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Unicoi Lodge/Conference Center 

Unicoi State Park 

Helen, Georgia 

Unicoi Lodge and Conference Center is a unique meeting 

place due to a combination of modern conference facilities 

and recreational opportunities. The North Georgia 

mountain location provides a setting of scenic beauty and 

tranquil atmosphere for conferences of from 10 to 180 

people. A full time conference staff coordinates and assists 

each group in planning meetings and seminars. From the 

moment you call to inquire about our facilities until your 

group's final meeting, one of our staff members will be 

working closely with you to insure your group a productive 

and pleasant Unicoi experience. Services include a fuH line 

of audio-visual equipment and conference supplies as well 

as a built-in sound system. Versatile, sound-proofrooms 

adjoin an attractive lobby area for relaxing during breaks or 

leisure time. 

In the midst of 1000 acres of forest, criss-crossed with 

trout streams, Unicoi is a place to relax, a place to hike, 

swim, canoe or to just enjoy discovering nature at your 

own pace. Unicoi offers programs of participation and 

entertainment. Visitors may learn macrame', pottery or 

quilting as they acquaint themselves with the Appalachian 

heritage crafts. Or perhaps they would rather sit back and 

enjoy a toe-tapping blue grass music session. Unicoi is a 

friendly place where a group can meet to achieve their 

goals in an atmosphere of informality and kinship with their 



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The first floor of each Lodging Cluster 
is comprised of twin and double 
rooms, while on the second floor, all 
rooms have carpeted sleeping lofts. 



Unicoi is open to conference groups 

and tourists year-round. Conference 

guests are housed in the lodging 

clusters adjacent to the Conference 

Center in cedar-paneled rooms 

overlooking the magnificent 

Chattahoochee National Forest. Three 

clusters of 20 rooms each, 

accommodate up to 230 guests at 

maximum occupancy. Each cluster is 

comprised of 6 rooms with two twin 

beds, 4 rooms with two double beds, 6 

rooms with two twin beds and loft and 

4 rooms with two double beds and loft. 

Each of the 60 tastefully decorated 

rooms offers telephone and individual 

climate control for the guest. Loft 

rooms are well suited to families with 

children or to very agile adults. 


The focal point of each cluster is the 
spacious Commons Room and 
fireplace. Groups renting an entire 
lodging cluster may find the Commons 
Room just right for informal 
get-togethers or small seminars. 






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Unicoi's restaurant, located in the 

Conference Center, is open daily year 

round. The restaurant specialty, 

mountain trout, is only one of the many 

delicious entrees offered. Restaurant 

service is buffet or ala carte at 

reasonable prices. Unicoi's Conference 

Staff and Food Service Director will 

assist groups in planning menus to meet 

the occasion, be it a formal banquet or 

a cook-out at the Unicoi Beach House 

overlooking the lake. Conference 

groups can be served privately or in the 





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Also located in the Conference Center 
is the Unicoi CraftsTiop. The handwork 

of Appalachian artisans, representative 
of a nearly forgotten culture can be 
seen or purchased in the craftshop. 



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Unicoi State Park began as an 
experiment in recreation; an 
experiment which has proven that 
environmental and ecological cost can 
be minimal when land use is planned, 
controlled and monitored. The park 
offers camping, family cottages, picnic 
areas and beaches for the visitor's 
enjoyment; in addition to the Lodge 
and Conference Center. In 1976 Unicoi 
State Park was chosen as a Horizons 
on Display site by the HUD 
Bi-Centennial Commission. 

In the surrounding area, attractions 
include the Alpine Village of Helen, 
canoeing or rafting on the white waters 
Of the Chattahoochee and Chattooga 
rivers, visiting Dahlonega, scene of the 
first gold strike in the United States or 
i on the Appalachian Trail. 

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y^ Cost ~~ 

/ $9737.00 
\~ Quantity 
Vj 25,000^, 

For reservations or information contact: 

Conference Staff 

Unicoi Lpdge/Conference Center 

Unicoi State Park 

Post Office Box 256 

Helen, Georgia 30545 


All fees, hours and dates are subject to 
change without notice. Georgia State 
Parks and all park facilities are open to all 
people regardless of race, creed, sex. 
age or national origin. Equal Opportu- 
nity Employer