor of his father's estate in 1774. At this time he 
is mentioned as a ropemaker. 

722. John Underwood of Marblehead (?), Mass., (son of John 
721) b. about 1773; m. 23 July, 1795, Sarah Drown, his cousin. 

723. John Underwood of Kittery, Me., (son of John 718) b. 
about 1721; m. Mary Deering, b. in 1728, a dau. of Lieut. Bray 
Dcering and Elizabeth Flye, and had children: 
i. Bray Deering, bapt. 28 Aug., 1748. 

ii. George, bapt. 6 Nov., 1748. 

iii. Mary, bapt. 28 July, 1751; m. Gardner. 

iv. Olive, bapt. 7 April, 1754; m. 28 Sept., 1775, Mark 
Lord, bapt. 7 June, 1752. Mark Lord d. 23 March, 1821. 

V. Elizabeth, bapt. 11 July, 1756; m.* 16 Nov., 1780, 
William Dame of Portsmouth. 

vi. Mehitable, b. in 1760; m. 21 Feb., 1777, Philip Hubbard, 
a farmer of Shapleigh, Me., bapt. 14 Sept., 1755, at Benvick, Me., 

and had six children: (i) Philip Hubbard, b. ; lived in 

Palmyra, Me.; (2) Guy Tamo Pate Underwood Iluhhard, b. 9 
July, 1791 ;t (3) Joseph Hubbard, b. ; lived at Fairfield, Me.; 

* On the church records of Kittery there are two marriages of an Elizabeth 
Under%vood; first, as above and, second, 4 May, 1780, Elizabeth Underwood m. 
Capt. William Holbrook. Both are mentioned as of Kittery. Who was this 
second Elizabeth Underwood? 

t A partial record of the descendants of Guy Underwood Hubbard, furnished by 
his grandson, Guy Andrew Hubbard, is as follows: 

Guy Tarno Pate Underwood Hubbard of West Waterville, Me., b. 9 July, 
1791, at Kittery, Me.; m. 21 March, 1816, Martha Hubbard, his second cousin, 
and had eight children: 


(4) George HiMard, b. ; (5) Sarah Hubbard, b. ; m. 

Blaisdell and lived at Corinna, Me.; (6) Mary Hubbard, h. 

. Philip Hubbard, Sr., d. 11 Sept., 1808. Mehitable 

Undenvood Hubbard d. about 1S40. 

vii. Sarah, b. ; m. Parsons. 

viii. Temperance, bapt. 15 June, 1766; published to Samuel 
Odihorne of Kitter>^ Me., 10 Aug., 1783. 

John Undenvood owned the covenant at the lower parish 
church at Kittery 28 Aug., 1748, at the time of the baptism of 
his infant son. He is mentioned on the records of Rockingham 
county as a "mariner" of I<itter>- in 1763. The record of his 
children is taken from the copy of the Kittery church records in 
the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Society at Boston by Miss 
Annie Hale Knight, There is little further information about 
this man or either of his two sons mentioned in this record.* He 
made his v.'ill 23 Dec, 1795. 

Will of John Underwood. 

Know all people that I John Underwood of Kittery — Husband- 
man, * * make this my last will and testament * * * and as to 

i. Mary Wise, b. 11 July, 1817; m. George Rice of Oakland, Me. 

ii. Frances Parsons, b. 3 April. 1819; m. Joseph Goulding of Oakland, Me. 

iii. Maria, b. 28 Sept., 1S26; m. Henry Morrill, Oakland. Me. 

iv. John, b. 23 Dec, 1824; m. (i) Mary Macartney; (2) Fannie Cummings 
and lived in Oakland, Me. 

V. Susan Ann, b. 12 March, 1821; m. John Comforth of Oakland, Me. 

vi. George Washington (twin), b. 9 Feb., 1829; m. 22 Jan., 1856, Mary 
Elizabeth Bailey and had children: (i) Annie Francis Hubbard, h. 6 Sept.. 1S59; m. 
John B. Newhall and lives at 136 St. Paul's Ave., Tompkinsville, N. Y.; (2) Frank 
Bailey Hubbard, b. 15 Oct., 1862; m. Jessie Bradford Smith and lives in Waterville, 
Me.; (3) Minnie Alice Hubbard, h. 15 Sept., 1865; d. 3 Dec, 1869; (4) Guy Andrew 
Hubbard, b. 23 April, 187 1; unm.; graduated from Trinity College with the degree 
of A.B. in 1894 and was teacher of mathematics in the DeVVitt Clinton Pligh School, 
New York city; d. since 1906. 

viL Andrew Jackson (twin), b. 9 Feb., 1829; m. Olive Soule. 
viii. Anguilla, b. 3 June, 1831; m. William Blake of Oakland, Me. 
* Boston Underwood, a negro servant of Capt. John Underwood, was married to 
Silphia. a servant of Lady Pepperrell, 11 July, 1773- This Boston Underwood was 
probably the one who served in the Revolutionary War from the state of New 


my worldly estate I give and dispose of the same in the following 
manner. Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved grand- 
children, the children of Bray D. Underwood deed five shillings. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved son George Under- 
wood five shillings. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved grandchildren the 
children of my beloved daughter Mary Gardner five shillings 
Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Olive Lord 
five shillings. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Mehitable 
Hubbard one feather bed — bedding — and stead also one cow. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Sarah 
Parsons five shillings. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Elizabeth 
Dame five shillings. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Temperance 
Odiorne remainder of my estate real and personal. 
I appoint my beloved son-in-law Samuel Odiorne husband of 
Temperance executor of said will. 

* * * twenty third day of December one thousand seven hundred 
and ninety five. 

{Moses Safford Jr. John Underwood (seal) 

Sarah Safford 
Benj° Parker. 

Further information concerning the Newcastle branch of the 
Family is greatly desired. It is more than likely that the male 
line of this branch is extinct, so that the data must be traced 
through female lines. Practically all of importance that has 
come to my hands already has come from three such sources, 

The Salem (Mass.) Family. 

724. James Underwood of Salem, Mass. (1637). 

"Jeams Underwood received an enhabitant as afore 216 mo., 

"James Underwood being fined 20 li att Salem Court for 
lining from his wife, vppon his petition hath his fine respited 
vntill testimonyes be pduced in the county court of Salem who 
have power to release the fine either in whole or in part as the 


justice of the case shall require" (15 May, 1654.) Records of 
Massachusetts, 3 : 349. 

Justice was apparently on his side as he was appointed con- 
stable at Salem 22 6 mo., 1657. 

Nothing further is known of this man and it is probable 
that he left no family. 

725. Peter Underwood b. , a husbandman, aged 22, 

embarked in the Rebecca of London for New England in 16 — . 
It is not known whether he reached his destination, and if so 
whether he had a family or not. It is not likely that he has any 
descendants, at least that can ever be traced.